50 conversations recorded by `Katherine' (PS0H7) between 2 and 5 June 1991 with 3 interlocutors, totalling 5727 s-units, 32714 words, and over 4 hours 26 minutes 59 seconds of recordings.

5 speakers recorded by respondent number 444

PS0H7 Ag4 f (Katherine, age 57, housewife, European (German), )
PS125 Ag4 m (Patrick, age 56, company secretary) husband
PS126 Ag2 m (Stefan, age 25, student, European (German), ) friend
KCVPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KCVPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

50 recordings

  1. Tape 003101 recorded on 1991-06-02. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 003102 recorded on 1991-06-02. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 003103 recorded on 1991-06-02. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 003104 recorded on 1991-06-02. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 003105 recorded on 1991-06-02. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 003106 recorded on 1991-06-02. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 003107 recorded on 1991-06-02. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 003108 recorded on 1991-06-02. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 003109 recorded on 1991-06-02. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 003202 recorded on 1991-03-06. LocationKent: Bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 003301 recorded on 1991-06-02. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 003302 recorded on 1991-06-02. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  13. Tape 003303 recorded on 1991-06-02. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  14. Tape 003304 recorded on 1991-06-02. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  15. Tape 003305 recorded on 1991-06-02. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  16. Tape 003306 recorded on 1991-06-02. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  17. Tape 003307 recorded on 1991-06-02. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  18. Tape 003308 recorded on 1991-06-02. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  19. Tape 003402 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  20. Tape 003403 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  21. Tape 003404 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  22. Tape 003501 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  23. Tape 003502 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  24. Tape 003503 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  25. Tape 003504 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  26. Tape 003505 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  27. Tape 003506 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  28. Tape 003507 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  29. Tape 003508 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  30. Tape 003509 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  31. Tape 003601 recorded on 1991-04-06. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  32. Tape 003603 recorded on 1991-04-06. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  33. Tape 003604 recorded on 1991-04-06. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  34. Tape 003605 recorded on 1991-04-06. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  35. Tape 003606 recorded on 1991-04-06. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  36. Tape 003607 recorded on 1991-04-06. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  37. Tape 003608 recorded on 1991-04-06. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  38. Tape 003609 recorded on 1991-04-06. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  39. Tape 003610 recorded on 1991-04-06. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  40. Tape 003611 recorded on 1991-04-06. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  41. Tape 003612 recorded on 1991-04-06. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  42. Tape 003613 recorded on 1991-04-06. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  43. Tape 003701 recorded on unknown date. LocationKent: Bickley () Activity: Unspecified
  44. Tape 003702 recorded on unknown date. LocationKent: Bickley () Activity: Unspecified
  45. Tape 003703 recorded on unknown date. LocationKent: Bickley () Activity: Unspecified
  46. Tape 003704 recorded on unknown date. LocationKent: Bickley () Activity: Unspecified
  47. Tape 003705 recorded on unknown date. LocationKent: Bickley () Activity: Unspecified
  48. Tape 003801 recorded on 1991-06-05. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  49. Tape 003802 recorded on 1991-06-05. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  50. Tape 003803 recorded on 1991-06-05. LocationKent: Bickley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 003101)

Patrick (PS125) [1] Black Velvet Gown on television tonight.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2] What?
Patrick (PS125) [3] This is the second of the series
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [4] of the Catherine Cookson bes best sellers.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5] Oh right.
Patrick (PS125) [6] This evening we have Janet [...] in the leading part.
Katherine (PS0H7) [7] What's that ... Helen?
Patrick (PS125) [8] Joe [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [9] Yeah, don't know her.
Patrick (PS125) [10] She played Rita Sackville-West in the er ... Nigel Ibbotson film.
Katherine (PS0H7) [11] I haven't se I've read the book I didn't see
Patrick (PS125) [12] Well I think you did see it, didn't you?
[13] No?
Katherine (PS0H7) [14] No, well I can't remember [...]
Patrick (PS125) [15] Well you have that at seven fifteen, seven thirty.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [16] Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy at nine five so I can record the ending [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [17] I'd like the Alan Bleasdale erm G some something G H something I think it's three letters ... play or something.
[18] Is it on Sunday?
[19] Have a look ... I'd like not to miss that.
Patrick (PS125) [20] What's it called?
Katherine (PS0H7) [21] B, B G H or something, it's heavily starred ... Have you got it?
Patrick (PS125) [22] No, actually ... there she is at the back of [...] ... What is it called B G H, just five letters?
Katherine (PS0H7) [23] Ya, three, three letters.
Patrick (PS125) [24] Doesn't seem to be on.
Katherine (PS0H7) [25] Ya ... I've seen trailers ... Ya [reading paper] ... Sunday.
Patrick (PS125) [26] Well Sunday's here.
Katherine (PS0H7) [27] Well ... it's Sunday [...] I was looking for something ... nothing?
Patrick (PS125) [28] Nope ... Tree of Hands.
Katherine (PS0H7) [29] No.
Patrick (PS125) [30] Ship of the World, Knight Riders ... No you'll have to look at the paper.
Katherine (PS0H7) [31] Gosh he looks ugly!
[32] Bleasdale.
Patrick (PS125) [33] Who?
Katherine (PS0H7) [34] He looks fat and ugly.
Patrick (PS125) [35] Who?
Katherine (PS0H7) [36] Bleasdale ... that's right
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [37] There should be something here. [reading paper]
Patrick (PS125) [38] Oh it's Nigel Kennedy.
Katherine (PS0H7) [39] Why isn't it here?
Patrick (PS125) [40] It's Nigel Kennedy playing Brahms ... on Tuesday.

2 (Tape 003102)

Patrick (PS125) [41] Now I was looking ... at the other fella a strong comparison, I was mixing him up with ... I
Katherine (PS0H7) [42] Now have a look at your diary and see if you're free on the fifteenth of June, Saturday fifteenth June for the Stella Artois competition.
Patrick (PS125) [43] Well I suppose I am ... I shall phone Ruth and see.
Katherine (PS0H7) [44] Well I thought you were going to Berlin this month?
Patrick (PS125) [45] No I'll have to phone first ... Dawson's on the same day, have a look.
Katherine (PS0H7) [46] Yes I got those from the office ... without a graphic ... a graphic artist's exhibition on the Plaza.
Patrick (PS125) [47] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [48] Five year students, they gave a party for them the other evening about fifty of them must have turned up.
Patrick (PS125) [49] Mm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [50] Yes you can throw it away.
Patrick (PS125) [51] Yeah, pity [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [52] It was on ban it was on bank holiday so
Patrick (PS125) [53] Yeah I know. [radio in background]
Katherine (PS0H7) [54] Kathy those documents have been there all week and you ... not taken the trouble to look at them ... but you will quip about the poll tax and its iniquities but you can't even read your own poll tax notice.
Patrick (PS125) [55] I'll do it when I can.

3 (Tape 003103)

Patrick (PS125) [56] Where are we going ... did you say?
Katherine (PS0H7) [57] To Battersea Park somewhere ... [...] [radio in background]
Patrick (PS125) [58] We'll have to find out what this is, the oldest.
Katherine (PS0H7) [59] No, I know what it is.
Patrick (PS125) [60] The oldest Swiss institution in Britain.
Katherine (PS0H7) [61] Yeah, Swiss [...] school ... but it's only for the ... the old ... pupils.
Patrick (PS125) [62] So what is this date?
[63] I need to put the date in my diary cos they're going to fill up during the summer ... so you
Katherine (PS0H7) [64] We go
Patrick (PS125) [65] assume on the fifteenth June we're alright for ... the tennis competition.
Katherine (PS0H7) [66] Ah.
Patrick (PS125) [67] I have to tell them on Monday otherwise they'll give them to somebody else for this.
Katherine (PS0H7) [68] Alright ... Stephan stays until the fourth, thirteenth or fourteenth, no fourteenth he's already leaving for Saudi.
Patrick (PS125) [69] Thirteenth or fourteenth you're right and when does he arrive?
Katherine (PS0H7) [70] Now,Mond
Patrick (PS125) [71] No, no now won't do, he's not arriving now. [reading diary]
Katherine (PS0H7) [72] The third ... on the third.
Patrick (PS125) [73] Well he must be arriving on Monday then.
Katherine (PS0H7) [74] Ya ... good.
Patrick (PS125) [75] Are you having to meet him or er
Katherine (PS0H7) [76] No.
Patrick (PS125) [77] Oh.
Katherine (PS0H7) [78] Well he if he has a heavy suitcase I I I go to the station yeah.
Patrick (PS125) [79] How is he coming, by ... train or boat?
Katherine (PS0H7) [80] No by plane, from Heathrow.
Patrick (PS125) [81] Heathrow, I see.
Katherine (PS0H7) [82] And then he will have to go ... he doesn't have to go ... to London every day any more ... I we shall go here ... with with erm [...] ... Philip and so on.
Patrick (PS125) [83] No.
Katherine (PS0H7) [84] I'd like to go ... when is it?
Patrick (PS125) [85] I doubt if it'll be very exciting.
Katherine (PS0H7) [86] Well, too bad.
Patrick (PS125) [87] It sounds pretty staid.
Katherine (PS0H7) [88] Why should it?
Patrick (PS125) [89] Well, I would think anything Swiss would be pretty staid.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [90] Very proper.
Katherine (PS0H7) [91] I don't think so ... anyway.
Patrick (PS125) [92] No lager louts.
Katherine (PS0H7) [93] I hope not ... what's that?
Patrick (PS125) [94] I don't know, I imagine that it's something tha they're construct some work of art they
Katherine (PS0H7) [95] They have constructed ... but where?
Patrick (PS125) [96] Read the book ... it will tell you ... there's probably an explanation on the cover or the inside of the cover ... pass me the coffee please.
Katherine (PS0H7) [97] [...] the cork in the cooler put it put it over there.
Patrick (PS125) [98] I can never find these things.
Katherine (PS0H7) [99] You're not even in [...]
Patrick (PS125) [100] I don I couldn't find that [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [101] Mm that sounds beautiful.
Patrick (PS125) [102] Good.
Katherine (PS0H7) [103] Really pure and and look look look.
Patrick (PS125) [104] Oh well there's an open air museum there, there's the bedroom.
Katherine (PS0H7) [105] Yeah, but look how that's exactly like yours ... except that it looks it looks lived in.
Patrick (PS125) [106] It's lovely.
Katherine (PS0H7) [107] It goes exactly ... my grandmother's oven ... except that stupid gate ... oh that's for people ... look it's all wooden look it's all woo
Patrick (PS125) [108] I know.
Katherine (PS0H7) [109] Nothing coloured see.
Patrick (PS125) [110] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [111] Except just the colour is much better ... alright what are you saying.
Patrick (PS125) [112] Now we could use plasterboard at a fraction of the price and put it up in the fraction of the time.
Katherine (PS0H7) [113] Only this lasts hundreds of years and the other [...]
Patrick (PS125) [114] [noseblow] ... Kathy I should hate to live in the house my grandfather lived in a hundred years ago!
Katherine (PS0H7) [115] No.
Patrick (PS125) [116] I probably I would probably wouldn't survive the winter.
Katherine (PS0H7) [117] Look come and see ... it's how false it is nobody nobody would have all this white ... you know, how stupid ... it's really completely false, they would have colours an ... and not just white with beige.
Patrick (PS125) [118] I wouldn't survive the winter in that sort of house.
Katherine (PS0H7) [119] Well you would have to.
Patrick (PS125) [120] Well maybe if I was forced to.
Katherine (PS0H7) [121] I'm ... I'm I'm really surprised how they could do it like that and these flowers would ... honestly!
[122] ... Everything is white.
Patrick (PS125) [123] Kathy you must go round the museum [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [124] You would
Patrick (PS125) [125] Are you going to the Tate on Wednesday?
Katherine (PS0H7) [126] No.
Patrick (PS125) [127] Why not?
[128] You go there every Wednesday before long they'll ask you to run the library ... elbow a few old ladies out of the way!

4 (Tape 003104)

Katherine (PS0H7) [129] Ah look!
[130] Did you know this [...] ?
Patrick (PS125) [131] I think I may have it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [132] Did they send it?
Patrick (PS125) [133] I think so ... but it's very out of date though.
Katherine (PS0H7) [134] What?
[135] ... Well ... it's not it's it look.
Patrick (PS125) [136] Well the paper must be out of date because I think I got that stamp months ago ... in fact you bought it back from Switzerland.
Katherine (PS0H7) [137] How?
Patrick (PS125) [138] Mm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [139] I didn't bring you a stamp.
Patrick (PS125) [140] Yes you did.
Katherine (PS0H7) [141] Did I?
[142] ... Must be mad!
[143] ... This one?
Patrick (PS125) [144] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [145] Oh ... ah yes I bought it in [...] ... Did I bring you four?
Patrick (PS125) [146] Suppose so.
Katherine (PS0H7) [147] And what about these two, have you got these to two?
Patrick (PS125) [148] I think I have, yes ... [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [149] You could also have this one as well, it's expensive actually.
Patrick (PS125) [150] I really must ... take this over here again, you sit down there and [...]

5 (Tape 003105)

Katherine (PS0H7) [151] Look, Patrick here, how well do you know Switzerland?
[152] The nineteenth question is which celebrated Swiss clown and mime comes from [...] you know which don't you?
Patrick (PS125) [153] What?
[154] ... Yes, Dimitri.
Katherine (PS0H7) [155] Yes.
Patrick (PS125) [156] Mm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [157] So he's a national asset isn't he did you know that.
Patrick (PS125) [158] Oh I should think he makes [...] money, yeah makes Switzerland known [...] ... Like Gabriella Sabatini is a tremendous asset to the Argentine
Katherine (PS0H7) [159] [reading] When did the
Patrick (PS125) [160] and Becker for Germany ... and Gazza for England ... Gazza Gasgcoine.
Katherine (PS0H7) [161] Doesn't sound an English name anyway.
Patrick (PS125) [162] No, they just called him Gazza, his name is Gasgcoine ... nobody knows what his first name is.
Katherine (PS0H7) [163] No.
Patrick (PS125) [164] But Gazza goes well with Gasgcoine.
Katherine (PS0H7) [165] Ya.
Patrick (PS125) [166] Gasgcoine is rather a long word to say so I suppose the boys at school call him Gazza.
Katherine (PS0H7) [167] Ya, but wh where was that name, is it a French name?
Patrick (PS125) [168] I don't know ... an invented name.
Katherine (PS0H7) [169] Gasgcoine
Patrick (PS125) [170] It's been coined.
Katherine (PS0H7) [171] No, not Gasgcoine ... [...] French yes.
Patrick (PS125) [172] Or, Gasgcoine I don't know what it is probably of French origin, northern French.
Katherine (PS0H7) [173] Mm.
Patrick (PS125) [174] Gascony.
Katherine (PS0H7) [175] Mm ... well.
Patrick (PS125) [176] Probably he was his ancestors were from Gascony and came over with William the Conqueror ... like the name Norman ... it's a widely known name in England.
Katherine (PS0H7) [177] Norman?
Patrick (PS125) [178] Ooh yes [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [179] Mm.
Patrick (PS125) [180] His ancestors were probably Normans who came over [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [181] [...] ... they changed it into [...] .
Patrick (PS125) [182] What?
[183] ... I daresay their neighbours changed it to [...] , like Gazza's neighbours have changed his name from Gasgcoine to Gazza ... or the newspapers have done it.

6 (Tape 003106)

Katherine (PS0H7) [184] Gosh!
[185] I'm really stupid ... you even have to name two big banks.
Patrick (PS125) [186] Well that shouldn't be difficult you see them on every street corner.
Katherine (PS0H7) [187] It depends where you are ... a wait a minute ... Well of course if you've some Chinese outfit look ... I mean you would know all this wouldn't you?
Patrick (PS125) [188] I have to say so, yes I know a lot about it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [189] [...] ... Well I suppose we are typical.
Patrick (PS125) [190] Well I wonder what Lord Hanson will pay me for my I C I shares ... they're still writing.
Katherine (PS0H7) [191] No.
Patrick (PS125) [192] Oh yes ... people are busy buying ... hoping that Lord Hanson will pay them more ... when they pay more.
Katherine (PS0H7) [193] You'll have to pay the bill won't you?
Patrick (PS125) [194] There's the man who owns Beaumont College now.
Katherine (PS0H7) [195] Show.
Patrick (PS125) [196] Chairman of I C L.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [197] Saatchi Saatchi shows no signs of recovery.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [198] Saatchi brothers salaries have been cut by a half ... and they've appointed a new man.
Katherine (PS0H7) [199] They have?
Patrick (PS125) [200] Robert Louis Briggs to run the company.
Katherine (PS0H7) [201] Who is he?
Patrick (PS125) [202] French banker I think ... Mr Arnold wanted to know why Maurice and Charles Saatchi were being paid such a ridiculously large salary when the state of the company was so absolutely dreadful.
Katherine (PS0H7) [203] So?
Patrick (PS125) [204] Mr Maurice Saatchi who now gets three hundred and ten thousand pounds a year compared with six hundred thousand pounds a year two years ago replied I'm quite satisfied ... that involuntary taking a fifty per cent pay cut I have done the right thing.
Katherine (PS0H7) [205] Well.
Patrick (PS125) [206] Well they've lost their company ... they've lost control of their company.
Katherine (PS0H7) [207] They founded it?
Patrick (PS125) [208] Oh yes and [...] ... and then it got too big for them ... they are no longer able to control it ... they're not big enough for a big power ... two very big big brothers but they couldn't run a company the size they built it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [209] What are they,i erm ... financiers or gr or or artists?
Patrick (PS125) [210] Oh they're advertising.
Katherine (PS0H7) [211] What, advertising?
Patrick (PS125) [212] One is a [...] , one is an advertiser of embassy of the consulate, good combination.
Katherine (PS0H7) [213] Oh, Oh I see.
Patrick (PS125) [214] Like being important in [...] ... a gifted man reckons someone who knows how to handle the figures ... no David isn't interested in figures ... what ... everyone knows that, he will tell you himself.
Katherine (PS0H7) [215] So.
Patrick (PS125) [216] He's got better things to do than play around with columns and figures [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [217] Okay, Okay.
Patrick (PS125) [218] Wasting his time ... like my spending my time on doors!
Katherine (PS0H7) [219] Okay.

7 (Tape 003107)

Katherine (PS0H7) [220] Speak Hall ah what?
Patrick (PS125) [221] Speak Hall [...] ... [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [222] So it's [...]
Patrick (PS125) [223] one of the most beautiful houses in England.
Katherine (PS0H7) [224] Is it?
Patrick (PS125) [225] Oh yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [226] And you've never been?
Patrick (PS125) [227] Ooh I was taken a long time ago.
Katherine (PS0H7) [228] Well I wasn't.
Patrick (PS125) [229] I think I liked it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [230] Is it furnished?
[231] ... Why would I [...] liked it ... how funny!
Patrick (PS125) [232] We wouldn't have got through the Mersey tunnel before there was aggravation.
Katherine (PS0H7) [233] Who lived here a merchant or somebody?
Patrick (PS125) [234] Probably, someone you would disapprove of ... I didn't know whether remember [...] no probably not it goes back to the middle ages.
Katherine (PS0H7) [235] Well then he wouldn't be a merchant would he?
Patrick (PS125) [236] He could be but not the sort of merchant you're thinking of ... there were lots of merchants in those days ... those merchants who build up places like [...] ... [whispering] they were Greek merchants, in fact they were called merchant venturers weren't they?
Katherine (PS0H7) [237] I don't know.
Patrick (PS125) [238] The great [...] cities were built by the merchant venturers.

8 (Tape 003108)

Katherine (PS0H7) [239] I'll feed the birds and then you can see how they eat an and drink in the bath will you?
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [240] Well ... I'd like to take the second one back, could you reach it in the car?
Patrick (PS125) [241] Beg pardon?
Katherine (PS0H7) [242] I'd like to take the second one back
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [243] and that's how and an my my back aches you know when [...]
Patrick (PS125) [244] Got any more black bags?
Katherine (PS0H7) [245] Yes, yes ... [...] flowers when they watered really ... sometimes I I
Patrick (PS125) [246] [...] all the others are dreadful.
Katherine (PS0H7) [247] Why?
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [248] Why should we not be nice? [piano music]
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [249] Sorry?
Patrick (PS125) [250] They've lasted for nearly a fortnight.
Katherine (PS0H7) [251] A week ... fortnight.
Patrick (PS125) [252] No, Isabelle wasn't here last weekend.
Katherine (PS0H7) [253] Ah, yes.
Patrick (PS125) [254] Is the recording still on?
Katherine (PS0H7) [255] I don't know, wait le let me see ... yeah ... these are nice these erm ... erm
Patrick (PS125) [256] No those flowers have lasted fo for a fortnight.
Katherine (PS0H7) [257] That means the yellow ones for three weeks now, are finished now ... every bud open every
Patrick (PS125) [258] She wouldn't he had some lovely irises but she wouldn't buy them cos she said they wouldn't last.
Katherine (PS0H7) [259] Yeah, well all ... the shops are closed in it now ... it's finished ... put some chemical in in the water and makes them [...]
Patrick (PS125) [260] Well then obviously, they like it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [261] Will you do the lawn in front today?
Patrick (PS125) [262] Today or tomorrow ... I really should put down some more fertilizer particularly on those brown patches ... there are some brown strips in the front lawn.
Katherine (PS0H7) [263] Now look at that I want you to see them in the bath, they enjoy themselves like children. [laugh]
Patrick (PS125) [264] Mm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [265] It's so funny ... it's real entertainment ... someone at the Tate said er, you know when I told them I bought the bird bath, they said you will have lots of pleasure with that ... and I think I have.
Patrick (PS125) [266] Good.
Katherine (PS0H7) [267] Really ... I'd like you to do the the lawn [...] just nice now otherwise in a week it's too long again ha?
Patrick (PS125) [268] Ooh I'm not sure with my blades up it'll have much effect ... but we can try.
Katherine (PS0H7) [269] Yeah, it would look nice, like like that one.
Patrick (PS125) [270] But I don't think you'd see much difference.
Katherine (PS0H7) [271] Every weekend or two is a is it much eas easier if you have the blades, high up, ha, no?
Patrick (PS125) [272] Just a sec.
Katherine (PS0H7) [273] Say it.
Patrick (PS125) [274] The blade needs replacing at the moment it is snatching at the grass.
Katherine (PS0H7) [275] Well I I saw them in [...] Mill, but I didn't know which size, size you need ... actually I saw some in [...] Mill.
Patrick (PS125) [276] Well are you sure they've got the right ones?

9 (Tape 003109)

Katherine (PS0H7) [277] twenty-ninth of June [whispering] ... has never rained [...]
Patrick (PS125) [278] No, did you read the article in The Times about er ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [279] About what?
Patrick (PS125) [280] watering gardens?
Katherine (PS0H7) [281] No, where is it?
Patrick (PS125) [282] Oh I think I've thrown it away.
Katherine (PS0H7) [283] Oh come on.
Patrick (PS125) [284] It was in yesterday's paper ... it's already in the kitchen.
Katherine (PS0H7) [285] Can you tell me everything or or should I read it?
Patrick (PS125) [286] It just says don't water ... if the plants look healthy don't water them, we overdo the watering and it their roots then start growing upwards towards the soil.
Katherine (PS0H7) [287] What, really?
Patrick (PS125) [288] Upwards towards the surface instead of down.
Katherine (PS0H7) [289] Why?
Patrick (PS125) [290] Overwatering ... don't know Kathy I'm not a gardener!
Katherine (PS0H7) [291] Oh ... overwatering what?
Patrick (PS125) [292] Overwatering is ... is damaging to the plants.
Katherine (PS0H7) [293] Ah ... then mine can't complain they usually have no water ... no.
Patrick (PS125) [294] Only water if they look as though they need it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [295] Really?
Patrick (PS125) [296] Mm ... and don't cut the grass too short.
Katherine (PS0H7) [297] And?
Patrick (PS125) [298] And that's what they say raise them.
Katherine (PS0H7) [299] I just think it's wrong because every day a tiny bit the ground loo looks much much better than if I don't give them for weeks an they do, well.
Patrick (PS125) [300] Oh if you don't think they look well then they obviously need it if they look better after they've been watered, that's what the paper says.
Katherine (PS0H7) [301] Well then they do need water.
Patrick (PS125) [302] That's the answer
Katherine (PS0H7) [303] They [...]
Patrick (PS125) [304] if they look as though they need it they need it but if they don't look as though they need watering don't water them.
Katherine (PS0H7) [305] Well ... look, look at the birds [laugh] I [...] aren't they sweet ... all the same I shall buy a nesting box next er next year.
Patrick (PS125) [306] Mm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [307] I'd like to see the blue tits ... come out ... you know there was a programme on television and you saw inside a box ... of a blue tit, a nesting box, right inside.
Patrick (PS125) [308] Ah, yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [309] How could they do that?
[310] How can they go so?
Patrick (PS125) [311] Obviously put in a little camera in the
Katherine (PS0H7) [312] Inside in the box.
Patrick (PS125) [313] in the, or just in the
Katherine (PS0H7) [314] In the corner.
Patrick (PS125) [315] in this little hole in the side of the box with a wide angle lens.
Katherine (PS0H7) [316] Oh, I see ah ... I thought they had sort of you know like fairy tales, you can see ... through the wall, that's what they do put a camera in in , anyway it was rather funny ... and those birds come out and grow up ... quite quite wonderful.
Patrick (PS125) [317] They can now put a television camera into your stomach.
Katherine (PS0H7) [318] Really?
Patrick (PS125) [319] And into your veins I think.
Katherine (PS0H7) [320] And in everybody's house ... what?
[321] ... Oh yes ... and then ah here's a blue tit look ... there you see, and then ... where does it connect up, it doesn't happen.
Patrick (PS125) [322] I'm not sure perhaps it has a thin catheter or wire I don't know wire I'm not sure.
Katherine (PS0H7) [323] Just smells ... I like wild birds because ... that's the animal I like best because they are in the wild you don't have to cage them ... but you have the pleasure of them being free, what?
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [324] Free isn't it?
[325] ... You might get a bit of a mixture ... a few other birds not always sparrows.

10 (Tape 003202)

Katherine (PS0H7) [326] It's such an effort and yet I enjoy it so much.
[327] But
Patrick (PS125) [328] Well
Katherine (PS0H7) [329] really [...] you know when you like it so much [...] .
Patrick (PS125) [330] Oh yes, make some bread with the soup I've got to go out.
Katherine (PS0H7) [331] [...] ... [...] you know what they do if, if they have to go away.
[332] They don't [...]
Patrick (PS125) [333] Really?
Katherine (PS0H7) [334] And [...] again. [...] ... [...]
Patrick (PS125) [335] What did you say?
Katherine (PS0H7) [336] They sometimes [...]
Patrick (PS125) [337] What?
Katherine (PS0H7) [...] ...
Patrick (PS125) [338] [...] Harrow or Ealing or somewhere like this.
Katherine (PS0H7) [339] Oh no [...]
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [...] [recording unclear]
Katherine (PS0H7) [340] So when are you, when are you playing tennis, on the fifteenth?
[341] I have to know.
[342] The fifteenth so I could go ... and that's on a Sunday or a Saturday?
[343] Saturday.
[344] So I could go [...] Monday, sixteenth Monday, yes?
[345] ... I may [...]

11 (Tape 003301)

Stefan (PS126) [346] Really nice.
Katherine (PS0H7) [347] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [348] On the, so I took her for [...] .
[349] Picture [...] on the [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [350] Yes , yes, yes.
Stefan (PS126) [351] But erm, she just had it combed out, but it looked, she should have had to have it combed because now, I said you would not like it, because it looks too sophisticated and I, I think it don't look like there's quite [...] I'll get it after him.
Katherine (PS0H7) [352] Have you got a pic ... , alright, come on let us both get it
Stefan (PS126) [353] [...] , alright I'll get it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [354] while I make the tea alright? [...] the bottom of the suitcase.
[355] I see, alright.
[356] So that's good.

12 (Tape 003302)

Katherine (PS0H7) [357] Do you remember when [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [358] Yes, yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [359] Alright, [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [360] Listen, why on earth, didn't your mother [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [361] [...] .
[362] The day I came back and I hadn't seen [...] .
[363] This is a most strange to hear something like that.
Katherine (PS0H7) [364] Is it?
[365] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [366] Really [...] , I think she's lost weight again.
Katherine (PS0H7) [367] Aha.
Stefan (PS126) [368] And then I saw her the next day and [...] and then I realized the [...] and then I came back home and I told her why doesn't she see there's something changed [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [369] Yes, does she, yes.
Stefan (PS126) [370] And she said yes she's afraid so [...] .
[371] She didn't lose, she didn't lose weight it's something else, and erm, and eh, [...] oh that's why it was [laugh] , so a [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [372] I see [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [373] I approached the [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [374] [...] , yes, yes, yes, yes.
Stefan (PS126) [375] Alright, that's [...] .
[376] Okay are you ready for the big [...] ?
Katherine (PS0H7) [377] [...] , yes, well, I, I do want it too sophisticated, eh, [...] don't like that, ergh, ergh.
Stefan (PS126) [378] [...] like it?
Katherine (PS0H7) [379] No, oh I think it's ghastly.
Stefan (PS126) [380] Really?
Katherine (PS0H7) [381] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [382] Oh I like it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [383] No, I don't like it.
Stefan (PS126) [384] But it's quite [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [385] What's that supposed to be, be here.
Stefan (PS126) [386] It's, it's, it's not in [...] it's like very fluffy, and normally it's much more natural and not [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [387] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [388] Not as big, I like it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [389] You like it?
Stefan (PS126) [390] It's much more like, you know [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [391] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [392] And erm
Katherine (PS0H7) [393] And [...] have you got only one?
Stefan (PS126) [394] Yeah, only one.
Katherine (PS0H7) [395] [...] sophisticated.
Stefan (PS126) [396] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [397] Well, [...] .
[398] You like it?
Stefan (PS126) [399] I really, I really like it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [400] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [401] I've still lot of hair, but eh
Stefan (PS126) [402] Oh.
Katherine (PS0H7) [403] Dear me, thank you very much for [...]
Stefan (PS126) [404] [...] , and I don't know why [...] .
[405] Oh she's the one she's a [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [406] She'd had the Ah yes, what she has, yes.
Stefan (PS126) [407] [...] one.
Katherine (PS0H7) [408] Shaped, yes , nice, yes I thought in the end.
Stefan (PS126) [409] Aha.
Katherine (PS0H7) [410] It is nice, I, I, do like
Stefan (PS126) [411] [...] , I like better than the blue.
Katherine (PS0H7) [412] Yes, but it's not for every day.
Stefan (PS126) [413] I think it could be for every day.
Katherine (PS0H7) [414] No, it's, it's [...] , but erm, you know, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [415] Ah yes.
Stefan (PS126) [416] Not in the blue.
Katherine (PS0H7) [417] Blue is nice too.
Stefan (PS126) [418] Mm, no.
Katherine (PS0H7) [419] No.
Stefan (PS126) [420] It looks like erm
Katherine (PS0H7) [421] Oh it's nice I think, what you say [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [422] [...] other colours.
Katherine (PS0H7) [423] I think red, I think red I like.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [424] But what can she have then?
Stefan (PS126) [425] [...] colour.
Katherine (PS0H7) [426] I see, yes, Okay, that's nice [...] .
[427] And in the back [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [428] Ah that's nice, yes that's [...] , er that's good, it, it cutting er [...] hair, you know below, make such a lot of [...] , yes, what, what [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [429] In the back.
Katherine (PS0H7) [430] Yes, Annette.
Stefan (PS126) [...] [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [431] It's a bit like, I'll, I'll, it's very, you know very, it's quite curly I thought, because I really thought she had a perm done, when, when she had it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [432] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [433] And, and, I asked did you have a perm done and she said no.
Katherine (PS0H7) [434] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [435] Oh it's wonderful.
Katherine (PS0H7) [436] Does she put [...] or something?
Stefan (PS126) [437] Yes, she does, she has no, not curls, she has like one of those blow er hair driers
Katherine (PS0H7) [438] I hope not , I see.
Stefan (PS126) [439] you know with the, with the large, [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [440] It's like a round thing
Katherine (PS0H7) [441] I did, yeah , yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [442] and a, and a, [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [443] Know what she do with a, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [444] [...] , I don't know.
Katherine (PS0H7) [445] Oh that's [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [446] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [447] I don't know why [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [448] [...] , from where they were here as well, as I did weeks ago.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...] [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [449] Ah [...] .
[450] Have you seen them?
Stefan (PS126) [451] No not yet.
Katherine (PS0H7) [452] Oh yes, look.
Stefan (PS126) [453] Nice isn't it?
Katherine (PS0H7) [454] It's, it's really clean, yes she, she really picks very good choice, look.
[455] Very beautiful, that's er when [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [456] What is the name of the castle again?
Katherine (PS0H7) [457] Erm
Stefan (PS126) [458] Buckingham, Buck [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [459] No, no, no, no, it's Cottoney.
Stefan (PS126) [460] It's Cottoney.
Katherine (PS0H7) [461] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [462] It's Cottoney.
Katherine (PS0H7) [463] It's very romantic, it's very [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [464] I see, yes, alright.
[465] Aha, yes.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [466] [...] ... Alright.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [467] Yes, well you broke the [...] what?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [468] Yes, the bird bath.
Stefan (PS126) [469] Very nice.
Katherine (PS0H7) [470] Yes, I love it.
[471] I absolutely love it.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [472] Erm, I think it's the right thing, isn't it?
Stefan (PS126) [473] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [474] Because there are hundreds of different types and I put it there, I wasn't sure I already said can I bring it back?
[475] And I kept [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [476] I thought it looked very good.
Stefan (PS126) [477] Very nice, plain and nice.
Katherine (PS0H7) [478] Yes, yes, yes , you know you have [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [479] Yes,
Stefan (PS126) [480] What'll you call them underneath this?
Katherine (PS0H7) [481] Peonies.
Stefan (PS126) [482] Peonies.
Katherine (PS0H7) [483] And you know the bird come I'll give him a [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [484] They flutter round and eh, oh it's lovely, [...] , because I have, yes they've eaten all the rice, I gave them rice, and eh, they're very sweet, then they come and eat, then they have a bath and then
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [485] you know push each other, and they make a [...] .
[486] Very good, [...] takes photo, you know, I don't know how he can do it [...] , I can't [...] . [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [487] Just never get anything interesting in it and look she has this in the middle, you see, she has this, this, [...] and it makes it so beautiful.
Stefan (PS126) [488] Aha.
Katherine (PS0H7) [489] Okay.
[490] No [noise] , thank you.
[491] [...] . What would you like me to have [...] , you like to have some [...] toast or some erm, or some biscuits with it?
[492] The tea.
Stefan (PS126) [493] Yeah please, but not very many.
Katherine (PS0H7) [494] No.
Stefan (PS126) [495] I'm, I'm, I have a problem, a kidney problem.
Katherine (PS0H7) [496] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [497] Yes I, I, you know when I went home, I, I, felt very [...] , I felt quite tired and eh
Katherine (PS0H7) [498] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [499] not very, very well.
Katherine (PS0H7) [500] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [501] But I went to the doctor.
Katherine (PS0H7) [502] Yeah you mean some time ago?
Stefan (PS126) [503] And , yeah, well, about a month ago.
Katherine (PS0H7) [504] I see.
Stefan (PS126) [505] And I so I, I went to the doctor just because I didn't go, hadn't gone for a while
Katherine (PS0H7) [506] Mm mm, yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [507] and I wanted to [noise] , and eh we had done my blood taken for all kinds of tests
Katherine (PS0H7) [508] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [509] and erm, I have what is called a [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [510] A [...] , it's some
Katherine (PS0H7) [511] Something to with the
Stefan (PS126) [512] with the kidney, so I have too many proteins in my blood.
Katherine (PS0H7) [513] Have you, aren't you lucky?
[514] [laugh] No.
Stefan (PS126) [515] No, cos I'm not allowed to eat any milk products any more.
Katherine (PS0H7) [516] No, I see.
Stefan (PS126) [517] And no meat.
Katherine (PS0H7) [518] No meat?
Stefan (PS126) [519] Well some meat, but I'm not allowed to [...] a lot .
Katherine (PS0H7) [520] A lot yes, how many [...] a day are you?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [521] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [522] Yes, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [523] [...] So
Stefan (PS126) [524] So eh
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [525] Too much protein.
[526] Protein.
Stefan (PS126) [527] Protein. [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [528] So erm, and so, [...] I had to go to, [...] , I had to go to the bathroom to the toilet very, very often.
Katherine (PS0H7) [529] Well, [...] .
[530] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [531] About every hour or something like that.
Katherine (PS0H7) [532] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [533] So I thought it would maybe something with sugar.
Katherine (PS0H7) [534] Or that [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [535] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [536] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [537] [...] sugar er you know.
Katherine (PS0H7) [538] [...] , you don't want tea with er milk, you want to have lemon in it?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [539] Anyway
Stefan (PS126) [540] That's the thing I
Katherine (PS0H7) [541] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [542] shouldn't have because I'm [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [543] Right.
Stefan (PS126) [544] But erm
Katherine (PS0H7) [545] Mm, mm.
Stefan (PS126) [546] But, no, it's my fault, because before I [...] , living on the [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [547] Yes, but that's alright, what have you?
Stefan (PS126) [548] [...] , I, I heard a programme the other day, they just saying that shouldn't drink too much milk or something, you get the [...] high.
Katherine (PS0H7) [549] Well, you know, I always, I'm always [...] you have to drink two pints a day, which is more than a litre.
Stefan (PS126) [550] Well, that's, you know, that's a that's not too good for you, [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [551] Yes I know.
Stefan (PS126) [552] Well I watch I drink, I drink two pints a day, I always drink two pints a day.
Katherine (PS0H7) [553] You always do?
Stefan (PS126) [554] [...] , two pints a day.
Katherine (PS0H7) [555] Aha, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [556] You know, normally, not, not always, but
Katherine (PS0H7) [557] Yes , who is it?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [558] Yep, she phoned you.
Stefan (PS126) [559] [...] , but I won, you know.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [560] [...] be alright.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [561] [...] sugar or neither?
Stefan (PS126) [562] [...] .
[563] So erm, so now I have to be careful, erm, but I'm, I'm very much better.
Katherine (PS0H7) [564] So what yes, already you feel the difference do you?
Stefan (PS126) [565] Much, much better.
Katherine (PS0H7) [566] I see.
Stefan (PS126) [567] Well that's excellent of your [...] compliments [...] , although I don't really know at the time, so
Katherine (PS0H7) [568] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [569] and then I
Katherine (PS0H7) [570] Have you, you drunk a [...] and [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [571] I could see that when I did, you know, [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [572] No I'm fine.
[573] I, I could feel that I have, I had to go back to the bath ... to the toilet quite often.
Katherine (PS0H7) [574] If what?
Stefan (PS126) [575] If I drank a little and [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [576] [...] .
[577] Really.
[578] So what did you think then?
Stefan (PS126) [579] For
Katherine (PS0H7) [580] I think being by yourself what did you eat?
[581] What did you eat?
Stefan (PS126) [582] I had erm, chicken, fish and a lot of vegetables and fruit.
Katherine (PS0H7) [583] Yeah, yeah, did you cook for yourself?
Stefan (PS126) [584] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [585] [...] .
[586] You dive in the lake and [...] . [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [587] [laugh] But my dog, my dog went into the lake.
Katherine (PS0H7) [588] If you can.
[589] Did he?
Stefan (PS126) [590] Yeah, he went [...] lake, and then the next day [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [591] What [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [592] Oh [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [593] That's alright.
Stefan (PS126) [594] [...] He made me all wet.
Katherine (PS0H7) [595] You know, he once, he once came from Brussels and he, he stop, in, in [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [596] Just [...] it was a beautiful day, so I said why not stay for an hour [...] , so we got out, out, in [...] , so we [...] , as it is, [...] , you know we just went round a little bit, and it's very tidy and nice, biscuits.
Stefan (PS126) [597] A [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [598] And tea cakes, [...] swearing.
[599] Started swearing and so, so, and [...] , you have to be very careful.
Stefan (PS126) [600] [...] it's so, I'm tired [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [601] Yes, yes.
Stefan (PS126) [602] It's terrible, you know [...] , I'll tell you one thing, I went out with [...] , he did whatever he had to do.
Katherine (PS0H7) [603] [...] .
[604] Oh yes.
Stefan (PS126) [605] And the farmer
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [606] [...] , had your little bag [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [607] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [608] No, I haven't got it, I'm sorry.
[609] Yes, really you know, because, then I, then I looked at, on the other side they er were full of cows and [...] and he would make it that was alright, but he was making sort of very little [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [610] That was alright .
[611] Well, you know, it's, it's not a very, was it on the road?
Stefan (PS126) [612] No, never.
Katherine (PS0H7) [613] Where?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [614] I see, well [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [615] I know, because you know, it's not very [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [616] Aha, because it's supposedly, it's not ecologically good for [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [617] [...] I see.
Stefan (PS126) [618] So, so the [...] aren't doing here.
Katherine (PS0H7) [619] Well fair enough, but [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [620] I'd rather have a meal [...] wouldn't you?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [621] Sure you know [...] it's, it's a high fence but we could [...] try to jump in and would have done the other, the farmer came with a stick [laugh] and er he [...] ... Useful know, no
Stefan (PS126) [622] Yes, it is.
Katherine (PS0H7) [623] [...] .
[624] I bought it [...] , it's a multiple [...] yes, yes.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [625] Never mind [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [626] I don't know, it's a very nice gathering [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [627] Yes, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...] [door opening] ...
Stefan (PS126) [628] I think the owner of [...] is Swiss.
Katherine (PS0H7) [629] No.
Stefan (PS126) [630] I wonder now, or is, I'm not sure any more, but I think she is.
Katherine (PS0H7) [631] Why do you think so?
[632] It's an old lady.
Stefan (PS126) [633] Yes, but I think she is Swiss.
Katherine (PS0H7) [634] Is she?
Stefan (PS126) [635] I'm not sure though, I'm not sure.
Katherine (PS0H7) [636] She's a very old lady, distinguished looking.
Stefan (PS126) [637] Very old lady , yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [638] Well have you seen her?
Stefan (PS126) [639] N ... I have worked with her on, she is responsible for some artist to do in Belgium and I needed some information on some artist who worked, that was at the time when I was doing eh, P R campaigns for er, Sheba, the cat product, and we needed [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [laugh] [...]
Stefan (PS126) [640] We needed artist who were painting cats.
Katherine (PS0H7) [641] Aha.
Stefan (PS126) [642] And she had, she was responsible, I mean she was er, representative for two of the paintings in Belgium so that's why I'm [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [643] Yes, so you're painting cats?
Stefan (PS126) [644] Yes. [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [645] Yes.
[646] All two, all the two of them.
Katherine (PS0H7) [647] Oh, yes. [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [648] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [649] So, look, I have to hid it from Patrick otherwise he will eat them all. [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [650] [laugh] Well he has [...] to eat.
Katherine (PS0H7) [651] [...] .
[652] Have to hid it.
Stefan (PS126) [653] Well then have to hid it from me too.
Katherine (PS0H7) [654] Alright, take some, and then I hid it.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [655] [...] .
[656] Here have some [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [657] [...] shocking, [...] going to take some away.
[658] Shall we need some plastic sacks?
Stefan (PS126) [659] One [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [660] [...] In the morning, all day.
Stefan (PS126) [661] Nine thirty.
Katherine (PS0H7) [662] Not all day?
[663] Three hours?
Stefan (PS126) [664] Three hours.
Katherine (PS0H7) [665] That's it.
Stefan (PS126) [666] From nine thirty until half past twelve.
[667] The little [...] analysis and communication board.
Katherine (PS0H7) [668] Oh my grief.
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [669] How many [...] , maybe that [...] simple, very simple [...] eh?
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [670] And what is it really?
[671] What is meant by that?
Stefan (PS126) [672] It is, about comparing political, sociological, economic novels.
Katherine (PS0H7) [673] Well, what do you mean [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [674] Great communications, great [...] .
[675] How can you compare, how can you apply pluralism, imperialism.
Katherine (PS0H7) [676] Oh my god, can't you really find [...] .
[677] Which is?
Stefan (PS126) [678] [...] .
[679] [...] or a corporate system, how can they apply to communications?
Katherine (PS0H7) [680] I still don't know any [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [681] Okay, so, [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [682] Give me an example.
Stefan (PS126) [683] Erm, alright.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [684] For example, when you talk of, imperialism, when you look at, when we, we've study it from a [...] , erm, quite a few, so it means that [...] that capitalism [...] supply
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [685] and, but the problem is, that, although it creates supply it laboured people who worked, yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [686] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [687] cannot buy it because it's too expensive for them.
[688] So capitalism has to export it over its boundary and that's one of the company, what you could call it period, for example, erm
Katherine (PS0H7) [689] I see.
Stefan (PS126) [690] Let's
Katherine (PS0H7) [691] Maybe become export, become [...] does it?
Stefan (PS126) [692] Alright, let's see the French , mm, mm, mm, yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [693] Well [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [694] So for example, I don't know, erm, [...] , let's take an example, [...] , [...] , the French, erm multinational,tele ... telecommunications
Katherine (PS0H7) [695] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [696] National.
Katherine (PS0H7) [697] Do you know [...] , you will find here, that they say [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [698] Yeah, so you better [...] if you have [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [699] I haven't [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [700] You don't, okay.
Stefan (PS126) [701] Multinationals, they have erm, [...] , doing much better abroad than it is doing in France.
Katherine (PS0H7) [702] Okay, well [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [703] Because the French cannot always buy what [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [704] Alright, alright.
Stefan (PS126) [705] so that's why it's only period.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [706] Well you can call it export too, but export is [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [707] That means imperialism means in a way they're the French market it's well known, and, makes itself sell at much a [...] than in its, in its own country, so you can say that for example Thompson has a monopoly tower, most European and [...] have a monopoly tower
Katherine (PS0H7) [708] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [709] in not only Holland but in Germany.
Katherine (PS0H7) [710] Yes, quite.
Stefan (PS126) [711] Belgium
Katherine (PS0H7) [712] Yes, yes.
Stefan (PS126) [713] And so when you, so it means that the Dutch are leaders, so it's, it's kind of, that's how putting up the communications empire [...] .
[714] In Holland that the empire is broader than Belgium is.
Katherine (PS0H7) [715] Mm, mm.
Stefan (PS126) [716] Broader than all over Europe.
Katherine (PS0H7) [717] Mm.
Stefan (PS126) [718] That's why it's called imperialism.
Katherine (PS0H7) [719] Ah yes.
Stefan (PS126) [720] So it becomes in fact a telecommunication empire.
Katherine (PS0H7) [721] Yeah, it's really, it, it is the power not they're exporting.
Stefan (PS126) [722] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [723] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [724] The power.
Katherine (PS0H7) [725] It's more than [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [726] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [727] Logical side of, of [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [728] Yeah, yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [729] Now, alright, that's imperialism yes.
[730] What, what's the other?
[731] Eh, multinational.
[732] They do a bit of imperialism.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [733] [...] , they are easy aren't they?
Stefan (PS126) [734] And then erm
Katherine (PS0H7) [735] [...] Brussels.
[736] I [...] my power at that, that place and nowhere else and nobody agreed and, well, they say we go somewhere else, and [...] .
[737] They're a big company in Brussels [...] , and they got, they got their office where they like [...] .
[738] And now they're gone.
Stefan (PS126) [739] Aha.
Katherine (PS0H7) [740] Well you really [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [741] But it's nice you know Brussels.
Katherine (PS0H7) [742] You know [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [743] So what did you do yesterday?
[744] Went there at what time?
Stefan (PS126) [745] Erm what did we do yes, well we went, I, I went to Isobel at what, I found her at three, we had [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [laugh] [...]
Stefan (PS126) [746] [...] We even gave her coconut to the dog which I [...] which was nice.
Katherine (PS0H7) [747] I see you.
Stefan (PS126) [748] No, no, yes my dog.
Katherine (PS0H7) [749] Aha, he, he, still thinks Isobel has the dog.
Stefan (PS126) [750] No I don't think so.
Katherine (PS0H7) [751] No.
Stefan (PS126) [752] No because it's another one, not the usual one.
Katherine (PS0H7) [753] I see.
Stefan (PS126) [754] So, then we went to [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [755] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [756] [...] I went home [...] .
[757] On Saturday afternoon we had tea at five with erm, Andre and [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [758] Andre and [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [759] Aha [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [760] And they [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [761] And they play well?
Stefan (PS126) [762] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [763] [...] .
[764] [laugh] [...] . Some more tea?
Stefan (PS126) [765] I'm fine, no.
Katherine (PS0H7) [766] No.
[767] So you don't play [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [768] I, I did play.
Katherine (PS0H7) [769] Out of practice eh?
[770] Right, well I'm not [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [771] He said, [...] to myself, you know, just by myself, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [772] And so on.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [773] No [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [774] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [775] Can't all be.
Stefan (PS126) [776] No.
Katherine (PS0H7) [777] I suppose it's healthy enough [...] actually, your mother coming today, the airport?
Stefan (PS126) [778] No, no.
Katherine (PS0H7) [779] No.
Stefan (PS126) [780] My brother drove me.
Katherine (PS0H7) [781] Aha.
[782] One week in [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [783] No [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [784] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [785] Yep, I hope it [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [786] Youngest?
Stefan (PS126) [787] The youngest one.
Katherine (PS0H7) [788] Ah gosh it's [...] . [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [789] [...] , because, though he is in the army, he's doing a masters degree in Brussels as well, at night, so it can be done.
Katherine (PS0H7) [790] [...] Can't he work a bit in the day?
[791] Is he fully occupied?
Stefan (PS126) [792] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [793] Is he really?
Stefan (PS126) [794] [...] they get him free time, so now he's had two weeks off
Katherine (PS0H7) [795] I see.
Stefan (PS126) [796] for study.
Katherine (PS0H7) [797] Aha, yes.
Stefan (PS126) [798] But he'll have to two more weeks then afterwards.
Katherine (PS0H7) [799] No, aha, [...] .
[800] And a [clears throat] , Michelle.
Stefan (PS126) [801] Michelle is now in the [...] , second [...] and then erm, he might go to Switzerland to study [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [802] Ah yes, what is [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [803] The second year.
Katherine (PS0H7) [804] Yeah, yeah, what?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [805] What?
Stefan (PS126) [806] In accountant.
Katherine (PS0H7) [807] Ah, has he [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [808] I see, yes.
[809] Are you still completely confident in, in finishing? [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [810] [...] very quickly now.
Katherine (PS0H7) [811] Does it?
Stefan (PS126) [812] But erm
Katherine (PS0H7) [813] What about if you have to write it?
Stefan (PS126) [814] That's fine, well I have to, to make a, have to write a little letter and, and, that's [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [815] And I wasn't sure of the work any more, but
Katherine (PS0H7) [816] Yes, you mix it up [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [817] No, no.
Katherine (PS0H7) [818] Really, no.
Stefan (PS126) [819] No , it's quite a [...] apart.
Katherine (PS0H7) [820] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [821] It's much harder, I mean I simply [...] , Swiss German, than Dutch
Katherine (PS0H7) [822] Yeah, really?
[823] Aha.
Stefan (PS126) [824] cos I practice more it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [825] Yeah, yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [826] No, I, I really.
Katherine (PS0H7) [827] [...] .
[828] Talking yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [829] [...] talking [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [830] [...] .
[831] You know I still keep the Italian [...] you know [...] , it's more [...] than French, at that time, and, well I worked in [...] , I was, I was really quite good at it, but now, I just lost it.
[832] First of all I never hear it any more on the continent I can't seem to hear the radio, you hear some, you know, [...] put on the radio and you have a [...] , Brussels already [...] , he had nothing at all. [...]
Stefan (PS126) [833] But don't you think that
Katherine (PS0H7) [834] Oh no
Stefan (PS126) [835] he would come back quick.
Katherine (PS0H7) [836] I don't know anybody, aperitif, and the and all that stuff, you know, the exception.
[837] No, [...] ... And I, I [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [838] Aha, aha I told myself, I had to force myself not to.
Katherine (PS0H7) [839] I [...] at once, Stefan, there was an [...] , I was [...] anything, just [...] .
[840] So a lawyer came, and of course I had my own office [...] , confidential stuff, so he wanted to give it to me.
[841] [...] , and [...] in the machine or something, I had [...] you know, I never know, you have quite a few words which aren't any French or [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [842] [...] one language, one [...] and the others have two or two [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [843] Or else, I [...] .
[844] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [845] [...] And so I thought you [...] .
[846] You have [...] .
[847] Common [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [848] Common?
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [849] Common.
[850] No it's too [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [851] As well.
Stefan (PS126) [852] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [853] The French.
Stefan (PS126) [854] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [855] I see, is it?
Stefan (PS126) [856] Yes, [...] .
[857] I know you're right, now it's imperative [...] with one [...] and it's with two [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [858] Yes.
[859] [...] . That's what I mean.
[860] [...] poor chap, he's, he's getting furious and [...] and there are hundreds of [...] .
[861] Two S's you know and French you don't marks the difference, Italian you do say that you have double quotes, [...] . [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [862] Writing I don't, I don't think she'd, she can write it there, I don't know.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [863] [...] Italian [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [864] Yeah, and she ever uses it, why doesn't she forget it?
Stefan (PS126) [865] Well I think she uses it quite often, you know, I mean
Katherine (PS0H7) [866] Where, where?
Stefan (PS126) [867] [...] at the office, or the Italians come, she always uses it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [868] Well, when there are, I mean, I think, well I think it really con ... I mean, when I'm with the Dutch I really thought the other day I can [...] till David comes back again, quite quickly.
Katherine (PS0H7) [869] Well I hear you, but [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [870] Mm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [871] I forget it, erm, where is it [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [872] [...] stop there for tonight, but I had [...] you know, I just spoke French.
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [873] I just didn't open my mouth, but I understood what they said and they didn't know [...] .
[874] You know, and so, so the second time, the second day I could say one or two words and the third a little bit more, but eh that's it.
Stefan (PS126) [875] Same when I'm, when I'm in Italy, I, I can't speak Italian very well, but when I'm there a week, I pick up words very quickly and although I know my grammar isn't perfect, I can form sentences in a way that people do understand me, [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [876] Yes.
[877] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [878] I, that, for me the hardest thing to do is example is study Spanish.
Katherine (PS0H7) [879] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [880] Because as I heard my mother speak Italian all the time and my cousins, you really ca ... can in my, you know in your [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [881] Yes.
[882] Your sub conscience, yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [883] You'll pick it up.
Katherine (PS0H7) [884] Mm, mm.
Stefan (PS126) [885] And I really understand Italian quite well, and eh, when I had Spanish, I, I suppose [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [886] You picked it up. [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [887] All the time I had, I had [...] Spanish.
Katherine (PS0H7) [888] Did you?
Stefan (PS126) [889] And when I had to speak, I spoke Italian.
Katherine (PS0H7) [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [890] Did you?
[891] Well I didn't know Spanish, but I got by with the Italian, you know, I had, I had once, [...] .
[892] [...] don't you?
Stefan (PS126) [893] Yeah, yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [894] And eh, Julia and [...] and eh Ruth and her husband [...] , eh went to Madrid and I stayed with Isobel.
Stefan (PS126) [895] Mm, mm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [896] [...] , and we went to the beach and I came back and [laugh] [...] , leap of the whole er, side of the car.
[897] You can imagine so, I [...] , it's awful.
[898] [...] [laugh] So
Stefan (PS126) [899] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [900] I [...] , want other people's cars in [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [901] That's very funny, for example, I went Dutch because when we were small my brother run away.
Katherine (PS0H7) [902] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [903] He always, well we not always [...] often, very often, spoke Dutch with each other.
Katherine (PS0H7) [904] Did you?
Stefan (PS126) [905] Yes, because of, we were in school together in Dutch and on the way home we were with Dutch friends, so we [...] then, and we mostly spoke Dutch and now, since I, so it's nearly, since now seven years have been, since I have gone to States, first year in eighty three, came back in eighty four, and since then we've never, ever spoke Dutch.
Katherine (PS0H7) [906] Erm, yes, yeah yes.
[907] Yes I see now, ah, yeah .
Stefan (PS126) [908] We always speak French to each other.
Katherine (PS0H7) [909] Yeah, [...] .
[910] That a make [...] .
[911] [...] if you spoke Dutch all the time.
Stefan (PS126) [912] Oh.
Katherine (PS0H7) [913] So
Stefan (PS126) [914] Yes, with my mother and my father [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [915] All French, [...] , yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [916] [...] when we couldn't, when, when we were not allowed to in the States.
Katherine (PS0H7) [917] Really, I think it
Stefan (PS126) [918] But now it
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [919] I remember a [...] on the telephone, you know, I used to speak and talk and talk, apparently she would switch to German, so that means that I can't [...] someone [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [920] Shouldn't allow it, I, I always knew what it meant [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [921] And, that, you make me think of it, suddenly she'd switched.
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [922] [laugh] For what happened she can do it because, so okay, let's hope it's going to be nice.
[923] I really pleased with, with that [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [924] Really, I really like it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [925] Sweet, isn't it?
Stefan (PS126) [926] It's very nice with the plants on.
Katherine (PS0H7) [927] Yes, yes.
Stefan (PS126) [928] Very, very nice.
Katherine (PS0H7) [929] Now I'm, I'm really thinking all the time [...] , something in the back thing
Stefan (PS126) [930] The grass, the garden [...] .
[931] Looks nice, and erm, how do you call these erm, ah
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [932] [...] .
[933] Looks nice.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [934] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [935] It's, it's already once cove ... covered the whole wall, but when we took the other fence down, the high fence eh, you know, they damaged everything.
[936] Erm, I'm going to lose [...] , digging so much, it's terrible.
Stefan (PS126) [937] It looks nice .
[938] Right.
Katherine (PS0H7) [939] Come a ... no you've seen that, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [940] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [941] You know you can, you can take few of these chairs, and, these chairs and tables here, [...] in the evening, whenever you want to read there, you can do that.
Stefan (PS126) [942] Okay right, right.
Katherine (PS0H7) [943] I've already asked.
[944] Where the keys?
[945] There we are.
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [946] I'm not going to throw that away until [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [947] Put away my things.
Katherine (PS0H7) [948] Yes.

13 (Tape 003303)

Stefan (PS126) [949] Cos he was a man.
Katherine (PS0H7) [950] No.
Stefan (PS126) [951] Oh you have to, oh you can't leave him alone one second [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [952] But he still has his hat on.
Stefan (PS126) [953] Oh yeah, at night, anyway because at night he's alone and he's [...] from it and during the day, I know, I know my brother as I can't rely on the, and, and, you know, and look at, Michelle would look at, at him all the time, but [...] , put, put the thing on you know.
Katherine (PS0H7) [954] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [955] And so erm
Katherine (PS0H7) [956] So [...] [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [957] I tell you I take [...] off when I go out now, because, everyone looks at you.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [958] Laugh, oh they laugh, oh they are funny, they even [...] they have to explain it and we didn't [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [959] [...] And it's quite dangerous, because it doesn't hear very well, that [...] , when you're behind him [...] .
[960] Where are you?
[961] And eh
Katherine (PS0H7) [962] You know, [...] . [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [963] You take it off the [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [964] Doors we can have them painted, [...] .
[965] [noise] He comes into the door, he comes into the door and it's like [...] [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [966] [laugh] Guess that, that would happen.
Stefan (PS126) [967] I went and [...] all the way [...]

14 (Tape 003304)

Stefan (PS126) [968] Except for the hotel which is the most wonderful walk hotel
Katherine (PS0H7) [969] [...] yeah
Stefan (PS126) [970] Beautiful garden, [...] , my mother and I said very well you, we will come for week here but we won't go out of this [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [971] Aha.
Stefan (PS126) [972] Not one [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [973] It's raining [...] [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [974] Why on earth did he want to go there?
[975] Because he had [...]
Stefan (PS126) [976] I don't know, there's this house, what's falling apart like, and it, it was small, it was like, I think it was wide at the [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [977] Right, so it was wet, very tiny
Katherine (PS0H7) [978] Aha.
[979] Aha .
Stefan (PS126) [980] and erm, and so, you know we didn't say anything [...] erm, cos he wanted us to buy, so Michelle and I went and my mother.
[981] We only went for two days.
Katherine (PS0H7) [982] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [983] And so, but the surroundings on [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [984] Beautiful, yes, yes.
Stefan (PS126) [985] Ah a little small village [...] we have what they call [...] , which is a big [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [986] Yeah, yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [987] with, you know they have it in, in the square, it's a square [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [988] Aha, [...] yes.
Stefan (PS126) [989] [...] And with a glass of cider, aah, wonderful.
Katherine (PS0H7) [990] I see, yes, I really like to [...] , yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [991] It had those little tiny villages and very nice, very nice.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [992] [...] was ugly thing.
[993] The [...] you know it? [...] , very, very [...] , quite chic
Katherine (PS0H7) [994] Is it?
Stefan (PS126) [995] You can see it's quite chic.
Katherine (PS0H7) [996] Ah.
Stefan (PS126) [997] And it's not, it's not beautiful [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [998] No, no.
Stefan (PS126) [999] They have kind of you know, in the back, in that little house, [...] , I mean if you buying you know, it's like [...] , I mean, if I had [...] to go there two weeks in the year, you know what I mean.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1000] Oh yes, yes .
[1001] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [1002] So I would like to go there, I would never ever spend more than two days there, in the winter, and if I, except [...] staying at this wonderful hotel.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1003] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [1004] It's where we had the most wonderful room, in the, in the, my brother Michelle and I we said, you know, we arrived there with my brother had, my father had an appointment with, with the architect at three o'clock in the afternoon so we went too [...] , before
Katherine (PS0H7) [1005] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [1006] which is a very nice city, where [...] it's all [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1007] Aha.
Stefan (PS126) [1008] So went to Andre's and had lunch there and went on to, to a, play ball, then er, there was [...] called, and my mother and I had
Katherine (PS0H7) [1009] What, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1010] Marks.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1011] Marks
Stefan (PS126) [1012] Marks
Katherine (PS0H7) [1013] I see.
Stefan (PS126) [1014] End of Marks.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1015] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [1016] And then, my mother said one week before [...] and then my mother said, don't say, don't say [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1017] I know, I did, [...] . [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1018] Porcelain and glass [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1019] You know yeah, yeah, I don't know where it comes from [...] .
[1020] So she went with the architect and he was wanting to show us this kind of [...] [laugh] and we were like, were cold and were back to the hotel, we didn't even go into the house.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1021] No.
Stefan (PS126) [1022] And, and, it's was so bad, oh it was terrible.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1023] I mean the house in itself, no, I mean
Katherine (PS0H7) [1024] Aha, that lady you could see [...] have responsibilities, no?
Stefan (PS126) [1025] Responsibilities, I mean, it would have to be torn down and build up again it was in such a bad shape, it was really, [laugh] I mean, terrible, it must of been, it was, it was man who lived in since the second world war, alright, so you get [...] .
[1026] The, the, there was a very old car, [...] , one [...] , in a beautiful car but there was nothing left of the car, you couldn't even
Katherine (PS0H7) [1027] If you cut it, it [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1028] That's right, [laugh] , it's a, it's a, so my mother and I said we're going back to that hotel, you know, were very, very kind of luxury type, so we went back to the hotel and my brother and I went into the room where we had a television view on the sea, very beautiful.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1029] Mm, mm.
Stefan (PS126) [1030] It's quite beautiful, because it
Katherine (PS0H7) [1031] It's [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1032] Their ball is tied in a [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1033] Ah yeah, yeah [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1034] So I, and erm, very nice, very nice, and eh, we had a marvel bunker
Katherine (PS0H7) [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [1035] Erm, [...] bathroom and so we had some of those [...] for half an hour [...] , so good, [laugh] and I would [...] I had to, we had to get out, quite a long way too, it's about, it's longer than driving to, nearly as driving to Zurich.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1036] Same thing, seven hours drive, terrible.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1037] Did you drive [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [1038] No I drove.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1039] Who drove?
Stefan (PS126) [1040] My father drove, then I drove.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1041] Aha.
Stefan (PS126) [1042] But I, I, take [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1043] In your car?
Stefan (PS126) [1044] No, no. [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1045] [...] But did you drive so quickly again?
Stefan (PS126) [1046] No, no, no.
[1047] Oh I didn't tell you, the day before he had a dash [laugh] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1048] The day before left?
Stefan (PS126) [1049] I was not [...] I was not [...] , two hours.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1050] Oh god.
Stefan (PS126) [1051] [...] , it's not [...] , my brother dared make the remark on, oh, it [...] time, since then didn't have any accident.
[1052] I have my father on the phone half an hour later, erm, erm, when's Phil leaving tomorrow?
[1053] Don't, don't worry I, don't tell mother but I had a little accident.
[1054] I said no it's not true, what on, [...] door, what door, well [...] the door, is it bad?
[1055] Well, you'll see.
[1056] The whole door is [...] , the back [...] door.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1057] Right.
Stefan (PS126) [1058] [...] , I mean a mess.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1059] What how, how's he [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1060] Like a [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1061] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [laugh] [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1062] The night before?
Stefan (PS126) [1063] The, the afternoon before he had to leave.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1064] Before.
Stefan (PS126) [1065] So you can imagine the door and the air coming through, you're driving seven hours, we had put my bro ... I don't know what they did at night [...] , because of
Katherine (PS0H7) [1066] Are you renting a car unrepaired?
Stefan (PS126) [1067] Unrepaired.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1068] Why didn't you take yours?
Stefan (PS126) [1069] We, with four in mine [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1070] Okay.
Stefan (PS126) [1071] So my [...] , oh how can you go through that [...] , with a broken car like that, eh, it's a shame you know, so we had to drive.
[1072] So again [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1073] How did, how did he hear?
[1074] How did he manage to [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [1075] Well it wasn't his fault.
[1076] Luckily it wasn't his fault.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1077] Yeah, yeah yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [1078] So erm, [...] did something wrong again [laugh] , I don't remember whether it [...] touched it, probably nothing crazy again.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1079] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [1080] And luckily were not the other one, was.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1081] His fault.
Stefan (PS126) [1082] I don't know , it was his fault and the other one, [...] look like, you know, in the [...] , problem [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1083] Well, some have [...] stock, all of the person in the back [...] didn't it?
Stefan (PS126) [1084] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1085] Sometimes you [...] very abruptly, which is.
Stefan (PS126) [1086] Or, you know, whatever it is.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1087] Yeah, yeah, well [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1088] Anyhow, so [...] [...] it has been fixed [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1089] Aha.
Stefan (PS126) [1090] [...] and have a nice trip [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1091] Don't say that, come on, get [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [laugh] [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1092] Well I'm not sure, I [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1093] Well that might [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1094] So erm
Katherine (PS0H7) [1095] All [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1096] And eh, that hotel was wonderful, the most wonderful dinner tonight.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1097] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [1098] Oh yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1099] Do [...] eat well?
Stefan (PS126) [1100] Very.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1101] Yes, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1102] Yes.
[1103] [...] , friends [...] met [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1104] Yes, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1105] So we decided not to buy the house [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1106] Yeah, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1107] No, I [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1108] Quite.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1109] You will have to [...] have [...] also, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1110] No, I'd like to buy something [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1111] What in [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1112] [...] right in town.
Stefan (PS126) [1113] Can't think [...] , well not right in town [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1114] No.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1115] Is it a [...] now, again, or [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1116] Well I'd like to buy before my dad go ... retires, because he's in the business as you know, he knows exactly what to buy and if I have to, you know, have work done, he has this erm [...] you know, it does everything.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1117] Right, yes.
[1118] Have you finished?
[1119] Yeah, yes.
[1120] Aha.
Stefan (PS126) [1121] So, [...] as well.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1122] Yeah, yeah I thought so.
Stefan (PS126) [1123] So I'd better, even if I had to make an [...] and you know.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1124] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [1125] But I, I really want to have like a even if I stayed in Switzerland, because [...] have mind so.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1126] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [1127] You know, I'd like to have [...] Brussels.
[1128] An apartment, a nice one.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1129] Yeah, right.
Stefan (PS126) [1130] Not big at all, just comfortable, so that it sleeps two or three.
[1131] A little bit like yours, like the one, you know, the one you have on [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1132] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [1133] Same kind of [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1134] [...] , I mean it's nothing like.
Stefan (PS126) [1135] [...] I think.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1136] Yeah, I think two is wonderful.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1137] Is it?
Stefan (PS126) [1138] And even two with one child, then, then, after [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1139] Really?
[1140] No I think, I, I mean see a lot of languages [...] and I think you're doing very well.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1141] Thank you.
Stefan (PS126) [1142] Yeah.
[1143] Right now, did you, did you hear about that farm with a job [...] ?
Katherine (PS0H7) [1144] Yeah, well, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1145] Well [...] , now, [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1146] [...] , you shouldn't [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1147] Well this, they said not before end of May.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1148] They said.
Stefan (PS126) [1149] Mhm, the third of June.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1150] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [1151] So, [...] was going to call today, [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1152] Yeah, yeah.
[1153] Would she like it?
[1154] I think so.
Stefan (PS126) [1155] You know Isobel has a [...] with [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1156] Yeah, [laugh] I wonder what that tell you.
Stefan (PS126) [1157] With Mr , well there's something in Mr [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1158] Two people.
Stefan (PS126) [1159] Two.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1160] Ah.
[1161] I wonder how [...] felt?
Stefan (PS126) [1162] I [...] table.
[1163] Want me to bring some [...] up to the fridge?
Katherine (PS0H7) [1164] Ah yes.
[1165] [...] Listen, erm, maybe [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1166] If I can help you in any way , can I help you do the dishes [...] ?
Katherine (PS0H7) [1167] The bottom drawer you can put this in.
Stefan (PS126) [1168] The bottom drawer.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1169] It's half full.
[1170] You know [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1171] The one, the white one?
Katherine (PS0H7) [1172] Yes, the bottom drawer is half full and you can put things in them, alright?
Stefan (PS126) [1173] Alright.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1174] Used to be two drawers empty, now it's full of tapes and I can see they take over.

15 (Tape 003305)

Stefan (PS126) [1175] I mean twice yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1176] No.
Stefan (PS126) [1177] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1178] Unrecognisable.
Stefan (PS126) [1179] [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1180] Ah lovely, thank you so much, that's from, from Sylvie.
Stefan (PS126) [1181] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1182] Yes oh lovely, aah.
Stefan (PS126) [1183] That's the one, that [...] , this is a, a one, this is [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1184] When they come [...] .
[1185] Do they come out [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [1186] Yes this is a magazine.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1187] [...] .
[1188] I'll get you the catalogue, I have the catalogue upstairs.
Stefan (PS126) [1189] Oh, have some , [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1190] [...] yeah. [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1191] Beautiful [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1192] This is [...] . [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1193] I like [...] . [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1194] I wouldn't know him, but [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1195] No, I wouldn't know.
[1196] I [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1197] Yes, [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1198] But, someone to [...] sometimes.
Stefan (PS126) [1199] Yes, I don't like it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1200] Er [...] romantic and so you don't like it?
Stefan (PS126) [1201] No, I have to get a terrible picture of cows up close, huge [...] huge and [...] , and [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1202] Have.
[1203] Yeah [...] yeah.
[1204] Does that come out every month?
Stefan (PS126) [1205] Every month, I'll give you one every month, if you want.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1206] You're joking.
[1207] Do [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1208] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1209] [...] .
[1210] How's that?
Stefan (PS126) [1211] This is the one made in, it's made in London.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1212] Oh I see, it's all, all over.
Stefan (PS126) [1213] All over.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1214] I see, you know.
Stefan (PS126) [1215] This one is not even sorted [...] , I don't think it's sold, no.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1216] No.
Stefan (PS126) [1217] No, it's [...] it's free.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1218] Can't buy it?
Stefan (PS126) [1219] The catalogues you have to buy, this one you get free.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1220] You get that free?
Stefan (PS126) [1221] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1222] Wow.
Stefan (PS126) [1223] So, might of use [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1224] They [...] that to get things like [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1225] Yes, yes, they give it free, no, no, it's free, it's free.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1226] Where do [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [1227] At [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1228] Do you go and get it?
Stefan (PS126) [1229] Otherwise I can put you on the mailing list if you get [...] .
[1230] Put you on the mailing list.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1231] [...] it's too late.
Stefan (PS126) [1232] What?
Katherine (PS0H7) [1233] [...] .
[1234] I'd, I'd, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1235] No, no, [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1236] You will go there?
Stefan (PS126) [1237] On Thursday, so I'll put them on I'll put you on the mailing list.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1238] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [1239] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1240] Okay, then I get it every month.
Stefan (PS126) [1241] Get it every month.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1242] Oh it's lovely, yeah, can you do that?
Stefan (PS126) [1243] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1244] Thank you.
[1245] I really don't know
Stefan (PS126) [1246] I love this.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1247] Yes so do I.
Stefan (PS126) [1248] It's [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1249] I don't know.
Stefan (PS126) [1250] [...] , you always makes erm, drawings and, and, but [...] always women portraits, beautiful things.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1251] [...] .
[1252] Look's like a drawing.
[1253] And, and
Stefan (PS126) [1254] [...] on canvas.
[1255] It's a drawing.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1256] Yeah look
Stefan (PS126) [1257] It's a [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1258] It's [...] believe you.
[1259] Yeah you would say it's, it's, it's.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1260] Yeah, yeah, [...] , but [...] the face if I wouldn't have known, it's very beautiful, I'd like to open it, can I?
Stefan (PS126) [1261] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1262] Romantically done, it's chocolate.
Stefan (PS126) [1263] It's chocolate sweet, yes, now.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1264] Yes, or do you want me to wait for Patrick?
Stefan (PS126) [1265] I'll make you wait. [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...] ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1266] Ah, the most wonderful day.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1267] Here me, have the bacon and [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1268] Where?
Stefan (PS126) [1269] Wonderful cake.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1270] [...] , yeah, Okay, if you want to dry up.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1271] We wash our hands.
Stefan (PS126) [1272] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1273] Have you washed your hands [...] .
[1274] So you saw the [...] did you?
Stefan (PS126) [1275] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1276] And when [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1277] Yesterday they called, I called them in the morning and they said is your er, you know [...] at one at something, I said no, I don't, I don't really know, I didn't know there was one at one.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1278] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [1279] But I didn't see them then.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1280] Oh.
Stefan (PS126) [1281] And in the evening I looked for them, and then I saw them of course, I knew where they were and I thought quite longly [...] we were right in the front.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1282] [laugh] So [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1283] Yeah, always the colours mm, there's always one colour [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1284] [...] , so erm
Katherine (PS0H7) [1285] Didn't even go did you?
Stefan (PS126) [1286] No, no, I could not have gone it er America.
[1287] She wanted me to go but [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1288] Who?
Stefan (PS126) [1289] [...] , wanted me to go with them, but I cannot have [...] , I [...] could not have them, and take this white one too.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1290] Why?
[1291] Yeah [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1292] Because it's so [...] and so [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1293] Isobel even told me they have, they have one month even for the [...] so
Katherine (PS0H7) [1294] No, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1295] so, erm
Katherine (PS0H7) [1296] Mm.
Stefan (PS126) [1297] And, and what [...] that much of an interest.
[1298] I was very happy because
Katherine (PS0H7) [1299] Why?
Stefan (PS126) [1300] Do, well, the only one I have heard was the
Katherine (PS0H7) [1301] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [1302] was on Friday
Katherine (PS0H7) [1303] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [1304] evening.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1305] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [1306] Late on Friday evening and we switched on to, to a, [...] , and he was the only one I really heard.
[1307] I couldn't [...] I was, you know I think when you go to those things you have to be in it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1308] Yes, try to be with them.
Stefan (PS126) [1309] You know from the beginning of [...] , sing all twelve [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1310] [...] yes.
Stefan (PS126) [1311] Cos otherwise you don't really appreciate it that much.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1312] I [...] , eh, [...] , because he never went before and now suddenly you know, I [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1313] I know.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1314] Does he really make it?
Stefan (PS126) [1315] Maybe sometimes he forces himself.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1316] Or does he [...] ?
[1317] No.
Stefan (PS126) [1318] But I think he would [...] .
[1319] No, no, no he, no, no, I think what very good of him here [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1320] No, you don't think so?
[1321] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [1322] Very much like he loves Luccini.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1323] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [1324] I hate Luccini.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1325] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [1326] [laugh] [...] , I hate [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1327] No, yeah, I don't even know, you seem to know.
Stefan (PS126) [1328] [...] , he does exactly what he likes, Luccini.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1329] You know, he never [...] , now suddenly, really as a, as quite a [...] .
[1330] He doesn't mind?
Stefan (PS126) [1331] Well , no.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1332] Sometimes I'm, I'm, think he's a [...] too much.
Stefan (PS126) [1333] I don't know.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1334] No, you don't think so?
Stefan (PS126) [1335] Maybe, maybe, may [...] sometimes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1336] Maybe.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1337] Yeah, yeah, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1338] [laugh] But I have [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1339] [...] , well I hope he can stand up for himself, you know.
[1340] [...] nothing like it, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1341] Yeah, [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1342] I don't want to go, you know.
Stefan (PS126) [...]

16 (Tape 003306)

Katherine (PS0H7) [1343] Oh I, haven't got any onions.
Stefan (PS126) [1344] No problem.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1345] [...] for me eh.
Stefan (PS126) [laugh] [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1346] No, all well.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1347] I just [...] .
[1348] [...] . We should have gone shopping today [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1349] If you want to I'll go with you.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1350] Yes [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1351] Go tomorrow or
Katherine (PS0H7) [1352] Alright.
Stefan (PS126) [1353] That [...] cos I really didn't want to call him, because I didn't want to, to hear you know, oh I've done this, and this, and this, and then you know I would get [...] , and say oh my god I haven't done nothing and I realize I've done much more than [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1354] [...] yes, well there you go.
Stefan (PS126) [1355] Well I [...] from what I've known [...] .
[1356] So eh
Katherine (PS0H7) [1357] [...] , somehow I think, you know, they, they used to say that he's [...] , we haven't done anything.
Stefan (PS126) [1358] That's, that's what I [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1359] I don't know whether it's true.
Stefan (PS126) [1360] No, no , no, I know it's not true.
[1361] I know it's not true, I know it's not, well I know from whom I'm can think it's not true [...] I know it's not.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1362] Yeah.
[1363] I find it's, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1364] No because I, no, I well, it's is, I know people who say well I've heard very little and I know that's enough for them to have very good friends.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1365] Aha.
Stefan (PS126) [1366] As I'm not the person to answer you very little to get [...] , I'm get into something quite a lot, you know?
Katherine (PS0H7) [1367] Yeah.
[1368] Yeah you are.
[1369] I'm, I'm [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1370] So everyone, everyone has his own
Katherine (PS0H7) [1371] Aha.
Stefan (PS126) [1372] cakes and er
Katherine (PS0H7) [1373] Some really do have to work very [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1374] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1375] To, to, get a get on.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1376] You know where that comes from?
Stefan (PS126) [1377] No.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1378] It would be [...] , disgusting old thing.
[1379] You know what it is?
[1380] It's [...] .
[1381] It's an old [...] farmer's erm, [...] , the milk, eh, pulled out here, see, it's a sieve, and that's the [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1382] Right.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1383] So, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1384] It's a [...] use it?
Katherine (PS0H7) [1385] No, no, no. [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1386] I'll just put in onion, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1387] Aha [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1388] How funny, I [...] .
[1389] I'm looking now for a nice you know [...] .
[1390] They have, have you got a nice wedding present for [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [1391] We have er [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1392] No, [...] , with holes in it?
Stefan (PS126) [1393] No.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1394] No, it should have holes in it.
Stefan (PS126) [1395] Except for one.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1396] This one , yes strawberries, see.
Stefan (PS126) [1397] I [...] , I, I, yeah I know which one, you can, yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1398] I told you to make one for your mother would [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1399] I know , I know which one you mean.
[1400] No, no we don't have one.
[1401] I don't think we have, no we don't, no.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1402] [...] .
[1403] I thought on and I should have brought [...] , long, long [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1404] No but, strawberries start to [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1405] Eh, [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1406] We have fruit, [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1407] Did you?
[1408] Now look here you, [...] be late.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1409] Why do I want this [...] .
[1410] Every [...] .
[1411] You know, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1412] No, they're all dirty.
Stefan (PS126) [1413] You better give me some [...] no.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1414] So I , this I have no more room for erm, for glasses.
[1415] That's why I had to [...] .
[1416] Not you fed up yet?
Stefan (PS126) [1417] Yeah ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [1418] I see the [...] the [...] , learning for [...] , and it looks very, very good, play, she wouldn't know, well you have to, you have [...] . [...] .

17 (Tape 003307)

Katherine (PS0H7) [1419] Old ones from ninety, from ninety, you know, I have to get kilos.
Stefan (PS126) [1420] [laugh] , my mother does the same thing, no.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1421] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [1422] Do you know what she did?
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1423] My, no father had [...] , erm, like you know insurance, papers and all that, and that [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1424] Everything out on the floor and now, and now he has to do it, so he did it now, it's still there like.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1425] I can see him actually [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1426] From year to year and then he, he's fair now, it hasn't been there since I've been home, so it hasn't
Katherine (PS0H7) [1427] Oh, it's just [...] on the floor.
Stefan (PS126) [1428] I know, it was there and it was stay until my mother [...] , doesn't do it within the week or something she throws everything out.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1429] Everything out , yes.
[1430] I, I have to do it quite sort of efficiency, you know, if you leave it, it becomes dreadful.
Stefan (PS126) [1431] I know, my [...] , throw anything away.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1432] No. [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1433] [...] , he loves to [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1434] Some [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1435] No, does it?
Stefan (PS126) [1436] It is a sign of [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1437] I didn't know.
Stefan (PS126) [1438] I know it's a
Katherine (PS0H7) [1439] I thought [...] what you, what you got over there you know. [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1440] [...] .
[1441] Can't [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1442] Can I [...] here?
Katherine (PS0H7) [1443] Eh?
Stefan (PS126) [1444] Do you mind if I go up here to [...] ?
Katherine (PS0H7) [1445] [...] .
[1446] This isn't after all [...] .
[1447] He [...] , he lives in [...] .
[1448] And he [...] , a huge crate over newspapers, hundred newspapers, to [...] , when he first [...] , so within a year he never touched it, so gradually I took one [...] more and more [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1449] [laugh] And he never touched them again.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1450] And everybody I like [...] .
[1451] [...] threw all away.
[1452] And he didn't even realize.
Stefan (PS126) [1453] And he, he never realizes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1454] But, I mean, every month he would, he would [...] , you know
Stefan (PS126) [1455] Aha
Katherine (PS0H7) [1456] [...] he must of ask himself where it, where are all the newspapers [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1457] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1458] But he didn't.
Stefan (PS126) [1459] The garden really looks nice.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1460] Is that it?
Stefan (PS126) [1461] Oh yeah, I love the, the mixed of border you call it the mixed of border no, yes?
Katherine (PS0H7) [1462] Mixed border.
Stefan (PS126) [1463] Mixed border.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1464] Yes, which one?
Stefan (PS126) [1465] The one there.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1466] Ah, still a bit
Stefan (PS126) [1467] I really like it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1468] I don't know.
Stefan (PS126) [1469] Cos I, I like, what I don't like in our house we have too many flowers, I think it's nice to have green and flowers in between.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1470] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [1471] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1472] Unlike you haven't lots of flowers, what's wrong with that?
Stefan (PS126) [1473] I like it, but
Katherine (PS0H7) [1474] I love your
Stefan (PS126) [1475] Mhm, I like it, but I like it like that better.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1476] No, I, I'm lucky I like flowers, some are coming up.
Stefan (PS126) [1477] I like, let's see, I like cut flowers in the house
Katherine (PS0H7) [1478] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [1479] much better than plants in the house.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1480] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [1481] Then in the garden I like, erm plants.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1482] [...] Yeah, let's see [...] .

18 (Tape 003308)

Katherine (PS0H7) [1483] So you have only three hours?
Stefan (PS126) [1484] Yeah, nine thirty to twelve thirty.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1485] Ah.
Stefan (PS126) [1486] That's why I'm a little worried it's that, you know they have three questions, so one quest ... one hour for each.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1487] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [1488] They have to be very quick.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1489] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [1490] And I'm not very quick.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1491] Yeah, well I'm not [...] too.
[1492] Funny, I'm erm [...] , slow as well.
[1493] Well that's just [...] isn't it? [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1494] [...] .
[1495] There you are [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1496] You see, and Michelle?
Stefan (PS126) [1497] No.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1498] No, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1499] But not as slow as I am, [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1500] You would never have [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1501] I wouldn't mind eh, I would have [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1502] That's very [...] .
[1503] [...] too late.
Stefan (PS126) [1504] Yeah, whatever.
[1505] There's so many things I would of liked.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1506] Yes, yes, exactly, erm.
[1507] You think then you'll stay in Clifton?
Stefan (PS126) [1508] I could stay, but I don't know if I want to stay.
[1509] It's quite bad [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1510] Yeah, and I think you, you know in ... increase the [...] , I'm going to accept the [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1511] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [1512] and try to find another [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1513] [...] at the same time.
Stefan (PS126) [1514] Yes, or big bank or something, who'll invests in our [...] something like that.
[1515] Cos there are many banks in Zurich who doing this.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1516] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [1517] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1518] Yes, but are you already erm expert enough?
Stefan (PS126) [1519] Well, it's,alrea ... I mean [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1520] [...] deal with eh?
Stefan (PS126) [1521] Eh, or, or, anything or public relations on art or something that you know.
[1522] No I don't think I am, no I'm not an expert, just say well [...] you know, you know.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1523] Aha.
[1524] Yeah you [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1525] But erm, you know, where, a way to get, do some marketing to get flights into, more like, you know, Italy, [...] , try to get people to buy work of art for you
Katherine (PS0H7) [1526] Mhm yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [1527] beginning to erm, intermediate person you doing.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1528] Yeah.
[1529] You have develop sort of.
Stefan (PS126) [1530] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1531] So it sounds really interesting. [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1532] No.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1533] No [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1534] You still have your cooker?
Stefan (PS126) [1535] No, no.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1536] No, so your mother cooks when she comes home?
Stefan (PS126) [1537] Well at night [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1538] You have had a good [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [1539] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1540] Oh yeah, well, he has probably eat nothing even in the day and [...] .
[1541] [banging] . [...] . [...] . I like the way they [...] like that, you know.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1542] [...] .
[1543] No onions, no onions, much better you [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1544] No, I don't boil onions, I'm not, I've never been a big onions chap.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1545] No, [...] .
[1546] You [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1547] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1548] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [1549] Why?

19 (Tape 003402)

Katherine (PS0H7) [1550] Isobel, she had always to study everything [...]
Patrick (PS125) [1551] Ah yes, well everybody does I'm afraid.
Stefan (PS126) [1552] Yes.
Patrick (PS125) [1553] Well I mean everybody does.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1554] But on the day of the exam she usually [...] , so
Patrick (PS125) [1555] So [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1556] Can I have the first part?
Patrick (PS125) [1557] Yes indeed [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1558] You should really ... [...] .
Patrick (PS125) [1559] Only give the person who's accused of murdering their young student. [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1560] I'm, I thought you would show photograph of the people who are [...] .
Patrick (PS125) [1561] They came from America, Boston. [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1562] Yes, but this is the photo here.
Patrick (PS125) [1563] No, no [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1564] Yes, but, published here.
Patrick (PS125) [1565] Well [...] .
[1566] Well if you don't [...] , have to ask your lawyers, I don't know, you ask your lawyers.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1567] I haven't seen the lawyers.
Patrick (PS125) [1568] No, well, I'm sure The Times have got it right ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [1569] It's a bit funny I think, why can you, he's accused, he's not yet guilty.
Patrick (PS125) [1570] No in fact he's not, he's been arrested for some other crime.
[1571] Been arrested by the Americans for obtaining a false passport.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [1572] No.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [1573] Not been arrested, erm just [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1574] They usually don't show [...] .

20 (Tape 003403)

Katherine (PS0H7) [1575] [...] Italy some time.
Patrick (PS125) [1576] Mhm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1577] Did you know?
Patrick (PS125) [1578] Told me.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1579] Did I, when?
Patrick (PS125) [1580] When I was here last time.
[1581] She was somewhere on [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1582] Ah yes.
[1583] The, the night she's away, she, yes, night she's away.
Patrick (PS125) [1584] [...] she's gone to their [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1585] Yeah.
Patrick (PS125) [1586] [...] , on the Riviera
Katherine (PS0H7) [1587] Many crimes , no.
Patrick (PS125) [1588] where it's close to the French border, you know?
Katherine (PS0H7) [1589] No, erm, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1590] No [...] .
Patrick (PS125) [1591] Mm. [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1592] Very quiet now.
[1593] You can [...] .
Patrick (PS125) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1594] Very quiet.
Patrick (PS125) [1595] Do you go for lunch when it's [...] here?
Katherine (PS0H7) [1596] No, yes, but they didn't go, did she tell you?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [1597] No, it's not that you wouldn't go.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1598] Well no we didn't go, but she was quite eh, you know, she like it.
[1599] She said I'm sorry in, in a quite a, ah yes
Patrick (PS125) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1600] quite a definite tone, sort to make up for it, we
Stefan (PS126) [1601] Yeah, we went to Windsor instead.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1602] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [1603] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1604] And it, it, very funny weather, yeah, so, you know, usually if you've been [...] , along the Thames, the Thames [...] valley
Stefan (PS126) [1605] Yeah, yeah.
Patrick (PS125) [1606] Beautiful lights, you know, really nice, and you, you [...] see it, I mean, [...] .
[1607] If it rains, you [...] .
[1608] [...] , and then the [...] , on Sunday, Isobel and [...] , beautifully park [...] .
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1609] It was alright, yes.
[1610] But then for a moment I thought right [...] .
Patrick (PS125) [1611] Yeah [laugh] ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [1612] It's such a boring job, [...] , I can't do it when I'm alone, looking at [...] , I just can't, so, you see how many I have.
Stefan (PS126) [1613] The E I U has produce some very damming report on I C I.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1614] What sort of, what do you mean?
Stefan (PS126) [1615] January first nineteen seven, I C I shares have been amongst the worst [...] on the London market.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1616] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [1617] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1618] God.
Stefan (PS126) [1619] The capital has failed to achieved the real [...] in earnings and dividends.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1620] Well, Harvey Jones should go back.
Stefan (PS126) [1621] I C I was given the unfortunate impression with management more interested in running a big chemical company than in maximizing shareholder returns.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1622] Ha.
Stefan (PS126) [1623] Shareholders are now looking for Hansom approved [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1624] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1625] That means they're all for it, now.
Stefan (PS126) [1626] I wouldn't mind selling my shares to Hansom for a bit more.
[1627] See if he can squeeze something more out of I C I.
[1628] Mm ... Company deserves to be thrown to the wolves and [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1629] [laugh] ... I think [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1630] Mm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1631] [...] I was surprised you all you, are you still went [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1632] Good.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1633] I only choose one side bigger than before.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1634] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [1635] Why [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1636] I always wore thirty five, thirty five and a half, thirty six, now I'm wearing thirty seven.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1637] Well you know, strange things happen ... You always wear the same size? [...]
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1638] She watches her weight, or
Patrick (PS125) [1639] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1640] So she really watches it.
Patrick (PS125) [1641] She has lost
Katherine (PS0H7) [1642] She has lost weight, oh.
Patrick (PS125) [1643] Not [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1644] She [...] .
Patrick (PS125) [1645] No, watches it before [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [1646] She doesn't.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1647] She doesn't, or does she [...] ?
Patrick (PS125) [1648] No, she [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1649] [...] [paper rustling] .
[1650] Bet she [...] .
Patrick (PS125) [1651] Yep.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [1652] What [...] deserves it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1653] [...] .
[1654] Does, does Isobel see your mother every weekend, every time she goes to, does she? yeah.
Patrick (PS125) [1655] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [1656] Sometimes I [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [1657] Yes sometimes [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1658] Yes [...] .
Patrick (PS125) [1659] No.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1660] More difficult.
Patrick (PS125) [1661] It can be very hectic.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1662] Very hectic, can it?
Patrick (PS125) [1663] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1664] Yeah.
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [1665] Well
Katherine (PS0H7) [1666] So tiny.
Patrick (PS125) [1667] [...] to run like periods of day where everyone gets in about five o'clock [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1668] Really?
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1669] Sometimes have [...] .
[1670] No?
Patrick (PS125) [1671] No, not really.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1672] [...] as well?
Patrick (PS125) [1673] Yeah, and I [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1674] Yeah. [...] .
Patrick (PS125) [1675] Well it's one of [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [1676] Well give her [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1677] [...] .
[1678] Have you much [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [1679] Do you see [...] ?
Patrick (PS125) [1680] Yes I can.
Stefan (PS126) [1681] The light is very bad in this room.
Patrick (PS125) [1682] No don't worry I'm fine.
Stefan (PS126) [1683] That better?
Patrick (PS125) [1684] But eh, suppose, supposed to be quite interesting.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1685] Why?
Patrick (PS125) [1686] So the exhibits and the organization's much more serious than just [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1687] Yeah.
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1688] But [...] pay money?
Patrick (PS125) [1689] No, [...] , well everything was [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1690] What?
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [1691] Whether I [...] or they're exhibits.
[1692] You know they had an exhibition room at the [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1693] Ah yes, yes, yes.
Patrick (PS125) [1694] They've [...] any more.
Stefan (PS126) [1695] Oh really?
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [1696] I think eh, the French refused to eh, continue on.
[1697] They, supposedly they stop at everything which is [...] and eh, and a lot of their sponsors.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1698] No.
[1699] Which [...] .
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1700] Amazing.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1701] Yeah.
[1702] They have beautiful [...] there.
Patrick (PS125) [1703] Not having any.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1704] Any more?
Patrick (PS125) [1705] Exhibits [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1706] Oh.
Patrick (PS125) [1707] Well in a sense I can understand it, probably it was you know, the big, the big re-election thing, [...] and many other bands, they, they, couldn't have really get [...] yeah, [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1708] Yeah, yes get's [...] a lot, doesn't it?
[1709] Yeah
Patrick (PS125) [1710] So they didn't, you know
Katherine (PS0H7) [1711] Stand out.
Patrick (PS125) [1712] Couldn't really , stand out, yes, they didn't stand out as much [...] exhibits as they would with another occasion something else.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1713] What [...] they do if they had exhibitions [...] , they would eh
Patrick (PS125) [1714] Well I don't know.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1715] Sometimes [...] .
Patrick (PS125) [1716] On all three [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1717] [...] quite interesting.
Patrick (PS125) [1718] Yes I know ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [1719] How do you deal with [...] ?
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [1720] Right [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1721] Pretty mm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1722] [...] ... Is it, is it sort of like a tea? [...] .
Patrick (PS125) [1723] No, no, no.
[1724] It's really an office [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1725] Aha.
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [1726] Well you can [...] .
[1727] Although [...] people can go in and [...] for it.
[1728] They have [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1729] She [...] .
Patrick (PS125) [1730] She and others as well
Katherine (PS0H7) [1731] Does she like him?
Patrick (PS125) [1732] I think she does.

21 (Tape 003404)

Katherine (PS0H7) [1733] How is Sylvie?
[1734] Have you seen her?
Stefan (PS126) [1735] Yes, she's doing fine.
[1736] I haven't had [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1737] No I haven't, but, now she's pregnant?
Katherine (PS0H7) [1738] Is she?
Stefan (PS126) [1739] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1740] I didn't know.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1741] Remember she's been [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1742] I remember.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1743] Is she pleased?
Stefan (PS126) [1744] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1745] She's still working?
Stefan (PS126) [1746] Yes ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [1747] Think they're a happy couple?
Stefan (PS126) [1748] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1749] Are they [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1750] Yeah ... [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1751] No, it's worse.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1752] [...] We were talking about, [...] at least two or three people are getting divorced.
Patrick (PS125) [1753] Really?
Katherine (PS0H7) [1754] No, not already, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1755] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1756] Gosh, [...] mad.
Stefan (PS126) [1757] Well I mean, [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1758] She [...] , I thought it was such a nice couple [...] , Patrick do you know him?
Patrick (PS125) [1759] What's [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1760] Really, no, did you know them well?
Patrick (PS125) [1761] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1762] I [...] , never saw them [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1763] And they are ready [...] , they are [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [1764] Yes. [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [1765] Well, well, I [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1766] Who's letting you [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [1767] No, no, no, no, they one who was in the [...] , the two left [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1768] I see.
Stefan (PS126) [1769] She wouldn't [...] the beginning, no she was there in the beginning.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1770] No she was there in the beginning with a, [...] , then she left and [...] , she had been married three years.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1771] That's all?
Stefan (PS126) [1772] And they're separated already.
Katherine (PS0H7) [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [1773] And then, we have another friend of the [...] , who is married to someone [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1774] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [1775] [...] , she, she would, [...] , the best, erm, [...] sister's best friend
Katherine (PS0H7) [1776] Mm.
Stefan (PS126) [1777] and erm, they're always stuck together, and so I suppose now she's now that she's, her friends has separated she has, she [laugh] instantly separated [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1778] Why she's not, can't be that [...] , no.
Patrick (PS125) [1779] Mhm.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1780] No, no [...] . [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1781] What about, erm, the girl who came to [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [1782] That's [...] , no news whatsoever.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1783] Nobody, nothing, [...] , yes, nobody ask you?
Stefan (PS126) [1784] No.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1785] Why not?
Stefan (PS126) [1786] I don't know, very strange.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1787] And her friend eh, Bridget.
Stefan (PS126) [1788] Yes, Bridget.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1789] [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1790] She [...] architect [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1791] How soon?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1792] Yeah.
[1793] I don't [...] , she's an architect.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1794] Really?
[1795] I always liked her, I don't know, well, she had something.
Stefan (PS126) [1796] She had something , [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1797] Yeah.
[1798] [...] . She, I, she much older than you are?
Stefan (PS126) [1799] [...] .
[1800] I think she must be twenty [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1801] Aha.
[1802] She's a good friend of [...] is she?
Stefan (PS126) [1803] She's [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1804] A best friend?
Stefan (PS126) [1805] No.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1806] No, a good friend.
[1807] I like [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1808] She is.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1809] Is she nice yeah? [...] . [...] isn't it? [laugh]
Patrick (PS125) [1810] Mm.
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1811] [...] ... And how is [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1812] Working for a [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1813] [...] , what is [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1814] Erm, French [...] T V channel.
Patrick (PS125) [1815] Mhm. [paper rustling]
Stefan (PS126) [1816] He was working for [...] .
Patrick (PS125) [1817] [...] , Mhm.
Stefan (PS126) [1818] [...] appears [...] Belgium two years ago now.
Patrick (PS125) [1819] Mhm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1820] Aha.
Stefan (PS126) [1821] And he has them [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1822] No.
Stefan (PS126) [1823] Yes [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1824] He's a good [...] . [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1825] What?
Stefan (PS126) [1826] [...] very badly.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1827] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1828] It's French.
Stefan (PS126) [1829] It's French, yeah, French, [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1830] No.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1831] No, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1832] No, no, no, no, no, no, doesn't have anything to do with [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1833] How does he [...] ... How is the old woman? [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1834] [...] going to build a, a block.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1835] What?
Stefan (PS126) [1836] Apartment building.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1837] Where?
Stefan (PS126) [1838] In the house that wasn't there.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1839] Has to, well you have [...] .
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1840] When you're up [...] and you're looking into the garden very big garden
Patrick (PS125) [1841] Mm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1842] Yes, yes yes.
Stefan (PS126) [1843] The house was [...] sale [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1844] Yes, but [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1845] But they bought, they bought, [...] , erm, [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1846] Comfy.
Stefan (PS126) [1847] Yes, well [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1848] [...] It's, it's, they're pulling down.
Stefan (PS126) [1849] For [...] , forty five, forty six [...] .
Patrick (PS125) [1850] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [1851] They're going to build eh
Patrick (PS125) [1852] So we're going to see it are we from the flat?
Stefan (PS126) [1853] Well, they're, they're not allowed to go too far
Patrick (PS125) [1854] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [1855] in one block [...] .
Patrick (PS125) [1856] Mhm.
Stefan (PS126) [1857] But I wonder how high they're going?
Patrick (PS125) [1858] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1859] But which hou ... which housing estate?
Stefan (PS126) [1860] A [...] one,ju ... you know, I mean you have complex of apartments which look and then you have the corner, the big house.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1861] Yeah.
Patrick (PS125) [1862] [...] You had a big garden though going through.
Stefan (PS126) [1863] The cabbage thing.
Patrick (PS125) [1864] Always said it was [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1865] Yes, but one house it's beautiful done out [...] .
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1866] No, I don't just near the cabbage.
[1867] You know that if it's sort of an open space, it's just after the [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1868] Coming up this way then?
Katherine (PS0H7) [1869] Yeah, [...] block next one down.
Patrick (PS125) [1870] No, no, no, it's not down there.
Stefan (PS126) [1871] I know which one it is.
[1872] No it's not that one, it's the one next to the [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1873] Oh.
Stefan (PS126) [1874] The the one that, I know which one you mean the one that was just renovated.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1875] No, no, it's the one nearer to you.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1876] You knew it [...] , so [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1877] Right next to, right next to the block.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1878] I see, have you got, [...] apartment?
Stefan (PS126) [1879] [...] of the house.
[1880] You know, I mean
Katherine (PS0H7) [1881] Definitely see the wall from the house
Stefan (PS126) [1882] That's this, yes see the wall of the house, but that's [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1883] And that'll come down , will come down and you will have balconies [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1884] Another wall , no, no, no, no balconies [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1885] How do you know?
Stefan (PS126) [1886] Another wall, that's what [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1887] No balconies.
Stefan (PS126) [1888] Another lounge [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1889] Can image if we had all these people, and
Stefan (PS126) [1890] I don't know , I don't, I hope that, no I don't [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1891] Well Isobel said they can't or not
Stefan (PS126) [1892] No they can't.
[1893] And they're not going very far inwards [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1894] That'll means they do go [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1895] That they do have [...] .
[1896] [...] it's a supposedly two down [...] , large building whether, cos they can't really move inwards [...]
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1897] They have to oh, they have to really watch because
Stefan (PS126) [1898] They're very strict.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1899] Yes, but do you know, in Gabby's in [...] , they had to, to, the builders just gave what they want [...] , and all your residents [...] , they took them to court and they had [...] , eh
Stefan (PS126) [1900] But was it too late?
Katherine (PS0H7) [1901] Fans, yes, no, [...] , building, you know, [...] , and then the, they made trouble again and then for every down they didn't pull something down and so they had to pay oh so many er thousands [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1902] Really?
Katherine (PS0H7) [1903] But, they had a lot of trouble as the builders took [...] what they like, so, we've got to watch these, this building.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1904] When are we going to do that?
Stefan (PS126) [1905] I don't know, but there has just been bought.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1906] Just been bought?
Stefan (PS126) [1907] [...] think so.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1908] Oh, now we have to really look.
[1909] [...] ... It would look dreadful if each [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1910] Mm ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [1911] When, when can you hear about it? [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1912] Yesterday ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [1913] And the house [...] sold when?
Stefan (PS126) [1914] Twelfth December, not too long ago.
[1915] They had been on the [...] for quite a
Katherine (PS0H7) [1916] Has it?
[1917] But why haven't they, can they go higher?
[1918] It's already quite high.
Stefan (PS126) [1919] Yes, I don't think they can go higher, they have to keep on [...] , I'm sure they do. [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1920] Well, anyway, I don't think that was their house.
Patrick (PS125) [1921] I think you're right.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1922] I think actually you should be allowed a house, [...] ... You know for a [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1923] [...] .
[1924] It's [...] down, see when you, when you look at the [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1925] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [1926] [...] , you had a built in [...] , and on the left, they've torn down the whole building.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1927] What, have [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [1928] Yeah, I mean, they've torn down the whole building inside the big [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1929] Aha, the [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1930] I don't know what to do.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1931] And what is going to happen to the other side?
[1932] Were all [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [1933] Well, they're making [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1934] [...] , will it?
Stefan (PS126) [1935] Yes.
[1936] Well, the whole corner and
Katherine (PS0H7) [1937] Aha, yes, and what will happen to the [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [1938] Well it will, I don't know, otherwise I think it will give it to the [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1939] Is there one?
[1940] Aha [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1941] Yes, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1942] No, no, the rest of the building's built [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1943] Yes, why don't you?
Stefan (PS126) [1944] But, my dad told me, you know, they've put in air conditioning.
Patrick (PS125) [1945] Really?
Katherine (PS0H7) [1946] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [1947] It was already broken the second day of [laugh] [...] .
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1948] [...] never ever worked.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1949] Why?
[1950] Why was it broke?
Stefan (PS126) [1951] I don't know, [...] .
[1952] Second time, now you know when to put [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1953] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1954] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [1955] Which means that [...] here, those metal plates, they came like.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1956] How does [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [1957] How do we do it?
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [1958] This ... this is [...] dangerous way, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1959] And [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1960] [...] ... I wouldn't of want to go and [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1961] Well let's erm, they, they are going to [...] on the same site.
[1962] Now they're not
Stefan (PS126) [1963] Yes, but why?
Katherine (PS0H7) [1964] What?
[1965] Do you think it looks ugly?
Stefan (PS126) [1966] Well [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1967] It's [...] , it looked a bit like a beehive [...] .
[1968] That's the shape I like ... I'm quite upset now about [...] .
[1969] I already [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1970] You don't know how big it is?
[1971] And I erm suppose the houses they're sold a bit further down, [...] you have more flats.
Stefan (PS126) [1972] They'll sell another one.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1973] Well there is [...] ...
Stefan (PS126) [1974] But they have, but I don't [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1975] Well it doesn't much matter [...] whatever it is.
Stefan (PS126) [1976] Well, she ... you can always [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [1977] Yes and see [...] exactly.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1978] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1979] Yeah.
[1980] And go to the [...] , yes that's [...] ...
Stefan (PS126) [1981] [...] something quite plain.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1982] What?
Patrick (PS125) [1983] Where's that?
Stefan (PS126) [1984] A brochure I think, [...] , [...] now in Belgium where about, there's a list of five hundred houses [...] , which were built by different architects
Katherine (PS0H7) [1985] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [1986] and erm, said they were erm, [...] all over Belgium [...] .
Patrick (PS125) [1987] [...] period of time.
Stefan (PS126) [1988] [...] .
[1989] So the architect is there to give you [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1990] I don't know ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [1991] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [1992] Sure, you have done two now. [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1993] They'll be
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1994] they'll be a hundred by this time.
Stefan (PS126) [1995] [laugh] [...] have to do all of them, anybody'll think that we're all Belgians.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1996] Nine hundred, how much will that be? [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1997] No I think it's [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [1998] [...] now you mean those [...] ?
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [1999] Don't know [...] . [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2000] [...] , pity cos I had that too.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2001] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [2002] In fact it was the [...] , you know like, what these metal [...] , shape shoe.
Patrick (PS125) [2003] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [2004] Something would be sticking out would hit on something so when the wood [...] , your feet in the shoe, that would make a hole in the, in the front.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2005] Yeah [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2006] And that's why.
[2007] At first I [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2008] [...] you get twenty five.
Patrick (PS125) [2009] [laugh] really, mm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2010] Really.
Patrick (PS125) [2011] Oh they're vicious creatures.
Stefan (PS126) [2012] Terrible.
Patrick (PS125) [2013] Some of them [...] some areas, some areas are nothing where
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2014] Really [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2015] Yes, I see [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2016] Have you?
Stefan (PS126) [2017] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2018] Where?
Stefan (PS126) [2019] Man walking [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2020] Really? [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2021] Well like, when you see them like this, they don't look.
[2022] You know I would be
Katherine (PS0H7) [2023] Oh to me, they do look
Stefan (PS126) [2024] Really, oh sometimes, I always wonder if they are [...] or not. [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2025] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2026] Well I think it's the macho thing.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2027] Never, ah
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2028] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [2029] [...] about two years now [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2030] [...] make television reporters.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2031] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [2032] Terrible situation.
[2033] Like [...] to catch something that was hanging on the tree, no one would catch it and hang there.
Patrick (PS125) [2034] Mm.
Stefan (PS126) [2035] And minutes and minutes long, and until [...] .
Patrick (PS125) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...] [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [2036] [laugh] would of hang on to the thing.
[2037] It matters if he hangs on to you, how fast did you get out of it?
Katherine (PS0H7) [2038] No, it's not funny [...] is it? [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2039] I, I, I had one with a [...] .
[2040] Should of have a one [...] .
[2041] During her sleep, what was it?
[2042] So you know, she was sleeping, he was laying beside her and he [...] an egg from her hand or something.
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2043] [laugh] I'm serious.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2044] Joking.
Stefan (PS126) [2045] It happened in Germany about a year ago.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2046] Yes, really, and that was [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2047] Well
Stefan (PS126) [2048] Her hand.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2049] I think [...] inventing stories about it.
Stefan (PS126) [2050] No, no, [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2051] [...] , absolutely [...] that's not possible.
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2052] Well have you heard what he said?
Stefan (PS126) [2053] [laugh] , well, I, I thought it was quite amazing as well and I couldn't [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2054] Right.
Stefan (PS126) [2055] And [...] , wouldn't want you to take the recorder [...] , well I didn't.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2056] What did you [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2057] Ah yes, yes, that was a [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2058] It's a, it's a mark in her face [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2059] We can use a lot of, of information about [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2060] [...] means you must for the farm house is around, erm
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2061] A harvest is just [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2062] They're doing a lot of advertising of
Katherine (PS0H7) [2063] [...] shopping [...] .
[2064] My brother has a house in [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2065] Are you pleased has he come with her to tea with you again?
Stefan (PS126) [2066] No, I saw him but he didn't [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2067] You know this is life. [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [2068] [laugh] But he never got up a ref ... another reference and the kind of a position going on.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2069] I can't, [...] yes, but what, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2070] Mm, Swiss, Germany
Patrick (PS125) [2071] What's that [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2072] that they're, no.
[2073] So that in the Vatican should allow eh priests to be married.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2074] To marry.
Stefan (PS126) [2075] To marry.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2076] Aha.
[2077] Yes, why not?
Stefan (PS126) [2078] Well I mean it's the first position ever of such sort.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2079] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [2080] [...] .
[2081] I think well, [...] priests have the [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2082] Yeah but maybe they're [...] . [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [2083] [laugh] I don't think it. [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2084] Mm.
[2085] I find this so wonderful because it's a [...] Catholic place.
Stefan (PS126) [2086] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2087] [...] and then to allow something like that, I think it's religion.
[2088] Yes I was pleased to hear it, but with [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2089] Ah, [...] , he has complained now to the Vatican that he [...] , any more, because of, Swiss [...] the community doesn't give him the
Katherine (PS0H7) [2090] Ah, [...] , yes.
Stefan (PS126) [2091] the [...] side of the [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2092] No.
Stefan (PS126) [2093] They whittle every money from him.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2094] No, we
Stefan (PS126) [2095] He don't supposedly don't have any money.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2096] Aha.
Stefan (PS126) [2097] They tell me is [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2098] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [2099] I don't [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2100] Why he complains to [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2101] He complains to the Vatican.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2102] Aha.
Stefan (PS126) [2103] Because to the pope because that's the only one is still can complain to, the other one is [...] to him.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2104] Ah yes, of course, yes, yes.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2105] I don't think he will be able to, [...] like this for a long time.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2106] No, it's like [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2107] Because erm, [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2108] That's just some very interesting talk that I heard about, [...] and one with erm, the porters and erm, [...] .
[2109] So, yuk [...] , I would have not [...] , she told us later what you think about [...] .
[2110] Yes, I like the story about your [...] .
[2111] Is she pretty his housekeeper?
Stefan (PS126) [2112] No.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2113] No.
[2114] Probably he's, he's not good looking [...] . [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [laugh] [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2115] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [2116] They have a little foot hole.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2117] What?
Stefan (PS126) [2118] They [...] [laugh] and they live with [...] .
[2119] We hear all types of stories about the [laugh] [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2120] [...] , funny lot to have.
[2121] Do you like it?
Stefan (PS126) [2122] [...] , not her.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2123] Really.
Stefan (PS126) [2124] Oh.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2125] Why not?
[2126] They're a great intelligence you know. [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2127] Quite funny, they're really qu ... they're really funny.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2128] We once had a neighbour who had [...] and [...] , I kept looking after that, that [...] , and you know, I must say, I quite enjoyed it having [...] .
[2129] Oh I had a lovely [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2130] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [2131] [laugh] , except for a, you know, [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2132] What?
Stefan (PS126) [2133] [...] , well the [...] , it was a [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2134] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [2135] And then someone took it once back to the [...] , programme on [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2136] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [2137] For someone took it [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2138] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [2139] Yeah, there was also, there was [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2140] Did she [...] with her?
Stefan (PS126) [2141] She, she [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2142] Really?
[2143] Some [...] everybody knew.

22 (Tape 003501)

Katherine (PS0H7) [2144] How did you, how many hours did you take to come back?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2145] Sure.
Stefan (PS126) [2146] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2147] You came under [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2148] Ah, they're not [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2149] Took her to Brussels.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2150] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [2151] Takes seven to eight, eight hours.
[2152] Took me, I was, the,do ... doing all kind of roadwork on Belgian and Luxembourg highways [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2153] and I was stuck in Luxembourg for at least half
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2154] Really? [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2155] Just it was twenty seven [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2156] I just can't believe it, it [...] Friday.
Stefan (PS126) [2157] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2158] It was doing alright.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2159] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [2160] Cos I was driving with the window open. [...] ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [2161] I know your landlady. [...] [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2162] I bought you a bed, I bought you a chair and [...] eh
Stefan (PS126) [2163] No, [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2164] Just for you, what?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2165] I wonder who [...] .
[2166] I hope she [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2167] No there wasn't anyone [...] after me [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2168] No.
Stefan (PS126) [2169] No.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2170] Does she have difficulties to people [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2171] What about that [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2172] [...] aha.
[2173] What about your [...] your [...] friend from the North?
[2174] Still see him?
[2175] Is he gone?
Stefan (PS126) [2176] No, I haven't seen him since the [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2177] You haven't?

23 (Tape 003502)

Katherine (PS0H7) [2178] I found Swiss television really stupid, did you?
Stefan (PS126) [2179] Aha.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2180] I really was disappointed.
Stefan (PS126) [2181] They're four years behind.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2182] I really thought that, I did appreciate really, er, when I came back, that the English, the English is much better [...] anything else, don't you think so?
[2183] ... That [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2184] Not [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2185] Not special.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2186] No, you'll [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2187] Is sometimes if like last night, they have, [...] a very nice production.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2188] What's the [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [2189] Erm, the Marriage of Figaro.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2190] Is it?
Stefan (PS126) [2191] The opera.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2192] Well, when I was staying a fortnight [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2193] Very nice, it was quite nice.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2194] Really?
[2195] I didn't.
Stefan (PS126) [2196] Mm, production by The Vienna.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2197] Is it really?
Stefan (PS126) [2198] Opera with [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2199] Yeah.
[2200] Quite nice.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2201] You know I saw nothing of the sort when I [...] for a fortnight in a [...] .
[2202] Is [...] now in, in [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [2203] No, not yet.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2204] Not yet.
[2205] Still in Brussels, yes?
Stefan (PS126) [2206] Up to.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2207] What about, what's the new man like?
Stefan (PS126) [2208] Well we don't know very much.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2209] Well he's there surely?
[2210] No.
Stefan (PS126) [2211] Well he's still [...] with a [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2212] You've obvious got
Stefan (PS126) [2213] No, there's no [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2214] But it is very, [...] don't get along very well.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2215] What?
Stefan (PS126) [2216] Or any more.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2217] Any more
Stefan (PS126) [2218] They're er [...] , doesn't talk any more [...] .
[2219] When there are some meetings or, he puts the reports on the desk of the secretary and [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2220] He's such a funny man.
[2221] What about [...] wife?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2222] Yes, she'd like to go?
Stefan (PS126) [2223] I don't know.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2224] I heard her [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2225] Yes, very briefly.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2226] Why?
Stefan (PS126) [2227] It was the [...] ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [2228] Oh, is he, is he popular in this [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [2229] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2230] Yeah?
[2231] They're all American.
Stefan (PS126) [2232] No.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2233] No.
Stefan (PS126) [2234] They're Belgian, and French.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2235] Really?
[2236] Are they going with him?
Stefan (PS126) [2237] No I don't think so.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2238] No.
Stefan (PS126) [2239] Does, does [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2240] Aha.
Stefan (PS126) [2241] Came with a, a [...] I think [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2242] Aha.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2243] And eh, what of the other fellow [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2244] Yes, how is he?
Stefan (PS126) [2245] He's doing well, he had a, [...] , I think he could have been Berlin or somewhere in Germany, [...] it's called [...] .
[2246] He is a perfectly created, because his father liked to go to [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2247] No.
Stefan (PS126) [2248] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2249] But why in Germany [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [2250] I don't know, because they can [...] I don't know.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2251] No, I don't know why.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2252] Actually, it, it makes allusion to that's that [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2253] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2254] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [2255] I, I do think so, I thought it that it would be [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2256] That's pretty [...] , see any more?
[2257] Or
Stefan (PS126) [2258] It's helped a lot of people never see them [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2259] Why?
Stefan (PS126) [2260] It eh, it, yes we might see them [...] , because the, they call quite [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2261] Wow.
[2262] [...] ... I know [...] .
[2263] [...] is he still there?
Stefan (PS126) [2264] Yes, but he's going to [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2265] For good?
Stefan (PS126) [2266] For good.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2267] [...] yeah, oh, well I think he still gets on with things.
Stefan (PS126) [2268] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2269] No, no ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [2270] [...] , really, he's not on speaking term.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2271] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2272] Did he?
[2273] He, no
Stefan (PS126) [2274] That's why he's so a little upset. [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2275] Thinks he's a little afraid for me that [...] .
[2276] So eh, [...] if he wants to be by himself and [...] .
[2277] Go his own way.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2278] Whoever has to listen to that, [...] [laugh] [...] and then [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2279] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [2280] I hoped you forgive.
Katherine (PS0H7) [laugh] [...]
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2281] Some are [...] a competition, a snoring competition.
[2282] If your father had ever fallen asleep.
Stefan (PS126) [2283] Always.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2284] Well, like that?
Stefan (PS126) [2285] But it is very much [...] , same time.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2286] Same time.
Stefan (PS126) [2287] Later, it's like watching television, he sits there and [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]

24 (Tape 003503)

Katherine (PS0H7) [2288] Mika's going round the world.
Stefan (PS126) [2289] She is?
Katherine (PS0H7) [2290] Don't you remember Mika?
Stefan (PS126) [2291] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2292] Yes, in August.
[2293] She said Nikita's earned so much, say I'll go round the world, you know the young ones.
[2294] The old [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2295] It's incredible I [...] trouble.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2296] Yeah.
[2297] Yes we do.
Stefan (PS126) [2298] Not to incredible place.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2299] Yes, so she just [...] and she'd like to go and teach for a living, [...] .
[2300] [...] language.
[2301] One professor can.
Stefan (PS126) [2302] And I have some of her one of her neighbours who, where did you go, I went to Mexico to study
Katherine (PS0H7) [2303] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [2304] and now he's touring Rome as well, took advantage of being left in Mexico, travel all over South America and now I think he's going to do [...] Australia and [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2305] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2306] Okay.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2307] Eat well.
Stefan (PS126) [2308] Just back in the kitchen.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2309] [...] oh dear, have to wash up.
Stefan (PS126) [2310] No I'll do that.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2311] No, no, no, I've forgot about it.
Stefan (PS126) [2312] Can't we do it [...] ?
Katherine (PS0H7) [2313] No, you know why?
[2314] Cos I've [...] and so I, I just yes.
[2315] You have [...] the [...] so badly.

25 (Tape 003504)

Stefan (PS126) [2316] Hello tape, [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2317] What?
Katherine (PS0H7) [2318] One does forget it.
Stefan (PS126) [2319] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2320] No.
Stefan (PS126) [2321] Yes, try to.
[2322] It very funny [...] cos I want to, yeah, because I ... I had such a study on, on [...] United States many rating systems or [...] , it'll [...] into those houses like [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2323] Yes, I know him.
Stefan (PS126) [2324] And so I, you know some people would have, why I don't know whether they [...] on they're television so you can [...] and check out what, what they want, whatever.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2325] I see, yes.
Stefan (PS126) [2326] The [...] is quite difficult to, to work it out and, and analysis these people, you know, when you don't want to see themselves watching people knowing them to watch Dynasty or Dallas or something, so they on purpose watch very interesting documentary [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2327] Yes.
[2328] Oh I know, no.
Stefan (PS126) [2329] But it's just [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2330] I did [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2331] Yeah, but, they're anyway numbered, what does it matter, you know, it's just a number.
Stefan (PS126) [2332] I know, [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2333] What?
Stefan (PS126) [2334] Yeah, well.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2335] It, it has been [...] , anyhow they're [...] about having the thing and
Katherine (PS0H7) [2336] So they don't really do it any more?
Stefan (PS126) [2337] And so, well they, sometimes do it, [...] , because it's not very, always they're really on it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2338] [...] it.
[2339] Ha, people can do all sorts of [...] .
[2340] So, okay, I give in, [...] .
[2341] I'm sorry to say that [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2342] I know.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2343] [...] , no knives, so.
[2344] [...] , I have no money so, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2345] I have [...] , I have some.
[2346] Oh honey I [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2347] [...] .
[2348] You're [...] you can [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2349] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2350] Yes it's [...] , that's about, I come from Bru ... Brussels, I [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2351] [...] five, five or six.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2352] [...] do you know what it is?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2353] Yes, eh [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2354] [...] And when I came, erm, the first, first month I came to Brussels I thought oh [...] .

26 (Tape 003505)

Stefan (PS126) [2355] There's even one in Geneva.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2356] Is there?
Stefan (PS126) [2357] Mhm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2358] Can you go there?
[2359] I think you can't go to Paris.
Stefan (PS126) [2360] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2361] Oh really?
Katherine (PS0H7) [2362] [...] say so.
Stefan (PS126) [2363] Couldn't of been, I have [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2364] It's possible isn't it?
Stefan (PS126) [2365] Yes.
[2366] There's a picture here of [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2367] Yes, I know it's
Stefan (PS126) [2368] You've seen it, how often?
[2369] So why didn't [...] , and then [...] as well.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2370] Yes, I think, I'd like to [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2371] It's stupid because I've never really ventured Brittany, so
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2372] I, I don't know Brittany very well.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2373] Quite like [...] , yes.
Stefan (PS126) [2374] So that's why I'd liked to go.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2375] Aha, shall we [...] .
[2376] I saw it [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [2377] There you are.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2378] So, the house [...] more this way, so the [...] but still.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2379] I mean you know you couldn't go five hundred [...] on your left because you [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2380] Aha.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2381] No.
Stefan (PS126) [2382] You [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2383] Shall I?
[2384] I don't know.
Stefan (PS126) [2385] No I didn't [...] ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [laugh] [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2386] I'll try one.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2387] Not social at [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2388] Really? [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2389] No, [...] .
[2390] And there was a big [...] and eh, the farmer said I could have all of this, his wife wanted to [...] , so I, I gathered amount towards [...] wife. [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2391] She came, she, it's an awful lot of bother, you know, and erm, I [...] but she said well I haven't got time to do it, if you take [...] as well.
[2392] So I had so much.
Stefan (PS126) [2393] Mhm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2394] That means ... you can see how long it lasted.
[2395] So [...] , do you think?
[2396] It's just here, how far down is it?
Stefan (PS126) [2397] Very far down.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2398] Is it?
Stefan (PS126) [2399] Mm, not very far.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2400] No.
Stefan (PS126) [2401] [...] , it's the lowest point of the [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2402] The more northern point, is it?
Stefan (PS126) [2403] The south ... the southern point.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2404] Southern, what?
Stefan (PS126) [2405] It's the most southern point of the bridge.
[2406] It's the [...] it's the last one [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2407] Where would it be?
Stefan (PS126) [2408] So it's eight, number eight.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2409] Well, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2410] Oh, oh, okay.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2411] [...] Normandy.
Stefan (PS126) [2412] No.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2413] No.
Stefan (PS126) [2414] Normandy are the one, two, three.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2415] Yeah, and [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2416] Mm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2417] I see, that [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2418] Aha ... Seven years old [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2419] Which one?
[2420] No [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2421] [...] seven years old.
Stefan (PS126) [2422] There's my [...] , my great grandmother.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2423] You have?
Stefan (PS126) [2424] Mm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2425] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [2426] It's from Switzerland, my, we have [...] , still have some where dad's fifteen years old.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2427] No.
Stefan (PS126) [2428] But it's, they're all gone know.
[2429] She made erm, [...] all the time.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2430] How do they get after fifteen years?
Stefan (PS126) [2431] They're nice, [...] , which is [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2432] Mm.
Stefan (PS126) [2433] She still has a, how you say, very still in, in alcohol in [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2434] No.
Stefan (PS126) [2435] [...] fifty nine. [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2436] [...] .
[2437] So, let's hear it.
[2438] Look like [...] .
[2439] It's a painting [...] .
[2440] Nineteen.
Stefan (PS126) [2441] No.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2442] Oh, nineteen, it's down here.
Stefan (PS126) [2443] I don't know how they
Katherine (PS0H7) [2444] Look it's down here.
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2445] No, that can't be right then.
Stefan (PS126) [2446] [laugh] [...] , I think it's you have to count them.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2447] Mm.
Stefan (PS126) [2448] [...] page numbers, [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2449] Another [...] ... Stand out [...] , yeah [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [laugh] ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [2450] Why don't they put it on the [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2451] [...] that's the one.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2452] Yes, I know [...] , mm.
Stefan (PS126) [2453] I think I've got something [...] , it's in between, the one in the middle.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2454] [...] know it.
Stefan (PS126) [2455] That's the one in the middle. [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2456] What have they [...] ?
[2457] They put it on here instead of there.
[2458] [...] . He would of [...] , you look at the page, we've been number eight.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2459] Ah, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2460] No.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2461] No, I don't think, well, colour.
Stefan (PS126) [2462] That's nice.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2463] It's yeah, but it might be just a [...] , you know [...] [laugh] , you might [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2464] I don't think so, I think it's a [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2465] [...] , and some in, inside town Saturday night.
Stefan (PS126) [2466] Mm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2467] [...] as well.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2468] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [2469] Switzerland.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2470] I don't know.
[2471] [...] , I don't know, but I've never lied until now, then all of a sudden it [...] , I just can't
Stefan (PS126) [2472] Mhm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2473] I think it's through the [...] , it's difficult to lose them again now, I don't know, I don't know.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2474] If you always have, have to be careful, you know you're a bit used to a temper, you know [...] .
[2475] Ah, they're not all the same [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2476] No, no, well I think they are [...] they are.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2477] Oh, I see, aha. [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2478] [...] , I wouldn't go there.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2479] No.
Stefan (PS126) [2480] Well it's so crowded [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2481] Is it?
Stefan (PS126) [2482] Aah, it's right, all the Germans, very, very crowded.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2483] Photograph it.
Stefan (PS126) [2484] Don't know how to.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2485] Oh I see, [...] .
[2486] When should one go [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [2487] [...] is nice.
[2488] Well.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2489] Less crowded.
Stefan (PS126) [2490] Less crowded to [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2491] It wouldn't be in September.
Stefan (PS126) [2492] Mhm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2493] We'll go in September then [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2494] No, [...] at night.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2495] Nice
Stefan (PS126) [2496] No, I wouldn't go to Nice.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2497] Not in the [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2498] It's too big [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2499] Is it?
Stefan (PS126) [2500] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2501] [...] isn't it?
[2502] Here [...] .
[2503] It would be nice in these places in [...] as well, you know.
Stefan (PS126) [2504] Only [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2505] Is he?
[2506] Yeah. [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2507] Nice little village.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2508] Is it?
[2509] [...] Does, does that mean you can only go in winter here?
Stefan (PS126) [2510] I don't think so, no, it must be open in the summer as well.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2511] Yeah .
[2512] [...] , oh that looks nice.
[2513] [...] I haven't seen all this new area.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2514] [...] , present [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2515] That's on the [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2516] I see.
Stefan (PS126) [2517] That's right, see were the water is, it's right on this side.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2518] It looks demolish ... it looks like a derelict place, in, ah [laugh] What's, what's that on the [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [2519] That's the sculpture they put up [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2520] Is it all made up now?
Stefan (PS126) [2521] [...] through there.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2522] Is it all made up now?
[2523] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [2524] But I don't know if it's still there, is thing they put it in last year I think, but I [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2525] I [...] these boats , what's them?
Stefan (PS126) [2526] That [...] that's like a [...] sculpture.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2527] This?
Stefan (PS126) [2528] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2529] Oh, I see.
[2530] [...] , it takes a whole
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2531] No it's not that, that, you know, covers the whole water. [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2532] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2533] Would you like the last [...] ?
Katherine (PS0H7) [2534] No, I [...] oh alright then, I have to [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2535] Do you like the bread?
Katherine (PS0H7) [2536] Yes, it's [...] very nice, yes.
Stefan (PS126) [2537] It's alright? ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [2538] You know, I'm not that [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2539] That's what I wanted to get to you.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2540] Oh no, oh it's wonderful.
Stefan (PS126) [2541] That's what I wanted to get to you.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2542] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [2543] [...] round one, but the store was closed, so I'd
Katherine (PS0H7) [2544] [...] what?
Stefan (PS126) [2545] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2546] What a surprise [laugh] , don't you think it's wonderful?
Stefan (PS126) [2547] It's beautiful.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2548] It really makes that room.
Stefan (PS126) [2549] Mm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2550] You know, when I came in, I thought oh it's heaven.
[2551] Mm, [...] I'd love to, but, mm
Stefan (PS126) [2552] [...] .
[2553] So anything I could offer that would be nice, oh she said I don't know, now [...] , but I'll tell you when you come this afternoon and so that she told me there was around five or six o'clock and it was too late so I said well I'll go on Monday morning, but they er were all closed on Monday morning.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2554] I know [...] I think they're closed [...] no.
Stefan (PS126) [2555] I thought they would know , but they, they are closed at tw ... two o'clock in the afternoon, they open at two in the afternoon.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2556] Do they?
[2557] Maybe in those galleries they do, I just don't, don't really know.
[2558] I know the bakers [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2559] It's like all the, you know, the [...] office, and they said all of them were on the opening today, all, all the stores.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2560] They have meat shops
Stefan (PS126) [2561] They have [...] about five in Brussels.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2562] No, there's one in [...] and there's one across [...] cafe in the gallery [...] .
[2563] Have you seen the one in the corner?
[2564] The [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2565] No.
Stefan (PS126) [2566] You have, on one side you have, romance with the music it's the [...] record store.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2567] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [2568] Just on the other, across from it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2569] Next to it, next to them, the record, you have [...] cafe, and just across from [...] cafe you know [...] cafe.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2570] Oh, where, where it, I see.
Stefan (PS126) [2571] Where we [...] where we met.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2572] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [2573] You have the, a little passage that goes through what is called [...] mini cafe, and just there at the corner is a very big [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2574] Really?
[2575] Ah, is that the [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [2576] Forest.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2577] Forest oh.
Stefan (PS126) [2578] Forest.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2579] I've never gone there before.
[2580] Did you know that [...] yeah.
[2581] Have they had many [...] .
[2582] [bird singing] ... Sun is bright.
[2583] So are you going [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [2584] Yeah, two.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2585] [...] where you have done everything in half an hour.
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2586] Where it just pours out of your ears.
Stefan (PS126) [2587] [...] , yeah [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2588] Mhm.
[2589] Do you want to go in the garden?
Stefan (PS126) [2590] Mm, the sun's coming back.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2591] We shall put a big erm, jumper.
[2592] I shall put some washing out.
[2593] It's a ghastly colour isn't it?
Stefan (PS126) [2594] I know, I think a funny [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2595] Ghastly colour.
Stefan (PS126) [2596] Did you buy the [...] just buy them?
Katherine (PS0H7) [2597] No, [...] .
[2598] I don't know [...] .
[2599] Have more tea?
[2600] Want more tea?
Stefan (PS126) [2601] I'll have some yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2602] So where we going?
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2603] I mean you want, [laugh] we go on, we go [...] .
[2604] And then eh, [...] , he says [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2605] That is the closest one I think to them.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2606] Is it?
[2607] Is it?
Stefan (PS126) [2608] Yes, I have [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2609] Well maybe he can go and, you have to go and, do you have to go and [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [2610] No.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2611] No.
Stefan (PS126) [2612] No, I don't know, maybe.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2613] Maybe you can just [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2614] I think it [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [laugh] [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2615] Yes, yes I think [...] I think it's a week minimum, I think it's a week minimum.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2616] Is it?
Stefan (PS126) [2617] I think, but I'll ask for [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2618] Erm, in the same place?
Stefan (PS126) [2619] Aha.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2620] Yeah.
[2621] [cough] So [...] .
[2622] Well I don't think parish [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2623] [...] .
[2624] So [...] maybe do it again next year, but I think the offer is for this year.

27 (Tape 003506)

Katherine (PS0H7) [2625] I suppose some place are nice, also the hotels are not, you know what I mean?
Stefan (PS126) [2626] No, I don't.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2627] We don't know that do we?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2628] Yes, the trouble is [...] , for pictures you can't really tell.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2629] What's that one?
[2630] No.
[2631] [...] that looks pretty terrible.
Stefan (PS126) [2632] Really [...] [laugh] [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2633] Well I don't.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2634] Can't be that, no.
Stefan (PS126) [2635] No, no, it's probably, it's probably a small little [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2636] It's here.
[2637] It's [...] yes.
[2638] Look share [...] .
[2639] I don't [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2640] [laugh] it's not on the [...] , this is on the, that's on the [...] , that's a [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2641] Eh, I, I don't know, it's quite large, I found it's quite big as one, I don't know, [...] , I know very little of [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2642] Aha.
Stefan (PS126) [2643] [...] .
[2644] And what is, what, what do they have [...] ?
[2645] That looks nice.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2646] Is that nice?
Stefan (PS126) [2647] Yes, well that's not too bad.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2648] [...] looks down here.
Stefan (PS126) [2649] Where is it?
[2650] Oh it's there, erm
Katherine (PS0H7) [2651] It's sort of a water an [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2652] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2653] An [...] .
[2654] Well, I'm, I'm taken with Brittany really.
[2655] I really liked Brittany. [cough]
Stefan (PS126) [2656] I think I'm taken with Brittany as well.
[2657] [...] Looks nice, the villa is [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2658] It is nice , [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2659] I've seen [...] , it's all this one, it's alright but it's nothing special.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2660] No, [...] .
[2661] Yeah, this looks exciting, yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [2662] It's quite nicely located [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2663] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [2664] Very well located.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2665] Aha, and this looks not far from the [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2666] It looks nice, doesn't it?
Katherine (PS0H7) [2667] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [2668] But I think when I look at it I wasn't one [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2669] [...] Very short [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2670] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [2671] I think next to the [...] .
[2672] That one somehow doesn't look bad at [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2673] Yeah.
[2674] [...] I think I [...] .
[2675] So we would have to go, we will be here, we'd have to go there.
Stefan (PS126) [2676] No, go higher.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2677] No, about that, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2678] No, no, that's, that's, that's where we
Katherine (PS0H7) [2679] Ah yes, that's a [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2680] Yeah. [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2681] About here.
Stefan (PS126) [2682] No, you have to go [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2683] [...] , will be whereabouts?
Stefan (PS126) [2684] [...] is there.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2685] Back here.
Stefan (PS126) [2686] Eh, no, [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...] [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2687] I'll tell you with, think what this number's what like this [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2688] How do they work?
Stefan (PS126) [2689] You have to count them from the first, this is one, one, two, three, four
Katherine (PS0H7) [2690] [...] where do you find them?
Stefan (PS126) [2691] four, this [...] right there.
[2692] Five, [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2693] Gosh it's so [...] , yes of course it's there, well I'll just got right up and [laugh] [...] , you look for me down there, what did I think?
[2694] Of course it's [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2695] [...] , that's it, [...] , just there, this is [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2696] So it's, the numbers are right?
Stefan (PS126) [2697] Yes, but I mean, you have to, you not to not know that you have to count it from the first one [...] doesn't matter.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2698] But not to
Stefan (PS126) [2699] [...] looks nice, but it's Normandy, I don't [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2700] I would like to go too.
Stefan (PS126) [2701] To Brittany, you told me.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2702] Oh in Normandy you don't know, what did [...] sing about, erm, oh Fleur, oh Fleur, yes, all [...] , they're supposed to be long [...] very beautiful.
Stefan (PS126) [2703] Fleur .
[2704] [...] painted many [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2705] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2706] That's a [...] yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [2707] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2708] I suppose [...] isn't it?
[2709] Erm, to erm, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2710] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2711] Have you been there?
Stefan (PS126) [2712] No.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2713] No.
[2714] [dropped something] [...] is really shipping things, is shipping [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2715] Yes it does look like, yeah, it doesn't look too dangerous.
[2716] Just [...] car ferry.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2717] Mhm.
Stefan (PS126) [2718] Doesn't look
Katherine (PS0H7) [2719] It's an old [...] .
[2720] I think it's good for you if you to [...] you know.
Stefan (PS126) [2721] [...] yeah.

28 (Tape 003507)

Katherine (PS0H7) [2722] What about St. Raphael, can you take weekends there, if I [...] weekend in St. Raphael, and then go there?
Stefan (PS126) [2723] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2724] Can you?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2725] Three days.
Stefan (PS126) [2726] Mhm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2727] Are the prices there?
Stefan (PS126) [2728] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2729] But we don't know what.
Stefan (PS126) [2730] Well I don't know what [...] are.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2731] The [...] .
[2732] I think it's about how to take [...] probably.
Stefan (PS126) [2733] Well it's not very expensive.
[2734] How much, I don't, I don't remember.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2735] She said , she said three thousand.
Stefan (PS126) [2736] Three thousand.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2737] No, [...] three thousand French [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2738] Yes, of course that's what she means, she, I think she means [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2739] No, I don't think it's, no, no, it's, it's very, it's under ten thousand dollars than francs, I know that.
[2740] There is eighteen thousand francs, so
Katherine (PS0H7) [2741] A week?
Stefan (PS126) [2742] No, normally a week in September.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2743] Aha.
[2744] So it's not [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [2745] [...] Belgium.
Katherine (PS0H7) [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [2746] But I don't think it's three thousand I thought it was four thousand.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2747] No, he said three, I know three's
Stefan (PS126) [2748] Yes.
[2749] Well my mother's [...] is, is now.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2750] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [2751] She went, I don't know, somewhere in Brittany I think.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2752] Yeah, aha, well she might stop there, if I know whether [...] or not
Stefan (PS126) [2753] Mhm, so she, will know already when she comes, she comes down, she's, she [...] .
[2754] She, she might, she's coming back [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2755] No.
[2756] Could you rely on her taste?
[2757] Yes ... because [...] so many different place, eh you know, [...] hotel [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2758] Yes. [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2759] Mm, I just had a map somewhere around [...] . [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2760] Yes, it's under , it's under [...] , but the one, I know, that she go to this place, ooh it's a yucky place, I don't know she went to [...] .
[2761] The one I do not [...] , she went somewhere and [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2762] Is it?
[2763] Anyway, I think I shall take this [...] she should know it [...] as soon as Yeah I think there's nothing you, you have to take a [...] you know, nothing under three thousand, even that is cheap for [...] days, isn't it?
[2764] Even that
Stefan (PS126) [2765] That's so.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2766] If you go to [...] for a few days [...] .
[2767] We've come to stay as long as you like really, up to a week.
Stefan (PS126) [2768] Up to a week?
Katherine (PS0H7) [2769] But I like it, I like to go to [...] , yeah, I've got even friends there, [...] , I don't know whether you know San [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [2770] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2771] He's, he's a friend of my friend Isobel, well Isobel doesn't know him that well.
Stefan (PS126) [2772] I know which, I know [...] she got married last year.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2773] He, he yes , yeah, yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [2774] Yes, I saw him.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2775] You know him?
[2776] Alright he, he's probably down there with his wife and my friend and [...] invited me down there to stay in her house [...] but I don't think it's September actually, so I don't, [...] some [...] .
[2777] Okay?
Stefan (PS126) [2778] Alright.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2779] That's it.
[2780] Work it's about time we did it.
Stefan (PS126) [2781] Haven't done any. [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2782] Fill my machines.

29 (Tape 003508)

Katherine (PS0H7) [2783] It's funny they have so many of these black [...] , when you touch them it's [...] .
[2784] Mm, now I won't [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2785] Irish coffee.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2786] [...] ah, yeah.
[2787] Plain dessert chocolate per pound, chocolate, luxury chocolate, I don't know what that is, I [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2788] [...] , I know what luxury [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2789] Yes [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2790] It's erm, for example, [...] , you know the very dark [...] ?
Katherine (PS0H7) [2791] Ah yes, yes, that's good isn't it?
[2792] That's nice.
Stefan (PS126) [2793] I think that's, that's [...] chocolate.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2794] I see and what is ordinary cooking chocolate?
Stefan (PS126) [2795] I have no idea [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2796] Eh?
Stefan (PS126) [2797] I don't know.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2798] Is there such a thing as [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2799] [...] is just one.
Stefan (PS126) [2800] [...] might be ordinary than the [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2801] Yeah, but it's good, I know, I like .
[2802] [...] and when you touch it you get don't you, you just can't help it though.
[2803] It's rather stupid to have a fat dinner in a cookery book, what?
Stefan (PS126) [2804] I know. [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2805] [...] , no [...] , no well [...] pages already.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2806] Eh, he felt his erm, yeah.
[2807] Have a look. [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2808] Oh. [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2809] Nice isn't it?
[2810] ... This, look, [...] .
[2811] I'm not sure, she said she came yesterday
Stefan (PS126) [2812] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2813] but [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [2814] They still have a lot of [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2815] Yeah [...] yeah.
[2816] You just have to take [...] eh?
Stefan (PS126) [2817] That's very much better [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [...] ... [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2818] [...] .
[2819] Brussel sprouts [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2820] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2821] It, it sounds nice, doesn't it?
Stefan (PS126) [2822] I mean, I just, I, I, think that [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2823] Yet, could you can.
[2824] Yes but who wants to make the [...] , nobody, course you can.
[2825] It's not that you can't.
[2826] Lovely eh? [...] it's, eh, man, man, [...] you know.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2827] Mulled wine, [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2828] [...] .
[2829] Yeah, but what is it [...] in French, eh?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2830] Yes, right.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2831] Spice, he have to take spice [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2832] Looks nice all that stuff.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2833] I can [...] that [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2834] Home made [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2835] Like [...] at lunch.
[2836] You know she's [...] , I think she got it from a very good chef she said somewhere.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2837] Stop it, you want [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2838] Ah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2839] [...] .
[2840] Yeah, some others are nice [...] it looks already a, you know, it looks already old fashioned
Stefan (PS126) [2841] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2842] doesn't it?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2843] [...] have very good, eh, [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [...]

30 (Tape 003509)

Stefan (PS126) [2844] Do you want us to go to the store [...] ?
Katherine (PS0H7) [2845] The store, yes, I have to [...] .
[2846] Are you coming?
Stefan (PS126) [2847] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2848] It's so funny, eh, ah, that's Emma's, I took yesterday, I don't know where to put it.
[2849] I have a, a [...] you know, which was too full, too thick, too full, so I thought I, I open a bit and took it out, so I have to find a place for it. [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [sigh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2850] So, we haven't got any apples, we have to get [...] , in any case ... Coffee reminds how much, coffee as well.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2851] [...] , you know, are you [...] .
[2852] Necessary ingredient [...] .
[2853] I forget the stuff.
[2854] I still [...] .
[2855] Have you noticed [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [2856] Yeah.
[2857] Nice one of those.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2858] [...] .
[2859] It's erm, [...] you know. [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [2860] How can I talk [...] .
[2861] There's a very good [...] .

31 (Tape 003601)

Katherine (PS0H7) [2862] Is it already raining?
Stefan (PS126) [2863] Yes now its raining.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2864] Is it?
Stefan (PS126) [2865] Yes.
[2866] Yes and quite hard.
[2867] Well it starts quite hard.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2868] Yes.
[2869] [...] ... so ... That's all the trouble you know.
[2870] Washing is not much but the [...] drying is the
Stefan (PS126) [2871] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [2872] Have you got a drying machine?
Stefan (PS126) [2873] No.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2874] No
Stefan (PS126) [2875] We have to hang it too.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2876] You hang it out
Stefan (PS126) [2877] We haven't The only thing we have is an [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [2878] Ah yes still that is something yeah.
[2879] It's quite good.
Stefan (PS126) [2880] It's quite nice yeah yeah.
[2881] No we don't have well my in fact our wash is done by Noun Noun.
[2882] And she has a drier so it's fine.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2883] Ah
Stefan (PS126) [2884] She dries everything.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2885] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [2886] But now she's gone on holiday for a whole month and so we don't have a drier.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2887] No. [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [2888] And then we have to dry it outside as well
Katherine (PS0H7) [2889] Hang it out .
Stefan (PS126) [2890] Oops!
Katherine (PS0H7) [2891] Oh no!
[2892] [laugh] All right bring this.
[2893] I tell you what ... I saw that coming.
[2894] [...] I put it here.
[2895] It's stupid anyway.
[2896] Let me see.
[2897] It's so much easier than when I have things already [...] together.
[2898] Ah what comes next?
[2899] That?
[2900] Then big things.
Stefan (PS126) [2901] Yes.
[2902] These?
Katherine (PS0H7) [2903] No big things first so I [...] can we put it here?
[2904] Oh but it's so wound it's taking me a lot of time outside.
[2905] Oh it is that
Stefan (PS126) [2906] One
Katherine (PS0H7) [2907] Yes and that.
Stefan (PS126) [2908] That
Katherine (PS0H7) [2909] [...] ... That now that.
Stefan (PS126) [2910] You can take
Katherine (PS0H7) [2911] And now these things huh?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2912] This and that that thing now the [...] because we are not supposed to iron them too much.
Stefan (PS126) [2913] There we go.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2914] [...] There we go.
[2915] laugh
Katherine (PS0H7) [2916] laugh
Stefan (PS126) [2917] Wait wait.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2918] Thank you.
Stefan (PS126) [2919] There we go.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2920] Ah.
[2921] Yeah [...] All right?
Stefan (PS126) [2922] That's it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2923] That's it.
[2924] Waiting for good weather.
[2925] ... [sigh] . so
Stefan (PS126) [2926] So when do you want to go?
[2927] Do you want to go now or should I ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [2928] What shall we do?
Stefan (PS126) [2929] What ever you want.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2930] Straightens.
[2931] You know we can't [...] ... we may just as well go.
[2932] Shall we?
Stefan (PS126) [2933] I think so.
[2934] We might as when does it close at?
Katherine (PS0H7) [2935] Five thirty
Stefan (PS126) [2936] It's two thirty ... or we go now or we go in about an hour but we can't go later I should think, can we?
[2937] No, not later than three thirty or
Katherine (PS0H7) [2938] Shall we go at three thirty?
Stefan (PS126) [2939] Yes we can do that.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2940] I should go, coming do you want to read a bit?
Stefan (PS126) [2941] Yes I'll just
Katherine (PS0H7) [2942] All right come here and I shan't be [...] All right.
[2943] I tidy up here and then we go.
[2944] I won't take long ...

32 (Tape 003603)

Katherine (PS0H7) [2945] Who phone up to to fit windows and and so on and so on.
[2946] They are always doing that
Stefan (PS126) [2947] Mm mm
Katherine (PS0H7) [2948] and then they always say when can we come and see you with your husband?
[2949] I said well you
Stefan (PS126) [cough]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2950] Or this evening you know.
[2951] But they doesn't want it.
[2952] So
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2953] Well you coming today?
[2954] Oh no we wan't both.
[2955] So I said well no um er er I shall be by myself.
[2956] They say well no we would like to have it's nice to have both.
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2957] So I said well you will just have to be content with me because you'll [...] because my husband has no time.
[2958] So that's it so he did come.
[2959] but some
Stefan (PS126) [2960] What is it for?
[2961] For the windows.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2962] Yes.
[2963] No for the back door.
Stefan (PS126) [2964] For the back door.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2965] Because we have to have another door so they giving me a third off.
[2966] I shan't take it if it's something I don't like you know even if they give it free.
[2967] So I just did, Thursday morning let me not forget.
Stefan (PS126) [2968] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [2969] Anyway you [...] its funny he wanted to insist that my husband should be there and I said I can decide don't worry.
[2970] I get the costs and then meet you to my husband and he still wanted [...] .
[2971] Well they think they loose time if it's only a woman you see?
Stefan (PS126) [2972] Mm mm
Katherine (PS0H7) [2973] Or they will have to come again.
Stefan (PS126) [2974] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [2975] I just said leave it or lump it!
[2976] You know that kind of thing.
[2977] And the first time usually you have young women phone up from home or from somewhere to do this telesec telesaling huh?
[2978] It's called telesaling.
[2979] And sometimes it's a man sometimes it's a woman and you know very much they have learned the lines.
[2980] This time it was an old man.
[2981] And he was rather nice.
[2982] [...] would rather have an old man.
[2983] Very friendly nice voice you know.
Stefan (PS126) [2984] Hm hm
Katherine (PS0H7) [2985] The first time an older person rings and he sort of, have more patience with him or something.
[2986] So ah that is beautiful.
Stefan (PS126) [2987] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [2988] What is that.
Stefan (PS126) [2989] That is a contemporary
Katherine (PS0H7) [2990] Is it colour
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [2991] Ah because there is a [...] as well isn't there huh?
[2992] Ya.
Stefan (PS126) [2993] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [2994] And he painted and it was [...]
Stefan (PS126) [2995] Terrible
Katherine (PS0H7) [2996] No
Stefan (PS126) [2997] Oh oh ugly thing.
Katherine (PS0H7) [2998] Really?
[2999] So you wouldn't sell any?
Stefan (PS126) [3000] Oh no
Katherine (PS0H7) [3001] Does he sell?
Stefan (PS126) [3002] I think he does
Katherine (PS0H7) [3003] In his place?
Stefan (PS126) [3004] I think he does.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3005] I see ... Who decides who accepts things.
Stefan (PS126) [3006] Experts.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3007] How many?
[3008] Over in Zurich?
Stefan (PS126) [3009] No.
[3010] London London and Zurich.
[3011] Contemporary Zurich.
[3012] Everything work which is contemporary it is decided
Katherine (PS0H7) [3013] Is one man?
Stefan (PS126) [3014] No it is a woman
Katherine (PS0H7) [3015] A woman?
Stefan (PS126) [3016] A director who'll decide.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3017] She's good?
Stefan (PS126) [3018] Hm hm very good.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3019] Ah.
[3020] She decides?
Stefan (PS126) [3021] She decides.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3022] Whether she accepts the one or not to sell and she er mm, oh that's quite nice.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3023] That?
[3024] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3025] Is it? [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [3026] Very nice.
[3027] It's a very nice little piece.
[3028] Very small it's about fifty.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3029] How much bid?
Stefan (PS126) [3030] Twelve thousand Swiss Francs.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3031] Twenty pounds
Stefan (PS126) [3032] Twenty
Katherine (PS0H7) [3033] Fifteen to twenty
Stefan (PS126) [3034] Fifteen to twenty
Katherine (PS0H7) [3035] Yeah.
[3036] That's quite nice too.
[3037] Four hundred and sixty [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3038] Hmm hm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3039] [...] Fifty thousand.
[3040] Does it very much depend on the size?
Stefan (PS126) [3041] Also depends on the size.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3042] Always?
Stefan (PS126) [3043] No not always.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3044] Not always.
[3045] Also can have beautiful little miniature.
Stefan (PS126) [3046] Mm
Katherine (PS0H7) [3047] Can't you?
[3048] Which are classically beautiful and, what's that [...] Ah there's another one isn't it?
[3049] Ya he's a sort of a friendly painter?
Stefan (PS126) [3050] Hm hm
Katherine (PS0H7) [3051] What?
Stefan (PS126) [3052] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3053] He was born in [...] was he?
Stefan (PS126) [3054] Hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [3055] Fifty thousand.
[3056] Ah I wish I had that money.
[3057] I would like to have it
Stefan (PS126) [3058] I want a [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3059] Do you?
[3060] Yeah I like him too [...] .
[3061] He has much stronger colours.
Stefan (PS126) [3062] Huge things and beautiful things
Katherine (PS0H7) [3063] Stronger colours and all that isn't it?
[3064] Ya.
Stefan (PS126) [3065] The problem with that painting is that I didn't know if it was a real
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3066] because there was nothing no signature whatsoever.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3067] No?
Stefan (PS126) [3068] Nothing.
[3069] No no even
Katherine (PS0H7) [3070] Did that happen
Stefan (PS126) [3071] on the back
Katherine (PS0H7) [3072] Did that happen
Stefan (PS126) [3073] Not even on the back
Katherine (PS0H7) [3074] Does he sometimes not do.
Stefan (PS126) [3075] Many do.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3076] Many do.
Stefan (PS126) [3077] Ya.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3078] This fellow doesn't
Stefan (PS126) [3079] He signs, he doesn't no
Katherine (PS0H7) [3080] No no
Stefan (PS126) [3081] And not on the back
Katherine (PS0H7) [3082] No
Stefan (PS126) [3083] But you have a certificate.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3084] Yes
Stefan (PS126) [3085] Then it's fine
Katherine (PS0H7) [3086] By seeing in the catalogue and er
Stefan (PS126) [3087] Uh huh.
[3088] So that's no problem is it?
Katherine (PS0H7) [3089] No
Stefan (PS126) [3090] There is some
Katherine (PS0H7) [3091] I ask him why he did it he said oh well he has such a long name [...] such a very long name spoils the picture
Stefan (PS126) [3092] But he can put it he can put it on the back
Katherine (PS0H7) [3093] Yeah alright I just I don't know why he doesn't.
[3094] He didn't give me satisfactory answer he said oh I'll think of it
Stefan (PS126) [3095] Artists never give satisfaction
Katherine (PS0H7) [3096] Why?
Stefan (PS126) [3097] Because they're artists
Katherine (PS0H7) [3098] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [3099] They very sore people, and they're very stubborn most of them so whence they have an idea and can't get them away from it very very easily
Katherine (PS0H7) [3100] Uh huh
Stefan (PS126) [3101] it's very hard
Katherine (PS0H7) [3102] Is it?
[3103] And they change their minds and things,
Stefan (PS126) [3104] Hmm hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [3105] Do they?
Stefan (PS126) [3106] Oh yes you know sometimes an artist says the picture is his and two years later he denies and says it's a false one
Katherine (PS0H7) [3107] Hmm
Stefan (PS126) [3108] Hmm.
[3109] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [3110] Why would he do that?
[3111] Because he doesn't like it anymore?
Stefan (PS126) [3112] Or yes that's one thing because he doesn't like it anymore or he might have had a a problem with selling it to someone or something and just to take revenge or something he says
Katherine (PS0H7) [3113] Yes
Stefan (PS126) [3114] It's never been mine ... .
Katherine (PS0H7) [3115] You wouldn't be [...] would you?
Stefan (PS126) [3116] No
Katherine (PS0H7) [3117] You've never seen another one like that, no
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3118] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [3119] Ya.
[3120] Ya he's a bit mystical isn't he?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3121] Mmm.
[3122] Nice [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3123] Huh huh.
[3124] I think he's probably the most [...] would you not say so?
Stefan (PS126) [3125] Yes indeed.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3126] I think he is.
[3127] Is he always [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3128] Quite some yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [3129] Yes [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3130] [...] We don't have anything from [...] .
[3131] That's a very beautiful [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [3132] Very very.
[3133] That's him.
Stefan (PS126) [3134] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3135] Another sales [laugh] another let's see what he says.

33 (Tape 003604)

Katherine (PS0H7) [3136] This old man made now that woman ring.
[3137] Er Supervisor and so on.
[3138] [...] she again said when will you have [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3139] [laugh] that's stupid
Katherine (PS0H7) [3140] She's [...] All right we'll come it's Thursday and then we will show you in you and your husband and I said no not my husband you better leave it you know.
Stefan (PS126) [3141] That's right [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3142] She said no it's how you wish.
[3143] I said no [...]
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3144] You know I am alone.
[3145] Just incredible.
Stefan (PS126) [3146] It's incredible.
[3147] [...] Gosh!
Katherine (PS0H7) [3148] Interesting.
Stefan (PS126) [3149] You're not allowed to make your own decisions.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3150] No well you see they just don't think that somebody can decide and who will who's the owner of the house and things like that?
[3151] [laugh] You know.
[3152] Probably they think I am a chamber maid here.
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3153] It's it's rather pathetic.
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3154] Why [laugh] [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3155] [laugh] or the mistress who buys the [...] [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3156] [...] I really don't fall.
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3157] Have you seen? [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3158] [...] Why do they bother?
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3159] Usually they do try to tell they want usually most people are there
Stefan (PS126) [3160] But how do they
Katherine (PS0H7) [3161] [...] They never
Stefan (PS126) [3162] together?
[3163] You know on a Thursday?
Katherine (PS0H7) [3164] They will know.
[3165] They meet you.
[3166] They come and
Stefan (PS126) [3167] Oh
Katherine (PS0H7) [3168] Sit and come at midnight
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3169] As long as there are two.
[3170] ... Nobody's been so insistent yet you know.
[3171] They all try to get you both but er I have decided the other things I mean I tell Patrick and
Stefan (PS126) [3172] I know
Katherine (PS0H7) [3173] And I just find out.
[3174] I shan't have wanting their quote anyway and then I decide.
[3175] We decide together.
[3176] ... Patrick doesn't know for you know one log from another.
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [3177] Much more [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3178] He's no clue anyway.
[3179] So ... and he will ask questions and if I don't know how to answer them I'll have to
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3180] Phone again phone and ask them
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3181] yes.
[3182] Oh that was really funny ... .
[3183] Ta would be a third one now you wait.
[3184] Yes she said
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3185] If all consultants managers directors and so you know.
[3186] Now a consultant will come she said.
[3187] Oh [sigh] they have titles before they know anything
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3188] They can keep their bloody door ... so ... Have you been in [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [3189] No
Katherine (PS0H7) [3190] It's a very boring town.
[3191] Oh.
[3192] Ya not one little shop which is interesting not one.
[3193] About three or four big bigger high street shops you know like Alders and what is the next?
[3194] Army and Navy.
[3195] You know these shops?
Stefan (PS126) [3196] No
Katherine (PS0H7) [3197] You know they all have the same thing.
[3198] So ... exactly the same brands same things.
[3199] If you can't find it in one you find it in another but it is all the same thing.
[3200] It's all ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [3201] You know another thing I can really ask technical questions.
[3202] A man wouldn't dare because he doesn't want to show how ignorant he is.
[3203] I can ask them a stupid questions.
[3204] I get everything answered and so and so and you learn quite a lot and I just ask.
[3205] You know I don't care whether they think I'm stupid or so you see.
[3206] A man would not do it I have noticed.
[3207] Hmm?
Stefan (PS126) [3208] It's true
Katherine (PS0H7) [3209] You know?
Stefan (PS126) [3210] Mm
Katherine (PS0H7) [3211] This sort of ... and then ... your [...] mind you.
[3212] ... . It's not raining now I could have put everything out.
Stefan (PS126) [3213] [...] put it out now.
[3214] It is quite clear
Katherine (PS0H7) [3215] You would, would you?
Stefan (PS126) [3216] Hmm hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [3217] All right.
Stefan (PS126) [...]

34 (Tape 003605)

Katherine (PS0H7) [3218] You know all these people come and install bathrooms and all that.
[3219] Not one of these is really um professional.
[3220] They are very good they can do electricity then tiling you know they are awfully good all round but there is never a professional finish to anything
Stefan (PS126) [3221] Mm
Katherine (PS0H7) [3222] You know what I mean?
[3223] There just isn't
Stefan (PS126) [3224] Mm
Katherine (PS0H7) [3225] Because ... but they are very good all rounders.
[3226] Most of them.
[3227] You know?
[3228] For ... but everything is so so not wholly satisfactory so I'm just scared to have them in the house.
[3229] I am always disappointed.
[3230] That's why I take so long over it.
[3231] Have you seen uh the noise you you the toilet handle makes?
Stefan (PS126) [3232] The one upstairs?
Katherine (PS0H7) [3233] Yes.
[3234] When it fills fills the cistern fills up anyway ploomp through the whole house.
Stefan (PS126) [3235] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [3236] You notice? [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3237] No I haven't noticed.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3238] I'm surprised.
[3239] ... So okay I haven't seen [...] I must have a tiny little book.
[3240] [...] book here.
[3241] ... Are they printed?
[3242] Let me see.
Stefan (PS126) [3243] Printed in Geneva.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3244] Are they?
[3245] Hmm.
[3246] ... Does he know [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3247] It's really [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3248] [...] I know it's really [...] but I don't know whether they have a Casino there.
Stefan (PS126) [3249] They do
Katherine (PS0H7) [3250] What?
[3251] Really?
[3252] There [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3253] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [3254] It's very hot no?
[3255] It's nice too.
Stefan (PS126) [3256] It's beautiful.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3257] It's in yeah
Stefan (PS126) [3258] It's really wonderful.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3259] Why [...] at the same time?
[3260] Ah that one.
[3261] No.
Stefan (PS126) [3262] You have [...] one [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3263] [...] yes.
[3264] Kevin is a really well known [...] no?
[3265] Why?
Stefan (PS126) [3266] Oh no no that's because those are pictures it's like a chapter. [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3267] Yeah but this is
Stefan (PS126) [3268] [...] are there There you go.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3269] Oh I see.
Stefan (PS126) [3270] See?
Katherine (PS0H7) [3271] It's a new chapter
Stefan (PS126) [3272] Yes a new chapter
Katherine (PS0H7) [3273] Because here is another [...] Gosh isn't it good?
Stefan (PS126) [3274] Very good
Katherine (PS0H7) [3275] [...] Do you know Isobel's godmother has it?
[3276] It's another [...] Don't think it's that?
[3277] No.
[3278] He's also [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3279] Who?
Katherine (PS0H7) [3280] [...] One in France.
[3281] He's Swiss but hew lives in France and this ... Yeah well he [...] too.
[3282] Don't think it matters for a [...] .
[3283] Oh I like him [...] ...
Stefan (PS126) [3284] It's incredible.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3285] Hm!
Stefan (PS126) [3286] Quite ugly those
Katherine (PS0H7) [3287] [...] Those by same now?
[3288] ... They're a bit like stone.
[3289] Do you know what I mean?
[3290] Like a painting of a sculpture?
Stefan (PS126) [3291] Mm.
[3292] mm
Katherine (PS0H7) [3293] What?
Stefan (PS126) [3294] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [3295] Even that [clears throat]
Stefan (PS126) [3296] Even the one next to it [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3297] Yes?
Stefan (PS126) [3298] Close
Katherine (PS0H7) [3299] How it [...] you see this.
[3300] Oh I see.
[3301] [clears throat] [...] ... . Isn't she voluptuous?
[3302] This one here.
[3303] I don't know I'm not I'm not too keen on them.
[3304] I don't know what
Stefan (PS126) [3305] They're terrible
Katherine (PS0H7) [3306] I don't know whether they are terrible.
[3307] I just doesn't you know.
[3308] They are all absent minded.
[3309] ... I like this better.
[3310] Lots lots better.
Stefan (PS126) [3311] Hm hmm ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [3312] Ah hah!
[3313] Because he has no colours look with these sort of colours there might be better.
[3314] Now you see.
[3315] You see it all.
[3316] Aren't you lucky.
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3317] All of those.
Stefan (PS126) [3318] Yes I have to carry them all over the place.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3319] No?
Stefan (PS126) [3320] I had to get to them through the [...] once you get to them
Katherine (PS0H7) [3321] Isn't one the sort of the young up-coming [...] expensive.
[3322] No?
[3323] You only take established.
[3324] Eh?
Stefan (PS126) [3325] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [3326] You do?
[3327] This is one ... John.
[3328] He's not expensive here.
[3329] Oh I don't like him. [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [3330] Oh that's terrible [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3331] Well not bad.
[3332] That's not too bad this woman well I think its always when it's in black and white you know
Stefan (PS126) [3333] Oh that's the most terrible figure.
[3334] Look at her feet! [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3335] Yeah
Stefan (PS126) [3336] Ugh!
Katherine (PS0H7) [3337] But I don't like his face
Stefan (PS126) [3338] Terrible terrible
Katherine (PS0H7) [3339] The boy is nice ... Open eyes [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3340] Wagner
Katherine (PS0H7) [3341] Wagner.
[3342] Do you
Stefan (PS126) [3343] Those will go up quite high.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3344] Why is he called
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3345] Why is he called er
Stefan (PS126) [3346] er
Katherine (PS0H7) [3347] [...] If it's
Stefan (PS126) [3348] I don't know
Katherine (PS0H7) [3349] [...] if its even French and er he's a German?
[3350] I mean a German.
[3351] It's pretty expensive now.
Stefan (PS126) [3352] Hm hm
Katherine (PS0H7) [3353] What?
[3354] I mean
Stefan (PS126) [3355] This one the one of the church will go up.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3356] Yeah
Stefan (PS126) [3357] Very much I think.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3358] It's already a hundred
Stefan (PS126) [3359] That's because it's a picture of Zurich.
[3360] It will go up quite a lot.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3361] What?
[3362] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [3363] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [3364] Tonight?
[3365] Like
Stefan (PS126) [3366] It isn't nice it is a beautiful thing.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3367] You really like it?
Stefan (PS126) [3368] Hmm hmm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3369] Better than that.
[3370] But even that is nice.
Stefan (PS126) [3371] That one's nice as well.
Katherine (PS0H7) [sneeze] [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3372] Uh huh ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [3373] Yeah.
[3374] I don't like so much street ah mm scenes.
Stefan (PS126) [3375] Streets?
Katherine (PS0H7) [3376] No I don't don't know why.
Stefan (PS126) [3377] Hmm hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [3378] I think I have been [...] you know.
Stefan (PS126) [3379] Mmm mm
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3380] I hate it
Katherine (PS0H7) [3381] Yeah I used to like it so much.
Stefan (PS126) [3382] Oh!
[3383] I can't stand it
Katherine (PS0H7) [3384] I like it.
[3385] You can't?
Stefan (PS126) [3386] There are so many [...] on sale on sale
Katherine (PS0H7) [3387] Are they?
Stefan (PS126) [3388] at Christies in London all the time.
[3389] Every impressionists sales
Katherine (PS0H7) [3390] Yeah
Stefan (PS126) [3391] I think there are like pictures they sell on [...] doesn't
Katherine (PS0H7) [3392] That's why they don't sell any more?
Stefan (PS126) [3393] Well [...] no they don't
Katherine (PS0H7) [3394] They don't?
Stefan (PS126) [3395] Well some do some do
Katherine (PS0H7) [3396] Well I remember I like to take a while I can't stand the [...] most of them.
[3397] So that's nice.
Stefan (PS126) [3398] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [3399] [...] Oh [...] That's him isn't it? [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [3400] Mm mm
Katherine (PS0H7) [3401] [...] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3402] Isobel has quite a few ah mm picture book.
[3403] You know [...] I love.
[3404] You happen to have you have some of those?
Stefan (PS126) [3405] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [3406] Yes they're nice aren't they.
Stefan (PS126) [3407] Yeah
Stefan (PS126) [3408] [...] It's all this his colours and these [...] that's quite nice.
[3409] [...] no?
[3410] I can [...] Oh I'd love that you know?
[3411] I'd love a mountain.
[3412] This is actually black crayon.
Stefan (PS126) [3413] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [3414] Yeah
Stefan (PS126) [3415] It's crayon
Katherine (PS0H7) [3416] Yeah.
[3417] It looks nice even.
[3418] That's nice even.
[3419] ... That's nice too.
[3420] Carlinor or lina.
[3421] Lina.
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3422] Is he?
Stefan (PS126) [3423] Hm hm
Katherine (PS0H7) [3424] No some [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3425] But he lives in
Katherine (PS0H7) [3426] [...] Uh ah.
[3427] S'pose he paints up there.
[3428] That looks bit [...] .
[3429] Nice.
Stefan (PS126) [3430] Mmmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [3431] Look that lovely colours what?
Stefan (PS126) [3432] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [3433] I'd really like some

35 (Tape 003606)

Katherine (PS0H7) [3434] Do you have good water colours as well?
Stefan (PS126) [3435] Hmm hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [3436] Yeah?
Stefan (PS126) [3437] Some nice ones.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3438] Uh ha.
[3439] Oh yeah here we go.
Stefan (PS126) [3440] That's a beautiful.
[3441] That's that's le crux de la font
Katherine (PS0H7) [3442] No
Stefan (PS126) [3443] One and
Katherine (PS0H7) [3444] You always made
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3445] yeah
Stefan (PS126) [3446] There's a beautiful
Katherine (PS0H7) [3447] Do you always [...] this is very sensimental.
[3448] I like it you know he's like a parent isn't he?
Stefan (PS126) [3449] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [3450] Yes
Stefan (PS126) [3451] And the pictures
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3452] not too good.
[3453] There is when you look at the picture it's so beautiful.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3454] Yeah.
[3455] Look at his chain here.
Stefan (PS126) [3456] ah
Katherine (PS0H7) [3457] How much?
[3458] Not even that much.
[3459] It's really beautiful. [...] .
Stefan (PS126) [3460] There's a very nice exhibit in [...] until August of all his work
Katherine (PS0H7) [3461] Why in [...] ? which [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3462] In [...] Centre
Katherine (PS0H7) [3463] [...] centre I see yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [3464] And reproduced.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3465] That will be [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3466] No not that
Katherine (PS0H7) [3467] Because it's private
Stefan (PS126) [3468] For many [...] for that you will see yourself.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3469] I thought he was Swiss in here it says Innes.
Stefan (PS126) [3470] Innes is in Switzerland.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3471] Is it?
Stefan (PS126) [3472] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3473] Gosh he's
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3474] Yeah that one.
[3475] He's such, has he been meant to paint many of this old man?
[3476] Has he?
Stefan (PS126) [3477] Many
Katherine (PS0H7) [3478] Because there there are some in public galleries
Stefan (PS126) [3479] Hmm hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [3480] collections.
[3481] And and her too
Stefan (PS126) [3482] Yes.
[3483] Very many kind of, similar
Katherine (PS0H7) [3484] Yeah I suppose they all look alike.
[3485] But maybe not him.
[3486] No?
Stefan (PS126) [3487] No.
Stefan (PS126) [3488] Hmm but very much like this
Stefan (PS126) [3489] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [3490] sort of very beautiful isn't it?
[3491] Yeah.
[3492] ... Mmm he painted this quite differently from from the painter but from the thing.
[3493] The farmers are from the way he paints farmers.
[3494] That's another of him.
[3495] Hmm ... Yeah they have, I recognise them you know?
[3496] ... There can be so much love huh
Stefan (PS126) [3497] Hmm hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [3498] so much respect no?
[3499] Don't you think so?
[3500] ... And dignity huh?
Stefan (PS126) [3501] I love them.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3502] Yeah.
[3503] [...] that colour.
[3504] Here you've got your cows
Stefan (PS126) [3505] I hate that picture
Katherine (PS0H7) [3506] Well I don't particularly like cows then er but then I think they're well done.
[3507] [...] Heard of him but
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3508] Yeah [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3509] That's a horrible picture
Katherine (PS0H7) [3510] Yeah.
[3511] Now all photography here.
Stefan (PS126) [3512] No no
Katherine (PS0H7) [3513] No no
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3514] He's quite well done isn't he?
Stefan (PS126) [3515] Yes ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [3516] Why is it all in French?
Stefan (PS126) [3517] Because it's a French speaking
Katherine (PS0H7) [3518] Ah I see wait a minute.
[3519] Ah yes
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3520] Ah I see.
[3521] [...] But he's a writer.
[3522] Three hundred and ninety-nine.
[3523] Where is it?
Stefan (PS126) [3524] It's probably not.
[3525] It might be
Katherine (PS0H7) [3526] Not be.
[3527] I see.
Stefan (PS126) [3528] Very perceptive
Katherine (PS0H7) [3529] It's not all
Stefan (PS126) [3530] No
Katherine (PS0H7) [3531] in here. [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3532] Might be a book
Katherine (PS0H7) [3533] Ah yes.
[3534] Ah I see.
[3535] Yeah because he is a writer too.
[3536] Might be a book.
[3537] Here it is.
[3538] You're right.
[3539] Here are posters are they?
Stefan (PS126) [3540] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [3541] What?
[3542] They are already how old are they?
Stefan (PS126) [3543] Posters?
Katherine (PS0H7) [3544] Nineteen twenty four.
[3545] Yeah of course nice posters are also very [...] very very.
[3546] All nineteen twenty four
Stefan (PS126) [3547] The one which is going must be going to fetch a lot this the one with the hat.
[3548] Back there.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3549] This one?
Stefan (PS126) [3550] No this one
Stefan (PS126) [3551] No that one.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3552] Yes.
[3553] Why?
[3554] Oh!
[3555] Yes.
[3556] Why?
Stefan (PS126) [3557] I dunno know
Katherine (PS0H7) [3558] Because its so good?
Stefan (PS126) [3559] Yeah must be quite rare.
[3560] [...] said uhmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [3561] Yeah it's
Stefan (PS126) [3562] A [...] work are quite looked for.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3563] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [3564] Because [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3565] They had a good artist.
Stefan (PS126) [3566] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [3567] Yeah he had to.
[3568] I like the railway
Stefan (PS126) [3569] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [3570] artists very much.
[3571] [...] too.
[3572] You know?
[3573] [...] Do we have some realways?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3574] [...] take this one also.
[3575] By far the most expensive.
[3576] I know this one.
[3577] Very stylish [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3578] At home we have one done by [...] [...] those there by [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3579] Yes yes
Stefan (PS126) [3580] And I was so sad because it's it was some water went on it.
[3581] So all the time you can see that water on it.
[3582] It's too bad because I think we could have fetched about five thousand [...] Swiss Francs for it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3583] Well there are here about two two between two and three.
[3584] Why should you have five?
Stefan (PS126) [3585] Because it's a nice farm it's a very nice [...] .
[3586] It's a very nice one.

36 (Tape 003607)

Katherine (PS0H7) [3587] Who put it together?
[3588] This?
Stefan (PS126) [3589] Er the printer
Katherine (PS0H7) [3590] Yeah? you
Stefan (PS126) [3591] I did the catalogue so I looked all the information up with [...] through the three to do that.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3592] Yeah a lot of work
Stefan (PS126) [3593] And then we give it to the printer
Katherine (PS0H7) [3594] Yeah and he
Stefan (PS126) [3595] In a certain way
Katherine (PS0H7) [3596] And he decides
Stefan (PS126) [3597] But I have no I don't know who did decide sure you know print ... .
[3598] It's quite a lot of work to do on this cataloguing.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3599] Yeah
Stefan (PS126) [3600] Because you have to find all the literature everywhere it's printed what the problems is where the printed picture comes from
Katherine (PS0H7) [3601] Size yes
Stefan (PS126) [3602] The size one that sort of thing.
[3603] That you know is very interesting that I arranged all the materials through that you know it's scandalous that's it's carton fits.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3604] Yeah
Stefan (PS126) [3605] Or you don't
Katherine (PS0H7) [3606] What?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3607] Can you see it by looking at it without touching it?
Stefan (PS126) [3608] Sometimes you can but not always
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3609] 'Cause you have different kind of canvases
Katherine (PS0H7) [3610] Yes
Stefan (PS126) [3611] And er
Katherine (PS0H7) [3612] [...] ... Ah [...] I'm not sure whether I like him
Stefan (PS126) [3613] No
Katherine (PS0H7) [3614] he's also very well he's very old fashioned. [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3615] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [3616] He are he is very
Stefan (PS126) [3617] Very nice peace ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [3618] He's very sweet.
Stefan (PS126) [3619] All right right there's one piece that I love
Katherine (PS0H7) [3620] Wait a minute eighty-seven.
[3621] Looks like [...] .
[3622] Hmm?
Stefan (PS126) [3623] I have not heard it.
[3624] [...] There's more [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [3625] Yeah I have seen some more here.
[3626] This is nice.
Stefan (PS126) [3627] That's nice
Katherine (PS0H7) [3628] Very nice yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [3629] Those are very nice too.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3630] Yes hmm hmm.
[3631] But in quite different styles aren't they.
[3632] Yeah.
[3633] Have you ever been in that place?
Stefan (PS126) [3634] Yes I love
Katherine (PS0H7) [3635] Do you love yes it looks nice
Stefan (PS126) [3636] Most beautiful piece.
[3637] So well framed in [...] .
[3638] Frame looks like you have white glazing on a [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3639] Yeah yeah.
[3640] Very fine lines
Stefan (PS126) [3641] Yes I have been to La Fete [...] in seventies.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3642] Ah huh.
[3643] Nice?
Stefan (PS126) [3644] Very nice.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3645] Great spectacle, is it?
Stefan (PS126) [3646] Hmm hmm.
[3647] Yes?
Katherine (PS0H7) [3648] Yes?
[3649] There will be
Stefan (PS126) [3650] It's every fifty years or something like that
Katherine (PS0H7) [3651] Ah huh
Stefan (PS126) [3652] Yes?
[3653] Or every no every twenty five years
Katherine (PS0H7) [3654] No
Stefan (PS126) [3655] Yes I'm serious that's something terrific.
[3656] Yes yes.
[3657] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3658] I thought every five years
Stefan (PS126) [3659] No no every twenty five I think
Katherine (PS0H7) [3660] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [3661] Yeah.
[3662] Its very 'cause I know it is when I was there oh I will be able to see it once or twice more in my life and that's it
Katherine (PS0H7) [3663] Yeah?
Stefan (PS126) [3664] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3665] Aren't they beautiful too uh?
[3666] Have you got one in your house no?
Stefan (PS126) [3667] No
Katherine (PS0H7) [3668] You haven't?
Stefan (PS126) [3669] No
Katherine (PS0H7) [3670] We had one but not a very ornate one.
Stefan (PS126) [3671] We hoped that we didn't have no we had electric valve er central heating but we have very old central heating.
[3672] A very beautiful very high ones
Katherine (PS0H7) [3673] High radiators?
Stefan (PS126) [3674] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [3675] Is that nice?
Stefan (PS126) [3676] Oh one of the big one huge one.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3677] Yes?
Stefan (PS126) [3678] It's very beautiful because it has gorgon that's called it's I've forgot it
Katherine (PS0H7) [3679] What?
[3680] I never seen a radiator [laugh] What?
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3681] Where is it?
[3682] The whole thing a gorgon
Stefan (PS126) [3683] No not the whole thing.
[3684] It's
Katherine (PS0H7) [3685] Part of it?
Stefan (PS126) [3686] It's um cream coloured and there's a a golden design in it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3687] No? [...]

37 (Tape 003608)

Katherine (PS0H7) [3688] Who would be the client -international?
Stefan (PS126) [3689] No mostly Swiss
Katherine (PS0H7) [3690] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [3691] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3692] Yeah?
Stefan (PS126) [3693] Except for the biggest pieces
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3694] [...] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [3695] Gosh!
[3696] It's all ready
Stefan (PS126) [3697] Yes getting very
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3698] Would you love to have it?
Katherine (PS0H7) [3699] Classic.
[3700] ... Why are they so expensive?
Stefan (PS126) [3701] Because they're very rare
Katherine (PS0H7) [3702] Why?
[3703] Are they rare?
Stefan (PS126) [3704] There are only about a hundred made
Katherine (PS0H7) [3705] Yes?
Stefan (PS126) [3706] Yes.
[3707] Special collections [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3708] Who makes them
Stefan (PS126) [3709] They were made for special occasions
Katherine (PS0H7) [3710] Were they?
[3711] For instance?
[3712] They're nice aren't they?
Stefan (PS126) [3713] [...] we
Katherine (PS0H7) [3714] Just for [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [3715] Yes I suppose so.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3716] unclear Yes?
Stefan (PS126) [3717] Not always.
[3718] Sometimes they were sold in shops as a special limimited edition.
[3719] Just as a [...] Swatch Collector's [...] .
[3720] Yes really.
[3721] I mean now exactly we send out about dunno how many letters to ask if they have anything to sell.
[3722] So we the whole collection since eighty three.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3723] When did it start eighty three
Stefan (PS126) [3724] Eighty three Sure?
[3725] Yeah.
[3726] Yeah you have any ... [...] they have the whole [...] thousands?
Stefan (PS126) [3727] No not thousands but
Katherine (PS0H7) [3728] Yeah hundreds?
Stefan (PS126) [3729] Yes hundreds
Katherine (PS0H7) [3730] Because the books come out then to be edited
Stefan (PS126) [3731] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [3732] Really?
[3733] That quick?
Stefan (PS126) [3734] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [3735] Is that because they are too expensive?
Stefan (PS126) [3736] No
Katherine (PS0H7) [3737] How much are these?
[3738] Oh!
Stefan (PS126) [3739] They can go very high now.
[3740] About ten thou I dunno.
[3741] The middle one is the is the most expensive
Katherine (PS0H7) [3742] No?
[3743] ... That tell me low ah the no one is twenty five one is thirty seven and and hundred and seventy eight that means he threw three together.
[3744] Come and see can't be forty forty five.
[3745] Look.
[3746] Which one is this?
[3747] Twenty five and thirty seven
Stefan (PS126) [3748] [laugh] No I no this one is the most expensive one
Katherine (PS0H7) [3749] How do you know?
[3750] But how do you know?
Stefan (PS126) [3751] This is that one is seventy eight.
[3752] Is not what [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3753] Ah hah I see.
[3754] Yes this is twenty five
Stefan (PS126) [3755] Yes.
[3756] See
Katherine (PS0H7) [3757] and this is thirty seven.
[3758] But why [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3759] they'll they'll be too late
Katherine (PS0H7) [3760] Ah it is written here.
[3761] I'm sorry yes
Stefan (PS126) [3762] It's one thousand francs to two thousands
Katherine (PS0H7) [3763] But it's not possible.
[3764] Forty thousand and you paid
Stefan (PS126) [3765] I even wanted to buy that one and this one too.
[3766] When when I when they were out
Katherine (PS0H7) [3767] I didn't even see it
Stefan (PS126) [3768] Yes I've seen it
Katherine (PS0H7) [3769] Have you seen it?
Stefan (PS126) [3770] Yes and I know I have one which is totally black with here the caldon
Katherine (PS0H7) [3771] Needle yes
Stefan (PS126) [3772] You know and supposedly it should be worth a lot.
[3773] I dun't know
Katherine (PS0H7) [3774] They don't make it anymore?
Stefan (PS126) [3775] No
Katherine (PS0H7) [3776] I almost thought that too.
Stefan (PS126) [3777] And then I have the jelly fish which is the totally transparent one
Katherine (PS0H7) [3778] Mmm mm
Stefan (PS126) [3779] The problem it's very expensive when it doesn't say Swatch and it's all white nothing so it's just [...] a Swatch and so on it's probably not as much
Katherine (PS0H7) [3780] Have you seen it?
Stefan (PS126) [3781] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [3782] I haven't seen any of them
Stefan (PS126) [3783] I have seen those two.
[3784] This one I have never seen before.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3785] Can you imagine?
[3786] Can you?
[3787] In how many years?
[3788] Eighty three and eighty nine
Stefan (PS126) [3789] Eighty nine
Katherine (PS0H7) [3790] No!
[3791] No no not
Stefan (PS126) [3792] Three years yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [3793] eighty nine
Stefan (PS126) [3794] Yes eighty nine
Katherine (PS0H7) [3795] Hah!
Stefan (PS126) [3796] Two years
Stefan (PS126) [3797] Hah!
Stefan (PS126) [3798] It must have cost a lot at the start but they
Katherine (PS0H7) [3799] But they are all the same huh?
Stefan (PS126) [3800] No but those [...] you couldn't buy like that.
[3801] This was a [...] is an artist who made a special limited edition of them
Katherine (PS0H7) [3802] Yeah and where do you buy them?
Stefan (PS126) [3803] I don't know.
[3804] Probably you could buy them some stores have them for maybe a week or so.
[3805] They were all sold I dunno.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3806] No?
Stefan (PS126) [3807] There's [...] in Switzerland and
Katherine (PS0H7) [3808] I see
Stefan (PS126) [3809] But they must have cost a lot
Katherine (PS0H7) [3810] Yes?
Stefan (PS126) [3811] I think so
Katherine (PS0H7) [3812] As what?
Stefan (PS126) [3813] Well
Stefan (PS126) [3814] They are exactly the same size as the others
Stefan (PS126) [3815] I know but you know we have a serie limit edition is full up.
[3816] During [...] Swatch watches
Katherine (PS0H7) [3817] Did he?
Stefan (PS126) [3818] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [3819] No I didn't know.
Stefan (PS126) [3820] Hmm hmm in Belgium they were
Katherine (PS0H7) [3821] What did they look like?
Stefan (PS126) [3822] They were all kind of silk covers with the [...] painting in the middle
Katherine (PS0H7) [3823] Huh huh
Stefan (PS126) [3824] and the they cost at that time the Swatch costed about one thousand three hundred thousand francs and they costed about two thousand eight hundred I think
Katherine (PS0H7) [3825] Ah huh did they?
[3826] Must be they were all the same
Stefan (PS126) [3827] No
Katherine (PS0H7) [3828] I have seen just bigger ones black but very
Stefan (PS126) [3829] Yes those are called
Katherine (PS0H7) [3830] Which are very expensive but not forty one
Stefan (PS126) [3831] No
Katherine (PS0H7) [3832] And they have been very much but I though that Swatch cost that much no there are
Stefan (PS126) [3833] But some types before in the beginning all Swatches were the same price
Katherine (PS0H7) [3834] Ah huh .
[3835] It's that one which just with the tiger in gold no more?
Stefan (PS126) [3836] No
Katherine (PS0H7) [3837] And I saw it and I thought ah I saw it in Zurich.
[3838] I'll get that I like it [...] so it's er I didn't
Stefan (PS126) [3839] That I know how but I bought it
Katherine (PS0H7) [3840] You got?
Stefan (PS126) [3841] At Easter time yes I bought it at Easter time
Katherine (PS0H7) [3842] Ah you've got it?
Stefan (PS126) [3843] And then I amd they said I think that one is worth something
Katherine (PS0H7) [3844] And you have the men?
Stefan (PS126) [3845] Hmm hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [3846] And the men [...] the woman as
Stefan (PS126) [3847] Mm mm yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [3848] Have you seen [...] yeah?
Stefan (PS126) [3849] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [3850] Yes?
[3851] Rather nice?
Stefan (PS126) [3852] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [3853] But
Stefan (PS126) [3854] and the one's [...] too late I like that one too and I wanted to buy it as
Katherine (PS0H7) [3855] I've never seen do you think every country gets different ones?
Stefan (PS126) [3856] Yes no well some countries don't get
Katherine (PS0H7) [3857] all
Stefan (PS126) [3858] all
Katherine (PS0H7) [3859] Mm
Stefan (PS126) [3860] Yeah.
[3861] For example well I don' know which Swatch really but on Omega up for example there are Omega watches in Belgium which you can't buy in Switzerland
Katherine (PS0H7) [3862] Can't they?
Stefan (PS126) [3863] which are only made for export.
[3864] For example my dad's brother Omega which you couldn't find in Switzerland
Katherine (PS0H7) [3865] No?
Stefan (PS126) [3866] Which was only made for export.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3867] Do you think a lot of people buy watches?
Stefan (PS126) [3868] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [3869] Yes [...] a lot of makes then there can't be very much left.
Stefan (PS126) [3870] Well the market is quite large
Katherine (PS0H7) [3871] Do you think?
[3872] Well I managed a collect a small [...] very decorative.
[3873] I see forty thousand [laugh] in how many years?
[3874] Two years.
[3875] Two years!?
Stefan (PS126) [3876] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [3877] I cannot cost forty thousand
Stefan (PS126) [3878] I mean the one who bought that you know
Katherine (PS0H7) [3879] He must laugh now.
[3880] Why should we [...]
Stefan (PS126) [3881] And I would be very happy you know
Katherine (PS0H7) [3882] and things like that
Katherine (PS0H7) [3883] Do you really think it's that much money
Stefan (PS126) [3884] No.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3885] You would get it?
Stefan (PS126) [3886] I would never give that.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3887] But do you think someone will pay that?
Stefan (PS126) [3888] I don't I don't know.
[3889] I have no idea.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3890] 'TIS nice
Stefan (PS126) [3891] 'tis maybe over estimated too
Katherine (PS0H7) [3892] I see yeah
Stefan (PS126) [3893] Ya so that if the [...] goes up to thirty thousand the reserve might be large enough to give it to sell it for that price.
[3894] For example sometimes they overestimate certain works of art and you wonder you know during the sale you see it's estimated forty to fifty thousand so you think they'll never give it to you for less.
[3895] Sometimes a [...] gets up to thirty and then they give it to the person
Katherine (PS0H7) [3896] Yeah it depends
Stefan (PS126) [3897] Then one wonders why.
[3898] It's just because or they over estimated it or it's the price you know
Katherine (PS0H7) [3899] They wanted to get
Stefan (PS126) [3900] They wanted to get
Katherine (PS0H7) [3901] Yeah yeah
Stefan (PS126) [3902] It's ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [3903] Yes well my dear look next time I have all again
Stefan (PS126) [...] [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3904] [laugh] next time round.
[3905] Must have how did you do that?
[3906] Or it that last time?
Stefan (PS126) [3907] Nine
Katherine (PS0H7) [3908] Do you like that?
[3909] Would you ever like that?
[3910] Must be [...] for you too [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [3911] [laugh] not the one with Lowry.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3912] No why not?
[3913] Very big [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3914] [...] wouldn't you wear it?
Stefan (PS126) [3915] No I don't think so
Katherine (PS0H7) [3916] I think that will put your [...] [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3917] That should be good for you.
[3918] Really flowery [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [3919] [laugh] can I need a hat with it?
Katherine (PS0H7) [3920] [laugh] really well you know I always think sometimes you'd like to be sort of be crazy wouldn't you?
[3921] No?
[3922] Go over the top?
Stefan (PS126) [3923] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [3924] You can do that at home you know.
[3925] With sudden house comings or something you can really [laugh] get to be very sober and you would love to explode huh?
Stefan (PS126) [3926] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [3927] You could do it wear colours like that at home could you not?
Stefan (PS126) [3928] Hmm hmm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3929] Hm.
[3930] Colours are very [...] [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3931] [...] [laugh] wild jeans no?
[3932] Wouldn't you like that?
Stefan (PS126) [3933] Yeah that's sure sure
Katherine (PS0H7) [3934] Big hat I could wear big hats.
Stefan (PS126) [3935] I love hats
Katherine (PS0H7) [3936] Yeah?
Stefan (PS126) [3937] I'd like to wear hats
Katherine (PS0H7) [3938] Yeah but you can
Stefan (PS126) [3939] Yeah.
[3940] Actually there there's
Katherine (PS0H7) [3941] Sure
Stefan (PS126) [3942] a very nice in Brussels there's a
Katherine (PS0H7) [3943] Nice .
[3944] Would you?
Stefan (PS126) [3945] There's a
Katherine (PS0H7) [3946] You know picture.
Stefan (PS126) [3947] There's a very nice [...] I would like crazy hats not plain
Katherine (PS0H7) [3948] Not plain.
[3949] No if you have a plain lady she'd give you looks then it's nice
Stefan (PS126) [3950] Hmm hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [3951] If its very if it's very plain.
Stefan (PS126) [3952] But I love our country.
[3953] I love our country.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3954] Well I just
Stefan (PS126) [3955] I think I'll work in a [...] summer [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3956] Well why don't you?
[3957] Here you can really eat your heart and no body will look round why don't you?
Stefan (PS126) [3958] I should
Katherine (PS0H7) [3959] You should
Stefan (PS126) [3960] I always [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3961] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [3962] Then there's a very nice hat um designer in Brussels.
[3963] He's called Elvis Compilio.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3964] Yeah
Stefan (PS126) [3965] He's totally crazy.
[3966] Ha
Katherine (PS0H7) [3967] For men or women?
Stefan (PS126) [3968] Men and women both.
Katherine (PS0H7) [3969] Yeah
Stefan (PS126) [3970] And he had this kind of
Katherine (PS0H7) [3971] Who are his clients?
Stefan (PS126) [3972] Young people
Katherine (PS0H7) [3973] Yes
Stefan (PS126) [3974] yes young people and he has a hat which I love but it's quite crazy.
[3975] It's kinda those
Katherine (PS0H7) [3976] Buried in the garden
Stefan (PS126) [3977] It's something in between a baseball hat and a and a jockey
Katherine (PS0H7) [3978] I don't know what a baseball hat is
Stefan (PS126) [3979] It's like round
Katherine (PS0H7) [3980] Yes
Stefan (PS126) [3981] Like this and with a flap
Katherine (PS0H7) [3982] Oh how awful!
[3983] Oh!
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3984] I hate those.
[3985] Don't come here like that I'll not let you in.
Stefan (PS126) [3986] Well it's a very nice one it's not
Katherine (PS0H7) [3987] I don't like those hats.
Stefan (PS126) [3988] But it's it's not a it's not a it's much nicer.
[3989] It's a very
Katherine (PS0H7) [3990] Cap it's sort of have these strings things sticking out I just don't like it whatever it is.
Stefan (PS126) [3991] I love this hat
Katherine (PS0H7) [3992] Why?
Stefan (PS126) [3993] I don't know it's so funny
Katherine (PS0H7) [3994] That's not crazy
Stefan (PS126) [3995] Well it's it's these the model
Katherine (PS0H7) [3996] I thought you were [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3997] What?
Stefan (PS126) [3998] [laugh] I would put up a huge [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [3999] That would have been rather [...] But I come out here but I cannot see you know you can just just get them I seen some in that
Stefan (PS126) [4000] yes ah yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [4001] [...] house you know for a few pence.
[4002] Go and get one.
[4003] I see Marks and Spencers.
[4004] Do you want to see it?
Stefan (PS126) [4005] No
Katherine (PS0H7) [4006] No?
[4007] Why? [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4008] Boring all right.
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4009] You know I always we shall be too late by the time we get out [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4010] The shops will all be closed when I arrive
Stefan (PS126) [...] [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4011] [laugh] so many so very often it happens but for me too I shall go just half an hour [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [4012] [laugh] do you think we said we would go at three thirty so we have to go
Katherine (PS0H7) [4013] Until we find a parking and I don't know what, so

38 (Tape 003609)

Katherine (PS0H7) [4014] We're going to sing today
Stefan (PS126) [4015] It doesn't say
Stefan (PS126) [4016] It doesn't say?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4017] It says outside maybe we come out together
Stefan (PS126) [4018] Make it wait where [...] no
Katherine (PS0H7) [4019] It doesn't say
Stefan (PS126) [4020] [...] six times twentyfive o'clock.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4021] Uh huh that means
Stefan (PS126) [4022] So that's three times this that I ate three of the
Katherine (PS0H7) [4023] Two hundred and ten grams is it?
Stefan (PS126) [4024] Six times twenty five grams
Katherine (PS0H7) [4025] No.
[4026] Six times twenty hundred and twenty and a hundred and fifty grams.
[4027] So I see you ate three
Stefan (PS126) [4028] I ate three
Katherine (PS0H7) [4029] Well I eat the double
Stefan (PS126) [4030] I ate three a day three of those a day
Katherine (PS0H7) [4031] Every day?
Stefan (PS126) [4032] Every day.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4033] Oh no.
[4034] Well I'm not every day that I eat the double.
[4035] Yeah you can just say [...] very nice something.
Stefan (PS126) [4036] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [4037] You can just say I like the [...]
Stefan (PS126) [4038] [...] I think we did well to buying bread
Katherine (PS0H7) [4039] Sorry?
Stefan (PS126) [4040] I think we did well to buy bread
Katherine (PS0H7) [4041] Did we?
[4042] Yes?
[4043] As you start making toast you know
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4044] Ah I can't get it in.
[4045] It's this pocket.
Stefan (PS126) [4046] Where should I put the mince?
[4047] Up here.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4048] No no I have a place for the mince as yet.
[4049] I can't get my [...] in.
Stefan (PS126) [4050] So.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4051] Ah [...] ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [4052] So these buns where am I?
Stefan (PS126) [4053] They're a little
Katherine (PS0H7) [4054] Ah there's too much are they crumbly?
Stefan (PS126) [4055] No.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4056] Oh dear!
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4057] That happens so often you know.
[4058] All [...]
Stefan (PS126) [4059] Well I'll have Patrick have this one here is twelve pounds.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4060] Are they?
Stefan (PS126) [4061] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [4062] Well
Stefan (PS126) [4063] Let's put them back in safe place [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4064] Oh no no stop it [...]

39 (Tape 003610)

Katherine (PS0H7) [4065] So where are they? [...] one of these salads [...]
Stefan (PS126) [4066] And you come here Sainsburys with [...] or [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4067] Yes
Stefan (PS126) [4068] So much nicer
Katherine (PS0H7) [4069] You really think so?
Stefan (PS126) [4070] I mean just little ideas like this you know putting recipes and things
Katherine (PS0H7) [4071] Yeah yeah they do
Stefan (PS126) [4072] It's so nicely done
Katherine (PS0H7) [4073] Yes ah huh
Stefan (PS126) [4074] you don't have to have that?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4075] No?
Stefan (PS126) [4076] No.
[4077] There is nothing like that
Katherine (PS0H7) [4078] No nothing like it Where are the courgette?
Stefan (PS126) [4079] Courgette right here [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4080] [...] thank you
Stefan (PS126) [4081] There's another lettuce here.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4082] Another lettuce then courgette never had so much [...] but I really adore them [...] in the [...] ... Maybe that's [...] I have such a small treat you see ... That's
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [4083] Not to eat
Katherine (PS0H7) [4084] Not to eat that for rice and things.
[4085] That's a cold remedy.
[4086] That's the parsley.
[4087] When the
Stefan (PS126) [4088] And there's a pepper no?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4089] Ah yes.
Stefan (PS126) [4090] I don't know there's another pepper you see
Katherine (PS0H7) [4091] Yeah
Stefan (PS126) [4092] The orange
Katherine (PS0H7) [4093] I haven't got much more room.
Stefan (PS126) [4094] This one
Stefan (PS126) [4095] Oh yes
Stefan (PS126) [4096] This one that's one ... but don't know if you have to [...] Mackerels
Katherine (PS0H7) [4097] That's it.
[4098] You haven't got any rices ah yes that must go in yes
Stefan (PS126) [4099] And that's potatoes and onions to go in it that's it I suppose
Stefan (PS126) [4100] That's all?
[4101] Onions go in
Stefan (PS126) [4102] What is this garlic?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4103] Yeah well that's I [...] that up.
Stefan (PS126) [4104] Pack the bag
Stefan (PS126) [4105] Oh!
[4106] The table's [...] These I put these here.
[4107] Usually what what's the matter with me.
[4108] I am not usually so uh ... They are my little potatoes.
[4109] Looks like a Jersey.
[4110] You see?
Stefan (PS126) [4111] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [4112] So we shall have mashed potatoes this is for [...] mashed potatoes.
[4113] Do you like mashed potatoes?
Stefan (PS126) [4114] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [4115] Okay ... You have to remember
Stefan (PS126) [4116] Oh!
[4117] Mushrooms
Katherine (PS0H7) [4118] Ah yes
Stefan (PS126) [4119] They have to go in
Katherine (PS0H7) [4120] No no I'll makes something tonight
Stefan (PS126) [4121] Ah yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [4122] Since I'm [...] Ooh!
[4123] ... Where the meat has to go?

40 (Tape 003611)

Patrick (PS125) [4124] I really feel relaxed
Katherine (PS0H7) [4125] Yes?
Patrick (PS125) [4126] That's wonderful
Katherine (PS0H7) [4127] Ah good
Patrick (PS125) [4128] I thought I would be dead by now
Katherine (PS0H7) [4129] Yes?
[4130] Often I
Patrick (PS125) [4131] The exams but but I am not knackered at all
Katherine (PS0H7) [4132] No?
Patrick (PS125) [4133] No
Katherine (PS0H7) [4134] What has happened?
Patrick (PS125) [4135] I really don't know
Katherine (PS0H7) [4136] Oh
Patrick (PS125) [4137] I hope it's a good sign
Katherine (PS0H7) [4138] Yes I'm sure it is.
[4139] Because I think I shall write much better then [...] you're too bottled up.
Patrick (PS125) [4140] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [4141] Don't You?
Patrick (PS125) [4142] Yes.
[4143] Yes I think ... yes I tell myself it's not the end of my life you know
Katherine (PS0H7) [4144] It is oh no you have to think I'll do well not in evening
Patrick (PS125) [4145] No
Katherine (PS0H7) [4146] not the end of your life
Patrick (PS125) [4147] No that's what I mean
Katherine (PS0H7) [4148] you're right to do [...]

41 (Tape 003612)

Katherine (PS0H7) [4149] But we both have to watch out just in case shall we?
Stefan (PS126) [4150] Hmm hmm yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [4151] Er
Stefan (PS126) [4152] In case it brings [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4153] [...] here you are
Stefan (PS126) [4154] Oops
Katherine (PS0H7) [4155] Ah how do I want it?
[4156] I think this way.
[4157] Please.
Stefan (PS126) [4158] There
Katherine (PS0H7) [4159] It's a nice colour a friendly colour
Stefan (PS126) [4160] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [4161] Isn't it yeah?
Stefan (PS126) [4162] I have many like this at home
Katherine (PS0H7) [4163] Yeah?
Stefan (PS126) [4164] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4165] It is very friendly.
Stefan (PS126) [4166] All right
Katherine (PS0H7) [4167] Yes I see ... I just do it you know just out here.
[4168] No but
Stefan (PS126) [4169] No
Katherine (PS0H7) [4170] Gosh!
[4171] Last week I had to put my night dress into [...] so it was all white
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4172] [laugh] It was all white because that burnt fingers wouldn't come off
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4173] And I laughed and laughed and laughed and I put it in [...] and you know what happened then.
[4174] ... Oh we have more Chinese in seven yes.
Stefan (PS126) [4175] We choose seven

42 (Tape 003613)

Katherine (PS0H7) [4176] They last a day when they're old look my mother what [...] they really last a day.
[4177] Stephan help yourself.
Patrick (PS125) [4178] The rose bush was not was not pruned this year so I doubt if we're going to have many flowers.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4179] But there are.
[4180] See look!
[4181] Look at this just one rose.
[4182] [...] but they just whither very quickly.
[4183] So whether to leave but that sort [...] is waiting.
[4184] Look macho.
[4185] Yes?
[4186] Ooh!
[4187] Heavy this is.
[4188] Never make up for a [...]
Patrick (PS125) [4189] Is that a male.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4190] No
Patrick (PS125) [4191] Have you made arrangements to meet him?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4192] Yeah tomorrow
Patrick (PS125) [4193] Tomorrow
Katherine (PS0H7) [4194] Hmm hmm
Patrick (PS125) [4195] Where're you seeing him?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4196] By the Sycamore gardens in Kensington.
[4197] I thinks it's near Denise.
Patrick (PS125) [4198] What is she doing now?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4199] I taught her the flat
Patrick (PS125) [4200] The Finnigan and Arms?
Stefan (PS126) [4201] Arms
Patrick (PS125) [4202] Must be very well off then
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4203] No captain she has her six months leave.
[4204] You know it's goping to be sold this flat. [...]
Patrick (PS125) [4205] Did he?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4206] And she's going to look for a flat somewhere else of course
Patrick (PS125) [4207] Yes but that's where Rothchild lives in Finnimore House.
Stefan (PS126) [4208] Yes. ...
Patrick (PS125) [4209] Yes.
[4210] Ahh.
[4211] [sniff] ... [...] she live in England
Patrick (PS125) [4212] Mmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [4213] She [...]
Patrick (PS125) [4214] Yes yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [4215] Does Ian too?
Patrick (PS125) [4216] Where is he working?
[4217] Mm?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4218] Can't remember which one
Patrick (PS125) [4219] Hmm?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4220] One of those [...] old ones
Patrick (PS125) [4221] Yeah in London or in Brussels or?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4222] No here.
Patrick (PS125) [4223] Yeah hmm hmm ... Yes it's always a difficult subject.
[4224] It's a most it is not an international subject.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4225] But there is such a thing as international law
Patrick (PS125) [4226] There is but I mean it is
Katherine (PS0H7) [4227] and more and more people chooses [...] more and more
Patrick (PS125) [4228] Hmm but there's
Stefan (PS126) [4229] [...] military service
Katherine (PS0H7) [4230] Mm mm
Patrick (PS125) [4231] Mm mm
Katherine (PS0H7) [4232] Yeah.
[4233] ... It's going to be um been to his grandmother's flat near your place
Stefan (PS126) [4234] Hmm hm
Katherine (PS0H7) [4235] Near [...] the other side of the motorway.
[4236] What is it called?
[4237] Westland?
Stefan (PS126) [4238] Hmm mm.
[4239] Which side is it?
[4240] Is it the one where they have those terrible blocks?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4241] I almost think so.
[4242] I think it's in a block.
Stefan (PS126) [4243] Yes um.
[4244] Hmm hmm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4245] May be I'm wrong but I think it's in a block.
[4246] And his mother lived there and she can't live on her own any more.
[4247] Could he moved south.
Stefan (PS126) [4248] Where where would she have lived?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4249] No
Stefan (PS126) [4250] In a home with a nursing home?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4251] No
Stefan (PS126) [4252] Any where else?
Patrick (PS125) [4253] Hmm hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [4254] She wants to take over [...]
Patrick (PS125) [4255] Hmm hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [4256] Floor you know you had a middle floor.
[4257] Move in there but [...] let her stand [...] ...
Patrick (PS125) [4258] Probably [...] has because of the staircases for old people
Katherine (PS0H7) [4259] Yeah
Patrick (PS125) [4260] They can't manage the staircase
Katherine (PS0H7) [4261] I don't know how she could manage the stairs
Patrick (PS125) [4262] Yes there are two flights of stairs aren't there?
[4263] Hmm.
[4264] ... Well if she has a hip replacement operation she'll be all right.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4265] Mm
Patrick (PS125) [4266] Surprising how many of these [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4267] [...] Yeah?
Patrick (PS125) [4268] Yeah.
[4269] Hip replacement operations ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [4270] Yeah?
Patrick (PS125) [4271] Rheumatism, arthritis, those are their great worries
Katherine (PS0H7) [4272] Hmm hmm
Patrick (PS125) [4273] and deafness hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [4274] Yeah
Patrick (PS125) [4275] It's awful if you can't hear
Katherine (PS0H7) [4276] Yeah you know what Cathy speak at the radio
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4277] Saying that you now ahm replace the bones of crippled fingers
Patrick (PS125) [4278] Really?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4279] Yeah
Patrick (PS125) [4280] Oh I don't think I shall go in for that.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4281] Well yes
Stefan (PS126) [4282] [...] I know
Patrick (PS125) [4283] Really?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4284] Did you know that?
Stefan (PS126) [4285] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [4286] I never had a replacement
Stefan (PS126) [4287] Replacement with what?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4288] Elbow no knees I suppose elbows as well
Patrick (PS125) [4289] Hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [4290] Knees and fingers.
Patrick (PS125) [4291] Yes.
Patrick (PS125) [4292] Yes.
[4293] But you're never
Stefan (PS126) [4294] And some kind of
Katherine (PS0H7) [4295] If you're very twisted
Stefan (PS126) [4296] And nerves too when you have a finger whose paralysed and couldn't remove it and put in a nerve and then they could work again.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4297] You can remove [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [4298] I don't know do they
Katherine (PS0H7) [4299] [...] to be transplanted
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Patrick (PS125) [4300] [...] you walk on crutches for the rest of your life.
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Patrick (PS125) [4301] It's when you need
Katherine (PS0H7) [4302] Yes
Patrick (PS125) [4303] It won't work
Stefan (PS126) [4304] It will work
Katherine (PS0H7) [4305] How do you know
Patrick (PS125) [4306] Hips don't work properly hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [4307] Some do
Patrick (PS125) [4308] No not really
Katherine (PS0H7) [4309] No.
[4310] They're all there but their their umbrellas and their walking sticks
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Patrick (PS125) [4311] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [4312] You don't think they work properly?
Patrick (PS125) [4313] Yes of course they do work properly.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4314] What do you of course?
Patrick (PS125) [4315] You know a new elbow, a new knee and you think it's going to the like your own elbow?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4316] Yes
Stefan (PS126) [4317] No it's not
Patrick (PS125) [4318] A piece of metal or plastic?
Stefan (PS126) [4319] Hmm hmm
Patrick (PS125) [4320] No of course not
Stefan (PS126) [4321] [...] it helps
Patrick (PS125) [4322] Yes but heavens you know you'll never climb with that and you'll never climb the stairs
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4323] No?
Patrick (PS125) [4324] Of course not ... dear me!
[4325] Some coffee?
Stefan (PS126) [4326] Yes I do very much some coffee
Katherine (PS0H7) [4327] Hmm yes
Patrick (PS125) [4328] Good ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [4329] Why don't we share it?
[4330] Come on
Stefan (PS126) [4331] No thanks
Katherine (PS0H7) [4332] come on Stephan its
Stefan (PS126) [4333] No thanks [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4334] One should finish it come on
Stefan (PS126) [4335] No thank you if Patrick doesn't want
Katherine (PS0H7) [4336] I can't eat it I don't think so he had a big lunch
Stefan (PS126) [4337] Oh ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [4338] Not much to finish ... Oh!
[4339] ... All my [...] Ah we have to still tell Patrick about [...] haven't we?
Stefan (PS126) [4340] About?
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4341] Yes because he really wants to know.
Stefan (PS126) [4342] What?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4343] Are they to leave?
[4344] Yes yes
Stefan (PS126) [4345] Have you [...] vegetables
Katherine (PS0H7) [4346] No no
Stefan (PS126) [4347] No no really
Katherine (PS0H7) [4348] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [4349] Sure
Katherine (PS0H7) [4350] Well you know I don't mind one bit no?
Stefan (PS126) [4351] No
Katherine (PS0H7) [4352] Okay.
[4353] Patrick you know where I would like to go and look at this thing we have to [...]
Patrick (PS125) [4354] Whose that?
[4355] Hmm?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4356] We have to give [...] an answer.
Patrick (PS125) [4357] What's that?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4358] About this holiday you know this arrangement
Patrick (PS125) [4359] Which arrangement?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4360] Well the the hotel we are going to stay
Patrick (PS125) [4361] Oh! yes well
Katherine (PS0H7) [4362] Yes?
[4363] I would like to
Patrick (PS125) [4364] I would rather stay here.
Stefan (PS126) [4365] Hmm?
Patrick (PS125) [4366] I'd rather stay here
Stefan (PS126) [4367] You would?
Patrick (PS125) [4368] I really would
Katherine (PS0H7) [4369] No I'd rather
Patrick (PS125) [4370] A fortnight in Bromley would do me splendidly hmm?
Katherine (PS0H7) [...] [laugh]
Patrick (PS125) [4371] I would rather
Katherine (PS0H7) [4372] Buying [laugh] and they finished off
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4373] You can buy them one day and bring them back the next
Patrick (PS125) [4374] I really would if I had a choice I would stay here
Katherine (PS0H7) [4375] Well you haven't got the choice
Stefan (PS126) [laugh] ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [4376] That wasn't heavy was it?
[4377] Not too many pro not too much protein
Stefan (PS126) [4378] Yeah.
[4379] No it was fine it was very good.
[4380] I think I'm going to have I will have gained weight when [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4381] You think so?
Stefan (PS126) [4382] Hmm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...] [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [laugh] [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4383] When did you eat when did you eat your chips?
Stefan (PS126) [4384] About seven yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [4385] Not here?
[4386] When did you have your practice
Stefan (PS126) [4387] About a week ago
Katherine (PS0H7) [4388] No
Stefan (PS126) [4389] Oh when?
[4390] At six.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4391] yes? [...] supper?
Stefan (PS126) [4392] No [...] ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [4393] But you don't put on weight so there.
Stefan (PS126) [4394] Well I don't know.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4395] No.
[4396] I've never seen you fat
Stefan (PS126) [4397] Hmm I have
Katherine (PS0H7) [4398] Hmm?
[4399] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [4400] When I wasn't excited
Katherine (PS0H7) [4401] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [4402] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [4403] Who cooked there?
Stefan (PS126) [4404] [...] I think.
[4405] It was that's when I just came back from Switzerland I think.
[4406] Not very much
Katherine (PS0H7) [4407] But she wasn't [...] with you?
Stefan (PS126) [4408] Yes [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4409] Ah yes I thought
Patrick (PS125) [4410] Yes
Patrick (PS125) [4411] ould rather stay here
Katherine (PS0H7) [4412] No Patrick where would you would you mind to go to [...] ?
Patrick (PS125) [4413] Oh I don't want to go to [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4414] What else then?
Patrick (PS125) [4415] Well I mean just look at the map you're you're going to [...] and then you're going to [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [4416] Well I don't mind.
Patrick (PS125) [4417] Oh certainly not I'm staying at [...] or the [...] I am not traipsing across France.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4418] No?
Patrick (PS125) [4419] Oh!
[4420] [laugh] I don't want to spend a fortnight on the road.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4421] Well I do.
Patrick (PS125) [4422] Waht do you want to go to [...] for?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4423] But I
Patrick (PS125) [4424] It's miles it's miles away
Katherine (PS0H7) [4425] It doesn't matter
Patrick (PS125) [4426] No no let's go to Mont Dor Nice or Lyon, somewhere on the road somewhere on the route
Katherine (PS0H7) [4427] I'm not going to spend a week on the route [laugh]
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [4428] It's a very nice route
Katherine (PS0H7) [4429] Yes?
[4430] Lyon?
Stefan (PS126) [4431] Lyon
Katherine (PS0H7) [4432] Lyon Lyon I know
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [4433] [...] so well in Lyon.
Patrick (PS125) [4434] Well you eat well
Katherine (PS0H7) [4435] Yes well I don't want to eat well
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Patrick (PS125) [4436] And I want to eat well and I want to be comfortable and I want to stay in good hotel
Stefan (PS126) [4437] Well the one in St Maxim's doesn't do bad which is closer [...]
Patrick (PS125) [4438] But wouldn't there be a people there?
Stefan (PS126) [4439] No
Patrick (PS125) [4440] Still in early September?
Stefan (PS126) [4441] When it's sort of
Katherine (PS0H7) [4442] At at
Patrick (PS125) [4443] Lyon will be alright then the might be all right but right over on the Italian branch it might be all right mmm yes
Stefan (PS126) [4444] Yes [...]
Patrick (PS125) [4445] I am not going up to never
Katherine (PS0H7) [4446] I am
Patrick (PS125) [4447] No.
[4448] Who wants to go there?
[4449] It will rain
Katherine (PS0H7) [4450] No it won't.
[4451] Who said [...] .
[4452] I like it
Stefan (PS126) [4453] There is September [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4454] I like
Patrick (PS125) [4455] Well you have been camping there once and that's enough
Stefan (PS126) [4456] Hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [4457] It isn't
Patrick (PS125) [4458] Of course I think it is.
[4459] We have seen Brittany.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4460] No it's really lovely
Patrick (PS125) [4461] Hmm.
[4462] Oh I don't think I don't think I want to go. [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4463] Ah who wants to go to Montu
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4464] You know the peoples ah you know
Patrick (PS125) [4465] If I'm going to the South of France I want to stay there for awhile
Katherine (PS0H7) [4466] Ah no!
Patrick (PS125) [4467] Yes I don't want to [...] France is enormous country.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4468] I know
Patrick (PS125) [4469] I don't want to spend my time travelling
Katherine (PS0H7) [4470] Don't you remember the last time it was so beautiful going across across at home.
[4471] It was really beautiful ... I shall go alone ...
Patrick (PS125) [4472] [...] this coffee Kathy?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4473] No I'm afraid not.
[4474] I'd like to
Patrick (PS125) [4475] Coffee ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [4476] Sit and eat that's what he wants.
[4477] I just don't want that.
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4478] [laugh] I think we should have different holidays.
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4479] You know he's entitled to his holidays but I don't want to sit
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4480] and read newspapers no thank you.
[4481] Oh!
Patrick (PS125) [4482] This is in your [...] travelling around
Katherine (PS0H7) [4483] Yes
Stefan (PS126) [4484] Well
Katherine (PS0H7) [4485] He does don't you
Stefan (PS126) [4486] He did but not that much
Patrick (PS125) [4487] No he doesn't
Katherine (PS0H7) [4488] He rushes to Borg
Patrick (PS125) [4489] To where?
Stefan (PS126) [4490] To La Borg.
[4491] I'm not rushing to La Borg anymore.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4492] Yes well you see?
[4493] He rushes to La Borg and that's also in Italy
Patrick (PS125) [4494] Yes well ... They think cannot be as far enough
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4495] Hmm hmm
Stefan (PS126) [4496] [...] overlap
Katherine (PS0H7) [4497] Eating eating [...] all day long overlap
Katherine (PS0H7) [4498] From place to the [...] from another to the [...] and backwards again
Stefan (PS126) [4499] [...] [laugh] It's very nice walks through through the Merryland
Katherine (PS0H7) [4500] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [4501] To ah to .
[4502] We're going for a walk to .
[4503] It's just the first visit
Katherine (PS0H7) [4504] We went to Floyds I think we went
Stefan (PS126) [4505] Floods
Katherine (PS0H7) [4506] Yes.
[4507] That's a sweet little village
Stefan (PS126) [4508] Yes
Patrick (PS125) [4509] Yes you have to careful with er that a holiday doesn't just doesn't become an expensive way of being uncomfortable you know
Katherine (PS0H7) [4510] But it isn't
Patrick (PS125) [4511] Oh!
[4512] Oh yes it is.
[4513] To me it's an expensive way of being uncomfortable.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4514] Well to me no.
[4515] So
Patrick (PS125) [4516] I'm more comfortable here than I am on holiday.
[4517] I sleep better
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Patrick (PS125) [4518] Hmm I do.
[4519] No.
[4520] Gives you these hotels aren't comfortable, beds, noisy neighbours unusual food
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4521] Dear me!
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4522] What next?
Patrick (PS125) [4523] Obliged to make polite conversation all the time oh!
Katherine (PS0H7) [4524] With who?
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Patrick (PS125) [4525] I don't know
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4526] Behind your newspaper?
[4527] Come on don't invent you know?
[4528] Ah!
[4529] It was so beautiful you know
Patrick (PS125) [4530] Where?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4531] Going through France ah the Severn and then all these towns.
[4532] It was fabulous.
Patrick (PS125) [4533] Mmm really?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4534] Really really
Patrick (PS125) [4535] Yes provided yes but I would rather stay in one place
Katherine (PS0H7) [4536] We should stop at any one place
Patrick (PS125) [4537] Going to see to see ghosts
Katherine (PS0H7) [4538] No what rubbish
Patrick (PS125) [4539] Lyon is a very nice town
Katherine (PS0H7) [4540] I don't want to
Stefan (PS126) [4541] Lyon it's very nice
Katherine (PS0H7) [4542] Yes I'd like to see it for a day or two but not for a fortnight
Patrick (PS125) [4543] But Lyon is a very big town.
[4544] It's the bigger
Stefan (PS126) [4545] It is
Katherine (PS0H7) [4546] But I'm not going on holiday in a town
Patrick (PS125) [4547] Oh!
[4548] Why not?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4549] No.
Stefan (PS126) [4550] Well you can spend some days on the Cote d'Azure
Katherine (PS0H7) [4551] I don't mind for about two three days
Stefan (PS126) [4552] Go [...] [laugh]
Patrick (PS125) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4553] [laugh] Well yes why not?
[4554] No no [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [4555] Very nice very
Katherine (PS0H7) [4556] Sure
Patrick (PS125) [4557] [...] strong hmm?
[4558] But the coffee [...] Did you buy it in Bromley?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4559] Yes.
[4560] I just want it no no I'd like that small one.
[4561] May be I will eat only half of it.
[4562] I'm not eating whole of it.
[4563] So no it's too much.
[4564] So it looks awfully fresh the wretches made me almost squashed it.
Patrick (PS125) [4565] They're nice when they're fresh.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4566] Yeah
Patrick (PS125) [4567] Isobel likes scones.
[4568] Is there someone who likes them without currants?
[4569] Hmm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4570] You're not supposed to say but [laugh]
Patrick (PS125) [4571] Not too bad mmm
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4572] I have very little though.
[4573] I am also being careful.
[4574] No I think I have half.
[4575] You don't have to to watch out ... Scones.
[4576] Where is scones?
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4577] No
Stefan (PS126) [4578] Not too many miles
Katherine (PS0H7) [4579] Hmm don't think we've ever been in [...]
Patrick (PS125) [4580] Large belt large belt of the community in easterly
Stefan (PS126) [4581] Hmm it's beautiful and the team
Katherine (PS0H7) [4582] is a frontier town
Stefan (PS126) [4583] No, it's not
Patrick (PS125) [4584] Oh no no no
Stefan (PS126) [4585] No no it's before Monaco.
[4586] Manto is before Monaco.
[4587] Manto is very close to a very nice place called
Katherine (PS0H7) [4588] But isn't Manto near the Italian border?
Stefan (PS126) [4589] Well it's closer to the Italian border than Nice is
Patrick (PS125) [4590] Hmm
Stefan (PS126) [4591] but it's still it's in between Nice and Monaco.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4592] Hmm.
[4593] What is the frontier town ?
Patrick (PS125) [4594] [...] France
Stefan (PS126) [4595] Benzaminia is the frontier town it's in
Katherine (PS0H7) [4596] Okay yes
Stefan (PS126) [4597] It's quite nice we have a very nice little villages on -you have , El
Katherine (PS0H7) [4598] Yeah
Stefan (PS126) [4599] Quite nice on on above
Patrick (PS125) [4600] In the mountains?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4601] I know Alec has been there
Stefan (PS126) [4602] El is beautiful
Katherine (PS0H7) [4603] Is it?
[4604] Well I like .
Patrick (PS125) [4605] Yes but we're not going to Brittany
Katherine (PS0H7) [4606] We are.
Patrick (PS125) [4607] It's off our route
Katherine (PS0H7) [4608] [laugh] you like all your
Katherine (PS0H7) [4609] but think what you missed
Patrick (PS125) [4610] I'd like to sign it now
Stefan (PS126) [4611] Mmm [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4612] Bromley [laugh]
Patrick (PS125) [4613] The best French cider I have drunk is a French cider sold by by Sainsburys.
[4614] Quite [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4615] What?
Patrick (PS125) [4616] The best French cider is cider sold by Sainsburys one that I've drunk.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4617] Well, I'm not a cider expert.
[4618] I like [...] and the others.
[4619] I really liked it.
[4620] I loved to go back
Patrick (PS125) [4621] Well you can go back
Katherine (PS0H7) [4622] You'll have share that
Patrick (PS125) [4623] If you're going in er if you're going in that direction hmm?
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [4624] No no no no no
Katherine (PS0H7) [4625] I I could but I have to be very careful
Stefan (PS126) [4626] I'm going to blow
Katherine (PS0H7) [4627] Really?
[4628] Oh you had better stop
Stefan (PS126) [4629] Can't
Katherine (PS0H7) [4630] Just give me a week to [...] have in here.
Patrick (PS125) [4631] You don't have a coffee to be going on?
[4632] Hmm?
Stefan (PS126) [4633] [...] with the soda
Katherine (PS0H7) [4634] They're terrible tense
Stefan (PS126) [4635] No just ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [4636] Vaison doesn't like sultana.
[4637] Do you know that?
Stefan (PS126) [4638] What does he..?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4639] He picks all out
Patrick (PS125) [4640] Oh!
[4641] Isobel wants
Stefan (PS126) [4642] He doesn't like cinnamin goping either
Patrick (PS125) [4643] Isobel wants to go to Brazil
Stefan (PS126) [4644] Yes
Patrick (PS125) [4645] But well I mean it's rather stupid for how long?
Stefan (PS126) [4646] Three weeks.
Patrick (PS125) [4647] Oh!
[4648] But can Vaison take the three weeks holiday?
Stefan (PS126) [4649] That's six I don't know.
Patrick (PS125) [4650] We're very reluctant to have to take three weeks holiday.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4651] Will you? overlap
Patrick (PS125) [4652] Very I mean overlap
Patrick (PS125) [4653] We've got five weeks [...] discouraged from taking more than a fortnight at a time.
Stefan (PS126) [4654] Hmm hmm.
[4655] In Belgium many people do take three weeks at a time
Patrick (PS125) [4656] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [4657] Hmm.
[4658] Sometimes here in London.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4659] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [4660] Yes.
Patrick (PS125) [4661] You do come back with somebody sitting
Stefan (PS126) [4662] They live for like one holiday which is the summer holiday to stay away you know?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4663] [laugh] I just [...] come back
Patrick (PS125) [4664] Perhaps when they come back they've got six months you know they've got a month's work on their hands.
Stefan (PS126) [4665] I know.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4666] Some else's sitting at their desk?
Stefan (PS126) [4667] Well not you know cleaning [laugh] so I don't know what kind of work they do.
Patrick (PS125) [4668] Oh well if you're here [...] that's all right

43 (Tape 003701)

Unknown speaker (KCVPSUNK) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4669] [laugh] [...] door you know
Stefan (PS126) [4670] Yes did you tell Patrick? [laugh]
Patrick (PS125) [4671] You don't want to tell?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4672] Oh yes.
Stefan (PS126) [4673] Tell then.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4674] Come on you tell I'm too bored.
Stefan (PS126) [4675] This afternoon someone called
Patrick (PS125) [4676] Yes
Stefan (PS126) [4677] Assume you know offer his services for
Katherine (PS0H7) [4678] Bowater you know Bowater?
Patrick (PS125) [4679] Bowater.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4680] Yeah.
[4681] Bowater
Patrick (PS125) [4682] Paper
Katherine (PS0H7) [4683] yes Bowater I understood Bowater Fenny.
[4684] Bowater Fenny.
[4685] So and they made erm windows.
Patrick (PS125) [4686] Hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [4687] P V C windows and doors
Patrick (PS125) [4688] Ah yes hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [4689] And I thought I didn't know you.
[4690] Who are you?
[4691] And they said Bowater and I said well I have never heard of you and then they said have you heard of the paper?
[4692] And I said yes but not as er as a window.
[4693] Then they said well and then I realised that it was Fennite and I'd heard of that
Patrick (PS125) [4694] Who?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4695] They bought out Fennite.
Stefan (PS126)
Katherine (PS0H7) [4696] Yes you know one of those
Patrick (PS125) [4697] oh hmm yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [4698] Yes .
[4699] Anyway you go on I'm bored
Stefan (PS126) [4700] [laugh] no no you tell it
Katherine (PS0H7) [4701] No [...]
Stefan (PS126) [4702] I don't know what you told him
Patrick (PS125) [4703] Well we had no work for them did we?
[4704] Hmm?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4705] Well they said
Stefan (PS126) [4706] But she thought of the back the garden door
Katherine (PS0H7) [4707] anybody they are in the area you know as they always say and ah sorry we need a back door so they say they offer one per door one
Patrick (PS125) [4708] Hmm hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [4709] And then they say when can we come?
[4710] And it was an old gentleman.
[4711] Such nice somebody ... and then I thought of ah I thought of that door yes all right let's
Patrick (PS125) [4712] Which door?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4713] The back door here you know we had to replace it really.
Patrick (PS125) [4714] Really?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4715] Never [laugh] yes so I thought let them come and they wanted you to be there and then I couldn't rid of ... I just couldn't get them to change their minds you know they just wanted you there and I said
Patrick (PS125) [4716] When do they want me there?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4717] Well when they come
Patrick (PS125) [4718] Ah when
Katherine (PS0H7) [4719] When they come on Saturdays, Sundays evenings anytime and I said no come you know when I am alone.
[4720] Well we usually like to be there
Patrick (PS125) [4721] Well I'm afraid [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [laugh]
Patrick (PS125) [4722] Or that I'm going to say no we're not paying [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4723] Well [...] They really don't want to come huh?
Patrick (PS125) [4724] They don't want to do the job
Stefan (PS126) [4725] And then a lady called back five minutes later just explain
Katherine (PS0H7) [4726] The man a man this an elderly man said oh well so I said all right you leave it my husband has no time either you come I shall be alone
Patrick (PS125) [4727] Hmm hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [4728] Very well I said well yes my husband is there or not be there.
Patrick (PS125) [4729] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [4730] I mean ... all right and I just ticked him off.
[4731] Why should I lie?
[4732] So I said no no er he won't be there and he said okay.
[4733] You can always leave it if you think it's not worth your while don't don't come.
Patrick (PS125) [4734] Hmm so are they
Katherine (PS0H7) [4735] So he said all right all right
Patrick (PS125) [4736] Are they replacing the door?
Stefan (PS126) [4737] I believe there's not wasted.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4738] And then I believe takes someone else supervisor
Patrick (PS125) [4739] Hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [4740] and er then she said if she [...] you know I have them and I said no I told her all right we'll be seeing you and
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4741] your husband and I said no
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4742] Exactly
Patrick (PS125) [4743] Well I I I'm [...] tell them to get on with it.
Stefan (PS126) [4744] Yes I know but they don't they won't have it
Katherine (PS0H7) [4745] They didn't want to understand that
Stefan (PS126) [4746] Just er just a woman
Patrick (PS125) [4747] Yes but if you change your mind you see there's
Katherine (PS0H7) [4748] But so would you
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [4749] Why can't you change your mind?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4750] Well it's the two out three men dislike it.
Patrick (PS125) [4751] Well I said listen if you don't want to come please don't ... so I'm not sure whether they do she said yes yes we'll come nothing er erm what did they say nothing comes in between so
Stefan (PS126) [4752] Never did [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4753] Yes
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4754] I don't care.
[4755] So who is that? ... [...] war and want.
Patrick (PS125) [4756] What?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4757] There's this woman there and then they say up
Stefan (PS126) [4758] Yes I tell you what
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4759] I know which one?
Patrick (PS125) [4760] Hmm?
[4761] Well it's Nigel Hawthorne, [...] Miss Saigon [...] one of those.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4762] [...] What are the others?
[4763] I'd like to know.
Patrick (PS125) [4764] Mercedes Raw Lost in Yonkers ... Miss Saigon wins
Katherine (PS0H7) [4765] Yes and the other man there. [sneeze]
Stefan (PS126) [4766] Your cafe's in the south
Katherine (PS0H7) [4767] Ah maybe yes he may be the [...] you know that's it.
[4768] I think that's him.
[4769] He was he was the best
Stefan (PS126) [4770] Did you see Miss Saigon?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4771] Yes.
[4772] Did you see?
Stefan (PS126) [4773] No
Katherine (PS0H7) [4774] But don't go on and think it's amusing you know he's not really.
[4775] No.
[4776] After all it's not a it's rather sad.
[4777] Huh?
Stefan (PS126) [4778] No
Katherine (PS0H7) [4779] Very sad.
[4780] Second er it's like an opera
Stefan (PS126) [4781] Yes?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4782] Sort of musical no not a musical but what should I say?
[4783] A pop opera?
Stefan (PS126) [4784] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [4785] Yeah and if you go in and think it's like all the other museums you have charts you have figures statistics along with you you know it's rather very sad but it's entertaining
Stefan (PS126) [4786] Hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [4787] but when you think which Madam Butterfly's scene you know
Stefan (PS126) [4788] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [4789] Marrying inside Vietnam [...] going to shine up for his [...] .
[4790] I'd love to touch it.
[4791] Oh I'd love to go back to for a chat [...]
Stefan (PS126) [4792] There are many
Katherine (PS0H7) [4793] [...] in England there are quite a few you know [...]
Stefan (PS126) [4794] No I know in Camden Town there are some very nice [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4795] Yeah erm it's it's a very well known supplier mm ... any [...] it appears that it [...] a way a way to get in.
Stefan (PS126) [4796] I think
Katherine (PS0H7) [4797] To get a good place
Stefan (PS126) [4798] Hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [4799] You have to give the doorman a ten pound note or something to get a nice place you know
Stefan (PS126) [4800] Hmm hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [4801] So you have to know that
Stefan (PS126) [4802] They have a rally in Brussels starting last week
Patrick (PS125) [4803] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [4804] But not this weekend but weekend before or is it June twenty five I don't remember
Katherine (PS0H7) [4805] Did you go?
Stefan (PS126) [4806] No I wasn't there I was in Switzerland but it was quite nice because they had carte blanche they have some preview of it you know you had like a band playing
Katherine (PS0H7) [4807] Yes
Patrick (PS125) [4808] Uh huh?
Stefan (PS126) [4809] Giving out some leaflets and they play incredibly well.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4810] It's very nice
Patrick (PS125) [4811] On the Grand Place?
Stefan (PS126) [4812] On the Grand Place but they play all over Brussels and so you can take the bus for free
Katherine (PS0H7) [4813] Never!
Stefan (PS126) [4814] and you go all over.
[4815] They've done this for that three years now and they
Katherine (PS0H7) [4816] They do something they manage [...] with such
Stefan (PS126) [4817] One night one even
Katherine (PS0H7) [4818] Where they going?
Stefan (PS126) [4819] Yes I think it
Katherine (PS0H7)
Stefan (PS126) [4820] That's in August
Katherine (PS0H7) [4821] Yeah ... and you roam again [...]
Stefan (PS126) [4822] Yes it's on second and the fourth of July
Patrick (PS125) [4823] Is it ohh!
Katherine (PS0H7) [4824] Are you still [...] ?
[4825] You are?
[4826] As what?
[4827] The Grey Wig.
Stefan (PS126) [4828] Black Hood [laugh]
Patrick (PS125) [4829] Hmm hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [4830] Always the same?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [4831] Really?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4832] Always the same?
Stefan (PS126) [4833] It was always the same?
Patrick (PS125) [4834] and who was she married to?
Stefan (PS126) [4835] And she was married to ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [4836] She wasn't married to Charles the Fifth was she?
Stefan (PS126) [4837] No no no no she wasn't.
[4838] She was his sister wasn't, no?
Patrick (PS125) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [4839] Yes she was his sister.
Patrick (PS125) [4840] Hmm hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [4841] Charles the Fifth's sister?
Stefan (PS126) [4842] Yes and [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4843] And your brothers participate too?
Stefan (PS126) [4844] No well ... doesn't this year and Michelle probably he doesn't either because he's on holiday at [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4845] But he has?
Stefan (PS126) [4846] But yes they [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4847] And these roles are are occupied by the same people every year ?
Stefan (PS126) [4848] Yes every year not now, not always no but most of the time yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [4849] Really?
[4850] Until someone drops dead?
Stefan (PS126) [4851] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [4852] It will be a long way to wait to have your place.
Stefan (PS126) [laugh] ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [4853] So, do you is it fun?
Stefan (PS126) [4854] It's fun yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [4855] Is it?
Stefan (PS126) [4856] It's quite well it's fun because I you know the people and you see them once or twice a year and it's it's nice to see them back and talk
Patrick (PS125) [4857] Yes
Stefan (PS126) [4858] but the procession for us is like the most boring thing because we we just walk on the Grand Place for about five minutes
Katherine (PS0H7) [4859] You don't go round [...]
Stefan (PS126) [4860] and then we sit
Patrick (PS125) [4861] Hmm hmm
Stefan (PS126) [4862] No
Katherine (PS0H7) [4863] No?
Stefan (PS126) [4864] No we only start from the Grand Place and then we sit on the ... there's a big escarpment on the [...] and then we sit there
Patrick (PS125) [4865] Hmm hmm
Stefan (PS126) [4866] So ... and it's [...] and most every every single year there's something different but very little.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4867] I see.
Stefan (PS126) [4868] And so
Katherine (PS0H7) [4869] Ah huh
Stefan (PS126) [4870] We know
Katherine (PS0H7) [4871] Colour goes out of your wig or something?
Stefan (PS126) [4872] Something like that or one [...] they put in that wasn't there or some
Katherine (PS0H7) [4873] Uh huh .
[4874] I've never seen it.
Stefan (PS126) [4875] Something like that or yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Patrick (PS125) [4876] Oh yes and people walking on stilts
Katherine (PS0H7) [4877] Do they do that?
[4878] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [4879] Fighting and that.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4880] No?
Patrick (PS125) [4881] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [4882] Yes they have batons.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4883] And then you have a banquet afterwards?
Stefan (PS126) [4884] Yeah a reception.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4885] A reception.
[4886] Where?
Stefan (PS126) [4887] In the [...]
Patrick (PS125) [4888] More coffee?
Stefan (PS126) [4889] No I'm fine thank you.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4890] Ah Huh.
[4891] A reception?
Stefan (PS126) [4892] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [4893] With erm ... what is [...] near [...]
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4894] Funny it's on the tip of my tongue
Stefan (PS126) [4895] Yes I know which one you mean
Katherine (PS0H7) [4896] [clears throat] there on the corner
Stefan (PS126) [4897] Ah I don't really
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [4898] Yeah
Patrick (PS125) [4899] Oop!
Stefan (PS126) [4900] It's a nicer in here than the hall it is very warm
Stefan (PS126) [4901] You know this is very much against this is something typical of the seventies this kind of thing
Katherine (PS0H7) [4902] Seventies?
Patrick (PS125) [4903] Hmm hmm like
Katherine (PS0H7) [4904] No it's not seventies stuff you know that is made now
Stefan (PS126) [4905] Hmm hmm I know because it's back in fashion but this was built initially this was something that you could find very much in thirties
Katherine (PS0H7) [4906] Right.
Stefan (PS126) [4907] It was fashion you and you would have bracelets with them you'd never seen and big rings like planets.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4908] This is this plastic or is this or is it perhaps you know resin?
Stefan (PS126) [4909] I think it's plastic.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4910] You think it's plastic?
Stefan (PS126) [4911] Yes I think it is.
[4912] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4913] Yeah you know you know they feel different you know.
[4914] Erm erm [...] they feel different you know I have some?
[4915] This is [...]
Stefan (PS126) [4916] This is yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [4917] I sometimes [...] one may be I'm completely wrong
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4918] I never thought of it was plastic
Patrick (PS125) [4919] Yeah ...
Stefan (PS126) [4920] There might be some very you know [...] I don't know
Katherine (PS0H7) [4921] I don't know but then frankly thinking but then I got them in the end you know I just didn't sell them because nobody paid that much and then ah in the outset and I paid quite a big price for for two for Patrick and me and then when they were they they dropped the price and then I got some more.
Stefan (PS126) [4922] Ah huh
Katherine (PS0H7) [4923] You know what I mean?
Stefan (PS126) [4924] Hmm hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [4925] When they were very expensive I just bought two for us to change a bit and then I thought right now they dropped half and then I bought some more
Stefan (PS126) [4926] Hmm Hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [4927] But er not before.
[4928] Funny thing!
[4929] When I had them first I thought I'm never going to use them you know they're so clumsy and they're so big and now I rather enjoy them.
[4930] They grow on you they grow on you.
[4931] Funny!
[4932] Well anyway with me
Stefan (PS126) [4933] They're nice.
[4934] They're very nice
Katherine (PS0H7) [4935] [laugh] You don't have to be polite.
Stefan (PS126) [4936] No I really like them.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4937] I'd look round the kitchen
Stefan (PS126) [4938] This one I like
Katherine (PS0H7) [4939] You like that one?
Stefan (PS126) [4940] Yeah.
[4941] That one
Katherine (PS0H7) [4942] You're lucky.
[4943] I've got another funny one [...]
Stefan (PS126) [4944] This one.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4945] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [4946] Does match in two colours I don't really match but this
Katherine (PS0H7) [4947] But I like this I like that one
Stefan (PS126) [4948] Really?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4949] Hmm.
Stefan (PS126) [4950] Oh!
Katherine (PS0H7) [4951] You like that then?
Stefan (PS126) [4952] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4953] I think there are just these three colours.
Stefan (PS126) [4954] Hmm hmm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4955] Kitchen again.
[4956] Oh dear me!
Stefan (PS126) [4957] Do you want me to
Katherine (PS0H7) [4958] No it doesn't matter.
[4959] What is it?
[4960] Why are you sighing?
Patrick (PS125) [4961] Tired?
[4962] Why don't you go to bed?
Stefan (PS126) [4963] Not yet.
[4964] In about half an hour or an hour.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4965] Really not yet?
[4966] Oh!
[4967] You seem very happy.
Stefan (PS126) [4968] Very.
[4969] It's a wonderful day.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4970] Is it?
Stefan (PS126) [4971] Huh.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4972] Do you remember when we arrived?
Stefan (PS126) [4973] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4974] Jeez!
[4975] I almost flee from the table [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4976] What you feel so?
Stefan (PS126) [4977] No
Katherine (PS0H7) [4978] Mm?
Stefan (PS126) [4979] You given place [...] in Switzerland they think it's quite [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4980] You're old fashioned?
Stefan (PS126) [4981] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [4982] Ah yes but this is not meant to be old fashioned.
Stefan (PS126) [4983] [laugh] This one?
[4984] No it's lower than the one there.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4985] No?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [4986] Yes but what's it like at home?
Stefan (PS126) [4987] It's lower.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4988] Ah you see?
[4989] Nobody has page like that.
[4990] You feel on the table you look
Stefan (PS126) [4991] No.
Katherine (PS0H7) [4992] You're just about the same height [laugh]
Stefan (PS126) [4993] You can just roll over.
[4994] Yes.
[4995] Yes you are a [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [4996] Are they comfortable?
Katherine (PS0H7) [4997] Yes.
[4998] Very.
Patrick (PS125) [4999] You think so?
Stefan (PS126) [5000] Mattress is very comfortable
Katherine (PS0H7) [5001] Not bad huh?
Stefan (PS126) [5002] No very nice.
[5003] Very good.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5004] You find it more comfortable than the other?
Stefan (PS126) [5005] Hmm hmm yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5006] You do?
[5007] Can you remember?
Stefan (PS126) [5008] Yes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5009] What?
Stefan (PS126) [5010] I should come out.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5011] Not really no.
[5012] No.
Stefan (PS126) [5013] The other one was lower [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [5014] [laugh] The mattress was lower

44 (Tape 003702)

Unknown speaker (KCVPSUNK) [5015] Yes rather good.
Stefan (PS126) [5016] It looks like tribal watch.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5017] Well, it's a bit refined
Stefan (PS126) [5018] It doesn't like [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [5019] Not to me but, except maybe this this thing but not so material.
[5020] Oh look at him is that a bat?
Stefan (PS126) [5021] Mm mm
Katherine (PS0H7) [5022] Oo that sounds [...] the devils
Stefan (PS126) [5023] Oh no no no this is Diable Po
Katherine (PS0H7) [5024] Yeah it is I can see.
[5025] Yeah a [...]
Stefan (PS126) [5026] That's his full name.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5027] Is it?
Stefan (PS126) [5028] That's his no no that's his real name.
[5029] the way he was ... like his artist's name.
[5030] Hmm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5031] That seems like a

45 (Tape 003703)

Unknown speaker (KCVPSUNK) [5032] Christies' Mansion isn't it that?
Stefan (PS126) [5033] Yes yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [5034] British no
Katherine (PS0H7) [5035] Where is the British here?
Stefan (PS126) [5036] Here this is the one.
[5037] This is [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [5038] No you ruin it.
Stefan (PS126) [5039] It's international it's in North America with those. [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [5040] Ah yes.
[5041] In England and all these places [...] .
[5042] What is the [...] .
[5043] What is the [...] .
[5044] There's a lot of is it [...] .
[5045] Short hair or long hair or just a man?
Katherine (PS0H7) [5046] Just a [...] .
[5047] Ah I see.
[5048] So they can't value it.
Stefan (PS126) [5049] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [5050] [...] Ireland.
[5051] Yorkshire.
[5052] We had one in Granny's home.
[5053] in Cheshire.
[5054] Fellow of the Royal ... what's that [...] like insurance. [...]
Stefan (PS126) [5055] I don't know.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5056] It looks a Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.
Stefan (PS126) [5057] That's it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5058] Why?
[5059] That means er R R Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.
Stefan (PS126) [5060] Appointed I don't know.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5061] He's not the same.
Stefan (PS126) [5062] That's it no
Katherine (PS0H7) [5063] No
Stefan (PS126) [5064] Oh well yeah tired, I shall sleep
Katherine (PS0H7) [5065] I think that better go in the kitchen
Stefan (PS126) [5066] Do you want me to help you.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5067] No.
Stefan (PS126) [5068] That's ...

46 (Tape 003704)

Unknown speaker (KCVPSUNK) [5069] Were you in time?
Stefan (PS126) [5070] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [5071] Hmm?
[5072] Yes?
Stefan (PS126) [5073] Yes I was very [...] .
[5074] I was there about five after nine.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5075] You still looked nine thirty and then could you make even or did you have to wait around?
Stefan (PS126) [5076] I had to wait for about ten minutes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5077] Did you? ... [...]
Stefan (PS126) [5078] Socks
Katherine (PS0H7) [5079] You are tired.
[5080] Why don't you lie down a bit?
Stefan (PS126) [5081] Well I'm doing much better now.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5082] Are you?
Stefan (PS126) [5083] Yeah but just soft strokes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5084] Did you did you sleep well?
Stefan (PS126) [5085] Yup.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5086] You did?
Stefan (PS126) [5087] Hmm hmm.
[5088] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5089] [...] with you round.
[5090] You know he did
Stefan (PS126) [5091] You know what really put everything in the jacket.
[5092] Nearly put so I wasn't nervous.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5093] Did he come at once?
Stefan (PS126) [5094] No.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5095] You know sometimes
Stefan (PS126) [5096] Yeah but I you know no
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [5097] It comes it comes by bits and bits with me.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5098] Yeah [...]
Stefan (PS126) [5099] All the time it's always like that and I hate that because I'm that's why I'm so slow too.
[5100] You know you have people who write it once you know once through.
[5101] I can't do that.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5102] Yeah.
[5103] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [5104] Impossible.
[5105] I've never been able to do that.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5106] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [5107] So I write like ten lines or something
Katherine (PS0H7) [5108] yeah
Stefan (PS126) [5109] Then poof.
[5110] I have to wait and see how I'm going to to do further.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5111] What you know.
[5112] Yeah.
Stefan (PS126) [5113] Because I have to structure while I'm writing I you know so I'm structuring while and I can't write ... as well.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5114] You only structure?
[5115] I think that's a good idea er to structure before you plan make a plan before you start.
Stefan (PS126) [5116] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [5117] But I somehow I don't do it and I know I'm sure it is
Stefan (PS126) [5118] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [5119] It is better.
[5120] No I
Stefan (PS126) [5121] Well I planned a little bit but even if I plan I still can't write it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5122] Yeah yeah yeah and you know what until I get started takes long for me and then I usually can get going you know but until I keep going or sometimes somebody [...] and I say that's it!
[5123] And then after one page or half.
[5124] My God!
[5125] I don't know anything anymore
Stefan (PS126) [5126] Yes that's it
Katherine (PS0H7) [5127] you know what I mean?
Stefan (PS126) [5128] That's it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5129] And then ... I have to start something else.
Stefan (PS126) [5130] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [5131] Does that happen to you?
Stefan (PS126) [5132] Yeah.
[5133] My third question today
Katherine (PS0H7) [5134] yes?
Stefan (PS126) [5135] I was I didn't know which question to take
Katherine (PS0H7) [5136] Yes that's it yes
Stefan (PS126) [5137] One or the other,
Katherine (PS0H7) [5138] Hmm hmm
Stefan (PS126) [5139] which one should I take?
[5140] So I decided at least I stood there for ten minutes which one should I take?
Katherine (PS0H7) [5141] Wondering which
Stefan (PS126) [5142] You know?
[5143] Which is the most stupid thing.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5144] Well no.
[5145] It's just
Stefan (PS126) [5146] And then I started one [laugh] and I said no no no I won't be able to do this.
[5147] And I started another one and I said no I won't be able to this and got back to the other one and did the other one. ... .
Katherine (PS0H7) [5148] And I remember once we had that was we had accountancy ... and we have a year to pick that one.
[5149] We had to have solved so much problems and I just this way and I just wouldn't have it you know it's just impossible it's impossible and I hummed and hawed which way and hummed and hawed which way.
[5150] In the end it must have been the right one because I was the best of all and I you know until five minutes before everything finished I just couldn't make up my mind
Stefan (PS126) [5151] Hmm hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [5152] So er I was just lucky
Stefan (PS126) [5153] yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [5154] To to have taken the right decision for once.
Stefan (PS126) [5155] Uh huh
Katherine (PS0H7) [5156] But as it is as you say you know it took five minutes before it all happened in [...] I find this very [...] don't you?
[5157] Or you know you know how to continue?
[5158] ... . Tomorrow it's easier isn't it?
[5159] Didn't you say so?
Stefan (PS126) [5160] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [5161] Much?
Stefan (PS126) [5162] Hmm.
[5163] ... Not much those two here now this week other house.
[5164] But next week this
Katherine (PS0H7) [5165] You've
Stefan (PS126) [5166] Well I have much it was much easier for me to study the once.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5167] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [5168] I have next week
Katherine (PS0H7) [5169] Ah huh.
[5170] Yes.
[5171] Just two next week.
[5172] Also I've asked you I'm sure many times but
Stefan (PS126) [5173] Also the one next
Katherine (PS0H7) [5174] Also Wednesday and Thursday?
Stefan (PS126) [5175] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5176] Yeah.
[5177] ... So that's that will come easier to you really?
Stefan (PS126) [5178] Yeah.
[5179] This one was hard because this one to me I think was the hardest because it was was theoretical
Katherine (PS0H7) [5180] Yeah yeah
Stefan (PS126) [5181] and we had to have theory that much you know
Katherine (PS0H7) [5182] Yes yes
Stefan (PS126) [5183] And tomorrow it's hard because it's an economics one and I have never had economics before so but it's the second part in Zurich because it's flying economics [...] telecommunications and political television [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [5184] Ah huh that's all practical?
Stefan (PS126) [5185] Much more practical so that's all right
Katherine (PS0H7) [5186] yes
Stefan (PS126) [5187] and then ... next week it's it's easier easier subjects.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5188] Ah huh.
Stefan (PS126) [5189] So ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [5190] Well ... it's a good thing there're only four aren't there?
Stefan (PS126) [5191] Mmm mm.
[5192] There are.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5193] Well afterwards is your thesis going to be difficult?
Stefan (PS126) [5194] No.
[5195] Not really.
[5196] You know it's the thing you wanted.
[5197] You choose and so you like to
Katherine (PS0H7) [5198] Yeah.
[5199] Okay.
[5200] You know the reason to choose?
Stefan (PS126) [5201] Yes I have interviews and then just need to start well I need some moral interviews and then start.
[5202] Structuring
Katherine (PS0H7) [5203] Yes
Stefan (PS126) [5204] Finding more readings
Katherine (PS0H7) [5205] Yes
Stefan (PS126) [5206] You know and then writing.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5207] And you having to do a talk
Stefan (PS126) [5208] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [5209] Should I drink the pot
Katherine (PS0H7) [5210] [...] Do you want some more tea?
Stefan (PS126) [5211] I'll get some
Katherine (PS0H7) [5212] Do you want some more?
Stefan (PS126) [5213] Do you want some more?
Katherine (PS0H7) [5214] Don't you?
Stefan (PS126) [5215] Yeah but
Katherine (PS0H7) [5216] All right.
[5217] Come on come on
Stefan (PS126) [5218] Don't worry you stay
Katherine (PS0H7) [5219] Just make a tiny bit of er sugar.
Stefan (PS126) [5220] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [5221] And why don't you take your cup as well?
Stefan (PS126) [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [5222] No no take you first.

47 (Tape 003705)

Unknown speaker (KCVPSUNK) [5223] Stefan you're exactly Isobel's age, are you?
Stefan (PS126) [5224] Yes.
[5225] But ahm two months older.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5226] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [5227] Three months older.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5228] Same year?
Stefan (PS126) [5229] Yes [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [5230] Because my friend's daughter whom I met er she is one year and a few days older than you two huh?
[5231] Well Isobel.
[5232] She is born in first mm mm first week in August a year later.
[5233] Thirty not sixty four.
[5234] So ...
Stefan (PS126) [5235] Sixty four eh?
Katherine (PS0H7) [5236] Yes.
[5237] So she is a year older and her son is a year younger.
Stefan (PS126) [5238] Sixty six?
Katherine (PS0H7) [5239] No two years younger.
Stefan (PS126) [5240] Sixty seven.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5241] Yes yes.
[5242] Twenty four
Stefan (PS126) [5243] Yes ... .
Katherine (PS0H7) [5244] I think they are in Australia.
[5245] They're in Perth.
[5246] They're Indians and er now he worked here.
[5247] He did his Masters here in I think he did his first degrees got that in India
Stefan (PS126) [5248] Hmm hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [5249] And then er he took his Master's degree here in London ... and er ... two two degrees in India when he [...] He is you know he is erm orthopaedic surgeon.
[5250] So he does mostly hip replacements
Stefan (PS126) [5251] Hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [5252] He's a surgeon ... He is your age.
[5253] Oops a daisy!
[5254] When I hobbled along with my knee he said Oh you should come to [...] knee replacements ... How did you take your [...] how did you have to come?
[5255] First [...] and then ... couldn't take a return one then.
[5256] That's a wrong
Stefan (PS126) [5257] No I took two
Katherine (PS0H7) [5258] Two tickets?
Stefan (PS126) [5259] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [5260] That's how you had to do it?
Stefan (PS126) [5261] Well no I could take a return if I wanted to.
[5262] I took one to [...] which is two ninety
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [5263] Too nice
Katherine (PS0H7) [5264] You see you usually can go on return.
[5265] A travel card is
Stefan (PS126) [5266] Three thirty
Katherine (PS0H7) [5267] [...] But I mean
Stefan (PS126) [5268] Yes I know but then [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [5269] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [5270] So er then I wonder how much a weekly one was but it's twenty one sixty a week
Katherine (PS0H7) [5271] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [5272] So it's I I counted it up for the time I'm staying.
[5273] It's not quite worthwhile
Katherine (PS0H7) [5274] It's not worth it.
[5275] Hmm.
[5276] ... And can you take er weekly from Monday to Monday or?
Stefan (PS126) [5277] No it's from Monday to Sunday
Katherine (PS0H7) [5278] or for any You can't just take it from any time?
Stefan (PS126) [5279] Yes only yes you took it I can take it from tomorrow for a week
Katherine (PS0H7) [5280] For a week Ah huh yes.
[5281] Twenty two pounds?
Stefan (PS126) [5282] Twenty one sixty.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5283] Twenty one and to come back how much did that cost?
Stefan (PS126) [5284] Again two ninety
Katherine (PS0H7) [5285] Again two ninety?
Stefan (PS126) [5286] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [5287] Yeah it's awfully expensive
Stefan (PS126) [5288] It's incredibly
Katherine (PS0H7) [5289] Yes six pounds just to
Stefan (PS126) [5290] Imagine
Katherine (PS0H7) [5291] Yeah
Stefan (PS126) [5292] It's incredible it's it's six pounds
Katherine (PS0H7) [5293] yes
Stefan (PS126) [5294] It's what I paid to go to Minorca
Katherine (PS0H7) [5295] Three hundred and sixty
Stefan (PS126) [5296] Three hundred and sixty,
Katherine (PS0H7) [5297] No
Stefan (PS126) [5298] no I paid more.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5299] Wait a minute
Stefan (PS126) [5300] Yes it's three hundred and sixty
Katherine (PS0H7) [5301] Three hundred and fifty [...] sixty isn't it?
[5302] I paid sixty [...] for a pound.
[5303] Yeah it's a lot three hundred and sixty.
Stefan (PS126) [5304] That's one way to Minorca
Katherine (PS0H7) [5305] Yes one way to [...] very odd.
Stefan (PS126) [5306] yes that's the that's just [...] .
[5307] Can you imagine you paid six hundred francs to go back and forth to trip.
[5308] Quite expensive.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5309] Well it is.
[5310] What is it?
[5311] That costs about six hundred to Dijon.
[5312] Yes, but still I mean it is much longer than this journey.
[5313] It is very expensive and dreadful trains aren't they?
[5314] Dirty and uncomfortable.
[5315] Well I think we are next in line to get some new ones.
Stefan (PS126) [5316] This morning I was on a new one.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5317] Really?
Stefan (PS126) [5318] Well I
Katherine (PS0H7) [5319] Never start on new line on on new trains
Stefan (PS126) [5320] Was it new?
Katherine (PS0H7) [5321] Train in this line
Stefan (PS126) [5322] No no no
Katherine (PS0H7) [5323] There are some nice ones
Stefan (PS126) [5324] Whether it looked new outside
Katherine (PS0H7) [5325] Hmm hmm
Stefan (PS126) [5326] But inside it was ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [5327] I was staring at a woman I thought of you.
[5328] There was an old woman on sitting opposite me on the way home and she had two big [...] I was looking and looking [...] These are not real.
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [5329] But not bad ones and these should last a little while because they are crunched up they are powdery
Stefan (PS126) [5330] Hmm hmm
Katherine (PS0H7) [5331] They take sea shells or pearls not pearls and they powder a bit and then put several layers on it ... so they are not
Stefan (PS126) [5332] Yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [5333] They should last
Stefan (PS126) [5334] Very
Katherine (PS0H7) [5335] They should last two years
Stefan (PS126) [5336] Very
Katherine (PS0H7) [5337] But they are not very [...] she had [...] .
[5338] What did we see?
[5339] We saw things like they had yesterday for about four pounds.
Stefan (PS126) [5340] They are they were not [...] likes.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5341] And I paid after all forty six.
Stefan (PS126) [5342] Yeah but
Katherine (PS0H7) [5343] [...] so there must be a bit of [...] ... and of course.
[5344] The real things the real is a real pleasure ... .
[5345] When are you going to Christies?
Stefan (PS126) [5346] Tomorrow afternoon I think
Katherine (PS0H7) [5347] Tomorrow?
Stefan (PS126) [5348] Hmm hmm.
[5349] Tomorrow we're going for lunch
Katherine (PS0H7) [5350] Yes?
Stefan (PS126) [5351] to celebrate our first three
Katherine (PS0H7) [5352] Do you?
[5353] Where are you going?
Stefan (PS126) [5354] I don't know yet
Katherine (PS0H7) [5355] You don't know yet.
Stefan (PS126) [5356] And then I
Katherine (PS0H7) [5357] Your your colleagues from
Stefan (PS126) [5358] Yes and then then I will go to er to Christies
Katherine (PS0H7) [5359] Christies
Stefan (PS126) [5360] in the afternoon
Katherine (PS0H7) [5361] Ah huh
Stefan (PS126) [5362] And ... probably maybe have a drink with some friends
Katherine (PS0H7) [5363] Yes yes
Stefan (PS126) [5364] Before going to the concert
Katherine (PS0H7) [5365] Ah huh
Stefan (PS126) [5366] And then
Katherine (PS0H7) [5367] Ah huh.
[5368] Do you know your way about?
Stefan (PS126) [5369] Yes it's in the [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [5370] [...] Well do you know that you have
Stefan (PS126) [5371] I know the way
Katherine (PS0H7) [5372] You know the way yeah?
Stefan (PS126) [5373] I have already been to the bank.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5374] By underground when you came here?
Stefan (PS126) [5375] Yeah yeah
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [5376] Ah no from here no
Katherine (PS0H7) [5377] You have to change something
Stefan (PS126) [5378] I know I have to change but I'll find it don't worry.
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [5379] Yeah.
[5380] Don't worry.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5381] You have to walk a bit.
[5382] It's not nice
Stefan (PS126) [5383] Do you like the Barbican?
Katherine (PS0H7) [5384] Yes.
[5385] Well ... yes.
Stefan (PS126) [5386] Do you know I think the acoustic is very bad in there.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5387] Yeah.
[5388] But somewhere else I was it was much worse.
[5389] But the one the acoustic is wonderful in the Festival Hall.
Stefan (PS126) [5390] yes.
[5391] It's most wonderful thing.
[5392] But so I sat in the Barbican up up at the around at the same level as the Royal Festival.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5393] Yes yes.
Stefan (PS126) [5394] I couldn't hear anything at all
Katherine (PS0H7) [5395] And yet it's all wood isn't it?
[5396] In that great hall?
Stefan (PS126) [5397] It's written ... yes well supposedly there there have been many criticisms about it
Katherine (PS0H7) [5398] I know I've heard it.
Stefan (PS126) [5399] But er
Katherine (PS0H7) [5400] Did you actually
Stefan (PS126) [5401] I didn't hear I mean I could hear.
[5402] It was ah no I mean it was you know it's not that it was ... Do you mind if I watch the news at six?
Katherine (PS0H7) [5403] Yes.
Stefan (PS126) [5404] But it
Katherine (PS0H7) [5405] You'll have to watch it again with Patrick.
Stefan (PS126) [5406] I don't well I I I will probably study at nine.
[5407] That's why I watch it.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5408] [...] because he won't give up his news.
Stefan (PS126) [5409] So er er what was I saying?
[5410] No there was a kinda of a veil that kept the voices coming up.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5411] Really?
[5412] How far up? [...]
Stefan (PS126) [5413] I was totally up all the way up.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5414] And it was bad?
Stefan (PS126) [5415] And it was well I I felt I need I'll see tomorrow but
Katherine (PS0H7) [5416] Hmm hmm
Stefan (PS126) [5417] But that's what I
Katherine (PS0H7) [...]
Stefan (PS126) [5418] It was the night of Symphony
Katherine (PS0H7) [5419] Yes
Stefan (PS126) [5420] The night er er Symphony of Beethoven.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5421] Yes but you can't have not have heard it?
Stefan (PS126) [5422] Well not as much as I'm used to.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5423] No?
[5424] You know [...] in er I think ... we have to turn off I think.
[5425] Well she's on the second balcony under ... in the centre under the top you know where the ... she's said it's great [...] in the back there.
[5426] She says it's a great difference in the movie.
[5427] Did you know that?
Stefan (PS126) [5428] Yes
Katherine (PS0H7) [5429] She'd like to change with a girl.
[5430] Cos [...] we may not be able to afford those upper [...] you know they are very expensive.
[5431] Poor old Ralph has to pay those.
[5432] Rather that he stayed [...] more expensive.

48 (Tape 003801)

Katherine (PS0H7) [5433] Are you [...] can you sort of can you?
Stefan (PS126) [5434] Yes very much.
[5435] I can do [...] .
[5436] Very much so.
[5437] ... I can tell you, well not always but sometimes people from first sight I can tell.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5438] Well, you're sort of offering in ... broad lines ha?
Stefan (PS126) [5439] Sorry?
Katherine (PS0H7) [5440] In broad lines.
Stefan (PS126) [5441] Yes in broad lines.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5442] Somehow I sort of mentioned [...] do you know what I mean?
Stefan (PS126) [5443] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5444] [...] nothing to do with intentions has more to do with sort of [...] intuition.
Stefan (PS126) [5445] Yeah.
[5446] I can, and I can feel immediately if it will click with someone or not, you know if, if I'd like someone or not.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5447] But it clicks with you?
Stefan (PS126) [5448] Yes.
[5449] Or, when the, no, when I see, I meet someone for the first time.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5450] [...] other people click?
[5451] First time
Stefan (PS126) [5452] I can ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [5453] sort of guess [...]
Stefan (PS126) [5454] I classify meeting people.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5455] Yeah
Stefan (PS126) [5456] It's a bad thing to do.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5457] Why?
Stefan (PS126) [5458] Because you don't, sometimes you can have a very wrong opinion of someone.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5459] Have you had wrong opinions?
Stefan (PS126) [5460] Yes I think, well mm ...
Katherine (PS0H7) [5461] [...] you see, you just think it's [...] or have you ... experienced that you were, first you had a bad or a good ... impression and then you had to change which I used to do very often.
[5462] I ... I had always too good an impression of everybody.
[5463] And then I had to come back.
[5464] In ... you know?
Stefan (PS126) [5465] No, not [...]
Katherine (PS0H7) [5466] You give everybody a chance. ... [...]
Stefan (PS126) [5467] No, I sometimes even now I classify people at first and sometimes come back to my decision yes I do.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5468] You do?
Stefan (PS126) [5469] Yes I do.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5470] Are you so personal [...] ?
Stefan (PS126) [5471] I am
Katherine (PS0H7) [5472] I don't mind [...] in America.
[5473] Then you [...] and you're expelled.
[5474] Naughty girl, always makes fun [...] she was absolutely a very intelligent woman but she spoke soft and slowly so everybody just sort of, who knew her superficially, she was not a very intelligent woman, she really was I can assure you.
[5475] She's all black now [...] all along, so
Stefan (PS126) [laugh]
Katherine (PS0H7) [5476] she [...] can be awful really sarcastic she would she would she would mimic her ah so.
[5477] That was very naughty.
[5478] Anyway I made completely the wrong decision with her with her the first time.
[5479] Yeah.
[5480] It was because she spoke so slowly afterwards I didn't even realize it.
[5481] She writed me.
[5482] Erm she was in India and I wanted to go and she said [...] a Hindi course at A T R in Zurich.
Stefan (PS126) [5483] Aha.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5484] And she says come on, my, you girl I tell you this and that.
[5485] Let's meet and er ... I'll give you [...] hints for [...] .
[5486] And I thought, oh not her, you know, she won't, what she tells me won't be interesting.
Stefan (PS126) [5487] I know.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5488] And yet, it just clicked after a while that she is, yes I don't know, we became [...] the best of friends.
[5489] And I went to that meeting thinking
Stefan (PS126) [5490] I know
Katherine (PS0H7) [5491] it will just be [...] .
[5492] That happened to you?
Stefan (PS126) [5493] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5494] We could [...] .
[5495] ... She's no right to tell you about things [...] it just was that.
[5496] [...] afterwards, [...] you know the [...] you go up, you have
Stefan (PS126) [5497] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5498] A T E, A T R at the university and just, the block, the side of the university, she had her apartment for a little time.
[5499] And ... every Saturday for a whole year she run a Japanese consulate.
Stefan (PS126) [5500] Mhm.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5501] And, every Saturday she would cook for me, usually curry, something and a good bottle of wine.
[5502] And Sunday she would come to me and I'd cook for her.
Stefan (PS126) [5503] Fine.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5504] Right.
[5505] When I used to turn down the corner of the [...] strasse I heard her music.
[5506] She used to [...] right up and, ... I can remember the sort of hot days, you know
Stefan (PS126) [5507] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5508] and the water music which she had about ... you know for months and months she would have the water music on and you used to hear it in the [...] .
[5509] So
Stefan (PS126) [5510] Funny .
[5511] They're very nice apartments there, the [...] .
Katherine (PS0H7) [5512] Are they?
Stefan (PS126) [5513] Ah yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5514] Well it's not, er, it's just the side street, just
Stefan (PS126) [5515] Just the side street.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5516] Yes.
[5517] But just, almost, you know, near the [...] strasse and [...] , I can't remember the name.
[5518] Just about mhm
Stefan (PS126) [5519] Aha.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5520] just one block away from it.
Stefan (PS126) [5521] Yeah.
Katherine (PS0H7) [5522] So ... They're nice on [...] strasse.
[5523] Where?