15 conversations recorded by `John2' (PS1F1) between 30 January and 6 February 1992 with 8 interlocutors, totalling 2707 s-units, 23532 words, and 2 hours 21 minutes 44 seconds of recordings.

9 speakers recorded by respondent number 63

KCSPS000 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
KCSPS001 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
KCSPS002 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS1F1 Ag5 m (John, age 68, retired (textile worker), Central Northern England, )
PS1F2 Ag5 f (Joan, age 65, retired, Central Northern England, ) wife
PS1F3 Ag5 m (Ken, age 63, retired, Lancashire, ) neighbour
PS1F4 Ag5 m (Sid, age 65, retired, Lancashire, ) neighbour
KCSPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KCSPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

15 recordings

  1. Tape 062701 recorded on 1992-01-30. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( at home ) Activity: chatting
  2. Tape 062702 recorded on 1992-01-30. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( at home ) Activity: chatting
  3. Tape 062703 recorded on 1992-02-01. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( at home ) Activity: chatting
  4. Tape 062704 recorded on 1992-02-01. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 062705 recorded on 1992-02-01. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( out ) Activity: in library
  6. Tape 062801 recorded on 1992-02-03. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( at home ) Activity: at home after shopping in Lancaster
  7. Tape 062802 recorded on 1992-02-03. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( at home ) Activity: door collection by Salvation Army
  8. Tape 062803 recorded on 1992-02-04. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( at home ) Activity: conversation with neighbour
  9. Tape 062804 recorded on 1992-02-04. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( at home ) Activity: conversation with neighbour
  10. Tape 062901 recorded on 1992-02-04. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( out ) Activity: in travel agents
  11. Tape 062902 recorded on 1992-02-04. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( at home ) Activity: conversation with neighbour
  12. Tape 063001 recorded on 1992-02-06. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( shop ) Activity: talking to butcher
  13. Tape 063002 recorded on 1992-02-06. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( kitchen ) Activity: wife having hair done
  14. Tape 063003 recorded on 1992-02-06. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( hardware shop ) Activity: talking to shopkeeper
  15. Tape 063004 recorded on 1992-02-06. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( out ) Activity: talking with friend on seafront

1 (Tape 062701)

John (PS1F1) [1] It just looks expensive though that's all.
Ken (PS1F3) [2] Very expensive.
John (PS1F1) [3] Ah [laugh]
Ken (PS1F3) [4] How's, how much do you think?
John (PS1F1) [5] Oh erm, I would, I would think about three hundred pounds summat like that ... am, am I right at three hundred or?
Ken (PS1F3) [6] Erm, there's that to do, a new wing and that door to straighten out, a new front, all front balance
John (PS1F1) [7] Oh well done
Ken (PS1F3) [8] and the side light ...
John (PS1F1) [9] It might be seven hundred then
Ken (PS1F3) [10] Yeah, well, I went down and I said to after the eng the engineer had seen it, he said like
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [11] order the parts and everything, so I went down a couple of days later I said just for curiosity what's, what's it gonna cost us this bloody lot?
[12] You know
John (PS1F1) [13] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [14] he said well we haven't got the price for spare parts yet he said, but I don't think we'll get much change out of a thousand pound
John (PS1F1) [15] [whistling] Good heavens, how, what happens then, do you have it to pay or do the insurance pay?
Ken (PS1F3) [16] Oh the insurance pay for that
John (PS1F1) [17] Oh do they?
[18] Oh aye
Ken (PS1F3) [19] I just have to pay the first fifty pound
John (PS1F1) [20] Oh yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [21] of any claim whether it's my fault or not
John (PS1F1) [22] It makes fifty pound though cheap doesn't it you know
Ken (PS1F3) [23] Oh I'm not
John (PS1F1) [24] I mean you think, when you sign y with your insurers thing say well I'll have this and I'll pay the first fifty
Ken (PS1F3) [25] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [26] really it's nothing is it?
Ken (PS1F3) [27] Oh no
John (PS1F1) [28] these days no
Ken (PS1F3) [29] no, no, well when I, when I get it, the thing that gets me going is this, that complete car cost me er six thousand, eight hundred
John (PS1F1) [30] Yeah ...
Ken (PS1F3) [31] and then it's gonna cost a thousand pound to repair it so
John (PS1F1) [32] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [33] I mean bloody hell if I er ...
John (PS1F1) [34] But how d'ya feel about it once it's repaired?
Ken (PS1F3) [35] Well it's alright, I mean if it was the chassis that had gone
John (PS1F1) [36] Er
Ken (PS1F3) [37] er if it was the chassis had gone, I don't feel very happy at all
John (PS1F1) [38] No
Ken (PS1F3) [39] but er, well I mean it's a bolt-on wing
John (PS1F1) [40] [laugh] yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [41] I mean sometimes used to get hammer and chisel to 'em
John (PS1F1) [42] That's right and chisel them off
Ken (PS1F3) [43] and chip the wing off, now they don't, it's bolted on, so I thought well bolted on
John (PS1F1) [44] It's like a spare it's like a spare part really, yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [45] Yeah, yeah
John (PS1F1) [46] yeah, yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [47] well I had a Triumph Herald once upon a time, everything with that was bolted on
John (PS1F1) [48] Mm
Ken (PS1F3) [49] it was smashing you can, you could take anything off, the only thing you had to cut was, was a little thin fanlight at the back here ... and one at the front, inch and a half wide
John (PS1F1) [50] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [51] it was welded on, that, well that held the roof on, everything else was bolted on
John (PS1F1) [52] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [53] and there was a little Triumph Herald sign on that, bolted through, that was to cover the weld look, and that was smashing and then they went through all this welding job ... and I, when he lifted the bonnet up the engineer had a look at it, I said, oh I said is this bolted on?
[54] He said yeah, I said oh thank Christ for that ... so he said oh, he said nearly all the cars are bolted now, the only thing, the ones that aren't bolted on now are Fords they still weld all
John (PS1F1) [55] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [56] theirs on, but er
John (PS1F1) [57] Of course that's just making it easier for manufacturers isn't it really the car
Ken (PS1F3) [58] Oh this is it I mean they
John (PS1F1) [59] I mean they're not interested in ordinary motorists are they?
Ken (PS1F3) [60] Oh no I mean we've been down there ... when you put dash like, when you have to wire, er a bolt goes on the dashboard and everything, well Christ I've been round, we went round er ... Sunderland works, Nissan, at Sunderland, and we've been round Rover works
John (PS1F1) [laugh]
Ken (PS1F3) [61] and we've been round Ford at Halewood
John (PS1F1) [62] Eh
Ken (PS1F3) [63] I mean when you get there they just get the, the dashboard out and the bloke on the bench he puts everything on the bench
John (PS1F1) [64] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [65] and they just drop it in with a clamp and it gets sh shoved in and then another bloke just connects all the wires up
John (PS1F1) [66] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [67] and so they say well to take it, to take the board back you do this, you've got to remove that bloody dash
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [68] Yeah, no
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [69] they do, we watched them shove an engine in, you know, it comes along the belt and and stick it in
John (PS1F1) [70] You did want to be able to go around all them works, what, what was it with the
Ken (PS1F3) [71] I C I
John (PS1F1) [72] I C I
Ken (PS1F3) [73] well
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [74] cos our, our
John (PS1F1) [75] Yeah ...
Ken (PS1F3) [76] our sec our like chairman of the group is er, used to be a, a district convener for the union
John (PS1F1) [77] Ah
Ken (PS1F3) [78] and he's still got something to do with the union, so what he did, when he goes to these meetings he said to the, ah you bloke at Nissan how about getting us round
John (PS1F1) [79] Yeah [laugh]
Ken (PS1F3) [80] and ac according to according to Nissan we're all retired er [...]
John (PS1F1) [laugh]
Ken (PS1F3) [81] and then er Vauxhall we got invited round fifty of us went round Vauxhall
John (PS1F1) [82] Oh that's good that's good, er
Ken (PS1F3) [83] and I say round Vauxhalls the only thing we didn't see ... at Vauxhalls was the er paint shop
John (PS1F1) [84] Oh yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [85] he says because the smell there is so great
John (PS1F1) [86] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [87] it'll be on your clothes for a long enough so
John (PS1F1) [88] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [89] but we, we set off ... in a big building, well a building about four times the size of this ... these houses ... and it was all sheet steel wrapped in polythene packages
John (PS1F1) [90] That's marvellous that, yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [91] and that's where the steel came in
John (PS1F1) [92] Oh
Ken (PS1F3) [93] all treated
John (PS1F1) [laugh]
Ken (PS1F3) [94] and then a, a stacker truck came in with a pile er, a four foot square foot doors and he
John (PS1F1) [95] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [96] went through and he put a two pile that down, another on er bonnet and it was all planned out and it was all, these stacker trucks went in
John (PS1F1) [97] Mm
Ken (PS1F3) [98] and we watched them and we watched er see, that's the only thing we didn't see
John (PS1F1) [99] Mind this manufacturing line is a great time saver and a money saver int it?
Ken (PS1F3) [100] Right
John (PS1F1) [101] Yeah, you haven't mentioned going round the brewery there then?
Ken (PS1F3) [102] Oh not while we've been round er
John (PS1F1) [laugh]
Ken (PS1F3) [103] we've been round Sainsbury, the back of plant of Sainsbury, we've been round Lime brewery at Blackford, we've been round Tetleys brewery three times
John (PS1F1) [104] What Leeds?
Ken (PS1F3) [105] no four times
John (PS1F1) [106] Leeds?
Ken (PS1F3) [107] No Warrington
John (PS1F1) [108] Warrington
Ken (PS1F3) [109] Then we've been round the Carlsberg brewery at Northampton
John (PS1F1) [110] Have ya?
[111] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [112] twice
John (PS1F1) [113] that, now that'd be interesting
Ken (PS1F3) [114] we've been round yeah
John (PS1F1) [115] yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [116] Scottish Newcastle Royal brewery twice
John (PS1F1) [117] [laugh] cos there's always a free t
Ken (PS1F3) [118] twice
John (PS1F1) [119] free drinking in, in
Ken (PS1F3) [120] Carlsberg's the best
John (PS1F1) [121] Is it? [laugh]
Ken (PS1F3) [122] Yeah, yeah
John (PS1F1) [123] Er
Ken (PS1F3) [124] you know you can have all the fish courses, you can eat as much as that as you like, then they have all the, the meat courses
John (PS1F1) [125] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [126] and you eat all that, then they have the sweet courses to go from and all the time you're drinking Carlsberg before you go in, then er, like er, a Danish snack like aquavit
John (PS1F1) [127] Oh
Ken (PS1F3) [128] you're drinking that during the meal like you know and
John (PS1F1) [129] that's amazing isn't it?
[130] Er amazing what they can do
Ken (PS1F3) [131] and when you're with the
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [132] come down with ya, where's the, they'll only take twenty
John (PS1F1) [133] Ah
Ken (PS1F3) [134] so when we went down there to the brewery there were forty eight cans of Carlsberg on the coach ready for us and coming back there were another forty eight cans so ... it's er ...
John (PS1F1) [135] At Leeds, they er, I haven't been and er I were in the Conservative club at Queensbury and they had a club, they had er, er a trip that went through to the erm, to the brewery and Leeds tt and they have a fi er a sociable room you know
Ken (PS1F3) [136] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [137] a sociality room whatever, whatever they call it and er, and they gave them a good do really
Ken (PS1F3) [138] Aye
John (PS1F1) [139] er, but they didn't go in for food like er you're talking about
Ken (PS1F3) [140] Oh, oh no
John (PS1F1) [141] the, the treat was at the end they gave them a very er, an opportunity of having a very strong drink
Ken (PS1F3) [142] Oh well
John (PS1F1) [143] but er
Ken (PS1F3) [144] this, when we were round Tetleys at Toddington, er, you have a few drinks at the bar
John (PS1F1) [145] Mm
Ken (PS1F3) [146] and then they say there's a trip going round at the brewery, er you can either have the er ... twenty five minute trip or the, the forty minute trip, whichever you want, well of course everybody says the twenty five and then the rep always, it says oh well these fellas have been four times before so we stop in the bar and you can have what you want, spirits whatever you like and then the bucket comes out and it's, it's smashing
John (PS1F1) [147] [laugh] ... Oh well it's, they're very good aren't they?
Ken (PS1F3) [148] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [149] I've never ev er the only one I've ever been on, I went round Dorman Longs once
Ken (PS1F3) [150] Yeah, right
John (PS1F1) [151] but I only went round Dor Dorman Longs because the man who's in charge of the labourers who moved all the machinery about er I sort of went with him see I didn't
Ken (PS1F3) [152] Yeah, yeah
John (PS1F1) [153] go as a, an official guest really
Ken (PS1F3) [154] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [155] but erm
Ken (PS1F3) [156] Er, I'm going round Rovers in April ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [157] half are going to Rovers and half are going round Cadburys place
John (PS1F1) [158] Ah very good, yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [159] and then in the afternoon those that went round Cadburys are going round Rovers, and those that went round Rovers are going round Cadburys
John (PS1F1) [160] It's interesting to see how other people perform int it?
Ken (PS1F3) [161] Oh aye
John (PS1F1) [162] or have made their living
Ken (PS1F3) [163] Yes
John (PS1F1) [164] really yeah cos there's
Ken (PS1F3) [165] I don't
John (PS1F1) [166] been a lot, on cars there's been a lot of
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [167] yeah
John (PS1F1) [168] and, and on, and on beer there's a lot of
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [169] Oh aye, yeah
John (PS1F1) [170] yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [171] I couldn't work in a car factory
John (PS1F1) [172] No ...
Ken (PS1F3) [173] doing one thing for a fortnight
John (PS1F1) [174] That's all it is it's repetition go over and over or around whatever it is
Ken (PS1F3) [175] just for a fortnight but even so
John (PS1F1) [176] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [177] oh just shoving sheets of plate into a, a machine that comes down and it take, it goes out the other end and you put another one in all day long
John (PS1F1) [178] Yeah yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [179] oh
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [180] mind destroying
Ken (PS1F3) [181] Yes
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...] ...
John (PS1F1) [182] How are you this morning Mrs ?
Joan (PS1F2) [183] Shivering
John (PS1F1) [184] It isn't as cold as it was though is it?
Joan (PS1F2) [185] Damp int it?
John (PS1F1) [186] Aye it is
Joan (PS1F2) [187] Damp, get, get
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [188] yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [189] yes ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [190] Sid was very cooperative there he didn't realize but he has been ... he's spoken very well, we've talked about all these jobs he's done and all the travelling he's done with the
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [191] he's interested in ya all of a sudden
John (PS1F1) [192] Yeah, right very good, I don't know
Joan (PS1F2) [193] What did ya did ya, ya having
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [194] still
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]

2 (Tape 062702)

John (PS1F1) [195] They bloody resigned they did
Ken (PS1F3) [196] Aye, so
John (PS1F1) [197] oh she did rather
Ken (PS1F3) [198] Yeah, yeah, yeah
John (PS1F1) [199] so it shows you how bloody useless they are ... a bunch of
Ken (PS1F3) [200] Where?
John (PS1F1) [201] bloody idiots ...
Ken (PS1F3) [202] I think we could do with somebody I, I mean Stanley's er, er has been at er been repet
John (PS1F1) [203] Stanley's had it for me
Ken (PS1F3) [204] he aye, he aye he doesn't seem to work for it does he?
John (PS1F1) [205] He's a bloody idiot
Ken (PS1F3) [206] He doesn't seem to work for us does he?
John (PS1F1) [207] he works against us
Ken (PS1F3) [208] Aye
John (PS1F1) [209] I've asked him to do a bloody couple of jobs and he hasn't done 'em yet
Ken (PS1F3) [210] No
John (PS1F1) [211] simple little things
Ken (PS1F3) [212] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [213] ah leave it to me, leave it to me
Ken (PS1F3) [214] But then it's left altogether int it?
John (PS1F1) [215] and that
Ken (PS1F3) [216] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [217] silly pillock is a bloke who wants, who's got a little office on the promenade at the
Ken (PS1F3) [218] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [219] station
Ken (PS1F3) [220] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [221] and he's planning all this damn, it's costing millions of pounds and it's costing thousands of pounds while he's sat in that dammed office having it all drawn up and
Ken (PS1F3) [222] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [223] that, er ... digging up the centre of Morecambe, done away with this bridge and that
Ken (PS1F3) [224] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [225] he's a bloody
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [226] for a bus driver and never made a bloody penny
Ken (PS1F3) [227] It makes you wond it makes you wonder really, really where they get the background for planning doesn't it?
[228] I mean they get into these jobs and really they've no background of understanding of the exact
John (PS1F1) [229] Yet it's the bloody simplest
Ken (PS1F3) [230] No
John (PS1F1) [231] thing
Ken (PS1F3) [232] I'm, I'm, I'm a bit against er traders like, like builders and all like that and trade people being on the Council, I'm a bit against that, er but after saying that, those kind of people do have some understanding on what's to be done
John (PS1F1) [233] Understanding, yes
Ken (PS1F3) [234] but, but these fellas they come along and they have, they get in because of a policy
John (PS1F1) [235] but what a per
Ken (PS1F3) [236] rather than the person
John (PS1F1) [237] My policy regarding Morecambe is this, people come into Morecambe as a private individual like yourself, like me, like my family and we come in here to accept Morecambe as it is
Ken (PS1F3) [238] Yeah, yeah
John (PS1F1) [239] not as bloody what the committee wanted
Ken (PS1F3) [240] No [laugh]
John (PS1F1) [241] bloody towering bloody flats of
Ken (PS1F3) [242] ruddy peo aye, aye ... and they've raised the rent of every damn thing up, ours isn't r combination houses rent
John (PS1F1) [243] Yes
Ken (PS1F3) [244] my rent gone up on allotment
John (PS1F1) [245] Yeah, yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [246] now what's it you know five hundred percent
John (PS1F1) [247] Yeah that that, that go, that's not right is it?
Ken (PS1F3) [248] No that's four door
John (PS1F1) [249] That's er yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [250] so's you can un pack up, soon as you pack the bloody allotment up
John (PS1F1) [251] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [252] and the speculated buildings
John (PS1F1) [253] and they have land to play about with aye, yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [254] Anyway I'll have to go
John (PS1F1) [255] Aye I'll see you then er
Ken (PS1F3) [256] let us know
John (PS1F1) [257] tomorrow, aye, take care then

3 (Tape 062703)

Joan (PS1F2) [258] So she were just having a crumpet, she's but butter were all melting, I says I can just picture now running down your chin and
John (PS1F1) [laugh]
Joan (PS1F2) [259] she says we'll, we, we had a later
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [260] so she were just having a few crumpets ...
John (PS1F1) [261] And er is she gonna come you say?
Joan (PS1F2) [262] Well [clears throat] I told you what she said about her and Sandra you know and I wrote and said when they you know if they felt like coming for a day that'll be alright I said but don't be having anything to eat I'll bring in sandwiches, I mean I, I know I've said it's very kind of Sandra to say, but you can't, they, way your relatives are coming and bringing sandwiches can ya?
John (PS1F1) [263] Ooh definitely not
Joan (PS1F2) [264] It's ridiculous
John (PS1F1) [265] Can't have that
Joan (PS1F2) [266] but, [laughing] then again with Eileen [] you never know with Eileen she says well it's, it depends on our Sandra she said I'm not building up on it cos you know what she is, but she says if ... you know she might want Alan to come and then she goes on and, and then, then she says I don't know what we shall do really if we do come, she says cos if Eileen won't, she's work, really can't come if Alan comes
John (PS1F1) [267] Oh of course they can can't they?
Joan (PS1F2) [268] They haven't mentioned it to Ida, of course they can
John (PS1F1) [269] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [270] so, if, if, if they're all four of them coming er and she says about going in for a meal I shall say oh well if you feel like it go and do that then and come for your tea [clears throat] I mean it's just putting them round table isn't it?
John (PS1F1) [271] Yeah, what, how many's that?
Joan (PS1F2) [272] Er six ...
John (PS1F1) [273] Well we can manage it can't we? ...
Joan (PS1F2) [274] Well we have, when we have James and Robert it's a bit of crush isn't it?
[275] But er ... I haven't, oh with four it's just nice, five enough
John (PS1F1) [276] Oh what I'm really saying is that you can't er
Joan (PS1F2) [277] Oh I wouldn't dream of I mean
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [278] Oh I know, no I wouldn't dream, I mean
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [279] think that good enough to come and see you then having and bringing,br having their dinner and then bring your sandwiches for all lot
John (PS1F1) [280] That's right
Joan (PS1F2) [281] Our Lisa well she said I'll stand at
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [282] we'll take sandwiches and ferry you and John an'all, I said well
John (PS1F1) [laugh]
Joan (PS1F2) [283] very good I says but you tell her just to forget that will ya?
[284] Otherwise she'll get her hands and face slapped [laugh]
John (PS1F1) [285] Mind you see they're, they're very willing aren't they to er
Joan (PS1F2) [286] Well she says if you'd of come to Sandra's she'd make you something, I says I know Eileen and so would I as well, I says I wouldn't have anybody coming in and bringing them sandwiches, I mean if somebody knocked on the, on our door one day from Queensbury and we didn't know they were coming and they'd brought sandwiches with them
John (PS1F1) [287] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [288] well you can't do nowt about it then can ya?
John (PS1F1) [289] No that's true
Joan (PS1F2) [290] You know or, but I mean I could make, you could make anybody sandwiches can't ya?
John (PS1F1) [291] It's not a, it's not a long journey either from Queensbury to Morecambe is it?
Joan (PS1F2) [292] No ...
John (PS1F1) [293] When they erm
Joan (PS1F2) [294] oh no it isn't
John (PS1F1) [295] and the lies she's
Joan (PS1F2) [296] She says as I say I'll have to wait and see what she says, because she said, you know when weather gets better, oh I says you're better off waiting while it gets better weather
John (PS1F1) [297] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [298] I says and you've more daylight then
John (PS1F1) [299] But the daylight is improving now isn't it?
[300] Very, very nice
Joan (PS1F2) [301] I'll say it is I'll say it is ... but she says she has a trapped nerve in the top of her leg, she says sometimes it's not so bad but she said it's not bad, you know when I get up she says I'm in a lot of pain and it, you have to take painkillers for it
John (PS1F1) [302] How old is Eileen now, she's seventy, seventy?
Joan (PS1F2) [303] Well she was seventy since we came here, on our second year, so she'll be about seventy three I think, her birthday I think's in er November or something, she'll be about seventy three will Eileen, let's see, Uncle Jim was seven when I was born, so he, I'm sixty six next so he will be seventy three, I'm sure, oh no ... well that's right int it?
[304] That's seven
John (PS1F1) [305] Well if you knew, if you knew the difference between her age and yours you see ...
Joan (PS1F2) [306] She's about, only about twelve month younger than him
John (PS1F1) [307] Aye ...
Joan (PS1F2) [308] well he was fifty seven when he died
John (PS1F1) [309] Mind she seems very a she seems very active Joan though don't she?
Joan (PS1F2) [310] She's very active minded is Eileen yeah very active
John (PS1F1) [311] Well physiclar particular
Joan (PS1F2) [312] Well as I say she's, she said she's had sitting and er ache you know and she has these things just to keep going, she has taken up inside her, just to keep going, that's why she goes and has that like I had [...] to examine inside that no more has grown and all the things inside her
John (PS1F1) [313] Aye, yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [314] [clears throat] She has to go every so many months to check that they're not reoccurring, but apart from that she is, she's quite er, she's quite good, quite active minded cos playing go bowls and [sneeze]
John (PS1F1) [315] Playing bowls and
Joan (PS1F2) [316] and the West End Chapel keeps her going er and she said many a time that helped her to get
John (PS1F1) [317] er bowls at Chapel have been [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [318] over un losing Uncle Jim did the Chapel ...
John (PS1F1) [319] Oh it's
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [320] mind it'll be very nice to see 'em come won't it?
Joan (PS1F2) [321] Oh I'd like, yes I'd like someone to come here, oh I'd like 'em all here for the day ...
John (PS1F1) [322] Yeah well that's right, cos you see they're off by, half past six
Joan (PS1F2) [323] You know
John (PS1F1) [324] aren't they, six o'clock?
Joan (PS1F2) [325] Yeah, I mean Eileen if Eil Eileen ever can manage to get her friends to bring her and at weekend, Eileen's no bother
John (PS1F1) [326] Er
Joan (PS1F2) [327] she's easy to get on with is Eileen, probably be shattered with talking after she'd gone, but she's easy I mean I, there's lots I wouldn't want coming to stay, but Eileen is one I don't, I wouldn't mind because, well oh I know Eileen's ways and er, er, her, my interests are very much like hers we've similar interest with family and everything, er it's just if you've nothing in common with them
John (PS1F1) [328] No
Joan (PS1F2) [329] that's, that's gonna be a bit awkward
John (PS1F1) [330] It's a pity it's a pity there isn't a regular certain bus service int there?
Joan (PS1F2) [331] Yeah ...
John (PS1F1) [332] If we had a regular bus service ... rather than a regular train service
Joan (PS1F2) [333] Yeah.
[334] You see really, I mean it's no bother if you're going, if you're coming from Queensbury to here
John (PS1F1) [335] With what?
Joan (PS1F2) [336] The train
John (PS1F1) [337] No I mean
Joan (PS1F2) [338] If you get if you get
John (PS1F1) [339] it's not cheap those not, not at all
Joan (PS1F2) [340] Oh no, oh no I'm talking about, oh aye, yes I understand that, it's not cheap
John (PS1F1) [341] and you've got to get to the station
Joan (PS1F2) [342] but if er, yes if you have somebody to take you to station and then we pick 'em up
John (PS1F1) [343] and if you're coming for a few days you've, you've bag carrying and all this in the business
Joan (PS1F2) [344] Ah aye yes yes ... yeah ...
John (PS1F1) [345] anyway that's the way it goes innit?
Joan (PS1F2) [346] I mean I know you stay well you know you have, you have relatives with cars and that, but you can't do with putting on other people can ya?
John (PS1F1) [347] Never, never
Joan (PS1F2) [348] You can't do with asking, if they offer, it's a different story, so ...
John (PS1F1) [349] Mind you does Alan work away?
[350] ... And Sandra's at home int she now?
Joan (PS1F2) [351] No she's not no she's er, she's teaching so many
John (PS1F1) [352] What
Joan (PS1F2) [353] half term
John (PS1F1) [354] what she's not aye, she's not full time though is she?
Joan (PS1F2) [355] I don't think she's full time work, no
John (PS1F1) [356] No, mind you it might be so, so long each day
Joan (PS1F2) [357] Oh, aye, yes
John (PS1F1) [358] Yeah but if, if you know what I mean I, I thought she was er, I thought she was
Joan (PS1F2) [359] That Alan isn't working away, I mean he comes home every
John (PS1F1) [360] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [361] night, yes, for his meals ...
John (PS1F1) [362] What have you had tonight then Joan special?
[363] Mine needs putting in there ...
Joan (PS1F2) [364] Oh that's me jumper ...
John (PS1F1) [365] I've all them tapes to play you know with interviews
Joan (PS1F2) [366] Oh my goodness John I don't know who you're gonna interview ... the national treasury
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [367] well I'm thinking of er er ...
Joan (PS1F2) [368] [cough] ... Recording their own conversa the trouble is though, if you're recording your own conversations you're a bit stilted
John (PS1F1) [369] Oh you are definitely
Joan (PS1F2) [370] you're not, not, not natural are ya?
John (PS1F1) [371] That's right ...
Joan (PS1F2) [372] [reading] The tapes and conversation details will all become completely anonymous ... no one will know who's used the words or whose voice are on the tapes ... together they will provide a permanent record of how the English language is spoken in the nineteen nineties [] we'll go down in posterity, eh?
John (PS1F1) [373] Yes, yes, it's a good thing really ...
Joan (PS1F2) [374] You can put one on them we've converse for the, put it on for the evening
John (PS1F1) [375] Well it says if you have to do it when the television's on, we never have the television off ... [laugh] ...
Joan (PS1F2) [376] Put it on at seven o'clock er Emmerdale Farm, but you see when it goes on you feel as though you're tongue tied ... [reading] all be completely anonymous [] ... these are all same, but they're different
John (PS1F1) [377] Yeah, well I think those are when, you know, if, if I take one of those with me ... and somebody s and somebody er says well why, why are you taping this conversation you know, you, I can give 'em one of those
Joan (PS1F2) [378] Yeah ... and you won't if, do you, won't have to tell 'em what you're getting for doing it, you're just, you're just doing it for interest so to speak
John (PS1F1) [379] Yeah I know
Joan (PS1F2) [380] reckon you're doing it
John (PS1F1) [381] Well I am actually, I am actually doing it for interest ... it's not gonna be easy mind ya
Joan (PS1F2) [382] Well it isn't because you've got
John (PS1F1) [383] because you've got a something that's absolutely foreign to what we do, we don't er
Joan (PS1F2) [384] We'll have to ask Freda and Ken over one night for their suppers
John (PS1F1) [385] Yeah secretly
Joan (PS1F2) [386] Well no you see you can't can ya?
John (PS1F1) [387] Oh yeah, what oh yes, oh without a doubt Joan, er you can do it, you could have the name and you could have who talked to them and, and then I can tell 'em that what, I've done this you see and that'd be the end of it ... it does suggest that you don't tell them before you tell them after and then you sort of give them the opp the opportunity of me knocking, not recording it you see, wiping it off the tape, because it stunts the conversation.
Joan (PS1F2) [388] Yeah it does, you see if Ken and Freda or anybody knew they were being televised they'd be careful of what they said
John (PS1F1) [389] Yeah, if they come up to you with a microphone and say would you like to say a few words for the television programme yourself
Joan (PS1F2) [390] I wouldn't I'd dry up I wouldn't know what to say
John (PS1F1) [391] You're like er like butter melting
Joan (PS1F2) [392] If you've plenty of time for thinking about it
John (PS1F1) [393] Yeah, it really wants to be all written down so you can read it off don't it?
Joan (PS1F2) [394] [yawning] That's right [] and can you play that back then to see what it sounds like?
John (PS1F1) [395] Yes, she was saying was the lady that they erm ... er
Joan (PS1F2) [396] Where she come from? ...
John (PS1F1) [397] She's a local woman, she's a local woman
Joan (PS1F2) [398] Is she?
John (PS1F1) [399] Yes you can play it back although they don't suggest, they don't proposed you do that, because the batteries might not last you see
Joan (PS1F2) [400] Oh yeah
John (PS1F1) [401] er, it's only fort the forty five minutes per ... per tape, erm per side, er and I think it's after three, three, three tapes you chuck the batteries away and she left another, a load of batteries
Joan (PS1F2) [402] Oh my goodness
John (PS1F1) [403] so, erm
Joan (PS1F2) [404] she expects you to be busy then all next week doesn't she?
John (PS1F1) [405] Yeah, well that's true I did, I did say to her, I says well erm ... are you interested in performance, I said do you want, you know, is it a lot you want?
[406] Well she said it's up to you how you go on really, you know the more, the more you can do the better or less, see how it works out, cos you don't really know do ya?
[407] You don't really know and they
Joan (PS1F2) [408] And that cos
John (PS1F1) [409] suggesting that a couple of days, oh a couple of days is, is enough really, if you, if you get two days out of it
Joan (PS1F2) [410] Mm
John (PS1F1) [sigh]
Joan (PS1F2) [411] and what's the, where you can go you see for
John (PS1F1) [412] Oh well mind you
Joan (PS1F2) [413] cos it isn't as though, see if we're at Queensbury we're going to Doreen and Frank's and, and, and that's, that's our, that's our conversation
John (PS1F1) [414] Yeah, oh aye I can, I can, I can some conversation
Joan (PS1F2) [415] Now if they'd of had Emma with them
John (PS1F1) [416] Oh, but you see that, that, that doesn't always apply, because if I go into the library and I take it with me and I sit by er, that gentleman who keeps handing me the paper or that lady you know
Joan (PS1F2) [417] Mm
John (PS1F1) [418] who speaks to you, er it's easy enough to just er have the microphone handy that they don't see and just switch the tape on and I'll record what they're saying, come away, see, do it secretly like that, they don't have to know really that they're on tape ... and it doesn't really matter, I mean the people who will listen to these tapes are er anonymous you know
Joan (PS1F2) [419] Well they, you're anonymous with these an'all aren't ya?
John (PS1F1) [420] Yeah you are ...
Joan (PS1F2) [421] That, and where was she going then?
[422] Where was
John (PS1F1) [423] She didn't say, because really I were, I were interesting in going in the, in the kitchen you see, cos I knew you
Joan (PS1F2) [424] Did she have a car?
John (PS1F1) [425] I didn't even notice that, but I did notice her across the road at Mrs ... and know so right she'd been there ... I just didn't notice where she went, but I heard the bell ring and I could see this anorak through there and me mind thought Mrs , perhaps it's Mrs but then when I saw this ... this lady well ... I just didn't know what to think really.
[426] ... But you see three quarters of an hour, if we, if we, when er Ken, Ken and Freda's an hour and a half, er, it soon goes an hour and a half with company like that don't it?
Joan (PS1F2) [427] Mm
John (PS1F1) [428] And Ken and Freda have plenty to talk about, by God aye, Freda will have anyway ...
Joan (PS1F2) [cough]
John (PS1F1) [429] but you don't realize what's going on do ya in all, in the country?
[430] According to the, the pamphlets here it's, it's government funded ... all government funded job ...
Joan (PS1F2) [431] Ooh you'd think they had nothing else to spend their money on it, I think it's silly, there's enough words in the dictionary ...
John (PS1F1) [432] Good and bad ...
Joan (PS1F2) [433] What, [reading] how you're doing, doing a conversation at home cooking dinner, working and eating in office, serving a customer in a shop, in a car or a bus a train, out shopping with a friend, in a pub []
John (PS1F1) [434] I can hear ya ...
Joan (PS1F2) [435] It said John here, it said er [reading] only include people who speak to you
John (PS1F1) [436] There's not many of them around is there?
Joan (PS1F2) [437] don't forget to include your own details [] yeah
John (PS1F1) [438] It's erm
Joan (PS1F2) [439] if you, even if you just go in a shop and ask for something, I tell you what I'll send you in butchers with it, for one or two bits and
John (PS1F1) [440] He'll talk won't he?
Joan (PS1F2) [441] Yes get him talking in butchers or if there's a few in it can be handy for listening to their, won't it?
John (PS1F1) [442] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [443] Yeah, I'll send you in the butchers ...
John (PS1F1) [444] Oh it's a bigger
Joan (PS1F2) [445] where would you hide it on you?
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [446] oh in me pocket ... anywhere
Joan (PS1F2) [447] say it's er, [reading] in a pub or restaurant er in a shop etc [] ... in a restaurant
John (PS1F1) [448] cos
Joan (PS1F2) [449] [reading] case of a shop assistant and you don't know their name, don't, write don't know on the first line of shop assistant under occupation, only include people who speak to you []
John (PS1F1) [450] Why?
Joan (PS1F2) [451] Oh why you're having to speak, you having to have the other people talking to each other, the people who speak to you ...
John (PS1F1) [452] Oh you don't realize how important speech is and conversation until you, somebody asks you to record it, how much conversation you're, you're involved in.
[453] ... [yawning] oh dear []
Joan (PS1F2) [454] Oh if you collect some materials she'll give you a pet a gift token for twenty five pounds, goodness gracious me. ...
John (PS1F1) [455] [yawning] oh, oh dear ... oh [] ... She said that one, one lady ... did a lot of recording and then played it back and listened to herself and didn't like her own voice so she wiped it all off ... and handed it in.
Joan (PS1F2) [456] Well that's silly because nobody'd known it was her would they?
John (PS1F1) [457] No exactly, no
Joan (PS1F2) [458] You
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [459] sound awful there, so
John (PS1F1) [460] I agree, I don't think you realize how you sound, no
Joan (PS1F2) [461] You don't, no you don't ...
John (PS1F1) [462] [yawning] Oh dear [] ... anyhow I'll get myself a drop of drink, you say it's seven o'clock do ya?
Joan (PS1F2) [463] That's right, mm, mm
John (PS1F1) [464] Anything you need?
Joan (PS1F2) [465] No thanks love, not yet ... [reading+whispering] that's with the conversations, spoken English, guidelines for recording conversations, guidelines for recording conversations [...] [] ... [reading] As soon as you've been involved in a conversation, press the record down to start recording [] oh yeah these are to show people what you're doing for
John (PS1F1) [466] Yeah ... well I'll learn to take over and just, just learn
Joan (PS1F2) [467] That's right
John (PS1F1) [468] Will you have one of these love?
[469] Just to
Joan (PS1F2) [470] No thank you John, no thank you, would you like one of my chocolates?
[471] Are you having one now?
John (PS1F1) [472] No I'm alright thank you
Joan (PS1F2) [473] Oh I don't want one really ... [yawn]

4 (Tape 062704)

John (PS1F1) [474] Trouble is, trouble is you see if you er if you leave her alone you don't know just how she's gonna go on do ya?
Ken (PS1F3) [475] No
John (PS1F1) [476] Then then the problem is
Ken (PS1F3) [477] you're guilty all the time
John (PS1F1) [478] Aye that's right
Joan (PS1F2) [479] Yeah if you don't go every day, yes, that's
Ken (PS1F3) [480] once you've start you'll
Joan (PS1F2) [481] yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [482] you've had it
Joan (PS1F2) [483] It's a good job it's not all that far away int it?
[484] I mean
Ken (PS1F3) [485] No, it is
Joan (PS1F2) [486] you spend most of your time like that
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [487] she thinks I should do it, you know
John (PS1F1) [488] How old is she Ken?
Ken (PS1F3) [489] Eighty nine going on
Joan (PS1F2) [490] Oh, and you see if you didn't go Ken she'll wonder where you were
Ken (PS1F3) [491] Aye
Joan (PS1F2) [492] she'll say I wonder where [laughing] you were, cos they are like that [] aren't they?
John (PS1F1) [493] And does doctor call regular?
Ken (PS1F3) [494] Never comes near
Joan (PS1F2) [495] Oh they should do you know
John (PS1F1) [496] Aye
Joan (PS1F2) [497] shouldn't they?
[498] They're supposed to go every week
Ken (PS1F3) [499] I don't think they even bother me [laugh] for, for
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [500] you know what I mean, what can you do about it?
John (PS1F1) [501] Well if somebody doesn't you know
Ken (PS1F3) [502] Mm
John (PS1F1) [503] I tell you what, car's a bit frozen up this morning
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [504] every day
John (PS1F1) [505] Ah
Ken (PS1F3) [506] Good job I'm not working, having to take Freda on er, I used to hate that
Joan (PS1F2) [507] Oh yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [508] to scrape off at seven o'clock in morning
Joan (PS1F2) [509] Yes
John (PS1F1) [510] Oh, been good or
Joan (PS1F2) [511] it soon melts though doesn't it?
Ken (PS1F3) [512] Aye
Joan (PS1F2) [513] With the sun, yes it's
Ken (PS1F3) [514] aye once sun gets on it, it's away like, aye it is the fog and having to get in but then
John (PS1F1) [515] That's life isn't it?
Ken (PS1F3) [516] that's life
John (PS1F1) [517] Mind you, you can't get down there can you?
Ken (PS1F3) [518] Oh no, no
John (PS1F1) [519] No
Ken (PS1F3) [520] the road down is blocked, you couldn't get out, you wouldn't be able to open your doors
John (PS1F1) [521] No that's right, that's true
Joan (PS1F2) [522] Pauline's is very nice where they live, Michael doesn't bother taking his in, cos it's the gap, well they couldn't get it in the
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [523] but Pauline's smaller car, she just gets it doesn't she?
Ken (PS1F3) [524] Aye
John (PS1F1) [525] Aye she does, yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [526] And I thought I don't know how she manages to back that down, but she does, and it's a long drive like that int it?
John (PS1F1) [527] Aye it is
Joan (PS1F2) [528] But she
Ken (PS1F3) [529] That's all I think about if, if it conks and won't start again, you can't get out
John (PS1F1) [530] No, no
Joan (PS1F2) [531] No, no
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [532] no that's right
Joan (PS1F2) [533] No
John (PS1F1) [534] mind you, you'll be surprised how wide it is you know from your steps ... from your pipe to your wall there Ken
Ken (PS1F3) [535] Aye pipe you might get passed with it wouldn't like to see
Joan (PS1F2) [536] I wouldn't bother
John (PS1F1) [537] No
Joan (PS1F2) [538] I wouldn't like to think I were guiding [laughing] you down there []
Ken (PS1F3) [539] No, I, I would just put it in at this end and it's amazing how I did it
Joan (PS1F2) [540] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [541] See you then Ken
Ken (PS1F3) [542] Ta-ta
Joan (PS1F2) [543] Ta-ta
Ken (PS1F3) [544] thank you ...

5 (Tape 062705)

John (PS1F1) [545] Er, and you know, you can drive yourself crazy really
Joan (PS1F2) [546] Yeah oh yeah
John (PS1F1) [547] going on one to another, but it's just sad really we can't do any, much more you see
Joan (PS1F2) [548] Yeah, it's just, I don't want him to start up in the summer again
John (PS1F1) [549] No, no, no, yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [550] those bloody two store lorries
John (PS1F1) [551] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [552] and back, because he does that every year, you don't hear it in the winter, it's every summer he starts, he starts
John (PS1F1) [553] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [554] that up of a night and he has it going all night
John (PS1F1) [555] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [556] and you can't watch them, the air's stiller I think in the summer
John (PS1F1) [557] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [558] Have a [...] through the night and you can't sleep
John (PS1F1) [559] No
Joan (PS1F2) [560] even up, further up the road to us can't, have turned round and said they can't sleep
John (PS1F1) [561] No, well what I was going to do, er, I thought I might write to the Council and say, seeing that er, it's important to have that there
Joan (PS1F2) [562] Mm ...
John (PS1F1) [563] I'm gonna write and say and seeing that they're going to reorganize the way they're gonna collect the community charge, you know, they're gonna do it on houses
Joan (PS1F2) [564] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [565] rather than people
Joan (PS1F2) [566] Yeah ...
John (PS1F1) [567] I were gonna ask for a reduction in community charge
Joan (PS1F2) [568] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [569] er gonna erm
Joan (PS1F2) [570] which you won't get [laugh]
John (PS1F1) [571] Well aye but if you, if we do it you see
Joan (PS1F2) [572] cos they got that bloody many that aren't paying haven't they?
John (PS1F1) [laugh]
Sid (PS1F4) [573] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [574] There was a programme on this morning, I don't know if you saw it or not?
Joan (PS1F2) [575] No I didn't no
John (PS1F1) [576] No
Joan (PS1F2) [577] I've been out, I've been out since half seven this morning well
John (PS1F1) [578] er
Joan (PS1F2) [579] twenty past seven this morning
John (PS1F1) [580] it was amazing really there were one young man there from er, er London polytechnic and he was a very arrogant young man, er and there were all kind of things came out
Joan (PS1F2) [581] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [582] you know he said well er, he was talking about erm, er this Trident thing
Joan (PS1F2) [583] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [584] why don't the Council, but all that's really
Joan (PS1F2) [585] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [586] to do with government rather
Joan (PS1F2) [587] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [588] than paying your community charge
Joan (PS1F2) [589] Oh aye
John (PS1F1) [590] I mean they must pay the cover
Joan (PS1F2) [591] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [592] you see his expenditure was er, he, he, he, just to put it down to a very minor thing, you're spending four pound a week
Joan (PS1F2) [593] Mm
John (PS1F1) [594] four to five pound a week on beer er but he wouldn't pay a pound a week, and he's come, a pound a month
Joan (PS1F2) [595] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [596] on his community charge, erm, but it's, it is a problem really, it is a problem
Joan (PS1F2) [597] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [598] but I haven't really got any further, haven't got, got any further
Joan (PS1F2) [599] Oh
John (PS1F1) [600] and I don't really know where to go to now you see
Joan (PS1F2) [601] No, well this is it isn't it?
John (PS1F1) [602] Now I mean we, we did very well going up there and
Joan (PS1F2) [603] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [604] spending an, an evening waiting for him and seeing him
Joan (PS1F2) [605] Yeah ... anyway I better get [...]
John (PS1F1) [606] so we'll let it drive a bit anyway [laugh]
Joan (PS1F2) [607] Aye
John (PS1F1) [608] we'll see how it goes
Joan (PS1F2) [609] see ya anyway
John (PS1F1) [610] Yeah ...
Sid (PS1F4) [611] Put the money in a, on a br corner r r of a bridge, it's just outside Barnsley
John (PS1F1) [612] Yeah
Sid (PS1F4) [613] why weren't the police there when they
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [614] well there, there it is
Sid (PS1F4) [615] They've picked the money up
John (PS1F1) [616] Yeah
Sid (PS1F4) [617] run across er, they must've gone across er some lines ... and got on a motorbike, but where were the police?
John (PS1F1) [618] Well there's so many of 'em about really
Sid (PS1F4) [619] Well that's asking the question
John (PS1F1) [620] Yeah, yeah that's right
Sid (PS1F4) [621] yes Daily Express ...
John (PS1F1) [622] there's that many of them really, you'd think there'd be
Sid (PS1F4) [623] Yes
John (PS1F1) [624] be a, I don't, I don't, I don't think
Sid (PS1F4) [625] that wouldn't of happened in
John (PS1F1) [626] No
Sid (PS1F4) [627] any other country do
John (PS1F1) [628] No
Sid (PS1F4) [629] nobody er put
John (PS1F1) [630] no
Sid (PS1F4) [631] they want eight hundred and fifty odd thousand pounds now and nobody watching them
John (PS1F1) [632] Yeah, yeah
Sid (PS1F4) [633] they're comedians
John (PS1F1) [634] mind they have got they've got the curlm they've got the girl back haven't they, that's one
Sid (PS1F4) [635] Oh aye
John (PS1F1) [636] aye that's one great thing
Sid (PS1F4) [637] Oh aye
John (PS1F1) [638] where they're
Sid (PS1F4) [639] I've no, I've no excuse for police out
John (PS1F1) [640] Yeah
Sid (PS1F4) [641] on its job, no it's
John (PS1F1) [642] well
Sid (PS1F4) [643] anybody with intelligence knows
John (PS1F1) [644] Yeah
Sid (PS1F4) [645] who's going this, who, what, who's going to answer if they put a hundred and fifty, a hundred and seventy thousand, five pound down and nobody will watching it being who did it?
John (PS1F1) [646] I think they'll catch them though, I think they will catch 'em
Sid (PS1F4) [647] It's not a matter of catching them
John (PS1F1) [648] No
Sid (PS1F4) [649] I very much doubt they will
John (PS1F1) [650] Yeah, don't, don't you think they will?
Sid (PS1F4) [651] No
John (PS1F1) [652] No
Sid (PS1F4) [653] there's, there's
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [654] yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Sid (PS1F4) [655] the police
John (PS1F1) [656] Yeah ...
Sid (PS1F4) [657] but why the hell, money put down and the village in er just outside of Barnsley
John (PS1F1) [658] Yeah
Sid (PS1F4) [659] mostly be
John (PS1F1) [660] they'll be working on the, they'll be working on the kidnapper's instructions though wouldn't they?
[661] They would be working on the kidnapper's instructions, the police?
Sid (PS1F4) [662] The police?
John (PS1F1) [663] Aye
Sid (PS1F4) [664] On
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Sid (PS1F4) [665] aye the, the senior detectives
John (PS1F1) [666] Yeah
Sid (PS1F4) [667] but where were the police?
John (PS1F1) [668] Mm ... but it's sad affair really int it?
[669] Really sad affair
Sid (PS1F4) [670] It wouldn't of happened in America if were
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [671] no, wouldn't of happened in Russia either, it wouldn't of happened in Russia
Sid (PS1F4) [672] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [673] [laugh] ... er ...
Sid (PS1F4) [674] We can't even, you mean to tell me there's all these bombs keep going off wi it didn't, if it had happened in France ... police carry bloody guns
John (PS1F1) [675] Yeah
Sid (PS1F4) [676] and all sorts
John (PS1F1) [677] You don't think we're strong enough then, police?
Sid (PS1F4) [678] Strong enough?
John (PS1F1) [679] Yeah
Sid (PS1F4) [680] We're not strong enough
John (PS1F1) [681] cos they did, they work on a softer approach you know the police, they're not, they're not on the hard
Sid (PS1F4) [682] They're not strong enough
John (PS1F1) [683] No, no ...
Sid (PS1F4) [684] If a fella walked in here now with a bloody gun I'd
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [685] it's er, it's
Sid (PS1F4) [686] it's like America
John (PS1F1) [687] it save a lot of money er all these pensioners get 'em all shot off [laugh]
Sid (PS1F4) [688] Aye, now, wait a moment, wait a moment show common sense, if, if, if it'd happen in America in five minutes there'd be a hundred bloody policemen out there
John (PS1F1) [689] Yeah
Sid (PS1F4) [690] with guns
John (PS1F1) [691] yeah, yeah ... I must admit it's a poor do when they know exactly where the criminal's going to be at a certain time and then they let 'em go
Sid (PS1F4) [692] Number of time they can't catch anybody
John (PS1F1) [laugh]
Sid (PS1F4) [693] they're only going on people's information
John (PS1F1) [694] Yeah ...
Sid (PS1F4) [695] it's a big, in this town it's kept quiet, it happened on Monday night ... of course there's gonna be a bloody big shake up in Lancashire police, it happened in this town there er, er, er a robbery at a bungalow where an old lady were
John (PS1F1) [696] Is that right?
Sid (PS1F4) [697] Yes, it's been kept quiet
John (PS1F1) [698] Was anybody injured, anybody hurt?
Sid (PS1F4) [699] Well the old woman's in hospital
John (PS1F1) [700] Er, and it hasn't been reported yet then?
Sid (PS1F4) [701] Aye, pardon?
John (PS1F1) [702] It hasn't been reported in the papers then yet?
Sid (PS1F4) [703] No
John (PS1F1) [704] No
Sid (PS1F4) [705] they've, they've not put nothing in the papers
John (PS1F1) [706] Whereabouts, whereabouts was this happened?
Sid (PS1F4) [707] Oh I'm not saying anything
John (PS1F1) [708] No
Sid (PS1F4) [709] I know where it's happened
John (PS1F1) [710] Yeah
Sid (PS1F4) [711] yeah.
John (PS1F1) [712] We've to be on our guard all the time really, we've to be on our guard all the time, all the time ...
Sid (PS1F4) [713] Lately this town there's more layabouts in this town and some and anywhere in Lancashire ... you don't, they're not Lancashire people, oh they're homeless and they live in, in boarding houses at the expense of er the tax payers
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [714] Where they supposed to live then?
Sid (PS1F4) [715] Yes
John (PS1F1) [716] Where they supposed to live?
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [717] Yeah
Sid (PS1F4) [718] drawing income tax
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [719] In boxes
Sid (PS1F4) [720] er yeah drawing social security
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Sid (PS1F4) [721] yes
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [722] Silly old sod
John (PS1F1) [723] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [724] where these people supposed to live I wonder
Sid (PS1F4) [725] Just [...] and get bigger shake up it's ever had in it life who persecutes life, it's coming now, we come ... as old as we are.
John (PS1F1) [726] Mind you it makes you wonder whether the democracy itself is in trouble you know
Sid (PS1F4) [727] Yeah ... it's about time it were shaken up now that Labour Party er this government er, erm they're agreeing to this, this has to be done and that has to be done ... you put notices up on buses all over Britain no smoking in the buses, now in the big restaurants they're going to have to between now and July put notices up, no smoking in restaurants
John (PS1F1) [728] I agree with that ... I agree with that [laugh]
Sid (PS1F4) [729] Yes ...
John (PS1F1) [730] mind, I've never smoked in all me life so I don't understand it really, I don't er understand how people suffer really
Sid (PS1F4) [731] Why can't, tell me, this, how this is the intelligence and that, had er
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [732] Well I dunno I think that they would follow if they wanted to roll up they can do they do with
John (PS1F1) [733] Aye, do you think so?
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [734] I used to smoke heavy
John (PS1F1) [735] Did ya?
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [736] packed 'em up just
John (PS1F1) [737] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [738] like that
John (PS1F1) [739] cos I've never smoked you see so I don't really understand
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [740] Right
Sid (PS1F4) [741] this ... the, what makes me laugh is that people's intelligence, they walk along a street shopping and as soon as they walk into a restaurant they sit down and start smoking
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [742] Yes, that's one place they shouldn't be allowed
Sid (PS1F4) [743] Yes
John (PS1F1) [744] well they're just saying they're gonna put notices up in, first of July
Sid (PS1F4) [745] Well in British Homes Stores' restaurant the rest of them and all them big, they've been putting them up
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [746] Well they have smoking areas up in those
John (PS1F1) [747] Yeah, yeah
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [748] restaurants like
Sid (PS1F4) [749] Because them who own the restaurant they'll get er they'll be fined on the Common Market laws
John (PS1F1) [750] That's if we take any notice of them eh?
Sid (PS1F4) [751] Pardon?
John (PS1F1) [752] That's if we take any notice of them
Sid (PS1F4) [753] Who?
[754] And the person what's [...]
John (PS1F1) [755] our authorities really
Sid (PS1F4) [756] I know and listen
John (PS1F1) [757] they won't clean our beaches up
Sid (PS1F4) [758] listen
John (PS1F1) [759] really, we won't clean the sea up, we didn't bother with that
Sid (PS1F4) [760] Yeah, didn't, you don't [...]
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [761] And water's the same way
John (PS1F1) [762] Yeah water's the same way innit?
Sid (PS1F4) [763] there's hundreds of French, Germans they're waiting until the first of July and they'll be in this country in a flash.
John (PS1F1) [764] Well we've, well I, I come originally from Yorkshire
Sid (PS1F4) [765] Yeah and then and then [...]
John (PS1F1) [766] and we and we were selling er mohair to France, all, all my working life into France we're selling mohair and our
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [767] into, into France all my working life
Sid (PS1F4) [768] They're blaming, they're blaming
John (PS1F1) [769] so whether the French come over here or not I think we're quite ready to cope with them here
Sid (PS1F4) [770] they're blaming er parents are blaming school teachers about the kids, now where I live kids are running around up to eleven o'clock at night sometimes, it's not the teachers to blame it's the parents
John (PS1F1) [771] No, it's educational system that's wrong
Sid (PS1F4) [772] Aye,
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Sid (PS1F4) [773] they live at Silverdale
John (PS1F1) [774] What were your job?
[775] What did you do?
Sid (PS1F4) [776] aye, erm
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [777] what did you do as a job?
Sid (PS1F4) [778] The youngest has just gone
John (PS1F1) [laugh]
Sid (PS1F4) [779] to school and he can read, the parents are not concerned about reading, mm
John (PS1F1) [780] I think this system of getting all the children to sit round a table and be taught as a group is wrong, I think they should be taught individually, should have a desk of their own and, and the teacher should stand there and deliver the lesson er to each person ... but that's, that's the way it goes
Sid (PS1F4) [781] Nine out of every child will be
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Sid (PS1F4) [782] and how many children in England can speak German? ...
John (PS1F1) [783] Well you're painting a very dark picture for us this morning aren't ya?
Sid (PS1F4) [784] Well it's true
John (PS1F1) [785] About old people getting mugged and schools and police in trouble [laugh]
Sid (PS1F4) [786] Well it, if they're, if they're pointed going to come, if we're going to come a full member of the Common Mark it's no laughing, we laughed, we laughed at bloody Hitler didn't we?
[787] And we nearly come under it er were only for the Yanks.
John (PS1F1) [788] Well if er, if they'd left it a bit later
Sid (PS1F4) [789] What
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [790] if the Yanks of left it a bit later they'd of missed all the action
Sid (PS1F4) [791] Would they?
[792] Well we couldn't of stopped Hitler ...
John (PS1F1) [793] Ma maybe so, maybe so, but
Sid (PS1F4) [794] Oh you can never mind this country's never won a major war on its own and never will do
John (PS1F1) [795] the Americans are the Americans came into the, to the last war to satisfy their own ends
Sid (PS1F4) [796] and that, I'm saying that how it ends
John (PS1F1) [797] they weren't bothered about all this
Sid (PS1F4) [798] I'm saying that I'm an English member, we've never won a, a major war on its own ... look what's, what's happened in, yeah, never won a major war on its own and never will do, there's no nation in the world could beat a German army and, er what would built up
John (PS1F1) [799] On fear
Sid (PS1F4) [800] Yes
John (PS1F1) [801] I agree with ya, they'd built
Sid (PS1F4) [802] they went up high
John (PS1F1) [803] the army was, it were built up like the er, er Mafia, it were built on fear, yes
Sid (PS1F4) [804] there's no constellation to stop each other
John (PS1F1) [805] if you didn't do what they wanted to do they did, they did you in, they sent you to Belsen
Sid (PS1F4) [806] Japan this cou did this country er good, even though they bombed er Pearl Harbour they did this country a good ... a good what's it shall we say
John (PS1F1) [807] Oh they did, they brought they brought the Americans in, yeah
Sid (PS1F4) [808] they brought the Yanks in, aye, they brought the Yank
John (PS1F1) [809] and that that's why the Americans came into the war, they didn't come into the war to look after us, they came in to look after their own interest in the
Sid (PS1F4) [810] No, I know
John (PS1F1) [811] into the
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Sid (PS1F4) [812] well listen
John (PS1F1) [813] don't run away with the idea that anybody's ever helped us
Sid (PS1F4) [814] listen
John (PS1F1) [815] because we have done everything we should of done, we've defended the right all over the world, we went to the Falklands, we, we defended the right in it
Sid (PS1F4) [816] Well why weren't we, aye, well why weren't we ready?
[817] Why ain't we army?
John (PS1F1) [818] You don't think we'll be chucked out of this library for talking too loud do ya? [laugh]
Sid (PS1F4) [819] Well why, well listen, well why, what the, you tell him
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [820] I can't be bothered
Sid (PS1F4) [821] tell us why wasn't this country ready
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [822] boring people, boring hours, what about the people who are getting the rent off it eh?
[823] What about that?
Sid (PS1F4) [824] Sen fancy sending army wagons across to France before Dunkirk, to, to stop bloody tanks, that's how bloody intelligent Britain is.

6 (Tape 062801)

John (PS1F1) [825] Is it all wallpapered or?
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [826] Most of it, yes, why, what you looking for?
John (PS1F1) [827] Well no I just, I just notice some jackets with them things
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [828] Oh well we sell er ... mostly work clothing you see
John (PS1F1) [829] I see yeah
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [830] industrial shoes and boots
John (PS1F1) [831] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [832] and bedding that sort of thing ... mostly wallpaper, yeah
John (PS1F1) [833] Oh ... that looks like an oil with a
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [834] on it
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [835] It is, yeah
John (PS1F1) [836] Six pounds fifty ... oh that's handy Joan isn't it?
Joan (PS1F2) [837] Mm
John (PS1F1) [838] That's handy
Joan (PS1F2) [839] I think now I remember hearing you saying
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [840] nearly all wallpaper
John (PS1F1) [841] Yeah ... Ah they're all right if you want a couple of wallpaper jobs, a couple of rolls isn't it?
Joan (PS1F2) [842] Yeah they are, yes
John (PS1F1) [843] Aye ... oh no, oh no when you look at that, what does that say there?
[844] ... What does that say?
Joan (PS1F2) [845] Twelve pounds
John (PS1F1) [846] That can't be twelve pounds surely, it's slightly imperfect, twelve pounds each ... oh well at least we've looked haven't we?
Joan (PS1F2) [847] Mm
John (PS1F1) [848] That's one thing, yeah ...

7 (Tape 062802)

John (PS1F1) [849] Pardon?
Ken (PS1F3) [850] The Salvation Army in look
John (PS1F1) [851] Oh eh, have we had one have we?
Joan (PS1F2) [852] Ooh, yes just a minute
John (PS1F1) [853] have we had one?
[854] Oh
Ken (PS1F3) [855] I think we've got one
Joan (PS1F2) [856] Well I have, would you give me another one please?
Ken (PS1F3) [857] Yeah I will, yes, here
Joan (PS1F2) [858] I do remember that don't know
John (PS1F1) [859] Gonna cost you a fortune in envelopes innit?
Ken (PS1F3) [860] [laugh] You want it now?
John (PS1F1) [861] Having it now or what?
Joan (PS1F2) [862] Yes please
Ken (PS1F3) [863] Yes, just a minute ...
John (PS1F1) [864] How's the world treating you then?
Ken (PS1F3) [865] Very well, yes, yes
Joan (PS1F2) [866] Oh dear
Ken (PS1F3) [867] can't grumble
John (PS1F1) [868] Well that's the way to do really
Ken (PS1F3) [869] Aye, well you get nothing for grumbling do ya?
John (PS1F1) [870] No you don't, no ... see they've had er mums and tots down at the centre today
Ken (PS1F3) [871] Oh yeah yeah they've had a good time I think down there
John (PS1F1) [872] When's your next jumble sale?
Ken (PS1F3) [873] Oh I think there's one a month, we had one last week
John (PS1F1) [874] Ah
Ken (PS1F3) [875] about one a month I'm told, I think
John (PS1F1) [876] we'll keep 'em like, we've had one or two little bits and we've taken 'em down you know and
Ken (PS1F3) [877] Yeah, that's the best way really ... yeah ... amazing where it all comes from
John (PS1F1) [878] Well it's to be all really that somebody can make a use of these things innit?
Ken (PS1F3) [879] Oh yeah
John (PS1F1) [880] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [881] yeah, aha
John (PS1F1) [882] when Joan's aunty died we, we gave all the stuff to er ... the [...] in er near, near Bradford
Joan (PS1F2) [883] I don't know if they're frosty or not, I don't know whether
Ken (PS1F3) [884] Bradford?
John (PS1F1) [885] Yeah oh it don't matter yes
Ken (PS1F3) [886] Yeah yeah
John (PS1F1) [887] by we lived there
Joan (PS1F2) [888] Thank you
John (PS1F1) [889] so
Ken (PS1F3) [890] Oh did you?
[891] My daughter used to live there
John (PS1F1) [892] Oh did she?
[893] Oh
Ken (PS1F3) [...]
John (PS1F1) [894] Oh well a nice pla that's a posh place
Ken (PS1F3) [895] Oh it's nice the building int it?
[896] Very high though and
John (PS1F1) [897] Ha, look, look, there's a friend of yours across there ...
Joan (PS1F2) [898] Oh there's a few of them yeah, right
John (PS1F1) [899] Oh yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [900] thank you
Ken (PS1F3) [901] There's that, okay?
Joan (PS1F2) [902] I don't know
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]

8 (Tape 062803)

Joan (PS1F2) [903] She what?
Ken (PS1F3) [904] She got conned ...
Joan (PS1F2) [905] It's sticking a bit is that, that John listen
Ken (PS1F3) [906] Oh aye daft weather
John (PS1F1) [907] Aye
Joan (PS1F2) [908] Yeah, come in
John (PS1F1) [909] in what way er Ken?
Joan (PS1F2) [910] I think it's because I've er, erm
Ken (PS1F3) [911] Well
Joan (PS1F2) [912] will you have a cup of coffee?
Ken (PS1F3) [913] No thanks, no I'm alright
Joan (PS1F2) [914] What about you dear?
Ken (PS1F3) [915] Don't want to hold you up pet
Joan (PS1F2) [916] Oh you're alright you're not, I'm not going out this morning
Ken (PS1F3) [917] No, [...] er
Joan (PS1F2) [918] I've plenty of time
Ken (PS1F3) [919] Aye, so you end up marking it then and er, well she did, she got me to go there second time, and he said well you can't you see er
John (PS1F1) [920] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [921] ones you've picked, oh he said they're twenty five
John (PS1F1) [922] Ah
Ken (PS1F3) [923] but it was a nicer looking thing
Joan (PS1F2) [924] Yeah

9 (Tape 062804)

Ken (PS1F3) [925] Ah he said, this is twenty er poor thing
John (PS1F1) [926] Oh
Ken (PS1F3) [927] beside her, and these are twenty five, I said you didn't say that before, oh yes I did he said, I think oh well I'm not wasting my time here arguing with you
Joan (PS1F2) [928] Yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [929] aye
Ken (PS1F3) [930] So I took that, then when I get it home it, it soon
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [931] a sight worse then I can tell ya, he did a, a
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [932] that was higher than that
Joan (PS1F2) [933] Yeah, yeah well it's not so bad is that
Ken (PS1F3) [934] no one end
Joan (PS1F2) [935] isn't it?
Ken (PS1F3) [936] you know
Joan (PS1F2) [937] No and then you have
Ken (PS1F3) [938] so we settled for that but er, it was an inferior weren't it one we
John (PS1F1) [939] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [940] had, but he said it were twenty in the end and then he changed his mind at twenty five so
John (PS1F1) [941] And are they, are they feather-lined or are they
Ken (PS1F3) [942] No, they're er
John (PS1F1) [943] Ours are feather int it?
Joan (PS1F2) [944] Well we have two
John (PS1F1) [945] Ah
Joan (PS1F2) [946] and the, the one that we had before we came here
John (PS1F1) [947] the one we had er big bed thirteen tog
Joan (PS1F2) [948] That was fifty odd pounds
John (PS1F1) [949] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [950] Oh
Joan (PS1F2) [951] it's a Fog er Fogarty is it?
John (PS1F1) [952] Er
Joan (PS1F2) [953] Fogarty or something and it's still we duck it down
John (PS1F1) [954] Duck down int it?
Ken (PS1F3) [955] Mm
Joan (PS1F2) [956] and it's, it's thirteen point five tog, that's heaviest
Ken (PS1F3) [957] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [958] it's king size, now that is too warm, we only put that on in winter
Ken (PS1F3) [959] Mm
Joan (PS1F2) [960] it's too warm in summer isn't it?
John (PS1F1) [961] But it's amazing
Joan (PS1F2) [962] But I mean
John (PS1F1) [963] it's amazing how much heating it retains
Ken (PS1F3) [964] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [965] Er well that, well then we decided to get us, er one for summer and we went on the market and I think, was it a nine tog that's all?
John (PS1F1) [966] All, it's a very light one
Joan (PS1F2) [967] I think it's either nine or six
John (PS1F1) [968] Oh I'll tell you where we bought that in market
Ken (PS1F3) [969] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [970] and it were, it were nine ninety nine
John (PS1F1) [971] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [972] weren't it?
[973] And
John (PS1F1) [974] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [975] we find that we put that on in summer and it, it feel, keeps us warm even when weather just goes a bit
Ken (PS1F3) [976] Yeah, yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [977] you know dodgy
John (PS1F1) [978] That was a Sunday market
Ken (PS1F3) [979] Aye
John (PS1F1) [980] that was a Sunday market
Ken (PS1F3) [981] Ah this is a big thick thing it is
Joan (PS1F2) [982] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [983] it's warm enough like
John (PS1F1) [984] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [985] I'm not complaining
Joan (PS1F2) [986] And, and what is it?
[987] Is it, this one that we've got
Ken (PS1F3) [988] It's fibre stuff in it
Joan (PS1F2) [989] Ah this is fibre that we have on this bed
John (PS1F1) [990] Mind you we find that, we find that other one
Joan (PS1F2) [991] Mind you this is easier, I'm sure it is
John (PS1F1) [992] at night alright, that one er
Joan (PS1F2) [993] I, I did not show him
John (PS1F1) [994] with the, with the fibre and whatnot it's fine, that's alright
Joan (PS1F2) [995] Oh we're warm enough
Ken (PS1F3) [996] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [997] find it's a real
Ken (PS1F3) [998] When I, when I first came out I bought one at er ... that'd be about fifty quid somewhere round there, duck down
John (PS1F1) [999] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1000] and it's done alright, but all feathers seemed to gone to outside now
John (PS1F1) [1001] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1002] er, er, although we've shaken it up, we've shaken it up
John (PS1F1) [1003] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1004] it, they all seemed to stay outside, you know, can't seem to
Joan (PS1F2) [1005] This, this on the small on the, on the spare
John (PS1F1) [1006] Oh that's a point in there
Joan (PS1F2) [1007] bed, er is a diamond and it's got hollow fibre
Ken (PS1F3) [1008] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1009] but I think it's, total value John is only four point five
John (PS1F1) [1010] Now then, er
Joan (PS1F2) [1011] only point, er, four point five and it's plenty warm enough int it?
Ken (PS1F3) [1012] Mm
Joan (PS1F2) [1013] In inside that
John (PS1F1) [1014] You know once you're on that system you've got to have a light one and a heavy one
Ken (PS1F3) [1015] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [1016] because you've to make arrangements for the weather
Ken (PS1F3) [1017] Mm, oh that as well we could always put other back in winter, in summer you know
John (PS1F1) [1018] Yeah ...
Joan (PS1F2) [1019] but that one on, that big one ... that there is too hot in summer
John (PS1F1) [1020] Oh it's a nuisance an'all
Joan (PS1F2) [1021] we keep it on and then we decide oh
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [1022] summer time
Joan (PS1F2) [1023] can't sleep with it, so erm, and yet we've found it's fine
Ken (PS1F3) [1024] Mm
Joan (PS1F2) [1025] with this last winter
Ken (PS1F3) [1026] Mm my feet are sweating now, but, she seems to have a bug in there or summat, cos it's more like a burning than a sweat, it
John (PS1F1) [1027] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1028] she seems
Joan (PS1F2) [1029] Mm, I'm not surprised are you?
[1030] The way the weather it's changing
Ken (PS1F3) [1031] No I
John (PS1F1) [1032] It's very changey
Joan (PS1F2) [1033] Well it's mild this morning isn't it?
John (PS1F1) [1034] gonna be warmer today anyway it says
Joan (PS1F2) [1035] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [1036] lighter on the showers, it's gonna ease off
Ken (PS1F3) [1037] Mm
John (PS1F1) [1038] that's their forecast anyway
Joan (PS1F2) [1039] Well which market did you get it from?
[1040] I mean
Ken (PS1F3) [1041] Main market erm, but he er, I didn't like him like er
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [1042] They all at top
Joan (PS1F2) [1043] They're not genuine are they?
John (PS1F1) [1044] they all at top, you can get it up easy enough can ya?
Ken (PS1F3) [1045] Well I had a go at it and it, well knowing
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [1046] Yeah, yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1047] it's inside cover it doesn't
Joan (PS1F2) [1048] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1049] can't see
John (PS1F1) [1050] What quantity is it?
[1051] Is it oh two yard
Ken (PS1F3) [1052] Quite a big spread, no it's about that big a diameter and
John (PS1F1) [1053] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1054] it's obviously scraped on summat
John (PS1F1) [1055] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1056] it's not bad, it's, it's, but we know it's there that's the only thing
Joan (PS1F2) [1057] Yeah remember that morning we bought ours it was in summer and it was a, a Pakistani girl
John (PS1F1) [1058] It was, yes
Joan (PS1F2) [1059] er
John (PS1F1) [1060] she looked er, she looked really to be new at the job
Joan (PS1F2) [1061] I've never seen
Ken (PS1F3) [1062] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [1063] very young and
Joan (PS1F2) [1064] she's not there now
John (PS1F1) [1065] No
Joan (PS1F2) [1066] the stall's not there now, and all the thick one and thins are all alike
Ken (PS1F3) [1067] Mm
Joan (PS1F2) [1068] nine ninety nine well I supposed it's not to miss
John (PS1F1) [1069] And they're all good quality
Joan (PS1F2) [1070] if it only lasts twelve months
John (PS1F1) [1071] all good quality they looked didn't they?
Joan (PS1F2) [1072] Yeah and clean very clean, yeah
John (PS1F1) [1073] But it's a matter of look
Joan (PS1F2) [1074] Well they were wrapped up weren't they?
John (PS1F1) [1075] it's a matter of look when you go in the market
Ken (PS1F3) [1076] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1077] Oh it is int it, yeah
John (PS1F1) [1078] er if you go to er, er a major store, if you go to Marks and Spencers, somewhere like that, it's on a return basis, but with the market it's a little bit here today gone tomorrow
Ken (PS1F3) [1079] That's it, that's it
Joan (PS1F2) [1080] They're like gypsies aren't they?
John (PS1F1) [1081] but you can be lucky you see I mean
Ken (PS1F3) [1082] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [1083] we were lucky with that, with that er, with that one
Joan (PS1F2) [1084] Oh yes yeah
John (PS1F1) [1085] very fortunate
Ken (PS1F3) [1086] Well I wouldn't of taken first one back I er, I mean, it was, wouldn't of bothered me, it wouldn't, had spots that were on it
John (PS1F1) [1087] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1088] but this is worse mind than that was, but you can, it's obviously oil where that, that she said was blood that
Joan (PS1F2) [1089] And what tog is it?
Ken (PS1F3) [1090] Thirteen
Joan (PS1F2) [1091] Yes
Ken (PS1F3) [1092] Mm and that, that's it
Joan (PS1F2) [1093] Yeah that, that's right it is it's like Howard in, as same as Howard's, well she really wanted [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1094] Oh yeah well we had a blanket on an'all and we took that off
John (PS1F1) [laugh]
Joan (PS1F2) [1095] [laughing] Yeah []
John (PS1F1) [1096] Well the, that, I should think so an'all by God
Joan (PS1F2) [1097] but you know that one what Pauline has on her bed when we go, that's only thin
John (PS1F1) [1098] Very, very light
Joan (PS1F2) [1099] but you know we, we might feel cold when we get in at first, oh we haven't been in long before it's warm isn't it?
John (PS1F1) [1100] Warm I just said
Ken (PS1F3) [1101] No, no if you use them as they should be used they're alright
Joan (PS1F2) [1102] Mm
Ken (PS1F3) [1103] [clears throat] but er Freda would have a blanket on in winter with that, it wasn't necessary you know
Joan (PS1F2) [1104] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1105] cos the nearer it is to you the, the warmer it is
Joan (PS1F2) [1106] Are you sure you won't have a coffee Ken?
Ken (PS1F3) [1107] Yes I'm alright thanks, I'm alright
John (PS1F1) [1108] When you're on blankets and you've been brought up on blankets er you're used to blankets
Ken (PS1F3) [1109] Mm
John (PS1F1) [1110] and I, I always felt if we have a change onto this er new system of er, of these quilts, I, I you know, I weren't too sure, but once you've changed I don't think you'd ever want to go back because in winter time when it's a bit cooler and you put more blanket on to keep warmer and then it becomes heavy
Ken (PS1F3) [1111] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1112] Oh I know they
John (PS1F1) [1113] but with this system they're not weight weighty at all, no
Ken (PS1F3) [1114] No, no ...
John (PS1F1) [1115] and I've long feet you see and if I put have me feet straight up like that it er it's pressure on it
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [laugh]
Joan (PS1F2) [1116] But them, them old blankets we had some because we need them when they come, I fold 'em
John (PS1F1) [1117] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1118] and put 'em on camp beds
Ken (PS1F3) [1119] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1120] ooh they are heavy them blankets
Ken (PS1F3) [1121] Mm, mm
Joan (PS1F2) [1122] and you know we used to have about four on didn't we at Queensbury
Ken (PS1F3) [1123] Aye
Joan (PS1F2) [1124] John?
John (PS1F1) [1125] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1126] Used to get up feeling tired
Ken (PS1F3) [1127] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1128] I never
Ken (PS1F3) [1129] And wash it, and washing them was another problem innit?
Joan (PS1F2) [1130] Ah it is it is, it's terrible because I don't think you can get, I don't know whether you can get a, I couldn't get one in my other washer but then
Ken (PS1F3) [1131] Well you'll get one in
Joan (PS1F2) [1132] yeah probably would
John (PS1F1) [1133] wouldn't you get one in that Princess that you got at first?
Joan (PS1F2) [1134] Oh yeah, but not in me
John (PS1F1) [1135] No, no
Joan (PS1F2) [1136] not in me twin tub I couldn't
John (PS1F1) [1137] No
Joan (PS1F2) [1138] Betty
Ken (PS1F3) [1139] I remem
Joan (PS1F2) [1140] used to take 'em and wash 'em for me
Ken (PS1F3) [1141] when I first got married I er, well not first
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1142] she went in hospital for something or other
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1143] when she had this
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1144] before that, maybe when the scrapers or whatnot, I thought I'd do a job here I'll wash blankets
John (PS1F1) [laugh]
Ken (PS1F3) [1145] and I put 'em in near boiling water didn't I? [laugh]
Joan (PS1F2) [1146] Oh I know there's wool in that
Ken (PS1F3) [1147] And the stink
John (PS1F1) [1148] I wouldn't of known that I'd of done that
Joan (PS1F2) [1149] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1150] the stink, urgh
John (PS1F1) [1151] I'd of done that
Joan (PS1F2) [1152] John would I don't think he knows
John (PS1F1) [1153] I'd of done that
Joan (PS1F2) [1154] what to put in there do ya?
Ken (PS1F3) [1155] The smell was awful and oh we er give a really good ... blankets like
Joan (PS1F2) [1156] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1157] yeah really good wool blankets, ooh heck
Joan (PS1F2) [1158] Cos they last forever don't they?
Ken (PS1F3) [1159] Aye they, they would of done [laugh]
Joan (PS1F2) [1160] They would of if you hadn't put them in a boil wash
Ken (PS1F3) [1161] It was just like a boil, [laughing] it was a big double it went to about single [] don't laugh
John (PS1F1) [1162] Wool is the best, it's the best warming commodity there is
Ken (PS1F3) [1163] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1164] it is with clothes it's erm
John (PS1F1) [1165] Yeah, yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1166] if you get wool in clothes
John (PS1F1) [1167] carpets, clothes anything
Joan (PS1F2) [1168] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1169] It were real they were really good blankets my mother had bought them for us for er er wedding present
Joan (PS1F2) [1170] Mm, yeah that's, that's a good present isn't it?
Ken (PS1F3) [1171] Aye
Joan (PS1F2) [1172] Do you remember Frank brought, bought us one of that pal of yours
John (PS1F1) [1173] Yeah oh yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1174] in the army ... he bought us, but he worked, he, they owned er, erm
John (PS1F1) [1175] Well Hartleys the er, the knitting wool people of Keighley the er, his son I soldiered with him
Ken (PS1F3) [1176] Mm
John (PS1F1) [1177] there were one or two lads in our unit who were sons of er, of er manufacturing, one was er Crawford Biscuits you know, I soldiered with him and I don't know if you remember er erm, er but anyway, Frank, Frank at Keighley of course when I got, when we got married he, he came up and got us these blankets didn't he?
Joan (PS1F2) [1178] Well he used to visit didn't he?
John (PS1F1) [1179] Aye he did he used to visit yeah, well we lost contact with him really
Joan (PS1F2) [1180] Well you do over the years cos all ya
Ken (PS1F3) [1181] Yeah you do really
Joan (PS1F2) [1182] and he never got married did he?
[1183] And he had a different life from us I think
John (PS1F1) [1184] Oh a different life totally
Joan (PS1F2) [1185] they, they, they went in different circles from others
Ken (PS1F3) [1186] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1187] and they're loners and he were very nice though
Ken (PS1F3) [1188] And when you've got a fam
Joan (PS1F2) [1189] weren't they John?
Ken (PS1F3) [1190] and when you've got a family anyway er
Joan (PS1F2) [1191] You don't you don't
Ken (PS1F3) [1192] you tend to drift away don't ya?
Joan (PS1F2) [1193] Yes you do
Ken (PS1F3) [1194] I was big mates with a lad at [...] near Gatehead, Skipton you know?
Joan (PS1F2) [1195] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1196] But over the year we've drifted apart ... they had a family, we had a family
John (PS1F1) [1197] By lord that's a grand place [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [1198] What, oh [...] we used to go regular up on a Sunday didn't we to [...] ?
John (PS1F1) [1199] Oh Christ the Railway Hotel at [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [1200] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [1201] Railway Hotel
Joan (PS1F2) [1202] that's right railway do you remember?
John (PS1F1) [1203] What did they call your mate then at [...] ?
Ken (PS1F3) [1204] Ben
John (PS1F1)
Joan (PS1F2) [1205] Oh no, no
John (PS1F1) [1206] cos erm we knew somebody called Jack there a cricketer
Joan (PS1F2) [1207] He used to play cricket for Queensborough
John (PS1F1) [1208] his father had a public house in Keighley and then, then er when he got married Jack he bought a little business in Keighley which didn't do so well, so then he went and lived in [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1209] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [1210] down Shady Lane
Ken (PS1F3) [1211] Ah that Shady Lane I know
John (PS1F1) [laugh]
Joan (PS1F2) [1212] It's a
Ken (PS1F3) [1213] mind you
Joan (PS1F2) [1214] lovely little place
Ken (PS1F3) [1215] my mate lived down that area then he, he moved up to far end Keighley end
John (PS1F1) [1216] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1217] there's a row of houses right on, by top
John (PS1F1) [1218] On the, yeah there is
Ken (PS1F3) [1219] right at the far end
John (PS1F1) [1220] at the at the other, other side
Ken (PS1F3) [1221] Yeah, yeah right at the far end
John (PS1F1) [1222] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1223] well they're kinda er half semi half terraced they are there
John (PS1F1) [1224] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1225] there maybe three in a block or summat like that, er he took second from far end and their lawn is high up, up the road you know
Joan (PS1F2) [1226] Mm
John (PS1F1) [1227] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1228] so he dug up the lawn and put a little garage in
John (PS1F1) [1229] That's good, that's
Joan (PS1F2) [1230] Mm
John (PS1F1) [1231] clever
Ken (PS1F3) [1232] on his own like
John (PS1F1) [1233] Had to move some stuff there then
Joan (PS1F2) [1234] Yes
Ken (PS1F3) [1235] He, he, well it was a council house when he moved in and he come to me ... what'd be, ten, twelve years since he says, I've chance to buy that house he says, they want fifteen thousand he says what do you think?
[1236] I said grab that house up sharp
John (PS1F1) [1237] Mm
Ken (PS1F3) [1238] he said do you think so?
[1239] I said too true, get hold of it
John (PS1F1) [1240] It's a new area as well yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1241] And the view is terrific
John (PS1F1) [1242] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1243] it looks right out on valley you know
Joan (PS1F2) [1244] Mm
Ken (PS1F3) [1245] and the
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1246] right on down that valley ... anyway he bought it and he
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1247] it seemed a lot for buying a council house
Joan (PS1F2) [1248] Yes
Ken (PS1F3) [1249] but in the position it was and everything
Joan (PS1F2) [1250] Oh yes and now, mm
Ken (PS1F3) [1251] so he got it and it's a real cracker it is, real good house
Joan (PS1F2) [1252] Mm
John (PS1F1) [1253] [...] the area as well, we've had lots of picnics there aren't we?
Joan (PS1F2) [1254] Yes, well it weren't far from where we lived
John (PS1F1) [1255] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1256] it didn't take long did it?
[1257] About quarter of an hour at most I think
John (PS1F1) [1258] When we started to go there at first there were a fella, a fella from Keighley who was a weaver and he bought a bit of land at the side of the er, the side of the chapel, or was it the school?
[1259] What's it, a chapel or school?
Joan (PS1F2) [1260] It was a gate road wasn't it?
John (PS1F1) [1261] It's opposite the park you go, you go into [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1262] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [1263] the park's on your left
Ken (PS1F3) [1264] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [1265] and it's the first road on your right
Ken (PS1F3) [1266] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [1267] and it's either a school or a chapel there, to you, on your right
Joan (PS1F2) [1268] Mm
John (PS1F1) [1269] just before the road forks
Ken (PS1F3) [1270] Mm
John (PS1F1) [1271] and er, you go up that land there and we went quite regularly for picnics there, cos we had, we loved it there
Joan (PS1F2) [1272] Well you used to go fishing there didn't you?
John (PS1F1) [1273] Yes
Joan (PS1F2) [1274] In [...]
John (PS1F1) [1275] er one of the
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [1276] well he bought the land and we saw him at different times build his bungalow it's a lovely bungalow now int it?
Joan (PS1F2) [1277] Yeah it went right from
Ken (PS1F3) [1278] Mm
Joan (PS1F2) [1279] from start
John (PS1F1) [1280] Er and his son helped him but I think in later on there were a little bit of disagreement with, with regards to who, how much work there was and, but anyway they'd finished the bungalow and er it's grand yes
Joan (PS1F2) [1281] It ought to be it's his house hadn't he?
John (PS1F1) [1282] But if you go down that road even further there was er a, a couple there bought one of the houses and er
Joan (PS1F2) [1283] An old one
John (PS1F1) [1284] yeah and I don't know what they give for it but it would it would be very reasonable but it's
Joan (PS1F2) [1285] They wouldn't give a lot because it was in a bad
John (PS1F1) [1286] a lovely situation, yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1287] Of course people are doing that now
John (PS1F1) [1288] Well they are
Joan (PS1F2) [1289] buying old houses aren't they?
[1290] And doing them up
Ken (PS1F3) [1291] Eh up, oh aye
John (PS1F1) [1292] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1293] and that's, that's er
John (PS1F1) [1294] Well
Ken (PS1F3) [1295] look at that couple up, in the
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1296] lakes there, they're, they've bought ... a barn that been done up
John (PS1F1) [1297] Yeah ...
Ken (PS1F3) [1298] and it was already done up like and er
Joan (PS1F2) [1299] Mm, mm
Ken (PS1F3) [1300] they bought it and moved in and now Planning are saying that it, it wasn't a
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1301] place, they pulled it down and rebuilt it so it has to come down
John (PS1F1) [1302] Ooh
Ken (PS1F3) [1303] and they've bought it
John (PS1F1) [1304] oh dear
Joan (PS1F2) [1305] Oh dear that's terrible int it?
Ken (PS1F3) [1306] Mm ... can try and but look
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1307] couldn't it?
[1308] Come that way er like, they don't seemed to be giving it to 'em, and it was nothing to do with them, they bought it and, and they would have a search done as the reason when you buy houses aren't there?
Joan (PS1F2) [1309] I'd say I'd say that
John (PS1F1) [1310] Problem here you know it's solicitors that's wrong
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1311] Oh it's the solicitor that's wrong
John (PS1F1) [1312] Solicitor's wrong, yeah I mean that's what you pay 'em for really
Ken (PS1F3) [1313] Mm yeah and apart from that the bloke that sold it must have known cos he
John (PS1F1) [1314] He probably, that's why he's, probably why he sold it [laugh]
Ken (PS1F3) [1315] I think it was in his er his agreement when he made it
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1316] that it was only er a face up, it weren't to pull down and rebuild
Joan (PS1F2) [1317] They're nice these houses that we've said haven't we John?
[1318] We wouldn't like to live in them now at our age
Ken (PS1F3) [1319] No
Joan (PS1F2) [1320] the two, we go, I mean
Ken (PS1F3) [1321] Yes
Joan (PS1F2) [1322] even the boat on the sands, there's some lovely bungalows
John (PS1F1) [1323] There is, yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1324] but even there, if you haven't a car you're lost aren't ya I mean
Ken (PS1F3) [1325] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1326] you're not here, if you can't drive
Ken (PS1F3) [1327] You're alright
Joan (PS1F2) [1328] and you find that you've got to give your car up, you're still near shops and doctors
Ken (PS1F3) [1329] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1330] and everything aren't ya?
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [1331] You're not bothering with buses you needn't go anywhere need you?
Ken (PS1F3) [1332] No no
Joan (PS1F2) [1333] Just as long as you can walk
Ken (PS1F3) [1334] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [1335] They're talking about up the Dales if you, if you, if you think of the marvellous place that goes around he's got
Ken (PS1F3) [1336] Mm
John (PS1F1) [1337] but, oh blimey winter time when it's snowing
Ken (PS1F3) [1338] Yeah I know
John (PS1F1) [1339] you're absolutely lost aren't ya?
Ken (PS1F3) [1340] er we went
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1341] down valley yesterday and that way you know
John (PS1F1) [1342] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1343] Mm
Ken (PS1F3) [1344] I mean isolated farm houses in
Joan (PS1F2) [1345] Yeah they're lovely, they look lovely in summer don't they, you know, yes they do
Ken (PS1F3) [1346] Oh they do, yes they do like I mean going back forty seven round there ... well perhaps you know, forty six weren't it?
[1347] When that big snow was on it
John (PS1F1) [1348] Was it, ah, ah forty seven, forty six winter
Ken (PS1F3) [1349] Forty six, forty seven
John (PS1F1) [1350] Aye that's right, yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1351] I dunno
Ken (PS1F3) [1352] and, and forty three previous to that, oh then it was just wiped off the map [laugh] you couldn't get to it no way
John (PS1F1) [1353] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1354] even trains, train station, all they were showing were rudders along station buildings, you couldn't see any buildings so
John (PS1F1) [1355] We've never been to [...] station, d'ya know we've never been on the slope and I've, I've
Ken (PS1F3) [1356] Oh we went on went past there yesterday
John (PS1F1) [1357] I've often said that we go and have a look
Joan (PS1F2) [1358] What in it? [...] , well when we went up onto the Roman battlement?
John (PS1F1) [1359] No
Joan (PS1F2) [1360] Isn't that it?
Ken (PS1F3) [1361] No
Joan (PS1F2) [1362] Ah
John (PS1F1) [1363] No no
Ken (PS1F3) [1364] no you go go out
Joan (PS1F2) [cough]
Ken (PS1F3) [1365] well the best way, well the way I always go is through Barbon, through Barbon and then into Dent and Dane is strung out about five mile or six mile you know it's just er Dane in itself is so lovely you get over from Barbon
John (PS1F1) [1366] The only thing I can think about
Ken (PS1F3) [1367] and then it's through
John (PS1F1) [1368] is that, aye, that stone monument in the middle of the square with a bit of a stone
Ken (PS1F3) [1369] Aye, aye
John (PS1F1) [1370] Chisel Fall that's
Ken (PS1F3) [1371] Cobble Street
John (PS1F1) [1372] Aye Cobble Street
Joan (PS1F2) [1373] Mm
Ken (PS1F3) [1374] Well that, well er you carry on from there and you go along ... well five, six mile, through Dane Valley and then you come to point of the station, a quick turn left leads up by er
John (PS1F1) [1375] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1376] and
John (PS1F1) [1377] we will look, we'll go there some time cos I'm
Ken (PS1F3) [1378] you [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [1379] Is it far from you?
Ken (PS1F3) [1380] Oh no
John (PS1F1) [1381] No
Ken (PS1F3) [1382] No, well I went today
John (PS1F1) [1383] half a day's out
Ken (PS1F3) [1384] and then over to Garsdale
John (PS1F1) [1385] there
Ken (PS1F3) [1386] er ... then heading for Kirby station at the Old Cock Inn
John (PS1F1) [1387] Aye
Ken (PS1F3) [1388] then turn left, go Cock Inn, erm that er, turn that into Dane there
Joan (PS1F2) [1389] Mm
Ken (PS1F3) [1390] and then where, where the fast ways were
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1391] looking down onto
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1392] of it
John (PS1F1) [1393] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1394] like stopping there in the afternoon cos
Joan (PS1F2) [1395] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1396] you often get down the Tornados coming, whizzing down, below you, you know you're looking down as they come past
Joan (PS1F2) [1397] Yeah, yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1398] er then up the end
Joan (PS1F2) [1399] That's where we go up to
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [1400] through
John (PS1F1) [1401] Aye
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [1402] at cas er Steven
Ken (PS1F3) [1403] Kirby Station?
Joan (PS1F2) [1404] yeah er Steven
Ken (PS1F3) [1405] Aye well you've got
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [1406] we can go that way, yes
Ken (PS1F3) [1407] Well you can either
Joan (PS1F2) [1408] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1409] and er, it were just ninety five mile and back here
Joan (PS1F2) [1410] Mm
Ken (PS1F3) [1411] after that
John (PS1F1) [1412] Well you consider that er, er quite a journey don't ya?
Joan (PS1F2) [1413] Oh aye, I said to John I said well I say well how far we're going cos I'm not keen on going right a long way
Ken (PS1F3) [1414] Aye
Joan (PS1F2) [1415] I like to go short get out and have a walk
Ken (PS1F3) [1416] Mm
Joan (PS1F2) [1417] [laughing] a picnic [] but er, that to me is a long way it isn't, it isn't in a chart, it isn't ... in the summer
John (PS1F1) [1418] Well it's a long way, no it isn't when you come the [...] you go you can go from here up to
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [1419] you can go in no, in, in no time, you can be there
Joan (PS1F2) [1420] Oh yeah
John (PS1F1) [1421] in, in a very short period of time cos as soon as you get on motorway
Joan (PS1F2) [1422] Cos we said we'd go to, for some time up to er, oh what motorway John?
[1423] Scotland you know
John (PS1F1) [1424] Carlisle
Joan (PS1F2) [1425] Carlisle
Ken (PS1F3) [1426] Aye yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1427] but I, I, I
John (PS1F1) [1428] I can do I could do Carlisle
Ken (PS1F3) [1429] That's about an hour innit?
Joan (PS1F2) [1430] but but you really need
John (PS1F1) [1431] Ah, yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1432] a bit more daylight so that you can go it more, in the morning and you're not dashing back you can have a full day
John (PS1F1) [1433] No he's, er, er a gentleman that's a er, that's a traveller you hear what I'm saying?
Joan (PS1F2) [1434] But I know he's a traveller
John (PS1F1) [1435] You hear what he said?
Joan (PS1F2) [1436] No
John (PS1F1) [1437] One hour
Joan (PS1F2) [1438] One hour, oh well there you are
Ken (PS1F3) [1439] Fast in a car though
John (PS1F1) [1440] When you get on the motorway that is
Ken (PS1F3) [1441] Mind you that motorway [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [1442] Yes
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1443] but, er
John (PS1F1) [1444] I would like to go Carlisle
Joan (PS1F2) [1445] Mm
Ken (PS1F3) [1446] I'm not fond of Carlisle
John (PS1F1) [1447] We took us caravan up that way a few years ago ... I can't remember s what it called s sa what they call the men up there?
Joan (PS1F2) [1448] I don't know John
John (PS1F1) [1449] Up in Carlisle er s [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [1450] [...] oh yes [...] mm we've just been once there
Ken (PS1F3) [1451] I mean er best way for facility, well if, if you're not in a hurry it goes up to lakes don't it?
John (PS1F1) [1452] Yeah it is
Joan (PS1F2) [1453] Well yesterday
John (PS1F1) [1454] Well we went straight on the motorway
Joan (PS1F2) [1455] on the way back we call at that place where you have
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [1456] in Miles Street
Ken (PS1F3) [...]
John (PS1F1) [1457] No
Joan (PS1F2) [1458] No Mill shop, we went into Lancaster, went into Lancaster
John (PS1F1) [1459] right on the river side on the river side
Ken (PS1F3) [1460] oh [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [1461] parked opposite the [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1462] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1463] you know where the bus
Ken (PS1F3) [1464] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1465] over overflow, then we walked into Lancaster in to shops and then after that we went under, right, and had our picnic by river
Ken (PS1F3) [1466] Mm
Joan (PS1F2) [1467] river [...] so we said well while we're there we'll go in
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [1468] poor shop it was it's just like
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [1469] do er, it were all wallpaper
Ken (PS1F3) [1470] Aye
Joan (PS1F2) [1471] I expected to see all kind of things you know
Ken (PS1F3) [1472] Yeah, yeah, no it used to be grand, but it
Joan (PS1F2) [1473] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [1474] Did it?
[1475] Were it
Ken (PS1F3) [1476] used to
John (PS1F1) [1477] bet better?
Ken (PS1F3) [1478] Oh a lot better than it is now
Joan (PS1F2) [1479] Oh well it were very poor I thought
Ken (PS1F3) [1480] a lot bigger than it is now
John (PS1F1) [1481] Aye
Joan (PS1F2) [1482] Mm
Ken (PS1F3) [1483] Where you go in, now you go into right don't ya?
[1484] Well before you went
Joan (PS1F2) [1485] Yes
Ken (PS1F3) [1486] straight in, as you turn the corner you went straight into it and it was all in that building and that end
Joan (PS1F2) [1487] Oh well they've cut it down then ain't they?
Ken (PS1F3) [1488] Oh they have yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1489] Cos it was just boxes of wallpaper
John (PS1F1) [1490] She weren't interested in showing us anything was she?
Ken (PS1F3) [1491] No she wouldn't be
John (PS1F1) [1492] No
Joan (PS1F2) [1493] Yeah, you, no, you said to her, er
John (PS1F1) [1494] Is this it?
Joan (PS1F2) [1495] is this all what you have then?
[1496] Well she says what were you wanting? [laugh]
John (PS1F1) [1497] She said, oh
Joan (PS1F2) [1498] He said I wondered about floors you, one room up there, well she said we do, we do sell working clothes don't we?
[1499] We sell working clothes, there were about two shirts and a towel and a pot towel I can get for about fifty P down there
Ken (PS1F3) [1500] Aye
Joan (PS1F2) [1501] on market
Ken (PS1F3) [1502] There wasn't much bottle at all, ah we went
Joan (PS1F2) [1503] In fact another couple went in with us and they came out
John (PS1F1) [1504] And they came out sooner than we did
Joan (PS1F2) [1505] sooner than we did
Ken (PS1F3) [1506] And there's another round
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1507] but I've never been to it
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1508] I've never been to it though
John (PS1F1) [1509] No ...
Ken (PS1F3) [1510] Aye
Joan (PS1F2) [1511] But you're better taking your sandwiches with ya and flask, I enjoy sitting and, and [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1512] Well you waste so much time
John (PS1F1) [1513] That's it, that's the secret
Joan (PS1F2) [1514] You do
John (PS1F1) [1515] that's the secret
Joan (PS1F2) [1516] looking yeah
John (PS1F1) [1517] and then you might not find anything worthwhile
Ken (PS1F3) [1518] No, no
Joan (PS1F2) [1519] Mm
Ken (PS1F3) [1520] No I like, I like I'd, I'd rather have a
Joan (PS1F2) [1521] Mind you that's
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1522] with me you know
Joan (PS1F2) [1523] Oh I would
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [1524] with you
Ken (PS1F3) [1525] That's, that's [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [1526] That, that
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [1527] she used to live
John (PS1F1) [1528] Who's it?
Joan (PS1F2) [1529] further down her mother did didn't she?
Ken (PS1F3) [1530] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1531] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1532] well we'd call her black Barbara to de differentiate from other Barbara like
Joan (PS1F2) [1533] Like she had black hair and
Ken (PS1F3) [1534] Aye
Joan (PS1F2) [1535] the other Barbara yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1536] I'd have black Barbara and
Joan (PS1F2) [1537] How is she, Barbara next door?
[1538] I haven't seen her yet
Ken (PS1F3) [1539] Seemed to be pretty good fettle
Joan (PS1F2) [1540] Oh
John (PS1F1) [1541] She got over that ... feeling low?
Ken (PS1F3) [1542] Aye
John (PS1F1) [1543] Said she was didn't she?
Joan (PS1F2) [1544] Oh yes, yes she's got over that now, yeah
John (PS1F1) [1545] It must be, it must of been tragic for her really
Ken (PS1F3) [1546] I mean you're bound to get depressed
John (PS1F1) [1547] Aye
Ken (PS1F3) [1548] when you're sat on your own for hours and hours and hours
Joan (PS1F2) [1549] We had a call
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [1550] on Friday her mother-in-law, you know Michael's mum
Ken (PS1F3) [1551] Mm
Joan (PS1F2) [1552] fell Thursday night, she got up to go to toilet during night and fell, Michael was sleeping there fortunately cos he's working in Yorkshire and she got a pain on her elbow anyway in the morning, so he took her to hospital and she'd fractured and they operated on her, same day, two hour operation, I haven't heard anything yet have we, we rang
John (PS1F1) [1553] No, no
Joan (PS1F2) [1554] Sunday and they were, say they were going down to see her in hospital, I mean that's terrible one arm and living on your own, I don't know how she'll manage
Ken (PS1F3) [1555] Yes, yes, aye
Joan (PS1F2) [1556] Polly said she'll have to have her up there, have to have her up there for a while she's very low
John (PS1F1) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [1557] one arm
Ken (PS1F3) [1558] Aye, very awkward I mean
Joan (PS1F2) [1559] I mean if, if you live on your own you can't even peel a potato
Ken (PS1F3) [1560] No, no, can't
Joan (PS1F2) [1561] with one hand can ya?
Ken (PS1F3) [1562] No, well
John (PS1F1) [1563] She couldn't get a job as a washer up could she?
Ken (PS1F3) [1564] Yeah, you're, you're erm ambivalent
Joan (PS1F2) [1565] No she just could not
Ken (PS1F3) [1566] are bad enough innit?
John (PS1F1) [1567] Ah well that's right yeah you're normal
Joan (PS1F2) [1568] Well yes you're putting well I mean how d'ya put your tights on with one hand then?
Ken (PS1F3) [1569] How d'ya put your [...] er, er right you don't realize till it happens
John (PS1F1) [1570] You're going you get your dressing gown on and call, but then you can't use your dressing gown properly can ya?
[1571] Only put one arm in
Joan (PS1F2) [1572] Oh no everything's round here
John (PS1F1) [1573] only put one arm in
Joan (PS1F2) [1574] yeah be round
Ken (PS1F3) [1575] Very difficult
Joan (PS1F2) [1576] Oh it must be ... erm
John (PS1F1) [1577] And when you're not so young either it's, makes it er more awkward still, although she's, she's erm, she's fairly well int she?
Joan (PS1F2) [1578] She's seventy one but she's very active, yeah
John (PS1F1) [1579] She's fairly active, yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1580] she's very active, mm
John (PS1F1) [1581] Yeah, brought up on Mackintosh's toffees and
Joan (PS1F2) [1582] She used to work at Marks
John (PS1F1) [1583] Ooh the sweets
Ken (PS1F3) [1584] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1585] they could eat as many sweets as they wanted
Ken (PS1F3) [1586] Aye ...
Joan (PS1F2) [1587] and she says they got sick of 'em cos they had everything
Ken (PS1F3) [1588] Well that's it they're, they're better saying you can have as many as you want because you
Joan (PS1F2) [1589] As many as you want
Ken (PS1F3) [1590] you don't want them now
John (PS1F1) [1591] No, no
Ken (PS1F3) [1592] psychological as well as getting fed up with them innit?
[1593] ... If they're there you don't want them, it's when you can't have 'em you want it
Joan (PS1F2) [1594] Is your daughter keeping alright?
Ken (PS1F3) [1595] Yeah she's, just at the moment she hadn't a complaint
Joan (PS1F2) [1596] Oh that's good
Ken (PS1F3) [1597] [laugh] Ah, ha, I said
Joan (PS1F2) [1598] Touch wood as they say
Ken (PS1F3) [1599] I say what's your trouble today then?
John (PS1F1) [1600] Here, here, here, here
Ken (PS1F3) [1601] We haven't got one
Joan (PS1F2) [cough]
Ken (PS1F3) [1602] That's marvellous [laugh]
John (PS1F1) [1603] It is isn't it, it's lovely when you know that they're alright
Ken (PS1F3) [1604] Last thing was they'd er [sniff] they'd got a fancy
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1605] they didn't want er their Airedale, their dog is
Joan (PS1F2) [1606] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1607] fancy
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1608] thing
Joan (PS1F2) [1609] Yeah Pauline has one that, they've made something soft ma it's, well it's er ... I don't know
John (PS1F1) [1610] It's a fancy enamel but it isn't enamel is it?
[1611] No
Joan (PS1F2) [1612] It isn't enamel
Ken (PS1F3) [1613] No, same type of thing
Joan (PS1F2) [1614] it's a soft thing yeah, well yeah, yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1615] and it has a ... or what do they call it?
[1616] A vegetable thing on one side
Joan (PS1F2) [1617] In the, yeah in the middle yeah that's right
Ken (PS1F3) [1618] and, anyway ... she was poorly for days and this Rita had just come on, poorly for days
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1619] and they heard this crack, and they didn't think much about it, just as, Rita said what you doing?
[1620] She said I ain't doing anything I'm just boiling potatoes, she said what went crack?
[1621] She said I don't know, she said there's nothing to crack
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [1622] is it really
Ken (PS1F3) [1623] Mm
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [1624] well they'd of been here thought of been desperate for that wouldn't you?
Ken (PS1F3) [1625] Yes that's right and it was, that night it was leaking like
Joan (PS1F2) [1626] Mm
Ken (PS1F3) [1627] so it was a bit of er struggle to er, to get them to come and look at it and fix 'em up again, well they didn't fix 'em up they, they, they give 'em a new one, they only got it in the sale
John (PS1F1) [1628] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1629] Mm
Ken (PS1F3) [1630] but er ... they
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1631] but this time everything was happy, marvellous [laugh]
Joan (PS1F2) [1632] Well Pauline's a devil for punishment I would say, she's got both lads at school now you know and she's home all day and she isn't one for sitting around Pauline
Ken (PS1F3) [1633] No
Joan (PS1F2) [1634] she likes plenty, you know, and er, she did take a course on baby minding and she passed everything like, she could baby mind
Ken (PS1F3) [1635] Mm
Joan (PS1F2) [1636] but she had, they have to have a fence built from the back garden, because there's, there's an opening from the back garden and it's onto the drive and then it's onto the road, even though it is a quiet road
Ken (PS1F3) [1637] Mm
Joan (PS1F2) [1638] so she's er, she's waiting for 'em to come to do that, anyway she's er, somebody rang her didn't they and they asked her if she'd have a little boy of four months old, Thursdays and Fridays all day ... and she started this week with him, so ... I said well Pauline
Ken (PS1F3) [1639] Four months old?
Joan (PS1F2) [1640] Yeah four months old and it, I said that's just the way you want them the better
Ken (PS1F3) [1641] Aye, yeah put them down and that's it
Joan (PS1F2) [1642] you put them in the pram but she's looked after her neighbour's two children hasn't she?
[1643] For so many hours a week and she didn't mind at all you know
Ken (PS1F3) [1644] Aye
John (PS1F1) [1645] No
Joan (PS1F2) [1646] lots of people think well I've got them to school that's it then no more children
Ken (PS1F3) [1647] Aye, aye
John (PS1F1) [1648] In fact she wanted more children, she wanted more than two children
Joan (PS1F2) [1649] She did, if she'd of been married I think, she was, she wasn't
John (PS1F1) [1650] Younger
Joan (PS1F2) [1651] married until she was thirty, just
John (PS1F1) [1652] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1653] over thirty
Ken (PS1F3) [1654] Mm
Joan (PS1F2) [1655] she loved children and I think she would of had more because she'd had two miscarriages and she's
Ken (PS1F3) [1656] Aye
Joan (PS1F2) [1657] got these two, I think she would of had because she loves children
John (PS1F1) [1658] Oh she has enough certificates to of gone to teachers' training college, now that, I always feel although I think she's quite happy now, but for myself, for myself and I'm always er tempted by the fact that they always have twelve weeks' holiday you know, I mean in one go the teachers
Ken (PS1F3) [1659] Yeah, yeah
John (PS1F1) [1660] I think she would of been better as a teacher, because as Joan says she is er very taken up with looking after children
Ken (PS1F3) [1661] Mm
John (PS1F1) [1662] very much so
Joan (PS1F2) [1663] But she went in a library and got the certificate in the library
John (PS1F1) [1664] Aye, yeah well she, she was, you know there's a period of time where they, they sort of leave the grammar school and the, and the, they don't just know what they, what's gonna happen
Ken (PS1F3) [1665] Mm
John (PS1F1) [1666] she got the forms from the teachers' training college at er, at Shipley near er near where we were
Joan (PS1F2) [1667] [...] yeah
John (PS1F1) [1668] they are, she got the forms er but it didn't go and you'd got to fill them in and then it happened with, but then suddenly she came home one day and she said oh she said I've got a job [laugh]
Ken (PS1F3) [1669] Mm
John (PS1F1) [1670] so got er job at er at the library and then she seemed to be very settled
Ken (PS1F3) [1671] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [1672] very settled in the library ... er she went to the interview er and she said she'd er remembered everything that the teacher had told them about how to present themselves at interviews and she went down and the er, the librarian says well, asked her a few questions and he says
Joan (PS1F2) [1673] Sugar?
Ken (PS1F3) [1674] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1675] certainly
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [1676] oh yes I, I've look, I'll put some on then for a quick water
Ken (PS1F3) [1677] Nature of the play yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1678] some quick, quick water in
John (PS1F1) [1679] He says what do you think you'd have to do in a library
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [1680] and she says she sat, she sat er still you know with her arms folded and all like that and she says, oh she says I think you er collect the books and stamp them and put them back on the shelves [laugh] and she said they all laughed, but she got the job in opposition to er, a few others you know
Ken (PS1F3) [1681] Mm
John (PS1F1) [1682] so she got the job and she was quite happy really
Ken (PS1F3) [1683] Mm
John (PS1F1) [1684] but them lib
Joan (PS1F2) [1685] You're not gonna worry about a saucer are ya?
Ken (PS1F3) [1686] No, no, no
John (PS1F1) [1687] being a librarian
Joan (PS1F2) [1688] Put your own sugar in it
John (PS1F1) [1689] being a, being in a library staff is er, being a librarian is a fairly responsible
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [1690] really
Ken (PS1F3) [1691] Oh it is, yeah ... I wonder how nice it is?
Joan (PS1F2) [1692] Do you want any more milk in?
Ken (PS1F3) [1693] No, grand thanks, one of our drivers, he's er, his wife's in this er library here
John (PS1F1) [1694] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1695] but she's a right library type, miserable as sin
John (PS1F1) [1696] Oh golly, oh blimey she's all, that one she's always, she's always ready for setting off weren't she?
[1697] Paula was always ready for setting off erm
Joan (PS1F2) [1698] What when she were at home?
John (PS1F1) [1699] When she was younger yes
Joan (PS1F2) [1700] Oh, oh yes ...
Ken (PS1F3) [1701] Ours, this one, she left her kids and they haven't got a television, she wouldn't have a television in her house
John (PS1F1) [1702] No
Ken (PS1F3) [1703] you'd have to be study you know time and that there, ooh ... I know it's a grand thing is education lessons, but
John (PS1F1) [1704] Oh thanks Joan
Ken (PS1F3) [1705] you want a bit of fun
Joan (PS1F2) [1706] Put your own sugar, oh you've got to do ... here will you have a biscuit look erm
Ken (PS1F3) [1707] No thanks no, no no thanks
Joan (PS1F2) [1708] er malted milk biscuit?
Ken (PS1F3) [1709] No I won't have any thanks
John (PS1F1) [1710] We have to invite you up here you know you and Freda some evening
Joan (PS1F2) [1711] Yeah well when you've, you know when you're passing
John (PS1F1) [1712] we haven't
Ken (PS1F3) [1713] Aye, aye, had
John (PS1F1) [1714] well
Joan (PS1F2) [1715] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [1716] you know we've been to your house a couple of times and
Ken (PS1F3) [1717] Aye, you only had, had a brew the second time you really do at our house
John (PS1F1) [1718] Oh ...
Ken (PS1F3) [1719] you get settled in and out you know our life story innit?
Joan (PS1F2) [1720] Well in winter you don't do ya?
Ken (PS1F3) [1721] No
Joan (PS1F2) [1722] You don't feel like ... feel like it in winter time
John (PS1F1) [1723] Well I don't stay up very late
Joan (PS1F2) [1724] You don't
Ken (PS1F3) [1725] I don't really
Joan (PS1F2) [1726] He went
John (PS1F1) [1727] Oh
Joan (PS1F2) [1728] well Sunday he went to bed and I just sat there
John (PS1F1) [1729] I'd rather get up in the morning
Joan (PS1F2) [1730] with Cloning of Joanna who went to bed didn't she?
John (PS1F1) [1731] Oh aye some of these f films are ma made people who
Joan (PS1F2) [1732] And I stopped up to watch snooker and it went on until after twelve
Ken (PS1F3) [1733] I saw it were on er
Joan (PS1F2) [1734] after eleven
Ken (PS1F3) [1735] I wouldn't of minded it, but I, I can't stop up at that like
John (PS1F1) [1736] Did you watch Judith Chalmers er holiday programme?
Ken (PS1F3) [1737] I saw some of it
John (PS1F1) [1738] Did you see that boat?
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1739] Oh aye, aye
John (PS1F1) [1740] Joan if that repeated if that is repeated we must, we must watch that, that's
Joan (PS1F2) [1741] I fell asleep, I were asleep and I [...] it were on
John (PS1F1) [1742] the most marvellous, it's the most wonderful ship I've ever seen, ever seen
Ken (PS1F3) [1743] Yeah, aye it were great weren't it?
John (PS1F1) [1744] it didn't look possible to
Ken (PS1F3) [1745] No, no
John (PS1F1) [1746] to get the damp the er freighters and everything on
Ken (PS1F3) [1747] Oh the stuff they had on to eat didn't it?
John (PS1F1) [1748] Aye
Ken (PS1F3) [1749] Terrific ...
John (PS1F1) [1750] Mind the prices weren't so bad either for four days, four hundred and odd
Joan (PS1F2) [1751] Did it show Scotland first?
John (PS1F1) [1752] It showed
Ken (PS1F3) [1753] It did show Scotland first
Joan (PS1F2) [1754] Yeah well I remember that then just sleep overcame me and I, I closed me eyes and the next thing I knew John says well I wished you'd of been awake to see that
Ken (PS1F3) [1755] It's unbelievable that
John (PS1F1) [1756] She was resting be thankful for Judith Chalmers
Joan (PS1F2) [1757] I were resting before Coronation Street
John (PS1F1) [1758] rest and be thankful
Joan (PS1F2) [1759] Oh yes, oh yeah, she's good int she?
[1760] She's very good Judith
Ken (PS1F3) [1761] She wouldn't be on
John (PS1F1) [laugh]
Ken (PS1F3) [laugh]
Joan (PS1F2) [1762] if she has I wished I had a job like that when I were young by George, going abroad and
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [1763] Well this morning I were listening to er Roy Normal on the, the Welsh radio programmes and he was talking to er various people and he told one young woman who had been in a certain area in world where they were filming, er and she'd gone to see this filming with Alan Ladd and all these, you know, and [laugh] anyway she goes ... she went into the er local chip shop and the er assistant for the film, the labourer came in and ordered, ordered forty packet of chips and er and he was saying oh it were for film you see, so she thought I'd go down and see what's happening, so she went down to the pier end and they were all er doing the performance and er, the producer says now all you people there, he says that's interested, he said would you all go onto the pier, he says and talk he says and read, make it, you know make it interesting, so they all piled onto the pier and er, they filmed what they had to film with the pier in the background and all the people that were on the pier, so this girl was on the film you know, then after it had finished, he thanked everybody, he says now then don't walk off the pier, he says will you as you're going off walk past this, the table at the end there and their bloke give them three pound ten a piece [laugh]
Joan (PS1F2) [1764] Oh
John (PS1F1) [1765] she were going with this lad through and it's the easiest three pound, three pound ten I've ever earned [laugh] Good though that int it?
[1766] I'd like to be an extra
Ken (PS1F3) [1767] Aye
John (PS1F1) [1768] Not for the money just to be, just to see how they go on
Joan (PS1F2) [1769] Oh
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [1770] in Coronation Street
John (PS1F1) [1771] We could of been in that could, we could of been in er Emmerdale Farm
Joan (PS1F2) [1772] Oh yes there were when
John (PS1F1) [1773] We went to Emmerdale Farm, we went down to the pub you know and er I saw the old vicar and er, who else did we see?
[1774] We saw, we saw one or two others that were involved, that were involved in it, and er I were talking to the, one of the young producers that were there and er ... and I said if you're short of some ac actors I said me and my mate will be actors you know, oh she said you're dressed just right I'll tell ya
Joan (PS1F2) [1775] Frank you'd bought caps on
John (PS1F1) [1776] Flat, flat, flat caps [laugh]
Joan (PS1F2) [laugh]
John (PS1F1) [1777] er, she said you're just right for it she said, but er ... she said we've already finished filming for today, which they had, she said but if you come tomorrow, she said we're er, we're filming the dog race
Joan (PS1F2) [1778] That's right yes I remember that
John (PS1F1) [1779] she says and you can be in that
Ken (PS1F3) [1780] Mm
John (PS1F1) [1781] but of course we didn't go
Ken (PS1F3) [1782] No
Joan (PS1F2) [1783] Well we were just staying at our daughter's at the time
John (PS1F1) [1784] Er yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1785] Er, a while back er ... we'd run into Morecambe and
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1786] well er a young lad I think it was for this, you know the series er for, pastimes, pastimes pursuit, you know er fishing and er
Joan (PS1F2) [1787] Mm
John (PS1F1) [1788] Yeah, yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1789] one thing and another like, he were was one of the
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1790] like
Joan (PS1F2) [1791] Mm
Ken (PS1F3) [1792] so, we went into Morecambe and he asked us to go back in the farm again with this ladder
John (PS1F1) [1793] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1794] nobody else
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [1795] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1796] lock the door with the fastener and run back down and he had his head out the window running in and
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1797] getting up and
John (PS1F1) [1798] Yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1799] and he had a crowbar and that [sniff] well I never did anything all I did was stop in me van
John (PS1F1) [1800] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1801] I hadn't to put me head out, I hadn't to be seen and just er
John (PS1F1) [1802] Oh that's sad isn't it?
[1803] Er I'd want to be seen if it were only back of, back of
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [1804] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1805] Anyway when we left he says here er ... fiver, got a tenner between us [laugh]
Joan (PS1F2) [1806] [laugh] That's very nice
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [1807] that's very good
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [laugh]
John (PS1F1) [1808] Jealousy, jealousy, see what money does don't ya?
Joan (PS1F2) [1809] Oh
Ken (PS1F3) [1810] Oh you're going then
Joan (PS1F2) [1811] Well you see going back in them days a fiver and a tenner were a very nice
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1812] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1813] wasn't it?
Ken (PS1F3) [1814] Yeah, yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1815] It was that [laugh]
Ken (PS1F3) [1816] and er, I remember working on Clapham station as a junior there was a plane crashed up on
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1817] or whatever you call it, right up above Clapham station, there's a light on top, miles from anywhere
John (PS1F1) [1818] That's worth going to see an'all
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1819] aye, so I ... I were at er
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1820] I went up, I wasn't
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1821] and er we got to a car jack that was going over to somewhere where this flame would be you know and a bloke, a policeman's coming back, where you going Ken?
[1822] I said I'm gonna have a look at this plane crash he says, you needn't bother yourself he says this is about most there is and he
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1823] so I went back and a bit later the phone went, er the Bill from the publisher he was, but he also did a bit for one of er diaries or summat like that
Joan (PS1F2) [1824] I know
Ken (PS1F3) [1825] you see, can you give me any information?
[1826] So I told him all I found out like, when he came down a few days later he gave me two fifty, er two pound ten as it was then you know [laugh] I was amazed at
Joan (PS1F2) [1827] Yes
Ken (PS1F3) [1828] all I thought like I was passing a bit of gossip, but he paid me for it
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1829] he said any time you see anything or hear anything that's of value at all, come and tell us and we'll pay you every time
John (PS1F1) [1830] That's very good int it?
Ken (PS1F3) [1831] Mm, mm
Joan (PS1F2) [1832] What's that the Dalesman?
Ken (PS1F3) [1833] Well he was Dalesman editor, but
Joan (PS1F2) [1834] Dalesman editor, mm
Ken (PS1F3) [1835] it wasn't for the Dalesman it was for er
Joan (PS1F2) [1836] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1837] some local paper or even, might of been Daily Express or summat like that you see
Joan (PS1F2) [1838] Mm
Ken (PS1F3) [1839] er they were agents for these papers for any news
John (PS1F1) [1840] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1841] Oh I knew Dalesman editor very well
John (PS1F1) [1842] Well strange enough we have a connection with the Dalesman editor
Ken (PS1F3) [1843] Mm
John (PS1F1) [1844] it's only a very tenure, but it is there ... a neighbour of ours were very er keen on looking after animals, er stray animals and all like that Emma , Emma , well she was also a poet, er
Joan (PS1F2) [1845] She'd write poems
Ken (PS1F3) [1846] Mm
John (PS1F1) [1847] however, however, however you judge these things are entirely up to those who are right and those who are receiving them, but I thought she was very good, she wrote some poems about us really
Ken (PS1F3) [1848] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [1849] er just after the course, which described, described
Joan (PS1F2) [1850] It was all described in [...] she'd go to these
John (PS1F1) [1851] Mm
Joan (PS1F2) [1852] affairs and stand up and recite them
John (PS1F1) [1853] Oh yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1854] Yeah yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1855] She was so good
John (PS1F1) [1856] Well she used to write she used to send these to the erm Dalesman man, that's right the Dalesman, yeah that's right
Joan (PS1F2) [1857] Yeah mm editor Dalesman ...
John (PS1F1) [1858] That's right and she'll, and er, and he what, he didn't er, he didn't take to her I don't think
Joan (PS1F2) [1859] Well it, I think he kept some, but in, he didn't, she didn't get paid a certain price
John (PS1F1) [1860] No you, you she wasn't
Joan (PS1F2) [1861] No, there was some funny business about it she wasn't very cheap
John (PS1F1) [1862] Well can I say

10 (Tape 062901)

John (PS1F1) [1863] Yes
None (KCSPS002) [1864] So I would just say you would like to know the opening times please
John (PS1F1) [1865] Cos I remember once when they asked me at work to deliver the annual speech you know ... the man that asked me he says er, you know, they've gone round everybody else and nobody else would do it and would I do it, and I said good lord, that were my first reaction, and I realized like all the company secretaries lo lord, so I did very well there
None (KCSPS002) [laugh]
John (PS1F1) [1866] didn't I?
[1867] I got the right [laugh]
None (KCSPS002) [1868] No I would just ask, say, you know, just say you want to make enquiries, cos they're going to be open on the second of April
John (PS1F1) [1869] Yeah
None (KCSPS002) [1870] and if, you could say that you've got last year's opening times ...
John (PS1F1) [1871] Er as long as the weather's decent really, I know we're only gonna go for three days so
None (KCSPS002) [1872] Where
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS002) [1873] going to stay?
John (PS1F1) [1874] Well at Alberston
None (KCSPS002) [1875] At Alberston
John (PS1F1) [1876] it's not very far away and then we're gonna go from there to er ... there are one or two other places around worth looking at
None (KCSPS002) [1877] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [1878] erm ... so we'll see how it goes, anyway thank you very
None (KCSPS002) [1879] You're welcome
John (PS1F1) [1880] thank you very much for your information
None (KCSPS002) [1881] You're welcome
John (PS1F1) [1882] and I'll mention your name to him, when I have a word with him
None (KCSPS002) [laugh]

11 (Tape 062902)

Ken (PS1F3) [1883] I'd better be moving
John (PS1F1) [1884] Yeah, well fair enough Ken
Ken (PS1F3) [1885] gonna do wonders this morning I ain't done nothing
Joan (PS1F2) [1886] No well I didn't do anything yesterday
John (PS1F1) [1887] No, good, no, no change me mind about them
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [1888] them togs and whatnot
Ken (PS1F3) [1889] Aye
John (PS1F1) [1890] it were Joan really that put me right there it were thirteen as opposed to fifteen
Joan (PS1F2) [1891] Yeah cos they don't go any higher
John (PS1F1) [1892] Yeah, cos Freda said Freda decided er
Joan (PS1F2) [1893] they don't go any higher I
John (PS1F1) [1894] No
Joan (PS1F2) [1895] don't think
John (PS1F1) [1896] she can't, she didn't see a fifteen
Joan (PS1F2) [1897] No, they not go any higher John
Ken (PS1F3) [1898] No she got a thirteen anyway
Joan (PS1F2) [1899] but that four, that four point five we had was plenty warm
Ken (PS1F3) [1900] Mm
Joan (PS1F2) [1901] enough
John (PS1F1) [1902] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1903] It's not feather
Ken (PS1F3) [1904] Well Freda reckons this, that feather of ours is beginning to stick together and they're not, well I suppose pillows are
Joan (PS1F2) [1905] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1906] are like that, but pillows have your head sweating on 'em at times aren't we?
Joan (PS1F2) [1907] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1908] Erm when it's hot, they do go a bit peculiar in pillows, they go stained don't they?
John (PS1F1) [1909] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1910] I don't think pillows keep you warm
John (PS1F1) [1911] Well I think you want to, with pillows you want to be changing them every now again don't you?
Ken (PS1F3) [1912] Oh yeah definitely
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1913] aye they're
Joan (PS1F2) [1914] Mm
Ken (PS1F3) [1915] we ... what we did once we, we got some more
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [1916] and changed it, it were a waste of time
John (PS1F1) [1917] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1918] cos it it were just as bad after
Joan (PS1F2) [1919] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1920] the feathers have a certain length of life and that's it, they've had it, and it isn't worth the mess anyway
Joan (PS1F2) [1921] There's a lot to that fibre isn't there now?
[1922] This
Ken (PS1F3) [1923] You do get a lot of fibre now
Joan (PS1F2) [1924] yes, the, yeah well, well it's like a spongy now
Ken (PS1F3) [1925] Yeah yeah
John (PS1F1) [1926] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1927] We have two that belonged to me mother and they're very good
Ken (PS1F3) [1928] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1929] they don't lose their
Ken (PS1F3) [1930] No, no
Joan (PS1F2) [1931] bounce at all
John (PS1F1) [1932] Mind you, mind you, that, the, the, I think the, those that you're talking about Joan
Joan (PS1F2) [1933] The good ones the not, the cheap
John (PS1F1) [1934] they are firm
Joan (PS1F2) [1935] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [1936] they are firm and I think that you have a feather one haven't you?
Joan (PS1F2) [1937] Well I always have a feather one and I, I have
John (PS1F1) [1938] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1939] two pillows and I'm not bothered about underneath
John (PS1F1) [1940] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1941] No
Joan (PS1F2) [1942] but I always like a feather for me head
John (PS1F1) [1943] Yeah I think feathers are more yielding aren't they?
Ken (PS1F3) [1944] Well I've er, I've er fibre I've a fibre underneath and a feather cos, when I had a fibre I don't know why, but me ears seemed to be deaf every morning
John (PS1F1) [1945] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1946] Mm
Ken (PS1F3) [1947] and they seemed bunged up you know
Joan (PS1F2) [1948] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1949] seemed er, as I've washed my head and it wasn't getting out with
John (PS1F1) [1950] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [1951] I mean
Joan (PS1F2) [1952] Mm
Ken (PS1F3) [1953] on this anyway I, I finally, I didn't like it at all, but now I'd done, I have me feather back I'm alright ... I was like deaf when I got up every morning.
Joan (PS1F2) [1954] We went er, since we've came here we went to stay with Edith when her husband died, we went to stay overnight
John (PS1F1) [1955] Oh blimey
Joan (PS1F2) [1956] oh, and they'd been married, what she's ten years older than you had been married
John (PS1F1) [1957] Yeah, yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1958] nearly fifty years hadn't they?
John (PS1F1) [1959] Yeah would of been yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1960] and they'd the same bed that [laugh] that they'd got married in
Ken (PS1F3) [1961] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [1962] They, they were probably given to them secondhand an'all
Joan (PS1F2) [1963] Look I'm not joking it, it was the same mattress and it was a flock mattress one of them
Ken (PS1F3) [1964] Oh [laugh]
Joan (PS1F2) [1965] you used to ba you used to check it and go like that [laugh]
Ken (PS1F3) [1966] Check it [laugh]
Joan (PS1F2) [1967] move it over
Ken (PS1F3) [1968] get off [laugh]
Joan (PS1F2) [1969] and the pillows were flock as well
Ken (PS1F3) [1970] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1971] and, and she's ever so nice is Edith, but I mean
John (PS1F1) [1972] Oh wonderful
Joan (PS1F2) [1973] they're not short of money either
John (PS1F1) [1974] No
Joan (PS1F2) [1975] it's just their way, it's a way I mean
Ken (PS1F3) [1976] m=Mm, mm
Joan (PS1F2) [1977] everybody has different ways don't they?
Ken (PS1F3) [1978] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [1979] Very kind, very clean
Joan (PS1F2) [1980] And she's asked us to go and stay and I said to John I Wouldn't stay in that bed again
Ken (PS1F3) [1981] Well you you get
Joan (PS1F2) [1982] cos you get
Ken (PS1F3) [1983] up and ya ooh
Joan (PS1F2) [1984] ooh but your head still on the pillows, I'm not too bad on the, on the mattress, but I must have something
Ken (PS1F3) [1985] Yeah yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [1986] soft underneath, might it John terrible
John (PS1F1) [1987] Terrible is you, you just can't, you can't describe to people
Joan (PS1F2) [1988] No you can't
John (PS1F1) [1989] No, no
Joan (PS1F2) [1990] unless you, you know
John (PS1F1) [1991] Mind you we slept
Ken (PS1F3) [1992] Mother-in-law was
John (PS1F1) [1993] we, we had the night
Joan (PS1F2) [1994] I was shattered weren't we, but we
Ken (PS1F3) [1995] mother-in-law always had them flat beds you know and
Joan (PS1F2) [1996] Yeah it's
Ken (PS1F3) [1997] you're alright like, you could make yourself a nest in 'em and you was
Joan (PS1F2) [1998] [laughing] Yes I know []
Ken (PS1F3) [1999] you're like a bloody mole
John (PS1F1) [2000] Aha and that's a good description is that
Joan (PS1F2) [2001] [laugh] But when you made 'em, you, like kneading bed didn't ya?
Ken (PS1F3) [2002] Oh aye, yeah, you used to shake it up and then bash it about and, er
Joan (PS1F2) [2003] And we once went to Scotland, then breakfast in it, when Pauline was with us didn't, weren't it John?
John (PS1F1) [2004] Aye
Joan (PS1F2) [2005] All them years since, and she was a widow and, and she was er ever so nice, lovely home and clean, but the bed was, it, it wasn't just flock it were part Taylor
John (PS1F1) [2006] Was it her that baked for us as well?
Ken (PS1F3) [2007] Aye
John (PS1F1) [2008] Did she bake for us
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [2009] well she were nice, well they were all nice at that time
John (PS1F1) [2010] Aye they were
Joan (PS1F2) [2011] weren't, when you went bed and breakfast in
John (PS1F1) [2012] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [2013] they took ya in, into their home and, and they made you feel like part of the family
Ken (PS1F3) [2014] That's right, yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [2015] they ...
John (PS1F1) [2016] Wed Wednesday morning Joan now so, this is me er ... I've only two days really to get some more recordings ...
Joan (PS1F2) [2017] That's right, yes, mm
John (PS1F1) [2018] I shall, I'm gonna take that letter on and come back here, just out to post
Joan (PS1F2) [2019] Okay
John (PS1F1) [2020] Are you going down now?
Joan (PS1F2) [2021] Yes, well I'll have to, I'll have to just get me boots on
John (PS1F1) [2022] Yeah, okay, well I'll wait and I'll go, well I'll post it in the centre ...

12 (Tape 063001)

John (PS1F1) [2023] I mean originally where we came from you know they er, the snows and er and the cold weather we were eleven hundred feet above sea level
None (KCSPS000) [2024] Where was that at?
John (PS1F1) [2025] We were at Queensbury ... it's
None (KCSPS000) [2026] We
John (PS1F1) [2027] it's near, near Halifax anyway in Yorkshire
None (KCSPS000) [2028] Oh it's at Queensbury I didn't know
John (PS1F1) [2029] on the Pennines
None (KCSPS000) [2030] On the Pennines it would be I know
John (PS1F1) [2031] You're not from this area though are ya?
None (KCSPS000) [2032] No Cumberland
John (PS1F1) [2033] Ah
None (KCSPS000) [2034] Cumbria
John (PS1F1) [2035] Oh
None (KCSPS000) [2036] I've, I've er
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [2037] Morning
John (PS1F1) [2038] Morning
None (KCSPS000) [2039] Morning, it would be, be cold up there
John (PS1F1) [2040] Well we, as I say we were eleven hundred feet above sea level and er and we were, really moved here because er I could not stand the er, the bad weather
None (KCSPS000) [2041] No
John (PS1F1) [2042] er, I mean, I worked near er the factory where I worked was near
None (KCSPS000) [2043] Aye
John (PS1F1) [2044] to where we live so it was convenient to stay there
None (KCSPS000) [2045] That's right
John (PS1F1) [2046] while I were working
None (KCSPS000) [2047] Yes
John (PS1F1) [2048] and I said as soon as we got the opportunity of moving away we would do, and we searched all over the erm, when it come to, went into Lincolnshire, went into Wales
None (KCSPS000) [2049] Aye
John (PS1F1) [2050] we went up to Yo er Bridlington and all like that and then we
None (KCSPS000) [2051] y=Yes and here
John (PS1F1) [2052] finally plumped on this really
None (KCSPS000) [2053] Yeah and yet you're never
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS000) [2054] cos you've a good house as well
John (PS1F1) [2055] Aye it is a good one, yeah, it's very similar as I was telling my friend the other day to what we had before
None (KCSPS000) [2056] Yes
John (PS1F1) [2057] er the house itself is better
None (KCSPS000) [2058] Yes
John (PS1F1) [2059] it's just the surround, although we have more surround, well no not more surround here, but it's a different layout
None (KCSPS000) [2060] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [2061] as other surround, as other house was better cos we had lawns all the way round you see
None (KCSPS000) [2062] Oh I see
John (PS1F1) [2063] but it was still a semi like this
None (KCSPS000) [2064] That's right
John (PS1F1) [2065] Mm
None (KCSPS000) [2066] Yes it's er
John (PS1F1) [2067] we were lucky to get this because chap er wanted to get out into a house really and he had one offer er from down south and they'd put in and looked and they er ... and they sort of bo hadn't followed it up, so
None (KCSPS000) [2068] No ... well houses today they are stuck like
John (PS1F1) [2069] They are aren't they?
None (KCSPS000) [2070] Aye
John (PS1F1) [2071] Oh I think anybody that's wanting to sell to move is, is in trouble really
None (KCSPS000) [2072] Aye, oh they are like
John (PS1F1) [2073] Yeah
None (KCSPS000) [2074] to buy a

13 (Tape 063002)

Ken (PS1F3) [2075] Not too bad ...
John (PS1F1) [2076] Have you had
Joan (PS1F2) [2077] Done your shopping?
John (PS1F1) [2078] trouble with your car?
[2079] Have you had a painted wing?
Ken (PS1F3) [2080] Er it's the undercoat
John (PS1F1) [2081] Ah
Ken (PS1F3) [2082] erm, he's seeing to a bit of rust for me
John (PS1F1) [2083] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [2084] so, that's the undercoat, but God knows when it'll get erm sprayed properly cos you've got to have some decent weather
John (PS1F1) [2085] Who will look, who will yeah, who have done that for ya?
Ken (PS1F3) [2086] Oh Martin
John (PS1F1) [2087] Martin is, ah
Ken (PS1F3) [2088] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [2089] It's not an easy job that you know
Ken (PS1F3) [2090] No, no, he's very good with cars though
John (PS1F1) [2091] no
Ken (PS1F3) [2092] he knows, well he knows
John (PS1F1) [2093] no
Ken (PS1F3) [2094] a few bits you know
John (PS1F1) [2095] I know that whenever I've tried to put paint on any cars that we've ever had, it's never looked right has it?
Joan (PS1F2) [2096] No no
Ken (PS1F3) [2097] No
John (PS1F1) [2098] And it's a professional job
Joan (PS1F2) [2099] you need to know what you're doing don't ya?
Ken (PS1F3) [2100] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [2101] professional's job
Ken (PS1F3) [2102] Well he, he borrows like, well he's gonna borrow like a compressor off this
John (PS1F1) [2103] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [2104] other guy, you know, he does it in garages, he's done it quite a few times before on cars he's had himself, so
John (PS1F1) [2105] Oh it's a technique, a relation of ours used to be a car sprayer
Joan (PS1F2) [2106] You did Pauline's once didn't you?
John (PS1F1) [2107] I did
Joan (PS1F2) [2108] When she were at home
John (PS1F1) [2109] and it was perfect weren't it I do for her
Joan (PS1F2) [2110] It was, beautiful
John (PS1F1) [2111] and then we had an accident with our car door, who we took it up to erm, up to Carnthruft there and they did it for us and it, it, it's just disappeared as a hole innit?
Joan (PS1F2) [2112] Oh yeah
John (PS1F1) [2113] Or the dent
Ken (PS1F3) [2114] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [2115] it's, it's worth, they're worth doing when, when you get any damage
Joan (PS1F2) [2116] Well if you don't cover rust
John (PS1F1) [2117] or rust
Joan (PS1F2) [2118] up it gets worse and worse yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [2119] That's it yeah, make sure they're quite all free from rust
Joan (PS1F2) [2120] And yours yours is out in all weathers isn't it?
Ken (PS1F3) [2121] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [2122] So you
Ken (PS1F3) [2123] he's got a few bits, there's still another few bits to be done you know but it just looks such a mess
Joan (PS1F2) [2124] Do you need the light on?
[2125] Do you need the light on?
Ken (PS1F3) [2126] Yeah I think you will just pop it on then ... just looks such a mess when you're going round a bit like that but I'm afraid
John (PS1F1) [laugh]
Ken (PS1F3) [2127] it'll have to do
John (PS1F1) [2128] Oh they're nice looking cars them aren't they?
Ken (PS1F3) [2129] They're okay, I think they're a bonny little car
John (PS1F1) [2130] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [2131] you know as far as little cars go, yeah
John (PS1F1) [2132] Mind you I'm all in favour of small cars ... aren't we Joan?
[2133] We like small ones rather than
Ken (PS1F3) [2134] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [2135] rather than big ones
Ken (PS1F3) [2136] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [2137] they're better for parking aren't they small ones?
Ken (PS1F3) [2138] Oh yeah, yeah
John (PS1F1) [2139] You can't park, a big car's an advantage if you're going a long way
Ken (PS1F3) [2140] Yeah, yeah definitely
John (PS1F1) [2141] but small cars are marvellous in Lancaster and
Joan (PS1F2) [2142] We would have er, a smaller than one we have wouldn't we?
John (PS1F1) [2143] Oh we would
Joan (PS1F2) [2144] The caravan not as
John (PS1F1) [2145] yeah we would
Ken (PS1F3) [2146] Mm
Joan (PS1F2) [2147] not as powerful anyway
Ken (PS1F3) [2148] How
John (PS1F1) [2149] Well
Ken (PS1F3) [2150] much d'ya want?
Joan (PS1F2) [2151] Erm, quite a lot off the top you know so that I can just brush it up
Ken (PS1F3) [2152] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [2153] and er, not, I don't want the back of me ears showing there
Ken (PS1F3) [2154] Right, you don't
Joan (PS1F2) [2155] er, and if you, not quite as short as you did last time, you see when you combed it up last time it was right up to the top just a little bit
Ken (PS1F3) [2156] You want it to cover
Joan (PS1F2) [2157] Yeah I don't mind
Ken (PS1F3) [2158] cover it up
Joan (PS1F2) [2159] a little bit, but really it was, you know, you know how it does it, it springs up doesn't it?
Ken (PS1F3) [2160] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [2161] Er ... and er, and coming over different like you've done, like you know it's round
Ken (PS1F3) [2162] Right ...
John (PS1F1) [2163] Yeah that looks super
Ken (PS1F3) [2164] What's that then?
John (PS1F1) [2165] that painting
Ken (PS1F3) [2166] Oh ...
John (PS1F1) [2167] It's as flat as any, any, you know there's no, no irregularities in it at all
Joan (PS1F2) [2168] Are you going to get the same colour as your car then?
Ken (PS1F3) [2169] Oh yeah you can, you can usually match it up, yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [2170] You've gotta be careful
John (PS1F1) [2171] Ah cor that's an expert job is that
Ken (PS1F3) [2172] Oh I'll tell him that [laugh]
Joan (PS1F2) [2173] Oh well he
John (PS1F1) [2174] yeah it is
Joan (PS1F2) [2175] will be pleased to know [laughing] if you tell him that []
John (PS1F1) [2176] Well I've, the number of times I've tried to paint it, paint it, it just doesn't work, I've even had those small cans you know
Ken (PS1F3) [2177] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [2178] you know, but, you, not only have you got to get the right colour and everything, you've got to hold it the correct distance away from the metal
Ken (PS1F3) [2179] That's right, yeah
John (PS1F1) [2180] you've got to keep your hand moving ... er ... but there's a temptation to try to er put more on so that it is thicker you know, but it doesn't work that way you know
Ken (PS1F3) [2181] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [2182] it's, it's fair do all together ... anyway I can't see me ever painting a car again
Ken (PS1F3) [2183] Hmm
Joan (PS1F2) [2184] no, the mess
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS1F2) [2185] get 'em done for ya, you used to do a lot didn't you er car maintaining you used to do it all
John (PS1F1) [2186] Yeah I took a course on car maintenance
Joan (PS1F2) [2187] Mm
Ken (PS1F3) [2188] Very handy as well, that's a good idea
Joan (PS1F2) [2189] It came in very handy for you
John (PS1F1) [2190] Well it did because once you know we went over the moors
Ken (PS1F3) [2191] Mm
John (PS1F1) [2192] and we parked up er the top side of Malham and the car wouldn't start
Ken (PS1F3) [2193] Oh hell
John (PS1F1) [2194] so, you know, I looked under the bonnet, I couldn't understand it at all tt, er, so I eventually got a lift and got a ride down into Malham and er, went in the telephone box there
Ken (PS1F3) [2195] Mm
John (PS1F1) [2196] and rung the A A, so as I got through to the A A man I says erm, you know, I says I, where I was parked and all like that and where I was stood and the chap says oh I'll get a, a van up to ya as soon as I can, but I says wait a minute, I says my car's just arrived ... and Joan was the mechanic, he lifted bonnet up and touched something [laughing] and you [] brought it down didn't you?
Ken (PS1F3) [2197] Oh did you?
Joan (PS1F2) [2198] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [2199] Yeah
Joan (PS1F2) [2200] I don't know how I'd dared drive down them narrow roads
John (PS1F1) [2201] No
Joan (PS1F2) [2202] Yes I did, it started going, I don't know what I did but it started going it started
John (PS1F1) [2203] Well when we got it home I realized it was the battery lead that was just a little bit of lead
Ken (PS1F3) [2204] Oh that's all it can be
John (PS1F1) [2205] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [2206] something silly like
John (PS1F1) [2207] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [2208] in fact I'd say eight times out of time that's all it ever is
John (PS1F1) [2209] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [2210] something silly you know
John (PS1F1) [2211] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [2212] like your, your plug leads are, just one's popped off or something or it's gotta bit loose something like that
John (PS1F1) [2213] The A A man did laugh didn't he?
[2214] Oh you wouldn't hear him cos I had the phone
Joan (PS1F2) [2215] No, no well
John (PS1F1) [2216] oh he did laugh, he said you'll never live that down
Ken (PS1F3) [laugh]
Joan (PS1F2) [laugh]
John (PS1F1) [2217] Anyway so we went
Ken (PS1F3) [2218] You both wandering
Joan (PS1F2) [2219] You want a start
Ken (PS1F3) [2220] down in the car
Joan (PS1F2) [laugh]
John (PS1F1) [2221] Ah, so we rode home and that was it delighted
Ken (PS1F3) [2222] I bet you felt a right mechanic then didn't you?
Joan (PS1F2) [2223] Yeah [laugh]
John (PS1F1) [2224] It's magic touch you've got to have with cars
Ken (PS1F3) [2225] Mm
Joan (PS1F2) [2226] Mm ...
Ken (PS1F3) [2227] I know a lot more about cars than I have, I, I never used to know nothing about cars but
John (PS1F1) [2228] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [2229] just watching Martin and seeing what you're doing and
John (PS1F1) [2230] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [2231] you know, if the worse comes,tr putting your jump leads on and things like that
John (PS1F1) [2232] Mm
Ken (PS1F3) [2233] I mean I didn't even know how to do anything like that really
John (PS1F1) [2234] No
Ken (PS1F3) [2235] but it's all very, very handy to know
Joan (PS1F2) [2236] Well it pays you to know
Ken (PS1F3) [2237] Oh it does
Joan (PS1F2) [2238] because you're out in it aren't you all day?
Ken (PS1F3) [2239] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [2240] Well that course I went on you know, there was er, there were, there were, there'd be about twelve in the class and there were two young women in the class
Ken (PS1F3) [2241] Yeah ...
John (PS1F1) [2242] er
Joan (PS1F2) [2243] Cos I think there's more women drive now than ever they used to
John (PS1F1) [2244] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [2245] Oh yeah ... and of course you've got to be a bit careful as well when you hear all these things on the motorway
Joan (PS1F2) [2246] Oh
Ken (PS1F3) [2247] and whatnot, haven't you?
John (PS1F1) [2248] I say ...
Ken (PS1F3) [2249] So that's probably why they go in for more of these courses things ...
John (PS1F1) [2250] But you can get very dirty messing about with cars
Ken (PS1F3) [2251] Oh yeah, I know he gets black I'm sure
Joan (PS1F2) [2252] Could you could you change a tyre Louise?
Ken (PS1F3) [2253] Could I change a tyre?
Joan (PS1F2) [2254] Mm
Ken (PS1F3) [2255] No, no
John (PS1F1) [laugh]
Joan (PS1F2) [2256] [laugh] You'd just have to look
Ken (PS1F3) [2257] Well I'm saying no, but I've er
Joan (PS1F2) [2258] stand at side of car and look sad and pitiful [laugh]
Ken (PS1F3) [laugh]
Joan (PS1F2) [2259] and somebody might stop then ...
Ken (PS1F3) [2260] Well actually I'd, I would know how to do it, but whether I'd have the tools on me or not, just jack it up on one of them thingies
John (PS1F1) [2261] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [2262] and then erm
Joan (PS1F2) [2263] [laughing] One of them thingies []
Ken (PS1F3) [2264] one of them thingies, one of them jacks, and then ... you've got one of them, I don't even, I don't know what they're called but I've seen it before
John (PS1F1) [2265] Well er thingies and articles and whatnots they're all
Ken (PS1F3) [laugh]
John (PS1F1) [2266] they're all valuable tools them
Joan (PS1F2) [2267] As long as you know what the whatnots is
Ken (PS1F3) [2268] Yeah as long as you know what they're used for
Joan (PS1F2) [2269] Yeah
Ken (PS1F3) [2270] then
John (PS1F1) [2271] That there and, you know
Ken (PS1F3) [2272] Well yeah I suppose really I would be able to
Joan (PS1F2) [2273] Thingy [...]
Ken (PS1F3) [2274] if, if I was really stuck and I had the, the tools, which, I wouldn't have you see, but if I did have the tools there, then yeah I would be able to do it ... cos I've seen Martin doing it quite a few times, so
John (PS1F1) [2275] Mm
Joan (PS1F2) [2276] Oh
Ken (PS1F3) [2277] Yeah jack it up take the, the bolts off, pull it off, put it back on again and screw it up.
John (PS1F1) [2278] Russell's wife across here does it, don't she Joan?
Joan (PS1F2) [2279] Oh yes she seems very good she's very efficient isn't she?
John (PS1F1) [2280] She gets her head in the bonnet and
Joan (PS1F2) [2281] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [2282] fiddles about with it
Joan (PS1F2) [2283] Yeah, she does ... very efficient
John (PS1F1) [laugh]
Ken (PS1F3) [2284] Still I can look efficient underneath that bonnet, but whether I am or not [laughing] anybody can, anybody can []
John (PS1F1) [laugh]
Joan (PS1F2) [2285] Anybody can
Ken (PS1F3) [2286] I know
Joan (PS1F2) [2287] I mean even me I could if I lifted it up
John (PS1F1) [2288] Oh style is half the job int it really?
Ken (PS1F3) [2289] Oh yeah, looking as if you know [laughing] the business []
John (PS1F1) [2290] [laugh] ... Right I'll leave you to it
Joan (PS1F2) [2291] Yes okay, right, a bit better when you see me

14 (Tape 063003)

John (PS1F1) [2292] No deliveries yet then for
Sid (PS1F4) [2293] No it's er it came today and it had its balance on its ticket and I've rung them up and er
John (PS1F1) [2294] Yeah
Sid (PS1F4) [2295] it's due in the middle of next week
John (PS1F1) [2296] Oh good
Sid (PS1F4) [2297] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [2298] I, er, I think when we get it as well I'll ask Steven to come and put it on because it's er
Sid (PS1F4) [2299] Right
John (PS1F1) [2300] it needs drilling doesn't it?
[2301] It'd probably need drilling
Sid (PS1F4) [2302] Yeah through the tiles that's right surface mounted
John (PS1F1) [2303] Aye that's right, cos I'm not, I haven't got the equipment really to
Sid (PS1F4) [2304] No it it is a bit of a job
John (PS1F1) [2305] Yeah
Sid (PS1F4) [2306] just in case you crack a tile
John (PS1F1) [2307] And if you crack a tile
Sid (PS1F4) [2308] That's right
John (PS1F1) [2309] you're worse off still aren't ya?
Sid (PS1F4) [2310] That's right absolutely

15 (Tape 063004)

John (PS1F1) [2311] That's right, yeah, it's a great attraction
None (KCSPS001) [2312] You can do as you please
John (PS1F1) [2313] Yeah, yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2314] do what you want if you wanna buy summat have it, don't feel
John (PS1F1) [2315] Yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2316] it pull a bloody big [...] just let it give yours paper have a little bit of
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2317] here and there you know
John (PS1F1) [2318] That's right yeah, aye if you go back into the system where they had at Blackpool where er Reginald Dixon used to play
None (KCSPS001) [2319] Mm
John (PS1F1) [2320] for where they are
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2321] and people used to go and see it and go and enjoy them and if you want to erm, if you went into Wales and on that way there was, who was it, it's Albert you know
None (KCSPS001) [2322] Yeah, aye
John (PS1F1) [2323] yeah ... you know you used to go in, no it's Scarborough
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2324] well the, we used that bandstand there
John (PS1F1) [2325] Yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2326] it's in [...] Park now in Manchester
John (PS1F1) [2327] What?
[2328] What?
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2329] bandstand
John (PS1F1) [2330] What's gonna happen to that now?
None (KCSPS001) [2331] Every Sunday pull it down, every Sunday bloody night and Saturday afternoon, bloody bandstand were going
John (PS1F1) [2332] Yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2333] good hour, let's all sit round listening to bloody band on a Sunday night ... it's only to, Lancaster to go in bar for twenty five pound, there were five to
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2334] is that right?
None (KCSPS001) [2335] Aye, I'm going back a lot of years ago
John (PS1F1) [2336] I don't know
None (KCSPS001) [2337] I don't know
John (PS1F1) [2338] yeah [laugh]
None (KCSPS001) [2339] Aye, aye not
John (PS1F1) [2340] Anyway, we, our
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2341] independent is jacked it in so
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2342] somebody or other's gonna take it over, gonna try and get
None (KCSPS001) [2343] Aye
John (PS1F1) [2344] in now Conservative, so, but you see
None (KCSPS001) [2345] possibly
John (PS1F1) [2346] whatever you want, whatever you want to do, whatever you suggest to your councillor it never gets anywhere, it never gets anywhere
None (KCSPS001) [2347] Who'd be on the, who would be on the bloody council with any real bloody business initiative
John (PS1F1) [2348] Well I, I
None (KCSPS001) [2349] I mean when I was a boy young Willy Carton all the business men of the bloody town
John (PS1F1) [2350] Yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2351] you heard they'd get something for themselves but you heard they'd get the town something an'all
John (PS1F1) [2352] I agree with that I agree with that
None (KCSPS001) [2353] your public earning not a lot of bloody
John (PS1F1) [2354] I agree with that
None (KCSPS001) [2355] how can a man run a town when he got to go er, to work for a fucking boss
John (PS1F1) [2356] Aye, yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2357] seven days a bloody week, how can he?
John (PS1F1) [2358] He can't, he can't, yeah, no, no
None (KCSPS001) [2359] D'ya know what I mean?
[2360] Where's his brains ah?
[2361] ... Eh?
John (PS1F1) [2362] Well there is definitely something wrong because, because a place like this
None (KCSPS001) [2363] Something wrong
John (PS1F1) [2364] should, should attract visitors and things should be going and I don't care how much
None (KCSPS001) [2365] You have, you have you have the bonny little bay in England
John (PS1F1) [2366] Exactly, well you
None (KCSPS001) [2367] I mean
John (PS1F1) [2368] you can come here and you can er you can travel up
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2369] travel anywhere , anywhere, yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2370] if wanted to go further south
None (KCSPS001) [2371] Exactly ... I don't know what the job is
John (PS1F1) [2372] But it makes you wonder how it's all gonna finish up really whether there's gonna be a bust up or what or
None (KCSPS001) [2373] Well I shall tell ya
John (PS1F1) [2374] how they gonna, how are they gonna go on with this sale of land that the council have sold some land to the council and the police have been looking into it ...
None (KCSPS001) [2375] Well I don't know what that is eh, just a bit of weird, weird job innit?
John (PS1F1) [2376] Aye it is [laugh]
None (KCSPS001) [2377] He said he won't tell will he what he's done
John (PS1F1) [2378] Oh well ... you see
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2379] he was doing
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2380] he's been able to get round it really, it might well be above board, but the police have been looking into it
None (KCSPS001) [2381] Well I would think it wouldn't be half, but then I don't know owt about it so it's no good me saying, but ... take, taking the type of the woman
John (PS1F1) [2382] I, I think
None (KCSPS001) [2383] I would think it would be above board
John (PS1F1) [2384] I, I, I think it, it, were short of some honest dealers now
None (KCSPS001) [2385] Oh definitely
John (PS1F1) [2386] I mean there's a lot of dishonest dealers, a lot of people
None (KCSPS001) [2387] Oh
John (PS1F1) [2388] in it for a, for a couple of years to get as much as they can and get a
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2389] little shop here and they charge as much as you can and they get the grant to open the shop up and then they close it down a couple of months
None (KCSPS001) [2390] But look at where they
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2391] aye, that's right, yeah, yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2392] You think they'd have a
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2393] or what?
[2394] If I bought a thing I wouldn't want another man
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2395] and, and, and look at responses
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2396] No, no no that's true
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [2397] Stop gabbing
None (KCSPS001) [2398] When I bought oh hiya
John (PS1F1) [laugh]
None (KCSPS001) [2399] alright?
[2400] [laugh] When I, when I bought bloody
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2401] you never
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2402] to help me out did ya?
John (PS1F1) [2403] No, no
None (KCSPS001) [2404] You bought it and bought it, that's it, not same as they do with yeah ... with them looking for bloody sponsors unheard and them looking for bloody sponsors ... eh?
John (PS1F1) [2405] Aye that's right I mean you want
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2406] bubble, there's only one thing wrong with it, I said to my lad many a time ... I said the trouble is with the world today everybody wants too much money for doing what they have to do, that's why things are dear
John (PS1F1) [2407] Er, I agree with ya, I agree with ya
None (KCSPS001) [2408] that's what it is
John (PS1F1) [2409] Yeah they do that
None (KCSPS001) [2410] There's only one lot of bloody people ever started this and that's the bloody union
John (PS1F1) [2411] I agree again I totally agree with ya
None (KCSPS001) [2412] that's what has started it
John (PS1F1) [2413] it's a bit double sided really
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2414] I mean some of the
None (KCSPS001) [2415] How are ya?
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [2416] Oh not so bad
None (KCSPS001) [2417] You're looking well [laugh]
John (PS1F1) [2418] [laugh] No wonder the women get tired having to crouch them up and down like that
None (KCSPS001) [2419] She didn't know me, I know her well
John (PS1F1) [2420] Ah
None (KCSPS001) [2421] she just lost her husband and that was why I never said
John (PS1F1) [2422] Oh dear, it's bad luck that int it?
[2423] Yeah, it happens to everybody you know
None (KCSPS001) [2424] Aye it does
John (PS1F1) [2425] the other way round an all some times
None (KCSPS001) [2426] but that's what's the, that's the trouble I think with the council today.
[2427] I mean the council in our house today, the council and he's told the other council, one isn't working, well he's on a good job somewhere, he said well what's one hundred and twenty pound a week?
John (PS1F1) [2428] Yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2429] One time
John (PS1F1) [2430] Yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2431] so the other guy said ooh er, ooh er, he can't
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...] ...
None (KCSPS001) [2432] He said I wish I had a hundred and twenty pound a week
John (PS1F1) [2433] Right
None (KCSPS001) [2434] I said that's done with you a bloody lot I said, a hundred and twenty pound a week that should be able to make do with a hundred and twenty pound a week easily
John (PS1F1) [2435] Easily
None (KCSPS001) [2436] Eh?
[2437] Eh?
John (PS1F1) [2438] easily, easily, easily easily
None (KCSPS001) [2439] But then again you see they go out they think nothing of spending forty quid up there at the place on Friday night, Saturday night
John (PS1F1) [2440] Well they're talking about
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2441] talking about children getting five pound a week spending money
None (KCSPS001) [2442] Oh [laugh] Saturday penny, Saturday ha'penny
John (PS1F1) [2443] We used to come here
None (KCSPS001) [2444] Oh yes
John (PS1F1) [2445] on that bottom end down by the back there, we used to have a full weekend, me and wife and youngster for a fiver
None (KCSPS001) [2446] Nine of 'em
John (PS1F1) [2447] [laughing] Yes and you [] used to give us a lovely meal every night
None (KCSPS001) [2448] Aye
John (PS1F1) [2449] an'all, five pound
None (KCSPS001) [2450] Aye lovely
John (PS1F1) [2451] People can't understand that can they?
None (KCSPS001) [2452] Bed and breakfast half a crown
John (PS1F1) [2453] Oh well there you are you see
None (KCSPS001) [2454] bed and breakfast half a crown, aye
John (PS1F1) [2455] we stay, when we we're in Yorkshire all
None (KCSPS001) [2456] Oh
John (PS1F1) [2457] the apprentices in, in mill where we were, we were all bound together
None (KCSPS001) [2458] Aye
John (PS1F1) [2459] we'd go down the station, went pub, there's er, I think were two and seven pence I'm not right sure, but that is worth by
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2460] the prize money down, and there were a trip planned, you'd to go from Queensbury and you used to go through to Blackpool
None (KCSPS001) [2461] Ah
John (PS1F1) [2462] and then it used to turn back half past four in morning
None (KCSPS001) [2463] Well it would do
John (PS1F1) [2464] train, train never went back it always went so far and stop
None (KCSPS001) [2465] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [2466] then it went a bit further and stop, and then we used to be walking up the, but that were it, half a crown
None (KCSPS001) [2467] You could go to Bradford from here
John (PS1F1) [2468] That's it
None (KCSPS001) [2469] stop at every station couldn't we?
John (PS1F1) [2470] Aye that's, right, that's it, that were us [laugh]
None (KCSPS001) [2471] Half a crown and met and sixpence to get in
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2472] and half a crown
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2473] to, to winter gardens
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2474] How do ya qualify if you see people er at
None (KCSPS001) [2475] Yeah
John (PS1F1) [2476] our age who's saved up, er how d'ya qualify that price with today's prices, cos every pound you save then, is er, is worth nowt today is it?
[2477] That's
None (KCSPS001) [2478] When I was on the
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2479] this morning, I went across there and I got ice cream
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2480] that's right, yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2481] When I was a lad I could have seventy for them, I sat on there and I licked it up, er, a good afternoon, I was just having a break by sands, I said when I was a lad I could have seventy ice creams
John (PS1F1) [2482] That's right yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2483] right
John (PS1F1) [2484] Yeah, it is the price of one it's unbelievable it is unbelievable, yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2485] It is innit?
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2486] it's all because of this change of money you see and then when we get on to the new
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2487] you'll, it'll go wrong again
None (KCSPS001) [2488] Mm
John (PS1F1) [2489] it'll go wrong again ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2490] no, you know you won't
None (KCSPS001) [2491] No
John (PS1F1) [2492] Well aye, we just carry on, we just enjoy what we, what we want to do and er, we don't bother
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2493] I mean, me and wife walk up and down here
None (KCSPS001) [2494] Oh
John (PS1F1) [2495] and Joan says well I'm not bothered about pier, I'm not bothered, we like this bay and we can do what we like
None (KCSPS001) [2496] That's it, yeah
John (PS1F1) [2497] and that's all there is to it, but you can work yourself
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2498] if you want to
None (KCSPS001) [2499] Oh you could, yeah
John (PS1F1) [2500] but it just means having trouble with er windows, er smoking house you know
None (KCSPS001) [2501] Do what?
John (PS1F1) [2502] The, the windows, smoking house
None (KCSPS001) [2503] Oh have ya?
[2504] What's up with ya?
John (PS1F1) [2505] Well [laugh] they might be a friendly, oh I don't really know but er ... he's so busy you see and he's busy all kinds of day and night, now then, we asked him a while ago to be more careful when he was switching on the freezer units at night because they were waking people up, we asked him er a while ago if he'd be more careful learning up at six o'clock in the morning because the chain and that we couldn't sleep in the morning like, and all disturbing us all like that
None (KCSPS001) [2506] Aye, aye
John (PS1F1) [2507] anyway we, we had a petition that when it came up that er, that the new E E C rules were coming in that they would, they'd going to have to have a clean way if you are you are and a dirty way out you know
None (KCSPS001) [2508] Oh yeah
John (PS1F1) [2509] er other way round and you
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2510] with a psychopath
None (KCSPS001) [2511] Aye
John (PS1F1) [2512] now then the E E C said this should of happened so we, we got a petition up and I thought, we got, well I didn't but the lads got over two hundred signatures and they must of been er two letters went to the Corporation ... and everyone was talking er critical
None (KCSPS001) [2513] Aye
John (PS1F1) [2514] and all was accurately, now if it was done really with the hope that the council and winder would get together and come to some decent arrangement and at the other side of er Lancaster er down by the
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2515] down there
None (KCSPS001) [2516] Right
John (PS1F1) [2517] behind the
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2518] behind the hillside
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2519] well that was for sale, that part it belongs to the council
None (KCSPS001) [2520] Aye
John (PS1F1) [2521] Now then, if the council could, could've come to some agreement and put in there, it would of made it right for us, now, you see we've done so before, this is what I don't like about ... he, he applies for planning permission does er the notice was no bigger than six inches long and four
None (KCSPS001) [2522] No
John (PS1F1) [2523] inches high and it were
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2524] That's Mike bouncer
John (PS1F1) [2525] Oh is it [laughing] oh I didn't know about that []
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2526] we should of taken it up then shouldn't we?
None (KCSPS001) [2527] Anyway
John (PS1F1) [2528] I'd of kept him in a bit longer
None (KCSPS001) [2529] what they're talking about is going to Blackpool aren't they?
John (PS1F1) [2530] Well no, now you see, now is, what's happened is this ... tt we argued er the case after we saw the notice, but we only saw the notice about a week before it went into com into committee, so we'd only a very short time to get everything organized, well we got letters and this petition, we sent it in to the council, Stanley came round and talked to one of the young men round our place, not like that, but he was saying oh we'll do this, that and the other, but when he came round and now we know they'd lobbied all the committee that were good and they knew it was gonna be passed, they knew before they went in it was gonna be passed
None (KCSPS001) [2531] Yes
John (PS1F1) [2532] it was done in a very un-run way, because the notice, the notice ... was, was er it'd be up about a couple of days and then it'd come down, you see, so it didn't give anybody a lot of chance, but anyway now it's been passed you see it goes ahead and that's all there is to it, he, he hasn't start doing it yet but
None (KCSPS001) [2533] No
John (PS1F1) [2534] it'll never be moved from there, but what an opportunity they had, they could of, they could
None (KCSPS001) [2535] Aye, yeah
John (PS1F1) [2536] said well if the E E C say it has to be done why don't
None (KCSPS001) [2537] You'll never move it now then
John (PS1F1) [2538] What, no I don't think so, the E E C should of be, should of said well if it has to be moved if it's
None (KCSPS001) [2539] Oh yeah
John (PS1F1) [2540] environmental an'all and the council say it's environmental you're likely
None (KCSPS001) [2541] Well I've a
John (PS1F1) [2542] to give it a bit of something to help us to move it
None (KCSPS001) [2543] well I haven't always
John (PS1F1) [2544] but it's a mystery
None (KCSPS001) [2545] well I haven't always worked here
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2546] what the, what you the flu?
None (KCSPS001) [2547] eh?
John (PS1F1) [2548] Has it been cold or?
None (KCSPS001) [2549] Oh aye cold and, ooh round here
John (PS1F1) [2550] Oh
None (KCSPS001) [2551] and me stomach and me chest
John (PS1F1) [2552] Oh
None (KCSPS001) [2553] I've been badly, I have, I've had
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2554] for three times
John (PS1F1) [2555] Yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2556] wife's had, wife's even poorer, I've been er, I've just finished them antibiotics on er ... yesterday morning
John (PS1F1) [2557] Aye
None (KCSPS001) [2558] I had eight, eight a day, four of a morning and two other
John (PS1F1) [2559] That's a meal innit?
[2560] Eight a day
None (KCSPS001) [2561] four, aye, I had two
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2562] of a morning and
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2563] I had eight a day I had
John (PS1F1) [2564] And no missing
None (KCSPS001) [2565] Well I wanted to get
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...] ...
None (KCSPS001) [2566] it ain't up to European standard isn't that
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2567] no, no, but, no, no oh no it isn't, no
None (KCSPS001) [2568] No
John (PS1F1) [2569] but there wasn't said at the council, they said that they realize that what there has to be done can't be done so, so quickly, you see the past in what er back end of October
None (KCSPS001) [2570] It's always been a slaughterhouse all my life that, all, all my life there's been one, young girls use them, use some of them food shops round here
John (PS1F1) [2571] Yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2572] all my life there's been a slaughterhouse
John (PS1F1) [2573] Yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2574] all my life that
John (PS1F1) [2575] The whole council agreed it should be moved
None (KCSPS001) [2576] Eh?
John (PS1F1) [2577] The whole council agreed it should be moved
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2578] they all agreed with it ... er Eleanor said it should be moved
None (KCSPS001) [2579] But I think it it is
John (PS1F1) [2580] Not to be
None (KCSPS001) [2581] if, if, if they go into the Common Market rate, EE standard or summat it's bloody new job we'd have to be, gotta go to Blackpool this year
John (PS1F1) [2582] Well it's engineer that has the, has it all run now
None (KCSPS001) [2583] Aye
John (PS1F1) [2584] it's up to him whether it's, whether they say it's right or wrong ... I think, I think what the council said is if they, if they want it, the thing shifting, they are strong enough to get it shifted ... if they, if they, if they really feel that the things rot, you see up in the Dales they, one chap built a house and er, and they said they had to pull it down because it wouldn't fit in with, of
None (KCSPS001) [2585] No
John (PS1F1) [2586] but they, but they told him he'd have to pull it down, so
None (KCSPS001) [2587] Yeah, but this job's just a bit different innit?
John (PS1F1) [2588] I think, I think
None (KCSPS001) [2589] Just a little bit different
John (PS1F1) [2590] Aye ...
None (KCSPS001) [2591] Wind is in such a big way ... and if he goes to the planning appeal and one thing or something, it'll skin this bloody, it'll, it'll skin this bloody town
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2592] of course it will, we've planned enough, oh yes, certainly, what they doing with, what, what they do with
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2593] them, them, making them camps and gypsy camps
John (PS1F1) [2594] Yeah, yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2595] what they doing down there?
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2596] how much it's gonna cost us for an appeal
John (PS1F1) [2597] Yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2598] an appeal goes into a hundred thousand pounds you know
John (PS1F1) [2599] Yeah, yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2600] you know that?
John (PS1F1) [2601] Yeah, yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2602] Oh bloody does that
John (PS1F1) [2603] and that's that's not on is it really?
None (KCSPS001) [2604] Eh?
John (PS1F1) [2605] That's not on that really ... where
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2606] where do all that money go for the fee?
[2607] Solicitors and
None (KCSPS001) [2608] I, I don't know who the hell gets it
John (PS1F1) [laugh] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2609] land up, up there, it took, it took ... put the bill in, it's next, it's next, we need this next two or three bloody month and I was on about this and I was on about that ev it's possible this is what a lot of them going and getting, you don't want it
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2610] Habitats, there's enough bloody habitats up and down ... flowers growing out, I said well I said what's to stop me from taking a bloody plough and ploughing all the bloody flowers up
John (PS1F1) [2611] Yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2612] I said it's my bloody land that it don't matter what I do
John (PS1F1) [2613] That's right, yeah oh yeah, yeah, yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2614] you know but er, there are ... you get the money and pay for 'em that'll be all the ... .
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2615] I thought you know, I did think when they were talking, when the council they were talking about spending a lot of money behind the station
None (KCSPS001) [2616] Eh?
John (PS1F1) [2617] er, thinking of spending a lot of money behind the station and building the supermarket and ploughing it all up, that car park, and then putting the information centre in the old, old
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2618] I did think you know when I, when we go around and we look at some of these houses like Barratt houses and all like that, I thought that area would of been better off knocking into houses and then you see they would be able to get the community charge of the houses, but as it's gonna happen now ... the council's gonna have a lot of responsibility one way and another with er
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2619] they gonna have to they gonna have to pass a lot of land to build houses on to get the bloody rev revenue back in the town
John (PS1F1) [2620] Yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2621] d'ya know that?
[2622] They are that ... they are that, because I tell you what it is, I don't know
John (PS1F1) [2623] They don't seem to be interested in making money, they seem to be interested in spending it to my mind ... I could be wrong you know ...
None (KCSPS001) [2624] Well it's a weird bloody job this
John (PS1F1) [2625] Yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2626] a weird job altogether
John (PS1F1) [laugh]
None (KCSPS001) [2627] a weird job
John (PS1F1) [2628] Medieval for your holidays then living in a place like this
None (KCSPS001) [2629] Eh?
John (PS1F1) [2630] Yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2631] Oh Spain
John (PS1F1) [2632] Do ya [laughing] go there [] ?
None (KCSPS001) [2633] Aye, aye me lad has a place at Spain
John (PS1F1) [2634] Has he?
[2635] Oh that's good
None (KCSPS001) [2636] Aye, aye that's what they've got aye.
[2637] I like, I like to go down to
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2638] in Kent
John (PS1F1) [2639] Aye well, well we are er, we are, we like this country and
None (KCSPS001) [2640] Aye
John (PS1F1) [2641] we've been to France and we've been to, we've been to er ... er
None (KCSPS001) [2642] We might go to France in another four er ... about ... I would say spring time
John (PS1F1) [2643] Yeah yeah that's right
None (KCSPS001) [2644] you know I like France do you?
John (PS1F1) [2645] Well, we did very much so, we went, actually go, went and stayed with erm, with er a chap that we knew really
None (KCSPS001) [2646] Aye
John (PS1F1) [2647] which made it er very reasonable, very cheap really, we took us car there and that, but he's coming back is this chap now
None (KCSPS001) [2648] Aye
John (PS1F1) [2649] we had bother we've, I, I had a car tyre burst, I had a heck of a job getting one
None (KCSPS001) [2650] Alright, how's mother-in-law right?
Unknown speaker (KCSPSUNK) [2651] The same
None (KCSPS001) [2652] [laugh] That's a councillor
John (PS1F1) [2653] Yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2654] Matt
John (PS1F1) [2655] Oh look there
None (KCSPS001) [2656] See him now
John (PS1F1) [2657] oh [laugh] he looks young, I don't know, I went in doctors, I went in doctors this morning for a prescription
None (KCSPS001) [2658] Did ya?
John (PS1F1) [2659] and er ... the second door on, you, it opened and the doctor came out and called for the next person to come in, she didn't look to be above forty year old [laugh]
None (KCSPS001) [2660] Nay
John (PS1F1) [2661] by gawld she did look young
None (KCSPS001) [2662] Ah, er
John (PS1F1) [2663] I said to Joan I said well when we came here five years ago, I'm glad we didn't get her, by gawld she did look young
None (KCSPS001) [2664] Oh I, I, I, I'd one you know, oh I'd one up, oh I'm going back a few years now ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2665] I had a hiatus hernia and
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
John (PS1F1) [2666] that sounds nasty
None (KCSPS001) [2667] Eh?
John (PS1F1) [2668] That sounds nasty
None (KCSPS001) [2669] Oh ... they won't, they won't do it unless go in hospital, you get cut from there
John (PS1F1) [2670] Yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2671] to there ... hiatus, hiatus hernia, ooh terrible you're stitched all inside ... ooh it's like ... you could sit down to a beautiful tea tonight ... and enjoy it ... and then you could sit down to your breakfast in morning, one bite and that was you finished
John (PS1F1) [2672] Yeah, sick
None (KCSPS001) [2673] it was your puddings
John (PS1F1) [2674] Yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2675] your gullet were ripped
John (PS1F1) [2676] Yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2677] and your puddings, say that's your gullet, that like that, where your
Group of unknown speakers (KCSPSUGP) [...]
None (KCSPS001) [2678] hiatus hernia is where you ripped your stomach and your stomach goes in like that and it stops it going down
John (PS1F1) [2679] Oh
None (KCSPS001) [2680] aye you wonder what it
John (PS1F1) [2681] like a bit of a flu er?
None (KCSPS001) [2682] Eh?
John (PS1F1) [2683] Like a bit of a flu?
None (KCSPS001) [2684] Aye, ooh but I'll tell what it was bloody awful, I wouldn't, I wouldn't have another, mind I was only about forty, forty seven, forty five since when he had that
John (PS1F1) [2685] Mm
None (KCSPS001) [2686] in Blackpool, in Blackpool three weeks
John (PS1F1) [2687] You're a bit stronger to
None (KCSPS001) [2688] Eh?
John (PS1F1) [2689] counteract it then wouldn't ya?
[2690] When you're younger you're
None (KCSPS001) [2691] Oh aye
John (PS1F1) [2692] a bit stronger ...
None (KCSPS001) [2693] Ooh but you couldn't stay, I was like this for twelve month look
John (PS1F1) [2694] Aye
None (KCSPS001) [2695] pull all your ribs out like that with your cage
John (PS1F1) [2696] Yeah
None (KCSPS001) [2697] oh
John (PS1F1) [laugh]
None (KCSPS001) [2698] bloody awful, bloody awful, but, well I should go now
John (PS1F1) [2699] Yeah I'm gonna go through Arndale and back home now I've ...
None (KCSPS001) [2700] Just been to a friend's house and he's given me a nice cup of tea and a little drop of brandy and that I did enjoy it
John (PS1F1) [2701] Oh by Jove, that's
None (KCSPS001) [2702] [laugh] I'd enjoyed it
John (PS1F1) [2703] nowt, nowt to beat then is there?
None (KCSPS001) [2704] Tarrah now
John (PS1F1) [2705] I'm going
None (KCSPS001) [2706] Are you going this way?
John (PS1F1) [2707] I'm going through Arndale
None (KCSPS001) [2708] Oh aye, ... ah