9 conversations recorded by `Julie' (PS0GF) between 20 and 22 February 1992 with 6 interlocutors, totalling 10696 s-units, 49751 words (duration not recorded).

8 speakers recorded by respondent number 114

PS0GF Ag1 f (Julie, age 24, housewife, Lower South-west England, )
PS0GG Ag2 m (Gary, age 25, storesperson, Lower South-west England, ) husband
PS0GH Ag0 f (Vicki, age 2, pre-school, Lower South-west England, ) daughter
PS0GJ Ag1 f (Shelly, age 20, housewife, Lower South-west England, ) cousin-in-law's wife
PS0GK Ag2 m (Phil, age 25, cold store worker, Lower South-west England, ) cousin-in-law
PS0GL Ag0 m (Sammy, age 4, pre-school, Lower South-west England, ) cousin-in-law's son
KCUPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KCUPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

9 recordings

  1. Tape 039901 recorded on 1992-02-20. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: feeding baby and playing with oldest child
  2. Tape 039902 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: watching television and talking
  3. Tape 039903 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: playing games
  4. Tape 040001 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: playing games
  5. Tape 040002 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: playing games
  6. Tape 040101 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: playing games
  7. Tape 040102 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: playing games
  8. Tape 040201 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: playing games
  9. Tape 040202 recorded on unknown date. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 039901)

Julie (PS0GF) [1] On?
Gary (PS0GG) [2] Right, I'll go and get a video, okay?
Julie (PS0GF) [3] Yeah I don't know what's on.
Gary (PS0GG) [4] Alright.
Julie (PS0GF) [5] And er ... warm this food up again.
Gary (PS0GG) [6] Right.
[7] Do you want the telly on?
Julie (PS0GF) [8] What you doing Vick?
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [9] Eh?
[10] What you doing?
Vicki (PS0GH) [11] I'm watching telly.
Julie (PS0GF) [12] Are you?
[13] Playing with your teddy?
Gary (PS0GG) [14] Ah?
Julie (PS0GF) [15] You go building together.
[16] Put it back together then.
[17] You show Mummmy how it goes.
[18] Alright?
[19] There!
[20] You show me what a clever girl you are?
Vicki (PS0GH) [21] [...] ... and look.
Julie (PS0GF) [22] Ooh!
[23] Ooh ooh ooh!
[24] He's fallen to pieces ain't he?
[25] ... Can't do it like that can you?
Vicki (PS0GH) [26] No!
Julie (PS0GF) [27] No, oh oh oh!
[28] ... Mummy go and put the kettle on.
Vicki (PS0GH) [29] Ee ee.
Julie (PS0GF) [30] You what?
Vicki (PS0GH) [31] Ee ee!
Julie (PS0GF) [32] Lee?
Vicki (PS0GH) [33] Lee.
Julie (PS0GF) [34] Yeah, Daddy's picking Lee up.
Vicki (PS0GH) [35] Yeah.
[36] Oh! [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [37] Yes, he's doing the leaves.
Vicki (PS0GH) [38] Put it in.
[39] Okay.
Julie (PS0GF) [40] Ha!
Gary (PS0GG) [41] Where's his chair?
Julie (PS0GF) [42] Behind you!
Gary (PS0GG) [43] Oh yeah!
Julie (PS0GF) [44] Hello sausage!
Vicki (PS0GH) [45] [laughing] [...] [] .
Gary (PS0GG) [46] That's your brother!
Vicki (PS0GH) [47] He was crying.
Gary (PS0GG) [48] Mummy wants to move the ... [...] .
[49] Please?
Vicki (PS0GH) [50] Pour that in here.
Gary (PS0GG) [51] I ca oh [...] !
Julie (PS0GF) [52] Have you put his er ... bib on him?
Gary (PS0GG) [53] Yeah, I see.
Julie (PS0GF) [54] If he's gonna have his
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [55] gonna have his er
Gary (PS0GG) [56] Put it back!
Julie (PS0GF) [57] dinner come tea s
Gary (PS0GG) [58] Good girl!
Julie (PS0GF) [59] so he didn't eat it all at dinner time.
Gary (PS0GG) [60] Yeah.
[61] Good girl!
Vicki (PS0GH) [62] [laugh] ... That's me!
Gary (PS0GG) [63] No, it's just the
Julie (PS0GF) [64] What are you gonna have for tea Vicki?
Vicki (PS0GH) [65] And please
Gary (PS0GG) [66] Get up!
Julie (PS0GF) [67] Please
Vicki (PS0GH) [68] can I have sausage, bacon and eggs?
Gary (PS0GG) [69] Can you hold him ... up a minute.
Vicki (PS0GH) [70] Yes please.
Julie (PS0GF) [71] What do you want?
[72] Well he's still got his bib on.
Gary (PS0GG) [73] Yeah, and I was trying to do it up.
Julie (PS0GF) [74] Oh!
Gary (PS0GG) [75] No, no, no, just leave it!
Julie (PS0GF) [76] No, cos you're no good at doing up!
[77] There are look, like that!
Gary (PS0GG) [78] That's it.
Julie (PS0GF) [79] There are.
Vicki (PS0GH) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [80] He's funny ain't he?
Julie (PS0GF) [81] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [82] Ooh my head's gone!
Julie (PS0GF) [83] Er ah!
[84] Looks as though he's got his nappy on his head!
Gary (PS0GG) [85] Ah!
[86] My headache's gone isn't it?
Julie (PS0GF) [87] Vicki look, what you gonna have for tea?
Gary (PS0GG) [88] Bacon. [...]
Vicki (PS0GH) [89] [...] !
Julie (PS0GF) [90] What you want for tea?
Vicki (PS0GH) [91] I like [...] !
Julie (PS0GF) [92] You what?
Vicki (PS0GH) [93] Lee.
Julie (PS0GF) [94] Yeah, Lee's gonna have his.
[95] And he's gonna have this now.
Vicki (PS0GH) [96] I'll ... I'll ki ki Lee.
Julie (PS0GF) [97] Yeah Lee.
Vicki (PS0GH) [98] I'll ... [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [99] Yeah, Lee's gonna have his tea, what do you want for yours?
Vicki (PS0GH) [100] No!
Julie (PS0GF) [101] Well don't you want any then?
Vicki (PS0GH) [102] No.
Julie (PS0GF) [103] No?
[104] Fine!
[105] Please yourself!
Vicki (PS0GH) [106] That's Lee's.
Julie (PS0GF) [107] Yeah, I'm gonna do Lee's now for him.
Vicki (PS0GH) [108] Ki ki
Julie (PS0GF) [109] [laughing] Oh yeah [] !
Vicki (PS0GH) [110] He
Julie (PS0GF) [111] Look at him laughing look!
[112] Hello cheeky!
Vicki (PS0GH) [113] Hello cheeky! [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [114] I'll collect [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [115] Yeah, here's your cup.
[116] Can you stir his food round please?
Gary (PS0GG) [117] Yep!
Julie (PS0GF) [118] In this dish?
Gary (PS0GG) [119] You having tea?
[120] But, oh [...] .
Vicki (PS0GH) [121] No!
Julie (PS0GF) [122] No?
Gary (PS0GG) [123] No?
Julie (PS0GF) [124] [laughing] No [] !
Vicki (PS0GH) [125] No!
Gary (PS0GG) [126] No?
Julie (PS0GF) [127] No!
[128] Ooh!
Gary (PS0GG) [129] Ooh!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [130] No?
Julie (PS0GF) [131] I'm not moving!
[132] [...] ... In't she naughty eh?
[133] Your sister naughty?
Vicki (PS0GH) [134] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [...] [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [135] Did you?
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Vicki (PS0GH) [136] No!
Gary (PS0GG) [137] Did you?
Julie (PS0GF) [138] Did she?
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [139] Vicki!
Vicki (PS0GH) [140] Er ah
Julie (PS0GF) [141] What?
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [142] You what?
Vicki (PS0GH) [143] No!
Gary (PS0GG) [144] Yes!
Julie (PS0GF) [145] No.
[146] [...] as you're told.
Gary (PS0GG) [147] Daddy said yes.
Vicki (PS0GH) [148] No!
Julie (PS0GF) [149] Are you naughty?
Vicki (PS0GH) [150] Mm.
Julie (PS0GF) [151] Are you naughty?
Gary (PS0GG) [152] Ha!
Vicki (PS0GH) [153] Well [...] said no!
Julie (PS0GF) [154] No, you're not naughty?
Vicki (PS0GH) [155] Move!
[156] Move!
Julie (PS0GF) [157] I'm not moving!
Vicki (PS0GH) [158] Go over Daddy.
Julie (PS0GF) [159] I'll smack your bum!
Vicki (PS0GH) [160] [laugh] ... Cheeky!
Julie (PS0GF) [161] Will we eh?
[162] Shall we smack her bum!
Vicki (PS0GH) [163] No, it's not yours, it's your brother's.
Julie (PS0GF) [164] Shall we smack her bum?
[165] [laughing] Hey [] ?
[166] There!
[167] Like that! [laugh]
Vicki (PS0GH) [168] I want [...] ... Mummy!
Julie (PS0GF) [169] You gonna have your tea?
[170] Are you?
Vicki (PS0GH) [171] [...] ... Daddy!
Gary (PS0GG) [172] How much do you want in?
Julie (PS0GF) [173] Well not very!
[174] Gotta be a bit thick!
[175] Ain't they, eh?
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [176] Can't have it all runny
Vicki (PS0GH) [177] Aha.
Julie (PS0GF) [178] can you?
[179] That'll do!
Vicki (PS0GH) [180] Cheeky!
Julie (PS0GF) [181] [...] ... that'll do!
Gary (PS0GG) [182] Shall I add all that round the side which went all hard?
Julie (PS0GF) [183] It's alright!
[184] Put it in.
[185] You've seen it [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [186] It's not the only thing that goes hard you know!
Julie (PS0GF) [187] [whispering] Shut up! [...] [] !
[188] Oh yeah!
Vicki (PS0GH) [189] Eh eh!
[190] Ki Vicki's.
Julie (PS0GF) [191] No it's
Gary (PS0GG) [192] Your [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [193] not Vicki's!
[194] It's Lee's!
Gary (PS0GG) [195] You'll [...] [...]
Vicki (PS0GH) [196] Ha ha!
Julie (PS0GF) [197] I know, I just had some of it!
Gary (PS0GG) [198] Oh yeah?
Julie (PS0GF) [199] Yeah.
[200] It's not yours!
[201] Now go away!
Vicki (PS0GH) [crying] [...] []
Julie (PS0GF) [202] It's your brother's ... innit?
[203] This is his only, this is first week on so
Gary (PS0GG) [204] We try and [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [205] Yes you can.
[206] This is only his first week on ... food like this.
[207] Dinner then.
Vicki (PS0GH) [208] No.
Julie (PS0GF) [209] So bog off!
[210] Mummy will do your tea afterwards.
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Vicki (PS0GH) [211] Where is ... where's [...] ?
Gary (PS0GG) [212] Well she's going round to Mum and Dad's. [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [213] [laugh] ... Well she obviously knows [...] .
[214] Gary!
[215] I can't feed her without
Gary (PS0GG) [216] Vicki!
Julie (PS0GF) [217] blooming [...] !
Gary (PS0GG) [218] Come on!
[219] Come on!
Julie (PS0GF) [220] How can I feed him on this!
Gary (PS0GG) [221] Do you want the rest of your crisps?
Vicki (PS0GH) [222] Er no!
Julie (PS0GF) [223] No!
[224] No!
Gary (PS0GG) [225] No?
Julie (PS0GF) [226] They're all [...]
Vicki (PS0GH) [227] Ha!
[228] Oh oh oh!
Gary (PS0GG) [229] What do you want, a glass of lemon?
[230] Or lemonade?
Vicki (PS0GH) [231] No!
Julie (PS0GF) [232] No, don't want that.
Vicki (PS0GH) [233] Lemon.
Julie (PS0GF) [234] Yeah.
[235] Lemon?
Vicki (PS0GH) [236] Daddy.
Gary (PS0GG) [237] Come on then!
Julie (PS0GF) [238] Go on then , Daddy'll get you some.
[239] And ask Daddy
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [240] to do Lee a bottle.
Vicki (PS0GH) [241] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [242] It's alright.
Julie (PS0GF) [243] Will you do him his bottle as well Ga ?
Gary (PS0GG) [244] Yes.
Julie (PS0GF) [245] Then you have your tea, eh?
Gary (PS0GG) [246] Vicki!
Vicki (PS0GH) [247] Ah!
[248] Oh oh!
Gary (PS0GG) [249] Lemon?
Vicki (PS0GH) [250] Daddy!
Gary (PS0GG) [251] Or [...] ?
Julie (PS0GF) [252] Come on then, let's stiffen it up.
Vicki (PS0GH) [253] [...] ... It's mine Daddy!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [254] Yeah!
Julie (PS0GF) [255] [laughing] Come on [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [256] Want this?
Vicki (PS0GH) [257] Alright.
Julie (PS0GF) [258] That's better.
Vicki (PS0GH) [259] Daddy.
[260] It's [...] ,da Daddy.
[261] Oh!
Gary (PS0GG) [262] There we go!
Julie (PS0GF) [263] Come on then!
[264] Alright now Vick?
[265] Vicki?
[266] Are you alright?
Vicki (PS0GH) [267] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [268] Hey?
Vicki (PS0GH) [269] Ah.
Julie (PS0GF) [270] Mm!
[271] What does that mean?
[272] Yeah?
Gary (PS0GG) [273] Then [...] to go ... where they are, yeah?
Julie (PS0GF) [274] Yeah.
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [275] Coffee?
Julie (PS0GF) [276] Yes please.
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [277] Who's coming tomorrow Vicki?
Vicki (PS0GH) [278] Di
Julie (PS0GF) [279] Is she?
[280] Is Di coming?
[281] No I don't think so.
Vicki (PS0GH) [282] Nanny.
Julie (PS0GF) [283] No, nanny's not.
Vicki (PS0GH) [284] Oh yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [285] No, who do you go shopping with?
Vicki (PS0GH) [286] Ganga
Julie (PS0GF) [287] Granddad, yeah.
[288] Is Granddad coming tomorrow?
Vicki (PS0GH) [289] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [290] Is he?
[291] Pick it up!
Vicki (PS0GH) [292] Ganga ... car.
Julie (PS0GF) [293] You go in his car do you?
Vicki (PS0GH) [294] Yeah.
[295] He ... ha ah!
Julie (PS0GF) [296] What do you do when you see Granddad coming down in his lorry?
Gary (PS0GG) [297] What's that?
[298] Can I put the water on?
Julie (PS0GF) [299] You don't need it on!
Vicki (PS0GH) [300] Like ... like that!
Gary (PS0GG) [301] I've done the washing.
Vicki (PS0GH) [302] Bath ... bath!
Julie (PS0GF) [303] Yeah, you can have a bath later.
Vicki (PS0GH) [304] Yeah!
Gary (PS0GG) [305] Daddy take you?
Julie (PS0GF) [306] You have a bath after you've had your tea ... and then you go to bed.
Gary (PS0GG) [307] Daddy take you after tea? ... [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [308] What do you do when you see Granddad coming down there in his lorry?
[309] What do you say?
Gary (PS0GG) [310] He don't come down there now does he?
Julie (PS0GF) [311] No.
[312] What do you say?
Gary (PS0GG) [313] He doesn't come down there.
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [314] What do you do?
[315] What do you say?
[316] I know
Vicki (PS0GH) [317] Granddad!
Julie (PS0GF) [318] Granddad!
[319] What else do you do?
[320] ... Go and get me your book then?
[321] Where's your book?
Vicki (PS0GH) [322] I want
Julie (PS0GF) [323] [...] , you won't like it!
Gary (PS0GG) [324] Did you have a card?
[325] She said this morning.
Julie (PS0GF) [326] A card?
Gary (PS0GG) [327] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [328] No!
Gary (PS0GG) [329] Birthday card?
Julie (PS0GF) [330] Oh yes, from Nicky!
[331] She says she's going to come round and ... see me some time.
Gary (PS0GG) [332] Which one.
Julie (PS0GF) [333] Er ... the bottom ... bottom one nearest the stereo.
[334] In the unit.
Gary (PS0GG) [335] Mm mm.
[336] With the bell in it?
Julie (PS0GF) [337] I can't see it.
Gary (PS0GG) [338] Is it up there?
Julie (PS0GF) [339] That's the one.
[340] Next to your Mum's.
Gary (PS0GG) [341] We will be seeing her, seeing, we're going out aren't we, in a couple of weeks time?
Julie (PS0GF) [342] Well, we don't know yet do we?
Gary (PS0GG) [343] What day is it?
Julie (PS0GF) [344] Well it's supposed to be the second week in March that Lyn and Gary come down.
Gary (PS0GG) [345] Oh your Dad said he'd be alright ... to stay here [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [346] Who did?
Gary (PS0GG) [347] Your Dad.
Julie (PS0GF) [348] Did he?
Gary (PS0GG) [349] Oh I think so, yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [350] No!
[351] I ain't asked him yet!
[352] Aye, he said to your Mum ... cos I thought she said might she'd have them again.
Gary (PS0GG) [353] No!
[354] It's too much innit?
Julie (PS0GF) [355] What?
[356] Won't hurt her Gary!
Gary (PS0GG) [357] Or your Mum?
Julie (PS0GF) [358] Yeah, but they're decorating aren't they?
Gary (PS0GG) [359] Well they're not ... for another two or three weeks!
Julie (PS0GF) [360] How do you know that?
[361] They've already started!
Gary (PS0GG) [362] It's ... [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [363] No, it's, they just started the kitchen!
Gary (PS0GG) [364] Started the kitchen.
Julie (PS0GF) [365] Yeah, and he's started the kitchen.
[366] I don't think you want that do you mate?
[367] Is his bottle ready?
Gary (PS0GG) [368] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [369] Yeah, can I have it, he don't want this food.
Gary (PS0GG) [370] Try it first [...] bottle.
Julie (PS0GF) [371] No it's, when I phoned her, went and saw [...] the other night.
[372] What night was it?
[373] Tuesday night weren't it, when Dad was here?
Gary (PS0GG) [374] Yep!
Julie (PS0GF) [375] I phoned her up and er
Gary (PS0GG) [376] Is this ready for wash?
Julie (PS0GF) [377] Yeah.
[378] I phoned her up and ... she said they'd started decorating ... lifting the tiles off on the kitchen wall.
Gary (PS0GG) [379] Are they?
Julie (PS0GF) [380] Yeah.
[381] That's why he don't know when he's gonna get round to see Kevin.
Gary (PS0GG) [382] Ah yeah!
Julie (PS0GF) [383] He said it might be ... tomorrow night, it might not be.
Gary (PS0GG) [384] He might pop round tonight.
Julie (PS0GF) [385] Well they might do but ... I'm, dunno wouldn't like to say.
[386] Cos Mum didn't seem to think when she'd be down ... with him doing that and then they've Di's bedroom to do.
Gary (PS0GG) [387] Is he drinking that?
Julie (PS0GF) [388] Yeah.
[389] Well seems to be.
[390] ... You put the top on right haven't you?
Gary (PS0GG) [391] Yes.
[392] Coffee madam!
Julie (PS0GF) [393] Ta!
[394] Oh!
Gary (PS0GG) [395] Mm!
Julie (PS0GF) [396] I'll have to put it here.
Gary (PS0GG) [397] I've got some [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [398] Put it there look.
Julie (PS0GF) [399] touch it.
[400] No, cos I want ... can you pass me the ashtray and the fags.
[401] Thank you.
[402] Mummy can have a fag now you're not eating it.
[403] In fact, can you stop doing it on the [...] .
Gary (PS0GG) [404] Yeah certainly!
[405] I'll let you finish your fags.
Julie (PS0GF) [406] Oh yeah, not up there
Gary (PS0GG) [407] Well I dunno where
Julie (PS0GF) [408] cos of Vicki.
Gary (PS0GG) [409] you wanna put it!
Julie (PS0GF) [410] Prefer it to be down there ... then I ... can you stay there!
Gary (PS0GG) [411] Can I put me slippers on?
Julie (PS0GF) [412] You've got your own drink haven't you?
Vicki (PS0GH) [413] Oh yeah!
[414] I I [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [415] Alright mate!
[416] Hold on!
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [417] Er er er!
Julie (PS0GF) [418] [...] it.
[419] [...] ... Go on then, drink up!
[420] Good boy!
[421] And where are you going?
[422] ... Get me your book then Vicki?
Vicki (PS0GH) [423] No.
Julie (PS0GF) [424] No, not that one!
[425] Go and get me your little one.
[426] Where's the red one with the ... toothbrush and that in it?
Vicki (PS0GH) [427] Eh?
Julie (PS0GF) [428] Is it out in the kitchen?
Vicki (PS0GH) [429] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [430] Well go and get it then.
[431] Ask Daddy to get it.
Vicki (PS0GH) [432] Oh oh!
Gary (PS0GG) [433] What's that?
Julie (PS0GF) [434] She wants her book off the ... top.
Gary (PS0GG) [435] [...] ?
Julie (PS0GF) [436] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [437] Those miniature books, [...] ?
Julie (PS0GF) [438] Mm.
Vicki (PS0GH) [439] Er er ... [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [440] Come and sit down there and do it with Mummy.
Gary (PS0GG) [441] Sounds dirty!
Julie (PS0GF) [442] No!
[443] She goes through the book don't she?
[444] Tells me who's got shoes and ... hat and coat and everything.
[445] Right!
[446] What, no, you can't do that!
[447] Now you can.
[448] Here are then.
[449] ... Move your [...] bag over there.
Gary (PS0GG) [450] Hello mate!
Julie (PS0GF) [451] Right, come on then look!
Gary (PS0GG) [452] Ooh!
Julie (PS0GF) [453] Right , Mummy turn the pages over and you tell me ... what they all are.
Vicki (PS0GH) [454] Oh!
Julie (PS0GF) [455] What's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [456] Cat.
Julie (PS0GF) [457] Cat.
[458] And who's got a cat?
Vicki (PS0GH) [459] Ganny.
Julie (PS0GF) [460] Granny.
Vicki (PS0GH) [461] Er, I don't like that!
Julie (PS0GF) [462] I know you don't like that, it's a panda.
Vicki (PS0GH) [463] Pinka
Julie (PS0GF) [464] Panda.
Vicki (PS0GH) [465] Choo choo!
Julie (PS0GF) [466] What's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [467] Er ... a teddy.
Gary (PS0GG) [468] Oops!
Vicki (PS0GH) [469] Train.
Julie (PS0GF) [470] It's what?
Vicki (PS0GH) [471] A train.
Julie (PS0GF) [472] A train.
[473] Good girl!
[474] And who's got a train?
Vicki (PS0GH) [475] Vicki.
Julie (PS0GF) [476] Yeah, Vicki has!
[477] Yeah, it's over there innit?
[478] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [479] There.
Julie (PS0GF) [480] Yeah, but what is it?
Vicki (PS0GH) [481] Baby
Julie (PS0GF) [482] Baby boy.
[483] That's right!
[484] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [485] That's a brush.
Julie (PS0GF) [486] Brush.
Vicki (PS0GH) [487] Comb.
Julie (PS0GF) [488] Comb.
[489] What's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [490] Toothbrush.
Julie (PS0GF) [491] Yeah, it's a toothbrush innit?
[492] You clean your teeth with that don't you?
[493] What's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [494] Shoes.
[495] And who's got shoes?
Vicki (PS0GH) [496] Di!
Julie (PS0GF) [497] Dianne has she?
Vicki (PS0GH) [498] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [499] Well I think most people have got shoes Vicki!
[500] What's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [501] Socks.
Julie (PS0GF) [502] Socks.
[503] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [504] Boots.
Julie (PS0GF) [505] Boots.
[506] Who's got
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [507] boots?
Vicki (PS0GH) [508] Fly.
Julie (PS0GF) [509] Fly has has he?
Vicki (PS0GH) [510] And I.
Julie (PS0GF) [511] And I!
Gary (PS0GG) [512] And Daddy.
Julie (PS0GF) [513] Yeah that's right.
[514] And what's that?
Gary (PS0GG) [515] Daddy's got boots.
Vicki (PS0GH) [516] Coat.
Julie (PS0GF) [517] Coat.
[518] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [519] Hat.
Julie (PS0GF) [520] Hat.
[521] Who's got a hat?
Vicki (PS0GH) [522] Carl.
Julie (PS0GF) [523] Carl.
[524] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [525] Shish.
Julie (PS0GF) [526] You have your dish don't you and your
Vicki (PS0GH) [527] Spoon.
Julie (PS0GF) [528] spoon for your tea, yeah.
[529] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [530] Cu
Julie (PS0GF) [531] Cup.
[532] What's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [533] Teddy.
Julie (PS0GF) [534] Teddy.
[535] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [536] Dolly.
Julie (PS0GF) [537] Dolly.
Vicki (PS0GH) [538] Mm.
Gary (PS0GG) [539] She can't answer it!
Julie (PS0GF) [540] What's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [541] Ball.
Julie (PS0GF) [542] Ball, yes!
[543] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [544] Kick it.
Julie (PS0GF) [545] Yeah, you kick the ball don't you?
Gary (PS0GG) [546] You kick with a ball , that's right!
Julie (PS0GF) [547] What's that?
Gary (PS0GG) [548] What's that Vick?
Julie (PS0GF) [549] What's this?
Vicki (PS0GH) [550] Car.
Gary (PS0GG) [551] And what do you do in a car?
[552] Go out?
Julie (PS0GF) [553] Well what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [554] A cow.
Gary (PS0GG) [555] And how's a cow
Julie (PS0GF) [556] A cow.
Gary (PS0GG) [557] go?
[558] Moo!
Julie (PS0GF) [559] And who's got a cow?
Vicki (PS0GH) [560] Nanny.
Julie (PS0GF) [561] Nanny has.
[562] And where's
Vicki (PS0GH) [563] That
Julie (PS0GF) [564] nanny's?
Vicki (PS0GH) [565] [...] cow.
Julie (PS0GF) [566] Nanny's got a cow on her fridge ain't she?
Vicki (PS0GH) [567] [...] cow.
Julie (PS0GF) [568] I know what's in there!
[569] I spot check!
[570] Cheeky little sod!
[571] What's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [572] A cat.
Julie (PS0GF) [573] No!
Vicki (PS0GH) [574] Sheep.
Julie (PS0GF) [575] Sheep.
[576] [laugh] ... What's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [577] Horse.
Julie (PS0GF) [578] Horse, that's right!
[579] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [580] Ah.
Julie (PS0GF) [581] Hen.
[582] Yeah.
[583] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [584] Cat ah.
Julie (PS0GF) [585] A cat.
Gary (PS0GG) [586] Good girl!
Julie (PS0GF) [587] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [588] Little dog.
Julie (PS0GF) [589] It's a dog innit?
Vicki (PS0GH) [590] [...] Ke
Julie (PS0GF) [591] Uncle Kev and?
Vicki (PS0GH) [592] Sa
Julie (PS0GF) [593] No.
[594] And Aunty
Vicki (PS0GH) [595] Samma
Julie (PS0GF) [596] No!
Gary (PS0GG) [597] No!
Julie (PS0GF) [598] Uncle Kev and Aunty?
Gary (PS0GG) [599] [whispering] Ang [] .
Julie (PS0GF) [600] Ang.
[601] And who else has got a dog?
Vicki (PS0GH) [602] De ... Kevin.
Julie (PS0GF) [603] Where did we go for dinner on Sunday?
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [604] We go to Aunty
Vicki (PS0GH) [605] Shello
Julie (PS0GF) [606] Shelly.
Gary (PS0GG) [607] And Uncle?
Julie (PS0GF) [608] Right!
[609] And who's car did you go in?
Gary (PS0GG) [610] Uncle?
Julie (PS0GF) [611] [laughing] Phil's [] , that's right!
Gary (PS0GG) [612] Phil's.
Julie (PS0GF) [613] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [614] Mhm.
Julie (PS0GF) [615] Lee goes in that does he?
[616] He goes in a pushchair don't he?
[617] Yeah!
[618] What's that?
Gary (PS0GG) [cough]
Vicki (PS0GH) [619] Chair.
Julie (PS0GF) [620] Chair.
[621] And who's got a chair?
Vicki (PS0GH) [622] Vicki.
Julie (PS0GF) [623] And what's that for?
[624] What do you use your chair for?
Vicki (PS0GH) [625] Tea!
Julie (PS0GF) [626] Tea, yeah.
[627] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [628] Baby
Julie (PS0GF) [629] Baby what?
Vicki (PS0GH) [630] boy.
Julie (PS0GF) [631] Boy, yeah.
[632] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [633] No, baby?
Vicki (PS0GH) [634] Boy.
Julie (PS0GF) [635] No, that's a baby boy and that's a baby?
Vicki (PS0GH) [636] Boy!
Julie (PS0GF) [637] No, what are you?
Vicki (PS0GH) [638] Baby.
Julie (PS0GF) [639] What are you?
Vicki (PS0GH) [640] A girl.
Julie (PS0GF) [641] Girl.
Vicki (PS0GH) [642] Baby boy.
Julie (PS0GF) [643] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [644] Tree.
Julie (PS0GF) [645] Tree yeah!
[646] And where are the trees?
[647] That's right!
[648] Outside aren't they?
[649] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [650] Flower.
[651] Where's Mummy's flowers?
[652] Where are Mummy's flowers?
[653] Up there look!
[654] Aren't they?
[655] And who bought them for Mummy?
Gary (PS0GG) [656] As Aunty ... Pam would say there's Mummy's coronations!
Julie (PS0GF) [657] [laughing] Oh yeah [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [658] Yeah, Aunty Pam can't say carnations can she Vicki?
Gary (PS0GG) [659] She has to say coronations!
Vicki (PS0GH) [660] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [661] What's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [662] What is it?
Gary (PS0GG) [663] She can't say carnations!
Vicki (PS0GH) [664] Boy.
Julie (PS0GF) [665] Boy.
[666] And er?
Vicki (PS0GH) [667] Girl!
Julie (PS0GF) [668] Girl!
Gary (PS0GG) [669] Girl.
Vicki (PS0GH) [670] Shoes!
Julie (PS0GF) [671] She's got shoes on has she?
Vicki (PS0GH) [672] I've ... [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [673] What have you got on?
Vicki (PS0GH) [674] I've shoes.
Julie (PS0GF) [675] Shoes?
Vicki (PS0GH) [676] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [677] No, what have you got on?
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [678] Pop-ons.
Gary (PS0GG) [679] You got your pop-ons.
Julie (PS0GF) [680] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [681] Truck.
[682] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [683] Bricks.
Julie (PS0GF) [684] Bricks.
[685] And who's got the truck and bricks?
Vicki (PS0GH) [686] Vicki.
Julie (PS0GF) [687] Yeah, Vicki has!
[688] What's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [689] There.
Julie (PS0GF) [690] Yeah, it's over there innit?
[691] That's right!
[692] What's that?
[693] What's this?
Vicki (PS0GH) [694] Erm ... book.
Julie (PS0GF) [695] Book.
[696] And what's that?
[697] [...] . And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [698] Say it again.
Vicki (PS0GH) [699] A bag.
Julie (PS0GF) [700] A bag, yes.
[701] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [702] Keys.
Julie (PS0GF) [703] Keys.
[704] And who's got ... who's got keys?
Vicki (PS0GH) [705] Granddad.
Julie (PS0GF) [706] That's right!
[707] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [708] Clock.
Julie (PS0GF) [709] Watch.
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [710] What's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [711] Lorry.
Julie (PS0GF) [712] No, it's not a lorry.
[713] What is it?
Vicki (PS0GH) [714] A bus.
Julie (PS0GF) [715] It's a bus innit?
[716] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [717] Car.
Julie (PS0GF) [718] A car, that's right!
[719] Alright, so what's this?
Vicki (PS0GH) [720] Orange.
Julie (PS0GF) [721] Orange.
Gary (PS0GG) [722] Good boy!
Julie (PS0GF) [723] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [724] Apple.
Julie (PS0GF) [725] Apple.
Gary (PS0GG) [726] You want pudding?
Julie (PS0GF) [727] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [728] Orange.
Julie (PS0GF) [729] No!
Vicki (PS0GH) [730] Nana.
Julie (PS0GF) [731] [laughing] Nana [] .
[732] Yes!
[733] And wait for it!
[734] What's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [735] Bath.
Julie (PS0GF) [736] Bath.
[737] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [738] A duck.
Julie (PS0GF) [739] Duck.
Vicki (PS0GH) [740] Soap.
Julie (PS0GF) [741] [laughing] Soap [] .
[742] So soap!
Gary (PS0GG) [743] Ooh!
[744] Ooh!
Julie (PS0GF) [745] Bloody hell mate!
[746] [laughing] Who's got wind [] ?
[747] And what's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [748] Boat.
Julie (PS0GF) [749] Boats.
[750] And that's it!
[751] All done!
[752] Good girl!
Gary (PS0GG) [753] Good boy!
Vicki (PS0GH) [754] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [755] Your brother got wind!
Vicki (PS0GH) [756] No!
Julie (PS0GF) [757] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Vicki (PS0GH) [758] Oh no!
Julie (PS0GF) [759] What's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [760] That's a rabbit
Gary (PS0GG) [761] Bu
Julie (PS0GF) [762] innit?
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [belch]
Julie (PS0GF) [763] And what did Mummy have to do
Gary (PS0GG) [764] Good boy!
Julie (PS0GF) [765] with your rabbit?
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [766] Mm.
Gary (PS0GG) [767] Is that better?
Julie (PS0GF) [768] Yeah, your cuddly rabbit that er ... Aunty Nicky bought you for Christmas weren't it?
Vicki (PS0GH) [769] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [770] It's in your bedroom innit?
Vicki (PS0GH) [771] Mm.
[772] Mummy!
[773] Mummy!
Julie (PS0GF) [774] Yeah, what darling?
Vicki (PS0GH) [775] Mummy!
Julie (PS0GF) [776] Yeah, Mummy put it away
Gary (PS0GG) [777] Tickle ickle ickle ickle ickle!
Julie (PS0GF) [778] didn't she?
Gary (PS0GG) [779] Tickle ickle ickle ickle ickle ickle ick!
Julie (PS0GF) [780] Yeah.
[781] You're not to be frightened of it you know.
Gary (PS0GG) [782] What's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [783] That's cos it's
Gary (PS0GG) [cough]
Julie (PS0GF) [784] like Thumper innit?
[785] Like she's
Gary (PS0GG) [786] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [787] got?
[788] Innit?
Gary (PS0GG) [789] [belch] ... Pardon me!
Julie (PS0GF) [790] Look!
[791] Another rabbit look on the telly!
[792] That's like that one innit?
Vicki (PS0GH) [793] A orange rabbit.
Julie (PS0GF) [794] Well if Daddy turns the telly over ... can watch Edd can't you?
Vicki (PS0GH) [795] Yeah.
[796] Edd.
[797] E
Julie (PS0GF) [798] You don't have to turn the sound up.
[799] ... Here are, look who's that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [800] [laughing] No it's not Neighbours!
[801] Not yet [] !
Vicki (PS0GH) [802] It's it's Abers.
Julie (PS0GF) [803] No it's not Neighbours!
[804] Who's that look?
[805] ... Who is it?
Vicki (PS0GH) [806] It's E
Julie (PS0GF) [807] Edd.
[808] And who's got Edd?
Vicki (PS0GH) [809] [laughing] [...] [] !
Julie (PS0GF) [810] Who's got Edd?
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [811] His eye looks sore.
Julie (PS0GF) [812] Does it?
[813] ... Edd the Duck innit?
[814] Who gave you your Edd?
Vicki (PS0GH) [815] Ja
Julie (PS0GF) [816] Jason did did he?
Vicki (PS0GH) [817] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [818] And?
Julie (PS0GF) [819] Who bought your other one?
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [820] [laughing] No [] !
[821] [...] Mum
Gary (PS0GG) [822] No!.
Julie (PS0GF) [823] didn't!
Gary (PS0GG) [824] Mummy.
Julie (PS0GF) [825] Mummy and Daddy.
Vicki (PS0GH) [826] Oh.
Gary (PS0GG) [827] Mummy bought it for Daddy really!
Vicki (PS0GH) [828] And [...] it's Abers.
Julie (PS0GF) [829] No, it's not Neighbours!
[830] [laughing] Not yet [] !
Vicki (PS0GH) [831] Ah.
Julie (PS0GF) [832] Yeah, you'll see Edd again in a minute.
Vicki (PS0GH) [833] Yeah.
[834] Ooh!
Gary (PS0GG) [835] Oops!
Julie (PS0GF) [836] Right in the old left
Vicki (PS0GH) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [837] Oh!
Vicki (PS0GH) [838] [...] yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [839] Was that funny?
Vicki (PS0GH) [840] Mm mm.
Julie (PS0GF) [841] That hurt me!
Vicki (PS0GH) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [842] Was that funny?
Vicki (PS0GH) [843] Ah, it was.
Julie (PS0GF) [844] Does your Dad know you've come home?
Gary (PS0GG) [845] Jimmy was gonna let him know.
Julie (PS0GF) [846] Oh was he?
[847] So you didn't say anything this morning?
Gary (PS0GG) [848] He said ... gonna try and last up to, I said well I've gotta go ... so I'll see how I go but ... I was shaking I just couldn't!
Julie (PS0GF) [849] What did your Mum say then?
Gary (PS0GG) [850] She give me some T C P pastilles.
Julie (PS0GF) [851] [laugh] ... Is that all?
Gary (PS0GG) [852] Dad give me wha what he had in his truck as well.
Julie (PS0GF) [853] I thought they were for sore throats and things Gary?
Gary (PS0GG) [854] They are.
Julie (PS0GF) [855] Well you haven't got a sore throat have you?
Gary (PS0GG) [856] Mm.
Julie (PS0GF) [857] Oh you have!
[858] Hello mate!
[859] Are you cheeky!
Gary (PS0GG) [860] Had a sore throat for a couple of days!
Julie (PS0GF) [861] Hiya cheeky!
[862] Oh Mummy
Gary (PS0GG) [863] But it's not just the sore throat, it's when I cough ... it hurts all over.
Julie (PS0GF) [864] I forgot to ask your Mum yesterday, Dad wants two films getting ... before next Saturday.
Gary (PS0GG) [865] Oh yeah!
Julie (PS0GF) [866] For Di's do.
Gary (PS0GG) [867] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [868] But he says he's gonna pay me on ... he's gonna give me the money on Tuesday
Gary (PS0GG) [869] Shall I get her to get them ... tomorrow?
Julie (PS0GF) [870] Eh?
Gary (PS0GG) [871] Shall I ask her to get
Julie (PS0GF) [872] No!
Gary (PS0GG) [873] them tomorrow?
Julie (PS0GF) [874] No, cos sh ... I always give her the money beforehand.
[875] So on Saturday ... I'll ask her if she can get them Wednesday for me definitely cos then you can ... I can get the money off Dad Tuesday ... you can give it her Wednesday morning, and then I can pick them up Wednesday afternoon when I go over.
[876] But as long as she don't forget Ga ... cos I won't see her, well we'll see her on the Saturday but it ... well I suppose that'll ... that won't make much difference will it?
[877] I suppose we could have them then.
[878] Provi he wants to put them in his camera and that see, so
Gary (PS0GG) [879] Mm mm.
Vicki (PS0GH) [880] Oh!
Julie (PS0GF) [881] Yeah, what is it?
Vicki (PS0GH) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [cough]
Julie (PS0GF) [882] Are you going in the bath later then?
Gary (PS0GG) [883] Daddy take you for a bath?
Vicki (PS0GH) [884] Mm.
[885] Mm.
Gary (PS0GG) [886] Not yet though.
Julie (PS0GF) [887] No, not yet.
[888] All have some
Gary (PS0GG) [889] We'll have so some tea first.
Julie (PS0GF) [890] We'll do tea early seeing as her Daddy's home from work.
Gary (PS0GG) [891] Put the fire back on again soon.
Julie (PS0GF) [892] Oh no you'll have to [...] .
Gary (PS0GG) [893] No, leave
Julie (PS0GF) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [894] I've gone cold again!
Vicki (PS0GH) [895] Eh!
[896] Ah!
Julie (PS0GF) [897] Mm.
Vicki (PS0GH) [898] Ah!
[899] Ah!
Julie (PS0GF) [900] Oh yeah it's hot innit?
Vicki (PS0GH) [901] Cold.
Gary (PS0GG) [902] Mummy.
Julie (PS0GF) [903] It's not cold!
Vicki (PS0GH) [904] No, warm.
Julie (PS0GF) [905] [laughing] Warm is it [] ?
Vicki (PS0GH) [906] Mm.
Gary (PS0GG) [907] Look cold ... his hands are closed.
Julie (PS0GF) [908] You been in the bedroom haven't you mate?
[909] And you ... the heater's not on.
[910] I ain't put the heater on.
Gary (PS0GG) [911] Oh ain't you?
Julie (PS0GF) [912] No!
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Vicki (PS0GH) [913] It's warm.
Julie (PS0GF) [914] It's warm is it?
Vicki (PS0GH) [915] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [916] Where is it warm?
Vicki (PS0GH) [917] In ... there.
Julie (PS0GF) [918] You what?
Vicki (PS0GH) [919] Warm.
Julie (PS0GF) [920] Warm?
[921] I see!
Vicki (PS0GH) [922] Ah! [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [923] Warm your hands up don't you, when you're cold?
[924] Ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh!
Vicki (PS0GH) [925] [laugh] It's
Julie (PS0GF) [926] Can you do it Mummy.
[927] Do it to Mummy.
[928] That's it!
Gary (PS0GG) [929] Ooh what a smile!
Julie (PS0GF) [930] Rub my hands together [...] .
Gary (PS0GG) [931] Smile for Daddy.
Vicki (PS0GH) [932] Cold.
Julie (PS0GF) [933] Am I cold am I?
Gary (PS0GG) [934] Can you smile for your Daddy?
Vicki (PS0GH) [935] Ah! [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [936] Can you smile for your Daddy?
Julie (PS0GF) [937] Pardon!
[938] [laugh] ... Vicki!
Gary (PS0GG) [939] Oh Vicki!
Vicki (PS0GH) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [940] What was that?
Vicki (PS0GH) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [941] Hmm!
Vicki (PS0GH) [942] Mummy.
Gary (PS0GG) [943] Oh dear!
Julie (PS0GF) [944] It wasn't Mummy!
Vicki (PS0GH) [945] Vicki.
Julie (PS0GF) [946] Yeah, it was you weren't it?
Gary (PS0GG) [947] Sounded like Mummy!
Vicki (PS0GH) [948] [...] ... [...] my Mummy nice.
Julie (PS0GF) [949] Is it?
Vicki (PS0GH) [950] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [951] [laughing] Really [] ?
Vicki (PS0GH) [952] It's [...] , Daddy.
[953] Granddad.
Julie (PS0GF) [954] Is it?
Vicki (PS0GH) [955] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [956] Alright then.
Vicki (PS0GH) [957] That was [...] Daddy.
Julie (PS0GF) [958] Really!
[959] I dunno what you're saying!
Vicki (PS0GH) [960] I've
Julie (PS0GF) [961] What are you trying to tell me?
Vicki (PS0GH) [...] [cough]
Julie (PS0GF) [962] Cough it up!
[963] Not like yesterday.
[964] You're not gonna be sick are you?
Vicki (PS0GH) [965] I kiss you [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [966] [laugh] ... You dirty little devil!
Vicki (PS0GH) [967] No, Mummy you!
Julie (PS0GF) [968] It wasn't Mummy!
[969] It was you!
Vicki (PS0GH) [970] I made Mummy [...] .
Gary (PS0GG) [971] Mm!
Julie (PS0GF) [972] Really?
Vicki (PS0GH) [973] And
Julie (PS0GF) [974] What do you think you're doing miss!
[975] Now what you got?
[976] You ain't got a dirty bum have you?
[977] Oh!
Vicki (PS0GH) [978] [...] weren't very nice!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [979] You smell [...] !
Julie (PS0GF) [980] Did it?
[981] Have you?
Vicki (PS0GH) [982] It is very
Julie (PS0GF) [983] Hello mate!
Vicki (PS0GH) [984] nice.
Julie (PS0GF) [985] You need a bath!
Vicki (PS0GH) [986] A bath!
Julie (PS0GF) [987] You need your face washing [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [988] He can have one tonight as well, yeah.
Vicki (PS0GH) [989] But I ... I [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [990] Oh God!
[991] You don't wanna clean your teeth do you Vicki?
[992] It takes you about three hours!
[993] ... Are you going in the bath?
Vicki (PS0GH) [994] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [995] Well I know you are!
Vicki (PS0GH) [996] I want with Daddy.
Julie (PS0GF) [997] Daddy's going to take you is he?
Vicki (PS0GH) [998] Yeah.
[999] And Mummy.
Julie (PS0GF) [1000] No, I'm not!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1001] Daddy.
Julie (PS0GF) [1002] Mm.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1003] I, Lee.
Julie (PS0GF) [1004] Lee's gonna have a bath is he later?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1005] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [1006] Shall we get some sausages out then darling?
Julie (PS0GF) [1007] Go on then.
[1008] Haven't drunk my coffee yet.
Gary (PS0GG) [1009] I'll do it for you my love!
Julie (PS0GF) [1010] [laughing] Oh you bloody creep [] !
Vicki (PS0GH) [1011] Oh [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [1012] What are you doing?
Gary (PS0GG) [1013] How many
Vicki (PS0GH) [1014] I just
Gary (PS0GG) [1015] do you want?
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1016] You're doing [...] .
[1017] Only four.
[1018] Oh, and you better make it five cos
Vicki (PS0GH) [1019] And me!
Julie (PS0GF) [1020] Vicki can have one.
Gary (PS0GG) [1021] Aren't we having
Julie (PS0GF) [1022] Well don't yo ... you don't want anything cooked do you?
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1023] Do, yeah.
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [1024] We gotta put them in the deep fat fryer.
Julie (PS0GF) [1025] Oh no!
[1026] It's not worth getting that out is it?
Gary (PS0GG) [1027] I dunno, it's up to you.
Julie (PS0GF) [1028] No, I wouldn't
Gary (PS0GG) [1029] It's just as easy innit?
Julie (PS0GF) [1030] No [...]
Vicki (PS0GH) [1031] [singing] [...] [...] [] .
Gary (PS0GG) [1032] Get them all in one go then.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1033] Mummy, my Mummy.
Gary (PS0GG) [1034] Yeah.
[1035] Get them all in in one go.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1036] [...] Mummy you [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [1037] I've left the lot out.
Julie (PS0GF) [1038] Yeah.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1039] [singing] Mummy, my Mummy [...] [] .
Gary (PS0GG) [1040] You want five do you?
Julie (PS0GF) [1041] Mhm.
[1042] Well what are you trying to say?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1043] Yeah.
[1044] It's [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [1045] It's up to you, what do you wanna do?
[1046] Wanna get the deep fat fryer out or not?
Julie (PS0GF) [1047] No.
Gary (PS0GG) [1048] No, okay
Vicki (PS0GH) [1049] Erm
Gary (PS0GG) [1050] then.
[1051] Put them on a plate, right?
Julie (PS0GF) [1052] Yeah.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1053] I said ... that!
Julie (PS0GF) [1054] [laughing] Pardon [] ?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1055] I said ... ah ... er ... er.
Julie (PS0GF) [1056] Do you wanna sausage sandwich for tea?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1057] Daddy!
[1058] Daddy!
[1059] Okay.
Julie (PS0GF) [1060] Then we have roast [...] tomorrow night can't we?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1061] Yeah.
[1062] [...] chair Daddy?
Julie (PS0GF) [1063] Mm?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1064] A chair.
Julie (PS0GF) [1065] No, you won't go in your chair yet!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1066] I'll wait for Daddy.
Julie (PS0GF) [1067] Mm.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1068] Er!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [1069] That's twelve out, okay?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1070] Ah [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1071] Bloody hell!
[1072] I thought you were gonna have the bacon?
Gary (PS0GG) [1073] Well I'll have a bit of bacon as well.
[1074] There's not a lot of bacon.
[1075] Can you get some tomorrow?
Julie (PS0GF) [1076] I'll [...] haven't I?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1077] Dad, Daddy!
[1078] Day Daddy.
Julie (PS0GF) [1079] Well I didn't get any last week cos there was still a lot, lot in there Ga .
Gary (PS0GG) [1080] Well [...] taken a lot.
Julie (PS0GF) [1081] Has he?
[1082] Are you talking as well?
[1083] Eh?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1084] And me! [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1085] You what?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1086] That's boy.
Julie (PS0GF) [1087] That's Mummy's coffee!
[1088] Leave it
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1089] alone!
Gary (PS0GG) [1090] Don't get them [...] same time will you?
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1091] Keep your eyes off!
Gary (PS0GG) [1092] You won't ke get all them under the grill as well as the bacon.
Julie (PS0GF) [1093] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [1094] Mm.
Julie (PS0GF) [1095] Ya.
Gary (PS0GG) [1096] Will you?
[1097] Eh?
Julie (PS0GF) [1098] Ya. [laugh]
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [1099] Thought that was Dad then, but it's not he's at work.
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [1100] No Vicki!
[1101] You won't get all them
Julie (PS0GF) [1102] No, don't do that!
Gary (PS0GG) [1103] under the grill will you?
Julie (PS0GF) [1104] Sh
Gary (PS0GG) [1105] As well as the bacon?
[1106] Do the bacon with the ... in the erm ... frying pan.
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [1107] Shall I whack it under ... the grill now?
Julie (PS0GF) [1108] No, not till after.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1109] [...] play.
Julie (PS0GF) [1110] No, leave him Vicki!
[1111] He don't wanna be lifted up!
Gary (PS0GG) [1112] Think we [...] eggs? [...] weren't they?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1113] Say
Gary (PS0GG) [1114] We'll leave it.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1115] Say ... train, play.
Julie (PS0GF) [1116] Pick his bottle up Vicki please?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1117] Want ... some more?
Julie (PS0GF) [1118] No, go and take it out in the kitchen for Mummy.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1119] More?
Julie (PS0GF) [1120] No I don't think he wants it!
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Vicki (PS0GH) [1121] No.
Julie (PS0GF) [1122] Yeah.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1123] No.
Gary (PS0GG) [1124] It's okay. [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1125] He don't want it!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1126] More.
Gary (PS0GG) [1127] Give it Daddy darling.
[1128] Give it to Daddy.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1129] There.
Gary (PS0GG) [1130] No, give it to Daddy.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1131] Ah!
Gary (PS0GG) [1132] Give it Daddy.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1133] Ah!
Julie (PS0GF) [1134] No it can't go up there.
Gary (PS0GG) [1135] No, give it Daddy!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1136] Ah!
Gary (PS0GG) [1137] Here are, Daddy take it out in the kitchen.
Julie (PS0GF) [1138] Ha!
Gary (PS0GG) [1139] No?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1140] No.
Gary (PS0GG) [1141] Oops!
Julie (PS0GF) [1142] Ooh God!
[1143] You sat on him!
[1144] [laughing] Ha, ha ha ah ah [] !
[1145] You give him a kiss now cos you sat on him.
[1146] Look!
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1147] Mm?
Gary (PS0GG) [1148] Will I do tea?
Julie (PS0GF) [1149] Not yet!
Gary (PS0GG) [1150] No, nothing like that.
Julie (PS0GF) [1151] She's trying to put that up there Gary.
Gary (PS0GG) [1152] Right, Daddy do it?
[1153] There you go!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1154] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [1155] No.
Gary (PS0GG) [1156] Shall I give your brother a kiss cos you sat on him?
Julie (PS0GF) [1157] Good girl!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1158] Sorry!
Julie (PS0GF) [1159] Sorry! [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [1160] Sorry!
Julie (PS0GF) [1161] Yeah, she's saying to him.
Gary (PS0GG) [1162] Good girl!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Vicki (PS0GH) [1163] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [1164] Where you going now?
Julie (PS0GF) [1165] You just laugh don't you mate, eh?
Gary (PS0GG) [1166] Come back here.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1167] Sorry!
Julie (PS0GF) [1168] Sorry, yeah alright, you said sorry!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1169] Sorry!
Julie (PS0GF) [1170] Oh!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1171] Sorry!
[1172] Sorry!
Julie (PS0GF) [1173] It's alright innit mate?
Gary (PS0GG) [1174] Come back here!
[1175] What you looking at?
[1176] What have you seen?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1177] No, oh oh oh oh!
Gary (PS0GG) [1178] No , no, no, no, no, no!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1179] No!
[1180] No!
[1181] No!
[1182] No!
[1183] No!
Julie (PS0GF) [1184] Don't kick Vicki!
[1185] ... Oh look Vick!
[1186] Look what's on the telly!
[1187] On our telly look!
Gary (PS0GG) [1188] [whistling] ... Vicki!
[1189] Vicki!
[1190] ... I was gonna clean my tank tonight Jean but ... [laughing] I suppose that's []
Julie (PS0GF) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [1191] Mm?
[1192] Don't kick Mummy darling?
Julie (PS0GF) [1193] It needs cleaning though doesn't it?
Gary (PS0GG) [1194] It does need cleaning, [...] !
[1195] ... Peepbo!
Julie (PS0GF) [1196] You tired mate?
[1197] Ooh mind your feet Vick!
Gary (PS0GG) [1198] Peepbo!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1199] No.
Julie (PS0GF) [1200] Don't want any kicking!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1201] Daddy's.
Julie (PS0GF) [1202] No, it's not Daddy's, it's that lady's innit?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1203] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [1204] That lady brought it
Gary (PS0GG) [1205] Yeah don't touch that!
Julie (PS0GF) [1206] didn't she?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1207] Mummy.
Julie (PS0GF) [1208] Yeah, well you don't touch!
Gary (PS0GG) [1209] It's not ours!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1210] Daddy.
Gary (PS0GG) [1211] A lot of money that!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1212] Lady.
Julie (PS0GF) [1213] Yeah, that lady brought them didn't she?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1214] Mm.
Julie (PS0GF) [1215] That's right!
Gary (PS0GG) [1216] Mm.
Julie (PS0GF) [1217] Was she outside was she, in a car?
Gary (PS0GG) [1218] Is she gone?
[1219] Have a look see if she's gone.
Julie (PS0GF) [1220] Ga this blooming ... cup's all sticky!
Gary (PS0GG) [1221] Mm!
Julie (PS0GF) [1222] With his food!
Gary (PS0GG) [1223] Mind you don't fall!
[1224] Has she gone?
Julie (PS0GF) [1225] Who can you see out there then Vick?
Gary (PS0GG) [1226] Er, a lady.
Julie (PS0GF) [1227] No, that lady's gone ain't she?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1228] Oh!
[1229] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [1230] She'll be back next week.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1231] Yeah.
[1232] And ... back.
Julie (PS0GF) [1233] Ooh!
[1234] Oops!
[1235] Ooh bloody
Gary (PS0GG) [1236] Oops!
Julie (PS0GF) [1237] hell!
[1238] She nearly
Gary (PS0GG) [1239] You alright?
Julie (PS0GF) [1240] went!
Gary (PS0GG) [1241] Ooh ooh ooh!
[1242] Ooh ooh, what have you done?
[1243] Nearly fell didn't you?
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Vicki (PS0GH) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [1244] You're silly aren't you?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1245] Mm.
Julie (PS0GF) [1246] Are you silly?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1247] A yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [1248] Yeah? [laugh]
Vicki (PS0GH) [1249] [...] Daddy.
Gary (PS0GG) [1250] You watch you don't fall!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1251] The lady.
Julie (PS0GF) [1252] No, the lady's gone!
[1253] ... Is it snowing out there?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1254] I she ... ah, [...] !
Julie (PS0GF) [1255] Leave that on tape [...] .
[1256] I quite like that.
[1257] No, don't turn it up!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1258] Ah!
[1259] Ah!
Julie (PS0GF) [1260] They'll make up some
Vicki (PS0GH) [1261] Ah!
Julie (PS0GF) [1262] you can still er
Vicki (PS0GH) [1263] Ah!
[1264] Ah!
[1265] Ah, ah, ah!
Julie (PS0GF) [1266] follow it cos [...] , they probably don't
Vicki (PS0GH) [1267] Ah! [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1268] You have to make up words from the letters that they've er ... but in that order.
[1269] Like that erm ... erm [laughing] I can't think of any [] !
[1270] Er
Gary (PS0GG) [1271] Big words?
Julie (PS0GF) [1272] Well no!
Gary (PS0GG) [1273] Could be anything ... at all.
Julie (PS0GF) [1274] But they've gotta be in that order.
Gary (PS0GG) [1275] H L T
Julie (PS0GF) [1276] Like it's gotta start with a P, then it's gotta have a P before the, before the H.
Gary (PS0GG) [1277] Mhm.
Julie (PS0GF) [1278] If you see what I mean?
Gary (PS0GG) [1279] Mm.
Julie (PS0GF) [1280] Me and your Mum sitting doing one on Wednesday.
[1281] We're a bit we're a bit thick [] !
[1282] Then again they don't give us enough time.
[1283] You could do with like, longer.
[1284] ... And then it's er ... this is Catchword, then at half past
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1285] four it's Countdown.
Gary (PS0GG) [1286] Is this how you [...] what as he got
Vicki (PS0GH) [1287] Daddy.
Gary (PS0GG) [1288] little glasses.
Julie (PS0GF) [1289] Mm.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1290] Lady.
[1291] Lady.
Gary (PS0GG) [cough]
Julie (PS0GF) [...]
Vicki (PS0GH) [1292] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [1293] I don't think Mummy's gotta get up now cos I'm stuck on the floor!
[1294] ... It's all gone.
Gary (PS0GG) [1295] [singing] [...] [] !
Vicki (PS0GH) [1296] I, [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [1297] Mind your brother please.
[1298] Nice?
Gary (PS0GG) [1299] Yum yum!
Julie (PS0GF) [1300] Can you hold that a minute for me while I get up?
[1301] Ta!
Gary (PS0GG) [1302] Cor!
Julie (PS0GF) [1303] Oh these are quite good!
[1304] Anagrams or something.
[1305] All of Red Ben is er ... there are!
[1306] Alfred Noble.
[1307] [laugh] ... It's alright when they bring it up on the screen and then tell you.
[1308] ... Ooh!
[1309] [shouting] No [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [1310] [shouting] Put him down [] !
Julie (PS0GF) [1311] No, Vick you don't pick his [...] up!
Gary (PS0GG) [1312] Gently!
Julie (PS0GF) [1313] I'll come back for you Vicki cos er ... [...] .
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Vicki (PS0GH) [1314] Ooh!
Julie (PS0GF) [1315] Beep beep a minute!
Gary (PS0GG) [1316] Is that all the way round?
Julie (PS0GF) [1317] To er ... Gary
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1318] turn the tape over in a minute, alright?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1319] Daddy!
[1320] Daddy!
[1321] Daddy!
Julie (PS0GF) [1322] I'll chuck this food in the bin Gary [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [1323] Okay.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1324] Mummy!
[1325] Ah!
Julie (PS0GF) [1326] cos it's not worth, he can't eat that again.
[1327] Shouldn't have really warmed it up the first time.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1328] Ee! [baby crying]
Gary (PS0GG) [1329] [...] ... Ooh dear!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1330] I ... here.
Gary (PS0GG) [1331] Where's your dummy?
Julie (PS0GF) [1332] It's there somewhere isn't it?
[1333] It should be there.
[1334] Is he sat on it?
Gary (PS0GG) [1335] Have you sat on your dummy?
Julie (PS0GF) [1336] Oh, I'll go and get it, it might still be in ... in the ... in the car.
Gary (PS0GG) [1337] Yeah.
[1338] I put it in!
Julie (PS0GF) [1339] No, I haven't seen you, I ain't seen him with it!
[1340] Not while, not since you brought him in.
Gary (PS0GG) [1341] [singing] [...] [] .
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1342] I'm just gonna go to the
Gary (PS0GG) [1343] No not with Mummy darling.
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1344] Are you ready?
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [1345] Where's Mummy going?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1346] Pee!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [1347] Where?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1348] Pee.
[1349] Pee.
Gary (PS0GG) [1350] Going to the toilet.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1351] Ah, Vicki.
Gary (PS0GG) [1352] No, you stay here with Daddy.
Julie (PS0GF) [1353] No Vicki!
Gary (PS0GG) [1354] Boing, boing, boing, boing, boing, boing, boing, boing, boing, boing, boing, boing, boing!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1355] Ah!
Gary (PS0GG) [1356] Oh!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1357] Bang!
Gary (PS0GG) [1358] Bang!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1359] Bang!
[1360] Bang!
[1361] Bang!
[1362] Bang!
Gary (PS0GG) [1363] You alright?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1364] I'm going pee, pee!
[1365] A pee! [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [1366] Eh?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1367] A pee.
[1368] Mummy.
[1369] Erm
Gary (PS0GG) [1370] Put it together then.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1371] [...] !
Gary (PS0GG) [1372] Put him together.
[1373] Put [...] together.
[1374] Watch you don't fall!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1375] Bye!
[1376] Bye!
Gary (PS0GG) [1377] Oops!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1378] [...] !
Gary (PS0GG) [1379] Sorry?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1380] Pee.
Gary (PS0GG) [1381] No it's not a potty.
[1382] There's your potty under there.
[1383] But Mummy's gonna change you in a minute.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1384] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [1385] That's it!
[1386] Gently!
[1387] Just do it gently like that.
[1388] That's it, press, that's it!
[1389] That'll do nicely won't it?
[1390] That's nice innit?
[1391] Yeah!
[1392] That's it now, no, no harder.
[1393] [...] gentle my love.
[1394] ... Ooh!
[1395] Ooh ooh ooh!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1396] Baby!
[1397] Baby!
Gary (PS0GG) [1398] Gently Vicki!
[1399] What's on tonight?
[1400] What do we dance to?
[1401] Top of the Pops!
[1402] You and Daddy dance?
[1403] Yeah?
[1404] Tonight, bop?
[1405] You bopping?
[1406] Are we gonna bop [...] ?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1407] Yeah.
[1408] Yeah!
Gary (PS0GG) [1409] Yeah!
[1410] We do don't we?
[1411] And who was on last night?
[1412] Boxing.
[1413] Can you box?
[1414] ... Yeah!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1415] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [1416] No, not on your brother!
[1417] ... Not on your brother I said!
[1418] No!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1419] Poo!
Gary (PS0GG) [1420] Not on your brother!
[1421] Leave him alone!
[1422] Box with Daddy don't you?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1423] On Lee?
Gary (PS0GG) [1424] Yeah!
[1425] ... [shouting] Are you alright Jean [] ?
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [1426] Who's this coming?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1427] Mummy.
[1428] Mummy.
[1429] Mummy.
[1430] Mummy.
Gary (PS0GG) [1431] Do do do do dee do!
[1432] ... The lady.
[1433] Ah, ah ah!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1434] Oh!
[1435] Oh!
Julie (PS0GF) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [1436] [...] ... Yeah okay.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1437] Ah!
Julie (PS0GF) [1438] Is it still going Gary?
Gary (PS0GG) [1439] Looks like it.
Julie (PS0GF) [1440] Yeah, it's nearly finished.
Gary (PS0GG) [1441] Mm.
Julie (PS0GF) [1442] I se ... see Helen, Mum might be going tonight with my er ... prezzie.
[1443] They might come and pick up the [...] .
Gary (PS0GG) [1444] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [1445] Well they might do mightn't they?
[1446] Cos I didn't see her yesterday.
[1447] Look at those [...] the marks all over the the window!
[1448] After that man cleaned them didn't he Vicki?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1449] Oh!
Julie (PS0GF) [1450] Pity they can't do inside as well!
[1451] ... What's she sat on?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1452] Oh!
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [1453] put on with it.
Julie (PS0GF) [1454] Oh well she must be sat on her potty!
[1455] Oh just
Gary (PS0GG) [1456] She wants changing first.
[1457] Oh oh oh oh!
Julie (PS0GF) [1458] Yeah I know.
[1459] I'll do her in a minute.
Gary (PS0GG) [1460] Put the fire back on eh?
Julie (PS0GF) [1461] Mm.
Gary (PS0GG) [1462] I've gone cold!
Julie (PS0GF) [1463] Mm.
[1464] It in't very warm in the bedroom I'll have to go and put the heater on ... in
Gary (PS0GG) [1465] Mm.
Julie (PS0GF) [1466] there after tea cos
Gary (PS0GG) [1467] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [1468] of Lee going to bed.
Gary (PS0GG) [1469] I'll do it now.
Julie (PS0GF) [1470] Alright then.
[1471] Those jeans are on there but they won't hurt.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1472] No!
Gary (PS0GG) [1473] Oh! [...]
Vicki (PS0GH) [1474] And er
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Vicki (PS0GH) [1475] Ah ba !
[1476] Ah ba !
Julie (PS0GF) [1477] Oi no!
[1478] If you do Vicki and Lee ... if we do Vicki and Lee then we can put the water on when they a ... when they're having theirs.
[1479] Can't we?
[1480] It's a bit early yet Ga
Gary (PS0GG) [1481] Yeah.

2 (Tape 039902)

Julie (PS0GF) [1482] That's that erm ... Dartmoor Wildlife Park, that's Dartmoor or wherever it is!
[1483] When he was little he was sat in his buggy
Gary (PS0GG) [1484] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [1485] his lunch.
[1486] And she gotta showed down
Gary (PS0GG) [1487] Fifteen bits and then [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1488] from on top of a
Phil (PS0GK) [1489] Now that's right!
Julie (PS0GF) [1490] building.
Gary (PS0GG) [1491] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [1492] Right on top of him ... and it turned round and smacked
Gary (PS0GG) [1493] Oh!
Julie (PS0GF) [1494] him in the face [...] and he's never liked them since.
Gary (PS0GG) [1495] No, leave the sound!
[1496] You can listen to it without the sound.
Phil (PS0GK) [1497] Why, what you got on?
Gary (PS0GG) [1498] [laughing] Ha!
[1499] This [] !
Phil (PS0GK) [1500] There's ashtray there.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1501] Oh well aunty Julie's had a little boy then Sam?
Sammy (PS0GL) [1502] Yeah I know.
Phil (PS0GK) [1503] Could [...] .
[1504] No, you're not allowed to have it.
Sammy (PS0GL) [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1505] Yeah exactly eight pound.
Phil (PS0GK) [1506] Eight pound?
[1507] That's quite big innit?
Julie (PS0GF) [1508] Not really.
[1509] Not seeing the size she was.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1510] No!
[1511] And they said it was gonna be a difficult birth and that cos [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [1512] Can you see the spikes?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1513] baby isn't she?
Gary (PS0GG) [1514] Yeah.
Phil (PS0GK) [1515] Just see them can't you?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1516] [...] didn't she?
Julie (PS0GF) [1517] I thought she was really lucky though!
Phil (PS0GK) [1518] Mind you don't bang your head.
[1519] Alright?
Gary (PS0GG) [1520] Yeah not bad for trainers as well in't they?
Phil (PS0GK) [1521] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [1522] Normal
Vicki (PS0GH) [1523] Lee!
Gary (PS0GG) [1524] normal trainers but they just got spikes in them.
[1525] Seventy, about seventy five pound a pair!
Julie (PS0GF) [1526] So he's gonna do it cash?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1527] Well the chap came yesterday
Phil (PS0GK) [1528] Watch!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1529] when
Vicki (PS0GH) [1530] Ouch!
Phil (PS0GK) [1531] Exactly!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1532] she was on her way into town see
Sammy (PS0GL) [1533] [screaming] Ahhh [] !
Phil (PS0GK) [1534] Well I don't know which turns out ... best
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1535] And she came out a you know seeing who was going in
Sammy (PS0GL) [1536] [screaming] Ah ah ah ah ah [] !
Phil (PS0GK) [1537] They know when.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1538] and Phil went round there yesterday afternoon.
Phil (PS0GK) [1539] Fifteen quid for this.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1540] And she said that she'd had the baby she was [...] great.
Phil (PS0GK) [1541] How many am I losing?
[1542] Yeah but, and she should of phoned, did she?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1543] She did!
Gary (PS0GG) [1544] Well yeah, we had a [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [1545] And if you wrap them round the [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1546] Supposed to be going down there this afternoon but
Phil (PS0GK) [1547] Well should have won
Sammy (PS0GL) [1548] oi!
Phil (PS0GK) [1549] the shoe [...] .
[1550] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [1551] They had a bit of bad luck they reckon it was [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [1552] Oh, yes I know.
[1553] He sat in seven minutes didn't he?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1554] We'll just drop the kids over Beryl's and er
Gary (PS0GG) [1555] And leave them, leave with them [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [cough]
Gary (PS0GG) [1556] don't they?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1557] Got to just pop into town.
Julie (PS0GF) [1558] Okay.
Gary (PS0GG) [1559] What's that?
[1560] Oh Malcolm does like turkey so we'll have turkey tomorrow.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1561] Yeah, I couldn't get one down Co-op yesterday, they didn't have any.
[1562] Well they did
Phil (PS0GK) [1563] Well chicken.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1564] You could either have a ten or a twelve pound
Phil (PS0GK) [1565] No, not that.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1566] one
Gary (PS0GG) [1567] You not getting them and all?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1568] or you could have a
Gary (PS0GG) [1569] What about you?
Julie (PS0GF) [1570] I gotta cook chicken for them.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1571] Or you could have a
Vicki (PS0GH) [1572] No!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1573] piddling little chicken
Vicki (PS0GH) [1574] No!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1575] for about four pound
Phil (PS0GK) [1576] You don't get nothing on them chickens?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1577] cos only had ... not ha , I thought no way!
Phil (PS0GK) [1578] At least I'll give you, who's gonna bet
Julie (PS0GF) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [1579] right, who is ... at first place tomorrow, they're bound to be two, first [...] of the day, so
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1580] I thought well in town you can get about ... they have er ... a big turkey.
[1581] I'll go and get one this afternoon.
[1582] And I've gotta get erm
Vicki (PS0GH) [1583] No!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1584] It's your granddad's birthday innit, on Tuesday?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1585] Urgh!
Julie (PS0GF) [1586] Sit down!
Phil (PS0GK) [1587] Yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1588] I'll get him a card.
Vicki (PS0GH) [crying]
Gary (PS0GG) [1589] Vicki!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1590] Well I'm only
Gary (PS0GG) [1591] Stop pulling her hair!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1592] I'm only giving cards out because as you know nan doesn't bother with birthdays
Sammy (PS0GL) [1593] Yeah sit er [...] !
Gary (PS0GG) [1594] Terrible!
[1595] Them two!
[1596] Pulling hair!
Vicki (PS0GH) [crying]
Julie (PS0GF) [1597] Well you're pulling [...] , you little bugger!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1598] And I suppose I better get er ... Carl's birthday card while I'm at it.
Gary (PS0GG) [1599] oi!
Julie (PS0GF) [1600] You saw that card
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1601] I brought for Andy didn't you?
[1602] Oh I didn't show you it.
[1603] Just come this way.
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1604] Have a swinging birthday
Gary (PS0GG) [1605] Take this ... take this [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1606] no, it's your birthday have a swinging time on
Gary (PS0GG) [1607] Come here!
Julie (PS0GF) [1608] and then inside it said ... gotta make sure you give in any ... no, let's hope you you get
Phil (PS0GK) [1609] Up you get!
Julie (PS0GF) [1610] what you've got!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Sammy (PS0GL) [1611] Yo you've got a [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [1612] Get Julie a card as well.
Phil (PS0GK) [1613] I should thrash her!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1614] I ought to go to the party.
Julie (PS0GF) [1615] Oh I think I've got one.
Phil (PS0GK) [1616] Oh yes.
Julie (PS0GF) [1617] Yeah, it's a lovely [...] from erm ... Avon for Anne.
[1618] But er ... be fine for the baby and everything.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1619] And where else?
Phil (PS0GK) [1620] But er
Julie (PS0GF) [1621] That's right, yeah.
Phil (PS0GK) [1622] where do you put your
Julie (PS0GF) [1623] so I ordered a ... so many [...]
Vicki (PS0GH) [1624] mum mum!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1625] That's right.
[1626] [...] hotel.
Phil (PS0GK) [1627] Not quite there.
[1628] Get that hat.
Julie (PS0GF) [1629] Cos I said [...] .
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1630] Yeah she used
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1631] to [...] nice.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1632] Ah no!
[1633] No!
Phil (PS0GK) [1634] nought point ten and going up ... point two of a second, that is fast!
Gary (PS0GG) [1635] Yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1636] Have you gotta get a card for Julie as well?
Gary (PS0GG) [1637] First leg look.
Phil (PS0GK) [1638] [...] ... that's what's ...
Julie (PS0GF) [1639] Yeah, Vicki bought a birthday card for nanny when it comes round.
Phil (PS0GK) [1640] what I reckon, easy that, that easy to get that ... far outright.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [1641] [...] ... uncle.
[1642] There are!
[1643] New baby.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1644] Oh and it's blue as well!
Julie (PS0GF) [1645] Yeah.
[1646] I knew I'd got one somewhere.
Gary (PS0GG) [1647] That's from [...]
Vicki (PS0GH) [cough]
Phil (PS0GK) [1648] That's the [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1649] I got a wedding ... wedding day card there
Phil (PS0GK) [1650] that's the one [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [1651] you don't know anybody that's getting married do you?
Phil (PS0GK) [1652] I think that's [...] .
[1653] And our boys been there haven't they [...] ?
[1654] Canada.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1655] Oh right!
Gary (PS0GG) [1656] This is fixing it innit?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [1657] There was a
Gary (PS0GG) [1658] Aha.
Phil (PS0GK) [1659] [...] charity match.
Julie (PS0GF) [1660] Got one haven't I?
Gary (PS0GG) [1661] Come on!
Phil (PS0GK) [1662] No.
Julie (PS0GF) [1663] No we , well you know I bought
Sammy (PS0GL) [1664] You you get the handle
Julie (PS0GF) [1665] who's some of that for?
Sammy (PS0GL) [1666] you get, hold onto the handle ... no not there!
Gary (PS0GG) [1667] Erm ... I'd like to see whoever wins this.
Sammy (PS0GL) [1668] Erm ... making a car!
Phil (PS0GK) [1669] Can't wait to see their face!
Julie (PS0GF) [1670] Well my mum got it for [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [1671] What, whichever gonna get mi , if somebody, they get a medal don't they? [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1672] Well mum , mum got me this when
Phil (PS0GK) [1673] It is [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1674] cos a friend of mine had a ... baby and we thought it was gonna be a boy and she had another bloody girl!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [1675] First!
Julie (PS0GF) [1676] She'd already bought the bloody card!
Gary (PS0GG) [1677] Cos there's only three lots been down in't there?
Phil (PS0GK) [1678] Four.
Gary (PS0GG) [1679] Oh well the French.
[1680] [...] then aren't they?
[1681] Can't go any higher.
[1682] Stu , they'll go down now look, you watch!
[1683] Oh, they're second!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1684] A ca car go down.
[1685] A car!
Julie (PS0GF) [1686] No it isn't granddad.
Phil (PS0GK) [1687] They're in the house now.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1688] A car!
Sammy (PS0GL) [1689] What?
[1690] [...] ... Shut up!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1691] [...] Mummy!
Gary (PS0GG) [1692] That's [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [1693] Yes.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1694] That was Vicki's
Phil (PS0GK) [1695] Eight point one of a second!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1696] car!
Gary (PS0GG) [1697] Mm.
Julie (PS0GF) [1698] Yes.
[1699] It's my granddad's innit?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1700] Yeah!
[1701] And Vicki's
Gary (PS0GG) [1702] Seventy six.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1703] [...] !
Gary (PS0GG) [1704] Wait!
[1705] They're getting slower!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1706] A A key ... a
Sammy (PS0GL) [1707] Ah.
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Vicki (PS0GH) [1708] Ah key ah key!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1709] How can you [...] ?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1710] He ... Ah!
Gary (PS0GG) [1711] Which one's that of ours?
[1712] The second England soon innit?
Phil (PS0GK) [1713] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [1714] [...] the first.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1715] Daddy!
Phil (PS0GK) [1716] They were ninth weren't they?
Gary (PS0GG) [1717] Well they ain't gonna stay there long!
[1718] We got all the big blokes to come yet!
[1719] They got Vanden
Phil (PS0GK) [1720] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [1721] What's his name?
Julie (PS0GF) [1722] Hang on a minute!
[1723] Out the way a minute!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1724] Oh oh!
Phil (PS0GK) [1725] The German?
Gary (PS0GG) [1726] Popoloff, no what's his name?
Phil (PS0GK) [1727] Er
Julie (PS0GF) [1728] [laughing] Popoloff [] !
Phil (PS0GK) [1729] Hopa.
Gary (PS0GG) [1730] Hopa.
Phil (PS0GK) [1731] I wonder if Hopa will get out of that?
Gary (PS0GG) [1732] They got bars up their sleeves in't they?
[1733] The Hopa's of Germany.
Phil (PS0GK) [1734] Andy Pandy for ... What was that?
Julie (PS0GF) [1735] That's a new one.
Gary (PS0GG) [1736] A slip.
Julie (PS0GF) [1737] Well it's a
Vicki (PS0GH) [1738] I see!
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [...]
Vicki (PS0GH) [1739] Mummy!
[1740] Mum!
Phil (PS0GK) [1741] Oh full points!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1742] [shouting] Mum!
[1743] Mum [] !
Phil (PS0GK) [1744] Cor!
[1745] Not good!
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [1746] Or watch Kirsty.
Gary (PS0GG) [1747] Oh well it should be fun now, Kirsty!
Julie (PS0GF) [1748] Oh well
Gary (PS0GG) [1749] Tell [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [1750] Kirsty and Sam the other night, they were punching shit out of each other weren't they!
Gary (PS0GG) [1751] they plenty of ti , they got plenty [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [1752] Where are they now?
Gary (PS0GG) [1753] It won't be all Kirsty now, they're in one already!
[1754] Germany.
Julie (PS0GF) [1755] Carl will speak to Michael now.
Gary (PS0GG) [1756] Well di , did Andy want a boy?
Julie (PS0GF) [1757] No!
[1758] He wanted another girl didn't he?
Gary (PS0GG) [1759] No, he wanted a boy.
Julie (PS0GF) [1760] No, cos Julie wanted a boy ... and Andy wanted another girl!
Gary (PS0GG) [1761] He wanted a boy!
Julie (PS0GF) [1762] Well why did he say to me he wanted a girl?
Gary (PS0GG) [1763] I done, was having.
[1764] Cos she was something one night, well said yeah that she wants more than, he wants more than two.
Phil (PS0GK) [1765] If it was a girl
Vicki (PS0GH) [1766] [...] !
Gary (PS0GG) [1767] he'd have a
Phil (PS0GK) [1768] if it was another girl he would have another one.
Gary (PS0GG) [1769] Vicki!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1770] Yep!
Gary (PS0GG) [1771] Gently!
[1772] I know you!
[1773] Be nice!
Julie (PS0GF) [1774] Ooh ooh ooh ooh!
Gary (PS0GG) [1775] Vicki!
Julie (PS0GF) [1776] Gently!
[1777] You little sod!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [1778] oi!
Julie (PS0GF) [1779] Go and do it with your dolly, go on!
[1780] Where is she?
[1781] Go on I'll go and get her.
Phil (PS0GK) [1782] That's sick!
Gary (PS0GG) [1783] [laughing] Disgusting innit [] !
Julie (PS0GF) [1784] Mind your foot Vicki!
Gary (PS0GG) [1785] Come here!
Sammy (PS0GL) [1786] Keep still Vicki!
[1787] Mind the chair!
Phil (PS0GK) [1788] [laughing] Oh God [] !
Sammy (PS0GL) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [1789] It's her!
Sammy (PS0GL) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [1790] What is it about hair?
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1791] She didn't hear us!
Phil (PS0GK) [1792] Nearly!
Gary (PS0GG) [1793] She did! oi!
Julie (PS0GF) [1794] Gently!
[1795] Oh!
[1796] Give her that back!
Gary (PS0GG) [1797] Gently!
Julie (PS0GF) [1798] Go and play!
[1799] Go on then!
[1800] [shouting] No [] !
Vicki (PS0GH) [1801] Get off!
Gary (PS0GG) [1802] Well let go then!
[1803] Give it back to Stephanie ... nicely!
[1804] Come over here!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1805] [shouting] No [] !
Julie (PS0GF) [1806] Who come see
Phil (PS0GK) [1807] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [1808] you last night?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1809] Di.
Julie (PS0GF) [1810] No she didn't!
Gary (PS0GG) [1811] Fifty eight point
Vicki (PS0GH) [1812] Nana and granddad.
Phil (PS0GK) [1813] What is it gonna be?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1814] Di!
Julie (PS0GF) [1815] No!
Gary (PS0GG) [1816] Take fifty three.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1817] No!
Julie (PS0GF) [1818] Who come to see you?
Phil (PS0GK) [1819] Fifty five
Vicki (PS0GH) [1820] Granddad.
Phil (PS0GK) [1821] fifty six, fifty seven, fifty eight
Vicki (PS0GH) [1822] Granddad
Julie (PS0GF) [1823] No, who's got a blue van?
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1824] Well
Gary (PS0GG) [1825] That's three in one is it?
Julie (PS0GF) [1826] No Pete [...] !
Phil (PS0GK) [1827] Just the three.
Gary (PS0GG) [1828] Three in one.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1829] Pete [...] ?
Julie (PS0GF) [1830] Uncle
Gary (PS0GG) [1831] Three in two.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1832] Stuart.
Gary (PS0GG) [1833] I got three in one to come yet!
[1834] Banda!
[1835] And they Hopa yet, [...] for Germany.
Phil (PS0GK) [1836] This is Havvaher.
Julie (PS0GF) [1837] Gerald!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1838] Gerald.
Sammy (PS0GL) [1839] Gerald.
Phil (PS0GK) [1840] It's all on that fall.
Sammy (PS0GL) [...]
Vicki (PS0GH) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [1841] No this is one
Vicki (PS0GH) [1842] [...] ! [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [1843] Yeah but is that Canada one or Canada [...] ?
Julie (PS0GF) [1844] No you're not having any sweets cos [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [1845] It was Canada , was it Canada one or Canada two?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1846] Yes my [...] okay.
Julie (PS0GF) [1847] Joe give, oh yeah Joe will give you sweets won't he?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1848] Ah!
[1849] I like pee pee!
[1850] Give me!
Sammy (PS0GL) [1851] Yes, yes we [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [1852] Upset.
Sammy (PS0GL) [1853] [...] gonna get them now.
Gary (PS0GG) [1854] Yeah?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1855] Go on then you'll be able to see mummy from work.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1856] Granddad.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [1857] I've been up the bath.
Julie (PS0GF) [1858] Oh yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1859] He come home Thursday.
[1860] Here are Phil.
[1861] That's ... what?
Julie (PS0GF) [1862] Has he got that thing going?
Phil (PS0GK) [1863] I don't wanna make [...] .
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1864] Yeah I think so.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1865] Nanny!
Phil (PS0GK) [1866] Yes.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1867] What?
Julie (PS0GF) [1868] Why have you got the sound up on the telly then?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1869] Philip!
Gary (PS0GG) [1870] Cos I'm listening to the kids.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1871] Philip!
[1872] You and the bloody telly, he sat there with the ashtray in his hand and all bloody ash is falling out the bottom!
Julie (PS0GF) [1873] Just rub it in.
Phil (PS0GK) [1874] Who's that?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1875] Here are.
Gary (PS0GG) [1876] I dunno.
[1877] ... Is the guy [...] with this?
Phil (PS0GK) [1878] Yeah.
[1879] This is the Hopa, this German man.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1880] Weeee
Gary (PS0GG) [1881] No, this is a Swede!
Julie (PS0GF) [1882] You got a nappy on!
Gary (PS0GG) [1883] Bander.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1884] Oh!
Gary (PS0GG) [1885] No.
[1886] They've already won a two man bobsleigh [...] .
Vicki (PS0GH) [1887] Ha!
Julie (PS0GF) [1888] oi!
Phil (PS0GK) [1889] Yeah, that fucking England should have won that!
Gary (PS0GG) [1890] Well yeah but that's life innit?
Phil (PS0GK) [1891] Fucking so, Grundy, fucking
Gary (PS0GG) [1892] The
Phil (PS0GK) [1893] lost it all!
Gary (PS0GG) [1894] They're having fucking [...] !
Julie (PS0GF) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [1895] Thorpe wasn't too bad.
[1896] For the first leg he was [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1897] Oh it's cold innit?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1898] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [1899] And really windy do you think?
Gary (PS0GG) [1900] The course was crap!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1901] That man [...] coming to do
Phil (PS0GK) [1902] Here are look!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1903] my windows again Thursday.
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Sammy (PS0GL) [1904] But I ... but I
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1905] Mm.
Sammy (PS0GL) [1906] hit eye.
Phil (PS0GK) [1907] And what about [...] ?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1908] [laugh] ... You don't like him do you?
Sammy (PS0GL) [1909] No.
Gary (PS0GG) [1910] Which one?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [1911] But they keep it.
[1912] They keep the lead
Julie (PS0GF) [1913] Well
Gary (PS0GG) [1914] don't they?
[1915] And they don't [...] .
Sammy (PS0GL) [1916] Here are!
Phil (PS0GK) [1917] Most of them get back into it in a big way [...] .
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1918] Come and clean my windows and I owed him from the last time.
Phil (PS0GK) [1919] That's why they do it in the middle but it's
Vicki (PS0GH) [1920] Go on!
Phil (PS0GK) [1921] the first still [...] .
Vicki (PS0GH) [1922] Car!
[1923] Come and look!
Sammy (PS0GL) [1924] Ooh ee!
Julie (PS0GF) [1925] Mm.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1926] Gone.
Gary (PS0GG) [1927] He's harmless thought ain't he? [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1928] Yeah he's gone.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1929] I sit a mummy.
Julie (PS0GF) [1930] Don't you think it's horrible [...] round here?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1931] Ooh!
Sammy (PS0GL) [1932] That is, this.
Gary (PS0GG) [1933] But he won't do them now!
[1934] Not only that, if you paid thirty pound you could go down there couldn't you?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1935] Ah mummy!
Phil (PS0GK) [1936] There's a [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1937] Yeah?
Phil (PS0GK) [1938] I mean he wanted
Gary (PS0GG) [1939] Ah.
Phil (PS0GK) [1940] to keep them
Gary (PS0GG) [1941] Ah.
Phil (PS0GK) [1942] [...] .
Vicki (PS0GH) [1943] [...] !
[1944] Mummy!
Phil (PS0GK) [1945] They're not interested in them
Julie (PS0GF) [1946] Yeah?
Phil (PS0GK) [1947] now cos [...] .
Gary (PS0GG) [1948] But the thing is you won't
Phil (PS0GK) [1949] They're seconds
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [1950] The thing is
Julie (PS0GF) [1951] So where's England?
[1952] England's been knocked right down now haven't they?
Phil (PS0GK) [1953] Seventh.
Vicki (PS0GH) [1954] [shouting] Hey [] !
Julie (PS0GF) [1955] Vicki!
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1956] Vicki!
Phil (PS0GK) [1957] But erm ... but the thing is ... they ca , they co the blokes don't have to ... behind don't see that much do they?
[1958] They got their head down, see that
Gary (PS0GG) [1959] Right!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1960] Play with the other one Sam?
Phil (PS0GK) [1961] Here's Hopa!
Vicki (PS0GH) [crying]
Phil (PS0GK) [1962] See they got they're ... head down all the time.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1963] Have to get out one of them dolls Phil.
[1964] Gonna have to get one of them dolls, she loves them.
Phil (PS0GK) [1965] Yeah alright.
[1966] Alright.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [...]
Sammy (PS0GL) [crying]
Gary (PS0GG) [1967] He's got [...] hasn't he?
Phil (PS0GK) [1968] Oh yeah [...] .
Sammy (PS0GL) [crying]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1969] Play with the other one!
Sammy (PS0GL) [crying]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1970] Look!
[1971] Play with that one!
Gary (PS0GG) [1972] That one's nice over by there cos it's got the long hair.
Julie (PS0GF) [1973] Yeah but one's not gonna fit!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Sammy (PS0GL) [crying]
Gary (PS0GG) [1974] Yep!
[1975] I knocked out by four.
Phil (PS0GK) [1976] I'll play er ... Germans.
Julie (PS0GF) [1977] I'm waiting for you.
Gary (PS0GG) [1978] Germans.
Julie (PS0GF) [1979] Even wait outside [...] .
Phil (PS0GK) [1980] German's off!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1981] Mummy! [screaming]
[1982] Ah [] !
Julie (PS0GF) [1983] Vicki!
Gary (PS0GG) [1984] Where's she's going to?
[1985] Where's she going?
Vicki (PS0GH) [1986] Not me! ... [crying]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [...] [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [1987] You're not to come down until [...] baby!
Vicki (PS0GH) [1988] [crying] ... Aye [] ?
Gary (PS0GG) [1989] [...] said so.
Phil (PS0GK) [1990] Fifty eight point one.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1991] What about the baby look! [...] ! [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [1992] Mm!
[1993] Eight pound!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1994] Ooh!
[1995] That's a weight of [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [1996] Did you tell her we'll wait here?
Phil (PS0GK) [1997] I'm waiting here so
Shelly (PS0GJ) [...] [...]
Vicki (PS0GH) [1998] But ma mummy!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [1999] Don't you think so?
[2000] We left off eight pound and [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Vicki (PS0GH) [2001] Mummy!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2002] at three and a half months!
Phil (PS0GK) [2003] Yeah, I mean personally.
Vicki (PS0GH) [2004] She.
Julie (PS0GF) [2005] She.
[2006] That's right.
Sammy (PS0GL) [2007] It's [...] !
Julie (PS0GF) [2008] Oh you want in that do you?
Gary (PS0GG) [2009] Think so.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2010] Right.
Phil (PS0GK) [2011] No!
[2012] Going in all over ... that's the position anyway!
Julie (PS0GF) [2013] There are Phil
Phil (PS0GK) [2014] That's from last night.
Julie (PS0GF) [2015] if I give you that four.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2016] Alright.
Vicki (PS0GH) [2017] Vicki!
Julie (PS0GF) [2018] Mm mm!
Vicki (PS0GH) [2019] Wee wee!
Phil (PS0GK) [2020] Is that for me?
Julie (PS0GF) [2021] That's for your sister.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2022] There you go!
[2023] Oop!
Phil (PS0GK) [2024] Had my [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2025] Ah shit on my foot!
Phil (PS0GK) [2026] cos I was late.
Gary (PS0GG) [laugh]
Vicki (PS0GH) [2027] Wee wee!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2028] Do you see Brookside last night?
Julie (PS0GF) [2029] No!
[2030] No cos he don't let me watch it!
Gary (PS0GG) [2031] Crap!
Julie (PS0GF) [2032] You don't!
Gary (PS0GG) [2033] It wasn't me last night!
[2034] That's crap!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2035] Why don't you watch it?
Phil (PS0GK) [2036] [...] last night.
Sammy (PS0GL) [2037] Urgh!
[2038] Hello!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2039] It was good!
Gary (PS0GG) [2040] Then [...] I do normally watch it with you.
[2041] You didn't watch it last night.
Julie (PS0GF) [2042] Only Mondays.
Gary (PS0GG) [2043] Your lying again
Phil (PS0GK) [2044] Well
Gary (PS0GG) [2045] again to me!
Julie (PS0GF) [2046] I'm not allowed to Wednesdays cos your mum don't watch it on a Wednesday!
Gary (PS0GG) [2047] Well that's nothing to do with me!
[2048] You can't blame me
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2049] [laughing] Oh that's nice [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [2050] then can you?
[2051] Can't blame me for that!
Phil (PS0GK) [2052] Er ... end of [...] .
[2053] Cos she was [...] would she? [...] cake
Gary (PS0GG) [2054] Who?
[2055] Cake?
[2056] No!
Phil (PS0GK) [2057] for her birthday.
Julie (PS0GF) [2058] Yeah, a big cake.
Phil (PS0GK) [2059] Got her some [...] .
[2060] Said Happy Birthday
Julie (PS0GF) [2061] Well na
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [2062] we, they [...] the cake and er ... she wouldn't ... wouldn't sit down so ... Terry kept saying to her right now what you doing?
[2063] She said, hang on
Vicki (PS0GH) [2064] Wee wee!
Julie (PS0GF) [2065] a minute!
Phil (PS0GK) [2066] They come right up [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [2067] Called us all in the lounge ... and gave us a
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [2068] bottle of Taboo
Phil (PS0GK) [2069] back in with her, like.
Julie (PS0GF) [2070] and about that much left in the bottle ... so er
Phil (PS0GK) [2071] Seventy mile an hour.
Julie (PS0GF) [2072] went and got the lemonade ... so I was tipping it in, so Terry goes, he goes I'll have it all!
Vicki (PS0GH) [2073] Urgh!
Julie (PS0GF) [2074] [laugh] ... Throw us a drink!
Phil (PS0GK) [2075] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [2076] Yeah, one point two.
Julie (PS0GF) [2077] Gerald come in and he said you been on the piss already?
[2078] I said am I hell!
[2079] I said I gotta be bloody sober!
Gary (PS0GG) [2080] You didn't you get [...] ?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2081] You got cake as well then?
Julie (PS0GF) [2082] Yeah!
[2083] Bought me a chocolate ... sponge thing.
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [2084] Oh ... Gary and ... me and
Phil (PS0GK) [2085] I feel [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [2086] her and Vicki had a piece.
Phil (PS0GK) [2087] And he said, yeah take what [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [2088] And I said, well I'll put it back in the fridge and she said no, she said take it home she said
Gary (PS0GG) [2089] Yeah but
Julie (PS0GF) [2090] I bought it for you.
Gary (PS0GG) [2091] when you're thinking about it it's not even a second out.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2092] What's wrong with her?
Julie (PS0GF) [2093] So then she come round and she said I don't even do this for Karen!
Phil (PS0GK) [2094] Another one down there.
Julie (PS0GF) [2095] She said Karen wouldn't be very happy if she found out!
Gary (PS0GG) [2096] Ooh yes!
[2097] If she finds out.
Julie (PS0GF) [2098] I said, but who's gonna tell her?
[2099] Who me?
Phil (PS0GK) [2100] It's a lot innit Ga ?
Julie (PS0GF) [2101] So I thought well ... I'm not!
Gary (PS0GG) [2102] What?
Phil (PS0GK) [2103] It's a lot in this innit?
Gary (PS0GG) [2104] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [2105] Yeah!
[2106] And then she said er ... when she
Phil (PS0GK) [2107] All that!
Julie (PS0GF) [2108] come home from work ... she said I've been looking round in Boots and that for you, she said er ... I've decided, she said I was gonna get you a gift voucher.
Gary (PS0GG) [2109] Twice you've just [...] I'm watching you two!
Julie (PS0GF) [2110] for for Marks and Spencers or
Phil (PS0GK) [2111] Ah?
Julie (PS0GF) [2112] somewhere like that ... she said, but I've er decided not to, she said I'll give you the money on Saturday if that's alright?
Phil (PS0GK) [2113] Only [...] .
Gary (PS0GG) [2114] You mean what I said [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [2115] So I said er ... but I know you're off to Torquay on Friday with Di, cos that's him hinting, thank God it's out!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [2116] So she said er
Gary (PS0GG) [2117] After calling me a bastard and all this now [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [2118] so she I , I'll sort you out
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [2119] on Saturday!
[2120] So
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2121] What
Gary (PS0GG) [2122] Ah!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2123] next Saturday?
Julie (PS0GF) [2124] Ooh! [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [2125] You love them really don't you?
Julie (PS0GF) [2126] So she said er ... it won't only be fiver cos she said
Gary (PS0GG) [2127] Oh yeah!
Julie (PS0GF) [2128] you can't get a lot with a fiver.
Gary (PS0GG) [2129] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [2130] So I thought well [...] !
Gary (PS0GG) [2131] Put it back!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2132] [laughing] Probably five pound fifty [] !
Julie (PS0GF) [2133] [laughing] Yeah [] !
[2134] Yeah!
[2135] I thought about that!
Gary (PS0GG) [2136] Listen no wonder he's world champion he can go afford to skiing, his dad's a multi-millionaire!
Julie (PS0GF) [2137] But er ... no, we were talking and she said if I give you the money you won't go and spend it on the
Phil (PS0GK) [2138] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [2139] kids will you?
[2140] I said, you gotta be [laughing] joking [] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [2141] I said, I normally do
Gary (PS0GG) [2142] He's loaded ain't he?
Julie (PS0GF) [2143] but I said no, this time I said
Phil (PS0GK) [2144] He goes for it don't he?
Julie (PS0GF) [2145] not likely!
Gary (PS0GG) [2146] Yeah.
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2147] Mm.
[2148] With Vicki just having her birthday she's got all she needs now isn't it?
Julie (PS0GF) [2149] Well that's it and ... [...] .
Gary (PS0GG) [2150] But she hasn't got a helicopter [...] .
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2151] You leave him alone!
[2152] Leave him alone!
Sammy (PS0GL) [2153] I want a [...] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2154] [...] ?
Julie (PS0GF) [2155] No, I'll go and spend it in one myself.
Gary (PS0GG) [2156] That's alright.
[2157] You'll have to off to do something like that, communal
Sammy (PS0GL) [2158] I want a wee wee!
Julie (PS0GF) [2159] And Di will be really pissed off
Gary (PS0GG) [2160] Anyway
Julie (PS0GF) [2161] by the time we've walked round
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [2162] all them shops!
Gary (PS0GG) [2163] Ooh!
[2164] Ooh!
[2165] Ooh ooh ooh ooh!
Phil (PS0GK) [2166] Just there on the last
Gary (PS0GG) [2167] No!
Phil (PS0GK) [2168] ain't he?
Sammy (PS0GL) [2169] I want a wee wee!
Julie (PS0GF) [2170] Well how come
Gary (PS0GG) [2171] Yeah they're just showing some of the mistakes as well the windy down.
[2172] Ooh!
[2173] Here comes the [...]
Sammy (PS0GL) [2174] I want a wee wee!
[2175] I want a
Vicki (PS0GH) [2176] Sammy wants a wee wee!
Gary (PS0GG) [2177] Ooh!
[2178] Ooh!
[2179] Ooh!
[2180] Ooh!
[2181] Ooh!
[2182] Ooh!
[2183] Ooh!
[2184] Ooh!
[2185] Ooh!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2186] You fellers [...] I'll get up!
Gary (PS0GG) [2187] Ooh!
[2188] He's gonna do the sound effects!
[2189] Down ... down and out.
Vicki (PS0GH) [2190] Wee wee!
[2191] Wee!
Julie (PS0GF) [2192] Wee wee! [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [2193] See him [...] .
Gary (PS0GG) [2194] No, no.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2195] Do it yourself!
Gary (PS0GG) [2196] Yeah, he's alright.
Vicki (PS0GH) [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2197] Go away!
Julie (PS0GF) [2198] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2199] Go away you!
[2200] Go away!
Phil (PS0GK) [2201] Well [...] won yesterday
Julie (PS0GF) [2202] Aye!
Phil (PS0GK) [2203] to the, the [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [2204] No!
Sammy (PS0GL) [2205] But th
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2206] Wee wee.
Julie (PS0GF) [2207] No, you don't want a wee wee cos I have to go [...] .
Sammy (PS0GL) [2208] A wee wee!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2209] No, you don't!
[2210] You got a nappy on!
Sammy (PS0GL) [2211] Ooh!
Gary (PS0GG) [2212] Oh a big miss of that gear though innit?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2213] Where's daddy?
[2214] Where's daddy?
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [2215] Bet your popular with Nanny!
Phil (PS0GK) [2216] I am aren't I? [...]
Sammy (PS0GL) [crying]
Julie (PS0GF) [2217] What is it?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2218] Get up!
Sammy (PS0GL) [crying]
Gary (PS0GG) [2219] You love it really don't you?
Julie (PS0GF) [2220] Oh, what?
Gary (PS0GG) [2221] The hole in the head, ain't you?
Julie (PS0GF) [2222] Yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2223] Come on Phil!
Sammy (PS0GL) [crying]
Phil (PS0GK) [2224] Alright then.
Julie (PS0GF) [2225] It's alright Phil, I'll have him.
Sammy (PS0GL) [crying]
Phil (PS0GK) [2226] You mean ... aye?
Julie (PS0GF) [2227] Yes, his next month out of his wages!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2228] Listen to me!
[2229] Shut up!
Julie (PS0GF) [2230] Can't get no birthday money out of him!
Gary (PS0GG) [2231] Who?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2232] Hurry up Phil!
Julie (PS0GF) [2233] Any of yours?
Gary (PS0GG) [2234] What thing?
Julie (PS0GF) [2235] You shouldn't put [...] there.
Gary (PS0GG) [2236] Yeah, but yeah I do say so!
Sammy (PS0GL) [2237] Come on daddy!
Julie (PS0GF) [2238] Tomorrow morning, go down to Marks and come back for my wages.
Gary (PS0GG) [2239] Oh that's alright then.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2240] My twenty five percent here ... cor that'll be an expensive month!
Julie (PS0GF) [2241] [laugh] ... I've already had mine.
Gary (PS0GG) [2242] You'll get this and nothing more!
Vicki (PS0GH) [2243] And you
Julie (PS0GF) [2244] Wow!
Vicki (PS0GH) [2245] will get this and
Julie (PS0GF) [2246] [...] for twenty five pounds, aye? [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [2247] Well I'd better go and get changed hadn't I?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2248] Twenty four!
Vicki (PS0GH) [2249] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [2250] Shall I go and have a wash now?
[2251] We're ready then?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [2252] We're ready!
Julie (PS0GF) [2253] I've only gotta change
Gary (PS0GG) [2254] Ready?
Julie (PS0GF) [2255] him.
[2256] Just have to [...] .
Gary (PS0GG) [2257] So we'll see you later!
Phil (PS0GK) [2258] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [2259] What time?
Gary (PS0GG) [2260] We'll be about
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]

3 (Tape 039903)

Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [2261] No I was to co ... [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [2262] There's no black.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2263] Yeah!
[2264] That's right.
Gary (PS0GG) [2265] Oh yeah!
Julie (PS0GF) [2266] There's no black.
Phil (PS0GK) [2267] Got the [...] there?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2268] We can still play
Gary (PS0GG) [2269] Yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2270] play with bank and then erm
Gary (PS0GG) [2271] Right!
[2272] Kick arse!
[2273] We're gonna kick arse!
[2274] Who's first then?
Phil (PS0GK) [2275] Cor he's just the same!
Gary (PS0GG) [2276] Dot with [...] , go fir don't we?
[2277] Yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2278] Whoever gets the highest dot can go
Gary (PS0GG) [2279] Can I borrow your ashtray?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2280] clockwise from there.
Julie (PS0GF) [2281] Here are.
Gary (PS0GG) [2282] Are you two keeping the ashtray?
Julie (PS0GF) [2283] No.
[2284] Alright?
Phil (PS0GK) [2285] There the [...] I better grab hold of it.
[2286] I got one here.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2287] Oh he's got one.
Gary (PS0GG) [2288] [belch] Ooh pardon me!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2289] [laughing] They're gonna wonder what the hell they're listening to, ha [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [2290] Right.
Julie (PS0GF) [2291] That's alright.
[2292] So I [...] Gary, gotta swap tapes alright?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2293] Don't be swine! [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [2294] What we doing then?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2295] Ten thousand pound.
Julie (PS0GF) [2296] So, you found a new one is it?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2297] It's only half [...] there.
Gary (PS0GG) [2298] He had it going for a while.
Julie (PS0GF) [2299] I know but that's
Gary (PS0GG) [2300] I'll keep my eye on it.
Julie (PS0GF) [2301] that's only side B innit?
Gary (PS0GG) [2302] Yeah.
Phil (PS0GK) [2303] Mm.
Gary (PS0GG) [2304] Yeah, cos I su
Phil (PS0GK) [2305] Yeah it is.
Gary (PS0GG) [2306] scrubbed out all the erm ... the bath antics and all that!
[2307] Couldn't hear nothing for splashing!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [2308] Come on then!
[2309] It's what?
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [2310] Where's the start?
Gary (PS0GG) [2311] Your leg ke kept
Julie (PS0GF) [2312] Erm
Gary (PS0GG) [2313] knocking against the side of the bath.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2314] There!
Phil (PS0GK) [2315] Start of graduation, right.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2316] I'll be the little house then.
Julie (PS0GF) [2317] I'll be
Phil (PS0GK) [2318] Gary's
Julie (PS0GF) [2319] the re , I'll be the [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [2320] Gary's the boat are you?
Julie (PS0GF) [2321] if you like?
Gary (PS0GG) [2322] I'm the ca , I'm ... the boat, yeah, King rat!
Phil (PS0GK) [2323] Well that's it.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2324] Oh thanks
Gary (PS0GG) [2325] Oh the
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2326] Phil! [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [2327] Trouble is our bath Ju it's not big enough we'll get a bigger bath
Shelly (PS0GJ) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [2328] won't we?
Julie (PS0GF) [2329] Mm mm mm.
[2330] Saying nothing!
Phil (PS0GK) [2331] Go on then.
Gary (PS0GG) [2332] Mm.
Phil (PS0GK) [2333] I can't see all the way over the way tu tu
Julie (PS0GF) [2334] Four
Phil (PS0GK) [2335] Aye?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2336] Is there a lighter over there?
Phil (PS0GK) [2337] If it's double do I get a second go?
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [2338] Dunno.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2339] No!
Gary (PS0GG) [2340] No!
Phil (PS0GK) [2341] Don't you get two goes for a double?
Gary (PS0GG) [2342] No!
Phil (PS0GK) [2343] It's not like Monopoly then?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2344] Yeah when you start the actual game you do.
Gary (PS0GG) [2345] Do you?
Phil (PS0GK) [2346] Oh so as I get another chance then?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2347] No you don't!
[2348] Not on this one.
Phil (PS0GK) [2349] So I got four.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2350] Now you can have a go.
Gary (PS0GG) [2351] Is this for ... highest score?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2352] This is who
Julie (PS0GF) [2353] Yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2354] starts
Gary (PS0GG) [2355] Have you been?
Julie (PS0GF) [2356] No, Phil has!
Gary (PS0GG) [2357] Well, he's going that way ain't he?
[2358] He's cocked it up!
[2359] Don't matter well
Phil (PS0GK) [2360] Alright!
[2361] Alright!
[2362] You start first!
Julie (PS0GF) [2363] No you don't go
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2364] Ah, only cos you got a low score!
Gary (PS0GG) [2365] No he's ... his counts as four.
Julie (PS0GF) [2366] Seven.
Gary (PS0GG) [2367] Seven.
[2368] Right.
Julie (PS0GF) [2369] Mm mm.
Gary (PS0GG) [2370] Going clo , clockwise?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2371] Doesn't matter which wa , that is clockwise!
Phil (PS0GK) [2372] Don't matter [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [2373] That's right!
[2374] So, you were doing it right you prat!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2375] Six.
Julie (PS0GF) [2376] Phil was right!
Gary (PS0GG) [2377] Mm.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2378] And then ... whoever gets the highest starts on there and goes clockwise.
Julie (PS0GF) [2379] Four.
Gary (PS0GG) [2380] Four.
[2381] Oh
Julie (PS0GF) [2382] Right.
Gary (PS0GG) [2383] yes! [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [2384] Gary!
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2385] So it's Gary
Gary (PS0GG) [2386] Right!
Julie (PS0GF) [2387] You.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2388] going this way innit?
Gary (PS0GG) [2389] Going that way now?
Phil (PS0GK) [2390] Well that works out alright
Julie (PS0GF) [2391] No!
Phil (PS0GK) [2392] anyway Ga ... Gary had seven
Julie (PS0GF) [2393] Erm
Phil (PS0GK) [2394] and you had six.
Julie (PS0GF) [2395] No!
Phil (PS0GK) [2396] Four, four.
Julie (PS0GF) [2397] Clockwise!
Gary (PS0GG) [2398] Have I got, I'm going that way.
Phil (PS0GK) [2399] Is that the way it goes is it?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2400] I don't know which way you go!
Gary (PS0GG) [2401] Clockwise!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2402] Which way do you go?
Phil (PS0GK) [2403] I would have said that way.
Julie (PS0GF) [2404] Well you normally go
Gary (PS0GG) [2405] No , I'd have said clockwise.
Julie (PS0GF) [2406] normally go clockwise don't you?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2407] Yeah.
[2408] Cos you don't start right next to those ... don't go straight across the racecourse.
Julie (PS0GF) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [2409] Right here we go then!
Julie (PS0GF) [2410] that way don't you?
Gary (PS0GG) [2411] Stop the chit-chat!
[2412] Let's go for it!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [2413] Seven.
Phil (PS0GK) [2414] Don't forget it's, no cos it's a [...] .
Gary (PS0GG) [2415] Gift from dad, collect a hundred pound.
Phil (PS0GK) [2416] What do you say?
Julie (PS0GF) [2417] Oh you big head!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2418] I missed that!
Gary (PS0GG) [2419] [laughing] What did you say [] ?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2420] Oh hold on!
[2421] What are we gonna
Phil (PS0GK) [2422] Don't forget it's
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2423] do?
Phil (PS0GK) [2424] You gotta go round
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2425] Two
Phil (PS0GK) [2426] once!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2427] you gotta earn two ... things ... and
Gary (PS0GG) [2428] Yeah?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2429] five thousand pound and either a ... the diploma or a membership.
Gary (PS0GG) [2430] That's right!
[2431] Before you can go up.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2432] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [2433] That's right!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2434] And then
Julie (PS0GF) [2435] Unless you land
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2436] five
Julie (PS0GF) [2437] on ... that.
Gary (PS0GG) [2438] Unless you land on
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2439] So it's five thousand
Julie (PS0GF) [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2440] and two for that one, and ten thousand and two for that one.
[2441] What are we setting the ... end for?
[2442] Fifty thousand?
Gary (PS0GG) [2443] Well it says the ... No!
Julie (PS0GF) [2444] No , cos you only have to go round five times don't you?
Phil (PS0GK) [2445] Ten thousand.
Gary (PS0GG) [2446] Don't matter!
[2447] You do it as you says don't you?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2448] Unless you set a time or something.
[2449] Cos then go
Julie (PS0GF) [2450] It can't be ten, I mean you collect ten thousand as you
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2451] Every time you go round, so that's five times round.
Julie (PS0GF) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [2452] Yeah, but that's why we done it though weren't it?
[2453] Or didn't you wanna do it like that?
[2454] I don't mind!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2455] Cos you gotta set a target now before
Julie (PS0GF) [2456] Yeah.
Phil (PS0GK) [2457] Well we've only got
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2458] we start.
Phil (PS0GK) [2459] one thousand anyway!
[2460] Two thousand.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2461] Yeah, you need five thousand to get up into there.
Phil (PS0GK) [2462] Aha.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2463] And then you need ten thousand to get from there to there.
Phil (PS0GK) [2464] So, twenty thousand.
Gary (PS0GG) [2465] Well you lot make
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2466] No!
[2467] Cos you only have to go round twice cos you collect ten thousand when you pass there!
[2468] And [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [2469] Say twenty thousand!
Julie (PS0GF) [2470] [laugh] ... That's ten times round innit?
Gary (PS0GG) [2471] Up to you!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2472] Yeah , that's easier
Phil (PS0GK) [2473] Say
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2474] cos it's only a small board innit?
Julie (PS0GF) [2475] Hundred thousand?
Gary (PS0GG) [2476] Still takes a while though dunnit?
[2477] Cos you keep going round!
Phil (PS0GK) [2478] Say fifty thousand.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2479] Alright , fifty.
Gary (PS0GG) [2480] Fifty thousand.
Julie (PS0GF) [2481] Alright. [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2482] Ooh!
[2483] About quarter past nine at [laughing] [...] [] !
Phil (PS0GK) [2484] Do we want the five on or not?
[2485] No?
Julie (PS0GF) [2486] No.
Gary (PS0GG) [2487] Just pass [...] .
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2488] Gotta go round once before you can buy.
Gary (PS0GG) [2489] That's right!
Julie (PS0GF) [2490] Mm.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2491] Same as ... thingy.
[2492] Is that the same on all ... different games?
Gary (PS0GG) [2493] Yeah all board
Julie (PS0GF) [2494] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [2495] games innit.
[2496] Same with Monopoly or
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2497] But even when you go up you gotta go round once before you buy as well haven't you?
Julie (PS0GF) [2498] Mm, I suppose.
Gary (PS0GG) [2499] Mm.
[2500] What's that?
[2501] Mm.
[2502] A , yeah you gotta say you're going up.
[2503] You say yo
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2504] Mm.
Gary (PS0GG) [2505] I'm going to the higher class or whatever
Phil (PS0GK) [2506] Yes.
Gary (PS0GG) [2507] it is.
Julie (PS0GF) [2508] Yeah, you say it ... after one go and you go up to the next go don't you?
Phil (PS0GK) [2509] Is that right?
Gary (PS0GG) [2510] No.
Phil (PS0GK) [2511] Six.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2512] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven.
Phil (PS0GK) [2513] Your go Ga !
Julie (PS0GF) [2514] We've all got the same money.
[2515] Started off with a thousand pound, two thousand pound.
Gary (PS0GG) [2516] No I'm not, no it's not that I'm thinking of.
[2517] ... Ten.
[2518] ... What's that?
[2519] Nothing exciting!
Julie (PS0GF) [2520] It's a beauty shop.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2521] Twelve.
[2522] Oh shit!
[2523] Oh I wanted that football pools!
[2524] Got eighteen and a half today on the pools!
[2525] Six, seven, eight!
Gary (PS0GG) [2526] Lot of score draws in that weren't there?
[2527] Lot of no fo
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2528] You have a go [...] on that.
Gary (PS0GG) [2529] Lot of no-score draws weren't there?
Julie (PS0GF) [2530] Now then, I can't remember what do you do!
[2531] Erm
Gary (PS0GG) [2532] What's that?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2533] You can make that ... and put down as much as you want and then you roll the dice.
Phil (PS0GK) [2534] Mm.
[2535] Then you got it more than three times.
Gary (PS0GG) [2536] That's right, you can only do a pair or something.
Julie (PS0GF) [2537] [sighing] Oh [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [2538] Is this your pairs?
Julie (PS0GF) [2539] Normally seven or an eight innit?
Gary (PS0GG) [2540] Well what yo , it's up to you innit? [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [2541] No , that was what we used to do weren't it?
Gary (PS0GG) [2542] Yeah, we used to, yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [2543] Well, cos I'm a bit I ain't got much at the moment, I'll have hundred pound on
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2544] Two.
Julie (PS0GF) [2545] seven.
Gary (PS0GG) [2546] Go for it!
Phil (PS0GK) [2547] On seven.
Gary (PS0GG) [2548] Get three attempts don't you?
Phil (PS0GK) [2549] Six [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [2550] Yeah.
Phil (PS0GK) [2551] the first time innit?
Julie (PS0GF) [2552] Yep!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2553] Yep!
[2554] Throw three [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [2555] Two to one , and then one to one.
[2556] Shit!
Gary (PS0GG) [2557] Nine.
Julie (PS0GF) [2558] Nine!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [2559] Three.
Gary (PS0GG) [2560] Whoa!
Julie (PS0GF) [2561] Five.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2562] Where does that hundred go then?
Julie (PS0GF) [2563] In the bank.
Phil (PS0GK) [2564] In the , in the bank.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2565] Oh right!
Gary (PS0GG) [2566] Does dunnit?
Julie (PS0GF) [2567] Yep!
Gary (PS0GG) [2568] Do you remember?
Julie (PS0GF) [2569] Yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2570] I think you put it in the middle and then ... so like
Gary (PS0GG) [2571] Seven.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2572] if you land on a certain square [laughing] you can keep it [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [2573] No that's only
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2574] That's what you do in Monopoly!
[2575] If you put all the fines and that in the middle if you land on free parking you can keep it.
Gary (PS0GG) [2576] What's that one say?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2577] Collect wages, two hundred pound.
Gary (PS0GG) [2578] Yeah, you ain't gone past it yet.
Julie (PS0GF) [2579] No!
[2580] It don't matter!
Gary (PS0GG) [2581] Don't matter!
Julie (PS0GF) [2582] Should have it when you land on it.
Gary (PS0GG) [2583] Like there, [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [2584] Or if you go past it.
Gary (PS0GG) [2585] Then you try and get [...] you see.
Phil (PS0GK) [2586] Collect wages.
[2587] Ah, you gotta go past it to collect wages.
Gary (PS0GG) [2588] Nine.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2589] Ooh ha!
Gary (PS0GG) [2590] What's that?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2591] Well away from the wedding! [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [2592] [...] mine.
[2593] [...] from mine.
Gary (PS0GG) [2594] From the wedding you can go straight up can't you?
Julie (PS0GF) [2595] Yep!
[2596] But then you're absolutely skint when you get up there if you go straight
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2597] Mm.
Julie (PS0GF) [2598] away!
Phil (PS0GK) [2599] Two, three ... why you gotta get some money before we go up there then?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2600] Well you haven't got to!
[2601] If you land on it you gotta go up!
Julie (PS0GF) [2602] Eight.
[2603] Six, seven, eight.
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [belch]
Phil (PS0GK) [2604] Eight.
Gary (PS0GG) [2605] Pardon me!
Phil (PS0GK) [2606] One , two, three, four, five, six, seven ... eight.
[2607] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [2608] Four.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2609] Phil used to wait till I landed on the wedding
Gary (PS0GG) [2610] What's that?
[2611] Collect
Julie (PS0GF) [2612] Good night at bingo collect hundred pound!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2613] [laugh] ... That's what you'd like innit Phil?
[2614] Pat took home erm ... [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [2615] Yeah I heard about this.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2616] four hundred and twenty five quid she won!
Gary (PS0GG) [2617] Yeah, the other week
Julie (PS0GF) [2618] Did she?
Gary (PS0GG) [2619] weren't it?
[2620] And they shared it
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2621] last week.
Gary (PS0GG) [2622] between them weren't it?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2623] No.
Phil (PS0GK) [2624] Am I having two dice [...] ?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2625] One, two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four, five.
[2626] No it's not to go together is it?
[2627] Or is it?
Gary (PS0GG) [2628] No!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2629] Don't know.
Phil (PS0GK) [2630] No!
Julie (PS0GF) [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2631] And that was, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven. [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [2632] We'll have to arrange that Phil.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2633] !
Gary (PS0GG) [2634] Eight.
Julie (PS0GF) [2635] Steal most of the food!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [2636] Want some more?
[2637] This lovely [...] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2638] I ain't drank it yet!
Gary (PS0GG) [2639] That good is it?
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [2640] It's there look!
Gary (PS0GG) [2641] Still ice in there as well, you might as well have them!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [2642] [...] , inherit two hundred, miss a turn ... business lunch.
[2643] What does that mean?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2644] You inherit two hundred pound and you don't get your next go!
Gary (PS0GG) [2645] Go on then!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2646] Have you found out any [...] ?
Gary (PS0GG) [2647] Somebody's died see!
[2648] Somebody's died, that's why!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2649] Phil?
Phil (PS0GK) [2650] What?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2651] Found out how granddad is today?
Phil (PS0GK) [2652] No.
Gary (PS0GG) [2653] My go?
Julie (PS0GF) [2654] Mm mm.
Phil (PS0GK) [2655] That's four [...] , now someone's gonna go.
Julie (PS0GF) [2656] And Gary's dad wouldn't know!
Phil (PS0GK) [2657] You gotta land on that to get [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [2658] Yeah you miss your next go [...] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2659] No!
[2660] You gotta go
Julie (PS0GF) [2661] No!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2662] pass it.
Julie (PS0GF) [2663] To pass it.
Phil (PS0GK) [2664] So you got two hundred [...] ?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2665] Mm.
Julie (PS0GF) [2666] Mhm.
Phil (PS0GK) [2667] Stop here!
Gary (PS0GG) [2668] Graduation day Phil.
Julie (PS0GF) [2669] And you can buy now.
Gary (PS0GG) [2670] Mm.
Phil (PS0GK) [2671] Oh!
Gary (PS0GG) [2672] We could all buy now couldn't we?
Julie (PS0GF) [2673] No!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2674] Phillip can't cos he's gotta miss a go!
Julie (PS0GF) [2675] I can't.
Phil (PS0GK) [2676] Your go.
Julie (PS0GF) [2677] Oh my go is it?
Phil (PS0GK) [2678] Eight.
Julie (PS0GF) [2679] Eight.
Gary (PS0GG) [2680] Eight.
Julie (PS0GF) [2681] One , two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2682] You can start buying now.
Gary (PS0GG) [2683] Olive's Jewellery.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2684] Er a hundred pound.
Gary (PS0GG) [2685] Quartz watch, a hundred pound.
[2686] Hire purchase is twenty.
Julie (PS0GF) [2687] You haven't got the cards though have you Shel?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2688] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [2689] Yeah go on then!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2690] Or even if I haven't, Oh I've got them haven't I?
[2691] Cos you pay me that!
[2692] Ha!
[2693] Ha!
[2694] Thank you!
Phil (PS0GK) [2695] So what do you get all the ... cards from?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2696] Gotta have two of the cards
Gary (PS0GG) [2697] Need that first.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2698] and the money, and then a diploma or a membership card to go up.
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2699] Yep!
Phil (PS0GK) [2700] Just two of the cards?
[2701] You don't have to have them all at one time?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2702] No.
[2703] Just
Julie (PS0GF) [2704] Yeah, but what happens if there were som , if somebody landed on it?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2705] Dunno!
Gary (PS0GG) [2706] Nothing!
Julie (PS0GF) [2707] Oh nothing?
[2708] It's not that [...] ?
Gary (PS0GG) [2709] All you gotta do , you gotta get from there to there to there ... and the one who gets there and gets a hundred thousand or whatever it is innit?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2710] Fifty thousand we set it up to.
Gary (PS0GG) [2711] Oh!
[2712] Fifty thousand.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2713] They win don't they?
Gary (PS0GG) [2714] They win!
[2715] Is it fifty thousand?
[2716] Yeah, it's enough innit? [...] , mm mm mm
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2717] Remember I used to go
Gary (PS0GG) [2718] mm mm mm mm mm mm mm.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2719] up to there, I always used to land on a bloody divorce!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [2720] Black's Art Gallery, I'll buy it!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2721] Well we haven't got the cards for that but you can still buy it and I'll give you ... a credit card or something to use instead.
Gary (PS0GG) [2722] Yeah, whatever!
[2723] What is it, twenty innit?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2724] So if you just use it like that then at least it shows you've got a card.
Julie (PS0GF) [2725] Hundred.
[2726] Hundred!
Phil (PS0GK) [2727] Hundred.
Gary (PS0GG) [2728] So it is!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2729] And you get twenty back don't you, when you sell them back to the bank ... or whoever?
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2730] Four.
[2731] One, two, three, four.
[2732] Ooh I'll buy one of them!
Phil (PS0GK) [2733] You can make the cards [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [2734] What's that?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2735] Fifty pounds worth of tuition.
[2736] Cos I need one of them, that's, what's that, a membership or a ... no, it's a diploma innit?
[2737] Right, I'll have one of [...] .
[2738] I need one of them.
Julie (PS0GF) [2739] Seven.
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [2740] One, two, three
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2741] Yeah!
Julie (PS0GF) [2742] four, five, six, seven.
[2743] Ooh twenty times
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2744] Put [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [2745] twenty times roll of both dice!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2746] Both dice?
[2747] Bloody hell!
Gary (PS0GG) [2748] No!.
Julie (PS0GF) [2749] [laughing] Want a big one here [] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [2750] Must have three or four now.
Julie (PS0GF) [2751] Twenty, twenty
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2752] [laughing] Oh bloody hell [] !
Phil (PS0GK) [2753] Three.
Gary (PS0GG) [2754] Twenty times?
Julie (PS0GF) [2755] Three.
[2756] That's only sixty innit?
Phil (PS0GK) [2757] Sixty pounds.
Julie (PS0GF) [2758] Yeah, twenty times ... roll of both dice.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2759] There you go!
Phil (PS0GK) [2760] I get [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [2761] Thank you very much!
Gary (PS0GG) [2762] You've had that all time though Ju , ain't you?
Phil (PS0GK) [2763] Five.
Julie (PS0GF) [2764] What's that?
Gary (PS0GG) [2765] Low scores when you come on that one.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [2766] Yeah.
[2767] Used to have that wi
Phil (PS0GK) [2768] Stock exchange.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2769] That's that one.
[2770] The person on your left throws it for you.
[2771] Gary.
Phil (PS0GK) [2772] Yeah.
[2773] And what [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2774] So if you wanna put like a hundred or something on
Gary (PS0GG) [2775] It's up to you what you put in on the sto , stock exchange.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2776] then Gary throws it
Phil (PS0GK) [2777] Go on then.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2778] and he can have up to three goes.
[2779] Like, if he gets two you lose all of it ... but if he rolls a twelve you get your hundred pound back plus ten times that amount.
Phil (PS0GK) [2780] So what number do, do I have choose a number?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2781] You don't choose a number.
Gary (PS0GG) [2782] You don't choose a number?
[2783] That's right!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2784] No.
Julie (PS0GF) [2785] No, he don't choose
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2786] You just throw it.
Julie (PS0GF) [2787] a number you just throw it.
[2788] He's put in a hundred so whatever ... you throw
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2789] Gotta work it out then.
Gary (PS0GG) [2790] You know how to do this girls?
Julie (PS0GF) [2791] Mhm.
Phil (PS0GK) [2792] Just one go?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2793] No, you can have up to three goes.
[2794] Four.
[2795] Lose a third of your investment.
Phil (PS0GK) [2796] So that's er ... yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2797] Seventy five quid.
Gary (PS0GG) [2798] What do you wanna do?
[2799] Do you want me to go again?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2800] I'd go on it [...] .
[2801] But change that
Phil (PS0GK) [2802] That's [...] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2803] Oh shit!
Phil (PS0GK) [2804] That's [...] !
[2805] Thirty five.
Julie (PS0GF) [2806] No he don't have to go for that
Gary (PS0GG) [2807] No.
Julie (PS0GF) [2808] does he?
Gary (PS0GG) [2809] He can,yo can, you get three goes at it.
Julie (PS0GF) [2810] He don't have to pick
Phil (PS0GK) [2811] Oh!
Julie (PS0GF) [2812] he doesn't have to go for that.
Phil (PS0GK) [2813] No I've got three goes.
Gary (PS0GG) [2814] You can, you ca you
Julie (PS0GF) [2815] He's got three goes.
Gary (PS0GG) [2816] You got three goes.
Julie (PS0GF) [2817] And it's up to him [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [2818] And it's up to you.
[2819] Do you wanna go on
Julie (PS0GF) [2820] Go again.
Gary (PS0GG) [2821] and see if I can get higher
Phil (PS0GK) [2822] Go again.
Gary (PS0GG) [2823] for you?
Phil (PS0GK) [2824] Go on!
Julie (PS0GF) [2825] Six.
Gary (PS0GG) [2826] Six.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2827] Six.
Gary (PS0GG) [2828] I got six.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2829] Lose a quarter of it.
Phil (PS0GK) [2830] No, go again.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2831] [laughing] You'll probably a twelve [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [2832] Nine!
Phil (PS0GK) [2833] Nine.
Julie (PS0GF) [2834] Nine!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2835] Plus equal amounts.
[2836] So you keep that
Gary (PS0GG) [2837] Plus.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2838] and you get hundred pound of that.
[2839] Jammy bastard!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [2840] My go next.
[2841] Twat dice!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [2842] Mike used to do that
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [2843] didn't he, to me?
[2844] I used to lose
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [2845] all mine!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [2846] [...] ... Not very good!
[2847] But [...] though is it?
[2848] What's that?
Julie (PS0GF) [2849] No, how many have you gone?
Gary (PS0GG) [2850] I went [...] .
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2851] Mm.
[2852] Gonna have to start changing up the hundreds cos we've run out in the bank.
Phil (PS0GK) [2853] He can go up now!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [2854] He can go up if he wanted to couldn't he?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2855] Now, there's five of
Gary (PS0GG) [2856] Change this.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2857] mine.
Julie (PS0GF) [2858] No cos he hasn't
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2859] One, two
Julie (PS0GF) [2860] got erm
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2861] three, four, five.
Julie (PS0GF) [2862] he ain't got two
Gary (PS0GG) [2863] Cos I'll have a
Julie (PS0GF) [2864] two cards or a diploma or a
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2865] Change that [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [2866] membership.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2867] Does anyone else wanna change up any hundreds cos we're erm ... getting a bit short!
Julie (PS0GF) [2868] Ha!
Phil (PS0GK) [2869] Got loads of them here!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2870] Oh yeah!
[2871] Big head!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [2872] How many ... did we start off with?
Julie (PS0GF) [2873] I've got
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2874] Four.
Julie (PS0GF) [2875] I've only got four.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2876] That's alright.
Phil (PS0GK) [2877] Six
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2878] And I've changed that five
Phil (PS0GK) [2879] seven
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2880] of mine.
Phil (PS0GK) [2881] eight
Gary (PS0GG) [2882] Plus five.
Phil (PS0GK) [2883] nine, ten.
[2884] I got ten.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2885] Well you don't wanna change them all do you?
Phil (PS0GK) [2886] No, I'll change five.
[2887] Alright?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2888] This gives us some more back in the bank.
[2889] Make sure it's only one I'm giving him!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [2890] Another ... there's another five.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2891] How many does that leave you with then?
Gary (PS0GG) [2892] None! [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2893] Yeah but you wanna keep some in case you land on the
Gary (PS0GG) [2894] In case? [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2895] stock exchange.
Gary (PS0GG) [2896] I've gotta get my two hundred first
Phil (PS0GK) [2897] Shel!
Gary (PS0GG) [2898] haven't I?
Phil (PS0GK) [2899] Did I just
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2900] I just gave you it!
Gary (PS0GG) [2901] Oh did you?
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [2902] Shel!
Gary (PS0GG) [2903] Aye I just give you
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [2904] five so how can you
Shelly (PS0GJ) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [2905] give me [laughing] two hundred [] ?
Phil (PS0GK) [2906] Yeah, that gives you six.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2907] Mm!
Gary (PS0GG) [2908] Ah!
[2909] Ha, ha ha!
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [2910] I didn't
Gary (PS0GG) [2911] Honest Phil, yeah!
Phil (PS0GK) [2912] I didn't [...] .
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2913] Hold on!
[2914] Gary's given five, I gave five, and there was one left in there ... so that's one, two
Gary (PS0GG) [2915] Oh aye!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2916] three ... ooh, three
Phil (PS0GK) [2917] No, I've only got this!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2918] four, five.
[2919] That's Gary's five, that's
Phil (PS0GK) [2920] That's Gary's five innit?
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2921] Three, four, five.
Gary (PS0GG) [2922] I know you !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2923] That's my five.
[2924] One, two, three, four
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2925] no, that's mine! [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [2926] [laughing] And you give five [] !
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2927] That's right.
Gary (PS0GG) [2928] They're trying it on again [...] !
Phil (PS0GK) [2929] Two hundred.
[2930] Another hundred, that's ... that's how it was before?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2931] Yeah.
Phil (PS0GK) [2932] Oh!
[2933] That's right, sorry!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2934] Thank you!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [2935] Sorry!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2936] Cor!
[2937] Trying to con [...] were you?
Phil (PS0GK) [2938] Well I counted ten!
Gary (PS0GG) [2939] Aha. [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [2940] I like you!
Phil (PS0GK) [2941] How, how can you have ten?
[2942] Aye?
Gary (PS0GG) [2943] I've been round once more than you?
Julie (PS0GF) [2944] Cor!
[2945] [...] I'll have a go on that!
Gary (PS0GG) [2946] No, I had that hundred didn't I?
[2947] I had that extra hundred for the erm
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2948] Oh yeah!
Gary (PS0GG) [2949] for granddad or whatever it was or something [...] weren't it?
[2950] Granddad's birthday or something.
Julie (PS0GF) [2951] Go for eleven.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2952] Ooh!
[2953] Will you now!
Phil (PS0GK) [2954] How did they get so far in front of me!
Julie (PS0GF) [2955] [laughing] Oh [] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [2956] Throw them off the board on purpose and, you know ... you lose all your money!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2957] Shall I take both of one of them?
Julie (PS0GF) [2958] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [2959] You pass it to the ... two blokes.
Julie (PS0GF) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [2960] The only two blokes in the game.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2961] Do you want that or eleven?
Julie (PS0GF) [2962] Eleven.
Gary (PS0GG) [2963] Don't she?
[2964] Aye?
[2965] Right!
[2966] Throw the dice off the
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2967] [laughing] Ooh [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [2968] table twice
Julie (PS0GF) [2969] Oh Gary , shut up!
Gary (PS0GG) [2970] you lose all your money and give it to me and Phil!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2971] [laughing] [...] [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [2972] [laughing] Is that right [...] [] ?
Julie (PS0GF) [2973] Well [...] ain't bloody on is it!
[2974] They are!
Gary (PS0GG) [2975] We used to gang up on our Ju , didn't we
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2976] Ooh!
Gary (PS0GG) [2977] darling?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2978] Five to one, so that's only five hundred quid innit?
Julie (PS0GF) [2979] Hm mm.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2980] Ooh ooh!
Phil (PS0GK) [2981] Jammy devil!
Julie (PS0GF) [2982] I like this game!
Gary (PS0GG) [2983] That weren't fair really because
Julie (PS0GF) [2984] Three.
Gary (PS0GG) [2985] you cheated then!
Julie (PS0GF) [2986] Ooh!
[2987] One, two, three.
[2988] I'll have one of them!
Gary (PS0GG) [2989] She cheated Phil didn't she?
[2990] That's why!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2991] What's that?
[2992] Membership , fifty pound.
Gary (PS0GG) [2993] Ooh country club!
[2994] Oh she's going posh!
Phil (PS0GK) [2995] How did they get in front [...] ?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [2996] Well you had to miss a go
Phil (PS0GK) [2997] Yeah, but I was
Julie (PS0GF) [2998] You did.
[2999] You miss a go.
Phil (PS0GK) [3000] I was up with you lot then.
Gary (PS0GG) [3001] No, you missed a go because of you got that two hundred pound.
Phil (PS0GK) [3002] Yeah, but I was still up with them two!
[3003] Cos I had the highest score [...] .
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3004] Yeah, but you're [...] a go and we've been to [...] .
Gary (PS0GG) [3005] Did you want any, anybody want any crisps yet or not?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3006] No I haven't even finished
Julie (PS0GF) [3007] There's some crisps down there!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3008] my sandwiches yet!
Phil (PS0GK) [3009] Seven.
[3010] One
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3011] Pickles there!
[3012] Pickled onions if you want them.
Phil (PS0GK) [3013] No.
Gary (PS0GG) [3014] Get the pickle out then [...] .
Phil (PS0GK) [3015] I can't buy it cos Gary's gone up.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3016] You can!
[3017] There's more than one!
Gary (PS0GG) [3018] There's more than one.
Phil (PS0GK) [3019] [belch] Buy it then!
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [3020] [belch] Buy it then!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3021] [laugh] ... They're gonna think we're a right bunch of swearing pigs on there!
Gary (PS0GG) [3022] Is it still going?
Julie (PS0GF) [3023] Mm.
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [3024] Alright if I smoke?
Gary (PS0GG) [3025] No, because I've
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3026] Right!
[3027] Who's go is it?
Gary (PS0GG) [3028] I've
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3029] Gary's go.
Gary (PS0GG) [3030] Did quite a bit of it
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3031] It's your go Ga !
Gary (PS0GG) [3032] this morning didn't I?
[3033] That's why you didn't hear ... any of the bobsleigh ... cos I had the bloody thing going
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3034] just as a dummy run.
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [3035] Yeah, and I thought you said that you'd scrapped all that?
Gary (PS0GG) [3036] No, I ... started again didn't I?
[3037] Didn't I Phil?
[3038] Cos, who was it who said to me ... are you taping us?
[3039] Cos
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3040] Me.
Gary (PS0GG) [3041] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [3042] Yeah, I thought something was going on cos you left the sound
Phil (PS0GK) [3043] Ten.
Julie (PS0GF) [3044] down.
Gary (PS0GG) [3045] Six.
[3046] One, two, three, that's right, four.
[3047] What's that?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3048] Green furniture.
Gary (PS0GG) [3049] Yeah go on, I'll have a bit of that She !
Phil (PS0GK) [3050] He's gotta get ... two of one
Julie (PS0GF) [3051] Hundred pound.
Phil (PS0GK) [3052] type.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3053] Ooh a microwave oven!
Gary (PS0GG) [3054] Ooh a microwave! [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [3055] Eight.
Gary (PS0GG) [3056] I've always wanted!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [3057] No!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3058] No.
Julie (PS0GF) [3059] Two of anything innit?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [3060] It's not er ... two of just one
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3061] No, it's two of anything.
Julie (PS0GF) [3062] two of anything Phil.
[3063] But you've gotta have either a night school or a ... you gotta have a diploma or a membership, plus all the money.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3064] I know!
Julie (PS0GF) [3065] [laughing] Oh she's got []
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3066] [laughing] No, you got a microwave [] !
Phil (PS0GK) [3067] I thought you had to have both?
Gary (PS0GG) [3068] I was gonna say, I'm
Julie (PS0GF) [3069] No.
Gary (PS0GG) [3070] honest, I was gonna give
Julie (PS0GF) [3071] Only one.
Gary (PS0GG) [3072] it to you.
[3073] Is that and [...] ?
[3074] Yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3075] Yeah.
[3076] Why you take it off my pile did you?
Phil (PS0GK) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3077] [laughing] No, I couldn't reach your pile [] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3078] I know I've only got two there anyway!
[3079] I think?
[3080] Yeah.
[3081] Ooh eleven again!
[3082] Shit!
[3083] Why couldn't I have had that last time!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3084] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, ah!
[3085] [singing] Dum, doo doo doo [] !
[3086] Where do I go to?
Julie (PS0GF) [3087] Over there.
Phil (PS0GK) [3088] Divorce! [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3089] Yeah, that's what I land on nearly every time!
Gary (PS0GG) [3090] She's gone up now.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3091] Aha.
[3092] Oh shit!
[3093] That means I gotta sell this back!
Julie (PS0GF) [3094] I was gonna say and change you
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3095] How much do I want erm
Gary (PS0GG) [3096] Yes, you gotta ... that.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3097] You just give them back don't you.
Gary (PS0GG) [3098] No, you can sell somebody
Julie (PS0GF) [3099] No.
Gary (PS0GG) [3100] who needs them.
Julie (PS0GF) [3101] You can sell to somebody that wants them.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3102] Anyone wanna bid for it?
Julie (PS0GF) [3103] No, I've got mine.
Gary (PS0GG) [3104] Aye, where's my card!
[3105] I didn't get, oh there's my card!
Phil (PS0GK) [3106] Yeah, I'll I'll bid for that.
Gary (PS0GG) [3107] What is it?
Phil (PS0GK) [3108] I'll bid for that.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3109] Diploma.
Phil (PS0GK) [3110] It's a diploma.
Julie (PS0GF) [3111] So you
Gary (PS0GG) [3112] How much?
Julie (PS0GF) [3113] could get that
Gary (PS0GG) [3114] Yeah!
Julie (PS0GF) [3115] as well!
Gary (PS0GG) [3116] I'll give you twenty for it!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3117] How much you give me for it?
Phil (PS0GK) [3118] Thirty.
[3119] Mm!
Gary (PS0GG) [3120] I'll go hundred.
Julie (PS0GF) [3121] Yeah, but you gotta remember [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3122] You could buy it for fifty!
Julie (PS0GF) [3123] you gotta remember you can buy them for fifty if you land on it.
Gary (PS0GG) [3124] That's true, yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3125] So Shel can sell it for a lot more than that.
Gary (PS0GG) [3126] Mm.
Julie (PS0GF) [3127] Cos if you remember Mike used to go to bloody stupid
Gary (PS0GG) [3128] Yeah but he he he well he
Julie (PS0GF) [3129] five hundred didn't he?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3130] he probably thought he was it because he was the new salesman, salesman director and I used to take the piss out of him!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3131] And we'd turn round and say well keep it! [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [3132] What have got, go up to?
Gary (PS0GG) [3133] I'll go to hundred.
Phil (PS0GK) [3134] Go on then.
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3135] I don't thi , I didn't buy any property either did I?
Julie (PS0GF) [3136] Aye!
[3137] Excuse me I'm [...] !
Gary (PS0GG) [3138] So that means, what do I need now then?
[3139] Diploma?
Julie (PS0GF) [3140] I'm [...] you!
Gary (PS0GG) [3141] Would I get a ta ... Aye!
[3142] You took two there didn't you?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3143] [laughing] I didn't!
[3144] I took one [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [3145] aargh.
[3146] I know your type.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3147] You now owe me five thousand pound and you can go up into the middle.
Gary (PS0GG) [3148] That's what I've fucking always wanted!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3149] What I need is
Phil (PS0GK) [3150] Once you get on the wedding!
Gary (PS0GG) [3151] Either
Julie (PS0GF) [3152] Seven.
Gary (PS0GG) [3153] that or high society.
Julie (PS0GF) [3154] One, two, three, four, five six, seven.
Gary (PS0GG) [3155] Country club!
[3156] I need Country club then don't I?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3157] No, you'll need one or the other.
Julie (PS0GF) [3158] Shel
Gary (PS0GG) [3159] I got that , I put that
Julie (PS0GF) [3160] what have I got?
Gary (PS0GG) [3161] and I've got a credit card!
Phil (PS0GK) [3162] Got one of those.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3163] No, one of the two
Julie (PS0GF) [3164] I'll have one of those Shel.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3165] things.
Gary (PS0GG) [3166] But that's a credit card!
Julie (PS0GF) [3167] Well if you give me
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3168] Well it's only cash!
Gary (PS0GG) [3169] That could buy me in!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [3170] Oh!
Julie (PS0GF) [3171] If you give me a hundred ... and then ... I, that's my hundred from
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3172] Oh right!
Julie (PS0GF) [3173] there innit?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3174] Yep!
Gary (PS0GG) [3175] Yeah but count
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3176] Ooh I didn't collect mine when I went past either did I?
Gary (PS0GG) [3177] Yeah but Shel if you got a credit
Julie (PS0GF) [3178] No.
Gary (PS0GG) [3179] card can't you just go stra ... buy and ... just write a cheque out and go straight in?
[3180] Say well, here's my credit card [...] [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [3181] So I've bought that and I've my
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3182] Yeah you can but if you land on
Phil (PS0GK) [3183] See that's [...] diploma and that's not.
Gary (PS0GG) [3184] The thing is this isn't a credit card is it?
[3185] This is what's her name innit?
Julie (PS0GF) [3186] So I can
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3187] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [3188] If I had five
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3189] That's half of the
Julie (PS0GF) [3190] thousand pound I could
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3191] Exactly!
Julie (PS0GF) [3192] go up now.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3193] But
Phil (PS0GK) [3194] No.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3195] if you land on that
Phil (PS0GK) [3196] This one's ... [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [3197] That one?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3198] and you've got five thousand
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3199] pound credit
Gary (PS0GG) [3200] Mm.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3201] it's still the same.
Phil (PS0GK) [3202] Oh yeah!
[3203] That one.
Julie (PS0GF) [3204] Yeah.
[3205] That's my
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3206] That's right.
Julie (PS0GF) [3207] membership
Gary (PS0GG) [3208] That's class or Black's Art Gallery
Julie (PS0GF) [3209] and that
Gary (PS0GG) [3210] innit?
Julie (PS0GF) [3211] that is
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3212] Mm.
Julie (PS0GF) [3213] classed as
Phil (PS0GK) [3214] Mm.
Julie (PS0GF) [3215] a
Phil (PS0GK) [3216] I thought they had ... to be both the sa , same [...] .
Gary (PS0GG) [3217] [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [3218] No, you
Gary (PS0GG) [3219] How we are ta , doing for time?
Julie (PS0GF) [3220] No, just two of anything.
Phil (PS0GK) [3221] Oh!
Gary (PS0GG) [3222] He wants to bust the [...] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [3223] I wanna bust something else!
Gary (PS0GG) [3224] Do you see Madonna in the paper yesterday?
Phil (PS0GK) [3225] Five.
Gary (PS0GG) [3226] In the news?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3227] No.
Gary (PS0GG) [3228] Did you see Madonna in the paper yesterday, naked!
Julie (PS0GF) [3229] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [3230] Ugly looking bitch!
Phil (PS0GK) [3231] I'll buy it!
[3232] I'll buy one of those!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [3233] [laughing] For fifty quid [] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3234] There are see!
[3235] Phil's just landed on it, it's only cost him fifty quid!
Gary (PS0GG) [3236] That makes me sick!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [3237] I ain't got five thousand pound.
Gary (PS0GG) [3238] You see Madonna in the paper?
[3239] Have we got yesterday's paper?
Julie (PS0GF) [3240] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [3241] In there?
Phil (PS0GK) [3242] There you go!
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [3243] I shall [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3244] [...] ... on Saturday.
Gary (PS0GG) [3245] No, it's not on there.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3246] There's Friday's.
Phil (PS0GK) [3247] So I can go up
Gary (PS0GG) [3248] Look at the state of this Phil!
Phil (PS0GK) [3249] a after I've got the card.
Gary (PS0GG) [3250] She looks repulsive in this!
Phil (PS0GK) [3251] Got my card.
Gary (PS0GG) [3252] I think she looks ... disgusting!
Julie (PS0GF) [3253] Have you
Shelly (PS0GJ) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [3254] got five thousand pound?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3255] fifty pound now, oh right!
Phil (PS0GK) [3256] No!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3257] She looks bloody disgusting
Phil (PS0GK) [3258] Were you going to tell me that?
Gary (PS0GG) [3259] don't she?
Phil (PS0GK) [3260] It's alright.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3261] [laughing] Oh [] !
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3262] Oh my God!
Julie (PS0GF) [3263] Posing as a bun
Phil (PS0GK) [3264] [...] on the front there.
Julie (PS0GF) [3265] bunny girl for
Gary (PS0GG) [3266] As a bunny girl for bloody
Julie (PS0GF) [3267] a ... porn magazine!
Gary (PS0GG) [3268] porn magazine.
Phil (PS0GK) [3269] Come on!
[3270] Your turn Ga !
Gary (PS0GG) [3271] Gone right down now!
[3272] She was on my ... favourite top ten list, but she's not now!
[3273] Mind you, she was brilliant in bed!
Phil (PS0GK) [3274] Oh!
Julie (PS0GF) [3275] Dream on!
Gary (PS0GG) [3276] I don't need that do I?
Julie (PS0GF) [3277] No.
Gary (PS0GG) [3278] Cos you don't need to keep buying
Julie (PS0GF) [3279] You just gotta keep going round
Gary (PS0GG) [3280] yeah, that's right!
Julie (PS0GF) [3281] collecting money.
Gary (PS0GG) [3282] Shit!
[3283] Go on then!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3284] I [...] !
[3285] Er, one, two
Julie (PS0GF) [3286] Did he wake up then?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3287] three, four, five, six, ooh ooh!
Julie (PS0GF) [3288] Seven.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3289] Ooh shit!
[3290] Six.
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [3291] What do you get then?
Gary (PS0GG) [3292] The shits!
Julie (PS0GF) [3293] Complete the course then.
Phil (PS0GK) [3294] What do you get when you pass there?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3295] A thousand pound.
Julie (PS0GF) [3296] A thousand pound.
Gary (PS0GG) [3297] Mm.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3298] So if I go round in
Julie (PS0GF) [3299] Oh!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3300] five times ... then get divorced
Gary (PS0GG) [3301] Is that the thing you get?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3302] [laughing] and I can go straight
Phil (PS0GK) [3303] What?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3304] back up when I've bought [] the two of them then.
Julie (PS0GF) [3305] Er, ten.
[3306] One, two, three, four, five
Gary (PS0GG) [3307] Did you have any of them pickled onions or not?
Julie (PS0GF) [3308] six
Phil (PS0GK) [3309] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [3310] seven, eight
Gary (PS0GG) [3311] What they like?
Julie (PS0GF) [3312] nine , ten.
Phil (PS0GK) [3313] They're alright.
[3314] A bit strong.
Julie (PS0GF) [3315] Don't need five.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3316] Got ten [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [3317] I've just gotta get one now.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3318] They're certainly not as old as ours are they?
[3319] We've had ours about two years!
Phil (PS0GK) [3320] Twelve.
Julie (PS0GF) [3321] Mr thought they were [laughing] nice though [] !
Phil (PS0GK) [3322] Must be getting that way.
Gary (PS0GG) [3323] Mind you, she did them about four year ago!
[3324] [laughing] Aha [] !
Phil (PS0GK) [3325] Twelve.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3326] Er
Julie (PS0GF) [3327] Ten , ten times the roll of both dice.
[3328] Two hundred quid Shel.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3329] Oh! [...] haven't I?
Julie (PS0GF) [3330] Ooh!
[3331] Hoo! [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3332] Four hundred and ... twelve thousand two hundred!
[3333] No!
Phil (PS0GK) [3334] Twelve thousand two hundred.
Gary (PS0GG) [3335] Twelve hundred.
Julie (PS0GF) [3336] Yeah, that's erm
Gary (PS0GG) [3337] Twelve hundred pounds.
Phil (PS0GK) [3338] That's it!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [3339] Mm.
Gary (PS0GG) [3340] It's not funny!
Phil (PS0GK) [3341] I failed to get there!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3342] What's that, six?
Julie (PS0GF) [3343] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [3344] Gift from dad
Phil (PS0GK) [3345] Could of told you it was!
Gary (PS0GG) [3346] collect a hundred pound.
Julie (PS0GF) [3347] Oh I could do with one of them!
[3348] Is my dad gonna give me a hundred pound?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3349] [laughing] Ooh I keep sa []
Phil (PS0GK) [3350] Go on Ga !
[3351] What do you do with that hundred pounds is the trouble!
Julie (PS0GF) [3352] Mm mm!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3353] I got it!
Gary (PS0GG) [3354] And more.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3355] Welfare payments.
Julie (PS0GF) [3356] Mm!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3357] Fifty times ro , oh, roll of one dice!
Gary (PS0GG) [3358] Love [...] !
[3359] Good one!
Julie (PS0GF) [3360] Six.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3361] [laughing] How ma []
Phil (PS0GK) [3362] Three
Julie (PS0GF) [3363] Hundred and fifty.
Phil (PS0GK) [3364] three fifties then.
Julie (PS0GF) [3365] Nine.
[3366] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.
Gary (PS0GG) [3367] Get out of there!
[3368] Nine.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3369] Stop tapping dear!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3370] Look at all these scum down in that lower class!
[3371] Ha!
Gary (PS0GG) [3372] And you fucking lot in the middle class!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3373] Oh hold on, I've got to collect this thousand pounds and I'll
Julie (PS0GF) [3374] Oh right!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3375] have a go on the race track.
[3376] Mm!
[3377] What!
[3378] What!
[3379] You lot [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [3380] Can you throw those dice here.
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3381] Snob!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3382] Another five hundred there, what!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3383] Ya!
Gary (PS0GG) [3384] Everything okay ya!
[3385] Ya!
[3386] Okay ya!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3387] That's forty
Gary (PS0GG) [3388] Okay ya!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3389] Erm ... I'll go from ten actually!
Gary (PS0GG) [3390] Yes, [...] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3391] Oh fuck!
[3392] I should of gone up there!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [3393] Two to go then.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3394] And I'll go up.
Gary (PS0GG) [3395] Woa!
Julie (PS0GF) [3396] Oh!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3397] [...] !
[3398] Yeah, put it in the bank!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3399] Shit!
Gary (PS0GG) [3400] High class!
[3401] Stuff it up your arse! [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3402] Oh excuse me , no I'm middle!
Julie (PS0GF) [3403] Middle.
Gary (PS0GG) [3404] Oh middle class, stuff i
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3405] Seven.
[3406] One, two, three, four, five, six
Gary (PS0GG) [3407] Oh middle class, stuff it up your arse!
[3408] That's English!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3409] seven.
[3410] Oh there you are again!
[3411] Football ... winnings, twenty times roll of both dice.
Gary (PS0GG) [3412] Oh sure [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [3413] I'm gonna get bloody twelve
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [3414] or something like that!
[3415] Oh shit!
[3416] There are see, six!
[3417] So what's that?
Phil (PS0GK) [3418] That's six
Julie (PS0GF) [3419] Six twenties are
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [3420] hundred and twenty.
Gary (PS0GG) [3421] Six twe er , hundred and twenty.
Julie (PS0GF) [3422] Oh better than nothing I suppose!
Phil (PS0GK) [3423] Eight.
Gary (PS0GG) [3424] Oh middle class, stick it up your arse!
Phil (PS0GK) [3425] One, two, three , four, five, six, seven, eight.
Gary (PS0GG) [3426] I'm in the higher class, well shove it up your arse!
[3427] Leave that there.
[3428] It's on the table.
Phil (PS0GK) [3429] Mm.
Gary (PS0GG) [3430] One, two, three, one, two, three!
[3431] Oh shit!
Julie (PS0GF) [3432] Here are.
[3433] Can I change that?
Gary (PS0GG) [3434] This is what I done last time, and I stayed behind and I just
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3435] Don't matter.
Gary (PS0GG) [3436] sneaked up, and sneaked up, and sneaked up and won!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3437] And I woke up then!
Julie (PS0GF) [3438] [...] with his mouth shut!
Phil (PS0GK) [3439] And yeah, wet dream then didn't you?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [3440] Come back for [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [3441] And how would you know?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3442] Problem is [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [3443] Was you there?
Phil (PS0GK) [3444] Yeah I was.
Gary (PS0GG) [3445] Oh!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3446] [...] !
Julie (PS0GF) [3447] Here are.
[3448] Have one of them.
Gary (PS0GG) [3449] Tape's still rolling!
Julie (PS0GF) [3450] Four.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3451] [laughing] Shall I [...] in
Gary (PS0GG) [3452] [singing] And I'm still rolling along [] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3453] in five minutes [] ?
Julie (PS0GF) [3454] Four.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3455] Tape's still rolling!
[3456] Ha!
Julie (PS0GF) [3457] Here are!
Phil (PS0GK) [3458] Come on down!
[3459] The price is right, so they say!
Julie (PS0GF) [3460] It's bugger all [...] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3461] Er er er!
Phil (PS0GK) [3462] Gary stop coming!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3463] Just cos your jealous cos you don't know how to!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [3464] Teach me!
[3465] Teach me!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3466] [laughing] So you'll probably them sent
Gary (PS0GG) [3467] Five.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3468] to you with an obscene note [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [3469] One, two, three four ... [laugh] Can I have my two hundred please?
Julie (PS0GF) [3470] No!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3471] Oh wow!
[3472] Make it two hundred pound.
Phil (PS0GK) [3473] Well it's better than a kick in the teeth isn't it?
[3474] In a ... win five hundred pound
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3475] Three.
Phil (PS0GK) [3476] on the race horses.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3477] One , two, three.
[3478] Oh fucking hell!
[3479] I got another hundred [...] !
[3480] Ooh!
[3481] Ooh!
[3482] Ooh!
Gary (PS0GG) [3483] No, I ju , did you see that?
[3484] That was sneaky Phil, weren't it?
[3485] It was sneaky!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3486] We were putting our money there, [...] money!
Phil (PS0GK) [3487] Just [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3488] So Ga
Gary (PS0GG) [3489] Your [...] .
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3490] I've only gotta go round here five times now and buy [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [3491] Shit!
[3492] You [...] !
Julie (PS0GF) [3493] Two.
[3494] That didn't get me very far did it?
Gary (PS0GG) [3495] No!
Phil (PS0GK) [3496] Your going right up to the top aren't you?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3497] Ha.
Phil (PS0GK) [3498] Your in the high class now aren't you?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3499] Ah ya!
[3500] I'm a proper snob now!
[3501] Mm!
[3502] What!
[3503] What!
Julie (PS0GF) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [3504] You stick by one.
[3505] Two hundred pound please?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3506] Oh!
[3507] Gary!
[3508] Your go my love!
Gary (PS0GG) [3509] Just cos [...] the Ferrari the other night!
Julie (PS0GF) [3510] Seven.
[3511] Now where are you?
Gary (PS0GG) [3512] Seven.
[3513] I'm up here dear!
[3514] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
[3515] Can't do any frigging worse have I?
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [3516] Your not.
[3517] I got a long way to go to get to high class.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3518] [...] .
[3519] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Gary (PS0GG) [3520] I could buy my way out couldn't I?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3521] [...] ten thousand pounds!
Julie (PS0GF) [3522] Oh yeah, real snobby oh, aye!
Phil (PS0GK) [3523] Jammy tike!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3524] Oh, better make space for my money, what!
Julie (PS0GF) [3525] Nine.
Phil (PS0GK) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3526] Yeah,wa watch her she's a , she's in charge of the fun
Julie (PS0GF) [3527] Er

4 (Tape 040001)

Julie (PS0GF) [3528] Who would listen to that
Gary (PS0GG) [3529] Yeah, okay.
Julie (PS0GF) [3530] [laughing] through a [...] at the beginning of every single tape [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [3531] It's good i
Phil (PS0GK) [3532] Yours.
Gary (PS0GG) [3533] Mine.
[3534] Thank you.
[3535] Did I get [...] I suppose!
Julie (PS0GF) [3536] Yes you did!
Gary (PS0GG) [3537] Oh right!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [3538] [laughing] Had that bloody ages ago [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [3539] Stop it!
Phil (PS0GK) [3540] No, it's not it's that shit that ... [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [3541] No I ain't got one of them.
[3542] Got one of them!
Phil (PS0GK) [3543] Fuck off!
Gary (PS0GG) [3544] Haven't we?
Julie (PS0GF) [3545] He paid out two quid for that as well!
Gary (PS0GG) [3546] Alright!
[3547] Don't keep rubbing it in!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3548] Don't worry about it!
[3549] I'm not depressed!
[3550] Yet!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3551] Two, three, four, five.
[3552] One, two, three, four
Gary (PS0GG) [3553] Pass.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3554] five.
Phil (PS0GK) [3555] Pass.
[3556] Better than prison!
Gary (PS0GG) [3557] Pass.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3558] Three, one, two, three, good night at bingo collect a hundred pound.
Phil (PS0GK) [3559] Gee!
Gary (PS0GG) [3560] Oh right! [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3561] [laugh] ... Shame I don't go!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [3562] Yeah, go on have this one here!
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [3563] I can't remember the last time I [...] can I?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3564] Yeah, I know.
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [3565] Er
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3566] Ooh but the thing is [...] .
Gary (PS0GG) [3567] My go is it?
Phil (PS0GK) [3568] No mine.
Gary (PS0GG) [3569] You been?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3570] This is nice!
Gary (PS0GG) [3571] You been?
Phil (PS0GK) [3572] Spring, spring onion?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3573] It's difficult to say
Julie (PS0GF) [3574] Yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3575] he's just done here.
Gary (PS0GG) [3576] What's that, two?
Julie (PS0GF) [3577] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [3578] Oh!
Julie (PS0GF) [3579] Phil have, have you been Phil?
Phil (PS0GK) [3580] Yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3581] No.
[3582] Four
Gary (PS0GG) [3583] Ain't he?
[3584] Oh I'll go again!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3585] five hundred, thirty four.
Julie (PS0GF) [3586] I can't buy nothing cos I can't afford it yet. [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [belch]
Phil (PS0GK) [3587] Mm mm!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3588] Ten.
Julie (PS0GF) [3589] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3590] Oh!
Julie (PS0GF) [3591] ten.
[3592] I got one of them.
Gary (PS0GG) [3593] So have I.
Julie (PS0GF) [3594] Don't want one.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3595] Yeah, but he's [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3596] Oh aye!
Phil (PS0GK) [3597] Six.
Julie (PS0GF) [3598] Sex.
[3599] [laughing] Ha [] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3600] Give some back it's
Julie (PS0GF) [3601] Cor!
[3602] It's obviously not real is it?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [3603] More like a loan aye, Phil?
Phil (PS0GK) [3604] Six.
Gary (PS0GG) [3605] I've got, I've got buy this, another thing yet.
Julie (PS0GF) [3606] [...] permission [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [3607] Football pools winnings ... twenty times
Julie (PS0GF) [3608] Aren't you?
Phil (PS0GK) [3609] both dice.
Julie (PS0GF) [3610] Well, he's gotta buy another
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3611] Oh!
Julie (PS0GF) [3612] thing.
Phil (PS0GK) [3613] Six.
Julie (PS0GF) [3614] Well buy and olive one.
Phil (PS0GK) [3615] Twenty sixes.
Gary (PS0GG) [3616] Mm.
Phil (PS0GK) [3617] Six twenties would be five
Gary (PS0GG) [3618] A hundred and ... one thousand two hundred and twenty.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3619] Well!
Phil (PS0GK) [3620] God [...] sounds too high!
Julie (PS0GF) [3621] One, two, three
Phil (PS0GK) [3622] Oh!
Julie (PS0GF) [3623] four, five, six, one, two, three, four, five.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3624] And [...] times!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3625] Yeah might just a little banker!
Phil (PS0GK) [3626] So why
Julie (PS0GF) [3627] Well it's
Phil (PS0GK) [3628] haven't you bought anything yet?
Julie (PS0GF) [3629] my banking system is [...] .
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3630] Well I can't afford it! [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [3631] It's only three thousand!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3632] I wish I could!
[3633] Five, six, eight.
Julie (PS0GF) [3634] Only!
Phil (PS0GK) [3635] Yeah
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3636] Okay.
Phil (PS0GK) [3637] you bet your
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3638] there are
Phil (PS0GK) [3639] ten thousands
Julie (PS0GF) [3640] I got that again.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3641] I'm gonna wait till I've got enough money.
Julie (PS0GF) [3642] Oh! [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [3643] I'll be up there!
[3644] I'll be going in a minute!
Gary (PS0GG) [3645] Take your turn again.
Julie (PS0GF) [3646] Seven.
[3647] So seven twenties, hundred and forty.
Gary (PS0GG) [3648] I keep my money hidden me cos it's
Julie (PS0GF) [3649] Keep landing
Gary (PS0GG) [3650] safe.
Julie (PS0GF) [3651] on that don't I?
[3652] I'm doing
Phil (PS0GK) [3653] Four
Julie (PS0GF) [3654] quite well!
Phil (PS0GK) [3655] three, four
Julie (PS0GF) [3656] Your go.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3657] Run out of tens.
Phil (PS0GK) [3658] So ... I'll have a go on the race track.
Gary (PS0GG) [3659] Don't send me off.
[3660] Don't send me off Phil!
Phil (PS0GK) [3661] Alright.
[3662] Do I have to open them?
[3663] I have to open don't I?
Julie (PS0GF) [3664] Well if I give you them
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [3665] back
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3666] Yeah, that's five.
Gary (PS0GG) [3667] We can have a go at this as well can't we?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3668] No.
Phil (PS0GK) [3669] No you can't.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3670] It's only on the lottery where you can go on there.
Julie (PS0GF) [3671] Two, three , four ... if I give you five ... alright?
Phil (PS0GK) [3672] I'm pissed off!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [3673] I might as well go to
Julie (PS0GF) [cough]
Phil (PS0GK) [3674] nine ... go for nine alright?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3675] Ooh!
Julie (PS0GF) [3676] Yeah!
[3677] Three hundred pound!
Gary (PS0GG) [3678] Oh you do it!
[3679] Cos I got the Camden Race Course.
Phil (PS0GK) [3680] No, that's your line of work.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3681] They can be so kind!
Julie (PS0GF) [3682] Shit!
[3683] Hey!
Phil (PS0GK) [3684] Jammy shit!
Julie (PS0GF) [3685] Nine hundred.
Phil (PS0GK) [3686] Nine
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3687] Nine
Phil (PS0GK) [3688] hundred quid.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3689] Plus that ... van.
Phil (PS0GK) [3690] I'll keep mine.
Gary (PS0GG) [3691] No he
Julie (PS0GF) [3692] Yes.
Gary (PS0GG) [3693] keeps that.
[3694] That'll just mean
Julie (PS0GF) [3695] So if you give us ... two of
Phil (PS0GK) [3696] I do
Julie (PS0GF) [3697] them back.
Phil (PS0GK) [3698] Two of them.
Julie (PS0GF) [3699] No, one of them.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3700] No , ten times
Gary (PS0GG) [3701] One of them.
Phil (PS0GK) [3702] One of them.
Gary (PS0GG) [3703] Just one back.
Phil (PS0GK) [3704] That's ten in ... ten into one.
[3705] And I've got three hundred on so I get
Julie (PS0GF) [3706] Oh yeah!
Phil (PS0GK) [3707] three hundred pound!
Julie (PS0GF) [3708] Mm!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3709] You jammy bastard!
Phil (PS0GK) [3710] I know.
[3711] Mm.
[3712] Your go again.
Gary (PS0GG) [3713] You nearly took that off my fucking pile!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3714] You'll soon have the five thousand Phil!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [3715] Not as daft as you though! [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3716] You've can't
Gary (PS0GG) [3717] You got
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3718] bloody talk!
[3719] Yeah, well I keep winning
Gary (PS0GG) [3720] you just took that off my pile!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3721] the er football pools and [laughing] the bingo [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [3722] You just took that off my pile!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3723] [laugh] ... Unemployment insurance payments ten times roll of one dice.
Phil (PS0GK) [3724] Oh!
Gary (PS0GG) [3725] And [...] as well?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [3726] That's great!
[3727] Six.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3728] So, that'll be forty ... two.
Phil (PS0GK) [3729] [laughing] Mm mm [] !
Julie (PS0GF) [3730] I'm watching you!
[3731] You were getting a bit close to my bloody money then!
Gary (PS0GG) [3732] I'm not like that!
Julie (PS0GF) [3733] No!
Gary (PS0GG) [3734] Don't run in the family!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3735] Don't you [laugh] you!
[3736] Your supposed to be sticking up for me love!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3737] You know I'm not a bad loser!
Julie (PS0GF) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [3738] Fucking hell!
Phil (PS0GK) [3739] shout to get on the
Gary (PS0GG) [3740] You know I'm not a bad loser!
[3741] So don't do it else I'll pull the table apart [laughing] like I la , tipped the table in the air [] !
Julie (PS0GF) [3742] Oh very stroppy!
[3743] I held [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [3744] Oh get stuffed!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [3745] I thought I was tricked!
[3746] Mm!
Gary (PS0GG) [3747] Well ... on the top and your the one with five hundred, you scrooge!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3748] I've only got three hundred.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3749] [laugh] And you've gotta beat
Julie (PS0GF) [3750] Three hundred and we're only the lower card!
Gary (PS0GG) [3751] Yeah!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3752] You call yourself a Scot!
Julie (PS0GF) [3753] Number eleven this time.
[3754] Mm that's
Gary (PS0GG) [3755] Put it in the bank!
Julie (PS0GF) [3756] Ooh!
Gary (PS0GG) [3757] Just put it in the bank!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3758] Two, two, two, two, four, five, four, five ... [singing] money bye bye
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3759] So that's a thousand pound you messed up down there!
Gary (PS0GG) [3760] money, bye bye [] !
Julie (PS0GF) [3761] Eight.
[3762] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
[3763] Ooh!
[3764] Stock exchange, two hundred pound [...] .
[3765] Now then, what happens here, can't remember?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3766] Person for [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [3767] Oh my God! [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [3768] Use your , use your two hundred pound then you've saved up.
Julie (PS0GF) [3769] Yeah.
[3770] Go on then Phil.
Phil (PS0GK) [3771] What shall I go for?
[3772] Anything?
Julie (PS0GF) [3773] Yep.
Phil (PS0GK) [3774] I know the [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [3775] That'll do!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3776] Ooh!
Julie (PS0GF) [3777] Eleven.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3778] Eleven.
[3779] Plus five times.
Julie (PS0GF) [3780] Yeah, we'll stick with that.
[3781] So
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3782] Do you get that back plus ... a thousand.
Phil (PS0GK) [3783] Interest free.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3784] Ooh!
[3785] Thanks very much Phil!
Julie (PS0GF) [3786] Aren't you ready to go up yet?
[3787] Join me and [...] .
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3788] Can't I don't think, I ain't got five thousand.
Gary (PS0GG) [3789] But I have!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3790] I have, but I'm not going up.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [3791] One, two, three, four, five, six
Gary (PS0GG) [3792] I'll have some more of this delicious
Phil (PS0GK) [3793] seven.
Gary (PS0GG) [3794] cope!
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [3795] Roll one dice and it's ten pounds [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [3796] Bacardi and coke
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3797] Oh well
Gary (PS0GG) [3798] really!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3799] liquid, you have owe her thirty five pound.
Julie (PS0GF) [3800] Here are, do you wanna change that first.
[3801] Right.
Phil (PS0GK) [3802] [...] selling that.
Gary (PS0GG) [3803] Thirty.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3804] No I've only got three and half thousand ... at the moment.
Gary (PS0GG) [3805] More than me then!
Julie (PS0GF) [3806] I've got twenty ... to , about twenty three thousand.
Phil (PS0GK) [3807] We'll be going prisoner in a minute!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3808] Well a bit more
Phil (PS0GK) [3809] [laughing] Well not yet [] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3810] than that, I might have got ... nearly four thousand ... haven't quite got enough
Phil (PS0GK) [3811] You got erm
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3812] yet.
Phil (PS0GK) [3813] You'll be going to prison in a minute!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3814] I'll be getting divorced! [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [3815] Is that okay?
Gary (PS0GG) [3816] I got three and a half thousand.
Phil (PS0GK) [3817] Oh yeah!
Julie (PS0GF) [3818] You stay.
Phil (PS0GK) [3819] Ain't I Melanie?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3820] Who's go?
Phil (PS0GK) [3821] Your go Ga !
Julie (PS0GF) [3822] Gary's go.
Gary (PS0GG) [3823] Oh!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3824] Shit!
[3825] If I get [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [3826] Yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3827] that's a thousand times a roll times a roll one ooh ooh ooh!
Gary (PS0GG) [3828] If we
Shelly (PS0GJ) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [3829] if we get to alimony, I've seen the film!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [3830] Four.
[3831] You're out!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3832] One, two, three, four.
[3833] Bloody hell!
[3834] Oh [...] that's all it was!
Gary (PS0GG) [3835] That's er, give that to me I'm not a bloody
Julie (PS0GF) [3836] But you can sell your things off.
Gary (PS0GG) [3837] Oh yes!
[3838] I got a ... two lovely [...] there.
[3839] Who wants [...] .
[3840] I only want
Phil (PS0GK) [3841] I'll buy you out on that Ga .
Gary (PS0GG) [3842] green furniture.
Phil (PS0GK) [3843] Yeah , yeah I'll buy that?
Julie (PS0GF) [3844] Who wants, who wants another coffee?
Gary (PS0GG) [3845] Go on , do something quick!
Phil (PS0GK) [3846] No.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [3847] I'll pay you fifteen quid.
Julie (PS0GF) [3848] You only get twenty back
Gary (PS0GG) [3849] Go on then fifteen.
Julie (PS0GF) [3850] if you sell it to [...] .
Gary (PS0GG) [3851] Do you want this, The Ploughman?
Julie (PS0GF) [3852] No I've got that one.
Phil (PS0GK) [3853] No, just have twenty in the bank.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3854] You don't get anything back for them do
Julie (PS0GF) [3855] No.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3856] you?
[3857] In the bank.
Gary (PS0GG) [3858] Oh screw you!
Julie (PS0GF) [3859] So you can get twenty back for your other one.
Gary (PS0GG) [3860] I got fifteen.
Julie (PS0GF) [3861] No!
[3862] For your other one!
Gary (PS0GG) [3863] Oh yeah!
[3864] Oh yeah, I'll have ... don't they have one as well?
Phil (PS0GK) [3865] No, [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [3866] No, so stop it!
Gary (PS0GG) [3867] Give us another twenty, fifty
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3868] [laughing] A twenty, ha [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [3869] Do I get my money as well for passing?
Julie (PS0GF) [3870] You got your money for passing!
Gary (PS0GG) [3871] You did not just give me my money for passing!
Julie (PS0GF) [3872] You got it from there!
[3873] Cos your own insurance!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3874] Yeah! [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3875] Alright!
Julie (PS0GF) [3876] I've just been, I got to there.
Gary (PS0GG) [3877] Oh yeah, so have I.
Julie (PS0GF) [3878] You were on
Phil (PS0GK) [3879] Shit!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3880] Ha.
Julie (PS0GF) [3881] Seven.
[3882] One, two, three, four, five, six oh shitting hell!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [3883] I keep landing
Gary (PS0GG) [3884] Five.
Julie (PS0GF) [3885] on that!
Gary (PS0GG) [3886] Patience is a virtue darling, you'll soon go up!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [3887] Eight [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [3888] Yeah.
Phil (PS0GK) [3889] Make them as bad as a [...] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [3890] Five.
Gary (PS0GG) [belch]
Phil (PS0GK) [3891] I'm up.
Gary (PS0GG) [3892] No you're not!
Julie (PS0GF) [3893] No you're not!
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3894] How did you work that out?
Julie (PS0GF) [3895] You're on insurance , one, two, three, four, five.
Phil (PS0GK) [3896] Gary had it ... that's four and he went up and he was one place
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3897] Yeah!
Phil (PS0GK) [3898] in front of me.
Julie (PS0GF) [3899] No, you were both on that.
Gary (PS0GG) [3900] You got five?
Julie (PS0GF) [3901] Yeah Gary had, yeah Gary had
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3902] [...] landed on that.
Julie (PS0GF) [3903] four, one, two, three, four ... you've got five.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [3904] Yeah but I was, I was on the same place as ... I was one behind him!
Julie (PS0GF) [3905] No!
Gary (PS0GG) [3906] No you weren't
Julie (PS0GF) [3907] You were on that one.
Gary (PS0GG) [3908] you on the stock exchange!
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [3909] I was on the stock exchange.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3910] But?
[3911] You're doing it again, you're trying to cheat!
Phil (PS0GK) [3912] No!
[3913] No!
Gary (PS0GG) [3914] Ce certainly weren't me!
Phil (PS0GK) [3915] [...] I was trying to
Gary (PS0GG) [3916] You go there.
Phil (PS0GK) [3917] work out what I needed to go up see.
Julie (PS0GF) [3918] Get divorced.
Gary (PS0GG) [3919] One, two, three, four, five, six, one, two, three!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3920] [laughing] Oh [] !
Julie (PS0GF) [3921] Can't buy till you've been round once!
Gary (PS0GG) [3922] I know!
[3923] Screw you and all!
Phil (PS0GK) [3924] She's gonna get [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3925] One, two
Gary (PS0GG) [3926] I'm not a bad loser Phil
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3927] three, four, five
Gary (PS0GG) [3928] but, you know!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3929] Oh I think I'll buy one now.
Gary (PS0GG) [3930] If you know the table's going up in the air you know it's time to
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3931] [...] , oh that's mine I
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3932] can't buy my own!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [3933] It's alright we've got plenty of time!
Julie (PS0GF) [3934] Seven.
[3935] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, ooh! [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [3936] Who's got the control to the, to the telly?
Julie (PS0GF) [3937] but I'm gonna miss a go.
Gary (PS0GG) [3938] Who's got the controls to the telly.
Julie (PS0GF) [3939] I have, down there.
Gary (PS0GG) [3940] Oh Jason's on, Jason !
Phil (PS0GK) [3941] I might set the tape.
Gary (PS0GG) [3942] I see erm ... Philip Schofield's finished
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [3943] the old er
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3944] And it's erm
Gary (PS0GG) [3945] Joseph and the er
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3946] That tape's got One Foot in the Grave on it?
Julie (PS0GF) [3947] Yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [3948] Yeah.
[3949] Richard Wilson.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3950] That's on Sunday night innit?
Julie (PS0GF) [3951] Yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3952] Yeah
Gary (PS0GG) [3953] Nine.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3954] bloody brilliant!
[3955] Did you see last week?
Gary (PS0GG) [3956] One, two, three , four, five, six, seven, eight
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3957] [laughing] [...] [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [3958] nine.
[3959] What's that?
[3960] Yacht club.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3961] That's your membership.
Julie (PS0GF) [3962] You haven't been
Gary (PS0GG) [3963] Yeah, yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [3964] round yet.
Gary (PS0GG) [3965] How many?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3966] It only wants a measly thousand pounds, alright?
Julie (PS0GF) [3967] Oh no , you ca you gotta go round first Ga .
Gary (PS0GG) [3968] I've gotta go round the start haven't I?
[3969] Yes.
[3970] A measly?
[3971] It's good enough for me!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3972] You were gonna buy that weren't you?
Gary (PS0GG) [3973] Snob!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3974] Two, three, four, five, six, one, two, three, four, five!
[3975] Hold on!
[3976] Where was I?
[3977] One, two, three, four, five, six, one, two, three, four, five, oh for ... [laugh] .
Julie (PS0GF) [3978] Have I gotta miss a go?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3979] Oh I gotta collect ten
Phil (PS0GK) [3980] Watch her Ju , she cheats!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3981] thousand.
Julie (PS0GF) [3982] Oh I'm my own bloody square again
Phil (PS0GK) [3983] Eight!
Julie (PS0GF) [3984] so I can't buy it!
Phil (PS0GK) [3985] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
[3986] Oh I'll have another go.
Julie (PS0GF) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [3987] Yeah, down [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [3988] Rich uncle leaves you
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3989] Ooh!
[3990] Ooh!
Julie (PS0GF) [3991] five hundred.
[3992] You want [...] .
Gary (PS0GG) [3993] Well leave that for a minute then.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3994] Just down one.
[3995] One, two, three, four.
[3996] How you doing down there [...] ?
Julie (PS0GF) [3997] [laughing] Oh God [] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [3998] What is it?
Julie (PS0GF) [3999] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
[4000] So you can guarantee if I get divorced from there down to there I'll land on fucking [...] and end up back here!
Phil (PS0GK) [4001] Lovely innit!
Julie (PS0GF) [4002] Then I got pots and pots of money!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [4003] [...] !
Julie (PS0GF) [4004] Loads of money!
Gary (PS0GG) [4005] [...] ... what's that say?
Phil (PS0GK) [4006] It's just a thing that
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4007] So haven't you two got five thousand pounds yet?
Julie (PS0GF) [4008] No.
Gary (PS0GG) [4009] What's that, a three?
Julie (PS0GF) [4010] Yep!
Gary (PS0GG) [4011] One, two, three.
[4012] Enter
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [4013] oh Christ!
[4014] What does that do?
Phil (PS0GK) [4015] You can start buying now.
Gary (PS0GG) [4016] Yes.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4017] Three.
[4018] One, two, three.
[4019] Ooh, well I'll buy one of those!
[4020] Ooh!
[4021] One can only get three thousand pounds [...] .
[4022] Mm mm!
[4023] Well for the time being
Julie (PS0GF) [4024] I don't wanna go up!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4025] [laugh] ... One, two, two hundred and fifty
Julie (PS0GF) [4026] You're in the middle aren't you?
[4027] So there are!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4028] One, two, three, four, five
Julie (PS0GF) [4029] A designer jogging suit!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4030] Ooh!
[4031] Is that it?
[4032] Hey!
[4033] Put it them in the top!
Julie (PS0GF) [4034] Oh no, the top! [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4035] Aha!
[4036] What do you think I'm
Julie (PS0GF) [4037] Oh sorry!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4038] paying for [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [4039] Mink coat
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4040] I was gonna say, cor!
Julie (PS0GF) [4041] Mink coat for Pamela.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4042] [laugh] ... No, it should be artificial shouldn't it?
Gary (PS0GG) [4043] Get her some coronations!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4044] Why, who calls them coronations?
Gary (PS0GG) [4045] She does.
Julie (PS0GF) [4046] Your mum was saying don't
Gary (PS0GG) [4047] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [4048] she?
[4049] You know those flowers that you bought Pam?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4050] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [4051] And they were carnations weren't they?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4052] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [4053] She went into work and told everybody they were coronation!
[4054] She said it wrong!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4055] [laughing] Coronation Street [] !
Julie (PS0GF) [4056] Ten.
[4057] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4058] You can go up now can't you?
Julie (PS0GF) [4059] I'll go up next go.
[4060] Well no, I've gotta have your next got haven't I?
[4061] And then go up.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4062] No, you can sit up there now.
Phil (PS0GK) [4063] You don't, you gotta , you gotta past there and say ... go past there ... and say you're going up the next time
Julie (PS0GF) [4064] Yeah alright.
Phil (PS0GK) [4065] in the middle class.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4066] Oh, making up new rules as he goes along here!
Phil (PS0GK) [4067] That's right innit!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [4068] Got to stop and then you say you're going up to middle class.
Gary (PS0GG) [4069] One, two, three, four
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4070] Flipping talking, when they listen to that they'll burst their bloody ear drums!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4071] It's a good job it's not a video though innit?
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [4072] My God!
Gary (PS0GG) [4073] See all the cheating going on wouldn't they?
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [4074] Five.
Gary (PS0GG) [4075] Stock exchange.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4076] I know, you going to have a go on that Phil?
Phil (PS0GK) [4077] Yes , I'll have a bit of a do on that.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4078] Or is it going to be a measly five hundred, what?
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [4079] Ooh! [...] !
[4080] Mm!
[4081] Oh I've done it haven't I?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4082] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [4083] Number two here we go!
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [4084] I dunno, [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [4085] Oh that's lovely!
Gary (PS0GG) [4086] that'll do me! [...] five times.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4087] Five thousand pound.
Julie (PS0GF) [4088] That means you can go up.
Phil (PS0GK) [4089] And chuck one on the floor.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4090] That's what [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [4091] I didn't want that one did I?
Julie (PS0GF) [4092] No.
Phil (PS0GK) [4093] Put one back now.
Gary (PS0GG) [4094] You give me two.
[4095] I'm honest, see!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4096] Oh yeah!
Julie (PS0GF) [4097] You can go up then after you've been
Gary (PS0GG) [4098] Yeah, you thought I'd be a cheat didn't you? [...] he said that [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [4099] Got a five [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [4100] Yeah alright.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4101] Oh he's got a ten thousand anyway ain't he?
Julie (PS0GF) [4102] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [4103] Yeah.
[4104] He was holding his hand out hoping that he would er ... get a bit ... and well I said if you give me
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4105] After they've
Gary (PS0GG) [4106] three
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4107] gone out! [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [4108] I'll buy one of tho , oh no I won't! [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [4109] Yeah, if you want it.
Julie (PS0GF) [4110] Oh go on!
[4111] Oh!
[4112] Oh, oh no I haven't got much change at the moment Ga .
Gary (PS0GG) [4113] How much do I need to go up?
Julie (PS0GF) [4114] I've only got ten thousand!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [4115] How much do I need to go up?
Phil (PS0GK) [4116] Ten thousand.
Gary (PS0GG) [4117] I can go up.
Julie (PS0GF) [4118] Erm
Phil (PS0GK) [4119] Yeah, but you're gotta get ... [...] of these.
Julie (PS0GF) [4120] You have to have two of your properties
Gary (PS0GG) [4121] That's right!
[4122] I don't wanna go up anyway.
Julie (PS0GF) [4123] two of your
Gary (PS0GG) [4124] I wanna stay, I'm happy where I am!
Julie (PS0GF) [4125] properties plus your membership.
Gary (PS0GG) [4126] I got my Yacht club thing have I?
Julie (PS0GF) [4127] Yeah, cos I've got that I think.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4128] [...] three thousand , there you go darling!
Gary (PS0GG) [4129] Where di , yeah but you didn't give me it!
Phil (PS0GK) [4130] Oh you can have er
Gary (PS0GG) [4131] Did you?
Julie (PS0GF) [4132] What?
Gary (PS0GG) [4133] My yacht club.
Julie (PS0GF) [4134] No, you landed on it but you haven't been round once.
[4135] Oh that's right, yeah you have
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [4136] just now!
Gary (PS0GG) [4137] Mm.
Phil (PS0GK) [4138] [...] bought a car for Dianne!
Julie (PS0GF) [4139] Oh!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4140] Oh yes! [...] !
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [4141] Porsche with the engine in and that!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [4142] Oh we got Porsche!
[4143] Have you?
[4144] No, I've got a stil , I've got an e , I've got an engine in the back of my car, oh it's a Porsche!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4145] A turbo [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [4146] Oh yes! [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [4147] One, two, three, four, five, six.
[4148] I'll be
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4149] Right!
[4150] You going up now?
Phil (PS0GK) [4151] Shall I [...] go there somewhere
Gary (PS0GG) [4152] No!
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [4153] You gotta wait [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4154] Oh no you've passed that one now haven't you?
Julie (PS0GF) [4155] Mhm.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4156] Then when you get back
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4157] you pay, you gotta pass it.
Gary (PS0GG) [4158] So when you got pass there Ju don't forget you say I am going up to middle class!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4159] You'll be ready to join Gary [...] will you?
[4160] What!
[4161] What!
[4162] What!
Julie (PS0GF) [4163] What do I do when I get
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [4164] Five.
[4165] That's a [...] .
[4166] Oh that's mine anyway.
Gary (PS0GG) [4167] Seven.
[4168] One, two, three, four, five, one, two.
[4169] I can buy now anyway can't I?
Julie (PS0GF) [4170] A jogging outfit there!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [4171] Yes, I shall have one of them.
[4172] How much?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4173] I thought you be rich in a minute!
Julie (PS0GF) [4174] Five.
[4175] [laughing] No chance [] !
[4176] I doubt it!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4177] See, right if he still wasn't speaking to me properly I wouldn't have brought that off him!
[4178] I
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4179] I would have waited and bought one off Gary ... and then he wouldn't have been able to go up would he?
Gary (PS0GG) [4180] That's not very nice that!
Julie (PS0GF) [4181] No, that's right!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [4182] No, that's spiteful!
[4183] I do that later ... don't I darling?
[4184] [laughing] In real life I do [] !
[4185] In real life I normally do.
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [4186] No, I've just had a go.
Julie (PS0GF) [4187] She's had a go.
Gary (PS0GG) [4188] You happy?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4189] I'll go again [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [4190] No offence!
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4191] [...] last night.
[4192] One, two, three, four, five, one, two.
[4193] Right, I've already got one of those haven't I?
Julie (PS0GF) [4194] Yeah. [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [4195] Yeah!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4196] It's er ... it's an artificial
Julie (PS0GF) [4197] Five.
[4198] one, two, three, four, five, oh shit!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4199] an artificial mink coat for [...] .
Gary (PS0GG) [4200] Taxes.
Julie (PS0GF) [4201] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [4202] Good job you stayed on there Ju !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [4203] Bloody hell!
Gary (PS0GG) [4204] Gonna have to stay there another, a longer darling!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4205] Oh bloody hell!
Gary (PS0GG) [4206] Twelve ... twelve [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4207] [laugh] Want to ask me what they want Ju ?
Julie (PS0GF) [4208] [laughing] See, I knew she was gonna say that [] !
[4209] Oh bugger!
Gary (PS0GG) [4210] Oh you're gonna set my cousin off there!
Julie (PS0GF) [4211] I'll take a hundred and fifty now!
Phil (PS0GK) [4212] Seven.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [cough]
Julie (PS0GF) [4213] Cor!
[4214] I always land on that bloody thing!
Phil (PS0GK) [4215] Credit due.
Julie (PS0GF) [4216] Pay ten percent interest.
Gary (PS0GG) [4217] Pay ten percent interest.
Julie (PS0GF) [4218] No you haven't got any credit have you?
Phil (PS0GK) [4219] No.
Gary (PS0GG) [4220] No.
[4221] Alright then!
[4222] Six.
[4223] One, two, three, four, five
Phil (PS0GK) [4224] How do you pay for printing then?
Gary (PS0GG) [4225] six.
[4226] Yacht club please?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4227] Only if you're up here!
Gary (PS0GG) [4228] And my thousand please?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4229] So you only want ... eight hundred.
Gary (PS0GG) [4230] Why?
Julie (PS0GF) [4231] Yeah, cos it's two hundred
Gary (PS0GG) [4232] Sorry, is it?
[4233] Oh yeah!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4234] One, two, three
Phil (PS0GK) [4235] Is it all worth it just go on that?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4236] then someone's hogging all these one hundred pounds!
Phil (PS0GK) [4237] I've got some.
Gary (PS0GG) [4238] I've got some if you
Shelly (PS0GJ) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [4239] want some.
[4240] I got about ... fifty of them if you want them.
Julie (PS0GF) [4241] Now, two three, one, two, shit!
Gary (PS0GG) [4242] Five.
Julie (PS0GF) [4243] Well I'll cut my ten
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4244] There are.
Julie (PS0GF) [4245] thousand, I've got a roll
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4246] There's five from Phil and five from me.
Phil (PS0GK) [4247] I'll hold on to mine.
[4248] Is that the Yacht club?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [4249] Better check mine.
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4250] Yep!
Gary (PS0GG) [4251] Did I have mine on there?
[4252] Yeah, I did didn't I?
Phil (PS0GK) [4253] How many times you been round Shel?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4254] Dunno.
[4255] Why?
Phil (PS0GK) [4256] Only about three innit?
Julie (PS0GF) [4257] Who's go is it?
Gary (PS0GG) [4258] Why is she cheating is she?
Julie (PS0GF) [4259] Have you done, have you yours Shel?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4260] I've had my go.
Gary (PS0GG) [4261] She cheating or something?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4262] She's on taxes.
Julie (PS0GF) [4263] Go next.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [4264] [laughing] She was trying to get out of that [] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4265] What is it?
Julie (PS0GF) [4266] Pay a thousand pound.
Phil (PS0GK) [4267] Oh!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4268] Roll the one dice?
Julie (PS0GF) [4269] Both dice.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4270] Ha!
[4271] Ooh!
[4272] One go?
Gary (PS0GG) [4273] Yes!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4274] I got double six!
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [4275] Five thousand!
Phil (PS0GK) [4276] Five thousand charlies!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4277] Oh well wow!
Phil (PS0GK) [4278] It's only a measly
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4279] Bless you!
Phil (PS0GK) [4280] round the go once innit?
Julie (PS0GF) [4281] This is the money.
Phil (PS0GK) [4282] It's only once round the track isn't it?
[4283] Isn't it?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4284] Six.
[4285] One, two
Julie (PS0GF) [4286] Oh!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4287] three
Phil (PS0GK) [4288] Isn't it?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4289] four
Phil (PS0GK) [4290] Isn't it?
Julie (PS0GF) [4291] Ooh I've only gotta get my
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4292] I need that!
Julie (PS0GF) [4293] diploma now haven't I?
Gary (PS0GG) [4294] Yeah but you, you wa you want the er ... how much do you need fifty
Julie (PS0GF) [4295] Oh shit!
[4296] I need fifty don't I?
Gary (PS0GG) [4297] You haven't got it
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [4298] you got ten, twenty
Phil (PS0GK) [4299] One, two
Gary (PS0GG) [4300] you got about twenty five if you're lucky!
Phil (PS0GK) [4301] I've gotta get er
Gary (PS0GG) [4302] I'm not gonna give it you now!
Phil (PS0GK) [4303] I've got er
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4304] Fifty seven, seven, twenty eight
Phil (PS0GK) [4305] Er ... go up next go.
Gary (PS0GG) [belch]
Phil (PS0GK) [4306] Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine
Gary (PS0GG) [4307] Now you say it!
Phil (PS0GK) [4308] ten, eleven
Julie (PS0GF) [4309] He has done.
Phil (PS0GK) [4310] eleven.
Julie (PS0GF) [4311] Well you ... put yourself there now don't you?
Gary (PS0GG) [4312] No!
Julie (PS0GF) [4313] Yeah, and then his next go starts on that.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4314] Yeah!
Phil (PS0GK) [4315] So ... I've just
Gary (PS0GG) [4316] You mean, you mean
Phil (PS0GK) [4317] I just
Gary (PS0GG) [4318] again?
Julie (PS0GF) [4319] No!
Phil (PS0GK) [4320] should go up there.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4321] [laughing] [...] innit?
[4322] You prat [] !
Julie (PS0GF) [4323] You'll be, you'd be going
Phil (PS0GK) [4324] The
Julie (PS0GF) [4325] all bloody night wouldn't you!
Phil (PS0GK) [4326] That's my erm things start from counting from there.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4327] Yeah!
Julie (PS0GF) [4328] Yes!
Phil (PS0GK) [4329] Two, three
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4330] Oh!
Julie (PS0GF) [4331] Yeah, cos he had eleven.
Phil (PS0GK) [4332] five , six ... seven
Julie (PS0GF) [4333] Oh no, no, no!
Phil (PS0GK) [4334] eight
Gary (PS0GG) [4335] No!
[4336] No!
[4337] No, no, no, no, no you cheat!
Phil (PS0GK) [4338] eleven.
[4339] I would have landed on stock exchange.
Gary (PS0GG) [4340] No!
[4341] Cos you gotta stay down
Julie (PS0GF) [4342] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [4343] there.
[4344] No, that's it.
Julie (PS0GF) [4345] Yeah.
[4346] As soon as you
Gary (PS0GG) [4347] When you get to there.
Phil (PS0GK) [4348] Does that mean I've gotta
Julie (PS0GF) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [4349] stay on these?
Gary (PS0GG) [4350] When you get to there ... yeah, or
Julie (PS0GF) [4351] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [4352] whatever!
[4353] I'll be [...] them.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4354] But we don't need them!
Phil (PS0GK) [4355] Just going back to the bank for twenty
Gary (PS0GG) [4356] So
Phil (PS0GK) [4357] pound a time.
[4358] Twenty
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4359] Whoever you bought them
Phil (PS0GK) [4360] pound a time.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4361] off of.
Phil (PS0GK) [4362] Don't wanna keep the
Gary (PS0GG) [4363] No!
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [4364] No, no, no!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4365] No, cos it's two hundred in that one and
Gary (PS0GG) [4366] You gotta start afresh to go above there and you want five thousand as well don't you?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4367] Aye, hold on!
Phil (PS0GK) [4368] Do I have to pay five thousand?
Julie (PS0GF) [4369] No!
[4370] You only need five thousand.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4371] I don't need a thing!
[4372] I don't need a membership for that!
Julie (PS0GF) [4373] No, cos there isn't one!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4374] Oh wow!
[4375] [laughing] Ha [] !
[4376] Right, so I owe you twenty pound ... I haven't got any tens, you'll have to change that.
Phil (PS0GK) [4377] Banks.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4378] No, that's mine!
Julie (PS0GF) [4379] Mm mm.
Phil (PS0GK) [4380] Oh you have to
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4381] And the bank owes you twenty pound, forty pound.
Julie (PS0GF) [4382] One, two, three, four
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4383] You owe me thirty pounds.
Julie (PS0GF) [4384] Mm.
[4385] Right!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4386] Thank you.
[4387] Oh I like this game!
Gary (PS0GG) [4388] Sorry!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4389] I've only got to go round another three times!
[4390] Not bad on that [...] !
Gary (PS0GG) [4391] One, two, three, four , five, six, seven.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4392] Thank you.
[4393] Five hundred
Julie (PS0GF) [4394] Again!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4395] pound.
Phil (PS0GK) [4396] Ha!
Gary (PS0GG) [4397] Just put it with the ... you know, about eighty thousands I've got!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4398] Ooh!
[4399] Not bad for [...] !
Gary (PS0GG) [4400] I don't
Julie (PS0GF) [4401] Eight.
Gary (PS0GG) [4402] want any there st , looks like a [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4403] One , two, three, four, five, six, seven and oh wow!
Gary (PS0GG) [4404] Oh , here we go again!
[4405] Can we go to the bank.
[4406] Go for a hundred pound.
Julie (PS0GF) [4407] Oh it's me innit?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4408] Er
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [4409] We , it's that all the ... Christ! [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [4410] [laughing] That's why I said your going for a thousand [] !
Phil (PS0GK) [4411] Yeah!
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [4412] Look at all that!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4413] No!
Gary (PS0GG) [4414] Take a chance on it!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4415] Ooh!
Julie (PS0GF) [4416] Eight.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4417] Eight.
Gary (PS0GG) [4418] Eight.
Julie (PS0GF) [4419] Your best move plus one half
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4420] One half.
Phil (PS0GK) [4421] Ooh!
[4422] Go for it again and see how much
Gary (PS0GG) [4423] Yeah, go for
Julie (PS0GF) [4424] No, go on!
Gary (PS0GG) [4425] hundred!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4426] Oh my God!
[4427] Do you trust me?
Julie (PS0GF) [4428] No!
[4429] [laugh] ... Ooh no!
Phil (PS0GK) [4430] Seven that time.
Julie (PS0GF) [4431] Go again!
Phil (PS0GK) [4432] Seven.
Julie (PS0GF) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [4433] Go on then!
[4434] I might do another one!
[4435] Eight again!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4436] Eight!
[4437] Ah , that's back, take that and then five
Phil (PS0GK) [4438] Investment first one hour.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4439] hundred.
Gary (PS0GG) [4440] Watch her Ju !
[4441] Watch her!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4442] Oh where shall I put my five hundred?
[4443] Got a lot of, lot of room [...] have I?
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [4444] Just stick it in that hole there!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4445] Ooh, get lost! [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [4446] Three.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4447] Ooh look at that!
Julie (PS0GF) [4448] One, two, three.
[4449] Right, I'm up!
Gary (PS0GG) [4450] There you go.
[4451] See you in a minute!
[4452] See you in a mo !
[4453] Soon I'll be rushing
Julie (PS0GF) [4454] Oh!
Gary (PS0GG) [4455] to [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [4456] I'm getting [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [4457] That's twelve
Julie (PS0GF) [4458] then.
Gary (PS0GG) [4459] Yeah.
Phil (PS0GK) [4460] eleven, or whatever I had.
[4461] So you're [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [4462] Sell it back to whoever.
Phil (PS0GK) [4463] really.
[4464] Bank [...] .
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4465] One's mine.
Julie (PS0GF) [4466] Yep.
Gary (PS0GG) [4467] [laughing] You sod [] !
Phil (PS0GK) [4468] So it didn't matter what I got as long as you got a
Gary (PS0GG) [4469] You, you want your [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [4470] a [...] .
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4471] That's twenty pound innit?
Gary (PS0GG) [4472] One two, three, four
Julie (PS0GF) [4473] Mhm.
Phil (PS0GK) [4474] five, six, seven
Julie (PS0GF) [4475] You don't get anything for eleven.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4476] Aye, I gave him twenty pound for that
Phil (PS0GK) [4477] Aye, Olive's Jewellery.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4478] fucking membership!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [4479] Shall I buy Olive's Jewellery?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4480] [...] , that's good!
Gary (PS0GG) [4481] No you can't cos you can't buy till your
Julie (PS0GF) [4482] Okay.
Gary (PS0GG) [4483] first round can he?
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [4484] What's that for?
[4485] Can't buy till you've been round once?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4486] I paid you twenty quid for your bloody membership!
[4487] Kept [...] back for that!
Julie (PS0GF) [4488] Oh!
[4489] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [4490] Don't tell me that!
Gary (PS0GG) [4491] What's that, seven?
[4492] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
[4493] I'll buy the Northend Bar [...] did we?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [4494] You need two of them didn't you?
Julie (PS0GF) [4495] Yep!
Gary (PS0GG) [4496] And one of them?
Julie (PS0GF) [4497] Yep!
[4498] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
[4499] Er er er!
[4500] Another ten thousand, what, what, what!
[4501] Nearly there!
[4502] Nearly there, nearly there chaps!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4503] What?
Gary (PS0GG) [4504] Twenty thousand we said didn't
Julie (PS0GF) [4505] Four.
Gary (PS0GG) [4506] we?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4507] No, [laughing] fifteen [] !
Julie (PS0GF) [4508] One, two, three, four.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4509] I can't buy anything cos I gotta round once.
Phil (PS0GK) [4510] She's gotta go down!
[4511] She's gotta go down!
[4512] Gotta get [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [4513] This is the first time I've stayed up this long!
Phil (PS0GK) [4514] A six.
Julie (PS0GF) [4515] And it's a good job it's a woman saying that cos they'll wonder what the hell we're on about! [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [4516] Five, six.
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [4517] Up!
Gary (PS0GG) [4518] No!
[4519] No, you can't!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4520] Yeah what did you do that for?
Gary (PS0GG) [4521] You gotta go round once and you ain't gone round!
Phil (PS0GK) [4522] I still collect money! [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [4523] six.
Gary (PS0GG) [4524] Six thousand.
[4525] Bad loser I'm no not!
[4526] Okay?
[4527] [laughing] ... One, two, three, four, [singing] fi i i i i ive [] !
[4528] I'll have that one.
Julie (PS0GF) [4529] That's Phil's.
Gary (PS0GG) [4530] Do I need that one?
Julie (PS0GF) [4531] Yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4532] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [4533] [...] Car Sale.
[4534] I'll have one of them Phil.
Phil (PS0GK) [4535] So that's just a five hundred one innit?
Gary (PS0GG) [4536] Yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [4537] I'm in the [...] cars.
[4538] Well that's ... that's er ... and I look down on no one actually.
Gary (PS0GG) [4539] Ching
Phil (PS0GK) [4540] But I look [...] .
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [4541] Because she is ... hire class!
[4542] It's called a CV two.
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [4543] [laughing] Yes [] !
Phil (PS0GK) [4544] And check her round about ... for Jane.
[4545] [singing] Thank heaven ... for little Jane [] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4546] Oh thank God for that!
[4547] ... Seven.
Phil (PS0GK) [4548] [singing] Cos little Jane couldn't get as clo [] , if I sing they might
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4549] One, two, three, four, five six
Phil (PS0GK) [4550] [laughing] say []
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4551] I can't buy anything cos I'm on my first time round.
Julie (PS0GF) [4552] Any chance of being recording, come
Phil (PS0GK) [4553] I'm off!
Julie (PS0GF) [4554] for you!
Phil (PS0GK) [4555] One, two, three, four
Gary (PS0GG) [4556] Yacht club!
Phil (PS0GK) [4557] Can't buy it though!
Gary (PS0GG) [4558] No you can't.
Phil (PS0GK) [4559] It's only first
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4560] [laughing] Mm [] !
Phil (PS0GK) [4561] time round.
Gary (PS0GG) [4562] Eight.
[4563] One, two, three
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4564] A recording contract's not a company.
Gary (PS0GG) [4565] Stock exchange and higher than mine, ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Phil (PS0GK) [4566] [...] .
[4567] And you're frozen!
Gary (PS0GG) [4568] Yes.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4569] Sells.
Phil (PS0GK) [4570] Sells.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4571] Oh oh oh!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4572] They want a low one look at them!
Julie (PS0GF) [4573] Ooh bloody hell!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4574] How much is he putting on it?
[4575] Three thousand?
[4576] Get a two.
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4577] Ooh!
[4578] ... Eight thousand!
[4579] He trusts you!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4580] May as well give it straight to the bank.
[4581] Oh what have
Gary (PS0GG) [4582] That'll do me!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4583] you done!
Gary (PS0GG) [4584] investment plus five times!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4585] Eight thousand.
[4586] Five eight, forty thousand!
Phil (PS0GK) [4587] [singing] Thank heavens ... for [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4588] Have you got that much?
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [4589] cos I'm nearly there [] !
[4590] It was on there Shel aren't I?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4591] Are you sure that's right?
Phil (PS0GK) [4592] I must be there Shel.
Julie (PS0GF) [4593] Yeah, you got eleven didn't you?
Gary (PS0GG) [4594] Yes, that's right.
Julie (PS0GF) [4595] So investment plus
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4596] Oh hang on!
[4597] Sorry!
Julie (PS0GF) [4598] is plus five times.
[4599] He put in eight thousand ... so five
Phil (PS0GK) [4600] Ah yes.
Julie (PS0GF) [4601] eight thousands ... five eights are forty, forty thousand.
Phil (PS0GK) [4602] I'm not far off am I?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4603] That's more than I've got!
Phil (PS0GK) [4604] I should come down aren't I?
Gary (PS0GG) [4605] Yeah, you must have forty.
Julie (PS0GF) [4606] Yeah, cos you've only got, that's
Gary (PS0GG) [4607] But i
Julie (PS0GF) [4608] five thousand
Gary (PS0GG) [4609] i is there four [...] ?
[4610] Yeah,yo don't put
Phil (PS0GK) [4611] Are they?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4612] Are you sure?
Gary (PS0GG) [4613] forty eight thousand.
Julie (PS0GF) [4614] Mm mm!
Gary (PS0GG) [4615] Yeah.
Phil (PS0GK) [4616] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [4617] You could go up to top group ... ri straight
Phil (PS0GK) [4618] Well yes
Gary (PS0GG) [4619] away.
Phil (PS0GK) [4620] but do I want to?
[4621] That's the thing, do I want to?
[4622] I'm there aren't I?
Julie (PS0GF) [4623] Well with th ... yeah, cos put in it
Gary (PS0GG) [4624] Have they changed your two hundred pounds in there?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4625] You put in eight thousand.
[4626] Yeah, I was gonna say hundreds!
Gary (PS0GG) [4627] So change six hundred thousand.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4628] No we've put in eight thousand.
Phil (PS0GK) [4629] Eight thousand.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4630] So five eights
Phil (PS0GK) [4631] I do I don't mess
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4632] are forty.
Phil (PS0GK) [4633] when it comes to the big stuff, go for it!
[4634] Don't I darling?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [4635] Gary!
[4636] Your go.
Gary (PS0GG) [4637] He's always got no fucking money!
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [4638] What are we doing?
[4639] Are we going to a hundred thousand then or what?
Julie (PS0GF) [4640] My God!
[4641] I've only got three!
Phil (PS0GK) [4642] Could we go to hundred thousand or not?
Gary (PS0GG) [4643] Dunno.
[4644] It's only a thousand pound.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4645] Yeah, cos if you're going for fifty
Phil (PS0GK) [4646] We'll go
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4647] if you're going
Phil (PS0GK) [4648] we'll go to a thousand
Gary (PS0GG) [4649] If you go to a thousand she'll only have to come and do it now cos ... well ... I've won ain't I?
Julie (PS0GF) [4650] Well you've still gotta get your
Gary (PS0GG) [4651] I don't need to do I?
Julie (PS0GF) [4652] your things.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4653] He's got them!
Phil (PS0GK) [4654] He can go up!
[4655] He can go
Gary (PS0GG) [4656] I I
Phil (PS0GK) [4657] up now.
Gary (PS0GG) [4658] alright, but I don't want to.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4659] Yeah but you have to put onto them ... [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [4660] No, you haven't got them for your
Gary (PS0GG) [4661] No, what the hell!
[4662] I'll stay, I'll just, I'll just [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [4663] Yeah because you could end up
Phil (PS0GK) [4664] What we going up to?
Julie (PS0GF) [4665] being divorced.
Phil (PS0GK) [4666] What we going up to now then?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4667] Whatever!
[4668] Fifty or ten, whatever!
[4669] Hundred and fifty, or hundred and ten, yeah [...] . [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [4670] That's terrible!
Julie (PS0GF) [4671] Hundred thousand
Phil (PS0GK) [4672] Hundred thousand , right
Julie (PS0GF) [4673] cos that's only ten times [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [4674] We did with Martin and Kim didn't we?
[4675] Cos they had this argument before, Kim said five, five hundred ... fifty o ... fifty thousand and Kim said no we'll make it hundred thousand cos
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [4676] Tell you about that
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [4677] Have you been Shel?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4678] Yes.
Gary (PS0GG) [4679] With a throw of a dice you can go right up
Shelly (PS0GJ) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [4680] couldn't you?
Julie (PS0GF) [4681] You've been up again?
Gary (PS0GG) [4682] Here we are, spinning!
Phil (PS0GK) [4683] How much is it to go up anyway?
Gary (PS0GG) [4684] Six
Julie (PS0GF) [4685] Five.
Gary (PS0GG) [4686] seven thousand.
Julie (PS0GF) [4687] nine.
[4688] Ten thousand actually.
Phil (PS0GK) [4689] Can't afford it like that.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4690] Yeah, you just got a fucking forty thousand you bastard!
Julie (PS0GF) [4691] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [4692] Have over ten thousand.
Julie (PS0GF) [4693] I'll have a thousand , er Shel?
Gary (PS0GG) [4694] Five hundred!
[4695] Er!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4696] I still can't buy cos it's only my first time bloody round!
Phil (PS0GK) [4697] Go for it!
[4698] You don't [...] , you just go straight for it!
Julie (PS0GF) [4699] So's Phil innit?
[4700] We can't buy at the moment.
Phil (PS0GK) [4701] Did you give me money [...] did you?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4702] Yeah!
Phil (PS0GK) [4703] Oh!
[4704] So I've kept my money.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4705] Yeah.
Phil (PS0GK) [4706] So
Gary (PS0GG) [4707] Yes.
Julie (PS0GF) [4708] Oh yes.
Phil (PS0GK) [4709] Too late to give me a loan?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4710] [laugh] ... What do you need a loan for?
[4711] You've got more money than what I have!
[4712] ... I think I'll try that next time I'll save it for myself!
Gary (PS0GG) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [4713] You didn't say that, you're going up this time if you wanted that.
Gary (PS0GG) [4714] I could do couldn't I?
[4715] I've gotta get to there though first.
Phil (PS0GK) [4716] Aha.
Julie (PS0GF) [4717] Mhm.
Gary (PS0GG) [4718] Mm.
[4719] Oh [...] .
[4720] What's that?
Julie (PS0GF) [4721] Six.
Gary (PS0GG) [4722] Six.
[4723] One, two, three, four, five, six.
[4724] I'm going anyway.
Phil (PS0GK) [4725] That's the size of the bloody
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4726] Bloody hell!
Julie (PS0GF) [4727] It's a good job it's not five thousand innit?
[4728] Er, I mean fifty.
Gary (PS0GG) [4729] [singing] Gree dee da da da da da da [] !
[4730] I've gotta sell these off now.
Julie (PS0GF) [4731] Let's hope you get er, one, two
Gary (PS0GG) [4732] And open the middle class
Julie (PS0GF) [4733] three, four.
[4734] Let's hope you get
Phil (PS0GK) [4735] And both of you get past
Julie (PS0GF) [4736] to five.
Phil (PS0GK) [4737] Ten [...] you can rent ones.
Julie (PS0GF) [4738] Yeah you can buy off Ga .
Gary (PS0GG) [4739] Yes, you can you can buy off
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4740] Mm.
Gary (PS0GG) [4741] me.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4742] Me and Phil then?
Gary (PS0GG) [4743] Yes.
[4744] I've got two ... I've got ee, erm clo Yacht Club card for sale.
Phil (PS0GK) [4745] What do they get back on them?
[4746] They only get hundred pound do they?
Gary (PS0GG) [4747] I'll give them hundred for them.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4748] Yeah , but you don't get anything for his Yacht Club.
[4749] So he paid two hundred quid for it.
[4750] [whispering] Damn good [] !
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4751] [laugh] ... Give him hundred
Phil (PS0GK) [4752] [laugh] ... Hundred and thirty!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4753] [laughing] Oh my, you total sod [] !
Phil (PS0GK) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4754] Can't you make it a rounded fi , hundred and fifty!
Phil (PS0GK) [4755] Hundred and fifty then!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [4756] Yeah.
[4757] That's what I was gonna say!
[4758] Well I've gotta have it haven't I? [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [4759] Who's gonna have the other fifty.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4760] So have I!
Gary (PS0GG) [4761] oi!
[4762] Who's gonna
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4763] Hundred and fifty.
Phil (PS0GK) [4764] I'll give him the two.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4765] What, the two hundred?
Phil (PS0GK) [4766] Cos you got [...] haven't you?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4767] Two fifty.
[4768] I'm not going any
Phil (PS0GK) [4769] Okay.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4770] higher!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [4771] She takes it!
Phil (PS0GK) [4772] Well if I'd have known that [...] before else I'll go and land on the [...] .
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4773] Yeah, you bloody wait!
[4774] I'll go and land on it now and I'll be bloody pig sick!
Phil (PS0GK) [4775] I'll give you
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4776] Thirty, forty
Phil (PS0GK) [4777] I'll gi yer
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4778] fifty
Phil (PS0GK) [4779] I don't want hundred quid notes
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [4780] I ju , oh well ... [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4781] I ain't got any fifty pound notes so [...] !
Phil (PS0GK) [4782] [laughing] Well, [...] [] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4783] No I won't!
Gary (PS0GG) [4784] Want these?
[4785] Anybody want these?
Phil (PS0GK) [4786] I'll I'll give you hundred quid for each one.
Gary (PS0GG) [4787] Oh well!
[4788] It's your money! [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [4789] Aye, aye, aye yeah!
[4790] I'll do the [...] here!
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [4791] I'll take that off you because
Gary (PS0GG) [4792] Right.
Julie (PS0GF) [4793] he's decided to sell it to Phil now!
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [4794] And I ... and these there, I got two of these for sale?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4795] And I used your five hundred.
Julie (PS0GF) [4796] When it's, you paid five hundred each.
Gary (PS0GG) [4797] I paid five hundred for them.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4798] But he can only get a hundred pound back if he's get it from the bank.
Julie (PS0GF) [4799] Hundred and fifty ... for one.
Phil (PS0GK) [4800] Each.
Gary (PS0GG) [4801] For one?
Julie (PS0GF) [4802] Mm.
Phil (PS0GK) [4803] Yeah, for one.
[4804] Correct.
[4805] I'll give you hundred for that other one.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [4806] That's all you get fro from the bank.
Gary (PS0GG) [4807] No.
Phil (PS0GK) [4808] I could buy it straight
Gary (PS0GG) [4809] More!
Phil (PS0GK) [4810] away.
Gary (PS0GG) [4811] How
Julie (PS0GF) [4812] No.
Gary (PS0GG) [4813] much do I get from the bank?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4814] Hundred.
Julie (PS0GF) [4815] Hundred each.
Gary (PS0GG) [4816] I'm gonna be a bastard!
[4817] Give me two hundred for them both.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4818] That's right!
[4819] Cos you're more likely to land on
Julie (PS0GF) [4820] Oh hold on!
Phil (PS0GK) [4821] I can't
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [4822] I ca I can [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [4823] No you can't!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4824] Yes!
Julie (PS0GF) [4825] You've gotta give him hundred for yours and you've gotta give him hundred for yours!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4826] Yeah, cos it's not [...] innit?
Gary (PS0GG) [4827] Oh shit!
[4828] Course you have, yeah!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [4829] Never mind I'll, don't matter does it?
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [4830] What?
Julie (PS0GF) [4831] You've gotta give him hundred quid.
Gary (PS0GG) [4832] You've gotta give me a hundred.
Phil (PS0GK) [4833] Yeah!
Julie (PS0GF) [4834] And I've gotta give
Phil (PS0GK) [4835] one of them now.
Julie (PS0GF) [4836] Gary hundred.
Phil (PS0GK) [4837] Alright.
Gary (PS0GG) [4838] Ah shit!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4839] Bloody hell! [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [4840] My eyesight that bad now is it?
Julie (PS0GF) [4841] [...] your thing.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4842] One, two, three, four
Phil (PS0GK) [4843] Have I been?
[4844] Don't I get a go then?
Julie (PS0GF) [4845] Yeah, you've been!
Gary (PS0GG) [4846] Yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4847] eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve.
Gary (PS0GG) [4848] Oh yes, I'm up with Shel aren't I?
[4849] Up in the higher class.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4850] Yes!
Julie (PS0GF) [4851] Blimey we ain't even gone round once yet Phil!
[4852] I can't buy anything
Gary (PS0GG) [4853] Enter the higher class!
Julie (PS0GF) [4854] yet!
[4855] Until we get to bloody there!
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [4856] Do you want some more of this lovely Coke!
Julie (PS0GF) [4857] Oh God!
[4858] A ten.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4859] Haven't got a glass [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [4860] Oh look at that!
[4861] Just missed the flipping
Gary (PS0GG) [4862] Stil missing some some there.
Julie (PS0GF) [4863] taxes!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [4864] About time!
Phil (PS0GK) [4865] Still going now!
[4866] I don't whether there was something
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [4867] there's another bottle of that.
Julie (PS0GF) [4868] Anybody got any more nuts?
Gary (PS0GG) [4869] Three
Julie (PS0GF) [4870] That was nice!
Gary (PS0GG) [4871] four, five, six.
Phil (PS0GK) [4872] Bought some coke?
Julie (PS0GF) [4873] No I'll go.
Phil (PS0GK) [4874] Alright, we've just got the green ones.
Gary (PS0GG) [4875] No not like that.
Phil (PS0GK) [4876] I was gonna say do you want ... got any dosh?
[4877] Get another bottle?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4878] Oh Phillip don't be such a swine!
Phil (PS0GK) [4879] Yeah , I I'll pay for it!
[4880] I got loads of dosh, look!
Julie (PS0GF) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [4881] Here are Ju ,gi you some money go down and buy you some
Gary (PS0GG) [4882] Go on [...] ! [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [4883] Buy yourself a new fur coat and that!
Julie (PS0GF) [4884] Oh yeah!
[4885] I don't want a fur coat!
Phil (PS0GK) [4886] Could you imagine it, going in?
[4887] Go in
Julie (PS0GF) [4888] I've had that coat
Phil (PS0GK) [4889] Could you imagine it though going into so somewhere like Dotty's or whatever and saying well
Julie (PS0GF) [4890] Well, I bet I have [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [4891] Help yourself darling just ... just take one of these little notes and [...] , ya!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4892] So you can buy a ... twenty four carat gold necklace darling!
[4893] What!
[4894] What!
Gary (PS0GG) [4895] Ah!
[4896] Not for you that's for certain!
Julie (PS0GF) [4897] No it'll probably
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [4898] in the shed wouldn't it dear?
Gary (PS0GG) [4899] Yes.
[4900] My go?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4901] Mhm.
Julie (PS0GF) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [4902] What's that?
[4903] Six.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4904] Bit below the belt that!
Gary (PS0GG) [4905] One , two, three, four
Julie (PS0GF) [4906] No Shel!
Gary (PS0GG) [4907] five, six ... black, oh it's Guy!
Julie (PS0GF) [4908] You been round once?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4909] No you haven't.
Julie (PS0GF) [4910] You haven't been round once yet.
Phil (PS0GK) [4911] Put them back!
Gary (PS0GG) [4912] I'm just looking!
[4913] Only looking!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4914] I ain't even got round!
Julie (PS0GF) [4915] My go!
Gary (PS0GG) [4916] How you doing Shel?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4917] Not very well!
Gary (PS0GG) [4918] Nor me?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4919] Two.
[4920] Shit!
[4921] One, two, three
Gary (PS0GG) [4922] You know.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4923] four, five, six, one, two, three
Gary (PS0GG) [4924] It's only a gamble!
[4925] It does quite well sometimes.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4926] four, five.
[4927] I'm divorced!
Gary (PS0GG) [4928] I've done that a few times with Ju ain't I?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4929] Are you divorced!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [4930] Oh you're not are you?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4931] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [4932] Oh what a shame!
[4933] [laughing] Ha ha, oh what what [] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4934] Shit!
[4935] A thousand poun , times roll of both dice!
Gary (PS0GG) [4936] Pay alimony a hundred times the roll of both dice, return to lower class!
Julie (PS0GF) [4937] Eight thousand!
Gary (PS0GG) [4938] Lower class!
[4939] Return to lower class!
Phil (PS0GK) [4940] Yeah but where to though in
Julie (PS0GF) [4941] Shame innit?
Phil (PS0GK) [4942] lower class?
[4943] Just there?
Julie (PS0GF) [4944] Mhm.
Phil (PS0GK) [4945] She goes back to there?
Julie (PS0GF) [4946] Mhm.
Phil (PS0GK) [4947] [...] there.
[4948] And she's gotta go round
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4949] Eight thousand.
[4950] Well he's only getting
Phil (PS0GK) [4951] She's gotta sell them all off.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4952] two thousand back!
Julie (PS0GF) [4953] Yeah , you gotta sell them all off now!
Gary (PS0GG) [4954] Yes!
[4955] And I don't need any of that!
Phil (PS0GK) [4956] For how much?
Julie (PS0GF) [4957] Whatever
Phil (PS0GK) [4958] We gotta give them back to her?
Gary (PS0GG) [4959] I'll give you
Phil (PS0GK) [4960] We gotta give her
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4961] No, Gary can buy them off me if you want.
[4962] But I can get five hundred from the bank.
Gary (PS0GG) [4963] I'll give you
Julie (PS0GF) [4964] Or five hundred each of [...] .
Gary (PS0GG) [4965] I'll gi you five , I'll give you five hundred from both.
Phil (PS0GK) [4966] You'll still be in debt Shel cos he's got forty [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4967] Well shall I give him [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [belch]
Julie (PS0GF) [4968] She can get five hundred each off me and Phil.
Gary (PS0GG) [4969] Oh can she?
Julie (PS0GF) [4970] Yeah, because they're our cards.
Gary (PS0GG) [4971] But I, I need them don't I?
Julie (PS0GF) [4972] Mm!
Gary (PS0GG) [4973] Go on then love!
Phil (PS0GK) [4974] No you've been round now you can start buying your own.
Gary (PS0GG) [4975] I could do couldn't I?
Julie (PS0GF) [4976] No he hasn't!
Gary (PS0GG) [4977] But I
Phil (PS0GK) [4978] But don't forget she paid
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4979] [...] two thousand.
Phil (PS0GK) [4980] She paid three thousand for them so
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4981] For each one.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4982] Yeah, it's your big idea [...] !
Phil (PS0GK) [4983] I'll give you two thousand
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [4984] I'd be a bitch and sell them!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4985] Each?
Gary (PS0GG) [4986] No you cheeky sod!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [4987] Well why not?
[4988] It's still saving you two thousand!
Gary (PS0GG) [4989] No I said two thousand.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [4990] Not each!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4991] Well I need the bloody money now!
[4992] Thank you!
Gary (PS0GG) [4993] You will do, yeah, after this alimonies's over!
Phil (PS0GK) [4994] Now you gotta pay money haven't you?
Julie (PS0GF) [4995] Right so Shel's down.
[4996] So
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4997] I've paid my bloody you cheeky
Phil (PS0GK) [4998] Yeah but
Shelly (PS0GJ) [4999] sod!
Phil (PS0GK) [5000] You haven't!
Julie (PS0GF) [5001] No!
Phil (PS0GK) [5002] You gotta throw your dice now, it's alimony.
Julie (PS0GF) [5003] No she's done that!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5004] I've just done that!
Julie (PS0GF) [5005] Eight thousand.
[5006] Just changed the ten thousand.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [5007] Oh!
Julie (PS0GF) [5008] Yeah!
Phil (PS0GK) [5009] I didn't see that.
[5010] I'm sneaky!
Julie (PS0GF) [5011] Twelve!
[5012] Gosh I'll be able to
Phil (PS0GK) [5013] Well
Julie (PS0GF) [5014] buy something.
Phil (PS0GK) [5015] now I'm up here all on my own in the higher class!
Julie (PS0GF) [5016] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten
Phil (PS0GK) [5017] [...] look down on you in the middle class!
Julie (PS0GF) [5018] eleven.
[5019] Fucking hell! [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [5020] And you look up to me!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5021] You can guarantee I'll divorced straight away again now!
Julie (PS0GF) [5022] I'll have one of them Shel?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5023] To five hundred.
Phil (PS0GK) [5024] I'll count my winnings so
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5025] [laugh] ... He'll probably win now he's got those cards
Julie (PS0GF) [5026] There you go!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5027] as well!
Gary (PS0GG) [5028] Yeah, he's gotta get ... he's gotta get one of them [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [5029] I only need one more!
Gary (PS0GG) [5030] as well.
Julie (PS0GF) [5031] And then I've got to have my lunch.
Phil (PS0GK) [5032] Give you the Yacht Club.
Gary (PS0GG) [5033] No, I'm gonna
Julie (PS0GF) [5034] Ten thousand.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5035] Ten thousand.
Gary (PS0GG) [5036] I ... take a chance in a minute on Stock Exchange and wack my lot on!
Julie (PS0GF) [5037] I've only got to bloody si , I've only got about the same.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5038] Yeah and I'll throw a ten!
Gary (PS0GG) [5039] Eight.
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5040] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Phil (PS0GK) [5041] Oh God!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5042] And then you'd need a credit card wouldn't you Gary?
Phil (PS0GK) [5043] Five, six, seven ... eight
Gary (PS0GG) [5044] I would that!
Phil (PS0GK) [5045] Welfare payments.
Julie (PS0GF) [5046] Fifty times roll of one dice.
Phil (PS0GK) [5047] Fifty times roll of ... one dice.
Gary (PS0GG) [5048] You gotta pay that on it Phil?
Julie (PS0GF) [5049] No!
[5050] Oh yeah!
[5051] Erm
Phil (PS0GK) [5052] Welfare payments
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5053] Yeah, you gotta pay that.
Phil (PS0GK) [5054] ten times roll of one dice!
Julie (PS0GF) [5055] Fifty times.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5056] Fifty.
Phil (PS0GK) [5057] That's what I said, fifty times roll of one dice!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5058] Hundred and fifty.
[5059] Oh well that's not much is it!
Julie (PS0GF) [5060] [laughing] It is when you [] ... if, you're money's running down Phil!
Phil (PS0GK) [5061] One, two, three, four.
[5062] One, two.
[5063] Can I have my
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5064] Ten times.
Phil (PS0GK) [5065] my little ... note badge to go underneath on the
Julie (PS0GF) [5066] Oh!
[5067] What, just there?
Phil (PS0GK) [5068] Just slip it under there my doll!
[5069] For me please.
Julie (PS0GF) [5070] There we go!
[5071] Is that it?
Phil (PS0GK) [5072] Okay!
[5073] Spiffing
Julie (PS0GF) [5074] One
Phil (PS0GK) [5075] what!
Julie (PS0GF) [5076] two, three, four, five, six, seven, here we come!
Gary (PS0GG) [5077] How many do I need, ten?
Julie (PS0GF) [5078] [laugh] ... One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine ... [...] .
Phil (PS0GK) [5079] Can't buy, you gotta go round twice.
[5080] Or once.
Julie (PS0GF) [5081] Once
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5082] Ten
Julie (PS0GF) [5083] thank you very much!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5084] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
[5085] I'll have one of them.
Gary (PS0GG) [5086] Ooh!
[5087] That's one of mine!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5088] Oh shit!
[5089] Don't!
[5090] He'll be up in, he'll fucking win it now! [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5091] That's er, this one five hundred isn't it?
[5092] That's er
Julie (PS0GF) [5093] Solarium.
Gary (PS0GG) [5094] A solarium, yes.
Julie (PS0GF) [5095] Just fancied a solarium.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [5096] Never be able to afford one!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5097] Well you've just bought one!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5098] Seven.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5099] So all I need now is ten thousand pound!
Phil (PS0GK) [5100] So you've just handed five, you can't afford a bloody ... solarium as well!
Gary (PS0GG) [5101] Have a go on the Stock Exchange shall we?
Julie (PS0GF) [5102] Gary, go on Gary
Shelly (PS0GJ) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [5103] throw in!
Phil (PS0GK) [5104] Three.
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5105] How many did
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5106] grab it in a pile and chuck it on there!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5107] Let's hope there's [...] there!
Phil (PS0GK) [5108] There should be a limit really!
[5109] [laughing] There should be a limit really [] !
Julie (PS0GF) [5110] That's three.
Phil (PS0GK) [5111] I think there should be a limit don't you?
Julie (PS0GF) [5112] [...] one
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5113] Yeah, twenty thousand!
Julie (PS0GF) [5114] two
Phil (PS0GK) [5115] Yeah!
Julie (PS0GF) [5116] three thousand!
[5117] Go on Ga !
Phil (PS0GK) [5118] Well Mike used to do it like that
Gary (PS0GG) [5119] Ah!
Phil (PS0GK) [5120] and Mike lost all his!
Gary (PS0GG) [5121] Wait there!
[5122] Can I have my
Julie (PS0GF) [5123] Yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5124] Oh not that!
Phil (PS0GK) [5125] Mike got a really big head didn't he?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5126] Yep!
Phil (PS0GK) [5127] He bul
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5128] You didn't get a thousand then
Gary (PS0GG) [5129] Hope so!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5130] plus [...] did you?
Phil (PS0GK) [5131] Mike got really
Julie (PS0GF) [5132] Oh no!
Phil (PS0GK) [5133] big headed once
Julie (PS0GF) [5134] About that.
Phil (PS0GK) [5135] and thought he was gonna wi , how much you got there?
[5136] How much you going for?
Julie (PS0GF) [5137] Three.
Gary (PS0GG) [5138] Three.
[5139] Three thousand.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5140] I've got eight thousand.
[5141] I can build
Phil (PS0GK) [5142] Righto!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [5143] Ready boy?
Gary (PS0GG) [5144] Yep!
Julie (PS0GF) [5145] Get a two and he's on a winner with [...] !
Gary (PS0GG) [5146] Seven.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5147] Seven.
Julie (PS0GF) [5148] You're gaining another one.
Phil (PS0GK) [5149] Go for it!
Gary (PS0GG) [5150] Go again.
Julie (PS0GF) [5151] Ten.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5152] Ten.
Gary (PS0GG) [5153] Ten.
[5154] That'll do.
Julie (PS0GF) [5155] Plus two times.
Gary (PS0GG) [5156] Yeah, that'll do.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5157] So he put in three thousand.
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5158] Six thousand.
Julie (PS0GF) [5159] Six thousand back.
Gary (PS0GG) [5160] Shall I go?
[5161] See what it'd have been shall I?
[5162] Can we just see what it'll be?
Julie (PS0GF) [5163] Yeah, go on then.
Gary (PS0GG) [5164] Woa!
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5165] [...] !
[5166] Ooh!
[5167] Ooh hoo!
Phil (PS0GK) [5168] I'd get quite a bit now
Julie (PS0GF) [5169] Well there you go!
Phil (PS0GK) [5170] can't I?
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [5171] Once I bought [...] .
[5172] And what have I gotta get?
Julie (PS0GF) [5173] And you've gotta get, you got that membership as well.
Phil (PS0GK) [5174] [whispering] One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four [] .
Gary (PS0GG) [5175] [singing] It's a self preservation society [] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5176] Ooh gosh!
[5177] I collect a thousand pounds!
[5178] Wow!
Gary (PS0GG) [5179] Oh is nice to be down there!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5180] [laughing] Not really [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [5181] I look down on you!
Julie (PS0GF) [5182] Eleven, one, two three, four, five
Gary (PS0GG) [5183] Look up at me!
Julie (PS0GF) [5184] six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven.
Phil (PS0GK) [5185] Then it's you.
Gary (PS0GG) [5186] Because I'm in the high
Julie (PS0GF) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [5187] class and you're in the middle class!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5188] I only need my money now before I go
Phil (PS0GK) [5189] Oh!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5190] up.
Gary (PS0GG) [5191] One, two, three, four
Phil (PS0GK) [5192] Taxes!
[5193] Pay taxes!
Gary (PS0GG) [5194] One dice or two dice?
Julie (PS0GF) [5195] Both.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5196] Both.
Phil (PS0GK) [5197] Both dices.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5198] Hundred times.
Gary (PS0GG) [5199] Four.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5200] Four hundred quid!
Gary (PS0GG) [5201] Oh that's alright.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5202] Four thousand quid!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [5203] Right.
[5204] One, two, three, four, five.
[5205] Divorce, pay alimony [...] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5206] Aargh!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [5207] You bastard!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5208] He'll probably get double one now!
Phil (PS0GK) [5209] Doo , doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
Julie (PS0GF) [5210] Ah, [...] as well please!
[5211] [laughing] Ha [] !
Phil (PS0GK) [5212] I know.
Gary (PS0GG) [5213] Seven.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5214] Seven.
Julie (PS0GF) [5215] Seven back.
Phil (PS0GK) [5216] Now you can sell us our, our tickets back as well.
Julie (PS0GF) [5217] Ooh yeah!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5218] Ooh yeah!
[5219] I need a couple
Gary (PS0GG) [5220] Yes!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5221] of them!
Gary (PS0GG) [5222] Shit!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5223] Ooh!
Gary (PS0GG) [5224] Mm!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5225] Mm!
[5226] Mm!
[5227] Mm!
[5228] Mm!
Phil (PS0GK) [5229] Seven thousand pound!
Gary (PS0GG) [5230] But you don't go pink one.
Julie (PS0GF) [5231] How much do you say?
[5232] I had to pay eight didn't I?
Gary (PS0GG) [5233] Square her a yellow one.
Phil (PS0GK) [5234] I'm sure I had a pink one somewhere.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5235] Mm!
[5236] Mm!
[5237] Mm!
[5238] Mm!
[5239] Mm!
[5240] Mm!
[5241] Mm!
Julie (PS0GF) [5242] Such a shame! [...] gotta pay them
Phil (PS0GK) [5243] It'll go round [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [5244] twenty for ... ten thousand haven't I?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5245] [singing] Mm mm [] !
Phil (PS0GK) [5246] Will you ... know what
Julie (PS0GF) [5247] [...] [...] .
Phil (PS0GK) [5248] That's mine.
Julie (PS0GF) [5249] Is that yours Phil.
Phil (PS0GK) [5250] Yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5251] [singing] Mm mm mm
Phil (PS0GK) [5252] And
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5253] mm mm mm mm mm mm
Phil (PS0GK) [5254] There you go Ga
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5255] mm mm mm mm mm [] .
Julie (PS0GF) [5256] Er excuse me!
[5257] Some of us might want to bid on it!
Phil (PS0GK) [5258] Mm, we can't bid on it we're not in the top group.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5259] Ah no, ah ah!
Gary (PS0GG) [5260] No.
Julie (PS0GF) [5261] Oh well I needed
Gary (PS0GG) [5262] I'll have them
Julie (PS0GF) [5263] a couple of them.
Gary (PS0GG) [5264] [singing] Di di di di di di
Julie (PS0GF) [5265] No, we're in the higher!
Gary (PS0GG) [5266] di di da []
Phil (PS0GK) [5267] He's in the, he was in the higher group ... [...] .
Julie (PS0GF) [5268] Shit!
[5269] I can't buy there!
Phil (PS0GK) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [5270] I was the only one up there!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5271] Yeah, so how much do we
Phil (PS0GK) [5272] Five hundred.
[5273] Gotta give me my five hundred.
Julie (PS0GF) [5274] Is it five hundred?
Gary (PS0GG) [5275] [singing] Di di di di
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5276] Yeah.
Phil (PS0GK) [5277] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [5278] di [] .
Julie (PS0GF) [5279] Yeah, I don't like to say nothing.
Phil (PS0GK) [5280] He pa , he paid us
Gary (PS0GG) [5281] [singing] di di
Phil (PS0GK) [5282] er
Gary (PS0GG) [5283] di [] .
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5284] Oh yeah!
Julie (PS0GF) [5285] Three thousand.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5286] Three thousand.
Julie (PS0GF) [5287] That's right.
[5288] Five hundred and the
Phil (PS0GK) [5289] No!
Julie (PS0GF) [5290] three twenty innit?
Gary (PS0GG) [5291] [singing] Der di di di di da da da da er [] !
Julie (PS0GF) [5292] Yeah.
[5293] You get five plus, you have to pay five hundred and just
Gary (PS0GG) [5294] [singing] Dee di di da di di di di di di di di []
Phil (PS0GK) [5295] That's three thousand
Julie (PS0GF) [5296] twenty.
[5297] So, it's my go isn't it?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5298] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [5299] One, two, three, four, five, one, two and oh!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [5300] What's that?
[5301] Erm eight.
[5302] Okay.
[5303] One, two, three, four, five
Gary (PS0GG) [mimicking crying]
Julie (PS0GF) [5304] six, seven.
[5305] Oh shit!
Gary (PS0GG) [5306] Eight.
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5307] Two hundred times.
Julie (PS0GF) [5308] Ooh!
[5309] Wish I'd just said seven now!
[5310] Bloody hell!
Gary (PS0GG) [5311] That's what I like about you Julie!
Julie (PS0GF) [5312] [...] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5313] Oh ah!
Julie (PS0GF) [5314] Flipping hell!
[5315] Twelve hundred quid.
[5316] It is twelve hundred this time!
Gary (PS0GG) [5317] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [5318] Oh sod!
Phil (PS0GK) [5319] I can go up once I get my [...] can't I?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5320] Ooh I need a couple of them tickets Ju !
Julie (PS0GF) [5321] Oh bloody hell!
Gary (PS0GG) [5322] Seven.
Phil (PS0GK) [5323] [singing] Nothing really matters
Julie (PS0GF) [5324] Right!
Phil (PS0GK) [5325] in the same
Julie (PS0GF) [5326] Don't get anything for one.
Phil (PS0GK) [5327] old way [] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5328] Oh I'll bid for it!
Phil (PS0GK) [5329] [singing] Even go a walking in the
Gary (PS0GG) [5330] Who's got the green ones?
Phil (PS0GK) [5331] same old
Julie (PS0GF) [5332] Oh I've got it!
Phil (PS0GK) [5333] way [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [5334] What you whispering about?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5335] Yeah alright!
Gary (PS0GG) [5336] No bloody [...] you two!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5337] oi!
[5338] We wanna know what you're going on about!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5339] Just change.
Gary (PS0GG) [5340] What is it?
Phil (PS0GK) [5341] Aye!
Gary (PS0GG) [5342] Aye!
Phil (PS0GK) [5343] What about me?
[5344] Don't I get a go?
Gary (PS0GG) [5345] Aye!
[5346] No [...] !
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5347] I'm in on this and all!
[5348] What
Phil (PS0GK) [5349] That
Gary (PS0GG) [5350] is it?
Phil (PS0GK) [5351] That's a card for this innit?
Gary (PS0GG) [5352] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [5353] How much is it?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5354] Oh hundred and fifty!
Julie (PS0GF) [5355] Bid two hundred and fifty.
Phil (PS0GK) [5356] I'll give you five hundred.
Gary (PS0GG) [5357] [...] six hundred.
Julie (PS0GF) [5358] Aye?
[5359] Three hundred, how much?
Phil (PS0GK) [5360] I'll gi you five.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5361] Well you and your fucking money bags, keep it!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5362] I'll give you six.
Phil (PS0GK) [5363] One thousand!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5364] [laughing] Listen to him [] !
Phil (PS0GK) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [5365] Any higher?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5366] One thousand, one hundred.
Phil (PS0GK) [5367] I'll gi you fifteen hundred cash on there!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5368] [laughing] Cash [] !
Phil (PS0GK) [5369] Ah ah, I want that one anyway!
Julie (PS0GF) [5370] No more Phil?
Phil (PS0GK) [5371] No oh!
[5372] No, I can wait!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5373] That's not you
Julie (PS0GF) [5374] Go on then!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5375] anyway!
[5376] That
Gary (PS0GG) [5377] Shel?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5378] That's Gary's.
[5379] No you get stuffed!
[5380] I ain't paying that much
Julie (PS0GF) [5381] Here are!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5382] for it!
Julie (PS0GF) [5383] Here are!
[5384] Here are, here's your money!
Phil (PS0GK) [5385] [...] ... I'm losing all the money!
Julie (PS0GF) [5386] And that's his own anyway!
[5387] You wanna
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5388] I'll a go.
Julie (PS0GF) [5389] bid for it!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5390] And I don't, I'll get twenty er
Julie (PS0GF) [5391] No we were
Gary (PS0GG) [5392] How much do I get for this?
Julie (PS0GF) [5393] we were bidding for this!
Gary (PS0GG) [5394] Yeah!
Julie (PS0GF) [5395] So you me and Phil can bid against that one.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5396] That's right.
Phil (PS0GK) [5397] Bidding against me and I don't want that
Julie (PS0GF) [5398] Ooh right!
Phil (PS0GK) [5399] that's what I want.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5400] So what can you get?
[5401] That's that.
Julie (PS0GF) [5402] Well you needed, yeah you needed that.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5403] I'll gi you a hundred and fifty.
Phil (PS0GK) [5404] What does she get back?
Julie (PS0GF) [5405] A hundred.
Gary (PS0GG) [5406] Right.
[5407] Give you two.
Julie (PS0GF) [5408] Four.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5409] [laughing] Ha [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [5410] Five.
Julie (PS0GF) [5411] Five fifty.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5412] I mean , only cost you five hundred anyway!
[5413] Go on!
Phil (PS0GK) [5414] Alright then, go on then take it!
Julie (PS0GF) [5415] Alright.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5416] Do you want the money or can I pay you later?
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5417] Oh bloody hell!
Phil (PS0GK) [5418] I I'm buying my own race track!
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [5419] Cos I'll move Gary's up first.
Julie (PS0GF) [5420] Yeah.
[5421] And I get
Gary (PS0GG) [5422] That's right.
Julie (PS0GF) [5423] we get for that one?
[5424] Erm
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5425] Oh that's another one we can bid on.
Julie (PS0GF) [5426] Oh yeah that's, yeah.
[5427] That's another one
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5428] Oh right!
Julie (PS0GF) [5429] you can have.
Gary (PS0GG) [5430] What's this one?
Phil (PS0GK) [5431] I I'll ... I'll buy that.
Gary (PS0GG) [5432] What's this one we're bidding on?
Julie (PS0GF) [5433] Yeah you can bid three.
Gary (PS0GG) [5434] What we bidding on now?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5435] The card.
[5436] There's a black ... art gallery there.
Gary (PS0GG) [5437] Ee ee he shouldn't be able to buy them cos he's only just gone down!
Phil (PS0GK) [5438] Doesn't matter, I got the money!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5439] No it doesn't matter!
Julie (PS0GF) [5440] Still got the money!
[5441] Well you can all
Phil (PS0GK) [5442] Cos I've come from higher class ... to the low lower class.
Julie (PS0GF) [5443] You can all bid for that one cos that's the black art's gallery and you all need it, so
Gary (PS0GG) [5444] Black art's gallery in the middle of the road
Julie (PS0GF) [5445] Well you put, should only get another one.
Phil (PS0GK) [5446] I'll give you two hundred fifty.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5447] You can only get a hundred pounds for it.
Gary (PS0GG) [5448] I'll give you two fifty.
[5449] How much?
Phil (PS0GK) [5450] I've just said two fifty!
Gary (PS0GG) [5451] I'll give you three hundred!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5452] I'll let you two bid for it then! [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [5453] Go on!
Phil (PS0GK) [5454] Three and half.
Gary (PS0GG) [5455] Four.
Phil (PS0GK) [5456] Well, he's got one though ain't he?
[5457] He don't need it!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5458] No he hasn't got one.
Julie (PS0GF) [5459] No he ain't got one.
Phil (PS0GK) [5460] What's that one then?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5461] He's only got membership.
Gary (PS0GG) [5462] Four.
Phil (PS0GK) [5463] What do we need
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5464] Well you need
Phil (PS0GK) [5465] art gallery for?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5466] You need a membership and another
Gary (PS0GG) [5467] Do I need to go round before I can
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5468] one of them or something.
Gary (PS0GG) [5469] before I
Phil (PS0GK) [5470] So I I'd I, I don't really want one!
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [5471] Yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5472] Yeah.
Phil (PS0GK) [5473] Cos I buy one [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [5474] Well you can buy one, yeah.
Phil (PS0GK) [5475] Well then you can have it for whatever it was for.
Julie (PS0GF) [5476] Four hundred and fifty.
Gary (PS0GG) [5477] No I said four!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [5478] Oh yeah, four.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5479] Try to, trying to up us!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [5480] I've just added on race course, alright?
Gary (PS0GG) [5481] Give us them two back ... and we'll call it quits.
Phil (PS0GK) [5482] So ... I'll put erm ... two grand on that.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5483] I ain't got hundred!
Gary (PS0GG) [5484] Oh well, ah, you owe we hundred!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5485] You bugger off!
Julie (PS0GF) [5486] [laugh] ... What have you got?
Gary (PS0GG) [5487] Er, I just give you it!
[5488] Five hundred innit?
Julie (PS0GF) [5489] That's for that one!
Gary (PS0GG) [5490] Oh is it?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [5491] No, that's what ... Shel paid me
Gary (PS0GG) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [5492] for that!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5493] I just gave her that!
[5494] Look, this one!
Julie (PS0GF) [5495] I'm just miles , bloody hell!
[5496] Miles away now!
Gary (PS0GG) [5497] I'm missing out on something here aren't I?
Julie (PS0GF) [5498] You owe me four, four hundred.
Gary (PS0GG) [5499] No!
[5500] No!
[5501] Just one.
Julie (PS0GF) [5502] Well change it in the bank
Gary (PS0GG) [5503] Mm.
Julie (PS0GF) [5504] cos I haven't got it I'm afraid.
Gary (PS0GG) [5505] This ... yeah, I got it in ones, so I'll give it you ones, alright.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [5506] [laugh] ... I've gone bloody back down to the bottom! [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [5507] I landed on those ones.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5508] [laughing] [...] [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [5509] There you go!
Phil (PS0GK) [5510] Your black , I was just having a go.
Julie (PS0GF) [5511] I know but you only need six next [laughing] time [] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5512] Right, you want the race track how much you putting on?
Phil (PS0GK) [5513] Two.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5514] Two thousand.
Julie (PS0GF) [5515] What number.
Phil (PS0GK) [5516] Er, ten.
Julie (PS0GF) [5517] Ten.
Phil (PS0GK) [5518] Come on baby!
Julie (PS0GF) [5519] Seven.
[5520] Eight.
Phil (PS0GK) [5521] Eight
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5522] Have a go!
Gary (PS0GG) [5523] Not bad Phil!
[5524] Put it in the bank!
Julie (PS0GF) [5525] Six. [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5526] Leave it in the bank!
Julie (PS0GF) [5527] [laughing] Look at his fa [] !
Phil (PS0GK) [5528] I can't buy can I now?
Julie (PS0GF) [5529] Not yet, no not yet.
Phil (PS0GK) [5530] No, not until I go round
Gary (PS0GG) [5531] [...] round once
Phil (PS0GK) [5532] to the ... there?
Julie (PS0GF) [5533] No, like me I've gotta get round there.
Phil (PS0GK) [5534] Back round to there innit?
Julie (PS0GF) [5535] Yep!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5536] And I've just about nearly round.
Phil (PS0GK) [5537] Shit!
[5538] Right.
[5539] One, two, three, four, five, seven, eight, nine.
[5540] No.
Gary (PS0GG) [5541] You could afford to go up Shel can't you?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5542] Oh I haven't got any car , I've only got one card.
Gary (PS0GG) [5543] Oh I'm doing okay, aren't I?
[5544] Yes.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5545] One, two , three, four, five, six ... I can start buying now!
Gary (PS0GG) [5546] If I get pissed off now I might just do!
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5547] Course you can't, I can't go up anyway!
Julie (PS0GF) [5548] Nine.
Gary (PS0GG) [5549] Not yet.
Julie (PS0GF) [5550] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight ... lottery.
Gary (PS0GG) [5551] Lottery.
[5552] Right, this is the fun bit.
[5553] This is where we all bang in!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5554] You choose how much you wanna put in.
Gary (PS0GG) [5555] And we can all bang in with her!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5556] And the one who throws the highest wins it.
Gary (PS0GG) [5557] [...] out of this we can all , we could all bang in!
Julie (PS0GF) [5558] Well I'm a bit er
Gary (PS0GG) [5559] But we gotta go the same as what you'd go.
Julie (PS0GF) [5560] Yeah, you gotta go the same
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5561] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [5562] as what I go. [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5563] So if we go [...] ?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5564] Whatever you go I do [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [5565] [laughing] I'm chucking off my []
Gary (PS0GG) [5566] So if I went like that you've gotta go the same?
[5567] Alright?
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [5568] No make it a thousand.
Gary (PS0GG) [5569] You would!
[5570] What a little de , yeah!
Julie (PS0GF) [5571] Cos I'm a bit skint on the thousands.
Gary (PS0GG) [5572] I am as well darling!
[5573] I know!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [5574] But I'm hoping that I get the highest
Gary (PS0GG) [5575] Yeah.
[5576] Alright.
Julie (PS0GF) [5577] Right , so you go first Phil!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5578] I'm I'm the same as you ... I'm the same darling!
Julie (PS0GF) [5579] [laugh] I'll make him feel [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [5580] We're all skint!
[5581] Seven.
Phil (PS0GK) [5582] Seven.
Julie (PS0GF) [5583] Look Gary's not gone out.
Phil (PS0GK) [5584] Well that's fucking brilliant that is isn't it!
Gary (PS0GG) [5585] That was devil!
[5586] Do you want me to go again?
Julie (PS0GF) [5587] Seven.
Phil (PS0GK) [5588] Seven.
[5589] That's, that's two at seven.
Gary (PS0GG) [5590] Two at seven.
[5591] They'll have to go again by the sounds of it.
Phil (PS0GK) [5592] Five!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5593] Five!
Julie (PS0GF) [5594] Enough!
Gary (PS0GG) [5595] It looks like the seven will have to go again!
[5596] You, you silly ... for doing that darling!
Julie (PS0GF) [5597] Four.
Phil (PS0GK) [5598] Four.
Gary (PS0GG) [5599] Four.
Phil (PS0GK) [5600] [...] ?
Gary (PS0GG) [5601] No, it don't count cos I didn't have that you cheat!
Julie (PS0GF) [5602] Oh [laughing] well you []
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5603] Oh!
Julie (PS0GF) [5604] It's between these two whoever's gonna get this!
Gary (PS0GG) [5605] Someone's fixed these dice I tell you!
Julie (PS0GF) [5606] Oh
Phil (PS0GK) [5607] Ooh eleven!
Julie (PS0GF) [5608] shit!
[5609] [laughing] You need twelve [] !
Phil (PS0GK) [5610] Or eleven to draw.
Gary (PS0GG) [5611] We'll take the card!
Julie (PS0GF) [5612] [laughing] Go on, get in there [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [5613] Your go
Phil (PS0GK) [5614] My
Gary (PS0GG) [5615] innit?
Phil (PS0GK) [5616] That's my money back innit?
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5617] My go?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5618] Yeah.
[5619] No, Phil's go.
Julie (PS0GF) [5620] No, Phil's go.
Gary (PS0GG) [5621] Shit!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5622] Cos I just landed on the bottom.
Julie (PS0GF) [5623] He'll land on the divorce now!
Gary (PS0GG) [5624] Six.
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5625] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5626] [laughing] He has done [] !
[5627] I said that didn't I? [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5628] You gotta sell Phil!
[5629] You gotta sell your properties!
Phil (PS0GK) [5630] Four
Julie (PS0GF) [5631] Four
Phil (PS0GK) [5632] Four hundred.
Julie (PS0GF) [5633] Four hundred.
Gary (PS0GG) [5634] I'll pay ... I'll give you four hundred for that bloody
Julie (PS0GF) [5635] Hang on!
[5636] Hang on!
[5637] Let him pay his alimony.
Gary (PS0GG) [5638] [cough] I'll five hundred for your card.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5639] Well that's not right cos I've got ... that's wrong.
Phil (PS0GK) [5640] Five hundred.
Julie (PS0GF) [5641] I don't need it cos I'm on [laughing] the wrong one [] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [5642] And ... she could of bought next time round anyway.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5643] I can buy now.
[5644] What's that for?
Phil (PS0GK) [5645] That's my hundred pound.
Julie (PS0GF) [5646] Oh that's your change.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5647] Oh!
Julie (PS0GF) [5648] Gary's go.
Phil (PS0GK) [5649] I can't buy yet though can I?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5650] So me and Phil
Julie (PS0GF) [5651] No, I can.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5652] are back round again!
Gary (PS0GG) [5653] You sent that on to me!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5654] No, you're there!
Julie (PS0GF) [5655] You're there!
Gary (PS0GG) [5656] I've been round once ain't I?
Julie (PS0GF) [5657] No!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5658] No.
Phil (PS0GK) [5659] No.
[5660] Try again mate!
[5661] Oh I better count my money again
Julie (PS0GF) [5662] Eight.
Phil (PS0GK) [5663] hadn't I?
Gary (PS0GG) [5664] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
[5665] The Stock Exchange!
[5666] Here we go again!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [5667] [singing] Nothing really matters in the [singing+laughing] same old
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5668] Oh if I can get you this time!
Phil (PS0GK) [5669] way [] !
[5670] See the ... [laughing] [...] [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [5671] That did it [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [5672] No.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5673] No way!
Julie (PS0GF) [5674] Mm.
[5675] Eight.
Gary (PS0GG) [5676] Eight.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5677] Plus one thousand.
[5678] So you get ten back.
Gary (PS0GG) [5679] I get ten thousand back, what's that?
[5680] Roll again.
Phil (PS0GK) [5681] [whispering] Fucking hell [...] [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [5682] Seven.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5683] You're gaining back now.
Phil (PS0GK) [5684] Go for it!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5685] That's if I get a fucking eleven I'm gonna kick them up there!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5686] Yes!
[5687] [laughing] Ha ha [] !
Julie (PS0GF) [5688] Five.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5689] Move for half of it.
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5690] Bastard!
Phil (PS0GK) [5691] Well that's [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5692] No, should of done it to me cos I threw!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5693] I should of gained that.
[5694] Should of [...] .
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5695] [laughing] I know [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [5696] Not going greedy and offered a thousand shouldn't I?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5697] Right, where am I?
Gary (PS0GG) [5698] Was a thousand last week.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5699] Oh right!
Gary (PS0GG) [5700] Now it's ten P [laughing] for twenty pounds in there [] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5701] One, two
Phil (PS0GK) [5702] Yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5703] three, four, five, six.
Gary (PS0GG) [5704] Shall I get loads of them [...] ?
[5705] I'm only talking about twelve pounds!
Julie (PS0GF) [5706] [laughing] Right [] !
[5707] I'm off back round again!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5708] [laughing] Seven [] !
Julie (PS0GF) [5709] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
[5710] I can't buy anything yet.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [5711] All this bloody money!
[5712] Well more than what
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5713] More than what you
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5714] started with!
[5715] [laughing] Look at his all sprawled out over there!
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [5716] Yeah, that's what I said!
Gary (PS0GG) [5717] Two, three, four, five, six
Phil (PS0GK) [5718] [laughing] Six [] .
Gary (PS0GG) [5719] four, five.
Julie (PS0GF) [5720] Oh well!
[5721] Here we go!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5722] Now it's Phil's go.
[5723] We gotta put it in whatever he puts in.
Julie (PS0GF) [5724] [laughing] Oh shit [] !
Phil (PS0GK) [5725] How much you got there Ga ?
Gary (PS0GG) [5726] Not a lot mate!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5727] [laughing] I bet [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [5728] I'm down to a measly
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [5729] But I'm gonna [...] now mate!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5730] Two , three, four, five ... I've only got five thousand!
[5731] [laugh] ... [laughing] He's a bloody swine he is!
[5732] You!
[5733] You bastard [] !
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5734] [laughing] You've only got five thousand [] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5735] [laugh] ... Well ... not including my five hundred, so I've only got ... er six thousand
Phil (PS0GK) [5736] You're not having no [...] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5737] seven thousand ... seven tho , seven now ... I can't even stretch to [laughing] [...] [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [5738] So you got more than we got then!
[5739] You got more than me!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5740] [laughing] Yeah, you [] !
Julie (PS0GF) [5741] I'll clear that.
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [5742] Ga
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5743] [laughing] I knew he was gonna do that [] !
Phil (PS0GK) [5744] You got another five thousand cos you've just been
Gary (PS0GG) [5745] The same as that.
Phil (PS0GK) [5746] up haven't you?
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5747] We got the same now!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5748] Back ... back to square one again Shel!
Julie (PS0GF) [5749] He's got five thousand!
[5750] [laughing] How'd he get that [] ?
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5751] [laughing] Are you being insolent [] ?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5752] Aha.
Julie (PS0GF) [5753] Yeah, but I'll tell you what I'll laugh like hell if I get the iron!
[5754] Two, three
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5755] Yeah.
Julie (PS0GF) [5756] four
Gary (PS0GG) [5757] You don't care Ju do you?
[5758] You love it!
Julie (PS0GF) [5759] five.
[5760] No, I don't give a toss me!
Phil (PS0GK) [5761] Move on to
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5762] But look!
Gary (PS0GG) [5763] fives.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5764] No but you love it!
Gary (PS0GG) [5765] Eighty five thousand.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [5766] Eighty five!
[5767] That's only a thousand!
Gary (PS0GG) [5768] Oh!
[5769] One thousand!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [5770] Two thousand, two thousand five, two thousand six
Phil (PS0GK) [5771] I aren't gonna bother!
Julie (PS0GF) [5772] two thousand seven
Phil (PS0GK) [5773] I've got ain't I?
Julie (PS0GF) [5774] three thousand eight.
Gary (PS0GG) [5775] Yeah you got to!
Phil (PS0GK) [5776] Can you find just one?
Julie (PS0GF) [5777] Here are!
[5778] Two ... no, two thousand eight
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5779] No you gotta find

5 (Tape 040002)

Julie (PS0GF) [5780] Eight.
[5781] Right!
[5782] Here we go! [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5783] Yes I'll take that!
Julie (PS0GF) [5784] Eleven.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5785] Plus five times.
Julie (PS0GF) [5786] Fifty thousand she's got!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5787] One , two, three, four, five!
Gary (PS0GG) [5788] Aha.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5789] Ooh!
[5790] What!
[5791] What!
[5792] Three!
Julie (PS0GF) [5793] I'm ready to go up now look!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5794] One, two three.
[5795] I can't buy anything yet!
[5796] Well that's mine anyway look!
Julie (PS0GF) [5797] Ah, ha ha!
[5798] Budgy boy! [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5799] Four.
[5800] One, two, three, four.
[5801] I'll have a go on the stock exchange.
Julie (PS0GF) [5802] There are Ga !
[5803] Cos you gotta throw.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5804] I know.
Julie (PS0GF) [5805] He was [laughing] [...] [] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5806] He's getting a bit skint now ain't he?
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5807] Is it me to go?
Phil (PS0GK) [5808] So when you'd gone down you
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5809] So collect two hu two hundred when [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [5810] You're nearly there aren't you?
Gary (PS0GG) [5811] I want seven.
Phil (PS0GK) [5812] Should have.
Julie (PS0GF) [5813] Oh yeah!
[5814] No!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5815] You get your two hundred [...] .
Phil (PS0GK) [5816] Your nearly there aren't you?
Julie (PS0GF) [5817] I've got that!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5818] I'm only in the middle though.
Gary (PS0GG) [5819] Oh yes!
Phil (PS0GK) [5820] Four thousand.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5821] Can't go up yet.
Gary (PS0GG) [5822] That's a shame!
Julie (PS0GF) [5823] Four thousand?
Phil (PS0GK) [5824] Go on then Ga !
Gary (PS0GG) [5825] Yeah, has to go up to
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5826] No.
Gary (PS0GG) [5827] five thousand [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [cough]
Julie (PS0GF) [5828] Go on then Ga !
[5829] Seven
Gary (PS0GG) [5830] Seven.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5831] Regain investment.
Gary (PS0GG) [5832] I would think, well I don't.
Phil (PS0GK) [5833] [laughing] Go on [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [5834] Four.
Julie (PS0GF) [5835] Four.
Gary (PS0GG) [5836] Well that's everything what I done!
[5837] [laughing] Christ [] !
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5838] You lose a ... a thousand don't you?
Julie (PS0GF) [5839] Only three quarters.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5840] Oh!
Gary (PS0GG) [5841] Three quarters
Julie (PS0GF) [5842] So they leave leave
Gary (PS0GG) [5843] so you leave a thousand.
Julie (PS0GF) [5844] Yep!
[5845] [singing] Ha ha ha!
[5846] What what what [] !
Gary (PS0GG) [5847] That's everything that I done didn't I?
[5848] Sorry mate!
Julie (PS0GF) [5849] No here!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [5850] Lose three quarters of investment.
[5851] So you're only left with a thousand so
Gary (PS0GG) [5852] Twelve.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5853] Ooh!
[5854] Cor! [...] !
Gary (PS0GG) [5855] One, two, three, four, five, six seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve.
[5856] Can I have my er ... fucking need it!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5857] Woa!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5858] Mm! [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [5859] Five hundred pound!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [...]
Gary (PS0GG) [5860] Yes.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [5861] Eleven.
[5862] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten
Phil (PS0GK) [5863] Terrible innit really!
Julie (PS0GF) [5864] eleven.
[5865] Well I can buy but that's mine anyway!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [5866] Eight.
[5867] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven
Gary (PS0GG) [5868] Ooh!
[5869] Just missed it Phil!
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [5870] Shaky mate weren't it!
Julie (PS0GF) [5871] Ten.
Gary (PS0GG) [5872] I got one!
Julie (PS0GF) [5873] Oh [...] .
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [5874] Yo you've got one already Ga .
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5875] Yes.
[5876] Nearly a thousand already.
Gary (PS0GG) [5877] What number?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5878] On number eight.
[5879] No, seven.
[5880] One, two
Gary (PS0GG) [5881] How much do I need?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5882] three, four, five, six, seven.
Gary (PS0GG) [5883] How much do I need to go up again?
Julie (PS0GF) [5884] Er ... oh I've forgotten now!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5885] Erm, ten thousand from there to the top.
Phil (PS0GK) [5886] Er er we've had one thousand.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5887] Which is one of these four.
Gary (PS0GG) [5888] I'm going up!
[5889] Next
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5890] What?
Gary (PS0GG) [5891] go.
Julie (PS0GF) [5892] Yeah, he's got his money ain't he?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5893] Well stick yourself in the highest class.
Phil (PS0GK) [5894] A and why do you think I haven't said anything cos he could of gone up!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5895] Oh no, he's gotta pass middle.
[5896] He's gotta get passed [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [5897] Oh you've gotta pass there.
Gary (PS0GG) [5898] That's why I'm not going up innit?
Julie (PS0GF) [5899] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [5900] I've been round once haven't I?
Julie (PS0GF) [5901] Yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5902] Yeah.
Phil (PS0GK) [5903] Yeah.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5904] Yeah but you gotta pass mine.
Gary (PS0GG) [5905] That's right!
[5906] That's why I say I'm going up next go.
Julie (PS0GF) [5907] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
[5908] I'll have one of them!
Gary (PS0GG) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [...]
Shelly (PS0GJ) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [5909] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [5910] [laughing] Stick that up your jumper [] !
Julie (PS0GF) [5911] Well I cos it's only hundred pound innit?
[5912] I can afford one of them Ga .
Shelly (PS0GJ) [laugh]
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5913] Oh very funny darling!
Julie (PS0GF) [5914] Right, that's one of mine on the way!
Gary (PS0GG) [5915] Doesn't see you!
[5916] Doesn't see you!
Phil (PS0GK) [5917] Five.
Gary (PS0GG) [5918] Means it doesn't suit you!
Phil (PS0GK) [5919] One, two, three
Gary (PS0GG) [5920] Okay?
Phil (PS0GK) [5921] four, five.
[5922] Oh!
[5923] ... That's Gary.
Julie (PS0GF) [5924] Mm.
Gary (PS0GG) [5925] One, two, three.
[5926] I'm on the race track.
[5927] Cos I'm going up see what happens.
[5928] Do I go on the racetrack
Gary (PS0GG) [5929] Six, no!
Gary (PS0GG) [5930] or not?
Phil (PS0GK) [5931] You carry on.
[5932] You just go straight up.
Julie (PS0GF) [5933] You can have a go on the racetrack.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5934] Aye!
Phil (PS0GK) [5935] I if that was the case my twelve should have carried on.
[5936] When I was down
Gary (PS0GG) [5937] No.
[5938] On that ... then I sa , I said I was going anyway.
Phil (PS0GK) [5939] I know.
Gary (PS0GG) [5940] But I was on the race, I was going on the race track.
[5941] Do I go on the race track or do I go straight up?
Julie (PS0GF) [5942] Yeah, his ... his number's on the dice happen to leave him so he was on the race track, so it's up to him now.
Phil (PS0GK) [5943] Yeah but mine left me u ... down the bottom
Gary (PS0GG) [5944] No, but you
Phil (PS0GK) [5945] somewhere on the Stock
Gary (PS0GG) [5946] yeah but that was you
Phil (PS0GK) [5947] Exchange or something like that.
Gary (PS0GG) [5948] No it wasn't Stock Exchange!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5949] No, you were on that.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5950] On there.
Gary (PS0GG) [...]
Julie (PS0GF) [5951] So he can have a go on the race track or he don't have to bother if he don't want to.
[5952] He can just go straight up.
Gary (PS0GG) [5953] But I can go straight up there anyway!
Julie (PS0GF) [5954] Yeah.
Gary (PS0GG) [5955] But ... me like I am ... being a greedy bastard I didn't!
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Phil (PS0GK) [5956] It's making money me money so you can't go up!
Unknown speaker (KCUPSUNK) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5957] I'll go for race track.
Julie (PS0GF) [5958] Mm.
Phil (PS0GK) [5959] Aha.
[5960] What number you going on?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5961] How can I rig these dice?
Julie (PS0GF) [laugh]
Gary (PS0GG) [5962] No cheating Shelly!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5963] [laughing] No [] !
Julie (PS0GF) [5964] Ooh!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5965] Ooh!
Julie (PS0GF) [5966] Bloody hell!
Phil (PS0GK) [5967] You still waiting this to go up haven't you?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5968] Gonna carry on?
[5969] Or
Gary (PS0GG) [5970] I haven't said a number yet!
Phil (PS0GK) [5971] Ain't said a number yet.
Gary (PS0GG) [5972] It's [...] turn innit?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5973] Oh no!
[5974] You do that one then don't you?
Phil (PS0GK) [5975] Why's that?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5976] I've got to bloody [...] !
Phil (PS0GK) [5977] Go down further out than that don't get any money!
Julie (PS0GF) [5978] No, two for the money as well!
Gary (PS0GG) [5979] Eight.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5980] Five.
Julie (PS0GF) [5981] Nine.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5982] Nine.
Gary (PS0GG) [5983] Bastard!
Julie (PS0GF) [5984] Mm mm.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [5985] Eight.
Gary (PS0GG) [5986] Yeah!
[5987] Ho ooh!
Julie (PS0GF) [5988] Ten to one.
Gary (PS0GG) [5989] Oh!
[5990] Which is?
Julie (PS0GF) [5991] Another two of that one.
Gary (PS0GG) [5992] Another two of them will do me then.
Phil (PS0GK) [5993] No!
Gary (PS0GG) [5994] Two to one.
Phil (PS0GK) [5995] Just one more!
Gary (PS0GG) [5996] No!
[5997] Two to one!
Julie (PS0GF) [5998] No, you get your [...] back.
Gary (PS0GG) [5999] I get my two plus my, my investment back.
Julie (PS0GF) [6000] Yes.
Gary (PS0GG) [6001] I'm on ... high class anyway.
[6002] So I'm selling these in a minute Shel.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [6003] Oh!
Gary (PS0GG) [6004] Anybody on middle class wanna buy them.
[6005] Who's on middle class?
Julie (PS0GF) [6006] No.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [6007] I am.
[6008] Oh!
[6009] Well Shel do you wanna buy them?
Phil (PS0GK) [6010] You got one more in the
Shelly (PS0GJ) [6011] Oh shit!
[6012] One for my own anyway cos I've gotta give you back ... hundred pound for that one
Gary (PS0GG) [6013] Five hundred!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [6014] Hundred!
Julie (PS0GF) [6015] No!
[6016] Hundred!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [6017] It's my own.
Gary (PS0GG) [6018] Oh is it?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [6019] Mhm.
Gary (PS0GG) [6020] Oh!
[6021] What about the Yacht Club.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [6022] Yours, I'll have, ooh you a Yacht Club and a black burger.
Gary (PS0GG) [6023] Mm.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [6024] A nig-nog!
[6025] Um
Gary (PS0GG) [6026] Will I get in the er ... if I sell them back?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [6027] You don't get nothing for that.
[6028] I'll give you fifty quid for that one.
Julie (PS0GF) [6029] And a hundred for the other one ... you get back.
Gary (PS0GG) [6030] No I wouldn't get more than
Shelly (PS0GJ) [6031] If I give you two hundred for ... the both of them together.
Gary (PS0GG) [6032] No!
[6033] Two hundred for that one.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [6034] Can't I
Julie (PS0GF) [6035] No , you don't get, you don't get anything for the membership!
Gary (PS0GG) [6036] Well put that one back then.
Shelly (PS0GJ) [6037] Can't I buy it off you?
Gary (PS0GG) [6038] Nope!
Julie (PS0GF) [6039] Oh you rotten thing!
Gary (PS0GG) [6040] And put that one back as well!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [6041] So he gets bloody
Phil (PS0GK) [6042] Yeah, she's gotta get one membership [...] .
[6043] Told you you could of done it to him
Shelly (PS0GJ) [...]
Phil (PS0GK) [6044] after you let him buy them last time!
Shelly (PS0GJ) [6045] I was kind to you last time!
[6046] Right!
Gary (PS0GG) [6047] Yeah, but I'm up now I don't want you to come up yet do I?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [6048] One, two, three, four, five, six.
[6049] Welfare payments [...] times the
Gary (PS0GG) [6050] If you come up you've won haven't you?
Shelly (PS0GJ) [6051] roll of one dice.
[6052] Yeah!
[6053] Near enough.