BNC Text KD0

106 conversations recorded by `Kevin' (PS0HM) between 29 November and 5 December 1991 with 14 interlocutors, totalling 13948 s-units, 77692 words, and 10 hours 39 minutes 22 seconds of recordings.

15 speakers recorded by respondent number 26

PS0HM Ag3 m (Kevin, age 41, draughtsman, London, )
PS0HN Ag0 m (Paul, age 12, student (state secondary), London, ) son
PS0HP Ag3 f (Ruth, age 40, teacher) wife
PS0HR Ag2 f (Michelle, age 29, local government officer, European (French), ) sister-in-law
PS0HS Ag5 m (Eric, age 74, retired, London, ) father
PS0HT Ag3 m (Adrian, age 40, salesman, London, ) brother-in-law
PS0HU Ag3 f (Karen, age 41, secretary, London, ) sister
PS0HV Ag2 m (Andrew, age 33, local government officer, London, ) brother
PS0HW Ag0 f (Lisa, age 13, student, London, ) niece
PS0HX Ag5 f (babs (aka mutty), age 70+, retired, Lower South-west England, ) brother-in-law's mother
PS0HY Ag5 f (Joy, age 70+, retired, London, ) mother
PS0J0 Ag1 m (Michael, age 15, student, London, ) nephew
PS1KN X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
KD0PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KD0PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

106 recordings

  1. Tape 016901 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 016902 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 016903 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 016904 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 016905 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 016906 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 016907 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 016908 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 016909 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 016910 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 016911 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 016912 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  13. Tape 017001 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( car ) Activity: going to a football match
  14. Tape 017002 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( car ) Activity: going to a football match
  15. Tape 017003 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( car ) Activity: going to a football match
  16. Tape 017004 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( car ) Activity: going to a football match
  17. Tape 017005 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( car ) Activity: going to a football match
  18. Tape 017006 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( car ) Activity: going to a football match
  19. Tape 017007 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( car ) Activity: going to a football match
  20. Tape 017008 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( car ) Activity: going to a football match
  21. Tape 017101 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( car ) Activity: returning from a football match
  22. Tape 017102 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( car ) Activity: returning from a football match
  23. Tape 017103 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( car ) Activity: returning from a football match
  24. Tape 017104 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  25. Tape 017105 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  26. Tape 017106 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  27. Tape 017107 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  28. Tape 017108 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  29. Tape 017201 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking () Activity: Unspecified
  30. Tape 017202 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  31. Tape 017203 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  32. Tape 017204 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  33. Tape 017205 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  34. Tape 017206 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  35. Tape 017301 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  36. Tape 017302 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  37. Tape 017303 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  38. Tape 017304 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  39. Tape 017305 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  40. Tape 017306 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  41. Tape 017307 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  42. Tape 017401 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  43. Tape 017402 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  44. Tape 017403 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  45. Tape 017501 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  46. Tape 017601 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: playing a game of 'Pictionary'
  47. Tape 017602 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  48. Tape 017603 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  49. Tape 017604 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  50. Tape 017701 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  51. Tape 017702 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  52. Tape 017703 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  53. Tape 017704 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  54. Tape 017705 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  55. Tape 017706 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  56. Tape 017707 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  57. Tape 017708 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  58. Tape 017709 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  59. Tape 017710 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  60. Tape 017711 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  61. Tape 017712 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  62. Tape 017801 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  63. Tape 017802 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  64. Tape 017803 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  65. Tape 017804 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  66. Tape 017805 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  67. Tape 017806 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  68. Tape 017901 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  69. Tape 017902 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  70. Tape 017903 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  71. Tape 017904 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  72. Tape 017905 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  73. Tape 017906 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  74. Tape 017907 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  75. Tape 017908 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  76. Tape 017909 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  77. Tape 017910 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  78. Tape 017911 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  79. Tape 017913 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  80. Tape 018001 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  81. Tape 018002 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  82. Tape 018003 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  83. Tape 018004 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  84. Tape 018005 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  85. Tape 018006 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  86. Tape 018007 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  87. Tape 018008 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  88. Tape 018009 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  89. Tape 018010 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  90. Tape 018011 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  91. Tape 018012 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  92. Tape 018013 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  93. Tape 018014 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  94. Tape 018015 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  95. Tape 018016 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  96. Tape 018101 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  97. Tape 018102 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  98. Tape 018103 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  99. Tape 018104 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  100. Tape 018105 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  101. Tape 018106 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  102. Tape 018107 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  103. Tape 018108 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  104. Tape 018109 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  105. Tape 018110 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  106. Tape 018111 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 016901)

Paul (PS0HN) [1] Got well loads of homework tonight.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2] Got any merit marks today?
Paul (PS0HN) [3] Er ... one yeah in maths ... ooh er
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [4] for the class work ... look at that homework I got two wrong ... [...] ... and in science ... steady ... should be ... finish.
Ruth (PS0HP) [5] Try doing that.
Paul (PS0HN) [6] I can't.
Ruth (PS0HP) [7] Are you coming to the fair tomorrow?
Paul (PS0HN) [8] Yes
Kevin (PS0HM) [9] Ah?
Ruth (PS0HP) [10] Yeah.
Paul (PS0HN) [11] Are you going?
Ruth (PS0HP) [12] Half past ten to half past twelve.
Paul (PS0HN) [13] Is Dad?
Kevin (PS0HM) [14] Could do love cos I've gotta get er ... Karen's er ... card.
Paul (PS0HN) [15] What from the fair?
Kevin (PS0HM) [16] Yes I might find something there.
Ruth (PS0HP) [17] There's some good things but th they don't do cards.
Paul (PS0HN) [18] What sort of stalls are there?
Ruth (PS0HP) [19] No I [...] got the cakes ... Does it look alright Paul?
[20] ... Could of got the [...] but they're [...] there ... [...] .
Paul (PS0HN) [21] So will we got to that other place [...] Dad?
Kevin (PS0HM) [22] Yeah ... hopefully ... ring up her ... ring up er ... ticket line ... see if it's er ... they might be
Paul (PS0HN) [23] a day
Kevin (PS0HM) [24] about a day ... yeah.
Paul (PS0HN) [25] day ... what is it O eight nine eight one
Kevin (PS0HM) [26] O eight nine eight ... four hundred three three three.
Paul (PS0HN) [27] Alright.
Kevin (PS0HM) [28] In that one ... Paul and I are going into work, alright?
Ruth (PS0HP) [29] Is that alright?
Kevin (PS0HM) [30] Yeah he's going to do his homework there.
Ruth (PS0HP) [31] I have a [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [32] Yeah I know ... [...] you out ... Who takes you tonight then?
Ruth (PS0HP) [33] Mark ... I can't remember ... gotta get
Kevin (PS0HM) [cough]
Ruth (PS0HP) [34] cleared up before Sunday ... I've gotta go at nine o'clock tomorrow morning to get the cake.
Kevin (PS0HM) [35] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [36] Twenty third.
Kevin (PS0HM) [37] Where's the calendar gone?
[38] ... Have you got it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [39] By the phone ... oh no it's this ... round the erm ... on the table ... I might [...] you change you can't go.
Kevin (PS0HM) [40] Make a ... other meeting.
Ruth (PS0HP) [41] Yeah ... I've done the booking.
Kevin (PS0HM) [42] Well that's alright we can go w whe y you if you're at Mencap ... oh you w
Ruth (PS0HP) [43] I only said we're getting a lift ... and Richard ... to write a letter to join the dance.
Kevin (PS0HM) [44] Why is tha ... why is David involved in that all of a sudden, it's not through us is it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [45] I dunno still right [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [46] Dad it's the tenth of
Kevin (PS0HM) [47] It's very odd isn't it!
Paul (PS0HN) [48] December.
Kevin (PS0HM) [49] What?
Paul (PS0HN) [50] Tenth of December.
Kevin (PS0HM) [51] Oh right.
Ruth (PS0HP) [52] Oh! ... er look I mean it at all unless David gives me a little
Paul (PS0HN) [53] May [...] other meeting.
Ruth (PS0HP) [54] That's a good reason for David to give me a lift isn't it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [55] He won't mind will he?
[56] ... You'll have all re you'd know where it is, won't you, by then?
Ruth (PS0HP) [57] Well I know where it is I just don't know how to get there.
Paul (PS0HN) [58] Normal squad for tomorrow [...] .

2 (Tape 016902)

Kevin (PS0HM) [59] Do you hear Gary Lineker's got ... his son's got
Ruth (PS0HP) [60] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [61] but it it's not life
Ruth (PS0HP) [62] Only fourteen
Kevin (PS0HM) [63] life endangering though is it
Ruth (PS0HP) [64] only fourteen babies under twelve months old get that every year!
[65] ... God you know you are lucky [...] wouldn't you?
Kevin (PS0HM) [66] The irony of it is this is that he ... has done a lot, he gave ten thousand
Ruth (PS0HP) [67] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [68] pounds, is it, not to the leukaemia was it or w was it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [69] Think it was cancer ... childhood cancer or something.
Kevin (PS0HM) [70] Yeah it's almost though he knew, it weird!
Ruth (PS0HP) [71] I mean fourteen babies a year that can [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [72] Get Leukaemia?
[73] ... And as well as his son?
Ruth (PS0HP) [74] No ah yeah under twelve months old only fourteen babies a year get it ... Oh that's dreadful!
Paul (PS0HN) [75] How old's his baby then?
Kevin (PS0HM) [76] Well it just shows you how famous he now means you are.
Ruth (PS0HP) [77] [...] mail and it says about what a lovely family they are and how ... it's gotta
Kevin (PS0HM) [78] Shame!
Ruth (PS0HP) [79] be good that a such a er erm ... show what a perfect family ... how they sort of go through it all.
Kevin (PS0HM) [80] It said a lot of people who're watching how they react?
Ruth (PS0HP) [81] Yeah ... [...] by a family who knew them personally not off [...] .
Paul (PS0HN) [82] Will he still be playing for Tottenham, Mum?
Ruth (PS0HP) [83] Will he still be going to Japan.
Kevin (PS0HM) [84] Ask at your your Christian Union [...] about Sunday and bring that up, Sunday lunch [...] ... we had a right old ... ding dong at work today!
Ruth (PS0HP) [85] What about
Kevin (PS0HM) [86] Trev
Ruth (PS0HP) [87] it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [88] Trevor thinks it's ... not stopping you going to church ... he said.
Ruth (PS0HP) [89] True.
Paul (PS0HN) [90] Dad can I have your quiz ... can I have the quiz.
Ruth (PS0HP) [91] No we're gonna do it tomorrow morning ... no I won't.
Paul (PS0HN) [92] How many questions are you gonna have in it?
[93] ... Dad?
Kevin (PS0HM) [94] What?
Paul (PS0HN) [95] How many questions are you gonna have in your quiz?
Kevin (PS0HM) [96] Dunno I
Ruth (PS0HP) [97] Hello is that John?
Kevin (PS0HM) [98] I n I like the new quick ones
Ruth (PS0HP) [99] It's Ruth here.
Kevin (PS0HM) [100] than the ones in the
Ruth (PS0HP) [101] I don't know how to tell you this ... [laughing] I can't I can't []
Kevin (PS0HM) [102] lot's of [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [103] [laughing] make the tenth [] !
[104] ... Well I I I could but all [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [105] [...] we'll go through go through some papers and start cutting out things
Ruth (PS0HP) [106] and I [...] a chair for the
Kevin (PS0HM) [107] only thing if I if you do it
Ruth (PS0HP) [108] even in the chair for a meeting
Kevin (PS0HM) [109] you won't enter the quiz ... so what do you wanna do?
Ruth (PS0HP) [110] about erm [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [111] Would you rather me do it on my own
Ruth (PS0HP) [112] [...] [...] I think
Kevin (PS0HM) [113] And then you can enter with ... cos I thought about sticking everybody into pairs
Ruth (PS0HP) [114] [...] cos they've asked me.
Paul (PS0HN) [115] Mean I won't be able to enter
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [116] the quiz?
Kevin (PS0HM) [117] Well you'll know the answers won't you!
Ruth (PS0HP) [118] Oh I want that some ... if all the social services just put in with the [...] thing having
Paul (PS0HN) [119] Please can I a ask the questions?
Ruth (PS0HP) [120] a series of six meetings ... about this [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [121] Now let's have everything tha I want to aim a at doing any oral questions just
Paul (PS0HN) [122] Ah?
Kevin (PS0HM) [123] like
Ruth (PS0HP) [124] [...] a lot about it and shan't be, frankly I'm relieved I don't actually know a lot but ... when the meeting to discuss what we're supposed to do is on December tenth ... yo ... so I'm a bit torn cos I ... in a way that's what I ought to be doing even though the welfare business [...] in a way that's wh ... that's what I ought to be doing cos it's ... entirely [...] .

3 (Tape 016903)

Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [125] Would you like Paul to buy presents ... tomorrow?
[126] ... For me at the fair?
Kevin (PS0HM) [127] Oh ... well he says he's got e he's got enough now hasn't he?
Ruth (PS0HP) [128] No you want one!
[129] ... To give to me on Sunday.
Kevin (PS0HM) [130] Oh I see.
Ruth (PS0HP) [131] Still put that aside [...] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [132] Oh Trevor was quite good he di he d he would've got his big pay rise today an didn't ... push it too much I don't think ... perhaps it's Nick though
Ruth (PS0HP) [133] Why's got a big one?
Kevin (PS0HM) [134] Well he got promoted didn't he ... he's stable now that child though hasn't he?
Ruth (PS0HP) [135] Until they start tre tra blurgh they start treatment straight away don't they, these days.
Paul (PS0HN) [136] Oh he's only twelve and ended up as one of the ... smallest birds
Kevin (PS0HM) [137] But it said I heard that it said chemotherapy well what's that's erm drugs is it, no that's radiation isn't it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [138] Makes your
Kevin (PS0HM) [139] Oh y
Ruth (PS0HP) [140] hair fall out ... [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [141] well you wouldn't give that to a little baby would they?
Ruth (PS0HP) [142] Well you'd have to.
Kevin (PS0HM) [143] I thought they washed the blood out ... changed all the blood.
Ruth (PS0HP) [144] Blood type [...] and that's what that other woman died ... girl died of didn't she they [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [145] I was saying to Trevor ... it's it's not very nice but it's rather so much better than than than having a cot death isn't it?
[146] ... If you see what I mean.
Ruth (PS0HP) [147] Mm.
Kevin (PS0HM) [148] I can actually imagine the feeling of going to a cot and then finding no ... no the child was dead, that's awful.
Ruth (PS0HP) [149] Done ... there was a [...] our school dinners today ... I went into this ... give you four pounds back [...] I get twenty two pounds sixty ... Have you got two tens in change of a twenty?
Kevin (PS0HM) [150] I haven't got [...] five pounds [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [151] Have you got two tens you want to change for a twenty Paul?
Paul (PS0HN) [152] No sorry.
Kevin (PS0HM) [153] That's been quite good that cos you know ... I had a hundred and ten pounds left
Ruth (PS0HP) [154] Mm.
Kevin (PS0HM) [155] I only took out the palace because I knew ... I'd given I'd written a cheque for forty
Ruth (PS0HP) [156] You'd written out a cheque [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [157] and I've only just started, still got two people outstanding so I've got that forty pound and I put that into the building society and use that forty pounds ... for months see ... so it kind of like saved it for me, I've managed, had to do without it
Ruth (PS0HP) [158] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [159] and er
Ruth (PS0HP) [160] When have you got to pay all that.
Kevin (PS0HM) [161] What mu ... a a th ... agent says I only have to pay it off a day ... [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [162] How much is it?
[163] What just write a cheque?
Kevin (PS0HM) [164] Yeah ... and that way [...] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [165] Well you won't be there on the day.
Kevin (PS0HM) [166] Well Dave'll be down there today.
Ruth (PS0HP) [167] Well not you can't pay on the night, can you?
Kevin (PS0HM) [168] Well I suppose [...] ... I'm sure Adrian won't mind if I paid him ... the day after or a week after or something.
Ruth (PS0HP) [169] You're unemployed I wouldn't have thought you could've stood a hundred and fifty, two hundred pounds withdrawal.
Kevin (PS0HM) [170] No I don't mind [...] saying it I I'm not gonna ask any more.
Ruth (PS0HP) [171] What?
Kevin (PS0HM) [172] Well so that yo ... about Adrian ... after a few weeks it's ... you know
Ruth (PS0HP) [173] Remind me to wash in these cupboards before Sunday.
Paul (PS0HN) [174] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [175] Have you seen Jan and Joan dress up to their their Victorian day ... Jan came like a an upright stripped ... erm working, not working class a sort of governess right she had
Kevin (PS0HM) [176] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [177] frumpy shoes and a [...] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [178] Where'd she get the clothes from?
Ruth (PS0HP) [179] Oh she borrowed it, and a bonnet and a ... white flowers an all and Joan turned up like a ... a twenty five year old Victorian fashion model ... you should have seen her!
[180] ... Black silk skirt ... maroon ... blouse ... her hair done up in a bun ... draped with gold jewellery oh [...] talk about looking the part!
Paul (PS0HN) [181] What's wrong with that?
Ruth (PS0HP) [182] And John hired this thing like a cape
Kevin (PS0HM) [183] Who's idea [...] is it?
[184] ... Was it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [185] Oh it's it's quite common, everybody does it if you have a vic if you study Victorians anyone who a Victorian [...] ... and they all they did all done out, chairs er table space at the front, they did drill in the playground ... they played with tops and hoops in the playground, all the children ... the m parents hired costumes from Fairy Godmothers ... Fairy Godmother's done a roaring trade especially [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [186] Ah I should think Fairy Godmothers put the ideas into somebody's head, I would have thought.
Ruth (PS0HP) [187] That's not [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [188] We might [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [189] It's just a very good way of er teaching chi I mean children will I mean that's the kind of experience
Ruth (PS0HP) [190] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [191] you never forget, do you?
Ruth (PS0HP) [192] Some of ... but you can't do it for something like a Medieval's day or Roman
Kevin (PS0HM) [193] No.
Ruth (PS0HP) [194] day it'd be grim, but Victorian
Kevin (PS0HM) [195] Victorian [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [196] people have got a, yeah
Kevin (PS0HM) [197] just close enough to sti still remember a lot of the cloths and stuff.
Ruth (PS0HP) [198] and they had to they had to sit in rows and they had to do as they were told and they weren't allowed
Kevin (PS0HM) [199] Ha!
Ruth (PS0HP) [200] to speak.
Kevin (PS0HM) [201] Yes.
Ruth (PS0HP) [202] Apparently some of the children got quite scared of Jan cos Jan played the part so well ... ah Joan [...] for life.
Kevin (PS0HM) [203] Frightened the life out of them.
Ruth (PS0HP) [204] Yeah.
Paul (PS0HN) [205] [singing] Ah back ah back ah back and bill [] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [206] So what did John look like perhaps like a little Billy Bunter didn't he?
Ruth (PS0HP) [207] Ah no he looked very good he had a gown and a mortar board and cane ... and bow tie ... and pin striped socks, quite good, yep.
Kevin (PS0HM) [208] And they wore that all day all of them all day?
Ruth (PS0HP) [209] All day and then he got [...] all to do ... [...] at lunch time ... yeah they kept it up all the day, they had separate play time, they had had to eat their lunch in the class room ... all they were allowed was a piece of fruit, a bread and water ... and they all had to have, you know, they had a bread roll ... supplied by the school ... an a an apple I think ... [...] ... And Jan made them write out their names and some of them couldn't write their name!
[210] ... Boy called Daniel couldn't write Daniel cos all last year he'd been allowed to put Danny ... an he'd forgotten how to write Daniel!
Kevin (PS0HM) [211] Search me!
[212] How old's that child?
Ruth (PS0HP) [213] Ten [...] and John
Kevin (PS0HM) [214] And he can't
Ruth (PS0HP) [215] that's what's so dreadful, Joe was language coordinator and they came from her!
Kevin (PS0HM) [216] Can't write names.
Ruth (PS0HP) [217] And another boys name was Thomas ... and he couldn't write that cos all last year he'd been Tom ... an he'd forgotten how to write his surname ... they're not dim children ... both of them [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [218] Frightening isn't it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [219] [...] family ... she says ... quite an eye opener ... an they had write lines if they did anything wrong ... one boy just [...] ... I reckon she could carried him but
Kevin (PS0HM) [220] No.
Ruth (PS0HP) [221] You can't be [...] three times ... [...] ... Where's tonight gone?
[222] ... All this stuff in out here shall I?
Kevin (PS0HM) [223] You think you're exhausted after a days work imagine if you've been doing that all day long, shouting
Ruth (PS0HP) [224] Look!
Kevin (PS0HM) [225] and shrieking, no I mean that [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [226] I shout and shriek all day long!
[227] ... Ooh I'll lose my voice up there today ... we've done some really good things though ... try and do see more my hall is very full ... if he bothered to come to school he'd have seen them!
[228] ... Still [...] find those ... what's this that's broken from?
Paul (PS0HN) [229] But Mummy you could
Ruth (PS0HP) [230] Paul [...] spikes.
Paul (PS0HN) [231] Excuse me!
[232] ... You took them and I want the batteries for them.
Ruth (PS0HP) [233] Some people go round [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [234] You asked me for them.
Ruth (PS0HP) [235] in science books
Paul (PS0HN) [236] Excuse me [...] !
Ruth (PS0HP) [237] What does it say?
Paul (PS0HN) [238] Fourteen and a half.
Ruth (PS0HP) [239] Were they marked?
Paul (PS0HN) [240] No ... look at this here.
Ruth (PS0HP) [241] Don't like the smell of your Narcissus.
Kevin (PS0HM) [242] Well go and [...] won't they.
Ruth (PS0HP) [243] Don't like the smell.
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [244] Somebody look!
[245] ... Can you see it?
Paul (PS0HN) [246] [singing] Let's go [...] [] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [247] Oh well neat!
Ruth (PS0HP) [248] You know I can't see from that distance ... I thought John had a snowman badge on today, when I got close it's an owl and it said I am the vet.
Kevin (PS0HM) [249] He enters into th the to the fray doesn't he with it er
Ruth (PS0HP) [250] No he's got a grey jumper with an owl ... Beaky ... on it ... all over the front ... and a mortar board on the owl.
Kevin (PS0HM) [251] Did they have to ask him to do that or did he just volunteer.
Ruth (PS0HP) [252] Oh probably just did it ... Do you know what Terry's [...] ... do you know what one of my children did today? ... do you know what [...] did ... apart from the fact he spent all day crying ... then he had to do the corrections, I said go back and do your corrections, said right [...] on your own ... I wrote something that went no homework done, so he wrote no homework done, [laughing] no homework done, no homework done [] !
Kevin (PS0HM) [253] Oh no! er!
Ruth (PS0HP) [254] [laughing] I can just scream [] !
[255] ... Ah ... spent all day weeping today ... with one thing and another when he weeps
Kevin (PS0HM) [256] Why cos you keep telling him off?
Ruth (PS0HP) [257] he oh!
[258] ... They'd write a poem for her about my greatest fear, I said I remember last year there was a boy called Ali and he wrote a story about [sniff] ... a poem about this bird and cos he was really scared of that and so I said I don't suppose any of you will write about being scared of me ... except perhaps Adine!
Kevin (PS0HM) [259] Eh.
Ruth (PS0HP) [260] All Americans go Eh ... [yawn] ... Nine o'clock tomorrow I'm going over to [...] Kate ... ten thirty that gives me a bit of lee-way ... I've got a [...] at ten I thought it was ten thirty ... I ought to get some money out really ... You're not going into Woking tomorrow morning ... are you doing your quiz?
[261] ... Do you want some help with it, not really.
Kevin (PS0HM) [262] Well I was gonna paper out and start cutting out some faces I think ... cos I mean a I may just as well I mean I was quite happy to let Paul ... help me out but then
Ruth (PS0HP) [263] He can't take part.
Kevin (PS0HM) [264] he can't enter the quiz then
Ruth (PS0HP) [265] No you should do it
Kevin (PS0HM) [266] but he shan't
Ruth (PS0HP) [267] all yourself and then
Kevin (PS0HM) [268] I don't think I'm gonna do as much as I'm just gonna do
Ruth (PS0HP) [269] No cos you won't [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [270] a big stream of ... pictures ... right
Ruth (PS0HP) [271] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [272] and them I'm gonna think I'm gonna do the same ... South America
Ruth (PS0HP) [273] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [274] but do South American you know get some big ones
Ruth (PS0HP) [275] Yes.
Kevin (PS0HM) [276] in ... that might be fun mighten't it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [277] Yeah I can't do it with you.
Paul (PS0HN) [278] And you could already write up in red pen ... you sort it out ... instead of arguing about trying to do it.
Kevin (PS0HM) [279] Yeah ... you could u u or split up the [...] to start.
Ruth (PS0HP) [280] [...] some proverbs, I can't think ... can you complete these proverbs ... good book up there [...] for that ... I don't know at all, there's something wrong ... Ooh this looks really good ... got [...] look at this book, all the streets ... it's got like ... [...] The House of Commons ... and The House of Lords ... [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [281] Oh yeah!
Ruth (PS0HP) [282] Take you [...] brilliant book that ... [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [283] Alright.
Ruth (PS0HP) [284] I'm at school [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [285] you can smell it ... in the book
Paul (PS0HN) [cough]
Ruth (PS0HP) [286] it's got all proverbs and what things mean.
Kevin (PS0HM) [287] What's all this then.
Ruth (PS0HP) [288] Well they're proverbs aren't they.
Kevin (PS0HM) [289] All of them or
Ruth (PS0HP) [290] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [291] single ones?
Ruth (PS0HP) [292] Well all sorts, let ... sleeping dogs lie, the ones that underline them as ... I've underlined in biro.
Kevin (PS0HM) [293] Where did you get that [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [294] Sort of big words for little words ... that's a big word, you have to think of an addition, I've had it in [...] ... nineteen
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [295] fifty eight it is or nineteen sixty three ... geographical facts
Kevin (PS0HM) [296] Oh yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [297] peoples of other land, look all the people that come from [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [298] Mum, how do I get [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [299] Are you sure it's up-to-date though?
Ruth (PS0HP) [300] Well you bu you'll know if it isn't.
Paul (PS0HN) [301] Dad?
Kevin (PS0HM) [302] Sorry.
Paul (PS0HN) [303] Spell deceased.
Kevin (PS0HM) [304] Deceased, D E C E A S E D.
Ruth (PS0HP) [305] Look, masculine, feminine ... Kevin ... masculine, feminine some of them are really hard ... Zar, Marino ... distinctive name given to some countries, look ... the dairy of Northern Europe, Debonair ... cut your nails down!
Kevin (PS0HM) [306] Urgh!
Ruth (PS0HP) [307] Look famous ... famous founders, pioneers [...] Africa for east or west ... I think it'd be there today ... the muses ... do you know what that says?
Kevin (PS0HM) [308] Yes.
Ruth (PS0HP) [309] Any more famous faces ... oh you're gonna do up?
Kevin (PS0HM) [310] No I was wa er ... what ... what the other guys did [...] he's gone through a whole load of newspapers cutting peoples faces out
Ruth (PS0HP) [311] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [312] some a little quite obscure
Ruth (PS0HP) [313] Yes.
Kevin (PS0HM) [314] and ... just stuck it in little boxes, like little boxes and
Ruth (PS0HP) [315] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [316] [...] that put it underneath ... that's all I'm gonna do is, do I I'll measure the framework
Ruth (PS0HP) [317] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [318] and stick them on photographs an filling in a the names underneath.
Ruth (PS0HP) [319] Of who you think it is.
Kevin (PS0HM) [320] Yes.
Ruth (PS0HP) [321] [...] seen them really.
Kevin (PS0HM) [322] Ish ... so that it
Ruth (PS0HP) [323] [...] score
Kevin (PS0HM) [324] The la funny enough they had Gasgcoigne ... and the picture was so poor it looked ... people put things like ... oh you know er ... Edna Everage ... things like that and he ju , he looked like
Ruth (PS0HP) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [325] a woman and he the really [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [326] You know you're [...] of pictures now then.
Kevin (PS0HM) [327] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [328] So you're gonna photocopy this or are you just doing one original one?
Kevin (PS0HM) [329] No I'm gonna photocopy it.
Ruth (PS0HP) [330] Are they free?
Kevin (PS0HM) [331] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [332] [...] about going
Kevin (PS0HM) [333] [...] cos I've got tomorrow as well.
Ruth (PS0HP) [334] Well you're at football tomorrow.
Kevin (PS0HM) [335] Yeah not all day.
Ruth (PS0HP) [336] Virtually ... [...] watching Boon ... I've got some A two paper I think.
Kevin (PS0HM) [337] Ah ... don't look!
Ruth (PS0HP) [338] Even if I looked I wouldn't know ... gotta be fairly small pictures haven't they?
Paul (PS0HN) [339] How do you spell disappearance?
Kevin (PS0HM) [340] Yeah ... [cough] aha ... go over there
Ruth (PS0HP) [341] D I S A double P E A R A N C E
Kevin (PS0HM) [342] cos you're far too near whe wha I'm ... what I'm doing.
Paul (PS0HN) [343] And again.
Ruth (PS0HP) [344] D I S A double P E A R ... A N C E.
Kevin (PS0HM) [345] Do you want a coffee Ruthy?
Ruth (PS0HP) [346] [shouting] Yes please [] ... I'll have a ... Maxwell House cappuccino.

4 (Tape 016904)

Paul (PS0HN) [347] have some women in it.
Kevin (PS0HM) [348] Ooh it's a good one, there's some really obscure ones!
Paul (PS0HN) [349] Do some of the things you'd know!
Ruth (PS0HP) [350] Just because you've got some imbeciles coming!
Paul (PS0HN) [351] Who are they?
Ruth (PS0HP) [352] [laughing] Well mainly the children [] .
Paul (PS0HN) [353] Dunno them.
Kevin (PS0HM) [354] Your
Ruth (PS0HP) [355] Your cousins.
Kevin (PS0HM) [356] I'll do a full face on that one ... cos that's hard.
Paul (PS0HN) [357] What is it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [358] Knowing Yvonne she'll [...] hee hee!
Kevin (PS0HM) [359] Actually it's surprising how many faces you can get ... just looking at cheap newspapers you see, incredible!
[360] ... You think ooh that's well done ... quite easy.
Ruth (PS0HP) [361] Oh did you do ... [...] ... [laugh] ... Kettle's boiled ... Kettle's boiled ... It's only three weeks since the last party this is all for Jim's benefit isn't it [...] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [362] I thought this has co ro come round quite soon.
Ruth (PS0HP) [363] Well she goes ... June come on, could have had it next Friday I think something must be happening next Friday, she goes to Australia ... on the seventh ... well maybe that is next Friday ... Oh no it's the [...] isn't it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [364] So she can't come to the [...] ?
Ruth (PS0HP) [365] Cos the sixth is next Friday ... no.
Kevin (PS0HM) [366] It's just as well cos she's bound to say something about my quiches!
Ruth (PS0HP) [367] Ha ha ha! ... [laugh] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [368] [laugh] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [369] Gosh how much have you got Paul?
Paul (PS0HN) [370] Lots.
Ruth (PS0HP) [371] You do it all tonight?
Paul (PS0HN) [372] No.
Ruth (PS0HP) [373] Why?
Paul (PS0HN) [374] Erm ... I can't.
Ruth (PS0HP) [375] You can't do any tomorrow ... can't do any on Sunday ... I suggest you do it all tonight.
Paul (PS0HN) [376] Can't.
Kevin (PS0HM) [377] You don't [...] about this cappuccino is ... I don't understand is that here Maxwell cappuccino ... is
Ruth (PS0HP) [378] You can't open the packet.
Kevin (PS0HM) [379] twice the volume
Ruth (PS0HP) [380] Yeah, but twice
Kevin (PS0HM) [381] that's right much more powder than you use
Ruth (PS0HP) [382] We I know you can't open the packets, it's stupid!
[383] ... Honestly Paul you won't have time to do it tomorrow and Sunday ... well you can work 'till nine o'clock tonight.
Paul (PS0HN) [384] How much, can I?
Ruth (PS0HP) [385] You can work 'till nine o'clock tonight.

5 (Tape 016905)

Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [386] These Narcissi are really strong.
Kevin (PS0HM) [387] Sorry?
Ruth (PS0HP) [388] Cor they're really strong.
Kevin (PS0HM) [389] Ooh yeah ... [...] aren't they.
Ruth (PS0HP) [390] Mm.
Kevin (PS0HM) [391] I don't they're going to grow that tall, somehow but ... gone up straight as a dye haven't they?
Ruth (PS0HP) [392] I can't put them down there [...] to begin with, I think they all ... draw up
Kevin (PS0HM) [393] Hey
Ruth (PS0HP) [394] than lower down.
Kevin (PS0HM) [395] My hic hyacinths have all come out except ... no, they've all come out, one goron l looks like it's ... gone and lot congealed ... little bad ... and another hyacinth has ... two have come up and other ones not come up at all.
Ruth (PS0HP) [396] You haven't had as many as usual have you?
Kevin (PS0HM) [397] Well ... no not perhaps as many as last year.
Ruth (PS0HP) [398] I'm gonna have to go in this afternoon again [...] .

6 (Tape 016906)

Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [399] What did I do with the scissors?
Ruth (PS0HP) [400] Took them out to make the tea ... did you get any biscuits?
Kevin (PS0HM) [401] No ... except for some [...] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [402] There's some Kit-Kats up there.
Kevin (PS0HM) [403] Well you're not having any.
Ruth (PS0HP) [404] I wouldn't mind one.
Kevin (PS0HM) [405] No ... Pauline
Ruth (PS0HP) [406] Just one.
Kevin (PS0HM) [407] would agree.
Ruth (PS0HP) [408] I'm nine two this morning on the scales, I'll have you know.
Kevin (PS0HM) [409] Wanna a Kit-Kat Pauly?
Paul (PS0HN) [410] Yes please ... How do you spell whereabouts?
Ruth (PS0HP) [411] W H E R E A B O U T S ... seems to be a lack of spelling at your, this place ... Ah!
Kevin (PS0HM) [412] Urgh!
Ruth (PS0HP) [413] Put plenty of royalty in.
Kevin (PS0HM) [414] Are you looking?
Ruth (PS0HP) [415] Oh no, why should I!
[416] ... Trouble is Paul
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [417] I wouldn't cheat.
Kevin (PS0HM) [418] She's ... [...] you Pauly.
Paul (PS0HN) [419] I won't cheat!
Ruth (PS0HP) [420] You'd love to though.
Paul (PS0HN) [421] Why?
Ruth (PS0HP) [422] I gave my top group your algebra homework today ... they said ... Pau is this Paul's homework, I said yes ... that's not fair ... I said why isn't it fair?
[423] ... Well it's too hard, I said how do you know it's too hard?
[424] ... And they all did it ... apart from Chris ... who said ... urgh she always works us too hard!
[425] ... Apart from Christopher ... most of them managed it Paul ... especially Richard he's really clever ... I know who that is, Lady Di.
Kevin (PS0HM) [426] Shut up Ruthy!
Paul (PS0HN) [427] Is this one Lady Di?
[428] ... Is Mum not entering it then?
Kevin (PS0HM) [429] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [430] Course I am.
Paul (PS0HN) [431] Then why are you looking?
Ruth (PS0HP) [432] I'm not looking Paul ... don't tar everybody with the same brush.
Paul (PS0HN) [433] What?
Ruth (PS0HP) [434] Pardon, don't tar everybody with the same brush.
Kevin (PS0HM) [435] Ooh pardon me!
Paul (PS0HN) [436] What's that mean?
Ruth (PS0HP) [437] That means just cos you're likely to cheat don't assume that everyone else does.
Paul (PS0HN) [438] Then why did you say Princess Diana?
[439] ... I know that's Princess Diana.
Ruth (PS0HP) [440] Cos I see him cut it out.
Paul (PS0HN) [441] So you were looking in the first place!
Kevin (PS0HM) [442] No you were looking at the Mal Vicinty
Paul (PS0HN) [443] [laugh] ... Vicinty
Ruth (PS0HP) [444] Spell Vicinty
Paul (PS0HN) [445] I don't [laughing] know, about it [] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [446] Will I have to pull up any of those caps heads before your Mum comes round?
Kevin (PS0HM) [447] No.
Ruth (PS0HP) [448] We were just hanging around talking today and the children done Christmas card competition an ... wi some really and me and
Paul (PS0HN) [449] [shouting] Ah! [...] []
Ruth (PS0HP) [450] Moira
Paul (PS0HN) [451] [shouting] [...] [] !
Ruth (PS0HP) [452] and and Joanne Joe, say who could judge this, this is for our competition we'll say Heidi coming, no, is anybody else in it, no ... er Sarah'll come in cos she doesn't know, right?
[453] ... So John came up and we said er we were wondering who could judge th Christmas card competition and he was saying oh I don't know, [...] and then th the P T A chairman came up ... erm we said oh perhaps you should judge the Christmas card competition ... erm ... and she said ... well Melissa is judging it ... and we said Pardon!
[454] ... Then John, [...] , said well didn't you ask her this morning then!
[455] ... And Joan says oh no I forgot!
[456] ... Well [...] ... and even that didn't jog his memory, that he should have asked her to judge it!
Kevin (PS0HM) [457] What a dozy [...] !
Ruth (PS0HP) [458] You know [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [459] Who's judging it then?
Ruth (PS0HP) [460] Well Mary going to judge it and, would he let her do it on her own, no ... he followed her round, making comments here, making comments there, trying to influence her ... fact is, this'll make you laugh, you know the wall displays ... you know th erm the books, Where's Wally ... [...] Where's Wally ... you have this ... page, of really tiny little things and you have to find Wally, who's ... a person, right?
Kevin (PS0HM) [461] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [462] In minute detail, hidden on the page is something, you remember how Simon had books like that
Kevin (PS0HM) [463] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [464] In where's Lisa, Where's Freddie, anyway it's Where's Wally, for that ... he said er ... I think I'll get a picture of somebody ... and er course he [...] ... I said you gonna call it Where's Wally?
[465] He said no I'm wanna call it Where's the Wally!
[466] ... Milly said ... cos we'd been talking about this all day and they, the children had been saying to John ... you gonna have a picture of yourself in Where's the Wally thing?
[467] ... And erm ... Milly said ha can't think of a more suitable candidate [laughing] and swept off [] !
[468] ... If you don't want the car I'll drive to school tomorrow.
Kevin (PS0HM) [469] What?
Ruth (PS0HP) [470] I said if you don't want the car I'll drive Paul and myself to school tomorrow.
Kevin (PS0HM) [471] Just thought Mu Mum's got this newspaper so she might,s know some of them photographs.
Ruth (PS0HP) [472] Well then it's not fair, use a different newspaper.
Kevin (PS0HM) [473] Well I haven't got them.
Ruth (PS0HP) [474] We got our local papers, aren't there any in there?
Paul (PS0HN) [475] Doesn't matter.
Ruth (PS0HP) [476] You get ... yes you do you get pictures of pop stars and that in The
Kevin (PS0HM) [477] Yeah?
Ruth (PS0HP) [478] Mail.
Kevin (PS0HM) [479] Right.
Ruth (PS0HP) [480] And you can have ... my magazines
Kevin (PS0HM) [481] That's a hard one.
Ruth (PS0HP) [482] as well if you want ... The Express and The Mail have much the same pictures ... [laugh] ... [laugh] ... Got a [...] football magazine and a Woman ... you can have a football, I can't u ... look
Kevin (PS0HM) [483] Still get some wrong it don't matter anyway does it.
Paul (PS0HN) [484] Football will be there for children won't it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [485] Yes that's what I mean, I noticed that the man who did it balanced it rather nicely, he had some ... actors ... some ... politicians, that everyone can contribute ... especially in a [...] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [486] [...] except for me ... If you think my general knowledge is abysmal!
Kevin (PS0HM) [487] Abysmal!
Ruth (PS0HP) [488] Erm after football's done, then it must be us.
Kevin (PS0HM) [489] [...] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [490] Will you tell Paul he's gotta finish his homework tonight, if he can't do any tomorrow ... he can't do any on Sunday ... Not cutting off their hair?
Kevin (PS0HM) [491] Yes.
Paul (PS0HN) [492] Let's see.
Ruth (PS0HP) [493] Not allowed to look ... Can I read that?
Paul (PS0HN) [494] No.
Ruth (PS0HP) [495] Please?
Paul (PS0HN) [496] No.
Ruth (PS0HP) [497] Why is it illiterate?
Paul (PS0HN) [498] Yeah.

7 (Tape 016907)

Kevin (PS0HM) [499] Hurry up with the scissors Pauly.
Paul (PS0HN) [500] Why the rush?
Ruth (PS0HP) [501] Got a pen?
Kevin (PS0HM) [502] Cutting out like mad here.
Ruth (PS0HP) [503] Have you got a pen? ... [...] anything that writes Paul?
Paul (PS0HN) [504] No, anyway you didn't ask me!
Ruth (PS0HP) [505] I have.
Paul (PS0HN) [506] Then [...] in there and get it!
Ruth (PS0HP) [507] How much did you pay for this pen in the market?
[508] ... It's got a loose nib!
Paul (PS0HN) [509] What?
Ruth (PS0HP) [510] This pen you bought in the market has got a loose nib.

8 (Tape 016908)

Ruth (PS0HP) [511] How many you got?
Kevin (PS0HM) [512] Oh, still waiting for the scissors.
Ruth (PS0HP) [513] Oh Paul!
Paul (PS0HN) [514] What?
[515] ... What is the matter?
Ruth (PS0HP) [516] Daddy wants the scissors.
Paul (PS0HN) [517] Well I'm sorry!
Ruth (PS0HP) [518] Not very.
Paul (PS0HN) [519] Ha.
Kevin (PS0HM) [520] Don't throw scissors, ooh it's very dangerous.
Ruth (PS0HP) [521] Paul!
Paul (PS0HN) [522] Well you shouldn't keep taking them!
Ruth (PS0HP) [523] Tell you what you can have a pair for Christmas instead of a computer.
Paul (PS0HN) [524] Oh yes please!
Ruth (PS0HP) [525] There's a pair there ... look ... paper's there.
Kevin (PS0HM) [526] [shouting] You saw then ... you were looking [] !
Ruth (PS0HP) [527] [laughing] I'm not [] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [528] [shouting] You were [] !
[529] ... See you can't be trusted.
Ruth (PS0HP) [530] Ray Wilkins ... [laughing] Is it [] ?
Kevin (PS0HM) [531] Oh that is ridiculous!
Ruth (PS0HP) [532] [laughing] Sorry [] ... I just [...] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [533] That's it!
[534] ... See you can't be trusted, you're a ... you get quite upset when you get accused ... and Pauly quite rightly accuses you.
Ruth (PS0HP) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [535] I caught her looking Paul.
Paul (PS0HN) [536] She's always looking!
[537] ... She'll always look up ... Got a Pritt stick?
Kevin (PS0HM) [538] Yeah.
Paul (PS0HN) [539] Where is it.
Kevin (PS0HM) [540] Usual place.
Paul (PS0HN) [541] Where's the usual place?
[542] ... Where's the usual place?
[543] ... Can't [...] ... it isn't ... pardon?
[544] ... Where in there [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [whispering] [...] []
Paul (PS0HN) [545] [whispering] Is it in there? []
Kevin (PS0HM) [546] [whispering] It is [] .
Paul (PS0HN) [547] Was she looking?
[548] ... She was looking at what, Ray Wilkins.
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [549] Well how do you know of Ray Wilkins?
Kevin (PS0HM) [550] Well cos she [...] called it out.
Ruth (PS0HP) [551] [...] pay my attention to it, I look harder.
Paul (PS0HN) [552] She.

9 (Tape 016909)

Paul (PS0HN) [553] Stop making silly noises then!
[554] ... She'll be [...] ... Ferrero Roche.
Ruth (PS0HP) [555] I'm really not [...] ... Hey how about getting erm ... [...] if I can get there early enough ... individual Christmas cakes ... they were gonna sell them for
Kevin (PS0HM) [556] Oh yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [557] two pounds each ... individual iced Christmas cakes like this.
Paul (PS0HN) [558] Cheap.
Kevin (PS0HM) [559] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [560] I want one of them ... [...] might be nice for Natty.
Kevin (PS0HM) [cough]
Ruth (PS0HP) [561] Keep it in the box.
Paul (PS0HN) [562] [singing] boing!
[563] De er der der der der [] .

10 (Tape 016910)

Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [564] You're on still, look!
Ruth (PS0HP) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [565] Yes you're on, no you're off.
Paul (PS0HN) [566] Dad?
Kevin (PS0HM) [567] Eh?
Paul (PS0HN) [568] I ... today did you do one bulls eye ... no not ... cut up the thing and say which sport does this person belong to ... might get a picture of Rob Andrews ... see if they stick rugby or tennis on.
Ruth (PS0HP) [569] Yes Paul ... that'll be a bit unfair for the other twenty nine people around wouldn't it?
Paul (PS0HN) [570] What other twenty nine people round?
Ruth (PS0HP) [571] Ah!
[572] ... Then you'd know all the answers.
Paul (PS0HN) [573] Can't do one for everything!
Ruth (PS0HP) [574] I think you should have a music one.
Kevin (PS0HM) [575] One or two I ... I know now ... I'm writing them down and [...] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [576] Ha ha ... I'm in at ... tomorrow morning I'm hoping when I wake up I wanna [...] nice and [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [577] So what time do I need to wake up?
Ruth (PS0HP) [578] From the fair?
[579] ... Not very early, you can sleep in I've gotta go to Waitrose to pick up the stuff.
Paul (PS0HN) [580] Sleep into when?
Ruth (PS0HP) [581] Well ten o'clock.
Paul (PS0HN) [582] Ten o'clock!
Ruth (PS0HP) [583] Oh hang on I'm leaving at ten cos I want to be there a little early ... and start them but I hope to get some perks.
Paul (PS0HN) [584] Nine okay?
[585] ... Wake up at nine?
Ruth (PS0HP) [586] Yeah I'm going to Waitrose at nine.
Kevin (PS0HM) [587] So which fair is this ... at school is it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [588] Yeah, what do you think I'm talking about!
Kevin (PS0HM) [589] Oh I don't know I heard it's a craft fair, that's all I heard.
Paul (PS0HN) [590] All this time Daddy thinks it's a like [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [591] No I said it's a ... lovely craft fair.
Ruth (PS0HP) [592] It's called Christmas fair but you and Darren have got a stall so ... ah
Kevin (PS0HM) [593] Why did you know what to do there then?
Ruth (PS0HP) [594] I already bought a children's [...] thirty five pee each.
Kevin (PS0HM) [595] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [596] Zoe said ... are they for your little [...] ... said which little fun are you talking about Zoe?
[597] ... Said yes they're both for Paul ha ha!
Paul (PS0HN) [598] Little [...] ... Look at those brilliant grafts Mum ... double grafts they're called ... Hobart and Darwin.
Ruth (PS0HP) [599] Why are they called double grafts?
Paul (PS0HN) [600] They're not called double they've sort of got a [...] about rainfall and temperature.
Ruth (PS0HP) [601] Oh and they show two things ... so y you'll have to see if there's any correlation between the two ... is there any correlation between rainfall and temperature, and is there?
[602] ... When rainfall goes up does temperature up and vice versa?
Paul (PS0HN) [603] Dunno just gotta describe them.
Ruth (PS0HP) [604] Well that's what you have to say, is there any correlation between
Paul (PS0HN) [605] What does correlation mean?
Ruth (PS0HP) [606] They all correlate.
Paul (PS0HN) [607] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [608] It's connection isn't it Kev?
Kevin (PS0HM) [609] Mm.
Paul (PS0HN) [610] Yeah ... and you've gotta see
Ruth (PS0HP) [611] That's level six, you should be doing that.
Paul (PS0HN) [612] What's level six?
Ruth (PS0HP) [613] Well correlation I've just done that with all my children, you should be level six, no good doing it, you should be it ... Want you to do two pieces of work for Monday and ... all the same level, so there's an extra ... two you've got to do.
Paul (PS0HN) [614] And what homework do you, what do they get ... what homework do they get over Christmas?
Ruth (PS0HP) [615] They get ... poem, my greatest fear ... and they get a project homework from Lynn.
Paul (PS0HN) [616] So how many homeworks do they get, two?
Ruth (PS0HP) [617] Yeah ... how many have you got?
Paul (PS0HN) [618] Five.
Ruth (PS0HP) [619] Rubbish!
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [620] Clap trap!
[621] ... That word would go down well.
Paul (PS0HN) [622] You know that lady that did the thing so Lary ... what did you w and you say the children w meant ... knew what it meant, what did they say it meant?
Ruth (PS0HP) [623] Well ... [...] sort of meant all knowing.
Paul (PS0HN) [624] No ... Lary means something like ... it's sort of like ... someone ... mm
Ruth (PS0HP) [625] Ah you know that word as well.
Paul (PS0HN) [626] Yeah [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [627] Well how do you spell it?
Paul (PS0HN) [628] L a r y.
Ruth (PS0HP) [629] L a r y?
Paul (PS0HN) [630] Yes ... it it's Lary, it's sort of like ... someone insults you like they er ... you've only got four toes ... and so I'll say ... that's well Lary!
[631] ... And then y ... but I take that then
Ruth (PS0HP) [632] What like an insult?
Paul (PS0HN) [633] Lary, yeah ... like ... hey you when and got too Lary!
Kevin (PS0HM) [634] Sounds like Aunty Sheila's mardy
Paul (PS0HN) [635] Got it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [636] she says mardy don't she?
Paul (PS0HN) [637] Lary everyone's going oh that's Lary ... but
Ruth (PS0HP) [638] Well I've never heard of it and they I said [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [639] But and you called James ... a moron or something like that
Ruth (PS0HP) [640] Yeah but
Paul (PS0HN) [641] he goes
Ruth (PS0HP) [642] moron
Paul (PS0HN) [643] but he goes
Ruth (PS0HP) [644] we know what moron means.
Paul (PS0HN) [645] but he goes oh that's Lary!
[646] ... You shouldn't take that word, well
Ruth (PS0HP) [647] What you unkind?
Paul (PS0HN) [648] No
Ruth (PS0HP) [649] I do
Paul (PS0HN) [650] No Lary.
Ruth (PS0HP) [651] Rude?
Paul (PS0HN) [652] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [653] No I'm sure he didn't mean rude.
Paul (PS0HN) [654] Not unkind, it's like ... you shouldn't take that from him that's ... bad ... get him out ... [singing] ding da ding ding ding ding ding ... boo boo diddle erm, doo doo doo doo diddle erm ... dum dum dum diddle erm ... [...] ding ding diddle er er ... diddle er [...] yeah yeah ... doo diddle erm ... doo doo dee dee ... dee ... [...] boom boom diddle erm boom [...] [] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [655] Hurry up!
Paul (PS0HN) [656] I'm moving, I'm scrooving, I'm dooving ... this is hard, got to take all these notes and just put them into all ... sort of ... a summary.
Ruth (PS0HP) [657] Spell summary.
Paul (PS0HN) [658] S u m m a r y ... today is Saturday.
Ruth (PS0HP) [659] Is there any connection ... why have you coloured it in red biro!
Paul (PS0HN) [660] And [...] oh [...] ... I don't really know.
Ruth (PS0HP) [661] That doesn't show anything!
[662] ... Yet the January, February, March the temperature is ... high ... which is temperature ... I can't tell by looking at that, which one's temperature and which one's rainfall.
Paul (PS0HN) [663] That's temperature and that's rainfall.
Ruth (PS0HP) [664] Yeah but which line refers to which, how can I tell?
[665] ... You need to put the dotted line there ... and square there
Paul (PS0HN) [666] No you can look like that.
Ruth (PS0HP) [667] How?
Paul (PS0HN) [668] Rain, ten millimetres of rain equals one millimetre ... ten of rain equals one millimetre and this one ... one degrees ... celsius ... equals
Ruth (PS0HP) [669] Well I'm sorry ... I don't think that is very clever ... for you!
Paul (PS0HN) [670] there and [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [671] one degrees, how can temperature
Paul (PS0HN) [672] What?
Ruth (PS0HP) [673] one degree celsius equals one millimetre
Paul (PS0HN) [674] Yes.
Ruth (PS0HP) [675] So it's twenty five degrees celsius in January?
Paul (PS0HN) [676] No.
Ruth (PS0HP) [677] Well I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to put some sort of ... clue on it.
Kevin (PS0HM) [678] We've got twelve people coming, right?
Ruth (PS0HP) [679] Er yep ... what's that gotta do with anything?
Kevin (PS0HM) [680] Well cos I'm gonna have ... pairs ... I think here
Ruth (PS0HP) [681] And one you!
Kevin (PS0HM) [682] Oh ... singles then?
[683] ... It's more
Ruth (PS0HP) [684] No
Kevin (PS0HM) [685] fun in pairs isn't it cos the people can have the scraggle and talk to each other.
Ruth (PS0HP) [686] You'll have to have pairs and put one three.
Paul (PS0HN) [687] Chips.
Kevin (PS0HM) [688] Well that's not fair then.
Ruth (PS0HP) [689] Put Michael with
Kevin (PS0HM) [690] Oh yeah
Ruth (PS0HP) [691] if you put Michael with two other people, it's completely fair.
Paul (PS0HN) [692] But then your implying something aren't you.
Ruth (PS0HP) [693] Why don't you say if you're a child ... you can go in a group of three, if your adults you'll have to be in a group of two, so the children can attach themselves to any group.
Kevin (PS0HM) [694] Right.
Paul (PS0HN) [695] Right.
Ruth (PS0HP) [696] You've got eleven people you need four groups ... you don't have four groups it's not worth doing is it?
Paul (PS0HN) [697] Gotta share it all out perfect even ... why don't you say, stick it on the wall, give them each a piece of paper and they've gotta do it ... I've got an idea, you can compile a quiz
Ruth (PS0HP) [698] Fine I'm [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [699] and then you could have a treasure hunt for the children
Ruth (PS0HP) [700] you know
Kevin (PS0HM) [701] Couldn't I.
Ruth (PS0HP) [702] Most amusing [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [whistling]
Paul (PS0HN) [703] Are you gonna sort of read out the question and they each gonna scribble down their answer.
Kevin (PS0HM) [704] Nope.
Paul (PS0HN) [705] What you gonna do?
Ruth (PS0HP) [706] No, just leave
Kevin (PS0HM) [707] Have a chart.
Ruth (PS0HP) [708] your father!
Paul (PS0HN) [709] What?
Kevin (PS0HM) [710] Have a chart.
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [711] Heart.
Paul (PS0HN) [712] You'll let people ... overlook each other then ... sort of overlooking
Ruth (PS0HP) [713] Cheating you mean!
Kevin (PS0HM) [714] Yes I mean that's the first thing you have to say, you have to think ... when you look at [...] ... you keep, anybody who does the whispering
Ruth (PS0HP) [715] Is Mum.
Kevin (PS0HM) [716] is giving their answers away ... in fact, what we did, the team of four, is they all had a little pad of paper, if you spotted something you knew, you went ... and you wrote it down ... because people we there.
Ruth (PS0HP) [717] You did it in silence.
Kevin (PS0HM) [718] Yeah ... tried to do ... and they obviously can't.
Ruth (PS0HP) [719] Why aren't you gonna [...] for faces.
Kevin (PS0HM) [720] Well this th this is the the faces and I thought I'd do the maps and the rest were questions I don't know whether y ... should do some questions.
Ruth (PS0HP) [721] Well you'll have to think of some.
Kevin (PS0HM) [722] Yeah ... I'll see how I go any
Ruth (PS0HP) [723] You got the maps of South America?
Kevin (PS0HM) [724] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [725] I've got one at work ... a blank, you should of asked me for it.
Kevin (PS0HM) [726] What all split up, yeah?
Ruth (PS0HP) [727] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [728] Oh.
Ruth (PS0HP) [729] I could get it tomorrow morning ... in my
Kevin (PS0HM) [730] Yeah could you?
[731] ... Blanked out without the er the countries names
Ruth (PS0HP) [732] Yes
Kevin (PS0HM) [733] in it?
[734] ... Oh yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [735] I've got all the countries blanks ... might not oh I might not even have the countries on but if you had blanks you could put countries in, that'll be easier than [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [736] No that'll be harder.
Ruth (PS0HP) [737] No ... what the boundaries?
Kevin (PS0HM) [738] Yes ... because if you've got the scale ... you just drop, trace it all off ... where as you got the you've the you gotta sort out work out ... i th the scale of everything, haven't you?
Ruth (PS0HP) [739] No you just draw the lines.
Kevin (PS0HM) [740] Yeah but how do you ge
Ruth (PS0HP) [741] What scale?
Kevin (PS0HM) [742] How you going to know exactly where the boundaries go or i in between some land-lock countries ... that you got it in the right position
Ruth (PS0HP) [743] How many land-lock countries are there in South America?
Kevin (PS0HM) [744] Well enough anyway, I mean I thought you were giving me something easier to do not [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [745] Well I think ... why would you do it tonight if I didn't have it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [746] Yes
Ruth (PS0HP) [747] Say I didn't have it tomorrow you'd
Kevin (PS0HM) [748] well
Ruth (PS0HP) [749] do it tonight?
Kevin (PS0HM) [750] probably ni or tomorrow I was gonna do that.
Paul (PS0HN) [751] I seem to think you should take the easy bit, cos that's gonna be miles too hard!
Kevin (PS0HM) [752] No I like to balance it, I ju there's some balance there, there's some easy ones and some hard ones.
Ruth (PS0HP) [753] [...] I'll tell you what's best for Michael.
Paul (PS0HN) [754] I don't feel that's very good ... because you're just gonna get children totally pull out of it unless they're
Ruth (PS0HP) [755] No.
Paul (PS0HN) [756] really really good.
Ruth (PS0HP) [757] Children are allowed to go [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [758] You find that if if if i in a team, if there's teams ... i you find that in a singles, but if there's a team e if everybody feels the everybody feels they can contribute something to it ... when you've got
Ruth (PS0HP) [759] You can have those [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [760] [...] allowed to be the idea of that, you don't wanna make it
Kevin (PS0HM) [761] Yeah I know
Paul (PS0HN) [762] too easy [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [763] No there are no husbands allowed to be with any wife ... and children can attach themselves to which group they want.
Paul (PS0HN) [764] So work out the groups, you work out the groups.
Ruth (PS0HP) [765] Well there's going to be ... apart from your father there's going to be seven adults.
Paul (PS0HN) [766] Listen, a man with a woman ... but not wi not ... by marriage ... cos say like Andy with Nanna
Ruth (PS0HP) [767] Well I could go with two children, I expect.
Kevin (PS0HM) [768] Well write down the names let's have a go at, let's work out, let's work out the teams
Ruth (PS0HP) [769] Cos I'm the cleverest person, I can go with two teenies!
Kevin (PS0HM) [770] lo , write down the names.
Paul (PS0HN) [771] Modest!
Ruth (PS0HP) [772] No and I could be the only adult with two children cos I'm so clever.
Kevin (PS0HM) [773] Write down the names and th work out some balanced teams then for me please.
Ruth (PS0HP) [774] Ah, give me a pen!
Paul (PS0HN) [775] I'll write it out with her.
Ruth (PS0HP) [776] Can I, thank you.
Kevin (PS0HM) [777] Then people don't argue then
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [778] do they, if they say look that's the team then th people are h happy.
Ruth (PS0HP) [779] There's Nanna and Margarite, if I find him another [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [780] Yes, they don't know [...] cos they're both Daily Mail readers and I'm cutting the majority of these out.
Paul (PS0HN) [781] And [...] ... and maybe an adult [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [782] Don't put
Ruth (PS0HP) [783] No four groups, is all you'll get out of twelve people.
Kevin (PS0HM) [784] don't put Michelle and Andy together.
Paul (PS0HN) [785] I'm not?
Ruth (PS0HP) [786] Don't put
Paul (PS0HN) [787] Papa a Nanna and
Ruth (PS0HP) [788] er Adrian
Paul (PS0HN) [789] And Kevin with Andrew ... yeah ... no not Kev and Andrew because
Ruth (PS0HP) [790] erm Mooty [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [791] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [792] Mooty and Michelle
Paul (PS0HN) [793] Hang on ... i
Ruth (PS0HP) [794] What other adult is there?
[795] There's only me
Paul (PS0HN) [796] Is Karen quite good?
Ruth (PS0HP) [797] One, two
Kevin (PS0HM) [798] Yes Karen is
Ruth (PS0HP) [799] three, four
Kevin (PS0HM) [800] will be as sharp as iron
Paul (PS0HN) [801] Can I be with Papa then?
Ruth (PS0HP) [802] It'll have to be me with Papa.
Paul (PS0HN) [803] Okay ... [...] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [804] That's the eight adults.
Kevin (PS0HM) [805] Who're you putting Karen with?
[806] Be careful cos Karen is the
Ruth (PS0HP) [807] Andy.
Paul (PS0HN) [808] Andy.
Kevin (PS0HM) [809] No that's far tha well
Paul (PS0HN) [...] [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [810] think again isn't that [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [811] Nanna and
Ruth (PS0HP) [812] Michelle and Mooty, why you think that's too clever?
Kevin (PS0HM) [813] Andy an ... Andy and Karen will ... streak through.
Ruth (PS0HP) [814] What better than Michelle and Mooty?
Kevin (PS0HM) [815] I bet you.
Ruth (PS0HP) [816] She [...] generations though.
Kevin (PS0HM) [817] I bet I'll give you a bet ... Karen will win it.
Paul (PS0HN) [818] What about Papa?
Ruth (PS0HP) [819] Who you gonna put Karen
Kevin (PS0HM) [820] Because
Ruth (PS0HP) [821] with?
Kevin (PS0HM) [822] she thinks [...] , she reads papers.
Ruth (PS0HP) [823] Well I put Karen with Papa and me with Andy then.
Kevin (PS0HM) [824] It's just her her what?
Ruth (PS0HP) [825] Put me with Andy then, and Karen with Papa.
Paul (PS0HN) [826] No that'll be too easy cos you and Andy'll streak through that.
Kevin (PS0HM) [827] Mm.
Paul (PS0HN) [828] It should be
Ruth (PS0HP) [829] No it'll have to be Karen and Andy cos
Paul (PS0HN) [830] Mooty and Andy!
Kevin (PS0HM) [831] Yeah?
Ruth (PS0HP) [832] Cos the others are different generations, they're at a disadvantage cos they're the same generation ... Andy
Paul (PS0HN) [833] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [834] and Karen.
Kevin (PS0HM) [835] Yeah so
Ruth (PS0HP) [836] Karen doesn't read The Mail ... and nor does Andrew.
Kevin (PS0HM) [837] You'd be surprised, Karen's well read, newspaper wise she's not
Ruth (PS0HP) [838] Oh of course
Paul (PS0HN) [839] [...] or something.
Ruth (PS0HP) [840] Right you got that'll do, I think ... unless your father wants to [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [841] No.
Ruth (PS0HP) [842] Now three of those groups can have a child
Paul (PS0HN) [843] [...] should be with Nanna and Adrian.
Ruth (PS0HP) [844] No.
Paul (PS0HN) [845] Why not?
Ruth (PS0HP) [846] You mean you with Nanna and Adrian ... yeah I think you should
Paul (PS0HN) [847] Okay.
Ruth (PS0HP) [848] be with them ... put Michael with Andrew and Karen ... tha
Paul (PS0HN) [849] Which one are you gonna have?
Ruth (PS0HP) [850] Who can have Lisa, me and Papa or Michael an Mi ... Michelle and Mooty?
Kevin (PS0HM) [851] See I'm [...] in so me th th they'll all be able to contribute.
Paul (PS0HN) [852] Michelle and Mooty.
Kevin (PS0HM) [853] That's right [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [854] Cross Michael out then?
Ruth (PS0HP) [855] Where's does Lisa go?
Paul (PS0HN) [856] Cross Michael out.
Ruth (PS0HP) [857] Why?
Paul (PS0HN) [858] Just cross him out.
Ruth (PS0HP) [859] Why?
Paul (PS0HN) [860] You've gotta think of the generations ... they would be more likely to lead a pop star ... or sort of person that would know all those ... those sort of things, put Michael with Michelle and Mooty ... [...] ... and Lisa with Papa and Mum
Kevin (PS0HM) [861] Be careful who you put Mooty with ... cos Mooty
Ruth (PS0HP) [862] I've put her with Michelle!
Kevin (PS0HM) [863] Oh that's alright, that's fine, yes.
Paul (PS0HN) [864] and ... Lisa with Papa and ... you.
Ruth (PS0HP) [865] So that left Andrew and Karen on their own?
Paul (PS0HN) [866] Yes ... that's fair
Ruth (PS0HP) [867] Do you think that's fair?
Kevin (PS0HM) [868] Sorry?
Ruth (PS0HP) [869] Andrew and Karen, you think
Kevin (PS0HM) [870] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [871] they're so clever that they're
Kevin (PS0HM) [872] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [873] going to beat anybody else?
Kevin (PS0HM) [874] They will win.
Paul (PS0HN) [875] Yeah, so listen to this ... Nanna, Adrian and me
Ruth (PS0HP) [876] Go to Dad.
Paul (PS0HN) [877] okay I'll read it out, Nanna, Adrian and me, Dad?
Ruth (PS0HP) [878] [...] make up on.
Paul (PS0HN) [879] Okay?
Kevin (PS0HM) [880] Sorry?
Paul (PS0HN) [881] Nanna, Adrian and me ... Papa, Mum and Lisa ... Andrew and Karen
Ruth (PS0HP) [882] He's not listening ... he's not listening
Kevin (PS0HM) [883] I am yes
Paul (PS0HN) [884] Michelle , Mooty and Michael.
Kevin (PS0HM) [885] That's alright.
Ruth (PS0HP) [886] Is it after lunch, I presume?
Kevin (PS0HM) [887] Yes.
Paul (PS0HN) [888] I knew Michelle and Mooty would need somebody else cos ... you know Michelle ... Mooty would have a [...] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [889] Paul you gonna throw me another pencil I seem to have lost
Ruth (PS0HP) [890] Paul don't belittle the
Kevin (PS0HM) [891] lost one.
Ruth (PS0HP) [892] older generation.
Paul (PS0HN) [893] No but s
Kevin (PS0HM) [894] Throw me a pencil please?
Paul (PS0HN) [895] I'm just saying ... would she know about Michael Jackson and all that sort of stuff.
Ruth (PS0HP) [896] Is Daddy putting Michael Jackson in?
Paul (PS0HN) [897] I don't know, he's bound to put [...] in, I hope.
Kevin (PS0HM) [898] I'm not giving any clues away ... I'm balancing as best I can.
Paul (PS0HN) [899] What do you want?
Kevin (PS0HM) [900] Pencil, I know you couldn't concentrate on three things!
Ruth (PS0HP) [901] [...] comet ... have you used the match box?
Kevin (PS0HM) [902] Yes ... that brown crayon you've got in your hand'll do.
Paul (PS0HN) [903] Why, why will it do?
Kevin (PS0HM) [904] Well ... you seem a bit desperate.
Paul (PS0HN) [905] What you gonna do with it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [906] Right so you're going to go work
Kevin (PS0HM) [907] Well
Ruth (PS0HP) [908] after I've gone to [...] have you?
Kevin (PS0HM) [909] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [910] You can go to work when the tape stops ... Well he's not going to watch you sticking all those on at work ... what's he gonna be doing.
Kevin (PS0HM) [911] He's doing his homework.
Paul (PS0HN) [912] I can draw some sides [...] ... just like I can put ... I could make a ... just draw neatly in the teams bi on a big piece of paper ... that'll make it look really good, [...] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [913] And when were you going to do the map of ... you can't do that map tomorrow can you?
Kevin (PS0HM) [914] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [915] Well when will you do that at work then?
[916] ... Before or after football?
Kevin (PS0HM) [917] I'll slot it in sometime tomorrow.
Ruth (PS0HP) [918] Right, fine ... wish you could slot into washing up mood.
Kevin (PS0HM) [919] Ooh there's a hard one.
Paul (PS0HN) [920] There.
Kevin (PS0HM) [921] Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh that'll sort out the ... I'd like someone to say, I'd like to have ... one or two that nobody gets.
Ruth (PS0HP) [922] Is there a prize?
Paul (PS0HN) [923] What do you mean?
Kevin (PS0HM) [924] Sorry?
Ruth (PS0HP) [925] Is there a prize?
Paul (PS0HN) [926] I suppose there should be.
Kevin (PS0HM) [927] Suppose there should be yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [928] What an overall prize or individual prizes?
Paul (PS0HN) [929] Er
Kevin (PS0HM) [930] Little individuals is it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [931] Well they'll have to be equal prizes wouldn't they?
Paul (PS0HN) [932] I've got it!
[933] ... Whichever team wins ... th the cha children can give out the Christmas presents.
Ruth (PS0HP) [934] What Christmas presents?
Paul (PS0HN) [935] Those presents up there.
Ruth (PS0HP) [936] Big deal!
Kevin (PS0HM) [937] Can't fool you.
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [938] Well I've never [...] [...] prize
Paul (PS0HN) [939] It's only ... it's only fun, I mean what are you gonna give them?
[940] ... The team that wins gets their presents.
Kevin (PS0HM) [941] He said I used to laugh at my Dad when he used to do these quizzes but when
Ruth (PS0HP) [942] That's why you'll start getting more and more like your Dad.
Kevin (PS0HM) [943] Yep.
Ruth (PS0HP) [944] Wouldn't argue with that one iota.
Paul (PS0HN) [945] What does iota mean?
Ruth (PS0HP) [946] Scrap.
Paul (PS0HN) [947] One what?
Ruth (PS0HP) [948] Scrap.
Paul (PS0HN) [949] Scrap?
Ruth (PS0HP) [950] Scer er ap .
Paul (PS0HN) [951] Why?
Ruth (PS0HP) [952] One little bit, I wouldn't argue with her.
Paul (PS0HN) [953] You could do a treasure hunt, Dad ... Dad
Kevin (PS0HM) [954] Mm?
Paul (PS0HN) [955] you could do a treasure hunt.
Ruth (PS0HP) [956] No it's too hard.
Paul (PS0HN) [957] It's not.
Kevin (PS0HM) [958] No this is do this is just a gentle little thing it'll just get people laughing and things cos
Paul (PS0HN) [959] You've gotta sort out how you got organised [...] ?
Ruth (PS0HP) [960] Who?
Paul (PS0HN) [961] [...] ?
Kevin (PS0HM) [962] No he no go upstairs th in pairs if they wanna do it, quietly.
Ruth (PS0HP) [963] [...] upstairs and find [...] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [964] Getting silly!
Paul (PS0HN) [965] You should have ... answers up there ... and each person has their gro group reading ... one in the ... breakfast room
Ruth (PS0HP) [966] But we got go grammatical each person has to speak.
Paul (PS0HN) [967] Why don't they go out ... Well I can have somewhere else ... but they can all have their quiet place to talk. [tv on in background]
Ruth (PS0HP) [968] Is it tonight Casualty on?
Paul (PS0HN) [969] Eh?
Ruth (PS0HP) [970] Fridays?
[971] ... Done today's paper?
Kevin (PS0HM) [972] Don't know.
Ruth (PS0HP) [973] Can I have it then.
Kevin (PS0HM) [974] Then cut it up, I don't know ... you cannot loo go through you cannot go through those!
Ruth (PS0HP) [975] I only want the television page
Kevin (PS0HM) [976] I don't care
Ruth (PS0HP) [977] for Friday Kevin
Paul (PS0HN) [978] No don't Mum
Kevin (PS0HM) [979] Sorry.
Ruth (PS0HP) [980] Oh for goodness sake how can I possibly see anything aye aye!
Paul (PS0HN) [981] Why don't you look
Kevin (PS0HM) [982] Find it over there what about over look!
Paul (PS0HN) [983] Look I've found it.
Kevin (PS0HM) [984] Oh give it [...] !
Ruth (PS0HP) [985] I thought you wanted a pop star?
Paul (PS0HN) [986] Will you do any mathematical sums?
Ruth (PS0HP) [987] No
Paul (PS0HN) [988] Mum can do them.
Ruth (PS0HP) [989] I might win.
Paul (PS0HN) [990] Mum can do mathematical sums.
Ruth (PS0HP) [991] I've got a lovely mental test for the children ... it's a bit hard.
Paul (PS0HN) [992] Is it?
[993] ... Better than [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [994] Two one one ... [yawn] I am so tired, I've got to get up early tomorrow ... [...] , right I want that recorded twenty one thirty, shall I [...] her out?
Kevin (PS0HM) [995] Yes you better had ... [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [996] [laughing] [...] as well.
Kevin (PS0HM) [997] Oh where are your keys?
Ruth (PS0HP) [998] Paul can you turn this thing to nought.
Paul (PS0HN) [999] Yes.
Ruth (PS0HP) [1000] Or on this one ... or you have to have the other one?
Paul (PS0HN) [1001] The other one ... should be a button ... I've pressed the button just lift this up ... button she set, there you go.
Ruth (PS0HP) [1002] Thank you ... so if I press play and record now ... twenty one thirty, twenty two thirty it's half past ten ... [...] thirty five to half past ten that's alright ... so ... if I press play and record now ... it should come on at ... wha one and a half and ten ... one forty so it should come on when it says one forty.

11 (Tape 016911)

Ruth (PS0HP) [1003] Shoe shoes shoe
Kevin (PS0HM) [1004] I took them upstairs.
Paul (PS0HN) [1005] Where are you going?
Ruth (PS0HP) [1006] To see Mrs .
Kevin (PS0HM) [1007] I didn't want that lady thinking you were untidy.
Paul (PS0HN) [1008] That what lady?
[1009] ... When are we leaving?
[1010] ... Dad?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1011] Mm?
Paul (PS0HN) [1012] When we leaving?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1013] In a minute ... oh this is it ... oh no ... they're not re releasing in that ... [shouting] Cor look at this ... he's not doing the one, he's doing all his Christmas ones together [] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [1014] Who?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1015] Cliff ... that's why they did it, cos they put them all together.
Ruth (PS0HP) [1016] Mm? ... [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1017] Clever I think.
Ruth (PS0HP) [1018] Right I got my key then.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1019] Alright, I think I got enough here.
Ruth (PS0HP) [1020] Alright?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1021] Right, yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [1022] Well will you be very late?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1023] No.
Ruth (PS0HP) [1024] See you then.

12 (Tape 016912)

Paul (PS0HN) [1025] Hello my name's Geoffrey Chaucer ... and I'm going now, bye.

13 (Tape 017001)

Kevin (PS0HM) [1026] Are Paul ... are erm Manchester United playing in their blue strip today, will they do you think?
Paul (PS0HN) [1027] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1028] That's their unlucky strip.
[1029] Let's hope ... [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [1030] It's a disgusting strip.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1031] That awful white and blue ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1032] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1033] strip.
Paul (PS0HN) [1034] Red as well.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1035] Yeah I suppose they can't have red can they?
[1036] Not with a red [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [1037] No.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1038] So, we're so much like red aren't we?
[1039] ... Red and blue.
Paul (PS0HN) [1040] [...] team's [...] us they can't have red or blue either [...] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [1041] What did they have, what colour did they have before the blue?
[1042] [...] Oh it was blue last year wasn't it?
Paul (PS0HN) [1043] It was a bluey weirdy one before
Kevin (PS0HM) [1044] Oh yeah.
Paul (PS0HN) [1045] last year.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1046] Yeah.
Paul (PS0HN) [1047] Before that they have white don't they?
[1048] All white.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1049] Oh yeah.
[1050] They played the cup final in white didn't they?
Paul (PS0HN) [1051] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1052] Right.
[1053] ... I looked up the teletext and it said full squad for Manchester United.
[1054] Even Paul Parker's ... fit.
[1055] So they've got the full
Paul (PS0HN) [1056] Not the palace full squad?
[1057] [...] Man United?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1058] No Man United, yes.
[1059] ... So they can't have any, if we beat them they can't have any excuses.
Paul (PS0HN) [1060] Yeah.
[1061] ... Have they got Lee Sharp?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1062] Well I don't know.
[1063] I don't think
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1064] don't think that's, that means that I don't think.
[1065] I hope not.
[1066] That's all we need.
[1067] ... I've got to try and make sure the petrol lasts till the Texaco garage [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [1068] When's that?
[1069] Where is the Texaco garage?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1070] That one by Carshalton ponds I don't think there's any one nearer is there?
Paul (PS0HN) [1071] No.
[1072] ... Oh yeah that one.
[1073] We don't usually go to that one do we? ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1074] Been to it before but not for a long time [...] . ... [cough] ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1075] Is this the A three or the M twenty five?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1076] A three.
[1077] Lovely new road.
[1078] ... Be kind of funny to see the mascots going on knowing what they've done [...] .
Paul (PS0HN) [1079] Oh yeah. [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1080] Except they'll have had a ... four course meal to eat.
Paul (PS0HN) [1081] Will they?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1082] Well ... maybe.
Paul (PS0HN) [1083] Does that mean they would have if they have it at the [...] ?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1084] On Saturday well I mean it's the option to have it Saturday.
[1085] I don't know, at at that price I don't know.
[1086] I don't think very many do.
[1087] Really don't. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1088] [sound of car whizzing past] Fast.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1089] Did you see that erm ... did you hear that in the Zenith Data
Paul (PS0HN) [1090] Yes.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1091] er ... game?
[1092] When the Q P R man ... interviewed the ref.
[1093] The the ... Sky television man interviewed the ,
Paul (PS0HN) [1094] Oh yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1095] he said what's the coin?
[1096] And he says nineteen sixty two when I started reffing ... and he said the oth they're not ... I'm not giving them this one but these two are for the other mascot scene.
[1097] You lost out there didn't you really ?
Paul (PS0HN) [1098] They were badges.
[1099] They gave themselves badges .
Kevin (PS0HM) [1100] Oh [...] badges.
[1101] Oh.
[1102] ... What did you ref say?
[1103] No chance ... sorry you can't have it?
Paul (PS0HN) [1104] Dunno.
[1105] Geoff Thomas sent for [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1106] He asked on your behalf didn't he?
Paul (PS0HN) [1107] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1108] Well you can't ask any more of Geoff Thomas than that I suppose.
[1109] ... I wonder why that little bit was in the paper about Geoff Thomas being ... absolutely priceless?
[1110] ... Was it cos someone's
Paul (PS0HN) [1111] What bit?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1112] someone's after him again?
Paul (PS0HN) [1113] What bit?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1114] There was a little article in the Sun I told you about.
[1115] Alan Smith saying ... Geoff Thomas is absolutely priceless.
[1116] Er ... all he's got to do is score more goals.
[1117] [laughing] That's what I couldn't understand.
[1118] What a nerve!
[1119] [] . ... I think he meant for England.
[1120] All he had to do to seal his England career was pop in a two, a few goals like he does at Palace
Paul (PS0HN) [1121] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1122] and er ... could be on the way to a regular spot.
Paul (PS0HN) [1123] He is in a regular spot at the moment.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1124] Well I don't know.
[1125] Hope, hope that's true.
[1126] Yeah but well you look that ... that jaguar ... four litres!
[1127] [laugh] . Four litre car!
Paul (PS0HN) [1128] Yeah but what are you gonna do with four litres?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1129] I dunno.
[1130] Well quite.
[1131] ... It does about ... eighteen miles to the gallon. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1132] How many miles do we do to the gallon?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1133] I hope we do something like thirty six.
Paul (PS0HN) [1134] Thirty six! ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1135] Don't think it's much more than that.
Paul (PS0HN) [1136] How can his, well [...] if ours is one point six ... there's three times
Kevin (PS0HM) [1137] No it doesn't work that way.
Paul (PS0HN) [1138] It doesn't work like that?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1139] No. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1140] So what ... how long will it take him to get eighty miles filling up every ... ?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1141] Well I mean do they have huge tanks?
[1142] I mean they take ... if you, if you filled up you could put I think it's about twenty six gallons in that car.
Paul (PS0HN) [1143] And how many can we put in?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1144] Nine?
[1145] Eleven?
Paul (PS0HN) [1146] Cor.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1147] Eleven.
[1148] It was eight, nine.
[1149] I think this might take eleven.
Paul (PS0HN) [1150] So how much do they spend if they filled it [...] ?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1151] Don't forget if you've got all that weight, you've got that you're gonna lose even more petrol.
Paul (PS0HN) [1152] So if you filled that up, how much would that cost them?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1153] Well, twenty six ... I think it's something like ... isn't it something like two pounds a gallon now?
[1154] You don't, they do it all by litres now so it's really hard
Paul (PS0HN) [1155] About fifty P?
[1156] About fifty, fifty pounds?
[1157] ... Fifty pounds to fill up!
Kevin (PS0HM) [1158] Yeah.
[1159] Oh yeah fifty, sixty pounds.
Paul (PS0HN) [1160] And how long would it last them?
[1161] About the same time as us?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1162] Yeah. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1163] I suppose you have to be able to afford all that if you can afford the car in the first place.
Paul (PS0HN) [1164] Right.
[1165] ... Yeah if you have to moan about that you shouldn't be driving it in the first place.
Paul (PS0HN) [1166] Motto, what?
[1167] ... Motto of the story is er ... er don't, don't buy expensive cars if you're gonna want to run the thing though.
[1168] You've spent all your money on this car.
[1169] All of a sudden you realize [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1170] Well like that new advert for the Rover he says don't, I keep thinking my back ... my back tailgate's ... flapping or ... I keep hearing, you keep hearing creaking don't you?
[1171] A creak here and you think what's that, what's this, what's that?
[1172] So that new Rover has been built so everything fits perfectly, right?
[1173] So nothing rattles.
Paul (PS0HN) [1174] What do you mean nothing?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1175] No toleran er the tolerance is you know minimal.
[1176] Whereas the tolerance here'd be ... I dunno eighth of an inch here eighth of an inch there he says ... the advert says as soon as you have tolerances like that then thing work loose and start rattling and creaking and
Paul (PS0HN) [1177] E E.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1178] you can hear it go E E er E.
Paul (PS0HN) [1179] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1180] [...] you imagine cruising in a car, lovely car like that ... and it makes no noise.
[1181] Just cruising away and it just like glides, and you glide you know ... like, like Papa's Citroen type ... that kind of suspension.
Paul (PS0HN) [1182] Yeah.
[1183] Is this a new Rover?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1184] Crikey what was that?
Paul (PS0HN) [1185] A Rover.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1186] Was it that Rover?
Paul (PS0HN) [1187] Yeah.
[1188] Was this a new, is this a new Rover [...] ?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1189] Carving everybody up.
[1190] ... Yes.
[1191] That was er ... that, yeah well it's not out yet is it?
[1192] Looks like a ... looks like the front of a B M W to me.
[1193] I think that's what they're trying to emulate.
Paul (PS0HN) [1194] Oh that one.
[1195] ... How much is it?
[1196] Supposed to be.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1197] Don't know how much it costs.
[1198] Should think it starts at about sixteen, seventeen thousand [...] .
Paul (PS0HN) [1199] Yeah . ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1200] A three's heavy isn't it?
[1201] Look.
Paul (PS0HN) [1202] Yeah. ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1203] So you got any ideas what you're gonna get, what you should get mum for [...] ?
Paul (PS0HN) [1204] Er.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1205] We could just ... fall back on a bit of sweets and chocolate or something in the end but I'd like to get some
Paul (PS0HN) [1206] What ... what sort of thing are you gonna get her?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1207] [...] there's some funny little weird shops down Thornton Heath aren't there?
Paul (PS0HN) [1208] What sort of thing are we talking about?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1209] Well I dunno.
[1210] Something [...] I'm not [...] I've no idea until I see it.
Paul (PS0HN) [1211] Well something like soap or what?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1212] ... Could get her some, some toiletries or something.
[1213] I dunno.
[1214] I was hoping for something even more er
Paul (PS0HN) [1215] [...] a Moss chemist might be able to get her some Bromley don't they?
[1216] There is a Moss chemist on the way.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1217] Oh yes she did tell me that she'd like some of that. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1218] Yes there is one isn't there?
[1219] By [...] shops. [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1220] Right we, we'll ... we'll treat that as a fail safe then.
[1221] If we can't see anything more unusual suppose we could always fall back on ... the bubble baths or the ... anyway I think that's a bit more than [...] but there you go.

14 (Tape 017002)

Kevin (PS0HM) [1222] They're off to football aren't they?
[1223] Look at that!
[1224] I've never seen a Metro [laughing] so full. []
Paul (PS0HN) [1225] [...] how many people are there in it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1226] Five.
[1227] Five full adults.
[1228] Look ... really down on his ... haunches.
Paul (PS0HN) [1229] Oh yeah!
[1230] Low!
Kevin (PS0HM) [1231] It's really low innit?
[1232] Mm.
[1233] See that's the B M W I think the Rover's gonna look like.
[1234] That one, that's what they're copying.
Paul (PS0HN) [1235] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1236] It's really like it.
Paul (PS0HN) [1237] It's only the front though. ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1238] Oh I wanted to let him go.
Paul (PS0HN) [1239] What?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1240] [...] Oh look!
[1241] Someone's been right through that wall there, look.
Paul (PS0HN) [1242] Cor.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1243] Ooh!
Paul (PS0HN) [1244] You wanted to let who go?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1245] I wanted to let that car go, I was
Paul (PS0HN) [1246] Why?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1247] Well I like to be polite.
[1248] ... I don't like the people like this who ... who straddle across you and just stop you.
Paul (PS0HN) [1249] Mm.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1250] Specially when they're Indians.
[1251] ... Come on, let him go for goodness sake. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1252] [...] what's that plonker holding that Sony thing for!
Kevin (PS0HM) [1253] [laughing] Yeah I I held up a traffic jam of about sixty cars doing that [] .
[1254] There's [...] .
[1255] Still there.
Paul (PS0HN) [1256] Do you [...] Judy then?
[1257] Somebody call Judy.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1258] Judy, yeah .
[1259] Yes it's Judy. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1260] Ah!
[1261] ... What did the [...] say up there?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1262] [laughing] I don't know.
[1263] Wah. []
Paul (PS0HN) [laugh] ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1264] I think we're gonna have to invite erm ... Adrian again.
[1265] One of these football evening matches we could couldn't we?
Paul (PS0HN) [1266] Yeah. ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1267] I'm gonna see how many people I can let go ... across ... here, between here and Palace.
[1268] Right four
Paul (PS0HN) [1269] Do you wanna count?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1270] oh no I did four at that one and I just did one there.
[1271] That's five all together now.
Paul (PS0HN) [1272] Five.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1273] Five ... five times I was polite.
Paul (PS0HN) [1274] No but they, they just ran out in front of you, those other four.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1275] No, well ... no I let them go though.
Paul (PS0HN) [1276] Well ... the third one did.
[1277] ... So we're counting from five?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1278] Five yeah.
[1279] Only ones I don't like are the ones in like ... oh that doesn't matter cos he's allowed to do that cos it's a keep clear zone there.
[1280] ... I wonder if they're going to our match here, do you think?
[1281] They look like [laughing] a football crowd don't they? []
Paul (PS0HN) [1282] [laugh] Not really.
[1283] Do they?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1284] Well I dunno [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [1285] It's a woman a woman driving it.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1286] Is it?
Paul (PS0HN) [1287] Yes.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1288] Oh well.
[1289] Perhaps not then.
Paul (PS0HN) [1290] [...] four men [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1291] So if we get there early enough do you feel like a Wimpy?
Paul (PS0HN) [1292] A Wimpy?
[1293] Sony, Sony Sony ... Sony me Sony [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1294] I don't know what [...] That's a tiny little shop for a Sony isn't it?
Paul (PS0HN) [1295] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1296] Oh it's not a Sony shop though look.
[1297] It's [...] audio [...] Sony advert.
Paul (PS0HN) [1298] Oh.
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [1299] I bet they've got one of these tape recorders in it though.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1300] Mm.
Paul (PS0HN) [1301] [laughing] Sony me Sony Sony me Sony ... [...] [] .
[1302] ... A Wimpy?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1303] Cheapskates.
[1304] They don't put the lights on in this Christmas ... thing till ... it's slightly dusk.
Paul (PS0HN) [1305] I know.
[1306] Well we can't hardly see them now.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1307] Well you ... well you would be able to though wouldn't you?
Paul (PS0HN) [1308] Would you?
[1309] You wouldn't want to put them on, they're not so spectacular are they?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1310] Cuts ... cuts down on the electricity bill.
Paul (PS0HN) [1311] [yawn] Plus two sports. ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1312] It's funny, every time we've sat at our seats [...] that bloke has come to ask the chap next to me
Paul (PS0HN) [1313] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1314] [laughing] what he thinks of the match hasn't he?
[1315] [] . There hasn't been one game we've ... been there that he hasn't ... or both of them haven't ... .
[1316] Suppose they're both season ticket holders.
Paul (PS0HN) [1317] James was well gutted on ... Friday .
[1318] James right ... like Mr right he didn't know right and we have this sort of erm ... water fountain and he was running towards it and he, and he ... filled up his mouth with it and he was spitting it everywhere and we were all sort of getting out the way [laughing] and Mr told him ... if you don't want to drink it then leave it alone [] and he sort of turned and walked away.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1319] Mr who's quite strict isn't he?
Paul (PS0HN) [1320] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1321] He looks
Paul (PS0HN) [1322] He [...] badminton.
[1323] ... James
Kevin (PS0HM) [1324] Oh does he?
Paul (PS0HN) [1325] James was really unlucky.
[1326] He sort of just come, just go up there
Kevin (PS0HM) [1327] James is always into trouble isn't he?
Paul (PS0HN) [1328] Yeah. [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1329] That's rather disgusting though
Paul (PS0HN) [1330] I know.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1331] putting water in and spitting it out.
Paul (PS0HN) [1332] He should have remembered because always walks down there on Fridays to do his badminton class.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1333] Did he give him a de de detention or not?
Paul (PS0HN) [1334] No, he told him to get away.
[1335] [laugh] ... Yeah well always mucks around on Fridays don't they?
[1336] Sort of like ah no more school for about two days.
[1337] More relaxed mood.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1338] James is very excitable [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [1339] Yeah. [singing] [...] []
Kevin (PS0HM) [1340] Now when I, when we went to that open day that [...] Mr is very stern isn't he?
Paul (PS0HN) [1341] Mm yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1342] Didn't think it helped he'd, just before we got there [laughing] his biro had exploded in his pocket [] .
[1343] All the ink was all over his shirt, it was coming out all over the place.
[1344] I don't think he was in the best of moods when he, we got to him.
[1345] But he seemed very very stern.
Paul (PS0HN) [1346] He doesn't ... smile very much.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1347] No.
[1348] Terse.
Paul (PS0HN) [1349] We have his wife er Mrs for English.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1350] And you say they're nothing to do with Mark
Paul (PS0HN) [1351] No.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1352] ?
Paul (PS0HN) [1353] It's unbelievable isn't it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1354] Isn't it Yeah.
[1355] Unless it's Smith in Cypriot or something [...] . ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1356] Don't know.
[1357] ... Don't think she's Cypriot.
[1358] ... None of them sound Cypriot but
Kevin (PS0HM) [1359] So what's his wife teach then?
Paul (PS0HN) [1360] English.
[1361] We have him for history and her for English.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1362] And her for English?
Paul (PS0HN) [1363] Yo!
[1364] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1365] Mm.
[1366] ... She's the one we did our Geoffrey Chaucer project, project with. [...] ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1367] I always feel guilty passing Mike's house.
[1368] We really should sort of take him to football, don't you?
[1369] But
Paul (PS0HN) [1370] [...] they are.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1371] I don't think he's I don't think he's interested as you is he really?
Paul (PS0HN) [1372] No, nowhere near.
[1373] But ... he's probably not there.
[1374] He's probably at a party or something like that, or
Kevin (PS0HM) [1375] Yeah.
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1376] I don't think he's got any lack of things to do, has he?
[1377] Really?
Paul (PS0HN) [1378] No.
[1379] ... He never seems to have any homework to do though.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1380] [...] all those Christmas trees in that lorry, look.
Paul (PS0HN) [1381] Oh yeah.
[1382] Where are they going to?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1383] I don't know, they're loa , looks like they're loading them in, they're putting them in the gar ... the school.
[1384] ... Has that school closed now?
[1385] I think perhaps it has.
Paul (PS0HN) [1386] I went there for a week.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1387] Yeah, I think it's closed.
Paul (PS0HN) [1388] Didn't I?
[1389] ... I was in the fourth year, the top year [laugh] . ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1390] Were they nice to you there, the teachers?
[1391] I mean there weren't very many teachers anyway were there?
[1392] How many were there?
Paul (PS0HN) [1393] Dunno.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1394] Three or four.
Paul (PS0HN) [1395] Four?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1396] Three or four? ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1397] Don't know.
[1398] Can't remember.
[1399] ... [...] on the computer most of the time.
[1400] ... And I took part in some of their tests.
[1401] I got better results than some of the actual ... fifteen year olds.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1402] That'll be quite good about your maths test won't it?
[1403] Cos you'll be, you're doing it again with, like that aren't you?
[1404] Your maths
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1405] you're taking class nine
Paul (PS0HN) [1406] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1407] you could get better than them.
Paul (PS0HN) [1408] Yeah.
[1409] Virtually every year the eighth, eighth year always does get better than the ninth year.

15 (Tape 017003)

Kevin (PS0HM) [1410] Look ... that house is really old.
[1411] Look it's got the plaque on it.
Paul (PS0HN) [1412] What's a plaque mean?
[1413] Is that a fire station thing?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1414] Well yeah it's [...] yeah.
[1415] No no it's not but it's, it's saying how old those houses are.
[1416] [...] all, all these
Paul (PS0HN) [1417] Yeah?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1418] are really old.
Paul (PS0HN) [1419] They look quite new.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1420] Yeah.
[1421] Well no they're kept to look like new [...] really old.
Paul (PS0HN) [1422] Were th , were those white boards always there?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1423] It's got a Surrey ... Surrey badge on it look.
[1424] ... Building of historical interest.
Paul (PS0HN) [1425] What's so historic about that?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1426] Don't know [...] well it's probably near erm three or four hundred years or something.
Paul (PS0HN) [1427] Yeah.
[1428] ... Everything's old around here isn't it?
[1429] Apart from it's sort of like everything's old that side
Kevin (PS0HM) [1430] Yeah.
Paul (PS0HN) [1431] everything's new the other side.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1432] More modern, yeah.
[1433] Talk about that being out of place.
[1434] Look at that.
Paul (PS0HN) [1435] What?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1436] Well
Paul (PS0HN) [...] [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [1437] What [...] Budgens?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1438] That bloke looks like your Derek doesn't he?
[1439] The old Sunday school teacher.
Paul (PS0HN) [1440] What in the car?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1441] Chap here, yeah.
Paul (PS0HN) [1442] Does he?
[1443] [laugh] Bet Derek wishes he'd have a car like that.
[1444] Nice.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1445] He's only got a beat up old Metro.
Paul (PS0HN) [1446] Yeah.
[1447] Spent four hundred pounds on it. [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1448] They, they had a documentary on Metros apparently and the Me they said that Metros of a certain period for about, I think [laughing] from his period sort of [] A registration, B registration, Y registration ... they're absolute rubbish apparently.
Paul (PS0HN) [1449] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1450] You know, all the rusting and everything, they've improved now.
[1451] The Me if he had a Metro now he'd, you'd get a better deal but they said that
Paul (PS0HN) [1452] They're cheap though aren't they?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1453] Well yes but not cheap if you have to keep replacing them and
Paul (PS0HN) [1454] Think he'll probably buy a new car ... probably.
[1455] [...] photographic ... photo service.
[1456] ... How do you spell sergeant?
[1457] I've always wondered that.
[1458] Is that how you act is that sergeant?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1459] Erm [...] yes. [cough]
Paul (PS0HN) [1460] It's not S A R?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1461] Er ... I think the American version is and I think that's the English version and that's right. [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [1462] So his name is actually somebody sergeant?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1463] Yeah.
[1464] Ooh I wouldn't mind buying that, look.
[1465] For sale, doesn't say a price though, but look, doesn't half look new doesn't it?
Paul (PS0HN) [1466] Where?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1467] Complete new Opel body I reckon he's got there.
[1468] T registration but ... Opel Manta.
Paul (PS0HN) [1469] Nice.
[1470] ... Genesis.
[1471] Who's that?
[1472] Oh that's Phil Collins isn't it. ... [yawn] ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1473] This corner here gets worse and worse, traffic lights and yet the traffic
Paul (PS0HN) [1474] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1475] gets further and further back.
[1476] And yet ... two or three years ago it used to stop up there.
[1477] Now you stop further, now you're almost stopping on the lights.
[1478] The lights are getting clogged up [...] .
Paul (PS0HN) [1479] Yeah.
[1480] You know those sporty rollers?
[1481] They don't have all that pine in them.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1482] Don't they?
Paul (PS0HN) [1483] That wood.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1484] No.
[1485] No.
Paul (PS0HN) [1486] Suppose ... it's not very zoopy sport does it, like ... ?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1487] No, it's not conducive as a ... sporty image ... the walnut facia.
Paul (PS0HN) [1488] [laugh] facia.
Kevin (PS0HM) [laugh]
Paul (PS0HN) [1489] Don't think.

16 (Tape 017004)

Paul (PS0HN) [1490] How do they make that building curved?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1491] [...] architecture.
[1492] They're quite nice actually aren't they?
[1493] They, they're a bit run down.
[1494] They could have a bit more money spent on them.
[1495] Had a new roof I note but
Paul (PS0HN) [1496] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1497] They're always for sale.
[1498] There's always a for sale sign out outside one of those or one of those.
[1499] I reckon it's one of those flats, you can always get a flat there.
Paul (PS0HN) [1500] Are they flats?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1501] So many that, er yeah, so many of them that ... soon as one's sold somebody else sells another one.
Paul (PS0HN) [1502] Yeah.
[1503] Well how many are there?
[1504] Seventeen to twenty
Kevin (PS0HM) [1505] Oh [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [1506] twenty one to twenty six.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1507] It's a lot isn't it?
Paul (PS0HN) [1508] Yeah.
[1509] Specially both sides.
[1510] ... Yellow flag coming out of his aerial.
[1511] Oh where would you prefer your ae aerial?
[1512] Would you like it there ... up there or at the back?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1513] Up there's alright.
[1514] I like it the way the ones that you can ... close each time, now I'm sure my aerial will last longer.
[1515] Cos you can
Paul (PS0HN) [1516] What do you mean close.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1517] Well it compacts.
Paul (PS0HN) [1518] Oh yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1519] The ones that stick out all the time, they ... I suppose that is good.
[1520] If you have one that doesn't compact, you you're best to have one in the middle cos it's less likely to get pranged there isn't it?
Paul (PS0HN) [1521] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1522] Here like walkers by can bend it and ... Oh look.
[1523] Here's my next one.
[1524] Six.
[1525] I've let six go now.
Paul (PS0HN) [1526] You must have let someone go before now.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1527] I didn't, no I haven't.
[1528] No.
[1529] Haven't had the opportunity to.
[1530] ... What is this lady dressed up like?
Paul (PS0HN) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1531] [laughing] What has she got on [...] [] ?
Paul (PS0HN) [1532] What has she got on her hair?
[1533] ... Weird.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1534] [laughing] Bunch of wool [] .
Paul (PS0HN) [1535] [laugh] She'll be thinking where's that wool?
[1536] Oh it's on my head.
[1537] ... Look at those tiny rugby posts.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1538] Yeah, I don't know why they do that, I was gonna ask that, why they chop those off, look like they've been vandalized don't they?
Paul (PS0HN) [1539] Yeah.
[1540] It's only for junior rugby though. ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1541] They haven't replaced that garage have they?
[1542] It's Volvo's in there.
[1543] They've got no-one, no-one's
Paul (PS0HN) [1544] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1545] Put a new garage in there already.
Paul (PS0HN) [1546] There's loads of new garages going in all over the place.
[1547] Volvo
Kevin (PS0HM) [1548] Could have let that one go but I was too late.
Paul (PS0HN) [1549] Yeah.
[1550] Volvo seem to be ... moving out all over the place.
[1551] I think they're trying to set up ... er nought, their own things rather than just joining petrol stations.
[1552] ... [yawn] ... Where's the Secombe centre
Kevin (PS0HM) [1553] Back there. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1554] Have you been to that place, Holiday Inn?

17 (Tape 017005)

Kevin (PS0HM) [1555] Headphones on the wall again.
Paul (PS0HN) [1556] Oops a daisy.
[1557] ... Is that the B & Q down there
Kevin (PS0HM) [1558] Yeah.
Paul (PS0HN) [1559] or the Texas?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1560] B and Q.
Paul (PS0HN) [1561] [...] martial arts. ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1562] So so far I've let six people go.
[1563] That's not bad.
[1564] Six!
Paul (PS0HN) [1565] It is bad.
[1566] You let five go in a second.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1567] Well I could you could let this one go but I think he's gonna come out isn't he?
[1568] I don't know what to do.
[1569] Here you are, no, I'll let him go, oh two I let go!
[1570] That's eight.
Paul (PS0HN) [1571] Oh brilliant.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1572] Yes!
Paul (PS0HN) [1573] Eight!
[1574] Wow.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1575] Eight people. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1576] Wowsers Eight people. ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1577] She's gonna sit there all day [laughing] she's that far back [] .
Paul (PS0HN) [1578] Funny.
[1579] ... Think it's obviously to do with trusting your car's power.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1580] It's also being alert ... to watch.
[1581] I mean some people just don't expect you to let them out so they're dreaming mostly .
Paul (PS0HN) [1582] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1583] Times you flash people ... er?
[1584] And you have to flash flash flash flash flash before you know oh, oh, ooh!
Paul (PS0HN) [1585] [...] let her out.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1586] You know, they're just, they're just waiting you know, sort of ... Others are like on the ball almost too much.
[1587] They whip across you before you've even thought about it. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1588] Isn't Texaco around there somewhere?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1589] Texaco?
[1590] Er ... no that's B P.
[1591] Texaco is round the corner.
[1592] ... Don't forgot to switch that off when we go in the garage.
Paul (PS0HN) [1593] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1594] Oh look.
[1595] Number nine.
[1596] Yes!
Paul (PS0HN) [1597] Number 10?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1598] No I can't cos they're, they won't let her, let them go.
[1599] ... Get stuck there.
[1600] ... I, I'll ask about that.
[1601] Yeah?
Paul (PS0HN) [1602] Yeah.
[1603] No I know about it.
[1604] You have to send off.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1605] Do you?
Paul (PS0HN) [1606] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1607] But have you got a form or something to get at the garage?
Paul (PS0HN) [1608] Er ... you can ask then.
[1609] It's those ones where you just flick it around.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1610] What were they called?
[1611] What were they called?
Paul (PS0HN) [1612] Er
Kevin (PS0HM) [1613] I, I know arm bands but was it, is there a name for it?
[1614] Protective arm bands?
Paul (PS0HN) [1615] Flick them.
[1616] Er
Kevin (PS0HM) [1617] Flick arm bands?
Paul (PS0HN) [1618] Flick on bands, yeah
Kevin (PS0HM) [1619] Flick on bands?
Paul (PS0HN) [1620] [laughing] Flick on bands [] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [1621] You want me to go in a garage and ask for, have you got a flick on band!
Paul (PS0HN) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1622] You flick off!
Paul (PS0HN) [1623] You're the one that wants them.
[1624] ... Squire car company.
[1625] Why have they got all
Kevin (PS0HM) [1626] Fancy having a car called eggs. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1627] E E G S, dad.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1628] Oh that's the way you spell eggs.
Paul (PS0HN) [1629] It's not!
[1630] ... How far have we got through this tape? ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1631] Flick it off now.
[1632] The garage is here.
Paul (PS0HN) [1633] Yeah.
[1634] ... Sort of past half way.
[1635] Can't believe these are only forty five minutes.
[1636] ... Cos we've been talking [...] at least there.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1637] Mm.
Paul (PS0HN) [1638] This is a tricky one to get in to isn't it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1639] This is the one, you know I went wrong in the B P?
[1640] This is the one I always think I was thinking about.
Paul (PS0HN) [1641] Yeah?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1642] And when I went wrong the other time.
Paul (PS0HN) [1643] What, what other time?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1644] You know, went to the Esso and I went all wrong and I couldn't le , I went down a no en
Paul (PS0HN) [1645] Oh yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1646] [laugh] Woman said no way [...] .
[1647] No way chummy.
[1648] Oh there you are [reading] children should be [...] ... application forms here. []

18 (Tape 017006)

Paul (PS0HN) [1649] Yeah it's going round.
[1650] Why must you check, every time?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1651] Cos I think sometimes it doesn't [...] .
[1652] You just sit there thinking you're taping and you're not.
Paul (PS0HN) [1653] Oh.
[1654] Er ... how did she get it on there?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1655] Pooh.
[1656] Mummy's gonna say that's very strong, Paul.
[1657] [cough] ... In fact put it at the back somewhere I think [...] pong.
Paul (PS0HN) [1658] No.
[1659] Why should we have it in the back? ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1660] That's it. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1661] Really strong innit? ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1662] Can you put that in the ... in the ... glovebox then please. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1663] Do you wanna bit of this?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1664] No thank you [...] Bounty [...] ... What's the Egbert fund?
[1665] I'm supporting the Egbert fund.
[1666] Do you know it?
Paul (PS0HN) [1667] Looks like er the spastic one.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1668] Oh.
[1669] ... No we've picked the wrong one there.
[1670] I don't think we'll pick spice again, do you?
Paul (PS0HN) [1671] No.
[1672] ... Ooh!
Kevin (PS0HM) [1673] [laughing] Smells like somebody's lavatory [] .
[1674] Looks like you'll have to sort of like ... put it up for a day and then [laughing] take it down for a week and put it back in again.
[1675] It's too much for one day [] .
[1676] You shou , perhaps you should have kept the ... bag on it.
[1677] You know it's too strong to [...] .
[1678] You take the bag off, off it after a month or something.
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1679] Even your Bounty must taste a bit poorly.
[1680] Yeah?
[1681] Yeah. [laugh]
Paul (PS0HN) [1682] Bet the bloke listening to this can hear it ... smell it.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1683] I know.
[1684] Put it in there.
Paul (PS0HN) [1685] [...] .
[1686] [...] open the glovebox when we get [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1687] Yeah.
[1688] Er ... hang on though, perhaps that's not so good.
[1689] I, it might make the sweets taint.
Paul (PS0HN) [1690] Mm.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1691] I reckon we'll ... when, when we get out we'll put it in the boot and it'll ... filter through [laughing] through on its own [] .
[1692] Ooh dear!
Paul (PS0HN) [1693] How about just keeping it in the bag?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1694] It's overcoming me.
Paul (PS0HN) [1695] [laugh] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1696] Open your window, quick.
Paul (PS0HN) [1697] Oh ... look.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1698] Panic.
[1699] [laughing] Not everybody's window, Paul [] .
[1700] Ah!
[1701] Strewth Pauly.
Paul (PS0HN) [1702] [...] Disgusting.
[1703] I'll just keep it down there.
[1704] In the bag.
[1705] ... Oh it's disgusting smell.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1706] And why did you hit this car?
[1707] Well you see ...
Paul (PS0HN) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1708] my son took his magic ... pongo tree out
Paul (PS0HN) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1709] and I was overcome, thus hitting the car in front.
[1710] I see Mr .
[1711] Do you expect us to believe that do you?
Paul (PS0HN) [1712] Yeah [laugh] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [1713] Yes.
[1714] He is an idiot. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1715] Can you leave that alone!
Kevin (PS0HM) [1716] I leant on it.
Paul (PS0HN) [1717] Lean out a bit cos I'm shutting the windows again.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1718] No I want it.
[1719] I [...] ...
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1720] I hope this traffic jam's not all the way to Croydon.
[1721] I do so hope.
[1722] ... Oh can you imagine what that Purley Way's gonna be like?
[1723] Forget the s , egg and chips Pauly.
[1724] ... Forget mummy's present.
[1725] Oh what are they having here now?
[1726] The Christmas fair. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1727] At the moment I'm just trying to forget that awful spice stuff.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1728] [...] innit?
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1729] Yeah I think you did wrong.
[1730] You should, you shouldn't have er yeah.
[1731] You shouldn't have er ... opened the packet.
[1732] ... It's funny that shop didn't smell of it did it?
[1733] So I mean [laugh] the seal must keep it all in until you open it up.
Paul (PS0HN) [1734] Ugh ugh.
[1735] [...] open it ugh [...] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [1736] No it's quite a nice smell if it's like taken out now.
[1737] We'll put it in the boot or it'll just be sickening on the way home.
Paul (PS0HN) [1738] Yeah.
[1739] [...] person listening to this tape will probably go ah [laugh] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [1740] I can smell it when I'm listening to it!
Paul (PS0HN) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1741] There's our little football group.
[1742] Look, it's getting bigger and bigger.
Paul (PS0HN) [1743] What little football group?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1744] There!
Paul (PS0HN) [1745] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1746] Got a lady teaching, got a team to go there.
[1747] ... Do you remember that lady that ran the team at er St John's?
Paul (PS0HN) [1748] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1749] Quite keen.
Paul (PS0HN) [1750] Oh yeah, her.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1751] [...] how her little team got on.
[1752] Whether it folded or not. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1753] Probably did.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1754] I think a lot of them do.
[1755] ... Yeah.
[1756] You imagine what Purley Way's gonna be like ton , today.
[1757] Christmas shopping .
Paul (PS0HN) [1758] Awful [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1759] Oh we're taking ... forget two o'clock.
[1760] I said two o'clock we'd be parking.
[1761] Stopped for petrol I suppose.
Paul (PS0HN) [1762] Yeah but dad, not for that long.
[1763] So when will we park now?
[1764] Set an estimate [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1765] Well look there's an [...] estimation look they're ... parking, they're queuing on this brow of the hill instead of the other one.
[1766] Everybody's got Christmas fairs on haven't they?
[1767] Look, balloons.
[1768] This is the day.
Paul (PS0HN) [1769] Yeah.
[1770] No, fifteenth is the day.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1771] Or sixth [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [1772] Are we going to ... ?
[1773] Yeah.
[1774] It's the toy service tomorrow isn't it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1775] Is it?
[1776] Yeah. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1777] That really is a strong [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1778] [...] No it could, you could overcome, I wonder if there's a warning on the packet.
[1779] Do not open this and drive at the same time.
[1780] ... Really heady.
[1781] On an empty stomach it's made me feel quite queasy.
[1782] ... Oh look he's done, someone's done that to his, look, look.
[1783] Smashed his wing mirror, look [...] jam a glass in it, er sock in it to stop [laughing] the glass falling out [] .
[1784] ... Oh it's not too bad. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1785] Yes Paul.
[1786] Well really you should have read shouldn't you?
Paul (PS0HN) [1787] Dad!
[1788] You ... told me to take it all the way out.
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [1789] Should have got that blue one.
[1790] I knew that was your fault.
[1791] Stinks!
Kevin (PS0HM) [1792] Yes but you opened it all.
Paul (PS0HN) [1793] Actually I don't even want it anywhere near me.
[1794] Ah.
[1795] It's gone all my nose funny now.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1796] [funny voice] [...] nose I've got [...] my asthma.
Paul (PS0HN) [1797] Asthma.
[1798] Asthma.
Kevin (PS0HM) [cough]
Paul (PS0HN) [1799] By the way, if you can hear a word I say you're better than I am.
[1800] [laugh] Oh get this out.
[1801] Phew.
[1802] I'll have to lob that [...] ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1803] [laughing] That car's got smile ... just to annoy everybody [] .
Paul (PS0HN) [1804] [laugh] What?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1805] Smile, just to annoy everybody that blue Datsun says on [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [1806] What does that, what does that mean?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1807] Ooh, yeah be pleasant and ooh.
[1808] There you are, look, look
Paul (PS0HN) [1809] You can read that ah.
[1810] I thought you meant that ... what about the one in front of it then?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1811] Baby on board.
[1812] I can't stand those ones.
Paul (PS0HN) [1813] Can you see?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1814] Well I can see [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [1815] I can see the baby.
[1816] ... Well a baby is on board.
[1817] Give them their due.
[1818] [laugh] ... Oh, oh it's made all my throat go all funny.
[1819] ... Pay someone to take it away.
[1820] ... Very long lasting.
[1821] Yes, very long lasting.
[1822] Hang on, I'm just opening the window again.

19 (Tape 017007)

Paul (PS0HN) [1823] Recording commences at three past two.
[1824] With [laughing] [...] [] . ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1825] Got a Palace ... picture on.
Paul (PS0HN) [1826] Man United!
Kevin (PS0HM) [1827] Oh.
[1828] Don't let them out.
[1829] They can stay there.
[1830] ... We hate United.

20 (Tape 017008)

Paul (PS0HN) [1831] Hello again.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1832] Hello, hello, hello.
[1833] Who is that [laughing] munching cashews on the tape [] .
Paul (PS0HN) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1834] Here we go, you go right close, go [rustling noise] ah! [laugh]
Paul (PS0HN) [...] [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1835] [laugh] You wicked trickster you. [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [1836] Would you like a cashew nut?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1837] You can't have a cashew nut.
Paul (PS0HN) [1838] Oh come on.
[1839] ... I like the big ones.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1840] You would.
Paul (PS0HN) [1841] [laugh] That's me!
[1842] ... Mm
Kevin (PS0HM) [1843] Tasted nicer ones.
Paul (PS0HN) [1844] Can't afford to eat them like that!
Kevin (PS0HM) [1845] Mm ... can.
[1846] Mm.
[1847] Lovely. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1848] Should eat them about a quarter at a time. ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1849] Why are the dearest things the nicest? [laugh] ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1850] Don't eat them like that!
Kevin (PS0HM) [1851] Mm.
[1852] I can't, look at you eating them like that.
Paul (PS0HN) [1853] One at a time.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1854] Oh look Pauly hot rod.
Paul (PS0HN) [1855] Hot rod!
[1856] Woo woo, nice.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1857] Mm.
[1858] ... No!
[1859] ... That means give me the packet.
[1860] Hurry up, come on.
Paul (PS0HN) [1861] What?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1862] Quick.
[1863] Give me the packet please, they're mine.
[1864] ... What me?
[1865] [...] What.
[1866] ... Oh that's where you should go for your computer, look.
[1867] P C World.
Paul (PS0HN) [1868] Yeah. ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1869] This bit's not so bad.
[1870] Once you get through that ... traffic light back there
Paul (PS0HN) [1871] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1872] it's alright. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1873] Mm.
[1874] ... Soon as these lights go we should get here, through here quite quickly.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1875] Mm. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1876] Long lights.
[1877] ... I command thee to become orange.
[1878] ... Orange.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1879] Well it's so long for the [...] .
[1880] They make them longer during the evenings and Saturday.
Paul (PS0HN) [1881] Orange!
Kevin (PS0HM) [1882] And this lot have got to go first haven't they?
Paul (PS0HN) [1883] Mm.
[1884] Yeah [singing] [...] [] . ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1885] Quite ridiculous.
[1886] Far too long.
Paul (PS0HN) [1887] Far too long, yeah.
[1888] How do people know it's gonna change?
[1889] They just sort of start their engines [...] still red.
[1890] [...] changes.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1891] Regulars down here I should imagine.
Paul (PS0HN) [1892] Where?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1893] Regulars probably who come down here and know
Paul (PS0HN) [1894] Regulars .
[1895] They can count. [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1896] Yeah.
Paul (PS0HN) [1897] No they can probably see down the end and they [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [1898] Well these lights used to be quite easy, didn't mind being stopped by them.
[1899] Now you're petrified of being stopped by any of them cos you know it's
Paul (PS0HN) [1900] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1901] really long wait. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1902] When are they gonna bring those towers down?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1903] Don't know.
Paul (PS0HN) [1904] Which way would they tumble them?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1905] I don't think they're in any rush to develop now, are they cos this housing business is so poor.
[1906] ... whoever's got the land has decided
Paul (PS0HN) [1907] [...] are they boarded off.
[1908] You can't go up there any more?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1909] No.
[1910] ... That is so naff isn't it?
[1911] Putting your scarf across the car like that.
Paul (PS0HN) [1912] I know.
[1913] ... What's it say.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1914] Crystal Palace.
[1915] Least it says Crystal Palace.

21 (Tape 017101)

Kevin (PS0HM) [1916] Right.
[1917] Who shall we, who shall we get
Paul (PS0HN) [1918] What?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1919] as a replacement for somebody.
[1920] Who is there?
[1921] Who would you like?
[1922] If we had all the money.
[1923] Buy Ian Wright back I suppose.
Paul (PS0HN) [1924] No.
[1925] ... I'd sell Bright.
[1926] No I wouldn't sell Bright.
[1927] I'd buy someone first.
[1928] ... Make sure someone was interested in ... [...] .
[1929] I'd buy Deane ... and swap Bright in exchange for Deane.
[1930] No matter how bad he doesn't like it ... he's well and truly gutted.
[1931] Er so him for Deane and ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1932] Yeah but Deane won't be available till the end of the season.
[1933] There's no way Sheffield United [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [1934] Er I dunno.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1935] just stoking the price up I think.
[1936] ... Cos it's not old Bassett now, this is what it's all about.
[1937] [...] to get the odd draw you need the odd goal and er it's not gonna come from any other people than er
Paul (PS0HN) [1938] Oh yeah, Deane.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1939] Deane.
[1940] But Deane didn't score today.
[1941] It was Beazley apparently.
[1942] Beazley.
Paul (PS0HN) [1943] Beazley.
[1944] ... Er I might see if I could pick up that ... Sheffield United guy Jamie Hoyland.
[1945] He's quite good. ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1946] As you say the main problem is, as you say is are you going to change your whole ... team, game [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [1947] Yeah.
[1948] ... I don't know.
[1949] I think they'll do it slowly but ... not this slowly.
[1950] ... I mean I th I think we should have bought someone along with er Gabbiadini to play with him.
[1951] [...] could just bring him and expect [...] stuff.
[1952] ... Mm could you get
Kevin (PS0HM) [1953] I think he's gonna have to raid the bottom divisions again, you know.
Paul (PS0HN) [1954] What sort of bottom divisions?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1955] [...] he's probably got his eye on [...] .
[1956] I mean that Coleman was a very good buy wasn't he?
[1957] Yeah? [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [1958] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1959] How much did he cost? [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [1960] Three hundred and fifty.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1961] Three hundred and fifty.
[1962] No it wasn't, it was three hundred.
[1963] It was two
Paul (PS0HN) [1964] Yes it was.
[1965] Three hundred and fifty.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1966] Oh anyway, it was still pretty good wasn't it?
Paul (PS0HN) [1967] Wasn't cheap, I mean
Kevin (PS0HM) [1968] No, but I mean you could see ... [...] play really well [...] .
[1969] I mean Southgate's all the more pleasing when you think he's somebody that's worked his way up, right?
Paul (PS0HN) [1970] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1971] That's really nice to see.
[1972] And he played really well. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [1973] Southgate is a harder person to mark isn't he? ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [1974] Yeah.
[1975] I think I'd drop Mortimer ... oh look, Palace.
[1976] Red car [laugh] it's like ours isn't it?
Paul (PS0HN) [1977] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1978] I'd drop, I'd drop Paul Mortimer
Paul (PS0HN) [1979] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1980] and have Collymore in right?
[1981] And encourage ... that's the trouble, you drop Mortimer you drop somebody who can er flip the ball in but ... I think you definitely want to take the heat off Wright.
[1982] Now if if all Collymore does is distract ... [...] but Mortimer was not playing enough of the game.
[1983] We can't afford ... people like Mortimer to, I mean he scored a goal [...] but I mean
Paul (PS0HN) [1984] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1985] [...] ... Eddie I think is worth [...] sheer sort of [...] opening teams up.
[1986] Well he does open, there's no ... not many players can play a team better like [...] than opening up [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [1987] So what'd you do, say you had [...] back next week so our next game against Birmingham.
[1988] What would you do then?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1989] Well I mean they've got, they've got, he's gotta do something because you're gonna lose that Birmingham game.
[1990] [...] can see that coming now.
[1991] But Birmingham must have won today cos they had equal top ... must have won I would have thought.
Paul (PS0HN) [1992] That's good.
Kevin (PS0HM) [1993] Chelsea won one nil.
Paul (PS0HN) [1994] How do you know?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1995] [...] You'd have thought Forest would have beaten Chelsea wouldn't you? ... [...] really annoyed after being [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [1996] Yeah.
[1997] ... I suppose so.
[1998] ... What are you gonna buy mum?
Kevin (PS0HM) [1999] He's gone the whole hog that guy [...] hanging down to his
Paul (PS0HN) [2000] Oh.
[2001] So what are you gonna buy her?
[2002] Newbury Fruits?
[2003] ... Or something like that, er
Kevin (PS0HM) [2004] They did very well with those little tulip hand out [...] things didn't they?
[2005] There's a lot of people who er don't, who would not have gone to the bother of going into the shop and buying a one pound or two pound or four pound [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2006] But why did they do well out of them if they were free?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2007] Well yeah they're free but they've got their advert on it haven't they? [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2008] Tulip
Kevin (PS0HM) [2009] tulip tulip, I mean ... you're like a roving little advert aren't you?
[2010] I mean it, it draws your eye those little pictures doesn't it?
[2011] You [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2012] Oh he's got, he's got the hanging one at the front hasn't he?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2013] And he's got a badge on the right hand side as well.
Paul (PS0HN) [2014] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2015] So he really is [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2016] You see that guy next to us?
[2017] He's got a Palace earring hasn't he? ... [...] on one of his ears.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2018] Oh my goodness.
Paul (PS0HN) [2019] On his left ear.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2020] He's nice though isn't he, wasn't he, he did say something
Paul (PS0HN) [2021] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2022] I didn't have to say anything.
[2023] I said to him [...] I don't know, he said ... did you enjoy yourself Tuesday?
[2024] Oh I said, did you see us?
[2025] Oh yeah we saw you.
[2026] ... And his dad's nice.
Paul (PS0HN) [2027] Yeah.
[2028] ... But that other bloke was there but he wasn't in his normal place.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2029] Yes [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2030] Why wasn't he in his normal place? ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [2031] Palace played really well.
[2032] The first twenty five minutes, when you think we were one nil up right I thought gosh ... if we could get that second goal it would have made all the difference and United would have been really would have been in trouble.

22 (Tape 017102)

Paul (PS0HN) [2033] Was a good game though.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2034] Oh I enjoyed it, yeah.
[2035] Just don't enjoy Palace losing, but ... [...] sheer football [...] ... and it just shows you that ironically the two games can match each other and there were chances for Palace to wrap that game up.
[2036] ... But er ... when they do play that ball to ball ... business erm
Paul (PS0HN) [2037] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2038] we look like we've got huge spaces in our ... in our midfield.
[2039] I mean ... that's what teams are doing now, they're realizing that's where all our weakness is in midfield ... so ... don't take a er a hefty boot and try and er er ... people like Thorn and ... I mean Thorn and Young were impeccably ... they played beautifully today.
[2040] You cannot ask Thorn and Young, I've never seen two players play ... they do, they did th , they do the simple thing ... but they do it consistently well.
[2041] Over and over again, maybe a hundred, hundred and fifty times in one match and they'll make one mistake and usually like Coleman was there to c , I think Coleman backed up well and Gareth backed up well once or twice.
[2042] But defence wise ... superb.
[2043] Absolutely su , there was a lapse with that guy, don't know who was to blame about that third goal but I mean
Paul (PS0HN) [2044] It was Young.
[2045] Er Young let it plop over [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2046] Oh, didn't see who it was.
[2047] It was like, it was like a, like they were waiting for an offside or some there were just couldn't believe, it was ...
Paul (PS0HN) [2048] But it was the same when Palace scored and exactly the same thing happened didn't it?
[2049] ... Why do they lapse?
[2050] It's weird.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2051] Yeah, it's ... well they do say both sides that it's the most dangerous time straight after a goal.
[2052] I mean often, times you see teams equalize immediately.
[2053] You know it's like, you sometimes you can go a whole game like seventy minutes of a game and no-one's had a goal scoring chance
Paul (PS0HN) [2054] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2055] and then someone scores and the guy goes in straight calmly and scores straight away.
[2056] You know it's people aren't
Paul (PS0HN) [2057] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2058] I don't know, it's psychologically sort of still got their mind on going through what's er
Paul (PS0HN) [2059] On what happened.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2060] Yeah.
Paul (PS0HN) [2061] It's like at school when they're thinking oh no, no and they've scored again.
[2062] It's like you've scored, you're so elated and you [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2063] Fact you you often sort of watch videos of managers.
[2064] Managers are often shrieking you know about what's happening next rather than you know, all their players are jumping with joy all over each other and you think ... and they're saying get in your positions.
[2065] Do your stuff.
[2066] Don't let it slip straight away, I mean ... That was annoying thing is that we didn't deserve to lose three one really, I mean

23 (Tape 017103)

Kevin (PS0HM) [2067] Sneak that ... that box of sweets in then for mum [...] .
Paul (PS0HN) [2068] I bet she knows you've done that for her.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2069] Eh?
Paul (PS0HN) [2070] I bet she knows you've bought that for her.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2071] Well she knows that we're giving her something, yes.
[2072] ... I mean we could have been worse, could have forgotten completely.
[2073] I mean it's easy, cos when mum gets all those things for everybody else, clearly she doesn't get something for herself. [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2074] Don't know why not.
[2075] ... What did you get her last year?
[2076] It was the same thing wasn't it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2077] No I didn't get, we didn't do this did we, last year?
Paul (PS0HN) [2078] Yes we did.
[2079] We always have the tree presents.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2080] Do we?
Paul (PS0HN) [2081] [humming] ... Our sunroof's pretty isn't it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2082] You what?
Paul (PS0HN) [2083] Our sunroof's pretty isn't it?
[2084] ... Very stylish. ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [laugh]
Paul (PS0HN) [2085] What's the time?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2086] This ... very busy road, isn't it?
Paul (PS0HN) [2087] I suppose so.
[2088] [...] busier.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2089] [...] seems to be very busy [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2090] So does the other way.
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2091] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2092] Because of mum.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2093] [...] where the heck are we.
[2094] ... [...] hundred percent better [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2095] Yeah you were well fluky then, getting the [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2096] How come that shop had them and the other one didn't?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2097] [...] you wouldn't believe it would you?
Paul (PS0HN) [2098] No.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2099] [...] nice big posh shop like [...] and it's got cheap
Paul (PS0HN) [2100] Yes.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2101] and nasty [...] in it.
Paul (PS0HN) [2102] Yes.
[2103] Hope you're enjoying it.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2104] [...] follow you up [laugh]
Paul (PS0HN) [2105] It would be real boring just listening to a load of rubbish wouldn't it?
[2106] I mean making up conversations all over the place. ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [2107] Suddenly it clears ... this bit.
Paul (PS0HN) [2108] What you're memory?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2109] No this road.
Paul (PS0HN) [2110] Oh, this road.
[2111] Why?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2112] Dunno some go off that way
Paul (PS0HN) [2113] I mean, let, some people go up go off where?
[2114] Where is it leading to?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2115] Don't know.
Paul (PS0HN) [2116] I don't really know.
[2117] ... What's all this, why does Meltis always have that stand of eighty, eighty years?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2118] Well it's how long they've been going, I suppose. [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2119] Surely they've been [...] for the last four years and they must [...] or do they just keep it at eighty one then they go to ninety?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2120] I don't know.
[2121] I've never noticed that badge before. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [2122] Hallo ... how many miles have we done?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2123] [...] sixteen thousand one hundred and sixty.
Paul (PS0HN) [2124] How many did we have when we bought it?
[2125] How long ago
Kevin (PS0HM) [2126] Fourteen thousand ...
Paul (PS0HN) [2127] how long ago was it that we bought it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2128] September.
Paul (PS0HN) [2129] September?
[2130] Ages ago. ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2131] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2132] [...] ... [...] twelve thousand miles [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2133] Twelve thousand?
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2134] No way, not at eight.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2135] What if we lose at Birmingham Paul.
[2136] Will you wanna go to the Chelsea match?
Paul (PS0HN) [2137] What Chelsea match?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2138] Well the Chelsea match is the following Tuesday.
Paul (PS0HN) [2139] Is that [...] yes.
[2140] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2141] Yeah.
[2142] And what Saturd , what's the match on Saturday before squeezed in between that?
Paul (PS0HN) [2143] What?
[2144] I don't really know.
[2145] Er ... erm ... is there a game ... on Saturday?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2146] I think there might be.
Paul (PS0HN) [2147] Oh I've got it, I've got it.
[2148] It's come to me.
[2149] It's come to me.
[2150] It's come to me.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2151] Oh not a big team is it, again?
Paul (PS0HN) [2152] Tottenham.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2153] Oh no!
Paul (PS0HN) [2154] [...] Oh no it's not Tottenham.
[2155] No, you know when we played our Birmingham replay?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2156] Yeah.
Paul (PS0HN) [2157] That night we were gonna play Tottenham.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2158] Were we?
Paul (PS0HN) [2159] Mark told me that.
[2160] It was on his picture list.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2161] Really?
Paul (PS0HN) [2162] That night we were gonna play Tottenham
Kevin (PS0HM) [2163] Oh well.
Paul (PS0HN) [2164] in the league.
[2165] [singing with microphone] Oh sorry.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2166] Perhaps we can play Tottenham when they haven't got er Gary Lineker in ... their games any more.
Paul (PS0HN) [2167] Yeah. [singing] [with microphone]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2168] You start hitting periods like this and you think ... oh no.
[2169] You think every team [...] you start worrying about almost every side don't you?
Paul (PS0HN) [2170] Yeah.
[2171] Oh we always worry about every side cos Crystal Palace ... always hate the ... bad sides.
[2172] Cos usually we do well against the Man United and as soon as we start ... losing against them we start getting worried.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2173] They outplayed us last season at fairground didn't they?
[2174] [...] Liverpool [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2175] What do you mean [...] at Liverpool?
[2176] What did Liverpool do to them then?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2177] Well we lost ... no we beat them two one [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2178] Yeah.
[2179] I remember that.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2180] Most surprising result of that season.
Paul (PS0HN) [2181] Not really.
[2182] Was it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2183] It is when you see us struggling against Birmingham.
Paul (PS0HN) [singing]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2184] What do you think the score's gonna be against Birmingham?
Paul (PS0HN) [2185] Three one to Palace.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2186] Three one to Palace?
[2187] Be great if that is.
Paul (PS0HN) [2188] [singing] We will score first.
[2189] ... They will equalize and we'll score two more. ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [2190] We have got to get another goalgetter.
[2191] I mean old erm ... [...] does his bit [...] crossing and splitting defences and getting goals but not scoring them. [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2192] What do you mean, getting goals and then not
Kevin (PS0HM) [2193] Now, well now [...] it's just now we've got nobody who, who score actually really scores goals ... except Thomas I would say at the moment.
[2194] We really do need somebody who regularly pops them in.
Paul (PS0HN) [2195] What about Gabbiadini?
[2196] What about Gabiadini?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2197] Well ... he's coming along.
Paul (PS0HN) [2198] I don't see him [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2199] I think he ... he had a really good first half ... I think it like, I think that ... to be fair, apart from Coleman an Southgate everybody faded in the second half didn't they? [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2200] Yo.
[2201] ... Yo [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2202] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2203] What's that, Man United fans?
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2204] Wallington.
[2205] Where's Wallington?
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2206] Oh that's boring.
[2207] Why are we going this way then?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2208] Are, are Manchester United not the most cockiest fans going aren't they?
[2209] They really are cocky [...] .
Paul (PS0HN) [2210] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2211] Leeds, I like Man United, I don't, I don't hate them or anything I just, they get a bit I dunno.
[2212] Mind you not that they've had an awful lot of success recently but they are, really are a cocky lot.
[2213] Leeds are aggressive so you're always quite glad that you've beaten them but [...] .
[2214] Specially with Palace I think they seem to think [...] but they really [...] .
[2215] Should have finished them off in that first [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2216] Yeah ... [singing] Can I just flick the light on for a second?
[2217] ... Thank you. [...] ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [2218] Yes, see who ... I mean ... I can't think of anybody who's in the reserves who could do any better than the lot that are in, in at the moment.
[2219] Can you?
[2220] ... Other than perhaps give Colleymore a full blooded ... game, right?
Paul (PS0HN) [2221] [singing] Doesn't he get a full blooded game at the moment?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2222] I think perhaps it's, it's worth it now.
[2223] The season, I mean we're not gonna come top of the league are we?
[2224] Right?
[2225] We've gotta make sure we stay in the first division but
Paul (PS0HN) [singing with microphone]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2226] I think we can afford to blood Colimore as a good one now.
[2227] He could have this whole of this season to get used to playing, right?
Paul (PS0HN) [2228] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2229] And then who knows what fireworks could happen the season after.
[2230] I mean ... he's never gonna be a [...] when he's obviously another Bright. [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2231] Who wants another Bright?
[2232] We're supposed to [...] to the better style of play.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2233] No, I don't know.
Paul (PS0HN) [2234] Well why did we buy Gabiadini?
[2235] Why?
[2236] ... What would be the point of buying Gabiadini?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2237] No, well I, I mean you saw the point really.
[2238] I mean ... to pick I mean who, who ... who could replace [...] ?
[2239] He's, I, he, the way he plays is virtually unique, isn't he?
[2240] So I mean you're not gonna say [...] well let's go and get another Ian Wright off the peg so fair enough.
[2241] But er ... in the kind of situation where Ian Wright was very very good was in tight situations.
[2242] [...] differently through se sheer speed and ... but er I can see Gabiadini ... I mean Ian Wright never flicks like some of the flicks that he does.
[2243] I mean some of the flicks are fantastic.
[2244] ... But erm there is a nice side to his game but god he doesn't half fade.
[2245] Can you afford somebody that fades like that, I don't know it's
Paul (PS0HN) [2246] The whole team fades at the moment.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2247] I, I, that's what I would do.
[2248] I'd drop Mortimer now and er ... keep, I wouldn't, I'd ... keep McGoldrick up ... don't have him as a sweeper.
[2249] I mean if you're gonna have McGoldrick as a sweeper then you'd have to bring Mortimer back but
Paul (PS0HN) [2250] Why not
Kevin (PS0HM) [2251] [...] I noticed it was quite odd that he didn't use McGoldrick as a sweeper did he?
[2252] I mean we, we went out to win that game didn't we, again?
[2253] Well, don't you think?
Paul (PS0HN) [2254] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2255] We didn't play a [...] and yet the defence played well enough.
[2256] So I think drop Mortimer and bring Colimore in for a full ... ninety minutes and then and and again and again and again.
[2257] Get sort of like ... half a dozen games.
Paul (PS0HN) [2258] I think drop Bright [...] Colimore.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2259] Well.
Paul (PS0HN) [2260] I mean Bright, I mean
Kevin (PS0HM) [2261] Well yes, you could say, yes
Paul (PS0HN) [2262] you've got, you've got an excuse to drop Bright.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2263] Bright's tired.
[2264] You could say Bright is absolutely tired.
[2265] He looks tired at the moment.
Paul (PS0HN) [2266] Just drop Bright [...] .
[2267] There's no need to drop Mortimer.
[2268] Not when he's playing well.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2269] Mm yes.
[2270] Well he, he didn't play well in the second half though did he?
[2271] I don't think.
[2272] He sort of
Paul (PS0HN) [2273] Give me a player that did, outside
Kevin (PS0HM) [2274] Yes, well, yes.
Paul (PS0HN) [2275] Coleman and Southgate.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2276] Well it ... it was one of the, I mean when you saw

24 (Tape 017104)

Kevin (PS0HM) [2277] Oh look, that's where Fergie made those funny faces.
[2278] Oh and you didn't see that did you? [...] in the paper [...] .
[2279] Look Croydon [...] Caterham valley.
[2280] ... [...] eyes. ...
Ruth (PS0HP) [2281] [...] Christmas presents.
[2282] Er one thing, what's the name of this record you want?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2283] Enya.
[2284] It's in the, it's in ... I think it's number nine in the hit parade
Ruth (PS0HP) [2285] What's it called?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2286] [...] What's Enya's record called now Paul?
Paul (PS0HN) [2287] Eh?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2288] Enya's record?
Paul (PS0HN) [2289] Shepherd's [...] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [2290] It's number nine wasn't it?
Paul (PS0HN) [2291] What?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2292] Nine, wasn't it?
[2293] ... Number nine.
Paul (PS0HN) [2294] I don't remember
Ruth (PS0HP) [2295] What's the cover look like?
Paul (PS0HN) [2296] It was number three when I
Kevin (PS0HM) [2297] It's silvery.
[2298] Greyish.
Paul (PS0HN) [2299] It's not silvery it's blue.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2300] Is it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2301] It was green last time you I asked you.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2302] Enya anyway. ...
Ruth (PS0HP) [2303] [...] Are you celebrating your birthday tomorrow?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2304] Well Paul was asking this, when ... well ... I'll have some presents.
[2305] Whoever comes, brings me in we'll open those.
[2306] Do you want yours opened [...] ?
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2307] I'll open one in the morning I think.
[2308] ... Up to you, what do you think?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2309] [yawning] I don't mind [] .
[2310] [...] ... So you'll take Paul to church in the morning will you?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2311] Alright. ...
Ruth (PS0HP) [2312] Well you can drop him off and pick him up. [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2313] I could do, yeah.
[2314] ... Now you've found my keys for my [...] I really need to get those [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [2315] What's that he's got?
[2316] ... What's that?
Paul (PS0HN) [2317] My [...] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [2318] You bought it?
Paul (PS0HN) [2319] Yeah. ...
Ruth (PS0HP) [2320] More money than sense. ... [singing with record]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2321] Wonder what he looks like now? [cough]
Ruth (PS0HP) [2322] How old was he there?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2323] Nineteen sixty eight, so that's ... twenty three years ago.
[2324] He was only twenty three then I should think. ...
Ruth (PS0HP) [2325] Let us have a bit of the paper.

25 (Tape 017105)

Kevin (PS0HM) [2326] Listen to this.
[2327] [reading] Absent minded spinsters Beryl and Doris lost their car in a repair shop [] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [2328] Yeah I know!
[2329] I read that.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2330] The sisters are eighty and eighty one reported the mini stolen
Ruth (PS0HP) [2331] And bought another one.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2332] got the ... er three months later they received thirteen hundred pound pay off from insurance Commercial Union and promptly bought a replacement car.
[2333] But when they booked their new car into Tristar Motors for its first service, they found their old model waiting for them [] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [2334] That is ... dreadful garage that didn't phone to find out why they hadn't picked it up though, isn't it?
[2335] I'd have thought
Kevin (PS0HM) [2336] Unless they lost their address.
[2337] ... Hee hee hee hee.
[2338] I mean the fact that this come ... out is that the
Ruth (PS0HP) [2339] That was in the Mail ... That was in the Mail.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2340] Yeah but the fact it's come out is that they've been honest.
[2341] Isn't it?
[2342] Right?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2343] Yes.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2344] You could have kept that quiet, anyway.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2345] Oh I should think the garage publicized it.
[2346] ... [...] ... [singing] [...] [] I remember this one.
[2347] Who's that?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2348] Kinks isn't it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2349] Ray Davies?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2350] Yes.
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2351] Tears of a Clown.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2352] No it isn't.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2353] No I know but he, that's what he's famous for isn't it?
[2354] Tears of a Clown.
Ruth (PS0HP) [singing] [...] []
Kevin (PS0HM) [2355] I bet someone's vid , I bet Alan's videoing all these.
[2356] Put them all together. ...
Ruth (PS0HP) [singing] [...] []

26 (Tape 017106)

Kevin (PS0HM) [2357] Look at the sets in [laughing] in sixty eight [] .
[2358] You could, as the camera goes by you can see where all the sellotape and the gum's stuck to boxes.
[2359] I mean look at those boxes.
[2360] Just ... just ... scrappy old blue ... looks like something the art college has knocked up.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2361] Who is that?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2362] Moody Blues isn't it? ...
Ruth (PS0HP) [2363] Is it?
[2364] ... Ha ha you used to look like that. ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [2365] They all look like [laughing] Allied Carpet salesmen now don't they [] ?
Ruth (PS0HP) [laugh] ...
Paul (PS0HN) [...] ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [2366] [...] I mean ... they looked old then don't they?
[2367] I mean ... you didn't have sixteen, seventeen year olds in those days coming through did you?
[2368] They were sort of like
Ruth (PS0HP) [2369] Mm. [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2370] I mean look at those boxes.
[2371] You can see all the sellotape and the bubbles and
Ruth (PS0HP) [2372] Where?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2373] Oh you've got poor eyesight then. ...
Ruth (PS0HP) [2374] We need a new aerial.
[2375] ... Where's the other bit of paper?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2376] Which other bit of paper?
[2377] Croydon Advertiser?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2378] Yeah, well which bit have you got there?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2379] There you are.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2380] Has it got the adverts in it?
[2381] ... Jaws is on telly Paul.
[2382] ... Er?
Paul (PS0HN) [2383] Jaws is on tonight?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2384] Jaws is on.
[2385] ... Included The Who, The Small Faces, The Move, The Kinks, The Moody Blues and Jimi Hendrix.
[2386] ... Absolute rubbish on television.
[2387] That's what Merle said.
[2388] Now House of Elliott's finished ... she's got nothing to watch.
[2389] I bet she's watching Bugsy Malone.
[2390] Did you hear that, Winston Churchill's doing Bugsy Malone?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2391] Oh.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2392] And Catherine's in it and that er ... I said ooh haven't you seen it Merle, she said no.
[2393] I said ooh I've got the video.
[2394] ... She said well what's it like.
[2395] I said ooh ... you'll either find it really funny or you wouldn't ... find it funny at all but erm
Kevin (PS0HM) [2396] How could you not find it funny?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2397] Catherine [...] well I can see that
Kevin (PS0HM) [2398] Oh!
Ruth (PS0HP) [2399] I can imagine that Tom would find it funny.
[2400] I said it's a very good film.
[2401] Anyway Catherine's got a very small part in it.
[2402] She's a German reporter or something.
[2403] [laughing] Which I couldn't even remember a German reporter [] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [2404] A German?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2405] I said what do you work for Fat Sam?
[2406] I don't think she knows it very well.
[2407] She said she's seen the film but none of the other family have seen it.
Paul (PS0HN) [2408] You know.
[2409] Where they, they're having a fight and ... they've got all the different people in the news like Chinese people go ... and there's fights and then they get, there's custard pies thrown at them.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2410] Oh yeah.
Paul (PS0HN) [2411] And Germany [...] going boom boom boom boom
Ruth (PS0HP) [2412] That's just gonna make an awful mess on stage isn't it if they [...] ?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2413] Is that all she's got to do? [laugh]
Ruth (PS0HP) [2414] [laugh] Yeah.
[2415] She said it's a very small part.
Paul (PS0HN) [2416] They go pow ... they've got french people being fired at
Kevin (PS0HM) [2417] I wonder if they'll have the er custard pie part in it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2418] Oh yeah?
[2419] Splurge guns.
Paul (PS0HN) [2420] Splurge guns
Kevin (PS0HM) [2421] [...] ?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2422] Yeah.
Paul (PS0HN) [2423] Splurge guns. ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [2424] Oh look.
[2425] Pete Townshend. ...
Ruth (PS0HP) [2426] The Who.
[2427] ... I met Liz in er Woking Paul.
[2428] I met Liz in Woking.
[2429] [...] stall made over seventy pounds.
[2430] ... And ... Jo won a major raffle prize.
[2431] Liz said ... isn't it typical.
[2432] She won a huge box of groceries.
[2433] Liz said I won a raffle prize.
[2434] I said oh what did you win?
[2435] She said well ... it was down to the last two she said, I had a choice between a red and green cushion ... or a fitness test. [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2436] Ah!
Ruth (PS0HP) [2437] [laughing] So she said I took the fitness test.
[2438] I said you don't need a fitness test Liz [] .
[2439] She was waiting for her husband.
[2440] Her husband's much older than her.
[2441] Her husband
Kevin (PS0HM) [2442] Well she
Ruth (PS0HP) [2443] could be her father.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2444] Oh no.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2445] Well he's ... he's fifty five.
[2446] He is fifty five.
[2447] That's why she's talking about him retiring isn't it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2448] Yeah but I mean she [laughing] looks about fifty five to me [] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [2449] Liz!
Paul (PS0HN) [2450] She's younger than you isn't she mum?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2451] Actu no she probably is forty five but she only looks
Kevin (PS0HM) [2452] She's not younger than us.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2453] about forty.
[2454] The way she carries herself makes her look [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2455] I ... I thi feel I look I I feel thirty [laughing] so I mean I always think []
Ruth (PS0HP) [2456] And Liz makes herself look ... [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2457] I thought that was very interesting that
Paul (PS0HN) [2458] She's so fit though.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2459] Oh look it's all when The Who used to smash their rec , all their, I mean that used to be disgusting. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [2460] What are they doing?
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [2461] They used to break up all their things on stage.
[2462] Dreadful isn't it?
Paul (PS0HN) [2463] Why?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2464] Well that's what pop groups used to do.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2465] They went to total excess and ... then they had to come back the other way.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2466] Well look at them now.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2467] Well one died.
[2468] The guy, the drummer just drove his car into the swimming pool didn't he and drowned.
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2469] What the one that drums there.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2470] Yes Paul.
[2471] Not the one holding his guitar.
Paul (PS0HN) [2472] [...] what's he trying to smash it all up for!
Ruth (PS0HP) [2473] Well that's what they did!
[2474] They were only old instruments.
[2475] ... They didn't smash up anything valuable.
Paul (PS0HN) [2476] Why did he drive his car into the swimming pool?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2477] Well that was the point.
[2478] I think they did.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2479] Oh.
[2480] Why don't you ever pick up the freebie papers?
[2481] They've got the property in, I'm always interested in those.
[2482] ... Is he still alive, Pete Townshend?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2483] Yes. ...
Ruth (PS0HP) [2484] Cor look!
[2485] Christmas shopping in Croydon Tuesdays and Thursdays.
[2486] And the week before Christmas Monday Tuesday ... Thursday Friday.
Paul (PS0HN) [2487] He's dead though Jimmy Hendrix isn't he?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2488] Yes.
[2489] He's dead.
[2490] ... Look here Paulie, you come and have a look at this.
[2491] This is Crystal Palace going up in f flames.
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2492] November the thirtieth nineteen thirty six.
[2493] Look, there's the shape of Crystal Palace.
[2494] Gutted in one night.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2495] Were you alive then dad?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2496] No I was not.
Paul (PS0HN) [2497] You said you could see it.
[2498] You lying hound.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2499] No that was the that was the furniture repository.
Paul (PS0HN) [2500] No you said
Kevin (PS0HM) [2501] [laughing] Yeah that was the furniture repository ... nothing about the crystal palace [] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [laugh]
Paul (PS0HN) [2502] No
Ruth (PS0HP) [2503] Thank you ma.
[2504] I'd nearly forgotten that.
[2505] I thought how on earth did I get myself
Ruth (PS0HP) [2506] [laughing] You plonker [] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [2507] stuck in that one.
Paul (PS0HN) [2508] No ages ago you said you saw it.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2509] We've been to the site haven't we? ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [2510] Eh?
Paul (PS0HN) [2511] [...] site.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2512] The site is where the zoo is.
[2513] [...] ... Oh I'm taking the phone up to phone my sister. ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [2514] I'll stop the tape and

27 (Tape 017107)

Ruth (PS0HP) [2515] clock, with the children.
[2516] We were Christmas shopping can you imagine [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2517] Six hours!
Ruth (PS0HP) [2518] Awful.
[2519] So I said what have you got it all then? [...] she's bought your present but she can't post it.
[2520] She said it's heavy
Paul (PS0HN) [2521] What is it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2522] so you might be getting something else.
[2523] It's quite a nice book. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [2524] So I [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [2525] So she's gonna buy Simon either chocolates ... dairy miniatures
Kevin (PS0HM) [2526] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2527] or ... a supply of chocolate miniatures.
[2528] Or a supply of caps for his gun.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2529] Can you pull the curtain please Paul.
Paul (PS0HN) [2530] What a big supply?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2531] Do you reckon that's quite a good idea?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2532] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2533] A supply of caps for his gun.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2534] Twelve [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [2535] Yeah I told her twelve [...] .
[2536] Or roll cap.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2537] Make sure it's [...] Oh yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2538] It's two new guns.
[2539] One takes roll cap and one takes [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2540] Well we've got plenty of roll cap haven't we?
[2541] We've got a wadge of roll cap.
[2542] That's
Ruth (PS0HP) [2543] Yeah but, the rate he
Kevin (PS0HM) [2544] [...] you know
Ruth (PS0HP) [2545] goes through it.
[2546] She might as well buy a year's supply.
[2547] She doesn't know what to buy, she might as well buy something useful mightn't she?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2548] Yes it's true.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2549] There's no point in wasting six or seven pounds.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2550] No.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2551] As far as I can understand anyway.
[2552] I said or a teddy that does something.
Paul (PS0HN) [2553] So she's bought me this book?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2554] She had already bought it before she phoned dad this morning, so
Paul (PS0HN) [2555] But she's not gonna buy, give me the book though?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2556] She says it's too heavy to post.
Paul (PS0HN) [2557] So she's not gonna give me the book?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2558] Well she might, but you might have to wait till after Christmas for it.
Paul (PS0HN) [2559] But she's gonna send something else?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2560] I'm not sure.
[2561] No you might be old enough to be considered you can wait till after Christmas for your present.
[2562] ... Paul I'd like you to do a job.
Paul (PS0HN) [2563] I've done a job.
[2564] I've been round to Merle's.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2565] No.
[2566] I'd like you to do a proper job.
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [2567] I'd like you to take a sponge ... and I'd like you to clean the paintwork on the stairs.
[2568] ... Please.
Paul (PS0HN) [2569] What about touching up?
[2570] ... I'll touch up.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2571] I've done the touching up.
Paul (PS0HN) [2572] So why does it need [...] ?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2573] You won't help will you. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [2574] I don't feel that it's worth doing.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2575] Trophy holders Palace are now just three steps away from another trip to Wembley.
[2576] Oh that's good isn't it?
[2577] Three steps
Ruth (PS0HP) [2578] You're not going this time.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2579] We are.
Paul (PS0HN) [2580] Yes we are.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2581] I don't think we'll get there actually.
[2582] Chelsea kicked us out last time.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2583] Chelsea won today.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2584] Yeah I know.
[2585] Against the team we lost five one to last week.
[2586] Oh you can imagine what it's gonna be like tonight.
Ruth (PS0HP) [laugh] ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [2587] What I was glad of, we didn't play poorly.
[2588] I didn't think we played poorly.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2589] No you didn't.
[2590] You played Manchester United. [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2591] Ha ha ha ha
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [2592] [...] report on the telly?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2593] Yeah they showed you that, yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2594] Have you heard it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2595] No, we'll have a look at it, I think Paulie missed it.
[2596] Kanchelskis scored that third goal.
[2597] It was a really funny goal wasn't it?
Paul (PS0HN) [2598] I know.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2599] I didn't see that.
[2600] I didn't see who scored.
Paul (PS0HN) [2601] [...] scored the second?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2602] Hughes I think. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [2603] What's on ... ?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2604] You'll have to listen to it then.
Paul (PS0HN) [2605] Oh [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2606] Oh hang on you didn't see ... no goals you didn't see?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2607] No.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2608] Oh.
[2609] Oh I s , it was on telly?
[2610] ... Rewind a bit then.
[2611] ... Right.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2612] I do rewind it.
[2613] ... reading teletext
Kevin (PS0HM) [2614] Oh you were right, McClair Paulie. ...
Ruth (PS0HP) [2615] Kanchelski
Kevin (PS0HM) [2616] Kanchelskis
Ruth (PS0HP) [2617] Sorry?
[2618] ... Kannchelsk ?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2619] Sshh. ...
Ruth (PS0HP) [2620] Did they tell you how he was?
[2621] ... Did they tell you how he was?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2622] No.
[2623] Can we have a look at the, we'll have a look at the results cos I didn't see er ... no no not that lot.
[2624] Turn all of it off.
[2625] Thank you for that bit.
Paul (PS0HN) [2626] I thought you meant Teletext.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2627] No I thought she caught the film.
[2628] Actually there was a little bit, they showed you the four goals on the television so they might show it on the nine o'clock
Paul (PS0HN) [2629] Where did they, what, when did they show you on the telly?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2630] n news.
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [2631] No!
Kevin (PS0HM) [2632] Do you know what he was doing in the car?
[2633] With the speaker?
[2634] I th he thought I didn't, couldn't see.
Ruth (PS0HP) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2635] He was going ... ooh ooh ooh.
[2636] That poor person
Ruth (PS0HP) [2637] What do you want?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2638] on the end of that tape.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2639] [shouting] What do you want [] ?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2640] I want er
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2641] He hasn't got a clue what he wants.
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2642] Eh?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2643] [...] .
[2644] What do you want?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2645] Let's have one ... results weekend league programme.
[2646] Let's have a look at [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [2647] One ... five ... one ... [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2648] Got the gates on there, look.
[2649] Twenty nine thousand.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2650] Is that a lot?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2651] Well apparently it's gone up.
[2652] It says in this paper that last they could only
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2653] they could only hold twenty seven.
[2654] But now apparently there's a, this ... with this seating or something there's now can hold thirty one.
[2655] And it wasn't completely full was it?
[2656] Paulie?
Paul (PS0HN) [2657] No.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2658] So it could just, probably just squeeze th
Ruth (PS0HP) [2659] So Liverpool's got the biggest capacity has it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2660] They could just get thirty thousand in there.
[2661] I think thirty one's a bit
Ruth (PS0HP) [2662] So Liverpool's got the biggest capacity has it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2663] Oh ... Manchester United would ... no Manchester United have er oh at home yeah.
[2664] Liverpool can hold about forty two
Ruth (PS0HP) [2665] Manchester City twenty two [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2666] That's pretty low
Ruth (PS0HP) [2667] nearly all those were [...] with home fans weren't they?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2668] What?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2669] Well Manchester City versus Wimbledon.
[2670] Nearly all those will be home fans.
[2671] Wouldn't they?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2672] Yes.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2673] Twenty two and a half thousand!
Kevin (PS0HM) [2674] Ooh.
[2675] And Manchester City are doing well don't forget.
[2676] I knew, good old Wimbledon.
[2677] That's how they stay up.
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2678] That's how Wimbledon stay up.
[2679] They go up to those games
Ruth (PS0HP) [2680] Nil nil.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2681] and they make it nil nil ... they've drawn wi , now with Manchester City and Liverpool in two successive weeks, nil nil.
[2682] You cannot break them down.
Paul (PS0HN) [2683] [...] that's why we stay quite near the top.
[2684] Wasn't it? [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2685] Oh!
[2686] Well Villa went above us.
[2687] Or Villa are above us.
[2688] We're sixth. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [2689] Yeah I know.
[2690] No they can go above us.
[2691] They always was above us.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2692] But they're above us on cos our goal average must look absolutely ... diabolical now.
[2693] The goal average must
Ruth (PS0HP) [2694] Paul.
[2695] Watch my lips.
Paul (PS0HN) [2696] It was Wednesday that went ahead of us.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2697] Go and turn the television off in the kitchen please.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2698] Gosh Oldham, good old Oldham.
[2699] Did us a favour there then didn't they?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2700] Now!
Paul (PS0HN) [2701] West Ham did us no favours.
[2702] ... [shouting] One two ah ee oh ee ah [...] [] . ... [...] [singing] [...] []
Kevin (PS0HM) [2703] Can I have one five two [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [2704] What do you go like this.
[2705] Press the red button.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2706] Cor!
[2707] Barnsley beat Newcastle three nil Paul.
Paul (PS0HN) [2708] What's so weird about that?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2709] Well ... poor old Newcastle.
Paul (PS0HN) [2710] What?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2711] Brighton beat Plymouth.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2712] Four nil was the biggest score.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2713] Yeah.
Paul (PS0HN) [2714] Who won four nil?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2715] Well Tranmere lost four nil at Ipswich.
Paul (PS0HN) [2716] Oh that was [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2717] Southend won again.
[2718] They've gone up [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2719] I mean who would have thought that Tranmere would have lost four nil?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2720] Who would have thought that when you drew Southend in a cup, you think oh great we'll thrash them.
[2721] They'll be could be a first division team next season.
Paul (PS0HN) [2722] How come?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2723] Southend?
[2724] They're about fourth or fifth.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2725] Sowfend.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2726] They won again!
[2727] Oh Swindon slipped again.
[2728] They should have won that, against Grimsby.
Paul (PS0HN) [2729] That is so unlucky, Ian.
[2730] Will they be home by now?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2731] Eight o'clock, they're hoping to get home.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2732] Er yeah I bet
Ruth (PS0HP) [2733] [laughing] Four nil [] .
[2734] Still.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2735] Poor kids.
[2736] Oh I feel sorry for them.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2737] Yeah.
[2738] You get used to it if you support Palace but
Kevin (PS0HM) [2739] Shut it!
[2740] ... I was just gonna say, what games have we lost?
[2741] We are getting used to it, I mean there was a coup , a sea , last season we had
Ruth (PS0HP) [2742] Five one you lost not long ago!
Kevin (PS0HM) [2743] Yeah but I mean ... last season we hardly, Paulie and I hardly ever used to come home having lost.
[2744] Now we're starting to get used to it.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2745] Now you [...] lot.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2746] What have we lost at home, Paulie, this season?
[2747] Come on.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2748] A lot.
Paul (PS0HN) [2749] Arsenal.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2750] Yes.
Paul (PS0HN) [2751] Man United.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2752] Is that all? ...
Ruth (PS0HP) [2753] Oh and you lost [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2754] No hang on.
[2755] That's the two we've seen.
[2756] ... Have we lost any others?
[2757] ... Oh well we can't complain then, only two.
[2758] ... Are you sure?
[2759] ... Q P R we were preciously close.
[2760] ... Birmingham we were preciously close.
[2761] Here you are, programme here.
[2762] ... [cough] ... They hit the crossbar as well.
Paul (PS0HN) [2763] Oh yeah we lost against West Ham as well.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2764] Yes.
[2765] I thought we did.
[2766] I was sure, I thou
Ruth (PS0HP) [2767] West Ham?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2768] I know.
[2769] That was ... that was annoying.
[2770] We should not have wo , lost that.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2771] You'll soon be losing against Birmingham.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2772] Birmingham. [said with midlands accent]
Paul (PS0HN) [2773] Well they ... there's another stupid mistake here!
[2774] Birmingham City L C three R.
[2775] They've got us down that we won!
[2776] One nil.
[2777] Yeah their stat statisticians are going mad.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2778] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2779] Statisticians. ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [2780] Would you like [...] page now? ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [2781] Yeah, page three.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2782] There were lots of draws.
[2783] Thirteen draws.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2784] Oh look.
[2785] Birmingham won two nil.
[2786] Oh oh.
[2787] Look at the gate they get. [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2788] Ooh.
[2789] I don't really know.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2790] Bury one thousand eight hundred and eighty six people! [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2791] Dreadful isn't it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2792] Who's that with seventeen thousand?
[2793] Wow West Brom.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2794] See West Brom, really a first division team.
[2795] They shouldn't be in the third division.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2796] [...] the figures is irrelevant isn't it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2797] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2798] The figures are irrelevant.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2799] Tradition that is, West Brom.
[2800] Just tradition.
[2801] They're getting bigger
Ruth (PS0HP) [2802] Even if they went out the league they'd get that number.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2803] Yeah.
[2804] Yeah.
[2805] I've been a West Brom supporter
Ruth (PS0HP) [2806] They wouldn't be able to afford to keep the ground on would they?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2807] all my life.
[2808] What?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2809] They wouldn't be able to afford to keep the ground on if they went out [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2810] Well I mean it shows you what marvellous West Brom were.
[2811] When West Brom got lost four nil to Woking ... wasn't it Paulie?
[2812] The next round they had West Brom supporters supporting, came down from
Ruth (PS0HP) [2813] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2814] Birmingham to support Woking in the next round.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2815] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2816] It's pretty good isn't it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2817] But that's all much of a muchness isn't it?
[2818] Nothing over four.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2819] No.
Paul (PS0HN) [2820] [...] was right.
[2821] We er we would have played ... Tottenham on the night of the Q P R game.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2822] Oh.
Paul (PS0HN) [2823] I got mixed up with [...] .
[2824] He said Q P R .
Ruth (PS0HP) [2825] Did Woking play?
Paul (PS0HN) [2826] [...] wasn't.
[2827] We only played them away.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2828] Yes.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2829] What Woking did play?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2830] Yes well Paulie said they did.
[2831] They played
Paul (PS0HN) [2832] What did they do?
[2833] What did they do?
[2834] Oh I've got to see what they did.
[2835] Got to see what they did.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2836] Two hundred and seventy five people watching [...] .
[2837] Oh I thought Woking were [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2838] at Gateshead.
Paul (PS0HN) [2839] I am so desperate to see what they did.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2840] Well that's it.
[2841] There aren't any more results.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2842] Hearts won again.
Paul (PS0HN) [2843] What about one five seven?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2844] There aren't any more results!
Kevin (PS0HM) [2845] They don't have ... they don't have amateur [...] do they?
Paul (PS0HN) [2846] Yes they do.
[2847] Try ... can you try number one please.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2848] There's one off for fog.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2849] Fog?
[2850] Oh yeah there it is.
[2851] Berwick East Ham.
Paul (PS0HN) [2852] Can you go to number one [...] one five eight.
[2853] [...] one five seven. ...
Ruth (PS0HP) [2854] What would you like dear?
Paul (PS0HN) [2855] I would like B B C one please.
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2856] This is her.
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2857] There's [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2858] But the Linekers had better go home.
[2859] They can't stay and look at the, that child all the time can they?
[2860] I mean it's gonna be weeks isn't it?
[2861] ... They've arrested it now haven't they?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2862] There's noth there's nothing on number one about it at all.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2863] Oh.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2864] Sport ... football
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [2865] Saturday review.
[2866] League table.
[2867] Non leagues
Kevin (PS0HM) [2868] Ipswich [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [2869] Three ... eight.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2870] Jemson saves the [...] .
[2871] Now we should have picked him up.
[2872] Why didn't we pick him up?
[2873] He just floated over Sheffield Wednesday, honestly.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2874] That's [...] .
[2875] Are you sure Woking ... ?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2876] Should be the next page
Paul (PS0HN) [2877] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2878] The [...] premiere.
Paul (PS0HN) [2879] This is so ... I tell you what I'm gonna run out of here and go boogey boogey [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2880] Oh if they've won they've done it.
[2881] Five nil!
[2882] Oh it just
Ruth (PS0HP) [2883] Five nil.
Paul (PS0HN) [2884] [shouting] Oh yes [] !
Kevin (PS0HM) [2885] They're just walking away with that division.
[2886] It's a waste of time.
[2887] The whole [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2888] Do you know what [...] said to me?
[2889] He said
Ruth (PS0HP) [2890] Are they top of that division?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2891] Yeah.
Paul (PS0HN) [2892] that Enfield, he was going, he said that Enfield would beat them five nil.
[2893] That was his words.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2894] Enfield are the second team.
[2895] And they've won five nil.
[2896] They're about, that that makes them nineteen points in the lead.
Paul (PS0HN) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2897] Ludicrous!
Ruth (PS0HP) [2898] So what happens?
[2899] They go into the Vauxhall league next year?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2900] Yeah, they'll be definitely in the [...] .
[2901] That's in their division five ... couple of seasons la we could be ... fourth division team.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2902] Couple of seasons!
[2903] If Crystal Palace don't succeed you could be playing Woking.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2904] Shut it.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2905] [laugh] ... Love it.
Paul (PS0HN) [2906] That means if they, they'll go up this season [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2907] Shall we pack up supporting Palace and go to Woking Paulie?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2908] Yes.
[2909] I'd pay for that.
[2910] I'll pay for
Paul (PS0HN) [2911] Very funny.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2912] a Woking season ticket ... free, for nothing.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2913] [...] I I've done a tu ... turncoat once already so it's easier [laughing] for me [] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [2914] There's nothing on Lineker there at all.
[2915] Yet other times [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2916] I think we should go and watch Woking more often.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2917] What?
[2918] You mean like every other week?
Paul (PS0HN) [2919] Yeah, when we're not watching
Ruth (PS0HP) [2920] Yeah [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [laugh]
Paul (PS0HN) [2921] No I think I think we should take ... go to some more Woking evening games dad.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2922] Oh do you?
Paul (PS0HN) [2923] Yes!
[2924] I mean we've never been to it.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2925] Have you ever watched Woking play?
Paul (PS0HN) [2926] No.
[2927] ... I want to.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2928] Lineker.
[2929] The condition of the baby son of England's football [...] is poorly but stable.
[2930] That was yesterday's.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2931] Ah ... oh that's exactly what the other one said.
[2932] Poorly but stable.
[2933] That was on six o'clock this morning that was on.
[2934] ... Two people died [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [2935] Oh [...] .
[2936] Can I just watch this please?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2937] Ugh it's Jaws.
[2938] It's gross.
[2939] Guys getting eaten.
Paul (PS0HN) [2940] [...] it or something?
Ruth (PS0HP) [2941] No.
[2942] You don't need to [...] hear the music.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2943] Ugh that's horrible.
[2944] This is a horrible film Jaws.
[2945] Look it's got somebody's body in its
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [2946] It's only a plasticine model.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2947] Gross!
Paul (PS0HN) [2948] But I I would just like to see how awful the graphic [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2949] He's died.
[2950] His mate's died look.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2951] I think he's dead.
[2952] Ooh!
Kevin (PS0HM) [2953] Gone under.
[2954] Took him under.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2955] Oh no!
Paul (PS0HN) [2956] Can I see?
[2957] I I don't mind watching it without the noise. ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [2958] Gosh quick.
[2959] They're leaking.
Paul (PS0HN) [2960] Please mum.
[2961] Oh ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [2962] That's in the studio.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2963] It's all in the studio isn't it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2964] Oh no it's not. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [2965] I mean the ... the plasticine sharks ... are stupid.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2966] Oh the story of this particular one is that it er er ... they tried to make out that the erm ... that the the the ... the shark has actually got something against [laughing] the human beings [] on this boat and it keeps chasing them.
[2967] Here it comes again.
[2968] ... There's in a studio, that bit.
[2969] ... Look out here it comes.
[2970] Look it's gonna knock her right off.
[2971] ... He spots it. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [2972] Ugh.
Kevin (PS0HM) [2973] Ugh.
[2974] ... Going through all the previous ones. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [2975] [laughing] These plasticine models are so awful [] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [2976] Yeah they look gross now don't they?
Paul (PS0HN) [2977] Oh they are quite lifelike. ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [2978] Oh god it's broken.
[2979] ... Oh you can see it's a model can't you? ...
Paul (PS0HN) [2980] Ugh ... it's swallowed it.
Ruth (PS0HP) [2981] My [...] stones didn't come out very shiny.
Paul (PS0HN) [2982] I like these bits where there's a shot which goes down [...] . ...
Ruth (PS0HP) [2983] So can I start wearing my dressing gown before Christmas then?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2984] No.
[2985] It's got to be wrapped up.
[2986] ... So has your, you can't have your song book either till after Christmas. ...
Ruth (PS0HP) [2987] Oh, I don't mind that.
[2988] ... Ugh the towel's dirty. ... [sounds of toilet]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2989] [shouting] Ruthus we're taping [] . ...
Ruth (PS0HP) [2990] We're not gonna know the person who's going to listen. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [2991] [...] Geoffrey Chaucer's here again.
[2992] speaking into microphone
Kevin (PS0HM) [2993] [laughing] He keeps going Geoffrey Chaucer's here [] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [2994] But we saw the best bit Paulie.
[2995] [laughing] The last five minutes [] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [2996] Have you turned it off?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2997] [laughing] No, it was the last [...] you know the dramatic end that everybody ... who's been waiting for watching that film from seven o'clock till []
Ruth (PS0HP) [2998] [...] that off?
Kevin (PS0HM) [2999] Er?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3000] You haven't turned that off?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3001] No.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3002] Oh.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3003] It records everything Ruthie.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3004] Why is this dirty again?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3005] All of [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [3006] Yeah mum has got a towel dirty.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3007] I'm fed up with you.
[3008] I keep putting it in there, clean one.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3009] But the towel's for wiping your hands on.
Paul (PS0HN) [3010] Don't blame me!
[3011] ... It's not my fault.
[3012] I'm just Geoffrey Chaucer.
[3013] The famous poet [...] Canterbury Tales.
[3014] ... Where art thou Jonathon.
[3015] [laughing] Where art thou Jonathon [] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [3016] Do you want to do any jobs.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3017] [...] ... I've got to finish my quiz off.
[3018] Must do that map.
Paul (PS0HN) [3019] Disgusting, Jaws the movie.
[3020] ... Too gory for Geoffrey Chaucer even.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3021] Paul I think you should go to bed now.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3022] Yeah.
Paul (PS0HN) [3023] No way dudes.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3024] Busy day tomorrow, yes?
Paul (PS0HN) [3025] No way dudes.
[3026] You've got to be joking.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3027] We'll wait till the end of the tape and then you can go.
Paul (PS0HN) [3028] You have gotta be joking man.
[3029] ... Boogey boogey.
[3030] Zachramondo dudes [laugh] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [3031] I think Paulie's invalidating most sides by total and utter gibberish.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3032] Well isn't that what they want to know?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3033] Eh?
[3034] ... What the mental cases [laughing] in Woking []
Ruth (PS0HP) [3035] [...] totally illiterate.
Paul (PS0HN) [3036] mumalissimo
Kevin (PS0HM) [3037] I used some big words on the way down.
Paul (PS0HN) [3038] We're Italian now.
[3039] ... Mumalissimo where are you bonjourdino. ... [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [3040] Oh Paul don't be silly!
[3041] Go to bed if you're going to be silly.
[3042] ... Go and learn your words for tomorrow. ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [3043] [...] bought one of those stinky old er ... pine tree things and Paulie ripped the whole wrapper off it
Ruth (PS0HP) [3044] Oh!
Paul (PS0HN) [3045] Spice.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3046] and we nearly died.
[3047] It nearly overcame us.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3048] I bet you did.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3049] It nearly over , we were in danger of going off the road with it.
[3050] It was so strong
Ruth (PS0HP) [3051] Why did you let him?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3052] I put it in the boot.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3053] Why did you let him?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3054] I think it'll have to be put in the garage and then put in the car once a week or something.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3055] Why did you let him do it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3056] I dunno.
[3057] ... Unsupervised as you would say.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3058] You've got no control over him at all have you?
Paul (PS0HN) [3059] Oh yeah mum wouldn't have done it would she?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3060] You'd ripped the wrapper before ...
Paul (PS0HN) [3061] We had the wrapper off last time.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3062] No we didn't.
Paul (PS0HN) [3063] Yes we did!
Ruth (PS0HP) [3064] No, you pull it out a bit at a time, not just
Paul (PS0HN) [3065] No, but we had it off last time.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3066] Yeah the spice was ... [laughing] was not nice [] .
Paul (PS0HN) [3067] [laugh] The spice wasn't half as nice as [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [3068] So it's ... it's totally wasted then is it?
[3069] ... Totally wasted.
Paul (PS0HN) [3070] It would have been disgusting anyway.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3071] Is it totally wasted then?
Paul (PS0HN) [3072] Yes.
[3073] Yes.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3074] No well no it's usable.
Paul (PS0HN) [3075] Absolutely fantastic wastage. [singing] [...] [] ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [3076] [...] Wimbledon got [...] got the right royal rave.
[3077] Watch the super dons flatten the [...] . ...
Paul (PS0HN) [3078] The white what rave?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3079] The [...] .
[3080] How come they use the same box office, I suppose they would wouldn't they?
[3081] Seven seven one.
[3082] Oh it must be funny working for Palace at the moment.
[3083] You think you're doing well and you get hold of another [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [3084] Oh I get it.
[3085] Royal ... royal?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3086] Mm.
Paul (PS0HN) [3087] Joe Royle?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3088] [...] yeah.
Paul (PS0HN) [3089] Can I watch it, can I read it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3090] Eh?
[3091] No.
[3092] Watch, I'm reading my paper now.
Paul (PS0HN) [3093] You're always reading it. [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3094] Oh look you always get these people [reading] we have just witnessed the top London club suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of [...] [] .
[3095] ... Oh this looks good, let's see.
[3096] ... Is it horror?
Paul (PS0HN) [3097] Don't know. ...
Kevin (PS0HM) [3098] Now you'll see the goals on this, now.
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3099] Because it was on the other B B C one so it should be on this one as well.
Paul (PS0HN) [3100] You saw them?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3101] Yeah.
[3102] All four goals.
Paul (PS0HN) [3103] When?

28 (Tape 017108)

Kevin (PS0HM) [3104] Here's a letter that m mistakenly done today.
[3105] It says it says [reading] it now seems painfully obvious that after our performance at Forest we have reached the stage where teams have finally worked us out.
[3106] For some time we've been in a false position and our two games against Birmingham have confirmed this [] .
[3107] Dunno why they're saying this bit.
[3108] [reading] Steve may explain the game at Saint Andrews was for low to ground players [] .
[3109] Don't [...] well they.
[3110] [reading] But surely by now we have a squad to deal with such eventualities.
[3111] We have clearly lost our way in both fullback positions [] .
[3112] Well that wasn't true today.
[3113] Our two fullbacks played the best ... of the Palace players, I thought.
[3114] Both were, couldn't been asked any more of.
[3115] Both saved instant goals.
[3116] ... Er ... both got feet in just as goals were about to be shot and scored.
[3117] ... [reading] This is er ob now obvious after it's ... aft as it is restricting our attacking options.
[3118] What possible reason is there for not playing Bodin?
[3119] A proven player of international quality who enjoys going forward.
[3120] We are told that we have to pay Swindon another fifty thousand if he plays.
[3121] But if we went out of the cup it could cost us more in lost revenue.
[3122] Come clean Steve.
[3123] Swallow your pride.
[3124] Play Bodin in the position you bought him for and show off our defence that otherwise will leak goals like two seasons ago [] .
[3125] It's not true.
[3126] Bodin's ... I don't reckon's as good a defender as that.
[3127] He's a good passer of the ball [...] have him in the middle.
Paul (PS0HN) [3128] Well where then?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3129] Dunno.
[3130] Well we cou , he might be able to use him if Thomas can't play erm on Tuesday.
[3131] I can well believe Thomas won't be fit for Tuesday now.
[3132] Not after ricking his ankle like that.
[3133] If his ankle's any, half as bad as mine he wouldn't play on Tuesday.
Paul (PS0HN) [3134] I chose the right Tuesday to go then didn't I?
[3135] It wouldn't be very good without Jeff Thomas there would it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3136] No.
Paul (PS0HN) [3137] Who do you reckon will be captain then?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3138] He's gonna have steroids for it. ...
Paul (PS0HN) [3139] Who'd be captain?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3140] [laughing] Pardon Ruth [] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [3141] He's gonna have steroid injections in his ...
Paul (PS0HN) [3142] Ankle.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3143] You mean steroid, do you?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3144] Yeah.
Paul (PS0HN) [3145] She does.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3146] I do, I think.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3147] Aha.
[3148] What they, what they deflate your swelling quicker do they?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3149] Yeah.
Paul (PS0HN) [3150] Yeah who would er ... be the captain?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3151] Humphreys isn't it?
Paul (PS0HN) [3152] He's not playing.
[3153] ... I suppose Young would be wouldn't he?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3154] [...] Thorn ... Thorn's been captain before now as well hasn't he?
[3155] ... Thorn and Young!
[3156] Couldn't cr er ... complain about that.
[3157] It didn't look like, you have a look at this goal.
[3158] Didn't look like Young's ... problem.
[3159] Put a tape in Paulie just in ... get a tape quick.
[3160] And see if we can tape this th th th last time they showed all four goals.
[3161] Clearly B B C
Paul (PS0HN) [3162] I see , No.
[3163] ... Is this on I T V separate?
[3164] ... Are you there?
[3165] ... Are ready to record straight away, bumph with the record button?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3166] Just a minute.

29 (Tape 017201)

Ruth (PS0HP) [3167] He wants to do this rap thing doesn't he?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3168] Oh yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3169] I want to [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3170] Yeah but still
Ruth (PS0HP) [3171] [...] going all night while you were
Kevin (PS0HM) [3172] Yeah ... ha.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3173] out ... Will you chew those?
[3174] ... You've been a very good boy ... right ha ... flowers are floppy
Kevin (PS0HM) [3175] We can record one of the party then can't we?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3176] Yep.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3177] You can get loads out of that could you cos people will just forget it.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3178] Yeah so ... except you've got to list everybody's name.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3179] Yeah but then ... list the name, then list the
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3180] names of the next home tape again ... they'll think it's
Ruth (PS0HP) [3181] Yeah but you're supposed to listen to it all off and see.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3182] Oh no [...] ridiculous isn't it!
Ruth (PS0HP) [3183] Well no so they can identify ... the people, isn't it.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3184] Yeah but then yo er ... in a party situation you could probably do that in the first minutes couldn't you, I would have thought ... everybody in th ... room will have spoken ... in the first five minutes wouldn't they?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3185] So I've just gotta jot it down quickly then.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3186] Yeah ... Oh we've got more [...] this time
Ruth (PS0HP) [3187] Yeah well ... when I saw Alison's lo the flan recipes, I panicked.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3188] Aha.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3189] Right all those need slicing and buttering and putting on there.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3190] Right, better do that then ... so is that [...] or kilo?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3191] [...] hundred ... ha ... there's a [...] tomatoes.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3192] Gosh!
Ruth (PS0HP) [3193] I'll make some sandwiches ... can you feel that's soft enough, if you don't like that
Kevin (PS0HM) [3194] This
Ruth (PS0HP) [3195] Well no I ... got butter
Kevin (PS0HM) [3196] No I'll put that on it's easier ... save that for your Mum ... put them on here did you say?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3197] Yeah
Kevin (PS0HM) [3198] This tray?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3199] Yeah, I'll just put this out.
Kevin (PS0HM) [cough]
Ruth (PS0HP) [3200] I think these flans will freeze ... so what we don't need
Kevin (PS0HM) [3201] What've they got in them though?
[3202] ... Got any little flags for what they've got in them?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3203] This one is prawn ... and pepper
Kevin (PS0HM) [3204] Paprika?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3205] Pu no ... well ... red pepper ... with paprika sprinkled on.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3206] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3207] And this is ... egg and bacon and mushroom ... a little piece of cheese ... Orville!
[3208] Well really, looks like I've only done two each ... but I think I'll freeze ... I'll only cut two up ... lovely!
Kevin (PS0HM) [3209] I might be able to eat that ... [...] ... where's the little
Ruth (PS0HP) [3210] Want the sharp
Kevin (PS0HM) [3211] black knife?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3212] What do you want the little one for?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3213] You said the black knife, you said.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3214] I said the sharp one ... this one ... he's fairly cheap but they use him a lot, [...] ... [...] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [3215] Alright and don't burn them then.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3216] I think they burn very easy ... Do you think everyone will dress up today?
[3217] ... Don't cut them completely in half like that.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3218] Well I have.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3219] Well, oh ... best if you cut them almost to the end ... like that ... then butter them and stick them back together again ... Have I got that cream?
[3220] ... I've sort of forgot about the puddings ... there's blackcurrant torte up there, can you see?
[3221] ... And I've [...] two
Kevin (PS0HM) [3222] Ooh yeah!
Ruth (PS0HP) [3223] [...] black ... tiny black forest gateaux, but they're here for tea aren't they so
Kevin (PS0HM) [3224] Well
Ruth (PS0HP) [3225] no need [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3226] well yes I do tha you've done this before, that ... this buffet thing, it's quite nice, people can sort of like, if they're staying they can just ... say y leave it out and you sa eat whenever you want to really innit?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3227] Oh ... Nigel!
[3228] ... I haven't got a pie slice ... [...] ... [...] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [3229] So did I hear you say to your Mum that there's gonna be a ra exactly the same rap at a
Ruth (PS0HP) [3230] Well it sounds the same ... couldn't believe it!
[3231] Is there sugar in my coffee?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3232] No sorry, I only put, well you got one [...] ... I suppose if they know that this rap thing won't last long
Ruth (PS0HP) [3233] It won't last long
Kevin (PS0HM) [3234] will it, so it's all gotta
Ruth (PS0HP) [3235] No
Kevin (PS0HM) [3236] be done this year
Ruth (PS0HP) [3237] she's ... it could've been saying
Kevin (PS0HM) [3238] well it she could've been done last year but ... we've not done this year, be gone.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3239] No ... it's funny unle I Mum says is it something that's just been published this year ... you know, like if someone just published [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3240] No.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3241] and everyone jumped on the bandwagon, or have they all made up their own?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3242] That is the whole ... point of rap ... they're completely personal ... it's a personal rap.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3243] Well Michael says you haven't been to a decent service for six weeks, till back.
[3244] [laugh] ... So we went so and so, that was dreadful!
[3245] We went so and so, that was dreadful!
Kevin (PS0HM) [3246] [...] can put your finger on it though,it it's like ... it's not ... what it used to be.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3247] That's it ... well tha [...] ... there's Peggy says ... I said oh well I'm a bit erm ... worried about taking them ... and I said they have been known to get up and walk out, and [...] said, surely not!
[3248] But Peggy says ... well why shouldn't they walk out, if they're that old and they're ... don't li ... why shouldn't they [laughing] get up and walk out [] ?
[3249] ... I thought Peggy, I [...] ... ah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3250] I don't think they, they don't walk out of we of er er er er er Por
Ruth (PS0HP) [3251] They wouldn't of , no.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3252] Portis Head there it's too in ten tenuous [...] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [3253] But in a way, I i i is it better for them to walk out than ... seethe and ... you know, I sa ... are you putting a bit much on there?
[3254] ... Tricia says it's not butter ... Are we exchanging Christmas presents today, did you ascertain that off your Mum?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3255] I don't know ... not really.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3256] I've got them [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3257] No I think sh
Ruth (PS0HP) [3258] We've gotta give them to them today have we ... Andy and Michelle?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3259] I seem to remember she says she's gonna ... do that on the fourteenth.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3260] What Christmas presents, same time as the Golden Wedding?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3261] Mm, think so.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3262] What at her rap?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3263] Suppose so ... give them, I mean I don't think they're gonna be opened then.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3264] Right.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3265] As I said, If I remember right, I said well when are you gonna come and see us before?
[3266] She said on the fourteenth, you know and give it to you then.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3267] Well who's gonna come and see us ... eh?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3268] Mum and ... what's it ... and presumably, Michelle and Andy
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3269] can give out presents that day as well, can't they, cos they'll be there.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3270] Mm.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3271] Where do I put the ready?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3272] Well I'm gonna give Mutty that cake today ... [...] , just pile them up ... Do you think twenty four's enough to do to begin with?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3273] I think there is.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3274] There is?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3275] Ju oh.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3276] For twelve people.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3277] Pile them up.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3278] Do twelve egg ones, please.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3279] Should never have told Bill.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3280] [...] was coming with clingfilm ... but stick the rest in there ... What are you eating?
[3281] ... Gotta take box to school [...] and I can't be bothered, cos you've got the car tomorrow haven't you?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3282] Mhm ... a three day week.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3283] You've got the car Friday, and you got the car ... Wednesday?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3284] [...] this butter's [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [3285] Cos you're going down to [...] aren't you on Wednesday?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3286] Oh yes.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3287] Or are you not?
[3288] Have you sent Val a postcard?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3289] Yes.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3290] Are you going to [...] or not?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3291] I didn't say I'd come and see him
Ruth (PS0HP) [3292] No.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3293] on Wednesday
Ruth (PS0HP) [3294] No.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3295] But I did say, I'd come and say on the ... the Christmas show so
Ruth (PS0HP) [3296] Well have you sorted out your ... holiday?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3297] [...] ... yeah I ... well I ... I did say that I was gonna play badminton then go away and sort out that ... when I see Ian [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [3298] On the Wednesday?
[3299] And have you sorted out your holiday?
[3300] ... How many holidays you got left?
[3301] I've only got
Kevin (PS0HM) [3302] No I haven't
Ruth (PS0HP) [3303] two days left
Kevin (PS0HM) [3304] Er yeah I'm sure I have.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3305] So if you go to the Christmas do on nineteenth then you just bring Simon home with you afterwards, I think ... don't you?
[3306] ... But you need to tell Zoe.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3307] Right.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3308] Cos he finishes at four o'clock on that day anyway.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3309] Mm.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3310] So you just bring them home at lunchtime or something give him a [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3311] Can you do that, yeah?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3312] Yeah we did it last year cos I broke up the day before last year ... all of mine still at school that day.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3313] Right ... Got a ... roll of film for the camera?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3314] What for?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3315] Well don't you need it to be here?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3316] Oh what on the nineteenth?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3317] She go ... yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3318] That's a long time ahead ... two weekends to go ... You ought to see how badly that [...] can't you when you ... [...] ha ha ... [laughing] three bits on there [] ... suppose you could do that now couldn't you?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3319] Better than what I'm doing ... any of it though.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3320] If you allow a bit like [...] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [3321] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3322] I don't think I'll pie, you're right ... put out mince pies ... we didn't win on the pools, I've checked ... I'll throw away the coupon or do you wanna see what you got?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3323] Have you checked the aways is it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3324] Yes, they're all the aways written out on the top ... B T shareholders, do you want this?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3325] No thank you.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3326] Next week pools coupon?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3327] Yep.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3328] Crystal Palace ... cam Coppell campaigns.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3329] Mm, keep that ... where did the C draw ... voucher go by the way?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3330] Somewhere.
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [3331] That one being drawn ... twenty six of November ... what's that one, that's Park School.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3332] Oh I must see If I can er ... Bob and Mum ... not Karen and [...] but ... Mum [...] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [3333] Does Mike have some er ... Georgian Hotel, look at that ... Christmas jokes, Daddy, Eddie's broken my new dog ... how did he do that ... I hit him on the [laughing] head with it [] ... Why is Father Christmas unemployed?
[3334] ... Maybe you know that one, cos he got the sack.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3335] We've both seen that one Ruth, is it alright?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3336] Why?
[3337] ... Oh no ... Fred [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3338] With your way you put your foot in it
Ruth (PS0HP) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3339] isn't it, oh yes ... perfectly harmless ... no malice meant there at all but you try and convince somebody of that.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3340] Fred it's rude to keep reaching over the table for the mince pies, haven't you got a tongue in your head?
[3341] ... Yes, but my arm's longer ... Oh it's the Christmas crossword I could photocopy that for the children.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3342] Where do you get that [...] from?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3343] Oh look how about a Christmas customs, I wonder if the answers are in the back ... what kind of fruit sauce is traditionally eaten with turkey?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3344] Cranberry.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3345] A well known Christmas decoration was the sacred plant of the druids ... what is an advent calendar?
[3346] ... Was the sending of Christmas cards introduced, one ... one eight two, one eight four six, or nineteen O three? [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3347] Oh let's do that, I like that one
Ruth (PS0HP) [3348] What event does ... a [...] celebrate?
[3349] There's ten questions ... well look up, what's wanted, can you match these nursery rhyme features with suitable Christmas presents ... Humpty Dumpty, Old Mother Hubbard, Wee Willy Winky, Jack Spratt, Doctor Foster, [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3350] Now that Christmas card one, I'll have that one.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3351] And there's a nativity quiz, quiz ... What were swaddling clothes?
[3352] ... Why were the shepherds on a hill side afraid? ... [...] ... this is quite a good one ... shall I
Kevin (PS0HM) [3353] [...] ... that'll be the lot.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3354] Erm ... yeah ... I expect the answers will be at the back.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3355] Well I'll do a I know I'll do a Christmas section then, right?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3356] Mhm mm ... there's some answers [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3357] Oh right, [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [3358] Christmas clothes how you fill in the blanks, I saw something come sailing by, that's quite good ... Little Jack Horner sat in the corner eating his
Kevin (PS0HM) [3359] Who'd have put Michelle with this, little bit unfair to put Michelle to put between them.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3360] Mutty.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3361] That should be alright then, shouldn't it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3362] And she's got a child in that book.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3363] Oh right.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3364] Mu [...] , Michelle, Mutty and Michael ... but on the other hand ... Michael might have to budge ... You can change it all I
Kevin (PS0HM) [3365] Done it whe who's Paul with?
[3366] ... With a [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3367] No, Paul should go with
Ruth (PS0HP) [3368] Michelle and Mutty.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3369] Mrs Michelle and Mutty, balance it up.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3370] Andrew and Carole [...] you're sure they've got to [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3371] Andrew and Carole yes, Andrew and Carole, fine.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3372] What goes ... oh oh oh?
[3373] ... Father Christmas laughing backwards.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3374] You could put that as in as bu bum question couldn't you, see if anybody gets it, right?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3375] Postman, I have a Christmas parcel but the name on it is obliterated ... can't be for me then, my [laughing] name's Jones [] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [3376] So what is the best way to do, that where you ask the questions, now ... they did ... if you could help me out is the when ... you do one section ... an you hand all your papers in ... somebody else marks them
Ruth (PS0HP) [3377] Well you don't need a lot of room, yeah just pass it around [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3378] Ah but no what they did is somebody else marks them while the the next round was going on for
Ruth (PS0HP) [3379] Well no you it'd have to be you
Kevin (PS0HM) [3380] and then they announced
Ruth (PS0HP) [3381] that marked it, you couldn't do that ... you'd
Kevin (PS0HM) [3382] could
Ruth (PS0HP) [3383] have to pass them round and mark them instantly ... then start the next section.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3384] Would you, why?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3385] Well cos what person could then be lying around waiting to mark the answers?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3386] Oh I see yes.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3387] You've only got one quiz master.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3388] Oh I see, yes, that's right ... Well let them mark their own ... I mean who's gonna cheat?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3389] Alright
Kevin (PS0HM) [3390] It's a bit confusing innit, swapping the papers round?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3391] Where's the plum in this plum pudding?
[3392] Would you expect to find a dog in the plum pudding ... Milly, what did you get that ten P for?
[3393] Tilly, carol singing, Milly, and what did you fifty P for?
[3394] Tilly, stopping ... Right I won't look at the answers.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3395] Now I can't go oh no!
Ruth (PS0HP) [3396] What?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3397] I can't give that oh oh oh, can I, cos you're in the blinking quiz!
[3398] ... Come here!
Ruth (PS0HP) [3399] That says staff library, please return on it ... I didn't look it, I didn't look at any answers for the questions.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3400] Can't do the oh oh, that was funny ... now you'll know it!
[3401] ... You are daft, honestly!
Ruth (PS0HP) [3402] Well you could just leave it out!
[3403] ... What do you me why am I daft ... it wasn't one of
Kevin (PS0HM) [3404] You
Ruth (PS0HP) [3405] the questions, it was one of the jokes!
[3406] ... You didn't say stop reading out the jokes.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3407] [laugh] I wouldn't ever stop, cos you [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [3408] [laugh] well how would you have known then, you wouldn't have waded through the whole book looking for it, would you?
[3409] ... There aren't the hours in the day, ten to eleven, your Mum's coming at ... half past twelve.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3410] Half past twelve.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3411] Knowing her, quarter past twelve.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3412] So I'll take from whatever you gi [...] can't get caught for that one.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3413] What? ... [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3414] Someone played that accidentally [laugh] you can't use that!
[3415] Knowing your Mum is a ... served you right!
Ruth (PS0HP) [3416] She's been getting quite a lot of [...] in our jokes ... over a couple ... ha!
[3417] ... Oh he's forgotten his cool dude glasses.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3418] Oh dear.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3419] Oh, my Mum ... rap [...] ... he's going to cool dude, cool dude. [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3420] I mean if you told her, put a C in front of it and that's what it is.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3421] What?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3422] Rap.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3423] Oh [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3424] She wouldn't understand our line of
Ruth (PS0HP) [3425] No.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3426] Crap , what's that?
[3427] ... Crap?
[3428] ... You should of let [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3429] [whispering] think what you have to do Mum, so you ought to say, when they say rap, you can say that it's crap []
Ruth (PS0HP) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3430] and she heard it, it's crap.
[3431] ... You think, how can somebody be on the earth, I mean
Ruth (PS0HP) [3432] And not have
Kevin (PS0HM) [3433] you don't have to appreciate do you, oh yeah
Ruth (PS0HP) [3434] But there's probably more people who don't know what rap is, in England, than do ... think about it.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3435] [whispering] Yes I suppose so [] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [3436] I bet there are.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3437] I reckon there's a lot of parents
Ruth (PS0HP) [3438] Load of single people over the age of thirty.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3439] know or at least sh they don't it's called rap ... I've this [singing] Yen da da day dan dan dan da day [] I mean
Ruth (PS0HP) [3440] We mustn't [...] he's got really, really [...] ... if it's not done well it's a ... it's worse than ... not doing it all.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3441] Well the bad ones are as when the kid do it themselves ... isn't it?
[3442] They make up the words themselves, right
Ruth (PS0HP) [3443] Yeah
Kevin (PS0HM) [3444] whereas ... Paul's
Ruth (PS0HP) [3445] an the
Kevin (PS0HM) [3446] been ... having some kind of direction there, hasn't he, I mean at
Ruth (PS0HP) [3447] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3448] however nauseating, it does all make sense, doesn't it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3449] Right, does it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3450] Actually it not an easy thing to , it sounds easy, but it's not an easy thing to do.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3451] No I don't [...] did one ... it did, you heard the little boy that's not getting on at home ... dreadful
Kevin (PS0HM) [3452] You turned it off?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3453] No ... there's one on ... the teachers are picking on him
Kevin (PS0HM) [3454] Are they?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3455] surprise, surprise
Kevin (PS0HM) [3456] Ah the kids deserve
Ruth (PS0HP) [3457] come on you [...] ... no [...] ... course teachers will pick on him, the only secondary school teacher that [...] John he walked round with him ... he might have shot out of there
Kevin (PS0HM) [3458] That was all about
Ruth (PS0HP) [3459] backside!
Kevin (PS0HM) [3460] that was only because he was ... like transferred there ... I thought that
Ruth (PS0HP) [3461] Well
Kevin (PS0HM) [3462] he was gonna tone do , he had to tone
Ruth (PS0HP) [3463] well
Kevin (PS0HM) [3464] down when he was
Ruth (PS0HP) [3465] he obviously hasn't and I think it's really funny!
Kevin (PS0HM) [3466] Or a [...] Christmas
Ruth (PS0HP) [3467] Pompous!
Kevin (PS0HM) [3468] Yes.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3469] Ooh I could of gone
Kevin (PS0HM) [3470] I mean he should
Ruth (PS0HP) [3471] he should have gone to private school shouldn't he, really ... but then
Kevin (PS0HM) [3472] Well probably the Dad would ... but he
Ruth (PS0HP) [3473] No I don't think they can afford it.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3474] The irony is, I don't think all the time, they are as pompous ... they give an air pomposity don't they?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3475] Yes I know, I think Jeremy is quite
Kevin (PS0HM) [3476] I don't think that Dad is at all, but
Ruth (PS0HP) [3477] No, it's just ... how they appear.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3478] And how you were brought up, I suppose.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3479] How I was brought up, but a no one 's ever called me pompous ... I mean, the way walks around as if he owns the place, I think it's really funny!
[3480] ... And I don't suppose he's made, [...] didn't have very many friends, did he, really, at Goldsworth?
[3481] I mean Paul was one of his friends ... he never had that many ... so ... that probably means he finds it hard to make friends, you can tell [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3482] It's just as well Paul didn't go with him, cos Paul would've been singled out as well.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3483] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3484] Teachers always ... think right, he's with him, he's a new
Ruth (PS0HP) [3485] Yep.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3486] you know, identify with it, even if you don't ... portray those ... feelings.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3487] Well I'll tell you this once ... and then
Kevin (PS0HM) [3488] Who told you that then?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3489] Ooh who told me ... [...] ... I think it came from Great Grandma and then [...] told her.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3490] That's if you were interested.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3491] Well [...] impeachable source but I [...] there's no smoke without fire ... and everything else I've heard ... I've got to set this table [...] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [3492] You can't please them, that Paul managed to get the school team and he can't
Ruth (PS0HP) [3493] Ha ... Well he said he'd probably get on alright at Horstell ... that's the irony of it ... wasn't necessary for him to go to Winston
Kevin (PS0HM) [3494] Do you think Mel would, I would of thought Melanie might have been the type t to sort of li ... be lenient on that, you know, [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [3495] What different schools?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3496] Yeah, sort of say well
Ruth (PS0HP) [3497] Well I mean Phillip wanted to go to ... Winston.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3498] Oh.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3499] I am making a mess!
Kevin (PS0HM) [3500] Urgh!
[3501] ... Should of left, Rufus.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3502] Well I did leave the other one ... how long do you leave it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3503] I'd have ... should of left it till [laugh] [...] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [3504] I think Moira's gone to church ... I think she has.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3505] Well I might not [...] ... Peter's [...] entire office ... dip switch ... Trev.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3506] Well I I thought ... oh ... go and watch the telly ... and I'll send Paul round when he gets back ... right, I'll take these two mugs to school, those with the [...] on ... what did you do with the other one?
[3507] ... It's got quite well spiders on, but at least you feel they're being used we don't get
Kevin (PS0HM) [3508] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3509] enough out of Ha ... Oh drink ... two, four, six, eight, ten, there's enough bowls for ten people to have fruit salad.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3510] That's your lot.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3511] That's your lot ... [...] that through ... how many seats there in the front room?
[3512] One, two, three, four five ... six, seven, eight ... no one, two ... three, four ... there's nine so we'll probably have to take some stools in, but I won't take them in till the last minute.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3513] When do I add the drink in?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3514] Well what needs to be cold that's out there?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3515] What we having [...] ?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3516] I haven't got a clue, it's up to you ... there's a box of wine that's been in the fridge for about six weeks!
[3517] ... We'll have that, that's quite a good one I think, though.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3518] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3519] That's Sainsbury's [...] Muscadet we'll have that.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3520] Yep.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3521] So there's white wine ... I'll put these two in the fridge, so there's sparkling orange ... and there's ... Sainsbury's Cascade ... put a Kiri ... er what does Karen have, Appletise
Kevin (PS0HM) [3522] Appletise.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3523] is it?
[3524] ... Put that in the fridge, there's room in the fridge now ... have you put an Appletise in the fridge?
[3525] In fact you could bring quite a bit of it in and put it in the fridge.

30 (Tape 017202)

Ruth (PS0HP) [3526] Are you going to change?
[3527] ... Oh you have changed.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3528] Bloody cheeky moo!
Ruth (PS0HP) [3529] Well those you're gardening trousers.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3530] Oh they're alright, they go nice [...] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [3531] Right, I'll put some make up on ... Just read them straight out the book can't you?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3532] No I was gonna re write them down though.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3533] I'll mark them there.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3534] Yeah but you'd ... mark the ones you know, Ruthy!
Ruth (PS0HP) [3535] I haven't!
Kevin (PS0HM) [3536] Where's the answers?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3537] In the back of the book ... [...] ... How many sections have you got altogether?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3538] Three so far.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3539] What pictures?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3540] Two pictures ... and a map ... [...] countries ... it's Africa so you're you're gonna do quite well Ruthy.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3541] You're joking, there's about fifty countries in Africa aren't there!
Kevin (PS0HM) [3542] [...] look at it, I find it makes them easier because I think ... there's gon so that's gonna be quite hard isn't it, I'll
Ruth (PS0HP) [3543] Do mix the countries ... or
Kevin (PS0HM) [3544] Eh?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3545] is it just South Africa?
[3546] ... Well what if they [...] the Burkina Faso [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3547] Oh no I haven't been that ... that bad but I reckon I've
Ruth (PS0HP) [3548] Well what are they like?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3549] I've done some that i the pe
Ruth (PS0HP) [3550] I mean you're in the middle of a country
Kevin (PS0HM) [3551] I've given them ... er question mark on the shape of the country ... it's a map [...] ... but the ... ha what I think is easy, I dunno ... I mean to I mean I look at maps all day long, so
Ruth (PS0HP) [3552] Well I can't place very many, all I've placed are the ones in the middle that I used to live in ... I could probably place ... Zambia, Malawi ... Zimbabwe ... whatever the Conga is now called, I don't even know what that's now called ... that's about my limit, Ghana ... Nigeria, might be able to place ... if it's geographical features I could place more ... how many countries have you given then ... in Africa?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3553] Twelve.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3554] Fwoar!
[3555] ... I won't cheat, go and look it up ... oh we're working in pairs though aren't we?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3556] Mm ... that's what I mean, I y ... we found that with four, is even more so, what some people were strong on ... others weren't and it it worked round ... you know, if you picked your team right ... everybody would thought perhaps it was better to have one woman in the team ... or, you know, if you had four women
Ruth (PS0HP) [3557] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3558] have one man in the team it i i it's
Ruth (PS0HP) [3559] Have you prizes?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3560] No.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3561] Why not?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3562] What we got, what can we get, what can I get? ... [...] [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [3563] Well you've really got have something, in case o
Kevin (PS0HM) [3564] [shouting] What you looking at the questions [] !
Ruth (PS0HP) [3565] I'm no , you know my eyesight, I can't see that.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3566] [shouting] It's just walk over there and talk to me please.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3567] Pardon?
[3568] ... You need three prizes, three ... in case it's a team of three that win ... how about buying three Toblerones?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3569] Right.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3570] I'll send Paul to get them ... I don't think I've got three of them in the house ... Surely you don't have to write them out.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3571] Well I it's easy isn't it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3572] Hope Adrian's in a good mood ... You haven't seen [...] what work he's doing at the moment then, how does he know?
[3573] ... Quick look at the tape ... ooh what's this?
[3574] ... Bet you couldn't cut all those pictures off.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3575] Oh yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3576] That's Michael Caine s oh not it isn't ... [laughing] Pamela Bordes, I thought it was Michael Caine's wife [] ... Oh there's Michael Caine's wife, oh they do look similar ... [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3577] Strewth! ... [whispering] [...] [] ... oh that's too easy isn't it?
[3578] ... Eleven eighty two, eighty ... oh
Ruth (PS0HP) [3579] Why?
[3580] ... What the Christmas card one?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3581] Mm.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3582] It was Victorian times wasn't it?
[3583] ... Or make three different dates for it.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3584] Oh yes.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3585] Oh I'm not just a pretty face ... I don't remember what dates it has, make up ... three appropriate dates ... So they're both coming at half past twelve, yeah?
[3586] ... Roughly ... will they come in three different cars?

31 (Tape 017203)

Paul (PS0HN) [3587] Next week's dress rehearsal.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3588] Alright, we're going next week.
Paul (PS0HN) [3589] I'm not if I've still got this cold.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3590] You won't have that cold next week.
Paul (PS0HN) [3591] It's not worth me going, I'll see how I feel, sit there snivelling always.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3592] So it might be alright for Mum and Dad?
Paul (PS0HN) [3593] What?
[3594] What might be alright?
[3595] ... What might be alright?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3596] Well if there's no rap, it might be alright for Mum and Dad.
Paul (PS0HN) [3597] There will be a rap.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3598] There will be a rap?
Paul (PS0HN) [3599] Can I have one of these please?
[3600] ... Mum?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3601] Yes.
Paul (PS0HN) [3602] [whispering] Thank you [] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [3603] There will be a rap?
[3604] ... Well what are they gonna cancel then?
Paul (PS0HN) [3605] Nothing ... nothing
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [3606] Come and watch.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3607] So you gotta go next week for a dress rehearsal an ... [...] if you want me to.
Paul (PS0HN) [3608] I don't need them for that.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3609] Well what costume do you need for your dress rehearsal?
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [3610] And when will they let you know whether it's cancelled or not?
Paul (PS0HN) [3611] [mouth full of food] [...] er
Ruth (PS0HP) [3612] What are you eating?
Paul (PS0HN) [3613] Woh!
[3614] Woh! ... [cough] ... ah ... [sniff]
Ruth (PS0HP) [3615] Win a lot of toys?
Paul (PS0HN) [3616] No.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3617] So who else is in it, apart from you?
Paul (PS0HN) [3618] I dunno, don't care, don't want to know!
Ruth (PS0HP) [3619] Oh ... take some Anadin, you'll feel better.
Paul (PS0HN) [3620] No I won't ... I've gotta stay away from them.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3621] Well we changed your group, by the way.
Paul (PS0HN) [3622] What?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3623] Daddy said, you should be with Nanna and Adrian.
Paul (PS0HN) [3624] I was with Nanna and Adrian.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3625] No Daddy said you should be with Michelle and Mutty.
Paul (PS0HN) [3626] [...] ... Why do I [...] Nan and Adrian?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3627] Well cos ... erm some of the questions are sort of, English questions.
Paul (PS0HN) [3628] So what?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3629] Well Michelle's not English.
Paul (PS0HN) [3630] Well Mutty is.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3631] Yeah but Mutty's old ... won't understand all the rapping.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3632] Paulie looked at one of the questions!
Ruth (PS0HP) [3633] He didn't.
Paul (PS0HN) [3634] [...] ... alright I'll si
Kevin (PS0HM) [3635] Well you should go in the front room cos I've got the test papers to write.
Paul (PS0HN) [3636] No I'm here!
[3637] ... Where is my cardy?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3638] Where's a pen?
Paul (PS0HN) [3639] It's ridiculous!
Kevin (PS0HM) [3640] Cos I had a pen here.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3641] There's one
Kevin (PS0HM) [3642] Don't look at y , he's looking!
Ruth (PS0HP) [3643] Oh he isn't!
Paul (PS0HN) [3644] Dad ... I'm not looking.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3645] Well go, you go over you can eat it over there
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3646] go on.
Paul (PS0HN) [3647] [shouting] I wanna sit on the couch [] , how can I
Kevin (PS0HM) [3648] No go on Paulie cos I can't
Paul (PS0HN) [3649] Why can't you do it in the front room then?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3650] Eh?
Paul (PS0HN) [3651] Why do
Kevin (PS0HM) [3652] Cos there's a table here.
Paul (PS0HN) [3653] Is that, I will move on a table then!
Ruth (PS0HP) [3654] Don't turn round ... take something for your si cold.
Paul (PS0HN) [3655] Then I'd have to turn round wouldn't I?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3656] But keep away from Pucker.
Paul (PS0HN) [3657] I might as well be like a [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [3658] Don't turn round.
Paul (PS0HN) [3659] Go to bed.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3660] Goodnight.
Paul (PS0HN) [3661] Goodnight.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3662] You'll enjoy it when they get here ... it's cold isn't it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3663] [whispering] No it's not [] .
Paul (PS0HN) [3664] Why do you pu , Michelle knows loads of things.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3665] Yeah but she might not know English Christmas traditional questions.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3666] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3667] If I were you I'd much rather be with Michelle and Mutty ... Michelle's very clever.
Paul (PS0HN) [3668] Well exactly, so why does she need me?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3669] Cos you might win ... Ferrero Rocher don't want that one over there.
Paul (PS0HN) [...] [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [3670] [whispering] Just give me the [...] [] .
Paul (PS0HN) [3671] [...] won't.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3672] You forgot to put new tapes in the recorder last night.
Paul (PS0HN) [3673] What new tapes?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3674] New batteries rather.
Paul (PS0HN) [3675] Did you put them in?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3676] Yes ... go and see on Teletext see if Gary Lineker's son's died.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3677] Oh Ruth!
Paul (PS0HN) [3678] What gonna die?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3679] Well no I mean I want to know.
Paul (PS0HN) [3680] Not gonna die that quickly.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3681] Oh yes he is.
Paul (PS0HN) [3682] He's only got leukaemia.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3683] He's only thirty one, Gary Lineker.
Paul (PS0HN) [3684] That's sick Mum!
[3685] You can't think like that ... Has he died yet, sounds like you're waiting for him to die!
Ruth (PS0HP) [3686] Paul, that is not what I meant!
Kevin (PS0HM) [3687] Well it was so [...] said wasn't it.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3688] See how he is, if you prefer ... [reading] Wogan's been axed.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3689] Oh yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3690] It lost half its ten million since it started ... a speculator for BBC wants to buy This is Your Life and Thames ... the seven o'clock with Wogan as host ... it's a [...] []
Kevin (PS0HM) [3691] On
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3692] This is Your Life?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3693] [...] a week [...] ... That's alright then, that means he alright, good ... [reading] The Queen Mother fell over yesterday ... got up again [] .
Paul (PS0HN) [3694] What what what what's in the house.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3695] Say that again.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3696] Queen Mother fell over
Paul (PS0HN) [3697] What what what's in the house.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3698] yesterday, how old is she, ninety ... two?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3699] Might be a bit older than that.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3700] Ninety three?
[3701] ... Doesn't say ... about time she retired ... Mm mm ha ... In our report, headed the burden slaves, on October the thirteenth we mistakenly [...] a picture of Vidalia Oberia in place of Mrs Filamenia Agassi ... typical Daily Mail!
Paul (PS0HN) [3702] Why did it all go wrong?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3703] Why did what go wrong?
[3704] Well
Paul (PS0HN) [3705] Is it hard to cut?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3706] And for your next complaint!
Paul (PS0HN) [3707] Is it hard to cut?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3708] Yes.
Paul (PS0HN) [3709] That one looks good ... hey ya ... pow ... hey ya ... [...] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [3710] [reading] Junior doctor held his ... held his finger on a neck wound [] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [3711] Urgh!
Paul (PS0HN) [3712] Er what happened?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3713] Why did he have to keep it there for three hours?
[3714] Why couldn't they get
Kevin (PS0HM) [3715] I'm sure someone else could of dealt with it better ... as a
Ruth (PS0HP) [3716] No but I mean why did it take three hours to get him to surgery?
[3717] ... An awful
Paul (PS0HN) [3718] What happened?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3719] long time doesn't it, before anybody did anything ... [reading] A junior doctor held his finger in a stabbed policeman's ... neck wound
Paul (PS0HN) [3720] God!
Ruth (PS0HP) [3721] for three hours with a sur ... as the surgeon battled to save his life [] ... well I'd have thought they could have plugged wounds with something other than a finger!
Paul (PS0HN) [3722] Oh alright [...] don't keep talking about it please.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3723] Urgh!
Paul (PS0HN) [3724] Ha ... ooh just with ... umbrella ... stuck his finger right in.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3725] This three inch wound, look at him, look at his scar!
[3726] ... Ah.
Paul (PS0HN) [3727] It's a take it away ... it's making my eyes water.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3728] Is the front door shut Paul?
Paul (PS0HN) [3729] Dunno.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3730] There's some Vauxhall advert [...] the choice ... buy a Nova with a good deal ... or very little ... doesn't make sense does it?
[3731] ... Kevin?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3732] Costs [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [3733] What doesn't make sense?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3734] Well it's another Vauxhall ad but it doesn't make sense ... buy a Nova with a good deal ... or very little.
Paul (PS0HN) [3735] No but do you know what it means?
[3736] ... A pun.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3737] Well what does it mean?
Paul (PS0HN) [3738] It's a pun, they always have puns, I don't know what it means ... yeah but one of those charts are wonky though ... the other one ... [sneeze]
Ruth (PS0HP) [3739] In fact they are on all of them, looks silly doesn't it?
[3740] ... Are you giving me your cold?
Paul (PS0HN) [3741] Mm, hope so ... but at least it won't be me ... my selection ... [singing] er er er er er errr ... gonna let my [] was there any post, Mum?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3742] Paul this is Sunday, do we have post on a Sunday?
Paul (PS0HN) [3743] No, no, no.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3744] Have you done all your homework, you can go and do half an hour's homework quite usefully couldn't you?
Paul (PS0HN) [3745] Yes.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3746] Have you done it all?
[3747] ... Oh well done.
Paul (PS0HN) [3748] Skilful Joe.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3749] Hardly.
Paul (PS0HN) [3750] [whispering] Got to have that [] ... [singing] Dils doo dee doo doo doo [] I'll go and change ... [singing] I'm gonna let my hair go down [] am I not wearing a football shirt?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3751] I hope not.
Paul (PS0HN) [3752] Can I change into it in the evening?
[3753] ... Oh ... yeah ... because this looks cool ... total ... just mod cons Mum ... Bang!
[3754] So what would you rather me wear, this or that white shirt thing?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3755] That'll do.
Paul (PS0HN) [3756] What this?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3757] It's better than the red and blue one ... [reading] Half of primary pupils will not work on their own ... traditional teaching is best ... ten year study shows ... modern class, failing children [] .
Paul (PS0HN) [3758] [singing] Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo ... La la la la la la [...] ... ah doo doo doo doo doo doo doo da ... boung boung boung boung
Kevin (PS0HM) [3759] Suppose su some of these questions you'll remember won't you?
Paul (PS0HN) [3760] da da da da da now now now now now now
Ruth (PS0HP) [3761] Well they've all played [...] as well so they might remember.
Paul (PS0HN) [3762] you gotta love my people ... now [] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [3763] [reading] [...] taking English Grammar at best, taught to the whole class [] ... thank you ... I think I'll cut that out and take that in.

32 (Tape 017204)

Ruth (PS0HP) [3764] We need some tonic water Kevin, is that in the garage?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3765] Mhm.
Paul (PS0HN) [3766] Could make some out of Soda Stream if you're desperate.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3767] Oh I think we will make it out of Soda Stream to begin with ... do you want to make a bottle Paul?
Paul (PS0HN) [3768] Sure ... [singing] Don't na na na []
Ruth (PS0HP) [3769] Get the middle size bottle, make a middle size bottle full of
Paul (PS0HN) [3770] We haven't got a middle size bottle.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3771] Well look harder.
Paul (PS0HN) [3772] We haven't.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3773] Well what's happened to them?
Paul (PS0HN) [3774] Oh hang on ... this will be it.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3775] Paul try just s middle
Kevin (PS0HM) [3776] Not eh!
Paul (PS0HN) [3777] I'm not looking, I'm not looking ... oh put it away Dad!
Ruth (PS0HP) [3778] Oh ... knowing your Dad, doing on the last minute!
Paul (PS0HN) [3779] I know ... we should be
Ruth (PS0HP) [3780] Well where have the middle sized Soda Stream bottle gone?
Paul (PS0HN) [3781] [...] I'm not allowed to look anyway.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3782] Well make the little one Paul.
Paul (PS0HN) [3783] Could at least put something over it!
Ruth (PS0HP) [3784] Ah here it is ... hang on a second while I rinse it out.
Paul (PS0HN) [3785] You're not telling answer ... Got the bottles of Coke out yet?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3786] Only one bottle.
Paul (PS0HN) [3787] Only one bottle of Coke out there.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3788] Yeah.

33 (Tape 017205)

Ruth (PS0HP) [3789] You got any share money hanging over you still or have you paid everything?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3790] Well it depends if I get these shares I bought yesterday ... or not.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3791] What shares you bought yesterday?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3792] British Telecom.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3793] I told you!
[3794] [shouting] I did, I did, I've gotta go and get my British Telecom money [] !
[3795] ... You said oh yes.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3796] What you said was ... I am going to pay in these various cheques and if there's a big queue ... I'll come straight out
Kevin (PS0HM) [3797] No, no, no
Ruth (PS0HP) [3798] and I said why should there be a big queue and you said because cos it's a B T share offer.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3799] Yes ... no I said ... I'm getting my B T's in ... offer in ... haven't got them.
Paul (PS0HN) [3800] [...] off of B T.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3801] Well when I went past Britannia to see if you were there, there was nobody in it.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3802] Yeah
Paul (PS0HN) [3803] Not got Coke.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3804] Halifax was out the window, yes
Ruth (PS0HP) [3805] Mm ... there was nobody in there
Kevin (PS0HM) [3806] there was about
Ruth (PS0HP) [3807] So if I meet a big queue
Kevin (PS0HM) [3808] I dunno it was about to shut wasn't it at the same time and it ... it was like ... well it's worth gonna get them.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3809] I must have missed you, cos if I went ... past Britannia, and I thought ooh they'll probably still be in there [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3810] Technically I suppose
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [3811] if you get inside the shop before the time closes they they're on a bet
Ruth (PS0HP) [3812] They all stand by the door don't they?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3813] Just but, once you as you long as you got in before twelve o'clock
Ruth (PS0HP) [3814] Yeah you'd be alright ... I think it might be twelve thirty round about twelve fifteen, Britannia isn't it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3815] Anyway it's
Paul (PS0HN) [3816] Twelve o'clock, Britannia.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3817] But he looked across to us and saw us and then he really cheesed off with me we he di he virtually sat [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [3818] Well that's why you went to Britannia's innit, isn't it?
[3819] ... Okay?
Paul (PS0HN) [3820] We had to put our [...] three hundred and twenty pounds.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3821] We haven't got three hundred and twenty pounds.
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [3822] I hope you'll save that two hundred for your Mum's golden wedding
Kevin (PS0HM) [3823] Ah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3824] booze ... I am cold.
Paul (PS0HN) [3825] Mum?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3826] Yeah.
Paul (PS0HN) [3827] Is it the one of the right or the left or one that's got his finger in.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3828] Paul, the one on the left is Kenneth Baker ... the one on the right is a policeman ... neither of those is a junior doctor.
Paul (PS0HN) [3829] Sorry.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3830] Not worthy of a photograph I shouldn't think ... There's the Queen Mother again, doesn't say how old she is ... There is the picture of the doctor, mind you he doesn't look like a junior doctor, he's Pakistani ... and he looks about fifty!
[3831] ... Mr Ujam
Paul (PS0HN) [3832] Ooh Ujam, Ujam, Ujam ... look at this Mum.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3833] What's this?
[3834] ... The florists were alright.
Paul (PS0HN) [3835] Look at these three.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3836] Nice flowers.
Paul (PS0HN) [3837] A [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [3838] So it is.
Paul (PS0HN) [3839] He's seen the light.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3840] Sheila's buying an Amiga.
Paul (PS0HN) [3841] Sheila who?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3842] How many Sheilas do you know?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3843] What this Christmas?
Paul (PS0HN) [3844] Sheila ... Sheila
Ruth (PS0HP) [3845] Sheila .
Kevin (PS0HM) [3846] When?
Paul (PS0HN) [3847] Oh no!
[3848] ... This is ridiculous!
[3849] ... Great, no way ... unbelievable!
[3850] ... I'm not swapping anything with her ... [shouting] they ended up bringing back my games [] !
[3851] ... We get one, oh I must get one as well.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3852] When they getting them?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3853] She pro they buying it as a joint family present this year.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3854] Oh.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3855] Then each child's only allowed ten pounds worth of presents apart from that ... you look dreadful!
[3856] ... Why don't you go and lie down for half an hour?
Paul (PS0HN) [3857] Don't believe this!
Ruth (PS0HP) [3858] Take some Anadin.
Paul (PS0HN) [3859] [shouting] Why them [] !
[3860] ... They got
Ruth (PS0HP) [3861] Paul there's probably a million Amigas in the country.
Paul (PS0HN) [3862] Is that why you [...] ... erm [...] that's quite [...] ... only not [...] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [3863] [...] about that, I think you've got a totally illiterate person, no doubt Actually she said ... nine tenths certain going to get an Amiga but they might get an Atari.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3864] Well Atari's no good ... they're games
Paul (PS0HN) [3865] It's not a computer.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3866] They only want it for games do they?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3867] No ... well there's all different Ataris aren't there?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3868] Oh yeah, is that right Paulie?
Paul (PS0HN) [3869] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3870] These are supposed [...] on the side don't you?
Paul (PS0HN) [3871] No ... three hundred.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3872] Well that's cheaper.
Paul (PS0HN) [3873] Oh, is it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3874] What
Kevin (PS0HM) [3875] Pauly showed me this this thing, the game thing for Atari where you li disk pack ... what's it called Paulie?
Paul (PS0HN) [3876] What?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3877] Ray's getting.
Paul (PS0HN) [3878] Oh that's not Atari, that's Sega.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3879] Sega.
Paul (PS0HN) [3880] Sega Megadrive.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3881] Megadrive.
Paul (PS0HN) [3882] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3883] It's got a
Paul (PS0HN) [3884] They have to [...] ... the Atari, right ... you load this in a word processing ... in a [...] path ... games are ... venture and [...] the sound is much better than Amiga ... on the Amiga ... er the graphics are better on the Amiga ... and but ... the Atari ST is slightly easier to program.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3885] What is the point of mouse [...] ?
Paul (PS0HN) [3886] Makes it ... pretty it ... improves it's just a mou , you know mouse mat you got them at school.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3887] Yeah but what is the point of it?
[3888] ... How do you know I've got mouse mays at school?
Paul (PS0HN) [3889] Yes you have, you know what you run your mouses along!
Ruth (PS0HP) [3890] I haven't got one.
Paul (PS0HN) [3891] You haven't got one ... y know, quite cheap just mats that they ... they ... ah I've got forgotten what the word is for it ... they make the mouse ... improves the performance of the mouse ... see
Ruth (PS0HP) [3892] Do
Paul (PS0HN) [3893] the ball at the bottom, the rolly ball as it picks it up easier ... stops them, you don't scratch the bottom of it.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3894] Ah.
Paul (PS0HN) [3895] How do we know which is for tea and which isn't?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3896] You can eat anything there for lunch and I'm going to put sandwiches and cake out for tea.
Paul (PS0HN) [3897] Where you doing, where are the sandwiches?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3898] I haven't made them yet, I'll be making them this afternoon, yet more work to do ... I can't really make them now.
Paul (PS0HN) [3899] Why not?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3900] Oh!
[3901] ... [reading] With twenty five [...] we're likely to die falling off a ladder than you are to die from AIDS [] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [3902] Having been up a ladder, only I could see how easy it is, you could fall off a ladder as simply as anything.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3903] Yep.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3904] Excuse me.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3905] What [...] .
Paul (PS0HN) [3906] I hope the tape picked that up Dad.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3907] Yes I'm sure it probably did ... I just thought Paul, go to the corner of the front room Paul ... and take something for that.
Paul (PS0HN) [3908] I'll take another sausage ... wow!
Ruth (PS0HP) [3909] Don't take one with bacon round it.
Paul (PS0HN) [3910] It's much more warmer in there.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3911] That lounge.
Paul (PS0HN) [3912] [whistling] ... Did you make this?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3913] No.
Paul (PS0HN) [3914] Oh.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3915] Why do I only I allowed to have your cold?
[3916] ... Erm, you'd better keep away from Papa.
Paul (PS0HN) [3917] Can't keep away from everybody.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3918] Don't breathe over them and don't make it so obvious.
Paul (PS0HN) [3919] What else am I supposed to do?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3920] Right, let's try the crossword, [reading] fish of carp family, [] don't know, [reading] middle in a cracker, [] [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [yawn]
Ruth (PS0HP) [3921] [yawning+reading] Portuguese enclave in China [] , Daddy will know that.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3922] Pardon?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3923] [reading] Portuguese enclave in China, begins with M []
Kevin (PS0HM) [3924] Er ... oh yes Macau.
Paul (PS0HN) [3925] How many letters has that carp one got?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3926] Five ... Ancient models
Paul (PS0HN) [3927] plaice
Ruth (PS0HP) [3928] [reading] of a Spanish Peninsula [] ... the young eel is an alba ... plaice, Paul has not got five letters.
Paul (PS0HN) [3929] Yes it has, no it hasn't.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3930] Begins with T, I expect it's ... tench
Paul (PS0HN) [3931] trout ... trout.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3932] well I think tench and carp are the same family ... kind of orange ... [reading] navel ... naval, navel ... navel King Tyle who assisted Solomon in the building of the temple []
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [3933] [...] King Tyle
Paul (PS0HN) [3934] Doubt it.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3935] Religion revealed through Mohammed.
Paul (PS0HN) [3936] Er Islam.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3937] Oh thank you Paul.
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [3938] That's not [...] ..
[3939] I think it's hair ... what's the ancient name for the Spanish Peninsula
Paul (PS0HN) [3940] The border.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3941] Any letters?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3942] yeah it ends in I A, and it might begin with O ... it begins with a vowel ... kind a it's a lu ... [...] ... the Russian walk out ... it's got a Z in it.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3943] Oh that's Agaza Agat
Ruth (PS0HP) [3944] No something U something Z something something
Kevin (PS0HM) [3945] Something U ... mm
Ruth (PS0HP) [3946] Not bolshoi is it, how do you spell Macau?
Kevin (PS0HM) [3947] M A C A U.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3948] O?
[3949] ... I thought it was M A C A U, Macau.
Paul (PS0HN) [3950] I thought it M A C A W.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3951] Oh no.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3952] You would [laugh] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [3953] Yes it might ... I've seen it ... spelt both ways.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3954] Well maybe no it cos it'd be
Kevin (PS0HM) [3955] Nothing [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [3956] bolshoi if it was O.
Paul (PS0HN) [3957] It's W
Kevin (PS0HM) [3958] Yeah bolshoi's right ... so which one is it then?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3959] O.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3960] Mm ... I've seen it a ... U as well I must admit.
Paul (PS0HN) [3961] I thought it was
Kevin (PS0HM) [3962] Right
Ruth (PS0HP) [3963] [...] holiday
Kevin (PS0HM) [3964] you done it.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3965] the something something ... [reading] meetings of spiritualistic phenomena [] ... seance.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3966] Yo [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [3967] Ooh Dad give us a bit.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3968] Exam papers ... turn over your papers now ... do not look ... can't start yet.
Paul (PS0HN) [3969] Read them out Mum ... I can't get them easily.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3970] [reading] Bird, female of the ruff ... style of architecture prominent during the reign of Louis the f ... fifteenth [] .
Paul (PS0HN) [3971] How, what word has it got?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3972] Nothing ... [reading] words of songs [] , lyrics?
[3973] ... [reading] Birthplace of Saint Theresa. []
Paul (PS0HN) [3974] Rome
Ruth (PS0HP) [3975] [reading] County in Eire [] .
Paul (PS0HN) [3976] Cork.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3977] Cle something.
Paul (PS0HN) [3978] Cle r
Ruth (PS0HP) [3979] [reading] Scrooge's late partner [] , Marley
Paul (PS0HN) [3980] I'll go and play that [...] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [3981] [reading] one of the gospels [] , Mark?
[3982] ... [reading] Bird, female of the ruff [] , I think it's a grouse ... [reading] nest of a bird of prey []
Paul (PS0HN) [3983] Hawk, falcon
Ruth (PS0HP) [3984] no, nest, [reading] one who manages another's business [] agent
Kevin (PS0HM) [3985] Oh I know that er ... a ki kirey isn't it ... e earring
Ruth (PS0HP) [3986] so it's not a rouse ... what is a bird, female, oh it's a reath ... [reading] the American buffalo []
Paul (PS0HN) [3987] Bison ... bison.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3988] Very good
Ruth (PS0HP) [3989] What a county in Eire beginning with C L ... cl
Kevin (PS0HM) [3990] Clare
Ruth (PS0HP) [3991] Clare, County Clare.
Paul (PS0HN) [3992] Look it up.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3993] [reading] style of [] architecture
Kevin (PS0HM) [3994] Done it.
Ruth (PS0HP) [3995] [reading] with Cocoa [] ... I've done it.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3996] What that say again?
Ruth (PS0HP) [3997] Style of architecture with cocoa.
Kevin (PS0HM) [3998] Oh.
Paul (PS0HN) [3999] What is name of it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4000] [reading] [...] of the largest of the continent [] ... must be Africa but it doesn't fit.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4001] Asia.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4002] Oh Asia the largest continent ... [reading] birthplace of Saint Theresa []
Paul (PS0HN) [4003] Erm
Ruth (PS0HP) [4004] India
Paul (PS0HN) [4005] Syria.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4006] doesn't fit ... where's Mother There Saint Theresa born?
Kevin (PS0HM) [4007] Not Mo
Paul (PS0HN) [4008] Syria.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4009] not Mother Theresa.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4010] No, Saint Theresa.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4011] It is India innit?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4012] Don't fit ... gotta be something I something A
Kevin (PS0HM) [4013] Something I something A
Paul (PS0HN) [4014] Something something I something A
Ruth (PS0HP) [4015] [reading] Shakespeare comedy [] , the ... mister of something
Kevin (PS0HM) [4016] Temptress.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4017] Is it?
[4018] ... Vinchenti Blasgo something writer of the four [...] ... [reading] Sailor, not an officer [] [...] .
Paul (PS0HN) [4019] [reading] Tree with shrub with white or yellow flowers [] ... [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [4020] Daffodil
Ruth (PS0HP) [4021] No ... right I've done all I can, you can finish it off.
[4022] I'm still cold!
Paul (PS0HN) [4023] Okay ... [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4024] Well you can do it.
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4025] We'll get hot.
Paul (PS0HN) [4026] Vincent Blasgo what Dad?
Kevin (PS0HM) [4027] Vi Vincent Vasco de Gama
Ruth (PS0HP) [4028] No!
Paul (PS0HN) [4029] Blasgo!
[4030] ... He wrote the Four
Ruth (PS0HP) [4031] He wrote the Four Gentlemen and a [...] ... [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [4032] [reading] something B something N something []
Ruth (PS0HP) [4033] Ah these are disgusting!
Paul (PS0HN) [4034] I'm hungry.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4035] [...] those
Kevin (PS0HM) [4036] Take them ou out of circulation then if they're disgusting.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4037] What?
[4038] ... Ah people might like them.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4039] Get away!
[4040] ... Urgh they're the ones that smell like ... bad fish!
[4041] ... You've had it before.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4042] You're not wrong ... no I've done some before, urgh!
Kevin (PS0HM) [4043] Pu clean them away, people won't like them!
Ruth (PS0HP) [4044] Yeah a lot of people will ... your Mum might ... Nigel Kennedy, look at the Aston Villa club shots.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4045] Oh yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4046] Football is the unifying part of my life, it is of equal importance to the music [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4047] He'll grow out of that one day.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4048] [reading] I love anything, claret and bu ... blue [] ... he's a Senior Vice President of the club ... and he's got Aston Villa boxer shorts and Aston Villa pyjamas ... on one visit
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4049] [reading] to the shop he spent four hundred pounds. []
Kevin (PS0HM) [4050] What?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4051] [reading] Nigel Kennedy's been known to spend more than an hour in the shop after a game, on one visit he spent four hundred pounds.
[4052] The shop sold Aston Villa t-shirts, sweatshirts and slippers to bikes, Nigel has examples of most.
[4053] It's got a bit serious he admits, I've got the logo on my [reading+laughing] [...] [reading] .
[4054] My girlfriend's a Villa fan but isn't always happy about it especially when I suggested painting the bedroom [reading+laughing] claret and blue [reading] .
[4055] His violin case which houses the seventeen thirty f []
Kevin (PS0HM) [4056] You're really clo clobbered with that though, it really smells like bad feet ... you smell like you haven't washed your feet ... I think you better clean your teeth ... where are those crisps ... take them away.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4057] They're disgusting!
Paul (PS0HN) [4058] No Dad.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4059] That's two you've eaten now
Ruth (PS0HP) [4060] They're [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4061] that's the first thing someone's gonna think ... is that her feet smell!
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4062] They won't think that
Ruth (PS0HP) [4063] Kevin
Kevin (PS0HM) [4064] you've eaten some cheese crisps.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4065] there's two of those, so throw them both away ... there's two of them.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4066] It really smells like I haven't been near a bath for a month.
Paul (PS0HN) [4067] What's so bad?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4068] Wooh!
Kevin (PS0HM) [4069] They must be the ones that Mum had been eating when you ... I came in.
Paul (PS0HN) [4070] Can I just have a smell?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4071] You I haven't, I just opened them.
Paul (PS0HN) [4072] I can't smell anything [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4073] Right when you eat them?
[4074] ... When you bite them ... it smells like
Ruth (PS0HP) [4075] Put bigger ones
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4076] in there.
Paul (PS0HN) [4077] [...] Parmesan cheese.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4078] Well that's alright ... there they are.
Paul (PS0HN) [4079] They don't they don't smell so bad ... compared with the other ones ... do you want one Dad?
Kevin (PS0HM) [4080] Nope ... oh they're delicious!
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4081] No break them ... Right you want me to go and get the other drink in now, you say?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4082] Yep.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4083] Where's Paulie's big blow up straw, the copying ... was it, was it over here?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4084] Behind the chair.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4085] Which chair?
[4086] ... That one?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4087] Ooh!
Kevin (PS0HM) [4088] Yeah.
Paul (PS0HN) [4089] [singing] Oh wah ... yo do do do do do do [] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [4090] [...] I'm so cold.
Paul (PS0HN) [4091] Bye Dad, gotta go, see you later.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4092] These Paul I'm supposed to be writing all [...] .
Paul (PS0HN) [4093] That was [...] ... these Twiglets are stale as old Harry.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4094] Twiglets?
Paul (PS0HN) [4095] Mm.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4096] Take some Anadin Paul ... here's a couple of Anadin ... feel better, honest ... Paul.
Paul (PS0HN) [4097] Alright ... no not Anadin.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4098] Why?
Paul (PS0HN) [4099] They make me sick.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4100] Oh what?
Paul (PS0HN) [4101] Oh well, what else you got?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4102] Paracetamol.
Paul (PS0HN) [4103] Let's have a look ... not solubles ... [...] ... you've got some ... [...] [door bell] [shouting] Hang on [] ... just gonna [...] ... there's one.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4104] It's all football ... where's that one then?
[4105] ... That's all I got.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4106] Hello
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4107] Hello
Paul (PS0HN) [4108] [...] all you got
Ruth (PS0HP) [4109] Mm.
Paul (PS0HN) [4110] That's good.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4111] Ordinary Anadin won't make you sick.
Paul (PS0HN) [4112] Tip it in whole ... [singing] Only one []
Kevin (PS0HM) [4113] They're gonna be late now because we insisted on them all coming.
Paul (PS0HN) [4114] Like that.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4115] Say half twelve bomb or something.

34 (Tape 017206)

Kevin (PS0HM) [4116] So when's this Wogan thing packing up then, do you know?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4117] Does say, doesn't it ... forgotten where the [...] was.
Paul (PS0HN) [4118] [singing] [...] [] ... somebody snow, I'd really like it.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4119] Boursin.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4120] I can't see them letting Wogan
Paul (PS0HN) [4121] Boursin
Kevin (PS0HM) [4122] go though can you?
[4123] ... They'll do
Ruth (PS0HP) [4124] It can last for so long people [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4125] do something else.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4126] [...] the mind boggles.
Paul (PS0HN) [4127] What do you want me to do with this?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4128] Put it on the hall stand please.
Paul (PS0HN) [4129] Oh is it, is it one of
Ruth (PS0HP) [cough] [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [4130] [...] after two ... at tea time.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4131] Put that heater on then would you ... that one on for a while just before they come.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4132] besides the fact that I've got a headache.
Paul (PS0HN) [4133] So will our quiz done ... have you a got a pad or something?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4134] Yes your father's got a plan.
Paul (PS0HN) [4135] Dad put me with
Kevin (PS0HM) [4136] After lunch.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4137] We'll eat
Paul (PS0HN) [4138] After
Ruth (PS0HP) [4139] fairly soon
Kevin (PS0HM) [4140] Mm.
Paul (PS0HN) [4141] We'll eat stra virtually fairly soon ... and then let them have a look at them.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4142] After everybody drinks when they first come in ... yeah?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4143] Mhm.
Paul (PS0HN) [4144] No le let them have sort of like a half an hour talk before you announce the quiz straight after that ... let all their stomachs go down and then sort of get
Kevin (PS0HM) [cough]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4145] If we let we can
Paul (PS0HN) [4146] No
Ruth (PS0HP) [4147] judge that Paul.
Paul (PS0HN) [4148] wait forty five minutes cos then you wanna catch all their er ... speaking don't you on a tape?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4149] Well we'll see.
Paul (PS0HN) [4150] So [...] ... what these these are new aren't they?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4151] Mm ... I don't use them every day because they began to fray.
Paul (PS0HN) [4152] Well where are they?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4153] Don't [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4154] Yeah that guy's chest looks [...] ... what he's been through.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4155] Oh what yeah, horrid innit?
Kevin (PS0HM) [4156] Like a rag doll.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4157] If you think another person did that to him.
Paul (PS0HN) [4158] No ... you don't do on purposely do those [...] beautiful cuts like that across there ... they did that [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4159] What?
Paul (PS0HN) [4160] The doctors did all that ... all he had was [...] in the leg.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4161] No but someone had a crack at him.
Paul (PS0HN) [4162] The doctor, yeah ... yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [4163] Don't get people thrashing people [...] ... [...] ... [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4164] Isn't that awful about Stoke on Trent's garden thing?
Paul (PS0HN) [4165] What?
Kevin (PS0HM) [4166] That ... that was before and look at it now.
Paul (PS0HN) [4167] What happened to it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [4168] Been allowed to
Paul (PS0HN) [4169] [...] don't look very good ... before now.
Kevin (PS0HM) [whistling]
Paul (PS0HN) [4170] Where were those [...] taken?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4171] There.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4172] Yeah.
Paul (PS0HN) [4173] Shall I move these spirits and video star out the way then?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4174] Yep ... put it them by the videos ... on one of the shelves.
Paul (PS0HN) [4175] What's this video doing here?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4176] I dunno ... probably my husband.
Paul (PS0HN) [4177] Are you gonna want to record anything tonight?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4178] Erm ... dunno ... go and look and see what's on telly tonight.
Kevin (PS0HM) [whistling]
Paul (PS0HN) [4179] Did you bring your tape in Dad?
Kevin (PS0HM) [4180] Don't record on that ... car rally one, that's Trevor's.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4181] Hasn't he taken [...] ?
Kevin (PS0HM) [4182] No.
Paul (PS0HN) [4183] What is it here for?
[4184] ... Dad?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4185] Daddy's going to watch it.
Paul (PS0HN) [4186] You put Lombar Lombard R A C rally ... on ... [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4187] Rubbishy magazine.

35 (Tape 017301)

Ruth (PS0HP) [4188] That's a pretzel glass isn't it?
Karen (PS0HU) [4189] Mr Pickford
Michelle (PS0HR) [4190] [laughing] That's what well Kevin gave me that slip [] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [4191] Kevin why did you give Michelle that glass cos I didn't wash those glasses, I didn't wash those glasses.
Michelle (PS0HR) [4192] Oh dear [...] ah ah ah ah
Kevin (PS0HM) [4193] [...] was such a
Michelle (PS0HR) [4194] [...] ah ah ah ah and there was a piece of [laughing] metal in it [] !
Ruth (PS0HP) [4195] Piece of metal in it.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4196] Oh that's the one where you put the [...] when it was being done.
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4197] [laughing] [...] checking that [] !
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4198] Oh yeah [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [4199] That's on my feet.
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Eric (PS0HS) [4200] How did you take the [...] ?
Michelle (PS0HR) [4201] [laughing] Well he gave me the [...] [] !
Eric (PS0HS) [4202] [laughing] Oh dear [] !
Adrian (PS0HT) [4203] What made you think that?
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Michelle (PS0HR) [4204] Oh maybe he liked the [...] so much [laughing] [...] [] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [4205] Do you want some more of this, [...] ?
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4206] No
Ruth (PS0HP) [4207] No.
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4208] thanks.
Michelle (PS0HR) [4209] So you thought yo you ate frogs legs?
Eric (PS0HS) [4210] Have you tried the
Ruth (PS0HP) [4211] [laughing] Did you Kev [] ?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [laugh]
Eric (PS0HS) [4212] seafood one?
Adrian (PS0HT) [4213] Lovely shrimps in it.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4214] I thought we were leaving Bill at home.
Michelle (PS0HR) [4215] Did you he did you see that
Kevin (PS0HM) [4216] Does anybody want a drink top up?
Michelle (PS0HR) [4217] programme last night about
Ruth (PS0HP) [4218] Yes please, yeah
Michelle (PS0HR) [4219] this er
Karen (PS0HU) [4220] French firm?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4221] Vodka
Michelle (PS0HR) [4222] about the French ... what did they do
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [4223] with the other half [laughing] of the story [] !
Kevin (PS0HM) [4224] Want a drink?
Michelle (PS0HR) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4225] Michael [imitates french accent]
Michael (PS0J0) [4226] Can I have a Coke please?
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4227] I might have
Kevin (PS0HM) [4228] Yep
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4229] the fish, I think, do you think?
Kevin (PS0HM) [4230] Yep in a minute
Ruth (PS0HP) [4231] Yes.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4232] You okay there?
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4233] Are you gonna have some?
Joy (PS0HY) [4234] Yes alright, I'll have some.
Andrew (PS0HV) [4235] Pet don't look so serious.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [laugh]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4236] Sorry?
Eric (PS0HS) [4237] That would of made a good conversation, why did you give Michelle the [...] glass?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4238] You're standing on my chair.
Michelle (PS0HR) [4239] I think it's very rude of her
Ruth (PS0HP) [4240] [whistling] Move!
Michelle (PS0HR) [4241] given me a dirty glass.
Paul (PS0HN) [4242] Sorry am I a [...]
Lisa (PS0HW) [4243] Oh sorry ... oh don't sit on it!
Adrian (PS0HT) [4244] Like the shoes Paul.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4245] [whispering] I think you've caught him out [] .
Paul (PS0HN) [4246] Oh yes.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4247] I think that [...] taking the mickey out of them.
Michelle (PS0HR) [4248] Will it come out [laughing] [...] [] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [4249] No sometimes it sticks to you.
Michelle (PS0HR) [4250] Go round the sitting room with it on your feet!
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [laugh]
Ruth (PS0HP) [laugh]
Michelle (PS0HR) [4251] You know that list of flowers
Ruth (PS0HP) [4252] Accurate
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4253] Has it
Ruth (PS0HP) [4254] yes.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4255] I've never seen it flower
Michelle (PS0HR) [4256] If it [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4257] I'm not very good at them ... Mum gave me that one it's been in quite good condition but
Michelle (PS0HR) [4258] It has to be watered, water all the time.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4259] I mean look I've killed it [...]
Eric (PS0HS) [4260] Where did you get your Christmas cactus?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4261] Mm ... from Croydon
Michelle (PS0HR) [4262] Had a
Eric (PS0HS) [4263] Nice one.
Michelle (PS0HR) [4264] a knot she had a ... she had one ... is it Papyras you call it don't you.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4265] Umbrella plant we call them.
Michelle (PS0HR) [4266] Oh [...] Pap Papyras
Ruth (PS0HP) [4267] Why?
Michelle (PS0HR) [4268] That's the word.
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Michelle (PS0HR) [4269] I think the Egyptian used to use that to write tha to write on.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4270] Oh.
Eric (PS0HS) [4271] Mum's just telling me about her erm
Michelle (PS0HR) [...]
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4272] Like a quill
Ruth (PS0HP) [4273] Well I erm
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4274] thing?
Eric (PS0HS) [4275] this [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4276] Michelle have you got another dirty glass you want to replace
Ruth (PS0HP) [4277] [...] from Beatons, Safeways , no thanks.
Michelle (PS0HR) [4278] Yes [laugh] I would no , I'd like another dirty drink [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Adrian (PS0HT) [4279] [laughing] Enjoyed that one so much [] !
Michael (PS0J0) [4280] Dad, Dad I'll put all after I've done one side of this we'll do the quiz then.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4281] Sad about er Gary Lineker's baby.
Adrian (PS0HT) [4282] Alright yeah.
Michelle (PS0HR) [4283] Yes [...]
Andrew (PS0HV) [4284] Cheers.
Adrian (PS0HT) [4285] Fine
Ruth (PS0HP) [4286] It did work.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4287] Same drink Michelle?
Michelle (PS0HR) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4288] Only little children [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4289] Then what?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4290] [laughing] Yes [] .
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [4291] Get them in.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4292] That's what I wanted to take the little [...]
Karen (PS0HU) [4293] Strange thing is this is why he's never [...] because that home environment
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4294] It's very nice.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4295] Do you know what my
Karen (PS0HU) [4296] er
Ruth (PS0HP) [4297] mother does she was gonna let her
Karen (PS0HU) [4298] he regrets
Ruth (PS0HP) [4299] know her net curtains are all along her window, he had them in the front of the house and oh
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4300] because he [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4301] down their [...] very advanced [...]
Lisa (PS0HW) [4302] Paul!
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [...]
Eric (PS0HS) [4303] One of these ones?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4304] Really huge [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4305] I'm I'm [...] silver, I'm not very good
Michelle (PS0HR) [4306] Thank you
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4307] at drawing.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4308] Isn't it a shame Mum about Gary Lineker's baby.
Joy (PS0HY) [4309] Oh yes.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4310] Yeah very sad.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4311] But if I was you know you're not [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [4312] No you can't [...]
None (PS1KN) [4313] Let me out!
Ruth (PS0HP) [4314] cos he's friendly with Jose Carreras, the Barcelonian
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0HY) [4315] And and also with Botham, cos Botham does that with do that walk for the er
Ruth (PS0HP) [4316] Mm th that w one wonders, you see, because he ... he had a lot to do with Jose Carreras when he was ill and you wo
Lisa (PS0HW) [4317] Mum, [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4318] cos there is a school of thought that they can be a virus that starts it
Joy (PS0HY) [4319] Mm.
Eric (PS0HS) [4320] He's going to do another run, Ian Botham for leukaemia
Ruth (PS0HP) [4321] Mm.
Eric (PS0HS) [4322] research.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4323] Must have been dreadful that though [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4324] But it only strikes on two babies a year, two babies in England
Eric (PS0HS) [4325] He does [...] you know [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4326] Couldn't it be helped?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4327] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4328] So sad.
Eric (PS0HS) [4329] But they say e even if he came out very
Ruth (PS0HP) [4330] [...] prognosis though
Eric (PS0HS) [4331] su successfully it'd be five years
Ruth (PS0HP) [4332] I would of thought so, hope so.
Eric (PS0HS) [4333] he's clear.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4334] Yes but the prognosis of a baby at that age isn't good.
Eric (PS0HS) [4335] They don't?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4336] No.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0HY) [4337] Look at the Mountbatten's little girl.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4338] Yes but she didn't have leukaemia so quickly.
Michelle (PS0HR) [4339] Oh did she?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4340] Oh I thought [...]
Andrew (PS0HV) [4341] Excuse me ... just because the tape's on there's no need for you to use big words like prognosis.
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4342] Yeah.
Joy (PS0HY) [4343] Is it on, this?
Michael (PS0J0) [4344] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4345] How do you know it isn't on?
Michael (PS0J0) [4346] No it's not on at the moment, cos Paul
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4347] No.
Michael (PS0J0) [4348] turned it off.
Paul (PS0HN) [4349] I didn't.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4350] Have you turned it on?
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Eric (PS0HS) [4351] Now it's made it all go quiet hasn't it
Michelle (PS0HR) [4352] Yeah.
Eric (PS0HS) [4353] eh? ... [laugh]
Joy (PS0HY) [4354] I ain't gone quiet [...]
Eric (PS0HS) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4355] Oh I [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4356] Let me take those [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4357] washing up this morning [...] washing up
Eric (PS0HS) [4358] Are you sure you're alright, he said I just said oh.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4359] er oh just a little bit.
Paul (PS0HN) [4360] No I am
Eric (PS0HS) [4361] Just talking about the tea room.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4362] Yeah ... actually he was supposed to say to Jeff
Eric (PS0HS) [4363] Say about that
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4364] there was this ... job.
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4365] You won't now because they got the hospital to build on.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Eric (PS0HS) [4366] Doesn't really take [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Eric (PS0HS) [4367] Wednesday nights.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4368] They're [...] I've never seen anything in that bowl.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4369] Do you want another [...] honey?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4370] That's Appletise
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4371] Oh er anything [...] what this one here?
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...] [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4372] Yeah but wasn't it [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [4373] We've got ... their Mum gave us a French dictionary, but my [...] is the [...] in French [laughing] now they can't get [...] ... [...] [] ... The number of English words there are in there it's
Adrian (PS0HT) [4374] So ... get learning
Michelle (PS0HR) [4375] amazing
Paul (PS0HN) [4376] yeah but [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [4377] the thing is actually giving up [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4378] [singing] Happy [...] []
Ruth (PS0HP) [4379] They are really English words ... they erm ... I can't think of something now but I mean
Paul (PS0HN) [4380] I bet I could
Joy (PS0HY) [4381] The only one I can think of is [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4382] Oh yes, did that at the beginning ... for for a long time.
Karen (PS0HU) [4383] For a fortnight.
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Karen (PS0HU) [4384] You don't have to play for a fortnight, do you?
Michelle (PS0HR) [4385] Mm I think cousin I do ... I will say cousin actually, it's all same.
Joy (PS0HY) [4386] We'll [...] ... two.
Paul (PS0HN) [4387] There are quite a few cos I did that in my Norman project.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4388] Did you hear about ... say
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4389] The English is the same isn't it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4390] ne next week ... on Sunday, the Danish Embassy
Michelle (PS0HR) [4391] Oh?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4392] Pu our own ... Putney has been awarded the medal of honour, sixth highest medal of honour ... for erm ... services to the Danish industry and he's coming over and they're having a ... a caviar and champagne reception at the Danish Embassy and now the Queen of Denmark ... Queen Margarite is coming over.
Joy (PS0HY) [4393] Ooh
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4394] I don't read Turkish.
Joy (PS0HY) [4395] Ooh I say yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4396] They are all invited.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4397] They were going out for a west end ... meal in the evening.
Karen (PS0HU) [4398] That'd be nice ... oh lovely.
Joy (PS0HY) [4399] But Karen thinks
Karen (PS0HU) [4400] [...] when was that?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4401] Next, not this Monday, next Monday.
Joy (PS0HY) [4402] Karen thinks we'll all be three black crows we've all got black.
Karen (PS0HU) [4403] Yeah we're all wearing black!
Ruth (PS0HP) [4404] [laughing] very funny [] !
Joy (PS0HY) [4405] If in doubt, wear black.
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4406] Well Cynthia went somewhere the other day and there were so many pe people in black it was like a doomsday
Ruth (PS0HP) [4407] It's come back again, hasn't it?
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4408] Yes.
Eric (PS0HS) [4409] Why is that then?
[4410] ... Why?
Karen (PS0HU) [4411] You've got black on, but this time you wear it I mean it's [...]
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4412] Purple took over for a while, ha.
Karen (PS0HU) [4413] Mm.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4414] My [...] , it's so weird now, I'm borrowing erm ... she's got a a ... a blue, no it's not ... a blue plaid ... it's not really a scarf, it's bigger than that
Karen (PS0HU) [4415] Throw over.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4416] yeah,
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4417] Like a wrap thing.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4418] which she got from Ireland
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Lisa (PS0HW) [4419] Don't know about this.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4420] her Mum bought it for her ... er pure wool
Lisa (PS0HW) [4421] [...] over there
Ruth (PS0HP) [4422] it's electric blue, so I've got to wear the [...] with.
Karen (PS0HU) [4423] Oh I say [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Karen (PS0HU) [4424] Oh and that's gonna be
Ruth (PS0HP) [4425] But when I take, I can't wear that in the embassy because it will be too hot.
Eric (PS0HS) [4426] Oh yes I know Mark.
Michelle (PS0HR) [4427] [...] yesterday, cos it laid on its fluff on you.
Eric (PS0HS) [4428] See
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4429] [...] it's not smooth, it's not that ... I don't think it does.
Karen (PS0HU) [4430] The car's ours.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4431] I mean it's
Kevin (PS0HM) [4432] Does Mum [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [4433] I quite like actually it does
Karen (PS0HU) [4434] it's really funny [...] I just when I wanna be simple [...] ... it's just like I'm gonna break down in front of a man ... yeah ... and they just got, cos they're mean [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4435] Her mother gave it to her when she went over there
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4436] Yes.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4437] a bright blue and er ... I bought that [...]
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4438] Really.
Karen (PS0HU) [4439] on the M forty five.
Michelle (PS0HR) [4440] Mm.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4441] And Adrian bought me for my birthday erm ...
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4442] [...] earrings the [...] ... so I'm going to wear a pearl necklace and pearl earrings on
Karen (PS0HU) [4443] We caught all different perch out there ... didn't we?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4444] But when you get ... er to a certain I think you do tend to find a lot of the dressier clothes are in black.
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4445] Mm.
Michelle (PS0HR) [4446] Yeah but you're not at that certain age?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4447] Yes [laughing] I agree []
Eric (PS0HS) [4448] No.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4449] No matter, what I mean why we all seem to wearing black, because they're
Lisa (PS0HW) [4450] [...] at school
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Lisa (PS0HW) [...] [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [4451] But only when you go in the shop, I find the colours this year are rubbish
Adrian (PS0HT) [4452] empty!
Michelle (PS0HR) [4453] and they [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [4454] they couldn't really ... have something
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4455] Brown ale or [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4456] I'll finally accept it,i the thing she is she got a green velvet suit from Ron ... and the lady said to her ... [...] she said well will you be in Hello,i she said I thought we'll be in Packaging News!
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4457] A hundred and fifty people have been invited, but I don't know if all will be coming.
Joy (PS0HY) [4458] I've just realised that the be ... every time I have an occasion
Kevin (PS0HM) [4459] Yeah [...]
Joy (PS0HY) [4460] I go green don't I?
[4461] ... And if it's green [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4462] One bottle over.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [4463] It's the colour of hope. [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Joy (PS0HY) [4464] Is it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4465] It's warm.
Michael (PS0J0) [4466] Yeah it's the colour of love.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4467] Well my ... green oh and in French it's the colour of hope, promise?
Michelle (PS0HR) [4468] My [laugh]
Michael (PS0J0) [4469] Exactly.
Michelle (PS0HR) [...]
Karen (PS0HU) [4470] Our bridesmaids
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4471] And you.
Karen (PS0HU) [4472] wore green velvet didn't they Mum?
Joy (PS0HY) [4473] Pardon?
Karen (PS0HU) [4474] Adrian and I had ... bridesmaids in green velvet
Adrian (PS0HT) [4475] green velvet
Karen (PS0HU) [4476] do you remember you said how unlucky it was?
Joy (PS0HY) [4477] Mm.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4478] In England green is supposed to be an unlucky colour.
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4479] Really?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4480] Oh.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4481] Mm.
Joy (PS0HY) [4482] Oh dear
Karen (PS0HU) [4483] And then
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4484] everything [laughing] [...] already []
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Karen (PS0HU) [4485] and then, also we got married in May, and they say marry in May, rue the day, so
Michelle (PS0HR) [4486] Mm, or going to Paris on the honeymoon!
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4487] [...] yes.
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4488] That's the time I was married in May, too.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4489] Paul.
Karen (PS0HU) [4490] There we are Mum.
Paul (PS0HN) [4491] Yeah.
Joy (PS0HY) [4492] Mm, thank you.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4493] Could I have [...]
Michael (PS0J0) [4494] Mum you can't get that round here.
Karen (PS0HU) [4495] I will, I'm just looking for the
Paul (PS0HN) [4496] What do you want?
Karen (PS0HU) [4497] earrings.
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [4498] Yes I will.
Joy (PS0HY) [4499] These are so delicious
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [cough]
Joy (PS0HY) [4500] aren't they?
Michael (PS0J0) [4501] Oh to go with your dress
Karen (PS0HU) [4502] dress yes.
Joy (PS0HY) [4503] Mm ... mm ... very nice
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [4504] [...] sit there?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4505] people sit there gambling
Karen (PS0HU) [4506] No
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4507] No.
Karen (PS0HU) [4508] I'm not.
Joy (PS0HY) [...]
Karen (PS0HU) [4509] How they put the big plastic things
Joy (PS0HY) [4510] Mm
Karen (PS0HU) [4511] that hold them.
Joy (PS0HY) [...]
Karen (PS0HU) [4512] But I don't know if they will be too heavy for your ear lobes.
Joy (PS0HY) [4513] I'll have a go anyway see
Michelle (PS0HR) [4514] The everlasting twenty pound note. [laugh]
Karen (PS0HU) [4515] Shame [...] got it fixed!
Joy (PS0HY) [4516] You know complete small ear lobe.
Karen (PS0HU) [4517] No here, [...] do it ... these are worth letting go
Joy (PS0HY) [4518] and erm ... I paid for them dearly ... for piercing for me
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0HY) [4519] and er I think he was frightened of [...] a little bit too far on the edge I think.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4520] Mm.
Michelle (PS0HR) [4521] Choose another one [...]
Joy (PS0HY) [4522] No I can't do that
Michelle (PS0HR) [laugh]
Joy (PS0HY) [4523] [...] now so I can't certainly
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4524] Mm.
Karen (PS0HU) [4525] Cos that's one lower still
Ruth (PS0HP) [4526] Well no
Joy (PS0HY) [4527] Well they
Ruth (PS0HP) [4528] they might sometimes ... I had mine done to me
Joy (PS0HY) [4529] Definitely [...] ... close it right up.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4530] when he
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4531] Oh.
Eric (PS0HS) [4532] They couldn't
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4533] Nancy was telling me that he had ... loads of
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4534] Mine [...]
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4535] complaints
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4536] I was playing with the dog a
Joy (PS0HY) [4537] Well I didn't have any [...] [...]
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4538] No
Joy (PS0HY) [4539] just periodically [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4540] I [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4541] So we take her onto the
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4542] We had to pay for the doctor.
Karen (PS0HU) [4543] It didn't hurt, but then they [...] don't they?
[4544] ... Don't know how he does
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4545] Yep
Karen (PS0HU) [4546] them.
Adrian (PS0HT) [4547] By the time you get an [...] you know, Michael will be allowed to have his [...]
Karen (PS0HU) [4548] Plenty of room, it is a big room [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4549] Yeah.
Michael (PS0J0) [4550] [...] I'm clo that's closing up ... it's closed up that one ... you know, where we got it.
Joy (PS0HY) [4551] You know what it is, we disguise all our [...] don't we?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4552] Mm.
Joy (PS0HY) [...] ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Karen (PS0HU) [laugh]
Michelle (PS0HR) [4553] Have you just heard?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4554] No [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4555] Right.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4556] Go and sit over there.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4557] [shouting] You're all in then []
Eric (PS0HS) [...] [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4558] Dad!
Joy (PS0HY) [4559] [...] stay there love.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4560] Oh.
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Karen (PS0HU) [4561] Is he in middle again [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4562] What does that family look like?
[4563] Have a bit of the dirge.
Paul (PS0HN) [4564] [singing] Doo do do do [] .
Michael (PS0J0) [4565] Mum is that alright [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [cough]
Karen (PS0HU) [4566] Mm ... Is that because the hose
Paul (PS0HN) [4567] Then he'll be walking in with this quiz an [...]
Karen (PS0HU) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4568] [laugh] Yes.
Joy (PS0HY) [4569] What is this quiz we're gonna have then?
Kevin (PS0HM) [4570] Ooh it's a big quiz, one of ...
Eric (PS0HS) [4571] I'll [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [...] [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4572] Following in my Dad's footsteps.
Paul (PS0HN) [4573] Daddy spent all day [...] and scribbling.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4574] Yeah everyone's gotta play [...]
Eric (PS0HS) [4575] They're getting very popular those square bags aren't they Joy?
Paul (PS0HN) [4576] [...] any paper.
Eric (PS0HS) [...]
Karen (PS0HU) [4577] It's funny you should say
Eric (PS0HS) [4578] Very popular they get
Karen (PS0HU) [4579] we both had the same
Paul (PS0HN) [4580] Mum!
Karen (PS0HU) [4581] [...] about it ... and you know how we weren't very, cos everybody said oh we'd like one of those, cos they're so easy.
Eric (PS0HS) [4582] Mm yeah.
Karen (PS0HU) [4583] And now poor Michael couldn't find [laughing] one [] !
[4584] ... Yeah.
Eric (PS0HS) [4585] Rat fink!
Karen (PS0HU) [4586] and imagine we were [...]
Joy (PS0HY) [4587] Somebody told us in the market, but we never get to the market, do we?
Michael (PS0J0) [4588] I don't care
Eric (PS0HS) [4589] No.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [4590] Yeah in the market, but er ... in Red Parks they're in front of the ... exit [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4591] [...] like that, I mean they were so easy [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4592] [...] aren't they?
[4593] Oh!
Michelle (PS0HR) [4594] Well can you imagine any more than English ones.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4595] What was the little dog you had?
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [4596] He's not [...] any work.
Joy (PS0HY) [4597] Yes.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4598] I always remember [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [4599] After my old one.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4600] we all had the naughties, used to say.
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4601] [...] and now when you got this [...] [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4602] Once you get out of car and I thought it was a dog that she had,bu didn't have, she didn't have a dachshund he had a little
Ruth (PS0HP) [4603] No ... she had, she had corgis.
Michael (PS0J0) [4604] Woof, woof, woof, woof.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4605] Michael, [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4606] No I'll get it.

36 (Tape 017302)

Andrew (PS0HV) [4607] Whose is that one?
Karen (PS0HU) [4608] Andrew's possible but that won't [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4609] Ah ... right
Karen (PS0HU) [4610] I don't want him to stop until his party.
Joy (PS0HY) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4611] You've got your new shoes on Mum, or those [...]
Joy (PS0HY) [4612] Yeah
Eric (PS0HS) [4613] Yep.
Paul (PS0HN) [4614] They're nice.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4615] Ha ha ha.
Paul (PS0HN) [4616] Mm.
Adrian (PS0HT) [4617] Good innit ... that's outrageous, that is!
Paul (PS0HN) [4618] There [...] [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [4619] Is it slanderous or libel [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4620] Read it outside, the inside first, I think ... read
Adrian (PS0HT) [4621] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4622] the outside first.
Adrian (PS0HT) [4623] [...] has written a slanderous poem
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4624] [laughing] [...] [] .
Joy (PS0HY) [4625] I have to be very careful though, seeing that his birthday's the same day [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4626] Yeah, yeah
Adrian (PS0HT) [4627] Karen why aren't you opening yours?
Karen (PS0HU) [4628] I've opened mine.
Adrian (PS0HT) [4629] Oh you've opened them all
Eric (PS0HS) [4630] You didn't tell me what you got.
Karen (PS0HU) [4631] Shall I
Adrian (PS0HT) [4632] She didn't show me what you got, why should show you!
Eric (PS0HS) [4633] Oh.
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Joy (PS0HY) [4634] But she had money from [...] and I gave her
Karen (PS0HU) [...]
Joy (PS0HY) [4635] some money
Adrian (PS0HT) [4636] Oh I see
Joy (PS0HY) [4637] [...] and a [...] for you
Adrian (PS0HT) [4638] Aha.
Joy (PS0HY) [4639] too.
Adrian (PS0HT) [4640] Thank you.
Joy (PS0HY) [4641] Don't you worry about that, Ruthie's the hostess.
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [laugh]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4642] Oh yeah
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4643] Ooh!
Paul (PS0HN) [4644] [...] I think I'll be coming
Kevin (PS0HM) [4645] Right
Paul (PS0HN) [4646] from over here.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4647] Let's see that one.
Joy (PS0HY) [laugh]
Ruth (PS0HP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0HY) [4648] [laughing] [...] [] .
Adrian (PS0HT) [4649] Michelle ... really!
[4650] ... Ooh dear [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [laugh]
Adrian (PS0HT) [4651] Right we can all throw that in bin.
Andrew (PS0HV) [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [4652] Blue what?
[4653] ... Course you can't go round, you gotta do double [...] with my [laughing] [...] [] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [4654] I can't guarantee it works like clockwork.
Adrian (PS0HT) [4655] Ha ha ha
Kevin (PS0HM) [4656] Hopes he finds [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [4657] Ruth and I are trying to get these done ... [laugh] especially when that ship went up ... you looked like the Keystone Cops, didn't I, we went one back in there!
Ruth (PS0HP) [laugh]
Eric (PS0HS) [4658] I'm afraid I ... I went one when the li when the allotment caught fire.
Adrian (PS0HT) [4659] [laugh] Cos cos [...] you were pale.
Eric (PS0HS) [4660] I'd of never ... never got that hose out without it would I, now?
Joy (PS0HY) [4661] No ... there's some very [...] in that bag.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [laugh]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4662] I we I think the fire fighters used ... the white skirt tied the way it wa on my shoe
Eric (PS0HS) [4663] Tried to hold it to it.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4664] I was s ... dirty, mud all up my leg.
Eric (PS0HS) [4665] Trying to hold the trees together
Ruth (PS0HP) [4666] All the [...] splashing over me!
Joy (PS0HY) [4667] Well you had to hold it together [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4668] I
Andrew (PS0HV) [4669] Do you watch ... that er that London's Burning?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4670] Oh yes, he finds her at erm
Andrew (PS0HV) [4671] Do you watch that, yeah
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4672] Yeah.
Andrew (PS0HV) [4673] Do you get it last week ... [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4674] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4675] Yes
Ruth (PS0HP) [4676] Bailey
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4677] Bailey
Lisa (PS0HW) [4678] [...] saw the cards.
Adrian (PS0HT) [4679] He's ... dodgy
Ruth (PS0HP) [4680] I like him ... it's [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4681] Good you can find, ah, he loves her.
Lisa (PS0HW) [4682] [...] a twist [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4683] They didn't think, didn't think he could wait a week,
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4684] One [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4685] At least where he
Joy (PS0HY) [4686] Didn't watch variety stop?
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4687] No.
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4688] He looked quite good, didn't he?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4689] Yeah.
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4690] Yes, well it always is.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4691] [...] good
Joy (PS0HY) [4692] Mm.
Michelle (PS0HR) [4693] [laughing] [...] [] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [4694] Oh have you seen that face lift job he wants?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4695] No it's over.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4696] It's well out of order!
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4697] Twenty to eleven.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4698] I don't know.
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [...]
Joy (PS0HY) [4699] Yes it is ... Now when he was at school [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4700] No ... but I like it back.
Joy (PS0HY) [4701] Yes well and I didn't like it better either.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4702] You seen that Andy?
Andrew (PS0HV) [4703] What?
Kevin (PS0HM) [4704] This face lift jobby.
Michelle (PS0HR) [4705] Yeah I know.
Joy (PS0HY) [4706] And
Michelle (PS0HR) [4707] You could [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4708] [...] your one.
Joy (PS0HY) [4709] all because they have to be read, I [...]
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4710] Yes
Andrew (PS0HV) [4711] That [...]
Joy (PS0HY) [4712] What is yours [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4713] Michael's really tired.
Michael (PS0J0) [4714] I'm alright.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4715] [...] .
Adrian (PS0HT) [4716] Lovely [...] aren't they?
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4717] Yes
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4718] Oh no.
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4719] and I thought that ... you wanted that
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4720] Yes
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4721] didn't you?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4722] very good.
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4723] Mm.
Paul (PS0HN) [4724] Shall I hit him!
Ruth (PS0HP) [4725] You won't understand it Paul, it's confidential.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4726] No [...] not my hands please ... Mm.
Karen (PS0HU) [4727] Boys these days!
Paul (PS0HN) [4728] I'll tape it up.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4729] No, no, no, no you'll muck up everything.
Eric (PS0HS) [4730] No.
Paul (PS0HN) [4731] [...] ... ha.
Eric (PS0HS) [4732] It's a do-it-yourself pea shooter here.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [laugh]
Eric (PS0HS) [4733] Where's it gone?
Joy (PS0HY) [4734] Eric ... in your bag.
Eric (PS0HS) [4735] I'm chair listener ... alright
Paul (PS0HN) [4736] Yeah
Eric (PS0HS) [4737] Alright Kev?
Paul (PS0HN) [4738] You can sort out [...]
Eric (PS0HS) [4739] Oh yeah, Paul
Paul (PS0HN) [4740] What earrings this, is it Nanny's?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4741] What [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [4742] I don't know who's that is.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4743] the green earrings are mine, [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [4744] Dad
Ruth (PS0HP) [4745] and the then you can borrow or a
Paul (PS0HN) [4746] I've found the green earrings.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4747] erm
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4748] Do you see that one?
Karen (PS0HU) [4749] Wendy said I could borrow her dress.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Eric (PS0HS) [4750] Are those your, oh yes of course it is.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4751] And they come back
Karen (PS0HU) [4752] She's got a dress a green dress for her for Golden Wedding Anniversary.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4753] The Sunday after [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4754] Just look.
[4755] ... Are you gonna leave the tape on?
Michelle (PS0HR) [4756] Ah [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4757] Put the tape on.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4758] Yes
Michael (PS0J0) [4759] No don't worry green's, [...] for love.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4760] Paulie put that other tape [...]
Joy (PS0HY) [4761] Is it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Michael (PS0J0) [4762] I'm learning, how to maybe read the stars, [...] .
Joy (PS0HY) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4763] That's right.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4764] Her longs are what?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4765] Are long and tiddly!
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4766] Yes.
Joy (PS0HY) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4767] Ah ... lovely [...] ... [...]
Lisa (PS0HW) [4768] [...] yes ... so
Joy (PS0HY) [4769] But it's just uncanny I'd suddenly I keep picking green for occasions.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4770] Well Mutty had a green
Michael (PS0J0) [4771] Well so do I, I wear it for
Ruth (PS0HP) [4772] dress
Michael (PS0J0) [4773] school every day.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4774] for her Silver Wedding celebration.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...] [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4775] I ... Paul's for a lot of green and he's a
Karen (PS0HU) [4776] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4777] Paul's now ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [...]
Lisa (PS0HW) [4778] then she's going to
Ruth (PS0HP) [4779] Maybe get so lucky.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4780] Ooh!
Ruth (PS0HP) [4781] Maybe us all thinking that it's sort of not quite smart and it's [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4782] It's a toilet set innit?
Eric (PS0HS) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4783] You're cheap!
Joy (PS0HY) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4784] She has to live like saint.
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4785] I'd rather do it myself. [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4786] No that bats [laugh] ... Ooh look, I've got my ears caught [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4787] You'll come back next year and it'll still be in the box.
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4788] Adrian will have to fix
Adrian (PS0HT) [4789] No.
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4790] fix it up then, cos it, or Andy cos they did a ... [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [4791] Ooh very useful, yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4792] Andy didn't mind.
Adrian (PS0HT) [4793] Hose round corners.
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4794] He's got press ups.
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Karen (PS0HU) [4795] Why haven't you taken it all out of the box.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4796] I [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4797] He's gonna make it.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4798] Show it everybody.
Adrian (PS0HT) [4799] He's gonna put it together now.
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [4800] [...] oh.
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [4801] Yes, yes.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4802] Oh go on.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4803] I'll get it all right now
Ruth (PS0HP) [4804] He's going to put it on [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4805] [...] ... you gotta
Kevin (PS0HM) [4806] Now you're a five star ... [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4807] No what you are supposed to do is [...] , this is one I made earlier!
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4808] I'm the one who comes last, [...] looking at the other people.
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Adrian (PS0HT) [4809] We noticed that, it's all [...]
Karen (PS0HU) [4810] Yeah it's in a [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4811] Oh hurry up, number three!
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4812] Can't help that.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4813] Ah this is useless!
Eric (PS0HS) [4814] If you turn the tape on now you hear all the best murmurs.
Joy (PS0HY) [4815] I had to get Adrian to do it.
Eric (PS0HS) [4816] Yes [...] ... I'm shoving more [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4817] Course, then there's that bit, alright.
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4818] And then ... the nose bit.
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Karen (PS0HU) [4819] He's bunging them off.
Michelle (PS0HR) [4820] And there's no [...] , oh yes there is.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4821] In the side.
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Adrian (PS0HT) [4822] Right, all those he promised.
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Michelle (PS0HR) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4823] It's up to you though [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4824] Oh is it?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [laugh]
Michael (PS0J0) [4825] It is recording.
Paul (PS0HN) [4826] I know it is but don't play around with that!
[4827] ... You'll stop the sound [...] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [4828] Cream's on the table.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4829] Ladies and Gentleman, it's [...]
Michael (PS0J0) [4830] You said that it weren't on anyway.
Paul (PS0HN) [4831] I know.
Michael (PS0J0) [4832] So no one thinks it's on.
Paul (PS0HN) [4833] They know ... [...]
Joy (PS0HY) [4834] [...] anyway.
Eric (PS0HS) [4835] Oh.
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4836] Doesn't use the instructions then anyway.
Paul (PS0HN) [4837] Put the mike on.
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4838] [...] last word ... then after half an hour [...]

37 (Tape 017303)

Adrian (PS0HT) [4839] He told us off for not taking him ... there [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4840] Then you
Ruth (PS0HP) [4841] You'd of looked even funnier next to the [laughing] six year old [] !
[4842] ... Paul looked funny enough.
Paul (PS0HN) [4843] That [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4844] Well I wondered if he'd wa he'd gone out on the Nottingham [...] cos I wondered what would happen to the mascot ... was he shot the mascot, after the the game?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4845] Well I i ... they had the mascot from the [...] it would have only gone out on their home territory.
Ruth (PS0HP) [...] [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4846] Quartered yeah ... yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4847] Hung, drawn and quartered.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4848] Well I
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4849] I I said to the chap ... he said did you have a good day, this little ... guy sitting next to me he answered yeah, good day [...] ... yes did you see us?
[4850] I said, yes we saw you.
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4851] We saw you but did you have to come [laughing] running over []
Ruth (PS0HP) [laugh]
Lisa (PS0HW) [4852] Green coat.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4853] waving to the crowd!
Ruth (PS0HP) [4854] Apparently some football teams won't let the fathers on the pitch.
Andrew (PS0HV) [4855] What did Nottingham Forest beat you?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4856] If you do it for our side
Kevin (PS0HM) [4857] Five one
Ruth (PS0HP) [4858] they won't let the players [...] .
Paul (PS0HN) [4859] Mum, can we get on?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4860] Yes ... well
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4861] Lucky old [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [laugh]
Karen (PS0HU) [4862] But is it really [...] ?
Kevin (PS0HM) [4863] They try and take photographs of him [...] .
Karen (PS0HU) [4864] Yes
Ruth (PS0HP) [4865] We had to take the photographs, he had to go on the pitch, didn't he?
Kevin (PS0HM) [4866] Well I first had to go down and ask.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4867] When you think those days of [...]
Andrew (PS0HV) [4868] Did you get to wear your football shirt as well?
Kevin (PS0HM) [4869] No I went in [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [4870] [...] he did ask, didn't you?
Kevin (PS0HM) [4871] Yeah.
Karen (PS0HU) [4872] Oh you do meals, gonna have some [...] don't you?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4873] In the end people said actually it wouldn't be worth entering, yet [...]
Andrew (PS0HV) [4874] What we do is I'll go in and [...] video [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Andrew (PS0HV) [4875] Eh?
[4876] When they [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [4877] I bought, in the end [...] to drive.
Joy (PS0HY) [4878] Let me get behind furniture [...]
Andrew (PS0HV) [4879] Well if Liverpool win [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4880] People [...] ... who argue that in the league the lower the [...] that's forty pounds, they must in [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [...] [...]
Karen (PS0HU) [4881] What about the league then?
Adrian (PS0HT) [4882] Eh?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4883] Until he comes back from [...] ... and that [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4884] Well that's because I hadn't been in there and you can be
Joy (PS0HY) [4885] Yeah and you [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [4886] Yes ... I'd be sitting on it by now.
Ruth (PS0HP) [...] ... [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [4887] Yep I'm finished, thank you very much.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...] [...]
Eric (PS0HS) [4888] Oh dear!
Ruth (PS0HP) [4889] And the [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4890] Yeah.
Andrew (PS0HV) [4891] Or [laughing] motoring [] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [4892] Wouldn't mind about the [...] , when yo , you know when you hear about being in [...] it's huge [...] try and gore him ... each player so they [...]
Joy (PS0HY) [4893] What's this photographs of it?
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4894] I'm not [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [...] [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4895] Which is actually, that's a chemical thing, isn't it, that's the E E C
Andrew (PS0HV) [4896] Michael.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4897] ... isn't it [...]
Andrew (PS0HV) [4898] What's the oldest [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4899] label every chemical [...] .
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4900] Has he got that, oh that's quite nice [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4901] Has, has has, has
Paul (PS0HN) [4902] has, has, has,
Michael (PS0J0) [4903] You got any spare batteries [...] ?
Kevin (PS0HM) [4904] I dunno ... there might be some ... then I can have one.
Michael (PS0J0) [4905] Okay, is it alright to slow it right down [...] .
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4906] Oh yes, but the actual, no ... [...]
Karen (PS0HU) [...]
Michael (PS0J0) [4907] How do you know if they're working, how?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4908] Well yeah, might have.
Michael (PS0J0) [4909] Yeah it's go still working.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4910] What the tall thin ones?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4911] Open i open thing.
Eric (PS0HS) [4912] Don't try and take a photograph.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4913] You open the ... lens cap.
Eric (PS0HS) [4914] Now you try and take one ... you'll have to get [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4915] Just [...]
Michael (PS0J0) [4916] You're posing ... natural, natural
Ruth (PS0HP) [4917] [...] ... who's camera is it, Paul?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...] [...]
Karen (PS0HU) [4918] Why isn't it working?
Kevin (PS0HM) [4919] Well hasn't it got a tall thin flash?
Paul (PS0HN) [4920] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4921] [...] working
Kevin (PS0HM) [4922] Well we've got
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4923] flash.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4924] we've got lots of batteries ... Paul, though
Michelle (PS0HR) [4925] And it won't work if you put the battery in there!
Kevin (PS0HM) [4926] They'll have, they'll have [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [laugh]
Adrian (PS0HT) [4927] Well done [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Joy (PS0HY) [4928] Did you see B and Q
Eric (PS0HS) [4929] Pardon?
Joy (PS0HY) [4930] Did you see B and Q have got a [...] recently now?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4931] Ah?
Joy (PS0HY) [4932] [...] ... B and Q.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4933] Have they?
Joy (PS0HY) [4934] And they Eric ... [...] so cheap.
Andrew (PS0HV) [4935] Always so cheap ... Always buy your [...] in B and Q.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4936] Oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4937] Oh look.
Paul (PS0HN) [4938] I said I will wait [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4939] [...] B and Q [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [...]
Joy (PS0HY) [4940] Eric ... Eric.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4941] We've tried this one here.
Eric (PS0HS) [4942] Oh dear, oh dear. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4943] Not such a good idea!
Kevin (PS0HM) [4944] Little tiny ones ... we'd stay and we'd replace them.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4945] Yeah but
Paul (PS0HN) [4946] I'm talking about the loose ends.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4947] Kevin.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4948] They've lasted all this time.
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [4949] [...] good idea [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4950] Must do that
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4951] must do that.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4952] How old is [...] ?
Andrew (PS0HV) [4953] I dunno ... Paul ... Paulie ... Paulie ... got any patches like that?
Adrian (PS0HT) [4954] No look look, yeah let's listen.
Andrew (PS0HV) [4955] I will.
Adrian (PS0HT) [...]
Andrew (PS0HV) [4956] [...] where is the sharp [...] ah ... to make [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4957] Two of them?
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4958] You say I [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4959] He bought [...] to go out.
Karen (PS0HU) [4960] Yes.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4961] [...] Sam's own school ... really [...]
Eric (PS0HS) [4962] Too up to go down and too low to come up.
Michael (PS0J0) [4963] [...] as well.
Eric (PS0HS) [4964] Er
Ruth (PS0HP) [4965] Granddad
Eric (PS0HS) [4966] what is it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [4967] says he [...] so I don't think he was being very practical [...]
Karen (PS0HU) [4968] Mm.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4969] Must say [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4970] [singing] Mhm mm mm mm mm mm mm [] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [4971] I think [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [4972] You know what to do with these, don't you?
Karen (PS0HU) [4973] Do I?
Adrian (PS0HT) [4974] Yes, we can hope, can manage that, yeah.
Karen (PS0HU) [4975] Ha!
[4976] I'd laugh if he said yes without [...] !
Michelle (PS0HR) [4977] [laughing] We'd have a look [] ... You sure you can?
Adrian (PS0HT) [4978] Do you want it on the wall or what?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...] [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [4979] Sit on that.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [4980] Do you want it on the wall or free standing?
Lisa (PS0HW) [4981] We're putting them up, yes ... I can do that.
Adrian (PS0HT) [4982] On the wall.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [laugh]
Lisa (PS0HW) [4983] Er on the [...] , they're cracking up and I'll be ... [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [4984] Kevin I don't think I'll have it as whirly as that.
Lisa (PS0HW) [laugh]
Karen (PS0HU) [4985] It is innit?
Lisa (PS0HW) [4986] And then when we ... [...]
Andrew (PS0HV) [4987] That's what you've got, is okay.
Lisa (PS0HW) [4988] erm [...] yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [4989] They're getting me a hose for Christmas.
Lisa (PS0HW) [4990] and put [...]
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4991] Well that is a good idea.
Ruth (PS0HP) [4992] Just as well
Lisa (PS0HW) [...]
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [4993] a fla a flat one?
Lisa (PS0HW) [...] [...] [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4994] Yeah, we're gonna have a flat one.
Adrian (PS0HT) [4995] Ha ha ... oh go on [...]
Lisa (PS0HW) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [4996] Oh no, it's just remembering without the words.
Michelle (PS0HR) [4997] Oh go on he says that cos he knows he's got the card.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [4998] Oh.
Joy (PS0HY) [4999] So I don't know if I can get a [...] .
Michelle (PS0HR) [5000] [...] ... Is it a [...] then?
Ruth (PS0HP) [5001] No.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5002] It's their kitchen that [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [5003] It looked quite [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Eric (PS0HS) [5004] That's right, you get it on there surely?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5005] cos they were in [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [5006] No they put that, put that
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [...]
Joy (PS0HY) [5007] a long erm ... a [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [...]
Eric (PS0HS) [5008] Adrian's is on the wall too.
Joy (PS0HY) [5009] thin looking ... scissors
Michelle (PS0HR) [5010] Well that's a train [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [5011] anything else you think we might know, [...] upside down?
Ruth (PS0HP) [5012] While they're finishing ... [...] aren't you?
Andrew (PS0HV) [5013] I don't know [...] personally
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5014] Yeah like they got little metal plates [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5015] [...] and they apparently they look very [...] ... [...] to the wall.
Karen (PS0HU) [5016] Ah they won't [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [5017] But they can take it off the wall.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5018] Oh I see ... oh that me that means it's working okay.
Ruth (PS0HP) [5019] Fine, is it alright now?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5020] Yeah.
Eric (PS0HS) [5021] How much do I owe you for, how much are they Ruth?
Ruth (PS0HP) [5022] Oh I don't know where it came from it's been a long time [...] .
Eric (PS0HS) [5023] Don't throw those away.
Ruth (PS0HP) [5024] If they were new they'd be a in a packet.
Eric (PS0HS) [5025] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [5026] We've fumigated them.
Joy (PS0HY) [5027] Ooh mind the beer!
Adrian (PS0HT) [5028] Is it working now?
Eric (PS0HS) [5029] Yeah.
Adrian (PS0HT) [5030] Don't all look at me, you're supposed to be going on talking!
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [5031] Should be perfectly natural.
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5032] I always sound like that.
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Eric (PS0HS) [5033] It's very true ... [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [5034] Straight in front of a map and you go urgh!
Kevin (PS0HM) [5035] [...] then do something and urgh!
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5036] Ah!
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Eric (PS0HS) [5037] He don't get any better does he Joy?
Joy (PS0HY) [5038] Yeah.
Eric (PS0HS) [5039] Don't get any better.
Adrian (PS0HT) [5040] You [...] ooh ooh!
Ruth (PS0HP) [5041] Well do you think we can have our pudding now?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5042] Yes.
Joy (PS0HY) [5043] Oh yes.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5044] Yeah [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5045] Ooh I need spoons.
Andrew (PS0HV) [5046] Hurry up, you're too hot.
Kevin (PS0HM) [5047] I don't need a box, oh only so you can break it and then take it back.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [whistling]
Eric (PS0HS) [5048] Who's that [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5049] That's [...]
Karen (PS0HU) [5050] Actually puddings [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5051] Oh yes, [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [5052] [...] can you handle that?
Eric (PS0HS) [5053] Oh yes that's ... piece of a handle.
Michelle (PS0HR) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5054] The pudding is erm ... hot ... Jam roly poly or [...] and I used to say ... he's really going down it [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5055] On the axles weren't you
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [5056] That goes on the axle, I've found that out.
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Joy (PS0HY) [5057] Why's there a bit left over?
Adrian (PS0HT) [5058] Oh that's the [...] ... ah?
Ruth (PS0HP) [5059] Oh I'm pleased about that.
Adrian (PS0HT) [5060] It's alright, I remember now, it goes
Paul (PS0HN) [5061] Well why don't you do it down here? ... [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [5062] It's a funny wheel that [...] ... funny wheel for it.
Eric (PS0HS) [5063] Yeah.
Michelle (PS0HR) [5064] [...] yes.
Paul (PS0HN) [5065] Do it in there somewhere ... like that [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [5066] That's right, we did actually yo you and your son managed it. [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [5067] Oh you're [...]
Michael (PS0J0) [5068] No, no actually we did
Kevin (PS0HM) [5069] quite terrible!
Ruth (PS0HP) [5070] Actually be better [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [5071] [...] ... inside.
Andrew (PS0HV) [5072] Cos then it depends which way you want the ... host to come in, which side you want the host to come from.
Ruth (PS0HP) [5073] I don't think [...] you know.
Michelle (PS0HR) [5074] I don't think you got the choice on this one Andy.
Andrew (PS0HV) [5075] No?
Adrian (PS0HT) [5076] Right ... that's ... he's done it, by gum [imitates yorkshire accent]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5077] Now take it out ... let it join the bird table.
Paul (PS0HN) [5078] Ah [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [5079] Why didn't it flash then?
[5080] ... Why doesn't it flash?
Eric (PS0HS) [5081] Doesn't matter
Michael (PS0J0) [5082] Cos the flash has run out.
Ruth (PS0HP) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [5083] You bought it from B and Q.
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Eric (PS0HS) [5084] Look [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Paul (PS0HN) [5085] You [...]
Eric (PS0HS) [5086] Got it from [...] .
Andrew (PS0HV) [5087] [...] strong in that [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [5088] You tired?
Eric (PS0HS) [5089] Well I wonder
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Eric (PS0HS) [5090] how strong they are, yes
Michelle (PS0HR) [5091] What time
Eric (PS0HS) [5092] yeah.
Michelle (PS0HR) [5093] did you go to school?
Paul (PS0HN) [5094] About one [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5095] I think this is your lime, I'm drinking, Kevin
Andrew (PS0HV) [5096] Do you want that one wound up?
Ruth (PS0HP) [5097] is there one
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5098] Yeah
Ruth (PS0HP) [5099] with lime in one?
Kevin (PS0HM) [5100] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [5101] Or you ... [...] I just thought I'd tell you [...] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [5102] I have got lemonade in it.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5103] They're both lime and lemonade in.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5104] Yes.
Karen (PS0HU) [5105] I'm sorry that doesn't sound right.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5106] Cheers.
Eric (PS0HS) [5107] [...] ... [...] though [...]
Karen (PS0HU) [5108] Maybe [laughing] [...] [] !
Kevin (PS0HM) [5109] You need the flash on cos you've got [...] innit?
Karen (PS0HU) [5110] I can't resist you [...] .
Joy (PS0HY) [5111] [...] serviette the way you've screwed it up, the way you screw it up.
Eric (PS0HS) [...] [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [5112] Did I?
Ruth (PS0HP) [5113] Yes.
Kevin (PS0HM) [5114] Well that's it, there's only one each [...]
Joy (PS0HY) [5115] Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh!
Kevin (PS0HM) [5116] That's [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Eric (PS0HS) [5117] No [...] was always quiet.
Kevin (PS0HM) [5118] I wish somebody else is!
Eric (PS0HS) [5119] That's it.
Andrew (PS0HV) [5120] On red light like that, I didn't depress the
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5121] Ooh.
Andrew (PS0HV) [5122] button far enough for it to take a picture then.
Eric (PS0HS) [5123] When i whe when the red light you sh should keep your finger on longer.
Andrew (PS0HV) [5124] That's all I did was it?
Kevin (PS0HM) [5125] Oh to charge up the
Joy (PS0HY) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [5126] flash?
Andrew (PS0HV) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [5127] Ooh is this my next lot?
[5128] ... Mm.
Joy (PS0HY) [5129] [laugh] Great ... well I [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [5130] That's the that is the paper that Michelle
Michelle (PS0HR) [5131] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [5132] gave me [...]
Michael (PS0J0) [5133] We opening them now?
Andrew (PS0HV) [5134] Bit early.
Michael (PS0J0) [5135] I'm not.
Andrew (PS0HV) [5136] Not putting [...]
Michael (PS0J0) [5137] We open them cos it's Christmas
Kevin (PS0HM) [5138] these?
Michael (PS0J0) [5139] day.
Ruth (PS0HP) [5140] Dessert [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [5141] Do you know how many here for you?
Michael (PS0J0) [5142] There's some up there.
Joy (PS0HY) [5143] Well no I'm gonna open ... Michelle and Andy's ... and they're gonna open ours ... I didn't bring everybody else's cos we co ... we're seeing them Christmas Day.
Lisa (PS0HW) [...] [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5144] The light goes on ... [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [5145] [...] I'll end up
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5146] Ooh ooh ooh ooh.
Andrew (PS0HV) [5147] Hope you get something [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [5148] Got to use this just like my automatic camera?
Ruth (PS0HP) [5149] Yeah.
Joy (PS0HY) [5150] These from Michelle and ... Andy
Ruth (PS0HP) [5151] You can take a picture now.
Joy (PS0HY) [...]
Michael (PS0J0) [5152] [...] have we?
Ruth (PS0HP) [5153] Mm.
Michael (PS0J0) [5154] That's good
Adrian (PS0HT) [5155] [shouting] Kev [] !
Michael (PS0J0) [5156] Uncle.
Kevin (PS0HM) [5157] Yeah.
Adrian (PS0HT) [5158] You got a drill?
Eric (PS0HS) [5159] [laughing] Yeah ... a drill [] .
Adrian (PS0HT) [5160] We'll borrow to go up the wall myself.
Kevin (PS0HM) [5161] [...] left, right, left, right oh no?
Ruth (PS0HP) [5162] Yeah.
Adrian (PS0HT) [5163] I said we might as well climb up the wall now.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5164] Yeah, go there now?
Ruth (PS0HP) [5165] He's got one Adrian, now ask him if he can find it!
Andrew (PS0HV) [...] [...]
Eric (PS0HS) [5166] Where's your drill, Kev?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5167] I'll walk
Michael (PS0J0) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5168] round with him.
Ruth (PS0HP) [5169] You'll need
Adrian (PS0HT) [5170] Well have your pudding first, before you [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5171] This flat [...] erm
Karen (PS0HU) [5172] Yes ... it looked rather
Joy (PS0HY) [5173] Very nice.
Karen (PS0HU) [5174] unusual didn't it?
[5175] ... Erm ... we need an extension as well.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5176] Mm.
Michael (PS0J0) [5177] I we I went on Thursday actually and I [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [5178] Don't worry I'll use the battery power.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [laugh]
Eric (PS0HS) [5179] Is this bit yet?
Adrian (PS0HT) [5180] [...] someone's just had their accessory
Michelle (PS0HR) [5181] Andy's battery power ... [...] downstairs in the prison!
Joy (PS0HY) [5182] It looks nothing when it is in pieces but as soon as it's ... done and together, it looks nice.
Ruth (PS0HP) [5183] [...] with Zoe.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5184] The real McCoy?
Michael (PS0J0) [5185] Especially what you saw.
Michelle (PS0HR) [...] [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [5186] Why not?
Michelle (PS0HR) [5187] if you don't, I don't care.
Adrian (PS0HT) [5188] Eh?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5189] Everyone's a different [...] .
Joy (PS0HY) [5190] Do you think that's true?
Paul (PS0HN) [5191] Mm?
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [5192] They're very useful around [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [5193] It says on here do no dismantle once the [...] , I wonder why not, wonder why that is?
Lisa (PS0HW) [5194] Er Michael
Kevin (PS0HM) [5195] It must be
Lisa (PS0HW) [5196] will you [...] for me?
Joy (PS0HY) [5197] perhaps the plastic stretches.
Eric (PS0HS) [...]
Joy (PS0HY) [5198] and then take it [...]
Lisa (PS0HW) [5199] No!
Karen (PS0HU) [5200] These are lovely.
Eric (PS0HS) [5201] Really?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5202] Yes [...] by the [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Eric (PS0HS) [5203] Hey you know they're always [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [5204] Yeah it's got this bit left over
Michael (PS0J0) [5205] Er Paul what's that
Adrian (PS0HT) [...]
Michael (PS0J0) [5206] er Paul
Michelle (PS0HR) [laugh]
Joy (PS0HY) [5207] What a horrible [...] !
Michael (PS0J0) [5208] What's that [...] ?
Paul (PS0HN) [5209] What?
Michael (PS0J0) [5210] [...] ... oh.
Paul (PS0HN) [5211] Even that great big purple thing?
Michael (PS0J0) [5212] That purple
Paul (PS0HN) [5213] Yeah that purple thing.
Kevin (PS0HM) [5214] Well what has this got that's attached in here, eh? [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [5215] The hose goes on there.
Kevin (PS0HM) [5216] on there ... yes
Adrian (PS0HT) [5217] The hose comes from your tap and it goes on there
Kevin (PS0HM) [5218] Yeah.
Adrian (PS0HT) [5219] right?
[5220] ... Now the hose for your garden ... goes on there
Kevin (PS0HM) [5221] I see
Ruth (PS0HP) [5222] Oh.
Adrian (PS0HT) [5223] Okay, so just ... unclip that ... by pulling the yellow
Paul (PS0HN) [5224] See
Adrian (PS0HT) [5225] bit backwards like that
Paul (PS0HN) [5226] if you stuck a bit on that
Kevin (PS0HM) [5227] yeah I know, we got that already, yeah
Adrian (PS0HT) [5228] unclip that from that there, put it on the end of your hose
Kevin (PS0HM) [5229] Yeah.
Adrian (PS0HT) [5230] that'll then wind ... and it winds the whole up.
Eric (PS0HS) [5231] Have you picked a ... section [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5232] No [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [5233] [...] , oh Ruth look ... she's waiting [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [5234] [...] hang on a minute.
Andrew (PS0HV) [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [5235] If we go there, she'll [...] the right drill, [...] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [5236] No we won't have the right drill bit!
Adrian (PS0HT) [5237] Pardon?
Paul (PS0HN) [5238] I know what [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5239] [...] laugh innit?
Karen (PS0HU) [5240] Mum, if you just
Ruth (PS0HP) [5241] I bought you all we've got.
Karen (PS0HU) [5242] Mum, did you have that cup?
Kevin (PS0HM) [5243] Can I get you a drink [...] ?
Adrian (PS0HT) [5244] No thanks [...] .
Eric (PS0HS) [...]
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [5245] The gateaux.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5246] The [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5247] The [...]
Michael (PS0J0) [5248] Dad, Dad is that [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5249] What about Aim Hemslow ... No?
Michelle (PS0HR) [5250] [...] drill bits! [laugh]
Adrian (PS0HT) [5251] Yeah ... isn't it [...] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [5252] Well Michael, what did you
Adrian (PS0HT) [5253] Right, here it is
Ruth (PS0HP) [5254] say about my [laughing] fruit salad [] ?
Adrian (PS0HT) [5255] listen here
Michael (PS0J0) [5256] It's purple!
Adrian (PS0HT) [5257] if you're [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5258] [laughing] Why can't it be purple [] !
Michelle (PS0HR) [5259] What happened to it?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [5260] It's all this [...] ... this thing here.
Joy (PS0HY) [5261] Blackcurrant.
Adrian (PS0HT) [5262] This your accessories?
Joy (PS0HY) [5263] Blackcurrant Michael.
Kevin (PS0HM) [5264] Well I think that you clip on here.
Adrian (PS0HT) [5265] Is it with the hose?
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [5266] Like the garden.
Adrian (PS0HT) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [5267] Is it blue?
Adrian (PS0HT) [5268] Yeah.
Ruth (PS0HP) [5269] Should be enough left over to push your face [laughing] into Michael [] !
Eric (PS0HS) [laugh]
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [5270] It's lovely.
Eric (PS0HS) [5271] What did you have?
Michael (PS0J0) [5272] I didn't want to [...] .
Ruth (PS0HP) [5273] You just said well the fruit [laughing] salad [] .
Michael (PS0J0) [5274] How can it be fruit salad
Eric (PS0HS) [5275] What is erm
Michael (PS0J0) [5276] if it was purple? ... [...] greenish or yellowish, [...]
Joy (PS0HY) [5277] What was that word, Eric?
Michael (PS0J0) [...]
Joy (PS0HY) [5278] Oh Eric! [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Michael (PS0J0) [5279] like normal fruit salad.
Paul (PS0HN) [5280] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [5281] Is he still doing his crossword?
[5282] He was doing that about five minutes ago.
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5283] Go and get the sweets [...] .
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [5284] I'll [...] in a minute.
Karen (PS0HU) [5285] You'll have to eat it then [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [5286] [...] [...] I had two lunches.
Joy (PS0HY) [5287] Oh did you?
Ruth (PS0HP) [5288] Grapes, smelly black banana [...]
Andrew (PS0HV) [5289] Is that the [...] then?
Ruth (PS0HP) [5290] Paw paw.
Joy (PS0HY) [5291] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [5292] Oh yeah.
Andrew (PS0HV) [5293] Oh.
Paul (PS0HN) [5294] Paw paw?
Joy (PS0HY) [5295] [...] black cherries
Kevin (PS0HM) [5296] So many people do.
Eric (PS0HS) [5297] So many people get it now.
Kevin (PS0HM) [5298] [...] [...] doesn't it?
Joy (PS0HY) [5299] Yeah but my [...] done it [...] in the morning go rush out to the post box [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [5300] Accessories ... [...] spray gun
Joy (PS0HY) [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [...]
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [5301] Oh no I think [...]
Eric (PS0HS) [5302] Where was [...] born?
Ruth (PS0HP) [5303] Mhm.
Michelle (PS0HR) [5304] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Eric (PS0HS) [5305] Yugoslavia, but what town?
Ruth (PS0HP) [5306] [...] ... Sofia.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5307] There you go.
Paul (PS0HN) [5308] You ain't got that!
Kevin (PS0HM) [5309] Hold on Yugoslavia [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5310] [...] Sofia , is Bul
Kevin (PS0HM) [5311] Bulgaria.
Ruth (PS0HP) [5312] Bulgaria [...]
Karen (PS0HU) [5313] Sofia is in Bulgaria?
Kevin (PS0HM) [5314] Oh thank you, yes.
Eric (PS0HS) [5315] No A something I something A
Michelle (PS0HR) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [5316] A something I something A ... Oh, I could've [...] you that [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5317] I don't know ... [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [5318] Oh it'll be part Indian.
Ruth (PS0HP) [5319] No it's not Mother Theresa, it's Saint Theresa.
Adrian (PS0HT) [5320] [...] got any letters there are five of them?
Michelle (PS0HR) [5321] Oh you saying number three's [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [5322] No I'm not
Michelle (PS0HR) [5323] Saint Theresa?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5324] Come on ... you work it out.
Kevin (PS0HM) [5325] Saint Theresa we wanted
Karen (PS0HU) [5326] Oh I thought you were talking about Mother Theresa.
Paul (PS0HN) [5327] We started this as well
Adrian (PS0HT) [5328] What yo you do is using that bracket there
Paul (PS0HN) [5329] I'll tell you what
Adrian (PS0HT) [5330] on the wall
Paul (PS0HN) [5331] we'll get ... we'll get ours and then we'll sort of mix and match them
Adrian (PS0HT) [5332] Like so the bracket
Kevin (PS0HM) [5333] Right.
Adrian (PS0HT) [5334] fits on there ... and that bit just rests on the wall, well then
Kevin (PS0HM) [5335] Right
Adrian (PS0HT) [5336] what you can do ... is ... wind it like that and the hose winds up.
Kevin (PS0HM) [5337] Oh good.
Michelle (PS0HR) [5338] You'll be a strong man by the end of it.
Ruth (PS0HP) [5339] It's alright you're off on Wednesday you can do it then.
Adrian (PS0HT) [5340] And you can have it like that if you want.
Kevin (PS0HM) [5341] Yeah I will.
Ruth (PS0HP) [5342] Just leave it like that.
Adrian (PS0HT) [5343] I I think it's better on the wall
Ruth (PS0HP) [5344] Yeah do you think at the moment you could take it all back out again, then?
Adrian (PS0HT) [5345] Yeah.
Kevin (PS0HM) [5346] Where do I put it, inside the garage?
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5347] No
Kevin (PS0HM) [5348] I mean
Ruth (PS0HP) [5349] on the back wall by the tap!
Michelle (PS0HR) [5350] Yeah.
Adrian (PS0HT) [5351] Yeah that's where you want it, near the taps.
Michelle (PS0HR) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [5352] Yeah we'll fix it up in a minute.
Michelle (PS0HR) [5353] It's just to see because then the [...] [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [5354] Don't worry about it
Michelle (PS0HR) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [5355] I'll manage
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Kevin (PS0HM) [5356] Why [...]
Karen (PS0HU) [5357] We will
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Michelle (PS0HR) [5358] What happens [...] ... that's it we come and say right [...] .
Karen (PS0HU) [5359] Adrian have you got a hand drill?
Adrian (PS0HT) [5360] Much better on the wall.
Michelle (PS0HR) [5361] This is how [...]
Karen (PS0HU) [5362] Got a hand drill?
Adrian (PS0HT) [5363] No it's not the drill itself, it's more the bit
Kevin (PS0HM) [5364] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5365] [...] [...] ?
Adrian (PS0HT) [5366] No it won't s ... it's too big ... they're are all wood drills dear.
Andrew (PS0HV) [5367] I've got Eric's [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [...]
Andrew (PS0HV) [5368] somewhere.
Adrian (PS0HT) [5369] And that's an [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [5370] drill ... the what?
Kevin (PS0HM) [5371] How can you tell?
Ruth (PS0HP) [5372] Do you know that Adrian that in this
Adrian (PS0HT) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5373] house, we don't use
Kevin (PS0HM) [5374] How can you tell?
Ruth (PS0HP) [5375] an electric drill in this house any more cos the handle's [...]
Andrew (PS0HV) [5376] You need Michelle to
Adrian (PS0HT) [5377] Yeah
Andrew (PS0HV) [...]
Michael (PS0J0) [5378] Dad is making a [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [5379] Any of them in there?
Eric (PS0HS) [5380] Hold on hold on ... the [...] are
Adrian (PS0HT) [5381] Never heard of that, that's just a straightforward drill that [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5382] I think we'll go in.
Michael (PS0J0) [5383] Auntie.
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [5384] That's erm a ten pounds
Michael (PS0J0) [5385] Auntie
babs (aka mutty) (PS0HX) [5386] for the [...]
Eric (PS0HS) [5387] Oh how old are they, yeah.
Michelle (PS0HR) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5388] You first [...]
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [...]
Eric (PS0HS) [5389] [...] what did you do to that, look?
Ruth (PS0HP) [5390] I didn't intend it to be purple.
Paul (PS0HN) [5391] Yep.
Adrian (PS0HT) [5392] What about wall pliers?
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5393] I blame Julie she made it
Adrian (PS0HT) [5394] You'll need wall pliers?
Ruth (PS0HP) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [5395] Yeah I think I've got some.
Eric (PS0HS) [5396] I'm [...] [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5397] There's half a cabbage
Andrew (PS0HV) [5398] There's no raw plugs in that packet, is there?
Ruth (PS0HP) [5399] Cabbage [...]
Lisa (PS0HW) [5400] Uncle has ... uncle ... why do you put five Ps in here?
Adrian (PS0HT) [5401] [...] go in there?
Kevin (PS0HM) [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [5402] [...] try to sit [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [5403] See you just gotta [...]
Paul (PS0HN) [5404] that one, that one, that one and that one
Ruth (PS0HP) [5405] I was certainly out of it.
Kevin (PS0HM) [5406] [...] you got a [...] ?
Ruth (PS0HP) [5407] I was saying to [...]
Joy (PS0HY) [laugh]
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Kevin (PS0HM) [5408] Do you want any [...] !
Group of unknown speakers (KD0PSUGP) [laugh]
Michelle (PS0HR) [...]
Karen (PS0HU) [5409] Keep an eye on that one!
Michelle (PS0HR) [5410] Did she
Kevin (PS0HM) [5411] Anyway [...]
Andrew (PS0HV) [5412] You haven't got that one.
Kevin (PS0HM) [5413] I just [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5414] [...] than they had left.
Joy (PS0HY) [5415] Yes.
Ruth (PS0HP) [5416] Like
Adrian (PS0HT) [5417] That's right
Ruth (PS0HP) [5418] poison
Paul (PS0HN) [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5419] deadly nightshade is [...]
Joy (PS0HY) [5420] Yeah.
Andrew (PS0HV) [5421] So that's where you put it is it?
Ruth (PS0HP) [5422] They've never had to survive long
Unknown speaker (KD0PSUNK) [5423] A couple of weeks.
Ruth (PS0HP) [5424] sleeping like that.
Andrew (PS0HV) [5425] Anyway that's the story of [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [5426] Right, I'll take this out.
Andrew (PS0HV) [5427] No that'll make a really good [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5428] And if he's not had
Karen (PS0HU) [5429] Ooh yeah it'll be good
Joy (PS0HY) [...]
Lisa (PS0HW) [5430] [...] the pictures
Kevin (PS0HM) [5431] Eh?
Lisa (PS0HW) [...]
Adrian (PS0HT) [5432] No we haven't got a ... drill bit.
Kevin (PS0HM) [5433] Or have you got the same blanks as I've got.
Adrian (PS0HT) [5434] I think I can manage [...]
Ruth (PS0HP) [5435] [...] Eric.
Paul (PS0HN) [5436] We've got twenty seven across which is, birth place of Saint Theresa.
Kevin (PS0HM) [5437] Yeah I got a minu ... A blank I blank A