25 conversations recorded by `Kathleen2' (PS1FC) between 30 January and 7 February 1992 with 9 interlocutors, totalling 9024 s-units, 60332 words, and over 6 hours 20 minutes 37 seconds of recordings.

10 speakers recorded by respondent number 59

PS1FC Ag3 f (Kathleen, age 37, crossing warden, Central Northern England, )
PS1FD Ag4 f (Flo, age 54, youth worker, North-east England, ) friend
PS1FE Ag3 f (Maggie, age 42, housewife, London, ) friend
PS1FF Ag3 m (No name, age 40+, taxi driver, Central Northern England, ) stranger
PS1FG Ag3 f (Alice, age 40+, smallholder, Central Northern England, ) friend
PS1FH Ag3 m (Steve, age 39, electrician, Central Northern England, ) husband
PS1FJ Ag0 f (Krista, age 2, pre-school, Central Northern England, ) friend's granddaughter
PS1FK Ag2 f (Enid, age 30+, Central Northern England, ) colleague
KCXPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KCXPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

25 recordings

  1. Tape 060401 recorded on 1992-01-30. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: having a cup of tea
  2. Tape 060402 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at work ) Activity: making a cup of tea
  3. Tape 060403 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at work ) Activity: making a cup of tea
  4. Tape 060404 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at work ) Activity: making a cup of tea
  5. Tape 060405 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at work ) Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 060501 recorded on 1992-02-03. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 060502 recorded on 1992-02-03. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft () Activity: having a cup of tea
  8. Tape 060503 recorded on 1992-02-03. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft () Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 060504 recorded on 1992-02-03. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( out ) Activity: shopping
  10. Tape 060601 recorded on 1992-02-03. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at work ) Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 060602 recorded on 1992-02-03. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: making cup of tea
  12. Tape 060603 recorded on 1992-02-03. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: making cup of tea
  13. Tape 060604 recorded on 1992-02-03. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: watching television
  14. Tape 060605 recorded on 1992-02-03. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft () Activity: Unspecified
  15. Tape 060701 recorded on 1992-02-04. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunsville ( out ) Activity: shopping
  16. Tape 060702 recorded on 1992-02-04. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunsville ( at home ) Activity: making tea
  17. Tape 060703 recorded on 1992-02-04. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunsville ( at home ) Activity: making tea
  18. Tape 060704 recorded on 1992-02-05. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: having a cup of tea
  19. Tape 060705 recorded on 1992-02-05. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( shop ) Activity: buying video
  20. Tape 060801 recorded on 1992-02-05. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: having a cup of tea
  21. Tape 060802 recorded on 1992-02-05. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: making tea
  22. Tape 060803 recorded on 1992-02-05. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: making tea
  23. Tape 060804 recorded on 1992-02-06. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  24. Tape 060901 recorded on 1992-02-07. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: chatting
  25. Tape 060902 recorded on 1992-02-07. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( friend's home ) Activity: visiting

1 (Tape 060401)

Maggie (PS1FE) [1] I says, oh she'll give me a little nod like.
[2] He says, well I'll give you little nod I want sex!
[3] She says
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [4] I says yeah but ... I wanna help Kath out cos she's helped me out.
[5] What does she want?
[6] I dunno!
[7] I says.
[8] Oh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [9] Has Jacqueline gone?
Maggie (PS1FE) [10] Yeah.
[11] She seemed alright when she left.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [12] She were alright when she were with me today.
Maggie (PS1FE) [13] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [14] It's ... she never attempted to go ... she just wandered all round till she met me
Maggie (PS1FE) [15] [cough] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [16] Then I says to her ... eh up duck!
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [17] I says, eh up!
[18] I said, what you doing right up here?
[19] She says, I'm looking for you.
[20] I says, well I picked them forms for you and everything.
Maggie (PS1FE) [21] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [22] I said, but I'm gonna fetch them back.
[23] I says
Maggie (PS1FE) [24] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [25] drop them off at our house, I said, and fetch them back like.
Maggie (PS1FE) [26] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [27] So, she says, oh it don't matter.
[28] She says er ... will you help me fill them in now?
[29] I says, can I ask you a question?
[30] She says what?
[31] I says, these forms things, I says ... d'ya know how to fill them in?
[32] She says
Maggie (PS1FE) [33] Ah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [34] no.
[35] She said, somebody's always done it for me.
Maggie (PS1FE) [36] Annette's done them.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [37] Well, apparently, they must of done it.
[38] Cos I said
Maggie (PS1FE) [39] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [40] to Steve on t' phone, I says, I helped her fill all the forms in, you don't mind do you?
[41] I says, because
Maggie (PS1FE) [42] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [43] she didn't know.
[44] I says
Maggie (PS1FE) [45] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [46] has she never filled them in before?
Maggie (PS1FE) [47] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [48] So he says no, when I've been there I've always done it.
Maggie (PS1FE) [49] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [50] So, I, cos I had to do talking for her and all!
[51] I says, they asked her age of kids and, that.
Maggie (PS1FE) [52] Yeah.
[53] And she forgot.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [54] I says, [laughing] and she forgot [] !
[55] I says, I had to tell them they were three and one year old.
Maggie (PS1FE) [56] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [57] Anyway, er ... they were talking to her, they explained about ... that money
Maggie (PS1FE) [58] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [59] and ... is your Steve, he must have thought she'd come back here with me.
Maggie (PS1FE) [60] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [61] And ... he's been in contact, he's after them
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [62] or summat
Maggie (PS1FE) [63] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [64] and ... he's been and gorrit, he's took his half ... and it's going,i cos I thought I'll come to your house and tell you in front
Maggie (PS1FE) [65] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [66] of Bill.
Maggie (PS1FE) [67] Yeah.
[68] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [69] That it were coming down and then
Maggie (PS1FE) [70] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [71] if she says it's not, then
Maggie (PS1FE) [72] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [73] Bill will say, well hang on a minute!
[74] I know it come down because Kath come over, you know.
Maggie (PS1FE) [75] Yeah.
[76] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [77] I thought well, I'll take pot luck and hope she's
Maggie (PS1FE) [78] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [79] at your house.
[80] That's
Maggie (PS1FE) [81] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [82] why I come straight across.
Maggie (PS1FE) [83] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [84] But he hadn't put [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [85] He never [...] to my house.
[86] Cos he knew his dad were there.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [87] Well, he'd seen her with me hadn't he?
Maggie (PS1FE) [88] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [89] So he automatically thought ... she'll have gone home.
[90] She never left me ... at all!
[91] Never left me!
[92] Cos I thought well if you were me [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [93] She just says, I didn't like [...] he walks past.
[94] I says to her
Kathleen (PS1FC) [95] They're only ninety nine pence!
Maggie (PS1FE) [96] Yeah I know.
[97] She says, I didn't feel th right about taking, I says, well when you get yourself straightened out, I says, if you pop into town and Kath's in town, you bump into her, I said take her for one of them meals.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [98] They're only ninety nine pence!
Maggie (PS1FE) [99] Yeah but ... she's ... she's like that.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [100] Oh!
[101] I made her.
[102] First of all, I says to her ... I'm gonna have a sandwich.
Maggie (PS1FE) [103] She had that little bottle of pop.
[104] Oh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [105] Yeah, I know.
Maggie (PS1FE) [106] Look what I found.
[107] They left it on Doug's wall, I had to tell you after cos er
Kathleen (PS1FC) [108] Oh!
Maggie (PS1FE) [109] Right.
[110] I've had her in stitches!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [111] I forgot about that.
[112] I meant to pick it up.
[113] You've had who?
[114] Jackie?
Maggie (PS1FE) [115] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [116] Why?
Maggie (PS1FE) [117] On Sunday I put some sprouts on, right ... and ... doing summat, I forgot all about the bloody things!
[118] And I burnt them.
[119] So
Kathleen (PS1FC) [120] Has she burnt sprout again! [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [121] Yeah but, it was only on the bottoms of some of them so I said cut the bits off and er, I shut the door to, and Bill said, why are you shutting the door?
[122] I says, I don't want the burglar alarm, the smoke alarm going off.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [123] So I'm cutting them all off, put them in some fresh water again.
[124] Right?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [125] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [126] And he says, I got a lot of sprouts!
[127] A o they turn me off!
[128] [laughing] He were being silly [] !
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [129] I didn't want bloody burnt sprouts!
[130] So, and he eat it all!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [131] Did he?
Maggie (PS1FE) [132] Mm.
[133] He eat it all.
[134] And I'm telling Jackie about this, I says, d'ya know, I says, I must be getting bloody worse!
[135] See to, the liver and bacon casserole stuff
Kathleen (PS1FC) [136] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [137] got the cabbage, and the taters ... crucified!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [138] You burnt them again?
Maggie (PS1FE) [139] I burnt the taters!
[140] She went flying upstairs!
[141] You did that!
[142] She went flying up the garden!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [143] Did she?
Maggie (PS1FE) [144] She said, honest!
[145] Honest!
[146] I did.
[147] And anyway, I said, you put the bloody mockers on me!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [148] Did she have her tea before she went out like?
[149] Did she have summat to eat?
Maggie (PS1FE) [150] No.
[151] No.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [152] She must have been full.
Maggie (PS1FE) [153] She's gonna do meatballs and er ... hot dogs for the kids.
[154] Do two tins
Kathleen (PS1FC) [155] Oh!
[156] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [157] you know, and she'll have some of them.
[158] Cos I says to her, I says, do you want a turkey sandwich ... and well, there was only like a quarter of a tin left.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [159] We only had it at half past twelve.
Maggie (PS1FE) [160] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [161] Cos I hung on, and hung on
Maggie (PS1FE) [162] Unless she's took three quarters of turkey back.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [163] Has she?
Maggie (PS1FE) [164] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [165] I says, well you can make some sandwiches while they're ... you're making a dinner like.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [166] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [167] If they ain't had nowt to eat.
[168] So she says er, do I have to go that thing tomorrow?
[169] I says, well no, not if you're gonna get that money.
[170] She says, ooh!
[171] I'll go and buy a bag of coal and some more milk.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [172] She has to if the money ain't arrived.
Maggie (PS1FE) [173] Well that's what she'll probably do.
[174] She'll have to come back up and see me.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [175] Yeah.
[176] If she comes back up
Maggie (PS1FE) [177] She'll get it off of Ray.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [178] Is she
Maggie (PS1FE) [179] Give it her.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [180] er, you see, he never said owt he just says, I'm gonna put it in an envelope and get it down to her ... but he never said how.
Maggie (PS1FE) [181] Yeah.
[182] He'll probably get ... what's his name?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [183] Who?
Maggie (PS1FE) [184] Er ... tt ... him!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [185] Which him?
[186] Him that lived on caravan site?
Maggie (PS1FE) [187] That's him!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [188] I don't know his name.
Maggie (PS1FE) [189] I don't.
[190] I forgot it.
[191] I've had some bad news.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [192] Why?
Maggie (PS1FE) [193] He says what's the date?
[194] Says the thirtieth.
[195] This is shit!
[196] So I says, what's the matter?
[197] He says, no it don't matter.
[198] So I says, come on!
[199] What's the matter?
[200] He says, I don't know if there's gonna be any money in the bank out of my wages tomorrow.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [201] Oh!
[202] And you're not gonna get no housekeeping?
Maggie (PS1FE) [203] No.
[204] I says, nothing?
[205] He says, if wo if I can get, he's go I mean he's got to get some sleep ... so he says, well I'll get up about twelve or one and says, and then I'll go down there.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [206] Mm.
Maggie (PS1FE) [207] Cos he don't want me going there cos I fell arse over tip earlier!
[208] My leg's just going like weak.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [209] Well you got that thing on your chest haven't
Maggie (PS1FE) [210] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [211] you?
Maggie (PS1FE) [212] Anyway, he says er ... we'll not be able to manage.
[213] I says, we will.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [214] Course you will!
[215] I'll buy you a sack
Maggie (PS1FE) [216] I jus
Kathleen (PS1FC) [217] of taters!
[218] You can have that.
Maggie (PS1FE) [219] [laughing] A sack of taters! []
Kathleen (PS1FC) [220] No, I meant [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [221] But bloody useless chuffing taters!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [222] The one I've got's alright.
[223] I always get reds.
Maggie (PS1FE) [224] I've got them from down there.
[225] They're crap!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [226] I always get reds.
[227] Always get reds.
Maggie (PS1FE) [228] I ain't stopping too long tonight cos I'm gonna definitely watch ... an Home, not an Home and Away, a Neighbours cos I don't know what
Kathleen (PS1FC) [229] I'm watching
Maggie (PS1FE) [230] the bloody hell's happening!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [231] I ain't seen it.
Maggie (PS1FE) [232] Oh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [233] So
Maggie (PS1FE) [234] Er
Kathleen (PS1FC) [235] Just hang on a sec.
[236] I can still hear you.
Maggie (PS1FE) [237] Well where you going?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [238] I'm gonna put kettle on.
Maggie (PS1FE) [239] I'm gonna have a wee.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [240] Oh!
[241] [...] . I'm always standing on them!
Maggie (PS1FE) [242] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [243] Always do
Maggie (PS1FE) [244] But did Steve seem alright?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [245] Yeah!
[246] Great!
[247] I seen him in town and er
Maggie (PS1FE) [248] He bought me [...] .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [249] hey up Kath!
[250] Are you alright?
[251] I wanna be.
[252] Went over the doctors for them and said, can I help?
[253] And then er ... Jacqueline put her head down.
[254] And then J J and shouts, I told her!
[255] I've never met J J.
[256] And just, she just put her head down and walked by.
Maggie (PS1FE) [257] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [258] So I don't know.
[259] [talking from other room] ... [...] but, but he said he paid the way ... she must have worked it so that he
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [260] he [...] , cos I never saw her ... he just said [...] to say are you alright?
Maggie (PS1FE) [261] Ah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [262] er ... they walked past [...] .
[263] Hey up Kath!
[264] Are you alright? [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [265] Oh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [266] [...] ... So she said ... she never cottoned on.
Maggie (PS1FE) [sneeze]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [267] Yeah,sh she could have gone with him.
Maggie (PS1FE) [268] I dunno.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [269] She said er, didn't notice what she looked like?
[270] I said, well I couldn't see her very well.
[271] [laugh] ... And left it at that!
Maggie (PS1FE) [272] Ah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [273] I thought that's one way to do.
Maggie (PS1FE) [274] It's too cold to stand in there.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [275] Yeah.
[276] You know ... unfortunately
Maggie (PS1FE) [277] Bill says ... you know, after you left.
[278] Cos,th sa the moment he walked in the door, I'm still awake when he come to bed.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [279] Are you?
Maggie (PS1FE) [280] And I thought, well I'm not
Kathleen (PS1FC) [281] Don't you go to sleep at all?
Maggie (PS1FE) [282] Yeah.
[283] I'd had about ... as soon as he come to bed I cuddled up to him ... and I got up at ten to eleven.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [284] What well are you thinking about?
Maggie (PS1FE) [285] Erm
Kathleen (PS1FC) [286] It ain't no money and that?
Maggie (PS1FE) [287] No!
[288] It's, that and all ... is chuffing cold!
[289] I bet them kids are cold com walking down that road.
[290] I hope to God nobody's acce a you know, going down the road and
Kathleen (PS1FC) [291] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [292] somebody's mugged her or
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [293] mugged,yo my mind goes wa works overtime.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [294] You think all sorts, yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [295] I hope
Kathleen (PS1FC) [296] But
Maggie (PS1FE) [297] them kids don't
Kathleen (PS1FC) [298] she apologized!
[299] She says, I'm ever so sorry for coming up at that time she says, but I did notice Maggie's light weren't on that's
Maggie (PS1FE) [300] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [301] why I answered you
Maggie (PS1FE) [302] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [303] you know.
[304] And, she says, because if your light ha hadn't of been on she were going straight home.
[305] If it hadn't of been for Steve's car breaking down and him having
Maggie (PS1FE) [306] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [307] to jump the battery and everything
Maggie (PS1FE) [308] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [309] would have been alright.
[310] So, but they're alright.
Maggie (PS1FE) [311] But Bill said they
Kathleen (PS1FC) [312] She had summat to eat.
Maggie (PS1FE) [313] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [314] And she had a drink and that.
[315] She had a laugh with our Arthur.
[316] He ... thumped her!
[317] [laugh] ... When he thumped her I'd thought he'd seen her before.
Maggie (PS1FE) [318] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [319] Erm
Maggie (PS1FE) [320] Well, you don't have to see him ... before do you?
[321] Not with Arthur.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [322] And then he accused her, he says, keep your hand a ... keep your ... knee off my fist!
Maggie (PS1FE) [323] Oh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [324] He did.
[325] Keep your knee off my fist!
[326] I says, you cheeky git!
[327] And then they were grilling Jean.
[328] And then he insulted Jean.
[329] I thought, oh great!
Maggie (PS1FE) [330] [sniff] ... Yeah.
[331] Is he in?
[332] I've come to find out
Kathleen (PS1FC) [333] No.
Maggie (PS1FE) [334] your problems.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [335] Ain't got none!
Maggie (PS1FE) [336] But has he talked to ya?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [337] Did I tell ya, I told you what he did last night?
[338] I mean ... stupid!
Maggie (PS1FE) [339] What did he do?
[340] He was mad!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [341] I was not out.
[342] I told you when [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [343] He was mad?
[344] Yeah.
[345] But
Kathleen (PS1FC) [346] Mm.
Maggie (PS1FE) [347] you didn't tell me that.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [348] I told you, that's it!
Maggie (PS1FE) [349] Oh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [350] He were in this morning ... he's er ... had summat to eat, well he's made it obvious.
Maggie (PS1FE) [351] Yeah.
[352] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [353] Erm ... I come in, and I went upstairs to see if he were in bed or not?
Maggie (PS1FE) [354] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [355] Cos he's getting a bo he's Cadets tonight
Maggie (PS1FE) [356] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [357] like
Maggie (PS1FE) [358] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [359] it don't matter how bad he is, off
Maggie (PS1FE) [360] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [361] he goes to this stupid Cadets!
[362] Anyway, I come in ... ah, I went int kitchen, and I thought oh, there's a loaf out of freezer, and I looked at the loaf but there's only about four sandwiches in it.
Maggie (PS1FE) [363] I ... this morning, I was telling you, he come in ... and he says to her, how come you're still awake?
[364] I says oh!
[365] I says, I've been coughing all night.
[366] Well
Kathleen (PS1FC) [367] Mm.
Maggie (PS1FE) [368] sort of, but I weren't coughing all night like that.
[369] So ... he says, get yourself back to sleep.
[370] I says, I've gotta have a wee.
[371] He says, and then you'll go downstairs for a cup of tea and then you'll ... he says, get back into bed!
[372] Sort of, but his tone changed.
[373] So, I says, oh by the way, I said, I just thought I'd tell you ... Steven's back with J J ... and Jackie called up last night.
[374] I thought
Kathleen (PS1FC) [375] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [376] I'll tell you two things
Kathleen (PS1FC) [377] What's he say? [...] say?
Maggie (PS1FE) [378] That's all I told him and then you come in.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [379] Oh!
[380] ... Well she said she were gonna call and let you know how she got on.
Maggie (PS1FE) [381] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [382] So ... it's about [...] her lass as well.
[383] Cos I said seeing as you've got to go into town tomorrow
Maggie (PS1FE) [384] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [385] I says, don't take your money out the house,a
Maggie (PS1FE) [386] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [387] because you'll need that to get back in.
Maggie (PS1FE) [388] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [389] And so that's what I were doing you see.
Maggie (PS1FE) [390] Ah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [391] I've run out of such a good dog food again!
Maggie (PS1FE) [392] We had!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [393] I forgot to order it.
Maggie (PS1FE) [394] Guess what the dog had?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [395] My dog's having bacon and egg and that.
Maggie (PS1FE) [396] Guess what my dog's had?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [397] Liver.
[398] And
Maggie (PS1FE) [399] No.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [400] them taters?
Maggie (PS1FE) [401] No.
[402] Burnt taters and gravy.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [403] [...] taters and gravy?
Maggie (PS1FE) [404] A full pound full, and he's wolfed them!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [405] Will he?
[406] Oh!
[407] Chuffing hell!
[408] Oh!
Maggie (PS1FE) [409] But, he chewed them up!
[410] No, I says to her, I says ... Saturday, I says er ... if you get stuck, I says ... we're supposed to be going to see his nan ... into Ashley House up ... anyway, I told Bill ... I says, eh!
[411] I just thought ... just before er, I come over, I says, just thought I says, I ... suppose he'll take her over there Saturday won't he?
[412] Well ... him doing that job for Sue
Kathleen (PS1FC) [413] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [414] and left it and walked off in the kitchen.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [415] There you are!
[416] You said it all.
Maggie (PS1FE) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [417] Just a bit of this and bit of that. [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [418] Ah.
[419] So
Kathleen (PS1FC) [420] It's better innit?
Maggie (PS1FE) [421] But ... he says her ... has Steven told you ... anything?
[422] And I says ... only that he's gone to back to J J and I says, and ... that he'd had enough.
[423] So he says, well he's not married to her.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [424] He's changed his mind again?
Maggie (PS1FE) [425] No, not like that.
[426] He says, what was it, he says, I says ... J J's coming back.
[427] She said, well she's daft!
[428] And ... I didn't tell him that he came banging on the bloody door and all that.
[429] And er ... what did he say?
[430] He says, oh he'll make up his ... we er, same us as, make up his bloody mind but ... he's no he's not interested Kath.
[431] He ain't interested in the least!
[432] Like he says the other week, he said
Kathleen (PS1FC) [433] You've got enough problems of your own life
Maggie (PS1FE) [434] That's it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [435] no bugger else's!
Maggie (PS1FE) [436] I says to Jackie, I says, you come up and see us, I says Jack, but don't push your problems on us.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [437] No.
[438] What I was on about me ringing is, she were talking in town, I says, oh, you know we're Bi I says if ever, I were talking about you first off
Maggie (PS1FE) [439] She told me.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [440] and did she tell you what I said?
Maggie (PS1FE) [441] Er ... oh, she says er ... oh yeah, you've got to ring before you go up to Maggie's ... or something
Kathleen (PS1FC) [442] Cos Bill's on shifts.
Maggie (PS1FE) [443] Yeah.
[444] That were it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [445] And you'll know, if he's in bed or owt?
Maggie (PS1FE) [446] Yeah.
[447] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [448] I told her that.
[449] She says, well I'm gonna ring Maggie anyway, she says, to make sure he's not there, she says, cos at the moment
Maggie (PS1FE) [450] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [451] if he's there, she says, it's not fair on Maggie so I'll ring her first.
Maggie (PS1FE) [452] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [453] I'm not going if he's there.
[454] So
Maggie (PS1FE) [455] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [456] it must be when she's coming.
Maggie (PS1FE) [457] Yeah.
[458] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [459] Anyway, er ... she come about ... aye, that's what I were on about, I says, d'ya know I feel right sorry for Maggie out the lot of you!
Maggie (PS1FE) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [460] So, he says ... she says, why what d'ya mean you feel sorry for Maggie?
[461] I said I feel sorry for Maggie, I says, cos she always ends up in the bloody middle, I says, and she whittles to death, I says, till the minute you get some money to feed them bairns, I says ... she'll be awake nearly all night!
[462] I says, and it's not fair on Maggie.
[463] I says, one time she thought she'd lost you and kids.
Maggie (PS1FE) [464] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [465] I says, then she gets you back, I says, and now she'll be thinking you're never gonna come down and see her, and this, that, other!
[466] I says, she were just making arrangements to come to your house depending
Maggie (PS1FE) [467] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [468] what shift you were on.
Maggie (PS1FE) [469] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [470] And, she say, oh no!
[471] She says, I won't fall out with Maggie or owt like that.
[472] I says
Maggie (PS1FE) [473] Mhm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [474] well ... she'll be thinking that, I says, that's why I feel
Maggie (PS1FE) [475] Oh!
[476] I, I, well there are you!
[477] [laugh] I says to her, I says, half past ten Monday morning.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [478] What's that for?
Maggie (PS1FE) [479] For her to come up.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [480] Oh!
[481] Will
Maggie (PS1FE) [482] But
Kathleen (PS1FC) [483] she see them like?
Maggie (PS1FE) [484] Dave is
Kathleen (PS1FC) [485] But she's coming Monday?
Maggie (PS1FE) [486] She's coming Monday.
[487] I says, if it's cloudy ... storming, pissing down a rain ... don't come down.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [488] No.
Maggie (PS1FE) [489] She says, well what I'll do is, I'll phone you when I get my [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [490] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [491] and let us know if she's coming down or otherwise I shall have to call down there.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [492] Well, I heard you say it were either Monday or Tuesday.
Maggie (PS1FE) [493] But at least she can get food here
Kathleen (PS1FC) [494] Leave, what what?
Maggie (PS1FE) [495] At least she can get a bit of food, even if it's only summat
Kathleen (PS1FC) [496] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [497] summat warm for the kids.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [498] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [499] But ... he says ... you're not upset are you?
[500] I says, no!
[501] I'm not bloody upset.
[502] I says, what have I gotta be upset ... you know.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [503] He said I thought if Bill could
Maggie (PS1FE) [504] Cos if Bill knows that I get upset over it ... he won't have any of them there!
[505] He wouldn't.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [506] No!
Maggie (PS1FE) [507] So I says, what I have gotta be upset for?
[508] I says, he's gone his way, she's ... she's down there.
[509] I'll see her.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [510] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [511] And I'll see him.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [512] Yeah.
[513] Er
Maggie (PS1FE) [clears throat]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [514] chuffing hell!
Maggie (PS1FE) [515] But I ain't
Kathleen (PS1FC) [516] Well they're alright.
[517] I'm not bothered now.
[518] She's getting some money, and I know for a fact she getting it.
[519] She found her family allowance book.
Maggie (PS1FE) [520] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [521] That were first thing I said to her this morning, I says ... d'ya ask
Maggie (PS1FE) [522] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [523] Maggie?
[524] I says, did you look for it?
[525] She says, yeah, she says, she, I had a look I found it our [...] .
Maggie (PS1FE) [526] Yeah.
[527] And she says, soon as she gets the money she's gonna ... give it to me to give to yous.
[528] I think she might give you it Monday.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [529] That fiver?
Maggie (PS1FE) [530] Yeah.
[531] I says, don't forget.
[532] She says, oh I'll not forget. ... [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [533] Now, she were a bit upset cos I bought her dinner and that, and she were ... weren't too happy cos I paid her bus fare.
Maggie (PS1FE) [534] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [535] But I were trying to get through to her.
Maggie (PS1FE) [536] I thought she were gonna cry!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [537] She looked it didn't she?
Maggie (PS1FE) [538] No!
[539] Cos she ran up the garden.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [540] Oh!
Maggie (PS1FE) [541] You know sh hid round the car.
[542] I says, yeah it's you, you've put the bloody mockers on her!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [543] When did she go?
Maggie (PS1FE) [544] She didn't wanna go.
[545] Er
Kathleen (PS1FC) [546] Didn't she?
Maggie (PS1FE) [547] No.
[548] Er ... about five minutes before you did the lollipop.
[549] And she was
Kathleen (PS1FC) [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [550] looking across to here like, are you gonna call me in?
[551] I don't think she's wants to go home. [phone rings]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [552] D'ya know, that phone has non-stop rung!
[553] It gets worse!
Maggie (PS1FE) [554] Yeah. [sniff]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [555] [phonecall starts] Hello.
[556] Hello.
[557] Hello!
[558] Well ... D'ya know [...] you get daft!
[559] [laugh] ... I'll ring you back then.
[560] So ring me back.
[561] Okay?
[562] ... Okey-cokey.
[563] Bye [phonecall ends] .
Maggie (PS1FE) [564] [cough] ... You what?
[565] Ring her back so she can ring you back?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [566] Er, she rings me up to tell me to ring her back up
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [567] to ring her back
Maggie (PS1FE) [568] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [569] and then, she tells me to put the phone down, and she rings me back.
[570] So tha that is, mam picks phone up at other end.
Maggie (PS1FE) [571] Oh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [572] So
Maggie (PS1FE) [573] But she could still pick it up.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [574] Yeah I know.
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Maggie (PS1FE) [575] Can I have this bottle Kath?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [576] What bottle?
Maggie (PS1FE) [577] That one?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [578] It's only one I've got left.
Maggie (PS1FE) [579] Mm.
[580] Shouldn't have fetched it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [581] [phonecall starts] Hello!
[582] Is Sarah there?
[583] Yes please.
[584] It's Kath.
[585] Yeah.
[586] [laugh] ... I saw you at party.
[587] That Kath.
[588] Hello!
[589] Ta duck [phonecall ends] .
[590] ... D'ya know, he sounds right like his dad!
[591] That was Dave's dad.
[592] I thought it were Dave!
Maggie (PS1FE) [593] Oh!
[594] ... Oh Oh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [595] I wonder if she's got her inheritance she's ... [phonecall starts] Hello! just talking about you to you Maggie actually Dave.
[596] I were just talking about you to Maggie then.
[597] Have you got your inheritance?
[598] Go on.
[599] Tell me!
[600] Tell me!
[601] Tell me!
[602] ... You we okay then.
[603] Right. [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [604] What?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [605] [laugh] [phonecall ends] ... I told you, this phone drives me nuts!
[606] Because often
Maggie (PS1FE) [607] What's that in aid of?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [608] Eh?
[609] Well, she lives with her boyfriend's parents
Maggie (PS1FE) [610] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [611] and it's their phone
Maggie (PS1FE) [612] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [613] but they've had ten pound a week telephone stamps
Maggie (PS1FE) [614] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [615] but she doesn't like ringing.
[616] She likes to ring you [phone rings] to tell you, to do it
Maggie (PS1FE) [617] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [618] [phonecall starts] Well go on then.
[619] Hello! [laugh] ... you're not gonna do nowt!
[620] You, getting yoursen a pair of boots, and you're put it int bank you said.
Maggie (PS1FE) [621] Tell her, I want a Ferrari!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [622] Maggie wants a Ferrari.
[623] ... Yeah.
[624] ... You want them high interest ones.
[625] Yeah.
[626] ... I thought [laughing] you were gonna spend it then [] !
[627] ... What were that?
[628] ... Yep.
[629] Oh yeah!
[630] Yeah.
[631] And then you're gonna by yoursen a car?
[632] Oh smashing [phonecall ends] !
Maggie (PS1FE) [633] And my car?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [634] A what a?
Maggie (PS1FE) [635] [laughing] My car [] .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [636] Oh.
[637] [phonecall starts] Maggie says you've gotta buy an a car.
[638] An a car [phonecall ends] .
[639] What's an a car?
Maggie (PS1FE) [640] Ne'er mind.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [641] [phonecall starts] Ne'er mind! [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [642] [laugh] ... How much d'ya get?
[643] ... Smashing!
[644] I'm pleased for you.
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [645] Ya.
[646] Ya.
[647] ... Ya.
[648] Did you?
[649] Yeah.
[650] To make sure you were you.
[651] ... Ya.
[652] Oh!
[653] ... Ya.
[654] ... Yeah.
[655] Well I don't blame you!
[656] I would.
[657] Why?
[658] ... Well what's wrong with that?
[659] ... Ah!
[660] That's not fair.
[661] ... Yeah.
[662] I'll ask them.
[663] [laugh] ... Yeah.
[664] I am, pleased for you.
[665] Course, you've got your thousand of your own.
[666] So you're rich!
[667] You can actually do what you want.
[668] You can sit there and say, I could go so and so if I want, but not bother.
[669] Well ... what happened with your dad?
Maggie (PS1FE) [670] That's a fact!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [671] Did you ask him?
[672] What er, what happened?
[673] ... Ya.
[674] ... Ooh!
[675] Sounds like ... they had barney.
[676] Dunnit?
[677] Well
Maggie (PS1FE) [sigh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [678] she might.
[679] Yeah.
[680] Yeah.
[681] Oh!
[682] Well, so long as you're happy.
[683] I'm not on about money, so long as you're happy, yourself.
[684] ... Yes.
[685] That is a good idea!
[686] There's one thing, if you sleep in, you can jump int car and drive in.
[687] Yeah.
[688] Aha.
[689] ... Oh smashing!
[690] I like that!
[691] ... Yeah.
[692] Yeah.
[693] ... Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [sigh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [694] Yeah.
[695] ... Yeah.
[696] Well, she's got plenty of time.
[697] ... Yeah.
[698] ... I should hope you are!
[699] ... Yes.
[700] ... Oh!
[701] Yeah.
[702] I've been to our Arthur's today.
[703] He says, have you seen Sarah?
[704] I says, yeah, I told her yo told her that you wanted to see her.
[705] He says, I've got a letter here for her you know.
[706] I said, well, you could have told me that to tell her! [laugh] [phonecall ends]
Maggie (PS1FE) [707] I'm still waiting for my cake!
[708] I'll starve to death!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [709] She wants her cake.
[710] Hang on!
[711] Hang on!
[712] ... [phonecall starts] Cos he showed me, and then says, I'm sure that's from a bank.
[713] But that's what ... that's one of reasons he wanted you to go up cos he's got this letter.
[714] So now you know.
Maggie (PS1FE) [715] Tell her I'll starve to death, cos I've not had a bit of cake!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [716] That's why I said, it looks like it's from bank.
[717] It's in a white envelope wi you know where you've got that clear plastic thingy ... and it's got your name and address?
[718] Well, it's one of them.
[719] Not a thing.
[720] ... I said it's from bank.
Maggie (PS1FE) [sigh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [721] But that's why he wants you to go up, to get your letter.
[722] Well he goes to work at half seven ... so if you go before that ... you'll be alright.
Maggie (PS1FE) [sigh] [sniff]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [723] Have you?
[724] ... Yeah.
[725] Yeah.
[726] Oh you're alright.
[727] I'm waiting for Home and Away and that so I can start the tape.
[728] And having a ... and having a gossip with Maggie.
[729] Oh yeah!
[730] Tha I got a message.
[731] She says, she's starved to death because she [laughing] hadn't had no cake [] [phonecall ends] !
Maggie (PS1FE) [732] Say, I'm counting my calories for that bit of cake!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [733] And she says, tell her, tough!
[734] [phonecall starts] And she says, tell you, she's counting the calories for that bit of cake!
[735] [laugh] ... Will be a bit an'all.
Maggie (PS1FE) [736] [laugh] ... Tell if she wants
Kathleen (PS1FC) [737] Eh?
Maggie (PS1FE) [738] a week off she can have it. [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [739] Did your mam ... no she didn't, the cake weren't even cut.
[740] Yeah, she did.
[741] Well, you got some.
[742] I would take ... well you could still take her some.
[743] Have you?
[744] What you got?
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [745] Yeah.
[746] ... That's a good one!
[747] I like that one.
[748] ... Well, take her with you today.
[749] ... What time's ... the ... thingy?
[750] Good!
[751] ... It's about time you treated yoursen.
[752] ... Yeah.
[753] Oh!
[754] Good.
[755] Maggie's got hers bad.
[756] Maggie's right bad!
[757] She's got a funny thing on her chest and she can't breathe properly [phonecall ends] .
[758] ... Don't you shove them germs in this house, she's got to come here!
Maggie (PS1FE) [759] Yeah, well tell her, she can come to my funeral next week cos I've got to do my lollipop tomorrow night!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [760] [laugh] ... [phonecall starts] [laughing] You can go to her funeral next week []
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [761] cos she's got to do my lollipop tomorrow night!
[762] I'm going to collect my winnings tomorrow!
[763] Yeah.
[764] So Maggie's doing lollipop.
[765] You see ... i my appointment's at half past two ... and ... lollipop's at half past three, well I won't be back will I?
[766] It's a two hour presentation.
[767] Well ... yeah, half past two ... us appointment's for ... but Steve's got to put his car int garage to have it wheel bala ba ba balanced
Maggie (PS1FE) [768] Balanced
Kathleen (PS1FC) [769] tomorrow morning.
[770] And, then he's coming home, getting a bath, and we're getting ready and going.
[771] ... Yes.
[772] He ... no he can't, he's got to go to garage at half past nine.
[773] Northbridge.
[774] ... Well, it's better than five o'clock in the morning int it?
[775] Yeah.
[776] ... Yeah.
[777] Ye ... ah!
[778] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [779] Your coffee's cold.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [780] And it has gone cold.
[781] It is cold.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [782] She's saying my coffee's gone cold.
[783] [laugh] ... I'll left it open.
[784] Yeah.
[785] ... Yeah.
[786] ... You're gonna get married.
[787] Oh!
[788] Smashing!
[789] ... I should hope so!
[790] That's it.
[791] Well you do, that's true.
[792] ... No.
[793] Not a thing!
[794] ... Er, he were in all day yesterday ... and, then he disappeared this morning.
[795] I went to town, come back and he'd gone.
[796] So I don't know.
[797] So ... well, there'll be somebody before weekend!
[798] [laugh] ... Yeah.
[799] Oh I hadn't told you he'd met anybody yesterday.
[800] Didn't I?
[801] Anyway, I'll let you finish your dusting and that and er
Maggie (PS1FE) [802] Yeah.
[803] Cos I'm gonna see to my Gary.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [804] get watching your Home and Away.
Maggie (PS1FE) [sniff]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [805] Yeah.
[806] ... Yes.
[807] Well I'll be in!
[808] No, I've been today.
[809] Okey-cokey.
[810] Let me know what your letter is, it might be a big massive cheque again!
[811] [laugh] ... Bye [phonecall ends] !
[812] Four thousand, one hundred and seventy something.
Maggie (PS1FE) [813] Ooh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [814] That's what she got.
[815] So, she didn't do bad did she?
Maggie (PS1FE) [816] No.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [817] No, I thought I won't cos she
Maggie (PS1FE) [818] And it's just an uncle that ... give them
Kathleen (PS1FC) [819] I'll got
Maggie (PS1FE) [820] that for you.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [821] I'm gonna get ... get on that settee and I ain't moving when I've seen to her.
Maggie (PS1FE) [822] Ooh!
[823] I've gotta have my Lemsip.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [824] Have you watched your Home and Away yet?
Maggie (PS1FE) [825] I've watched that.
[826] Ain't much good.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [827] I ain't see any because I were with Jacqueline weren't I?
Maggie (PS1FE) [828] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [829] Trouble is, I don't know.
Maggie (PS1FE) [830] Boring!
[831] Cos I'm on
Kathleen (PS1FC) [832] I did er
Maggie (PS1FE) [833] bloody fed up of watching that now!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [834] I want to see what happened, er, it finished just where he says that he'd been accused of something.
[835] Mm.
Maggie (PS1FE) [836] Yeah.
[837] Taking money when he'd got erm ... he accuses him of taking a bribe when
Kathleen (PS1FC) [838] Thanks!
Maggie (PS1FE) [839] Oh!
[840] I thought that's what you wanted to know.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [841] I know I want to know, but I'm gonna watch it in a bit!
Maggie (PS1FE) [842] Oh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [843] [laugh] ... I've seen, that's where it finished!
Maggie (PS1FE) [844] Oh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [845] Where he were being accused.
[846] What time's Gary going?
Maggie (PS1FE) [847] About quarter past.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [848] Mm.
[849] Well she's waiting for Home and Away to come on as well.
Maggie (PS1FE) [850] Oh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [851] Cos she's been out in town all morning.
[852] And I thought, ooh!
[853] Jolly good!
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [854] What were you sa d'ya know, I pulled yo er wrong ones out.
[855] I pulled them out of Tuesday paper.
Maggie (PS1FE) [856] No different to [...] on front of there, cos they're exactly the same numbers as what's
Kathleen (PS1FC) [857] Yeah.
[858] I
Maggie (PS1FE) [859] on
Kathleen (PS1FC) [860] know, I've seen them.
Maggie (PS1FE) [861] the back.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [862] I don't even know if I'd like to jump them.
[863] I can't be bothered.
Maggie (PS1FE) [864] Well I don't mind doing one card, but I hate it when I've got about seven or eight of them chuffing things!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [865] Oh!
[866] I know.
[867] They get on your nerves.
Maggie (PS1FE) [868] Make a bloody song and dance of it!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [869] Don't half get on your nerves!
[870] It gets on my nerves anyway!
[871] [laugh] ... I chucked them all off [...] last week.
Maggie (PS1FE) [872] I've gotta make the bloody bed yet!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [873] I ain't made my bed.
Maggie (PS1FE) [874] Well you've got out of it ain't he?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [875] Well I er ... come in, picked all stuff up off the floor ... lit the fire ... and I think that were it.
[876] That's all I've done.
[877] And I washed the pots.
[878] Cos he hadn't washed the pots.
[879] So I washed them ... er ... went out lollipop ... come in, been answering phone on and off.
[880] Cos them from Thirsk they've rung twice.
Maggie (PS1FE) [881] Why?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [882] Er, first of all to confirm that we're still going tomorrow.
Maggie (PS1FE) [883] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [884] And I says, yeah, we'll still be there tomorrow ... er, same time and everything.
Maggie (PS1FE) [885] Mhm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [886] Then she phoned back about ten minutes later and she said wondered if we could come at eleven o'clock in the morning.
Maggie (PS1FE) [887] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [888] And, I says no, definitely not.
[889] That's out.
Maggie (PS1FE) [890] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [891] And ... I explained that Steve were taking to
Maggie (PS1FE) [892] Car.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [893] car into garage.
Maggie (PS1FE) [894] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [895] I says to her, I don't know how long it's gonna be int garage, I says, so ... she says, well can you change it to a different day then?
[896] I says, no, I says cos my husband gets three days off once a month, I says, and tomorrow ... Saturday, and Sunday, are the only three days.
Maggie (PS1FE) [897] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [898] I said, and it'll be a month ... before like
Maggie (PS1FE) [899] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [900] and he'll have changed his mind, and he'll say
Maggie (PS1FE) [901] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [902] oh no, if we can't go in January
Maggie (PS1FE) [903] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [904] I'm not going in February!
Maggie (PS1FE) [905] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [906] You know how he goes on.
Maggie (PS1FE) [907] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [908] So ... I told her that, and she says, oh fair enough then.
[909] So ... left it
Maggie (PS1FE) [910] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [911] at half past two tomorrow.
Maggie (PS1FE) [912] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [913] But, Jacqueline were worried to death about lollipop!
[914] You're supposed to be on lollipop, she says, what you gonna do?
[915] We're still sat in ... thingy at
Maggie (PS1FE) [916] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [917] we walked out of there at twenty five past twelve ... and all she kept saying is, what about your lollipop?
[918] What about your lollipop?
[919] What
Maggie (PS1FE) [920] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [921] about your lollipop?
[922] I says, what about it?
Maggie (PS1FE) [923] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [924] She says, ain't you got no kids?
[925] I says, no, I says
Maggie (PS1FE) [926] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [927] there int none, I says, we're alright.
Maggie (PS1FE) [928] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [929] I says, I'm only doing morning tomorrow.
Maggie (PS1FE) [930] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [931] And I says, I'm not doing dinner tomorrow neither!
Maggie (PS1FE) [932] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [933] So ... we'll see how that goes off.
Maggie (PS1FE) [934] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [935] She'll give you a description, when you get there, walk towards where the building, down the steps, and main reception area's in front of you.
[936] Oh and ... got to park in main parking lot.
Maggie (PS1FE) [937] Oh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [938] I must remember to tell Steve that.
Maggie (PS1FE) [939] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [940] But, I don't know.
Maggie (PS1FE) [941] I'm gonna have to ... phone our Sue
Kathleen (PS1FC) [942] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [943] Tell Sue to phone Steve
Kathleen (PS1FC) [944] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [945] I'm leaving Steve to phone me.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [946] Yeah.
[947] Yeah, he only shoved ten pence in to tell me about that giro.
[948] And I explained that er ... I'd met her in town, which I did, didn't I?
Maggie (PS1FE) [949] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [950] I says, and er ... we got it all sorted out, I says, but she doesn't get nothing till next Wednesday.
Maggie (PS1FE) [951] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [952] And that, straight away he come back and said that he'd got it.
[953] Well, we knew he'd got it because
Maggie (PS1FE) [954] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [955] they told her
Maggie (PS1FE) [956] Well they told him yesterday didn't they?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [957] Well I don't know about that.
[958] But they told her
Maggie (PS1FE) [959] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [960] that he'd got a form and he was fetching it back in this afternoon and they was handing it over ... this afternoon.
Maggie (PS1FE) [961] Three.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [962] Now, they told her that you see.
Maggie (PS1FE) [963] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [964] And ... cos I says, well what does she do int meantime?
[965] I says, she ain't got anything!
Maggie (PS1FE) [966] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [967] Cos ... he might have said ... sod it!
[968] I'm not gonna give her it.
[969] Or ... it could be three or four days before it arrives.
Maggie (PS1FE) [970] No, it'll be here today.
[971] Either today or tomorrow morning at the latest.
[972] Because
Kathleen (PS1FC) [973] Well what does he do?
[974] Just shove it
Maggie (PS1FE) [975] He'll probably put it, poke it through the letter box.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [976] Ah, well she's alright then.
[977] ... Well when he said how much he'd got, I thought seventy six and seventy three ... is hundred and forty six.
Maggie (PS1FE) [978] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [979] Right.
[980] So he's took seventy three ... and he's giving her seventy three ... she would have earned sixty three pound on her own!
[981] That's a tenner a week they're giving for him!
[982] ... That book she sent back, it
Maggie (PS1FE) [983] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [984] were sixty three quid.
Maggie (PS1FE) [985] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [986] She got seventy three cos of Jonathan.
[987] Only ten pound different!
[988] Someone's at the door!
Maggie (PS1FE) [989] Is that my babe?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [990] I don't know.
[991] It's Florence Nightingale!
Flo (PS1FD) [992] Hello dear!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [993] Florence Nightingale!
Flo (PS1FD) [994] Mm mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [995] Well
Maggie (PS1FE) [996] Don't say nothing.
Flo (PS1FD) [997] Every other time like ... either he's ... been too late
Kathleen (PS1FC) [998] Er, you have to give it a kick!
Flo (PS1FD) [999] Oh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1000] It don't shut.
Flo (PS1FD) [1001] Oh!
[1002] I'm trying duck.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1003] Er, say that again.
Flo (PS1FD) [1004] I've always been either too late or ... whatever
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1005] Yeah.
Flo (PS1FD) [1006] to call
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1007] Yeah.
Flo (PS1FD) [1008] so I thought if, er, I bet you seen me dashing past thinking, she's an ignorant pig her, not calling in!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1009] I've seen you on t' bus and I've er, seen you sculting, and I thought
Flo (PS1FD) [1010] Yeah!
[1011] So
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1012] Well
Flo (PS1FD) [1013] I thought, well ... I better go and see her else she'll be ... playing around with me.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1014] Mm.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1015] Then how's Florence?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [...]
Flo (PS1FD) [1016] Alright.
[1017] How are you?
Maggie (PS1FE) [1018] Not too bad.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1019] And it's tea
Flo (PS1FD) [1020] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1021] with
Flo (PS1FD) [1022] still
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1023] no sugar in it this time!
Flo (PS1FD) [1024] That's right.
[1025] Thank you.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1026] I were miles away!
[1027] I were making a cup of tea, I'm chucking in a cup.
[1028] She went, brurgh! [laugh]
Flo (PS1FD) [1029] I went ... Oh! [...] !
[1030] [cough] ... I can't stand it with sugar in.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1031] Mm.
Flo (PS1FD) [1032] D'ya know, I got weighed on my scales other day, and I thought, I were eleven stone ... again.
[1033] And I thought, well, I'm gonna have to do summat about this!
[1034] Anyway, when I got on the scales I'm ten stone three.
[1035] Kevin said
Maggie (PS1FE) [1036] They vary don't they?
Flo (PS1FD) [1037] No that were my scales.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1038] Oh!
Flo (PS1FD) [1039] With the home scales.
[1040] So I were ten stone three.
[1041] I thought well, I've only put stone on.
[1042] But, I put most of that on since I moved.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1043] Have you?
Flo (PS1FD) [1044] Since just before I moved and it triggered it off.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1045] Oh!
Flo (PS1FD) [1046] Getting all ... stressed up.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1047] Yeah.
Flo (PS1FD) [1048] To move.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1049] Do you like it where you are then?
Flo (PS1FD) [1050] Oh yeah!
[1051] I love it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1052] Good.
Flo (PS1FD) [1053] Have you changed your colour of your hair?
Maggie (PS1FE) [1054] It's my own colour near enough.
Flo (PS1FD) [1055] Is all that blonde out now then?
Maggie (PS1FE) [1056] Yes.
[1057] But that
Flo (PS1FD) [1058] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1059] that hadn't had no sun you see.
Flo (PS1FD) [1060] Ah!
Maggie (PS1FE) [1061] It's been cut, but it's never had no sun.
[1062] All this has.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1063] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1064] And it ble sun bleaches my hair to start off with.
Flo (PS1FD) [1065] Oh!
Maggie (PS1FE) [1066] But, you can't see no roots, and I ain't done it since way before Christmas.
Flo (PS1FD) [1067] Aye, I know.
[1068] Cos you were cutting a load out weren't you?
Maggie (PS1FE) [1069] Yeah.
Flo (PS1FD) [1070] Ah!
Maggie (PS1FE) [1071] And I cut ... I've cut it twice since I've had it cut ... just
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1072] Mm.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1073] before Christmas.
Flo (PS1FD) [1074] I like it that colour, don't you?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1075] Mm.
Flo (PS1FD) [1076] So
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1077] Natural like.
Flo (PS1FD) [1078] Thought you'd had it done.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1079] I know.
Flo (PS1FD) [1080] Looks nice.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1081] I keep thinking, well shall I colour it again or shall I just go for that bit there?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1082] Ooh no!
[1083] It looks nice.
Flo (PS1FD) [1084] Have you heard off Mrs Oogypip?
Maggie (PS1FE) [1085] Who's Mrs Oogypip?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1086] Cow bag!
Flo (PS1FD) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1087] That's before you start!
Flo (PS1FD) [1088] [laugh] ... So what
Maggie (PS1FE) [1089] Her.
[1090] Yeah.
[1091] I, I didn't get in while er ... I thought she were ten to four and I got a phone message off my daughter-in-law ... would I ring her.
[1092] So I rang, and she said er, oh it don't matter now I've got somebody else.
[1093] I thought well, I can't do it anyway.
Flo (PS1FD) [1094] Where were that for?
Maggie (PS1FE) [1095] For staying in.
[1096] She said, well we've got somebody to travel to it.
[1097] I said, well what d'ya think I'm gonna do like?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1098] I know.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1099] Bloody ... crackers she is, that woman!
[1100] Honestly!
[1101] She's crackers!
[1102] She's never asked me to go since before ... the ... big holidays.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1103] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1104] They rang me up at eight o'clock one morning to be there
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1105] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1106] at Stainforth ... and then that'll be about quarter past eight
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1107] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1108] and I were still in bed
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1109] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1110] at five to eight it were!
[1111] And I'd got to get up, get dressed, get out
Kathleen (PS1FC) [cough]
Maggie (PS1FE) [1112] catch a bus
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1113] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1114] by time I'd of got to Stainforth, it'd been nine o'clock ready for
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1115] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1116] coming home!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1117] Yeah,
Maggie (PS1FE) [1118] But I didn't realize that once ... they'd said it like, you know, I just
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1119] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1120] said, oh I said, nay I've got a dentist appointment this morning.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1121] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1122] He says, oh!
[1123] He says have you got your own ... transport?
[1124] I said, no.
[1125] He said, oh!
[1126] Then he must have realized that it would be too late anyway.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1127] Mm.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1128] And then when I got up and saw time, I thought oh bugger me!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1129] Yeah.
[1130] Well that's a bit bloody late weren't it?
Maggie (PS1FE) [1131] Yeah!
Flo (PS1FD) [1132] Tt!
[1133] Oh!
[1134] Stupid buggers!
[1135] Oh!
[1136] You got some new curtains missus.
[1137] They're nice!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1138] Marie.
Maggie (PS1FE) [laugh]
Flo (PS1FD) [1139] Eh?
Maggie (PS1FE) [1140] Marie.
Flo (PS1FD) [1141] You crafty pig!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1142] I were down at their house and she'd got these ... and she'd
Maggie (PS1FE) [1143] They were too long weren't they?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1144] she took them down.
[1145] They were for our house but not hers.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1146] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1147] She took them down and that, and washed them ... and ... d'ya know, she's daft as a brush!
[1148] Honest!
[1149] She's daft as a brush.
[1150] She come round, she says, do you like my curtains?
[1151] I'm just about to put them back up.
[1152] She got a blue three piece suite, a blue carpet, there's blue int curtains, and I says ... them curtains don't match your three piece suite, they look stupid!
[1153] So she says, what d'ya mean they look stupid?
[1154] I says, pure white backgrounds!
[1155] I says, with them co
Flo (PS1FD) [1156] They're not pure white.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1157] I know, it's green.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1158] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1159] And she believed me ... that it ... didn't match three piece suite or carpet and it was stupid, and that sh and she says what shall I do [laughing] about them [] ?
Flo (PS1FD) [1160] No!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1161] [laughing] I said []
Flo (PS1FD) [1162] [laugh] ... You've got enough cheek for another set of teeth you!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1163] Yeah.
[1164] I know.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1165] Her and Gary took all the bottoms off to make ... tie backs
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1166] Yes.
[1167] Me and Gary
Maggie (PS1FE) [1168] didn't you?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1169] altered them.
[1170] We did well!
Maggie (PS1FE) [1171] Yeah.
Flo (PS1FD) [1172] Here, we haven't done this.
[1173] Get the, telephone for it.
[1174] But I thought it were good!
Maggie (PS1FE) [1175] Mm.
[1176] Mm.
Flo (PS1FD) [1177] What did you say?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1178] Trying to decide whether to take them [...] down off my windows and put some poles up.
Flo (PS1FD) [1179] Well what you gonna do?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1180] Don't know.
[1181] Cos I were gonna have these off you weren't I?
Flo (PS1FD) [1182] Aha!
[1183] These metal ones?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1184] Cos I were gonna have your wooden ones weren't I?
Flo (PS1FD) [1185] Yeah, I said I would probably get you some.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1186] Oh!
Flo (PS1FD) [1187] Right.
[1188] And I don't know whether they've got ... with the ... I don't know whether they're wide enough ... that way
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1189] I've shoved them in.
Flo (PS1FD) [1190] for my blinds ... to pull out.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1191] Yeah but ... my other don't come out like, long enough.
Flo (PS1FD) [1192] Don't it?
[1193] Ee oh!
[1194] Cos they've got to be, I thought it would actually cos the
Maggie (PS1FE) [1195] Right, I'm gonna go and see to my little'un.
Flo (PS1FD) [1196] blinds are five inch wide.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1197] Oh eh!
[1198] Yeah.
[1199] Them drop things.
[1200] Yeah.
Flo (PS1FD) [1201] Unless I put them on the outside wood.
[1202] But there again, they're gonna be about, what?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1203] What?
Maggie (PS1FE) [1204] Phone me tomorrow night.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1205] Okey-cokey.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1206] So I can see your winnings.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1207] Oh yes!
Flo (PS1FD) [1208] And they're about six inch away from my
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1209] Tell you all about it.
Flo (PS1FD) [1210] windowsill.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1211] She's won a bloody Ferrari int she?
Flo (PS1FD) [1212] Eh?
Maggie (PS1FE) [1213] Ask Doreen for our
Flo (PS1FD) [1214] She tells me fibs.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1215] winnings tomorrow.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1216] I told her!
Flo (PS1FD) [1217] Not yet!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1218] A secret.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1219] She's not sure if she's gonna take the Ferrari or the Jag are you?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1220] No.
[1221] I'm gonna have one of those.
Flo (PS1FD) [1222] Oh!
[1223] Well, come on.
[1224] Tell me.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1225] I won
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1226] another competition.
Flo (PS1FD) [1227] You jammy ratbag!
[1228] What you won?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1229] A thousand pounds worth of holiday accommodation in the U K.
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1230] England.
Flo (PS1FD) [1231] In where?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1232] In England.
Flo (PS1FD) [1233] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1234] And, I really had to answer these questions.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1235] Int she bloody jammy, eh?
Flo (PS1FD) [1236] I don't know how you do it!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1237] Cos I'm clever!
Maggie (PS1FE) [1238] I must be
Flo (PS1FD) [1239] What you gonna do with that one then?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1240] I don't know.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1241] They haven't told her that.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1242] Not seen it yet.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1243] Ah!
[1244] See you Flo.
[1245] I'll see to Gary.
Flo (PS1FD) [1246] Yeah, okay then.
[1247] Right.
[1248] I'll see you later
Maggie (PS1FE) [...]
Flo (PS1FD) [1249] Maggie.
Maggie (PS1FE) [1250] Bye.
Flo (PS1FD) [1251] Bye duck.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1252] That record player don't bloody play!
Flo (PS1FD) [1253] Oh!
[1254] That's perfect is that one innit?
[1255] That one.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1256] My records ... nee go it ... it plays for a bit, then it goes ... brurgh!
[1257] Er!
[1258] Ee!
[1259] Ee!
[1260] Ee!
[1261] Ee!
[1262] Brurgh!
Flo (PS1FD) [1263] Is that your belt?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1264] And then it goes alright.
Flo (PS1FD) [1265] Might be your belt?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1266] No.
[1267] There's something to do with the ... slow, fast thing.
Flo (PS1FD) [1268] Ah!
[1269] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1270] I'm sick of it!
[1271] Can't listen to my records.
Flo (PS1FD) [1272] Gee!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1273] What time do you start in that place?
Flo (PS1FD) [1274] About half ... in between half past five and quarter to six.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1275] Oh!
Flo (PS1FD) [1276] Supposed to start at six, but we go in earlier to get stuff ready.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1277] Yeah, I've seen you going in about half fiveish.
Flo (PS1FD) [1278] Ya.
[1279] Cos I've sometimes caught bus up from other end, if I've gone our Neil's or summat.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1280] I won another competition as well!
Flo (PS1FD) [1281] Wha what for?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1282] I won some money.
Flo (PS1FD) [1283] Eh?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1284] I won some money.
Flo (PS1FD) [1285] What did you win?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1286] I don't know till February.
[1287] I got ... we
Flo (PS1FD) [1288] Well how d'ya get these competitions like?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1289] I do them int papers and all sorts.
[1290] But I were right disappointed at that thousand pounds worth of holiday accommodation!
[1291] I won second prize.
[1292] ... I got that and a midi hi-fi system.
Flo (PS1FD) [1293] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1294] But presentation's tomorrow.
[1295] People going and collecting and I'm hoping first prize winner's there.
[1296] I'll swap er, midi hi-fi system and that ... for her first prize.
[1297] Now, you know Irene?
Flo (PS1FD) [1298] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1299] And she's sixty five.
[1300] Well you know Chris is in Africa?
[1301] Well her granddaughter gets married in July.
[1302] She got invitation and everything, there's no way on God's earth she can get six hundred pound.
Flo (PS1FD) [1303] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1304] No way!
[1305] If her and Fred go it's twelve hundred quid.
[1306] So I, every time it says ... win some Air Miles and things like that, and that
Flo (PS1FD) [1307] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1308] competition I entered was win a thousand pounds worth of Air Miles.
[1309] And I thought, oh great!
[1310] I'll enter that competition, you never know I might win it.
[1311] I'll give it to Irene ... so she can go to Africa.
Flo (PS1FD) [1312] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1313] And, cos it's twenty seventh of July ... you know, wedding.
Flo (PS1FD) [1314] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1315] And I thought, if I can win owt like that ... it'll be ... nice for her.
[1316] Cos she's got a great grandson she's never laid eyes on.
Flo (PS1FD) [1317] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1318] So, I thought, I'll do that.
[1319] And I won second prize which is England!
[1320] Tt!
[1321] So, that one must have been for abroad
Flo (PS1FD) [1322] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1323] and this, second prize, is for England.
Flo (PS1FD) [1324] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1325] And I got England.
[1326] You see, first prize hasn't got, you see, because, they put your number in a draw, for the person to win the midi hi-fi system
Flo (PS1FD) [1327] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1328] and I got the midi hi-fi system.
[1329] So I've got the
Flo (PS1FD) [1330] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1331] thousand pound, and that.
[1332] But I've got to use mine int U K.
Flo (PS1FD) [1333] D'ya know what Ma May did?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1334] What?
Flo (PS1FD) [1335] Told you about her having that ... dish ... and it went funny.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1336] Satellite?
Flo (PS1FD) [1337] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1338] Yeah.
Flo (PS1FD) [1339] And it were a, one of them four hundred and odd pound ones.
[1340] Right?
[1341] So, the bloke, the young lad that put the other one in said well ... you know, I'll mess about with these.
[1342] Says how much would ... you want to get rid of it for?
[1343] She says, oh I don't know.
[1344] He says,wha she says, how much d'ya think it's worth?
[1345] He said about a tenner.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1346] You what?
Flo (PS1FD) [1347] Cos, there was something wrong with the ... receiving part of the dish.
[1348] Right?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1349] Mhm.
Flo (PS1FD) [1350] So what did she do?
[1351] She give him a tenner and she give him that box with bloody channel change on!
[1352] Kept
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1353] Oh!
[1354] She is [...]
Flo (PS1FD) [1355] And, and the remote ... the remote for it ... and all she were left with was the decoder.
[1356] Now that don't work on its own.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1357] I know, you need another one.
Flo (PS1FD) [1358] So I'm gonna buy it off her.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1359] Yeah.
Flo (PS1FD) [1360] I've got that decoder in my house.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1361] You need that system for it ... like our Arthur's got.
[1362] Like we've got.
Flo (PS1FD) [1363] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1364] That one and that one.
Flo (PS1FD) [1365] I know.
[1366] It's no good without the other.
[1367] I know.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1368] You'd have kept it if you'd have had that.
Flo (PS1FD) [1369] I know.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1370] Oh!
Flo (PS1FD) [1371] And I kept saying to her, I need summat else.
[1372] She said, no I don't then.
[1373] She said, oh yes!
[1374] She says i she rang me up later, she says ooh I remember now!
[1375] I give him it wit her, with dish.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1376] Yeah.
Flo (PS1FD) [1377] I said you dizzy swine!
[1378] I said, it were hundred and odd together.
[1379] She said no, that was worth hundred on its own.
[1380] I said, no it isn't.
[1381] Cos it's no good on its own.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1382] Yeah.
[1383] ... D'ya know he never does this!
[1384] It's a good job I always remember to pick it up innit?
Flo (PS1FD) [1385] Well, cos er ... tt, oh I'm so ... peed off!
[1386] I've left my
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1387] I bet you were.
Flo (PS1FD) [1388] or I've lost it on t' way ... running for bus.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1389] Yeah.
[1390] So what you got to do?
Flo (PS1FD) [1391] Cos I had to go to doctors, you see, at quarter past two.
[1392] Then I were talking to our Karen to about quarter to three
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1393] Yeah.
Flo (PS1FD) [1394] and then I sa I looked in ... bag.
[1395] I don't know what made me look in the bag, but it weren't [...] .
[1396] So I went over to ... thingy ... said oh!
[1397] She's just gone to your flat to take it, she's just gone to your ... house to take it you.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1398] Yeah.
Flo (PS1FD) [1399] I says, oh well I better wait here for her coming back, cos I'll probably pass her on t' way.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1400] Mm.
Flo (PS1FD) [1401] So I waited here, I waited nearly half an hour!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1402] And didn't she come?
Flo (PS1FD) [1403] So the woman come back mine here and I went home with it.
[1404] And I thought, oh!
[1405] I walked, er, you know, get on bus and come straight to [...] after I
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1406] Yeah.
Flo (PS1FD) [1407] and then I thought well I can't cos, I've got er ... calculator in this bag ... and I haven't got it on me you see.
[1408] So I went home for it.
[1409] I don't know whether I put my bus pass in my pocket.
[1410] Cos I come downstairs, I thought, well I'm gonna ... start coming downstairs and upstairs when I'm not in a hurry.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1411] Yes.
[1412] What's that?
[1413] To help you get in?
Flo (PS1FD) [1414] Try and that ... lose some weight.
[1415] So, whether I've lost my bus pass running down the stairs and then running through town, I don't know.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1416] Have you had to pay full fare then?
Flo (PS1FD) [1417] Yeah.
[1418] Eighty five pence.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1419] Oh!
[1420] Urgh!
Flo (PS1FD) [1421] And I've just paid four pigging quid!
[1422] It starts today.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1423] D'ya have to go and pay again?
Flo (PS1FD) [1424] If I've lost it, I don't know what'll happen.
[1425] ... I'll have to pay again, yeah.
[1426] I'll have to pay full fare on Sunday now, both ways.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1427] Tt!
[1428] Oh!
Flo (PS1FD) [1429] Cos tonight, I get a lift home.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1430] Yeah.
Flo (PS1FD) [1431] On a Thursday I get a lift home, but Sunday I have to go up here and back.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1432] It's gonna cost you a fortune cos you need photographs and everything for it int it?
Flo (PS1FD) [1433] I know.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1434] Oh!
[1435] Bloody hell!
Flo (PS1FD) [1436] Choo!
[1437] ... I hope I ain't lost it.
[1438] Well I did a quick trip to our Arthur's cos I lent him some money today.
Flo (PS1FD) [1439] Do you know, I wish he'd get paid same week we do!
[1440] He gets
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1441] Yeah.
Flo (PS1FD) [1442] paid monthly, and we get paid monthly.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1443] Yeah.
Flo (PS1FD) [1444] And we get paid ... the week before he does.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1445] Oh well!
Flo (PS1FD) [1446] And you can guarantee, he was on t' phone on Saturday, he phoned me up on Monday, he phoned me on Tuesday and said, now I remember what I wanted.
[1447] I says, well I can tell you what you phoned up three times on t' row for, I says, you've no money again have you?
[1448] I says, Steve gets paid this week, and you know that for a fact!
[1449] I says, you're after some pennies aren't you?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1450] Yeah.
Flo (PS1FD) [1451] He said, well are you gonna come down on Thursday and drop me fifty?
[1452] I says fifty!
[1453] What d'ya think I am, a multi- millionaire you?
[1454] And then I took pity on him and lent him forty.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1455] Well you might know you would!
Flo (PS1FD) [1456] I thought, I'll lend him forty.
[1457] Well he gets paid next Friday so I'll
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1458] Mm mm.
Flo (PS1FD) [1459] get it back on Saturday.
[1460] Only trouble is, it's me that pays four quid, you know, a quid here, quid back to lend him it, and then I've
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1461] Yeah.
Flo (PS1FD) [1462] got to pay it again to go and collect it back off him!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1463] Oh!
[1464] You should get it off him.
Flo (PS1FD) [1465] Well I'm gonna say to him in future
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1466] That's fifty four quid ... bus fare.
Flo (PS1FD) [1467] I'm gonna say to him in future, it's costing me four quid

2 (Tape 060402)

Flo (PS1FD) [1468] You know Linda ?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1469] Linda ?
[1470] Yeah.
[1471] Oh I know who you're on about.
[1472] Yeah.
Flo (PS1FD) [1473] It's out
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1474] I never ever call her that.
Flo (PS1FD) [1475] Yeah well ... that's the name anyway.
[1476] And er ... anyway, I forgot you wouldn't know her as that.
[1477] But, you see I called her that because ... everybody else called her that.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1478] Mm.
[1479] Well

3 (Tape 060403)

Kathleen (PS1FC) [1480] Excuse me.
[1481] You're not allowed in this entrance at all.
[1482] There's another one just round the corner.
[1483] See, this one's for kids only.
[1484] For cars, if you just go to end
None (PS1FF) [1485] Mm mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1486] it's ... [...] Discount, there's a few houses then there's a gateway, back entrance into school.
None (PS1FF) [1487] Okay then.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1488] Okay?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [1489] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]

4 (Tape 060404)

Kathleen (PS1FC) [1490] Timed that just right then.
[1491] Come on Krista!
Alice (PS1FG) [1492] She's still got Weetabix all over her top.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1493] Has she?
[1494] How did you manage in this fog this morning?
Alice (PS1FG) [1495] Weren't so bad.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1496] Better than before?
Alice (PS1FG) [1497] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1498] Said it's right bad up other
Alice (PS1FG) [1499] It was
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1500] end.
Alice (PS1FG) [1501] It were this greyish thing ... you know, if I got, as long as I got my car warmed up ... it took frost,i ice off of window.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1502] Er, it weren't locked up again though were it?
Alice (PS1FG) [1503] No.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1504] Cos you had trouble didn't you?
Alice (PS1FG) [1505] I know. [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Alice (PS1FG) [1506] Well, you see, one car, one door unlocks all of them.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1507] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [1508] Morning!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1509] Morning!
Alice (PS1FG) [1510] Morning!
[1511] You see, you don't let your back doors or inside or outside.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1512] Oh!
Alice (PS1FG) [1513] You have to make it [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1514] Oh aye!
[1515] Yeah, they are, yeah.
Alice (PS1FG) [1516] So you see when it i when I had, I'd got one of thems done but ... you can't o help others out.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1517] No.
Alice (PS1FG) [1518] It's like
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1519] You having a coffee this morning?
Alice (PS1FG) [1520] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1521] If I'm not here, I'm int house.
Alice (PS1FG) [1522] Yeah. [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1523] Okay then.
[1524] ... Wait!
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1525] You'll get a smack you will!
[1526] You, pardon?
[1527] Alright.
[1528] Well, you frightened him to death then!
Alice (PS1FG) [laugh] ... [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1529] I don't, you must have been miles away this morning.
Alice (PS1FG) [1530] [laughing] Oh [] !
[1531] ... Just thinking, I'm not all there [...] .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1532] [laughing] Oh ho [] !

5 (Tape 060405)

Alice (PS1FG) [1533] It gets going and I'm at ... I actually was
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1534] I
Alice (PS1FG) [1535] gonna say something. [whispering] [...] [] .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1536] Oh I'm always saying that.
[1537] A lot of people do that a
Alice (PS1FG) [1538] Yeah, but he ... does talk broad Yorkshire!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1539] It's like er ... who were it?
[1540] Er, Charlie.
Alice (PS1FG) [1541] Charlie er
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1542] He goes none of those northeners!
Alice (PS1FG) [1543] That's it!
[1544] But Charlie's Scottish and I've [...] ... saving bags of money, you know.
[1545] You don't think they talk like that.
Steve (PS1FH) [1546] Why not? [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1547] You ju well
Steve (PS1FH) [1548] You talk how you talk, and that's it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1549] Well yous do.
[1550] Yeah, but I mean ... they're not just ... you know, just well off, he are well well off !
Steve (PS1FH) [1551] Are they?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [1552] Yep.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1553] Yeah.
Steve (PS1FH) [1554] I just think they work. [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1555] Yeah well
Steve (PS1FH) [1556] He worked at Lincoln don't he?
Alice (PS1FG) [1557] No, no.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1558] Yorkshire.
Alice (PS1FG) [1559] [whispering] Put it back over there.
[1560] Cos when I went
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1561] Cos when I went
Alice (PS1FG) [1562] to my mother's ... in Lincoln ... he used to
Kathleen (PS1FC) [...]
Alice (PS1FG) [1563] always say to me ... go on, say summat.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1564] You should have heard what they were doing to him.
[1565] They were right rotten to him!
[1566] You know, when Donny lost against Lincoln?
Alice (PS1FG) [1567] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1568] Well they were up the road from Donny and they [...] .
Alice (PS1FG) [1569] We always said that he had a yellow belly!
Steve (PS1FH) [1570] Who did?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1571] He says, I'm not bothered.
[1572] I don't even like [laughing] football [] !
Alice (PS1FG) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1573] Cos what they
Steve (PS1FH) [1574] Poof!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1575] He had summat to pick up, so they picked up
Steve (PS1FH) [1576] What are they?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1577] That's what [...]
Alice (PS1FG) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KCXPSUGP) [laugh]
Steve (PS1FH) [1578] I'm all for getting ... er ... tape recorder.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Steve (PS1FH) [1579] Tight sods!
Alice (PS1FG) [1580] Leave the poor girl!
[1581] He had to chuck in summat.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1582] [...] Twenty five pound voucher.
Steve (PS1FH) [1583] That's no bloody good!
[1584] I want that!
[1585] And twenty five quid.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1586] He's not, he's after microphone.
[1587] I'll tell you what he's after.
Steve (PS1FH) [1588] I'm after all of it.
[1589] Bloody marvellous!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1590] You've got all of it!
[1591] It's same as your one.
Steve (PS1FH) [1592] It isn't.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1593] Yours don't have Sellotape all over it.
[1594] That has. [laugh]
Alice (PS1FG) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1595] It's got ... patches on it.
[1596] I had taxi driver on it this
Alice (PS1FG) [sniff]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1597] morning.
Alice (PS1FG) [1598] Oh you did taxi driver did you?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1599] Yeah.
[1600] Again!
[1601] And I says to him, you're not supposed to use this entrance.
Alice (PS1FG) [1602] What at school?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1603] Er I told him about the other one.
Alice (PS1FG) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1604] It's a different one.
[1605] They're sending a different one every bloody week!
[1606] I thought, marvellous!
[1607] I'm spending week after week after week.
[1608] Why don't the one driving the week before tell the one the week after ... that they've got to go in drivers' entrance and not in bloody one!
Alice (PS1FG) [1609] Daft!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1610] Thingamabob nearly got run over this morning!
Alice (PS1FG) [1611] Who?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1612] You know,wi green coat?
[1613] Dark hair.
[1614] Sometimes she talks to you, sometimes she don't.
[1615] He says ... she's awful sometimes.
Alice (PS1FG) [1616] Ah!
[1617] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1618] Her.
Alice (PS1FG) [1619] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1620] She come miles away!
Alice (PS1FG) [1621] Is she a copper's wife?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1622] Yeah.
Alice (PS1FG) [1623] Wait till she tells her husband she nearly got run over.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1624] That young lad coming on a bike.
Alice (PS1FG) [1625] Yeah.
[1626] That's him.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1627] It's Chris .
[1628] I shouts, eh!
[1629] What you doing?
[1630] And she went, get back!
[1631] Quick!
[1632] Quick!
[1633] She saying, come on.
[1634] Come on.
[1635] Car coming.
[1636] And I'm going to car ... I thought you idiot!
Alice (PS1FG) [1637] Yeah, she's was a copper's wife.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1638] Mm.
[1639] I never knew that.
[1640] I knew it [...] .
Alice (PS1FG) [1641] In a way ... Steven.
[1642] Her hair's cut like that, she gotta have it cut.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1643] And she pushes a pushchair and she's got a little lad about ... [...] ?
Alice (PS1FG) [1644] I'll show you her anyway.
[1645] But I don't think you've ever seen her cos you always come about ten to.
[1646] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1647] If it's the one that I mean
Alice (PS1FG) [1648] What?
Steve (PS1FH) [1649] I know what I meant to ask you.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1650] Aha.
Steve (PS1FH) [1651] Why do you come for that ... alarm?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1652] Cos it's his ... not Marie's.
Steve (PS1FH) [1653] Well he's selling it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1654] It was a, he bought it ... he's not selling that one.
[1655] He's selling the Widgie He's got a Widgie a posh
Alice (PS1FG) [1656] Widgie
Steve (PS1FH) [1657] Yeah.
[1658] Seventeen quid.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1659] Yeah, he's got a posh one ... which ... the rest of the alarm ... he's putting with that.
[1660] He bought it for that erm er her ... [...]
Steve (PS1FH) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1661] what, the caravan?
Steve (PS1FH) [1662] Yeah.
Alice (PS1FG) [1663] What, did she have it on t' [...] ?
Steve (PS1FH) [1664] Astra.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1665] He bought it for the Astra.
Steve (PS1FH) [1666] Yeah but, she says she bought it him for Christmas.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1667] Well he says he bought it.
[1668] So I don't know who bought it.
[1669] Somebody must have bought it!
Steve (PS1FH) [1670] I were gonna take [...] out of that too.
Alice (PS1FG) [1671] Well ... he's still got Astra then?
Steve (PS1FH) [1672] [sigh] Did you know about that?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1673] He never mentioned it.
[1674] He just mentioned caravan.
[1675] ... Well Marie just said that he'd got it.
[1676] Cos I says, you have seen it in passing.
Alice (PS1FG) [1677] Have you got a house [...] ?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1678] Ah!
[1679] Maggie's still having trouble with that.
Alice (PS1FG) [1680] Aye.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1681] Apparently, they keep getting er ... this erm ... what was it?
[1682] Bill phones up ... says, can I speak to somebody?
[1683] Right?
[1684] And I says, er I'm sorry they're not available at the moment.
[1685] You see, they've got a card of the fella that did the thingy ... so, when they put him onto this other fella ... he says, er, yeah, his name were Mr so and so.
[1686] So, they says, well I'll tell you what we'll try and find this Mr so and so, and, we'll get in contact with you.
[1687] So, he waited in for two days ... nothing!
[1688] So, he's rang every day since and he keeps getting this person, that says er ... er, we'll pass your message, we'll pass your message, we'll get back to you, I'll get back to you.
[1689] I says, you know what you want to do now?
[1690] I says, you want to phone up and say look, I want to speak to someone in authority and I want to speak to him today!
[1691] Because, if not, I'm going to see my solicitor in the morning, cos if you won't speak to me, you can speak to him instead!
[1692] I says, and I bet they call you back.
Alice (PS1FG) [1693] Well er,wha er what has done about it then?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1694] They won't ring back.
[1695] ... But I said, just threaten with solicitors then.
Alice (PS1FG) [1696] You can't understand anybody signing summat and not reading it can you?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1697] He can't bloody see!
[1698] He's blind as a bat!
Alice (PS1FG) [1699] Can't she see?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1700] Maggie wears glasses, but she won't outside.
[1701] Nearly two hundred quid he paid for a pair of glasses and she sat on them didn't she?
Steve (PS1FH) [1702] Yeah.
Alice (PS1FG) [1703] Well I don't give a damn what I look like in bloody glasses.
[1704] In fact, [...] , I feel naked without bloody glasses on now.
Steve (PS1FH) [1705] If I've got to wear them, I've gotta wear them!
[1706] At the moment I haven't
Alice (PS1FG) [1707] Has [...] any more then?
[1708] Your glasses.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1709] No.
Steve (PS1FH) [1710] I don't put them in my bag.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Alice (PS1FG) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [cough]
Alice (PS1FG) [1711] It is, I know, I do this ... just get legs out of bed and
Steve (PS1FH) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1712] T-shirt.
[1713] Right.
[1714] Here are.
Alice (PS1FG) [1715] Where's my goggles?
[1716] As soon as I get my legs out of bed, that's first thing I pick up, my glasses.
Steve (PS1FH) [1717] Oh it int.
[1718] I'll tell you what it ain't exactly
Alice (PS1FG) [1719] Yeah, I [...]
Steve (PS1FH) [1720] except jumpers.
Alice (PS1FG) [1721] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1722] That's so as you can watch it looking at telly! [laugh]
Alice (PS1FG) [1723] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1724] More than likely!
[1725] More than likely!
Steve (PS1FH) [1726] Don't be daft!
[1727] It's always me what's
Alice (PS1FG) [1728] And I was a young men in my prime! [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Steve (PS1FH) [1729] Can't see his blooming [...] !
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1730] Well he's got someone to talk to his [laughing] while
Alice (PS1FG) [1731] Oh yes!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1732] he's in there [] !
Alice (PS1FG) [1733] [laughing] Oh he's just []
Steve (PS1FH) [clears throat]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1734] I expect you'd be alright if he talked back to you.
[1735] [laughing] You'd know about it then [] !
Alice (PS1FG) [1736] I thought he was gonna take the rest of this off. [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1737] [laugh] ... Yeah, you blank er ... bits off.
[1738] I've got headphones and everything so you can come back to a certain and take it
Steve (PS1FH) [1739] Why?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1740] She said
Steve (PS1FH) [1741] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1742] to leave swearing and all that on.
Alice (PS1FG) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1743] And she says to leave swearing on.
[1744] She says, but if you listen to it, and then if you don't think that should be there ... you can go over it.
[1745] You could
Steve (PS1FH) [1746] Bloody [...] than listen to them myself.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1747] No, Flo come ... I stopped her conversation half way through.
Steve (PS1FH) [1748] Oh she's
Alice (PS1FG) [1749] No, if I'd have cut [...] time they wouldn't hear no conversation!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1750] It's a bit like
Steve (PS1FH) [clears throat]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1751] with John and Janice.
[1752] You don't hear nowt.
Alice (PS1FG) [1753] Cos you can gather as soon as Paul gets in I think I was asleep.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1754] He's like that aren't you?
[1755] He's
Steve (PS1FH) [1756] Yeah but
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1757] he sat up last night, he sat up last night we was gonna watch the ten o'clock movie on telly with me.
[1758] Cos it finishes at half eleven, so I says to him, oh great!
[1759] You're not working tomorrow you can watch movie wi me.
[1760] He says, yeah, alright.
[1761] So I got my cushions and I laid here ... and he got his cushions and he were laid there ... and he says to me, are you taping this?
[1762] I says, no I'm gonna watch it.
[1763] I thought ... he's going to sleep again.
[1764] Quarter past ten, turned round, snoring away!
Alice (PS1FG) [1765] Paul we were dreaming last night.
Steve (PS1FH) [1766] Yeah.
[1767] But sh ... I've been, I work out, I feel [...] .
[1768] Working outside.
Alice (PS1FG) [1769] Is that it?
Steve (PS1FH) [1770] Aye.
[1771] In this weather.
Alice (PS1FG) [1772] Yeah.
[1773] When you get in
Steve (PS1FH) [1774] I get int car, and it's warm so I end up switching heater and winding window down.
[1775] When I get in here there's nice fire.
Alice (PS1FG) [1776] That's it.
Steve (PS1FH) [1777] And then it gets me.
Alice (PS1FG) [1778] Stay in the car then!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1779] Then, he were being a pig last night.
[1780] I says to him, with him breaking down other night ... his dinner went to dog.
Steve (PS1FH) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1781] The night before I kept it hot, and hot, and hot, and hot, and by time we did get it at quarter to eight ... I says to him, oh this is horrible, this!
Alice (PS1FG) [1782] Ooh!
[1783] I had some
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1784] So last night, I thought, I won't do anything till he comes in ... but we'd got company ... and er, they went outside, they were having a look at car engine and that, telling us what were wrong, you know.
[1785] And, so I says to him d'ya fancy going to fish shop?
[1786] So he decided he wanted chips, pie, curry, loads of scraps and bread and everything and he eat every bit of it up!
[1787] Didn't you?
Steve (PS1FH) [1788] I were hungry!
Alice (PS1FG) [1789] I bet you get as fat as a pig!
Steve (PS1FH) [1790] I am!
[1791] So what?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1792] He's not bothered! [laugh]
Alice (PS1FG) [1793] Well he says, said to me ... I don't know why you're going to keep, er th to slimming thing cos you, because ... I can't tell no difference with you.
Steve (PS1FH) [1794] Can you tell?
Alice (PS1FG) [1795] You what?
[1796] I can tell, yeah.
Steve (PS1FH) [1797] That's all that counts.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1798] I can tell.
Alice (PS1FG) [1799] Said it's a waste of bloody money going!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1800] You used to have two buck teeth but you haven't now.
Alice (PS1FG) [1801] Oh!
[1802] I don't know. [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1803] Yeah.
[1804] You know, before you couldn't see your ... thingy ... that
Steve (PS1FH) [1805] Right!
[1806] Where am I going?
Alice (PS1FG) [1807] No.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1808] You're going to National Tyres on North Bridge.
[1809] ... And they're going to balance your wheels.
Steve (PS1FH) [1810] Oh I know.
[1811] Checking and balancing.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1812] I don't know about checking and balancing, I just says balancing.
[1813] I'll let you
Alice (PS1FG) [1814] Can you get insurance to pay for it?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1815] It's four pound something a wheel ... there.
Steve (PS1FH) [1816] Oh!
[1817] That's dear.
Alice (PS1FG) [1818] Is
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1819] So
Alice (PS1FG) [1820] that dear?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1821] well they says to go there, get an invoice ... take it into the insurance ... and they will send us a cheque back out.
Steve (PS1FH) [1822] Usually, when they balance your wheels they ... they check the tracking.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1823] They're gonna deduct it.
[1824] I phoned up ... put Maggie on t' phone, told her sa tell her what this bloke had said ... and, they said, just a minute, that they'll get in touch wi insurance and phone us back.
[1825] Well they phoned back ... and ... they said, can you tell your husband to take his car to National Tyres ... er, that [...] insurance has sent him, and could they give him an invoice ... for the insurance company.
[1826] Like, we pay, give
Alice (PS1FG) [1827] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1828] them an invoice, he's got to take the invoice into insurance
Steve (PS1FH) [clears throat]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1829] they will ... deduct that off ... the value
Steve (PS1FH) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1830] I think
Alice (PS1FG) [1831] The value.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1832] send us it, and they can have the rest.
Steve (PS1FH) [1833] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1834] And they says, check it.
[1835] Well they won't give him it straight away, they'll see to you first.
[1836] They always do.
Steve (PS1FH) [1837] We haven't finished yet.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1838] But I says, that they were, I, that he weren't satisfied when it were vibrating and that.
[1839] And he says, gerrit checked or summat.
[1840] ... So ... he's gonna ask them what he does about the vibrating.
Steve (PS1FH) [1841] National Tyre, I don't think they'll do bonnet.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1842] No!
[1843] I dunno.
[1844] But, you're going in insurance.
Steve (PS1FH) [1845] I know.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1846] You're telling them yoursen.
[1847] I'm sick of telling them!
[1848] I'm sick of car! [laugh]
Steve (PS1FH) [1849] Wish we'd never heard of car dealers.
[1850] Kirksandle Car Care
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1851] They're no good!
[1852] D'ya know, everybody we've
Steve (PS1FH) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1853] spoke to since then, they says, why the heck didn't you say summat?
[1854] You shouldn't have took it there!
[1855] One fella were told ... they did his erm ... summat to his engine ... and it blew up didn't it?
Steve (PS1FH) [1856] Blew up, yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1857] His engine blew up!
[1858] Er, Dennis, who we were talking to last night, he says, you must be absolutely mental!
[1859] He says that his mate bought a car from there ... and, he were a ... undecided about this clocking ... this time, what's, what call it?
Steve (PS1FH) [1860] He'd er ... wound the clock back ... thirty thou.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1861] But you know on his log book, last person ... that had the car he went down to see them, and they told him that it were thirty thousand over from when they sold it.
Alice (PS1FG) [1862] Yeah, but when they got it, you don't have to ask for owt er, M O T.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1863] He went to see person who selt it.
Alice (PS1FG) [1864] Might have got old M O T.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1865] And, they were on, more on about that.
[1866] I says, ah marvellous!
[1867] I says, you don't hear a word about anybody ... till you go.
Steve (PS1FH) [1868] Until after.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1869] And then afterwards
Alice (PS1FG) [1870] Well, I mean, look at me, me with my motor car
Steve (PS1FH) [clears throat]
Alice (PS1FG) [1871] I mean, it hadn't done all th as many miles [...] .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1872] True.
[1873] Mine has, mine's
Alice (PS1FG) [1874] Actually, it's not been on t' road.
[1875] I mean, you tell somebody that and they're forced to believe you are you?
Steve (PS1FH) [1876] Well that mini, we got it from Hutchins.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1877] Guess what?
[1878] Mine
Steve (PS1FH) [clears throat]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1879] wants two more miles on my clock and I've done a thousand mile on my [...] .
Alice (PS1FG) [1880] [laugh] ... I was looking at it other day.
Steve (PS1FH) [1881] Chuffing hell!
[1882] I ... I'm doing ... a thousand mile a week!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1883] I know, but ... well mine's a W registered, yours is a D! [laugh]
Steve (PS1FH) [1884] I know.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1885] It shows tha
Alice (PS1FG) [1886] It's not much.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1887] I only go a fair way.
[1888] I only do Irene's on it, and that's my lot.
[1889] And it's
Steve (PS1FH) [1890] Well I do more miles [...] .
Alice (PS1FG) [1891] Well you, I mean to say that I've had mine a long time and you ain't done much mileage on it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1892] Well mine's ... according to my log book there's three on it.
[1893] I've heard of
Alice (PS1FG) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1894] and I've had it three year.
[1895] And I ain't done, I ain't got it to a thousand yet.
[1896] But, it's all ready for M O T now.
[1897] Supposed to take it in for M O T.
Alice (PS1FG) [1898] Well mine ain't been used for ... three month.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1899] It's your electrics innit?
Alice (PS1FG) [1900] Yeah.
[1901] Mind, usually after three years.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1902] I've had it three years.
Alice (PS1FG) [1903] They'll get a bit of the ... an holiday round here sometimes, you never know, might be able to come down.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1904] Well, if you're in ... knock before you go and start it.
Alice (PS1FG) [1905] Well if I come down [laughing] and see Steve and Kelly [] !
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1906] That's right.
Alice (PS1FG) [1907] There's a story of mine can't go away.
[1908] He says, we've got ... [...] in caravan.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1909] Have you?
[1910] Where you going?
Alice (PS1FG) [1911] Skegness.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1912] I shouldn't have asked should I really! [laugh]
Alice (PS1FG) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1913] It's a lovely place Skeggy!
[1914] Did I just give him some money, I didn't did I?
Alice (PS1FG) [1915] Don't know.
[1916] I think so.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1917] Oh!
[1918] Better give him some money.
[1919] I was gonna give him cheque book and then I thought, no.
Alice (PS1FG) [1920] I tell you summat, if I don't get one of them bags off of.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1921] No.
[1922] Cos you've already told her.
[1923] Er, cos she come today and she says forgot book.
Alice (PS1FG) [1924] Eh yeah.
[1925] Aye, if I don't get one of them bags she'll not no, I'll can't get no more [...] .
[1926] There's plenty of folks don't either.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1927] That's true.
[1928] I know quite a few.
[1929] Sarah does it.
[1930] My mate ... she does it.
Alice (PS1FG) [1931] Er well
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1932] She did up to moving but she lived at Anthorpe and she's not mentioned it since, so I'll have to ask her if she does Avon.
[1933] Cos I used to get it off of her.
Alice (PS1FG) [1934] The cat.
[1935] ... He's got a hump.
[1936] He's quite hairy ain't he?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1937] You what?
[1938] ... [clears throat] ... She says she's only five bags didn't she?
Alice (PS1FG) [1939] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1940] No!
[1941] She's not allowed five bags, she's got to have an order of five bags.
[1942] One for hersen, and four other people.
Alice (PS1FG) [1943] Yes, I know.
[1944] That's her
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1945] Five bags and over.
Alice (PS1FG) [1946] I thought she might have five.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1947] No, if she ain't got five bags ... then, the what you call it?
[1948] She can't have any.
Alice (PS1FG) [1949] I thought she said well I'm allowed five bags.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1950] No, she can't have anything.
[1951] I got a sarong.
[1952] Er ... an Avon bag ... actually I got ... er three bags with Avon.
[1953] Handbag ... er
Alice (PS1FG) [1954] Three?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1955] Yeah, a shopping bag ... that's alright [...]
Alice (PS1FG) [1956] I've got like a fly bag, a blue one.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1957] well mine's whi it's a yellow bag.
[1958] I got, a shopping bag, that were a creamy colour with wi A's all over it.
Alice (PS1FG) [1959] The handbag is navy blue, with white on, and it's, like little navy blue dots on it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1960] Let's have a look, I don't think I've got that one.
Alice (PS1FG) [1961] Er ... Oh!
[1962] Umbrella.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1963] Yeah.
[1964] I've got umbrella, a blue one.
[1965] I got ... oh I got a what they call an'all!
[1966] Erm ... erm ... I did!
Alice (PS1FG) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1967] It's ... [sighing] Oh [] !
[1968] You know when er, you're going on away or on t' beach or summat and you put your toiletries in and you can put a towel and that?
Alice (PS1FG) [1969] Yes.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1970] Like that.
Alice (PS1FG) [1971] Ah yes!
[1972] Like you brought Caroline for her, cos she's literally ... to cut Paul's hair.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1973] Yeah.
[1974] Sort of, with that figure
Alice (PS1FG) [1975] It's this one int it?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1976] Yeah.
Alice (PS1FG) [1977] Yeah.
[1978] And you just draw
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1979] I got her one of them.
Alice (PS1FG) [1980] them in.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1981] What I do is, I roll a towel up ... and that, and put, take them down on t' beach, you know, cos I could put my purse in and that.
Alice (PS1FG) [1982] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1983] A bit of money.
[1984] That's what I do.
Alice (PS1FG) [1985] Er ... it's got handle at head int it?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1986] Yeah.
[1987] Yeah.
Alice (PS1FG) [1988] And you bought Caroline's.
[1989] She can put her, her cutters in.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1990] Mm.
[1991] ... Cos she had them in a plastic bag.
Alice (PS1FG) [1992] Mm. [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1993] It's erm ... Yeah!
[1994] I'm looking at you!
Alice (PS1FG) [1995] I call them a beach bag, but it's not.
[1996] ... It's like a
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1997] A
Alice (PS1FG) [1998] toiletries bag, but it's twice
Kathleen (PS1FC) [1999] toiletry bag, yes.
Alice (PS1FG) [2000] as big though innit?
[2001] With, for men.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2002] Are they for men?
Alice (PS1FG) [2003] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2004] Oh!
[2005] Cos Steve got one and I got one.
[2006] I got a blue one and he got a black one.
Alice (PS1FG) [2007] Yeah, I got a black one.
[2008] And mine keeps disappearing though.
[2009] I lent it Steven and that were it!
[2010] Off it went.
[2011] And mine's black.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2012] [...] ... You know, it sounds I spent [...] .
Alice (PS1FG) [2013] D'ya know, he stuck in all day Wednesday.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2014] Well it past half past ten, you think he'd be up and getting ready for work.
[2015] He might be up.
[2016] ... He don't know his dad's in this morning.
Alice (PS1FG) [2017] He's hiding.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2018] He's always hiding.
Alice (PS1FG) [2019] Er, what time is it?
[2020] Quarter past nine?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2021] Yeah.
[2022] He'll go out and get that ... five to ten bus or five past ten bus.
[2023] Stops upstairs all the time.
[2024] ... Cos I've upset his girlfriend!
Alice (PS1FG) [2025] Is that Amanda?
[2026] Which one?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2027] I don't know.
[2028] I told him ... he'd better tell his friends, or his girlfriends, that when they call at our house if they don't give names, they're not talking to him!
[2029] I says, cos I haven't the faintest idea who they are.
[2030] I've says ... your Mark, I says, he always says, is that Mrs ?
[2031] It's Mark.
[2032] Will you ask Steven if I can talk to him please?
[2033] And, there's one called Gavin, he rings up, and ... the girlfriend, he did have, whether it's still same one, I don't know ... called Sarah.
[2034] [clears throat] ... Well, I says to him, I'm getting sick of these calls cos ... you don't know if it's for ... him or him.
[2035] We have the same name.
[2036] And er ... I picked it up other night, says, can I ta speak to Steven?
[2037] I said, no!
[2038] So she di still didn't say her name!
[2039] So, she says, will you give Steven a message?
[2040] I says, no!
[2041] Talk to him when you see him.
[2042] Well will you ask Steven to call me back?
[2043] I says, no!
[2044] She give me no telephone number, no name ... nothing!
[2045] So, she said, oh!
[2046] Alright, and put phone down.
[2047] And I still didn't know who it were.
[2048] I thought, if I keep saying no ... she'll say, well it's Sarah ... or ... whoever ... but, no chance!
[2049] No name!
[2050] No phone number!
[2051] No nothing!
Steve (PS1FH) [2052] Ee!
[2053] It's bloody cold out there!
Alice (PS1FG) [2054] I know.
[2055] And it's foggy.
Steve (PS1FH) [2056] Oh, it weren't bad.
[2057] Just washed my eyes, I can see now.
Alice (PS1FG) [2058] We had a struggle this morning coming out, my windows were all mucky outsi go it got, a car, van had passed me.
[2059] I put my window washers on and my windows froze up!
Steve (PS1FH) [2060] They will do.
[2061] Yeah, see me come up
Alice (PS1FG) [2062] Yeah but it didn't seem as though it were freezing though did it?
Steve (PS1FH) [2063] coming home last night, I stopped ... half way
Alice (PS1FG) [sneeze]
Steve (PS1FH) [2064] home ... bloody needed checking the lights!
Alice (PS1FG) [2065] Oh!
[2066] Don't mention lights.
[2067] Keep flashing me to say that I've got my headlights on so I, when I, I give them flash back to say no I haven't.
Steve (PS1FH) [2068] Oh.
[2069] They do that with me.
Alice (PS1FG) [2070] When I've been taking Paul to work in the morning ... they've been giving me flashes and then ... if I, you know, flashed them back ... they haven't put their headlights on so I thought oh bugger yous!
[2071] So I put mine on.
[2072] They don't like mine.
Steve (PS1FH) [2073] Don't like mine.
[2074] Mine, my beams shines
Alice (PS1FG) [2075] So
Steve (PS1FH) [2076] into the cars.
Alice (PS1FG) [2077] Mine does.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2078] He's got six lights up front.
Alice (PS1FG) [2079] Paul, I says, your lights aren't set properly!
[2080] I says, yeah but it's passed its M O T for lights.
Steve (PS1FH) [2081] Exactly!
Alice (PS1FG) [2082] It did!
Steve (PS1FH) [2083] Cos mine had.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2084] He's just had to alter them hisen!
Alice (PS1FG) [2085] Somebody, if they were wrong you'd think they'd tell you wouldn't you?
Steve (PS1FH) [2086] They're supposed to.
Alice (PS1FG) [2087] But there's no mention of lights!
Steve (PS1FH) [2088] I sent mine, I took that ... it was out.
[2089] I said give us screwdriver, I'll do it here and now.
[2090] He says, why?
[2091] I says, well it seems daft taking it back, to fetch it back.
[2092] He said, I'm not failing you on it.
[2093] I said no, but yo ... you've got your marks on your wall I said I can cha do it now.
[2094] But this one ... I can do mesen.
Alice (PS1FG) [2095] But
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2096] Yeah.
Alice (PS1FG) [2097] I mean
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2098] Yeah.
[2099] Dipped lights though, it's just like a guess.
Steve (PS1FH) [2100] Not if I've got it set.
[2101] We know they're wrong.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2102] Yeah.
[2103] Yeah I know.
Alice (PS1FG) [2104] Yeah, they're just like headlights mine is.
[2105] I've got the same, but usually I have eight on front of car.
[2106] So I says, Paul, I says, get me some spotlights.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2107] That's what's missing ont front of ours.
[2108] When he crashed we've not had anything replaced.
[2109] Cos, before you crash ... we had six lights on t' back and we had eight on t' front.
[2110] Cos he's got ... them four headlights ... with
Alice (PS1FG) [2111] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2112] the [...] either side, then below ... the bumper thing, we had the fog lights ... and above the bumper we had two spotlights.
[2113] Now, on the back ... I bought him some extra fog lights for back ... and I bought him them fog lights that goes int window.
[2114] D'ya know?
[2115] So if
Alice (PS1FG) [2116] Yeah
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2117] the light int window, and on bumper ... and fog light.
[2118] He come back, we've got ... headlights on t' front ... two fog lights ... and we got brake lights on t' back.
[2119] No fog lights, no nothing.
[2120] That's all we've got!
[2121] I says, to him, there's six lights missing off here.
[2122] I says, they cost me over two hundred quid, I says, for the six lights!
[2123] But, them at Car Care turned round and says, it's not on t' invoice.
[2124] All we keep getting off them is ... I says, you mean to say, we're paying two and half thousand pounds worth of repairs, I says, and they're not done?
[2125] And then when we went for wheel balancing ... told us to take it back for balancing and tracking, they turned round and says we're not doing it.
[2126] Take it to another garage.
[2127] We told Maggie that.
[2128] So I says to Maggie, we'll phone insurance, I put her on t' phone, and she said he were, he were right clever with her!
[2129] And er ... that's why they haven't got in contact and that.
[2130] So he, took it back before and put brand new bonnet that they've put on.
[2131] Didn't fit!
[2132] And he says, when he gets it up to sixty mile an hour on t' motorway it's still vibrating.
Alice (PS1FG) [2133] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2134] So, he's gonna go int insurance this morning, tell them that er ... bonnet's still vibrating and they've supposed to have done it twice ... and that, because of er ... ask them where he can take to have all these repair jobs done.
[2135] You know, checked over.
[2136] Cos, he went in there ... summat to do wi headlights or summat, one were ... like up and down or summat.
[2137] And he went in and he said ... they haven't even bloody welded this!
[2138] They've done a tack.
[2139] I says, you're alright, I said, front radiator's gonna bleeding drop off!
[2140] So ... he's gonna see about that this morning.
[2141] I says to him, take a day off work for, I says, for God's sake!
[2142] So ... he took today off.
Alice (PS1FG) [2143] So you were saying, he's only upstairs just now.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2144] Grandma.
Alice (PS1FG) [2145] Steve.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2146] You got that that bag.
Alice (PS1FG) [2147] Could you fetch my keys from upstairs please?
Krista (PS1FJ) [2148] Grandma.
[2149] You've got
Alice (PS1FG) [2150] Ta.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2151] that.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2152] Yeah.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2153] Grandma.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [cough]
Krista (PS1FJ) [2154] Grandma's got that bag.
Alice (PS1FG) [2155] Has she?
Krista (PS1FJ) [2156] Yeah.
Alice (PS1FG) [2157] [clears throat] ... Kath's got a lot of bags hasn't she?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2158] I've got another one upstairs.
[2159] Do you know, fellas, who'd have them?
Krista (PS1FJ) [2160] Oh!
[2161] That's [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2162] One minute, she starts collecting one thing ... then you start collecting another thing Christmas, he come home with one of them.
[2163] That lad at work, that John what they call him?
Krista (PS1FJ) [2164] And that, and that's [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2165] He give him one.
[2166] And er ... he's got hundreds of them apparently.
[2167] So he's decided ... he wants to collect them now.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2168] Wow!
Alice (PS1FG) [2169] I've got Tetleys tea.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2170] Is that the [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2171] I've got so
Krista (PS1FJ) [2172] then?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2173] I've got Kelloggs.
[2174] Is it Kelloggs?
Krista (PS1FJ) [2175] Don't know that
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2176] No don't touch them.
Alice (PS1FG) [...]
Krista (PS1FJ) [2177] No I won't.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2178] That was the er, last one that she'd seen they said that [...] .
[2179] Them Kelloggs.
Alice (PS1FG) [2180] Yeah.
[2181] Got a lot of them.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2182] That's like granddad.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2183] They're Walkers crisps.
[2184] They're Walker crisps.
Alice (PS1FG) [2185] Kelloggs.
[2186] I don't know what that
Krista (PS1FJ) [2187] They're like grandma.
Alice (PS1FG) [2188] one upstairs is. [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2189] And er
Krista (PS1FJ) [2190] Like grandma's.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2191] I said to Maggie ... I says, Steve's collecting cars ... I says, it don't matter if it's int box or not, I says, if they're int box they're staying in a box.
[2192] I says, and I'm buying him a rack ... for the ones ... not in a box.
Alice (PS1FG) [2193] With Tetleys tea now you send away and get a ... like a little minibus thing.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2194] Oh.
[2195] We don't get Tetleys teas though.
[2196] We don't get that at all.
[2197] I always used to
Alice (PS1FG) [2198] I've just got enough for one, er one car.
[2199] One car [...] .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2200] He couldn't stop buying [...] .
[2201] He says, there's not much point in getting P G or Tetleys from one tea bag and making four
Krista (PS1FJ) [2202] Look!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2203] cups.
[2204] Cos what he does, he puts a tea bag in a cup ... pours about that much water on ... takes the tea bag out and tops it right up with water so he can see bottom of cup.
[2205] And then he uses same tea bag again.
[2206] That's why [...]
Alice (PS1FG) [2207] Well that Tetley tea bags taste strong though.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2208] Hot.
[2209] Hot.
Alice (PS1FG) [2210] One tea bag does me and Paul.
[2211] ... That's all we put int teapot, one tea bag.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2212] That's just not strong.
Alice (PS1FG) [2213] Well that's good that Tetleys tea stuff.
[2214] I'm sure you do get a ... a [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2215] I doubt it like.
[2216] Cos you never do do you?
Krista (PS1FJ) [2217] Well, no!
[2218] So ... got wo [...] .
Alice (PS1FG) [2219] Get four cups.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2220] Yeah.
Alice (PS1FG) [2221] Can I have it?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2222] What?
[2223] ... It's been there a fortnight ... and I keep asking everybody if they want to try it.
[2224] And I told Steve to drink it, and he says no, and wi you mentioning Tetleys and I don't
Alice (PS1FG) [2225] Oh, he'll not drink Tetleys.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2226] You have been in my bag again!
Steve (PS1FH) [2227] I haven't been in your bag!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2228] I can tell you haven't!
Steve (PS1FH) [2229] I have not been in your bag!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2230] So, in that case, you've dropped it.
Steve (PS1FH) [2231] I picked it up and it were ... th the er ... strap got the wrong way round.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2232] Tt!
Alice (PS1FG) [2233] So it all went out?
Steve (PS1FH) [2234] So I had to pick it all up.
[2235] And how come he's good enough to go the Sea Cadets but he's not good enough to go college?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2236] Because he don't go till half past ten this morning.
Steve (PS1FH) [2237] Oh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2238] Changed my mind.
Alice (PS1FG) [2239] But I know Tetleys tea bags ... er ... one tea bag does me and Paul.
[2240] And I have it stronger than what this coffee is.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2241] You'll have to save it till Paul comes back ... [whispering] for the car [] .
Alice (PS1FG) [2242] I've got enough for one car for mesen.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2243] Ah!
[2244] Will you save some more ... and then you can send for
Alice (PS1FG) [2245] Okay.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2246] a ... gonna save me some Tetley tea tokens for a car.
Steve (PS1FH) [2247] Oh thank you.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2248] Cos she has Tetleys, and we don't.
Steve (PS1FH) [2249] Oh Right.
[2250] Don't like it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2251] Just give her that tea, it's Tetley tea.
[2252] Save [...] .
[2253] D'ya know
Steve (PS1FH) [2254] And if you don't like it you can keep the jar.
Alice (PS1FG) [2255] Can actually, yes.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2256] Yes!
[2257] That's what it says
Alice (PS1FG) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2258] on't telly.
Steve (PS1FH) [2259] Mm.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2260] I'm gonna buy
Alice (PS1FG) [2261] Well
Krista (PS1FJ) [2262] what's that?
Alice (PS1FG) [2263] I don't know whether you do with like
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2264] It's not [...] .
[2265] Cos Jack does and all ... cos he's got one.
[2266] In fact, I'm gonna get his present.
Steve (PS1FH) [laugh]
Alice (PS1FG) [2267] [cough] ... Well it's not even a proper bloody jar is it?
[2268] It's a plastic thing.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2269] That's what it says, if you don't like the tea, you get a free [laughing] jar [] !
Alice (PS1FG) [2270] What the bloody hell can you do with that?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2271] Did I give you a diary?
[2272] I can't remember if I did cos I've been picking them up.
[2273] ... Every time I go int bank ... they, just leave them on t' counter, they've been there weeks and weeks.
[2274] And normally, they're all gone so, and I thought, oh!
[2275] I got one though.
Krista (PS1FJ) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2276] I give Maggie one for, today.
Steve (PS1FH) [2277] Say, you ought to say oh [...] .
Krista (PS1FJ) [2278] Where did you put your bag?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2279] It's there.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2280] Oh! [...] .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2281] Put it back in there.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2282] Oh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2283] Under there look.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2284] Oh!
Steve (PS1FH) [2285] Get my key ring?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2286] Under there.
Alice (PS1FG) [2287] Your key ring, I've just
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2288] Ah!
Alice (PS1FG) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2289] Like that.
Alice (PS1FG) [2290] What's that say?
Steve (PS1FH) [2291] Risking.
Alice (PS1FG) [2292] Is that off
Steve (PS1FH) [2293] Come off a panel.
[2294] We got about twenty panels at work ... and on the panel there's a little plastic thing ... stuck on ... and it needs four keys ... and one.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2295] Wow!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2296] So now it hasn't got nowt with it?
Alice (PS1FG) [2297] There's no keys, there's no key rings?
Steve (PS1FH) [2298] There's no key rings.
[2299] I got the last of them.
[2300] ... Er, that were before they come in to our place.
Alice (PS1FG) [2301] Oh yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2302] D'ya know, I ke I've had them in my bag I keep forgetting to give them to anyone.
Steve (PS1FH) [2303] Well I will.
[2304] I'm never there.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2305] Got your [...] ?
Steve (PS1FH) [2306] Yeah.
[2307] ... Which one?
Alice (PS1FG) [2308] Eh?
Steve (PS1FH) [2309] Aye, give me this ... [...] .
[2310] ... See if we can use that?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2311] No, it's that one, big'un's in my drawer.
[2312] Ooh!
[2313] It might be in there.
Steve (PS1FH) [2314] Oh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2315] If I did that with my rings, just threw them like that, he'd go absolutely apeshit!
[2316] Wouldn't you?
Steve (PS1FH) [2317] I go to work in them, and I'm pulling cables.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2318] Well you're not working for three days, you've got three days off!
Steve (PS1FH) [2319] No I haven't.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2320] No.
[2321] You've got a day off of work, a day, and a day off.
Steve (PS1FH) [2322] Yeah.
[2323] You said, you wanted some money.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2324] Wow!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2325] Yeah.
[2326] I do.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2327] Are they [...] ?
Alice (PS1FG) [2328] Yeah.
Steve (PS1FH) [2329] I shouldn't be taking
Alice (PS1FG) [2330] Do you know, that's cost me for thirty nine quid!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2331] Oh!
Krista (PS1FJ) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2332] Well that makes your total to four bags of coal.
Steve (PS1FH) [2333] Well we'll do ... twenty quid with that thing.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2334] Down there.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2335] Oh aye.
Alice (PS1FG) [2336] But I, but I didn't get a meter on.
[2337] I
Steve (PS1FH) [2338] It is a meter.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2339] It's a meter.
Steve (PS1FH) [2340] It's a [...] .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2341] Token meter.
Steve (PS1FH) [2342] Token meter.
Alice (PS1FG) [2343] No.
[2344] Our, our Carole's got a fifty pence meter.
[2345] An old [...] one.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2346] [...] it can't be done.
[2347] A quarter meter for the [...] .
Alice (PS1FG) [2348] Yeah, well as soon as they get
Steve (PS1FH) [2349] Don't go saying this a right good crack.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2350] No alright then.
Steve (PS1FH) [2351] And it smells.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2352] As usual.
Steve (PS1FH) [2353] [...] I might have to go for a recall.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Alice (PS1FG) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2354] D'ya know
Alice (PS1FG) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2355] you get worse you do!
[2356] Would you like a cig?
Krista (PS1FJ) [2357] Hello.
Steve (PS1FH) [2358] Go on then!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2359] Yeah.
[2360] Aren't I kind to you?
Steve (PS1FH) [2361] No.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2362] I spend all your money on you ... and you say no!
Alice (PS1FG) [2363] I think he's got a cheek!
Steve (PS1FH) [2364] Coal?
[2365] That's not for me!
[2366] That's to keep you warm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2367] No it int, because I never ever light it in the morning do I?
[2368] I light
Steve (PS1FH) [2369] Sometimes
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2370] it later on ... so it's ready for you coming in.
Steve (PS1FH) [2371] Aargh!
Alice (PS1FG) [2372] We ne'er sit in kitchen with Calor gas on.
Steve (PS1FH) [2373] Well why not?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2374] I would if my kitchen [...] .
Steve (PS1FH) [2375] Thou would.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2376] Got the fridge in kitchen.
[2377] Our fridge is in there.
[2378] ... If I run fridge from there back into conservatory, I could put this there and sit in kitchen and shut the door.
Steve (PS1FH) [2379] I thought the fridge were going in cubbyhole?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2380] It was.
[2381] But somebody put shelves in and everything else and ... [clears throat] ... what have you, so ... it don't fit.
[2382] It's all full.
Steve (PS1FH) [2383] Ah!
[2384] Ah!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2385] And then, they've just had the gas tank down ... the full'un.
Steve (PS1FH) [2386] Has he got another one in as well, in there?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2387] I know.
[2388] Yeah.
[2389] I want another one.
Alice (PS1FG) [2390] What?
Steve (PS1FH) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2391] I've got three gas tanks and they were all empty over Christmas ... so ... last time he got paid, I filled two up.
Alice (PS1FG) [2392] Where d'ya get them from?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2393] You know er
Steve (PS1FH) [2394] Opposite Tescos.
Alice (PS1FG) [2395] Oh yeah!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2396] [...] , nineteen pound.
Steve (PS1FH) [2397] Last time we got them filled ... we got them from down here, thirty odd quid.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2398] Yeah!
Alice (PS1FG) [2399] Mine's ... twelve ninety five.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2400] Yeah.
[2401] [...] . I gi him a twenty pound note and he give me some change.
[2402] For two.
Alice (PS1FG) [2403] This is Calor gas?
Steve (PS1FH) [2404] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2405] Yeah.
[2406] You know, Tescos?
Steve (PS1FH) [2407] Yeah.
[2408] Garage opposite.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2409] Straight across road there's a garage there.
[2410] They sell them.
[2411] And it's ... nine pound, did I say nine pound fifty a tank?
Steve (PS1FH) [2412] That's [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2413] Either nine or nine pound fifty a tank.
[2414] That's where I get it from.
Steve (PS1FH) [2415] And down here it's thirteen quid.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2416] About thirty nine quid they charged me for three.
Alice (PS1FG) [2417] Yeah well ... I get [...] so it's a pound cheaper than I, you know, others I've been going to.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2418] You wanna go here.
Alice (PS1FG) [2419] So mine's twelve ninety five.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2420] Bloody hell!
[2421] That's three quid cheaper.
[2422] ... I'd go there if I were you.
Alice (PS1FG) [2423] I'll take one wi you on Saturday.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2424] Yeah.
[2425] Get it filled.
Alice (PS1FG) [2426] I got twenty in my bag cos I haven't got one on other room.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2427] So this has been
Alice (PS1FG) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2428] running a month hasn't it?
Steve (PS1FH) [2429] I don't know.
[2430] I don't know how you [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2431] You got paid a month ago.
Steve (PS1FH) [2432] I don't know how you work it.
[2433] We only have it on ... one bar, two bar
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2434] Every [...]
Steve (PS1FH) [2435] three bar, four.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2436] I start off with three.
Alice (PS1FG) [2437] I sometimes have one on, then I put two on.
[2438] Wait till I'm a bit cold.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2439] Oh I reverse.
[2440] I start with three ... and then, I think, phworgh!
[2441] It's getting hot in here.
[2442] And turn it down to two.
[2443] And then, I either leave it like that or turn it to one.
Steve (PS1FH) [2444] See we I were, I did this morning, I put two on ... kept door shut.
[2445] Had my breakfast int kitchen.
[2446] I thought, it's warm in here.
Krista (PS1FJ) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2447] Don't spill it.
Steve (PS1FH) [2448] What if she comes in.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2449] [...] [...] .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2450] Yeah.
[2451] On a dinner time ... when I go out on a dinner time I leave it on.
[2452] And I don't know why.
Krista (PS1FJ) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2453] I just leave the one bar on
Alice (PS1FG) [2454] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2455] and then it's right warm when I come in.
Steve (PS1FH) [2456] It's bound to be.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2457] I use it all morning.
[2458] ... I've usually got it on when you're here all morning haven't I?
Alice (PS1FG) [2459] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2460] Sa it saves coal.
[2461] But so far, that's why I chitted at him this morning ... about that coal ... because I've been using this all morning, I've not been lighting fire till between one and three o'clock.
[2462] And I have four ... so far it's ... four weeks, haven't I?
[2463] That's a four, a four, a three, and a three.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2464] I need to go back.
Steve (PS1FH) [2465] Yes.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2466] What like me?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2467] And I use the fire too.
Steve (PS1FH) [2468] Who still haven't got that aspirin have we?
Krista (PS1FJ) [...]
Alice (PS1FG) [2469] No.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2470] That what?
Steve (PS1FH) [2471] That's [...] .
[2472] It's been blowing ... water out.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2473] Somebody's nicking them!
Krista (PS1FJ) [2474] I want to help [...]
Steve (PS1FH) [2475] Like the ... chuffing [...] !
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2476] So
Steve (PS1FH) [2477] But we'll catch them.
[2478] She she says, [...] .
[2479] I says, he won't cos they've been feeding him.
Alice (PS1FG) [2480] Well th
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2481] You see, they know him don't they?
[2482] You see, if Bill comes over he has a go at Bill, even though he knows Bill, but because he don't see him that much ... he has a go at him.
[2483] But at least
Krista (PS1FJ) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2484] [...] ... they're [...] , and they're not.
Alice (PS1FG) [2485] Oh I see.
[2486] Well
Steve (PS1FH) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [cough]
Steve (PS1FH) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2487] And what we noticed, is, we've got a spring there but what ... and there's been a trail of coal ... right up our
Krista (PS1FJ) [2488] Ah ah!
[2489] Oh!
[2490] Oh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2491] He's lost as much [...]
Krista (PS1FJ) [2492] Ah!
[2493] Ah!
[2494] Ah!
[2495] Ah, ah ah ah!
[2496] Ah ah!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2497] I bought
Krista (PS1FJ) [2498] Ah ah ah!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2499] I had the two of them for Christmas ... and it didn't
Krista (PS1FJ) [2500] Ah!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2501] didn't even last us into New
Krista (PS1FJ) [2502] Ah!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2503] Year.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2504] Urgh!
[2505] Urgh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2506] And I says, I'm not having this!
Krista (PS1FJ) [2507] Oh!
[2508] Oh!
[2509] Oh!
[2510] Oh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2511] So I thought, well ... he knows I know.
Krista (PS1FJ) [yawn]
Alice (PS1FG) [2512] Because I let them know that I know.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2513] Oh they do!
[2514] You just tell Maggie.
Alice (PS1FG) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2515] Cos I heard Maggie ... so someone the someone's thieving Kath's coal.
[2516] And she's going mad about it!
[2517] Well we've locked the bottom half, cos Steve got a lock and we locked the bottom half.
[2518] And, but the [...] ... it broke.
[2519] So, gonna have to buy one.
[2520] Well Johnny's supposed to have had one ... that were a fortnight ago.
[2521] And I says to Steve, I says, I can't keep affording this!
[2522] I says, between the electric and that, I says, thirty nine pound a week, I says, every week, I says, is getting a bit ridiculous!
[2523] Cos in that electric meter, I don't know what they've done to it!
[2524] I phoned it up and says the fella had been out, you know, they change, update it
Alice (PS1FG) [2525] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2526] every so often, they've got these little card things ... well they shove them in ... and ... it clicks all these numbers up ... so I used to buy one token
Krista (PS1FJ) [2527] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2528] so ... every fortnight I bought twenty pounds worth.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2529] Yes.
[2530] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [screaming] yes [] !
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2531] Well, I've got to buy twenty pounds worth one week
Krista (PS1FJ) [2532] Yeah.
[2533] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2534] and ten pound week after, and ten pound week after
Krista (PS1FJ) [2535] Who is that granddad?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2536] to last me for one month, because we've got to put it on.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2537] Where is that [...] ?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2538] I keep [...] .
Krista (PS1FJ) [2539] Wah!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2540] And my bill, like, come in and seventy odd!
Krista (PS1FJ) [2541] Who's that granddad?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2542] I paid hundred and twenty quid on top of this for electric, and they billed me seventy odd!
Krista (PS1FJ) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2543] And er
Krista (PS1FJ) [...] [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2544] They says, that fella's coming to me, he's supposed to be coming out.
[2545] And reset it to [...] .
Krista (PS1FJ) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2546] And I says, I'll tell you what, I said, wait till this quarter's over
Krista (PS1FJ) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2547] I says, you make the bill up.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2548] Don't you [...] !
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2549] I says, if there's owt owing to you
Krista (PS1FJ) [2550] Oh!
[2551] Oh!
[2552] Oh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2553] or owt owing to me, I says, we'll do it that way and then you come [...]
Krista (PS1FJ) [2554] [...] [singing] [...] [] !
Alice (PS1FG) [2555] Well I'd thought you'd [...] winter?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2556] That's what she wanted.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2557] Look at me! [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2558] What's that, after six o'clock?
[2559] After seven?
Alice (PS1FG) [2560] Yeah.
[2561] It's just
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2562] Half past seven?
[2563] ... I usually only put it, put it on a bit before [...] .
[2564] ... After I heard that, I said
Krista (PS1FJ) [2565] It's not!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2566] I've normally got telly on in the evenings.
Alice (PS1FG) [2567] Yeah.
[2568] Things, still
Krista (PS1FJ) [2569] [...] !
Alice (PS1FG) [2570] got your fridge int you?
[2571] Your freezer.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2572] Yeah.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2573] [singing] [...] [] .
Alice (PS1FG) [2574] There's your lights.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2575] True.
Krista (PS1FJ) [singing] [...] []
Alice (PS1FG) [2576] I mean, ours is, ours, ours is terrible, ours is a hundred and what?
Krista (PS1FJ) [laugh]
Alice (PS1FG) [2577] Hundred and
Kathleen (PS1FC) [cough] ... [...]
Krista (PS1FJ) [...]
Alice (PS1FG) [2578] It were hundred and ten pound seven pence.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2579] [singing] Happy birthday to you
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2580] Once we got [...] to sorted, I'm gonna take her.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2581] [...] [] .
Alice (PS1FG) [2582] And ye we've got all things outside.
[2583] We've got ... a great big bloody spotlight outside!
[2584] That lights all yard up.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2585] Well, before they put that token in it, then my bills used to come in about fifty, sixty pound.
[2586] But since they put the token meter in, I've just found they're charging me nine pound for token meter as well as the meter!
[2587] You know, you get charged for your meter?
[2588] Cos I ca I were querying on t' bill, I says, why is it ... two meters?
[2589] Er, because he's got to come out and read it.
[2590] I says, he don't have to come out and read that at all!
[2591] I says, there's nowt on it!
[2592] I says, I shove cards in, I says, apart from it telling how much you've put in, I says, there's nowt to read on it!
[2593] They swear black and blue, they charge you for that meter as well!
[2594] I'm being charged for two meters.
[2595] So it pushed bill up.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2596] Oh!
Alice (PS1FG) [2597] I'm whacked!
Krista (PS1FJ) [2598] Ah, ha ha!
Alice (PS1FG) [2599] As soon as, if you're gonna go ... gas for this ... when smokeless comes in
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2600] At the price the coal is, I am, because if I'm buying four bags at nineteen pound for four bags
Krista (PS1FJ) [2601] [singing] [...] [] .
Alice (PS1FG) [2602] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2603] and it's eight pound fifty a bag for smokeless, I can't afford
Krista (PS1FJ) [2604] Oh!
[2605] Oh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2606] four of them.
[2607] I says to Steve, I may as well buy a ten pounds worth of anything else
Alice (PS1FG) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2608] Ain't got radiators have you?
Alice (PS1FG) [2609] Eh?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2610] Ain't got radiators are you?
Alice (PS1FG) [2611] No, I'd have to have a radiator fitted and ... [clears throat] [...] ... da you have to have that pump on, so I mean ... pump'd gone all out of
Krista (PS1FJ) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2612] Yeah.
[2613] True.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2614] Clip clop! [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2615] But he says we're moving.
Alice (PS1FG) [2616] Oh you can't!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2617] He's been saying that over a year.
[2618] And he's still insisting that he wants to move.
[2619] He don't like it
Krista (PS1FJ) [2620] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2621] down this area.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2622] Well don't bust it! [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2623] Have you noticed
Krista (PS1FJ) [2624] Nope!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2625] I ain't put in token.
Alice (PS1FG) [2626] That's to make me a cup of tea.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2627] Well don't ... what about me?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2628] Well, take back that twenty pence token.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2629] It's like my [...] .
Alice (PS1FG) [2630] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2631] I were gonna say ... I thought it had.
[2632] I weren't sure.
Alice (PS1FG) [2633] That's to make me a cup of tea when I get home and can try it.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2634] And I can try it.
Alice (PS1FG) [2635] Yes.
[2636] Well, give me it back and you can try it then.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2637] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2638] You can have two cups can't you?
Alice (PS1FG) [2639] That's two cups for you and two cups for me.
[2640] Right?
[2641] Right?
Krista (PS1FJ) [2642] Right.
Alice (PS1FG) [2643] Right.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [yawn]
Alice (PS1FG) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2644] Have to tell Maggie that she can't do the lollipop.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2645] That's yours.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2646] I had a phone call, and you know that place I were going this afternoon?
Alice (PS1FG) [2647] [whispering] [...] [] .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2648] Midi hi-fi and all that.
Alice (PS1FG) [2649] [...] .
[2650] No.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2651] I told you I'd won one didn't I?
Krista (PS1FJ) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2652] Er
Krista (PS1FJ) [2653] Hey!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2654] I've won ... a midi hi-fi system ... and a thousand pounds worth of holiday accommodation.
Alice (PS1FG) [2655] Oh!
[2656] Well how?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2657] Well what I did, there were a competition, win a thousand pounds worth of Air Miles ... and I, I entered every single one of them because of Irene.
[2658] You know, she's been invited to that wedding in Africa?
[2659] And I thought ... well she's got two chances that way, either ... I could win, or she could win, or ... neither of us'll win.
[2660] And I thought, if I got that ... I could give it to Irene and could go wedding.
[2661] And er ... I forgot all about it, entered it last year.
[2662] And I got it, of course, [...]
Krista (PS1FJ) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2663] that says you've won second prize!
[2664] Now, I've won a thousand pounds in the United Kingdom.
[2665] Not abroad.
[2666] And we can't go.
Steve (PS1FH) [2667] I keep thinking it's Friday.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2668] It is Friday.
Steve (PS1FH) [2669] Yeah.
[2670] Exactly!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2671] And I'd won
Steve (PS1FH) [2672] That's why I asked if you were babysitting last night.
[2673] Anyway
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2674] Ah!
Steve (PS1FH) [2675] I'm going.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2676] Okay. [kiss]
Steve (PS1FH) [2677] Bye!
Alice (PS1FG) [2678] Bye.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2679] He's not with it!
Steve (PS1FH) [2680] Bye!
Alice (PS1FG) [2681] I know.
[2682] Er, bye!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2683] He's not used to having Friday off.
Alice (PS1FG) [2684] No.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2685] Bye bye.
Alice (PS1FG) [2686] Say tutty-bye!
Krista (PS1FJ) [2687] Tutty-bye!
Alice (PS1FG) [2688] Bye!
[2689] [...] She always says that to her gramps in the morning.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2690] Does she?
Alice (PS1FG) [2691] Yes.
[2692] I say eh [...] , I want a kiss!
[2693] So if you kiss her on t' cheek, [...] she's on t' lips!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2694] Is she?
Krista (PS1FJ) [...]
Alice (PS1FG) [2695] [cough] ... Has he gone?
[2696] Then she'll
Krista (PS1FJ) [2697] Yeah.
Alice (PS1FG) [2698] say, take care granddad.
[2699] Watch what you're doing.
[2700] Be careful.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2701] Yeah.
[2702] He's supposed to have been there at half past nine!
Alice (PS1FG) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2703] I told him that he's [...]
Krista (PS1FJ) [2704] Ooh!
[2705] Ooh!
[2706] Ya!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2707] You watch, he'll get there and say I can't find it!
[2708] He's never been to National Tyres.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2709] Ee!
[2710] Ee!
[2711] Ya!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2712] He'll come back and say it cost more than that, give me some money.
[2713] It costs [...]
Krista (PS1FJ) [2714] Ooh!
[2715] Ooh!
[2716] Ya!
[2717] Ah ah!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2718] That's for all wheel balancing.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2719] Ee!
[2720] Ee!
[2721] Ya!
[2722] Aargh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2723] But, when you have it [...]
Alice (PS1FG) [2724] Ah!
[2725] Eh, come out!
[2726] You don't do that!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2727] What did she do?
Alice (PS1FG) [2728] Pulling the curtains [laughing] down [] !
[2729] Come on!
Krista (PS1FJ) [2730] Where's the
Alice (PS1FG) [2731] Come on!
Krista (PS1FJ) [2732] [...] ?
Alice (PS1FG) [2733] Come on then.
[2734] Good girl.
[2735] Please!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2736] She's alright on t' chair.
Alice (PS1FG) [2737] Please.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2738] No, but he said four pound odd's dear innit?
[2739] Well it's only front that's got to be tracked.
[2740] And balanced, innit?
[2741] That's not bad.
[2742] Well, I'm assuming it's not bad.
Alice (PS1FG) [2743] They can balance your back wheels though don't they?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2744] I don't know.
Alice (PS1FG) [2745] Cos I've got summat pu they used to have anyway, summat with a piece of ... metal on.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2746] Yeah, he has.
[2747] Erm, Charlie puts them on, they took his others out and put these on to balance it.
Alice (PS1FG) [2748] That's [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2749] Oh!
[2750] Cos he said, look at these out the thing!
[2751] Cos he give him them to fetch a ... a thing or summat and she went [...] .
[2752] Whatever.
[2753] ... Int it quiet after [...] ?
[2754] ... All that traffic on, right early, and then it just disappeared!
[2755] Watch you don't burn yourself on that lady!
[2756] Cos it's hot.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2757] Erm ... she ... I'm not a lady!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2758] What are you then?
Krista (PS1FJ) [2759] Krista.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2760] You're Krista?
[2761] Oh!
Alice (PS1FG) [2762] I thought you was a lady?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2763] I thought you was a little lady?
[2764] ... Aren't you a little lady?
[2765] ... Are you a little boy then?
[2766] You must be a little lady!
Krista (PS1FJ) [2767] No.
[2768] Daddy's a little lady.
Alice (PS1FG) [2769] Daddy's a little boy. [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2770] Daddy's a little boy.
[2771] Mammy's a little lady.
Alice (PS1FG) [2772] That mister at hospital calls you a little lady.
[2773] Well he did.
Krista (PS1FJ) [2774] I'm not a lady!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2775] Oh!
Alice (PS1FG) [2776] Ah well!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [...]
Alice (PS1FG) [2777] A little monkey then?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2778] She's a bloody maggot!
Alice (PS1FG) [2779] She's a maggot! [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2780] Is that what you are?
[2781] What are you then?
[2782] Are you a little girl?
[2783] No, she's not telling us.
[2784] And you said that
Alice (PS1FG) [laugh]
Krista (PS1FJ) [2785] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2786] You!
[2787] ... Can you hear him creeping now?
[2788] Can't you hear him?
[2789] ... Just heard [...] go cos the seat's dead quiet.
[2790] ... [laugh] ... He's avoiding his dad like the plague!
Krista (PS1FJ) [2791] Daddy's ... a good boy.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2792] Yes!
[2793] And why he's doing that, we don't know.
[2794] ... Cos he says, Steve says to me, is he in?
[2795] I says, no.
[2796] He says, he's not in?
[2797] I says, no.
[2798] And a bit later on I says to him ... I think he's at Cadets.
[2799] He says, he's not, he's in.
[2800] I says, eh?
[2801] He says, he's in.
[2802] And he's just walked past me.
[2803] I says, well you could of told me he were in.
[2804] He says, he's gone and done summat.
[2805] I'll tell you, he's gone and done summat.
[2806] He says, he never said hello, tarrah, nothing!
[2807] He says, just walked by and ran up [laughing] the stairs [] !
[2808] I says, he's either hiding summat or he's done summat.
[2809] But, he won't say nowt.
[2810] Not a word.

6 (Tape 060501)

Maggie (PS1FE) [2811] I've never even heard of it
Flo (PS1FD) [2812] Towards Beverley, you go towards Beverley.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2813] Oh I've heard of it when er Alice has mentioned it.
Alice (PS1FG) [2814] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2815] Er I don't think I've ever been.
Flo (PS1FD) [2816] [...] As I said I'm, I'm, I got them out at ... I think it were twenty one ninety nine ... or were it twenty five ninety nine? ... [...] they were twenty one ninety nine or twenty five ninety now, I can't remember off the cuff.
[2817] ... Me thing to have at the bed end you know
Alice (PS1FG) [2818] Mm.
Flo (PS1FD) [2819] drape
Alice (PS1FG) [2820] Aye.
Flo (PS1FD) [2821] And these I got our Carole for twelve ninety nine.
Maggie (PS1FE) [2822] Bloody big difference innit? ...
Flo (PS1FD) [2823] He says slight seconds, well I looked at them last night and there's, I can't see nowt wrong with them.
Alice (PS1FG) [2824] Well I, other week I got this beds er not bedspread ... duvet cover ... and he's supposed to be slight second and I can's see nowt wrong with that.
Flo (PS1FD) [2825] Can't see nowt wrong with it.
Alice (PS1FG) [2826] And it were nine ninety nine.
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Flo (PS1FD) [2827] [...] and that was ... pillow covers, well shams
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2828] Mm.
Flo (PS1FD) [2829] well we've
Maggie (PS1FE) [2830] [...] yeah.
Flo (PS1FD) [2831] so yesterday when I went I got myself another drape
Maggie (PS1FE) [2832] Yes.
Flo (PS1FD) [2833] and I got an [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [2834] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2835] Our [...] 's having coffee.
Maggie (PS1FE) [2836] [...] I, I put water in it didn't I?
Group of unknown speakers (KCXPSUGP) [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [2837] I put a cup in. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2838] Oh I thought ... that were light when I picked it up then that was quick.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...] ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [2839] Well I've got a crafty Roger because he's took the cheese three times.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2840] Yes, I've got one of them.
Flo (PS1FD) [2841] Eh now then listen to this, yesterday I'd er some beefburgers had er must've dropped out me box when I were getting me things out of the c freezer and there were this er six beefburgers and two ... ch chicken breasts
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2842] Mm.
Flo (PS1FD) [2843] and I thought well I'm not gonna eat them now they've been out of bag, so I thought oh I'll boil them up for dog
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2844] Mm.
Flo (PS1FD) [2845] So I boiled them in pan for the dog and I put some taters in and a few peas and carrots sort of thing ... and some Oxos and made him a r a right good dinner.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2846] Mm.
Flo (PS1FD) [2847] So I took it over to Paul I said I brought this for Blackie I said, I just cooked it, [...] it smells nice.
[2848] So I told him what were in it
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2849] Mm?
Flo (PS1FD) [2850] so he says ... I'll give him it after.
[2851] Well I said I'm not leaving me bloody pan outside
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2852] Mm.
Flo (PS1FD) [2853] so I, I went back in house and fetched him a little bowl back [...] with me taters in, peeling taters, [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [cough]
Flo (PS1FD) [2854] scraped it all in ... and I said I'll leave it in dish ... cos it's a dog doggy dish ... went back in house and, oh what did I come back for?
[2855] ... Oh it were to tell him that dinner were ready ... and there's this cheeky little mouse sat on top [...] dinner, and he ain't half eaten it [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh] ...
Flo (PS1FD) [2856] And he, he sat there for ages [...]
Alice (PS1FG) [cough]
Flo (PS1FD) [2857] off it.
[2858] Er and it, it kept looking at me [laughing] [...] [] and I thought cheeky little bugger.
Maggie (PS1FE) [2859] Seems like every bugger's got them though.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2860] Yeah.
Flo (PS1FD) [2861] Well it jumped up there and run down building brick [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Flo (PS1FD) [2862] on to floor and it runs, it just, it ran down into corner, there's a ... a wheel, [...] thing, and the cheek well it's a ... a pulley wheel, and it, it were looking round the big handle at pulley wheel at me.
[2863] And then it run back out, up brick and back in chicken.
[2864] ... So I shouted to Paul to come and have a look at it and he says well the cheeky bugger.
Maggie (PS1FE) [laugh]
Flo (PS1FD) [2865] He said I bet it's that that's been, oh and then it jumped down and ran ... corner at g where ch caravan is, he said I bet that's what's been eating your bloody ... daffodil bulbs and that.
Maggie (PS1FE) [2866] Mm.
Flo (PS1FD) [2867] So I goes in the house and fetches this trap didn't I?
[2868] Put some cheese on and we set it ... I said to Paul I said anyway your dinner's ready when you are.
[2869] ... So he said alright so he come in and had his dinner so he said ... I said we ought to be going this week [cough] for a ride out instead of last week.
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Flo (PS1FD) [2870] So he says oh I said I weren't taking you this week.
[2871] ... [...] I tell you what, if you're not taking me I'll take me bloody self, I said, but I'm taking your car.
[2872] ... I thought I'm not using my diesel [laugh] .
[2873] So I says I tell you what I'll do, I'll take you only he can drive it.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [2874] Mm.
Flo (PS1FD) [2875] So anyway we had us dinner ... so he says ... he said it'll take thee half an hour to get ready won't it?
[2876] You must be bloody joking.
[2877] I said you must be bloody joking.
Maggie (PS1FE) [...]
Flo (PS1FD) [2878] I said you watch me, how quick I can be ready.
[2879] So I run into bathroom picking me sweatshirt up as I'm running in [laugh] got, had me hands and face washed [laughing] out again [] into bedroom, got me trousers and me other jumper on and me pan knickers, I said I'm ready. [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Flo (PS1FD) [2880] He said what's your chuffing rush?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [cough]
Maggie (PS1FE) [2881] Are you coughing?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2882] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2883] I've been coughing on and off.
Group of unknown speakers (KCXPSUGP) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [2884] I've put the kettle on.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [2885] Is it for ... is for here?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2886] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [2887] Oh. ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [2888] Yeah.
[2889] Look.
[2890] Look.
[2891] Look at her.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2892] Look at who?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [2893] A fairy.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2894] Let's have a look.
[2895] Oh int she pretty?
Maggie (PS1FE) [2896] What's her name?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2897] I bet she's no knickers on.
[2898] ... Pretty. ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [2899] She, she hasn't got no knickers on now.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2900] Look you've pulled all this thing out again look.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [2901] It's my book.
[2902] ... It's my book on there. [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2903] I finished them books [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [2904] Yeah
Alice (PS1FG) [2905] And you told Kath that we wouldn't have to go this weekend.
[2906] Don't take your coat off cos we're not stopping.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...]
Alice (PS1FG) [2907] No we're not stopping, are we Kath?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2908] No, gonna get some shopping. ...
Alice (PS1FG) [2909] Have you told Kath that you've been a naughty girl?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [2910] I'm not very naughty.
Alice (PS1FG) [2911] She's been swearing.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2912] Have you been swearing!
[2913] Oh dear me!
[2914] That's naughty. ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [2915] Haven't you posted that bloody thing yet? [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...] [cough]
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [2916] You could get your
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2917] Yeah I went and got it yesterday but they'd had a break in ... and [...] you should've seen it [...] they'd smashed the front door, it were all smashed in.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...]
Alice (PS1FG) [2918] So did you get it then or what?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2919] Well what they had to do, they give us a receipt and they're gonna send it through parcel post.
[2920] That's the only thing they can do.
[2921] ... So they had all these letters printed up, that they owe us one
Alice (PS1FG) [2922] Aye
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2923] and they're gonna send it through like that.
[2924] ... I'll get it, I'll read it to you. ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2925] And they give us a, like a cheque type thing what you've got to fill your name and address in back
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [2926] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2927] and you send it off and they send you a booklet where you pick a holiday and ... this go-kart ... worth a thousand pound ... on the ... so they're having to do that you see.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [shouting] [...] []
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2928] I meant to ask if they'd had the go-karts nicked and I forgot. ...
Alice (PS1FG) [2929] So can you just use that, is it in England or abroad?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2930] Ooh I don't know yet.
[2931] It said U K on mine.
[2932] That's England int it?
Alice (PS1FG) [2933] Mm yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2934] They don't tell [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [2935] Don't U K come under England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales an'all?
Alice (PS1FG) [2936] No?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2937] It says [reading] dear Mr and Mrs due to turnover of stocks we regret that we are ... that there are no mini hi-fis.
[2938] We're waiting for new stocks to arrive and will forward the mini hi-fi to you as soon as stocks are delivered.
[2939] Yours sincerely [] and they've signed it.
[2940] They've had to give us one of them.
[2941] ... And if it hasn't arrived within week, telephone number's on bottom ... and we've got to ring to say we haven't got it yet. [sniff] ...
Alice (PS1FG) [2942] Were it like a timeshare [...] ? ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2943] God [laughing] you'd've laughed [] they were on about that as well at same time and he says to Steve what do you reckon to idea, he says it doesn't sound bad, he says what do you reckon to idea as I says no.
[2944] He says oh well you're honest [laughing] I says well you've got it straight away No. ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [2945] Look on here.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2946] left it at that.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [2947] Look on here.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2948] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [2949] Int it [...] ?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2950] [whispering] I don't know [] . ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [2951] I bet my Bill [...] somebody at work today.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2952] Yeah, cos cough [...] can't sleep.
Maggie (PS1FE) [2953] I've been, I've been like this for three nights.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [2954] I think so, [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [2955] [...] upstairs and warm the bloody brandy we just, you know that brandy gives off fumes when it's been heated up?
[2956] Got it [...] at work the other night didn't it?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2957] Yeah?
Maggie (PS1FE) [2958] And he come down about three o'clock in the morning
Flo (PS1FD) [2959] [...] some mentholyptus and [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [2960] I've had it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2961] She's had it all. [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [2962] I've had it all
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2963] been to doctors and all sorts.
Maggie (PS1FE) [2964] I've been to the doctors, I've had that erm ... what do you call the bloody stuff in that purple bottle? ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2965] [...] Actifed and all sorts.
Maggie (PS1FE) [2966] Actifed I've had everything.
Flo (PS1FD) [2967] And what's doctor give you then?
Maggie (PS1FE) [2968] Actifed ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2969] You see what it is, it's stuck here.
[2970] If she can get that out of here they could find out what's wrong with her, but it won't come.
[2971] It's been there five, six days now.
Maggie (PS1FE) [2972] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2973] Five or six days.
[2974] And in instead of it coming off it's adding on and adding on and by night time she can hardly breathe so she's cough cough cough cough cough cough cough all night.
[2975] And on
Flo (PS1FD) [2976] My Peter and [...] they've got rotten coughs.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2977] on Friday night she were pathetic.
[2978] O only word for it weren't it?
Maggie (PS1FE) [2979] Bill thought I'd died on him the other night ... cos I was, you know, me breathing and everything, and then all of a sudden I must've relaxed for a bit and not needed to breathe and he give me a shock he says God I thought you were dead. [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2980] She frightened him half to death. ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [2981] I [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [...] ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2982] I say and we cleaned all fire and everything out this morning didn't we do well?
Maggie (PS1FE) [2983] Fire.
[2984] I mean I've cleaned my fire out.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [2985] I have peeled the potatoes, they're in the stew pan, and the onions and the carrots ... and the beef's all in the stew pan and it's had about quarter of an hour. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2986] How long's that take, about an hour?
Maggie (PS1FE) [2987] Yeah that's having dumplings in it.
Flo (PS1FD) [2988] Ah.
[2989] But the taters'll go to nowt.
Maggie (PS1FE) [2990] [...] Yeah they go to mush ... and then I put more taters into it ... later on, about twenty minutes before I need it, but it thickens it ... so ... they'll eat it.
[2991] It's the beef what were left from yesterday.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2992] Well you said you were gonna use it up didn't you?
Maggie (PS1FE) [2993] I'm not wasting it.
[2994] [...] bit of beef so
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2995] We called in Little Chef and we had a meal in there, urgh yuk ... It were, tasted like shit.
[2996] [laughing] She fetched it and []
Maggie (PS1FE) [2997] Rubber eggs, mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [2998] she fetched it and put it on table
Flo (PS1FD) [2999] Eh blooming [...] them places are, fifty pence apiece for one flipping egg.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3000] Yeah, yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3001] Two pound eighty five, it says, for bacon, sausage, egg, fried bread and tomatoes which, anywhere, that's reasonable, right?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3002] You get half a slice.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3003] So no you got a full slice ... she fetched it, put it on table and I looked at it and I says ... she says what's the matter, int everything alright?
[3004] I says what's that?
[3005] ... She says pardon?
[3006] I says what's that?
[3007] I says if I'd've wanted a slice of fat and I'd've want burnt tomatoes I says I would've ordered them.
[3008] ... The tomatoes were black ... as though they'd forgot they were frying them, they looked like they'd stuck them on a grill and just left them there
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3009] and there was about that much bacon ... on the bacon slice, the rest were fat, I says I'm not paying for that. ...
Flo (PS1FD) [3010] Did she take it back then [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3011] Oh yeah.
[3012] And she fetched tomatoes back and I says here Steve you can have these tomatoes, I says they're bloody disgusting.
[3013] And every so often they kept coming up, everything alright?
[3014] I says it is now.
[3015] ... Ooh you've never seen nowt like it, you know when your tomatoes are stuck on and then you shovel them off and I thought ... they were like that!
[3016] I says even I don't cook tomatoes like that, they were disgusting.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3017] I've already done my, got all my shopping in. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3018] Yeah once you find this Nettos you wanna go [...] because it is cheap.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3019] You, you wanna go all the time cos it's dirt cheap.
Flo (PS1FD) [3020] Well on Sat Sunday we went ou out I spent all [...] most of me money on bloody stuff for our Carole's and that.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3021] [...] got a [...]
Flo (PS1FD) [3022] Pillows.
[3023] Eh smashing pillows a pound each!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3024] Where from?
Flo (PS1FD) [3025] From that Cabin Market.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3026] Ah we don't know where it is.
Flo (PS1FD) [3027] Well it's up Beverley Road ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3028] Going towards the bridge?
Flo (PS1FD) [3029] [clears throat] We get on motorway, no it's not bridge ... you get on motorway and we go, go up to Beverley ... I'll ask Paul
Maggie (PS1FE) [3030] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3031] Thank you.
Flo (PS1FD) [3032] to write down directions.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3033] Yeah.
Flo (PS1FD) [3034] But I know you go on erm m on motorway and go towards Beverley.

7 (Tape 060502)

Kathleen (PS1FC) [3035] that no bloody good is it?
[3036] ... I borrowed it off Maggie this morning cos she said you were coming up.
Group of unknown speakers (KCXPSUGP) [...] [in another room]
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3037] What's that?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3038] [shouting] Coffee Kath [] ?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3039] Yes please.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [whingeing] [...] []
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3040] Oh Jake sod off. ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...] [young child speaking] ... [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3041] Yeah, chocolate.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...] ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3042] Who fetched your money?
Flo (PS1FD) [3043] Came through post.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3044] Oh he posted it?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3045] Sweets.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3046] And you get another one on Wednesday?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3047] What do you mean, sweets?
[3048] I've just give you bar of chocolate.
Flo (PS1FD) [3049] [...] int he? ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3050] Get another one on Wednesday.
[3051] Thank you very much.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3052] That was just done, I put the kettle on and just I see you coming up the road.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3053] I know [yawning] I were showing her alarms and that [] she wanted to see how they work.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3054] Ah.
[3055] Come on sunshine.
[3056] ... Do that fire in a minute.
[3057] ... Come on babe, [laughing] [...] [] .
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [3058] Oh is that Matthew's?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3059] What?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3060] You eating Matthew's chocolate?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3061] Just been to stupid Nettos, do you know you can't cash a cheque? ...
Flo (PS1FD) [3062] Ah?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3063] Just got to counter, she started putting it through and I looked up and there were these signposts, and it says cash only.
[3064] So I asked her and she'd already started
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3065] ringing it through hadn't she?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3066] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3067] Cash only.
[3068] So I had to borrow it off Maggie.
[3069] ... I says oh you're alright, Jacqueline's coming up, I'll give it back after that didn't I?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3070] Yeah. [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3071] I've never heard of it.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3072] All shops normally have one of them
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3073] Well I've got a Switch which, I've got a Switch card.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3074] doopher things now.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3075] She could've used Switch card but they hadn't got one of them neither.
[3076] Stupid.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3077] I like the way you invited me as well.
[3078] ... You says eh shall we go then?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3079] Still [...] too hot.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3080] [laugh] It's not too hot, it's just right.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3081] Well fair's fair I were having a coffee with you, I'm not just gonna walk out.
[3082] Bugger that. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [3083] [sigh] Hello fat-a-lump!
[3084] She's been up to his shop and John says,sh she's come up early [...]
Flo (PS1FD) [3085] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3086] Mm.
[3087] Well you were you saying you weren't coming till half past ten, well we'd've gone, come back and been in by then. [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [3088] That's what I just said, weren't it? ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3089] Cos straight away we says what time, it were ten o'clock weren't it when
Maggie (PS1FE) [3090] What's his name's lending her the washing
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3091] Mum
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3092] Who?
Flo (PS1FD) [3093] Right.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3094] Right.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3095] Mum.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3096] Then get your washing done.
[3097] Good. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [3098] Put it in the bin.
[3099] And when you've finished I hope you know that that was Matthew's bar of chocolate you've just ate.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3100] Oh he halfed it.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3101] Oh did he?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3102] Yeah he give him half.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3103] Yeah but he's had one and a half then.
[3104] ... Haven't you?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3105] What?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3106] Oh the Kit-Kats.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3107] What?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3108] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3109] What?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3110] I get them for Bill for snap.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3111] She were trying to attract your attention
Maggie (PS1FE) [3112] [cough] I'm coming.
[3113] Is Jacqueline
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3114] and I'm saying you're alright, she'd have left buggy at your house [laughing] anyway cos [] you were walking, you wouldn't have had buggy with you then so you'd gotta come back this way hadn't you? ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [moan]
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3115] [shouting] What [] ? ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [3116] What is it?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...] [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3117] So you got your coal and your tokens and everything?
Flo (PS1FD) [3118] Yeah. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3119] Are you back to normal now?
[3120] ... Good
Flo (PS1FD) [3121] I get the giro Wednesday
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3122] Yeah.
Flo (PS1FD) [3123] and I get my book the following Monday.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3124] Oh that's alright then innit?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3125] They should have it for cash for Monday shouldn't they?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3126] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3127] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3128] Pass me cup [...] ... [cough] ... And I might go and [...] ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3129] Yes she were having a look at a lamb, seeing if it were alright for the thing ... and er we decided that they wouldn't be alright because where her ... shed thing is, it's too far away from house.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3130] I'm not getting toys.
[3131] Not yet.
[3132] There.
[3133] ... Have you been a good boy for your mum?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3134] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3135] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3136] Mum.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3137] What?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [3138] Has he been good?
[3139] ... What about that one?
Flo (PS1FD) [3140] Yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3141] Sweets.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3142] You've had sweets!
[3143] Your mum just bought you a packet of Smarties at shop each.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3144] Mm?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3145] Yeah you've had sweets.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [3146] [...] bye.
[3147] Bye if you're going home.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3148] He said I've had me sweets, I'm off. [laugh]
Flo (PS1FD) [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [3149] Mm home.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3150] [laugh] So what you been doing with yourself, owt or nowt?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3151] Washing [laughing] I should imagine [] .
Flo (PS1FD) [3152] Yeah washing.
Maggie (PS1FE) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3153] [laughing] Is that all you've been doing [] ?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3154] Catching up. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3155] Oh God.
[3156] Is he fetching it round to your house or
Flo (PS1FD) [3157] I've got it, I can keep it for two week.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3158] For two week?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3159] So do everything what you've got
Flo (PS1FD) [3160] I can, you, I can keep it for two week till ... Johnny wants it again, not this Wedn not this Wednesday, the following Wednesday.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3161] Does he only wash once a fortnight? ...
Flo (PS1FD) [3162] Oh
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3163] Right. [laugh]
Flo (PS1FD) [3164] not really [...] wash is it, [...] ?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3165] Oh well that's once a month. [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [3166] [laugh] ... Is that the dirty one?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3167] Yes, the one they call smelly. ...
Flo (PS1FD) [3168] Even give me a box of soap powder.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3169] Did he?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3170] Bloody hell.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3171] Oh.
Flo (PS1FD) [3172] Mm I, I goes to Ry I goes [...] can I have washer ... [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Flo (PS1FD) [3173] so I gave him a couple of quid, three quid, for lending me it plus the spinner cos spinner don't work on washer
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3174] Yeah?
Flo (PS1FD) [3175] and he goes oh I'll give you a box of soap powder as well.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3176] Oh well that's not bad then.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3177] That were alright then wasn't it?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3178] Jolly good.
Flo (PS1FD) [3179] He goes you can keep it till I need it again.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3180] You would [...]
Flo (PS1FD) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3181] Poo!
[3182] Get out.
[3183] Straight on tissue.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3184] Oh dear.
Flo (PS1FD) [3185] So I did all their clothes last night and got them all dried
Maggie (PS1FE) [3186] Yeah.
Flo (PS1FD) [3187] and I'm doing all me [...] today.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3188] Ah well.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3189] Yeah but every time you go to the shop you wanna just keep buying an extra little bag of coal ... so you can stack up under your ... back bit, you know, so you can get them all dried.
[3190] ... [...] tired Joe. ...
Flo (PS1FD) [3191] He slept with me last night cos of that wind.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3192] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3193] Oh yeah weren't it windy?
Flo (PS1FD) [3194] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3195] Oh God.
Flo (PS1FD) [3196] And he slept with me, he wouldn't go to sleep so I took them both downstairs, made them a drink, made them something to eat, come [laughing] back to bed [] .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3197] [laugh] ... That's one way to do it.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3198] Mind you that wind keeps you awake though doesn't it?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3199] It does, yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [3200] What you want then?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [3201] I'm not gonna rock.
[3202] ... Take their coats off Jackie then they'll feel warmer when they leave. ...
Flo (PS1FD) [3203] Stewart take your coat off. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [3204] What's he eating, still eating Smarties?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3205] Yes, Smarties and he's got a piece of chocolate in his hand.
Flo (PS1FD) [3206] Come here.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3207] [...] finished all his. ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3208] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3209] Well it don't take him long does it? ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [crying]
Maggie (PS1FE) [3210] You can have it in a minute.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...] ...
Flo (PS1FD) [3211] Sit down. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [3212] Have you seen your mum then?
Flo (PS1FD) [3213] No.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3214] Oh.
[3215] ... I thought all your neighbours would have phoned her up and told her.
Flo (PS1FD) [3216] Well it shouldn't be much longer.
[3217] ... I found out who grassed on me.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3218] Ooh er.
Flo (PS1FD) [3219] Ray.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3220] You said it were him. ...
Flo (PS1FD) [3221] He told me, he told me the other night.
[3222] Of course we all tol all rang me mum and told me mum [...] said I did it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3223] If he hadn't a done that you'd have had your washer and everything still.
Flo (PS1FD) [3224] Yeah. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3225] What'd he do that for? ...
Flo (PS1FD) [3226] I'll be moving to ... Apton Road.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3227] Where's that?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3228] You are?
[3229] Oh y it's nearer up here.
[3230] It's erm, erm is it five streets up this way?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3231] What's it near?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3232] Er
Flo (PS1FD) [3233] Oh it's the second street down ... no
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3234] No it's not second, it's erm er Norwood Road ... it's summat beginning with a C, is Apton following that or the one after?
[3235] Third or fourth one in.
Flo (PS1FD) [3236] I don't know.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3237] Third or fourth one i you know from this end, top?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3238] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3239] It's third or fourth one coming this way right from top.
[3240] ... It's in between top and Regal.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3241] Oh that's not bad then is it?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3242] Two rooms aren't there?
Flo (PS1FD) [3243] Three.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3244] No, downstairs. ...
Flo (PS1FD) [3245] Oh I dunno Kath.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3246] Two rooms.
Flo (PS1FD) [3247] I haven't had a look yet.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3248] I think it's two rooms.
[3249] ... If it's like the one we lived in, cos when I, I lived at home with mum and dad we lived in Craigan Road ... and they're two rooms.
[3250] But then again in Poplar Road, they're one room.
[3251] Big kitchen.
Flo (PS1FD) [3252] [...] I'm moving to Apton Road.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3253] You're definitely swapping with that girl?
Flo (PS1FD) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3254] Her that come round to see you and Steve?
[3255] Yeah.
[3256] I don't know her name but I can remember him saying it. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [3257] Don't spill it. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3258] Do you know, it's a wonder he ain't fat as a pig, him.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3259] [laugh] He never stops [...]
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3260] Oh I wanna play mum.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3261] What?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3262] Look.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3263] Nice.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3264] Mum bad.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3265] Yes nice.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3266] Mum mad.
Maggie (PS1FE) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3267] One way to do it. ... [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [3268] Don't you spill it kid.
[3269] ... No.
[3270] Hey look at this.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3271] I always took that off.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3272] He's made one, he's got, nearly making the other one for it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3273] Has he got [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...] ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3274] Hey that's not bad.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3275] She was making them for him, then he's making him some an'all.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3276] Smashing.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3277] Cos he's fed up of seeing [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3278] Getting clever him int he? ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3279] You chuck it at me and I'll do you over!
Maggie (PS1FE) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3280] Yeah. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [3281] You can [...] Craig, you're not getting nothing else.
[3282] You've had chocolate, you've had more chocolate and you've got your pop.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3283] Hey!
[3284] Hey.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3285] Stop it. ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [crying]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3286] You've got your pop here.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3287] Drink that pop.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3288] [whingeing] No []
Maggie (PS1FE) [3289] Matthew'll have it.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3290] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3291] What?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3292] What pop?
[3293] Yeah y well you have the bottle first.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3294] What?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3295] You don't have fizzy pop you don't, orange.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3296] When did you get Smarties?
Flo (PS1FD) [3297] Went up to shop.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3298] We went up to the shop.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3299] Oh you got them?
Flo (PS1FD) [3300] Yeah [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3301] I were gonna say I seen you get chocolate but I didn't see you get Smarties.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3302] No I bought Smarties this morning at top shop for them
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3303] Oh.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3304] cos I knew they were coming.
[3305] And they went and bought some more. ...
Flo (PS1FD) [3306] I went in John's shop and I goes to John have you seen Maggie?
[3307] He goes oh she were in earlier on but she weren't feeling very well.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3308] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [shouting] [...] []
Flo (PS1FD) [3309] [...] probably in bed.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3310] No she says that she wanted to go to Nettos this morning so I says are you coming?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3311] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3312] [laughing] I didn't ask her if she could, I just says are you coming [] .
Flo (PS1FD) [3313] So he picked the Smarties up and walked out.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3314] So you had to pay.
Flo (PS1FD) [3315] So I goes come here, and I give them to John I goes I'll take them John ... and I paid. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3316] Kids are like that though aren't they?
Flo (PS1FD) [3317] Then he [...] football [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [3318] Mm yeah but I'm surprised
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3319] It's o that's the only trouble with shops, all sweets are always low so kids can get them.
Maggie (PS1FE) [...]
Flo (PS1FD) [3320] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3321] And they know for a fact the minute your kids grab them that you've got to pay.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3322] In the bin.
[3323] In the bin.
[3324] ... In the bin.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3325] Sweets.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3326] Sweets.
Flo (PS1FD) [3327] Oh when are you going to Nettos again ... Kath?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3328] Well I didn't know we were going today. [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [3329] It's only cos she mentioned she wanted some bread.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3330] I'd give her directions and everything.
[3331] She says it's for ducks.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3332] [...] mum!
Maggie (PS1FE) [3333] Well that's [...]
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3334] Cos she says is it soft and fresh?
[3335] And I says soft and fresh, for ducks?
[3336] I said it's soft and
Maggie (PS1FE) [3337] I'll do it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3338] soft and fresh for you not for ducks.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3339] Yeah.
[3340] Drink that and you can have some more.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3341] You give ducks hard bread don't you?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3342] Yeah, for the ducks! ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3343] That's one way to do it say it's for ducks.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3344] He's a good boy.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3345] Ah!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3346] He's lost them under his leg.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3347] Ooh!
Maggie (PS1FE) [3348] You what?
[3349] You drink that and you can have some more in a minute.
[3350] [cough] Oh cough it up.
[3351] [sigh] Our Suzanne's having a sort out by the way ... maybe next week or the week after but
Flo (PS1FD) [3352] I'm getting I'm getting, I'm getting for dog.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3353] Are you?
Flo (PS1FD) [3354] Yeah. [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3355] Is he still at coal hou [laugh]
Flo (PS1FD) [3356] [laughing] No [] .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3357] [laughing] she threw the thing in coal house, her [] .
Maggie (PS1FE) [3358] [...] she said she was gonna put it in coal house.
Flo (PS1FD) [...] [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3359] When we went to Donny on Thursday ... I met her and er I says how's
Maggie (PS1FE) [3360] Craig!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3361] I says how's things?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3362] Craig .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3363] She says I put dog in coal house, I couldn't believe it could I?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3364] That's it.
[3365] ... Right you can have some in a minute when it goes flatter.
[3366] Drink that. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3367] Well
Maggie (PS1FE) [3368] You don't want that babe, you drink your bottle first and then you can have some orange.
[3369] ... You're not having fizzy pop, hurt your belly.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3370] So when you thinking of moving then? ...
Flo (PS1FD) [3371] They're going in for papers Wednesday.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3372] Are you going with her?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3373] Very good.
Flo (PS1FD) [3374] Yeah.
[3375] And her husband's having these two for me with his kids.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3376] Very good.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3377] Smashing.
[3378] That's what I like to hear.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3379] Pick that [...] up for us [...] ...
Flo (PS1FD) [3380] Cos I was to ha because I had nobody to have kids, she goes, she goes fetch them down, husband'll have them.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...]
Flo (PS1FD) [3381] Watch Jake. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3382] I know where it is.
[3383] What number? ...
Flo (PS1FD) [3384] Fifteen.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3385] Fifteen, that's ... left hand side ... half way down.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3386] Oh that's not too bad then.
Flo (PS1FD) [3387] The toilet's upstairs ... and bathroom.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3388] Good.
[3389] ... [shouting] You dirty chuff-bag [] .
[3390] ... Bloody coffee and pop, get your hands out! ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3391] There.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3392] No thank you.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3393] There.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3394] There, yes.
[3395] Do you want some spaghetti in a bit?
[3396] Your face is coming out in them blotches again innit?
[3397] ... Look at his face.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3398] She's going to Nettos on Friday, Al is.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3399] Is she?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3400] Yeah. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [3401] Bill prefers Nettos.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3402] [laughing] Oh [] .
Maggie (PS1FE) [3403] But I wanna go, I've gotta get something for me freezer, me freezer's empty.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3404] Oh I went down there other day, I paid twenty quid.
[3405] I've got a bloody crave for that broccoli.
Flo (PS1FD) [3406] Urgh!
Maggie (PS1FE) [3407] No darling that's right.
[3408] What do you want now?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3409] Oh I love them.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3410] On.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3411] On what?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [3412] What do you want?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [3413] Have they had breakfast Gill?
Flo (PS1FD) [3414] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3415] Well you've been fed.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [3416] Now what do you want!
Flo (PS1FD) [3417] He's had two chocolates ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3418] Packet of Smarties.
Flo (PS1FD) [3419] Packet of Smarties.
[3420] Biscuits.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3421] Pop.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3422] I'll make you some dinner in a bit.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3423] It's not dinnertime.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3424] Make him wait till dinnertime else you'll cock her system up.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [whingeing] [...] []
Maggie (PS1FE) [sigh]
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [whingeing] [...] []
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3425] It's alright him having breakfast and an hour later saying mum I want me dinner.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3426] [cough] Do you want this? ... [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3427] He hasn't has he?
[3428] ... Oh God.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3429] Oh my little dumpling's gonna take his coat off.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3430] He's busy he is. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [3431] He's alright as long as he's eating.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3432] He moved cos he was sat on them. [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [3433] Don't you dare take his sweets, you've had yours. ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [3434] No you've had yours.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [shouting] [...] []
Maggie (PS1FE) [3435] No not one.
[3436] They're Craigy's. [...] ones.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3437] [...] ... So you should be rich then?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3438] She will be now won't she?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3439] [...] Plenty of money all to yousen. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [3440] As long as she pays the bills.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3441] Well she's got her seventy odd, it should be sixty ... what should it be?
Flo (PS1FD) [3442] What's that?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3443] Your money.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3444] How much do you normally get?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3445] Sixty summat.
Flo (PS1FD) [3446] Sixty three.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3447] She should ... she should get sixty three so she'll get a seventy three today, were it today you got it or Saturday?
Flo (PS1FD) [3448] Saturday.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3449] So she got it Saturday ... Wednesday and Monday, [laughing] I bet you hadn't had that before eh [] ?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3450] No.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3451] All three in a week.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3452] Very nice. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3453] Aye that's not bad, nearly two hundred pound. [laugh]
Flo (PS1FD) [3454] Only with your help.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3455] Well I couldn't see you with no money. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [3456] Can't we get some money from somewhere else? [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3457] No we've got it [laughing] we've got it from [] everywhere we could think of didn't we? ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [3458] And let's face it when they go to school they can have free school dinners and then we can get them free clothes as well can't we?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3459] Yep.
[3460] Oh that's easy that one.
[3461] I know how to do that one, that's a doddle.
[3462] Dead easy. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [3463] That's [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3464] Yeah as soon as they start school write in and you apply for him, when does he go to school?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3465] Next June is it?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3466] Next September int it?
Flo (PS1FD) [3467] No this September.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3468] No he's only three.
Flo (PS1FD) [3469] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3470] Next September, gotta be four.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3471] Gotta be four to go to school.
Flo (PS1FD) [3472] Gotta be four now?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3473] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3474] Four.
Flo (PS1FD) [3475] Thought it were three.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3476] Four. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3477] You've got another year to suffer, you're not getting off that light, we had to.
Maggie (PS1FE) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3478] So you're gonna suffer an'all. [laugh]
Flo (PS1FD) [3479] I thought it were three when they went to school.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3480] No they, they go four and stop till they're sixteen now.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3481] You can't have the other kind cos the other kind's our Gary's.
Flo (PS1FD) [3482] Oh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3483] They altered it, you used to leave at fifteen didn't you?
[3484] Now they lea you've got to l stay till you're sixteen.
[3485] I heard they were on about moving it to eighteen. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [3486] It were fourteen when my dad left school, and I were fourteen when I left cos if your
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3487] I were fifteen.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3488] birthday was on the eighth of September or before, if it was in the summer holidays or up until the eighth of September, you could leave school ... and my birthday was the eighth of September so I left school at fourteen.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3489] Yeah.
[3490] ... That's true.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3491] Hello my little dumpling. [kiss] ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3492] Where, where? ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [3493] Did your boots come down to your house?
Flo (PS1FD) [3494] What boots?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3495] His boots. [...]
Flo (PS1FD) [3496] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3497] Oh.
[3498] I knew they were in a bag, I couldn't remember if you took them. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3499] It's third of February today. [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KCXPSUGP) [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [3500] Where's me anniversary card? ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3501] It's her anniversary on Thursday.
[3502] Twenty six, seven?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3503] Seven.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3504] Seven, twenty seven years.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3505] [...] pop, pop pop. [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [3506] Jake got up this morning I goes going down then?
[3507] He goes yeah.
[3508] He goes downstairs and goes up, up.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3509] [laugh] Ah!
Flo (PS1FD) [3510] [...] Matthew [...] up. [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3511] [laugh] Well that's one way to do it int it? ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [3512] Look at me.
Flo (PS1FD) [3513] Dog nearly drownded herself.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3514] Is it a girl?
Maggie (PS1FE) [...]
Flo (PS1FD) [3515] Yeah.
[3516] Nearly drowned herself, put a bowl of water down for her
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3517] Fell in it?
Flo (PS1FD) [3518] and she'd fell in it and she were having right fits.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3519] [laughing] I should think she was [] . [laugh]
Flo (PS1FD) [3520] [laughing] [...] what's up with dog [] ?
[3521] ... And she were wet through, she were laid in ... side of cooker
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3522] Yeah?
Flo (PS1FD) [3523] in gaps of cooker, she were laid there.
[3524] What's she whining at?
[3525] I picked her up and she were wet through, had to put fire on and I laid her in front of fire
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Flo (PS1FD) [3526] [laughing] and I thought dog's having fits [] .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Flo (PS1FD) [3527] Cos he picked it up and he gets it bad tempered doing this.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3528] Now if you'd've told us that last Thursday we'd've thought
Flo (PS1FD) [3529] He picks her up and he's throwing her [...] .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3530] she'd thrown it. [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [3531] No you've gotta look after your doggy.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3532] She's gotta keep it in kitchen. ...
Flo (PS1FD) [3533] Yeah cos it ch it chews everything.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3534] Oh.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3535] Yeah.
[3536] Get it shot.
Flo (PS1FD) [3537] And it, it ... pooing all over, the house stank [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3538] Yeah so at least in kitchen you can clean it up easy.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3539] So they have, people come down and they have looked at it have they? [...]
Flo (PS1FD) [3540] Yeah and they're having it.
[3541] They're gonna give me fifteen on Thursday.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3542] House she's on about.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3543] No [...] house.
Flo (PS1FD) [3544] Oh house?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3545] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3546] They've been before haven't they?
Flo (PS1FD) [3547] Oh yeah she's been a couple of times to see if I'd swap.
[3548] ... And now I've decided to swap.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3549] You're definitely moving?
Flo (PS1FD) [3550] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3551] Good.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3552] You're getting out of the street anyway aren't you?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...] ...
Flo (PS1FD) [3553] Cos she's got [...] got gas central heating in house.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3554] Oh well that's even better for you.
Flo (PS1FD) [3555] And I goes well ... we're smokeless and [...] and she goes I'm not bothered she says ... I'll do you a swap.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3556] Mummy.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3557] Ah well.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3558] [whingeing] Mummy []
Maggie (PS1FE) [3559] What?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3560] Well within next six week we should hear you're moving?
Flo (PS1FD) [3561] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3562] Cos it only takes about six week dunnit?
Maggie (PS1FE) [3563] It don't take long now does it?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3564] Yeah it's only about six week.
Flo (PS1FD) [3565] She's coming Wednesday to to help get these down
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3566] Dirty!
Flo (PS1FD) [3567] to her house, her husband's having these and we'll go to council.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3568] Wednesday.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3569] Oh that's alright then innit? ...
Flo (PS1FD) [3570] She's leaving me her ... she's leaving me ... automatic washer in for me.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3571] Is she?
[3572] She having a new one?
Flo (PS1FD) [3573] And all her carpets.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3574] What, you leaving yours and she's leaving hers?
[3575] ... Well it's best innit really?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3576] Well carpets never fit one house to another anyway.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3577] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3578] Cos I know mine, my living room carpet, I had it cut up for me stairs didn't I?
[3579] And er the big bedroom carpet ended up in small bedroom down here. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [3580] Are you alright [...] ?
[3581] You take his coat off Joe.
[3582] Are you cold anybody?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3583] No I'm just, finish me coffee
Maggie (PS1FE) [3584] Do you feel cold?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3585] I'm off.
[3586] I'm gonna light a fire.
[3587] ... I'm gonna go mad and tidy up I think.
[3588] It's about time I hoovered that dump.
Maggie (PS1FE) [3589] I were tidying up at half past six this morning. ... [...] [kiss] ...

8 (Tape 060503)

Kathleen (PS1FC) [3590] You just talk as you normally talk, you know?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3591] Yeah.
[3592] I were [...] with them blokes ... Saturday at work ... and er one of them said to me where are you from ... and I says why?
[3593] ... He says I bet you're from Yorkshire I said well what makes you say that? ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3594] He could tell by your accent couldn't he?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3595] Yeah.
[3596] He says well I used to work in er er Doncaster [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3597] Yeah. [...]
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3598] [...] I said that's just down bloody road from where I, where I live like cos er ... I used to work for their rival, G E C ... well they were A E R when I worked for them.
Enid (PS1FK) [3599] Yeah I worked at A E R yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3600] Oh he said oh! ... [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3601] Yeah [...] it's er ... watch it, empty one in cupboard, it usually is, yeah.
Enid (PS1FK) [3602] Some on the top table anyway.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3603] Oh.
[3604] [...] there it is, he's stuck it at back.
[3605] ... My beloved son hides everything.
Enid (PS1FK) [3606] I know he were here other day when I come up.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3607] What day was that?
Enid (PS1FK) [3608] Don't know, can't remember.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3609] Well he hasn't said you'd been.
Enid (PS1FK) [3610] Erm ... on a Wednesday or Thursday.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3611] He were in bed on Wednesday.
Enid (PS1FK) [3612] [...] when I come down.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3613] Yeah supposed to have been bad, it were just er a con so he didn't have to go to college.
Enid (PS1FK) [3614] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3615] As usual. ...
Enid (PS1FK) [3616] But he come in to [...] sussed out?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3617] Yeah.
[3618] ... I'll tell you that later.
[3619] ... Yeah erm ... yeah he come in Thursday, he'd got an headache and er Tuesday but he'd got an headache, a sore throat and I don't feel well and I don't want to go to college, you know, and all this rubbish.
Enid (PS1FK) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3620] So I told him to take these tablets and says if he felt no better he'd better get to doctors, well he didn't even move out of bed, apart from summat to eat
Enid (PS1FK) [3621] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3622] and I got up on Thursday morning and the little get had pissed off, went to Cadets and everything.
[3623] So on Friday he tried to pull same stunt again so I says oh no you're not, I says we're not playing at that, I says chuff that for a lark, I says what do you think you're playing at?
[3624] ... So he didn't like it cos I made him go.
[3625] ... It sounds a bit weird this, you know, when you carry it about?
Enid (PS1FK) [3626] Ooh I hate it, me. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3627] I've got fire on, I left it on [laughing] all dinner while I were outside [] .
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3628] Can I have a look? [playing with microphone]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3629] Yeah, I'll show you it in a bit.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3630] Mhm exactly what I ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3631] [sighing] Oh God [] ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3632] Got a ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3633] What?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3634] [...] Oh I'm, no I'm ... being what you call [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3635] Oh yeah.
[3636] ... Yeah, yeah I'm just finishing that tape up.
[3637] She give me twenty!
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3638] Twenty?
[3639] How long did she think you were gonna bloody tape like?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3640] [laughing] God knows [] .
[3641] I'm only second one now, it took me about three or four days to do that.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3642] Take it down our street, that'll enlighten them. [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3643] Ooh [...] yeah.
[3644] I ain't taking it down your street, you're mental.
[3645] ... You're cracked.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3646] Well we've got a meeting this week, I'm gonna have a go at him again.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3647] I thought you'd of heard something by now. ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3648] Bloody rubbish all over garden, Gilly's over back was [...] ... [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3649] [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3650] He said have you seen Kevin out in street I said I'm not ... fucking hell would I want to see Kev for?
[3651] And I hadn't been out of bath long ... [laughing] [...] I says don't knock on my bastard door again I said, I'll wring your neck [] .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3652] [laugh] ... What did he think you were still going out with him like or what?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3653] [...] must think I've nowt else to do [...] and watch down street.
[3654] ... Better things to do with me time than sit and watch the [...] up and down street.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3655] Well that's it.
[3656] You're not usually in, you're down at your mum's.
[3657] ... Or out shopping.
[3658] ... I've just been shopping with Maggie this morning.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3659] You have?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3660] Went to Nettos.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3661] Not bad
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3662] Did you know
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3663] there is it really?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3664] you can't pay by credit card or cheque.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3665] Can't you not?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3666] No.
[3667] I only had about seven pound on and me bill come to about fourteen quid.
[3668] Alice were having [...] I said just lend me that twenty pound note cos you, and God knows what she thought the bill was ... I says I've got seven pound, I says just lend me your twenty pound note, I says you'll still have enough to pay I says and I'll give you it back when I get home, you know?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3669] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3670] Oh I'll pay for mine first and sh she'd already rung mine through till like, little dickhead.
[3671] Anyway Maggie says oh bugger it she says here you are I'll pay for it so I give it her back as soon as I come home.
[3672] And Alice was saying well I'd never been before, I didn't know it were that cheap.
[3673] Hers only come to six pound summat. ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3674] Yeah it's not bad.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3675] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3676] I was, I got one of them big soap powders before Christmas, I'm still using that.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3677] Did you get that?
[3678] Is it Je
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3679] [...] ?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3680] Yeah I got one today cos Maggie says it's alright
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3681] Is it [...] summat [...] ?
[3682] It's not bad. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3683] Well that I've got is Daz, that Daz Ultra
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3684] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3685] and ... I've just, all I've had in washer is one nightie, a T-shirt, a jumper, three pair of trousers and a coat
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3686] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3687] that's all I put in.
[3688] White patches all over the bloody coat with that soap powder.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3689] I did that once with erm ... that bloody Comfort, I were using that.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3690] And that did it as well?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3691] And, no it were all bloody big grey streaks and that on me, it were on the sheets.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3692] Ooh heck.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3693] White cotton sheets that I'd had bought as a wedding present.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3694] Mm.
[3695] ... Didn't mark come off?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3696] But it come all out in grey streaks all over it, I wrote to them.
Enid (PS1FK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3697] Erm ... I think they sent me money for a new pair of sheets, can't remember ... that long ago. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3698] Oh I haven't done nowt like that for ages.
[3699] ... I've only done it once with crisps ... I had some were soggy and sour and horrible
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3700] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3701] and they sent me a box back.
[3702] ... Mm I enjoyed that.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3703] Yeah.
[3704] ... [...] I'm pregnant, me.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3705] I hate it.
[3706] Second of March I go to hospital.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3707] Do you?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3708] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3709] Chuffing hell.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3710] I don't really wanna go but ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3711] Our Arthur's been clear clear clear.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3712] Is he alright?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3713] Yeah he's fine now.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3714] Erm oh I asked him about that ... when I went and he said it were nothing to worry about, it's just ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3715] Just precautions or something?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3716] He said [...] said oh he didn't know what she mentioned it for he said when did she mention it?
[3717] I said first time I came.
[3718] ... So anyway he looked back through and flicked through and he, he looked ... well it, it's nothing to worry about.
Enid (PS1FK) [3719] So she frightened you half to death [...]
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3720] [...] she's bloody mental, what's the point in saying that?
[3721] I said and there's ... there's me panicking like I said [...] I said I'm going grey as it is now I said without worrying about
Enid (PS1FK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3722] silly cows like her
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3723] Yeah well
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3724] trying to be a doctor.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3725] Is she a doctor or just a student?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3726] No she's a doctor, I think she's a junior like, she's under him but ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3727] Do you know there's more g gaps on this tapes than [...] ... on off, on off, on off.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [cough] ...
Enid (PS1FK) [3728] Oh dear.
[3729] [...] twenty first [...]
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3730] I got the reminder this morning.
[3731] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3732] I should [...] say can't be bothered.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3733] [...] there's no need for due concern.
[3734] [...] every frigging month.
[3735] ... Mind you Dr [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3736] Don't you like me smellies?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3737] I'm not bothered Kath because er er as I look at it ... it's more for me to put in front of him when I get to him
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3738] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3739] in March.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3740] Yeah true, true.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3741] Do you know? ...
Enid (PS1FK) [3742] [...] smelly.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3743] Eh?
Enid (PS1FK) [3744] It's smelly.
[3745] Can you smell it?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3746] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3747] Forty five P for a full bag.
[3748] ... Nettos
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3749] Yeah you know you can buy stuff to put on it when it's dried up.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3750] Yeah I know but I can't find it. ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3751] I want some in mine.
Enid (PS1FK) [3752] It's peach.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3753] Well they shrink surely, shrink a bit don't they?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3754] Yeah they dry up.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3755] Yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3756] Yeah well you can buy little bottles of oil and just put a drop in
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3757] Is that what it is?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3758] to freshen it up, yeah erm ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3759] I've seen the little bottles.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3760] Yeah and er somebody was saying on market somewhere [...] cheaper to get it off market erm
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3761] Cos they sell it at Cleethorpes market with little pot pou pure, yeah them.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3762] Pot pourri
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3763] That's them.
[3764] They sell all sorts. ...
Enid (PS1FK) [3765] I've got some ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3766] But that basket were only half full and it cost me a quid for what were in the basket.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3767] I had mine in kitchen and I kept knocking it over every time I opened up [laughing] [...] []
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3768] and mine's all little bits like

9 (Tape 060504)

None (PS1FF) [3769] Morning Kath, alright?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3770] Yeah not too bad, are you?
None (PS1FF) [3771] Not so bad love.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3772] Have you got any stamps? ...
None (PS1FF) [3773] No I don't think I have, in fact I know I haven't.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3774] Are you out?
None (PS1FF) [3775] Cos I've got one to post.
[3776] ... Can you, are you going up to post office?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3777] I'm just going there and getting a pound book.
None (PS1FF) [3778] May I give you twenty four pence?
[3779] Have you got a ... you only want three
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3780] [laughing] Yeah []
None (PS1FF) [3781] [laugh] ... So if I give you that and that can you put me a stamp on please?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3782] Oh you are kind John.
None (PS1FF) [3783] Or if you want to leave them with me and then I'll, I've got to have a walk up to post office in a bit.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3784] No well I'll go there, I'll get a pound book and then it'll give me a spare stamp and I'll not run out no more. [laugh]
None (PS1FF) [3785] Rightio.
[3786] Yous gonna use them all now aren't you?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3787] Do you only get four in it?
None (PS1FF) [3788] You get four twenty four pence stamps and two tuppeny stamps, I tell you what you get. [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3789] Mm but it don't matter anyway, I'll get them then.
[3790] Okay ta- ta John. ...

10 (Tape 060601)

Kathleen (PS1FC) [3791] Usually they ring before ten past
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [3792] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3793] but they've had quite a good dinnertime today so I think they're letting her stop a bit longer.
[3794] ... What time do you usually go in?
Krista (PS1FJ) [3795] About twenty past one.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [...]
Krista (PS1FJ) [3796] Yeah I usually like give them chance to get in class and get [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3797] Yeah.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3798] and then I go in you see.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3799] Have you been helping out like?
Krista (PS1FJ) [3800] Yeah on a Monday afternoon, I enjoy it.
[3801] I've been doing it for
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3802] Yeah cos
Krista (PS1FJ) [3803] about three or four weeks.
[3804] Nice int it?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3805] It is, yeah, cos they do painting and all sorts don't they?
Krista (PS1FJ) [3806] Yeah I enjoy it really
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3807] Yeah.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3808] but er
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3809] Have you done it with your little'un yet or is it bigger ones you do it with?
Krista (PS1FJ) [3810] No we, we're in our Lisa's class.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3811] Are you?
Krista (PS1FJ) [3812] Yeah I'm in her class right.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3813] Oh I bet she looks forward to that doesn't she?
Krista (PS1FJ) [3814] Ah yeah she loves it
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3815] Yeah, pleased as punch.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3816] Yeah.
[3817] Yeah.
[3818] I think I might carry on next year though like i in the same class
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3819] Yeah.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3820] I might carry on.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3821] Oh you can go on from year to year?
[3822] Even when
Krista (PS1FJ) [3823] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3824] your kids leave school you can go.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3825] Yeah.
Steve (PS1FH) [3826] Oh can you?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3827] Yeah course you can.
[3828] Used to be one about
Krista (PS1FJ) [3829] I think it's nice, me.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3830] fifteen years [...] , Veronica she took bad and weather held her back
Krista (PS1FJ) [3831] Cos it gets you [...] it's summat different.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3832] It does.
[3833] They enjoy it, everybody
Krista (PS1FJ) [3834] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3835] that has volunteered, they enjoy it.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3836] I do I love it.
[3837] [...] alright, mind you I still get a bit nervous now, I get a bit don't know why, I always
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3838] You get used to it.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3839] always have done, do you know what I mean?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3840] Yeah.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3841] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3842] You get used to it though don't you?
Krista (PS1FJ) [3843] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3844] I think you do.
[3845] ... Well ... what you doing helping them paint, drawing and all that?
Krista (PS1FJ) [3846] Well I've er I've done, just done something er different every week, last week I were like er listening to them all read
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3847] Yeah.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3848] [...] on computer with them.
[3849] So
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3850] Have you learnt them to bake yet?
Krista (PS1FJ) [3851] No I don't [...] cos I can't frigging bake myself so I'm hopeless.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3852] [laughing] Yeah when Joyce went she were learning them to bake [...] she says []
Krista (PS1FJ) [...] ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3853] I think she got that used to baking on her own and then they all tried to dive in it you see [laughing] and she were saying [] don't do that.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3854] Oh my God
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3855] Supposed to be showing them what to do and
Krista (PS1FJ) [3856] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3857] you know, making it ... get a cake each.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3858] No they haven't done well I haven't done it with them yet anyway, put it that way.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3859] Ah.
[3860] Well I know er it were Wednesdays Joyce used to come in.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3861] Well I'm supposed to have Wednesday mornings ... that was the arrangement, Wednesday [...] then I had to go into hospital
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3862] Mm.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3863] somebody took it, you see
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3864] Oh!
Krista (PS1FJ) [3865] and so I'm excited then, do you know what I mean?
[3866] I were just so psyched up [...] on Wednesday and then I had to go in on the Friday before so I didn't
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3867] It's a shame you weren't helping out at Christmas, you'd've been able
Krista (PS1FJ) [3868] That's it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3869] with costumes and everything, you'd've loved that.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3870] Oh I did I went in, I went in to help them with [...] anyway, I went in and did that with them anyway.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3871] I think that's best bit of helping them.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3872] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3873] Their faces when they see them with costumes on [...]
Krista (PS1FJ) [3874] Yeah it's nice int it?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3875] it's great, yeah.
Krista (PS1FJ) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3876] Well it's quarter past any road [...]
Krista (PS1FJ) [3877] Is it?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3878] Yeah.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3879] Oh I'll just have a walk up I think.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3880] Just have a steady walk.
[3881] ... Ta-ta

11 (Tape 060602)

Krista (PS1FJ) [3882] She's being a little shit-arse cos she [...]
Alice (PS1FG) [3883] Noel Edmunds [...]
Krista (PS1FJ) [3884] She's not [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KCXPSUGP) [...]
Krista (PS1FJ) [3885] she gets me woke up in middle of bloody night.
Alice (PS1FG) [3886] I don't woke you up in middle of night, it's before
Krista (PS1FJ) [3887] No [...]
Alice (PS1FG) [3888] bloody midnight.
Krista (PS1FJ) [laugh]
Alice (PS1FG) [3889] You're telling big whoppers again.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3890] Well I like to tell bloody whoppers.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3891] I know you do! ...
Krista (PS1FJ) [3892] I'll get any bugger into trouble if I can. [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3893] [laughing] I know [] .
[3894] [laugh] Maggie does that.
[3895] No I had kids on it other day, you'd've laughed ... but that tells all about it, all God knows what
Krista (PS1FJ) [3896] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3897] what have you ... all different things. ...
Steve (PS1FH) [3898] Oh you get a twenty five pound gift voucher?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3899] Yeah.
[3900] ... And then when you've finished doing it you just fill a book in.
Steve (PS1FH) [3901] How long are you supposed to have it for?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3902] Just for a week.
Steve (PS1FH) [3903] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3904] Only one week. ...
Steve (PS1FH) [3905] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3906] Well it seems easier that way when you think about it dunnit?
[3907] Mm it's a lot better.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3908] Well they only pratt about with mine now and again.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3909] What, your dictionary or your microphone?
Krista (PS1FJ) [3910] Nay ... s scanner. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3911] Scanner?
Krista (PS1FJ) [3912] Yeah [...] I do.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3913] Oh yeah, she's got a thingy ... erm what is it?
Steve (PS1FH) [3914] Who do you work for, K G B?
Group of unknown speakers (KCXPSUGP) [3915] [laughing] Yeah [] [laugh]
Steve (PS1FH) [3916] Ca can I borrow it?
[3917] [laugh] Have it down our street.
[3918] You got a tape recorder and [...] frigging hell.
Group of unknown speakers (KCXPSUGP) [...]
Krista (PS1FJ) [3919] No, no, they automatic
Steve (PS1FH) [3920] What is it?
Krista (PS1FJ) [3921] It's a scann you know what they use on tills when your goods are going through?
Steve (PS1FH) [3922] Oh aye.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3923] One of them.
[3924] Oh I've been doing it for a long time haven't I?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3925] Well over a year haven't you?
Krista (PS1FJ) [3926] Ooh I've, yeah, I've been doing it about three years.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3927] Is it three year now?
Krista (PS1FJ) [3928] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3929] Yeah she's, she's got it plugged into phone socket on wall and when she buys these things it's got a [...] and it goes
Krista (PS1FJ) [3930] You know them codes?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3931] dib dib
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3932] Mm.
Krista (PS1FJ) [...]
Steve (PS1FH) [3933] Bar codes mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3934] Yeah and she gets points for doing it don't you, you've been saving them up haven't you?
Krista (PS1FJ) [3935] Yeah three three hundred points a month.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3936] That's what she gets.
[3937] So she's saving them up for a ...
Krista (PS1FJ) [3938] Erm ... one of them Black and Decker Workmates for Fred
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3939] Workmates.
[3940] Yeah that's it.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3941] to save him nagging at me. [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3942] Yeah, shows you how to fill it in and everything.
[3943] ... Anyway [...]
Alice (PS1FG) [3944] How the hell can you fill it in, cos you can't bloody write!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3945] Well I can try hard can't I?
Steve (PS1FH) [3946] [laugh] She copies it out of book.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3947] London?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3948] Maggie comes from London, that's her real accent.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3949] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3950] Cos if you see on top it says regional accent.
[3951] That means where you got it from.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3952] And you think that we're going to ... fill this in? [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3953] No you don't fill that in, [laughing] I fill that in [] .
Krista (PS1FJ) [3954] Well she's not having my bloody name in here is she yours?
Alice (PS1FG) [3955] [...] mine's down. [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3956] She says I could put hers down, you says I could put yours so stop telling [laughing] big whoppers again [] .
[3957] [laugh] It gives you an example how to fill it in and everything.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3958] Well yours isn't down for today.
[3959] Oh [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3960] No it goes further on than that, I'm on tape three.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3961] Oh I see.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3962] She's on tape two aren't you?
[3963] Cos I changed it over
Krista (PS1FJ) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3964] It's er Alice's granddaughter.
[3965] ... She can't half talk, she's only two and a half but aye and when she sets off that's it.
Alice (PS1FG) [3966] Mind you Terry's the same.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3967] Yeah.
[3968] ... Well I got er Craigy on it ... today ... er but he don't talk.
[3969] It's er er
Krista (PS1FJ) [3970] Stephen, college?
[3971] Do you know a Stephen?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3972] Stephen's mate.
[3973] He come to call for Stephen this morning so I collared him while I'd got him.
[3974] He's got er a video box of mine so I were him asking about it.
[3975] I got John in shop.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3976] Bloody housewife. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3977] That's it.
[3978] If she's on, her name, that's on that, that means I've just started tape.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3979] Well when's yours on?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3980] One before page.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3981] Oh.
[3982] Oh Linda, housewife. ...
Alice (PS1FG) [3983] I know.
[3984] Degrading me.
Krista (PS1FJ) [3985] Why do you have to put the bloody age down?
[3986] Tell them to shit.
Alice (PS1FG) [3987] What's she put on for me?
Krista (PS1FJ) [laugh]
Alice (PS1FG) [3988] Thirty plus?
[3989] ... Tt ooh alright.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3990] If I'd've put your real age ... you'd've said
Krista (PS1FJ) [3991] You put tw twenty one plus for me, mine.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3992] Yeah.
[3993] What twenty plus sixty five?
Krista (PS1FJ) [3994] No, just put twenty one plus.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3995] Oh I'll put twenty one plus for you.
[3996] I'm not, that's cheating!
Krista (PS1FJ) [3997] I'm not sixty five yet.
Alice (PS1FG) [3998] You are next month. [laugh]
Krista (PS1FJ) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [3999] Alright then I'll put sixty four plus.
[4000] ... So are you gonna do it?
[4001] ... Are you gonna have a go? ...
Krista (PS1FJ) [4002] I'll think about it. [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4003] Oh she's at it again.
[4004] Do you know she says she'll do it and then she says she won't.
[4005] She does that just to upset me don't you? [laugh]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4006] Well ... I had a phone call, well ... it was there on Tuesday they asked me, they asked Fred ... asked me to ring back Wednesday morning [...] ... so she rang me
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4007] Oh!
[4008] I know who you're on about
Krista (PS1FJ) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4009] I was just thinking who you were on about then.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4010] Who am I on about?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4011] Mrs .
Krista (PS1FJ) [4012] Yeah.
[4013] ... She rang me at half past ten, I'd forgotten all about it till phone went and I says ooh I've lost your phone number.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4014] [laugh] Do you want to take it again?
[4015] ... And will I do Cuckoo Lane on Thursday and Friday.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4016] What this week?
[4017] All day?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4018] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4019] Well
Krista (PS1FJ) [4020] Mind you it's a, I've be I've been and had a look rou er round there this dinnertime, quarter to eleven sh er quarter to twelve she's supposed to start.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4021] Cuckoo Lane? ...
Krista (PS1FJ) [4022] Mm [...] Travis
Alice (PS1FG) [4023] You know the middle school and [...] round there int there?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4024] there's Travis Road and Manor Road school.
[4025] Travis School.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4026] Oh right up there.
[4027] I'm just thinking [...]
Alice (PS1FG) [4028] Near church.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4029] Round near church.
Alice (PS1FG) [4030] Near church down Cuckoo Lane.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4031] Yeah I know where you mean.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4032] I went to see where, she puts ... lollipop in school like and I went to see exactly ... she's supposed to start at quarter to twelve so I went round there for quarter to twelve [...] ... about five past twelve when she [...] , it's like yours.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4033] No kids?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4034] No bugger comes.
[4035] But she's re been reported no end of [laughing] times []
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4036] That's it.
Alice (PS1FG) [4037] Aye cos [...]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4038] Quarter to twelve while gone one o'clock.
Alice (PS1FG) [4039] You what?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4040] No breaks, [...] supposed to do.
[4041] ... Well I'll sit in car.
[4042] I might not stop [...] [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4043] If there's no kids what's the point of [...]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4044] There's nobody comes out she says.
[4045] ... And then it's ... well it's fi about five to three in afternoon.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4046] Five to three? [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KCXPSUGP) [...]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4047] This Travis School is a nursery school
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4048] Oh you've got babbies.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4049] and you've got some er some comes, most of them comes out at half past three from this, from Travis School, and then you've got to wait while ... Manor comes out.
Alice (PS1FG) [4050] Manor comes out. ...
Krista (PS1FJ) [4051] They don't come out, well about ten to four.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4052] Mm. ...
Krista (PS1FJ) [4053] Not too [...] and I'm putting bus fares now.
Alice (PS1FG) [4054] Yeah I would do, what is it, thirty five, forty five?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4055] No not just around there, [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4056] Eh it is you know.
Alice (PS1FG) [4057] It is after half past three.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4058] They charge you know that er bus stop at bottom of bridge?
[4059] I got on bus here and he charged me thirty five P!
Alice (PS1FG) [4060] After half past three it is Irene.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4061] Well I've only been from
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4062] Don't forget, bus fares change.
Alice (PS1FG) [4063] Make no difference.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4064] [...] and round to church.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4065] Yeah.
[4066] Hey that's only one
Krista (PS1FJ) [4067] [...] five.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4068] bus stop in between me and you.
[4069] There's only that bus stop and then it turns down you ... yet they charged me thirty five pence and that weren't even half past three.
[4070] ... That were in afternoon that.
[4071] ... So I bet that's thirty five to forty five, is it forty five after ... thirty five before, forty five after?
Alice (PS1FG) [4072] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4073] Cos they charged me twenty five on Little Nipper and it's cheaper on Little Nipper than bus.
[4074] ... But they didn't half charge.
[4075] Cos I nearly died [laughing] I got on bus other day and they charged me eighty five pence [] ... I looked at me clock and it were twenty past nine.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4076] See I, mind you whenever I'm late you see I can get on it for twenty pence ... except for first thing in morning.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4077] Well that's beside the point.
Krista (PS1FJ) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4078] That's beside the point.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4079] Oh aye I always charge them bus fares.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4080] Well that's it, I don't blame you.
[4081] ... I don't blame you at all.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4082] I don't see why I shouldn't.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4083] I've been to Nettos this morning.
Alice (PS1FG) [4084] Have you?
[4085] Who with?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4086] Alice took us.
[4087] ... So now Steve's got to take me to bank, mini bank, to get some money cos I've got none. ...
Alice (PS1FG) [4088] [laugh] ... What did you buy?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4089] Er I got some tinned stuff ... sugar, sugar's fifty one.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4090] How much is their sugar?
[4091] Is it still fifty one?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4092] Fifty one.
[4093] Bread's twenty five
Krista (PS1FJ) [4094] I don't buy that kind of bread.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4095] For twelve [...] cakes it's thirty ... two, for twelve [...] cakes.
[4096] Beans are seventeen, tomatoes are sixteen
Krista (PS1FJ) [4097] Yeah well
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4098] erm I'm on about big tins.
Alice (PS1FG) [4099] They've dropped them
Krista (PS1FJ) [4100] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4101] you get little'uns.
Alice (PS1FG) [4102] they've dropped them H Ps down again in ... thingy.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4103] Have they?
Alice (PS1FG) [4104] Seventy seven for a four now.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4105] How much is that, twenty
Krista (PS1FJ) [4106] Where, in Kwik Save?
[4107] ... They're all doing it, they're all buying three now, putting them in threes.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4108] Yeah.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4109] Tesco is, all that.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4110] Trouble is they're that expensive.
[4111] People just keep buying the buggers.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4112] Well you see Fred will only eat H P beans so
Alice (PS1FG) [4113] Oh we only eat H P.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4114] Well there's only Fred has them you see cos I don't like them so I only buy medium size tins to start off with.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4115] Bill only likes H P beans and I give Maggie a tin of them seventeen P beans and I says throw the tin away before he sees it ... and he couldn't tell the difference.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4116] And, well ... Fred opens them himself you see because it's only now and again he has them.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4117] Oh. ... [...]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4118] See it's very rare, it's only probably once a month.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4119] Yeah I got me coffee
Krista (PS1FJ) [4120] So I don't ... it don't bother me.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4121] I got some of that [...] washing powder these were all on about ... and a few of them had got it, automatic washing powder, it's only one ninety nine for a three point five [...] box.
[4122] ... And your washing comes out alright doesn't it?
[4123] ... Maggie's has come out alright, she got it.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4124] Well now what, er it's only bloody names that's difference in bloody washing up powders
Alice (PS1FG) [4125] That's it, cos it's all the same stuff.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4126] in washing up powders.
Alice (PS1FG) [4127] It's all the same stuff.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4128] Aye I were reading that they did a survey on it didn't they?
Alice (PS1FG) [4129] Yeah they're all one.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4130] They only put different names on.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4131] Yeah this one's called [...]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4132] There's about, yeah there's about two
Alice (PS1FG) [4133] Ooh!
Krista (PS1FJ) [4134] there's about two companies.
[4135] ... There's Lever Brothers int there?
Alice (PS1FG) [4136] Then there's Proctor and Gamble int there, the other one?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4137] Mm.
[4138] I don't know.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4139] And they cover a multitude of them.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4140] Yeah.
[4141] ... They don't say.
[4142] I noticed, I were looking at prices, they're all different prices.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4143] I mean it's same with Marks and Sparks, you buy owt at Marks and Sparks it's only because when they have them packed, they've got to put their name on it.
Alice (PS1FG) [4144] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4145] You're paying for name aren't you?
[4146] ... That's the only trouble.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4147] Because they do with potatoes, with crisps and that.
[4148] When Fr when Fred worked at Higgins ... packets of potatoes
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4149] Did they?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4150] Yes!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4151] Tt crafty bleeders aren't they?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4152] All them pre-washed potatoes that's in bags ... [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4153] Yeah cos when we went to Cleethorpes you were on about they were Fred's taties.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4154] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4155] Cos I, I were asking if they wanted a baked tatie and that and we stood waiting for them and you noticed on sack
Krista (PS1FJ) [4156] [...] you had them didn't you?
[4157] I didn't.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4158] Yeah you didn't want one.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4159] No
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4160] And we were stood waiting, she noticed sacks and she says these are from Fred's where he used to work.
[4161] He used to work at Higgins.
[4162] ... Yeah I remember you saying that now.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4163] But er ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4164] [laughing] I wondered what that was then [] . [laugh]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4165] Video.
[4166] ... Four hour tape, one ninety nine.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4167] Where?
Alice (PS1FG) [4168] Where?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4169] [...] and Britannia.
Alice (PS1FG) [...] ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4170] Mm have to get some.
[4171] I prefer the four hours.
Alice (PS1FG) [4172] I owe your Arthur one I'll have to get one, get one
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4173] Aye he mentioned that.
[4174] I got accused for you!
Alice (PS1FG) [4175] did he give me a bollock did he give you a bollocking over it or ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4176] He give me a bollocking over you.
Alice (PS1FG) [4177] Tell him to [...] , tell him to [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4178] Well he didn't know it were you.
[4179] He, who did he accuse?
[4180] ... Me in first place and then somebody else.
Alice (PS1FG) [4181] It were that Blind Fury what he give babby.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4182] Oh I went down and he says to me have you got my Blind Fury?
[4183] I says no, I says you give it to erm and I'm trying to
Alice (PS1FG) [4184] Give it to [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4185] think of your lad's name and I'm saying you give it to erm tt erm ... oh yeah I remember, but he'd already told me off.
[4186] He ... he says I give it to Maggie, I says you didn't give it to Maggie I says you give it to Linda's lad.
Alice (PS1FG) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4187] Oh aye little'un, he come down he says, she's gonna give me a tape in return.
[4188] I says yeah, he says I remember now, it doesn't matter.
[4189] ... I thought thanks [...]
Alice (PS1FG) [4190] Get one and give it him and then I'll give you money for it.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4191] One nin one ninety nine.
[4192] ... Mm [...] ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4193] I'll have to remember that, cos they're better than the three hours aren't they?
Alice (PS1FG) [4194] I have to say I prefer the four hour cos I can get eight hours' taping on mine.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4195] Mm.
Alice (PS1FG) [4196] That means I can get about three or four films on, on one tape.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4197] You're [...] aren't you?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4198] Yeah, our Ken's is.
Alice (PS1FG) [4199] Yeah.
[4200] And me mum's is long play an'all now.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4201] What's yours?
[4202] ... Just same as mine int it?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4203] Mm
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4204] Ordinary?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4205] Yeah mine's same make as yours.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4206] Yeah I know.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4207] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4208] I got instructions [laughing] off you to be able [] ... do you know I couldn't do that timer for love nor money.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4209] Well they'd never, they hadn't made a long player ... Amstrad did and now one or two of them are now aren't they?
Alice (PS1FG) [4210] Sharp mine. ...
Krista (PS1FJ) [4211] Amstrad were first weren't they?
Alice (PS1FG) [...]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4212] Well I mean it's same where they've brought a double one out haven't they?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4213] Oh Bill's got it.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4214] What the double video?
Alice (PS1FG) [4215] Yeah you can only play on them can't you?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4216] Yeah, yeah it's not compatible or summat er it's compatible with his telly when he hasn't got the Sky on and if he's got the Sky on he's got to mess about ... I sat watching him for days messing with it and then I says to him ... have you got it on your V U channel?
[4217] He says what V U channel?
[4218] ... I says your V U channel ... I says your video channel.
[4219] I didn't know there were a video, I says get your [laugh] he just tuned it on any channel, I says get your remote control for your telly I says and click
Alice (PS1FG) [4220] Yeah you bring up the spare channel.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4221] I said downwards, I says normally it's the last channel backwards.
[4222] So he clicked it all way and it come up [...] ... I says now get your green line I says straight down middle and tune it in.
[4223] Anyway day after I says have you done it?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4224] Well that's it it shouldn't cos they take [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4225] Well they take it in to set it up
Alice (PS1FG) [4226] I've got Tyne Tees on mine now.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4227] the other one, so we left it on that channel, channel nine I think it were.
[4228] You've got what?
Alice (PS1FG) [4229] I said I've just tuned Tyne Tees in to mine
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4230] My Tyne Tees has gone funny
Alice (PS1FG) [4231] so I can get it on video now.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4232] Mine's gone whacky ... it's gone stupid and spotty and ... [...] ...
Krista (PS1FJ) [4233] [...] fags have gone up a penny.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4234] When?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4235] Today.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4236] Again?
Alice (PS1FG) [4237] Who said?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4238] Pru what they call it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4239] Do you know they're supposed to only go up in budget these bloody things
Alice (PS1FG) [4240] Yeah they are.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4241] and I, John's put his up three times since.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4242] [...] from Kwik Save?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4243] One fifty six, they'll be one fifty seven then.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4244] Cos Fred says to me
Alice (PS1FG) [4245] More than Conways?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4246] Yeah.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4247] Fred says to me fa fags have gone up a penny.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4248] Down in this shop they're one ... eighty nine for a packet of cigs.
[4249] They started at one seventy seven after budget, cos what were they?
[4250] One seventy four weren't they?
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [4251] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4252] No
Krista (PS1FJ) [4253] I don't know [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4254] One seventy nine he put them up to.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4255] [...] I buy now.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4256] Yeah one seventy nine he put them to, and then he put them up to one eighty two or summat and then they've gone up to one eighty nine I think they are.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4257] [...] keep telling me they're putting them up a lot in the budget.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4258] They're trying to get them up to three pound a packet, that's what they're trying to do.
Alice (PS1FG) [4259] [...] stop people.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4260] Yeah.
Krista (PS1FJ) [...]
Alice (PS1FG) [4261] I think it's a load of cobblers me, it's frigging wrong.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4262] It's not fair.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4263] Innit?
[4264] I'm not paying three pound a packet
Alice (PS1FG) [4265] Well
Krista (PS1FJ) [4266] I'm not either.
Alice (PS1FG) [4267] [...] frigging [...] it's trying to do working class out all frigging time.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4268] Well there's a lot of these old people never move out of house
Alice (PS1FG) [4269] Well that's it.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4270] and that's all [...]
Alice (PS1FG) [4271] And they've worked all their bloody life.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4272] that's all [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4273] They can't afford [...]
Alice (PS1FG) [4274] Yeah I think it's bloody disgusting.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4275] It's not fair.
[4276] ... Make you sick.
[4277] ... I've still got that irritation [...]
Alice (PS1FG) [sigh] ... [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4278] No she did it at doctors.
[4279] I got an eyelash stuck right inside fold, and I couldn't er shift it for love nor money, it were there about two or three days before I went to doctors.
[4280] So he saw it, told nurse it were right in folds down there
Alice (PS1FG) [4281] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4282] and to get it out.
[4283] And she got this ginormous magnifying glass and she nipped me face, just there.
Alice (PS1FG) [4284] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4285] You know that skin just underneath?
[4286] Well she had some ... they were like right slim at end and then went like that, and she got the fat bit and went crrrk ... and it hurts like mad.
[4287] Well she said she'd got it out but
Krista (PS1FJ) [4288] Do you know what ... er soothes sore eyes and that, and it's an old fashioned remedy
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4289] Tea bag.
[4290] Dead tea bag.
Alice (PS1FG) [4291] [...] cold milk.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4292] T cold cold tea.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4293] Cold tea
Krista (PS1FJ) [4294] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4295] I thought it were a tea bag.
Alice (PS1FG) [4296] Cold milk as well.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4297] Well you could use tea bag, cold tea.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4298] Mm.
Alice (PS1FG) [4299] I always used to use that on babbies for, you know when they get cold and weepy eyes?
[4300] ... Use cold tea bag or cold milk.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4301] Mm.
[4302] Never tried it.
[4303] It just irritates, it's not sore now, it irritates.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4304] I don't like to go and see [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4305] So I keep trying to get me eyelashes and push up.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4306] eyewash things.
[4307] I just use cold [...]
Alice (PS1FG) [4308] I've still got that on.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4309] Put it in a basin and ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4310] Ooh.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4311] stick tea bag in it now, cos I mean it used to be tea didn't it, all at one time?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4312] Yeah.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4313] Stick tea bag in it now and then just keep ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4314] Oh.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4315] bagging it with tea. [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4316] [...] [laugh] splash it out.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4317] Mm.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4318] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4319] Well I put me clothes out at twelve o'clock, I says to Linda if it holds out for a couple
Krista (PS1FJ) [4320] No I haven't bothered to put mine out.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4321] if it holds for a, well it's jeans, I thought well
Krista (PS1FJ) [4322] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4323] it'll get mainly dry and I can finish them off in here can't I?
[4324] ... Which is a lot better.
[4325] ... Have you been to that Nettos?
Alice (PS1FG) [cough]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4326] Pardon?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4327] Have you been to that Nettos then?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4328] Yeah. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4329] Freezer's still empty.
[4330] They had some of them chickens in for one pound thirty odd, you know when it's got sign up on video?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4331] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4332] Two pound eight ounces, that's all they were.
[4333] ... I thought no wonder they're one pound thirty odd!
[4334] See size only of them, little scrawny spoggies ...
Alice (PS1FG) [yawn]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4335] You may as well as go in garden and pick all these spoggies up, you'd get more meat on it.
Alice (PS1FG) [laugh] ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4336] And they'd got some funny things but they'd got foreign names and I thought well ...
Krista (PS1FJ) [4337] Well it is a foreign shop.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4338] Well I know that but there is English names on a lot of stuff except certain stuff and then it's in foreign and it's
Krista (PS1FJ) [4339] I think it's er ... Denmark
Alice (PS1FG) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4340] Yeah.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4341] It's Danish. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4342] It's not so bad if it's got picture, you know what's inside it then.
Alice (PS1FG) [laugh]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4343] [laugh] Open it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4344] Oh aye yeah they'd make me buy it.
[4345] Eh you can't use a cheque, Access Card, nothing.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4346] Can't you?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4347] No, I had to borrow some money off Maggie this morning to pay me bill.
[4348] Cos I didn't quite have enough.
Alice (PS1FG) [4349] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4350] So I straight [...]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4351] Probably cos they've been done that much.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4352] So you've gotta pay cash.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4353] Mm I say probably cos they've been done.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4354] Well that's stupid having a ginormous supermarket
Alice (PS1FG) [4355] They've cut price an'all int it?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4356] Mm.
[4357] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4358] Well they're all half price virtually aren't they?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4359] Yeah. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4360] Cos what's a loaf of bread, fifty eight innit? [...]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4361] Then you see cash ... they can fiddle.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4362] Yeah.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4363] They can put half down through books and other half ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4364] Yeah true.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4365] in their pocket.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4366] So no matter what they do they're lumbered all way round aren't they? ...
Krista (PS1FJ) [4367] You see but with cheques, they can't
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4368] Yeah.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4369] they've got to go through books.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4370] It would annoy me that.
[4371] ... Ooh!
Krista (PS1FJ) [4372] Mm [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4373] Cos me bill were fourteen quid. ...
Krista (PS1FJ) [4374] Have you lost some weight love?
Alice (PS1FG) [4375] No I fucking haven't.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4376] [laughing] And she's just complaining she's put some on, I've got a fat belly [] [laugh]
Alice (PS1FG) [4377] I'm like a pregnant duck.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh] ...
Krista (PS1FJ) [4378] Yet you're looking as if you've lost a bit off your back.
Alice (PS1FG) [4379] No.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4380] It's all walking she does.
[4381] Up and down, up and down.
Alice (PS1FG) [4382] [laughing] Walking [] [...] bloody [...] walking I do.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4383] Yeah.
[4384] ... I'm taping you even though you said I couldn't.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4385] Are you?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4386] Yeah.
[4387] ... So I did it anyway cos later on you would have said well you could've taped me if you want [laughing] like you always do [laugh] so I did it anyway [] . ...
Krista (PS1FJ) [4388] [whispering] [...] [] ... Mind you I wouldn't say owt.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4389] No, no I've gotta talk later, well I'll talk to you when I've switched that off, talk for about five minutes and I'll stick your voice on.
[4390] ... Cos where's your accent from? ...
Krista (PS1FJ) [4391] [laughing] Yorkshire [] .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4392] I thought so.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4393] I were born and bred in Donny.
[4394] Fred
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4395] I know but you could've been fetched from Grand Canaries. [laugh]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4396] Fred [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4397] Well I haven't got Fred's voice so I can't put
Krista (PS1FJ) [4398] I was saying Fred weren't.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4399] I know he weren't, Durham weren't he?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4400] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4401] Mm yeah.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4402] He's a Geordie.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4403] Is that the one, have I filled it in?
[4404] ... See I've got to remember, you see a few of them ... I had a load of them all talking, you know when I were at school?
Alice (PS1FG) [4405] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4406] So I just put mixed, school, male and female, mixed strangers
Alice (PS1FG) [4407] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4408] so that'll cover for people that ... I don't know.
[4409] ... I've lost me pen now.
[4410] Do you know I put that pen down and everything else and it disappears.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4411] Thank you for taking time for this interview, well that's a load of crap cos I didn't give time.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4412] It's not yourn it mine. [laugh]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4413] Well you're supposed to have showed it.
Alice (PS1FG) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4414] I've showed you it!
[4415] The people to be interviewed
Alice (PS1FG) [4416] [...] oh!
Krista (PS1FJ) [4417] Yeah but you don't!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [shouting] [...] []
Krista (PS1FJ) [4418] You don't!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4419] You're telling fibs.
Krista (PS1FJ) [...]
Alice (PS1FG) [4420] [shouting] Didn't know you were getting a voucher [] .
Krista (PS1FJ) [4421] Who's getting a voucher?
Alice (PS1FG) [4422] [laugh] [...] she says she gets a twenty five quid voucher.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4423] Aye she does.
Alice (PS1FG) [4424] She ought to buy us something didn't she?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4425] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4426] I reckon she ought to share it.
Alice (PS1FG) [4427] [laugh] [laughing] Half a pair of knickers and a new bra [] .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4428] Oh right.
[4429] Oh put your order in.
Alice (PS1FG) [laugh]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4430] She ought to share it.
Alice (PS1FG) [4431] Yeah.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4432] Don't you put my age, just put a plus there.
Alice (PS1FG) [4433] Twenty one. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4434] Well you're sixty four, can I put sixty four?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4435] No.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4436] Oh.
[4437] Can I just put four, plus four? [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KCXPSUGP) [laugh]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4438] Twenty one plus. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4439] Twenty one plus sixty four? [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KCXPSUGP) [...] [laugh]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4440] She's got the [...] , she's had the [...] on a long time oh I know that.
Group of unknown speakers (KCXPSUGP) [laugh]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4441] I know what she's like
Group of unknown speakers (KCXPSUGP) [laugh]
Krista (PS1FJ) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4442] So I'm allowed to put it now cos I've said it?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4443] No.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh] ...
Alice (PS1FG) [4444] [...] aren't I?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4445] She's a bloody shit [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4446] Well I told you didn't I?
Alice (PS1FG) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4447] Yeah.
[4448] I'm saying yeah I never looked at it, I automatically put it down [...]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4449] I didn't give my consent.
Alice (PS1FG) [4450] No you didn't Irene, I never heard you, her give you your consent.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4451] No I didn't I says I'll think
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4452] Linda will you stop siding with her. [laugh]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4453] I said I'll think about it didn't I?
Alice (PS1FG) [4454] Yes you did didn't you Irene love, yes.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4455] I know her thinking.
Alice (PS1FG) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4456] She says no you can't, I might do and then when she's ready to go out she'll say you could've taped it.
Alice (PS1FG) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KCXPSUGP) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4457] I done it. [laugh]
Alice (PS1FG) [4458] Well that babby's jumper's not coming on.
[4459] ... I've got two thirds of back [...] and I've been doing it a month.
Krista (PS1FJ) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4460] [laughing] Ooh.
[4461] You're not doing very well then are you [] ?
Alice (PS1FG) [4462] I keep going wrong with me cable, I keep pulling it to front instead of back. ...
Krista (PS1FJ) [4463] I can't do that bloody thing, it goes arsehole upwards and all over the place.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4464] What cabling?
[4465] It's easy.
Alice (PS1FG) [4466] And I've been, yeah it's easy enough but
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4467] You've put me off now, do you know what I'm putting in your age? [laugh]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4468] What?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4469] [laughing] Thirty plus [] .
Krista (PS1FJ) [4470] Well that's alright.
Alice (PS1FG) [4471] You're right.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4472] It is?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4473] Aye.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4474] [whispering] Thirty plus thirty four [] .
Group of unknown speakers (KCXPSUGP) [laugh] [...] [laugh]
Alice (PS1FG) [...]
Krista (PS1FJ) [4475] Thirty plus thirty four.
Group of unknown speakers (KCXPSUGP) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4476] [laughing] Get lost you [...]
Alice (PS1FG) [4477] [laughing] Question mark [...] []
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4478] if, if they add them if they add them together [] she's gonna stab me with screwdriver now [laughing] cos I put that []
Alice (PS1FG) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4479] She's crossing it out, she don't want [laughing] her age, she's crossing thirty four out [] .
[4480] [laugh] I bet she changes it to twenty one or summat.
[4481] Have you crossed thirty four out?
[4482] Right.
Alice (PS1FG) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4483] We'll say you're thirty plus then. [laugh] ...
Alice (PS1FG) [4484] Right I'm going.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4485] Okey-cokey, I'll see you later.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4486] Right I can put me feet up now.
Alice (PS1FG) [4487] And I shall see you when I see you.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4488] Yes.
[4489] ... So take care.
Krista (PS1FJ) [4490] Right love, tarrah.
Alice (PS1FG) [4491] [...] see you.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4492] See you later duck, bye. ...
Alice (PS1FG) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4493] [shouting] It sticks [] .
Alice (PS1FG) [...] ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4494] I'll turn it off for you now then.
[4495] ... Shall I turn it off?
Krista (PS1FJ) [4496] Yes please.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4497] Right.

12 (Tape 060603)

Kathleen (PS1FC) [4498] that baby, she's only got seven weeks left.
Maggie (PS1FE) [4499] Well you can't [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4500] Cos I says what you doing still working here, you know, that's what we'd just been on about
Maggie (PS1FE) [4501] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4502] cos ... she told us er Tommy said she had to pack jobs in
Maggie (PS1FE) [4503] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4504] and er apparently she's packed that cleaning job at ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough] [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4505] cleaning job at oogie erm er ... ooh Samantha's been at me coat again.
Maggie (PS1FE) [4506] Yeah. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [4507] I know.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4508] she packed that cleaning job in at er, what do they call it?
[4509] Doctors
Maggie (PS1FE) [4510] Oh yeah?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4511] she used to do at doctors or summat
Maggie (PS1FE) [4512] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4513] she packed that one in and she's packed the one in at, you know disabled school?
Maggie (PS1FE) [4514] Oh yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4515] She packed that one in and she says she's still doing this for another two ... two week I think she says ... and that's erm ... what you call it?
[4516] That'll, she's got seven weeks to go so that'll leave her five
Maggie (PS1FE) [4517] Five weeks to go.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4518] But it's er leaving it a bit short notice innit?
[4519] Just for five weeks.
Maggie (PS1FE) [4520] Mm. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4521] Cos I thought, I thought I'll take it out, I finished that tape, this is a new one.
Maggie (PS1FE) [4522] Oh you're doing well then.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4523] So I put them two and a half up to press with this one and then I can turn it over and I'll be on to third side.
[4524] So [...] ready and just
Maggie (PS1FE) [4525] And I've got the dumplings done
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4526] I've just gotta
Maggie (PS1FE) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [4527] [...] three dumplings.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4528] Three!
[4529] When I put
Maggie (PS1FE) [4530] Three.
[4531] Terry don't eat them.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4532] When I put three or four in my pan I can't get nowt in.
Maggie (PS1FE) [4533] [laugh] Well you can't, there's only three dumplings for Bill.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4534] Aren't you doing [...] none?
Maggie (PS1FE) [4535] He won't eat dumplings, if he sees dumplings in a stew he'll puke.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4536] Will he?
Maggie (PS1FE) [4537] Yeah.
[4538] So I've gotta get them cooked before Terry comes home.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4539] What, take them out?
Maggie (PS1FE) [4540] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4541] Weird!
Maggie (PS1FE) [4542] Yeah he ... ooh no, he don't like dumplings.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4543] Oh I'd've thought he would've done.
[4544] ... But then again they like all different things.
Maggie (PS1FE) [4545] Mm.
[4546] Jackie was about to say well I'll see you then tomorrow and before she could get the tomorrow out I says about Thursday, alright?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4547] Er who's fetching ... thing home?
Maggie (PS1FE) [4548] She's coming up tonight, she's getting what's his name to look after ... the boys and she's coming up
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4549] Oh she's coming by
Maggie (PS1FE) [4550] on the, on the two fifty or the two [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4551] Did you notice she says she didn't have owt and she'd left it at home?
Maggie (PS1FE) [4552] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4553] Anyway she went to shop she bought sweets and nappies.
Maggie (PS1FE) [4554] And yeah I were gonna say she went up to shop and had nappies.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4555] Yeah I know I saw her.
Maggie (PS1FE) [4556] Cos she had er
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4557] Cos I shall go for it
Maggie (PS1FE) [4558] one pound eighty odd
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4559] I shall go for it mesen tomorrow, you see I've got five pound in house which
Maggie (PS1FE) [4560] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4561] I'm giving you
Maggie (PS1FE) [4562] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4563] and that is the other two pound I owe you, leaving me three.
Maggie (PS1FE) [4564] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4565] Cos I knew I'd got enough to give you back, that's why I wanted to borrow it
Maggie (PS1FE) [4566] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4567] and I thought bugger that I shall go over and get it mesen tomorrow.
Maggie (PS1FE) [4568] No let her come up with it tonight.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4569] No I mean if she don't.
Maggie (PS1FE) [4570] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4571] I shall be up for it tomorrow.
Maggie (PS1FE) [4572] Well she says she's phoning you ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4573] So I thought no, you're not getting away with that one.
Maggie (PS1FE) [4574] No, don't do it again.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4575] No, definitely not.
[4576] She stated today.
Maggie (PS1FE) [4577] Yes.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4578] And I thought [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [4579] Well I think I think she's spent all that money what she's got off [...] already because
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4580] She got her Family Allowance this morning as well.
Maggie (PS1FE) [4581] No she ain't got the Family Allowance, she says oh I was gonna leave that cos I says to her I says ... have you drawn your Family Allowance?
[4582] She says er no then she ... afterwards I says well don't forget to get Kath's money she said tell her I'll phone her and I'll be up about half past six, I'll have to go and draw me money.
[4583] So it's the Family Allowance she's got to draw today.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4584] So she's spent all that seventy odd quid?
Maggie (PS1FE) [4585] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4586] It's a hell of a lot to spend in two days and the shops are shut on Sundays. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [4587] She's gone and owed a telly and a video, God knows how much that cost her.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4588] Oh good God! ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [4589] Ha!
[4590] I didn't realize it was still on.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4591] No it's nearly finished.
Maggie (PS1FE) [4592] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4593] That side of tape's nearly gone, a few more minutes and then it's finished I think.
Maggie (PS1FE) [4594] Sing a song.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4595] Oh aye yeah, I can't sing.
Maggie (PS1FE) [...] [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4596] [laughing] Eh you should hear it with Irene [] I thought she were gonna stab me with screwdriver.
[4597] ... Taping her earlier and she ke it's cos I kept going to put sixty four on to tt you know that thing I fill in to say who's on it?
[4598] That I know
Maggie (PS1FE) [4599] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4600] who's on it?
Maggie (PS1FE) [4601] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4602] And er she picked screwdriver up, well she thought it were a pen and I thought [laughing] God she's got a screwdriver and she's gonna stab me [] and I put thirty plus thirty four
Maggie (PS1FE) [4603] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4604] and did it like that, so she scribbled thirty four out and left thirty plus. [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [4605] Thirty plus.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4606] I thought ooh dear me.
[4607] It were funny.
[4608] I thought it were funny anyway.
Maggie (PS1FE) [4609] Our Steve's got eye patch on now, he's had the doctor out.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4610] Have you been talking to him today?
Maggie (PS1FE) [4611] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4612] Did he tell you if he's seen Stephen? ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [4613] He never mentioned him.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4614] Oh.
[4615] ... [sigh] I thought ... doesn't this take a long time just for a little tiny bit?
Maggie (PS1FE) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4616] Do you know ... it is, it's a little tiny but it's going on for ages and ages.
Maggie (PS1FE) [4617] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4618] It's to stop me turning tape over I'm sure

13 (Tape 060604)

Kathleen (PS1FC) [4619] I think it said five six seven eight nine ten or summat on one side and then it said six seven [laughing] eight nine on [] other side.
[4620] It sort of doubled up, or summat like that, so she crossed them all out and changed them.
Steve (PS1FH) [4621] Ooh she's a [...] .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4622] Why?
[4623] ... There were two sixes and ... two nines
Steve (PS1FH) [4624] Well
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4625] and two eights and what have you.
Steve (PS1FH) [4626] well still ca she can't just [...] in ten.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4627] Well she didn't do them.
Steve (PS1FH) [4628] Oh [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4629] Somebody else did.
[4630] She just picked boxes up and delivered them.
Steve (PS1FH) [4631] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4632] So it was like
Steve (PS1FH) [4633] Well can't they count to ten?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4634] I don't know.
Steve (PS1FH) [4635] They didn't bleeding look it, the [...] ... Well you can have half an hour in the morning and half an hour at night, that's an hour.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4636] Yeah.
[4637] ... I got Michael to finish filling other one up [laughing] today [] .
[4638] Just talking about owt and nowt and
Steve (PS1FH) [4639] I know but if she s she starts talking she never bloody stops.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4640] No er when Maggie's talking, if she knows it's on ... she always tells me when to stop it.
[4641] ... Depends what she wants to say.
[4642] ... Same as you, only time when you didn't know what you thought and you've got to call everybody names and everything cos you don't know what to say, you can't think of forgetting it's here.
Steve (PS1FH) [4643] I know.
[4644] Well that's your fault.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4645] No it isn't.
Steve (PS1FH) [4646] If you'd've just switched it on when I come in it'd've been totally different.
[4647] I wouldn't've known.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4648] I know but ... we've got telly on and everything haven't we?
Steve (PS1FH) [4649] So?
[4650] They've got background noise.
[4651] You don't worry about that.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4652] Oh I always turn telly off.
Steve (PS1FH) [4653] Why?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4654] I don't know.
[4655] ... I don't know if it can pick voices up with telly [laughing] on [] .
Steve (PS1FH) [4656] Well it should pick it all up if it's a good, good enough mike.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4657] Well
Steve (PS1FH) [4658] They've been bloody computer games in work, the chuffs.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4659] What them little hand held ones?
Steve (PS1FH) [4660] No, on computer.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4661] In office?
Steve (PS1FH) [4662] No in ... tt ... tur erm ... turbine we're building, we're building three big'uns, right?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4663] What, for abroad?
Steve (PS1FH) [4664] Yeah.
[4665] ... They're going to France, well one's going Thur gonna set off, start moving it Thursday, we've got most of it up.
[4666] Well they've got a computer up in number two, and I went in tonight ... they're playing chuffing Grand Prix.
[4667] ... I said Christ you're chuffing mad, no wonder you stop till ten o'clock.
[4668] He said what you on about?
[4669] I should have thought you were flogging on I says, you skiving [laughing] sods [] .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4670] I thought you could only er do two hours?
[4671] ... I thought. ...
Steve (PS1FH) [4672] That's the impression I've been under but according to form you can do what you bloody want.
[4673] ... I do two hours
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4674] Yeah I know you do.
Steve (PS1FH) [4675] for the simple reason
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4676] You've got a long way to travel.
Steve (PS1FH) [4677] Yes.
[4678] ... [yawning] If I didn't have so long to travel I'd do two and a half hours [] .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4679] Ooh. ...
Steve (PS1FH) [4680] [...] to talk to Gavin
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4681] Oh is he this new one you've [...] ?
Steve (PS1FH) [4682] No ... he's foreman.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4683] Oh. ...
Steve (PS1FH) [4684] [...] permanent position.
[4685] ... I says cos there ain't none. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4686] Why, has he already been told?
Steve (PS1FH) [4687] Well
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4688] I know you've been told [...] different people different things. ...
Steve (PS1FH) [4689] I'll go and have a word with him [...] ... See what he says.
[4690] [...] chance of that.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4691] [...] Mm yeah well I posted that one today for you.
Steve (PS1FH) [4692] Yeah well.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4693] Oh you got ashtray quick, I haven't even got [...] !
Steve (PS1FH) [4694] Well d I was gonna say it's your [...] ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4695] I've got three. ...
Steve (PS1FH) [4696] Ta.
[4697] ... [sigh] ... So what did y she say when you told her?
[4698] You ought to a told her we'd bought one. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4699] Bought one what?
Steve (PS1FH) [4700] Timeshare.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4701] Oh ... no!
[4702] She falls for it l hook line and sinker.
[4703] Then I forget that I've been joking with her ... then she tells me off so ... I don't bother any more.
[4704] She gets too serious.
Steve (PS1FH) [4705] So what?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4706] She were on about Graham, she's seen him loads of times this week.
Steve (PS1FH) [4707] But it's only one week.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4708] Last week.
[4709] Oh. ...
Steve (PS1FH) [4710] [sigh] That talk I had to Johnny's not done m a blind bit of ... good. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4711] Waste of breath.
Steve (PS1FH) [4712] So, but, I know that, yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4713] They're getting old.
[4714] But then again Irene and Fred's old and they're not like that.
[4715] They argue like hell them two now, Irene and Fred.
Steve (PS1FH) [4716] Because he's at home.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4717] No.
[4718] ... He's done er erm ... tt what did she call it?
[4719] ... Summat like a takeover bid.
Steve (PS1FH) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4720] Now she's been having an argument with the council and ... while she's been arguing, you know she's got a grievance, while she's [laughing] been arguing [] she takes her anger out on them and tells them what she thinks of them.
[4721] So since Fred's been retired, he says leave it to me and, because he's that soft, nothing's done about it.
Steve (PS1FH) [4722] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4723] And then she starts demanding to know what they're going to do and he keeps saying they're gonna write, they're gonna write, they're gonna write.
[4724] She says no they're not gonna write, I'm gonna phone them.
[4725] No don't you phone them, I'll phone them, she says well phone them now.
Steve (PS1FH) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4726] So he'll phone her and she'll say [shouting] and I'm still sat behind him rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, moan, moan, moan [] you see.
[4727] So er they says to him who's that?
[4728] He says it's me wife and she's as mad as hell, and they says yeah we can hear her from here ... and s must've said summat about writing and she ... starts bawling and shouting, oh summat about ... you've got to write ... I want a letter by Friday, you're not messing me about no more, you're not talking to him you're talking to me.
[4729] And then she ran upstairs and grabbed the other phone [laughing] and Fred had to put phone down cos she wouldn't shut up [] .
[4730] So you see they were having a ... difference of opinion over that and he's saying you shouldn't, you should've left it all to me and she says [laughing] I've done it for last fifty year [] and, you know, all this.
Steve (PS1FH) [4731] Yes.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4732] And she says you're stupid, you don't know how to talk to them and then they start, you see Fred won't row.
[4733] ... And same as she says, she needs a row to clear the air, so picks on him and he just ducks.
Steve (PS1FH) [4734] Why do you have a go back at her?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4735] Well I went in and I says where's me cup?
[4736] ... And Fred said see, I told you you'd got to tell her.
[4737] ... I took off.
[4738] I says where's me cup?
[4739] She says I threw it at him. [laugh]
Steve (PS1FH) [4740] Why didn't she throw her own?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4741] That's what I says, that went an'all apparently.
Steve (PS1FH) [4742] What about his?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4743] That went an'all.
Steve (PS1FH) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4744] Cos I'd been there that morning
Steve (PS1FH) [4745] Oh well.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4746] and er my cup were out, her cup, Ev's cup and ... Fred's cup
Steve (PS1FH) [4747] So all four went?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4748] Aye, she were washing them or summat and he were annoying her so she threw them all.
[4749] And she phoned me up and says what are you doing?
[4750] I says nowt, she says good I'm coming.
[4751] Every time she gets arsey now she comes down here. ...
Steve (PS1FH) [4752] Oh well.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4753] I thought she were gonna stab me with screwdriver today.
Steve (PS1FH) [4754] Which screwdriver?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4755] Yours on table.
[4756] ... Thought bloody hell.
[4757] ... Tormenting ... you know how she torments, says yeah you can do it then you can't, then you can, then you can't?
Steve (PS1FH) [4758] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4759] Well when she come in I asked her if we could tape ... so she says yeah course you can.
[4760] Then she decided to be awkward, like she always is, and said ... I says oh it's still taping you know and I s ... she said summat, I can't remember what it were now but I was saying, I knew that'd happen, one minute yes then no, then I'll think about it, I says and if I didn't start it when you went out you'd be saying you could've done this and that ... and er so she were chittering , pretending she said I couldn't ... do it.
[4761] She said I could and then she were messing about you see.
[4762] And then I went and showed her all forms, all these form things that they've got ... I were letting her read it.
[4763] And
Steve (PS1FH) [4764] What form things?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4765] These that are in this bag.
[4766] And
Steve (PS1FH) [4767] I haven't seen them.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4768] Haven't you seen them?
[4769] That's what I've got [...]
Steve (PS1FH) [4770] I don't get shown owt like that.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4771] Oh well, you know.
Steve (PS1FH) [4772] All I do is get mike shoved under me nose.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4773] It's not under your nose!
Steve (PS1FH) [4774] No it's under me
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4775] [...] don't tell lies.
Steve (PS1FH) [4776] [laughing] no it's under me arse [...] farts [] .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4777] [laugh] Anyway er ... it were what you write down, you're supposed to write who you've been talking to, tt what the occupation is ... er you, how old they are, female, male ... regional accent and that's, if you were born in London that's your accent you're using int it?
Steve (PS1FH) [4778] [mimicking] Och aye the noo [] Geordies.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4779] Oh well I don't know.
[4780] Aye all that jazz, and er
Steve (PS1FH) [4781] You couldn't tell whether a Geordie's frigging Irish or Scottish.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4782] Well if I know who they are and I don't know where they come from ... I'll just put who they are ... day I were talking to them and dash it.
[4783] ... I can't fill all answers in I only
Steve (PS1FH) [4784] Why not?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4785] I only fill them in that I know for a fact.
[4786] ... Cos sometimes they won't tell you.
Steve (PS1FH) [4787] That's, well if you're going to J J's Saturday
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4788] Yeah she filled
Steve (PS1FH) [4789] tape it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4790] about ten in.
Steve (PS1FH) [4791] Aye a load of garbage.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4792] Yeah.
Steve (PS1FH) [4793] Well if you've got a cross-section of
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4794] I were telling you about Irene, I were filling this thing in and I put right, sixty four ... I were gonna put sixty four, that were it.
[4795] ... So she didn't want sixty four putting down, she wanted twenty one plus putting down. [laugh]
Steve (PS1FH) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4796] So what I did is I writ thirty plus thirty four, adding up to sixty four and she [laughing] jumped up and she's grabbing thing off table and she had hold of the screwdriver and I says to Linda [...] thought she was gonna stab me with screwdriver [] and she weren't, she were looking for a pencil so she could rub it out, well she couldn't and she found this pencil and she scribbled thirty four out.
[4797] ... So it says thirty plus now even though she's sixty four.
Steve (PS1FH) [4798] The cheeky sod.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4799] Yeah that's exactly what she did.
[4800] ... I couldn't stop laughing.
[4801] Linda were going in hysterics. ...
Steve (PS1FH) [4802] What did she have to say?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4803] Nowt much, just fetched her club money up, had a pratt about ... all about family and that, different things.
[4804] ... [yawning] Cos I thought oh dear [] ...
Steve (PS1FH) [4805] Yes it has swolled ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4806] Have you left it,wh what did you actually do?
Steve (PS1FH) [4807] I slipped on [...] scaffolding up ... which is that bigger machine
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4808] Yeah.
Steve (PS1FH) [4809] and all that frost we've had all last week I never slipped once
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4810] Made it slippery.
Steve (PS1FH) [4811] this morning, bit of water, and I w I found it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4812] Mm yeah well you would.
[4813] ... Straight on your leg again.
Steve (PS1FH) [4814] Straight on me knee.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4815] Your knee?
[4816] Oh.
Steve (PS1FH) [4817] Yeah.
[4818] ... So ... tt I'll report it tomorrow.
[4819] I were gonna report it today then I got talking with gaffer [sigh] I were sorting this job out ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4820] Mm.
Steve (PS1FH) [4821] the crafty sod is er off tomorrow. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4822] How come they can take time off yet you can't?
Steve (PS1FH) [4823] He's been there longer than me.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4824] Oh.
Steve (PS1FH) [4825] I can, I might have two holidays now, two days' holiday. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4826] Well ... I don't get that, me.
Steve (PS1FH) [4827] What?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4828] All these two days' holiday and this, you've had Christmas.
Steve (PS1FH) [4829] You get two point summat days per month worked
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4830] Oh so you should've got them for January? ...
Steve (PS1FH) [4831] right?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4832] Yeah.
Steve (PS1FH) [4833] And I worked three month before Christmas so I got six point summat days
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4834] For Christmas.
Steve (PS1FH) [4835] so then I had all Christmas off.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4836] Oh!
[4837] Yeah I get it now.
[4838] ... I thought you got Christmas off like we got Christmas off.
Steve (PS1FH) [4839] No.
[4840] You gotta earn them. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4841] I'm on holiday in three weeks, this, fortnight this Friday.
Steve (PS1FH) [4842] Yeah well [...] two days' holiday so
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4843] [...] ... [door knock] [sigh] ... That's a fella's knock.
Steve (PS1FH) [4844] Probably Shane or somebody.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4845] You can tell.
[4846] ... [at front door] Oh thank you very much.
[4847] Goodbye.
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [4848] [...] cold out here.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4849] It is a bit.
[4850] Ta-ta.
[4851] [door closing] ... Don't look like we're watching [...] we're watching this. ...
Steve (PS1FH) [4852] What is it?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4853] I says if they lent me it ... erm well they might want us to watch it now and lend it to someone else.
[4854] Naked Gun Two And A Half
Steve (PS1FH) [4855] Oh yeah. [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4856] so she says they were getting it but weren't watching it till eight.
[4857] And I says oh Steve can't watch it at eight.
[4858] ... Er can't watch it after you've watched it at eight, [laughing] I'm getting right odd here []
Steve (PS1FH) [4859] I were gonna say.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4860] but ... she must've told him ...
Steve (PS1FH) [4861] Why what are you getting?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4862] Nowt. ...
Steve (PS1FH) [4863] Well you were gonna get a video to [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4864] [...] heck. ...
Steve (PS1FH) [4865] I thought they were chuffing hard up?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4866] They are, they put a pound each. ...
Steve (PS1FH) [4867] Well they can't be that chuffing hard up then.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4868] She's ... can't be, she had two ten pound notes in her purse this morning.
Steve (PS1FH) [4869] Tt ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4870] See I can tell knocks.
Steve (PS1FH) [4871] [...] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4872] Knocks.
[4873] Whether it's a fella or a woman.
[4874] ... Fellas always do a fancy knock.
Steve (PS1FH) [sigh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4875] We just bang on door. [laugh]
Steve (PS1FH) [laugh] ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4876] Oh er telly's got a buzz on it and I couldn't get it off, I think I made it worse.
[4877] Cos I pressed colour by accident and
Steve (PS1FH) [4878] Oh you pratt!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4879] Well it's stupid that telly.
Steve (PS1FH) [4880] Is it chuff!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4881] It is, it's got that many buttons on it I can't find which is which.
Steve (PS1FH) [4882] Ooh!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4883] Well they've only got little tiny bits of writing on.
Steve (PS1FH) [4884] Give us it here.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4885] No I've done it now.
Steve (PS1FH) [4886] Well you said it's got a buzz on it. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4887] Well you can't use that for a buzz, you use that for a buzz don't you? ... [break in recording] for a buzz?
Steve (PS1FH) [4888] Yes.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4889] Rubbish. ...
Steve (PS1FH) [4890] What on?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4891] All of them.
[4892] ... If you turn sound off you can hear buzz.
[4893] ... But then again it could be that.
Steve (PS1FH) [4894] It's video!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4895] [laughing] I know it just dawned on me [] .
Steve (PS1FH) [4896] You dozy sod!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4897] I just looked down, I seen it then and ... ah nelly.
Steve (PS1FH) [4898] You're getting worse. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4899] I'm going senile before me time, it's Irene [...]
Steve (PS1FH) [4900] [...] you've gone.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4901] Do you know one minute they're alright ... daft as a brush, and next minute they can't get on with er other people.
Steve (PS1FH) [4902] Oh why worry I can't get on [...] .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4903] You never do.
Steve (PS1FH) [4904] Why should I?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4905] Cos they're women.
Steve (PS1FH) [4906] They're not my age group.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4907] Linda's your age group, Maggie's your
Steve (PS1FH) [4908] Oh I've, who?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4909] age group, Linda.
[4910] ... She's younger than me.
Steve (PS1FH) [4911] Is she?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4912] Thirty four, thirty five.
Steve (PS1FH) [4913] She don't bloody look it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4914] Well she is, she's thirty four or thirty five.
[4915] Maggie's only forty two, she's only three years old no hang on ... six years older than me ... you're two
Steve (PS1FH) [clears throat]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4916] she's three and a half years older than you.
[4917] Her birthday's in September ... you'll be nearer before
Steve (PS1FH) [4918] She's a bloody woman!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4919] She's still your age.
Steve (PS1FH) [laughing] [...] []
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4920] They want fellas that's different ages.
Steve (PS1FH) [4921] I know they're all old bogies, bogies. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4922] I noticed.
[4923] ... Irene's alright.
Steve (PS1FH) [4924] Irene gets to be a pain in arse. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4925] She's a good lass, I like her.
[4926] And you like her.
Steve (PS1FH) [4927] Nobody's saying that.
[4928] She gets to be a pain in arse though.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4929] Yeah I know.
Steve (PS1FH) [4930] She shoves her nose in when it's not wanted.
[4931] ... Then she don't like it when I snap at her.
[4932] ... So
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4933] You want that on don't you? ...
Steve (PS1FH) [4934] What is it, Roaring Thunder?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4935] I don't know. ...
Steve (PS1FH) [4936] Well I don't, you t
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4937] Michael Douglas.
[4938] ... Shooting people.
Steve (PS1FH) [4939] Ah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4940] Looked like a [...]
Steve (PS1FH) [...] ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4941] It's supposed to be good er tomorrow
Steve (PS1FH) [4942] Ah look at bleeding time.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4943] Yes I know.
[4944] ... They're always doing that [...] ...
Steve (PS1FH) [4945] Yeah well cos if that'd be Johnny, he'd stop up.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4946] Mm.
[4947] ... [laughing] Then pick on [...] for it [] .
Steve (PS1FH) [4948] Yeah but ... they bought a brand new video. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4949] She says he was still up at quarter past and didn't get up for work until seven this morning, that's what he said in note anyway, summat about he didn't fetch her a cup of tea up this morning cos he didn't get up till seven. ...
Steve (PS1FH) [4950] Well that's his chuffing fault.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4951] I know.
Steve (PS1FH) [4952] I went to bed at half, well between ten and eleven past
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4953] I know.
Steve (PS1FH) [4954] Only time I go later is on a weekend when I ... I don't have to go in.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4955] I know you don't.
[4956] I were on about that today, I can't remember who I talked to.
[4957] ... Were it Irene or Maggie?
[4958] ... We were on about Saturdays, having Saturdays to oursen finally ... you know, instead of having to go here there and everywhere ... not bothered about afternoon, I meant night times and that
Steve (PS1FH) [4959] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4960] and er she says yeah it's about time and I think it were Irene, about time.
[4961] And we were on about it and ... working it out.
[4962] That's what I says to her, like on Friday when you come in by the time we've got yo got you summat to eat and a bath and your petrol and everything ready for the next week ... filled your car up, that we could call in then ... but ... like if we have Saturday night you can either go to bed, [...] sleep on floor or do virtually what you want ... cos you don't have to go on Sunday if you don't want.
Steve (PS1FH) [4963] True.
[4964] ... Only times that I've got to go is Monday to Friday ... you've got to go.
[4965] ... Oh aye there were an enquiry today [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4966] Why?
Steve (PS1FH) [4967] Why I weren't there Sunday. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4968] It were you day off!
Steve (PS1FH) [4969] I says hey, I says Friday were my day off.
[4970] ... He says you come in Saturday.
[4971] I says so?
[4972] I want a bit of extra money for car.
[4973] ... He says why were y weren't you in Sunday?
[4974] ... I said I didn't want to.
[4975] I says there'll be a few more I don't want to either, alright?
[4976] He says no it isn't.
[4977] I says tough.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4978] [laugh] Oh dear. ...
Steve (PS1FH) [4979] He says I'm a granddad I says you look it as well.
[4980] He said what do you mean by that?
[4981] I says you're showing your age now granddad.
[4982] ... So that's what we've called him all day.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4983] Granddad?
Steve (PS1FH) [4984] Granddad. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4985] Do you know, it dawned on me, I went in shop this morning for some stamps and he didn't have any and I were gonna go to garage ... you only get er four stamps in them books now.
Steve (PS1FH) [4986] For a quid?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4987] Yeah and two one P stamps or summat or two P stamps or summat [...]
Steve (PS1FH) [4988] Aye you might as well
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4989] And er I says ... ooh never mind.
[4990] And he conned me into posting his mail!
[4991] ... It's only just dawned on me, he conned me into posting his mail.
Steve (PS1FH) [4992] Don't you charge him?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4993] No.
Steve (PS1FH) [4994] You oughta charge him with spice or summat.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4995] No I'm charging for spice when I go in
Steve (PS1FH) [4996] But you owe me a penny Spanish.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [4997] for going shopping for you.
[4998] Yeah he'd got some letters, apparently he were going to Post Office later for stamps and everything ... and er ... got this letter and seeings I'd only got three he give me his, give me twenty four pence for a stamp so I walked to Post Office, I thought well I don't want no penny or tuppeny stamps.
Steve (PS1FH) [4999] Well that's true.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5000] They're no good cos you leave them laying about and they get lost.
Steve (PS1FH) [5001] Yes mine did.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5002] What your penny and tuppeny stamp?
Steve (PS1FH) [5003] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5004] Or your full stamps?
[5005] I used your stamps on card.
Steve (PS1FH) [5006] I know you did.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5007] Stephen left some laying about and I used his an'all.
[5008] And then when you wanted them I give you mine.
[5009] ... Didn't I?
Steve (PS1FH) [5010] Well ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5011] Mm. ...
Steve (PS1FH) [5012] [sigh] Oh [...] going back and get these sweaty socks off.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5013] Yeah I know they smell.
Steve (PS1FH) [5014] Aye.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5015] Do you know why they smell?
Steve (PS1FH) [5016] Why?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5017] It's, you know with heat from fire?
Steve (PS1FH) [5018] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5019] Well when you first come in they didn't smell, it's only last five minutes.
Steve (PS1FH) [5020] [sigh] ... I've always had sweaty feet ever since you married me so don't start.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5021] I'm not starting I'm just saying that's when they smell most ... when you get near fire.
Steve (PS1FH) [5022] What's she doing in shower with a bleeding towel?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5023] She hasn't got a towel has she?
[5024] It's a flannel.
Steve (PS1FH) [5025] It weren't earlier, it were a flaming towel. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5026] Mm. ...
Steve (PS1FH) [5027] You should stop that, I'm going in bath.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5028] I know.
Steve (PS1FH) [5029] [talking directly into microphone] I'm gonna have a right good wash
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Steve (PS1FH) [5030] and I know it's too close but I'm still getting a good wash. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5031] Yes and I wonder what that sounds like.
Steve (PS1FH) [5032] Rubbish.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5033] Now I don't know where microphone is.
[5034] Rubbish.
Steve (PS1FH) [5035] Rubbish.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5036] Rubbish.
Steve (PS1FH) [5037] Rubbish.
[5038] I want the Walkman.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5039] I know you want one.
[5040] [laughing] Irene [] she were after it today
Steve (PS1FH) [5041] She's not having it, it's mine.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5042] It's not
Steve (PS1FH) [5043] You can you can give me it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5044] it's that it's that lady's, she gets it back on Friday.
Steve (PS1FH) [5045] No she doesn't.
[5046] She's not having it back, not at all, at all , at all .

14 (Tape 060605)

Maggie (PS1FE) [5047] You got him on the C B or something dad says and er he says she won't be up cos [...] gotta take her to the doctors or something
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5048] Mm.
Maggie (PS1FE) [yawn]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5049] No I'm buggered.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5050] Where's me anniversary card [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5051] I haven't got any money yet love. [...] ... [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5052] You're a tight fisted sod Bill, an anniversary card.
[5053] ... [...] make sure I've got a bloody card for [...] birthdays and everything.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [sigh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5054] Her birthday's coming up soon.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5055] Yeah about [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5056] Yeah [...] get me a card, it's Thursday, don't forget.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5057] Thursday don't forget.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5058] No.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5059] Thursday.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5060] Or she'll hit you.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5061] Has your Da has your Dawn seen that video?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5062] What video's that? ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [5063] You have, yeah [...] .
[5064] You took your video back?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5065] Yeah, but one of my videos is out ... oh what video's that that you've got?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5066] Naked Gun Two And A Half.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5067] Oh!
[5068] Ha have you seen [...] ?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5069] No.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5070] It is hilarious, I seen it, Mary's got a pirate ... and it's er ... anyhow I re it weren't a brilliant recording like but it's, you know, it's watchable and it's fantastic.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5071] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5072] Oh.
[5073] ... [...] Do what?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5074] [...] cough.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5075] Do you know that bit in that er Top Gun where he, where they hit them air brakes sort of thing and the plane was going like that?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5076] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5077] Well it, it shows ... come on I'm gonna hit the brake, he's got a chuffing accelerator pedal, a clutch and a bloody brake pedal there and [laughing] he's banging like this and it's [] ... brake's not working prop it's, it's funny, but there was a bloody ... tent there as well er where the Charlie Sheen is like an indian, and he's in this tent and this bloke calls to thingybob and he presses this bloody doorbell on it ... on this tent, it's funny, I tell you it is funny when you wa er when you actually watch it.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5078] [...] .
[5079] He's bought some cheap and nasty medicine for about thirty five pence [...] got rid of.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5080] Yeah she's been on about it.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5081] His dad spent a bloody fortune on all different stuff for me.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5082] Yeah she just went out yesterday into pharmacy he says right er she told him what she'd got he says right, he give her some ... Benolin stuff
Maggie (PS1FE) [5083] Oh for [...] ?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5084] No for, it was for Sharon so
Maggie (PS1FE) [5085] Oh has she got it an'all?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5086] Oh yeah she's getting it, it's all round [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5087] [cough] Steve's got it, coldsores and all into his eyes, he's got eye infection.
[5088] Oh it's [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5089] I know I went down to see him, he's got a really ... everybody's dying aren't they? [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5090] I'm not.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5091] I've still got it only, I've got the immunity system inside me now.
[5092] I've had it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5093] I must be good I've been round your mum every day but I haven't got it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5094] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5095] You know when I'm gonna get it?
[5096] Two weeks on Friday.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5097] Why what happens then?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5098] I'm on holiday.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5099] Hmm.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5100] Oh that'll be alright then, don't wanna get it before.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5101] Yeah two weeks on Friday.
[5102] Never fail I always get a day or two before holiday starts.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5103] What's that Mutant like, any good? ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5104] It's alright.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5105] Ah well ... I ain't, I ain't bothered getting any videos recently, I just haven't.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5106] I thought [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5107] What's it like at that [...] shop then?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5108] Greens ... Paki now innit?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5109] Is it a Paki who's got it now?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5110] Yeah they took it over.
Maggie (PS1FE) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5111] [...] that time he took this fridge and you kept asking him if he were selling it cos w it were empty weren't it, and he says no it's a load of rubbish.
[5112] Well he did, he sold it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5113] Oh. [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5114] Paki shop, the Pakis are everywhere now aren't they?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5115] Yeah.
[5116] But at least they put stock in the bloody shops don't they?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5117] You can get summat can't you?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5118] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5119] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5120] It's not [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5121] [...] they're loaded.
[5122] Urgh ... oh that's bad! ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5123] No ... [...] February tenth, poll tax.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5124] Oh.
[5125] I'm not, mine's paid.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5126] Yeah.
[5127] Oh we, I'm gonna go erm I'm going to
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5128] It said something in paper today
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5129] [...] on Friday.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5130] they've sent said fifty odd thousand out but if people go in and make arrangements
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5131] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5132] it can stop them going to court or if they go in and pay it off they don't go to court.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5133] Yeah.
[5134] Well I'm making arrangements to pay mine er but ... when I get paid on Friday it were going through, gotta pay him twenty five pounds and then fifteen pounds every fortnight thereafter ... and it'll take seven months to pay but that's all he can get off us.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5135] Mm well that's not bad. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5136] [sigh] ... [sniff] And me rent's all off now.
[5137] All because I got a, I got a job, you know, I got that security job and everything
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5138] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5139] the rent went up, right?
[5140] And by the time I finished that job, I worked for about two month ... and I were four hundred pound in rent arrears.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5141] Yeah but you've got all that sorted now.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5142] Oh yeah.
[5143] I only owe about six quid. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5144] You haven't done bad.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5145] No.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5146] Haven't done bad at all. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5147] Mm have you not been working then?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5148] Yeah I'm working in [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5149] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5150] Went back yesterday, tomorrow I'll carry on, Thursday I might have a lay in [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough] [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5151] Yeah I heard it were a right frigging [...] had an argument with Chinese bloke [...] ... [sigh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5152] What didn't they pay him then or what?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5153] I don't know what w er what had gone off, Mark put, Mark had parked his ca right, he went in his shop he, Chinese is part of a shop of three
Maggie (PS1FE) [5154] Yeah?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5155] right?
[5156] And there's a Paki shop and another shop and round there there's a wall
Maggie (PS1FE) [5157] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5158] and cars park in there, you know?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5159] Yeah.
[5160] Anybody that goes to the shops?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5161] Yeah but it's a public
Maggie (PS1FE) [5162] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5163] for the public.
[5164] Right, Mark come in, pulled his car up nea er right near the Chinese but more chinky er more
Maggie (PS1FE) [5165] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5166] thingy [...] like.
[5167] We were parked [...] Chinese like, you know, waiting cos they normally wave to us if there's any things comes [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5168] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5169] and Mark, Mark pulled in, went to Ch went to the Paki shop, come out and started talking to us.
[5170] Anyway tapped on window for ... told me to come in and says will you tell your mate to move his car.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5171] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5172] He says pardon?
[5173] Says what, it's a public place this is isn't, this, this, this area is ours you know
Maggie (PS1FE) [5174] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5175] that's right he says ... this is Mark, he says come in here a minute, says will you move your car and he says no I won't move my car, he says this is a public area and my car is parked there I've been, been into the shop and I'm talking to my mates.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5176] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5177] Says you will move your car now [...] this is our property ... you know, the Chinese.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5178] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5179] And he says, he says er ... he says I will not move my car and I don't get told anything, you know, I'm not doing nothing for you, you don't belong in this country and all this stuff
Kathleen (PS1FC) [...] [laugh] [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5180] [...] you're bloody Chinese, you know.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5181] He says you don't belong in this country, he says you're a bloody Chinese, get back to bloody your own country, you don't tell me what to do in my own bloody country and all this lot.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5182] Oh bloody hell you don't say nothing like that.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5183] Anyway he, he says, he says right he says Tony, he says to Tony, Chinese boy says do you wanna keep your job he says no, keep your fucking job.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5184] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5185] [laughing] Towed his car off and [] they, you know, they, they've got a car like and
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5186] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5187] er it were [...] this mechanic who lives in [...] who's, who knows a good mate of Tony's and he's told Tony ... Tony told him like and he says right, he said leave the car to me.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5188] Tt. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5189] He hasn't, they haven't paid him for this car yet
Maggie (PS1FE) [5190] Yeah?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5191] to be done, they owe the er owe the bill
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5192] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5193] they're trying to haggle with him now
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5194] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5195] but he doesn't take, he don't mess about and they'll lob the car back.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5196] Mm. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [sigh] [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5197] [...] if you were alright, we've not seen anything of you.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5198] Yeah.
[5199] Fine.
[5200] Going up to chinky er chinky, going to ch chippy in a bit.
[5201] Well, one o'clock. ... [sigh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5202] [...] the chips'll be fresh then Bill.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5203] Why's that?
[5204] Oh.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5205] Well they've not warmed them up.
[5206] ... If I'd known you was coming I would have done that bit of chicken.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5207] I've got some sausage rolls here.
[5208] I needed some change so I got two sausage rolls, I'm gonna wire them up on microwave in a bit right?
[5209] Er ... [...] mixed with some beans and [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5210] Er got bread Bill.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5211] [yawning] Oh aye [] .
[5212] Oh what's, what's the difference between a penis and a works bonus?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5213] I don't know.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5214] The wife don't mind blowing the works bonus.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5215] I were told that other day.
Group of unknown speakers (KCXPSUGP) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5216] I like that one.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5217] Do you wanna hear another one?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5218] Steve'll like that one.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5219] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5220] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5221] Er why d ... why do women parachutists wear jockstraps?
[5222] ... To stop them whistling on the way down.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5223] Tt [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5224] [laughing] [...] told that one as well [] and why, why do ... oh what's other one?
[5225] Why ... why don't blind people parachute?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5226] Don't know.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5227] Scares the shit out of guide dogs.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5228] [laughing] Cos I read these in a paper [] and I thought hey these are very good ones here, I thought ... I'll get them, I'll remember them.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5229] You get worse.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5230] It's like our Albert, he tells that many jokes I can never remember half of what he tells me.
[5231] He told me one twice
Kathleen (PS1FC) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5232] I still can't remember the bleeder.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [cough]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5233] He's pillock brained, your father, yesterday.
[5234] There he is with the car, drives straight into the garage and the aerial goes ping!
[5235] So he's waiting for you to come up and have a look at it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5236] [laughing] [...] the aerial off [] the car hasn't he?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5237] Snapped it?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5238] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5239] Well if he's snapped it the aerial [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5240] I don't know whereabouts it's snapped.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5241] [...] though innit?
Maggie (PS1FE) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5242] [...] probably snapped it and [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5243] If Steve's going to have electric aerial he'll be doing the same thing.
[5244] He never ever puts them down.
[5245] ... Or is it his C B aerial?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5246] The C B one [...] says I've only just let you have it!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5247] [laughing] He's forgot it's there [] .
Maggie (PS1FE) [5248] He's not had much sleep though, poor sod.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5249] You've got a spare bedroom you know.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5250] He won't sleep in it cos I won't sleep in it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5251] What's up with you ... why? ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [5252] It's still got everything chucked on it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5253] Well ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [5254] It was emptying but it's started filling up again. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5255] Yeah.
[5256] ... Now we got our drier other day, it come through.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5257] Ah did it?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5258] Yeah.
[5259] [sigh] We can dry [...] dry now, I just leave it, I leave both doors shut and it keeps kitchen warm.
Maggie (PS1FE) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5260] Yeah they do.
[5261] Yes.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5262] But you've gotta watch the con mind you it won't make no difference, condensation, will it? ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [...] ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5263] Yeah they don't half make kitchen warm though.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5264] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5265] I used to have one but he got fed up of me using it so he cut plug off
Maggie (PS1FE) [5266] Ah
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5267] [laughing] and we ended up selling it [] .
Maggie (PS1FE) [5268] How's your hoover now then?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5269] Working so so.
[5270] It's [...] the moment.
[5271] Mind you er
Maggie (PS1FE) [5272] Yeah well at least it's
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5273] it's working
Maggie (PS1FE) [5274] [...] better than it was.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5275] Yeah well next thing is a new hoover. [sniff] ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [5276] So are you doing the one o'clock or not bothering?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5277] No [...] ... can't be bothered to do owt to be honest.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5278] [laugh] That's just how I feel.
Maggie (PS1FE) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5279] Can't wait for me holidays.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5280] You going to stay for Tom's thing?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5281] No I'm going to [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5282] Where?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5283] Or [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5284] [...] [laugh] Or I'm going to Rome [...] [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5285] [...] innit, Rome?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5286] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5287] [...] cos it's somewhere [laughing] [...] []
Group of unknown speakers (KCXPSUGP) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5288] I'll wait for me gold card to come through and then I can go somewhere hot.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5289] That should be here before then shouldn't it?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5290] Yeah [...] .
[5291] Got a [...] holiday.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [cough] [cough]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5292] Oh yeah that thing might come so I'll keep a check out in case I see a
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5293] Yeah, parcel post coming in.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5294] big parcel post.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5295] [...] midi hi-fi system.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5296] Yeah she's won in everything.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5297] You won it?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5298] Yeah.
[5299] ... I won a gold card worth [...] a thousand pound
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5300] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5301] and er

15 (Tape 060701)

Flo (PS1FD) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5302] Ah well you're alright.
Flo (PS1FD) [5303] That's [...] ... [...] , hasn't had much of a rest today so
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5304] Has he been out all day then?
Flo (PS1FD) [5305] No, he'll be out ... went out at ten to seven but over a sort of I've been up since seven, I've not really sat down all day.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5306] Oh!
Flo (PS1FD) [5307] Quarter of these?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5308] Yes please.
[5309] Oh I haven't had none of them for ages [...] packets of them. [sounds of things being tipped and weighed]
Flo (PS1FD) [5310] [laugh] That's what everyone says, oh I used to have those.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5311] Yeah erm Alice at school, she give me one but hers weren't called them and I said they were called Imps
Flo (PS1FD) [5312] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5313] and these were called summat else but they was exactly the same.
[5314] ... Oh I want a bottle of pop ... have you any in fridge, no?
Flo (PS1FD) [5315] What bottles?
[5316] No.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5317] Oh I'll have a bottle of milk then. [laugh]
Flo (PS1FD) [5318] [laugh] Well it's cold [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5319] Yeah.
[5320] ... [whispering] Orange [...] [] ... Bet you're ready for shutting aren't you?
Flo (PS1FD) [5321] What?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5322] Thought you said about you're ready for shutting.
Flo (PS1FD) [5323] [laughing] Forgot what I said then [] [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5324] [laugh] You're cracking up.
[5325] Oh look at that, I'm gonna be a pig.
Flo (PS1FD) [5326] Mm that's what I've ... cos I've not been very busy I've been picking, you know like a few peanuts [laughing] there's chocolate peanuts, there's []
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5327] He's mending car, he's been working all day and now he's mending car [...]
Flo (PS1FD) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5328] it conked out other day
Unknown speaker (KCXPSUNK) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5329] conked out other day and he thought it were points, he changed points and I says to him have you changed plugs?
[5330] He went [clicks fingers] I knew there were summat
Flo (PS1FD) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5331] now he's changing plugs. [laugh]
Flo (PS1FD) [5332] What, in the dark?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5333] He's got one of them clip-on
Flo (PS1FD) [5334] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5335] oogifibs ... Oh [...] a couple of them.
Flo (PS1FD) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5336] [...] to do with it.
Flo (PS1FD) [5337] Well that's what I, that's what I've been doing.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5338] Nibbling?
Flo (PS1FD) [5339] Nibbling, that's the worse thing I can do.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5340] I know.
Flo (PS1FD) [5341] I were just like that when I were at home on me own at night, John used to play dominoes on a Friday night, the kids were in bed I'd be in and out of kitchen
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5342] Yeah I did
Flo (PS1FD) [5343] picking.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5344] too ... but this one, he hasn't been on nights.
Flo (PS1FD) [5345] Three twenty three please. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5346] I've got three ... I haven't got the twenty but [laughing] I've got the three []
Flo (PS1FD) [laugh] [...] ... [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5347] Ta.
[5348] ... I've just informed him that he can work longer if he wants, I thought smart move.
Flo (PS1FD) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5349] Have you got a bag I can put these into ... oh there's one over here.
[5350] ... I thought I don't see enough of him now, [...] till half past seven and then he says [...] home all day
Flo (PS1FD) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5351] [laughing] like he was before [] .
[5352] I think I prefer that actually.
Flo (PS1FD) [5353] Do you?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5354] I do, yeah. [...] [bags rustling too much to hear]
Flo (PS1FD) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5355] Tarrah.
Flo (PS1FD) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5356] Yeah that's true.
Flo (PS1FD) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5357] [laugh] You can't win no matter what you do.
[5358] Ta-ta.

16 (Tape 060702)

Kathleen (PS1FC) [5359] I know, it's just that I remembered picking milk up this morning to make Maggie a drink, and there didn't seem a lot ... so I thought I must remember
Steve (PS1FH) [5360] [...] a new bottle isn't there?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5361] No.
[5362] There never is is there?
[5363] ... So when I see it ... cos I thought I have Alice and ... them, so I [...] and [...] in the room and I [...] fridge.
[5364] ... [yawning] Oh dear [] .
[5365] ... I wonder where my torch has gone, as if I didn't know like.
Steve (PS1FH) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5366] It were on windowsill in corner.
Steve (PS1FH) [5367] You know [...] using it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5368] Yeah.
[5369] ... Shan't worry about it [...]
Steve (PS1FH) [5370] That's not the point, he knows damn well it's me snap.
[5371] ... There's your spare light up here.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5372] I know, I wondered why you'd left it on table. ...
Steve (PS1FH) [5373] That were mine.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5374] Where?
Steve (PS1FH) [5375] In car.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5376] Oh and it fell out of your pocket?
Steve (PS1FH) [5377] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5378] Ah I just wondered, shall I turn this light off?
Steve (PS1FH) [5379] Er yes.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5380] Why did you fill this up and leave it on table? ...
Steve (PS1FH) [5381] I don't know to be honest.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5382] It were sat [...]
Steve (PS1FH) [5383] I took it to work one day
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5384] Oh.
Steve (PS1FH) [5385] and used it. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5386] Oh I wondered, [...] ...
Steve (PS1FH) [5387] Mm oh I thought light were in there then, [...] ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5388] It is a bit dark innit? ...
Steve (PS1FH) [5389] [...] You've been to shop, did you get [...] ?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5390] Ooh!
[5391] Me memory don't work any more, it's shut down for Christmas.
[5392] [tv on] ... [...] ... Where is me pen?
[5393] There's always a pen in me bag.
[5394] ... Do you know, you could've filled that in, I could've shoved it in post box. ...
Steve (PS1FH) [5395] I know. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5396] You'll end up with about a dozen letters on mantel again cos I always forget to post things.
[5397] ... Well I'll post that tomorrow. ...
Steve (PS1FH) [5398] Well there's no rush.
[5399] Aye you can, yeah. ... [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5400] Well usually if there's not a stamp wanted, is there a stamp wanted?
Steve (PS1FH) [5401] No.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5402] Yeah usually if there's no stamp wanted I get one of lasses while I'm at work, they'll drop it off for me.
[5403] I always say will you do me a favour and they shove it in box.
Steve (PS1FH) [5404] [sigh] ... Erm ... ah
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5405] [...] ?
Steve (PS1FH) [5406] No, shower.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5407] [...] shower?
Steve (PS1FH) [5408] Why do you want your hair washing?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5409] No.
[5410] ... I'm gonna have a proper bath later.
[5411] See you later. ...

17 (Tape 060703)

Kathleen (PS1FC) [5412] Well I says to her, I says what,do won't they have a big gap?
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough] [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5413] But some of these tapes are funny.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5414] Why's that?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5415] Well you know where they're working outside all time?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5416] And traffic.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5417] Traffic and all sorts, see I were talking to Joyce this morning
Maggie (PS1FE) [5418] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5419] and, I meant to listen to it but I forgot
Maggie (PS1FE) [5420] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5421] and there were buses and lorries and, quite a lot of the tapes, they've got buses and lorries and all sorts, with working outside.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5422] With you being a lollipop lady it's bound to happen innit?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5423] Mm.
Maggie (PS1FE) [sigh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5424] Haven't you thought of going back to doctors?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5425] [sniff] ... Haven't you thought it costs three pound bloody sixty a prescription?
[5426] ... Yeah, and he always writes me out a couple and I ain't got the money.
[5427] Tt.
[5428] He never decides to leave me one thing.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5429] [...] How did
Maggie (PS1FE) [5430] Whereabouts did you say your mum were born?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5431] Me mum?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5432] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5433] Durham.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5434] And your dad was born here?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5435] No.
[5436] ... Scotland.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5437] Scotland? ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5438] So I'm ... er I've got Durham, Scottish ... er me grandparents come from Lee Lancs
Maggie (PS1FE) [5439] Lee Lancs?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5440] Yeah, me mum always said Lee Lancs
Maggie (PS1FE) [5441] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5442] Or was she born in Lee Lancs?
[5443] ... Anyway they were born one place and moved one place and then they come to [...] after I were born.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5444] Well let's hope they can try and decipher my bloody dialect, because
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5445] I [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5446] my granddad yeah, yeah but my granddad, he's Scotch ... my other granddad was a German, me grandma were Jewish ... and I were born in London so let them fathom that out.
[5447] Favom
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5448] [laugh] Mm
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5449] Yeah I just write where you were born, where your ... cos it says regional accent, I'm assuming that means ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [5450] Kensington I were born, London.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5451] I just put London.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5452] Yeah well it's London anyway.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5453] It's easier.
[5454] ... It's like your Billy he [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5455] Where did you put Billy was born?
[5456] ... Hong Kong.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5457] No.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5458] He was.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5459] It says regional accent, well he's Yorkshire int he? ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [5460] He's a Chinese [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5461] He's a Chinese what?
Maggie (PS1FE) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5462] Ah it's, I've got one to fill in, I must remember, Nadine's.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5463] She's Turkish isn't she?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5464] She's Turkish yeah, they come to London.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5465] Ah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5466] Cos the accent she's got is London.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5467] Is it?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5468] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5469] Doesn't sound like mine. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5470] Yeah but there's different parts of London, you all sound different don't you?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5471] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5472] Cos don't forget there's people who's moved from Donny and had their kids in London
Maggie (PS1FE) [5473] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5474] and they sound different.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5475] Our Billy don't sound like ... Steve and Gary does he?
[5476] Where they're proper Yorkshire-ified, our Billy's ... like a posh sort of Yorkshire.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5477] Well he were born in Hong Kong weren't he?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5478] Yeah but he g er came here at fifteen bloody months old didn't he?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5479] He were talking.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5480] [sigh] Only mum and dad.
[5481] ... Couldn't say much more. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5482] Ah there she is.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5483] Who's that?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5484] Nadine.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5485] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5486] There's a bit on bottom [reading] please write their first name ... are there any people mentioned above who's first language is not English [] ... and that's Nadine
Maggie (PS1FE) [5487] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5488] cos she talks both.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5489] Does she? ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5490] Yeah.
[5491] I've heard her talking to her dad.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5492] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5493] And I s that's when I says to her where do you come from?
[5494] She says me dad's Turkish. [laugh] ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [5495] I remember when we stopped out in Bahrain at er
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5496] How do you spell Turkish?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5497] [spelling] T U R K I S H [] ... I mean they [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5498] You missed summat.
[5499] [spelling] T U R K
Maggie (PS1FE) [5500] [...] [] [spelling] K I
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5501] I [] ... missed I again, I tell you I'm rubbish at spelling, me.
[5502] ... Mm they originate from Turkey and then they moved to London.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5503] But when we stopped in Bahrain out in Hong Kong, well when we got into Hong Kong, you get this little tiny cup ... it's about an eighth of the size of that bloody thing, and it's thick and it's horrible, their coffee.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5504] What is it?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5505] Coffee.
[5506] We stopped at the airport and they says ... who wants coffee or who wants tea?
[5507] And you thought ... they're coming round with bloody kiddy's toy cups.
[5508] But it w it was thick, it were bloody rank it was.
[5509] You've never tasted coffee like it.
[5510] ... Thick coffee.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5511] I've heard about that before.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5512] Oh it's horrible. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5513] I like making me own coffee, at least I know I can drink it.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5514] Aye. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5515] Yeah.
[5516] [sigh] I'm hoping that washing dries.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5517] It'll dry, the sun's out anyway innit?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5518] It's going in again, it saw me put socks out.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5519] Don't say it's going in again!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5520] [laugh] Do you know it's never failed me yet, I put socks out
Maggie (PS1FE) [5521] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5522] and it always ends up going right, so they don't dry, right funny so it don't d ... or it rains.
[5523] That's why I thought I'll get the stupid things out this morning and then them, they'll all be dried by tomorrow.
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5524] I can't remember if I've been in bathroom and picked them up, Steve's getting a sod ... with him getting bath every night
Maggie (PS1FE) [5525] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5526] he's er just dropping them.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5527] Did I tell you, had Gary paid for his er ... insurance on that, that er ... tt if anything happens to him going over to France, he's insured
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5528] Oh yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5529] twenty one quid, [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5530] Well how long how long's he going, for a week or a fortnight?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5531] Fortnight.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5532] Fortnight?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5533] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5534] When's he go, May?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5535] Sixteenth or nineteenth, somewhere around there.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5536] Comes back in June?
[5537] No?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5538] Oh I dunno, he comes back when he feels like it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5539] End of May, beginning of June.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5540] Yeah. [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5541] I've got summat for your Gary.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5542] For his ear?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5543] No, oh no.
[5544] Erm ... he bought that car off Steven didn't he?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5545] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5546] I found instructions.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5547] Ah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5548] And I think, I know where they are, I think they're on bed.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5549] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5550] Cos I got them out and I thought I must take them downstairs and give them to Maggie for her to give them to Gary.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5551] Right.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5552] [...] twisted round then gonna say something [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5553] Oh. [sigh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5554] Thought while I'm thinking about it I'll do it. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [5555] [yawn] [cough] ... [shouting] You what [] ?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5556] [speaking from another room] Just saying I'm a stupid bugger.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5557] What you done now? ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5558] I checked Steven's bedroom for washing
Maggie (PS1FE) [5559] Mm.
[5560] But you left
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5561] [...] round, I've, I have checked bathroom, I took it out of bathroom and guess what, I didn't check?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5562] What?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5563] Our bedroom. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [yawn]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5564] That's [...] on pile in bedroom.
[5565] I thought ooh!
[5566] Aren't I [...] .
[5567] Yeah that belongs to that car.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5568] Ah.
[5569] He played with it once, it's stuck on top of the bloody cupboard like everything else he buys.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5570] He's saving it for his kids, that's what he says. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [5571] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5572] Or he'll end up giving it away as a present, there's nowt wrong with box, car, nothing.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5573] He'll save it for his own.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5574] Well that's it.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5575] If he gets ... gotta get a bird first.
[5576] [laugh] Ah [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5577] Your Gary's happy as he is, he's enjoying life.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5578] He is.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5579] That's the mistake Steven's made ... girlfriends. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [5580] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5581] Knowing he can't afford them with him being in college
Maggie (PS1FE) [5582] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5583] and then he's just gone mad, I think they've gone to his head.
[5584] Did I tell you they call him Juan now?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5585] Yeah that's a new one innit?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5586] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5587] Be alright if one of the birds turn up here and you say oh hello Florence, oh no I'm not Florence I'm Zebedee.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5588] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5589] You know?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5590] [laugh] Yeah that's true.
[5591] ... I'm wondering what that thing is on Maureen's wall, have you seen it? ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [5592] No, ain't been looking.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5593] It looks it flaps about, if you look at Maureen's wall near drainpipe you can see this thing [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5594] flapping all over.
[5595] I keep meaning to [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5596] Whereabouts are you looking?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5597] You know drainpipe
Maggie (PS1FE) [5598] Yeah [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5599] you've got that little window, then drainpipe?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5600] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5601] At side of drainpipe.
[5602] You can see it flapping about, you watch in a sec ... it starts flapping.
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5603] Can you see it?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5604] Mm don't know what that is.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5605] I don't know.
[5606] I keep meaning to [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5607] see if it's a vent or summat or a ... piece of plastic.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5608] Might have put one in.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5609] They've put it in the sun whatever it is.
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5610] Unless it's that cooker thing, I think her cooker's there.
[5611] She's got one of them oogies ... them erm ... tt fan things.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5612] Oh it might be an extractor.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5613] That's it.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5614] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5615] She's got one of them.
[5616] ... Mm and that's about right place where it is, I wonder if it's that.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5617] [cough] I dunno but I like her curtains. [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5618] Yeah they're nice aren't they?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5619] [cough] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5620] I didn't like them when she first put them up
Maggie (PS1FE) [5621] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5622] but they're alright now.
[5623] ... Flo's trying to con me.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5624] Why?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5625] She wants me rails, these metal rails that I've got.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5626] She mentioned that the other day didn't she?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5627] Yeah.
[5628] She wanted them so I says to her if she wanted them
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough] ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5629] I was after wooden ones
Maggie (PS1FE) [5630] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5631] now I says, now I've seen some wooden ones in her house, I said
Maggie (PS1FE) [5632] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5633] if she wants to swap I'll swap her.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5634] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5635] The crafty [laughing] bugger says [] to me, what did she say, they're fourteen pound summat ... I think she says, these wooden ones
Maggie (PS1FE) [5636] Ah, I dunno.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5637] and er I says well I thought you'd got some.
[5638] Now
Maggie (PS1FE) [5639] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5640] I'm sure I've seen one in her house
Maggie (PS1FE) [5641] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5642] and she says no, she says one I've got's only a thin one, you want that thicker one, you know with these being thick
Maggie (PS1FE) [5643] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5644] she says so I thought if I buy you one ... she says you give me them two, I says whoa hang on a minute, I says I've got two windows
Maggie (PS1FE) [5645] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5646] not one window, I says I'm not giving you two for one.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5647] Two for one, that's bloody daft.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5648] I says and at that price why don't you buy them yourself
Maggie (PS1FE) [5649] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5650] you know?
[5651] And she says well I thought if I buy you one you can buy other one, I says go and naff off.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5652] Well that's daft innit?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5653] I says I don't, I says when am I gonna be able to go to town I says and afford fifteen quid for another bloody rail?
[5654] I says you [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5655] When you've already got some up.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5656] Yeah!
[5657] She wants me to take them down and swap them for one.
[5658] Steve'll go mad.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5659] Yeah.
[5660] Bloody would an'all.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5661] I thought you crafty sod.
[5662] ... She wants them to extend to eight feet, well these don't extend to eight feet, they extend to seven.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5663] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5664] And I thought no I'm not, Steve's just cleaned them up.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5665] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5666] He spent about two hours in with them.
[5667] Have you seen what he's done to ends of them, they've gone silvery, he's rubbed and rubbed and rubbed [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5668] [laughing] Rubbed too bloody hard [] .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5669] and he's rubbed all colour off it.
[5670] They've got silver ends on them ones.
[5671] I said
Maggie (PS1FE) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5672] I says can't you rub harder on other piece.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5673] [laugh] ... He ain't done them ones yet.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5674] He's done these ones. [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5675] Well they, are they not silvery then?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5676] Well he washed this one first and then he went over there and er then it dawned on him that the ends pull off ... [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5677] Ah!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5678] on ends, so he took the two ends off, cleaned the rails and he was sat on settee watching telly rubbing away and rubbing away and I says hey you gonna put them ends back on?
[5679] And he'd been rubbing for that long they'd gone that colour.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5680] Like my Steven with my new non-stick pans.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5681] I remember.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5682] He took all the black off.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5683] He scrubbed and scrubbed till it all come off didn't he?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5684] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5685] How old were he then, about thirteen?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5686] No he were younger than that.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5687] I can remember that, he come over and told me.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5688] How did you get them all black mum, I said [laughing] they're bloody new ones [] .
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5689] Not now.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5690] Mm. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5691] I want a new frying pan.
[5692] I keep using me best pan.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5693] I ain't got no best pans, I've had my pa most of my pans, they've all near enough come from either Embassy cigarette coupons or Number Six coupons, and I've still got them and I've had some of them twenty bloody years, all them pans.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5694] Have you?
Maggie (PS1FE) [laugh] [cough] ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5695] You know when we saved them Berkeley packets?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5696] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5697] Can you remember what we saved them for?
[5698] ... Marion asked me other day what we were saving them for, I said well we saved them ... oh I remember!
[5699] We saved them, they were on about cameras and that and then we found out inserts inside it that [...] you got it with that didn't you?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5700] Well it was, it was, yeah yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5701] Yeah.
[5702] I've still got stacks of them in kitchen.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5703] I think I threw all mine away.
[5704] Oh we did send for something ... but I can't remember what. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5705] She got one.
[5706] You know like we got?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5707] What did I send off to get Gary them radio earphones? ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5708] Regal.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5709] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5710] You know them that we got to send off for that, I got head bag and you got that?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5711] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5712] Well I s I were saying to Irene, I says did you ever get one?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5713] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5714] She says yeah I'm sure we did
Maggie (PS1FE) [5715] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5716] I says well ... if you don't smoke them I says me and Maggie'll get them for you
Maggie (PS1FE) [5717] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5718] I says she'll get Gary to collect them at work and that I says
Maggie (PS1FE) [5719] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5720] and I'll ask ... you know
Maggie (PS1FE) [5721] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5722] Dave and them to save for me again
Maggie (PS1FE) [5723] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5724] I says and ... get yoursen summat.
[5725] Anyway er she rooted about in drawers yesterday and er
Maggie (PS1FE) [5726] She find it?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5727] she found this booklet and it were like a cheque book
Maggie (PS1FE) [5728] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5729] it's got the picture on but it's a cheque
Maggie (PS1FE) [5730] Yeah?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5731] please send me one blah blah whatever it is.
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5732] Anyway I were looking and I looked and I looked and I looked and I says well what cigarettes do you use for it?
[5733] Cos it didn't but same
Maggie (PS1FE) [5734] Yeah, yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5735] all prizes were the same but it didn't
Maggie (PS1FE) [5736] Yeah, yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5737] Bloody cigar packets.
[5738] I said ooh we can't help you with them, I says I haven't the faintest idea of anybody that smokes them.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5739] Not cigars.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5740] Cos she says don't you?
[5741] I says no I says I don't know anybody at all.
[5742] ... So I couldn't help her there at all.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5743] Well I give Gary them ra that radio earphones, he's got it in upstairs in the box on top of all the other bloody boxes.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5744] Do you just keep collecting it?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5745] Well.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5746] Wouldn't bother.
[5747] I banged my finger on [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5748] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5749] Didn't half hurt.
[5750] Thought bloody hell.
[5751] ... It's a bus.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5752] A bus.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5753] A bus.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5754] My little'un said bus ... er our Cr
Kathleen (PS1FC) [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5755] Yeah Craigy were on about a bus, a bus ... and erm little'un said bus.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5756] Oh, she [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5757] And then our Craigy said erm Home and Away nan ... Home and Away nan.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5758] Did he?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5759] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5760] Chuffing hell.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5761] Thought ooh bloody hell.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5762] His speech is getting a lot better.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5763] It's not clear though Kath.
[5764] ... And he, he'd shout and
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5765] I thought that were that Brian now. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [5766] Where?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5767] I don't know.
[5768] ... Can't see where they've gone.
[5769] Oh ... it looks like him.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5770] What the crippled Brian?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5771] He's looking at your house.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5772] Crippled Brian? ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5773] He's looking at your house.
[5774] Or is he looking at the bus?
[5775] He's looking at the bus.
[5776] ... He walked up here, walked to your house, looked at the bus ... I don't know ... where'd he come from [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough] ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5777] [...] [laugh] ... And do you know that's only trouble with these nets
Maggie (PS1FE) [5778] I'm gonna have a wee [...] ... Bill's bloody worse, he stands there, he looks out the bloody window as much as any bugger.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5779] He has he's just parked car, walked up here, looked at bus and walked back again.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5780] Is it Brian?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5781] No, this one's driving a car.
[5782] ... He were looking at that bus.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5783] He might be another one of them from the er ... [...] from the council. [gone out of the room]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5784] Yeah, well it's, they've done nowt but look at it for last three month.
[5785] ... [shouting] I like his registration [] .
[5786] ... Well he parked car there
Maggie (PS1FE) [5787] [...] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5788] walked up there right to your house, eyed bus up ... and then walked back again.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5789] Yeah because what they did they ... they've done it a few a times though different people, look and see how far it is before it's a blind spot. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5790] Your Bill nearly hit it other week he were telling me.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5791] I dunno but like er ... say the d a driver's coming this way, he wants to see how far down the road it is before it's a blind spot again.
[5792] And if they're from the council or whatever, or whoever does the roads or whatever ... they'll probably get in contact with him again.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5793] I should imagine they are from the council.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5794] [cough] [sneeze] That weren't too bad that one.
[5795] Oh [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5796] That was only a oner.
Maggie (PS1FE) [sigh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5797] It sounded better.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5798] [...] have a real good do.
[5799] Wouldn't mind if I could just bloody bring it up. [sniff]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5800] And it won't?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5801] No it won't shift.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5802] Mm.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5803] Bloody come up one way or the other.
[5804] [sigh] ... Oh I could fancy a nice [...] horse.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5805] I like leg.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5806] I don't want corned beef, that's, that, I don't want that.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5807] I like leg.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5808] You like leg?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5809] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5810] Mm. [sigh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5811] I'm just debating whether to run in that kitchen and put that kettle on again, what do you reckon? [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5812] Well I checked, you're alright, you're safe.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5813] [sighing] That's alright then [] .
Maggie (PS1FE) [5814] I checked cupboard.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5815] I'm not going in cupboard
Maggie (PS1FE) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5816] [laughing] everything's on top [] . ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough] [sigh] ... [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5817] I'm gonna have to go and get some more milk.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5818] Some miluk
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5819] Yeah, I'll nip this afternoon and get some. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [5820] I got strawberry or raspberry, I've got one of them.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5821] [sneeze] ... Normally I er ... put a banana and a strawberry together to give it a different taste.
[5822] [laugh] Oh yeah, pocket money. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [5823] It's increased.
[5824] What about last week's?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5825] Yeah [laughing] [...] [] [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5826] I owe you a penny now.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5827] I know you do, that's next week's.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5828] Have to save a penny.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5829] Yeah that's next week.
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5830] Yeah I put it in me pocket last night and I thought right I'll give her her two P and I bet your life she says what about other one. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [5831] [...] fifty pence the other week.
[5832] [...] gets a fifty pence but she don't like a fifty pence, she likes it all in change.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5833] So she's got loads.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5834] Yeah so she's got a lot of money.
[5835] Anyway she left twelve pence on the floor and Gary says whose is this money, said you leave it there, it's for Enid's ... no nobody touch this chuffing twelve pence. ... [sigh] ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5836] She left twelve pence on floor and what?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5837] She left twelve pence on the floor and Bill put it in the cubby hole in the fireplace ... and Gary says whose is this money and Arthur was going to pick it up an'all, he says leave that he says that's for Enid's money.
[5838] Her twelve P.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5839] Well there are.
[5840] ... Twelve P.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5841] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5842] What's sh what's Billy do, take her to shop?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5843] He gives ... no Bill gives him fifty P, fifty P to, for [...] whenever he sees her
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5844] Yeah.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5845] and then he, he goes and buys her Smarties and crispies.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5846] That's what I says to [...]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5847] Mm
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5848] does he do that on the way out?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5849] Mm.
[5850] ... Unless Bill's gone to the shop and he brings them for her. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5851] Ooh.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5852] So how far have we got now? ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5853] Not far to go.
[5854] Have to change tape.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5855] [cough] Ooh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5856] It'll have more coughs and splutters and er traffic and everything on this side.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5857] Well never mind.
[5858] [cough] Oh gawld. ... [sigh] ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5859] Well it's bound to be hot I've just made it.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5860] Mm. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5861] I'm alright doing it in pencil.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5862] You've gotta go over it all. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5863] Oh I don't know.
[5864] ... I've gotta ring anyway, nine sixteen
Maggie (PS1FE) [5865] You've gotta d
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5866] twenties ... thirties, forties.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5867] Is that the eldest is the forties?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5868] No Irene's the eldest the crafty bleeder.
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5869] That's what I'm looking for, I'm hoping she's rubbed it out in pencil.
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5870] She scribbled it out.
[5871] She doesn't, she didn't mind taping or owt, she were pretending that
Maggie (PS1FE) [5872] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5873] she said ... cos she were talking, she knew tape were still running and she were pretending to say that she didn't say I could do it but she did
Maggie (PS1FE) [5874] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5875] erm what she were arguing with me [laughing] about [] is her age.
[5876] Now she's sixty four
Maggie (PS1FE) [5877] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5878] so she didn't want me to put sixty four down, but that's cheating
Maggie (PS1FE) [5879] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5880] cos if you know the age you're supposed to put the age down
Maggie (PS1FE) [5881] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5882] cos some people'll tell you and some people won't.
[5883] So I put sixty four down so ... well I didn't put sixty four, I put thirty plus thirty four
Maggie (PS1FE) [5884] Yeah, sixty four.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5885] so that made sixty four.
[5886] So she jumped up, grabbed the pencil and everything, she got a screwdriver first, [laughing] I thought she were gonna stab me with screwdriver [] and she were looking for a pencil
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5887] erm but luckily she's rubbed it out with thingy so ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [5888] You're putting it back in.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5889] I'm putting it back in.
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5890] [...] .
[5891] So there.
[5892] Now it's back again, it says thirty plus thirty four.
Maggie (PS1FE) [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5893] She wanted me to put twenty one!
Maggie (PS1FE) [5894] Bloody hell.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5895] I says get lost, I says that's cheating.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5896] I'm sixteen I am. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5897] I put your age in.
[5898] Forty seven.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5899] You cheeky cow!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5900] Forty seven, I'm not that old.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5901] It's a good job I put forty two then innit? [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5902] Oh that's being generous. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5903] Have you already turned forty three? ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [5904] I were born in forty seven.
[5905] You work it out.
[5906] I'm twenty eight.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5907] [...] I thought you were forty ... well it were your birthday in September weren't it?
[5908] You're forty four this year? ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [5909] Am I?
[5910] I dunno.
[5911] I have to work out how old Bill is, Bill's
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5912] Fifty, that's three year.
[5913] Sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, that's forty three ... forty four this year.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5914] Forty four then this year.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5915] If your birthday er I keep getting mixed up, it's your anniversary in February and it's your birthday in September.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5916] That's it.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5917] So I'll have to change yours to forty three, I put forty two. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [5918] Well ... one year ain't gonna make no difference.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5919] I forgot you've already had your birthday.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5920] Mm. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5921] Oh ... I'll just put a plus sign at it.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5922] No, no pluses!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [laugh]
Maggie (PS1FE) [5923] That'll make me bloody double it!
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5924] [laugh] ... I can try hard can't I?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5925] Plus one then.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5926] Plus one.
[5927] No I'll leave it at forty two.
[5928] I'm, got ... you only had your birthday three month ago.
[5929] Or ... somewhere around there.
[5930] ... I'm thinking it's your birthday tomorrow, and it's not it's your anniversary tomorrow.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5931] Mm. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5932] September eighth.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5933] That's right.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5934] And February the sixth.
[5935] Yeah.
[5936] ... So you'll have a right good anniversary tomorrow cos nobody'll be in. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [5937] [...] bed.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5938] Yeah more than likely.
[5939] ... I had a good anniversary. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [5940] How do you work that out?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5941] Well I kept me own present, I stayed in bed [laughing] half a day didn't I [] ?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5942] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5943] You swore on my machine.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5944] Did I say knickers or a worser word?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5945] No.
[5946] It were goo that's good compared to some of them.
Maggie (PS1FE) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5947] I says to her when she were leaving it, I says to her there's people that swear and that.
[5948] She says it don't matter.
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough] ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5949] And there's Fs and there's Bs.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5950] Oh well they ain't got Fs and Bs on [...]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5951] It's Linda that Fs and Bs'd.
[5952] Steve swore.
[5953] Er ... and there's somebody else ... somebody else swearing. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [5954] If you rub out all the swear words you'll have n no bloody tapes left will you?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5955] Oh no it's not bad, I think it were ... er the first swear word I remember that went, went on it were ... wait a minute ... tape two, tape one ain't got none on that I know of.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5956] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5957] Tape two has ... tape three has.
[5958] ... Tape two and tape three.
[5959] ... And this is tape four int it?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5960] Mm. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5961] There's a lot of people won't let you do it.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5962] Won't they?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5963] No.
[5964] ... I think they think you've got to have a conversation where you
Maggie (PS1FE) [5965] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5966] talk about all what you talk about
Maggie (PS1FE) [5967] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5968] but I don't, I stop it ... when you get there.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5969] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5970] If they don't want
Maggie (PS1FE) [5971] No but that's personal innit?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5972] Yeah.
[5973] So I don't.
[5974] ... I'd've filled all twenty up now if they 'd 've all let me.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5975] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5976] But you can't be doing that can you?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5977] No. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5978] If they got five tapes off everybody by the Christ they'll have some listening to do won't they?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5979] Mm. ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5980] Cos what's four tapes?
[5981] ... When I've finished this one I'll have one side left
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5982] ninety minutes a tape, that's an
Maggie (PS1FE) [5983] Three hours.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5984] hour and half, that's ... three, that's six hours.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5985] [cough] How do you work that out?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5986] Well I taped six hours.
[5987] ... Ninety minutes a tape, that makes six.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5988] Oh yeah. [cough] ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5989] Do you know what I've just noticed?
Maggie (PS1FE) [5990] What's that?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5991] Cough.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5992] Er
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5993] Er watch that light, cough. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [5994] Well you just said cough and it went off.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5995] [cough] ... I were watching it, every time you cough it starts flashing.
[5996] ... Dinky!
[5997] ... Steve keeps saying [laughing] he were [] he says I'm having that tape recorder, I says you're not she's coming to take it back.
Maggie (PS1FE) [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [5998] I'm gonna tell her I'm having that tape recorder, I says you're not, she's coming back for it on Friday.
Maggie (PS1FE) [5999] It's only a cheapo anyway innit?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [6000] I know, we've got that one.
[6001] ... We've got four Walkmans in here ... like it, there's one at top there, I think that's same as this one.
[6002] That one's a radio thingy, the one Steven's got's a, a radio thingy, this one isn't.
[6003] But what he likes about it is microphone.
Maggie (PS1FE) [6004] What's that one? ...
Kathleen (PS1FC) [6005] That's what my brother's son did to his father. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [6006] [...] bloody having them then is he?
Kathleen (PS1FC) [6007] I paid fi fifteen bleeding quid for that ... and I sai cos this year, I didn't know he'd done this ... cos he sits it like that
Maggie (PS1FE) [6008] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [6009] or clips it like that and you can't tell
Maggie (PS1FE) [6010] Mm.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [6011] anyway he give it to his father and, well I'd already bought the other one I'd
Maggie (PS1FE) [6012] Mm
Kathleen (PS1FC) [6013] cos I says if he looks after it I'll buy him one with radio on as well
Maggie (PS1FE) [6014] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [6015] so ... I just paid that one ... with radio.
[6016] ... But I wish he'd stop nicking my bleeding torch, he's getting a swine for that.
[6017] I only got it back, you know when I got it back?
Maggie (PS1FE) [6018] When he moved out.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [6019] No when batteries are dead.
Maggie (PS1FE) [6020] Oh.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [6021] I get all me torches back when battery's dead.
[6022] I got one with a big chunky battery, it should've lasted about six month to a year
Maggie (PS1FE) [6023] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [6024] a right good'un it were, our Arthur give me torch and I had to buy a battery, I paid about three pound odd for this battery
Maggie (PS1FE) [6025] Tell you what I bet he had it under the blankets ... reading his books.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [6026] He did.
[6027] You've got it.
[6028] Exactly. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [6029] I wondered what that was?
[6030] It's something clanging round in your washing machine.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [6031] It'll be zip on his erm ... tracksuit.
[6032] I found jacket, did I tell you?
Maggie (PS1FE) [6033] No.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [6034] I got jacket and bottom.
[6035] ... And some underwear. ...
Maggie (PS1FE) [...] [cough]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [6036] I can't stick that.
Maggie (PS1FE) [6037] [cough] I like that.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [6038] I can't stick it.
Maggie (PS1FE) [6039] [cough] I like it if I do it with bacon and sausage.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [6040] Ooh no.

18 (Tape 060704)

Kathleen (PS1FC) [6041] I got your Billy yesterday and I says oh do us a favour I says will you ... say owt, anything, just
Alice (PS1FG) [6042] Yeah.
Kathleen (PS1FC) [6043] tell us about breathing, no you're not getting my voice on that thing he says, I, I don't like [laughing] hearing me voice and everything, and he threw it on the settee [] . [laugh]
Alice (PS1FG) [laugh]
Kathleen (PS1FC) [6044] [laughing] Oh we had a right laugh about it [] .
[6045] Couldn't sto