26 conversations recorded by `Joy' (PS0GM) between 13 and 19 March 1992 with 9 interlocutors, totalling 10914 s-units, 77331 words, and 7 hours 4 minutes 13 seconds of recordings.

11 speakers recorded by respondent number 501

PS0GM Ag4 f (Joy, age 46, housewife, South Midlands, )
PS0GN Ag5 f (Connie, age 75, housewife, Home Counties, ) mother
PS0GP Ag5 m (Norman, age 79, retired, Midlands, ) father
PS0GR Ag5 m (John, age 72, retired, North-east England, ) uncle
PS0GS Ag5 f (Ivy, age 69, retired, Home Counties, ) aunt
PS0GT Ag5 m (Rudy, age 61, warehouse manager, West Indian, ) husband
PS0GU Ag2 f (Wendy, age 33, housewife, Midlands, ) sister
PS0GV Ag3 f (Penny, age 36, clerk, Midlands, ) sister
PS0GW Ag2 f (Tracey, age 29, housewife, Midlands, ) daughter
KCPPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KCPPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

26 recordings

  1. Tape 004601 recorded on 1992-03-13. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( at home ) Activity: reading children a story reading from a book
  2. Tape 004602 recorded on 1992-03-13. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( at home ) Activity: with family
  3. Tape 004603 recorded on 1992-03-13. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( at home ) Activity: with family
  4. Tape 023901 recorded on 1992-03-12. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( 2's home ) Activity: entertaining dogs and making dinner
  5. Tape 023902 recorded on 1992-03-12. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( 2's home ) Activity: entertaining dogs and making dinner
  6. Tape 023903 recorded on 1992-03-13. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( home ) Activity: playing cards
  7. Tape 024001 recorded on 1992-03-13. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( home ) Activity: playing cards
  8. Tape 024002 recorded on 1992-03-13. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( home ) Activity: with family
  9. Tape 024003 recorded on 1992-03-13. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( home ) Activity: with family
  10. Tape 024101 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( home ) Activity: entertaining
  11. Tape 024102 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( home ) Activity: entertaining
  12. Tape 024103 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( home ) Activity: entertaining
  13. Tape 024104 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( home ) Activity: entertaining
  14. Tape 024105 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( home ) Activity: entertaining
  15. Tape 024106 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( home ) Activity: getting ready to go out
  16. Tape 024107 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( home ) Activity: entertaining
  17. Tape 024201 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( home ) Activity: talking
  18. Tape 024202 recorded on 1992-03-15. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( home ) Activity: with visitors
  19. Tape 024301 recorded on 1992-03. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( friends house ) Activity: visiting a friend
  20. Tape 024302 recorded on 1992-03. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( friends house ) Activity: visiting a friend
  21. Tape 024401 recorded on 1992-03-12. LocationNorthamptonshire: Irthlingborough ( friends home ) Activity: playing cards
  22. Tape 024402 recorded on 1992-03-12. LocationNorthamptonshire: Irthlingborough ( friends home ) Activity: playing cards
  23. Tape 024501 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( 2's home ) Activity: talking to husband
  24. Tape 024502 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( 2's home ) Activity: talking to sister
  25. Tape 024503 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( 2's home ) Activity: talking to sister and mother
  26. Tape 024504 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( 2's home ) Activity: talking

1 (Tape 004601)

Joy (PS0GM) [1] Press that down to make it sto stay.
[2] Right, do you want your story then?
[3] Yes?
[4] ... Hmm?
[5] Hmm The Spider Affair, alright?
[6] [cough] ... Knock it off.
[7] [laugh] [reading] The first lesson that aft [] leave it alone and just forget about it hmm?
[8] [reading] The first lesson that afternoon was mental arithmetic.
[9] The girls groaned over this, except the quick ones like Irene who delighted in it, but it meant that there was no need for anyone to open the desk because it was all oral work.
[10] Miss Potts was lenient with the girls for it was a very hot afternoon.
[11] Daryl was glad that Miss Potts was not as exacting as usual for arithmetic was not her strong point especially mental arithmetic.
[12] The next lesson to be taken my mam was to be taken by Mademoiselle Dupont.
[13] It was to be a French conversation lesson in which the girls would endeavour to answer all Mademoiselle's simple questions in French.
[14] Miss Potts left and Mademoiselle arrived, not quite so beaming as usual because of the heat.
[15] She was too [...] to enjoy the hot weather and little beads of perspiration shone on her forehead as she sat down at the big desk opposite the row of girls.
[16] Sit down, she said and the girls sat down thankfully feeling that the only lesson they really enjoy that weather would be swimming lesson.
[17] The lesson proceeded slowly and hauntingly, the flow of French conversation was not at all brisk on the girls' part and the constant pauses began to irritate Mademoiselle.
[18] Ah!
[19] She cried at last.
[20] It's too hot to make conversation with such stupid ones as you are this afternoon.
[21] Get out your grammar books and I will explain a few things to you that will help your conversation if you can get them into your so stupid heads.
[22] [cough] The girls opened their desks to get out their grammar books.
[23] Gwendoline watched eagerly to see what would happen when Mary-Lou opened hers but nothing did happen.
[24] Mary-Lou had neither seen the spider nor disturbed it, she shut her desk.
[25] All the girls opened their grammar books at the page Mademoiselle commanded then Mary-Lou found she had her English grammar instead of her French one so she reopened her desk to get the right book.
[26] What are you doing Mary-Lou?
[27] Demanded Mademoiselle who hated desks being opened and shut too often.
[28] What are you doing? ... mm [] ?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [29] I got the wrong book out [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [30] Probably.
[31] [reading] Mary-Lou stuffed her English grammar into the back of her desk and pulled out a French one.
[32] The spider feeling itself dislodged by the book ran out in a fright.
[33] It ran almost up to Mary-Lou before she saw it, she let the desk lid with a terrific bang and gave a heart rendering scream.
[34] Everyone jumped in alarm, Mademoiselle leapt to her feet sending a pile of books clattering from her desk to the floor she glared at Mary-Lou
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [moan]
Joy (PS0GM) [35] [...] what is this noise, Mary-Lou have you gone mad?
[36] Mary-Lou couldn't speak, the sight of the enormous spider apparently running straight at her had completely undone her.
[37] She scraped her chair away from her desk and stared at it as if she expected the spider to jump through the lid.
[38] Mary-Lou!
[39] Thundered Mademoiselle, tell me what is the matter with you, I demand it?
[40] Oh, Mademoiselle there's a, there's a simply enormous giant spider in my desk [] ... leave it alone, you'll just knock it off [reading] stammered Mary-Lou quite pale.
[41] A spider!
[42] Said Mademoiselle, and you make this fuss and call out so loudly that we all jump in fear.
[43] Mary-Lou be ashamed of yourself.
[44] I am angry with you, sit down.
[45] Oh, I, I daren't,M said Mary-Lou trembling, he might come out Mademoiselle, it's enormous.
[46] Mademoiselle wasn't quite sure whether she really believed in this spider or not.
[47] What with Elissia's deafness last week and one thing and another.
[48] Irene giggled, Mademoiselle fixed her with a glare.
[49] We will see whether this spider exists or not ... she said firmly and I warn you Mary-Lou if this is a again a trick and there is no spider you will go to Miss Potts for punishment I wash my hands of you.
[50] She advanced to the desk she threw open the lid dramatically Mary-Lou drew in her breath and got away as far as she could looking at the inside of her desk with scared eyes [] ... [cough]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [scream]
Joy (PS0GM) [51] Honey you've moved it too far away haven't you?
[52] [sigh] I can see this is going to be a problem [sigh] hmm?
[53] ... I can't remember where I've got to now.
[54] [reading] There is no spider to be seen it had of course retreated to the darkest corner it could find again.
[55] Mademoiselle swept the desk with a searching glance and then turned on poor Mary-Lou.
[56] Bad girl!
[57] She said and stamped her foot.
[58] You so quiet and good, you too deceive me.
[59] The poor Mademoiselle I will not have it.
[60] Mademoiselle do believe me, begged Mary-Lou in despair, for she could not bear to be scolded like that.
[61] It was there an enormous one.
[62] Mademoiselle rummaged violently among the books in the desk.
[63] No spider not one, she said.
[64] Tell me where has it gone, if it is still in there?
[65] The spider was alarmed by the violent rummaging, it suddenly hurried out from its hiding place and ran onto Mademoiselle's hand and up her arm.
[66] Mademoiselle stared at the enormous thing as if she really could not believe her eyes, she gave a shriek even louder than Mary-Lou had given.
[67] She was too scared she wa too was scared of spiders and there was a giant specimen running over her person.
[68] Irene exploded.
[69] That was a signal for the class to enter into the fun and one and all scrambled over to Mademoiselle.
[70] Ah, where is it the monster?
[71] Girls, girls can you see it?
[72] Wailed Mademoiselle.
[73] It's here, said wicked Elissia, with her light finger down Mademoiselle's spine ... She gave a scream thinking that it was the spider running there.
[74] Take it off I beg you Elissia, remove it from me.
[75] I think it must have gone down your neck Mademoiselle, said Betty, which nearly made Mademoiselle have a fit.
[76] She immediately felt sure that it was all over her and began to shiver and tremble.
[77] Elissia tickled the back of her neck and she leapt in the air.
[78] Oh, la la, la la, what a miserable woman I am!
[79] Where is this monster girls, girls tell me where it is gone?
[80] There was now a complete uproar in the first form room, Miss Potts again in the second form ... room was amazingly exasperated.
[81] What could her form be doing now, had Mademoiselle left them alone, had they all gone mad?
[82] Go on with your maps for a minute she said to the second form who were glancing at one another in astonishment as they heard the noise from the first form room.
[83] She left the room and went rapidly to the door of the first form.
[84] She opened it, the noise hit her like something solid, worse than breaks she thought grimly.
[85] First she could not see any mistress there at all and thought the girls were alone and then she caught sight of Mademoiselle's head in the middle of a crowd of girls, what was happening?
[86] Girls!
[87] She said.
[88] But her voice went unheard.
[89] Girls!
[90] Irene suddenly saw her and started to nudge everyone.
[91] Look out, here's Potty she hissed.
[92] The girls flowed back
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [93] Potty
Joy (PS0GM) [94] from Mademoiselle as if they were water.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [95] Ah ha.
Joy (PS0GM) [96] In a trice everyone was by her desk.
[97] Mademoiselle stood alone trembling wondering what was happening.
[98] Where had the monster of a spider gone?
[99] Mademoiselle, really, said Miss Potts, almost forgetting the rule the staff had of never finding fault with one another before the girls.
[100] I simply cannot think what has happened to this class you've ta when you've [...] .
[101] Mademoiselle blinked at Miss Potts.
[102] It was a spider!
[103] She explained, looking up and down herself.
[104] Ah, Miss Potts, but a monster of a spider, it ran up my arm and disappeared.
[105] Ah!
[106] Seem to feel it everywhere.
[107] A spider won't hurt you, said Miss Potts coldly and unfeelingly.
[108] Would you like to go and recover yourself Mademoiselle
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [cough]
Joy (PS0GM) [109] and let me deal with the first form?
[110] [cough] Ah no, said Mademoiselle indignantly, the class it is good, the girls they came to help me to get this monster of a spider [] .
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [111] Who's she?
Joy (PS0GM) [112] Gwendoline, I think, look it's on her ... leg.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [113] Hmm ... yes.
Joy (PS0GM) [114] [reading] So big it was Miss Potts.
[115] Miss Potts looked so disbelieving, Mademoiselle exaggerated the size of the spider and held out her hands to show Miss Potts it was at least as big as a fair sized frog.
[116] The girls had enjoyed everything immensely.
[117] What a French lesson!
[118] Gwendoline had enjoyed it too, especially as she was the cause of it, though nobody knew that of course.
[119] She sat demurely in her desk watching the two mistresses closely.
[120] And then suddenly she felt something running up her leg she looked down it was the spider, it had left Mademoiselle a long time ago and had secreted itself under a desk afraid of all the trampling feet around.
[121] Now, when peace seemed restored the spider wanted to seek a better hiding place.
[122] It ran over Gwendoline's shoe, up her stocking and above her knee.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [moan]
Joy (PS0GM) [123] She gave a piercing scream [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [sigh]
Joy (PS0GM) [124] everyone jumped again.
[125] Miss Potts turned fiercely.
[126] Gwendoline go out of the room, how dare you squeal like that.
[127] No, don't tell me you've seen the spider, I'm tired of the spider, I'm ashamed of you all.
[128] Gwendoline shook herself violently not daring to scream again but
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [129] filled with the utmost horror at the thought of the spider creeping over her.
[130] It was the spider, she began, it ... Gwendoline what did I tell you, I will not hear another word of the wretched spider, said Miss Potts raising her voice angrily.
[131] Go out of the room!
[132] The whole class can go to bed one hour earlier tonight as punishment for this shameful behaviour.
[133] And you Gwendoline can go two hours earlier.
[134] Weeping, Gwendoline ran from the room.
[135] As soon as she got outside she examined herself carefully and trembling to see if she ... see if the spider was still anywhere about her.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [136] Yes.
Joy (PS0GM) [137] To her enormous relief she suddenly saw it running down the passage, she leant against the wall, how tiresome of that spider to come to her when it might have gone to anyone else.
[138] Now she'd got to have a double punishment, still she would soon put it about that Elissia and Daryl had planted the spider in Mary- Lou's desk.
[139] How sickening of Miss Potts to pounce on her like that.
[140] She couldn't help it if the spider came to her.
[141] But perhaps, after all it was a good thing that Miss Potts had come into the room and heard it all.
[142] Perhaps Gwendoline might even drop a hint to Miss Potts about Elissia and Daryl putting the spider in the desk.
[143] Miss Potts came out of the room at this moment, she eyed Gwendoline with dislike.
[144] Miss Potts the spider ran away down there, said Gwendoline pointing anxiously to ... anxious to get back into Miss Potts' good books.
[145] Miss Potts took not the slightest notice but swept into the second form classroom and the door shut.
[146] Gwendoline felt very small.
[147] Now what was she to do?
[148] Stay out here or go back into the classroom, she didn't want to be found out there if by any chance Miss Graining the Head came by.
[149] She decided to risk going back, she opened the door and sidled in.
[150] Ha!
[151] You are back again, and who told you to come?
[152] Demanded Mademoiselle now ashamed of her part in the affair and ready to vent her humiliated feelings on anyone she could.
[153] You screamed and made Miss Potts white and angry [] .
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [154] [...] who did that?
Joy (PS0GM) [155] [laugh] Amy I think.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [156] Is that how you spell it?
Joy (PS0GM) [157] No, it's
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [158] No
Joy (PS0GM) [159] got two Ts.
[160] ... [reading] Well Mademoiselle you screamed, too protested Gwendoline in an injured tone, louder than I did, I should think.
[161] Mademoiselle rose to her in her seat and for all her smallness she seemed enormous to Gwendoline just then, her beady eyes ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [162] Who did?
Joy (PS0GM) [163] flashed [] .
[164] Mademoiselle.
[165] [reading] You would be rude to me, Mademoiselle Dupont, you would argue with me []
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [cough]
Joy (PS0GM) [166] Oh dear.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [cough]
Joy (PS0GM) [167] A good ... trio aren't we?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [168] Mademoiselle Dupont.
Joy (PS0GM) [169] [reading] You would argue with me who have taught here for twenty years you, you, Gwendoline turned and fled.
[170] She would rather stand outside the door all day long than face Mademoiselle when she looked like that [] .
[171] Alright, I think we'd better give up and have some breakfast.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [172] Oh, but I only had one.
Joy (PS0GM) [173] I know but it's late this morning.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [174] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [175] Mind the yogurt!
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [176] That's not fair.
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [177] It's half past ten.
[178] Half past ten ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [179] Oh!
[180] I only had two!
Joy (PS0GM) [181] I know
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [182] Mary you've missed Playbus. [...]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [183] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [184] I should think you've missed that haven't you?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [185] No.

2 (Tape 004602)

Joy (PS0GM) [186] What?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [187] I should think you've missed it haven't you?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [188] No I haven't.
Joy (PS0GM) [189] Hmm, try it if you like.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [190] I like Penny.
Joy (PS0GM) [191] You like Penny's house do you?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [192] Is that still clean?
Joy (PS0GM) [193] Right.
[194] Is that a oh no you've got to, Amy you've got to press the standby button.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [195] Ha.
[196] Oh, I don't know where the thing is.
[197] Over by Daddy ... [tv on in background] There you are it's finished ... [tv noise]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [198] [...] big snails ... or a snake ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [199] He looks like Jason Donovan.
Joy (PS0GM) [200] No it's a little boy isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [201] Yes ... it's [...] ... [tv noise]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [202] Is that a snake?
[203] [...] Ah!

3 (Tape 004603)

Joy (PS0GM) [204] He's facing to Amy.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [205] Hello.
Joy (PS0GM) [206] Don't be silly, come on will you get your breakfast.
[207] Right, er, Amy what do you want?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [208] Sandwiches, Marmite sandwiches.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [209] Please.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [210] Please.
Joy (PS0GM) [211] Play with it, stop [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [212] Are they your Marmite sandwiches? [...]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [213] Only two.
[214] But why do I have to say thank you?
Joy (PS0GM) [215] Because it's polite.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [216] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [217] [noise - background] Erm, what do you want it in your plate?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [218] Pardon, pardon.
[219] On my plate yes.
[220] [crockery noise] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [221] There's your plate.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [222] Terribly awful [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [223] I think you always [...] yourself
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [224] Why?
Joy (PS0GM) [225] Because you don't hear yourself in the same way as everybody else hears you.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [226] No
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [227] Cos I sound hmm, I sound like Amy [...] don't I?
Joy (PS0GM) [228] [...] heard you.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [229] What?
Joy (PS0GM) [230] Well, you didn't say anything.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [231] [...] you [...]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [232] [...] you sound the same as [...] there's a lot
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [233] Well you're saying a lot now.
Joy (PS0GM) [234] Probably.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [235] But [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [236] [...] tax
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [237] [...] no, bring a towel
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [238] I thought I did.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [239] I thought I did.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [240] Can we get some breakfast, or else we'll get nothing done today at all.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [241] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [242] That's for going round with the tape
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [243] Well, get Amy's then.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [244] Yes [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [245] Let me put a cardigan on for you.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [246] I have.
Joy (PS0GM) [247] Yes well [...] [cough] No, it's alright we don't need that, you can drink your orange if you like.
[248] You could go and get yourself a knife.
[249] You could do something useful instead of just sitting there like a [...]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [250] There you go
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [251] [high pitched] ... you do that, I put it like that
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]

4 (Tape 023901)

Joy (PS0GM) [252] They've told her she's had three years more than what she should of had, she's living on borrowed time, but, erm, she said the ho er
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [253] good, good support for her though she said he's erm, he's good, I've been trying to phone the Mencap place all morning, I can't get through I, I don't know
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [254] but you knew about that, there's two open, both
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [255] They're open
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [256] Two open, two, yeah
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [257] and er, didn't say a lot, you know, they keep bringing them round and round these flats don't they?
[258] ... Oh they look nice on the wall
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [259] they look nice, you know
Joy (PS0GM) [260] Well we, are we going to the thing tonight?
Connie (PS0GN) [261] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [262] well we'll have to, I'll have to go and erm get this dinner going because erm, we've got to leave about well we want, well we want to leave for about twenty past five then
Connie (PS0GN) [263] Yeah, alright
Joy (PS0GM) [264] because erm
Connie (PS0GN) [265] well I've done all me work I've only got to get dad's tea,
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [266] cos that first acts on at ten, at six o'clock
Connie (PS0GN) [267] Well I should think that'll be funny
Joy (PS0GM) [268] yeah, it might be
Connie (PS0GN) [269] couple of us sitting at the back
Joy (PS0GM) [270] but Reggie, Reggie will come in and go straight to bed, he's been up since about quarter to four
Connie (PS0GN) [271] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [272] so he'll, he'll go straight, more or less down, have his tea and go straight to bed, so I've got to go home and cook this
Connie (PS0GN) [273] What have you got in there?
Joy (PS0GM) [274] Who?
Connie (PS0GN) [275] Little [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [276] I've just bought him a shoulder of lamb, a breast of lamb, well he
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [277] to tell me some of them best, I said are there any best
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [278] it's surprising how people talk to butchers, you know

5 (Tape 023902)

Joy (PS0GM) [279] Who wants a biscuit?
[280] Sit then, let me see you sit for
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [281] good, sit, sit
Connie (PS0GN) [282] Good girl ... hang on
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [283] sit ... oh that's pretty, sit ...
Connie (PS0GN) [284] I like Barbara
Joy (PS0GM) [285] Mm
Connie (PS0GN) [286] I like Barbara,
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [287] she's a good girl.
Joy (PS0GM) [288] She's got a good heart ...
Connie (PS0GN) [289] Her heart's in the right place anyway isn't it?
Joy (PS0GM) [290] She's the same as we've all been treated at home ...
Connie (PS0GN) [291] Does she tell any of the, some of the inside secrets?
[292] Does she, like the cheques that have been written.
Joy (PS0GM) [293] I would say
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [294] Cheques that have been
Joy (PS0GM) [295] didn't have
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [296] cheques for five, six thousand pounds, he said
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [297] said, if I can't come for that typewriter then I've sold it, he said I, I told her if she wanted it she'd got to come and collect it and he said and nobody asked for it, I said well I know
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [298] can't remember her saying
Connie (PS0GN) [299] yeah, what's that?
Joy (PS0GM) [300] I remember her saying
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...] ...
Joy (PS0GM) [301] I'll have to put my weight back on now I've stopped smoking
Connie (PS0GN) [302] You will
Joy (PS0GM) [303] Good boy, there ain't many for you erm, cos you'll all eat biscuits till the
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [304] Yeah where
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...] ...
Joy (PS0GM) [305] Who's a good boy?
[306] Who's a good boy?
[307] There's a cat in your garden, there's a pussy cat in your garden ... oh dear I'll have to go without the swim I've only got an hour and a half ...
Connie (PS0GN) [308] Don't worry about them
Joy (PS0GM) [309] Who?
Connie (PS0GN) [310] Them
Joy (PS0GM) [311] Got to cook it though, I shan't have time to cook it before we go out tonight, then I won't be going out
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [312] no ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [313] Renee's getting
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [314] Makes me wonder what all these people are doing there, there's thousands, twenty three pairs in there one day
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [315] Well they've worked their lives round these events I suppose, I mean ... it's not everybody's
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [316] these people round the horses, horsy world going they erm
Connie (PS0GN) [317] I had me electric bill this morning
Joy (PS0GM) [318] Oh god.
Connie (PS0GN) [319] eighty six pounds
Joy (PS0GM) [320] Oh my god, well they've estimated mine, it's fifty five pounds eighty, I checked to see the numbers on it and it's a hundred eight
Connie (PS0GN) [321] still got
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [322] and it's on more I've used a hundred units more.
Connie (PS0GN) [323] so next year you'll have to
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [324] yes, mine estimated, said nine hundred and eighty's, nine, eight, six, four and we've used seven hundred and twenty units or something like that and it was fifty five pound odd, so when I checked it's, it's zero, eight, nine, seven something like that
Connie (PS0GN) [325] Oh
Joy (PS0GM) [326] hundred and odd over the top, so it's gonna be doubled that
Connie (PS0GN) [327] that's mine next one, did I erm, no one sent round
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [328] Yes they did.
Connie (PS0GN) [329] he said there's ten, twenty pound notes in that cupboard, I, I
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [330] I said how much is that he said five hundred pound is that
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...] ...
Joy (PS0GM) [331] Hello,
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [332] four twenties
Connie (PS0GN) [333] no, no, no, fifties
Joy (PS0GM) [334] Five fifties that's two hundred and fifty
Connie (PS0GN) [335] no, he said there were ten, he said there were ten, I said oh
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [336] well that's five hundred quid, I said that leaves you with
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [337] I said no, today he said I
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [338] I said you'd better
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [339] George for some.
Joy (PS0GM) [340] Said ten, fifty pounds
Connie (PS0GN) [341] Mm
Joy (PS0GM) [342] ten fifty pounds are five hundred ... if they're twenty pounds, did he mean they were ten twenty pounds or ten fifty pounds?
Connie (PS0GN) [343] No fifty pounds , they were fifty pounds
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [344] I know he said he'd made a mistake so I thought there were ten and there's only five or something
Joy (PS0GM) [345] Oh, it's two hundred and fifty pound then
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [346] He was gonna pay George but I said that one, that one wouldn't
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [347] next week, it would only pay for that one won't he?
[348] Why I said I don't think it matters I said cos I think
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [349] Are you going to have er
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [350] Erm, are you going to erm ... oh I've forgotten what I was gonna say
Connie (PS0GN) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [351] Get him down, sort him out then
Connie (PS0GN) [352] he's got him ...
Joy (PS0GM) [353] poor old thing, get him up
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [354] he growls at Reggie when he comes up to say ta ta in the morning, if Reggie puts his arm under him, and looks as if he's gonna move him off the bed he, he'll, he'll growl
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [355] He won't growl at me but he'll grow at Reggie.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [356] He does a lot of sneezing
Joy (PS0GM) [357] Who?
Connie (PS0GN) [358] Ziggy
Joy (PS0GM) [359] Yeah, she does
Connie (PS0GN) [360] Ooh that could be nasty
Joy (PS0GM) [361] What's up now?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [362] Er, you've got a nasty little streak ...
Joy (PS0GM) [363] Yes, she has, number one ain't you?
Connie (PS0GN) [364] You
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [365] Do you want tea?
Connie (PS0GN) [366] Ah
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [367] go and get some plates.
Joy (PS0GM) [368] Do you, do you want some tea?
Connie (PS0GN) [369] No
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [370] Hold still ... sit still ...
Connie (PS0GN) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [371] Is that all, is that all there is?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...] ...
Joy (PS0GM) [372] You cheater
Connie (PS0GN) [373] Cos she keeps moving
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [374] doing that
Joy (PS0GM) [375] What, oh [laughing] just loves it here right over the two of them [] ... he's a stinker, he's a stinker, he loves to be with the dogs, he loves to be with the dogs, what do you want?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [376] Go on then
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [377] Which ones are they?
Joy (PS0GM) [378] they're only twenty P a packet
Connie (PS0GN) [379] she's having another baby that young girl
Joy (PS0GM) [380] Who?
Connie (PS0GN) [381] Fred's wife
Joy (PS0GM) [382] Is she?
Connie (PS0GN) [383] Yeah, she was in the shop

6 (Tape 023903)

Joy (PS0GM) [384] Was Daff pleased with that watch you got her?
Norman (PS0GP) [385] What?
Joy (PS0GM) [386] Was Daff pleased with that watch that you got her?
Norman (PS0GP) [387] Yes, she always wears it ...
Joy (PS0GM) [388] Did she like the black face one?
Norman (PS0GP) [389] I said I'd change it if you liked, she said no I prefer this one ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Norman (PS0GP) [390] [laugh] she's not very well
Joy (PS0GM) [391] Who?
Connie (PS0GN) [392] No, I wonder why, I wonder why she's not well?
Norman (PS0GP) [393] Mm ...
Joy (PS0GM) [394] Do you want tea mother?
Connie (PS0GN) [395] No thanks ...
Norman (PS0GP) [396] She only has one when I make it, it gives me something more to do.
Joy (PS0GM) [397] Mm
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Norman (PS0GP) [398] Ah
Joy (PS0GM) [399] You men talk a lot of rubbish
Norman (PS0GP) [400] Do what?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [401] If you, if you had to make the tea as many times in the day as us women did which they all did
Norman (PS0GP) [402] Ah, ah, ah but, ah but you can't let me see, you don't, you don't remember the war years when I used to be in town while she was out.
Connie (PS0GN) [403] Ha, I didn't go out that bloody much
Norman (PS0GP) [404] You went out you
Joy (PS0GM) [405] Twice a week
Norman (PS0GP) [406] You went every, every Saturday night you and Harvey for years, several years during the war
Connie (PS0GN) [407] Not every night Norman, that's a lie
Norman (PS0GP) [408] I didn't say every night, every Saturday night
Connie (PS0GN) [409] No Sat you used to work Fridays and I used to go out, no it weren't Saturday night
Norman (PS0GP) [410] Saturday night you used to go out with Ben, Ben and
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Norman (PS0GP) [411] you and Audrey, during the war, and leave me looking after the kids all of them sitting round the fire.
Joy (PS0GM) [412] [laugh] That's what John said last night, we er, all they, all went to bingo five of us went and it boomeranged well if you're going I'll come, if I'm going you're going I'm going and the next thing poor old John had to go out and work look after about eleven kids
Norman (PS0GP) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [413] we enjoyed walking home, I thought he'd gone a bingo, that's funny weren't you going home baby sitting.
Norman (PS0GP) [414] [laugh] well I'd left home
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [415] Can't remember you saying you were gonna baby sit
Connie (PS0GN) [416] How you doing , how you doing then ah?
[417] Benji, Benji what you doing?
[418] What you doing then?
[419] What you up to boy?
Joy (PS0GM) [420] Benji buttons, he's spoilt.
Norman (PS0GP) [421] Ah, well that's
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [422] cos they're going
Connie (PS0GN) [423] No
Norman (PS0GP) [424] Ooh
Connie (PS0GN) [425] you eat them and get fat.
Joy (PS0GM) [426] Who would like a little bikkie?
Norman (PS0GP) [427] Here I will.
Joy (PS0GM) [428] Do you want a, do you want a digestive or any digestive?
Norman (PS0GP) [429] Don't mind.
Connie (PS0GN) [430] He won't hurt if he don't have any more food today that dog.
Joy (PS0GM) [431] Who?
Connie (PS0GN) [432] Your little dog.
Joy (PS0GM) [433] Don't be silly
Connie (PS0GN) [434] Yeah, he won't have liver
Joy (PS0GM) [435] don't be silly he loves his dinner at night, don't you darling?
[436] He had
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [437] when I got in last night.
Connie (PS0GN) [438] I wouldn't feed him that much ...
Joy (PS0GM) [439] Poor little devil he's gotta feed
Connie (PS0GN) [440] No I wouldn't feed him so much
Norman (PS0GP) [441] I want to watch
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [442] Gordon Bennett
Norman (PS0GP) [443] I brought two ticket's here for Ivy and John for the ... Deacon's, they might as well be members ... look
Joy (PS0GM) [444] Er, you had a jelly baby.
[445] Come on, come on up, ooh didn't think you could come, do what?
Connie (PS0GN) [446] He jumped up,
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [447] do you want a jelly baby?
Connie (PS0GN) [448] He ain't, he ain't a chocolate eater or sweetie eater ... you drop it ...
Joy (PS0GM) [449] Leave him, he was going
Connie (PS0GN) [450] Sit ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [451] [laugh] Who's that?, who's that?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [452] Oh ain't it awful
Joy (PS0GM) [453] Terrible
Connie (PS0GN) [454] what are you doing?
[455] What are you doing playing cards?
Joy (PS0GM) [456] Putting out a
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [457] for you
Connie (PS0GN) [458] What?
Joy (PS0GM) [459] we're putting out a
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [460] for you, we'll make you feel all
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [461] Here are there's some
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [462] bingo tickets there for you with a
Norman (PS0GP) [463] We've been
Connie (PS0GN) [464] Oh I, we've been
Joy (PS0GM) [465] You haven't, when did you go?
Connie (PS0GN) [466] We went Wednesday night
Norman (PS0GP) [467] Wednesday night
Joy (PS0GM) [468] You never
Connie (PS0GN) [469] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [470] you pair of tinkers
Connie (PS0GN) [471] well we went with Celia
Norman (PS0GP) [472] Celia asked us
Joy (PS0GM) [473] Ooh
Norman (PS0GP) [474] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [475] Did you have a win?
Norman (PS0GP) [476] yeah we sat
Connie (PS0GN) [477] No
Norman (PS0GP) [478] Was it you that give us a card?
[479] Somebody give us a card and we sent it away and we got a ...
Joy (PS0GM) [480] Free entry
Norman (PS0GP) [481] yeah and
Joy (PS0GM) [482] perhaps I did
Connie (PS0GN) [483] No we didn't get free entry this time
Norman (PS0GP) [484] No we paid sixty P to get in and
Joy (PS0GM) [485] Yeah
Norman (PS0GP) [486] we got a free entry that's afterwards
Connie (PS0GN) [487] Free tickets, here
Joy (PS0GM) [488] When you went to get the
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [489] ain't they nice?
Norman (PS0GP) [490] Yeah, well they're all nice ain't they?
Joy (PS0GM) [491] Yeah, lovely, ain't it a lovely club, two people
Connie (PS0GN) [492] Two people ain't it?
Joy (PS0GM) [493] We went, we nearly rang you last night, we went to see the Batchelors last night
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Norman (PS0GP) [494] Where was that?
Joy (PS0GM) [495] At, at the ca , at the gala at Wellingborough and it was their opening night, there was a band on called Me and Him
Connie (PS0GN) [496] Oh yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [497] and they did all sing along stuff and Chas and Dave stuff
Connie (PS0GN) [498] Oh isn't it lovely oh really
Norman (PS0GP) [499] Oh yeah
Connie (PS0GN) [500] the Batchelors were one
Joy (PS0GM) [501] and then the Batchelors come on
Connie (PS0GN) [502] I've seen them
Joy (PS0GM) [503] just erm Deck, Don and erm Con and Deck
Norman (PS0GP) [504] Yeah
Connie (PS0GN) [505] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [506] but erm, and we had a lovely night didn't we?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [507] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [508] Some woman called the Bogey and they called her, they said to her, will this Mrs come up we want, we want to sing it's her
Connie (PS0GN) [509] What
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [510] oh they booked her
Joy (PS0GM) [511] Poor devil, they got her on the stage and they said you know, when they
Connie (PS0GN) [512] what, what have you done wrong tonight?
Joy (PS0GM) [513] tonight she said I'm called a Bogey, so he said
Connie (PS0GN) [514] Come on
Joy (PS0GM) [515] oh have you, so he said well when you call a Bogey he said you get this so he, he give her a big pink elephant I think
Connie (PS0GN) [516] Tortoise
Joy (PS0GM) [517] tortoise thing with a lid on then he opened it and filled it with
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [518] She says, I haven't got to drink that have I?
[519] She said oh yeah
Norman (PS0GP) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [520] so of course he had a last slurp of and he spit it all over everywhere
Connie (PS0GN) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [521] and erm, and then every time the poor women went to get off stage he says oh Joan you can't go, come here, let's, he said we can't just give you that so he, he called her back and they bought give her a rabbit
Connie (PS0GN) [522] He's done that
Joy (PS0GM) [523] give her a rabbit
Connie (PS0GN) [524] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [525] then he give her a, a, a chocolate easter egg, then he give her a bunny
Connie (PS0GN) [526] Then he told her to
Joy (PS0GM) [527] well
Connie (PS0GN) [528] get off the stage then
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [529] then he give her a bottle of champa
Connie (PS0GN) [530] then he told her, he kept calling her back
Joy (PS0GM) [531] back, yeah, and he give her a bottle of champagne then he called her
Connie (PS0GN) [532] then he called her Bogey
Joy (PS0GM) [533] yeah, just the first one in their new opening cos it
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [534] then we had the girls called Blue Flames didn't we?
Connie (PS0GN) [535] And then he gave her a great, a great big bouquet didn't he?
Joy (PS0GM) [536] Yeah, then we had the Blue Flames, the young girls who does the pom pom dancing and er
Connie (PS0GN) [537] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [538] what's his name off the radio erm, the, the famous singer
Connie (PS0GN) [539] Simon
Joy (PS0GM) [540] no erm,
Norman (PS0GP) [541] John Edwards
Joy (PS0GM) [542] No
Connie (PS0GN) [543] No
Joy (PS0GM) [544] its on, on Northampton going gold records on the morn
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [545] on Saturday morning, erm
Norman (PS0GP) [546] Oh I know who you mean, er
Joy (PS0GM) [547] oh, what's his name er
Norman (PS0GP) [548] he's on, he's on er
Joy (PS0GM) [549] he used to be a singer
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [550] I forget what's his name now
Joy (PS0GM) [551] Yeah Northampton radio, yeah, so er we went at half past five, we didn't get home till half past ten
Connie (PS0GN) [552] [laugh] oh
Joy (PS0GM) [553] lovely evening weren't it?
Connie (PS0GN) [554] really long way
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [555] It is a long way, yeah, yeah, but still, I mean if you don't have a win for a few weeks then you have a hundred pound it's ha
Connie (PS0GN) [556] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Norman (PS0GP) [557] help all round us.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Norman (PS0GP) [558] And my lucky bloody number one and three left me
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [559] Ooh
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [560] well bugger me, who?
Connie (PS0GN) [561] Say, he's won a couple of hundred
Joy (PS0GM) [562] Yes
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Norman (PS0GP) [563] The woman next to me she won a hundred and then there was an old boy who'd won fifty, then the old boy won four hundred didn't he, he was a lucky boy ...
Joy (PS0GM) [564] Said she'd
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [565] she'd never seen it so busy though
Connie (PS0GN) [566] I had Elsie go on a Wednesday night
Joy (PS0GM) [567] no every night now, every nights are getting busy now cos the
Connie (PS0GN) [568] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [569] Sunday night's nearly a, nearly as good
Connie (PS0GN) [570] Mm
Norman (PS0GP) [571] Bloody hell.
Connie (PS0GN) [572] shall pay some good money out on a Sunday night, it's more than weekday don't they?
Joy (PS0GM) [573] Yeah
Norman (PS0GP) [574] Yeah , I er it's what
Joy (PS0GM) [575] It's a lovely club though innit?
Connie (PS0GN) [576] It is lovely, yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [577] Everything, I mean if you go in the afternoon and you go early you can have a lovely dinner for fifty P
Norman (PS0GP) [578] Well the girl yeah that girl that came with us, she had, I mean as a rule I, I don't have
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [579] came with us
Joy (PS0GM) [580] Oh did she?
Norman (PS0GP) [581] Yeah
Connie (PS0GN) [582] Yeah and, cos she lived next door to Celia
Joy (PS0GM) [583] Oh does she?
Connie (PS0GN) [584] down Queen's Street and er Celia's erm niece, you know who Celia is don't you?
Norman (PS0GP) [585] Its the Italian job you know er
Connie (PS0GN) [586] Jack
Joy (PS0GM) [587] Jack
Norman (PS0GP) [588] I er
Connie (PS0GN) [589] Jack
Norman (PS0GP) [590] the girl had it and it looked really nice in
Connie (PS0GN) [591] Jack daughter
Joy (PS0GM) [592] Oh is she?
Norman (PS0GP) [593] Yeah
Connie (PS0GN) [594] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [595] Oh, oh
Norman (PS0GP) [596] daughter yeah
Connie (PS0GN) [597] She works with
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [598] Oh
Norman (PS0GP) [599] and er ... now what I
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [600] so you went did you?
Norman (PS0GP) [601] and er, I had this er pizza and
Joy (PS0GM) [602] Oh yeah
Norman (PS0GP) [603] and it looked very handsome, it, was bloody lovely and the woman across the way she had oh she had a
Connie (PS0GN) [604] Spotted dick with custard
Norman (PS0GP) [605] spotted dick with custard it looked bloody handsome
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Connie (PS0GN) [606] and the chips look lovely don't they
Norman (PS0GP) [607] Yeah, they do, everything, and, and
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [608] and you could go Sunday and have a beer
Norman (PS0GP) [609] You know, I had the best lager
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Norman (PS0GP) [610] Carlsberg, it was only one thirty
Joy (PS0GM) [611] yeah, yeah
Norman (PS0GP) [612] and it's one eighty you know anywhere else
Joy (PS0GM) [613] I know ...
Connie (PS0GN) [614] Yeah, well some of it you're getting a little bit cheaper
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...] ...
Norman (PS0GP) [615] don't know what to do here, yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [616] Yeah we enjoy it but it's just such a long drive
Norman (PS0GP) [617] It's so nice and clean
Connie (PS0GN) [618] It is a long way innit?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...] ...
Connie (PS0GN) [619] These friends from up north are coming for the weekend, so we're going out for the weekend
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [620] Going where?
Connie (PS0GN) [621] Out
Norman (PS0GP) [622] Out
Joy (PS0GM) [623] Oh
Connie (PS0GN) [624] Ely
Norman (PS0GP) [625] Ely
Joy (PS0GM) [626] Are you?
Norman (PS0GP) [627] Mm
Joy (PS0GM) [628] Ely, Cambridgeshire?
Norman (PS0GP) [629] mm ...
Joy (PS0GM) [630] They phoned me from Mencap again this morning to see if I had any, had any lifting experience
Connie (PS0GN) [631] Oh did they?
Joy (PS0GM) [632] mm
Connie (PS0GN) [633] oh ... so it's set
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Norman (PS0GP) [634] [hiccup] pardon me.
Joy (PS0GM) [635] Well I think it's just a matter of erm getting, getting in
Connie (PS0GN) [636] Well it, it's like
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [637] a lot of these places, they start you if they think you've had experience and all that, but it don't always work as well as them that ain't had experience.
Joy (PS0GM) [638] Oh they, on the last interview I went to they said you no need to have had experience
Connie (PS0GN) [639] Oh
Joy (PS0GM) [640] we don't necessarily need you to have had it experience
Connie (PS0GN) [641] oh
Norman (PS0GP) [642] Hello
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Norman (PS0GP) [643] my little girl, [hiccup] she was getting
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [644] It's a sense of er, well common sense innit?
[645] Not more than
Joy (PS0GM) [646] Yeah well
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...] ...
Norman (PS0GP) [647] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...] ...
Joy (PS0GM) [648] Ah, but I mean you do you ain't gonna get the experience, I phoned this job line that's been advertised on the telly this week and erm it's like second chance, you can go and have erm experience, get experience
Connie (PS0GN) [649] I don't know if that's enough choice is it?
[650] I shouldn't think it is.
Joy (PS0GM) [651] This is the eighteenth, twenty eight, twenty nine, thirty, thirty three, thirty seven, yeah, forty two
Connie (PS0GN) [652] Is it?
[653] Gosh
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [654] on there.
Norman (PS0GP) [655] Er, a bloke across the road from us, he got a job up there in Northampton radio, Thursday morning, he says they give, had no end of jobs on the radio
Connie (PS0GN) [656] Oh
Joy (PS0GM) [657] Do they?
Connie (PS0GN) [658] yeah they do
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [659] yeah they do, yeah
Norman (PS0GP) [660] not
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [661] you know Ralph
Joy (PS0GM) [662] yeah, Thursday morning, is it
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [663] a certain morning, is it Thursday?
Norman (PS0GP) [664] Thursday
Connie (PS0GN) [665] I think so, yeah mm
Norman (PS0GP) [666] Yeah Thursday morning, yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [667] Mm, you'll wanna listen Thursday mornings
Norman (PS0GP) [668] Oh you
Connie (PS0GN) [669] There's quite a lot of things happening on there, we never have it on, but I have had it on and there now, they say so and so's got something for sale or
Joy (PS0GM) [670] Oh yeah
Connie (PS0GN) [671] you know
Norman (PS0GP) [672] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [673] we have got that in Jersey
Connie (PS0GN) [674] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [675] or somebody's looking for this or somebody's looking for that
Connie (PS0GN) [676] That's right, yeah
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [677] good idea isn't it?
Joy (PS0GM) [678] Oh yeah ...
Connie (PS0GN) [679] Did they do your boiler?
Joy (PS0GM) [680] No I'm fed up and I've got to have a new board, electrical board
Connie (PS0GN) [681] Oh ...
Joy (PS0GM) [682] nine, nine, nine ...
Norman (PS0GP) [683] Three cards
Joy (PS0GM) [684] three cards
Connie (PS0GN) [685] I can't see, ten, ten, ten
Joy (PS0GM) [686] that's what I've been waiting for that ten, ten do it again ...
Norman (PS0GP) [687] Oh
Connie (PS0GN) [688] can't see the cards
Joy (PS0GM) [689] that
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [690] did you know?
Connie (PS0GN) [691] is it?
Norman (PS0GP) [692] Yeah, oh I'll split them up I think
Joy (PS0GM) [693] That seeing you, asked us to go over ever so many time and I thought
Norman (PS0GP) [694] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [695] well damn me, we will go this time.
Connie (PS0GN) [696] Mm
Norman (PS0GP) [697] Yeah I thoroughly enjoyed it I did.
Joy (PS0GM) [698] It was like a five star hotel
Norman (PS0GP) [699] Better than being in bed than that dirty
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [700] yeah well.
Connie (PS0GN) [701] Were
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [702] ever so well at first and then
Norman (PS0GP) [703] Yeah
Connie (PS0GN) [704] he moved right off
Joy (PS0GM) [705] That's two lines all the way don't they?
Connie (PS0GN) [706] Soon goes don't it?
Joy (PS0GM) [707] Mm
Norman (PS0GP) [708] Yeah , one
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [709] they had a lot there, you know.
Norman (PS0GP) [710] good prizes really ain't there
Joy (PS0GM) [711] I mean the afternoon's good, cos the play, pay good money in the afternoon as well
Connie (PS0GN) [712] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [713] about a hundred and eighty pound innit?
Connie (PS0GN) [714] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [715] that's two lines as well, I mean if, if you only have a tenner it pays for your afternoon out
Connie (PS0GN) [716] well of course
Joy (PS0GM) [717] it's just a long drive over there
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [718] two, one card
Norman (PS0GP) [719] yes, er
Connie (PS0GN) [720] yeah, two to one card
Norman (PS0GP) [721] we had a hundred and twenty, were, were, and a, and a drink and that and then we spent fifteen quid didn't we?
Joy (PS0GM) [722] Mm
Connie (PS0GN) [723] mm
Norman (PS0GP) [724] So it weren't bad really, we had three of each like, you know.
Joy (PS0GM) [725] It's no dearer than going to the Ritz, it's just the journey
Connie (PS0GN) [726] Just the petrol innit?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Norman (PS0GP) [727] Yeah well I mean in
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [728] six on there, twelve
Joy (PS0GM) [729] Six, twelve, three, this is, is nice if you can get out there, John's deal.
Connie (PS0GN) [730] Yeah, yeah it's a nice afternoon out, I mean we had a lovely dinner when we went didn't we, first time we went
Joy (PS0GM) [731] Yeah we had , we had
Connie (PS0GN) [732] How much was that?
Joy (PS0GM) [733] Sixty P
Connie (PS0GN) [734] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [735] you have a soup and then you have erm
Connie (PS0GN) [736] I thought you had a
Joy (PS0GM) [737] what we had a nice, a nice thick slice of
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [738] a nice thick slice of corn beef, carrots, cabbage and mash potatoes all in scoop full you know
Connie (PS0GN) [739] mm
Joy (PS0GM) [740] and gravy, then if you want spotted dick and er
Connie (PS0GN) [741] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [742] coffee and that to follow
Connie (PS0GN) [743] oh yes
Joy (PS0GM) [744] but erm, I mean you can get everything there ... on Sunday you've really no need to cook, cook at all, I mean you could go over there and have a meal for about two pounds fifty
Connie (PS0GN) [745] oh
Norman (PS0GP) [746] you don't have to wait with me,
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [747] oh no
Norman (PS0GP) [748] that's a, that's the beauty of it
Joy (PS0GM) [749] it's all computerised, it's lovely, I love it
Connie (PS0GN) [750] yeah.
Norman (PS0GP) [751] There, there'll ... the old er hand things were playing up, those atmospherics and er the old boy
Joy (PS0GM) [752] Oh yeah, mm
Norman (PS0GP) [753] the old boy that does the telly bingo you know?
Joy (PS0GM) [754] yeah
Norman (PS0GP) [755] He was calling the, through his mike ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Norman (PS0GP) [756] pretty, pretty clear and all, I mean that linked one that come from Kettering
Norman (PS0GP) [757] and that was as plain as plain
Connie (PS0GN) [758] plain, yeah
Norman (PS0GP) [759] and that
Connie (PS0GN) [760] hands, you know.
Norman (PS0GP) [761] oh I know, I mean ... they
Joy (PS0GM) [762] There's all microphones in the roofs as well over there
Connie (PS0GN) [763] mm
Joy (PS0GM) [764] in the ceiling
Connie (PS0GN) [765] don't matter where you sit
Joy (PS0GM) [766] they have a cabaret every Saturday night
Connie (PS0GN) [767] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [768] don't know who's on this week, the Baron Knights were on a fortnight ago weren't they?
Norman (PS0GP) [769] Erm, it's erm
Connie (PS0GN) [770] Renee and Renata
Norman (PS0GP) [771] Renee and Renata
Joy (PS0GM) [772] Is it?
Connie (PS0GN) [773] Yeah
Norman (PS0GP) [774] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [775] Hardly worth going then
Connie (PS0GN) [776] Saturday night
Joy (PS0GM) [777] oh
Norman (PS0GP) [778] They're my old favourites, I used to love it
Joy (PS0GM) [779] Yeah I like him, mm you don't pay nothing, we paid seventy P to see the Batchelors but it was you in, in, you know, your in
Connie (PS0GN) [780] Yeah, entertainment
Joy (PS0GM) [781] ad admission ticket
Connie (PS0GN) [782] yeah, yeah
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [783] I mean you pay seventy P to go in anyway
Connie (PS0GN) [784] Oh
Joy (PS0GM) [785] then we had a glass of champagne, no a glass of sherry when we went in
Connie (PS0GN) [786] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [787] didn't we?
Joy (PS0GM) [788] and we had erm, and we had er a bottle of champagne on the table the Isle of plonk, you know, gala champagne
Norman (PS0GP) [789] Where is this place then?
Joy (PS0GM) [790] You know the corner, you know where the police station is in Wellingborough?
Norman (PS0GP) [791] Yeah oh by the Odeon?
Joy (PS0GM) [792] You go down to the , that's right
Norman (PS0GP) [793] Oh yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [794] yeah
Norman (PS0GP) [795] well we went out there won't we, when it was the Odeon?
Connie (PS0GN) [796] Don't know.
Norman (PS0GP) [797] Yes you
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Norman (PS0GP) [798] don't you remember me saying look at this bugger, when we used to go up, the Lerrick not the Odeon
Joy (PS0GM) [799] Yeah, but I still
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Norman (PS0GP) [800] yeah the old Lerrick weren't it?
Joy (PS0GM) [801] Mm
Norman (PS0GP) [802] I said well bugger me ...
Joy (PS0GM) [803] I'd go day and night, I love it ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [804] getting left behind mate
Norman (PS0GP) [805] Yeah I'm afraid so, it's like being ... under a
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Norman (PS0GP) [806] bloody hand out, you know, erm, got a good hand yet it's queer
Connie (PS0GN) [807] Eight, nine, ten, Jack
Norman (PS0GP) [808] I knew I should of laid that bloody nine and
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [809] Jack
Norman (PS0GP) [810] stupid person ...
Joy (PS0GM) [811] Who's laying on my feet, you're lovely and warm Ziggy, Ziggy, Ziggy
Connie (PS0GN) [812] It gets dark
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [813] You've got to make something of their little lives ain't you?
Norman (PS0GP) [814] Yeah
Connie (PS0GN) [815] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [816] Only she's been out in the garden nearly all morning.
Norman (PS0GP) [817] She went out shopping in the car with me [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [818] Did she?
Norman (PS0GP) [819] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [820] She drove me crazy though ...
Joy (PS0GM) [821] She did
Connie (PS0GN) [822] yeah all the washing flapping on the line
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [823] er, a, I stripped me bed you see and washed everything and me thick duvet cover ... if that, once goes on the dirt it's hell of a job
Joy (PS0GM) [824] Mm
Connie (PS0GN) [825] to
Joy (PS0GM) [826] get it in again
Connie (PS0GN) [827] and the wind would carry things away
Norman (PS0GP) [828] [whispering] where are you going [] ?
Connie (PS0GN) [829] I lost one, er a good towel and I thought well I've had that I bet it's over Larry's
Norman (PS0GP) [830] Oh come on come here
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Connie (PS0GN) [831] I went upstairs and had a look and couldn't see and er
Norman (PS0GP) [832] bloody hell, shuffling like a buggery here, I just can't make a bloody hand
Connie (PS0GN) [833] and then I saw it over, another fence in, the next door
Joy (PS0GM) [834] Oh
Connie (PS0GN) [835] [laugh] and every time I ran out she run after me, getting me feet [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [836] [laugh] oh fun innit?
Connie (PS0GN) [837] oh dear
Norman (PS0GP) [838] I've got to start
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [839] I've still packed up smoking
Connie (PS0GN) [840] Good [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [841] I ain't had one since Sunday night.
Connie (PS0GN) [842] Oh jolly good
Joy (PS0GM) [843] I said to mum I think
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [844] off when we went bingo and I was smoking John started coughing and you think it's got to be these fags cos you don't normally cough
Norman (PS0GP) [845] no
Connie (PS0GN) [846] no
Joy (PS0GM) [847] and he politely said no it ain't, so, but
Connie (PS0GN) [848] I know well I was like this innit?
Norman (PS0GP) [849] yeah
Connie (PS0GN) [850] In the morning ain't we
Norman (PS0GP) [851] yeah, it's a
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [852] after we've been up the club
Norman (PS0GP) [853] we know we've had especially when you've been around it to, ooh
Connie (PS0GN) [854] Frank is sitting near Dave cos he had his fag
Joy (PS0GM) [855] Yeah, love
Connie (PS0GN) [856] right under his nose, don't he?
Joy (PS0GM) [857] Yeah
Norman (PS0GP) [858] Oh look at that, would you bloody credit it, look
Joy (PS0GM) [859] Ooh John, you'll want that one, worse than that our kid
Norman (PS0GP) [860] pick the sod up, look I've just picked the bloody hand up there, you poxy thing
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Connie (PS0GN) [861] Oh that's it
Norman (PS0GP) [laugh]
Connie (PS0GN) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [862] Here
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [863] yeah ...
Joy (PS0GM) [864] fifteen, twenty four
Norman (PS0GP) [laugh]
Connie (PS0GN) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [865] sacrifice
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [866] what he got?
Norman (PS0GP) [867] thirty, forty five, fifty, sixty,
Connie (PS0GN) [868] Wendy heard any more about her car?
Norman (PS0GP) [869] seventy, eighty, ninety, one hundred
Joy (PS0GM) [870] Steve
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [871] he's sold it
Connie (PS0GN) [872] has he?
Norman (PS0GP) [873] Who's that?
Joy (PS0GM) [874] Ivy
Norman (PS0GP) [875] Ivy
Connie (PS0GN) [876] Oh
Joy (PS0GM) [877] He's got it and sold it
Connie (PS0GN) [878] has he?
Joy (PS0GM) [879] he's took it and sold it, yeah
Norman (PS0GP) [880] Who?
Connie (PS0GN) [881] Robert
Joy (PS0GM) [882] Robert's took Wendy's car and sold it, he pinched it Sunday afternoon
Connie (PS0GN) [883] Oh, she was round Kim's erm
Joy (PS0GM) [884] I haven't seen her since Monday
Norman (PS0GP) [885] I, I, thought that's what happened.
Joy (PS0GM) [886] Well it's ju I feel
Connie (PS0GN) [887] I thought it would
Joy (PS0GM) [888] awful now
Connie (PS0GN) [889] she's got a bloody secret switch and a crook lock and
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [890] dear oh dear, and she said to me well they can get these crook locks, they've only got to a, they've only got to bend the steering wheel, I said will
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [891] you give them another ten minutes they've got to make some banging to knock it round
Norman (PS0GP) [892] Course they have.
Joy (PS0GM) [893] She's, she just, it complacent you see, you've gotta you got to
Connie (PS0GN) [894] Gonna be like you can't be like that, on things like that.
Norman (PS0GP) [895] Stupid bugger.
Joy (PS0GM) [896] Yeah.
Norman (PS0GP) [897] If I'd of been there I'd of flogged that a long while ago and got rid of it
Connie (PS0GN) [898] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [899] I know, that's what I said , that's what we all said
Connie (PS0GN) [900] he's got to come down and cross her though surely he does, he should
Joy (PS0GM) [901] well
Connie (PS0GN) [902] rotten sod
Joy (PS0GM) [903] funny side, I can see him getting away with it
Connie (PS0GN) [904] Well they do don't they?
[905] ... They
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [906] don't it?
Joy (PS0GM) [907] Yeah ...
Norman (PS0GP) [908] He hadn't better get in my way when I'm going down there I'll string him, I'll make a bastard out of it
Connie (PS0GN) [909] There laughing now
Joy (PS0GM) [910] He did
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [911] yeah and now they feel adamant don't they?
Norman (PS0GP) [912] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [913] Yeah
Connie (PS0GN) [914] They really do
Joy (PS0GM) [915] yeah, you know he's got to have somebody behind him, cos he ain't man enough to do it on his own though
Connie (PS0GN) [916] No ... oh well Joy
Norman (PS0GP) [917] No, cos he knows he'll piss off, I know Barry used to take the piss at him
Connie (PS0GN) [918] Don't know Joy
Norman (PS0GP) [919] he used to come round alright I'm adding up, even if I am adding up
Connie (PS0GN) [920] I thought you said you've had enough [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Connie (PS0GN) [921] I'm adding up
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...] ...
Norman (PS0GP) [922] where am I?
[923] Oh I'm
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [924] You're carrying the pan of three
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [925] at the minute.
Norman (PS0GP) [926] Didn't our cricketers do well ah?
Joy (PS0GM) [927] Yeah, they done really well.
Norman (PS0GP) [928] Considering half the buggers are
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [929] oh
Joy (PS0GM) [930] Can't stand Ian Botham
Connie (PS0GN) [931] Can't you?
Joy (PS0GM) [932] No I hate him
Connie (PS0GN) [933] No, I never used to like him ,
Joy (PS0GM) [934] no I hate him
Connie (PS0GN) [935] but I do a bit more now, I think he's
Norman (PS0GP) [936] I tell you what he does a bloody lot for
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [937] charities don't he?
Joy (PS0GM) [938] Yeah, but I think all the things they said about him were true, I hate the man I do.
Norman (PS0GP) [939] About what?
Connie (PS0GN) [940] Taking drugs and having other women and all that sort of them I mean
Norman (PS0GP) [941] Well they're all the same
Joy (PS0GM) [942] That's a lie
Connie (PS0GN) [943] I don't know
Norman (PS0GP) [944] that's, they all say and do that bugger anyway don't they?
[945] But he's still a bloody fine sportsman and no more than that
Connie (PS0GN) [946] did you see Elizabeth Taylor?
Joy (PS0GM) [947] Yes I did
Connie (PS0GN) [948] Didn't she look a
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [949] the lies they said about her
Norman (PS0GP) [950] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [951] Yeah , luckily enough she's just been able enough to do her own thing ain't she?
Connie (PS0GN) [952] Yeah, done well here she said, er ...
Joy (PS0GM) [953] Oh dear, I don't know what to chuck here Con
Norman (PS0GP) [954] I don't care what you chuck
Joy (PS0GM) [955] have an eight
Norman (PS0GP) [956] an eight, mm, wrong colour, oh ... when I wanted the bugger last time I ... couldn't see it, could I? ...
Joy (PS0GM) [957] Something, ten
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [958] here.
Norman (PS0GP) [959] Now then if you give me one of these here I might
Connie (PS0GN) [960] Sit down
Joy (PS0GM) [961] Mm, ain't here much at all
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [962] I got up at eight this morning when Rudy went and put all them towels out and erm, when I got up at ten it, they were all dry
Connie (PS0GN) [963] Yeah, I done some wash this morning got it dry whilst it
Joy (PS0GM) [964] yeah so did I
Connie (PS0GN) [965] got it dried in no time at all, three sixes, but they're not to erm
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [966] it went twice didn't it?
Joy (PS0GM) [967] What?
Connie (PS0GN) [968] That er
Norman (PS0GP) [969] Yeah, I thought I make
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [970] twenty I make it
Norman (PS0GP) [971] ace, no thank you ... oh you little beauty, just what the doctor ordered
Connie (PS0GN) [972] no six is erm, nine, ten, Jack, queen
Norman (PS0GP) [973] I've played that and a
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Norman (PS0GP) [974] seven ... and ten
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [975] what about that?
Norman (PS0GP) [976] oh yeah, I didn't see that idiot, right, I'll give you eight, that means I'm having
Connie (PS0GN) [977] [laugh] Look at that, all out, I know that goes Joy
Joy (PS0GM) [978] No I don't blame you ... [yawn]
Norman (PS0GP) [979] Is it eleven years today she
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [980] It's twelve years ago
Joy (PS0GM) [981] Twelve years today is it?
Connie (PS0GN) [982] Yeah.
Norman (PS0GP) [983] Twelve is it?
[984] Bloody hell
Joy (PS0GM) [985] Good grief
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [986] they all
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [987] were you?
Joy (PS0GM) [988] mm
Connie (PS0GN) [989] dancing, don't seem that then does it?
Joy (PS0GM) [990] No
Connie (PS0GN) [991] Don't seem like, cos somebody said erm ... er, the date on the paper
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [992] I thought that, that must of been twenty odd years since dad died then.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [993] Yeah it must be.
Joy (PS0GM) [994] Can't you remember when he died granddad?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [995] I can't remember
Connie (PS0GN) [996] Sixty six
Joy (PS0GM) [997] Sixty six?
Connie (PS0GN) [998] Mm
Joy (PS0GM) [999] That's twenty six years ago
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [1000] Yeah must be
Joy (PS0GM) [1001] the year I met Rudy
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [1002] Is it? ...
Connie (PS0GN) [1003] Yes it's nineteen sixty six and I'm going nineteen sixty seven, Mrs died nineteen sixty-seven and all
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [1004] No
Connie (PS0GN) [1005] and May died nineteen sixty eight or nine, they all died round about the same time
Norman (PS0GP) [1006] No, mind you mm ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...] ...
Norman (PS0GP) [1007] [yawn] it's bed time
Connie (PS0GN) [1008] I know, I wish I had
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [1009] better take the dog out
Connie (PS0GN) [1010] bottoms I suppose in a minute
Norman (PS0GP) [1011] eight, nine, ten , can't be bad
Joy (PS0GM) [1012] last card innit? ...
Norman (PS0GP) [1013] it can't be that bad
Joy (PS0GM) [1014] Ooh, ooh
Norman (PS0GP) [1015] look at that
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [1016] ah, ha, ha, ha, ha
Norman (PS0GP) [1017] whey up
Joy (PS0GM) [1018] Better than nothing.
Connie (PS0GN) [1019] Better than nothing ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1020] You soon gobbled that up
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [1021] My stomach's been bad
Joy (PS0GM) [1022] Have you tried them chips?
Connie (PS0GN) [1023] Can't eat chips, I was so hungry last night, I never had no food and when I went in
Joy (PS0GM) [1024] You should
Connie (PS0GN) [1025] and when I went in that lavatory, there's seven on there, when I went in that lavatory I, I

7 (Tape 024001)

Joy (PS0GM) [1026] Are you alright John?
[1027] Shall I do it?
John (PS0GR) [1028] No no, I'm finished now.
[1029] It only wants milk and stirring.
[1030] That's it now [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [1031] Oh well you're a good stirrer.
[1032] ... We'll let you do the stirring.
[1033] Where's dads?
John (PS0GR) [1034] That one there.
Connie (PS0GN) [1035] Is he in?
[1036] Oh yes he's watching Errol Flynn isn't he?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1037] Oh. [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [1038] That's enough.
[1039] [...] we've got enough milk thank you.
Joy (PS0GM) [1040] Eh?
John (PS0GR) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [1041] Said my, the milkman don't do bad.
[1042] My, my ordinary milkman Stan , he's off
John (PS0GR) [1043] That's yours.
Joy (PS0GM) [1044] That's mine. [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [1045] gone to [...] for a fortnight.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1046] Ooh.
Joy (PS0GM) [1047] Which is Ivy's?
Connie (PS0GN) [1048] And the other one well he's [...]
John (PS0GR) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [1049] America for a fortnight.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1050] Oh.
Connie (PS0GN) [1051] So they don't do so bloody bad do they?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1052] No. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1053] Just have ... want anything with this.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1054] No.
Connie (PS0GN) [1055] We'll have a bit of cake I think.
[1056] Shall I fetch it? ...
John (PS0GR) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [1057] [...] .
[1058] Feel as stiff as a board.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1059] Er when Maureen met this girl and she found out she lived ... in Manchester common.
[1060] They got talking like, this is when they were on holiday.
[1061] And she said you'll never guess Angie how we had two fellas tried to latch on to us.
Connie (PS0GN) [1062] Now do you want a bit of cake Ivy?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1063] Yes please.
[1064] Just a little bit Con.
[1065] But she said th ... he ... th he was just like erm ... Rossiter.
Connie (PS0GN) [1066] Oh!
Joy (PS0GM) [1067] Oh [...] .
Ivy (PS0GS) [1068] Oh and she said that he was revolting.
Connie (PS0GN) [laugh]
Ivy (PS0GS) [laugh]
Connie (PS0GN) [1069] Here you are John, bit of cake.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1070] And she said it didn't
John (PS0GR) [...]
Ivy (PS0GS) [1071] matter what you said or ... you know, you couldn't put them off like.
Connie (PS0GN) [1072] Do you wanna bit of cake Joy?
Joy (PS0GM) [1073] No thanks.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1074] But they were awful.
[1075] Couldn't have got much worse could [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [1076] Yeah you could.
[1077] Ken .
Ivy (PS0GS) [1078] Oh Christ!
John (PS0GR) [1079] Oh!
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Ivy (PS0GS) [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [1080] [laughing] Yeah [] .
Ivy (PS0GS) [1081] Yeah. [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [1082] Oh my god yeah!
Connie (PS0GN) [1083] Did you take dad's tea for him?
Joy (PS0GM) [1084] Yeah.
Connie (PS0GN) [1085] Take his cake did you?
Joy (PS0GM) [1086] Mm, no.
Connie (PS0GN) [1087] Oh.
Joy (PS0GM) [1088] How could I?
[1089] You hadn't cut it [laughing] you soft sod.
[1090] Oh my god [] .
John (PS0GR) [1091] Wh wh wh who dealt?
Joy (PS0GM) [1092] I did.
[1093] Your go.
John (PS0GR) [1094] You dealt?
Joy (PS0GM) [1095] No. ...
John (PS0GR) [1096] Four of spades. ...
Ivy (PS0GS) [1097] I'm sure that bloody corset did me more harm than good.
Joy (PS0GM) [...]
John (PS0GR) [1098] [...] had it on long enough Ivy.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1099] Well I've had it on three days John.
Connie (PS0GN) [1100] What, all the time?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1101] No not, not in the evening.
Connie (PS0GN) [1102] Is it me to go?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1103] No, it's me. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1104] Oh look!
[1105] Who's here?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [1106] Mm. ...
John (PS0GR) [1107] Ooh [laugh] I've just seen [...] hand.
Joy (PS0GM) [1108] He's [...]
John (PS0GR) [1109] Oh you little baby.
Joy (PS0GM) [1110] Have you got an'and
John (PS0GR) [1111] Mm.
Connie (PS0GN) [1112] Jack queen king.
[1113] ... Three aces.
John (PS0GR) [1114] [...] that'll be okay. ...
Connie (PS0GN) [1115] A nice bit of cake.
John (PS0GR) [1116] Mm.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1117] Mm, lovely bit of cake. ...
Connie (PS0GN) [1118] Somebody didn't
John (PS0GR) [1119] Who's this off again?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1120] Dunno.
John (PS0GR) [1121] Oh bloody hell.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1122] Got several [...] . ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1123] Gotta be lucky at something ain't you Ive?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1124] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Ivy (PS0GS) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [1125] They can be lucky in lo love.
[1126] You've gotta have something [laughing] out of bloody life [] . ...
Connie (PS0GN) [1127] Just a minute.
[1128] ... Didn't like that one.
[1129] What's erm, oh! ...
John (PS0GR) [1130] Oh ... dear. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1131] Mhm [laugh]
Connie (PS0GN) [1132] Got nothing my darling.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1133] I'm out.
Joy (PS0GM) [1134] Here you are.
[1135] Hey.
John (PS0GR) [1136] Oh you ain't.
[1137] You're a pain
Ivy (PS0GS) [1138] I am.
John (PS0GR) [1139] in the pissing arse you are.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1140] Well I'm sorry.
Joy (PS0GM) [1141] Where you going?
John (PS0GR) [1142] Bloody pain in the arse.
[1143] Give her some change.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1144] Forty one. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [...] [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [1145] I don't know.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1146] There's plenty of change.
John (PS0GR) [1147] Here you are.
Joy (PS0GM) [1148] Eighteen twenty eight thirty ... thirty eight, forty five.
Connie (PS0GN) [1149] Fifty three, sixty two, sixty five, sixty eight.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1150] What do you want my darling?
[1151] Your mum's got the biscuits.
Connie (PS0GN) [1152] Here you are.
John (PS0GR) [1153] L look at that [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [1154] Oh.
John (PS0GR) [1155] and couldn't pick up the sodding two.
Ivy (PS0GS) [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [1156] Thirty five.
Joy (PS0GM) [1157] I got both of your twos of diamonds.
John (PS0GR) [1158] Forty.
Joy (PS0GM) [1159] [...] it's your deal.
John (PS0GR) [1160] Forty ... fifty ... sixty ... seventy four ... eighty ... ninety five isn't it?
Joy (PS0GM) [1161] Pay up and shut up.
[1162] [laugh] ... Put up or shut up.
[1163] ... Where's my bubby?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1164] When you think Liz Taylor's had eight bloody husbands.
[1165] If we did that we should be called prostitutes wouldn't we?
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Connie (PS0GN) [1166] Oh yeah.
[1167] [laughing] I reckon we were born too early Ive [] .
Ivy (PS0GS) [1168] Yeah.
John (PS0GR) [1169] Or lucky bastards, one of the two. [laugh]
Ivy (PS0GS) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [1170] Unlucky I would have said.
Connie (PS0GN) [1171] Yeah, bloody unlucky.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1172] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [1173] Yeah. ...
John (PS0GR) [1174] Well, I thought I'd got a bloody good hand there.
[1175] ... If you keep this up Connie ... you're in er [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [1176] Oh, I have got some doubles again.
John (PS0GR) [1177] Ooh.
Joy (PS0GM) [1178] God.
John (PS0GR) [1179] Gaw!
Joy (PS0GM) [1180] That's a double and that's a double and that's a double.
John (PS0GR) [1181] Look at that!
[1182] Ooh [...] .
[1183] Gaw look, oh that's the same.
[1184] What a shame.
[1185] ... Oh I've got no end of doubles.
Joy (PS0GM) [1186] You have! ...
John (PS0GR) [1187] King.
[1188] Gotta get rid of that.
Joy (PS0GM) [1189] Oh I've got a few more you'll like yet.
John (PS0GR) [1190] Oh look at that.
[1191] ... Right.
Joy (PS0GM) [1192] Bubby ... Benjy ... Benjy, wanna bikky?
[1193] ... Where is he?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1194] [laughing] They all come [...] [] .
Joy (PS0GM) [1195] Benjy.
[1196] Come here.
[1197] ... Hang on.
John (PS0GR) [1198] Hang on.
Joy (PS0GM) [1199] [singing] Hang on Sloopy ... Sloopy hang on []
John (PS0GR) [1200] Thank you.
[1201] ... Look at that.
Joy (PS0GM) [1202] Oh come on.
[1203] Play the white man.
John (PS0GR) [1204] And another one like that.
[1205] [...] doubles anyway.
[1206] ... You know our little dog, it stood at the door.
[1207] It knew we were coming here you know, bless it.
Connie (PS0GN) [1208] Forty.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1209] Mm.
John (PS0GR) [1210] She stood at that door waiting
Connie (PS0GN) [1211] Jack on there.
John (PS0GR) [1212] with her head ... to put her thing on and I said ... you ain't gotta go [...] .
Connie (PS0GN) [1213] Ah!
John (PS0GR) [1214] You've gotta go in the, in your box you have.
Connie (PS0GN) [1215] It ain't so bad when they can go out.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1216] Mm. ...
John (PS0GR) [1217] Never mind.
Connie (PS0GN) [1218] She wouldn't have hurt.
[1219] They'd bloody play in here alright.
John (PS0GR) [1220] Jack [...]
Ivy (PS0GS) [1221] She'd been carrying on outside all morning and
John (PS0GR) [1222] Oh yeah.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1223] so I thought well she
Connie (PS0GN) [1224] Does she go out on her own?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1225] Yeah.
[1226] Out the back.
Connie (PS0GN) [1227] Does she?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1228] Mm.
[1229] So I thought well she ... she'll, she'll be
John (PS0GR) [1230] Ooh ... two of the bastards out.
Joy (PS0GM) [...]
John (PS0GR) [1231] I thought I was gonna ... [...] hand there.
[1232] ... Six seven eight.
[1233] ... Pardon me.
Joy (PS0GM) [1234] I've just took me blooming jacks.
John (PS0GR) [...] ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1235] [...] ... [...] make.
John (PS0GR) [1236] Oh bloody hell.
Connie (PS0GN) [1237] Ten jack queen and three twos.
John (PS0GR) [1238] Ooh.
[1239] Bloody hell.
[1240] ... Oh dear.
Joy (PS0GM) [1241] Here you are then.
[1242] Benj.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1243] He's gone.
Joy (PS0GM) [1244] [laugh] Benjy.
John (PS0GR) [1245] Two three four. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1246] Benjy.
[1247] Here you are.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1248] I didn't call you, my treasure.
[1249] Your mummy called you. [...] ...
John (PS0GR) [1250] Last card.
Joy (PS0GM) [1251] Eh!
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
John (PS0GR) [1252] Well I had two of the bastards.
[1253] That's why you got it.
Joy (PS0GM) [1254] Mm!
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh] ... [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [1255] [singing] Here you are. ...
Connie (PS0GN) [1256] Jack is that over there?
[1257] I've got it.
[1258] Just picked it up look.
John (PS0GR) [1259] There.
[1260] There.
Joy (PS0GM) [1261] Oh.
[1262] Some folks get all the luck.
[1263] You'd better lay it sensibly now.
John (PS0GR) [1264] Yes.
[1265] Two threes or two twos.
Joy (PS0GM) [1266] Else you'll be in real trouble.
John (PS0GR) [1267] Two threes or two twos.
Connie (PS0GN) [1268] Five six seven eight.
John (PS0GR) [1269] Well I'm just just [...] .
Joy (PS0GM) [1270] Oh.
Connie (PS0GN) [1271] Six over there isn't it?
[1272] Oh no!
Joy (PS0GM) [1273] Ah!
John (PS0GR) [1274] No it's [...]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [1275] Oh I'll [...] that one out then.
John (PS0GR) [1276] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [1277] Oh you wicked sod.
Connie (PS0GN) [1278] No I'll [...] .
John (PS0GR) [1279] No, you, you frit me to death Con. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [1280] [laughing] I thought you were gonna put that bastard down [] .
Connie (PS0GN) [1281] [...] got the [...]
Ivy (PS0GS) [1282] I've just counted mine.
[1283] Thought somebody was sure to be out.
John (PS0GR) [...] [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [1284] Two three four six seven
Connie (PS0GN) [1285] [...] a big'un.
Joy (PS0GM) [1286] I ain't got nothing.
[1287] Hang on hang on hang on.
[1288] Ten jack queen ... five six seven eight nine
Connie (PS0GN) [1289] Go and see your mother.
Joy (PS0GM) [1290] Six ... seven eight.
[1291] Here you are ...
John (PS0GR) [1292] That's, that's what I thought she was gonna put on there when she put [laughing] the six []
Connie (PS0GN) [1293] Fifty eight.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1294] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [1295] Fifty eight.
John (PS0GR) [...]
Ivy (PS0GS) [1296] Six, that's naughty.
[1297] He's had that Joy.
Joy (PS0GM) [1298] Here you are.
Connie (PS0GN) [1299] He's like a bloody s ... ferret under here. [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [1300] Thank you.
Joy (PS0GM) [1301] Oh dear me.
[1302] Sixty eight seventy eighty eight [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [1303] Three for me.
Joy (PS0GM) [1304] Sixty eight seventy eighty eight ninety eight.
[1305] Hundred and two three ... forty four ... John out.
[1306] Ivy, got yours.
[1307] And it's ... who's deal?
Connie (PS0GN) [1308] My deal. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1309] Who won?
John (PS0GR) [1310] Jimmy. ...
Ivy (PS0GS) [1311] Don't they feed you up your house?
Joy (PS0GM) [1312] Getting ready for his dinner this time of night. ...
Connie (PS0GN) [1313] Them at the ... [...] have asked Barry if he could fit them a box over their electric meter [...] .
John (PS0GR) [1314] Yeah.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1315] Put them up a what?
John (PS0GR) [1316] A box.
[1317] You know around his
Connie (PS0GN) [1318] Er at [...] where they have the ca the er
Ivy (PS0GS) [1319] Oh I don't know [...]
John (PS0GR) [1320] About as big as that picture frame there.
Connie (PS0GN) [1321] So he s ... he said to him how much will it be?
[1322] Said oh that's alright, we've got some friends coming down this weekend, we'll come in for a bar snack.
[1323] Alright?
[1324] He said yeah, fine.
[1325] I said you ought to have said Sunday lunch.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh]
Ivy (PS0GS) [1326] Yeah.
Connie (PS0GN) [1327] Cos he's supplying the wood. ...
John (PS0GR) [1328] Well, you're doing alright now, you've got all the cards.
Joy (PS0GM) [1329] Have I gone silly?
John (PS0GR) [1330] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [1331] Oh no.
John (PS0GR) [1332] Yes they come out lovely they did
Joy (PS0GM) [1333] Mm.
John (PS0GR) [1334] that first few and then er, then you went all to pot.
Joy (PS0GM) [1335] I know.
John (PS0GR) [1336] Why?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [1337] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [1338] Why?!
John (PS0GR) [1339] Why?
Joy (PS0GM) [1340] Mhm.
John (PS0GR) [1341] Why oh why?
[1342] There you go mum. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1343] We seem to live on tea and ... more tea until the next cup of tea comes round don't we?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1344] Mm.
[1345] Yeah. ...
Connie (PS0GN) [1346] Dee [...] she do [...] tea.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1347] Who?
John (PS0GR) [1348] Dee.
Connie (PS0GN) [1349] Dee.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1350] Does she?
John (PS0GR) [1351] Yeah she's fond of her tea. ...
Ivy (PS0GS) [1352] That is Ben's daughter lives at erm ... whatever
Connie (PS0GN) [...]
Ivy (PS0GS) [1353] Treetops.
[1354] Yeah I
Connie (PS0GN) [1355] Oh yeah.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1356] phoned her yesterday.
Connie (PS0GN) [1357] Oh.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1358] I said ... I says Mrs speaking
John (PS0GR) [1359] Is that my three?
[1360] Yes.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1361] and said er ... I said who am I speaking to.
[1362] She said oh she said, Ben's daughter.
Connie (PS0GN) [1363] Oh.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1364] Elaine.
[1365] I said oh ... I said well we'll be very pleased to come if we're both still alive then.
[1366] I said you know we're Ben's age as well.
[1367] Said oh dear.
Connie (PS0GN) [1368] [laugh] Mm.
[1369] ... I ought to be going there anyway.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1370] Eh?
Connie (PS0GN) [1371] I ought to be going there.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1372] Yeah.
[1373] Wish you were cos you could go in my old man's place. ...
Connie (PS0GN) [1374] Poor old Ben.
[1375] He's been a good friend to me during the war when we
Ivy (PS0GS) [1376] Yeah.
[1377] Been good to me and all, through my life.
Connie (PS0GN) [1378] Mm.
[1379] Well and before the war.
[1380] Er er if ever
Joy (PS0GM) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [1381] anybody needed ... doing anything it was always Ben weren't it?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1382] Yeah.
[1383] Nice old boy, Ben.
Connie (PS0GN) [1384] Mm.
John (PS0GR) [1385] Oh dear. [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [1386] Do you remember when I come home from er Welwyn and I, I had to go to court?
John (PS0GR) [1387] Oh it's over there.
Connie (PS0GN) [1388] And he came over and took me didn't he?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1389] Yeah. ...
Connie (PS0GN) [1390] A friend in need is a friend indeed [...] . ...
John (PS0GR) [1391] I get mixed up with them.
[1392] There's Ben, Leonard ...
Ivy (PS0GS) [1393] Matthew's dead.
[1394] Sam's dead.
John (PS0GR) [1395] Oh yeah Sammy.
[1396] Yeah that's the one I used to get mixed up with.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1397] Sam's dead.
[1398] Died.
[1399] Dot died, his wife.
[1400] Died in childbirth.
Connie (PS0GN) [1401] Who?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1402] Dot.
Connie (PS0GN) [1403] Oh, Sam's wife?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1404] Mm.
Connie (PS0GN) [1405] Really? ...
Ivy (PS0GS) [1406] Ought to have seen them walking down North Road.
Connie (PS0GN) [1407] Mm. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1408] Oh dear oh dear oh dear.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1409] Longed for a baby didn't she?
[1410] Then when she had one
Connie (PS0GN) [1411] Yeah.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1412] she died.
[1413] I remember her having it.
Connie (PS0GN) [1414] Mm. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1415] There were no need for that. ...
John (PS0GR) [...] [...]
John (PS0GR) [1416] [laugh] Oh dear.
Joy (PS0GM) [1417] You must have something, surely. ...
John (PS0GR) [1418] Oh Christ.
[1419] I keep forgetting they've put that ... bloody thing down.
Joy (PS0GM) [1420] I'd like that, but it's no good to me.
John (PS0GR) [1421] I'm gonna put that bugger on before I forget it again.
Joy (PS0GM) [1422] What's that?
John (PS0GR) [1423] This bastard here.
[1424] That's three times that's gone round.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1425] Oo er.
[1426] Look. [laugh]
Connie (PS0GN) [laugh]
Ivy (PS0GS) [...] [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [1427] Hang on I've had a I've had a fitter there.
John (PS0GR) [1428] You've got a shitter.
Joy (PS0GM) [1429] I'd better, I'd better put that ... that down as that.
[1430] Nine then
John (PS0GR) [1431] Jack.
Joy (PS0GM) [1432] jack.
John (PS0GR) [1433] Yeah. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1434] No ... what have I got?
[1435] What have I got?
[1436] Yeah I've got a jack under there.
[1437] That's right.
John (PS0GR) [1438] That's right, yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [1439] That's right, and three kings.
[1440] Now I've got nine and eight.
[1441] ... And then out.
[1442] ... [...] Who's that sneezing?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1443] Poor old dog.
Connie (PS0GN) [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [1444] Seven on there.
[1445] That bloody three before I forget it again.
Joy (PS0GM) [1446] A bloody three before I forget it.
John (PS0GR) [1447] Ah.
[1448] Now then.
Joy (PS0GM) [1449] Hello!
[1450] Hello Benjy. ...
Ivy (PS0GS) [1451] Mm.
[1452] Lovely tea.
Joy (PS0GM) [1453] Yeah. ...
John (PS0GR) [1454] That's bloody nice.
[1455] And that.
[1456] Oh my god, look at that.
[1457] That's put the mockers on that, you've took them both.
[1458] ... Mm.
[1459] Don't know what to do. ... [...] ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1460] Yeah you're right.
[1461] She'll be sightseeing again. ...
Connie (PS0GN) [1462] A nine.
Joy (PS0GM) [...]
John (PS0GR) [1463] Be seeing a pigging ... card come now, now I've split them up.
[1464] ... You little sod!
[1465] Three.
[1466] How about that?
[1467] Six.
Joy (PS0GM) [1468] Aha.
[1469] Don't you want the other one?
John (PS0GR) [1470] Ask her.
Joy (PS0GM) [1471] Did you?
John (PS0GR) [1472] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh] ...
Ivy (PS0GS) [1473] You're saucy. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1474] Oh I thought you'd get it.
[1475] I had the other one.
[1476] Hundred and four.
Connie (PS0GN) [1477] Twelve Joy.
Joy (PS0GM) [1478] Twelve?
[1479] Six ... fifty six.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1480] Sixteen.
Joy (PS0GM) [1481] So fifty eight sixty eight seventy four.
[1482] Johnny?
[1483] No, out. ...
John (PS0GR) [1484] It's my deal isn't it?
Joy (PS0GM) [1485] Yeah, your deal.
[1486] ... These chairs are hard.
Connie (PS0GN) [1487] Mm.
[1488] They are hard aren't they?
[1489] ... When I win that national I shall buy new table and er
Joy (PS0GM) [1490] Oy [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [1491] soft chairs. [laugh]
Ivy (PS0GS) [laugh] ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1492] We ain't had much lately at bingo have we?
Connie (PS0GN) [1493] No.
[1494] Had none hardly.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1495] Well I think it comes and goes with everybody don't it?
Connie (PS0GN) [1496] Don't know.
Joy (PS0GM) [1497] My mate goes five times a week and she ain't had nothing for over twelve months.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1498] No [...] .
Joy (PS0GM) [1499] Nearly hundred pound a week she spends on it.
Connie (PS0GN) [1500] Coo!
[1501] Oh dear. [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [1502] Mm. ...
John (PS0GR) [1503] There you go.
[1504] How about that for a [...] ?
Joy (PS0GM) [1505] That's rubbish.
[1506] ... I tell you what, they ought to hang the bloke that dealt these.
John (PS0GR) [1507] Yeah, he ought to be hung.
[1508] And drawn and quartered I think.
[1509] ... Ooh bloody hell John.
[1510] ... Do any better ... don't bother dealing.
[1511] [hiccup] Pardon me ... for being so rude.
[1512] ... Oh dear oh dear, John. ...
Connie (PS0GN) [1513] How's Wynn [...] ?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1514] Ever so poorly.
Connie (PS0GN) [1515] Is she?
Joy (PS0GM) [1516] She's been going for that ra ... is it radium?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1517] Is she going?
Connie (PS0GN) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [1518] Mm.
[1519] ... Yeah. ...
John (PS0GR) [1520] Oh!
Joy (PS0GM) [1521] She's on morphine anyway. ...
Ivy (PS0GS) [1522] Poor old Wynn.
Connie (PS0GN) [1523] Yeah, sounds er
Joy (PS0GM) [1524] They told, Diane told me the other night though, she's had three years that she shouldn't have had.
[1525] She's been living on borrowed time for a long while.
Connie (PS0GN) [1526] [...] ... Hello!
[1527] Hello Benjy, how are you doing?
[1528] Where's your dad?
[1529] ... Where's your dad?
[1530] He [...] upstairs when we went in last night.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1531] Did he?
Joy (PS0GM) [1532] Straight on the bed.
Connie (PS0GN) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [1533] Rudy was shattered, he'd been up f since four the morning before.
Connie (PS0GN) [1534] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [1535] I don't know how he keeps going you know.
Connie (PS0GN) [1536] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [1537] Got a lot of erm ... he's got a lot of er ... erm energy.
John (PS0GR) [1538] Energy.
Connie (PS0GN) [1539] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [1540] Mm.
[1541] ... Two three four five six ...
John (PS0GR) [1542] How are you doing?
[1543] [...] ... Now then John.
[1544] With a bit of luck you might go down this time.
[1545] ... Oh bloody hell.
[1546] ... Yes I thought you would.
Connie (PS0GN) [1547] Suppose he's had good training for that while he were playing.
[1548] Nightclubs and that.
[1549] Different hours you see.
Joy (PS0GM) [1550] Mm.
[1551] Oh yeah he's
Connie (PS0GN) [1552] You take it all in your stride then don't you?
Joy (PS0GM) [1553] Oh yeah.
Connie (PS0GN) [1554] You seem to.
John (PS0GR) [1555] I don't know [...] this one [...] dear god.
Joy (PS0GM) [1556] Mhm.
[1557] ... [...] England's last hope just gone. ...
John (PS0GR) [1558] [...] .
Joy (PS0GM) [1559] Mm.
[1560] ... we shan't get them out now. ...
John (PS0GR) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [1561] Unless I get a joker. [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [1562] Nine, oh dear.
[1563] ... Snap.
Joy (PS0GM) [1564] Snap.
[1565] ... No good getting down now I'm only out er got hundred and four.
[1566] Might as well go out big mightn't we?
Connie (PS0GN) [1567] Mm.
John (PS0GR) [1568] Ninety five I'm out so that's fifty five.
[1569] Oh my god, let me have a look.
[1570] ... Oh would you believe it, I want one card twice here.
Joy (PS0GM) [1571] Do you?
John (PS0GR) [1572] Yeah.
[1573] ... Oh that's knackered it. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1574] Well ... I think I'd better ... don't want none of these burpers so ... might as well get rid of them.
John (PS0GR) [1575] [yawn] Oh dear ... oh dear.
[1576] Don't want them.
[1577] Put a seven on there.
Connie (PS0GN) [laugh] ...
John (PS0GR) [1578] Oh and that [...] went didn't it?
[1579] Never mind, I've got six cards. [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [1580] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [1581] Oh yeah.
John (PS0GR) [1582] Stupid person.
Connie (PS0GN) [1583] I'm waiting for it to go down and all, I've got the eight.
John (PS0GR) [1584] Why didn't you tell me then?
Joy (PS0GM) [1585] Ooh three two jokers.
Connie (PS0GN) [1586] Well I thought you didn't wanna go below a certain amount.
John (PS0GR) [1587] Oh.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1588] Last card.
Joy (PS0GM) [1589] That gives me eight. [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [1590] Oh ... I've got [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [1591] That's a fitter and that's a fitter ... so I might as well
Connie (PS0GN) [1592] Is that thing still on?
John (PS0GR) [1593] Mm [...] it is.
Joy (PS0GM) [1594] What?
Connie (PS0GN) [1595] That thing.
[1596] Oh Christ.
Ivy (PS0GS) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [1597] That's still on.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1598] Is it?
Connie (PS0GN) [1599] Mm. [laugh]
Ivy (PS0GS) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [1600] Say they'll learn something from this lot.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1601] Mm.
Connie (PS0GN) [1602] They'll er they'll wonder what the hell we're playing I expect. ...
John (PS0GR) [1603] Oh strewth. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1604] I know.
John (PS0GR) [1605] [singing] I don't know []
Joy (PS0GM) [1606] I ain't seen any of these.
John (PS0GR) [1607] [singing] what I'd do without you [] ... Oh my [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [1608] Oh that'd be better. [...]
John (PS0GR) [1609] Que que que and te te te
Joy (PS0GM) [1610] te te te ... Eight.
John (PS0GR) [1611] Eight.
[1612] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [1613] Three.
John (PS0GR) [1614] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [...] ...
John (PS0GR) [1615] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [1616] Yeah.
Connie (PS0GN) [1617] Yeah.
[1618] That's what
John (PS0GR) [1619] Right.
[1620] One more to go.
[1621] ... Drat!
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [1622] No I just suddenly thought. ...
John (PS0GR) [1623] Oh!
[1624] I just got shot of that king.
Joy (PS0GM) [1625] Mm.
John (PS0GR) [1626] Never mind.
[1627] I'll put me other two on there.
[1628] ... [...] . You said I was short didn't you? [...] ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1629] Blooming aces.
John (PS0GR) [1630] Silly billy.
[1631] ... You've just had that one.
Connie (PS0GN) [1632] [...] seven. ...
John (PS0GR) [1633] [...] that one.
[1634] Thump thump thump.
Joy (PS0GM) [1635] There was a method in my madness.
Ivy (PS0GS) [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [1636] Oh yeah. [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Ivy (PS0GS) [1637] Ooh pardon me. ...
John (PS0GR) [1638] [singing] Come on kid ... hit me with a left and a right []
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh] ...
Connie (PS0GN) [1639] This don't go does it?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1640] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [1641] No, but that one does.
[1642] Seven
John (PS0GR) [1643] Oh.
Joy (PS0GM) [1644] and a five.
Connie (PS0GN) [1645] Ooh two.
John (PS0GR) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [1646] Two?
Connie (PS0GN) [1647] Two
Ivy (PS0GS) [1648] Twenty eight.
Connie (PS0GN) [1649] fifty eight ... twen seventy four ninety four hundred and two ... six?
John (PS0GR) [1650] Six, yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [1651] Hundred and one ...
Connie (PS0GN) [1652] My deal innit?
John (PS0GR) [1653] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [1654] Is it?
John (PS0GR) [1655] I guess so.
Joy (PS0GM) [1656] Or John's?
John (PS0GR) [1657] No, I just dealt them didn't I?
Joy (PS0GM) [1658] Did you deal that ...
John (PS0GR) [1659] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [1660] [...] rubbish, yes.
John (PS0GR) [1661] Didn't you see the ... load of crap he got? ...
Joy (PS0GM) [singing]
John (PS0GR) [1662] [singing] Once in a while ... when you're lonely []
Connie (PS0GN) [1663] [...] a bit
Joy (PS0GM) [1664] Did you see that chap playing Misty this morning on the piano?
[1665] ... Played it lovely.
Connie (PS0GN) [1666] What, on the telly?
Joy (PS0GM) [1667] Mm.
Connie (PS0GN) [1668] No I don't watch telly any more.
[1669] I'd like to but I can never watch any more, he's always got the
Joy (PS0GM) [1670] Well I work while it's on.
Connie (PS0GN) [1671] C B on and
Joy (PS0GM) [1672] If I put me country and western records on I just done and dance with the dog all morning.
[1673] I don't do nothing.
Ivy (PS0GS) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [1674] He goes ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [1675] I swing him round, his head goes ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [1676] I say dance with mum.
[1677] Poor little devil.
[1678] I drag him round.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1679] I'd dance with my dog but he's so bloody heavy though.
John (PS0GR) [1680] Th th that's a good programme on the light from about half past nine till twelve, you know.
Joy (PS0GM) [1681] On the light programme?
John (PS0GR) [1682] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [1683] Which one's that?
Joy (PS0GM) [1684] Er it's ... what's his name?
Connie (PS0GN) [1685] B B C two.
Joy (PS0GM) [1686] Yeah.
[1687] B B C two.
Connie (PS0GN) [1688] I think that's thirteen, is it?
John (PS0GR) [1689] Well I dunno, two four six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen. ... [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [1690] Fourteen.
[1691] Just take the top one off.
John (PS0GR) [1692] Two four six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen. ...
Connie (PS0GN) [1693] Twelve.
John (PS0GR) [1694] Why the hell have you got this
Joy (PS0GM) [1695] Thirteen.
John (PS0GR) [1696] pigging joker?
[1697] ... Stop your chops [...] and get on with your dealing.
Joy (PS0GM) [1698] Come on Dolly, do your dealing. ...
Connie (PS0GN) [1699] Did you deal them all?
John (PS0GR) [1700] What's his bloody name?
[1701] He u used
Ivy (PS0GS) [1702] I did.
John (PS0GR) [1703] to do early morning show.
[1704] He took over. ...
Connie (PS0GN) [1705] Er
John (PS0GR) [1706] Er th I er
Connie (PS0GN) [1707] Da Davison?
[1708] Jamieson?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1709] No er
John (PS0GR) [1710] He's got a beard.
[1711] ... Oh dear
Connie (PS0GN) [1712] Ken
Ivy (PS0GS) [1713] On erm
John (PS0GR) [1714] Ken ... yeah that's it.
Connie (PS0GN) [1715] Bruce?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1716] Bruce, yeah.
John (PS0GR) [1717] That's it.
[1718] Yeah.
[1719] I like him.
Connie (PS0GN) [1720] Oh I used to listen to that for ages.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1721] Mm.
John (PS0GR) [1722] I like him I do.
[1723] He, he has some lovely records.
[1724] Good, good choice, you know?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1725] I listen to [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [1726] Oh [...] [laughing] you sound like N N Norman Wisdom [] .
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [1727] [laughing] Sounded just like Norman Wisdom [] .
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh]
Ivy (PS0GS) [1728] Or that bloke at the club ... making his mouth go ... go funny
John (PS0GR) [1729] [laughing] Ooh that
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [1730] hey that's, that bloody bloke who at the club that you []
Joy (PS0GM) [1731] Norman Collier?
John (PS0GR) [1732] No that bloke that comes up there.
Connie (PS0GN) [1733] Have you been John?
John (PS0GR) [1734] No, I'll chuck away.
[1735] Hang on.
Joy (PS0GM) [1736] Who's that?
John (PS0GR) [1737] Him that ... [laughing] him that calls on the bloody bingo [] .
[1738] He says ... all the frees, firty free.
Joy (PS0GM) [1739] Yeah.
John (PS0GR) [1740] And
Connie (PS0GN) [1741] Who is that?
[1742] Where's that at?
Joy (PS0GM) [1743] Is he, is
John (PS0GR) [1744] where, at the Beacon And he's
Connie (PS0GN) [1745] Oh!
Norman (PS0GP) [1746] free and ... four, firty four. [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [1747] He he's a spastic though isn't he?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1748] I don't know.
John (PS0GR) [1749] Is he?
[1750] Oh, I didn't know.
Joy (PS0GM) [1751] I think one of them's in a wheelchair.
Connie (PS0GN) [1752] Oh well, you shouldn't make fun.
John (PS0GR) [1753] Well I never see him.
[1754] I well I er i it was just ... he he sounded like a ponce to me.
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Connie (PS0GN) [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [1755] You know, and he says ... sisth and two, sisthy two.
[1756] Oh bloody hell.
Connie (PS0GN) [1757] Well I admire him if he's ...
John (PS0GR) [1758] Well he ... he ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1759] Yeah I'm sure he's erm ...
Connie (PS0GN) [1760] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [1761] spastic.
Connie (PS0GN) [1762] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [1763] I saw a wheelchair there one day and I know
Connie (PS0GN) [1764] Oh.
Joy (PS0GM) [1765] they were saying ... they were gonna introduce spastic people
Connie (PS0GN) [1766] [...] oh.
Joy (PS0GM) [1767] into the club.
Connie (PS0GN) [1768] Well, jolly good.
Joy (PS0GM) [1769] I know one night that we were there and it said ... Mr is upstairs
Connie (PS0GN) [1770] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [1771] and I thought they were gonna say [laughing] beam them up Scottie [] .
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [1772] Then all of a sudden the whole fire alarm went ee oo ee oo ee oo
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [1773] Ooh
Joy (PS0GM) [1774] all the way round the room.
[1775] You'd never heard nothing ... And everyone
Connie (PS0GN) [1776] And all the [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [1777] run to a different door.
Connie (PS0GN) [1778] And all the all the boys run he said it's just
Ivy (PS0GS) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [1779] it's just to tell you ... just to show you ... how efficient that er our callers would be in a fire.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1780] Oh.
[1781] Yeah? ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1782] Yeah I'm gonna have, sod it ... I'm [...]
John (PS0GR) [1783] Don't blame you.
[1784] ... Ooh you bugger.
[1785] ... Thought I were gonna get that one.
Joy (PS0GM) [1786] Oh, you can have that one.
Ivy (PS0GS) [...]
John (PS0GR) [1787] No I've got it.
[1788] Eight jack.
[1789] Oh my gawd.
[1790] That's alright.
[1791] What are you t moaning about John. [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [1792] What else do you want in love?
John (PS0GR) [1793] Eight nine ten jack, ooh!
[1794] A que
Joy (PS0GM) [1795] Que
John (PS0GR) [1796] A que.
[1797] ... And eight, eight of ... yeah. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1798] Thought we might see Pam today.
[1799] She finishes work at half past er twelve on a Friday.
Ivy (PS0GS) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [1800] [...] though.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1801] No I suppose they have plenty to do.
Joy (PS0GM) [1802] She's always working.
[1803] Pam don't stop working.
Connie (PS0GN) [1804] No.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1805] No I expect she's got the club tomorrow morning.
[1806] She didn't have it
Connie (PS0GN) [1807] Oh has she?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1808] last week so she'll be ... no doubt be there this week.
Connie (PS0GN) [1809] Mm.
[1810] ... Three cards. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [singing]
John (PS0GR) [1811] You are a [...]
Ivy (PS0GS) [1812] Oh that would have gone wouldn't it? ...
Connie (PS0GN) [1813] Does she do it every weekend?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1814] No, not every weekend.
[1815] They didn't do it last weekend.
Connie (PS0GN) [1816] Mm.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1817] They did, they did it in the evening but they're not in the, didn't do it the morning.
Connie (PS0GN) [1818] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [1819] I'm gonna put that one on to see if I can get me score down.
John (PS0GR) [1820] Well I've just chucked me bloody jack.
Joy (PS0GM) [1821] Well that's a shame isn't it?
John (PS0GR) [1822] [...] swine.
Connie (PS0GN) [1823] Mm.
John (PS0GR) [1824] Oh I don't care though.
[1825] Look at that.
Joy (PS0GM) [1826] Don't care [...] .
John (PS0GR) [1827] And look at that.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [1828] Seventeen.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1829] Thirteen. [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [1830] Two hundred and twenty one.
[1831] Thirteen?
[1832] Hundred and fifteen.
[1833] John out.
[1834] ... Oh fifteen, twenty five, thirty four, forty one, forty seven, fifty, fifty six, sixty six
Ivy (PS0GS) [1835] Your deal Con.
Joy (PS0GM) [1836] [...] ninety eight.
[1837] Think you're gone.
[1838] Two eights are sixteen.
[1839] Yeah, you're gone.
[1840] Just.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1841] Got them, picked them jacks straight up, never picked nothing else up.
[1842] N not a thing.
Connie (PS0GN) [1843] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [1844] You're in it with me.
[1845] Hundred and twenty one.
[1846] ... Hundred and fifteen, hundred and one.
[1847] Who won?
John (PS0GR) [1848] Jimmy. [cough] ...
Connie (PS0GN) [1849] Take the money out of my purse.
Joy (PS0GM) [1850] What for?
Connie (PS0GN) [1851] If I'm in.
Joy (PS0GM) [1852] If I'm in? ...
Ivy (PS0GS) [1853] You're on to me tonight, you are.
Joy (PS0GM) [1854] Who?
Ivy (PS0GS) [1855] This silly sod I've got here. [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh] ... [singing]
John (PS0GR) [1856] [belch] Pardon me.
[1857] ... [belch] Ooh dear.
Joy (PS0GM) [1858] Oh!
[1859] Bless you.
John (PS0GR) [1860] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [1861] Jeez!
John (PS0GR) [1862] No, I've got one ... but I don't want another one.
[1863] Oh my god, look at that.
Joy (PS0GM) [1864] That's no good.
[1865] Oh I don't know, if that one come up it would be, oh ... it's not now.
[1866] ... We had a lovely singsong last night, didn't we mum?
Connie (PS0GN) [1867] Yeah.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1868] Mm. ...
John (PS0GR) [1869] Who went?
[1870] ... You and ... ?
Joy (PS0GM) [1871] Erm ... me and mum and ... er ... just me and mother.
John (PS0GR) [1872] Oh.
[1873] ... Three ... [...] ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1874] Mother!
[1875] ... Do with that one [...] bad.
John (PS0GR) [yawn]
Joy (PS0GM) [1876] Oh I can't sling that now, then I'd have two John.
John (PS0GR) [1877] Wrong one.
Joy (PS0GM) [1878] She always slings my card just at the wrong time. ...
John (PS0GR) [1879] One too many short again John. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1880] I might as well pack this hand up.
[1881] You're slinging all my cards.
Connie (PS0GN) [1882] Yeah.
[1883] Did that to me last time.
[1884] I never got nothing.
[1885] Picked three jacks up hoping there'd be a joker.
John (PS0GR) [1886] Oh you awkward sod.
[1887] Picking up what [...] .
Joy (PS0GM) [1888] Well I ain't.
[1889] She's slinging everything I wa want and can't get nothing.
[1890] Picked it up. ...
Connie (PS0GN) [1891] Just picked a joker up.
Joy (PS0GM) [1892] Well you're just bloody lucky.
Connie (PS0GN) [1893] Mm, you're joking of course. ...
John (PS0GR) [1894] [...] I want that. [...]
Ivy (PS0GS) [1895] Ooh pardon me.
John (PS0GR) [1896] [laugh] [...] ... That's three bloody cards on the trot I've picked up which I'm [...] .
[1897] ... Seven.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1898] Four five six seven eight. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [singing]
John (PS0GR) [1899] [singing] Have I told you lately that I love you [] .
[1900] That's a king is it?
[1901] No I ain't got that one.
[1902] Wrong one.
[1903] Oh I've got that bugger now.
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh] ...
John (PS0GR) [1904] [whistling] No I didn't. [...] clubs.
[1905] ... [...] ... Jesus wept.
[1906] Jack follow the leader.
[1907] ... [whistling] ... [...] two three four.
Joy (PS0GM) [1908] Got nothing.
Ivy (PS0GS) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [1909] And that's no good now.
[1910] That's
John (PS0GR) [1911] Well look at that bugger.
Ivy (PS0GS) [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [1912] She's putting all my buggers I want.
Connie (PS0GN) [1913] Last card.
John (PS0GR) [1914] Little demon.
[1915] Come on, your last chance now for your uncle John. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1916] Wondering what to chuck you John.
[1917] There you are, how about that one? ...
Connie (PS0GN) [1918] Jack.
John (PS0GR) [1919] Wrong colour.
Joy (PS0GM) [1920] Is it?
John (PS0GR) [1921] Mm.
[1922] ... Oh Jesus wept!
[1923] I've just had you. ...
Connie (PS0GN) [1924] That's how it goes. [...]
John (PS0GR) [1925] I know that.
[1926] It's no bloody good if you can't get down.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1927] Mm.
[1928] I wish I hadn't changed me hand now. ...
John (PS0GR) [1929] Oh dear oh dear.
Ivy (PS0GS) [1930] [...] got that four look.
[1931] You're out John.
John (PS0GR) [1932] [...] .
[1933] Chuck that bugger over here.
[1934] [...] . Can't make four.
Joy (PS0GM) [1935] Oh I've just got three.
[1936] That don't fit.
[1937] That don't fit.
Connie (PS0GN) [1938] Ain't you down yet?
John (PS0GR) [1939] Am I buggery.
[1940] Don't look like
Joy (PS0GM) [1941] I've just got nothing.
John (PS0GR) [1942] getting down.
[1943] Not with this bleeding hand.
Joy (PS0GM) [1944] Me neither John.
[1945] Me neither.
John (PS0GR) [1946] Look at that.
[1947] Let's have a count up.
[1948] Fifteen [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [1949] All my cards are gone.
John (PS0GR) [1950] Twenty six thirty pigging [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [1951] I shall die with these in me hand.
John (PS0GR) [1952] Ah look at that!
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [1953] Well!
[1954] Three twenties
Joy (PS0GM) [1955] I think they're both gone but I'm not too sure.
John (PS0GR) [1956] and a pigging two.
[1957] Would you credit it?
[1958] ... Well.
[1959] ... Pay up John and look pleasant.
[1960] ... It must come soon.
[1961] One of these buggers must.
Joy (PS0GM) [1962] Oh that's that king. ...
John (PS0GR) [1963] [sigh] Oh dear.
[1964] ... Now [...] I might get a king.
[1965] Oh no!
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [1966] Would you bloody credit it?
[1967] Eh?
[1968] Three twos and two twos.
[1969] Three threes and two twos.
Joy (PS0GM) [1970] I can't remember whether this one's gone.
John (PS0GR) [1971] I reckon.
Connie (PS0GN) [1972] [...] ?
Joy (PS0GM) [1973] No.
John (PS0GR) [1974] No they're gone.
[1975] I've got the bugger here.
[1976] Give me it. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [1977] That don't make no difference.
John (PS0GR) [1978] Oh I only want one pigging card to make forty.
Joy (PS0GM) [1979] Seven.
John (PS0GR) [1980] No.
[1981] [...] bugger.
Joy (PS0GM) [1982] [laugh] I've [...] you all up and
John (PS0GR) [1983] There.
[1984] Would you bloody credit it?
Connie (PS0GN) [1985] Not that two again?
John (PS0GR) [1986] That bastard [...] .
Joy (PS0GM) [1987] Ah!
[1988] That's the one I wanted.
John (PS0GR) [1989] Look at that.
[1990] [...] bloody [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [1991] I know.
Connie (PS0GN) [1992] That's how it goes.
John (PS0GR) [1993] well I ain't got ... I ain't got a sodding hand.
[1994] Oh I'm gonna split these bastards.
[1995] ... You'll see the bleeding thing come now. ...
Ivy (PS0GS) [...]
John (PS0GR) [1996] Would you bloody credit it, eh?
[1997] I bet it comes.
Connie (PS0GN) [1998] King of hearts John.
John (PS0GR) [1999] Yeah that's another bugger bit the dust.
Joy (PS0GM) [2000] No.
Ivy (PS0GS) [2001] Well, you wouldn't believe it would you?
Joy (PS0GM) [2002] I've got three nines.
Ivy (PS0GS) [2003] Ha.
Joy (PS0GM) [2004] That's all I've got.
John (PS0GR) [2005] Look at that.
Connie (PS0GN) [2006] I had them three jacks.
[2007] Picked them all up when I bought.
[2008] Never got another thing.
Joy (PS0GM) [2009] I've got nothing else look.
John (PS0GR) [2010] Well would you credit it!
Joy (PS0GM) [2011] They're gone.
[2012] I think they're both gone.
[2013] I think you slung them both.
Connie (PS0GN) [2014] Yeah that's the trouble innit?
John (PS0GR) [2015] Any bastard jack bar that one.
Connie (PS0GN) [2016] I've got a jack and all.
John (PS0GR) [2017] Gaw Jesus
Joy (PS0GM) [2018] They'll have to wait for us to get out.
John (PS0GR) [2019] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [sigh]
John (PS0GR) [2020] I reckon you want the same as me mate.
Joy (PS0GM) [2021] Do you?
John (PS0GR) [2022] Mm.
[2023] ... That's why we can't get down.
Joy (PS0GM) [2024] I've just split me sevens up and bloody seven come.
John (PS0GR) [2025] Yeah I've just split me nines up and buggers oh no
Joy (PS0GM) [2026] That's a that's a fitter.
John (PS0GR) [2027] I don't want that bastard.
Ivy (PS0GS) [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [2028] [laugh] Seven.
[2029] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [2030] Don't know why I'm bothering.
John (PS0GR) [2031] Oh Jesus!
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [2032] Flaming bloody hell.
Ivy (PS0GS) [2033] [laughing] [...] religious [...] [] .
John (PS0GR) [2034] Gaw gee whiz.
Joy (PS0GM) [2035] Well.
John (PS0GR) [2036] I don't believe it.
[2037] All that bloody crap I've had.
Joy (PS0GM) [2038] Nine ten jack.
[2039] Nine ten king.
[2040] None of them fit.
[2041] None of them fit.
John (PS0GR) [2042] Where's all them pigging
Joy (PS0GM) [2043] I don't I don't believe this.
John (PS0GR) [2044] big'uns gone to. [...]
Ivy (PS0GS) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2045] Well I took three sevens out.
John (PS0GR) [2046] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2047] I thought well I'll sling me sevens out, keep me sixes.
John (PS0GR) [2048] Oh Christ.
[2049] Look at that.
Joy (PS0GM) [2050] [laughing] Yeah they're all following each other round [] .
[2051] What do you want John?
[2052] I'll try and help you.
Connie (PS0GN) [2053] Well [...]
John (PS0GR) [2054] I've split my bloody [...]
Ivy (PS0GS) [2055] That's [...] and all.
John (PS0GR) [2056] I know but I can't keep [...] can I?
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Ivy (PS0GS) [2057] No.
John (PS0GR) [2058] I've gotta make something.
Joy (PS0GM) [2059] Well.
[2060] I don't know what I'll get on.
[2061] I dunno whether I'm gonna make a hand out of.
Ivy (PS0GS) [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [2062] I I tell you one thing, once I go down I I'm out.
[2063] I I just can't make bloody forty.
Joy (PS0GM) [2064] I can't believe it.
John (PS0GR) [2065] Stupid person.
Ivy (PS0GS) [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [2066] Four sixes, twenty four ... twenty four twenty eight twenty nine thirty one thirty bloody nine.
[2067] Would you credit ... and I got the bastard [...] .
[2068] [laugh] Oh now what am I gonna do?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [2069] Twenty four twenty eight twenty nine thirty [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2070] [...] going over we stand a chance.
[2071] Hey that's that king there.
[2072] Come on, get him in.
Ivy (PS0GS) [2073] I know.
[2074] I've gotta get him in in a minute.
John (PS0GR) [2075] Oh would you credit it eh?
[2076] That bugger goes and that one goes.
[2077] I can't chuck any away.
Joy (PS0GM) [2078] I know.
[2079] I'm a bit li I'm like that at the minute.
Connie (PS0GN) [2080] Is it for me to go?
Ivy (PS0GS) [2081] No.
John (PS0GR) [2082] No.
[2083] I've got to chuck away yet.
Connie (PS0GN) [2084] Oh.
John (PS0GR) [2085] I don't know what to chuck though.
[2086] Oh some bugger's put that on now haven't they?
[2087] I'll chuck that one then.
[2088] ... Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [...]
John (PS0GR) [2089] If only I could make forty.
[2090] I could go down.
[2091] Right out.
Joy (PS0GM) [2092] Oh I don't believe it.
[2093] Oh I don't believe here they come John.
John (PS0GR) [2094] Oh dear.
Joy (PS0GM) [2095] Oh here they come.
Ivy (PS0GS) [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [2096] Buggered I get a bugger.
[2097] [shouting] No!
[2098] I [...] []
Joy (PS0GM) [2099] Have you got one? [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [2100] bugger I've got [...] .
[2101] You bastard .
Joy (PS0GM) [2102] [laughing] Oh my god [] .
John (PS0GR) [2103] Would you bloody well believe it.
Joy (PS0GM) [2104] They'll have to let us down in a minute.
Connie (PS0GN) [laugh]
Ivy (PS0GS) [2105] [laughing] It's a seven Con [] .
Joy (PS0GM) [2106] Six seven eight ... I've gotta do it that, like that.
[2107] Cos I've got that king ... in case John'll pick it up.
John (PS0GR) [2108] He won't.
[2109] Oh my god.
Connie (PS0GN) [2110] Three aces.
[2111] All that time.
John (PS0GR) [2112] Yeah.
[2113] No wonder I couldn't get a bleeding ace.
Connie (PS0GN) [2114] Yeah.
John (PS0GR) [2115] She'd got the buggers.
Joy (PS0GM) [2116] Three on there.
[2117] I expect it's a waste of time though. ...
John (PS0GR) [2118] Oh look at that.
[2119] Any bastard bar that ten.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [2120] Would you credit it eh?
Joy (PS0GM) [2121] Wonder why I bothered.
John (PS0GR) [2122] Oh look at that bastard.
[2123] Any nine bar that bugger.
Joy (PS0GM) [2124] [laugh] Do you want this one?
John (PS0GR) [2125] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [2126] Oh I'll sling in that one.
John (PS0GR) [2127] No.
[2128] I'm ch I'm splitting now.
[2129] I've got seven.
Connie (PS0GN) [laugh]
Ivy (PS0GS) [2130] I thought you'd sat with that two Con?
Connie (PS0GN) [2131] I know I chucked it away.
Ivy (PS0GS) [2132] Oh, well you s silly woman.
Connie (PS0GN) [2133] Well I thought the three had gone.
John (PS0GR) [2134] I've got them two buggers!
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh] ...
John (PS0GR) [2135] Gaw, bloody hell.
[2136] ... Split them up.
[2137] Took the ace away.
[2138] Bloody Christ almighty.
[2139] Oh I don't believe this bugger.
[2140] I don't honestly.
Connie (PS0GN) [2141] What five's needed, the spade?
Joy (PS0GM) [2142] Spade.
Ivy (PS0GS) [2143] Spade [...]
John (PS0GR) [2144] There's only one card will get me down.
Connie (PS0GN) [2145] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2146] Haven't I got it?
John (PS0GR) [2147] No.
[2148] ... No.
[2149] ... No it's gotta be ... one of them.
Connie (PS0GN) [2150] These cards are well mixed up this time aren't they?
Joy (PS0GM) [2151] Yeah th but they're all ... and I've got nothing to help you John. ...
John (PS0GR) [2152] Oh look at that bastard.
Ivy (PS0GS) [2153] Oh jack.
[2154] That's what I've just had.
John (PS0GR) [2155] I want a bloody jack but I can't pick the right bugger.
Connie (PS0GN) [2156] Seven now.
[2157] I had that eight last time.
Joy (PS0GM) [2158] No.
Ivy (PS0GS) [2159] No.
John (PS0GR) [2160] I wanna jack but it's still [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [2161] Seven on there.
Joy (PS0GM) [2162] Ah! thank god for that.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [2163] Just look at that bloody lot.
[2164] You couldn't make forty.
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Ivy (PS0GS) [2165] Two.
[2166] Two for me [...] .
John (PS0GR) [2167] Would you believe that?
Joy (PS0GM) [2168] Two?
[2169] Hundred and seventeen.
[2170] Mother?
[2171] You're out.
[2172] Eighteen, twenty one, thirty one, thirty nine.
John (PS0GR) [2173] Frigging queen.
[2174] Look at that [...] was coming next time.
Ivy (PS0GS) [2175] Your deal Con.
Connie (PS0GN) [2176] No, I dealt them.
John (PS0GR) [2177] Bloody hell.
Connie (PS0GN) [2178] It's Joy's deal.
John (PS0GR) [2179] Sod it.
Ivy (PS0GS) [2180] I dealt them.
Connie (PS0GN) [2181] No you never.
[2182] I dealt them.
Ivy (PS0GS) [2183] I did cos I dealt fourteen and I had to
Connie (PS0GN) [2184] No I d I dealt them.
John (PS0GR) [2185] No you didn't [...] .
Joy (PS0GM) [2186] No, no
Connie (PS0GN) [2187] I dealt them.
Joy (PS0GM) [2188] No
Connie (PS0GN) [2189] I dealt them.
[2190] I know I did.
Joy (PS0GM) [2191] Yeah you did.
[2192] I think you did.
[2193] Right, hundred and thirty nine John.
[2194] Two hundred and seventeen.
[2195] Hundred and twenty one.
[2196] And I'm hundred and thirty nine.
[2197] Who won?
Connie (PS0GN) [2198] I did.
John (PS0GR) [2199] Do you fancy that [...] ?
[2200] With all them bloody fitters.
[2201] Thirty bloody nine.
[2202] I couldn't get a pigging ... every ja
Ivy (PS0GS) [2203] No.
[2204] What did you want?
John (PS0GR) [2205] I wanted er the jack of spades ... the king of hearts or a ace of diamonds.
Ivy (PS0GS) [2206] And you kept picking the jacks, the red jacks?
John (PS0GR) [2207] Yeah.
Connie (PS0GN) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [2208] I had a load of rubbish and all.
John (PS0GR) [2209] I I I I finished up with four sixes ... and a three four five
Joy (PS0GM) [2210] You you couldn't think
John (PS0GR) [2211] six of clubs.
Joy (PS0GM) [2212] you could possibly go all that way and not pick a hand up that would make you something.
Connie (PS0GN) [2213] No.
John (PS0GR) [2214] Thirty nine.
[2215] Everything that ... she chucked away.
Joy (PS0GM) [2216] I was splitting my hand up in the end cos they were gone.
John (PS0GR) [2217] I wanted to but I couldn't pick them up cos I hadn't got enough.
Joy (PS0GM) [2218] And I couldn't get out cos I hadn't got a hand.
John (PS0GR) [2219] And all the other buggers went.
[2220] The swinehund [laugh] .
[2221] ... Oh never mind boy.
[2222] Worst things happen at sea.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2223] Ooh!
John (PS0GR) [2224] Look at that.
[2225] Would you believe it now?
[2226] Look.
Joy (PS0GM) [2227] Oh yeah.
Ivy (PS0GS) [2228] Is that the one you wanted?
John (PS0GR) [2229] [...] ace of diamonds yeah.
[2230] Stupid
Joy (PS0GM) [2231] Oh well I [laughing] I think I'm gonna get a long way [] .
John (PS0GR) [2232] Jesus [...] .
Joy (PS0GM) [2233] That's the first four.
[2234] I don't think I dare look any further.
[2235] Oh I've got another one now!
Connie (PS0GN) [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [2236] [laugh] Who dealt these?
Joy (PS0GM) [2237] I. ...
Connie (PS0GN) [...] [laugh]
John (PS0GR) [2238] Oh aye.
Joy (PS0GM) [2239] Aye said the fly.
John (PS0GR) [2240] Here's my little

8 (Tape 024002)

Joy (PS0GM) [2241] I said cos I shall phone the bank first thing Monday and I shall say right, he's took the car so you can run to him for the money cos you'll be getting none out of me.
[2242] ... Then I had a letter from the social ... security.
[2243] They've been paying me thirty nine pound sixty haven't they?
[2244] And I've been, been [...] to fifty five pound ... seventy five every week.
Wendy (PS0GU) [2245] Oh.
[2246] So you'll get a bit back then?
Joy (PS0GM) [2247] Yeah.
[2248] ... So I think
Wendy (PS0GU) [2249] [...] ... it's better [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2250] Well they're on about backdating it to the third.
[2251] But if I write back and say I haven't actually had any wages since the seventeenth of January ... I might get it backdated from then.
[2252] ... What's that? ...

9 (Tape 024003)

Wendy (PS0GU) [2253] Did [...] do what he said he was gonna do then?
Penny (PS0GV) [2254] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0GU) [2255] Oh.
[2256] Have you had any repercussions?
Penny (PS0GV) [2257] Yeah they went to work in it the next day.
Wendy (PS0GU) [2258] Did they?
Penny (PS0GV) [2259] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0GU) [2260] [laugh] What, with all the tyres done?
Penny (PS0GV) [2261] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0GU) [2262] How'd they get there?
Penny (PS0GV) [2263] Well I dunno.
[2264] Michael said it were there at ... erm five to twelve, when he ... erm quarter past twelve when he come out of work they got in it.
[2265] But he don't know what time they got there cos he don't work in that warehouse.
[2266] So he was gonna ask [...] if they got in late because ... they could have had time to get it repaired.
Wendy (PS0GU) [2267] Oh I see.
Joy (PS0GM) [2268] Did mum tell you we went to see the Bachelors last night?
Penny (PS0GV) [2269] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2270] Had a good night didn't we?
Connie (PS0GN) [2271] Yeah, lovely.
[2272] Had a bottle of champers between us.
Joy (PS0GM) [2273] Sherry and champers.
Connie (PS0GN) [2274] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2275] Wonder we weren't er ... legless.
Connie (PS0GN) [2276] Did you erm ... could you have drove on that what you drunk alright?
Joy (PS0GM) [2277] Yeah.
[2278] I had some chips that's why I was
Connie (PS0GN) [2279] Only see what's her name Barbara said oh I daren't drink any, I'm driving.
[2280] I never thought, well you and John were drinking ... driving [...] . ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Penny (PS0GV) [2281] Where do you get this from then?
Joy (PS0GM) [2282] A lady come up yesterday to see if I would do it.
[2283] It's for that.
[2284] And that's
Penny (PS0GV) [2285] How long you got it for?
Joy (PS0GM) [2286] Seven days.
Penny (PS0GV) [2287] Have you? ...
Joy (PS0GM) [2288] [laugh] So ...

10 (Tape 024101)

Joy (PS0GM) [2289] What are you fighting for now, mm?
[2290] ... [smacking noise] Stop it!
Tracey (PS0GW) [2291] [laugh] [laughing] Oh his face, look [] . ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh]
Tracey (PS0GW) [2292] [laughing] Oh Benjy did you get ... he's still [...] [] ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2293] Benjy.
[2294] Here.
Tracey (PS0GW) [2295] No I ain't.
[2296] I daren't.
[2297] [laughing] It must be awful trying to scratch and not be able to reach it [] .
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh] ...
Tracey (PS0GW) [2298] Is that nice?
[2299] ... [laugh] Benjy.
[2300] Benjy.
[2301] What is she doing to you? [laugh] [...] .
Joy (PS0GM) [2302] It's all day and all night though.
[2303] Ridiculous.
Tracey (PS0GW) [2304] He's, he must be allergic to something though.
Joy (PS0GM) [2305] Allergic?
[2306] Yeah my hand!
Tracey (PS0GW) [2307] What shampoo did you wash him in?
Joy (PS0GM) [2308] The normal.
[2309] What I always wash him in.
Tracey (PS0GW) [2310] It ain't that is it?
[2311] You don't reckon?
[2312] ... Perhaps he's allergic to cat fleas you know?
Joy (PS0GM) [2313] Mm.
Tracey (PS0GW) [2314] He, you wanna see Max's back today.
[2315] He's chewed it, literally chewed all his back hasn't he?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0GW) [2316] What are you doing?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2317] Spotty nose.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2318] What's this?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2319] Trace.
Tracey (PS0GW) [2320] What?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2321] Look.
Tracey (PS0GW) [2322] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh]
Tracey (PS0GW) [2323] What's he doing then?
[2324] ... What are you looking for?
[2325] Are you looking for more milk? ... [baby crying in background]
Joy (PS0GM) [2326] He can't be hungry. ...
Tracey (PS0GW) [2327] He's looking for something.
[2328] ... Tried him with anything the other day when he were like this.
[2329] Gave him more [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2330] Perhaps he wants a drink now. ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2331] I gave Danny a bed bath yesterday.
Joy (PS0GM) [2332] A bed bath?
[2333] Why?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2334] Three mornings on the trot I've been up there and I've walked in the front door and I can hear him downstairs snoring, still in bed.
[2335] I said to him the other morning I said do that again I said look, I'll get you out of bed.
[2336] I said I'll give you a bed bath.
[2337] And I went in his bedroom and there he was ... snoring away.
[2338] So I ... run the cold tap, got a cupful of water in me hand and went ooosh!
[2339] Oh [laughing] he [...] .
[2340] He soon [...] [] .
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2341] He said I remembered last night he said if I was in bed I was gonna get wet.
[2342] ... He said I thought someone was here he said cos I could smell fag smoke.
[2343] He said I thought someone was here. ...
Tracey (PS0GW) [2344] Penny's finished work now hasn't she?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2345] Yeah. ...
Tracey (PS0GW) [2346] Yeah we're gonna try this erm ... I'm gonna try this thing.
[2347] See if we can get in to some more ... adult edu education while we're off.
[2348] It's ridiculous.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2349] What name did me and Danny come up with? [...] ... mum and Pam for ... driving school?
[2350] Oh, Hinge and Bracket Driving Academy was it?
Joy (PS0GM) [2351] You cheeky devil!
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2352] [laughing] It was Danny that thought of it, Hinge and Bracket Driving Academy [] .
Joy (PS0GM) [2353] [...] be a good'un
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2354] Yeah Hinge and Bracket.
Tracey (PS0GW) [2355] Hinge and Gasket.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2356] Yeah. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [2357] Yeah it's erm ... it's just such a long drawn out palaver they're getting, you know?
Tracey (PS0GW) [2358] You don't even want that do you?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2359] No, don't want nothing.
[2360] Just wanna ... be left alone. ...
Tracey (PS0GW) [2361] He has a few swigs [laughing] and then [...] [] .
[2362] But he don't [...] .
[2363] Don't want it do you?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [yawn]
Tracey (PS0GW) [2364] Do you want it?
[2365] Have a little bit.
[2366] ... Have a little
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2367] Bet old Kelly's in a mess now isn't she?
[2368] Kelly's house.
Tracey (PS0GW) [2369] Why what's
Joy (PS0GM) [2370] Oh yeah she's having her wall knocked down.
[2371] Is
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2372] Wall knocked out, yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2373] is is Kev doing it?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2374] Yeah. ...
Tracey (PS0GW) [2375] I'm gonna [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2376] So who's going who's going tonight?
[2377] Erm David?
[2378] And Lydia up are they?
Tracey (PS0GW) [2379] Yeah.
[2380] Erm
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2381] And Joe
Joy (PS0GM) [2382] Joey and Michelle are ... Joey and erm ... what's her name are going to Germany ain't they for four years?
Tracey (PS0GW) [2383] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2384] What's, what's Joe's last name?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK)
Tracey (PS0GW) ...
Joy (PS0GM) [2385] Yeah. ... [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2386] I don't get a look in, I don't.
Joy (PS0GM) [2387] Don't you?
Tracey (PS0GW) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2388] No.
Tracey (PS0GW) [2389] Where's them [...] ?
[2390] Where's them [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0GW) [2391] Have a look at the [...] .
[2392] Oh you're wide awake aren't you?
Joy (PS0GM) [2393] Kimmy and Kimmy found a ferret down the field yesterday.
[2394] His own ferret
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2395] Oh did he?
Joy (PS0GM) [2396] went missing for ... about four hours and when it eventually bolted out this hole it run straight up him and ... curled up to him.
Tracey (PS0GW) [2397] Did it?
Joy (PS0GM) [2398] And he couldn't make out why cos he's quite vicious, his ferret.
[2399] He's got some new ferreting land and erm ... and when he went to put him in his box there was a ferret already in it but it's absolutely infested with these sheep tics.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2400] Ugh.
Tracey (PS0GW) [2401] Oh dear.
Joy (PS0GM) [2402] So they've had to sit and pull
Tracey (PS0GW) [2403] Has he peed on your leg?
[2404] Your leg's a bit wet.
Joy (PS0GM) [2405] pull them all off.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2406] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2407] Who's that?
Tracey (PS0GW) [2408] Who's that?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2409] I'll go love cos you've got the babby. ...
Tracey (PS0GW) [2410] Oh good gawd.
[2411] Oh it looks like your mother.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2412] It looks ... looks looks like my mother, yeah dunnit. ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2413] [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2414] Yeah.
[2415] Yeah.
[2416] Come on in.
[2417] ... Come in Benj.
Joy (PS0GM) [2418] Who is it?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2419] Dunno.
[2420] Someone asking for you and ... Rudy.
Joy (PS0GM) [2421] [shouting] Hello!
[2422] What are you doing here [] ?
[2423] Hey look who's here. ...
Connie (PS0GN) [2424] Hey.
[2425] Hallo kid.
Joy (PS0GM) [2426] How are you diddling?
[2427] What's the matter?
Connie (PS0GN) [2428] Alright love?
Rudy (PS0GT) [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2429] Just having some breakfast.
Joy (PS0GM) [2430] You don't know who this is do you?
Connie (PS0GN) [2431] [...] .
[2432] How are you?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2433] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2434] Hello Georgie.
Connie (PS0GN) [2435] Hello [...]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2436] What's the matter?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2437] Oh not too bad. [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2438] [...] me back's bad [...] .
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2439] Not too bad.
Joy (PS0GM) [2440] Your back's bad?
Joy (PS0GM) [2441] Yeah. [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [2442] Mind Benjy.
Joy (PS0GM) [2443] Why didn't you ring me and let me know you were coming?
Joy (PS0GM) [2444] We wasn't.
Joy (PS0GM) [2445] [laugh] Did you feel fed up?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2446] Well I wouldn't, I wouldn't have come like this would I if er ...
Joy (PS0GM) [2447] You're alright.
Connie (PS0GN) [2448] You're alright.
Joy (PS0GM) [2449] You're better than me. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [2450] I wouldn't have come out like this though would I?
Joy (PS0GM) [2451] Do you know this is my daughter, you've never met Tracy before have you?
Connie (PS0GN) [2452] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2453] Oh have you?
Joy (PS0GM) [2454] Did she have long
Connie (PS0GN) [2455] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2456] hair last time we came over?
Joy (PS0GM) [2457] Probably.
[2458] Do you remember George and Viv?
Tracey (PS0GW) [2459] Dunno, I can't remember [...] .
[2460] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [2461] [...] ?
[2462] George is the drummer.
Tracey (PS0GW) [2463] No I don't.
[2464] Oh.
Joy (PS0GM) [2465] No.
[2466] I don't remember
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2467] you seeing them.
[2468] I don't remember you meeting her
Connie (PS0GN) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2469] meeting her.
Tracey (PS0GW) [2470] Come on then.
Joy (PS0GM) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2471] I'm going horseracing.
[2472] If you'd have let me know I could have
Joy (PS0GM) [2473] Well we're not stopping.
Joy (PS0GM) [2474] Ain't you?
Joy (PS0GM) [2475] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [2476] Well you're not going surely?
Joy (PS0GM) [2477] Well we're not stopping but we're not going anywhere.
Joy (PS0GM) [2478] Rudy ain't going nowhere and [...] .
[2479] [...] are we going?
[2480] I said yeah [...]
Tracey (PS0GW) [2481] Love, can you just put them bottles out?
Joy (PS0GM) [2482] What have we got?
[2483] A little boy or a little girl?
Tracey (PS0GW) [2484] Boy.
[2485] Little boy.
[2486] Gonna have a cuddles? ...
Joy (PS0GM) [2487] You look well anyway.
Connie (PS0GN) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2488] Ooh aren't you beautiful?
[2489] Aren't you beautiful?
[2490] How old?
Tracey (PS0GW) [2491] Er ... three weeks.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2492] Four weeks.
[2493] Four weeks Wednesday isn't it?
Tracey (PS0GW) [2494] Four weeks Wednesday.
Joy (PS0GM) [2495] Oh there you are.
[2496] Viv'll have him.
Joy (PS0GM) [2497] Ooh I'll take him.
Joy (PS0GM) [2498] I know she will.
Joy (PS0GM) [2499] Yeah I'll take him.
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2500] That's our new arrival.
[2501] We had him, what is he, three weeks old?
Tracey (PS0GW) [2502] He's four weeks on Wednesday isn't he?
Joy (PS0GM) [2503] Four weeks on Wednesday.
Joy (PS0GM) [2504] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [2505] That's her last caesarian.
[2506] Look at him, his wi eyes are wide open.
[2507] You're just nosy Tyler.
[2508] ... Tyler . ...
Joy (PS0GM) [2509] Mm [...] .
[2510] You know, you're [...]
Tracey (PS0GW) [2511] No, he was he was only four, five fourteen
Joy (PS0GM) [2512] How is it you, you've kept your weight down then Viv?
Tracey (PS0GW) [2513] he's [...] seven eight now.
Joy (PS0GM) [2514] I haven't, I've put it back on love.
Joy (PS0GM) [2515] You haven't.
Joy (PS0GM) [2516] I have.
Joy (PS0GM) [2517] Not all of it.
Joy (PS0GM) [2518] Well not all of it.
[2519] But I've put it back quite
Joy (PS0GM) [2520] I wondered where you'd got, we did ring one night ... couple of weeks ago but we didn't get an answer and I said well I didn't know whether you'd perhaps popped up the club.
[2521] It were a Saturday night cos I was in.
Joy (PS0GM) [2522] I probably be working [...] .
[2523] I've packed in work now you see.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2524] So how's the others?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2525] Oh not so bad.
Joy (PS0GM) [2526] What, totally?
Joy (PS0GM) [2527] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2528] Why?
Joy (PS0GM) [2529] Taking too much out of me.
Joy (PS0GM) [2530] Was it?
[2531] ... Oh.
Joy (PS0GM) [2532] You're beautiful.
[2533] You going back to our mummy now?
[2534] ... Going back to our mummy?
Tracey (PS0GW) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [2535] You can tell [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2536] So how's all your kids?
[2537] Are they all alright?
Joy (PS0GM) [2538] Oh they're all fine, aye.
Joy (PS0GM) [2539] Sit down [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2540] Can you manage on that settee?
Joy (PS0GM) [2541] Oh yeah.
[2542] Yeah. [...] ...
Joy (PS0GM) [2543] Have you seen my new arrival?
Joy (PS0GM) [2544] He's gorgeous.
[2545] This one.
Joy (PS0GM) [2546] That's what we rang you to tell you, we've got a new dog.
Joy (PS0GM) [2547] This is the one that I wanted.
[2548] Yes, you want your tummy rubbing don't you?
[2549] Yes. [...]
Tracey (PS0GW) [2550] [...] .
[2551] Come on then.
[2552] No, cos you're going in there now.
[2553] You're going in the car.
Joy (PS0GM) [2554] I've been out of work six months.
Joy (PS0GM) [2555] Have you?
Joy (PS0GM) [2556] Yeah.
Tracey (PS0GW) [2557] Now we're going out.
[2558] Shopping.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2559] Ha!
Tracey (PS0GW) [2560] We're going shopping now.
Joy (PS0GM) [2561] Now [...] you look better I'll tell you that.
Joy (PS0GM) [2562] Yeah I'm alright.
[2563] I'm [...]
Tracey (PS0GW) [2564] Alright love.
[2565] Are you ready?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0GW) [2566] Right mum.
[2567] We're off.
Joy (PS0GM) [2568] Alright love, yeah.
Tracey (PS0GW) [2569] Alright?
[2570] I'll er see you when I see you.
Joy (PS0GM) [2571] Take that hat with him.
[2572] Oh and that's for the kids.
Tracey (PS0GW) [2573] Oh yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2574] Pam's got another outfit for, for the other one.
[2575] She picked the two up.
[2576] I, she should have picked the one up and I [...] but
Tracey (PS0GW) [2577] Yeah alright.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2578] Oh he's fine. [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2579] Okay.
[2580] Do you want this cottonwool look?
Tracey (PS0GW) [2581] No it's, no I'm not.
Joy (PS0GM) [2582] You're not gonna use it?
Tracey (PS0GW) [2583] No I'm not gonna use it.
[2584] I've promised.
Joy (PS0GM) [2585] Nothing to say it is that.
Tracey (PS0GW) [2586] Probably, I dunno.
[2587] I'll try this cream and see how he gets on.
[2588] Right, ta ta then.
Joy (PS0GM) [2589] See you later.
[2590] Let me open the door for you.
Tracey (PS0GW) [2591] Oh I can do it.
Joy (PS0GM) [2592] [...] .
[2593] Are you alright then?
Tracey (PS0GW) [2594] Got him?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2595] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2596] See you later then.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2597] Yeah alright then.
Joy (PS0GM) [2598] Ta ta.
Joy (PS0GM) [2599] [...] See you later.
Tracey (PS0GW) [2600] [...] mum.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2601] See you.
Tracey (PS0GW) [2602] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2603] Ta ta.
Joy (PS0GM) [2604] Bye.
[2605] Be good.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2606] Ooh dear.
Joy (PS0GM) [2607] Ooh Benjy bubbles.
[2608] Oh it's great to see you.
[2609] I'm glad you've come.
[2610] Might just have been the
Joy (PS0GM) [2611] What?
Joy (PS0GM) [2612] Just ... as I said they just phoned, Kenny just phoned and said are you coming horseracing?
[2613] I said yeah, well there's nothing else to do.
[2614] I get fed up with bloody cards, so ... erm I said we'll go.
[2615] It's only up the road.
[2616] It's only in the local flats, you know flat ...
Joy (PS0GM) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2617] But they always come
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [2618] Eh?
Joy (PS0GM) [2619] they always come just ... just as I'm getting on and getting ... well luckily enough I got me ... me lounge done first thing this morning.
[2620] ... So what's been going on?
[2621] Nothing?
[2622] Everything?
[2623] Nothing?
Joy (PS0GM) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [2624] No not with us.
Joy (PS0GM) [2625] No?
[2626] Nothing's changed?
Connie (PS0GN) [2627] Been a bit busy I suppose.
Joy (PS0GM) [2628] Have you?
[2629] You're lucky
Joy (PS0GM) [2630] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [2631] I've been out of work six months.
Connie (PS0GN) [2632] Well, it's been quiet like, you know?
[2633] ... Just this last four weeks.
[2634] [...] . But I ain't
Joy (PS0GM) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [2635] I ain't been up your way for blooming ages.
Joy (PS0GM) [2636] No in actual fact we were only saying the other day that, you know, [...] ... sugar Viv?
Joy (PS0GM) [2637] No thanks.
Joy (PS0GM) [2638] George?
Connie (PS0GN) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [2639] Oh aye.
Connie (PS0GN) [2640] Well [...] got a big place in Nottingham you see.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2641] Yeah.
Connie (PS0GN) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [2642] Mm.
Connie (PS0GN) [2643] So you can imagine that it wants something done.
[2644] It [...] fenced up security-wise and everything else so we've been on it overtime and ... and painting and decorating and getting the [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2645] Do you want some [...] Viv, before I go?
Rudy (PS0GT) [2646] Eh?
Connie (PS0GN) [2647] [...] everything.
Joy (PS0GM) [2648] No [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2649] Bit of toast or something?
Joy (PS0GM) [2650] No you're alright love.
Joy (PS0GM) [2651] Georgie?
Connie (PS0GN) [2652] No you're alright.
Joy (PS0GM) [2653] Shall I do you poached egg on toast or something?
Connie (PS0GN) [2654] No you're alright love.
Joy (PS0GM) [2655] Come on.
Connie (PS0GN) [2656] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [2657] Just before I go.
Connie (PS0GN) [2658] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [2659] No.
[2660] You get yourself off.
Connie (PS0GN) [2661] You get yourself off.
Joy (PS0GM) [2662] I'm not going till ... oneish. ...
Connie (PS0GN) [2663] Have you been nicking bloody recipes again?
Joy (PS0GM) [2664] No these are what I promised er ... promised Joy.
Joy (PS0GM) [2665] What are they?
Joy (PS0GM) [2666] Weightwatcher's diets.
Joy (PS0GM) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2667] Well have you decided ... you're not gonna do anything about it?
Joy (PS0GM) [2668] I think it's just a matter of ... losing the [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2669] Yeah. [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2670] No I might er ... might decide to do something about it if I get the inspiration.
[2671] I'm just getting [...] now because erm ... erm ... I've been for an aud not an audition [laugh] .
[2672] Wrong word.
[2673] I've been for an interview with Mencap.
Connie (PS0GN) [2674] Oh aye?
Joy (PS0GM) [2675] And erm ... I didn't get the actual job I went for but they put me on the, on the relief register so that I go round to different people's homes or different big hospitals ... and different Mencap homes ... relieving people when they're on holiday or ... if they're short of staff or something like that.
[2676] So
Joy (PS0GM) [2677] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2678] erm ... so er ... I'm waiting to hear, so that I'm getting irritable at the minute cos ... A the money is going and B ... being out of work, being here all day.
[2679] It's sending me crackers.
[2680] I'm used to working day and night.
[2681] I mean it's very hard to do neither.
Connie (PS0GN) [2682] [...] husband [...] he wants some beans.
Joy (PS0GM) [2683] Who does?
Connie (PS0GN) [2684] Him.
Joy (PS0GM) [2685] I'll beans him. [laugh]
Connie (PS0GN) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2686] Is he eating them beans?
[2687] He's ever so, ever such a devil to please.
[2688] Aren't you?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2689] [laugh] So did it work, your Weightwatchers?
Joy (PS0GM) [2690] I got down to ten stone.
Joy (PS0GM) [2691] Did you?
[2692] You've kept a lot of it off though.
Joy (PS0GM) [2693] Well.
Joy (PS0GM) [2694] What have you gone back up to now, eleven?
Joy (PS0GM) [2695] Eleven.
[2696] But I got down to ten stone.
[2697] And [...] but the reason that I got up to ten stone is because christmas [...] .
[2698] And any I stopped going to Weightwatchers.
[2699] ... I'm eleven one now. [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2700] But to go down to ten, that's good.
[2701] It is keeping it off though, isn't it?
[2702] Once you
Joy (PS0GM) [2703] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2704] once you've erm ... got it off you've gotta keep it off.
[2705] That is the art in doing it.
[2706] What are you doing in here?
Rudy (PS0GT) [2707] Giving him some beans.
Joy (PS0GM) [2708] I don't think he'll eat them Rude.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2709] [...] ... He said he, yes he will.
[2710] Or else I'll kill him.
Joy (PS0GM) [2711] [laugh] Benjy bobs.
Joy (PS0GM) [2712] There you are Joy.
Joy (PS0GM) [2713] What's that? ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2714] [...] when I first went to Weightwatchers.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2715] Sit down mate.
Connie (PS0GN) [2716] Ah.
Rudy (PS0GT) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2717] And I got to ten seven on that.
[2718] [...] and then I stopped going.
[2719] And then I rejoined [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [2720] So you've got a [...] tomorrow?
Joy (PS0GM) [2721] [...] .
[2722] And I got I was
Rudy (PS0GT) [2723] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2724] I got down to ten [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [2725] Nowadays [...] wanting to work on Saturdays and I said right I've had enough [...] Friday.
Connie (PS0GN) [2726] Oh yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2727] And so
Joy (PS0GM) [2728] Were you disappointed when you put it back on?
Joy (PS0GM) [2729] [...] Yeah.
[2730] But, having said all that [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [2731] Yeah when I finish on Friday George I've had enough
Connie (PS0GN) [2732] Yeah.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2733] you know?
[2734] Bloody messing about.
Joy (PS0GM) [2735] It wouldn't be so bad if [...] .
[2736] I'm not eating meals, I'm eating
Joy (PS0GM) [2737] Snacks.
Joy (PS0GM) [2738] snacks.
[2739] And I'm [...] .
[2740] And they're all starch, they're all potatoes and ... I'll have egg and chips and bread and more bread.
[2741] I very rarely sit down and have a meal now.
Joy (PS0GM) [2742] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [2743] And that's erm ... but it is good.
[2744] And I would er I would [...] .
[2745] Anyway, you can have them. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [2746] And they're the daily diets are they?
Joy (PS0GM) [2747] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2748] Do you have to buy [...] ?
Rudy (PS0GT) [2749] So how long, how did it take to get to town then George?
Joy (PS0GM) [2750] No.
[2751] Orange juice, eggs, bread.
Connie (PS0GN) [2752] Couple of hours.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2753] Eh?
Connie (PS0GN) [2754] Couple of hours.
Joy (PS0GM) [2755] Yeah.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2756] Couple of hours.
Connie (PS0GN) [2757] There was a lot of
Joy (PS0GM) [2758] Low fat cheese.
[2759] Hard cheese.
Connie (PS0GN) [2760] Just near er ... M forty two there's a lot of er roadworks and there were a
Joy (PS0GM) [2761] I've just had me friends down from er
Connie (PS0GN) [2762] wide load.
Joy (PS0GM) [2763] from Jersey.
Joy (PS0GM) [2764] Have you?
Rudy (PS0GT) [2765] [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [2766] Yeah.
[2767] We lost half an hour there. ...

11 (Tape 024102)

Connie (PS0GN) [2768] I'm still working, that's the main thing.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2769] That, that big job you were supposed to go on abroad never came off then with all this blooming
Connie (PS0GN) [2770] No it never come off.
[2771] No.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2772] aggravation they had over there?
Connie (PS0GN) [2773] [...] yeah. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [2774] I've got Adrian [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [2775] I see they're still ... Saddam Hussein's still flipping messing about as well.
Joy (PS0GM) [2776] What [...] ?
Joy (PS0GM) [2777] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2778] Oh, good.
[2779] And is he alright now?
[2780] Is he still behaving?
Rudy (PS0GT) [2781] He's got to get rid of all that flipping
Joy (PS0GM) [2782] That's er Adrian?
Connie (PS0GN) [2783] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [2784] Yeah.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2785] Factories [...] for making weapons he's got to
Joy (PS0GM) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [2786] That's right.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2787] otherwise they're gonna flipping crucify him.
Joy (PS0GM) [2788] How's erm it's Craig innit?
Connie (PS0GN) [2789] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2790] Is Craig still alright?
Joy (PS0GM) [2791] No, we've had a lot of trouble with him.
Joy (PS0GM) [2792] Oh have you?
Joy (PS0GM) [2793] He got in with the wrong crowd up at [...] .
Rudy (PS0GT) [2794] The man's a flipping maniac.
[2795] He c , he c he couldn't, it don't matter what he does, he could never win a bloody war.
[2796] He ain't got enough blooming
Joy (PS0GM) [2797] [...] but he's learnt.
Connie (PS0GN) [2798] No.
[2799] Never do it.
Joy (PS0GM) [2800] Is he?
Joy (PS0GM) [2801] He's learnt it the hard way now and he's [...] .
[2802] And er well [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [2803] See the old aircraft carriers and destroyers are standing by [...] again.
Connie (PS0GN) [2804] [...] yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2805] Oh, good.
Connie (PS0GN) [2806] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2807] [...] any more?
[2808] ... Oh we've had traumas of every descriptions.
Joy (PS0GM) [2809] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [2810] Since August.
[2811] ... Me sister's husband's buggered off
Joy (PS0GM) [2812] Oh.
Joy (PS0GM) [2813] and er ...
Joy (PS0GM) [2814] Which one?
Joy (PS0GM) [2815] Wendy.
[2816] ... The one we went to Spain with.
[2817] ... You know we went to
Joy (PS0GM) [2818] The one with the parrot?
Joy (PS0GM) [2819] Yes.
[2820] ... [...] he's on drugs [...] fourteen years of [...] .
[2821] So we've had hell and high water with [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [2822] Er ... [...] Tracy?
[2823] ... My mate Val in Jersey, she's been ever so ill.
[2824] She's got [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [2825] Is Craig still DJ-ing then?
Connie (PS0GN) [2826] Yeah, aha, yeah.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2827] So he's doing well is he?
Connie (PS0GN) [2828] Well ... he is and he isn't. [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [2829] Oh gawd.
Connie (PS0GN) [2830] It's like talking to a [...] .
Joy (PS0GM) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2831] Oh yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2832] that cuts that he can see every side of your
Joy (PS0GM) [2833] Body.
Joy (PS0GM) [2834] of your body.
[2835] Yeah.
[2836] And then it cuts it every bit down into cent ce cent cent centimetres you know?
[2837] And it erm ... he can see
Rudy (PS0GT) [2838] That's the trouble with the youngsters mate.
[2839] They make the money now and it goes like flipping water.
Connie (PS0GN) [2840] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2841] exactly where the damage is laying.
Joy (PS0GM) [2842] Oh.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2843] They don't realize sometimes there's hard times to come.
[2844] You want something put aside mate.
Connie (PS0GN) [2845] Oh aye, yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2846] Quick and easy recipe book [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [2847] Keep telling him and ... that's it.
Joy (PS0GM) [2848] It's a twelve week [...] .
[2849] Are you with me?
Joy (PS0GM) [2850] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [2851] So ideally if you looked at that [...] come to that.
[2852] If you worked it out ... start in week twelve ... [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [2853] I've still got them two speakers here, he wanted them.
Connie (PS0GN) [2854] Have you?
Rudy (PS0GT) [2855] He hasn't said any more about them.
[2856] Yeah.
Connie (PS0GN) [2857] Bet he's forgot all about it.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2858] Yeah. ...
Connie (PS0GN) [2859] What does he want [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [2860] [...] well he can afford [...] .
Connie (PS0GN) [2861] Eh?
Rudy (PS0GT) [laugh]
Connie (PS0GN) [2862] I don't know [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [2863] They cost me three hundred and fifty, they're brand new.
[2864] And I said to him you can have it for two, two fifty.
[2865] You've saved an hundred quid.
Connie (PS0GN) [2866] I'll tell him [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [2867] [...] speakers [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [2868] [...] ?
Rudy (PS0GT) [2869] Yeah.
Connie (PS0GN) [2870] I'll tell him when I get back.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2871] Yeah.
[2872] ... [...] gonna have to save like mad then to buy them. [laugh]
Connie (PS0GN) [2873] He will do if he gets it into his head but ... he got in trouble you see, got in with the wrong crowd and
Rudy (PS0GT) [2874] Mm.
Connie (PS0GN) [2875] [...] a lot of money off him and all this lot.
[2876] ... He just learnt ... learning now.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2877] Yeah.
[2878] ... Adrian and Andrea are alright are they?
Connie (PS0GN) [2879] Oh aye.
[2880] ... Just said we just bought in fran er franchise for a [...] .
Rudy (PS0GT) [2881] Yeah.
[2882] Yeah.
[2883] [...] Have you started or ... you started [...] ?
Connie (PS0GN) [2884] [...] week we started.
[2885] Been at it three week now, so
Rudy (PS0GT) [2886] Mm. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [2887] Erm ... and then if you [...] that's got to last you all day through
Joy (PS0GM) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [2888] Yeah.
[2889] Say you didn't use your [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [2890] So your firm's busy, [...] ?
Connie (PS0GN) [2891] No, not really.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2892] Not busy?
Connie (PS0GN) [2893] No.
[2894] [...] we're very slack now.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2895] The same as us [...] everything's slow now.
Connie (PS0GN) [2896] I know.
[2897] Just, just before christmas we had no job.
[2898] ... And that were right till the end of January. [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [2899] We've had, we we had stock in our blooming warehouse since ... what November?
Connie (PS0GN) [2900] Mm.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2901] People didn't want it.
Connie (PS0GN) [2902] No.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2903] It's only now just started [...] now.
Connie (PS0GN) [2904] Mm.
[2905] Yeah?
Rudy (PS0GT) [2906] Yeah.
Connie (PS0GN) [2907] It's [...] isn't it? ...
Joy (PS0GM) [2908] [...] .
[2909] And that's how you know whether you're [...] or not.
[2910] But you've also got your option of calories.
[2911] ... Right?
[2912] Which you are allowed [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [2913] Yeah, we could have done without all this bloody hassle down there.
Connie (PS0GN) [2914] Yeah.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2915] You know?
[2916] ... Do the whole bloody place up.
Connie (PS0GN) [2917] Mm.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2918] Mind you the firm that was in there Blue Bag I mean they abused the bloody place they did.
Connie (PS0GN) [2919] Aye.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2920] They knocked it about something terrible.
Connie (PS0GN) [2921] Yeah.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2922] So I mean ... sooner or later [...] would have been had to ... to do, do up you know?
Connie (PS0GN) [2923] Mm.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2924] And these people decide whether they want the place, and the ideal place for them.
[2925] Whether they want so
Joy (PS0GM) [2926] Er fourteen to twenty one.
[2927] That's what it is.
[2928] It's fourteen to twenty one.
Joy (PS0GM) [2929] What's that.
Connie (PS0GN) [2930] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [2931] Eh?
[2932] Opt er optional calories ... [...] . ...
Joy (PS0GM) [2933] Well there ain't much that'd be fourteen to twenty, twenty calories is there?
Joy (PS0GM) [2934] No.
[2935] [...] You've got fourteen er fourteen options. [...] ...
Joy (PS0GM) [2936] You need to be a mathematician to sort this bugger out.
Joy (PS0GM) [2937] You don't really
Joy (PS0GM) [2938] Thing is to do [...] . [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [2939] [...] it's quite easy actually.
Joy (PS0GM) [2940] This is a job if I don't lose it, feeding my dog beans one at a time.
[2941] ... Won't it bubby?
Rudy (PS0GT) [2942] Yeah I ain't, I ain't done any work here rea really since, you know ... done up the place.
[2943] Well you seen it last year when you came and saw the garden and [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [2944] Yeah.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2945] the back bit [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [2946] Yeah.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2947] I've only just tidied up the front again last weekend.
[2948] Got it all sorted out.
[2949] Course with the winter and everything you see you can't do much outside.
Connie (PS0GN) [2950] No that's true. ...
Rudy (PS0GT) [2951] You've got to cut all your grass in the [...] the back there but ... and with it being wet and [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [2952] And I've got to roll it again with the roller. ...
Connie (PS0GN) [2953] [...] done a patio [...] .
Rudy (PS0GT) [2954] You've done the patio have you?
[2955] ... Is your grass come up alright ... in the back now?
Connie (PS0GN) [2956] Oh she's had that altered.
[2957] She's got us pond in now.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2958] No ... got fish for it?
Connie (PS0GN) [2959] She's done it no.
[2960] Little pond she's having.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2961] Oh.
Connie (PS0GN) [2962] Be for ... water flowers, you know?
Rudy (PS0GT) [2963] Yeah, water lilies and so on in it, yeah. ...
Connie (PS0GN) [2964] So ... you'll not know it when you come cos it's all fenced off.
[2965] Yeah.
[2966] We're all pri we're all private
Rudy (PS0GT) [2967] It's all fenced off?
Connie (PS0GN) [2968] now.
[2969] Yeah.
[2970] Oh aye.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2971] Yeah.
[2972] Course in your area [...] putting up the fences [...] .
Connie (PS0GN) [2973] Oh it's all done now.
[2974] ... Aye.
Joy (PS0GM) [2975] And you're [...] .
[2976] And your optional calories is nought to seven hundred [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [2977] I've put two trees in down the back.
[2978] I've put an apple tree down one side and I've got a victoria plum on the other side.
Connie (PS0GN) [2979] Oh mm. [laugh]
Rudy (PS0GT) [2980] So I should be able to have some plums.
[2981] [laugh] I've still got a bit more to do, you know?
Connie (PS0GN) [2982] Yeah.
[2983] ... Can't do it all at once though can you?
Rudy (PS0GT) [2984] No.
[2985] It takes time but
Connie (PS0GN) [2986] Yeah.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2987] eventually you do it, you know?
[2988] ... Sort itself out. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [2989] That [...] .
[2990] That's just in case
Rudy (PS0GT) [2991] Where's that dog?
Joy (PS0GM) [2992] He's here.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2993] Oh.
Joy (PS0GM) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [2994] Yeah that's the baby of the house.
Connie (PS0GN) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [2995] That's the book.
Connie (PS0GN) [2996] We lost ours you know?
Rudy (PS0GT) [2997] Mm?
Connie (PS0GN) [2998] We lost our Judy.
Rudy (PS0GT) [2999] Did you? ...
Joy (PS0GM) [3000] Oh yeah we lost our Judy.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3001] It died?
Connie (PS0GN) [3002] Before christmas.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3003] She died?
Joy (PS0GM) [3004] Did you?
Connie (PS0GN) [3005] No we had to have her put her down.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3006] Put her down.
[3007] Too old? ...
Joy (PS0GM) [3008] Yeah.
[3009] They do.
[3010] That is the only thing.
Connie (PS0GN) [3011] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3012] So there's that one you can choose from.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3013] She was a lovely dog though.
Connie (PS0GN) [3014] Oh aye she were beautiful.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3015] So, you know, so loving.
Connie (PS0GN) [3016] Mm
Rudy (PS0GT) [3017] Yeah er this one's the same.
Connie (PS0GN) [3018] Mm. ...
Rudy (PS0GT) [3019] He stays down here at night and he won't go if Joy went up to bed he won't go with her.
Connie (PS0GN) [3020] Mm.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3021] And as soon as I get up I say you coming?
[3022] And he's up there like a shot.
Connie (PS0GN) [laugh]
Rudy (PS0GT) [3023] You know?
Connie (PS0GN) [3024] Mm.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3025] At night sometimes I'm sleeping and I put me hand like that [...] and he comes up and lays right across the back of my pillow.
Connie (PS0GN) [3026] That's right.
[3027] Yeah.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3028] Yeah.
Connie (PS0GN) [3029] Yeah.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3030] He's ever so clean though.
Connie (PS0GN) [3031] Oh yeah [...] . ...
Rudy (PS0GT) [3032] Benjy!
[3033] Benjy!
[3034] Come on.
[3035] Come and see dad.
[3036] ... Benjy, come and see dad.
[3037] Come on.
[3038] ... He skips over for the bloody [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [3039] Oh aye.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3040] There's one there, there's two over there.
[3041] Sometimes he hides it down the back of his ... seat here.
[3042] Chucks it down the back.
Connie (PS0GN) [3043] Oh aye they [...] .
Rudy (PS0GT) [3044] And he knows, he knows where they are as well.
Connie (PS0GN) [3045] Oh aye yeah.
[3046] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3047] [...] over there they're just doing [...] microwave ... cooking you know [...] .
[3048] ... Don't like meat done in the microwave, do you?
Joy (PS0GM) [3049] No, I don't. [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3050] I don't mind chicken.
Joy (PS0GM) [3051] [...] I'll leave you them.
[3052] [...] and then I can put these together, but that one ... that one
Joy (PS0GM) [3053] I suppose basically it's a matter of getting [...] .
Rudy (PS0GT) [3054] Yeah I ain't been [...] for blooming ages.
Connie (PS0GN) [3055] No?
Joy (PS0GM) [3056] That's right.
[3057] What
Joy (PS0GM) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3058] you can have in a week ... or a day.
[3059] I find that is easier for me. [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [3060] Oh I used to do ... I used to do Bradford ... Wakefield [...] you know?
Connie (PS0GN) [3061] Mm.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3062] And they took another driver on ... and he does a lot of that, the runs there you see.
[3063] I mainly do now like Nottingham and Mansfield and Leicester and ... Birmingham [...] all round that way you know?
Connie (PS0GN) [3064] Mm.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3065] I don't even do [...] now.
Connie (PS0GN) [3066] No?
Rudy (PS0GT) [3067] Mind you I could [...] now. [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [3068] Mm.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3069] [...] until you get to London [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [3070] Ah London is it mm? ... [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [3071] I mainly do round the midlands now.
Connie (PS0GN) [3072] Mm.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3073] Which suits me fine.
Connie (PS0GN) [3074] Mm.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3075] [...] to run all over the bloody place and
Joy (PS0GM) [3076] It's a shame.
[3077] If I'd have known you were coming I wouldn't have booked going out.
Joy (PS0GM) [3078] Oh ... get yourself off. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [3079] If I don't do something with me life I spend my life sitting here all day
Rudy (PS0GT) [3080] Here you are [...]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3081] [...] stop this dog of mine scratching all the while.
[3082] I shall brush it and you won't like it Ben.
[3083] I've just give you one good brush haven't I?
Rudy (PS0GT) [3084] Come here.
[3085] ... Come on
Joy (PS0GM) [3086] Is that the only daughter you've got?
Joy (PS0GM) [3087] Yes.
Joy (PS0GM) [3088] Yes we had seen her.
Connie (PS0GN) [3089] Aye I thought we had.
Joy (PS0GM) [3090] Have you?
Joy (PS0GM) [3091] Yeah because you fetched kiddies up, didn't she?
Connie (PS0GN) [3092] Yeah. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [3093] She's just [...] up me photo of the kids look.
Joy (PS0GM) [3094] That's them.
[3095] Yeah.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3096] Don't you lean over, I'm not scratching your tummy.
Joy (PS0GM) [3097] I think he's just probably losing his winter coat. [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [3098] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3099] that lovely ni nice warm day we had.
[3100] Ooh I spend a lifetime running around after my baby.
[3101] He's really made my life different, this little dog.
[3102] I love him.
[3103] We love him.
[3104] He's absolutely spoilt.
[3105] Worse than any kid.
[3106] Aren't you?
[3107] ... Eh? ...
Joy (PS0GM) [3108] Yes I think Adrian will be [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3109] It's a pity you don't feel like standing up and racing cos it's lovely [...] .
Joy (PS0GM) [3110] Yeah.
Connie (PS0GN) [3111] Yeah we're going down there now.
Joy (PS0GM) [3112] It'd be a bit hectic for you though cos it'll be, yeah it's cold but ... it's uneven ground and that's [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3113] Oh.
Connie (PS0GN) [3114] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3115] You w you're not [...] do you?
[3116] [...] . See the thing is he's gonna run us up.
[3117] It's only just ... Newton Bromswell which is just up the road.
[3118] But you see if you take a car it's eight pound to park a car.
Joy (PS0GM) [3119] Ooh!
Joy (PS0GM) [3120] But if you go in, if you walk in it's free but you, you can't walk there because it's ... well you're talking about five mile out into the country.
Connie (PS0GN) [3121] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3122] And although we're not so far from here cos we're ... this is Newton Road and the next town on er village on is Newton Bromswell.
Connie (PS0GN) [3123] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3124] But you see if you're coming from Hyam you've got to come all the way through Chilveston and that way
Connie (PS0GN) [3125] Oh yeah, yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3126] and erm ... cos then Pam ph Penny phoned and said shall, it's her who's the horsy fanatic but ... it's lovely.
[3127] Yeah we just go and have a pound on the nose you know and er
Connie (PS0GN) [3128] Well that's it.
[3129] You've got to.
Joy (PS0GM) [3130] there's about ten ... ten runners.
[3131] They only do it once a year on the flat.

12 (Tape 024103)

Joy (PS0GM) [3132] er Thursday night erm ... we went to the gala at the new gala club.
[3133] You know Connells' all been took over by Gala?
Joy (PS0GM) [3134] Yeah.
[3135] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3136] And erm they had their opening, big opening night Thursday so ... he was, he was ... out, he was up at half past four that morning so I thought well ... we might as well go.
[3137] So I rang mum at four o'clock.
[3138] I said do you fancy going out tonight cos it's The Bachelors who opened it ... [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3139] Ooh that's alright then isn't it?
Joy (PS0GM) [3140] So erm ... so went about ... half past five.
[3141] We got there for about ten to six.
[3142] They had a band called Me and Him on.
[3143] They done all Chas and Dave.
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [3144] Me and Him.
Joy (PS0GM) [3145] Me and Him. [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [3146] Chas Chas and Dave stuff and Roll Out the Barrel and all the rubbish you know?
Joy (PS0GM) [3147] Oh I bet that were great weren't it?
Joy (PS0GM) [3148] Yeah.
[3149] It were [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3150] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3151] Then we had the local girls that do all this erm ... balls and [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3152] and twist er you know like the ra ra girls.
Joy (PS0GM) [3153] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3154] And then er as I say The Bachelors come on at ... seven until eight.
[3155] They were rea they were ... they were good.
[3156] I mean
Joy (PS0GM) [3157] Yeah.
[3158] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3159] not particularly my cup of tea but mum enjoyed them and they got everybody going and ... and then we had a good game of bingo.
[3160] We had a sherry when we went in and erm ... bottle of champers on the table and balloons and
Joy (PS0GM) [3161] Ooh.
[3162] Tell you what she's living it up more now than she did before!
Joy (PS0GM) [3163] Well, you have to make something.
[3164] But they've got, we've got a new club here called The Beacon.
[3165] It's at Northampton.
[3166] And it's massive.
[3167] It's an ex-Tesco's warehouse.
Joy (PS0GM) [3168] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3169] It's absolutely massive.
[3170] But every night they have ... every Saturday night they have a cabaret on and tonight it's Renee and Renata.
Joy (PS0GM) [3171] Ooh!
Connie (PS0GN) [3172] Oh my god.
Joy (PS0GM) [3173] [laughing] Yeah [] .
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3174] Last week it were the Barron Knights
Joy (PS0GM) [3175] Oh I wouldn't have
Joy (PS0GM) [3176] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3177] minded seeing Barron Knights.
Joy (PS0GM) [3178] It's, I mean it's all free.
[3179] It's for the end of your night, your cabaret.
[3180] And the houses are a thousand pounds each.
[3181] so I mean
Joy (PS0GM) [3182] Ooh!
Joy (PS0GM) [3183] Yeah.
[3184] Yeah, so I mean ... if you have a win yeah, and a woman that sat ... on the next table to me.
[3185] Touching my shoulder ... she said to me [whispering] I want all the ones, all the ones.
[3186] I said go on, you'll get it you'll get it [] .
[3187] And I looked up and said it's here!
[3188] And she laughed and she said here ... here [laughing] here she went like this [] and I shou shouted as well.
[3189] Mum said good job you shouted, they wouldn't have heard her.
[3190] I mean she must have been in her seventies.
[3191] But we, we got it and she
Connie (PS0GN) [3192] Oh good.
Joy (PS0GM) [3193] she had a thousand pound.
[3194] It were nice.
Joy (PS0GM) [3195] Oh it is, it is nice isn't it?
Joy (PS0GM) [3196] I mean it's just a matter of you know, being able to afford to go and [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3197] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3198] And keep it going.
[3199] I mean I used to love me bingo.
[3200] I mean once upon a time nothing was [...] , but I've spent ... two and a half thousand pound if not more since I've been off work.
Joy (PS0GM) [3201] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3202] You know, the dole don't keep us.
Joy (PS0GM) [3203] Well no.
[3204] I mean it's
Joy (PS0GM) [3205] There's no way I mean
Joy (PS0GM) [3206] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [3207] you can't live on the dole.
[3208] Not when you buy like I buy.
Connie (PS0GN) [3209] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [3210] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [3211] I mean your joint of meat costs you a fiver don't it?
Joy (PS0GM) [3212] Course it does.
Connie (PS0GN) [3213] Oh aye course it does yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3214] So I mean we're
Joy (PS0GM) [3215] And the rest sometimes.
[3216] I went
Joy (PS0GM) [3217] Well
Joy (PS0GM) [3218] I went down town ... yesterday and got some braising steak and it cost me five pounds sixty.
Joy (PS0GM) [3219] I know.
[3220] It's crazy.
Joy (PS0GM) [3221] And that's just for three of them.
[3222] I mean I, four of them.
[3223] I don't eat it you see.
Joy (PS0GM) [3224] That's without your ... and that's without your bits to go with it, your veg.
Joy (PS0GM) [3225] That's right yeah.
[3226] And then cooking it.
[3227] I mean
Joy (PS0GM) [3228] I know.
Joy (PS0GM) [3229] gas and electric's expensive now isn't it?
Joy (PS0GM) [3230] I know.
[3231] And I keep thinking to myself well something will come along, something'll happen, but ... I I think what it is ... there is no jobs round here at the moment.
[3232] I think what it is is that I feel ... if I go into something for the sake of going into it to earn money ... I shall be absolutely bored with me life.
[3233] I f I shall feel as if we've been from here ... cos when I was first married we lived up round the next road.
[3234] And I shall feel as if I've got up, been round the world
Connie (PS0GN) [3235] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3236] and come back to, to where I were twenty six year ago and
Connie (PS0GN) [3237] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3238] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3239] I don't want that.
[3240] I've got to
Joy (PS0GM) [3241] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [3242] have a purpose to go out to work.
Connie (PS0GN) [3243] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3244] I mean most people go out to work to earn money.
Connie (PS0GN) [3245] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3246] Yeah.
[3247] I mean I went out because I mean
Joy (PS0GM) [3248] The house does get boring.
Joy (PS0GM) [3249] I I got really ... really fed up.
[3250] Erm I mean I were working
Joy (PS0GM) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3251] at library.
[3252] I mean that were no problem.
[3253] But then when I left library ... I just got fed up and ... I went and ... went down to help Sue didn't I?
[3254] And I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Joy (PS0GM) [3255] Yeah.
Connie (PS0GN) [3256] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3257] It's meeting the people.
Joy (PS0GM) [3258] But now she's left and she's had a baby ... and I carried on ... because he wanted it, the the new landlord wanted me to ... to stop on and help out.
[3259] Oh my giddy aunt.
[3260] And I would go in and I ... I never said nothing to him at first did I? ... but I just couldn't take it any more.
Joy (PS0GM) [3261] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3262] And it was either thinking about the wage packet at end of week which I was at first.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3263] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3264] And then ... I were coming home and I were, I were really awful.
[3265] And I thought why should I?
[3266] And then on Thursday ... I went in to work and I had had enough.
[3267] ... And I come home and I says to him, I'm not having this no more.
[3268] I said no, [...] .
Joy (PS0GM) [3269] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [sneeze]
Joy (PS0GM) [3270] He says well if you want to pack it in love
Joy (PS0GM) [3271] Bless you.
Joy (PS0GM) [3272] pack in.
[3273] And I did and to be quite honest, I mean ... it wasn't the money really when you think about it because at end of day, forty six pound ... he were spending in pub anyway.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [3274] So ... I were working for nothing really.
Joy (PS0GM) [3275] Yeah. [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3276] but he he were getting cos you were going out and having a drink er on er Tuesdays Thursdays Saturdays and Sundays.
[3277] Whereas now, I mean ... we don't go.
Joy (PS0GM) [3278] You don't go.
Joy (PS0GM) [3279] No. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [3280] And well I, we even considered me and my sister even considered going back into driving instruction.
[3281] We went to a seminar
Connie (PS0GN) [3282] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3283] a fortnight ago.
[3284] It's stupid, I mean I've been a driving instructor seventeen year, and I'm not allowed to teach over here.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [3285] No?
Joy (PS0GM) [3286] No, I've got to take it all again.
[3287] You're talking about sixteen, seventeen hundred pound to get you through.
Joy (PS0GM) [3288] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3289] But you see with this bank thing with the government, you can have a loan ... I think it's up to about four thousand pound ... like a restart.
[3290] And it's a free loan for fifteen months.
Joy (PS0GM) [3291] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3292] And then on the sixteenth month you've gotta pay it back.
[3293] However you decide to, by instalments or by
Connie (PS0GN) [3294] Mm, mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3295] one, one big lump.
Joy (PS0GM) [3296] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3297] But at the end of the day, it ain't really what I want to do.
Connie (PS0GN) [3298] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [3299] I mean I, I want to get into mental health care.
Joy (PS0GM) [3300] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3301] And and erm ... if I ... I'm hoping I'll like it when I get in there, but something tells me I would.
[3302] Well as I say I went for this interview and she phoned me last Sunday didn't she?
[3303] I went on the Monday for the, to the house.
[3304] Then on the Tuesday I went to the hospital.
[3305] And erm ... she phoned me up on the Sunday.
[3306] She said I'm ... I'm just ringing to tell you Joy that you didn't get ... you you haven't been successful with your application this time.
[3307] But she said ... erm I wanna just tell you ... all the others ... that haven't made it, we've just said well I'm sorry.
[3308] That's it.
[3309] But, with you, we feel you've got so much to offer ... and we don't really wanna just say no and ... and ... and it would make you feel oh blow it I'm not gonna do it.
Joy (PS0GM) [3310] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3311] She said I feel that ... there is a place for you in the health, in this mental health service.
[3312] But she said ... what it is is basically we're all just starting from the bottom because this new idea of where they're buying small homes and making them small communities
Joy (PS0GM) [3313] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3314] erm ... they're all starting from new.
[3315] They're all been institutionalized up till recently.
Joy (PS0GM) [3316] That's right yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3317] So they're gradually buying houses in certain areas.
[3318] And she said I'm sure you'll get in.
[3319] But you see it's like everything else, we're in a recession.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3320] You, you go for a job and there's two hundred people going for that one job.
Connie (PS0GN) [3321] Mm.
[3322] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3323] That's right, yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3324] There's three hundred and eighty went for a job up the Hilly Home Where they have the spastic kids.
Joy (PS0GM) [3325] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3326] Imagine, for one post!
Joy (PS0GM) [3327] Yeah.
[3328] I mean Kerry's doing caring you know?
[3329] And she
Joy (PS0GM) [3330] Is she?
Joy (PS0GM) [3331] Yeah she's a carer.
Joy (PS0GM) [3332] What the old people?
Joy (PS0GM) [3333] Old people and er ... and handicapped kids.
[3334] Erm ... she's teaching erm ... she's teaching handicapped now at er Hilltop ... School.
[3335] Er ... seven to eleven I think it is.
[3336] Erm ... but they are not the really ... really disabled kids.
Joy (PS0GM) [3337] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [3338] They're, they are the the mental ones.
Joy (PS0GM) [3339] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3340] Erm ... [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3341] Cos they're mentally sick or mentally handicapped?
Connie (PS0GN) [3342] Mentally retarded.
Joy (PS0GM) [3343] Er me men yeah mentally retarded.
Joy (PS0GM) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3344] They just need a little help like with feeding or ... or if they throw a tantrum [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3345] Yeah [...] mentally handicapped more than mentally sick.
[3346] You see the ones I wanted
Joy (PS0GM) [3347] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3348] to do.
[3349] I wanted to work with people that had had er severe depression.
[3350] Ex alcoholics, schizophrenics.
Joy (PS0GM) [3351] Aye.
Joy (PS0GM) [3352] Where you don't do anything like that.
[3353] You just work on a plan where ... that i at the er at the beginning of the day you're, you're given your people to watch.
[3354] So every mortal thing that person does you note.
[3355] Like if he doesn't wash, you don't wash them.
[3356] You note that they haven't done it.
Connie (PS0GN) [3357] Mm.
[3358] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3359] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3360] And then you see you come along [...] where you're pushing them to live on their own and you ... make suggestions.
Joy (PS0GM) [3361] That's right yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3362] And erm I went to a place in [...] and that's what I wanted to do.
[3363] But you see they ain't got no places here.
Joy (PS0GM) [3364] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [3365] Erm and it's a shame.
[3366] I mean Mencap are all men
Joy (PS0GM) [3367] It is really isn't it?
[3368] I mean there's there's more people now
Joy (PS0GM) [3369] When you've got so much to offer.
[3370] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3371] There's more people like that nowadays isn't there, than?
Joy (PS0GM) [3372] Mm.
[3373] I think there's gonna be more and more.
Joy (PS0GM) [3374] Because at one time th I mean you never saw them because they were pushed away in in these
Joy (PS0GM) [3375] That's right.
Joy (PS0GM) [3376] great big hospitals and forgotten about.
[3377] Whereas now
Joy (PS0GM) [3378] That's right.
Joy (PS0GM) [3379] th they're coming out into community so you're seeing more of them.
Joy (PS0GM) [3380] Oh yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3381] And th th there's more but I mean [...] the facilities for them is there?
Joy (PS0GM) [3382] Well you see and I've also put in for a job ... for the the marina at Northampton which is another mental home.
[3383] But that's for a mobility assistant where ... I go in and befriend somebody and they employ me to take them somewhere for two hours.
[3384] Whether it be
Joy (PS0GM) [3385] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3386] pictures or ... shopping or round the market or just for a walk or ... for a meal.
[3387] Whatever you ... they employ
Joy (PS0GM) [3388] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3389] me, but it's five pound eighty for a two hour session.
[3390] Well you've got to think about going to Northampton.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3391] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3392] You're talking about half hour there and back drive.
[3393] So that
Connie (PS0GN) [3394] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3395] two hours is now three.
Connie (PS0GN) [3396] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3397] Plus your petrol money to get there.
Connie (PS0GN) [3398] Yeah, yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3399] That's right.
Joy (PS0GM) [3400] Do you want me to fetch a pillow?
Joy (PS0GM) [3401] No, you're alright love.
Joy (PS0GM) [3402] There's plenty of cushions [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3403] No, you're alright.
Joy (PS0GM) [3404] And erm ... so you see you're, you're throwing money to get money which is, which is a bit stupid. [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3405] That's right.
[3406] [...] pointless [...] .
Joy (PS0GM) [3407] But then I erm ... she phoned me yesterday and she said to me have you had any ... professional ... lifting erm ... lessons at all.
[3408] I said no.
[3409] None whatsoever.
[3410] So she said oh, that's alright, I've got it all in me head what, what I've got with you.
[3411] So I do believe in me soul that she's working for me.
Connie (PS0GN) [3412] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3413] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3414] But she's offered me a relief post as I say, where I go round and help but she don't know how many hours it will be.
Joy (PS0GM) [3415] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3416] But I think I've got to get in and I've got to think well this next six months ... erm I've gotta work hard to get in ... regardless of whether I go ... voluntary or whether I go to a hospital and learn it at me own you know, expense.
Joy (PS0GM) [3417] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3418] I think I've got to put something in to get something out.
[3419] I've never been a person that gets something for nothing.
Joy (PS0GM) [3420] For nothing.
[3421] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [3422] I've always had to work very hard but at the end of the day I'm, I'm self-satisfied because I'm ... I'm doing what I want to do.
[3423] And I
Joy (PS0GM) [3424] Do, yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3425] think to myself well it's six months ... I wish I'd have done it in August, now.
Connie (PS0GN) [3426] Mm.
[3427] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3428] Wish I'd have took it up in August.
[3429] Took the bull by the horns.
[3430] See six months down the road I could have been there.
Connie (PS0GN) [3431] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3432] That's right, yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3433] You see and
Joy (PS0GM) [3434] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3435] It's like everything e but th s saying that ... we had him.
[3436] We had him in September didn't we?
[3437] And I mean ... he took a lot of rehousing cos he come from a ... a a family that hadn't really cared for him.
[3438] I mean he's a happy little soul, isn't he, in in certain respects?
[3439] I don't think he'd been ill-treated, but he's took a lot of love and a lot of attention
Connie (PS0GN) [3440] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3441] to to to get him into a home.
[3442] And she said he'll probably take four or five months to settle in
Connie (PS0GN) [3443] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3444] and feel comfortable.
[3445] But I never leave him.
[3446] He's never left is he, at all?
[3447] If I go out I take him to mum's.
[3448] Or if, if I go out ... Rudy'll stop in.
[3449] Or if he goes out I stop in.
[3450] It's ... he's took our life over in a certain respect
Joy (PS0GM) [3451] Mm.
Connie (PS0GN) [3452] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3453] but he's, he's brought us a lot of pleasure hasn't he?
[3454] He is, he's a lovely little character.
[3455] Benjy!
[3456] Come here.
[3457] [laugh] But er he's hard work.
[3458] You can see he is cos his fur's
Connie (PS0GN) [3459] Oh aye.
Joy (PS0GM) [3460] Oh yes.
Joy (PS0GM) [3461] his fur here eventually'll come right down to the floor, I mean when he goes out he's
Joy (PS0GM) [3462] Oh yeah.
Connie (PS0GN) [3463] absolutely
Rudy (PS0GT) [3464] Yes.
Joy (PS0GM) [3465] filthy.
[3466] I have to sit him in the bath and
Joy (PS0GM) [3467] I think June had one didn't she?
[3468] She had er ... hers was er more, whereas yours is nice and white, here were all grey and black.
Joy (PS0GM) [3469] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3470] Yeah.
[3471] It were beautiful.
Joy (PS0GM) [3472] They're lovely natured.
Joy (PS0GM) [3473] Mm.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3474] He's a babe.
[3475] His dad's baby.
Joy (PS0GM) [3476] He's just a
Rudy (PS0GT) [3477] He's dad's baby.
[3478] You've gotta pick him up like a baby.
Joy (PS0GM) [3479] Mm.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3480] You coming with dad? ...
Joy (PS0GM) [...] [laugh]
Rudy (PS0GT) [3481] [laughing] Are you coming to your dad [] ?
Joy (PS0GM) [3482] Well my brother ... the only person he does it to is him.
[3483] He growls like mad at Gary.
[3484] Doesn't he?
[3485] I've never heard a dog ... he don't do it to anybody else.
[3486] Sometimes he'll growl at Rudy when he comes up to say ta ta in the morning.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3487] That's because he don't want me to go to work.
Joy (PS0GM) [3488] I have to bath him two or three times a week.
Joy (PS0GM) [3489] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3490] And it takes me over an hour to dry him.
[3491] So he's he's
Rudy (PS0GT) [3492] It's not, no it's hair you know
Joy (PS0GM) [3493] It's hair.
Connie (PS0GN) [3494] Yes that's right.
[3495] Yeah.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3496] [...] normally a dog can well it's bristly isn't it?
[3497] But this is all hair this is.
[3498] ... And he's like a teddy bear.
Joy (PS0GM) [3499] He's mummy's teddy boy.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3500] He's a teddy bear. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [3501] You'll have to remember Rudy he's had nothing to eat [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [3502] He's a teddy bear.
Joy (PS0GM) [3503] for a day.
[3504] He's ever so finicky.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3505] Oh he'll have to eat when he wants to eat.

13 (Tape 024104)

Joy (PS0GM) [3506] So he
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [3507] so he's videoing it then is he?
Connie (PS0GN) [3508] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3509] Oh my giddy aunt.
[3510] Listen, I'm gonna have to go and get
Joy (PS0GM) [3511] You go and get ready.
Joy (PS0GM) [3512] myself sorted out.
Joy (PS0GM) [3513] Erm
Joy (PS0GM) [3514] But you're not going ... you're not rushing off are you? ...
Connie (PS0GN) [3515] What?
Joy (PS0GM) [...] ...
Joy (PS0GM) [3516] Well I should be back at five.
[3517] ... About f yeah, cos you've got to pick us up.
[3518] Cos Pam's son's going to Germany for four years tomorrow.
[3519] He's just come back from Belize ... erm, and he's ... they're, they're posted to Germany and they leave tomorrow.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3520] Who's that, Joe?
Joy (PS0GM) [3521] Joe.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3522] No I j I don't think Joe [...] , I saw what's her name?
[3523] Erm ... Mi Michelle ... when I was going to the bank.
Joy (PS0GM) [3524] Debbie.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3525] Debbie.
[3526] And erm ... she said she'll tell Joe and they'll probably pop up.
[3527] They may come up tomorrow, I don't know.
[3528] I don't think it's, they're going before ... don't think he's going before Tuesday.
Joy (PS0GM) [3529] Oh [...] well they're posted abroad anyway.
[3530] And they're all going out for dinner tonight.
Joy (PS0GM) [3531] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3532] But Pam's coming to the racing with us this afternoon.
[3533] Baby stop scratching.
[3534] ... Stop it.
[3535] Erm ... and er so, I said to him if he runs us up ... with the car and then he can bring it back.
[3536] And if he slips back and pick, picks us up about ... I don't know, Pam'll tell you when she comes.
[3537] I should think about quarter to five.
Joy (PS0GM) [3538] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3539] Cos the last race is at five o'clock I think, but ... I mean it's only if we go couple of hours.
[3540] And erm ... I mean we've got nothing on then.
Joy (PS0GM) [3541] Well George is working in morning so we shan't be ... stopping late.
[3542] Cos he's got to be at work for what?
Connie (PS0GN) [3543] [...] six o'clock.
Joy (PS0GM) [3544] Are you?
Joy (PS0GM) [3545] So ... mm it were just a case of a flying visit cos we've not seen you for nearly twelve months.
Joy (PS0GM) [3546] Is it as long as that?
Joy (PS0GM) [3547] Mm.
Connie (PS0GN) [3548] Mm.
[3549] It's over.
Joy (PS0GM) [3550] It's over.
Joy (PS0GM) [3551] Mm I know.
[3552] I know the time's flying.
[3553] Well in actual fact ... to te to tell you the honest truth ... we've been so busy one way and another over the weekends haven't we?
Joy (PS0GM) [3554] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3555] And then erm ... we ain't even been to see Barbara and her ... and her new house and they only live
Joy (PS0GM) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3556] fourteen mile away.
Joy (PS0GM) [3557] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3558] She keeps ringing us up and saying ... are you ... are you ... are you coming?
[3559] Are you coming up to see us?
[3560] But ... I don't get time, you know?
[3561] By the time we get home and and finished.
[3562] ... This little dog, he's got something [...] .
[3563] What are you itching for?
[3564] ... Now let your mummy have a look.
[3565] Oh look Rude.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3566] What?
Joy (PS0GM) [3567] Look!
Rudy (PS0GT) [3568] That's where he keeps biting it and scratching it.
[3569] ... That's what it is, it's scratching and biting.
Joy (PS0GM) [3570] Look.
Joy (PS0GM) [3571] He might have got a flea.
[3572] ... He might have got a flea Rudy.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3573] I doubt it [...] .
Joy (PS0GM) [3574] I dunno.
[3575] You see, see they do ... most dogs go down the fields.
[3576] Quite possibly he has got a flea duck. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [3577] I sprayed him with that stuff.
Joy (PS0GM) [3578] Ah well if he's
Rudy (PS0GT) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3579] er
Joy (PS0GM) [3580] I ain't got nothing to put on him.
[3581] The only thing I can put on him is some talcum powder.
[3582] Will you come up the bedroom?
Rudy (PS0GT) [3583] What was that D D D? [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3584] What's that, D D D?
Rudy (PS0GT) [3585] That stuff wasn't it?
[3586] I mean that stuff [...] spots.
[3587] Thing is he might ... lick it mightn't he?
Joy (PS0GM) [3588] Mm.
[3589] Yeah.
[3590] He's alright.
Joy (PS0GM) [3591] I'll give you ... we erm ... we [...] I've got s it's green and it's awful.
[3592] But it it's fantastic stuff.
Joy (PS0GM) [3593] What is it, spray?
Joy (PS0GM) [3594] No it's cream. ... [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3595] He's done nothing but scratch this morning though.
Joy (PS0GM) [3596] Yeah well it, it's probably that he's just got one.
[3597] And on other hand it's probably been there, you've bathed him and it's just left it sore.
[3598] ... See he's got another one there look.
[3599] ... No.
Joy (PS0GM) [3600] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3601] Yeah it has.
[3602] That's a sore.
[3603] ... That's a sore.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3604] [...] something to put on it. ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [sneeze]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh] [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [3605] Did your uncle George sneeze?
[3606] He went atchoo.
[3607] He went atchoo.
Joy (PS0GM) [3608] Right well I'll go and get me warm clothes on.
Joy (PS0GM) [3609] Yeah as I was saying, George is gonna nip into town.
[3610] ... Down here.
Joy (PS0GM) [3611] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3612] Cos he wants a pair of shoes.
Joy (PS0GM) [3613] Oh alright.
[3614] Well Rudy can take you down to ... you know where to go ... Tarrers ... But if you don't wanna go you're, you've got the telly.
[3615] You can stay and ... wh tell me what time you're think about going.
[3616] Will you, shall you ... stop for an e stop for the evening?
[3617] Alright, or shall you ...
Connie (PS0GN) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3618] It ain't up to me it's up to you.
[3619] You're the, you're the driver and you've got to get up for work in the morning and everything else.
Connie (PS0GN) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3620] No it isn't, it's up to you duck.
[3621] ... It's up to you duck.
Connie (PS0GN) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3622] No, it's up to you duck.
Joy (PS0GM) [3623] Yeah it is up to you George, really.
[3624] You're going to do the driving.
[3625] You're going to work.
[3626] ... Oh dear.
[3627] Pack it in.
[3628] Let mummy give you a drop more spray.
[3629] ... Rudy you [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [3630] Is your white boots alright here George?
Connie (PS0GN) [3631] Eh?
Rudy (PS0GT) [3632] Your white boots.
Connie (PS0GN) [3633] Oh aye, yeah.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3634] Use them at all?
Connie (PS0GN) [3635] Aye I've [...] once or twice.
Joy (PS0GM) [3636] Are you doing any drumming at all George?
Connie (PS0GN) [3637] No.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3638] No he's packed up.
[3639] He's like me.
Joy (PS0GM) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Rudy (PS0GT) [3640] I ain't touched my bloody saxophone since we packed up.
Connie (PS0GN) [3641] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [3642] Aah.
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [3643] Talent going down drain.
[3644] ... Yeah, talent going down the drain. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [3645] [laugh] He says don't you dare come near me with that silly spray. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [3646] Come here.
[3647] Here here here here here here here here here here
Joy (PS0GM) [3648] [laugh] Oh dear. [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [3649] Here.
[3650] ... There's hardly anything in it.
[3651] But if he is [...] ...
Joy (PS0GM) [3652] You see it it comes off
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [3653] it comes off the grass you see [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3654] Come on [...] Come on then, in the garden.
[3655] ... Oh.
[3656] ... Oh dear.
[3657] ... I'm still no nearer Georgie.
Connie (PS0GN) [3658] Eh?
Joy (PS0GM) [3659] I'm still no nearer.
Connie (PS0GN) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [3660] Still ... you can decide what you're gonna do. [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3661] You know him.
Joy (PS0GM) [3662] Well as I say you've no need to stay late late.
[3663] I mean ...
Joy (PS0GM) [3664] We'll be here when you come back.
Joy (PS0GM) [3665] You will?
[3666] Well that's
Joy (PS0GM) [3667] We'll be here when you come back.
Joy (PS0GM) [3668] that's alright then.
[3669] And then er ... I don't know [...] .
[3670] I'll put the heating on Rudy.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3671] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [3672] Well Viv is stopping in, you're going to town [...] .
Joy (PS0GM) [3673] Viv's going up town with you.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [3674] Viv's got the money.
Joy (PS0GM) [3675] Who's got money?
Connie (PS0GN) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [3676] We've got to leave him then Joy.
Joy (PS0GM) [3677] Eh?
Joy (PS0GM) [3678] Oh.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3679] We've got to leave Ben here.
Joy (PS0GM) [3680] He's alright.
[3681] He won't hurt.
Connie (PS0GN) [3682] We shan't be long anyway.
Joy (PS0GM) [3683] No, he'll be alright.
[3684] He's got to learn to stop sometimes. ...
Rudy (PS0GT) [3685] [...] leave the doors open [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [3686] Oh we shan't be long. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [3687] Yes you wouldn't know our little garden now Rudy.
Connie (PS0GN) [3688] Just telling him.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3689] No.
[3690] Now you're putting in bloody flower ponds and all that sort of thing.
[3691] Water lilies and ...
Joy (PS0GM) [3692] When it gets ... established.
[3693] I mean it looks noth ... it looks nothing now.
[3694] But, you can't rush nature can you?
[3695] So ... [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [3696] I mean it's like my garden out the back there.
[3697] I mean he runs up and down, he ... it used to be lovely, all the grass.
[3698] Well it's gotta be done again, you know?
[3699] Cut and
Joy (PS0GM) [3700] Yeah.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3701] and rolled again you know and so on.
[3702] You can't do much in the winter, I was saying to George.
Joy (PS0GM) [3703] No.
[3704] It's pointless anyway isn't it, really?
Rudy (PS0GT) [3705] Yeah.
[3706] Yeah.
[3707] I mean I done all the front here [...] last weekend

14 (Tape 024105)

Rudy (PS0GT) [3708] Oh yes ... work's never finished.
[3709] ... You'll always find something to do.
[3710] Like I say I'm getting some erm
Joy (PS0GM) [3711] Oh I just [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [3712] some corrugated mesh from work when they've finished building and I'm going to do around there as well to stop ... stop him because you know they've got holes in the fence and he jump
Connie (PS0GN) [3713] Aye [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [3714] when you put him outside he goes through, you know?
[3715] So I'll put some corrugated, you know, about that
Connie (PS0GN) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [3716] height.
[3717] That'll stop him then [...] .
Connie (PS0GN) [3718] Yeah. ...
Rudy (PS0GT) [3719] So, yeah.
[3720] Well he's a blooming nuisance he is, at times.
Connie (PS0GN) [3721] Oh aye they are.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3722] He digs up the bloody garden round the
Connie (PS0GN) [3723] Yeah.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3724] back and ... you [...] !
[3725] [laugh] You [...] !
[3726] Where's Viv, upstairs?
Connie (PS0GN) [3727] No she's gone to the loo.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3728] What, in there?
Connie (PS0GN) [3729] Yeah.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3730] Should have gone upstairs.
[3731] ... Got a nice little keyboard upstairs as well for Joy.
Connie (PS0GN) [3732] Have you?
Rudy (PS0GT) [3733] Yeah, a Yamaha.
Connie (PS0GN) [3734] Oh, good.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3735] E S R forty eight.
Connie (PS0GN) [3736] Oh?
Rudy (PS0GT) [3737] Yeah. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [3738] Hello!
[3739] ... Hello!
[3740] Where've you been? [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [3741] [...] .
[3742] Come up and see it George.
[3743] Oh.
[3744] Joy ... you decent?
[3745] ... Or indecent?
[3746] And if you're indecent
Connie (PS0GN) [laugh]
Rudy (PS0GT) [3747] I'm alright.
[3748] What's this jumper on the floor?
[3749] Come on George. ...

15 (Tape 024106)

Joy (PS0GM) [3750] So yeah, I dunno, things keep going on don't they? ...
Rudy (PS0GT) [3751] Oh the last time you were here I didn't do the bathroom either.
Joy (PS0GM) [3752] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [3753] No you haven't.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3754] [...] done all the bathroom [...] .
Joy (PS0GM) [3755] I know I've just noticed.
[3756] It's lovely.
Connie (PS0GN) [3757] Yeah. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [3758] You know when you've done here, will you come and ... ?
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Rudy (PS0GT) [3759] Do yours.
Joy (PS0GM) [3760] This wants doing, this room now.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3761] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3762] Wants doing again. ...
Rudy (PS0GT) [3763] I try and do a little bit of everything you know [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3764] I want me
Rudy (PS0GT) [3765] I ain't a bl builder or a carpenter or a chippy or a tiler but ... as I say I I I plan it out, always plan it out how I'm going to do it.
[3766] And I take me time.
[3767] [...] me two weeks to do it I'm gonna do it and then when it's finished it's done right.
Connie (PS0GN) [3768] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3769] That's it, yeah.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3770] You know?
Connie (PS0GN) [3771] Well that's it isn't it?
Joy (PS0GM) [3772] Don't keep scratching. ...
Rudy (PS0GT) [3773] You'd better take that brolly with you.
[3774] ... My big golf brolly.
Joy (PS0GM) [3775] Oh I can't.
[3776] No, I'm not carrying a brolly round.
[3777] If we get wet we get wet, simple as that.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3778] Fair enough.
Joy (PS0GM) [3779] I'm not carrying a brolly round all afternoon.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3780] Or take that smaller one. [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3781] No.
[3782] I hate things in me hand.
[3783] I'm only gonna take some money in me pocket. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [3784] There you are.
[3785] Poor old Rudy, skint again. [laugh]
Rudy (PS0GT) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3786] There's something to be said about that.
[3787] You mean poor old Joy.
Joy (PS0GM) [3788] Well I had to come down on his side.
[3789] I've got to spend afternoon with him haven't I?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [3790] Don't come down on his side.
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh] ...
Joy (PS0GM) [3791] Well as I say I hadn't, I hadn't planned on going anywhere.
[3792] I erm ... I just said to him
Joy (PS0GM) [3793] You get off Joy.
[3794] Enjoy yourself.
Joy (PS0GM) [3795] I said to him you'll have to go and get me some money cos I ... I ain't got hardly any.
[3796] And erm so he reluctantly went down the bank and got me a tenner.
[3797] ... And there's tear stains on it but I'll put up with that.
Connie (PS0GN) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [3798] Ah of course you can.
Joy (PS0GM) [3799] Tenner'll do.
[3800] ... Look. [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3801] I mean he's even marked it look.
Joy (PS0GM) [3802] Yeah.
[3803] Where he kissed it goodbye.
Joy (PS0GM) [3804] [laugh] ... Have you noticed George has stopped smoking?
Joy (PS0GM) [3805] Have you noticed I have? ...
Joy (PS0GM) [3806] Oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [3807] Good luck
Joy (PS0GM) [3808] Yes.
[3809] Have you noticed Rudy hasn't?
Joy (PS0GM) [3810] And he said he was gonna do.
Connie (PS0GN) [3811] Oh I have a, have a cigar when I [...] when I have a pint.
Joy (PS0GM) [3812] W how long you been packed up?
Connie (PS0GN) [3813] Two years.
Joy (PS0GM) [3814] Two year.
[3815] Yeah I were gonna say
Joy (PS0GM) [3816] No you
Connie (PS0GN) [3817] [...] two year in June.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3818] Cigarettes.
Joy (PS0GM) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3819] [...] since we saw them, that's right.
Connie (PS0GN) [3820] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3821] Yeah I'm sure you'd packed up last time I saw you.
[3822] That's why I didn't erm notice.
[3823] I packed up ... I packed up for two and a half years ... and then erm ... when we went to Spain in August, no in October, the four girls went ... me and me two sisters and a friend from work, Barbara.
[3824] We went to Spain and erm the smell of the fags, it absolutely poured with rain for four days and nights.
[3825] And I mean in Spain it rains.
Connie (PS0GN) [3826] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3827] And erm we were l we were stuck in the villa, right up in the mountains ... er, could do nothing but play cards all day and ... scrabble and erm ... all these stupid board games.
[3828] But erm ... and I just felt oh ... fancy all this way just to come and sit and play cards.
[3829] But ... we had a good time.
[3830] It were nice just to relax and ... I started smoking again and I packed up last Sunday.
[3831] I thought that's it.
[3832] I can't afford to keep chucking two quid down the drain.
[3833] And I knew they'd go up again on ... on Wednesday.
Joy (PS0GM) [3834] The budget mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3835] So I thought that's it, I'm gonna pack up.
[3836] So we're watching that programme, Is this Your Last Cigarette? or whatever it were called last Sunday on the telly and I thought ... I'm stupid cos in six month's time I shall say I could have packed up six months ago.
[3837] So I thought well if you're gonna do it in six months
Connie (PS0GN) [3838] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3839] do it now.
[3840] So I
Connie (PS0GN) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3841] I just packed up and ... never thought any more about it.
[3842] Couple of occasions I've felt ... haven't I?
[3843] I've said I could do with a fag
Joy (PS0GM) [3844] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3845] but I won't, I won't relent.
[3846] I'm I'm too, I'm quite stern that way.
[3847] I was just stupid but I was as I say, since Oct erm ... when was it?
[3848] Since September ... I've had hell and high water with my sister.
[3849] It's been dreadful ... to say the least.
Joy (PS0GM) [3850] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3851] And erm ... well she's gone down from what?
[3852] ... Twelve and a half stone?
[3853] She must be eight and a half.
Joy (PS0GM) [3854] Ah! ...
Joy (PS0GM) [3855] Christmas ... no ... new year's eve ... we went to a party.
[3856] It were my ... other sister's ... daughter's eighteenth and she'd booked up a party ... at the club.
[3857] So erm ... we went over.
[3858] Ten to twelve my sister said I'm going home.
[3859] She said I couldn't see the new year in.
[3860] She said it's too painful.
[3861] So I said alright then
Rudy (PS0GT) [3862] Is that still switched on?
Joy (PS0GM) [3863] Yeah.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3864] Switch it off.
Joy (PS0GM) [3865] Yeah [...] .
[3866] And then erm and then er ... when we went out, mum was in bed with fl pneumonia, well near pneumonia.
[3867] Wen er Wendy had gone.
[3868] Mum had got Benjy so I thought ... we'll pop up, see mum, get the dog.
[3869] And as we come out I said to Rudy I feel we ought to go up and see if Wendy's alright, cos she was a bit upset at quarter to twelve.
[3870] So he said alright then.
[3871] And we drove round and she's got a bungalow and all ... she's got these curtains that all cross over and when you sit outside it don't look as if there's any lights on.
[3872] But luckily enough I got up and walked round the back and I could just see ... the lights on in the living room downstairs.
[3873] And erm ... I called out to her through the letter box ... and she come.
[3874] And she said I'm on the phone, will you talk to that person on the phone.
[3875] I said who are you on the phone to?
[3876] She said the Samaritans.
[3877] She said I just wanted to commit suicide.
[3878] She said I don't want to live any more Joy.
[3879] So of course that was it.
[3880] I said right come on, you're coming home with me.
[3881] That's ... end of subject.
[3882] She said I can't I've just had a sleeping tablet.
[3883] And she said erm ... I don't, I don't ... I don't want to she said.
[3884] And we sat about an hour didn't we?
[3885] It must have been nearly an hour.
[3886] And I says come on, let's go up my house.
[3887] I said I, I'll make the bed up when we get home.
[3888] Anyway in the end I just said that's it.
[3889] I've had enough.
[3890] Switched the fire off.
[3891] Grabbed hold of her.
[3892] Grabbed her handbag.
[3893] Marched her out of the house in her dressing gown and ... these great big slippers, you know, these with a funny face on.
[3894] Then we sat here till what, gone four?
[3895] Didn't we?
[3896] Talking.
Joy (PS0GM) [3897] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [3898] Then she got strong again.
[3899] She gets these ... pangs where she can't cope when she's on her own.
[3900] But then when I'd strengthened her up I said ... she'd be alright for a few days.
[3901] And then she phoned me up.
[3902] Said I can't cope again.
[3903] I'm down, down the pan.
[3904] And that's how it's swung.
[3905] Roundabouts and swings all the while.
Joy (PS0GM) [3906] You wouldn't have thought he'd have walked out would you?
Connie (PS0GN) [3907] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [3908] Cos they seemed, seemed so happy.
Joy (PS0GM) [3909] Well ... [...] .
[3910] So erm ... as I say she's er
Rudy (PS0GT) [3911] [...] and take you all up there?
Joy (PS0GM) [3912] Yes if you'd just slip us up, will you?
[3913] I must go and get a tissue.
[3914] ... [...] handkerchief round here.
[3915] ... I don't iron but at least it's done.
Joy (PS0GM) [3916] Enjoy yourself.
Joy (PS0GM) [3917] Yeah.
[3918] So erm
Joy (PS0GM) [3919] And win something.
Joy (PS0GM) [3920] Yeah.
Rudy (PS0GT) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [3921] We only put fifty P on.
[3922] End of the big spenders.
[3923] It's only fif ... the maximum bet's about two quid I think, something like that.
[3924] [knocking] [shouting] Come in [] .
[3925] Ooh ooh come in.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [laugh] [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3926] Oh yeah, lovely.
[3927] Erm ... Do you know these ... lot?
Penny (PS0GV) [3928] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [3929] This is George and Viv from ... Rotherham.
[3930] This is ... the r George the drummer that we used to [...] in nineteen sixty
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Penny (PS0GV) [3931] We know of you.
[3932] How do?
Joy (PS0GM) [3933] And this is Penny and this is Pam.
Joy (PS0GM) [3934] Hello [...] darling.
Penny (PS0GV) [3935] Are you not coming horseracing?
Joy (PS0GM) [3936] No.
[3937] We're going into town.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Penny (PS0GV) [3938] Oh you're not?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Penny (PS0GV) [3939] [...] was it a flying visit like?
Joy (PS0GM) [3940] Yeah.
[3941] Didn't know they were coming.
Penny (PS0GV) [3942] Oh what a shame.
Joy (PS0GM) [3943] It is isn't it?
[3944] She said is this a flying visit?
[3945] I said yeah we didn't know they were coming they just appeared.
Penny (PS0GV) [3946] Oh.
[3947] Turned up.
Joy (PS0GM) [3948] Yeah.
Penny (PS0GV) [3949] Oh what a shame.
Joy (PS0GM) [3950] It doesn't matter.
[3951] I mean ... they're not flying off.
[3952] They're gonna be here when we come back.
Joy (PS0GM) [3953] [...] come back.
[3954] Stop while we come back.
Penny (PS0GV) [3955] Oh.
Joy (PS0GM) [3956] And erm ... but George has gotta get up and go work in the morning.
[3957] ... What time are you going out tonight?
[3958] What time are you picking us up?
Penny (PS0GV) [3959] Who?
Joy (PS0GM) [3960] What time's he picking us up tonight?
Penny (PS0GV) [3961] Who?
Joy (PS0GM) [3962] Rudy.
Penny (PS0GV) [3963] Half fourish.
Joy (PS0GM) [3964] Half past fourish.
[3965] Well
Rudy (PS0GT) [3966] Well
Joy (PS0GM) [3967] Right, if you can ... are you ready then?
Rudy (PS0GT) [3968] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [3969] Come on then.
[3970] You've gotta pick us up about ... half past fourish.
Penny (PS0GV) [3971] Half past fourish.
Joy (PS0GM) [3972] Yeah?
Rudy (PS0GT) [3973] Yeah what whatever. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [3974] Alright then?
Rudy (PS0GT) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3975] We're going in Pam's, are we?
[3976] [...] Go in mine?
Rudy (PS0GT) [3977] Yeah, go in a mini.
[3978] It'll be easier to park it up then.
Joy (PS0GM) [3979] Alright then.
[3980] Alright then.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3981] You park your car somewhere.
Joy (PS0GM) [3982] [...] mine's over the road anyway.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3983] Eh?
Joy (PS0GM) [3984] Park mine up over the road.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3985] Over the road where?
[3986] ... In front of
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [3987] [...] make some tea.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3988] Are you [...] ?
Joy (PS0GM) [3989] Well if they do they'll have to open the bloody gate. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [3990] [...] lift the car.
Joy (PS0GM) [3991] Come on then.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Penny (PS0GV) [3992] See you.
[3993] Nice to meet you.
Rudy (PS0GT) [3994] See you a bit later.
[3995] See you later.
[3996] Bubye.
Joy (PS0GM) [3997] See you.
[3998] Shan't be long.
[3999] Make some tea.
[4000] Make some toast if you want some toast.
[4001] There's plenty of eggs.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [4002] Right.
Joy (PS0GM) [4003] Just get through the cupboards.
Joy (PS0GM) [4004] Just go and enjoy yourself.
Joy (PS0GM) [4005] See you later.
Joy (PS0GM) [4006] See you.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [4007] Yeah.
Penny (PS0GV) [4008] I'll shut him in.
Joy (PS0GM) [4009] He's alright.
[4010] Put the telly on George.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [4011] Bye. ...

16 (Tape 024107)

Joy (PS0GM) [4012] And then ... do away with chimney breast ... altogether.
Joy (PS0GM) [4013] You're gonna have what out?
Joy (PS0GM) [4014] You know cupboard in me room?
[4015] You know that underneath the stairs?
Joy (PS0GM) [4016] Oh yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [4017] That leads into me room.
[4018] Well if I had that out ... the chimney breast out, my room'd be ten times bigger.
Joy (PS0GM) [4019] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4020] So we decided that
Joy (PS0GM) [4021] George is off again.
Joy (PS0GM) [4022] we're gonna do that up.
[4023] But I've got to have a maxi boiler first. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [4024] A maxi boiler?
Joy (PS0GM) [4025] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4026] What's that for?
Connie (PS0GN) [4027] Combination [...] .
Joy (PS0GM) [4028] Oh a combination but ... well I don't know do I?
[4029] Come on?
Joy (PS0GM) [4030] A combination boiler.
[4031] What for your ... water and hot
Connie (PS0GN) [4032] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [4033] Have you got radiators then?
Connie (PS0GN) [4034] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [4035] Oh we've got radiators.
[4036] Central heating but it's a back boiler.
Connie (PS0GN) [4037] Gas fired isn't it?
[4038] Back boiler [...] .
Joy (PS0GM) [4039] Oh I see.
[4040] So you want a balanced flue like ... this one of mine?
[4041] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [4042] Cos our back boiler's about had it.
Joy (PS0GM) [4043] Did you shut him out?
Joy (PS0GM) [4044] Shut him in.
Connie (PS0GN) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4045] I shut him in.
Joy (PS0GM) [4046] Oh.
[4047] ... Come on then darling.
[4048] [...] ... So erm ... you see that's, that's why when we had ... this we paid somebody to put this in cos the gas company wouldn't put my ... my boiler right out the back.
[4049] He said oh no, you've got to have it here in your kitchen.
[4050] I said I don't want it in me kitchen, bloody great horrible thing like that.
Joy (PS0GM) [4051] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [4052] So erm ... so we decided ... I wish we'd have had erm ... I wish sometimes we'd have had that radiator on that wall.
Rudy (PS0GT) [4053] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4054] Cos it don't half limit you to having a radiator that length.
Rudy (PS0GT) [4055] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4056] Yeah.
[4057] ... That
Joy (PS0GM) [4058] And there's nowhere else I can put me furniture.
[4059] Cos if you put ... the suite, the settee over there it's gonna absorb all the heat into the settee.
Joy (PS0GM) [4060] That's right.
[4061] You're the same with, you're the same as us cos that's where my radiator is, underneath the window.
[4062] And all it
Rudy (PS0GT) [4063] That's where they normally put them.
Connie (PS0GN) [4064] That's where they normally are.
Joy (PS0GM) [4065] That's right.
[4066] But you see I, I'd have preferred it on back wall.
Joy (PS0GM) [4067] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4068] But there again, having it on back wall where stairs is, it's still gonna make ... you're gonna still be putting things in front of it.
[4069] ... In er in my room.
[4070] So where else is there to put it?
[4071] Really.
Joy (PS0GM) [4072] I mean that's the only thing in here ... you can't put ... I mean I could do away with me birds and have another single chair standing there, but it shortens your room
Joy (PS0GM) [4073] That's right.
Joy (PS0GM) [4074] all the time.
Joy (PS0GM) [4075] You see that's what's happened with mine.
[4076] My suite's far too big for that room.
[4077] Far too big.
Joy (PS0GM) [4078] Well this one is a wee bit I think.
[4079] ... So
Joy (PS0GM) [4080] I wouldn't say so.
[4081] I wouldn't say so. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [4082] It's just that I sometimes think oh I'd love to have a change round but
Joy (PS0GM) [4083] But y yeah you can't cos
Joy (PS0GM) [4084] You're limited cos that wall is wasted really isn't it?
Joy (PS0GM) [4085] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4086] And this wall's wasted cos of this.
[4087] I mean you can't put that settee here because it ... it blocks that door.
Rudy (PS0GT) [4088] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4089] So that's the only place it can
Joy (PS0GM) [4090] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [4091] really fit.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [4092] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4093] Mm so ... I wanna try and get it decorated this, this year. [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4094] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [4095] It's getting ever so yellow.
[4096] Mind you, we all used to smoke.
Joy (PS0GM) [4097] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4098] The girls come.
[4099] Surprising how dirty things get when you smoke isn't it?
Connie (PS0GN) [4100] Oh it is yeah. [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4101] Oh aye.
[4102] What are you going to do Joy.
[4103] Are you taking wallpaper off?
Joy (PS0GM) [4104] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4105] You're gonna take it off?
Joy (PS0GM) [4106] Oh yeah.
[4107] I'd like to halve it like, like erm ... erm ... I've done me bathroom.
[4108] I'd like ... a nice plain one at the top and a patternedy one at the bottom with a nice thick border about as wide as that all the way like on the dado.
Joy (PS0GM) [4109] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4110] So erm ... and then it really wants, it's it's up here where it's so
Joy (PS0GM) [4111] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [4112] getting dark.
[4113] But this takes quite a few rolls of paper.
Rudy (PS0GT) [4114] Yeah. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [4115] What did we say, fourteen?
Rudy (PS0GT) [4116] I don't know.
[4117] It's quite a few. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [4118] You're talking about sixty, seventy pound.
Joy (PS0GM) [4119] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4120] To do it at the cheapest.
Joy (PS0GM) [4121] Oh yeah.
Connie (PS0GN) [4122] Yeah. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [4123] You used to buy Viv two rolls of wallpaper a week didn't you?
[4124] Keep her quiet.
Connie (PS0GN) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4125] Mm.
[4126] ... Used to love it.
Joy (PS0GM) [4127] Did you?
[4128] ... Love paper, what you loved the art of wallpapering?
Joy (PS0GM) [4129] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4130] Did you?
Joy (PS0GM) [4131] I loved painting and papering and ... having something ... to achieve at end of it.
Joy (PS0GM) [4132] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4133] I used to love to sit back and see it done.
[4134] Whereas now ... I mean then I could afford to have done it.
[4135] I mean in flat, you'd have loved my flat wouldn't she?
[4136] You really would have loved it.
Joy (PS0GM) [4137] I can't live in the muck of it all the while.
[4138] I hate it.
Joy (PS0GM) [4139] No.
[4140] Yeah that's what's getting to me.
[4141] You see now our Judy's gone, I mean she weeed everywhere and ... there were nobody had got the heart to ... to do anything about it.
[4142] ... And ... now we've come to stage whereas ... I mean I were cleaning carpet ... every minute of day.
Joy (PS0GM) [4143] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4144] Just mopping up after her.
Joy (PS0GM) [4145] Well you've gotta be clean [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4146] erm
Joy (PS0GM) [4147] Stop scratching [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4148] And er getting back to that and cleaning it with a real good clean every single week.
[4149] And now, I mean ... I'm wanting to do, I I've got it ... to stage where it's comfortable.
[4150] But I haven't got it to stage where I want ... want, I want it like now I want it like me flat.
Joy (PS0GM) [4151] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4152] I really do want it like me flat and I can't get it like that. [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4153] Sometimes you can't do it that way though can you?
[4154] They don't they don't
Joy (PS0GM) [4155] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [4156] there's ... the sh I mean the shape ... that, that bed in my spare room, it's really filled the room right up.
[4157] Whereas originally I didn't want a bed up there, I wanted a bed settee.
Joy (PS0GM) [4158] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [4159] One so that I can ... go up there and sit and read and erm ... sit and knit and er learn to type
Joy (PS0GM) [4160] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4161] and do me studying.
[4162] But
Rudy (PS0GT) [4163] I mean for the price of that bed, I mean you couldn't go far wrong though.
Joy (PS0GM) [4164] Oh no.
Rudy (PS0GT) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4165] It's a lovely high bed isn't it?
Joy (PS0GM) [4166] Yes it's, it's got four drawers.
Rudy (PS0GT) [4167] Yeah underneath, yes.
Joy (PS0GM) [4168] [...] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [4169] It's a, it's a lovely my
Joy (PS0GM) [4170] I give twenty five quid for that.
Joy (PS0GM) [4171] Eh?
Rudy (PS0GT) [4172] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [4173] Well if you ever get another one, for twenty five quid
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [4174] as high as that ... get it me and we'll send you the money straight down w in fact we'd be down for it.
Joy (PS0GM) [4175] Twenty five pound.
[4176] That's with the headboard.
Rudy (PS0GT) [4177] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [4178] Oh my giddy aunt.
Rudy (PS0GT) [4179] I went to fetch it in the van.
Joy (PS0GM) [4180] And the mattress is like new.
Rudy (PS0GT) [4181] In that little van.
Connie (PS0GN) [4182] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4183] Good grief.
Joy (PS0GM) [4184] It's just two pieces.
Rudy (PS0GT) [4185] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [4186] And the mattress.
[4187] [...] four drawers.
Joy (PS0GM) [4188] You see it's it's high whereas ... I mean I bought a high bed, but even my bed's not as high as that.
[4189] Have you seen that one up there?
Connie (PS0GN) [4190] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4191] Why do you like a high bed?
[4192] Just the getting on and off of it?
Connie (PS0GN) [4193] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4194] Yeah it's easier for me to get in and out of bed of.
Joy (PS0GM) [4195] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4196] Higher it i well the lower it is
Joy (PS0GM) [4197] Well you can see how new it is cos the cupboards have never had nothing in them I don't think cos they're just, there's not a mark in them.
Joy (PS0GM) [4198] The lower the bed is, the harder it is for me to get out.
Joy (PS0GM) [4199] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [4200] He has to pull me out.
[4201] Drag me out.
[4202] Whereas ... if it's at high level I can get me legs out.
Joy (PS0GM) [4203] Er yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [4204] Let them dangle on to floor.
[4205] And then
Joy (PS0GM) [4206] Let the circulation go.
Joy (PS0GM) [4207] I'm I'm ... I'm like that you see, I'm straight on up.
[4208] And only thing I do is get hold of windowsill to get out, and I'm alright.
[4209] But if it's a low bed ...
Joy (PS0GM) [4210] You've had it.
Joy (PS0GM) [4211] there's just no way.
[4212] He has to ... hoist me up.
Joy (PS0GM) [4213] Mm.
[4214] ... Well as I say I went out and erm ... I thought, well Jill phoned and she said ... at the time my mum had got a boy that was sleeping rough down the sandpits.
[4215] Erm, with nothing.
[4216] No ... no covering or nothing.
[4217] He were only a young boy, seventeen year old.
[4218] His mum and dad kicked him out, they didn't get on together.
[4219] So erm mum went down one day and he was there and she said ... he were with my sister's boy, they were both sleeping rough.
[4220] And my mum said to Adrian I don't like you sleeping down here.
[4221] She said it's bad enough ... you know, being er sleeping rough without sleeping down here with nothing.
[4222] So ... she, she phoned Wendy and said you know, this is ridiculous.
[4223] So they got him a tent, and they put it at the top of my mum's garden.
[4224] And then erm ... eventually Adrian got a job.
[4225] He worked at the hotel didn't he?
[4226] As a chef.
Rudy (PS0GT) [4227] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [4228] And the other one, seeing as it was like September October, getting cold, my mum said well the bed's empty, you might as well come in for the winter and stay here.
[4229] But erm ... he sh he went about ... did he go just before christmas or just after?
Rudy (PS0GT) [4230] He left just before.
Joy (PS0GM) [4231] Can't remember when he went but my ... my sister wanted to come down but course she couldn't come to mum's because he was there.
[4232] And I said well if y why don't you come to us?
[4233] We can always make a bed, you know, for a couple of days.
[4234] And erm and say I went shopping and I I saw that and I liked it and I thought oh ... I'll go in and ask how much it is, he said give us twenty five quid for it, you can have the lot.
[4235] So I said well that's fair enough.
[4236] I come home and told him.
Rudy (PS0GT) [4237] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4238] He went and fetched it up for me.
[4239] I phoned Jill, I said I've got a bed for you.
[4240] I went down and bought ... a quilt and new pillows.
[4241] Only cheapy ones but, you know, enough to cover.
Joy (PS0GM) [4242] That's all you need isn't it?
Joy (PS0GM) [4243] But when the heating's on you don't need much [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4244] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [4245] So erm I was thrilled to bits cos that long cupboard that's in that bedroom, that [...] from the same person that we got the table from.
Joy (PS0GM) [4246] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4247] So we're really pleased with that cos it's absolutely ideal.
[4248] But it's ... too big for that small room really.
Joy (PS0GM) [4249] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [4250] But I didn't want it down here.
[4251] And it, that's the only place it could have stood, there.
Joy (PS0GM) [4252] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4253] And again it would have been ... it's wrong for this room.
[4254] You can see it's [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4255] That's right.
[4256] Yeah it is, yeah. ...
Joy (PS0GM) [4257] But er so there's always things you can do.
[4258] I mean I'd like to get ... I'd like to get some more ... pots and things for the patio and fill them up and I'd like to get a trellis on the ... side of the house with all flowers and that on there but
Joy (PS0GM) [4259] It takes time doesn't it?
Joy (PS0GM) [4260] You've gotta do it when you can afford it.
Joy (PS0GM) [4261] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4262] We went over my sister-in-law's erm ... I you, you've never met Joe have you, my brother?
Joy (PS0GM) [4263] No.
Joy (PS0GM) [4264] They've got a, they've got a ... a house in erm ... Rotten Row in [...] .
[4265] And erm ... he's got a massive paddock at the back of his garden.
[4266] Erm, oh you could get what?
[4267] Six bungalows on it couldn't you?
[4268] Easily.
Rudy (PS0GT) [4269] [...] six.
Joy (PS0GM) [4270] Eh?
Rudy (PS0GT) [4271] [...] six [...] .
Joy (PS0GM) [4272] Yeah well you're talking about four [...] and I'm talking about six bungalows.
[4273] I'm trying to give you an idea of how big the field is.
[4274] And erm ... they started to ... develop the land all round Joe's cos there was nothing behind him, only fields.
[4275] They started to develop and they found saxon bones.
[4276] So they've had five years ... this is not re , this is not ... just recently.
Joy (PS0GM) [4277] As now, yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [4278] No this is going back about ... ooh ten years ago.
Joy (PS0GM) [4279] Mm.
Joy (PS0GM) [4280] So of course they couldn't do anything.
[4281] And erm my brother said well you've gotta give me some ... they told Joe nobody had got to go on it ... from his property and nobody had got to step on it because [...] .
[4282] So Joe said well it's no good you doing that.
[4283] My kids have got a paddock, where they play.
[4284] They kick the ball, it goes over there.
[4285] He said they're gonna fetch it so you tell me where I can go and then I'll make sure that the kids don't go.
[4286] So it was a law.
[4287] You know they, nobody ever went only Joe.
[4288] They'd g got these white flags

17 (Tape 024201)

Joy (PS0GM) [4289] Well he's not had a holiday since our Craig was thirteen months old and we went to Ibiza
Joy (PS0GM) [4290] Why?
Joy (PS0GM) [4291] and we've never had an holiday since then.
Joy (PS0GM) [4292] Why's that? ...
Joy (PS0GM) [4293] I, it, I, twice two years on trot I've booked for him to go with me, and he won't go, he cancels it every time.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4294] So I said that if he, if he went with Rudy, I know he'd have off ... and he just grins don't you?
[4295] Toe rag
Connie (PS0GN) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [4296] He's a little toe rag.
Joy (PS0GM) [4297] I'll tell you what, I love my holiday when we went on our own and it's the best time we've ever had.
[4298] I find I relax more when I ain't with Rudy because er
Joy (PS0GM) [4299] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4300] he can be so stubborn sometimes and, and you know the other
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4301] bores him, but he won't and then it pulls me, I want to do what the majority wants to do and then he don't and I feel guilty cos I think oh I should be with him, but
Joy (PS0GM) [4302] Well as I told, told Rudy and apparently we both the same, I'm not a sand seeker, I
Rudy (PS0GT) [4303] I, I, the trouble is with me
Joy (PS0GM) [4304] I liked to go on it
Rudy (PS0GT) [4305] I don't like to get stuck in the place on the same open road, and I like when I go on holidays right
Joy (PS0GM) [4306] You see it
Rudy (PS0GT) [4307] I like to get out, you know
Joy (PS0GM) [4308] mm
Rudy (PS0GT) [4309] do things out, you know, this is me, because this is what a holiday for me is, is all about get away off the regular routine of
Joy (PS0GM) [4310] Yeah
Rudy (PS0GT) [4311] you know, thinking they will, oh christ you know what am I sitting down here for doing that anyhow, I could of been done that at home before I didn't have to
Joy (PS0GM) [4312] Yeah, that's right I mean there's no point in going away and, and sitting on beach
Rudy (PS0GT) [4313] That's how I look at it
Joy (PS0GM) [4314] and just
Rudy (PS0GT) [4315] Oh I go down beach for a few hours really
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4316] that's right, two or three hours
Rudy (PS0GT) [4317] I mean which we did the last time we went we went down the, the beach and so on down the
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4318] Oh I
Rudy (PS0GT) [4319] we had the old beach beds and we eat out over there
Joy (PS0GM) [4320] Yeah
Rudy (PS0GT) [4321] and it's really nice.
Joy (PS0GM) [4322] I mean that when we went to Italy, when me and our Terry went to Italy last year ... erm ... first thing in the morning we'd, we'd have our breakfast, then we had a wander round ... and then we went on beach, two or three hours in and out at the
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4323] there and then we went back had a shower ... went and had something to eat cos it was only like bed, breakfast and evening meal, went and had something to eat and then
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4324] sat around a little bit, got up and had a walk, find a
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4325] where we were going, I mean it were, it were like concrete
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4326] but it were so nice, er, there wasn't er, er ... there wasn't anywhere where you could go.
Joy (PS0GM) [4327] But you see the difference being you don't drive do you?
Joy (PS0GM) [4328] No, so we couldn't
Joy (PS0GM) [4329] Well you see
Joy (PS0GM) [4330] get out and about
Joy (PS0GM) [4331] when you go into the villa, A you've, got to have a car because there's not a shop and B you're a long way from the airport and if you get taxis you're talking about fifty pound a touch from the airport, so that's twice, so there's a hundred pound gone already
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4332] That's right, yep
Joy (PS0GM) [4333] so that's all it'll cost you for a car
Joy (PS0GM) [4334] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4335] so you might as well have a hundred pound for a car
Rudy (PS0GT) [4336] Got a car then you can go everywhere
Joy (PS0GM) [4337] can go everywhere .
Joy (PS0GM) [4338] That's right.
Joy (PS0GM) [4339] Because if you go down to the shop it's a thir a ten, a ten, ten pesetas
Rudy (PS0GT) [4340] Yeah ten, ten quid
Joy (PS0GM) [4341] which is a fiver
Rudy (PS0GT) [4342] a fiver
Joy (PS0GM) [4343] That's right
Joy (PS0GM) [4344] and then that's a fiver, and then you've got the worry of and you got you got to go shops because when it's so hot things go stale you've got to have
Joy (PS0GM) [4345] That's right
Joy (PS0GM) [4346] fresh bread every day in Spain
Joy (PS0GM) [4347] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4348] cos bread goes, although she's got a freezer and a washing machine and everything at the villa, so she's, she sold her house in Jersey and they're gonna do the villa up because they, they've sold it Christmas didn't they?
[4349] They sold it Christmas Eve day it was gonna go through the twenty third, Christmas, the day before Christmas ... erm it was gone and they were supposed to fly over to Spain and they were gonna, gone, exchange a contract to sell it and then she phoned me back and she said I've got some good news for you, we've decided not to sell, it's so beautiful up there and it's called Los
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4350] no, Los, mm
Rudy (PS0GT) [4351] Erm Los Aldos
Joy (PS0GM) [4352] Los Aldos
Rudy (PS0GT) [4353] It means the height
Joy (PS0GM) [4354] Yeah, but, when you're up there you're in the eagle valley, and you get all these beautiful eagles right above you just soaring all over you, they're beautiful aren't they?
[4355] The birds and it's so peaceful, I mean you can go out the villa and walk and walk and walk and walk
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4356] all the way up to the mountains, you could walk so far you could nearly cross over and go to another village right up the mountains, just keep walking and walking for ever, or you could go into the
Rudy (PS0GT) [4357] If you're enjoying yourself , enjoying myself I mean, we like to go you know, like place like museums see the history of the place you know
Joy (PS0GM) [4358] Yeah, yeah
Rudy (PS0GT) [4359] things, I mean where we went to
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4360] we wanted to go to the erm ... where they make the wine and so on
Joy (PS0GM) [4361] We wanted to go to the Bri , Bristol Cream and Sherry
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4362] Bristol Cream Sherry, factory
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4363] It was right there and you know and
Joy (PS0GM) [4364] We went to the see the erm
Joy (PS0GM) [4365] Thing's like, I like that cos when we went to Italy we went to that Madam whatever, it's a big erm ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4366] hyper, like a big hypermarket so it's called
Rudy (PS0GT) [4367] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4368] duty free
Rudy (PS0GT) [4369] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4370] and they've got everything in it and er they do wine tasting and, and all this lot and you know their, their cheeses and that, they've got all that then.
[4371] We went to, I think it cost us nine pounds from where we were stopping in Lido to er, to go to er where this Madam
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4372] Yeah you can drive down, drive from Marbella to Gibraltar it's all along the coast beautiful seaside sceneries
Joy (PS0GM) [4373] Yeah
Rudy (PS0GT) [4374] it's all these
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4375] place are
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4376] and, what is it, an hour and ten minutes?
[4377] Comfortable easy drive .
Joy (PS0GM) [4378] An hour and ten minutes to Gibraltar
Rudy (PS0GT) [4379] To, from Marbella to Gibraltar and it's places that you can stop all along the way
Joy (PS0GM) [4380] Porta Bonosa s just er the other side of Marbella which is erm
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4381] marina
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4382] all these oil wells
Rudy (PS0GT) [4383] Yes
Joy (PS0GM) [4384] and all the oil that millionaires
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [4385] came out though
Rudy (PS0GT) [4386] king this and king that and prince
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4387] Oh yeah
Rudy (PS0GT) [4388] they come in with their big
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4389] some of those, some of those yachts there
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4390] make the Britannia look like they should
Joy (PS0GM) [4391] Oh yeah
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4392] There was one there Cle erm it was called
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4393] There was one there called Joy and it were worth
Rudy (PS0GT) [4394] Oh Christ you're talking
Joy (PS0GM) [4395] sixteen million
Rudy (PS0GT) [4396] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4397] you've never seen nothing like it
Joy (PS0GM) [4398] Is she worth sixteen million? [laugh]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4399] I'll tell you what Viv if you went across there and you see them luxury boats
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4400] there.
Joy (PS0GM) [4401] It's no good sat there saying ... if I see it, we've got to get some
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4402] We went, we went up the mountains er a fabulous hotel
Joy (PS0GM) [4403] either this year or next year
Rudy (PS0GT) [4404] that, we went up there as in actual fact we were looking for certain place when er the postcard we had wasn't it, wasn't the cows given us trouble and we went
Joy (PS0GM) [4405] Mm
Rudy (PS0GT) [4406] and then we started speaking to this chap and say we were looking for this place where the erm, they sell all this food and so on, what's the name of the place, he said oh he says it's finished, so he said you know where the er, we said er where's somewhere good you know to, to go and have a nice sleep, and he told us about that place up the mountain where we went, where we all went the last time
Joy (PS0GM) [4407] Auckland
Rudy (PS0GT) [4408] Auck Auckland and we went there and we went into this restaurant well believe it or not, I've never seen food like that, I mean Joy asked for a leg of lamb, I didn't say leg of lamb, I had the cod pieces
Rudy (PS0GT) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4409] Oh no your talking about Venavae
Rudy (PS0GT) [4410] Oh Venavae that's right, yeah ... and the chap brought over a whole leg of lamb
Joy (PS0GM) [4411] A whole leg of lamb, yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4412] A whole leg of lamb [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4413] a whole leg of lamb
Rudy (PS0GT) [4414] yes
Joy (PS0GM) [4415] it was all in rosemary garlic butter
Rudy (PS0GT) [4416] oh dear
Joy (PS0GM) [4417] that was your dinner, a full leg of lamb
Joy (PS0GM) [4418] Oh great
Rudy (PS0GT) [4419] Yeah and we had, we had, what for starters you know
Joy (PS0GM) [4420] Oh we had prawn cocktail
Rudy (PS0GT) [4421] prawn cocktail
Joy (PS0GM) [4422] whatever, apple pie and fruit
Rudy (PS0GT) [4423] liqueur and li liqueur after that and I things like and how did it cost us?
[4424] It must of been about what?
Joy (PS0GM) [4425] Well it weren't a tenner each
Rudy (PS0GT) [4426] It weren't a tenner each, must of been ... I would say about six quid each
Joy (PS0GM) [4427] I think the leg of lamb was four hundred pesa erm eight hundred pesetas which is four quid
Rudy (PS0GT) [4428] Four quid
Joy (PS0GM) [4429] and then your starter was about well your starters are dear because sea food is
Joy (PS0GM) [4430] That's right, yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4431] but
Joy (PS0GM) [4432] didn't thought of that
Joy (PS0GM) [4433] you could eat at anywhere in Spain for less than a tenner any day
Rudy (PS0GT) [4434] Yeah ...
Joy (PS0GM) [4435] then you go, er Val's got places of interest booked in her place where if she's gone somewhere like, if she comes home and gotta a little book in the cupboard she might then, then the place, follow the road to the
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4436] so many kilometres, look to the right you'll see such and such follow the road round to the right and you'll find it, go to restaurant Alpalo or whatever and
Joy (PS0GM) [4437] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4438] and eat in there, and erm oh she says, she marks, she writes down all the market days, when you just the market and you see the fruit
Rudy (PS0GT) [4439] Most days
Joy (PS0GM) [4440] avocado's sort of eighty pence for a kilo
Joy (PS0GM) [4441] I've never eaten one of them in fact ... I wouldn't know what to do with one because
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4442] avocado
Connie (PS0GN) [4443] Last time you had a
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4444] you would
Joy (PS0GM) [4445] in fact
Rudy (PS0GT) [4446] they were all share drop down the sale
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4447] and now a little
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4448] and when we went back again he'd even, I know
Joy (PS0GM) [4449] They'd gone
Rudy (PS0GT) [4450] it's
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4451] one night, it was like, but, even better than our
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4452] and old
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4453] you know
Joy (PS0GM) [4454] It' twelve
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4455] round the sides where they've got the drunks tucked up old steel rails all around
Joy (PS0GM) [4456] mind you
Rudy (PS0GT) [4457] if , if, if, if, it'll take you, what is it that'll take us to go up there?
[4458] Before
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4459] maybe two hours
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4460] mm, more than that
Rudy (PS0GT) [4461] and know you can do it in less than an hour, right to the bottom
Joy (PS0GM) [4462] and then on a
Rudy (PS0GT) [4463] to the
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4464] and then on a Thursday night you go up, we go up to a place called Pia
Rudy (PS0GT) [4465] Yes which is nice
Joy (PS0GM) [4466] Oh which is one of the most oh it's amazing
Rudy (PS0GT) [4467] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4468] and they flamenco dancing and you can eat along the
Rudy (PS0GT) [4469] in a big open square
Joy (PS0GM) [4470] pat patio on the, on the, erm Virgin Square or somebody or other and they have all flamenco dances ooh, ooh all different sorts all different groups
Rudy (PS0GT) [4471] You get the
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4472] and it's, and then you can book up and go and eat on the verandah or you can eat in one of the restaurants and just walk round and sit on the, any of the seats.
Joy (PS0GM) [4473] Oh
Joy (PS0GM) [4474] You see Pam and them was going to a bull fight but I don't like
Joy (PS0GM) [4475] I don't like bull fights, erm I don't think I, I could cope with one of them
Joy (PS0GM) [4476] No I don't think
Joy (PS0GM) [4477] anything else but that
Joy (PS0GM) [4478] You see when you go down the bottom of the sea where the villa is you just go over the roundabout, and it, you just go straight over and that's all the ...
Joy (PS0GM) [4479] What's the sea Pacific?
Joy (PS0GM) [4480] Mediterranean
Rudy (PS0GT) [4481] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4482] Mediterranean
Rudy (PS0GT) [4483] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4484] all the way, you look one way as far as you can see and you, when you go to Gibraltar you're only a few miles from Africa
Rudy (PS0GT) [4485] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4486] Are you?
Joy (PS0GM) [4487] of Africa
Rudy (PS0GT) [4488] on the Peonies on the Peonies
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4489] you can go over to Africa on a day trips from down there, but you have to have a full passport you can't
Rudy (PS0GT) [4490] that's right
Joy (PS0GM) [4491] go on a yearly passport
Connie (PS0GN) [4492] Right oh
Joy (PS0GM) [4493] so it's, you have to have a full passport, well we were gonna do it this year but Robert and Wendy only had a yearly passport
Rudy (PS0GT) [4494] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4495] didn't they?
[4496] So we didn't get over, there's so much you can do, we went to the erm, er to see the dancing horses, you know the
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4497] dancing horses
Joy (PS0GM) [4498] Mm
Rudy (PS0GT) [4499] The stallions
Joy (PS0GM) [4500] Penny that come today she's a horse fanatic, she's only just sold her own, her own horse, but oh they're out of this world, absolutely, weren't they, they were just stunning.
Rudy (PS0GT) [4501] Absolutely, the things they get those horses to do.
Joy (PS0GM) [4502] You go up to
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4503] which is a long ride it's nearly four hours away from the villa weren't it?
Rudy (PS0GT) [4504] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4505] We left there, we left about half five, six in the morning didn't we and we were getting lost in [...] and we knew it was in the village in that town but we couldn't find it and we kept getting lost so we all pulled her up and he went back and he said to this man can you tell me where the
Rudy (PS0GT) [4506] Went in this yard this place had oh lovely gates and I walked through straight up to the house and ring the bell, and it's
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4507] Because we asked, we come to see the [...] horses and he said well if I tell you he, he, he was English weren't he?
Rudy (PS0GT) [4508] Yeah, yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4509] He said you go down here and down there and he said down
Rudy (PS0GT) [4510] down here and you've gotta turn right at the
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4511] he said I'll tell you what, all this messing about get in your car and I'll come, so he got his car out the garage
Rudy (PS0GT) [4512] he got his car out , beautiful Mercedes
Joy (PS0GM) [4513] What?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4514] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4515] and took us to the dancing horses and then
Rudy (PS0GT) [4516] took out and showed us how
Joy (PS0GM) [4517] just dropped us and waved to us
Connie (PS0GN) [4518] Have a nice day
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4519] yeah ever so friendly, mind you you find people like that though, you know don't you?
Rudy (PS0GT) [4520] I mean you want to see his house I mean it was set back off the road and you see the people pull ploughing
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4521] you know round the entrances
Joy (PS0GM) [4522] Ah
Rudy (PS0GT) [4523] and then, they, how they've got their money from their own blood, not everything up there you know
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4524] was he, he was coming over from er South Africa ain't he, on fourth of April, me mum's eighty on first of April and he's coming on fourth.
[4525] I wanna see that then the bungalow's got four, five bedrooms? ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4526] Four or five bedroom bungalow and all trees in garden
Connie (PS0GN) [4527] Because I don't know, I don't know where, where South Africa is getting to, I hope they're going to something stronger
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4528] It's not the sort of place I would like to live and have
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [4529] He loves it
Joy (PS0GM) [4530] He loves it
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4531] Is that his own house then?
Joy (PS0GM) [4532] No it's er, no it's er
Joy (PS0GM) [4533] What does he work out there?
Connie (PS0GN) [4534] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4535] We've not seen ought
Connie (PS0GN) [4536] He's my boss
Joy (PS0GM) [4537] Is he?
Joy (PS0GM) [4538] We've not seen
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4539] yeah
Connie (PS0GN) [4540] He hasn't been home for twelve months
Joy (PS0GM) [4541] It just means, no
Connie (PS0GN) [4542] once
Joy (PS0GM) [4543] but he, he, I mean we've not seen him ... he's been away four years, I know he's been coming home first, for holidays, visit, but he's not been at home because, well we moved into that house, if you remember we moved
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4544] that's right, but, when we moved into that house ... erm ... I conned him I says er are you gonna give us er ten quid for a new house?
[4545] To buy some mud and he says considering he's gonna
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4546] I says my god I says it'll never be known that my brother said that you can be anything and that was first thing he ever gave me.
Joy (PS0GM) [4547] You see, what does he do again?
[4548] He, does he own the company?
Joy (PS0GM) [4549] Well he had shares in it, or something he said ...
Joy (PS0GM) [4550] So how's that you're still with the same company you're all
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4551] are you away from home as much as you use too be?
[4552] Are you?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4553] Are you?
Connie (PS0GN) [4554] I'll travel it tomorrow I
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4555] Do you, and where are you this week?
[4556] You, it all in different places?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4557] I get worried when he does things because when he's working like he's working and he's travelling like he's doing ... I'm, he goes Monday morning, he comes back Friday, by the time we've done our shopping Saturday, he's, he's, if we go out Saturday night it's what, eleven, twelve o'clock or more, it's gone twelve o'clock usually after he's gone and he's back up then.
Joy (PS0GM) [4558] Do you work every night then George?
Joy (PS0GM) [4559] And he travels with it and I'd rather him not.
Connie (PS0GN) [4560] I do more this job, yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4561] Do you?
Joy (PS0GM) [4562] I'd rather him not travel it, I'd rather him stop here on Sunday and not come home so that he's got ample rest, cos he's not getting it ... I, I, I dunno, I, I might be wrong, but he moans at me cos I knock me
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4563] out, he says to me you'll kill yourself, you always want to do something, but to be honest it's worse for me to sit there and watch that, it's more tiring because by the end of the night I'm not tired or I've been asleep all evening I, I'm better to go out, I know it sounds awful but I don't like being trapped, I don't like being in because somebody seems to think I should be in
Joy (PS0GM) [4564] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4565] that, and, and, I mean it's probably better for George to do what he wants to do, rather to do what he don't want to do because we used to be in the same predicament when we were doing cabaret, we'd go down to London on the Saturday, we'd leave here what about half three, four o'clock, so if we stayed in digs, we'd be finished work say midnight, we'd be back in digs for one, then he'll go up till seven the next night
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4566] yeah, yeah I mean
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4567] what do you do I mean, your ok you can go to bed, but there's only a certain amount of hours you can stay in bed cos then you're wondering and wondering and won so you're more tired trying to find something to do so we
Joy (PS0GM) [4568] That's right
Joy (PS0GM) [4569] we made it straight away, we were working Saturday and Sunday in London as soon as we were finished I always used to make us a pack of sandwiches about six or eight didn't I?
[4570] A massive great big flask of coffee and when we got there we stopped and had a sandwich and a coffee, and we'd go in the club, set all up and we'd sit quiet and then we'd have a quiet drink wouldn't we?
[4571] As soon as we'd packed all the stuff in the ba van we'd have the rest of the sandwiches the rest of the coffee or another cup of coffee and then we'd get on the road and even if we'd got back for four, by the time we'd got home and, and had something to eat or if we didn't want nothing to eat, watched the telly for half an hour and get to bed, you've got from eleven till sort of three or four the next day which is just nice because you're in your own home
Joy (PS0GM) [4572] That's right.
Joy (PS0GM) [4573] But you think it'll kill him from one o'clock in the night till seven o'clock the next morning, it's, it's ridiculous and financially were no different because you've got to pay for digs you've got to pay for the petrol
Joy (PS0GM) [4574] That's what he says, that's what he says, but I
Joy (PS0GM) [4575] I mean driving isn't, driving is not necessarily
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4576] to the right sort of people, you enjoy driving it's a shame you don't drive because then that way you will have your Saturdays free because you could get your shopping done and, and be done.
Joy (PS0GM) [4577] That's right, yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [4578] And then it'll give you the time just to relax together but I mean that, that's why I say, Rudy hasn't got a clue in this
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4579] my mum's seventy five, how does she get back er ten pound of potatoes and all the week's shopping, I say well I'll go and then he moans at me cos I'm running around after everybody else but
Rudy (PS0GT) [4580] True
Joy (PS0GM) [4581] Yeah, but, no, no, it's exactly the same as them he couldn't be bothered, I mean my mum's eighty and, and she can't get out now and he can't
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4582] the same you know with me, but I mean end of day you've got it to do
Joy (PS0GM) [4583] Of course you have.
Joy (PS0GM) [4584] I mean I've got to look after her
Joy (PS0GM) [4585] Mm ... I get worried sometimes for him.
[4586] You see my brother Joe is wrong, he should have, he's a workaholic, and they're doing sixteen hours a day and they're working, can you imagine, and I mean my youngest brother Brad who's working with him said er Joe don't stop, a week, no a fortnight la , a fortnight last Sunday ... they had to put a ... not air conditioning ... yeah it is air conditioning unit in Smith's in Staines and they had to whatever happens they had to get it working for the next day, it's got to be in and working and they worked all day, my brother, my eldest brother Derek weld it for nine hours non stop, to the point where Brad our, my younger brother and Joe had
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4587] just working in the same room as him welding all them hours ...
Joy (PS0GM) [4588] You've lost your
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4589] you've lost your
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4590] The dog has got it
Connie (PS0GN) [4591] I've lost me
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4592] Like erm, like Maureen she's erm ... she's worried for Joe, she says he don't stop, he don't, but you see the difference being is it's Joe's business and it's as he said, some people don't pay you for twelve months, and a lot of your money has gone out before you can get a chance to get it back in
Joy (PS0GM) [4593] Back in
Joy (PS0GM) [4594] I mean they don't put, they don't, I understand in, in, when you've got your own business like Brad and them, well our Joe can't be hard up he does a job and it brings him thirty grand in
Joy (PS0GM) [4595] Mm
Joy (PS0GM) [4596] I said yeah, but that thirty grand he's got to
Joy (PS0GM) [4597] he's gotta wait for
Joy (PS0GM) [4598] he's got to wait for, plus the fact that he's probably spent twenty of it out getting equipment
Rudy (PS0GT) [4599] That's right
Joy (PS0GM) [4600] That's right, yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4601] then you know, they don't believe that
Rudy (PS0GT) [4602] I don't know
Joy (PS0GM) [4603] he said well you know
Rudy (PS0GT) [4604] my boss you see my boss isn't very workaholic at all
Joy (PS0GM) [4605] Mm, his boss is the same
Rudy (PS0GT) [4606] he's in there every morning before eight o'clock and he don't leave there much before half past six, sometimes seven o'clock, and then the workers goes in on Saturdays and if he knows there's nothing to do just walk around a crowded place and
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4607] but I mean he's a millionaire, and that's how, I mean this is the difference between probably between him and Joe, I mean he don't depend on money to come into this
Connie (PS0GN) [4608] No
Rudy (PS0GT) [4609] cos there still an
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4610] so great in running different
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4611] and so on, every month their money is straight into the bank all their cheques come in straight into the bank so he'll, you know, and I mean our pla , and the whole of the site nearly is let out for different people, you know, which is money coming in all the time
Joy (PS0GM) [4612] Yeah
Rudy (PS0GT) [4613] you see?
Connie (PS0GN) [4614] Yeah ...
Rudy (PS0GT) [4615] But I mean you know he's a workaholic and he expects everybody to be the same and then he works in there by the time I get there in the morning he works, works solidly right through until I leave there at night, you know.
Joy (PS0GM) [4616] Yeah, but you see then he's at fault ... I mean like yesterday he come in he said he's got to drop off at Milton Keynes and he said I, I, he weren't due to be dropped until what half past ten?
Rudy (PS0GT) [4617] Half past ten
Joy (PS0GM) [4618] And when he got there the bloke said oh just pull up and go and get it done now, I said now any other man would of gone in the cafe and thought right, I would of been drop now till twelve
Connie (PS0GN) [4619] That's true.
Joy (PS0GM) [4620] and he being dropped at sort of nine o'clock
Connie (PS0GN) [4621] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [4622] he went straight back to work
Rudy (PS0GT) [4623] Yeah but, yeah but you see
Joy (PS0GM) [4624] you see he always makes an excuse but
Rudy (PS0GT) [4625] no it's a, it's, it's, it, it, it is not like that I'm making an excuse, I always think ahead and look ahead right, now I've got a phone in my cab, all the other lorries have, you know, a mobile phone, right, how he know I'm supposed to give the
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4626] drop off at half past ten right, that's
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4627] yeah
Rudy (PS0GT) [4628] if I finish on road in the
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4629] right, they jump in my cab and I decide to drive away and he phones and then he
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4630] can you get the so and so erm
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4631] driver for me on the phone, so he calls me up, oh we've got load of them he said
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...] ...
Rudy (PS0GT) [4632] I get back to the phone many time later you know ... see, I can't
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4633] be late, because then I would be lying cos I'm just home and I want to get
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4634] pick up so and so, so and so, I know, you, I think
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4635] drop myself in the
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4636] you know
Joy (PS0GM) [4637] That's right, yeah.
Rudy (PS0GT) [4638] Whereas if I had a, a, a phone in my cab, right and he, and he phone me etcetera etcetera
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4639] at night, ok
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4640] it will need for him to phone the firm then because he got me direct
Joy (PS0GM) [4641] That's right yeah, yeah.
[4642] But I tell you what you don't get any badges nowadays for being honest, I know that much .
Joy (PS0GM) [4643] Well, no , I'm afraid not and it's, it's a sad state of affairs, I mean when you see
Rudy (PS0GT) [4644] Well I see
Joy (PS0GM) [4645] of when you've got to be a rotter to get on but I'm afraid that's how it's gonna be
Joy (PS0GM) [4646] Well that's all , that's all that it is, it's all the rotten people that are now getting on.
Rudy (PS0GT) [4647] But as I was saying to George the other day
Joy (PS0GM) [4648] Or selfish
Rudy (PS0GT) [4649] and, and, and
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4650] you know, he's that sort of bloke, he's a very nice bloke and he's got a heart of gold and he's saved us no end of the money ain't he, since I've been working for him?
Joy (PS0GM) [4651] He's saved us a lot of money in one way, but he don't pay the wage
Rudy (PS0GT) [4652] This is what I said
Joy (PS0GM) [4653] I mean
Rudy (PS0GT) [4654] so I suppose one counteracts the other
Joy (PS0GM) [4655] Compensates yeah
Rudy (PS0GT) [4656] compensates for the other
Joy (PS0GM) [4657] yeah, yeah ,
Joy (PS0GM) [4658] I mean I know which one I'd rather have
Joy (PS0GM) [4659] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4660] the
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4661] that's right, yeah, that's right, yeah, I mean it's, it's, it's, disgusted when you know a bloke for this firm
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4662] and all this money that he's got, can't pay a man a living wage, so ... but it's a decent as I say, he's lucky to be got a job these days.
Joy (PS0GM) [4663] That's true, that's very true
Joy (PS0GM) [4664] I mean I know that now because I never thought I'd be on the scrap heap, but sometimes I really do feel as if I am
Joy (PS0GM) [4665] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4666] because er, when they say how old are you and you say forty nine, they say oh well we, we, we were really looking for somebody a bit younger
Connie (PS0GN) [4667] Mm
Joy (PS0GM) [4668] and you think to yourself how can you, you know, I'm prepared to work cos I'm
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4669] I mean she said to me when I went for this Men Mencap job she said erm, have you got any trade behind you?
[4670] I said well I can do everything in the hotel trade from housemaid to housekeeper to barmaid, the only thing I haven't done is managed one but I could do that if I had to and I done, done booking of the reception and I've done bar, I've done diner's room, I've done kitchen, I've done
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4671] I've done chambermaiding, I've done housekeeping, there ain't many other things you can do ... and then she says and what about cooking?
[4672] I said well I, I'm a confident cook, I've cooked from meals all round the world you know, and she s and erm, she said oh that's worth knowing, now the
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4673] some, some of us can't even boil a bloody egg, I mean it's, it's ridiculous, you think to yourself what's, what's it all about at the end of your at the end of the day
Joy (PS0GM) [4674] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4675] so, you've just got to have to, point is I'm not gonna try and get big
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4676] going, but I'm, I'm just, I'm trying to think of how I'm gonna get myself motivated again to get back to work
Joy (PS0GM) [4677] Yeah ...
Joy (PS0GM) [4678] and that's what it is gonna be motivated, but at the end of the day there, the, the people that you work with they ain't worth a
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4679] I know that's true
Joy (PS0GM) [4680] I'm afraid you have to be like them cos, to survive
Joy (PS0GM) [4681] yeah ...
Joy (PS0GM) [4682] I mean I don't know about you, but if I, if somebody drops a spoon in the restaurant I can't help but
Joy (PS0GM) [4683] Pick it up
Joy (PS0GM) [4684] pick it up
Joy (PS0GM) [4685] that's right, yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4686] Most blokes say they don't give a
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4687] you know, so what do you do, do you follow your instincts or do you follow the law? ...
Connie (PS0GN) [4688] Are we gonna push off?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4689] Yes, dear.
Connie (PS0GN) [4690] Get me coat
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4691] till about nine
Joy (PS0GM) [4692] Oh well you've still got a chance to go and get her ready duck.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4693] Are they?
[4694] You
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [4695] he weren't gonna miss going out tonight were he?
Joy (PS0GM) [4696] I think you don't know going one
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...] ...
Joy (PS0GM) [4697] He's staying in.
Joy (PS0GM) [4698] Look, we'll come up one night, one Friday night ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4699] done this job for a long time won't you?
Joy (PS0GM) [4700] We'll stop Friday night, one Friday night when you're doing none.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...] ...
Joy (PS0GM) [4701] Oh, well anyway, well, we gonna Marbella again, how's about that .
Connie (PS0GN) [4702] I finish , I finish at one o'clock on a Friday
Joy (PS0GM) [4703] Do you?
Connie (PS0GN) [4704] I'm back home for half past two
Joy (PS0GM) [4705] Oh well
Joy (PS0GM) [4706] We could be up here for er
Connie (PS0GN) [4707] tea time
Joy (PS0GM) [4708] Yeah, on Friday what?
Joy (PS0GM) [4709] Give us a ring when you're not doing nowt
Connie (PS0GN) [4710] I think we go up
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4711] Well you give us a ring when you wanna come, I mean
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4712] I mean Friday night we don't do much anyway you know, I mean it's like everything else if I don't, if I say to mum, mum we've got nothing to do, I mean it's like everything else you can't afford to go out and do what, things that you would like to do, but you know like bingo and things, so we al , we get a game of cards going just to stop the rot and the boredom
Joy (PS0GM) [4713] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4714] We play dominoes more than cards at the minute though
Joy (PS0GM) [4715] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4716] I mean it's only just to, just to do something otherwise you just sit here and you think it's, you're stuck here from morning till night and all you can do is keep going round, I mean I can keep working here
Joy (PS0GM) [4717] Oh I, you could always find a job to do can't you?
Joy (PS0GM) [4718] Oh yeah, oh there's hundred's of jobs want doing round here again, but you do the same ones over and over again and I think to myself what a waste of a day.
Connie (PS0GN) [4719] Mm
Joy (PS0GM) [4720] Cos at the end of the day you've worked hard and you ain't earned nothing that day.
Joy (PS0GM) [4721] Oh yeah, yeah.
[4722] So that's what we'll do.
Joy (PS0GM) [4723] Well you let us know when you want to come down
Connie (PS0GN) [4724] Yeah.
Joy (PS0GM) [4725] it's as simple as that ... well then we can go out and have a drink with you, weren't fair, we weren't gonna stop this long were we, we just popping in to see
Joy (PS0GM) [4726] Happy New Year.
Joy (PS0GM) [4727] It's a long way, it's a long way to come and pop in ... see ... without you knowing him as well as I do he, he, Rudy's so hard to move, I mean I'd love, I've said that
Joy (PS0GM) [4728] Stick a bomb up his backside
Joy (PS0GM) [4729] oh , I used to say when, if we were living in England now, we could go Scotland for the weekend, we could go to the Lake District, we could go to the Cheddar Gorges, we do nowt.
Joy (PS0GM) [4730] We will have to go to the Lake District my darling.
Joy (PS0GM) [4731] He's just such an old bore.
Joy (PS0GM) [4732] Because, I only ever so it
Joy (PS0GM) [4733] See people say to me you've got to do, well you've got to remember one thing Joy, Rudy's older than you and I think to myself well if he don't wanna do it you know that's, that's his problem, so, but
Joy (PS0GM) [4734] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4735] I'm not very
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4736] They don't find drivers
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4737] I have to do blooming miles and miles,
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4738] suffer all this sort of thing, you know.
Joy (PS0GM) [4739] That ain't, that ain't basically it, you don't wanna do it, that is the main thing, I mean you never been one for wanting to go, I mean even when we lived in Jersey and you ain't got any idea how small Jersey is, Val and John used to come to us, but we never went to Val and John's, it's hell all mighty getting him out, if I don't go on me own, I don't go.
Joy (PS0GM) [4740] Oh, you weren't like that years ago though were you, when he was stopping out at bloody four o'clock in the morning ... I come round Joy, I've come round
Joy (PS0GM) [4741] I know
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4742] he'd be here knocking on the door, arrive early
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4743] I wouldn't of got to work.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4744] I would never of bloody did that time, every time she says anything is about the sleep night that we had.
[4745] I blooming late night ...
Joy (PS0GM) [4746] Mine was the noise
Connie (PS0GN) [4747] I'd like a double of that.
Joy (PS0GM) [4748] We used to, we used to, we used to have some lovely card nights, he never plays cards, we, we have a game of Trivial Pursuit when we go to Spain he'll join
Joy (PS0GM) [4749] I've got a game
Joy (PS0GM) [4750] he'll join in then but he wants to
Joy (PS0GM) [4751] I bet you , I'll tell you what I've got a game and I will fetch it down
Joy (PS0GM) [4752] the one that Sue bought kids for Christmas
Joy (PS0GM) [4753] oh god you can't buy it, well you can but it's thirty pounds, thirty something pounds to buy.
Joy (PS0GM) [4754] Dingbats?
Joy (PS0GM) [4755] No ...
Joy (PS0GM) [4756] Pictionary
Joy (PS0GM) [4757] no ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4758] no it weren't Pict ,Pict , erm no it's not that.
Rudy (PS0GT) [4759] Cluedo
Joy (PS0GM) [4760] No it's not that
Joy (PS0GM) [4761] How do you play it?
[4762] Tell me and I'll tell you ...
Joy (PS0GM) [4763] It's a board about as long as that, that's all you've got in it and then there's all these cards and questions and what have you ...
Joy (PS0GM) [4764] And how do you get the questions done, do you write, draw pictures
Joy (PS0GM) [4765] It's questions and answers, I don't know, I've forgotten, I, I, I only opened it up and had a look at it at Christmas and I thought thirty something pounds for that, a load of rubbish, I don't know what it is.
Joy (PS0GM) [4766] Not Dingbats?
Joy (PS0GM) [4767] No
Connie (PS0GN) [4768] No
Joy (PS0GM) [4769] Is it
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...] ...
Joy (PS0GM) [4770] Dingbats, I think we've got Dingbats and Pictionary and we've got miniature Trivial Pursuit, you know, the travelling one, where you
Joy (PS0GM) [4771] Oh I've got the big one of that
Joy (PS0GM) [4772] Yes, but you, this one you've got some little bits that you spin it round and if it lands on a colour you, it tells you what you've got to, then you've got to put
Joy (PS0GM) [4773] No, I got
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4774] and er, Trivial Pursuit.
[4775] But you see when we're in Spain we sit rou ,rou of the swimming pool and we play that
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4776] and everybody, everybody will hear you know, who was the Prime Minister of India between the year such and such a, and were saying Mahat Ghandi, me hat and me coat
Rudy (PS0GT) [4777] Me hat and me coat me jacket and me hat and me, all sorts
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [4778] what with me hat and me coat
Joy (PS0GM) [laugh]
Joy (PS0GM) [4779] and er where's me Ghandi and all this and then somebody from the other side of the pool was saying it so and so, so and so, then he said couple of old
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4780] you know
Joy (PS0GM) [4781] [laugh] , spin it again and you
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4782] I forgot, I'll fetch it you down anyway, next time
Joy (PS0GM) [4783] We've had some real, we've had a real good
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4784] So did we
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4785] We use to dig er , we use to dig er, we use to dig er, dig the old ice box over with the drinks in it, ice with the orange juice, and gin and tonic and all bloody sorts
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4786] Home made sangria, we'd leave it in the fridge you see
Rudy (PS0GT) [4787] Sangria and we'd have it, yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4788] then he comes home, that's what he likes to do potter around the house, well I don't want to potter around the house when I've been stuck in for twelve months.
Joy (PS0GM) [4789] No ... oh we'll have to get motivating him then.
Joy (PS0GM) [4790] You can't motivate him, I've tried, in the end I just
Joy (PS0GM) [4791] Oh, he's got to get motivated cos if we're going away we got to save some pennies up and if we commit ourselves then we've got to save pennies up, it's no good coming and saying to me you're going away next week, I shall turn round and say sod you matey we're not cos we've got no bloody money.
Joy (PS0GM) [4792] It'll be harder to get to the villa in some respects because Val and John, Val, Val's husband's retiring in July, he suffers with his dreadful headache, and they're going to spend ninety per cent of their time in Spain, but she did say whenever I want to go, as long as I let them know they'll come home cos they're gonna buy a house in Chesterfield and er she said whenever we wanna go, they'll come back over to their house in Chesterfield, so, we
Joy (PS0GM) [4793] I mean you were, you were
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4794] it's just a matter when I get a job, I mean
Joy (PS0GM) [4795] well that's it.
Rudy (PS0GT) [4796] Alright they don't want to go to Chesterfield then we thought they could come here, look after the house, look after the house the same as we'd look after it, and Val said this
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4797] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4798] as I say Pam and her husband are going back down to villa erm in June ... I mean Val wants me and Rudy to go down to the villa, they're going from July to the end of September this, this year, probably for longer, but erm
Rudy (PS0GT) [4799] I made up me mind
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4800] holiday, cos I've got four weeks holiday to come now, this year ... and that's not, that's not
Joy (PS0GM) [4801] I was gonna say, but you see
Rudy (PS0GT) [4802] counting the Saturdays and Sundays and so on
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4803] its, it's, it's the same Saturdays and Sundays, I can't get him out of the house ... and yet soon as we get there we have friends and family and they say, keep saying come on, come up and see us, I went up in the mini on me own one day and spent a couple of days with her, but, it, it ain't the same when you go on your own, I daren't go too far in my mini because it's, it's erm, it's not a car that you can be hundred per cent sure of it, I mean as soon as it rains it stops anyway, we went out in it today and there's all water in the front of the, in the front, but
Rudy (PS0GT) [4804] That's your heater.
Joy (PS0GM) [4805] And me heater's packed up ...
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4806] that's the trouble with being out of work, when I'm getting behind with every, by the time I start work we'll probably be wanting new bedding, new towels, the house will want doing
Joy (PS0GM) [4807] Mm
Joy (PS0GM) [4808] take me twelve months to get back on me blooming feet.
Rudy (PS0GT) [4809] That's because I
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4810] you have not tidy though.
[4811] The old
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4812] I mean you'll spend just what you wanna spend in Spain, I mean like we, the night, when we went the first time, we took an ice box, but oh, we
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4813] take it back, you don't wanna lot of clothes cos
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4814] you, you literally need shorts, swimmies, there's all towels and that there in the villa, there's nothing to take in that, in that line only, only
Rudy (PS0GT) [4815] I say you only have to take something, cardigan
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4816] it get's, it get's cooler at certain time of day and it heats up again
Joy (PS0GM) [4817] Only beach towels, you could, you could take everything in a, in a
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4818] So what we done, we took a big bag full of food didn't we, like, every week somebody brings home another tin of ham, a tin of corned beef, tin of beans, or a packet of biscuits and then er, at
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4819] bacon
Joy (PS0GM) [4820] yeah we went and bought a three pound, no a five pound pack of bacon didn't we right, right
Rudy (PS0GT) [4821] don't need to buy eggs , eggs over there
Joy (PS0GM) [4822] we took a dozen with us
Rudy (PS0GT) [4823] duck eggs
Joy (PS0GM) [4824] so that we got, cos say you have a lot of holidays, so that when we get there as I say we ain't gotta go out and shop and get stuff, we've got bacon and egg
Joy (PS0GM) [4825] Well you just have to
Joy (PS0GM) [4826] we take some of them part bake breads and some cheese and biscuits and a great big packet of cheese and, and you just you know, you can either just sit there, but the food, once you get down the food is so cheap you don't want nothing else in the heat.
Joy (PS0GM) [4827] Well that's right you don't, cos I mean you don't eat a lot do you?
Joy (PS0GM) [4828] You can have a nice cheese in a salad
Joy (PS0GM) [4829] Yes, that's right, bread and butter and
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4830] eat at night
Connie (PS0GN) [4831] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4832] without any cooking.
[4833] I mean there's no point in going away to be stuck
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4834] in else cooking blooming meals is there?
Joy (PS0GM) [4835] Oh no
Joy (PS0GM) [4836] I mean that's how I was, I mean and that's
Rudy (PS0GT) [4837] And this is what, this is what we like to do you see enjoy yourselves
Joy (PS0GM) [4838] That's what we like to do but Pam and them don't like
Rudy (PS0GT) [4839] We like to go out
Joy (PS0GM) [4840] food, they're, they're non food people, they don't wanna go, all they want to do is get something in their stomachs, we don't, when we go oh I like to eat the culture, I like the
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4841] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4842] paella.
Joy (PS0GM) [4843] We went to this restaurant one night up in the mountain, he was starting to tell you, we walked in and there was all these people about eighteen and twenty sitting in the middle of the room and we went in, and it was late, it must of been eleven and we said you know can we eat and he said yes, yes and after he said, he said
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4844] fancy the paella he said no problem I make paella so, I mean all of half an hour went by, but we went in and we had paella and then all these people started dancing, they moved the chairs back and they started clapping and singing and dancing and I said is this
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4845] a party and he said no, no, he said it's because it's so hot in the houses, they've come out to eat because it is so hot
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4846] in their house, in their home and erm and yet in the end they were, they were coming round they were singing, dancing, clapping and they got all us going as well
Rudy (PS0GT) [4847] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4848] and that was the only one night we never took the video camera with us
Rudy (PS0GT) [4849] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4850] we had a fabulous time, didn't we?
Rudy (PS0GT) [4851] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4852] Just off the cuff like that.
Joy (PS0GM) [4853] Yeah, well I mean it's always the unexpected
Joy (PS0GM) [4854] Oh yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4855] that, that, gives you enjoyment, I mean other than that I mean if it's all pre-planned
Joy (PS0GM) [4856] oh yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4857] you don't enjoy it half as much, I don't think.
Joy (PS0GM) [4858] Well the thing is
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4859] it was like Jersey, we lived there for twenty, twenty years didn't we?
[4860] And, and you think to yourself oh we've seen everything, but I used to get pleasure in taking somebody to the potteries because I knew they hadn't seen it and it would be like ooh, when they got there, you could see the shock, the surprise in their eyes when they went in there
Joy (PS0GM) [4861] When we went to er when we went to Austria, not Austria the year before we had a trip out to the that er big factory at that er crystal factory
Joy (PS0GM) [4862] Oh yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4863] and that
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4864] I've forgotten what you call it ... oh the stuff in there were oh, but you couldn't afford to buy it
Joy (PS0GM) [4865] What
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [4866] No
Joy (PS0GM) [4867] You know you can buy them in, in London, four pound they were
Joy (PS0GM) [4868] Oh they were a lot more than that weren't it?
Rudy (PS0GT) [4869] We bought these, we bought , we bought these up the road er, they've got a big er ceramic place there, any imaginary thing at all you won't
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4870] No
Joy (PS0GM) [4871] No
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4872] I think we bought these in the pottery half of it's erm, in er, oh not
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4873] where the big pottery places that ain't the Rhonda, the Rhonda's where the, this
Rudy (PS0GT) [4874] Not, not the Rhonda I mean oh yeah, I know where you really mean, yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4875] not the Venice
Rudy (PS0GT) [4876] no it's, it's up from Venice, Quan
Joy (PS0GM) [4877] Quan
Rudy (PS0GT) [4878] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4879] Quan, and this massive great pottery
Rudy (PS0GT) [4880] and this big, yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4881] Whereabouts understand the
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4882] They're nine, nine hundred and fifty pesetas each that's
Connie (PS0GN) [4883] Which is four pound
Joy (PS0GM) [4884] well thousand of francs is a fiver
Rudy (PS0GT) [4885] just half of that is a fiver ...
Joy (PS0GM) [4886] And then like the smaller ones although they, they twenty five
Rudy (PS0GT) [4887] Yeah, but it's still a
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4888] you see, I, I wove the basket
Joy (PS0GM) [4889] and that little basket on there
Rudy (PS0GT) [4890] I, I and I sew this
Joy (PS0GM) [4891] they're Spanish
Joy (PS0GM) [4892] They're Spanish, oh I've been admiring that tonight
Rudy (PS0GT) [4893] and
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4894] I bought it only cost be about what, I think we said er, what less than a pound each, them two ash trays
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4895] and er I saw them on a rack and they were
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4896] Georgey did you see the
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4897] bought me?
Joy (PS0GM) [4898] Well what was the first one we made?
[4899] Jug and jug and
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4900] cups, and all to go, to go with it
Joy (PS0GM) [4901] Oh they're nice
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4902] oh they're beautiful them
Joy (PS0GM) [4903] The sangria jug and then there's six sangria cups to go with it.
[4904] Sangria you have all fruit in it you know.
Joy (PS0GM) [4905] We like, we, we like that don't we?
Joy (PS0GM) [4906] Do you?
Joy (PS0GM) [4907] Yeah you like, you, he likes the one that without sugar and I like the one with sugar
Connie (PS0GN) [4908] No I don't , I don't
Rudy (PS0GT) [4909] That's the same
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Connie (PS0GN) [4910] You, you didn't like that one that me and Brian had two
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4911] Oh no I didn't like that
Connie (PS0GN) [4912] well that was what
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4913] Yeah, but there weren't, there weren't drinking
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4914] yeah
Connie (PS0GN) [4915] our Brian and he went down and got him
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4916] But you see there's a lot, there's so many different ways of making sangria, I mean you can make it real rough like just cheap wine, what it should be, cheap wine, sugar and, and fruit, I don't when I make it I put rum or whisky liqueurs
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4917] sugar and erm Tia er not Tia Maria, creme d' banana or something like that, yeah and erm plenty of ice cubes
Rudy (PS0GT) [4918] Plenty of ice, yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4919] and leave it and then er it's, it's the fruit that makes you silly.
Rudy (PS0GT) [4920] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4921] The ones that I, I enjoyed and then there were ones that he had oh that were horrible, it was vile, yuck ... I didn't like that.
Joy (PS0GM) [4922] I made one out of a pale wine a ros wine as well, the girls don't like the red wine, but they like the ros wine
Joy (PS0GM) [4923] I don't like red wine ...
Joy (PS0GM) [4924] see you like the ros then do you?
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4925] but that really .
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4926] You see in Spain you buy packets of wine, they're like
Rudy (PS0GT) [4927] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4928] thirty pence a packet for a pint, so you buy six of them
Joy (PS0GM) [4929] Oh it's cheap innit?
Rudy (PS0GT) [4930] Oh yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4931] Oh yeah that's why, that's why it's Spanish cos it was, the fruit is cheap the wine is cheap
Joy (PS0GM) [4932] That's right
Joy (PS0GM) [4933] and that's why they make it, it's only punch after all innit?
Joy (PS0GM) [4934] Yeah
Rudy (PS0GT) [4935] When we go down to the market and erm, what they call it ...
Joy (PS0GM) [4936] Porta Man Curit I mean Bwangdirola
Rudy (PS0GT) [4937] Bwangdirola you go round there, right
Joy (PS0GM) [4938] You get a kilo of cherries for sixty P
Rudy (PS0GT) [4939] One, the one section, one section of it, it's all women clothes and lace ware and beautiful clothes and so on, you know it's a market but you know and little places of pottery and so on and then the next section you go down this old market, there's a old big square and you walk on there and you're talking about, you go to buy avocados over here , you're buying sixty and seventy pence for one, and you're paying sixty pence for about bloody six over there
Joy (PS0GM) [4940] For a kilo
Rudy (PS0GT) [4941] and they're bloody great big things like that.
Joy (PS0GM) [4942] Steve made me laugh he said we'll have some mushrooms so me showing off I said erm, how much, how much did I, a kilo, a kilo of mushrooms ... when I come back I got
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4943] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4944] and you should, you should of said
Rudy (PS0GT) [4945] and you know mushrooms are so light
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4946] I should of said little
Rudy (PS0GT) [4947] half a kilo
Joy (PS0GM) [4948] I only wanted half, but I had a kilo, bags and bags and bags
Rudy (PS0GT) [4949] Cherries and grapes we got
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4950] strawberries
Rudy (PS0GT) [4951] cherries, strawberries, grapes the bloody lot, seedless grapes, grapefruit
Joy (PS0GM) [4952] you see that's what you
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4953] Yes that right
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4954] I don't know how they arrive at all their bloody prices over .
Joy (PS0GM) [4955] Strawberries are dear
Rudy (PS0GT) [4956] Yeah, oranges, they're beautiful oranges
Joy (PS0GM) [4957] And I used to
Rudy (PS0GT) [4958] Lovely big grapes
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4959] beautiful oranges
Joy (PS0GM) [4960] we used to have nets and nets of oranges and we used to get up in the morning and just squeeze them
Rudy (PS0GT) [4961] squeeze them
Joy (PS0GM) [4962] and bits of ice
Rudy (PS0GT) [4963] fresh orange
Joy (PS0GM) [4964] ice in the make, nice fresh orange juice for breakfast, put it on the patio and
Rudy (PS0GT) [4965] yes
Joy (PS0GM) [4966] have some with toast and marmalade
Joy (PS0GM) [4967] Mm
Joy (PS0GM) [4968] and
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4969] and plenty of drink cos the drink's so cheap out there
Joy (PS0GM) [4970] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4971] and er just to, just to sit, it was just that Penny and Kev and Pam and Grant have got different ways in their mind to where we are, we don't go anywhere in a hurry, I don't go somewhere and think oh I've got to be back at ten o'clock
Joy (PS0GM) [4972] Oh no
Joy (PS0GM) [4973] you know, and they were, as soon as we got out it was let's have dinner quick
Rudy (PS0GT) [4974] Yeah, yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [4975] and get back, that's what got him down, and I mean we don't when we go out we don't sometimes go out until ten at night and then have or nine and go out and have a drink and then
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4976] you find somewhere
Joy (PS0GM) [4977] I tell you what I, I enjoy doing as well I mean I've only done it while I've, I've been out er abroad ... with gang of them, it's like, you know when everything's quietened down
Joy (PS0GM) [4978] Mm
Joy (PS0GM) [4979] everything's closed up, I love to walk in the nude
Joy (PS0GM) [4980] well at night when we've come back from wherever we've been with Wendy, it was a ritual to walk round, cos on the, on the
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4981] where the villa is there's the most beautiful restaurant you've ever seen
Joy (PS0GM) [4982] Oh don't get me wrong I don't like doing this every night.
Joy (PS0GM) [4983] it's a Swiss restaurant, it's closed innit?
Rudy (PS0GT) [4984] Mm
Joy (PS0GM) [4985] And then in, in the front you can go and sit there before you sit and have a

18 (Tape 024202)

Joy (PS0GM) [4986] Their son had his Sierra broken into and erm ... er ... a good thing, no were not actually there.
[4987] Got it back, there was erm a blanket in the boot and when they took the blanket out it was all ten thousand pounds worth of drugs and needles and everything in it, so the police have took it all back and they've written it off, so they've got a new Nissan, a Bluebird
Rudy (PS0GT) [4988] Yeah, it's fabulous
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [4989] so erm, as I say but
Rudy (PS0GT) [4990] But you see the parts of these cars now, right, like erm, what you say Nissan and blooming Toyota's and so on, right, they've got their factories open here
Joy (PS0GM) [4991] Yeah
Rudy (PS0GT) [4992] if you went to Burton-On-Trent I think it's Toyota, you ought to see the size of that blooming place, er it's right huge where they're manufacturing cars, eventually, well probably now parts of these are, are, are going to be cheaper.
[4993] They're going to be cheaper for the English market but they'll have to put on their prices for the export market for those that are going out
Joy (PS0GM) [4994] yeah
Rudy (PS0GT) [4995] the company expect this
Joy (PS0GM) [4996] yeah
Rudy (PS0GT) [4997] but don't these Japanese factories who their idea now are, are they about to tend
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4998] Ford's are blooming, all these people are
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [4999] are gonna start suffering
Joy (PS0GM) [5000] Well Vauxhall are suffering already aren't they?
Rudy (PS0GT) [5001] Because they're too , because they're too blooming expensive
Joy (PS0GM) [5002] yeah ...
Joy (PS0GM) [5003] Jill was saying they made another twelve redundant at Creda ... Graham's jobs changing all over when they go back at Easter
Joy (PS0GM) [5004] Mm
Joy (PS0GM) [5005] and er
Joy (PS0GM) [5006] I think Lee thought he was losing his job didn't he?
Rudy (PS0GT) [5007] When is Easter?
Joy (PS0GM) [5008] It's late this year it's about the end of April innit?
Joy (PS0GM) [5009] Yeah ... mind you, we're nearly the end of March now
Joy (PS0GM) [5010] Yeah and that's another thing I found I had a letter from the Social Security saying would you please send your order book back you're not entitled to any more money, your sickness benefit's run out, I thought it can't have, I don't go back until the twenty fifth of March, phones up for the appointment I got it on the fifth of March, nine days ago
Joy (PS0GM) [5011] Oh
Joy (PS0GM) [5012] so I'm gonna have to try and get up early tomorrow and get a definite appointment with doctor if
Joy (PS0GM) [5013] Does she not find
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5014] no
Joy (PS0GM) [5015] what she say, is she well enough
Joy (PS0GM) [5016] not well enough to do that, so I'm not looking for a job yet, she said your nerves are all
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5017] she, keeps checking me for the thyroid as well now, every time I go ... and the tablets are all going haywire, she takes a blood test, a blood thing you know, your pulse every time I go
Group of unknown speakers (KCPPSUGP) [...] ...
Joy (PS0GM) [5018] Well at least you know what is responsible for half of the things that have gone out
Joy (PS0GM) [5019] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [5020] but, it quite such a burden is it?
Joy (PS0GM) [5021] no.
Joy (PS0GM) [5022] See what he's doing with his fur, look ... scratching and it's going off and, he knocks his fur off and then it falls, falls out ... look at him the
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5023] Yeah probably, if er
Rudy (PS0GT) [5024] Yeah probably he has to scratch
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5025] wouldn't make that if you
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5026] it's cos he went up mum's the other day and they've all got it but I don't like
Joy (PS0GM) [5027] yeah but if they get
Joy (PS0GM) [5028] it in the fur though
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5029] get him a flea collar
Joy (PS0GM) [5030] The trouble is, if you put, I bought him one, but it knots all his fur up
Joy (PS0GM) [5031] well
Joy (PS0GM) [5032] and it's a hell of a job getting them knots out of his fur, it's a real problem ...
Joy (PS0GM) [5033] Benji
Joy (PS0GM) [5034] he knows
Joy (PS0GM) [5035] he knows his name, you ain't been walkies today have you?
Rudy (PS0GT) [5036] He did have one today all morning
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5037] came down, I think he came down and all of a sudden
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5038] blop, he was back with him, he stays out there all the time when
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5039] come down.
Joy (PS0GM) [5040] He likes his
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5041] he's fed up
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5042] with old age, he wants to go for a walk ... you've been walkies today? ...
Joy (PS0GM) [5043] He's so soft
Rudy (PS0GT) [5044] Have you, have you been in your garage yet with sold on, what you can sell and what you can't sell?
[5045] Oh well you
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5046] half a bloody greenhouse
Joy (PS0GM) [5047] Mm
Rudy (PS0GT) [5048] you don't wait until the last
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5049] because I say if he's got a key and he can get in
Joy (PS0GM) [5050] Well he's got a key
Rudy (PS0GT) [5051] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [5052] and he bought a key
Rudy (PS0GT) [5053] oh
Joy (PS0GM) [5054] but the policeman said there's, there's no way he can just walk up there and come in the house
Joy (PS0GM) [5055] Yeah but who is to say he won't if he's go to
Rudy (PS0GT) [5056] Yeah he's got a key
Joy (PS0GM) [5057] Well I don't, I don't have to give him a key as long as I let him in, you don't have to have a key, but he can arrange, he can arrange for me to be there
Rudy (PS0GT) [5058] to be there
Joy (PS0GM) [5059] and the police said all I have to do is phone the police and say well he wants to come and look round the property can I have a policeman there cos I don't want
Rudy (PS0GT) [5060] so he's not allowed to take anything out
Joy (PS0GM) [5061] yes , no
Rudy (PS0GT) [5062] well if I were you I would start sorting out if there's anything good in there that you can make a few bob out of
Joy (PS0GM) [5063] mm
Rudy (PS0GT) [5064] you can sort it out
Joy (PS0GM) [5065] Sell the
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5066] yeah
Rudy (PS0GT) [5067] you sort it out and
Joy (PS0GM) [5068] That's what we said yesterday you should have sold that car
Joy (PS0GM) [5069] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [5070] although the cops
Rudy (PS0GT) [5071] I tell you what
Joy (PS0GM) [5072] said if I would have sold that car next to nothing I would have been done for it
Joy (PS0GM) [5073] Was it?
Joy (PS0GM) [5074] yeah, it went for, four.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5075] how much did he sold it for do you know?
Joy (PS0GM) [5076] Don't know , no ...
Joy (PS0GM) [5077] But your solicitor will sort that
Joy (PS0GM) [5078] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [5079] you, if there's any money to come back on that
Joy (PS0GM) [5080] he said that will all look bad on him he said if he sold it and er don't I, he, he said he's got two choices, he either sells that car and pays off the loan in both your names or he, he sells that car and gives you half
Rudy (PS0GT) [5081] half
Joy (PS0GM) [5082] and he said and if he sells the car and keeps all the money and spends it on himself he says that's gonna look, he's gonna look really bad
Joy (PS0GM) [5083] oh yeah ...
Joy (PS0GM) [5084] but you know what he was taking out of his bank that's what he
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5085] to do with
Joy (PS0GM) [5086] yeah
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...] ...
Rudy (PS0GT) [5087] and that's what he
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5088] they'll get into the, they'll get into that garage right, so they look and see things they didn't know that they can make money on
Joy (PS0GM) [5089] Well there's, there's erm , there's er erm hydraulic jack in there with all the bits, brand new that's in there
Rudy (PS0GT) [5090] Tell you what if they've got a hydraulic jack in there, several people have to buy it off him, the boys will buy it off
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5091] there's , there's a, a small jack red or about as big as that like that
Rudy (PS0GT) [5092] What, the jack?
Joy (PS0GM) [5093] and it's got three ton
Rudy (PS0GT) [5094] Three ton?
Joy (PS0GM) [5095] Yeah, that's there
Rudy (PS0GT) [5096] There, I'll tell you what, the garage, were always looking for blooming things like that, that's what they want to
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5097] Oh I, I know that this, this little jack takes more weight than the hydraulic one ... and he's meter in there ain't there?
[5098] That, that real nice electrical meter
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5099] what they call them, erm
Joy (PS0GM) [5100] What like Daph's?
Joy (PS0GM) [5101] yeah, I ain't
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5102] after that you want to put all your, wanna put it in a box of, and see what you
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5103] selling and then if there's anything that's
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5104] then you won't
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5105] I don't know what he took, no one here, full stop, they can't say well he can't say well I left it here either and he's got any proof
Joy (PS0GM) [5106] no
Rudy (PS0GT) [5107] you sell them it and make yourself a
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5108] there's some very there's some odd, odd tools up there
Rudy (PS0GT) [5109] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [5110] Pete also said you'd, you'd be best to keep your drill, your electric drill
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5111] drill, cos you never know when you're gonna need a drill, then I'll show you how to use that ...
Joy (PS0GM) [5112] yeah, yeah
Rudy (PS0GT) [5113] I've got bloody drills here and all sorts you don't want a
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...] ...
Joy (PS0GM) [5114] Yeah make yourself some money, Kev was looking for a drill, but the trouble is you ... you don't get your money off Kev will you?
Joy (PS0GM) [5115] Mm
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5116] I don't know what else is up there
Joy (PS0GM) [5117] Er you want to let him have a look
Joy (PS0GM) [5118] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [5119] take him over Pete , Pete
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...] ...
Joy (PS0GM) [5120] Have you got your money off Rachael yet?
Joy (PS0GM) [5121] No, I've sent her book back, I've got her book it's going back
Joy (PS0GM) [5122] Why?
Joy (PS0GM) [5123] They've altered all the money again haven't they?
[5124] I had, I had a letter, I had two letters one for her and one for me saying would you please send your book back for her and mine send your book back cos I ain't qualified for
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5125] unless I phone them up tomorrow and say look, you know, I, she, if she keeping on the club she'll go backdate it
Joy (PS0GM) [5126] Will she?
Joy (PS0GM) [5127] Yeah, all I've got to do then is send, send it in and I'll phone them and say well can I cash it up and still on the club and they'll say yes ... but I'll have to get up and get round there tomorrow then ...
Joy (PS0GM) [5128] She's good though she's kept
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5129] mm
Joy (PS0GM) [5130] she said she would didn't she?
Joy (PS0GM) [5131] yeah ... I don't know where it's all coming through now I tell you
Joy (PS0GM) [5132] I said to that bloke today well how, how long am I gonna be before I go to court, he said it could be two years away
Joy (PS0GM) [5133] Did he?
Joy (PS0GM) [5134] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [5135] Well that's ridiculous
Joy (PS0GM) [5136] he said well it all, it all depends how quick you want a divorce
Joy (PS0GM) [5137] What have they said about your divorce then?
Joy (PS0GM) [5138] Nothing
Joy (PS0GM) [5139] You've not heard nothing about it?
Joy (PS0GM) [5140] No
Joy (PS0GM) [5141] I can't understand it, what if some people with families been evicted or chucked out or whatever?
[5142] ... Seems strange don't it?
Joy (PS0GM) [5143] Mm ... Oh I've put in for one to pay the erm interest on the mortgage, which I have to do and that's all being seen to because I've had another letter saying can you tell me what this second loan were for and I've put down yes, it was for windows and sent a bit of paper er, you know, that we've paid four thousand seven hundred and something, five thousand, nine hundred and something we've paid for them windows and I've spent that
Joy (PS0GM) [5144] They get
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5145] paper first before you sending them money
Joy (PS0GM) [5146] No, but I've asked for them to be returned, it's only gone to the D H S S in Wellingborough ...
Joy (PS0GM) [5147] Your aren't half losing weight though ... still you ain't getting your down periods now are you?
Joy (PS0GM) [5148] No, I only had one
Joy (PS0GM) [5149] Coping with
Joy (PS0GM) [5150] this morning
Joy (PS0GM) [5151] You did?
Joy (PS0GM) [5152] Mm
Joy (PS0GM) [5153] What over that?
Joy (PS0GM) [5154] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [5155] Yeah, but, I think that was more shock than anything
Joy (PS0GM) [5156] Yeah
Rudy (PS0GT) [5157] Oh that reminds me as well what your
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5158] how you getting on better down, you know, your poll tax business, are you getting any relief on the cheaper unit?
Joy (PS0GM) [5159] Course I'm not
Rudy (PS0GT) [5160] You're not?
Joy (PS0GM) [5161] Of course I'm not because you're at work ...
Joy (PS0GM) [5162] Oh there's
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5163] I can't understand that either, they ain't getting no relief off of their poll tax and yet they're, yet she's not at work and he's on the dole, and they still having to pay full whack.
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5164] I says to them
Rudy (PS0GT) [5165] Is that true?
Joy (PS0GM) [5166] that's not right, I said you get, you get twenty per cent reduction off
Rudy (PS0GT) [5167] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [5168] they'll get sixty percent
Joy (PS0GM) [5169] sixty percent, I'm expecting a bailiff at my door any day
Rudy (PS0GT) [5170] If, if, if, if it's, if it's, if it's, if it's two of you living in the house right ... the poll tax isn't paid by one person, it's each person is, is responsible for their own poll tax
Joy (PS0GM) [5171] No they're not
Rudy (PS0GT) [5172] No, if one's not working and the other one's working, the one that isn't working's supposed to get relief on it
Joy (PS0GM) [5173] No, you're wrong, you're wrong, you're totally wrong dear, because as long as one's at work
Joy (PS0GM) [5174] As long as one's at work
Joy (PS0GM) [5175] you're responsible for mine and if I'm at work I'm responsible for yours, I wrote to the D H S S
Rudy (PS0GT) [5176] Mm
Joy (PS0GM) [5177] I had a paper to say and they said there was too much money coming in here a week, because you were working that I couldn't get anything and I, it said, I wrote, it, it all come when I wrote to say could I have relief off of prescriptions cos I was on that H I V at the time
Rudy (PS0GT) [5178] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [5179] and they said no, I weren't entitled to it
Joy (PS0GM) [5180] No
Joy (PS0GM) [5181] I'm not entitled to, if I'm, I'm entitled to pay up to eighty pounds on a maximum dentist treatment, which is a hundred and thirty pound
Joy (PS0GM) [5182] A hundred and fifty pound.
Joy (PS0GM) [5183] I could pay, I would have to pay the first eighty somewhat and I would have to pay the first ninety, ninety somewhat on a pair of glasses ...
Joy (PS0GM) [5184] I had all this then it went and then it went into
Joy (PS0GM) [5185] If I if you've got people in prison and then you had to go visiting you, you could get relief after, after the first twenty five pounds, so if the expenses were going to see somebody in prison were more than twenty five pounds I could get relief with them ...
Rudy (PS0GT) [5186] Er how could I, I mean, is there a
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5187] I mean there's so much of money coming in the house every week
Joy (PS0GM) [5188] I'll kill him, they don't worry, they don't worry about what, what bills you've got going out, I E a car on H P or your or erm furniture on H P, when you're on on the dole you're you ain't supposed to have had any bills incurred
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5189] whether you still pay them tax wise they now I've still got my redundancy money I weren't thirty days without it, or I'll
Rudy (PS0GT) [5190] Yes, but this is not, yeah
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5191] save mine up
Rudy (PS0GT) [5192] this is not a
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5193] this is er, this is er, erm, how do they call it?
[5194] I think it's imposed by, by the laws of England
Joy (PS0GM) [5195] Mm
Rudy (PS0GT) [5196] right, this whole tax business, this is not a thing when you incur the
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5197] they've stuck on you, right ... so I mean alright, I'm paying, I'm paying my food
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5198] if you work it out this year, right, Joy keeping her dole right, this one, say
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5199] having this whole thing out, right, she'd pay right, I bring home wage, right believe it or not I'll tell you it's about between a hundred and eleven and a hundred and fourteen pounds a week, that's forty and ten, that's a hundred and fifty pounds a week, right, now if she got to pay poll tax out of that, right, what she's getting which is twenty odd pounds a month
Joy (PS0GM) [5200] Mm
Rudy (PS0GT) [5201] I've got to take twenty odd pounds a month, right
Joy (PS0GM) [5202] and forty
Rudy (PS0GT) [5203] that's forty
Joy (PS0GM) [5204] that's fifty pounds innit for a month, so that's a month
Joy (PS0GM) [5205] No that's a month so it's fiver a week
Rudy (PS0GT) [5206] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [5207] fiver a week
Rudy (PS0GT) [5208] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [5209] plus your rent
Rudy (PS0GT) [5210] yeah, plus your rent
Joy (PS0GM) [5211] plus your gas and your electric and your living
Rudy (PS0GT) [5212] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [5213] you know, you ain't got nothing to live on at the end of the
Joy (PS0GM) [5214] No you've not
Rudy (PS0GT) [5215] so this is what I'm saying how come that the she's still got the poll, we have to, got to pay poll tax at that rate because she's not working
Joy (PS0GM) [5216] Mm, they told me though that there's too much money coming in the house, you, you, you're only allowed to have I think it's about sixty something
Joy (PS0GM) [5217] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [5218] pounds from
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5219] to get any relief if any of it's
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5220] well I know when, I know when Alan and Jade were both made emplo , unemployed and Alan withdrawal his dole and when Jade was unemployed they took the dole off Alan and give him sixty pound a week which was you know
Joy (PS0GM) [5221] Income support
Joy (PS0GM) [5222] income support ... so
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5223] the dole
Joy (PS0GM) [5224] I had, I had a letter the other day saying that I'd been paying thirty nine pounds, fifty a week to live on, but I've been entitled to fifty five pound something for low income support so are they gonna backdate all that and then get their
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5225] I reckon they'll have to, yeah they will have to surely, that's their error ... they'll have to
Joy (PS0GM) [5226] They said a, a normal person living on their own is only entitled to thirty nine pound sixty a week and that's what I've got in that book, but I don't think they realise that I I'm on me own and I've got a gas, electricity and everything else to pay out of that ...
Rudy (PS0GT) [5227] I don't know how, I, I as I say I can't figure it out how they work it out though because I mean are they
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5228] I don't know whether they
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5229] I was so annoyed I thought to myself
Joy (PS0GM) [5230] If you go down Citizen's Advice it's all done, on a big, on a big board down there what you're entitled to
Rudy (PS0GT) [5231] You would have been , you, you, you would have been better off paying your normal rates as you used to pay
Joy (PS0GM) [5232] Yeah, yeah
Rudy (PS0GT) [5233] than in actual fact because they're making a
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5234] that's what Kevin and Cindy said their rates on that house were a hundred and something pound a year, their poll tax is nearly four hundred
Rudy (PS0GT) [5235] Four hundred
Joy (PS0GM) [5236] they're paying three hundred and eighty pounds, they're paying
Rudy (PS0GT) [5237] Yeah, they're better off paying the normal rates
Joy (PS0GM) [5238] said it's ridiculous
Rudy (PS0GT) [5239] and they've stopped this on you and they expect you to pay all this amount of money I don't know
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5240] Yes, we did have some good news about that court case, about that accident we had, it's all been thrown out of court
Joy (PS0GM) [5241] What car accident?
Joy (PS0GM) [5242] You know we had an accident along where we opened that car door and that cyclist
Joy (PS0GM) [5243] Oh yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [5244] hit us in the side?
[5245] Well they got to court without a solicitor cos they weren't entitled to Legal Aid, and now you see that's another thing, they're both out of work, they weren't entitled to any Legal Aid, so they had to go on their own to court
Rudy (PS0GT) [5246] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [5247] and explain the situation and the court said oh well we'll take it to the magistrate's then, then he had a letter two weeks later saying that it's been thrown out again, they haven't got a case cos she were in the wrong, she's never, ever have gone
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5248] over round the left hand side in the first place, but she must have been in the wrong so they must have seen it as well, they haven't really got a strong case so they threw it out of court and last week he had a letter, he opened it, from the, from the court, and he thought oh gawld here we go again, he's got jury service, oh
Joy (PS0GM) [5249] How old is he?
[5250] Oh right, I'd love to do that
Joy (PS0GM) [5251] So would I, it's in April
Joy (PS0GM) [5252] I'd love to sit in
Joy (PS0GM) [5253] it said if you are on the dole or unemployed or whatever you must take this form down, because he's entitled to
Rudy (PS0GT) [5254] So, so, so much per day
Joy (PS0GM) [5255] Yeah
Rudy (PS0GT) [5256] or whatever it is, yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [5257] yeah, yeah, for, for, for fee, for a, for a meal
Rudy (PS0GT) [5258] yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [5259] I don't know why, if he gets put on a murder case he's there for three weeks in a hotel, it's easy he said well I, you'll be able to come over if you want to it'll be like sitting at work, no one will know
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5260] It might be, I think in actual fact during your er, I think it might be a waste of time, but I think it's probably advisable to try and find out a bit more about this
Joy (PS0GM) [5261] I've been darling, I, believe me I've, you ain't gotta do it
Joy (PS0GM) [5262] Well I've got to go down tomorrow, I ain't got a clue what to do.
Joy (PS0GM) [5263] I rang, I rang, I went to the dole office, when I went down I ask them as soon as I left Ann said the same, go down the dole when you ask about your poll tax, they said to me we can't give you any id , er anything, you have to phone them, council building site, I phone the council building and they asked me, that's why I sent all your wage slips in for
Rudy (PS0GT) [5264] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [5265] and that was for that, then I had a letter back to say that we were having, there was too much money coming in a week for me to draw unemployment and then they, then a few days later I had this double page letter a big one that says you are entitled to no prescription help, X amount of pounds after erm eighty pounds per glasses you are responsible for the first eighty pound, we say that you can afford to pay that, so much on your teeth, if you're visiting somebody in prison then you exceed a certain amount of mileage you can only get it if you exceed more than twenty five pound incurring, then I thought oh blow it, forget it, and I never done it, that all come to then, that's why I wanted a ten of your wage, wage slips ... you remember now?
[5266] That's it.
Rudy (PS0GT) [5267] Yeah, a hundred and eleven pound a week
Joy (PS0GM) [5268] Oh say, say about my fault, I shouldn't want to pay
Rudy (PS0GT) [5269] I, I tell you what
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5270] I've got more money, I've got more money than that and after I've been, after, after I've paid, after I've paid the tax
Joy (PS0GM) [5271] and I'm not, I'm not paying mine before October cos as far as I'm concerned it was paid, he has my wages
Rudy (PS0GT) [5272] out of that and my National Insurance contributions, that's all I come out with
Joy (PS0GM) [5273] Mm
Joy (PS0GM) [5274] So like I even said that to the coppers today I said he's been handling seventeen hundred pounds near enough near as damn it
Joy (PS0GM) [5275] That's right
Joy (PS0GM) [5276] a month, I've been here none, my poll tax weren't paid, my mortgage owed three months, what's it, been three months in arrear
Joy (PS0GM) [5277] Of course your wages were six hundred and something
Joy (PS0GM) [5278] Yeah and he were coming out with eleven
Joy (PS0GM) [5279] eleven hundred, eleven
Joy (PS0GM) [5280] eleven hundred, yeah, yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [5281] eleven hundred and sixty , seventy and you had
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5282] a bit more
Joy (PS0GM) [5283] nearly, nearly, nearly seven hundred pounds a month
Joy (PS0GM) [5284] a month
Joy (PS0GM) [5285] and he had over a thousand, one hundred a month
Joy (PS0GM) [5286] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5287] nearly eighteen hundred pounds a month
Joy (PS0GM) [5288] Did he now?
Joy (PS0GM) [5289] and yet the mortgage was three months in arrears, no poll tax paid, no other bills paid, all he's paying is the gas, electric and the water rates
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5290] I just don't see how they can waste that money, but there you are, I said that one day, I, I put down that fact today
Joy (PS0GM) [5291] well I couldn't believe it when we went to Jersey and he was out of money and I couldn't believe it he ain't got any money
Joy (PS0GM) [5292] and you were
Joy (PS0GM) [5293] well he
Joy (PS0GM) [5294] eight hund , how much he owed eight hundred pounds
Rudy (PS0GT) [5295] No five hundred quid
Joy (PS0GM) [5296] overdrawn?
Joy (PS0GM) [5297] Well he, he's on himself hanging over his car because he said it's, it's, that it was an inconvenience cos they were late for work, he suppose to be getting a taxi into work every day and back, but where's his proof that he did?
Joy (PS0GM) [5298] He declared
Joy (PS0GM) [5299] He's declaring that he's using a taxi and it costs him a hundred and sixty pound a month, every day back and forwards to work, well everyone knows that's a lie cos she takes him to work
Rudy (PS0GT) [5300] You ought to shop him for the income tax then
Joy (PS0GM) [5301] I'm gonna ...
Joy (PS0GM) [5302] As I say he's getting away
Rudy (PS0GT) [5303] Last word will be
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5304] I said oh well, what
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5305] I said to him well where the receipts to prove this paying this taxi, right
Joy (PS0GM) [5306] I ain't got that, nothing
Rudy (PS0GT) [5307] well which, or which taxi firm you've been using
Joy (PS0GM) [5308] mm
Rudy (PS0GT) [5309] and they get
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5310] for the taxi books as well
Joy (PS0GM) [5311] mm
Rudy (PS0GT) [5312] because I'll tell you what when they send a probe in, they go through every blooming thing with a fine tooth comb
Joy (PS0GM) [5313] You can't believe where they know all what they know from
Rudy (PS0GT) [5314] er
Joy (PS0GM) [5315] you didn't, it, it
Joy (PS0GM) [5316] That Colin's come up today and he said, he said, did, erm, Dick do the job for you?
[5317] I says what job?
Rudy (PS0GT) [5318] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [5319] He says on the car, I says it's nothing to do with you and Chris, he said what about you trying to, you were going to break into his flat then and erm set light to it, where'd they get my
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5320] information from? ...
Rudy (PS0GT) [5321] You see, I mean, what happens is erm
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5322] I don't know
Rudy (PS0GT) [5323] If, if, if, if Jersey right where I used to have the, Joy used to have the house
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5324] because this is once a year, there's not
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5325] right ... they knew exactly how much money I was banking, how much money was going into the bank, I
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5326] they always say, they always turn round and say well the bank is not su supp supposed to divulge how much money you've got in the bank now, now how did they have any
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5327] ah?
[5328] I don't know if they do the same over here
Joy (PS0GM) [5329] Yeah
Rudy (PS0GT) [5330] where the bank is not suppose to disclose how much money you've got in that
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5331] income tax man had go
Joy (PS0GM) [5332] that copper man had told me this morning
Rudy (PS0GT) [5333] because you're suppose to declare what you earn
Joy (PS0GM) [5334] What you earn, yeah
Rudy (PS0GT) [5335] for a year and pay the tax out of that
Joy (PS0GM) [5336] yeah ...
Rudy (PS0GT) [5337] right
Joy (PS0GM) [5338] mm
Rudy (PS0GT) [5339] but how did they
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5340] they'll get, they'll get you
Rudy (PS0GT) [5341] When they start probing you, they go right back and I mean they went back what ten, twelve years didn't they?
Joy (PS0GM) [5342] About twelve years when I was in Jersey
Rudy (PS0GT) [5343] Yeah ... yes
Joy (PS0GM) [5344] It's frightening what they did to us.
Joy (PS0GM) [5345] Well he said to Dave that a policeman hasn't got the clout to phone up the erm ... driving place you know in London where, where you thought that, what's it called D L V C
Rudy (PS0GT) [5346] It's the
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5347] yeah, to see if that car's been sold, stolen or whatever and yet a solicitor come ... he said your solicitor will be able to pick up the phone, take you through the right channels, see if he's sold that car, he hasn't sold the car, who's he sold it to
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5348] yeah, everything.
[5349] He said that's what you've got to do first thing Monday morning, find out where that car is, he said, and then you want half the money
Rudy (PS0GT) [5350] seemed that the police and we've got a
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5351] in theft and fraud and
Joy (PS0GM) [5352] yeah
Rudy (PS0GT) [5353] things like this, but regards to the fact that when, when something is sold to somebody right, erm, and then a, and, and the person who's selling it receives the money, I mean the person the police can't do nothing at all about it unless fraud comes into it
Joy (PS0GM) [5354] I mean, he, he said about
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5355] come up mum's with the, and he snatched my handbag and he took the keys, he said that copper has got no rights to tell him to hand over them keys to me, I said what and he snatched them out of my handbag and I've got no rights to my own house keys and I said what rights have I got to do, down his flat and collect half of my stuff back then?
Rudy (PS0GT) [5356] Yes
Joy (PS0GM) [5357] He said you've got no rights at all, I said so what rights has he got to coming in my own home then, he ain't paying for it, what rights has he got to it?
Joy (PS0GM) [5358] What he say?
Joy (PS0GM) [5359] He said well he's got rights because he owns half of it, I said owns half of it but he ain't paying for half of it.
Joy (PS0GM) [5360] That's right
Joy (PS0GM) [5361] He says no, but he, he, he still half owns it, he says his name's on the lease, I said but it still don't make it right that if he, if he earned half of it then half the bills are his
Joy (PS0GM) [5362] Half the bills, that's right
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5363] Then you've got to pay half the bills
Joy (PS0GM) [5364] Yeah ... I said well I earn half of it as well then and I've worked for half of it, but I ain't paying the bills either ...
Joy (PS0GM) [5365] Seems, it all seems strange to me
Joy (PS0GM) [5366] He said it'll all come out in court, he said he, he won't get away with it
Joy (PS0GM) [5367] Who said that?
Joy (PS0GM) [5368] Oh that copper, he said he, he said the thing is he said what you've gotta do is give him as much shit and aggravation as you can possibly give him, keep him hot and keep him roasted up he said because what happens is he's getting along, long and he's thinking oh I can do this and I can do that and I can do the other, he said but if you can get your solicitor to keep him on his toes he ain't got time to think about nothing, he said and if he has done that job himself, he's laughing at the moment, I said well he must have done it ...
Rudy (PS0GT) [5369] I think that, I think in actual fact, that the only thing really to do is if ... he doesn't want to be himself do something else and then he won't do it ever again
Joy (PS0GM) [5370] And then he should sign it all over to me
Rudy (PS0GT) [5371] He should sign it all over to you and say alright I'm relinquishing all responsibility
Joy (PS0GM) [5372] But he can't do that, until he's paid up every penny he owes
Joy (PS0GM) [5373] I was gonna say
Rudy (PS0GT) [5374] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [5375] if she, if she gets it all signed over to her she signs all the bills over
Rudy (PS0GT) [5376] but you see
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5377] yeah well then
Joy (PS0GM) [5378] he can't do that anyway, for him, for him to sign them deeds
Rudy (PS0GT) [5379] no
Joy (PS0GM) [5380] and everything over to me, he's got to be paid all the loans completely off plus the mortgage that's in arrear, that, that house got to be round to square one with a, with a fourteen thousand pound mortgage and that's it before he can sign that house over to me
Joy (PS0GM) [5381] Yeah
Joy (PS0GM) [5382] That means that the two loans that he had, he can't sign them over to me
Rudy (PS0GT) [5383] And that was on the house?
Joy (PS0GM) [5384] Yeah
Rudy (PS0GT) [5385] Oh well
Joy (PS0GM) [5386] he can't sign it over
Rudy (PS0GT) [5387] No he can't
Joy (PS0GM) [5388] to me even if he wanted to
Rudy (PS0GT) [5389] I didn't know whether he had two loans or not or whatever it is because
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5390] Yeah he had two
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Rudy (PS0GT) [5391] that if had relinquished all his responsibility regarding the mortgage and so on and signed it over to you, then you could have turned round and say alright that's it, I'm going to sell the house
Joy (PS0GM) [5392] That's right and there's nothing he could do nothing about
Rudy (PS0GT) [5393] and if the house was , and if the house is, if say for argument sake that the house after ... you've sold it, you've only your, er fourteen or sixteen thousand pounds to pay then and you've paid that off, right, and the house was sold for about forty thousand
Joy (PS0GM) [5394] Mm
Rudy (PS0GT) [5395] right, you've made yourself a, your, twenty thousand anyway, then you could probably buy a, a nice little two bedroom bungalow
Joy (PS0GM) [5396] Yeah
Rudy (PS0GT) [5397] for about thirty thousand or something like that and then go back to work and just pay your own mortgage off
Joy (PS0GM) [5398] Yeah, but I can't do that
Rudy (PS0GT) [5399] but a, as I say if it's, you know, if he gotta pay off all this money first well
Joy (PS0GM) [5400] Well you're such
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5401] at the minute cos you've got, you're sitting in your house
Joy (PS0GM) [5402] Yes
Joy (PS0GM) [5403] you're in care of bills that he's, he's responsible for anyway
Joy (PS0GM) [5404] mm
Joy (PS0GM) [5405] he's gotta be, you wanna make sure that that electric bill
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5406] I'm going back down, I'm going down there Monday
Rudy (PS0GT) [5407] Good
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5408] say I give you no authorization
Joy (PS0GM) [5409] I'll fight
Joy (PS0GM) [5410] I don't want mail coming to my house addressed to me, my husband is still in charge of these bills, but you don't change it over, I shan't open them I shall just return them back to you, frighten them.
[5411] I mean that's like they went into Nigel's and put that erm
Joy (PS0GM) [5412] Well that's that's why the gas, gas and electric
Joy (PS0GM) [5413] leaflet
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5414] men come up with them
Unknown speaker (KCPPSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0GM) [5415] for me to sign, I said I'm sorry I'm not signing them and I wouldn't sign any of them and he went back and he said alright then we'll leave it in your husband's name, I said yes you'd better had cos he still owns the house, yet all those bills have come through, I've had water rates come through in my name, I've had the electricity come through it's in my name, the only one bill that was never in his name, never has been is the telephone and that's included ...
Joy (PS0GM) [5416] But I say that, they've got no right to just change your, your name over, I mean, basically, really and truthfully when we got this place Rudy weren't on, on, he never signed on on nothing
Joy (PS0GM) [5417] No
Joy (PS0GM) [5418] when this place come it should have been in my name weren't it, because he never done nothing for it
Joy (PS0GM) [5419] no
Joy (PS0GM) [5420] Yes,
Joy (PS0GM) [5421] no