BNC Text KD4

7 conversations recorded by `Margaret' (PS0JW) between 13 and 14 January 1992 with 5 interlocutors, totalling 887 s-units, 7068 words (duration not recorded).

7 speakers recorded by respondent number 1

PS0JW Ag2 f (Margaret, age 34, teacher (pt), Midlands, )
PS138 Ag3 f (Sheila, age 40+, teacher, Midlands, ) colleague
PS13A Ag0 m (Ben, age 5, student (state primary), Midlands, ) son
PS13B Ag0 f (Katie, age 3, student (state pre), Midlands, ) daughter
PS13C Ag3 m (Adrian, age 35, environmental health officer, Midlands, ) husband
KD4PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KD4PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

7 recordings

  1. Tape 048802 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 048803 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 048804 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 048805 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 048902 recorded on 1992-01-14. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester () Activity: taking children to school
  6. Tape 048903 recorded on 1992-01-14. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: with carpet fitter as carpet is fitted
  7. Tape 048904 recorded on 1992-01-14. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: with carpet fitter as carpet is fitted

1 (Tape 048802)

Unknown speaker (KD4PSUNK) [1] What about hero in a [...] ?
Margaret (PS0JW) [2] Heroes in a [...] .
Adrian (PS13C) [3] Yes!
Margaret (PS0JW) [...]
Katie (PS13B) [laugh]
Adrian (PS13C) [4] Are they?
[5] Oh [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [laugh]
Katie (PS13B) [laugh]
Adrian (PS13C) [6] I know somebody who wants some black boots, I might see some black [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [7] Pull them off, pull, pull!
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Ben (PS13A) [shouting] [...] []
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [laugh]
Adrian (PS13C) [8] Ooh I think I'd better go lock up my garage before it gets too dark.
Katie (PS13B) [9] Ah.
Adrian (PS13C) [10] Yes.
Margaret (PS0JW) [11] We're not worried are we?
Katie (PS13B) [12] Ah no
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [13] Come on wriggle bottom.
Katie (PS13B) [laugh]
Adrian (PS13C) [14] Do they call you wriggle bottom at school?
Margaret (PS0JW) [15] No.
[16] Oh ooh Kate!
Katie (PS13B) [17] [laugh] He was being silly.
Margaret (PS0JW) [18] Well! [...]
Katie (PS13B) [19] [...] [laugh] You'll give me, I'll give you, I'll give you
Adrian (PS13C) [20] I'm gonna tickle you.
[21] I'm gonna tickle you under the arm.
Katie (PS13B) [22] I'll give you a [...] tickle [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [23] [laugh] Don't hit me again please, ooh don't.
Sheila (PS138) [24] His front door's got one of those spy holes
Adrian (PS13C) [25] Oh yeah.
Margaret (PS0JW) [26] Oh what's that [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Sheila (PS138) [27] I've never looked, I mean I've never looked, I've never looked through one and i i it's funny really cos you look through and the door,th the door that was near to there looks absolutely miles away, you're going through, going through a [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [28] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0JW) [29] Like a [...] type thing?
Sheila (PS138) [30] Yeah i it's n th that door looks miles away but I mean in actual fact it's not very far, ever such a strange
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [31] Has he got the [...] ?
Sheila (PS138) [32] Yeah, three more.
[33] I mean two more.
Margaret (PS0JW) [34] Oh so it's like in the back of ... three then [...] ?
Sheila (PS138) [35] Well I don't really know what it [...] , not really [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [36] Was it nicer than [...] ?
Margaret (PS0JW) [37] No but I mean well if he's got three other ... flats [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...] [...]
Sheila (PS138) [38] But it's funny I don't know [...] really.
[39] [...] I don't know, I'm sure it'll be four really.
Margaret (PS0JW) [40] Well perhaps it's the shape of the [...] if they go in threes and the other three perhaps approach from a different stairs and it comes up, you know the type I mean?
Adrian (PS13C) [41] Yeah [...]
Sheila (PS138) [42] [...] he's got two [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [43] To make, to make a to make an even number six or something [...]
Sheila (PS138) [44] [shouting] Stop it now stop []
Katie (PS13B) [...]
Sheila (PS138) [45] or she'll get burnt won't she?
[46] She's [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Sheila (PS138) [47] So anyway they want ... you know, a washing machine, I said [...] a washing machine [...] .
[48] [...] well it's either that or the launderette and I mean that's, that's quite costly isn't it?
[49] I mean
Margaret (PS0JW) [50] Well [...] to buy very much else I think a washing machine
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [51] I thought they'd got one actually [...]
Sheila (PS138) [52] I mean she uses her father's and th th they've been using [...] .
[53] I said well I should get in as quick as possible [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Sheila (PS138) [54] It's a cooker and erm ...
Adrian (PS13C) [55] A cooker in there is there?
Sheila (PS138) [56] No [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [57] See last week they were [...] electric one.
Margaret (PS0JW) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [58] Yeah I know. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Sheila (PS138) [59] He, he chewed it all up.
[60] [shouting] Out, out [] . ...
Margaret (PS0JW) [61] I'm not gonna [...] it on the floor.
Adrian (PS13C) [62] Would you like the dog?
[63] It could come and live down at your house?
Sheila (PS138) [64] No thanks.
Ben (PS13A) [65] Yeah.
Adrian (PS13C) [66] Right, hands up who wants the doggy down at your house.
[67] ... Three, three of us.
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [laugh]
Sheila (PS138) [68] [...] go in the garden. ...
Adrian (PS13C) [69] Do you wanna go and live down in Katie's bedroom?
Sheila (PS138) [70] Oh yes he'd love that
Adrian (PS13C) [71] Look yes he, wag your tail.
[72] Who's a good doggy?
[73] Ah!
[74] Wag your tail, yeah see
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...] [laugh]
Adrian (PS13C) [75] He said yes.
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...] [dog barking]
Margaret (PS0JW) [76] I'll provide the biscuits every week.
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Katie (PS13B) [77] Hold me up.
Adrian (PS13C) [78] Oh no I can't Katie, I can't, you're too heavy.
[79] Up you get, ooh you're a big lump now, you are getting a big girl.
Katie (PS13B) [80] I like [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [81] Well I don't [...]
Katie (PS13B) [laugh]
Sheila (PS138) [82] What time did people start coming round this morning?
[83] I mean I looked out and thought well ...
Katie (PS13B) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [84] Sometimes er it irritates me when they come.
[85] [...] such funny people [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [86] Ah look where you've put it, poor doggy!
Sheila (PS138) [87] Watch out Ben!
Adrian (PS13C) [88] Watch out, whoops.
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...] [laugh]
Ben (PS13A) [89] [shouting] No [] we have to be quick [...] doggy
Adrian (PS13C) [90] Yes [...] the raft, [...] the lifeboat
Ben (PS13A) [laugh]
Adrian (PS13C) [91] all on the boat
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [92] Yes, yes I think he is a bit of a [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [93] Oh poor doggy
Margaret (PS0JW) [94] Come on, give it to mummy.
[95] That's
Katie (PS13B) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [96] [singing] Give him a smack bottom, I love you [...] oh Katie [...] []
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [97] There's a crocodile coming, quick, quick [...] quick, quick climb up on the boat, quick.
[98] All on the boat [shouting] hurray []
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [99] Hurray.
Sheila (PS138) [100] How about looking after your dog?
Adrian (PS13C) [101] [...] Just [...] just put it out of your mind [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [102] Yes I think I'll have to go outside and get some [...] stuff out.
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Katie (PS13B) [103] Dolly want to come with you.
Adrian (PS13C) [104] I don't want dolly out there.
Sheila (PS138) [105] Don't you let that poor dolly go out in [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [106] I don't want dolly out there.
[107] I don't want that doll in my car.
Sheila (PS138) [108] She, she won't like it.
[109] You stop with me dolly.
Adrian (PS13C) [110] What's dolly's name?
Sheila (PS138) [111] It's raining.
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [112] What's dolly's name?
[113] Not dolly, what's it's name?
Margaret (PS0JW) [114] Oh I don't think she's got a name [...]
Katie (PS13B) [115] Dolly
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Sheila (PS138) [116] It's dolly.
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Sheila (PS138) [117] I think it's Sarah.
Katie (PS13B) [118] [...] her real name is Sarah.
Sheila (PS138) [119] Is it?
Adrian (PS13C) [120] Sarah?
Katie (PS13B) [...]
Sheila (PS138) [121] Oh that's a funny name.
[122] That's a very funny name.
[123] Has the carpet man been yet [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Sheila (PS138) [124] When is he coming?
Katie (PS13B) [125] No on Tu on Tuesday.
Sheila (PS138) [126] Oh it's Tuesday.
Margaret (PS0JW) [127] Tomorrow.
Adrian (PS13C) [128] What time's he coming?
Margaret (PS0JW) [129] Well in the morning.
Sheila (PS138) [130] Ooh [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [131] Well it'll be done by dinner time then.
Margaret (PS0JW) [132] I hope so.
Katie (PS13B) [133] We've taken the carpet out already.
Sheila (PS138) [134] Oh my darling that will look nice won't it?
Adrian (PS13C) [135] And you've taken all the furniture out?
Katie (PS13B) [136] Yes.
Adrian (PS13C) [137] Good.
Katie (PS13B) [138] And I, and we took [...] out.
Adrian (PS13C) [139] Did you?
[140] What did you take
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [141] what did you take out, tell me?
Katie (PS13B) [142] A, a small one.
Sheila (PS138) [143] Ah yes
Adrian (PS13C) [144] Did you?
[145] Oh
Katie (PS13B) [146] A a and I, and I, and it was very heavy and we both had to take it out.
Margaret (PS0JW) [147] They did as well
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [148] Now let me think if I can think what it was.
[149] ... Erm ... a stool for the organ.
Margaret (PS0JW) [150] No, bigger than that.
Adrian (PS13C) [151] Er
Margaret (PS0JW) [152] It was a real big
Adrian (PS13C) [153] a ch a chair?
Katie (PS13B) [154] No.
[155] Scary [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [156] Er ... a light?
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [157] Er a t a t [...] er
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [158] [...] else, let me think what else
Katie (PS13B) [159] Scary boots. ...
Adrian (PS13C) [160] Scary boots?
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [laugh]
Adrian (PS13C) [161] Don't [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [laugh] [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [162] Well yes, give me a clue.
[163] What's it begin with?
Ben (PS13A) [164] It begin with K.
Adrian (PS13C) [165] Cupboard. ...
Katie (PS13B) [166] Scary boots.
Adrian (PS13C) [167] Curtains.
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Ben (PS13A) [168] Oh er er er I'll tell you,i i it [...] little door at the bottom er er er a small little gap like a drawer
Adrian (PS13C) [169] Oh yeah
Ben (PS13A) [170] thing to put a table mat in and a drawer at the top.
Adrian (PS13C) [171] A sideboard.
Margaret (PS0JW) [172] Yes like the half, the ha the half unit, you know we've got a
Adrian (PS13C) [173] The half unit.
Margaret (PS0JW) [174] double unit and we've got a
Adrian (PS13C) [175] A half unit [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [176] and they and, and they both carried that out together.
Sheila (PS138) [177] Did you carry that?
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [178] Yes that's very good.
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Sheila (PS138) [179] Oh you're so helpful now aren't you?
Adrian (PS13C) [180] I don't know how you manage to sit on anybody's knee
Margaret (PS0JW) [181] But we had a job to get the ... tall one with the glass doors cos we had to turn it on its side cos [laughing] it wouldn't go through the door, it stuck, what a performance doing that []
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [182] Have the spots gone?
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [183] Yes I told them to, yes that one's going, that one's going, no more to come after this.
Sheila (PS138) [184] And they're going really [...]
Katie (PS13B) [185] [...] got, I've got more.
Adrian (PS13C) [186] Where?
Katie (PS13B) [187] There.
Sheila (PS138) [188] Are there?
[189] Oh they'll soon go [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [190] [...] stop [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [191] You watch your legs Katie, they're lethal.
Sheila (PS138) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [192] Well at the moment they've got free fitting on all carpets is their latest offer
Sheila (PS138) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [193] but I don't know whether they've ...
Sheila (PS138) [194] I know.
Margaret (PS0JW) [195] cut the pri well not cut the price but when I, I ...
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Sheila (PS138) [196] Doesn't matter if [...] ... I'd like something a bit l l like that and er he wants it all [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [197] No.
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [198] Well I would think that's probably the best idea [...]
Sheila (PS138) [199] Yeah I mean [...] get the hall but he can't get the er you know [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [200] Yeah, yeah if it's if it's thirty [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [201] Well [...] to go this week then cos they've got free fitting.
Sheila (PS138) [202] Well I suppose
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [203] They say free fitting, they'll most likely [...] underlay, cos they're so clever aren't they?
Sheila (PS138) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [204] Well I still reckon it comes to ar I, I think, I still think they're good, good value
Adrian (PS13C) [205] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0JW) [206] cos I think
Sheila (PS138) [207] I think that
Margaret (PS0JW) [208] it's swings and roundabouts
Adrian (PS13C) [209] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0JW) [210] it comes to about the same
Adrian (PS13C) [211] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0JW) [212] for what, the kind of, the, the carpet that you're going for.
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Sheila (PS138) [213] I'd tell him to go and ask at the gas sh offices for any erm shop-soiled [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [214] Well he he's supposed to know [...] gas fitters.
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Sheila (PS138) [215] [...] some time, the thing in the shop, you know what I mean?
[216] Not you, it's that it's, it's been on show.
Margaret (PS0JW) [217] Mm.
Adrian (PS13C) [218] Well you [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [219] No no, don't put the nuts in your mouth, remember what daddy told you about the nuts in there.
Adrian (PS13C) [220] No, they're dirty ones Ben, put them back [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [221] They could make you very very poorly.
Adrian (PS13C) [222] Yes bad nuts are terrible.
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Katie (PS13B) [223] Daddy, daddy
Adrian (PS13C) [224] What love?
Katie (PS13B) [225] When can we go and get a [...] ?
Adrian (PS13C) [226] It's in the garage?
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [227] Oh yes.
[228] You want to go with me to the, the garage.
Margaret (PS0JW) [229] Now what are you going to do in the garage?
Adrian (PS13C) [230] I'm just gonna sort one or two boxes out.
[231] ... And these have got to capture the gremlins if they run out.
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [232] Yeah. ... [...]
Sheila (PS138) [233] Now no running outside cos it's too wet.
[234] I don't [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [235] No we don't go out no we only go on the, no only gonna open the garage doors. ...
Margaret (PS0JW) [236] Three or four minutes then because it's the Turtles today isn't it?
[237] You want to be home in time to watch that and [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [238] no you're alright, you have about ten minutes ... with [...]
Sheila (PS138) [239] Nanny look after dolly.
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [240] If you want to.
[241] Have your coat on then [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [242] Put your coat on then cos it's a bit
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [243] Leave dolly then ... [...] about ten minutes.
Katie (PS13B) [244] [crying] I wanna take her
Margaret (PS0JW) [245] No, no you can't take dolly, she has to, well you can't go then.
[246] She must stay inside.
Katie (PS13B) [247] [whingeing] No []
Sheila (PS138) [248] If you drop her she'll get dirty.
Margaret (PS0JW) [249] What if she gets dirty, then you'll not be able to take her to bed
Sheila (PS138) [250] Or you might [...] somewhere and lose her.
Katie (PS13B) [251] I won't, I won't get her dirty.
Margaret (PS0JW) [252] No, no you leave no
Sheila (PS138) [253] Sit her on a chair in the hall.
Margaret (PS0JW) [254] That's it, she can watch for you coming through the door.
Katie (PS13B) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [255] What's this in her hair?
[256] Oh Katie!
Katie (PS13B) [257] I didn't put it in her [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [258] Oh!
[259] What's that?
Margaret (PS0JW) [260] Cos I can't get her hair washed and clean now, look you've put some of that nasty stuff in.
Katie (PS13B) [261] I, I ... I didn't do it.
Sheila (PS138) [262] I tried to get some of the Blu-Tak off.
Katie (PS13B) [263] Or Ben didn't do it.
Margaret (PS0JW) [264] Well somebody's done it, it must have been the gremlins.
Sheila (PS138) [265] I bought some Blu-Tak the other day [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [266] Oh you bought some?
Sheila (PS138) [267] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0JW) [268] Oh [laughing] Adrian could have got you some [] .
Sheila (PS138) [269] Oh
Adrian (PS13C) [270] What?
Sheila (PS138) [271] well I've never got any, I saw it in this shop
Margaret (PS0JW) [272] Ooh!
Adrian (PS13C) [273] Ah!
Sheila (PS138) [274] so I thought ooh ... I bet I never
Adrian (PS13C) [275] You'll have to get some
Sheila (PS138) [276] want any now I've got some [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [277] Yeah, can you pick it out?
Katie (PS13B) [278] No. ...
Adrian (PS13C) [279] It's horrible stuff this isn't it?
Margaret (PS0JW) [280] Where's your coat Ben?
Adrian (PS13C) [281] I wonder what the erm ... well I've [...] take my tables out
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Katie (PS13B) [282] Ben ... Ben!
[283] Do you want to sit golly next, do you want to sit golly next to dolly?
Sheila (PS138) [284] Yes that's a good
Margaret (PS0JW) [285] Yes that's a good idea sit them together in the hall.
Sheila (PS138) [286] that's a good idea.
Adrian (PS13C) [287] Golly sit next to dolly.
Sheila (PS138) [288] Yeah.
[289] They'll look after each other.
Adrian (PS13C) [290] [shouting] Good golly miss dolly []
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [291] You ready?
[292] Gremlin time!
Ben (PS13A) [293] [shouting] Oh yeah []
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [294] Left right, left right
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [295] Just a minute.
Sheila (PS138) [296] You excite them a bit too much Derek you know.
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...] [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [297] Well I'm just ... make sure you behave your alright but just go a bit steady out the front there. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Sheila (PS138) [298] Right they they've [...] now.
Margaret (PS0JW) [laugh] ...
Sheila (PS138) [...]

2 (Tape 048803)

Unknown speaker (KD4PSUNK) [299] Oh that's growing.
Sheila (PS138) [300] Yes.
Margaret (PS0JW) [301] Is that ... have you done a side or?
Sheila (PS138) [302] Yes.
Margaret (PS0JW) [303] So that's
Sheila (PS138) [304] Well that's it, I'm getting a bit
Margaret (PS0JW) [305] [laughing] Fed up with it []
Sheila (PS138) [306] Well not fed up but [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [307] No, no I know well ... ready to get on with the next bit.
Sheila (PS138) [308] We yes that's right.
Margaret (PS0JW) [309] Yes I think this is, this is gonna be far too long er from what, in the end to
Sheila (PS138) [310] Well ... I, I think that might be ... a better fault than it too short if you know what I mean.
Margaret (PS0JW) [311] Oh yes, perhaps probably is.
Sheila (PS138) [312] I think, I bet, I think you could wear it or put a belt round and make it into a ... it might not be, you can tuck it under, you know, put, like a blouse effect.
[313] ... I think it's better than too short anyway.
[314] ... [...] ... Well I mean I've got to er alter this because I ... I've got to do a dropped sl sleeve but I couldn't
Margaret (PS0JW) [315] Oh yes, what did you
Sheila (PS138) [316] undo it, no way could I undo about that much
Margaret (PS0JW) [317] No, and it's, it's a pat wh when you've undone it, as well, it's a pattern to pick
Sheila (PS138) [318] Oh you can't pick the that's it.
Margaret (PS0JW) [319] It's not as if you've got a couple of plain rows you can
Sheila (PS138) [320] No there's not anything you can
Margaret (PS0JW) [321] I mean at that point I would either do that, you know er change it or that would have been it
Sheila (PS138) [322] Oh [...] , yes.
Margaret (PS0JW) [323] I couldn't fiddle
Sheila (PS138) [324] No that's the [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [325] couldn't fiddle with that so at least you, you know, you're not going to toss it aside if you change the pattern.
Sheila (PS138) [326] No that's true.
Margaret (PS0JW) [laugh]
Sheila (PS138) [327] That's right and I thought well [...] likes
Margaret (PS0JW) [328] Well that shouldn't be er too [...]
Sheila (PS138) [329] likes the short sleeves anyway, been shocked if I'd got sleeves [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [330] Is it going to oh it's a short sleeve one.
Sheila (PS138) [331] Mind you [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [332] Oh is that one with the
Sheila (PS138) [333] and you have buttons down.
[334] ... I might erm I might see what the sleeve's like, I might er er wait and see how much wool I've got
Margaret (PS0JW) [335] Do it three quarter sleeve.
Sheila (PS138) [336] Yes I want to get the neckline done.
[337] At least if I do a dropped shoulder I might do the neckline before I do the sleeves, and then it ... once you've done the sleeve it's finished, you know what I mean?
Margaret (PS0JW) [338] Yes that's a good idea.
Sheila (PS138) [339] I feel ... done a bit of sewing up on the shoulders and then it's ... well on the way.
[340] ... Ooh this morning I thought blimey it's darker than ever this morning.
Margaret (PS0JW) [341] Yes I thought it was really
Sheila (PS138) [342] Ooh
Margaret (PS0JW) [343] well I didn't really want to get out of bed and, well I don't have to ... when I'm not going to school I, I can have well
Sheila (PS138) [344] No you don't have to rush.
Margaret (PS0JW) [345] I mean ten minutes extra, but ten minutes seems like
Sheila (PS138) [346] Well it's a lot I know.
Margaret (PS0JW) [347] seems like an hour and a half when it's at that time
Sheila (PS138) [348] I know.
Margaret (PS0JW) [349] in the morning.
[350] And then I thought oh I really ought to get out of bed now otherwise it will be a rush ... and it was pitch dark as anything.
Sheila (PS138) [351] It was [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [352] An and e everybody else was, well Adrian's always sleepy, but both Ben and Katie were still asleep and I thought well
Sheila (PS138) [353] It's unusual isn't it for them?
Margaret (PS0JW) [354] I'll just leave them I thought well there's no real need for them to be up
Sheila (PS138) [355] No
Margaret (PS0JW) [356] [...] I'm talking about quarter past seven, at this time, well there's no real need for them to be up now it's just that if they get, they like to have a ... a little bit of a play time.
[357] Ju well you know, I mean they can't get up to much but
Sheila (PS138) [358] Yeah [...] I know
Margaret (PS0JW) [359] if you've got to hurry them up too much then it ...
Sheila (PS138) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [360] doesn't always go down too well but ... well in the end I went in to their bedroom and actually they were awake, they were just laying sort of a bit sleepily [laughing] on the bed together [] on Katie's, both on Katie's bed.
[361] And they were, they were okay though but er it was dark. ...
Sheila (PS138) [362] Well it, [...] very good ... I hate the fog, you know, [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [363] Mm well, Derek having to travel in it.
[364] ... It wasn't, I can't think whether it was foggy or not first thing, it was a little bit.
Sheila (PS138) [365] Well it wasn't too bad, no, a little bit, nothing very much.
Margaret (PS0JW) [366] I can't really remember. ...
Sheila (PS138) [367] Just thought oh blimey, I mean he gets there ... [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [368] Well it must st still be dark mustn't it?
Sheila (PS138) [369] But, yeah cos I can never see what he's doing to ... you know and I think oh standing out [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [370] Yes and cold and, well the damp I should think is
Sheila (PS138) [371] [...] bit rawified .
Margaret (PS0JW) [372] is not very nice.
[373] ... Well he's not back too late today though is he?
Sheila (PS138) [374] No.
[375] Er it's Monday's the worst, you know
Margaret (PS0JW) [376] Mm
Sheila (PS138) [377] it's the early.
[378] And it's after the weekend it seems a bit of a
Margaret (PS0JW) [379] Yeah.
Sheila (PS138) [380] bind to get up.
Margaret (PS0JW) [381] Well when it's so early, yeah. [laugh]
Sheila (PS138) [382] I think [...] in summer I mean
Margaret (PS0JW) [383] Well i it's a lot to do with the, the ... how light it is, I always get up a lot more easily I think when it's, it's not dark.
Sheila (PS138) [384] You don't mind getting up.
Margaret (PS0JW) [385] Think you wake, well you wake don't you, as well, if the curtains [...]
Sheila (PS138) [386] [...] I did get up but
Margaret (PS0JW) [...]
Sheila (PS138) [387] ooh I felt real, felt a bit yukkified , thought oh crikey ... knitting didn't inspire me and
Margaret (PS0JW) [388] [laughing] oh dear [] .
[389] Did you go to Andrew's this morning?
Sheila (PS138) [390] No er, er no he came ... yeah [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [391] I mean did he take you this, I should say, did he take you this morning?
Sheila (PS138) [392] And I, yes he came and so he says ... I've got the keys to the flat he said, you don't want to come and look at it do you?
[393] And I knew he wanted me to.
Margaret (PS0JW) [394] He wanted you to go, yeah.
Sheila (PS138) [395] Yeah but I know what he means when he says he can't [...] ... and I said to him I said ooh I feel a bit out of sorts this morning, sort of I don't know how you must feel having to go to work.
[396] I said do you get fed up?
[397] He said yeah [...] .
[398] I thought he must do.
Margaret (PS0JW) [399] Mm.
[400] ... Well perhaps, is there anything he can titivate doing in the flat see
Sheila (PS138) [401] Well he's got it, he's, he said ooh I can soon
Margaret (PS0JW) [402] I mean I know that's not very
Sheila (PS138) [403] Not really.
Margaret (PS0JW) [404] really very interesting but perhaps just for a start it might
Sheila (PS138) [405] Well I think yes mm ...
Margaret (PS0JW) [406] Have they got a bed and all sort of thing?
Sheila (PS138) [407] Yes.
[408] Yes.
[409] I mean I said to him oh er ... what he's really got to get really is a cooker ... erm ... cos I said to him, I, I said to him if you really want to try and move in next week then you haven't got another week's money to pay for that, you know
Margaret (PS0JW) [410] That's right.
Sheila (PS138) [411] I mean forty something pound, well that's
Margaret (PS0JW) [412] Well he can , yeah
Sheila (PS138) [413] forty pounds towards your gas cooker isn't it?
Margaret (PS0JW) [414] That's right, cos they're not paying on the other one then are they?
Sheila (PS138) [415] That's right.
Margaret (PS0JW) [416] If he's not paying till next week, next
Sheila (PS138) [417] Not until Monday, I said to him I should move, get moved in this week.
[418] I said you can move in ... er ... you know [...] I mean she's ... he said well [...] would like a fridge and a little freezer on the top so I said well you can move in without that because you've got that fridge there ... it's just the gas cooker really I ...
Margaret (PS0JW) [419] Mm.
Sheila (PS138) [420] Oh he said oh I'd like to give it all a good ... he wants to clean it ... there's always something on the floor, it's like a ... erm [...] lino, it's [...] probably but all bigger squared
Margaret (PS0JW) [421] Mm.
Sheila (PS138) [422] I mean you could clean that up and it'd be alright.
Margaret (PS0JW) [423] Is that all through?
Sheila (PS138) [424] Yes.
Margaret (PS0JW) [425] Mm.
Sheila (PS138) [426] Same all through but he wants ... he wants, he wants carpet down.
[427] ... [...] ... He said oh I don't mind cleaning he said but, he's like Derek, I mean I, ooh I can soon clean [...] well he's a good, you know, cleaner ... I mean the bath, whenever he, blimey if ever he cleans the bath it looks ten times better than when I ... I do it.
Margaret (PS0JW) [428] So that perhaps will interest him for a little while.
Sheila (PS138) [429] Well I think, I said aren't you excited?
[430] He said yes I said well [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [431] [laugh] Did he tell you that Mandy had lived there before?
Sheila (PS138) [432] Oh well ... yes, oh yes I knew she lived there before, but he didn't say with another
Margaret (PS0JW) [433] No, I dunno why I said it at the dinner table yesterday really that was silly of me really.
Sheila (PS138) [434] No I, well I just thought ... [laughing] I don't know why [] I don't know why my reaction was what it was
Margaret (PS0JW) [laugh]
Sheila (PS138) [435] but I, I thought she'd never been very open with it
Margaret (PS0JW) [436] No
Sheila (PS138) [437] and I didn't want anybody to
Margaret (PS0JW) [438] well it's just that Andrew had to you know, he, he, didn't, he d didn't said it, didn't say it in any ... very, you know, he said it very [...]
Sheila (PS138) [439] Matter of fact.
Margaret (PS0JW) [440] Yes very, you know, so I mean I'm not to know that he'd not already told somebody else.
Sheila (PS138) [441] No that's ri oh no.
Margaret (PS0JW) [442] Erm i it was stupid of me yesterday, it was a bit silly.
Sheila (PS138) [443] Not really, well I was stupid to
Margaret (PS0JW) [444] Well I, I didn't
Sheila (PS138) [445] comment like I did probably, I didn't mean it or anything.
Margaret (PS0JW) [446] Well it's Mick really, you
Sheila (PS138) [447] I don't want any
Margaret (PS0JW) [448] No
Sheila (PS138) [449] you know [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [450] Well I don't think anybody [...]
Sheila (PS138) [451] No I don't suppose they would.
Margaret (PS0JW) [452] Cos he, he, well he said she only lived there for two months.
[453] [...] oh he said it, it was, he said it's a really funny thing er Mandy lived there, it's the same flat, she lived there ... ten years ago.
[454] I said [...] he said yes sh with, with her, when she was first married, but she only lived there a couple of months.
[455] ... [door bangs] That was a bit quick. ...
Sheila (PS138) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [456] Have you had enough?
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Katie (PS13B) [457] [...] said he found a gremlin.
Sheila (PS138) [458] Ooh I don't, tell him to keep it there then, and I don't believe him anyway.
[459] Close the front door Katie.
Katie (PS13B) [460] I have.
Sheila (PS138) [461] Oh are you, no I meant, are you going out or staying in?
Katie (PS13B) [462] Going out.
Margaret (PS0JW) [laugh]
Sheila (PS138) [463] Oh well I meant close it [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [464] Close it when you're through it.
Sheila (PS138) [465] because [...] then I needn't get up. ...
Margaret (PS0JW) [466] [shouting] Don't run down the steps [] .
[467] Oh God what have I done here? ...
Sheila (PS138) [468] Well [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [469] Yeah.
[470] Well I think you see on that, as I'd sort of said to you before
Sheila (PS138) [471] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0JW) [472] made the same silly mistake I made before, go the wrong way.
[473] Think I've learnt it and just keep making the sa yes cos she'd crossed out divorced on that passport form
Sheila (PS138) [474] That's right.
Margaret (PS0JW) [475] I signed. ...
Sheila (PS138) [476] She hadn't lived there very long though had she?
Margaret (PS0JW) [477] No she said er, I didn't, I mean I didn't f I mean I never ask him anything
Sheila (PS138) [478] No
Margaret (PS0JW) [479] I never, you know, sort of asked anything after that, I just see what he tells me [laughing] sort of thing [] .
Sheila (PS138) [480] That's right.
[481] You don't really know whether he wants you to or not do you?
Margaret (PS0JW) [482] Well becau well that, I thought well he'll te you know, he did say it very matter of factly
Sheila (PS138) [483] I know, I, it's funny ...
Margaret (PS0JW) [484] erm
Sheila (PS138) [485] [...] doesn't it?
Margaret (PS0JW) [486] Mm.
Sheila (PS138) [487] If she's, well I mean ... I knew she'd sort of had a relationship and
Margaret (PS0JW) [488] Well maybe he thought well that's, somebody, that'll s
Sheila (PS138) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [489] that'll s ... that's that fact out, maybe he thought I d
Sheila (PS138) [490] Yeah
Margaret (PS0JW) [491] you know, cos I ...
Sheila (PS138) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [492] No.
Sheila (PS138) [493] I mean thirty she is [...] ...
Margaret (PS0JW) [494] So she married quite young then, cos that'd have been
Sheila (PS138) [495] Yeah
Margaret (PS0JW) [496] about twenty wouldn't it?
Sheila (PS138) [497] Yeah [...] ... [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [498] No.
[499] Ah but she perhaps is isn't she?
[500] And I mean she's so sort of closed about everything really, I mean he's not the sort of ... you know
Sheila (PS138) [501] Well
Margaret (PS0JW) [502] you don't get much ...
Sheila (PS138) [503] [...] said ooh, she's ever so excited ... she's ever so excited that she's back round, you know, that way as well.
Margaret (PS0JW) [504] Yeah, she likes living there.
[505] Well I suppose [...] home and
Sheila (PS138) [506] He's not terribly keen on it though.
Margaret (PS0JW) [507] Well no, actually what she said, said something to me, I can't remember what he said now and I said oh I said it's a start for you.
Sheila (PS138) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [508] He didn't say he wasn't keen, didn't say as much as that
Sheila (PS138) [509] No, not, no, no
Margaret (PS0JW) [510] he ju I just can't think how he put it now but I said ooh it's a start
Sheila (PS138) [511] Well
Margaret (PS0JW) [512] for you I said and I should think ... I said it's your, your own ... erm
Sheila (PS138) [513] That's right
Margaret (PS0JW) [514] the first time ... really been together in your very
Sheila (PS138) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [515] own place I said I should think you really, you know
Sheila (PS138) [516] Mm.
[517] I said to [...] ...
Margaret (PS0JW) [518] And they've started to get a few things together haven't they?
[519] So they ... quite nice.
[520] I said yes well we'll have to pop round and see you when you've settled in. ...
Sheila (PS138) [521] [...] like it, [...] now but it's alright where you've been but it belongs to someone else doesn't it?
[522] I mean at least that
Margaret (PS0JW) [523] That's right.
[524] I mean if he wants to put a shelf up or
Sheila (PS138) [525] That's right.
Margaret (PS0JW) [526] you know, or remove some [...]
Sheila (PS138) [527] And he can, I [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [528] he can without any qualms.
Sheila (PS138) [529] That's right [...] .
[530] And I said well you'll have an interest to keep it clean I mean ... [...] I'm sure you just do it out of necessity when it's not your furniture. ...
Margaret (PS0JW) [531] I thought erm ... Mick had spoken more about it, doing all her kitchen and everything than ever he'd
Sheila (PS138) [532] Done before.
Margaret (PS0JW) [533] done before but, but
Sheila (PS138) [534] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0JW) [535] in, in a way that
Sheila (PS138) [536] I know there's nothing there is there?
Margaret (PS0JW) [537] I felt a bit you know, er you can't sort of, do you see what I mean?
[538] I mean ...
Sheila (PS138) [539] I think [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [540] Mm.
Sheila (PS138) [541] Derek said to me don't you think he'll ever go and live with her, I said no.
Margaret (PS0JW) [542] I think they would have done by now perhaps would you not?
[543] I don't know.
Sheila (PS138) [544] I said no [...] ... [...] you see [...] she's [laugh] she's a perfectionist, I mean ... [...] being a perfectionist [...] being ... halfhearted erm, you can't help it sort of thing, I suppose that, you know
Margaret (PS0JW) [545] Well I know that from Adrian, it preve
Sheila (PS138) [546] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0JW) [547] it prevents him doing anything
Sheila (PS138) [548] I know.
[549] C it's awful I know.
Margaret (PS0JW) [550] Because I mean I've, I mean I know we're moving on the dining room but you don't know what I've had because he's wanted to do this, he's wanted to have the paper
Sheila (PS138) [551] I know.
Margaret (PS0JW) [552] but I knew Sheila that he wouldn't get done
Sheila (PS138) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [553] so in the end I said to him look we've ... so really it could have perhaps done with, I suppose if we'd been sensible it could, because it needed, the gas fire needs to come out, it does need a lot of, still really needs a lot of things doing to it.
Sheila (PS138) [554] Mm.
[555] But it never
Margaret (PS0JW) [556] But I found in order to get the thing moving
Sheila (PS138) [557] You've gotta start [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [558] you know, so I'm, I mean I, I, you know, I know that, and I know he hasn't got the time so
Sheila (PS138) [559] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0JW) [560] if we'd have started de it'd have been another six months, no disrespect to Adrian but, you know, I, I just know the history of [laughing] how it would have progressed [] .
Sheila (PS138) [561] Yeah I know that, I know, I know.
[562] I know because I, I mean ... you see I know I'm like that and I know I, I ... I have to look away sometimes with Derek
Margaret (PS0JW) [563] And I know he's, he's having to, to comp I know he's started making a personal compromise
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Katie (PS13B) [564] I want [...] a wee wee
Ben (PS13A) [565] And I want to do a poo.
Sheila (PS138) [566] Oh well [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [567] Well you come upstairs with mummy.
Ben (PS13A) [568] Yeah and Katie can go downstairs.
Margaret (PS0JW) [569] Yeah, alright?
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Sheila (PS138) [570] Ooh my sweetheart [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]
Sheila (PS138) [571] No and I don't think he ever will my darling.
Margaret (PS0JW) [laugh]
Katie (PS13B) [572] He will.
Sheila (PS138) [573] He won't.
Katie (PS13B) [574] He will.
Sheila (PS138) [575] No he won't [...]
Katie (PS13B) [576] He will.
Sheila (PS138) [577] setting out to trick you.
Katie (PS13B) [578] He, he's got, he's got to granny in, in the garage.
Sheila (PS138) [579] [laughing] Oh you don't believe him do you [] ?
[580] He's a monkey for [...]
Katie (PS13B) [581] Dolly's laying down.
Sheila (PS138) [582] Oh she's alright, not too cold is she?
Katie (PS13B) [583] No cos she's got her big skirt on.
Sheila (PS138) [584] Oh that'll keep her legs warm won't it.
Katie (PS13B) [585] Yeah.
Sheila (PS138) [586] [...] legs warm that dolly doll. ...
Katie (PS13B) [587] Finished.
Sheila (PS138) [588] You finished [...] ?
[589] You going back out? ...
Katie (PS13B) [590] I, I [...]
Sheila (PS138) [591] Go and ask Grandpa, oh you've done a little bit of a poo poo
Katie (PS13B) [592] Oh!
Sheila (PS138) [...]
Katie (PS13B) [593] Where? ...
Sheila (PS138) [594] [...] I don't think it's too bad.
[595] It were a little windy-pop weren't it? ...
Katie (PS13B) [596] And i and a, and a, and it, [...]

3 (Tape 048804)

Unknown speaker (KD4PSUNK) [597] Well, well she was, she was standing outside, I mean I looked at her this morning and I've loo ... so I've sort of looked at her, and I was going to speak to her ... and then this fella walked up and I thought, I, I mean I couldn't gauge whether, and I mean my, I, I was thinking what I was going to say anyway, I was going to say er you know sa is it Paula so you perhaps don't remember me but ... I, I, and then I was going to say ... I'm Adrian, Adrian
Katie (PS13B) [...] [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [598] Just a minute mummy's talking to me.
Margaret (PS0JW) [599] Look I'm talking to daddy, I've not seen him ye for a while.
[600] You know and I said I, I'm Margaret ... you know, Adrian from the City Council was ... you know I, er sort of thing like that, I was trying to think how I was going to say it
Adrian (PS13C) [601] Probably [...] to speak to you first see if she recognized you.
Margaret (PS0JW) [602] Well I just thought to say hello, not because I want to [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [603] No, no
Margaret (PS0JW) [604] to her but ... if I ... so I can say hello to some people, you know if only ... because er ... little girl, the little girl in Miss 's class now I, I [...] to me that
Adrian (PS13C) [605] [...] yes.
Margaret (PS0JW) [606] that she, what is her name, Charlotte?
Adrian (PS13C) [607] Charlotte, yeah.
Margaret (PS0JW) [608] Yeah well I think it is them, cos I'm sure I heard her say Charlotte.
Katie (PS13B) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [...]

4 (Tape 048805)

Unknown speaker (KD4PSUNK) [609] It's a special edition Escort five thousand two hundred [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [610] So what's that, the S ... that, that's the
Adrian (PS13C) [611] The special edition.
Margaret (PS0JW) [612] like what we've got now?
Adrian (PS13C) [613] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0JW) [614] Five thousand two hundred?
Adrian (PS13C) [615] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0JW) [616] Is this part exchange though?
Adrian (PS13C) [617] Pl on top of part exchange, yeah.
[618] So he's giving me five thousand three hundred part exchange so the car, that car, cost ten thousand five hundred.
Margaret (PS0JW) [619] Yeah.
[620] ... Oh so he'll give you five thousand three hundred?
[621] That's not
Adrian (PS13C) [622] Yeah
Margaret (PS0JW) [623] too bad then is it?
Adrian (PS13C) [624] No, that's a special edition ... Sierra
Margaret (PS0JW) [625] That's a much bigger car ... is it?
Adrian (PS13C) [626] It's not much bigger it's
Margaret (PS0JW) [627] No?
Adrian (PS13C) [628] it's like a foot bigger than a ni erm about four inches [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [629] I'm just thinking about getting it [laughing] getting it in the drive [] .
Adrian (PS13C) [630] [...] measured the drive but it's only, it wouldn't make any appreciable difference.
[631] ... Or I can go for a brand new what I've had before, you know not the special edition
Margaret (PS0JW) [632] So how much is that?
Adrian (PS13C) [633] Well that's five thousand eight hundred.
Margaret (PS0JW) [634] To pay?
Adrian (PS13C) [635] Mm. ...
Margaret (PS0JW) [636] So how much do you owe on that other one now?
Adrian (PS13C) [637] Three thousand one hundred.
[638] ... So ... I've done the sums roughly ... it comes to a hundred and ninety pounds per month repayment.
Margaret (PS0JW) [639] Which is what ... do we pay now?
Adrian (PS13C) [640] About a hundred and twenty five.
[641] But ... worrying about the odd hundreds, for every hundred pounds extra or less it er affects the payment by two pound a month. ...
Margaret (PS0JW) [642] Well yes, no, I mean yes the odd hundred.
[643] So in other words that
Adrian (PS13C) [644] Er just I think it
Margaret (PS0JW) [645] for that sa it's four er er that's fourteen pound a month [...] , the difference
Adrian (PS13C) [646] Er yeah.
Margaret (PS0JW) [647] between that?
[648] ... Well ca I mean can we afford that extra though?
[649] That's another fifty pou seventy five a month.
[650] ... Do we, did we ascer ever ascertain when that other loan finished?
[651] That other eighty pound loan.
Adrian (PS13C) [652] No, no. ...
Margaret (PS0JW) [653] As to whether you've got much longer on that or not.
[654] Have you not got the paperwork of that anywhere?
Adrian (PS13C) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [655] Well not if it's not easy to get to. ...
Adrian (PS13C) [656] It's in the personal loans.
Margaret (PS0JW) [657] Oh God.
[658] ... Talk about ...
Adrian (PS13C) [659] March eighty nine.
Margaret (PS0JW) [660] What, it was taken out?
Adrian (PS13C) [661] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0JW) [662] For how long?
[663] ... Five years?
Adrian (PS13C) [664] No I think three or four.
Margaret (PS0JW) [665] March eighty nine, well that's three, coming up to three years then in
Adrian (PS13C) [666] I think it's four years.
Margaret (PS0JW) [667] Oh that's [laughing] a blow [] .
[668] ... Are you sure though Adrian?
[669] Because ...
Adrian (PS13C) [670] Yes. ...
Margaret (PS0JW) [671] Sure it's three ye sure it's
Adrian (PS13C) [672] [...] ... I think it's four years at least. ...
Margaret (PS0JW) [673] March eighty nine.
Adrian (PS13C) [674] I've got the statements but I've not got the original paper. ...
Margaret (PS0JW) [675] Well it's certainly, well so that's ... ninety, ninety one, ninety two ... I wouldn't have thought it would be four years Adrian, they only ever do it three years or five years d don't they? ...
Adrian (PS13C) [676] No.
Margaret (PS0JW) [677] Oh you can have it anything you like?
Adrian (PS13C) [678] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0JW) [679] And how much was it, eighty pounds?
Adrian (PS13C) [680] What, we pay a month?
Margaret (PS0JW) [681] Mm. ...
Adrian (PS13C) [682] Eighty three pound thirty nine.
[683] Oh no ... yes.
Margaret (PS0JW) [684] Well I'm just thinking it could be three years cos I'm thinking what I borrowed ... what did I borrow, fifteen hundred?
Adrian (PS13C) [685] Oh it'll have it [...] ... three thousand two hundred was the loan.
Margaret (PS0JW) [686] Three thousand ...
Adrian (PS13C) [687] Oh I think it's, I think that's five years.
Margaret (PS0JW) [688] Oh what a blow.
[689] ... Three thousand was it?
[690] Blimey that got up didn't it?
[691] ... Oh well.
Adrian (PS13C) [692] Yeah so we're in a lot better state of affairs than er ... well I must get on. ...
Margaret (PS0JW) [693] So when, when's this kind of deal open to?
[694] There isn't a ... you haven't got to have it, this car sort of this, these specials, when are they ...
Adrian (PS13C) [695] Erm
Margaret (PS0JW) [696] when have you got to, have you got to make a decision on those sort of
Adrian (PS13C) [697] No not really it's just that
Margaret (PS0JW) [698] Quickly I mean
Adrian (PS13C) [699] the car's sounding pretty ropy at the minute, needs a new exhaust. ...
Margaret (PS0JW) [700] No I meant this, this, these ... this off well not offer but what, what deal he's
Adrian (PS13C) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [701] offering you now here
Adrian (PS13C) [702] Well you don't know, it depends on the car trade doesn't it?
[703] If it picks up then [...] ...
Margaret (PS0JW) [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [704] In March time the new engine is coming out on the Escort.
[705] ... I mean the Sierra, it's a good offer on the Sierra but it's, it's like the basic engine ... and I do like a car that ... you know, you can put your foot down and it [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [706] What's that an eighteen hundred then?
Adrian (PS13C) [707] It's a six ...
Margaret (PS0JW) [708] No six
Adrian (PS13C) [709] sixteen hundred Escort er engine in a Sierra which is a heavy car so it's
Margaret (PS0JW) [710] Oh it's not gonna go so fast then is it?
Adrian (PS13C) [711] No. ...
Margaret (PS0JW) [712] If you want to put your foot down then I wouldn't have thought that was the car you wanted.
[713] ... I'd have thought you perhaps wanted to go [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [714] Another sixteen [...] well or ... a Sierra with a bigger engine but then it's getting more expensive isn't it?
Margaret (PS0JW) [715] Mm.
[716] Well why don't we, I mean at the moment the children are still
Adrian (PS13C) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [717] you know it's not as if we've got vast amounts of extra luggage if you go on holiday and if so you just have to have the roof rack on.
[718] I mean they've got, we've got past the having to have the pushchairs in the boot now
Adrian (PS13C) [719] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0JW) [720] erm stage ... perhaps go for something like that for another couple of years and then yes, I mean when they're getting a bit bigger and they
Adrian (PS13C) [721] They're not really
Margaret (PS0JW) [722] and they take a suitcase each
Adrian (PS13C) [723] Yeah
Margaret (PS0JW) [724] when we go on holiday ...
Adrian (PS13C) [725] I think perhaps another Escort.
Margaret (PS0JW) [726] Then ... then go for that one perhaps.
Adrian (PS13C) [727] Mm.
Margaret (PS0JW) [728] That's just ... gut feeling.
Adrian (PS13C) [729] Perhaps if we, if I went to a Sie Sierra it'd perhaps be nice to get one when I can afford one with the power to match the the size.
Margaret (PS0JW) [730] Yeah.
[731] I think you might be disappointed in that
Adrian (PS13C) [732] Mm.
Margaret (PS0JW) [733] because if you're expecting it to perform like, I mean it's not gonna perform like that if it's the sixteen hundred in a heavier body car is it?
[734] It's g you know,i if you, if you want ... it to respond well ... I mean as well that i ... if you say that's a bit ropy that other one
Adrian (PS13C) [735] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0JW) [736] you'll probably find a new car
Adrian (PS13C) [737] Well the only thing
Margaret (PS0JW) [738] you realize how [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [739] [...] two colours, well it's that, it's like a
Margaret (PS0JW) [740] What?
Adrian (PS13C) [741] metallic ... er blue mauve
Margaret (PS0JW) [742] Oh.
Adrian (PS13C) [743] er or a orrible burgundy.
Margaret (PS0JW) [744] Yeah. ...
Adrian (PS13C) [745] Yeah there's some nice new features and that on a standard [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [746] Have they got automatic windows?
Adrian (PS13C) [747] adjustable steering columns, seat height up and down, automatic front windows, car alarm ... radio data er ... radio
Margaret (PS0JW) [748] And what's that mean? [laugh]
Adrian (PS13C) [749] It means, it's the new system where as you're driving along, whatever you're listening to it automatically interrupts to tell you of any urgent road delays.
[750] It's a special signal ... or ... you tune in, not to a certain frequency, but to Radio One and then wherever you go in the country it, it tunes in to the best transmitter.
Margaret (PS0JW) [751] Oh.
[752] That's clever. [laugh]
Adrian (PS13C) [753] That's, that's, yeah that's the special edition which is the one er just, you know, to try and help you sell better ... and that's the, that's the other possibility, the [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [754] What's, is that the ordinary
Adrian (PS13C) [755] That's the ordinary
Margaret (PS0JW) [756] sort of what you've got
Adrian (PS13C) [757] brand new specification.
Margaret (PS0JW) [758] Have they all got these funny spoiler things
Adrian (PS13C) [759] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0JW) [760] on the back? ...
Adrian (PS13C) [761] And that's like an old specification tarted up to sell a few extra cars. ... [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [762] One point three engine then.
[763] That, so it's not [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [764] Well he said it were one point six but that says one point three and I really do sh well I want a one point six. ...
Margaret (PS0JW) [765] And what's that one?
[766] Five eight?
Adrian (PS13C) [767] Five thousand eight hundred.
[768] ... There we are [...] sensible, family minded.
Margaret (PS0JW) [laugh]
Adrian (PS13C) [769] Integral roof rack.
[770] And believe it or not it fits on, it'll fit on the drive.
Margaret (PS0JW) [771] Would it?
Adrian (PS13C) [772] It's only ... [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [773] [...] it's a bit of an optical illusion isn't it?
[774] When they, looks hugely long
Adrian (PS13C) [775] Well here's the specification, length, Escort four [...] ... [...] two six eight so it's about two point three, sorry two hundred and thirty millimetres longer, so it's less than a foot
Margaret (PS0JW) [776] [...] centimetres, less than a foot
Adrian (PS13C) [777] less than a foot longer. ... [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [778] Oh I don't, no [...] ... Ooh well, [...] ...
Adrian (PS13C) [779] I'll go to Central, see what they say.
[780] The, I mean the other thing, have I, have I said that the new engine ...
Margaret (PS0JW) [781] Well you said that
Adrian (PS13C) [782] there'll be a new engine in March in Escorts.
Margaret (PS0JW) [783] Mm, what, to have one of the new ones?
Adrian (PS13C) [784] [...] yeah more powerful, aluminium [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [785] Do they automatically come now wh having unleaded petrol or do you still have to [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [786] Yes [...] ...
Margaret (PS0JW) [787] Ooh I must look out when my M O T's ... due.
[788] ... I don't know whether it's February or March.
[789] ... Cos I'm a bit worried about that er [...]
Adrian (PS13C) [790] [...] ... Yes ... [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [791] What we've got two [...] ?
Adrian (PS13C) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [792] Yeah we've got two.
Adrian (PS13C) [793] Oh have we?
Margaret (PS0JW) [794] Yeah.
[795] ... We've got two darling.
[796] I had one at school. ...
Adrian (PS13C) [797] Or buy two brand new Fiestas.
Margaret (PS0JW) [laugh]
Adrian (PS13C) [798] What I'd really like for us to have, and this is some time in the future, is one nice sort of saloon type car for best
Margaret (PS0JW) [799] [laugh] [laughing] For best [] ?
Adrian (PS13C) [800] for best, yeah
Margaret (PS0JW) [801] [laugh] Yes.
Adrian (PS13C) [802] and then a little, a little runaround, well like one of these erm four wheel drive Daihatsus
Margaret (PS0JW) [803] [laugh] Yeah, and then a Fiesta?
Adrian (PS13C) [804] No two.
Margaret (PS0JW) [805] Oh.
[806] Two, two
Adrian (PS13C) [807] Well you could drive a four wheel drive Daihatsu, [...] great across those country roads.
Margaret (PS0JW) [808] Oh well I [...] going across those country roads [...] ...
Adrian (PS13C) [809] Can make it sort of drive up mountains and things [laugh]
Margaret (PS0JW) [810] Get stuck in what's name wood.
Adrian (PS13C) [811] So I will go to Central, see what they say.
[812] ... Well do you want, would you like to come and look some time with me?
Margaret (PS0JW) [813] Yes if you want me to. ...
Adrian (PS13C) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [814] What's this about the gas?
Adrian (PS13C) [815] It's the service statement. ...

5 (Tape 048902)

Unknown speaker (KD4PSUNK) [816] Let's just take your coat and hat, ooh
Katie (PS13B) [817] N no he's gotta read it.
[818] They've gotta read it.
Margaret (PS0JW) [819] He's got to read it, right.
Katie (PS13B) [820] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0JW) [821] Now listen to what we're going to do now, we're going to ... mummy'll get you some dinner in a minute, are you hungry?
Katie (PS13B) [822] Yeah.
[823] What are we having?
Margaret (PS0JW) [824] What would you like?
[825] Would you like a boiled egg and soldiers?
Katie (PS13B) [826] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0JW) [827] And then a little while after dinner [door bell] ooh, mummy's going to

6 (Tape 048903)

Sheila (PS138) [828] Morning [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [829] Hello.
Sheila (PS138) [830] carpets?
Margaret (PS0JW) [831] Yes
Sheila (PS138) [832] Thank you.
Margaret (PS0JW) [833] come in. ...
Sheila (PS138) [834] Dining room isn't it love?
Margaret (PS0JW) [835] Yes.
[836] Just round here. ... [laugh]
Sheila (PS138) [837] Sorry.
Margaret (PS0JW) [838] [laughing] [...] [] [...] ... Erm [...] can you take it, [...] take it round to the [...] in there as well.
[839] And then, I don't know what you're going to do here but we are going to have a new hall and stair carpet [...]
Sheila (PS138) [840] Yeah [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [841] Well I mean I don't know what you think is best, I mean er within this year we're going to have a new hall and stair carpet as well.
Sheila (PS138) [842] Yeah so the door strip has to go in there?
[843] So when the door shuts you don't see it.
Margaret (PS0JW) [844] So yeah, what I'm saying is if, if we
Sheila (PS138) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [845] do have to have a little gap [...]
Sheila (PS138) [846] Oh right.
Margaret (PS0JW) [847] at the minute because we're going to be having a new one here anyway.
Sheila (PS138) [848] Yes.
[849] Alright.
Margaret (PS0JW) [850] And then the other thing that you've maybe got to do is I've spoken to er your office this morning because our card actually has expired, it expired a year ago ... this is how we're going to pay
Sheila (PS138) [851] Yeah?
Margaret (PS0JW) [852] erm and er in the meantime, we had some lino down on the kitchen last year and they keep saying they're going to send a new one and they haven't and they haven't.
[853] So could you phone up er your office because I cleared the fact that we can pay with this card cos I thought you might look at this and say well look it's expired.
Sheila (PS138) [854] Right.
Margaret (PS0JW) [855] So if you could phone up them and [...]
Sheila (PS138) [856] Yeah.
[857] And you've already had a word with them?
Margaret (PS0JW) [858] And I've already spoken to [...]
Sheila (PS138) [859] Right.
Margaret (PS0JW) [860] erm because we've got, I mean we've already paid ... two hundred
Sheila (PS138) [861] Yes I'll sort that out.
Margaret (PS0JW) [862] Okay so if I, and then if, how long is it going to, to take you to do that?
Sheila (PS138) [...]
Katie (PS13B) [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [863] [...] I only wondered because I've got to go out later, I need to get somebody else to come in and, and be here but if I think it's only going to be about that.
Sheila (PS138) [864] Should take about three quarters of an hour? [...]
Margaret (PS0JW) [865] Right.
[866] ... [hammering] Can I get you a tea or coffee?
Sheila (PS138) [867] [...] some tea if that's alright.
Group of unknown speakers (KD4PSUGP) [...]

7 (Tape 048904)

Unknown speaker (KD4PSUNK) [868] Katie
Katie (PS13B) [869] Yeah?
Margaret (PS0JW) [870] Do you like the carpet?
Katie (PS13B) [871] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0JW) [872] Have you had a look?
Katie (PS13B) [873] Yeah. ...
Margaret (PS0JW) [874] Looks very nice in there actually, I'll tell dad [...] ... [phone dialling] ... [telephone conversation starts] Hello, can I speak to Adrian please?
[875] ... It's Maggie, is that Eva?
[876] ... Hello, just to tell you they've finished and gone now so I'm well within my time [laughing] schedule.
[877] ... Looks very nice.
[878] Yes, yeah. []
[879] No cos it, it was straightforward I think and doesn't look to be too much wasted, you, you know they leave all that so I'll just it a quick, a quick, really a very quick hoover but I can't get to the bit where the waste carpet is but er ... yes it looks nice I think.
[880] ... And there was no problem with the card and everything.
[881] ... Okay then?
[882] ... No, no ... [laugh] okay then, I'll see you later.
[883] ... Yes.
[884] ... Well I think it's better if I don't say anything really, but try to be there as soon as you can. []
[885] Okay? ...
[886] Mm ... Well ... right okay then ... right, bye [phonecall ends] .
[887] Now then we'll have to go to Nana's in about ... ten minutes Katie. ...