32 conversations recorded by `John' (PS0F8) between 14 and ?? March 1992 with 6 interlocutors, totalling 5559 s-units, 32729 words, and over 2 hours 35 minutes 3 seconds of recordings.

8 speakers recorded by respondent number 4

PS0F8 Ag4 m (John, age 53, engineer)
PS0F9 Ag3 f (Mary, age 39, nurse, Irish, ) wife
PS0FA Ag1 m (Brian, age 18, apprentice engineer) son
PS0FB Ag1 f (Patricia, age 16, student) daughter
PS0FC Ag2 f (Ded, age 25, cashier, West Midlands, ) daughter
PS0FD Ag3 f (Lyn, age 40, housewife, West Midlands, ) friend
KCLPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KCLPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

32 recordings

  1. Tape 023401 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: eating
  2. Tape 023402 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch () Activity: eating
  3. Tape 023403 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: eating
  4. Tape 023404 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: eating
  5. Tape 023405 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: eating
  6. Tape 023406 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: eating
  7. Tape 023407 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: eating
  8. Tape 023408 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: general talk in kitchen area
  9. Tape 023409 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: general talk in kitchen area
  10. Tape 023410 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: general talk in kitchen area
  11. Tape 023411 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: general talk in kitchen area
  12. Tape 023412 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch () Activity: walking up a hill?
  13. Tape 023501 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: sorting things for car boot sale
  14. Tape 023502 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: sorting for car boot sale
  15. Tape 023503 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: odd jobs around house
  16. Tape 023601 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: cleaning and cleaning
  17. Tape 023602 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: cleaning and talking
  18. Tape 023604 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: clearing up,talking
  19. Tape 023606 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: family talk
  20. Tape 023607 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( mome ) Activity: eating
  21. Tape 023608 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: talking to daughters
  22. Tape 023701 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( in park ) Activity: walking dog
  23. Tape 023702 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( in car ) Activity: driving back from shopping
  24. Tape 023703 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( in town ) Activity: shopping
  25. Tape 023801 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: talking
  26. Tape 023802 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: talking
  27. Tape 023803 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: eating
  28. Tape 023804 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: eating
  29. Tape 023805 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: talking
  30. Tape 023806 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: talking
  31. Tape 023807 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: talking
  32. Tape 023808 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: talking

1 (Tape 023401)

Mary (PS0F9) [1] What do you get the headphones for as well?
John (PS0F8) [2] I don't know.
[3] He didn't seem to know what they were in there for.
Mary (PS0F9) [4] Oh. ...
John (PS0F8) [5] Well you can listen to what you've taped with the headphones.
Mary (PS0F9) [6] What?
John (PS0F8) [7] You can listen to what you've taped.
Mary (PS0F9) [8] Oh [...]
John (PS0F8) [9] You can play it back yeah, if you want to.
Mary (PS0F9) [10] Oh.
[11] I notice if you put the ... the headphones in ... it would erm ... you'd maybe be listening to it as it's taping?
John (PS0F8) [12] I don't think you can do that. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [13] Did you have to sign for something to say that you've had it?
John (PS0F8) [14] To say I've had it, yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [15] Yeah.
[16] When's he coming back?
John (PS0F8) [17] Next Friday.
Mary (PS0F9) [18] Next Friday, oh right.
[19] And is that the microphone?
John (PS0F8) [20] Yes.
Mary (PS0F9) [21] And are you supposed to wear that?
John (PS0F8) [22] Er stick it in your t ... wherever, yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [23] In your ...
John (PS0F8) [24] Stick it where you like.
Mary (PS0F9) [25] [...] , you what?
John (PS0F8) [26] Stick it where you like. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [27] But d does it need to be uncovered?
John (PS0F8) [28] No.
[29] ... It's got erm ... it's own recording level.
Mary (PS0F9) [30] Yeah.
[31] And even if it ... and are you supposed to tell people that you're recording what they're saying or just record it
John (PS0F8) [32] Erm
Mary (PS0F9) [33] and then tell them afterwards?
John (PS0F8) [34] I suppose you should tell them that you're going to tape the conversation maybe, yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [35] Yes.
John (PS0F8) [36] I don't suppose that matters really.
Mary (PS0F9) [37] But I mean, if you erm ... if you put your headphones on you see, they might just think erm ... you're listening to a Walkman.
[38] And er ... they would come up with some bad language towards you.
[39] Then especially if you told them you were recording what they [laughing] said [] .
[40] Could be dangerous.
[41] ... I've asked Brian to take the dog out as well, when he comes back.
John (PS0F8) [42] I won't have time now.
Mary (PS0F9) [43] No.
[44] ... And I'm going to Chester tomorrow.
John (PS0F8) [45] Are you?
Mary (PS0F9) [46] Yeah.
[47] ... Ah!
[48] Didn't I tell you about that?
John (PS0F8) [49] There's no petrol in the car.
Mary (PS0F9) [50] You mean ... every time I have that car I have to put petrol in.
John (PS0F8) [51] No I put it in the last two times.
[52] Twenty quid's worth.
[53] So you'll have ... you watch my little car. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [54] Watch it or wash it?
John (PS0F8) [55] Watch it.
[56] Be careful.
Mary (PS0F9) [57] [laugh] I'll be very careful with your little car John.
[58] ... Well it's not far to Chester.
[59] It's not as far to Chester as it is to Swansea is it?
John (PS0F8) [60] I don't suppose it is.
Mary (PS0F9) [61] Mm?
John (PS0F8) [62] No.
[63] Go the motorways though, if you can.
Mary (PS0F9) [64] Oh.
John (PS0F8) [65] You'll have to watch for, for the roadworks.
[66] I mean the roadworks on the M 6 are diabolical now.
John (PS0F8) [67] Mm.
[68] I it took us three and a half hours coming back from Swansea.
[69] ... But we stopped off for half an hour as well.
[70] And ... I think it's longer coming back that way.
[71] Over the bridge.
John (PS0F8) [72] No it isn't.
[73] It isn't. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [74] You sure?
John (PS0F8) [75] I'd be positive.
[76] Shorter. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [77] Cos ... th I remember the first time I went down that way over the bridge.
[78] It was about a hundred and eighty miles I clocked up.
[79] ... Er but coming back I only clocked up about a hundred and twenty. ...
John (PS0F8) [80] What was the mileage when we got there?
[81] A hundred and eleven?
Mary (PS0F9) [82] Something like that, yeah.
[83] So it was three hundred coming back or ... total three hundred. ...
John (PS0F8) [84] I can't remember now exactly. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [85] I I think it does make a difference, going over the bridge.
[86] ... I I found it when I was driving the last time.
[87] ... But I couldn't remember where the turn off was ... to come up the scenic route.
[88] Cos I was reading, and you'd passed it.
John (PS0F8) [89] Yeah well you could erm ... go up, go down the M 50 ... into Ross and then go from there.
Mary (PS0F9) [90] Yeah but th there was a turn off ... and I didn't know whether the turn off was at Cardiff ... and we went past it.
John (PS0F8) [91] Yeah, there is a ... oh to go back that way?
[92] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [93] Yeah. ...
John (PS0F8) [94] You could turn off for Abergavenny again.
Mary (PS0F9) [95] Abergavenny yeah, but that was, that was ... going straight up

2 (Tape 023402)

John (PS0F8) [96] So, where's she gone now?
Mary (PS0F9) [97] Who, Patricia?
[98] Well, she was going to Birmingham and then she was going to ... in a careers office. ...
John (PS0F8) [99] They close at about four o'clock don't they?
Mary (PS0F9) [100] Yeah, very probably.
[101] And ... she was hoping that they would have sent her for an interview ... down there.
[102] In the afternoon.
[103] ... Think she's probably staying in Birmingham. ...
John (PS0F8) [104] [clears throat] Well, Birmingham's on the cards cos Steve, Stevey-boy works there doesn't he?
[105] ... Pardon me?
Mary (PS0F9) [106] What? ...
Brian (PS0FA) [107] Food.
Mary (PS0F9) [108] Come on Brian and get in the shopping. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [109] Food food food food food food
John (PS0F8) [110] How's Brian?
Brian (PS0FA) [111] food food.
[112] ... Glorious food.
[113] [...] no doubt.
[114] Oy. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [115] Your dinner's on top of the cooker.
[116] Plate might be hot. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [117] Eh!
[118] Who's got a Walkman?
John (PS0F8) [119] Me. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [120] How come? ...
John (PS0F8) [121] A bloke give me one. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [122] Told you we should have let him in.
[123] ... Oh it's got a microphone as well.
John (PS0F8) [124] Yeah.
[125] It's on at the moment.
Brian (PS0FA) [126] Recording?
[127] ... Oh I see.
[128] Why's that?
[129] Oh ... some experiment?
[130] Right. ...
John (PS0F8) [131] Some market research just to see how many times you swear ... at me.
Brian (PS0FA) [132] Really?
John (PS0F8) [133] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [134] Oh that's good.
John (PS0F8) [135] So there will be er
Mary (PS0F9) [...]
John (PS0F8) [136] plenty on it.
Mary (PS0F9) [137] We should win any competitions then.
Brian (PS0FA) [138] Hands down I think. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [139] I can't eat any more of that. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [140] Macaroni cheese?
Mary (PS0F9) [141] Mm. ...
John (PS0F8) [142] Hey.
Mary (PS0F9) [143] It tastes alright for a few mouthfuls and then it like gets a bit monotonous. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [144] I've just been up to Tesco's.
Mary (PS0F9) [145] Mm?
John (PS0F8) [146] Who were you talking to?
Brian (PS0FA) [147] I was talking to er ... Simon and Dave and ... all the rest of the lads
Mary (PS0F9) [148] Yeah.
[149] Bragging about your bike.
Brian (PS0FA) [150] And er, no actually.
[151] Dave goes ... have you got your bike yet?
[152] I goes yeah, just been to pick it up.
[153] He goes ... oh and I suppose you loved every minute of it? [laugh] ...
Mary (PS0F9) [154] What's that grey thing John?
[155] Has it fallen off the roof? ...
Brian (PS0FA) [156] Ooh. ...
John (PS0F8) [157] What's what?
Mary (PS0F9) [158] That grey thing on the ground.
John (PS0F8) [159] Oh yeah.
[160] ... It's off the erm
Mary (PS0F9) [161] Flue?
John (PS0F8) [162] No, it's off
Mary (PS0F9) [163] Vent? ...
John (PS0F8) [164] It's off the toilet erm
Mary (PS0F9) [165] The vent.
John (PS0F8) [166] the vent.
Mary (PS0F9) [167] Oh I'll pop back out there.
John (PS0F8) [168] I'll put it in the garage.
[169] We won't lose it then.
[170] It just slides on.
[171] But the wind licked it off I suppose.
[172] ... I'm definitely not putting it back on today, but I will put it back on [...] .
[173] Well
Brian (PS0FA) [174] Do you know that chap two doors down with the B M W?
Mary (PS0F9) [175] Mm.
Brian (PS0FA) [176] The wind set his alarm off.
Mary (PS0F9) [177] Really?
Brian (PS0FA) [178] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [179] On his car?
[180] Shook it?
Brian (PS0FA) [181] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [182] Mm, must be very sensitive.
John (PS0F8) [183] Upstairs, on the bed, vaseline on your nose.
[184] Now.
[185] Move it.
Mary (PS0F9) [186] How much did my shopping come?
John (PS0F8) [187] Go on.
Brian (PS0FA) [188] Eight pound seventy.
John (PS0F8) [189] Go upstairs.
Mary (PS0F9) [190] Oh that was good.
John (PS0F8) [191] Hurry up. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [laugh]
Mary (PS0F9) [192] What?
Brian (PS0FA) [193] [laughing] He's going as well.
John (PS0F8) [194] He's gone.
Brian (PS0FA) [195] He goes ... upstairs, on the bed, vaseline on your nose go on.
[196] And he's gone up.
Mary (PS0F9) [197] [laugh] ... I think he's getting hooked on the taste of vaseline, that dog.
Brian (PS0FA) [198] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [laugh] ... [sigh] [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [199] So it's I'm gonna pop round to Matt's tonight. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [200] Who's Matt?
Brian (PS0FA) [201] Matt .
Mary (PS0F9) [202] Where's he live?
Brian (PS0FA) [203] Bromsgrove.
Mary (PS0F9) [204] Mm.
[205] ... He the one with the bike?
Brian (PS0FA) [206] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [207] The one that dropped out of college?
Brian (PS0FA) [208] Work.
Mary (PS0F9) [209] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [210] Yeah.
[211] ... Well ... I'll ring him up.
[212] See if he's in.
Mary (PS0F9) [213] You mean you're not going to show off to John ?
Brian (PS0FA) [214] Oh yeah.
[215] I'm gonna call for him on the way.
Mary (PS0F9) [216] [laugh] ... Does he know Matt?
Brian (PS0FA) [217] No.
Mary (PS0F9) [218] I seen Andy in town today walking round with his erm ... headphones in.
Brian (PS0FA) [219] Oh yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [220] Mm.
[221] ... That tasty? ...
Brian (PS0FA) [222] It is actually.
[223] ... It's a bit big though.
Mary (PS0F9) [224] [...] [laugh] Well ... John demolished my little omelette pan.
Brian (PS0FA) [225] Oh I see.
Mary (PS0F9) [226] Mm.
[227] ... So I had to use his frying pan. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [228] Rick.
[229] Let's have a look at your face.
[230] Oh nice.
Mary (PS0F9) [231] Did you get vaseline on?
Brian (PS0FA) [232] Mm.
[233] Oh, yeah ... I've got some now.
Mary (PS0F9) [234] [laugh] Did you get your vaseline on Rick? [...] good boy.
[235] ... I wonder if these people that have to listen to these tapes can understand doggy language as well? ...
Brian (PS0FA) [236] No.
Mary (PS0F9) [237] No?
[238] ... What do you think Rick?
[239] ... Did John tell you anybody that takes part will get erm ... a Marks and Spencers' voucher?
Brian (PS0FA) [240] Oh?
Mary (PS0F9) [241] Mm.
[242] ... Wonder if we'll get any, any vouchers for the dog?
[243] In the pet food shop. [laugh]
Brian (PS0FA) [244] He makes enough noise doesn't he?
Mary (PS0F9) [245] Yeah, yeah. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [246] It was also noted today ... at these er presentations that I was the one with the least Brummie accent.
Mary (PS0F9) [247] Oh.
Brian (PS0FA) [248] Which made me feel good.
Mary (PS0F9) [laugh]
Brian (PS0FA) [249] Well ... except for Andy. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [250] Mm we oh yeah Andy's ... Nigerian.
Brian (PS0FA) [251] The Nigerian.
Mary (PS0F9) [252] Mm.
Brian (PS0FA) [253] Yeah.
[254] Except for him of course, but ... Cos ... I was getting a bit upset that my voice was going a bit ... Brummie.
Mary (PS0F9) [255] Oh right.
John (PS0F8) [256] I've given her her hairdryer back ... on trial, I've told her.
[257] If she leaves it plugged in and switched on again ... she won't get it back.
Mary (PS0F9) [258] Yeah.
[259] She's definitely unplugged the hairdryer and she's unplugged her radio as well. [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [260] Because it ain't on.
[261] I ain't having the house burnt down.
[262] Bloody hairdryers. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [263] Well ... want to know ... if Rick joins in the conversation will we get any vouchers for doggy food?
John (PS0F8) [264] [talking to dog] Yeah, we do don't we?
[265] Yeah we do.
[266] ... You are cheeky.
[267] ... What about her food?
[268] Tell Mary.
[269] ... Tell Mary all about it.
Mary (PS0F9) [270] I don't want to know about it Rick.
[271] ... Well who, who noticed that you had the least Brummie accent? ...
Brian (PS0FA) [272] The instructors
Mary (PS0F9) [273] Oh.
Brian (PS0FA) [274] and all the other lads.
Mary (PS0F9) [275] Oh right.
[276] Did they record it or that, no? ...
Brian (PS0FA) [277] Which is a good job.
Mary (PS0F9) [278] Mm.
Brian (PS0FA) [279] Cos most of us were petrified anyway. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [280] And that's a bit like that erm ... the teaching skills that I had to do that time when I was on the course.
Brian (PS0FA) [281] Mm?
Mary (PS0F9) [282] Erm ... and I had to think up ... something ... that I do as a hobby er to teach other people.
[283] I, I did those little flowers you see ... and took them in.
[284] And er ... it is quite nervewracking really to sit there.
[285] Specially when the instructors come over and they're sort of sitting watching as well.
Brian (PS0FA) [286] Well ... the bad thing was, as soon as I picked my cards up I dropped them all ... you know?
Mary (PS0F9) [287] Mm.
[288] [laugh] All your flash cards?
Brian (PS0FA) [289] Good morning yeah.
[290] Good morning ladies and gentlemen pshoow and they, they went all over the place.
Mary (PS0F9) [laugh]
Brian (PS0FA) [291] So I had to pick them back up [...] mm sorry.
[292] Bit of nerves.
Mary (PS0F9) [293] [laugh] Be back to front now, this morning yeah?
[294] ... John wants me to er ... sew his trousers for him.
Brian (PS0FA) [295] Oh.
Mary (PS0F9) [296] I'm waiting on him ... picking up the machine.
Brian (PS0FA) [laugh]
Mary (PS0F9) [297] It tickles me the way they call it portable and you can hardly lift it.
[298] ... [...] we took Patricia in to, we give her a lift as far as Longbridge today.
[299] She was going back to get her coat changed.
[300] And then she was going to the careers office.
[301] ... And erm they were going to send her for an interview straight away.
[302] I told her to be home reasonably early but she's not home yet.
Brian (PS0FA) [303] Well ...
Mary (PS0F9) [304] [...] not far [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [305] I know. ... [clears throat]
Mary (PS0F9) [306] Don't let it beat you. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [307] I dunno mum.
Mary (PS0F9) [308] Only a little omelette.
Brian (PS0FA) [309] Yeah but it was bigger than the plate.
Mary (PS0F9) [laugh]
Brian (PS0FA) [310] You had to fold it in half to get it on.
Mary (PS0F9) [311] [laugh] That's what I said to John I said you've got your dinner in between an omelette. [laugh]
Brian (PS0FA) [312] Yeah.
[313] That's right.
Mary (PS0F9) [314] I thought I could call it erm ... a Spanish omelette.
[315] What I tried to do was one of those
Brian (PS0FA) [316] Did you have
Mary (PS0F9) [317] ploughman's things.
Brian (PS0FA) [318] did you have a surplus of eggs or something?
[319] ... Pardon me.
Mary (PS0F9) [320] Well ... erm, I knew you wouldn't eat sort of sliced ham on its own with erm ... vegetables.
[321] So ... I knew you would eat it like that in an omelette.
Brian (PS0FA) [322] Mm.
[323] ... I mean, if it had of been smaller.
[324] Well, I'll have a go but ... I may not eat all this but ... if it was smaller it's really tasty as well.
Mary (PS0F9) [325] Mm.
[326] But you liked those erm ... were they countryman's or ploughman's in a packet and you just throw them into the pan and cook it for about fifteen minutes?
[327] And that was just potatoes and eggs wasn't it?
[328] And some cheese.
[329] And bacon.
Brian (PS0FA) [330] Don't remember.
Mary (PS0F9) [331] Oh.
[332] ... What I want to do, I want to cut the shopping down as much as I possibly can. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [333] Well I think eight pounds is a good start.
Mary (PS0F9) [334] [laugh] But when I go to the shops and I spend ... seventy pound for a week.
[335] We have to keep making trips back to the shop because we need ... bread or milk or something else that we've forgotten.
Brian (PS0FA) [336] So so just make little trips.
Mary (PS0F9) [337] So we're just making little trips as we run out of stuff.
Brian (PS0FA) [338] Mm.
[339] Good idea.
Mary (PS0F9) [340] And see how, if that will work out any better.
Brian (PS0FA) [341] Yeah.
[342] Well ... the good news for the environmentalists is the bike runs on unleaded.
Mary (PS0F9) [343] Mhm.
Brian (PS0FA) [344] Which is good news.
[345] Cos like that's ... not so expensive.
[346] ... So, I shall have to take it to the petrol station in a minute.
Mary (PS0F9) [347] Yeah.
[348] Does, and does it need erm oil or anything like that?
Brian (PS0FA) [349] No.
[350] He showed me where the little oil level was.
[351] So you don't have a dipstick, there's a little ... little ho glass hole
Mary (PS0F9) [352] Mhm.
Brian (PS0FA) [353] where you look in.
Mary (PS0F9) [354] Oh right.
Brian (PS0FA) [355] With a a maximum and a minimum.
Mary (PS0F9) [356] Mhm.
Brian (PS0FA) [357] Like on your dipstick.
[358] And you just look at it.
[359] ... Mm. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [360] Mm.
[361] ... Well, just be careful when you go out.
Brian (PS0FA) [362] Yeah. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [363] Cos I mean it's ... it's not the bikers ... it's the other vehicle that's on the road.
[364] Alright?
Brian (PS0FA) [365] Not more than two minutes.
[366] John will verify this.
[367] Do you remember John?
[368] ... We came out of the shop, turned left ... turned left there, and then turned right.
[369] We're going down this road and John was in front of me ... and just as John went past this wagon ... it pulled out and there was a car coming the other way.
[370] ... Eeeeh hit my horn.
[371] Ha ... I could have shouted louder.
[372] ... And he stopped and ... luckily there was just enough room for me to slow down and just go between them.
[373] I mean that guy just pulled out in front of me.
Mary (PS0F9) [374] Mm. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [375] Huge, huge lorry.
Mary (PS0F9) [376] Oh he ... he didn't see you or just didn't ... ?
Brian (PS0FA) [377] Didn't care.
Mary (PS0F9) [378] Oh.
Brian (PS0FA) [379] He saw me alright cos ... like John said I had the headlights on.
Mary (PS0F9) [380] Yeah.
[381] Well that's it.
[382] Don't expect anybody else to obey the highway code.
Brian (PS0FA) [383] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [384] Right? [...]
John (PS0F8) [385] Did you see them two dirty great big no right turn signs? [laugh]
Brian (PS0FA) [386] [laughing] What no right turn signs [] ?
Mary (PS0F9) [387] You what? ...
John (PS0F8) [388] I said to the bloke I said how do you get out that junction?
[389] He said you don't, there's no right turn.
[390] I looked up the road and there was two great big signs, no right turn.
Mary (PS0F9) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [391] I'd already gone that way twice. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [392] Yeah. ...
John (PS0F8) [393] And turned right.
Brian (PS0FA) [394] Yeah.
[395] Cos it's a very awkward junction.
Mary (PS0F9) [396] Mm. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [397] Thank you mum. ...
John (PS0F8) [398] Dog's looking at you.
Mary (PS0F9) [...]
John (PS0F8) [399] What do you want Ricksy?
Mary (PS0F9) [400] Come on then.
John (PS0F8) [401] What is it Ricky?
[402] Come on then. [...] .
Mary (PS0F9) [403] [...] dog. ...
John (PS0F8) [404] I don't see any ... I don't I don't see any bacon in there.
Mary (PS0F9) [405] You're not having bacon till Monday. ...
John (PS0F8) [406] Are you gonna buy it tomorrow?
Mary (PS0F9) [407] No.
John (PS0F8) [408] Oh.
Mary (PS0F9) [409] You're working, so you don't need bacon.
John (PS0F8) [410] I'm not working Monday.
Mary (PS0F9) [411] Well you can go and get it.
John (PS0F8) [412] Saturday Sunday.
[413] Let's have some ... wh when?
Mary (PS0F9) [414] Monday.
John (PS0F8) [415] I'll be up then.
[416] I won't need it.
Mary (PS0F9) [417] Well I might get it Sunday for you.
John (PS0F8) [418] Okay.
Mary (PS0F9) [419] But ... we talk about this and we said ... we're cutting the shopping down, I'm not going shopping.
[420] And the first thing you do is demand that we have butter in the house.
[421] So we had to go and do shopping just to get your butter.
John (PS0F8) [422] No you didn't.
[423] You bought dog food.
[424] You bought milk.
Mary (PS0F9) [425] Yeah I didn't ... I didn't actually ... need to go shopping or I didn't want to go shopping.
John (PS0F8) [426] You did.
[427] You needed butter.
Mary (PS0F9) [428] No.
[429] You needed butter.
[430] There's margarine.
John (PS0F8) [431] Alright.
[432] Don't you eat it.
[433] Don't you touch that butter.
Mary (PS0F9) [434] Right.
[435] I won't.
John (PS0F8) [436] Nor anybody else.
[437] If you're saying you're buying the butter solely for me, then I just want me solely to eat it.
[438] ... Cos I'm not carrying the can. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [439] I needed butter as well.
John (PS0F8) [440] Brian, you're not to eat it.
Brian (PS0FA) [441] What!
[442] Not even on my toast at night?
John (PS0F8) [443] No.
[444] She says ... you had to go out and buy butter solely because I wanted it.
[445] And I've
Brian (PS0FA) [446] Oh
John (PS0F8) [447] I've had the bollocking cos we've had to buy butter.
Brian (PS0FA) [448] Well I wanted it as well so that's two against one. ...
John (PS0F8) [449] And if you see her, see her eating our butter ... there will be a row.
Brian (PS0FA) [450] Cos
John (PS0F8) [451] [...] you've said that.
Brian (PS0FA) [452] I won't have Flora on the toast.
[453] I think that's horrible.
[454] It goes all watery.
Mary (PS0F9) [455] Look I'm not amused at all.
John (PS0F8) [456] Well neither am I.
Brian (PS0FA) [457] [singing] na na na na na []
John (PS0F8) [458] He said he wants butter.
Brian (PS0FA) [459] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [460] Well why couldn't you put up with margarine for one day? ...
Brian (PS0FA) [461] Oh we could have.
[462] But I didn't mind going shopping.
John (PS0F8) [463] Yeah well sh I wouldn't have minded just for today.
Brian (PS0FA) [464] I I didn't mind going [...]
John (PS0F8) [465] I didn't s I I didn't say
Mary (PS0F9) [466] Now you say that [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [467] I didn't say I'd got to have it today.
[468] Cos I don't.
Mary (PS0F9) [469] Yes you did.
John (PS0F8) [470] No I did not.
[471] You s your suggestion was send Brian to the shops.
[472] Not mine. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [473] Now that was the [...]
John (PS0F8) [474] Well can you empty one of those and put it ... and put it in that bucket. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [475] Will you turn that tape recorder off so I can thump him. [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [476] Thumping me probably won't come out on the tape.

3 (Tape 023403)

Brian (PS0FA) [477] I came out with the awful truth today to the lads.
John (PS0F8) [478] So you dropped it.
Brian (PS0FA) [479] They loved it. [laugh] ...
Mary (PS0F9) [480] So you told them you fell off your bike?
John (PS0F8) [481] You said ... you're not gonna believe this. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [482] He goes ... why aren't you on your bike Brian?
[483] I goes ... I went to the [...] end I goes look ... I'll tell you all together ... get it over with ... I lost my balance and I dropped it.
[484] Alright?
[485] There you go.
[486] Er thank you.
[487] Bye.
[488] [laugh] ... Whoa come here, come here.
[489] Tell us all about it.
[490] ... He goes what you done?
[491] I goes ah just ... broken the indicator lens and ... a few other little bitties. ...
John (PS0F8) [492] He'll eat that.
Mary (PS0F9) [493] One of yours.
[494] ... Did you like that John? ...
John (PS0F8) [495] I'm not finished yet. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [496] There's another two plays on tomorrow.
John (PS0F8) [497] Tomorrow?
[498] Okay.
[499] ... I'll sort them out.
Brian (PS0FA) [500] Oh you've been up to Joe 's have you mum?
Mary (PS0F9) [501] Mm?
Brian (PS0FA) [502] Have you been up to Joe 's? ...
John (PS0F8) [503] Got more in [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [504] Mm? ... [...] special?
Mary (PS0F9) [505] [...] ... I think you were a bit. ...
John (PS0F8) [506] Shut up Rick.
[507] ... He's crying his eyes out in there.
[508] ... Three hundred and ninety pounds insurance.
Brian (PS0FA) [509] Not too bad.
John (PS0F8) [510] I've gotta get that down a bit. [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [511] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [512] ten pound for the cover note.
[513] You know just for
Brian (PS0FA) [514] Really?
John (PS0F8) [515] three or four days.
[516] Yeah.
[517] ... You know while
Brian (PS0FA) [...]
John (PS0F8) [518] while the changeover has been done.
[519] Got my registration number today.
Brian (PS0FA) [520] Mhm.
[521] ... J [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [522] One O two. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [523] Is it TOV or?
Mary (PS0F9) [524] Anybody want any more chips?
John (PS0F8) [525] One O two [...] two.
Brian (PS0FA) [...]
John (PS0F8) [526] My new number.
Brian (PS0FA) [527] Oh.
John (PS0F8) [528] W Y C or something.
Brian (PS0FA) [529] No thanks.
John (PS0F8) [530] No thanks Mary.
[531] W Y C I think it is.
Brian (PS0FA) [532] So all the ones you see [...] ... T O C and
John (PS0F8) [533] Yeah they've got O in them.
[534] Or V.
Brian (PS0FA) [535] Yeah.
[536] T O V or whatever.
[537] ... Go and lie down.
John (PS0F8) [538] At one time ... the V was only for, for commercial vehicles.
Brian (PS0FA) [539] Mm?
John (PS0F8) [540] You know light vans and commercials but it's used for anything now.
[541] ... You know our car's D V P.
Brian (PS0FA) [542] Yeah.
[543] ... Oh and I can't eat that ... bread and butter now.
[544] I'm chockered.
[545] ... Yeah ... one of the, one of the lads there Alan, he goes er ... I'm surprised you haven't committed suicide yet after dropping your pride and joy. ... [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [546] Well it does hurt your pride.
Brian (PS0FA) [547] Oh yeah.
[548] Specially when you do it in front of all the neighbours.
[549] [laugh] Can't show my face again. ...
John (PS0F8) [550] I'm afraid we cannot have any of this.
[551] ... Too [...] . ...
Brian (PS0FA) [552] Hope it's dry tomorrow.
[553] ... I won't feel so bad about going to work on it then.
John (PS0F8) [554] If it's wet just take your time.
Brian (PS0FA) [555] Yeah. ...
John (PS0F8) [556] Keep it upright.
Brian (PS0FA) [557] I can't understand how I did it you know. ...
John (PS0F8) [558] Well you didn't realize it was going over did you?
Brian (PS0FA) [559] No. ...
John (PS0F8) [560] It catches you by surprise.
Brian (PS0FA) [561] I think I must have had my weight to the front of the bike, you know, coming up on the braking. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [562] Er this tap's dripping. ... [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [563] When does the insurance run out?
Mary (PS0F9) [564] Eh?
Brian (PS0FA) [565] When does the insurance run out?
Mary (PS0F9) [566] Where does?
Brian (PS0FA) [567] The insurance ... run out.
John (PS0F8) [568] It's run out.
Brian (PS0FA) [569] Wednesday.
John (PS0F8) [570] Oh Wednesday.
Brian (PS0FA) [571] Quick, ring up. [laugh] ...
John (PS0F8) [572] Shouldn't be dripping.
[573] Pressure's not high.
[574] Pressure was down again this morning.
[575] We must keep an eye on that.
Brian (PS0FA) [576] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [577] Cos [...] between one and two bar ... on the, on the erm boiler.
Brian (PS0FA) [578] What was it on?
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [579] Eh?
John (PS0F8) [580] It means, means the system wasn't pressurized.
Brian (PS0FA) [581] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [582] But it could be very dangerous.
[583] ... It's not right.
Brian (PS0FA) [584] Will it give a constant read out through the day?
[585] Even when it's switched off?
John (PS0F8) [586] Yeah.
[587] It shouldn't move.
Brian (PS0FA) [588] Oh.
John (PS0F8) [589] The pressure's okay Mary.
Brian (PS0FA) [590] Cos I didn't notice it this morning.
[591] I didn't notice it this morning. [...]
John (PS0F8) [592] Probably be alright to use the hot water system but not the heating.
Brian (PS0FA) [593] Oh right.
John (PS0F8) [594] Because it's a pressurized system.
[595] So if you have a look and you can't see that needle.
Brian (PS0FA) [596] Yeah.
[597] The, the water is ... the water pressure's definitely changed.
John (PS0F8) [598] Well it's changed now cos it's up now.
Brian (PS0FA) [599] I in the shower in the shower ... for one.
John (PS0F8) [600] It's up now.
Brian (PS0FA) [601] I it's weak in the shower.
John (PS0F8) [602] Er well it would have been.
[603] There was no pressure on it.
Brian (PS0FA) [604] No, it's always weak.
[605] It's always weak in the shower now.
John (PS0F8) [606] Mm?
Brian (PS0FA) [607] It's never as strong as it used to be.
John (PS0F8) [608] It shouldn't be.
[609] It should be okay.
Brian (PS0FA) [610] And it's cold as well.
[611] ... Have you noticed?
John (PS0F8) [612] Yeah I was ... I had a shower, well, perhaps the water's been turned down a bit. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [613] I I keep turning it up again but it it's cold every time I use it.
[614] You know I pull it out and turn it up hot.
John (PS0F8) [615] No I mean here.
Brian (PS0FA) [616] Oh there.
John (PS0F8) [617] On the boiler.
[618] That water. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [619] Rick. [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [620] It's only one and a half.
[621] It should be higher than that.
[622] ... I'll put it up to two and a half and it should be warm enough there.
Brian (PS0FA) [623] Right.
[624] Lovely.
[625] ... Is [...] just?
John (PS0F8) [626] Well we'll have to watch that boiler.
Brian (PS0FA) [627] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [628] They're fatal if we, if [...] it.
Brian (PS0FA) [629] You just opened the door on the dog's mouth.
[630] ... Opened the fridge door and hit him right on the
John (PS0F8) [631] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [632] right in the mouth didn't you Rick?
John (PS0F8) [633] Poor Rick.
[634] My poor baby.
[635] Aah!
[636] Come, what did she do to you?
[637] ... What have I got for you?
[638] Hang on, hang on.
[639] How much do you love me?
[640] ... That much?
[641] Okay.
[642] ... You're only having little bits.
[643] ... You're not having any bones or anything like that.
[644] ... We'll have to keep it out, and use it.
Brian (PS0FA) [645] Is there a time limit?
John (PS0F8) [646] Forty five minutes a side so it's erm
Brian (PS0FA) [647] I mean no.
[648] When he wants it all done by.
John (PS0F8) [649] Yeah, Saturday.
Brian (PS0FA) [650] Saturday?
[651] ... All those tapes?
John (PS0F8) [652] Well as many as possible.
Brian (PS0FA) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [653] That's what I mean.
[654] We'll have to keep it out.
[655] Somebody's put it away you see.
Brian (PS0FA) [656] Mother.
John (PS0F8) [657] Yeah.
[658] Oh I don't doubt it.
[659] ... There's only one person that commits the mortal sins.
Brian (PS0FA) [660] That's it.
[661] Yeah.
[662] ... And her name is mother. ...
John (PS0F8) [663] Well I'm certain it begins with M.
[664] ... [...] Rick.
[665] ... You're not having any rice.
[666] No.
[667] ... Where's all this paperwork? ...
Brian (PS0FA) [668] That's all mine.
[669] ... What you looking for?
John (PS0F8) [670] Paperwork belongs to this.
[671] Mary.
Brian (PS0FA) [672] Ooh!
[673] That hurt. ...
John (PS0F8) [674] Mary.
[675] I didn't want him to have that.
[676] ... Mary.
[677] ... Mary ... where's the paperwork belonging to that?
Mary (PS0F9) [678] I dunno John. ...
John (PS0F8) [679] Oh that's some of it.
[680] Have a, get it all out then Brian.
[681] There's a book in there I've gotta fill in.
[682] ... That's it.
[683] ... That's it.
[684] There doesn't happen to be a pen in there does there?
[685] Oh I see one. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [686] That my erm cover note?
John (PS0F8) [687] I've no idea.
Brian (PS0FA) [688] [...] ... [laugh] Friday the thirteenth.
[689] What a day to buy a motorbike.
[690] ... See the value of the bike came down, the value of the insurance came down cos I put the value at twelve hundred pounds.
[691] See erm there was a ten percent discount if you had it erm ... under twelve hundred and fifty pounds.
John (PS0F8) [692] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [693] So in some ways it's cheaper insurance but in others ... it's erm [clears throat] a bit of a sting.
[694] ... Have you done?
[695] Come on. [whistling] ...
Mary (PS0F9) [696] Oy.
[697] See that machine there?
[698] What does it do? ...
Brian (PS0FA) [699] It hides behind mother so that Brian can't get at it. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [700] No.
[701] This plates go in this way. ... [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [702] Well I'm not allowed to use this machine so er ...
Mary (PS0F9) [703] Knives and forks should go in ... that way.
[704] Right?
Brian (PS0FA) [705] Why that way?
Mary (PS0F9) [706] There are glass plates ... [...] somewhere.

4 (Tape 023404)

John (PS0F8) [707] Have you made any tea Mary?
Mary (PS0F9) [708] No.
John (PS0F8) [709] No.
[710] Do you want some tea? ...
Mary (PS0F9) [711] I want to get into the habit of finishing ... and getting the dishwasher on and ge cleaning the kitchen completely.

5 (Tape 023405)

John (PS0F8) [712] I told him to ring ... I told him ring Apex up in case they were recruiting.
[713] Because there are jobs up on the notice board.
[714] But he said Apex ... didn't know anything about it at the moment.
[715] ... So I mean, if Apex don't know anything about it I don't know why they don't [...] .
[716] ... Now you know I don't get on with plastic.
[717] ... Oh I got it first time.
[718] ... I got it first time. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [719] [sigh] Oh god. ...
John (PS0F8) [720] Tell her there will be half a pie for her tea otherwise she don't get none.
[721] I mean this is ridiculous.
Mary (PS0F9) [722] Yeah.
[723] Turn that on for me will you?
[724] Just [...] ...
John (PS0F8) [725] It's making work for everybody.
[726] ... And one thing we don't want is extra work. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [727] I mean if we get finished now and clean the ki cooker and and clean everything ... and say right, we're out of the kitchen then, nothing more tonight.
John (PS0F8) [728] That's it. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [729] If they want something they can get it themselves.
John (PS0F8) [730] Yeah.
[731] Yeah but ... tell them to clean up after them.
Mary (PS0F9) [732] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [733] Don't leave it for you all the time.
Mary (PS0F9) [734] Yeah.
[735] Lynn doesn't cook any meals for any of them.
John (PS0F8) [736] No.
[737] Well I mean that's different to the way we live though isn't it?
Mary (PS0F9) [738] Mm. ... [...] ?
John (PS0F8) [739] Mm?
Mary (PS0F9) [740] Packet of instant mash.
[741] Tin of peas ... and a tin of spam.
John (PS0F8) [742] Mm, could you imagine me
Mary (PS0F9) [743] Lovely.
[744] And throws it all in ... puts it all on the plate cold ... and puts it in the microwave. ...
John (PS0F8) [745] No wonder he sits in the chair and does nothing.
[746] ... Because they do it at home.
[747] ... Eat that food now.
[748] I've had enough of you.
[749] ... You're being perfectly silly. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [750] [...] [laugh] Erm, I can't think what you do tomorrow when you go with Steve .
[751] I mean that will be three hours continuous.
John (PS0F8) [752] Yeah.
[753] I ... remind me in the morning.
Mary (PS0F9) [754] Yeah.
[755] I'll stick a note on the thing.
John (PS0F8) [756] Yeah. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [...]
John (PS0F8) [757] Eh?
Mary (PS0F9) [758] [...] you forget about it [...]
John (PS0F8) [759] Yeah.
[760] ... Don't put it away then Mary.
Mary (PS0F9) [761] Pardon?
John (PS0F8) [762] Don't put it away, you'll have to leave it out for the week.

6 (Tape 023406)

John (PS0F8) [763] Seventeenth tomorrow isn't it Mary?
Mary (PS0F9) [764] Mm?
John (PS0F8) [765] Seventeenth tomorrow?
Mary (PS0F9) [766] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [767] I'll have to, I shan't [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [768] Yeah.
[769] ... Mm.
[770] ... I've put a list up erm for the things that I want for my birthday.
[771] ... For the things that I would like for my birthday.
[772] Are you interested?
John (PS0F8) [773] Yeah. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [774] John, how much do I owe you for the erm ... the lens?
John (PS0F8) [775] Phaw ... one twenty five.
Brian (PS0FA) [776] Can I [...] this?
John (PS0F8) [777] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [778] Yeah so ... I'll keep it in the garage.
John (PS0F8) [779] Keep it in your pocket.
Brian (PS0FA) [780] Right.
John (PS0F8) [781] It's no good in the garage. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [782] Oh oh.
[783] There you go.
[784] I'm reduced to pennies again. [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [785] Okay.
[786] Well I've got no change.
Brian (PS0FA) [787] That's alright.
[788] Right, keep that in me pocket.
John (PS0F8) [789] [...] ?
Brian (PS0FA) [790] Alright, yeah. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [791] Are you having some cake?
Brian (PS0FA) [792] Er ... no thanks.
Mary (PS0F9) [793] No cake
Brian (PS0FA) [794] I I'll have some tonight.
Mary (PS0F9) [795] no yogurt.
[796] Right.
John (PS0F8) [797] Don't bank on it.
Brian (PS0FA) [laugh]
Mary (PS0F9) [798] New kitchen rules.
[799] ... New kitchen rules.
Brian (PS0FA) [800] New kitchen rules mum.
[801] Yes, yes.
[802] Come on then.
Mary (PS0F9) [803] After supper.
John (PS0F8) [804] Yet again.
Brian (PS0FA) [805] After supper.
Mary (PS0F9) [806] After supper ... and it's mum
Brian (PS0FA) [807] Dishwasher [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [808] that cleans the kitchen.
[809] Mum is staying out of the kitchen.
Brian (PS0FA) [810] Oh yes!
Mary (PS0F9) [811] Right?
[812] So, if you want anything ... make it yourself. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [813] I do anyway.
Mary (PS0F9) [814] Mm?
Brian (PS0FA) [815] I do anyway.
[816] ... [laugh] ... Supper.
Mary (PS0F9) [817] Mhm.
[818] Well ... you can sit there and I'll read this list out to you.
Brian (PS0FA) [819] And I will cringe.
Mary (PS0F9) [820] For mummy's birthday ... mummy would like ... one ... a gold locket [...] with a strong chain.
[821] Two, an eternity ring.
[822] Three, a hundred pounds worth of premium bonds.
[823] Four
Brian (PS0FA) [laugh]
Mary (PS0F9) [824] [laugh] an epilator.
[825] Do you know what one of them is?
[826] Not an escalator?
John (PS0F8) [827] Oh, for taking the hairs off your legs?
Mary (PS0F9) [828] That's it.
[829] Not a razor.
John (PS0F8) [830] I've got a razor upstairs.
Mary (PS0F9) [831] [laugh] Number five, a weekend away at a health farm.
John (PS0F8) [832] Oh ... forget it, you can scrub that out straight away.
Mary (PS0F9) [833] [laugh] Number six ... a large bright dried flower arrangement.
[834] Number seven, a large colourful brooch.
[835] Not gold.
[836] Number eight, fountain pen.
[837] Not a cartridge pen and not a set.
[838] Just a fountain pen on its own.
[839] Number nine is gold earrings.
[840] Stud type not drop type, studs.
[841] Number ten's perfumes talcs and books.
[842] Number eleven is an ornament from the jewellers.
[843] Number twelve, nightdress and negligee set.
[844] Number thirteen, no chocolates please.
[845] [laugh] And that's it.
Brian (PS0FA) [846] Okay.
[847] Pin that up on the board.
Mary (PS0F9) [848] Yeah.
[849] ... And what you will have to do, you will have to tell ... each other what ... you would like to buy or what you would think of.
[850] Because, if you scrub them off then I'll know that you're gonna buy them.
Brian (PS0FA) [851] [...] Cross off the health farm. [laugh]
Mary (PS0F9) [852] You can buy me er ... the locket, the eternity ring, the premium bonds and the weekend away at the health farm. ...
John (PS0F8) [853] You'd be lucky to get one.
Brian (PS0FA) [laugh]
Mary (PS0F9) [854] Good. [laugh]
Brian (PS0FA) [855] I think you're getting as bad as me.
Mary (PS0F9) [856] Oh I got it from you.
[857] Coming out with your list of what you want for your birthdays.
[858] I thought well I'll try it. ...
John (PS0F8) [859] Where's the nearest loan company?
Mary (PS0F9) [860] Mm?
John (PS0F8) [861] Where's the nearest loan company?
Brian (PS0FA) [laugh]
Mary (PS0F9) [862] Brian.
[863] ... Me.
John (PS0F8) [864] I know.
Brian (PS0FA) [865] So ...
Mary (PS0F9) [866] When are you gonna cross my palm with silver?
John (PS0F8) [867] She [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [868] I forgot about that.
Mary (PS0F9) [869] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [870] When are you going to [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [871] That will wipe the smile off your face.
Brian (PS0FA) [872] I ... do you want me to get it tomorrow for you? ...
Mary (PS0F9) [873] Mm.
Brian (PS0FA) [874] Cos I can call in at the bank and get it to
John (PS0F8) [875] No, don't get it till I want it to buy her present.
Mary (PS0F9) [...] [laugh] ...
Brian (PS0FA) [876] Erm I only owe eighty pounds don't I?
[877] ... Cos of the twenty that I borrowed
Mary (PS0F9) [878] Mm.
Brian (PS0FA) [879] at the start of the month.
Mary (PS0F9) [880] Mm.
[881] Yeah [...] .
[882] ... Stupid dog.
Brian (PS0FA) [883] [laughing] He ignored that.
John (PS0F8) [884] Good boy.
Brian (PS0FA) [885] He didn't even look [] .
Mary (PS0F9) [886] I went to the doctors today.
Brian (PS0FA) [887] Oh yes?
Mary (PS0F9) [888] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [889] He said don't buy any more new clothes. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [890] He said what?
John (PS0F8) [891] Don't buy any more new clothes.
Brian (PS0FA) [laugh]
Mary (PS0F9) [892] She said I was
Brian (PS0FA) [893] A hypochondriac?
Mary (PS0F9) [894] terribly overweight.
Brian (PS0FA) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [895] What made her say that I wonder. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [896] And she would like me to go to the well women's clinic ... every Wednesday ... it's run.
[897] And she would like me to go, book in for an appointment.
[898] ... And she would discuss my diet amongst other things.
Brian (PS0FA) [899] Oh dear.
Mary (PS0F9) [900] Mhm.
John (PS0F8) [901] Which diet?
[902] Your chocolate diet?
[903] Your crisp diet or your food diet? ...
Mary (PS0F9) [904] Hm!
[905] Er
Brian (PS0FA) [906] Or the the meals in between diet. [laugh]
Mary (PS0F9) [907] [laugh] ... If ... if I'm on a diet you lot will be on diets. [...] on diets
John (PS0F8) [908] We know all about it.
Mary (PS0F9) [909] but there will be no more cake.
John (PS0F8) [910] We know.
Mary (PS0F9) [911] I think I'm gonna have to change us all to Flora.
Brian (PS0FA) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [912] Just buy me butter.
Mary (PS0F9) [913] [laugh] I get no help and encouragement do I?
John (PS0F8) [914] I shan't encourage you to eat my butter.
Mary (PS0F9) [915] [laugh] Hey you, I buttered that bread for you and you didn't eat it.
Brian (PS0FA) [916] I can't mum, I'm full. ...
John (PS0F8) [917] [...] nice cup of tea.
Mary (PS0F9) [918] These people that have to listen to these tapes you know, they must get terribly bored mustn't they? ...
John (PS0F8) [919] I dunno.
Brian (PS0FA) [920] I suppose it can be quite entertaining.
John (PS0F8) [921] Yeah I should think so, yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [922] Mm?
Brian (PS0FA) [923] I suppose it can be quite entertaining sometimes. [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [924] Mm.
Brian (PS0FA) [925] Wait till Trish gets in.
[926] Then it will liven up. ...
John (PS0F8) [927] It's sure to. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [928] Er I I suppose it's to see how people use the English language.
[929] What words we use, what words aren't used.
[930] ... What slang we use.
John (PS0F8) [931] We use all the words of the English language don't we?
[932] We use the yellow ones, the blue ones, the black ones.
Mary (PS0F9) [933] [laugh] ... I wonder how they'd get on with somebody with ... foreign? ...
John (PS0F8) [934] George is, George is gonna get me some lights for on here, did you know?
Mary (PS0F9) [935] Who?
John (PS0F8) [936] George.
Mary (PS0F9) [937] He's gonna get me glass?
John (PS0F8) [938] No, lights.
Mary (PS0F9) [939] Oh lights.
[940] George ?
John (PS0F8) [941] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [942] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [943] He makes them.
[944] Well Lynwood do them.
Brian (PS0FA) [945] Oh?
John (PS0F8) [946] So the next time he goes he's gonna ... get some for me.
Brian (PS0FA) [947] Oh does George work for the ... Lynwood?
Mary (PS0F9) [948] What do you th what do you think [...]
John (PS0F8) [949] He does he does ma a lot of manufacture for Lynwoods.
Brian (PS0FA) [950] Oh. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [951] What do you think of having in here artexed or airtexed or ... whatever it's called, artex.
John (PS0F8) [952] Yeah, good idea.
[953] But we're not spending any money.
Mary (PS0F9) [954] Yeah.
[955] I think ... Jean said, well she watched the others do it.
[956] They only did like erm ... a square foot every time.
[957] Erm you have to do, put it on ... and then design it.
[958] And then move over to the next square.
[959] Put it on, design it ... she said because it dries very quickly.
John (PS0F8) [960] Mm.
[961] It's only like a plaster of paris stuff isn't it?
[962] It does go off quick.
Mary (PS0F9) [963] Mm that's right.
[964] Quick.
[965] She said it's er ... about ten pound a tub but I don't know how far a tub would go?
John (PS0F8) [966] Not very far.
Mary (PS0F9) [967] Mm.
[968] And then she said there was stuff called textured paint ... that has, it's like paint with lumps in it.
[969] I think it's just lumpy paint gone wrong and then [laugh] and they sell it.
[970] But then she said you get erm ... you put it on and you get a brush and er not a brush, a roller.
[971] And the roller has ... a design, a line on it.
John (PS0F8) [972] Different designs.
[973] That's right yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [974] And then you just roll it on.
John (PS0F8) [975] Mm.
[976] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [977] Mm.
Mary (PS0F9) [978] Said Debbie's used that in her house. ...
John (PS0F8) [979] It could definitely do with something.
[980] But we'll leave it for now.
Mary (PS0F9) [981] Mm. ...
John (PS0F8) [982] When, when he was in I saw he I saw Mark [...] look at that corner.
Mary (PS0F9) [983] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [984] And he copped off.
Brian (PS0FA) [985] That one there?
Mary (PS0F9) [986] Yeah.
[987] It's skew-wiff.
Brian (PS0FA) [988] What does it come out does it?
John (PS0F8) [989] Goes in.
Brian (PS0FA) [990] Ah so I see, yes.
John (PS0F8) [991] Goes in about an inch.
Mary (PS0F9) [992] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [993] Mm. ...
John (PS0F8) [994] He was saying to me it was very difficult to do.
[995] Well I can't understand why.
[996] I mean really what he should have done if it, if it was that difficult he should have gone back another half a brick ... and the j bricked it up all the way
Mary (PS0F9) [997] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [998] level, instead of putting bits and pieces in.
[999] Surely
Brian (PS0FA) [1000] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [1001] he could have half bricked it all the way up?
Mary (PS0F9) [1002] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [1003] Instead of saying how difficult it was putting bits and pieces in.
[1004] I would have thought that's what I would have done.
[1005] ... You know, just come straight up with a row of bricks.
Brian (PS0FA) [1006] Logical thing to do.
John (PS0F8) [1007] Yeah.
[1008] That's what I thought.
[1009] ... I mean it didn't have to be spot on.
[1010] As long as it came back out to where it is now.
Brian (PS0FA) [1011] Ah.
John (PS0F8) [1012] Good boy.
Mary (PS0F9) [1013] The dog was lying there last night and Patricia said something to him, I don't know what she said to him ... but the look on his face.
[1014] You could tell it really upset him, whatever she said to him.
Brian (PS0FA) [1015] Yeah.
[1016] She she wouldn't tell us what she'd said to him either, so it must have been bad. ...
John (PS0F8) [1017] But did you fart?
[1018] He probably farted.
Mary (PS0F9) [1019] Oh yeah well.
Brian (PS0FA) [1020] Rick.
John (PS0F8) [1021] You cheeky.
[1022] Good boy boys.
Brian (PS0FA) [1023] Cos we're talking about you.
John (PS0F8) [1024] Go to sleep now.
[1025] Good boy.
[1026] Close your eyes.
[1027] ... That's it.
[1028] Close your eyes and go to sleep.
[1029] Go on go on.
[1030] Go on.
Brian (PS0FA) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [1031] You [...] soft animal.
Mary (PS0F9) [1032] He won't close his eyes in case you do something to him.
John (PS0F8) [1033] Yeah.
[1034] In case he see in case he misses something.
Mary (PS0F9) [1035] What ... are you going out now?
Brian (PS0FA) [1036] Yeah. ...
John (PS0F8) [1037] I was gonna wash the car.
[1038] I'll do it tomorrow.
[1039] ... I've never
Brian (PS0FA) [1040] Hey mum
John (PS0F8) [1041] seen it so dirty.
Brian (PS0FA) [1042] just think ... this time next week ... you'll have me new car for me. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1043] Yeah it's my birthday present.
John (PS0F8) [1044] Eh?
Mary (PS0F9) [1045] Top of me list.
John (PS0F8) [1046] It's not on it's not on the list.
[1047] You're not having it.
Mary (PS0F9) [1048] [...] [laugh] .
John (PS0F8) [laugh]
Mary (PS0F9) [1049] Number one A [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [1050] Forget it.
Brian (PS0FA) [1051] You're too late now, you've made the list.
Mary (PS0F9) [1052] [laugh] Oh! [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [1053] You are slow.
Mary (PS0F9) [1054] Mm.
Brian (PS0FA) [1055] [singing] Do do do do [] ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1056] How many tapes do they expect you to fill up John?
John (PS0F8) [1057] I don't know.
[1058] ... As many as are full up.
[1059] ... Whether it be one, two ten fifteen, it doesn't matter. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1060] And what why do you have to fill in the form?
John (PS0F8) [1061] Erm every time you use a tape ... you fill in ... this is tape side B ... tape one side B ... tape two side A ... tape two side B.
Mary (PS0F9) [1062] Oh.
[1063] So we're still on side one? ...
John (PS0F8) [1064] No we're on one side B.
[1065] We've done side A.
Mary (PS0F9) [1066] Is it full?
John (PS0F8) [1067] Yeah.
[1068] ... When, what was the date we started recording on the tape?
[1069] Was it ... Saturday?
[1070] ... What date was last Saturday? ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1071] Dunno John. ...
John (PS0F8) [1072] Fourteen fifte fourteenth? ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1073] That bloke didn't come on Saturday, he come on Friday didn't he?
John (PS0F8) [1074] No, well [...] ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1075] What, why have you put down that you have your regional accent and I have an Irish accent?
John (PS0F8) [1076] I haven't.
[1077] Well, you can't tell that I'm Irish but I can tell you're Irish.
Mary (PS0F9) [1078] Oh.
[1079] ... [laugh] ... How can you do that?
[1080] [laughing] I I [...] [] .
John (PS0F8) [1081] You're you're a frigging idiot you are.
Mary (PS0F9) [1082] [laugh] How do you know that people can't tell you're Irish?
John (PS0F8) [1083] Nobody can.
[1084] ... Nobody can tell ... that I'm Irish.
[1085] ... Only when I swear.
[1086] And you know I don't swear very often.
Mary (PS0F9) [1087] [laugh] No.
[1088] Erm
John (PS0F8) [1089] [...] kids [...] anyway.
[1090] ... But that could change when Patricia comes in.
Mary (PS0F9) [1091] And what ... does erm why does Brian and Patricia not have a regional accent?
John (PS0F8) [1092] Well I don't think they have. [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [1093] Think a brummie accent.
John (PS0F8) [1094] They haven't got a brummie accent, no.
Mary (PS0F9) [1095] No. ...
John (PS0F8) [1096] And th th they haven't got a twang as far as I know anyway so
Mary (PS0F9) [1097] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [1098] I'm only putting the truth down as I see it.
Mary (PS0F9) [1099] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [1100] You know?
[1101] I mean I could be wrong.
[1102] I can only put down what I know ... to be ... the truth as far as I can tell.
Mary (PS0F9) [1103] Mhm.
John (PS0F8) [1104] There doesn't seem to be a regional accent in this area does there?
[1105] ... If you start going further towards Worcester, Worcestershire.
[1106] Into Worcester
Mary (PS0F9) [1107] The black country.
[1108] That area.
John (PS0F8) [1109] that that area.
[1110] Well, into Hailsowen
Mary (PS0F9) [1111] Wales.
[1112] Mhm.
John (PS0F8) [1113] places like that, then you would get an accent. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1114] I suppose it's too much of a mixture up here isn't it? [...]
John (PS0F8) [1115] Mhm.
[1116] But I don't look at Birmingham people [door bell]

7 (Tape 023407)

John (PS0F8) [1117] Who?
Mary (PS0F9) [1118] The girl next door. ...
John (PS0F8) [1119] [...] when Brian [...] ?
[1120] Thought he'd be [...] but he wasn't. [...] kids [...] . ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1121] Out.
John (PS0F8) [1122] You'd better eat that food. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1123] I've seen ... you know the, the coat she brought home first of all?
[1124] I've seen a lot of people up town wearing that coat, but they were all much older.
[1125] I would have said they were in their forties.
John (PS0F8) [1126] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [1127] You know, mutton dressed as lamb.
John (PS0F8) [1128] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [1129] Wearing that type of coat.
[1130] But
John (PS0F8) [1131] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [1132] that one that she brought home does look decent. ...
John (PS0F8) [1133] Right I'll move the car then, out of his way. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1134] Well switch your tape off.

8 (Tape 023408)

John (PS0F8) [1135] Oh you've been to see him?
Brian (PS0FA) [1136] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [1137] Who's that?
Brian (PS0FA) [1138] And er ... he he suddenly looked up and went ... it's Brian!
[1139] Like this and the ... and the pliers dropped out of his hand.
[1140] Ah!
[1141] Like this he was.
[1142] It was really funny.
Mary (PS0F9) [1143] And did Janet come out?
Brian (PS0FA) [1144] Janet came out and went hello, ooh.
[1145] Got in her car and drove off.
Mary (PS0F9) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [1146] Off to the chinese.
Mary (PS0F9) [1147] [...] the chinese. [laugh]
Brian (PS0FA) [1148] And er
John (PS0F8) [1149] She hasn't changed.
Brian (PS0FA) [1150] And Greg, Greg goes ... oh let me sit on it!
[1151] Oh! [laugh] ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1152] So, Greg was impressed.
[1153] What car's he got?
Brian (PS0FA) [1154] A Chevette.
Mary (PS0F9) [1155] A Chevette.
[1156] What year?
Brian (PS0FA) [1157] T, same as mine.
Mary (PS0F9) [1158] How much did he ... pay for his?
Brian (PS0FA) [1159] Four fifty.
[1160] ... No.
[1161] No it was three seven five.
[1162] Three seven five he paid for it.
Mary (PS0F9) [1163] Yeah.
[1164] I thought Janet's own car, I thought they gave it to Greg's brother? ...
Brian (PS0FA) [1165] The Escort?
[1166] They did.
Mary (PS0F9) [1167] No, it wasn't an Escort he had out there the other day was it?
[1168] That old beat up thing.
Brian (PS0FA) [1169] That was several years ago.
[1170] That was er an Ital he had out there.
Mary (PS0F9) [1171] Oh.
John (PS0F8) [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [1172] And what's [...] and Janet driving now?
John (PS0F8) [1173] Sierra.
Brian (PS0FA) [1174] Sierra.
Mary (PS0F9) [1175] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [1176] Sierra.
[1177] And Jan's got a ... a new Mini.
Mary (PS0F9) [1178] Oh.
Brian (PS0FA) [1179] H reg Mini.
Mary (PS0F9) [1180] Mm.
Brian (PS0FA) [1181] Which
Mary (PS0F9) [1182] She must be doing well now.
Brian (PS0FA) [1183] which er which Emma's allowed to drive.
Mary (PS0F9) [1184] Oh right, yes.
John (PS0F8) [1185] But not Greg?
Brian (PS0FA) [1186] But er Greg's got his own car.
Mary (PS0F9) [1187] Is she still in Dixons?
Brian (PS0FA) [1188] Think so.
Mary (PS0F9) [1189] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [1190] Oh she work in a Dixons?
Brian (PS0FA) [1191] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [1192] What full time?
Mary (PS0F9) [1193] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [1194] Yeah, the estate agents I think.
John (PS0F8) [1195] Oh the estate agents.
Mary (PS0F9) [1196] Yeah she she left school and went straight into Dixons.
John (PS0F8) [1197] Oh I see.
Mary (PS0F9) [1198] And Janet wasn't impressed at all.
John (PS0F8) [1199] No.
Mary (PS0F9) [1200] Janet had high hopes for [...] .
[1201] Yeah.
[1202] But er I think [...]
John (PS0F8) [1203] You can do well in that job though.
[1204] You can be er kidnapped and all sorts.
Mary (PS0F9) [1205] Eh?
John (PS0F8) [1206] You can do well in that job.
[1207] You can be kidnapped and all sorts.
Mary (PS0F9) [1208] Yeah.
[1209] And then we could always send Brian out to be the motorbike dispatch rider couldn't we? [laugh] ...
Brian (PS0FA) [1210] Yeah, so ... I mean I haven't really done that ... where, where did I ride to?
Mary (PS0F9) [1211] Where else did you go?
Brian (PS0FA) [1212] I went down to Greg's ... and I went round to Rob's to see how his interview went.
Mary (PS0F9) [1213] And what was his interview for?
Brian (PS0FA) [1214] For Rover.
Mary (PS0F9) [1215] Oh.
Brian (PS0FA) [1216] He's coming to Rover this year.
[1217] Robert .
[1218] He's just finished, well he's taking his exams in twelve weeks.
Mary (PS0F9) [1219] Mm.
Brian (PS0FA) [1220] A levels are in twelve weeks time. [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [1221] And will he just go in as an apprentice the same as yourself?
Brian (PS0FA) [1222] He will go in the same as myself.
Mary (PS0F9) [1223] But he'll be a year behind you?
Brian (PS0FA) [1224] He'll be a year behind me, and he'll be on the same money as me.
Mary (PS0F9) [1225] Oh right.
[1226] Because he's done his A levels, oh.
Brian (PS0FA) [1227] So he doesn't lose out there.
[1228] ... His dad is also a manager ... down at erm ... Cowley I think [...] .
Mary (PS0F9) [1229] Mm.
Brian (PS0FA) [1230] His dad does a lot of travelling.
[1231] And erm
John (PS0F8) [1232] Mm it must be at Cowley cos Connolly's virtually closed now.
Brian (PS0FA) [1233] Yeah.
[1234] [...] ... And er
John (PS0F8) [1235] What department's he in?
Brian (PS0FA) [1236] I've no idea.
John (PS0F8) [1237] Dunno.
Brian (PS0FA) [1238] I know he's got a ... it's er it's one of the craft sections cos he's got craft apprentices under him.
John (PS0F8) [1239] Oh.
Mary (PS0F9) [1240] And how, how did his interview go?
John (PS0F8) [1241] A lot of them have you know.
Brian (PS0FA) [1242] He hasn't had it yet.
[1243] He's had the test.
Mary (PS0F9) [1244] Mm.
Brian (PS0FA) [1245] But he's got the interview next week he thinks.
Mary (PS0F9) [1246] Oh yeah is that ... did you tell him about the test?
Brian (PS0FA) [1247] No, he'd already had it.
Mary (PS0F9) [1248] Oh.
[1249] Because er ... it come as a bit of a shock to you didn't it?
[1250] Er
Brian (PS0FA) [1251] Yeah.
[1252] He he goes I'd no idea it was so hard.
Mary (PS0F9) [laugh]
Brian (PS0FA) [1253] He said it was so difficult.
[1254] Think it was a real shock for him.
Mary (PS0F9) [1255] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [1256] And erm ... we er ... I gave him a few tips on ... what to revise on
Mary (PS0F9) [1257] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [1258] for the interview.
[1259] You know the ... cos they
Mary (PS0F9) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [1260] always ask you the maths rules.
Mary (PS0F9) [1261] Th they will pick on something
Brian (PS0FA) [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [1262] that you're good at.
[1263] You know.
[1264] And say if you do have a bit of knowledge on it.
Brian (PS0FA) [1265] No I just told him to revise the er ... the cycle of the engine.
Mary (PS0F9) [1266] Oh.
[1267] And who erm
Brian (PS0FA) [1268] Suck squeeze bang blow.
Mary (PS0F9) [1269] who else did you go and see?
Brian (PS0FA) [1270] Then I went down to see Andy.
[1271] You know the one with the ginger hair?
Mary (PS0F9) [1272] Ah yeah. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [1273] And he come out with the same expression on his face. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1274] Oh yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [1275] Er!
Mary (PS0F9) [1276] Oh motorbike!
[1277] [laugh] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [1278] He goes I don't believe it.
[1279] He goes ... I now hate you.
Mary (PS0F9) [1280] [laugh] He hasn't been round for a while, Andy, has he?
Brian (PS0FA) [1281] No well, you see Andy's got himself a
Mary (PS0F9) [1282] A girl?
Brian (PS0FA) [1283] a an older woman.
Mary (PS0F9) [laugh]
Brian (PS0FA) [1284] Well older she [...]
John (PS0F8) [1285] Is that the one that rung ... Patricia?
Brian (PS0FA) [1286] She's a year older.
[1287] No.
John (PS0F8) [1288] Which one was that?
Brian (PS0FA) [1289] Simon.
John (PS0F8) [1290] Oh.
Brian (PS0FA) [1291] He's alright.
Mary (PS0F9) [1292] Mm. ...
John (PS0F8) [1293] I think, is [...] in the er garage?
Brian (PS0FA) [1294] Think so yeah.
[1295] And then I, then I popped down to see James. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1296] Oh James has a bike doesn't he?
[1297] No, that's Simon.
Brian (PS0FA) [1298] That's Simon well, he's got rid of it.
[1299] He's got a Mini now.
[1300] [...] a Mini. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1301] And ... James like your bike then?
Brian (PS0FA) [1302] He went ... whoa!
Mary (PS0F9) [laugh]
Brian (PS0FA) [1303] Big!
Mary (PS0F9) [1304] Oh right.
[1305] So you've done the rounds tonight then Brian?
Brian (PS0FA) [1306] I've done the rounds tonight, yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [1307] Have you much petrol left?
Brian (PS0FA) [1308] Loads.
Mary (PS0F9) [1309] Loads. [laugh]
Brian (PS0FA) [1310] [laughing] I filled it [] ... I put six pound on, put six pounds in on Friday and I've got loads left.
[1311] And I've been all round the place. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1312] You'll have to go round
John (PS0F8) [1313] Did you go for your gauge then?
Brian (PS0FA) [1314] No.
John (PS0F8) [1315] No.
Mary (PS0F9) [1316] You'll have to go round visit your Aunt Bridie.
[1317] ... Er [laugh]
Brian (PS0FA) [1318] Put her in an early grave?
Mary (PS0F9) [1319] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [1320] Oh I couldn't do that to her. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1321] Tell her you've come to take her to the ol the pensioners' club on her, on your bike. [laugh]
Brian (PS0FA) [1322] Yeah.
[1323] Come on, jump on. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1324] She might get on it as well.
[1325] ... [yawn] I've been ever so tired.
Brian (PS0FA) [1326] Yeah.
[1327] I tell you what did wake me up though John.
[1328] Coming down the er ... the old church highway towards the house ... from town er the white arrows in the road
John (PS0F8) [1329] You've gotta keep off them.
Brian (PS0FA) [1330] I found that out.
Mary (PS0F9) [1331] You what?
Brian (PS0FA) [1332] You know the white arrows in the road?
John (PS0F8) [1333] The white the white lines
Mary (PS0F9) [1334] Mhm.
John (PS0F8) [1335] and manhole covers.
[1336] You've gotta find out where they are.
Mary (PS0F9) [1337] What about them?
Brian (PS0FA) [1338] Yeah.
[1339] I've gotta memorize where they are from now on.
Mary (PS0F9) [1340] Why?
Brian (PS0FA) [1341] The white lines ... and the arrows in the middle of the lane.
Mary (PS0F9) [1342] Why?
John (PS0F8) [1343] They make you change your line.
Brian (PS0FA) [1344] Because I went over it
Mary (PS0F9) [1345] Mm and skidded?
Brian (PS0FA) [1346] doing about sixty ... and I felt a twitch in the wheel and I thought shit!
[1347] I'm not going over one of them again.
Mary (PS0F9) [1348] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [1349] Well you have to sometimes.
[1350] You'll get used to it and it doesn't affect you
Mary (PS0F9) [1351] I suppose it [...] a bit?
John (PS0F8) [1352] after a bit.
[1353] But you've got to watch them when they're, when you're in the wet.
Brian (PS0FA) [1354] I was I was, I was slightly banked at the time.
Mary (PS0F9) [1355] Mm.
Brian (PS0FA) [1356] Just very slightly.
John (PS0F8) [1357] You w if your d wheel does move it won't move far.
[1358] You get used to that, the wheel ... moving over a bit.
Mary (PS0F9) [1359] I suppose er it's a trick not to over correct?
John (PS0F8) [1360] It will stop itself.
[1361] It will, it just might slide a bit but it will stop sliding ... when it comes off it.
Mary (PS0F9) [1362] Yeah.
[1363] Cos [...] by the time you ... you've felt it you've passed it maybe?
John (PS0F8) [1364] Well you you've travelled another hundred yards.
[1365] Yeah. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1366] I [...] er I suppose you have to be very careful er and find out what is on the road?
Brian (PS0FA) [1367] But like tomorrow when I go to work
John (PS0F8) [1368] Keep away from the kerbs.
[1369] That's the most important thing.
Brian (PS0FA) [1370] Yeah.
[1371] I ride in the middle of the lane.
[1372] ... Tomorrow when I go to work on it, I'm going through er ... I'm not gonna go through Bowgreen I don't wanna go that way. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1373] [yawning] [...] go that way [] .
John (PS0F8) [1374] Well you can go straight up to Longridge Lane.
Brian (PS0FA) [1375] I'll go straight through Longridge Lane.
[1376] That way.
Mary (PS0F9) [1377] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [1378] There's a lot, there's
John (PS0F8) [1379] Up to Gr Gravelly Corner
Brian (PS0FA) [1380] Yeah it's up
John (PS0F8) [1381] Are you going over to Droitwich on it or will you go in your car?
Brian (PS0FA) [1382] I'll go to Droitwich on it, yeah. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1383] Mm.
[1384] And then coming back here to get changed or what? ...
Brian (PS0FA) [1385] I've I've booked the whole morning off.
Mary (PS0F9) [1386] Well I I p I personally think
John (PS0F8) [1387] When you gotta go Droitwich?
Mary (PS0F9) [1388] you would you would need
Brian (PS0FA) [1389] Tomorrow morning.
John (PS0F8) [1390] Oh tomorrow.
Mary (PS0F9) [1391] I personally think you would need
John (PS0F8) [1392] Well the weather forecast is dry anyway.
Mary (PS0F9) [1393] more experience dri riding on the bike ... as it is, without erm having your rucksack and things on.
John (PS0F8) [1394] Get used to carrying it.
Mary (PS0F9) [1395] Mm?
John (PS0F8) [1396] Get used to carrying it.
Brian (PS0FA) [1397] It ... it didn't bother me at all.
[1398] I'm not kidding you, it did I didn't feel it.
[1399] ... I could feel a slight pressure on me shoulders, but it didn't restrict my movements in any way.
Mary (PS0F9) [1400] When?
Brian (PS0FA) [1401] When I was c coming back with the boots in them.
[1402] In it.
[1403] On Saturday. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1404] Mm.
[1405] ... Well, just be very careful.
[1406] And don't get over cocky.
[1407] And keep away from big lorries.
Brian (PS0FA) [1408] Yes mum.
[1409] I fully intend to keep away from them anyway.
Mary (PS0F9) [1410] I mean a bit of fear ... is a good thing. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [1411] Erm, I'm still scared every time I pull away.
[1412] ... You know,ji little jitterbugs.
Mary (PS0F9) [1413] Yeah. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [1414] And ... I went up Iver Road as well.
Mary (PS0F9) [1415] [laugh] On a bike?
Brian (PS0FA) [1416] O o on the way back from Andrew's, yeah.
John (PS0F8) [1417] I always found that awkward at the top.
Brian (PS0FA) [1418] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [1419] Specially if there was cars on the hill and I had to pull up behind them.
[1420] Cos you you run out of you know, what things to do.
[1421] Cos you've gotta have one foot on the ground ... and you've gotta have one o ha foot, one on the brake
Mary (PS0F9) [1422] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [1423] one on the clutch, one on the throttle
Mary (PS0F9) [1424] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [1425] and the other one on, and your gear change.
Mary (PS0F9) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [1426] You're one missing.
Brian (PS0FA) [1427] [laughing] Yeah [] .
[1428] Yeah you
Mary (PS0F9) [1429] [laughing] I'd just get off and push it [] .
Brian (PS0FA) [1430] On Iver Road?
Mary (PS0F9) [laugh]
Brian (PS0FA) [1431] Whoa!
[1432] [laugh] Down he goes.
[1433] ... But luckily there was only a c only one car stopped at the top.
[1434] So I just stopped dead and did a hill start.
[1435] Stopped at the top and did another hill start. ...
John (PS0F8) [1436] Plymouth Road's another awkward one.
[1437] The first, the first down bit when you're going down Plymouth Road.
Brian (PS0FA) [1438] Oh yeah, I bet.
John (PS0F8) [1439] When you come to the right, the bend.
Brian (PS0FA) [1440] Cos it's actually quite s , quite sharp bend.
John (PS0F8) [1441] And it gets wet down there as well.
[1442] It gets a bit slippy on there.
[1443] And there's manhole covers as you come out the bend. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1444] And don't go ... don't go speeding Brian.
[1445] ... [...] ... You don't have the same control over a bike when you're speeding.
[1446] You don't have the same control over a car
Brian (PS0FA) [1447] It
Mary (PS0F9) [1448] or a bike when you're speeding.
Brian (PS0FA) [1449] It feels better, going slow.
[1450] Cos it's more comfortable.
Mary (PS0F9) [1451] Yeah.
[1452] Your [...] 's
John (PS0F8) [1453] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [1454] better.
Brian (PS0FA) [1455] When I say un ... slow, under fifty.
Mary (PS0F9) [1456] You know when you, when you think that police rider
John (PS0F8) [1457] Go at a speed you can enjoy it.
Mary (PS0F9) [1458] Mm?
John (PS0F8) [1459] Go at a speed that you can enjoy riding it at.
Brian (PS0FA) [1460] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [1461] That's it.
[1462] I mean the police riders look as if they're enjoying it.
Brian (PS0FA) [1463] And and where people can recognize me.
Mary (PS0F9) [1464] Mm?
Brian (PS0FA) [1465] Where people can recognize me.
Mary (PS0F9) [1466] That's it.
Brian (PS0FA) [1467] Hey look there's Bri.
[1468] Look at him go.
[1469] Brrr [laugh] ...
John (PS0F8) [1470] And it will last you longer, you know?
Brian (PS0FA) [1471] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [1472] Your bike, the engine, the oil.
Brian (PS0FA) [...]
John (PS0F8) [1473] You reduce it's life. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [1474] It's ever so good at the er cruising though.
[1475] It's really nice. ...
John (PS0F8) [1476] It should cruise along at about fifty at, you know, quarter throttle.
Brian (PS0FA) [1477] Fifty it does about er ... three and a half, four thousand R P M.
John (PS0F8) [1478] Yeah.
[1479] It's about right for a four hundred.
[1480] ... Mine would be doing about five grand at that.
[1481] Four and a half, five.
Brian (PS0FA) [1482] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [1483] Mine went up with, you know let's face it if I was doing sixty mile an hour it would be doing just over six grand.
Brian (PS0FA) [1484] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [1485] Anything over that, you know mine is going up towards the seven into the red.
Brian (PS0FA) [1486] The red on that's about ten.
John (PS0F8) [1487] Yeah.
[1488] And mine did and mine's only a, mine was only a sm you know one eight five [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [1489] Yeah.
[1490] ... I haven't had it above er above about eight grand I think.
[1491] ... That was when I wound it up on a carriageway.
John (PS0F8) [1492] Don't, just keep your revs down.
[1493] ... Hello Rick.
[1494] ... You poor tired little boy.
Brian (PS0FA) [1495] Cos erm ... Greg came down the other night.
[1496] Did I tell you?
[1497] When you were in Wales?
[1498] He came
Mary (PS0F9) [1499] No.
Brian (PS0FA) [1500] he came down.
[1501] To sh show me his car.
Mary (PS0F9) [1502] Oh.
John (PS0F8) [1503] How long has he had his car?
Brian (PS0FA) [1504] Er he had a ... he had a Polonaise
Mary (PS0F9) [1505] Oh right.
Brian (PS0FA) [1506] before that.
John (PS0F8) [1507] Ooh!
[1508] I mean that's the pits.
Mary (PS0F9) [1509] Bet he, he didn't wanna show that to anybody.
Brian (PS0FA) [1510] No.
[1511] He didn't [...] that.
Mary (PS0F9) [laugh]
Brian (PS0FA) [1512] But er and he got this little Chevette.
[1513] ... Apparently he blew the Polonaise up.
John (PS0F8) [1514] Everybody does, don't they?
Brian (PS0FA) [1515] Yeah.
[1516] ... Er he's bought his little Chevette and er ... it's a nice little car.
John (PS0F8) [1517] Mm.
Brian (PS0FA) [1518] Bit noisy but it's alright.
Mary (PS0F9) [yawn]
John (PS0F8) [1519] Is it yellow or green?
Brian (PS0FA) [1520] Red.
John (PS0F8) [1521] Oh a red one!
Brian (PS0FA) [1522] Oh yeah.
[1523] ... Quite decent.
[1524] ... He loves it.
[1525] He's got all these plans for it.
[1526] ... Bore it out to a fourteen eighty and
John (PS0F8) [1527] Load of rubbish. [laugh]
Mary (PS0F9) [1528] Right.
[1529] Thank you Brian.
Brian (PS0FA) [1530] And make it last about six months.
[1531] ... Or six thousand miles
Mary (PS0F9) [1532] Do you want one?
Brian (PS0FA) [1533] whichever comes first. [...]
John (PS0F8) [1534] No.
[1535] No.
[1536] Just give me a fiver.
Mary (PS0F9) [1537] Haven't got a fiver. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [1538] I'll go and er ... bring me bike in.
[1539] Get me stuff ready for tomorrow.
[1540] Hello. ...
John (PS0F8) [1541] And, do you want a wee? ...
Brian (PS0FA) [1542] Rick.
John (PS0F8) [1543] Do you want a wee?
[1544] ... Tell me what you want?
[1545] Come here.
[1546] ... Do you want a wee wee?
[1547] Don't ... you cheek
Brian (PS0FA) [1548] Don't eat the microphone Rick.
John (PS0F8) [1549] You cheeky [...] .
[1550] T that's it, walk all over me.
[1551] ... You cheek
Brian (PS0FA) [1552] The gloves are good.
John (PS0F8) [1553] Yeah?
Brian (PS0FA) [1554] Gloves are, gloves are really good.
[1555] They, not as like warm as yours but ... er ... they're certainly nice and warm.
John (PS0F8) [1556] Yeah.
[1557] You need good gloves
Brian (PS0FA) [1558] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [1559] cos see once your hands get cold you've gotta give up. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [1560] And now, now I'm wearing the scarf the er the cold doesn't go down.
[1561] My er my adam's apple gets cold but that's about it.
[1562] ... Do you want me to put the sound on?
John (PS0F8) [1563] Yeah.

9 (Tape 023409)

Brian (PS0FA) [1564] I haven't seen him yet.
John (PS0F8) [1565] Oh you haven't seen him.
Brian (PS0FA) [1566] But she said to me, she goes er last Friday night she was ten pounds down.
John (PS0F8) [1567] Yeah?
Brian (PS0FA) [1568] And she's been working there eight years.
John (PS0F8) [1569] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [1570] So it does happen.
John (PS0F8) [1571] Oh yeah it happens, yeah.
[1572] It's very hard to balance a till.
Brian (PS0FA) [1573] Yeah.
[1574] She says you get new ten pound notes, they stick together and you count them as one.
[1575] She says that is the most common one.
John (PS0F8) [1576] Yeah.
[1577] It could have been there all the time.
Brian (PS0FA) [1578] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [1579] And you missed it you see? ...
Brian (PS0FA) [1580] And as for being six pound up, she says I must have [laughing] short-changed someone [] .
John (PS0F8) [1581] [laugh] Yeah.

10 (Tape 023410)

Brian (PS0FA) [1582] Come on, you're losing your touch now.
[1583] ... Come on, give me a kiss.
John (PS0F8) [1584] Go on.
[1585] Quick, quick quick quick.
[1586] Good boy [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [...]
John (PS0F8) [1587] Go on.
Brian (PS0FA) [1588] Get it Rick.
John (PS0F8) [1589] Go on.
Brian (PS0FA) [1590] Hey!
[1591] [kiss] Kiss.
John (PS0F8) [1592] And me.
[1593] Give me one.
[1594] Give me a kiss.
Brian (PS0FA) [1595] Kiss.
[1596] Give me a kiss.
[1597] Give me a kiss.
[1598] If you don't kiss, kiss [...]
John (PS0F8) [1599] Rick Rick Rick Rick Hey.
[1600] Oh thanks Rick.

11 (Tape 023411)

Mary (PS0F9) [1601] You put it on there?
John (PS0F8) [1602] Yeah. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1603] Well I've left you three tapes out ... to take with you.
John (PS0F8) [1604] When?
Mary (PS0F9) [1605] Now.
John (PS0F8) [1606] Oh this morning?
Mary (PS0F9) [1607] Yeah.
[1608] ... I mean it's a good opportunity.
[1609] You might as well get it used up.
John (PS0F8) [1610] See it's having a pocket
Mary (PS0F9) [1611] What are you looking for?
John (PS0F8) [1612] It's having a pocket to put it in to. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [1613] Does it have a clip on the back?
[1614] ... Yeah.
[1615] It can clip on to your trousers.
John (PS0F8) [1616] Yeah.

12 (Tape 023412)

Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [1617] [...] everybody?
[1618] ... Where is everybody?
John (PS0F8) [1619] Oh we're first by the look of it.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [1620] Oh dear.
John (PS0F8) [1621] Well almost first anyway.
[1622] ... Haven't you?
[1623] ... Oh Mary was late up.
[1624] There was a right panic in our house.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [1625] How come?
John (PS0F8) [1626] Well I, I got up late and Brian was in the bathroom.
[1627] ... Had to rush downstairs, do my breakfast.
[1628] Had some Weetabix quick and a cup of tea.
[1629] ... Rush rushed into the bathroom.
[1630] ... Went in there and went and got dressed ... so Mary was up then ... so when I got back downstairs ... the er breakfast, my breakfast was on the table.
[1631] ... Again.
[1632] ... So all in all, it's quite exciting. ...
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [1633] You all looking forward to this?
John (PS0F8) [1634] Yeah.
[1635] ... Yes I am. ...
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [1636] I said to Sue ... I said I can't ring and tell him I ain't going I says, I'll upset him too much. [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [1637] I think I'd have [...] if you was to say that.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [1638] [...] feelings. [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [1639] I would have been upset.
[1640] I would, I'd have gone to [...] .
[1641] I thought I'm, I'm going this morning.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [1642] Did you go yesterday?
John (PS0F8) [1643] No.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [1644] No [...] .
John (PS0F8) [1645] Didn't have time really. ...
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [1646] [...] no, we'll leave this on.
[1647] ... I thought we'd be too bollocksed by the time we get up there anyway.
John (PS0F8) [1648] Er yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [1649] You don't [...] John?
John (PS0F8) [1650] Yeah, should have somewhere. ...
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [1651] In case it's er ... [...] again.
[1652] ... Otherwise we [...] folding things up.
[1653] ... [...] Do you know them three mirrors I had?
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [1654] I had three mirrors, I can't find the bleeding things.
John (PS0F8) [1655] Can't you?
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [1656] No.
[1657] I don't know what I've done with them.
John (PS0F8) [1658] I've got ... I've got seven I think ... balls.
[1659] But I've got all seven good ones.
[1660] But, it looks grotty, it is a good one.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [1661] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [1662] Have I got everything?
[1663] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [1664] No, yesterday me flaming back was killing me.
John (PS0F8) [1665] Really?
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [1666] And I thought oh, [...] .
[1667] Niggling this morning but I daresay walking round here might do it [...]
John (PS0F8) [1668] It will get rid of it yeah.
[1669] ... I took some [...] yesterday, I was and I took some last night before I went to bed and I took two this morning.
[1670] Cos my hips were killing me.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [1671] You what?
John (PS0F8) [1672] My hips were killing me, you know?
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [1673] Well ... I think that's cos I lie on me right in bed.
[1674] ... I have to t I go and lie on me left but if I lie
John (PS0F8) [1675] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [1676] on my right side it's er [...]
John (PS0F8) [1677] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [1678] you've gotta knife in your side.
John (PS0F8) [1679] Yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [1680] I, mind you I [...] today.
John (PS0F8) [1681] Ooh.
[1682] Oh you ca I'll let you.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [1683] If we ever get up this hill.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [1684] [laugh] Morning.
John (PS0F8) [1685] Morning.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [1686] Morning. ...
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
John (PS0F8) [1687] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [1688] She was the one that was giving a bollocking to [...] .
John (PS0F8) [1689] Yeah.
[1690] He's conscientious anyway isn't he?
[1691] ... He's doing his best. ... [clears throat] ...
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
John (PS0F8) [1692] Oh yeah.
[1693] Don't look up.
[1694] ... Phew ... Oh dear.
[1695] ... Nearly there. ...
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
John (PS0F8) [1696] I find if I don't look up it's not so bad. ...
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...] ...
John (PS0F8) [1697] You ought to be able to drive up here didn't you?

13 (Tape 023501)

John (PS0F8) [1698] I really wouldn't mind selling all my camera gear.
[1699] ... Su and er it's su such a waste.
[1700] I never use it.
Mary (PS0F9) [1701] It is isn't it?
[1702] You, you've had no pleasure really out of it.
John (PS0F8) [1703] No.
[1704] ... I mean if I sold it cheap.
Mary (PS0F9) [1705] Eh?
John (PS0F8) [1706] Even if I only sold it, you know for a couple of hundred pounds. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1707] Well you could buy yourself some ... golf stuff for a hundred couldn't you?
[1708] Or
John (PS0F8) [1709] Well it's worth more than a hundred.
Mary (PS0F9) [1710] Well
John (PS0F8) [1711] I couldn't sell it
Mary (PS0F9) [1712] you c you could maybe I dunno
John (PS0F8) [1713] that cheap.
[1714] What do you want Rick?
[1715] ... If you're not gonna help, clear off.
[1716] ... Rick being the dog. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1717] You wanna keep that don't you?
John (PS0F8) [1718] Oh yeah that, that will be handy.
Mary (PS0F9) [1719] Yeah.
[1720] ... And the there's your writing set as well.
John (PS0F8) [1721] Yeah.
[1722] I'll I'll keep the writing set.
Mary (PS0F9) [1723] I think yeah.
[1724] I mean that's lovely.
[1725] Take that downstairs.
[1726] You can write to Mark.
[1727] Then you've got yours and I've got mine then.
John (PS0F8) [1728] Yeah.
[1729] Right [...] yeah.
[1730] I [...] myself.
[1731] Okay. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1732] Well it ... I always think it's terrible [...] you know, when people buy you things and you don't use them. ...
John (PS0F8) [1733] These windows aren't that dirty Mary.
Mary (PS0F9) [1734] Aren't they?
John (PS0F8) [1735] They're not that dirty, it isn't long since I cleaned these you know.
[1736] ... I'm only doing this as a big favour.
[1737] ... Eh.
[1738] I'm gonna tell Norman I got five thousand for the car.
[1739] So don't, don't say nothing.
Mary (PS0F9) [1740] No. ...
John (PS0F8) [1741] He'll be as sick as a pig. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1742] What about these glasses? ...
John (PS0F8) [1743] Whose are they?
[1744] Mine?
Mary (PS0F9) [1745] [...] .
[1746] Ours.
John (PS0F8) [1747] Your oh ours?
[1748] Are they the ones that er
Mary (PS0F9) [1749] Davina brought them.
John (PS0F8) [1750] Is that the one that's, one's broken?
Mary (PS0F9) [1751] One's broken, yeah.
[1752] It's got a crack in it.
John (PS0F8) [1753] Oh.
[1754] Well get rid of it then.
Mary (PS0F9) [1755] Mm.
[1756] I think ... we've got enough haven't we?
John (PS0F8) [1757] Yeah.
[1758] Yeah sell it.
[1759] ... He's not, he's not doing these sills like he said he would.
[1760] ... Like I asked him to.
Mary (PS0F9) [1761] Who isn't?
John (PS0F8) [1762] The, the window cleaner.
Mary (PS0F9) [1763] Oh no.
[1764] ... That's a monstrosity isn't it?
John (PS0F8) [1765] Aha.
Mary (PS0F9) [1766] We'll keep that one.
John (PS0F8) [1767] Wh who bought us that?
Mary (PS0F9) [1768] [laughing] Alice and Marie [] .
John (PS0F8) [1769] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [1770] [laugh] ... And that ... he he knows that that flat's let.
[1771] Er
John (PS0F8) [1772] What?
Mary (PS0F9) [1773] [...] Let to
John (PS0F8) [1774] Oh.
Mary (PS0F9) [1775] the brothers from work.
John (PS0F8) [1776] Oh yeah.
[1777] Oh that's expensive though, isn't it?
Mary (PS0F9) [1778] Mm.
[1779] ... It's a cake plate?
John (PS0F8) [1780] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [1781] Yeah. ...
John (PS0F8) [1782] That was a few pounds.
Mary (PS0F9) [1783] It matches that bowl downstairs.
John (PS0F8) [1784] Yes I know.
[1785] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [1786] Mm. ...
John (PS0F8) [1787] We've, I mean we've lost a hundred pound on the car. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1788] Why?
John (PS0F8) [1789] Cos it er the tax er there's twelve month's tax on it.
Mary (PS0F9) [1790] Oh well.
[1791] That's neither here nor there.
John (PS0F8) [1792] Oh no and it's gone now.
Mary (PS0F9) [1793] I mean you, the other one's gonna be taxed for
John (PS0F8) [1794] Twelve months, yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [1795] twelve months so ... it's as long as it's broad John. ...
John (PS0F8) [1796] I suppose ... I suppose we could get rid of the erm all these pay slips now couldn't we?
Mary (PS0F9) [1797] Yeah.
[1798] I think so.
[1799] I'll go and get er a black bag for rubbish.
[1800] ... Oh my god!
[1801] [laugh] Hey well why don't you sell them at the car boot sale?
John (PS0F8) [1802] Well ... I mean they're only part sets.
[1803] They aren't actually worth a lot of money.
[1804] Are they?
Mary (PS0F9) [1805] No but I mean you'd gi maybe give somebody a bit of pleasure sorting them out. ...
John (PS0F8) [1806] Yeah. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1807] [...] and write on it er car boot sale. ...
John (PS0F8) [1808] We're gonna burn all these?
Mary (PS0F9) [1809] This is rubbish. ...
John (PS0F8) [1810] These want burning don't they?
Mary (PS0F9) [1811] Do they?
John (PS0F8) [1812] Yeah.
[1813] I'll burn them.
Mary (PS0F9) [1814] Wh why do they want burning?
John (PS0F8) [1815] Well I don't like things like this flying around.
[1816] The old pay slips and things.
[1817] So I I'll burn them.
[1818] I'll burn all this.
Mary (PS0F9) [1819] Where will we burn them?
John (PS0F8) [1820] I'll burn them in the garden.
[1821] On the top patio.
[1822] Have a little fire going.
Mary (PS0F9) [1823] I wouldn't bother so much John.
John (PS0F8) [1824] Yeah, I I would.
[1825] That rubbish?
Mary (PS0F9) [1826] Rubbish. ...
John (PS0F8) [1827] That's it. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1828] That's the rubbish on the [...] .
John (PS0F8) [1829] No, these are all foreign coins.
[1830] You can't get rid of these.
Mary (PS0F9) [1831] Will they go to the ... boot sale?
John (PS0F8) [1832] No.
[1833] No I'll keep them. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1834] What's that?
John (PS0F8) [1835] Rubbish.
Mary (PS0F9) [1836] Well what's the difference between throwing this one out and throwing them out ... and burning them? ...
John (PS0F8) [1837] We'll keep the coins.
Mary (PS0F9) [1838] What did you say?
John (PS0F8) [1839] I'll keep the coins.
Mary (PS0F9) [1840] Oh right.
[1841] This box is going back into the cupboard ... with the things that you want to keep.
John (PS0F8) [1842] Oh, right.
Mary (PS0F9) [1843] Okay? ...
John (PS0F8) [1844] Well all this, all this is good.
[1845] I want to keep.
[1846] ... Everything in there's gonna be kept.
Mary (PS0F9) [1847] Right.
[1848] ... Is this your adaptor?
[1849] I found it in here.
John (PS0F8) [1850] Yeah I know I fou seen it the other day Mary. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1851] Car boot?
John (PS0F8) [1852] No.
[1853] That's ... I want, don't ... don't chuck old and ancient things away ... that might be worth a lot of money later on.
[1854] I mean that's a rare thing.
Mary (PS0F9) [laugh] ...
John (PS0F8) [1855] What's that?
Mary (PS0F9) [1856] That one?
[1857] Is that yours?
John (PS0F8) [1858] Yeah.
[1859] For car boot sale.
Mary (PS0F9) [1860] Eh?
John (PS0F8) [1861] Car boot sale that one.
[1862] On the tray.
Mary (PS0F9) [1863] Yeah.
[1864] ... What's that? ...
John (PS0F8) [1865] That's a screwdriver set.
[1866] It's erm ... it's a carving set.
[1867] Car boot sale. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1868] Car boot?
[1869] ... It cost us a fortune in [...] .
John (PS0F8) [1870] Yeah.
[1871] Car boot. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1872] Fifteen fifty?
[1873] ... What are you doing with my ... my curler pins?
[1874] [laugh] ... Now there's a genuine [...] .
[1875] ... [...] ... Betacom
John (PS0F8) [1876] Acom Yeah.
[1877] ... What's in this?
[1878] Playing cards. [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [1879] [laugh] ... That's a good keyring really.
John (PS0F8) [1880] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [1881] I, I think I might have that, okay?
John (PS0F8) [1882] Well you can have that and don't, don't want it chucked away.
[1883] That's a pen.
[1884] ... That's a pen.
[1885] ... Car boot sale.
[1886] [...] ... That's a good tiepin.
[1887] No that's ... it's a Rover tiepin.
[1888] What's this one?
Mary (PS0F9) [1889] That is ... buy a helicopter, buy a life you know [...] isn't it [...] ?
John (PS0F8) [1890] Oh is it?
[1891] Yeah.
[1892] ... Hang on.
[1893] Put them in there. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1894] I bought you that.
John (PS0F8) [1895] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [1896] There's your other allen key. [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [1897] Now what's it ... ?
Mary (PS0F9) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [1898] You!
[1899] I find things two years later.
Mary (PS0F9) [1900] [laugh] That's for turning on and off radiators.
Patricia (PS0FB) [1901] Oh!
[1902] The one you've been looking for for ages?
John (PS0F8) [1903] Yeah. ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [laugh] ...
John (PS0F8) [1904] So
Mary (PS0F9) [1905] That's broke innit?
John (PS0F8) [1906] Mm. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [...]
Patricia (PS0FB) [1907] What you doing John?
[1908] You taping?
John (PS0F8) [1909] Yeah.
[1910] Yeah.
Patricia (PS0FB) [1911] Everybody?
John (PS0F8) [1912] Yeah.
[1913] Just talk normal.
[1914] You know
Patricia (PS0FB) [...]
John (PS0F8) [1915] just behave normal as if it, as if you don't know it's there.
Patricia (PS0FB) [1916] Why?
John (PS0F8) [1917] I have to use the tapes up in normal conversation.
Patricia (PS0FB) [1918] What for?
John (PS0F8) [1919] I'm doing a ... survey.
Patricia (PS0FB) [1920] Oh.
[1921] ... [laugh] How many people talk?
Mary (PS0F9) [1922] Yeah.
[1923] I I think er er it's
John (PS0F8) [1924] That's right, yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [1925] it's just to erm ... something to do with the English language really.
Patricia (PS0FB) [1926] Mm.
Mary (PS0F9) [1927] Mm.
[1928] ... They want to know what type of conversations people have.
John (PS0F8) [1929] I really want it on all the time now.
[1930] Well, well as people are talking in the house cos I'm getting behind with the tapes.
[1931] ... I've gotta use ten tapes up before what?
[1932] ... Saturday.
[1933] So we have to leave it on. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1934] Oh John you had hair there look.
John (PS0F8) [1935] Should be another one of these.
[1936] ... Somewhere. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1937] You looked a bit like that when I first met you you know and I thought oh [...] he's terri he's terribly fat there.
Patricia (PS0FB) [1938] Le let's have a look.
Mary (PS0F9) [1939] Quite slim really.
[1940] With them big long sideboards coming down.
John (PS0F8) [1941] Yeah. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1942] There's a lovely photograph of you and me. ...
John (PS0F8) [1943] Yeah.
Patricia (PS0FB) [1944] Mm. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1945] Do you remember that?
John (PS0F8) [1946] Yeah I remember that night, yeah.
[1947] That was at er Millionaires.
Mary (PS0F9) [1948] Yes. ...
John (PS0F8) [1949] Ha! ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1950] Er where do you put the keys?
[1951] These are the keys out of the case.
[1952] They should be kept in the ... in there. ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [1953] Hey John, do you know that bell?
John (PS0F8) [1954] Yeah.
Patricia (PS0FB) [1955] You could put a bit of string round it and put it round mum's neck so you know where she is. [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [1956] No, I want heavier string than that.
Mary (PS0F9) [1957] Hm.
[1958] Put these things in the ... black bag
John (PS0F8) [1959] That's car boot.
Mary (PS0F9) [1960] behind you on the floor.
[1961] That's for the car boot sale.
[1962] Will you get some sellotape Trish and stick that on to that bag. ...
John (PS0F8) [1963] Have you got all the suits and things in there?
[1964] Have you got them out of here as well?
Mary (PS0F9) [1965] No.
[1966] I haven't done that cupboard yet.
[1967] I've only just done this one.
[1968] ... Right.
[1969] ... In the car boot?
John (PS0F8) [1970] No I'm gonna keep that.
[1971] That's my jockstrap.
[1972] That's my good jockstrap.
Mary (PS0F9) [1973] Well do you want your, your box thing?
John (PS0F8) [1974] Yeah where's the box?
Mary (PS0F9) [1975] In there.
John (PS0F8) [1976] Oh I wanna keep that. ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [1977] Jockstrap.
John (PS0F8) [1978] It's a good one this is.
[1979] The one with the box.
[1980] ... I'm not throwing that away.
Mary (PS0F9) [1981] Right, put it in the box.
[1982] And ... lift me the box up there.
[1983] ... Right.
[1984] ... Did something fall out? ... [...] put it in then.
John (PS0F8) [1985] I want you to [...] the box.
[1986] ... It's not easy. ... [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [1987] Here.
[1988] ... Er it won't fit in.
John (PS0F8) [1989] It won't come in!
Mary (PS0F9) [1990] Take the white one out and [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [1991] Er it won't fit.
[1992] I can't get it in.
Mary (PS0F9) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [1993] Never heard such rubbish. ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [1994] Should have seen me and mum in the loft then. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [1995] Oh we must remember we've got christmas paper up there.
[1996] Give us your box then and I'll put it ... [...] .
Patricia (PS0FB) [1997] Totally bald.
[1998] You look nice.
Mary (PS0F9) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [1999] I'm not.
Patricia (PS0FB) [2000] Don't think they've got any smell in them any more.
John (PS0F8) [2001] No.
[2002] No, they're a few years old them are.
[2003] ... Put my weight training ... gloves up there.
Patricia (PS0FB) [2004] You should soak them in some stuff.
John (PS0F8) [2005] That's right. ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [2006] John.
John (PS0F8) [2007] Hey?
Patricia (PS0FB) [2008] You should soak them in some stuff.
John (PS0F8) [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [2009] Is that [...] ?
[2010] You must have bought me that and I dropped it. ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [2011] Bought it you? [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [2012] Happy birthday Mary.
Mary (PS0F9) [2013] Mm?
John (PS0F8) [2014] Happy birthday.
[2015] ... No ... I'm ever so thirsty.
[2016] I don't know what the hell's the matter with me.
Patricia (PS0FB) [2017] I've been thirsty the past couple of days.
John (PS0F8) [2018] I've gotta go and get a drink. ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [2019] Are they warm?
Mary (PS0F9) [2020] Yeah.
[2021] ... Right, lift the chair over the [...] for me. ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [2022] You're not putting them in the car boot sale mum.
Mary (PS0F9) [2023] Mm?
Patricia (PS0FB) [2024] Don't put them in the car boot sale. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [laugh] ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [2025] Do they still fit you mum?
Mary (PS0F9) [2026] Mm?
Patricia (PS0FB) [2027] Do they still fit you?
[2028] ... Put the kettle on?
Mary (PS0F9) [2029] Mm?
John (PS0F8) [2030] No I haven't, no.
[2031] D what somebody s ask me to? ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [2032] No.
John (PS0F8) [2033] Well what do you ask me if I put the kettle on for?
Patricia (PS0FB) [2034] Just thought you might have done.
John (PS0F8) [2035] No I had a drink of erm ... squash.
Mary (PS0F9) [2036] What about hey!
[2037] ... Johnnie.
John (PS0F8) [2038] We're looking through that Mary.
[2039] ... They good quality?
Mary (PS0F9) [2040] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [2041] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [2042] [...] or something.
John (PS0F8) [...] ...
Mary (PS0F9) [...]
John (PS0F8) [2043] Yeah.
[2044] They're a nice pattern.
[2045] Nice pattern on them.
Mary (PS0F9) [2046] That's about twenty years old.
John (PS0F8) [2047] Yeah, nice ones. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2048] [laugh] The lady that lived opposite me mum brought them down.
John (PS0F8) [2049] Yeah. ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [2050] What wee Mary?
Mary (PS0F9) [2051] Solid stainless steel.
John (PS0F8) [2052] What does it say?
[2053] Solid ... stainless steel, yeah.
[2054] ... If it had said solid silver I'd have been down the h ... down the s ... down the high street [...] .
Mary (PS0F9) [laugh] ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [2055] What's this anyway? ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2056] Mm?
Patricia (PS0FB) [2057] What's that?
Mary (PS0F9) [2058] It's an armband that you wear when somebody dies.
[2059] ... To show that you're in mourning. ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [2060] You gonna save this purple wool?
Mary (PS0F9) [2061] No, don't don't even know
Mary (PS0F9) [2062] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [2063] what it is.
[2064] ... Cos it's not elastic. ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [2065] [...] ... purple wool.
[2066] Soak them ... wooden balls.
John (PS0F8) [2067] What for?
Patricia (PS0FB) [2068] Get the smell back.
[2069] Soak them in some perfume and stuff.
John (PS0F8) [2070] Oh perfume?
Patricia (PS0FB) [2071] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [2072] But does any erm ... [...] ...
John (PS0F8) [2073] What's that Mary?
Mary (PS0F9) [2074] Just an empty box John but I'm probably keeping it for erm
John (PS0F8) [2075] Scrap.
[2076] Was it, did I buy you them?
[2077] ... The dust that's in there.
Mary (PS0F9) [2078] I won't get rid of this ski stuff, the goggles and things, no?
John (PS0F8) [2079] No keep the goggles and that, yeah.
[2080] Keep the ski stuff, yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [2081] Oh. ...
John (PS0F8) [2082] I mean this ought to go in the paper really.
Patricia (PS0FB) [2083] What?
[2084] ... Your camera? ...
John (PS0F8) [2085] Put it down there on the floor please.
[2086] ... This ought to go in the paper Mary, not boot not the car boot. ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [2087] Car boot, no way.
[2088] ... Well you won't get a decent price for it at a car boot sale John. ...
John (PS0F8) [2089] No. ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [2090] Where do you want these?
Mary (PS0F9) [2091] Cupboard please. ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [2092] Your best bet is to put that in The Advertiser.
John (PS0F8) [2093] Yeah, it's too late er what day is it today?
[2094] It's too late
Patricia (PS0FB) [2095] Tuesday.
John (PS0F8) [2096] for this week. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2097] We'll keep the fish knives and forks?
John (PS0F8) [2098] Yeah, yeah.
[2099] ... It'll have to go in The Advertiser.
[2100] It's too late now isn't it?
Mary (PS0F9) [2101] Er Brian could have had that [...] .
John (PS0F8) [2102] Mm.
[2103] ... It had the right colour in it as well.
Mary (PS0F9) [2104] Round his neck.
[2105] It would have gone with his colours wouldn't it?
John (PS0F8) [2106] Yeah, it's the right colour as well. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2107] Keep it out in case he wants it.
[2108] Probably tell me what to do with it.
John (PS0F8) [2109] That camera, the camera equipment ought to go in The er Advertiser not the car boot sale.
Patricia (PS0FB) [2110] [...] of Y The Y magazine. ...
John (PS0F8) [2111] Where's the Y?
[2112] Have y have you chucked the Y out?
Patricia (PS0FB) [2113] Mm?
John (PS0F8) [2114] Have you chucked it out?
Patricia (PS0FB) [2115] What?
John (PS0F8) [2116] The Y.
Patricia (PS0FB) [2117] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [2118] I've got no money anyway.
[2119] ... Have we still got that?
Patricia (PS0FB) [2120] What is it?
John (PS0F8) [2121] Let's drink it.
Mary (PS0F9) [2122] Mm?
Patricia (PS0FB) [2123] What is it mum?
John (PS0F8) [2124] Let's drink it.
Patricia (PS0FB) [2125] What's that?
[2126] ... What is it?
[2127] ... Oh champagne?
Mary (PS0F9) [2128] Mm. ...
John (PS0F8) [2129] It's time we drunk it.
Mary (PS0F9) [2130] It's for the first christening. ...
John (PS0F8) [2131] Oh it'll be vintage then.
Mary (PS0F9) [2132] Yeah. [laugh]
Patricia (PS0FB) [2133] What christening? ...
John (PS0F8) [2134] That's what I'd like, that's what I said to her, it'll be vintage.
Mary (PS0F9) [laugh] ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [2135] [...] to drink it.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [2136] Y ... what are you doing with them?
Mary (PS0F9) [2137] I don't know.
John (PS0F8) [2138] I thought we were chucking them all away? ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2139] Should do [...] Pair, pair of trousers for it.
John (PS0F8) [2140] Yeah.
[2141] Ge get rid of them.
[2142] Eh?
Mary (PS0F9) [2143] I want a pair of trousers for it.
John (PS0F8) [2144] See her.
[2145] ... You were lending them to this one here. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2146] Will I never go back.
John (PS0F8) [2147] No.
Patricia (PS0FB) [2148] I might.
John (PS0F8) [2149] You can buy your own.
[2150] ... Right.
Mary (PS0F9) [2151] You should have a pair.
John (PS0F8) [2152] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [2153] In your room.
Patricia (PS0FB) [2154] No.
John (PS0F8) [2155] If there's some missing.
Patricia (PS0FB) [2156] I haven't got any in my room.
John (PS0F8) [2157] You took them to Coventry and left them there then.
Mary (PS0F9) [2158] No.
Patricia (PS0FB) [2159] No I don't think so cos I've never took that with me. ...
John (PS0F8) [2160] Is that two jackets?
Mary (PS0F9) [2161] Mm?
John (PS0F8) [2162] Is one of those mine? ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2163] I don't know John.
[2164] How can I tell the difference between yours and mine.
Patricia (PS0FB) [2165] Sizes.
John (PS0F8) [2166] By the size.
[2167] ... Beside mine were split. ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [2168] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [2169] That's mine.
[2170] ... Mine were split.
[2171] ... Car boot sale.
[2172] Anything else up there?
[2173] Come on.
[2174] ... Mm, I don't know whose them are.
Patricia (PS0FB) [2175] They're probably the ones I used to [...] . ...
John (PS0F8) [2176] We need another bag.
[2177] Yeah
Mary (PS0F9) [2178] Oh I shouldn't let them go for any less than five pound a pair.
John (PS0F8) [2179] Yeah.
[2180] ... Mary.
Mary (PS0F9) [laugh] ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [2181] Bible.
John (PS0F8) [2182] Bible.
Patricia (PS0FB) [2183] Keep it.
John (PS0F8) [2184] Yeah keep that Mary.
[2185] Never chuck a holy book away.
Patricia (PS0FB) [2186] Why?
[2187] Bad luck?
Mary (PS0F9) [2188] It's what?
John (PS0F8) [2189] Never throw the holy book away. ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [2190] You can take it to church er [laughing] next time we go [] .
Mary (PS0F9) [2191] It is [...] isn't it?
[2192] It's gone yellow with age.
John (PS0F8) [2193] Mm.
[2194] The word of the lord.
[2195] ... [...] ... [...] ... Matthew Mark Luke and John. ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [2196] Bless the bed that I lay on.
John (PS0F8) [...] ... [...] ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [2197] You can see mum carrying that to church.
[2198] Under her arm.
John (PS0F8) [2199] Well that should be downstairs ... and read every night.
[2200] One page.
[2201] That should be downstairs and either one or two pages read every night.
Patricia (PS0FB) [2202] Why?
John (PS0F8) [2203] By one person.
[2204] To learn something about it.
Patricia (PS0FB) [2205] Why?
John (PS0F8) [2206] Because it's important.
Mary (PS0F9) [2207] Cos it's what?
John (PS0F8) [2208] Important.
[2209] ... Is that, is that ... it's not a catholic bible is it? ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2210] No. ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [2211] It's a muslim bible.
Mary (PS0F9) [2212] It's just any bible isn't it?
[2213] A christian bible.
[2214] ... Mm the [...] , the mass.
[2215] ... And the priest, and the [...] .
[2216] Might be a catholic bible.
[2217] ... Holy orders and a priest.
John (PS0F8) [2218] Mm.
[2219] Well ... not everything's gonna fit in that black bag is it?
[2220] Where you going?
Patricia (PS0FB) [2221] To get the phone.
John (PS0F8) [2222] Well why don't you answer it up here? ...
Patricia (PS0FB) [2223] [...] downstairs. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2224] Isn't it funny?
[2225] Look, look at how it's erm I mean it's never out of the box.
John (PS0F8) [2226] No.
[2227] It's worn.
[2228] ... Yeah.
[2229] ... No matter how careful ... I am with this lead it gets a knot in it.
[2230] ... [...] ... How much were these Mary?
[2231] Can you remember?
Mary (PS0F9) [2232] They were at least ten pound a pair.
John (PS0F8) [2233] Were they?
Mary (PS0F9) [2234] Yeah, at least.
[2235] Think they were about ten fifty. ...
John (PS0F8) [2236] Eh?
[2237] Well, if we make fifty quid it'll pay the fifty quid for the transporter costs won't it? ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2238] Well I was hoping we'd get a bit more.
[2239] To go towards
John (PS0F8) [2240] Well it depends what we've got.
Mary (PS0F9) [2241] the poll tax.
John (PS0F8) [2242] Depends what we've got, yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [2243] Yeah. ...
John (PS0F8) [2244] [...] He's in and out of there looking thin and sorry for himself.
[2245] ... How are we doing?
[2246] Er you chucking them away?
Mary (PS0F9) [2247] [...] with that jumper and a pair of jeans that don't fit any more. ...
John (PS0F8) [2248] Anything else in here? ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2249] We took those out of there and put them in your little box.
John (PS0F8) [2250] They will do up there. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2251] You'll need to put those out.
[2252] They will be out of date now.
John (PS0F8) [2253] Right.
[2254] Is the Y ... did you chuck the Y out?
Mary (PS0F9) [2255] Chuck what out [...] ?
John (PS0F8) [2256] The Y.
Mary (PS0F9) [2257] Look in the bin.
[2258] ... Under the stairs.
[2259] Under the
John (PS0F8) [2260] Is it?
Mary (PS0F9) [2261] [...] ... Oh [...]
John (PS0F8) [2262] [laugh] My teeth.
[2263] ... I'm cleaning the plaque off my teeth.
Mary (PS0F9) [2264] Well what are you doing with the ... those unicorn things?
John (PS0F8) [2265] Yeah, they should be with the camera.
[2266] They ... put them in there for now.
[2267] ... Oh there's some envelopes.
Mary (PS0F9) [2268] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [2269] [...] get some stamps.
[2270] I've run out of stamps. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2271] [shouting] Trisha [] . ...
John (PS0F8) [2272] I have to list
Mary (PS0F9) [2273] Mm?
John (PS0F8) [2274] I will have to list, when I put the camera in the paper I'll have to list everything that's in there, in the bag.
[2275] And put it on a piece of paper and put it on the notice board so that if anybody rings up you can say well this is what it is.
Mary (PS0F9) [2276] Mm. ...
John (PS0F8) [2277] And just reel off what's written down. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2278] Yeah.
[2279] ... Sh right, she's done my doors.
[2280] Where's she gone?
[2281] For a fag I suppose.
[2282] Having a fag.
John (PS0F8) [2283] [whispering] Stevey-boy [] .
[2284] ... Today? ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2285] Don't say anything just yet but ... [...]
John (PS0F8) [2286] Yeah.
[2287] Because she shouldn't be here.
Mary (PS0F9) [2288] Mm. ...
John (PS0F8) [2289] That's [...] .
[2290] That's gotta go downstairs.
[2291] This can go back in the cupboard. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2292] Did you like my card I sent you? ...
John (PS0F8) [2293] Which one? ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2294] Car boot.
[2295] ... Have you seen that?
John (PS0F8) [2296] Dunno.
[2297] Yeah I think so Mary.
[2298] ... Well what do you want to do with them?
Mary (PS0F9) [2299] I don't know.
John (PS0F8) [2300] Well it's only christmas erm ... it's only a christmas thing.
Mary (PS0F9) [2301] Is it, is it, is it a special collection?
John (PS0F8) [2302] No no, it isn't.
Mary (PS0F9) [2303] Mm?
John (PS0F8) [2304] I don't think it is.
[2305] It's just a christmas ... christmas gift.
[2306] ... Suppose it might go, souvenir.
Mary (PS0F9) [2307] Mm. ...
John (PS0F8) [2308] I don't, I don't know how much you, you you could ask for it? ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2309] I don't know.
[2310] ... Tommy bought it over for my mother.
John (PS0F8) [2311] Mm.
Mary (PS0F9) [2312] It's erm ... it's Disney isn't it?
John (PS0F8) [2313] Is it?
[2314] Disney?
[2315] ... Yeah. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2316] Well you'd have to ask at least five wouldn't you?
John (PS0F8) [2317] Mm something like that yeah.
[2318] Five or ... between five and ten.
[2319] Do you wanna ... get rid of it?
Mary (PS0F9) [2320] Yeah. ...
John (PS0F8) [2321] See I think it's ... is it too late for the er the Y ... this week?
Mary (PS0F9) [2322] I I dunno, I think it's Tuesday isn't it?
John (PS0F8) [2323] Is it?
[2324] ... I'll go and have a look.
[2325] Is that it in this room, more or less?
Mary (PS0F9) [2326] I think so.
[2327] I'll take this downstairs.
[2328] And take the rubbish down.
John (PS0F8) [2329] What are you doing with this water?
Mary (PS0F9) [2330] Mm?
John (PS0F8) [2331] What are you doing with the water?
Mary (PS0F9) [2332] Oh well try and finish your doors. ...
John (PS0F8) [2333] [whistling] ... Rick you smell. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2334] We're never short of mugs?
John (PS0F8) [2335] They must be in the [...] in the washer.
[2336] ... They must be in the dishwasher.
Mary (PS0F9) [2337] Yeah. ...
John (PS0F8) [2338] Still working. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [...]

14 (Tape 023502)

John (PS0F8) [2339] Do yo want to run me up Mary?
Mary (PS0F9) [2340] What John?
John (PS0F8) [2341] Do you want to run me up?
Mary (PS0F9) [2342] Ring you up?
John (PS0F8) [2343] Run me up. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2344] Do I want to run you up?
[2345] ... Why can't you run yourself up?
John (PS0F8) [2346] Well there's never any place to park.
[2347] ... Or I'll run you up ... while you run in to shop and I'll go and turn round.
[2348] ... Being as you've got the money.
[2349] ... Wants, it wants to go now. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2350] Er the Sunday market's back at Elmchurch Redditch ... This Sunday and every Sunday ... Elmchurch Redditch Sunday market and car boot sale.
[2351] ... Situated between Elmchurch and Redditch on the ... main A four four one Birmingham to Redditch ... road.
[2352] Opposite [...] . ...
John (PS0F8) [2353] Well which car
Mary (PS0F9) [...]
John (PS0F8) [2354] which car boot sale do you want to go to?
Mary (PS0F9) [2355] That's why I'm just now er I've just read out.
[2356] There's that one.
[2357] ... Well what one did you want to go to?
John (PS0F8) [2358] I don't know where they are Mary.
[2359] I thought you knew all about it.
Mary (PS0F9) [2360] Well the car boot sale.
[2361] Have I never took you down there?
John (PS0F8) [2362] Yeah, but I thought you had one in your mind.
[2363] Because you've been badgering me for weeks to go to a car boot sale.
Mary (PS0F9) [2364] Yeah well there was an advert in the paper about a car boot sale ... under covers in the Redditch ... market area.
[2365] You know where they park, that the traders park their vans?
John (PS0F8) [2366] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [2367] In there.
[2368] But I haven't seen it since.
John (PS0F8) [2369] Probably nobody went to it.
Mary (PS0F9) [2370] But there's the advert for the Sunday market.
[2371] And it's got a phone number.
[2372] If you wanted to phone to see what time you should be there.
John (PS0F8) [2373] Well any time really.
[2374] They're rolling up at ... about half past seven.
Mary (PS0F9) [2375] Half seven?
John (PS0F8) [2376] Mm.
[2377] ... The the dealers are, yeah.
[2378] Cos I've see them, seen them going in on Sunday.
[2379] But there's no point in going early.
[2380] Cos there'll be nobody there.
[2381] ... Mm can you pay for this advert Mary?
Mary (PS0F9) [2382] Oh there it is.
[2383] Giant undercover car boot sale ... every Sunday, nine till two, car park number two, Kingfisher centre.
John (PS0F8) [2384] Which is car park number two?
Mary (PS0F9) [2385] Erm ...
John (PS0F8) [hiccup]
Mary (PS0F9) [2386] by the town hall.
John (PS0F8) [2387] Oh that big one?
Mary (PS0F9) [2388] Mm. ...
John (PS0F8) [2389] Well I mean we could go and have a look.
[2390] If you go and have a look and see how many people are in there.
Mary (PS0F9) [2391] Mm. ... [...]
John (PS0F8) [2392] Does it say how much?
Mary (PS0F9) [2393] Five pound ... [...]
John (PS0F8) [2394] Is it?
[2395] ... You know I don't like paying out.
[2396] Mary
Mary (PS0F9) [2397] Yeah I know you don't like par
John (PS0F8) [2398] Paying out.
Mary (PS0F9) [2399] paying out, mm.
[2400] I'll come with you.
John (PS0F8) [2401] Yeah.
[2402] You drop it in and I'll I'll I'll ... turn the car round.
[2403] ... Have you got ... bring some money with you cos I haven't got any.
[2404] Come on it'll only take us, we'll only be five minutes.
Mary (PS0F9) [2405] I'm coming. ...
John (PS0F8) [2406] I keep walking in this rubbish you've swept in the
Mary (PS0F9) [2407] Is that hand cleaner?
John (PS0F8) [2408] Er no.
[2409] ... Think it's oil.
Mary (PS0F9) [...]
John (PS0F8) [2410] Yeah it's oil.
Mary (PS0F9) [2411] You're a terrible ... bugger for putting things [...] things.
John (PS0F8) [2412] Well I put things in cupboards.
Mary (PS0F9) [2413] Oh I see. ...
John (PS0F8) [2414] That's the same, that's like Geoff you know? [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [2415] Yeah, it's [...]
John (PS0F8) [2416] I don't know.
[2417] Don't you want it?
Mary (PS0F9) [2418] You used to bring one home [...] .
John (PS0F8) [2419] It's probably this one.
[2420] ... No.
Mary (PS0F9) [2421] [...] them?
John (PS0F8) [2422] Yeah.
[2423] ... Did you hear what I said?
Brian (PS0FA) [2424] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [2425] Is he gonna pack it up?
[2426] ... Otherwise you'll, you'll not speak to him at all cos I shall just pick the phone up and say
Brian (PS0FA) [2427] He'd get you into trouble.
John (PS0F8) [2428] and say you're not in.
Brian (PS0FA) [2429] Well I I'll tell him when you're on nights and not to phone John and I'll go and phone him like yesterday.
[2430] I'll go and phone him, put ten P in the phone and he rings me at the phone box.
John (PS0F8) [2431] Well that's alright.
[2432] I don't mind how many times he rings you at the phone box. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2433] Now what is this?
John (PS0F8) [2434] It's oil.
[2435] ... What's it say on that label?
Mary (PS0F9) [2436] Heavy duty hand cleaner.
John (PS0F8) [2437] [...] .
[2438] Sling it.
[2439] Throw it out.
Mary (PS0F9) [2440] Throw it out?
John (PS0F8) [2441] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [2442] Where?
[2443] Down the drain?
John (PS0F8) [2444] In the
Mary (PS0F9) [2445] In, in that bag.
[2446] ... Anyone want some hand cleaner?
John (PS0F8) [...] ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2447] I'll sling that tonic water thing up on the next shelf.
John (PS0F8) [2448] Ah be careful.
[2449] Erm ... [...] just check.
Mary (PS0F9) [2450] Be careful he tells me.
John (PS0F8) [2451] It's ... thinners.
[2452] ... [...] I wanna label on it really.
[2453] Where are the labels? ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2454] [...] one that [...] lid on.
John (PS0F8) [2455] Yeah it's a
Mary (PS0F9) [...]
John (PS0F8) [2456] Yeah.
[2457] It's a glass cleaner.
[2458] ... [...] ... What's that one? ... [...] ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2459] Yeah, put put your tins in there and put [...] thing over there where [...]
John (PS0F8) [2460] Ooh that stinks. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2461] Is it empty?
John (PS0F8) [2462] No.
[2463] [...] it might be leaking.
Mary (PS0F9) [2464] Mm. [...]
John (PS0F8) [2465] No it's not empty.
[2466] [...] ... No it's not leaking.
[2467] Don't know what was in there.
[2468] ... If it leaks it'll blow the house up anyway. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2469] There's my [...]
John (PS0F8) [2470] It's always been in there. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2471] [...] bugger.
[2472] Life ... what a bugger bugger bugger.
John (PS0F8) [2473] Oh what a bugger bugger.
[2474] And a bugger bugger bugger.
Mary (PS0F9) [2475] [...] that up there?
[2476] Oh that's it.
[2477] ... And your paintbrushes [...] .
John (PS0F8) [2478] I know.
[2479] ... What's that? ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2480] What's that?
John (PS0F8) [2481] Paint.
Mary (PS0F9) [2482] Paint?
John (PS0F8) [2483] Spray paint I think.
[2484] De-icer.
[2485] ... [...] ... What's that one?
[2486] That's off the car ... T-cut.
[2487] Matt black.
[2488] That's the piece off the light outside.
Mary (PS0F9) [2489] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [2490] What's that one?
[2491] Oh we don't want that.
Mary (PS0F9) [2492] That's empty.
John (PS0F8) [2493] That's empty as well. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2494] Ah Rick!
[2495] Look what I've found! ...
John (PS0F8) [2496] Oh Rick look what I've found.
[2497] ... Oh Rick look what I've found.
Mary (PS0F9) [2498] I'll tell on you.
[2499] ... What is it?
[2500] Throw it out.
John (PS0F8) [2501] It's glue.
[2502] Solvent. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2503] Shall I strike a match?
[2504] No it's all gone.
John (PS0F8) [2505] Yeah it's gone.
[2506] I I've had it for years.
[2507] ... Now I think this is ... that's brake fluid.
Mary (PS0F9) [2508] I've put them up there. ...
John (PS0F8) [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [laugh] ...
John (PS0F8) [2509] What's this?
[2510] ... Bloody rubbish.
[2511] Where was that?
Mary (PS0F9) [2512] In there.
John (PS0F8) [2513] I'll bollock him for sticking his rubbish in my cu cupboards.
Mary (PS0F9) [2514] [laugh] ... What's that?
John (PS0F8) [2515] Tha I want that, yeah.
[2516] That's a [...] special.
[2517] ... Who, who's had all the nails out of them?
[2518] ... Look.
[2519] ... They're expensive to buy.
[2520] You shouldn't vandalize them. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2521] Is that alive or dead?
John (PS0F8) [2522] Dead. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2523] Shift all that junk in one cupboard.
John (PS0F8) [2524] I'm just putting it all in one place, yeah.
[2525] I'm trying to get an empty one.
[2526] So that I can put this sort of stuff ... somewhere frigging else. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2527] Are they off his bike, or what?
John (PS0F8) [2528] Well they're off a pushbike, yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [2529] So they wanna go to the car boot sale?
John (PS0F8) [2530] Well I dunno I, they're not mine, they're Brian's.
Mary (PS0F9) [2531] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [2532] So I can't really speak
Mary (PS0F9) [2533] What this bit?
John (PS0F8) [2534] That's that's important as well.
[2535] ... That's for doing [...] .
Mary (PS0F9) [2536] It's a petrol bomb.
John (PS0F8) [2537] Eh?
[2538] ... Yeah it is a bomb.
[2539] ... It's a potential bomb. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2540] Oh my god!
[2541] Look at all this stuff. ...
John (PS0F8) [2542] I'm pissed off with that thing stuck up me nose. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [...]
John (PS0F8) [2543] Ah [...] .
[2544] I'll take them to work.
[2545] I need them.
[2546] Are there any more in there?
Mary (PS0F9) [2547] Yeah [...] ...
John (PS0F8) [2548] That's Malcom's.
[2549] That's Brian's.
[2550] ... I could take these back.
[2551] Take these back to the boys.
[2552] Cos I don't need them.
Mary (PS0F9) [...]
John (PS0F8) [2553] They're ... they're the sort of things that you could never get hold of, you know, that we always kept ourselves.
[2554] So I brought them home with me so I could, I could take ... in actual fact I could take them back.
[2555] ... Cos they're no good to me.
[2556] ... And I don't suppose they can get them now.
[2557] I'll take them back tomorrow.
[2558] ... Ta take all them back ... for those at work.
[2559] Cos I don't want them.
[2560] ... [...] ... Better keep them.
[2561] ... These could go to the car boot sale.
[2562] ... That one's brand new.
Mary (PS0F9) [2563] What's that?
John (PS0F8) [2564] Mm?
Mary (PS0F9) [2565] Rubbish?
John (PS0F8) [2566] No.
[2567] Not really, no.
Mary (PS0F9) [2568] Isn't it?
John (PS0F8) [2569] None of that's rubbish Mary actually.
[2570] We'll keep it.
[2571] ... Whatever's keep everything in there Mary.
[2572] ... Oh, see if I can find something to er [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [2573] [...] ... Oh, bring the next one down.
[2574] They
John (PS0F8) [2575] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [2576] might fit into the next one.
[2577] I thought they went in. [...]
John (PS0F8) [2578] There's a pair of overalls.
[2579] They should be in the car.
[2580] ... Then if you had a puncture and it was raining or something.
[2581] They're paper overalls.
[2582] Just put them on and throw them away when you've finished.
[2583] ... Er do one at a time. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2584] [...] car boot sale.
John (PS0F8) [2585] Have to be careful. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2586] Won't stay in there.
John (PS0F8) [2587] Yeah, car boot sale.
[2588] ... Yeah, car boot sale.
[2589] ... Car boot sale.
[2590] ... That's yours.
[2591] ... Rubbish. ... [whistling] ...
Mary (PS0F9) [...] ...
John (PS0F8) [2592] Was that in there?
Mary (PS0F9) [2593] And another one.
John (PS0F8) [2594] And another one.
[2595] Well this is brand new actually.
[2596] It's a brand new torch that is.
[2597] Just wants a battery. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2598] [...] bought you that [...] ?
John (PS0F8) [2599] Yeah.
[2600] ... So, what do you want, a medal? ...
Mary (PS0F9) [...] ... [...]
John (PS0F8) [2601] Torch. ... [whistling]
Mary (PS0F9) [2602] Have you told Norman you're getting a car?
John (PS0F8) [2603] No I haven't seen him yet.
[2604] I I must try and cop him tomorrow.
[2605] And give him the good news.
[2606] I'll s I've gotta say to him ... I've taken your advice Normal ... I'm I'm having the two one six ... G T I.
[2607] ... I'll say to him I'm taking your advice, I'm having the two one six G T I model.
[2608] ... Yeah I'll take that to work.
[2609] To the ... boys at work.
[2610] ... Well that's it.
[2611] That's virtually empty now.
Mary (PS0F9) [2612] So what about these?
John (PS0F8) [2613] There's nothing in here I can chuck away.
[2614] I've checked them [...] .
[2615] Checked them.
[2616] Everything we need.
[2617] There's, I mean there's stuff in here we need.
[2618] No place else to put it.
Mary (PS0F9) [2619] What's them leggings?
John (PS0F8) [2620] They're my leggings.
[2621] ... They want washing.
[2622] Can you wash them?
[2623] Being as you want them out.
Mary (PS0F9) [...]
John (PS0F8) [2624] So you shouldn't try [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [2625] Yeah but if I wash them where are you going to put them?
John (PS0F8) [2626] Well ... dunno.
Mary (PS0F9) [2627] I don't think they do want washing.
[2628] I think I did wash them and they wouldn't come any cleaner.
John (PS0F8) [2629] Did you?
[2630] Oh.
[2631] ... [...] Put them back in here.
[2632] ... Conned again.
[2633] ... Tools.
[2634] ... Okay?
[2635] We may get rid of that stuff.
Mary (PS0F9) [2636] I'll bring home a few big boxes tomorrow ... to put
John (PS0F8) [2637] Can you?
[2638] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [2639] this stuff in.
John (PS0F8) [2640] Okay.
[2641] ... Well we'll leave this, leave this in here.
[2642] I can take the erm ... that's it.
[2643] As long as it isn't over the vice.
[2644] Cos the vice has been going rusty.
[2645] ... The vice has been going rusty cos of the dryer.
[2646] ... Oh here's some more here.
[2647] There's another one here.
[2648] ... [...] we don't want them now.
[2649] See we can ... tape all these again.
[2650] ... Look, I'm fed up of this.
Mary (PS0F9) [laugh] ...
John (PS0F8) [2651] Right.
[2652] That's it's home from now on. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2653] Oh.
[2654] I found your chamois.
John (PS0F8) [2655] That's Brian's.
[2656] Brian bought a new one.
[2657] But mine has disappeared.
[2658] ... I mean it doesn't matter, I can use that one.
[2659] It's all the same to me.
[2660] These are mine.
[2661] I bought these with my own money. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2662] What's all this black pudding?
John (PS0F8) [2663] I need that Mary.
[2664] ... I need them.
[2665] It's er fuel pipe.
[2666] ... Well that's the scout socket off the T V ... and that's fuel pipe.
[2667] Put it back up there.
[2668] Put it in here.
Mary (PS0F9) [2669] Well don't you need to go through it?
John (PS0F8) [2670] That that, no.
[2671] I I know what's there.
[2672] There's nothing there to get rid of.
[2673] ... Except this.
Mary (PS0F9) [...]
John (PS0F8) [2674] I can get rid of these cos er it's packed up now.
[2675] Being as the car's going on Monday ... I don't actually need ... the gemini er alarm.
[2676] Might as well get rid of it.
[2677] ... Treat it as junk and throw it away although it cost me more than fifty four.
[2678] It's no good if it don't work.
[2679] ... No, car boot sale. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2680] Can we tape that all together?
John (PS0F8) [2681] Yeah.
[2682] ... Might as well get rid of it eh?
[2683] ... There's about four or five of them in there now.
Mary (PS0F9) [2684] There's what?
John (PS0F8) [2685] There's about four or five of them in there now. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2686] Then somebody [...] next week and pay a pound for one.
John (PS0F8) [2687] Oh that's right.
[2688] It does happen.
[2689] ... I want all that.
Mary (PS0F9) [2690] Stick it up on the top shelf then.
[2691] [...] over there.
John (PS0F8) [2692] Stick it up where? ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2693] Er What's all them?
[2694] Do you want these?
John (PS0F8) [2695] Oh yeah, I want them.
Mary (PS0F9) [2696] Where do you want them?
John (PS0F8) [2697] Mm.
[2698] Might find a job for him some time you see.
Mary (PS0F9) [...]
John (PS0F8) [2699] We don't really want it.
[2700] It's car boot sale. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2701] There's another [...] up there.
[2702] Think it was hanging up there look.
John (PS0F8) [2703] Yeah.
[2704] Keep it.
Mary (PS0F9) [2705] By the [...] .
[2706] Shall I?
John (PS0F8) [2707] Leave it up there for now. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2708] Catch it.
John (PS0F8) [2709] Keep it.
[2710] I might want to cut your head off. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2711] Oh look what I found. ...
John (PS0F8) [2712] Oh that was a kit.
[2713] ... Mary.
[2714] ... That was the kit.
[2715] ... Right, leave them in there Mary.
[2716] Well that's it for that cupboard.
[2717] ... That's it.
Mary (PS0F9) [2718] Er ... did you clean my [...] ?
John (PS0F8) [2719] Yeah [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [2720] It's useless is it?
John (PS0F8) [2721] Yeah.
[2722] Crap.
[2723] ... A thing like a ... a brillo pad does the same.
[2724] ... Give us that out.
[2725] I mean that's going rusty.
[2726] If that goes rusty it's no bloody good.
[2727] ... [...] dry it doesn't matter [...] .
Mary (PS0F9) [2728] Do you want the last link in, link in the chain?
John (PS0F8) [2729] Keep that Mary yeah.
[2730] It's handy.
[2731] ... Well, it's handy for me. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2732] What about that?
John (PS0F8) [2733] Er, chuck it away.
[2734] I don't really want the bits.
[2735] That's for the washing machine. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2736] What's in that?
John (PS0F8) [2737] Oh that's [...] .
[2738] It's cleaning fluid.
[2739] ... Special.
[2740] Special cleaning fluid.
[2741] Somebody went to a lot of trouble to get me that.
[2742] Well I mean that's it.
[2743] We, we've been all the way round now.
Mary (PS0F9) [2744] Mm?
John (PS0F8) [2745] We've been all the way round now. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2746] I've made tea.
[2747] I'll go and pour it out and then I'll [...] .
John (PS0F8) [2748] Er are you having, are you putting any dinner on today?
Mary (PS0F9) [2749] Well you told me you didn't want any.
John (PS0F8) [2750] No.
[2751] Well I'll just have a ... I'll just have a couple of erm ... lamb sandwiches. ... [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [...]
John (PS0F8) [...] ...

15 (Tape 023503)

Mary (PS0F9) [2752] Er what did you say?
John (PS0F8) [2753] It was in the drawer.
[2754] ... Somebody had put it in the drawer.
[2755] ... There's a nice pink colour Rick.
[2756] I don't know what they've got in this one. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2757] What's that?
John (PS0F8) [2758] It looks pink, the dog food.
Brian (PS0FA) [2759] Oh.
[2760] ... It's probably [...] .
John (PS0F8) [2761] I don't know what it is. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [2762] They put all sorts of animal ... bits in these.
John (PS0F8) [2763] Yeah.
[2764] ... If you live in Australia it's kangaroo meat.
Brian (PS0FA) [2765] Mm.
[2766] ... I couldn't believe it about Jean's nephew though John. [...]
John (PS0F8) [2767] Yeah it's funny.
[2768] He always did look a funny sort of chap though didn't he?
[2769] But I liked him, cos he was so funny.
[2770] It
Brian (PS0FA) [2771] He he's an alright lad he is.
John (PS0F8) [2772] He's really funny.
[2773] ... I thought he ... the way he acted and ... I I thought he was er a real comedian.
[2774] ... Here you are.
[2775] Go on eat it up.
[2776] Hurry up.
[2777] Hurry up and then we go out for a walk.
[2778] Go on. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [2779] [...] pink skirt and a blouse.
John (PS0F8) [2780] It's over there.
[2781] Go and frigging eat it.
[2782] ... Come on you.
[2783] What's the matter?
[2784] ... Got you!
Brian (PS0FA) [2785] Ricky. ...
John (PS0F8) [2786] Go on.
[2787] Hurry up.
[2788] You won't go out.
[2789] ... You won't go out if you don't eat it.
[2790] I'm telling you.
[2791] ... Rick, your mum's there Rick.
[2792] Walking all over the grass ... that I haven't cut yet.
[2793] ... [whistling] We need bread ... out the freezer.
Mary (PS0F9) [2794] Will you ... go and sit down and have your supper now?
John (PS0F8) [2795] I'm gonna do myself a sandwich.
Mary (PS0F9) [2796] For your supper?
John (PS0F8) [2797] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [2798] And no more to eat?
John (PS0F8) [2799] No.
[2800] Well, I might have a sandwich later.
[2801] If I'm starving.
[2802] ... But I don't want a dinner.
[2803] I know.
[2804] And look at how long it lasted as well.
[2805] ... Could have bought that this morning.
[2806] Er and I had every intention of
Mary (PS0F9) [2807] Mm?
John (PS0F8) [2808] I had every intention of doing it [...] this morning.
Mary (PS0F9) [2809] I ran after you this morning
John (PS0F8) [2810] Oh.
Mary (PS0F9) [2811] as you went out.
John (PS0F8) [2812] I never saw you.
Mary (PS0F9) [2813] Yeah.
[2814] And er I said to Brian has John gone?
[2815] He said ... he's just revving up the car engine.
[2816] And I [...] and I run to the door and ... you'd just drove off.
[2817] ... [laugh] You!
[2818] It's no good coming over and looking at me like that Rick.
[2819] You cheeky dog.
[2820] You cheeky.
[2821] ... [...] the cheekiest dog in England. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2822] Ah! ...
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
John (PS0F8) [2823] This isn't yours Rick.
[2824] This is mine.
[2825] ... I'm going to enjoy this Rick.
[2826] ... If I can cut it ... without cutting me hand off. ...
Brian (PS0FA) [2827] Oh I'll tell you what I will have.
Mary (PS0F9) [2828] What?
Brian (PS0FA) [2829] Yeah.
[2830] Some of them.
Mary (PS0F9) [2831] Some what?
Brian (PS0FA) [2832] Ugh. ...
John (PS0F8) [2833] Some of what?
[2834] What's that? [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [...]
John (PS0F8) [2835] Oh yeah?
[2836] Supposed to be able to [...] .
Mary (PS0F9) [2837] One for you.
[2838] One for me. [...] ...
Brian (PS0FA) [2839] Don't know what can I have with it?
Mary (PS0F9) [2840] Mm?
Brian (PS0FA) [2841] What can I have with it?
Mary (PS0F9) [2842] Erm ... vegetables?
[2843] Or just eat them on their own?
Brian (PS0FA) [2844] I'll have some raw vegetables.
[2845] Some raw carrots and stuff.
Mary (PS0F9) [2846] Raw carrots and stuff?
[2847] You'll be lucky.
[2848] There's none here anyway.
Brian (PS0FA) [...]
John (PS0F8) [2849] Is this my tea Mary?
Brian (PS0FA) [2850] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [2851] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [2852] You sure?
Brian (PS0FA) [2853] Ooh!
[2854] ... Tinned tomatoes.
[2855] [...] ... The dog's gonna [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [2856] Rick go and eat your own food.
John (PS0F8) [2857] Rick go and eat your food.
Brian (PS0FA) [2858] I don't want them just yet.
[2859] ... I'm not that hungry.
[2860] ... I'm going out for a minute anyway,.
Mary (PS0F9) [2861] Where are you off to? ...
Brian (PS0FA) [2862] I'm going to see [...] . [laugh]
Mary (PS0F9) [2863] Well I want to know ... if he loves you that much ... when's he gonna take you away from all this? ...
Brian (PS0FA) [2864] Don't know.
Mary (PS0F9) [2865] Well ask him.
[2866] Tell him your mummy wants to know.
[2867] If he loves you so much, when is he gonna take you away from all this?
Brian (PS0FA) [2868] All what?
Mary (PS0F9) [2869] Everything.
[2870] This way of ... life and living and ... when's he gonna take you to live with him and everything?
Brian (PS0FA) [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [2871] Mm?
Brian (PS0FA) [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [2872] Tell him I wanna know. ...
John (PS0F8) [2873] You're joking.
[2874] ... He's got more sense.
[2875] ... There are certain things you can do with a sixteen year old.
Mary (PS0F9) [2876] Mm?
John (PS0F8) [2877] There are certain things you can do with a sixteen year old.
[2878] But living with them isn't one of them. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2879] [...] ... I mean you just kept breaking your promises [...]
John (PS0F8) [2880] What's that Mary? [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [2881] [...] playing golf Monday and Tuesday.
[2882] And you you sat down, you worked [...] and then you said chase him up and we'll play golf.
[2883] All day that Monday and all day that Tuesday.
[2884] And then you just come home and you say oh [...] with my best friend.
[2885] ... What do you do yesterday as well?
John (PS0F8) [2886] Yesterday didn't do anything.
Mary (PS0F9) [...] [...] ...
John (PS0F8) [2887] I didn't.
[2888] I got up and took you up town.
[2889] Bought you lunch.
Mary (PS0F9) [2890] You bought me lunch?
[2891] Where?
[2892] What do you buy me?
John (PS0F8) [2893] What did you eat? ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2894] Had an iced bun.
John (PS0F8) [2895] That's right.
Mary (PS0F9) [2896] And I bought it.
[2897] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [2898] Same difference. ...
Mary (PS0F9) [2899] So how [...] ?
John (PS0F8) [2900] Have we used it all?
Mary (PS0F9) [2901] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [2902] Well [...] .
[2903] I'll have a word with Roger.
[2904] See if he can get some more.
Mary (PS0F9) [2905] Oh don't bother. [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [2906] Oh yeah I want to buy some ... Jeyes Jeyes fluid.
Mary (PS0F9) [2907] Fluid [...] the garden.
[2908] Mm.
[2909] [laugh] ... Ricky.
[2910] Go and eat your food and stop dribbling. ...
John (PS0F8) [2911] Where is he?
[2912] ... Oh it's alright.
[2913] Well see if it comes up a bit.
[2914] [...] ... I mean it could be that there's air in it somewhere.
[2915] ... I don't know why it would suddenly start losing pressure. ...

16 (Tape 023601)

Mary (PS0F9) [2916] If you can get rid of that rubbish ... tomorrow ... and that
John (PS0F8) [2917] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [2918] there, and the doors ... and ... that'll be a good a job really.
John (PS0F8) [2919] Yeah.
[2920] ... That [...] up there.
Mary (PS0F9) [2921] I want it to kind of and of course I ended up buying more stuff!
[2922] ... So I'll let ... Where'd I put it?
John (PS0F8) [2923] In the back, [...] if you take this cupboard [...] it doesn't matter.
[2924] ... Actually, I can eat that tomorrow.
Mary (PS0F9) [2925] Well you've got them spare ribs here, [...] .
John (PS0F8) [2926] Yeah, I'll eat them tomorrow as well.
[2927] ... Uncanny!
[2928] ... Move that!
Mary (PS0F9) [...]
John (PS0F8) [2929] I was talking to the gannet!
Mary (PS0F9) [2930] The gun?
John (PS0F8) [2931] The gannet!
Mary (PS0F9) [2932] Oh the gannet!
[2933] ... I'm trying to eat [...] .
John (PS0F8) [2934] No.
Mary (PS0F9) [2935] I think he, must have [...] and it sat on the floor again!
John (PS0F8) [2936] Did it?
Mary (PS0F9) [2937] Mm.
[2938] ... Aha.
John (PS0F8) [2939] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [2940] From where you're standing.
John (PS0F8) [2941] I wonder where he's put it then?
[2942] ... Oops, and there's cats everywhere you're walking!
[2943] ... Did I tell you what we had in our cup this morning didn't I?
Mary (PS0F9) [2944] This corner ... is [...] .
John (PS0F8) [2945] Yeah ... it has.
[2946] ... Ha!
Mary (PS0F9) [2947] What about the [...] then?
[2948] ... Better keep a label on them or else!
John (PS0F8) [2949] That ... have to give it to Ded, she's got a car.
Mary (PS0F9) [2950] Oh right.
John (PS0F8) [2951] It's the [...] for us car tax.
Mary (PS0F9) [2952] Oh is it?
John (PS0F8) [2953] Yeah, that's what that is, D L V Swansea.
Mary (PS0F9) [2954] Oh right.
John (PS0F8) [2955] [...] as a reminder.
[2956] ... So you're tax will be up soon then?
Mary (PS0F9) [2957] Can't say that [...] .
John (PS0F8) [2958] Oh, it has come then?
Mary (PS0F9) [2959] Yester ... erm ... in the last couple of hours.
[2960] ... I'm feeling as if there's a [...] [...]
John (PS0F8) [2961] Yeah.
[2962] ... I hate that!
[2963] ... Puts you right off eating!

17 (Tape 023602)

John (PS0F8) [2964] We can't have a new car ... an , and ... go to frigging Amsterdam can we!
Mary (PS0F9) [2965] Course you can!
[2966] ... Oh no!
[2967] ... You're not doing the same as up there are you?
John (PS0F8) [2968] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [2969] Taping people's conversation, [...]
John (PS0F8) [2970] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [2971] and come for
John (PS0F8) [2972] I am.
Mary (PS0F9) [2973] You get twenty ... pounds worth of book tokens.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [2974] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [2975] [whispering] [...] [] !
John (PS0F8) [2976] What?
Mary (PS0F9) [2977] [whispering] [...] [] !
John (PS0F8) [2978] Why not?
Mary (PS0F9) [...]
John (PS0F8) [2979] I know.
Mary (PS0F9) [2980] Well, we'll put the dog on it, [...] if you've got twenty five involved!
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [laugh]
Mary (PS0F9) [2981] He's coming round to feed you, [laughing] see which one he does quick [] !
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [laugh]
Ded (PS0FC) [2982] The girl up on the end of the road was walking round with one. ... [...] .
Mary (PS0F9) [2983] Oh erm
Ded (PS0FC) [2984] I don't know what her name is, Dot I think her name is.
John (PS0F8) [2985] Dot, Dotty.
Mary (PS0F9) [2986] Oh I think, I don't [...] .
[2987] ... They go off today, but I don't if it recorded anything.
[2988] ... [...] recorded it today.
[2989] ... Had my earphones on, and we all sat down at the table.
Ded (PS0FC) [2990] Mm.
Mary (PS0F9) [2991] We quickly put it on ... and we erm ... tried to have a conversation ... [laughing] and then we'd walk off and I'd [...] [] ! ...
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [laugh]
Mary (PS0F9) [2992] Yeah, cos they wouldn't take me to bloody Amsterdam!
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [2993] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [yawn]
Mary (PS0F9) [2994] I never told you ... told you, about the lot that said hello to me today ... and waved.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [2995] Who? ... [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [2996] Val.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [2997] Oh!
John (PS0F8) [2998] No, she's going mad!
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [2999] Is it Sarah.
John (PS0F8) [3000] She's going senile, I tell you!
Mary (PS0F9) [3001] She said to John, have you ever been to Tenerife?
[3002] ... Don't go to [...] and left my kids at home.
John (PS0F8) [3003] She hasn't brought us nothing back!
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3004] Did she?
Mary (PS0F9) [3005] She usually brings me a box of [...] and [...] and that.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3006] Oh.
[3007] ... Urgh
Mary (PS0F9) [3008] Before she goes.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3009] I wonder why she didn't?
Mary (PS0F9) [3010] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3011] cos she's left the kids with you?
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [laugh]
Mary (PS0F9) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3012] I've gotta go anyway.
Mary (PS0F9) [3013] Where you gonna go?
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3014] [...] around today.
Mary (PS0F9) [3015] Was he?
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3016] Has he been to [...] .
Mary (PS0F9) [3017] No.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3018] No.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3019] I dunno.
Mary (PS0F9) [3020] Look what I've, I've stuffed down the hole!
[3021] ... Says he eat
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3022] No, he's coming [...] .
Mary (PS0F9) [3023] the last lot!
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3024] Really?
Mary (PS0F9) [3025] And then he's coming back on Friday again.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3026] Oh!
[3027] ... I didn't know he'd even been out the first time.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3028] Yeah, he come round.
Mary (PS0F9) [3029] He, he phoned you ... you mus , you mustn't have been in.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3030] We're never in!
Mary (PS0F9) [3031] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3032] Oh ... oh!
[3033] ... Oh well.
Mary (PS0F9) [3034] He removed a lot of the stones, and then John poured the stones [...] he made him
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3035] Yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [3036] [...] up the stones ... and so the , they like they're alight.
John (PS0F8) [3037] Did he
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3038] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3039] [...] ?
Mary (PS0F9) [3040] They come back and check up on Friday.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3041] Very good!
[3042] ... Right then, I must go!
Mary (PS0F9) [3043] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3044] See you soon!
Mary (PS0F9) [3045] Let me get up!
Patricia (PS0FB) [3046] See you dad!
Ded (PS0FC) [3047] No, I can show myself out!
John (PS0F8) [...]
Mary (PS0F9) [3048] What?
[3049] ... Are we going out then for my birthday?
Ded (PS0FC) [3050] Yeah ... definitely!
Mary (PS0F9) [3051] Right.
John (PS0F8) [3052] What?
Ded (PS0FC) [3053] Me and Mary's going out on her birthday.
John (PS0F8) [3054] You ain't!
Ded (PS0FC) [3055] We are!
[3056] ... Are you taking her out then?
Mary (PS0F9) [3057] He's working!
Ded (PS0FC) [3058] Are you taking her out?
Lyn (PS0FD) [3059] He's going out with me Mary.
[3060] ... Yeah, I'll see you're alright!
Mary (PS0F9) [laugh]
Lyn (PS0FD) [3061] [...] then ... bye John!
Mary (PS0F9) [3062] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3063] Bye then!
Lyn (PS0FD) [3064] Bye!

18 (Tape 023604)

John (PS0F8) [3065] I was having a sing-along!
Patricia (PS0FB) [3066] What?
[3067] ... I'm not!
[3068] ... Quantum Leap's on!
[3069] ... Quick!
[3070] ... Come on then!
John (PS0F8) [3071] Who said are we having a sing-along?
Patricia (PS0FB) [3072] Dunno.
[3073] ... You could of stopped up, we're alright, I'm not tired.
Patricia (PS0FB) [3074] Aren't you tired?
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3075] It's just part of the [...]
Patricia (PS0FB) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3076] perfect [...] .
Patricia (PS0FB) [3077] There's your show on.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3078] Yeah.
[3079] ... Lovely!
Patricia (PS0FB) [3080] Leap ... Quantum Leap.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3081] Oh!
John (PS0F8) [3082] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3083] Oh!
John (PS0F8) [3084] Oh!
[3085] ... Monday.
Mary (PS0F9) [3086] Monday.
Patricia (PS0FB) [3087] Monday.
John (PS0F8) [3088] Here we go! ... [...] .
Patricia (PS0FB) [3089] John ... the subtitles are perfect!
[3090] ... I'm [...] .
John (PS0F8) [3091] Oh!
Mary (PS0F9) [3092] Is that ... [...] .
Patricia (PS0FB) [3093] They don't come out on the other side!
Mary (PS0F9) [3094] Oh!
[3095] ... Not at all?
John (PS0F8) [3096] The [...] .
Mary (PS0F9) [3097] That, that's why I got me, the other T V.
John (PS0F8) [3098] [shouting] Ricky, come on in [] !
[3099] ... Well the C D works Mary!
Mary (PS0F9) [...]
John (PS0F8) [3100] The C D works okay.
Mary (PS0F9) [3101] Don't work?
John (PS0F8) [3102] That's alright, I've wired that up now.
Mary (PS0F9) [3103] Oh, wonder
John (PS0F8) [3104] But
Mary (PS0F9) [3105] what that was?
John (PS0F8) [3106] well I'm trying to sort the wires out, I'm ... I was that short of time, I had to cut some more lines up.
Mary (PS0F9) [3107] Gosh it's [...] .
John (PS0F8) [3108] Want another [...] ?
Patricia (PS0FB) [3109] Take the kettle and go!
John (PS0F8) [3110] Hop it!
Patricia (PS0FB) [3111] How's your swimming?
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3112] Alright.
Patricia (PS0FB) [3113] They're normally out tonight ... she's let me down again.
[3114] ... The police haven't ... [...] ... shan't bother with her any more now!
[3115] ... I take it [...] want it now.
[3116] ... She doesn't phone
Mary (PS0F9) [...]
Patricia (PS0FB) [3117] me up [...] !
[3118] ... I'm, I'm going out tomorrow [...] ... so ... [...] .
John (PS0F8) [3119] You cheeky dog!
Patricia (PS0FB) [3120] [...] ... you can keep it!
Mary (PS0F9) [3121] Got erm ... pins and needles ... and in this ... from, in here down you know?
[3122] ... And ... years ago I used to have sciatica, [...] round the nerve ... and ... [...] ... but it's only happens when I sit ... and then the last thing [...] ... so I went to the doctors the other day ... and what they do, they see us around ... [...] bash on, on the knee ... on the nerve [...] ... and she said, all my muscles ... have gone!
Patricia (PS0FB) [3123] Oh!
Mary (PS0F9) [3124] And ... and Brian said ... I'm not quite here!
[3125] ... It's all round here ... so the less I [...] by here, all the [...] and all muscles had all gone ... and they're all pressing ... on a, on a nerve ... and that's what's causing the problem ... and she said that ... that was what [...] .
Patricia (PS0FB) [...]
John (PS0F8) [3126] No, no reason.
Patricia (PS0FB) [3127] Ha?
John (PS0F8) [3128] No reason.
Patricia (PS0FB) [3129] No, no reason no?
[3130] ... Erm ... so she put ... said that I shouldn't ... erm

19 (Tape 023606)

John (PS0F8) [3131] Oi ... Lights!
[3132] ... When you out you left every light on [...] !
Brian (PS0FA) [3133] Blimey!
Mary (PS0F9) [3134] Guess I'm back again [...] .
Patricia (PS0FB) [3135] No ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3136] So that's
John (PS0F8) [3137] No ... just leave it in my chair.
Patricia (PS0FB) [3138] I won't be able to move tomorrow!
John (PS0F8) [3139] [...] if you want.
Patricia (PS0FB) [3140] [...] last night.
[3141] ... It was real hard work!
Mary (PS0F9) [3142] Is it the girls again? ... [...] .
Patricia (PS0FB) [3143] Won't do any more [...] !
[3144] ... I used to go there [...] during the day
John (PS0F8) [3145] What's he got mate?
[3146] What's he got?
[3147] What's he eating?
Patricia (PS0FB) [3148] from work
John (PS0F8) [3149] What's he eating?
Patricia (PS0FB) [3150] and ... [...] ... but it's pure keep fit!
[3151] ... No, running about ... it's up and down, and stretching your legs and your muscles in your ... [...] .
Mary (PS0F9) [3152] Oh!
Patricia (PS0FB) [3153] And, lots of floor exercises as well.
Mary (PS0F9) [3154] Oh!
Patricia (PS0FB) [3155] But yeah, it's half and half yeah.
Mary (PS0F9) [3156] Is it?
Patricia (PS0FB) [3157] Yeah ... it's very good!
Mary (PS0F9) [3158] And, what's the difference between that ... and keep fit and the erm ... aerobics [...] ?
Patricia (PS0FB) [3159] Aerobics is the running.
[3160] ... Where you're running on the spot and you're running up and down ... you know
Mary (PS0F9) [3161] Yes.
Patricia (PS0FB) [3162] what we used to do at the gym?
[3163] ... We used to do ... training really ... tha , that's aerobics ... but keep fit is ... you know [...] ... in one spot all night ... and you work your body out.
[3164] ... It's very good!
[3165] ... [...] ... I couldn't no where near keep up!
[3166] ... Cos I haven't been for ... two years since I've been to that one! ... [...]
Patricia (PS0FB) [3167] That's [...] ... I shall ache tomorrow!
[3168] ... In the afternoon.
[3169] ... I dunno ... my limbs aren't too bad actually [...] .
Mary (PS0F9) [...]
John (PS0F8) [3170] And her mouth's still shut ... [...] !
Patricia (PS0FB) [3171] I'm thirsty!
Mary (PS0F9) [3172] Wha , what are you getting?
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [3173] [...] Trish?
[3174] ... Great!
[3175] ... I've got ... what did they say to you?
Patricia (PS0FB) [3176] Erm ... well, you know there's a new college?
Mary (PS0F9) [3177] Yeah.
Patricia (PS0FB) [3178] Well I went there and I had to fill in another application [...] ... and they've set me up with er ... another interview at erm ... [...] Health Centre, and that's tomorrow.
Mary (PS0F9) [3179] Oh ... good!
Patricia (PS0FB) [3180] So ... hopefully that'll be my placement.
John (PS0F8) [3181] Oh is this on the Y T S Trish?
Patricia (PS0FB) [3182] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3183] How much is that a week?
Patricia (PS0FB) [3184] It depends if it's er ... employment status or not, which I'll find out tomorrow.
John (PS0F8) [3185] Oh I see.
Patricia (PS0FB) [3186] If it's government paid, it'll be twenty nine fifty a week, but if it's employed status
John (PS0F8) [3187] It'll be whatever
Patricia (PS0FB) [3188] Then it'll be
John (PS0F8) [3189] whatever ... [...]
Patricia (PS0FB) [3190] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [3191] A hundred and forty pound!
John (PS0F8) [3192] What's on?
Patricia (PS0FB) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [3193] What's on?
Patricia (PS0FB) [3194] Quantum Leap.
John (PS0F8) [3195] Oh that's good that is.

20 (Tape 023607)

John (PS0F8) [3196] What time's your interview?
Patricia (PS0FB) [3197] Ten o'clock.
[3198] ... I'm not sure which side it's on.
John (PS0F8) [...]
Patricia (PS0FB) [3199] Side of the road.
John (PS0F8) [3200] I told you!
Patricia (PS0FB) [3201] The catch.
John (PS0F8) [3202] Ay
Patricia (PS0FB) [3203] If I ca ... well if I catch this side it goes round to Church Hill
John (PS0F8) [3204] Yeah, from here ... go
Patricia (PS0FB) [3205] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3206] into town ... to go Wingates ... and tha , that way.
Patricia (PS0FB) [3207] You don't go into town.
John (PS0F8) [3208] Ay
Patricia (PS0FB) [3209] Don't go to town, just catch the one that goes straight into Church Hill.
John (PS0F8) [3210] You don't go as far as Church Hill!
Patricia (PS0FB) [3211] Where?
John (PS0F8) [3212] You're going to Wingates aren't you?
Patricia (PS0FB) [3213] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3214] Well you don't go as far as Church Hill then.
Patricia (PS0FB) [3215] I know but the one that goes right to Church Hill, that one.
John (PS0F8) [3216] I know it, yeah ... yeah.
Patricia (PS0FB) [3217] But I'm not sure which side it's on.
John (PS0F8) [3218] It's on the side you get off the bus.
[3219] ... It's there somewhere ... just by the bus station.
[3220] ... You [...] ?
Patricia (PS0FB) [3221] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3222] Are you thinking of going?
Patricia (PS0FB) [3223] Mm? ... yeah.
Lyn (PS0FD) [3224] Hiya
John (PS0F8) [3225] Hiya!
Lyn (PS0FD) [...]
John (PS0F8) [3226] Have you done your round?
Lyn (PS0FD) [3227] Yeah ... you know how much this exchange is gonna cost?
John (PS0F8) [3228] Yeah.
Lyn (PS0FD) [...]
John (PS0F8) [3229] What for?
[3230] ... That's ridiculous that is, [...] !
Lyn (PS0FD) [3231] Yeah, I know.
John (PS0F8) [3232] I bet they don't do nothing!
[3233] ... All they gotta do is take you home!
[3234] ... That's all they go , and take you home ... that's all there is to do.
Lyn (PS0FD) [3235] I mean, but you'd have to pay for [...] cos it's, you know, it must narf [...]
John (PS0F8) [3236] I wo , [...] an hour!
Lyn (PS0FD) [3237] I know.
John (PS0F8) [3238] You need to pay for the [...] .
[3239] ... [...] ... [...] on mine.
Lyn (PS0FD) [3240] No well
John (PS0F8) [3241] I told the bloke, I look after [...] that my cars in the garage ... [...] .
Lyn (PS0FD) [3242] You alright Ded?
Ded (PS0FC) [3243] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3244] Seen our gas bill?
Ded (PS0FC) [3245] Oh my life!
John (PS0F8) [3246] A hundred and forty eight pound!
Ded (PS0FC) [3247] Ahhh ... God!
[3248] ... Mine's eighty!
[3249] ... Mine's eighty.
John (PS0F8) [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [3250] What?
John (PS0F8) [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [3251] Hey?
John (PS0F8) [3252] Yeah, I put her on the bus.
Ded (PS0FC) [3253] Is the kettle on?
John (PS0F8) [3254] Yeah, I've just made the tea.
Ded (PS0FC) [3255] Oh good!
[3256] ... Berty wouldn't start yesterday.
John (PS0F8) [3257] Wouldn't he?
Ded (PS0FC) [3258] [...] ... yes please dad.
[3259] ... So he's, he's gone in the erm ... driver today.
John (PS0F8) [3260] Has he?
Ded (PS0FC) [3261] [laughing] And yesterday he had to take it [] !
John (PS0F8) [3262] Oh!
Ded (PS0FC) [3263] [...] yesterday with a flat tyre!
[3264] ... Eargh ... What's this?
Lyn (PS0FD) [3265] [...] with rice, they're ever so nice!
[3266] ... They really are!
John (PS0F8) [3267] They look revolting!
Ded (PS0FC) [3268] [laughing] They do [] !
Lyn (PS0FD) [3269] I have mine with er ... tomatoes ... [...] ... for dinner.
Patricia (PS0FB) [3270] I'm going down for that job!
John (PS0F8) [3271] Yeah ... good luck!
Ded (PS0FC) [3272] Look better on your C V and ... everything else.
John (PS0F8) [3273] When did you send [...] it?
Patricia (PS0FB) [3274] Ooh, one day last week.
[3275] ... I mean, if I stand a chance I should be hearing from [...] ... any time now really.
John (PS0F8) [3276] Yeah.
[3277] ... Th ,the ... there's probably er ... you know, no rush for them.
Patricia (PS0FB) [3278] I bet they've had thousands apply!
Ded (PS0FC) [3279] Yeah ... I got the sun!
Patricia (PS0FB) [3280] Do I just [...] ... around it.
Ded (PS0FC) [3281] The supermarket?
Patricia (PS0FB) [3282] Yeah ... [...] .
Ded (PS0FC) [3283] It is in this country, but they're very big in America
Patricia (PS0FB) [3284] Yeah.
Ded (PS0FC) [3285] and Germany and ... over there.
Patricia (PS0FB) [3286] And they have one in Coventry.
[3287] ... I saw another
Ded (PS0FC) [3288] Yes.
Patricia (PS0FB) [3289] in ... in [...] .
Ded (PS0FC) [3290] Oh!
Patricia (PS0FB) [3291] Do know how much they pay their cashier's an hour?
[3292] ... [sneeze] Oh excuse me!
[3293] Four pound an hour they pay their cashier! [sneeze]
Ded (PS0FC) [3294] Bloody hell! ... [...] !
Patricia (PS0FB) [3295] Ha ha!
John (PS0F8) [3296] Who does? ... [...] ?
Patricia (PS0FB) [3297] Yeah.
[3298] ... Yeah, but they don't, they don't take on full time people though ... for ... all day.
John (PS0F8) [3299] Ah ... who doesn't?
Patricia (PS0FB) [3300] Oh here!
[3301] ... They don't take on full time cashiers.
John (PS0F8) [3302] Yeah but ... no but ... you don't want to be a cashier.
Patricia (PS0FB) [3303] No I know I don't but
Ded (PS0FC) [3304] [...] , it's lovely!
John (PS0F8) [3305] Ay
Ded (PS0FC) [3306] Just a bit wet!
John (PS0F8) [3307] Yeah, wet yeah?
Ded (PS0FC) [3308] Have you been out?
John (PS0F8) [3309] No, I haven't
Ded (PS0FC) [3310] No
John (PS0F8) [3311] taken the dog out yet.
Ded (PS0FC) [3312] I'll come with you.
John (PS0F8) [3313] I've just got up!
[3314] ... Just this, tidying up about ten minutes I always fill the house up with junk!
Ded (PS0FC) [3315] [laugh] ... You and me too!
[3316] ... Come on let me [...] it!
John (PS0F8) [3317] Yeah ... yeah, [...] .
Ded (PS0FC) [3318] Soon clear it.
John (PS0F8) [3319] [...] now?
Ded (PS0FC) [3320] Why do you always want [...] outside, it should be [...] in any case [...] .
[3321] ... She said ... how will he pay on the [...] ?
[3322] ... She says well, we can only take up to the value of your car, [...] , which is more than they did!
[3323] ... A lot more, well we'll have to see won't we? [...] it could be nice [...] . ... [...] .
John (PS0F8) [3324] That's all they wanna know Ded!
[3325] ... Tha , that's exac , that's exactly what they are now!
[3326] ... All they wanna know how much you're gonna pay!
[3327] How much money they're taking off you!
[3328] ... Now who else had the same problem?
[3329] I think it was Colin
Ded (PS0FC) [3330] I told him ... about ... paint work under the bonnet, Mark had ... they'd mentioned ... some paint work had gotta be dealt with ... and that passenger door ... with the draught ... and I told them that.
John (PS0F8) [3331] Anything else, was there anything else, wrong?
Ded (PS0FC) [3332] No he, he only told me the two things, I wrote them down.
[3333] ... But the girl, I mean ... it just shows you, they don't know!
John (PS0F8) [3334] No.
Ded (PS0FC) [3335] You can ... she said to me ... G T A have only just started doing [...] they say it's a new model ... she said, is it the new shape?
[3336] ... I just looked at her!
[3337] ... Oh course, it's got to be hasn't it!
[3338] ... Oh no!
John (PS0F8) [3339] I tell you something, if I had to go there, my God!
[3340] ... He'd have gone a bit [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [...] [...]
John (PS0F8) [3341] Don't [...] it sounds!
Ded (PS0FC) [3342] Oh, yeah Pete's in again tonight?
John (PS0F8) [3343] Oh yeah.
Ded (PS0FC) [3344] Yeah, [...] .
[3345] ... They're coming in three times a week.
John (PS0F8) [3346] Oh, [...] ... I'm [...] as it is, so
Ded (PS0FC) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [3347] [...] .
Ded (PS0FC) [3348] I think I've got myself again ... I go that [...] last week, oh I couldn't move last week!
John (PS0F8) [3349] Oh it's ... well and truly bad!
Ded (PS0FC) [3350] What time you gotta fetch your car then Monday?
John (PS0F8) [3351] [...] ... well sometime Monday.
[3352] ... I've, gotta get down there first.
Ded (PS0FC) [3353] I'm on holiday next week.
John (PS0F8) [3354] Yeah.
Ded (PS0FC) [3355] So we'll run you down.
John (PS0F8) [3356] Okay.
Ded (PS0FC) [3357] [...] .
John (PS0F8) [3358] I erm ... I go to Jean for my dinner.
Ded (PS0FC) [3359] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3360] Smart car!
Ded (PS0FC) [3361] Sorry?
John (PS0F8) [3362] Smart car!
Ded (PS0FC) [3363] I bet it is, yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3364] [...] and all that.
[3365] ... And it's all white!
Ded (PS0FC) [3366] Yeah, bumpers and everything?
[3367] ... Like the Ma ... the Manta one, that was all white wasn't it? ... [...]
John (PS0F8) [3368] They couldn't get a red one.
Ded (PS0FC) [3369] The only thing is, is keeping the bloody thing clean!

21 (Tape 023608)

Ded (PS0FC) [3370] It's between our house and shops wasn't it, the health centre?
Patricia (PS0FB) [3371] Or is on the [...] ?
[3372] ... It's in the centre cos, I remember where to look for it.
John (PS0F8) [3373] It's the other side of the road, I'm telling you!
[3374] ... By the bus stop.
[3375] ... New building.
Ded (PS0FC) [3376] Do you know when we used to walk up to the shopping centre from our house?
[3377] ... It's just there on the side.
[3378] ... Just before the car park.
John (PS0F8) [3379] [...] ... oh.
Ded (PS0FC) [3380] Mm ... I'm sure that's up there.
[3381] ... If you to the centre Trish, they'll tell you where to go.
John (PS0F8) [3382] Oh, [...] yellow gates?
Ded (PS0FC) [3383] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3384] I'll ju , just on the side of the Trish I'll you [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [3385] [...] yes, yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3386] [...] for [...] okay?
Patricia (PS0FB) [3387] Oh, [...]
John (PS0F8) [3388] When you get off other side of the road.
Ded (PS0FC) [3389] Go up at the fence and just ask for [...] ... [...]
John (PS0F8) [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [3390] will tell you.
John (PS0F8) [3391] Yeah they would, just ask where the health centre is ... it's there somewhere!
[3392] ... The [...] centre.
[3393] ... I think it's just on the corner innit Ded?
[3394] ... As you go
Ded (PS0FC) [3395] Where?
John (PS0F8) [3396] er, by the bus stop.
Ded (PS0FC) [3397] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3398] By the bus stop
Ded (PS0FC) [3399] Same road ... [...]
Patricia (PS0FB) [3400] You mean before?
[3401] ... The bus stop before that?
John (PS0F8) [3402] No.
Ded (PS0FC) [3403] Now get off at the centre, just in
John (PS0F8) [3404] At the centre
Ded (PS0FC) [3405] case I'm wrong, cos I know there was a doctor's surgery there ... but I, I don't know whether it's the Chatswold ... health centre it's [...] .
Patricia (PS0FB) [...]
John (PS0F8) [3406] Well that's [...] .
Ded (PS0FC) [3407] She's got something to do.
[3408] ... So who was down at the bus [...] on her own?
John (PS0F8) [3409] So she wouldn't get a bollocking?
Ded (PS0FC) [3410] Probably yeah.
[3411] ... That's no way, cos she [...] down there ... whe time was it, was it ... half seven-ish ... I mean, it's too late really innit?
John (PS0F8) [3412] Yeah [...] .
Ded (PS0FC) [3413] This is a, in today's society in any case!
John (PS0F8) [3414] He ain't got a clue, now [...] !
Ded (PS0FC) [3415] Don't have to take [...] I don't think.
John (PS0F8) [3416] Yeah.
Patricia (PS0FB) [3417] [...] him ... I thought, up him! ... [...] !
Ded (PS0FC) [3418] [laughing] Weren't he excited [] !
Patricia (PS0FB) [3419] Got [...] , see you later ay
Ded (PS0FC) [3420] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3421] Yeah, off you go then, let's have a look at you, come here!
Ded (PS0FC) [3422] She looks awful modern!
Patricia (PS0FB) [laugh]
Ded (PS0FC) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [3423] Yeah, except they're only [...] it's somebody who
Ded (PS0FC) [laugh]
Patricia (PS0FB) [3424] [laugh] ... Alright then innit?
Ded (PS0FC) [3425] Yeah, you look
John (PS0F8) [3426] That's alright now.
Ded (PS0FC) [3427] alright Trish.
Patricia (PS0FB) [3428] See you later, tara!
John (PS0F8) [3429] Cheerio pet!
[3430] ... If you're not coming home give us a ring!
Ded (PS0FC) [3431] She won't be home early.
John (PS0F8) [3432] Oh well.
Ded (PS0FC) [3433] Mark left his gold chain here, it's under the [...] ... [...] .
John (PS0F8) [3434] And just stood there?
Ded (PS0FC) [3435] Oh no ... he stood up [...] .
John (PS0F8) [3436] Oh ... did you find his slipper that's missing?
Ded (PS0FC) [3437] Yes, I'll string him up!
John (PS0F8) [3438] Where was it?
Ded (PS0FC) [3439] In the bag!
[3440] ... In the side pocket where he'd put it!
[3441] ... The dog [...] ... must be at your dad's he kept saying, [laughing] just take me home [] !
[3442] ... You know, I ... what did I say?
[3443] I say it'll be downstairs.
John (PS0F8) [3444] Mhm.
Ded (PS0FC) [3445] [shouting] Did you check this bag [] !
[3446] ... Yes.
John (PS0F8) [3447] Yes.
Ded (PS0FC) [3448] Well you didn't check it good!
[3449] [shouting] Where was it, [laughing] he said [] [shouting] !
[3450] ... Must of been in the side pocket.
[3451] ... You must of put it there [] !
[3452] I says I didn't!
[3453] ... I says you put it there, I said cos you used it last!
[3454] ... I says I left it there for your [...] .
John (PS0F8) [3455] Well [...] , is the milk outside there [...] ?
Ded (PS0FC) [3456] No, I think that's the empty one in
John (PS0F8) [3457] Is it?
Ded (PS0FC) [3458] there.
John (PS0F8) [3459] Oh!
Ded (PS0FC) [3460] I've, I've ... no, that'll be done.
John (PS0F8) [3461] Okay.
Ded (PS0FC) [3462] Have to get something [...] do you?
John (PS0F8) [3463] Well I was gonna come and have a look at the Fiesta ... that's all. ... [...] .
Ded (PS0FC) [3464] Oh no, leave it today.
[3465] ... I mean, we'll go up and see if we can start it
John (PS0F8) [3466] Yeah.
Ded (PS0FC) [3467] and, you know, if it starts it'll be alright for another week then.
[3468] ... Cos I'm on holiday next week, it might be easier.
John (PS0F8) [3469] Are you?
Ded (PS0FC) [3470] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3471] Oh I'll, I'll have a look at it next
Ded (PS0FC) [3472] I'm working Monday, but I'm off the rest of the week.
John (PS0F8) [3473] Well I'm off on Tuesday.
[3474] ... I'll do it next Tuesday then
Ded (PS0FC) [3475] Alright.
John (PS0F8) [3476] So hopeful the weather's gonna be [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [3477] Yeah ... [...]
John (PS0F8) [3478] Is it still raining?
Ded (PS0FC) [3479] Yeah ... oh.
John (PS0F8) [3480] Oh it's stopped now though.
[3481] ... It's always [...] ... how's thi , how's this?
[3482] ... I am ... pissed off with that bleeding golf as well!
Ded (PS0FC) [3483] Golf?
[3484] ... Oh
John (PS0F8) [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [3485] [...] , how is he?
John (PS0F8) [3486] He's took it bad, he's a fine weather [...] ... but it seems like
Ded (PS0FC) [3487] Oh then that settled it.
[3488] So he'd, he'd gone in the car today then?
John (PS0F8) [3489] Yeah.
Ded (PS0FC) [3490] Cos it's raining!
[3491] ... How much was this?
John (PS0F8) [3492] Mm?
Ded (PS0FC) [3493] How much was it?
[3494] ... Well I payed nearly two grand [...] seven hundred and fifty pound insurance.
[3495] ... On the, on the cost of the bike.
[3496] ... He's wrecked it already!
Ded (PS0FC) [3497] No ... I know ... Chris told me ... cos he saw him on the morning at the garage ... then he [...] .
[3498] ... When do you have your car then dad?
John (PS0F8) [3499] Er Monday hopefully. ... [...] .
Ded (PS0FC) [3500] Do think I'll get five [...] ?
John (PS0F8) [3501] No, cut it up ... I meant sew it up.
Ded (PS0FC) [3502] When you [...] , how do you tell?
[3503] ... Have a little sign up, sideboard for sale ... too good to be in here!
John (PS0F8) [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [3504] Yeah ... it's a good idea though, [...]
John (PS0F8) [3505] [...] get hold of that [...] cos that's gotta as well.
Ded (PS0FC) [3506] Well
John (PS0F8) [3507] It's rotten now [...] .
Ded (PS0FC) [3508] It's Mark fault though, if I kept hold of it!
John (PS0F8) [3509] Put it outside.
[3510] ... The water will go, go down to it now, won't last five minutes so I'll ... cut it up.
Ded (PS0FC) [3511] Mm.
[3512] ... She did want it, but it's Mark ... [...] ... Gotta go up the town for anything?
John (PS0F8) [3513] Erm ... I hadn't really, but I can do, I mean I don't mind, if you wanna go up town.
Ded (PS0FC) [3514] Weren't gonna get nothing, I was on , I only wanted some money.
John (PS0F8) [3515] Oh!
Ded (PS0FC) [3516] [laughing] [...] [] , I ain't
John (PS0F8) [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [3517] I ain't got two pennies to rub together!
John (PS0F8) [3518] I'll erm ... [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [3519] Did I give you the pools money?
John (PS0F8) [3520] I haven't done this week yet.
[3521] ... Do it on Thursday, so that Thursday.
[3522] ... That'll be on Thursday morning.
[3523] ... All the ... we had ... we did this week or were there no draws?
Ded (PS0FC) [3524] No, it's only [...] this week
John (PS0F8) [3525] And er we didn't
Ded (PS0FC) [3526] Forth week this week
John (PS0F8) [3527] didn't have many of them ... with ours.
[3528] ... We'll have to see ... you just do it.
[3529] ... Bloody hope [...] !
[3530] ... Get my house!
[3531] ... Oh!
Ded (PS0FC) [3532] Dad did you hoover [...] in the middle of the room?
John (PS0F8) [3533] Yeah.
Ded (PS0FC) [3534] Hello Ricky!
John (PS0F8) [3535] You know that big ... bloody place has gone up now!
[3536] ... I hope it sucked up, I was really worried about that!
Ded (PS0FC) [3537] But that should be alright now if you [...] [...]
John (PS0F8) [3538] Don't buy it on it's own ... when they go wrong ... costs a lot of money!
[3539] ... I was worried ... why am I bleeding the system after I've done ... the radiators and ... changed them, you know repair the [...] pipe work.
[3540] ... I've turned the taps on ... to refill it ... and the pressure taps ... they're in there till we fill the [...] ... I was going round, finding ... trickle here ... I was going round bleeding all the radiators, the whole system had to be drained down!
[3541] ... I was upstairs bleeding the radiators, all air hisssss ... air whooshing out everywhere ... I thought ... I better check to see ... when I come in, that thing was full of water!
Ded (PS0FC) [3542] There, in there!
John (PS0F8) [3543] Yeah.
[3544] ... He says fill the boiler
Ded (PS0FC) [3545] and overflowed!
John (PS0F8) [3546] so I did.
[3547] ... And it's overflowing, that's the overflow there!
Ded (PS0FC) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [3548] And ... you can see it's running down from the bottom, the pressure innit ... you see?
[3549] ... Yeah, here.
[3550] ... I'll have to ... get some water out of it now.
[3551] ... For some reason it's
Ded (PS0FC) [...]
John (PS0F8) [3552] come up.
[3553] ... Now where's that band?
[3554] ... [...] ... I've been looking for that all week!
Ded (PS0FC) [3555] The what?
John (PS0F8) [3556] The bloody key!
[3557] ... The key to the bloody boiler!
[3558] ... I see it.
[3559] ... Yeah I do wanna go up town Ded.
[3560] ... I just wanna call in the garage to see my mate Rob ... cos I wanna take him a load of stuff back to the garage.
Ded (PS0FC) [3561] Mhm.
John (PS0F8) [3562] That's [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [3563] Oh!
John (PS0F8) [3564] Cos I'll take it back.
Ded (PS0FC) [3565] What [...] ?
John (PS0F8) [3566] No.
Ded (PS0FC) [3567] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [3568] Want a cup of tea?
Ded (PS0FC) [3569] I've just had a cup of tea!
John (PS0F8) [3570] Must of been another one.
Ded (PS0FC) [3571] Don't want another one!
John (PS0F8) [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [...]
John (PS0F8) [3572] During February.
Ded (PS0FC) [3573] He wants to sell the [...] .
John (PS0F8) [3574] Does he?
Ded (PS0FC) [...]
John (PS0F8) [3575] He likes them here ... give us [...] ... [...] ... [...] [machinery noise]
Ded (PS0FC) [3576] Oh!
John (PS0F8) [3577] [...] ... [...] now.
Ded (PS0FC) [3578] How did you know?
[3579] ... Down in the middle now.
John (PS0F8) [3580] I knew there was a water leak there ... but if it hadn't [...] with rain that it definitely was a water leak.
[3581] ... That's the only way ... the pressure would be down and the leak [...] with water ... you know, it had to be a water leak.
[3582] ... My turn to er ... cook today.
Ded (PS0FC) [3583] What you having?
John (PS0F8) [3584] Potatoes, some ... broccoli ... erm ... Brian's having ... kiev, chicken kievs ... Mary's having ... something ... out of our ... bake something ... and I'm having ... cold lamb ... [...] .
Ded (PS0FC) [3585] They got [...] tonight.
John (PS0F8) [3586] [...] lamb ... you know, the what's it one?
Ded (PS0FC) [3587] [...] pack?
John (PS0F8) [3588] It's very [...] in some sauce.
Ded (PS0FC) [3589] Barbecue?
John (PS0F8) [3590] Yeah ... they're really nice!
Ded (PS0FC) [3591] Oh spare ribs ... barbecue
John (PS0F8) [3592] Spare rib, yeah.
Ded (PS0FC) [3593] spare rib!
[3594] ... Is that home made barbecue sauce?
John (PS0F8) [3595] I think it is yeah.
Ded (PS0FC) [3596] Yes I li , I like home made, I make home made sauce.
John (PS0F8) [3597] And spare ribs?
[3598] ... Here's your [...] ... joining the frigging ... A A!
Ded (PS0FC) [3599] [laughing] A A [] !
John (PS0F8) [3600] And then swopping the car with twelve months A A on it!
[3601] ... I think we done [...] last time, for twelve months.
Ded (PS0FC) [3602] Will you get your money back?
John (PS0F8) [3603] No, I've already paid for twelve months.
Ded (PS0FC) [3604] Oh!
John (PS0F8) [3605] And it'll automatically from the time I tell them.
Ded (PS0FC) [3606] I see.
John (PS0F8) [3607] I'll go and see them this morning.
Ded (PS0FC) [3608] It's not such a bad thing is it?
John (PS0F8) [3609] I'll go and see them ... I can do that, they'll have to [...] .
Ded (PS0FC) [3610] You'll do that then.
John (PS0F8) [3611] No, I'll put my big trainers on ... if I can find them!
[3612] ... I [...] yesterday.
Ded (PS0FC) [3613] Did you?
John (PS0F8) [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [3614] Did you?
John (PS0F8) [3615] Hee hee again!
[3616] ... I keep being [...] , I was really despondent!

22 (Tape 023701)

John (PS0F8) [3617] Didn't like the idea.
[3618] ... [whispering] See the [...] [] !
Patricia (PS0FB) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [3619] [whispering] Thick as two short planks [] !
[3620] Ded, do you know [...] rats?
Brian (PS0FA) [3621] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3622] They've come from next door ... gotta be ... they've bor , burrowed down a ha , another
Brian (PS0FA) [3623] Yeah, what did the bloke say when he come?
John (PS0F8) [3624] He said, oh yeah you've definitely got rats.
Patricia (PS0FB) [laugh]
Brian (PS0FA) [3625] What they gonna do about it?
John (PS0F8) [3626] Erm ... well they we , came again yesterday, put some more stuff down ... it's erm ... it's wheat ... with [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [3627] With
John (PS0F8) [3628] Mixed with, put
Brian (PS0FA) [3629] poison in
John (PS0F8) [3630] some rat poison in it yeah, and they eat it.
[3631] ... He said what ever you do he said don't cover the hole up, he said they like ... they like to, they like to see light.
Brian (PS0FA) [3632] Oh!
John (PS0F8) [3633] So we've left the hole uncovered with stuff all the way around it.
Brian (PS0FA) [3634] Well what type of rats, are they just ... big black rats?
John (PS0F8) [3635] No, I think it's a brown one ... according to Mary it looked brown ... it ... brown one not so bad, I mean if it was erm ... if it was a grey one ... would of been a sewer rat!
Brian (PS0FA) [3636] Oh!
John (PS0F8) [3637] Coming up [...] , which would have been more serious, maybe, cos it meant there might have been a break somewhere or
Brian (PS0FA) [3638] We was on about rats the other day at work ... cos Jackie was saying ... on her way ... cos her husband works in ... ooh God!
[3639] ... What's that place called?
[3640] ... Erm ... Dad, what's that, where's that ... where's ... where's the M forty two go, right to Wigan ... at the M forty two.
John (PS0F8) [3641] Down a bit, sort of like, it's going up [...] er ... the M one innit?
[3642] ... Leicestershire, that way.
Brian (PS0FA) [3643] Yeah but, before i , it ended there ... it ended before that didn't it?
[3644] ... What's the name of the place I'm thinking of?
John (PS0F8) [3645] Tamworth?
Brian (PS0FA) [3646] Tamworth, yeah, he works in Tamworth ... and she has to fetch him cos he doesn't drive, sometimes she fetches him a ... rather that him get the bus home ... and so she was going along the main ... she said the name of the road, but I can't,th , the number of the road but I can't remember ... she says she saw rats just trotting down the side of the road, [laughing] you know [] !
John (PS0F8) [3647] Mm.
Brian (PS0FA) [3648] [laughing] It's as though they were on a family outing [] !
John (PS0F8) [3649] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [3650] She couldn't believe it!
[3651] ... Then we got onto the subject, you know, the plague ... we a , we all reckon that it's gonna come back.
John (PS0F8) [3652] [...] ... I mean, Birmingham is over run with rats!
[3653] ... They're everywhere!
[3654] ... London's the same!
[3655] ... That's the sewer rats.
Brian (PS0FA) [3656] Awful isn't it!
John (PS0F8) [3657] They just multiply in ... there's millions of them!
Brian (PS0FA) [3658] Why don't they do something about it?
John (PS0F8) [3659] And th , think they're having a real problem in Birmingham as well the they're, trying to get rid of them ... and they're down the sewers all the time ... trying to get rid of the bloody things!
[3660] ... Cos they're coming up you see ... [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [3661] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3662] See any crack in the drain or anything like that, all of their burrowing and they'll get through it!
Brian (PS0FA) [3663] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [3664] And that's what they're doing, they're coming into peoples gardens and ... rushing down the sewers again, you know?
Brian (PS0FA) [3665] Mark's playing pool tonight.
[3666] ... We went to erm ... a party on Saturday ... one of the men that he works with, it was his fiftieth birthday ... and of course fifty years ago was the war wasn't it, nineteen forty two?
John (PS0F8) [3667] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [3668] And er ... it was brilliant, the disco was!
[3669] It was on the, the theme was the nineteen forties ... and
John (PS0F8) [3670] Mm.
Brian (PS0FA) [3671] it was fancy dress!
[3672] I mean we didn't know this, well Mark knew, but I didn't know ... and there was some as Germans and some as ... English ... forces ... it was really good ... and it got erm ... the D J got all the old records and all that ... really was a good night!
[3673] ... And th , the er ... buffet that ... somebody had do ... erm, I tell you who did it, Brian, you know Brian the tyre man?
John (PS0F8) [3674] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [3675] His wife had done the buffet with Clarice ... remember Clarice?
John (PS0F8) [3676] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [3677] Aunty they call her or something.
John (PS0F8) [3678] Oh yeah , I've seen her recently, yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [3679] Yeah ... they di
John (PS0F8) [3680] Was it goo buffet good?
Brian (PS0FA) [3681] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3682] Was it a good buffet, yeah?
Brian (PS0FA) [3683] Very good.
John (PS0F8) [3684] Cos they do that sort of thing now.
Brian (PS0FA) [3685] Yeah ... they'd done the buffet ... and it was all ... it was in ... blue ... red blue and white.
John (PS0F8) [3686] Mm.
Brian (PS0FA) [3687] It was really good!
[3688] ... A very, very good night it was.
John (PS0F8) [3689] That's where you met Colin and told him I was having a new car.
Brian (PS0FA) [3690] Yes ... I did.
[3691] ... I thought I'll give him something to talk about at the garage.
[3692] [laugh] ... Yeah, I couldn't remember his name you know ... I know now, Colin yeah.
[3693] ... I can remember Brian ... I couldn't remember Colin's name.
[3694] ... He sat with us, him and his wife.
[3695] ... They're a nice couple ... they're alright.
[3696] ... They was telling, telling us about their son cos he's got erm ... a Nintendo game system, same as
John (PS0F8) [3697] Mm.
Brian (PS0FA) [3698] ours ... and apparently he's supposed to be brilliant on it!
[3699] ... He knows all the short cuts and ... gets thousands and thousands of points on it!
John (PS0F8) [3700] Mhm.
Brian (PS0FA) [3701] I'm ... the highest I've got is ... a hundred thousand so far, Mark's up to two hundred and fifty thousand!
John (PS0F8) [3702] Is he?
Brian (PS0FA) [3703] Mind you, he plays it more [laughing] than me [] !
[3704] ... It's entertaining though ... I mean ... I can understand why ... kids get addicted to them ... cos once you start, you can't stop ... yo you think
John (PS0F8) [3705] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [3706] to yourself ... I'll do better next time and I'll do better next time and it's, it's all the time ... I must try harder next time!
[3707] ... I mean a, I'm a little bit different cos I would, I'd ... you know me, I don't like putting money in anything cos I ... I don't like to ... to lose money through a ... a lost cause sort of thing.
John (PS0F8) [3708] You twenty five Ded?
Brian (PS0FA) [3709] Twenty eighty!
John (PS0F8) [3710] Mm.
Brian (PS0FA) [3711] I wish I was [laughing] twenty five [] !
John (PS0F8) [3712] [...] ... Well that's side A ... and get a couple done today ... it won't look so bad.
Brian (PS0FA) [3713] So what's it for then?
John (PS0F8) [3714] Get your coat on!
[3715] ... Ay
Brian (PS0FA) [3716] What's it for?
[3717] ... A survey on the British language?
John (PS0F8) [3718] Yeah.
[3719] ... Ricky!
Brian (PS0FA) [3720] Rick!
[3721] ... [whistling] ... Where's he going ... ay
John (PS0F8) [3722] Are you ready Rick?
Brian (PS0FA) [3723] Where are we going?
John (PS0F8) [3724] I'll just lock up. ... [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [3725] I've got mine.
John (PS0F8) [3726] [...] ... the door. ... [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [3727] What sh , what shall we get ... what shall I get Mary for her birthday?
John (PS0F8) [3728] Don't ask me!
Brian (PS0FA) [3729] Hey?
John (PS0F8) [3730] Don't ask me!
[3731] ... What I'm doing is I'm taking her out.
[3732] ... The girls ... I think Jo , Jean and George are coming down so ... [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [3733] Oh that'll be nice.
John (PS0F8) [3734] if you wanna come out with us for a meal ... erm ... we're gonna go to The Fox.
Brian (PS0FA) [3735] Oh yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3736] And then we're going way up Chester, taking her up Chester.
Brian (PS0FA) [3737] All pay for ourselves. ... [...]
John (PS0F8) [3738] Well I'll have to pay for Jean and George anyway.
Brian (PS0FA) [3739] Well ... you don't have to pay for us though, don't worry about us.
John (PS0F8) [3740] Erm ... I'll have to pay [...] , cos I've got no money.
Brian (PS0FA) [3741] Oh that's alright.
John (PS0F8) [3742] So I'll put it
Brian (PS0FA) [3743] Erm
John (PS0F8) [3744] on my Access.
Brian (PS0FA) [3745] We went out for Sunday lunch ... cos I don't work Sundays any more.
John (PS0F8) [3746] Yeah, I know, [...] , they're catching up are they or are pac , are they closed down?
Brian (PS0FA) [3747] No, they just want the office closed.
[3748] ... They don't wanna pay me you see!
John (PS0F8) [3749] Who's, who's there to cash then?
Brian (PS0FA) [3750] So ... nobody!
John (PS0F8) [3751] What about [...] ?
Brian (PS0FA) [3752] They want [...] in the office, I've gotta sort it out Monday.
John (PS0F8) [3753] Take your time.
Brian (PS0FA) [3754] Well we did.
[3755] ... It's like erm ... yesterday I [...]
John (PS0F8) [3756] Don't get many figures.
Brian (PS0FA) [3757] no ... yesterday ... we had er ... two, two tills ... one was fifty pound short ... and one was twenty pounds up!
[3758] Well I found the twenty pound in the end ... but the fifty pound ... we couldn't find it, we checked everything ... so ... i fortunately I said to ... I had them re-checked on Monday ... during the day for cash up
John (PS0F8) [3759] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [3760] and I said to Andrea, I says Andrea those two are two of the tills I'd checked yesterday in the middle of the day and they were spot on I said that money went yesterday evening!
John (PS0F8) [3761] And, have you found it?
Brian (PS0FA) [3762] No.
John (PS0F8) [3763] Oh you haven't, you know where to find it ... if you want?
Brian (PS0FA) [3764] Oh yeah.
[3765] ... I got the keys ... Which way are you going?
John (PS0F8) [3766] Well I'll go up this way, haven't combed my hair [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [3767] Shouldn't worry about it ... mine never looks like it's been combed in any case!
John (PS0F8) [3768] You know what next door's done?
[3769] ... Somebody said it was next door.
Brian (PS0FA) [3770] [laughing] The rubbish [] !
John (PS0F8) [3771] The rubbish!
Brian (PS0FA) [3772] [laughing] Mary told me [] !
John (PS0F8) [3773] Well ... I mean
Brian (PS0FA) [3774] [laughing] It was terrible down here wasn't it [] ?
John (PS0F8) [3775] [...] wouldn't of done it.
Brian (PS0FA) [3776] Ah they wouldn't of put it behind your car.
John (PS0F8) [3777] If he had of done, it would Leonard's, not the other side.
Brian (PS0FA) [3778] He wouldn't of put it behind the car ... I mean ... some people are stupid but
John (PS0F8) [3779] Well I co , I've seen him bringing out ... bringing it out in bags ... it falls out of there!
[3780] ... I'm not saying it was her ... [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [3781] Are they three, three bedrooms?
[3782] ... These along here?
John (PS0F8) [3783] Oh those, I should think so, yeah.
[3784] ... Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [3785] This ... [...] ... cos er
John (PS0F8) [3786] You can't, cos you couldn't have [...] inside.
Brian (PS0FA) [3787] Mm ... didn't like the look of that one inside.
[3788] ... God, we used to come here when we were kids you know?
[3789] ... On the way to school.
[3790] ... And we used to ha , we used to come down here some ... some evenings ... a gang of us ... remember I used to look ever so small [laughing] [...]
John (PS0F8) [3791] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [3792] and you seemed ever so big at the time [] !
[3793] ... It's funny innit?
[3794] ... Went on about erm ... do you remember the penny chews, like the
John (PS0F8) [3795] Mm mm.
Brian (PS0FA) [3796] the black jacks and that?
John (PS0F8) [3797] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [3798] We was on about those the other day ... cos now they're so tiny
John (PS0F8) [3799] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [3800] and when you're kids they seemed so big!
John (PS0F8) [3801] [...] in your mouth!
[3802] ... Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [3803] That's right.
[3804] ... And ... one of the girls said ... yeah but you've grown since then, I says no, they've shrunk them!
John (PS0F8) [3805] They've probably shrunk them anyway.
Brian (PS0FA) [3806] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3807] God, look at that!
Brian (PS0FA) [3808] They've spent some money on this house, haven't they?
[3809] It looks nice.
John (PS0F8) [3810] Yeah. ... [...] ... [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [3811] Ooh, look at those though!
John (PS0F8) [3812] Yeah, I don't know what it is.
Brian (PS0FA) [3813] It's pretty!
John (PS0F8) [3814] That house is [...] lovely inside.
Brian (PS0FA) [3815] This one here? [noise - train]
John (PS0F8) [3816] The one that's in the path.
Brian (PS0FA) [3817] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3818] [...] , I said that looks nice doesn't it?
Brian (PS0FA) [3819] Oh yeah.
[3820] ... Before we go up the train, can we get to my house first?
John (PS0F8) [3821] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [3822] I'll have to get my glasses.
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [3823] Yeah, just in case.
John (PS0F8) [3824] [...] [...] .
[3825] ... I'm just gonna [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [3826] One o 'clock?
John (PS0F8) [3827] One o'clock ... Mary said she might pop home [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [3828] Oh right.
John (PS0F8) [3829] Trying to kill me again!
[3830] ... Pick your legs up quickly!
Brian (PS0FA) [...]
John (PS0F8) [3831] Ooh ... you cheeky devil!
[3832] ... Good boy!
Brian (PS0FA) [3833] Have you seen the advert?
John (PS0F8) [3834] Which one?
Brian (PS0FA) [3835] With the bull dog ... tha , you know the dog you like
John (PS0F8) [3836] George?
Brian (PS0FA) [3837] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3838] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [3839] Well ... the husband goes out ... and she's got his dinner and he's underneath sort of going
John (PS0F8) [3840] Yes.
Brian (PS0FA) [3841] [sniff] ... his eyes light up
John (PS0F8) [3842] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [3843] and he goes and sits there, and he takes [...] she's eaten it!
[3844] ... And his little [laughing] face [] !
[3845] ... It's so funny!
[3846] ... He's a beautiful dog!
John (PS0F8) [3847] Yeah.
[3848] ... I bet that took some setting up when they [...] ?
Brian (PS0FA) [3849] Ah yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3850] They must be sitting there for hours with a camera!
Brian (PS0FA) [3851] Waiting to get the right one.
[3852] ... Oh yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3853] Come on boy!
Brian (PS0FA) [3854] Oh I ... so I went to work yesterday ... nearly killed me!
John (PS0F8) [3855] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [3856] I'm not used to working Tuesdays ... I can't do with this break of the routine!
John (PS0F8) [3857] Good boy!
Brian (PS0FA) [3858] What you doing [...] ?
[3859] ... I don't even know why Theresa didn't come.
[3860] ... Ooh excuse me!
John (PS0F8) [3861] Has she ever come with you?
Brian (PS0FA) [3862] She does occasionally but she doesn't ... she, she won't benefit from it cos she doesn't come
John (PS0F8) [3863] No.
Brian (PS0FA) [3864] regular enough.
John (PS0F8) [3865] She's got no commitment has she?
Brian (PS0FA) [3866] She said she'll come on a Sunday morning with me ... and I said
John (PS0F8) [3867] I can't imagine that!
Brian (PS0FA) [3868] no, I said to her, I said, don't you tell me you're gonna come on a Sunday morning ... and when I get here, you're not up, I says cos I won't be very happy about it!
[3869] I says if you're gonna come ... make sure you're up and ready to go!
[3870] ... We went Sunday ... to the baths.
John (PS0F8) [3871] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [3872] It was like getting into the bath
John (PS0F8) [3873] Really?
Brian (PS0FA) [3874] there was steam coming off the water, it was red hot it was!
John (PS0F8) [3875] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [3876] The computer had gone wrong overnight, and was heating [laughing] it up [] !
[3877] ... All you needed was your soap and your shampoo and you'd of been alright!
John (PS0F8) [3878] A few [...] , they'll do!
Brian (PS0FA) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [3879] Put perfume on before he comes out!
[3880] ... Get out of it!
Brian (PS0FA) [3881] When, when me and Mark ... looked after him
John (PS0F8) [3882] Yeah I know that.
Brian (PS0FA) [3883] for a few days we took him up here ... and all up there!
John (PS0F8) [3884] Yeah.
[3885] ... I do, I shall take him round the garages ... and then back up here ... across the field, and then back home again.
[3886] ... I'm taking him for about an hour.
[3887] ... That takes about an hour that does.
Brian (PS0FA) [3888] Round the garages?
John (PS0F8) [3889] Round the square ... past Dartons past Cresser
John (PS0F8) [3890] round that square ... then back up the other way betwe ... up through the factories
Brian (PS0FA) [3891] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3892] back up the path again ... and then up here.
[3893] ... Lovely and warm today!
Brian (PS0FA) [3894] It's nice, it's nice and mild.
[3895] ... They're already warning of droughts aren't they?
[3896] ... Cos we've not had enough rain!
John (PS0F8) [3897] It's stupid! ... [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [3898] When's your
John (PS0F8) [3899] France haven't they, I mean
Brian (PS0FA) [3900] I know ... for God's sake!
John (PS0F8) [3901] If you've got a [...] water in this ... and our resources, than we have ourselves!
[3902] ... Bloody disgusting!
Brian (PS0FA) [3903] That's the same with everything isn't
John (PS0F8) [3904] Mm.
Brian (PS0FA) [3905] it, we look [...] the country, we're ourselves.
John (PS0F8) [3906] Yeah, but ... what we had ... the Conservatives have sold!
[3907] ... We've got nothing left now!
[3908] ... We'll never get it back
Brian (PS0FA) [3909] No.
John (PS0F8) [3910] even if it was snatched back ... privatised ... all the money would of gone!
[3911] ... A million pound a day!
[3912] ... Course the most sickening part of it is, that the twenty five thousand with British Telecom ... well they're making millions of pounds profit everyday!
Brian (PS0FA) [3913] I know.
John (PS0F8) [3914] It's all to do with money before jobs now.
Brian (PS0FA) [3915] Oh I know, I mean we're victims of that at work!
John (PS0F8) [3916] [...] people don't count any more!
Brian (PS0FA) [3917] No I know.
[3918] ... I know that only too well now!
John (PS0F8) [3919] [...] ... time to leave this place!
Brian (PS0FA) [3920] Yeah well, when we go to Canada we might not come back!
John (PS0F8) [3921] No ... I wouldn't blame you!
Brian (PS0FA) [3922] You'd have to sell my house for me, and get
John (PS0F8) [3923] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [3924] some of the money over.
John (PS0F8) [3925] At least you, you get paid for what you do.
Brian (PS0FA) [3926] Oh, I live so well!
[3927] ... I mean Pat and [...] ... their house is beautiful you know.
John (PS0F8) [3928] Yeah.
[3929] ... [...] ... in ten years [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [...]
John (PS0F8) [3930] I know.
[3931] ... I mean, if you went to America ... and told them ... told a bu , American business man ... that ... to invest in this country because we've got a lot of [...] !
Brian (PS0FA) [3932] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3933] [...] .
[3934] ... I'm saying ... there's only two ways you can do it in this country unless ... is to stop on the dole and [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [3935] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3936] I go to work and earn [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [3937] Mandy was telling us, you know, about one of her friends ... she erm ... her husband was very high up in a company ... and he ... went to work one day and they called him in the office and says right, you ain't got a job!
[3938] ... You get redundant ... there and then, no warning, nothing!
[3939] ... So ... she couldn't go out to work cos she'd got young girls to bring up ... so they went to the social ... and the social turned round and said to them ... before we give you any money ... you've gotta spend all this bloody redundancy ... you've gotta have used all your savings, including the kids savings, and you've gotta have nothing!
[3940] ... And tha , that's terrible!
[3941] ... Why should the girls have to ... you know, lose ... their savings ... and money that money that people have given them as gifts ... just because, you know ... they don't want to give out any money!
[3942] ... Where do you go, down here?
John (PS0F8) [3943] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [3944] You can cut through can't you?
John (PS0F8) [3945] I don't normally go that way ... it's walking through the car park.
Brian (PS0FA) [3946] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3947] If I go back along the path again he can have a good sniff there.
Brian (PS0FA) [3948] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3949] Well that's what they done to Dave ... [...] , they were French weren't they?
[3950] ... No, can't of been.
[3951] ... And he er, went to work one morning and they ... he, they says to him you're wanted in the office, and he ... came in the office and he was one of the gaffers, you know
Brian (PS0FA) [3952] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [3953] company car and everything ... somebody said to him ... got your car this morning Dave?
[3954] ... He said yeah ... so he said lend us your keys a minute ... give them back the keys, and he says and you're finished!
Brian (PS0FA) [3955] Yeah.
[3956] ... That's, I mean that's what they said to this
John (PS0F8) [3957] What about the car?
Brian (PS0FA) [3958] this chap
John (PS0F8) [3959] he said ... you don't touch that car again!
[3960] ... He said ... and what about my s ... gear in the car for towing my caravan and that?
[3961] ... He, we'll see to that, we'll get it off for you.
[3962] ... He says I've got some personal stuff in the car, he said we'll get it out for you!
Brian (PS0FA) [3963] Yeah, they're cold hearted ain't they?
John (PS0F8) [3964] And they never give him the ... they never give him his tow bar or nothing, he's never had them back!
Brian (PS0FA) [3965] Oh!
John (PS0F8) [3966] Yeah, finished, [...] !
[3967] ... But, I mean Rover have done the same ... I know for a fact that Rover have done the same to some of their ... blokes, [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [3968] But the , they're callous the way they do it don't, aren't they?
[3969] ... They're callous!
John (PS0F8) [3970] You no, you no longer er ... you no longer matter!
[3971] ... See this new deal ... this new Rover deal is being signed any day now ... well we're having a ... we'll be having a ballot any day now.
Brian (PS0FA) [3972] I hear, and you stuck the pay deal out.
John (PS0F8) [3973] Japanese style.
Brian (PS0FA) [3974] Yeah ... we've erm ... they offered us four ... and a half percent.
John (PS0F8) [3975] When does your pay rise come out?
Brian (PS0FA) [3976] April.
John (PS0F8) [3977] April.
Brian (PS0FA) [3978] But ... I mean, we only found out by ... accident yesterday!
John (PS0F8) [3979] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [3980] One of the managers that come in ... and he'd been on holiday for two weeks, but he knew!
John (PS0F8) [3981] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [3982] And he was saying, oh they've chucked it out then?
[3983] ... And we said what?
[3984] He says the pay ... he says the union have ... rejected it ... I says ooh, thanks for letting us know!
[3985] ... There were a big union meeting last night.
John (PS0F8) [3986] Where?
Brian (PS0FA) [3987] In, Solihull, I didn't go cos I
John (PS0F8) [3988] No.
Brian (PS0FA) [3989] I wanna keep my slate clean ... cos I'd of said something I shouldn't of said!
[3990] ... It'll all get back you see ... cos if
John (PS0F8) [3991] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [3992] I go, I want a good reference.
John (PS0F8) [3993] Well they can't give you a bad one anyway.
Brian (PS0FA) [3994] Well no.
John (PS0F8) [3995] So when did you say [...] went away?
Brian (PS0FA) [3996] Last week.
John (PS0F8) [3997] Last week.
Brian (PS0FA) [3998] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [3999] Yo , you should hear something.
Brian (PS0FA) [4000] Yeah, oh yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4001] You should hear a yes or no anyway, so yo , you can be sure.
Brian (PS0FA) [4002] Oh yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4003] Rough idea ... if you [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [4004] That's right.
John (PS0F8) [4005] You toe rag!
Brian (PS0FA) [4006] I'm gonna start, I might look into going to, to night school ... cos that
John (PS0F8) [4007] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4008] I mean I know I've got a lot of experience in a
John (PS0F8) [4009] Course you have.
Brian (PS0FA) [4010] book-keeping and accounts and all that, but I've never ha , have no paper qualifications.
John (PS0F8) [4011] No.
Brian (PS0FA) [4012] I mean, they don't mean nothing when you've got them because a lot of these people that have all these qualifications can't do naff all in any case!
John (PS0F8) [4013] Well they ha ... they can't do them, I've worked with the people who have got qualifications ... and they come and ask me wha-, what ... the basics!
Brian (PS0FA) [4014] Yeah, but I mean ... paper qualifications don't mean anything really ... but that's what people want, they want to see that you've got
John (PS0F8) [4015] That's right.
Brian (PS0FA) [4016] something written down on paper.
John (PS0F8) [4017] We've got our ... one of our ex-bosses, [...] ... he er ... when he got the job ... is the first thing he does ... is paint all the walls ... and put all his certificates up!
[4018] ... He had about ... forty or fifty!
Brian (PS0FA) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [4019] And one whole wall was covered with certificates!
[4020] ... I mean, and he hadn't got a clue!
Brian (PS0FA) [4021] No.
John (PS0F8) [4022] Not clue!
[4023] ... He's driving a bus now!
Brian (PS0FA) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [4024] But that's what they look for ... they think it's clever.
Brian (PS0FA) [4025] I found out some erm ... some gossip on ... what da , Sunday ... do you remember Kate?
John (PS0F8) [4026] Kate, yeah ... see her the other day.
Brian (PS0FA) [4027] Yeah, she's left her husband!
John (PS0F8) [4028] Oh!
Brian (PS0FA) [4029] She's li , you know ... Vanessa, who lives opposite Teresa with the baby?
[4030] ... Yo , ginger haired girl.
John (PS0F8) [4031] Oh yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4032] She's living with her feller!
[4033] ... He kicked Vanessa out for Kate ... And moved Kate in!
John (PS0F8) [4034] Oh!
[4035] ... So Kate's living next door to ... across the road from [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4036] Oh no, cos Vanessa's parents ... Sue and ... Sus lives there don't she?
John (PS0F8) [4037] Yeah that's right.
Brian (PS0FA) [4038] And Vanessa and this ... David had a flat.
John (PS0F8) [4039] Oh!
Brian (PS0FA) [4040] Ooh a bee!
John (PS0F8) [4041] First one.
Brian (PS0FA) [4042] Dog's seen it!
[4043] ... He didn't [laughing] get it though [] !
John (PS0F8) [4044] Cos he eats them!
Brian (PS0FA) [4045] Ay you can have plenty of bees later on in the year.
John (PS0F8) [4046] Wasps are his favourite.
Brian (PS0FA) [4047] Wasps?
John (PS0F8) [4048] They're his delicacy! ... [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [4049] When we have [...] jam jar or anything in the garden he cannot get his nose out of it!
Brian (PS0FA) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [4050] He waits for them to [...] on the ba , on the jar you know!
[4051] ... And of course he tips the jar off eventually, and we have fill it up again!
[4052] ... I've never known a dog eat so many wasps!
Brian (PS0FA) [4053] Strange animal aren't you Rick?
John (PS0F8) [4054] You're strange!
[4055] ... You smell!
Brian (PS0FA) [4056] Ahhh
John (PS0F8) [4057] You're stupid!
Brian (PS0FA) [4058] He's not stupid.
[4059] ... Do you think you'll be going away this year or
John (PS0F8) [4060] No ... [...] ... hoping ... to go over to Ireland for a week ... but not
Brian (PS0FA) [4061] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4062] book anything up, just go over for a week.
Brian (PS0FA) [4063] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4064] Oh did I tell you o ... our Joanie's coming over.
Brian (PS0FA) [4065] Is she?
John (PS0F8) [4066] Yeah, she's coming to see my dad.
[4067] ... On the
Brian (PS0FA) [4068] Oh lovely!
John (PS0F8) [4069] on the, twenty seventh I think ... of this month.
Brian (PS0FA) [4070] Oh that's next week.
John (PS0F8) [4071] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4072] Twenty seventh or twenty eighth, I'm not sure which day.
[4073] ... She's coming over to see Joe ...
Brian (PS0FA) [4074] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4075] and she's coming over to see my dad ... just for the day you know.
Brian (PS0FA) [4076] Oh, I'll have to go over.
John (PS0F8) [4077] I'm not sure which day it is, I'll have to let you know.
Brian (PS0FA) [4078] Yeah, I would like to go and see her.
[4079] ... Has she ever been over before?
John (PS0F8) [4080] Yeah, she come over for Joe's wedding.
Brian (PS0FA) [4081] Did she?
John (PS0F8) [4082] Yeah, don't you remember, do you remember?
Brian (PS0FA) [4083] I never went dad.
John (PS0F8) [4084] Didn't you?
Brian (PS0FA) [4085] No.
[4086] ... I don't know why I didn't go.
John (PS0F8) [4087] I wonder why you didn't go.
Brian (PS0FA) [4088] I must of been ... on holiday or something, cos tha , that's the only reason I wouldn't of gone, if I, if I wasn't in the country.
[4089] ... So I never
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4090] no I never went to the wedding.
[4091] ... No I, I must of been ... how long's he been married?
John (PS0F8) [4092] I had the Granada at the time.
Brian (PS0FA) [4093] Oh I must of been on holiday dad, with the girls or something.
[4094] ... If it's that long ago.
John (PS0F8) [4095] I'd only just bought the Granada.
[4096] It was the weekend I bought the Granada, I'm sure it was when we went away ... [...] ... first time I ever took it out for a run.
Brian (PS0FA) [4097] I didn't go Rick!
John (PS0F8) [4098] Good old car that was ... I made a profit on that.
Brian (PS0FA) [4099] Yeah.
[4100] ... I used to love driving that around, it was that long, me sat behind the wheel I looked like a dot in that!
[4101] ... Made me look little!
John (PS0F8) [4102] The bloke ... the bloke that wanted it couldn't wait to get his hands on it.
Brian (PS0FA) [4103] Still got it ain't he?
John (PS0F8) [4104] No, he knackered that!
Brian (PS0FA) [4105] No ... did he?
John (PS0F8) [4106] He didn't have it long ... he wrecked it!
[4107] ... They started playing about with it ... you know?
[4108] Playing about with the engine and ... playing about with the body work, trying to do it up and all this and they just ... they just
Brian (PS0FA) [...]
John (PS0F8) [4109] wrecked it.
Brian (PS0FA) [4110] cos people don't appreciate things do they?
John (PS0F8) [4111] Well this is it you see , his son was supposed to be a mechanic, well he wasn't!
[4112] ... He was a employed by Dorrisons I think as a recovery bloke, you know [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4113] Oh!
John (PS0F8) [4114] [...] cos he ... he thought he was a mechanic because he was doing that sort of work.
[4115] ... Course he started messing with the er ... bodywork and the engine and ... they just wrecked it [...] , but then he sold it to another driver ... and this other bloke Bob erm ... oh
Brian (PS0FA) [4116] I remember seeing it round ... a bit
John (PS0F8) [4117] Bob , Bob [...] , for a bit and ... he done a few miles on it ... and then he sold it ... to somebody else in the garage.
Brian (PS0FA) [4118] Ooh ... it's done the rounds then?
John (PS0F8) [4119] Yeah ... and then ... it disappeared then, I think, you know, I could see it deteriorating every day ... it was about, it was about three of my cars ... parking here.
Brian (PS0FA) [4120] And I remember the old erm ... what was it, Cavalier?
John (PS0F8) [4121] Cavalier yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4122] The old Cavalier.
John (PS0F8) [4123] Good car that.
Brian (PS0FA) [4124] And the, the Granada, what else was there?
John (PS0F8) [4125] Oh he had that Cavalier for a few years after I sold it.
Brian (PS0FA) [4126] Yeah.
[4127] ... Actually that wasn't a bad car either, to drive.
John (PS0F8) [4128] Which one?
Brian (PS0FA) [4129] The Cavalier.
John (PS0F8) [4130] The Cavalier, yeah, it was, I liked that one.
Brian (PS0FA) [4131] Nice car.
John (PS0F8) [4132] I just hope the steering's lighter on this one ... [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4133] It's lighter on that Metro you know ... it's ever
John (PS0F8) [4134] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4135] so easy.
John (PS0F8) [4136] Yeah, I hope it's lighter on this one.
Brian (PS0FA) [4137] Wish I could afford a new car, I'd love a nice new car!
[4138] ... We won't be able to afford one for a couple of years yet.
John (PS0F8) [4139] You could afford a Mini though.
Brian (PS0FA) [4140] I don't want a Mini dad, don't like them.
John (PS0F8) [4141] But you could afford to cho ... I mean, the cheapest Metro is only about er, six grand you know?
[4142] ... Not a lot
Brian (PS0FA) [4143] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [4144] to me.
Brian (PS0FA) [4145] Well with i , with his overtime cut we can't
John (PS0F8) [4146] You ne
Brian (PS0FA) [4147] afford nothing at the moment.
John (PS0F8) [4148] Yeah.
[4149] ... You see yo ... really you'd need to be ... you'd need to be only need to be paying back about four grand you see, though?
Brian (PS0FA) [4150] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4151] You'd be paying something like what I pay, which is a hundred and
Brian (PS0FA) [4152] Well I mean
John (PS0F8) [4153] Forty five a month.
Brian (PS0FA) [4154] He's got five thousand, Mark has
John (PS0F8) [4155] Ricky, come here!
[4156] ... He's covered in blood!
Brian (PS0FA) [4157] How's he done that!
John (PS0F8) [4158] What's, has he eat something?
Brian (PS0FA) [4159] I haven't seen him eat anything dad.
John (PS0F8) [4160] His mouth's covered in blood!
[4161] ... Have a look.
Brian (PS0FA) [4162] [shouting] Come here Rick [] !
[4163] I can't see it dad.
John (PS0F8) [4164] Come here!
Brian (PS0FA) [4165] Come here!
[4166] ... Sit down!
John (PS0F8) [4167] Sit down, sit!
Brian (PS0FA) [4168] Sit!
John (PS0F8) [4169] Sit, come here!
[4170] ... Come here!
[4171] ... That's it, now sit down a minute!
[4172] ... Hold this Ded and I'll ... prang his mouth open.
[4173] ... Let's have a look!
[4174] ... Let's have a look at your poor mouth, ah poor Rick!
[4175] What you done?
[4176] ... What you done?
Brian (PS0FA) [4177] It's the sudden, it just
John (PS0F8) [4178] Ooh ooh , open!
Brian (PS0FA) [4179] Ah Rick!
John (PS0F8) [4180] Hey ... open your mouth!
Brian (PS0FA) [4181] Come on!
[4182] ... There's a good boy.
John (PS0F8) [4183] Ooh I don't know what it is.
Brian (PS0FA) [4184] Ooh he isn't [laughing] bothered about it dad [] !
[4185] ... Put that do , oh he wants to play now!
John (PS0F8) [4186] You [...] !
[4187] ... You
Brian (PS0FA) [4188] What you been eating ay ... What you been eating?
John (PS0F8) [4189] I'll get you!
[4190] ... You cheeky [...] !
Brian (PS0FA) [4191] Do you still have his ball?
John (PS0F8) [4192] I mean, it could be just a piece of grass that cut him.
Brian (PS0FA) [4193] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4194] You che , what do you say now?
Brian (PS0FA) [4195] A ,i , has he, does he still have his ball?
John (PS0F8) [4196] Has he what?
Brian (PS0FA) [4197] Still have his ball.
John (PS0F8) [4198] Yeah, it's at home yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4199] In the summer.
John (PS0F8) [4200] Yeah.
[4201] ... I don't run him too much with it though because of his back, because of his
Brian (PS0FA) [4202] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4203] back legs.
Brian (PS0FA) [4204] He likes his ball doesn't he?
John (PS0F8) [4205] Oh yeah.
[4206] ... [...] that ball.
[4207] ... So there's the [...] there.
Brian (PS0FA) [4208] [laughing] Ooh yeah [] !
[4209] ... We lost her one, didn't we down that embankment?
John (PS0F8) [4210] Oh ey that's not, lost lost [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4211] Lost a couple down there.
John (PS0F8) [4212] down there.
[4213] ... The last one over there in the hedge,co , no way could I find it!
[4214] ... Got another one, had a big yellow one for her, I'll find this yellow one
Brian (PS0FA) [4215] Here are.
John (PS0F8) [4216] So Trish takes him out one day ... lost the ball!
Brian (PS0FA) [4217] Ooh!
John (PS0F8) [4218] Come back without the ball! ... [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4219] [laugh] ... Right
John (PS0F8) [4220] Come on you!
Brian (PS0FA) [4221] Come on!
[4222] ... Good boy!
[4223] ... Are you going down to the garage?
[4224] ... I thought you was going down to the garages?
John (PS0F8) [4225] No ... I'm not, [...] erm ... if I, if I take her for a long run.
Brian (PS0FA) [4226] Oh right!
John (PS0F8) [4227] I'm gonna go in now.
[4228] ... She's been the lav ... that'll be doing for now.
Brian (PS0FA) [4229] We can cross this side can't we?
John (PS0F8) [4230] All the way down.
[4231] ... It's gonna rain by the look of it.
Brian (PS0FA) [4232] I know it's gonna ... the heaven's gonna open again aren't they? ... [...]
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4233] Yeah I remember you saying.
John (PS0F8) [4234] Haven't seen her for a couple of month, have you?
Brian (PS0FA) [4235] No.
[4236] ... Mark always goes and says hello when he's home, you know.
John (PS0F8) [4237] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4238] He always goes and says hello.
John (PS0F8) [sneeze]
Brian (PS0FA) [4239] Ooh bless you!
John (PS0F8) [4240] Oh sorry!
Brian (PS0FA) [4241] You'll have to keep an eye on his mouth.
John (PS0F8) [4242] Ay
Brian (PS0FA) [4243] You'll have to keep an eye on his mouth today.
John (PS0F8) [4244] I know.
Brian (PS0FA) [4245] Just in case it doesn't stop.
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4246] Eargh Rick, it's muddy!
John (PS0F8) [4247] The [...] contract is back again, I done all this erm ... water pipe ... it were all gravel in there ... sunk into the ground you know ... big hole in the ground!
[4248] ... We went back there yesterday [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [4249] Get all the mud off my trainers.
[4250] ... We erm ... had a load of kids visit the store yesterday
John (PS0F8) [4251] Ah yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4252] and ... Andrea phones me up, she says ... do you wanna do one of the tours for me, take the kids round?
[4253] ... Yeah I don't mind ... I only get the cla , the the lad, the group with the two naughty boys in don't I?
[4254] ... Ah!
[4255] ... They were [...] .
John (PS0F8) [4256] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4257] Cor blimey!
John (PS0F8) [4258] Was there a teacher with them?
Brian (PS0FA) [4259] There wa , there was parents with them,
John (PS0F8) [4260] Oh yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4261] cos the school couldn't afford to put a minibus on!
[4262] ... So the parents bought them in their cars and they come round with them.
[4263] ... They were more interested than the kids!
[4264] ... There was one little boy ... the one had to touch everything ... now don't touch that pot!
[4265] ... Now don't touch tha tha , you can't touch that!
[4266] No, don't!
[4267] ... You know, it was all that all morning, and the one kept saying ... I'm tired!
[4268] ... I'm hungry!
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4269] I've, I want to finish now!
John (PS0F8) [4270] Go to your mum [...] !
Brian (PS0FA) [4271] [laughing] Can I have a drink [] !
[4272] ... That's all I got out of this one boy!
[4273] ... They were alright ... the rest of them weren't too bad.
[4274] ... We took them to the fish, well I took them to the fish and no , many o , any of the oth other groups went ... and some of them [...] , they're very good!
[4275] ... The lad in the butchery, he was
John (PS0F8) [4276] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4277] brilliant with them, he was!
John (PS0F8) [4278] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4279] He really was very good!
[4280] ... And he give them all a ticket out the machine and
John (PS0F8) [4281] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4282] cut the meat up while they were there and put it in the machine, and that happened and ... all this that and the other.
John (PS0F8) [4283] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4284] And er ... they loved that!
[4285] And they all had a hat with a sticky label on and
John (PS0F8) [4286] Oh! [laugh]
Brian (PS0FA) [4287] everything else.
[4288] ... And then we went to the fish ... and the one, oh I'm tired!
[4289] ... And he was going ... it smells, [laughing] it smell [] !
[4290] ... Ah shut up!
[4291] ... But the lady in the fish was brilliant!
John (PS0F8) [4292] Was she?
Brian (PS0FA) [4293] She got them out ... one of everything ... and showed them all the different fish.
John (PS0F8) [4294] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4295] But, we couldn't actually go into the department, cos you have to wear your wellies and all that.
John (PS0F8) [4296] Oh yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4297] So we were stood in the doorway.
John (PS0F8) [4298] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4299] Ooh and they loved every minute of it!
[4300] ... They really did!
John (PS0F8) [4301] [...] ... I can comb my hair now ... and then we go ... straight up town.

23 (Tape 023702)

John (PS0F8) [4302] And it looks like nobody'll be able to drive in their car, except for Aunt Mary.
Brian (PS0FA) [4303] Oh!
John (PS0F8) [4304] She said the only way you could ... another way you can cut your costs, he said, is, is that due to all these drivers he said, you've got it ... you've virtually got any driver on this car ... said just ... just have it you and yo , and your wife ... he said, and that'll cut your costs down enormously.
Brian (PS0FA) [4305] Sounds a bit rough dad!
John (PS0F8) [4306] Which?
Brian (PS0FA) [4307] This.
John (PS0F8) [4308] Mm ... it's alright.
Brian (PS0FA) [4309] It's growling!
[4310] ... I've never noticed it before.
John (PS0F8) [4311] Yeah, it does ... it's alright.
[4312] ... It's funny you know, since I've been having ... these new cars ... I see these old cars, what a lot of bloody rubbish on the road, you know! ... [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4313] I know , we used to drive round in them half the time!
John (PS0F8) [4314] Yeah, bloody right!
Brian (PS0FA) [4315] I still do.
John (PS0F8) [4316] It'd do me and all if I had to.
Brian (PS0FA) [4317] Ha?
John (PS0F8) [4318] It'd do me and all if I had to.
[4319] ... Don't bother me!
Brian (PS0FA) [4320] Oh no, it is nice to have a nice car but ... you have to make do don't you?
John (PS0F8) [4321] That's right, yeah.
[4322] ... Make do with what you ca , what you can afford at the time.
Brian (PS0FA) [4323] Another twenty years and my mortgage will be paid off so I can have a new car then! [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [4324] Oh, don't say that!
[4325] ... Dad, if that's what you wanna do, nobody's [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [4326] No.
John (PS0F8) [4327] But ... as long as you earn your living that's [...] nice and quiet, [...] ... and you won't have no problems in that area [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [4328] We're not too bad because I mean
John (PS0F8) [4329] No unless you wanna move for a specific reason, there's just
Brian (PS0FA) [4330] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4331] no point in moving.
Brian (PS0FA) [4332] No.
[4333] ... I mean don't have any problem with the neighbours or nothing
John (PS0F8) [4334] No that's
Brian (PS0FA) [4335] like that.
John (PS0F8) [4336] that's what you've gotta look for you see.
Brian (PS0FA) [4337] The one side is never there.
John (PS0F8) [4338] Now, you see you're lucky that ... that ... he's, he's sort of over there
Brian (PS0FA) [4339] And the other side's detached so
John (PS0F8) [4340] and the other side detached, and how many kids have they got?
Brian (PS0FA) [4341] Three ... three
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4342] girls.
John (PS0F8) [4343] Three girls, see you're lucky really cos ... if they'd had three boys ... an i , in a few times, you know, ten years time like, they'd have all, the boys would of been growing up ... and they'd have had cars stuck everywhere, you know what I mean?
Brian (PS0FA) [4344] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4345] Though with the girls, that's a bit more unlikely.
Brian (PS0FA) [4346] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [4347] I mean, I know it s sounds stupid but that's what you've gotta look for today.
[4348] ... You look at your neighbours, see how many kids they got, see what age they are ... and work out what's it gonna be like in ten years time.
Brian (PS0FA) [4349] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4350] Like Billy were he lives, he lives on [...] ... by the courts, you know by the ... Law Centre?
Brian (PS0FA) [4351] Is that the one who ... you went to, his house?
John (PS0F8) [4352] He gives me a lift to work.
Brian (PS0FA) [4353] Yeah ... Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4354] Yeah.
[4355] ... And er ... these people, you know, next door like have got er ... they've got six or seven boys I think! ... [...] ... gang of kids!
Brian (PS0FA) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [4356] They're [laugh] boys.
[4357] ... They said all of a sudden they've all grown up!
[4358] ... That's how we got terrible problems cos they've all got erm ... cars.
Brian (PS0FA) [4359] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4360] And his father's one of these obnoxious types you know?
[4361] ... All ... [...] anybody you know?
[4362] ... Yo , I don't care what you do!
[4363] ... You do what you like, I do what I do, you can ... you know?
Brian (PS0FA) [4364] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4365] Please yourself!
[4366] ... And they've got this ... doberman or something that barks all the time like, and it's allowed i ... in the garden and it sits in the garden all the time and all the rest of it!
[4367] ... They just don't care!
Brian (PS0FA) [4368] There's a lot of about tha , like that though isn't there?
John (PS0F8) [4369] Yeah, they're probably [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [...]
John (PS0F8) [4370] lived next to me, I'd have poisoned it? ... [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4371] One of the woman at work
John (PS0F8) [4372] [...] the other day.
Brian (PS0FA) [4373] yeah, one of the woman at work ... she's a right stuck up old ... silly old bugger she is!
[4374] ... She don't speak to nobody, she really does think she's above everybody ... ever such a funny woman!
[4375] ... And where Carole lives out in Earlswood , down the lanes ... she lives round there as well.
[4376] ... Well Carole's next door neighbour ... he owns a bit of land and he's got some sheep in his fields, and he's got some pigs and you know?
[4377] Well, this woman her dog was scaring the sheep, so he shot it!
[4378] ... Killed it!
[4379] ... Which he's quite ... within his right to do, if it's scaring the sheep
John (PS0F8) [4380] [...] ... yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4381] so, ooh there's been uproar ... about this bloody dog!
[4382] ... And, I mean, we, we was on about it one day, and she was only sat on the table next to us, ooh she was giving us daggers!
[4383] ... But I mean the chap was quite within his rights to shoot it cos it's been scaring his sheep.
[4384] ... Well apparently her husband, he's been round smashing his windows and ... putting
John (PS0F8) [4385] Oh!
Brian (PS0FA) [4386] shit through the door and all sorts!
[4387] ... There's really been a lot of trouble over it!
John (PS0F8) [4388] I'd have shot him and all!
Brian (PS0FA) [4389] Well, the police have been involved, and I suppose he's been cautioned now because ... they've investigated and found ... that thi ... that it was scaring the sheep and that, yes i , he was right to do what he did he ... quite within his rights and whatever.
[4390] ... So they're not taking any action against the chap for shooting the dog ... but now they're, they're watching the other chap for causing disturbances!
[4391] ... Just think, we nearly bought one of those you know, in there!
[4392] ... Two bedroomed house ... They were fifty thousand.
John (PS0F8) [4393] Yeah, they are rubbish them there though!
Brian (PS0FA) [4394] Mm, as it was we ... we hung on and
John (PS0F8) [4395] Yeah, you bought the right one.
[4396] ... Wa I wouldn't mind buying one of them myself ... you know wi ... I mean if we could sell ours
Brian (PS0FA) [4397] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [4398] you know, we could buy one of them and have no mortgage.
Brian (PS0FA) [4399] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4400] I should think
Brian (PS0FA) [4401] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4402] the cars [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [4403] Oh shut up you!
John (PS0F8) [4404] [laugh] ... You've got your own frigging mortgage!
Brian (PS0FA) [4405] I know.
[4406] ... Well ... if one of us pops it, one of, the other one's gonna be very well off! [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [4407] I know if I popped it right now, I mean yo ... you'd a and Trish and Teresa, you, Debbie, Teresa and Mark.
Brian (PS0FA) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [4408] You'd have about, I think it's about fifty five thousand.
Brian (PS0FA) [4409] Bloody hell!
John (PS0F8) [4410] That'd buy you a new car wouldn't it?
[4411] ... That's if I die when I'm fifty five or over.
Brian (PS0FA) [4412] Bloody hell!
John (PS0F8) [4413] The [...] is about fifty five or over.
Brian (PS0FA) [4414] Yeah but don't forget
John (PS0F8) [4415] Shall I wait here?
Brian (PS0FA) [4416] Yeah, I'm going to get my glasses dad.
John (PS0F8) [4417] Yeah, I've left it here for you right.
Brian (PS0FA) [4418] What about Mary and them?
John (PS0F8) [4419] They're in the house.
Brian (PS0FA) [4420] Oh course yeah.
[4421] ... Well just make sure you stay with the Rover then!
[4422] [laugh] ... Ooh where have I put them now?
[4423] ... I can see now, that's better!
John (PS0F8) [4424] I'll go and try the Fiesta while we're here.
Brian (PS0FA) [4425] What's ... turn it over ... I mean it might start ... I dunno ... it let, let him down the other morning as well!
John (PS0F8) [4426] Do you know how the start it?
[4427] ... Is it [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4428] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4429] let him down.
Brian (PS0FA) [4430] No, it does it to me dad ... every now and again it just won't budge!
[4431] ... No ... every now and again it just lets you down.
[4432] ... Cos, Mark used to say to me, it's you!
[4433] ... It's you!
[4434] ... I said it is not me!
John (PS0F8) [4435] You open it to the [...] now. [car starting]
Brian (PS0FA) [4436] That's alright.
John (PS0F8) [4437] It's not just [...] is it?
Brian (PS0FA) [4438] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4439] Is the choke on?
Brian (PS0FA) [4440] That's automatic, yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4441] Yeah, that's alright I think ... sounds alright.
[4442] ... Yeah, I can smell it!
[4443] ... It's [...] ... Yeah
Brian (PS0FA) [4444] What's wrong with it?
John (PS0F8) [4445] sounds alright.
Brian (PS0FA) [4446] That's alright then, as long as it starts.
John (PS0F8) [4447] Need a ... the , these Fiestas [...] , but they never get them right at the, the bloke I works with got one exactly the same as this ... does exactly ten miles and it cuts out on him.
Brian (PS0FA) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [4448] It's been going for about two now
Brian (PS0FA) [4449] Oh!
John (PS0F8) [4450] leave it for a few minutes, then start it up again.
Brian (PS0FA) [4451] Well ... I mean that one ... once you've got it going, if you can keep it going, it'll go for miles!
John (PS0F8) [4452] Yeah
Brian (PS0FA) [4453] I'd go ... that'd go round the world that would!
John (PS0F8) [4454] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4455] Once you've got it going.
John (PS0F8) [4456] It's the ... it's got a [...] and never sorted them out.
Brian (PS0FA) [4457] But if you let it stall on you
John (PS0F8) [4458] Mm.
Brian (PS0FA) [4459] you've had it!
John (PS0F8) [4460] [...] ... one of wo ... one of the worst ones cars ever made ... I mean they do make rubbish, but that's one of the worst ones!
Brian (PS0FA) [4461] I mean we can't grumble, I mean Sheila give
John (PS0F8) [4462] No.
Brian (PS0FA) [4463] us that for nothing.
John (PS0F8) [4464] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4465] So I mean
John (PS0F8) [4466] Yeah well
Brian (PS0FA) [4467] she
John (PS0F8) [4468] and it doesn't cost you a lot to it [...] really.
Brian (PS0FA) [4469] Oh God no!
John (PS0F8) [4470] Just ... a few pound in spares
Brian (PS0FA) [4471] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4472] probably up ... fifty quid of spares does it?
Brian (PS0FA) [4473] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4474] Couple of years.
Brian (PS0FA) [4475] Oh yeah, it's been a damn good car!
[4476] ... Won't
John (PS0F8) [4477] Which is the best way [...] ?
Brian (PS0FA) [4478] Down Plymouth Road.
John (PS0F8) [4479] Ah, I see, I've gotta go down there then.
Brian (PS0FA) [4480] Yeah, cos you wanna go the garage don't you?
John (PS0F8) [4481] Oh oh!
Brian (PS0FA) [4482] Yeah I like living round here, it's nice.
John (PS0F8) [4483] Nice yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4484] It's a lovely area!
[4485] ... When I ... where was I the other day?
[4486] ... Can't remember where I was ... and I was ... I ear-holing really, I was listening to a conversation that this woman was having ... can't think where it was dad!
[4487] ... That's bugging me now!
[4488] ... Might have been queuing up for the keep-fit actually, yes I was, I was queuing up to go to keep-fit ... and there was a woman in the queue saying that ... about so and so and so, ooh he's moving she said!
[4489] ... And he's paying over the odds for this house, she said but of course he's paying for the area, he's moving up to Walford [] !
[4490] ... I thought ooh that's nice to hear, we pay for the area up there then do we! [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [4491] You didn't!
Brian (PS0FA) [4492] Well we didn't no, we got a bargain! ... she

24 (Tape 023703)

John (PS0F8) [4493] I wish things would pick up.
Brian (PS0FA) [4494] I wish we could win the pools!
John (PS0F8) [4495] Ooh there's a few on that today isn't there?
Brian (PS0FA) [4496] Yeah.
[4497] ... The old [...] .
John (PS0F8) [4498] The old bloke.
Brian (PS0FA) [4499] There's a new one having it's drive done here ... somewhere.
John (PS0F8) [4500] There's a couple of [...] on there.
Brian (PS0FA) [4501] Yeah ... it's a bit further down.
John (PS0F8) [4502] Stan 's in hospital.
Brian (PS0FA) [4503] Is that your old erm ... [...] there?
John (PS0F8) [4504] Which?
Brian (PS0FA) [4505] The Cavalier.
[4506] ... You can't see it now, it was [...] .
John (PS0F8) [4507] Bloody sold it!
Brian (PS0FA) [4508] Oh did he?
John (PS0F8) [4509] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4510] Who's is the green one [...] then?
John (PS0F8) [4511] I've asked him.
[4512] ... Jim's Granada that is.
Brian (PS0FA) [4513] Oh is it a Granada?
[4514] ... Oh!
[4515] ... Ha, me again!
John (PS0F8) [4516] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4517] Who's in the office?
John (PS0F8) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4518] Morning!
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4519] Good morning!
Brian (PS0FA) [4520] Morning!
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4521] Can I help you?
[4522] ... Do you need some help?
John (PS0F8) [4523] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
John (PS0F8) [4524] Monday.
[4525] ... No, no ... sit back down.
Brian (PS0FA) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4526] [shouting] Morning Jim [] !
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4527] Get on with it!
Brian (PS0FA) [4528] [laughing] Hiya [] !
John (PS0F8) [4529] I've just come to tell you something else.
Brian (PS0FA) [4530] What was that?
John (PS0F8) [4531] Callan says, he's come up for [...] , no I've just come to tell you something else.
Brian (PS0FA) [4532] Oh right!
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4533] How's [...] , how's his wee [...] ?
Brian (PS0FA) [4534] Oh no!
John (PS0F8) [4535] I am listening yes.
[4536] ... No, I'm on about [...]
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4537] Are you?
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4538] Could've showed you that couldn't I?
[4539] ... You can have a go later.
[4540] ... No, we haven't mastered it yet!
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4541] Have you?
Brian (PS0FA) [4542] No!
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4543] [...] trouble he wants to ... get round and, give us a ring and my lad'll show him how to work it.
Brian (PS0FA) [4544] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4545] If he's as quick as my lad.
[4546] ... Did you stop
Brian (PS0FA) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4547] till the end on Saturday?
Brian (PS0FA) [4548] No, we went not long after you.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4549] Oh!
Brian (PS0FA) [4550] We didn't stay much longer ... we went.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4551] It's a bit too noisy there weren't it?
Brian (PS0FA) [4552] Yeah ... it was getting a bit heavy weren't it?
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4553] But the thing is, if you went, when you went to the bar ... it was still noisy up the bar!
Brian (PS0FA) [4554] Yeah, erm ... when we, [...] was in tears when we come out!
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4555] Was he?
Brian (PS0FA) [4556] Yeah ... bit emotional I think.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4557] Ah!
Brian (PS0FA) [4558] He was in tears.
[4559] ... Good night though,tha ... I did
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4560] Yeah it was.
Brian (PS0FA) [4561] I did think it was nice, the theme was good.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4562] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4563] Very good.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4564] Has he been to the show yet?
Brian (PS0FA) [4565] I don't know, he ju , I ... don't know whether he said he was going Monday or Tuesday, so he should of been.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4566] Oh!
Brian (PS0FA) [4567] Should of been by now.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4568] Cos we went over Sunday just to have a look.
Brian (PS0FA) [4569] Hopefully they might get some work in.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4570] I've sold one ... the one that was there, they've sold!
Brian (PS0FA) [4571] Have they?
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4572] They went into the er ... Molly, she was telling me erm ... she [...] with a bloke, I can't remember the ... they think he's gotta go to Paris first and then, or France, there's a show in France somewhere, I think it's Paris, I don't know ... and then he's going over there, they've had some more enquiries or something.
Brian (PS0FA) [4573] Oh right, good!
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4574] So er ... it should be alright.
Brian (PS0FA) [4575] Yeah, he's been slack for a while now.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4576] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4577] They need some work in.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4578] Trouble is, the Yanks owe them some money don't they, and they wouldn't er
Brian (PS0FA) [4579] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4580] can't get it out of them!
Brian (PS0FA) [4581] That's the trouble with most businesses now though innit?
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4582] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4583] People owing money.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4584] Day off is it?
Brian (PS0FA) [4585] Yeah ... I'm on holiday next week as well.
[4586] ... Can't be bad!
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4587] What are you gonna do, stop at home and do the decorating?
Brian (PS0FA) [4588] No, we're just gonna have a ... a lazy week I think.
[4589] ... I did decorating last ... couple of weeks ago when I was off.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4590] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4591] Mark off then, or just you?
Brian (PS0FA) [4592] Just me.
[4593] He doesn't seem to have as much holiday as me ... cos I get ... nearly six weeks a year now.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4594] Yeah, they don't get a lot.
Brian (PS0FA) [4595] So er ... oh thi , this is finishing off last years, I ain't started on this years yet!
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4596] [laughing] I better shut this before it gets wrecked [] !
Brian (PS0FA) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4597] See you Deds!
Brian (PS0FA) [4598] Tara
John (PS0F8) [4599] Gosh!
[4600] ... We can go in the car park.
Brian (PS0FA) [4601] Okay.
[4602] ... Ooh [...] .
[4603] ... Yep.
[4604] ... I don't need that thing with me. ... [...]
John (PS0F8) [4605] [...] mechanic?
Brian (PS0FA) [4606] Mean a mechanic?
John (PS0F8) [4607] Mhm.
Brian (PS0FA) [4608] Which one?
John (PS0F8) [4609] The bloke with the, in the what's it coat by the loo.
Brian (PS0FA) [4610] The black coat?
John (PS0F8) [4611] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4612] Oh!
John (PS0F8) [4613] I sacked [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [4614] Oh!
John (PS0F8) [4615] He was an idiot!
Brian (PS0FA) [4616] Do your new cars have electric windows?
John (PS0F8) [4617] No.
Brian (PS0FA) [4618] Oh!
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4619] All the same.
John (PS0F8) [4620] [...] sound li , the Honda engine Ded.
Brian (PS0FA) [4621] Oh!
John (PS0F8) [4622] It goes the opposite way to this.
Brian (PS0FA) [4623] How do you mean?
John (PS0F8) [4624] It runs the opposite way.
Brian (PS0FA) [4625] Don't know what you mean.
John (PS0F8) [4626] I i i ... it runs the opposite way to this.
Brian (PS0FA) [4627] He isn't gonna do that!
[4628] ... He isn't gonna do that!
John (PS0F8) [4629] [...] ... Is that one there?
Brian (PS0FA) [4630] No.
[4631] ... Well they keep it ... the [...] take up most of them.
John (PS0F8) [4632] Ah ... might have to get one of these ... get more room.
Brian (PS0FA) [4633] Yeah.
[4634] ... Just keep going up dad.
[4635] ... The higher you go, the less we've gotta go up in the lift, or up the stairs.
John (PS0F8) [4636] Yeah.
[4637] ... [...] one of them ... [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [4638] Got one!
[4639] ... Ooh it's lovely when you're not having to go to work!
John (PS0F8) [4640] I bet that's [...] then?
Brian (PS0FA) [4641] No.
[4642] ... Even if they say we want you to open Sundays now, I shall say no.
John (PS0F8) [4643] No, say, I can't do it!
Brian (PS0FA) [4644] Nope!
John (PS0F8) [4645] Yeah, don't do them no favours, if they say, [...] come in Sunday, so I said ... [...] that really!
Brian (PS0FA) [4646] No I've made arrangements.
[4647] ... Keep going!
John (PS0F8) [4648] Doggy!
Brian (PS0FA) [4649] I erm ... oh I was telling you about those till shorts!
[4650] ... Oh you missed it!
[4651] ... And Tony says to me, do you think we should let the Manager know?
[4652] I says no.
[4653] ... I says, Andrea knows about them ... it's her job ... she's now my, my superior, so ... if anybody let the managers know, she should.
[4654] ... I said if it, if she hadn't of been here today, then yes we would of done, I says, but I'm not gonna cover up for her!
[4655] ... She'll stitch herself up I said, I'm not gonna be responsible for covering up for the woman!
John (PS0F8) [4656] That's right!
Brian (PS0FA) [4657] I do what I've gotta do ... but I'm not gonna make her life any easier!
[4658] ... Oh my life, what's that!
[4659] ... What a mess!
[4660] ... [laughing] I've seen everything now dad [] !
John (PS0F8) [4661] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4662] [laughing] That's so funny!
[4663] ... I can't []
John (PS0F8) [4664] They , they do look funny don't they?
Brian (PS0FA) [4665] I can't stand minis at the best of times, but that's hilarious!
John (PS0F8) [4666] [...] now?
Brian (PS0FA) [4667] Yes.
John (PS0F8) [4668] I'll go down as well okay.
[4669] ... She'll know us next time won't she?
Brian (PS0FA) [4670] Sorry?
John (PS0F8) [4671] She'll know us next time.
Brian (PS0FA) [4672] Who?
[4673] ... Why?
[4674] ... Oh yeah.
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4675] Yeah.
[4676] ... Had a good look!
[4677] ... Oh is that just on, sprinkled on the top that is.
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4678] Yeah.
[4679] ... yeah cos it was getting a bit raw there wasn't it?
John (PS0F8) [4680] Dunno.
Brian (PS0FA) [4681] Yeah.
[4682] ... Ooh I want to make a note of this phone number.
John (PS0F8) [4683] Hey?
Brian (PS0FA) [4684] Hilary .
John (PS0F8) [4685] Come on then!
Brian (PS0FA) [4686] If Aunty Linda wants to know how much it'll be to get the thing, flower thing here again.
John (PS0F8) [4687] Oh yeah.
[4688] ... How come [...] anyway?
[4689] ... Go back up.
[4690] ... Yeah ... met up with a new man and start again.
Brian (PS0FA) [4691] Yeah.
[4692] ... Well it wasn't Linda's business, she just worked
John (PS0F8) [4693] Yeah
Brian (PS0FA) [4694] for her.
John (PS0F8) [4695] that's it.
[4696] ... What did she wanna do it herself?
Brian (PS0FA) [4697] It was ... yeah, yeah.
[4698] ... It was a shame actually because ... the woman was Linda's husband sister!
John (PS0F8) [4699] Oh!
Brian (PS0FA) [4700] And she did narf ... she did narf shit on Linda!
[4701] ... She when
John (PS0F8) [4702] Did she?
Brian (PS0FA) [4703] when the receiver's come in ... and all that, she'd never put Linda down as working for her, so she got no redundancy pay!
John (PS0F8) [4704] Oh!
Brian (PS0FA) [4705] So Linda's ha , to had, [...] to get some money off her!
[4706] ... You know, through the, you know the
John (PS0F8) [4707] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4708] redundancy and all that.
[4709] ... And receiver's and that wa , when they sold off all the business, cos they, they then pay out the money that they owed her back.
John (PS0F8) [4710] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4711] And she had a wa , hell of a job to get some money from them!
John (PS0F8) [4712] Oh!
Brian (PS0FA) [4713] I mean, she's family as well!
[4714] ... No I mean ... she she ... she, she wanted to try and set up on her own.
John (PS0F8) [4715] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4716] [...] ... cos erm
John (PS0F8) [4717] How much does it cost?
Brian (PS0FA) [4718] I don't dad, that's what I've gotta find out.
[4719] ... John, Mark's brothers sharing the money four ways.
John (PS0F8) [4720] Are they?
[4721] ... Four
Brian (PS0FA) [4722] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4723] ways, yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4724] Yeah.
[4725] ... Mark's having five, and he's having five.
John (PS0F8) [4726] So it's all settled now?
Brian (PS0FA) [4727] Yeah ... and Sheila
John (PS0F8) [4728] Oh!
Brian (PS0FA) [4729] and Linda are having four, but
John (PS0F8) [4730] Aha!
Brian (PS0FA) [4731] Sheila doesn't know you see.
John (PS0F8) [4732] Oh!
Brian (PS0FA) [4733] No, he nev , he hasn't, so it's gonna be a surprise for her.
John (PS0F8) [4734] What you gonna do with the five?
[4735] ... Buy a car?
Brian (PS0FA) [4736] I don't know dad.
[4737] ... No, I don't know what he's gonna do with it.
John (PS0F8) [4738] Oh.
Brian (PS0FA) [4739] I'll leave it up to Mark.
[4740] ... I want him to buy a car but
John (PS0F8) [4741] Well if you do decide ... to buy a car, if you wanna get a new one, I'll [...] over.
Brian (PS0FA) [4742] Yeah.
[4743] ... I mean, like you say, if we could put five thousand pound down on a car ... we'd have
John (PS0F8) [4744] After you've
Brian (PS0FA) [4745] you
John (PS0F8) [4746] like
Brian (PS0FA) [4747] know
John (PS0F8) [4748] you're virtually buying it cash then.
Brian (PS0FA) [4749] That's right.
John (PS0F8) [4750] For a Metro.
[4751] ... Yeah, you don't have to buy, you don't have to buy the top of the range Metro.
Brian (PS0FA) [4752] Oh no, I know.
[4753] ... But I mean ... he's sucked in at the minute with Linda cos she wants him to ... put his money ... with her as well you see.
John (PS0F8) [4754] Yeah ... maybe that's a good idea.
Brian (PS0FA) [4755] I don't dad, cos she's not a florist!
[4756] ... She's not
John (PS0F8) [4757] isn't she?
Brian (PS0FA) [4758] she's got no business ... attitude at all!
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4759] This is it!
[4760] ... I know.
[4761] ... I mean
John (PS0F8) [4762] If you're just working for somebody else [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [4763] No.
[4764] ... the
John (PS0F8) [4765] [...] must be once ... [...] but er ... she got [...] ... [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4766] I do , I don't know dad.
[4767] ... I don't know.
John (PS0F8) [4768] Didn't you know him?
Brian (PS0FA) [4769] No, [...] .
John (PS0F8) [4770] Well he, he does [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [4771] I don't know.
[4772] ... Erm
John (PS0F8) [4773] Did it?
Brian (PS0FA) [4774] I mean
John (PS0F8) [4775] I think the business we
Brian (PS0FA) [4776] she
John (PS0F8) [4777] went down [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4778] Yeah.
[4779] ... She knows where to get the stuff from and
John (PS0F8) [4780] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4781] she knows how to do arrangements and all that ... but she's got no business sense!
[4782] ... Erm
John (PS0F8) [4783] You have to be careful though or she could
Brian (PS0FA) [4784] but
John (PS0F8) [4785] you can lose money.
Brian (PS0FA) [4786] I've, I've said to Mark ... it's your money
John (PS0F8) [4787] That's right, let him do it [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [4788] and ... do with it as you will ... because at the end of the day then he can't turn round and sa , to me and say ... well you wanted to do this with it ... i , if it goes wrong!
John (PS0F8) [4789] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4790] He's only himself to blame then.
John (PS0F8) [4791] That's right yeah.
[4792] ... Oh, yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4793] What are we doing up here then, I've gotta get some money.
John (PS0F8) [4794] Yeah, I wanna to go to ... the A A.
[4795] ... Where else did I wanna go Ded?
Brian (PS0FA) [4796] Get something for the ... lice, or whatever, wood lice or
John (PS0F8) [4797] Ooh yeah!
[4798] ... And there was something else ... [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [4799] No, you've been to the Midland red.
John (PS0F8) [4800] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4801] That was it wasn't it?
John (PS0F8) [4802] Oh!
[4803] ... I'll go up here ... what have you got ... where have you gotta, which bank you gotta go to then?
Brian (PS0FA) [4804] Midland.
John (PS0F8) [4805] Midland ... we'll go to Midland bank first then.
Brian (PS0FA) [4806] And then down the hill?
John (PS0F8) [4807] Ah ... and then down the hill.
[4808] ... Still on?
Brian (PS0FA) [4809] I've turned it o , I, I turned it off while you went in the garage.
John (PS0F8) [4810] Oh.
Brian (PS0FA) [4811] Yeah, it's still on.
[4812] ... I hate these people that ... catch you in the street! ... [...]
John (PS0F8) [4813] I know, [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [4814] No, I normally say I, I
John (PS0F8) [4815] Sorry, I can't stop.
Brian (PS0FA) [4816] I can't stop and
John (PS0F8) [4817] I just say, sorry I don't give interviews.
Brian (PS0FA) [4818] Yeah ... [laughing] I thought [] ... I thought that was Rita over there, but it wasn't.
[4819] ... I owe you two weeks pools money.
John (PS0F8) [4820] Yeah, Peter owed me some as well.
Brian (PS0FA) [4821] Two weeks innit?
John (PS0F8) [4822] Yeah, [...] getting paid.
Brian (PS0FA) [4823] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4824] Two pound [...] .
[4825] ... I go , I al al already owe them from me, two pounds.
[4826] ... Remember the last time I put it in [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [4827] No, I won't.
John (PS0F8) [4828] So I borrowed two pound out the bag, I've got plenty of money in the bag but ... I don't know we [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [4829] No.
[4830] ... I don't know whether I've got any money in the bank dad!
[4831] ... I made a couple of hundred pound out of them Sundays in any case!
John (PS0F8) [4832] Yeah, yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4833] I mean ... I got a ... I banked two hundred pound extra last month.
John (PS0F8) [4834] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4835] Than, you know, a normal
John (PS0F8) [4836] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4837] four weeks or whatever.
John (PS0F8) [4838] [...] ... You going in the bank?
Brian (PS0FA) [4839] No, I can go to a machine dad.
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4840] Ha!
John (PS0F8) [4841] Somethi , something wrong [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4842] Cos they accused you. [using bank machine]
Brian (PS0FA) [4843] Go on, tell me I can't have none!
[4844] ... Oh no!
John (PS0F8) [4845] Give it to you ... trusts you, you see.
Brian (PS0FA) [4846] I must admit, it's never ever ... let me down ... but I mean, they know ... if ever they said I couldn't have no money I'd cause one hell of a stink you know!
John (PS0F8) [4847] I'd just go and say, here are ... I can't ha , why can't I have any money?
[4848] ... I'd just say, I'd close my account here.
Brian (PS0FA) [4849] I mean, they have ... guaranteed every week, a hundred and twenty pound goes in that bank ... every week!
[4850] ... And ... they get what, seven hundred and fifty pound a month as well!
John (PS0F8) [4851] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4852] Now, I mean ... there's no way they can say ... the money doesn't go in ... and the last couple of months it's been nine hundred and fifty pound, rather than seven hundred and fifty!
John (PS0F8) [4853] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4854] Here are look, that's all I got to my name dad.
John (PS0F8) [4855] [laughing] Yeah I've [...] [] ! ... [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4856] I want a loaf of bread.
John (PS0F8) [4857] Do you?
[4858] Where's that [...] ?
[4859] ... We went to, did I tell you when we wanted a statement, and Mary said where's that money gone? ... [...] on the seventh ... so then I come out ... this is [...] ... fifty pound, twenty pound ... fifteen pound ... [...] ... took hundred and forty pound, paid it in, in two days got nothing!
[4860] ... I said that's where our money's going!
Brian (PS0FA) [4861] God!
John (PS0F8) [4862] Must of [...] .
[4863] ... I want our house valued now ... well not just yet, we want the garden finished first ... not that it matters a lot.
Brian (PS0FA) [4864] No.
John (PS0F8) [4865] That looks a nice house for seventy thousand there, three bedrooms
Brian (PS0FA) [4866] Yeah, I wonder where it is.
John (PS0F8) [4867] Callow Hill eighty two.
[4868] ... That's nice ... semi- detached [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [4869] That's only a three bedroomed, what he's got.
John (PS0F8) [4870] Which one?
Brian (PS0FA) [4871] That Callow Hill one for eight , eighty two.
John (PS0F8) [4872] Yeah, probably yeah.
[4873] ... Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4874] Mind you, you're paying for the area aren't you?
John (PS0F8) [4875] Yeah, that's all you're paying for yeah.
[4876] ... [...] there seventy eight thousand, three bedroomed ... sixty four to sixty eight, [...] that's probably a fair bit.
[4877] ... See them council houses are se , sell [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [4878] I know.
[4879] ... [...] . I like looking at the houses.
John (PS0F8) [4880] Yeah.
[4881] ... Gives you an idea what's er ... [...] innit?
Brian (PS0FA) [4882] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4883] I mean,se
Brian (PS0FA) [4884] Ours is, I reckon ours is
John (PS0F8) [4885] semi-detached houses, look at that, fifty eight, sixty thousand for
Brian (PS0FA) [4886] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4887] semi-detached houses!
[4888] ... Look at that one for fifty eight!
Brian (PS0FA) [4889] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4890] I mean, what's a , what does that look like, [...] an ordinary house, council house
Brian (PS0FA) [4891] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [4892] innit?
[4893] ... Fifty eight thousand?
[4894] ... Well, [...] !
Brian (PS0FA) [4895] I'd be looking ... for sixty five for ours, if we were to put it on the market, I mean we're not
John (PS0F8) [4896] Oh yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4897] we're not, like, intending to sell it at all but
John (PS0F8) [4898] No.
Brian (PS0FA) [4899] Ooh we'll go round and get this.
[4900] ... Quickly, cos the lights have changed!
John (PS0F8) [4901] Go to [...] Ded?
Brian (PS0FA) [4902] I'm going to.
[4903] ... Ah, I can't see now, my glasses are all wet!
John (PS0F8) [4904] Put sweepers on!
Brian (PS0FA) [4905] [laughing] I ain't got none!
[4906] ... They didn't come with this model [] !
John (PS0F8) [4907] [...] ... I got spike on one of my boots. ... [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4908] [laughing] No [] !
[4909] ... I'd like to work for one of the building societies and get a cheap mortgage.
[4910] ... Ooh I thought it was further down than this!
[4911] ... Ooh I say!
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4912] Hello.
[4913] ... Can I help you?
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4914] No, [...]
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4915] Yep.
John (PS0F8) [4916] And erm ... I'm swopping my car
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4917] Right.
John (PS0F8) [4918] and it's got twelve months er membership ... how will I take it out?
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4919] What you ne , what you can do erm ... is, have you had your membership card come through yet?
John (PS0F8) [4920] Yeah, it's come this morning, [...]
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4921] Right.
John (PS0F8) [4922] or yesterday or something
Brian (PS0FA) [4923] Ooh!
John (PS0F8) [4924] yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [4925] Is that what I've got?
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4926] Wha , what they'll actually do er ... they'll suspend your A A membership now for
John (PS0F8) [4927] Yep.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4928] the year, until your ... your pre-membership runs out, and then they'll
John (PS0F8) [4929] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4930] re-instate to you, so you'll have one.
John (PS0F8) [4931] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4932] And then you'll be covered [...]
John (PS0F8) [4933] Be, just about the same anyway, cos I'm having the car on Monday.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4934] When you picking up the new car?
John (PS0F8) [4935] Monday.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4936] Monday ... erm ... are you in town Monday?
[4937] ... Are you in town again Monday?
[4938] ... The reason I ask is cos they've obviously gotta send the card, if the cards back, you break down between now and Monday.
John (PS0F8) [4939] Erm
Brian (PS0FA) [4940] Tuesday a ... I'm coming to town cos
John (PS0F8) [4941] So I'll leave it till Tuesday, [...]
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4942] Alright, yeah probably you're best , cos you're better off keeping your card just in case
John (PS0F8) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4943] you break down between now and then, you'll need your card.
John (PS0F8) [4944] Yes I'm
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4945] It doesn't matter if you come in Tuesday, rather
John (PS0F8) [4946] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4947] than Monday.
[4948] ... All you need to do
John (PS0F8) [4949] Alright then.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4950] is call in with them, and then we'll send it back
John (PS0F8) [4951] Oh right.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4952] to membership department.
[4953] ... Er, you'll probably get a temporary membership card when you get free car ... or your new car.
John (PS0F8) [4954] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4955] If you bring that in as well, we'll get everything sorted out.
John (PS0F8) [4956] Alright then.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4957] You're better keeping the card just in case you break down.
John (PS0F8) [4958] Just in case yeah, I know, if I break down I can always ring you up anyway.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4959] Yeah, well there's [...] .
John (PS0F8) [4960] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4961] And then ... then they'll compare with you.
John (PS0F8) [4962] Okay then.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [4963] And you'll get your membership, [...]
John (PS0F8) [4964] Ah, that's fine.
Brian (PS0FA) [4965] Right.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4966] Thanks ... Right ... ooh!
John (PS0F8) [4967] Thanks.
Brian (PS0FA) [4968] I've just got all the rain off, and now we're coming out again!
[4969] ... We'll look in this one then, now the rain's died off a bit.
[4970] ... Oh look, that's nice one!
John (PS0F8) [4971] And the one next to it, that's a big house.
Brian (PS0FA) [4972] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [4973] One seventy five!
Brian (PS0FA) [4974] That's nice [...] .
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [4975] That's reduced to ninety five nine ... fifty.
John (PS0F8) [4976] Mm.
Brian (PS0FA) [4977] That's not bad innit
John (PS0F8) [4978] Where's that?
[4979] ... Callow Hill
Brian (PS0FA) [4980] Callow Hill
John (PS0F8) [4981] Yeah.
[4982] ... I don't like them being reduced, that means you're gonna get nothing [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [4983] That's a nice one, Hallowbury ... Close
John (PS0F8) [4984] Yeah
Brian (PS0FA) [4985] in Yatts Green
John (PS0F8) [4986] How many bedrooms is it?
Brian (PS0FA) [4987] That's a three bedroomed house dad, I think, yes, three good bedrooms.
John (PS0F8) [4988] Three bedrooms.
Brian (PS0FA) [4989] That's nice innit?
[4990] ... Hundred and eight.
John (PS0F8) [4991] Yeah, four bedrooms.
[4992] ... Big double garage ... that's a good price that is!
[4993] ... They were trying plug them for a hundred and fifty thousand weren't they?
Brian (PS0FA) [4994] What's galleried dining room sa ... mean?
John (PS0F8) [4995] Where?
Brian (PS0FA) [4996] Galleried dining room.
John (PS0F8) [4997] Must be a [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [4998] Mm ... that one looks nice ... sold.
John (PS0F8) [4999] Yeah.
[5000] ... A hundred and thirty five, yeah, isn't that nice?
Brian (PS0FA) [5001] That's on the golf course that is, innit?
John (PS0F8) [5002] Is it?
Brian (PS0FA) [5003] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [5004] Yeah, must be, yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [5005] What's on this one?
John (PS0F8) [5006] Blooming big house!
Brian (PS0FA) [5007] This is the cheaper side!
[5008] [laugh] ... Yeah, that's one of those at Rangeworthy
John (PS0F8) [5009] Well look at those , two hundred and fifty five ... that's a big ... that's a bargain innit?
Brian (PS0FA) [5010] That's a two bedroom that is.
John (PS0F8) [5011] I know.
Brian (PS0FA) [5012] Is it two bedroom?
[5013] ... Yeah, two bedrooms.
[5014] ... That's fifty five that was, for a two bedroomed house!
John (PS0F8) [5015] You can se , I me , you can see some of them ain't worth the money though can't you?
Brian (PS0FA) [5016] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [5017] I mean, look at that ... in that, Ashbourne Close [...] there, forty three and a half thousand!
Brian (PS0FA) [5018] It's horrible isn't it?
[5019] ... Yeah, that's it, Rangeworthy [] Close.
John (PS0F8) [5020] Mm.
Brian (PS0FA) [5021] Double glazed ... oh it's got a conservatory on the back,
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [5022] and a garage built on but ... mm mm ... That JFK's supposed to be very good you know, the film.
John (PS0F8) [5023] I know, one of the chaps at
Brian (PS0FA) [5024] Sh
John (PS0F8) [5025] work went to see it, it's about four hours long or something!
Brian (PS0FA) [5026] Yeah he said it's very long.
[5027] ... But i , it's ... it's very good, it gets you thinking.
John (PS0F8) [5028] Yeah, he said it was worth seeing.
[5029] ... Are you going to next race mee , race meeting?
Brian (PS0FA) [5030] When is it?
John (PS0F8) [5031] I don't know, not very long.
Brian (PS0FA) [5032] I think so ... I think we'd said we'd go.
John (PS0F8) [5033] Yeah, I think we said we'd go.
[5034] We'll have to see what's, where we are at the time.
Brian (PS0FA) [5035] We've gotta pay for the coach this time haven't we, or something?
John (PS0F8) [5036] Ay
Brian (PS0FA) [5037] We gotta pay for the coach this time though haven't we?
John (PS0F8) [5038] Oh, it won't be much though will it?
Brian (PS0FA) [5039] Oh no, not if they [...] .
John (PS0F8) [5040] Be a couple of quid ... I suppose.
Brian (PS0FA) [5041] I never got my meat out!
[5042] ... Ain't got nothing for tea now!
John (PS0F8) [5043] Well we want, I better get [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [5044] I, I want some bread.
John (PS0F8) [5045] Where do you wanna get it?
Brian (PS0FA) [5046] Anywhere.
[5047] ... Run into Tesco's if you like.
John (PS0F8) [5048] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [5049] I want a Hovis loaf, it's nice bread that is.
John (PS0F8) [5050] Yeah.
[5051] ... [laughing] Did you hear that [] ?
[5052] ... What's your occupation ... I'm a bouncer!
John (PS0F8) [5053] Who was that?
Brian (PS0FA) [5054] That bloke up there ... that woman interviewing him.
John (PS0F8) [5055] [laughing] What do you bounce!
[5056] ... Balls [] !
Brian (PS0FA) [5057] He's a bouncer for Mothercare ... or
John (PS0F8) [laugh]
Brian (PS0FA) [5058] go that way!
[5059] ... Oh we'll dodge him!
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [5060] Excuse me, can I [...] [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [5061] No thank you! ... [...] avoid them, [...] ask her!
John (PS0F8) [5062] Yeah, you should of said yes, I said, [...] I'm all for doing a survey wi , I'm, your being recorded.
Brian (PS0FA) [5063] Oh God yeah!
[5064] ... Shall we go back?
John (PS0F8) [5065] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [laugh]
Brian (PS0FA) [5066] I ca , I don't ... I do like these shops but I can't go in them.
John (PS0F8) [5067] No [...] , they're overpowering aren't they?
Brian (PS0FA) [5068] Yeah, I've got a, the smell drives me ... insane ... it's too much!
[5069] ... Makes me feel so ill!
[5070] ... [yawn] Oh excuse me!
[5071] ... Here are, we'll get some bread from here can't I?
John (PS0F8) [5072] Yeah, what do I want?
[5073] ... I don't want bread, I want eggs.
Brian (PS0FA) [5074] I know, you want eggs, yeah.
John (PS0F8) [5075] Get bread from here, and it's nice bread from here.
Brian (PS0FA) [5076] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [5077] I'll get a loaf.
Brian (PS0FA) [5078] I want a Hovis loaf, dad.
[5079] ... [...] ... Mind you
John (PS0F8) [5080] I'll have one of those as well.
Brian (PS0FA) [5081] they're nice and soft
John (PS0F8) [5082] One of them.
Brian (PS0FA) [5083] ain't they, one of them?
John (PS0F8) [5084] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [5085] It's only a little one.
John (PS0F8) [5086] Yeah, it'll do. ... [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [5087] There is bigger ones here.
John (PS0F8) [5088] How much is this?
[5089] ... A big one?
[5090] ... It's probably [...] .
[5091] ... I'll have this one ... want a cake or anything to go with that?
Brian (PS0FA) [5092] Oh, I shouldn't really!
John (PS0F8) [5093] What?
[5094] ... You don't want a doughnut though do you?
Brian (PS0FA) [5095] No, I don't like doughnuts.
[5096] ... I'll have an iced bun dad.
John (PS0F8) [5097] One of them?
Brian (PS0FA) [5098] Yeah.
[5099] ... I'm sorry but that's all I've got, alright?
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [5100] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [5101] Ay
Brian (PS0FA) [5102] I said I've
John (PS0F8) [5103] You paying?
Brian (PS0FA) [5104] Ay
John (PS0F8) [5105] You're not paying for mine are you?
Brian (PS0FA) [5106] No ... did you want me to?
John (PS0F8) [5107] No ... cos I wanna get the er ... [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [5108] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [5109] Yes please!
John (PS0F8) [5110] And an iced bun ... and an apple turnover please?
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [5111] Oh alright, [...] .
John (PS0F8) [5112] And a pound out the till!
Brian (PS0FA) [5113] [laugh] ... They don't do that [...] .
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [5114] Forty pence please.
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [5115] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [5116] Sorry!
[5117] ... The , these are nice, these look nice but they're not
John (PS0F8) [5118] Oh yeah I bet they're nice and fresh.
Brian (PS0FA) [5119] They're
John (PS0F8) [5120] Yeah
Brian (PS0FA) [5121] made on the premises
John (PS0F8) [5122] the
Brian (PS0FA) [5123] I think by the looks of it.
John (PS0F8) [5124] I like, oh yeah [...] yeah.
[5125] ... [...] ... they look nice don't they?
Brian (PS0FA) [5126] They look nice yeah.
John (PS0F8) [5127] [...] up here Ded?
Brian (PS0FA) [5128] Yeah.
[5129] ... We have them ... bought in daily.
John (PS0F8) [5130] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [5131] Same sort of thing but obviously th , they wouldn't ... those would be a lot nicer there I think.
John (PS0F8) [5132] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [5133] Sorry, I thought you'd seen pick these up.
John (PS0F8) [5134] I'm not queuing ay ... No I didn't.
[5135] ... I thought that black bloke had picked them up [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [5136] Oh!
John (PS0F8) [5137] Ought to go back again quick!
[5138] ... Before he disappeared out the door!
[5139] ... He wouldn't of got out!
Brian (PS0FA) [5140] [laugh] ... These [...] ever so heavy!
John (PS0F8) [5141] Hey?
Brian (PS0FA) [5142] It's low!
John (PS0F8) [5143] Yeah, mine's getting heavy as well, we need a carrier bag.
Brian (PS0FA) [5144] Ooh I like them jumpers dad.
[5145] ... I like that.
John (PS0F8) [5146] Yeah, [...] ... that is.
Brian (PS0FA) [5147] That's really nice that is!
John (PS0F8) [5148] I'm not sure about the white one though.
[5149] ... Let's go and watch that.
Brian (PS0FA) [5150] And, I like that you know.
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [5151] That's nice innit?
John (PS0F8) [5152] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [5153] You say there's somebody at the [...] ? ... [...] ... it's a thing
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [5154] Thirty one ninety nine.
Brian (PS0FA) [5155] thirty one, thirty one ninety that is.
[5156] ... That's nice that is dad.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [5157] Next time we're here on Friday ... er ... [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [5158] You're here Wednesdays and Fridays ... yeah.
John (PS0F8) [5159] I thought he said, [...] Fridays, I thought he said a week Friday.
Brian (PS0FA) [5160] No, next day will be Friday.
John (PS0F8) [5161] Friday ... so it's Wednesday and Friday, right?
Brian (PS0FA) [5162] Thanks!
John (PS0F8) [5163] I'm not up next Wednesday.
Brian (PS0FA) [5164] I am.
[5165] ... Er e , even there's a nice one look!
John (PS0F8) [5166] Yeah ... I know.
Brian (PS0FA) [5167] But, what are we after, eggs?
[5168] ... You want eggs?
John (PS0F8) [5169] Ey di , now did you want anything else?
Brian (PS0FA) [5170] Oh, so you can get them in here can't you? [...] ... that's good!
[5171] ... It's gone a bit colder now hasn't it?
[5172] It wasn't cold earlier on!
John (PS0F8) [5173] [...] ... It's really mild then. ... [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [5174] You what sorry?
John (PS0F8) [5175] [...] nice, it was ever so mild.
Brian (PS0FA) [5176] Yeah ... it was.
[5177] ... Yeurgh ... I , where do you, where do you get your eggs from?
John (PS0F8) [5178] Mm?
Brian (PS0FA) [5179] Where will you get your eggs from?
John (PS0F8) [5180] Round the corner.
Brian (PS0FA) [5181] Oh right. ... [...]
John (PS0F8) [5182] I wanna get the spuds.
Brian (PS0FA) [5183] They're good portions aren't they?
John (PS0F8) [5184] Yeah. ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [5185] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [5186] [...] ... How much are they in Tesco's?
[5187] ... Are they twice that?
Brian (PS0FA) [5188] That's two fifty and pound though!
John (PS0F8) [5189] More [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [5190] About the same.
[5191] ... Yeah about the same.
John (PS0F8) [5192] Yeah about the same , yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
John (PS0F8) [5193] Can I have a pound of chicken breasts please?
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [5194] Sixty two?
John (PS0F8) [5195] Yeah.
[5196] ... Can I have a carrier bag as well please?
Brian (PS0FA) [5197] Free range eggs, two twenty per tray.
John (PS0F8) [5198] Oh yeah, that's enough ... yeah.
[5199] I'll have some free range eggs as well.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [5200] How many would you like?
John (PS0F8) [5201] Er ... a dozen please?
Brian (PS0FA) [5202] Turkey wings.
[5203] ... [laughing] Do you still [...] them dad [] !
John (PS0F8) [5204] Ah?
Brian (PS0FA) [5205] Them turkey wings
John (PS0F8) [5206] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [5207] Like a joint innit?
John (PS0F8) [5208] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [5209] Ooh I don't!
John (PS0F8) [5210] Don't you?
Brian (PS0FA) [5211] I don't like turkey do I?
John (PS0F8) [5212] No.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [5213] Thank you!
John (PS0F8) [5214] Thank you.
[5215] ... Put that in there Ded.
Brian (PS0FA) [5216] Yeah.
[5217] ... And the chicken as well?
John (PS0F8) [5218] Yeah, yeah and them ... [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [5219] Do, I mean, a lot of people are doing these now, know these pizzas?
John (PS0F8) [5220] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [5221] They look quite good don't they?
John (PS0F8) [5222] That's a ... nearly two pound one, they're big ain't they?
Brian (PS0FA) [5223] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [5224] Need to get one of them [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [5225] Oh that's good!
John (PS0F8) [5226] Gonna get them?
Brian (PS0FA) [5227] Yeah, ninety
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [5228] nine P ... bag of chicken nuggets
John (PS0F8) [5229] Oh!
Brian (PS0FA) [5230] ninety nine P ... that's cheap dad!
John (PS0F8) [5231] Yeah, a bag of nuggets. ... [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [5232] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [5233] That's cheap! ... [...] that's forty P.
Brian (PS0FA) [5234] One ninety nine ... I mean that's
John (PS0F8) [5235] Trouble is, there's only me that eats it!
Brian (PS0FA) [5236] Yeah.
[5237] ... Ooh, I love my meat now, I couldn't give up my meat!
John (PS0F8) [5238] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [5239] I couldn't do that.
[5240] ... Do you know, I reckon you're better off coming into to somewhere like this to buy it.
John (PS0F8) [5241] Oh I do.
Brian (PS0FA) [5242] Rather than er ... paying Tesco's prices, don't you dad?
[5243] ... I'll buy the
John (PS0F8) [5244] Ah?
Brian (PS0FA) [5245] [...] .
John (PS0F8) [5246] Ah?
[5247] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [5248] Don't you dad?
John (PS0F8) [5249] Yeah, buy them for one ninety nine there.
Brian (PS0FA) [5250] We ... Where have we gotta go now?
John (PS0F8) [5251] Don't know.
Brian (PS0FA) [5252] Caulies look nice dad.
John (PS0F8) [5253] Yeah, they do.
[5254] ... How much are they?
Brian (PS0FA) [5255] Sixty P.
John (PS0F8) [5256] Oh, cheap!
[5257] ... But I, I don't get anything now.
Brian (PS0FA) [5258] We've gotta go back ... go home then.
[5259] ... Let's go!
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [5260] Well you got me for the day today, cos I can't go now until I fetch the car.
John (PS0F8) [5261] What time you gotta fetch it?
Brian (PS0FA) [5262] Five.
John (PS0F8) [5263] Five.
Brian (PS0FA) [5264] May as well make our way back to the car then
John (PS0F8) [5265] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [5266] hadn't we?
John (PS0F8) [5267] Might as well have dinner then, with us ... because we'll be having dinner about five.
Brian (PS0FA) [5268] No, I can't cos I'll have to do Marks.
John (PS0F8) [5269] Oh.
[5270] ... Is he ... is he still got overtime?
Brian (PS0FA) [5271] No.
John (PS0F8) [5272] Basic hours now?
Brian (PS0FA) [5273] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [5274] Mind you, they'll probably wanna do overtime next week!
Brian (PS0FA) [5275] Ye , yeah.
[5276] ... Colin was just saying, I mean, ... his wife works in the office and she hears a lot of what's going on.
John (PS0F8) [5277] [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [5278] The Americans owe the company money and they're waiting for that ... and also the , they sold one of the machines at the ... exhibition ... so, and they've had some enquiries, so hopefully they'll bring some work in.
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [5279] Twenty pence.
John (PS0F8) [5280] Thank you.
Brian (PS0FA) [5281] Thanks.
[5282] ... I think I'll have to leave Mark.
[5283] ... Go and work on Andrew!
[5284] ... [laughing] It's picking up [] !
John (PS0F8) [5285] Yeah ... you wanna [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [5286] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [5287] Then you'll have to do [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [5288] I thought erm
John (PS0F8) [5289] Your brother [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [5290] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [5291] Well the thing is ... Dianne and ... and Charles, they haven't known it, it's never worked from day one
John (PS0F8) [5292] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [5293] apparently!
John (PS0F8) [5294] That's right.
Brian (PS0FA) [5295] But, because of the ... position he holds in the community
John (PS0F8) [5296] Yeah , that's right.
Brian (PS0FA) [5297] they, they ... make them stay together.
John (PS0F8) [5298] He's not [...] ... who's gonna give up Queen of England anyway?
Brian (PS0FA) [5299] Well that's right, [...] .
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [5300] I don't blame her!
[5301] ... Make his life miserable, stick with him! [laugh]
John (PS0F8) [5302] Well ... think of the money!
Brian (PS0FA) [5303] As long as he don't start beating her about, she's [...]
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [5304] to stay where she is, isn't she?
John (PS0F8) [5305] Yeah, just think of the money!
Brian (PS0FA) [5306] That's it.
John (PS0F8) [5307] [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [5308] Me, changed sides now.
John (PS0F8) [5309] Ay
Brian (PS0FA) [5310] I keep moving this from side to side ... cos we keep swopping.
[5311] ... Sammy went erm ... ice skating ... with one of her friends
John (PS0F8) [5312] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [5313] a couple of weeks ago.
John (PS0F8) [5314] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [5315] Do you know, she's had no pocket money since?
John (PS0F8) [5316] Why?
Brian (PS0FA) [5317] To pay for it.
[5318] ... She had to pay for it herself ... and now, she's had no pocket money since!
[5319] ... She ge , I think she gets half, half her pocket money this week cos she's paying
John (PS0F8) [5320] Christ!
[5321] How much
Brian (PS0FA) [5322] she sa
John (PS0F8) [5323] does he give them?
Brian (PS0FA) [5324] Erm ... I think they get a pound a week dad.
John (PS0F8) [5325] Is that all?
Brian (PS0FA) [5326] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [5327] I mean, really Sammy should be getting a bit more than that now ... shouldn't she?
Brian (PS0FA) [5328] I mean, really
John (PS0F8) [5329] Pocket money
Brian (PS0FA) [5330] they both
John (PS0F8) [5331] [...] ... give
Brian (PS0FA) [5332] ju
John (PS0F8) [5333] her a pound or something.
Brian (PS0FA) [5334] they both sho , ooh don't you say nothing!
John (PS0F8) [5335] Oh no.
Brian (PS0FA) [5336] No.
[5337] ... Dad, they both should get more now, because they have to buy their own comics and that.
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [5338] Yeah!
John (PS0F8) [5339] Oh, well that's [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [5340] it's out their pocket money!
John (PS0F8) [5341] giving them [...] .
Brian (PS0FA) [5342] I always give them some ... when I, when I see them, I try and give them ... you know
John (PS0F8) [5343] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [5344] odd fifty P here, and pound here and ... I always try to give them a little bit.
[5345] ... They, we were ... I, I didn't know till Sunday.
John (PS0F8) [5346] Oh.
Brian (PS0FA) [5347] We went the shop ... and she Anthony a pound, she give Sam a pound ... I mean, she was a good girl ... and she'd [...] afterwards cos she'd opened her mouth ... but she said, I shouldn't have had any should I?
[5348] ... And she took it straight off her!
[5349] ... No you shouldn't, you're right!
[5350] ... I says, oh Sam, you are a good girl for being honest, I says, don't get upset, I said
John (PS0F8) [5351] You should of said, you'll be docked pay!
Brian (PS0FA) [5352] [laughing] Yeah [] !
John (PS0F8) [laugh]
Brian (PS0FA) [5353] Yeah.
[5354] ... I said you are a good girl for being honest, I said, don't, don't get upset, I says, cos you'll get your pocket money next week.
[5355] ... I won't, she says, I'm only having half next week!
[5356] ... And then I've paid for it she says!
[5357] ... But that's mean dad!
John (PS0F8) [5358] It is yeah, she don't have to [...] though isn't she?
Brian (PS0FA) [5359] I shouldn't say half the things I do say, but I ge ... I get upset I do!
[5360] ... The way she's ... she is to Sammy ... she's, she's awful to her!
[5361] ... I don't know why.
John (PS0F8) [5362] Mm.
Brian (PS0FA) [5363] And she's not the same to Anthony, she does treat them differently!
John (PS0F8) [5364] Does she?
Brian (PS0FA) [5365] Yeah ... yeah.
[5366] ... I mean, Mark don't say much, he keeps his mouth shut!
[5367] ... He ignores a, a lot of things that go on ... but even he passed comment the other ... the other week ... when we was at bingo ... when we were coming out ... he said er ... he says she's horrible to Sam that ... sometimes!
[5368] [noise - train] ... It's a shame!
[5369] ... The thing is ... you can't, you can't say nothing to her.
John (PS0F8) [5370] No ... no I know.
Brian (PS0FA) [5371] You can't, you can't speak to her at all!
John (PS0F8) [5372] No. ... [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [5373] Because she , she goes in off the deep end and ... you
John (PS0F8) [5374] yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [5375] know you're ... you lose out opening your mouth then!
John (PS0F8) [5376] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [5377] We're on the to aren't we?
John (PS0F8) [...]
Brian (PS0FA) [5378] Oh that's alright then weren't it!
[5379] ... Oh I owe you two forty don't I?
[5380] ... I'll give you Teresa's as well, then she can pay me back tomorrow.
[5381] ... So I'll gi , if I give you five pound that's covers the ... the pools money for the last two
John (PS0F8) [5382] Yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [5383] the last week and this week.
John (PS0F8) [5384] Okay.
Brian (PS0FA) [5385] Oh I can!
John (PS0F8) [5386] Oh!
Brian (PS0FA) [5387] Do you get free membership with most new cars now, for the A A?
John (PS0F8) [5388] Ah yeah, well you used to get one of ... one of them anyway.
[5389] ... Not necessarily the A A, could be er
Brian (PS0FA) [5390] R A C.
John (PS0F8) [5391] R A C, you know.
Brian (PS0FA) [5392] Have you got some money for the ... car park?
John (PS0F8) [5393] I've got change.
Brian (PS0FA) [5394] Here are, Major's on the front as well!
[5395] ... Silly moo!
[5396] ... [reading newspaper] Labour's poll lead ... as Major drops a cha ... clangers!
[5397] ... Bumbling John Major dropped one clanger after another yesterday as Britain's economy took yet another hammering ... and last night he was reeling as two new opinion polls showed ... Labour verging ahead to a five point lead, enough to put them into Westminster ... with an overall majority [] .
[5398] ... Oh!
John (PS0F8) [5399] Everybody's saying now, that it looks as if the Labour are now good, but what can they do to us Ded?
Brian (PS0FA) [5400] It doesn't matter who gets in power dad!
[5401] ... We , we're gonna be ... just as bad off I think!
John (PS0F8) [5402] You see the thing is that ... we want the economy to pick up.
Brian (PS0FA) [5403] Yeah.
John (PS0F8) [5404] We want our houses to go up in ... in value ... and this sort of [...] is not important to us!
[5405] ... We want things moving!
Brian (PS0FA) [5406] That's it, yeah.
John (PS0F8) [5407] Nothing's happening at the moment!
Brian (PS0FA) [5408] No,i ,i , the country has laid dormant, hasn't it, for the last
John (PS0F8) [5409] Yeah, yeah.
Brian (PS0FA) [5410] three four years, it's gone down?
John (PS0F8) [5411] Everybody says, oh if the, if Labour go into power, all the money leaves the country!
[5412] That's a load of rubbish that is!
[5413] ... It's the ones that are frightened!

25 (Tape 023801)

John (PS0F8) [5414] That was erm ...
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...] ...
Ded (PS0FC) [5415] Do you want a sandwich?
[5416] Do you want a sandwich?
John (PS0F8) [5417] Yes, love
Ded (PS0FC) [5418] Do you want
John (PS0F8) [5419] erm, well there's cold lamb, you like cold lamb?
[5420] Lovely lamb
Ded (PS0FC) [5421] No, I don't want it
John (PS0F8) [5422] Cheese
Ded (PS0FC) [5423] I'd have cheese, you can have cold lamb love, I'm not keen on cold lamb ... Ricky will have pork chop ...
John (PS0F8) [5424] I like it
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [5425] Yeah ... Them things that Patricia had put to you were disgusting.
John (PS0F8) [5426] No I wouldn't eat them ... Right where's Ted for?
Ded (PS0FC) [5427] I've put it away
John (PS0F8) [5428] What's Ted tea doing out?
Ded (PS0FC) [5429] Mm ... why you get it?
[5430] ... How many of those have you got to do, twenty?
John (PS0F8) [5431] Pardon?
Ded (PS0FC) [5432] Twenty
John (PS0F8) [5433] Which?
Ded (PS0FC) [5434] tapes
John (PS0F8) [5435] whatever you can, there's no stipulation you've got to do so many, you have to do whatever you can, but I expect some people can take them to work and just leave them on can't they?
Ded (PS0FC) [5436] Yeah
John (PS0F8) [5437] It's just something that we can't do I'm afraid ... so ... so we're on five now ...
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [5438] Yeah, they are, you prob

26 (Tape 023802)

John (PS0F8) [5439] Er about five past one I should think ...
Ded (PS0FC) [5440] Just our Jane just popping round
John (PS0F8) [5441] No
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
John (PS0F8) [5442] coming round to see me I suppose ... she doesn't want anything to eat cos she brought a sandwich with her from work, she took a sandwich to work with her ... hello you, nearly food time, have you smelt something to eat Ricky?
[5443] Have you smelt something to eat, poor dog, wait a minute, I'll find you something, get down, sit, sit there, stay there.
Ded (PS0FC) [5444] You get feeding better than the rest of us you do.
John (PS0F8) [5445] Yes, sit, stay there ...
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
John (PS0F8) [5446] Yes, thank you, here you are Ricky here's for you, where you gone, Ricky where've you gone?
[5447] Right, sit.
Ded (PS0FC) [5448] You need
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]

27 (Tape 023803)

Ded (PS0FC) [5449] Flowers are coming up ain't they?
John (PS0F8) [5450] Yeah they're all up now, and they've come out just as
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
John (PS0F8) [5451] come to life
Ded (PS0FC) [5452] What's it?
John (PS0F8) [5453] Put the clock behind there.
Ded (PS0FC) [5454] I ain't dressed mind you know ...
John (PS0F8) [5455] Who cares? ...
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
John (PS0F8) [5456] in the middle, got to hang, two foot from the tree
Ded (PS0FC) [5457] Oh yeah
John (PS0F8) [5458] and this bloke nearly had the sense, he said he's coming up on the Friday?
Ded (PS0FC) [5459] Yeah, yeah
John (PS0F8) [5460] Well he's coming up really strong that's its
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [5461] Mind way it's putting the garden out there it never died off, must of been wild or something.
John (PS0F8) [5462] Well it is
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [5463] Mm, I know
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...] ...
Ded (PS0FC) [5464] You won't like my
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [5465] cheese ...
John (PS0F8) [5466] I nearly, against the wine there ... huh ...
Ded (PS0FC) [5467] Sa cheese you are Ricky
John (PS0F8) [5468] You joking, mm, he eats anything now ...
Ded (PS0FC) [5469] I'll take us something she'll be going to work when were
John (PS0F8) [5470] Mm
Ded (PS0FC) [5471] don't eat in the canteen any more ... I'm sure they're trying to poison us all ... I didn't think that pair was suited in any case
John (PS0F8) [5472] No ...
Ded (PS0FC) [5473] Is that who's she's been seeing?
[5474] Paddy McNally
John (PS0F8) [5475] One of them
Ded (PS0FC) [5476] Oh
John (PS0F8) [5477] the other one was that Wa Watts the American millionaire.
Ded (PS0FC) [5478] That's it Watts

28 (Tape 023804)

John (PS0F8) [5479] I've told him that's
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
John (PS0F8) [5480] in this house during the day ...
Ded (PS0FC) [5481] I thought if anybody he'll be as normal rule he would
John (PS0F8) [5482] Yeah
Ded (PS0FC) [5483] and Charles is a stick in the mud and the other one's ... the other way, seems to be the other way inclined ... At least she won't, won't be er a short of a bob or two will she?
John (PS0F8) [5484] Oh no, we'll pay to keep her for a long time ...
Ded (PS0FC) [5485] Well if she rubbed shoulders with a millionaire, so she'll be permanently looked after I'm sure.
John (PS0F8) [5486] Yeah.
Ded (PS0FC) [5487] Its a good ending
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...] ...
Ded (PS0FC) [5488] Can I have the wine?
John (PS0F8) [5489] Mm
Ded (PS0FC) [5490] Can we have the wine?

29 (Tape 023805)

John (PS0F8) [5491] I keep thinking today's Thursday I don't know why
Ded (PS0FC) [5492] Thursday
John (PS0F8) [5493] Yeah.
Ded (PS0FC) [5494] I keep thinking today's Monday
John (PS0F8) [5495] I, I, I thought it was Thursday all day.
Ded (PS0FC) [5496] Actually I, I was gonna buy you an evening meal with this spot the ball [laugh] ...
John (PS0F8) [5497] The bird thing start and said to Debbie this morning when she brought the car in, how you going to pay?
[5498] ... That's exactly what they said to Mike the clerk, how you going to pay?
[5499] ... I can take it over there for the first service which is free anyway and I can take it back to Swansea for the others can't I?
Ded (PS0FC) [5500] Mm.
John (PS0F8) [5501] Have a day out at June's ...
Ded (PS0FC) [5502] If I had
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [5503] ability coming back
John (PS0F8) [5504] That's nice, not long then?
Ded (PS0FC) [5505] Well you'll have to go on your own John
John (PS0F8) [5506] I know ... I think Steve wants to come with me.
Ded (PS0FC) [5507] Oh, why's that?
John (PS0F8) [5508] Cos he said to me how, you going up on your own?
[5509] ... I said well thanks, I knew what he was getting at, I said I'm not sure ... but then he started saying cos, well, you know, what, if you want somebody to go with you like, I'll got, I started going up
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...] ...
Ded (PS0FC) [5510] Wow, wow, wow.
John (PS0F8) [5511] Yeah,
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...] ...
John (PS0F8) [5512] do you realize you've run out of whisky? ...
Ded (PS0FC) [5513] Have a
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [5514] I've got
John (PS0F8) [5515] cos there's none in the cupboard
Ded (PS0FC) [5516] Mm, mm
John (PS0F8) [5517] well there's none in there
Ded (PS0FC) [5518] That's cos you were going to have a look
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [5519] were you?
John (PS0F8) [5520] No ...
Ded (PS0FC) [5521] Are you taking Steve with you?
John (PS0F8) [5522] No
Ded (PS0FC) [5523] Why?
John (PS0F8) [5524] I don't want to.
Ded (PS0FC) [5525] Why?
John (PS0F8) [5526] I don't want him there, he'll put me under too much pressure, cos he'll want his, as soon as he's seen his family he'll wanna get back.

30 (Tape 023806)

John (PS0F8) [5527] Will you be having Stan down?
Ded (PS0FC) [5528] Did we have Stan down?
John (PS0F8) [5529] Will you be having him down? no ...
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [5530] We've already done it
John (PS0F8) [5531] Have ya?
Ded (PS0FC) [5532] Yeah, cos at that time he came in
John (PS0F8) [5533] yeah
Ded (PS0FC) [5534] their were in, their arrive
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [5535] and then they would of realised that
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [5536] wasn't working, and then he would of turned the whip
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...] ...
John (PS0F8) [5537] Yeah, but this wasn't discovered until he went for his pass
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
John (PS0F8) [5538] exam
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
John (PS0F8) [5539] what before his exam for his test?, he'd have gone for his medical and it was found on his
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
John (PS0F8) [5540] at his medical.
[5541] The Chief, the Medical Officer, who ever it was, it was a doctor who had said go and see your own doctor, and his own doctor sent him to see a specialist.
Ded (PS0FC) [5542] Right, I won't go round there,
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [5543] and then they would of put in for
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
John (PS0F8) [5544] No, yeah

31 (Tape 023807)

John (PS0F8) [5545] I've gotta take him out yet.
Ded (PS0FC) [5546] Will you be taking the lead as it
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
John (PS0F8) [5547] Yeah
Ded (PS0FC) [5548] Can you ,
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [5549] and he will say in a minute don't buy me no more mince dear.
John (PS0F8) [5550] No, I'll have egg and chips when I come home tomorrow, right ... what, what do you want?
[5551] What do you want now, ah, that's it push me over ... you aren't half cheeky, no wonder Mary tells me off the way I treat ya, ah?
[5552] ... You are awful, yeah, is that right, ain't it?
[5553] Do you love me now?
[5554] Gonna give me a big kiss, oh, good boy.
[5555] I don't really want it, but

32 (Tape 023808)

John (PS0F8) [5556] When is this bloke supposed to be phoning?
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]
Ded (PS0FC) [5557] I'm just telling you so you're not moody on the phone ...
John (PS0F8) [5558] I'm never rude on the phone ... I could say she's not in
Ded (PS0FC) [5559] He'll find out
Unknown speaker (KCLPSUNK) [...]