19 conversations recorded by `Kathleen' (PS0H8) between 15 and 17 January 1992 with 10 interlocutors, totalling 4977 s-units, 23839 words (duration not recorded).

11 speakers recorded by respondent number 14

PS0H8 Ag1 f (Kathleen, age 15, student (state secondary), Central Midlands, )
PS127 Ag3 f (Christine, age 44, teacher, Northern England, ) mother
PS128 Ag0 f (Mary, age 13, student (state secondary), Central Midlands, ) sister
PS129 Ag0 f (Susan, age 11, student (state secondary), Central Midlands, ) sister
PS12A Ag3 f (Jackie, age 37, dinner-lady, Central Midlands, ) sister's friend's mother
PS12B Ag0 f (Claire, age 11, student, Central Midlands, ) sister's friend
PS12C Ag0 f (Lorna, age 14, student, Central South-west England, ) friend
PS12D Ag0 f (Helen, age 14, student, Central South-west England, ) friend
PS12E Ag1 f (Amanda, age 15, student, Midlands, ) friend
KCWPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KCWPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

19 recordings

  1. Tape 052801 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationNottinghamshire: Silverdale/East Leake ( In car/school ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 052802 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationNottinghamshire: Silverdale/East Leake ( In car/School ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 052803 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationNottinghamshire: Silverdale/East Leake ( School ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 052804 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationNottinghamshire: Silverdale/East Leake ( School ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 052805 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationNottinghamshire: Silverdale/East Leake () Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 052806 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationNottinghamshire: Silverdale/East Leake ( School/car/home ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 052807 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationNottinghamshire: Silverdale/East Leake ( School/car/home ) Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 052901 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationNottinghamshire: Silverdale/East Leake ( home/car/school ) Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 052902 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationNottinghamshire: Silverdale/East Leake ( home/car/school ) Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 052903 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationNottinghamshire: Silverdale/East Leake ( home/car/school ) Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 052904 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationNottinghamshire: Silverdale/East Leake ( home/car/school ) Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 052905 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationNottinghamshire: Silverdale/East Leake ( home/car/school ) Activity: Unspecified
  13. Tape 052906 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationNottinghamshire: Silverdale/East Leake ( home/car/school ) Activity: Unspecified
  14. Tape 052907 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationNottinghamshire: East Leake ( School ) Activity: Unspecified
  15. Tape 052908 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationNottinghamshire: East Leake ( School ) Activity: Unspecified
  16. Tape 053001 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationNottinghamshire: East Leake ( School ) Activity: Unspecified
  17. Tape 053002 recorded on 1992-01-17. LocationNottinghamshire: Silverdale/East Leake ( Travelling to school/School ) Activity: Unspecified
  18. Tape 053003 recorded on 1992-01-17. LocationNottinghamshire: East Leake ( School ) Activity: Unspecified
  19. Tape 053004 recorded on 1992-01-17. LocationNottinghamshire: East Leake ( School ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 052801)

Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1] Last night driving down this bit, it's terrible!
Christine (PS127) [2] Ah, we was ... we was talking about going about somewhere but er, we changed our mind in the end, cos it was er
Christine (PS127) [3] It was a bit damp.
Christine (PS127) [4] just a bit, bit [...] aye.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [5] Oh!
[6] Hi.
Christine (PS127) [7] It's alright if you're [...] [...]
Christine (PS127) [8] It's alright.
Christine (PS127) [9] [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [10] But he didn't come.
Christine (PS127) [11] Yeah.
Susan (PS129) [12] Are you still coming to see him?
Christine (PS127) [13] Oh enjoy your [...] .
Susan (PS129) [14] Cos I am.
Christine (PS127) [laugh]
Christine (PS127) [15] I think everybody's going home then.
Christine (PS127) [...]
Susan (PS129) [16] Then I'll pick you up tonight.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [17] Right!
[18] See you tonight then.
Susan (PS129) [19] Okay.
Christine (PS127) [20] Yeah.
Susan (PS129) [21] Yeah.
[22] Bye!
Christine (PS127) [23] Right.
Christine (PS127) [...]
Susan (PS129) [24] Alright?
Christine (PS127) [25] Yeah I'll go and get some Tunes.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [26] Ah!
Susan (PS129) [27] Got some ... [...] ?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [28] First thing.
Susan (PS129) [29] I got them yesterday.
[30] I've got [...] .
[31] They're mine.
Christine (PS127) [32] What flavour do you want?
Susan (PS129) [33] Strawberry.
Christine (PS127) [34] Strawberry.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [35] Strawberry!
[36] They don't do strawberry.
Susan (PS129) [37] Well you know, the red ones.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [38] Oh, the cherry.
Susan (PS129) [39] Ah well!
[40] I've got cooking last today.
Christine (PS127) [41] Mm.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [42] That's the best way really.
[43] Except for it's dead hot still if you're not careful, if you've been cooking it in the over or something
Susan (PS129) [44] Yeah I know.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [45] and you li , it's a bit late you have to wait longer but ... apart from that like, when we're on the bus it's hot or so ... it has had to be set, it'll probably still be runny a bit.
Susan (PS129) [46] Yeah well mum's picking me up, so
Kathleen (PS0H8) [47] I know.
[48] You're alright.
Susan (PS129) [49] Mm.
[50] I'll be in the front tonight. [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [51] [cough] ... Well say.
[52] They won't, I was thinking about it, probably not.
[53] ... And don't pull that funny face!
Susan (PS129) [54] I'm not pulling a funny face!

2 (Tape 052802)

Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [55] You got netball today Clare?
[56] Are you doing netball in erm, games?
Claire (PS12B) [57] Yeah
Kathleen (PS0H8) [58] So are we.
[59] ... We were lucky last week cos half of us have got netball, half of us have got hockey, but last week because it was raining ... it was too bad for the hockey people to go out cos they co , with it being dark as well so we, we just stayed inside.
Claire (PS12B) [60] We did it inside and then [...] had to go outside [...] cos it was raining.
Christine (PS127) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [61] Oh and it
Christine (PS127) [62] Well are you gonna take the [...] today?
Claire (PS12B) [63] [...] .
Christine (PS127) [64] Black?
Claire (PS12B) [65] Yeah, black.
Christine (PS127) [66] Well we got the shower in.
Claire (PS12B) [laugh] ... [...]
Christine (PS127) [67] Oh, I hadn't thought of it [...] .
[68] Are you all back tomorrow now then?
Claire (PS12B) [69] Apart from them. [...]

3 (Tape 052803)

Mary (PS128) [70] She'll turn it on when she wants to.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [71] I bet you it, oh! [laugh]
Susan (PS129) [72] I bet it's only, I can take that?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [73] Not here no.
Susan (PS129) [74] Well you want ... if only ... in that [...] , if I can play it back.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [75] I can play it back at home.
Lorna (PS12C) [76] Is it ... on a tape?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [77] Yeah, it goes onto a tape.
Lorna (PS12C) [78] Where's the tape?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [79] I ain't telling you!
Lorna (PS12C) [80] No, just ... just say, say where you're wearing the tape.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [81] Mm.
Lorna (PS12C) [82] If I can, if I could catch the tape.
Susan (PS129) [83] Is that yours?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [84] It's in the Walkman.
Mary (PS128) [85] Oh!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [86] That is why I'm not meant to see anyone with it.
Susan (PS129) [87] I wondered why yo ... were carrying that.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [88] You didn't notice it erm
Lorna (PS12C) [89] Pardon me!
Susan (PS129) [90] On Friday.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [91] on Friday, erm erm ... you didn't notice it be , when I was wearing it under yo , got you on tape, this one ... on Monday erm
Susan (PS129) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [92] when you came down at dinner time, when you came charging into the common room.
Lorna (PS12C) [93] Right.
Susan (PS129) [94] Stuck in my earhole!
Lorna (PS12C) [95] Really!
Susan (PS129) [96] I went, ho!
[97] Yes.
[98] It's er!
[99] I wondered what it was, it was whistling in my earhole!
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [100] Never mind.
Susan (PS129) [101] [...] do without this.
Christine (PS127) [102] Hey Kathleen, have you saved that [...] ?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [103] No.
Christine (PS127) [104] Have you shown it to Jenni?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [105] They don't, no, Jenni doesn't know about it.
[106] So don't tell her!
Christine (PS127) [107] [...] what to say?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [108] Not a lot.
Lorna (PS12C) [109] Maybe sh , [...] ! [...] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [110] Nothing!
[111] Just talking about what we're gonna do on Saturday.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [112] Yes!
[113] Lorna.
Amanda (PS12E) [114] Lorna get on with your work!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [115] So wha , what time are you co ... you have to sort out
Christine (PS127) [116] Get on with your work.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [117] whe , when you get in.
[118] Yeah.
Amanda (PS12E) [119] Thank you.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [120] Yeah. [cough]
Lorna (PS12C) [121] I can't believe this is my work today!
[122] ... [whispering] Has everybody got one [] ?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [123] Right.
Claire (PS12B) [124] We're not [...] are we?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [125] Let you know?
Susan (PS129) [126] What for?
Amanda (PS12E) [127] Well, come on, while she's recording [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [128] It don't bother me!
Claire (PS12B) [129] I reckon she is recording actually.
Susan (PS129) [130] Well we'll soon find out won't we?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [131] Is that why you're not saying anything?
Claire (PS12B) [132] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Christine (PS127) [133] Okay?
[134] They just want to know [...]
Mary (PS128) [135] Why do they wanna know how teenagers are like?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [136] It's not, it's all ages.
Mary (PS128) [137] Is it?
[138] Oh.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [139] All over the country.
Mary (PS128) [140] Who's it for?
[141] Is it for [...] ?
Amanda (PS12E) [142] We might be able to hear it.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [143] It's not , it's for a research com , thing.
Christine (PS127) [144] Oh and research for Newsround!
Claire (PS12B) [145] Yeah.
[146] Did yours ask about [...] ?
Mary (PS128) [147] Why?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Amanda (PS12E) [148] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [149] In Nottingham?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [150] No, cos they're doing it for all, they're all doing for all over different places anyway.
Amanda (PS12E) [151] Mhm.
Christine (PS127) [152] Some people have got a real bad Nottingham accent.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [153] Some people have.
Christine (PS127) [154] Sort of I mean [...]
Christine (PS127) [155] Is that right?
Amanda (PS12E) [156] Like me?
Christine (PS127) [157] I got a Derbyshire accent, okay?
Christine (PS127) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [158] And I've got nothing!
[159] I've got loads o accents altogether.
Susan (PS129) [160] No you [...] cos, you know,yo
Kathleen (PS0H8) [161] [laughing] Cos you're going to real effort are you [] ?
[162] What do you think of that?
Lorna (PS12C) [163] No, I I
Kathleen (PS0H8) [164] Do you think it looks alright without the paws?
Claire (PS12B) [165] Yes.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [166] What about that one?
[167] Do they look about the same?
[168] No, because one's a lot wider than the other two at the moment.
Lorna (PS12C) [169] How many tapes has she gave you?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [170] A lot.
[171] [laughing] Oh [] !
Lorna (PS12C) [172] Oh!
[173] A lot?
Amanda (PS12E) [174] Why don't you play one now?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [175] They're taking them all back anyway.
Amanda (PS12E) [176] We're just doing all this talking so you can [whispering] [...] [] !
Susan (PS129) [177] How many of the ta , tapes have you got?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [178] Sh , it doesn't, just as many as I can.
[179] It doesn't matter.
Susan (PS129) [180] Will I do one for you?
Amanda (PS12E) [181] Oh! [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [182] No, you have to give me it.
Christine (PS127) [183] What?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [184] [screaming] Ah [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [185] I can't no, cos I won't do it anyway, I'm doing it for ma ... cos I
Claire (PS12B) [186] Is this
Kathleen (PS0H8) [187] got some, I got some people coming round tonight so I was gonna do it anyway.
Lorna (PS12C) [188] Well, we've got a baby in our house.
Susan (PS129) [189] That's just the point!
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [190] No, you ought to go to a party and do one.
[191] Cos that'd be [...] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [192] I went to her [laughing] house [] !
Lorna (PS12C) [193] That was a party! [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [194] A well anyway it's got, I've got ... cos it's gotta be with me anyway on it, cos I've gotta be in the conversation somewhere ... he said.
Lorna (PS12C) [195] Well I could pretend to be you.
Christine (PS127) [196] What?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [197] No, cos because they know.
Lorna (PS12C) [198] Er, I've got a cold.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [199] [laugh] ... Well I didn't have a cold when she [laughing] came to see me [] !
Lorna (PS12C) [200] Cos you didn't have to face up to that [...] , that's why!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Claire (PS12B) [201] Think of me like a ladybird!
Lorna (PS12C) [202] Oh I'm cold!
Amanda (PS12E) [203] Just imagine you with [...] !
Claire (PS12B) [204] No I don't believe
Amanda (PS12E) [205] [laughing] It's on in a moment.
[206] She's losing her [...] [] !
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [laugh]
Christine (PS127) [207] Excuse me!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [208] [laughing] Oh alright [] .
Claire (PS12B) [209] Do you reckon, think she does?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [210] I think it's a bit forced!
Claire (PS12B) [...]
Susan (PS129) [211] Lorna!
Christine (PS127) [laugh]
Claire (PS12B) [212] Kathleen's laughing!
Susan (PS129) [213] It's not is it?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Claire (PS12B) [214] Don't Kathleen!
[215] Cos you, well she's nasty thing [...] !
Susan (PS129) [216] Kathleen, you gotta take photos?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [217] You what?
Susan (PS129) [218] You gotta take photos?
Amanda (PS12E) [219] Are you allowed to keep it?
Christine (PS127) [220] It's not bad!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [221] No!
Susan (PS129) [222] [...] it's me that conversation there!
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [223] Well , You won't the conversation.
Susan (PS129) [224] [...] ... Oh come on!
[225] I want you put it on because I want ... my voice to be on it.
Amanda (PS12E) [226] Kathleen? [...] ?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [227] What?
Susan (PS129) [228] No.
[229] [laughing] Loads of [...] [] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [230] I've got you in the common room I think anyway.
Claire (PS12B) [231] Just shove it on now look listen to the talk.
Susan (PS129) [232] Is that why you , you and Lorna were nudging each other?
Amanda (PS12E) [233] I know!
[234] Just put
Kathleen (PS0H8) [235] Yeah.
Amanda (PS12E) [236] when we know.
Lorna (PS12C) [237] When we was talking to you.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [238] Sh , I wasn't doing earlier.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [239] [laughing] Kathleen [] !
Amanda (PS12E) [240] Talk like, when you know it's on!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [241] Aha.
[242] That's why I'm not doing it
Christine (PS127) [243] What's your [...] ?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [244] when you think it's on.
Amanda (PS12E) [245] Then afterwards you gotta tell us.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [246] Alright.
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [247] You gotta teach John his lesson!
[248] You've got to!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [249] [laughing] Alright [] !
[250] I will
Christine (PS127) [251] No afterwards she's going to switch it on in the common room.
Lorna (PS12C) [252] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [253] I'll switch it on where I want!
Lorna (PS12C) [254] She's already taped a bit in the common room.
Christine (PS127) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [255] Can't hear much on it though sa , cos there's too much background noise ... it ... stupid place!
Mary (PS128) [256] What the common room?
Amanda (PS12E) [257] Go on switch it on now?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [258] It's been on.
[259] Well
Mary (PS128) [260] The
Susan (PS129) [261] Oh!
Mary (PS128) [262] common room's [...]
Susan (PS129) [263] My name's Michelle.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [264] You wouldn't believe [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [265] In the common room or something like that.
Susan (PS129) [266] Yeah, cos the common room won't work will it Kathleen? [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [267] Yes it did.
[268] Your lot was dead
Kathleen (PS0H8) [269] Your bit was alright cos you ke
Lorna (PS12C) [270] loud!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [271] Yeah, you keep screaming into it that's why!
Lorna (PS12C) [272] You go, [...] !
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [laugh]
Susan (PS129) [273] Well le , I said let me rewind it and play it.
[274] Will yo , can you hear it through the earphones?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [275] No.
Lorna (PS12C) [276] Oh right!
[277] In the common room.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [278] I can only hear it at home really, this thing she's
Lorna (PS12C) [279] He really loves, he loves you!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [280] given me.
Susan (PS129) [281] A , is there a all, bit [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [282] And I go, ooh, you got all tarted up didn't you Amanda?
[283] And you goes, no I didn't!
[284] All I did was brush my hair!
[285] And all that was on it.
Amanda (PS12E) [286] Oh!
[287] Was that in ... the kitchen?
Lorna (PS12C) [288] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Amanda (PS12E) [289] Had
Kathleen (PS0H8) [290] No.
Amanda (PS12E) [291] it on in the kitchen then at home?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [292] Which kit , no.
Amanda (PS12E) [293] Oh!
[294] Good!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [295] [laugh] ... No!
Lorna (PS12C) [296] Jolly good!
Amanda (PS12E) [297] You did?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [298] No I didn't.
Lorna (PS12C) [299] I did.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [300] You didn't!
Lorna (PS12C) [301] I pressed record.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [302] You didn't cos the tape was at the beginning of the tape.
[303] Ah ah!
Lorna (PS12C) [304] I, it weren't, it was at the beginning!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [305] Ah ah!
Lorna (PS12C) [306] No it wasn't.
Amanda (PS12E) [307] I mean, I wonder
Kathleen (PS0H8) [308] Wrong side!
Amanda (PS12E) [309] how many times you got Lorna?
Lorna (PS12C) [310] Ah!
[311] This
Kathleen (PS0H8) [312] Oh yeah, that's a point.
[313] They'll probably
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [314] Oh hey!
[315] Do me a favour?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [316] die listening to her!
Mary (PS128) [317] I'm sure we'd have some fun and get John on it will you?
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [318] We already have.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [319] Thank you!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [320] When Lorna was
Susan (PS129) [321] You have?
Christine (PS127) [322] [...] doing your erm
Susan (PS129) [323] Can you play it?
Christine (PS127) [324] cookery lesson.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [325] I don't know.
Lorna (PS12C) [326] I wanted to wake up [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [327] It's on a different tape.
Susan (PS129) [328] So Kathleen says.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [329] I'll see what i
Susan (PS129) [330] What did he say?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [331] I don't know.
Lorna (PS12C) [332] My mum listened
Christine (PS127) [333] Kathleen!
Lorna (PS12C) [334] mum listened to it.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [335] Cos I said, she didn't quite ... cos I said, I mean it was [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [336] She we nicked off with it so it could be anything.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [337] It was in your cooking weren't it?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [338] In erm, that one of [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [339] Cooking?
[340] I haven't got her for cooking.
Lorna (PS12C) [341] No!
[342] I'm not gonna let him in
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [343] Vegetarian.
Lorna (PS12C) [344] the garden!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [345] I don't do cooking.
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [346] No.
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [...]
Claire (PS12B) [347] I was just trying to make conversation [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [348] Why do you wanna know when he turns up?
Claire (PS12B) [349] Erm
Kathleen (PS0H8) [350] Blackmail him with
Claire (PS12B) [351] Can you
Kathleen (PS0H8) [352] something.
Claire (PS12B) [353] yeah, just let her borrow it.
[354] Right?
[355] Please!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [356] Well!
Amanda (PS12E) [357] I've already asked!
Claire (PS12B) [358] Please!
[359] Let her borrow it.
Amanda (PS12E) [360] Oh great!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [361] I'll think about it.
[362] No.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [363] Not tonight, tomorrow.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [364] I've got a tape recorder
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [365] Listen!
[366] We can get it round your home tonight could we?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [367] I've got a tape recorder.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [368] Oh bloody Nora!
Claire (PS12B) [369] But I will [...] tomorrow.
Amanda (PS12E) [370] I can't.
[371] I will [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [372] Yeah.
Susan (PS129) [373] Oh Kathleen!
[374] Can I just borrow it please?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [375] Your [...] .
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [376] [laughing] [...] [] !
Christine (PS127) [377] Yo! [...] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [378] Just don't tell anyone!
Claire (PS12B) [379] I won't!
Lorna (PS12C) [380] If I've done my babysitting
Kathleen (PS0H8) [381] What?
Lorna (PS12C) [382] this Monday and Tuesday.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [383] No, don't tell anyone about it.
[384] Here, come with me.
Lorna (PS12C) [385] I'll might be babysitting, but now I'm not sure.
Mary (PS128) [386] Put it on in front, put it Kathleen.
Amanda (PS12E) [387] I'm not sure.
[388] I want my voice to be in there.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [389] [laugh] ... Look.
[390] We don't want to see how you speak!
[391] Urgh!
[392] Urgh! [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [393] Can she borrow it on Monday?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [394] No!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [395] I won't have it on Monday.
Susan (PS129) [396] Well I'll do it.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [397] So it's too late.
Claire (PS12B) [398] I've got a tape recorder anyway.
[399] Just a normal tape recorder.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [400] She's different kind that you record on anyway.
Claire (PS12B) [401] And mine's is the [...] , the one, the tape cos she just records the whole room. [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Lorna (PS12C) [402] Erm ... use that.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [403] I think Jane was trying to earwig our conversation.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [404] You've done it.
[405] Use that.
Amanda (PS12E) [406] Use that and take it there
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [407] Ain't you ever seen that?
Amanda (PS12E) [408] and use that and er I'll tell you later.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Amanda (PS12E) [409] And I'll tell you what to say to John later! [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [410] No!
[411] Tell me!
Amanda (PS12E) [412] [laughing] Well no [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [413] Ah!
Amanda (PS12E) [laugh]
Mary (PS128) [414] Kathleen, have you ever seen my deodorant?
Amanda (PS12E) [415] Jamie?
[416] Cos you just
Kathleen (PS0H8) [417] No.
Amanda (PS12E) [418] lend me your ruler?
[419] I wanna borrow it to measure my thing back here.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [420] Oh I've seen it a couple of times, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [421] Does she mind the children?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [422] Not recently though.
Amanda (PS12E) [423] No it's gone.
Susan (PS129) [424] Kathleen, your a pal!
Amanda (PS12E) [425] No, no [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [426] It's getting dead disgusting you know!
Mary (PS128) [427] Like to stay off.
Amanda (PS12E) [428] Jamie don't throw it!
Lorna (PS12C) [429] Can I get a
Amanda (PS12E) [430] It's dangerous!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [431] Don't throw!
Lorna (PS12C) [432] I'm sure I'm dying!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [433] Anyone who else who needs
Kathleen (PS0H8) [434] Oh good!
Lorna (PS12C) [435] Lovely!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [436] help just come to a bi , is there anyone else?
[437] Going ... that [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [438] Mm mm.
Lorna (PS12C) [439] Don't work.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [440] Lorna get on with it!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [441] Something like that.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [442] Just dump you in it!
Lorna (PS12C) [443] Mm.
[444] Thank you very much Kathleen!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [445] Hey!
[446] That's what I need!
[447] Where do you get that from?
Lorna (PS12C) [448] I'm only using ... [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [449] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [450] I haven't got [...] .
Lorna (PS12C) [451] Cos that's from a moon ... or the sun.
[452] Looks like the sun and then dark colour blue to do the moon.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [453] If you want.
[454] It's up to you.
Susan (PS129) [455] Yeah.
[456] Carry on Lorna.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [457] Cos it's your thing anyway.
Mary (PS128) [458] Well Amanda's [...] .
Lorna (PS12C) [459] Right, this weekend
Kathleen (PS0H8) [460] You're meant to test it on us.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [461] What sort?
Lorna (PS12C) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [462] What sort do you want?
Lorna (PS12C) [463] I dunno! [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [464] Your clever aren't you?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [465] Oh trust her!
Lorna (PS12C) [466] I dunno.
Mary (PS128) [467] Ow!
[468] Hang on.
Susan (PS129) [469] Lorna, look at Carl [...] .
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [470] Oh, I thought he was offering a lift.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [471] No thank you.
[472] I wan , I want to la , I want to live for a bit longer.
Amanda (PS12E) [473] Kathleen, is that a bi , about right for a cube.
Mary (PS128) [474] It's staring right at you.
Amanda (PS12E) [475] Sewing cubes together.
[476] I mean [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [477] Ask her.
[478] I think it might be a bit long actually.
Amanda (PS12E) [479] Okay, shorten it now.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [480] I don't know.
[481] Ask her.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [482] Let's have a look.
[483] Right.
[484] Erm
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [...]
Amanda (PS12E) [485] Look.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [486] Yeah I know, but i , it might be better,as go
Amanda (PS12E) [487] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [488] and ask her.
[489] Mrs 's the expert!
[490] Not bloody me!
Lorna (PS12C) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [491] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Lorna (PS12C) [492] So
Kathleen (PS0H8) [493] Wurgh!
Mary (PS128) [494] I found this easy.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [495] But what you doing we ... you were doing the other thing on that.
Amanda (PS12E) [496] Yeah, but I'm just finishing that.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [497] Why don't you open you mi , you'll never get anywhere!
[498] Then again, I haven't done anything either, so
Lorna (PS12C) [499] Yes you have.
[500] You cut all that.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [501] I did that at home two weeks ago.
[502] I didn't do anything
Lorna (PS12C) [503] Kathleen.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [504] last week either.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [505] I'm sorry!
Lorna (PS12C) [506] Jamie!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [507] I thought [...] .
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [508] It'll all be tangling up underneath!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [509] Don't crash again.
[510] [...] again.
Mary (PS128) [511] Lorna!
Lorna (PS12C) [512] What?
Mary (PS128) [513] Lorna!
[514] Lorna!
[515] Is it not [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [516] Yeah.
[517] Dead sure!
Mary (PS128) [518] in three pieces
Kathleen (PS0H8) [519] Mm.
Mary (PS128) [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [520] You sure Amanda knows what she's doing
Kathleen (PS0H8) [521] What's he saying?
Lorna (PS12C) [522] do you?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [523] I don't know.
[524] He's not.
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [525] I'll bet!
[526] It is.
[527] I've seen it on the floor anyway.
[528] Oh!
[529] Ha!
[530] ... What's he's on with that?
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [...] [talk in background]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [531] This sounds like an interesting conversation!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [532] Right.
[533] There.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [534] Your tension's too, er you doing it ... your tension's wrong.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [535] It is all wonky like.
[536] It's [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [537] Well done.
Lorna (PS12C) [538] Amanda!
Amanda (PS12E) [539] Just putting this in pocket.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [540] Use different machines.
[541] This one I we
Mary (PS128) [542] I use this one.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [543] Actually
Kathleen (PS0H8) [544] I know, but, urgh!
Amanda (PS12E) [545] Disgusting machine!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [546] This machine's stupid!
[547] I can never get it to work properly.
Lorna (PS12C) [548] I've told you, I've, well I've never used this machine, machine before have I?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [549] Ooh!
[550] Lorna's [...] !
[551] Try it on a different piece cos you've got like a se , a a seam there anyway.
[552] Oh Jesus!
Lorna (PS12C) [553] I'm going to do that.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [554] Sew it on that bit.
Mary (PS128) [555] Anyway, when?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [556] Saturday.
Mary (PS128) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [557] Dunno.
[558] Lorna, are you coming?
Lorna (PS12C) [559] If you, oh shit I've just ripped it!
Mary (PS128) [560] [laughing] I laugh if she caught it in the []
Lorna (PS12C) [561] But, well I've twisted it, I've er ... fixed it.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [562] You've got it all tangled up now!
Lorna (PS12C) [563] Mm.
[564] Well I'll go on.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [565] You're gonna ha
Lorna (PS12C) [566] Oh this machine is really pissing me off!
Mary (PS128) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [567] [laughing] Erm Lor [] you're gonna bo , you're gonna wreck that bloody machine let alone the mate
Lorna (PS12C) [568] I don't care!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [569] Look at that!
[570] It's not even sewing properly now!
Lorna (PS12C) [571] Oh shit!
[572] Shall I go on another machine?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [573] Right people!
[574] Just so you know how much time you've got left, Lorna, I would like you off that table please!
[575] I do not like anyone [...] !
[576] They're not designed for human bodies so ... that's small machines only!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [577] Small machines!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [578] You've got about five minutes
Kathleen (PS0H8) [579] Lorna is small!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [580] working time, then I want you all clearing up please.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [581] Five minutes. [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [582] Can I remind you too that you've got till half term.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [583] I'm not going away.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [584] So you better start shifting yourself some of you!
[585] ... How long is for half term?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [586] Oh right.
[587] About time.
[588] You've got, [laugh] ... you haven't got any time, you haven't got any time to do anything now anyway!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [589] Look!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [590] So it's a bit late now! ... [cough]
Lorna (PS12C) [591] This
Kathleen (PS0H8) [592] What you doing numbers or letters?
Lorna (PS12C) [593] I'm doing numbers.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [594] [laughing] I've []
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [595] Well I could be [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [...] [classroom chatter]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [596] That's not true [...] , that int and you know it int!
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [597] I can get all this simple
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [...]
Amanda (PS12E) [598] That's yours Lorna.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [599] The [...] the one's
Lorna (PS12C) [600] That
Kathleen (PS0H8) [601] nice!
[602] How you gonna do the number two though?
[603] Cos ... can't use that doing that, well ... you can use a ... a ruler but it's not very easy.
Lorna (PS12C) [604] I don't know.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [605] Erm
Lorna (PS12C) [606] Number one.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [607] It , what number are you doing up to, twenty?
Lorna (PS12C) [608] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [609] How far could she count now?
Lorna (PS12C) [610] Probably ... probably could count up to twenty for all I care!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [611] Well that's a bit stupid isn't it?
[612] Going to help to ... develop her things if she can already do it!
[613] It's
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [614] Hey!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [615] a bit of a waste of time!
Mary (PS128) [616] Why are you walking about Kathleen?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [617] Cos I'm fed up!
Mary (PS128) [618] We've got nearly fa , fifteen minutes left!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [619] She said five minutes.
Mary (PS128) [620] Yeah, and then you pack up.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [621] No, she said ten minutes of
Mary (PS128) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [622] packing up.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [623] Do you?
Susan (PS129) [624] There are fifteen minutes left.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [625] I'm gonna sort this out anyway.
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [...] [classroom chatter]
Lorna (PS12C) [626] She did that thing.
[627] She did that fu , that clock thing with the cat on didn't she?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [628] Wonderful!
Lorna (PS12C) [629] What [laughing] [...] [] !
Amanda (PS12E) [630] I must go round to her house and watch that film.
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [631] [laugh] ... You did!
[632] She told me not to come round she did!
Amanda (PS12E) [633] Probably cos [...] cos anyone likes her any more.
Lorna (PS12C) [634] That's a load of crap that is!
[635] Don't like [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [636] [laughing] What? []
[637] That she can count to twenty or that she can't?
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [638] Sa , is that the same?
[639] Or
Lorna (PS12C) [640] That is.
Amanda (PS12E) [641] Has she been recording cos I wanted
Lorna (PS12C) [...]
Amanda (PS12E) [642] my voice to be in there!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [643] Are you recording that stupid thing at the moment.
Claire (PS12B) [644] She better not be!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [645] Alright, yeah.
[646] You're alright.
Lorna (PS12C) [647] You're alright Amanda, it's recording.
Amanda (PS12E) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [...] [classroom chatter]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [648] What?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [649] [laughing] Sh , er she didn't hear you [] !
Amanda (PS12E) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [650] Amanda just called you a super piss head!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [651] Why?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [652] Don't worry about it.
Lorna (PS12C) [653] Because I say so!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [654] Why?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [655] She's in one of her moods!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [656] Right deci , decide how you're gonna do that then.
Lorna (PS12C) [657] Yeah, well I'm [...] .
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [658] Is it?
[659] Amanda!
[660] She's always pissed off with me for some reason!
Amanda (PS12E) [661] She said [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [662] That's why she comes up to me and grabs hold of my shirt!
Claire (PS12B) [663] When you getting rid of the stupid thing?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [664] Ain't telling you!
Claire (PS12B) [665] Please?
Amanda (PS12E) [666] Next Monday anyway.
[667] Next Monday after [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [668] Before then.
Mary (PS128) [669] Kathleen?
[670] Does Kelly know about it?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [671] Who?
Mary (PS128) [672] Kelly ?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [673] Don't say anything. [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [674] I dunno.
[675] Don't say anything
Mary (PS128) [676] Why, why , why have you got a [...] then?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [677] Because I'm doing a research thing.
[678] I don't know!
Amanda (PS12E) [679] For who?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [680] This ... erm, something to do with the English language people.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [681] Have you got to tape all people's voices?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [682] They want to know how
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [683] they want to know how it's spoken and that.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [684] What?
[685] What, on tape?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [686] Do different ... they want to know how the English language is spoken and that.
Lorna (PS12C) [687] That'll be interesting! [...] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [688] [laughing] Precisely [] !
[689] What I was thinking when she asked me, but, never mind!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [690] Lorna!
[691] Have you got
Kathleen (PS0H8) [692] She wanted to know how it actually goes.
[693] Interesting about it at Lorna's house.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [694] Has she given you some tapes?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [695] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [696] You sure?
[697] This sounds
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [698] really ... weird!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [699] Shut up!
[700] I don't want everyone knowing about it!
Lorna (PS12C) [701] Fourteen.
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [...] [classroom chatter]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [702] She said it's [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [703] Oh!
Mary (PS128) [704] I can't walk!
Claire (PS12B) [705] Hello Lorna!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [706] See!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [707] I thought she said pack away and she didn't!
[708] [laughing] We got fifteen minutes yet [] !
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [709] Oh no Lorna!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [710] Are you going in fifteen minutes?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [711] No, we got ... nearly five now.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [712] Oh you [...] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [713] Look at that she's scoffed ... a Picnic bar, now she's scoffing a bloody [laughing] Crunchie [] !
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [714] Oh I love Crunchies!
[715] They're gorgeous!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [716] And she's scoffed them all in this lesson!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [717] I'm putting
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [718] No [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [719] the buttons in.
Lorna (PS12C) [720] Hide!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [721] You can't
Amanda (PS12E) [722] You
Kathleen (PS0H8) [723] use buttons.
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [724] Look she's in front of you.
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh]
Amanda (PS12E) [725] Lorna!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [726] I think laughing when they [...] coffee.
Susan (PS129) [727] Excuse me!
[728] What you eating Lorna?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [729] [laughing] Nothing [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [730] Come on!
[731] Hand it
Amanda (PS12E) [732] Come on!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [733] over!
Amanda (PS12E) [734] Hand it over!
[735] Hand over your grub!
Claire (PS12B) [736] Go on Lorna.
[737] I won't tell them.
Mary (PS128) [738] Lorna.
Amanda (PS12E) [739] Blackmail!
Mary (PS128) [740] Do us a favour?
[741] Lorna!
Amanda (PS12E) [742] Go on, please?
Mary (PS128) [743] Do us a favour [...] [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [744] Angela, can you pass me that bag that's on the floor by your feet?
Claire (PS12B) [745] Yeah.
[746] Which one?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [747] That plastic bag.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [748] Amanda!
Claire (PS12B) [749] That one?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [750] No.
Claire (PS12B) [751] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [752] Amanda!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [753] Ow!
[754] That nearly hit me!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [755] Who's [...] Kathleen? [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [756] We got a [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [757] We ge , we always get done in this lesson don't we?
Lorna (PS12C) [758] Me?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [759] [...] Kay told her.
Lorna (PS12C) [760] [...] Kay.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [761] She's going on the machine.
[762] ... We won't need that any more
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [763] You've got a nice one.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [764] this lesson.
Lorna (PS12C) [765] Yeah, I've nearly done.
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [...] [classroom chatter]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [766] Well I know you've grabbed it from inside my bag.
Lorna (PS12C) [767] Oh!
[768] Do me a favour?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [769] Mm?
Lorna (PS12C) [770] Amanda!
[771] Wind it up.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [772] [...] my [...] .
Amanda (PS12E) [773] What?
Mary (PS128) [774] It's alright
Lorna (PS12C) [775] Wind it up.
Mary (PS128) [776] I've got a bad back as well.
Amanda (PS12E) [777] Roll what up?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [778] I've
Lorna (PS12C) [779] I've got a bad leg!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [780] got a bad knee!
[781] I wonder where I got that from?
Mary (PS128) [782] I've got a bad er ... I've got a bad, my pain [...] , every time I move well this side really hurts!
[783] I know what it is though.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [784] What?
Mary (PS128) [785] We're a bit too young!
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [laugh]
Mary (PS128) [786] Well I don't know.
Lorna (PS12C) [787] So it's not got a pain down that one [...] ?
Mary (PS128) [788] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [789] Too much school work!
Lorna (PS12C) [790] I just got my bad
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [791] it just comes ... and it just hurt, it feels like it's going click ... but it's not going click.
[792] Yeah.
Mary (PS128) [793] [laughing] Okay!
[794] Right [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [795] Sound like an old fogey!
Mary (PS128) [796] [laughing] She is one isn't she [] !
[797] Aren't you?
[798] Lorna?
Lorna (PS12C) [799] Your older than me!
Mary (PS128) [800] You must be crippled!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [801] [laughing] Oh God!
[802] I'm older than her [] !
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [803] Oh!
[804] When's your birthday?
[805] How old are you now?
Mary (PS128) [806] Oh, I'm eighteen.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [807] [laughing] How old are you now [] ?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [808] On your birthday.
Lorna (PS12C) [809] How old are you now?
Mary (PS128) [810] No , fifteen.
Lorna (PS12C) [811] Then you're older than me.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [812] Well my birthday
Lorna (PS12C) [813] Yo you're fifteen in December?
Mary (PS128) [814] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [815] Oh, she is older than me!
Lorna (PS12C) [816] Ah!
[817] That means she's the cripple of our group!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [818] Yeah.
Mary (PS128) [819] Yours is the twentieth of September innit?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [820] I'm not gonna call you [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [821] Oh you're one day younger than Michelle.
Lorna (PS12C) [822] You're a month older than me.
Susan (PS129) [823] And I'm about,yo ... younger than all of you.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [824] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [825] You're on the fifteenth, sixteenth of October cos my mum's birthday is sixteenth of October.
Lorna (PS12C) [826] Oh I know!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [827] That's right.
[828] There's something about the sixteenth in your house. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [829] Mm.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [830] Something about the month of September in our house.
[831] Well both my and my dad.
Mary (PS128) [832] You better make sure you don't swear on that thing actually.
[833] It is recording because
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [834] Can I remember you that you're supposed to be working on this ... for a minimum ... a minimum of four weeks ... for about three quarters of an hour a week ... minimum time!
[835] And hopefully you're putting in more than that.
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [836] What?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [837] Has it been going this lesson?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [838] And then maybe you've been thinking of putting double that [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [839] Yeah, some o [...] ... you're on it. [moving chairs]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [840] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [841] When is it recording?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [842] During the [...] .
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [843] Have you been
Lorna (PS12C) [844] In where?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [845] recording in this lesson?
Lorna (PS12C) [846] Wendy was saying, is it recording?
[847] Is it recording?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [848] That bit?
Lorna (PS12C) [849] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [850] Where was that?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [851] Which bit?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [852] Just have to ... just have to remember.
Lorna (PS12C) [853] And it's got [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [854] [...] ... Can you
Kathleen (PS0H8) [855] What?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [856] remember?
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [857] Oh is that where you've recorded?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [858] I don't know.
[859] I don't know when she did that.
Lorna (PS12C) [860] [laughing] And I go ... [...] []
Amanda (PS12E) [861] Ah no!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [862] That is
Amanda (PS12E) [863] [laughing] Oh God [] !
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh]
Amanda (PS12E) [864] [laughing] What [] ?
[865] Oh yeah!
[866] That was [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [867] Now she's gonna go and die of embarrassment and not come anywhere near me ... [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [868] for the rest of the week!
[869] Oh that's, that's a good idea actually!
[870] Get rid of that one!
[871] Who else can we get rid of? [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [872] Amanda! [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [873] Amanda!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [874] Hi Sonia!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [875] Hi!
[876] What are you doing?
[877] Is that a jigsaw [...] ?
Lorna (PS12C) [878] That could be that one.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [879] It is, it's gonna be one of those pot ... things you pick them out of.
[880] Says it's not a jigsaw, but it is.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [881] Are you going to have them little ... pins [...] ?
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [...] [classroom chatter]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [882] Oh, use that up!
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [...] [classroom chatter]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [883] Who else has got their work needs putting away in a large drawer? [bell ring]
Lorna (PS12C) [884] Ah urgh!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [885] Ah! [chairs moving]

4 (Tape 052804)

Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [886] What did you just call me?
Helen (PS12D) [887] A bitch!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [888] Amanda!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [889] I think I got it.
Amanda (PS12E) [890] You got it!
[891] You got it!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [892] I think.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [893] Amanda!
Amanda (PS12E) [894] Oh well done!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [895] Oi!
Amanda (PS12E) [896] You got him calling me a bitch.
[897] And you got him calling me filthy!

5 (Tape 052805)

Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [898] You having a Polo Kelly?
Amanda (PS12E) [899] Er, [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [900] Yeah?
Amanda (PS12E) [901] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [902] There you go.
[903] Watch
Amanda (PS12E) [904] Erm
Kathleen (PS0H8) [905] it!
[906] She'll walk through the door ... and we're, we're chomping away.
Amanda (PS12E) [907] We have to get [...] .
Amanda (PS12E) [908] Has Claire got a [...] ?
[909] Let's see what you've got.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [910] You had to leave this till the last.
[911] If you ask me, it looks like a load of picture of heads all over the bloody place!
Amanda (PS12E) [912] What is that?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [913] F eight.
[914] Well it's, it's between F seven and F eight.
Amanda (PS12E) [915] The ... when do you go on holidays then?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [916] Now it's the end of the chapter.
[917] ... Where are you?
Amanda (PS12E) [918] Oh!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [919] [laugh] ... Don't ask!
[920] Good idea!
[921] B?
Amanda (PS12E) [922] Mm, yes.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [923] Which question?
[924] Four?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [925] I gotta see.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [926] How many questions have you done today ... three?
[927] ... [laughing] Yes [] !
Amanda (PS12E) [928] Yes.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [929] I've done ... one, two, three, four ... five, six
Amanda (PS12E) [930] Cos I'm on second Matthew chapter.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [931] I'm on my seventh question.
Amanda (PS12E) [932] Oh you're jammy!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [933] [laugh] ... I'll have one.
Amanda (PS12E) [934] I was gonna ask you next.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [935] Don't worry.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [936] Are you sure?
Amanda (PS12E) [937] Mm.
[938] I'm sure.
[939] As soon as that packet has gone
Kathleen (PS0H8) [940] No , now has it gone?
Amanda (PS12E) [941] That was so funny!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [942] What?
Amanda (PS12E) [943] That's right.
[944] I've done two!
[945] I can't do one of them.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [946] Right.
[947] Let me do this one na
Amanda (PS12E) [948] Where's the twenty five quid voucher?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [949] What?
Amanda (PS12E) [950] Where's the twenty five quid voucher?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [951] Marks.
Amanda (PS12E) [952] Marks!
[953] Twenty five quid!
[954] ... Alright for some!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [955] I know.
Amanda (PS12E) [956] What's that?
Amanda (PS12E) [957] She got this voucher for Christmas, twenty five quid!
[958] From Marks and Spencers.
Amanda (PS12E) [959] Who from?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [960] One of my aunties.
Amanda (PS12E) [961] All my aunties [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [962] And I
Amanda (PS12E) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [963] and I got erm
Amanda (PS12E) [964] I didn't get any credit off of my grandmo , off my grandma for Christmas.
[965] She just normally just gives us a fiver each for Christmas
Amanda (PS12E) [966] I didn't get any from my gran.
Amanda (PS12E) [967] and birthday.
Amanda (PS12E) [968] My gran don't buy me at Christmas.
[969] She give me three quid for my birthday.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [970] Well, one gran that lives alone ... we get five pound an ... for each birthday, we normally get five pound for a birthday ... and then she buys us a present for Christmas or a gift voucher.
[971] We got a fiver off her this Christmas.
[972] And then I got twenty, I couldn't believe it when I, when I got twenty quid off my other grandma, she normally gives us a fiver.
Amanda (PS12E) [973] My grandad gave us
Kathleen (PS0H8) [974] The most she's ever given us was a tenner she gave us one ... ga ga , for going away.
Amanda (PS12E) [975] But last Christmas my grandad gave me eight quid
Kathleen (PS0H8) [976] Well she went away this
Amanda (PS12E) [977] and ma my brother ten ... and [...] Christmas at home.
Amanda (PS12E) [978] My dad's mum, she lives [...] , one here and one's in [...] .
[979] So we got more money and then ... mum and dad were [...] ... and me and my brother are supposed to have [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [980] Mm.
Amanda (PS12E) [981] When my mum and dad discussed they decided to give me and my brother twenty five pound each ... and have
Kathleen (PS0H8) [982] And then
Amanda (PS12E) [983] twenty pound theirself .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [984] Yeah.
Amanda (PS12E) [985] But my aunty and uncle gave my cousins fifteen pounds each and have theirs to themselves.
[986] And my mum and dad thought of giving us that and my mum's just lost her job.
[987] They couldn't have given it [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [988] Yeah.
Amanda (PS12E) [989] When she told me
Amanda (PS12E) [990] What did you get from your mum and dad.
Amanda (PS12E) [991] So I
Kathleen (PS0H8) [992] Me?
[993] Not a lot.
Amanda (PS12E) [994] So I got twenty five quid from my ... grandad cos he make [...] .
Amanda (PS12E) [995] Eight?
Amanda (PS12E) [996] Yeah.
[997] And from my grandma, erm from my grandma, gran I got erm ... twenty pound, no, five pounds cos she's like got forty
Amanda (PS12E) [998] I know.
Amanda (PS12E) [999] nephews.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1000] Yeah, well the one I got, I go , one I got five pound off she lives alone and she's in that flat and everything.
Amanda (PS12E) [1001] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1002] Are you, er, this year was the most I got off my grandma and that as well.
Amanda (PS12E) [1003] My dad bought me these ... bought me a micro , bought me a twenty five pair of erm ... pyjamas from Marks ... cos I saw them.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1004] What were they like?
Amanda (PS12E) [1005] [...] ... I can't explain it really, it was just that they got a big massive [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1006] Yeah.
Amanda (PS12E) [1007] I don't like the [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1008] The nightshirts?
Amanda (PS12E) [1009] You can get them in other shops as well.
[1010] I think they must have [...] there and I don't like huge cut, I like the tiny one you can get [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Amanda (PS12E) [1011] She bought me a mug.
[1012] She bought
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1013] Yeah.
Amanda (PS12E) [1014] me ... a key ring, which is one of the Forever Friends ones.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1015] Oh yeah.
Amanda (PS12E) [1016] She bought me, a necklace, [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1017] I've got one like that.
[1018] Erm, didn't want to say, so it was something like a key [...] or something.
Amanda (PS12E) [1019] Yeah.
[1020] Erm
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1021] It's got nothing on it.
Amanda (PS12E) [1022] [laugh] ... We got erm, got erm ... she bought me some Maltesers and she bought me a chocolate orange as well.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1023] Well my gran
Amanda (PS12E) [1024] And er
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1025] had a [...]
Amanda (PS12E) [1026] and she's not even my aunt, she's dad's friend.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1027] Well my ... my erm ... gran had a friend over, she came to see, she came for Christmas dinner.
[1028] My gran had forgotten about coming over, you know ... and so we rem , reminded her ... wasn't Christmas eve, the day before Christmas eve,tha you know, to see if she was still coming.
Amanda (PS12E) [1029] [...] couldn't remember.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1030] Yeah.
[1031] And she goes erm, she goes ooh, I didn't know I was invited!
[1032] Like she always does!
[1033] But erm ... it is,sh ... but her friend er, still ... when she came she bought us this, [...] was this big erm ... it was like ... that big, by about that big ... of Harlequin sweets for us all.
Amanda (PS12E) [1034] Hey!
[1035] You know Roger?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1036] Yeah, I know, I didn't think she se , she didn't realise that you know ... that she was seeing this
Amanda (PS12E) [1037] Is the same Roger that was on the erm [...] ?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1038] Not that I, not that I know of, no.
Amanda (PS12E) [1039] What?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1040] Well, at first I didn't realise Lorna was going out with Roger.
[1041] Then Lorna said that it,i
Amanda (PS12E) [1042] So what, [...] ?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1043] as far as I can make out it's a different Roger to what she knows.
[1044] It's not Roger the lodger in her case.
[1045] I think i Ro Roger that
Amanda (PS12E) [1046] Yes.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1047] sent her ... it's a different Roger, but I don't know.
Amanda (PS12E) [1048] I found out.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1049] Wha , who is it, is it?
Amanda (PS12E) [1050] I'm not saying.
[1051] I've found
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1052] Oh!
Amanda (PS12E) [1053] out.
[1054] I found out from Andy, he came back with him ... Sunday night, no Monday.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1055] Is it Roger the lodger?
Amanda (PS12E) [1056] Cos ... is he, he re he really [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1057] Yeah.
Amanda (PS12E) [1058] from what he said.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1059] Oh!
Amanda (PS12E) [1060] I asked in front of the whole class, and you get out Lorna.
[1061] And it is.
[1062] It wasn't [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1063] Yeah.
[1064] If it, if it pissed him off, he's with an old hag it
Amanda (PS12E) [1065] I'm not saying!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1066] must be!
Amanda (PS12E) [1067] I'm not saying.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1068] Don't worry, I'm not gonna tell Lorna anything.
Amanda (PS12E) [1069] Look if you were in a lecture would you like someone coming up, [laughing] coming up to you [] , and you go, oi!
[1070] Are you going out with Amanda's little mate, Lorna? [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1071] [laugh] ... I still thi , I still
Amanda (PS12E) [1072] Who's about, who's about ... seven years younger than you!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1073] I still think it is, cos I'm not sure, but
Amanda (PS12E) [1074] I must be.
[1075] The way she just said that.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1076] Yeah.
[1077] I think it a , it is isn't it?
Amanda (PS12E) [1078] I told you, I'm not saying.
Amanda (PS12E) [1079] We won't say anything.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1080] I bet it is!
Amanda (PS12E) [1081] I'm not saying!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1082] You didn't, you didn't need to tell!
Amanda (PS12E) [1083] I'm not.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1084] And we're not gonna say anything.
[1085] And, cos of
Amanda (PS12E) [1086] Would he really go up to Lorna and tell him that there is [...] that paper ... cos Lorna won't
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1087] No, you're , you're gonna go up to Lorna [laughing] and you're gonna say, Lorna, you're going out with Roger [] !
Amanda (PS12E) [1088] Yeah, well she knows that.
Amanda (PS12E) [1089] Yeah, I know, but the point is we've gotta say that to Lorna
Amanda (PS12E) [1090] She's not any more anyway, so it doesn't really matter.
Amanda (PS12E) [1091] Yeah but
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1092] Why isn't she?
Amanda (PS12E) [1093] It sounds better coming from
Amanda (PS12E) [1094] Ah?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1095] He, oh.
Amanda (PS12E) [1096] Apparently he's not going out any more.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1097] Yeah.
Amanda (PS12E) [1098] I mean, Roger and Lorna. [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1099] [laugh] ... Why?
[1100] Oh right!
[1101] That's wha , that's who I thought you were talking, I thought you were talking about them.
Amanda (PS12E) [1102] About who?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1103] Roger and Lorna.
Amanda (PS12E) [1104] Who is?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1105] Well why did you want, oh shut up!
[1106] I'm getting sick of this!
[1107] ... [laugh] ... She's got more sweets!
Amanda (PS12E) [1108] Ah?
[1109] Oh they're for, they're for break.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1110] Yeah!
Amanda (PS12E) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1111] We believe you!
[1112] That's why you, [laugh] , don't worry.
Amanda (PS12E) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1113] What are they?
[1114] Oh!
Amanda (PS12E) [1115] I'll try and get one. [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1116] Turkish delight ... is it?
Amanda (PS12E) [1117] No.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1118] Oh.
Amanda (PS12E) [1119] Fudge.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1120] Oh!
[1121] Yeah. [cough]
Amanda (PS12E) [1122] I know.
[1123] We got a massive box of them left over from Christmas. [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1124] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Amanda (PS12E) [1125] Tell me!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1126] I don't know.
Amanda (PS12E) [1127] Yes you do!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1128] I don't!
Amanda (PS12E) [1129] You do!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1130] I don't!
Amanda (PS12E) [1131] You do!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1132] I don't!
[1133] Amanda, who are you going out with?
Amanda (PS12E) [1134] Mm?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1135] Who are you going out with?
Amanda (PS12E) [1136] [whispering] [...] [] .
Amanda (PS12E) [1137] Kelly knows about it!
[1138] I think.
Amanda (PS12E) [1139] About what?
Amanda (PS12E) [1140] [laughing] I'm talking to Kathleen [] .
Amanda (PS12E) [1141] No!
Amanda (PS12E) [1142] Ha?
[1143] What?
[1144] What you going on about?
Amanda (PS12E) [1145] Nothing.
[1146] What were you going on about?
Amanda (PS12E) [1147] I am talking to Kathleen, not you!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Amanda (PS12E) [1148] Talk to Kathleen then, not me!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1149] Hello.
Amanda (PS12E) [1150] Still not talking to you!
Amanda (PS12E) [1151] Kelly, will you just talk [...]
Amanda (PS12E) [1152] No!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1153] Don't think so.
[1154] I don't know.
Amanda (PS12E) [1155] [laugh] ... he's shaved them both round!
Amanda (PS12E) [...]
Amanda (PS12E) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1156] [cough] ... She's gone in to have words with him.
Amanda (PS12E) [1157] Shall I go and get the answer?
Amanda (PS12E) [1158] Is that one two one?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1159] Yeah.
[1160] Cos it's one over two, and then it's ... back over one ... from
Amanda (PS12E) [1161] Oh.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1162] that one.
Amanda (PS12E) [1163] I've done them now then.
[1164] Thank goodness!
[1165] ... Oh I did my one different.
[1166] I did mine, one two one two on this.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1167] Right.
[1168] Hang on!
[1169] Two, over one
Amanda (PS12E) [1170] Two ... over one.
[1171] Tt!
[1172] I think I've just scrubbed one out that's right.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1173] Over
Amanda (PS12E) [1174] Two, over one.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1175] Oh I think this is [...] .
Amanda (PS12E) [1176] You did?
Amanda (PS12E) [1177] Well sort of, cos Kelly did it.
Amanda (PS12E) [1178] Watch how you done it, I've got another lesson to finish so [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1179] Yeah.
Amanda (PS12E) [1180] What have you got?
Amanda (PS12E) [1181] A over
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Amanda (PS12E) [1182] Is that your dribble?
Amanda (PS12E) [1183] Yeah.
Amanda (PS12E) [1184] Is it?
[1185] Urgh!
[1186] Can we turn over?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1187] Yep.
Amanda (PS12E) [1188] It's not bad.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1189] Well no ... I think, just slightly maybe.
[1190] Erm er ... twenty past, oh!
[1191] We might get ... are we doing last nine or not?
Amanda (PS12E) [1192] What?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1193] Are we doing last nine?
[1194] No?
[1195] Right then.
Amanda (PS12E) [1196] Where are they?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1197] We've finished.
[1198] If we ain't doing last nine.
[1199] Come on, let's have a look.
[1200] Let's see what it's like from our ex ... What?
Amanda (PS12E) [1201] Are we doing them or not?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1202] I've done that.
Amanda (PS12E) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1203] What?
Amanda (PS12E) [1204] The eight?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1205] I know.
[1206] Stuff that!
[1207] ... If it's easy I might know.
Amanda (PS12E) [1208] Gotta finish this [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1209] Why?
Amanda (PS12E) [1210] I can't be bothered with that just there.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1211] Cock it up then.
Amanda (PS12E) [1212] He'll go after them and [...]
Amanda (PS12E) [1213] You're not allowed though.
Amanda (PS12E) [1214] as well as me.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1215] Yeah, cos I did them on my, on my own at home.
Amanda (PS12E) [1216] Cos I've that and that, and this ones goes
Amanda (PS12E) [1217] Don't you remember?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1218] You don't have to do graphs.
[1219] It didn't matter.
[1220] I did that ... I did that by myself, you know, off the other thing, one.
Amanda (PS12E) [1221] I know that.
[1222] But you don't have to take the [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1223] What?
Amanda (PS12E) [1224] On that ... one?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1225] I don't know.
Amanda (PS12E) [1226] Well what did you make that?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Amanda (PS12E) [1227] She said we're allowed.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1228] You said you're allowed?
Amanda (PS12E) [1229] No, you're not allowed cos they've signed all the papers.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1230] What, who's they signed all the papers?
Amanda (PS12E) [1231] I don't know.
[1232] Apparently, there's all these papers [...] in the top class for ... maths.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1233] Oh well!
[1234] I'd stay in the top class cos you got
Amanda (PS12E) [1235] I wouldn't [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1236] I haven't, but I'd, I'll stay in it.
[1237] You got a better chance of getting better marks anyway.
Amanda (PS12E) [1238] You can get just as good marks if from [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1239] I know, but yo ... might as well just stay put here.
Amanda (PS12E) [1240] Might you?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1241] Yeah, well stay put here.
[1242] Er th , I doubt if you can le
Amanda (PS12E) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1243] you can leave anyway because erm ... we're way ahead of them.
[1244] We are.
Amanda (PS12E) [1245] Yeah.
[1246] They're only on Y two.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1247] Yeah.
[1248] You won't be able to go in.
Amanda (PS12E) [1249] Well, it's not good unless go back [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1250] [laugh] ... I know, but you still wouldn't ... [cough]
Amanda (PS12E) [1251] Okay.
[1252] If I drop off school for erm ... no?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1253] No.
Amanda (PS12E) [1254] [laughing] What [] ?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1255] Mm.
[1256] They won't let you do it anyway.
[1257] They'll just make you do it in here.
Amanda (PS12E) [1258] Well I'll go in get the next, next week's maths class.
[1259] That's okay, I'll [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1260] Yeah.
Amanda (PS12E) [1261] Do you know when I went out to the maths thing I was waiting for [...] , I was there and I was [...] heard about these ... forgotten a calculator!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1262] Oh!
Amanda (PS12E) [1263] Oh!
Amanda (PS12E) [1264] What are you doing in an exam and you've forgotten a calculator, eh?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1265] Go next door and borrow one. [laugh]
Amanda (PS12E) [1266] Well he bought in the batteries for himself.
[1267] Well, she could have just said ... oh well you can borrow some ... they're on sh shelf in the maths room.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1268] She kept them in the other day because she sa , erm ... or something ... need to keep the, we think it was them anyway with Mrs ... kept one group in cos erm, she said that someone had nicked off with her pen or something ... and it was underneath the desk, it had rolled off the desk!
Amanda (PS12E) [1269] Oh God!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1270] Sat them in ... for the whole of the break ... and one group of her, hers I think.
[1271] Well, most of the break anyway.
Amanda (PS12E) [1272] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1273] Till they gave it back.
[1274] And no one dare admit that it was on floor cos she'd think they'd put it there.
[1275] And someone did and she goes, oh we , but why didn't no one tell me?
[1276] And that lot!
[1277] Who put it there?
[1278] Like this.
[1279] She
Amanda (PS12E) [1280] Oh!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1281] was having a right go at them!
[1282] ... Nobody ... put it there, it fell off!
Amanda (PS12E) [1283] Is that Helen's class?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1284] I don't know.
[1285] It was done er, when it was mi Mrs or Mrs .
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [...] ...
Amanda (PS12E) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1286] Not gonna be thinking, David ... concen
Amanda (PS12E) [1287] He'll like that.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1288] they're taking a lot
Amanda (PS12E) [1289] Ah?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1290] of concentration over there because of that erm ... thing out.
[1291] I mean, it's only going up on the wall with those ... three others.
[1292] Oh God!
[1293] Look at that one!
Amanda (PS12E) [1294] There's only three people's up there
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1295] Look at that one!
Amanda (PS12E) [1296] already.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1297] The one with the like
Amanda (PS12E) [1298] The bottom one.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1299] Yeah, is that Jenni's?
[1300] Oh!
Amanda (PS12E) [1301] Is one of those yours?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1302] No wa , the bottom one's Jenni's?
[1303] But what a surprise!
[1304] Surprise!
[1305] Surprise!
Amanda (PS12E) [1306] Oh I bet that one was up first!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1307] No it wasn't.
Amanda (PS12E) [1308] Why?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1309] Glynis, hers was up and then Jenni's went up.
Amanda (PS12E) [1310] Oh!
[1311] Glynis up?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1312] That, the red one is hers.
[1313] Mrs 's.
Amanda (PS12E) [1314] It's not.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1315] Oh well, who is it?
Amanda (PS12E) [1316] It's Laura's.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1317] Oh.
[1318] It's Laura's, and then Jenni's is up.
Amanda (PS12E) [1319] Laura's? [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1320] No, you're not telling me that she did that!
[1321] Just by doing two maths [...] .
Amanda (PS12E) [1322] Yeah maybe.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1323] Just joining the points up, and she's put extra ones inside.
Amanda (PS12E) [1324] Why? [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1325] Ow!
[1326] What was that?
[1327] ... It hit my finger!
Amanda (PS12E) [1328] [laughing] [...] finger [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1329] Hit my [laughing] finger [] !
Amanda (PS12E) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1330] Ah!
Amanda (PS12E) [1331] You made it go wonky and it didn't [...] then!
Amanda (PS12E) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1332] If you'd have said, I will move ... you sort of like went ... Kathleen?
[1333] I went, yeah?
[1334] [laughing] And you flicked it [] !
Amanda (PS12E) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1335] At me!
[1336] Could have said move!
Amanda (PS12E) [1337] Well you ... yo you moved it and just missed David.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1338] Ah!
[1339] ... Do it again with something else.
[1340] May say you can

6 (Tape 052806)

Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1341] What time is dad coming back?
Christine (PS127) [1342] Normal time I expect.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1343] So having dinner then?
Christine (PS127) [1344] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1345] What you trying to do?
Christine (PS127) [1346] I've put some ... two new, you hook them on.
[1347] I've put two hooks in on that side and there's that one across there.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1348] Oh right.
[1349] Why?
Christine (PS127) [1350] Really ... so that I've got more lines up there, not like, when they're [...] I've got plenty of lines you see.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1351] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [1352] But erm ... but I thought I'd made a mistake somewhere.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1353] Why have you?
Christine (PS127) [1354] Cos I, well I doubt if it would go alternate.
[1355] But it's there to there, to there, to there ... to there ... I took it to there didn't I?
[1356] That's what I did.
[1357] ... But I could make ... that one ... back as I had it.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1358] [cough] ... Oh I'll leave you ... I'll leave you to it then.

7 (Tape 052807)

Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1359] Looks a bit grey!
Christine (PS127) [1360] Mm, I know.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1361] See what you mean about your dumplings being crispy.
Mary (PS128) [1362] [sigh] ... Oh yeah, yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1363] He's gotta find out about her being pregnant
Mary (PS128) [1364] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1365] before he goes.
Christine (PS127) [1366] Want some herbs in these so
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1367] This table's a long way this way isn't it?
Christine (PS127) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1368] Wanted a bit more spice in it, yeah.
Christine (PS127) [1369] Mm.
Susan (PS129) [1370] Ah!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1371] Oh yeah, this is where ... it finally gets him.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1372] Some mushrooms and onions in it ... wi with a bit of herbs and a
Christine (PS127) [1373] Mind you, I don't get very long to do it in.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1374] No.
Susan (PS129) [1375] Is there any more gravy?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [...]
Christine (PS127) [1376] No.
Mary (PS128) [1377] No.
Christine (PS127) [1378] Must have dried it up.
Susan (PS129) [1379] Oh!
Mary (PS128) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [blowing on dinner]
Christine (PS127) [1380] Is it too hot?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1381] Yeah.
Susan (PS129) [1382] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1383] Could you bring me a drink please Susan?
Mary (PS128) [1384] Just a bit!
Susan (PS129) [1385] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [1386] Thanks.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1387] Oh that one ... is very high up.
Christine (PS127) [1388] Mm.
Susan (PS129) [1389] Coke?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1390] Yes please?
Mary (PS128) [1391] Could you do me one?
Christine (PS127) [1392] Well with it being sort of half warm and
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1393] She had one Coke.
Mary (PS128) [1394] Half a one!
Christine (PS127) [1395] There's half a can in there still.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1396] Half a can?
[1397] Where's that off?
Christine (PS127) [1398] Who had the can?
Mary (PS128) [1399] In the car.
Christine (PS127) [1400] I passed it back to them but it's
Mary (PS128) [1401] Oh mum.
Christine (PS127) [1402] some in it on there.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1403] Well, pass me the can through Susan.
Susan (PS129) [1404] What?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1405] Pass me the can.
Susan (PS129) [1406] [sighing] Oh [] !
[1407] I don't feel like watching this.
Christine (PS127) [1408] Did you bring your list in?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1409] Mhm.
Christine (PS127) [1410] And check it?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1411] Mhm.
Christine (PS127) [1412] A lot?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1413] No, well not a lot.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1414] Are you at
Susan (PS129) [1415] Sorry!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1416] no you're watching football tonight aren't you dad.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1417] Mhm.
Mary (PS128) [1418] Can you pass me, my drink over please dad?
Christine (PS127) [1419] Just, mum's there.
Mary (PS128) [1420] Mum.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1421] Mhm.
[1422] ... And, probably got visitors as well.
Christine (PS127) [1423] Why?
[1424] Who?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1425] Brendan.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1426] Brendan's
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1427] Is it?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1428] probably coming down to
Christine (PS127) [1429] Who's Brendan?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1430] I think so, I don't think he's bringing anybody with him.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1431] What, to watch the football?
Mary (PS128) [1432] Oh!
[1433] You're watching it here?
Christine (PS127) [1434] Yeah cos they want to take erm, the beer as well.
Mary (PS128) [1435] Well, it's one way to get rid of it.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1436] That's right.
Mary (PS128) [1437] Can't have a jolly time without your mates.
Christine (PS127) [1438] Mm.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1439] Brendan from up the road?
[1440] ... Kirsten and Hannah's Grandad.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1441] See the A four five's, er three's been closed yesterday
Christine (PS127) [1442] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1443] tonight.
Christine (PS127) [1444] Well
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1445] There's been an accident, I'm sure, on the motorway.
[1446] Cos of an accident.
Christine (PS127) [1447] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1448] Just re-opened it at twenty to six.
Christine (PS127) [1449] Well they did, I didn't know there'd be another one.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1450] There was one yesterday or the day before.
Christine (PS127) [1451] Well I'm not we , well did they was that one in the fog last night?
Mary (PS128) [1452] What?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1453] Might well have been.
Mary (PS128) [1454] A crash?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1455] There was a bad one at Ne , near Newark in the fog.
Christine (PS127) [1456] Well that was tea time yesterday.
[1457] That was the, was the driver seven car pile up or something, or more.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1458] Fourteen cars wasn't it?
Christine (PS127) [1459] Mm.
[1460] Maybe it was, I'm not sure.
Mary (PS128) [1461] Mum, I told you you needed some more ... erm ... gravy.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1462] I don't know why sh , hadn't have been so dry to begin with.
Christine (PS127) [1463] It didn't have any liquid in it.
[1464] That's why your dumplings
Mary (PS128) [1465] Water.
Christine (PS127) [1466] And you rinsed?
Mary (PS128) [1467] Mm.
Christine (PS127) [1468] Well you can't have had much in it.
Mary (PS128) [1469] It said half a pint.
Christine (PS127) [1470] Yeah, but when we have a pint and a half o er, pound and a half of mince so you should have a ... three quarters of a pint.
Mary (PS128) [laugh]
Christine (PS127) [1471] Another quarter.
Mary (PS128) [1472] That's probably why.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1473] Ya.
Christine (PS127) [1474] She realises now!
[1475] ... Well as long as it was cooked.
Mary (PS128) [1476] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1477] Cooked alright.
Mary (PS128) [1478] Mm.
Christine (PS127) [1479] Do you want an ice cream after?
Susan (PS129) [1480] Yes I do think
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1481] Yes thanks
Susan (PS129) [1482] it's cooked
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1483] and
Susan (PS129) [1484] but it doesn't taste as good and it
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Mary (PS128) [1485] Mix it in with the your
Christine (PS127) [1486] I don't know.
Mary (PS128) [1487] potato ... it's gorgeous!
Christine (PS127) [1488] I mean we've got to see ... it's a wonder they haven't been on to us cos they've stopped the er
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1489] Probably haven't found out and stopped it yet.
Christine (PS127) [1490] Well he said I'd pass it on.
Mary (PS128) [1491] Mum you
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1492] Who'd you go and see, the
Christine (PS127) [1493] Well you go upstairs to the bank.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1494] Bank, yeah.
[1495] That's what I thought.
Christine (PS127) [1496] And then I I, I handed it to the lad, he said I'll pass it on.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1497] Oh.
Mary (PS128) [1498] Mum
Christine (PS127) [1499] So
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [belch]
Mary (PS128) [1500] we could go, I'm watching
Christine (PS127) [1501] Have they had th
Mary (PS128) [1502] that.
Susan (PS129) [1503] Can if we wanted to.
Christine (PS127) [1504] Yeah.
[1505] Well put an indoor aerial on it so you can
Mary (PS128) [1506] Can I have it my room?
Christine (PS127) [1507] Well no.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1508] No!
Susan (PS129) [1509] In mine?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1510] No.
[1511] You've all got decent
Susan (PS129) [1512] No.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1513] ones.
Susan (PS129) [1514] No, we'll put it downstairs cos when we want to watch Home and Away ... we can watch it.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1515] We all got our own ones.
Christine (PS127) [1516] Right.
[1517] I'll get ... I went ... I didn't re realise it was Wednesday when we realised
Mary (PS128) [1518] Police cap.
Christine (PS127) [1519] [...] it closed.
[1520] I'll go tomorrow.
[1521] Can go and move your chair up [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1522] It's a police ... outfit in then the hat.
Susan (PS129) [1523] Yes.
Mary (PS128) [1524] That's [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1525] Outfit.
Mary (PS128) [1526] I know.
Susan (PS129) [1527] And that side there's
Mary (PS128) [1528] Yeah.
Susan (PS129) [1529] there's one.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1530] Give it to him.
Susan (PS129) [1531] Yeah I know but
Mary (PS128) [1532] Mum, I know Lydia's pastry was cooked.
Christine (PS127) [1533] Oh did you?
Mary (PS128) [1534] [laughing] I know [] cos we were breaking bits off it cos it had gone over the edge.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1535] Mm.
Mary (PS128) [1536] And ... and we were sa , er, we were eating it.
Christine (PS127) [1537] Right, we'll do that on the way back from taking the ... that back there.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [...]
Mary (PS128) [1538] Is it alright?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1539] Apart from being dry.
Mary (PS128) [1540] I know.
[1541] Well he wouldn't
Susan (PS129) [1542] He's just put down Sophie [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1543] Oh.
[1544] Podged!
Susan (PS129) [1545] You can say that again.
Mary (PS128) [1546] Well say that again.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1547] Oh!
[1548] And you've nearly finished.
[1549] Well, I've got just a mouthful and you've got loads left Susan.
Susan (PS129) [1550] I know!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1551] Pardon me!
[1552] Oh.

8 (Tape 052901)

Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1553] Not today.
[1554] Had
Susan (PS129) [1555] Oh!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1556] it yesterday and Tuesday.
Susan (PS129) [1557] Mary's got mum to write a letter cos she doesn't want to do games cos of her leg.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1558] I I, mum!
[1559] I did games and my ... knee hurt!
Christine (PS127) [1560] No, erm, Mary's hurt her foot.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1561] Yeah, well I know.
Christine (PS127) [1562] You were let off a couple of times before [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1563] We were doing health and fitness i , on Tuesday and my knee hurt!
[1564] ... She's only limping on it at certain times cos she came rushing into my bedroom last night and you weren't limping then!
Mary (PS128) [1565] I was!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1566] Ow!
[1567] Don't you hit me!
Christine (PS127) [1568] Alright then!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1569] [cough] ... Ooh!
[1570] Which door's open?
[1571] Oh the
Susan (PS129) [1572] Back door
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1573] back door.
Susan (PS129) [1574] and the garage door.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1575] Both?
[1576] Ooh!
[1577] No wonder it's cold!
Christine (PS127) [1578] It's [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1579] Are you ever planning on giving me my clip back by any chance Susan?
[1580] Susan!
Susan (PS129) [1581] Oh!
[1582] I might be.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1583] Ooh!
[1584] You might be might you?
Susan (PS129) [1585] Yes.
[1586] When I've finished with it!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1587] Aha!
Susan (PS129) [1588] [...] Ooh!
[1589] Ah!
[1590] Ooh!
Christine (PS127) [1591] Hush!
Mary (PS128) [1592] Susan!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [hiccup]
Mary (PS128) [1593] [...] ... Little Susan!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1594] What do you want now?
[1595] Creep!
[1596] Creep!
[1597] Creep!
Mary (PS128) [1598] You should have ta taped Mark yesterday.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1599] What?
Mary (PS128) [1600] Should have taped Mark yesterday.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1601] Why should I?
Mary (PS128) [1602] Cos ... er they, she, he said that
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1603] I didn't have it on me.
Mary (PS128) [1604] I know.
[1605] He said that ... he heard something like ... and mum and dad said he saw you ... and he said, hope she's gonna tape it.
Susan (PS129) [1606] How does
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1607] Urgh!
Susan (PS129) [1608] how does he know?
Mary (PS128) [1609] Cos I told him.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1610] Precisely!
[1611] And I told you not tell anyone and you weren't going to Mary!
Mary (PS128) [1612] And I
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1613] You told nearly all, all the third year about it!
Mary (PS128) [1614] I did not!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1615] Most of them know and I said how?
[1616] And it's from
Mary (PS128) [1617] Go and see Mark.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1618] you!
Mary (PS128) [hiccup]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1619] From you!
Mary (PS128) [1620] I told Mark, Fay, Lydia
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1621] Yeah well telling Mark's like telling the whole school!
Susan (PS129) [1622] He's got a
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1623] And you weren't meant to tell anybody!
Susan (PS129) [1624] He's got a gob big as a wa , bigger than a whale!
Mary (PS128) [1625] I'll tell Mr for you.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1626] No!
Mary (PS128) [1627] I have.
[1628] Told him last Friday.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1629] And what did he say?
Mary (PS128) [1630] He goes, oh!
[1631] Wanted to know why, why it would ... [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1632] [shouting] Mary it's none of your business to go and tell him!
[1633] He's not your ... head of year [] !
[1634] It's got nothing to do with you apart from yo i , it's one of your teachers!
Mary (PS128) [1635] Well Kathleen, you should have gone and told him.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1636] I didn't have to go and tell him.
[1637] As long as I told a teacher I was alright.
Mary (PS128) [1638] Did you tell a teacher?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1639] Yeah!
Mary (PS128) [1640] Who?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1641] I'm not telling you!
[1642] Cos it's none of your business!
[1643] Tell whichever one I want!
Mary (PS128) [1644] And I tried to keep away from Claire and I have!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1645] Yeah!
[1646] She hasn't said anything.
Mary (PS128) [1647] [hiccup] ... Oh yeah, to Claire that's alright.
[1648] I keep my gob shut to Claire and er
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1649] Yeah!
[1650] Makes a change!
[1651] And yo , shout it out to everything el , everybody else!
Mary (PS128) [1652] I, I even everybo cos she even, she says, oh I know you're hiding something from me!
[1653] When you're not there, you know
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1654] Yeah.
[1655] Well just say no.
Mary (PS128) [1656] [...] I go no I'm not.
[1657] And it would nearly [...] it ... cos I go ... if I am, it's none of your business!
[1658] He says, okay then, what?
[1659] I go er ... nothing!
[1660] I went ... oh [...] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1661] Yeah, well yo I I'll, I'll tell her on Friday anyway.
Mary (PS128) [1662] But I mean, I was gonna tell her [...]
Susan (PS129) [1663] Yeah, tell her on Saturday.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1664] No!
[1665] I'll tell her ... on Friday.
Susan (PS129) [1666] No, Saturday cos then ... then yo you
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1667] Oh shu
Susan (PS129) [1668] haven't got the tapes or anything have you?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1669] Well, so I won't, I won't give them to her.
Mary (PS128) [hiccup] ...
Susan (PS129) [1670] [humming] ... No, no, can I say something though.
[1671] Kathleen's got something really, really exciting to tell you
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1672] Don't say anything!
[1673] Just leave it.
Susan (PS129) [1674] Ee ee ee!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1675] You trying to break your neck or something?
Susan (PS129) [1676] No!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1677] Oh!
Susan (PS129) [1678] Don't move that!
[1679] Can you do this?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1680] Yeah, but I've got a bad knee remember haven't I?
Susan (PS129) [1681] Oh yeah!
Mary (PS128) [1682] Oh Yes!
[1683] Ha!
[1684] Ha!
Susan (PS129) [1685] This is you.
[1686] Ooh! [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1687] Yeah, let's run around!
Susan (PS129) [1688] Oh!
[1689] Oh!
[1690] She wants to get all her knee [...] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1691] Yeah, she came into my room running and then turned around and went out hopping!
Susan (PS129) [1692] Ooh my foot hur hur hurts!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1693] Mum my bin's here.
Christine (PS127) [1694] Oh right. [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1695] Oh right!
[1696] Where?
[1697] Can't see for all these covers.
[1698] ... Ghost train in here. ... [laugh]
Mary (PS128) [1699] Ow!
[1700] Ow!
[1701] Ow!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1702] What did you do?
Mary (PS128) [1703] Susan just
Susan (PS129) [laugh]
Mary (PS128) [1704] punched me!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1705] Well pack it in both of you!
Mary (PS128) [1706] Oh!
[1707] My
Susan (PS129) [laugh]
Mary (PS128) [1708] my toe hurts there where she kicked
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1709] Now Mary
Mary (PS128) [1710] it back!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1711] it's not good to stick one finger up!
[1712] I've got se erm ... how many, eight fingers, two thumbs
Mary (PS128) [hiccup]
Susan (PS129) [1713] Ow!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1714] Urgh!
[1715] You're gross!
Mary (PS128) [1716] [laugh] ... But why?
[1717] I've got [...]
Susan (PS129) [1718] You know what Mary did to me?
Mary (PS128) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1719] Yeah.
Susan (PS129) [1720] Right.
[1721] Claire bent my toe back and it hurt, she does this.
[1722] Then [...] wanted it, it hurts!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1723] Oh don't worry about it!
Susan (PS129) [1724] But I don't care do I?
[1725] I'm not making a big fuss like Mary!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1726] Mary go and get a drink if you're go ... carry on
Susan (PS129) [1727] Yeah, or hold your breath for fifteen to thirty minutes!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1728] [laugh] ... [belch] Pardon me.
[1729] ... Oh!
Mary (PS128) [1730] When that changes to twenty seven I'm not gonna hold my breath now.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1731] [cough] ... See how long she can do it for.
Susan (PS129) [1732] I can do it for one minute twenty seconds.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1733] Yeah, it's not good to hold your breath for too long, mind.
Susan (PS129) [1734] Oh!
Mary (PS128) [breath]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1735] About thirty five seconds.
[1736] And now she's way of breath!
Mary (PS128) [cough]
Susan (PS129) [1737] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1738] Oh!
[1739] I think I'm going to have
Mary (PS128) [1740] It's just ... that Tunes [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1741] I don't mind as long as I could get rid of my cold.
[1742] Something to get rid of my cold.
Susan (PS129) [1743] No holding your nose.
Mary (PS128) [1744] Oh!
[1745] Oh!
[1746] Oh oh!
[1747] Mm mm!
Susan (PS129) [1748] [laughing] [...] [] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1749] What were those funny noises for?
Mary (PS128) [1750] [laugh] ... I was going to do, so you can do that because you've put in here.
Susan (PS129) [1751] Well at least I did that's, there's more in there.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1752] You did about the same actually.
[1753] ... Get off!
[1754] Ooh!
[1755] Look it's mop head! [tv on]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1756] Ooh!
[1757] [cough] ... Have you got anything for my cold?
[1758] That I can take?
Christine (PS127) [1759] Not really no.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1760] Ooh that's a rubbish!
Christine (PS127) [1761] Why?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1762] I want to get rid of it.
[1763] ... And I don't know what to take.
[1764] I mean I've put some Vicks on my chest last night and it felt as if it was burning!
[1765] Burning me!

9 (Tape 052902)

Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1766] Mum, Susan wants you.
Christine (PS127) [1767] What?
Susan (PS129) [1768] Have we got any apples?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1769] Has she got any apples?
Christine (PS127) [1770] Yep.
Susan (PS129) [1771] Can I have one please?
Christine (PS127) [1772] Yeah, find it yourself love.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1773] Mary!
Susan (PS129) [1774] [...] what colour?
[1775] ... Oh se , er red, she won't be able to eat erm, eating them [...] I want another one.
Christine (PS127) [1776] Which one do you want?
Susan (PS129) [1777] Oh.
Christine (PS127) [1778] The smaller one.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1779] Mm.
Susan (PS129) [1780] No the bigger one.
Christine (PS127) [1781] Alright.
[1782] Give it to her.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1783] Catch!
Susan (PS129) [1784] Neeow!
[1785] Good catch aren't I?
Mary (PS128) [1786] Ow!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1787] This bin's still her mum.
Susan (PS129) [1788] Yeah it's Mary's!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1789] I know it's no
Mary (PS128) [1790] It's not.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1791] It is your bin Mary!
Susan (PS129) [1792] Oh!
[1793] Sorry!
Mary (PS128) [1794] My old bin.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1795] Well ... Mum.
[1796] The bin, oh!
Christine (PS127) [1797] The bin is here!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1798] I know!
[1799] Well er, there's Mary's bin!
Christine (PS127) [1800] Oh right.

10 (Tape 052903)

Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [1801] Her, there you go.
Christine (PS127) [1802] Are you getting out?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1803] I put the other two pound with the money.
Christine (PS127) [1804] Alright.
[1805] So I'll put the five in the [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1806] Go Susan!
Susan (PS129) [1807] Okay.
[1808] You might as well move [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1809] No, you can see Paul, look Claire!
Susan (PS129) [1810] I know!
[1811] He's coming
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1812] Claire can se
Susan (PS129) [1813] into the middle tonight then.
Christine (PS127) [1814] Alright.
[1815] It's easy for Susan in the middle tonight actually.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1816] Cos there's Claire
Christine (PS127) [1817] He has Claire to himself doesn't she?
Susan (PS129) [1818] And there's them on that side.
Christine (PS127) [1819] And your dad'll dry you.
[1820] [laugh] ... All ready. [door knock] ... [door opens]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1821] Hi!
Claire (PS12B) [1822] Come in and wait.
Jackie (PS12A) [1823] Come in for five minutes, she's not had her tea yet!
[1824] Come on!
Claire (PS12B) [1825] Just shut it!
Jackie (PS12A) [1826] Make it stay shut.
[1827] Come on!
[1828] Doolally!
Claire (PS12B) [1829] It's shut!
Jackie (PS12A) [1830] You int got all day!
[1831] Christine's sitting out in the car!
[1832] Oh!
[1833] ... Is it cold out Kathleen?
[1834] She's got
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1835] Yeah.
Jackie (PS12A) [1836] [...] ... Is it?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1837] Fairly, anyway. [cough]
Jackie (PS12A) [1838] Oh!
[1839] ... Depends on how you're going at the drive at.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1840] Oh!
Jackie (PS12A) [1841] Oh you're tired Kathleen?
[1842] I've been bone idle can't keep
Claire (PS12B) [1843] [...] my
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1844] But
Claire (PS12B) [1845] french fries [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1846] Yeah, me too.
Claire (PS12B) [1847] Pat eat some and
Jackie (PS12A) [1848] Well eat up it erm
Claire (PS12B) [1849] he scoffed. [...]
Jackie (PS12A) [1850] No I don't want it.
[1851] You have it.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1852] Cos I was sort of like listening to my music and it was, I think it was about half eight, nine o'clock cos I'd only got some homework done for ne , to do for next Tuesday, so I thought I'll leave it
Jackie (PS12A) [1853] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1854] cos it's gonna be an assessment piece so
Jackie (PS12A) [1855] Oh God!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1856] so I left it and I was sort of like, falling asleep so I thought oh right, and so I turned off my music, went to sleep, then woke up again and
Jackie (PS12A) [1857] Ah!
[1858] She did that didn't you?
[1859] You woke up!
Claire (PS12B) [1860] I went to bed at eight and then woke up at nine.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1861] And then I was coughing for ages then mum goes oh you, I go oh, I feel terrible!
[1862] She goes what after all your coughing all the way through the night?
Jackie (PS12A) [1863] She, she did yesterday, yeah!
[1864] I, I woke up ... go on!
[1865] Ooh!
[1866] Barbara's [...] down there int it?
[1867] I've been er
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1868] I mean, I don't always know that I'm coughing all the
Jackie (PS12A) [1869] Cough, cough, cough you go, yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1870] time, cos like when I went to Joanie
Jackie (PS12A) [1871] You like do it often yourself don't you?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1872] I could do it , yeah, cos like ... my first night ... I didn't realise I was coughing so much but erm, her mum heard me, she said in the morning but
Jackie (PS12A) [1873] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1874] did I want a drink so
Jackie (PS12A) [1875] Hiya!
[1876] I've been doing what she's been doing, I think, all night.
Christine (PS127) [1877] Coughing?
Jackie (PS12A) [1878] Oh!
[1879] I'm fed up with it!
Christine (PS127) [1880] Did you come to play with that?
Jackie (PS12A) [1881] Yeah!
[1882] He's, yeah, that's my birthday present!
Christine (PS127) [1883] I thought you were just going to make it Christmas presents?
Jackie (PS12A) [1884] No, no, no, no
Christine (PS127) [...]
Jackie (PS12A) [1885] no I had ... a coffee maker for Christmas, you know
Christine (PS127) [1886] Yeah.
Jackie (PS12A) [1887] and I took it back.
Christine (PS127) [1888] Why?
Jackie (PS12A) [1889] Well, it's such a bloody palaver!
Christine (PS127) [1890] Was that that one, that were at, it were showing in Asda?
[1891] Was that the sort they were showing Asda one day?
Jackie (PS12A) [1892] I don't know.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [1893] No, she wants a bag.
Christine (PS127) [1894] A cappuccino type one?
Jackie (PS12A) [1895] It was a cappuccino one, but it was fifty quid it was!
[1896] And er
Mary (PS128) [1897] Hold on a bit.
Jackie (PS12A) [1898] And er, I said erm ... well it's too much of a palaver, and it would e , it would e , it co it hadn't got enough to ke , you have to keep filling it up
Christine (PS127) [1899] Urgh!
Jackie (PS12A) [1900] to do the milk, and I said oh!
[1901] I'd sooner have summat else than use that.
Christine (PS127) [1902] And get an ordinary filter coffee like mine
Jackie (PS12A) [1903] Yeah!
Christine (PS127) [1904] sort of thing.
Jackie (PS12A) [1905] Yeah!
[1906] So erm ... anyway er ... he bought, he ordered me a tumble dryer so ... that come yes er er Tuesday when he was off.
[1907] So er ... he'll feel better on Sunday so er
Christine (PS127) [1908] So you're not going to church Sunday?
[1909] Right.
Jackie (PS12A) [1910] And she's not staying tonight cos she's full of cold and she weren't very good when she come home yesterday er
Christine (PS127) [1911] They're all full of cold aren't they so
Jackie (PS12A) [1912] evening so erm ... she said by the time she's gone all ... you know, all day she's had enough so ... she's not stopping now.
Christine (PS127) [1913] I dunno , I mean you might ... depends on the heat
Jackie (PS12A) [1914] I don't fancy going all the way out there anyway.
Christine (PS127) [1915] Well, if you did, if you did
Jackie (PS12A) [1916] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [1917] Pete won't be home on Sunday then will he?
Jackie (PS12A) [1918] Well he wi ee, hopefully he's coming home late Saturday night.
Christine (PS127) [1919] Oh!
Jackie (PS12A) [1920] Yeah, he sho , he erm, they're running late
Christine (PS127) [1921] Oh cos he was a three day
Jackie (PS12A) [1922] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [1923] session that
Jackie (PS12A) [1924] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [1925] [...] , yeah.
Jackie (PS12A) [1926] It is a shorter session.
[1927] They're running late so they're hoping they're gonna work extra time each night.
[1928] They don't finish till half past nine the earliest, any night!
[1929] Er, and there are ... extra, at least an hour on every night he said, so er
Christine (PS127) [1930] To finish on Saturday.
Jackie (PS12A) [1931] To finish on, they've got to finish Saturday no matter what, yes.
Christine (PS127) [1932] Bet they'll be go be going into the early hours of [laughing] Sunday morning [] !
Jackie (PS12A) [1933] He said, honestly!
[1934] It's absolutely [...]
Christine (PS127) [1935] Ooh!
[1936] Of course then it's shame for them.
Jackie (PS12A) [1937] Yeah, but he rung somebody yesterday, the chap's asking ... to pick him up last rather
Christine (PS127) [1938] Mm.
Jackie (PS12A) [1939] than first so he could see Claire with her not being very well mid-morning ... and er ... he said er ...
Christine (PS127) [1940] Well it's
Jackie (PS12A) [1941] er
Christine (PS127) [1942] on the way out as well.
Jackie (PS12A) [1943] I'm really looking forward to this, are you Pete?
[1944] He re ... you know, he is, yeah.
Christine (PS127) [1945] They're all the same.
Jackie (PS12A) [1946] He says i it's such long days this is the trouble!
[1947] You know, so erm ... he'll be glad to be home I think.
Christine (PS127) [1948] So you put your dryer in the garage?
Jackie (PS12A) [1949] Yes.
[1950] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [...]
Jackie (PS12A) [1951] Put it in the er ... near the far door I've put it.
Christine (PS127) [1952] So you can spent it out?
Jackie (PS12A) [1953] He's put, put a new er socket in on Tuesday.
Christine (PS127) [1954] Oh another so ... [laugh]
Jackie (PS12A) [1955] Well then we ain't gotta traipse wires across so you can put it in
Christine (PS127) [1956] Oh!
[1957] Cos it was up in the side, yeah.
Jackie (PS12A) [1958] Yeah.
[1959] There's one at the back of the free , double one at the back of the freezer, so he's put it right this side so it's just up above it there.
Christine (PS127) [1960] Oh!
[1961] Mine stays permanently inside just have to
Jackie (PS12A) [1962] Well tha ,thi that's what this is, yeah.
[1963] But I do switch
Christine (PS127) [1964] And have you got
Jackie (PS12A) [1965] it off because it's so wet in there!
Christine (PS127) [1966] Oh aye, yeah!
Jackie (PS12A) [1967] Er, I've put a cloth on the top of it cos we'd only put it in on the Tuesday and it was wet through on the top!
[1968] Cos it was just dripping off, cos it's ... a tin roof, aluminium roof!
[1969] And when it, when it gets mild, it just pours straight off!
Christine (PS127) [1970] You know what you would, I would suggest you did?
[1971] You know the ... [clears throat] instead of just putting a cloth straight on it []
Jackie (PS12A) [1972] Yes.
Christine (PS127) [1973] you know the strawb ... the tomato boxes?
Jackie (PS12A) [1974] Tomato boxes?
Christine (PS127) [1975] You know?
Jackie (PS12A) [1976] Them cardboard things with ... handle on?
[1977] No?
Christine (PS127) [1978] The wooden ones.
Jackie (PS12A) [1979] Oh yeah!
Christine (PS127) [1980] You know the ones that you ... you know
Jackie (PS12A) [1981] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [1982] like I have in my garage with the ... bits on edge to
Jackie (PS12A) [1983] Yeah!
[1984] Yeah!
Christine (PS127) [1985] stack them up?
[1986] We well one or two of those on top of it, turned
Jackie (PS12A) [1987] Yeah.
[1988] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [1989] so that they're standing with a gap
Jackie (PS12A) [1990] On the
Christine (PS127) [1991] And then your cloth on ... so that the cloth isn't sitting on the top because it'll rust it, if it's wet.
Jackie (PS12A) [1992] Will it?
Christine (PS127) [1993] Yeah.
Jackie (PS12A) [1994] Oh right!
[1995] Where would I get one of them
Christine (PS127) [1996] Cos it won't dry on top
Jackie (PS12A) [1997] from?
Christine (PS127) [1998] Round the be , erm round
Jackie (PS12A) [1999] Out the greengrocers?
Christine (PS127) [2000] Ask them if they've got some wooden
Jackie (PS12A) [2001] What a tomato box?
Christine (PS127) [2002] the old toma type tomato boxes.
Jackie (PS12A) [2003] Oh!
[2004] Alright.
[2005] I'll do that then.
Christine (PS127) [2006] And put ... we well one or two on
Jackie (PS12A) [2007] Yeah!
[2008] Just
Christine (PS127) [2009] Just to leave ... lift it off because
Jackie (PS12A) [2010] So i
Christine (PS127) [2011] if it's sitting on the top and the top doesn't get that hot.
Jackie (PS12A) [2012] Ah!
Christine (PS127) [2013] The top doesn't get
Jackie (PS12A) [2014] Right.
Christine (PS127) [2015] hot so that, not enough to dry
Jackie (PS12A) [2016] So it won't be enough to dry it out.
Christine (PS127) [2017] [cough] Oh yeah.
Jackie (PS12A) [2018] Oh right!
[2019] Oh we'll do that then.
Christine (PS127) [2020] It might be better er, have you stood it on so , if it's damp in the garage on the floor?
Jackie (PS12A) [2021] Yes.
[2022] On some wood.
[2023] Yes, I got some
Christine (PS127) [2024] Right.
Jackie (PS12A) [2025] wood er, things and the pipes
Christine (PS127) [2026] To lift it on?
Jackie (PS12A) [2027] and I thought he can put that on something so that's not resting on the floor as well, cos that's where the wet's on the
Christine (PS127) [2028] Yeah.
Jackie (PS12A) [2029] floor.
Christine (PS127) [2030] Cos your pipes should be
Jackie (PS12A) [2031] I think you have to be
Christine (PS127) [2032] really, your pipes should be levels, should go ... I drape my pipe over it ... if I do it, or hang it up at the back.
Jackie (PS12A) [2033] Oh dear!
[2034] Shouldn't it be on the floor?
Christine (PS127) [cough]
Jackie (PS12A) [2035] Oh!
Christine (PS127) [2036] Cos it has to do that.
[2037] You really want it on level.
Jackie (PS12A) [2038] Do you?
Christine (PS127) [2039] It's easier if it's on the level ... ah ... side up cos it should ... I've never had mine on the floor.
[2040] It should go out of a window
Jackie (PS12A) [2041] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [2042] or high up ... but if you've got a little hook
Jackie (PS12A) [2043] Oh!
Christine (PS127) [2044] on it ... you
Jackie (PS12A) [2045] Yes.
Christine (PS127) [2046] know how you ... is there a metal erm ... thing to hold it on on
Jackie (PS12A) [2047] Yeah.
[2048] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [2049] to the back?
Jackie (PS12A) [2050] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [2051] Well that's, what I do is I use that metal that you can hang it with ... and just hang it onto a little hook so it's up and over and out of the way.
Jackie (PS12A) [2052] And that's how it should be is it?
[2053] Well Pete didn't
Christine (PS127) [2054] Should be sho
Jackie (PS12A) [2055] know that.
[2056] And
Christine (PS127) [2057] Well
Jackie (PS12A) [2058] we didn't, we didn't put it like that.
[2059] Should have just
Christine (PS127) [2060] No.
Jackie (PS12A) [2061] laid it straight on, flat on the floor.
Christine (PS127) [2062] Well I, I wouldn't lay it on the floor cos i , cos it'll just er ... it tends to hold the condensation in it.
Jackie (PS12A) [2063] Does it?
[2064] Oh right!
Christine (PS127) [2065] Okay?
Jackie (PS12A) [2066] Oh we'll look into that and [...] !
Christine (PS127) [2067] Blow up! [laugh]
Jackie (PS12A) [2068] Well my, my, my , well mine's just had enough
Christine (PS127) [laugh]
Jackie (PS12A) [2069] I was just filling my bowl in the lounge cos ... somebody said to me to get ... water in the lounge in a bowl ... see if it could help me with my breathing, you know.
Christine (PS127) [2070] Cos you got your gas fire on.
Jackie (PS12A) [2071] Well I ain't got my gas fire, no, she's
Christine (PS127) [2072] Well if your gas fire's on it shouldn't
Jackie (PS12A) [2073] No, central heating.
[2074] Course, this morning ... yesterday while he was at home, I said to him ... the bathroom radiator's just not quite warm enough Pete can you adjust it?
[2075] He's touched it, and he's took it off out in the kitchen altogether, the kitchen's [...] !
[2076] I said
Christine (PS127) [2077] Why didn't you just turn the knob?
Jackie (PS12A) [2078] Oh yeah!
Christine (PS127) [2079] It's like, it's like
Jackie (PS12A) [2080] He said
Christine (PS127) [2081] I think the one balances
Jackie (PS12A) [2082] you know since he's added that one in the ra in the kitchen
Christine (PS127) [2083] Mm.
Jackie (PS12A) [2084] Since he's added that one it's sent the system completely to put!
[2085] Kaput!
Christine (PS127) [2086] It maybe wants ... it's like mine, cos all upstairs wants balancing.
Jackie (PS12A) [2087] Balancing, well we rang round , we rang what's his name?
Christine (PS127) [2088] Roger.
Jackie (PS12A) [2089] We done everything what you're supposed to do, Roger ... and he said it could take days and days for you to get it right!
Christine (PS127) [2090] Does the bottom one want ... did the top want bleeding or the bottom one want bleeding again?
Jackie (PS12A) [2091] No, we've tried all the bleeding business, and he said it's, the trouble is it's the bathroom and toilet, you moment you turn that slightly off ... it just cuts the ba er, kitchen off straight away.
[2092] Cos they, it's ran off that one,i it joins over the, yeah.
Christine (PS127) [2093] When one turns off?
Jackie (PS12A) [2094] And it just sets it off.
Christine (PS127) [2095] Well I would er, I mean I'd have the bathroom slightly cooler then [laughing] and all [] !
Jackie (PS12A) [2096] Well , I think that's what we're gonna be doing.
Christine (PS127) [2097] He'll have to i
Jackie (PS12A) [2098] He'll to have another go! [laugh]
Christine (PS127) [2099] You used to have a, just a [...]
Jackie (PS12A) [2100] [cough] I did [] , last night and no [...] ! [laugh]
Christine (PS127) [2101] Oh!
Jackie (PS12A) [2102] I'm useless!
Christine (PS127) [2103] You'll have to get, you'll have to get
Jackie (PS12A) [cough]
Christine (PS127) [2104] practising if they're going
Jackie (PS12A) [2105] It weren't that cold to wear this morning though
Christine (PS127) [2106] No.
Jackie (PS12A) [2107] it's alright.
[2108] So
Christine (PS127) [2109] Well I mean all our be , all our bedroom ones are only just on and they're red hot!
Jackie (PS12A) [2110] Ah.
[2111] I've got my appointment through for the hospital, they rang me on Monday.
Christine (PS127) [2112] Oh, when?
Jackie (PS12A) [2113] Yeah, they've sent my letter, twenty eighth I've got to go.
[2114] Mum's gonna go with me, I'm not going to work ... cos I've gotta go
Christine (PS127) [2115] That's a Tuesday isn't it?
Jackie (PS12A) [2116] Yeah.
[2117] Yeah.
[2118] I've
Christine (PS127) [2119] Yeah.
Jackie (PS12A) [2120] he, the day he goes to Birmingham it is.
[2121] And I rang them and see if I could cancel it for the Monday and he only, the doctor doesn't sit on the Monday, so I've got
Christine (PS127) [2122] What time is it on the Tuesday?
Jackie (PS12A) [2123] Er ... well, my appointment with him is quarter past eleven, but I've gotta go at least an hour before to go and have a chest X-ray ... to whether it's clear and
Christine (PS127) [2124] It's clear and
Jackie (PS12A) [2125] Yeah.
[2126] Or, so he can see it when I go and see him.
Christine (PS127) [2127] Oh God!
Jackie (PS12A) [2128] So I've told them I'm not coming to work that day.
Christine (PS127) [2129] Well, get yourself so , I mean if you've think got to get yourself sorted
Jackie (PS12A) [2130] Well I've got, I I'm going to take a , see if he can do something about this cough, cos it's driving me mad!
[2131] Wet through all the time!
Christine (PS127) [2132] Mm!
Jackie (PS12A) [2133] I'm literally wet through in the night, I was!
[2134] Just ... even I've been for a wee!
Christine (PS127) [2135] It's the it's the sudden
Jackie (PS12A) [2136] Yeah, and I, I I'm
Christine (PS127) [2137] the
Jackie (PS12A) [2138] sure I've pulled my back with it because my back does really ache.
Christine (PS127) [2139] You ni not pull your stomach muscles?
Jackie (PS12A) [2140] Well, I'd done that there, and that had gone by the time I went to the hospital and I thought ... brilliant!
Christine (PS127) [2141] Great!
Jackie (PS12A) [2142] Er, you know, I'm alright, and I've done my back now and I'm sure it's with coughing cos every time I cough now it really hurts!
Christine (PS127) [2143] Yeah.
Jackie (PS12A) [2144] So
Christine (PS127) [...]
Jackie (PS12A) [2145] Better let you go hadn't I?
Christine (PS127) [laugh]
Jackie (PS12A) [2146] See you tonight.
Christine (PS127) [2147] I came up on the pools!
[2148] [laughing] All one pound and five P [] !
Jackie (PS12A) [2149] Oh!
[2150] Oh!
[2151] God!
Christine (PS127) [laugh]
Jackie (PS12A) [2152] [laughing] I thought you were gonna tell me you'd won a fortune [] !
Christine (PS127) [2153] I wish I had!
Jackie (PS12A) [2154] End all our worries!
Christine (PS127) [2155] [laughing] I wish it had been a few more noughts on it [] !
Jackie (PS12A) [2156] Hiya!
[2157] You alright?
Christine (PS127) [2158] [laugh] One pou , it wasn't
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2159] Yes, alright.
Jackie (PS12A) [2160] even worth sending the cheque for!
Christine (PS127) [2161] I know!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2162] Put price on it.
Christine (PS127) [laugh]
Jackie (PS12A) [2163] Er see, are you alright?
Christine (PS127) [2164] Yeah.
Jackie (PS12A) [2165] See you tonight then.
Christine (PS127) [2166] Okay.
Jackie (PS12A) [2167] Tara then!
[2168] Thanks!
Christine (PS127) [2169] Cheers!
Jackie (PS12A) [2170] Bye!
Christine (PS127) [2171] Ah!
Mary (PS128) [2172] Ooh!
Christine (PS127) [2173] That's with doing ... no, [...] . [cough]
Claire (PS12B) [2174] You know, that's not meant for parking! [laugh]
Christine (PS127) [2175] Mm mm.
[2176] Yeah.
[2177] Your mum won't ... won't wha ... know what to do with herself now she's got the dryer.
[2178] No more washing hanging around!
[2179] Lovely!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2180] You don't your, use yours that often.
Christine (PS127) [2181] No, but I hang it in the garage ... which is
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2182] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [2183] the same as hanging it outside.
[2184] Jackie will have to put hers in the er ... over the radiators didn't she Claire?
[2185] And a clothes horse, so she had it in her lounge.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2186] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [2187] But I mean, being in the garages ... it's just hanging it outside.
[2188] But I finish them off in the er ... in it.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2189] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [2190] I'll go and pop in here a minute.
[2191] Take you ... Is it your dad's birthday after your mum's isn't it?
Claire (PS12B) [2192] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [2193] Cos you , it is what, the beginning of ... Feb
Claire (PS12B) [2194] February.
Christine (PS127) [2195] er, February.
[2196] I know there's only about a week between them isn't there?
[2197] Fortnight.
[2198] Fortnight between them.
[2199] It's like Stuart and I, there's only te
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2200] [cough] ... Oh!
Christine (PS127) [2201] ten days, nine days between us.
[2202] ... Yes.

11 (Tape 052904)

Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2203] Got your ingredients for food?
Lorna (PS12C) [2204] Oh shit!
[2205] I've gotta ring mum.
[2206] Tell mum no meat.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2207] No meat?
Lorna (PS12C) [2208] I'm not allowed to get meat and stuff.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2209] Why?
Lorna (PS12C) [2210] Cos we're vegetarians!
[2211] Ah that's it, that's good!
[2212] She's already put it on my [...] .
Amanda (PS12E) [2213] Is this another [...] ?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2214] Yeah.
[2215] Yo well ... but what?
Amanda (PS12E) [2216] Amanda stinks!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2217] Oh right Amanda.
Amanda (PS12E) [2218] I'm not having
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2219] Why?
Amanda (PS12E) [2220] [...] [laughing] like that [] !
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2221] Who don't you like, Kathleen?
Amanda (PS12E) [2222] I don't, Samantha .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2223] I don't know, well I probably wouldn't know.
Amanda (PS12E) [2224] I've got Amanda's shoes here.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2225] Erm ... oh it's that stall!
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh]
Amanda (PS12E) [2226] Erm ... beefy beef!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2227] Oh God!
[2228] Yeah, you don't.
Amanda (PS12E) [2229] Oh thank you!
Lorna (PS12C) [2230] Vegetarian meals, erm ... it's over here.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2231] Oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2232] Saturday.
[2233] It's that.
Amanda (PS12E) [2234] Yeah, right.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2235] We've got speaking next week, and we've got erm listening
Lorna (PS12C) [2236] We've got listening at
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2237] we've got listening tomorrow.
[2238] Ooh shit! [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2239] Oh my God!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2240] With you.
[2241] Lorna!
[2242] Come on!
[2243] What do you want?
Amanda (PS12E) [2244] Lorna!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2245] What are they?
Amanda (PS12E) [2246] What are they?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2247] Lor , where's Lorna gone?
[2248] Oh she's gone down there?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2249] [...] What?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2250] She's gotta go, er find ... phone her mum.
Amanda (PS12E) [2251] Why?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2252] She's gotta go tell her mum that she doesn't me , she doesn't want any meat on the erm ... pizza cos it's meant to be a vegetarian.
Amanda (PS12E) [2253] Yeah, that's what [...] was talking about.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Christine (PS127) [2254] I know you've got Thursday off.
[2255] You got plenty done and that's what [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2256] [whispering] [...] [] .
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2257] Pardon?
[2258] How did you know?
Christine (PS127) [2259] Fine.
[2260] Agreed?
[2261] Right.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2262] Here.
[2263] That's Nicki's.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2264] In here?
[2265] Ah, but you don't have to do it. [...] ?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2266] Erm
Amanda (PS12E) [2267] Oh!
Christine (PS127) [2268] Well it's
Kathleen (PS0H8) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2269] No I don't wanna bite your head off.
Amanda (PS12E) [2270] No it's [...]
Christine (PS127) [2271] That is [...] that I don't mind.
Amanda (PS12E) [2272] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [2273] They're the ones that look sweet to begin with.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Christine (PS127) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2274] I can't smell this very well.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2275] Well I put this on yesterday and I could smell it!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2276] Well, my mum put this on last night for me.
[2277] She came in with ... [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2278] [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2279] If you walk past you'll find out.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2280] Be
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2281] They'll probably make
Amanda (PS12E) [2282] All looking at once!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2283] They'll probably make her erm ... do the erm ... go and e ask permission, but she said she'd asked permission.
[2284] Has she gone in?
[2285] Are they letting her through?
Amanda (PS12E) [2286] She's by the [...] .
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2287] Mm!
[2288] You're not allowed.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2289] She's gotta have permission, permission.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2290] Yeah, but [...] still there.
[2291] Aren't you allowed?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2292] Erm a, Miss , Mr or Mr the new deputy.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2293] Ask the new deputy.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2294] No I bloody won't!
Amanda (PS12E) [2295] What will he say?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2296] All he does is moan!
Amanda (PS12E) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2297] Mr is busy.
Amanda (PS12E) [2298] Or ... Mr is too busy.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2299] Well go in on there.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2300] Still we , are you still there for that?
Amanda (PS12E) [2301] Lorna!
[2302] Lorna wait!
[2303] Lorna!
[2304] Lorna!
[2305] You see ... are you going to take that [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2306] [...] ... don't make me, don't, then
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2307] then ask Mr .
[2308] Go on ask Mr .
Amanda (PS12E) [2309] I will then.
[2310] Come on let's [...] the new deputy.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2311] Yes.
[2312] That's who he [...] , each time ask Mr to come up to him.
Amanda (PS12E) [2313] Alright.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2314] Finish your paperwork!
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [classroom chatter] [...] ...
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2315] Oh come Lorna!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2316] I don't think she's asking for you [laugh] because they'll say Mr, [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2317] Mr and that he'll see me.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2318] I've got a moment now and overtime's gonna go down to something.
[2319] I'll phone up and then we ought to get you something.
Lorna (PS12C) [2320] It's alright.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2321] Have you phoned?
Lorna (PS12C) [2322] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2323] Well we'll wait outside.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2324] No, Lorna wait here.
Amanda (PS12E) [2325] Ah!
[2326] Did you phone?
Lorna (PS12C) [2327] No it's not.
Amanda (PS12E) [2328] Did you phone?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2329] That's nice.
Amanda (PS12E) [2330] I was sure about
Lorna (PS12C) [2331] Oh you idiot!
Amanda (PS12E) [2332] that's right.
[2333] She just didn't think!
Lorna (PS12C) [2334] [laughing] John was there [] !
[2335] John I said please!
Amanda (PS12E) [2336] Lorna.
Lorna (PS12C) [2337] [...] tickling her while I was talking to [...] on the phone!
[2338] You know how ticklish I am.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2339] Yeah.
[2340] Who was tickling you when you were on the phone?
Lorna (PS12C) [2341] John.
[2342] John when I phoned her up.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2343] Oh right!
Lorna (PS12C) [2344] And it's a right pain when [laughing] I'm on the phone to her [] !
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2345] Crazy!
Amanda (PS12E) [2346] And you had to phone
Lorna (PS12C) [2347] Well I can smell something now.
[2348] And I didn't phone her up last night.
[2349] Wanted to know what you doing about that, and there's John, and it wasn't my fault!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2350] Stay here!
[2351] Stay here!
Lorna (PS12C) [2352] Shouldn't be so mad!
[2353] He was
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2354] Really?
Lorna (PS12C) [2355] jumping around while I was talking to her on the phone, I was getting so pissed [...] the phone.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2356] Oh well!
[2357] I wonder what happened?
[2358] I sa , I said is John there?
[2359] You just take things lightly, you change the subject ... so they said ... who is John?
[2360] Like that.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2361] And you go, and you go ... and you go, for the
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2362] Oh right.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2363] cardigan, and they go, who is John?
[2364] Just some of your friends [...] ?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2365] And he's got a car!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2366] [laughing] Yeah, that was something I said! [...] []
Lorna (PS12C) [2367] And they fool you [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2368] And you think oh thanks!
[2369] You're so nice!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2370] But they wasn't on the phone you know, when you got there.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2371] It wasn't Claire, it was me.
[2372] Cos he came up to me and goes
Lorna (PS12C) [2373] Carl wants to know if you could [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Amanda (PS12E) [2374] Oh I tell you he wants to me her!
Lorna (PS12C) [2375] No.
[2376] Er, oh!
Amanda (PS12E) [2377] I'm going John
Lorna (PS12C) [2378] Yeah.
[2379] Yeah, you might get him off me.
Amanda (PS12E) [2380] I goes John erm
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2381] Couldn't [...] .
Amanda (PS12E) [2382] he goes what?
[2383] He goes wants Michelle like?
[2384] I goes, erm She's very nice!
Amanda (PS12E) [2385] Well put it this way she's nothing like Mick.
[2386] Erm, he goes, oh good!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Amanda (PS12E) [2387] I goes erm ... she's got a crooked nose like Kathleen!
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [...]
Amanda (PS12E) [2388] So she's really nice!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2389] And what did he say?
Amanda (PS12E) [2390] [laughing] Only joking [] !
[2391] He goes, he si he goes well, well ... he says anything different, it's completely to Kathleen
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [2392] I'll come!
[2393] [laugh] ... But if you said
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2394] I don't want him to come.
[2395] He's gonna be a [...] , you know that!
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2396] Shh!
[2397] Get on with your work!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2398] [...] ... Hey Manda!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [laugh]
Amanda (PS12E) [2399] Yeah, come on.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2400] Me.
[2401] She said ... what?
[2402] Oi!
[2403] He wo , he won't want to come on his own he
Amanda (PS12E) [2404] No, no, watch me!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2405] Carl won't come on his own.
Lorna (PS12C) [2406] No well he's coming with Johnny , he's driving us there.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2407] Oh right.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2408] [...] !
[2409] Yeah.
Lorna (PS12C) [2410] Somebody else is
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [2411] driving.
[2412] Cos, I don't want Carl going up [...] .
[2413] I mean it!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2414] I wonder where's gone?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2415] Right.
[2416] Lorna says if Carl comes she's not coming.
Lorna (PS12C) [2417] I'm not gonna go outside.
[2418] I'm not.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2419] Look well get it, go in the toilets or we're gonna get done if we don't go somewhere!
[2420] Urgh!
[2421] It stinks in here!
Lorna (PS12C) [2422] I've got my essay.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2423] Oh I dunno.
Lorna (PS12C) [2424] I need the loo!
[2425] Oh God!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2426] Oh here we go!
[2427] This is where she does, starts brushing her hair!
[2428] Are you seeing him at dinner time?
Lorna (PS12C) [2429] What?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2430] Are you seeing him at dinner time?
Lorna (PS12C) [2431] No.
[2432] Friday.
Amanda (PS12E) [2433] No.
[2434] In fact, Johnny's not picking me up from school again tonight.
Lorna (PS12C) [2435] If Carl comes, I'm not.
Amanda (PS12E) [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [2436] At half past.
[2437] If Carl comes, I'm not.
[2438] I mean that!
Amanda (PS12E) [2439] No.
[2440] Ah ah!
[2441] He's not coming.
[2442] If he does
Lorna (PS12C) [2443] Does
Amanda (PS12E) [2444] I'll tell you.
Lorna (PS12C) [2445] then just
Amanda (PS12E) [2446] I don't mean
Lorna (PS12C) [2447] walk.
Amanda (PS12E) [2448] erm.
Lorna (PS12C) [2449] Ow!
[2450] John's coming cos he said he'll drive us.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2451] Well we're going to, we, oh I don't know.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2452] [shouting] Yes! []
Lorna (PS12C) [2453] Cos John
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2454] You went home, you said to John ... John, you coming to the [laughing] cinema with us?
[2455] How, how []
Lorna (PS12C) [2456] And he goes, oh yeah!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2457] he goes
Lorna (PS12C) [2458] and he goes you'll
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2459] I'm coming by yesterday, and he goes oh by the way I'm coming to the cinema on Saturday with you, I said, you what!
Lorna (PS12C) [2460] And you went, what!
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2461] And she's saying, what the heck are doing outside the cinema, he goes ... I've been invited to come with you you lot.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2462] Yeah , and you said that you'll, he said
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2463] [...] Lorna to go to the cinema.
Lorna (PS12C) [2464] He said he'll stay on my [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2465] And he goes , he goes are you
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2466] Okay.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2467] are you babysitting?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2468] Oh right.
Lorna (PS12C) [2469] He said that you'll say that I'm his sister.
Amanda (PS12E) [2470] Oh right.
[2471] Anyway
Lorna (PS12C) [2472] Cos I'm eighteen.
Amanda (PS12E) [2473] He goes,a and he says he doesn't know how your gonna get in.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2474] And it's a fifteen.
Amanda (PS12E) [2475] And anyway ... you'll think, you'll think ... erm ... oh I've forgotten now.
Lorna (PS12C) [2476] Gone out [...] .
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2477] Who put that [...] up in the paper?
Lorna (PS12C) [2478] Not me!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2479] Wasn't likely to be any of us.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2480] Right now.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2481] Write mine down.
[2482] Yeah, come on ... we'll have one.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2483] You're a bloody pair of nutters these!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2484] I'll have ... yeah, that's right.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2485] Amanda!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2486] Where did I put my bag around school?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2487] Come on Amanda!
[2488] Stinge!
[2489] Let's have one.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2490] [...] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2491] I've only got half.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2492] I haven't got any!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2493] Oh!
[2494] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2495] This is the last one.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2496] I bet!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2497] [...] ... it's the last one.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2498] If you want I'll cut you it in half otherwise.
Lorna (PS12C) [2499] Would you?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2500] So John's coming?
[2501] And what about Carl?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2502] Yeah.
[2503] No.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2504] She doesn't want Carl to come so ... let's go, we have to go outside cos Mrs is gonna kill us!
Lorna (PS12C) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2505] What?
Lorna (PS12C) [2506] I'm ringing, I want to ring mum.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2507] Well go in then cos no one 's on the phone.
Lorna (PS12C) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2508] If we get done, your dead!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2509] Then I was on the phone in na lower school.
[2510] Do want a
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2511] Oh forget that!
[2512] There's more than one phone in there!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2513] Yeah, but they all said the same thing don't they?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2514] Alright, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2515] We're bound to get caught cos somebody's outside there.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2516] Why?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2517] Don't normally.
[2518] Well ... depends if there's a group.
Lorna (PS12C) [2519] So, we'll soon find out before.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2520] What we got next?
[2521] Oh shit!
[2522] I've got science!
[2523] I've gotta go to the common room and get my bag, are you coming?
Lorna (PS12C) [2524] Yeah.
Amanda (PS12E) [2525] Who you got?
Lorna (PS12C) [2526] I dunno.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Amanda (PS12E) [2527] I like them.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2528] I've got Mr .
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2529] Yeah.
Amanda (PS12E) [2530] Oh I've got
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2531] Chemical patterns.
Amanda (PS12E) [2532] Get off!
[2533] All I know is [...] .
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2534] You've got a chance then. [laugh]
Amanda (PS12E) [2535] So have you!
[2536] I haven't.
Lorna (PS12C) [2537] Oh God!
[2538] The lessons yesterday were so boring!
Amanda (PS12E) [2539] I know!
[2540] But you can't get [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [2541] We had to do things off the board.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2542] I've gotta go get my
Lorna (PS12C) [2543] Ooh!
[2544] If I come back you're on the phone.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2545] We had
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2546] No.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2547] to, going on about
Amanda (PS12E) [2548] Oh I missed it.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2549] irons all through the lesson!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2550] Yeah.
[2551] Who have you got, you got Doctor ?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2552] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2553] Yeah, we had that last term.
Lorna (PS12C) [2554] Yeah!
[2555] Eh!
[2556] Eh!
[2557] Eh!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2558] Last month.
Lorna (PS12C) [2559] Mm.
[2560] We ain't in [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2561] Maria!
[2562] If you just
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2563] Me as well.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2564] you can just wait until you get in we'll ... you will definitely fall asleep [...] .
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2565] They've got him now!
[2566] We've have him, we've had him ever since the beginning of term!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2567] Oh no!
[2568] But you, you've got a ... you don't do biology class do you?
[2569] You do chemistry.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2570] Well that's great fun!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2571] You do chemistry don't you?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2572] Mm.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2573] Instead.

12 (Tape 052905)

Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2574] Where we going?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2575] I didn't notice Amanda.
[2576] Oh!
[2577] [laughing] You recording then, who, our conversations [] ?
Lorna (PS12C) [2578] No!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2579] What?
[2580] [cough] ... Well
Lorna (PS12C) [2581] Where's the actual tape?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2582] I ta er
Lorna (PS12C) [2583] Close shave, that one!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2584] Hang on!
[2585] Oh!
[2586] A what?
Lorna (PS12C) [2587] A close shave.
[2588] My
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2589] What?
Lorna (PS12C) [2590] mum was just about to go out to get meat!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2591] Ooh ooh!
Lorna (PS12C) [2592] And I go ... mum goes, I was just out the door!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2593] Oh God!
Lorna (PS12C) [2594] I'm going, yeah,defini , thanks!
[2595] I've just saved myself!
[2596] She goes, why?
[2597] She goes, did I put meat on that erm ... list?
[2598] And she goes, yeah.
[2599] Well I said, don't get it!
[2600] Please!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2601] Whatever you do, do not get it!
Lorna (PS12C) [2602] Don't get it! [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2603] Just, don't buy
Lorna (PS12C) [2604] She goes, why?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2605] meat!
[2606] Cos I'm
Lorna (PS12C) [2607] I goes
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2608] vegetarian.
Lorna (PS12C) [2609] well it's a vegetarian dish mum and I've actually turned vegetarian, she goes, ooh shit!
[2610] I know!
[2611] I go, yeah I know but
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [2612] just don't get it, [laughing] right [] !
[2613] She goes alright I'll take it out for you.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2614] Oh Lorna, where is your cooking stuff?
[2615] You'll need [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [2616] My mum's bringing it in.
[2617] Paul's going away.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2618] Why does
Lorna (PS12C) [2619] She does she calls it
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2620] She always does that.
Lorna (PS12C) [2621] feeble.
[2622] That's like when you don't erm
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2623] She can't
Lorna (PS12C) [2624] do a job so you've got some training
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2625] Research.
Lorna (PS12C) [2626] well I can't.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2627] Well I don't know I'm not into food.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2628] Have you lost those?
Lorna (PS12C) [2629] Yeah, I have to [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2630] Why does everyone think I'm food!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2631] It's just, I was like that on Monday
Lorna (PS12C) [2632] No, I was doing it, I was doing it in [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2633] as well.
Lorna (PS12C) [2634] cos you gotta do about na why people go to vegetarianism, you see.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2635] Is that good?
Lorna (PS12C) [2636] [...] .
[2637] They think I'm a complete vegetarian now.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2638] Oh right!
[2639] The only thing is though, if I decided to become vegetarian and ... I wouldn't be able to, see mum goes, you'll get what I'm [...] meat!
Lorna (PS12C) [2640] Eat the vegetables.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2641] But I've read that book.
Lorna (PS12C) [2642] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2643] You go and have your dinner.
Lorna (PS12C) [2644] Can you get me nice one?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2645] Yeah, I will.
[2646] And have one for yourself.
Lorna (PS12C) [2647] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2648] I will.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2649] Okay.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2650] And I read that book ... and erm Marie, erm said ... said that they've got new ones so that so that, excuse me, [...] she'd been talking about ... I'd just made myself a pie ... I couldn't eat any of it!
Lorna (PS12C) [2651] No?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2652] After reading that book.
[2653] I couldn't eat anything
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2654] Oh come on!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2655] at all!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2656] Pretty boring!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2657] Where we going?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2658] So ... so bring two vegetables, not one.
Lorna (PS12C) [2659] Ah?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2660] You can't go out!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2661] Oh!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2662] Oi!
[2663] Where you going?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2664] [...] off.

13 (Tape 052906)

Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2665] And then he was going on about how he was gonna get into it and then he, [laughing] I told him [] what, it didn't come out or something.
Susan (PS129) [2666] Yeah, well she reckoned it's on it lovely actually.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2667] Did she?
[2668] Cos I wasn't there [...] .
Lorna (PS12C) [2669] Bastard!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2670] Ooh ah!
Susan (PS129) [2671] Mm mm!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2672] Ooh!
[2673] Ha!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2674] Are you still com
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2675] [...] smiles.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2676] you still coming on Saturday?
Lorna (PS12C) [2677] Not if Carl's coming.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2678] No , it's just the way she's sitting!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2679] Oh my God!
[2680] Oh it's fell out!
[2681] I'm having it.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2682] Oh Michelle ... yo you, it'll be your decision to say whether Carl's coming cos it's you he wants to see. [laugh]
Susan (PS129) [2683] Well you actually laughed the other day you said
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2684] Oh [...] is he coming on Saturday?
Susan (PS129) [2685] No, you came to my house!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2686] But it's you he wants to see.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2687] Well how can I, how can I ... put him out like that.
Susan (PS129) [2688] [laughing] You won't [...] [] !
Lorna (PS12C) [2689] You, sitting near to you is she?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2690] Oh well she says cos if he's coming, she
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2691] No.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2692] isn't, so erm ... we'll have to make him come won't we?
[2693] Ah!
[2694] Not really!
Lorna (PS12C) [2695] I don't care if you don't want me!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2696] of course.
[2697] I don't want Carl on your [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [2698] Are you sure?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2699] too [...] .
Lorna (PS12C) [2700] Oh God!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [2701] Why won't he flipping talk to me! [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2702] She's getting desperate here!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2703] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Lorna (PS12C) [2704] You know I wouldn't cos you're going down the shops.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2705] Ah!
[2706] She won't go down the shop with you.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2707] You can go on your own you know.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2708] Ah!
Lorna (PS12C) [2709] We won't go down the village with her either!
[2710] Ha!
[2711] Ha!
[2712] I might go down tomorrow actually.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2713] Go on your own.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2714] She eats this!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2715] She won't ... eat chicken.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2716] Fucking hell!
[2717] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2718] Do you wanna bet?
[2719] Yeah she can.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2720] Oh!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2721] [...] on your birthday.
Lorna (PS12C) [2722] No.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2723] Erm
Lorna (PS12C) [2724] I'm saving it for Monday.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2725] is it ... [...] stew for eighty five P?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2726] Why did you want one?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2727] No.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2728] [...] ... Why not?
Lorna (PS12C) [2729] No.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2730] No, how do you like your meat, organic?
Lorna (PS12C) [2731] No Paul , I can't anyway because of my back.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2732] Oh that's alright then.
Lorna (PS12C) [2733] Paul!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2734] I haven't!
[2735] Fucking hell! [...] would you?
[2736] You'd have to get [...] .
Lorna (PS12C) [2737] [laughing] Mm [] !
[2738] Dead what?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2739] She thought you was erm ... Jason Priestley.
Lorna (PS12C) [2740] Urgh!
[2741] Urgh!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2742] And who did , you?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2743] No, Lorna got them
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2744] He's gross!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2745] got them mixed up.
Lorna (PS12C) [2746] Absolute gross!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2747] That's Luke Perry.
[2748] Luke Perry.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2749] Oh my
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2750] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2751] God!
Lorna (PS12C) [2752] Luke Perry, for once I'm looking at my face.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2753] [belch] ... Well, here we are then.
Lorna (PS12C) [2754] Calm down will you!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2755] Gotta go.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2756] Oh my God!
Lorna (PS12C) [2757] [...] , I don't know where she is!
[2758] Come on!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2759] She's probably gone down.
Lorna (PS12C) [2760] It won't be long ... oh!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Lorna (PS12C) [2761] It'll be okay, honest.
[2762] Don't worry.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2763] Oh it'll be okay.
[2764] You never come!
[2765] Come on please!
Lorna (PS12C) [2766] I don't like going to the shops!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2767] Will you?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2768] I'm going to
Lorna (PS12C) [2769] Oh!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2770] dinner.
[2771] Well I'm sta , oh I, I wan I want to go to
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2772] Why do you want a healthy
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2773] dinner.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2774] want a healthy school dinner?
Lorna (PS12C) [2775] Oh meat!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2776] Oh!
[2777] Very healthy!
Lorna (PS12C) [2778] Urgh!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2779] Have you [...] tried their [...] ?
Lorna (PS12C) [2780] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2781] Oh come on, please!
[2782] I beg to you!
[2783] Please!
Lorna (PS12C) [2784] Looks like [...] . [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2785] Yeah I know.
[2786] It probably is.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2787] Mm!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2788] Alright then, I'm going.
[2789] Please!
Lorna (PS12C) [2790] Get off!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2791] Move over!
Susan (PS129) [2792] Oh my God!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2793] Come on!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2794] Well!
[2795] Ow!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2796] You can take my hand.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2797] Good!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2798] Not meant to do that.
Lorna (PS12C) [2799] Get off!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2800] Look tell me!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2801] Tell you what?
Lorna (PS12C) [2802] What?
[2803] Tell you what?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2804] You know this.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2805] Erm
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2806] Well
Susan (PS129) [2807] I look so white!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2808] I don't know what to say.
Lorna (PS12C) [2809] Mm.
[2810] Yeah.
Susan (PS129) [2811] Do you [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [2812] Mm!
[2813] I really like that.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2814] Don't be [...] !
[2815] I don't care!
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [2816] Mm.
[2817] Like now.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2818] Here's our one.
Lorna (PS12C) [2819] Hello!
[2820] Hello!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2821] Eh!
[2822] Have you read that?
Susan (PS129) [2823] He's not reading it.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2824] It's Christopher and erm ... you thought boy scouts weren't ... sexy.
[2825] [...] boy scouts.
[2826] You know that one on playgroup?
Lorna (PS12C) [2827] Oh yeah.
[2828] ... He is sexy.
[2829] He's alright.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2830] Not too bad.
Lorna (PS12C) [2831] The one with long hair? [...] ?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2832] What a
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2833] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2834] tart!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2835] God!
[2836] Constance has got a skirt like that ... and her boobs are just like hanging out!
[2837] I swear!
[2838] But not that I was looking or anything like that!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2839] No!
[2840] He's probably glued to the set!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2841] [laughing] I wasn't [] !
Lorna (PS12C) [2842] Well I'm gonna go out with Keanu Reeves again.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2843] Yeah I to , there was a film on telly with him last er night.
[2844] Did you watch it?
[2845] I don't know what it was.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2846] Is that sexy?
Susan (PS129) [2847] I think, [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2848] They were in a rock band something like that.
Lorna (PS12C) [2849] Ow!
[2850] Michelle!
[2851] Yeah, you stick your hand up.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2852] Did you watch
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2853] Helen knows.
[2854] Guess what we were doing last night.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2855] Ah homework!
[2856] [laughing] That was it [] !
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2857] Yeah!
Susan (PS129) [2858] Let's see your homework.
[2859] Right Jenni.
[2860] Go on please!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2861] I don't want it.
Susan (PS129) [2862] You haven't got it.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2863] Do you want it?
Susan (PS129) [2864] I want it.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2865] Alright then.
Lorna (PS12C) [2866] That damn Paul's looking at our homework!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2867] Whoop!
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2868] Ah, that's really funny!
[2869] ... Erm ... could be nice about it.
Lorna (PS12C) [2870] No!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2871] Why not indeed? [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [2872] Oh Paul!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2873] No I weren't, I wasn't ... being horrible or anything, if you don't
Lorna (PS12C) [2874] Oh Paul!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2875] want to show me.
[2876] What?
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2877] Fine.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2878] Oh Lorna!
Lorna (PS12C) [2879] [laugh] ... Oh Paul!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2880] That was quite funny!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2881] Ben's going to [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2882] Go and get off Ben [...] !
Lorna (PS12C) [2883] You got
Kathleen (PS0H8) [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [2884] What did you get?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2885] [laughing] Box of chocolates [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2886] So he can eat it himself!
Lorna (PS12C) [2887] Mm.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2888] Well, share them around.
Susan (PS129) [2889] I'll show you it later shall I?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2890] She hasn't , she hasn't even got them out of the bo , out the ... out of the bag yet.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2891] [laughing] I don't blame her [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2892] No, I mean ... I gave them to her ... and she didn't
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2893] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2894] like
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2895] Yep.
[2896] Yep.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2897] look at them!
[2898] She just put them straight into her bag!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2899] Paul!
[2900] Paul!
[2901] Paul!
[2902] I've eaten half of them!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2903] Have you?
[2904] Give me one?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2905] [laughing] No [] .
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2906] [laughing] She don't [...] [] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2907] Go on, I wanna strawberry one.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2908] Alright Paul.
Susan (PS129) [2909] No!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2910] It's
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2911] You might find that pretty hard actually.
Susan (PS129) [2912] [laughing] And Joe has come into school with a [...] [] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2913] Joe's a fat bitch!
Susan (PS129) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2914] Paul's
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2915] Can I have a, an orange one now? [...] have one now?
Lorna (PS12C) [2916] [laughing] You!
[2917] Yeah [] !
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2918] I've eaten it.
[2919] I've eaten the lot.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2920] Can I have a caramel one then?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2921] We've eaten the lot!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2922] Don't lie!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2923] I am being serious Paul!
[2924] We actually
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2925] Don't lie!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2926] [laughing] pigged the lot [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2927] [laughing] Get off [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2928] If I have a look then, cos I don't
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2929] [laughing] Oh Christ [] !
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2930] Well she's had some.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2931] Get off and I'll give you
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2932] Cos the wrappers are
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2933] one!
[2934] Ah, I'll give you an orange one ... later! [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2935] Women!
[2936] You can see I'm starving, you won't even give me one mingy blooming
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2937] So am I!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2938] chocolate!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [2939] I've gotta make sure that a , my dad's not gonna need it.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2940] [laughing] I know [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2941] You what?
Lorna (PS12C) [2942] For erm ... [...] they're coming in.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2943] Oh right.
Lorna (PS12C) [2944] So I gotta make sure that he isn't going.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2945] I'll have to watch out with Robert and that lot because ... telling it to Mr , he's worried, is it a [...] story and all that lot.
[2946] I went, what?
[2947] All in his dinner.
Lorna (PS12C) [2948] Very interesting!
[2949] I need to get a phone in [...] .
Susan (PS129) [2950] What?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2951] So it'll look beautiful in your room!
Lorna (PS12C) [2952] Exactly!
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [2953] Where did that one go?
[2954] No er, he's bringing the [...] .
[2955] ... Is that yours?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2956] [laughing] No it's Joe's [] !
Lorna (PS12C) [2957] If it's Joe's I'm getting a piece of paper so I can write down the homework.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2958] Do you wanna sit in, no, do you wanna sit in there and then nobody can use it.
Lorna (PS12C) [2959] I mustn't be caught doing it [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2960] More like she'll just ... take it home!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2961] [laughing] I know [] .
[2962] I always know.
Lorna (PS12C) [2963] No I've got most pieces already.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS129) [2964] Shh!
[2965] Give it to me!
[2966] Oh yeah!
[2967] Have you got, you've got, have you got his ... pe pe pe pencils already marked?
Lorna (PS12C) [2968] Any what?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2969] Have you got your pencil set marked?
[2970] I was gonna say take out one pencil and [laughing] then [...] [] !
Susan (PS129) [2971] Come on!
[2972] You come down the shops.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2973] I don't [...] down.
Susan (PS129) [2974] Right ,re right, [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [2975] Thing is, she's got her new pencil case.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2976] Oh! [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [2977] Michelle took one of mine!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2978] What happened to her hand?
[2979] Has she burnt it?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2980] Oh that?
Susan (PS129) [2981] Put, I was ho putting this in.
Lorna (PS12C) [2982] You really piss me off!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2983] Oh!
Susan (PS129) [2984] I was putting your bag away.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2985] Now now!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2986] Ah dear!
Susan (PS129) [2987] Look!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2988] Oh!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [2989] Kiss it better!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS129) [2990] Send it back to that [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2991] [kiss] , [kiss]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [2992] What do you think, think I am?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [kiss]
Lorna (PS12C) [kiss]
Susan (PS129) [2993] Jenni, you said to me you hadn't got any money!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2994] I haven't. [...] gonna sharpen my pencils.
Susan (PS129) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2995] But he
Susan (PS129) [2996] money, yet you says [...] .
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [2997] I know.
Lorna (PS12C) [2998] Mm!
[2999] Not bad.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3000] Your card.
Lorna (PS12C) [3001] Michelle you owe me thirty five P.
Susan (PS129) [3002] What? [...] !
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3003] Christ!
[3004] She just made up so you give her some money!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3005] [laughing] That car she bought me [] !
Lorna (PS12C) [3006] No.
[3007] Can you give some money cos I need to go and get the baby one pound [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3008] What can we give Je Jenni instead of the bumps?
Susan (PS129) [3009] Charlotte, last week [...] .
Lorna (PS12C) [3010] She'll never give me it back.
[3011] She never does!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS129) [3012] In the morning.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3013] [laughing] Let's go for dinner [] .
[3014] We have conversations over dinner in our house.
Susan (PS129) [3015] Oh will you come to the village with me, please?
Lorna (PS12C) [3016] No!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3017] I'll finish in a minute.
[3018] I'll come if I get [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [3019] No!
Susan (PS129) [3020] Oh you're a bitch!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3021] Michelle what are you gonna get me?
Susan (PS129) [3022] No, not the village down there, the
Lorna (PS12C) [3023] No!
Susan (PS129) [3024] shops!
Lorna (PS12C) [3025] I don't wanna go down the shop!
[3026] Michelle!
[3027] I'm not going!
[3028] Shut up!
Susan (PS129) [3029] I want to go!
[3030] I want somebody to come
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3031] Well go then.
Susan (PS129) [3032] with me.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3033] Go on your own and shut up!
Susan (PS129) [3034] I'll go by myself!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3035] Well
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3036] We'll
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3037] shut up!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3038] We'll see you [laughing] later Michelle [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [3039] Anyway, I'm starved!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3040] [laughing] My brother's [...] cos I wanna go [] !
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3041] Go in that one, up over there.
Susan (PS129) [3042] No your mean!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3043] She won't get interested.
Susan (PS129) [3044] Come the shop, please?
Lorna (PS12C) [3045] I don't want to.
Susan (PS129) [3046] I won't tell you that [...] .
Lorna (PS12C) [3047] Alright.
[3048] Bollocks!
Susan (PS129) [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [3049] Did you know it was like a hundred and ten.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3050] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3051] Yeah.
Lorna (PS12C) [3052] Michelle.
[3053] You went down
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3054] Oh we've lost it.
Lorna (PS12C) [3055] the village with Elkie
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3056] Yeah.
Lorna (PS12C) [3057] on
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Susan (PS129) [3058] No, she wanted me to come on Tuesday!
Lorna (PS12C) [3059] Yes but you went down, went down the village with me
Susan (PS129) [3060] No one give me
Lorna (PS12C) [3061] on Wednesday
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3062] That's it.
Lorna (PS12C) [3063] Now you want to get up there, well tough luck!
Susan (PS129) [3064] I don't want to go down the village, I want to go down the shops.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3065] They're still arguing.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3066] Oh!
Susan (PS129) [3067] The shop!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3068] Guess what's she done?
Lorna (PS12C) [3069] Who?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3070] The bitch!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3071] Who?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3072] Who?
Susan (PS129) [3073] I haven't done anything.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3074] Took my letter off me said she'll come back for it at dinner time because ... she wanted my bag, I mean like ... well I, I hadn't said that.
[3075] I just hope she does. [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3076] She'll be in the staff room.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3077] That Ben is looking for you.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3078] Just there.
Lorna (PS12C) [3079] Right.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3080] Are you coming?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3081] Going on the next bus.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3082] You know, when you go, when you get
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3083] Are you going for dinner?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3084] called.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3085] Yes.
Susan (PS129) [3086] Anything else?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3087] Shaun's back from Benidorm.
Lorna (PS12C) [3088] Very scruffy!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3089] Can you hear me?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3090] T S and M.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3091] T S then M.
Lorna (PS12C) [3092] Erm , [shouting] T S and M [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3093] Oh!
[3094] Alright.
[3095] You got thirty quid?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3096] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3097] No?

14 (Tape 052907)

Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3098] What just leave it here then, or have seen it?
Lorna (PS12C) [3099] No , I've had, no I've go , I had to go over to ... shit!
[3100] I've gotta make sure I've got everything now.
[3101] This is where it's going to get tricky cos I've gotta remember what I've got.
[3102] Chocolate ... got chocolate.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3103] That's cooking chocolate.
Lorna (PS12C) [3104] How much is here?
[3105] Five hundred
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3106] Hundred and fifty grams.
Lorna (PS12C) [3107] Hundred and fifty, hundred and fifty ... hundred and twenty five and leave ... so twenty five grams I've gotta take out.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3108] Yeah, that's alright.
Lorna (PS12C) [3109] Right?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3110] That's that.
Lorna (PS12C) [3111] Double cream, double cream.
[3112] ... Three tablespoons of brandy.
[3113] Oh!
[3114] Ho!
[3115] Brandy!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3116] Yeah, get on with it!
Lorna (PS12C) [3117] [laugh] ... Erm ... two egg whi , eggs.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3118] [laugh] ... A few
Lorna (PS12C) [3119] Egg.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3120] Oh!
Lorna (PS12C) [3121] [laugh] ... Oh they've gave me three!
[3122] In case one broke I suppose.
[3123] No, one
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3124] No.
Lorna (PS12C) [3125] for that.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3126] Pizza.
Lorna (PS12C) [3127] Does that have one?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3128] Nope!
[3129] Maybe not.
Lorna (PS12C) [3130] One egg.
[3131] Yes.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3132] Oh yes.
Lorna (PS12C) [3133] Three eggs.
[3134] ... Grated chocolate.
[3135] That comes out of that, that's why you still
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3136] Yeah.
Lorna (PS12C) [3137] got more.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3138] Well that's the smallest
Lorna (PS12C) [3139] Right.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3140] one you can get anyway, that hundred and fifty.
Lorna (PS12C) [3141] And erm ... tomatoes
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Lorna (PS12C) [3142] Tomato ... one small tomato, right, they've got me two small tomatoes.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3143] Yeah well , go on!
[3144] Just get on with it!
Lorna (PS12C) [3145] Onion.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3146] Just check that they've got onions in.
[3147] Yeah.
Lorna (PS12C) [3148] Cheese.
[3149] We got two lots of cheese here.
[3150] Oh this is great!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3151] No, what's that?
Lorna (PS12C) [3152] Cheese.
[3153] Oh not it's not.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3154] It didn't look like cheese.
Lorna (PS12C) [3155] Urgh!
[3156] Urgh!
[3157] Urgh!
[3158] Urgh!
[3159] Baking ... powder.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [3160] Like that.
[3161] All I need was a blooming ... all I need was ... five point ... nought point five baking powder ... about a teaspoon
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3162] Nought point five what?
Lorna (PS12C) [3163] That's what I [laughing] want to say [] !
[3164] It's nought point [laughing] five [] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3165] Did you mention [...] , it don't say there.
[3166] I think you've got everything.
Lorna (PS12C) [3167] Just about.
[3168] There's my red pe , I says ... that didn't say it on the list but I just wrote it on and ... need milk ... one red [laughing] pepper [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3169] Hide the brandy everybody!
Helen (PS12D) [3170] Mm?
Lorna (PS12C) [3171] She said don't hide the brandy.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3172] Oh!
Lorna (PS12C) [3173] Perhaps not.
[3174] Don't, hide the brandy or someone
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3175] Yes I know.
Lorna (PS12C) [3176] will nick it!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3177] Come on then.
Lorna (PS12C) [3178] Do you think we should put this ... somewhere else?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3179] No, just leave it.
Lorna (PS12C) [3180] Oh we've got it straight after haven't we?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3181] Yeah.
Lorna (PS12C) [3182] Better have one then.
[3183] ... Oh never mind!
[3184] [laughing] We'll do that picture [] !
[3185] Straight after registration we're doing it?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3186] Well I'm not.
[3187] I've got a, I've got
Lorna (PS12C) [3188] I am.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3189] geography.
Lorna (PS12C) [3190] Yeah, I know.
[3191] You got geography today and maths [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3192] Geography's alright.
Lorna (PS12C) [3193] Oh no!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3194] You're too small.
Lorna (PS12C) [3195] You've had the [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3196] Feeding them twice they are, twice.
[3197] That big ones.
Lorna (PS12C) [3198] Not too small.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3199] What was that?
[3200] You were going to run and er jump were you? [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [3201] I I stopped.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3202] You missed it!
Lorna (PS12C) [3203] Didn't, ah but I touched that one.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3204] You didn't even touch it!
Lorna (PS12C) [3205] I did!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3206] Alright.
Lorna (PS12C) [3207] Look!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3208] I'm not [...] .
[3209] ... Come on!
Helen (PS12D) [3210] Hello ... Lorna.
Lorna (PS12C) [...]
Christine (PS127) [3211] Yes, I haven't told you.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3212] I'm really close to you now.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3213] Hey?
Lorna (PS12C) [3214] Why?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3215] I can work out by the height of where the hand was on my back that it was [laughing] Lorna [] !
Lorna (PS12C) [3216] I'll hit you later.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3217] Not pretty, not difficult
Lorna (PS12C) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3218] is it?
[3219] Ooh!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3220] Yeah!
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3221] Well, considering down
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3222] Down
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3223] there is
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3224] the back.
[3225] But, [...] down the back.
Helen (PS12D) [3226] But I thought it was [...] anyway.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3227] Yeah!
Lorna (PS12C) [3228] No , Nova!
[3229] Does she know your coming tonight?
Mary (PS128) [3230] Yeah, she invited me.
Helen (PS12D) [3231] She invited ... [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [3232] One, two, three
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3233] Ah!
[3234] Poor you Helen!
Helen (PS12D) [3235] [laugh] ... Cos I [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [3236] Er er ah!
Mary (PS128) [3237] Not gonna go [...] .
Helen (PS12D) [3238] Very loyal!
[3239] You leave me just because I'm eating an egg sandwich!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3240] No, but I'm gonna be the one who won't eat that.
[3241] Is there one for me?
Helen (PS12D) [3242] Shall I tell you something?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3243] O only a mean!
[3244] ... Er only!
Helen (PS12D) [3245] I'll tell you something even worse than [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3246] No, because I thought [...] .
Helen (PS12D) [3247] [laugh] ... What's the, what's the [...] ?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3248] Don't blame you!
[3249] Thanks!
Susan (PS129) [3250] Where's gone?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3251] Pardon?
Lorna (PS12C) [3252] She's erm
Susan (PS129) [3253] Where's ?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3254] She had to go food.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3255] Got the wrong thing then? [...] .
Lorna (PS12C) [3256] Making it next week.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3257] That's right.
Susan (PS129) [3258] Oh! [...] .
Lorna (PS12C) [3259] It's massive!
Susan (PS129) [3260] When's the [...] ?
Lorna (PS12C) [3261] Erm ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3262] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3263] Going to shops?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3264] Mm.
Lorna (PS12C) [3265] I like your hair like that Caroline.
Christine (PS127) [3266] I've been doing, it doesn't curl back.
Lorna (PS12C) [3267] Try hair spray.
Christine (PS127) [3268] [...] .
Lorna (PS12C) [3269] Hair spray.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3270] Not mine.
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [...] [classroom chatter]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3271] Everyone's at business studies.
[3272] Ever so boring!
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [...] [classroom chatter]
Lorna (PS12C) [3273] I'm not going wac ... Ah oh!
[3274] You won't have put it out like that.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3275] Yeah , I know.
Lorna (PS12C) [3276] Just had a sharp pain go right down the bottom of my leg!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3277] Oh, don't worry about it!
Lorna (PS12C) [3278] Urgh!
[3279] Er er er!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3280] Geography all afternoon!
Lorna (PS12C) [3281] Ah!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3282] Ooh!
[3283] Don't slap me!
[3284] ... What you got?
[3285] What have you got ... afternoon?
Lorna (PS12C) [3286] Fatty legs they are!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3287] Oh lucky you!
[3288] What you got?
Lorna (PS12C) [3289] I've got fatty legs!
[3290] Cooking.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3291] Oh yeah.
[3292] You got cooking?
Lorna (PS12C) [3293] I've got cooking.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3294] We know what you're doing.
[3295] What?
Lorna (PS12C) [3296] I've got cooking!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3297] Nothing?
Helen (PS12D) [3298] No.
Lorna (PS12C) [3299] Oh shit!
Christine (PS127) [3300] Gotta make sure she's got the book what I had last week.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Christine (PS127) [3301] Were you here last week.
Mary (PS128) [3302] Yeah.
[3303] I think so.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Christine (PS127) [3304] Yeah, because you tried to beat me up behind Mrs !
Mary (PS128) [3305] Oh yeah, I remember.
Christine (PS127) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3306] It's hardly like in front of her is it?
Christine (PS127) [3307] No.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Christine (PS127) [3308] Yeah!
[3309] It nearly were!
Mary (PS128) [laugh]
Christine (PS127) [3310] She er, she was standing next to her.
[3311] And, and she went thump!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3312] She didn't notice?
Christine (PS127) [3313] Thump!
[3314] Thump!
Lorna (PS12C) [3315] Ah well, it's not surprising is it?
Christine (PS127) [3316] She really hurt!
[3317] She didn't comment on it.
Lorna (PS12C) [3318] She can't control any of her lessons.
Mary (PS128) [3319] No, she does when [...] .
Christine (PS127) [3320] I'm going
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [3321] I'm going [...] !
Helen (PS12D) [3322] I would have thought you'd be making [...] pie today.
Lorna (PS12C) [3323] Yeah, I was thinking about that but ... it's gotta be vegetarian and haven't got the meat.
[3324] It doesn't make it
Helen (PS12D) [3325] You know all that meat fat and stuff in a meat pie!
Lorna (PS12C) [3326] Oh!
[3327] ... Hey!
[3328] That'll make a nice furry dying steak then wouldn't it?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3329] Oh!
Lorna (PS12C) [3330] [laughing] Nice and furry [] !
[3331] And don't forget to keep the eyes in!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3332] Make a good
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3333] [laughing] What [] ?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3334] no, you've gotta toast the eyes.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3335] Toast them?
[3336] Oh yeah!
[3337] I forgot about those.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3338] Or grill them.
Lorna (PS12C) [3339] Or grill them, yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3340] Fry them.
Lorna (PS12C) [3341] Erm ... make sure they're still the right [...]
Christine (PS127) [3342] Put them on top of my pizza don't you think?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3343] Yeah.
Lorna (PS12C) [3344] And, stick the cocktail sticks out!
[3345] ... The ears!
[3346] What am I going to do about the ears?
[3347] Cut them off and then stick them back on ... as soon as they're cooked.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3348] Grate them up as like er, topping.
Lorna (PS12C) [3349] Yeah.
[3350] Grate the ears up like a
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3351] I'll chop it off the rest
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3352] Get off!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3353] of it.
Lorna (PS12C) [3354] [hiccup] ... Pardon me!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3355] Ah!
Lorna (PS12C) [3356] Got a bit close to him as well as.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [3357] Erm, what else was I going to make?
[3358] Snake pie.
[3359] But I couldn't
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...] [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [3360] But I couldn't find any ... but I couldn't find any erm snakes, so
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3361] What's that?
[3362] Nothing.
Lorna (PS12C) [3363] Button.
Christine (PS127) [3364] Is it?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3365] Tell me.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3366] No, it's just ... something.
Lorna (PS12C) [3367] It's a walkman.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3368] Yeah, it's part of a Walkman.
[3369] It's so she can hear er, it's about erm ... teachers knowing but ... we're spying.
Christine (PS127) [3370] What you mean you just
Lorna (PS12C) [3371] Cos you know you have
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3372] Yeah, she's right.
Lorna (PS12C) [3373] earphones on
Christine (PS127) [3374] Yeah.
Lorna (PS12C) [3375] then in [...]
Christine (PS127) [3376] Oh what's it for?
Lorna (PS12C) [3377] so if you swi , you read
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3378] It's only my Walkman but you see she nicked my Walkman and left this and th i er I'm keeping clipped on here so I know where it is, cos if it's in my bag I'll lose it.
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh]
Christine (PS127) [3379] That rubbish!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3380] It's part of mu , it's part of my mum's Walkman so
Lorna (PS12C) [3381] I like that part.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3382] Yeah, that's probably why you nicked off with it, cos it, it was clipped on to my Walk , er the Walkman when I came to your house.
Lorna (PS12C) [3383] I know, and I I, I asked you if I could borrow it and you went, er ... and th you didn't
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3384] Yeah, but you shouldn't have taken it off.
Lorna (PS12C) [3385] Well!
[3386] Don't worry about it though do we?
[3387] No.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3388] You don't.
Lorna (PS12C) [3389] [...] ... Oh God!
[3390] But really I don't like that cos it's funny ends.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3391] Well leave it.
Lorna (PS12C) [3392] The way it's got grated ends.
[3393] Eh!
[3394] That's grated chocolate.
[3395] I won't need just all of it, so
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3396] Oh!
[3397] No don't say you're gonna we
Lorna (PS12C) [3398] I wonder if I can eat it.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3399] I was ... you go and have your teeth out here.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3400] She's gonna eat, but she's gonna eat cooking chocolate without it being cooked.
Lorna (PS12C) [3401] Then cook it later, then eat it when it's
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3402] Yeah.
Lorna (PS12C) [3403] cooked.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3404] Because otherwise it's gross!
[3405] Urgh!
[3406] You'll be sick!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3407] Oh I think it's revolting!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3408] Yeah.
Lorna (PS12C) [3409] I thought it'd have something ... eat it.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3410] Your joking!
Lorna (PS12C) [3411] Well erm ... hello!
[3412] You're back?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3413] You took your time!
Susan (PS129) [3414] Yeah!
[3415] You took your time!
[3416] You see everything and everyone!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3417] Everyone!
[3418] Urgh!
Susan (PS129) [3419] E e e everything!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3420] No, escallops.
[3421] I had escallop on [...] .
Lorna (PS12C) [3422] I wouldn't let you have one ... [...] don't you?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3423] Oh I, Is Michelle here?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3424] Do you know I hate this [...] cooking!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3425] Oh!
Lorna (PS12C) [3426] Right.
[3427] I've finished [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3428] You re you don't say Michelle!
Susan (PS129) [3429] Oh don't!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3430] Thanks.
Susan (PS129) [3431] Right, can you show me it?
[3432] Hi!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3433] No.
Susan (PS129) [3434] Hi!
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh]
Susan (PS129) [3435] Alright then show me yours!
Lorna (PS12C) [3436] Have a look!
[3437] [laugh] ... Press the button [...] .
Susan (PS129) [3438] I've got you.
Lorna (PS12C) [3439] Is it on?
[3440] Sorry that's er, only place I could grab you!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3441] Have you seen Michelle drinking Babycham?
Lorna (PS12C) [3442] Babycham!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3443] Who's this?
Christine (PS127) [3444] [singing] Babycham [...] [] !
Susan (PS129) [3445] After this [...] .
Christine (PS127) [3446] Got one bottle of Babycham.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3447] One bottle!
Christine (PS127) [3448] It's gorgeous!
Susan (PS129) [3449] I love Babycham!
Christine (PS127) [3450] She got pissed on one bottle!
Susan (PS129) [3451] [...] that's why I like Babycham.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3452] Oh she won't , she's gonna tell you she had loads of drinks
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3453] How many?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3454] before.
Lorna (PS12C) [3455] Oh!
[3456] About seven!
Christine (PS127) [3457] Pissed on Cokes!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3458] No!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3459] Yeah.
[3460] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3461] What were you pissed on then?
[3462] I've asked him anyway what was
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3463] Yeah, dunnit.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3464] the special [...] .
Lorna (PS12C) [3465] No, right!
[3466] Mrs said ... said that
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3467] Yeah?
[3468] Said that?
Christine (PS127) [3469] Go on!
[3470] Carry on!
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3471] Do you actually want to go?
[3472] I was
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3473] Lorna.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3474] only going on the bus though.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3475] Oh the toilets.
[3476] Everybody's coming out again apart from er ... bumps ... she can't have the bumps.
[3477] Move around Lorna!
Lorna (PS12C) [3478] What do you think?
[3479] Bloody hell
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3480] Oh!
Lorna (PS12C) [3481] cos she got pissed on Babycham!
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3482] Oi!
[3483] What's our maths [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3484] Ah!
[3485] You shit!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3486] Michelle!
Susan (PS129) [3487] What happened?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3488] Are you [...] ?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3489] [screaming] Ah [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3490] Hello!
Susan (PS129) [3491] What is it?
Lorna (PS12C) [3492] Oh oh oh oh!
Susan (PS129) [3493] Kathleen?
[3494] Kathleen what is it?
Lorna (PS12C) [3495] That's what you get from the microphone.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3496] It's something off, it's just the attachment that goes from ma , my mum's Walkman ... and she nicked off with it when it was at ... when we were at her house ... and if I lo , if I keep it anywhere else I'll lose it so I've clipped it on to there so I know where it is.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3497] Hello!
Susan (PS129) [3498] I'm Michelle.
[3499] How are you!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3500] Hello!
Susan (PS129) [3501] It's Michelle!
Lorna (PS12C) [3502] Look!
[3503] Just [...]
Susan (PS129) [scream]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3504] That was all it flaming
Susan (PS129) [3505] Paul!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3506] was!
[3507] That was all it really was.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3508] [laughing] Ah well it's died now [] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3509] Go on!
[3510] Make the things come on.
[3511] I didn't mean to be an idiot!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh] ... [laugh]
Susan (PS129) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3512] What you got?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3513] I think you came off worse there!
Susan (PS129) [3514] I hate that!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3515] Give us that , eh, give us that book it's his!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Susan (PS129) [3516] Recording [...] .
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3517] No!
Susan (PS129) [3518] Can you just record it?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3519] Fuck
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3520] Why?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3521] off!
Susan (PS129) [3522] Cos I wanna say, actually
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3523] Behind.
Susan (PS129) [3524] John it's me here.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3525] Later.
[3526] [laugh] ... You've gotta be joking!
Susan (PS129) [3527] Give me loads of paper.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3528] I don't know what you're staring at!
Susan (PS129) [3529] I'll finish this book and
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3530] Who's staring at?
Susan (PS129) [3531] see what I want.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3532] Eh?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3533] Good!
[3534] Yes.
[3535] Sit next to her.
[3536] Don't worry about me!
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3537] No!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3538] No, you just
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3539] No!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3540] can't ask her for them.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3541] I'm sorry.
Susan (PS129) [3542] Jenni , have you had any chocolates yet?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3543] I've already had them.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3544] No I'm alright.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3545] Give him the boot!
[3546] Eh?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3547] Fatty!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3548] No!
[3549] They're on
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3550] Fat!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3551] top of the board
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3552] Ah!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3553] on the
Lorna (PS12C) [3554] They're on top of Jenni's.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3555] Oh God!
[3556] They've
Susan (PS129) [3557] Oh I'll take it back again.
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3558] We'll have them back!
Lorna (PS12C) [3559] Jenni's.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3560] Paul, she's giving you i , your orders about what you said.
[3561] Get off my hair!
Susan (PS129) [3562] I think we ought to get on top of Jenni.
[3563] Yeah?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3564] No thanks!
Susan (PS129) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3565] Er you're obviously dressed up as a ... a [...]
Susan (PS129) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [3566] I said you!
Susan (PS129) [3567] You!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3568] She's talking
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3569] Who me?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3570] about you.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3571] Me?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3572] Yes.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3573] She said you!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3574] [shouting] I said you [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3575] [shouting] Right!
[3576] Fine [] !
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3577] Go on then, do you wanna sit on my knee then!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [scream]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3578] [screaming] No [] !
[3579] Em!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3580] Women!
Susan (PS129) [3581] Do you wanna sit on his knee?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3582] [shouting] Yes!
[3583] He wants to
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3584] Go on.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3585] sit on your knee [] !
Lorna (PS12C) [3586] No, you want to sit on his but you don't worry about that.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3587] I wondered why you were sitting there.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3588] Oh!
[3589] Fuck me!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3590] Guess what everybody!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3591] What?
[3592] It's Jenni's birthday!
Lorna (PS12C) [3593] It's Jenni's birthday!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3594] Yeah.
[3595] Go on, you shout it [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3596] Why?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3597] Seconds , go on do it again.
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [3598] It's Jenni's birthday
Lorna (PS12C) [3599] today!
Susan (PS129) [3600] How thrilling!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3601] And Emma's.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3602] Ah!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3603] The others get the bumps.
Lorna (PS12C) [3604] Sing happy birthday!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3605] Nobody's even took any notice of it.
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [3606] Happy birthday to you ... happy birthday to you ... happy birthday dear Jenni
Lorna (PS12C) [3607] Happy birthday to you!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3608] We got then enough Jenni.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3609] [laughing] That's right [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3610] Wicked to her aren't we?
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3611] Isn't that fair?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3612] [laughing] I'm not going to get [...] [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3613] [shouting] [...] give her the bumps [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3614] The [mimicking] burmps [] !
Lorna (PS12C) [3615] Yeah!
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3616] Give her the [mimicking] burmps [] ! [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3617] No.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3618] Give her the [mimicking] burmps [] .
[3619] Come
Susan (PS129) [3620] Yeah!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3621] on everyone.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3622] No, oh oh oh oh oh!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3623] [...] .
[3624] Go on
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3625] Ah!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3626] hold

15 (Tape 052908)

Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3627] What was Angela cooking?
Christine (PS127) [3628] She was going to make [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3629] Oh.
Claire (PS12B) [3630] Hello.
Christine (PS127) [3631] Hiya!
Claire (PS12B) [3632] Where
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3633] Lorna was cooking ... pizza ... and this ... chocolate and brandy mousse or something.
Christine (PS127) [3634] I thought it might be good actually.
[3635] Well Pete was telling me that.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3636] All I remembered is, they got, it's chocolate ... and it's got brandy in it, cos she was gonna put, I think it says three teaspoons
Christine (PS127) [3637] What would [...] ?
[3638] Oh I didn't know that.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3639] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [3640] What's she doing?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3641] I don't know.
[3642] Ha!
[3643] She was gonna ... and she kept saying about
Christine (PS127) [3644] Was it chocolate mousse
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3645] Sorry?
Christine (PS127) [3646] then was it?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3647] She came, just gonna tell you that she's gonna put erm more brandy in than what it should have in.
Christine (PS127) [3648] I bet you , I bet she does.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3649] We , you know about Lorna.
[3650] Take her three years [...] .
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Christine (PS127) [3651] We got carried away.
[3652] Er, she is here somewhere.
Claire (PS12B) [3653] She is.
[3654] That [...] .
Christine (PS127) [3655] Yeah, but she dumped you. [...]
Claire (PS12B) [3656] Right.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Christine (PS127) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3657] Pardon?
Christine (PS127) [3658] Because we can cook oven chips.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3659] That's a bit stupid!
Christine (PS127) [3660] And that's actually [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3661] Yeah?
Christine (PS127) [3662] I know.
[3663] It's stupid.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3664] And kind of chips.
[3665] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [3666] No, I mean, oven chips you can just put them on the tray and bung them in the oven.
[3667] ... I know they could, but it's still [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3668] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [3669] Because it says put them in individual glasses but er er
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3670] Let's have a look.
Christine (PS127) [3671] we didn't have them glasses then in the
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3672] Ooh very nice!
Lorna (PS12C) [3673] It would have been, it would have been lovely if it ... it looks, a bit silly in that bowl.
[3674] [...] wrong
Claire (PS12B) [3675] Caroline
Lorna (PS12C) [3676] in that dish.
Claire (PS12B) [3677] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3678] Yeah.
Claire (PS12B) [3679] If you'd have done it something else that would have looked really nice!
Lorna (PS12C) [3680] I know, but my mum said
Claire (PS12B) [3681] But that looks nice and [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3682] Yeah!
Lorna (PS12C) [3683] In fact , I've forgotten the eggs in, but I broke them.
[3684] Supposed to have eggs in but I forgot them, but you don't cook it.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3685] It's only an egg white
Claire (PS12B) [3686] Ah!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3687] you don't
Lorna (PS12C) [3688] And er, yes, but my mum don't like eggs in it where you don't cook it so I, so I left them out.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3689] Fair enough.
Lorna (PS12C) [3690] It tastes nice.
Claire (PS12B) [3691] So you deliberately did it?
Lorna (PS12C) [3692] No.
[3693] Did it on
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3694] I bet it's because
Claire (PS12B) [3695] A mistake?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3696] you couldn't be bothered to take the egg yolk out of the egg white?
Lorna (PS12C) [3697] Yeah!
[3698] How did you guess?
Christine (PS127) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3699] I knew it!
Claire (PS12B) [3700] You can't fool me Lorna!
Lorna (PS12C) [3701] I know.
Christine (PS127) [3702] Did you put [...] shouldn't be in it.
Lorna (PS12C) [3703] [...] it would have been anyway.
Claire (PS12B) [3704] Do you
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3705] Yes it
Claire (PS12B) [3706] help?
Lorna (PS12C) [3707] I can make it, egg white mixed with egg yolk ... [...]
Christine (PS127) [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [3708] that goes nice.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3709] Yeah.
Lorna (PS12C) [3710] Erm
Christine (PS127) [3711] You don't really [...] .
Lorna (PS12C) [3712] Just help me.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3713] Oh right.
Lorna (PS12C) [3714] Cos I'm behind.
[3715] Can you pat those [...] back a bit.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3716] Angela, what's yours like?
Claire (PS12B) [3717] I'm not making it.
Christine (PS127) [3718] Kathleen?
[3719] Are you still depressed?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3720] Oh, can I have a look?
Christine (PS127) [3721] Kathleen?
Lorna (PS12C) [3722] No.
[3723] Cos it's in my bag and yo
Christine (PS127) [3724] You still depressed? [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3725] No.
[3726] I don't fancy that.
Claire (PS12B) [3727] I've, I've piled one on top of the other and I've just ta , like the last two
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3728] What?
Claire (PS12B) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3729] What have you made?
Claire (PS12B) [3730] Vegetable casserole.
Christine (PS127) [3731] [...] .
[3732] How; s it taste?
Claire (PS12B) [3733] It's o ... very nice!
Christine (PS127) [3734] Who wants [...] ?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3735] I asked Nicola and she couldn't remember ... so [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [3736] There you are.
[3737] There's a bit.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3738] What is this?
Lorna (PS12C) [3739] It's just biscuits.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3740] It tastes like brandy snaps.
Lorna (PS12C) [3741] Yeah I know.
[3742] It's got ginger biscuits in but I forgot to put the ginger in them.
Claire (PS12B) [3743] Well it tastes quite ... snappy anyway.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3744] Yeah.
Lorna (PS12C) [3745] Well I'll just put that down.
Claire (PS12B) [3746] It tastes a bit of erm
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3747] Do you want me to put these in here Lorna?
Lorna (PS12C) [3748] Mm?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3749] Do you want me to put your erm ... dishes in here?
Lorna (PS12C) [3750] Sort it out first.
[3751] ... I've gotta go ... I've gotta go straight from here to babysitting.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3752] Oh yeah, you've ... what are you gonna do with this?
Lorna (PS12C) [3753] I'll carry it.
[3754] Just keep it in there.
[3755] And if they find out that I've had cookery, I'm dead!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Christine (PS127) [3756] [...] !
Claire (PS12B) [3757] Wait for me to clear the sink up or I'll get
Lorna (PS12C) [3758] I will.
Claire (PS12B) [3759] killed!
[3760] Listen!
Lorna (PS12C) [3761] Yeah!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3762] Lorna, I've stacked your ... I've placed your pizza on top of the erm ... what do you call it?
Lorna (PS12C) [3763] Ah!
[3764] What?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3765] I placed it on top of the bowl.
Lorna (PS12C) [3766] Oh you didn't.
[3767] You know, ee ah! [laughing] [...] [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3768] No I haven't.
[3769] I was go , thinking about doing it the other way to see what you'd say, but then I thought, no!
Lorna (PS12C) [3770] I would kill you!
[3771] I'll tell you what ... I said
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3772] Yeah?
Claire (PS12B) [3773] shall I tell you what, we have to do with the baking table which I'll tell you about after.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3774] I don't think I'd be in very good ... you know, in ... your good books if I did that?
Lorna (PS12C) [3775] I'm gonna see if they've saved me any.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3776] I've hidden the brandy underneath.
Christine (PS127) [3777] Have you?
[3778] Why?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3779] Urgh!
[3780] Your recipe's all sticky!
[3781] Urgh!
[3782] Everywhere's all sticky!
Lorna (PS12C) [3783] All where?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3784] All over here.
[3785] Where's your tea towel?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3786] Where's ... [...] ?
Lorna (PS12C) [3787] She's down there.
[3788] ... What about a cherry treat?
Claire (PS12B) [3789] [...] after.
Lorna (PS12C) [3790] Put it the right way up then Kathleen?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3791] What?
Lorna (PS12C) [3792] The right way.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3793] What do you mean?
[3794] I was looking to see which way was the cleanest actually.
Lorna (PS12C) [3795] Oh!
[3796] What is it?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3797] Doesn't matter, they both look about the same so
Lorna (PS12C) [3798] That is er clean, except I've wiped my hands on it.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3799] It wouldn't be very clean then would it?
Lorna (PS12C) [3800] You don't worry about it.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Lorna (PS12C) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3801] What was Amanda planning on doing?
Lorna (PS12C) [3802] Nothing.
[3803] She said to me, she said, my mum and, my dad's just lost his so
Claire (PS12B) [3804] Lorna what do
Lorna (PS12C) [3805] you know
Claire (PS12B) [3806] reckoned, you gonna get drunk?
Lorna (PS12C) [3807] Yeah.
[3808] She said oh, even though I don't even like brandy.
[3809] She'll drink it.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3810] Oh ah.
Lorna (PS12C) [3811] Right erm, yeah mm ... pissed out my brains! ... 16 [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3812] Fine.
Lorna (PS12C) [3813] And she reckons that er ... we haven't got anything con considering.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3814] They went over all, while they were doing this work and ... he gave us a sheet last week, we were doing all the questions this week ... and he went over all the questions with us!
[3815] So I mean, he always does and then we just have to write it up.
Lorna (PS12C) [3816] I'm going to eat that when I do
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3817] Careful!
Lorna (PS12C) [3818] babysitting.
[3819] I like how the ... peppers have gone into it.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3820] Yeah, looks nice!
Lorna (PS12C) [3821] Cos that, cos that fresh cheese on top cos I burnt it nearly.
[3822] And then just cook the cheese and grill it.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3823] Well, looks alright.
[3824] It looks a lot nice.
Lorna (PS12C) [3825] Oh it is.
[3826] There's cheese and there's
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3827] Yeah I know.
Lorna (PS12C) [3828] tomatoes and ... erm ... mushrooms.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3829] [cough] Come on then.
[3830] [cough] ... Where you putting it?
Lorna (PS12C) [3831] Out over here.
[3832] ... I've eaten a ... bit in middle. [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3833] Fine.
[3834] Well just get on with it!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3835] Oh thank you Lorna! [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3836] What's that?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3837] Oh!
[3838] What's that?
Lorna (PS12C) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3839] What?
Lorna (PS12C) [3840] Is that here?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3841] Yes I know.
[3842] It's very nice! [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3843] What you made it?
Lorna (PS12C) [3844] With a bit of help.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3845] Come on.
Lorna (PS12C) [3846] You made it all really.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3847] No I didn't.
[3848] I di , I told you.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3849] Made what?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3850] Didn't make it.
[3851] I didn't do any of it.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3852] Who did them up?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3853] [...] what?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3854] Well, my sister's textiles work.
Lorna (PS12C) [3855] [singing] [...] !
[3856] Ooh ooh, ooh ooh [] !
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3857] [singing] Ooh ooh ooh ooh [] !
Lorna (PS12C) [3858] I don't think I could, I'd go up that ... erm ... I did alright ... and I wouldn't say I've done well.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3859] They'd look better with the egg white in
Lorna (PS12C) [3860] Forget them there.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3861] cos the egg white would have fluffed it up and it'd more
Lorna (PS12C) [3862] It have fluffed it up a bit.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3863] like a mousse.
Lorna (PS12C) [3864] Yeah, it's not a mousse at all.
[3865] Chautier
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3866] Didn't look like that in the exam.
Lorna (PS12C) [3867] It's a French ... dish.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3868] Yeah, we just had ... it's what she's eaten cos I haven't had not time to get it done!
Lorna (PS12C) [3869] Well it's going to be eaten whatever way it's gonna be cooked.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3870] Oh yeah.
[3871] No
Lorna (PS12C) [3872] Erm
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3873] doubt of that.
[3874] Just don't
Lorna (PS12C) [3875] We're all just walking and everything and get into school tomorrow.
[3876] Hi Kathleen!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [3877] I have my [...] there for Kathleen.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3878] Mm mm, mm mm!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3879] And I might have a little bit.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3880] I think it's going to get busy.
Lorna (PS12C) [3881] I've bloody well just drinking it!
[3882] I di I did erm ... three tablespoons in [...] cos it's flaky pastry.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3883] Are you sure?
[3884] Not teaspoons?
Lorna (PS12C) [3885] And I've got , no, no tablespoons.
[3886] I've got
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3887] Ooh wo!
[3888] [laugh] ... I didn't look at, er, for that size
Lorna (PS12C) [3889] Pie.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3890] thing?
Lorna (PS12C) [3891] Yeah.
[3892] And I put, put four!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3893] I'm not going there, come on [...] .
Lorna (PS12C) [3894] I put four, then put
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3895] Don't touch this one.
Lorna (PS12C) [3896] another one in ... again.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3897] Ooh yeah!
Lorna (PS12C) [3898] There were five tablespoons in there!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3899] Two really big
Lorna (PS12C) [3900] and I drunk one as well!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3901] I said be the whole lot of it! [laugh] ... [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [3902] No , I've still got that much out a bottle.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3903] But that and chocolate is the only thing that's in there!
[3904] I mean it's
Lorna (PS12C) [3905] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3906] [...] because you put five tablespoons it'll probably come up to that height!
Lorna (PS12C) [3907] And then I put three in ... with brandy.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3908] Yeah.
[3909] Right.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3910] No it's
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3911] No it's not, it's [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3912] Emma?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3913] Yeah.
[3914] Emma.
[3915] She wants to know your name.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3916] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3917] But they were nice.
[3918] Oh they'll do well.
[3919] They were lovely!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3920] That's enough pizza for my tea. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3921] You should work in a bakery [...] .
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3922] [laugh] ... No, but she said that you ... you'd ... [...] you know.
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3923] Don't they like ... come on.
Lorna (PS12C) [3924] Kathleen?
[3925] Do you want some free drinks?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3926] Oh well
Lorna (PS12C) [3927] Cos I'm getting cokes.
[3928] ... Right, shove this one in the bag.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Lorna (PS12C) [3929] And this one ... I'm wearing.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3930] Well wi , when do think he'll phone up?
Lorna (PS12C) [3931] I don't know.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3932] If at all! [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3933] You know on Saturday, er it was when I was thinking how about a, you know, cos we were thinking of going shopping in the afternoon
Lorna (PS12C) [3934] Ah?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3935] cos if John's taking, taking you he'll probably give you a lift back or something if you ... you're there.
[3936] But see
Lorna (PS12C) [3937] Mm mm.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3938] if erm ... you know, if we go a bit later, say like about seven o'clock or something ... to the cinema.
[3939] Depending on when the showings are.
[3940] What do you think?
[3941] Well you could go early but
Lorna (PS12C) [3942] But th then you see I'm babysitting.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3943] Oh yeah.
[3944] Ooh!
[3945] You're babysitting about three ... aren't you?
Lorna (PS12C) [3946] I dunno.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3947] Well if you are then we won't ma , you won't make it to it at all because I don't
Lorna (PS12C) [3948] I will ask her if I'm babysitting as well on Saturday.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3949] Say that you'd like to know.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3950] Nothing.
[3951] ... Do you want one?
Lorna (PS12C) [3952] Ooh yeah.
[3953] What is it?
[3954] Ooh nice!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3955] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3956] I'm going home now.
[3957] I've gotta use the, otherwise you won't forget swimming.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3958] The bell's gonna go in a minute.
Lorna (PS12C) [sigh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3959] No it's not.
[3960] It's got about five minutes actually.
[3961] So, I need the loo.
Lorna (PS12C) [3962] So do I cos I'm on.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3963] Well
Lorna (PS12C) [3964] Did you hear my teacher say about the book?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3965] Yeah.
Lorna (PS12C) [3966] If I can make the [...] ... and he's ... [...] .
[3967] And I had to say that they'll do it at Brownies [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3968] So?
Lorna (PS12C) [3969] And the pack ran down the sides.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3970] Don't worry about it.
Lorna (PS12C) [3971] And I ... [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3972] Oh it's you I'm talking [...] then is it?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3973] Mm, no.
[3974] ... What are they gonna do when it's your turn be in those exams next year?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [3975] Yes.
Lorna (PS12C) [3976] Oh God! [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3977] [laugh] ... Die! [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [3978] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3979] Blackmail somebody else to do it for you.
[3980] It's, oh God!
[3981] ... Those ones or , aren't too bad though cos they're only marks.
[3982] The other ones are ... Oh come on!
Lorna (PS12C) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3983] Mm.
[3984] ... Cos I just thought Lorna ... you know if Ca Carl wants ... to come
Lorna (PS12C) [3985] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3986] you'll definitely, you definitely get a lift back.
[3987] Wouldn't you?
Lorna (PS12C) [3988] I would anyway cos John said, oh I'll give you a lift home.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3989] Yeah I know, it doesn't mean to say he'll give you a lift back to your house! [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [3990] Oh God!
[3991] I've got all the chocolate all over me!
[3992] You didn't tell me that.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3993] Don't worry about it.
[3994] ... Wipe your mouth.
Lorna (PS12C) [3995] I've got the ... Sorry?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3996] I was thinking of wearing my white jeans, a shi ... and my black t-shirt and my red jacket.
Lorna (PS12C) [3997] Well I'm wearing mine
Kathleen (PS0H8) [3998] Or ... blue jeans ... white ta , shirt, black top underneath and my red jacket.
[3999] Cos I want to wear my red jacket.
[4000] Do you think I should or not?
Lorna (PS12C) [4001] Erm
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4002] [...] over an eighteen, but not just cos of that.
Lorna (PS12C) [4003] But not cos of that?
[4004] Oh!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4005] But not just cos of that.
[4006] Cos I'll have, I've gotta wear it anyway.
[4007] Well that's partly why, cos if I don't wear them, mum'll kill me!
Lorna (PS12C) [4008] Why?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4009] Cos they're, [laugh] ... cos ... waste of money if you don't wear it.
[4010] ... Just, I'm taking it on holiday with me.
Lorna (PS12C) [4011] Well ... I'm gonna put some [...] ... and jeans and then my Naff on top.
[4012] [...] ... or my red one.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4013] Well if you co if you come to my house ... before hand ... I'll do your make up and that for you.
[4014] Eh?
[4015] Oh!
[4016] Too late.
Lorna (PS12C) [4017] It's not half three.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4018] Oh well, that was just a waste of break.

16 (Tape 053001)

Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4019] Are you coughing better?
Amanda (PS12E) [4020] Yep.
Jackie (PS12A) [laugh]
Claire (PS12B) [4021] You going early today?
Jackie (PS12A) [4022] Just leave this one in.
[4023] Early?
[4024] No. [...]
Claire (PS12B) [4025] Here are!
Jackie (PS12A) [4026] Are you early today?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4027] Gonna be a bit.
Jackie (PS12A) [4028] Do you want your gloves and stuff?
Amanda (PS12E) [4029] Don't really need them.
Jackie (PS12A) [4030] Why?
Amanda (PS12E) [4031] Cos it's not raining.
Jackie (PS12A) [4032] I'll go and get them!
[4033] Wait a minute.
[4034] You get your scarf on.
[4035] What do you want?
Amanda (PS12E) [...]
Jackie (PS12A) [4036] Claire!
[4037] What do you want?
Amanda (PS12E) [4038] Just the gloves and the scarf.
[4039] It's only [...]
Claire (PS12B) [4040] [shouting] Mum , the scarf [] !
[4041] Ow!
Jackie (PS12A) [4042] Not your hat?
Amanda (PS12E) [4043] No.
Jackie (PS12A) [4044] You gone off it now?
Amanda (PS12E) [4045] No.
[4046] Just don't want it.
Jackie (PS12A) [4047] Oh!
Amanda (PS12E) [4048] Cheers then.
Jackie (PS12A) [4049] Mind how you go.
[4050] See you later.
Amanda (PS12E) [4051] See you, [...]
Jackie (PS12A) [4052] Ta-ta.
Claire (PS12B) [4053] It's really hurting me.
Jackie (PS12A) [4054] Again is it?
[4055] Can I have a look at it?
Claire (PS12B) [4056] [screaming] Ouch [] !
[4057] That flaming hurts!
Jackie (PS12A) [4058] Ow!
Amanda (PS12E) [4059] Oh!
[4060] Oh!
[4061] Oh!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4062] [cough] ... Oh!
Jackie (PS12A) [4063] Ta-ta.
[4064] Get your coat on and just stick a drop of that stuff in.
[4065] ... I don't bloody [...] !
[4066] ... It's in there!
[4067] ... Blooming ears!
[4068] These blooming ears they make more trouble than they're wor , erm, than they're worth!
[4069] Is it this one in particular?
Claire (PS12B) [4070] No.
Jackie (PS12A) [4071] It's been bleeding up again.
Claire (PS12B) [4072] [screaming] Ow [] !
[4073] Ooh that stings!
Jackie (PS12A) [4074] I know.
[4075] Cos I can see it bleeding.
Claire (PS12B) [crying]
Jackie (PS12A) [4076] Why are they doing that?
[4077] Is it because she wears [...] do you think?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4078] Shouldn't be.
Jackie (PS12A) [4079] Cos you wear them don't you?
[4080] Get your coat on!
[4081] ... Right, we'll perhaps change them when you come home.
Claire (PS12B) [4082] Why?
Jackie (PS12A) [4083] And put the thick ones in.
Claire (PS12B) [4084] No!
[4085] These are better than the thick ones!
Jackie (PS12A) [4086] Why are they?
Claire (PS12B) [4087] Yeah and the thick ones really hurt me!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Jackie (PS12A) [4088] Perhaps
Claire (PS12B) [4089] The thick ones really, really hurt me!
Jackie (PS12A) [4090] Yeah but look ... that ones, they're digging in aren't they?
Claire (PS12B) [4091] Loosen it a bit then.
Jackie (PS12A) [4092] Are you playing about with them at school?
Claire (PS12B) [4093] No!
[4094] Get fed up with this one!
Jackie (PS12A) [4095] Well don't play about , don't play about with any of them!
[4096] Cos your hands get er, dirty aren't they?
[4097] Come on!
[4098] Cos Christine will be waiting.
[4099] ... Put your coat back on.
[4100] ... What's the weather like Kathleen?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4101] Quite nice.
Jackie (PS12A) [4102] Is it sunny?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4103] Yeah.
[4104] And cold.
Jackie (PS12A) [4105] Is it?
[4106] Mm.
[4107] Right.
[4108] ... She's ha , she's been sneezing and got runny nose haven't you?
Claire (PS12B) [4109] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Jackie (PS12A) [4110] All this clobber you always have to take to school, I'm not kidding!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Jackie (PS12A) [...] [...]
Jackie (PS12A) [4111] Oh it's not hot!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Jackie (PS12A) [4112] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4113] Oh be careful with it then.
Jackie (PS12A) [4114] Put your bag in if it'll go in as well while you're at it.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4115] Yeah it will.
Jackie (PS12A) [4116] [laugh] Plenty
Christine (PS127) [4117] Morning!
Jackie (PS12A) [4118] of room.
[4119] Morning Christine.
[4120] How are you feeling? [car radio on]
Christine (PS127) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Christine (PS127) [4121] Yes, [...] we do.
Jackie (PS12A) [4122] What's this you're on about?
[4123] Did you get your tapes in?
Christine (PS127) [...]
Jackie (PS12A) [4124] Oh yeah!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4125] The students [...] .
Christine (PS127) [4126] Oh!
[4127] Ah, like they did before?
Jackie (PS12A) [4128] Like the si , like playschool did.
Christine (PS127) [4129] Yeah.
[4130] Playschool did one didn't they?
Jackie (PS12A) [4131] Well we're doing it this one.
Christine (PS127) [4132] Oh are you?
[4133] Oh!
Jackie (PS12A) [4134] Aha.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4135] With the whole community [...] .
Christine (PS127) [4136] Oh!
Jackie (PS12A) [4137] Everybody!
Christine (PS127) [4138] What was that for?
[4139] Chris's idea that was.
[4140] There was some in with me [...] different now.
Jackie (PS12A) [4141] They just, they just did it to raise some funds, I can't remember why they did it.
Christine (PS127) [4142] Well [...] [...]
Jackie (PS12A) [4143] Cos they were just twenty one last year.
Christine (PS127) [4144] Oh were they?
[4145] How long ago was that then?
Jackie (PS12A) [4146] Four years.
Christine (PS127) [4147] Four years ago, she must have been here.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4148] She's nearly eight this year.
Christine (PS127) [4149] There are then! [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4150] I can't remember it.
Christine (PS127) [4151] Mind you, you never went to that playschool so
Jackie (PS12A) [4152] Well no ... [...]
Christine (PS127) [...]
Jackie (PS12A) [4153] Right!
[4154] See you tonight.
[4155] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [laugh]
Jackie (PS12A) [4156] Good luck!
Christine (PS127) [4157] Tarrah.
Jackie (PS12A) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4158] Can you nip in the shops I wanna get something I can suck ... cos it do
Christine (PS127) [4159] Alright.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4160] it doesn't stop me from
Christine (PS127) [4161] I'll stop in the shops [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4162] Oh you, Mary! [car radio]
Mary (PS128) [4163] Will you get me one?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4164] I haven't got any money to get you anything.
Christine (PS127) [4165] What do you want Mary?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4166] He said, cos you caught me, that she was going away this morning but ... I'm not really bothered, I'm not.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4167] No.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4168] I didn't ... I mean I know I've been married to him for thir twenty five year but didn't know her all that.
[4169] Never had a lot to do with her.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4170] Well if he's not there you can't!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4171] Well that's just it, int it.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4172] So
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4173] Erm
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4174] I was going to ask for a couple of hours off and then he says, oh don't bother!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4175] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4176] Er, my brother-in-law's not going.
[4177] And in fact, one of my brother's isn't going anyway, you know, it's not ... [ringing up till]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4178] Thanks.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4179] And they only go in and ... [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4180] Right!
Christine (PS127) [4181] What have you got?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4182] Fruit gums, that's all they had.
Christine (PS127) [4183] Weren't there any er
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4184] What?
Christine (PS127) [4185] throat pastilles or anything?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4186] No.
Christine (PS127) [4187] Or Tunes or something?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4188] Mm.
Mary (PS128) [4189] They have Tunes.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4190] Yeah but, they've only got them in that flavour, I don't like cherry.
Mary (PS128) [4191] I, I already had [...] .
Christine (PS127) [4192] Well I think so many people have got colds
Mary (PS128) [4193] That's right.
Christine (PS127) [4194] now
Mary (PS128) [4195] Yeah but she had them last night!
Christine (PS127) [4196] Oh!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4197] Well I didn't see them.
Christine (PS127) [4198] Oh well.
Mary (PS128) [4199] There was the
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4200] Saw the
Mary (PS128) [4201] blackcurrant and the cherry next to each other and then mint and honey
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4202] I sa
Mary (PS128) [4203] behind them.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4204] I saw the cherry ... and the honey.
[4205] But I don't like them.
Mary (PS128) [4206] Yeah.
[4207] The mint one behind honey, and the blackcurrant
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4208] Oh I didn't
Mary (PS128) [4209] was next to the cherry.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4210] Didn't see the blackcurrants.
Christine (PS127) [4211] You really want honey and glycerine.
[4212] Then
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4213] Urgh!
Mary (PS128) [4214] Ah!
Christine (PS127) [4215] Yeah, because er, the glycerine soothes the ... the honey soothes the ... throat.
[4216] They've gritted.
[4217] That's grit on there.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4218] I makes a change.
Christine (PS127) [4219] It wasn't gritted last night round here.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4220] Could have been done this morning.
Christine (PS127) [4221] See ... it's nearly all finished.

17 (Tape 053002)

Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4222] Put the fog lights on.
[4223] I think we need them this morning.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4224] Just a bit.
Christine (PS127) [4225] It's getting a bit thick up here.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4226] If it's thick here it'll ... it'll be really thick at East Leek.
Christine (PS127) [4227] Mind you, this is getting [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4228] I know but it ... even when it's not foggy here it's foggy at East Leek.
Christine (PS127) [4229] Yeah, that's right.
[4230] ... Brian said they'd ... they closed the motorway.
Mary (PS128) [4231] [...] hasn't got fog lights on there.
Christine (PS127) [4232] No.
[4233] That's, oh.
[4234] Thought they'd closed it between [...] .
[4235] War fog warning lights and, between twenty [...] ... twenty four and twenty five.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4236] Yeah, they've definitely got fog warning lights.
Christine (PS127) [4237] That's ridiculous that is!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4238] Yeah!
Mary (PS128) [4239] What's wrong?
Christine (PS127) [4240] Er [clears throat] , a village blacksmith has had his ... been told by the council to ... close down because he lives in a greenbelt area.
[4241] ... And [...] ... wisht!
[4242] Traditionalist country ... and they're er ... [clears throat] ... Well I can't see why, what difference being a blacksmith in a greenbelt makes, it's sho ... it's not exactly [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4243] [tut] !
[4244] Oh God!
Christine (PS127) [4245] Oh dear!
[4246] Oh, I hope it lifts this fog today and we have a bit of sun.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4247] Ha!
Mary (PS128) [4248] Which I don't think we are.
Christine (PS127) [4249] I hope so.
Mary (PS128) [...]
Christine (PS127) [4250] Mind you, yesterday morning was a lot clearer than this.
[4251] ... So if you've got a violin lesson this morning seeing as Susan didn't have her flute lesson this week.
Mary (PS128) [4252] Didn't she?
Christine (PS127) [4253] No!
[4254] We they never turned up on Wednesday!
[4255] He said he was coming on Wednesday.
Mary (PS128) [4256] I know!
[4257] I know.
[4258] Why Mr never came, because, he came, he started going to school, I heard this at recorders, he didn't, he didn't get up till late cos he didn't hear it, he he was driving to school and he started a little, little but he went home.
[4259] He, he didn't feel well.
Christine (PS127) [4260] Oh, he he didn't feel well.
Mary (PS128) [4261] And so, he phoned when he got home and Mr was in and [...] and then when Mr came out he told Miss to mind the class cos he didn't get up till late.
Christine (PS127) [4262] Hey!
[4263] What about Bunny being ill?
Mary (PS128) [4264] I know. [...]
Christine (PS127) [4265] Blooming heart attack on Saturday night!
Claire (PS12B) [4266] No he didn't!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [...]
Christine (PS127) [4267] He did!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4268] He did.
Christine (PS127) [4269] He had a heart attack Saturday mo , what was it
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4270] He's in hospital.
Christine (PS127) [4271] Saturday morning at work, he's he's, hospital.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4272] Should be coming out today.
Christine (PS127) [4273] Didn't din didn't the man that came to collect the pools last night tell you?
Claire (PS12B) [4274] He didn't even come!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4275] Oh!
Christine (PS127) [4276] I'm sure he did cos he came to us.
Claire (PS12B) [...]
Christine (PS127) [4277] Unless he knocked on your front door and you didn't hear.
Claire (PS12B) [4278] Didn't even tell somebody at the door!
Christine (PS127) [4279] Oh!
[4280] Well he certainly came, cos he came to us.
[4281] And er ... Oh well.
Christine (PS127) [4282] Yeah, Bunny's got, had a heart attack.
[4283] ... After bloody, he was at work on Saturday morning!
[4284] And don't what he actually does though.
[4285] Anyway ... Come on!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Claire (PS12B) [4286] Did you get any [...] ?
Christine (PS127) [4287] Pardon
Claire (PS12B) [4288] Did you get any pools done tonight because it was nine o'clock when I went to bed and [...] .
Christine (PS127) [4289] It was nine o'clock when he came to us.
[4290] Er, because he was half an hour later than normal.
[4291] Cos I er, I when I went to the door in our ... [...] and Bunny and er, it wasn't it was an elder gentleman ... says, ah!
[4292] Where's Bunny?
[4293] He said he had heart attack on Saturday.
[4294] I said, oh!
[4295] That's why he wasn't in the pub then on Sunday.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4296] Did they say they were gonna have the review of erm ... Freddie on there?
[4297] Cos they were talking about doing reviews and they mentioned Freddie.
[4298] It only comes out today so how can they have a review straight away?
Christine (PS127) [4299] Well they can because er ... they've, they've had a preview of it.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4300] Yeah, but they don't do it, they do it on, er
Christine (PS127) [4301] Th the day it comes out but they, all the er
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4302] No, it's normally after.
Christine (PS127) [4303] the media men
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4304] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [4305] get erm ... a preview of it so that i , er the day it comes out they can do a review on it.
[4306] Okay?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4307] Yeah.
[4308] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [4309] That's what they do.
[4310] ... Who's going on Saturday then?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4311] Dunno.
[4312] There's loads of us going.
[4313] ... Well loads of us talked about going so we'll a just have to see.
Christine (PS127) [4314] Well I wo wouldn't [...] to watch it again.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4315] You what?
Christine (PS127) [4316] I don't want to [...] .
[4317] Oh it's D registration.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4318] Where's dad at?
Christine (PS127) [4319] I don't know.
[4320] But some pantomime has been called off because Snow White
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4321] I know.
Christine (PS127) [4322] is pregnant.
[4323] [...] ... It's not quite as thick as it was the other day when it was just er constant, whereas this really went in patches.
[4324] You went from the very thick ... to nothing and then [...] .
[4325] This fog's moving.
[4326] ... Couldn't see the lights the other day.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4327] I know, when we were coming back from Lorna's ... I mean there there was like in patches.
Christine (PS127) [4328] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4329] Swirly.
Christine (PS127) [4330] There's some muck on this road!
[4331] All this!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4332] There is?
Christine (PS127) [4333] It's this farmer and his tractor!
[4334] ... You know when he leaves here [...] ... go off and
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4335] Ah well!
Christine (PS127) [4336] Oh well!
[4337] What time was your violin lesson this morning then?
Mary (PS128) [4338] I don't know.
Christine (PS127) [4339] You don't know?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4340] She never knows!
Christine (PS127) [4341] Do you just go and check they're in?
[4342] ... [yawning] Oh dear [] !
[4343] I wanted to stay in bed this morning.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Christine (PS127) [4344] We haven't seen the bus have we?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4345] No.
[4346] It's probably behind us.
Christine (PS127) [4347] There's no one standing there so ... it's getting caught up in that traffic jam ... at the bridge I would have thought ... they're all queuing to get on the bridge in the morning.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4348] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [4349] [...] ... That bus ahead of this car ... if you get out and you go and turn right instead ... [...] in the middle of the road.
[4350] Oh the bus is coming
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4351] The bus must have
Christine (PS127) [4352] in.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4353] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [4354] They've had one bus over by the look of it with the
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4355] Yeah. ... [laugh]
Christine (PS127) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4356] Ooh!
Christine (PS127) [4357] What, Freddie?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4358] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [4359] In three D?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4360] It's not all in three D, there's only about twenty minutes of it.
[4361] ... It said to gi get get three D, er red and green glasses.
[4362] I wonder if they'll give us them, you know.
[4363] They'll have to give us them won't they, when they
Christine (PS127) [4364] I remember once watching a film in three D and getting the red and green, green glasses.
[4365] The whole of the film was in three D.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4366] Ah no, this is
Christine (PS127) [4367] Can't remember what we went to now.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4368] God that bus!
Christine (PS127) [4369] Sorry!
[4370] Going right over.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Christine (PS127) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4371] Yeah.
Christine (PS127) [4372] Pardon?
[4373] [laugh] ... Where's the sun?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4374] We won't see any.
[4375] I'll be surprised if we get any at East Leek. [music in car]
Christine (PS127) [4376] That bus is overtaking us [...] .
[4377] Women drivers!
[4378] ... Not while he's [...] that'll be silly. ... [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4379] Yeah!
[4380] She's babysitting Wednesday, Thursday, Friday an ... Sat , er so then some Saturdays and Sundays.
Christine (PS127) [4381] What, will it be just for a short period cos it wasn't nine o clock?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4382] No she went straight from school.
[4383] It to ,i she's babysitting the ... these that go to college ... that have got college classes so she
Christine (PS127) [4384] Oh right.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4385] goes straight from school.
Christine (PS127) [4386] And do they feed her? [...] ?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4387] Don't know.
Christine (PS127) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4388] Oh I know she had her cooking with her today, so she had a pizza and a, a chocolate mousse thing in, she'd been cooking
Christine (PS127) [4389] Oh that's alright.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4390] with her.
Christine (PS127) [4391] What, was that at school?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4392] Yeah.
Claire (PS12B) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4393] So she to she'd, she'd cooked it in, cooking ... yesterday so ... [cough]
Christine (PS127) [4394] Oh well!
[4395] We're nearly there girls, we're nearly there.
[4396] ... Right.
[4397] Oh!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4398] [laughing] Urgh!
[4399] You got a [...] [] .
Christine (PS127) [4400] Where are they going?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4401] She's got a ro

18 (Tape 053003)

Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4402] Bye!
[4403] Oh come on!
Lorna (PS12C) [4404] Hold on.
[4405] Can you hold that please?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4406] What you bloody doing here?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4407] Nothing!
[4408] They want it today.
Lorna (PS12C) [4409] No, what?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4410] I don't want to i well it didn't look like it's on.
[4411] And yet after your expression,
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4412] Probably not.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4413] ha, I think it will be.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4414] Even like [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4415] This way.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4416] Er!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4417] Go and phone Shirley, let her know.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4418] She's not likely to though.
Lorna (PS12C) [4419] Too late now, I just
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4420] Yes it is.
[4421] Come on let's walk round.
Lorna (PS12C) [4422] Are you gonna buy a new one?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4423] Ha!
Lorna (PS12C) [4424] Nope.
[4425] Fuck it!
[4426] I'll get another one next year.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4427] Ha ha!
[4428] Ah!
[4429] She hopes!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4430] She hopes!
Lorna (PS12C) [4431] I hope!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4432] Yeah!
Lorna (PS12C) [4433] Yeah, it'll be better next though cos erm ... Carl won't be wanting to sit in cos, er Carl won't have a portable ... coloured T V next year.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4434] Ooh!
Lorna (PS12C) [4435] Anyway, I'm going to save up to, I was supposed to be saving up
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4436] [...] , those gates are locked.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4437] I know.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4438] Let's walk round this way then.
Lorna (PS12C) [4439] I've gotta, I've gotta try begin to lose some [...] .
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4440] Oh and past that horrible stink!
Lorna (PS12C) [4441] I'm supposed to be saving up till
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4442] Why are they?
Lorna (PS12C) [4443] Up till
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4444] I don't know, cos somebody
Lorna (PS12C) [4445] a hundred quid.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4446] hasn't opened them, that's why!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4447] Aye, I hadn't thought of that!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4448] Supposed to be saving up to a hundred quid!
[4449] I can't, and I've gotta ... see
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4450] Why have you gotta sa , oh for your French
Lorna (PS12C) [4451] No.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4452] [...] ?
Lorna (PS12C) [4453] Yeah.
[4454] But no, it's
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4455] Yes, but
Lorna (PS12C) [4456] Well but
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4457] no!
Lorna (PS12C) [4458] Yeah, cos I gotta
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4459] save up ... because ... fifty pound of it'll go to my mum ... to ma , erm mum's birthday present
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4460] Oh yeah.
Lorna (PS12C) [4461] Fifty pound'll go to the fre exchange cos she's giving me a hundred.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4462] Walk round.
[4463] Yeah?
Lorna (PS12C) [4464] So I got a hundred and fifty pound to go there.
[4465] And th erm, I've got one of them, that other fifty pound'll go on Carl's present.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4466] Oh right.
Lorna (PS12C) [4467] Okay.
Helen (PS12D) [4468] We'll have to walk back round you know.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4469] I know
Lorna (PS12C) [4470] Cos we
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4471] but we
Lorna (PS12C) [4472] I haven't done this year, I get a better present than I've ever got.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4473] Oh!
[4474] Ha ha.
Lorna (PS12C) [4475] So it'll probably be a black and white television [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4476] You say that now, but what about when you haven't no
Lorna (PS12C) [4477] And well, when I get there
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4478] when you haven't got no money! [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4479] Er ... I'll borrow this.
[4480] I a , I really am gonna save up.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4481] But when I get my new job, I don't know.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4482] Right!
[4483] It's John's [...] , John's just saying
Lorna (PS12C) [4484] I'm starting tomorrow and I'm so nervous!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4485] Oh what you do , where is it at?
[4486] And what you doing?
Lorna (PS12C) [4487] [...] the bakers, I've gotta serve [laughing] customers and things [] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4488] I applied for a job and ... three people turned
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4489] John just said
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4490] me down cos they said they only wan , they wanted full-time ... and not, you know, not just sort of Saturday or part-time.
Lorna (PS12C) [4491] I'm like er, er
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4492] I said, you know, after school, they don't want just after school or Saturday cos I, cos it's full-time.
Lorna (PS12C) [4493] I don't know if I'm working Sunday now.
[4494] If I'm not working Sunday I shall see if you're off.
Helen (PS12D) [4495] Where's erm
Lorna (PS12C) [4496] Ah!
Helen (PS12D) [4497] Lorna.
[4498] She's
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4499] Ah!
Helen (PS12D) [4500] got her little friend with her!
[4501] Taking a shine to him.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4502] We'll see about that!
Helen (PS12D) [4503] He says ... but, a reliable [...] with you, I'll, get off with me then.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4504] [laughing] He's, yeah that's it [] !
Helen (PS12D) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4505] [laughing] Do you call her reliable [] !
Lorna (PS12C) [4506] [laughing] Reliable [] ?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4507] And she's meant to be here. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4508] Me too.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4509] [laughing] [...] [] !
Lorna (PS12C) [4510] Where is she?
[4511] A reliable fourteen year old girl.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4512] Nothing
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4513] but ... [...] ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4514] Did you draw a little picture?
Lorna (PS12C) [4515] No.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4516] Oh it's not you then.
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4517] [laughing] Ah ah ah [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4518] They won't get anything until six months later anyway cos I didn't.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4519] Oh yeah!
[4520] Just because
Lorna (PS12C) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4521] just because you didn't, they're not!
Lorna (PS12C) [4522] They won't.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4523] They maybe heard the rumours about you! [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4524] Ooh yeah!
[4525] See someone's opened the gates now.
Lorna (PS12C) [4526] Eh?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4527] [laugh] ... Right ... erm ... I ... so I'm babysitting Danielle all ... tonight when I get home. [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4528] Someone who
Helen (PS12D) [4529] If you wanna car.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4530] No, she was really sick of it.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4531] Yeah.
Lorna (PS12C) [4532] But one o'clock until ... two o'clock feeds.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4533] Are you coming, are we going shopping tomorrow or not?
Lorna (PS12C) [4534] I don't know.
[4535] Two o'clock feeds
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4536] I was thinking about going later on, you know, to the cinema, see what Amanda says.
Lorna (PS12C) [4537] Two o'clock feed and then
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4538] Thought it was a three o'clock feed.
Lorna (PS12C) [4539] Yeah.
[4540] It's two to three.
[4541] And then four
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4542] Oh Lorna!
Lorna (PS12C) [4543] Six o'clock in the morning
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4544] After school?
Lorna (PS12C) [4545] Yeah, I've gotta go after school
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4546] Well how ... are you gonna really
Lorna (PS12C) [4547] go home
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4548] do it ... at two o'clock then?
Lorna (PS12C) [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4549] In the morning.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4550] Ah!
Lorna (PS12C) [4551] Right.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4552] Run home, get changed ... wait, have a bath ... then go up to they'll pick me up to go babysitting over there.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4553] Well how do you plan to stay up till that early?
Lorna (PS12C) [4554] And then
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4555] [laughing] That early! []
Lorna (PS12C) [4556] and then I've gotta go over there
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4557] That was, that was stupid!
Lorna (PS12C) [4558] for one ... in the morning ... gotta come back, feed Danielle
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4559] Let's go across there.
[4560] Don't go in the common room, I can't be arsed.
Lorna (PS12C) [4561] And then erm
Helen (PS12D) [4562] I'm cold!
Lorna (PS12C) [4563] gotta make [...] four o'clock
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4564] Yeah, that's right we'll go in this side.
Lorna (PS12C) [4565] I've got to provide the ... the six o'clock feed.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4566] So you go again there?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4567] No, you're not yo
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4568] When do you go to sleep?
Lorna (PS12C) [4569] I'm not!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4570] She never does!
Lorna (PS12C) [4571] I'm going, and then I'm going to bed and getting up at er, eight o'clock.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4572] Oh right!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4573] Ha!
Lorna (PS12C) [4574] See!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4575] I can just that working.
Lorna (PS12C) [4576] Yeah, for the time at night and today
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4577] The time plan, the one [laughing] I don't work for [] !
Lorna (PS12C) [4578] and I get paid
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4579] Come about midnight ... put the time plan. [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4580] No, I always get up an ... well, most of the time she sleeps to a time plan.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4581] Why does she have to be fed at that time?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4582] Co
Lorna (PS12C) [4583] It's because I'm babysitting, while some of you people are in bed.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [cough]
Lorna (PS12C) [4584] And I'm staying round, and I wake up if I'm staying round ... if Danielle wakes ... and they'll bring her over, I'll [...] ... you see ... and picking her up Sunday night.
[4585] And that means Carl's gotta stay in all tomorrow
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4586] How come?
Lorna (PS12C) [4587] from school!
[4588] So I'll keep Danielle.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4589] Oh!
Helen (PS12D) [4590] Does she have a car?
Lorna (PS12C) [4591] No, in ... I mean she's got a
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4592] Hi Lorna!
Lorna (PS12C) [4593] Hi!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4594] Gotta stay the night.
Lorna (PS12C) [4595] And he's staying tonight to keep Danielle.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4596] Until you get back?
Lorna (PS12C) [4597] Until I get back [laughing] at one [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4598] But otherwise he's not allowed out?
Lorna (PS12C) [4599] So he's not allowed out and John's coming to him at home.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4600] Oh, I thought he'd be with Amanda?
Lorna (PS12C) [4601] Er, yeah, but he's coming round as well.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4602] With Amanda?
Lorna (PS12C) [4603] No!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4604] Turn round.
Lorna (PS12C) [4605] And so that means erm ... he come in ... he come in and Danielle was lying across my arm like that and he
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4606] What today?
Lorna (PS12C) [4607] No,yester
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4608] Last night?
Lorna (PS12C) [4609] last night, yeah.
[4610] And he went
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4611] John did?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4612] Lorna?
Lorna (PS12C) [4613] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4614] Sorry!
[4615] What days do you baby-sit?
Lorna (PS12C) [4616] Monday?
[4617] No.
[4618] Tuesday?
[4619] No.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4620] Wednesday,Tues , Wednesday, Tuesday, Thursday, [laughing] Friday [] and
Lorna (PS12C) [4621] Saturday.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4622] and sometimes Saturday.
Lorna (PS12C) [4623] And sometimes Sunday.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4624] Are you ... on the school bus tonight?
Lorna (PS12C) [4625] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4626] The right one?
Lorna (PS12C) [4627] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4628] [laughing] The right one [] !
Lorna (PS12C) [4629] Not working next week.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4630] Watch out!
[4631] Here comes Amanda!
[4632] Oh oh!
[4633] Who is it?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4634] Well you'll forward to Sunday dinner [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4635] Bread ... please.
Lorna (PS12C) [4636] Where's the mo ... li ... unlikely place they'll find us.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4637] Not in the toilets! [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4638] Up there.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4639] No, go outside.
[4640] ... Oh oh!
Lorna (PS12C) [4641] I'm only joking!
[4642] She's
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4643] Yeah.
Lorna (PS12C) [4644] here.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4645] She just gets on my nerves.
[4646] I was thinking about wearing my red jacket on Saturday.
Lorna (PS12C) [4647] Look!
[4648] I'm filthy!
[4649] I dropped all that
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4650] What do you think about me wearing my red jacket on Saturday?
[4651] Walk round.
Lorna (PS12C) [4652] What, that one you wore with my, uniform dress you mean?
[4653] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4654] Maybe not actually.
Lorna (PS12C) [4655] I like that.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4656] Urgh!
Lorna (PS12C) [4657] That'll make you look older and I'm going to look like a bloody prat!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4658] Not if you come to my house, you'll be alright.
Lorna (PS12C) [4659] Don't put too much make up on or else it'll look dead false!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4660] [laugh] ... Ah ah!
Lorna (PS12C) [4661] Yeah but I look dead false anyway!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4662] Ah ah ah!
Lorna (PS12C) [4663] I've got your sister's Tunes
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [4664] where it goes, urgh! urgh!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4665] Oh thank you Susan.
[4666] Can I have one of these?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4667] [laugh] ... They're not that high.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4668] Oh, Lorna?
Lorna (PS12C) [4669] Eh?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4670] Lorna?
Lorna (PS12C) [4671] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4672] Erm
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4673] what you have to do is you have to get your sister to do it for you.
Lorna (PS12C) [4674] Sarah, can I have your mask?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4675] Thank you!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4676] A mask?
Lorna (PS12C) [4677] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4678] [laugh] ... No, no
Lorna (PS12C) [4679] Okay.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4680] it's okay I'm just borrowing your body to get into the cinema and then you can disappear! [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4681] Yeah!
Lorna (PS12C) [4682] I'm a spirit!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4683] Chum!
[4684] Urgh!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4685] Hurry up!
Lorna (PS12C) [4686] There's something wrong with my sister you know.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4687] Why?
Lorna (PS12C) [4688] Because ... you know she had Danielle and was ... in a pretty bad mood for two weeks now
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4689] Yeah?
Lorna (PS12C) [4690] she's still bleeding.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4691] She's still what?
Lorna (PS12C) [4692] Bleeding.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4693] Oh er!
Lorna (PS12C) [4694] [...] I wouldn't.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4695] Was sh , was it early or late?
Lorna (PS12C) [4696] It was ... late.
[4697] By two
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4698] Yeah, but it was,i i was sitting differently though wasn't it?
Lorna (PS12C) [4699] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4700] So
Lorna (PS12C) [4701] But ... the doctor says that it should be just a normal period after you've had it, but it'll be faster flow.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4702] Has she been bleeding for a two week period?
Lorna (PS12C) [4703] Yeah!
[4704] Yeah!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4705] I don't think, it's not
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4706] Mm, she should go and see a doctor.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4707] very fast now is it?
Lorna (PS12C) [4708] I don't know.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4709] Well ... and she left her knickers in the bloody sink and bloody disgusting!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4710] Got people calling round, and th ... I walked in the bathroom and went mm mm urgh!
[4711] [laughing] And walked back out again [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4712] Urgh!
[4713] Urgh!
[4714] Urgh!
Lorna (PS12C) [4715] I go, mum!
[4716] Tell Sarah to move her bloody knickers!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4717] Bloody being the operative word!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4718] [laughing] Yeah [] !
[4719] ... And she goes, [screaming] Sarah [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4720] Er, I think it's a bit cold actually.
Lorna (PS12C) [4721] She goes, [screaming] Sarah [] !
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4722] Well, just a bit of a like ... oh, has the bell gone?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4723] Oh oh oh!
Lorna (PS12C) [4724] And then Sarah comes
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4725] Don't know.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4726] Mr 's there!
[4727] Get a move on!
[4728] Oh oh!
[4729] Oh!
[4730] Oh
Lorna (PS12C) [4731] Woops!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4732] shit!
Lorna (PS12C) [4733] And then Sarah comes, she's running in ... what?
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4734] Can you move them bloody knickers!
[4735] Oh mum!
[4736] I have got Danielle in my arms!
[4737] So mum [...] and Sarah's got, I chucked it off ... [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4738] Helen!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4739] Helen!
[4740] Helen!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4741] Has bell gone?
Helen (PS12D) [4742] I dunno. [...] ?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4743] Any, oh!
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4744] If she can't hear it
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4745] Well any
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4746] if you shout Helen, [...] I was shouting Helen!
[4747] Helen!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4748] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4749] [laughing] [...] [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4750] Oh!
[4751] You can't, you can't get round there.
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4752] And there was you lot shouting, Helen!
[4753] Helen!
Lorna (PS12C) [4754] Has it gone?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4755] No.
[4756] It hasn't [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4757] Well we walked back down and everybody was in the erm ... class.
Lorna (PS12C) [4758] Class.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4759] There were er, Mr and we sort of walked in and we thought like they were ... we're thinking, oh fu shit!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4760] Yoo hoo!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4761] [laugh] ... Yoo hoo!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4762] [laugh] ... Anybody down there!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4763] I dunno.
[4764] I daren't look!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4765] Do you want to go
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4766] Yo we've got that English thing today haven't we?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4767] Yep!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4768] Oh shit!
Helen (PS12D) [4769] Oh no!
[4770] I haven't bought my book!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4771] Oh Helen!
Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4772] Oh [...] shock horror! [bell ring]

19 (Tape 053004)

Unknown speaker (KCWPSUNK) [4773] What is?
Lorna (PS12C) [4774] I ca ... like that.
[4775] I can't [...] side.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4776] Yeah, I suppose in a bit.
[4777] In a way.
Lorna (PS12C) [4778] So that means we'll see the knife go actually into her stomach!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4779] Urgh!
[4780] Urgh!
[4781] Urgh!
Lorna (PS12C) [4782] They say that ... erm, this one's the best one they've ever done!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4783] Yeah.
[4784] Well they save the best for the le la ... for last but
Lorna (PS12C) [4785] I don't think so.
[4786] The first one was best.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4787] We'll soon see when we've seen it won't we?
Lorna (PS12C) [4788] Then we'll have nightmares!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4789] [laugh] ... Go at midnight!
Lorna (PS12C) [4790] Hey!
[4791] [laughing] Go at midnight [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4792] That won't be nightmares, it'll be morning- mares!
Lorna (PS12C) [4793] Mares!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4794] Go home, hi mum!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4795] Ha ah!
[4796] Ha ah da!
Lorna (PS12C) [4797] And go to sleep ... [screaming] Ah [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4798] [screaming] Ah [] !
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4799] [screaming] Ah [] !
[4800] What now?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh] ... [scream]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4801] I think that was quite interesting having it on at midnight exactly.
Lorna (PS12C) [4802] Yeah!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4803] Ooh!
Lorna (PS12C) [4804] Ooh aargh!
Mary (PS128) [4805] [laugh] ... You went?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4806] No I didn't er
Lorna (PS12C) [4807] It makes you jump, I can tell you that!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4808] How do you know?
Lorna (PS12C) [4809] No, not this one.
[4810] The Freddies'
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4811] Oh!
Lorna (PS12C) [4812] all the Freddies'.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4813] I know!
[4814] I've seen it
Lorna (PS12C) [4815] They make you jump, and jump out!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4816] I've seen this [...] .
Lorna (PS12C) [4817] I've seen all the way up.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4818] Alright.
Lorna (PS12C) [4819] They jump out at you!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4820] Oh, I told you about watching about erm ... Freddie four in the early morni , hours of the morning, [laughing] didn't I [] ?
[4821] And that bloody
Lorna (PS12C) [4822] Yeah, and they're walking around.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4823] [laugh] ... Was I we , where are the crisps?
[4824] Oh!
[4825] Somewhere in there, oh right.
[4826] Chuck over a cushion.
[4827] Ow!
[4828] Splat!
[4829] [laughing] What was that [] !
Lorna (PS12C) [4830] What was that?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4831] Yeah!
Mary (PS128) [4832] Help!
Lorna (PS12C) [4833] I'd laugh if someone was dressed up as Freddie you know!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4834] And they come from behind the screen!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4835] Er er er er er er er!
Lorna (PS12C) [4836] [screaming] Ah [] !
[4837] [laughing] I'd just ru run out the cinema twice as fast as I went in [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4838] We didn't watch it at the cinema.
[4839] We were watching this at home.
Mary (PS128) [4840] That so sounds like an, an owl.
Lorna (PS12C) [4841] Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4842] La la la la la la!
Lorna (PS12C) [4843] No.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4844] No!
Lorna (PS12C) [4845] It sounds like the trumps!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4846] [laugh] ... Sounds more like a bloody dog!
[4847] ... Oh don't try Lorna!
Lorna (PS12C) [4848] I used to do that [...] .
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4849] One person trying to make owls is enough!
[4850] Ooh!
[4851] Oh!
[4852] Cold!
Lorna (PS12C) [4853] Er!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4854] It was Jenny's birthday the other da , yeah I told you didn't I?
[4855] Oh!
Lorna (PS12C) [4856] Mm mm.
[4857] Mm mm.
[4858] [...] ... I can't do it anymore.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4859] Good!
Lorna (PS12C) [4860] I used to be able to do it, I forgot how do my fingers go now.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4861] Oh don't try!
[4862] I'm cold, are you?
[4863] Are you cold?
Lorna (PS12C) [4864] No.
[4865] Ha.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4866] I am!
Lorna (PS12C) [4867] Not any more! [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4868] Freezing!
Lorna (PS12C) [4869] You know when I first
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4870] I don't wanna make your
Lorna (PS12C) [4871] got out ... which do you think, that shoe there, or that shoe?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4872] I dunno.
[4873] It depends whether you want people to see the laces or not.
Lorna (PS12C) [4874] Yeah, but what do you think?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4875] But I wouldn't walk around with them like that!
Lorna (PS12C) [4876] Why?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4877] [laughing] Cos they look odd [] !
Lorna (PS12C) [4878] I've been walking round with them like this all day.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4879] Oh well, it just shows how much I, notice I take doesn't it?
Lorna (PS12C) [4880] [laughing] Oh yeah [] !
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4881] What do you not really [...] ?
[4882] No?
[4883] ... Shit!
Lorna (PS12C) [4884] Oh!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4885] It's my nose!
Lorna (PS12C) [4886] Sean's so angry he's gonna kill me now!
[4887] I've gotta try hand it on for over a year ... then I went to live again.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4888] Yeah.
Lorna (PS12C) [4889] Really?
[4890] Move [laughing] away quick [] !
[4891] That's the only problem you get out of that.
[4892] Let's face it!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4893] Yeah, I suppose.
Lorna (PS12C) [4894] Ah,bu I'd take you with me.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4895] Well thank you.
Lorna (PS12C) [4896] Of course.
[4897] I'd probably er [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4898] What about John? [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4899] He could bloody stay for all I care!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4900] No, he he could take us somewhere.
Lorna (PS12C) [4901] Yeah!
[4902] And leave us.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4903] [laugh] ... No, we'll nick off in his car.
Mary (PS128) [4904] Leave the our old house.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4905] And we'll have the car.
Lorna (PS12C) [4906] And you know how to drive don't you?
Mary (PS128) [4907] Aha.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4908] Ooh yeah!
Lorna (PS12C) [4909] You said you drove your mum's car before.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4910] Yeah, but I don't remember doing that do I?
Lorna (PS12C) [4911] Yeah well ... you still drive!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4912] I was only little!
[4913] I could have been
Lorna (PS12C) [4914] Well never mind [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4915] [...] I don't know how I managed to turn the corner without bumping into something!
Lorna (PS12C) [4916] I don't how blooming ... I don't even know how the blooming ... gears work!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4917] [laughing] You're not the only one [] !
[4918] I didn't change them
Lorna (PS12C) [4919] Oh yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4920] I just went up.
Lorna (PS12C) [...] [...]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4921] I think that's probably why I've ... you know, bothered.
[4922] ... Oh.
Lorna (PS12C) [4923] If I get Carl, I think Carl would do cos he knows how to drive a car.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4924] Oh I don't want to end up dead you know.
Lorna (PS12C) [4925] No, he does, he can drive dead good!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4926] Ha ah!
Lorna (PS12C) [4927] He's had lessons since he was six.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4928] Oh!
[4929] From John?
Lorna (PS12C) [4930] My dad's been teaching him?
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4931] Oh.
[4932] I'm going ... I told you ... they said Janice would give me lessons didn't I?
[4933] Didn't I
Lorna (PS12C) [4934] Have you
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4935] tell you?
Lorna (PS12C) [4936] you've seen Carl drive!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4937] Yes I know.
[4938] [laughing] That's why [] !
Mary (PS128) [4939] Hi!
Lorna (PS12C) [4940] Hi!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4941] Hi!
Lorna (PS12C) [4942] Right.
Mary (PS128) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4943] Right.
Mary (PS128) [4944] Yeah.
Lorna (PS12C) [4945] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4946] Right, yeah , go on.
Mary (PS128) [4947] I'm a, I'm not [...]
Lorna (PS12C) [4948] Get [...]
Mary (PS128) [4949] Ah!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4950] Bad foot.
Mary (PS128) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4951] What you doing?
Mary (PS128) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4952] Lorna!
[4953] It's our [...] !
Mary (PS128) [4954] [...] ... if I'm any relation today [laughing] I am [] !
Lorna (PS12C) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4955] [laughing] Oh my God [] !
Mary (PS128) [4956] Oh well it's sort of to both of you, but only kidding!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4957] Oh!
Lorna (PS12C) [scream]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [laugh]
Mary (PS128) [4958] In fact, I'm going to
Lorna (PS12C) [4959] Power!
Mary (PS128) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4960] Ow!
Lorna (PS12C) [4961] Just kidding!
Mary (PS128) [laugh]
Lorna (PS12C) [4962] Ah!
Mary (PS128) [4963] Oh no!
[4964] My little foot!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4965] I haven't the foggiest idea, but it's bloody cold!
Lorna (PS12C) [4966] Ow!
[4967] Ow!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4968] Has bell gone?
Mary (PS128) [4969] Not today.
Lorna (PS12C) [4970] No.
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4971] That's alright.
Lorna (PS12C) [scream]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4972] Ow!
Group of unknown speakers (KCWPSUGP) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4973] Ooh!
Mary (PS128) [4974] Get upstairs quick!
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4975] No, it's alright Nova.
Mary (PS128) [scream]
Kathleen (PS0H8) [4976] Take a rain cheque on that.
Mary (PS128) [4977] I got one shoe o
Lorna (PS12C) [4978] They