BNC Text KD1

14 conversations recorded by `Larna' (PS0JA) between 20 and 24 February 1992 with 8 interlocutors, totalling 5183 s-units, 40487 words, and 4 hours 52 minutes 21 seconds of recordings.

10 speakers recorded by respondent number 107

PS0JA Ag2 f (Larna, age 25, housewife)
PS0JB Ag0 f (Charlotte, age 4, student (state pre)) daughter
PS0JC Ag2 f (Pauline, age 29, housewife) sister-in-law
PS0JD X f (Vicky, age unknown) role unspecified
PS0JE Ag2 f (Alex, age 25, secretary) friend
PS0JF Ag0 m (Anthony, age 3, pre-school) son
PS0JG Ag4 m (David, age 45, lorry driver) stepfather
PS0JH Ag0 m (Aaron, age 3) nephew
KD1PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KD1PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

14 recordings

  1. Tape 034501 recorded on 1992-02-20. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: general afternoon activities
  2. Tape 034502 recorded on 1992-02-20. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: general afternoon activities
  3. Tape 034503 recorded on 1992-02-20. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: general afternoon activities
  4. Tape 034504 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationHampshire: Andover ( in town ) Activity: shopping
  5. Tape 034505 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationHampshire: Andover ( in town ) Activity: shopping
  6. Tape 034601 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationHampshire: Basing Village ( home ) Activity: looking after kids and eating
  7. Tape 034602 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationHampshire: Basing Village ( home ) Activity: playing with kids
  8. Tape 034603 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationHampshire: Basing Village ( home ) Activity: playing with kids
  9. Tape 034701 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: looking after kids
  10. Tape 034702 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: looking after kids
  11. Tape 034703 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: looking after kids
  12. Tape 034801 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: looking after kids and talking
  13. Tape 034802 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: looking after kids and chatting
  14. Tape 034803 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: looking after kids and kids singing

1 (Tape 034501)

Larna (PS0JA) [1] And I'll see you next, let me just make a note of this, on this form, a green form.
Vicky (PS0JD) [2] Another one that's dribbling now
Larna (PS0JA) [3] erm it's at forty eight
Alex (PS0JE) [4] What about this , what about this?
Vicky (PS0JD) [5] Yeah put it in the bucket, in the bucket
Larna (PS0JA) [6] can have that, no I don't want that at er three P M or thereabouts
Vicky (PS0JD) [7] Kieran
Larna (PS0JA) [8] I'm just trying to remember everybody in the same afternoon, to collect them all because of about six of them are being done around here
Vicky (PS0JD) [9] Right
Larna (PS0JA) [10] and so, that'll be great, thanks very much indeed for doing that and I'll give you the gift vouchers next week
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Vicky (PS0JD) [11] right, okay then
Larna (PS0JA) [12] right then we can go and have a purge at Marks and Sparks,
Larna (PS0JA) [13] no you don't need these
Vicky (PS0JD) [14] no
Larna (PS0JA) [15] no right
Vicky (PS0JD) [16] right
Larna (PS0JA) [17] I mean if you have a lot of people that come round you're gonna tell them that you're doing it, they might, I don't
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] [dog barking]
Vicky (PS0JD) [18] Put that one in there and this Donald goes in there and where's this men?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [19] What do you want?
[20] Do you want a drink?
[21] Did anybody find his cup?
Vicky (PS0JD) [22] Oh here, here's your cup
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [23] I can't figure out what's up with you young man today
Anthony (PS0JF) [24] Me want a biscuit
Charlotte (PS0JB) [25] What?
[26] I think you got up too early
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [27] wait a minute, did you have a good day at work?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [28] somebody at work, what's a matter love you've been like this since you've got up haven't you?
Vicky (PS0JD) [29] You want your do do?
[30] Catch it, catch, catch, put your bucket out, hold your bucket out
Larna (PS0JA) [31] If you want your do do, go and get it.
Vicky (PS0JD) [32] Ah, there you go
Larna (PS0JA) [33] say thank you , he's a right little misery when he wakes up ain't you boy?
Vicky (PS0JD) [34] Yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [35] Get me a biscuit
Larna (PS0JA) [36] Oh, Anthony
Vicky (PS0JD) [37] Get me one too
Larna (PS0JA) [38] anything else while I'm here?
[39] How about a please
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [40] Yeah take them in the front room then, take them out to erm
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [41] that's it, we're happy for two minutes
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Vicky (PS0JD) [42] You got the biscuits?
Larna (PS0JA) [43] Charlotte's bringing them in, oh he sat there playing I notice his button I presume it must be off his cardigan
Vicky (PS0JD) [44] Yes
Larna (PS0JA) [45] Yeah, I thought what's that white thing down there, oh yeah a button
Vicky (PS0JD) [46] Here's your pen, thanks
Larna (PS0JA) [47] mm, he went up about oh, I suppose he went up to bed about half twelve, quarter to one and he got up about quarter to three
Vicky (PS0JD) [48] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [49] Yeah, he's up there sound-o, and he was up this way, he went up at one and got up about ten minutes after this one, so
Anthony (PS0JF) [50] Look what we've got, little boxes
Vicky (PS0JD) [51] Mm, very smart
Larna (PS0JA) [52] oh I see going to the cupboards are you?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [53] oh
Anthony (PS0JF) [54] My favourite one
Alex (PS0JE) [55] Yummy, yummy, yum
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...

2 (Tape 034502)

Larna (PS0JA) [56] So what did you do did you sort out, did they say anything about er, erm
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [children making noise]
Larna (PS0JA) [57] tea towels?
[58] Paper towels?
[59] Did anything happen, she said
Alex (PS0JE) [60] I go there at
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [61] oh well that's fair enough innit?
Vicky (PS0JD) [62] Oh I won't do it on principle
Larna (PS0JA) [63] There you go
Alex (PS0JE) [64] somebody else can be
Charlotte (PS0JB) [65] Where's my drink I had for breakfast?
Larna (PS0JA) [66] Pass me his drink please, he's too plain lazy to get it
Charlotte (PS0JB) [67] Where's my drink I had for breakfast?
Larna (PS0JA) [68] I don't know Charlotte
Charlotte (PS0JB) [69] You give to, down the sink
Larna (PS0JA) [70] Oh what you left this morning?
[71] Yeah I'm not, don't tell them, I'm not gonna leave them in the sink all day while you decide if you're going to eat it or not
Charlotte (PS0JB) [72] No not my breakfast
Larna (PS0JA) [73] There you go just a booklet there to fill out
Alex (PS0JE) [74] I know, and I'm the one hundredth and seventh person to do it
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [75] so this is tape one, side A ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [76] Not my breakfast, my drink I had this morning
Larna (PS0JA) [77] put you down as a stranger shall I?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [78] and when I woke er, and when I woke up
Larna (PS0JA) [79] Sorry
Charlotte (PS0JB) [80] and I had my breakfast
Larna (PS0JA) [81] what would you like to go down as a scrubber? [laugh]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [82] mummy my drink, mummy my drink
Alex (PS0JE) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [83] I never thought of that actually I was thinking of scrubbing the kitchens and that [laugh] or maybe we would, or maybe we would put that down
Alex (PS0JE) [84] No, I don't think so, you'll probably get, get had up for having a erm brothel [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [85] [laugh] Oh look at that I've lost me pen now, bloody thing's, okay
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [86] occupation?
[87] What's your occupational hazard?
Alex (PS0JE) [88] [laugh] I am
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [89] I'm not putting down there just do the washer upper
Larna (PS0JA) [90] What's the matter in the Oxford Dictionary
Alex (PS0JE) [91] Alex a washer upper [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [laugh]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [92] Can I have a drink?
Larna (PS0JA) [93] You
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [94] oh I know her [laugh] , erm ... secretary
Vicky (PS0JD) [95] I didn't
Larna (PS0JA) [96] how do you spell that?
[97] S E C
Vicky (PS0JD) [98] secret, A R Y
Larna (PS0JA) [99] Oh yeah, I've never looked at it like that before, yeah, ah, ah
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Larna (PS0JA) [100] Ah
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] [children screaming]
Larna (PS0JA) [101] You two, what is going on?
[102] Why do we have this fighting this in the front room
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Vicky (PS0JD) [103] Show mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [104] Ah it depends what his toys are at home
Vicky (PS0JD) [105] he's got enough of them
Larna (PS0JA) [106] Well like you say he's probably got ...
Vicky (PS0JD) [107] Hey
Anthony (PS0JF) [108] Mum
Larna (PS0JA) [109] Yes
Anthony (PS0JF) [110] mum
Larna (PS0JA) [111] yes
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [112] yes
Charlotte (PS0JB) [113] This is my milk I get out of the fridge
Larna (PS0JA) [114] Oh you was going to the fridge for that was you?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [115] Yes drink milk, no, no
Anthony (PS0JF) [116] And me
Larna (PS0JA) [117] You want one more do you?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [118] there you are then, you don't want one?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [119] Me, thank you mum
Anthony (PS0JF) [120] Er der
Larna (PS0JA) [121] You want to choose one there, they been very busy, have they been very busy up there the old canteen then?
Alex (PS0JE) [122] Erm, it's not bad I'm probably doing
Anthony (PS0JF) [123] Mum I want a drink of milk
Alex (PS0JE) [124] a hundred and fifty odd meals a day
Larna (PS0JA) [125] Alright, a hundred and fifteen?
Alex (PS0JE) [126] Fifty
Larna (PS0JA) [127] Oh that's a lot
Alex (PS0JE) [128] Yeah it is quite a lot, erm
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [129] you know like some days you can have a really ... like you never
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [130] everything on the menu is like really messy
Larna (PS0JA) [131] Yeah
Alex (PS0JE) [132] and say like say it takes absolutely ages to clean the dishes and pots you know, but like you say it was erm chili con carne, erm tuna and celery pie, what else was there on?
[133] Erm seafood vol au vent
Charlotte (PS0JB) [134] Oh no problem
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [135] something for everybody, see I go really easy dishes, I mean you've got your veggies and salad by all that
Larna (PS0JA) [136] Yeah
Alex (PS0JE) [137] I mean nothing like burns into the pot you know what I mean?
Larna (PS0JA) [138] Yeah
Alex (PS0JE) [139] so it wasn't too bad
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [140] ah, it's got here
Charlotte (PS0JB) [141] Yum
Larna (PS0JA) [142] oh, regional accents
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [143] yeah I can put that down can't I?
Alex (PS0JE) [144] Mm, cos they're not, not
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [145] no, that's what I thought
Alex (PS0JE) [146] No
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [children screaming]
Alex (PS0JE) [147] I say it wouldn't relate to any accent in England anyway
Larna (PS0JA) [148] No
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [children screaming]
Larna (PS0JA) [149] Oh we've emptied it too much
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Larna (PS0JA) [150] Tell you what
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [children screaming]
Larna (PS0JA) [151] don't play with these
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [152] shall we go and buy you some juice okay, cos we've really ran out of juice this morning didn't he?
Larna (PS0JA) [153] Oh yeah I got all your bits then , he hasn't had hardly had anything to drink again today ... he doesn't seem to drink, he eats all his food, oh he ate that pudding no problem
Alex (PS0JE) [154] Oh did he?
Larna (PS0JA) [155] Yeah he loved it
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [156] and then they tell you just cover it, the taste of the food some time
Larna (PS0JA) [157] Yeah
Alex (PS0JE) [158] has you eaten your
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [children screaming]
Alex (PS0JE) [159] Larna
Larna (PS0JA) [160] Yeah
Alex (PS0JE) [161] have you seen this how he loves me?
Larna (PS0JA) [162] [laugh] I tell you what you wait until he gets teeth and, and he does bite you.
Alex (PS0JE) [163] The other day he, he grabbed my nose, he had my nose charming in his mouth, he bite
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [164] and mummy nearly went through the roof
Charlotte (PS0JB) [165] Mummy I want another one
Larna (PS0JA) [166] Oh better take that biscuit tin away before they eat the lot, got that lid, get that and put, have one more and get it in the kitchen Charlotte
Charlotte (PS0JB) [167] you
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [168] yeah one more and that's enough
Anthony (PS0JF) [169] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [170] ooh, ah, what she doing?
[171] What is she doing?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [172] and you want the bib and the spoon
Alex (PS0JE) [173] Never mind the, never mind the
Larna (PS0JA) [174] Get off the table
Alex (PS0JE) [175] another one like me
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [176] mum I don't want one more
Larna (PS0JA) [177] Right would you take them to the kitchen for me please because I'm putting these bits away
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [178] can I give you a hand there Larna still
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [179] no you're alright, no you're alright, it's to the truth there's nothing, who put that bag in there, can't put it in there, put it right, I'll put it in, in a minute
Alex (PS0JE) [180] Ah [raspberry]
Larna (PS0JA) [181] Do you think you're gonna be up to me next week or not?
Alex (PS0JE) [182] Erm I find out this afternoon when I phone in my hours
Larna (PS0JA) [183] Oh yeah, well you know, just let me know anyway
Alex (PS0JE) [184] Yeah, I'll call you after definitely
Larna (PS0JA) [185] Yeah
Alex (PS0JE) [186] I just have to let you know
Larna (PS0JA) [187] right I think all, no bottles out the fridge and that's it
Alex (PS0JE) [188] What he hasn't had a single bottle today?
Larna (PS0JA) [189] No, not even, that's all the
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [190] are you a tired baby, did you want to go to sleep?
[191] You go home and go to sleep
Larna (PS0JA) [192] He's only been up since quarter to three
Alex (PS0JE) [193] [laugh] You go home and kip
Larna (PS0JA) [194] so I thought you'll probably give him a bottle when you got here anyway, so I was going to give him one, it all depends when he got up and I thought you'll probably give him one so I didn't
Alex (PS0JE) [195] Yeah, but
Larna (PS0JA) [196] I mean he was so happy playing
Alex (PS0JE) [197] yeah, he'll probably forget [laugh] I doubt it though
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [198] would you know where they think it is Larna?
Larna (PS0JA) [199] Your what?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [children screaming]
Larna (PS0JA) [200] yeah
Alex (PS0JE) [201] Because
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [202] yeah it could be that
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [children screaming]
Larna (PS0JA) [203] you only had these two bags didn't we?
Alex (PS0JE) [204] Erm wouldn't have the
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [205] I mean
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [206] it could be that, yeah ... you've got a drink in there
Alex (PS0JE) [207] It's been in this week
Larna (PS0JA) [208] Oh you want your coat
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [209] when did they do it?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [210] it must of been about Tuesday, it must of been first day
Alex (PS0JE) [211] Oh you've got stuck
Larna (PS0JA) [212] yeah oh it might be there but then they, they do erm, they do say as they get older they get er fed up with milk and they eat and you know the, they do sometimes
Alex (PS0JE) [213] Do sometimes
Larna (PS0JA) [214] so
Alex (PS0JE) [215] It's funny they've never been a great juice freak really
Larna (PS0JA) [216] He didn't drink a lot of it
Alex (PS0JE) [217] Erm, what's, oh, and yet he hates water
Larna (PS0JA) [218] Does he?
Alex (PS0JE) [219] Yeah, he can't stand the water
Larna (PS0JA) [220] Now that's yours, now I've lost me
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [221] ah it's probably in me bag, yeah don't worry about it, it's probably in a bag, let mummy
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [222] oh yes there it is, come to mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [223] Do you want it on him
Alex (PS0JE) [224] Want mummy's hat
Charlotte (PS0JB) [225] Mum if you, he can have a bit of me milk if you like when you, that bit yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [226] No, my own milk
Alex (PS0JE) [227] Go and get some juice for the boy, go and get some juice for the boy
Larna (PS0JA) [228] I'll go and wash this and put it onto his coat
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [229] you didn't want to eat that love
Larna (PS0JA) [230] No
Charlotte (PS0JB) [231] What his name erm
Larna (PS0JA) [232] no
Charlotte (PS0JB) [233] Alex name, there he is
Alex (PS0JE) [234] you know that, that juice, that's it
Charlotte (PS0JB) [235] Alex erm, Alex I'm talking to you
Anthony (PS0JF) [236] And Vicky got a new bed
Larna (PS0JA) [237] What's the matter?
Anthony (PS0JF) [238] Vicky got a new bed
Charlotte (PS0JB) [239] Vicky got a new bed
Alex (PS0JE) [240] I know I saw it this morning it's really smart isn't it?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [241] How could you, you live far, far [belch] away
Larna (PS0JA) [242] What do you say?
Alex (PS0JE) [243] Excuse me
Larna (PS0JA) [244] Or pardon
Charlotte (PS0JB) [245] You didn't see it this morning, well, I mean when you come over
Larna (PS0JA) [246] Yeah, well when I got it out the car but, just wash that down
Alex (PS0JE) [247] Erm what was I going, I was going to tell you something
Larna (PS0JA) [248] Yeah you was weren't you till they interrupting ... [laugh]
Alex (PS0JE) [249] Oh that juice, you know when erm they're six weeks old and you get the bounty packs?
Larna (PS0JA) [250] Yeah
Alex (PS0JE) [251] Still had that, I ran out of his usual juice this morning, I went oh I can't believe it
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [252] and I keep these little packets in obscure little places because then I remember about them one day
Larna (PS0JA) [laugh]
Alex (PS0JE) [253] in case I run out
Charlotte (PS0JB) [254] You won't because I used to be
Alex (PS0JE) [255] they're quite handy
Charlotte (PS0JB) [256] I'll smack you [laugh]
Alex (PS0JE) [257] by hand is all gooey now
Larna (PS0JA) [258] It is?
Alex (PS0JE) [259] baby, baby [kiss]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [laugh] [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [260] call you B B then won't we?
Alex (PS0JE)
Larna (PS0JA) [261] Yeah, watch him, leave things there, he hasn't had a dirty nappy today so
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [262] you can't climb there, Alex has got your
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [263] mum, ah pick me up there
Alex (PS0JE) [264] er see one of these bibs this morning
Larna (PS0JA) [265] No I'm not picking you up I'm cleaning Kieran's face ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [266] carefully Anthony, careful cos Alex's got to live in there
Anthony (PS0JF) [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [267] Erm, if it is the one this morning, I can understand why he hasn't done one today
Alex (PS0JE) [268] Oh, it was enormous
Charlotte (PS0JB) [269] and we all, we always get our drink of milk
Alex (PS0JE) [270] Do you, that's good for you isn't it?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [271] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [272] I know, but he don't climb on that
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [273] do you, do you buy milk?
Alex (PS0JE) [274] Yes I do, Jordan drinks milk
Charlotte (PS0JB) [275] Mum
Larna (PS0JA) [276] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [277] good boy, where's do do?
Alex (PS0JE) [278] He has full fat milk, full cream milk, full fat milk
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [279] full cream milk
Alex (PS0JE) [280] full cream milk
Larna (PS0JA) [281] It's only half
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [282] calorie stuff innit?
[283] The one that ain't got full
Alex (PS0JE) [284] This is only pasteurized, erm
Larna (PS0JA) [285] Oh what I drink
Charlotte (PS0JB) [286] We don't have any
Larna (PS0JA) [287] oh I don't have milk anyway [laugh]
Alex (PS0JE) [288] we have the one that's the thickest and
Larna (PS0JA) [289] Kieran don't do that darling
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [290] oh okay now, it's okay
Larna (PS0JA) [291] Oh, he, he always starts to whinge when I lay him down to do his coat up, he don't like
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [292] the latest thing is putting his wrist on, anything he's gotta get his arms through ... oh let's go
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [293] right I'll speak to you again next week
Larna (PS0JA) [294] It's Friday again tomorrow
Alex (PS0JE) [295] Ah
Larna (PS0JA) [296] it goes really quick though doesn't it?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [297] what's wrong
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [298] take care
Larna (PS0JA) [299] He might have a bottle when he get him home
Alex (PS0JE) [300] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [301] say the way he was looking at her milk just then, you can have a bottle when you get home are you?
Alex (PS0JE) [302] get excited
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [303] yeah, at home, you erm put that button in your pocket?
Alex (PS0JE) [304] Erm I did, let me just check it
Larna (PS0JA) [305] Right
Alex (PS0JE) [306] could of fallen out
Anthony (PS0JF) [laugh]
Alex (PS0JE) [307] Look at the state of my glasses
Larna (PS0JA) [308] Oh dear they need cleaning don't they?
Alex (PS0JE) [309] there's er
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [310] oh Kieran
Alex (PS0JE) [311] Yeah got that
Larna (PS0JA) [312] I've had up to five floating around the house before and then we can't find one, no and then two days
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [313] that's where they all are, I've got them
Alex (PS0JE) [314] Bye, see you all tomorrow
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [315] Alex, Alex
Alex (PS0JE) [316] Eh [scream] got it
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [317] Alex, Alex I've got it
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [318] No I think it's a shame about, it doesn't really matter, mm I'm not quite sure Alex
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [319] I don't know
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [320] what
Charlotte (PS0JB) [321] I bet you have forgotten your keys
Alex (PS0JE) [322] No they're in my pocket
Anthony (PS0JF) [323] Mummy
Charlotte (PS0JB) [324] Mummy, mummy, mummy, mummy
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [325] oh thank you, take care, yeah I can't imagine surprising what you can get over the weekend
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [326] yeah, we should have to put you on the book
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [327] put stranger down
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [328] okay then, see you tomorrow
Alex (PS0JE) [329] Yeah, alright then, same time, bye Kieran
Larna (PS0JA) [330] [laugh] see you later, bye
Charlotte (PS0JB) [331] Mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [332] Charlotte come on, come and watch cartoons ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [333] do it mum
Larna (PS0JA) [334] Charlotte I'm shutting the door it's cold ... come on
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [335] right, we want
Charlotte (PS0JB) [336] Channel eight
Larna (PS0JA) [337] No T V S
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [338] well after this now, right
Charlotte (PS0JB) [339] Can I take my jumper off? [scream]
Larna (PS0JA) [340] I wouldn't, it's not very warm
Anthony (PS0JF) [341] I do ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [laugh] ...
Larna (PS0JA) [342] You put, you gonna put some of these toys away now please? ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [scream] ...
Larna (PS0JA) [343] Ah, ah, no, no
Anthony (PS0JF) [344] Oh we put
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [345] on
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [346] ma, mum, ma
Charlotte (PS0JB) [347] Mummy, mummy I like that
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [348] get me some milk
Larna (PS0JA) [349] What about your manners, please and thank you?
Anthony (PS0JF) [350] Please and thank you
Larna (PS0JA) [351] Yes I will, hold on
Charlotte (PS0JB) [352] I didn't have to say please and thank you for my milk cos I pour straight on my dinner, didn't I?
[353] Didn't I?
Larna (PS0JA) [354] Hold on ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [355] No, yes
Charlotte (PS0JB) [356] Are you gonna
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [357] away?
Larna (PS0JA) [358] Yeah, just leave that now, you want a drop of milk now do you Anthony?
Anthony (PS0JF) [359] Er
Larna (PS0JA) [360] Hold on ...
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [361] mummy, mummy, mummy [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [362] here are
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [363] alright, listen, come on, right let's have all these toys tidied up, before the cartoons start ... come on, alright, you're alright, that's not what we do with toy boxes is it?
[364] That's how accidents happen
Charlotte (PS0JB) [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [365] No, this is what we're going to do, we're going to tidy them all up now ... quietly
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [noisy children]
Larna (PS0JA) [366] Don't throw them at the windows.

3 (Tape 034503)

Larna (PS0JA) [367] Careful, that's it, right jump straight in the car then, cos it's open and it'll be warm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [368] I get the
Larna (PS0JA) [369] Hang on let me open the doors
Charlotte (PS0JB) [370] last one open doors
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [371] right you get in there
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [372] Charlotte can you get in here and put your seat belt on?
[373] Please
Charlotte (PS0JB) [374] [singing] Maybe, maybe []
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [375] No you got to sit up here in the car seat love, Charlotte get in or you'll be late
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [376] oh, one, two, three in, oh that's a good boy [laugh]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [377] [singing] in the morning
Larna (PS0JA) [378] You got hiccoughs?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [379] E I E I we []
Larna (PS0JA) [380] Right are we in Charlotte?
[381] No ... can you put your belt on?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [382] No
Larna (PS0JA) [383] Do you want me to do it?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [384] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [385] Yeah, okay
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [386] do it
Larna (PS0JA) [387] There we go, that's you done, and you young man, cor all strapped in?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [388] Oh you know
Larna (PS0JA) [389] Yeah well I'll put my seat belt on in a minute ... right
Anthony (PS0JF) [390] Off we go
Larna (PS0JA) [391] off we go, can you hold that letter?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [392] Why?
Larna (PS0JA) [393] Well I just wanna stop to post it
Charlotte (PS0JB) [394] I wanna go to play group
Larna (PS0JA) [395] We are going to play group, but we've gotta drive right past the letter box
Anthony (PS0JF) [cough]
Larna (PS0JA) [396] Why, cos it's on the way
Anthony (PS0JF) [397] Mummy me
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [398] my pussy cat on shoulder
Larna (PS0JA) [399] Oh you brought your pussy cat did you, didn't you bring your Mickey Mouses?
Anthony (PS0JF) [400] No brought a
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [401] out
Larna (PS0JA) [402] Alright
Charlotte (PS0JB) [403] No
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [404] he's half, half of er, all his tail has gone
Larna (PS0JA) [405] Half his tail's gone?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [406] No all of his tails has gone, he's broken his tail
Larna (PS0JA) [407] Oh dear, did someone pull it out then?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [408] Yeah, maybe
Larna (PS0JA) [409] Oh never mind
Charlotte (PS0JB) [410] pull it out
Anthony (PS0JF) [411] And
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [412] take it out
Charlotte (PS0JB) [413] How can someone pull it mummy?
Larna (PS0JA) [414] Yeah , oh it was probably an accident
Charlotte (PS0JB) [415] How can it be pulled out it was up there for ages
Larna (PS0JA) [416] Never mind, don't worry about it ... [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [417] right what do you think you're gonna do at play school today then, does anybody know?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [418] Not me
Anthony (PS0JF) [419] Me
Larna (PS0JA) [420] What do you normally do on a Friday?
Anthony (PS0JF) [421] Oh I don't know
Charlotte (PS0JB) [422] Playdoh
Anthony (PS0JF) [423] Playdoh
Charlotte (PS0JB) [424] Bricks
Larna (PS0JA) [425] do you, that should be fun
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [426] Well you're gonna have plenty to do then aren't you?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [427] Yes ...
Larna (PS0JA) [428] Okay, I'll just jump out and post this letter
Charlotte (PS0JB) [429] Sticklebricks and erm some engine bricks, and also some
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] [drilling noise]
Larna (PS0JA) [430] oh that's handy, thank you [laugh] ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [431] Why didn't you post it in the letter box?
Larna (PS0JA) [432] Well because the postman had come to empty the letter box, right, so there was no point in mummy putting her letter in cos he'd of just taken it out again ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [433] Where you put it?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [434] Why does the dustman have to take it away?
Larna (PS0JA) [435] No not the dustman, the postman
Charlotte (PS0JB) [436] Why does the postman have to take all the letters away?
Larna (PS0JA) [437] Why?
[438] Well he takes them to the post office
Charlotte (PS0JB) [439] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [440] then the post office sorts them out
Charlotte (PS0JB) [441] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [442] and gives them to different postmen to take to different houses
Charlotte (PS0JB) [443] Yeah ... yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [444] and that's how we all get our letters.
[445] You know mummy gets letters in the morning, mummy and daddy
Charlotte (PS0JB) [446] Yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [447] Yeah , no I do it up
Larna (PS0JA) [448] well it, now the postman takes it to where it's got to be sorted and they will post it to whoever it has to go to.
Charlotte (PS0JB) [449] Yeah, but what about your money they might send it back to you
Larna (PS0JA) [450] I didn't send any money, you never send money through the post Charlotte
Charlotte (PS0JB) [451] Why?
Larna (PS0JA) [452] Cos somebody might take it ... wasn't money I sent anyway, just an order form
Charlotte (PS0JB) [453] Why?
Larna (PS0JA) [454] There's Pauline and Aaron, shall we go and see them?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [455] Yeah, stop right where they are
Larna (PS0JA) [456] No I can't just stop right in the middle of the road, I have to park darling, there we go, ooh right next to this car, there's Ian over there right ... right one, two out you come
Charlotte (PS0JB) [457] Aaron
Larna (PS0JA) [458] Charlotte don't just run off and get on the path
Charlotte (PS0JB) [459] Aaron I'm here
Larna (PS0JA) [460] Morning
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [461] Yeah alright?
Larna (PS0JA) [462] Yeah, you
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [463] yeah she always is, it's this one that's not [laugh] you must be joking [laugh] Charlotte out the way, don't be so impatient, oh god, thanks very much ... right, hang your coat up, hang your coat up, I'll hang your coat up ... give us your coat
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [464] right come on
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [465] She took him in
Pauline (PS0JC) [466] Oh right, I wondered where he was [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [467] Hiya Paul alright?
Larna (PS0JA) [468] Thanks ... alright, yeah you, yeah ... what?
[469] ... Come on, ah?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [470] Anthony smile, oh it's a good job we unzipped it then
Larna (PS0JA) [471] Have you got a kiss for me then
Charlotte (PS0JB) [472] Bye
Larna (PS0JA) [473] I see you later okay, good girl
Charlotte (PS0JB) [474] He mustn't have it today
Pauline (PS0JC) [475] He mustn't have it, oh Anthony she said you can't have your smile today
Charlotte (PS0JB) [476] You know why?
Pauline (PS0JC) [477] No
Charlotte (PS0JB) [478] Because it suppose to be a present
Pauline (PS0JC) [479] It's a present
Charlotte (PS0JB) [480] don't tell him
Pauline (PS0JC) [481] ooh, it's a surprise present
Larna (PS0JA) [482] Why what you doing?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [483] Ah, eh, I'm going into town, you going into town or
Larna (PS0JA) [484] Erm, no, but I come in for
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [485] if you want
Pauline (PS0JC) [486] You know what your daughter started yesterday you know?
Larna (PS0JA) [487] What?
Pauline (PS0JC) [488] All these pots, weren't it?
[489] Oh some of the kids come up and said
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [490] Oh that's not my one
Pauline (PS0JC) [491] hang on a minute that's not mine either, and all then that's not my pots [laugh] I tell you what when they do something they do not forget the colour
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [492] Aren't they funny when they look, we didn't look at the yoghurt pots did we?
Pauline (PS0JC) [493] No
Larna (PS0JA) [494] Went no, no, it's not, it's not peach melba, right down to the last detail
Charlotte (PS0JB) [495] Oh no you know what we forget my play school bag
Larna (PS0JA) [496] Your play school bag?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [497] Yes
Pauline (PS0JC) [498] Pity you didn't lose your voice at home today Charlotte is there
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [499] I don't know what she's on about, you tell me Kim
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [500] Oh
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [501] I haven't even gone yet
Charlotte (PS0JB) [502] I'm jumping like a jelly baby
Larna (PS0JA) [503] Yeah you jump
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [504] right I'll give him a kiss and you
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [505] I might get a smile out of him
Larna (PS0JA) [506] Listen you told me you ain't gonna cry this morning, put it this way you won't be going to the sweet shop will we?
Anthony (PS0JF) [crying]
Larna (PS0JA) [507] Come on, come on, I'll see you later
Pauline (PS0JC) [508] Oh
Larna (PS0JA) [509] see you later, I'll see you later, oh you want a kiss?
Pauline (PS0JC) [510] See you later
Larna (PS0JA) [511] Now you stop crying [kiss] [laugh] oh
Anthony (PS0JF) [512] Mum, mum, I wanna go
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [513] I'll be back in a little while
Pauline (PS0JC) [laugh] ...
Larna (PS0JA) [514] I miss you, I miss you
Pauline (PS0JC) [515] Ah
Larna (PS0JA) [516] I don't know
Pauline (PS0JC) [517] Who've you got today just Kieran?
Larna (PS0JA) [518] Oh no I've got thingy at erm eleven
Pauline (PS0JC) [519] Eleven
Larna (PS0JA) [520] well half ten, quarter to eleven
Pauline (PS0JC) [521] yeah er what
Larna (PS0JA) [522] I don't know about next week yet, she'll let me know
Pauline (PS0JC) [523] Yeah I've only got to go to the bank and got to pay something for Gary, I've got to pay in a cheque for Gary again cos he's ever so low again this year, this week, this month
Larna (PS0JA) [524] Yeah, I'll just move that chair from out the front
Pauline (PS0JC) [525] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [526] I'm not putting it in where you put it before though cos I had a hell of a job [laugh]
Pauline (PS0JC) [527] Did you? [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [528] I just erm ...
Pauline (PS0JC) [529] Put it on top
Larna (PS0JA) [530] yeah, yeah, it makes it easier that way.
Pauline (PS0JC) [531] Sian was saying there's a coffee morning on today
Larna (PS0JA) [532] Yeah, but I couldn't of gone anyway, cos I had too many kids ...
Pauline (PS0JC) [533] What time's that on till?
Larna (PS0JA) [534] Erm I don't know I haven't been to them for ages now
Pauline (PS0JC) [535] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [536] because er ... I can't really do much with my two anyway
Pauline (PS0JC) [537] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [538] so did you get your wardrobes done?
[539] Measured up got any quotes?
Pauline (PS0JC) [540] Last one today twelve, I've got the last one coming today
Larna (PS0JA) [541] Have you?
Pauline (PS0JC) [542] I've got erm, we've had one through from erm ... erm came round on Wednesday morning because we had Wednesday morning, one should be coming via the post today, we phoned up yesterday
Larna (PS0JA) [543] Oh yeah, yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [544] and he's sending it first post, it should be through today, if not tomorrow morning, erm
Larna (PS0JA) [545] [cough] Oh dear
Pauline (PS0JC) [546] the other one gave us a quote for three hundred and eighty eight
Larna (PS0JA) [547] Oh that's not bad then
Pauline (PS0JC) [548] which was good, but Gary's suspicious at that price
Larna (PS0JA) [549] Three hundred and eighty eight?
Pauline (PS0JC) [550] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [551] What's that to do?
Pauline (PS0JC) [552] comparing it , comparing it with erm one thousand, two hundred, he's, he says it's rather suspicious
Larna (PS0JA) [553] What is that for the actual three hund
Pauline (PS0JC) [554] Just, just the actual erm sliding mirror wardrobes
Larna (PS0JA) [555] Just the doors no fitting or anything?
Pauline (PS0JC) [556] Yeah it's for the fittings and everything, erm and I've had prices like one thousand two hundred, eighteen hundred, and this bloke you know, says three hundred and eighty eight
Larna (PS0JA) [557] Oh
Pauline (PS0JC) [558] and Gary's rather suspicious at that price, we, we had a builder that came round he, he wanted four hundred and twenty
Larna (PS0JA) [559] Yes
Pauline (PS0JC) [560] and that was with the doors from Texas and he thought oh no you know
Larna (PS0JA) [561] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [562] we'd rather get it done properly, erm, but erm, this that came yesterday morning, he reckons it, that he can do the whole of the bedroom, look there's been an accident, I've got to tell you [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [563] Oh good
Pauline (PS0JC) [564] they've gone right over that bank, right over that bank, right over there, it's bounced over
Larna (PS0JA) [565] It's speeding I expect
Pauline (PS0JC) [566] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [567] to get that far
Pauline (PS0JC) [568] erm and they can do the wardrobes and the fitment erm and wardrobes either side erm for eighteen hundred
Larna (PS0JA) [569] Oh
Pauline (PS0JC) [570] which is the price we were looking at, it's not too cheap and it's not too expensive
Larna (PS0JA) [571] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [572] cos Gary sort of said we should set prices that are too low
Larna (PS0JA) [573] Maybe they just, he just done it so cheap because of the recession I mean
Pauline (PS0JC) [574] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [575] you can get almost anything done at the moment
Pauline (PS0JC) [576] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [577] can't you? ...
Pauline (PS0JC) [578] so we'll wait and see ...
Larna (PS0JA) [579] Well was it all private people then
Pauline (PS0JC) [580] we'll see what price they give
Larna (PS0JA) [581] or companies?
Pauline (PS0JC) [582] No it's all companies
Larna (PS0JA) [583] What even this three hundred and eighty eight?
Pauline (PS0JC) [584] Yeah, that's
Larna (PS0JA) [585] Well you can always check it out
Pauline (PS0JC) [586] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [587] make sure it is a genuine it, the, the, he's come from the company and he's not doing it privately or something
Pauline (PS0JC) [588] You see the thing is, I said, Gary said to me he said did you ask them about the over bed erm units and that and I said yeah, I said he wanted to, he, he said he could do the over bed unit for eighteen hundred plus the wardrobes for three eighty eight
Larna (PS0JA) [589] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [590] well this people I mean with, with, that I mean that really is more or less the same amount as the other companies have said for er more or less the whole lot, so why the wardrobes are so cheap and yet the, the bed surrounding is so expensive, we don't know
Larna (PS0JA) [591] Mm
Pauline (PS0JC) [592] whereas people they reckon that they can do it, they can do the whole lot for eighteen hundred
Larna (PS0JA) [593] Yeah , oh strange isn't it?
Pauline (PS0JC) [594] Yeah , it's er, it's er cheap for the wardrobes, but expensive for the over bed unit, I mean Gary said well at that price he said the over bed unit we might as well get out of a catalogue.
Larna (PS0JA) [595] Well, yeah, talking of catalogues actually you might know, my two want a beanbag right?
Pauline (PS0JC) [596] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [597] They've got one in Argos but the colours are disgusting and it's twenty pound, you see I went and brought one for Boo Boo, that one from Argos
Pauline (PS0JC) [598] Yeah , yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [599] and they absconded it, and the dog hasn't a hope in hell and also the ones you get for the kids, when you sit in them they sit up like little chairs don't they?
Pauline (PS0JC) [600] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [601] whereas the dog's one
Pauline (PS0JC) [602] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [603] lie down on
Pauline (PS0JC) [604] lie down on
Larna (PS0JA) [605] and I haven't got them in my club book, any ideas?
Pauline (PS0JC) [606] Erm, Argos, Index, or
Larna (PS0JA) [607] Argos has only got the one which is disgusting
Pauline (PS0JC) [608] Is this for the dog?
Larna (PS0JA) [609] No this is for the kids, I've got the dog, I've got the dog's, but the dog ain't got it [laugh]
Pauline (PS0JC) [610] Market, Saturday market
Larna (PS0JA) [611] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [612] they do, they do er a carpet stall and they also do erm on the same stall with a carpet, they do erm, duvets
Larna (PS0JA) [613] Mm
Pauline (PS0JC) [614] pillows, and they do beanbags as well
Larna (PS0JA) [615] Do they not do it on a Thursday?
Pauline (PS0JC) [616] No, I've never seen them there on a Thursday
Larna (PS0JA) [617] No
Pauline (PS0JC) [618] Saturday is the only time I've seen them there
Larna (PS0JA) [619] I just wondered cos Argos wanted twenty pound and nineteen ninety nine
Pauline (PS0JC) [620] Yeah, yeah I think they want twelve, twelve ninety nine or something off the market
Larna (PS0JA) [621] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [622] It's been ages since well, since I looked, but I'm sure it's something like that.
Larna (PS0JA) [623] Yeah, but I also got a leaflet for refills as well
Pauline (PS0JC) [624] Oh that's what I need some more of those for his beanbag
Larna (PS0JA) [625] Yeah that's what it's for the dog's bean bag
Pauline (PS0JC) [626] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [627] so
Pauline (PS0JC) [628] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [629] I've got the address at home if you want it
Pauline (PS0JC) [630] Right ...
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [631] now, put a bit of lipstick on [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Pauline (PS0JC) [632] Do you wanna grab my catalogue do you when we get back to my place?
Larna (PS0JA) [633] Why is there anything in there?
Pauline (PS0JC) [634] Well you said you wanted to have a look at the er quilt covers?
Larna (PS0JA) [635] Oh no, I'm gonna leave that for a bit
Pauline (PS0JC) [636] Are you?
Larna (PS0JA) [637] Yeah, due to lack of funds [laugh]
Pauline (PS0JC) [638] Twenty P an hour innit?
Larna (PS0JA) [639] Oh, where's my bag then?
Pauline (PS0JC) [640] I've got it here
Larna (PS0JA) [641] Oh god I thought I'd lost it for a minute
Pauline (PS0JC) [642] I though while I was there I might as well grab it
Larna (PS0JA) [643] erm
Pauline (PS0JC) [644] Is it twenty P for an hour or thirty P?
Larna (PS0JA) [645] What's the time?
[646] Half past nine, half past ten
Pauline (PS0JC) [647] Twenty five past nine
Larna (PS0JA) [648] I normally, let, well, if I put an hour and a half in cos if we're a bit late
Pauline (PS0JC) [649] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [650] five or ten minutes late, it's cheaper for me to put ten P in than to pay twelve pound ticket
Pauline (PS0JC) [651] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [652] actually it's twenty pound
Pauline (PS0JC) [653] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [654] right, I'll just nip over and get it, cos I haven't locked up yet ... maybe I won't I haven't got ten P, I've only got two pennies, just have to make sure back
Pauline (PS0JC) [655] You want ten P?
Larna (PS0JA) [656] Well just in case we're not
Pauline (PS0JC) [657] As you came down town for my sake really [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [658] [laugh] Alright then, I'll accept, I won't be a minute
Pauline (PS0JC) [659] Yeah ... ...

4 (Tape 034504)

Larna (PS0JA) [660] She's going to look after them for a little while
Pauline (PS0JC) [661] Oh yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [662] so
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [663] well that's right, yeah, in fact I said to her I was expecting a phone call the other morning to say that
Pauline (PS0JC) [664] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [665] her, her mum was having him, but she had a, her mum had a few things to do, so
Pauline (PS0JC) [666] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [667] Oh, you ain't heard no more about applying for the hospital for a job yet then?
Pauline (PS0JC) [668] No, they still haven't advertised it yet
Larna (PS0JA) [669] Oh ain't they?
[670] I thought they might of got on and done that
Pauline (PS0JC) [671] Well that's what I thought because erm Ann's leaving in erm the end of this month
Larna (PS0JA) [672] Mm
Pauline (PS0JC) [673] it's only next week ... still gonna apply though, ha
Larna (PS0JA) [674] Oh yeah, doesn't hurt does it, you've got nothing to lose ...
Pauline (PS0JC) [675] Yeah but I shall go for it but if any other jobs come up at the hospital I'll apply for them
Larna (PS0JA) [676] Yeah, do you wanna go in here?
Pauline (PS0JC) [677] Ah, let's get some money first
Larna (PS0JA) [678] Oh yeah, let's go in there while it's empty [laugh]
Pauline (PS0JC) [679] Yeah [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [680] No, I've been waiting for them to get them cards in I ordered a couple of those cards with the lights at the top for Kieran to take home
Pauline (PS0JC) [681] Oh yeah, it's been
Larna (PS0JA) [682] Since I've bleeding asked for them they haven't been in, that was two weeks ago
Pauline (PS0JC) [683] Yeah, I know we went in there last week, cos they had these cards, they got those things with six bugs on them, they're really ugly looking things, Aaron wanted them, he hasn't half been playing some tricks on Gary [laugh] take them down in front of Gary and that Gary's aagh
Larna (PS0JA) [laugh]
Pauline (PS0JC) [684] pretends he's got, you know he's frightened
Larna (PS0JA) [685] Yeah, yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [686] [laugh] and he thinks it's hilarious
Larna (PS0JA) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [687] I do this all the time, I can't be bothered to take my gloves off
Larna (PS0JA) [688] It takes you half an hour to get your card out
Pauline (PS0JC) [laugh] ...
Larna (PS0JA) [689] put these on while your hands are warm
Pauline (PS0JC) [690] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [691] you hold that, oh come on, he normally puts them on straight away
Pauline (PS0JC) [692] Er Aaron can put his other gloves on, but with those ones they seemed to take twice as long to put on
Larna (PS0JA) [693] These are supposed to grow with your hands, I'll tell you what they didn't grow much with Anthony's no
Pauline (PS0JC) [694] No they didn't with Aaron's, they haven't done with them, they're still wearing them, but ...
Larna (PS0JA) [695] Hold your hand out, er you used to use er Pampers nappies didn't you?
Pauline (PS0JC) [696] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [697] I bet you didn't know, like I didn't know they were tested on animals
Pauline (PS0JC) [698] No I didn't
Larna (PS0JA) [699] the gels they put in them
Pauline (PS0JC) [700] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [701] to stop the wetness seeping through and that the gel, what they do is they shave rabbits, and rub it into their skin, the rashes and that and a couple of rabbits have died from it when they first started testing the stuff
Pauline (PS0JC) [702] Bloody hell
Larna (PS0JA) [703] Yeah and I was watching it on This Morning and what it is it's because most things you've got in your kitchen like myself are all tested on animals and they don't label it
Pauline (PS0JC) [704] Ha
Larna (PS0JA) [705] I couldn't believe it, I was horrified
Pauline (PS0JC) [706] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [707] I thought my god I use Pampers all the time
Pauline (PS0JC) [708] the first one is why label make now
Larna (PS0JA) [709] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [710] cos, cos you know for a fact it's not
Larna (PS0JA) [711] It's not animal tested
Pauline (PS0JC) [712] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [713] Neither is that other book that I run that whatever
Pauline (PS0JC) [714] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [715] pronounceable, I've never got the name right
Pauline (PS0JC) [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [716] but I couldn't believe it though and they, this woman went under cover into this place and the state of these animals
Pauline (PS0JC) [717] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [718] these rabbits were
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [719] by the head and all this stuff was put on their eyes to test it
Pauline (PS0JC) [720] God
Larna (PS0JA) [721] you know?
Pauline (PS0JC) [722] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [723] It was really horrible ...
Pauline (PS0JC) [724] Right I've got to go into Superdrug, I've got to get some more hairspray
Larna (PS0JA) [725] Okey dokey, oh they've got those in again, mind you I haven't filled up what I've got yet, so
Pauline (PS0JC) [726] Yeah

5 (Tape 034505)

Larna (PS0JA) [727] Do you want to have a look up round here?
Pauline (PS0JC) [728] See if they yeah, they haven't got any video cases, they had some video cases the other day and I forgot to get some
Larna (PS0JA) [729] Now they ain't got none [laugh]
Pauline (PS0JC) [730] No I'm gonna put all of Aerial's tapes, get her normal tapes
Larna (PS0JA) [731] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [732] erm, in, into cases ...
Larna (PS0JA) [733] mm, might get one of them another day
Pauline (PS0JC) [734] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [735] My one's falling to pieces, always come in handy ...
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Pauline (PS0JC) [736] it's brilliant, right what else do I want polish
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [737] Ah I
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [738] tablecloth please ...
Larna (PS0JA) [739] No I won't go round there I can't be bothered [laugh] ... that's all pretty empty that lot innit?
Pauline (PS0JC) [740] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [741] I know it's boring Trev but what do you want me to do, done some work actually, you ain't gonna do some work
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [742] er they're with the what? ...
Larna (PS0JA) [743] He knows
Pauline (PS0JC) [744] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [laugh] ...
Pauline (PS0JC) [745] Oh they're different to the ones he's got, he's got those ones, I'll get him those ones ... that's nice
Larna (PS0JA) [746] Mm, yeah, ideal for putting in a picture for Christmas ... well I think nothing for me today
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [747] One pound please ...
Larna (PS0JA) [748] What's that?
[749] Oh yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [750] They just
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [751] yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [752] wipe them clean
Larna (PS0JA) [753] I've got some gardening gloves at home, I haven't had the chance to use them yet, the weather's been so bad
Pauline (PS0JC) [754] Yeah, I went out yesterday morning and cleared up the dogs mess [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [755] I can't do mine with little one, I got like I'll
Pauline (PS0JC) [756] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [757] probably do mine tomorrow morning ... hello Janet
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [758] Hiya
Larna (PS0JA) [759] alright?
[760] Yes so I'll probably do it
Pauline (PS0JC) [761] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [762] like, I might not do it, I see how I feel
Pauline (PS0JC) [763] [laugh] ... Oh how was, how was your leggings you got from here?
Larna (PS0JA) [764] Really nice, ever so comfortable, yeah I was really pleased I got them
Pauline (PS0JC) [765] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [766] so I got them, me mum got me some black ones, but they're like, they come right down to the ankles
Pauline (PS0JC) [767] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [768] so they're nice, I've kept them, so I've got a black and I've got a khaki pair
Pauline (PS0JC) [769] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [770] erm and I've sent off for some loose fitting ones
Pauline (PS0JC) [771] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [772] that were eight ninety nine a pair and five ninety nine for a matching top
Pauline (PS0JC) [773] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [774] erm, that's about it really [laugh] in here?
Pauline (PS0JC) [775] Oh yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [776] They haven't got many cards in here lately you know
Pauline (PS0JC) [777] No
Larna (PS0JA) [778] I wanted one for er saying granddad one from the kids and I couldn't get a decent one
Pauline (PS0JC) [779] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [780] when I came in the other day, I might have a look now actually ... get some Chewitts for the kids ... go on looking something for myself
Pauline (PS0JC) [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [781] actually I can't see what I want
Pauline (PS0JC) [782] Why don't you get a
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [783] No
Pauline (PS0JC) [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [784] no, I won't, no I just get these for the kids, I might just be tempted to go in there and have a look though, did you eat all your others?
Pauline (PS0JC) [785] No, we haven't eaten them all yet, still got half a box open hiding away from Gary
Larna (PS0JA) [786] [laugh] ... I got them out and me and Tony, well Tony didn't eat many, I sat there and pigged the lot
Pauline (PS0JC) [787] Yeah ...
Larna (PS0JA) [788] I doubt if they have any better cards in now, cos all they had was that
Pauline (PS0JC) [789] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [790] for granddad, well I can't get that from the kids and that's it, that was to my dad so I got him that one in the end
Pauline (PS0JC) [791] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [792] I went over to the market, cos I came in yesterday erm, didn't like that one, I'm not into dogs, and I went into the market they didn't have nothing either
Pauline (PS0JC) [793] No
Larna (PS0JA) [794] I mean, I want something
Pauline (PS0JC) [795] No
Larna (PS0JA) [796] that's
Pauline (PS0JC) [797] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [798] I'll have to go elsewhere and get it
Pauline (PS0JC) [799] Mother's Day soon isn't it?
Larna (PS0JA) [800] It is oh my god
Pauline (PS0JC) [801] Mm, when's Shrove Sunday that's soon an all innit?
[802] Pancake day
Larna (PS0JA) [803] Er, oh is it?
[804] I shall do some pancakes this year, cos the kids are old enough now
Pauline (PS0JC) [805] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [806] to decide whether they like them or not
Pauline (PS0JC) [807] Oh Aaron loves them [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [808] Oh I got
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [809] Yorkshire puddings
Pauline (PS0JC) [810] Oh yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [811] cos erm, they er, I thought well I'd get them then Tony cos he said to me Sunday he said where's the Yorkshire pud then?
[812] I said well it's not worth making all that mixture just for you
Pauline (PS0JC) [813] Oh you buy a mix?
Larna (PS0JA) [814] Yes that I did I bought a mix
Pauline (PS0JC) [815] Yeah, yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [816] but for us lot it made four nice medium size ones
Pauline (PS0JC) [817] yeah that's right
Larna (PS0JA) [818] and then I never ate all mine, and the kids never ate all theirs, so I thought well I get the frozen ones and just get one out each time for Tony stick it in the oven half hour before.
Pauline (PS0JC) [819] Oh that's what I was going to look at the brushes
Larna (PS0JA) [820] What?
Pauline (PS0JC) [821] Hair brushes, I want, I want one of these
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [822] something that's not too hard ...
Larna (PS0JA) [823] I've got a, er ... comb, I've got one of those that I use for Anthony at the moment and ... why brush?
[824] Why not a comb?
Pauline (PS0JC) [825] Cos his hair's not thick enough for a comb
Larna (PS0JA) [826] Yeah true
Pauline (PS0JC) [827] See what I want
Larna (PS0JA) [828] Anthony's hair is quite thick
Pauline (PS0JC) [829] cos really, something like that, but only a half one
Larna (PS0JA) [830] You want a small one don't you?
Pauline (PS0JC) [831] Yeah ... that's one thing I've got, I've got my denman I've got that one
Larna (PS0JA) [832] What about that grey one up the end there or is that too big?
Pauline (PS0JC) [833] Yeah, you see I've got, again it's erm, complete handle on that one ... one of them one's, I want a half one like this with just this
Larna (PS0JA) [834] With soft bristles on
Pauline (PS0JC) [835] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [836] yeah ... too big ain't they?
Pauline (PS0JC) [837] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [838] Or they're the right size but they've got the hard bristles
Pauline (PS0JC) [839] Yes that's right ... but I like, I ask the
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [840] brushes
Larna (PS0JA) [841] I tell you what have you
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [842] where was it I saw it now?
[843] Woolworth's they've got some fantastic Easter eggs, no not Woolworth's Robert Cray, they've got a massive great big Kinder egg Easter egg in there
Pauline (PS0JC) [844] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [845] really pretty it is, I mean it's four ninety five
Pauline (PS0JC) [846] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [847] my two both dart for them when we went in there
Pauline (PS0JC) [848] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [849] I thought oh, see I was gonna get a present for Easter, but they've got so much there's
Pauline (PS0JC) [850] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [851] nothing they really need
Pauline (PS0JC) [852] that's right
Larna (PS0JA) [853] They've probably got a few over here
Pauline (PS0JC) [854] Erm I'll probably get erm another video ...
Larna (PS0JA) [855] Thanks ... lovely thank you ... me hands are alright now, they've warmed up
Pauline (PS0JC) [856] Yeah ... I'll go over this way, let's have a look in chemist for that comb
Larna (PS0JA) [857] Yeah they have a lot more choice don't they?
Pauline (PS0JC) [858] Yeah , brush I should say, can pop up, oh Midland we can do on the way back, we can go
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [859] first though
Larna (PS0JA) [860] Yeah okey dokey, I keep looking at that clock there but it's wrong innit?
Pauline (PS0JC) [861] [laughing] I know [] ha ... oh Dixon's I've got to pop into Dixon's, they've got a P C advertised
Larna (PS0JA) [862] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [863] in the computers, on the erm telly
Larna (PS0JA) [864] Mm
Pauline (PS0JC) [865] Gary wants me to find out a bit more about it cos he wants a new one, another, well he wants a new one, cos we done a deal, get my bed, if we get the bedroom done
Larna (PS0JA) [866] Mm
Pauline (PS0JC) [867] he'll buy a P C, I said okay fair enough [laugh] I don't care, I'll get my bedroom done
Larna (PS0JA) [868] What computer he's got?
Pauline (PS0JC) [869] He's got an Amstrad, but it's not a coloured one
Larna (PS0JA) [870] Oh right
Pauline (PS0JC) [871] Why, is Tony after one?
Larna (PS0JA) [872] Well no, we wanted to get one for Charlotte, but erm, I don't think they'll use them
Pauline (PS0JC) [873] Oh no this one's, you know it's a proper, proper video
Larna (PS0JA) [874] Oh yeah yeah that's
Pauline (PS0JC) [875] yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [876] what they use up the school a proper computers, the screens and printouts and mouses and
Pauline (PS0JC) [877] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [878] I went up the school and had a look at them
Pauline (PS0JC) [879] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [880] I was talking to a lady about them
Pauline (PS0JC) [881] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [882] but I've got to discuss it with Tony first
Pauline (PS0JC) [883] erm
Larna (PS0JA) [884] you see that's what you want, but they're too hard ... mm, even they're quite prickly
Pauline (PS0JC) [885] Yeah ...
Larna (PS0JA) [886] They're not too bad
Pauline (PS0JC) [887] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [888] Trouble is though as you say he's not got a lot of hair really has he?
Pauline (PS0JC) [889] No
Larna (PS0JA) [890] It's straight forward onto his scalp ... I know what you look, I know what sort you're looking for though
Pauline (PS0JC) [891] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [892] and it's what I'm looking for
Larna (PS0JA) [893] Let's have a look
Pauline (PS0JC) [894] and it's three ninety nine
Larna (PS0JA) [895] Bloody hell ...
Pauline (PS0JC) [896] and it's likely to last
Larna (PS0JA) [897] Is it as soft as what you think though for him?
Pauline (PS0JC) [898] Yeah, erm how do you work it?
Larna (PS0JA) [899] That's pretty
Pauline (PS0JC) [900] It is isn't it? ...
Larna (PS0JA) [901] Mind you it might be a bit uncomfortable on the head
Pauline (PS0JC) [902] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [903] or you can use it as a tie round ... mhm, what about having, that's a bit harder
Pauline (PS0JC) [904] Yes, same as the denman
Larna (PS0JA) [905] Oh, get it out
Pauline (PS0JC) [906] It's not too bad is it?
Larna (PS0JA) [907] No ... probably about the softest
Pauline (PS0JC) [908] Mm ...
Larna (PS0JA) [909] no I think that's harder than that
Pauline (PS0JC) [910] Yes
Larna (PS0JA) [911] no that's ... there you are, now you can't get softer than that
Pauline (PS0JC) [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [912] it's nifty innit?
Pauline (PS0JC) [913] Look at this [laugh] it might be three ninety nine, but I'll get it
Larna (PS0JA) [914] Oh
Pauline (PS0JC) [915] we, cos me and Gary we've got a brush each and he wants one, see I like that, but I think that, that is a bit big
Larna (PS0JA) [916] And it's dearer
Pauline (PS0JC) [917] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [918] No Kieran, don't pull any of them off ... you'd think it'd be cheaper if it was smaller wouldn't you?
Pauline (PS0JC) [919] Yeah ...
Larna (PS0JA) [920] Yeah hold on just looking at something ... right, three little ducks
Pauline (PS0JC) [laugh] ...
Larna (PS0JA) [921] A load of different hair things in here ain't there?
Pauline (PS0JC) [922] Mm ...
Larna (PS0JA) [923] Very expensive in there though isn't it?
Pauline (PS0JC) [924] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [925] A lot of things ...
Pauline (PS0JC) [926] I'll go into Boots and find something cheap [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [927] Well now cos places like Superdrug and, and Boots and that aren't er, I mean that's just basically a chemist that innit?
Pauline (PS0JC) [928] That's right yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [929] So it should have everything, I still think that it's a bit expensive though
Pauline (PS0JC) [930] Yeah ... [sigh]
Larna (PS0JA) [931] What about that Ferguson factory closing down then?
Pauline (PS0JC) [932] Yeah when they gave out
Larna (PS0JA) [933] I thought that was really sad
Pauline (PS0JC) [934] with all those redundancies a couple of months ago, I thought that'll be it, I mean I've been there
Larna (PS0JA) [935] Fifty percent off marked red tickets
Pauline (PS0JC) [936] That's right
Larna (PS0JA) [937] I'm reading all these money things off
Pauline (PS0JC) [938] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [939] Well I know, but it was sad because in Gosport that was what keep most of them going, I mean like they said none of them have never been on the dole before, they've all been there since they've left school, there was a couple there
Pauline (PS0JC) [940] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [941] and they'd both been there thirty years since they've left school
Pauline (PS0JC) [942] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [943] and now they just don't know what to do, there's no jobs, there's no nothing
Pauline (PS0JC) [944] No
Larna (PS0JA) [945] and they said that some of them were thinking of moving, but
Pauline (PS0JC) [946] and they also reckon that the Gosport and Portsmouth are the worst off than anywhere else in this country
Larna (PS0JA) [947] Yeah ... it's very sad, but, what can you do?
[948] That's why Alex has had to go back to London
Pauline (PS0JC) [949] Yeah, I know she was telling me, there she is a highly qualified
Larna (PS0JA) [950] Secretary
Pauline (PS0JC) [951] and she's, and she's
Larna (PS0JA) [952] and
Pauline (PS0JC) [953] used to bloody
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [954] did you know she's a qualified magician as well?
Pauline (PS0JC) [955] No
Larna (PS0JA) [956] No, she only told me that the other day ... yeah she is
Pauline (PS0JC) [957] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [958] so that's two jobs she's qualified for and she can't get jobs in either
Pauline (PS0JC) [959] Ridiculous, erm twenty Bensons please
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [960] One ninety four then please ...
Larna (PS0JA) [961] I think I'm gonna get a Cadbury's Twirl while I'm here
Pauline (PS0JC) [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [962] I will, I'll get all this change out of my pocket ... let's get rid of this ... two, four, five, right, there's twenty five there for one of those, thanks ... Yeah she's a qualified magician as well
Pauline (PS0JC) [963] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [964] you know, she was saying there's a girl at work and she's a top qualified chef
Pauline (PS0JC) [965] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [966] and she's, all she can do is what Alex's doing
Pauline (PS0JC) [967] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [968] just general cooking and cleaning
Pauline (PS0JC) [969] Maybe she'll apply at the hospital then if she's a qualified cook, they're in and out of there like, like nobody's business the cooks, they can't, well they don't stay long
Larna (PS0JA) [970] Why's that? ...
Pauline (PS0JC) [971] They don't get paid that much
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [972] Ah, that's it innit?
Pauline (PS0JC) [973] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [974] The trouble on, the trouble is with a recession on it's an advantage of, oh they've closed down
Pauline (PS0JC) [975] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [976] that didn't last long did it?
Pauline (PS0JC) [977] they couldn't afford the mortgage, erm the erm the lease
Larna (PS0JA) [978] The lease
Pauline (PS0JC) [979] Yeah, erm you know my mate Lorraine, her sister used to work in there part time and it was on a Friday
Larna (PS0JA) [980] You got your
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [981] book, I've got mine
Pauline (PS0JC) [982] it was on a Friday, it was her day off, she got called in at about three o'clock and they told her then, it was two weeks ago now
Larna (PS0JA) [983] I didn't notice yesterday, mind you I didn't walk past, yes I did, I must of walked past it
Pauline (PS0JC) [984] Yeah, cos er Lorraine told me last, what Lorraine works every two weeks, what she's on this weekend, so erm, so it's two weeks ago she told
Larna (PS0JA) [985] Bloody hell
Pauline (PS0JC) [986] I tell you as I walked past there on Friday, she said yeah she said we were still open then, they closed it that night, ridiculous
Larna (PS0JA) [987] It's terrible innit?
Pauline (PS0JC) [988] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [989] I mean years ago I can remember coming into town and seeing that furniture shop filled with people walking around, every time I go past it now it is empty
Pauline (PS0JC) [990] Yeah ...
Larna (PS0JA) [991] which is why I think a lot of things, places should be able to accommodate for shop owners and reduce their leases while this recession's on
Pauline (PS0JC) [992] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [993] It's so unfair
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [994] I won't half be surprised if they get in this time, I really will
Pauline (PS0JC) [995] The trouble is, us council owners will be worse off under the Labour council
Larna (PS0JA) [996] Well I
Pauline (PS0JC) [997] so you can't win
Larna (PS0JA) [998] That's right I know, but what can you do?
[999] I mean the way, it, it's happened, I don't think John Major stands much hope basically
Pauline (PS0JC) [1000] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1001] I hate all this politic business any road, but
Pauline (PS0JC) [1002] I know ...
Larna (PS0JA) [1003] let's face it, whoever gets in, someone's gonna lose out
Pauline (PS0JC) [1004] Yeah ... I was quite shocked at that er thing about the fox hunting I was pleased
Larna (PS0JA) [1005] What about it?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1006] for my sister's sake
Larna (PS0JA) [1007] Oh what they didn't ban it?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1008] Mm, yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1009] I'll go in these doors, I wasn't surprised, I didn't think they would, but as this guy said afterwards he said whether you do it now or later he said, within the next five years it's gonna be banned ... so I think it still will be banned in the end
Pauline (PS0JC) [1010] Yeah ...
Larna (PS0JA) [1011] I do at the moment, sympathize, that's a nice colour
Pauline (PS0JC) [1012] It is, innit?
Larna (PS0JA) [1013] I didn't but now I sympathize
Pauline (PS0JC) [1014] It's not bad material either
Larna (PS0JA) [1015] No , that's nice innit?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1016] That's good
Larna (PS0JA) [1017] Just right for around indoors, yes that one's nice to
Pauline (PS0JC) [1018] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [1019] I mean if they'd of banned it, there'd of been a lot more people out of work, which is
Pauline (PS0JC) [1020] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1021] probably part of the reason why they didn't for the time being
Pauline (PS0JC) [1022] That's right
Larna (PS0JA) [1023] I like those jumpers too
Pauline (PS0JC) [1024] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1025] Oh they've got rid of those white ones
Pauline (PS0JC) [1026] Sweat shirt
Larna (PS0JA) [1027] Oh no they're not they've shoved them down there ...
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [1028] are they?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1029] Yeah ...
Larna (PS0JA) [1030] Nine to ten years, oh a bit big for Charlotte ... oh there Paul, they've got some white ones
Pauline (PS0JC) [1031] Oh yeah, oh I don't like that material, I'd rather get them them, this material
Larna (PS0JA) [1032] Oh you're a fussy faggot
Pauline (PS0JC) [1033] I know [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [1034] what do you expect for two ninety nine
Pauline (PS0JC) [1035] but they , they sort of itch, whereas this stuff doesn't
Larna (PS0JA) [1036] Oh
Pauline (PS0JC) [1037] See it's really soft feel that
Larna (PS0JA) [1038] er actually I quite like the lace up ones anyway
Pauline (PS0JC) [1039] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1040] they're three ninety nine though aren't they?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1041] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1042] Yeah ... well ... nothing's much changed really
Pauline (PS0JC) [1043] Mm ... oh have you seen those knickerbockers over there?
Larna (PS0JA) [1044] Eh?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1045] Knickerbockers, for babies
Larna (PS0JA) [1046] Oh yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [1047] They're sweet aren't they?
Larna (PS0JA) [1048] Mhm [laugh]
Pauline (PS0JC) [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [1049] Oh they, they, oh yeah so they are
Pauline (PS0JC) [1050] Look at these ones?
Larna (PS0JA) [1051] There's a, as I'm speeding them round here, oh one nine, nine, seven, that's Charlie's size as well
Pauline (PS0JC) [1052] Yeah Aaron's a seven
Larna (PS0JA) [1053] Are they supposed to be like that then, different at the front?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1054] It's just the way the pattern is
Larna (PS0JA) [1055] Yeah, ah, I like the new pink ones, and that's for boys
Pauline (PS0JC) [1056] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1057] That'll be just right for on holiday won't they?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1058] Yeah, get two different colours
Larna (PS0JA) [1059] Yeah, but the thing is right they're sevens and they're gonna be too small for them by the time holiday gets round say September
Pauline (PS0JC) [1060] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [1061] that's the trouble
Pauline (PS0JC) [1062] well Aaron's a six and they're seven so I'm safe to getting Aaron a seven
Larna (PS0JA) [1063] I'm safe to getting mine sevens yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [1064] Yeah ... there's erm I think that's seven is it?
[1065] No it's an eight ...
Larna (PS0JA) [1066] Mind you when the warmer weather gets here they can wear them anyway
Pauline (PS0JC) [1067] Oh yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1068] I don't know which ones I prefer the purple or the pink
Pauline (PS0JC) [1069] One of each, then she's always got another pair, cos I don't, is that blue?
Larna (PS0JA) [1070] Mm
Pauline (PS0JC) [1071] Yeah I'm not keen on the blue
Larna (PS0JA) [1072] No ...
Pauline (PS0JC) [1073] have one of each
Larna (PS0JA) [1074] Yeah, they've got these
Pauline (PS0JC) [1075] No I don't like that
Larna (PS0JA) [1076] Yeah, it clashes
Pauline (PS0JC) [1077] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1078] Oh I like those ones
Pauline (PS0JC) [1079] Mm ...
Larna (PS0JA) [1080] thirty seven, ha, don't get red
Pauline (PS0JC) [1081] No I don't like red, I'd get him black
Larna (PS0JA) [1082] Black and blue?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1083] Yeah, yeah so they won't, not, well they won't get so dirty, again with these you can just stick them in the wash
Larna (PS0JA) [1084] What, if they ain't got the size you can't [laugh]
Pauline (PS0JC) [1085] Seven ...
Larna (PS0JA) [1086] I think we've gone through all the sevens in the blacks ain't you?
[1087] It's only a five ... nine, they're nines there, have you got a watch on?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1088] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1089] Oh good ... ah hang on er, three pairs there, seven, six and an eight, right there's two blacks in sevens here, well I'll just have a pair of each, I've only got a fiver in me purse ... just wondering whether to get black or blue though?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1090] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [1091] The mauve's quite nice aren't they?
[1092] What do you reckon?
[1093] I don't know, they look a bit rough on the front to me they do
Pauline (PS0JC) [1094] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [1095] don't they? ...
Pauline (PS0JC) [1096] I'll just find a seven in the blue print
Larna (PS0JA) [1097] Haven't we got any then?
[1098] Hang on they're alright on the front, want another seven don't you for Aaron?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1099] Yeah cos the black's likely to go grey, whereas the blues don't look so bad
Larna (PS0JA) [1100] No
Pauline (PS0JC) [1101] when they go ... oh they've got socks there to go with them
Larna (PS0JA) [1102] Mm, yeah I'm not too worried about her socks though but I say I'm gonna have plenty of Marks and Sparks' vouchers
Pauline (PS0JC) [1103] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1104] Seven?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1105] I've got a seven here
Larna (PS0JA) [1106] Oh
Pauline (PS0JC) [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [1107] and the white are nice, but they just get dirty too quick
Pauline (PS0JC) [1108] Yeah ... I don't know whether to get Aaron one or not, he's got enough at home, he's got enough from last year
Larna (PS0JA) [1109] What have my two got?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1110] I believe I can always pop in town tomorrow ...
Larna (PS0JA) [1111] I was wondering actually I think I might wait until that dress comes through, I'll try
Pauline (PS0JC) [1112] we can always ask to put them away for a week ... yeah that's what I might do
Larna (PS0JA) [1113] Why?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1114] Well then, if, we can put them away for a week
Larna (PS0JA) [1115] Actually, actually wanted new trainers and they've got them there
Pauline (PS0JC) [1116] Yeah they have ain't they? ...
Larna (PS0JA) [1117] He has been nagging me actually since I threw his others, he threw his others away that when some more came in, but these are alright for girls ain't they?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1118] Six, they're nice, boy's nine
Larna (PS0JA) [1119] Yeah ...
Pauline (PS0JC) [1120] No
Larna (PS0JA) [1121] I'm gonna leave it cos I can't make me mind up
Pauline (PS0JC) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [1122] I think I'll just walk away and leave it [laugh] ... Where else did you wanna go?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1123] Erm I've got to go into erm
Larna (PS0JA) [1124] What's the time then?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1125] Ten
Larna (PS0JA) [1126] Right, we'll scan there and I want to have a look at the computers in there as well
Pauline (PS0JC) [1127] Yeah ...
Larna (PS0JA) [1128] Okay, is there, I don't mind getting them shoes, but the thing is with, not knowing what the weather's doing
Pauline (PS0JC) [1129] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1130] you know and it, they don't need them, say they're both in their ordinary shoes at the moment
Pauline (PS0JC) [1131] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1132] I've also got to be careful because they've got size eights upstairs as well that Robert got them
Pauline (PS0JC) [1133] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1134] and it, oh Dixon's
Pauline (PS0JC) [1135] Yeah Dixon's
Larna (PS0JA) [1136] it's over there innit?
[1137] Going that way and er ... so you've already booked your holiday time up the hospital then or not?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1138] Not done it yet
Larna (PS0JA) [1139] Not done it yet
Pauline (PS0JC) [1140] No ... I'm not bothered about going on holiday, I suppose I'm all worked up about getting bedroom sorted, ha
Larna (PS0JA) [1141] Mm, I said to Tony if we can't afford to go I said don't worry about it, we might just go back down to where we went last year for a week because, it's like I was saying to Joanne this morning, that this year they won't, they're not gonna worry whether they don't go on holiday but next year when Charlotte's at school and got all her school mates saying oh where did you go and
Pauline (PS0JC) [1142] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1143] you know what it's like.
Pauline (PS0JC) [1144] That's right ...
Larna (PS0JA) [1145] Ah, now that's the sort, they use the old B B C ones up the school and one's manufactured by Acorn ...
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1146] Do you need any help there at all?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1147] Erm yeah you got on, on the advert on the television you've got a P C, which one is it?
[1148] You haven't seen it obviously [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1149] I've seen the advert it's embarrassing
Pauline (PS0JC) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1150] it's probably either the five, oh dear, I don't know actually, we actually do several P Cs in the
Pauline (PS0JC) [1151] Yes I know
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1152] because we're only a small branch, we only carry like one or two maybe
Pauline (PS0JC) [1153] Mm
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1154] at the most, erm ... is it I B M or
Pauline (PS0JC) [1155] No it's an Amstrad
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1156] An Amstrad, is it five O or five two eight six?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1157] I can't remember, that's what I've come in to find out
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1158] It could be the five two eight there's a five two eighty sixty two which is, about two hundred pounds, which is like a better machine
Pauline (PS0JC) [1159] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1160] erm which we do, which we haven't got in stock at the moment, but we can always get hold of
Pauline (PS0JC) [1161] Right, well I think the best thing to do is to leave it until I see the advert again
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1162] It's ... so just enquiring on the catalogue interest, we've only got that one
Pauline (PS0JC) [1163] Leaflets, brochure?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1164] Yeah, yeah, is it the games pack one?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1165] No it wouldn't be the games pack, it'd be after that one
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1166] Yeah, so erm Microsoft Works game pack ... erm ... see do that, so many in the range now these are like our, our highlighted deal ones you see
Pauline (PS0JC) [1167] Mm ... I think I'm better off leaving it I think
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1168] erm see there's five five eight six which is this one, it's forty
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1169] hard drive
Pauline (PS0JC) [1170] the Basingstoke's a larger branch aren't they?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1171] Yeah they, they, they have a business centre as well you see, erm
Pauline (PS0JC) [1172] Right
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1173] we can always get hold of the stuff here, save you lugging it around because they come in big boxes and that
Pauline (PS0JC) [1174] Yeah, yeah
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1175] it's not a problem so if you just want to have a look round up there and sort of come here
Pauline (PS0JC) [1176] Yeah we've got relations in Basingstoke, so
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1177] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [1178] we can have a look down there tomorrow
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1179] Yeah, we can always get hold of them it's just that we don't carry them, we're a small branch you see
Pauline (PS0JC) [1180] Right
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1181] we've not got a big room
Pauline (PS0JC) [1182] No
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1183] so
Pauline (PS0JC) [1184] okay then
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1185] unfortunately, but, I, I would give you one of these, but I can't even give you one of these
Pauline (PS0JC) [1186] But you haven't got one [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1187] No, they only send us about three from the
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1188] I believe they should be out in the like the National Press and things like that
Pauline (PS0JC) [1189] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1190] I'd imagine because they usually put it in
Pauline (PS0JC) [1191] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1192] things like the magazines the colour supplements and things like that
Pauline (PS0JC) [1193] Right
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1194] but yeah the Basingstoke branch is the business centre and their business centre is like the size of this shop so it's
Pauline (PS0JC) [1195] Right
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1196] And they've got a lot more and they would have them up and running as well
Pauline (PS0JC) [1197] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1198] so you could compare different ones and things like that
Pauline (PS0JC) [1199] Right I shall have to leave Gary in there for half an hour then [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [1200] Just drop him off and go to a canteen
Pauline (PS0JC) [1201] [laughing] Yeah []
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1202] but
Pauline (PS0JC) [1203] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1204] sorry, we can always get hold of it, it's just we don't carry them here
Pauline (PS0JC) [1205] Right
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1206] but as far as the search thing and stuff like that it's the same engineers we buy it from Bensons
Pauline (PS0JC) [1207] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1208] they can buy it from
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1209] they just ring a telephone number
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [1210] okay then alright
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1211] Alright?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1212] Thanks
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1213] Thanks a lot, sorry about that
Pauline (PS0JC) [1214] That's okay ... never mind, I knew it was gonna be a waste of time [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [1215] [laugh] You just thought you'd ask
Pauline (PS0JC) [1216] still perhaps we will get to Basingstoke this week didn't last
Larna (PS0JA) [1217] Didn't you go last week?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1218] No
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [1219] why?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1220] Well I got home, I got everything all sorted out, Gary even left a message on the answerphone saying that he'd be home round about half past two and that
Larna (PS0JA) [1221] Mm
Pauline (PS0JC) [1222] and erm, ha, got home, didn't wanna go out, there was me I got changed, I put on those new leggings I was all in black I thought I looked rather nice, you know, and Gary said what you all dressed up for?
[1223] I said oh we're going out aren't we?
[1224] Oh I don't wanna go now
Larna (PS0JA) [1225] So you had a row
Pauline (PS0JC) [1226] No we didn't have a row he just went a sleep me Aar , me and Aaron had enough, we went for a walk down the lake
Larna (PS0JA) [laugh]
Pauline (PS0JC) [1227] we only went out for forty minutes, we were surprised how long we'd been gone
Larna (PS0JA) [1228] Ha
Pauline (PS0JC) [1229] erm, I had, he only had his wellies on and his leggings
Larna (PS0JA) [laugh]
Pauline (PS0JC) [1230] puddles were that deep, you know, puddles were that deep
Larna (PS0JA) [laugh]
Pauline (PS0JC) [1231] I said to him you're not going in the puddle, he said yeah I am, no you're not, yeah I am, he did
Larna (PS0JA) [1232] He did [laugh]
Pauline (PS0JC) [1233] so
Larna (PS0JA) [1234] oh well
Pauline (PS0JC) [1235] once he'd gone in there I, I let him get on with it
Larna (PS0JA) [1236] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [1237] and erm I just stuck him in the bath when we got home
Larna (PS0JA) [1238] It's annoying that though innit?
[1239] ... Especially if you got ready to go out
Pauline (PS0JC) [1240] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1241] you see, like, I mean I started staying at home on Saturdays and, I don't do nothing, if Tony comes home and says he wants to go out I get it ready then otherwise I just plan on staying home
Pauline (PS0JC) [1242] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1243] oh I'm not gonna go all to hassle getting organized and he comes home and says he don't want to go out
Pauline (PS0JC) [1244] That's right
Larna (PS0JA) [1245] so I don't do it now till
Pauline (PS0JC) [1246] yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1247] he comes home, then it's up to him.
Pauline (PS0JC) [1248] Yeah ... Children's coming about eleven again
Larna (PS0JA) [1249] Yeah, well she comes down about twenty to now and has a natter
Pauline (PS0JC) [1250] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1251] erm, have a talk and a laugh and she just stops for a coffee after
Pauline (PS0JC) [1252] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1253] or a talk, well she doesn't have to rush home cos there's no one there like
Pauline (PS0JC) [1254] Yes, that's right
Larna (PS0JA) [1255] [laugh] you know ... I'm gonna take the kids to see Snow White at the weekend
Pauline (PS0JC) [1256] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1257] up Basingstoke cinema with me mum
Pauline (PS0JC) [1258] What tomorrow?
Larna (PS0JA) [1259] No probably Sunday
Pauline (PS0JC) [1260] Yeah could
Larna (PS0JA) [1261] erm
Pauline (PS0JC) [1262] I might give you a ring later and say can you have Aaron
Larna (PS0JA) [1263] Mm
Pauline (PS0JC) [1264] Gary's gonna find out, he's got
Larna (PS0JA) [1265] yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [1266] chance of overtime so I said well if you can get it, get it and I'll
Larna (PS0JA) [1267] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [1268] drop Aaron off in the morning
Larna (PS0JA) [1269] Yeah, no it wouldn't be tomorrow because I think my mum's working so
Pauline (PS0JC) [1270] Yeah ... It doesn't say open that, and I pull the others
Larna (PS0JA) [1271] No I know ... anything else you need to do?
[1272] What's the time?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1273] Ten, ten past time
Larna (PS0JA) [1274] You wanna browse round Peacock's
Pauline (PS0JC) [1275] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1276] or anywhere else while were here?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1277] erm
Larna (PS0JA) [1278] Woolworth's, let's go and have a look in Woolworth's
Pauline (PS0JC) [1279] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1280] let's have a look in Woolworth's, I haven't been in there for ages, see what Easter eggs they've got
Pauline (PS0JC) [1281] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1282] erm, oh cut through over there I suppose ... I was thinking the other day when I worked out that money for Saturday is it, it came to something like two pound eighty when you had Jordan
Pauline (PS0JC) [1283] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1284] and like six pound something when I, and six pound forty when I had Eran, so I thought if we call it six pounds for a Saturday, when you have Jordan I'll give you three pound
Pauline (PS0JC) [1285] Right
Larna (PS0JA) [1286] is that alright?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1287] Yep
Larna (PS0JA) [1288] Cos I thought if we round it off both ways
Pauline (PS0JC) [1289] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1290] you know that, a little bit cheaper on your end and a bit more I give you ... oh what's this stand outside the shop and talk day, carry on over there, so are you happy with that?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1291] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1292] I don't want you not to be happy with it
Pauline (PS0JC) [1293] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1294] you know, say
Pauline (PS0JC) [1295] Well it's all money innit?
Larna (PS0JA) [1296] Well, yeah, but I don't want you to sort of like
Pauline (PS0JC) [1297] As long as you get paid in the end
Larna (PS0JA) [1298] Oh yeah, I just didn't want you sort of be short
Pauline (PS0JC) [1299] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1300] at the weekend or something
Pauline (PS0JC) [1301] No
Larna (PS0JA) [1302] you know, erm
Pauline (PS0JC) [1303] er no cos I pay my cheque in
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [1304] yeah, alright then cos it's just three pound for last week then
Pauline (PS0JC) [1305] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1306] and six pound fifty then week cos I won't, you won't have them on Monday but if she keeps working it'll be most Mondays anyway
Pauline (PS0JC) [1307] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1308] so all the time I've got him
Pauline (PS0JC) [1309] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1310] now, I don't know if they've got them ones in here, what they got in here ... I wonder if my husband will remember to get me one this year?
Pauline (PS0JC) [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [1311] That'd be a first I can tell you, oh that's a good one innit?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1312] Mm, paying for the wrapping though
Larna (PS0JA) [1313] Oh it's only ninety nine P that one though innit?
Pauline (PS0JC) [1314] Oh is it?
Larna (PS0JA) [1315] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [1316] Oh yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1317] ninety nine P, no, it's a chocolate Easter egg that's all you get
Pauline (PS0JC) [1318] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1319] Easter egg ... then just, like you say mainly the packing I suppose, oh they've got some more over here, ah these are my kind, oh they're not bad are they?
[1320] Little ones
Pauline (PS0JC) [1321] No
Larna (PS0JA) [1322] eighty nine P
Pauline (PS0JC) [1323] I like the cup ones, only what I, what they don't do which I think is silly
Larna (PS0JA) [1324] Mm
Pauline (PS0JC) [1325] as most Easter eggs go to kids, they put them in a breakable cup, while they don't put them in a plastic one or a melamine one

6 (Tape 034601)

Larna (PS0JA) [1326] What's that for?
David (PS0JG) [1327] Yeah came out, last night
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [1328] yeah
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
David (PS0JG) [1329] garage as well and the car didn't he
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1330] Look granddad
Larna (PS0JA) [1331] Yeah well they said it was rules and regulations
David (PS0JG) [1332] Yeah, but
Larna (PS0JA) [1333] but they told mum not to worry
David (PS0JG) [1334] shut up
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1335] Look granddad
Larna (PS0JA) [1336] Tut, oh
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1337] Hello Dave ...
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1338] I want my dinner
Larna (PS0JA) [1339] Come on then what we having for dinner?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1340] Well I got Anthony a piece and butter
Larna (PS0JA) [1341] Right do you want some lunch in it Ant?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1342] That
Larna (PS0JA) [1343] What?
[1344] Just butter?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1345] See you later folks
Larna (PS0JA) [1346] Yeah see you later Dave
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1347] Bye, bye
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1348] Why did you come over then?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1349] Cos I wanted to see your dad
Larna (PS0JA) [1350] Here you go
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1351] you don't mind do you?
[1352] What was Snow White like
Larna (PS0JA) [1353] oh
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1354] and the seven wolves?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1355] Well, too bad
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1356] Was, was it good?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [1357] Me undo it
Larna (PS0JA) [1358] Go on then
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1359] yes
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1360] I'm four years old
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1361] I know you are
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1362] and I go to school
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1363] and if you keep on you won't see five
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1364] I be to the I get five?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1365] Mummy
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [laugh]
Anthony (PS0JF) [1366] ma, ma
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1367] bye bye my little girl
Larna (PS0JA) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1368] bye bye happy
Larna (PS0JA) [1369] See you later
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1370] bye bye Larna
Larna (PS0JA) [1371] See you
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1372] See I kissed your mum
Larna (PS0JA) [laugh]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1373] No
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [1374] See you later Dave
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [1375] Ta ta
Larna (PS0JA) [1376] Right, what else do you want to eat darlings?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1377] I want some cheese
Larna (PS0JA) [1378] You want a piece of cheese?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1379] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1380] Oh I think you'd better let mummy do that er
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1381] I want some cheese
Larna (PS0JA) [1382] well the thing is if I don't do it, there's not gonna be enough there for both of you, if you hack it up darling, anyway I need to use a sharp knife
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1383] Mum
Anthony (PS0JF) [1384] Ah, don't put it on the
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [1385] on there
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1386] mum can I get some luncheon meat?
Larna (PS0JA) [1387] Yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [1388] Mummy I want a big bit
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1389] I'm gonna
Larna (PS0JA) [1390] Yeah, you both got a big bit there and that gets rid of that then, right who want's erm some tomato sauce?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1391] Eh we got
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [1392] do you want a bit tomato sauce Ant?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1393] Erm, yeah mum
Larna (PS0JA) [1394] Charlotte do you want a bit of tomato sauce?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1395] Yeah, on my, on my bread, so I wanna spread it, mum I only want one piece of lunch meat
Larna (PS0JA) [1396] Get it off
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [1397] yeah I don't mind as long as you eat what you've got that's all
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1398] I need the board, where's my knife?
Larna (PS0JA) [1399] Oh what you want your little knife?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1400] Yes I want to spread my sauce over
Anthony (PS0JF) [1401] And me knife
Larna (PS0JA) [1402] And yours
Anthony (PS0JF) [1403] Yeah and now I've got my gear and my
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [1404] I never got my
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1405] I don't, I don't need my fork or any no I, I have my fork too
Anthony (PS0JF) [1406] Mummy put it on, mummy me bear on?
Larna (PS0JA) [1407] No it's Sunday today love not on Sunday
Anthony (PS0JF) [1408] Not on
Larna (PS0JA) [1409] nothing, they're watching a film in there darling, so we're gonna sit out here okay?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1410] Have some dinner
Larna (PS0JA) [1411] Yeah, mummy's going to do the bingo in a minute
Anthony (PS0JF) [1412] in the dinner dinner
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1413] The
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1414] you've got the copy of how to do that number one
Larna (PS0JA) [1415] Well I wanna do this bingo first cos granddad's
Anthony (PS0JF) [1416] Mama
Larna (PS0JA) [1417] got a lot of cards and it takes me a long time to do it
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [1418] cut my bread up
Larna (PS0JA) [1419] You want it cut in half?
[1420] What cut in half so you can make a sandwich?
[1421] Yeah ... there you go, that's good innit?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1422] Mum look I've put tomato sauce over
Larna (PS0JA) [1423] Well done
Anthony (PS0JF) [1424] Mum there I am ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1425] one luncheon meat sandwich, oh that's gonna be nice
Anthony (PS0JF) [1426] no ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1427] no ... yeah ... there that's gonna stick, it, there that's gonna just about do it, there, well that's going to stick it like that, so that'll stay sticky ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [1428] Mum I don't want a bear on, mummy bear on tomorrow
Larna (PS0JA) [1429] No it's not on now till next week
Anthony (PS0JF) [1430] Oh bear on next week, he on a big, big
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [1431] big ... and he's a nice
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [1432] [singing] row, row, row a boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, just uh, uh, uh when my night got him []
Larna (PS0JA) [1433] Are you singing mate? ...
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1434] Mum, I'm making such a big sandwich
Anthony (PS0JF) [1435] Can you cut it up?
Larna (PS0JA) [1436] It's alright as long as you eat it
Anthony (PS0JF) [1437] Bye, bye ... I can't do it, done it now, and a little bit and there ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1438] Ah are you gonna eat that?
Larna (PS0JA) [1439] Yes he will in a minute when he's finished making it, won't you Anthony?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1440] Have you finished making it yet have you?
Larna (PS0JA) [1441] Right, would you two like a drink?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1442] Me on Coke
Larna (PS0JA) [1443] You sure you'd like Coke or do you want some orange?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1444] We have Coke
Larna (PS0JA) [1445] Okay, are you sure, cos you've already had some Coke
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1446] Mummy me are gonna go in there
Larna (PS0JA) [1447] No no put them back in there darling, they're what we got at the pictures ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [1448] A little bit
Larna (PS0JA) [1449] to see Snow White, didn't we?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1450] no, no
Larna (PS0JA) [1451] Next you wanna go and see Peter Pan?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1452] And, and er Cinderella ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1453] What about Cinderella?
[1454] We want to go and see Cinderella
Larna (PS0JA) [1455] Cinderella, oh I don't know when that one's coming down ... if it comes down to the pictures we'll go and watch it, I'll promise you that, right, who's nicked my cup?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1456] Er mum
Larna (PS0JA) [1457] Yeah, hold on let me just go in the other room and see if my cup's in there ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1458] I made in it
Larna (PS0JA) [1459] here it is
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1460] mum
Larna (PS0JA) [1461] Yes love
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1462] I didn't want a drink
Larna (PS0JA) [1463] Oh well it's there if you want it
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1464] Ta mum, thanks that's what I needed
Larna (PS0JA) [1465] Just what you needed [laugh]
Anthony (PS0JF) [1466] Mummy get it a big, big
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Larna (PS0JA) [1467] Oh right, you've all got drinks and you've all got something to eat, well while you're doing that then I must do these bingo
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1468] Yes mum, I don't mind
Larna (PS0JA) [1469] Let's put this away, I've got to find a space first
Anthony (PS0JF) [1470] Those are mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [1471] No what?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1472] No please don't find a space
Larna (PS0JA) [1473] Oh I've got to find a space to get to a newspaper, to do the bingo numbers
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1474] Why you is it, why you eating a piece of luncheon meat?
Larna (PS0JA) [1475] Well, just something to nibble on that's savoury and not sweet
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1476] Like popcorn
Larna (PS0JA) [1477] Yeah, but that's sweet ... rather that one was sweet yeah, cos you can get popcorn
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1478] sweet too
Larna (PS0JA) [1479] Yeah, but you can also get it with salt
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [1480] mm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1481] Can't eat popcorn then
Anthony (PS0JF) [1482] You put erm
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [1483] anyway salt's bad for you
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1484] Salt's bad?
Larna (PS0JA) [1485] Mm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1486] Yeah, but you, you try the popcorn
Larna (PS0JA) [1487] Yeah darling but that one wasn't with erm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1488] Pepper
Larna (PS0JA) [1489] No that wasn't with salt, that was just with erm ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [1490] [singing] Row, row, row the boat, gently down the stream, merrily merrily life []
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1491] What?
Larna (PS0JA) [1492] Oh, hang on a minute darling, I've got to do this ...
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [1493] hello, hello
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [1494] mum ma ... erm, dinner, dinner our, dinner, I've got a
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1495] mum
Larna (PS0JA) [1496] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1497] I want a bit of sauce
Larna (PS0JA) [1498] Okay, yeah, but don't go too mad ... right, let's get all these bingo cards done, see if we've won this time, I doubt it very much, never won anything in our lives, I can't see us starting now
Anthony (PS0JF) [1499] Bye, bye, me see you later ... hello, hello
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [1500] Are you trying to sing Anthony Mark?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1501] That's enough mum, I
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [1502] Mum ma
Larna (PS0JA) [1503] That's enough darling, you don't want to put too much on it, it's just a waste
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1504] There you go mum
Larna (PS0JA) [1505] Well put it over there
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1506] I've finished
Larna (PS0JA) [1507] Good girl, at least you've eaten it all up
Anthony (PS0JF) [1508] Mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [1509] Yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [1510] mum ma
Larna (PS0JA) [1511] Mm ... alright?
[1512] Chew it next time
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [1513] I know, gonna see if other nan's in tonight aren't we?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1514] Who nanny ?
Larna (PS0JA) [1515] Yeah, if we've got time, right, see if mummy can, oh I know what I want before I do that
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [1516] it's alright, I just wanna get my head band, mummy's hair's getting long at the front, I must get Sara to cut it
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1517] Not mine
Larna (PS0JA) [1518] No yours is okay ... ain't got no playschool next week, have we?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1519] Ah?
Larna (PS0JA) [1520] Half term
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1521] Er mummy don't want that I've had enough
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [1522] what's today's date?
[1523] Let's see, it can't be then, that's dad's birthday, so it must be the twenty third today, look in my little book
Anthony (PS0JF) [1524] Mum ma are you doing in your little book [belch] er pardon me
Larna (PS0JA) [1525] Right twenty
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [1526] second, twenty two, who's what darling?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1527] Who did blowed off?
Larna (PS0JA) [1528] He meant burped
Anthony (PS0JF) [1529] Who did burped?
Larna (PS0JA) [1530] You did you little piggy so you say pardon
Anthony (PS0JF) [1531] I say pardon
Larna (PS0JA) [1532] Oh that's alright then
Anthony (PS0JF) [1533] Me go up to bed
Larna (PS0JA) [1534] What now?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1535] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1536] Alright if you say, before I start me bingo
Anthony (PS0JF) [1537] But mummy ...
Larna (PS0JA) [1538] Careful, careful ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1539] [singing] Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream [] ...
Larna (PS0JA) [1540] Bring your chair over then and we'll wash your hands, hang on let mummy do it, don't drag it, good boy, let's run the tap then you can get back to sleep
Anthony (PS0JF) [1541] Me up
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [1542] get the soap then
Anthony (PS0JF) [1543] Me, me
Larna (PS0JA) [1544] Don't take too long then cos that water's pretty cold ... quick then ... have you eaten that all up Charlotte?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1545] I don't want any more bread or my luncheon meat
Larna (PS0JA) [1546] What you putting more sauce on for then?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1547] Oh but this isn't my bit of cheese in
Larna (PS0JA) [1548] Oh, well, alright
Anthony (PS0JF) [1549] Yeah a bit cold
Larna (PS0JA) [1550] Yeah a bit cold, are you gonna dry your hands and I'll put your chair back
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [1551] right, bingo, well done Charlotte, what game we on?
[1552] Four, one, two
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [1553] mum ma
Larna (PS0JA) [1554] Yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [1555] er are daddy come in and daddy come out
Larna (PS0JA) [1556] Mm daddy won't be out for a while though he's watching Terminator
Anthony (PS0JF) [1557] He's got a lot of nasty in there?
Larna (PS0JA) [1558] It's got a lot of nasties in it that's why I'm sitting out here looking after you
Anthony (PS0JF) [1559] Having some dinner
Larna (PS0JA) [1560] Yeah, having some dinner, well we didn't have any did we, cos mummy took you to the pictures with nanny ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [1561] [singing] Row, row, row the boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily life ... merrily, merrily life is but [] mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [1562] Yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [1563] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [1564] Don't knock the table
Anthony (PS0JF) [1565] mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [1566] Mm, Charlotte stop rocking the table darling
Anthony (PS0JF) [1567] Mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [1568] Mm
Anthony (PS0JF) [1569] me undone meat, meat
Larna (PS0JA) [1570] Well you'll have to get it out the fridge, alright let Charlotte get it cos she's easier to get it than you Ant
Anthony (PS0JF) [1571] The meat
Larna (PS0JA) [1572] Yeah, get the plate of meat Charlotte ... good girl, well done
Anthony (PS0JF) [1573] Mummy
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [1574] erm, I want a bit that's not got too much fat on it don't you?
[1575] That's a nice bit
Anthony (PS0JF) [1576] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [1577] Yeah, do you want that bit?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1578] I've got that on it
Larna (PS0JA) [1579] Yeah, give me the knife and I'll cut it off
Anthony (PS0JF) [1580] No, I want, me a bit tired
Larna (PS0JA) [1581] Yeah I know, but don't start going off to sleep now, not if you want to see your other nanny
Anthony (PS0JF) [1582] Nanny
Larna (PS0JA) [1583] You want to go and see nanny don't you?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1584] Mum look
Larna (PS0JA) [1585] Oh actually come to think of it
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1586] mum look, mum look
Larna (PS0JA) [1587] Good girl, there you go
Anthony (PS0JF) [1588] We made it a nice one, yeah?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1589] I'm not gonna talk to you ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [1590] Why? ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1591] mum look
Larna (PS0JA) [1592] When did that happen?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1593] I bite, I was biting it
Larna (PS0JA) [1594] Oh well that's your silly fault then
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1595] I want a new one
Larna (PS0JA) [1596] You can't have a new one
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1597] Why?
[1598] Cos we're not at the pictures
Larna (PS0JA) [1599] That's right
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1600] Quickly go to the pictures
Larna (PS0JA) [1601] Oh they'll be shut now won't they?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1602] Why?
Larna (PS0JA) [1603] Well cos some, everybody has to go home, it's too late for you to be going out now anyway to pictures
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1604] What you doing?
Larna (PS0JA) [1605] Taking the fatty bits off darling, mummy don't like the fatty bits either
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [1606] stay at granddad's for a little while, while daddy watches that film and then go and see other nanny for a little while, cos you've got no playschool tomorrow so you haven't got to get up early have you?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1607] Mum could you teach me how to play that?
Larna (PS0JA) [1608] Not now, no, we're having dinner and I'm doing this bingo for a minute ... look bring your
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1609] Where is it?
Larna (PS0JA) [1610] get your pencil
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1611] I don't know where they are, they maybe in the front room
Larna (PS0JA) [1612] Run in and ask granddad where they are, but don't look at the telly, then come out and I'll show you how to do it ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [1613] I am
Larna (PS0JA) [1614] Yeah, it's quite easy ...
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [1615] mum ma
Larna (PS0JA) [1616] Mm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1617] daddy wants a bit of Coke
Larna (PS0JA) [1618] Well come out and get it then, got the pencils haven't you?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1619] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1620] Mm
Anthony (PS0JF) [1621] Mum ma, I want a bit of that one there
Larna (PS0JA) [1622] Take that then ... don't spill it
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1623] Don't you want to drink it?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1624] Me undone my, get, get my beat in, meat in
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1625] Ah
Larna (PS0JA) [1626] Vinegar
Anthony (PS0JF) [1627] Me like vinegar
Larna (PS0JA) [1628] Mm
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1629] mm
Larna (PS0JA) [1630] Right push the door up, push the door up if you've got pencils, good girl
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1631] I er, I bring
Larna (PS0JA) [1632] Right bring the tin round here and I'll find you a pencil ... right, now bring your Snow White thing round, that's the best one to use, right
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1633] What about Anthony?
Larna (PS0JA) [1634] No Anthony's still eating darling, right, now that word there says Doc, D O C which is the name of one of the dwarfs, okay, so in all them letters there is the name Doc, so you've got to look for those three letters D O C alright, so you go along, no let me show you how to do it then.
[1635] You go along ... each line and you find a D there but there's no Os next to it is there?
[1636] So you go along to the next D and there's no Os there, so you come down, D, no Os, so you keep going along the lines and every time you get to a D you stop
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1637] D O C
Larna (PS0JA) [1638] That's it, D O C and then all you do is you draw a line around it ... oh dear, no we want another pencil, this one ain't gonna work on here is it?
[1639] My, see if we can find a pen or something, that one might work, lean on the table cos it'll be easier ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1640] Not too bad
Larna (PS0JA) [1641] Yeah, right, then you'll scrub that one out like that, cos you've done that one, alright, then you pick another word and you look for it, right look for Grumpy G R U M P Y and you start by going across the top, alright?
[1642] You get a nice space to sit down at the table
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1643] move my plate and I'll sit here
Larna (PS0JA) [1644] Yeah, well what about saying please
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1645] Please ... what did you say?
Larna (PS0JA) [1646] Now do it quietly
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1647] That big red one?
Larna (PS0JA) [1648] Well, no, er Grumpy
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1649] Where's Grumpy?
[1650] I don't know what's in it
Larna (PS0JA) [1651] That one G R U M P Y, right?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1652] Grumpy
Larna (PS0JA) [1653] Right, you do that and I'll do this
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1654] That one down the bottom
Anthony (PS0JF) [1655] Mummy I do, I do done me
Larna (PS0JA) [1656] Hang on, let me just do this game on card
Anthony (PS0JF) [1657] No
Larna (PS0JA) [1658] let me just finish this game
Anthony (PS0JF) [1659] No
Larna (PS0JA) [1660] You haven't finished eating yet
Anthony (PS0JF) [1661] No, me didn't eating now
Larna (PS0JA) [1662] What about your cheese?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1663] Eaten it
Larna (PS0JA) [1664] Yeah finish your cheese while mummy's finishing this card ... and then erm ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1665] Is that, does that a C, a proper C
Larna (PS0JA) [1666] Ah well you do it Charlotte you've got to match the letters up, not much good if I've got to stop to keep helping you is it?
[1667] The idea is so you can do that while mummy does this ...
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [1668] No, no, hungry
Larna (PS0JA) [1669] Thirty five , twenty one, fifty four, sixty nine, twenty, oh, there, five is not there
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1670] Ah, look I've got it ... I saw this, one of those right, mum I finded erm one of those, but I just can't see any Cs or that number
Larna (PS0JA) [1671] Well Charlotte it's not easy, it's gonna take you a long time, but then so
Anthony (PS0JF) [1672] Mum, mummy
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1673] I can find C
Larna (PS0JA) [1674] mm, mm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1675] that number with the and so that number
Larna (PS0JA) [1676] We're running out of room on this table
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1677] that number, that number
Anthony (PS0JF) [1678] Mummy move back
Larna (PS0JA) [1679] Where am I gonna move it to?
[1680] Push, push it back there, then you can carry on eating if you want to, then you can sit there
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1681] that number
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Larna (PS0JA) [1682] I'm only showing you once darling and then you'll have to do it or else I'll never get me bingo done, alright, you choose a word to look for like Doc
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1683] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [1684] Right that's D O C and then you look on here and you look for a D O C, when you found it you put a ring around it alright?
[1685] Like that
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1686] Mum I find it, C, that number, that number, that number
Larna (PS0JA) [1687] Yeah, but they don't join up Charlotte and then you cross and then you cross it out
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1688] Yeah but this can't find them
Larna (PS0JA) [1689] Right, so you cross this out and now you've got to look for another word
Anthony (PS0JF) [1690] Erm
Larna (PS0JA) [1691] it's very hard, if you can't do it go to the Snow White picture and colour the picture
Anthony (PS0JF) [1692] and me gonna do it
Larna (PS0JA) [1693] What?
[1694] No, we'll, we'll do it together later when mummy's got time to sit and help you alright?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1695] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1696] When I've done me bingo
Anthony (PS0JF) [1697] Yeah me gonna colour in on
Larna (PS0JA) [1698] There you go if I put the pencil there, don't knock it off though
Anthony (PS0JF) [1699] Why?
Larna (PS0JA) [1700] Cos you'll drop all your pencils that's why
Anthony (PS0JF) [1701] They're not there
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1702] No
Larna (PS0JA) [1703] Number one I think, no
Anthony (PS0JF) [1704] Mummy not it on there
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1705] No, no
Larna (PS0JA) [1706] Well get another one then
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1707] No
Anthony (PS0JF) [1708] Me got another one er one
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1709] me doing, I find a two that match up together mum, look
Larna (PS0JA) [1710] Yeah, but you've got to have a complete word that matches Charlotte
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1711] Look it matches
Larna (PS0JA) [1712] Look why don't you do the colouring for now and then I'll help you do that in a little while when I've done this bingo?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1713] Alright
Larna (PS0JA) [1714] Alright, good girl
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1715] Where is this picture then?
[1716] Here it is Snow White and the Seven Woofs
Larna (PS0JA) [1717] Dwarfs, not Woofs
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1718] No ... ah it's going in the butter
Larna (PS0JA) [1719] No it's not
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1720] Ah
Larna (PS0JA) [1721] not if you don't move it, it won't go in the butter
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1722] Just leave it down
Anthony (PS0JF) [1723] I don't want and move it over
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1724] Right
Anthony (PS0JF) [1725] mum ma here
Larna (PS0JA) [1726] Look, why did anybody move it?
[1727] Put it down where I left it, put it down, let go Anthony
Anthony (PS0JF) [1728] I wanna put it in the butter
Larna (PS0JA) [1729] It's not in the butter, look, let go and you'll see it's not in the butter, it is over the butter which is alright, now don't fight ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1730] Who had the brown hat?
[1731] But that and those had the brown set ... that, that and that, right so it's on
Anthony (PS0JF) [1732] That one I'll do, he my are
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1733] Where's my
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [1734] I do want it Anth
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1735] Grumpy, Grumpy
Anthony (PS0JF) [1736] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [sigh]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1737] Grumpy over there?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1738] Mummy me go in it ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1739] There's Grumpy ... Grumpy, pink colour on
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1740] there's brown work in Grumpy
Larna (PS0JA) [1741] There's thirty there
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1742] this do, this won't work on Grumpy, Grumpy do
Larna (PS0JA) [1743] Well
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1744] Mum, look what I've done Grumpy on done him, I've done him in the right hat you see
Larna (PS0JA) [1745] Well done
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1746] all the right hat that one
Anthony (PS0JF) [1747] Mum, mum, mum, mum
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1748] doing the right ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [1749] oh me doing
Larna (PS0JA) [1750] Right
Anthony (PS0JF) [1751] up anot , he doing a that up, dearie me
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1752] You supposed to be doing that hat, that hat and that hat
Anthony (PS0JF) [1753] Me doing it that hat
Larna (PS0JA) [1754] Oh Anthony sit down before you fall off the chair
Anthony (PS0JF) [1755] Are you doing that one?
Larna (PS0JA) [1756] You're doing that hat right, you're doing the wrong hat aren't you?
[1757] You're doing the wrong hat to Grumpy to Anth, you're doing the wrong hat for Grumpy
Anthony (PS0JF) [sneeze]
Larna (PS0JA) [1758] Bless you
Anthony (PS0JF) [sneeze]
Larna (PS0JA) [1759] Bless you
Anthony (PS0JF) [1760] Mm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1761] How many more times are you gonna sneeze?
Larna (PS0JA) [1762] He might of been taking after Sneezy aren't you?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1763] Oh mum me do it, me are gonna do that and that in a minute
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1764] Right ... that one ... here he is
Larna (PS0JA) [1765] Anthony sit still you're knocking mummy's arm ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1766] and like that, which way, which way
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [1767] I don't, ma, ma
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1768] What is his name?
[1769] What is that one called?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [1770] That's Grumpy isn't it?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1771] No that's Grumpy
Larna (PS0JA) [1772] Ha, I don't really know darling cos they all look so much alike don't they?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1773] Oh well shall I just colour in the same hats then?
Larna (PS0JA) [1774] Yeah, I think that's probably the best idea
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1775] I think I ... there
Anthony (PS0JF) [1776] Mummy doing
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1777] now I've got all of the hats on
Anthony (PS0JF) [1778] mum doing
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1779] now I'm gonna do
Larna (PS0JA) [1780] Five three, eight
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1781] a blue one
Anthony (PS0JF) [1782] Colour it in
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1783] a blue one
Larna (PS0JA) [1784] What?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1785] Where's the blue?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1786] Mum
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1787] No I think I'll do a purple hat ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [1788] erm, it, it go in here
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1789] where is, here we are
Anthony (PS0JF) [1790] Where's this gonna go?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1791] I know where that one is ... oh I need a colouring bit of that thing, colouring harder ... there
Anthony (PS0JF) [1792] I don't know why
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1793] Doc has green hat, where's the, where's the green?
[1794] ... Grumpy, Sneeze, Grumpy
Anthony (PS0JF) [1795] Grumpy
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1796] Sneezy
Anthony (PS0JF) [1797] Grumpy
Larna (PS0JA) [1798] I wonder if Aunty Mandy will come down next week?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1799] Grumpy, Grumpy, Grumpy, Grumpy
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1800] Here that one
Larna (PS0JA) [1801] Have to give her a ring won't we Charlie?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [1802] I'm doing it Charlie
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1803] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1804] Yeah ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1805] short one
Anthony (PS0JF) [1806] Mum
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1807] was that one ... what was that man, what does the green man do mum?
Larna (PS0JA) [1808] What green man?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1809] That one, what, what does he
Larna (PS0JA) [1810] I don't know looking at it upside down darling, hang on, oh keep yours, let me look at Anthy's ... the green one?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1811] Yeah the green one with the green hat, that one, that one that you're touching with your hand
Larna (PS0JA) [1812] Any, hang on Anth ... oh the green one is ... for what I can see on the picture, I think the green one is Sleepy
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1813] No read it what's on there, does it say Sleepy?
Larna (PS0JA) [1814] No it doesn't, I think that's just what it was Sleepy darling
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1815] Sleepy, now where's Sleepy, oh here he is, here's Sleepy
Anthony (PS0JF) [1816] Not that
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1817] here's Sleepy now he's gonna have a green hat
Anthony (PS0JF) [1818] Here he is
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1819] the green hat
Anthony (PS0JF) [1820] I did that on there
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1821] right and now erm ... a ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [1822] Mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [1823] Yes love
Anthony (PS0JF) [1824] me doing all green
Larna (PS0JA) [1825] You doing it all green are you? ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1826] Erm do you want a little bit more table
Anthony (PS0JF) [1827] Er ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1828] do you wanna little bit more table, that's gonna be alright because you've erm, if I move them ... if you put on that, if I ... hold them on my lap and then they won't get, you won't want to ask me, do you want another one?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1829] Erm, no, me want, me wanna do his, erm me wanna do it all green.
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1830] And when you want one tell me
Anthony (PS0JF) [1831] Yeah ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1832] I know what
Anthony (PS0JF) [1833] er ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1834] we've got erm, if we ... you put mine over there and then the sauce there like that
Anthony (PS0JF) [1835] and er
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1836] and put and that up, any one if you turn yours round
Anthony (PS0JF) [1837] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1838] and I move this plate
Anthony (PS0JF) [1839] That mine
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1840] Yeah, but you don't want to eat it
Larna (PS0JA) [1841] Where you going with that plate?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1842] Me wanna eat it in a minute
Larna (PS0JA) [1843] Just leave it there in front of him so that he can eat it if he wants it Charlotte
Anthony (PS0JF) [1844] Put it on here, there
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1845] I leave it right there and I ...
Larna (PS0JA) [1846] When I've finished these Bingo cards anyway I'll, I'll give the table a good tidy up so we'll have more room
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1847] and if I move that, that on to there, then I ... on there like that we can even put the red sauce there can't we, and see what
Larna (PS0JA) [1848] Just don't knock Ant's plate on the floor
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1849] No ... see Anth look, if I put the butter up there
Anthony (PS0JF) [1850] Put that
Larna (PS0JA) [1851] Charlotte why you moving everything?
[1852] It was all fine the way it was
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1853] I know, but where could we put the pencils on the table?
Larna (PS0JA) [1854] The pencils were alright ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1855] Yeah but I did still did see ... I do ... I wanna do a blue
Larna (PS0JA) [1856] I hope granddad don't collect no more of these bingo cards ... I'll never get through doing them all each week for him, I don't know why we do them eh Charlie he never wins?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1857] He hasn't got lots , got a big one
Anthony (PS0JF) [1858] Er, erm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1859] a big on there
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [1860] I want that one
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1861] Is that what it
Anthony (PS0JF) [1862] ah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1863] Put this, that across
Anthony (PS0JF) [1864] mum, mum, mum, we
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [1865] I want red
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1866] What Ant?
Larna (PS0JA) [1867] What mate?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1868] Me want no
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [1869] got, me got a, me got a man
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1870] You've got the wrong hat haven't you?
[1871] ... Look green hat, purple hat, purple hat, green hat that's brown hat
Anthony (PS0JF) [sneeze]
Larna (PS0JA) [1872] Bless you
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1873] brown hat, brown hat, brown hat
Anthony (PS0JF) [sneeze]
Larna (PS0JA) [1874] Bless you
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1875] blue hat
Anthony (PS0JF) [1876] Mm, I wanna do
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1877] See you're doing them all green like you shouldn't be, you should be doing some brown
Larna (PS0JA) [1878] It doesn't matter Charlotte, so long as he colours it in
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1879] I'm colouring mine in nice and there's little nose
Anthony (PS0JF) [1880] Me I going on the pot
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1881] Oh they have the same noses, orange noses, mum have we got orange in here?
Larna (PS0JA) [1882] I don't know it's your tin of pencils, have a look
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1883] No we haven't ... they'll have to have yellow noses then
Larna (PS0JA) [1884] Oh dear, you have got the sneezes haven't you?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1885] Yeah like man
Larna (PS0JA) [1886] Like Sneezy, yeah ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1887] Yeah, like Sneezy ... I can't see any
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [1888] thirty five there ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1889] I think we're gonna have grey noses ...
Larna (PS0JA) [1890] So did you enjoy that film at the pictures then?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1891] Mum I only
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1892] What doing
Anthony (PS0JF) [1893] never dinner up
Larna (PS0JA) [1894] Well you've finished your dinner haven't you?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1895] No
Larna (PS0JA) [1896] Why, what have you got left to eat?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1897] I got a little bit of dinner, dinner there now
Larna (PS0JA) [1898] Right I'll put some more on in a moment, hold on let me do this little bit ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1899] Not, it's ... big, big nose now
Anthony (PS0JF) [1900] Erm
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Larna (PS0JA) [1901] both look tired
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1902] What?
Larna (PS0JA) [1903] I said you both look tired, that's sat in front of that cinema screen all that time ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1904] We look tired?
Larna (PS0JA) [1905] Yeah, does make you a bit tired when you're watching a big screen like that, it makes your eyes ache after a while, cos you're not used to it, but ... still you can have a nice lay in tomorrow can't you, cos you've got no playschool tomorrow ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [1906] Mum, ma
Larna (PS0JA) [1907] so we're all gonna have a nice lay in aren't we?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1908] mum, mum, ma
Larna (PS0JA) [1909] Mm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1910] What else noses have I got to do this? ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [1911] Mummy me getting worn out doing it
Larna (PS0JA) [1912] Pardon?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1913] Me getting worn out
Larna (PS0JA) [1914] You getting worn out are you?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1915] er doing it
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1916] Well it's a big
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [1917] I'm getting worn out doing this, it's hurting my eyes after going to the pictures and then doing all these bingo cards for granddad
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1918] It still, it, it hurting
Anthony (PS0JF) [1919] I done that
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1920] my eyes too mum
Anthony (PS0JF) [1921] Mum I wanna go
Larna (PS0JA) [1922] [yawning] Oh when daddy's finished we can go [] you went to see your film now you've got to let daddy watch his.
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1923] Ha, I'm tired
Anthony (PS0JF) [1924] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [1925] That's alright though because it doesn't, I'm not worried tonight because you can lay in tomorrow cos as I say there's no playschool or gymnastics is there? ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1926] What
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [1927] go, mum, ma, I can't do any more
Larna (PS0JA) [1928] Well don't do it then darling, you don't have to do it
Anthony (PS0JF) [1929] Mum, ma
Larna (PS0JA) [1930] just sit down and finish eating your lunch, your dinner
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1931] And you've done them a bit all green haven't you, why don't you do some of erm
Larna (PS0JA) [1932] Cos he's tired ain't you love?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1933] some, the other colours, look what I've done, I've done mine pretty
Anthony (PS0JF) [1934] Not at a pretty, I like it all green
Larna (PS0JA) [1935] He likes it all green don't you Ant?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1936] Mm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1937] Yeah, but I like mine pretty so
Anthony (PS0JF) [1938] Mummy me nearly did it now
Larna (PS0JA) [1939] Jolly good, I think mummy's nearly finished her bingo too
Anthony (PS0JF) [1940] Mummy, I wanna dinner on, dinner
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1941] I'm finishing
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [1942] I don't know why I bother though cos you never flipping win anything
Anthony (PS0JF) [1943] Oh yeah ... oh yeah and me
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1944] you've got too many green ones haven't you?
Larna (PS0JA) [1945] If your mother wins anything it'll be a bloody miracle
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1946] What about it like this, see, I've done all those hats, I've done the, I've gone a great hat I have
Anthony (PS0JF) [1947] Mum, ma I want a great hat mum
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1948] I've done them all the right hats
Larna (PS0JA) [1949] We needed eighty five on the last one didn't we?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1950] Hang on a minute , one, two, three, one, two, three
Larna (PS0JA) [1951] Forty five ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [1952] Mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [1953] cor, yeah mate
Anthony (PS0JF) [1954] I want you to help me do that now
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1955] when do, do it
Larna (PS0JA) [1956] Oh yeah I've finished my bingo now
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1957] Oh I've forgot someone's hat
Anthony (PS0JF) [1958] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [1959] Who's hat did you forget?
[1960] Come here then let's see if we can do the word search
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1961] This
Anthony (PS0JF) [1962] Mum I wanna do that one
Larna (PS0JA) [1963] Do what darling?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1964] I wanna do the word search
Anthony (PS0JF) [1965] I do that one
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1966] I do
Anthony (PS0JF) [1967] I wanna do that
Larna (PS0JA) [1968] Right, I read what it says on here then, okay, you listening?
[1969] [reading] Still the fairest one of all, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is back and coming to theatres everywhere, Snow White is a beautiful, captivating and timeless of the day everyone fell in love with her, in the world first full length animated feature.
[1970] Filled with the magic and beauty that will continue to thrill audiences for years to come, Snow White tells the story of a beautiful young princess and her jealous step mother the queen.
[1971] When the queen plotted to have her killed, Snow White is forced to hide in the forest that surrounds the castle, but not before being noticed by the handsome prince, helped by her animal friends and offered shelter by the lovable seven dwarfs
Anthony (PS0JF) [1972] Mum
Larna (PS0JA) [1973] she remained hidden from her cruel stepmother, knowing that one day her prince will come, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a mor as memorable as the songs that fill the movie
Anthony (PS0JF) [1974] hello
Larna (PS0JA) [1975] [laughing] that fill the movie with music and everyone's heart of joy, with the contagious hit tunes Whistle While you Work, Hi Ho and Some Day My Prince Will Come, you'll be tapping your toes and singing along in no time, let the story telling magic of Walt Disney capture your heart
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1976] Mum that works, some, some
Larna (PS0JA) [1977] in this timeless classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs []

7 (Tape 034602)

Larna (PS0JA) [1978] I know, but I've also got to do the tea as well for granddad and daddy and Phillip.
Anthony (PS0JF) [1979] And Karen
Larna (PS0JA) [1980] Yeah, no Karen's not here
Anthony (PS0JF) [1981] and bubber and big bubber, bubber not er bubber, here are ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1982] Mum look this one
Larna (PS0JA) [1983] Hold on , what?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1984] this, I've just done that so remember we've done it
Larna (PS0JA) [1985] Okay
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1986] this done that, see
Larna (PS0JA) [1987] yeah I'll be with you in a minute, hold on
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1988] Mum can you this
Larna (PS0JA) [1989] Yes in a minute ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1990] What are you doing carried away that
Larna (PS0JA) [1991] there we go, I've done that now, right
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1992] Mum
Anthony (PS0JF) [1993] Mum ma
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1994] I've just done that to know with, we've done that okay?
Anthony (PS0JF) [1995] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [1996] Yeah, that's right, I'll just pop the kettle on and then we'll start to find another, oh well done Anthy, well done.
[1997] You going to get a different colour pencil and do a different colour little birdies?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [1998] No, erm
Larna (PS0JA) [1999] I wonder if any birds have eaten any of that erm food yet that's outside in garden at home?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2000] Maybe not
Larna (PS0JA) [2001] No, we'll have to have a look tomorrow ... they'd better hurry up and eat though hadn't they?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2002] Well now what we're, we're we looking for here?
[2003] For erm ... G, A he only started to write Grumpy, mum look what I've started to write, Grumpy
Anthony (PS0JF) [2004] Mum ma
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2005] ah buy these
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2006] there's some Buttons here do you want some?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2007] Ah I want
Larna (PS0JA) [2008] No, I'll put them back in here then
Anthony (PS0JF) [2009] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [2010] Do you want them or not?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2011] Mummy he had mine, I want mine, I want to read my own, I wanna, I wanna have mine
Larna (PS0JA) [2012] Right who's having which one then?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2013] Me having
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2014] I'm having
Anthony (PS0JF) [2015] here
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2016] that one, I'm having that one
Larna (PS0JA) [2017] Right, that's a good choice, okay
Anthony (PS0JF) [2018] Mum, ma
Larna (PS0JA) [2019] Do you want me to read them?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2020] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [2021] Alright then
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2022] I can read my own
Larna (PS0JA) [2023] Alright here we go then, here's Anthony's [reading] see saw marjory door, Johnny shall have a new master, he shall have but a penny a day, because he can't work any faster [] and Charlotte is, let's have a look then [reading] hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle []
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2024] I, I know that one [reading] hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle the cow jumped over the moon, the little dog laughed to see such fun and the dish ran away with the spoon []
Larna (PS0JA) [2025] Well done darling mm ah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2026] I know that one
Larna (PS0JA) [2027] you really are getting clever aren't you?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2028] I, I've always knowed that
Larna (PS0JA) [2029] Ah, well yes I know you've always known it
Anthony (PS0JF) [2030] Mum ma
Larna (PS0JA) [2031] Hold on, let me put some of this away ... have you two finished with your plates?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2032] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [2033] Yeah, do you think you've had enough now?
[2034] So if we move some of these off the table
Anthony (PS0JF) [2035] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [2036] we'll have more room to do our pictures ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2037] I can do oh no
Anthony (PS0JF) [2038] get one
Larna (PS0JA) [2039] We don't want to go in the other room and watch the nasties do we?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2040] No I get down
Larna (PS0JA) [2041] So you've finished Anthony have you?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2042] Mum look, I done my own buttons
Larna (PS0JA) [2043] Good girl
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2044] do you want me to do, I can do it
Larna (PS0JA) [2045] Charlotte have you finished with your dinner?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2046] do you want me to do it?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2047] No
Larna (PS0JA) [2048] If he says no, he says no
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2049] Don't fight me
Larna (PS0JA) [2050] Don't fight nanny won't take your pictures any more, do you want me to open Anthony?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2051] Yes
Larna (PS0JA) [2052] If I do this to opening up
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2053] See saw, see saw, the marjory in a door
Anthony (PS0JF) [2054] Mum ma me wanna do a bit of green
Larna (PS0JA) [2055] Okay then, well you do a bit of green then, I'll tidy up and then we'll carry on
Anthony (PS0JF) [2056] What are them?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2057] Ant what about erm Snow White's dress?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2058] I'm doing in it
Larna (PS0JA) [2059] Yeah, let him do it how he wants to Charlotte ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2060] You can't do a green all that
Anthony (PS0JF) [2061] Mummy
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2062] know why?
[2063] Cos it'll look stupid
Larna (PS0JA) [2064] We'll do erm another
Anthony (PS0JF) [whine]
Larna (PS0JA) [2065] perhaps another of drawing and that and then we've got to erm get pyjamas on
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2066] Why?
Larna (PS0JA) [2067] Well, because then we've got to sort out all our stuff to take home ... well
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2068] What about
Larna (PS0JA) [2069] like I say there's no rush cos we haven't got to go, you haven't got school tomorrow ...
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [2070] Hiya
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2071] Ah dad

8 (Tape 034603)

Larna (PS0JA) [2072] Do you want me to make you a coffee in a minute?
David (PS0JG) [2073] Mm yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [2074] Eh?
David (PS0JG) [2075] please
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2076] Marjory door went off her car, eating her
David (PS0JG) [2077] Give us a kiss then
Larna (PS0JA) [2078] Put more water in then
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2079] along came a spider
Anthony (PS0JF) [2080] I miss you
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2081] and sat down beside her
David (PS0JG) [2082] You miss me have you?
[2083] Liar
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2084] and frightened Miss Muffet away
Anthony (PS0JF) [2085] And frightened the spider away
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2086] From this map, this map work's on here
Larna (PS0JA) [2087] Mm, yeah well I will be with you in a minute darling, it's just that I've got a
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2088] hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon, the little dog laughed to see such fun and the dish ran away with the spoon, hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon, the little dog laughed to see such fun and the dish ran away with the spoon
Larna (PS0JA) [2089] Oh what am I doing?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2090] the dish ran away with the spoon
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2091] hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon, the little dog laughed to see such fun and the plate ran away
Larna (PS0JA) [2092] Dish ran away with the spoon
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2093] and the plate ran away with the spoon
Larna (PS0JA) [2094] No, the dish ran away with the spoon, the spoon goes with the dish darling
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2095] But look, look, it's a shape of a plate
Larna (PS0JA) [2096] I know, but it's a dish that goes away with the spoon love
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2097] hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon, the little dog laughed to see such fun and the dish ran away with the spoon ... another packet of Buttons
Anthony (PS0JF) [2098] Me eat them?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2099] No ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [2100] Show me Charlotte ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2101] There look
Anthony (PS0JF) [2102] Wait a minute ... me only
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2103] hey diddle diddle, the cat
Larna (PS0JA) [2104] I'll be with you in a minute, let me just finish making the tea
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2105] and the fiddle
Anthony (PS0JF) [2106] Mum, ma
Larna (PS0JA) [2107] Yeah, oh don't tip them all over the table sweetheart
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2108] Oh ...
Larna (PS0JA) [2109] Right, I want a coffee
Anthony (PS0JF) [2110] Mum ma
Larna (PS0JA) [2111] Yes
Anthony (PS0JF) [2112] wait a minute, he and not got a ticket on
Larna (PS0JA) [2113] Well that's alright ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2114] Hang on a minute ... this one hasn't got the ticket on
Larna (PS0JA) [2115] Yeah well don't get muddled up whose is who
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2116] Why? ...
Larna (PS0JA) [2117] I don't want you two fighting over them that's why, you know what you two are like
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2118] write your name on them
Larna (PS0JA) [2119] You can't write your name on them darling
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2120] You can
Larna (PS0JA) [2121] you just keep hold of yours and Anthony keep hold of his ...
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2122] L, O P, P, E, E, H, H, R, L
Anthony (PS0JF) [2123] Not
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2124] E, R, H, H, L
Anthony (PS0JF) [2125] Mummy
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2126] O, T, T, E ... marjory door, the little bit more, in the
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2127] and down came the spider and sat down behind her and frightened Miss Muffet away, [laugh] there's a spider
Larna (PS0JA) [2128] On about a spider
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2129] We're going
Larna (PS0JA) [2130] See little Miss Muffet?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2131] Yeah Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet
Anthony (PS0JF) [2132] Yeah me a spider
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2133] Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet eating her curds and wheys, along came a spider, along came a, no I not say along came a spider and sat down beside her, along came a spider and sat down beside her and frightened Miss Muffet away ...
Larna (PS0JA) [2134] Right I've got one more drink to make my dears and then I'll be with you
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2135] What about our drinks?
Larna (PS0JA) [2136] You've got Coke, that's your treat each week, cos you don't have it at home, you only have it on a Sunday
Anthony (PS0JF) [2137] I've not got in there
Larna (PS0JA) [2138] Yeah they're probably for little Robert darling, but he's not here is he?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2139] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [2140] He didn't come up ... Anthy out here
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2141] On the sun, with the
Anthony (PS0JF) [2142] There aren't any nasty in there
Larna (PS0JA) [2143] No but there will be in a minute
Anthony (PS0JF) [2144] Er, erm, me up
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2145] well they're all trying to watch the film ... sit down
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2146] Mum he was here but we were too late
Larna (PS0JA) [2147] I know
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2148] to see him ...
Larna (PS0JA) [2149] Right come on then, you've got to finish your
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2150] right, come on Ant
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2151] right, alright, let's go and see if we can find these words
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2152] Anthy, Anthy, Anthy
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2153] [singing] Along came a spider and set down behind her []
Larna (PS0JA) [2154] Oh don't scrape your chair across the floor
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2155] Look the mat's working
Larna (PS0JA) [2156] What, why you've been crossing them off?
[2157] Where's me pen?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2158] I didn't cross them off
Larna (PS0JA) [2159] Right
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2160] I didn't cross them off
Larna (PS0JA) [2161] Okay you didn't cross them off
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2162] Look at this just
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2163] okay then, you've got to try and find Bashful
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2164] Where's Bashful?
Larna (PS0JA) [2165] Well find the letter B and you Anthy
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2166] Where's Bashful?
[2167] ... Is it down the bottom?
Anthony (PS0JF) [moan]
Larna (PS0JA) [2168] Aren't you doing it?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2169] No, not there, doing that bit
Larna (PS0JA) [2170] Oh alright then
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2171] What, what is the
Larna (PS0JA) [2172] You've got to find the letter B
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2173] Is that it?
Larna (PS0JA) [2174] That's a capital B
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2175] Bashful, I can't find the letter B
Larna (PS0JA) [2176] Mm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2177] there's B
Larna (PS0JA) [2178] Is there an A next to it?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2179] Erm
Larna (PS0JA) [2180] A capital A
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2181] No, that's not it, is it?
Larna (PS0JA) [2182] What about down there?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2183] No
Larna (PS0JA) [2184] Mm, I know what the problem is
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2185] What?
Larna (PS0JA) [2186] Well there's young children
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2187] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [2188] hold on
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2189] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [2190] you're first taught to write in small letters, these crosswords or as they print most crosswords in erm capital letters, and of course you don't recognize them do you?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2191] I don't remember
Larna (PS0JA) [2192] You don't recognize the two different types of As and Bs
Anthony (PS0JF) [2193] Mum
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2194] Is that it Bashful?
Larna (PS0JA) [2195] Yeah, but you won't find it in there because you don't recognize the letters darling
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2196] Well there's B and it's not
Anthony (PS0JF) [2197] Not on there
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2198] there, now what are we?
[2199] Which?
[2200] Where is it?
[2201] Which one is it?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2202] Mum ma mum ma I'm not
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2203] where is it?
[2204] Is it up the top B, that one
Larna (PS0JA) [2205] Yes, very well done Anthony
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2206] Where's
Larna (PS0JA) [2207] Mm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2208] where's the first letter?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2209] Mummy
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2210] where's the first letter?
Larna (PS0JA) [2211] B A S H F U L it's down there, but it's all in capital letters you see, now you've got to find the diamond, which is what they, where did they, where were they looking for diamonds?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2212] There
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2213] do you want the other half?
David (PS0JG) [2214] No
Larna (PS0JA) [2215] I've been sat there all evening nobody's eaten it so I thought I might as well get on and eat it
David (PS0JG) [2216] I've never tried it actually
Larna (PS0JA) [2217] It's cheesecake dear
David (PS0JG) [2218] No it's not like the cheesecake I had
Larna (PS0JA) [2219] Oh it's not a thick creamy one, it's a home made one innit?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2220] mm?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2221] Let me sit on your lap
Anthony (PS0JF) [2222] Let me sit on the table
Larna (PS0JA) [2223] Half term next week innit mate?
David (PS0JG) [2224] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [2225] Yeah, right, now we're going to look for diamonds, where were they looking for diamonds?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2226] I've pointed that one off
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2227] That's it, no they went to look for diamonds in the cave when they went to work didn't they?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2228] Is it that one?
Larna (PS0JA) [2229] That one
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2230] diamonds
Larna (PS0JA) [2231] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2232] so now
Larna (PS0JA) [2233] you've got to find the letter D
Anthony (PS0JF) [2234] Mum ma
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2235] There
Larna (PS0JA) [2236] Yeah, then you've got to find the letter I, I think it's there D I A M O N D that's it there look
Anthony (PS0JF) [2237] Mum ma
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2238] Let me cross it off
Larna (PS0JA) [2239] Go on then
Anthony (PS0JF) [2240] I wanna help me do it
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2241] Where?
[2242] There?
Larna (PS0JA) [2243] Okay love, yeah down there ... around the D at the bottom and then back up to the D at the top ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [2244] Why are you eating some, some cheesecake?
Larna (PS0JA) [2245] I think they saved it for me darling
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2246] There you go, I've crossed it off, look
Larna (PS0JA) [2247] Okay
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2248] I've comed it
Larna (PS0JA) [2249] cross it off down here
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2250] Oh look
Larna (PS0JA) [2251] [laugh] cross it off down there
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2252] Here?
Larna (PS0JA) [2253] Yeah, let me eat this last piece of cheesecake then I can help you
Anthony (PS0JF) [2254] I'm gonna buy you, er
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2255] Now what one are we gonna look for?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2256] mm?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2257] Now what one are we looking for?
[2258] Now
Larna (PS0JA) [2259] Dopey
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2260] Sleepy?
[2261] Dopey
Larna (PS0JA) [2262] Dopey my love
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2263] Dopey there, Dopey there
Larna (PS0JA) [2264] Do it in pen cos the pencil don't show up, yeah Dopey, D O P E Y we've got to find
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2265] Let me do the pen, so it's that one
Larna (PS0JA) [2266] Yep
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2267] Right, where I do
Larna (PS0JA) [2268] Oh I can see it
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2269] There?
Larna (PS0JA) [2270] No
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2271] Erm where?
Larna (PS0JA) [2272] There D O P E Y
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2273] There, start from there
Larna (PS0JA) [2274] No Charlotte, did I just say there?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2275] I didn't, I didn't, I wasn't
Larna (PS0JA) [2276] D O P E Y
Anthony (PS0JF) [2277] Er what about, got
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2278] me
Larna (PS0JA) [2279] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2280] Start from there?
Larna (PS0JA) [2281] Yeah D O P E Y
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2282] right now cross Dopey off your list
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2283] Where?
Larna (PS0JA) [2284] Yeah, that's it
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2285] right that's enough, now we're gonna find Grumpy, I can see Grumpy up there look, G R U M P Y
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2286] That one?
Larna (PS0JA) [2287] Yes, G R U M P Y, so you've got to draw a circle round Grumpy
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2288] Round them
Larna (PS0JA) [2289] That's it all the way along to the letter Y
Anthony (PS0JF) [2290] Mum ma mum ma
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2291] there
Larna (PS0JA) [2292] That's it come round the Y, now go back to the G, start, where you going?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2293] Mum ma , mum ma
Larna (PS0JA) [2294] I can't see a blinking thing you're doing
Anthony (PS0JF) [2295] mum ma when me
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2296] in the morning
Larna (PS0JA) [2297] Mm
Anthony (PS0JF) [2298] when me
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2299] in the morning
Larna (PS0JA) [2300] Cross it off down there, yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [2301] Look
Larna (PS0JA) [2302] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2303] Here?
Larna (PS0JA) [2304] Grumpy there
Anthony (PS0JF) [2305] Mummy when me
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2306] in the morning
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2307] Now I wanna look for that one
Anthony (PS0JF) [2308] when me
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2309] in the morning, me wanna go on that
Larna (PS0JA) [2310] You wanna do yours tomorrow do you?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2311] Yeah, that
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2312] Right, now
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2313] I wanna
Larna (PS0JA) [2314] we're gonna look for castle
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2315] I wanna do that one
Larna (PS0JA) [2316] We've just done Grumpy, we're gonna do the castle now, don't point the pen up to your face that's how you get pen on your face
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2317] That one
Larna (PS0JA) [2318] Yeah castle
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2319] Right
Larna (PS0JA) [2320] Right, erm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2321] now this one is gonna be a little bit harder for me
Larna (PS0JA) [2322] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2323] Here it is C
Larna (PS0JA) [2324] Yeah there's the, no that's
Anthony (PS0JF) [2325] Mum, me a
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2326] there is is C A S T L E
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2327] C
Larna (PS0JA) [2328] C A S T L E, there's all wobbly bits in the table isn't there?
[2329] Cross castle off
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2330] There?
Larna (PS0JA) [2331] Yeah, right, so we've done those and we've done Doc so now we've got to find
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2332] A bit of
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2333] no, no, they're all right, got to find dwarfs now
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2334] What's ah
Larna (PS0JA) [2335] there is is look D W A R F S
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2336] Right ...
Larna (PS0JA) [2337] Cross it
Anthony (PS0JF) [2338] Mum, mum
Larna (PS0JA) [2339] Yes love
Anthony (PS0JF) [2340] Me wash up?
Larna (PS0JA) [2341] No I've done it all
Anthony (PS0JF) [2342] Oh
Larna (PS0JA) [2343] Right cross dwarfs off, that one
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2344] That one?
Larna (PS0JA) [2345] Yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [2346] Mummy me wanna do it next
Larna (PS0JA) [2347] That's it
Anthony (PS0JF) [2348] time
Larna (PS0JA) [2349] now we're gonna find Happy
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2350] Happy
Anthony (PS0JF) [2351] it
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2352] Happy
Anthony (PS0JF) [2353] Mum ma
Larna (PS0JA) [2354] Yes Anthy
Anthony (PS0JF) [2355] do it
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2356] Where's Happy, there it is, is that Happy
Larna (PS0JA) [2357] There it is H A P P Y, you've got the pen ready?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2358] Mm, I wanna do it, there?
Larna (PS0JA) [2359] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2360] So round there
Larna (PS0JA) [2361] No, see, you don't watch do you?
[2362] Round ... right now cross Happy off
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2363] There
Larna (PS0JA) [2364] No that doesn't say Happy does it?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2365] That say Happy?
Larna (PS0JA) [2366] Mm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2367] Does that say Happy?
Larna (PS0JA) [2368] Yes darling
Anthony (PS0JF) [2369] Mum ma
Larna (PS0JA) [2370] Right, now we're gonna find poison apple and I know where that one is
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2371] Where?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2372] Where?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2373] Poison apple
Larna (PS0JA) [2374] along the bottom, the whole bottom line except for the letter T okay?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2375] Yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [2376] Mum ma
Larna (PS0JA) [2377] Go on then, what darling?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2378] That one
Larna (PS0JA) [2379] Yeah, start from round there
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2380] now go all the way along and around and all the way back and stop.
[2381] Cross poison apple off
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2382] There?
Larna (PS0JA) [2383] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2384] All of it?
Larna (PS0JA) [2385] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2386] Poison apple off
Larna (PS0JA) [2387] Right stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop when you're told
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2388] now we want
Larna (PS0JA) [2389] Right prince
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2390] Prince, now that easy to find, I, hang on a minute I'll be able to find that
Larna (PS0JA) [2391] Alright then, I won't help
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2392] Prince
Anthony (PS0JF) [2393] Mum, ma
Larna (PS0JA) [2394] Yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [2395] here
Larna (PS0JA) [2396] What darling?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2397] Here's prince I finded it prince
Larna (PS0JA) [2398] Where?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2399] Well that's that number, but it's not altogether is it?
Larna (PS0JA) [2400] No that's right, you've only found the letter P, you've got to find P R
Anthony (PS0JF) [2401] Mum ma
Larna (PS0JA) [2402] I can see it
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2403] There?
Larna (PS0JA) [2404] No
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2405] I get the pen
Larna (PS0JA) [2406] I wasn't gonna draw it
Anthony (PS0JF) [2407] Mum, ma
Larna (PS0JA) [2408] Just look, I'm not gonna do the circle I'm just gonna demonstrate where it is, P R I N C E, down to the E, hang on I've knocked the pen out
Anthony (PS0JF) [2409] Mummy
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2410] Down to there?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2411] start from there?
Larna (PS0JA) [2412] Start from the P not the N
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2413] The P there?
Larna (PS0JA) [2414] No, where's my finger, there, look ... you don't watch do you, you, you're so worried about other things, right cross Prince off
Anthony (PS0JF) [2415] Mum ma
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2416] Prince
Larna (PS0JA) [2417] Mind you don't fall love
Anthony (PS0JF) [2418] Mm, me what a get
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2419] right, queen you've got to find now, that's enough, cor dear, you don't have to cross it off so you can't see it Q U E E N get up on that chair you're giving me headache keeping having to look round
Anthony (PS0JF) [2420] Mum, mum
Larna (PS0JA) [2421] What are you doing sat up in the high chair?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2422] That over there with two R
Larna (PS0JA) [2423] No we're doing queen with two Es
Anthony (PS0JF) [2424] Mum ma
Larna (PS0JA) [2425] Want your Buttons over there?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2426] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [2427] And your drink?
[2428] And your cat?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2429] There's two
Anthony (PS0JF) [2430] and a do it on my button now
Larna (PS0JA) [2431] I wouldn't darling because that might be a bit grubby
Anthony (PS0JF) [2432] Mum I want it
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2433] Mum I finded two that's not together
Larna (PS0JA) [2434] Right which is, they're Anty's aren't they?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2435] Mum
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2436] well it won't make any difference, I'll give you a dish
Anthony (PS0JF) [2437] Oh I want
Larna (PS0JA) [2438] I get you a dish for them
Anthony (PS0JF) [2439] tip out there
Larna (PS0JA) [2440] No you don't want to tip it out on there cos you get germs darling
Anthony (PS0JF) [2441] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [2442] Do you want a dish?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2443] No
Larna (PS0JA) [2444] I'll give you a dish, yeah I know, I know you're not to open them but I'm just making sure that you know that they're yours, now do you want a dish or not?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2445] No
Larna (PS0JA) [2446] Right
Anthony (PS0JF) [2447] I want
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2448] here
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2449] I finded two but there's not
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2450] It's fine if you want to eat them Anthony but don't moan when Charlotte has hers tomorrow, there you go
Anthony (PS0JF) [2451] Er
Larna (PS0JA) [2452] and be careful because
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2453] Mum, I can't
Larna (PS0JA) [2454] it's a bit bent, your drink it'll fall
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2455] find two
Larna (PS0JA) [2456] You can't find it?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2457] No, I finded two there but it's not together
Larna (PS0JA) [2458] Queen, right, well first of all
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2459] What?
[2460] Ah that one
Larna (PS0JA) [2461] ah there it is, Q U E E N, right start from there
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2462] There?
Larna (PS0JA) [2463] Right draw a line along, go round the end
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2464] There?
Larna (PS0JA) [2465] Yeah, but you're not pointing the pen down, hold the pen up so that it makes the line
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2466] Right then
Larna (PS0JA) [2467] Oh it's hopeless trying to help you innit, you're so independent you won't have no one help you and the pen's not coming out, see you're not doing it right ... I don't mind helping you, but you've got to let me show you, now go all the way along, round the Q, come round here, come round here, round here, back along, stop.
[2468] Right cross queen off
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2469] That one?
Larna (PS0JA) [2470] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2471] That one?
Larna (PS0JA) [2472] No, the queen, the top one, you know we're doing the top one, now we're doing Sleepy underneath it
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2473] There?
Larna (PS0JA) [2474] Yes, S L E E P Y Sleepy this one, not there, that one, okay?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2475] That one?
Larna (PS0JA) [2476] Yes
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2477] So there's O
Larna (PS0JA) [2478] No wonder you give me headache sometimes having to repeat every thing tut, right ... S L E E P Y, right so draw
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2479] That one?
Larna (PS0JA) [2480] a line from that S all the way down ... to the Y, right round the Y and back up ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [2481] Mum
Larna (PS0JA) [2482] Oh well put them in the dish, round and join if up, right now cross off Sleepy
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2483] There?
Larna (PS0JA) [2484] Yep, right now we're gonna do Sneezy S N E E Z Y, there it is, S N E E Z Y, so start from the S again, come down to the Y, go round the Y and back up to the S, not that wide and go back up, up side, the word Charlotte, alright now cross it off down there
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2485] There?
Larna (PS0JA) [2486] Now why you crossing Snow White off?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2487] Oh, that's not Snow White
Larna (PS0JA) [2488] Yes it is, we've just done Sneezy
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2489] Is that it?
Larna (PS0JA) [2490] Yes, you're not me , oh I hate doing things with you this time of night you've got no concentration have you?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2491] Now it's Snow White
Larna (PS0JA) [2492] Yeah, even though you've crossed it off, oh that's handy sitting right next to the bin innit?
[2493] S N O W H ... W W H I T E
Anthony (PS0JF) [2494] No ain't it in
Larna (PS0JA) [2495] Right start from that S ... and bring your line all the way down to this E, that's it keep coming straight down,m ,m , make the pen mark
Anthony (PS0JF) [2496] Mum ma
Larna (PS0JA) [2497] the paper
Anthony (PS0JF) [2498] let me make, get me down
Larna (PS0JA) [2499] Now you can cross Snow White off and all we've got left to find is witch, oh, there it is, right go from the W, W, W, from the W, right now come down, oh I'd better help with this one because it's diagonal, I T C
Anthony (PS0JF) [2500] Mum let me down
Larna (PS0JA) [2501] Right now cross witch off ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [2502] Mm, mm mum I don't wanna ... that
Larna (PS0JA) [2503] You have to get them on, pyjamas on, with the dressing gowns on, you little
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2504] I'll go and get that big bucket
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2505] [singing] Everybody knows it's mine in moon, postman went []
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [sneeze]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2506] I tell you what your dad's taken us to playschool to show them at play school won't you?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2507] Why?
Larna (PS0JA) [2508] Well show them that you've been to the pictures
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2509] Er, who, who why do they want to eat him?
Larna (PS0JA) [2510] Ah, well sometimes when they make popcorn
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2511] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [2512] right, popcorn starts off as little, like little brown seedy things and when it gets heated up it all pops up into fluffy white stuff, those little brown bits that nobody ate were the hard little bead things that didn't pop up, sometimes they don't pop up you see
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2513] Oh that's why you erm, tipped them out
Larna (PS0JA) [2514] Yes because they're not very nice to eat they just get in your teeth ... I'll rinse these up
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2515] oh I'm gonna play a drum on this I can even play it like a drum
Larna (PS0JA) [2516] Ah, no, don't do that ... Charlotte
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2517] [singing] Playing drum []
Larna (PS0JA) [2518] finish that picture I want to put your pyjamas on in a minute
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2519] Mm, mm, mm
Larna (PS0JA) [2520] You'll be able to show them what you had at pictures, won't you?
[2521] When you go back after half term you'll be able to show Karen and Carol and Mrs
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2522] yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [2523] Erm at
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2524] that's right you'll have to show all your friends that you went to the pictures
Anthony (PS0JF) [2525] No, mum ma, mummy move it in there
Larna (PS0JA) [2526] Er careful, you gonna save them other Buttons for at home tomorrow?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2527] Yeah and in the morning and
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2528] yeah it's half term tomorrow so there's cartoons on tomorrow
Anthony (PS0JF) [2529] Me eat, me want to eat them
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2530] and my, and my
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2531] tomorrow
Larna (PS0JA) [2532] Alright then, mummy will, mummy will put them on the table?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2533] No put them in that bag in there
Larna (PS0JA) [2534] You want me to put them in the bag?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2535] Yeah and then
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2536] mum look what I've done, I did her penned eyes
Larna (PS0JA) [2537] Oh yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2538] it look's beautiful don't it?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2539] I'm put
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2540] in there, in that big
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2541] do what, are we gonna sort your pyjamas out now?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2542] No
Larna (PS0JA) [2543] Well I think we should
Anthony (PS0JF) [2544] Mum ma, mum ma
Larna (PS0JA) [2545] Yes love
Anthony (PS0JF) [2546] we want to stay up here
Larna (PS0JA) [2547] Well get down and get your jarmies on and then you can get back up there otherwise, if we don't get them on, and when daddy's ready to go you're not going to have time to go and see your other nanny
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2548] Cos we won't be
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2549] mummy me sit down and, and
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2550] watch me mum
Larna (PS0JA) [2551] I am watching my love
Anthony (PS0JF) [2552] watch me now
Larna (PS0JA) [2553] You can do it all by yourself can you?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2554] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [2555] Well done, watch you don't spill that drink
Anthony (PS0JF) [2556] down there and me do it
Larna (PS0JA) [2557] Well done Anthony very good
Anthony (PS0JF) [2558] Me a big boy now
Larna (PS0JA) [2559] Well I think you most certainly are
Anthony (PS0JF) [2560] Who's that?
Larna (PS0JA) [2561] Oh either yours or Charlotte's
Anthony (PS0JF) [2562] I want to eat them
Larna (PS0JA) [2563] What now?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2564] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2565] let's have a seen them on
Larna (PS0JA) [2566] No they're Anthony's Charlotte cos you ate yours, your went, your bag went empty cos you had Minstrels in it right are you gonna get up here then?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2567] Yeah, and me
Larna (PS0JA) [2568] And you can eat them while I'm getting your pyjamas on
Anthony (PS0JF) [2569] Yeah, that an idea
Larna (PS0JA) [2570] Yeah, come on then that an idea then?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2571] how good
Larna (PS0JA) [2572] Yeah you'll have to make sure you give your teeth a thorough clean, get up here
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2573] Mum look
Larna (PS0JA) [2574] That's pretty love
Anthony (PS0JF) [2575] me and that
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2576] yeah, come on then
Anthony (PS0JF) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2577] look at your nice posh shirt it's all dirty now, what?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2578] Me wanna do it
Larna (PS0JA) [2579] You won't be able to do it, it's all buttons, alright
Anthony (PS0JF) [2580] Me know how to do it
Larna (PS0JA) [2581] No don't just pull it you'll pull the buttons off, not poppers you no, fatty look at you ... take it off then, no you don't take your shirt off like that, you take your shirt off like this, that's it, you're a big boy ain't you?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2582] No, me er leave my vest on
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2583] Ooh this is gonna be
Larna (PS0JA) [2584] Yeah you must leave your vest on
Anthony (PS0JF) [2585] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [2586] Okay, plonk your bottom down there and we'll undo your shoes
Anthony (PS0JF) [2587] No bum
Larna (PS0JA) [2588] Oh it's bum is it?
[2589] [laugh] Sorry
Anthony (PS0JF) [2590] Mum look
Larna (PS0JA) [2591] Oh we got your slipper now
Anthony (PS0JF) [2592] me and put it on
Larna (PS0JA) [2593] Oh Anthony why can't you wait until I've got the other shoe off?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2594] Oh I've got a Pluto on jarma on me
Larna (PS0JA) [2595] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2596] No Pluto
Larna (PS0JA) [2597] now you've got to get back up again
Anthony (PS0JF) [2598] Me, me have got on now and
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2599] as you're warm
Anthony (PS0JF) [2600] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [2601] I'll leave your top up, I just get your jarmy bottoms on, I'll leave your top off alright?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2602] I'm warm
Larna (PS0JA) [2603] Yeah, that's alright you can leave your top off but you must put your bottoms on
Anthony (PS0JF) [2604] aagh
Larna (PS0JA) [2605] little
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2606] on
Anthony (PS0JF) [2607] Ah nan bought ah in
Larna (PS0JA) [2608] That's the Coke that nan bought you, but we bought you some more didn't we, so we'll save them for tomorrow
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2609] We, you didn't bought us any more Coke
Larna (PS0JA) [2610] Yeah we bought you the cartons in the picture, Anthy let me do your pyjamas, you know they're there, you know that, what nanny got you?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2611] Oh yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [2612] Get up here, don't lay them down they might leak all over my books and I will be in trouble
Anthony (PS0JF) [2613] Yeah, I want
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2614] there stop worrying about everything, do you want any ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [2615] Mummy me want to eat them in the high chair
Larna (PS0JA) [2616] You taking these off?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2617] Erm yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [2618] Right
Anthony (PS0JF) [2619] Mummy me want to eat them in that high chair, you staying out here?
Larna (PS0JA) [2620] Of course I'm staying out here until we go home in a minute, that film's nearly finished dad's watching and then we're gonna
Anthony (PS0JF) [2621] Mummy, mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [2622] Mm
Anthony (PS0JF) [2623] we wanna go in there
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2624] mum nearly finished
Larna (PS0JA) [2625] That's a good idea, that's why I've sat out here tonight darling, not watched the telly, cos there's a lot of nasties in those sort of films and they're not for little children
Anthony (PS0JF) [2626] I want a big
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2627] only little children go and see things like Snow White, Peter Pan, Cinderella
Anthony (PS0JF) [2628] Yeah, mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [2629] Mm
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2630] when you get bigger you can watch the nasties, yeah, when you get a lot bigger
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2631] So will me, can I?
Larna (PS0JA) [2632] One day when you're all grown up, yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [2633] Yeah you bigger and daddy bigger and er and
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2634] one day when you've got the worries of the world to think about
Anthony (PS0JF) [2635] Much bigger
Larna (PS0JA) [2636] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2637] Everybody's bigger mum
Larna (PS0JA) [2638] If we've got a world to live in as they say
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2639] Better get my pyjamas on before they get, before daddy gets
Larna (PS0JA) [2640] Yeah, cos we've got to do your inhaler as well and we'd better wipe that all that muck off your face, all that tomato sauce
Anthony (PS0JF) [2641] Me washed my face in the bath
Larna (PS0JA) [2642] Yeah I know, but, I'll have to wipe it in a minute
Anthony (PS0JF) [2643] Why a Babywipe?
Larna (PS0JA) [2644] No I get some tissue
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2645] I'll do it
Larna (PS0JA) [2646] It's alright I'll do it
Anthony (PS0JF) [2647] Mummy me I
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2648] mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [2649] Do your shoes darling please
Anthony (PS0JF) [2650] and me a little baby
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2651] What?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2652] and me a little baby me
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2653] did you?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2654] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [2655] Oh
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2656] Take me socks off?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2657] me a big boy now
Larna (PS0JA) [2658] No leave your socks on, just take your trousers off, either leave your knickers on or take knickers off it's up to you ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [singing]
Larna (PS0JA) [2659] You've got that song on the brain now haven't you, you leaving these on?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2660] I think about it
Larna (PS0JA) [2661] I'd leave them on, might as well, seeing as you like wearing them
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2662] erm
Anthony (PS0JF) [2663] Mummy
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2664] What's Anthony done to his?
Larna (PS0JA) [2665] Well he takes his off, but he always takes his off
Anthony (PS0JF) [2666] mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [2667] You always leave yours on
Anthony (PS0JF) [2668] mummy, mummy, throw that in the bin?
Larna (PS0JA) [2669] These trousers fit you don't they?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2670] Yep
Larna (PS0JA) [2671] If it's empty Anthony you can throw that in the bin
Anthony (PS0JF) [2672] No, me wanna cut it out tomorrow
Larna (PS0JA) [2673] Yeah you can put it in your playschool bag for cutting out
Anthony (PS0JF) [2674] Yeah that's an idea
Larna (PS0JA) [2675] Alright that's an idea then
Anthony (PS0JF) [2676] Mummy put it in
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2677] Mummy you screwed mine up
Larna (PS0JA) [2678] No I didn't, I brought it home, right put your bottoms on
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2679] mummy save it
Larna (PS0JA) [2680] Hang on
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2681] I wanna take my my knickers off
Larna (PS0JA) [2682] yours is there , there look
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2683] I wanna take my knickers off
Larna (PS0JA) [2684] Well do it then, I'll put it in there
Anthony (PS0JF) [2685] And mine
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2686] Mum I'll leave them on.
Larna (PS0JA) [2687] Just make your mind up, cos daddy be out in a minute, that film's nearly finished
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2688] Is that right mum?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2689] Mm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2690] Is that right?
Larna (PS0JA) [2691] Is the ticket at the back?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2692] Oh no it's at the front
Larna (PS0JA) [2693] Well then it's not right is it?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2694] That way
Anthony (PS0JF) [2695] Mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [2696] Mm
Anthony (PS0JF) [2697] and that goes on that
Larna (PS0JA) [2698] so I'm putting these other packet of Buttons with Anthony's, in there for tomorrow
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2699] I don't mind if you put them in there
Larna (PS0JA) [2700] Good, don't want to eat any more do we, you'll be sick
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2701] No
Larna (PS0JA) [2702] You've had a good day out today
Anthony (PS0JF) [2703] Mum ma
Larna (PS0JA) [2704] one, two, three, four, five
Anthony (PS0JF) [2705] mummy that'll go in there
Larna (PS0JA) [2706] Don't you want it?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2707] Me go and put it in a drink
Larna (PS0JA) [2708] Yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [2709] me do it
Larna (PS0JA) [2710] No I'll do it, I'll erm clean your face in a minute then we'll all be ready when daddy's ready, how you going, wow a bit of a problem?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2711] Mummy I want a big bowl have a big bowl
Larna (PS0JA) [2712] Eh?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2713] I want a big bowl
Larna (PS0JA) [2714] Okay, there's your
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2715] you'll have to put your top on in a minute, okay, oh it's filthy
Anthony (PS0JF) [2716] Me, me wash it
Larna (PS0JA) [2717] Why?
[2718] Because it'll be time to go in a little while
Anthony (PS0JF) [2719] Mummy me wash it
Larna (PS0JA) [2720] No you can't wash it here
Anthony (PS0JF) [2721] Me wash it in the bath
Larna (PS0JA) [2722] That's not ours to wash darling
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2723] The bowl
Larna (PS0JA) [2724] Yeah it don't belong to us, okay puff on your inhaler, one, two, three, four, five, six
Anthony (PS0JF) [2725] Mum ma me
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2726] me got it in
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2727] oh, puff, one, two, three, four, five, six, right, can you put those slippers on, I'll take your hair bands out, get your top on and that, get your face washed
Anthony (PS0JF) [2728] Can I, mummy I want
Larna (PS0JA) [2729] it'll be time to go in a minute, no I'll do it there's two in there
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2730] Oh ...
Larna (PS0JA) [2731] can't take the top one out without taking the bottom one out first
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2732] Ow!
Larna (PS0JA) [2733] Sorry, sorry
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2734] Stop that
Larna (PS0JA) [2735] No sorry it's mummy's fault, she pulled the wrong one, that's it, good girl, I'll er brush your hair in a minute, get all your knots out, right, sit down for a minute, well turn round, there
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2736] No
Larna (PS0JA) [2737] you don't want to go to bed with knots in your hair
Anthony (PS0JF) [2738] Mum
Larna (PS0JA) [2739] Due for Sarah to come round soon to have it trimmed again ain't you?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2740] No
Anthony (PS0JF) [2741] Not mine
Larna (PS0JA) [2742] Yes and yours
Anthony (PS0JF) [2743] No I'm not I, mum
Larna (PS0JA) [2744] You always have your hair cut every six weeks young man keep all the knots away
Anthony (PS0JF) [2745] mummy my
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2746] mine either
Anthony (PS0JF) [2747] pussy cat needs a cut he head too
Larna (PS0JA) [2748] There we go, ah
Anthony (PS0JF) [2749] my pussy cat got a knot in it
Larna (PS0JA) [2750] No your pussy cat's alright cos you washed his hair
Anthony (PS0JF) [2751] No, he
Larna (PS0JA) [2752] Yeah and bathed him
Anthony (PS0JF) [2753] yeah and got a knot in him
Larna (PS0JA) [2754] Well we're not bathing him again it takes three days to dry him
Anthony (PS0JF) [2755] Ah
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2756] it takes a long time
Anthony (PS0JF) [2757] No ...
Larna (PS0JA) [2758] Right
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2759] out
Anthony (PS0JF) [2760] Mum ma
Larna (PS0JA) [2761] Yeah, I wonder what cartoons they'll have on tomorrow for the kid's holiday ah?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2762] Might be Mickey Mouse, is he got on?
Larna (PS0JA) [2763] No
Anthony (PS0JF) [2764] Might be Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse and
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2765] on the day
Larna (PS0JA) [2766] I think it was on this morning yeah but it's erm
Anthony (PS0JF) [2767] on tomorrow
Larna (PS0JA) [2768] No that's only on at the weekends darling
Anthony (PS0JF) [2769] Erm, mummy we go er on morrow
Larna (PS0JA) [2770] Right ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [2771] Monday
Larna (PS0JA) [2772] Monday's tomorrow darling
Anthony (PS0JF) [2773] Mummy I, I never know
Larna (PS0JA) [2774] Well I don't know till we have a look at the telly pages at home
Anthony (PS0JF) [2775] Mummy and me I like in the morning
Larna (PS0JA) [2776] Eh?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2777] and me I like in the morning
Larna (PS0JA) [2778] Yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [2779] me and
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2780] got a dog, on a do that, that dog
Larna (PS0JA) [2781] Do you?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2782] that, yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2783] No that's a word that not a dot to dot
Anthony (PS0JF) [2784] Me wanna do er a
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2785] in the morning mummy
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2786] He said dot to dot, he wants to do the word
Anthony (PS0JF) [2787] No, what,
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2788] me want to do a da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2789] So have I got a new song
Anthony (PS0JF) [2790] ah, da, da, da, da
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2791] cat and the fiddle the little dog, how does the
Anthony (PS0JF) [2792] I can
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2793] the cat and fiddle go?
[2794] Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon, the little dog laughed to see such fun and the dish ran away with the spoon
Larna (PS0JA) [2795] Ooh we ain't done your faces yet have we?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2796] No Mary, Mary no, no, no ... da, da, da, da, da, da, a, da, da, in the morning
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2797] Anthony
Anthony (PS0JF) [2798] Me doing that, mummy me doing that
Larna (PS0JA) [2799] Look at what?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2800] me doing that
Larna (PS0JA) [2801] Hold on I'll give you something to look at
Anthony (PS0JF) [humming]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2802] I de, da, da, do, the dog do, do ... I'll give him this one to read
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2803] no I'll give him this one cos I wanna look at that one
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2804] No I give him this one, there you go
Anthony (PS0JF) [2805] Mm, mm
Larna (PS0JA) [2806] Hang on to that one a minute Anth ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [2807] Let us
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2808] now, now
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2809] now, me done Superman ... me done Superman, done Superman, there are their
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2810] Don't
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2811] [singing] da, da, da, da, do, do, there, their did you are, da de da are with the da, da, de, da, de da with the de da, mm, de, da, de, do with de, da, de, da, oh we're glowing in the glowing in the da, de, de, do, mm, mm, mm, all the
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2812] off today, dab be de do, dab be de do, put on their clothes all the mauve colour their clothes in the mauve colour their clothes []
Anthony (PS0JF) [2813] I want
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2814] [singing] their clothes they wear, their clothes, their clothes, colour their clothes in the, in the merrily most []
Anthony (PS0JF) [2815] Me got a make a
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2816] and my that
Larna (PS0JA) [2817] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2818] me not got
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2819] [singing] are all the same in []
Anthony (PS0JF) [2820] in there,
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2821] Mummy I got me
Anthony (PS0JF) [2822] and me got in and
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2823] green, green, da, da, do, do, da
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2824] merrily, merrily life is but a dream
Anthony (PS0JF) [2825] Superman
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2826] merrily, merrily quite contrary
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2827] we done, we da, da, da, de, de, do, da, de, da, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, da, de, do, da, de, da, erm da, erm da, de, do, de, de, de, da, de, de, do, da, do, give us the bag
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2828] Aagh
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2829] give me
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]

9 (Tape 034701)

Larna (PS0JA) [2830] Hope you're not fighting ...
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2831] now wait a minute, wait a minute, let Jordan have some toys, he's only a baby, hello darling, hello ... no, don't leave that there Jordan's playing with that darling, look show me this car you want, show me this car that you want
Anthony (PS0JF) [2832] I want the at here
Larna (PS0JA) [2833] Right, well let's have a look then
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2834] I want a car as well mum
Anthony (PS0JF) [2835] A car
Larna (PS0JA) [2836] No, you're a girl
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2837] No I need to have a look at the picture Anthy, oh look Goofy's on again in a minute
Anthony (PS0JF) [2838] Gooey in a minute
Larna (PS0JA) [2839] Yeah ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [2840] Mummy ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [yawn]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Larna (PS0JA) [2841] can mummy have a look then?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [2842] Mummy ah, you've got them everywhere
Larna (PS0JA) [2843] That's alright you don't need to do them up ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [2844] It's not cold, anywhere
Larna (PS0JA) [2845] Not found it yet?
[2846] ... Okay let me have a look
Anthony (PS0JF) [2847] Mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [2848] Yeah, but don't rip the book, don't rip the book or we can't show daddy
Anthony (PS0JF) [2849] No, no
Larna (PS0JA) [2850] Look what's on telly?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2851] Goofy
Larna (PS0JA) [2852] Goofy ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [2853] I wanna get Goofy, Goofy, Goofy, Goofy, Goofy,Goo ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2854] I can't see, I can't see ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [2855] Ah, let me own
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [2856] Mummy, mum that, er that, mum ma, mum ma
Larna (PS0JA) [2857] Yes dar yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2858] hello darling, what you got?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2859] oh no he
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2860] bit a
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [2861] Mummy ... mum I want to put it over, I want to put it down ...
Larna (PS0JA) [2862] Hello darling what's the matter? ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [2863] No, you, go down ... mum down ... mum
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2864] what's the matter darling? ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [2865] My to do games do it
Larna (PS0JA) [2866] Oh darling what's the matter?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2867] do it ... mummy, mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [2868] Oh I think I'm going to go and make you a bottle, make you a bottle shall I?
[2869] Yeah you
Anthony (PS0JF) [2870] mum, mum do me and, and I only two
Larna (PS0JA) [2871] yeah let's put the kettle on first I don't want to ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [2872] mummy, mummy ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2873] Oh Jordan what's the matter darling?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2874] I want to put it back up , put it back up
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2875] Jordan what's the matter?
[2876] What's the matter eh?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2877] mummy's gone to get the work, don't cry
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2878] put it in
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2879] [singing] Everybody's
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2880] up above the sky, everyone Monday morning upon the sky []
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2881] Mum ma, don't want any more, don't want any more, don't want any more
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2882] can
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2883] [singing] everybody knows his []
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2884] mum ma
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2885] [singing] rainbow climbing high, everyone can see it climbing over the sky, rainbow, here's a rainbow [] yeah [singing] today poor
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2886] he's lost his, he's lost the
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2887] mummy I want a car
Larna (PS0JA) [2888] Mm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2889] and didn't know where to find []
Anthony (PS0JF) [2890] I want a car
Larna (PS0JA) [2891] alright then
Anthony (PS0JF) [2892] ah, a car
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2893] [singing] he, little Bo Peep had lost her sheep and didn't know where to find her, leave her alone, little Bo Peep had lost her sheep and didn't know where to find her, leave them alone and they'll come home searching for them everywhere
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2894] they, are, didn't []
Larna (PS0JA) [2895] Right if you had that new bed then
Anthony (PS0JF) [2896] Er
Larna (PS0JA) [2897] will you sleep in it like a good boy?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2898] yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [2899] Well daddy has got to say first ain't he
Anthony (PS0JF) [2900] ah me got a
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2901] if daddy says no though you can't have it alright?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2902] when he gets, when daddy comes home you'd better give him a big cuddle and ask him
Anthony (PS0JF) [2903] Mummy and that
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2904] What is that you eating?
Larna (PS0JA) [2905] It's a hard sweet
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2906] I want one
Larna (PS0JA) [2907] No they're horrible ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2908] [singing] One to go []
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [2909] here we go all the toys, alright now, alright
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2910] I borrow it now
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [2911] I'm busy
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ... [...] ... [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2912] You okay?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2913] Ow
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2914] [singing] oh sing a song, sing a song
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2915] round and round, round and round []
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [2916] mm a
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2917] mum and he was crying
Larna (PS0JA) [2918] Oh was he?
[2919] I was just getting his bottle
Anthony (PS0JF) [2920] Mummy get him another toy
Larna (PS0JA) [2921] Hello darling , oh
Anthony (PS0JF) [2922] I'm tired
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2923] you didn't eat all your breakfast did you?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2924] Mum ma
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2925] broke down
Larna (PS0JA) [2926] Broke down, you rescuing it are you?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2927] Yeah, er lorry, er look
Larna (PS0JA) [2928] Clever boy then?
Anthony (PS0JF) [2929] Yeah, mummy car, mummy car
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2930] [singing] Didn't know where to find him, leave him alone and they will come home wagging their tails behind them []
Anthony (PS0JF) [2931] Mummy er
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2932] [singing] Little Bo Peep has found her sheep, didn't know where to find them, they were sad on a
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2933] leaving their tails behind
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2934] little Bo Peep has found her sheep, didn't know where to take them, thank goodness your back on all is back, wagging their tails behind them []
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2935] come on darling it's alright
Anthony (PS0JF) [2936] That
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2937] I've got it
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2938] [singing] Didn't know where to find them, leave them alone []
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2939] [singing] And didn't know where to find them, leave them alone and they will come home wagging their tails behind them []
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2940] aagh ...
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2941] [singing] Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep and doesn't know where to find them, leave them alone
Anthony (PS0JF) [2942] [singing] Sheep, doesn't, where to find them []
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2943] and they'll come home dragging their tails behind them []
Anthony (PS0JF) [2944] I can't
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2945] down there
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [2946] down there, nee naw, nee naw, nee naw ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2947] [singing] Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep when they are mine []
Larna (PS0JA) [2948] Oh Jordan come on, you was thirsty weren't you?
[2949] Come here love, alright, sshh, sshh, it's alright
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2950] Mummy I got the all the children watching the pictures
Larna (PS0JA) [2951] sshh, sshh
Anthony (PS0JF) [2952] mum ma
Larna (PS0JA) [2953] oh darling come on, come on
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2954] mum
Larna (PS0JA) [2955] What oh you're tired
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2956] this is all the children watching the pictures
Larna (PS0JA) [2957] Yeah, Jordan's sleeping a little while in his cot, he's tired
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2958] I want something for lunch
Anthony (PS0JF) [2959] So I
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2960] [singing] Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep, didn't know
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2961] where to find them, leave them alone and they'll come home, wagging their tails behind them, [humming] [] ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [2962] Mum ma, here
Larna (PS0JA) [2963] Oh go and put it in the bin then
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2964] oh, who's drunk all his bot-bot?
[2965] Oh Jordan it's all gone, you can always have another one if you're still hungry, got some windy there?
[2966] ... Good boy ... tired, yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [2967] Mum ma it going
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2968] there's a good boy
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2969] was that nice, yeah?
[2970] ... Anthy what you doing sat under the table
Anthony (PS0JF) [2971] Got a boat in
Larna (PS0JA) [2972] Oh
Anthony (PS0JF) [2973] it me get in it
Larna (PS0JA) [2974] Charlotte don't put pens in your mouth, I've told you about that before
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2975] Mm, can we play that game?
Larna (PS0JA) [2976] Not while Jordan's awake, we'll play it a little bit later he'll be
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2977] When will
Larna (PS0JA) [2978] going, he'll be going up into his cot in a minute, he's very tired, so
Anthony (PS0JF) [2979] Mum ma
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2980] I wanna have the lunch
Larna (PS0JA) [2981] It's not lunch time yet ... I've got to sort out all these paperwork in a minute
Anthony (PS0JF) [2982] ah, me done it

10 (Tape 034702)

Larna (PS0JA) [2983] It's a wonder you didn't wake the baby up with the noise you're flipping making.
Anthony (PS0JF) [2984] Done it
Larna (PS0JA) [2985] Get off of that
Anthony (PS0JF) [2986] done it, done it
Larna (PS0JA) [2987] Right, let's sort out here what we don't want then
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2988] Stop, get off of it
Anthony (PS0JF) [2989] Er you
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [2990] Right we've got to keep that, I'll give you what I don't want and you can put it in the bin ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [2991] Want that?
Larna (PS0JA) [2992] Right we want that one [shouting] don't take []
Anthony (PS0JF) [2993] Me want that
Larna (PS0JA) [2994] don't want that one
Anthony (PS0JF) [2995] me want that one
Charlotte (PS0JB) [2996] Erm you said I could have it
Larna (PS0JA) [2997] You can have that one as well, there's one on the floor you can have
Anthony (PS0JF) [2998] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [2999] you can have that, you can have that, move that Anthy, right there's one for you and one of those for you
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3000] Ah I wanna see what, what every one then
Larna (PS0JA) [3001] Here are then, here you can have all them then on the floor
Anthony (PS0JF) [3002] Mum ma
Larna (PS0JA) [3003] Yeah you can have it
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3004] I'm gonna have these, open, you can have this one
Larna (PS0JA) [3005] That goes with that
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3006] Oh mum can we open this and see if we've won?
Larna (PS0JA) [3007] Yeah you can have them and then put them in the bin cos I don't want them
Anthony (PS0JF) [3008] Me and
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [3009] me
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3010] mum there's some in there
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [3011] and that are
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3012] I can't open and see the big one
Larna (PS0JA) [3013] Mm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3014] I can't open it to see the big one
Anthony (PS0JF) [3015] that, that, that, that, that, that
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3016] I can't open it to see what's it doing
Anthony (PS0JF) [3017] oh
Larna (PS0JA) [3018] Anthy what you doing?
Anthony (PS0JF) [3019] shall put it in there in there
Larna (PS0JA) [3020] Oh Anthy you collecting them?
Anthony (PS0JF) [3021] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3022] Oh
Anthony (PS0JF) [3023] for my party, for my part
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3024] Erm want one of these?
[3025] One of these?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Larna (PS0JA) [3026] Right I'd better keep them then cos they're different
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3027] Mum
Anthony (PS0JF) [3028] mum
Larna (PS0JA) [3029] What?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3030] I don't want a plastic thing there
Larna (PS0JA) [3031] Right, well you'd better put them all
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3032] Where's it gone?
Larna (PS0JA) [3033] Oh don't worry about it now, all the plastic things then put ... put on that blue leaflet for now and then when you've taken them all off you can put them in the bin.
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3034] What we won mum?
Larna (PS0JA) [3035] Number seven that says, win number seven.
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3036] What does, but, what, what, what do we win on the muppet What do we win on the muppet
Larna (PS0JA) [3037] It's not on that one it's this one, you don't need to send this one off anyway cos mummy already gets stuff from there
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3038] What do we win on
Larna (PS0JA) [3039] Hang on, hang on
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3040] erm this one?
[3041] We win, what do we win on this one
Anthony (PS0JF) [3042] No, er
Larna (PS0JA) [3043] A little birdie look, number seven that, that's a magic swallow
Anthony (PS0JF) [3044] Mummy I win that
Larna (PS0JA) [3045] win number four
Anthony (PS0JF) [3046] Win number four
Larna (PS0JA) [3047] a proud sematic, chromatic cockerel
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3048] On the blue mat ... we win number eight, we win number eight mum
Larna (PS0JA) [3049] Clever girl, that's an owl
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3050] Oh, see what else we win
Anthony (PS0JF) [3051] Er, mum mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [3052] Oh that one says void, don't win on that one
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3053] no we don't win on that one
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3054] We win eleven
Larna (PS0JA) [3055] No that one says void ten, you don't win that one then ... right that one's void Anthony, we don't win with that one either
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3056] Erm, this one, it won
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3057] we need one of, one of
Larna (PS0JA) [3058] No void, don't win with that one
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Larna (PS0JA) [3059] Oh win number three that a pelican ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3060] Oh we win nothing
Larna (PS0JA) [3061] Win nothing, no
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3062] no, one of mine ... I didn't win Ant, what you win, show us what you win ...
Larna (PS0JA) [3063] Erm win number five, a rose bag, right, now you can keep the tickets if you want, but get all them little plastic things and put them in the bin
Anthony (PS0JF) [3064] Hooray
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3065] I want er, did we, what did we win?
[3066] We win ... win that
Larna (PS0JA) [3067] Right
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3068] win that
Larna (PS0JA) [3069] have a look the square
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3070] win that, win that, win, win that
Larna (PS0JA) [3071] what's the date?
[3072] Monday
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3073] win that
Larna (PS0JA) [3074] this, is it Rosie and Jim on today?
[3075] ... Oh wow look at that ... [shouting] oh the baby's in bed get your bum down here [] , you know you don't go upstairs when he's in his cot Charlotte
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3076] Yeah but erm
Anthony (PS0JF) [3077] Me
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3078] shut the door, shut the door, before you wake him up
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3079] I've done it
Anthony (PS0JF) [3080] erm a, erm a, me erm, me a boy, me a boy
Larna (PS0JA) [3081] What's he, what's being a boy got to do with it?
Anthony (PS0JF) [3082] I don't know, I want to
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3083] Charlotte give him some more
Anthony (PS0JF) [3084] No
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3085] He has to try and get one
Larna (PS0JA) [3086] No, you share it out
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3087] [laugh] See if you can get one
Larna (PS0JA) [3088] Oh yeah that's nice, I like that, do you think that looks alright Charlotte?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3089] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3090] Charlotte

11 (Tape 034703)

Larna (PS0JA) [3091] Come in here then
Pauline (PS0JC) [3092] That, and a matching bed bedspread to go with the erm duvet
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3093] A new one, one with, this, it's coming out the
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3094] what?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3095] Matching bed duvet and
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3096] Yeah that looks nice, don't it?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3097] Now we're gonna go inside like that right, inside
Larna (PS0JA) [3098] I'd prefer the darker colours
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3099] They're nice, we like blue ones don't we?
[3100] Yeah, they're
Larna (PS0JA) [3101] You wanna go up and have a sleepy, you can
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3102] Right shall we, now we're gonna give, shall we give him a yellow scarf?
[3103] Yeah yellow scarf
Larna (PS0JA) [3104] Come in then if you want me stop throwing tantrums
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3105] we have a yellow scarf, yeah, you don't want a yellow scarf
Aaron (PS0JH) [3106] Yeah I do
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3107] You do want a yellow scarf, you pick another colour what we gonna have for his hat, you pick what we're gonna have for his hat
Larna (PS0JA) [3108] Hang on
Aaron (PS0JH) [3109] er on, er on, er on
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3110] that one, brought out a red one, have we got any red?
[3111] Yeah we have on the nose, but we
Larna (PS0JA) [3112] Are you tired again?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3113] we need a
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3114] that's not going to be a very good hat is it?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3115] what you doing?
[3116] What you doing?
[3117] Oh that boy
Pauline (PS0JC) [3118] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3119] What are you throwing a tantrum for?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3120] Oh dear
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [3121] mm, yeah I'm looking at it
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3122] At least he's got someone Pauline like you
Pauline (PS0JC) [3123] Mm, you do it babe ... Jordan hiya, hiya
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3124] Right put that back in my pencil case
Aaron (PS0JH) [3125] What Anthony been in
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3126] oh yeah Anthony
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3127] this one's better isn't it?
Aaron (PS0JH) [3128] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3129] Sharpen them
Aaron (PS0JH) [3130] mummy this one's better now
Pauline (PS0JC) [3131] Mm ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3132] Yeah ...
Pauline (PS0JC) [3133] Oh Aaron leave him alone, talk to him
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3134] Talk to him Aaron instead of punching him
Pauline (PS0JC) [3135] Come and fetch them, that's it
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3136] [singing] da, da, da, da, de, da, da, da, da, da, oh, everyone who's his flying over the sky, rainbow this is rainbow, da, da, da, da, de, da
Pauline (PS0JC) [3137] Jordan, boo
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3138] everyone who sees him
Aaron (PS0JH) [3139] Boo
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3140] over the sky []
Larna (PS0JA) [3141] Oh dear what's the matter?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3142] Oh what's the matter, do you want some more drinky?
[3143] Now you've been changed.
[3144] She said Alex said he wouldn't eat any breakfast this morning, he threw a tantrum
Pauline (PS0JC) [3145] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3146] so I thought right, she said to me he'd want a bottle, so come like ten past eleven, he's like whinging, he's drunk all his milk, then went up and come down and eat all his dinner and his pudding
Pauline (PS0JC) [3147] Mm, mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3148] Had a tantrum this morning didn't you?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3149] Oh no I haven't I don't want one.
Larna (PS0JA) [3150] I've got Kieran back for next week two weeks and then it's half way through March and first week in April I haven't got him, I've got three weeks
Anthony (PS0JF) [3151] Mummy I don't want one
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3152] well put it on the table then
Pauline (PS0JC) [3153] Gary's going to Norway the end of March
Larna (PS0JA) [3154] Oh is he?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3155] Yeah the end of March, mm
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [3156] for a week
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3157] I've still colouring this Ant, without you
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [3158] me do it now
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3159] You can't, me erm, a little bit, I want it nice, don't scribble over it
Anthony (PS0JF) [3160] I want
Larna (PS0JA) [3161] I shall go down to the coffee morning at playschool when they break up for Easter next week
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3162] Will you promise you won't scribble if you do it like that
Larna (PS0JA) [3163] and then they do some songs
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3164] and all the other ones
Larna (PS0JA) [3165] and they do some singing and everything and also they give out the bibles to those that are going up to school
Pauline (PS0JC) [3166] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3167] so it's quite nice
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3168] I've just done it pretty see
Larna (PS0JA) [3169] The only bit about it is you have to sit around when the vicar comes in and
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3170] you colour that bit
Larna (PS0JA) [3171] and give the talk to the kids on Easter and the religious side of it too you know and
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3172] erm, let's have a look, give me that and the pen
Anthony (PS0JF) [3173] No I wanna do that bit
Pauline (PS0JC) [3174] Mm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3175] I don't know if I want it
Larna (PS0JA) [3176] which I think
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3177] yeah we'll have it
Larna (PS0JA) [3178] I know kids have got to learn about it but surely they can
Anthony (PS0JF) [3179] You did it
Larna (PS0JA) [3180] make their own minds up later on if they want to be
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3181] You are, were gonna have ten
Larna (PS0JA) [3182] why just come to the Church of England if they want to now, it doesn't go in
Pauline (PS0JC) [3183] No
Larna (PS0JA) [3184] it means nothing to them, what they did last year was sat there and got irritated and they kept like running about
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3185] and couldn't keep still
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3186] oh yeah don't want a
Larna (PS0JA) [3187] cos they were listening to some
Pauline (PS0JC) [3188] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3189] bloke going on about nothing to them, you know they thoroughly enjoyed doing the songs and everything, but when it came to listening
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [3190] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3191] to why Easter egg being related to Easter egg, they don't give a damn, they just want to eat them
Pauline (PS0JC) [3192] That's right
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3193] Ready
Pauline (PS0JC) [3194] yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [3195] Can Aaron go upstairs?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3196] Yes
Larna (PS0JA) [3197] Don't make a mess though, yes you can go upstairs, but don't don't make a mess, Aunty Pauline should of said that
Pauline (PS0JC) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3198] go in Anthy's bedroom he's got all his cars in there with his garage
Anthony (PS0JF) [3199] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3200] don't go in Charlotte's bedroom, alright, alright, they might have to come down in a minute if you want to go up, ah?
Anthony (PS0JF) [3201] But I, mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [3202] Hold on, just go up the doors are open, I'll put the light on in a minute, we will won't we, yes we will, he's had a whole bottle of milk and a whole bottle of juice today, you are doing well aren't we?
[3203] ... I shut Ben in the conservatory now when I go out through the week, we just put him in the garage when we go out the weekend
Pauline (PS0JC) [3204] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3205] in case we're out a bit longer, I said, Tony said we could leave him out there, but like he said if he starts weeing on the carpet
Pauline (PS0JC) [3206] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3207] that won't be nice in the summer if the kids have got to go out there
Pauline (PS0JC) [3208] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3209] so ... are you gonna finish that last bit off?
[3210] Yes, no, you don't have to ... no
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3211] He's nearly drunk all his juice up
Larna (PS0JA) [3212] He's had a lot to drink today haven't you?
[3213] Yes you have, yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3214] He still got a lot in the bottle there
Larna (PS0JA) [3215] There is some in there honestly, don't you want it?
[3216] Give you er ... oh, ah, hold on, er you don't want any hairs on it do we?
[3217] Wonder what that doggy's barking at eh?
[3218] I wonder what doggy's barking at?
[3219] Yeah, what do you think of your toys to play with
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3220] Mum look at that poor man he's got lipstick on
Larna (PS0JA) [3221] Oh yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3222] I like him with lipstick on, it looks like a lady it does, doesn't it?
[3223] ... With red arms, on, erm ...
Larna (PS0JA) [3224] A dress I, I sent off for two sizes, I'm glad I did now because I thought you know that the small one would be okay for them, but it's not, there's the hat
Pauline (PS0JC) [3225] Oh yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3226] and that's the dress
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3227] Is that the little , is that the little dress?
Larna (PS0JA) [3228] I thought for fifteen pounds, seven pounds and forty nine P
Pauline (PS0JC) [3229] Yeah , yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3230] that's not bad and I went round to see Helen to see if she wanted this one for baby Anna but she said this one ... there is another one in there, erm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3231] Mum which
Pauline (PS0JC) [3232] How big do they think kids heads are because that just fits me
Larna (PS0JA) [3233] I know, which is a tiny one look
Pauline (PS0JC) [3234] Mm, don't know, do I know any little girls?
[3235] [baby burped] Oh piggy
Larna (PS0JA) [3236] Oh that's a good one, see how small that one is compared to that one
Pauline (PS0JC) [3237] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3238] see that's just right for Charlotte
Pauline (PS0JC) [3239] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3240] Well I was gonna ask you if you knew any girls, I mean for seven pound fifty you can't go wrong, you can't even get that in town with a hat
Pauline (PS0JC) [3241] No
Larna (PS0JA) [3242] and I thought before I go and send it back, because I don't know of anybody
Anthony (PS0JF) [3243] Mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [3244] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3245] well go on then ... I don't know of anyone though, I bought those kind of shoes there
Pauline (PS0JC) [3246] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3247] the bright, the pink ones will be alright won't they?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3248] Yeah the pink or the lilac
Larna (PS0JA) [3249] Yeah, so I thought I might nip into town sometime this week
Pauline (PS0JC) [3250] One thing they could of done ... was put the same colour belt on the erm, oh ribbon on the hat
Larna (PS0JA) [3251] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [3252] or this, that the same pattern as the dress on the erm, on the belt
Larna (PS0JA) [3253] got the right one for the right belt anyway yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [3254] Mummy I'm a bit wet
Larna (PS0JA) [3255] Why you a bit wet?
Anthony (PS0JF) [3256] Cos er Aaron go a toilet, me need to go
Larna (PS0JA) [3257] Well wait for Aaron to come out and you, well you go in the downstairs one now, cos you've got the stool in there then
Anthony (PS0JF) [3258] No
Larna (PS0JA) [3259] then you and Aaron can play again
Anthony (PS0JF) [3260] no I want to go up there
Larna (PS0JA) [3261] Well, I mean it's there if you know of anybody, I don't know of anybody you see
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3262] Well you'll have to wait till Aaron comes out then
Pauline (PS0JC) [3263] Decide what age is that for, forty one
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3264] What you'll have to do
Larna (PS0JA) [3265] I don't know
Anthony (PS0JF) [3266] Get, that
Larna (PS0JA) [3267] I just ordered a forty one and a forty six
Pauline (PS0JC) [3268] Mind out Anth
Larna (PS0JA) [3269] Yeah I thought I might have to put another stitch in that to keep that on
Anthony (PS0JF) [3270] No, don't
Larna (PS0JA) [3271] just thread it through
Anthony (PS0JF) [3272] don't
Larna (PS0JA) [3273] Yeah alright, alright, you nearly knocked it off again now look
Pauline (PS0JC) [3274] That'll be a three year old wouldn't it?
[3275] Sort of about three, two or three
Larna (PS0JA) [3276] Two or three yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3277] Turn it up
Larna (PS0JA) [3278] Don't do that, that's Charlotte's hair
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3279] Mm ...
Larna (PS0JA) [3280] Do you suppose that's supposed to be dead straight that or twisted?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3281] I think it's meant to be twisted
Larna (PS0JA) [3282] Mm
Anthony (PS0JF) [3283] Mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [3284] Mm
Anthony (PS0JF) [3285] want Aaron down now, red
Larna (PS0JA) [3286] There that's it
Pauline (PS0JC) [3287] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3288] So I didn't know anybody and I thought of well, you know
Pauline (PS0JC) [3289] Well there's Sian, they probably want one the same for Nicola, Jill
Larna (PS0JA) [3290] Er I can still order them, I mean if you want to take it around, you can take it and
Pauline (PS0JC) [3291] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3292] it's only seven, well it's seven pounds, forty nine P exactly
Pauline (PS0JC) [3293] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3294] and it was fourteen ninety nine in town so I thought well,
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3295] sales out the old book
Pauline (PS0JC) [3296] Yeah, I can't even think of any nurses at the hospital, Louise her little one's three but she's more like a five year old
Larna (PS0JA) [3297] Yeah, Charlotte you're not putting that on the walls
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3298] No
Larna (PS0JA) [3299] Well then
Pauline (PS0JC) [3300] Erm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3301] there's a little bit on there
Larna (PS0JA) [3302] Well don't
Pauline (PS0JC) [3303] Wendy but her one's four
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3304] see
Pauline (PS0JC) [3305] no she's five now ...
Larna (PS0JA) [3306] Mm, just got to go and sort them out, hang on I'm coming up, I don't know why you didn't go in the downstairs toilet, it would of been easier for me then wouldn't it? ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3307] What, make sure no one gets that plate, I'll do Anthony one, shall we?
[3308] Eh?
[3309] ... He can play in your room, don't go and pull all your stuff out
Anthony (PS0JF) [3310] No
Larna (PS0JA) [3311] Leave him Aaron, Aaron I'd
Pauline (PS0JC) [3312] They were, they were down from six
Larna (PS0JA) [3313] leave him he's got the strops
Pauline (PS0JC) [3314] sixteen nineteen nine down from
Larna (PS0JA) [3315] go and shut up, go and shut that, my bedroom door please, I'd leave him, ah?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3316] sixteen nineteen nine they were
Larna (PS0JA) [3317] What's that?
[3318] Oh it was sixteen nineteen nine were they?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3319] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3320] I wonder why they reduced them then, if they put them in the new catalogue, oh there's a slight difference ain't there, there's no bow
Pauline (PS0JC) [3321] Mm, I don't like the bow
Larna (PS0JA) [3322] No I don't, it's the wrong colour innit?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3323] Mm, mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3324] Oh sixteen ninety nine to seven fifty, it's cheap isn't it?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3325] Yeah, yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3326] You don't know how old I am do you?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3327] Course I do
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3328] How then?
Larna (PS0JA) [3329] Having a strop out there is he?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3330] you're four and a half
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3331] No I four
Pauline (PS0JC) [3332] You're four and a half
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3333] [shouting] I be four [] I'm not four and a half am I mum?
Larna (PS0JA) [3334] I don't know I'm not bothered
Pauline (PS0JC) [3335] You're four and four months
Larna (PS0JA) [3336] Nearly four and a half
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3337] [shouting] no I four I said not four and a month [] I'm four
Pauline (PS0JC) [3338] Four and four months
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3339] four and four
Larna (PS0JA) [3340] It's going really quick innit, when I keep thinking about it when they go back after half term
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3341] Not four mum
Larna (PS0JA) [3342] they've got six weeks exactly until Easter
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3343] nearly four mum
Larna (PS0JA) [3344] and then when they break up for Easter and it's only sort of like whatever it is from now until September
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3345] no, no, no, no
Pauline (PS0JC) [3346] Mm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3347] Aaron, Aaron
Larna (PS0JA) [3348] er and after the holiday she'll be going to school, it's frightening
Pauline (PS0JC) [3349] Yeah, that, what, just a quick look through here, they've got loads of dressy things for girls, not for boys though
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3350] Put the crayon back in, do you want to watch Chip and Dale?
Aaron (PS0JH) [3351] Er
Larna (PS0JA) [3352] There isn't nowhere really though is there?
[3353] Apart, I mean whatever you get for boys it's the same, which is in different colours, bow ties and shirts that fit innit?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3354] Can we watch Chip and Dale mum?
Larna (PS0JA) [3355] Yeah if you want to
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3356] Yeah put the, hang on a minute our exercises tape was in there
Pauline (PS0JC) [3357] Yeah I watch the Chippendales [laugh]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3358] we were playing, we were doing our exercises, doing our exercises
Pauline (PS0JC) [3359] if you've got the Chippendales' tape [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [3360] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3361] Mum does this, should, I don't know if this needs to be rewound
Larna (PS0JA) [3362] Let's have a look see if it's been rewound, yeah, mm actually you might not have to on that, that might just be there, oh dear he's throwing a strop up there
Pauline (PS0JC) [3363] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3364] for some unknown reason ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3365] No
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3366] is it worth rewinding it Charlotte?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3367] Oh no just leave out the bit where it was
Larna (PS0JA) [3368] Because if I don't you won't know what's happened will you? ...
Anthony (PS0JF) [3369] It, it a
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [3370] in a minute, yeah, there
Larna (PS0JA) [3371] Nearly there
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3372] Aaron where's the prince, get into this pencil go and get it
Larna (PS0JA) [3373] Please
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3374] Please ... put that back in can you for me Aaron
Larna (PS0JA) [3375] I've got to remember actually to get some birthday cards this week some time
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [3376] mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3377] Give me dad's to his yet
Pauline (PS0JC) [3378] Coming over Sunday at last
Larna (PS0JA) [3379] when's, when's his birthday?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3380] Sunday
Larna (PS0JA) [3381] Oh it is Sunday
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3382] Can you pass me a brown one?
Larna (PS0JA) [3383] Well while you're there you can give them to him can't you?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3384] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3385] Pass me, pass me a brown one
Larna (PS0JA) [3386] I didn't go this, this weekend cos I won't see him Wednesday
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3387] pass me a brown one
Pauline (PS0JC) [3388] birthday and erm he said well
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3389] yeah, that's what I want that one you picking up one
Pauline (PS0JC) [3390] let's ask him if he wants to come over for dinner cos we don't have dinner until half four anyway
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3391] yes give it to me
Larna (PS0JA) [3392] Yes
Pauline (PS0JC) [3393] so erm, yesterday he had dinner round Joyce's, he said he'll come round a bit early and
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [3394] but we eat, we do it anyway so
Anthony (PS0JF) [3395] I don't like them
Larna (PS0JA) [3396] a little bit can't you?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3397] I mean if you left your dinner another half hour say till five
Pauline (PS0JC) [3398] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3399] he might come anyway
Pauline (PS0JC) [3400] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3401] Oh yes, do the blue sky then ... I do purple, what I thought you wanted to do a blue sky?
[3402] ... Oh look he's magic, he
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Larna (PS0JA) [3403] They've got some quite good stuff in there
Pauline (PS0JC) [3404] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3405] and they're not badly priced, I like the furniture, I like that little cabin bed in there as well
Pauline (PS0JC) [3406] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3407] I thought that might look quite nice for madam, see my two only ever had cheap beds to start with anyway, I knew that I'd get them better ones later on
Pauline (PS0JC) [3408] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3409] you know, erm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3410] You go like this, see
Larna (PS0JA) [3411] and like Helen, well Helen said why don't you wait until you move, and I said well that might not be all that, you know
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3412] you can do this sky
Larna (PS0JA) [3413] the way things are going that could be years
Pauline (PS0JC) [3414] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3415] erm no not that bit, do the sky blue, now we're gonna have erm
Anthony (PS0JF) [3416] Er, erm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3417] now we have a
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [3418] have a blue, blue one
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3419] I give this, this isn't purple one ... that's a brown one
Pauline (PS0JC) [3420] Which is the cover for these?
[3421] What on the same page?
Larna (PS0JA) [3422] Oh I don't know, I think it's on the same page as
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3423] use the brown somewhere
Pauline (PS0JC) [3424] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3425] do a brown hat
Pauline (PS0JC) [3426] yeah, yeah similar to Aaron's maybe
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3427] which colour now?
Larna (PS0JA) [3428] Yeah it's got three chest of drawers at the end bit
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3429] and I'll do this, look and finish the snow
Larna (PS0JA) [3430] and sliding cupboard underneath the bed
Pauline (PS0JC) [3431] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3432] and a couple of wardrobe as well, red and white
Pauline (PS0JC) [3433] Yeah, it's not a bad price
Larna (PS0JA) [3434] Yes I quite like ... yeah you see she can have something like that look
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3435] it's your mummy, mum how do you think of that
Pauline (PS0JC) [3436] Mm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3437] we've finished this snowman, mum look, mum look we've finished this snowman
Larna (PS0JA) [3438] and they're not a bad price for all that, you see and I'd get rid of her wardrobes that she's got
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3439] mum look we've finished this snowman
Larna (PS0JA) [3440] Oh yeah , and I quite like that, but if I had that, I'd like to I wouldn't be tempted to decorate his room
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3441] we did, we finished off all the snowman haven't we?
Larna (PS0JA) [3442] in wallpaper I'd do, I could make
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [3443] That's what we're doing in their room just one colour and put a border around it
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3444] a very, very, very, very long, long, long, long
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3445] I mean that is really nice that, they want thirty five quid for the headboard
Pauline (PS0JC) [3446] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3447] I'd want the wall paper and everything
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3448] I, I, I do
Larna (PS0JA) [3449] you know the lamp, the rug, it's really nice, but where's that, did you see that black
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3450] furniture, oh I think that was at the front I quite like that for the boys bedroom as well with the bed set in
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3451] you know, don't know whatever colour you have, and you colour nice
Anthony (PS0JF) [3452] Mummy, mum, mum
Pauline (PS0JC) [3453] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3454] you know
Anthony (PS0JF) [3455] mum
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3456] you know you buy all that and
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3457] what's the matter?
Aaron (PS0JH) [3458] Mum, mum
Pauline (PS0JC) [3459] What?
Larna (PS0JA) [3460] But I still think
Pauline (PS0JC) [3461] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3462] I still think they've got a lot of choice in there compared to the big one, I always think they've
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3463] I think my, to do it a little bit harder
Larna (PS0JA) [3464] for one of those pillow cases I won't pay that
Pauline (PS0JC) [3465] Mm, no
Larna (PS0JA) [3466] I did notice in that they sell, sell erm cushion covers with the sofas
Pauline (PS0JC) [3467] Cushion covers with the sofas
Larna (PS0JA) [3468] Mm
Pauline (PS0JC) [3469] did you see them?
Larna (PS0JA) [3470] I think I did, I thought about that but I can't afford to do it at the moment there look see you can get the, the L ones the double seat ones and the little ones look
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3471] now I done the blue sky we've got to do
Pauline (PS0JC) [3472] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3473] if you
Pauline (PS0JC) [3474] that's what we need
Larna (PS0JA) [3475] you order the colour
Pauline (PS0JC) [3476] I'd, I'd have the plain it's better in the plain
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3477] but do, do the
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3478] I know what you do is you order the colour and it, where is it K, you order the colour and they surprise
Pauline (PS0JC) [3479] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3480] you with the design
Pauline (PS0JC) [3481] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3482] you see but I'd want floral anyway
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3483] to go with one of them
Pauline (PS0JC) [3484] Yeah, well I've got floral, I'd rather have the plain
Larna (PS0JA) [3485] Yeah but I don't think it
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3486] mm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3487] no those, those, those are
Larna (PS0JA) [3488] no
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3489] I mean all those are
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3490] you see I, what I'll then do is get cushion covers for the cushion and get like the net ones
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3491] these ones I wanna do
Pauline (PS0JC) [3492] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3493] and go over
Pauline (PS0JC) [3494] yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3495] oh yeah you can colour that bit if you like
Larna (PS0JA) [3496] I quite like plain but they're the wrong colour
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3497] cos that's what
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3498] it looks like it's a snowball to me
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3499] It looks alright but then they're half way up
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3500] But you can colour it if you like
Pauline (PS0JC) [3501] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3502] and I'd rather make it, it went all the way up to there
Pauline (PS0JC) [3503] Yeah mine normally that
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3504] well yeah mine only, mine only
Aaron (PS0JH) [3505] you do that there
Larna (PS0JA) [3506] like that aren't they?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3507] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3508] Yeah alright
Larna (PS0JA) [3509] Yeah the rest of
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3510] oh what's the matter?
[3511] What's the matter?
[3512] Ah, ah, what's a matter little fellow?
[3513] Can you hear that other one up there moaning
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3514] Alright then Aaron he's not coming down yet, he won't
Larna (PS0JA) [3515] I mean there's quite good, there's some good stuff in there when you think that should be in the big catalogue really shouldn't
Pauline (PS0JC) [3516] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3517] it?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3518] yes, I mean they do do some of this in the big catalogue I had a look
Larna (PS0JA) [3519] I ain't noticed, maybe I ain't looked ...
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3520] yes pencil and some bananas ... what's the matter?
Aaron (PS0JH) [3521] I didn't it, I'm mummy's
Pauline (PS0JC) [3522] Er let, let Jordan play with it babe cos he's getting upset now
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3523] look, I think we'd better put a dry bib on you as well, I think we've got one in here, oh we've got one in yeah
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3524] in the kitchen ain't we?
[3525] ... No I thought there was another bib in here, I'll have to go and get you one out of the kitchen mate ... oh yes we have, yes we have
Aaron (PS0JH) [3526] Baby having that that bib on
Larna (PS0JA) [3527] Yes that one says Thursday and this one says Friday, but it's Monday isn't it?
[3528] ... Oh dear I
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Larna (PS0JA) [3529] he's making a lot of noise for a little boy isn't he?
[3530] ... I think half his trouble is
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3531] weekend
Pauline (PS0JC) [3532] yeah ...
Larna (PS0JA) [3533] Oh nanny
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3534] I weren't gonna see my mum Saturday, but she broke down Saturday night
Pauline (PS0JC) [3535] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3536] coming to Andover to go up through
Aaron (PS0JH) [3537] Mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [3538] Chigworth to see the
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Aaron (PS0JH) [3539] mummy
Pauline (PS0JC) [3540] Yeah
Aaron (PS0JH) [3541] mum
Larna (PS0JA) [3542] cos if they got
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Aaron (PS0JH) [3543] mum
Larna (PS0JA) [3544] so they were stuck here to half eleven, so
Pauline (PS0JC) [3545] [shouting] What [] ?
Aaron (PS0JH) [3546] got these
Pauline (PS0JC) [3547] Right, well go away then
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3548] Does he keep pestering you?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3549] Mm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3550] Mm, don't keep pestering your mother ...
Larna (PS0JA) [3551] Of course we went to bed late last night as well
Pauline (PS0JC) [3552] Yeah ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3553] Right
Larna (PS0JA) [3554] He's alright, I didn't get no hassles about like, that, no matter how many hours she's awake she never grumbles of being tired
Pauline (PS0JC) [3555] Oh
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3556] Oh no this one is a
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Aaron (PS0JH) [3557] Mummy I've got a police one
Pauline (PS0JC) [3558] Mm you have haven't you?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3559] What's he got?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3560] A police car
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3561] A police car, I thought he said bleed ...
Larna (PS0JA) [3562] Right, have you got anything in that felt tip Charlotte?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3563] I haven't, it, get any on my trousers, I was licking
Larna (PS0JA) [3564] You better not get it on the furniture as well, keep it away from the furniture, now put it on the paper or else don't use it
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3565] right done, done it mum, I done it
Larna (PS0JA) [3566] Right
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3567] didn't put it on the sofa ...
Larna (PS0JA) [3568] [yawning] oh dear me [] ... oh he's still making a noise up there
Pauline (PS0JC) [3569] Mm ...
Larna (PS0JA) [3570] I don't know, even know what he's throwing a tantrum over
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3571] He said
Pauline (PS0JC) [3572] No ...
Larna (PS0JA) [3573] [shouting] Charlotte watch that pen and get it out your mouth [] ... now either use it or put the lid on it and put it away.
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3574] I'm using it, it's just
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Larna (PS0JA) [3575] Don't you want to watch this video Aaron?
Aaron (PS0JH) [3576] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [3577] Well watch it then
Aaron (PS0JH) [3578] Oh I didn't is want Chip and Dale on
Pauline (PS0JC) [3579] noise, you didn't want Chip and Dale tape on
Aaron (PS0JH) [3580] I did
Pauline (PS0JC) [3581] You did, oh
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3582] Yes, you want to choose another film?
Aaron (PS0JH) [3583] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [yawn]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3584] He wants to choose another film
Larna (PS0JA) [3585] Oh does he? ...
Aaron (PS0JH) [3586] No
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3587] his problem is he goes to bed
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3588] at eight and he still get up at seven
Pauline (PS0JC) [3589] Mm
Aaron (PS0JH) [3590] Let him a do mummy, let him
Larna (PS0JA) [3591] What is it?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3592] Dennis
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3593] Dennis the Menace, I want Dennis the Menace on mum
Larna (PS0JA) [3594] There's Dennis the Menace upstairs
Pauline (PS0JC) [3595] Do you know how to work it?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3596] I do it
Larna (PS0JA) [3597] [shouting] Come here []
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3598] Dennis the Menace, Dennis
Larna (PS0JA) [3599] jelly boy ... put the tape in then Aaron and I'll press, there I'll fast forward it, no you've got it, you've got it, no you haven't got it round the right way
Pauline (PS0JC) [3600] Look at it, you know which way to put it in there, that's it.
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3601] I think I cannot use this felt tip
Larna (PS0JA) [3602] That's it come away from it Aaron don't touch any buttons
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3603] I'd better not use this felt tip
Aaron (PS0JH) [3604] No
Larna (PS0JA) [3605] Yeah come away, that's it
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3606] I'd better not use this felt tip
Pauline (PS0JC) [3607] Aagh, oh dear me
Aaron (PS0JH) [3608] What you doing?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3609] I'm tired and hungry your mum [laughing] hasn't had dinner yet [] , put him up and dress and I thought I'm not gonna hang around doing something for dinner
Larna (PS0JA) [3610] Should of got something down town, that's what I usually do
Pauline (PS0JC) [3611] Yeah should of done
Larna (PS0JA) [3612] if I was in there
Pauline (PS0JC) [3613] I've got something for tea for tonight, I never thought of about getting
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Aaron (PS0JH) [3614] what you gonna do?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3615] anything like I usually do
Larna (PS0JA) [3616] I'm just gonna sort that little boy out
Pauline (PS0JC) [3617] What's the magic word when you want something?
Aaron (PS0JH) [3618] Ta, mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [3619] Do you?
Aaron (PS0JH) [3620] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [3621] Mm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3622] What does he say when he wants something?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3623] Yes I need a drink please, ta
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3624] Oh
Pauline (PS0JC) [3625] There you watch this
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [3626] yeah [yawning] get me the box for this one then []
Aaron (PS0JH) [3627] I don't know then
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3628] Mum will you get me a drink?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3629] No
Aaron (PS0JH) [3630] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3631] Why not?
Larna (PS0JA) [3632] Your mum's, your mum's getting one in a minute
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3633] You want a drink?
Aaron (PS0JH) [3634] Yes, is that
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3635] you get Aaron's drink and my mum will get my drink
Aaron (PS0JH) [3636] I, I, in that here
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3637] What, do you want apple the same as me?
Aaron (PS0JH) [3638] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3639] Let see what's in there, oh apple
Pauline (PS0JC) [3640] Watch it, put the top on the felt tip Charlotte when you're not using it ... otherwise you'll get it all over you, you get it over er everything else ... Aaron ...
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Aaron (PS0JH) [3641] Mummy that's
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [3642] a doggy ...
Aaron (PS0JH) [3643] mum, mum ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3644] He said he's too, too, too, too, too big doesn't he? ...
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Aaron (PS0JH) [3645] I'm not getting any eat
Larna (PS0JA) [3646] Put a bit in
Pauline (PS0JC) [3647] er Anthony out , what
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [3648] you on about
Larna (PS0JA) [3649] Oh what a lot of noise over nothing, weren't it?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3650] I shouldn't use pens should I?
Larna (PS0JA) [3651] What you done now?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3652] Oh little bit over here
Larna (PS0JA) [3653] Show me
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3654] No
Larna (PS0JA) [3655] Show me
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3656] No
Larna (PS0JA) [3657] You're not gonna be able to brush it off, I'm gonna see it anyway
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3658] I won't wear them, it's gone now
Pauline (PS0JC) [3659] Not I think
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3660] It's gone
Larna (PS0JA) [3661] She couldn't of got any on then
Pauline (PS0JC) [3662] Only a little bit
Larna (PS0JA) [3663] Oh, I remember when I was a kid getting in trouble
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3664] Where I can't see any, it's gone , where gone, where is it gone you show me?
Larna (PS0JA) [3665] [yawning] Oh, oh mummy's tired [] , how many times have I told you not to have the pen near the furniture though young lady.
Pauline (PS0JC) [3666] Yeah I just told her to put the top on the pen when she was having a drink, because she had the pen in her hand
Larna (PS0JA) [3667] Mm
Pauline (PS0JC) [3668] and she was having her drink at the same time
Larna (PS0JA) [3669] which is why I'm not so worried about replacing cushion covers with the
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3670] it doesn't matter to be honest
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3671] I did put it on, when I had a drink and then I took it off again
Pauline (PS0JC) [3672] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3673] I mean you get to this stage where a certain age you can say no you're not having it because they've got to start to grow up at some point and she likes using the felt tips and she's usually not too bad with them
Pauline (PS0JC) [3674] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3675] but she tends like you say forget what she's doing and
Pauline (PS0JC) [3676] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3677] she'll sit down with perhaps a pen in her hand and then go up and
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [3678] mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3679] you can't stop them from using everything in time
Pauline (PS0JC) [3680] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3681] [singing] Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty together again []
Larna (PS0JA) [3682] That's right
Anthony (PS0JF) [3683] I know it
Larna (PS0JA) [3684] [yawning] Oh crikey, oh dear [] did you get to Basingstoke Saturday?
Anthony (PS0JF) [3685] [singing] Humpty Dumpty sat on []
Pauline (PS0JC) [3686] Well we went over my mum and dad's er
Larna (PS0JA) [3687] You didn't get round Pam's?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3688] No
Larna (PS0JA) [3689] Did you go up in the car the other week when you was gonna go?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3690] No
Larna (PS0JA) [3691] You didn't get up there ...
Pauline (PS0JC) [3692] I wanna see Pat see if she'll look after Aaron on Friday night, but Gary says he doesn't want Tim and Lorraine having him cos they smoke like a chimney
Larna (PS0JA) [3693] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [3694] I mean we go round on a Saturday night and we come out stinking of smoke, cos they smoke one after another
Larna (PS0JA) [3695] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [3696] and Gary says he doesn't want them going round there so I said well I'll ask your mum if she will then I can
Larna (PS0JA) [3697] What if you've chosen Lorraine though?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3698] I, I tell them that erm Pat offered, I'll just tell them straight to their face
Larna (PS0JA) [3699] Mm
Pauline (PS0JC) [3700] that, that Pat's having him, so erm, what I'll erm what, what we'll do then we can leave Duke over there and then I catch the, the train straight from work
Larna (PS0JA) [3701] Mm
Pauline (PS0JC) [3702] and we can go in
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [3703] when Gary's finished at two it'll be the
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [3704] set at half past two
Larna (PS0JA) [3705] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [3706] so ... and not only that if Gary meets me up the train station we can go straight into town on our own, leave him with Pat.
Larna (PS0JA) [3707] That's it yeah, it's not very easy walking around looking at things when you've got the kids tagging along with you
Anthony (PS0JF) [3708] And man all
Pauline (PS0JC) [3709] I don't mind I mean they always wanna run off with, one you've got to hold his hand or carry them
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3710] I
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3711] ask mummy said you can have it
Pauline (PS0JC) [3712] or something, you know
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3713] mum, mum me and Aaron want some apple
Larna (PS0JA) [3714] Apple?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3715] Yeah apple drink
Larna (PS0JA) [3716] Oh you want some apple do you?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3717] Can I have some hot apple?
Larna (PS0JA) [3718] No not with all the children around darling, in case it gets spilt
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3719] Coke then
Larna (PS0JA) [3720] We're running out of apple aren't we?
[3721] I've got to get some more, do you want a drink?
[3722] ... So you've got all your quotes in now for your furniture then?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3723] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3724] Oh put that back on Aaron
Pauline (PS0JC) [3725] Put that back on Aaron
Larna (PS0JA) [3726] cos I might need that to send it back
Pauline (PS0JC) [3727] He's always taking labels off
Larna (PS0JA) [3728] I need that back on there
Pauline (PS0JC) [3729] Put it back on
Larna (PS0JA) [3730] You gonna stick it back on for me?
[3731] Thank you, that's it
Aaron (PS0JH) [3732] There
Larna (PS0JA) [3733] yeah that'll do, so long as it's on there ... good boy, so what one have you decided to go with then?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3734] Well it's all down to Gary now, is, I mean he still hasn't said yes or no or anything, it, but it, if we go for any of them it'll be
Larna (PS0JA) [3735] Mm
Pauline (PS0JC) [3736] the one that came out first thing Wednesday morning.
[3737] They want, from the whole of the bedroom, from the alcove where we want the sliding wardrobes with erm single wardrobe, over the head surrounds
Larna (PS0JA) [3738] Mm
Pauline (PS0JC) [3739] with two, three drawer chests and then another wardrobe right up to the window erm sixteen ninety four
Larna (PS0JA) [3740] Yeah that's not bad then
Pauline (PS0JC) [3741] No that's not bad
Larna (PS0JA) [3742] No, is it?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3743] Yeah so we'll go for that I think
Larna (PS0JA) [3744] He's just like Tony, he'll say alright then get it done, get it sorted out and Tony will say well we can't really afford it now or no I've change me mind now I don't think, you know
Pauline (PS0JC) [3745] It's a bit they, I mean these people they even do interest free credit
Larna (PS0JA) [3746] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [3747] over a year which I worked it out it'll be a hundred and forty one quid a month
Larna (PS0JA) [3748] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [3749] so erm, I mean it's all down to Gary, I mean if he wants his new computer, I said to him I said you're better off getting you know extra three or four grand on the mortgage
Larna (PS0JA) [3750] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [3751] and then he can get the computer he wants without moaning and then can get everything done in the bedroom without worrying about it
Larna (PS0JA) [3752] That's it
Pauline (PS0JC) [3753] and it, it'll only be, you know, that extra twenty quid on the mortgage a month
Larna (PS0JA) [3754] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [3755] so erm, oh I let him sort it all out
Larna (PS0JA) [3756] That's it, the trouble is he's not enthusiasm cos you sort of like, if you like me you get all your hopes up you want
Pauline (PS0JC) [3757] Oh yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3758] that's, that's gonna happen and the fellows go along with it like when Tony first decided to move and that I thought oh great he's found a place back in Basingstoke you know, we went and looked at them and everything and he turns round and changes his mind or he's in the, you know he's worried or nervous
Pauline (PS0JC) [3759] Well what I said to Gary I said when was the last time I ever wanted anything
Larna (PS0JA) [3760] er
Pauline (PS0JC) [3761] and I never want for anything and I said when, I said with you if you want something you get it
Larna (PS0JA) [3762] That's it
Pauline (PS0JC) [3763] that's how he's been brought up, if he wants something he gets it
Larna (PS0JA) [3764] Oh same with Tony yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [3765] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3766] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [3767] which is why I said to him that yeah he can have a new computer, he can get what he, you know what he wants as long as I get my bedroom done
Larna (PS0JA) [3768] That's it yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [3769] I've never wanted for anything
Larna (PS0JA) [3770] The thing is though they, they look at it, they always look at it that erm, they earn the money so they can go out and get it, you know, women aren't entitled to anything, they're just at home to look after the children
Pauline (PS0JC) [3771] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3772] What's the matter shall I do your other bottle for you?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3773] I mean if I knew for the fact that I was gonna get this job at the hospital I'd pay for it
Larna (PS0JA) [3774] Yeah ... still you haven't even applied for that yet have you?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3775] No cos they haven't put it out yet
Larna (PS0JA) [3776] Oh, yeah let me go and make some drinks then, oh dear little man
Pauline (PS0JC) [3777] Yeah if I knew some facts that I had a job to go to, I'd pay for it myself ...
Larna (PS0JA) [3778] Yeah, jump down a minute Anthy
Anthony (PS0JF) [3779] No
Larna (PS0JA) [3780] Yes because I've got to get drinks and I've got to put Jordan in his cot for a little while
Anthony (PS0JF) [3781] No
Larna (PS0JA) [3782] He'll have an hour
Anthony (PS0JF) [3783] No
Larna (PS0JA) [3784] Look Anthony
Anthony (PS0JF) [3785] No
Pauline (PS0JC) [3786] That's the sort of price that Gary was looking for to start with
Larna (PS0JA) [3787] Yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [3788] No
Pauline (PS0JC) [3789] about fifteen hundred
Anthony (PS0JF) [3790] don't want to
Pauline (PS0JC) [3791] I mean it'll save on the wallpaper as well
Larna (PS0JA) [3792] That's it yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [3793] we'll , we'll only have two walls to do ...
Larna (PS0JA) [3794] Oh big bib
Anthony (PS0JF) [3795] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3796] you come up with me
Pauline (PS0JC) [3797] won't have so much carpet to get
Larna (PS0JA) [3798] That's right, yeah, come on you tired man let's get the others a drink
Anthony (PS0JF) [3799] Mm, mm, I want a drink
Larna (PS0JA) [3800] Stop whingeing or he won't go to sleep and then I can't look after you
Anthony (PS0JF) [crying]
Larna (PS0JA) [3801] Whinge bag ...
Aaron (PS0JH) [3802] Mum an egg
Pauline (PS0JC) [3803] Mm
Aaron (PS0JH) [3804] I'm tired, mummy tired, mummy
Pauline (PS0JC) [3805] Mm
Aaron (PS0JH) [3806] mummy ...
Larna (PS0JA) [3807] Funny noise, look I'll pick all these up and he won't go to sleep [laugh]
Pauline (PS0JC) [3808] Yeah, what is it quarter to three?
Larna (PS0JA) [3809] Yeah, but by the time
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3810] mum I can't hear
Larna (PS0JA) [3811] Sshh ...
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3812] just leave him with his alarm on
Larna (PS0JA) [3813] No, you leave it, if he doesn't go to sleep he can come back down
Pauline (PS0JC) [3814] So I've done nothing today, I haven't even done one load of washing
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3815] I can't hear the telly
Pauline (PS0JC) [3816] I've got a whole basketful today, I just left it
Larna (PS0JA) [3817] Left it
Pauline (PS0JC) [3818] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3819] I can't hear
Larna (PS0JA) [3820] Oh shut up er Charlotte it's on ruddy video, you can watch it any time, anyway you're colouring ...
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ... [...] ...
Pauline (PS0JC) [3821] Do you know what Gary yesterday at about nine o'clock he fancied a pizza, he said that he fancied a pizza, er Aaron come on in, pizza and erm garlic bread to go with it, well I thought I'm going in town so he's got that for tonight now
Larna (PS0JA) [3822] [laugh] I'll get you a drink in a minute Aaron hang on ...
Aaron (PS0JH) [3823] Mummy ...
Pauline (PS0JC) [3824] Is that
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3825] Argos, nine ninety nine, and it's got removable cov cover
Pauline (PS0JC) [3826] That's what I want for Aaron for his room
Larna (PS0JA) [3827] That's the cheapest
Pauline (PS0JC) [3828] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3829] In my catalogue they're fourteen ninety nine
Pauline (PS0JC) [3830] but, do you, what an ordinary bean bag bean bag?
Larna (PS0JA) [3831] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [3832] And erm I wanna get one of these
Larna (PS0JA) [3833] er yeah, that's a proper dog one and they said that'll take up to a size of a labrador that's why I got it, erm but the cover's removable and

12 (Tape 034801)

Larna (PS0JA) [3834] Have you ever seen any of them or not?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3835] No I'd like to [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [laugh]
Pauline (PS0JC) [3836] Well why not men go to the bleeding, er well it's like I've never been to a proper hen night, Gary's been to a, a stag night, with female strippers, I'd like to go to a stag, er a hen night
Larna (PS0JA) [3837] Mm ... oh dear [sneeze] oh dear me
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3838] I'm gonna pretend I'm the little baby and you pretend your
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [3839] Hello
Larna (PS0JA) [3840] [shouting] Out, what did I tell you []
Anthony (PS0JF) [3841] Mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [3842] [shouting] I don't care what you're gonna say go out []
Anthony (PS0JF) [3843] I wanna
Larna (PS0JA) [3844] [shouting] don't let him in again, out [] If you wouldn't of let him that wouldn't of happened
Anthony (PS0JF) [crying]
Larna (PS0JA) [3845] then don't let him in and don't be such a wimp
Anthony (PS0JF) [crying]
Larna (PS0JA) [3846] you're alright go and get
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [3847] no
Larna (PS0JA) [3848] Well get in here and stay in here then
Anthony (PS0JF) [crying]
Larna (PS0JA) [3849] then get out
Anthony (PS0JF) [crying]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3850] go and tell him off then
Anthony (PS0JF) [3851] No
Larna (PS0JA) [3852] Well shut up and let me shut the door
Anthony (PS0JF) [3853] No ...
Larna (PS0JA) [3854] Anthony
Anthony (PS0JF) [3855] It out erm
Larna (PS0JA) [3856] Yeah and then when Alex knocks who will come through barking?
[3857] Now get out the way
Anthony (PS0JF) [3858] No
Larna (PS0JA) [3859] Right you get in there
Anthony (PS0JF) [crying]
Larna (PS0JA) [3860] play me up
Anthony (PS0JF) [scream]
Larna (PS0JA) [3861] No
Anthony (PS0JF) [scream]
Pauline (PS0JC) [3862] That's Alex
Larna (PS0JA) [3863] Right, Alex is here now, you going out?
Anthony (PS0JF) [scream]
Larna (PS0JA) [3864] Go on then, right
Anthony (PS0JF) [scream]
Larna (PS0JA) [3865] she can hear and say how naughty you are, horrible
Anthony (PS0JF) [scream]
Pauline (PS0JC) [3866] There she is you'd better be quiet, don't let Boo in, come on in then Aaron don't let Boo in
Larna (PS0JA) [3867] Alright
Pauline (PS0JC) [3868] Go out there, go on
Larna (PS0JA) [3869] you coming in or you staying out?
Anthony (PS0JF) [crying]
Larna (PS0JA) [3870] Dog knocked him over didn't he, then you hit your head on your bike
Alex (PS0JE) [3871] Oh dear
Larna (PS0JA) [3872] Have you had a good day?
Alex (PS0JE) [3873] Not really
Larna (PS0JA) [3874] [laugh] Oh dear why's that?
Alex (PS0JE) [3875] Washing dishes not much fun
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [3876] hopefully something better will come along
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [3877] they've got to be, not a growing dead
Larna (PS0JA) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3878] come here and shut up
Anthony (PS0JF) [3879] no [crying]
Larna (PS0JA) [3880] Well get off then
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3881] no, no, stop
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3882] [laugh] yeah
Aaron (PS0JH) [3883] Mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [3884] Shut up Anthony
Pauline (PS0JC) [3885] What?
Aaron (PS0JH) [3886] can I have a video on?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3887] No not now
Larna (PS0JA) [3888] You don't watch them Aaron, you put them on and disappear
Pauline (PS0JC) [3889] Yeah
Aaron (PS0JH) [3890] I want this one
Pauline (PS0JC) [3891] No, go on, go out and play
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3892] He had a bottle after you'd went
Alex (PS0JE) [3893] Oh did he?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3894] yeah one whole bottle, erm I wouldn't go near him Aaron he's not in a very good mood
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3895] Mum
Larna (PS0JA) [3896] go and play with Charlotte outside
Anthony (PS0JF) [3897] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3898] Right then he went down, then he got up and had his lunch about one
Anthony (PS0JF) [crying]
Larna (PS0JA) [3899] Oh he's humpy
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [3900] just now
Larna (PS0JA) [3901] No I just took him up
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3902] Oh mum I want to come back in
Larna (PS0JA) [3903] Oh alright, Boo go and lay down, Boo, out, lay down then
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3904] I didn't see baby Jordan
Aaron (PS0JH) [3905] He's asleep
Alex (PS0JE) [3906] He's sleeping
Larna (PS0JA) [3907] Yeah he ate all his lunch and his yoghurt and his
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [3908] yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [3909] Changed a dirty nappy
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3910] I try
Larna (PS0JA) [3911] getting a bit half two, I took him up at twenty to by the time I came down it was quarter to three, he was really rubbing his eyes
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3912] Look what mummy let me have, look what I've
Larna (PS0JA) [3913] but he did go to sleep about then
Pauline (PS0JC) [3914] Very good
Larna (PS0JA) [3915] so he had two dirty bibs which are in there
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3916] Come let's go up there and make some, come on
Larna (PS0JA) [3917] erm Charlotte, Charlotte, Alex is talking
Alex (PS0JE) [3918] I was tidying up
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3919] a whole bowl of clean water over his nappy so if you wonder why I got through an extra nappy cos it wasn't
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3920] to wear after was it?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3921] Mum I told you to get me a drink
Alex (PS0JE) [3922] There was it, there was two in there wasn't there?
Larna (PS0JA) [3923] There was I think two in there yeah so I got one out
Alex (PS0JE) [3924] Did you have enough?
Larna (PS0JA) [3925] Yeah, I had enough I changed him
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3926] I told you to get me a drink
Larna (PS0JA) [3927] Well I'll get it in a minute I'm talking now
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3928] Who's is that drink?
Larna (PS0JA) [3929] That's Aaron's I'm sure he won't mind if you have a little bit
Aaron (PS0JH) [3930] No
Larna (PS0JA) [3931] Alright then
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3932] I want my own
Larna (PS0JA) [3933] Yeah I had enough, but it was just a waste of a nappy
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [3934] mummy I'm too hot
Larna (PS0JA) [3935] Take your jumper off then, do you want your jumper off?
Alex (PS0JE) [3936] I know the other
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [3937] I know this morning it's, I changed his nappy and I like always have a bottle of you know those
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [3938] you know just to wipe him down and everything in the morning, he just grabbed that and I could see this thing tipping and I went oh god no, please, because that could of been the duvet, the duvet covers
Larna (PS0JA) [3939] Yeah
Alex (PS0JE) [3940] the sheets, the mattress
Larna (PS0JA) [3941] Yeah
Alex (PS0JE) [3942] everything would be absolutely soaking, and I'd try and get it off of him but he holds on to it so tight
Larna (PS0JA) [laugh]
Pauline (PS0JC) [3943] Yeah
Alex (PS0JE) [3944] he just won't let go
Larna (PS0JA) [3945] Yeah I know he does hold on to things really tight
Alex (PS0JE) [3946] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3947] it was in here it was sort of like, he'd been niggly all day, he was tired, he sort of like knocked it over with his foot, and of course it went straight over the dry nappy that was laid out on the floor ready to put under him, I said oh that nappy
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3948] [singing] You do the okey cokey and you turn around that's what it's all about []
Larna (PS0JA) [3949] Oh do you have to sing and give us all a headache
Pauline (PS0JC) [3950] Where's
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3951] [singing] you do the okey cokey and you turn around that's what it's all about, you put your whole self in, in out, in out shake it
Larna (PS0JA) [3952] Boo under
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3953] all about you do the okey cokey
Larna (PS0JA) [3954] go and lay down
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3955] and you turn around
Larna (PS0JA) [3956] under
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3957] that's what it's all about []
Larna (PS0JA) [3958] Charlotte we're all trying to talk, get up there and sing if you want to sing.
Pauline (PS0JC) [3959] You wanna go outside?
Aaron (PS0JH) [3960] Mm, mm
Pauline (PS0JC) [3961] Go and let him out
Aaron (PS0JH) [3962] Go Boo outside
Pauline (PS0JC) [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [3963] Go on Boo out, do something dog, go and lay down and have a bark
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3964] come on then ... is he gone?
[3965] Oh Charlotte's trying to lean against him and push him out, no he's settled for under the table now, now leave him Charlotte he can lay under the table, he's out the way over there
Anthony (PS0JF) [crying]
Larna (PS0JA) [3966] Oh shut up you're a whinge bag Anthy
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [3967] Aaron's like that in the morning
Larna (PS0JA) [3968] Yeah, boys are terrible
Pauline (PS0JC) [3969] threaten to take him home, once take
Charlotte (PS0JB) [3970] Leave him
Pauline (PS0JC) [3971] him home we, we, I was ready, I wanted to get to
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [3972] town by ten o'clock, ten to twelve we left, he wouldn't get dressed
Aaron (PS0JH) [3973] Found him
Pauline (PS0JC) [3974] so I said what, Aaron's playing with the dog
Larna (PS0JA) [3975] Aaron no, no leave him
Pauline (PS0JC) [3976] got myself ready I got my coat on and I said I'll see you later
Aaron (PS0JH) [3977] Boo, Boo, Boo
Pauline (PS0JC) [3978] you're not going without me I said you'd better hurry up and get bloody dressed then hadn't you?
Larna (PS0JA) [3979] Shut the door Aaron
Pauline (PS0JC) [3980] And ten to twelve we got out the door, oh I was just glad to get out, you know walking a bit of peace and quiet just, I could of strangled him, little git
Alex (PS0JE) [3981] Do you walk with him or do you put him in a baby walker?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3982] I, when, when we go down to playschool I walk but because it takes what fifteen minutes to walk into town I put him in the pushchair
Alex (PS0JE) [3983] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [3984] it's less hassle
Alex (PS0JE) [3985] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [3986] otherwise it'll take about, over half an hour
Alex (PS0JE) [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [3987] You get down
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3988] side then by the time you've walked round
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [3989] yeah
Alex (PS0JE) [3990] And they're absolutely shattered and it's windy and
Pauline (PS0JC) [3991] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [3992] You what
Pauline (PS0JC) [3993] you like to go in the pushchair don't you?
Aaron (PS0JH) [3994] No, I don't
Pauline (PS0JC) [3995] You was in a bad mood yesterday afternoon
Larna (PS0JA) [3996] In a minute
Pauline (PS0JC) [3997] Gary brought him up the hospital to meet me he wouldn't speak to any of the nurses
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [3998] Anthy?
Pauline (PS0JC) [3999] like this, he wouldn't like up [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [4000] I tell you what make the most of it while he's a baby cos when they get like this
Alex (PS0JE) [4001] Oh yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [4002] cor
Pauline (PS0JC) [laugh]
Alex (PS0JE) [4003] I haven't got the patience
Pauline (PS0JC) [4004] I haven't got the patience
Alex (PS0JE) [4005] I tell you I, I don't know how you do it
Larna (PS0JA) [4006] Well it must be the age difference
Pauline (PS0JC) [4007] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [4008] Yeah in having said that you're the same age as me
Alex (PS0JE) [4009] I know
Larna (PS0JA) [4010] so
Alex (PS0JE) [4011] Mm
Pauline (PS0JC) [4012] I'm just used to it
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4013] I told you to get me a drink you
Larna (PS0JA) [4014] Ah ah
Alex (PS0JE) [4015] by the time I hope to four years [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [4016] no, no you don't speak to me like that
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4017] Please and thank you
Larna (PS0JA) [4018] Yes and I said I would in a minute darling alright?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4019] Get your bum up
Pauline (PS0JC) [4020] Aaron, Aaron you drive me round the bend?
Larna (PS0JA) [laugh]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4021] You make me cross?
Aaron (PS0JH) [4022] No
Pauline (PS0JC) [4023] Do you?
Aaron (PS0JH) [4024] No
Pauline (PS0JC) [laugh]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4025] Yes you do Aaron
Pauline (PS0JC) [4026] Oh god
Aaron (PS0JH) [4027] No I don't
Larna (PS0JA) [4028] You'll be alright, once he, once he starts doing it anyway you'll get to know how to
Alex (PS0JE) [4029] Right, to, I, I haven't honestly I've got no patience whatsoever, terrible
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4030] I'm going to get my own drink now
Pauline (PS0JC) [4031] Sometimes I quiver to
Larna (PS0JA) [4032] Get a drop of milk
Alex (PS0JE) [4033] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [4034] or cos I only speak
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4035] Don't you look at me like that, I'm gonna have some apple [laugh]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4036] Fighting talk
Larna (PS0JA) [4037] You obvious to be naughty
Charlotte (PS0JB) [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [4038] yeah she'll be in trouble won't she, she often gets her own drinks anyway, she sort of like, she's at that age she can, it's only when they get out there together
Pauline (PS0JC) [4039] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [4040] and she'll go and get the milk out and say I've just got myself a glass of milk mum, oh right, okay [laugh] not even aware that she's gone out to the fridge you know, fair enough we say ah, you don't do you?
[4041] ... No he was good yesterday though at the pictures, we took them out and they were like really good, we brought all the cartons home didn't we?
[4042] Cos they've got like you know Bugs Bunny on all the cartons up there
Alex (PS0JE) [4043] Oh have they?
Larna (PS0JA) [4044] and the Warner Brothers Bugs Bunny and the popcorn, you go and get your popcorn dish out of thing, show Alex how much popcorn we bought, I mean you go up there and it's not like it used to be years ago a little bale of popcorn they sell them in huge great big cartons up there
Alex (PS0JE) [4045] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [4046] you know it's either salted popcorn or the sweet popcorn, I couldn't eat that amount of salt, it is chock-a-block full up with popcorn
Alex (PS0JE) [4047] Oh look at that
Larna (PS0JA) [4048] Yes, the whole thing was like a, a thing full of with popcorn, show Alex then
Alex (PS0JE) [4049] Mm I can't eat
Larna (PS0JA) [4050] That was medium
Alex (PS0JE) [4051] popcorn
Larna (PS0JA) [4052] there's small and large
Alex (PS0JE) [4053] God
Larna (PS0JA) [4054] there was, the big one is like this and I'm not kidding you.
[4055] Groups go up there and they pay the money for it and they put it in the middle while you're waiting for the film, it's all carpeted and you can watch all the monitors and they just sit down this huge tub of popcorn [laugh] they had an op
Alex (PS0JE) [4056] How much are they?
Larna (PS0JA) [4057] Well that was on offer this week actually, that plus a great big bag of Minstrels I think was two, two fifty five
Pauline (PS0JC) [4058] That's not bad is it?
Larna (PS0JA) [4059] erm, erm normally they start at one thirty and they can go up to about three or four pound a great big tub.
[4060] We went in and we paid seven pounds for me and my mum to get in, we didn't pay for the kids cos if they know they're gonna sit on your lap, they get in there for nothing, but once we get in there we give them their own chair anyway, providing you go in like it's not in the first week, the following week when the show is quieter and not so many people going
Alex (PS0JE) [4061] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [4062] erm, but it cost seven pounds for me and mum
Aaron (PS0JH) [4063] No in there
Larna (PS0JA) [4064] to get in, three fifty each and then we paid another six pound, ten P and for that we had popcorn, Minstrels, one large Coke, a lot bigger than that and two small ones, and of course everything's got like all this on
Alex (PS0JE) [4065] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [4066] so the kids like to bring it home, stick in the playschool bag, show them at playschool, actually they didn't show them, he puts it on his head as a hat
Alex (PS0JE) [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [4067] I haven't got the slightest idea what the kids are doing up there
Alex (PS0JE) [4068] They're sweet aren't they?
Larna (PS0JA) [4069] Yeah, which is why I only take them once every so often which is why I only have the two because it means I can take them, you know if you've got a family of four kids or something
Pauline (PS0JC) [4070] It's a bit expensive
Larna (PS0JA) [4071] it gets a bit yeah, which is why I'm gonna stick with two, I mean now they want to go and see Peter Pan next, when that comes down which will be what probably a month, about once every couple of months they'll go or once a month
Pauline (PS0JC) [4072] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [4073] but we do if we look out when we see it coming down I save a couple of quid up each week that, then I've got the money again
Pauline (PS0JC) [4074] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [4075] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4076] yeah let's have a look at that one, that's the large Coke
Alex (PS0JE) [4077] Mm
Pauline (PS0JC) [4078] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [4079] Me and my mum bought one of those and we had that between us and we bought one of those each for the kids, even though she swindled sweets in her bag, we started taking sweets in the bag and bottles of drink, but that wasn't the same they wanted a cartoon cup, so we
Pauline (PS0JC) [laugh]
Alex (PS0JE) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4080] when we got up there, and next time we
Alex (PS0JE) [4081] It's good to go there isn't it?
Larna (PS0JA) [4082] Yeah, the thing is though, the daft thing is there is nothing small up there
Pauline (PS0JC) [4083] No
Larna (PS0JA) [4084] it's all big boxes of wine gums, fruit gums, big box, packet of Minstrels there are no small sweets for children at all
Aaron (PS0JH) [4085] Mummy that's Bugs Bunny
Pauline (PS0JC) [4086] Yes I know
Larna (PS0JA) [4087] You go into the pick and mix and seventy five P a quarter, so you get next to nothing in the bottom of the bag
Aaron (PS0JH) [4088] Bye, bye bunny
Larna (PS0JA) [4089] you know, but it's all these jelly sweets, you know choosing different jelly, jelly snakes and things, my two aren't into them
Anthony (PS0JF) [4090] Aaron
Pauline (PS0JC) [4091] Well it is Anthony's can you give it back please
Larna (PS0JA) [4092] Yeah I wouldn't run off with that mate
Aaron (PS0JH) [4093] Got bunny on it
Pauline (PS0JC) [4094] Yes I know it's Bugs Bunny on it and you've got a Bugs Bunny tape haven't you?
Aaron (PS0JH) [4095] I've got Bug Bunny tape
Larna (PS0JA) [4096] Yeah, they got, they've got a massive Bugs Bunny sitting up over the sweet counter as you go in
Alex (PS0JE) [4097] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [4098] absolutely massive it is, yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [4099] Mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [4100] is it, they're gonna take this to playschool so you'll probably see it down there, they don't decide to keep them anyway, there's the other one there
Anthony (PS0JF) [4101] Who in there
Larna (PS0JA) [4102] it's a good outing out though
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4103] mum I've, I
Larna (PS0JA) [4104] Sshh, come in here, come in here and shut the door and
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4105] I
Larna (PS0JA) [4106] who, who left the door open out there?
[4107] Go and shut it for me
Pauline (PS0JC) [4108] Erm Lewis
Larna (PS0JA) [4109] Aaron, erm
Pauline (PS0JC) [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [4110] sorry what, what was in here?
Alex (PS0JE) [4111] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [4112] Just things like erm black penny sweets you get
Alex (PS0JE) [4113] Oh right
Larna (PS0JA) [4114] like little jellies, what else did you have in here?
[4115] Oh little jelly shaped bears didn't you?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4116] Yeah, and a
Larna (PS0JA) [4117] Erm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4118] and a snake and
Larna (PS0JA) [4119] jelly snake you got didn't you?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4120] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [4121] There's all this jelly stuff and they get fed up with that
Alex (PS0JE) [4122] Mm
Anthony (PS0JF) [4123] We got some
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4124] but where if they sold little packets of sweets
Alex (PS0JE) [4125] Mm
Anthony (PS0JF) [4126] Mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [4127] Opal Fruits and things like that I could of got them that but of course a great big bag of Minstrels, you couldn't just let them rummage through that, so what I done I took a couple of handfuls out and put them in here
Pauline (PS0JC) [4128] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [4129] with their jellies look
Alex (PS0JE) [4130] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [4131] but I mean it's seventy five P a quarter
Aaron (PS0JH) [4132] A
Alex (PS0JE) [4133] It's awfully dear
Pauline (PS0JC) [4134] One, two what?
Larna (PS0JA) [4135] er a friend of ours was up there
Aaron (PS0JH) [4136] a
Larna (PS0JA) [4137] and she had her
Pauline (PS0JC) [4138] What comes after two?
Larna (PS0JA) [4139] quite two happy in the bottom of the bag and it came to one fifty
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4140] like you get caught out
Pauline (PS0JC) [4141] What come's after two?
Larna (PS0JA) [4142] once you've put it in your bag you can't put it back
Pauline (PS0JC) [4143] Three
Larna (PS0JA) [4144] Three you know it
Pauline (PS0JC) [4145] You know it
Larna (PS0JA) [4146] It's, you can put it in but you can't put it back with your fingers you don't realize it when you go up and get it and you ain't got enough
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4147] One, two, three, four
Larna (PS0JA) [4148] money you're stuck aren't you?
Alex (PS0JE) [4149] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4150] What comes after three Aaron?
Larna (PS0JA) [4151] But apart from that pick and mix they don't do nothing else in small things
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4152] What come's after three Aaron?
Pauline (PS0JC) [4153] No
Larna (PS0JA) [4154] They hadn't salt me popcorn so I complained
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4155] One, two, you count, one, two, three, four, don't it
Pauline (PS0JC) [4156] Funny I've got a sweet tooth when it comes to like chocolates and things like them
Larna (PS0JA) [4157] Mm
Pauline (PS0JC) [4158] but popcorn
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4159] so what, what I do like and I haven't bought any for a, for weeks I must admit you know them pink erm what they called er
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4160] one, two, four
Aaron (PS0JH) [4161] Me got
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [4162] Shrimps
Pauline (PS0JC) [4163] shrimps in Woolies
Aaron (PS0JH) [4164] me er put it in there ah mum
Alex (PS0JE) [4165] And I like to eat erm the banana ones
Pauline (PS0JC) [4166] Yeah [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [4167] I like the old flying saucers with the sherbet
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4168] I had popcorn there
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [4169] eaten them down there
Pauline (PS0JC) [4170] Yeah I like, I like them shrimp they melt in your mouth mm
Larna (PS0JA) [4171] Yeah you show Alex how you wear that as a hat then
Pauline (PS0JC) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [4172] Alex, Alex
Larna (PS0JA) [4173] Put your drink up before it spills somewhere
Alex (PS0JE) [4174] And also had interest last week about two minutes I sat down I was just sitting comfortable
Aaron (PS0JH) [4175] Anthony I got
Alex (PS0JE) [4176] she says
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [4177] bye
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4178] Alex he wants to show you something
Alex (PS0JE) [4179] what then is to that?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4180] We have
Larna (PS0JA) [4181] No don't crush it, don't crush it
Alex (PS0JE) [4182] I mean how, I was just getting comfortable and I thought oh god
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4183] Are you ready then?
Pauline (PS0JC) [4184] Mm
Alex (PS0JE) [4185] and he said yeah your
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [4186] I must admit that I chew a lot of gum
Pauline (PS0JC) [4187] Mm
Alex (PS0JE) [4188] you know like sugar free gum I've
Pauline (PS0JC) [4189] Yeah
Alex (PS0JE) [4190] always got chewing gum on me
Pauline (PS0JC) [4191] Yeah
Alex (PS0JE) [4192] so that I can chew
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4193] chewing gum always makes me hungry
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4194] Right here's your, here's your stick
Alex (PS0JE) [4195] Erm, er it, it depends which one it is
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4196] they say cos it makes your stomach think it's gonna get food
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4197] Oh no he
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [4198] yeah and it's erm saliva and everything too
Larna (PS0JA) [4199] Yeah so I daren't eat chewing gum if I'm on a diet [laugh]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4200] Oh you don't need to
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4201] no but I oh I do sometimes, but today I'm not eating much but I'm not fat
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4202] Oh I dropped you
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4203] will you be quiet for goodness sake I can't hear myself think
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4204] Da, da, de, da
Larna (PS0JA) [4205] Sometimes I do be, I can put on weight really fast I can
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [4206] in the morning
Larna (PS0JA) [4207] Charlotte
Alex (PS0JE) [4208] and I pig out at work
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4209] Right now put these up
Alex (PS0JE) [4210] and I don't have
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4211] yum, yum
Pauline (PS0JC) [4212] yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [4213] Mum, mum don't put up there
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4214] I tell you what, what we bought up there you know we could of bought at least six bottles of Coke
Anthony (PS0JF) [4215] Aagh
Larna (PS0JA) [4216] two litre bottles of Coke what we paid to go in
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4217] er I mean what we paid forty seven, seven pound, ten P
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4218] Oh be careful Aaron
Larna (PS0JA) [4219] but still like mum says it's an afternoon out so
Alex (PS0JE) [4220] Well I'm a bit of
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4221] actually I tend to waste money cos I thought I'd sit here and moan about taking them out the cost of it, but then I considered spending a hundred pound on a bed that he probably doesn't even need, it's daft really innit?
Alex (PS0JE) [4222] Yeah, it is yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [4223] Aagh, aagh
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4224] Put your nose into it there
Larna (PS0JA) [4225] Don't aggravate your brother
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4226] That'll be nice and smart won't it?
Alex (PS0JE) [4227] It's getting your priorities right isn't it?
Pauline (PS0JC) [4228] Yeah [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [4229] Yeah, but then I think well yeah you can moan about taking them out but that six
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4230] Oh no you have broken down
Larna (PS0JA) [4231] but nothing to show for it
Pauline (PS0JC) [laugh]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4232] Fetch the hat quickly
Larna (PS0JA) [4233] You don't have to shout in my earhole
Anthony (PS0JF) [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [4234] did you want, did you have, do you want another Aaron?
Pauline (PS0JC) [4235] He's got one up there
Larna (PS0JA) [4236] Oh he's got one, do you want one Charlotte?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4237] Erm yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [4238] Dad'll come home tonight and say who's eaten all the custard creams then, he loves custard creams
Pauline (PS0JC) [4239] Yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [4240] And me ate them all
Larna (PS0JA) [4241] Don't talk with your mouth full, last two there ... so do you think you'll get anything happen Thursday then or don't you honestly know, just ask them
Alex (PS0JE) [4242] I honestly don't know , when I spoke to her this morning she said she hasn't erm for a, for a few weeks now she hasn't placed anybody
Anthony (PS0JF) [4243] Er a my bic, bic
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] [...]
Aaron (PS0JH) [4244] me put the bag on
Alex (PS0JE) [4245] It really does
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4246] You shan't
Aaron (PS0JH) [4247] Mum, mum put a bag on, I wanna put a bag on
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4248] Are you only up here till Wednesday then?
Aaron (PS0JH) [4249] I put bag on
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4250] no
Aaron (PS0JH) [4251] Yes
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4252] No
Larna (PS0JA) [4253] Sshh
Pauline (PS0JC) [4254] Aaron
Larna (PS0JA) [4255] oh big mouth
Aaron (PS0JH) [4256] I wanna put I wanna put bag on
Alex (PS0JE) [4257] The
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [4258] M four she went and
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Aaron (PS0JH) [4259] I wanna put bag on
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4260] Yeah it's gotta rewind, it's only going on quietly though
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4261] Yeah
Alex (PS0JE) [4262] Erm
Larna (PS0JA) [4263] [shouting] Boo go and lay down []
Anthony (PS0JF) [4264] Mummy eat my cream
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4265] You can wear your hat for bag
Alex (PS0JE) [4266] it's an awful day but I mean it's still money at the end of the road
Larna (PS0JA) [4267] That's right
Alex (PS0JE) [4268] isn't it?
Pauline (PS0JC) [4269] Yes, Charlotte be careful
Larna (PS0JA) [4270] I thought you was gonna say have your veins done is a normal job
Alex (PS0JE) [4271] I
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [4272] me ate my cream
Larna (PS0JA) [4273] you gonna have yours done Pauline?
Anthony (PS0JF) [4274] me ate my me ate my cream
Pauline (PS0JC) [4275] Oh shut up I've got bad veins
Alex (PS0JE) [4276] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [4277] Oh, oh dear
Pauline (PS0JC) [4278] just in my
Anthony (PS0JF) [4279] go on in a biting it a are
Pauline (PS0JC) [4280] my, my right leg, but
Larna (PS0JA) [4281] Mm
Pauline (PS0JC) [4282] they, they play me up every now and then
Larna (PS0JA) [4283] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [4284] Yeah
Alex (PS0JE) [4285] I've got one behind this knee here
Pauline (PS0JC) [4286] Mm
Alex (PS0JE) [4287] and I got that doing my eight
Anthony (PS0JF) [4288] how
Alex (PS0JE) [4289] position
Pauline (PS0JC) [4290] Oh yeah
Alex (PS0JE) [4291] Yeah and that was out standing fifteen hours a day
Pauline (PS0JC) [4292] Mm
Larna (PS0JA) [4293] Yeah
Alex (PS0JE) [4294] and it's never got really bad, the only time it got bad was
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4295] yeah
Alex (PS0JE) [4296] then it really stuck out
Pauline (PS0JC) [4297] Yeah
Alex (PS0JE) [4298] but it's not bad enough to have it
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4299] No mine's, mine's not bad enough
Alex (PS0JE) [4300] it's only just very small
Pauline (PS0JC) [4301] Yeah
Alex (PS0JE) [4302] it's only that big
Pauline (PS0JC) [4303] Yeah and mine's all day, from sort of there and there or there, there
Alex (PS0JE) [4304] Oh no
Pauline (PS0JC) [4305] you can see, it's not as, it's not that bad
Larna (PS0JA) [4306] Watch your fingers Aaron in or out, shut the door
Pauline (PS0JC) [4307] but I, I have pain down the leg every now and then
Larna (PS0JA) [4308] erm Aaron come in shut the door cos your fingers
Pauline (PS0JC) [4309] I keep getting
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4310] same leg, so erm, see Gary moans at me that I, he says that I eat too much erm salt, now if I was to eat that much salt I wouldn't get cramp
Larna (PS0JA) [4311] Mm
Pauline (PS0JC) [4312] but I still get cramp, and that, and the doctor said to me he said all that I can do is when you get the pain just rest it, how can you rest with a three year old?
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4313] He got a
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4314] oh dear
Larna (PS0JA) [4315] This is only going on very quietly
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4316] No loud
Larna (PS0JA) [4317] No it's not going on loud Charlotte, I do not want to be deafened by Michael Jackson thank you, I think that's quite loud enough
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Alex (PS0JE) [4318] I think you're in the wrong place there
Larna (PS0JA) [4319] Mm
Alex (PS0JE) [4320] I think you're in the wrong place
Larna (PS0JA) [4321] Yeah, Michael Jackson band
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4322] eat your biscuits
Pauline (PS0JC) [4323] Do you, do either of you know of any really good, good car boot sales?
Larna (PS0JA) [4324] Never go to them, no I put these up for Anthony give them here, give it
Alex (PS0JE) [4325] Erm I know
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [4326] that they hold one every Sunday in the football
Larna (PS0JA) [4327] [shouting] Do as you're told []
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [4328] er
Larna (PS0JA) [4329] Come away from that Aaron, what?
[4330] [shouting] Well get out the way then I can't get it if you're there []
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [4331] try to get rid of all my baby stuff and, so what I'm going to do is advertise in the paper and then
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4332] yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4333] What does he want?
Alex (PS0JE) [4334] And erm I just want to get rid of it, get it out the way
Pauline (PS0JC) [4335] Yeah I've got all my stuff up
Larna (PS0JA) [4336] I think you'll find
Pauline (PS0JC) [4337] in the loft
Alex (PS0JE) [4338] Yeah and erm, the, everyone advertising got the basic, I mean
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4339] yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4340] Don't
Larna (PS0JA) [4341] I think you'll find, I don't know whether it is but mum, my mum went to a car boot sale once and they weren't selling nothing over ten pounds, so the car boot sales
Pauline (PS0JC) [4342] Don't Charlotte
Larna (PS0JA) [4343] only go up to certain, yeah, though people can't afford to go to them
Pauline (PS0JC) [4344] I was gonna say how about putting it in a shop window?
Alex (PS0JE) [4345] Yeah, well I was gonna, thing is though
Larna (PS0JA) [4346] [shouting] Don't play with the sewing box []
Alex (PS0JE) [4347] same for me is
Pauline (PS0JC) [4348] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4349] don't play in the sewing box
Alex (PS0JE) [4350] car boot sale, there's other bits and bobs I want to get rid of
Pauline (PS0JC) [4351] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4352] yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4353] No, no Aaron don't get on the table
Pauline (PS0JC) [4354] I've got, I've got to sort out all of Aaron's stuff get rid of that and that can go towards my new bedroom and don't stand on his feet.
[4355] I'm thinking of getting my bedroom done, getting a fitted bedroom, we just thought well we can't afford to move
Alex (PS0JE) [4356] Mm
Pauline (PS0JC) [4357] and Aaron get up, we've, we've only got a very small bedroom so we might as well make the most of it, we've had quotes and all that and erm, look not the cheapest but not the exp the most expensive erm
Alex (PS0JE) [4358] Expensive yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [4359] but something that's got five year guarantee on it erm, what did we work out?
[4360] Three sixteen, sixteen hundred and ninety four
Alex (PS0JE) [4361] Mm
Pauline (PS0JC) [4362] which isn't too bad
Alex (PS0JE) [4363] No
Pauline (PS0JC) [4364] er and that's getting a third two walls and erm an alcove with erm two glass sliding doors and then erm single wardrobe and you've got the [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4365] Show mum
Pauline (PS0JC) [4366] around with the erm top boxes and two, three drawer units
Larna (PS0JA) [4367] Put it back
Pauline (PS0JC) [4368] and another erm single wardrobe
Alex (PS0JE) [4369] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [4370] and that goes right up to the window yeah, and the time that, we had seven firms
Larna (PS0JA) [4371] Stand up
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4372] not on me not on me
Pauline (PS0JC) [4373] and they wanted sort of three thousand quid
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4374] I want a cuddle
Larna (PS0JA) [4375] You can have a cuddle but just
Pauline (PS0JC) [4376] and there's no way we can afford that
Alex (PS0JE) [4377] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [4378] It's bad enough you know sort of being fifteen hundred, but, you know that, that
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4379] that's what we were looking at to start with
Alex (PS0JE) [4380] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [4381] so erm
Charlotte (PS0JB) [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [4382] No we're not putting any more films on Aaron cartoons are on in a minute
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4383] and that
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4384] yeah, Aaron you pig
Aaron (PS0JH) [laugh]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4385] No that's naughty
Larna (PS0JA) [4386] You've got small feet ain't you, you look like a size four
Alex (PS0JE) [4387] A two
Pauline (PS0JC) [4388] You're a two?
Larna (PS0JA) [4389] You know somebody's got smaller feet than you Pauline
Pauline (PS0JC) [4390] I've only got a five
Larna (PS0JA) [4391] Yeah, well I'm five
Pauline (PS0JC) [4392] Well five's average
Larna (PS0JA) [4393] Yeah
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4394] And I'm only four
Alex (PS0JE) [4395] These are a three, two, my actual shoe
Pauline (PS0JC) [4396] Aaron
Alex (PS0JE) [4397] foot size is a two, they usually end up in a three erm in flat shoes like this for the width I've got very big feet
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4398] Aaron
Alex (PS0JE) [4399] and if it's high heels, generally
Larna (PS0JA) [4400] [shouting] Go and lay down []
Pauline (PS0JC) [4401] Yeah
Alex (PS0JE) [4402] it doesn't make any
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4403] Aaron
Alex (PS0JE) [4404] so my shoes are too big for me
Larna (PS0JA) [4405] [shouting] lay down []
Pauline (PS0JC) [4406] Yeah I know, these are a five but I've got my, I've got my, my but erm, taught colour boots and they're a six
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4407] but the biggest I buy is a, is a five
Alex (PS0JE) [4408] They're a three and erm that's for the width
Pauline (PS0JC) [4409] Mm
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [4410] mum, ma
Pauline (PS0JC) [4411] Yeah, amazing
Alex (PS0JE) [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [4412] What I don't get nothing for
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4413] I get a, I get a six for my width, see I have great big bones that used to stick out there, see the scar?
Pauline (PS0JC) [4414] Yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [4415] Mummy
Larna (PS0JA) [4416] Went into hospital and had
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4417] didn't I?
Pauline (PS0JC) [4418] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [4419] Yeah I had the bones broke
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4420] reset and that's how I met up with bleeding Tony he came to visit me meeting a friend, it's only me he said oh go round and see this girl I know and she was related to my best mate, it's a complicated story and we sort of went from there really
Anthony (PS0JF) [4421] Go, go
Larna (PS0JA) [4422] many years ago [laugh]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4423] Mm, mm
Larna (PS0JA) [4424] I kept thinking to myself I don't bloody want this bloody operation I might have
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4425] picture half way round the world
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4426] Aaron, Aaron
Larna (PS0JA) [4427] Oh dear mustn't complain, no [shouting] children []
Pauline (PS0JC) [4428] [shouting] Aaron give that back to Anthony now, now []
Aaron (PS0JH) [4429] I was playing
Pauline (PS0JC) [4430] [shouting] no I saw Anthony with it just now []
Aaron (PS0JH) [4431] Mm, mm
Alex (PS0JE) [4432] Here give it to me
Pauline (PS0JC) [4433] Aaron give it to Alex
Alex (PS0JE) [4434] Come
Pauline (PS0JC) [4435] Come on, we've got to all get home, mummy hasn't done all the washing yet, [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4436] yeah come here, let's
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4437] smile
Larna (PS0JA) [4438] You can leave them if you want
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4439] come on we've got to do dinner, got to get our shopping home
Aaron (PS0JH) [4440] Mummy me, me
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4441] go and put it in the bin, one, two, oh Aaron
Aaron (PS0JH) [4442] Do it though
Pauline (PS0JC) [4443] I've got so much to do now, I've left it all
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4444] sharpening, where they sharpening down there?
[4445] There's a pencil
Pauline (PS0JC) [4446] Ha
Larna (PS0JA) [4447] do
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4448] What?
Larna (PS0JA) [4449] So what do you want to do take that little dress or not?
Pauline (PS0JC) [4450] Erm
Larna (PS0JA) [4451] If you don't want to just leave it and I just
Pauline (PS0JC) [4452] no I just leave it and I'll have a think of who's got, you know a two year old, a two, three year old, can't think of anyone
Larna (PS0JA) [4453] No
Aaron (PS0JH) [crying]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4454] Er come on please
Aaron (PS0JH) [crying]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4455] come on A J
Anthony (PS0JF) [4456] Not Aaron
Aaron (PS0JH) [4457] Oh look, I'm going home now
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4458] Mum
Pauline (PS0JC) [4459] Oh where's me sat here you want
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4460] mm
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4461] er come here, come here Aaron you know them sweets that we've got in our be , in my pocket?
Aaron (PS0JH) [4462] Yeah
Pauline (PS0JC) [4463] You can have one in a minute if you hurry up and get up, right I'll leave you here cos I'm going home, I'm not
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Aaron (PS0JH) [4464] I want a mint
Pauline (PS0JC) [4465] Did I kick you?
[4466] I haven't got any mints, we haven't had any of those for ages
Anthony (PS0JF) [4467] Me got them buttons ...
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4468] here are, otherwise you'll stay here, come on I'm not gonna muck about, come on
Anthony (PS0JF) [4469] Here's going to do
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4470] come on up
Aaron (PS0JH) [crying]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4471] [shouting] I'm not taking you home in a stroppy mood Aaron we left home in a a stroppy mood []
Aaron (PS0JH) [4472] No [crying]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4473] Aaron why you going home in a stroppy mood?
Aaron (PS0JH) [4474] Not
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4475] Oh
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...] ...
Aaron (PS0JH) [4476] Mum
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4477] Yeah, Boo, Boo
Aaron (PS0JH) [4478] you
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4479] I'm Charlotte, you know my name don't you?
Alex (PS0JE) [4480] Oh who's that, is that you?
Anthony (PS0JF) [4481] No, er, Boo, Boo
Pauline (PS0JC) [4482] Do you wanna walk home or go in the pushchair?
Aaron (PS0JH) [4483] I walk home
Pauline (PS0JC) [4484] You're gonna walk home, fair enough, come here and get your hat on, come here
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4485] these two bibs are very wet up here where he's been dribbling and
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4486] Aaron
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4487] there's some food in there darling?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [4488] mum
Larna (PS0JA) [4489] Yeah I fed him, I didn't starve him
Pauline (PS0JC) [4490] Aaron
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4491] no we'll clear up in a minute
Pauline (PS0JC) [4492] Who's on telly when we get home?
Larna (PS0JA) [4493] We'll put these back in here cos we know they're
Pauline (PS0JC) [4494] Who's on telly today, Timmy Mallet
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [4495] Timmy Mallet, Timmy Mallet, Timmy Mallet
Larna (PS0JA) [4496] Hiya darling, hiya [laugh] no I was really surprised cos he hasn't been drinking his juice, and that went down
Anthony (PS0JF) [4497] Timmy Mallet, Timmy Mallet
Larna (PS0JA) [4498] I say that was naughty I normally wash them up and I put it back in there
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [laugh]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4499] Don't worry I just that
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4500] all the washing anyway
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4501] here are
Larna (PS0JA) [4502] Quick tidy up, upstairs in the bathroom wash me hair, done that this morning I thought oh dear
Pauline (PS0JC) [4503] Here look
Aaron (PS0JH) [4504] Oh bye
Larna (PS0JA) [4505] I done me exercises instead
Pauline (PS0JC) [4506] I'll only getting my
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4507] to stop whingeing, don't push the pushchair, it'll topple back one
Larna (PS0JA) [4508] Happy little fellow then , who's a happy little fellow?
Pauline (PS0JC) [4509] Aaron if it topples back and, that's it I'm smacking you, come in here
Alex (PS0JE) [4510] He's usually quite good when he wakes up isn't he?
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4511] I haven't touched him, I don't think I've had him any trouble
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4512] Ah Aaron
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4513] let's see if we can turn your head, oh dear it's a little bit big
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4514] no, he
Larna (PS0JA) [4515] They've actually been taken apart, and probe about saying school leaving age and that one
Pauline (PS0JC) [4516] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [4517] the kids spilt milk on this and I didn't realize and it all dried, stuck all the controls [laugh] you know what Tony's like, you know, can't you keep the kids away from the computer
Anthony (PS0JF) [4518] Aaron
Larna (PS0JA) [4519] typically
Pauline (PS0JC) [4520] That's like Gary caught Aaron on Saturday changing the tapes over, said I didn't know he did that [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [4521] Liar [laugh] , er I don't mind them doing the video tapes over, but
Alex (PS0JE) [4522] Er remember when I was here that day and he was shoving them in and out
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0JC) [4523] washing to do
Alex (PS0JE) [4524] You want a lift back?
Pauline (PS0JC) [4525] No that's alright
Alex (PS0JE) [4526] Are you sure?
Pauline (PS0JC) [4527] Yeah, yeah, honestly
Larna (PS0JA) [4528] Walking keeps her fit she quite enjoys walking this one, I hate it
Alex (PS0JE) [4529] I don't mind walking but it's I get the shopping
Larna (PS0JA) [4530] Charlotte no don't get Pauline's shopping out, she's got all her pushchair organized
Alex (PS0JE) [4531] I haven't had any
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4532] I always thought you bring this over for breakfast
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4533] I don't like walking full stop [laugh]
Alex (PS0JE) [4534] Yeah, I, I find I like walking
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [4535] first of all it's gotta be warm, if it's cold
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS0JF) [4536] mummy, mum
Pauline (PS0JC) [4537] I mean I walked to work every Saturday and Sunday no matter what the weather
Larna (PS0JA) [4538] Yeah, oh my god
Pauline (PS0JC) [4539] No, I, no I, I suppose what with Aaron going to playschool I go out every day walking apart from Thursday
Aaron (PS0JH) [4540] Shall I open the door?
Alex (PS0JE) [4541] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [4542] Well you shouldn't of done it, it's very
Pauline (PS0JC) [4543] Right as Aaron's got the door out, open, he's got
Larna (PS0JA) [4544] I'll let you out first
Pauline (PS0JC) [4545] Right I shall see you later
Alex (PS0JE) [4546] Bye
Pauline (PS0JC) [4547] Bye
Larna (PS0JA) [4548] I'll just shut this door
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [4549] Hello, hello
Larna (PS0JA) [4550] Right my two get in you haven't got coats on ... Charlotte in now and shut the door
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [4551] oh
Larna (PS0JA) [4552] Shut the door now, bye Charlotte ...
Alex (PS0JE) [4553] Right come on Mr man
Larna (PS0JA) [4554] Come on you can put your I T V on in a minute
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4555] I'm in got in now
Larna (PS0JA) [4556] actually oh sorry
Alex (PS0JE) [4557] Oh sorry , go and knock you out there
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4558] What?
Larna (PS0JA) [4559] I got, oh that must be on, I think you can watch Josie Smith can't you?
[4560] Leave it turned down and you'll be able to see when it starts, yes, okay, you're a really good boy aren't you?
[4561] You're a really good boy, yeah, take him upstairs and I thought oh, he could be mine this little one
Alex (PS0JE) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4562] I don't think mummy would like that you know
Alex (PS0JE) [laugh]
Larna (PS0JA) [4563] but he, he's at that age now where I could have another kid and look after it quite easily if I had one, but I don't wanna go through, not the pregnancy, but I don't want to go through all the babies and getting up in the night and, one that'll come out six months old [laugh]
Alex (PS0JE) [4564] Be happy
Larna (PS0JA) [4565] I'll be quite happy yeah, yeah because they say
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4566] to play with, when they're babies you can't do nothing with them.
Alex (PS0JE) [4567] But they sleep peace and quiet, ya
Larna (PS0JA) [4568] Well yeah, they can be boring as well can't they?
Alex (PS0JE) [4569] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [4570] You know when you spend the night
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4571] you know one popping in and looking after, I find that easier than just putting them down to sleep
Alex (PS0JE) [4572] Yeah
Larna (PS0JA) [4573] I find them a constant worry when they're sleeping cos you're making sure whether they're still breathing [laugh]
Alex (PS0JE) [4574] [laugh] Never really bothered too much about that, and I've always been very like erm ooh, la, ha, ha, you think that's funny, er happy go lucky I don't think, I think if I was neurotic
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [4575] should be neurotic
Larna (PS0JA) [4576] yeah
Alex (PS0JE) [4577] Do you know what I mean?
[4578] And erm
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4579] he's got really red rosy cheeks
Alex (PS0JE) [4580] I know
Larna (PS0JA) [4581] at the front
Alex (PS0JE) [4582] it was the same yesterday, I don't know if it's his teeth again
Anthony (PS0JF) [4583] Oh go on, what you doing?
Alex (PS0JE) [4584] I noticed last night when I was bathing him and covered in his ears this one
Anthony (PS0JF) [4585] Mum ma
Larna (PS0JA) [4586] Yeah
Anthony (PS0JF) [4587] mum ma, look what I've done
Charlotte (PS0JB) [4588] He sat on it
Larna (PS0JA) [4589] No leave your
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4590] I noticed it, I thought it looked like a rash
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4591] and I felt the side of it and it's just warm and I thought oh he, he must getting
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4592] whatever you know, cos at first I thought he was hot in his cot and
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4593] you know, but just
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Larna (PS0JA) [4594] he hasn't got none through yet though has he?
Alex (PS0JE) [4595] There all there
Larna (PS0JA) [4596] But he's not
Unknown speaker (KD1PSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS0JE) [4597] I tell you if one comes, they'll all come at once
Larna (PS0JA) [4598] Yeah
Alex (PS0JE)