2 conversations recorded by `Joyce' (PS1CA) on 4 April 1992 with 4 interlocutors, totalling 577 s-units, 3696 words, and 24 minutes 54 seconds of recordings.

6 speakers recorded by respondent number 624

PS1CA Ag3 m (Malcolm, age 43, retired (police officer), Central Northern England, )
PS1CB Ag3 f (Doreen, age 43, housewife, Central Northern England, ) sister-in-law
PS1CC Ag3 f (Judy, age 41, clerk, Central Northern England, ) wife
PS1CD Ag1 f (Joanne, age 16, student, Central Northern England, ) daughter
KCRPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KCRPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

2 recordings

  1. Tape 076601 recorded on 1992-04-04. Location: Pocklington ( indoors ) Activity: visiting relation
  2. Tape 076602 recorded on 1992-04-04. Location: Pocklington ( indoors ) Activity: visiting relation

1 (Tape 076601)

Doreen (PS1CB) [1] She's been dead four years.
Judy (PS1CC) [clears throat]
Doreen (PS1CB) [2] Oh!
[3] It was, it was bad that ... she used to [...] those draws that bad that after so long ... you'd see him go all white and then you'd gradually see round the crutch ... then so, more [...]
Judy (PS1CC) [4] Yeah but
Doreen (PS1CB) [5] Right!
Judy (PS1CC) [6] I [...]
Doreen (PS1CB) [7] And then all of a sudden after so long you saw a new Alf.
Judy (PS1CC) [8] Mm.
Doreen (PS1CB) [9] But, you never ... there's never a pair of underpants.
[10] You might see a pair of ... long johns, then long johns, and a pair of socks, but Paul said they've opened windows and Trevor said ... it's nearly knocked him off the ladder.
[11] He said to Paul, you've done, cos, I think first time he painted it, Paul, he had to paint it wi windows shut, they wouldn't open window.
Judy (PS1CC) [12] No?
Doreen (PS1CB) [13] No.
[14] So I said to Paul, well you've done well getting windows open.
[15] And even nets are down.
[16] But ah, I've gone in and opened it, it ... stinks.
Judy (PS1CC) [17] Urgh!
[18] Urgh!
[19] Well how do people live like that?
Doreen (PS1CB) [20] I mean ... bloody erm, Axminster carpets all the way through.
[21] Well it was fitted out
Judy (PS1CC) [22] Well who buys that, Social?
Doreen (PS1CB) [23] No.
[24] They bought it all cash.
[25] When, when, when they bought that house they paid cash for it.
Judy (PS1CC) [26] Oh I thought [...] in there.
Doreen (PS1CB) [27] No!
Judy (PS1CC) [28] Oh!
Doreen (PS1CB) [29] They sold a farm.
Judy (PS1CC) [30] Oh!
Doreen (PS1CB) [31] And, bought it cash and it were show house.
[32] But
Judy (PS1CC) [33] Yeah.
Doreen (PS1CB) [34] they bought all curtains and carpet, and carpet ... and I don't think it's altered.
[35] It's same in here, right through the room and all the way to the up the stairs, and it's all Axminster.
[36] All curtains ... are er Anderson.
Judy (PS1CC) [37] Very nice.
Doreen (PS1CB) [38] Mm mm.
[39] And wallpaper [...] , oh she's papered every, painted and papered every room in there.
[40] And I were laughing weren't I?
[41] Social Services or ... somebody to do with [...] or somewhere ... contacted him ... and asked him to do it but they paid all cash.
Judy (PS1CC) [42] Mm mm!
Doreen (PS1CB) [43] And they did every room cos his er sister ... used to work in Homebase be it rich [...]
Judy (PS1CC) [...]
Doreen (PS1CB) [44] and very, very rich, she's
Judy (PS1CC) [45] Yeah.
Doreen (PS1CB) [46] back part time now I think my mum
Judy (PS1CC) [47] Is she?
Doreen (PS1CB) [48] said.
[49] [cough] ... And what did they call her?
[50] Now she's alright.
[51] Now she, she picked the paper.
Judy (PS1CC) [52] Used to live down the back of us.
[53] But she's moved.
[54] She
Doreen (PS1CB) [55] She picked all the paper.
[56] But they pa he painted, he papered every room [...] .
Judy (PS1CC) [57] Really?
Doreen (PS1CB) [58] Mm mm.
[59] ... I mean, they've just had a new double glazed back door put on.
[60] And that, but ... then one morning I we
Judy (PS1CC) [61] But it doesn't look, it doesn't look double glazed does it?
Doreen (PS1CB) [62] No.
[63] One morning I was off up Bambury Lane and John was waiting ... to catch Paul to come ... some trust or, I don't know whether it's social or what, bought a detached house on Bambury Lane cos there were an uproar.
[64] Cos Mick started all this up there.
[65] And it was done ... through a trust then, and it was done so quietly that they hadn't time to object.
Judy (PS1CC) [66] Mm.
Doreen (PS1CB) [67] And [...] mentally ... handicapped live in this house.
[68] Well they do object.
[69] But they've turned this ... four, five bedroomed detached house, you know, it's got a ramp now up to the front door, the front door's been altered so
Judy (PS1CC) [70] Mm mm.
Doreen (PS1CB) [71] so we ... made each ... what was the dining room they've made into a bedroom, but just don't [...] that he, cos you could see ... them doing it.
Judy (PS1CC) [72] Mm mm.
Doreen (PS1CB) [73] And all that.
[74] In fact, Tony 's brother, Freddie, he's there ... but Johnny was still outside working and he was filthy!
[75] Bet if I took his jacket off and put it in that washer it'd of fallen to bits cos it was that mucky.
Judy (PS1CC) [76] Urgh!
[77] ... Oh I thought he was like that.
Doreen (PS1CB) [78] Arnie was playing football.
[79] They've gone football match at club.
[80] So that'll be another pile of bloody washing!
Judy (PS1CC) [81] Yeah.
[82] [yawning] I've got all mine out to dry [...] [] .
Doreen (PS1CB) [83] Take them upstairs. [...]
Judy (PS1CC) [yawn]
Doreen (PS1CB) [84] Not that I normally carry [...]
Judy (PS1CC) [85] [...] ... Hey!
[86] Have they mentioned anything about Easter eggs?
[87] Say if they haven't.
Doreen (PS1CB) [88] Mhm.
Judy (PS1CC) [89] What?
Doreen (PS1CB) [90] About a month or, well ... a fortnight ago.
[91] When I rang up to say I were coming ... I asked them did they want ... Easter eggs ... or did they want ... fa er ... a box of chocolates or ... bars of chocolate we
Judy (PS1CC) [92] Ah!
[93] I know.
[94] That's it.
[95] Yeah.
Doreen (PS1CB) [96] or ... do they want money or er
Unknown speaker (KCRPSUNK) [...]
Doreen (PS1CB) [97] [laugh] ... You mean you've got to take it
Unknown speaker (KCRPSUNK) [98] Spend too much money on them.
Doreen (PS1CB) [99] done with ... [...] .
[100] I mean, he went to Worcester yesterday but he hadn't got enough clothes.
Judy (PS1CC) [101] Mm.
Doreen (PS1CB) [102] He took twelve pound fifty.
[103] I mean he'd ha he had a pack up but they had to have money ... to buy ra
Judy (PS1CC) [104] Postcards.
Doreen (PS1CB) [105] in case they went in this museum.
[106] It was to compare a seaside town ... with a market town or summat.
[107] And [...] .
[108] You've got that going down there haven't you?
Judy (PS1CC) [109] Yeah. [laugh]
Doreen (PS1CB) [110] [laughing] Thought you had [] !
Judy (PS1CC) [111] Why?
Doreen (PS1CB) [112] Because that's about broad Yorkshire.
[113] Even if I try to change the tone of my voice.
[114] Malcolm's got a [...] .
Judy (PS1CC) [115] I shouldn't think so.
Doreen (PS1CB) [116] I think my [...] wants ... in my bag.
[117] Compare a seaside town, then they'll look at the Roman [...] .
Judy (PS1CC) [118] Urgh!
Doreen (PS1CB) [119] Don't put [...] in Yvonne's.
[120] I can ... can slag everybody off now can't I?
[121] ... Yeah I think they said
Judy (PS1CC) [122] You can, cos nobody knows what you're saying anyway.
Doreen (PS1CB) [123] erm ... I think they said to me ... bar of ... I'll say bars of Judy, if it's any different ... I'll let you know.
Judy (PS1CC) [124] Mm.
[125] Is there any chocolate they don't like?
[126] Do they ... like ... not like it with nuts in or ... like that?
Doreen (PS1CB) [127] They like Whispas.
[128] They like er ... Cadbury's Whole Nut.
[129] Because if my mother ever buys me a bar ... I'll [...] to stop it.
Judy (PS1CC) [130] Yeah?
Doreen (PS1CB) [131] Mm.
Judy (PS1CC) [132] And yet Arthur was a ... the other way on.
Doreen (PS1CB) [133] They don't like Mars Bars.
[134] Well Andrew doesn't.
[135] He gets sick on Mars Bars.
[136] ... What else do they like?
[137] I know they like biscuits.
[138] E Aero.
[139] ... Secret.
Judy (PS1CC) [140] Well
Doreen (PS1CB) [141] No I tried
Judy (PS1CC) [142] well th they're horrible!
Doreen (PS1CB) [143] I tried one.
Judy (PS1CC) [144] Ooh!
Doreen (PS1CB) [145] Have you tried the new Pyramint?
Judy (PS1CC) [146] Yeah.
[147] For my
Doreen (PS1CB) [148] I know
Judy (PS1CC) [149] birthday.
[150] Now [...]
Doreen (PS1CB) [151] Well yeah, but
Judy (PS1CC) [laugh]
Doreen (PS1CB) [152] yeah but ... the new ... not the triangle it's a bar.
Judy (PS1CC) [153] Oh is it?
Doreen (PS1CB) [154] Mm.
[155] But you buy a bar.
Judy (PS1CC) [156] Well it'll taste the same won't it?
Doreen (PS1CB) [157] No it don't.
Judy (PS1CC) [158] Don't it?
Doreen (PS1CB) [159] You know, the Pyramint that you bought in the little box with
Judy (PS1CC) [160] Mm.
Doreen (PS1CB) [161] like a cream inside?
Judy (PS1CC) [162] Mm mm.
Doreen (PS1CB) [163] Well the Pyramint bars are like a truffle.
Judy (PS1CC) [164] Oh!
Doreen (PS1CB) [165] Peppermint truffle.
Judy (PS1CC) [166] Yeah.
Doreen (PS1CB) [167] Quite sickly.
[168] You only get four pieces for thirty P.
Judy (PS1CC) [169] Ooh!
Doreen (PS1CB) [170] But you've had enough.
Judy (PS1CC) [171] Yeah.
[172] I have some chocolate though.
[173] I'm on a diet again.
[174] ... This year I went to [...] and
Doreen (PS1CB) [175] Oh!
[176] You've been.
[177] I bet
Judy (PS1CC) [178] Yeah.
Doreen (PS1CB) [179] it's brilliant.
[180] Eva came.
Judy (PS1CC) [181] Yeah.
Doreen (PS1CB) [182] Eva rung up Thursday morning, mum wanted her hair permed before he, when Eva rung up Thursday morning, could she do it ... Thursday night?
[183] So I said, yeah.
[184] So ... when I came in from collecting my answer monies and what have you, erm ... Eva said ... new restaurant for you to try Doreen.
[185] What?
[186] She says, Ali Carver, she said they'd been to that last Saturday night with ... a couple from [...] ... and she said ... they paid fifteen pound just them
Judy (PS1CC) [187] Mm.
Doreen (PS1CB) [188] and that was, starter, main course, pudding, coffee, lot.
[189] Only fifteen.
[190] There was erm
Judy (PS1CC) [191] Well we had a what, we had what they call the banquet ... which was fifteen pound a head.
Doreen (PS1CB) [192] Well, she said ... that they
Judy (PS1CC) [193] The set, the set meal
Doreen (PS1CB) [194] Oh it might have been eight pounds.
Judy (PS1CC) [195] Hang on.
Doreen (PS1CB) [196] it might have been eight pound qui Judy, but she said that they had fifteen
Judy (PS1CC) [197] The banquet isn't shown on here.
[198] That
Doreen (PS1CB) [199] Was it good then?
Judy (PS1CC) [200] Food wise it put Paul's place to shame.
Doreen (PS1CB) [201] That's not surprising though.
Judy (PS1CC) [202] Oh yeah.
Doreen (PS1CB) [203] That's not bad though.
[204] For three, thirty six pounds.
Judy (PS1CC) [205] It's twelve pound a head.
Doreen (PS1CB) [206] Yeah.
[207] Various.
[208] King prawn, mushrooms, [...]
Judy (PS1CC) [209] That one works out at, what is it?
[210] Ele eleven pound
Doreen (PS1CB) [211] Eleven.
Judy (PS1CC) [212] there ... and that's thirteen
Doreen (PS1CB) [213] Thirteen.
Judy (PS1CC) [214] but, after that they're all twelve pound a head.
[215] But we had the erm ... banquet which was fifteen pound a head, and that included your sweet and everything.
[216] Whereas those don't include a sweet.
Doreen (PS1CB) [217] No, including that.
Judy (PS1CC) [218] Oh it were beautiful!
Doreen (PS1CB) [219] What just you and Malcolm?
Judy (PS1CC) [220] It's a, no!
[221] There were ten of us.
[222] Mal and Steve and ... Alan and Joyce and ... and ... Gloria and ... oh, I can't even say the name ... and Keith and Anne.
Doreen (PS1CB) [223] [yawning] Ah!
[224] Thirty one [] .
Judy (PS1CC) [225] We were saying Mike that er
Doreen (PS1CB) [226] Eva said it had taken them nearly a month to get booked up.
[227] For a Saturday night.
Judy (PS1CC) [228] Sylvia had rung up me ... about booking for a meal and I thought, originally they talked about going a Friday night, and they said, Friday and Saturday are fully booked for the next five weeks.
Doreen (PS1CB) [229] Eva said it had taken to wait a month to get in for a Saturday night.
Judy (PS1CC) [230] For a Thursday night we could book almost straight away.
[231] During the week you can get in
Doreen (PS1CB) [232] Well that's it, market ... day int it?
Judy (PS1CC) [233] Yeah.
Doreen (PS1CB) [234] Yeah I noticed that.
Judy (PS1CC) [235] well they can do then.
Doreen (PS1CB) [236] Yeah.
Judy (PS1CC) [237] We had er ... various ... er, is it won ton?
Doreen (PS1CB) [238] Won tons ... like little pancakes?
Judy (PS1CC) [239] They're like little parcels.
Doreen (PS1CB) [240] Ah!
[241] Cos at Paul's
Judy (PS1CC) [242] With prawn in.
Doreen (PS1CB) [243] place, er ... whe when Margaret and I went ... we had
Judy (PS1CC) [244] I think
Doreen (PS1CB) [245] them and they came had this little pancakes were dishes of ... er there was a dish of the sauce that
Judy (PS1CC) [246] Mm.
Doreen (PS1CB) [247] you put on and then
Judy (PS1CC) [248] Yeah.
Doreen (PS1CB) [249] there were dishes of ... chopped up spring onion and ... all like that and you put your own mixture int middle and then rolled it up.
Judy (PS1CC) [250] Ah!
Doreen (PS1CB) [251] But they're won tons.
Judy (PS1CC) [252] No this,thi this was
Doreen (PS1CB) [253] But same.
Judy (PS1CC) [254] this was like little parcels
Doreen (PS1CB) [255] Oh.
Judy (PS1CC) [256] of I don't know
Doreen (PS1CB) [257] Crispy won ton.
Judy (PS1CC) [258] Yeah.
[259] And it was real crisp and ... it had prawn in it.
[260] Prawns and something in th ... maybe ... th ... prawn toasts ... with ... sesame seed.
Doreen (PS1CB) [261] Prawn toast with sesame seed.
[262] Yeah.
Judy (PS1CC) [263] Yeah.
[264] Er that's what
Doreen (PS1CB) [265] Was that nice?
Judy (PS1CC) [266] Mm mm!
[267] It were beautiful!
Doreen (PS1CB) [268] I wonder what
Judy (PS1CC) [269] The
Doreen (PS1CB) [270] [...] ribs are?
Judy (PS1CC) [271] then we had ... the halibut in prawn something, halibut in ... black bean sauce and that was ... superb!
[272] Expensive though the
Doreen (PS1CB) [273] I was gonna say I don't know whether I like halibut.
[274] Cos that's chunky int it?
[275] Is it, halibut?
Judy (PS1CC) [276] Oh it was beautiful!
[277] I mean I am but ... I mean I like fish er [...]
Doreen (PS1CB) [278] But Paul [...] [...] pork and prawn.
Judy (PS1CC) [279] But er e oh it was beautiful!
[280] And we had
Doreen (PS1CB) [281] That must be er ... quite good wasn't it?
Judy (PS1CC) [282] There was no sweet and sour.
[283] But there again
Doreen (PS1CB) [284] None at all there?
Judy (PS1CC) [285] Yeah, but on the ... what we had
Doreen (PS1CB) [286] Ah!
Judy (PS1CC) [287] we didn't get a sweet and sour.
[288] Er er er ... trying to think what was the one we had?
[289] One was quite hot ... and spicy but ... I'd forgotten what we had for the first two ... the two that they brought out.
[290] We had crispy duck and lemon chicken, that's nice.
[291] Er erm ... prawns and vegetables ... beef in black bean sauce
Doreen (PS1CB) [292] Mm mm.
[293] I've never tried that.
Judy (PS1CC) [294] Oh it's
Doreen (PS1CB) [295] Haven't tried the black bean sauce
Judy (PS1CC) [296] beautiful!
Doreen (PS1CB) [297] A Alan at erm ... pub used to like, he always got summat with black bean sauce.
Judy (PS1CC) [298] Oh it's
Doreen (PS1CB) [299] He used to like that.
Judy (PS1CC) [300] beautiful!
Doreen (PS1CB) [301] Do they do takeaway?
Judy (PS1CC) [302] No.
Doreen (PS1CB) [303] Ah heck!
Judy (PS1CC) [304] No they don't do any takeaways.
[305] Eh!
[306] Our Arthur, Arthur sat there and this girl come to clear the pots away ... and she's been ... round lots of tables, you know, collecting the cups up together and she comes in and she goes ... ooh!
[307] She says, it smells. [laugh]
Doreen (PS1CB) [308] [laughing] That's very nice [] !
Judy (PS1CC) [309] And I looked at her and I thought you can't say that!
[310] And Alan looked at her and then she looked, she goes, oh I meant, she says, you smile nice.
[311] [laugh] ... [laughing] He said, don't get close [] .
Doreen (PS1CB) [312] Yeah.
Judy (PS1CC) [313] Ooh!
[314] You smell.
Doreen (PS1CB) [315] We're off er ... well York ... this funny thing I got to ... see that it all goes through for my dad.
[316] ... And he hasn't got all that stuff now.
[317] And er
Judy (PS1CC) [318] Mhm.
Doreen (PS1CB) [319] on Tuesday I said, eh, chance to go out Tuesday night.
[320] Only down for last darts match.
[321] And erm
Judy (PS1CC) [322] Thought you were finished?
Doreen (PS1CB) [323] The men's.
Judy (PS1CC) [324] With the [...] .
[325] Oh!
Doreen (PS1CB) [326] Anyway, playing at home.
[327] Well we've gotta buy next week ... so Judy said if you come last night.
[328] By heck!
[329] Riff-raff are coming down next Wednesday.
[330] Well get off, we won't bloody come!
[331] She's saying I don't think we want to go out.
[332] Cos they were playing Newtons Thursday night and she said they'll have to write home for nine men so Newtons int gonna stand a chance.
[333] Well at moment, we're lying ... second.
[334] But we've gotta [...] next week where ... Newton who are top and can't be beat have gorrit.
Judy (PS1CC) [335] Mm mm.
Doreen (PS1CB) [336] But chip shop behind us, but ... club [...] on Thursday nights, they beat chip shop six three.
[337] We won Thursday night six three.
[338] I've gone right off on the individuals.
[339] Can't finish.
Judy (PS1CC) [340] No I can't.
Doreen (PS1CB) [341] I played Ellen
Judy (PS1CC) [342] I'm hopeless.
[343] We won
Doreen (PS1CB) [344] I played ... with Ellen in pairs
Judy (PS1CC) [345] we won five one ... Wednesday ... [laughing] and it was me that lost [] .
Doreen (PS1CB) [346] I played with Ellen in pairs.
[347] Ellen had played Monday night, her individuals down at [...] open then she played ... who's what?
[348] I said to her I didn't even know you were playing.
[349] Anyway, she's got through to finals ... individuals ... has Ellen.
[350] And I'm playing with her in erm ... and I got sixty one, sixty ... and I got a, a twenty six.
[351] I mean everybody can get a twenty six!
[352] When you're going for a sixty.
Judy (PS1CC) [353] [laugh] ... And if I go
Doreen (PS1CB) [354] Twenty six.
Judy (PS1CC) [355] for a sixty I'm, I get, I end up getting er seven.
[356] Two fives and a one.
Doreen (PS1CB) [357] Oh we always play ... that one was fi that one was what you call a sixty when you get [...] .
Judy (PS1CC) [358] I, I, I also on the five, the er
Doreen (PS1CB) [359] I ended up leaving Ellen [...] .
[360] What's to bloody finish she said?
[361] So she went, eleven.
[362] Done a fifteen.
[363] Anyway, she did it.
[364] I said, well I've got to give you the ... funny finishes for when you come to your finals.
[365] It's practise.
Judy (PS1CC) [366] Yeah.
Doreen (PS1CB) [367] She said that was good thinking.
[368] So er ... as I say, we won ... six for eight, so ... so erm ... they're gonna play our [...] next time.
[369] So ... we're still hoping it int the bottom, bottom playing ... all the chip shop there.
[370] And all
Judy (PS1CC) [371] Yeah.
Doreen (PS1CB) [372] [...] .
[373] Er er ... I'll want this conversation [...]
Judy (PS1CC) [374] I know.
Doreen (PS1CB) [375] We're having a conversation though.
Judy (PS1CC) [376] You got plenty of tapes.
Doreen (PS1CB) [377] So far [...]
Judy (PS1CC) [...]
Doreen (PS1CB) [378] the bleeding [...] .
[379] No because my ... I've got erm ... a letter ... don't know whether it was Friday or Saturday now, on from Tamgrams.
[380] Have you heard of Tamgrams?
[381] And it was about [laughing] Tampax [] .
[382] In in you know, internal
Judy (PS1CC) [383] Mm mm.
Doreen (PS1CB) [384] sanitary ... sort of, asking you what you use ... what size ... ha you know, how comfortable did you feel with them, you know, did you wear one at night?
[385] Did you wear a pad?
[386] Did you wear a pad when you were er heavy?
[387] Is there anybody else in the family, you know, a daughter, sister
Judy (PS1CC) [388] Mm mm.
Doreen (PS1CB) [389] all that.
[390] So I put Lianne's name down and what she ... used for her age.
[391] Anyway, it said er ... you will receive ... free samples ... soon ... and then er er ... incentive bonus.
[392] So I thought well, I'll fill it in and send it back.
[393] And I thought well, even if it was a voucher ... for pads or owt, I mean, they'll come in ... for either Lianne
Judy (PS1CC) [394] Mm.
Doreen (PS1CB) [395] or me she said.
[396] Oh but I said, oh owt for nowt nowadays Lianne.
[397] So ... that'll be ... stood here looking at my jacket, it wants washing, and Andrew's does, and our Lianne's does [...] .
[398] Seems a bit silly washing mine and Andrew's today don't it?
[399] And when er ... [...] .
[400] Have to get a mo a move on and, oh I must ask her
Judy (PS1CC) [401] Well my, my, my line's just about full of jumpers.
Doreen (PS1CB) [402] I must see Daphne today.
[403] Well I've, I've seen her today but ... she said she'd er ... get me some socks and that out for, out for Lianne.
[404] She gave me those on Monday.
[405] ... Actually I thought they were quite nice, but Gillian er ... made I Ian erm ... ring the short up ... cos she thought the legs weren't long enough.
[406] So, she tried it on her and that and I said it's fine.
[407] But I ... she'd had to lend Ian some money ... the week before last so ... so he could do their pocket money.
[408] He hadn't any money so he had to borrow it off Gillian.
Judy (PS1CC) [409] Mm mm.
Doreen (PS1CB) [410] Well they'll not be [...] as that.
[411] ... [...] bad we could all live in four-bedroomed detached houses can't you?
Judy (PS1CC) [412] Mm.
Doreen (PS1CB) [413] We well, well, you know, today what was the point of having a four bedroom?
[414] For show?
Judy (PS1CC) [415] Mm.
Doreen (PS1CB) [416] You know, you don't go from a, a one-up two-down to a two-bedroomed bung semi-bungalow and then shoot ... to a four-bedroomed detached.
[417] And then your own commonsense tells you it's gonna cost you more doesn't it?
Judy (PS1CC) [418] Yeah.
Doreen (PS1CB) [419] So ... anyhow, money's that, he, cos he said summat on the Monday night.
[420] Yeah I want money for ... Andrew's trainers.
[421] Oh I'll see you next week about that.
[422] He thinks I'm going halves with him, if he do, well he's got another shock.
[423] He has.
Judy (PS1CC) [424] Mm.
Doreen (PS1CB) [425] And if he turns round and says owt, I'll say, Ian if weren't for me your kids would be naked.
[426] ... I just bought Alan a new pair of jeans.
[427] Sixteen pound out of club.
[428] Cos I thought [...] needs a pair of decent jeans.
[429] I bought them both a denim shirt.
[430] Alright, out of club, but it will get paid for.
Judy (PS1CC) [431] Ah but see you've still got to pay for it haven't you?
Doreen (PS1CB) [432] What?
[433] My denim shirt?
[434] I ordered Andrew one, Andrew has been after one for a long time.
[435] And I ordered him one.
[436] I thought I'll get Lianne one and hers came first.
Judy (PS1CC) [437] Mm.
Doreen (PS1CB) [438] And then I [...] , oh I always have to have [...] .
[439] I said, actually, I'd ordered his first ... I said, but I thought I'd treat you.
[440] I mean, she's got it on this morning, open with a Benetton
Judy (PS1CC) [441] Yeah.
Doreen (PS1CB) [442] T-shirt underneath and it suits her.
[443] Cos she's got her black jeans on.
[444] And black and black and then the denim shirt.
Judy (PS1CC) [445] Yeah.
Doreen (PS1CB) [446] Cos he said to her ... oh your shirt's nice Lianne.
[447] Cos she had it on last week.
[448] And she said, my mother brought me it.
[449] And I thought, I'm just going to wait and see what he says, and I'll say well ... they'll be walking round naked cos he's not bought them a pair of socks, pants, T-shirt ... jumper, nowt.
Judy (PS1CC) [450] Mm mm, mm.
[451] Mm.
Doreen (PS1CB) [452] Cos our Lianne said to me on Thursday ... mother I'm only going away for week.
[453] Cos I'd got her a tube of toothpaste.
[454] I thought I ain't buying her a pump toothpaste ... cos all the others will ... you know, if they see a pump toothpaste
Judy (PS1CC) [455] Mm.
Doreen (PS1CB) [456] I thought, right, I'll get her a tube of toothpaste.
[457] And I got her ... two strips of Elastaplast.
[458] I thought, well if she's not used to walking boots
Judy (PS1CC) [459] Yeah.
[460] They might rub her.
Doreen (PS1CB) [461] er they might rub her.
[462] So I thought well if she's got plasters
Judy (PS1CC) [463] Yeah.
Doreen (PS1CB) [464] she's covered.
[465] And er ... [...] ... I said, yeah but ... you know, you don't start spending your own money
Judy (PS1CC) [466] Mm.
Doreen (PS1CB) [467] on such things as plasters and ... what have you.
[468] ... She has to be in Beverley for eight o'clock.
Judy (PS1CC) [469] Monday mo
Doreen (PS1CB) [470] Monday morning.
Judy (PS1CC) [471] Monday?
Doreen (PS1CB) [472] First thing, first thing.
[473] Mm.
[474] And come back ... about nine o'clock the Saturday night.
[475] I said I'll pick you up [...] .
[476] Luckily, it is the weekend the car'll be home
Judy (PS1CC) [477] Yeah.
Doreen (PS1CB) [478] so I'd have to get [...] by car.
[479] But I was gonna go through Beverley to police station and not to we turn left at traffic lights now it ... it's moved.
Judy (PS1CC) [480] Mm.
[481] ... It's where Co-op.
[482] Int it?
[483] You know where th
Doreen (PS1CB) [484] Oh I don't know.
Judy (PS1CC) [485] you know where the Co-op is?
Doreen (PS1CB) [486] No.
Judy (PS1CC) [487] As you go down ... er er
Doreen (PS1CB) [488] Well somebody said to me, when I get to traffic lights instead of turning right and going through the bar ... I turn left and go, as if I'm off up to North Cross.
Judy (PS1CC) [489] Up to North Cross?
Doreen (PS1CB) [490] as if I'm off, up ... posh end.
[491] Er up the [...] house.
Judy (PS1CC) [492] Whe where are you coming in?
Doreen (PS1CB) [493] From ... [...] .
[494] [laugh] ... They'll wait
Judy (PS1CC) [495] Oh.
Doreen (PS1CB) [496] and I'll go Alan's way you see.
Judy (PS1CC) [497] Yeah.
[498] And how do you hit Beverley then?
[499] Do you go down Westwood?
Doreen (PS1CB) [500] Yeah.
[501] Oh.
[502] You have to turn left at traffic
Judy (PS1CC) [503] Yeah.
Doreen (PS1CB) [504] lights and you tur
Judy (PS1CC) [505] Yeah.
Doreen (PS1CB) [506] about
Judy (PS1CC) [507] Go
Doreen (PS1CB) [508] three quarters of a
Judy (PS1CC) [509] You go
Doreen (PS1CB) [510] mile off them, and up
Judy (PS1CC) [511] Yeah.
Doreen (PS1CB) [512] there on the
Judy (PS1CC) [513] And it's on your left hand side.
Doreen (PS1CB) [514] on your left hand side.
Judy (PS1CC) [515] And you got the flat and

2 (Tape 076602)

Judy (PS1CC) [516] All you're doing is taping normal conversations.
Joanne (PS1CD) [517] Yeah but you don't know what our normal conversation is do you?
Unknown speaker (KCRPSUNK) [518] Ha
Judy (PS1CC) [519] Well
Joanne (PS1CD) [520] Nah I couldn't ... let all my secrets out.
Judy (PS1CC) [521] They say you've got [...] .
Joanne (PS1CD) [522] Oh yeah!
Judy (PS1CC) [523] Oh ooh!
[524] Ooh!
[525] Ooh!
[526] ... Any
Joanne (PS1CD) [527] Well
Judy (PS1CC) [528] any cups left?
Joanne (PS1CD) [529] Oh.
[530] Why's that?
[531] You making me a coffee?
Judy (PS1CC) [532] Well I might.
[533] I made you a drink last night duck.
Joanne (PS1CD) [534] I know.
[535] I made you a drink today and all.
Judy (PS1CC) [536] Extra dinner's on there.
Joanne (PS1CD) [537] Ooh!
[538] Ooh! ... [...] ?
Judy (PS1CC) [539] Yeah.
[540] ... I better have the dishwasher going.
[541] Won't have anything to drink out of.
Joanne (PS1CD) [542] Can I have the paper back please?
Judy (PS1CC) [543] Ah. [...]
Joanne (PS1CD) [544] Oh yeah.
Judy (PS1CC) [545] I've got to go shopping.
[546] Looks like I'm gonna have to go on my own.
[547] Mandy's [...]
Joanne (PS1CD) [548] Why have you got to go shopping?
[549] Oh yeah.
[550] She goes walking doesn't she?
Judy (PS1CC) [551] He said summat yesterday about taking an hour off.
Joanne (PS1CD) [552] Mm.
Judy (PS1CC) [553] But then er ... he works late last night and he had to go in again this morning.
Joanne (PS1CD) [554] Yeah. [...]
Judy (PS1CC) [555] He's always [...]
Joanne (PS1CD) [556] Yeah.
[557] Aha!
[558] Nah, I bet he hasn't been working.
[559] He's been up early this morning.
Judy (PS1CC) [560] Paul has?
Joanne (PS1CD) [561] Yes.
[562] Didn't wanna get out of bed.
[563] I didn't [...] .
[564] Oh yeah.
Judy (PS1CC) [565] Well she'd look after him wouldn't she?
[566] She'd find him things.
Joanne (PS1CD) [567] Yeah.
[568] ... Aunty Norma?
Judy (PS1CC) [569] Eh?
Joanne (PS1CD) [570] Aunty Nora?
Judy (PS1CC) [571] Aunty Norma.
Joanne (PS1CD) [572] [laugh] ... Shall I go up to her in the pub on Sunday I'll say, hey Aunty Nora?
[573] [laughing] She'd [...] [] .
Judy (PS1CC) [574] I know she would.
[575] She'd say, that I've set you up to say it.
Joanne (PS1CD) [576] Why Aunty Nora?
[577] [laugh] ... What are you having with your chops mum today?
Judy (PS1CC) [...]