29 conversations recorded by `June' (PS0FP) between 29 November and 5 December 1991 with 17 interlocutors, totalling 14213 s-units, 97005 words, and 9 hours 18 minutes 49 seconds of recordings.

18 speakers recorded by respondent number 30

PS0FP Ag3 f (June, age 40, dinner lady (pt), East Anglia, )
PS0FR Ag0 m (Jonathan, age 10, student (state primary), East Anglia, ) son
PS0FS Ag3 m (Geoffrey, age 40, chargehand, East Anglia, ) husband
PS0FU Ag2 f (Wendy, age 30, housewife, East Anglia, ) friend
PS0FX Ag3 f (Susan, age 40, dental nurse, East Anglia, ) sister
PS0G0 Ag5 f (A., age 76, retired, East Anglia, ) mother-in-law
PS0G1 Ag5 m (L., age 78, retired, East Anglia, ) father-in-law
PS0G2 Ag5 f (Kathleen, age 70, retired, London, ) mother
PS0G3 Ag5 m (Robert, age 67, retired, London, ) father
PS0G4 Ag4 m (Brian, age 50, plumber, London, ) neighbour
PS0G5 Ag4 f (Val, age 47, housewife, East Anglia, ) sister-in-law
PS0G7 Ag1 f (Sarah, age 23, hairdresser, East Anglia, ) niece
PS0G8 Ag3 f (Val, age 44, shopkeeper, London, ) stranger
PS0G9 Ag3 m (Katt, age 43, unemployed, London, ) friend
PS0GA Ag4 f (Sue, age 47, housewife, East Anglia, ) friend
PS0GE Ag0 m (Ashley, age 10, student, East Anglia, ) son's friend
KCTPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KCTPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

29 recordings

  1. Tape 019901 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: evening meal
  2. Tape 020001 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: eating lunch
  3. Tape 020002 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: talking about mortage
  4. Tape 020101 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: talking
  5. Tape 020102 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationNorfolk: Tilney St Lawrence ( mothers house ) Activity: talking
  6. Tape 020103 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationNorfolk: Tilney St Lawrence ( mothers house ) Activity: talking
  7. Tape 020201 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: having tea/walking home from work
  8. Tape 020202 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: having tea
  9. Tape 020203 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 020204 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter () Activity: walking home from work
  11. Tape 020205 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: talking with son after school
  12. Tape 020206 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: talking with son
  13. Tape 020207 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: eating tea
  14. Tape 020301 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: talking
  15. Tape 020302 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: talking
  16. Tape 020303 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: talking
  17. Tape 020304 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: getting ready to go to school
  18. Tape 020305 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( shop ) Activity: shopping
  19. Tape 020306 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( outside school ) Activity: talking to friend
  20. Tape 020401 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: talking
  21. Tape 020402 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: eating tea
  22. Tape 020403 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( mother in laws ) Activity: talking
  23. Tape 020404 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( mother in laws ) Activity: general
  24. Tape 020501 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( mother in laws ) Activity: general
  25. Tape 020502 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( car ) Activity: going home
  26. Tape 020503 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: getting ready for bed
  27. Tape 020504 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: going to school
  28. Tape 020505 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: eating dinner
  29. Tape 020601 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: eating tea

1 (Tape 019901)

June (PS0FP) [1] When you go to your mum's tomorrow, or when we go out tomorrow we'll take it with us, in case we meet anybody I can be taping cos I can get as many people as I like, when you go up to Ken's take it with you, put it on your pocket, but then say to them, if you object we won't do it.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2] I'm not [...]
June (PS0FP) [3] I've got to get as many people as I can.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [5] The tape is already in that ...
Wendy (PS0FU) [6] Where's that ... that man's ever so nervous ain't he?
[7] Have you got it on?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [8] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [9] Is it on?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [10] Yeah
June (PS0FP) [11] Oh, [laugh] ... [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [12] Oh you won't believe it
June (PS0FP) [13] Go on
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [14] I got down there just now so I said to him
June (PS0FP) [15] excuse me
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [16] hello, how are you?
[17] Well I ain't very happy,
June (PS0FP) [18] Oh what's happen then?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [19] oh, what's [...]
June (PS0FP) [20] Don't know what?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [21] She said I don't know what your [...] there's a [...] missing, so I [...] it said Mr G , so dad said why does it say Mr [...] and er, she said it's a court order she said [...] , [...] court order, she said er ... that [...] has been in the yard
June (PS0FP) [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [22] no [...] , so he said erm, [...] when I opened it [...] court order, I said well I don't know what yours is I said but it's nothing to do with this, I said this is about that [...] so when I opened the other one ... I remember then that when they originally built that court order bit he give me one cheque for sixty two quid and one for sixty nine
June (PS0FP) [23] Yeah
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [24] and the two court orders, they, they'd had one court one cheque and one for the other
June (PS0FP) [25] yeah
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [26] so they both about the same thing, he's been sitting there worried all day, he's [...]
June (PS0FP) [27] Oh no
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [28] yeah, [...] so happy today, so [...]
June (PS0FP) [29] Is that what she said?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [30] He's been sitting there stewing all day over that
June (PS0FP) [31] Oh she should of, why they addressed to you then?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [32] Well one was sent to Mr G
June (PS0FP) [33] Did you check to see if that was going?
[34] Oh yeah it is
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [35] and the other one said Mr
June (PS0FP) [36] Well why should it ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [37] well she thought [...]
June (PS0FP) [38] Don't she get herself in a
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [39] Yeah
June (PS0FP) [40] tiswas
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [41] It's all [...] cor dear
June (PS0FP) [42] [...] ... does she [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [43] Yeah [...] ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [44] Oh what a [...]
June (PS0FP) [45] Was it good?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [46] Cor yeah, in [...] , ever so good.
June (PS0FP) [47] Good
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...] ...
June (PS0FP) [48] I tell me self just done that, I haven't even boiled the kettle silly me.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...] ...
June (PS0FP) [49] I don't know what I [...] doing.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [50] No.
June (PS0FP) [51] Hurry up Jonathan
Jonathan (PS0FR) [52] Pardon?
June (PS0FP) [53] I said hurry up.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [54] I'm coming ...
June (PS0FP) [55] Oh I [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [56] [...] , [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [57] Here
Jonathan (PS0FR) [58] Cor great, I just [...] and they're doing tag teams, but the tag teams have joined up
June (PS0FP) [59] I don't know
Jonathan (PS0FR) [60] in the tag teams, so there's a, but at the moment four against two
June (PS0FP) [61] You look marvellous
Jonathan (PS0FR) [62] cor yeah
June (PS0FP) [63] is it?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [64] well they haven't actually, haven't got [...] or anything they just use their body.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [65] Oh yeah.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [66] Yeah, but he's the only one that really [...] it's [...] sort or
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [67] [...] just say, ok [...] take them out, how he kills them when they're, when the [...] picks them up and throws them down again [...]
June (PS0FP) [68] Where did Matthew get it then?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
June (PS0FP) [69] Oh
Jonathan (PS0FR) [70] I thought it [...]
June (PS0FP) [71] Jonathan are you going to start your tea please?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [72] Oh, why didn't you say?
June (PS0FP) [73] It's gonna get cold
Jonathan (PS0FR) [74] No, [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...] ... [...]
June (PS0FP) [75] No
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [76] Well let me [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [77] Well it's going to the [...] not me.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [78] The [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [79] You know what it is I bet they're pruning in the field
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [80] Could well be, yes.
June (PS0FP) [81] That leaves off, bet that's them out in that field messing about
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...] [...]
June (PS0FP) [82] Oh, they nearly got to, up to the roof aren't they?
Wendy (PS0FU) [83] Yeah ...
June (PS0FP) [84] Now why haven't you been doing very well at school this week? ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [85] [...] the week
June (PS0FP) [86] Well you won't get that will you?
[87] Eh?
[88] Why haven't you been getting on very well then?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
June (PS0FP) [89] I suppose you get some weeks like that when you don't ... did Miss get on to you then?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [90] No ... [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
June (PS0FP) [91] Did you get anything on the [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [92] Oh I forget, forgot to get it ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [93] Well it must be [...] cos I, I put salt on it, I thought myself you got the salt and [...] have some more salt ...
June (PS0FP) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [94] [...] ... strong.
June (PS0FP) [95] How did you get on at football?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [96] We won.
June (PS0FP) [97] How many?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [98] Erm two, two, one, [...]
June (PS0FP) [99] Did they all behave?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [100] Yeah. [...]
June (PS0FP) [101] I know they are ... did Luke play?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [102] Yeah
June (PS0FP) [103] Oh, is that what's upset you this week?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [104] No ... I forgot about it till now ...
June (PS0FP) [105] [...] let that upset you.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [106] I [...]
June (PS0FP) [107] [...] not in then is he?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [108] No, I shall need new shin pads dad.
June (PS0FP) [109] [...] there for you not for him.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [110] No, I said he could borrow them, cos he's in the team.
June (PS0FP) [111] Well why didn't he use yours and [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
June (PS0FP) [112] [...] , I don't mind, but ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [113] [...] every week ... [...]
June (PS0FP) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...] ...
June (PS0FP) [114] I didn't Matthew's [...] football?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [115] [...] ... Steven [...]
June (PS0FP) [116] Oh
Jonathan (PS0FR) [117] [...] ball's up the other end he just sits there on the floor, so ... [...] [...]
June (PS0FP) [118] But you're not that interested in football
Wendy (PS0FU) [...]
June (PS0FP) [119] Well yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [120] I'll tell you what [...] ...
June (PS0FP) [121] It's alright, [...] ... what else did you [...]
Wendy (PS0FU) [122] Can I have a [...]
June (PS0FP) [123] Yeah did she realize that the two [...]
Wendy (PS0FU) [...]
June (PS0FP) [124] Would you have [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [125] Old Mrs [...]
June (PS0FP) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [126] Well she said about two spoonfuls [...] .
June (PS0FP) [127] Did you get many chips today Jonathan from school?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
June (PS0FP) [128] Did you?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [129] Cor yeah.
June (PS0FP) [130] What did you have for sweet today?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [131] Yoghurt.
June (PS0FP) [132] Weren't a lot of choice was there?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [133] No, [...]
June (PS0FP) [134] Why was that?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [135] Had to wait for James, I hadn't noticed he'd gone past
June (PS0FP) [136] What [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [137] Mm, he'd gone past [...]
June (PS0FP) [138] He must be [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
June (PS0FP) [139] Now these [...] hope there [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [140] What [...]
June (PS0FP) [141] It's a what?
[142] No
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [143] Yeah, [...]
June (PS0FP) [144] [...] can't understand what you're saying.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [145] We were saying today that the [...] was saying today that [...]
June (PS0FP) [146] What [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [147] Yeah, [...] but he said he'd tell us he takes eleven tablets a day
June (PS0FP) [148] Eleven
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [149] Yeah, but apparently he's [...] anti-depressant also he said, he said that they [...] ...
June (PS0FP) [150] [...] them for?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [151] God knows ... and erm ...
June (PS0FP) [152] Forgot to put the sugar in.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [153] yeah, Cliff was saying that er, he said all yeah, he said he's er ... he goes through the [...] if, if you're not sort of paying attention to him you [...]
June (PS0FP) [154] What you mean?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [155] Well if you [...] sort of leave him out of a conversation, he goes a bit funny, he storms off, I think [...] I had noticed a couple of times that he has, and you see what happens is he sits there
June (PS0FP) [156] Seems a bit
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [157] well he sits there talking [...] at dinner times well then when she goes
June (PS0FP) [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [158] when she goes he's erm
Jonathan (PS0FR) [159] Quick
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [160] alright, alright
Jonathan (PS0FR) [161] cor [...]
June (PS0FP) [162] when she goes, yeah
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [163] she goes [...]
June (PS0FP) [164] Any more bread [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [165] so he sits there erm, and you know you [...] involve in our conversation, but he sits there talking to her and then he sort of feels out of it and then he storms off
June (PS0FP) [166] Oh
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [167] a bit silly ain't it? ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [168] [...] they actually came and put his [...]
Wendy (PS0FU) [169] Oh [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
Wendy (PS0FU) [170] Oh ... [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [171] Well it's got, erm [...] Mike in it
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [172] Oh yeah
June (PS0FP) [173] do you want some of those [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [174] might as well
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
June (PS0FP) [175] I wait on you lad, left, right and centre I do ... who's washing up tonight?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [176] You must be joking ... you must be joking, wish [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [177] Wish I did
June (PS0FP) [178] huh, dad said he wished he did
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [179] erm [...]
June (PS0FP) [180] do you want some blackberry Jonathan?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [181] No thanks.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [182] We're gonna have that Christmas draw next Friday
June (PS0FP) [183] Ooh, you got to make sure you've got your tickets next Friday then.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [184] Yeah.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
June (PS0FP) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...] [phone rings] ...
June (PS0FP) [185] Hello, yeah [...] , [...] for you
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [186] No, sounds like he's at home
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [187] Oh er, well there, [...]
June (PS0FP) [188] No, no, say you might have some,
Wendy (PS0FU) [...]
June (PS0FP) [189] well see how you feel.
Wendy (PS0FU) [190] Yeah I will
June (PS0FP) [191] Alright.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [192] Can I have bread and jam as well?
June (PS0FP) [193] Goodness me Jonathan
Jonathan (PS0FR) [194] I'm hungry ...
June (PS0FP) [...] [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [195] Don't eat that much
June (PS0FP) [196] Oh help yourself
Unknown speaker (KCTPSUNK) [197] Cor that smells nice Wendy
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
June (PS0FP) [198] Do you want blackcurrant?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [199] Oh yeah, have you got strawberry?
June (PS0FP) [200] Pardon?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [201] Have you got any strawberry?
June (PS0FP) [202] Yeah, [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [203] I'll have ... I'll have blackcurrant then I'll have strawberry
June (PS0FP) [204] Oh I'm not messing about with that
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [205] [...] you'll like this stuff [...]
June (PS0FP) [206] Well
Jonathan (PS0FR) [207] do you like wrestling?
June (PS0FP) [208] Oh yeah, I didn't mind wrestling but I don't like [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [209] It is wrestling
June (PS0FP) [210] yeah but it's [...] that.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
June (PS0FP) [211] Oh
Jonathan (PS0FR) [212] Cos it, W W F, Paul Hogan used to be the champion
June (PS0FP) [213] Oh
Jonathan (PS0FR) [214] Ah
June (PS0FP) [215] How long's Matthew had erm, Sky television then?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [216] Ages.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [217] Oh I see.
June (PS0FP) [218] You know what I've gone and done Jonathan?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [219] What?
June (PS0FP) [220] I've done them all strawberry, all blackberry I mean
Wendy (PS0FU) [...]
June (PS0FP) [221] Is that alright?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [222] Yeah ...
June (PS0FP) [223] Cor, that's lovely, great that ... whatever was you and John playing at? ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [224] When? ...
June (PS0FP) [225] Dinner time at school
Jonathan (PS0FR) [226] What with Christopher?
[227] Oh why's that?
June (PS0FP) [228] I don't know, said he [...] .
[229] What did he want [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [230] Only just to [...] needs to know what [...] goes into [...]
June (PS0FP) [231] Did [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [232] No, no, I [...]
June (PS0FP) [233] Yeah ... who called it up then?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [234] [...] what?
[235] The other day Christopher was talking [...] talking
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [236] Yeah
Jonathan (PS0FR) [237] [...] Christopher out the room
June (PS0FP) [238] He didn't
Jonathan (PS0FR) [239] he did
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [240] Erm, some boys name son of , er Matt I think, and er he'd got
Wendy (PS0FU) [241] What they do fall off the back of a lorry?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [242] Huh, it was a [...] bloody gardener [...]
June (PS0FP) [243] Expensive one that
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [244] I've never heard
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [245] I've never heard of it before well it [...]
June (PS0FP) [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [246] [...] forty nine, ninety five
Wendy (PS0FU) [247] Yeah
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [248] so he said erm, like a fiver, [...]
June (PS0FP) [249] Oh
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [250] so I said well [...] said I've never heard of it, he said well you've heard of quartz haven't you?
[251] ... What's that got to do with it?
June (PS0FP) [252] Quartz?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [253] Yeah, what's that got to do with it I said I, you know, [...] just never heard of that [...] well there you are then, [...]
June (PS0FP) [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [254] no, be wasting my time [...]
June (PS0FP) [255] Oh
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...] [...]
June (PS0FP) [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [256] No, he's got a [...] face and a black sort of leather strap
June (PS0FP) [257] Oh that will be [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [258] but he didn't look [...] ...
June (PS0FP) [...]
Wendy (PS0FU) [259] What [...] an actual [...] inside it.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [260] Inside it, it's like a flat blue sort of velvet suede [...] wallet [...] but I said he [...] ...
Wendy (PS0FU) [261] Oh
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [262] I said well why [...]
June (PS0FP) [263] No I wouldn't, too right [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [264] Fair enough he said [...]
June (PS0FP) [265] You should be [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [266] Yes.
June (PS0FP) [267] I go and get you some don't worry ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...] [...]
June (PS0FP) [268] I was on about the necklace [...] and you said it was a bit pricey
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [269] Yeah
June (PS0FP) [270] there's another twenty five per cent off if you go in there tomorrow, so how much would that be?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [271] I don't know how much it was
June (PS0FP) [272] That was thirty six, if you take twenty four per cent off what's that?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [273] Nine quid
June (PS0FP) [274] How much?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [275] nine quid off
June (PS0FP) [276] Well I'll go and get it then
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [277] twenty seven pounds.
June (PS0FP) [278] I'll get it then for her, for Christmas present
Jonathan (PS0FR) [279] What is it?
June (PS0FP) [280] We'll do that tomorrow
Jonathan (PS0FR) [281] What is it?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [282] When you gonna do that?
June (PS0FP) [283] Well we said we was going up to Wisbech.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [284] No she ain't, cos she ain't coming down here for the [...] and I told her that we would be nipping to town to [...] so we can do it then when she ain't with me, [...] the offer's only on till tomorrow.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [285] [...] , pardon?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [286] who's the friend?
June (PS0FP) [287] Who's what friend?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [288] from me, you and Jonathan
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [289] Oh, she's [...]
June (PS0FP) [290] Samuels
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [291] Oh [...]
Wendy (PS0FU) [292] Shall we get the er, I can't find the, can we nip into Theydon Bois, how we [...] and B [...]
June (PS0FP) [293] You told me that was Westgate last time I [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...] [...]
June (PS0FP) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [294] [...] will if he works into him.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [295] [...] she wouldn't know which one wanted.
June (PS0FP) [296] Well she would if you told her, wouldn't she?
[297] I'm sure she would.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [298] I don't actually know what they all look at [...] have a look.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [299] Well [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [300] Hey, if we go over [...] and toys and get my, my thing tested I can have a look at them, see which one [...]
June (PS0FP) [301] That's right, alright?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [302] Not very far away is it?
June (PS0FP) [303] Yeah we had [...] this morning.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [304] No.
June (PS0FP) [305] I don't know how you do that?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [306] Do what?
June (PS0FP) [307] Eat erm ... fruit, and the bread and butter together, I can't bear that bear that.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [308] What's wrong with it? ...
June (PS0FP) [309] Well I don't think it's very nice.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [310] [...] wouldn't they [...] at school mum, they [...] and everybody goes, er what's that?
June (PS0FP) [311] What was it?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [312] Well [...]
June (PS0FP) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [313] Sure it weren't that [...]
June (PS0FP) [314] What was it then?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...] [...]
June (PS0FP) [315] [...] had something to say every day at school dinners.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [316] No, [...] at home. [...]
June (PS0FP) [317] I never cooked something every day the same.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [318] Not every day, [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [319] [...] what you had at school.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [320] Yeah, that day.
June (PS0FP) [321] Oh you mean perhaps I'd cooked jacket potatoes and you had jacket potatoes at school?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [322] No, you know [...] we had A and B
June (PS0FP) [323] Oh yes
Jonathan (PS0FR) [324] Yeah, well on A it was egg, bacon, and beans and chips and on B ... I can't remember but A, I thought, everybody goes er we've never had that before
June (PS0FP) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [325] [...] , er what's that?
June (PS0FP) [326] well what was it?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [327] It was that.
June (PS0FP) [328] Yeah, but what is that?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [329] [shouting] I've just told you [] ,
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [330] Egg and bacon
Jonathan (PS0FR) [331] chips and beans and we
June (PS0FP) [332] We had it at home as well
Jonathan (PS0FR) [333] Yeah, we had it at [...]
June (PS0FP) [334] Oh I see what you mean
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [335] What did the other children have?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [336] I was the only one
June (PS0FP) [337] How come you got it on your own then?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [338] No, everybody had it at school
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [339] It was the choice [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [340] I think it [...] it was something anyway that we had popular something like that.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [341] Vegetarians ... there are people who are [...] aren't they?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [342] Bloody cholesterol [...]
June (PS0FP) [343] Oh they, they've never had them at school they have erm scrambled egg, they never have a proper egg
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [344] You know why don't you?
[345] Cos it's powdered.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [346] Powdered [...]
June (PS0FP) [347] It's powdered egg, they're not allowed to have, use raw eggs round school.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [348] Aren't they really?
June (PS0FP) [349] No, I suppose cos
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [350] Why not?
June (PS0FP) [351] of salmonella ain't it?
[352] ... That's right.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [353] [...] poached egg.
June (PS0FP) [354] Do you?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [355] Mm.
June (PS0FP) [356] You make erm egg on toast as well don't you?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [357] It's poached
June (PS0FP) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [358] Egg in the batter.
June (PS0FP) [359] Egg in the batter?
[360] You mean erm
Jonathan (PS0FR) [361] cooked
June (PS0FP) [362] scotch egg?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [363] Yeah, that's it.
June (PS0FP) [364] Well you wouldn't like that surely, cos you don't like sausages.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [365] They're not sausages.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [366] Of course it has, that's what it is, it's got [...] it's got sausage round it, and it's got
Jonathan (PS0FR) [367] Oh no, I don't I don't mean the eggs, [...] the inside, cos, but on the outside, the inside tastes lovely.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [368] [...] she erm, she's behind the till
June (PS0FP) [369] Oh yeah
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [370] when they [...] today she's, you could see she was miles away, so I said, well I don't know what I said to Ivan, I said something to her about sort of did you [...]
June (PS0FP) [371] Yeah
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [372] so I said [...] miles away,
June (PS0FP) [cough]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [373] Oh she said I'm ever so sorry I was miles away, I said yeah we've just said that, I said you never even heard us, so I said what you, you can't understand why you pay too much tax, she said no I know why I pay too much tax she said but more [...] she said I used to be in business she said and I'm on basic rate of tax, so I said yeah I've had some of that, so she said what basic rate of tax, I said yeah where I've come [...] so [...] , it's a funny thing she said, I was saying to Carol the other day, she said erm, she said what a difference them blokes you work with, so I said yeah, I said I'm always saying that about these [...] so she said oh she said er ... [...]
June (PS0FP) [374] Well I hope you are different
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [375] they ... they ... they can't wait to get into [...] said it's like a sort of release valve [...]
June (PS0FP) [376] what you mean?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [377] well I don't know, I suppose they sort of well, they [...] the same time [...] paint work and they go thundering down the corridor and ... go charging in there and, oh [...] back at training on there you know come on, come on we've only got half an hour [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [378] Mummy, what's do you like best, them or these?
June (PS0FP) [379] Them or these, erm [...] erm brown one perhaps
Jonathan (PS0FR) [380] This one?
June (PS0FP) [381] yeah
Jonathan (PS0FR) [382] I mean what's your [...]
June (PS0FP) [383] I don't know what they're called love, I don't know what they're called Jonathan
Jonathan (PS0FR) [384] Yeah, but what sort [...]
June (PS0FP) [385] Jonathan is a weird child at times
Jonathan (PS0FR) [386] cos they're ten P ... each and they're fifty P each
June (PS0FP) [387] Well the fifty P ones look better I must admit
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [388] No, nor would I ... [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [389] You can get four of these [...]
June (PS0FP) [390] [...] six
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [391] You can get five of these and one of these
June (PS0FP) [392] I'm watching the news in a little while
Jonathan (PS0FR) [393] You can get five of these [...]
June (PS0FP) [394] What you put that [...] somebody please
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [395] Yeah ...
June (PS0FP) [396] I'll do me ironing perhaps in the morning
Wendy (PS0FU) [397] Oh you know what I [...] watched?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [398] No
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [...]
June (PS0FP) [399] Oh [...] was on today's on quarter to six.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [400] Oh
June (PS0FP) [401] [...] on please Jonathan
Jonathan (PS0FR) [402] Oh no
June (PS0FP) [403] yes, you've got all tomorrow to watch that, I should save it ... wouldn't you dear?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [404] Yeah ...
June (PS0FP) [405] Jonathan what about tidying yourself up you just have out, [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [406] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [407] Well yeah, I clean the [...] up with [...]
June (PS0FP) [408] Well she said she'd be back just after six.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [409] Yeah, [...]
June (PS0FP) [410] Oh, she got [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [411] and now I've got to go over the Sierra I, I've got a Sierra coming here.
June (PS0FP) [412] Yeah, but she'll be back at six she said ... you know
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [413] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [414] So we're not [...] at John tonight then have we?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [415] No.
June (PS0FP) [416] What was I gonna say to you?
[417] Here you are
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...] ...
June (PS0FP) [418] Well yeah, and I, it's a bit short notice keep can keep cancel [...] .
[419] It's not very fair is it?
[420] Well I don't think so, did you put that tape in right, I bet you did ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [421] Tape [...]
June (PS0FP) [422] oh it's [...] ... oh, so what [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [423] Erm ...
June (PS0FP) [424] So what's Ivan, happened about Ivan's little boy then?
[425] Or was it his little girl?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [426] No, boy, not [...]
June (PS0FP) [427] Didn't he have an asthma attack then?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [428] They sent him home from school or something, send him straight home from school and er, don't know I suppose [...] take him to hospital today and then, I assume they've got to bring him home and he said oh no he said you haven't got to take me home he said cos the boy's got to be [...] from school, come round tomorrow and pick you up [sniff] ...
June (PS0FP) [429] Did he actually have an asthma attack then?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [430] Yeah, in hospital ...
June (PS0FP) [431] Does the other one stopped having it now then asthma?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [432] The oldest one has
June (PS0FP) [433] The oldest one has
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [434] yeah
June (PS0FP) [435] how [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [436] I just [...]
June (PS0FP) [437] What?
[438] ... What?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [439] Charlie was quibbling about his wages coming through
June (PS0FP) [440] Yeah ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [441] well what's he [...]
June (PS0FP) [442] dunno
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [443] he's got a [...] for forty five grand
June (PS0FP) [444] [...] you know what they're like
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [445] I don't know where he was [...] , he's got a cheap one and a [...] ...
June (PS0FP) [446] I told him the price when he ordered them
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [447] Yeah, yeah, well he must of thought that [...]
June (PS0FP) [448] and he knows he's not like you doing for money, cos I shan't be very pleased
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [449] that's right ... [...]
June (PS0FP) [450] Who's he working for now then, double glazing again?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [451] Still don't know [...]
June (PS0FP) [452] [...] I reckon er when it is [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [453] Yeah, [...]
June (PS0FP) [454] however did they employ him?
[455] ... He's had more jobs than I've had hot dinners
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [456] They've seen through [...] and they realize that all these [...] wasting.
June (PS0FP) [457] Well you, that van's always [...] up there.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [458] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [459] Think they go round travelling then like travelling salesman or something ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [460] Well I don't know
June (PS0FP) [461] they've got a place down at Markets [...] ain't they?
[462] ... I didn't think they were [...] in a big way ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [463] No idea, the er ... I [...]
June (PS0FP) [464] Who's being barred?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [465] yeah, well with the [...] on the van as well, so he try and put a bit more [...] you know, [...] and they say well [...] they do the same, they used to have a [...]
June (PS0FP) [466] Well what about the Mr [...] then? [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [467] Well yeah sort of erm
June (PS0FP) [468] Do you believe [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [469] yeah, a decision that we all erm [...] just think what we generally use through the day.
June (PS0FP) [470] Oh.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [471] So ...
June (PS0FP) [472] Oh ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [473] Oh I didn't do you the [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [474] yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [475] the one thing I thought we ain't got, but, [...]
June (PS0FP) [476] What?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [477] [...] I said [...]
June (PS0FP) [478] Yeah, I said I'd [...] up here tomorrow didn't I?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [479] Erm,appar apparently oh Percy [...]
June (PS0FP) [480] What's he got now?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [481] He's sold that big [...] and he's got this now, a Cavalier, what they say [...] they want to do
June (PS0FP) [482] Surely [...] ain't got any money ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [483] [...] the oldest, amazing that he was on the insurance, it had gone up, and the [...] eighty seven per cent
June (PS0FP) [484] Why? ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [485] well all insurances have this year because they said the joy riding kids are flying around
June (PS0FP) [486] That's not fair though is it on people, you know, people [...] through that
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [487] [...] , no, they [...]
June (PS0FP) [488] that's what I was thinking about like ... that girl you know, typical, about that car
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [489] What car?
[490] What girl?
[491] What car?
June (PS0FP) [492] about the er, Orion
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [493] Oh I
June (PS0FP) [494] did you actually put [...] down on that form?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [495] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [496] Oh, but you didn't
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [497] Well the reason they caught him was cos they've got [...] just flashed him through the computers as [...] and find out what [...] anyway, [...] put it down they then turn round say oh well, you know ... whatever they're
June (PS0FP) [498] But Susan was saying she can't see how one thing's got anything to do with the other, she didn't go joy riding
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [499] Susan [...] was she? ...
June (PS0FP) [500] She was saying she wouldn't let it rest.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [501] She ain't got [...]
June (PS0FP) [502] That's what I said, well we've got, that'll be in her [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [503] It seems like she's [...] well that's fair enough, cos that's [...] customer's [...] she was paying about thirty five pound every time and they go through, she perhaps think twice about doing it, she said oh well you know I've got [...] that's the end of it so, [...]
June (PS0FP) [504] Yeah, [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [505] that's fair enough I said [...] a thing.
June (PS0FP) [506] Oh yeah, that's right, yeah ... but odd [...] really
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [507] that, that bloke has got, she said if that was me I'd write to the Chief Constable about it [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [508] Well they wrote to the Chief Constable
June (PS0FP) [509] Yeah, and what happened they lost the letter
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [510] oh.
June (PS0FP) [511] that needn't of come to a head like that really.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [512] No.
[513] What's the time, [...]
June (PS0FP) [514] Twenty past two, why?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [515] I'm [...]
June (PS0FP) [516] Well it [...] later anyway ... no.
[517] Jonathan, Jonathan, dad wants to watch the news in a minute please, so hurry up and change it over ... You'd think they'd save that [...] You don't know, I wouldn't be surprised you will ... well that's marvellous isn't it?
[518] ... I said I think we're gonna have to start still doing what we said, erm, getting the money beforehand I think.
[519] You know it's ridiculous isn't it?
[520] Well you don't bleeding know whether them other people turned up do you?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [521] Did your mum take it to let you know?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [522] no.
June (PS0FP) [523] Oh ... Sarah should have her roof on by this week ... did you hear what I said?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [524] Pardon?
June (PS0FP) [525] Sarah should have her roof on this weekend.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [526] A roof?
June (PS0FP) [527] They're soon gonna put the roof on, yeah, soon, soon it
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [528] I, I [...] was there
June (PS0FP) [529] no, but as soon as they've got their thingy in the [...] they should be off.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [530] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [531] They've got someone standby to do it or something.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [532] Oh yeah.
June (PS0FP) [533] Great, I said well that's the best thing really this time of year to get it
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [534] Yeah
June (PS0FP) [535] all covered in
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [536] yeah.
June (PS0FP) [537] well I would have thought so anyway.

2 (Tape 020001)

Jonathan (PS0FR) [538] Oh ... you can't watch the video.
June (PS0FP) [539] Why's that?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [540] Cause Martin took it back.
June (PS0FP) [541] Oh never mind.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [542] Oh!
June (PS0FP) [543] Was it good?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [544] Yeah.
[545] He gets brain damage nearly.
June (PS0FP) [546] Oh I see .
[547] Well that sounds good then.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [548] His neck gets broken.
June (PS0FP) [549] He said he gets brain damage I said [laughing] well that sounds good then [] .
Jonathan (PS0FR) [550] Nearly.
[551] ... Cos
June (PS0FP) [552] Can you just put the freezer stuff up?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [553] Cos someone picks him up like that ...
Susan (PS0FX) [554] Hasn't it turned cold?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [555] turns him over and they
June (PS0FP) [556] Well you should have turned the heating on.
Susan (PS0FX) [557] Oh no I'm not cold in here.
[558] I mean it's cold [...]
June (PS0FP) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [559] and he's up in the air, like this ... nanny
June (PS0FP) [560] Mm.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [561] and he [...] and he lands on the metal chair.
Susan (PS0FX) [562] I got a bad eye.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [563] Ooh.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [564] Yeah?
Susan (PS0FX) [565] Well I had ... Mrs in this morning ... she had a tooth out this morning ... and he broke it and he tried to get the rest out you know using a special instrument and he twisted it and a fragment of the tooth come off and hit me straight in the eye.
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [566] Ooh.
Susan (PS0FX) [567] So I've got ... I've got a little pinprick in me eye.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [568] What'll happen then [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [569] So erm I'm just hoping I'm not gonna get an infection in it cos [...] infection in it if I get blood in me eye.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [570] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [571] It's ever so sore.
June (PS0FP) [572] Do you like profiteroles Sue?
Susan (PS0FX) [573] Who?
June (PS0FP) [574] Profiteroles.
Susan (PS0FX) [575] Yes.
[576] I got ... you know we usually have one of them ... black forest gateaux?
[577] I got that instead.
June (PS0FP) [578] Oh yeah, that looks nice.
[579] Mum'd like that.
Susan (PS0FX) [580] Well I thought ... [...]
June (PS0FP) [581] What have you got in your little side pots?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [582] Oh I like ... if I'd have known you were going I'd have got you to get me the nut ones.
[583] I can't never get them from Lynn.
June (PS0FP) [584] Oh they had the hazelnut ones.
Susan (PS0FX) [585] Yeah they're the ones I like.
June (PS0FP) [586] Tut oh!
Jonathan (PS0FR) [587] Do you like hazelnut?
Susan (PS0FX) [588] Yeah, love it.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [589] Oh I don't.
[590] Oh!
[591] Oh!
Susan (PS0FX) [592] I found this book in your drawer Junie.
June (PS0FP) [593] What?
Susan (PS0FX) [594] I found this book in your drawer.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
June (PS0FP) [595] What book?
Susan (PS0FX) [596] Can't read it.
[597] ... Yeah erm ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [598] Put your knee in there.
[599] It won't hurt.
Susan (PS0FX) [600] Can I just put these
Jonathan (PS0FR) [601] [...] there yeah.
June (PS0FP) [602] Cor! [laughing]
[603] It does [] .
Jonathan (PS0FR) [604] Does it?
June (PS0FP) [605] Yeah, it's quite hard.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [laugh]
Susan (PS0FX) [606] It is hard isn't it, there?
[607] ... I'll just put these in here.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [608] Aah!
June (PS0FP) [609] Pass me your mum's book.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [610] It hurts when [...] you.
June (PS0FP) [611] Pass your mum's book. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [...]
June (PS0FP) [612] Oh she got that from Gateway.
[613] ... Is that where you've been?
Susan (PS0FX) [614] This lot cost eighty quid.
[615] And we ... we ain't got any drink in it.
June (PS0FP) [616] I know.
[617] It doesn't surprise me. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [618] Only we got a ... that one ... you know if anybody wants some wine.
[619] That's all [...] ... Jonathan go and see what your dad's calling.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [620] What? ...
Susan (PS0FX) [621] Go to him, don't shout.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [622] What?
[623] ... Did you say something?
June (PS0FP) [624] I've still got your bottle of champagne in there Susan.
Susan (PS0FX) [625] We can have it christmas time.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...] [...]
June (PS0FP) [626] Erm
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [627] I said ... how much did you say it was?
Susan (PS0FX) [628] Oh no, it was ninety something ... not eighty something.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [629] When you said that I thought [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [630] Yeah but we had we had a [...] we had
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [631] What er ... who's in charge of a cup of coffee in there?
Susan (PS0FX) [632] eighty pound
June (PS0FP) [633] I thought Susan had got the kettle on so I unpacked these.
Susan (PS0FX) [634] I have ju I don't know if it's got any water in, I have only just boiled it.
[635] Just a second, that ain't been long boiled.
[636] ... See I have got some things for christmas.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [637] Mm I know [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [638] I've got Noreen ... I have got Noreen's stuff under that cupboard you know I have and I've got all loads of stuff in there haven't I?
[639] I suddenly
June (PS0FP) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [640] And I just suddenly remembered I've left me windows open ... one of my bedroom windows open [...] .
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [641] Do you [...] my toy nanny?
June (PS0FP) [642] Oh, I need them ... What darling?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [643] Look ... and he can go raaa raaa
Susan (PS0FX) [644] We did our ordinary shopping as well in with this though.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [645] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [646] Yeah.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [647] Look, he can go that and he can go ... raaa raaa
Susan (PS0FX) [648] Your money went in the bank at half past nine on Friday.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [649] Did it?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [650] [singing] My name is Mr [...] []
Susan (PS0FX) [651] Yeah cos a girl at work took it.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [652] I got a bloody letter
Susan (PS0FX) [653] Bloody the next morning with unpaid thirty five quid on it.
[654] Believe it or not
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [655] Sixteen hundred and fifty [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [656] What did you say well I've already ...
June (PS0FP) [657] Excuse me Jonathan, let me just
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [658] Dunno.
[659] Sixteen hundred and fifty quid.
[660] Bloody [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [661] Well that ... no Geoff that definitely went in.
[662] That cash
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [663] Oh no I don't ... I mean I don't say [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [664] No but what I'm saying is that went in before twelve o'clock.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [665] Yeah but what they're saying is it's gotta be in the night before so that when they come in that next morning ...
Susan (PS0FX) [666] Oh ... well they don't know till half past nine.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [667] No, what they mean is they ... if it's put in on a Thursday ... so it's there so when they, whatever they get in on a Friday they can pay out then but if it's paid in on a Friday then
Jonathan (PS0FR) [668] Ah! [...]
June (PS0FP) [669] What?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [670] they won't pay out on ... on a Friday.
[671] ... So
Jonathan (PS0FR) [672] Cor.
[673] Can't I have this?
Susan (PS0FX) [674] Load of rubbish.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [675] You got
Susan (PS0FX) [676] That's what we think.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [677] So they didn't pay sixteen fifty and that's costing us thirty five quid.
Susan (PS0FX) [678] Quid ... yeah. ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [679] They really [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [680] The sooner we get away from that bloody bank the better.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [681] They're all the same though.
[682] No different.
Susan (PS0FX) [683] Yeah but
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [684] [...] Barclays, they changed from Barclays to Lloyds and they just [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [685] No I mean the building society, they don't do that do they?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [686] Well no, the building society won't run a business like that, [...] .
[687] Soon as they [...] what you're doing they [...] you down.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [688] Hey nanny ... see this, this jumper
Susan (PS0FX) [689] I don't think that heater's turned on is it?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [690] No I didn't [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [691] [...] when he's mad, he grabs at it like that and whips it
Susan (PS0FX) [692] Is that heater turned on?
June (PS0FP) [693] Jonathan put it on.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [694] Yeah.
[695] I can hear it.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [696] No, it's not.
Susan (PS0FX) [697] I didn't think it was on.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [698] I didn't turn it on there, it weren't turned on at all. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [699] I didn't sleep very well again last night, I dunno.
[700] I think it's the [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
June (PS0FP) [701] Yeah. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [...]
June (PS0FP) [702] Where do you get your cake from, Superkey
Susan (PS0FX) [703] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [704] I see that in there the other day and I wondered ... were them cards alright for you?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [705] Yeah, they were brilliant!
June (PS0FP) [706] I've got more cards. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [707] Can you?
[708] ... The trouble is you can't smell it.
June (PS0FP) [709] Yes I can. [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [710] Cat's pee .
June (PS0FP) [711] I can smell it. [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [712] [...] gonna get rid of it. ...
June (PS0FP) [713] That's up this corner behind me.
Susan (PS0FX) [714] That is innit?
June (PS0FP) [715] Yeah well what you've gotta do is put a bowl of vinegar down there.
Susan (PS0FX) [716] I'll spray vinegar in there.
June (PS0FP) [717] Yeah well put a bowl in there ... and let it stand and that and that'll erm go into the vinegar.
[718] ... You ought'a got some of that cat litter stuff.
Susan (PS0FX) [719] What for?
June (PS0FP) [720] You can get some spray that you put on your cat litter tray to deodorize it. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [721] Oh. ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [722] Except the only problem is we haven't got a litter tray.
June (PS0FP) [723] No but I mean if mummy put a
Susan (PS0FX) [724] Did you do that?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [725] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [726] Get out the way.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [727] What?
Susan (PS0FX) [728] What ... Jonathan!
[729] Just go and sit in the room or do something ... while I just do this.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [730] They've all gotta go upstairs.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [731] Do what?
June (PS0FP) [732] You can write my cards out for me if you like.
Unknown speaker (KCTPSUNK) [...]
June (PS0FP) [733] I know you love the job.
Susan (PS0FX) [734] Let's have a look what you've got. [sneeze] [sneeze]
June (PS0FP) [735] I don't know what they're like, I just
Susan (PS0FX) [736] Excuse me!
June (PS0FP) [737] I just went for the price. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [738] And people don't care what it is Geoff as long as they're getting something, do they?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [739] That's right.
Susan (PS0FX) [740] Why don't you go and change and hang that suit up?
[741] Please.
[742] ... Go and do that.
[743] Hang your stuff up eh?
[744] [...] ... Are they?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [745] He's so afraid he thought he was missing something look.
Susan (PS0FX) [746] Jonathan.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [747] That's why he
Jonathan (PS0FR) [748] What?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [749] thought you send you out ... why you sent him out.
[750] He thought he was going to miss something.
Susan (PS0FX) [751] Put them under the ... you know in the erm ... airing cupboard.
[752] And here you are, look ... and that can go in the toilet for mummy.
[753] There's a couple in here that's
June (PS0FP) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [754] suitable for children though, look.
[755] ... Look.
June (PS0FP) [756] Yeah I know some of them are more suitable.
Susan (PS0FX) [757] Look.
June (PS0FP) [758] Yeah well, he can have the ones what are suitable for him. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [759] Oh they're nice car , oh there's a nice one with [...] on it.
[760] Look ...
June (PS0FP) [761] Oh yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [762] I ain't very keen on cards with pheasants.
June (PS0FP) [763] No I can't say I [...] .
Susan (PS0FX) [764] Oh look!
[765] June.
June (PS0FP) [766] What?
[767] ... I've seen that card before.
Susan (PS0FX) [768] So've I.
June (PS0FP) [769] Now ... these have gotta go in the freezer Geoff.
[770] Would you just do it then I'll make you a cup of coffee.
Susan (PS0FX) [771] Oh June!
[772] Geoff
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [773] I'll do it.
Susan (PS0FX) [774] June ... ah!
[775] Look at this Geoff.
[776] ... Look at that June.
June (PS0FP) [777] Is that what you're having ... for your tea.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [778] Oh yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [779] June.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [780] Yes.
June (PS0FP) [781] Cos I'm having that french bread.
[782] ... There's some ham and tomato and lettuce in.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [783] Leave it out.
Susan (PS0FX) [784] June.
[785] ... Look.
June (PS0FP) [786] And that can go in the freezer, what? [laugh] aah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [787] And these?
[788] And these?
[789] ... And these ... and these, and these.
Susan (PS0FX) [790] That's an unusual card.
June (PS0FP) [791] Erm have I got one set ou cos I was gonna leave one set out case you wanted ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [792] Yeah I got one set [...]
June (PS0FP) [793] Yup.
[794] Yeah, that's alright.
Susan (PS0FX) [795] June.
[796] Look.
[797] That's unusual innit?
June (PS0FP) [798] What's that mate?
Susan (PS0FX) [799] All those christmas puddings.
June (PS0FP) [800] Oh yeah.
[801] ... Think they're quite good.
Susan (PS0FX) [...]
June (PS0FP) [802] I only looked, I did take quickly a look at them but, you know I thought oh I ain't got ... I didn't really have time to mess about for long you know.
Susan (PS0FX) [803] They're a nice size card as well.
June (PS0FP) [804] Yeah they're not bad for that.
[805] ... It says family selection so that's what it means ... well for adults and children.
Susan (PS0FX) [806] Two packs is enough don't you?
[807] Is it?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [808] What?
June (PS0FP) [809] Er
Susan (PS0FX) [810] We're busy this morning.
[811] We had five er extra erm were over this morning.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [812] Yeah?
Susan (PS0FX) [813] Cos we were supposed to be on the rota.
[814] Mr 's only doing it today so I ain't gotta go in tomorrow.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [815] Oh.
Susan (PS0FX) [816] [...] .
[817] And Mrs gives out brandy though don't she?
[818] She don't pay me [...] got another pack of peanuts so I have got a few that ... few, but you don't need any old bag do you?
[819] ... See when I don't go shopping I don't get all these ... I think I've read that one. ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [820] [...] see a pen floating about here somewhere?
June (PS0FP) [821] Yeah there is a few about here somewhere.
[822] Wait a minute I'll just get this done then I'll make you another [...] .
Susan (PS0FX) [823] Sitting here I'm thinking oh, someone's bound to ring while I'm sitting here and want to hire something.
[824] I know the ropes.
June (PS0FP) [825] Didn't they?
Susan (PS0FX) [826] No.
June (PS0FP) [827] Oh!
[828] Was you disappointed?
Susan (PS0FX) [829] Yeah, cos I was gonna say ... take the name and address and get you to [laughing] ring it back [] . ...
June (PS0FP) [830] That don't take long to unpack it really, does it?
Susan (PS0FX) [831] I've got that much cupboard full now, I can't get it all in look. ...
June (PS0FP) [832] Yeah it do, it [...] full. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [833] Where do you get that lipstick from over there?
[834] That's a nice colour.
June (PS0FP) [835] Which one?
Susan (PS0FX) [836] That one over there. ...
June (PS0FP) [837] Where?
Susan (PS0FX) [838] On tha on the dresser. ...
June (PS0FP) [839] [laughing] I found it in the car [] .
Susan (PS0FX) [840] Oh, it's a nice colour.
June (PS0FP) [841] I wiped it.
Susan (PS0FX) [842] It's a nice colour, I
June (PS0FP) [843] Cos I thought well I remember what you said about cold sores.
Susan (PS0FX) [844] Mm.
[845] ... Oh they've got that paper in here.
[846] And those christmas cards.
June (PS0FP) [847] There's a good film on tonight Sue.
Susan (PS0FX) [848] Jaws.
June (PS0FP) [849] What's erm ... something up to jaws innit or something?
Susan (PS0FX) [850] Mm.
June (PS0FP) [851] I'd like to see it.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [852] How how long does [...] for June?
Susan (PS0FX) [853] What?
June (PS0FP) [854] He didn't actually say.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [855] Oh.
June (PS0FP) [856] Till, I suppose till the same time tomorrow I suppose.
[857] ... He didn't actually say.
Susan (PS0FX) [858] [...] er christmas cards for erm ... send to Madeleine ... [...] .
[859] To Madeleine for some ...
June (PS0FP) [860] Yeah cos it don't get there [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [861] You ought'a got mum to got your dishcloths and that cheap like.
[862] She'd get about s ... five for a pound.
June (PS0FP) [863] I don't know what they were.
[864] ... They're nice dishcloths [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [865] Oh.
[866] More in a bag
June (PS0FP) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [867] what mum gets.
[868] She, and she got me five dishcloths and five dusters.
[869] ... Well you and I ain't got the same paper.
June (PS0FP) [870] Good.
[871] ... Well I'm ever so pleased what I bought you today.
Susan (PS0FX) [872] Oh.
[873] Will I like it?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [874] No, well tell him.
[875] Put it here look.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [876] [shouting] Jonathan [] .
Jonathan (PS0FR) [877] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [878] Get your behind here please.
June (PS0FP) [879] He's just er tidying his clothes up.
[880] I hope he's putting them on hangers.
[881] ... Sat here and I thought what i whatever am I gonna do?
[882] And I thought oh I know I'll have a look and see if I
June (PS0FP) [883] How long you been here?
Susan (PS0FX) [884] About ... five ten minutes most.
[885] Only
June (PS0FP) [886] Oh!
Susan (PS0FX) [887] I didn't get finished work till, well I didn't get finished work till about quarter to two.
[888] And then Mr erm ... oh ... let me watch a Queen video.
[889] He told me he didn't get in the football team.
June (PS0FP) [890] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [...]
June (PS0FP) [891] Well Mr said he hadn't been, sort of erm ... himself all week.
[892] I wondered if that was hurting a little bit. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [893] What, cos he didn't get in the football team?
June (PS0FP) [894] Yeah could have been.
Susan (PS0FX) [895] Well, did anybody else get in then who he ... who he didn't ... ?
[896] Who got in then of his mates?
[897] All his mates got
June (PS0FP) [898] All his mates.
Susan (PS0FX) [899] Oh dear.
June (PS0FP) [900] So I think probably that's what it was, but I don't know.
Susan (PS0FX) [901] Well you see
June (PS0FP) [902] Well Luke's only reserve.
[903] ... Don't think Jonathan ... Jonathan wouldn't have minded if he was in a reserve, you know? ...
Susan (PS0FX) [904] Ain't he very good at football really then?
June (PS0FP) [905] Well no not really Sue.
[906] ... Well they can't pick him just because ... they like him.
Susan (PS0FX) [907] No ... not cos they like him you know.
[908] You can't do that can you?
June (PS0FP) [909] Well no er and he didn't seem that bothered anyway. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [910] Right.
[911] What are you doing with them boxes?
June (PS0FP) [912] Nothing.
[913] Do you want them?
Susan (PS0FX) [914] Yeah I'll have them for work.
June (PS0FP) [915] Well you can take them if you like.
Susan (PS0FX) [916] [...] Mr you see.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [917] I'll have my tea [...] then I'll shoot off to [...]
June (PS0FP) [918] I [...] to make one.
[919] Do you want another one Sue?
Susan (PS0FX) [920] Yeah if you like.
[921] I'll have a cup of tea, I don't want coffee.
[922] Mr give me coffee this morning.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [923] Just got to get [...] .
[924] ... Where's me other box of cards?
Susan (PS0FX) [925] Down here.
June (PS0FP) [926] Let's put them in there then I can put them upstairs.
[927] You can write them for me when [...] .
Jonathan (PS0FR) [928] Oh [...] .
June (PS0FP) [929] You're not [...] you know you like writing them.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [930] [whistling] Oh.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [931] Look at my bruise.
[932] That's now going.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [933] Is that what that is?
[934] I thought you'd caught your tights or something.
Susan (PS0FX) [935] I've got, I've had it for but no, it's been round there and that's now going look.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [936] Cor.
Susan (PS0FX) [937] Only just.
[938] After a month.
[939] That was right down there.
June (PS0FP) [940] I'll show you something in a minute.
[941] I don't know whether this is a bruise or what but this morning my leg was burning.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [942] Mm. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [943] That's in the same place as mine.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [944] Cor.
Susan (PS0FX) [945] Let's have a look.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [946] Is that a bruise? ...
Susan (PS0FX) [947] Oh it is [...] .
June (PS0FP) [948] That was burning and the next minute that was black.
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [949] On my desk
June (PS0FP) [950] [...] There was a load of rubbish.
[951] Go and tidy your rubbish up darling.
[952] There's a good boy.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [953] if you can just tidy that rubbish.
[954] There's an empty coke tin.
[955] There's an empty
Jonathan (PS0FR) [956] I didn't put the coke tin on there.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [957] You must have done.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [958] I didn't!
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [959] You must have done.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [960] Didn't!
[961] Mum did.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [962] Well, you had it.
Susan (PS0FX) [963] Oh go on, just help her then.
June (PS0FP) [964] Yeah well mum had to go
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [965] You drunk it.
June (PS0FP) [966] upstairs quick, didn't I Jonathan? ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [967] Is that what you wanted?
June (PS0FP) [968] So I got my ... I got my first christmas present.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [969] Yeah, and [...] stuff on there what belongs to you please.
Susan (PS0FX) [970] Who's is that?
June (PS0FP) [971] Yours.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [972] Where?
Susan (PS0FX) [973] Oh.
June (PS0FP) [974] Oh no, that's the third.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [975] The packet .
[976] And your transformer.
Susan (PS0FX) [977] What [...] ?
June (PS0FP) [978] Just wash it [...] .
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
June (PS0FP) [979] Oh yeah we're [...] prams and toys ... to have his transformer checked.
Susan (PS0FX) [980] What transformer?
June (PS0FP) [981] On that ... you know that racing track?
[982] The transformer's had it.
[983] ... I said and he's he's only played with it about six or seven times so we're gonna ... she told us to write to Hornby's about it.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [984] Weren't even a flicker out of it. [...]
June (PS0FP) [985] She said there isn't a ... flicker.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [986] Absolutely dead.
Susan (PS0FX) [987] Well [...]
June (PS0FP) [988] She said it's not
Susan (PS0FX) [989] Jonathan's getting taller cos his tracksuit looks er ... short.
[990] I've just been
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [991] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [992] watching the Queen video June.
June (PS0FP) [993] Have you?
Susan (PS0FX) [994] Well Mr had it.
[995] Well he's videoed it cos that was on telly the other night weren't it?
June (PS0FP) [996] Why don't why don't you get out the way? ...
Susan (PS0FX) [997] You're upsetting him June.
June (PS0FP) [998] Well every time I go to do something Susan I have to keep walking round him.
[999] Why don't you play that side if he wants
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...] [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1000] I want that.
[1001] ... And I want ... [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [...]
June (PS0FP) [1002] Can you just put that orangejuice somewhere for me please.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1003] It's on the floor mum.
[1004] ... Erm
June (PS0FP) [1005] Well I don't want everybody to start ... well ... I got it for christmas really.
[1006] I don't want ... although it don't really matter I suppose.
[1007] ... Just put it on top
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1008] [...] .
[1009] He's the one I really wanted.
June (PS0FP) [1010] I said ... I said well now someone can buy him the other one for christmas.
[1011] He's got one
Susan (PS0FX) [1012] [...] which one has he got then?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1013] [...] ... [...] I couldn't get ultimate warrior ... I probably
June (PS0FP) [1014] Well you can save something on here look.
[1015] ... Wrestling [...] save the world wrestling premiums.
[1016] What's that mean?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1017] I dunno. ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [whistling]
June (PS0FP) [1018] I was up before Geoff this morning see.
Susan (PS0FX) [1019] Yeah you said. ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [1020] You are a clever boy aren't you?
[1021] [...] Honky tonk man [laughing] Jonathan [] .
[1022] Don't you want ... Hacksaw Jim Dougan
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1023] Mm [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [1024] Duggan.
June (PS0FP) [1025] [laughing] D D Dougan [laughing] .
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1026] No.
Susan (PS0FX) [1027] Dusty Roads?
[1028] ... What do you, what about Jake the Snake Roberts?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1029] He's quick.
[1030] He's on that film.
Susan (PS0FX) [1031] Was he?
June (PS0FP) [1032] Yeah.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1033] He's erm [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [1034] Hasn't he got lovely teeth? ... [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [1035] Four pounds thirty!
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [1036] Good gracious.
June (PS0FP) [1037] I bet he could have got it cheaper if he'd have waited.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1038] Well he was the one who said they're two ninety nine and one ninety nine.
June (PS0FP) [1039] Yeah well only cos Matthew told him they were.
Susan (PS0FX) [1040] No, I don't think they're as cheap as that.
[1041] You'll have to write that one down June and tell mum.
[1042] In case what [...] ? ... in case Tam wants to get him something.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1043] I was saying [...] big [...] I think.
June (PS0FP) [1044] Bloody peerage for him.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1045] And he said that er he's had a do with erm ... Joycie.
[1046] Sold her
Susan (PS0FX) [1047] As what?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1048] Well he's sold her ... a set of patio doors ... and told them they'd be sort of six to eight weeks delivery.
[1049] ... Meanwhile Mo smashes out the hole in the corner of the house sort of thing where they're gonna go and ... they ain't there.
[1050] He said and I told you he said six to eight weeks he said.
[1051] ... Why smash the hole in the corner of your house?
[1052] Cos she was on the phone crying that er ... she's got a hole in the side of her house [laughing] sort of thing [] .
June (PS0FP) [1053] Well I should think she has.
[1054] It's cold
Susan (PS0FX) [1055] What in Morris in their own home?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1056] I assume that's where she means.
[1057] Well yeah.
June (PS0FP) [1058] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [1059] Well silly old fool [...] .
June (PS0FP) [1060] Well that's like her.
[1061] She wouldn't take no notice.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1062] Oh and erm ... he reckon that he's, he's had a big do with erm ...
June (PS0FP) [1063] Pat? [...] ?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1064] Brian.
June (PS0FP) [1065] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1066] Brian, no yeah Brian.
[1067] He said er ... we had a big hoo hah he said er ... I borrowed some money off him he said some time ago to do something with ... and I hadn't got the money he said and when I sold the plot of land he said I paid him back what I owed him cos [...] borrow the money.
[1068] He said now he's telling everybody he said that er ... I ain't ever paid him and I still owe him the money.
June (PS0FP) [1069] I wouldn't be surprised if he does.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1070] So I said no ... [...]
June (PS0FP) [1071] Let's face it Geoff ... he ain't paid you.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1072] No.
June (PS0FP) [1073] Do you know he rang twice last
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1074] Twenty nine thousand he reckons he sold that plot for.
June (PS0FP) [1075] Geoff had to get up and down last night to pick him up.
[1076] He had the bloody gall to
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1077] I had to get out of bed.
June (PS0FP) [1078] ring me today and say that's got diarrhoea, he'll keep the car today but he don't want it tomorrow ... can you find someone else who wants it.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1079] I was asleep in bed.
[1080] I had to get up a
June (PS0FP) [1081] I said that's the last time.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1082] I felt terrible last night.
[1083] I said to June I can hardly see I've got that bad a headache.
[1084] So I went to bed ... and I had to get up and get dressed and go and pick him up
June (PS0FP) [1085] Go and pick him up.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1086] and I was like this driving along the road.
[1087] Terrible.
June (PS0FP) [1088] Geoff said if I hadn't have wanted the money I wouldn't have bothered.
[1089] Well we ain't got paid anyway yet.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1090] He said I can't pay you till Tuesday cos the money ain't come through for the work he said.
June (PS0FP) [1091] No I didn't th I should imagine, I thought he said you didn't, I would imagine he gets paid at the end of the month.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1092] No.
[1093] What he said was you don't get paid until the erm ... the actual sort of ... whatever it is he's sold has ... been installed.
[1094] So if somebody says I'll have a set of double glazing doors or something ... until they've actually been installed he then gets paid.
June (PS0FP) [1095] Well that ain't a very good firm is it really?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1096] No.
June (PS0FP) [1097] But then I suppose they don't get paid until the people [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1098] But I mean what I couldn't understand was if he's selling all this stuff and
June (PS0FP) [1099] Where's mum's little black bag Jonathan?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1100] making so much money I can't understand why
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1101] What little black bag?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1102] he's that destitute that he
June (PS0FP) [1103] My bag.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1104] I don't know.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1105] he more or less sort of said well I'll have to have a cheaper car.
[1106] Said well I don't do a cheaper car than that.
[1107] And he's specially asked down to Dover to do his karate thing or something.
June (PS0FP) [1108] Karate?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1109] Well he was saying I do karate.
Susan (PS0FX) [1110] Is he still as big?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1111] Well to tell you the truth I didn't really see him cos it was dark when he got in the car.
Susan (PS0FX) [1112] Cos he got ever so big didn't he?
June (PS0FP) [1113] I've lost my handbag anybody.
[1114] I don't want to leave it in the car. ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1115] You went upstairs.
June (PS0FP) [1116] Oh well perhaps I left it up [...] ... I'll take these up while I'm [...] . ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1117] I can't play with [...] I'm using the He-man.
[1118] ... Look this his move gr nanny.
[1119] ... Granny! [laugh] .
Susan (PS0FX) [1120] What's that black one then?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1121] Oh him?
[1122] He ain't one of these he's just out of He-man.
[1123] He's a
Susan (PS0FX) [1124] I say he looks like a cat.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1125] He's meant to be a skunk.
Susan (PS0FX) [1126] Oh.
[1127] Well yeah, a skunk.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1128] Suppose they're the same family.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1129] They're not.
Susan (PS0FX) [1130] You didn't see that cat thing last night again did you.
[1131] Cor it was ever so
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1132] Oh we see the end of it.
June (PS0FP) [1133] We seen the end of it.
Susan (PS0FX) [1134] That was really good again last night.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1135] No I went, as I say I went to bed.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1136] Did you see the little kittens at the end?
Susan (PS0FX) [1137] Yeah, they were lovely.
June (PS0FP) [1138] Oh it was
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1139] Look nanny.
[1140] This is his move.
[1141] ... The bearhug.
June (PS0FP) [1142] Erm what day you wa me and Geoff'll take will take your erm ...
Susan (PS0FX) [1143] Take me what?
June (PS0FP) [1144] Your mac ... to Morris.
[1145] He's doing it again.
Susan (PS0FX) [1146] Oh lovely.
[1147] Course I'd like it, if I could June I would like it for Friday.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1148] What [...] ?
June (PS0FP) [1149] Cos I thought I'd lost my money didn't I?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1150] Oh.
Susan (PS0FX) [1151] I'd like erm ... I'd like it for Friday if I could could you tell her cos I want it to erm go out on Friday.
June (PS0FP) [1152] I dunno how we could do it before Friday, not unless erm ...
Susan (PS0FX) [1153] Perhaps she'll deliver it back to her mum's.
[1154] See anyway, if if she could I would like it really.
June (PS0FP) [1155] You would?
Susan (PS0FX) [1156] Yeah I would.
[1157] ... Well I mean I can always collect it Thursday night.
June (PS0FP) [1158] Ooh that smell of like cat is awful in here.
Susan (PS0FX) [1159] Well I hate to tell you but this is ... that's ... the same smell that Dorothy's house has.
[1160] ... Keep thinking that's on that cushion.
June (PS0FP) [1161] That ain't.
[1162] That's near that washing machine.
[1163] I shall have to have the washing machine out.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1164] Well I noticed it soon as I got to there.
[1165] In the middle of the room.
June (PS0FP) [1166] No
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1167] I noticed it straight away.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1168] Cor!
June (PS0FP) [1169] That is definitely in that corner.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1170] I noticed it when mum told me.
Susan (PS0FX) [1171] Well I told you ... you'll have to get some of that stuff that you put in cat's litter trays to neutralize the smell.
June (PS0FP) [1172] Here you are.
[1173] This is what I always
Susan (PS0FX) [1174] No that won't do it June.
June (PS0FP) [1175] That will do it.
[1176] I know
Susan (PS0FX) [1177] Well put it in a bowl though.
June (PS0FP) [1178] No, I go like that.
Susan (PS0FX) [1179] Yeah but that ain't any good.
[1180] You've gotta get the stu the smell goes in to the liquid then you chuck the liquid away.
[1181] That's how you do that.
June (PS0FP) [1182] I stick a bit of that in. ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1183] Well that ain't doing anything.
[1184] That's the whole point.
June (PS0FP) [1185] Yeah but it is!
[1186] But she keeps doing it ... she done it again last night, didn't smell till yesterday. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [1187] I told you to put some orange in there.
[1188] They don't like the smell of orange, she wouldn't go in there.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1189] Mm.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1190] Why is the kettle still on?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1191] I'll put a can of that juice in.
June (PS0FP) [1192] The kettle's not on.
Susan (PS0FX) [1193] Ain't you got a fresh orange?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1194] Yes it is.
June (PS0FP) [1195] Oh no it isn't.
Susan (PS0FX) [1196] You cut a fresh orange and lay it in there she wouldn't go in there cos they don't like ... cats don't like the smell of orange.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1197] Yeah?
Susan (PS0FX) [1198] If I eat an orange
June (PS0FP) [1199] Well yeah but the only point is Susan ... she perhaps don't like the smell of orange but then she might go in my room and pee in there if she didn't have nowhere else to go.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [1200] Well put [...] nights then. ...
June (PS0FP) [1201] I'll tell you what it is, that's since you've had that ginger cat she's done it.
[1202] She is frightened of that ginger cat Susan.
[1203] She's petrified of it.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1204] She won't go out there.
Susan (PS0FX) [1205] Yeah but he won't hurt her.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1206] She doesn't know.
June (PS0FP) [1207] Well you can't tell her that can you? ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [1208] Are you off then?
[1209] ... See you in a minute then.
[1210] ... Oh I feel shattered today.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1211] Hey mum look, this is his move.
June (PS0FP) [1212] I ain't done a stroke of housework.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1213] Mum look he [...]
June (PS0FP) [1214] [...] all your christmas shopping?
Susan (PS0FX) [1215] I've got Bobby's ... I've got him a tape.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1216] Mum look he can do four things.
Susan (PS0FX) [1217] I got his.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1218] He can go
Susan (PS0FX) [1219] Erm ... I've got mum's, part of mum's.
[1220] I got her a nightdress.
[1221] It's just a blue one, plain blue one with little white spots on and a bow at the top.
June (PS0FP) [1222] How much was that?
Susan (PS0FX) [1223] Er seven ninety nine I got it [...]
June (PS0FP) [1224] Well do you think she'd want another one?
Susan (PS0FX) [1225] No.
[1226] She told me she wants ... some more of them tabard tops.
June (PS0FP) [1227] What are they?
Susan (PS0FX) [1228] You know them tops she wears, like an apron thing.
[1229] She wants a couple of them she, well she said get June to get me one of those.
[1230] ... That's what she said.
June (PS0FP) [1231] Well I'm not gonna get her one of them am I?
Susan (PS0FX) [1232] Well you could get her that and get her something else.
[1233] I tell you what perfume she likes, Taboo if you can get it. ...
June (PS0FP) [1234] You can't get it though can you?
Susan (PS0FX) [1235] Well I'll have a look in [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1236] Wait mum look.
[1237] These are his moves.
June (PS0FP) [1238] You don't think that teapot is a good idea then?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1239] Mum.
[1240] Pwooor pwooor
Susan (PS0FX) [1241] Well yes I do I thought that's what you ... can you smell the vinegar?
[1242] That's vinegar.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1243] Wait mum he can do five moves.
[1244] One ... he can throw a ball.
[1245] Two ... he can grab them by the legs.
[1246] ... [...] . Three
Susan (PS0FX) [1247] I don't know why they like them models.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1248] he can grab them by the hands
June (PS0FP) [1249] They're all in.
[1250] There was two little boys come in ... his age come in
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1251] like that.
June (PS0FP) [1252] and er they was
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1253] Four
June (PS0FP) [1254] looking at them.
[1255] I said are these all the craze at the moment?
[1256] He said yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [1257] What are they called?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1258] What these?
Susan (PS0FX) [1259] Yeah.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1260] Just figures.
Susan (PS0FX) [1261] No they're called something.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1262] Oh W W [...] figures.
Susan (PS0FX) [1263] W W F? ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1264] That means er
Susan (PS0FX) [1265] What does W W F stand for then?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1266] World Wrestling Federation.
Susan (PS0FX) [1267] Oh, I see.
[1268] ... Wrestling's back in fashion then?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1269] No.
June (PS0FP) [1270] Wrestling.
Susan (PS0FX) [1271] We used to watch it on Saturday afternoons, that always used to be on, wrestling.
June (PS0FP) [1272] Yeah.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1273] My other one which is a proper move is that.
[1274] ... It's a bearhug.
Susan (PS0FX) [1275] The only thing, I was telling you I've got ... half of mum's.
[1276] I got dad's, I got him a video.
[1277] I've got Bob the tapes.
[1278] ... Told you what I got Geoff.
[1279] I've got ... you know who's here.
[1280] ... Erm ... think that's all I've got.
[1281] Ain't got yours yet.
June (PS0FP) [1282] I've got yours ... Val's and Sarah's ... and some of his.
Susan (PS0FX) [1283] Oh you've got your main ones [...] .
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1284] You've got mine? ...
June (PS0FP) [1285] Some of yours. ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1286] Have you got me any of these men?
June (PS0FP) [1287] No cos I didn't know you wanted them till last week did I? ...
Susan (PS0FX) [1288] Perhaps erm I
June (PS0FP) [1289] Someone 'll buy you some.
Susan (PS0FX) [1290] Perhaps [...] I c
June (PS0FP) [1291] And you want a vide erm ... computer games as well don't you?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1292] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [1293] You'll have to break down what I want
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1294] And I wouldn't mind Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the video. ...
June (PS0FP) [1295] Oh.
[1296] ... Well that's something somebody could get him.
Susan (PS0FX) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1297] But it's great expenditure.
June (PS0FP) [1298] How much is it?
Susan (PS0FX) [1299] About thirteen ninety nine I think.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1300] Yeah.
[1301] Aah!
[1302] ... Aah!
June (PS0FP) [1303] You make enough noise.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1304] No I hit me little toe.
[1305] Aah.
June (PS0FP) [1306] Don't be silly.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1307] He's got a point on.
[1308] Aah.
June (PS0FP) [1309] That little pussy cat come from the pet shop.
Susan (PS0FX) [1310] That's a nice one.
June (PS0FP) [1311] I just wear him cos I quite like him.
[1312] ... He reminds me of muggins.
Susan (PS0FX) [1313] I like that jumper you've got on.
June (PS0FP) [1314] I [...] got this out of mother's catalogue.
[1315] ... Trouble is that picks up the dust.
[1316] Picks up ... [...] my navy coat, cor don't they pick up the bits?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1317] Oh no.
[1318] Wait mum [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [1319] We go out for our christmas meal on Friday.
June (PS0FP) [1320] Where you going?
Susan (PS0FX) [1321] Bears Restaurant.
[1322] Do I look tired?
June (PS0FP) [1323] Yeah
Susan (PS0FX) [...]
June (PS0FP) [1324] [...] not get up early in the morning?
[1325] I'm not getting up early tomorrow.
Susan (PS0FX) [1326] I feel absolutely shattered to be quite honest.
June (PS0FP) [1327] Well I ain't gonna cook dinner.
[1328] We're gonna go erm
Susan (PS0FX) [1329] Mr didn't wanna work tomorrow really though cos ... I've gotta be ... I've gotta meet that new dentist tomorrow but ... obviously I owe him. ...
June (PS0FP) [1330] So I gotta get your birthday present now.
[1331] What was it lis on your list?
Susan (PS0FX) [1332] Dunno.
June (PS0FP) [1333] I can't remember what you put on your list.
[1334] You never give me the list.
Susan (PS0FX) [1335] Mum's got it I think.
[1336] ... Just look at my ear June, I want you to check this lump.
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [...]
June (PS0FP) [1337] Oh do you know, it's a funny thing ... when I had my ears pie ear pierced years ago ... that poured blood
Susan (PS0FX) [1338] Did it?
June (PS0FP) [1339] the other day.
[1340] I reckon there was a little ... blood clot or something behind it.
Susan (PS0FX) [1341] Look, now this lump on my lughole, now what is that?
June (PS0FP) [1342] A mole.
Susan (PS0FX) [1343] That ain't a mole.
[1344] Cos I've never had a mole there.
June (PS0FP) [1345] That is a mole.
Susan (PS0FX) [1346] Well that's getting bigger then.
[1347] ... You feel how hard it is.
[1348] You pick it up virtually.
June (PS0FP) [1349] Yeah but it is a mole, I can assure you.
Susan (PS0FX) [1350] Oh well I
June (PS0FP) [1351] That's brown.
Susan (PS0FX) [1352] Why would that just come up on my ear like that?
June (PS0FP) [1353] Moles do don't they? ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1354] Oh got him!
Susan (PS0FX) [1355] But [...] irritates.
[1356] It irritates and painful.
[1357] ... Itches, all the time.
[1358] I'll have to get [...] .
[1359] ... Are you thirsty?
June (PS0FP) [1360] I'm tired.
[1361] I've been up since quarter to five.
Susan (PS0FX) [1362] What the hell did you get up [...] for?
June (PS0FP) [1363] I done the ironing this morning. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [1364] So you can sit down and have a sleep tonight then?
June (PS0FP) [1365] Well no, I shan't get up ear definitely shan't get up till about eight ... tomorrow.
Susan (PS0FX) [1366] No I probably won't.
[1367] What I'll do when I get home is probably do a few jobs and then watch the film.
June (PS0FP) [1368] Well I did do all my housework, you'd never know I'd done it.
Susan (PS0FX) [1369] What?
June (PS0FP) [1370] Just [...] I've been all round look.
[1371] I changed it this morning, I've had all them glasses out
Susan (PS0FX) [1372] Well I haven't been in and sat in our lounge this week.
June (PS0FP) [1373] I had all my corner cabinet ... that corner cabinet out and put it down this end cos I've ... wanted to move it cos I've wanted me christmas tree.
Susan (PS0FX) [1374] Well I said to Mr , I said well this is the first time I've sat in your lounge for nearly two years.
June (PS0FP) [1375] What did he say?
Susan (PS0FX) [1376] I can't believe it!
[1377] I said well it is.
[1378] I said ooh cos I said when I come here we're always so busy ... I said I only get as far as er er the kitchen don't I?
[1379] And I said then I go to the surgery I said and I don't go in the lounge do I?
[1380] I don't know [...]
June (PS0FP) [1381] Why would you go in there for?
Susan (PS0FX) [1382] Well he put the video on you see ... of erm Queen.
[1383] ... So I went in there to watch it.
[1384] And I said to him last night
June (PS0FP) [1385] Is that that one who died?
Susan (PS0FX) [1386] Yeah.
[1387] Freddie Mercury.
[1388] ... He was really good on stage, ooh what a performer.
[1389] ... Two hundred and fifty thousand people he played to Jonathan.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1390] Cor.
[1391] Wait, you know that new Michael Jackson ... song?
Susan (PS0FX) [1392] Which one?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1393] Michael Jackson's new song, black and white?
Susan (PS0FX) [1394] Oh yeah.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1395] Yeah guess how much that cost?
Susan (PS0FX) [1396] How much?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1397] Four million four hundred and thirty two thousand.
[1398] Five
Susan (PS0FX) [1399] Cor
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1400] thousand two hundred a second.
Susan (PS0FX) [1401] Well Mr was saying that Freddie Mercury is worth twenty five million.
[1402] ... And we worry about [...] [laugh] .
June (PS0FP) [1403] [laughing] Yeah [] .
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [...]
June (PS0FP) [1404] Yeah, that transformer.
[1405] Do you know how much a new one of them is for that game, that?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1406] Twenty three pound.
June (PS0FP) [1407] Twenty three pound.
[1408] So she said write to Hornby and tell them. ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1409] That didn't come from Hornby.
June (PS0FP) [1410] That is Hornby.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1411] It isn't.
June (PS0FP) [1412] What is it then?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1413] Not Hornby. ...
June (PS0FP) [1414] Well it should tell you on it. [phone rings]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1415] No it tells you on the box.
Susan (PS0FX) [1416] There goes the phone. ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1417] Can you play basketball and bounce the ball? [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [1418] I wouldn't bounce a ball in your mother's kitchen where all her things are.
[1419] They'll get broken.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
June (PS0FP) [1420] I got one christmas present.
[1421] ... Ow!
Susan (PS0FX) [1422] Who are you talking to?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1423] Hey guess where I found this?
[1424] ... On [...] floor.
[1425] Watch this [...] corner.
Susan (PS0FX) [1426] Jonathan don't put in under there darling or cos she'll never get it out.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1427] Ooh and I'll smell of vinegar.
Susan (PS0FX) [1428] Yeah, you'll stink of vinegar.
June (PS0FP) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1429] Oh classic!
[1430] Yeah.
[1431] ... Yeah, gotcha now. [...]
June (PS0FP) [1432] Wait a minute, hold on I'll [...] . ...
Susan (PS0FX) [1433] Why don't you tidy your things up a little bit?
June (PS0FP) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1434] [playing] Ah! [...] . ...
Susan (PS0FX) [1435] Well, don't lay down there then.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1436] Ah ah!
[1437] Ooh.
Susan (PS0FX) [1438] Well be careful.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1439] I went ... aah aah aah.
Susan (PS0FX) [1440] [laughing] It's probably cos you're leaning a funny way [] .
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1441] I'm just leaning like aah aah.
Susan (PS0FX) [laughing] [...] []
June (PS0FP) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1442] [laugh] Go and get the man.
[1443] [...] ooh!
[1444] Oh god I've [...] .
[1445] Aah!
Susan (PS0FX) [1446] [...] you twit.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1447] Oh, it hurts. ...
June (PS0FP) [1448] No, well [...] I don't think we'll be able to [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1449] Aah!
[1450] It hurts just round there
June (PS0FP) [1451] because erm ... we ain't got [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1452] Oh I'll have to put up with it.
June (PS0FP) [1453] Has Mr bought anything ... see we ain't got Mr in for Sunday.
[1454] ... Have you? ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1455] Cor you should see [...] Toys.
[1456] They're massive.
Susan (PS0FX) [1457] I know.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1458] It's got nursery ... just normal and the big one.
June (PS0FP) [1459] [...] he hasn't booked [...] .
Susan (PS0FX) [1460] Oh.
June (PS0FP) [1461] Because he's booked it for Monday you see.
[1462] ... No well you see [...] Geoffrey's booked it out.
[1463] And of course I went and, I I never handed in my book well of course I went and booked the other one out.
[1464] So Geoffrey's gonna ring the bloke when he ... he's gonna try and get hold of Mr ... later on and ring him because we've got to let this other man know ... you know he can't have it.
[1465] ... Yeah but we ain't got it here for Sunday you see.
[1466] But he knows [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1467] Did you see that nanny?
[1468] Look ... nanny ...
June (PS0FP) [1469] Well no I haven't but ... you see he's got it Monday.
[1470] We usually have it Sunday to Monday [...] .
[1471] ... So
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1472] Nanny.
June (PS0FP) [1473] Geoff's gonna ring him and perhaps
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1474] Watch this nanny.
June (PS0FP) [1475] perhaps be home soon from wherever he's gone ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1476] [laughing] Come here [] .
June (PS0FP) [1477] Yeah well he might not be home till late you see so we've got ... we've really got to wait so Geoff will probably ring this man when he come home.
[1478] ... Alright then?
[1479] ... Oh alright.
[1480] ... Yeah ... Yeah [...] .
[1481] Okay then?
[1482] Yeah ... bye. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [1483] Shall I tidy up?
June (PS0FP) [1484] I know.
Susan (PS0FX) [1485] What? ...
June (PS0FP) [1486] Oh it ain't getting very warm in here yet is it?
[1487] ... We'll go and sit in the room soon
Susan (PS0FX) [1488] Bloody cold.
June (PS0FP) [1489] if it gets warmer in there.
[1490] ... I meant to tell you
Susan (PS0FX) [1491] I don't know about you but once I pick these Mills and Boone books up I can't stop reading the flipping things.
June (PS0FP) [1492] No I'm like that.
[1493] ... Right, let's tidy up a bit Jonathan I
Susan (PS0FX) [1494] Well no I you don't, I tell you what, after reading these I swear I could write one myself.
[1495] I swear I could.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1496] Yeah when I get my printer mum said ... I could write a book.
Susan (PS0FX) [1497] I'm gonna write a book.
[1498] I'm gonna write children's stories.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1499] Oh my god. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [1500] When you was little I used to make up stories for him didn't I June?
June (PS0FP) [1501] Yeah.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [1502] And your mum used to say cor I wish I could write that down [laughing] but you, but I could never remember [] .
June (PS0FP) [1503] We never did did we?
Susan (PS0FX) [1504] We never did.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1505] I do at school.
[1506] We have ... I did one really good story.
[1507] It was called Professor Plop and the Timemachine.
Susan (PS0FX) [1508] You made it up?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1509] Yeah.
[1510] ... We had to do a story when something unusual happened.
Susan (PS0FX) [1511] Oh, and what did Professor Plop do?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1512] Professor Plop and the Timemachine, he made a timemachine, went to Egypt ... and instead of having Tuten Khamoun in headdress he had Tuten Khamoun in headphones.
Susan (PS0FX) [1513] Oh.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [laugh]
June (PS0FP) [1514] That looks a bit tidier don't it?
Susan (PS0FX) [1515] You could get a video, video erm ... Don't keep doing it silly!
[1516] He's hurt his shoulder.
[1517] He
June (PS0FP) [1518] Well he will do if he [...] that.
Susan (PS0FX) [1519] Well leaning on it like that it's putting pressure on it.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [crying]

3 (Tape 020002)

Susan (PS0FX) [1520] Well the they said there was dead cats and dogs and things.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1521] Yeah the carcasses, and they was in ... some of them was just sort of like died there ... and that was it, it was just there, and it rotted away and there was all
Susan (PS0FX) [1522] Yeah but how did QQ [break in recording]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1523] Two or three carcasses of animals in, in a plastic bag and it said they was just literally matted together.
[1524] ... And the stench was out of this world.
Susan (PS0FX) [1525] Well I should think it was full of maggots.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1526] That's what the bloke said.
[1527] There was thousands he said, from the R S P C A, was thousands of maggots ... and there was a little kitten ... erm guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbit
Susan (PS0FX) [1528] What all dead?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1529] No, these was alive and they ... got all them.
[1530] But they just said all over the garden there was just dead carcasses of animals.
[1531] ... And as they just died there it was just left there.
[1532] ... And this woman ... neighbour, I mean she looked ... very respectable.
Susan (PS0FX) [1533] Well how the hell did they find out about it then?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1534] Well it was something to do with ... the little boy.
[1535] And they said something about ... this woman ... a neighbour said oh ... where the hell's Jimmy or something today?
[1536] So she said oh ... he's alright.
[1537] ... And then ... he just never went to school ... and they maintained they'd got a private [...] .
[1538] And so she said,thi this neighbour said well just how ... nosy can you get?
[1539] You know she said I just said to her oh how's Jimmy sort of thing ... and she said he's alright.
Susan (PS0FX) [1540] Yeah but was she a woman living on her own or had she got a husband?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1541] As far as I know she was living on her own with this little old boy.
Susan (PS0FX) [1542] So apparently he'd never been to school?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1543] He had been to school originally ... because that's what she said he, then he didn't go to school and that's why she said you know, how is he and she said
Susan (PS0FX) [1544] Yeah well I thought they said in one of the papers that he'd never been registered anywhere.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1545] That's right.
[1546] Well that that was the whole thing.
Susan (PS0FX) [1547] So he couldn't have gone to school could he?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1548] No he, it was a bit peculiar, I couldn't quite make nothing ... and they said something about ... they kept him away from other children or something.
[1549] And the chap ... sort of the head of social services or local government officer, he said well ... in the nineteen nineties he said it is still possible, if you want to ... to keep your children away from school.
[1550] You know it's it's as possible as it always has been.
[1551] But when when they showed you in the house ... there was just like ... old cardboard boxes just sort of thrown in the corner and ... and ... just sort of paper carrier bags and polythene bags just sort of slung there.
[1552] ... You've never seen nothing like it.
[1553] I mean it looked like the house had been derelict for ... forty years.
[1554] But they was living amongst it.
[1555] ... Never seen nothing like it in me life.
[1556] And the stench must have been terrible. ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1557] Daddy.
[1558] How long are your arms?
[1559] ... In inches.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1560] How ... god knows.
[1561] What ... what from my fingertips do you mean?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1562] Yeah.
[1563] When you got your
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1564] Six ... twelve
June (PS0FP) [1565] Jonathan.
[1566] You wanna come and feed your [...] .
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1567] fifteen two feet I should think.
[1568] About two feet
Susan (PS0FX) [1569] Well go and feed Benjy [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1570] I should think.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1571] No I mean how many inches?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1572] Oh, about twenty four, twenty six.
[1573] Something like that.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1574] Well you wouldn't have twenty four.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1575] Why?
Susan (PS0FX) [1576] Why?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1577] Well he ... he's got the biggest arms ... longest
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1578] Ah yeah well they perhaps mean from his wrist then.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1579] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [1580] Jon, I think mummy said would you
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1581] Well do you know how many
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1582] Eighteen inches then I should think.
[1583] I don't know.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1584] His are twenty four.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1585] Yeah, six inches longer.
Susan (PS0FX) [1586] Think I've got quite long arms for a short body.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1587] Twenty four inches!
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1588] Yeah.
[1589] [...] I should think.
Susan (PS0FX) [1590] Yeah.
[1591] Hey go and feed that ... ginger thing. ...
June (PS0FP) [1592] Here Jonathan.
[1593] Whole load for it.
Susan (PS0FX) [1594] Oh, that's got rid of him.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1595] Hello ging.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1596] Oh yeah. ...
June (PS0FP) [1597] Make sure you [...] properly .
Susan (PS0FX) [1598] [...] ... This is a hard [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1599] [yawning] Oh dear [] .
Susan (PS0FX) [1600] [...] lost that I'd have been in a pickle.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1601] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [1602] I've got me [...] .
[1603] Oh no! ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1604] What you done?
Susan (PS0FX) [1605] Oh I thought I'd lost me [...] .
[1606] I have to wear me
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1607] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [1608] I have to wear that.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1609] Oh yeah?
Susan (PS0FX) [1610] Cos ... I have to have them checked.
[1611] There's an x-ray in there.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1612] Yeah?
Susan (PS0FX) [1613] And then when we take x-rays that checks us to make sure that we're not getting any radiation you see.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1614] Too much radiation, yeah.
[1615] I suppose you ... you're gonna have a certain amount .
Susan (PS0FX) [1616] We shouldn't get any.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1617] Shouldn't you?
Susan (PS0FX) [1618] No.
[1619] ... If there's a reading the machine's not right.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1620] Yeah?
Susan (PS0FX) [1621] Cos you see if you get radiation, too much radiation you get cancer don't you?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1622] Yeah, yeah quite.
[1623] I see that ... Gary Linekar
Susan (PS0FX) [1624] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1625] his little boy, they're now
Susan (PS0FX) [1626] They've definitely got c ... he's got leukaemia hasn't he?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1627] Has it?
Susan (PS0FX) [1628] Yeah ... I think so.
[1629] Did you hear erm ... Jameson on radio the other morning?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1630] No.
Susan (PS0FX) [1631] Well he was talking, he burst into tears.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1632] He really?
Susan (PS0FX) [1633] Oh he was so emotional about it.
June (PS0FP) [1634] She is absolutely petrified of that cat. ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1635] Yeah?
June (PS0FP) [1636] Literally petrified.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1637] [sniff] Excuse me.
Susan (PS0FX) [1638] You got a cold?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1639] Yeah. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [1640] Oh I'd have brought my [...] for you. [laugh]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1641] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [1642] It doesn't seem to be getting very warm in here to me.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1643] Central heating [...] ... That weren't even on when I looked at it.
June (PS0FP) [1644] Well it's only on about seventeen.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1645] There you are.
[1646] That's why it ain't coming up.
Susan (PS0FX) [1647] What does yours do [...] , do you have yours on normally?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1648] Twenty [...] .
June (PS0FP) [1649] Twenty.
Susan (PS0FX) [1650] What do you have your boiler on?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1651] Three and a half, four.
[1652] ... Depends what er ... this time of year about three and a half and then four in the winter.
Susan (PS0FX) [1653] Well mum only had hers on one the other week.
[1654] That's why it was cold in there.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1655] Oh yeah well it ain't, that's a different sort of thing to ours.
[1656] That's, that's ... completely different.
June (PS0FP) [1657] Well they have theirs on one con continuously don't they?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1658] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [1659] See we don't have our heating on continuously.
Susan (PS0FX) [1660] No I don't.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1661] Well theirs don't switch off does it?
[1662] It just carries on.
[1663] Different sort of thing.
Susan (PS0FX) [1664] Well mine, I use, I've got [...]
June (PS0FP) [1665] Well I was cold down mum's last Sunday.
Susan (PS0FX) [1666] I told her, I said to her it was
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1667] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [1668] cold down there.
[1669] Well I have mine on
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1670] Mind you, I'd rather be like that.
Susan (PS0FX) [1671] Yeah, than too hot.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1672] Cor.
Susan (PS0FX) [1673] You can always put a sweater on can't you?
June (PS0FP) [1674] Oh yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [1675] Mine I have on twenty and I have the boiler on ... well either two or three really.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1676] Yeah well I ... two is just really for heating the water for us.
Susan (PS0FX) [1677] Oh no ... one is heating the water for me.
[1678] One will heat my water.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1679] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [1680] Easy.
[1681] I mean two makes my water boiling.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1682] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [1683] I get real hot water you know
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1684] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [1685] because you see I only use it ... a tankful once a day when I have a bath in the morning [...] have a bath at night as well.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1686] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [1687] Yeah well there's three of us have baths.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1688] There's three of you so, well I do a lot more washing than you don't I?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1689] Mm.
[1690] And Jonathan lets the water out, and then fills it back up again.
[1691] When he, when he's in the bath he'll let water out and then
June (PS0FP) [1692] [shouting] Jonathan [] .
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1693] fills it up again with hot.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1694] What?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1695] Lets some out, fills it up again with hot.
June (PS0FP) [1696] Don't keep banging.
Susan (PS0FX) [1697] What's he do that for?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1698] Cos he's a ... pillock, that's why.
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [laugh]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1699] No other word for it.
[1700] And I say to him I don't know whether you realize that costs water ... costs money to heat that water.
[1701] ... No.
Susan (PS0FX) [1702] They don't realize do they?
[1703] The on they only realize when they get bills of their own when they get older.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1704] That ain't serious the one who's got er Led Zeppelin coming to her house.
Susan (PS0FX) [1705] Why?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1706] Well I can't see her living on five pound a week can you?
[1707] ... She does at the moment.
June (PS0FP) [1708] And her mother does all the ... all the washing for the ... when she us does hairdressing does all the washing, all them towels, hangs them out.
[1709] ... Buys this, buys that.
[1710] She uses her mother's electric.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1711] [yawning] Telephone [] .
June (PS0FP) [1712] Telephone. ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1713] Has her money in her pocket.
Susan (PS0FX) [1714] She's ... well don't she give her mother any [...]
June (PS0FP) [1715] Mind you Val said ... I can't help her out sort of financially cos she hasn't got it, but she said I can he , I said well you do help her out financially [...] .
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1716] Well yeah in that way.
[1717] Quite.
June (PS0FP) [1718] I said in that way.
[1719] She said well I can't give her any money cos I haven't got any.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1720] Do you know a lot of them girls at work pay twenty five and thirty pound a week board? ...
June (PS0FP) [1721] [yawning] Yeah so I mean really [] the twenty five pound a week she's not paying her mother she could go to pay a mortgage.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1722] It's a hundred pound a month innit?
Susan (PS0FX) [1723] Well Sue was Sue erm over the road was telling me ... erm ... the money her boys give is a hundred pound a month.
[1724] What's that?
June (PS0FP) [1725] Twenty five pound a week.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1726] Twenty five pound a week.
[1727] ... So that's two hundred pound a month for two of them. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [1728] She said she never touches that money.
[1729] She banks it.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1730] Yeah?
June (PS0FP) [1731] [cough] What, for the boys? ...
Susan (PS0FX) [1732] No ... for herself!
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1733] Two hundred pound a month! ...
Susan (PS0FX) [1734] Well no, she gets fifteen off one and twenty off the other. [cough]
June (PS0FP) [1735] That's still thirty five pound a week.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1736] Well that's thirty five pound a week.
Susan (PS0FX) [1737] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [1738] That's a hundred and forty pound a month.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1739] That's a hundred and forty pound a
Susan (PS0FX) [1740] And she banks that, she never touches that.
June (PS0FP) [1741] So twelve months that's twelve ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1742] And the way she talks you'd think she's destitute wouldn't you? ... [...]
June (PS0FP) [1743] Well that's why she don't need to go to work innit?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1744] Course it is. ...
June (PS0FP) [1745] Well I couldn't live off my son like that.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1746] Too true.
Susan (PS0FX) [1747] Well I'd rather give to ... if I had any children I'd have give to them.
June (PS0FP) [1748] Mind you she is, let's fa she does help that youngest one out.
[1749] She is helping him out cos he ain't got a job.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1750] Well yeah.
June (PS0FP) [1751] So ... you know she she said he gets it back in the long run.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1752] What a useless fairy he was.
Susan (PS0FX) [1753] Who?
June (PS0FP) [1754] Oh she said he absolutely loves Tesco's.
[1755] She said he's hoping they're gonna give him full employment. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [1756] What's he got a temporary job then?
June (PS0FP) [1757] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1758] He loves Tesco's. ...
June (PS0FP) [1759] I don't like shopping in there, let alone working in there. [laugh] .
Susan (PS0FX) [laugh]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1760] God!
[1761] ... Well that kid he [...]
June (PS0FP) [1762] Well I've done that job stacking shelves.
[1763] That's a
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1764] that
June (PS0FP) [1765] and you, it was alright, and guess what he stacked the first day he was there?
Susan (PS0FX) [1766] What?
June (PS0FP) [1767] Turkey! [laugh]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1768] Did he really?
June (PS0FP) [1769] Yeah!
[1770] She said he said er I couldn't believe it but she said he didn't mind cos it was all frozen.
[1771] ... So she said weren't it marvellous.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1772] God.
Susan (PS0FX) [1773] What, did he come from Turner's Turkeys then or something?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1774] Yeah, he
June (PS0FP) [1775] Well [...] worked with Geoff at Turner's Turkeys he lasted three days.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1776] Well Ken he actually worked with.
[1777] He went to work with Ken and ... he he lasted three days.
[1778] He didn't li
Susan (PS0FX) [1779] Why was that?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1780] Well he didn't like working with the meat.
[1781] ... Then he was off sick. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [1782] And then he got a job in Tesco's and [laughing] stacked turkeys [] ?
June (PS0FP) [1783] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1784] But he was completely er ... this old boy come down to me so he said that old boy's left.
[1785] I said no he isn't I said, he's off sick.
[1786] ... He said I think he's left.
[1787] I said I know he hasn't left because I say his his wife works with my wife and he's off sick.
[1788] ... He said well he's bloody useless.
June (PS0FP) [1789] His wife?
[1790] His mother!
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1791] Sorry, I meant meant to say his mother, yeah I said his his mother I said.
[1792] I didn't say his wife.
[1793] Works with my wife.
[1794] So he said well he's bloody useless.
[1795] He said erm ... they sent him down there he said and they said ... go there, I forget his name this ...
June (PS0FP) [1796] Duane.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1797] No I mean this old boy's name.
[1798] Mark I think his name is.
Susan (PS0FX) [1799] My god Duane!
[1800] He's a right twit.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1801] Yeah.
[1802] So he said they said to him well go with Mark and he'll show you the ... what to do.
[1803] ... And all he'd gotta do was just put like ... two different bins, sizes of turkeys, and they just pick them out and there's this thing like a V shaped hook and they just sort of
June (PS0FP) [1804] [yawning] Hook it on [] .
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1805] hook er ... I don't know what part they hook up there ... but they just hook it straight on this thing.
[1806] And that's all they do all day long.
[1807] Just pick them up ...
Susan (PS0FX) [1808] Ooh what a boring job.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1809] and go like that.
[1810] But it's if they're tall
June (PS0FP) [1811] That's what I thought.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1812] if they're tall it's an easy job.
[1813] But if they ain't tall ... and you've gotta reach every time, that's bloody hard work.
[1814] Well I know that cos they're heavy old turkeys.
[1815] And that's cold in there it's a terrible cold.
June (PS0FP) [1816] Well [...] wouldn't do very much well at that [...] cos [...] too short.
Susan (PS0FX) [1817] [...] tall enough?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1818] Well he was doing ... this old boy was doing nine to his one.
[1819] ... [laughing] So I said well how could you do nine to his one? []
[1820] He said well he used to go ... and he'd sort of look up at it, and he'd sort of think about how he was gonna put it in there he said then he'd be going like this ... then he'd sort of get hold of the other hand he said and he'd put it in like that ... and these other old boys are going like this ... with full hands you know?
[1821] He said he's pathetic.
[1822] So I said to his boss, like Ken's boss, Tony ... I said how are you getting on with your counting?
[1823] ... Cor dear oh dear he said, I know I well know why he's down here doing that.
[1824] So I said is he any good at it?
[1825] He said I don't think that boy'd be any good at anything.
[1826] So ... he said I can honestly say he said ... I think he's one of the worst I've ever had down there.
[1827] So Ken said to him ... I can't understand what a boy like you's doing here Duane.
[1828] ... He told Sue didn't he?
June (PS0FP) [1829] Mm.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1830] So, but I, I think he thought Ken meant that he was like superior and he didn't ought to be doing that sort of job.
[1831] You know, he ought to be doing better things.
[1832] And Les said he'd be sitting here ... I'd say ... Duane ooh ooh should I be working [laughing] he'd say [] .
Susan (PS0FX) [laugh]
June (PS0FP) [1833] He said he was always on another planet.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1834] He said he was sort of just miles away, sit there he was you know looking out to space and I'd say Duane ... ooh should I be working he'd say.
Susan (PS0FX) [1835] Funny though how people are like that.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1836] Oh dear.
June (PS0FP) [1837] What was that thing come through from Les this morning?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1838] Just a bill for that ... I R N ... B thing, whatever.
Susan (PS0FX) [1839] What is that?
June (PS0FP) [1840] Do you think you'll get some tax back Geoff?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1841] I'm gonna get it all back, yeah.
[1842] Erm what it is it's er
June (PS0FP) [1843] How much will you get back then?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1844] Erm ... so far this year I've paid ... nearly, not quite twelve hundred quid.
June (PS0FP) [1845] Oh so you might get some of that back?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1846] I should get all of it back.
[1847] And then I shouldn't pay tax
June (PS0FP) [1848] When should you get it though?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1849] I would think
June (PS0FP) [1850] In the next few weeks?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1851] I ... well see, he's put the books in.
[1852] Depending how quick they actually okay them ... erm I mean ... for two years, three years now they they've just gone straight through with no queries at all.
[1853] That might be my luck this year that'll be the bloody year they give me a query.
[1854] But if they go straight through, well then that'll go through to ... the Spalding tax office.
[1855] Then that'll go through to Turners so I mean ... it could be like a fortnight after they've been okayed.
June (PS0FP) [1856] Mm.
[1857] Let's hope it does then.
[1858] Well that'll be just right for ... thingme for christmas then, some more money.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1859] Yeah.
[1860] ... But then if it goes on
June (PS0FP) [1861] He wants you to ring him you know.
[1862] Ring him Geoff because of
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1863] Well I can ring him Monday can't I?
June (PS0FP) [1864] Yeah.
[1865] Well that's what I thought myself after you'd been there ring him then.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1866] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [1867] What you hoping then that the building society are gonna lend you the money so you can pay your bank draft off?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1868] Yeah you see what I want to do ... the arrears that I've got with him ...
Susan (PS0FX) [1869] Got to pay off.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1870] and and the erm ... the bank ... loan ... the mortgage would then pay [...] the mortgage I've got.
[1871] The new mortgage would pay most of what I am ... in arrears with him you see so, which would keep him happy.
Susan (PS0FX) [1872] In arrears with who?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1873] With the finance bloke.
[1874] The one who want the money last week.
Susan (PS0FX) [1875] So how much do you want to borrow then?
[1876] Just enough to pay him off?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1877] Thirty ... at the end of the day I want a mortgage of about thirty five grand to pay the bank, pay him and also the mortgage that we've already got.
[1878] Like that would then pay that off and ... have another mortgage.
Susan (PS0FX) [1879] Restart ... sort of remortgage.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1880] Yeah.
[1881] Cos you got ... what they said was
Susan (PS0FX) [1882] Which isn't exceptional in this day and age anyway.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1883] She says erm
June (PS0FP) [1884] How much were the repayments on that thing?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1885] Erm ... at the moment my mortgage is eighty four.
Susan (PS0FX) [1886] What a month?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1887] Yeah.
[1888] That's that's my ... own mortgage.
[1889] The bank ... I pay ... cos there's two or three different things I have to pay to the bank which they insist if you have a development loan you have to have this and you have to have that and that comes
June (PS0FP) [1890] The worst thing we ever did.
Susan (PS0FX) [1891] Yeah but you see
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1892] Yeah it comes to about four hundred and thirty five pound a month.
Susan (PS0FX) [1893] What's that for?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1894] The the the well the equivalent of the overdraft.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1895] But you see you have an over ... you have the loan.
[1896] But they then insist you take out this insurance so if you're off sick
June (PS0FP) [1897] No not yet. [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1898] that's automatically paid.
Susan (PS0FX) [1899] So there wouldn't be so much going out actually?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1900] No.
[1901] No.
Susan (PS0FX) [1902] Well no because Geoff bought if Geoff pays his cars off he won't have to pay them off per month.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1903] No.
June (PS0FP) [1904] No he's not gonna pay them off.
[1905] He's paying what he ow got behind.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1906] No that's what I'm say I'll tell you in a minute when I've finished this.
Susan (PS0FX) [1907] Oh I see.
[1908] He's got behind [...]
June (PS0FP) [1909] [...] Yeah but then he'll, we should be able to manage then ... to pay the mortgage and pay them and keep on the level peg.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1910] See what he what I pay at the moment is eighty four pound for the house.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [sigh]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1911] And it's about four hundred and ... about four hundred and twenty, four hundred and thirty pound to the bank.
[1912] So I mean you you're talking five hundred pound aren't you?
Susan (PS0FX) [1913] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1914] Five hundred pound.
[1915] ... Erm but that's not taking into consideration the arrears on the vehicles.
[1916] But, the other way ... if they say yes you can have the mortgage, it works out about three hundred and sixty pound a month.
[1917] Then there'll be nothing going to the bank and it also would pay off the arrears on ... on the vehicles.
[1918] So I'm paying like a hundred and twenty pound a month less but it's
Susan (PS0FX) [1919] Yeah and you wouldn't get all those bank charges.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1920] That's right.
June (PS0FP) [1921] That's right.
[1922] So we're paying
Susan (PS0FX) [1923] Then of course all the money that you were paying, won't be paying in bank charges you'll be paying off.. your debt?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1924] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [1925] Yeah.
[1926] That's right
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1927] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [1928] Well blow me.
[1929] Well you might as well try and
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1930] The amount my ordinary bank charges forgetting any sort of bank loan, nothing like that at all, interest, nothing like that, just bank charges for standing orders to the finance company ... er are something like ... sixteen seventeen hundred pound a year.
Susan (PS0FX) [1931] Well really you don't want that.
[1932] You might as well go and pay them cash.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1933] Well that's what I've said.
June (PS0FP) [1934] Well that's what he's said.
[1935] He'll p , all he, all the money we get we'll just put into the building society ... and pay the bills from the building society.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1936] Pay it once a month.
June (PS0FP) [1937] Geoff can go
Susan (PS0FX) [1938] Will they allow you to do that?
June (PS0FP) [1939] They're ha quite happy to do it once a month but like you said what they will not do ... erm obviously is to have a lot of sort of things like standing orders and that sort of thing.
[1940] They don't wanna know about that.
Susan (PS0FX) [1941] Well no well ... if you get an understanding with the people [...]
June (PS0FP) [1942] Yeah but you don't want to do standing orders then do you?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1943] Well Les was saying the only thing you've gotta be careful of ... like when you pay money into a bank ... when you're in business and you pay money into the bank and the bank then pay your standing orders ... er and everything's done through a bank, then the tax office sort of tend to think well fair enough you know, he's legit.
[1944] But he said when you start paying money just into a building society ... and then lump sum this and lump sum that ... they tend to sort of then ... oh you know, what is actually going on here and they tend to start looking about a bit more.
[1945] Well then when they start looking about a bit more, that is when it costs you because ... anything that Les has to get involved in, cos they go back to Les and say well why did he do this and why did you do that?
[1946] Then it costs you.
Susan (PS0FX) [1947] Well I should ima would imagine he'd just say well in this day and age the banks are just charging him so much he just finds
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1948] Mummy ... can I watch T V please?
Susan (PS0FX) [1949] this is an easier way.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1950] Oh yeah but I mean ... no I I don't mean in general, I mean specific things.
[1951] They'll say well why did this cheque do so and so and why did this do so and so ... and like he said well when you're talking about forty eight pound an hour ... you don't want me poking round there trying to sort out the tax man [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [1952] Yeah but even so if you paid him forty eight pounds for an hour ... that's still
June (PS0FP) [1953] Yeah but if you [...] if you [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [1954] ain't as much as what the bank would charge you. [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1955] Oh no but I mean [...] it wouldn't be
June (PS0FP) [1956] Yeah but Geoff if you keep a record when you took money in ... when you draw it out.
[1957] We'll keep a complete record of it.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1958] Oh no no no you ain't ... you you ain't caught [...] what I mean
June (PS0FP) [1959] Yeah but then if he had to find anything then [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1960] Yeah but, no but you think how many yeah but you think how many entries go in my book ... during the course of a normal year.
[1961] ... So then if suddenly I have about a tenth of them entries.
June (PS0FP) [1962] They're gonna want to know why.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1963] Exactly.
[1964] There ain't the detail that there has been
June (PS0FP) [1965] Yeah but then
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1966] over the years.
[1967] And that's what they wanna know.
June (PS0FP) [1968] yeah but yeah but then on the other hand, let's face it ... our business
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1969] Mum.
June (PS0FP) [1970] has fluctuated.
[1971] That's been on a real high and then gone down to a low to nothing.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1972] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [1973] So you don't get many names in that book anyway.
[1974] And that is how it has been.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1975] Oh no, no I don't, no I don't mean no I don't mean ... I don't mean the business going here, I mean the things that I pay.
[1976] I mean everything I have to detail down down to what payments I make ... and what costs I have ... everything is all detailed down isn't it?
June (PS0FP) [1977] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [1978] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1979] Well then if you're just paying that money into a building society ... and you're paying, obviously ... you can't write out as many cheques as what you would normally d do in a bank and have a standing order so therefore it's gotta be paid by cash.
June (PS0FP) [1980] Yeah?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1981] Well that's that's when the tax man starts getting fishy and you've got to know
June (PS0FP) [1982] Yeah but what
Susan (PS0FX) [1983] Well I mean what difference does it, what difference does it make?
June (PS0FP) [1984] Yeah but if you do it above board I can't see
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1985] Well it's just that the cash is ... ah no, that's what I'm saying.
[1986] But they, you gotta have ... I mean I could say oh I paid erm ... what shall I say erm off the top of my head, what can I think?
[1987] What I pay.
June (PS0FP) [1988] Cory oil?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [1989] Mummy.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1990] Well that's a little bit different again.
June (PS0FP) [1991] Yeah but I can't see how they can say anything as long as you've got a legitimate receipt for it.
Susan (PS0FX) [1992] [...] as long as you've got all the receipts and everything.
[1993] I can't
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1994] No well that's what I'm saying.
[1995] Yeah but you see that's ... if it's cash every time, that's when they start wanting to be fishy about it.
[1996] And they then say well right, cos ... every time an accountant does your books at the front of your, the actual like er ... the booklet what you get on your accounts it says at the front ... something like these accounts have ... erm ... have been audited ... but only erm ... we have taken the word of Mr that what he said is right.
[1997] I mean they ain't sort of I mean what they could force you to do if they really, I mean they would never do that but what they could force you to do ... or Les to do ... would be to check with all those people who I've actually sort of made payments to, to make sure that I have.
June (PS0FP) [1998] See that you have done.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [1999] So I could write out a cheque saying ... paid Carl sixty pounds for doing my car.
[2000] ... And I could actually give you, I mean I've all I've got is a cheque stub.
[2001] ... There is nothing what actually says, only when that cheque goes back to the bank, there's nothing anywhere apart from the bank ... who says that cheque is actually made out to.
[2002] I could put on that cheque's to
June (PS0FP) [2003] Well how do you go on then?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2004] Well that's what I'm saying.
[2005] They ... Les takes my word for it.
[2006] So they in turn take Les's word for it.
[2007] But if they wanted to
June (PS0FP) [2008] Yeah but on the
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2009] they could say right
June (PS0FP) [2010] yeah but on the other hand Geoff if they took that attitude with everybody, nobody would [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2011] Ah no well that's it.
[2012] Well that's what they do, but he was saying, about once every fifteen years that's what they do.
[2013] They'll wait till something goes a bit funny in your accounts then they'll say right, we want to do this.
[2014] Now if you remember, the the first year [phone rings]
June (PS0FP) [2015] Well why don't you just prewarn them before you're gonna do it and say look I'm no longer gonna use this bank I'm er
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2016] Mummy when you come back in can I put [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2017] Well no I mean ... no I mean it's just something they can do.
June (PS0FP) [2018] Yeah alright Jonathan
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2019] And they, you know
Susan (PS0FX) [2020] Well I think that's bloody [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2021] Well wh the first year we went in business we had that
June (PS0FP) [2022] Jonathan.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2023] the very first year we was in business.
[2024] And Les said I can't believe this he said, I ... he said if you'd have been in business ten years ... that I could understand but he said to do it your first
June (PS0FP) [2025] Geoff.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2026] Yeah? ...
June (PS0FP) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [2027] Well what, perhaps you've had your turn then.
June (PS0FP) [2028] [...] there's Joe.
[2029] For you.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2030] Oh yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [2031] Joe who??
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [2032] No,.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2033] Oh!
[2034] Oh yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [2035] Well I'd better go June.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2036] Oh no I wanted you to have tea.
June (PS0FP) [2037] Alright then [...] .
Susan (PS0FX) [2038] No darling, I can't stay to tea cos I've left my windows open and poor old Vino ain't been fed.
[2039] You've got two pi do you want one, do you like this picture of me Jonathan?

4 (Tape 020101)

Ashley (PS0GE) [2040] got first which I'll get a ... different trophy from last year cos I've got ... the same trophy for two years.
[2041] So I'll get a different freestyle trophy ... and I'll get, hopefully I should win my backstroke and I M tonight.
June (PS0FP) [2042] Ah, what time have you gotta do that?
Ashley (PS0GE) [2043] About quarter to six tonight.
June (PS0FP) [2044] What time do you finish?
Ashley (PS0GE) [2045] About ... quarter to ten?
June (PS0FP) [2046] Cor that's late Ashley isn't it?
[2047] Aren't you tired the next day?
Ashley (PS0GE) [2048] No.
[2049] I am a bit morning but there you go.
[2050] Go I'll have
June (PS0FP) [2051] Yeah.
[2052] Does Jody swim as well?
Ashley (PS0GE) [2053] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [2054] How did he get on?
Ashley (PS0GE) [2055] He, he ... home last in the fifty fly but he finished it for once.
[2056] He's never ever finished it cos he gets ... his lungs get all ... tired out and he couldn't breathe once so he's ... decided to finish it and just finish, doesn't matter which place you come really.
[2057] Get a new time ... then you're alright if you get a new time.
June (PS0FP) [2058] Oh.
Ashley (PS0GE) [2059] I'll get a ... I got a new time for my er twenty five sprint ... which was sixteen forty four ... in one length.
June (PS0FP) [2060] Oh.
[2061] ... Come on in Jonathan.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2062] Hiya
June (PS0FP) [2063] Don't be silly.
Ashley (PS0GE) [2064] Hey Jonathan.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2065] [...] .
[2066] I can get all of them.
[2067] I got
Ashley (PS0GE) [2068] Oh you got one did you Jonathan?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2069] Yeah I got him.
June (PS0FP) [2070] Out his own money.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2071] Yeah.
[2072] He goes
June (PS0FP) [2073] And who is he?
Ashley (PS0GE) [2074] Hulk Hogan.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2075] Hulk Hogan.
[2076] And er he does the hug.
June (PS0FP) [2077] What are you gonna do now then?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2078] Dunno.
[2079] And then I'd like to get the Ultimate Warrior, I'd like to get Jake the Snake
Ashley (PS0GE) [2080] Jake the Snake.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2081] Roberts.
June (PS0FP) [2082] Do you like them Ashley?
Ashley (PS0GE) [2083] Yo.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2084] Macho King ... and Hacksaw Jim.
Ashley (PS0GE) [2085] Hacksaw Jim.
[2086] What's that treasurer?
[2087] That one?
[2088] Is he on there?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2089] Treasurer ... which one?
Ashley (PS0GE) [2090] You know that man ... treasury thingy ... [...] said yesterday.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2091] [...] man?
Ashley (PS0GE) [2092] Yeah, that's him.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2093] Oh he's [...]
June (PS0FP) [2094] Oh [...] .
[2095] Are you gonna sort yourself out then Jonathan?
[2096] So I can
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2097] He's rubbish.
June (PS0FP) [2098] [cough] so I can get on.
[2099] What are you gonna do, play in your bedroom or ... go outside or what?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2100] Dunno.
[2101] I've got this ... [...]
June (PS0FP) [2102] What do you wanna do?
[2103] Come on then cos I've got a lot to do mate.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2104] I dunno, I dunno.
[2105] What can we do?
June (PS0FP) [2106] Do as you like.
[2107] You can play in your bedroom if you like.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2108] Okay ... shall we?
Ashley (PS0GE) [2109] Yeah.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2110] I had a fight last night.
Ashley (PS0GE) [2111] Who with?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2112] Him.
Ashley (PS0GE) [laugh]
June (PS0FP) [2113] Oh alright then.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2114] He wins.
Ashley (PS0GE) [laugh]

5 (Tape 020102)

June (PS0FP) [2115] I say talk of the devil, I was just say ... Mrs thought you and her were gonna get together.
Susan (PS0FX) [2116] Oh.
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [...]
June (PS0FP) [2117] Oh yeah.
[2118] ... Well I didn't get what I wanted to get.
[2119] I've been trying to find Sally to do your mac.
[2120] We've got it in, Geoff's got it in the car we're gonna try again on the way home.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2121] Do what?
Susan (PS0FX) [2122] Sally's doing my mac.
June (PS0FP) [2123] Sue's, Sally's shortened Susan's mac.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2124] Oh yeah. ...
June (PS0FP) [2125] We're early today.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2126] Who?
June (PS0FP) [2127] We are.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2128] What do you have for dinner then?
June (PS0FP) [2129] Oh we went and had a wimpy today. ...
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2130] What have you done to your hair?
[2131] It looks nice.
June (PS0FP) [2132] Does it?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2133] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [2134] Nothing.
[2135] ... I've, we was working out how long I've had this jumper.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2136] Well I'll tell you, when I just looking at it and thinking how nice it looked.
June (PS0FP) [2137] Six years I've had that.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2138] Huh!
Susan (PS0FX) [2139] Still looks as good as new though don't it?
June (PS0FP) [2140] Well I haven't
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2141] Can you do this please mummy?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2142] Well wait till we've washed up. ... [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2143] Ooh.
June (PS0FP) [2144] What do you say?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2145] Thank you.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [...]
June (PS0FP) [2146] Jack gone back?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2147] You don't have to put it all in.
[2148] Yeah he's, he's coming back then.
Susan (PS0FX) [2149] You didn't pick that book up! ...
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2150] No he said well he can just fill it in when he comes back.
[2151] That won't take him long though
Susan (PS0FX) [2152] Oh that's alright then.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2153] will it? ...
June (PS0FP) [2154] Tell Juney ... [laughing] what you told me [] I nearly
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2155] Oh!
June (PS0FP) [2156] choked over me dinner today.
[2157] Nearly collapsed.
Susan (PS0FX) [2158] What?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2159] Brian's got another son.
Susan (PS0FX) [2160] Who?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2161] Brian. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [2162] Who's that then?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2163] I don't know, he
June (PS0FP) [2164] And his name's Alex.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2165] Name is Alex [...]
June (PS0FP) [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2166] Well Bob was telling us yesterday cos David told [...]
June (PS0FP) [2167] I said to mum she needn't, mum didn't get none of the bleeding details.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2168] Well I [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [2169] Where the, what you mean erm
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2170] Well this ... Charl the phone rang, Charlie answered it.
[2171] ... He said [...] he said this is Alex.
[2172] And he said Alex who?
[2173] He said [...] Alex [laugh] so ...
Susan (PS0FX) [2174] What?
June (PS0FP) [2175] What?
[2176] ... Knock.
[2177] I got one. [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2178] Yeah, no I never Nobody got me one.
June (PS0FP) [2179] We di have run out you see.
Susan (PS0FX) [2180] They didn't have any more teabags left.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2181] And er ... he said ... so he said ... I'm Brian's boy.
Susan (PS0FX) [2182] Oh bugger me [...] .
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2183] Brian's boy.
[2184] And Charlie
Susan (PS0FX) [2185] Brian's boy?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2186] well he ain't here at the moment ... he said.
[2187] He said I'll tell him when he comes in and that's all I know.
[2188] And David told Pattie that he ... that was his son ... that rung up.
[2189] So I don't know who ... what woman he had or what.
[2190] Evidently someone's ... knows don't they?
Susan (PS0FX) [2191] Oh my
June (PS0FP) [2192] I tell you he's got a lot of blooming skeletons in his cupboard [laughing] ain't he?
[2193] I []
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2194] That's it, I said ... I was just telling the children well what happens if anything happened to Brian.
[2195] He he's got half of his to ... Simon, half of that house.
Susan (PS0FX) [2196] And now he's got another son?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2197] He's kept that dark hasn't he? ...
June (PS0FP) [2198] It's odd but no I said he's a bloody dark horse
Susan (PS0FX) [2199] I know.
June (PS0FP) [2200] [...] him or Joey .
[2201] He's as bad.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2202] Why?
June (PS0FP) [2203] Well, he says one thing to Emmie and something else to me.
[2204] And that time we saw him he said he definitely weren't going on that holiday.
[2205] Next thing I know he's disappeared for four weeks into America.
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2206] [...] curtain.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2207] Getting in the window, that's what he's saying.
June (PS0FP) [2208] Isn't he?
Susan (PS0FX) [2209] Oh what the cat is?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2210] Cat behind the
June (PS0FP) [2211] Hey?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2212] He weren't asleep he were just
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2213] You what?
June (PS0FP) [2214] I said in one breath he tells me he's not going to erm ... going on holiday with Linda.
[2215] And then the next little breath he's off to America and you don't see him for four weeks.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2216] Yeah well, she's left him now hasn't she?
June (PS0FP) [2217] Yeah I know!
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2218] She's left him to sort herself out.
[2219] ... Don't know why she's gotta sort herself out [...] after being a fortnight away with her husband.
[2220] ... Do you?
Susan (PS0FX) [2221] Well she had [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2222] Three weeks nearly a month Sue mate.
Susan (PS0FX) [2223] They couldn't have sorted themselves out then I don't know what they can do. ...
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2224] Well no.
[2225] ... Oh! ...
June (PS0FP) [2226] [...] ain't got any more gossip to tell you. [laugh] [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2227] Ain't [...] told you nothing?
June (PS0FP) [2228] No, she was chatting this morning and that.
Susan (PS0FX) [2229] Mm don't know what you're gonna have to drink [...] .
June (PS0FP) [2230] I'll have a look out there see what's out there ... in a minute.
[2231] I'm going out there in a minute.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [cough]
Susan (PS0FX) [2232] [...] drink, I won't [...] . ...
June (PS0FP) [2233] What's he still chewing?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2234] That meat.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [laugh]
Susan (PS0FX) [2235] He shouldn't have put it all in his mouth at once.
[2236] ... He's got such large
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2237] It is tender innit Susan?
Susan (PS0FX) [2238] It was lovely. ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2239] Still takes a long time to chew.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2240] Well it would as you've got horrible teeth that's why.
[2241] Ain't got no chompers ... yet.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2242] Nearly gone now.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2243] You ain't got your wisdom tooth in.
[2244] When you get
June (PS0FP) [2245] He won't get that till his seventeen.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2246] When you get your wisdom tooth in you'll be able to chomp. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [2247] Chomp?
[2248] ... [laughing] Reminds you of that programme on the telly [] .
[2249] That advert rather.
June (PS0FP) [2250] How's Auntie Alice?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2251] Oh alright.
[2252] Still the same I'm afraid to say.
June (PS0FP) [2253] What, ain't they nice to her still?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2254] No that girl came through this morning miserable as sin she was.
June (PS0FP) [2255] Did she speak to you?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2256] She had a bloody lip nearly down to her ankle.
[2257] [laugh] No!
[2258] When she first come through to me, after she had a cup of tea and a fag she spo started to speak but that was it.
[2259] Is that thing on?
June (PS0FP) [2260] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2261] Oh.
[2262] ... Yeah so
June (PS0FP) [2263] Did you tell [...] mum?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2264] No, never mentioned it to [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2265] Mum, can I have some more Coke?
Susan (PS0FX) [2266] I bought him Coke to take home but he won't want this he wants his Coke.
June (PS0FP) [2267] Well if he wants.
[2268] I don't bother me.
[2269] If he drinks it now, today he won't have it tomorrow will he?
Susan (PS0FX) [2270] That's what I said to him.
[2271] ... Told him I've got a bottle of coke in
June (PS0FP) [2272] It's up to you.
Susan (PS0FX) [2273] my cupboard he oughta [...]
June (PS0FP) [2274] Oh find me your list cos I wanna know what to get you for your birthday.
Susan (PS0FX) [2275] Well mum's got it erm
June (PS0FP) [2276] I've got your christmas present.
Susan (PS0FX) [2277] You oughta erm drink that bottle of coke I've got at home because that goes flat don't it?
June (PS0FP) [2278] Does she know [...] ?
June (PS0FP) [2279] No, haven't told her.
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [...]
June (PS0FP) [2280] Hey look I've got an envelope in Geoff's book.
Susan (PS0FX) [2281] Oh lovely.
June (PS0FP) [2282] The money's fallen out but there was ...
Susan (PS0FX) [2283] Do you think it'll be alright there?
June (PS0FP) [2284] Yeah.
[2285] ... Don't knock it off.
[2286] There you are look. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [2287] Oh dear.
June (PS0FP) [2288] What you gotta say then father?
Robert (PS0G3) [2289] Not a lot.
June (PS0FP) [2290] Has this gotta stay on here?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2291] Well not if you're sitting on it.
Robert (PS0G3) [2292] No it's only where the cats ... how we don't ... get hairs on the chair. ...
June (PS0FP) [2293] I've had a phone call from Pam this morning.
Susan (PS0FX) [2294] So has mum.
[2295] Why what does she want with you for?
[2296] She's only [...] .
[2297] I reckon I'm out of favour.
June (PS0FP) [2298] No she was just asking about ... christmas presents.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2299] Well yeah that's what I, I told her you know ... er told her again because erm ...
June (PS0FP) [2300] Well she said erm ... tell you.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2301] [...] Thank you.
Susan (PS0FX) [2302] Tell you what?
June (PS0FP) [2303] What sort of things we like.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2304] Yeah well I told her this morning.
Susan (PS0FX) [2305] Oh.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2306] You know cos er
June (PS0FP) [2307] Well she must have rang ...
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2308] Yeah well
June (PS0FP) [2309] Did she ring you before me then?
[2310] Or
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2311] well she dad, she, he, dad, she, Bob was talking to dad and then I said to him can I ... let Pam have, cos I didn't want her going into Lynn and buying you them basket of
Susan (PS0FX) [2312] Oh no.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2313] thingies.
[2314] And, cos we erm talking
June (PS0FP) [2315] Oh I tell you what else I like.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2316] talking to you, you said you don't mind those duck things and that, you'd rather have them than
Susan (PS0FX) [2317] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [2318] Yeah I said I liked them
Susan (PS0FX) [2319] I like all that sort of stuff.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2320] So I said well that she Juney do like them.
[2321] I said only I said yes
June (PS0FP) [2322] Jon pop your shoes off.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2323] yes I'm sure she would I said well
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2324] if that's
June (PS0FP) [2325] Yeah but yours ain't very clean.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2326] Ha!
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2327] if that's what you wanna know.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2328] Couldn't get them clean.
[2329] Ooh.
Susan (PS0FX) [2330] Well what am I gonna buy, sort of thing
June (PS0FP) [2331] Yeah but
Susan (PS0FX) [2332] am I gonna buy her then?
June (PS0FP) [2333] Well I bought her a vase but ... I said [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2334] I've bought her a
June (PS0FP) [2335] pair of them chunky earrings in.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2336] I've bought her ... erm ... a double candle lamp, you know, on a stand.
Susan (PS0FX) [2337] Mm?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2338] That was quite nice.
June (PS0FP) [2339] Cor that's a smelly cigarette.
Susan (PS0FX) [2340] Oh sorry.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2341] Nine pound ... something.
[2342] Nine pound thirty five.
June (PS0FP) [2343] Oh no it's the match I think I can smell.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2344] Ben smokes.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2345] But er ... and I bought Bobby a shirt.
June (PS0FP) [2346] Who?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2347] Ben .
June (PS0FP) [2348] He does not.
Susan (PS0FX) [2349] What?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2350] He brought a cigarette to school.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2351] You don't wanna smoke.
June (PS0FP) [2352] Well he don't want, you don't want to do that.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2353] No.
Susan (PS0FX) [2354] You don't wanna smoke Jonathan.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2355] It was a oh what do you call them?
[2356] Erm ...
June (PS0FP) [2357] A pretend one?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2358] a fake fag.
[2359] They're called.
June (PS0FP) [2360] Yeah but you don't wanna get in the habit of holding something in your hand like [...] .
Susan (PS0FX) [2361] You don't wanna smoke Jonathan cos you'll never get [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2362] And they really look like it and when you go ... a load of ash comes out of the end of it.
[2363] ... But it's really flour.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2364] Or sniff glue or sniff anything out of tins.
[2365] What anybody [...] .
[2366] No.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2367] Oh.
[2368] What about jam?
[2369] I could sniff jam.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2370] No.
[2371] You sniff nothing.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2372] Oh!
Susan (PS0FX) [laugh]
June (PS0FP) [2373] Cut your nose off if you start that lark.
Susan (PS0FX) [2374] Sniff nuffink.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2375] No, there was a programme on there, on that erm ... Casualty a bloke ... died with that.
Susan (PS0FX) [2376] What, sniffing glue?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2377] Sniffing glue.
Susan (PS0FX) [2378] Yeah I know they do .
June (PS0FP) [2379] Yeah well cos that ... does something to your lungs don't it?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2380] Blocks them up.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2381] [...] selling that yesterday Sue [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2382] Yeah, get [...]
June (PS0FP) [2383] if I'd have known, I'd have gone down there.
[2384] Well if I'd known I'd gone down there.
Susan (PS0FX) [2385] Where was that?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2386] It's round the back there.
June (PS0FP) [2387] Down the back, if you
Susan (PS0FX) [2388] Oh I see that ... when I come ... Does she do it all the time then or was it just one-off?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2389] Well that just come round the door Susan. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [2390] Mm.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2391] Nanny.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2392] Yeah?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2393] You know I wanted that W W F man?
Unknown speaker (KCTPSUNK) [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2394] W W F man?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2395] Mm.
June (PS0FP) [2396] Tell nanny what that means cos I asked you yesterday.
Susan (PS0FX) [2397] Well when's the late night shopping in Wisbech then?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2398] World Wrestling Federation.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2399] [...] .
[2400] Eh?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2401] You know I wanted that little man?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2402] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCTPSUNK) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2403] Called Hulk Hogan.
[2404] Da!
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2405] Mm.
June (PS0FP) [2406] He bought himself ...
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2407] How much was that?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2408] Four pound fo ... four pound thirty.
June (PS0FP) [2409] He wants some more of them.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2410] For christmas.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2411] Who bought that for you then?
June (PS0FP) [2412] So if Pam don't, wants to know what to buy him, he wants some of them.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2413] Where's the thing gone?
[2414] The paper?
[2415] I put it down so
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2416] It's on the table.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2417] Oh. ...
Unknown speaker (KCTPSUNK) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2418] I've crossed off the ones that I want.
June (PS0FP) [2419] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2420] Oh. ...
June (PS0FP) [2421] Cos if Pam don't know what to buy him she could buy him one of them or ... two of them or whatever she [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2422] I want a ring.
June (PS0FP) [2423] I don't think she'll buy you three.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2424] No a ring.
Susan (PS0FX) [2425] Do you want this late night shopping thing mum?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2426] No, I left it in case you ...
Susan (PS0FX) [2427] Oh yeah I will take it.
June (PS0FP) [2428] That's Wisbech though innit?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2429] Cos we won't go to ... late night shopping. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [2430] You won't go late night shopping?
[2431] Oh that's lovely up there late night shopping.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2432] Dad don't like going in the evening. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [2433] Where you been this morning then?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2434] Who dad?
[2435] Nowhere.
Susan (PS0FX) [2436] Oh.
June (PS0FP) [2437] Where was you
Robert (PS0G3) [2438] I was [...] yesterday.
June (PS0FP) [2439] where was you then when I saw you going out in your car?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2440] He went to get some petrol cos we'd run out.
Robert (PS0G3) [...]
June (PS0FP) [2441] Oh.
[2442] Cor he pipped and nearly made me ju
Susan (PS0FX) [2443] You ain't given me any tickets lately.
Robert (PS0G3) [2444] There's some in the car.
June (PS0FP) [2445] He pipped me mum and made me jump out of my bloody skin.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2446] Cos petrol's gone down hasn't it?
[2447] Petrol's gone down a bit.
Robert (PS0G3) [2448] Don't see why.
June (PS0FP) [2449] Well that was said last week it was going up.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2450] Well it's gone down this week.
Robert (PS0G3) [2451] Gone down four ... four and a half pence a gallon.
June (PS0FP) [2452] Has it really?
Robert (PS0G3) [2453] Up yours ... up your ... one in the village.
June (PS0FP) [2454] Oh.
Susan (PS0FX) [2455] Do you definitely wanna go
June (PS0FP) [2456] Mm.
Susan (PS0FX) [2457] shopping Saturday?
[2458] If it's alright then I'll come home cos Mr said to me last night, oh you want to stay here the night.
[2459] I said well I can't.
[2460] Cos I said I wanna go home and pick June up in the morning.
[2461] ... Cos there's no way you can get up to town is there?
June (PS0FP) [2462] No.
[2463] No.
Susan (PS0FX) [2464] Cos I said she ain't got a car.
[2465] Said not, not only that I said we don't have anywhere to park her car that's why I said I'm after your car park.
[2466] ... Cos erm Richard's gonna pick him up from the meal. ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2467] Mm [...]
June (PS0FP) [2468] I thought you weren't staying the night though?
Susan (PS0FX) [2469] Well I'm not.
[2470] Well he didn't know that Clare was staying.
[2471] I said well you ... he said I'd already told you could he said well I can't go back on it.
[2472] I said well, don't matter I said, don't [...] to worry about it.
[2473] ... I said I'm not worried about it.
[2474] I said anyway I want ... I want to get home to June ... in the morning I said cos me and June are going shopping.
[2475] Well I can, if he lets me have his space we don't have to worry too much about the time and go about er just after nine or something.
June (PS0FP) [2476] Yeah alright.
Susan (PS0FX) [2477] Don't wanna be too late though cos [...] .
June (PS0FP) [2478] Well I'm up anyway, you know that.
Susan (PS0FX) [2479] Well I shall probably [...]
June (PS0FP) [2480] What time did you get up this morning?
Susan (PS0FX) [2481] Well I was awake at erm ... about twenty past seven.
[2482] But I didn't get up, I laid in bed and read a book till nine o'clock.
[2483] I read one of those books last night.
[2484] Do you see Jaws?
June (PS0FP) [2485] Yeah.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2486] Yeah!
[2487] It's rubbish.
Susan (PS0FX) [2488] Weren't that unreal?
[2489] You know his mouth all went crinkly crrkkkk ... I've never seen a jaw [...]
June (PS0FP) [2490] No that was terrible.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2491] When he opened it split a bit down there.
Susan (PS0FX) [2492] Did you see it mum?
June (PS0FP) [2493] Yeah but I missed the flipping bit how he killed it.
[2494] How does he kill it?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2495] I only saw the erm ... Command Performance.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2496] They just rammed the boat into it.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2497] We saw the Command Performance.
[2498] Oh that was good.
[2499] That's the best one I've ever seen.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2500] And the and then
Unknown speaker (KCTPSUNK) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2501] and you know it had broke off, so it had a load of spokes on ... and just went straight through him.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2502] And er Les Dawson had them in bloody fits.
[2503] He really did.
[2504] He, what did he say?
[2505] ... I saw this cat coming down the road
Susan (PS0FX) [2506] Backwards?
June (PS0FP) [2507] back no he said and it was ... dad'd tell you more he he said
Susan (PS0FX) [2508] Only got one eye.
June (PS0FP) [2509] only got one eye.
[2510] He said when I looked at it was coming backwards. [laugh]
Robert (PS0G3) [2511] Walking backwards!
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2512] Walking backwards.
Robert (PS0G3) [2513] Oh she can't tell a joke save her conkers.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2514] Oh knickers!
Susan (PS0FX) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2515] And ... but it was really good ... there was all the, the, the Cats programme and Saigon and that
Susan (PS0FX) [2516] Oh yeah?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2517] what's his name?
Susan (PS0FX) [2518] Yeah we ... we were trying to convince dad, you know that song Memories?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2519] [singing] Memories da []
June (PS0FP) [2520] Yes?
Susan (PS0FX) [2521] We said that come from the film Cats and he reckoned the copy of Memories [laughing] he's got is sung by who [] ?
[2522] And not [...]
Robert (PS0G3) [2523] Perry Como.
Susan (PS0FX) [2524] [shouting] Perry Como.
[2525] I said it ain't the same blooming tune [] .
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2526] Well of course that ain't.
Robert (PS0G3) [2527] Well.
Susan (PS0FX) [2528] I said he's he's thinking of [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2529] Cos I kept singing it this morning .
[2530] I've got it on me blooming ... mind, you know when you keep singing it?
June (PS0FP) [2531] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2532] And she sung that beautif
Susan (PS0FX) [2533] You can get the music from Cats though.
[2534] I've got it on tape [...] .
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2535] She sung that beautiful.
Susan (PS0FX) [2536] Cos mum likes it.
[2537] I said you can get that tape can't you?
June (PS0FP) [2538] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2539] And that Saigon thing where he sings to her, that girl.
[2540] That was on
Unknown speaker (KCTPSUNK) [2541] Mm.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2542] that bit of that.
[2543] And there was a this time
June (PS0FP) [2544] You'll break it.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2545] there was a ... a load of Russian young boys playing those ... oh bugger they were good.
June (PS0FP) [2546] Did you see The Generation Game?
Robert (PS0G3) [2547] Ah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2548] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [2549] I watched that last night
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2550] Them packets ... what they had to do.
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [2551] Yeah!
June (PS0FP) [2552] I watched that for a cha , we watched that for a change last night cos we watch Blind Date.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2553] Do you watch that every week?
[2554] They couldn't do the splits.
June (PS0FP) [2555] I think I like that better than
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2556] Mm.
June (PS0FP) [2557] I'm getting fed up with Blind Date.
Susan (PS0FX) [2558] Is it the fourteenth of December you go to that party? ...
June (PS0FP) [2559] Well I don't know whether ... I think she's having it still.
Susan (PS0FX) [2560] Oh.
June (PS0FP) [2561] Why?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2562] Why?
Susan (PS0FX) [2563] Well she's suddenly changed the [...] .
June (PS0FP) [2564] Well I dunno.
Susan (PS0FX) [2565] Her birthday's on a Sunday this year.
June (PS0FP) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [mimics gunfire]
Susan (PS0FX) [2566] Because that's funny, when we, you know we went to that [...] the other week and that was [...] erm ... she went [...] DSA to have and to hold.
[2567] ... They're meant to hold on to it you know so she don't need it so often.
[2568] ... And he said that he thinks every DSA she always has a day off on her birthday, this man did.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [playing loudly]
June (PS0FP) [2569] What do you say, it's no good to me?
Susan (PS0FX) [2570] I said it's no good to me.
[2571] And he looked at me and he said why?
[2572] I said cos [laughing] mine's on a Sunday [] .
[2573] He said well you're getting the day off.
[2574] I said yeah but it ain't quite the same is it?
[2575] ... I got some nice towels from erm ... Auntie Alice's catalogue.
[2576] [...] didn't I mum?
June (PS0FP) [2577] You did?
Susan (PS0FX) [2578] Just plain green ones.
June (PS0FP) [2579] Oh.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2580] Mum.
[2581] I wanna go to sleep.
Susan (PS0FX) [2582] He oughta take his shoes off [...] cos they're mucky.
June (PS0FP) [2583] They're not mucky!
Susan (PS0FX) [2584] I'd do them properly.
[2585] Less I shan't buy you another pair.
June (PS0FP) [2586] They're clean I'll have you know, look how shiny they are.
Susan (PS0FX) [2587] I'm talking about the soles.
June (PS0FP) [2588] They're not dirty.
Susan (PS0FX) [2589] Oh.
[2590] ... Well he oughta take them off anyway.
[2591] He'll have sore feet. ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2592] Hot feet.
June (PS0FP) [2593] Hot feet, yeah. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [2594] Stay still then, here you are.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2595] Ow!
Susan (PS0FX) [2596] Whose jeans he got on?
June (PS0FP) [2597] His.
[2598] What was Pam on about yesterday then?
Susan (PS0FX) [2599] Looks like a pair of yours. ...
June (PS0FP) [2600] Father.
Robert (PS0G3) [2601] Eh?
June (PS0FP) [2602] What was Pam on about?
Robert (PS0G3) [2603] Nothing really.
[2604] ... Only trouble with her ... ex husband's ... wife.
Susan (PS0FX) [2605] Why?
June (PS0FP) [2606] Oh dear what's happened there?
Robert (PS0G3) [2607] I dunno.
[2608] Happen mum could tell you more cos I weren't bloody interested in that.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2609] Cos she went in the shop and
June (PS0FP) [2610] Well she abuses the woman.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2611] No the woman wasn't in the shop you see and ... young girl another girl in there ... Julie and that and she was running on to Pam.
[2612] ... And er ... she said Julie married your husband so er all Pam said was yes she said ... and he's welcome to her. ...
June (PS0FP) [2613] Well. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [2614] Hello.
June (PS0FP) [2615] Get back!
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2616] And she [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2617] Can't [...] ?
June (PS0FP) [2618] Oh no!
[2619] I've got the key.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2620] Oh dear [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [2621] June give him the paying in book.
[2622] Then he can sort that out.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2623] I think ... ain't I got it?
June (PS0FP) [2624] No you ain't got the new one cos I've got it.
Susan (PS0FX) [2625] The old one's
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2626] Oh.
Susan (PS0FX) [2627] in the drawer.
June (PS0FP) [2628] The old one I've given him
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2629] Oh well I, I didn't realize you'd had a new one.
June (PS0FP) [2630] Yeah cos I was
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2631] Oh.
June (PS0FP) [2632] thinking about that.
[2633] All the time we keep losing them little stubs you wanna leave the gr the whole complete thing on then we won't lose them.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2634] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [2635] Where is the new one?
[2636] Oh here look, and I got you an envelope to put it in.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2637] Oh alright mate.
[2638] Thankyou.
Susan (PS0FX) [2639] Cos I'm fed up of losing your money [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2640] Money out [laughing] yeah [] .
Susan (PS0FX) [2641] That's dripping out in my handbag.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [2642] Oh wait a minute.
[2643] Erm [...] them
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2644] [laughing] Oh [...] [] ?
June (PS0FP) [2645] Quarter to two Geoff.
[2646] You've got time.
Susan (PS0FX) [2647] Twenty to two.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2648] Alright mate
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [...]
Robert (PS0G3) [2649] Quarter to two, the time
Susan (PS0FX) [2650] [...] I've been waiting for the battery to run down [...] .
June (PS0FP) [2651] Now which one's ours?
[2652] ... One's Pete's and one's ours.
[2653] You get a [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2654] Can't I take them both?
June (PS0FP) [2655] Take them both.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2656] I should imagine it's the shiny one but I don't [...] .
Susan (PS0FX) [2657] Why didn't you put Pete's on a ... ain't you got a hook for [...] ?
June (PS0FP) [2658] I had it on a little bit of elastic band and I've, I've lost it.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2659] No, think that's it.
[2660] Oh I'll take them both anyway cos I think that's ... yeah I I'll leave ours in the garage [...] .
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2661] Ours goes long short
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2662] See you a bit later.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2663] short [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [2664] Yeah okay then.
[2665] See ya.
June (PS0FP) [2666] Geoff.
[2667] Batteries again.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2668] What batteries?
June (PS0FP) [2669] For that.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2670] Yeah, what about it?
June (PS0FP) [2671] That's flicking.
Susan (PS0FX) [2672] Yeah, you want some more then.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2673] Yeah?
June (PS0FP) [2674] Oh no they're not, them batteries ain't no good.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2675] Well what is it June?
[2676] What's that?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2677] Well they lasted.
June (PS0FP) [2678] It's a tape recorder.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2679] Oh.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2680] They lasted alright.
June (PS0FP) [2681] Well you better bring me two back just in case.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2682] Where are they then?
June (PS0FP) [2683] Just in the kitchen drawer, you know where I keep my club things?
Susan (PS0FX) [2684] Well ... that's flickering now.
June (PS0FP) [2685] Yeah, it's flickering now.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2686] [...] What the middle one you mean?
Susan (PS0FX) [2687] I should turn it off.
June (PS0FP) [2688] Where I keep all my club things at the end there where the medicine thing is.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2689] Oh I know yeah.
[2690] Okay.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2691] The medical the medical drawer.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [2692] Righto then.
[2693] See you later.
June (PS0FP) [2694] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [2695] I should turn that off then.
June (PS0FP) [2696] Yeah well it don't matter.
[2697] Th ... that should carry on but them, them batteries isn't any good.
Susan (PS0FX) [2698] Do you mind if I watch Eastenders at two cos I ain't seen it.
June (PS0FP) [2699] Oh!
Susan (PS0FX) [2700] I only wanna see the first bit.
[2701] The second bit I've seen but I need to see the first bit.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2702] You can watch what you like.
Susan (PS0FX) [2703] Well it ain't on yet for another twenty minutes [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2704] when it's on can you?
June (PS0FP) [2705] Well no.
Susan (PS0FX) [2706] You what?
June (PS0FP) [2707] She said you can't talk when it's on.
Susan (PS0FX) [2708] Well you can.
[2709] Not gonna have it on that blooming loud.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2710] You can have it on if you want to.
[2711] I've seen it.
Susan (PS0FX) [2712] Well I ain't seen it.
[2713] Cos I went to the hospital meeting didn't I? ...
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2714] Ain't losing much [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [2715] Beano's definitely gotta go to the V E T Jonathan. ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [2716] [...] he's frightened.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2717] Ah.
June (PS0FP) [2718] He don't like it.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2719] Doesn't he like the vet?
Susan (PS0FX) [2720] No. ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2721] What, do you say [laughing] V E T [] ?
June (PS0FP) [2722] She said you're going to the V E T's.
Susan (PS0FX) [2723] That's like that song where they say me and my wee [laughing] scabby dog innit [] ?
[2724] Haven't you ever heard it?
June (PS0FP) [2725] No.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2726] Oh.
June (PS0FP) [2727] No don't do that Jonathan.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2728] [...] .
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2729] Oh so I was telling you ... erm
June (PS0FP) [2730] Oh yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2731] And ... so Pam just said to her ... yeah she said he is married to my ex ... she is married to my ex husband but she said ... she's bloody welcome to him.
[2732] You know?
[2733] And what these girls must have said she don't know.
[2734] And Bobby picked up the phone when the phone rang and it was her ... and she sai erm Bob said yes?
[2735] And he spoke to her, said hello so she said ... oh hello Bob she said, is Pam there?
[2736] And of course Bob went and got Pam.
[2737] Cor she was right abusive to Pam.
[2738] She told Pam to keep out the shop.
[2739] ... It ain't her bloody shop anyway.
June (PS0FP) [2740] Yeah but you do, you only
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2741] Yeah but I don't know you see, so
June (PS0FP) [2742] Well now would them girl would them girls say, she must have said more than that mother.
[2743] You know what she's like.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2744] So erm er she said she was quite rude she said and I rang back she said, I was gonna tell her ... and she stamped the phone down.
[2745] She said I rang back ... and ... her husband answered it.
[2746] ... He said eff ... effing well get off the phone so ...
June (PS0FP) [2747] Well she does cause a lot of
Susan (PS0FX) [2748] Well I mean really I mean
June (PS0FP) [2749] Well why the hell does she
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2750] That's what Vi said [...] her mother he said
Susan (PS0FX) [2751] I mean really and truly mum with all these shops that are about, why has she gotta go in that one?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2752] She sai and Bobby said oh ... he said if they [...]
June (PS0FP) [2753] Which [...] shop does she work in?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2754] McKay's Next to Bewise innit in town.
Susan (PS0FX) [2755] Yeah but why
June (PS0FP) [2756] Well I wouldn't have thought she'd have gone in a shop like that anyway cos there's some more expensive stuff in there.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2757] No, there's some good stuff in there cheap.
[2758] ... It's fairly cheap in there.
[2759] ... And what I've seen what she's had.
Susan (PS0FX) [2760] Yeah but
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2761] But anyway erm Bobby said I don't know why you worry about it, he said.
[2762] Let, I said well the best thing ju to do erm ... er ... Pam I said is just to ignore them I said and ignoring them makes it ... you know?
[2763] See I know why cos you see her husband ... he don't and ... cos when her husband come for the kids Bob was there and he said I ain't bloody well going out to them.
[2764] He just was in there doing something ... the children went out and he said I said to him good morning, he said good morning.
[2765] He said and I just ... don't take no notice of him.
[2766] ... But you see she ... erm Julie's a bit upset over things cos she said ... that er ... they've gotta sell the house and they've gotta sell the car.
[2767] ... Cos he's ... in a bit of problems I suppose.
[2768] Although he's got a good job so Pam said I don't know why he's got in that ... problem.
[2769] But I said well your best thing to do Pam I said is forget it.
[2770] I said he's not your husband any more.
[2771] I said and avoid her as much as possible I said if you both clash together.
[2772] ... I said but she can't keep you out the shop anyway.
[2773] So she said I've a good mind to write to the manager so Bobby said you wanna leave well alone, forget he said.
Susan (PS0FX) [2774] Well no be because the manager perhaps has heard
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2775] Would give her the sack.
Susan (PS0FX) [2776] how she speaks ... no ... he, he might ban her from the shop if she, if she keeps ... Well you know she's called her all sorts of things in front of people.
[2777] Well you don't do that.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2778] Oh yeah, yeah.
[2779] And Bobby didn't wanna know.
[2780] He said I just speak to him he said when I see him and ... they're nice to me and I'm nice to them.
June (PS0FP) [2781] Yeah but the whole point is
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2782] He said he only wants to put himself ... [...]
June (PS0FP) [2783] I mean she's always saying she's always saying how ... you know she, oh my kids this, my kids that.
[2784] Well if that woman loses her job through what Pam has said she's not gonna be very nice to her children is she?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2785] Mm.
[2786] He makes her ... he makes her ... oh he said to the children you can go in the house with your dirty boots.
[2787] ... So Bobby said they said oh dad said we can come in the house.
[2788] Bob said you ... you do what we tell you not what he tells you.
[2789] You take your bo boots off outside if they're muddy.
[2790] You don't bring it in the house.
[2791] ... And that Stephanie cos she don't ... she don't like him she never ha well she don't know much about him do she?
[2792] She was only four weeks old when he left.
Susan (PS0FX) [2793] Yeah?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2794] So ... she said oh he's a nuisance she say.
[2795] He makes me sweep up after I've had me tea.
[2796] ... What, the two er eldest have to wash up and she has to sweep up round the table [...] .
Susan (PS0FX) [2797] And he's telling them they can go in Pam's house
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2798] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [2799] with dirty boots on?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2800] That's what Bobby said. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [2801] They don't like going really do they?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2802] No .
[2803] He said specially the boy, he's getting ... he said he, the boy's getting shown now ... well she said herself ... that he don't like me ... to hear me ... arguing and swearing.
Susan (PS0FX) [2804] Well I should think not.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2805] He said to her oh forget it mother he said ... keep on.
[2806] And Bobby said he's getting that age where he don't like to hear it.
[2807] But he said I think
June (PS0FP) [2808] Well Paul don't like ... never used to like it.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2809] No, he said I think before long he'll just ... you know, not ... go there.
[2810] And the little'un couldn't care less but the middle one thinks a lot of her dad.
[2811] She's like him.
[2812] And Pam told us yesterday ... that she can't kiss her on the lips. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [2813] Kiss who?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2814] Her little girl.
[2815] ... [...] . She said when she comes to kiss me good ... goodnight I let her kiss here but ... she said ... I can't have her cuddling me or she said I think of ... him all the time.
[2816] Cos she's so much like him.
June (PS0FP) [2817] Well that ain't her fault.
Susan (PS0FX) [2818] Well it ain't the child's fault.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2819] No.
Susan (PS0FX) [2820] How cruel!
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2821] She said ... and Bobby says she don't ... he said I was laying on the floor the other night and she came down beside with me and put her arm ... round me as we were laying there he said I'll never ... do anything he said cos if you ... started playing about with her she'll, you know ... childlike and ... and he said she wouldn't erm show her affection any more.
[2822] He said you've got to ... take that child gradually that one.
[2823] ... But he said the other one's a cheeky little bugger he said really.
[2824] He said and I'd soon tell her off.
[2825] He said but I sit at night he said when she's gone to work and he said and help them ... with their drawings and things they're doing.
[2826] He said they ain't no bother really.
Susan (PS0FX) [2827] Oh it's Pam that makes them ... the bother, not anybody else.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2828] He said they are a nuisance sometimes keep coming in and out for stuff but he said that's childlike.
June (PS0FP) [2829] Mm.
Susan (PS0FX) [2830] Well it is really.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2831] But he likes that little one.
[2832] He likes that little ... well he likes them all I think.
[2833] Really, in his way.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2834] I don't like the little one.
June (PS0FP) [2835] You what Jonathan?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2836] I don't like the little one. ...
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2837] She wanted to kiss you didn't she?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2838] Mm?
[2839] Yeah.
[2840] I don't like her.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2841] Stephanie.
June (PS0FP) [2842] You don't like her?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2843] Not the little one.
June (PS0FP) [2844] Oh.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2845] She's a pest.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2846] He didn't want her to kiss him.
Susan (PS0FX) [2847] She wants to keep kissing him and he don't like it.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2848] When she come round ... the middle girl she brought a friend with her ... and Ashley was with us ... so we ran down the dyke
Kathleen (PS0G2) [...] [laugh]
June (PS0FP) [2849] They ran after them.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2850] And they wouldn't go across the dyke.
Susan (PS0FX) [2851] Oh has what's his name got that any more?
[2852] ... Merlin.
June (PS0FP) [2853] No he's not in the field, is he Jonathan?
Susan (PS0FX) [2854] Who've you got in the field now then?
June (PS0FP) [2855] Nobody.
Susan (PS0FX) [2856] Why's he taken them out all again for then?
June (PS0FP) [2857] Well ... he likes to, I don't know whether ... nobody's cleared up the field, that looks a mess.
Unknown speaker (KCTPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [2858] Jonathan might do it and earn him
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2859] Cor!
[2860] Blithering heck.
Susan (PS0FX) [2861] earn himself two pound.
[2862] You know what you want a do, get some bags and bag that stuff up and sell that on the side of the road fifty p a bag.
Robert (PS0G3) [belch] [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2863] Ugh!
Susan (PS0FX) [2864] You'd get money.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2865] [laugh] You wouldn't.
Susan (PS0FX) [2866] People buy it for their gardens honestly.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2867] Ugh!
Susan (PS0FX) [2868] Don't they June?
[2869] Horse manure.
June (PS0FP) [2870] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2871] They do.
Susan (PS0FX) [2872] So if you bagged it up and put for sale on it, fifty pence.
[2873] ... You could earn a lot of money.
[2874] You've only got to bag it up and put it on the side of the road.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2875] Fifty p a bag!
[2876] Ugh.
Susan (PS0FX) [2877] Well, you want to earn pocket money he's gotta do these things ain't he mum?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2878] Yeah.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2879] I bet you wouldn't get many people wanting it though.
Susan (PS0FX) [2880] I bet you would.
[2881] You ask nanny years ago, what did they used to nanny?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2882] Fetch it on the road.
Susan (PS0FX) [2883] Yeah, with their buckets and spades.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2884] Bucket and spade, they wanted that for their gardens.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2885] Poo!
Susan (PS0FX) [2886] To put round the roses.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2887] When the cart and horses used to come round.
[2888] Horse and carts.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2889] Aah!
June (PS0FP) [2890] I thought Liz Taylor was dead?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2891] She ain't.
Susan (PS0FX) [2892] Liz Taylor!
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2893] Cor!
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2894] She's married for the eighth time isn't she?
Robert (PS0G3) [2895] When she's seen Neighbours we'll put it on.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2896] Is that First Blood? ...
Robert (PS0G3) [2897] No it's the Rambo Two.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2898] Oh good I haven't seen Two.
[2899] I've seen One and Three but I haven't seen Two.
Susan (PS0FX) [2900] No, I haven't seen two.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2901] Three's good.
[2902] You've seen Three.
Susan (PS0FX) [2903] Well I'll just see the first part of Eastenders if I can cos I've seen the second part.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2904] Have you seen Rambo Three granddad?
Robert (PS0G3) [2905] Sorry?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2906] Have you seen Rambo Three?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2907] Yeah.
Robert (PS0G3) [2908] Yeah.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2909] It's good i have you seen Robocop Two?
Susan (PS0FX) [2910] What you put that there for?
Robert (PS0G3) [2911] You can move it if you want to.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2912] Have you seen Robocop Two?
Susan (PS0FX) [2913] Did you ... don't you think that was sad?
[2914] ... Robocop Two where they chopped Simon's legs off?
Robert (PS0G3) [2915] Is he drinking his pop already?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2916] [...] yeah he [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [2917] That made me feel sad.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2918] I liked the end bit.
[2919] [shouting] aaaeeeyaaa [] .
Robert (PS0G3) [2920] wouldn't have it.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2921] He elbow drops it, he goes beeeee ppp [laugh] .
Kathleen (PS0G2) [...]
June (PS0FP) [2922] What?
Susan (PS0FX) [2923] What?
Robert (PS0G3) [2924] Bit early for a cup of tea yet.
[2925] It ain't tea yet.
June (PS0FP) [2926] Well if you want one, have one.
[2927] ... Don't let us stop you.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [2928] You oughta seen Auntie Alices's Winnie this morning.
June (PS0FP) [2929] Winnie?
Susan (PS0FX) [2930] Winston his name is.
June (PS0FP) [2931] Aah!
Susan (PS0FX) [2932] I heard her say to him mum ... Auntie Alice this morning, she love her cat ... so I heard her say to him ... come on then, let's see what mummy's got for you this morning.
[2933] She said he had a half a pound of raw liver yesterday mum.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2934] Ooh dear.
Susan (PS0FX) [2935] She puts it through the mincer for him and he have it raw. ...
Robert (PS0G3) [2936] Blimey he must have been sick.
Susan (PS0FX) [2937] Well he lo well he eats eats raw meat.
[2938] He won't eat cooked meat, her cat won't.
Robert (PS0G3) [2939] Oh. ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2940] [whingeing] Mummy, why can't we have Sky [] ?
June (PS0FP) [2941] Why, what's on Sky?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2942] The movie channel ... Sky sport ... a christmas channel now ... I think.
[2943] Er Sky One ... Sky movies and Sky news.
[2944] The news dad'd like.
June (PS0FP) [2945] Oh. ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2946] Cos it's on ... it's cheap in here.
June (PS0FP) [2947] Oh.
[2948] I see.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2949] It's ... satellite dish and remote control steereo receiver.
Susan (PS0FX) [2950] Stereo not steereo. [laugh] .
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2951] I call it steerio.
[2952] ... Two hundred pound.
Susan (PS0FX) [2953] Well where you gonna think your mum's gonna get two hundred pounds ... pay on the Sky telly?
[2954] God it's ... you have to rent, you have to pay extra rental on that.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2955] You have to pay so much a week
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [...]
June (PS0FP) [2956] I'm surprised father ain't had it.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2957] No, don't want that Juney.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2958] Ooh
Susan (PS0FX) [2959] [...] easier to get a video.
[2960] See most of them'll come on video anyway.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2961] Well I don't think it's worth it actually.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2962] No
Robert (PS0G3) [2963] What's that?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2964] they've had Turtles on there before.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2965] Juney says she's surprised you ain't had Sky.
June (PS0FP) [2966] Jonathan do no.
Robert (PS0G3) [2967] No.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2968] We don't look at telly.
[2969] Dad looks more at videos. ...
June (PS0FP) [2970] Hey, when have you been treating yourself to that one then?
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [2971] That's Bobby's.
Susan (PS0FX) [2972] Bob lent it to him.
June (PS0FP) [2973] Oh.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2974] Bobby bought it yesterday and lent it to dad cos we bought ... we bought ourself, well Rob, dad did, I don't look at them erm they're too violent for me ... but dad bought it in Superkey only five ninety nine.
[2975] ... In Superkey.
[2976] ... And er
June (PS0FP) [2977] He keeps buying all these things.
[2978] People could buy them.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2979] He bought Three ... and Bobby, Bobby hadn't got Three.
[2980] Pam bought him ... is that Two?
Susan (PS0FX) [2981] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2982] She bought him Two so we was gonna lend Bobby our Three so he said well I won't look at Two.
[2983] You have our Two and yo I'll borrow your Three.
June (PS0FP) [2984] Oh.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2985] So dad's gotta take that back to him next week and we get our one back.
June (PS0FP) [2986] Oh I see.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2987] They're only five ninety nine.
Susan (PS0FX) [2988] So you've got One Two and Three between you, [...] .
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2989] Well yeah.
[2990] So ... that one, the Three one is about ... the Afghan war.
[2991] It's a bit ooh
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2992] Yeah I've seen it.
Susan (PS0FX) [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2993] Cor yeah
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2994] Yeah it is.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [2995] is it violent.
June (PS0FP) [2996] Have you seen it?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [2997] Mm.
[2998] Julian ... Julian had it.
[2999] ... There were these big helicopters
June (PS0FP) [3000] Oh.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3001] [...] them videos in in erm Superkey.
[3002] We did buy it once before.
[3003] ... And when we brought it home it wouldn't go.
[3004] And we hadn't got the receipt but she changed it.
[3005] We bought another one then.
[3006] You saw that one didn't you?
Susan (PS0FX) [3007] You're lucky because I'll tell you for why, you can't change a video if you buy [...] .
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3008] No, but she's she'd, we told her er
June (PS0FP) [3009] No because they're in a plastic cover aren't they?
Susan (PS0FX) [3010] Yeah but you still can't [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3011] No cos they think you've played them.
Susan (PS0FX) [3012] They think you've copied them you see.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3013] Well I explained [...] to her and I said we bou took it home I said and it ... it won't go I said, but unfortunately we have ... you know throw the ... the ticket away.
[3014] So she said well ... I'll change it she said because I tell you why, we send them back every, every so long, often.
[3015] About every two months we send all the lot back and renew them.
Susan (PS0FX) [3016] Oh.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3017] So she changed it and she said but you'll have to have another one.
[3018] So we had another one.
[3019] But you saw that one weren't you?
Susan (PS0FX) [3020] Yeah I'd seen that one before.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3021] What was it?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3022] And er
Susan (PS0FX) [3023] Erm ... that was good but there was a twi you really like
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3024] There's a twist to it, it
Susan (PS0FX) [3025] there's a twist to it.
[3026] You have gotta sit and watch that quietly that one.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3027] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [3028] Which one's that?
Susan (PS0FX) [3029] What was it called mum?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3030] Erm ...
Susan (PS0FX) [3031] Well dad'll tell you.
[3032] Anyway, that's a good film but you've gotta ... you've gotta watch it because there's a twist in the film.
[3033] It's about a Russian spy yeah?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3034] Spy yeah.
June (PS0FP) [3035] Oh.
Susan (PS0FX) [3036] But it's a good film.
[3037] That's not ... it's got a little bit of erm
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3038] Violence in it.
Susan (PS0FX) [3039] violence in it but nothing much.
June (PS0FP) [3040] Jonathan.
[3041] Don't keep doing that.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [3042] Yeah [...]
June (PS0FP) [3043] [shouting] Yeah no don't [] .
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3044] I'll make you a cup of tea in a minute.
June (PS0FP) [3045] Yeah alright.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3046] Erm
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
June (PS0FP) [3047] Cos that picks it up.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3048] are you gonna do er er erm ... do [...] business before Geoff comes back?
Susan (PS0FX) [3049] Yeah I'll do them later on but I was gonna watch Eastenders.
June (PS0FP) [3050] Whatever does Geoff Geoff ain't bothered if she does your [...] .
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3051] Yeah but she does a bit out here and I'm bit, feel a bit embarrassed when him and
Susan (PS0FX) [3052] Well get your [...]
June (PS0FP) [3053] Oh I shouldn't worry about it.
[3054] I do it.
Susan (PS0FX) [3055] June.
[3056] I wanna watch Eastenders now, do you mind?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3057] Take that then, cos that's the cats.
June (PS0FP) [3058] No, suppose not.
Susan (PS0FX) [3059] Well that's flashing anyway. ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [laugh]
Susan (PS0FX) [3060] He, does he remind you of Tarzan look?
Robert (PS0G3) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [3061] Tarzan type.
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3062] There was a a champion in the, in the weekend paper ... charging three hundred pound a ... a time for sex.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3063] Yeah?
Susan (PS0FX) [3064] Mother!
[3065] I don't think you ought to say that. [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3066] [laughing] [...] [] .
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
June (PS0FP) [3067] [...] .
[3068] No that's alright.
[3069] You want to hear it.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3070] And you oughta seen his body.
[3071] He was absolutely handsome.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3072] Yeah?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3073] And people were going mate. ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3074] Oh yeah.
June (PS0FP) [3075] How much?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3076] [...] for three hundred pound, weren't it dad?
Robert (PS0G3) [3077] Mm silly git.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3078] Cor he had a lovely physique, cor.
June (PS0FP) [3079] I like them Chippendales, I think they're nice.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3080] He's better than them even.
[3081] Oh he can't be [...]
June (PS0FP) [3082] Wonder why they're called Chippendales?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3083] That's the name they've called theirselves.
Robert (PS0G3) [3084] Circus innit?
June (PS0FP) [3085] Well I suppose Chippendales is er antique furniture innit?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3086] They're Americans aren't they?
Susan (PS0FX) [3087] They're strippers you know.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3088] Strippers.
Susan (PS0FX) [3089] They're se
June (PS0FP) [3090] They're male strippers.
Susan (PS0FX) [3091] they're sexy male strippers.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3092] They're they're American aren't they?
June (PS0FP) [3093] Would you like to see them Sue?
Susan (PS0FX) [3094] Yeah but, do you know what, they have female bodyguards.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3095] Yeah?
Susan (PS0FX) [3096] Yeah well cos you see they have to, most of their fans are women ... so they have to have female bodyguards cos the males are a bit rough with them but the women are really tough who
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3097] Yeah?
Susan (PS0FX) [3098] bodyguards, their bodyguards, yeah.
[3099] Yeah I would.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3100] Yeah they're American aren't they?
June (PS0FP) [3101] Are they?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3102] Dunno.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3103] Oh yeah, yeah.
June (PS0FP) [3104] Cor Sue if ever you get any tickets to see them, we'd better go and see them.
Susan (PS0FX) [3105] I'd like to see them.
Robert (PS0G3) [3106] Where's [...] cat?
[3107] Gone out has he?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3108] Big cat's still in the window I think.
June (PS0FP) [3109] He's still up there look. ...
Robert (PS0G3) [3110] [laugh] Well he's been there a long while.
Susan (PS0FX) [3111] He's a bit like erm ... what's that ... erm ... tut ... the one that er Castle Greyskull, what's, what's the
June (PS0FP) [3112] Skeletor?
Susan (PS0FX) [3113] Yeah, the one Master of the Universe one, what was his name?
[3114] Who did?
June (PS0FP) [3115] He-man.
Susan (PS0FX) [3116] Well he looks like He-man.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3117] Yeah.
[3118] Does a bit.
June (PS0FP) [3119] I reckon that was one of the [...] then.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3120] Ooh [...] ladder June.
[3121] Cor blimey, I put up another spell.
[3122] I couldn't go up there.
[3123] Cor she was
June (PS0FP) [3124] Did you did you do any more [...] ?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3125] No, she was I couldn't reach [...] .
[3126] That was bending and twisting all over.
June (PS0FP) [3127] I'll perhaps get up there next Sunday and do it.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3128] Yeah.
[3129] That won't stand my weight.
June (PS0FP) [3130] If it's a nice day I'll go up.
[3131] Yeah well I'm lighter than you aren't I?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3132] Yeah.
[3133] Coo that was creaking and twisting I thought ah [...]
June (PS0FP) [3134] Do you know ... mum we're do Geoff's got ... he's done all down the sides, all round the back ... so he's he's threequarters of the way
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3135] I ain't done round the back.
June (PS0FP) [3136] Yeah but you've done all round the kitchen bit haven't you?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3137] Oh yeah, the garage, yeah.
June (PS0FP) [3138] And all that
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3139] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [3140] and he's now going up the point of the house but he can't get no further.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3141] No.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3142] I've got a yard from ... I'm going up ... that side and I'm a yard from the point
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3143] Oh!
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3144] and I can't get no higher.
June (PS0FP) [3145] So I've gotta go and do that point bit.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3146] Cos I got the ... Brian's ladder, like an extended ladder
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3147] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3148] but he said you know when you're start extending them any more than it is
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3149] Yeah.
[3150] Not very safe.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3151] they get a bit they start to whip like that.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3152] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3153] And I ain't no good at ladders at the best of times.
June (PS0FP) [3154] So I said well if I go up me being light, I'll go up and he holds the ladder
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3155] Yeah.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3156] Why don't I go up?
[3157] I'm [...] .
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3158] He was saying if you had a three tier extending ladder then the they sort of, their more rigid.
[3159] Because you know it gets ... [...]
June (PS0FP) [3160] Well he went on it.
[3161] He did it.
[3162] Yeah but I said ... Geoff said well he ... what did he use?
[3163] I said well that I said but he's a lot taller than you Geoff
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3164] He's ... he's taller than me isn't he?
June (PS0FP) [3165] isn't he?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3166] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [3167] He's got the height to do it.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3168] Is he fat or thin?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3169] He's a big old boy.
June (PS0FP) [3170] Big.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3171] Is he?
[3172] Oh I
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3173] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [3174] Yeah about Bobby's stomach around isn't he?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3175] I don't think I've ever seen him.
June (PS0FP) [3176] What Brian?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3177] No.
June (PS0FP) [3178] He's quite big, Brian is isn't he?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3179] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3180] I've never seen Brian.
Susan (PS0FX) [3181] Did you tell ... talking about Brian, did you tell ... Geoff ...
Robert (PS0G3) [3182] You can see he's got a bloody wig though Geoff, can't you?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3183] Ooh can't you just.
Susan (PS0FX) [3184] Did you tell Geoff about our Brian?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3185] [...] Specially when he sweats.
[3186] you mean?
June (PS0FP) [3187] Oh no.
[3188] No I haven't told him.
Susan (PS0FX) [3189] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3190] No, what mate?
[3191] Do you mean, do you mean [...]
June (PS0FP) [3192] Sue you tell him cos you know how the story goes.
Susan (PS0FX) [3193] Well mum told me.
[3194] We were sitting there and she was [laughing] telling me about ... Brian [] .
[3195] She said ... his son rang up and I said what, what's his name?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3196] Steven.
Susan (PS0FX) [3197] Simon.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3198] Simon.
Susan (PS0FX) [3199] She said no, Alex.
[3200] I said Alex
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3201] He's got another one.
Susan (PS0FX) [3202] Alex who?
[3203] [laughing] So she said he's got another one apparently he rung Charlie the other night [] ... and said this is Alex, can I speak to Brian.
[3204] He said yeah Alex who?
[3205] He said Alex , Brian's son.
[3206] [laugh] So I think [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3207] So Char and Charlie said he ain't here.
Susan (PS0FX) [3208] Charlie must have ... Charlie must have gone aah aah aah [...] .
Kathleen (PS0G2) [laugh]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3209] And he didn't know about it?
Susan (PS0FX) [3210] No!
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3211] No.
June (PS0FP) [3212] No.
Susan (PS0FX) [3213] Nobody did.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3214] Nobody did, did they?
June (PS0FP) [3215] Geoff.
Robert (PS0G3) [3216] Brian did.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3217] Brian did.
[3218] Though we don't know who the woman is.
[3219] Bugger me he's been busy.
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [laugh]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3220] Been doing alright. ...
June (PS0FP) [3221] I wonder who the ... ?
[3222] Yeah but he did go out with a girl there for a while didn't he?
[3223] In London.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3224] Well he's been married twice wasn't he?
[3225] He was [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3226] Has he?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3227] Oh yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [3228] Brian has, yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3229] He he divorced his second wife cos she thought more of anim animals.
[3230] But I think it was because er she couldn't have children you see?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3231] Yeah?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3232] That's why he packed up.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3233] Well he's got enough of his own anyway by the sound of it.
Robert (PS0G3) [3234] He used to live at Picken Pickerham didn't he?
[3235] Somewhere outside sort of Swaffham.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3236] Pick Pickering something, yeah.
June (PS0FP) [3237] They reckon she was
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3238] North oh yeah North and South Pickenham.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3239] [...] yeah that's where yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3240] Yeah.
Robert (PS0G3) [3241] Yeah that's where he used to live, in a bungalow there somewhere.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3242] Yeah I know it.
[3243] That's where Barbara used to live, North Pickenham.
June (PS0FP) [3244] What is it Jonathan, what are you doing?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3245] Mm.
June (PS0FP) [3246] So you ask.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3247] What is it Jonathan?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [singing] [...] []
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3248] [...] play game.
June (PS0FP) [3249] What's he got mum?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3250] I don't know.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3251] This.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3252] Oh, for the cat
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3253] Tiddy tiddy.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3254] That big one big'un won't come down [...]
June (PS0FP) [3255] No don't [...]
Robert (PS0G3) [3256] No, don't rile him up boy for god's sake.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3257] He's he's a bit of a problem.
June (PS0FP) [3258] No he don't like children Jonathan.
[3259] He's frightened.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3260] Doesn't he like fooling about?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3261] He keeps getting in
Susan (PS0FX) [3262] No.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3263] nanny's sink.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [laugh]
June (PS0FP) [3264] No erm Fuji Juji she'll play with you, look.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3265] And she's asleep.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3266] Where is she?
Robert (PS0G3) [3267] She's asleep.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3268] Get your cards and play with them.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3269] We ain't got some.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3270] There's some er in the drawer.
[3271] Pick them [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3272] They ain't all in there.
Susan (PS0FX) [sigh]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3273] They've all gotta sorted out ... sort them out.
June (PS0FP) [3274] Yeah so it sounds as, he's got a lot of skeletons in his cupboard.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3275] Yeah.
Robert (PS0G3) [3276] Yes.
Susan (PS0FX) [3277] Then he had the cheek to tell me Joey erm ... Joey had a lot of skeletons in his.
[3278] I thought well I dunno who's got the worst out of them two .
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3279] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3280] No neither do I.
Susan (PS0FX) [3281] At least I don't think Joey's got any children.
June (PS0FP) [3282] I think we could write a book about our family, what goes on with ... someone ha going out with someone else and ... blimey!
Susan (PS0FX) [3283] [laughing] I feel a bit boring compared to everybody else [] .
June (PS0FP) [3284] So do I.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3285] Yeah. ...
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3286] Bugger me, they've had some fun. [laugh]
June (PS0FP) [3287] [laughing] Haven't they just [] .
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3288] Sounds like it.
Susan (PS0FX) [3289] Yeah well they all seem to be bloody happy though don't they?
Robert (PS0G3) [3290] The tragedy of it is though he's paying for it now with his kidney problems.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3291] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [3292] Well that ain't got nothing to do with his kidney problems.
Robert (PS0G3) [3293] You don't know what disease he picked up [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3294] You don't know what he's what
Susan (PS0FX) [3295] Well he didn't.
[3296] You know what caused his kidney problem in the first place.
[3297] He's always had high blood pressure and never had it treated.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3298] Oh.
Susan (PS0FX) [3299] And what it does, it eventually it breaks down your kidneys.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3300] Oh.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3301] What, he knew he had it?
Susan (PS0FX) [3302] No he didn't know he had high blood pressure.
[3303] And it wasn't just ... it was by pure coincidence, I mean his kidneys would have stopped anyway, that bloke thumped him in the pub. ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3304] Yeah? [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [3305] Accid you know, came up behind him and thought he
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3306] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [3307] mistook him for somebody else and thumped him and knocked
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3308] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [3309] nearly knocked him unconscious.
[3310] And he had, kept getting bad, and he'd had bad heads oh for years ... but he just thought that was, he was one of them people that got bad heads.
[3311] And he went to the doctor ... and the doctor said well you haven't got anything wrong with your skull but I'll take your blood pressure.
[3312] ... He took his blood pressure and he said well this is astronomically high.
[3313] He said erm I shall ha I'll have to send you up the hospital and you'll have to have a ... you know
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3314] Scan, didn't he?
[3315] He had a scan.
Susan (PS0FX) [3316] scan and that.
[3317] So he went up and had a scan and they s ... they checked it and of course when they checked the scan they noticed that his kid one of his kidneys hadn't been functioning for a long time.
[3318] One of them was useless.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3319] Mm.
Susan (PS0FX) [3320] And they said that ... that erm ... he'd got to erm ... what did he say?
[3321] ... He'd gotta have these tests for this other kidney.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3322] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [3323] Erm ... when they tested it they said that one was near to failure anyway and that was what was, been causing his bad heads and it was just by pure coincidence ... that bloke hitting him, that brought it to light.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3324] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [3325] Otherwise he was, kidneys ... he would have just collapsed.
June (PS0FP) [3326] Yeah but he ain't rejected this kidney he's had has he?
Susan (PS0FX) [3327] Well he's on steroids.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3328] He's having a lot of problems isn't he?
Susan (PS0FX) [3329] He's on steroids.
[3330] He he can't, never come off steroids.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3331] Is he still fat?
June (PS0FP) [3332] Cor he looks [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3333] Well he's saying that that bloke mistook him for somebody else then?
[3334] Is that what
Susan (PS0FX) [3335] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3336] Well he didn't. ...
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3337] He didn't
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3338] I can assure you I kn he knew exactly who he was.
Susan (PS0FX) [3339] Oh.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3340] Yeah that that chap at the
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3341] You see what happened was he nearly knocked his kids over.
June (PS0FP) [3342] He cut him up or something didn't he?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3343] He come flying round that bend near mums and nearly ... his kids were on the side of the road and he come through there
Susan (PS0FX) [3344] Oh.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3345] and he knew who it was see cos he goes up the pub same as he does.
[3346] And th obviously there aren't that many American cars around.
June (PS0FP) [3347] So he was waiting for him?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3348] And that's why he went to the toilet without [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [3349] Yeah but apparently apparently that weren't hi his Am that was his American car that nearly hit them but th Brian had sold that to a bloke down in [...] down your mum's road.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3350] Yeah?
Susan (PS0FX) [3351] Down your road.
[3352] That's why he thought it was Brian.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3353] Oh .
Susan (PS0FX) [3354] Eh?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3355] A Alan ?
Susan (PS0FX) [3356] Yeah that was him!
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3357] Yeah?
Susan (PS0FX) [3358] That weren't Brian.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [3359] Cos ... Brian had sold the car to him.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3360] Yeah?
Susan (PS0FX) [3361] Because ... he said the bloke
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3362] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [3363] thought that was him in the car but it wasn't cos
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3364] Oh I know what you mean yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [3365] he'd got the silver one hadn't he, then?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3366] Oh.
Susan (PS0FX) [3367] He sold the blue one
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3368] Yeah?
[3369] He said, yeah
Susan (PS0FX) [3370] the blue one
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3371] that's right he's still got it the bloke has, yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [3372] Yeah well that was ... that was him.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3373] Was it?
Susan (PS0FX) [3374] That wasn't [laughing] Brian [] .
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3375] Pity he didn't hit him ... cos he's a big man. [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [3376] Well cos he went to po he thumped Brian.
[3377] Didn't even look at him, thumped him from behind you see?
[3378] Hit him
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3379] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [3380] straight in the back.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3381] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [3382] Course he fell and hit his head on the washbasin.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3383] Yeah?
June (PS0FP) [3384] It's surprising thumping him in the back didn't kill him with the kidney failure innit?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3385] Mm yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [3386] Well I suppose that's what made him go unconscious really.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3387] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [3388] Did they have the ambulance and that?
Susan (PS0FX) [3389] Well no he went out but they ... somebody ran in there and h well ... B Brian and ... I think Pat and ... David were having a drink with him and I think they suddenly thought well he's been in there a long time.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3390] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [3391] So Pat said go and see what he's doing.
June (PS0FP) [3392] And they found him on the floor?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3393] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [3394] Well he was on the floor weren't he?
[3395] Ju just about coming round. ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3396] [...] easily have been [...]
June (PS0FP) [3397] But that that bloke, that bloke he'll thump anybody won't he Geoff?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3398] Oh yeah,. [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [3399] Was it was it?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3400] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [3401] Mm.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [3402] He used to carry on with that
Susan (PS0FX) [3403] I always call him Else.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3404] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [3405] carry on with that girl up the road there didn't he?
Susan (PS0FX) [3406] Who, Jasmine ?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3407] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [3408] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [3409] She comes to the dentist she does.
June (PS0FP) [3410] What's she like now?
Susan (PS0FX) [3411] Exactly the same.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3412] Cor!
[3413] What a fire engine.
June (PS0FP) [3414] Is she married?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [3415] Yeah.
[3416] But she's got a good job.
[3417] Very clever girl.
[3418] Very bright her.
[3419] ... Believe it or not.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3420] Do you think that, that one was better than the other one, number Three?
Robert (PS0G3) [3421] Yeah that was a good one, number Two weren't it?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3422] I like number Three better.
[3423] Although I didn't watch that one, it's so [...] innit?
Susan (PS0FX) [3424] I shall have to watch number Three cos I ain't seen number Three.
[3425] That's the one I haven't seen.
[3426] I've seen that one.
Robert (PS0G3) [3427] You have?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3428] What?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3429] Number Two.
Robert (PS0G3) [3430] I don't think he made any more after Three.
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [...]
Robert (PS0G3) [3431] He went into something else didn't he?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3432] I said to June yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3433] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3434] I said to June that's gonna be a bloody great house opposite us.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3435] Yeah so she said.
June (PS0FP) [3436] Yeah I was telling mum.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3437] [...] me!
[3438] When I see it!
June (PS0FP) [3439] I said we could get get our house inside it.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3440] Cor and the rest.
June (PS0FP) [3441] Twice.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3442] Don't want a big house [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3443] I bet the house itself is as big as [...] .
Susan (PS0FX) [3444] Perhaps they've got something else in mind Geoff.
[3445] Perhaps they're gonna have guests or something.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3446] No.
[3447] He just says ... I mean he was saying to June [...]
June (PS0FP) [3448] Well believe it or not that tells you how people are lucky.
[3449] They've bui got out a new ... what is it?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3450] Roof tile.
June (PS0FP) [3451] A new roof tile.
[3452] ... And this firm ... he thinks because he's gonna have his roof done with these roof tiles, these new type ... they're gonna give him them!
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3453] They're looking for one sort of nice house to sort of show them more or less.
[3454] It's in the
June (PS0FP) [3455] To show them.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3456] the Ideal Homes Exhibition this year.
[3457] And they're looking for a nice house to put them on.
June (PS0FP) [3458] And he's gonna get his house re-roo
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3459] They're gonna give them to him.
June (PS0FP) [3460] all roofed for nothing.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3461] Cor, lovely.
Susan (PS0FX) [3462] Cor.
June (PS0FP) [3463] I said my god!
[3464] ... Cor!
[3465] Money goes to money.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3466] What is he giving up the farm then?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3467] No.
June (PS0FP) [3468] Well no.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3469] No?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3470] No, what he was saying was ... see he sold his house for ... two hundred and thirty thousand I think he said.
Susan (PS0FX) [3471] Cor.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3472] But what he said was that erm ... the house wanted a lot of money spending on it and he couldn't afford to do it.
June (PS0FP) [3473] Don't ... put that on there Jonathan.
[3474] It don't play.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3475] And the farm has, last three years has lost a lot of money ... and er they had one farm at Colkirk which they've now sold ... and er ... they just sort of decided they wanted to make the, they had a big barn, a big white barn which was a real old barn ... and he wanted to make that into a house.
[3476] And er ... the planning people said no, we won't let you do that ... but you can knock the barn down
June (PS0FP) [3477] And build
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3478] and build a house on there.
[3479] But the stupid thing is it ain't where the barn was is it?
June (PS0FP) [3480] No, it's further round [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3481] Further over.
[3482] So he's now knocked the barn down and he's ... erm ... gonna have this new house built and
Susan (PS0FX) [3483] So he could have left the barn where it was?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3484] Well that's right.
[3485] Yeah.
[3486] Mind you I suppose it would have been close to the house.
Susan (PS0FX) [3487] Yeah, yah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3488] So that's now give him more garden space sort of thing.
[3489] But he said they've just ... I mean this year the whole orchard.
[3490] That
June (PS0FP) [3491] And he's gonna all them
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3492] complete orchard opposite us they never picked one, that's a plum orchard and they ne never picked one single plum.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3493] Oh yeah because you got a lot didn't you?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3494] They did.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3495] Cos they, they didn't Jonathan cos he said we can't sell them.
June (PS0FP) [3496] Yeah but he never picked an we did. [laugh]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3497] Nobody wants them.
June (PS0FP) [3498] We picked them.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3499] And that's why he said you can go and pick as many plums as you like cos we just haven't [...]
June (PS0FP) [3500] He never sold any of them .
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3501] [...] it's common market innit?
June (PS0FP) [3502] Never sold a plum at all.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3503] He was saying what happened was the last three years there's been no plums about so the supermarkets have sort of found something else.
[3504] Now there is plums ... they don't want them.
Susan (PS0FX) [3505] Don't want them.
June (PS0FP) [3506] Yeah but he was s that was him who was saying ... they use a lot of plums and puree stuff in babyfood.
[3507] But now they're not using plums any more, they're using marrow.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3508] They use marrow cos it's cheaper.
June (PS0FP) [3509] Cos it's cheaper.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3510] Yeah, oh yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3511] So that's what they use.
June (PS0FP) [3512] So, well you imagine what go into bloody babyfoods?
[3513] Yuk.
Susan (PS0FX) [3514] Well marrows are good for babies.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3515] I'll tell you what
June (PS0FP) [3516] That's all water and starch isn't it?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3517] you buy some
Susan (PS0FX) [3518] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3519] you buy jam today, it don't last very long.
[3520] That goes mildewed.
[3521] Goes off.
June (PS0FP) [3522] No it goes moul goes mouldy
Susan (PS0FX) [3523] Do you know why?
June (PS0FP) [3524] very quick.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3525] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [3526] Cos they're not allowed to put the preservatives in it any more.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3527] Oh you know that bit of cheese ... we got from Superkey?
June (PS0FP) [3528] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3529] That ... mum said she cu definitely cut it off.
June (PS0FP) [3530] What you mean?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3531] Cos we thought it was a bit what they had pre-wrapped [...] ?
June (PS0FP) [3532] But it was mouldy!
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3533] Yeah.
[3534] But she said she definitely cut it off while she waited.
June (PS0FP) [3535] Geoff's mum got me a piece of cheese last week from Superkeys.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3536] On the Friday that was wasn't it?
June (PS0FP) [3537] On the Friday.
[3538] I opened it on Saturday and it was mouldy.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3539] It was mouldy.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [3540] Well you should have rung them up.
Robert (PS0G3) [3541] Well that's naughty that is.
[3542] Isn't it mum?
Susan (PS0FX) [3543] You should have rung them up.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3544] Well I thought perhaps it was a bit what was wrapped up [...]
June (PS0FP) [3545] Wrapped up and we thought that had perhaps been
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3546] But mum said no.
[3547] Definitely not.
[3548] She cut it off.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3549] Well their Rose, she got a bit on the ... once when she went up there and she come over here she said to us would we ... take it up and change [cough] .
[3550] She never noticed it when she was in there and when she turned it over ... that was all green, all the way round.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3551] Yeah?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3552] But they changed it.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3553] Yeah?
June (PS0FP) [3554] Oh yeah cos he said he'd

6 (Tape 020103)

Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3555] Got to press record and play.
June (PS0FP) [3556] I did press it.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3557] You didn't.
June (PS0FP) [3558] Perhaps I didn't press it hard enough.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3559] That's gotta click in, yeah.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3560] Ah, did you press them at the same time? ...
June (PS0FP) [3561] Are you supposed to press them at the same time?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3562] I dunno.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3563] Yes.
June (PS0FP) [3564] [...] on there.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3565] Have you ever had that drink [...] orange [...] it's Taboo, Taboo?
Susan (PS0FX) [3566] Malibou.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3567] Malbou or something.
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [3568] Malibou.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3569] Malibou.
[3570] Have you ever had it?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3571] It looks like an Old Spice bottle.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3572] It's a li er
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3573] A white bottle.
Susan (PS0FX) [3574] A white bottle.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3575] Er a sort of erm
June (PS0FP) [3576] Yeah. [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3577] [...] coconut.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3578] A smeary colour.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3579] Yeah.
Robert (PS0G3) [3580] [...] rum.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3581] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3582] Coconut sort of stuff.
Susan (PS0FX) [3583] That's coconut and rum.
Robert (PS0G3) [3584] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3585] No, this is erm ... orange or lemon stuff.
[3586] It's five ninety nine a bottle.
[3587] She mix ... they ... what did she have with it?
[3588] ... I I'm sure it's Tayboo.
Susan (PS0FX) [3589] She's not talking about Tia Maria is she?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3590] No.
June (PS0FP) [3591] Taboo?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3592] No it's not Taboo ... as I ... I think it's
June (PS0FP) [3593] Tayboo.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3594] T A B ... I've gotta get her a bottle anyway
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3595] Double O?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3596] when I go in Superkey.
[3597] I know where it is.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3598] Is it double O?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3599] She said it's a lovely drink.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
June (PS0FP) [3600] Aah!
[3601] That's orange juice and we ... we had a free sample one year.
[3602] Them, that girl give [...] a free sample.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3603] You can get it in orange or lemon.
Robert (PS0G3) [3604] What you've gotta do is get the money of her.
June (PS0FP) [3605] Orange and erm ... oh ... like a vod
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3606] Apricot? ...
June (PS0FP) [3607] What is it, vodka orange and
Robert (PS0G3) [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3608] God knows [...] .
June (PS0FP) [3609] and something else.
[3610] Jonathan don't do that mate. ...
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3611] Yeah erm ... she put, she said Gateway's th they've been selling a lot and there is none in Lynn.
June (PS0FP) [3612] Well do you know
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3613] Costs twenty pounds more that ... hostess trolley in here than in Comet.
June (PS0FP) [3614] Cor.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3615] Cos didn't I say to you it's a hundred and nineteen quid and when I bought yours it was a hundred pound.
June (PS0FP) [3616] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3617] Hundred and forty quid in Curry's.
June (PS0FP) [3618] What was I saying?
[3619] Yeah and we was looking at the ... the wines and spirits in there.
[3620] Cos I like that, that erm Lambrusco ...
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3621] Mm.
Susan (PS0FX) [3622] What's that?
June (PS0FP) [3623] wine.
[3624] Wine.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3625] Wine.
June (PS0FP) [3626] It's a white wine, it's ever so ni
Susan (PS0FX) [3627] Sounds like a bloody scooter. [laugh] .
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3628] Lambresco.
June (PS0FP) [3629] Lambresco.
[3630] And in there ... how much was it? ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3631] In where?
June (PS0FP) [3632] In Gateways.
[3633] That was three pound
Robert (PS0G3) [3634] Mind you don't swallow that.
[3635] Good grief.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3636] Two forty nine wasn't it?
[3637] Two forty nine was the ordinary wine.
Robert (PS0G3) [3638] You get that [...] that'll choke you.
June (PS0FP) [3639] Yeah two forty nine was the ordinary wine.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3640] What?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3641] That's two pound at the shop.
June (PS0FP) [3642] And it's two pound in my village shop.
[3643] So I said to Geoff I'll get it up the village shop.
Robert (PS0G3) [3644] That'll get down the back of your throat, that'll choke you.
[3645] Yeah
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3646] Well sometimes you can get things cheaper in your village shop.
Robert (PS0G3) [3647] No you wouldn't be ab once that's gone right down your windpipe you wouldn't get it up.
June (PS0FP) [3648] Yeah but you could get ... Lambresco again
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [3649] but non-alcoholic. ...
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3650] Oh.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
June (PS0FP) [3651] And that was what?
[3652] That was only one forty nine a bottle.
[3653] Which is cheap cos a lot of non-alcoholic wines are expensive.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3654] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [3655] Well I can't drink wine.
[3656] It gives me a bad head.
[3657] ... Makes me makes ... oh it
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3658] I like ginger wine.
Susan (PS0FX) [3659] gives me a bad head it do and it upsets me stomach.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3660] Ain't too bad.
June (PS0FP) [3661] What do you like to drink?
Susan (PS0FX) [3662] As soon as I drink wine I next morning I feel like nothing on earth.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3663] [...] really.
June (PS0FP) [3664] Not bothered?
[3665] No.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3666] Yeah?
Susan (PS0FX) [3667] I reckon that's the additives they put in it these days.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3668] You've got two bottles of erm
Jonathan (PS0FR) [shouting] [...] []
June (PS0FP) [3669] [...] ?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3670] [...] upstairs.
June (PS0FP) [3671] Oh I might have one of them [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3672] Lift your toe ... lift your foot up granddad.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3673] What?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3674] Life your foot up.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [3675] Have you got some?
June (PS0FP) [3676] You've got some.
[3677] Joey bought you some.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3678] Oh.
Susan (PS0FX) [3679] We drank ours.
[3680] I ain't got any now.
June (PS0FP) [3681] I ain't drunk mine yet.
[3682] ... I ain't even started it. ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
June (PS0FP) [3683] I got a bottle of gin a bloke bought me three years ago.
[3684] That should be some powerful stuff.
Susan (PS0FX) [3685] We better have that then, for christmas.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3686] We've got a bottle of apricot wine what we've had for about twelve years.
June (PS0FP) [3687] Bugger me.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3688] We had some apricot wine.
[3689] Was that ... oh it was vile weren't it?
[3690] ... Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [3691] That was bloody revolting.
[3692] We tried it.
[3693] Oh my god!
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3694] Elsie ... give it to us, years ago.
Unknown speaker (KCTPSUNK) [3695] Ooh!
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3696] You know how long that is. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [3697] Oh I saw [...]
Robert (PS0G3) [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3698] Did you?
[3699] How was she then?
June (PS0FP) [3700] Don't hurt granddad's toes Jonathan.
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3701] That won't hurt.
[3702] I bet it don't hurt.
Unknown speaker (KCTPSUNK) [3703] [...] wearing too much make up [...] .
Robert (PS0G3) [3704] Try it on yourself a bit.
Unknown speaker (KCTPSUNK) [3705] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [3706] [laughing] What [] ?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3707] I'll tell you what erm Marion says she likes this drink anyway.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3708] That don't hurt.
[3709] Come on. [laugh]
Robert (PS0G3) [3710] Do hurt don't it?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3711] I'm gonna get her some this week.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3712] Put it in your fingers.
[3713] Look it don't hurt your fingers.
June (PS0FP) [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3714] I thought Taboo was scent.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3715] That is scent, Taboo.
[3716] Taboo yeah it is scent.
Robert (PS0G3) [3717] No no.
June (PS0FP) [3718] Tabasco.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3719] Tabasco.
[3720] That [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [3721] [shouting] Oh mother [] .
Kathleen (PS0G2) [laugh]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [3722] Well it just suddenly come to me.
[3723] I knew I'd seen it but I'd never tried it.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3724] I ain't very good with the [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [...]
June (PS0FP) [3725] Oh what is that then?
[3726] That's orange juice and what then?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3727] Something else she has.
[3728] I'm just trying to ... cos he offered me a drink and I said no.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [laugh]
June (PS0FP) [3729] I think it's orange juice and rum.
[3730] White rum.
[3731] You know erm
Susan (PS0FX) [3732] Well I thought it was something orange
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3733] But it, it's not just orange juice cos it's
Susan (PS0FX) [3734] I thought it was orange juice and vodka and something else.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3735] Yeah something
June (PS0FP) [3736] That's
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3737] she mixes something with it.
[3738] It's [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [3739] Well it ain't a bloody mixer drink surely?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3740] Well yeah she has it with ... it's five fifty nine a bottle.
[3741] Whatever it is.
June (PS0FP) [3742] Yeah but you could put something with it if you wanted [...] .
Susan (PS0FX) [3743] Oh you mean she has lemonade or something like that?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3744] Yeah I I think so.
Susan (PS0FX) [3745] Oh.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3746] And she likes it.
Susan (PS0FX) [3747] All they do in that house is drink and smoke don't they?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3748] And she said that they seem to be selling more
June (PS0FP) [3749] Oh Geoff it's dreadful in there.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3750] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3751] selling more of it now.
Susan (PS0FX) [3752] What you mean, it's dreadful in there.
June (PS0FP) [3753] Oh the smoke hit you, don't it mum?
[3754] ... Well when I go, I went u I just won't have washed my hair on Sundays cos if I go there to get mum, I know damn well my hair's gonna stink, so I might as well not bother. ...
Robert (PS0G3) [3755] Oh.
Susan (PS0FX) [3756] Oh.
Robert (PS0G3) [3757] Oh I see, you [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Robert (PS0G3) [3758] The arms don't go up and down then?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3759] No.
Robert (PS0G3) [3760] [...] like that do they?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3761] No.
[3762] ... Oh yeah.
[3763] ... Oh he's bending his legs, waaah.
Robert (PS0G3) [3764] No.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3765] And then ... he can go ... pow pow pow pow. [...]
Robert (PS0G3) [3766] Oh.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Robert (PS0G3) [3767] Where do you get that from?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3768] Er ... [...] ...
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3769] I was just telling him, they've got big ones like that about that size I think in ... in Woolworths.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3770] Mm.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3771] But you punch it they're sort of ... flesh [...]
June (PS0FP) [3772] [yawning] [...] are they [] ?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3773] like a flesh skin.
[3774] And they've got their muscles [...] .
[3775] There's ... three type, three different wrestlers and
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3776] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3777] course the kids can punch them about
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3778] Yeah?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3779] and kick them and that.
[3780] But they're quite er ... fascinating really.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3781] [laughing] Yeah [] .
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3782] I'd love one.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3783] Oh aah [laugh] .
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3784] No doubt you would.
June (PS0FP) [3785] You'd like everything.
Susan (PS0FX) [3786] All the things you want for christmas Jonathan, I need a money tree.
June (PS0FP) [3787] She lovely for her age?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3788] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3789] Shame you haven't got one.
June (PS0FP) [3790] We've got a picture of her in the health club in a leotard doing a pose like that.
[3791] In a white leotard.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3792] Oh it'd be good if we could make a money tree.
[3793] And after we'd made one we'd get erm
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3794] Be nice if we had one.
[3795] Wouldn't it?
June (PS0FP) [3796] And she's right, as you go down the
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3797] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [3798] corridor ... you go to the studio at the end then the toning tables there.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3799] If you wanted a pound just
June (PS0FP) [3800] If you look down the corridor there's a big picture of her
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3801] Yeah fifty quid.
June (PS0FP) [3802] on the end wall ... in this white leotard.
[3803] And then I always say I definitely [...] .
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3804] [yawning] He won't do too badly for christmas [] .
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3805] Yeah. ...
June (PS0FP) [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [3806] She's over fifty you know.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3807] Yeah ain't she.
Robert (PS0G3) [...]
June (PS0FP) [3808] Mind you, you don't know how much help they have do you?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3809] [laughing] No [] .
June (PS0FP) [3810] Where is that?
[3811] I was just [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3812] Old Les Dawson was good last night Geoff.
Robert (PS0G3) [3813] No, don't start that.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3814] [laugh] No.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3815] Yeah?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3816] Oh he made you have, he had
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3817] [laughing] I can't do it [] .
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3818] made you fits of laughter .
Robert (PS0G3) [3819] No well you do, I don't.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [laugh]
Susan (PS0FX) [3820] Win a christmas hamper. ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3821] He does.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3822] What, this christmas or next christmas?
Susan (PS0FX) [3823] This christmas.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3824] I can get this one.
Susan (PS0FX) [3825] Here Jonathan, there's a job for you.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3826] O-oh. ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [3827] Oh is it? [reading] [...] three questions [...] .
[3828] How many ... christmas trees in our cartoon [] .
[3829] Where's the cartoon?
[3830] Oh this at the bottom.
June (PS0FP) [3831] I done a ... one the other day ... that was twenty five pence it was ... some charity thing.
Robert (PS0G3) [...]
June (PS0FP) [3832] You'd got
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3833] Where do you find the money?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3834] [...] north west
Susan (PS0FX) [3835] [laugh] [cough] That's what I thought.
Robert (PS0G3) [3836] What?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3837] One north [...] .
June (PS0FP) [3838] What you had to do they're making a giant ... they're making a giant
Susan (PS0FX) [3839] Here Jonathan, come on let's [...] .
June (PS0FP) [3840] christmas pudding.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3841] Mm.
June (PS0FP) [3842] And you've got to guess how much it will weigh.
Susan (PS0FX) [3843] [...] you gotta do look you send it away.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3844] Oh aye yeah.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
June (PS0FP) [3845] So I put seven hundred and sixty five
Susan (PS0FX) [3846] Do what it says.
June (PS0FP) [3847] pound ... five ounces.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3848] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [3849] And the first prize is two hundred
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3850] What, in here?
June (PS0FP) [3851] fifty pounds worth of carpet.
Susan (PS0FX) [3852] Yeah.
[3853] Get a pen.
[3854] Don't write on the bit though.
[3855] Just o
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3856] Oh.
June (PS0FP) [3857] So I thought I'll have a new carpet in my hall. [laugh]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3858] Yeah.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3859] Where should I write it down?
Susan (PS0FX) [3860] Well don't, let's see how we gotta do it.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3861] Wonder if [...] got his carpet down Friday.
June (PS0FP) [3862] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3863] I knew all about it but he didn't [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [3864] So you can do it on the picture then.
[3865] You've gotta find the christmas trees.
June (PS0FP) [3866] What are them three doing?
Susan (PS0FX) [3867] And then, I know the answers to this one.
[3868] [reading] In which traditional christmas dish would you find a sixpence [] ? ...
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3869] Christmas pudding.
Susan (PS0FX) [3870] You don't know what a sixpence is do you?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3871] Sixpence?
Susan (PS0FX) [3872] It's a coin.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3873] Mm.
Susan (PS0FX) [3874] A little tiny coin like that.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3875] Two and a half p [...] .
Susan (PS0FX) [3876] We used to have when we was kiddies.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3877] Used to be sixpence.
Susan (PS0FX) [3878] And they used to put them in the christmas pudding.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3879] Like a five pence piece.
Susan (PS0FX) [3880] Yeah and now what's ... with the, what about this one, [reading] well known christmas carol the something and the [] . ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3881] Mm?
Susan (PS0FX) [3882] You gotta put a word [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [3883] The holly and the ivy.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3884] Mm.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3885] Oh.
Susan (PS0FX) [3886] Now, that says a well known christmas carol.
[3887] That goes the holly [singing] and the ivy [] .
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3888] I was looking at this. [laugh]
Susan (PS0FX) [3889] Alright?
[3890] So you find the trees
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3891] What's the next one?
Susan (PS0FX) [3892] That's it.
[3893] You've gotta find the trees in that picture.
[3894] He can do that.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3895] [cough] oh
June (PS0FP) [3896] Whatever would he win?
Susan (PS0FX) [3897] Well, send it off and we win a hamper.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3898] What, any old christmas trees?
Susan (PS0FX) [3899] Well yeah any of the christmas trees
Robert (PS0G3) [3900] Oh.
[3901] He's got [...] has he?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3902] Like that, and like that
Susan (PS0FX) [3903] Yeah there's one there yeah, yeah all of them.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3904] and like that?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3905] Erm Gordon's garage they've
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3906] I'll put a little ... line on them.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3907] smashed all the lock off.
June (PS0FP) [3908] Why?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3909] [...] .
[3910] He said bloody ironic isn't it?
[3911] Said [laugh] he said and the bloke got [...] gone bananas he said, he
Susan (PS0FX) [3912] Here's one.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3913] [...] call Wendy everything.
June (PS0FP) [3914] Why?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3915] Reckon it was a sort of put up job.
[3916] So he said I got back on the phone to him and I said as far as I'm concerned you can get in your car and come down here and fetch back what's left.
[3917] And you can sort out delivering yourself.
[3918] So he said he rung him back six o'clock that night and he'd sort of calmed down a bit.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3919] That's it.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3920] So he said er I've gotta buy erm Paul a new lock because he's got a big padlock and
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3921] Make sure [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [3922] No, must be more than that cos we've got to win the prize.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3923] I dunno something else on the garage that [...] .
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3924] One, two ... [...] one two three
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3925] He said I thought [...]
June (PS0FP) [3926] Er erm
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3927] four
June (PS0FP) [3928] it's alright still is it?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3929] five
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3930] Never asked him.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3931] six
June (PS0FP) [3932] [...] aren't we?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3933] Oh yeah.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3934] six [...] .
[3935] How many is there?
June (PS0FP) [3936] Well I did, the other week I'll
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3937] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [3938] We'll have to sort that out soon won't we?
Susan (PS0FX) [3939] They don't say.
[3940] You've gotta find them.
[3941] Keep looking and then ask nanny to have a look and see if she can see any.
June (PS0FP) [3942] Yeah cos otherwise [...] spend a lot more aren't we?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3943] Mm. ...
June (PS0FP) [3944] Well he sai ... he did say he was gonna come and see you about this money.
Susan (PS0FX) [3945] Jonathan don't chew the pen cos your make your teeth hurt.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3946] Mm.
[3947] Well it's [...] quid isn't it?
June (PS0FP) [3948] Well yeah and then
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3949] I did make a note by the way for that.
[3950] I sat
June (PS0FP) [3951] that's besides of what he's
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3952] down and worked out how many days he's had the long wheelbase this week.
[3953] And the two days for this year and the two days for the estate car.
June (PS0FP) [3954] Yeah?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3955] That's it.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [3956] Well perhaps you can just ... forget one of them and do the [...] one.
Susan (PS0FX) [3957] Aah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3958] Two of them weren't it?
[3959] Fifty quid isn't it?
June (PS0FP) [3960] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3961] Was it fifty?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3962] They found it?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3963] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3964] [...] with you?
Susan (PS0FX) [3965] I felt right faint then for a minute.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3966] That's cos you was bending over.
[3967] ... Have you found them Jonathan.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3968] I've found three four
Robert (PS0G3) [3969] [...] not enough of them [...] your brain.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3970] Let's see er
June (PS0FP) [3971] Oh Susan does look a
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3972] one two
June (PS0FP) [3973] peculiar colour.
Susan (PS0FX) [3974] Oh.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [3975] three four
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3976] That's cos she was leaning right over you see.
June (PS0FP) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [3977] [...] got a big crease on his face look.
June (PS0FP) [3978] That's that lady's [...] .
[3979] Oh wait a minute, let me put me feet up.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [singing] [...] []
Susan (PS0FX) [3980] Good god. ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3981] [...] don't she?
June (PS0FP) [3982] [laughing] [...] [] .
Robert (PS0G3) [3983] Change of life, [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3984] [laughing] That'll bring your colour back [...] [] .
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3985] No, it's a bit too early yet.
Robert (PS0G3) [3986] [...] you say that, what about Gertie next door.
[3987] She start
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3988] Oh yes she
Robert (PS0G3) [3989] when she was thirty eight.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3990] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3991] What was that?
Robert (PS0G3) [3992] Change of life.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3993] Change of life.
[3994] Dad says it's change of life.
Susan (PS0FX) [3995] What did I do with that ticket mum?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [3996] Yeah?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [3997] What ticket?
Susan (PS0FX) [3998] I want that.
[3999] ... That's for late night shopping at
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4000] When did she start putting on weight?
June (PS0FP) [4001] Oh that's better.
Susan (PS0FX) [4002] Who, Gertie?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4003] Mm.
Susan (PS0FX) [4004] When she was thirty eight.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4005] She was [...] eighty one yesterday.
June (PS0FP) [4006] Was she really?
[4007] Bless her.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4008] Marian bought her a plant.
Susan (PS0FX) [4009] Do you remember er Mrs Jonathan?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4010] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [4011] What did she use to do to you?
June (PS0FP) [4012] [laughing] [...] [] .
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4013] She used to squash me.
June (PS0FP) [4014] Touch wood I wouldn't get as fat as Mrs .
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4015] No.
[4016] I wondered if it was something to do with the change.
Susan (PS0FX) [4017] She used to get hold of Jonathan
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4018] That's what made me think, you know?
Susan (PS0FX) [4019] She used to get hold of Jonathan's face
June (PS0FP) [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4020] When she started getting fat.
Susan (PS0FX) [4021] and squeeze it.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4022] Yeah that's it.
[4023] Six.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4024] Marian bought her a plant yesterday.
Susan (PS0FX) [4025] Oh did she?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4026] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [4027] She's still doing that is she?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4028] Yeah. [crockery crashes]
June (PS0FP) [4029] Oh crumbs. [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4030] There's a cup down there June.
June (PS0FP) [4031] don't worry.
[4032] ... I'll pick them up.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [singing] [...] []
Jonathan (PS0FR) [singing] [...] []
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4033] [...] gotta christmas erm [...] .
June (PS0FP) [4034] Is she?
Unknown speaker (KCTPSUNK) [singing] [...] []
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4035] Sarah's ready for her roof Bob.
Robert (PS0G3) [4036] Is she?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4037] Yeah.
Robert (PS0G3) [4038] Oh well.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4039] Yeah, she's all [...]
Robert (PS0G3) [4040] Fast workers then.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4041] Yeah [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [...]
June (PS0FP) [4042] Cor and the brickwork [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4043] Has she got that Watson?
Robert (PS0G3) [4044] Can't be very good.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4045] What mate?
June (PS0FP) [4046] I'll tell you something that's better brickwork than that is beautiful brickwork.
Susan (PS0FX) [4047] Geoff can you look in that picture and see if you see any more christmas trees other than what Jonathan's marked.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4048] Has she got dark bricks or light bricks?
June (PS0FP) [4049] No, she's got sort of a medium brick but she's got a brown mortar.
Susan (PS0FX) [4050] Have you got an envelopes I can stick [...] ?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4051] No darling. [...]
June (PS0FP) [4052] But that, that ... that is innit Geoff?
[4053] I've seen, I've I've not seen brickwork like it.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4054] No it's a [...] .
June (PS0FP) [4055] It is immaculate.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4056] Why what do you want?
Susan (PS0FX) [4057] I was gonna do that competition but I've gotta car we've got one at home.
[4058] I'll do it from home.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4059] Well cut it out and do it then.
Robert (PS0G3) [4060] Oh.
June (PS0FP) [4061] That is really good innit Geoff?
Robert (PS0G3) [4062] You don't usually get good brickwork when they're piecework though. ... [...]
June (PS0FP) [4063] Well he's not piecework is he?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [singing] [...] []
Robert (PS0G3) [4064] [...] he ain't been long doing it. ...
June (PS0FP) [4065] Well it's only a bungalow is it? ... [...]
Robert (PS0G3) [4066] Took six months to build that.
Susan (PS0FX) [4067] Ruth Rendell tonight.
June (PS0FP) [4068] There's three men been working on it all the time.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4069] Oh no.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4070] it was the end of the one [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4071] I hate Ruth Rendell.
Susan (PS0FX) [4072] Oh I love Ruth Rendell.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4073] We ain't, we ain't been watching
June (PS0FP) [4074] I get fed up with it.
Susan (PS0FX) [4075] Oh no, I like it.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4076] It's a new one starting
June (PS0FP) [4077] I may go to bed early and read me books.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4078] New one's starting next week.
Susan (PS0FX) [4079] I read them, I've read the books some of the Ruth Rendell books.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4080] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [4081] Oh if I was me and I was on my own I'd ha I'd have to have the telly in the bedroom.
Susan (PS0FX) [4082] Well how can I get it in me bedroom?
[4083] I ain't got an aerial in there.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4084] Get one then.
June (PS0FP) [4085] I tell you what I'd like to do in Jonathan's.
[4086] You know he's got his telly standing on that dressing table?
[4087] What I want, you can bu
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4088] [...] portable innit? [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [4089] Yeah but
June (PS0FP) [4090] You can buy a little thing
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4091] June's portable aerial works alright.
June (PS0FP) [4092] My portable aerial works lovely.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4093] Used to have it in his bedroom.
[4094] Well in fact [...]
June (PS0FP) [4095] What I want to do
Susan (PS0FX) [4096] What do you do then, with it?
[4097] Just plug it in the mains?
June (PS0FP) [4098] Course you do.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4099] There's ... yeah, you you plug ... the electric plug you plug in the mains.
Susan (PS0FX) [4100] Yeah?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4101] And the other aerial is just ... plugged in the back where the aerial goes.
[4102] ... There's a little tiny plug and ... that works off that aerial okay.
Susan (PS0FX) [4103] Well I have got a plug and lead hanging out.
[4104] Do you just switch that into the aerial socket?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4105] Yeah.
[4106] Put that in where the aerial goes.
[4107] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [4108] Oh well I could have a look at that then.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4109] And then you have to what you'll have to do ... erm ... don't bother to change the telly for the moment.
[4110] Just get hold of the aerial and just sort of twist it round and see if you can a good enough picture.
[4111] If you can't
June (PS0FP) [4112] Well I'll get a lo ... well
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4113] well then you'll have to set up again with your [...] controls.
June (PS0FP) [4114] that telly was mine but ... I've got a lovely picture when I used to have it in the kitchen.
[4115] I used to sit there ...
Susan (PS0FX) [4116] What, without having it sort of with an aerial?
June (PS0FP) [4117] Yeah.
[4118] No aerial.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4119] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [4120] Oh well I didn't think I could do that without
June (PS0FP) [4121] That was a nice telly that.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4122] The only time you don't get a very good p if the atmospherics is a bit haywire.
June (PS0FP) [4123] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4124] And if that's a damp night or something [...]
June (PS0FP) [4125] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4126] That goes a bit haywire then.
Susan (PS0FX) [4127] I'll have to try it and see how I get on.
June (PS0FP) [4128] Yeah well what I want for Jonathan's bedroom, you can buy them.
[4129] You put them in the ... sort of the corner, Mr 's got one, you extend your telly.
Susan (PS0FX) [4130] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [4131] Yeah well one of them'd be handy for Jonathan's bedroom
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4132] Yeah but not too high.
June (PS0FP) [4133] No, not too high
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4134] Who's bedroom?
June (PS0FP) [4135] Yeah to put that portable telly on ... and then he's got all the space on the top for his computer.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4136] Can I pinch his pen for a minute?
June (PS0FP) [4137] Cos there ain't a lot of space for the ... is there?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4138] Hey mum!
[4139] ... There is one thing I thought of.
[4140] You know I can't find anywhere to put my joysticks and my ... light guns.
[4141] Could we put some little holders underneath that little ... square bit?
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [...]
June (PS0FP) [4142] Well yeah we could ... I tell you what
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4143] Makes a lot, the [...] from there.
June (PS0FP) [4144] we could put on.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4145] What?
June (PS0FP) [4146] We could put under there to hang some bits and pieces up, some of them little sticker things.
[4147] Then you can hang some up under
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4148] What sticker things?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4149] Sticker things?
June (PS0FP) [4150] Like mum's got her tea towels on.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
June (PS0FP) [4151] Or [...] put some ... well I don't wanna start drilling holes in it.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4152] No.
[4153] You don't have to drill holes in it.
June (PS0FP) [4154] What do you wanna hang on it then?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4155] What do you win?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4156] The light gun.
[4157] Cos I haven't got nowhere to put it.
Robert (PS0G3) [4158] Drill holes in what June?
Susan (PS0FX) [4159] [...] worth of Saint Michael's food and drink.
June (PS0FP) [4160] His dressing table.
Robert (PS0G3) [4161] Oh.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4162] Oh.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4163] You don't have to drill them though.
Unknown speaker (KCTPSUNK) [...]
June (PS0FP) [4164] Yeah well mum's ... yeah but you can get them
Robert (PS0G3) [4165] You'd have to drill holes in the wall.
June (PS0FP) [4166] Well a desk.
[4167] You can get them little hooks like I hang my tea cloths on.
[4168] Some pretty little ones.
[4169] If you put it underneath the desk, a few of them.
[4170] And then the light gun could slot in that.
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [4171] That's, have you ever tried a stollen June?
June (PS0FP) [4172] Pardon?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4173] They come off though.
Susan (PS0FX) [4174] That's like a christmas cake
June (PS0FP) [4175] A stollen?
Susan (PS0FX) [4176] Yeah.
[4177] With, with erm
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [4178] marzipan in, in the actual inside.
[4179] And when you cut it
June (PS0FP) [4180] Never tried it.
Susan (PS0FX) [4181] you get the marzipan in er it's lovely.
[4182] And they have all this dusted icing on the outside.
[4183] Mr 's wife made it.
[4184] [...] and I had a bit there.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4185] Well [...] you make them then?
Susan (PS0FX) [4186] I don't, you can buy them.
June (PS0FP) [4187] You're not making a christmas cake are you?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4188] No.
June (PS0FP) [4189] I've got a dundee cake. ...
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4190] I'll perhaps buy one or ...
Robert (PS0G3) [4191] What?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4192] Christmas cake.
[4193] I'd like to
Robert (PS0G3) [4194] We'll only waste it.
June (PS0FP) [4195] Well they do [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4196] I'd like to make one but
Susan (PS0FX) [4197] Well make one then.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [singing]
Susan (PS0FX) [4198] Well make a little one.
[4199] And I'll ice it for you.
June (PS0FP) [4200] Well I got a little Dundee cake.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4201] Yeah.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4202] Light it.
[4203] Whoosh.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4204] I've gotta do me own
Robert (PS0G3) [4205] And I bet nobody'll eat that.
June (PS0FP) [4206] Well I ain't bothered cos Geoff'll eat it for his lunch.
Susan (PS0FX) [4207] Well if you win this Geoff you get twelve ... twelve
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4208] Cor I dunno [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [4209] bottles of champagne.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4210] I bet I can make you blink.
Robert (PS0G3) [4211] Mm.
Susan (PS0FX) [4212] Champagne Saint Paul's.
[4213] Six bottles of chateaux
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4214] I bet you five pound I can make you blink.
Susan (PS0FX) [4215] looks like not on red wine .
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [4216] Six bottles of Chablis
Robert (PS0G3) [4217] Didn't blink.
Susan (PS0FX) [4218] premiere white wine and twelve bottles of bucks fizz.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4219] You did then.
Susan (PS0FX) [4220] Twelve bottles
Robert (PS0G3) [4221] No.
Susan (PS0FX) [4222] of sangria.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [4223] Twelve bottles of Planters punch and two port decanters [...] .
[4224] Schluup.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4225] Bloody norah.
June (PS0FP) [4226] You like a drop of port don't you Geoff?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4227] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [4228] A section selection of fruit juices totalling thirty pounds
Robert (PS0G3) [4229] Didn't blink.
Susan (PS0FX) [4230] and malt selection as well.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4231] You blinked then.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4232] You want ... that boiled fruit tastes nice.
June (PS0FP) [4233] Mm.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4234] I made you one.
Susan (PS0FX) [4235] Oh I've made, you can make ... oh me and you used to make them didn't we?
[4236] Cos father used to like them.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4237] You blinked then.
June (PS0FP) [4238] Well do you know if I'd thought about it
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4239] [...] whoosh.
June (PS0FP) [4240] No don't Jonathan.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4241] Got to make you go whoosh.
June (PS0FP) [4242] If I'd have thought about it, that wedding cake she give me
Susan (PS0FX) [4243] We could have took the icing off that.
June (PS0FP) [4244] If I'd have took that icing off ... that cake was as moist as anything, I could have re-marzipanned that
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4245] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [4246] and re-iced that for christmas.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4247] Yeah but what about for me dinner?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [laugh]
June (PS0FP) [4248] But Geoff has eaten it.
Robert (PS0G3) [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4249] Did you a favour there didn't she Geoff?
June (PS0FP) [4250] I I sent his
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4251] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [4252] I sent his friend, cos his friend loves cherries
Robert (PS0G3) [4253] That cake's three year old.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4254] Mm.
June (PS0FP) [4255] so I sent his friend bi when I cut it there's some bits got ever so many cherries in ... so I sent his friend up with the cherries in.
Susan (PS0FX) [4256] Jonathan.
[4257] Don't keep going in them drawers.
June (PS0FP) [4258] And what did you do?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Robert (PS0G3) [4259] Aah!
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4260] I give him the cherries and ate the cake [laughing] myself [] .
June (PS0FP) [4261] Give him the cherries and ate the cake and then Geoff told him.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4262] I said [...] I gotta tell you something.
[4263] He said what?
[4264] I said I gotta come clean with you.
[4265] He said what?
[4266] I said you know you've been having them cherries?
[4267] He said yeah.
[4268] I said well actually the cake was for you as well.
[4269] ... You thieving git [laughing] he said [] .
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [laugh]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4270] I said my wife has been giving me two and three bits every day thinking you're having one of them.
June (PS0FP) [4271] And Geoff was
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4272] Bloody hell he said.
June (PS0FP) [4273] and Geoff was eating them.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4274] So now every day he looks to make sure how many I got.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [laugh]
June (PS0FP) [4275] I shall put him a bit in tomorrow though.
Robert (PS0G3) [4276] What happened [...] that lump we had then?
June (PS0FP) [4277] He don't have no dinner.
[4278] His wife don't pack him up
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4279] Well [...]
June (PS0FP) [4280] no dinner.
Robert (PS0G3) [4281] Oh.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4282] had last week and I threw the other little bit out.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4283] And he's a bloody great fat bloke and he sits here all day and
June (PS0FP) [4284] He's huge!
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4285] has a cup of coffee for his dinner.
[4286] I said
Robert (PS0G3) [4287] Didn't Della speak to you today then?
June (PS0FP) [4288] No.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4289] No-one in mate, no.
Robert (PS0G3) [4290] What?
June (PS0FP) [4291] No.
[4292] She come downstairs ... well not for the first half hour.
[4293] She came downstairs, she slopped all the way through to the kitchen ... made herself a cup of tea ... and sat
Robert (PS0G3) [4294] Was she dressed?
June (PS0FP) [4295] down ... n yeah she was dressed ... sat down and ha she didn't even, she walked past Auntie Alice, she didn't even say good morning grandma good morning nan or anything. ...
Robert (PS0G3) [4296] Yeah?
June (PS0FP) [4297] And then she slopped herself down, got a fag and just about choked me and Auntie Alice out and then she did start to speak.
[4298] So well she obviously needs a fag and a cup of tea before she
Robert (PS0G3) [4299] Well [...] she's only just joined the human race when she's had a fag and a cup of coffee.
June (PS0FP) [4300] Well that was quar that was about twenty past eleven.
Robert (PS0G3) [4301] Yeah I know but I mean the, the fag and the coffee revived her.
Susan (PS0FX) [4302] And she'd only just got up?
June (PS0FP) [4303] [...] was still in bed.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4304] What a mess.
June (PS0FP) [4305] Well Auntie Alice said you can't wonder they stay in bed.
[4306] She said ... they bought theirselves a a bottle of brandy last night and erm
Robert (PS0G3) [4307] Oh christ, that's why then.
June (PS0FP) [4308] some Babycham and she said they'd sat there and drank a bottle of brandy and Babycham all night she said.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4309] Good grief.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4310] Good goodness.
Susan (PS0FX) [4311] Goodness me.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4312] Bloody alcoholics then.
June (PS0FP) [4313] Well they have erm three bottles of lager on a Saturday night and they're them big bottles like that, you know them plastic bottles?
[4314] Three bottles they drink between the two of them.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4315] Bugger me.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [laugh]
Susan (PS0FX) [4316] Do they really?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4317] Well last Wednesday my supervisor put on my clock card A A.
[4318] So I said why?
[4319] ... I said I've been sitting here all lunchtime trying to sort out what bloody A A is apart from Alcoholics Anonymous.
[4320] ... A A?
[4321] I said on my clock card.
[4322] ... Authorized absence he said.
[4323] [laughing] I said oh.
[4324] I said I was getting quite concerned about something [] .
[4325] I thought you thought I was on the wagon or something.
June (PS0FP) [4326] Couldn't you think of that?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4327] I just couldn't, I thought ... I thought it'd got something to do with absence.
[4328] I kept thinking absence absence absence
Susan (PS0FX) [4329] I'm gonna send that off.
[4330] Try and win that.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [...]
June (PS0FP) [4331] We had, that's like we had a letter the other day we had to sign for Jonathan.
[4332] [cough] That ... and I said to Geoff what's D O B?
Susan (PS0FX) [4333] Date of birth.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4334] Date of birth.
June (PS0FP) [4335] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [laugh]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4336] Dob.
June (PS0FP) [4337] Dob. [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4338] Dob.
Susan (PS0FX) [4339] Well cos see I do DOB all [laughing] the time so I know what it is [] .
June (PS0FP) [4340] Yeah well I I said to Geoff ... I thought about it, but I did that come to me quite quickly but Geoff couldn't think of it could you Geoff?
Susan (PS0FX) [4341] That's that's like erm ... when we had a new girl once we put on the card BANW banw.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4342] Mm.
Susan (PS0FX) [4343] So she said ... what does banw mean?
June (PS0FP) [laugh]
Susan (PS0FX) [4344] [laughing] She said I can't work that out [] .
[4345] She said I've thought of everything.
[4346] I said broken appointment no warning.
Robert (PS0G3) [4347] That DOB could really mean
June (PS0FP) [laugh]
Robert (PS0G3) [4348] a lot of things.
[4349] You can find a lot of
Susan (PS0FX) [4350] Innit?
Robert (PS0G3) [4351] words for that.
June (PS0FP) [4352] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [4353] Broken appointment no warning.
[4354] Mean they didn't let us know.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4355] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [4356] But then there's another one, D T C.
[4357] She she said [laughing] what's D T C [] ?
[4358] Said dental treatment complete.
[4359] In fact all I do is two lines like that.
[4360] A line like that and a line like that.
[4361] Cos that means [...] treatment's complete.
June (PS0FP) [4362] Mm. ...
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4363] Oh.
Susan (PS0FX) [4364] But it's, we use ... we use all little sort of erm ... symbols and things as well.
[4365] And I mean if, not unless, if you don't know them, you have to learn them.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4366] [...] round the home there's [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [4367] I mean I used to, I can chart the American way you see cos but the American way is different to the British way cos we just count number one to eight but with an American they go one one, one two, one three, one four, one five, one six and then they come this way.
[4368] ... And then that one is two one, two two, two three, two four like that.
[4369] And then you go this way and that's three ... three one, three two three's four.
[4370] Then you go there and that's four one, four two.
[4371] So you've got tooth number forty one, thirty eight, you see ... but you ain't got all them teeth in your head.
June (PS0FP) [4372] Blimey.
[4373] How confusing.
Susan (PS0FX) [4374] Well I said that's a complicated way but I have to do that when I go over to Marks and Spencers you see.
June (PS0FP) [4375] Why do you have to do it over Marks and Spencers?
Susan (PS0FX) [4376] Well because they cut, they chart that way.
[4377] That's continental as well.
[4378] [yawning] We'll probably have to go to that [] if we join the Common Market.
[4379] That'll fuse confuse every dental nurse in the king in erm England.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4380] Cor.
[4381] It's dark out there.
Susan (PS0FX) [4382] In England I think.
[4383] Well it's getting late.
June (PS0FP) [4384] What's the time?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4385] Is it?
Susan (PS0FX) [4386] Is it twenty five to five, dad? ...
Robert (PS0G3) [4387] Nearer twenty to five nearly, yeah.
June (PS0FP) [4388] Yeah we shall have to go soon Geoff cos you've gotta take that man back.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4389] Alright [...] .
[4390] Yeah I gotta take Paul back, yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [4391] I'll have to have a lift.
June (PS0FP) [4392] And then I'm ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4393] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [4394] We've gotta see if we can get Susan's coat drop in.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4395] Did you hear that one?
[4396] I go whoosh.
June (PS0FP) [4397] If anybody's there.
Susan (PS0FX) [4398] Oh please if you
June (PS0FP) [4399] Well if they're not there I'll ask her to ring me
Susan (PS0FX) [4400] If they're not in [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [shouting] [...] []
June (PS0FP) [4401] tomorrow morning.
Susan (PS0FX) [4402] If you could.
June (PS0FP) [4403] Well yeah I'm trying my best Susan.
[4404] I've tried twice.
Susan (PS0FX) [4405] Well yeah, I know.
[4406] If you can't don't worry.
June (PS0FP) [4407] But that is easier to leave it at Pam's you see.
Susan (PS0FX) [4408] And then she can pick it up when she ca got the time.
June (PS0FP) [4409] Then Sally can pick it up.
[4410] ... Cos I don't know what state, I don't know whether Sally's gone back to work yet or not.
Susan (PS0FX) [4411] What is wrong with her?
June (PS0FP) [4412] Well she had
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4413] Nerves weren't it?
June (PS0FP) [4414] sort of virtually nervous breakdown.
Susan (PS0FX) [4415] What caused that then?
June (PS0FP) [4416] Dunno.
Susan (PS0FX) [4417] Was it the shock of telling her family she was expecting?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4418] Well that and I think the house ... you know was sort of
June (PS0FP) [4419] Well
Susan (PS0FX) [4420] Didn't she want a baby then?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4421] [...] house and everything.
June (PS0FP) [4422] Oh yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4423] Yeah.
[4424] ... I think she ... well and the house was certainly getting on her nerves but ... whether it was ... because she was ill it was getting on her nerves I don't know.
June (PS0FP) [4425] You see she was being si she's been sick continuously day and night.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4426] Oh dear.
Robert (PS0G3) [4427] Who's that?
June (PS0FP) [4428] Sally.
Susan (PS0FX) [4429] Bet she's lost some weight then?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4430] Certainly has.
Robert (PS0G3) [4431] Who has?
June (PS0FP) [4432] Sally.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4433] She was never very fat anyway was she?
[4434] She'd lost a bit of weight anyway hadn't she?
Robert (PS0G3) [4435] Sally who?
June (PS0FP) [4436] Sally .
Robert (PS0G3) [4437] Don't know her.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4438] Ron's daughter.
[4439] ... Ron's oldest daughter.
Robert (PS0G3) [4440] Oh!
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4441] Well she's expecting isn't she?
June (PS0FP) [4442] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4443] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [4444] Whatever does the daughter say?
June (PS0FP) [4445] Dunno.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4446] Dunno.
Susan (PS0FX) [4447] Emma.
Robert (PS0G3) [4448] Is that that one that lives in a caravan or did live in one?
June (PS0FP) [4449] Emma [...] what?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4450] No, she used to live in a flat down Waltham She now lives
Robert (PS0G3) [4451] Oh yeah, that's right yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4452] just round the corner from [...] fruit packers.
Susan (PS0FX) [4453] Does Emma ever ... get in contact with her dad?
June (PS0FP) [4454] No.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4455] Only christmas times.
[4456] He brings a present down. ...
June (PS0FP) [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4457] How old is Emma now then?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4458] [...] .
June (PS0FP) [4459] Well she must be thirteen.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4460] Well yeah.
[4461] She's been at grammar school a good year hasn't she?
June (PS0FP) [4462] She's about thirteen.
[4463] She'll be four
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4464] Only you said Sally's having another baby?
June (PS0FP) [4465] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4466] Mm.
[4467] Father's this chap she's now ... they've bought a house down near [...] fruit packing.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4468] Oh.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4469] She's been going out with him two or three year hasn't she June?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4470] Oh.
[4471] Oh.
June (PS0FP) [4472] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4473] And now they've bought this house, so
June (PS0FP) [4474] He's got er sons of eighteen and nineteen.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4475] Oh dear.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4476] Nanny.
Susan (PS0FX) [4477] Has he been married before?
[4478] Obviously.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4479] Yeah.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4480] Have you got any thread?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4481] No.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4482] Cotton?
Susan (PS0FX) [4483] What'll happen to his boys then?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4484] No.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4485] You don't [...]
June (PS0FP) [4486] Dunno.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4487] I dunno.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4488] Not handy.
[4489] Why?
[4490] What do you want it for?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4491] Judy her name was.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4492] I just need about that much.
June (PS0FP) [laugh]
Susan (PS0FX) [4493] [laughing] [...] [] .
[4494] What where they, Punch and Judy?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4495] What do you want it for?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4496] Mm.
June (PS0FP) [laugh]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4497] I just need that much.
Susan (PS0FX) [4498] Mum, he's a Punch and Judy man.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4499] Who?
June (PS0FP) [4500] Sally's boyfriend.
[4501] Does Punch and Ju
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4502] Oh my gawd.
Susan (PS0FX) [4503] [laughing] Mum wouldn't like that.
[4504] Mum's frightened [...] [] .
June (PS0FP) [4505] [laughing] You wouldn't like that mother would you?
[4506] You hate it don't you [] ?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4507] Oh I hate them.
[4508] Can't stick them.
Susan (PS0FX) [4509] Mum's frightened of Punch and Judy.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4510] [laughing] Yeah [] .
June (PS0FP) [4511] [laughing] Mother's frightened of Punch and Judy [] !
Susan (PS0FX) [4512] It virtually terrifies her.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4513] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [4514] Why have you been frightened of it mum?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4515] I dunno, I've always been frightened [...] and clowns.
[4516] I don't like them.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4517] [...] clowns?
Susan (PS0FX) [4518] Well no good taking you [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4519] No I ain't really [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4520] I ain't really into clowns I must admit.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4521] If anybody bought me a clown
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4522] Have you got a
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4523] doll I'm afraid I'd have to give it back to them.
Susan (PS0FX) [4524] Jonathan's got a clown doll hasn't he June?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4525] I couldn't, oh.
June (PS0FP) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [4526] No he ain't that's a ... that's a black one.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4527] I'm a bit that way about garden gnomes.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4528] But Punch and Judy
Susan (PS0FX) [4529] What's that doll I bought him?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4530] er when he starts that noise.
[4531] Ooh.
Susan (PS0FX) [4532] [...] garden fete that time.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4533] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [4534] Golliwog.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4535] He also does these ... he hires
June (PS0FP) [4536] Golliwog.
[4537] He's still got it.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4538] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4539] out this [...] castle [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4540] Yeah it sleeps.
June (PS0FP) [4541] [...] still got it.
Susan (PS0FX) [4542] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [4543] You bought him that from the garden fete.
Susan (PS0FX) [4544] Cos we said you never get a golliwog and we saw one and we
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4545] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [4546] liked it and he said what's that?
[4547] And
June (PS0FP) [4548] Yeah you never very often see a golliwog do you?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4549] No.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4550] No because [...] race [...] .
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4551] Nanny.
[4552] And have you got a button?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4553] I work with one.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4554] No ... I dunno. ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [...] [laugh] ...
June (PS0FP) [laughing] [...] []
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4555] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [4556] Don't think we're race [...] but
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4557] That's [...]
June (PS0FP) [4558] I can't see nothing wrong with golliwogs anyway.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4559] [...] button [laugh] .
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4560] No.
Susan (PS0FX) [4561] Yeah but you don't very often get a black doll do you?
June (PS0FP) [4562] You can't get them.
[4563] Oh talking about dolls
Susan (PS0FX) [4564] Well why can't you get a black doll?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4565] You can I suppose.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4566] I've seen black dolls.
Susan (PS0FX) [4567] Not very often though.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4568] No but I'm sure I've seen one somewhere.
June (PS0FP) [4569] I tell you what I saw on the telly this morning.
[4570] They showed, that was on the children's thing where they do [...] the toys.
[4571] You know how they sort of bombard the telly with toys
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4572] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [4573] and children want them all don't they?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4574] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [4575] There was two dolls, a boy and a girl doll and the boy was actually ... like a boy.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4576] Yeah?
June (PS0FP) [4577] If you know what I mean.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4578] You don't very often see that do you?
June (PS0FP) [4579] No but it was.
[4580] Definitely.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4581] We see this little old boy walking round town
Susan (PS0FX) [4582] Oh.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4583] today ... and he'd got a cap on and he'd got long blond hair hadn't he?
June (PS0FP) [4584] [laughing] Yeah.
[4585] He looked li [] .
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4586] And Jonathan said it looked like [laughing] [...] [] .
June (PS0FP) [4587] It looked like a little man.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [laugh]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4588] Yeah it did, it looked just like a little old man.
June (PS0FP) [4589] Oh you would have liked the dog what er was a woman ... outside, they was eating their things outside cos they'd got a dog
Susan (PS0FX) [4590] You're not allowed to have dogs down there.
[4591] You know that.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4592] Yeah.
[4593] She's got it.
June (PS0FP) [4594] Well there's no end of dogs.
Susan (PS0FX) [4595] It's illegal.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4596] Yeah there's a white scottie dog I saw.
June (PS0FP) [4597] There's a white scottie dog.
Susan (PS0FX) [4598] That's illegal.
[4599] You mustn't have dogs down the council.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4600] Yeah they [...]
June (PS0FP) [4601] There was no end of people walking dogs through there.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4602] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [4603] Yeah well it, that's illegal.
June (PS0FP) [4604] Well I can't help that if they were there.
Susan (PS0FX) [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4605] Was there many shops open? [...]
June (PS0FP) [4606] There wasn't any.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4607] No.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4608] Cos a lot of them's open today ain't they?
[4609] Gateways
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4610] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4611] and all that.
June (PS0FP) [4612] What today?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4613] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4614] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4615] First of December.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4616] That was on the telly last night weren't it?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4617] Yeah.
[4618] They're
June (PS0FP) [4619] I might go round [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [4620] Yeah but it's only the supermarkets and that isn't it?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4621] Supermarkets and the
Robert (PS0G3) [4622] There ain't none in Lynn now is there?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4623] I said to June
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [4624] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4625] Halifax Building Society's up for sale.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4626] Gateways.
June (PS0FP) [4627] And Sainsburys.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4628] Sainsburys.
June (PS0FP) [4629] Halifax?
Robert (PS0G3) [4630] No
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4631] Tesco's.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4632] Yeah, near the Wimpy there.
[4633] Great big sign up for sale.
Robert (PS0G3) [4634] [...] go up the town [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4635] Are they?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
June (PS0FP) [4636] Cor that'll be I'm er we said when that big new Tesco's open
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4637] Sort of erm ... near the computer place.
June (PS0FP) [4638] There's great big new Tesco's in Wisbech
Susan (PS0FX) [4639] Oh yeah but they've moved.
June (PS0FP) [4640] soon isn't there?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4641] Have they?
[4642] Oh.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4643] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [4644] Are they right are they right on the corner of, you know where Midland Bank is?
June (PS0FP) [4645] That'll be good in there.
[4646] I shall be going there I think.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4647] Well Gateways is getting terribly expensive.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4648] Yeah?
Susan (PS0FX) [4649] You look [...]
June (PS0FP) [4650] I know!
Susan (PS0FX) [4651] on that corner.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4652] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [...]
June (PS0FP) [4653] Well we was only saying we'd spent eighty something odd
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4654] Not what used to be a restaurant?
Susan (PS0FX) [4655] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [4656] pound ... no, ninety one
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4657] [shouting] Yeehaa []
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4658] Oh [...] shop weren't it?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4659] This is what I'm
June (PS0FP) [4660] [shouting] Jonathan [] .
[4661] I'm trying to talk to nanny.
Susan (PS0FX) [4662] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [4663] Er ninety one pound in there.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4664] Ah.
June (PS0FP) [4665] And you couldn't really see much what we'd got, could you Geoff?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4666] Dad.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4667] No.
Susan (PS0FX) [4668] Oh, you're doing one of them.
June (PS0FP) [4669] But we had eighty one pounds ... in stamps.
[4670] ... So that helped out a lot.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4671] But I've noticed they, they're go ... they're, a lot of their things have gone up tremendously in there.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4672] Well straw I picked up strawberry jam ... and that was sixty two
June (PS0FP) [4673] That used to be for
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4674] and it us was forty seven weren't it?
June (PS0FP) [4675] Yeah it was forty seven.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4676] From sixty two.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4677] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [4678] Now it's sixty two.
[4679] ... I said this,thi this next year I'm gonna try and m make no end of jam.
[4680] Cos Geoff only eats strawberry ... well I oughta make it all really cos that'd be far cheaper wouldn't it?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [...]
Robert (PS0G3) [4681] It'd go mildew though ... you keep it too long.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4682] Oh no, ours don't Bob.
June (PS0FP) [4683] Not if you keep the top on.
Robert (PS0G3) [4684] Oh.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4685] Mine's never gone mouldy.
[4686] But I mean
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4687] No it ain't.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4688] we bought a like some strawberry jam in in ... Superkey the other week and I had
Robert (PS0G3) [4689] [...] I didn't think that was mildew.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4690] Yeah well no that's what Dorothy did the marmalade on the top.
Robert (PS0G3) [4691] [...] gone bloody mildew and she has home made isn't it?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4692] Yeah?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4693] And er
June (PS0FP) [4694] Yeah well you know why.
[4695] Cos her house is a bit damp.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4696] Mm.
Robert (PS0G3) [4697] That ain't got nothing to do with it.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4698] Anyway, I had to throw half of it away last week
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4699] when I went to ... make some jam tarts.
[4700] I said to your dad we ain't had that in here five minutes.
Susan (PS0FX) [4701] Well I I've got some.
[4702] And mine isn't.
Robert (PS0G3) [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4703] Oh.
[4704] Mine did.
[4705] I opened a jar last week.
Susan (PS0FX) [4706] In fact I haven't even opened mine yet.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4707] Ours don't get bloody chance to get mildew on.
June (PS0FP) [4708] Well I'll ... I'll tell [cough] No Geoff has a jar a week you see.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4709] Bloody do.
June (PS0FP) [4710] A jar and a half some weeks.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4711] But [...]
June (PS0FP) [4712] We have one of th we have a la we have a large jar of coffee of that a week, and we have er a jar and a half of jam a week.
Susan (PS0FX) [4713] Who eats, drinks and eats all that?
June (PS0FP) [4714] He does.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4715] I do.
Susan (PS0FX) [4716] You little glutton you.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4717] Oh [...]
June (PS0FP) [4718] I have two pound of butter a week.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4719] I have three rounds of toast and jam each morning.
June (PS0FP) [4720] I have I have two [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4721] And a bowl of cornflakes.
June (PS0FP) [4722] I have two pound of butter a week.
[4723] Six loaves of bread.
[4724] ... A big jar of coffee.
[4725] ... Erm ... jar and a half of jam.
[4726] Don't I?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4727] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [4728] And that and that's without all the rest of the groceries.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4729] Hundred and ninety teabags. ...
June (PS0FP) [4730] No I don't. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [4731] Who drinks all the coffee?
[4732] Do you drink a lot of it?
June (PS0FP) [4733] He does.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4734] I do.
June (PS0FP) [4735] He does.
Susan (PS0FX) [4736] How many cups of coffee do you have a day then?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4737] Well I have one in the morning
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4738] Nanny.
[4739] Can you remember this?
June (PS0FP) [4740] Yeah then he has a flask you see.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4741] Then I have [...] there's three in the flask.
Susan (PS0FX) [4742] Yeah, I suppose you
June (PS0FP) [4743] See and then he has
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4744] Then I buy one at work as well.
Susan (PS0FX) [4745] Mm.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4746] For the afternoon break and sometimes dinner.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4747] I used to do that I'll have you know.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4748] Sometimes I have coke for my dinner.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [4749] I sometimes think I drink a lot of co tea, but I don't drink that much then.
[4750] I dr
June (PS0FP) [4751] I d I I drink two or three cups of coffee a morning.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4752] [...] I'm there twelve hours I I [...] .
June (PS0FP) [4753] But then I don't drink any more.
[4754] I don't drink any all afternoon, coffee and tea a lot.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4755] I like tea better than coffee.
June (PS0FP) [4756] Well I wouldn't, I wouldn't drink er coffee now, this time of a night cos that gives me a bad head.
Susan (PS0FX) [4757] Well it keeps me awake. ...
June (PS0FP) [4758] Well I don't need nothing to keep
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4759] You can always have tea.
June (PS0FP) [4760] me awake Susan.
[4761] I'm awake half the time
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4762] I don't think anything'd keep me awake.
June (PS0FP) [4763] I was saying ... I can virtually survive on four hours sleep, I can, at the moment.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4764] Mm.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4765] Could you give me couple of hours?
Susan (PS0FX) [laugh]
June (PS0FP) [4766] Yeah you can have a couple.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4767] As you get older you're not supposed to need so much.
Robert (PS0G3) [4768] You don't sleep so much as you get older.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4769] Well I reckon I need bloody more.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4770] You don't need so you shouldn't
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4771] Cor!
June (PS0FP) [4772] Well Geoffrey seems to need more.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4773] You shouldn't need so much.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4774] I stagger upstairs and I ooh ooh ooh.
[4775] Sometimes that's too much effort to get my clothes off.
June (PS0FP) [4776] Geoff could go to sleep at seven. ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4777] Bloody right too. ...
June (PS0FP) [4778] Well you see I go to bed, but I don't always go to sleep.
[4779] Sometimes I'm reading till twelve
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4780] To read.
[4781] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [4782] I read till twelve ... and then I'm up again at five.
[4783] Half past five.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4784] I went to bed the other night.
[4785] Did June tell you?
[4786] I went to bed Friday night and my head was like a ... cor that was ... really, all round here ... that was really sort of hurting.
[4787] I said I've got to go to bed.
Susan (PS0FX) [4788] You probably had a migraine.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4789] Went to bed and I'd got to bed and I'd been there I don't know how long
June (PS0FP) [4790] And you said you was feeling a bit better didn't you?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4791] And Joey rings up and said I can't get down.
[4792] Can you deliver that car?
[4793] So I had to get out of bed, get dressed and go down bloody Tilney again.
[4794] ... The old git.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4795] You mustn't lose that Jonathan.
June (PS0FP) [4796] [yawning] He messed us about this weekend didn't he?
[4797] He really did [] .
Susan (PS0FX) [4798] What's that?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4799] Never again. ...
June (PS0FP) [yawn]
Susan (PS0FX) [4800] [...] pass my handbag up and I'll give you that money for the cat food.
Unknown speaker (KCTPSUNK) [...]
June (PS0FP) [4801] Oh I know what I was gonna say to you.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4802] Yes.
June (PS0FP) [4803] Did you get any envelopes?
[4804] Cos you've gotta ... or are you gonna er sort that out with Susan about that
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4805] What?
June (PS0FP) [4806] money for him across the road?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4807] Oh I'll give him a cheque some time this week.
[4808] I don't wanna rush in to him.
[4809] ... He won't appreciate it if I do. ...
June (PS0FP) [4810] That's today the [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4811] Mind you he come down from five hundred to two hundred and fifty so that's helped a bit.
June (PS0FP) [4812] Yeah well that's what I mean.
[4813] You, I should give it him quick.
[4814] That's what I would think [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [4815] [...] say if you'd done it I could have took it for you tomorrow or the next day.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [4816] Well do it the next day then Geoff.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4817] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4818] Have you got a pen there?
Susan (PS0FX) [4819] Drop it in and you can just put David on it.
June (PS0FP) [4820] I did have your pen mother.
[4821] What did I do with it?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4822] Yeah.
[4823] Hopefully I should have another bang middle of the week so I, if I ... give them both to you then I
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4824] Oh yeah and a plonker. [...]
June (PS0FP) [4825] What did I do with it?
Susan (PS0FX) [4826] How much do I owe you mum?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4827] I'm just gonna try and work it out. ...
Robert (PS0G3) [4828] Down the side of the chair?
June (PS0FP) [4829] No.
Susan (PS0FX) [4830] Here you are .
[4831] Here's a pen.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4832] Susan's got it. ...
June (PS0FP) [4833] Oh she's got it look.
[4834] ... I'm gonna tidy up a bit and
Susan (PS0FX) [4835] Jonathan just give nanny the pen darling.
Unknown speaker (KCTPSUNK) [4836] Don't keep tapping [...]
Unknown speaker (KCTPSUNK) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4837] Gotta put mark this somehow.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4838] Erm, [...] .
[4839] It's on there.
[4840] It's four thirty nine's, that's all.
[4841] Four tins of meat.
Susan (PS0FX) [4842] Four thirty nine's Geoff?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4843] [...] One fifty six.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4844] And ... with your ... your s television stamp
Susan (PS0FX) [4845] Two
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4846] two fifty six.
June (PS0FP) [4847] Oh that reminds me, we've got to get a telly licence.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4848] So
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4849] I've got it.
[4850] Took it down there for mum.
June (PS0FP) [4851] Oh that's done is it?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4852] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [4853] Finished?
[4854] Oh good.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4855] I owe her a pound.
June (PS0FP) [4856] Oh good.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4857] Yeah.
[4858] Well it's not done
Susan (PS0FX) [4859] Did you have your stamps saved?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4860] I get them.
[4861] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [4862] Yeah I do cos it's
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [4863] Well do you know Ken and Sally haven't have one for six months.
Susan (PS0FX) [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4864] Oh longer than that.
June (PS0FP) [4865] Longer than that?
Susan (PS0FX) [4866] Why haven't they got one?
June (PS0FP) [4867] Well she's alread they've already been done once.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4868] They were done once at the other house weren't they?
June (PS0FP) [4869] Yeah.
[4870] Hundred and eighty four quid they [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [4871] Cos you get a four hundred pounds [...] cos the second
June (PS0FP) [4872] She's already been done once.
[4873] Now I ain't gonna be done for a telly licence.
Susan (PS0FX) [4874] Well no, because I mean you need a telly lic telly don't you?
June (PS0FP) [4875] It ain't worth it.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
Robert (PS0G3) [4876] She's moved.
[4877] They ain't got no tabs on her.
Susan (PS0FX) [4878] [...] six p then.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4879] No. [...]
June (PS0FP) [4880] Well we see we've been saving the stamps so we had ... believe it or not
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4881] We save them.
June (PS0FP) [4882] believe it or not we even had fifty pound towards that which is a bloody miracle.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4883] Well we always buy a stamp don't we dad?
Susan (PS0FX) [4884] I always buy stamps.
Robert (PS0G3) [4885] Yeah I get stamps yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4886] You get Susan's as well.
June (PS0FP) [4887] Yeah we do too.
Susan (PS0FX) [4888] Well mum gets
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4889] It does help you a bit.
Robert (PS0G3) [4890] Although all that does is help the B B C cos they they're getting interest on the money.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4891] That's right.
Robert (PS0G3) [4892] You should put it in your building society and then draw it out [...] and get a few bob on it.
Susan (PS0FX) [4893] Yeah but you wouldn't.
June (PS0FP) [4894] Yeah but you don't dad, do you?
Susan (PS0FX) [4895] That gets that gets involved in other things don't it?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4896] That's it.
[4897] Fifty quid aren't neither here nor there is it?
June (PS0FP) [4898] Well that's right.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4899] Well them biscuits are horrible then?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4900] Interest on fifty quid [...] a fortune.
Susan (PS0FX) [4901] Yeah [...] expensive [...] aren't they?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [...]
June (PS0FP) [4902] Now where did I put your money?
Susan (PS0FX) [4903] Here it is.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4904] Yeah.
[4905] Don't forget to get me a receipt will you?
Susan (PS0FX) [4906] No.
[4907] ... What's that he wants?
[4908] Commodore sixty four?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4909] Mm.
Susan (PS0FX) [4910] Printer.
June (PS0FP) [4911] He ain't getting one for christmas is he?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4912] That's what he wants.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4913] Oh.
[4914] That's what he wants.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4915] [...] have.
Susan (PS0FX) [4916] I don't know.
[4917] I'll just have to work out what it was he said he wanted.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4918] You've got his list haven't you?
Susan (PS0FX) [4919] I was just looking to see if he'd got his list somewhere.
[4920] I don't know where it's gone.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4921] The list is somewhere around [...]
June (PS0FP) [4922] That ain't no good to me mother.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4923] Eh?
[4924] I didn't know whether you had it June?
June (PS0FP) [4925] No I have erm ...
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4926] Same as what we have.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4927] Tetleys.
June (PS0FP) [4928] We have Tetleys.
[4929] ... You're quiet father.
Susan (PS0FX) [4930] Is that right Geoff? ...
June (PS0FP) [4931] Do you want me to put this in the bin mum or do you want it?
Robert (PS0G3) [4932] What do you want me to do?
[4933] Jump up and down or something?
Susan (PS0FX) [4934] Is that what he wants?
[4935] That is it isn't it?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4936] What did you say Juney?
Susan (PS0FX) [4937] Yeah?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4938] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [4939] Do you want it or ...
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4940] No I don't want it really.
[4941] I don't have that tea.
Robert (PS0G3) [4942] What's that?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4943] Tea coupon.
[4944] You know the, what what I had in
June (PS0FP) [4945] It's in the bin now.
Robert (PS0G3) [4946] No you ought to save them and send for one.
Susan (PS0FX) [4947] Got [...] job to do tomorrow.
[4948] All bank things [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4949] What!
June (PS0FP) [4950] Well you don't have the bloody teabags you burk.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4951] We don't use the we don't use that tea, Brooke Bond's Dividend.
Susan (PS0FX) [4952] Mrs 's paying me one too many days.
[4953] She hadn't paid at all last time [...]
Robert (PS0G3) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [4954] No, no.
Susan (PS0FX) [4955] She paid me for this week and she said well I ... you've got ninety pound here
June (PS0FP) [4956] Oh I think I may have to go to the toilet before I go home.
Susan (PS0FX) [4957] cos you see I get ... she pays me forty pound extra [...] on Saturday
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4958] No that's Brooke Bond Dividend
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4959] Yeah.
Robert (PS0G3) [4960] Oh.
Susan (PS0FX) [4961] so I don't pay any tax on that.
June (PS0FP) [4962] Tell you what
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4963] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4964] You save the coupons.
Susan (PS0FX) [4965] So she said, well I said I've got one oh you're paying me too much now.
[4966] Said I'm, you er I owe you thirty now.
[4967] ... So she said well she said Val does the books she said.
[4968] I have to ... I'm not allowed to change the cheques.
[4969] Cos Val does the bi books six months in advance.
[4970] So if I work any extra Saturdays I've gotta wait till next Ap till April
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4971] In advance?
Susan (PS0FX) [4972] Yeah.
[4973] She does the books six months in advance. ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4974] In advance?
Susan (PS0FX) [4975] Yeah, she does the wages six months in advance so if ... Nicky obviously don't get paid any overtime at all does she?
[4976] Or if she does she has to wait till the e
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4977] I've never heard nothing so stupid in my life.
Susan (PS0FX) [4978] she has to wait till Val comes back from holiday.
[4979] ... Cos Val is away you see.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4980] We're going through the table.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [4981] So she owes you money then?
Susan (PS0FX) [4982] No, I owe her some now.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [4983] And the [...] is coming through.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4984] Well how does she [...] to do the books in advance cos she don't know what patients are gonna turn up.
Susan (PS0FX) [4985] No but she does, she does ... this type of thing, the wages and that in advance. ...
June (PS0FP) [4986] Oh that's better.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4987] Well I've never heard nowt like it in my life.
Susan (PS0FX) [4988] Well Mr thinks it's pretty [...] .
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4989] Well I've never heard nothing like it.
June (PS0FP) [4990] What?
Susan (PS0FX) [4991] So [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4992] She does her books six months in advance.
[4993] Not up to date, but she does them six months in advance.
June (PS0FP) [4994] Well how the hell can you do your books in advance?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4995] Well that's what I thought.
Susan (PS0FX) [4996] Well she does, a lot of them.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [4997] Nicky could leave next week couldn't she?
Susan (PS0FX) [4998] Yeah well if that's so she's gotta alter all her books.
[4999] Cos one [...] Tricia gave me an extra, extra er payment.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5000] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [5001] Tricia gave me [...]
June (PS0FP) [5002] [...] she could drop dead over night.
Susan (PS0FX) [5003] Tricia er Tricia gave me an extra payment out of her erm
June (PS0FP) [5004] Put your shoes on Jonathan cos we're gonna go in a minute.
Susan (PS0FX) [5005] Cos I did a weekend and so she said well ... erm ... I'll tell you what Ann she said, I'll give you a cheque myself she said cos you, you'll ... I'll pay you the same as
June (PS0FP) [5006] Now don't put it near anybody cos that'll cut them.
Susan (PS0FX) [5007] I'll ... pay you the same as what I pay you on a Saturday is that okay?
[5008] I said that's fine.
[5009] Yeah that'll do nicely.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5010] [...] a tangle.
[5011] Cut that string.
Susan (PS0FX) [5012] So then she said
June (PS0FP) [5013] No.
[5014] You mustn't do that [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [5015] is that alright?
[5016] So I said yes.
[5017] So then next week oh she said, I got in bloody deep water last week
June (PS0FP) [5018] Go ... go and put your shoes on Jonathan.
Susan (PS0FX) [5019] Sue paying you.
[5020] I said what do you mean paying me?
[5021] I said
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5022] Oh [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [5023] So Dave looked up, he said well Ann worked you have to [...] pay her, simple as that isn't it?
[5024] She [...] she said I got [...]
June (PS0FP) [5025] [shouting] Jonathan [...] .
[5026] Stay in here with it [] .
Jonathan (PS0FR) [shouting] [...] []
Susan (PS0FX) [5027] she said ... I should have waited until Val had worked had worked [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5028] Aah!
June (PS0FP) [5029] Come and get your shoes on.
Susan (PS0FX) [5030] and put it on the end.
[5031] So, so he said
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5032] Oh I burnt my finger.
Susan (PS0FX) [5033] that means Ann had got to wait till April [...] cheque.
June (PS0FP) [5034] Get your shoes on please.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5035] Yeah I'm doing it.
[5036] Oh [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [5037] She said well yeah possibly.
[5038] He said well do you wait for April for your money from your patients?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5039] Bloody right.
Susan (PS0FX) [5040] So she said no.
[5041] So he said well
June (PS0FP) [5042] Well we w Geoff nearly had
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5043] I've never heard anything like it.
June (PS0FP) [5044] Well Geoff nearly had a fit about this firm who owes us two hundred pound.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5045] It's more than two hundred quid isn't it?
June (PS0FP) [5046] Yeah.
[5047] I'm ringing them in the morning.
[5048] Well, in the afternoon I think that's better
Susan (PS0FX) [5049] Why's that?
June (PS0FP) [5050] cos they're never there, seem to be there the ...
Susan (PS0FX) [5051] Why, what's the matter with them?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5052] Well ... the old boy ... works at ... Beck and Pollitzers ... you know?
Susan (PS0FX) [5053] Oh yeah in Lynn.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5054] And erm ... he's hired from me for some time now
June (PS0FP) [5055] You'd better send the mafia round Geoff.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5056] and he said some time ago, he rung up one afternoon
June (PS0FP) [5057] Susan.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5058] and he said my boss
Susan (PS0FX) [5059] Mm.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5060] erm ... wants a minibus ... like his boy was in some sort of football team ... and they need a b need a bim need a minibus.
[5061] So the bloke come over and hire it.
[5062] Quite a nice old boy.
[5063] Hired the minibus.
[5064] ... No problems.
[5065] Well then he rung up ... few weeks ago and he said ... to June, we'll need a car for a week.
[5066] One of the ... whether it's him or whatever but one of the people who work there needed a car for a week.
June (PS0FP) [5067] The boss.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5068] What ... not the Belmont?
June (PS0FP) [5069] The boss had it.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5070] I thought the boss had the Sierra.
June (PS0FP) [5071] Yeah but the boss had the Belmont as well in the first place because erm
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5072] Oh did he?
June (PS0FP) [5073] he couldn't have the Sierra cos the Belmont was the only one what was there.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5074] Oh.
[5075] Well he said send the bill in.
[5076] Anyway we sent the bill in.
[5077] Well anyway
June (PS0FP) [5078] Twice.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5079] a fortnight afterwards ... he rung up and [...] said his boss had sm something had smashed into his car, and he wanted a car.
[5080] So he had the Sierra ... and he said I don't know whether he'll want it for, it could be sort of three or four weeks if they're gonna repair his car ... or if we can get one within the company like at another depot ... obviously they'll get that for him rather than hire one off you.
June (PS0FP) [5081] Well they had it so long anyway.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5082] So he had it couple or three days didn't he?
June (PS0FP) [5083] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5084] Erm ... it would have been three days cos that's ninety odd quid, ninety six quid.
[5085] Joey tells me last night ... he said oh by the way he said you don't wanna hire your car [...] up er the Berry's.
[5086] I said why's that?
[5087] Oh he said they've got all sorts of aggro he said.
[5088] The father's ... had his house repossessed for not paying the mortgage.
[5089] And he said the boy has been done by Budget for hiring a Sierra from them and taking the engine out
June (PS0FP) [5090] The engine out.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5091] and putting it in one of his cars.
June (PS0FP) [5092] And replacing it.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5093] Gawld.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5094] So I said to June, the only thing what flashed through my mind, not the fact about having the engine out or something like that ... but what flashed through my mind ... was whether it was for Beck and Pollitzers at all.
June (PS0FP) [5095] But I said to Geoff I think it was quite legit because a young boy come ... down with him
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5096] Mm.
June (PS0FP) [5097] who'd just started working for them and he w he didn't look ...
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5098] Oh yeah.
June (PS0FP) [5099] that type of boy.
[5100] He looked ... he said I've not bo been with them long.
[5101] I've only just started so he said er I've just come down to ... you know.
Susan (PS0FX) [5102] Don't you ever ask for any proof of identification? [...]
June (PS0FP) [5103] Well we know who they are!
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5104] Well [...] you see [...] been hiring from me for ten years.
June (PS0FP) [5105] Beck and Pollitzer
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5106] They live next door to to Joey.
[5107] His father used to hire from [...]
June (PS0FP) [5108] They've been hiring us for ten years but we, we ain't gonna hire no more if they're changing the bloody engines.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5109] And he said Beck and Pollitzers often hire cars he said and you know he said I thought I'd try and get you the business.
[5110] Well then about a month later he said ... he rung June and said I've been speaking to Geoff he said and ... th they wanna hi er hire a car for a week.
June (PS0FP) [5111] But they've never paid us yet.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5112] But this is like now it must be ...
June (PS0FP) [5113] A month.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5114] Well, it's a good month.
June (PS0FP) [5115] Yeah.
[5116] So I'm gonna ring and
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5117] Yeah, must be six weeks now.
June (PS0FP) [5118] I've got two or three people [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [5119] What, Beck and Pollitzer?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5120] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [5121] [cough] So we'll have to ring them tomorrow.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5122] That's where erm Derek works innit?
Robert (PS0G3) [5123] Mind that don't hit you in the eye.
June (PS0FP) [5124] Yeah well at the moment we could do with that in the bank couldn't we?
Susan (PS0FX) [5125] Well that's what I'm saying you've gotta
Kathleen (PS0G2) [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5126] Well that's right.
Susan (PS0FX) [5127] Jonathan, if that breaks and hits someone in the eye, you will be in big trouble.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5128] It doesn't cos it ties a knot.
Robert (PS0G3) [5129] It'll hit him in the eye [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5130] That'll hit his own face.
June (PS0FP) [5131] I like him in that jumper and my friend gave him that.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5132] That's [...]
June (PS0FP) [5133] Isn't that nice?
Susan (PS0FX) [5134] Keep it low.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5135] Yeah. [...]
June (PS0FP) [5136] Let nanny have a go Jonathan.
Susan (PS0FX) [5137] Well keep it low, not near your eyes.
[5138] ... I did put my shoes on cos I thought I shan't get them on in a minute because my feet swell when I sit down.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5139] Yeah?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5140] It's not very strong string is it?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5141] No.
Susan (PS0FX) [5142] Hasn't she got lovely teeth? ...
June (PS0FP) [cough]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5143] [...] longer don't you?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5144] Yeah [...] some teeth.
June (PS0FP) [5145] Well I think it's about time we was going Geoff if you've
Susan (PS0FX) [5146] She's a pretty woman.
June (PS0FP) [5147] gotta deliver that that
Kathleen (PS0G2) [...]
June (PS0FP) [5148] bloke coming back in that car.
Susan (PS0FX) [5149] Don't you think she's pretty June?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5150] Yeah.
[5151] I'm ready.
Susan (PS0FX) [5152] Yes mum, can you get [...] ?
June (PS0FP) [5153] Well it's no good taking the tape with him cos he don't talk.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5154] No.
[5155] He don't say much does he?
June (PS0FP) [5156] Well turn it off then. ...
Susan (PS0FX) [5157] Got so much bloody money in here again, I ca
June (PS0FP) [5158] Have you turned it off?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5159] We ain't gone yet.
June (PS0FP) [5160] Oh.
[5161] ... We'll just get
Robert (PS0G3) [5162] Has that been recording all the time?
June (PS0FP) [5163] Yeah, most of it.
Robert (PS0G3) [5164] Oh well, there you are then, you've got a good
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5165] Listen don't forget your
June (PS0FP) [5166] We got a good session this afternoon [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5167] So that's the third tape is it?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5168] [...] out there.
Susan (PS0FX) [5169] Yeah I was just [...]
June (PS0FP) [5170] Yeah, third one.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5171] And that's both sides is it?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5172] How many more you gotta go up to?
June (PS0FP) [5173] I've [...] turned it over.
[5174] So I perhaps could get
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5175] How many more have you gotta do?
June (PS0FP) [5176] Oh
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5177] Seventeen. [laugh]
June (PS0FP) [laugh]
Robert (PS0G3) [5178] I hope nobody ain't been swearing.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5179] I have.
[5180] [...] me.
June (PS0FP) [5181] Mother had.
[5182] Bugger me she said. ...
Robert (PS0G3) [5183] They'll say they'll know she came from [...] .
Susan (PS0FX) [5184] Just have a look at them towels, see what you think. ...
June (PS0FP) [5185] So where do you come from mother?
Robert (PS0G3) [5186] Bow.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5187] Old [...] Old [...] Bow.
June (PS0FP) [5188] Baow.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5189] Cor blimey area.
June (PS0FP) [5190] Cor lovely Susan.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5191] What was the first bit?
[5192] What was it before Bow?
[5193] What?
Susan (PS0FX) [5194] Cheap.
[5195] Look how many was in there but, nine ninety nine.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5196] Old [...] .
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5197] Oh.
Susan (PS0FX) [5198] No you've got them in the bag [...] .
Robert (PS0G3) [5199] Remember when that time Geoff pulled up [...] pub.
[5200] You know [...] pub.
June (PS0FP) [5201] Oh yeah
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5202] Yeah I remember the Bow but I didn't know about the first bit.
[5203] I hadn't heard of that before.
June (PS0FP) [5204] I could do with some
Robert (PS0G3) [5205] Yeah, Old [...]
June (PS0FP) [5206] what other colours do they do?
Susan (PS0FX) [5207] I think
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5208] I tell you what I keep saying I'm gonna do but I ain't
Susan (PS0FX) [5209] Look there's two that size.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5210] got the bloody money to do it.
[5211] ... I should like to have a ride down and see that new bridge now.
[5212] Instead of going through the Dartford tunnel.
Susan (PS0FX) [5213] Hand towels, you know big hand towels these size look.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5214] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5215] That new bridge is open.
Susan (PS0FX) [5216] Look.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5217] Oh yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5218] What goes right over high over the Thames.
June (PS0FP) [5219] Oh yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5220] Oh.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5221] You go over that and you come back through the tunnel.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5222] Oh.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5223] That's now open, it opened last month.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [...]
June (PS0FP) [5224] You'd like to go did you say?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5225] Mm. ...
June (PS0FP) [5226] Perhaps we'll have to do that in the new year
Susan (PS0FX) [5227] June.
June (PS0FP) [5228] if things change.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5229] I'm waiting for someone to use a tankful of petrol so I can go and have a look.
Susan (PS0FX) [5230] Are they flannels?
June (PS0FP) [5231] No [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5232] [...] put through them rings ain't they?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5233] Yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [5234] Oh, nice aren't they?
[5235] Lovely.
[5236] Do you know what?
[5237] I've still got something in my eye.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5238] Yeah.
[5239] Be nice to see that really I suppose.
June (PS0FP) [5240] I could do wi I want some erm p I'd like some peachy colour ones for my bathroom.
Robert (PS0G3) [5241] [...] like that.
Susan (PS0FX) [5242] Oh.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5243] It's good innit? [...] gotta
Susan (PS0FX) [5244] Well that don't matter.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5245] knot at this end.
Susan (PS0FX) [...]
June (PS0FP) [5246] You ain't got no peach ones you don't want have you?
Susan (PS0FX) [5247] I ain't got any peach ones at all.
[5248] Well I have got some peach ones but they ain't
June (PS0FP) [5249] But them ones Bob erm Pam bought me last year ... was it last year or the year before?
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [...]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5250] [...] my belly.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5251] Year before weren't it?
June (PS0FP) [5252] You can't use them cos every time you use them you get
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5253] Oh it's terrible.
June (PS0FP) [5254] you get covered in blue dye.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5255] You get, you get blue fluff all over your face.
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [5256] You've got me Kattomeat you berk.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5257] It's terrible.
Robert (PS0G3) [5258] Aye aye.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5259] Oh!
Susan (PS0FX) [5260] That's alright, he'll eat it I should think.
[5261] That's [...] innit?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5262] Yeah. [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [...]
June (PS0FP) [5263] How many tins you got Sue?
Susan (PS0FX) [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5264] Oh we can buy them Susan [...] Kattomeat.
June (PS0FP) [5265] Susan, how many tins you got?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5266] We'll buy them.
[5267] We have Kattomeat.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5268] They're nice. ...
June (PS0FP) [5269] Oh [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5270] But they're expensive [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [5271] That's alright.
[5272] He'll eat it.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5273] Oh, we don't want no expense.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5274] Will he?
Robert (PS0G3) [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5275] We don't want no expense.
Susan (PS0FX) [5276] Oh I've got half a tin of cat food for your cat June.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5277] They're thirty eight pence a tin and our cat'll eat two tins of them
June (PS0FP) [5278] Yeah well we're now gonna come.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5279] a day.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5280] I bet it can.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5281] [...] fresh.
June (PS0FP) [5282] Yeah will if if your cat won't eat them, don't throw ... don't erm I'll ... I'll pay you for them and
Susan (PS0FX) [5283] Well no there's only one.
June (PS0FP) [5284] Oh.
Robert (PS0G3) [5285] How's Ging [...] ?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5286] She's only got one.
[5287] I've got you a liver.
Susan (PS0FX) [5288] Oh yeah he likes that?
Robert (PS0G3) [5289] How's old Ging getting on?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5290] He's about.
June (PS0FP) [5291] Ging?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5292] Mm?
[5293] Oh yeah he's okay.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5294] There's so many cat foods there you, you don't know, cor you've never seen so much cat and dog food.
Robert (PS0G3) [5295] Is he still there?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5296] Oh it's ridiculous that is.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
June (PS0FP) [5297] I tell you something ... I wish I'd never had that cat round my back door.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5298] Well I've got three Juney now.
[5299] Our black one
June (PS0FP) [5300] Because my cat is my cat is
Kathleen (PS0G2) [...]
June (PS0FP) [5301] weeing all over the place.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5302] Well she's frightened isn't she?
June (PS0FP) [5303] She's petrified of it.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5304] Well Tilly is you see, upstairs
Robert (PS0G3) [5305] Well why?
[5306] Why would he go after her?
[5307] She's doctored anyway.
June (PS0FP) [5308] Well yeah but he still does.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5309] Well why does that black one go after ours?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5310] He don't know that does he?
Robert (PS0G3) [5311] Ah yeah but
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5312] Poo I think it was laying in the boiler cupboard on top of the shoes this morning.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5313] Granddad, he don't know that does he?
June (PS0FP) [5314] Well if you'd have seen that ... I mean I ... and she sleeps in the airing cupboard ... she's now started to get in there, but she's half out on the landing.
[5315] You can't shut the blinking door!
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5316] [...] as you say like there's [cough] something funny about cats cos I opened my wardrobe yesterday to get a coat out.
[5317] Tilly got in there and got amongst all me clothes and started sleeping there.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5318] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5319] Then she gets in the back bedroom, we got a mirror at the back there what was took off one the dressing tables, and she sits and looks at herself in there and she keeps going ... like that
June (PS0FP) [5320] Well my cat's going most peculiar at the moment.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5321] and she gets, she gets, if you if you open a cupboard or a drawer ... she's in it.
Robert (PS0G3) [5322] Even goes in the coal cupboard.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5323] Yeah!
[5324] And I shut her in [laughing] the coal []
Robert (PS0G3) [5325] Comes out as black as [...] she do.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5326] Yeah?
June (PS0FP) [5327] Well I I often shut erm Fudge in the boiler cupboard.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5328] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5329] And this, the big'un, he sits in the sink.
Susan (PS0FX) [5330] You're getting tall ain't you?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5331] We can't get him out but I don't like him
Robert (PS0G3) [5332] I know.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5333] in the washing up and that.
Susan (PS0FX) [5334] How much taller am I than him June?
June (PS0FP) [5335] Well he won't hurt it.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5336] Not a bloody lot.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5337] About four inches I should think.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5338] But he just jumps from
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5339] Five perhaps.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5340] How tall are you?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5341] just jumps from the ground on to there.
Susan (PS0FX) [5342] Five foot one.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5343] Cor.
[5344] That means I'm ... four foot seven.
Robert (PS0G3) [5345] Four foot seven.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5346] Yeah, I should think he is four seven.
[5347] Something like that.
June (PS0FP) [5348] He's definitely gonna be taller than her.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5349] Chrissie's four eight.
June (PS0FP) [5350] Isn't he cos he only
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5351] That [...] be four three.
Susan (PS0FX) [5352] Christopher's five, more than four eight.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5353] He isn't.
[5354] He's four eight.
Susan (PS0FX) [5355] Christopher's more than four eight isn't he Geoff?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5356] Nick's four next year.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5357] God knows.
June (PS0FP) [5358] Lovely.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [laugh]
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5359] He is n't.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5360] Wha what's this beer then?
June (PS0FP) [5361] Well you'll be big enough for big school
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5362] Ashley's nowhere near near bigger than that.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5363] Helen's, Helen's girl goes to the big school next year.
June (PS0FP) [5364] Well do you do you know Geoff, Ashley weighs more than Jonathan. ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5365] Does he really?
June (PS0FP) [5366] Yeah.
[5367] They g they had to be weighed last week and he weighs more than Jonathan.
Susan (PS0FX) [5368] Who weighs the most in the class?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5369] Well I weigh eighty two kilograms.
June (PS0FP) [5370] Fay .
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5371] Fay Ten and a half.
Susan (PS0FX) [5372] Well I think that's embarrassing to do that to children.
June (PS0FP) [5373] And Terry was nine and a half.
Robert (PS0G3) [5374] How much do you weigh?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5375] Er ... six.
Robert (PS0G3) [5376] Six?
[5377] Is that just your head?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5378] I weigh eighty two kilograms.
[5379] I was a hundred and seventeen kilograms.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5380] Six and two grams.
[5381] Six and two kilograms.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5382] What's kilograms?
June (PS0FP) [5383] Kilograms.
Robert (PS0G3) [5384] Pounds I should think.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5385] Er
Susan (PS0FX) [5386] A kilogram is it erm ... less than a pound?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5387] Yeah two pound [...] one kilogram.
Robert (PS0G3) [5388] Bound to be cos ... litre's l bit less than a gallon innit?
[5389] Or so many litres to a gallon.
June (PS0FP) [5390] Are we going then everybody?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5391] Five litres is
June (PS0FP) [5392] [...] Cos we said to him the other day how much is so and so Jonathan?
[5393] Well he can't work in ... pounds and ounces
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5394] They don't get involved in
June (PS0FP) [5395] cos they don't work in pounds and ounces today.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5396] No, no they don't.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5397] That's right.
[5398] It's just kilograms kilograms innit?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [shouting] [...] []
June (PS0FP) [5399] We we are wrong by by doing it.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5400] Aah.
June (PS0FP) [5401] But he, you see he's learnt the right way. ...
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5402] Ah ... hurt my hand.
Susan (PS0FX) [5403] Are you doing French at school yet?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5404] No.
Susan (PS0FX) [5405] Oh you will go when you go to the other school.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5406] They've gotta start learning some more sex haven't they?
Susan (PS0FX) [5407] You can teach us all to learn French when you, once you start.
June (PS0FP) [5408] Yeah.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5409] Oh oh.
June (PS0FP) [5410] Well they ain't learned nothing at this school yet.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5411] And th ... there there was a cartoon in the paper in the week I thought ... it made me smile really.
Jonathan (PS0FR) [5412] I know what number seven is in German.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5413] It was a
Susan (PS0FX) [5414] What?
Jonathan (PS0FR) [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5415] little boy had been to school and his mother and father was waiting for him to come home.
[5416] And they stood at the door, and of course he come home with his cap in his hand, he said ... er they said oh ... what you do how you got on today?
[5417] He said we had sex lessons today.
[5418] He said you filthy pair.
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5419] Ah no.
[5420] You disgusting pair.
[5421] I can [laugh]
June (PS0FP) [laugh]
Susan (PS0FX) [5422] Well Pam was a bit upset didn't she?
[5423] Cos of what they did to erm ...
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5424] Oh yeah.
Susan (PS0FX) [5425] that oldest one in his school class.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5426] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5427] What had he done then?
Susan (PS0FX) [5428] Pam told June.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5429] Oh.
Susan (PS0FX) [5430] They gave him
Robert (PS0G3) [5431] About homosexuals weren't it?
Group of unknown speakers (KCTPSUGP) [5432] No. [...]
June (PS0FP) [5433] Oh they're doing about homosexuals at [...] ?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5434] Yeah.
[5435] And erm what di oh they had to, what did they have to do?
June (PS0FP) [5436] Yeah I did tell ... mum but I can't say in front of Jonathan.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5437] Yeah.
[5438] She, she was ... well she didn't think it was right.
Susan (PS0FX) [5439] Yeah but the funny thing is, she swears and curses and says
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5440] Absolutely.
Susan (PS0FX) [5441] all these rude and common things in front of him.
[5442] Why does she think that's right?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5443] She got
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5444] Well you see the [...]
Susan (PS0FX) [5445] He's, and let's face it, that boy is learning the right way.
[5446] He ain't learning from slang is he?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5447] That's right.
[5448] When that seven year old kid went in the bedroom and saw what they were doing that didn't matter.
Susan (PS0FX) [5449] No.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5450] But when they teach it at school that's wrong.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5451] That's it, yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5452] Well they [...] .
[5453] [...] got head screw
Susan (PS0FX) [5454] Well [...] can't they?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5455] No.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5456] She wants a few more screws in [...]
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5457] Well you see
June (PS0FP) [5458] No I do I think that's wise to teach them in schools because they learn the right way.
[5459] They learn properly.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5460] Mm.
[5461] They they reckon they've gotta
June (PS0FP) [5462] And then after that, what happens after that ... they know the basics.
[5463] They know what's going on this that and the other.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5464] Well they reckon they've gotta learn more now.
Unknown speaker (KCTPSUNK) [...]
June (PS0FP) [5465] Is that off now?
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5466] They've got to ... they've got to know now
June (PS0FP) [5467] Is it off now?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5468] No.
[5469] It's nearly done.
Kathleen (PS0G2) [5470] They've got to
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5471] You ain't gone yet.
[5472] Don't worry about it.
June (PS0FP) [5473] Well you're h

7 (Tape 020201)

Brian (PS0G4) [5474] It's so big, you know obviously it's [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5475] Yes it ... [...]
Brian (PS0G4) [5476] How you doing love, alright?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5477] It went
June (PS0FP) [5478] Fine thanks.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5479] erm
Brian (PS0G4) [5480] Just sort all these out.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5481] I just don't wanna come.
Brian (PS0G4) [5482] You've er ... have you gotta put your dress in here with these?
June (PS0FP) [5483] Yes I've got a [...] seminar
Brian (PS0G4) [5484] Oh.
June (PS0FP) [5485] when I've ... that poorly cat's into that ... walking a can you smell cat's wee in here, I'm surprised
Brian (PS0G4) [5486] No I can't
June (PS0FP) [5487] you can't Brian!
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5488] I could , when I got home today.
Brian (PS0G4) [5489] I'm stopping [...]
June (PS0FP) [5490] She's done nothing but wee in my kitchen and now she's [...] in that corner!
Brian (PS0G4) [5491] Was tha your your cat like this?
June (PS0FP) [5492] Yes it's such a disgrace, is that what you're saying?
Brian (PS0G4) [5493] What, Dianne?
June (PS0FP) [5494] Hello mate!
Unknown speaker (KCTPSUNK) [5495] My hairbrush is a [...]
Brian (PS0G4) [5496] I tried to come home.
June (PS0FP) [5497] Did you come back in?
[5498] ... Is she coming, ya I've just come home.
Brian (PS0G4) [5499] Now you see , she's got it all over her but
June (PS0FP) [5500] She's hurt!
Brian (PS0G4) [5501] He said it's very hard for people to give them [...] I I'll
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5502] Yeah I could
Brian (PS0G4) [5503] trace them today with your erm ... your
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5504] washing
Brian (PS0G4) [5505] washing thing ... I said someone [...] and it's gone! ... [...] dunnit?
June (PS0FP) [5506] I wish I hadn't I wish I hadn't started feeding it but I can't I can't stop now it's not
Brian (PS0G4) [5507] I'll feed it my [...] .
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5508] And show him [...]
Brian (PS0G4) [5509] Work on here.
[5510] ... Well I
June (PS0FP) [5511] Yeah I know.
Brian (PS0G4) [5512] Listen, what i have you picked up our car from there ... there's no point buying a garage
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5513] Yeah ... it's in [...]
Brian (PS0G4) [5514] Listen,we we're we
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5515] Yeah.
Brian (PS0G4) [5516] supposed to smell this cat's piss?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5517] Well I'll come down in the morning, I've got the yellow car and [...] start again
June (PS0FP) [5518] I can smell it, I've [...] !
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5519] you see?
Brian (PS0G4) [5520] Yeah ... it's terrible though, it's just not
June (PS0FP) [...]
Brian (PS0G4) [5521] on, is it!
June (PS0FP) [5522] That's just here somewhere, and it's over here.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5523] If you sneak in the garage and do it ... well I
Brian (PS0G4) [5524] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5525] work on that one, it's not a bloody house!
Brian (PS0G4) [5526] No ... you don't, you want at least
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5527] Pretty strong here!
Brian (PS0G4) [5528] no, blue sorry
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
Brian (PS0G4) [5529] he pees outside our front door a at the back door, and you can't
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5530] Yeah.
Brian (PS0G4) [5531] but you really can't smell it.
June (PS0FP) [5532] No.
Brian (PS0G4) [5533] But I mean that thing!
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5534] Yeah it's something [...] he's [...]
June (PS0FP) [5535] Well [...] I suppose what's ... but you see I don't know whether she's doing it ... that must be her that done it in that corner, cos he ain't been in here!
Brian (PS0G4) [5536] Well it might be this one, but there's somebody [...] all the while she's doing it.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5537] Probably what goes in and nothing else happens.
Brian (PS0G4) [5538] I mean Louis seems to be really sort of like ... a different cat ... but it's not
June (PS0FP) [5539] But
Brian (PS0G4) [5540] my fault that I don't
June (PS0FP) [5541] he he don't erm ... the cat don't drudge her ... get
Brian (PS0G4) [5542] No.
June (PS0FP) [5543] in the way of, but she's just nervous it ... for some reason.
Brian (PS0G4) [5544] Well she's a nervous cat anyway isn't she?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5545] But I think
June (PS0FP) [5546] Yeah
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5547] she won't
Brian (PS0G4) [5548] Same as Louis.
June (PS0FP) [5549] Once they've [...] I'd get a little tray in here overnight, I reckon.
Brian (PS0G4) [5550] [...] going on shooting, [...] said he's shooting them.
June (PS0FP) [5551] Ah now there's a love.
Brian (PS0G4) [5552] That one , everybody hates them, I think [...] cat.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5553] Yes.
June (PS0FP) [5554] Isn't [...] , isn't he looking well though Brian?
Brian (PS0G4) [5555] Yes, I mean I told him
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
Brian (PS0G4) [5556] that the other day when his dad was here ... the other
June (PS0FP) [5557] Yeah.
Brian (PS0G4) [5558] Sunday.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5559] Yeah ... Sunday.
Brian (PS0G4) [5560] He did look a nice old cat, they seem to be a nice
June (PS0FP) [5561] But do you know that er [...]
Brian (PS0G4) [5562] nice colouring though isn't he?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5563] Any old [...]
June (PS0FP) [5564] but ever so fussy!
Brian (PS0G4) [5565] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [5566] [...] ... you know
Brian (PS0G4) [5567] But you used to match them up together at the end of the day ... cos Brad used to see them off
June (PS0FP) [5568] Ooh they used to play all the
Brian (PS0G4) [5569] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [5570] time, terrible!
Brian (PS0G4) [5571] You see [...] get a bit old like.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5572] [...] ?
June (PS0FP) [5573] Yeah.
Brian (PS0G4) [5574] I must say it's natural like that, cats fighting and that.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5575] That's right, yeah.
Brian (PS0G4) [...] [...]
June (PS0FP) [5576] Never mind.
Brian (PS0G4) [5577] Oh well it'll be Christmas soon ... thinking of having a party anyway, Christmas.
June (PS0FP) [5578] Oh are you?
[5579] ... Carol's having one, did you know?
Brian (PS0G4) [5580] Yeah no yes well, she told us when she's a [...] having one ... is it fifteenth, it is?
June (PS0FP) [5581] Fourteenth.
Brian (PS0G4) [5582] Oh how much [...] ?
[5583] ... But we'll have one after everyone's had a rotten Christmas.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5584] Ha!
June (PS0FP) [5585] Not with [...] I always
Brian (PS0G4) [5586] [...] not if you feel like it.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5587] When you gonna have one [...] ?
June (PS0FP) [5588] Yeah well I wasn't really here for my birthday ... this is my birthday one this is.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5589] There's plenty [...] [...]
Brian (PS0G4) [5590] Yeah?
[5591] ... What's that ... forty five or or thirty, thirty five innit?
June (PS0FP) [5592] Oh God what is it!
Brian (PS0G4) [5593] I feel in a horrible mood anyway!
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [laugh]
June (PS0FP) [5594] You'd have [...] .
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5595] Forty one, yeah this forty.
Brian (PS0G4) [5596] Yeah I know, that's what I'm saying
June (PS0FP) [5597] Yeah.
Brian (PS0G4) [5598] even for [...] by then.
June (PS0FP) [5599] Yeah
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5600] Yeah and sometimes you [...]
June (PS0FP) [5601] we go [...] what we do ... [...] down there this year.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5602] No.
Brian (PS0G4) [5603] Well Carol said we won't be able to afford to part with him!
[5604] ... So I want [...] ... I did
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5605] Do you want erm
Brian (PS0G4) [5606] but I hope not.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5607] we used to go every year ... be [...] go round to erm ... [...] for a bonfire but ... the old boy was saying that he said they can't afford it next year.
June (PS0FP) [5608] Did she mention that [...] ?
[5609] ... I'll be there next year.
Brian (PS0G4) [5610] Something's bur , something's burning my love.
June (PS0FP) [5611] I know I've just
Brian (PS0G4) [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [...]
June (PS0FP) [5612] I said I'd make [...] .
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5613] What about [...] .
Brian (PS0G4) [5614] Yes ... old Betty is anyway ... your Ashley's seen the carpet ... [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5615] I've done a little bit, yeah.
June (PS0FP) [5616] [...] he was tearing a
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5617] And he was right
June (PS0FP) [5618] bit off
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5619] put it up one more notch ... with [...]
Brian (PS0G4) [5620] I mean to say you don't want no more like this
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5621] Yeah.
Brian (PS0G4) [5622] you start going like that.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5623] That's right ... then you [...]
Brian (PS0G4) [...]
June (PS0FP) [5624] Well I said
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5625] dunnit?
Brian (PS0G4) [5626] Yeah and it comes off.
June (PS0FP) [5627] I said well perhaps Ell could go up then, cos I'm later ain't I?
Brian (PS0G4) [5628] No he's alright for that other [...] ... they ooh it's
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5629] Glad I went over there.
Brian (PS0G4) [5630] it's dangerous!
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5631] You only op open it a certain way.
June (PS0FP) [5632] Well how we gonna get that bit down then?
Brian (PS0G4) [5633] Well you just have to ... hire another ladder.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5634] Yeah.
Brian (PS0G4) [5635] To get that after easier way, it cost me what?
[5636] Seven quid.
June (PS0FP) [5637] Oh wha wow!
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5638] [...] five point three ... I'm sure mum's got a three inch [...] .
June (PS0FP) [5639] Oh well that ain't gonna help, you don't want [...] !
Brian (PS0G4) [5640] You can have that there, so that's ri ... [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5641] What are you gonna do about that?
Brian (PS0G4) [5642] I've done as much as I could with that one but
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5643] Yes
Brian (PS0G4) [5644] but then I'm waiting, see I I got erm ... you know the big ones in the central root up there ... I've I've hired one of these there.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5645] Ah well that don't take [...] ... Brian get up there, she said well he's taller than you, I thought [...]
Brian (PS0G4) [5646] No I ain't.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5647] he [...] .
June (PS0FP) [...]
Brian (PS0G4) [5648] Get over like I said ... she said that's enough like you've gotta leave some room for a [...] [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5649] But has that cost you about seven quid this one?
Brian (PS0G4) [5650] It was
June (PS0FP) [5651] What?
Brian (PS0G4) [5652] twelve quid ... that's the ladder ... and [...] as well.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5653] Yeah and scaffold.
Brian (PS0G4) [5654] I had them all the week [...] ... I mean a ladder I mean it'll cost you that much again
June (PS0FP) [5655] Yeah.
Brian (PS0G4) [5656] here, you can get one [...]
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5657] That's right I mean just do th both bits at the back and front at the same time, yes.
Brian (PS0G4) [5658] Sort out the high bits together.
June (PS0FP) [5659] Well why don't you get one of tho for Sunday
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5660] Well yeah
June (PS0FP) [5661] then?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5662] We're going to.
Brian (PS0G4) [5663] But you have to pick it up Saturday though wouldn't you?
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5664] Yeah.
June (PS0FP) [5665] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5666] Yeah, but I suppose that way you should be
Brian (PS0G4) [5667] [...] thought about it, they're not
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5668] They're not expensive, mind but
Brian (PS0G4) [5669] Yeah but you can store them.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5670] I mean I I really could of ... a I mean I hired that ladder just to do about ... six foot either side.
Brian (PS0G4) [5671] Well that's about how I am ... yeah I got three more feet.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5672] But you got that [...] for your [...] .
Brian (PS0G4) [5673] Yeah, oh sure.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5674] After that lo lot
Brian (PS0G4) [5675] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5676] unless you're taking the chance.
Brian (PS0G4) [5677] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5678] See that ladder you've got, you know the bit you had this morning?
Brian (PS0G4) [5679] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5680] If you have the back half of that ... that'll be ideal.
Brian (PS0G4) [5681] Yeah.
Geoffrey (PS0FS) [5682] I don't know, it's