2 conversations recorded by `James' (PS1C7) between 3 and 6 April 1992 with 2 interlocutors, totalling 1493 s-units, 12719 words, and 1 hour 23 minutes 47 seconds of recordings.

5 speakers recorded by respondent number 614

PS1C7 Ag5 m (James, age 63, retired, North-east England, )
PS1C8 Ag5 f (Patricia, age 72, housewife, North-east England, ) friend
PS1C9 Ag2 f (Margaret, age 30, housewife, North-east England, ) daughter
KCJPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KCJPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

2 recordings

  1. Tape 075201 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationTyne & Wear: South Shields ( friend's house ) Activity: visiting
  2. Tape 075301 recorded on 1992-04-06. LocationTyne & Wear: South Shields ( at home ) Activity: relaxing

1 (Tape 075201)

James (PS1C7) [1] That'll be forty five in a [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [2] That's a good idea
James (PS1C7) [3] yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [4] aha
James (PS1C7) [5] erm, if you leave that on there
Patricia (PS1C8) [6] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [7] should nee stand now
Patricia (PS1C8) [8] I should imagine it should stand normally, just like
James (PS1C7) [9] er
Patricia (PS1C8) [10] anything else [...]
James (PS1C7) [11] I'll just leave it on here there
Patricia (PS1C8) [12] there you are
James (PS1C7) [13] see, but if ya, er put it on your person she says, you daren't put it near your throat because
Patricia (PS1C8) [14] No cos, oh yeah
James (PS1C7) [15] the sound
Patricia (PS1C8) [16] yeah if
James (PS1C7) [17] you are
Patricia (PS1C8) [18] if I [...] on
James (PS1C7) [19] aye
Patricia (PS1C8) [20] and
James (PS1C7) [21] so
Patricia (PS1C8) [22] put it anywhere near here
James (PS1C7) [23] yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [24] [...] I should imagine
James (PS1C7) [25] mm, mm ... but er [sniff] in the morning I surprise because when I knock your door and I got up early, I got up at half past six cos
Patricia (PS1C8) [26] Mm
James (PS1C7) [27] [...] quarter past nine cos er ... me and Billy wanted to get our oil into a, [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [28] Aha, aha, aha
James (PS1C7) [29] [...] so he says Covent Garden doing a, quarter past nine, so I says oh aye I'll be up ready
Patricia (PS1C8) [30] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [31] so when I got up half past six ... and I got shaved now at last, gonna go and get ready and pull the curtains back, oh what a [...] of rain, I says oh I says
Patricia (PS1C8) [32] I've never seen such worse terrible, absolutely terrible
James (PS1C7) [33] I says I daren't fancy going out in this ... I went upstairs and er, it's always the same innit?
[34] I got upstairs and the phone ring I says oh
Patricia (PS1C8) [...]
James (PS1C7) [35] I says that's gotta be Warren, it couldn't be anybody else, so when I come down ... I went off like, well I tell ya I can't do it, so I knew it was [...] so I picked up the wrong [...] she says oh I'm just ringing because ... you can see what the weather is she says and you couldn't go and do a day in erm, with your
Patricia (PS1C8) [36] True, true
James (PS1C7) [37] you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [38] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [39] so, so she says I'm gonna go down to Presto, Billy's gone to fetch Wally's pay slip
Patricia (PS1C8) [40] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [41] and he meet me at Presto and we'll get your stuff and we'll get our stuff out the same time erm
Patricia (PS1C8) [42] That's just what you will dreading us speak
James (PS1C7) [43] Aye
Patricia (PS1C8) [44] about don't you?
James (PS1C7) [45] so he says we're gonna do in dirty weather
Patricia (PS1C8) [46] Oh what you do in the cold, oh that was grand
James (PS1C7) [47] oh aye, oh he's says oh [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [48] aha, ya who, well that was fine
James (PS1C7) [49] so she says I'll be [...] quarter past nine and you know by er [...] you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [50] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [51] yeah
James (PS1C7) [52] and just turned nine, knock on the door, opened the door, gee and I said the umbrella with the rain and the wind blowing, she says there's more of this, [...] it's not like that
Patricia (PS1C8) [53] No it can be one of, like one of those
James (PS1C7) [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [54] aye [...]
James (PS1C7) [55] you know with the squashed
Patricia (PS1C8) [56] yeah
James (PS1C7) [57] little [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [58] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [59] well when I went to get [...] pulled him inside
Patricia (PS1C8) [...]
James (PS1C7) [60] [...] it isn't, it isn't
Patricia (PS1C8) [61] ah yes
James (PS1C7) [62] love [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [...]
James (PS1C7) [63] and just pulled her along [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [64] it's a waste of time taking an umbrella [...] anyway
James (PS1C7) [65] Aye, so she says I don't think I'll bother I just put it in a bargain
Patricia (PS1C8) [66] mm, mm , mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [67] and er, anyway ... she got me walking out and she says er, see you when I come back, that was er ... about twenty past ... that was twenty past eleven wasn't it?
[68] Came back [...] door, I opened the door and er he had a big holdall you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [69] Ah great
James (PS1C7) [70] right on top of the [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [71] yeah
James (PS1C7) [72] all the, er, my stuff
Patricia (PS1C8) [73] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [74] although I didn't get many [...] sixteen and er ... he was hovering there, I says well what's happened?
[75] Oh he says oh me knee's gone [...] and he and he [...] with his trouble
Unknown speaker (KCJPSUNK) [...]
James (PS1C7) [76] oh, he was soaking and she was soaking, they come in, she had er trolley and he had er
Patricia (PS1C8) [77] Bag
James (PS1C7) [78] that big holdall full of er
Patricia (PS1C8) [79] [...] mm
James (PS1C7) [80] full of [...] stuff, and er she had the trolley and two er plastic bags you know those
Patricia (PS1C8) [81] yeah
James (PS1C7) [82] plastic bags and he had a plastic bag and that when [...] and she had the trolley with all that in, so well loaded up, you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [83] I can imagine
James (PS1C7) [84] and er, anyway he hobbled in, oh he said, me knee, hmm, anyway sat with him and had a cup of tea, she didn't have nothing to drink like and er, anyway ... we had our tea and he hobbled in to the front room, [...] and er [...] ... and er, she says well you bugger you are, er batter mixture up for ya
Patricia (PS1C8) [85] Oh for the Yorkshire pudding?
James (PS1C7) [86] Aye and you forget the, er Carnation Milk for ya, fruit er
Patricia (PS1C8) [87] Mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [88] and er ... s got a nice bit of cheese and er plastic [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [89] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [90] cos have cheese on the [...] you know er, on the cool counter you know that's how they sell it
Patricia (PS1C8) [91] oh yes
James (PS1C7) [92] I've tried every cheese they've got on here and there's nay taste whatsoever
Patricia (PS1C8) [93] see, that's it
James (PS1C7) [94] the Red [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [95] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [96] er Red er Leicester, I got a lump last and there was no taste at all and on the second day, we not having a proper fridge just er, a a fridge you know keeping it in store
Patricia (PS1C8) [97] aye yes, that's when you miss that fridge
James (PS1C7) [98] the cheese just went dark brown
Patricia (PS1C8) [99] well did
James (PS1C7) [100] so I says the only thing that'll be is to er toast cheese on toast
Patricia (PS1C8) [101] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [102] you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [103] yeah
James (PS1C7) [104] cos I didn't fancy eating it like that and er she goes, I told her give us a piece of some of that wrapping you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [105] yes
James (PS1C7) [106] with the hard cheese, sealed with the plastic
Patricia (PS1C8) [107] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [108] so there's a nice bit there, so ninety five or ninety six pence
Patricia (PS1C8) [109] mm
James (PS1C7) [110] you know this is [...] so ... she says oh I'll probably see ya, er one night she was er cutting all the [...] up for the rest of the week like, she said do you want a bet on the ... the big race this Saturday?
[111] Oh I said ooh I can't ee fancy nowt you know, the weather and the ... he said well if you just want one on, have a want, and, I said well I didn't wanna put you, you know [...] you know go and put the bets on it
Patricia (PS1C8) [112] That's true
James (PS1C7) [113] so I said well I wanted to put one on it oh er
Patricia (PS1C8) [114] ah yes but it was waiting for him to see you
James (PS1C7) [115] and with me not
Patricia (PS1C8) [116] ah
James (PS1C7) [117] [...] and he would me have one and you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [118] that's it, yeah
James (PS1C7) [119] ah you know I thought to myself oh
Patricia (PS1C8) [laugh]
James (PS1C7) [120] I should have a bet to
Patricia (PS1C8) [121] yeah
James (PS1C7) [122] I might phone him in the morning
Patricia (PS1C8) [123] just ask him
James (PS1C7) [124] before he comes along and er ... ask er to put me one on and I can give him the money in the bet, [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [125] good thinking
James (PS1C7) [126] cos he goes about quarter to twelve
Patricia (PS1C8) [127] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [128] cos I'd hate to think she wasn't having that little flutter
Patricia (PS1C8) [129] yet you probably put her off for putting the bet on cos you were
James (PS1C7) [130] Me, er no what?
Patricia (PS1C8) [131] putting it on, that's true
James (PS1C7) [132] And er so I said oh aye, I said I want, it's only er fifty P a quid on a, a new [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [133] oh well that's neither here nor there so treating
James (PS1C7) [134] last year I should of had that winner, I picked a [...] and it won
Patricia (PS1C8) [135] oh yeah, [laugh]
James (PS1C7) [136] it won the race at nine to one, I could of had it, you know, it's in the race this year
Patricia (PS1C8) [137] well it's not much [...] is it a pound?
James (PS1C7) [138] you cannae fancy it this year, you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [139] You know
James (PS1C7) [140] I couldn't fancy it this year, you know, but er
Patricia (PS1C8) [141] yeah
James (PS1C7) [142] apart from Red Rum you very rarely get a horse that'll win a two
Patricia (PS1C8) [143] that'll hold
James (PS1C7) [144] two year you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [145] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [146] in a trot ... but er I might just have this and none of them would win, I've only, I would only praise them guessed up or [...] that way or
Patricia (PS1C8) [147] can imagine, yes I can well imagine
James (PS1C7) [...] [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [148] yeah [...]
James (PS1C7) [149] it was, you know, when, when she says, we are, we're got to do any, he didn't to [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [laugh]
James (PS1C7) [150] oh I says you know ... I was hoping she was gonna, you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [151] aha mm, mm, oh that was good of them then, mm
James (PS1C7) [152] sure you know er gotta give praise where it's due you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [153] oh yes you've gotta actually I think they've been very good
James (PS1C7) [154] yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [155] I mean er considering
James (PS1C7) [156] and
Patricia (PS1C8) [157] they're not really any
James (PS1C7) [158] no
Patricia (PS1C8) [159] relation to you
James (PS1C7) [160] no
Patricia (PS1C8) [161] I mean
James (PS1C7) [162] and she didn't take any money
Patricia (PS1C8) [163] She didn't?
James (PS1C7) [164] No, I check the [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [165] Aha
James (PS1C7) [166] and
Patricia (PS1C8) [167] mm, mm, oh well it er and maybe the penny's dropped
James (PS1C7) [168] Well maybe well, with er Billy [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [169] ah that's sort of
James (PS1C7) [170] with him being [...] you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [171] it's, probably he doesn't know anything about it
James (PS1C7) [172] yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [173] you see
James (PS1C7) [174] so
Patricia (PS1C8) [175] oh well that was good, I'm, I just thought though yesterday when I got up and I've seen the weather, good grief Jimmy's never gonna go out in this like you know
James (PS1C7) [176] Well I open the cor when I look I says oh dear you can't do er in this oh it was lashing, the rain was lashing against the window
Patricia (PS1C8) [177] Yeah, mm, mm well you cannae put an umbrella up or anything
James (PS1C7) [178] No you can't
Patricia (PS1C8) [179] [...] cos er, it's, it's just a waste of time
James (PS1C7) [180] I didn't fancy getting soaked, not after getting, just getting over the flu
Patricia (PS1C8) [181] With you just getting rid of the flu, hardly ...
James (PS1C7) [182] I just don't seem to be quite right yet though
Patricia (PS1C8) [183] can it there's
James (PS1C7) [184] so
Patricia (PS1C8) [185] people in the hairdressers this morning was [...]
James (PS1C7) [186] I'd been up
Patricia (PS1C8) [187] you know I couldn't get rid of it
James (PS1C7) [188] mm
Patricia (PS1C8) [189] so [...]
James (PS1C7) [190] [...] there's four men who've had a dull headache and they cannot er you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [191] mm, mm ...
James (PS1C7) [192] you just cannot seem to get it out of your
Patricia (PS1C8) [193] that's what I said
James (PS1C7) [194] system you know, it's so, it's still hanging around in ya
Patricia (PS1C8) [195] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [196] you know, er, I don't think salt and food help
Patricia (PS1C8) [197] oh well it doesn't does it?
James (PS1C7) [198] either what you do, now what you do
Patricia (PS1C8) [199] This is the thing
James (PS1C7) [200] you do not what's been wrong, what's been wrong
Patricia (PS1C8) [201] exactly
James (PS1C7) [202] so I mean er, you know ...
Patricia (PS1C8) [203] because let's face it, what suits one doesn't always suit another
James (PS1C7) [204] No
Patricia (PS1C8) [205] I mean I could say well I could go on a diet, but, er and keep on this sort of thing like Margaret does you know
James (PS1C7) [206] Yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [207] but, erm, you see the point is that you're not, what suits one doesn't suit another
James (PS1C7) [208] no ... another thing an'all ... we are sat here, you know, in the corner near the fire
Patricia (PS1C8) [209] Aha
James (PS1C7) [210] I'm sure I'm getting a lot of fumes coming back out er
Patricia (PS1C8) [211] you said that a couple of weeks ago
James (PS1C7) [212] I mean ... yesterday after I had me dinner I dropped off to sleep for a couple of hours cos
Patricia (PS1C8) [213] that could cause feeling [...]
James (PS1C7) [214] [...] and you're awake now
Patricia (PS1C8) [215] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [216] Last night ... I was sitting er what was I watching?
[217] ... Forget what was on now
Patricia (PS1C8) [218] It was that murder mystery thing on last night wasn't it?
[219] Er, [...] that was interesting that, that I, I liked that, him good that [...]
James (PS1C7) [220] Oh, I missed it, I knew there was something, that's when I fell asleep
Patricia (PS1C8) [221] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [222] I fell asleep just after eight o'clock and I was er, well after ten when I woke up
Patricia (PS1C8) [223] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [224] and I was saying to myself, why should I be dropping off to sleep like this, it's gotta be fumes you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [225] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [226] like Jimmy next door, he's always dropping off and he got a vent put in at the bottom of his door, they took the pipe [...] out and behind ... you had a big open
Patricia (PS1C8) [227] yeah
James (PS1C7) [228] which should of been bricked right the way in
Patricia (PS1C8) [229] that one's got a brick opening like that, that isn't bricked in
James (PS1C7) [230] No, well that's supposed to be bricked right in, so it doesn't allow the fumes to accumulate inside
Patricia (PS1C8) [231] it's it's a good size [...] as well
James (PS1C7) [232] Yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [233] that size
James (PS1C7) [234] and that's what they've done, all then that [...] done ripped it
Patricia (PS1C8) [235] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [236] they clamped a big label on, well they didn't clamp one on ours so I take it was
Patricia (PS1C8) [237] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [238] supposed to be alright
Patricia (PS1C8) [239] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [240] but over the years you sit there and ya ... you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [241] well it must be the fumes
James (PS1C7) [242] yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [243] and what this thing up ... what's that up there?
James (PS1C7) [244] in the summer it doesn't happen.
[245] Well that's supposed to be a vent
Patricia (PS1C8) [246] Er, that's the vent is it?
James (PS1C7) [247] it carried the fumes away
Patricia (PS1C8) [248] Oh I see
James (PS1C7) [249] any surplus fumes around
Patricia (PS1C8) [250] aha, have, have you got one like that?
James (PS1C7) [251] Oh aye but when the bloke went next door to Jimmy's, he, he said where's your vent and Jimmy says there it is up there, ah, and he got up there
Patricia (PS1C8) [252] I thought
James (PS1C7) [253] he says I see you've got a towel up there
Patricia (PS1C8) [254] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [255] regarding a fire it's no good whatsoever, he says your trouble you're not getting a draught from your
Patricia (PS1C8) [256] yeah, aha
James (PS1C7) [257] from your front door coming through and carrying the fumes away
Patricia (PS1C8) [258] cos it'd have to be circulating around wouldn't it?
James (PS1C7) [259] this part of the fire, he says, Jimmy says well I'll put a label on it then, well [...] why don't ya?
[260] You're supposed to break a [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [261] well that's commonsense
James (PS1C7) [262] he said well that's the trouble you could break the
Patricia (PS1C8) [263] I would say that's dangerous
James (PS1C7) [264] then he says you want a vent in the bottom of your door
Patricia (PS1C8) [265] Door aye, erm
James (PS1C7) [266] so when, when they came the three of them
Patricia (PS1C8) [267] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [268] Ginger
Patricia (PS1C8)
James (PS1C7)
Patricia (PS1C8) [269] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [270] he had a lot to say and Jimmy lost his temper with him, you know, and he said look, [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [271] I'm not surprised yeah, mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [272] forget it says
Patricia (PS1C8) [273] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [274] on your way he says, I'll get the job done, pay for it and I'll phone you up and you'll have to pay me
Patricia (PS1C8) [laugh]
James (PS1C7) [275] oh, ee
Patricia (PS1C8) [276] oh that'll be a different kettle of fish
James (PS1C7) [277] and er
Patricia (PS1C8) [278] wouldn't it?
James (PS1C7) [279] Hmm, he's wife says, he says, ooh, er, she was [...] when he, went in the back [...] says I'll be honest, yeah he says you're minding the right [...] , ooh he says er they wanna get erm you know and [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [280] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [281] so he went back and he says er, oh he says er ... he says oh dear like, he says well carry on he says ... I'll have to take the door off, so he says can you give a hand to hold it, cos he had to cut er ... this er like and all grown [...] at the bottom of the door you know with
Patricia (PS1C8) [282] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [283] six inch [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [284] put one of them metal things in
James (PS1C7) [285] and you put a grid on each side like a plastic grid, you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [286] oh yeah, mm, mm I know
James (PS1C7) [287] and there was only these er little screws, more like a nail with a, a little spiral on
Patricia (PS1C8) [288] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [289] and what you doing, you didn't screw them in you just break them in
Patricia (PS1C8) [290] oh yeah
James (PS1C7) [291] and the spiral grips the wood you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [292] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [293] so he says I tell he says, er, he put the card up where the machine is, which he bore a hole in, I've got one of them mach er cutters, you know, a, a saw with a little braid on
Patricia (PS1C8) [294] oh yeah
James (PS1C7) [295] and you can cut all different shapes you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [296] mm, mm mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [297] and he, when you drill a hole in the corner ... each corner and he just put it on he just oh it were real lovely and it was as simple as that
Patricia (PS1C8) [298] ah yes yes, yeah, aha
James (PS1C7) [299] he didn't clear, clear the hole or nowt he didn't
Patricia (PS1C8) [300] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [301] when he put the grid in that, that caused [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [302] I see
James (PS1C7) [303] you know, took an hour down and he just got that done, but I, I've meant to ask him if those have made any difference, you know, having done in
Patricia (PS1C8) [304] yes
James (PS1C7) [305] the, griding that brick in
Patricia (PS1C8) [306] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [307] but er, that is the trouble, half of these are not been put in properly and the fumes are coming back over
Patricia (PS1C8) [308] well it, it could cause the [...] many a [...] couldn't it?
James (PS1C7) [309] and that's, I'm sure I put [...] over the years
Patricia (PS1C8) [310] Mm
James (PS1C7) [311] where you're sitting in and she used to nod away
Patricia (PS1C8) [312] I know she used to say that
James (PS1C7) [313] aye, and er, when you wake up ooh you're [...] your throat's pouring, you're hot you've gotta get up
Patricia (PS1C8) [314] Stands to reason doesn't it?
James (PS1C7) [315] and stand at the back
Patricia (PS1C8) [316] That's right
James (PS1C7) [317] the, you know to cool off ... what I do know before time, I woke up ... er ... phew the [...] you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [318] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [319] and lovely, I just woke up, er a couple of minutes before then the insurance lad come ... cos when I only, he should of come yesterday and I waited in but I couldn't, you know when I opened the door I says ... I, I he says, you know [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [320] aha, mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [321] [...] where you been, I says where you been, aye he says aye he says, my fault he says I didn't get round did I?
[322] So, this tiler were there with that you know, I says well why, you know ... and er ... I went back in and I turned the fire off altogether
Patricia (PS1C8) [323] Well it's sensible cos it's certainly [...]
James (PS1C7) [324] cos it wasn't, it wasn't that cold you know in the room, so I says well I, I wanna create more fumes, which one am I locking up?
Patricia (PS1C8) [325] it seems fairly warm [...] I still think it's nice and warm
James (PS1C7) [326] Well you don't get much draught cos the fr well the front door see that's the [...] door here
Patricia (PS1C8) [327] yeah, mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [328] you come in our front door there, that was a passage, when you get a draught from the front door, it passes this door and it goes straight to the back, down the stairs and back
Patricia (PS1C8) [329] it's what you call straight through to the very end of the [...] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [330] you see
Patricia (PS1C8) [331] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [332] door, one door to another door
Patricia (PS1C8) [333] that's right
James (PS1C7) [334] you get a straight through draught, from the front door through the passage, then it doesn't [...] into here
Patricia (PS1C8) [335] not do
James (PS1C7) [336] and then it goes through to the back, now his, although it looks
Patricia (PS1C8) [337] similar
James (PS1C7) [338] the same as our house ... when you open the door here
Patricia (PS1C8) [339] mm
James (PS1C7) [340] his front door, the same, you've got er the stairs going up there
Patricia (PS1C8) [341] mm
James (PS1C7) [342] but, when you go into the passage ... his door, he's got the door into the front room, same as ours, on the left, but when you get into the bottom of the passage, there's a brick wall in front of ya, and it comes round and his door to the back dining room is on this side here
Patricia (PS1C8) [343] oh yeah, mm
James (PS1C7) [344] so he doesn't get a straight through draught like me
Patricia (PS1C8) [345] no you not do
James (PS1C7) [346] by having that wall at the bottom
Patricia (PS1C8) [347] that's right of course
James (PS1C7) [348] the draught always follows where there a, you know, two doors
Patricia (PS1C8) [349] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [350] two windows open
Patricia (PS1C8) [351] that's true ...
James (PS1C7) [352] but when ya, when you stand at the front door and er there's a blower breeze [...] and it's cold, if you put your hand round the door like that, you can feel a draught, you can feel it colder than the [...] you know and the letter box, the draught ... but if you take that and put a curtain up, it'll keep the cold out, you've stopped the draught so you're gonna win
Patricia (PS1C8) [353] The draught from that's, yeah so you're not sure whether you're doing the right thing or not
James (PS1C7) [354] Yeah so you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [355] so it's true mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [356] I said I dunno what to do for the best so, I just leave things the way they are and er hopefully that er you get some warm days where you needn't have the fire on, so you don't have fumes you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [357] true mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [358] if
Patricia (PS1C8) [359] well you're better again Jim, you've got the fire er so you put the fire, you put the fire off, well this central heating comes from the back of that fire doesn't it, so if you've got the central heating on and you've got it on full
James (PS1C7) [360] Aye
Patricia (PS1C8) [361] blast for the water, won't you get the fumes just the same as what you do from the fire?
James (PS1C7) [362] No, because because the fire at the back is ... actually at the bottom of the chimney
Patricia (PS1C8) [363] Ah I see yeah, yeah
James (PS1C7) [364] if this here is in the room innit?
Patricia (PS1C8) [365] mm, that's right
James (PS1C7) [366] So you'll have fumes
Patricia (PS1C8) [367] of course it is that's right and so, where the fumes from the central heating
James (PS1C7) [368] coming back through the side here
Patricia (PS1C8) [369] go?
[370] By the side here
James (PS1C7) [371] They got your central heating for your water
Patricia (PS1C8) [372] Yeah
James (PS1C7) [373] in, behind the wall there
Patricia (PS1C8) [374] yes of course that's right and that's in the front
James (PS1C7) [375] you know the fuse
Patricia (PS1C8) [376] it's come [...]
James (PS1C7) [377] oh your fuse is all at the back the
Patricia (PS1C8) [378] yeah
James (PS1C7) [379] pull it up the chimney
Patricia (PS1C8) [380] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [381] now that's the difference
Patricia (PS1C8) [382] yeah
James (PS1C7) [383] I mean
Patricia (PS1C8) [384] that's right
James (PS1C7) [385] you can
Patricia (PS1C8) [386] it's er coming into the room isn't it?
James (PS1C7) [387] you can tell er what a draught is like in that room, I shall tell you when [...] comes
Patricia (PS1C8) [388] Mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [389] and they'll be here half an hour or three quarters of an hour, he smoked four cigarettes, now it takes all day and all night to get rid of them fumes of his cigarettes
Patricia (PS1C8) [390] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [391] they travel up the stairs ... your, you knew this room and when, with being in it all the time you, you know you, your nose gets [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [392] mm, yeah
James (PS1C7) [393] well if you went out the back for ten minutes
Patricia (PS1C8) [394] and it's strong
James (PS1C7) [395] and you come back, er and you come back in here you would smell it again
Patricia (PS1C8) [396] that's right, of course you would, mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [397] and that's how you can tell there's no draught because the smoke can't go out anywhere
Patricia (PS1C8) [398] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [399] it's trapped, I mean I, I open me front ... erm front window
Patricia (PS1C8) [400] [...] aye, yes
James (PS1C7) [401] and I opened up back
Patricia (PS1C8) [402] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [403] two of the, two of the little window
Patricia (PS1C8) [404] yes
James (PS1C7) [405] and I left the door open here
Patricia (PS1C8) [406] mm, mm that's the only way you can get
James (PS1C7) [407] to try and drive [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [408] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [409] but even , it took all day to er, to get a [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [410] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [411] there was still that ... little smell of that, it's
Patricia (PS1C8) [412] yes
James (PS1C7) [413] got a funny smell that smoke you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [414] I hate the smell of it
James (PS1C7) [415] er, er the cigarette, tobacco an'all
Patricia (PS1C8) [416] I hate the smell of cigarettes since I've packed in smoking I cannot stand it
James (PS1C7) [417] it's got a funny
Patricia (PS1C8) [418] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [419] smell now, but er I can't understand [laughing] how [] the war and the would cigarettes years ago, you know, and they start that
Patricia (PS1C8) [420] yeah, yeah
James (PS1C7) [421] get it [...] and er they've brought the full [...] and then they say if you must smoke, smoke then with a filter tip one and that
Patricia (PS1C8) [422] that's right
James (PS1C7) [423] will half, chop of the nicotine and whatever you know [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [424] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [425] just, but that wasn't good enough ... the bloke that wrote in he says oh later on, er even the filter is no good
Patricia (PS1C8) [426] that's right cos, yeah, the [...] if you take
James (PS1C7) [427] you'll still get cancer
Patricia (PS1C8) [428] er the cigarettes to bits that's black inside
James (PS1C7) [429] yeah you'll still get it to you, you'll still get cancer with it cos er, it's coming through and you're still getting it on your chest
Patricia (PS1C8) [430] mm
James (PS1C7) [431] well you cannot win
Patricia (PS1C8) [432] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [433] no ... if I remember rightly, during the war when the only cigarette that had the filter and it wasn't a filter, oh it was a
Patricia (PS1C8) [434] You'd have to suck
James (PS1C7) [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [435] yes, that's right
James (PS1C7) [436] no, it wasn't a filter, all it was on the end of a cigarette what you put in your mouth, it was a cork tip, but there was no filter, no filter inside it, the tobacco come right to the end
Patricia (PS1C8) [437] that's right
James (PS1C7) [438] all that cork tip was for was to stop it on your lips
Patricia (PS1C8) [439] stop it sticking to your lips yeah that's right, [laugh]
James (PS1C7) [440] cos you know er [...] you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [441] yes, that's right I think it were the first ones to come out [...]
James (PS1C7) [442] really, yeah er, er [...] introduced er later on, but the one filter all it was, was a cork tip
Patricia (PS1C8) [443] yeah, mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [444] you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [445] yes that's right
James (PS1C7) [446] I'm sure have it, as time's getting on the ... they seemed to be introducing more ... health things in ... I think that now that, tobacco er vegetables all the likes of that ... is different now what it was forty, fifty years ago
Patricia (PS1C8) [447] Oh [...]
James (PS1C7) [448] because they're treating all these things that we are eating
Patricia (PS1C8) [449] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [450] drinking
Patricia (PS1C8) [451] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [452] er what people smoking and treating 'em all with these new chemicals and that's what's doing you the harm
Patricia (PS1C8) [453] aye of course it is
James (PS1C7) [454] er I mean we smoked [...] before the war
Patricia (PS1C8) [455] of course I mean that is
James (PS1C7) [456] there was me [...] why now?
Patricia (PS1C8) [457] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [458] why are people being spoke [...] it's because they know at the end of the day it's what they're bombarding all these things what we are
Patricia (PS1C8) [459] it's a shame mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [460] taking into our bodies with and that's what's causing all the trouble
Patricia (PS1C8) [461] you see it all stands to reason ...
James (PS1C7) [462] you know last week when I said that Margaret had [...] food ... you know what it was?
Patricia (PS1C8) [463] Could of been allergic to something was she? ...
James (PS1C7) [464] She'd had some tomatoes and er she never washes them all she don't do that
Patricia (PS1C8) [465] Oh yeah, aye, aha
James (PS1C7) [466] and ... it was later on when she'd had a couple of tomatoes ... .
[467] and she couldn't realize how she come out in these [...] she went to the doctor and he says well you must be allergic to summat
Patricia (PS1C8) [468] mm
James (PS1C7) [469] and she couldn't think what it was and she got a [...] as well, she says er ... have you eaten any fruit or tomatoes or any, oh she said tomatoes she says did you wash them?
[470] She says no, I just, you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [471] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [472] she said well it happened to me, it's the chemicals on the skin of the fruit and the tomatoes, that's what brought your spots on ... and after a couple of days or whatever they went away.
Patricia (PS1C8) [473] mm, yeah
James (PS1C7) [474] Aye
Patricia (PS1C8) [475] well look at some of the apples you were getting round about Christmas, they had brought them in, they had polished them and put that spray on to make them look shiny
James (PS1C7) [476] yeah yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [477] that wax, and erm, I mean they were, they'd brought them in before Christmas so that they could sell 'em
James (PS1C7) [478] mm
Patricia (PS1C8) [479] if they'd keep for Christmas that's why they charged so much for them, those Mackintosh reds and that, and I mean it told you then in one of those magazines that were, John was reading that he said make sure that you wash those apples before you eat them. ...
James (PS1C7) [480] Where has those tomatoes gone, if you remember them, they used to be big ones an'all they were
Patricia (PS1C8) [481] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [482] a deep red
Patricia (PS1C8) [483] they were nice, they
James (PS1C7) [484] and the skin you just had to press the skin and, and the oh [...] it was all, you know you could just
Patricia (PS1C8) [485] eat it
James (PS1C7) [486] eat it just the way it was
Patricia (PS1C8) [487] oh
James (PS1C7) [488] with a bit of salt
Patricia (PS1C8) [489] but they're not like that now
James (PS1C7) [490] what's hap the tomatoes you can't, the tomatoes you can't, they're hard
Patricia (PS1C8) [491] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [492] you cut it through with a knife
Patricia (PS1C8) [493] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [494] and underneath the skin it's got another, like a skin and neither would [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [495] exactly
James (PS1C7) [496] what's happening with the tomatoes is that [...] tomatoes where they gone?
Patricia (PS1C8) [497] mm, mm, mm, mm I cannot er, the stuff's not the same as it used to be nowhere near
James (PS1C7) [498] you see it's got no, they're telling you this and telling you that, it's them that's doing this but they're creating more food, food by, to create more food they're bombarding all your food with chemicals you know all sorts you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [499] yeah
James (PS1C7) [500] the food and it's not doing you any good
Patricia (PS1C8) [501] of course it's not ... of course
James (PS1C7) [502] I mean you cannae go and do, know that a, a decent er banana, apple
Patricia (PS1C8) [503] there's nothing in the taste
James (PS1C7) [504] what's happened to all the, the stuff in, you know you could pick them up and ... just eat them straight away
Patricia (PS1C8) [505] yeah
James (PS1C7) [506] and you know you cannot er ... I mean er [clears throat] it's having to [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [507] of course it is, apparently say what they like about the Green Party but at least that's one thing they're doing something
James (PS1C7) [508] I mean [...] something major
Patricia (PS1C8) [509] but they are cos they can't
James (PS1C7) [510] why don't they just let the stuff grow naturally?
Patricia (PS1C8) [511] mm, mm mm, mm ...
James (PS1C7) [512] I mean that, that have to hold top and bottom, you put something in the soil and it gets all its nourishment in the soil and that
Patricia (PS1C8) [513] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [514] and it grown and that's it, no, they've gotta bombard it with chemicals and all sorts, they want more and more ... but what's the good of producing more and more, but all these people all over the world dying of hunger
Patricia (PS1C8) [515] of course
James (PS1C7) [516] and what happened
Patricia (PS1C8) [517] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [518] they produce more and more and there's more then wasted and thrown in the bin and it's
Patricia (PS1C8) [...]
James (PS1C7) [519] on the
Patricia (PS1C8) [520] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [521] on er, these [...] of bruised fruit
Patricia (PS1C8) [522] oh that's true
James (PS1C7) [523] and nobody's getting it and, and the worst war shall why, why me water, gonna waste water
Patricia (PS1C8) [524] that's a fact
James (PS1C7) [525] yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [526] that's true ...
James (PS1C7) [527] plus the price of it, [laughing] I mean, you know []
Patricia (PS1C8) [528] but you know that er our Susan wanted to go down to erm, get her hair done this morning so ... erm I says to her come up here, we'll get a taxi from here we'll go down the hairdressers and shall [...] permission to [...] to collect our money, so ... we got a taxi from here down ... to erm ... what they call that street where er that erm ... oh dear me [...] Street
James (PS1C7) [529] Aye so you went with them
Patricia (PS1C8) [530] so you have to aha
James (PS1C7) [531] oh
Patricia (PS1C8) [532] so you had to go right round and come down the mud down
James (PS1C7) [533] yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [534] [...] Street that was er
James (PS1C7) [535] mm
Patricia (PS1C8) [536] that was cut off there anyway to cut a long story short when we got down there I says to him what's the damage?
[537] And he says erm ... er, one pound eighty and I says to him what?
[538] He says one pound eighty, er ... paid him like and erm, you could of [...] a tip
James (PS1C7) [539] mm
Patricia (PS1C8) [540] I tell ya, so I think we got out, we got our hair done and she wanted to go down to the mission so the hairdresser phoned a different taxi, we have this one up here, he took her down from there to the mission, cos he went down the back ways, you know,
James (PS1C7) [541] yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [542] which was quicker, took her down to the mission, she stayed in the car till I went up to the mission to get our money signed for our money and come out and er
James (PS1C7) [543] yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [544] he brought us straight back here, so we got to the door, I says well how much did he say?
[545] Cos I got out and opened the door
James (PS1C7) [546] mm
Patricia (PS1C8) [547] she says three pound fifty, I says what?
[548] She says three pound fifty she says that was from taking us down from there and sitting waiting, well I mean I was only in about, well I wasn't in five minutes
James (PS1C7) [549] So you paid one eighty to [...] ?
Patricia (PS1C8) [550] three pound, aha
James (PS1C7) [551] And you paid three fifty from, you know down and back up here?
Patricia (PS1C8) [552] aha
James (PS1C7) [553] Yeah well, well, well from here to [...] Street it's what ... four hundred yards?
Patricia (PS1C8) [554] mm, mm, mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [555] Four, four
Patricia (PS1C8) [556] yeah
James (PS1C7) [557] hundred and fifty yards
Patricia (PS1C8) [558] so it just shows you, it started off at one pound twenty on the meter that was
James (PS1C7) [559] mm
Patricia (PS1C8) [560] when we first went down
James (PS1C7) [561] yes
Patricia (PS1C8) [562] and I, I mean Jimmy it was only last Friday I went down to have me hair done and I walked from the hairdressers down to [...] Street to get the wallpaper
James (PS1C7) [563] yeah, mm, mm
Patricia (PS1C8) [564] erm, so I couldn't carry the wallpaper so the lass says well you can't carry it, she says I'll phone you a taxi, I says okay, so she phoned this, she says any, any particular one, I says I'll have that one beside us like so phoned association, they'll be erm, you, you know [...] call up and they came and er pick me up and brought us back with the paper, he charged one pound twenty and I'm saying to myself one pound twenty, that's a damn disgrace, by hell I'll not get that taxi again
James (PS1C7) [565] mm
Patricia (PS1C8) [566] but you see they must of gone up
James (PS1C7) [567] oh they went up last year, er, I just forget now, so much on the mile er
Patricia (PS1C8) [568] but I mean you cannot tell me that, that
James (PS1C7) [569] I can't remember what the, what actually went up, but er ... you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [570] that's disgraceful that ... yeah and so that was from erm [...] Street down to the and down the back so it wouldn't take, didn't take him a couple of minutes down to the mission
James (PS1C7) [571] mm
Patricia (PS1C8) [572] and I mean he just sat there
James (PS1C7) [573] yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [574] I got out and walked across, come back ...
James (PS1C7) [575] I think er, they're [...] you know I think what it was
Patricia (PS1C8) [...]
James (PS1C7) [576] [...] and when, when [...] for a two mile journey it would be, would three pound twenty or something like that
Patricia (PS1C8) [577] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [578] you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [579] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [580] there would, but er yeah I mean
Patricia (PS1C8) [581] it's a disgrace
James (PS1C7) [582] if you hop on a bus for thirty two, yeah thirty two
Patricia (PS1C8) [583] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [584] aye direct from [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [585] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [586] and, if you're going along they're own [...] two and a half, you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [587] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [588] it's forty then going that way, but when you think of the taxi, gee
Patricia (PS1C8) [589] I think it's a disgrace
James (PS1C7) [590] you know that
Patricia (PS1C8) [591] that, you know I didn't mind paying it, but if I want a taxi, heck I think that's a disgrace
James (PS1C7) [592] cor I would
Patricia (PS1C8) [593] I wouldn't of paid that of course, but I were [...]
James (PS1C7) [594] who's going to [...] the money in [clears throat] who for a duck, who's gonna [...] the money in?
[595] They didn't say, they don't tell ya do they?
Patricia (PS1C8) [596] They say that I mean if you see owt, [...]
James (PS1C7) [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [597] there was a letter in the Gazette seeing that they had er the petrol had gone up and
James (PS1C7) [598] aye and [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [599] other things had gone up so they had to put the fares up, but I mean that's, you cannae tell me that that's right
James (PS1C7) [600] but then then they expect a tip
Patricia (PS1C8) [601] oh aye I know
James (PS1C7) [602] on top of that ... I can't understand it ... I mean do, alright, have, but if the petrol's gone up, it hasn't gone up that much
Patricia (PS1C8) [603] aye, of course not
James (PS1C7) [604] I mean, they could say that every, every other week, er
Patricia (PS1C8) [605] that's true enough
James (PS1C7) [606] oh well such and such went up you know and er
Patricia (PS1C8) [607] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [608] what it costs, I mean Jimmy next door he was telling us yesterday when he come to er, we, we [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [...]
James (PS1C7) [609] yeah, aye, yeah I wonder
Patricia (PS1C8) [610] ee, cos the pain is too strong aye well I go to the doctor's on Monday er a, and so I'll not be going to our Ann's this
James (PS1C7) [611] yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [612] weekend
James (PS1C7) [613] aye fair enough
Patricia (PS1C8) [614] I'll drop it off on Monday
James (PS1C7) [615] I think he said er he, he's gotta pay his road tax this week and I think he said it was two hundred and seventy five
Patricia (PS1C8) [616] I knew that I've gotten some, some of it [...]
James (PS1C7) [617] [...] he shopped around and he said that he got er ... I think he says he got it for ... sixty pound less I think it is, yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [618] ooh
James (PS1C7) [619] oh I mean er
Patricia (PS1C8) [laugh]
James (PS1C7) [620] [clears throat] I thought it would be all one price er, unless I picked a [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [621] aye, aha maybe
James (PS1C7) [622] but er
Patricia (PS1C8) [623] maybe the insurance fees and insurance [...] and er probably
James (PS1C7) [624] aye, it could be, aye, what sort of cover you have
Patricia (PS1C8) [625] that's it, and they do, you can shop around for the insurance and that like
James (PS1C7) [626] yeah, yeah ...
Patricia (PS1C8) [627] cos it's always advertised on the telly
James (PS1C7) [628] aye he says [...] he says
Patricia (PS1C8) [629] well I think they're expensive car now ... apart from anything and I wouldn't make it, take
James (PS1C7) [630] I know it is
Patricia (PS1C8) [631] take a car on the road
James (PS1C7) [632] and that's what I say he
Patricia (PS1C8) [633] oh God
James (PS1C7) [634] he's taken that son-in-law you know he's
Patricia (PS1C8) [635] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [636] picking him up, taking him, bringing him from Sunderland er, when he wants him he just phones him up, can you come up with now, and he's a [...] bloody driver you know and er
Patricia (PS1C8) [637] oh yeah
James (PS1C7) [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [638] aye
James (PS1C7) [639] [clears throat] and er ... he thinks he's just at his beck and call
Patricia (PS1C8) [640] yeah
James (PS1C7) [641] he [...] here's a couple of pound for ya
Patricia (PS1C8) [642] tt
James (PS1C7) [643] [...] he says, he says I've put ten pounds' worth of petrol in the car every week and there's not one of them says there's a couple of pound towards the petrol or nowt
Patricia (PS1C8) [644] oh no no [...]
James (PS1C7) [645] [...] just er run them here, run them there
Patricia (PS1C8) [646] mm, that's it
James (PS1C7) [647] [clears throat] you see, he, he cannae get a car because it's
Patricia (PS1C8) [648] ah the drink aye [...]
James (PS1C7) [649] the [...] he gets, if he's not driving he's in the van, you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [650] mm, mm oh yeah, mm, mm mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [651] and er [clears throat] ... he says there's me, one in [...] mention it any time ... you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [...]
James (PS1C7) [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [652] that's it, aha
James (PS1C7) [653] well now that it's [...] you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [654] aha, I think [...]
James (PS1C7) [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [655] he just [...] work?
[656] Is that the one that's a long distance lorry driver oh
James (PS1C7) [657] aye, yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [658] I always thought that was his grandson
James (PS1C7) [659] no that's his er son-in-law, he married the youngest daughter
Patricia (PS1C8) [660] oh he's, oh I see ah
James (PS1C7) [661] and er ... er ... well he, he, I think he goes in the, the army at one time
Patricia (PS1C8) [662] mm, mm, mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [663] but now he's [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [664] poor Dougy wouldn't tackle him now
James (PS1C7) [665] no ... he would er nineteen and a half stone [laugh] he popped his head in the door when I went to see Jimmy [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [666] oh yeah
James (PS1C7) [667] and that [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [668] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [669] [clears throat] ... oh [...] but er, you see the job he's got is nay good is it?
Patricia (PS1C8) [670] no he's sitting all the time
James (PS1C7) [671] er, sitting doing job
Patricia (PS1C8) [672] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [673] driving it's nay good, it's nay good to anybody, you get no exercise
Patricia (PS1C8) [674] that's it
James (PS1C7) [675] and all you do is you put weight on
Patricia (PS1C8) [676] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [677] put weight on
Patricia (PS1C8) [678] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [679] [clears throat] and if you like you, like your drink ah well it's more weight, weight you gain you cannae
Patricia (PS1C8) [680] well it's, this is it, of course it is
James (PS1C7) [681] you cannae get away from it
Patricia (PS1C8) [682] that's true ... but and they like their cup of tea ... they've never had a cup of tea
James (PS1C7) [683] aye
Patricia (PS1C8) [684] [...] is it?
James (PS1C7) [685] hard to tell, I just er had a quick cup of tea when I was there
Patricia (PS1C8) [...]
James (PS1C7) [686] [...] quarter past.
[687] ... When er they coming to do your stairs?
Patricia (PS1C8) [688] Erm, I think he said, I er, you know when I phoned erm when you were here last time
James (PS1C7) [689] Oh aye, yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [690] not last Friday, Friday three weeks
James (PS1C7) [691] that's true ...
Patricia (PS1C8) [692] and said you can definitely put the thirteenth down on your, in your diary ...
James (PS1C7) [693] yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [694] well that's er all, that's, so that's a week come Monday
James (PS1C7) [695] third today eh?
Patricia (PS1C8) [696] aha, aye it's er fourth
James (PS1C7) [697] Er fourth
Patricia (PS1C8) [698] fourth tomorrow cos our John's birthday tomorrow
James (PS1C7) [699] mm ...
Patricia (PS1C8) [700] so erm, and er I, so you didn't see the paper?
[701] ... No cos you weren't here last Satur Friday were ya?
[702] ... No ... were ya?
[703] [laugh] I can't remember.
James (PS1C7) [704] Aye I was here
Patricia (PS1C8) [705] Were ya?
James (PS1C7) [706] erm
Patricia (PS1C8) [707] So you'd seen the paper then?
James (PS1C7) [708] er I think I did [...] I cannae
Patricia (PS1C8) [709] Say I can't remember
James (PS1C7) [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [710] I know I was cos
James (PS1C7) [711] aye cos you were, you were on the phone
Patricia (PS1C8) [712] aye that's right of course that's right
James (PS1C7) [713] didn't ya had the last, said you were out
Patricia (PS1C8) [714] that's right
James (PS1C7) [715] and they'll phone you back
Patricia (PS1C8) [716] yeah he'd phone back
James (PS1C7) [717] aye, yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [718] mm, that was the week before you weren't here
James (PS1C7) [719] the week before that's it ...
Patricia (PS1C8) [720] Well I thought our John might of been here yesterday, but he didn't come
James (PS1C7) [721] No
Patricia (PS1C8) [722] of course it wasn't a very nice day I grant the, but erm, I thought he'd of been here ...
James (PS1C7) [723] ah it were a bit rough er
Patricia (PS1C8) [724] ee
James (PS1C7) [725] you think he thought twice, yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [726] [...] well it got just eased of a little bit and I thought oh well I'd make it, so I hopped up to get me erm pension ... erm and I just got down here when it started again and I came around the front from there and I came around the front I was soaking
James (PS1C7) [727] er ...
Patricia (PS1C8) [728] Fancy a corned beef sandwich Jimmy?
[729] Or can you not eat corned beef?
James (PS1C7) [730] No, I'll just have a cup of tea [...] thanks, well I just turned away, you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [731] Well I've
James (PS1C7) [732] er takes a lot in
Patricia (PS1C8) [733] but I don't want it
James (PS1C7) [734] digesting doesn't it corned beef?
[735] Er
Patricia (PS1C8) [736] Well I don't like it, but I'll tell ya what I done I opened a tin of corned beef
James (PS1C7) [737] Yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [738] and I used half of it and I put it, put some onion and some sliced potatoes in the oven
James (PS1C7) [739] yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [740] and it was quite tasty and I thought I'd stick it in there
James (PS1C7) [741] I think to appreciate it I think you've gotta cook it
Patricia (PS1C8) [742] yeah, oh, oh aye
James (PS1C7) [743] yeah put it [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [744] yeah, I cannot eat it by itself, I couldn't eat
James (PS1C7) [745] every tin I get, I usually
Patricia (PS1C8) [746] I couldn't
James (PS1C7) [747] have a couple of sandwiches
Patricia (PS1C8) [748] oh I couldn't
James (PS1C7) [749] and I'd have a heap load left
Patricia (PS1C8) [750] no
James (PS1C7) [751] and I used to give it to
Patricia (PS1C8) [752] yeah
James (PS1C7) [753] er [...] for the dog you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [754] mm, mm, mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [755] and er I waste more than I eat because I, I don't know why I get it, do ya know what I do?
[756] [clears throat] I get two sli two of the big slices from the
Patricia (PS1C8) [757] ah yes, yes
James (PS1C7) [758] from the cool counter
Patricia (PS1C8) [759] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [760] counter there
Patricia (PS1C8) [761] yes I know the ...
James (PS1C7) [762] and I have er, there were six ounces you know that
Patricia (PS1C8) [763] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [764] I could have done
Patricia (PS1C8) [765] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [766] but there were the, I get them with the four ... big slices and one slice see
Patricia (PS1C8) [767] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [768] you know with, got to four, five minutes, I would just
Patricia (PS1C8) [769] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [770] but I couldn't eat a lot because
Patricia (PS1C8) [771] I don't like it in the sandwiches I wouldn't eat it
James (PS1C7) [772] How d'ya know if you don't
Patricia (PS1C8) [773] but I don't like sandwiches, [...] like, you know
James (PS1C7) [774] I don't know what it is, but, you know when you think, it just hasn't got that taste now it's
Patricia (PS1C8) [775] I just had that's how I feel and [...]
James (PS1C7) [776] you know there's no, I mean when we bought stuff forty, fifty years ago
Patricia (PS1C8) [777] give you [...] they tell me the [...]
James (PS1C7) [778] oh, [laugh] yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [779] [laughing] this is some that [] [...]
James (PS1C7) [780] but, how d'ya know this, they've bombarded everything
Patricia (PS1C8) [781] yeah
James (PS1C7) [782] I mean a piece of cheese fifty year ago
Patricia (PS1C8) [783] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [784] you could sit er eat it you know
Patricia (PS1C8) [785] eat it like that you couldn't now
James (PS1C7) [786] but now it's
Patricia (PS1C8) [787] no
James (PS1C7) [788] it's all er been, er
Patricia (PS1C8) [789] it's like plastic isn't it?
James (PS1C7) [790] aye
Patricia (PS1C8) [791] It all taste the same to me
James (PS1C7) [792] they've been got at [laugh]
Patricia (PS1C8) [793] [...] tastes just like plastic
James (PS1C7) [794] I mean it takes you all your time to find a good nice potato an'all
Patricia (PS1C8) [795] It does, you're right there
James (PS1C7) [796] yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [797] I got a bag of potatoes, the ones, say I thought erm this morning, I'd, I'd open a tin of corned beef actually it was an accident I er forgot that, what, I was opening a tin of corned beef for, erm, I was gonna make a salad when I realized that I didn't like corned beef
James (PS1C7) [798] No
Patricia (PS1C8) [799] our Susan does, I didn't ... and I thought well I, I, when I come back I'll not feel like eating this
James (PS1C7) [800] no
Patricia (PS1C8) [801] salad, so I thought cut it up and in slices and put it in the casserole with some onions and an Oxo Cube
James (PS1C7) [802] yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [803] and erm whatever you may need a stock and that and put sliced potatoes in it and some carrots and then on the top I've put sliced potatoes and left them on top of the casserole, well later on when I came home I just took the lid off and stuck in the top of the oven instead
James (PS1C7) [804] yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [805] the middle and I crisped the taters on the top and it was lovely
James (PS1C7) [806] yeah
Patricia (PS1C8) [807] it was really tasty, but I've been [...] ... So when do you go to see the nurse then?
James (PS1C7) [808] Oh er
Patricia (PS1C8) [809] It's next week?
[810] ... Tell me
James (PS1C7) [811] fortnight next Wednesday
Patricia (PS1C8) [812] what's the Wednesday you go?
James (PS1C7) [813] It was a week ago when I was here
Patricia (PS1C8) [814] Aha
James (PS1C7) [815] a week on Wednesday
Patricia (PS1C8) [816] yeah
James (PS1C7) [817] and she said well make it a month instead of two cos it was a bit
Patricia (PS1C8) [818] ah yeah
James (PS1C7) [819] was a [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [820] yeah
James (PS1C7) [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [821] mm
James (PS1C7) [822] so that was like ... one week
Patricia (PS1C8) [823] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [824] two weeks next week and two weeks after that
Patricia (PS1C8) [825] oh yeah
James (PS1C7) [826] and so it's a fortnight next Wednesday
Patricia (PS1C8) [827] mm, mm, mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [828] er, you still [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [829] yes
James (PS1C7) [830] oh [clears throat] I put the date due is on, put, write on the card for ya, I says oh just put on me, I'll be dealing with, oh he says
Patricia (PS1C8) [831] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [832] I'll just put on here
Patricia (PS1C8) [833] then you went and forgot didn't ya?
James (PS1C7) [834] yeah [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [835] Should of had it on the card and tucked it in
James (PS1C7) [836] aye
Patricia (PS1C8) [837] your pocket
James (PS1C7) [838] well I rang er, well I [...] four weeks it's
Patricia (PS1C8) [839] oh yeah
James (PS1C7) [840] no time [...] but er [clears throat] it was an odd time because it was er, an extra week
Patricia (PS1C8) [841] aye
James (PS1C7) [842] aye, you see, that's why so it meant that we have been going the last week in each month, er each second month
Patricia (PS1C8) [843] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [844] there's still a week left and this one's gonna have one
Patricia (PS1C8) [845] of course that's right
James (PS1C7) [846] see
Patricia (PS1C8) [847] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [848] and that's what er, we had a [...] we never had a [...] of last week [...] end of the month
Patricia (PS1C8) [849] that's right
James (PS1C7) [850] and yet there's another week left, one of which were gone a week into er the last week of February that er
Patricia (PS1C8) [851] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [852] made it er queer ... but then I'll need tablets by then an'all, so
Patricia (PS1C8) [853] of course you will see you get them then
James (PS1C7) [854] that's the trouble it means
Patricia (PS1C8) [855] yeah
James (PS1C7) [856] do I go on doing the next [...]
Patricia (PS1C8) [857] aye I know
James (PS1C7) [858] that's two [...] doing here
Patricia (PS1C8) [859] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [860] or ... do I, then doing quarter turn
Patricia (PS1C8) [861] aha
James (PS1C7) [862] get at the back of the queue, see the doctor and then see the nurse
Patricia (PS1C8) [863] then see the nurse aye

2 (Tape 075301)

James (PS1C7) [864] When, when you've finished she says, I'm sure she says you can have all the batteries ... and they're all, they're all Duracell an'all.
Margaret (PS1C9) [865] Oh are they?
[866] I can do with one for me clock [laugh]
James (PS1C7) [867] We'll, I'll I'll wait until I [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [868] Mm
James (PS1C7) [869] but, you seen this?
Unknown speaker (KCJPSUNK) [...]
James (PS1C7) [870] four
Margaret (PS1C9) [871] and they're good ones an'all ain't they?
James (PS1C7) [872] I know ... four, six, eight, ten, twelve
Margaret (PS1C9) [873] Oh well
James (PS1C7) [874] so I'll wait and see aye
Margaret (PS1C9) [875] aha
James (PS1C7) [876] well I'm, I'm almost sure she says
Margaret (PS1C9) [...]
James (PS1C7) [877] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [878] cos the one I put in, that was no good
James (PS1C7) [879] well if you, she says you, er keep the batteries, you know
Margaret (PS1C9) [880] aha
James (PS1C7) [881] so, er, these are alkaline, thirty ah alkaline, I says you not use them, you can't leave them you know what I mean?
Margaret (PS1C9) [882] aha
James (PS1C7) [883] And er
Margaret (PS1C9) [884] oh well
James (PS1C7) [885] there you are, fair enough ...
Margaret (PS1C9) [886] so I bou bought er a jumper and a skirt [...] ... that was nice
James (PS1C7) [887] That er nice, er what they call them?
Margaret (PS1C9) [888] up date that Jimmy, where d'ya get that from?
James (PS1C7) [889] [...] I just won it in a [...] ...
Margaret (PS1C9) [890] [...] ... you not want it?
James (PS1C7) [891] No on the Antiques Roadshow the other week
Margaret (PS1C9) [892] What's that then?
James (PS1C7) [893] the er what you call it?
Margaret (PS1C9) [...]
James (PS1C7) [894] No you [...] switch it on like
Margaret (PS1C9) [895] Well that's, what's, what's that story about now?
James (PS1C7) [896] I don't know what
Margaret (PS1C9) [897] Oh
James (PS1C7) [898] what they call it, the er, what do you call it [...] jewellery
Margaret (PS1C9) [899] aha
James (PS1C7) [900] you know, which [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [901] who might [...]
James (PS1C7) [902] can you think
Margaret (PS1C9) [...]
James (PS1C7) [903] Oh aye [...] er it seems to be coming into fashion, people buy the, ee, ee these cheap [...] items like rings
Margaret (PS1C9) [904] aha
James (PS1C7) [905] necklaces and all that
Margaret (PS1C9) [906] aha
James (PS1C7) [907] and they're buying 'em
Margaret (PS1C9) [...]
James (PS1C7) [908] paying money for them ...
Margaret (PS1C9) [...]
James (PS1C7) [909] Yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [910] isn't it?
James (PS1C7) [911] No
Margaret (PS1C9) [912] On their little finger
James (PS1C7) [913] you can have it
Margaret (PS1C9) [914] [...] erm, as I want, I was gonna tell you something, er did Billy tell you how much weight that lad's ele eleven pound, eleven pound he was
James (PS1C7) [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [915] I've gone, aye eleven pound, on the eleventh day the lad's eleven pound
James (PS1C7) [916] yeah, yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [917] you know, [...] Jimmy
James (PS1C7) [918] Aye it is [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [919] I keep going feeling, feeling sick and going dizzy
James (PS1C7) [920] Aye, she says I'm feeling sick, [...] well that's er all your [...] if your head is what you call it when you feel awful, you know I say if you've been on the, on the drink [...] you know when you get up and your head ooh, well that sets your stomach off, so his trouble's coming from his head, on his stomach
Margaret (PS1C9) [921] I must of this
James (PS1C7) [922] and everything
Margaret (PS1C9) [923] do you know why?
[924] The doc the hospital says there's nothing wrong with him Jimmy he looks really ill to me
James (PS1C7) [925] Well I said I said if you're not satisfied
Margaret (PS1C9) [926] aha
James (PS1C7) [927] you go and get a second opinion anywhere you want, nowt ee said he cannae go to another doctor
Margaret (PS1C9) [928] aha
James (PS1C7) [929] or a hospital and ask them to give a good check, what they told us, they daren't seemed to want to bother with people now
Margaret (PS1C9) [930] no
James (PS1C7) [931] they just want to write you a prescription up and [...] right there
Margaret (PS1C9) [...]
James (PS1C7) [932] dunno, he was seeing he's
Margaret (PS1C9) [933] cos er I mean, I mean, I says I didn't want [...] but I, I wouldn't of been back but I would of been getting off that bus now
James (PS1C7) [934] mm
Margaret (PS1C9) [935] but er Barry come off her husband and he said oh you going down [...] oh I says aye, he saves us fifty pence [laugh] ... and I got you in your bread and a pie, right, er I want the erm, did Billy take the dishes up? ...
James (PS1C7) [936] Oh I ask him, he said that when he was here he says oh I'll pick them up another time [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [937] Well I want
James (PS1C7) [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [938] I took them off Bill and, you can put them in here, erm [...]
James (PS1C7) [939] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [940] yeah, I went out with, I didn't have any gravy yesterday ... so
James (PS1C7) [941] I thought you would of noticed
Margaret (PS1C9) [942] aha, well I'm, I'm doing er couple of Oxos and I had to thicken it with some self raising flour, it was alright
James (PS1C7) [943] Nice
Margaret (PS1C9) [944] because I wanted gravy on the chicken so he had a good taste [laugh]
James (PS1C7) [945] er
Margaret (PS1C9) [946] there's your bread then
James (PS1C7) [947] Right I pay that
Margaret (PS1C9) [948] stuff there
James (PS1C7) [949] yes
Margaret (PS1C9) [950] ninety nine pence
James (PS1C7) [951] right
Margaret (PS1C9) [952] so it's er ninety nine pence yours, I do believe
James (PS1C7) [953] ninety nine and that'll do it
Margaret (PS1C9) [954] aye
James (PS1C7) [955] oh
Margaret (PS1C9) [956] it was fifty one in the
James (PS1C7) [...] [belch]
Margaret (PS1C9) [957] absolutely, I bet that's on tape [...] [laugh] ...
James (PS1C7) [958] Them oranges are nice
Margaret (PS1C9) [959] They're nice weren't they?
James (PS1C7) [960] Aye
Margaret (PS1C9) [961] Aye they were lovely ... aye they're nice, I got, I've sent [...] [laugh]
James (PS1C7) [962] aye, that's it I mean
Margaret (PS1C9) [laugh]
James (PS1C7) [963] I, I was gonna say to her mind our [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [laugh]
James (PS1C7) [964] he said or you know
Margaret (PS1C9) [965] oh [...]
James (PS1C7) [966] she didn't see it I'm sure
Margaret (PS1C9) [967] I wouldn't [...]
James (PS1C7) [968] did you see that [...] in that [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [969] No, I, I wanted things savouries, erm, onions and cheese and, and [...] else mind, cheese and on cheese and onion
James (PS1C7) [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [970] there's cheese and onion, there was salad cream and erm she said do you want a salad?
[971] So I, I, you know I always have a salad for me dinner and I have a salad when I [...] night ... [...] [laugh] ...
James (PS1C7) [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [972] aye ...
James (PS1C7) [973] there are, twenty, forty, twenty, forty, sixty [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [...]
James (PS1C7) [laugh]
Margaret (PS1C9) [974] but still I've got a hundred pound in there, you have seventy one, seventy two pound worth, [...] plenty stuff [...]
James (PS1C7) [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [975] erm
James (PS1C7) [976] [...] that's er ... six, that's thirteen, [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [977] hmm
James (PS1C7) [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [978] aye ... cos that's, that's when I'll be going, er that's when I, erm ... but Billy says he won't pay the poll tax
James (PS1C7) [979] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [980] but I won't pay, I've gotta pay the [...] and that Wednesday
James (PS1C7) [981] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [982] you know, on the morning, so if you want any money out on the Wednesday, Wednesday that week dad
James (PS1C7) [983] Aye
Margaret (PS1C9) [984] erm, I've been, erm do you want any money out the bank this week? ...
James (PS1C7) [985] Well I've just, I've got, let me ...
Margaret (PS1C9) [986] I'll go down and erm ...
James (PS1C7) [987] [...] fifty pounds
Margaret (PS1C9) [988] Oh alright
James (PS1C7) [989] but I've been reinstated to twenty three pounds
Margaret (PS1C9) [990] oh well
James (PS1C7) [991] twenty
Margaret (PS1C9) [992] yeah
James (PS1C7) [993] so I'm only one [...] a fortnight, so they took the rest [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [994] aha
James (PS1C7) [995] another twenty five
Margaret (PS1C9) [996] oh well
James (PS1C7) [997] [...] to er fifteen pound, ninety eight
Margaret (PS1C9) [998] aha
James (PS1C7) [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [999] yeah
James (PS1C7) [1000] so I don't know what this, but having do another twenty [...] ... then er, [...] ... the [...] er the pension had gone in there see as well you see
Margaret (PS1C9) [1001] I'm cer erm, on the, on the Wednesday
James (PS1C7) [1002] or
Margaret (PS1C9) [1003] on the Wednesday when, when I go and get your erm, get your money ... out the bank maybe I'm gonna pay poll tax, Billy pay for it until I get that money out on the Wednesday
James (PS1C7) [1004] Oh, oh
Margaret (PS1C9) [1005] but you know
James (PS1C7) [1006] [...] cos er gone in er, it's gone in this week, but er
Margaret (PS1C9) [1007] aha
James (PS1C7) [1008] pension
Margaret (PS1C9) [1009] well see how, but I'm saying it'll be due, it'll be due the same, the same
James (PS1C7) [1010] Oh I just think the [...] will be in there [...] they'll be in the [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1011] oh yes
James (PS1C7) [1012] goes in the sixth end of
Margaret (PS1C9) [1013] Sorry do they get that, get that this week or they'll wait till next week?
James (PS1C7) [1014] I'll get it next week
Margaret (PS1C9) [1015] Right
James (PS1C7) [1016] so
Margaret (PS1C9) [1017] so I'll be, I'll come down, I'll be, I'll be down tomorrow cos I'm doing mince and dumplings and I'll bring you some down
James (PS1C7) [1018] so put that in
Margaret (PS1C9) [1019] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [1020] then draw er
Margaret (PS1C9) [1021] plus twenty eight pounds' worth
James (PS1C7) [1022] plus twenty eight, thirty, so I'll just draw, let me ... ah forty five I think
Margaret (PS1C9) [1023] that's enough
James (PS1C7) [1024] so put that [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1025] cos the following aha
James (PS1C7) [1026] forty five
Margaret (PS1C9) [1027] right, so I be, I'll come down tomorrow with your mince
James (PS1C7) [1028] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1029] and dumplings and er I come, on Wednesday I come down, I come down for your [...]
James (PS1C7) [1030] right
Margaret (PS1C9) [1031] for your, your erm, your pension book and that
James (PS1C7) [1032] right
Margaret (PS1C9) [1033] so I'll just go out, on erm Thursday I'll just go, I'll bring a tray down on Wednesday an'all
James (PS1C7) [1034] aye
Margaret (PS1C9) [1035] and then I'll just go straight down there and I'll meet outside the [...] erm outside the [...]
James (PS1C7) [1036] yeah erm ... so you're not going to do yours until next week, er ... now what department?
Margaret (PS1C9) [1037] My poll tax
James (PS1C7) [1038] No your ... aargh
Margaret (PS1C9) [1039] Mortgage
James (PS1C7) [1040] mortgage
Margaret (PS1C9) [1041] oh it's not due until next week
James (PS1C7) [1042] oh ...
Margaret (PS1C9) [1043] so that's what I'm saying not this Wednesday but next Wednesday I'll be going down straight in the morning
James (PS1C7) [1044] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1045] so you wanna, if you want the banks, I'm going to the bank then but to pay the insurance
James (PS1C7) [1046] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1047] man, but this week I'm going Thursday, and I'll meet you in, outside
James (PS1C7) [1048] I'll, I don't know if they want a [...] this week
Margaret (PS1C9) [1049] aha
James (PS1C7) [1050] forty five and then I'll have the money to give you straight away for a [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1051] aha, that's right
James (PS1C7) [1052] couldn't I?
Margaret (PS1C9) [1053] well Billy, Billy says well take that
James (PS1C7) [1054] Yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1055] and then he'll come back and then he er gone and pay that, he, he go and get his ... his sickness, note that from work and that
James (PS1C7) [1056] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1057] you know, Jimmy you haven't, you wouldn't have any paracetamols you can give us would ya?
James (PS1C7) [1058] You can have a box
Margaret (PS1C9) [1059] Cos I haven't
James (PS1C7) [1060] if you like
Margaret (PS1C9) [1061] I haven't got any and I've got a terrible headache and I
James (PS1C7) [1062] then you're very [...] I, I, I only took four ... these are, these are [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1063] separate it's erm I phoned
James (PS1C7) [1064] erm
Margaret (PS1C9) [1065] I phoned me friend up you know and erm ... on Friday and asked and she said you don't sound very well, I said I've got a headache I said I've had a headache every, cos I've been on a diet and she turned round and said, she said you know she says it's funny she says erm, you know what's with us, what's it with?
[1066] She says oh she says erm with erm, covering up, covering up that, up the Coke, er, I mean I've done Coke by years and years and years, I say
James (PS1C7) [1067] Aye
Margaret (PS1C9) [1068] the de decaff in it
James (PS1C7) [1069] oh aye, yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1070] it's like a drug
James (PS1C7) [1071] aye
Margaret (PS1C9) [1072] she says take about two or three with it, get, get out the system, the cough, it just pains in me head all the time, I mean I've never known headaches all
James (PS1C7) [1073] well that's what I say in all tablets and that if you take 'em for long you'll become addictive to them
Margaret (PS1C9) [1074] that's it, I was, I was, I must of been addictive to the Coke
James (PS1C7) [1075] aye
Margaret (PS1C9) [1076] cos I couldn't do without it
James (PS1C7) [1077] no ...
Margaret (PS1C9) [1078] so that must be, that must be that there caffeine in the Coke
James (PS1C7) [1079] yeah, oh I'll give ya the rest of them there are
Margaret (PS1C9) [1080] okay
James (PS1C7) [1081] er ninety
Margaret (PS1C9) [1082] [laughing] oh good []
James (PS1C7) [1083] [...] than ninety, hmm
Margaret (PS1C9) [1084] [laughing] I don't know [] ... oh ... They've been telly that Tom give us, that give us and then I didn't put on
James (PS1C7) [1085] aye, I [...] looked at [...] you know what I mean it was er, what they call?
[1086] It was here weren't it?
Margaret (PS1C9) [1087] er Tom says that that was where that [...]
James (PS1C7) [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [laugh]
James (PS1C7) [1088] apparently he said to us all come up
Margaret (PS1C9) [1089] eh
James (PS1C7) [1090] that [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1091] but he was just last, last, but last year [...]
James (PS1C7) [1092] aye and that was the name of the race, [...] national, this year it was the [...] , [...] was running it
Margaret (PS1C9) [1093] aha
James (PS1C7) [1094] in for it, [...] drinking at and last year the coincidence was [...] and there was a horse in the race called [...] ... the year the, the wi the winner a woman
Margaret (PS1C9) [1095] I know
James (PS1C7) [1096] a man bought a horse
Margaret (PS1C9) [1097] eighty thousand, aye
James (PS1C7) [1098] and give it to her, now it's won the race
Margaret (PS1C9) [1099] aye
James (PS1C7) [1100] she's won the trophy and ninety nine thousand odd pounds for winning the race, so she's, careful of that, there's all the rest there
Margaret (PS1C9) [1101] oh ta, I [...]
James (PS1C7) [1102] you want one of these for your [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1103] I have not
James (PS1C7) [1104] I, I, I've put all mine in
Margaret (PS1C9) [1105] I what, it's just that the, the clock it's go it's, it's going tt, tt, tt
James (PS1C7) [1106] mm
Margaret (PS1C9) [1107] cos it's, it's, it's run out and all the noise things [...]
James (PS1C7) [1108] it's one to one
Margaret (PS1C9) [1109] aye [...]
James (PS1C7) [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1110] [laughing] a pig [] [laugh] pig [laugh]
James (PS1C7) [1111] I'll give you hand [...] ...
Margaret (PS1C9) [1112] and I'll put, I'll put me [...]
James (PS1C7) [1113] so I'll er, I give that to [...] the er
Margaret (PS1C9) [1114] Jim put the erm, [...] stand will it Jimmy?
James (PS1C7) [1115] aye
Margaret (PS1C9) [1116] putting them in ... erm they'll be wanting for tomorrow see
James (PS1C7) [1117] yeah ...
Margaret (PS1C9) [1118] I miss it, I missed it on Sunday, they bring me yorkshire puddings in [laugh]
James (PS1C7) [1119] What?
Margaret (PS1C9) [1120] I mix it, I mi I mixed that, missed it that jug
James (PS1C7) [1121] Oh, aye
Margaret (PS1C9) [1122] put my yorkshire puddings in [laugh] ...
James (PS1C7) [...] ...
Margaret (PS1C9) [1123] Did Les do your peas?
[1124] Les do your peas?
James (PS1C7) [1125] any peas [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1126] I say I've got some [...] ... mind you I didn't have, left the dumpling at mine, I've got a load erm dumpling mix, you've, a great big load for forty three no fifty, fifty three pence from erm the place up erm [...]
James (PS1C7) [1127] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1128] they just scoop it in a bag and there's loads in it, probably make loads of dumplings with it ... it's got the flour and suet with it, you just mix it up
James (PS1C7) [1129] aha
Margaret (PS1C9) [1130] aye, cos you pay forty odd pence for a little packet
James (PS1C7) [1131] why, I was [...] what they call it?
[1132] Er, yorkshire pudding [...] I mix up exactly to the book you know ... and I just realized the er ... er what they call it now, the bonus
Margaret (PS1C9) [1133] ah
James (PS1C7) [1134] well what they call it, you know it does one to nine and it
Margaret (PS1C9) [1135] aha
James (PS1C7) [1136] next the high
Margaret (PS1C9) [1137] ha
James (PS1C7) [1138] whether you put it on number two or number nine or high it's still the same, flame
Margaret (PS1C9) [1139] oh ...
James (PS1C7) [1140] that's what Dougy done when he, that Saturday afternoon when he ... was [...] and that at the
Margaret (PS1C9) [1141] no, over [...]
James (PS1C7) [1142] over, cos all the buttons have been knocked off the end you know
Margaret (PS1C9) [1143] oh right
James (PS1C7) [1144] the one for the, what the call it, it's all bent, er ... grill and er he must of banged er, what he call that one er oven one
Margaret (PS1C9) [1145] that's probably not so [...]
James (PS1C7) [1146] and er and didn't realize it all the time I was wondering how it was in ... three, an hour and three quarters, two hours and inside was still er raw, an hour and [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1147] burnt it, what er twenty minutes twenty minutes aha
James (PS1C7) [1148] I said that was in an hour and three quarters
Margaret (PS1C9) [1149] that's [...]
James (PS1C7) [1150] I went I took it out
Margaret (PS1C9) [1151] aye
James (PS1C7) [1152] the same as still er raw ... and it didn't dawn on me, but then, oh I says it's gotta be, I said it's gotta be the [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1153] aye
James (PS1C7) [1154] that on high would, the flame would be leaping up, I don't turn it right up
Margaret (PS1C9) [1155] oh
James (PS1C7) [1156] the flames ... so I says it's gotta wait, so
Margaret (PS1C9) [1157] well if you want to I'll make some yorkshire puddings on Sunday for ya
James (PS1C7) [1158] I tell you [...] oh dear, I don't mind and er get a couple of hours, but er, it does eventually get to the middle
Margaret (PS1C9) [1159] aye
James (PS1C7) [1160] but it shouldn't, it shouldn't take er
Margaret (PS1C9) [1161] it shouldn't take that long
James (PS1C7) [1162] aye ... [...] couldn't of been
Margaret (PS1C9) [1163] don't take long just twenty minutes
James (PS1C7) [1164] aye
Margaret (PS1C9) [1165] mine go, mine go phew like that
James (PS1C7) [1166] I says it's gonna be a worry for
Margaret (PS1C9) [1167] aye
James (PS1C7) [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1168] aye
James (PS1C7) [1169] but you, can you do?
Margaret (PS1C9) [1170] I know
James (PS1C7) [1171] till you get a new cooker, [laugh]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1172] er, how does you
James (PS1C7) [1173] aye
Margaret (PS1C9) [1174] it's a new cooker, a new one Jimmy
James (PS1C7) [1175] [...] no ... oh I [...] carpets and what have you [...] you know ... I think you can make do as long as you've got one, you know why it
Margaret (PS1C9) [1176] and the pots are alright
James (PS1C7) [1177] yeah, well I mean I can cook you a, a meal on it, but if you can't, you can't can ya? ...
Margaret (PS1C9) [1178] as long as it's clean Jimmy that's it, the main thing isn't it?
James (PS1C7) [1179] aye well, aye ooh well [...] it's amazing that er, that hoover ...
Margaret (PS1C9) [1180] er, er that, it's there's alright, it's just here they're wanting that
James (PS1C7) [1181] I know you see, through walking, the weight in your feet
Margaret (PS1C9) [1182] aha
James (PS1C7) [1183] you walk all [...] the years, the rubber underneath
Margaret (PS1C9) [1184] aye
James (PS1C7) [1185] comes up through the carpet
Margaret (PS1C9) [1186] that's the worse thing rubber, rubber here Jimmy
James (PS1C7) [1187] [...] I mean look at this on here
Margaret (PS1C9) [1188] I know, I know
James (PS1C7) [1189] I mean look at this
Margaret (PS1C9) [1190] I know ...
James (PS1C7) [1191] it was brand new here, look at that
Margaret (PS1C9) [1192] I know, see the worst thing in, in a sitting room the carpet Jimmy
James (PS1C7) [1193] aye
Margaret (PS1C9) [1194] in a bedroom it's alright
James (PS1C7) [1195] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1196] you know it's the worse thing
James (PS1C7) [1197] see with this it's gone just there, and there a bit
Margaret (PS1C9) [1198] aye
James (PS1C7) [1199] right up the stairs, the passage and er ... I noticed that on the stairs not too bad you know, that hardly gets used, er
Margaret (PS1C9) [1200] see that, that come aha, well that carpet we've got in the sitting room you know, it was, it was twelve hundred pound, only put it down a few, er a few months before we
James (PS1C7) [1201] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1202] we went in, you know, and that was the place an'all even the carpet that's twelve hundred pound, cos they showed us the bill, you know er it's been a it's dirty and that but you know that wants, wants a good washing ... you know
James (PS1C7) [1203] I forget what all this cost but er, well, five year ago it wouldn't of been
Margaret (PS1C9) [1204] aye
James (PS1C7) [1205] half of what it is now
Margaret (PS1C9) [1206] no I know
James (PS1C7) [1207] and I was afraid picking it up
Margaret (PS1C9) [1208] aha
James (PS1C7) [1209] from the [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1210] aye
James (PS1C7) [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1211] aha
James (PS1C7) [1212] Terry
Margaret (PS1C9) [1213] I remember aye
James (PS1C7) [1214] then it changed to Tommy's
Margaret (PS1C9) [1215] aye, aha
James (PS1C7) [1216] and that's where we got it, cos then [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1217] my mum used to get [...] from Alan's
James (PS1C7) [1218] oh yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1219] she used to get all our Christmas presents from Alan's and that, you know
James (PS1C7) [1220] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1221] you know
James (PS1C7) [1222] but er that's where we went to [...] in there ...
Margaret (PS1C9) [1223] [...] and he's not sleeping either and he's tossing and turning, oh at night, he keeps you awake you know
James (PS1C7) [1224] yeah ...
Margaret (PS1C9) [1225] so that day at erm, it was two weeks' time that day erm ... tt, think is on er Robocop
James (PS1C7) [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1226] Robocop, both starting next month Robocop
James (PS1C7) [1227] aye
Margaret (PS1C9) [1228] at erm, I think [...] the following erm
James (PS1C7) [1229] of yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1230] but I, I don't know if you want a tape, there's a carry film on, erm, [...] it's er, it's a family and they go away for Christmas, you know, and er the little lad gets left by his self [laughing] Jim []
James (PS1C7) [1231] mm
Margaret (PS1C9) [1232] and you know the things he gets up to, he, well there's two burglars trying to get into the house, well, he shoots, he shoots them down there [laugh] both got their little pop guns and that and he, and he flings irons at them and that and, and marbles and ee, ee, you know, then the mother realizes like when she's on the plane that she's left her son at home [laugh] er, the, the film's, the film's good, don't you feel like anything like that?
[1233] No
James (PS1C7) [1234] Well as long as it is a good comedy
Margaret (PS1C9) [1235] aha
James (PS1C7) [1236] but if it's a poor comedy
Margaret (PS1C9) [1237] it's just about a little lad that you know
James (PS1C7) [1238] yeah yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1239] [...] ... I was reading in the, in er, in that paper that you give us, you know, I was reading soaps and that
James (PS1C7) [1240] mm
Margaret (PS1C9) [1241] Tom er that little Sam erm said she doesn't want him back or something
James (PS1C7) [1242] yes you know she didn't want a
Margaret (PS1C9) [1243] and erm, she, er, he gets lost in the bush
James (PS1C7) [1244] ee
Margaret (PS1C9) [1245] and erm, she's desperate at the end or something, she [...] for good or something ... but she does get him at the end or summat, at er E Street, E Street started last night, it's on Sky, erm, it seems canny
James (PS1C7) [1246] E Street?
Margaret (PS1C9) [1247] E Street ... I say it's canny, but erm soap
James (PS1C7) [1248] Aye
Margaret (PS1C9) [1249] it's a soap story you know, there's a few, there's a few of erm Sons and Daughters in it Jimmy mind, there's loads of Sons and Daughters in it
James (PS1C7) [1250] aye
Margaret (PS1C9) [1251] and some of Neighbours, Jason Donovan's father's in it, you know
James (PS1C7) [1252] erm, er
Margaret (PS1C9) [1253] aye
James (PS1C7) [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1254] aha
James (PS1C7) [1255] ones that [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1256] well it's, it's it's on at one o'clock, one o'clock and er it's on erm ... half past six tonight, well I've taped it at half past six tonight and after everybody's watched the news I've, I watched it after, er, you know, so, I watch it then an hour
James (PS1C7) [1257] I've got some of them things for [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1258] do ya?
James (PS1C7) [1259] er, I haven't opened the packet yet, I just thought if you wanted to try one, you stick them on a radiator or you know
Margaret (PS1C9) [1260] [...] you know er, it's funny since I've been on a diet er, it is, I must be getting, now where [...] ... [yawn] ...
James (PS1C7) [whistling]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1261] You know it's funny when I've been up when I've been on a diet, I mean smelling, smoked out, smoked out on the house
James (PS1C7) [1262] and the house is ruined [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1263] I know
James (PS1C7) [1264] it seems to get under these er
Margaret (PS1C9) [1265] ah
James (PS1C7) [1266] double floors
Margaret (PS1C9) [1267] ah
James (PS1C7) [1268] and it seems to carry on up the stairs
Margaret (PS1C9) [1269] aha
James (PS1C7) [1270] and you cannot shift it
Margaret (PS1C9) [1271] aha, see he used to smoke at work, cos he only comes round [...]
James (PS1C7) [1272] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1273] and you can't tell me it's stopped smoking [...] [laugh]
James (PS1C7) [1274] well that's safety you know what I mean
Margaret (PS1C9) [1275] no
James (PS1C7) [1276] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1277] and then take the [...]
James (PS1C7) [1278] if they, asking people to stop breathing
Margaret (PS1C9) [1279] aye
James (PS1C7) [1280] you got, you know, you've gotta put up with it and er ...
Margaret (PS1C9) [1281] is that what we got from
James (PS1C7) [1282] aye, better [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [laugh]
James (PS1C7) [1283] [...] so, er ... ah sooner the [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1284] didn't you want that?
James (PS1C7) [1285] I thought there was two or three of these easy
Margaret (PS1C9) [1286] Oh
James (PS1C7) [1287] to re-fill you know
Margaret (PS1C9) [1288] oh
James (PS1C7) [1289] yeah ... when I get home I am I'll just stick that in the [...] there's er a, a pie [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1290] I'll stick that, I stick that
James (PS1C7) [1291] take that back an'all, and, stick it on here then stick in your radiator, that's only a weather chart really to put that in, so you have any
Margaret (PS1C9) [1292] I'll stick it on top of the radiator
James (PS1C7) [1293] I don't think we'll need this er ... holder
Margaret (PS1C9) [1294] ooh
James (PS1C7) [1295] [...] sent that back look, you just put one of them in there
Margaret (PS1C9) [1296] mm, mm ...
James (PS1C7) [1297] er
Margaret (PS1C9) [1298] aha ... I put it on top of your radiator ... I put your bag up there, it's not a [...] [laugh]
James (PS1C7) [1299] yeah, with that er ...
Margaret (PS1C9) [1300] no, what time does the post office open Jimmy? ...
James (PS1C7) [1301] er
Margaret (PS1C9) [1302] At quarter to?
James (PS1C7) [1303] quarter to I think ... [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1304] Mm, mm I'd of put them in the, even with these new glasses I [...] these dark ones, you know the dark ones [...] I had to put them on this morning [...] I had to put these dark glasses on [...] cos the light hurt me eyes, so I had to put these on
James (PS1C7) [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1305] put on reading, er glasses Jim
James (PS1C7) [1306] aye ...
Margaret (PS1C9) [...]
James (PS1C7) [1307] why, don't want a carpet on there, he says I dunno want a carpet
Margaret (PS1C9) [1308] oh have ya?
James (PS1C7) [1309] oh I've got plenty of
Margaret (PS1C9) [1310] You've got [...] fix it first
James (PS1C7) [1311] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1312] oh look at
James (PS1C7) [1313] no I've got a I've got a, what they call it? [...] erm ... [...] inch
Margaret (PS1C9) [1314] aha
James (PS1C7) [1315] inch square, you take the backing off and you can
Margaret (PS1C9) [1316] oh aye
James (PS1C7) [1317] stick things on the, on the wall
Margaret (PS1C9) [1318] aha
James (PS1C7) [1319] like in a little square, I've got a load of them in there, I'll just use that one of them
Margaret (PS1C9) [1320] oh well
James (PS1C7) [1321] I've got loads of Blu-Tack and that which er
Margaret (PS1C9) [1322] I, I stick me er gnome's head on yesterday with the Blu-Tack, the dog had knocked it off again, so [...] behind and er, and er ...
James (PS1C7) [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1323] I know, how much did them cost ya?
James (PS1C7) [1324] One, four, nine
Margaret (PS1C9) [1325] Oh well it wasn't that bad then Jim
James (PS1C7) [1326] no, cos I feel I'm being [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [...]
James (PS1C7) [1327] yeah, er, design [...] I can never be to [...] a boiler or storage heater for the winter also the heater would activate the [...] till the heat
Margaret (PS1C9) [1328] I put I said to him
James (PS1C7) [1329] and the heat and the heat activates the
Margaret (PS1C9) [1330] I put the [...] [laugh] oh I put [...]
James (PS1C7) [1331] [...] that begins working bedroom, bathroom, middle room or even in the [...] ... on a [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1332] Did Billy take, ooh forget me [...] for me bedroom
James (PS1C7) [1333] Yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1334] I think I'll have to get a new curtain rail ... it's that the plastic snapped been on the curtain ring
James (PS1C7) [1335] yeah ...
Margaret (PS1C9) [1336] tt ... oh, I said to Billy I said instead of getting one of them plastic ones, I may get one of them wooden ones, just, you know sort of like dear the wooden ones
James (PS1C7) [1337] A wooden er
Margaret (PS1C9) [1338] wood, the wooden, the wooden reels you know, why I got, I did
James (PS1C7) [1339] oh, er, er
Margaret (PS1C9) [1340] the round ones [...]
James (PS1C7) [1341] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1342] yeah ...
James (PS1C7) [1343] You'll want the screws with them don't ya?
[1344] Cos you cannae get them straight in like that
Margaret (PS1C9) [1345] Aha
James (PS1C7) [1346] it's strong enough cos, cos when you take it off there [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1347] oh
James (PS1C7) [1348] it's opening in a
Margaret (PS1C9) [1349] aha
James (PS1C7) [1350] so you've gotta hold it and get a bracket [...] then whether er [...] the ones they've got in the back and the one in the front there
Margaret (PS1C9) [1351] switch ones, is it switch?
James (PS1C7) [1352] no, it's the [...] but they're better
Margaret (PS1C9) [1353] aha
James (PS1C7) [1354] they're round
Margaret (PS1C9) [1355] a week well Billy bought that er bra
James (PS1C7) [1356] ah aluminium [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1357] well Billy bought that er brass one you know by, by the patio and that wooden one was already up
James (PS1C7) [1358] mm
Margaret (PS1C9) [1359] and I, I, Billy said [...] I don't know what it is
James (PS1C7) [1360] mm, see the ...
Margaret (PS1C9) [1361] what?
James (PS1C7) [1362] it's been going around and around here for the last four days ... er I bet it's been coming round the block up this street about eight to ten times a day, I dunno what's it doing, the [...] up here
Margaret (PS1C9) [1363] It's mad, it's mad
James (PS1C7) [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1364] it's not too bad
James (PS1C7) [1365] but er, I cannot understand [...] on the road
Margaret (PS1C9) [1366] aha
James (PS1C7) [1367] it'll be ano well another half an hour it'll be back on the road again ...
Margaret (PS1C9) [1368] hmm, so [...] that post office, I says to Billy I won't be long and I'll do you some rice
James (PS1C7) [1369] mm
Margaret (PS1C9) [1370] then I took the dog for a walk
James (PS1C7) [1371] aye
Margaret (PS1C9) [1372] gee listen to the bones rattling me knees and back
James (PS1C7) [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1373] aha ... mm, I'll be done tomorrow, you, erm
James (PS1C7) [1374] ah, right, aye I've had er
Margaret (PS1C9) [1375] your dinner
James (PS1C7) [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [...] ...
James (PS1C7) [whistling]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1376] Oh this changing put them on pot lid, I'll put them on pot then put them
James (PS1C7) [1377] Yeah it's alright in [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1378] oh
James (PS1C7) [1379] housewife
Margaret (PS1C9) [1380] aha
James (PS1C7) [1381] [...] er he said I'll
Margaret (PS1C9) [1382] mm, mm
James (PS1C7) [1383] accent North East
Margaret (PS1C9) [1384] you taught yourself did ya?
James (PS1C7) [1385] with just friends
Margaret (PS1C9) [laugh]
James (PS1C7) [1386] yeah, mm
Margaret (PS1C9) [1387] taught yourself [laugh]
James (PS1C7) [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1388] right ...
James (PS1C7) [1389] it's alright
Margaret (PS1C9) [1390] so you've got everything then have you?
James (PS1C7) [1391] Yes, aye I phoned them up [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1392] Oh did you?
[1393] When that then?
James (PS1C7) [1394] trying to get through the, he says oh them people have left here, now you'll have to, and he gives us another two numbers and that, I got through on one of the numbers and then er, I asked [...] I says oh I says I didn't get me photograph and me plastic wallet, he says well you don't really need them you know when you retired, but I says how can you go on the train, you sure of that?
[1395] Anybody
Margaret (PS1C9) [1396] I know
James (PS1C7) [1397] cos he was up and coming
Margaret (PS1C9) [1398] I know
James (PS1C7) [1399] and you'll [...] so you must have to show er some identi besides that
Margaret (PS1C9) [1400] oh
James (PS1C7) [1401] if you're not gonna use your
Margaret (PS1C9) [1402] it's a pity cos I mean if we put, if, if Billy went away on [...] [laughing] I could use it []
James (PS1C7) [1403] Well I, that's what I say to it's, it's not a [...] I mean your four door and the, the plastic pass is in one side
Margaret (PS1C9) [1404] aye
James (PS1C7) [1405] the photo is in this side with identi number and your photo
Margaret (PS1C9) [1406] just a pity because Bil Billy couldn't get away with that Jimmy
James (PS1C7) [1407] yeah, but anyway
Margaret (PS1C9) [1408] probably would of saved him money wouldn't it?
James (PS1C7) [1409] aye, but anyway you know, it's not advisable because if we
Margaret (PS1C9) [1410] I know
James (PS1C7) [1411] if you are caught then
Margaret (PS1C9) [1412] well Billy got, got er I think last time remember, erm, when er
James (PS1C7) [1413] oh [...] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1414] on the fam on, on the family [laugh]
James (PS1C7) [1415] so anyway they're gonna send it through
Margaret (PS1C9) [1416] oh well
James (PS1C7) [1417] they're gonna send it through
Margaret (PS1C9) [1418] aha
James (PS1C7) [1419] the lad said oh we'll send it through, you know ... and [...] address
Margaret (PS1C9) [1420] oh well
James (PS1C7) [1421] they were gonna send it to [...] in Gateshead you know that's what I've got down
Margaret (PS1C9) [1422] aha
James (PS1C7) [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1423] oh well
James (PS1C7) [1424] so I'm glad that's fixed and I'll what's [...] oh if he's got them
Margaret (PS1C9) [1425] What's this?
[1426] Oh aye
James (PS1C7) [1427] from seven in the morning till ten at night
Margaret (PS1C9) [1428] aha, well I says to Billy we'll go shopping
James (PS1C7) [1429] eh a couple of minutes
Margaret (PS1C9) [1430] I don't know if Billy's got, cos I dunno if we're getting stuff down [...] again I dunno what we're doing, it all depends, it all depends what I want, cos their chicken, chickens, chicken down there are only one pound odd
James (PS1C7) [1431] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1432] you know
James (PS1C7) [1433] they'll be free anyway this
Margaret (PS1C9) [1434] that's what I'm saying
James (PS1C7) [1435] this time of day, day, er [...]
Margaret (PS1C9) [1436] ask, cos it's, sometimes he gets sometimes he gets tired now Jimmy you know and er
James (PS1C7) [1437] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1438] you know, say, say on Thursday I had, I had the trolley and I had a basket and I was just putting your stuff in the basket
James (PS1C7) [1439] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1440] and put my stuff in the trolley and that, you know
James (PS1C7) [1441] oh, it'll be a lot easier to get your stuff an'all
Margaret (PS1C9) [1442] aha
James (PS1C7) [1443] and be the three were to carry it out so I [...] bother
Margaret (PS1C9) [1444] aha, that's, so I did, cos this week well maybe on a diet I'll, I'll just get salad stuff and, you know when you, I'll just get the mince and er shops that shops that and I'll just get me frozen stuff at the, you know, just at the
James (PS1C7) [1445] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1446] job lot and the chicken, the chicken's erm, what I think one thirty nine or something, you know and you can get a [...] just a nice size
James (PS1C7) [1447] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1448] there was a chicken leg left there and er, I know
James (PS1C7) [1449] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1450] and it was carrying
James (PS1C7) [1451] oh the cheese I eat
Margaret (PS1C9) [1452] mm
James (PS1C7) [1453] er, you can taste it, you know
Margaret (PS1C9) [1454] oh well then
James (PS1C7) [1455] er, and the oranges were nice and juicy
Margaret (PS1C9) [1456] I thought er er, I, I've
James (PS1C7) [1457] and I've got
Margaret (PS1C9) [1458] got three oranges and three apples left
James (PS1C7) [1459] aye
Margaret (PS1C9) [1460] well that'll do for today, tomorrow and Wednesday
James (PS1C7) [1461] mm
Margaret (PS1C9) [1462] you know for me diet and that
James (PS1C7) [1463] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1464] but I have two cheese sa two cheesy sandwiches, and col coleslaw for my dinner [...] and erm I don't have [...] I have chicken on, on erm ... a, cos what you call it?
[1465] I bought some lovely sausage in next door, [...] grill a couple of slices and just have it erm, with the, by the time that with chicken you know
James (PS1C7) [1466] mm
Margaret (PS1C9) [1467] could you have salad with that?
[1468] Sausage on, could have salad with sausage or not?
James (PS1C7) [1469] Well, cold or hot you know, unless you've had your er
Margaret (PS1C9) [1470] Cos it
James (PS1C7) [1471] your sausage gone cold ... but I couldn't
Margaret (PS1C9) [1472] no it wouldn't
James (PS1C7) [1473] couldn't see eating salad with a, a hot sausages you know
Margaret (PS1C9) [1474] oh
James (PS1C7) [1475] but er, you, you would with, what they call it now?
Margaret (PS1C9) [1476] Pasta
James (PS1C7) [1477] Ah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1478] I may just have me chicken out and keep the sausage for another day
James (PS1C7) [1479] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1480] I say it's been out the, been out the, she defrost that Saturday night and you know like you [...] I made some
James (PS1C7) [1481] aye
Margaret (PS1C9) [1482] and so I just need my salad stuff till another time
James (PS1C7) [1483] mm
Margaret (PS1C9) [1484] you know ...
James (PS1C7) [1485] aye
Margaret (PS1C9) [1486] I'll see what I'm gonna have
James (PS1C7) [1487] yeah
Margaret (PS1C9) [1488] I could of brought that piece of chicken down, you could of had it ... ooh Christ sorry door [laugh]
James (PS1C7) [1489] alright
Margaret (PS1C9) [laugh]
James (PS1C7) [1490] I want to
Margaret (PS1C9) [1491] sorry door, I'll see you tomorrow then when I come down
James (PS1C7) [1492] right
Margaret (PS1C9) [1493] right