BNC Text KD5

55 conversations recorded by `Mark' (PS0JX) between [date unknown] and 26 February 1992 with 25 interlocutors, totalling 9977 s-units, 54036 words, and over 6 hours 21 minutes 48 seconds of recordings.

26 speakers recorded by respondent number 105

PS0JX Ag2 m (Mark, age 27, technician)
PS0JY Ag2 f (Sue, age 27, nurse) wife
PS0K0 Ag5 m (Dad, age 60, retired) father
PS0K1 Ag4 f (Mum, age 50, nurse, European (Dutch), ) mother
PS0K2 Ag2 f (Isobel, age 29, secretary) sister
PS0K3 Ag5 m (Derek, age 60+) father-in-law
PS0K4 Ag5 f (Pauline, age 60+) mother-in-law
PS0K5 Ag2 m (Spencer, age 30, manager) brother
PS0K6 Ag2 f (Sally, age 30, teacher) sister-in-law
PS0K7 Ag2 m (Norman, age 28, technician) colleague
PS0K8 Ag2 m (Bedge, age 26, engineer) colleague
PS0K9 Ag2 m (Yun, age 30+, technician, Chinese, ) colleague
PS0KA Ag2 m (Ian, age 30+, engineer) colleague
PS0KB Ag1 m (Justin, age 20+, technician) colleague
PS0KC Ag2 m (John, age 30+, technician) colleague
PS0KD Ag1 m (Paul, age 20+, technician) colleague
PS0KE Ag2 f (Carol, age 28, clerk) colleague
PS0KF Ag2 m (Dave, age 25, technician) colleague
PS0KG Ag3 f (Daphney, age 40+, secretary) colleague
PS0KH Ag3 m (Collin, age 40+, engineer) colleague
PS0KJ Ag1 m (Andy, age 20+, engineer, Scottish, ) colleague
PS0KK Ag3 m (Frank, age 40+, manager, European (German), ) colleague
PS0KL Ag2 m (Paul, age 30+, technician) colleague
PS0KM Ag3 m (George, age 40+, engineer) colleague
KD5PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KD5PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

55 recordings

  1. Tape 001101 recorded on unknown date. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich () Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 001102 recorded on unknown date. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich () Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 001103 recorded on unknown date. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich () Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 001104 recorded on unknown date. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich () Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 001105 recorded on unknown date. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich () Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 001106 recorded on unknown date. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich () Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 001107 recorded on unknown date. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich () Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 001108 recorded on unknown date. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich () Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 001109 recorded on unknown date. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich () Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 001110 recorded on unknown date. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich () Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 001111 recorded on unknown date. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich () Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 001112 recorded on unknown date. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich () Activity: Unspecified
  13. Tape 001113 recorded on unknown date. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich () Activity: Unspecified
  14. Tape 001114 recorded on unknown date. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich () Activity: Unspecified
  15. Tape 001115 recorded on unknown date. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich () Activity: Unspecified
  16. Tape 001116 recorded on unknown date. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich () Activity: Unspecified
  17. Tape 001117 recorded on unknown date. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich () Activity: Unspecified
  18. Tape 001118 recorded on unknown date. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich () Activity: Unspecified
  19. Tape 001119 recorded on unknown date. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich () Activity: Unspecified
  20. Tape 001120 recorded on unknown date. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich () Activity: Unspecified
  21. Tape 001121 recorded on unknown date. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich () Activity: Unspecified
  22. Tape 001122 recorded on unknown date. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich () Activity: Unspecified
  23. Tape 033901 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationSuffolk: Earl Soham ( home ) Activity: cooking dinner
  24. Tape 033902 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationSuffolk: Earl Soham ( home ) Activity: cooking dinner
  25. Tape 033903 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationSuffolk: Earl Soham ( home ) Activity: cooking dinner
  26. Tape 033904 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationSuffolk: Earl Soham ( home ) Activity: cooking dinner
  27. Tape 033905 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationSuffolk: Earl Soham ( car ) Activity: driving and talking
  28. Tape 033906 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationSuffolk: Earl Soham ( car ) Activity: driving and talking
  29. Tape 033907 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( parents' home ) Activity: family chat
  30. Tape 033908 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( parents' home ) Activity: family chat
  31. Tape 033909 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( in car and parents' home ) Activity: family chat
  32. Tape 034001 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationSuffolk: Felixstowe ( out ) Activity: walking dogs
  33. Tape 034002 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationSuffolk: Felixstowe ( car and parents-in-law's home ) Activity: talking
  34. Tape 034003 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationSuffolk: Felixstowe ( car and brother's home ) Activity: driving and talking
  35. Tape 034101 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( super market ) Activity: shopping
  36. Tape 034102 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( super market ) Activity: shopping
  37. Tape 034103 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( at work ) Activity: at computer
  38. Tape 034201 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationUnknown () Activity: walkabout, tea, at computer
  39. Tape 034202 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationSuffolk () Activity: walkabout, tea, at computer
  40. Tape 034203 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationUnknown () Activity: walkabout, tea, at computer
  41. Tape 034204 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationUnknown () Activity: at computer
  42. Tape 034205 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationUnknown () Activity: at computer
  43. Tape 034206 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich () Activity: lunch chat
  44. Tape 034207 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich () Activity: lunch chat
  45. Tape 034301 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( at work ) Activity: on computer
  46. Tape 034302 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( at work ) Activity: at computer
  47. Tape 034303 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( at work ) Activity: at computer
  48. Tape 034401 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( work ) Activity: at computer
  49. Tape 034402 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( work ) Activity: at computer
  50. Tape 034403 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( work ) Activity: at computer
  51. Tape 034404 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( work ) Activity: in toilet
  52. Tape 034405 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationSuffolk: Earl Soham ( home ) Activity: cooking dinner
  53. Tape 034406 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( work ) Activity: at computer
  54. Tape 034407 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( work ) Activity: at computer
  55. Tape 034408 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( work ) Activity: at computer

1 (Tape 001101)

Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [1] It's only dollars it takes and got to pay her two hundred dollars.
Sue (PS0JY) [2] That's two [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [3] Two pence.
Sue (PS0JY) [4] How much?
Mark (PS0JX) [5] Err, let's give him one pound, no, thirty pound.
Sue (PS0JY) [6] Search [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [7] It will take a long time.
Sue (PS0JY) [8] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [9] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [10] I'll put some [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [11] Yes me lady, no me lady, three bags full me lady.
Sue (PS0JY) [12] Sshh, don't [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [13] I've got [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [14] No not yet.
Mark (PS0JX) [15] I've got a [...] .
[16] I hit a number seven .
Sue (PS0JY) [17] Here it is .
Mark (PS0JX) [18] I've got [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [19] I'm not taken [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [20] I'm gonna put the double shake on.
Sue (PS0JY) [21] I've got the double one [...] .
[22] The double big one.
Mark (PS0JX) [23] Double shake one.
Sue (PS0JY) [24] I'll show you, you can't have the double shake one [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [25] The double shake hurts.
Sue (PS0JY) [26] It don't [...] one.
Mark (PS0JX) [27] Not have it.
Sue (PS0JY) [28] The double shake one.
Mark (PS0JX) [29] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [30] They knew it was her.
Sue (PS0JY) [31] I'll put [...] on these things.
Mark (PS0JX) [32] I ... I've already got one of these.
Sue (PS0JY) [33] I'll put another [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [34] This [...] under the china.
Sue (PS0JY) [35] Oh.
[36] Sshh.
Mark (PS0JX) [37] I've got that [...] .
[38] You got my [...] then?
Sue (PS0JY) [39] I haven't.
Dad (PS0K0) [40] Wayne, Wayne.
Sue (PS0JY) [41] [laugh] .
Mark (PS0JX) [42] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [43] Martin's [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [44] No, no, no, no, [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [45] [...] get another [...] one.
Mark (PS0JX) [46] Right, I got one [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [47] He [...] Martin whatever he was.
Mark (PS0JX) [48] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [49] I'm cutting his hair off.
Mark (PS0JX) [50] I'm cutting, I'm cut [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [51] mm, I [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [52] Think it's cos [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [53] Yeah [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [54] We got potatoes?
Sue (PS0JY) [55] We always [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [56] Course we always have potatoes.
[57] What do you expect?
[58] They carry a very good source of protein ...
Sue (PS0JY) [59] I'm trying to [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [60] I make a party.
Sue (PS0JY) [61] When, when was that then?
Dad (PS0K0) [62] My mate's eighteen.
Sue (PS0JY) [63] [...] I'm putting the tablecloth on. [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [64] My mate's eighteen [...] and he absolutely thought [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [65] [...] when I ... I going to do [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [66] Well we haven't got any [...] seen it.
[67] Don't talk rubbish [...] we've got nothing in the [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [68] Mum look .
Dad (PS0K0) [69] I can see right through the [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [70] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [71] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [72] I'm gonna make my [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [73] Hi.
Sue (PS0JY) [74] Hi Mitch can we start again I'm [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [75] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [76] Everything daddy [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [77] [...] the one who [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [78] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [79] One, two.
Sue (PS0JY) [80] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [81] No, I'm [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [82] Head that.
Dad (PS0K0) [83] No, I'll keep the head normal [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [84] Yeah, and shut your eyes or we [...] eyes.
Dad (PS0K0) [85] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [86] We're gonna make you do [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [87] No, I'm not.
Sue (PS0JY) [88] I'm not.
Mark (PS0JX) [89] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [90] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [91] Boys can't [...] anything.
Mark (PS0JX) [92] [laugh] I know.
Sue (PS0JY) [93] You know that was there [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [94] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [95] You behave yourself.
Sue (PS0JY) [96] I got [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [97] So [...] what d'ya reckon mm, it gonna be the fashion this year?
Sue (PS0JY) [98] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [99] Mm
Dad (PS0K0) [100] What about boys' shoes? [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [101] Yeah [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [102] Probably Nike.
Dad (PS0K0) [103] Nike, again.
Sue (PS0JY) [104] Not Nike.
Dad (PS0K0) [105] Not Nike.
[106] What you gonna say, what, what, what trainers do you reckon gonna be in apart from then?
Sue (PS0JY) [107] Ah erm
Mark (PS0JX) [108] Adidas.
Dad (PS0K0) [109] Adidas, again.
Sue (PS0JY) [110] Yes [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [111] I like the [...] they're nice.
Sue (PS0JY) [112] Yeah, my, my erm, my cousin's boy friend got proper [...] on his catalogue [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [113] I like the [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [114] I like the boots, I like the [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [115] Na, I don't like the boots.
Sue (PS0JY) [116] Aha, that's what your doing, nothing.
Mark (PS0JX) [117] Hmm [...] I'm doing hair [...] . [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [118] Customer, customer.
Mark (PS0JX) [119] [...] on my nerves.
Sue (PS0JY) [120] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [121] [...] these fancy words.
[122] You stop trying [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [123] [...] yeah.
Dad (PS0K0) [124] [...] sleep. [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [125] [...] this is boring.
Dad (PS0K0) [126] I know, [...] .
[127] Like it's only played from your wrist.
[128] Got sun tan with [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [129] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [130] [...] where's my dinner?
Dad (PS0K0) [131] It's on the ... on the ironing board.
Sue (PS0JY) [132] [...] . [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [133] Mum.
Sue (PS0JY) [134] What.
Mark (PS0JX) [135] [...] are coming out ... .
Dad (PS0K0) [136] [...] do you want mash or boiled?
Sue (PS0JY) [137] Mashed.
Dad (PS0K0) [138] Do we get a [...] cupboard?
Sue (PS0JY) [139] Which [...] the blue one, the green one, the purple one or the [...] one?
[140] Which one?
[141] That one, that one, that one or that one?
[142] Which one?
[143] One, not all of them, which one?
[144] Don't keep nodding, which one?
Mark (PS0JX) [145] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [146] That one, that one, that one or that one?
[147] Which one?
Sue (PS0JY) [laugh]
Dad (PS0K0) [148] Oh [...] idiot, which one?
Sue (PS0JY) [149] Ehm, I want that one .
Mark (PS0JX) [150] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [151] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [152] What this one. [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [153] They're all, so out you must go, when I say so .
Mark (PS0JX) [154] When I say so .
Dad (PS0K0) [155] Please, please,ex exit when told [...] .
[156] That one [...] .
[157] [...] and that one we found [...] which we [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [158] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [159] This is her, Barney, Snorts, William, Wilma, Fred, Dino.
Mark (PS0JX) [160] Dino.
Sue (PS0JY) [161] Flip mobile.
Mark (PS0JX) [162] Flint mobile.
Sue (PS0JY) [163] Betty.
Mark (PS0JX) [164] Betty.
Sue (PS0JY) [165] [...] , frama ... frama bama.
Mark (PS0JX) [166] Bama, bama.
Sue (PS0JY) [167] Bama, bama.
Mark (PS0JX) [168] Bam, Bam, Betty, Flint mobile, Dino, Fred, Wilma, Snorts and Barney
Dad (PS0K0) [169] Did you see [...] ?
Sue (PS0JY) [170] Hm, hm, oh yeah, I, I could, erm, he's, he's a, they were, they were took hostage.
Dad (PS0K0) [171] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [172] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [173] And, and the bloke caught himself and [...] .
[174] [...] . Sort of thing [...] he goes.
Sue (PS0JY) [175] What is it?
[176] What's he done?
Dad (PS0K0) [177] Ehm, you know what I've said before, eh, eh you'll get [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [178] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [179] Do what [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [180] That.
Dad (PS0K0) [181] What's that?
Sue (PS0JY) [182] What does that [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [183] [...] are done.
Sue (PS0JY) [184] No.
Dad (PS0K0) [185] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [186] Hold her hand.
Sue (PS0JY) [187] [...] my hand.
Mark (PS0JX) [188] I think he [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [189] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [190] No, look, put your hands like that then, hold it out, bring it in, [...] , that's it.
Sue (PS0JY) [191] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [192] You'll go asleep if you do that.
Sue (PS0JY) [193] Asleep?
Dad (PS0K0) [194] You will, you'll go asleep. [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [195] Mind [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [196] What she say?
Sue (PS0JY) [197] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [198] How you what?
Sue (PS0JY) [199] What you doing?
[200] What you doing that?
[201] Because you want you.
Dad (PS0K0) [202] I think most enjoy [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [203] [...] way.
Dad (PS0K0) [204] [...] things away.
Sue (PS0JY) [205] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [206] His tall, his [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [207] What.
Dad (PS0K0) [208] And.
Sue (PS0JY) [209] No, not yet.
Dad (PS0K0) [210] And he er tall and, and [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [211] He got what?
Sue (PS0JY) [212] Hm [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [213] Loves him does she?
Sue (PS0JY) [214] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [215] How old's she?
Sue (PS0JY) [216] Eh?
Mark (PS0JX) [217] How old's she?
Sue (PS0JY) [218] Fifteen.
Mark (PS0JX) [219] And how old's he?
Sue (PS0JY) [220] Huh.
Mark (PS0JX) [221] How old's he?
Sue (PS0JY) [222] Fifteen.
Mark (PS0JX) [223] Hm.
Sue (PS0JY) [224] They're both fifteen?
Mark (PS0JX) [225] Yes.
Sue (PS0JY) [226] Well when I was sixteen, what date am I smirf?
Mark (PS0JX) [227] August the 25th. [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [228] January.
Mark (PS0JX) [229] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [230] That means you would have been older than [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [231] [...] you're not, [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [232] You're seven in July aren't you?
Mark (PS0JX) [233] Yes.
Sue (PS0JY) [234] You were born in different years, no you weren't.
Mark (PS0JX) [235] So you was born in different years.
Sue (PS0JY) [236] Who me?
Mark (PS0JX) [237] Yeah, you were born, what year were you born?
Sue (PS0JY) [238] July the 6th, year was [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [239] What year?
Sue (PS0JY) [240] Huh?
Mark (PS0JX) [241] What year 1980 ...
Sue (PS0JY) [242] 1984.
Mark (PS0JX) [243] 84, she was born 85.
Sue (PS0JY) [244] You're six and I'm nine.
Mark (PS0JX) [245] Four minutes.
Sue (PS0JY) [246] You're nine?
Mark (PS0JX) [247] Yeah I was born in 1980.
Dad (PS0K0) [248] Yeah, that's right.
Mark (PS0JX) [249] I was born in 1975.
Sue (PS0JY) [250] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [251] Oh god I'm an old woman.
Sue (PS0JY) [252] When I'm seven.
Mark (PS0JX) [253] [...] two months, sixteen in August.
Dad (PS0K0) [254] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [255] When it's July .
Sue (PS0JY) [256] How old did, when you were, when you were [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [257] Hoping to [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [258] Guess what? [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [259] Yeah about that.
[260] He doesn't speak a word of English though, everything you say to him, he just goes love it.
Sue (PS0JY) [261] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [262] Are you, are you, are you [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [263] See, [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [264] Say I, say I.
Mark (PS0JX) [265] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [266] Say A, B, C, D.
Mark (PS0JX) [267] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [268] We haven't got E.
[269] [...] others.
[270] Make a word on the A, B, C.
Mark (PS0JX) [271] [...] .

2 (Tape 001102)

Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [272] Right, mashed potatoes are coming up.
Sue (PS0JY) [273] [...] .

3 (Tape 001103)

Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [274] I don't think I've done enough potatoes, oh dear. [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [275] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [276] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [277] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [278] Oh yeah, it's called wash hair [...] , don't you know how to wash your hair.
Mark (PS0JX) [279] Might be.
Sue (PS0JY) [280] I know, I know how to have a bath.
Dad (PS0K0) [281] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [282] Go away, I'm cooking.
[283] What?
Sue (PS0JY) [284] Do.
Mark (PS0JX) [285] Do what?
Sue (PS0JY) [286] Hm.
Mark (PS0JX) [287] Yeah, [...] it's over there.
Sue (PS0JY) [288] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [289] Excuse me please I'm trying to cook, I haven't got enough potatoes.
[290] Makes some more I expect.
Sue (PS0JY) [291] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [292] It could be [...] three quarters of an hour.
[293] [...] long time [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [294] [...] . [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [295] Spaghetti's in there [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [296] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [297] Right, who's [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [298] How's [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [299] Four There's four kids.
Dad (PS0K0) [300] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [301] There's not enough [...] . [...] .

4 (Tape 001104)

Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [302] Would you like to help me try and take some?
Sue (PS0JY) [303] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [304] Kelly, come on.
Sue (PS0JY) [305] Peeling potatoes, she's only peeling potatoes, [...] dinner [...] potatoes, then [...] wash up after dinner.
Mark (PS0JX) [306] [...] like that, who do you think you are?
Sue (PS0JY) [307] I can't breathe [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [308] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [309] [...] put some [...] into it.
Mark (PS0JX) [310] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [311] [...] .
[312] [...] ... Sounds horrible.

5 (Tape 001105)

Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [313] How many tins did you do?
Sue (PS0JY) [314] Two.
[315] Make up for the [...] potato [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [316] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [317] Well when you've finished up all the spaghetti would you like to put a bit of potato on my [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [318] I said mine not Liam's.
Sue (PS0JY) [319] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [320] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [321] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [322] You don't like potatoes [...] .
[323] I can see right through that skirt, have you got a petticoat on?
Sue (PS0JY) [324] I have got [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [325] Petticoat.
Mark (PS0JX) [326] Right.
Sue (PS0JY) [327] [...] .
[328] You cooked it.
Mark (PS0JX) [329] I cooked it, I [...] nothing on it [...] .
[330] Shelley.
Sue (PS0JY) [331] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [332] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [333] Liam do you want some dinner?
Dad (PS0K0) [334] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [335] Mum, mum.
Dad (PS0K0) [336] Mum's [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [337] Mum.
Mark (PS0JX) [338] Yes.
Dad (PS0K0) [339] [...] dinner.
Sue (PS0JY) [340] See [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [341] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [342] Don't want any dinner.
Sue (PS0JY) [343] Where's my thingy [...] . [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [344] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [345] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [346] Jayne's been to [...] she didn't [...] did she?
Dad (PS0K0) [347] Why did she go in there?
Sue (PS0JY) [348] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [349] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [350] I hurt my arm when I sleep.
Mark (PS0JX) [351] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [352] Come on.
Mark (PS0JX) [353] I know what you're doing.
Dad (PS0K0) [354] Do you know what he [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [355] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [356] Hey, [...] eat any of these [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [357] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [358] Just say no [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [359] [...] what one is that?
Dad (PS0K0) [360] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [361] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [362] First three have you finished?
Dad (PS0K0) [363] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [364] Can have an ice lolly.
Dad (PS0K0) [365] [...] .
[366] Is second ... is second one finished?
[367] Second, the third and the fourth.
Dad (PS0K0) [368] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [369] [...] is being a pig.
Sue (PS0JY) [370] With my [...] . [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [371] I bet they're all different.

6 (Tape 001106)

Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [372] Oi, [...] you say that again I'm gonna hit you right round the earhole. [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [373] Yeah [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [374] [...] yesterday.
Sue (PS0JY) [375] No it's not.
Dad (PS0K0) [376] It is.
Mark (PS0JX) [377] It's not, Penny's dinner went in the bin.
Dad (PS0K0) [378] Yeah, I didn't eat my dinner.
Mark (PS0JX) [379] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [380] [...] isn't that what Penny has?
Mark (PS0JX) [381] [...] no. [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [382] [...] .
[383] In the middle of it. [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [384] Hm, hm.
Dad (PS0K0) [385] Then watch mine later.
Mark (PS0JX) [386] What do [...] eat Penny's dinner [...] .

7 (Tape 001107)

Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [387] Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any wool, yes sir, yes sir, three bags full, one for the master and one for the dame, one for the little boy who lives down the lane.
[388] Baa, baa black.
Dad (PS0K0) [389] Come on stop it, supposed to be eating.
Mark (PS0JX) [390] Baa.
Dad (PS0K0) [391] Richard.
[392] I [...] had to tell at the table.
Mark (PS0JX) [393] I [...] about [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [394] Children should be heard and not seen.

8 (Tape 001108)

Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [395] Please mum I'll do anything, anything [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [396] And you're not [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [397] Please mum. [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [398] What you talking about yourself?
Mark (PS0JX) [399] No, Warren. [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [400] Who's [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [401] Eh?
Sue (PS0JY) [402] Who's [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [403] Richard.
Sue (PS0JY) [404] [...] . [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [405] Roger and Emma on my [...] . [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [406] I want Blue.
Mark (PS0JX) [407] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [408] I want Green.
Mark (PS0JX) [409] What's that.
Sue (PS0JY) [410] You want the one after it?
Mark (PS0JX) [411] What's that.
Sue (PS0JY) [412] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [413] Don't go through, what they go green, blue, red, yellow?
Sue (PS0JY) [414] No red.
Mark (PS0JX) [415] They go red, orange, yellow.
Sue (PS0JY) [416] Green, blue [...] purple [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [417] No, I got [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [418] Knock, knock, knock.
Mark (PS0JX) [419] Well I don't know what teacher I've got. [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [420] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [421] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [422] [...] my mum [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [423] Hold on to it.
Sue (PS0JY) [424] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [425] Not that you know.
Sue (PS0JY) [426] How do you get [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [427] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [428] Go on stop that.
Mark (PS0JX) [429] Have you finished [...] .
[430] Have you finished.
Sue (PS0JY) [431] Mum.
Mark (PS0JX) [432] What.
Sue (PS0JY) [433] Mum.
Mark (PS0JX) [434] Yucky, yucky [...] .

9 (Tape 001109)

Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [435] What did I slap you for when you're wrong?
Sue (PS0JY) [436] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [437] What [...] make you [...] control it.
Mark (PS0JX) [438] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [439] Bet people move.
Mark (PS0JX) [440] Don't be rude [...] [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [441] Come on eat that.
Dad (PS0K0) [442] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [443] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [444] Not a lot you can do about it. [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [445] [...] buy a car, how many [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [446] I don't know who it is.
Dad (PS0K0) [447] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [448] [...] .
[449] [...] there's twenty [...] twenty men, right five hours to [...] big hole, [...] how long would it take one man.
Dad (PS0K0) [450] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [451] How many people to make?
Sue (PS0JY) [452] You dare, don't you dare tell him.
Mark (PS0JX) [453] Doesn't know.
Sue (PS0JY) [454] [...] what's the question? [...] to the hole.
Dad (PS0K0) [455] Mum knows.
Sue (PS0JY) [456] The bigger hole.
Dad (PS0K0) [457] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [458] How many did it take [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [459] How long did it take one man.
[460] One minute.
Dad (PS0K0) [461] One minute, how did you work that out?
Sue (PS0JY) [462] [...] cos spade int the ground, digs it out [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [463] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [464] Where's the cake tin.
Dad (PS0K0) [465] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [466] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [467] And they can just stick their finger [...] finger in the earth.
Mark (PS0JX) [468] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [469] Or get your football [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [470] Oh yeah, when I was [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [471] Can't get out.
Dad (PS0K0) [472] I can't get out.
Sue (PS0JY) [473] You can swing, you always get out, if you want to get out if you want to go to the toilet.
Dad (PS0K0) [474] I never do.
[475] I can't [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [476] Oh, I haven't done anything have I Colin?
Dad (PS0K0) [477] Yeah, eat my dinner well.
Mark (PS0JX) [478] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [479] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [480] Cos [...] do it.
Dad (PS0K0) [481] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [482] She [...] yesterday.
Mark (PS0JX) [483] I used the [...] last night, cos she [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [484] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [485] Mum why don't you wash and dry?
[486] We always do it .
Mark (PS0JX) [487] I did last night .
Dad (PS0K0) [488] [...] last time you've done it five times in a row.
Dad (PS0K0) [489] Five times .
Mark (PS0JX) [490] Mm
Dad (PS0K0) [491] [...] five times in a row.
Mark (PS0JX) [492] Guess you've washing or drying up [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [493] I've done it.
Sue (PS0JY) [494] What about ... what about during the holidays [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [495] That's what were talking about.
Dad (PS0K0) [496] Yeah, we, me and Kate done that aren't we?
Mark (PS0JX) [497] Yeah, what time did you?
Dad (PS0K0) [498] Well I've done it six days.
Mark (PS0JX) [499] You got a lot to [...] doing it.
[500] You [...] that one cos you [...] anything.
Dad (PS0K0) [501] I [...] that one
Sue (PS0JY) [502] I've got it everyday with my [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [503] And I've got every [...] or not isn't it?
Mark (PS0JX) [504] [...] isn't it?

10 (Tape 001110)

Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [505] I was playing my cousin and my cousin was watching the [...] film.
Sue (PS0JY) [506] [cough] he was [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [507] Oh, [...] they're older than them.
Sue (PS0JY) [508] How old is your [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [509] Oh, the ones who's got [...] is about [...] something like that. [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [510] Were in the bus, aargh. [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [511] Yeah, yeah [...] at that age I [...] .

11 (Tape 001111)

Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [512] Close your eyes right, [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [513] [...] .
[514] Here you are then. [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [515] Close your eyes right.
Sue (PS0JY) [516] One, two, three, four, five [...] thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty one, twenty two, twenty three, twenty five, twenty six, twenty seven, twenty eight, twenty nine.
Mark (PS0JX) [517] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [518] Thirty, thirty one, thirty two, [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [519] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [520] Thirty seven, thirty eight [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [521] [...] and [...] are a lot bigger.
[522] [...] . Had a catapult and you say [...] . [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [523] [...] stop [...] it out.
[524] Just cos mum [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [525] Ask for [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [526] Come on Colin. [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [527] That's why, you know [...] looks at, you've got a [...] on your eyes, [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [528] Why?
Mark (PS0JX) [529] Cos they've kept it in [...] , and when you ain't [...] .

12 (Tape 001112)

Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [530] Compared to me, in age, right, they're a bit big.
Sue (PS0JY) [531] Go by your size.
Mark (PS0JX) [532] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [533] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [534] I did [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [535] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [536] Take away [...] take away your [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [537] Don't breathe all over me Colin.
Sue (PS0JY) [538] Not much [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [539] Oh yeah, cut the corners.
Sue (PS0JY) [540] It comes up to there on you.
Mark (PS0JX) [541] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [542] Come on Colin, Colin.
Sue (PS0JY) [543] Look big enough?
Dad (PS0K0) [544] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [545] Colin's bigger than me.
Dad (PS0K0) [546] How does that work?
Sue (PS0JY) [547] I'm twelve [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [548] You're small for your age.
Dad (PS0K0) [549] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [550] Johnny will you take him to the toilet please.
Dad (PS0K0) [551] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [552] Where's Kelly?
Dad (PS0K0) [553] I don't know.
Mark (PS0JX) [554] Well last time we saw her, she said that she hadn't been [...] I think she went in her bedroom now, or in the toilet. [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [555] Oh, where does this go?
Dad (PS0K0) [556] It goes in there.
Sue (PS0JY) [557] Might as well help you.
Dad (PS0K0) [558] Oh yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [559] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [560] Cherry filling.
Sue (PS0JY) [561] Yeah I bought some, if you get [...] to hurry up out of it.
Dad (PS0K0) [562] Alright, going first.
Mark (PS0JX) [563] There you are.
Sue (PS0JY) [564] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [565] Yes.
Mark (PS0JX) [566] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [567] Come on.
Dad (PS0K0) [568] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [569] Mum you alright.
Sue (PS0JY) [570] I've got a [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [571] You dry like this.
Mark (PS0JX) [572] I ... I stood there do drying up you see, like this right, I'm standing like this, do drying up [...] .
[573] No I didn't, I'm, this is right, I'm standing like this, straight up and she walk along [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [574] Oh, I've got [...] same like that.
[575] I [...] like that.
Mark (PS0JX) [576] I didn't I was standing.
Sue (PS0JY) [577] You went.
[578] He was ... he was like this.
Dad (PS0K0) [579] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [580] [...] he was like this, then the drying up [...] she goes out and [...] like that. [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [581] I can see [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [582] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [583] No, I ... he took, his up there and I've got him down there.
[584] And I was right.
Sue (PS0JY) [585] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [586] Oh that's lovely.
Sue (PS0JY) [587] Yeah, [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [588] I ... I ... I [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [589] I ... I behave myself.
Dad (PS0K0) [590] Which one do, would you [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [591] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [592] Yes it has thank you.
Mark (PS0JX) [593] When?
Sue (PS0JY) [594] Eat your dinner.
Dad (PS0K0) [595] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [596] Have wheels, haven't we had wheels, mum haven't we had wheels all week?
Sue (PS0JY) [597] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [598] Not yet.
Dad (PS0K0) [599] Mum haven't we had [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [600] You do [...] yeah. [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [601] No, World War Two next year.
Dad (PS0K0) [602] No were having er [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [603] Having World War ten [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [604] [...] .

13 (Tape 001113)

Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [605] Tell you what, we'll give 'em till [...] July, maybe mixed doubles come out.
Sue (PS0JY) [606] [laugh] .
Mark (PS0JX) [607] Yeah I think [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [608] Ooh.
Mark (PS0JX) [609] Ooh you [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [610] [...] put it on.
Sue (PS0JY) [611] No [...] .

14 (Tape 001114)

Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [612] Who's whingeing?
Dad (PS0K0) [613] [...] Maria [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [614] What .
Mark (PS0JX) [615] Why did you hit him?
Dad (PS0K0) [616] What?
Mark (PS0JX) [617] Why did you hit him?
Dad (PS0K0) [618] I [...] about with him, but I didn't hit him hard, shoved about with him, didn't I, didn't quite.
Mark (PS0JX) [619] [...] .
[620] Why can't you keep your hands to yourself?
Dad (PS0K0) [621] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [622] You're standing here, you've done sweet nothing again today .
Dad (PS0K0) [623] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [624] Yeah, I know, you're standing there cuddling that finger.
Dad (PS0K0) [625] [...] . [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [626] Who's had spaghetti and put it all over the floor [...] ? [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [627] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [628] Couldn't have done, didn't have any.
Sue (PS0JY) [629] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [630] [...] Charlene sat there.
Dad (PS0K0) [631] She's got, she's [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [632] [...] .
[633] Oh you've got paint all over your tongue [...] .
[634] Richard come on, come down and finish this boys now.
Dad (PS0K0) [635] Oh, he's a liar Mum, I hardly touched him.
Sue (PS0JY) [636] Ask Warren.
Dad (PS0K0) [637] Ask Warren, I hardly touched him.
Mark (PS0JX) [638] Just keep your hands to yourself, right.
Sue (PS0JY) [639] It was quite hard a smack.
Dad (PS0K0) [640] It wasn't. [...] . [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [641] No.
[642] Share them, you do not take his toys.
Dad (PS0K0) [643] Who's that?
[644] Kim.
Mark (PS0JX) [645] [...] . [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [646] Especially for the little one.
Sue (PS0JY) [647] [...] and he had a go at me, and I [...] like that then she hit me.
Dad (PS0K0) [648] [...] just put it on.
Mark (PS0JX) [649] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [650] Don't, wait for everybody else [...] .

15 (Tape 001115)

Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [651] What, I can't hear you [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [652] Stop moaning.
Sue (PS0JY) [653] I knew you hadn't [...] .
[654] Well I [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [655] [...] I can't hear you.
Dad (PS0K0) [656] I heard him.
[657] No it's not, it's not our one.
Mark (PS0JX) [658] [...] . [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [659] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [660] Take one then.
[661] Thank you.
[662] Say it then, thank you.
[663] Go on Richard help yourself to a drink.
[664] Richard this one.
Mark (PS0JX) [665] Go on help yourself.

16 (Tape 001116)

Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [666] God, she 'ad eight of ... I had eight of them [...] .
[667] She 'ad eleven of them yesterday.
Sue (PS0JY) [668] I haven't [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [669] And I bet it .
[670] I had one.

17 (Tape 001117)

Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [671] My brother is the most brilliant artist in the world.
Sue (PS0JY) [672] How d'ya know that?
Mark (PS0JX) [673] It's a monster mum innit?
Dad (PS0K0) [674] Hmm
Mark (PS0JX) [675] Absolutely wonderful, you couldn't get 'em for [...] .
[676] [...] . I don't know [...] .
[677] You really wouldn't.
Dad (PS0K0) [678] I haven't seen it.
[679] No such word.
Sue (PS0JY) [680] I haven't.
Dad (PS0K0) [681] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [682] You know that, that one where you've gotta make up a monster.
Mark (PS0JX) [683] Play that game where you and Craig were a monster.
Sue (PS0JY) [684] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [685] [...] monster [...] sat there and [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [686] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [687] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [688] And [...] got this age [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [689] What's his name.
Sue (PS0JY) [690] He's a goody or baddy int he?
Mark (PS0JX) [691] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [692] Richard get on with it, come on.
Sue (PS0JY) [693] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [694] What's his name?
Sue (PS0JY) [695] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [696] Oh, that's not fair, Richard got spaghetti.
Sue (PS0JY) [697] He might not get an ice lolly [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [698] [...] get what he wants.
Dad (PS0K0) [699] Come on you should be finished now.
Mark (PS0JX) [700] Aargh, you'll be tired [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [701] Oh.
Mark (PS0JX) [702] Right, erm.
Sue (PS0JY) [703] Warren.
Mark (PS0JX) [704] Right, [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [705] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [706] Yeah, you do it.
Sue (PS0JY) [...] ...
Sue (PS0JY) [707] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [708] Get there yet.
Mark (PS0JX) [709] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [710] Give me it Warren.
Mark (PS0JX) [711] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [712] No.
Dad (PS0K0) [713] Oh right, [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [714] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [715] Give me it .
Dad (PS0K0) [716] You [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [717] [...] .
[718] End up doing [...] room.
[719] Did you watch it when [...] was here [...] , went off with Frank, yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [720] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [721] Oh she was really a bitch.
[722] That's all [...] he's taken over [...] place.
Sue (PS0JY) [723] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [724] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [725] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [726] That's all she's done, she's taken over [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [727] Get my chair.
[728] Get my chair.
Mark (PS0JX) [729] Well I'm not doing drying up.
Sue (PS0JY) [730] She went round [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [731] She'll end up pregnant , married at.
Sue (PS0JY) [732] These two are sitting down.
Mark (PS0JX) [733] I think that Hazel [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [734] Charlene, I know it was ere.
[735] She came over and kicked my chair.
Mark (PS0JX) [736] Did ya?
[737] Did ya?
Sue (PS0JY) [738] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [739] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [740] Took his name off. [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [741] Who made it?
Mark (PS0JX) [742] George.
Sue (PS0JY) [743] Me and George [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [744] Mind your feet.
Mark (PS0JX) [745] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [746] What for.
Sue (PS0JY) [747] I put [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [748] What for.
Sue (PS0JY) [749] We was doing this thing.
Mark (PS0JX) [750] Make it for Richard?
[751] Why did you [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [752] Cos [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [753] [...] .
[754] I've ... I've done most of it [...] .

18 (Tape 001118)

Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [755] Wilma!
Sue (PS0JY) [756] You ain't got to go out there and sit down [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [757] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [758] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [759] [...] get it like that, I [...] , I, I, I, I, I.
Sue (PS0JY) [760] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [761] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [762] Why don't you for Christ sake get on with it and hurry up now.
Mark (PS0JX) [763] Hmm, hmm, hmm .
Sue (PS0JY) [764] I'm fed up with you being so loud tonight, now quieten down and get on with it.
Mark (PS0JX) [765] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [766] You've always got something to say.
[767] It can wait two minutes till you've finished, now go and get moving ...
Mark (PS0JX) [768] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [769] Mum, [...] .

19 (Tape 001119)

Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [770] Quiet, I'm [...] cos I don't like the car.
Sue (PS0JY) [771] Stupid.
Mark (PS0JX) [772] Don't you dare tell Warren.

20 (Tape 001120)

Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [773] Liam, toilet please.
Sue (PS0JY) [774] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [775] You, upstairs now.
[776] [...] if [...] should see you have [...] .
[777] [...] . Go on then, hurry up [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [778] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [779] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [780] If a ... if I had a car, [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [781] [...] .
[782] Quick [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [783] If I go like this, it means a hug, like that.
Sue (PS0JY) [784] Did you [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [785] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [786] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [787] Right well that's half, and he has another half that goes into one.

21 (Tape 001121)

Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [788] The last one up the stairs is a rotten egg.
Sue (PS0JY) [789] Ah [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [790] The last one up the stairs is a rotten egg.
Sue (PS0JY) [791] [...] not allowed, not while we're eating.
Mark (PS0JX) [792] Remember Warren, remember [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [793] Remember when we got the ... lemonade and put them in lemonade.

22 (Tape 001122)

Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [794] Hey guys it's my tongue.
Sue (PS0JY) [795] Yeah, [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [796] Don't [...] that.
Mark (PS0JX) [797] [...] done it.
Dad (PS0K0) [798] No one couldn't, couldn't they?
Sue (PS0JY) [799] Well that's [...] leaning up against the wall [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [800] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [801] Oh [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [802] And all my [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [803] I would drag one round the school, I was looking sort of like, [...] like, cos Colin [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [804] [...] didn't he?
Mark (PS0JX) [805] Didn't realise he could [...] gone now [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [806] Ah, remember I had [...] ice cream and the stuff [...] have dinner.
Sue (PS0JY) [807] What kind of house weighs next to nothing?
Mark (PS0JX) [808] I don't know, what kind of house weighs.
Sue (PS0JY) [809] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [810] Strip house.
Sue (PS0JY) [811] Lighthouse.
Dad (PS0K0) [812] Ha, ha, ha.
Sue (PS0JY) [813] The lighthouse.
Dad (PS0K0) [814] What kind of building flies?
Sue (PS0JY) [815] I don't know.
Dad (PS0K0) [816] [...] , work this one out.
[817] What kind of building [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [818] [...] .
[819] Hey you calling it [...] you two?
Mark (PS0JX) [820] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [821] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [822] Told my dad about that one, told my dad about that one, I told my dad about that joke and he chased me from A to B, [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [823] Go on you [...] that joke didn't ya?
Dad (PS0K0) [824] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [825] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [826] Hm.
Mark (PS0JX) [827] What you call a cowboy with no money? [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [828] Oh Colin.
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [829] Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Dad (PS0K0) [830] You told me that ages before that [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [831] What about.
Dad (PS0K0) [832] [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [833] [...] what you wanted ...
Mark (PS0JX) [834] I can't [...] .
[835] What's a crocodile say to a game.
[836] Snap.
Dad (PS0K0) [837] Ha, ha, no look.
Sue (PS0JY) [838] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [839] Too late, [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [840] Oh Steve.
Dad (PS0K0) [841] Oh Steve.
Mark (PS0JX) [842] [...] .
[843] With a Skoda, that's one.
Dad (PS0K0) [844] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [845] What I got in my hand?
Sue (PS0JY) [846] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [847] No, I haven't, [...] [laugh] .
[848] What I've got in my hand?
Dad (PS0K0) [849] Don't know.
Sue (PS0JY) [850] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [851] What have I got in my hand?
Sue (PS0JY) [852] Dunno.
Mark (PS0JX) [853] What have I got in my.
[854] Do you want this one?
Sue (PS0JY) [855] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [856] You might turn brown.
[857] Ah [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [858] Somebody [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [859] What's on telecom, don't you watch the jokes [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [860] I told you my joke about the lighthouse.
Mark (PS0JX) [861] Oh.
[862] What kind of house weighs next to nothing?
Sue (PS0JY) [863] The jokes I know [...] absolutely vulgar.
Mark (PS0JX) [864] I know one.
Dad (PS0K0) [865] My dad's got the [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [866] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [867] Ah this [...] .
[868] An Irishman, Englishman and a Scottish man.
Sue (PS0JY) [869] Yeah.
Dad (PS0K0) [870] And they were playing darts, [...] and shot the Irishman scored erm three ones, useless, the Scottish man went up he got erm, treble fifteen and the Irishman was clever, he went up, he got two [...] , a man walked by, threw the dart, hit a

23 (Tape 033901)

Mark (PS0JX) [871] In some cases your pause button ... the reason the pause button is taped over on this is cos the pause button
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [872] But I'm not going to am I!
[873] That would be a rather silly!
Sue (PS0JY) [874] It would!
[875] Oh you've started it have you?
Mark (PS0JX) [876] Yeah, course I have!
Sue (PS0JY) [877] Oh God!
[878] Erm ... I'm going [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [879] Well don't eat the popcorn!
Sue (PS0JY) [880] Why?
[881] I will do! [...] ... [...] this morning though.
Mark (PS0JX) [882] Have you got a wooden spoon there?
Sue (PS0JY) [883] Mm.
[884] Ow!
Mark (PS0JX) [885] [laugh] ... Oh!
Sue (PS0JY) [886] Oh look at this you messy toad!
Mark (PS0JX) [887] Well I was thinking we could ... you know, leave it on while we're on the job!
Sue (PS0JY) [888] Shut up!
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [889] Mark!
[890] You've gotta let that cook a bit.
Mark (PS0JX) [891] Yeah.
[892] We haven't got any mushrooms have we?
Sue (PS0JY) [893] No.
[894] Put some carrots in it if you want to?
[895] Or
Mark (PS0JX) [896] Sshh!
[897] Ooh, [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [898] Tin of tomatoes here.
Mark (PS0JX) [899] Tomatoes, yeah that'll do.
Sue (PS0JY) [900] Okay.
[901] Put that in.
Mark (PS0JX) [902] Oh by the way I've found another tin opener here ... in the erm ... in the shed! [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [903] In the shed?
Mark (PS0JX) [904] Believe it, yeah it's in better condition than the one we've got!
Sue (PS0JY) [905] Oh well ... you don't use it very much.
Mark (PS0JX) [906] Gotta find it now.
[907] No, I've washed it.
Sue (PS0JY) [908] Oh yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [909] I think.
[910] Er, where the hell is it?
Sue (PS0JY) [911] I'm gonna ... phone mum and dad up ... in a minute.
[912] You definitely don't wanna go over tomorrow?
Mark (PS0JX) [913] They won't object to being recorded will they?
[914] Or rather, just keep quiet, I mean your dad waffles on so much ... anything he says isn't [laughing] confidential or anything is it [] ?
Sue (PS0JY) [915] No, not really.
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [916] [singing] [...] [] .
[917] Did you take that out or did I?
Sue (PS0JY) [918] It was already out actually.
Mark (PS0JX) [919] Was it?
Sue (PS0JY) [920] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [921] No, don't overdo the spices, it was bit ... a bit strong last time.
Sue (PS0JY) [922] Was it?
Mark (PS0JX) [923] Yep.
Sue (PS0JY) [924] Oh.
[925] Yeah, Paul has erm ... left that draw up of his ... it's looks as though the tissue is over-granulating underneath the
Mark (PS0JX) [926] Ugh!
Sue (PS0JY) [927] nail bed!
Mark (PS0JX) [928] Yish!
[929] Ish!
Sue (PS0JY) [930] So I think I'll keep an eye on it and er ... [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [931] Stay!
Sue (PS0JY) [932] Oh we've got some ... brie.
[933] I think you've eaten most of the cheddar actually.
Mark (PS0JX) [934] Ooh ... er
Sue (PS0JY) [935] You left it at work!
Mark (PS0JX) [936] I did.
Sue (PS0JY) [937] Oh Mark!
[938] Oh no you haven't left it at work?
Mark (PS0JX) [939] I have.
[940] It'll have to be bis spaghetti bolognaise.
[941] Sorry!
Sue (PS0JY) [942] Oh God!
[943] And I keep telling you!
Mark (PS0JX) [944] I know!
[945] Well I keep forgetting I've ... [laughing] I've left it in the fridge [] !
Sue (PS0JY) [946] You're a pain!
[947] I don't want spaghetti bolognaise anyway!
Mark (PS0JX) [948] All of it?
Sue (PS0JY) [949] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [950] [laugh] Too late now [] !
Sue (PS0JY) [951] I don't want spaghetti bolognaise!
Mark (PS0JX) [952] Sorry!
Sue (PS0JY) [953] I'll have grated cheese on top of mine.
Mark (PS0JX) [954] Well you can have cheese, I do , I don't have cheese anyway.
[955] We haven't got any parmesan have we?
Sue (PS0JY) [956] Erm
Mark (PS0JX) [957] And don't forget all the tins go in that box, right?
Sue (PS0JY) [958] Yeah.
[959] Erm
Mark (PS0JX) [960] Put it in the can bank at the ti
Sue (PS0JY) [961] I'll put the ... the back one on and and ... just boil the ... the water.
[962] Anyway, I'll go and give mum and dad a quick ring and then let them know.
[963] I phoned dad briefly [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [964] So tomorrow we're down town?
Sue (PS0JY) [965] Yes, but if if we take the dog with us ... go up the heath and then I go to the hairdressers ... erm ... you don't need a haircut anyway do you?
Mark (PS0JX) [966] No, I won't need one for months.
Sue (PS0JY) [967] And then we can ... you know, whatever we want in the afternoon which will be rather nice!
Mark (PS0JX) [968] Good lord!
[969] No work you mean?
Sue (PS0JY) [970] No.
Mark (PS0JX) [971] Must get that assignment out though.
Sue (PS0JY) [972] Well you can ... copy that out tonight.
[973] Oh Shane, who went in the lounge when you're not meant to?
[974] Because, he knew he shouldn't of!
[975] You're such a pain!
Mark (PS0JX) [976] Yeah he did that last ... er last week.
Sue (PS0JY) [977] He makes me laugh though, I mean, as soon as I came downstairs ... and he'd been in the lounge
Mark (PS0JX) [978] He jumps out.
Sue (PS0JY) [979] the look he gave me and jumped out as quick as anything, I thought
Mark (PS0JX) [980] Well you can tell he's been there cos of the footprints everywhere!
Sue (PS0JY) [981] I know but he was so funny, for a dog to be that perceptive, do you see what I mean?
[982] As soon as I came downstairs, Ooh God, I shouldn't be in here [laughing] and out he jumped [] !
Mark (PS0JX) [983] Yeah, he's a pain!
Sue (PS0JY) [984] Caught weren't you? [...] , you were caught!
[985] Yes you were!
[986] You were caught!
Mark (PS0JX) [987] Caught red handed Chassie, weren't you?
Sue (PS0JY) [988] Ever so funny!
[989] [...] . ... I just gave him a quick brush tonight.
[990] I was ... I can't afford [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [991] I'll have to put some other shoes on cos this floor is freezing!
[992] Ah, [...] !
[993] Won't be a sec
Sue (PS0JY) [994] I'll come up with you.
Mark (PS0JX) [995] [shouting] I'll put the spaghetti on Sue [] !
[996] ... Erm ... Don't mess with his paw!
Sue (PS0JY) [997] Hey?
Mark (PS0JX) [998] Not that!
Sue (PS0JY) [999] [...] brush.
Mark (PS0JX) [1000] Charlie, come on, out!
Sue (PS0JY) [1001] Come on [...] ! [...] do not want that I tell you!
Mark (PS0JX) [1002] Oh, that's another twenty quid isn't it?
Sue (PS0JY) [1003] The tissue's gone all, right out, I'll show it to you
Mark (PS0JX) [sigh]
Sue (PS0JY) [1004] later, you'll see what I mean.
[1005] You great big [...] !
Mark (PS0JX) [1006] That's ... cos his, when he runs and he tries to get his ball
Sue (PS0JY) [1007] Come here you!
[1008] Aagh!
[1009] Got you!
[1010] Rurghhh!
Mark (PS0JX) [1011] I he s tries to stop for his ball and he erm
Sue (PS0JY) [1012] I'll show it to you later, you've missed it ... it's obviously really sore.
Mark (PS0JX) [1013] He just puts the hands, the brakes on really quickly!
[1014] Careful!
[1015] Ah, jump!
Sue (PS0JY) [1016] I want another cup of tea please?
Mark (PS0JX) [1017] Ooh yeah!
[1018] Well I've boiled the kettle so you're laughing!
Sue (PS0JY) [1019] I thought I'd [...] going down [...] .
[1020] Don't know what the [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [1021] So we're not going up this weekend then?
Sue (PS0JY) [1022] No, I think they might come up.
[1023] God, we haven't got any Ambrosia le , oh yes we have! [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1024] We got loads of tins of that didn't we?
Sue (PS0JY) [1025] That'll do!
Mark (PS0JX) [1026] I'll put the spaghetti on.
[1027] Oh!
[1028] There's a problem here isn't there?
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1029] You never know how much to use.
[1030] ... I wonder how much she gets for the er
Sue (PS0JY) [1031] Yeah, I was thinking that actually.
Mark (PS0JX) [1032] Wads of dosh mate!
[1033] Do you reckon it's a full time job, or just a part time one?
Sue (PS0JY) [1034] Do you want some carrots with that?
Mark (PS0JX) [1035] Er!
[1036] Tinned
Sue (PS0JY) [1037] Yes?
Mark (PS0JX) [1038] ones, yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [1039] Tinned carrots in there?
Mark (PS0JX) [1040] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [1041] Alright then.
Mark (PS0JX) [1042] Well real ones they're a bit sort of don't really go.
[1043] I'm breaking up the spaghetti cos I hate it in long lengths!
[1044] It's a pain in the arse!
[1045] Bloody Italians haven't got a clue have they?
[1046] But ... erm
Sue (PS0JY) [1047] Er ... oh no, you haven't got it on again!
[1048] Have you?
Mark (PS0JX) [1049] No, course I haven't!
[1050] Wouldn't be saying bloody Italians [laughing] would I [] ?
[1051] Plonker!
[1052] Come on, how much spaghetti do I put in here then?
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1053] I haven't!
Sue (PS0JY) [1054] Well I just tend to stick it in and see how much there is there.
Mark (PS0JX) [1055] Well ... I'm putting another load in then alright?
Sue (PS0JY) [1056] Yeah alright then.
[1057] Just chuck it in, I'm starving!
[1058] I need loads of food!
Mark (PS0JX) [1059] Well I don't wanna get a whole pile of spaghetti and no filling alright?
[1060] No er ... bolognaise.
Sue (PS0JY) [1061] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [1062] Oh God!
Sue (PS0JY) [1063] You're making a mess again aren't you?
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [1064] Right ... put
Mark (PS0JX) [1065] As per usual!
Sue (PS0JY) [1066] [...] .
[1067] Remind me to open the cupboard down here.
[1068] We could have lumpy rice pudding can't we?
[1069] And ice cream. [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [1070] Macaroni pudding?
Sue (PS0JY) [1071] Mm!
Mark (PS0JX) [1072] Ooof!
Sue (PS0JY) [1073] No, it's yummy, with nutmeg!
Mark (PS0JX) [1074] Gross!
Sue (PS0JY) [1075] With nutmeg and cinnamon, mm!
[1076] Lovely!
Mark (PS0JX) [1077] I'd rather just have Ambrosia really.
Sue (PS0JY) [1078] You're a bore aren't you?
Mark (PS0JX) [1079] Oh, alright then I suppose.
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1080] Well keep the old bolognaise stirred so that it heats up all round.
[1081] So what did your mum and dad have to say then?
Sue (PS0JY) [1082] Well ... mum said were we gonna come down over the weekend?
[1083] Well, I mean, we had the opportunity, you know chit-chat job ... and mum said are we gonna go down over the weekend?
[1084] I said, oh perhaps they could come up to us ... you know, I didn't know quite at the moment what our plans were for over the weekend.
Mark (PS0JX) [1085] How many of these er ... do you want in there?
[1086] I drain the ... fluid off
Sue (PS0JY) [1087] Yeah
Mark (PS0JX) [1088] yeah?
Sue (PS0JY) [1089] [...] , yep.
[1090] Erm ... have you put the ketchup in?
Mark (PS0JX) [1091] Nope!
Sue (PS0JY) [1092] You'll need to.
Mark (PS0JX) [1093] Don't overdo the ketchup, it makes it all
Sue (PS0JY) [1094] Oh alright, no alright.
Mark (PS0JX) [1095] really rich and horrible!
Sue (PS0JY) [1096] Yeah, alright.
[1097] Erm ... cos I I, well I didn't know what ... you had planned for tomorrow afternoon though.
[1098] I mean, I would like to go to that auction tomorrow but we can't, I can't go to the hairdressers as well, so
Mark (PS0JX) [1099] What time does the auction end? [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [1100] Nine.
Mark (PS0JX) [1101] Mm mm, no it doesn't leave a lot of time does it?
Sue (PS0JY) [1102] Mm mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [1103] About that?
Sue (PS0JY) [1104] No, I should chuck them all in.
Mark (PS0JX) [1105] Oh I'll chuck them all in, alright.
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1106] Oh that's tins a [...] , look!
Sue (PS0JY) [1107] I wonder actually if she doesn't mind really.
Mark (PS0JX) [1108] They're already cooked anyway aren't they?
Sue (PS0JY) [1109] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [1110] Well
Sue (PS0JY) [1111] Just heat them up really.
Mark (PS0JX) [1112] no need to heat them up then.
[1113] Keep an eye on the spaghetti.
[1114] Any more in there?
[1115] How much did I put in?
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1116] About two sort of ... lengths like that.
Sue (PS0JY) [1117] No, I should put another bit in.
Mark (PS0JX) [1118] Bit more, alright.
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1119] Well I think what we'll do is ... one day we'll weigh the amount of spaghetti and then we'll know exactly how much to put in next time won't we?
Sue (PS0JY) [1120] I think I'm gonna get up nine o'clock actually and be quite productive [...] some washing.
Mark (PS0JX) [1121] It's alright, I'll finish the tea up.
Sue (PS0JY) [1122] [laugh] ... So Sharon sent me, lent me this, that's sweet of her.
Mark (PS0JX) [1123] Yep.
[1124] She said that she'd er
Sue (PS0JY) [1125] [...] is she?
Mark (PS0JX) [1126] Well you'll po pop and see Bert and Sharon erm
Sue (PS0JY) [1127] Tomorrow?
Mark (PS0JX) [1128] tomorrow on the way back or something.
[1129] Cor, you should of seen it with Cindy last night!
[1130] When I went round there to take the saw back she was er ... you know her little tail
Sue (PS0JY) [1131] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [1132] it's been cut off hasn't it?
Sue (PS0JY) [1133] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [1134] Well she was just shaking continuously!
[1135] She barked when I first went round there and she just shook and shook ... so
Sue (PS0JY) [1136] Why?
Mark (PS0JX) [1137] Well it's just excitement ... you know, she hardly does
Sue (PS0JY) [1138] [...] doesn't shake!
Mark (PS0JX) [1139] He does, when he gets really excited ... but he sort of
Sue (PS0JY) [1140] Yeah but he doesn't [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1141] shaking, her little bum was going out.
Sue (PS0JY) [1142] He doesn't, he doesn't when i , when just ordinary people go round do they?
[1143] Have you had a lovely week darling?
[1144] Eh?
Mark (PS0JX) [1145] Darling, get our [...] cos this'll be done soon.
Sue (PS0JY) [1146] With grated cheese on top please?
Mark (PS0JX) [1147] Good lord!
[1148] Well you'll have to server, cos I can't server I'm hopeless at it!
Sue (PS0JY) [1149] Alright.
Mark (PS0JX) [1150] Have you turned the ... the heat down?
Sue (PS0JY) [1151] I did on the ... the bolognaise, yeah ... otherwise it'll get boiled to a pulp!
Mark (PS0JX) [1152] Ah right.
[1153] Okay then.
[1154] Go and get changed.

24 (Tape 033902)

Mark (PS0JX) [1155] I would have thought you'd be able to heat that stuff up again but ... [sigh] Ha!
[1156] Phorgh!
[1157] Jesus!
[1158] No don't, leave it!
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1159] No, it's fine!
Sue (PS0JY) [1160] I was trying to talk you turn it off then.
Mark (PS0JX) [1161] You're worried about your privacy being invaded aren't you?
Sue (PS0JY) [1162] Yeah, suppose so.
Mark (PS0JX) [1163] Well, there's no need is there?
[1164] ... Ooh, it's hot!
Sue (PS0JY) [1165] You're not burning yourself are you Mark?
Mark (PS0JX) [1166] Is this erm ... is this done then?
Sue (PS0JY) [1167] Ya.
Mark (PS0JX) [1168] Are you supposed to put hot water over like you do with rice?
Sue (PS0JY) [1169] Yeah, I do.
[1170] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [1171] Otherwise it's all slimy, isn't it?
Sue (PS0JY) [1172] That's right.
[1173] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [1174] Well you should of told me!
[1175] Put the kettle on then will you?
Sue (PS0JY) [1176] Okay.
[1177] It's only just boiled hasn't it?
Mark (PS0JX) [1178] No, no, no, it hasn't cos I've just used it all ... for the erm
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1179] No!
[1180] Or did you refill it?
Sue (PS0JY) [1181] [...] !
[1182] I know it's just boiled.
Mark (PS0JX) [whistling]
Sue (PS0JY) [1183] Get the plates out for me?
[1184] Are they the others?
Mark (PS0JX) [1185] No, they're not I was gonna ... ah da da, don't don't!
[1186] I'm wanna use that water to heat the plates!
Sue (PS0JY) [1187] Oh.
[1188] Look, you can serve out for once I'm sta , tired!
[1189] You do it alright?
Mark (PS0JX) [1190] Alright.
Sue (PS0JY) [1191] All you gotta do is chuck it on [...] on top and grate a bit of that on for me.
Mark (PS0JX) [1192] Oh you can grate the cheese surely?
Sue (PS0JY) [1193] Bring me the bloody cheese grater in the [...] !
Mark (PS0JX) [1194] Well you just got it out the cupboard didn't you?
Sue (PS0JY) [1195] No it fell out!
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [1196] Where's today's paper?
Mark (PS0JX) [1197] Erm ... I had, oh it's in
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1198] in the lounge.
Sue (PS0JY) [1199] Can't have done cos [...] .

25 (Tape 033903)

Sue (PS0JY) [1200] But last time ... do you remember this time last year it got so that his foot was really puffy?
Mark (PS0JX) [1201] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [1202] And erm ... we had him on ... two lots of antibiotics ... before he even had an anaesthetic to get the inflammation down and I don't want it to get worse!
Mark (PS0JX) [1203] And he couldn't drink while he was on those could he?
Sue (PS0JY) [1204] He couldn't drink!
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [1205] But erm ... no, I mean
Mark (PS0JX) [1206] No drink, no sex Charles!
Sue (PS0JY) [1207] He said look you can have these expensive antibiotics, they were intensive ones, said look you know I don't want him to lose his bloody foot just give me some antibiotic!
[1208] And he co , and how much did he cost me, Charles?
[1209] Forty five pounds for that foot last year!
Mark (PS0JX) [1210] Well I think you should put him out to work!
[1211] Get some cash in!
[1212] Well ... that's pretty incidental in the morning.
Sue (PS0JY) [1213] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [1214] Cos he's bound, I mean with all that mud and everything, I mean there's lots of ... sheep droppings and god knows what up there isn't there?
Sue (PS0JY) [1215] Yeah I know, it needs treatment though darling.
Mark (PS0JX) [1216] Yeah, I know it still needs treatment but I mean it'll ... try and get the swelling down a bit.
Sue (PS0JY) [1217] Yeah.
[1218] Well I don't think that it's swollen.
Mark (PS0JX) [1219] Well it's hot on [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [1220] Well it is, it is, yeah, it's a, there's a little of [...] flesh but nothing like ... you know ... it was when his foot got like that ... do you see what I mean?
Mark (PS0JX) [1221] Mm mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [1222] Cold water.
[1223] But the problem is he's so
Mark (PS0JX) [1224] [whispering] Oh shit [] !
Sue (PS0JY) [1225] it seems to have got sort of so much more deformed.
[1226] Julie's bloody claws!
Mark (PS0JX) [1227] I saw [...] today.
Sue (PS0JY) [1228] Talk of being put
Mark (PS0JX) [1229] And he's running the stocks suddenly.
Sue (PS0JY) [1230] I mean I'm sure it's the same claw cos it's never grown back ... you see, when he's had it cut off but ... what the vet was hoping was that the claw would grow back and the the top of ... of the tissue, see what I mean?
Mark (PS0JX) [1231] Mhm.
Sue (PS0JY) [1232] And what's happened is the tissue has grown and not the bloody nail!
Mark (PS0JX) [1233] Oh I see.
Sue (PS0JY) [1234] And and what
Mark (PS0JX) [1235] Mhm.
Sue (PS0JY) [1236] it has done has just become distorted and it's splitting more away from the nail.
Mark (PS0JX) [1237] That'll be a problem tomorrow [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [1238] And when they get a bit long too, yeah.
[1239] I haven't, I'm just going to go to wee and then I'll have do those ... it'll have to grow basically.
[1240] And unless we can [...] .

26 (Tape 033904)

Sue (PS0JY) [1241] Where's Jeff?
[1242] Ooh ooh ooh!
Mark (PS0JX) [1243] I dunno.
Sue (PS0JY) [1244] You heard biscuit didn't you boy?
[1245] Yes you
Mark (PS0JX) [1246] Well I know you're not giving them our biscuit but then we just get through [...] .
[1247] They keep off the
Sue (PS0JY) [1248] That one was soft.
[1249] I tried it first.
Mark (PS0JX) [1250] Oh lovely!
Sue (PS0JY) [1251] And it was soft as shit and horrible!
Mark (PS0JX) [1252] [laugh] ... I hate the messy saucepans, they're horrible!
[1253] Ugh!
Sue (PS0JY) [1254] [laughing] Hoo hoo hoo hoo ... hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo [] !
Mark (PS0JX) [1255] You stinker!
Sue (PS0JY) [1256] Do you know I haven't farted all week!
[1257] No kidding!
[1258] Apart from
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [1259] when I've woken up ... I have a [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [raspberry]
Sue (PS0JY) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [1260] Well then you've farted once then haven't you, at least?
Sue (PS0JY) [1261] No, I've farted once every morning, I love when you wake up.
[1262] Nothing like a good fart [...] !
Mark (PS0JX) [1263] You're as relieved as I am.
Sue (PS0JY) [1264] Yep.
[1265] [laugh] ... [shouting] Ah no!
[1266] You [...] !
[1267] Oh clear it Mark [] !
Mark (PS0JX) [1268] No!
[1269] Want us to cover everyday conversation!
[1270] If you fart when the tapes running that's your problem mate, not mine!
Sue (PS0JY) [1271] I'm not [...] !
[1272] ... [laughing] I'll have to do it in there!
[1273] You better clear that [] !
Mark (PS0JX) [raspberry] [laugh]

27 (Tape 033905)

Sue (PS0JY) [1274] So, somebody no doubt has gotta get up there to put them up wrong.
Mark (PS0JX) [1275] Yeah, she was telling us off.
Sue (PS0JY) [1276] Did you put any [...] out?
Mark (PS0JX) [1277] Yeah! ... [...] aren't they?
Sue (PS0JY) [1278] Well it's pretty difficult actually to put a cupboard up a wall, I admit they're very easy to make up but ... to actually hold this cupboard.
Mark (PS0JX) [1279] You just drill a couple of holes in the back you need
Sue (PS0JY) [1280] Okay.
Mark (PS0JX) [1281] marking on the wall and drill two rawplugs!
Sue (PS0JY) [1282] I'll be interested.
[1283] It won't be easy Mark, to put those cupboards up! [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [1284] Well ... [laughing] I bet you they are [] !
Sue (PS0JY) [1285] Done.
Mark (PS0JX) [1286] Anyway, I phoned her up the other day to have a little chat with her.
Sue (PS0JY) [1287] Is she alright?
Mark (PS0JX) [1288] She was pleased, she was gonna see Tim.
Sue (PS0JY) [1289] Oh yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [1290] He's still sort of ... [...] her back ... so
Sue (PS0JY) [1291] Mm.
[1292] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [1293] Yeah, [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [1294] Mm, good luck!
Mark (PS0JX) [sigh]
Sue (PS0JY) [laugh]

28 (Tape 033906)

Mark (PS0JX) [1295] What today?
Sue (PS0JY) [1296] Yeah.
[1297] But anyway sh , they're gonna do lunch for us at dinner time.
Mark (PS0JX) [1298] Oh splendid!
Sue (PS0JY) [1299] So ... it'll be quite nice actually cos I didn't really wanna go there till the evening.
[1300] But it will [...] cos we've gotta go darling!
Mark (PS0JX) [1301] Yeah, I know we have.
Sue (PS0JY) [1302] You know what it's like in town, [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [1303] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [...] ... [...] ... [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [1304] Yeah, [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1305] Well perhaps [...] cos that's alright.
[1306] You're then row three?
Sue (PS0JY) [1307] Nearest the bar.
[1308] In the front row [...] .
[1309] How big is that [...] ? [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1310] Even in three days [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [1311] I would have thought they were outside [...] .

29 (Tape 033907)

Mark (PS0JX) [1312] Hello ... it's only me!
Dad (PS0K0) [1313] Well, we've been wondering ... whether you were still with us.
[1314] I tried to phone you during the week and mum said where is my little son?
[1315] I haven't heard a single thing of him!
Mark (PS0JX) [1316] Yeah, I know, the week's gone so quickly that's the trouble!
Dad (PS0K0) [1317] How you doing then?
Mark (PS0JX) [1318] I'm alright.
[1319] Mum about?
Dad (PS0K0) [1320] Yeah, she, and Bel's here.
Mark (PS0JX) [1321] Oh right!
Dad (PS0K0) [1322] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [1323] I just dropped Sue off.
[1324] That was sexist!
[1325] Dropped Sue off at erm ... hairdressers.
Dad (PS0K0) [1326] Oh I see, she's gonna ... ah, I was gonna ring you last night.
[1327] Was she home last night?
Mark (PS0JX) [1328] Er ... yeah, I picked her up ... after work.
Dad (PS0K0) [1329] Yeah.
[1330] Yeah, we were having tea and mum says where's my little son?
[1331] I haven't heard from him, seen him or anything and she was saying where's
Mark (PS0JX) [1332] Yeah I know.
Dad (PS0K0) [1333] he got to?
[1334] And I said, well I'm gonna give him a ring after tea and then I, we said oh well pras , and Sue will be home tonight so I said well we hadn't better ring them!
[1335] [laugh] ... [laughing] So, we didn't do, we didn't spoil anything and ring you [] !
Mark (PS0JX) [1336] Yeah.
Dad (PS0K0) [1337] So
Mum (PS0K1) [1338] Hello Mark!
Dad (PS0K0) [1339] Here he is!
Mark (PS0JX) [1340] Hello mum!
Mum (PS0K1) [1341] Are you on your own then?
Mark (PS0JX) [1342] Yeah well, I ... I pick Sue up a bit later and we'll pop round for a cup of tea.
Mum (PS0K1) [1343] Hello lucky boy!
[1344] Oh [...] did you get address book look ... this morning?
Mark (PS0JX) [1345] Er er ah ... no, not yet.
Mum (PS0K1) [1346] A brown one.
[1347] Should have, shouldn't he?
[1348] Cos John did it yesterday.
Mark (PS0JX) [1349] John ... [...] .
Mum (PS0K1) [1350] Oh gosh really?
Mark (PS0JX) [1351] Er
Mum (PS0K1) [1352] [...] teasing us [...] ! [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1353] [laughing] You started quickly [] !
Mum (PS0K1) [1354] He's pleased when I [...] don't you?
Mark (PS0JX) [1355] No, it's alright.
[1356] Been asked to do a survey on the spoken word.
[1357] So it's
Mum (PS0K1) [1358] Really?
Mark (PS0JX) [1359] just taping conversations, it's
Mum (PS0K1) [1360] Ah!
Mark (PS0JX) [1361] completely anonymous.
[1362] You don't have to worry about swearing or, [...] Sue swore something terrible in the car this morning!
Mum (PS0K1) [1363] An an how does the machine ... is
Mark (PS0JX) [1364] It's in there.
Mum (PS0K1) [1365] Oh there?
[1366] Mm!
Mark (PS0JX) [1367] It's a Walkman but it records and plays and it's got the radio in it as well.
Mum (PS0K1) [1368] You said you have to collect her, from where?
Mark (PS0JX) [1369] Just down town.
Mum (PS0K1) [1370] Oh!
Mark (PS0JX) [1371] She's having hair cut.
Mum (PS0K1) [1372] Oh!
Mark (PS0JX) [1373] Charlie's done his claw in, said he's gotta go up the vet.
Mum (PS0K1) [1374] Claw in?
Dad (PS0K0) [1375] Done his claw in!
Mark (PS0JX) [1376] Done his claw in.
Mum (PS0K1) [1377] Oh!
Mark (PS0JX) [1378] Hurt his claw.
Dad (PS0K0) [1379] Done his claw in.
[1380] He's hurt claw in!
Group of unknown speakers (KD5PSUGP) [laugh]
Dad (PS0K0) [1381] [laughing] Walking round with [...] [] !
Mum (PS0K1) [1382] [laughing] He's got his claw in [] !
[1383] Bet that must be costly on batteries to er ... you know.
Mark (PS0JX) [1384] No, I use Nicads
Mum (PS0K1) [1385] Hey?
Mark (PS0JX) [1386] I use Nicads
Mum (PS0K1) [1387] Oh!
Mark (PS0JX) [1388] They give you twenty tapes to use over the week.
[1389] And that's for collecting erm ... words ... so that when they do the new dictionary ... all those ... words that people use ... and they do
Dad (PS0K0) [1390] What they've come into common use.
Mark (PS0JX) [1391] Mm.
Dad (PS0K0) [1392] Yeah, a few Anglo-Saxon ones that ... yes, they've probably got already listed!
Mum (PS0K1) [1393] But [...] at all I mean, you know, you can get people very embarrassed when ... whoever is there at the B T [...] !
Mark (PS0JX) [1394] It's nothing to do with B T!
Mum (PS0K1) [1395] Oh!
[1396] Who is it for?
Mark (PS0JX) [1397] Well this woman came round last night ... and asked if I'd take part.
Mum (PS0K1) [...]
Dad (PS0K0) [1398] Oh!
Mum (PS0K1) [1399] What's it [...] ?
Mark (PS0JX) [1400] And erm
Mum (PS0K1) [1401] Does she want to have her hair nice and short again?
[1402] I hope.
Mark (PS0JX) [1403] Why do you hope? [laugh]
Mum (PS0K1) [1404] I don't know, like it like this!
[1405] There's no charm to it is it?
Mark (PS0JX) [1406] Well, it's alright when she dresses it.
Mum (PS0K1) [1407] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [1408] She puts it up in a bun and things like that.
Mum (PS0K1) [1409] Oh sorry!
Dad (PS0K0) [1410] [...] how did she get on at er ... the course?
Mark (PS0JX) [1411] Mm, jolly good!
[1412] Said it's given her ... a bit more drive again.
Dad (PS0K0) [1413] Ah good!
Mum (PS0K1) [1414] Yeah, but the, the ce , the [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [1415] You know Gerry came yesterday?
Mark (PS0JX) [1416] Yeah I saw
Dad (PS0K0) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1417] them erm
Dad (PS0K0) [1418] [...] and she'd got er ... little Zoe ... and er ... stayed for a couple of hours, had a cup of tea and ... you know.
Mark (PS0JX) [1419] Not little Cindy, [laughing] little Zoe [] !
Dad (PS0K0) [1420] Sorry?
Mark (PS0JX) [1421] Not little Cindy!
Dad (PS0K0) [1422] Not little Cindy, little Zoe, yeah.
[1423] Yeah, she sle , little Zoe sat on her lap and just slept like a log, she was obviously tired.
Mum (PS0K1) [1424] Yeah, and little Zoe, did say well she was absolutely shattered perhaps she didn't know what to do with us.
Dad (PS0K0) [1425] No, it's alright.
Mum (PS0K1) [1426] She wouldn't give us a little
Mark (PS0JX) [1427] Probably just ... thought it was a strange foreigner!
[1428] Yeah, that's right!
Mum (PS0K1) [1429] That's what I say all this ... small children are always worried about er ... my accent.
[1430] Mummy
Mark (PS0JX) [1431] Was
Mum (PS0K1) [1432] why does Evie talk so funny?
Group of unknown speakers (KD5PSUGP) [laugh]
Dad (PS0K0) [1433] [laugh] They're worried?
[1434] I'm no , I I'm worried too!
[1435] I thi I think they're right!
Mum (PS0K1) [1436] Oh!
Dad (PS0K0) [1437] [laugh] ... Ah dear!
Mark (PS0JX) [1438] Who's erm ... kid is Zoe then?
[1439] Is that erm ... Sharon's sister's?
Dad (PS0K0) [1440] Sharon's sister
Mum (PS0K1) [1441] Yeah.
Dad (PS0K0) [1442] yeah.
Mum (PS0K1) [1443] Aha.
[1444] Zoe.
Mark (PS0JX) [1445] Yeah Sharon, erm ... Zoe and Holly, she's got two girls?
Mum (PS0K1) [1446] That toffee seems to work Marky!
Mark (PS0JX) [1447] Mm.
Dad (PS0K0) [1448] He's he's [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1449] I'm just getting through this apple at the moment.
Dad (PS0K0) [1450] Yes, you're right, it's got them.
[1451] Oh, so you're winning then my son?
Mark (PS0JX) [1452] Yep.
Dad (PS0K0) [1453] Better just erm ... put a note on my door.
Mum (PS0K1) [1454] Here, here.
Mark (PS0JX) [1455] I'm da , oh sorry!
Mum (PS0K1) [1456] Too late Mark before I can [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [1457] I can fish it out.
Mum (PS0K1) [1458] Well, [...] !
Mark (PS0JX) [1459] Here are!
[1460] Here are!
Mum (PS0K1) [1461] I thought
Mark (PS0JX) [1462] Stalk sandwich!
Mum (PS0K1) [1463] Mark was having a new girlfriend or something.
[1464] Because Julie tried several times,yo you're never there!
Mark (PS0JX) [1465] Well, you never know!
Mum (PS0K1) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1466] [laugh] ... Your new job is it?
Dad (PS0K0) [1467] Yes, I got er
Mark (PS0JX) [1468] Are these we , are these erm ... Irriacs
Dad (PS0K0) [1469] Yeah.
[1470] Yeah, they're quite funny the ... quality of the things are quite er ... quite precious, ah?
Mark (PS0JX) [1471] Oh lovely!
Dad (PS0K0) [1472] They're very high erm ... pulse generators ... so I'm doing this one
Mark (PS0JX) [1473] very neat.
Dad (PS0K0) [1474] and that one's going back erm
Mark (PS0JX) [1475] They still using these old rubber ... thingy you don't use heatshrink ones?
Dad (PS0K0) [1476] Yes.
[1477] No, not the small ones, no.
Mark (PS0JX) [1478] Ah, there's some Coxes down here, that's brilliant!
Dad (PS0K0) [1479] Oh, yeah look out [...] apple!
[1480] Oh
Mark (PS0JX) [1481] You get these from ... Aston
Dad (PS0K0) [1482] Aston , yes
Mark (PS0JX) [1483] yeah.
Dad (PS0K0) [1484] only twenty eight pence a pound!
[1485] I mean, they're not ... out of the way.
[1486] So there you are and then the driver board goes on here
Mark (PS0JX) [1487] Mhm.
Dad (PS0K0) [1488] and er ... they seem to be very pleased with what I'm doing anyway.
[1489] They pho , phoned last night and said would I collect some stuff from someone in ... so
Mark (PS0JX) [1490] Oh [...] !
[1491] Hello!
Mum (PS0K1) [1492] Are you er ... [...] , you two?
Dad (PS0K0) [1493] Hello starky
Mark (PS0JX) [1494] Are you alright then?
[1495] ... You look all sleepy.
[1496] You just got up?
Isobel (PS0K2) [1497] No, I've been up for an hour!
Mark (PS0JX) [1498] Oh yeah?
Isobel (PS0K2) [1499] Hung over from Thursday
Mum (PS0K1) [...]
Isobel (PS0K2) [1500] night!
Mum (PS0K1) [1501] Look at all colours Mark has got!
[1502] Green, red, white
Isobel (PS0K2) [1503] What's this?
Mum (PS0K1) [1504] blue ... [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1505] Microphone.
Mum (PS0K1) [1506] He's just had an hearing aids ... put down ... for his music.
Mark (PS0JX) [1507] Mm.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1508] What's that for then?
[1509] That for
Mark (PS0JX) [1510] [laughing] I thought I'd be able to get away this, you know [] !
Mum (PS0K1) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [1511] With all these non-technical people and they're sort of going, what's that?
Mum (PS0K1) [laugh]
Isobel (PS0K2) [1512] Is that a ... a fart thing ... to measure your farts with!
Mum (PS0K1) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KD5PSUGP) [laugh]
Isobel (PS0K2) [1513] Shouldn't it be round that side?
Mark (PS0JX) [1514] No it's a microphone, recording conversations.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1515] With who?
Mark (PS0JX) [1516] Everybody.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1517] Oh!
Group of unknown speakers (KD5PSUGP) [laugh]
Mum (PS0K1) [1518] I can't imagine that a little thing like a little torpedo takes up the sound!
Mark (PS0JX) [1519] Well there's two mikes in there.
Mum (PS0K1) [1520] Oh!
Isobel (PS0K2) [1521] It's what they
Mark (PS0JX) [1522] And they're
Isobel (PS0K2) [1523] wear at the studios isn't it?
Mark (PS0JX) [1524] Yeah, like tie mikes and ... like on Wogan and that sort of thing.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1525] What, well who's er ... conversations are you recording?
Mark (PS0JX) [1526] Well everybody's conversations for ... to build up the new ... Lo , Longman's dictionary ... with the new words and things.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1527] You're joking?
Mark (PS0JX) [1528] No.
Mum (PS0K1) [1529] Dictionary?
[1530] What has a dictionary got to do with it?
Mark (PS0JX) [1531] [laughing] Well, all the words, the new words [] ... go in the dictionary
Isobel (PS0K2) [1532] Oh well hang on a minute I've got, I've got one here [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Mum (PS0K1) [1533] Well
Dad (PS0K0) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Mum (PS0K1) [1534] New words? speaking Dutch [...] !
Group of unknown speakers (KD5PSUGP) [laugh]
Isobel (PS0K2) [1535] Where's that dictionary gone ... with the erm
Dad (PS0K0) [1536] What the one we were using last night?
Isobel (PS0K2) [1537] the one without the explanations.
Mark (PS0JX) [1538] No, this woman came round last night
Mum (PS0K1) [1539] Ich [...] Deutsch sprechan [...] ... Ou a francais
Dad (PS0K0) [1540] Parlez vous francais?
Mark (PS0JX) [1541] Oh, French, mm.
[1542] With a, with a Dutch accent! [laugh]
Isobel (PS0K2) [1543] You gotta have, some on there then?
Mark (PS0JX) [1544] Yeah!
[1545] I carry round, all round with me you see.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1546] So who, is it a computer that listens to it?
Mark (PS0JX) [1547] Yeah, they put it all in a computer and then all the words are analyzed ... and from the different accents and all that sort of, pronunciation.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1548] Can I wear one then?
Mark (PS0JX) [1549] Well if you take part, if you're asked!
[1550] No, I ... I mean I was on the phone and th , there was a knock at the door and this woman came round and said she was from ... from the
Mum (PS0K1) [1551] Marky!
Mark (PS0JX) [1552] Yeah.
Mum (PS0K1) [1553] Here you are.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1554] Oh!
[1555] Can't
Mum (PS0K1) [1556] Do you wish to eat here?
Mark (PS0JX) [1557] Well it's very nice of you but we're gonna ... gotta go to Plaistowe cos of Charlie's claw you see?
Isobel (PS0K2) [1558] Oh, I don't mind, I'm just
Mark (PS0JX) [1559] And the surgery's only for an hour so
Mum (PS0K1) [1560] I'm just fishing, to make sure to what to organize that's all.
Mark (PS0JX) [1561] I must pop round one evening next week.
Dad (PS0K0) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1562] The week's gone so quickly I've just been sort of, you know.
Mum (PS0K1) [1563] But next week er , oh evening, because you're working obviously!
Mark (PS0JX) [1564] Oh yeah.
[1565] Well Sue's away next week as well you see.
Mum (PS0K1) [1566] Yeah, yeah.
[1567] And Sarah was asking after
Isobel (PS0K2) [1568] Poeticisms.
Mark (PS0JX) [1569] That's already in the dictionary
Isobel (PS0K2) [1570] Poeticisms.
Mark (PS0JX) [1571] they're looking for words that aren't in there!
Isobel (PS0K2) [1572] Well this isn't in,th th this isn't [...]
Mum (PS0K1) [1573] Well obviously!
[1574] Obviously are English
Dad (PS0K0) [1575] Yeah
Mum (PS0K1) [1576] words.
Dad (PS0K0) [1577] they're all words that are already in use, the ones we use in scrabble.
Mum (PS0K1) [1578] Otherwise that wouldn't do would it?
Isobel (PS0K2) [1579] An
Mum (PS0K1) [1580] Well
Isobel (PS0K2) [1581] and it's something to do with work then?
Dad (PS0K0) [1582] Don't sit
Mark (PS0JX) [1583] No.
Dad (PS0K0) [1584] on the radio dear!
Isobel (PS0K2) [1585] I'm not!
[1586] I'm was leaning on this, look!
Dad (PS0K0) [1587] God I don't this broken, this broke!
Isobel (PS0K2) [1588] Do you get paid?
[1589] Did you, Mark?
Mark (PS0JX) [1590] I'm more worried about the glass!
Isobel (PS0K2) [1591] Do you get paid for it?
Mark (PS0JX) [1592] Mm, twenty five pound gift voucher.
[1593] Which I wasn't told, she said twenty five pounds, so I thought ah, it'll do nicely!
[1594] [laugh] ... Help top up the bank a bit!
Mum (PS0K1) [1595] For Sony?
[1596] For Sony?
Mark (PS0JX) [1597] No, I think it's probably for Longmans.
Mum (PS0K1) [1598] A gift voucher is er, just as handy, go to the shop and buy something which you want!
Mark (PS0JX) [1599] It's probably a book, it's
Isobel (PS0K2) [1600] Let's have a look at the tape?
Mark (PS0JX) [1601] probably a book token!
[1602] Or something.
Mum (PS0K1) [1603] Why are we all standing?
[1604] Haven't we got chairs?
Mark (PS0JX) [1605] [laugh] ... I don't mind.
[1606] You can er, it's got a radio, the radio's brilliant!
[1607] I mean, you can walk, you could
Isobel (PS0K2) [1608] This is amazing innit!
Mark (PS0JX) [1609] you can move around, I was sa , wearing it in the kitchen yesterday, you can move around and it's er
Isobel (PS0K2) [1610] Can you put my name down?
[1611] I I'd
Dad (PS0K0) [1612] They're saying that on, just now I was listening
Isobel (PS0K2) [...]
Dad (PS0K0) [1613] on Radio Three
Mum (PS0K1) [1614] But I don't [...] !
Dad (PS0K0) [1615] and they were saying about people with er, F M problems and they got a big coat hanger
Mum (PS0K1) [1616] Where is this big problem [...] ?
Dad (PS0K0) [1617] in the back of [...]
Mum (PS0K1) [1618] Well it's
Dad (PS0K0) [1619] and they can't get a reception
Mum (PS0K1) [...]
Dad (PS0K0) [1620] and
Mark (PS0JX) [1621] Mm.
Dad (PS0K0) [1622] anyway they was talking about getting a proper aerial, it's all basic stuff
Isobel (PS0K2) [1623] I mean you wouldn't wanna go anywhere where there was confidential things.
Dad (PS0K0) [1624] and they were talking about a new system which I couldn't hear because of vacuum cleaner was on
Isobel (PS0K2) [1625] Was it?
Mum (PS0K1) [1626] Was it?
Dad (PS0K0) [1627] erm ... which doesn't suffer from ... er ... multi-path ... reception
Mark (PS0JX) [1628] Yeah.
Dad (PS0K0) [1629] so i , car radios and things like that the reception will be constant wherever you are because you don't get any noise.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1630] They won't listen to it?
[1631] It'll just be analyzed in the computer.
Mum (PS0K1) [1632] I'm trying, trying to say they need some people to listen to that and ... you know, to get the new words if that is the case.
Mark (PS0JX) [1633] Yeah, well what you do is they give you a sheet of paper ... and th , you write down who was involved in the conversation, so all I'd say is, is erm ... Mum
Mum (PS0K1) [1634] Oh you
Mark (PS0JX) [1635] Dad, or John, Elly ... or [...] or something like that.
[1636] I th I mean they're not interested in ... actual names, so if there's two Johns they put John one and John two.
[1637] That's the sort of idea.
[1638] So that if
Isobel (PS0K2) [1639] Well
Mark (PS0JX) [1640] if they listen on another tape ... all the
Mum (PS0K1) [1641] What happens , what happens now that you know that somebody has said something very confidential, you know, a personal matter?
Mark (PS0JX) [1642] Well I just we , rewind it and then ... tape over
Mum (PS0K1) [1643] You can
Mark (PS0JX) [1644] it.
Mum (PS0K1) [1645] oh, cause a
Dad (PS0K0) [1646] Oh yeah.
Mum (PS0K1) [1647] complex.
[1648] And how long can, does this tape last?
Mark (PS0JX) [1649] Like if I, if if you know ... if you say, oh I object to this, then I'd just turn it off and rer rer erase it.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1650] Oh right.
[1651] Well what
Mum (PS0K1) [1652] Oh I see.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1653] i it's probably to do with new words like wa wally and things
Mark (PS0JX) [1654] I was quite funny yesterday
Isobel (PS0K2) [1655] like that.
Mark (PS0JX) [1656] cos I had it running in the kitchen while we were cooking tea last night ... and Sue came in and goes ... [raspberry] ... [laughing] a real big fart [] , and goes oh I haven't been able to fart all week, [laughing] she says [] !
Mum (PS0K1) [1657] [laughing] And she didn't know [] !
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Mum (PS0K1) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [1658] Yeah.
Mum (PS0K1) [1659] But er ... according to Sharon she's been sitting alone in er ... bed and breakfast and erm
Mark (PS0JX) [1660] Yeah, it's a nice bed and breakfast.
[1661] She's got her own ... ensuite and ... er
Mum (PS0K1) [1662] I know, but then she has nobody to chat to
Mark (PS0JX) [1663] chap brings her a cup of tea at nine o'clock.
Mum (PS0K1) [1664] at night cos there's nobody here to have a conversation with.
Mark (PS0JX) [1665] No, I think she was ... getting chatted up by the bloke who owned the place, really!
Dad (PS0K0) [1666] Mm.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1667] Oh yeah?
Mark (PS0JX) [1668] Some chap runs it with his wife.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1669] I see.
Mum (PS0K1) [1670] So what time is Sue er ... coming?
Mark (PS0JX) [1671] Well I'll pick her up
Dad (PS0K0) [1672] Well [...] won't be home will she?
Mark (PS0JX) [1673] about quarter to and I'm coming back here.
Mum (PS0K1) [1674] [...] she's having her hair done.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1675] Yeah, get her to wait to do that.
Mark (PS0JX) [1676] Oh God, I've still got the dogs in the car, hang on!
Mum (PS0K1) [1677] Oh!
Isobel (PS0K2) [1678] Do you want a hand?
Mark (PS0JX) [1679] Can I just dump them , dump them in the shed quickly?
Dad (PS0K0) [1680] Yeah.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1681] I've hoovered up you can't bring them in here!
Mark (PS0JX) [1682] I won't bring them in here, put them in round back.
[1683] Can you get one?
Mum (PS0K1) [1684] The the door's not open.
Mark (PS0JX) [1685] Haven't got any shoes on.
[1686] I'll be back in a minute.
Dad (PS0K0) [1687] Show him where the key is.

30 (Tape 033908)

Mark (PS0JX) [1688] She said she was from the
Mum (PS0K1) [...] [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1689] Well it's sort of like market research type ... type idea.
Mum (PS0K1) [1690] Oh! [...] boy, you might like it.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1691] So do you get to keep the Walkman?
Mark (PS0JX) [1692] Cor!
[1693] If only!
Mum (PS0K1) [1694] And how long do you have?
Mark (PS0JX) [1695] Just a week.
Mum (PS0K1) [1696] That all?
Isobel (PS0K2) [1697] Do you wear it every day?
[1698] All day?
Mark (PS0JX) [1699] Well ... I dunno whether I'll be able to use at work you see, I'll have to ask the ... the governor.
Mum (PS0K1) [1700] Oh yes!
Isobel (PS0K2) [1701] Yeah.
Mum (PS0K1) [1702] He might not like that at all!
Isobel (PS0K2) [1703] I'll reckon they'll say no.
Mark (PS0JX) [1704] They probably will but
Mum (PS0K1) [1705] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [1706] if they do well there's ... not a lot we can do about it really.
Mum (PS0K1) [1707] Are you sure this works ... at the moment.
[1708] [...] , big word.
[1709] We want to [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1710] Course it's working!
Mum (PS0K1) [1711] from [...] , that's what it's really is.
[1712] The sound comes over [...] !
Mark (PS0JX) [1713] No!
Isobel (PS0K2) [1714] What did the [...] ?
Mark (PS0JX) [1715] The sound comes over on what?
[1716] On the machine, you mean?
Mum (PS0K1) [1717] Yeah, and then hold it up, do you know what I mean?
[1718] Do want to sit me far away from you, will that still take it?
Mark (PS0JX) [1719] Oh yeah!
Mum (PS0K1) [1720] Will it?
Mark (PS0JX) [1721] Well it's got automatic level control on it.
[1722] On the recording.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1723] It's one of those little mikes they have on television.
Mum (PS0K1) [1724] Automatic?
[1725] Honestly!
Mark (PS0JX) [1726] Well it just looks at the the signal level coming in and adjusts the gain accordingly.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1727] When I shouted in it I thought you were joking.
Mark (PS0JX) [1728] Oh no, that'll just shut down the gain ... and this
Isobel (PS0K2) [1729] Will it really?
Mark (PS0JX) [1730] probably still come out clear, yeah.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1731] [...] Mark.
Mum (PS0K1) [...]
Dad (PS0K0) [1732] Yes, ah well ... the thing to do is to er ... go down and hi , hire a Daily Mirror van and ... wait for Mrs to arrive!
Mark (PS0JX) [1733] [laugh] ... Yeah.
Mum (PS0K1) [1734] Well I don't like it very much I must say!
[1735] I mean, there's your privacy gone!
[1736] You know?
Mark (PS0JX) [1737] Yeah but it's completely anonymous, and no one 's gonna know I'm talking to you are they?
Mum (PS0K1) [1738] No, I'm trying to say ... what is behind all this ... if you really think of it?
Mark (PS0JX) [1739] Well it's beg it's ... to get the words ... in everyday conversation
Mum (PS0K1) [1740] Well, [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1741] isn't it!
Mum (PS0K1) [1742] I don't believe it's true, that's
Mark (PS0JX) [1743] Ha!
Mum (PS0K1) [1744] Well, I don't believe, they are after sound and the difference, you know, I mean you sit like this can you still hear me?
[1745] Or if you are in the kitchen, mum!
Mark (PS0JX) [1746] Well they're not gonna know!
Mum (PS0K1) [1747] Can you still hear that?
Mark (PS0JX) [1748] They're not ... they're not, that's already been done hasn't it?
[1749] They've already, this is a commercial machine this thing, you buy them down at Dixon's.
Mum (PS0K1) [1750] New words!
[1751] My God surely they don't need ordinary people to have new words, they just ... look around in universities!
[1752] That's where they go through for new words!
Dad (PS0K0) [1753] [...] on colloquial
Mark (PS0JX) [1754] No!
Dad (PS0K0) [1755] erm
Isobel (PS0K2) [1756] I reckon it's advertising, that's what it is ... to see whether people are mentioning certain products.
Mark (PS0JX) [1757] Well, have you been using Daz Automatic recently!
[1758] [laughing] Oh, dear oh dear [] !
Dad (PS0K0) [1759] No, I use [...] !
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Mum (PS0K1) [1760] Well ... I'm thinking of conversations, you know?
[1761] That er ... isn't anything to do with people spying for instance?
Mark (PS0JX) [1762] Oh nobody's gonna talk about that with this are they!
Mum (PS0K1) [1763] No, no, say [...] , I'm talking, that is seeing the advantage of it you see.
[1764] Say, for instance erm ... somebody wants to hear your opinion about and and get a, plans to ... er ... you know, to to [...] , you you find that out for me, you know that's what I'm saying!
Mark (PS0JX) [1765] Well they wouldn't be carrying a bloody great mike like that
Mum (PS0K1) [1766] Well
Mark (PS0JX) [1767] round would you!
Dad (PS0K0) [laugh]
Mum (PS0K1) [1768] you could hide away it.
Mark (PS0JX) [1769] You can't, cos if it goes inside your jumper it ge , the sound all gets muffled.
[1770] They have to be on the outside right, cos as soon as it goes through a piece of material you'll lose all the high frequency to it.
Mum (PS0K1) [1771] [whispering] Well, I don't like the idea of it very much [] !
Mark (PS0JX) [1772] [whispering] Don't you [] ?
Dad (PS0K0) [1773] Well [...] , wearing them out, things like that.
[1774] The thing to do is is to sort of er ... plot to overthrow parliament or something and see if there's any reaction!
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Dad (PS0K0) [laugh]
Mum (PS0K1) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [1775] Yeah.
Dad (PS0K0) [1776] [laughing] I couldn't wait to test it [] !
Mum (PS0K1) [laugh]
Isobel (PS0K2) [1777] Or tell them , tell them there's a few million pounds worth of gold coins in some field!
Mark (PS0JX) [1778] [laughing] This bloody great hole the next day there [] !
Dad (PS0K0) [1779] [laughing] Bring all the [...] and shovels and [...] [] !
Mark (PS0JX) [1780] Do it.
Mum (PS0K1) [1781] Yeah.
Dad (PS0K0) [1782] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [1783] I had to laugh though cos I was talking ... chap at work and ... they'd sent round this erm ... this form ... right, to fill in about your opinion about the company and everything.
[1784] And said, so it's completely anonymous and all that ... and he said oh I can't be bothered to send that in, so he chucked it in the bin ... [laughing] and they phoned him up and said why haven't you sent your form in [] ?
Dad (PS0K0) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Isobel (PS0K2) [1785] That's completely anonymous?
Dad (PS0K0) [1786] I thought, I thought you were going to say we found his form on [...] tip!
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Dad (PS0K0) [1787] Something to do with the rubbish, that is.
Mark (PS0JX) [1788] Oh yeah.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1789] Rupert Maxwell had everything taped didn't he?
[1790] All the offices [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [1791] Oh yes.
Mum (PS0K1) [1792] But who has he got employed to check it?
Dad (PS0K0) [1793] Well he hadn't got anybody that he would trust there you see
Mum (PS0K1) [1794] No, but I mean the whole day, I
Dad (PS0K0) [1795] not even the people he paid
Mum (PS0K1) [1796] talked [...] with a few people
Dad (PS0K0) [1797] Mhm.
Mum (PS0K1) [1798] an and then erm ... you know, who's going to listen to that tonight, you know, to see what they've
Dad (PS0K0) [1799] Mm.
Mum (PS0K1) [1800] been saying?
Dad (PS0K0) [1801] Mm.
Mum (PS0K1) [1802] You've got to have someone for that as well, you know!
Dad (PS0K0) [1803] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [1804] Yeah, and then an can he then ... can you trust the staff?
[1805] No, I'll get you sheet of paper on erm ... what it's about.
[1806] ... Oh I didn't bring it with me, I've only got my record book.
[1807] But the idea is
Isobel (PS0K2) [1808] [...] to see you.
Mark (PS0JX) [1809] you fill out a little sheet of paper ... with the, with the names like John A, John B or whatever, so that if there's another tape and you've marked John B and they missed a word, or what ... what the word was and they ... there's a chance that they might use it again later on you see.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1810] Probably want some erm ... articulate people [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [1811] Yeah.
[1812] Put down, the Buckingham Palace!
Mum (PS0K1) [1813] Ah, are they articulate?
Dad (PS0K0) [1814] [...] well they obviously use the Oxford Dictionary, not Longmans so
Mark (PS0JX) [1815] Ha!
[1816] You've heard of Longmans haven't you?
[1817] The printers?
Dad (PS0K0) [1818] Longmans, yes.
Mark (PS0JX) [1819] Publishers.
[1820] ... It's the Longman's er, Dictionary.
Mum (PS0K1) [1821] There's more to it than meets the eye!
Mark (PS0JX) [1822] Oh mum, mum's always
Isobel (PS0K2) [1823] So do they
Mark (PS0JX) [1824] had a suspicious mind hasn't she?
Mum (PS0K1) [1825] Yeah.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1826] do they, do they erm ... I mean, how do they analyze it?
Dad (PS0K0) [1827] Well
Isobel (PS0K2) [1828] Do they listen ... and le all the words that they recognize, they leave?
Dad (PS0K0) [1829] Those matches are [...] .
Isobel (PS0K2) [1830] But the ones that ... they're not familiar with they lo look up do they?
Mark (PS0JX) [1831] I don't know, maybe they erm ... a , they'll listen to the tapes ... and they probably sample some of the words into a computer ... to build up a database ... [sniff] ... of words that probably ... like you said, oh he's getting a lot of jip from his boss, you know, is probably not in the dictionary ... but if a lot of people said that word then they would.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1832] Yeah, that's I meant.
Dad (PS0K0) [1833] Have to has to come into common use before it gets into the dictionary.
Mum (PS0K1) [1834] Yeah.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1835] So if it was [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1836] Yeah, that's right.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1837] from actual people
Mark (PS0JX) [1838] That's why it's best not to tell people that you're doing it you see because then they ... they're careful what they say.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1839] Right.
Mark (PS0JX) [1840] You know.
[1841] I mean, they might [...] but it'll be a classic
Isobel (PS0K2) [1842] You can't help doing it though can you?
[1843] If you'd have made a story up that's it something else, I wo I wouldn't have known it's running.
Mum (PS0K1) [1844] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [1845] Yeah.
Mum (PS0K1) [1846] If you weren't have said ooh I ... was listening on the phones and just a ... leave it on, you know ... the phones.
Dad (PS0K0) [1847] What always amazes me when we play scrabble ... I mean, things that I consider to be slang ... you know, on the odd time I thought well I'll try that
Isobel (PS0K2) [1848] Well it used to be slang.
Dad (PS0K0) [1849] and I put them in, and I look in my dictionary, they're not there of course, cos my ... dictionary I had is from nineteen forty six
Mark (PS0JX) [1850] Mm.
Dad (PS0K0) [1851] look in even ... er ... ten years later it's there.
[1852] And tremendous number of of words which were ... written in slang, they were almost obscenities er
Isobel (PS0K2) [1853] Well that's
Dad (PS0K0) [1854] in there, you know.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1855] that's why you need to change your dictionary every few
Dad (PS0K0) [1856] That's right.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1857] years.
Dad (PS0K0) [1858] Yeah, to keep up.
Mark (PS0JX) [1859] Ooh!
Mum (PS0K1) [1860] Your mother's kicking
Mark (PS0JX) [1861] Ooh my ear!
Mum (PS0K1) [1862] you now!
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Isobel (PS0K2) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [1863] Did you get that? [laugh]
Dad (PS0K0) [1864] Oh yeah, we've seen it all now!
Mum (PS0K1) [1865] Oh dear!
Mark (PS0JX) [1866] Yeah.
[1867] Well I'll, I'm going up to the vet so I'll leave it running when we're in the vet.
[1868] Cos it's all different
Mum (PS0K1) [1869] Have you switched it off now?
Mark (PS0JX) [1870] No.
Mum (PS0K1) [1871] Oh, what's that then?
Mark (PS0JX) [1872] They're the headphones.
[1873] So you can ... play back and listen, make sure it's come out alright.
Mum (PS0K1) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1874] Yeah.
Mum (PS0K1) [1875] She certainly has the right bloke to do it.
[1876] Nobody else would have the patience!
[1877] You should have a hundred and fifty pound for it, not twenty five!
Mark (PS0JX) [1878] Well ... it's no big deal really is it?
[1879] Just a case of ... taking the tape deck around ... and if you're not having a conversation yo you can use the radio so ... I'm not really worried.
Mum (PS0K1) [1880] Oh can you?
Mark (PS0JX) [1881] Yeah!
[1882] Yeah!
Mum (PS0K1) [1883] Oh!
Isobel (PS0K2) [1884] And they supply the batteries?
Mark (PS0JX) [1885] Yep.
[1886] And twenty tapes ... which you erm ... you don't have to use all them ... just ... you know, fill what you can
Isobel (PS0K2) [1887] Can you keep the ones that you don't use?
Mark (PS0JX) [1888] No, you just give them back. [laugh]
Dad (PS0K0) [1889] I used one of your tapes you brought me for Christmas yesterday, [...] very nice!
Isobel (PS0K2) [1890] Good quality one?
Dad (PS0K0) [1891] Yeah, [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1892] Mm.
Dad (PS0K0) [1893] in my old tatty machine!
Isobel (PS0K2) [1894] Ooh, I've got some questions!
Dad (PS0K0) [1895] Ooh [...] !
[1896] Go on then?
Isobel (PS0K2) [1897] One will just be a quick, quickie.
[1898] Erm ... Pete is
Mark (PS0JX) [1899] Are they confidential?
[1900] Go on then.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1901] Pete's interested in ... obtaining a ... tarmac, is it?
[1902] Erm, no, that's all I know.
Mark (PS0JX) [1903] A tarmac?
Isobel (PS0K2) [1904] Erm, it's four track recording.
Mark (PS0JX) [1905] Oh T-ach
Isobel (PS0K2) [1906] Oh T-ach
Mark (PS0JX) [1907] [laugh] Tarmac [] !
Isobel (PS0K2) [1908] I knew it was something like that.
Dad (PS0K0) [1909] Tarmac you get out of a [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1910] Yeah.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1911] Yeah, I wouldn't know.
Dad (PS0K0) [1912] Handy thing to have if you if your road [...] .
Isobel (PS0K2) [1913] Erm
Mark (PS0JX) [1914] You wo won't be able to record a lot of music on it though.
[1915] Go on
Isobel (PS0K2) [1916] A four
Mark (PS0JX) [1917] then.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1918] a four track erm
Mark (PS0JX) [1919] Multi-track.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1920] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [1921] Yeah.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1922] And I told him that you had all the gear and I said that you wanted sixteen.
Mark (PS0JX) [1923] No.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1924] Thirty two.
Mark (PS0JX) [1925] No, I was sixteen down the studio wasn't I?
Isobel (PS0K2) [1926] What have yo , what have you got now then?
Mark (PS0JX) [1927] I got four track.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1928] Four track.
Mark (PS0JX) [1929] Four track on half inch.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1930] Oh, half of the tape.
Mark (PS0JX) [1931] Was it a cassette base or erm ... a reel to reel?
Isobel (PS0K2) [1932] No, I said he wants to buy one.
[1933] I think he wants to buy one.
Mark (PS0JX) [1934] Pete, who's Pete?
Isobel (PS0K2) [1935] My ex-boyfriend who's been helping [...] .
Mum (PS0K1) [...]
Isobel (PS0K2) [1936] Pete the strange, the strange, well ... [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1937] I don't remem
Isobel (PS0K2) [1938] boy.
Mark (PS0JX) [1939] I don't remember Pete.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1940] Yes, you do, Peter!
Mark (PS0JX) [1941] Peter?
[1942] Oh right!
[1943] Yeah, yeah!
Isobel (PS0K2) [1944] After Jonathan.
Mark (PS0JX) [1945] The one who was in erm ... good lord!
[1946] I can't keep track!
[1947] What the one who's er ... off round the world and ... oil rigs or something.
Mum (PS0K1) [1948] [...] yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [1949] Yeah.
Mum (PS0K1) [1950] Is he going back?
Isobel (PS0K2) [1951] Oh yeah!
[1952] I gotta take him some letters.
Mum (PS0K1) [1953] Have you?
Isobel (PS0K2) [1954] Well he's been helping me with things.
Mark (PS0JX) [1955] Is he a musician then?
Isobel (PS0K2) [1956] Well he plays quite a bit of guitar.
Mark (PS0JX) [1957] Yeah?
Isobel (PS0K2) [1958] And he wants to know where he can buy them in Ipswich.
Mark (PS0JX) [1959] Oh oh!
Isobel (PS0K2) [1960] And that's why he's not at home.
[1961] So
Mark (PS0JX) [1962] There's quite a lot of second hand if he's willing to travel around for them.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1963] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [1964] Depends what he wants.
[1965] But I mean er ... you can get cassette based ones which are quite cheap ... and cheap to run ... cos you just use, you know, good quality ... metal tapes ... and you get four tracks ... I think they even make a six track one now, or an eight track.
Isobel (PS0K2) [1966] He only wants four.
Mark (PS0JX) [1967] Erm ...
Isobel (PS0K2) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [1968] Er ... Norwich Road.
Mum (PS0K1) [1969] Well Marky I thought I'd just be practical and ask you, it's quarter one to , quarter to eleven you go and collect Sue.
Mark (PS0JX) [1970] Cor I'm gonna have to, I'm gonna have to go soon!
[1971] Yeah.
Mum (PS0K1) [1972] Yes.
[1973] Now listen
Mark (PS0JX) [1974] Yeah.
Mum (PS0K1) [1975] and how long are intending to stay so we can ... I'm still not here?
Mark (PS0JX) [1976] Well, the surgery's at half ... eleven till half twelve so ... we pop back here for a quick cup of tea and I want to go up to Felixstowe.
Mum (PS0K1) [1977] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [1978] Cos Charlie, you know, keeps digging rabbits up and he's knackered his claw!
Mum (PS0K1) [1979] Oh right.
[1980] So, you'll just have a cup of tea with a nice piece of chocolate cake?
Mark (PS0JX) [1981] Cor yeah!
[1982] Sounds good!
Mum (PS0K1) [1983] And then afterwards Isobel and I could go to Sainsbury's ... that's the whole idea.
[1984] And er
Mark (PS0JX) [1985] Oh right.
Mum (PS0K1) [1986] you are very welcome to stay for lunch but you say you can't.
[1987] You stay with father and mother don't you?
[1988] I thought you go out tonight?
Mark (PS0JX) [1989] Yeah, well we would stay but the, the surgery's only an hour you see, that's the trouble.
Mum (PS0K1) [1990] Yeah but with her father and mother?
Mark (PS0JX) [1991] Oh yeah!
Mum (PS0K1) [1992] Go ... go after that?
Mark (PS0JX) [1993] Mm.
Mum (PS0K1) [1994] Probably [...] , mm?
Mark (PS0JX) [1995] Well, Sue's hurt her shoulder cos she was carrying her bag on the train you know ... coming back from Birmingham.
Mum (PS0K1) [1996] Was it too heavy then?
Mark (PS0JX) [1997] Well, women they must ... pack the whole wardrobe don't they?
Mum (PS0K1) [1998] Mm.
[1999] So how's her shoulder, well a bit of heat and shoulder massage it would help.
Mark (PS0JX) [2000] Right, have a massage, yeah.
Mum (PS0K1) [2001] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Mum (PS0K1) [2002] [...] ... [...] you better go otherwise she will be annoyed!
[2003] Standing there, you said quarter to eleven!
Mark (PS0JX) [2004] Did I?
[2005] Oh, yeah well ... better her standing than me really!
[2006] Cos the car's bigger.
Mum (PS0K1) [2007] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [2008] Erm
Mum (PS0K1) [2009] Where is it then?
Mark (PS0JX)
Mum (PS0K1) [2010] Yeah, and you can't park.
[2011] Colourful boy isn't he, ha?
Isobel (PS0K2) [2012] ?
[2013] Did you say?
Mark (PS0JX) [2014] , on the Norwich Road, might be one.
Mum (PS0K1) [2015] ?
Mark (PS0JX) [2016] !
Mum (PS0K1) [2017] in Norwich.
Mark (PS0JX) [2018] Yes.
Isobel (PS0K2) [2019] Keyboards.
Mark (PS0JX) [2020] And there's they might do the machine.
[2021] But the ... mainly keyboards but ... 's your best bet.
Isobel (PS0K2) [2022] .
Mark (PS0JX) [2023] They do quite a lot of stuff in there.
[2024] They'll definitely have something.
Isobel (PS0K2) [2025] [...] in Norwich.
Mark (PS0JX) [2026] Waste of money though.
Isobel (PS0K2) [2027] Is it?
[2028] Well he's got thirteen hundred.
Mark (PS0JX) [2029] Better give me some then!
Isobel (PS0K2) [2030] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [2031] I'll sell him my machine for five hundred quid.
Isobel (PS0K2) [2032] Did you ... don't you want to sell it then?
Mark (PS0JX) [2033] Well it's a bloody great thing innit?
Isobel (PS0K2) [2034] Well
Mark (PS0JX) [2035] Half inch tapes ... at twenty five pound a reel ... for the tape.
[2036] Whereas cassette
Isobel (PS0K2) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [2037] you can, you know
Isobel (PS0K2) [2038] Did you want to keep it?
Mark (PS0JX) [2039] Oh yeah!
Isobel (PS0K2) [2040] Right.
Mark (PS0JX) [2041] Yeah.
[2042] Righto, I'll be off in a bit then!
Dad (PS0K0) [...] [...]

31 (Tape 033909)

Mark (PS0JX) [2043] How long was I then?
Sue (PS0JY) [2044] Fifty five!
Mark (PS0JX) [2045] Oh give me a break!
Sue (PS0JY) [2046] Darling you were!
Mark (PS0JX) [2047] Yeah well I didn't wanna have to sit here waiting for you, cos I know you every time you say oh so and so
Sue (PS0JY) [2048] Yeah, alright
Mark (PS0JX) [2049] I mean
Sue (PS0JY) [2050] okay!
Mark (PS0JX) [2051] as far as I was concerned you might have been in there another ... fifteen minutes!
[2052] Anyway I got chitter-chattering with mum and dad.
[2053] ... Must chuck the dogs in the shed for a bit.
Sue (PS0JY) [2054] Yeah, give them plenty of room.
Mark (PS0JX) [2055] As the frame came down and Bunny, came out and Bunny was sitting in the driver's seat again!
Sue (PS0JY) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [2056] Pest!
Sue (PS0JY) [2057] Anyway I've put it on Access so that that helped!
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [2058] Oh don't worry we'll get out of it.
Mark (PS0JX) [2059] They spotted the mike straight away you know!
Sue (PS0JY) [2060] Did they?
Mark (PS0JX) [2061] So I'm never gonna get away with it at work am I?
Sue (PS0JY) [2062] No, you're not, you mus , oh don't!
Mark (PS0JX) [2063] Oh no, what I mean is ... I'm not gonna be able to get away without people
Sue (PS0JY) [2064] No
Mark (PS0JX) [2065] knowing
Sue (PS0JY) [2066] cos it'll make them think about their language won't they?
[2067] A bloody good job!
Mark (PS0JX) [2068] Do I wanna go this way or go up round?
Sue (PS0JY) [2069] Go any way you want to go.
[2070] So, what do you reckon?
Mark (PS0JX) [2071] Haven't had a chance to look yet.
[2072] I'm just trying to get past these cars.
Sue (PS0JY) [2073] I'll tell you ... I'm going back to Lucy next time, she's, she's alright Vivien but she hasn't got it like Lucy, she's not as particular.
[2074] No don't!
Mark (PS0JX) [2075] Well that's why ... Lucy's so
Sue (PS0JY) [2076] Yeah, I know, well I'll book two weeks in advance.
Mark (PS0JX) [2077] busy.
Sue (PS0JY) [2078] That's right.
[2079] They only a pay a quid more for Lucy, so I'm bloody well gonna have Lucy!
[2080] Anyway, it's cut but it's not [...] .
[2081] Oh ... oh well done anyway.
[2082] Oh well we can go for a cup of tea now, I need some breakfast I'm starving!
Mark (PS0JX) [2083] Mum's making a cup of tea and ... a nice piece of chocolate cake.
Sue (PS0JY) [2084] Oh brilliant!
[2085] I need more than that I'm starving!
[2086] Anyway, give us a kiss.
Mark (PS0JX) [2087] Your cheeks are cold again.
Sue (PS0JY) [2088] I had about two inches cut off actually.
[2089] Well, it's a lot better than
Mark (PS0JX) [2090] Oh yeah!
[2091] Oh yeah, it's got a little fringe on there! [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [2092] Yeah, well it's a lot better length, you know, it was too long and it's ... much nicer this length, much more manageable I found.
[2093] It desperately needed a cut though, it was really irritating me!
Mark (PS0JX) [2094] Bloody building's a real eyesore isn't it?
[2095] Jesus!
Sue (PS0JY) [2096] Disgusting!
[2097] It really irritates me!
Mark (PS0JX) [2098] I can just imagine what it's gonna look like in a few years when it gets
Sue (PS0JY) [2099] So can I.
Mark (PS0JX) [2100] dirty, you know.
Sue (PS0JY) [2101] Rough!
Mark (PS0JX) [2102] Ugh!
Sue (PS0JY) [2103] Don't!
[2104] Never mind ... [...] won't change when I put it up, so, that's all I care about really.
[2105] Well it's not all I care about but
Mark (PS0JX) [2106] You said that so so damned [...] !
[2107] No one 's gonna build anything.
Sue (PS0JY) [2108] I know.
[2109] Good!
[2110] Oh, I know what Pam didn't bring, she was saying ooh you know ... apparently they've ... shut up all the entrances, the gaps in the fences cos they want to encourage ... erm ... wildlife to be on the back, on the mere an and not dogs and that!
[2111] So she said, you know, they were ... [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [2112] They fenced what?
Sue (PS0JY) [2113] They, you know, at the back of us they've ... blocked up the fences but I don't know whether she's got it right, I don't know.
[2114] I said well Scott, you know, said that if ... you know, we ever take our dogs on there ... he erm ... would give us a ring ... and he hasn't.
[2115] Or we would know, you know.
Mark (PS0JX) [2116] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [2117] So I hope they're not gonna say we don't want you on there cos of wildlife stuff.
Mark (PS0JX) [2118] Oh shit!
[2119] Yeah, but he doesn't own the bit behind us does he?
Sue (PS0JY) [2120] Course he does!
Mark (PS0JX) [2121] Ah, no I mean the ... I thought you meant the bit beyond the field.
[2122] There's not really wildlife in ... it's just a back grass area!
Sue (PS0JY) [2123] Well I know.
[2124] So what what
Mark (PS0JX) [2125] Unless it's long, you won't get anything in there.
Sue (PS0JY) [2126] what Bonnie was saying was erm ... don't you mean the common area bit, you know, the bit at the back?
[2127] She didn't seem to know, I thought well I'm not really
Mark (PS0JX) [2128] No.
Sue (PS0JY) [2129] worried about it I'm sure!
[2130] And if he is doing that I don't think he'll mind us going on there cos the other dogs that have started walking on there, do you know what I mean?
[2131] Can't really stop that
Mark (PS0JX) [2132] Well I haven't
Sue (PS0JY) [2133] much.
Mark (PS0JX) [2134] Well I haven't many ... really.
Sue (PS0JY) [2135] But if you walk through there I bet you haven't boarded those [...] .
[2136] I mean
Mark (PS0JX) [2137] No.
Sue (PS0JY) [2138] Sally was talking about it.
Mark (PS0JX) [2139] Yeah, well she should of, she should
Sue (PS0JY) [2140] she's a bit
Mark (PS0JX) [2141] have had that.
Sue (PS0JY) [2142] Yeah I know.
[2143] And she ooh you know I've spoken to Scott and asked him.
[2144] And I thought yeah I know mate, you might of now but you bloody well hadn't a year ago well I said well ... so I said before we even put the on the field once we'd phoned him up asked.
[2145] Alright, alright she said.
[2146] And I bloody well know that when we ... you know, first moved there and we're in the caravan she hadn't asked him and they'd already been there eighteen months!
Mark (PS0JX) [2147] Felt guilty as hell the first time I went on there!
Sue (PS0JY) [2148] Yeah, but you did have permission.
Mark (PS0JX) [2149] Well that's me all over isn't it?
Sue (PS0JY) [2150] Yeah but we had permission.
Mark (PS0JX) [2151] Not for the first time.
Sue (PS0JY) [2152] We did!
Mark (PS0JX) [2153] No, it was the day we went to get Bunny I think wasn't it?
[2154] The day you went to get Bunny and I had terrible hay fever.
Sue (PS0JY) [2155] Oh yeah, on the common land.
[2156] That common land doesn't belong to Scott though.
[2157] That belongs to that other git!
Mark (PS0JX) [2158] Yeah.
[2159] Er
Sue (PS0JY) [2160] Before we went on Scott's land we had permission.
Mark (PS0JX) [2161] Right, come on then!
[2162] ... [bell ring] Ding dong!
Sue (PS0JY) [2163] What's this for?
Mark (PS0JX) [2164] Oh it's quite good, to stop people tripping over.
[2165] Cos
Sue (PS0JY) [2166] Oh!
Mark (PS0JX) [2167] you thi , you look at it, you stand here in poor light ... it just looks like the stain's continued through.
Sue (PS0JY) [2168] Yeah, true.
Mark (PS0JX) [2169] So you try and put those on.
[2170] It's a good idea really.
Sue (PS0JY) [2171] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [2172] [singing] Dee dee dee dee dee dee [] .
[2173] Come on then!
Dad (PS0K0) [2174] Hello!
Sue (PS0JY) [2175] Hello!
Mark (PS0JX) [2176] Back again!
Dad (PS0K0) [2177] Hello!
[2178] Hello!
Sue (PS0JY) [2179] Hello!
Dad (PS0K0) [2180] How you doing?
Sue (PS0JY) [2181] I'm alright John.
[2182] And you?
Mark (PS0JX) [2183] Here's one Sue ... battle of the sexes.
Dad (PS0K0) [2184] Very er ... very er
Sue (PS0JY) [2185] Yeah, had it all cut John, it was too
Dad (PS0K0) [2186] [...] innit?
Sue (PS0JY) [2187] long.
[2188] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [2189] Ooh ooh! [laugh]
Dad (PS0K0) [2190] How you doing then love?
Sue (PS0JY) [2191] I'm alright John, really.
Mark (PS0JX) [2192] Look at that fringe!
Sue (PS0JY) [2193] Just a bit er ... my shoulder absolutely killing me carrying those bags [...] yesterday but ... apart from that I'm absolutely fine.
Dad (PS0K0) [2194] It all went off alright did it?
[2195] Oh good!
Sue (PS0JY) [2196] Yeah.
[2197] Yeah, it's alright I mean Be , Birmingham's an absolute dump but there you go!
Dad (PS0K0) [2198] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [2199] Hello!
[2200] Are you alright?
Mum (PS0K1) [2201] Good morning.
[2202] I've put the kettle on for you.
Sue (PS0JY) [2203] Ooh yes please!
Mark (PS0JX) [2204] And a nice chunk of chocolate gunk!
Dad (PS0K0) [laugh]
Mum (PS0K1) [2205] She's she's cut it well.
Sue (PS0JY) [2206] She hasn't cut it badly Barbara, she's not, she's not as good as Lucy.
[2207] And I think it's ... I said to her when she was cutting it, I said look you know one side's longer than the other ... and er
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [2208] she re-cut it ... and er ... I still think it is, slightly ... when you have that
Mark (PS0JX) [2209] Let's have a look.
Sue (PS0JY) [2210] turned under a bit more.
Mum (PS0K1) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [2211] No, it's that side.
[2212] Isn't he?
Dad (PS0K0) [2213] No, you look alright.
[2214] It's much softer than it was.
Mark (PS0JX) [2215] Yeah, well the ... you move your head around so it's
Dad (PS0K0) [2216] You've got that cut
Mark (PS0JX) [2217] just difficult to sort of analyze.
Sue (PS0JY) [2218] I know, but it's better ... it was too straggly.
Dad (PS0K0) [2219] Got this sort of silky look
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Dad (PS0K0) [2220] hasn't she, now?
Mum (PS0K1) [2221] Marky!
Mark (PS0JX) [2222] Oh thank you very much.
Mum (PS0K1) [2223] Yes.
[2224] Piece of er ... chocolate cake, Sue?
Sue (PS0JY) [2225] Yes please, and he's starving!
Mark (PS0JX) [2226] We didn't have a chance for breakfast this morning.
Mum (PS0K1) [2227] Ooh my God!
[2228] Do you want toast as well?
Sue (PS0JY) [2229] Ooh yes please! [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [2230] What time's surgery, half eleven innit?
Sue (PS0JY) [2231] Yeah.
[2232] Yep.
Mum (PS0K1) [2233] It's very cosy to have you here.
Mark (PS0JX) [2234] Mm mm.
[2235] Swelly's here!
Mum (PS0K1) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [2236] Oh is Swelly here?
Mark (PS0JX) [2237] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [2238] I'll go and see Swelly!
Dad (PS0K0) [2239] Yeah, [...] Yes, [...]
Mum (PS0K1) [2240] Where is she then?
Dad (PS0K0) [2241] She's in her room.
Mum (PS0K1) [2242] Haven't you had breakfast either?
Mark (PS0JX) [2243] No.
[2244] Well apart from half a slice of bread an ... so some orange.
Mum (PS0K1) [2245] Ooh well [...] .
[2246] Who first?
Mark (PS0JX) [2247] We didn't even have any jam.
[2248] We had three pots of jam in the fridge and they were all empty!
Mum (PS0K1) [2249] Who did that then?
Mark (PS0JX) [2250] I dunno.
[2251] Sue ... is ju and the pots back in the
Mum (PS0K1) [2252] Well ... gotta make a good breakfast.
Mark (PS0JX) [2253] Mm mm.
Mum (PS0K1) [2254] Better lay the table.
[2255] ... Will that do, jam ... and marmalade?
Mark (PS0JX) [2256] [sniff] I can smell gas.
Mum (PS0K1) [2257] [...] to.
Mark (PS0JX) [2258] Erm
Mum (PS0K1) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [2259] marmalade or something.
[2260] Oh, is that one that's left.
Sue (PS0JY) [2261] Yeah, I'll eat another one.
Mum (PS0K1) [2262] You want to get [...] off.
Mark (PS0JX) [2263] Cor, can I have half a banana on mine?
Mum (PS0K1) [2264] Yep, you can have banana.
Mark (PS0JX) [2265] I'm sure Sue would like banana as well.
[2266] [sigh] Oh!
Mum (PS0K1) [2267] Well if I had known, do you like [...] ?
Mark (PS0JX) [2268] Erm
Mum (PS0K1) [2269] Or [...] ?
Mark (PS0JX) [2270] I'll have a bit after my toast.
[2271] I'll have a bit after my toast.
Mum (PS0K1) [2272] Right.
[2273] ... Oh aye, Mark you didn't say anything you're so modest [...] .
[2274] Now, [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [2275] Cold again out there.
Mum (PS0K1) [2276] Yeah.
[2277] It is cold.
[2278] It's lovely!
[2279] Where did they [...] ?
Sue (PS0JY) [2280] Oh what was it called?
[2281] It's erm ... a cancel for a holiday form.
Mum (PS0K1) [2282] [...] holiday?
Sue (PS0JY) [2283] On the holiday [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [2284] Oh you got some smoke problems there as well
Mum (PS0K1) [2285] On the holiday?
Mark (PS0JX) [2286] John.
Sue (PS0JY) [2287] Yeah.
Dad (PS0K0) [2288] No, it's erm, just
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mum (PS0K1) [2289] What, the study of [...] ?
Sue (PS0JY) [2290] Yeah.
Dad (PS0K0) [2291] Cos mum should of shut the door so that the wood has er
Mum (PS0K1) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [2292] So, oh [...]
Dad (PS0K0) [2293] [...] you know.
Sue (PS0JY) [2294] Yeah.
Mum (PS0K1) [2295] Yeah?
Sue (PS0JY) [2296] Where do you want this?
Mum (PS0K1) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [2297] It's all, it's all very interesting actually and erm ... so she did [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [2298] Gotta get, I'll find er probably needs rebuilt.
Sue (PS0JY) [2299] Talking on the subject and then it's, they're talking about [...] genetics and things [...] .
[2300] Oh, it's all the
Mum (PS0K1) [2301] Can you keep up with it?
Sue (PS0JY) [2302] Well ... it
Mum (PS0K1) [2303] [...] you can?
Sue (PS0JY) [2304] Well, yes and no really, it's all ... related to D N A and cell division and they're really getting into ... different sorts now of how cancer is occurring.
Mum (PS0K1) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [2305] It's really very interesting!
Mum (PS0K1) [2306] Oh!
[2307] Do you have to study at night then?
Sue (PS0JY) [2308] Yeah, I have been cos I've been bored really so all I do is study.
[2309] And read books.
Mum (PS0K1) [2310] Look at the colours you got in that!
Mark (PS0JX) [2311] John you got smoke
Sue (PS0JY) [2312] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Mark (PS0JX) [2313] coming in the room!
Sue (PS0JY) [2314] But erm
Dad (PS0K0) [2315] Mm, that's just coming off the doors.
Sue (PS0JY) [2316] Yeah I've got to do a project, I'm gonna do a teaching package at work and
Dad (PS0K0) [2317] See, that's gonna burn off
Sue (PS0JY) [2318] I
Dad (PS0K0) [2319] now you see.
Sue (PS0JY) [2320] can teach the others at work.
Mark (PS0JX) [2321] Oh I see you ... it's a tarred all with the fronts of
Dad (PS0K0) [2322] Yeah, tarred
Mark (PS0JX) [2323] the
Dad (PS0K0) [2324] Yeah, just a bit you see, else, because of wood [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [2325] Oh blimey!
[2326] Makes a lot of mess dunnit?
Sue (PS0JY) [2327] Yeah.
Dad (PS0K0) [2328] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [2329] So they ... what would that be [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [2330] Yeah but that's the old tree, that came down
Dad (PS0K0) [2331] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [2332] years ago!
Sue (PS0JY) [2333] Well, yeah
Dad (PS0K0) [2334] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [2335] That'll be all dried out by now.
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Dad (PS0K0) [2336] Well it is dry but it's still
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Dad (PS0K0) [2337] full of resin innit?
[2338] I mean it does make smoke er ... maybe [...] .
Mum (PS0K1) [2339] Is that [...] ?
Sue (PS0JY) [2340] Well it's cheaper.
[2341] So er ... so I
Mark (PS0JX) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [2342] I remember I had to do one once, ear, nose and throat and everything and you're explaining to them where the ... the erm ... adenoid and tonsil and tissue was and oh my god talk about
Isobel (PS0K2) [2343] Mind you, I mean ... it must be
Sue (PS0JY) [2344] They were up the level ... that I was
Isobel (PS0K2) [2345] some woman ... that have ... but perhaps they've required so much more knowledge in the [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [2346] Well it might be.
Isobel (PS0K2) [2347] that you, you notice it more.
Sue (PS0JY) [2348] Yeah.
Isobel (PS0K2) [2349] Right.
Sue (PS0JY) [2350] But ... but no, you used to think they're doing, you're doing a good service aren't you?
Isobel (PS0K2) [2351] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [2352] I mean not all of them are like it but
Isobel (PS0K2) [2353] No.
Sue (PS0JY) [2354] but, but some of them, you know.
Isobel (PS0K2) [2355] Yeah, a bit irritating!
Sue (PS0JY) [2356] But er
Mark (PS0JX) [2357] What's wandle
Isobel (PS0K2) [2358] Wandle
Sue (PS0JY) [2359] They're not all of them are that committed
Mark (PS0JX) [2360] Oh wandle
Sue (PS0JY) [2361] to listen [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [2362] Wandle
Sue (PS0JY) [...] [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [2363] What the hell's wandle
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Isobel (PS0K2) [2364] Oh!
[2365] ... Did you find it very depressing?
Sue (PS0JY) [2366] Erm ... no, not really everything
Mark (PS0JX) [2367] I'm getting really paranoid about the smoke coming in the room!
Sue (PS0JY) [2368] [...] he said that [...] totally run of the place [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [2369] Have you bought a new set John?
[2370] You used to have
Sue (PS0JY) [2371] I mean
Mark (PS0JX) [2372] wooden ones.
Sue (PS0JY) [2373] They did it in X-ray ward and
Dad (PS0K0) [2374] No.
Sue (PS0JY) [2375] quite [...] cos he ... it's nothing much at all
Dad (PS0K0) [2376] [...] this is the one [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [2377] They kept their coats for for [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [2378] They get a lot of use and play all the time.
Sue (PS0JY) [2379] But erm ... no it's alright.
Mark (PS0JX) [2380] Oh!
Isobel (PS0K2) [2381] So, were th were they ... different?
Mark (PS0JX) [2382] Quite a successful game really isn't
Sue (PS0JY) [2383] Erm
Mark (PS0JX) [2384] it?
Sue (PS0JY) [2385] they're not necessarily [...] [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [2386] You wouldn't mind the royalties for that anyway!
Sue (PS0JY) [2387] [...] .
Dad (PS0K0) [2388] Look at that it fits it perfectly!
Sue (PS0JY) [2389] And we have a lot of experience.
Mark (PS0JX) [2390] The other co , other things come and go but
Sue (PS0JY) [2391] It's now up to them.
Mark (PS0JX) [2392] Scrabble goes on forever.
[2393] You know, it's like Heinz beans!
[2394] And erm
Sue (PS0JY) [2395] And it, I went to Birmin , Birmingham Children's Hospital [...]
Dad (PS0K0) [2396] I eat, oh where you going?
[2397] Oh [...] !
Sue (PS0JY) [2398] and it was very [...] to actually go to a children's
Mark (PS0JX) [2399] Two.
Sue (PS0JY) [2400] ward
Mum (PS0K1) [2401] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [2402] and actually see [...] [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [2403] Shit!
Sue (PS0JY) [2404] and the way you got [...] ... but er ... they [...] you know.
[2405] You know, it's alright in our manager levels but if you go higher than that then I mean they're just useless!
Mum (PS0K1) [2406] Mhm.
Sue (PS0JY) [2407] Waste of space really compared with a , paediatrics cos they er ... hey haven't got the forethought or the [...] .
Mum (PS0K1) [2408] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [2409] You know what I mean?
[2410] Whereas you ... I mean it's great you go into Birmingham Children's Hospital and it's red and blue and green and balloons and it was great!
[2411] And, and we've just had our walls repainted and I furious with ... with erm ... Rita ... cos all she we , all she got was these bloody pastel colours ... I tell you if I was [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [2412] Ah for kids?
Sue (PS0JY) [2413] out for blood!
[2414] The place is [...] , red and blue and greens.
Dad (PS0K0) [2415] They're they're alright for mature adults aren't they?
Sue (PS0JY) [2416] Eh?
Dad (PS0K0) [2417] They're alright for mature adults but pastel shades are too
Sue (PS0JY) [2418] They're boring!
Dad (PS0K0) [2419] boring for children aren't they?
Sue (PS0JY) [2420] You know I mean
Dad (PS0K0) [2421] kids like a bit of colour and
Sue (PS0JY) [2422] that's right!
Dad (PS0K0) [2423] and Mickey mice ... and mouses or
Sue (PS0JY) [2424] That's it!
Dad (PS0K0) [2425] whatever you call it?
Sue (PS0JY) [2426] I mean we've got all that, you know
Dad (PS0K0) [2427] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [2428] but we're not allowed to put posters on the walls you know, it's better for them to stick them at [...]
Dad (PS0K0) [2429] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [2430] or something. [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [2431] Why not?
[2432] Are they worried about ... destroying the
Sue (PS0JY) [2433] Well no well
Mark (PS0JX) [2434] paint?
[2435] Well use
Mum (PS0K1) [2436] Well
Mark (PS0JX) [2437] Blu-tac or something can't you?
Mum (PS0K1) [2438] That's right!
Sue (PS0JY) [2439] Well no you'd be amazed what they do, if you leave Blu Blu- tac up for a while how ... it actually takes
Dad (PS0K0) [2440] Yeah, marks or
Sue (PS0JY) [2441] the paint as well
Dad (PS0K0) [2442] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [2443] [...] .
[2444] And erm ... their consultant he really annoys me he erm
Dad (PS0K0) [2445] The silly part about it though
Sue (PS0JY) [2446] he's one of these
Dad (PS0K0) [2447] they should have panels Sue, in a children's ward!
Isobel (PS0K2) [2448] Yeah, that's right.
Sue (PS0JY) [2449] Yeah, but we do
Dad (PS0K0) [2450] You know
Sue (PS0JY) [2451] have panels John but then
Dad (PS0K0) [2452] long, long plain pieces of area you could
Sue (PS0JY) [2453] Yeah.
Dad (PS0K0) [2454] easily, you have to put roller over, you know, a quick
Sue (PS0JY) [2455] That's right.
Dad (PS0K0) [2456] job and use that for poster area and not touch the rest.
Sue (PS0JY) [2457] But you'd be amazed actually the few small bits ... areas there are, cos they put the, well the nice thing is it's a light building and there's loads of windows everywhere
Dad (PS0K0) [2458] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [2459] and there aren't big stretches of wall.
[2460] I mean
Mum (PS0K1) [2461] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [2462] I said to Cathy, look, why don't we get the polytechnic to erm, do a mirage?
[2463] [laugh] ... I think she thought I was mad!
[2464] And I said, look, get them to do a section of mirage and then it up on the ceiling
Mark (PS0JX) [2465] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [2466] all the way across.
Mark (PS0JX) [2467] Well can't they paint it straight on in the mi , on the ceiling?
Sue (PS0JY) [2468] No.
Dad (PS0K0) [2469] Sistine Chapel job!
Sue (PS0JY) [2470] You're joking!
[2471] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [2472] Well like, remember that programme we saw when they ... they did that thing for the kiddies' hospital didn't they?
Sue (PS0JY) [2473] That's right.
Mark (PS0JX) [2474] Er Anneka Rice thing
Sue (PS0JY) [2475] I might have a go actually see who I can get to do it.
Mark (PS0JX) [2476] and she erm ... they got these
Mum (PS0K1) [2477] What is it?
Mark (PS0JX) [2478] people in to paint all the corridors, this place was really dowdy wasn't it?
Sue (PS0JY) [2479] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [2480] All
Sue (PS0JY) [2481] I mean our place is nothing like that, I mean it isn't dowdy but ... they can probably put up wall coverings, scrap piece of paper, and they were ... drawings that the kids had ju , had drawn for us you know, and we said, look here mate, get stuffed, you know! [...] [...]
Dad (PS0K0) [2482] Well the thing is Sue that so many people ... don't have any feeling for chi for children like that
Sue (PS0JY) [2483] Yeah.
Dad (PS0K0) [2484] do they?
[2485] That they do their work and th and and
Sue (PS0JY) [2486] Mm.
Dad (PS0K0) [2487] they're conscientious and everything but the a child's painting is seen ju a bit of scrap paper!
Sue (PS0JY) [2488] Mm.
Dad (PS0K0) [2489] But I mean that's a child's expression and that's
Sue (PS0JY) [2490] Mm.
Dad (PS0K0) [2491] their work an an
Sue (PS0JY) [2492] That's right!
Dad (PS0K0) [2493] you know if you were pre , you can communicate with the children through that piece of paper
Sue (PS0JY) [2494] Yeah.
Dad (PS0K0) [2495] but if you
Sue (PS0JY) [2496] That's right.
Dad (PS0K0) [2497] destroy it, there, you've lost contact with them, even I know that!
Sue (PS0JY) [2498] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [2499] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [2500] Breakfast is ready I think John.
Dad (PS0K0) [2501] Breakfast is ready!
Sue (PS0JY) [2502] Ooh look at that!
Mum (PS0K1) [2503] Marky can you put it on the table please?
Mark (PS0JX) [2504] What are they?
[2505] Oh, apples!
[2506] I thought they were potatoes!
Sue (PS0JY) [2507] So erm ... we shall see anyway.
Mark (PS0JX) [2508] Oh well done!
Dad (PS0K0) [...]
Mum (PS0K1) [2509] Well done, yeah!
Dad (PS0K0) [2510] [...] , Sue.
Mark (PS0JX) [2511] Whoosha!
Mum (PS0K1) [2512] It's so hot or what?
Mark (PS0JX) [2513] Thank you.
[2514] No, I just dropped it.
Sue (PS0JY) [2515] No, it [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [2516] Come on Sue, grub up!
Sue (PS0JY) [2517] Right ... yep.
Mark (PS0JX) [2518] Toast and jam mate!
[2519] Ooh ooh ooh ha!
Sue (PS0JY) [2520] I think he did.
Mark (PS0JX) [2521] Half a banana.
[2522] Cheese and sprouches There's a good word for, sprouches [laugh]
Mum (PS0K1) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [2523] Er ... now, what's that?
Dad (PS0K0) [2524] I'm glad you found it successful.
Sue (PS0JY) [2525] Yeah, so it's
Dad (PS0K0) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [2526] it's it's good John.
Mark (PS0JX) [2527] Oh sprouches yeah!
Sue (PS0JY) [2528] It's good for me , you know, get my brain going again!
Mark (PS0JX) [2529] Two ... they alright?
Dad (PS0K0) [2530] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [2531] How old are
Sue (PS0JY) [2532] And er
Mark (PS0JX) [2533] these cakes?
Mum (PS0K1) [2534] They're [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [2535] It's very
Mark (PS0JX) [2536] Are they?
Sue (PS0JY) [2537] interesting actually, how the, how the advanced [...] drugs work, I've never looked into in that detail.
Dad (PS0K0) [2538] Yeah but [...]
Mum (PS0K1) [2539] I made those, the biggest one for [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [2540] Yeah.
Dad (PS0K0) [2541] the chain [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [2542] And the other is mine.
Dad (PS0K0) [2543] what actually happens to each
Mark (PS0JX) [2544] Right.
Dad (PS0K0) [2545] section of the
Mark (PS0JX) [2546] Sue!
Dad (PS0K0) [2547] are they getting
Mark (PS0JX) [2548] Tuck in.
Dad (PS0K0) [2549] down
Mum (PS0K1) [2550] She is.
Dad (PS0K0) [2551] to the nitty gritty?
Sue (PS0JY) [2552] I mean ... [...]
Dad (PS0K0) [2553] I had a
Mum (PS0K1) [2554] Where did you get it from?
Dad (PS0K0) [2555] a marvellous story before [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [2556] But the mum of
Dad (PS0K0) [2557] it's a bit like [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [2558] John says, it's alright.
Mum (PS0K1) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [2559] That's right.
Dad (PS0K0) [2560] English and enable you to understand
Sue (PS0JY) [2561] Mm.
Dad (PS0K0) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [2562] Oh hang on!
[2563] No, that's John's, piggy!
Sue (PS0JY) [2564] Alright.
Mark (PS0JX) [2565] That's yours.
[2566] There you go.
Sue (PS0JY) [2567] Oh thank you!
[2568] I'm getting spoilt.
Dad (PS0K0) [2569] Yeah I should think that's quite
Mark (PS0JX) [2570] Splendid!
Dad (PS0K0) [2571] er
Mum (PS0K1) [2572] [...] !
Dad (PS0K0) [2573] quite interesting.
Sue (PS0JY) [2574] Ooh [...] butter [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [2575] Oh, butter!
[2576] I've got it over here, it's alright.
Sue (PS0JY) [2577] Yes, it's erm
Dad (PS0K0) [2578] I I watched a
Sue (PS0JY) [2579] it's really good!
Dad (PS0K0) [2580] on er ... Open University about er ... er these er drugs designed to ... you know ... er well
Sue (PS0JY) [2581] Yeah.
Dad (PS0K0) [2582] a lot of them were ... too complicated for me to explain to you but I mean I appreciated the ... the miracle of it all, like they could actually ... take the thing to pieces
Sue (PS0JY) [2583] Yeah.
Dad (PS0K0) [2584] to that extent, you know.
Sue (PS0JY) [2585] Yeah.
Dad (PS0K0) [2586] And they got it down to, not the bricks but the sand that the bricks was made of because
Sue (PS0JY) [2587] Mm.
Mum (PS0K1) [2588] Oh here you are John, here's a piece of cake.
[2589] Anyone else, piece of cake?
Mark (PS0JX) [2590] Cor, finish me!
[2591] There's half a
Mum (PS0K1) [2592] Chocolate cake?
Mark (PS0JX) [2593] banana for you.
Sue (PS0JY) [2594] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [2595] Don't eat it all!
Mum (PS0K1) [2596] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [2597] Oh is it home made?
Dad (PS0K0) [2598] I passed a great big pile of wood in a ditch yesterday afternoon
Mum (PS0K1) [...]
Dad (PS0K0) [2599] and I
Mark (PS0JX) [2600] Bet that was painful!
Dad (PS0K0) [2601] and I reached down to er
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Dad (PS0K0) [2602] gather the wood up but that was too far to go and
Mum (PS0K1) [2603] Are you having fun Marky?
[2604] Marky?
Mark (PS0JX) [2605] Well it's just that ... dad said he passed a great big piece of wood, I said that must have been painful!
Mum (PS0K1) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Mum (PS0K1) [2606] This is my little trick too.
[2607] Sprouche and [...] .
[2608] Like this you see.
Mark (PS0JX) [2609] Any excuse!
Mum (PS0K1) [2610] Mm mm , it's my little trick!
Mark (PS0JX) [2611] It's like the er ... the honey and the
Mum (PS0K1) [2612] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [2613] and the su and the stuff.
Mum (PS0K1) [2614] Mm.
[2615] ... What are you doing?
Sue (PS0JY) [2616] Well I've just been back [...] , haven't been yet.
[2617] So I shall [...] again. [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [2618] Yeah, so we're gonna have a dossy day today.
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mum (PS0K1) [2619] Was the train journey very tiring?
Sue (PS0JY) [2620] No,no well not really Elly, trouble is I had my bag with me and erm ... it's carrying it across the Underground ... but it's quite a way across the Underground cos you have go
Isobel (PS0K2) [2621] Back pack ... that's what you need, definitely.
Sue (PS0JY) [2622] Yeah I know, but I don't
Isobel (PS0K2) [2623] I know they look awful
Sue (PS0JY) [2624] I ca , oh I'm not bothered about that but I can't be bothered to buy one just for ... four
Isobel (PS0K2) [2625] Jus
Sue (PS0JY) [2626] weeks.
Isobel (PS0K2) [2627] no, just borrow mine.
Sue (PS0JY) [2628] Mm.
Isobel (PS0K2) [2629] If you want.
[2630] But tha that will stop your back ache.
Sue (PS0JY) [2631] Well I'm just not gonna take as much stuff.
[2632] Erm, you have to go from Liverpool Street ... on the ... Circle Line to ... to Moorgate and then get the Northern Line ... to ... Euston.
[2633] I can get another train from there.
Dad (PS0K0) [2634] And London is still as grotty and as horrible as [...] I suppose!
Sue (PS0JY) [2635] Well, I was actually im , very impressed with the Underground cos I do , I haven't been to Euston before and the Underground is really ... I mean, it's modern but it's clean and it's actually
Dad (PS0K0) [2636] And it's smoke-free now isn't it?
Sue (PS0JY) [2637] loads
Mark (PS0JX) [2638] Mhm.
Sue (PS0JY) [2639] and loads better and th the Underground [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [2640] And they keep them a lot cleaner now.
Sue (PS0JY) [2641] Yeah, that's right.
Mark (PS0JX) [2642] Cos of fire and things.
Sue (PS0JY) [2643] Loads better, really looking better.
Mum (PS0K1) [2644] Oh right!
Dad (PS0K0) [2645] Well the Charing Cross disaster probably
Sue (PS0JY) [2646] Yeah, exactly.
Dad (PS0K0) [2647] kicked somebody's arse!
Sue (PS0JY) [2648] Mm.
[2649] So, it's ... it's certainly loads better.
[2650] I mean, Birmingham's a dump, but I mean
Dad (PS0K0) [2651] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [2652] the area where I am ... I mean it isn't too bad but it's, it's not brilliant by any means, no.
[2653] But I mean the B and B's alright and er ... they've paid for me to have an ensuite room ... and a ... quite reasonable ... breakfast so
Mum (PS0K1) [2654] Right ... [...] here.
Sue (PS0JY) [2655] Mm mm.
Mum (PS0K1) [2656] You got a big [...]
Dad (PS0K0) [2657] Well do you think of our Sharon then?
Sue (PS0JY) [2658] Mm, yeah.
Dad (PS0K0) [2659] Did you hear about our Sharon?
Sue (PS0JY) [2660] Mm!
[2661] Mm!
Dad (PS0K0) [2662] Got her job.
Sue (PS0JY) [2663] Great!
[2664] Mm!
[2665] Yeah.
Dad (PS0K0) [2666] Her sister, the daughter-in-laws are making a take over little by little!
Sue (PS0JY) [2667] That's right.
Mum (PS0K1) [2668] Or Cathy, she'll soon [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [2669] Mm, I don't know about that Elly.
Mum (PS0K1) [2670] Well, [...] possibility.
[2671] You're probably in charge anyway!
Sue (PS0JY) [2672] Yeah but ... I've got to the move to the next ward soon.
Isobel (PS0K2) [2673] What's that?
Sue (PS0JY) [2674] Well the big ... there's gonna be big problems really because erm ... there used to be two of us that were F grades, yeah?
[2675] Well there used to be just me but then they've employed another one ... and we were so fed up with being on nights that we said look, I'm afraid we've had enough of this, you know ... so she ... I said to her how about you allocate us each to a ward you see

32 (Tape 034001)

Mark (PS0JX) [2676] I've got to do it for a week haven't I?
[2677] So
Sue (PS0JY) [2678] I know but you don't have to do it every single day do you?
Mark (PS0JX) [2679] Why not?
[2680] I'm not talking dirty [laugh] or anything are we?
Sue (PS0JY) [2681] No of course.
Mark (PS0JX) [2682] I should of said it.
Sue (PS0JY) [2683] Have you got to do it when you [...] ?
Mark (PS0JX) [2684] No, you have though.
[2685] [laugh] ... [laughing] You know what happened last time I did that [] !
Sue (PS0JY) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [2686] There you go!
[2687] No chance!
[2688] Oh my God, it's a big one!
[2689] Don't flick it though!
[2690] Fworr!
[2691] God!
[2692] No wonder he was keen to get going!
[2693] [cough] ... Oh!
Sue (PS0JY) [2694] [laugh] ... [...] might be the same as you.
[2695] [...] can't be that long. [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [2696] We're not having too early a lunch are we?
Sue (PS0JY) [2697] I hope not.
Mark (PS0JX) [2698] Cos I'm not very hungry at the moment.
Sue (PS0JY) [2699] Oh it's just nice to have a dossy Saturday, know what I mean?
Mark (PS0JX) [2700] It's lovely in here ... sheltered from the wind.
Sue (PS0JY) [2701] I know.
[2702] This time last Saturday we were ... frantically doing that painting.
Mark (PS0JX) [2703] [...] before it got dark. [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [2704] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [2705] Ooh!
[2706] Lucky's here!
Sue (PS0JY) [2707] Alright?
Mark (PS0JX) [2708] He's come to say hello.
Sue (PS0JY) [2709] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [2710] Chassie!
Sue (PS0JY) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [2711] [laughing] Both bigger than you, you've lost three [] !
Sue (PS0JY) [2712] How old's yours?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [2713] Five months.
Sue (PS0JY) [2714] Oh right, yeah.
[2715] [laugh] ... Hello!
Mark (PS0JX) [2716] Who's over here?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [2717] There's your old puppy.
Sue (PS0JY) [2718] Come on big boy!
[2719] I better get hold of him.
Mark (PS0JX) [2720] Don't seem to slow down when they get older do they?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [2721] Yeah.
[2722] Quite frightened cos he [laughing] don't know you [] .
Mark (PS0JX) [2723] Come on Charlie!
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [2724] [...] the dog.
Sue (PS0JY) [2725] Go on, go with [...] . [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [2726] Go on then.
Sue (PS0JY) [2727] [laughing] Come on [] ! [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [2728] Come on, let's go!
[2729] Eh? [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [2730] Charlie!
Sue (PS0JY) [2731] Charles, come on!
Mark (PS0JX) [whistling]
Sue (PS0JY) [2732] Shall we go up here or round there.
[2733] Shall we go up through here?
Mark (PS0JX) [2734] I don't mind.
Sue (PS0JY) [2735] Charlie this way!
Mark (PS0JX) [2736] It's a bit cold up on the field isn't it?
Sue (PS0JY) [2737] Put the brakes on.
[2738] Come on!
Mark (PS0JX) [2739] Well watch that claw! [yawn]
Sue (PS0JY) [2740] At least he hasn't gotta worry now [...] .
[2741] I'm sure it was that give him trouble [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [2742] Yeah, [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [2743] Well you know, you know it
Mark (PS0JX) [2744] Put one in, put the pill in, put another one in.
Sue (PS0JY) [2745] Yeah, literally!
Mark (PS0JX) [2746] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [2747] And you've gotta get them like this ... so he sees the next one coming so he doesn't think ooh, he's seen this, he's thinking of this one and not this one.
[2748] [laugh] Oh [...] [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [2749] He just gulps down the one he's got!
Sue (PS0JY) [2750] That's right.
[2751] That's right, he doesn't think sort of, does he?
Mark (PS0JX) [2752] Come on sniffy!
[2753] Here are, here's your ball!
[2754] Chassie, bally!
[2755] Bally, come on!
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [2756] Come on!
Sue (PS0JY) [2757] Charles, come on!
[2758] Morning!
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [2759] Morning!
Mark (PS0JX) [2760] Morning!
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [2761] Good morning!
Mark (PS0JX) [2762] Charlie, come on! ... [whistling]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [2763] Has he hurt his paw?
Mark (PS0JX) [2764] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [2765] Hello [...] !
[2766] Oh!
[2767] Go on!
Mark (PS0JX) [2768] Thanks!
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [2769] Cheers!
[2770] Come on you!
Sue (PS0JY) [2771] What would your life be without dogs, eh?
Mark (PS0JX) [2772] Quieter probably.
Sue (PS0JY) [2773] [laugh] ... You love it!
[2774] You know I think he mocks!
Mark (PS0JX) [2775] No, I can see [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [2776] [...] Mark!
[2777] Do you remember that Saturday I remember sitting on the stairs, Mark, look what I've seen in your paper!
Mark (PS0JX) [2778] Well I did promise you a doggy didn't I?
Sue (PS0JY) [2779] I know.
[2780] I know you were good.
Mark (PS0JX) [2781] Ow!
Sue (PS0JY) [2782] Look what I've seen in the paper Mark! [...] ,ca can we go and have a look?
[2783] Well we don't really want a long-haired [...] !
[2784] Well can we go and have a look anyway Mark?
Mark (PS0JX) [2785] Mm.
[2786] Come on!
Sue (PS0JY) [2787] Then we went and had a
Mark (PS0JX) [2788] Get your ball!
Sue (PS0JY) [2789] look and this bastard comes thundering up that road and you go ... oh my god!
Mark (PS0JX) [2790] [...] No!
[2791] Oh no!
Sue (PS0JY) [2792] But then you were the first one to say to me when we took him out, oh what do you think?
[2793] Didn't you?
Mark (PS0JX) [2794] Oh he was alright once he went out wasn't he?
Sue (PS0JY) [2795] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [2796] Oh no!
[2797] The horses!
[2798] Honey, you better go and get her!
[2799] Ooh my god!
[2800] Bloody hell!
[2801] I'm amazed!
Sue (PS0JY) [2802] She's not here.
[2803] No, Honey don't go in there!
Mark (PS0JX) [2804] Honey.
Sue (PS0JY) [2805] [shouting] Honey out [] !
Mark (PS0JX) [2806] [shouting] Out!
[2807] Out!
Sue (PS0JY) [2808] [shouting] Honey [] !
Mark (PS0JX) [2809] Out!
Sue (PS0JY) [2810] Hey!
Mark (PS0JX) [2811] [shouting] eh [] !
Sue (PS0JY) [2812] Come here!
Mark (PS0JX) [2813] Good girl.
[2814] They would of [...] .
[2815] ... Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [2816] [...] little dog at one of the horse and they kick its legs and that was a nasty [...] ... blamed the dog.
[2817] Good idea that you know, [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [2818] Yeah, well they get ... they're probably used to the horses actually ... er, dogs.
[2819] There's people with dogs down here all the time aren't they?
[2820] They've all got little rugs on!
[2821] Keep them warm?
Sue (PS0JY) [2822] Yeah, that's what we use them for ... but I'm sure she's ... [...] running.
[2823] Oh god I wonder if we'll have kids that want ponies ... Oh god!
Mark (PS0JX) [2824] Oh no, no no, no, no, they're not gonna have ponies or football!
[2825] If our kids wanna go to the football it'll be ... well erm
Sue (PS0JY) [2826] You can ride ponies but I don't think we could actually afford one.
Mark (PS0JX) [2827] go and do a paper round and you can go then can't you?
Sue (PS0JY) [2828] Don't think we can afford to erm ... keep ponies.
Mark (PS0JX) [2829] Got nowhere to put them anyway!
[2830] I wouldn't, erm, I wouldn't have er ... horses or ponies unless we had
Sue (PS0JY) [2831] Well you, would you [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [2832] couple of acres at least to put them on.
Sue (PS0JY) [2833] If it came to it you could keep them at the Chestnuts over the road.
[2834] Bonnie, come on!
Mark (PS0JX) [2835] Bon!
Sue (PS0JY) [2836] And stable them.
[2837] We could build a stable, put them at the bottom of the garden [...] ... and how expensive the
Mark (PS0JX) [2838] Stables at the bottom of our garden?
Sue (PS0JY) [2839] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [2840] We could always ask Scott [laughing] if we could put them on [...] [] !
Sue (PS0JY) [2841] I know, the Chestnut ... is over the road.
Mark (PS0JX) [2842] Chestnut?
[2843] Oh what the er ... well would they
Sue (PS0JY) [2844] Erm
Mark (PS0JX) [2845] well I supp
Sue (PS0JY) [2846] [...] what is her name?
Mark (PS0JX) [2847] Oh yeah!
Sue (PS0JY) [2848] Mandy.
Mark (PS0JX) [2849] Do you reckon she would er
Sue (PS0JY) [2850] [...] [...] ... yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [2851] Oh right!
Sue (PS0JY) [2852] But, I mean ... horses are expensive
Mark (PS0JX) [2853] So they're not all her horses then?
Sue (PS0JY) [2854] No!
[2855] No, no, no!
Mark (PS0JX) [2856] Oh I didn't reali , I thought they were all hers.
Sue (PS0JY) [2857] No!
[2858] She has erm ... you know, people keep their horses there.
Mark (PS0JX) [2859] So what does she do just maintain the stables?
Sue (PS0JY) [2860] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [2861] They so , cos they bi , built some new stables didn't they?
Sue (PS0JY) [2862] [...] , yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [2863] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [2864] But er, no I don't know I hope not!
[2865] I sort of looked on the ... on the board and saw a ... thirteen two pony for sale ... been shown last year ... so it's probably a ... sort of a working man's pony, you know, that sort of class.
Mark (PS0JX) [2866] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [2867] A thousand quid!
Mark (PS0JX) [2868] [laughing] Cor [] !
Sue (PS0JY) [2869] And it looked a nice pony one.
Mark (PS0JX) [2870] A thousand quid, you've gotta be joking!

33 (Tape 034002)

Mark (PS0JX) [2871] They nick your car away.
Sue (PS0JY) [2872] Well if the steering lock's not on obviously quite easily.
Mark (PS0JX) [2873] Yeah but ... if the key's not in there ... and you turn the wheel it locks in straight away anyway!
Sue (PS0JY) [2874] Yeah, that's true.
Mark (PS0JX) [2875] Or you could do an Arnold Schwarzenegger, just go ... [...] break the lock!
Sue (PS0JY) [2876] Yeah, the trouble with the steering lock is the same [...] ... Ford or an Astra.
Mark (PS0JX) [2877] Possibly. ... [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [2878] I'm in fifth gear ... give it some welly!
Mark (PS0JX) [2879] Well you're still in third.
Sue (PS0JY) [2880] I know.
Mark (PS0JX) [2881] Well you won't [...] you spoilt it.
Sue (PS0JY) [2882] Come on!
[2883] Cor blimey, [...] in this bloke!
Mark (PS0JX) [2884] Look out [...] a car.
[2885] Cor that's seen some service!
[2886] [laughing] It was knackered!
[2887] Did you see it [] ?
Sue (PS0JY) [2888] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [2889] Shot away.
[2890] ... It's time to get in the bath again.
Sue (PS0JY) [2891] It's gone ever so quickly, these [...] have grown up.
Mark (PS0JX) [2892] I know, nice though.
Sue (PS0JY) [2893] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [2894] Are we gonna be here all day now then?
Sue (PS0JY) [2895] I don't think so, no.
[2896] [...] ... goody good!
[2897] There we go!
Mark (PS0JX) [2898] Right.
[2899] When has Charlie gotta start on his pills then?
Sue (PS0JY) [2900] Well ... they they've halved the tablet twice a day [...] to get into the ... [...] .
[2901] Until [...] that's what I've gotta do.
Mark (PS0JX) [2902] Right.
[2903] ... This car is a mess!
[2904] ... Yeah, you'll be driving this one well I'll have a new one.
Sue (PS0JY) [2905] Oh no!
Mark (PS0JX) [2906] I'm the one who deserves a new one I've been driving around in a van for three years!
Sue (PS0JY) [2907] You're gonna have
Mark (PS0JX) [2908] Wait!
Sue (PS0JY) [2909] a new one ... [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [2910] No, you're gonna have this one, you're gonna
Sue (PS0JY) [2911] No I won't.
Mark (PS0JX) [2912] continue with your old one.
Sue (PS0JY) [2913] No I'm not!
Mark (PS0JX) [2914] Chas, here, wait!
[2915] ... Well, I'm just concerned about cats in there.
[2916] Wait!
[2917] Wait!
[2918] Wa ... You got the key Sue?
[2919] You gotta lock the boot up.
[2920] You've got to lock the boot.
[2921] The boot ... you've gotta lock!
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [2922] Alright.
[2923] ... Oh dear!
Sue (PS0JY) [2924] Well you can
Mark (PS0JX) [2925] Wait!
Sue (PS0JY) [2926] quickly wipe it up while I get them a drink darling.
[2927] Just dump it at the door there.
Mark (PS0JX) [2928] This do , gate's jamming isn't it?
Sue (PS0JY) [2929] Yeah it is.
Mark (PS0JX) [2930] Ah dear!
[2931] It's so swollen.
Sue (PS0JY) [2932] [...] ... [whistling] ... Oh Honey, we've just taken you out!
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [2933] Hello trouble!
Pauline (PS0K4) [2934] Hello dear!
Derek (PS0K3) [2935] Hello.
Sue (PS0JY) [2936] [...] an hour.
Pauline (PS0K4) [2937] Hello my love, how are you?
Derek (PS0K3) [2938] Yeah so we o , we ordered the part [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [2939] We're coming in.
Pauline (PS0K4) [2940] It's cold.
Mark (PS0JX) [2941] It's freezing
Pauline (PS0K4) [2942] It's cold isn't it?
Mark (PS0JX) [2943] in there.
Pauline (PS0K4) [2944] Mm.
Derek (PS0K3) [2945] Oh!
Pauline (PS0K4) [2946] But it's not quite as cold today as it was yest , you know during the week cos it's then erm
Derek (PS0K3) [2947] I think it's colder today
Mark (PS0JX) [2948] Hello Derek.
Derek (PS0K3) [2949] than it was yesterday.
[2950] Hello Mark.
Pauline (PS0K4) [2951] Do you really?
Sue (PS0JY) [2952] He's duffed another claw in anyway so
Mark (PS0JX) [2953] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [2954] more antibiotics!
Mark (PS0JX) [2955] More money!
[2956] More bills!
Derek (PS0K3) [2957] Yeah, I know.
Sue (PS0JY) [2958] What do you think's gonna happen then?
[2959] He's been doing it last year ... on this foot ... mm, I think it was [...] claw.
Mark (PS0JX) [2960] Check my shoes.
Derek (PS0K3) [2961] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [2962] All infected
Pauline (PS0K4) [2963] Yeah.
Derek (PS0K3) [2964] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [2965] he had two lots of antibiotics then and an anaesthetic.
Pauline (PS0K4) [2966] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [2967] Well now he's done ... this one
Mark (PS0JX) [2968] This
Sue (PS0JY) [2969] one on this foot.
Pauline (PS0K4) [2970] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [2971] So what happened, I thought ... the nail had broken off, well I knew that and I
Pauline (PS0K4) [2972] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [2973] thought ... erm ... that the tissue was growing [...] ... but then I looked at it last night [...] and it was a bit
Derek (PS0K3) [2974] Oh!
Pauline (PS0K4) [2975] Yes.
Sue (PS0JY) [2976] and er ... perhaps I thought it was infected and she said yeah [...] animals, he's got, I mean we've caught it early, so
Pauline (PS0K4) [2977] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [2978] so he's only got the [...] we had wrong but
Pauline (PS0K4) [2979] Yes.
Sue (PS0JY) [2980] erm
Pauline (PS0K4) [2981] and he's not [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [2982] No.
Pauline (PS0K4) [2983] but it's it's not, just looks [...] and it will do for a while.
Sue (PS0JY) [2984] Yeah, yeah he he ... he doesn't particularly like you touching it, cos it's er still
Pauline (PS0K4) [2985] No.
Sue (PS0JY) [2986] a bit sore.
[2987] When he gets on to the old antibiotics he
Pauline (PS0K4) [2988] Good lord!
[2989] I see.
Sue (PS0JY) [2990] Good old ... twelve, thirteen quid!
Pauline (PS0K4) [2991] Ooh, [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [2992] [...] goes quickly , I know he's terrible!
[2993] I mean, Honey, considering she's older, touch wood ... and, you know ... hardly
Pauline (PS0K4) [2994] She
Sue (PS0JY) [2995] costs a penny!
Pauline (PS0K4) [2996] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [2997] And she [...] off of you and
Derek (PS0K3) [2998] Yeah.
Pauline (PS0K4) [2999] That's it.
Mark (PS0JX) [3000] He's a hooligan!
Pauline (PS0K4) [3001] Isn't that infuriating though!
Sue (PS0JY) [3002] Well ... no.
[3003] Oh oh oh oh!
Derek (PS0K3) [3004] Yeah, that's the trouble innit?
[3005] It's like all these things they say when you go to the vet and that.
Mark (PS0JX) [3006] Well, when you think how much they must earn in an hour cos Sue was only in there ten minutes! [laugh]
Derek (PS0K3) [3007] Yeah, yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3008] So it's twelve pound, well I mean that's the tablets [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [3009] And that [...] because she wanted a chat the same as me.
Derek (PS0K3) [3010] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [3011] So ... do you like my hair?
Pauline (PS0K4) [3012] Yes!
Sue (PS0JY) [3013] I've had a [...]
Pauline (PS0K4) [3014] [...] Elizabeth Taylor!
Derek (PS0K3) [3015] Ooh I say!
[3016] [laughing] Oh oh dear [] !
Sue (PS0JY) [3017] What do you
Pauline (PS0K4) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [3018] you mean, oh dear?
Pauline (PS0K4) [3019] I said you look like
Mark (PS0JX) [3020] More bills, more money see what I mean!
Pauline (PS0K4) [3021] Elizabeth
Derek (PS0K3) [3022] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Pauline (PS0K4) [3023] Taylor.
Derek (PS0K3) [3024] Yeah, yeah!
Sue (PS0JY) [3025] Why Elizabeth Taylor?
Pauline (PS0K4) [3026] [...] back in erm
Sue (PS0JY) [3027] What do you mean?
[3028] Cleopatra [...] ?
Derek (PS0K3) [3029] No I was thinking that I've seen her ... perhaps I was thinking, you know, you remind me of it.
Sue (PS0JY) [3030] What a cheek!
[3031] She don't remind you of anybody she is who she is!
Derek (PS0K3) [3032] No I meant one of the film actresses that ... has it done that way or something, [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [3033] Well it was long and it was straggly and it got on my nerves!
Derek (PS0K3) [3034] Oh!
Sue (PS0JY) [3035] So I thought I'll have it cut to this length.
Pauline (PS0K4) [3036] Mhm.
Derek (PS0K3) [3037] I see, mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [3038] You don't like it father?
Derek (PS0K3) [3039] No, oh yes I do, yes, yes.
[3040] I was trying to think, you know
Pauline (PS0K4) [3041] Much thicker than [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [3042] Yes.
Derek (PS0K3) [3043] Oh!
Pauline (PS0K4) [3044] Well I think
Sue (PS0JY) [3045] We're getting it we're getting there ... are we?
Pauline (PS0K4) [3046] you look
Derek (PS0K3) [3047] Yeah.
Derek (PS0K3) [3048] Yes,yo you are actually.
Sue (PS0JY) [3049] Ooh [...] !
Mark (PS0JX) [3050] Splendid!
[3051] Sue's gonna make one when we get home so that'll be two apple
Sue (PS0JY) [3052] Yeah, she will.
Mark (PS0JX) [3053] pies!
Pauline (PS0K4) [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Derek (PS0K3) [3054] Oh!
Mark (PS0JX) [3055] Can I have a drink?
[3056] I'm gasping!
Pauline (PS0K4) [3057] Yes dear.
[3058] Erm ... yep, you know we're gonna have one, ooh I'll show you these bed covers you done, have you [...] ?
[3059] What dear?
Mark (PS0JX) [3060] Can I have some of this grape juice?
Derek (PS0K3) [3061] Oh yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3062] Oh it's already open that's alright.
Derek (PS0K3) [3063] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3064] Apple pie, ha!
Pauline (PS0K4) [3065] Well how you've been doing this week?
Mark (PS0JX) [3066] Er ... well it's gone on very quickly actually.
[3067] I've just
Pauline (PS0K4) [3068] Has it?
Mark (PS0JX) [3069] erm
Pauline (PS0K4) [3070] Well you've had plenty to do haven't you Mark?
[3071] The dogs and everything to see to.
Mark (PS0JX) [3072] Yeah, it's amazing, you get home take the dogs ... get them their food, have some tea, and it's sort of half past eight you know.
Pauline (PS0K4) [3073] Half past eight, that's right, yeah!
[3074] And by that time you're a bit tired and you think
Mark (PS0JX) [3075] Go on.
Pauline (PS0K4) [3076] cor what
Mark (PS0JX) [3077] Yeah,fo ... was hoping to get more done but ... ooh that's
Pauline (PS0K4) [3078] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3079] funny!
Pauline (PS0K4) [3080] Well you can't erm ... you can't do miracles.
[3081] You've only got one pair of hands.
Mark (PS0JX) [3082] I just played around in my studio a bit really and
Pauline (PS0K4) [3083] Yes.
Mark (PS0JX) [3084] watched the telly and
Pauline (PS0K4) [3085] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [3086] do a bit of O U and se ... about it really, ha!
Pauline (PS0K4) [3087] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3088] And it's Friday again.
Pauline (PS0K4) [3089] Yeah.
[3090] A a as I say ... it do it does go quickly when you ... you know, work, as I say, you got the dogs in the morning, the dogs in the evening and you got to feed them and
Mark (PS0JX) [3091] Mum an , mum and dad ... expected me to come up last week
Pauline (PS0K4) [3092] Did they?
[3093] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [3094] Some time in the evening and er
Pauline (PS0K4) [3095] Yeah.
[3096] I don't know how you could of done it!
Mark (PS0JX) [3097] I just er ... didn't get round to it.
Mark (PS0JX) [3098] No!
[3099] As I say, if you ... by the time you get home ... and then you got to exercise them ... erm ... and then you've got to get back ... and feed them ... and then feed yourself ... and keep warm ... and think of ... you know, what you got to wear the next day ... the time's gone!
[3100] That's right, and I've [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [3101] I got the er ... pen finished off on Sunday.
Pauline (PS0K4) [3102] Oh you did?
Mark (PS0JX) [3103] Yeah.
[3104] Cut a hole in the shed and
Pauline (PS0K4) [3105] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3106] and erm
Pauline (PS0K4) [3107] Oh that's good!
Mark (PS0JX) [3108] you know, got them a
Pauline (PS0K4) [3109] Is it alright?
Mark (PS0JX) [3110] bit of soft ... yeah!
[3111] I mean they've kept it re really clean!
[3112] I mean, I haven't had to clean it out at all.
Pauline (PS0K4) [3113] Good!
Mark (PS0JX) [3114] You know, so they obviously think it's like the floor in the house you know.
Pauline (PS0K4) [3115] Yeah.
[3116] Yeah.
[3117] Oh that's excellent!
Mark (PS0JX) [3118] Which is quite handy.
Pauline (PS0K4) [3119] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3120] It's a lot neater and we've cut the door down to size so that
Pauline (PS0K4) [3121] Mhm.
Mark (PS0JX) [3122] and er ... ooh it's an [...] .
[3123] Erm ... yeah cos you know before we had the fence and then there was a gate which was quite tall?
[3124] And I've cut
Pauline (PS0K4) [3125] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3126] I've cut a bit off that, about a quarter of it
Pauline (PS0K4) [3127] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3128] so it's the same height as the fence and
Pauline (PS0K4) [3129] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3130] put all the posts in.
Pauline (PS0K4) [3131] Mhm.
Mark (PS0JX) [3132] We've got loads of fencing left
Pauline (PS0K4) [3133] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3134] which we're gonna put along the top of the house.
[3135] Then we
Pauline (PS0K4) [3136] Aha.
Mark (PS0JX) [3137] can grow some ... so honeysuckle or something up it.
Pauline (PS0K4) [3138] Yeah.
[3139] Good idea!
[3140] Mhm.
[3141] We can all use it, can't you, for [...] , you know the ... when you're ... organize the ... whatever ... [...] , the actual garden you can erm ... use it for ... well anything you want!
Mark (PS0JX) [3142] That's right.
Pauline (PS0K4) [3143] Things that you ... might be able to grow.
Mark (PS0JX) [3144] Pastry making, eh?
Pauline (PS0K4) [3145] Yep.
Mark (PS0JX) [3146] Poor old Sue was absolutely whacked when she got home last night!
Pauline (PS0K4) [3147] Bet she was!
Mark (PS0JX) [3148] Yeah.
Pauline (PS0K4) [3149] [whispering] I bet she was [] !
Mark (PS0JX) [3150] Just crashed out!
[3151] I did the tea
Pauline (PS0K4) [3152] Yes.
Mark (PS0JX) [3153] she wanted to watch this film, I said no you don't get into bed you know?
Pauline (PS0K4) [3154] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3155] She was asleep within ten minutes.
Pauline (PS0K4) [3156] I bet!
[3157] Best way er
Mark (PS0JX) [3158] And she's full of beans again this morning.
Pauline (PS0K4) [3159] Yeah.
[3160] They are a ... I mean, quite honestly these courses are ... these things ... erm ... they're not gonna do them ... you know, they're not just sort of ... fairy things you've got quite a bit of erm ... thinking to do and and so on and they're ... pretty exhausting!
Mark (PS0JX) [3161] Yeah, it's er
Pauline (PS0K4) [3162] Even so they're not gonna do them
Mark (PS0JX) [3163] been getting pretty technical.
Pauline (PS0K4) [3164] Yeah!
[3165] Well she ought
Mark (PS0JX) [3166] She was telling me a bit about it.
[3167] All these new sort of, genetic techniques and stuff
Pauline (PS0K4) [3168] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3169] like that.
Pauline (PS0K4) [3170] Yeah.
[3171] Yeah ... it's not
Mark (PS0JX) [3172] Bit beyond me!
Pauline (PS0K4) [3173] Mm.
[3174] Not very erm ... easy to er ... when you, you can't just sort of er ... and Sue being ... you know, the type of person she is ... she's erm ... only gonna do it ... er ... very enthusiastically, isn't
Mark (PS0JX) [3175] Mm.
Pauline (PS0K4) [3176] she?
[3177] She's gonna put all that she's got into it, yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3178] Well she said it's ... given her a new sort of er ... zest for the job, you know.
Pauline (PS0K4) [3179] That's right.
Mark (PS0JX) [3180] Doing this course.
Pauline (PS0K4) [3181] Yes.
[3182] Because it's a different erm ... different outlook ... or as you say, different erm ... a different thingumabob with regard to the job ... altogether.
Mark (PS0JX) [3183] How long have people been making pastry for?
Pauline (PS0K4) [3184] Mm?
Mark (PS0JX) [3185] How long have people been making [laughing] pastry [] ?
Pauline (PS0K4) [3186] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3187] Years and years [...]
Pauline (PS0K4) [3188] Yes.
[3189] Years, as you say.
[3190] Yep!
Mark (PS0JX) [3191] And then you [...] , fill up the holes do you?
Pauline (PS0K4) [3192] Well, I do.
[3193] Not like some people are a bit bored but
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Pauline (PS0K4) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [3194] Oh when I used to think when I was a kid and the stuff I used to eat, you know there's
Pauline (PS0K4) [3195] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3196] uncooked pastry and [...]
Pauline (PS0K4) [3197] That's right [laughing] yeah [] .
Mark (PS0JX) [3198] and I erm and and clean out
Pauline (PS0K4) [3199] It used to be the treat!
Mark (PS0JX) [3200] the bowl when mum made a cake.
Pauline (PS0K4) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [3201] Ah!
Pauline (PS0K4) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [3202] I think that's disgusting now!
Pauline (PS0K4) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [3203] Ugh!
Pauline (PS0K4) [3204] I don't think it's disgusting, I think it's lovely I do!
[3205] I used to do that ... when my gran used to, when I was a little girl ... when erm, my grandmother used to make cakes and she always used to save it for ... for me.
Mark (PS0JX) [3206] Mm.
Pauline (PS0K4) [3207] You know?
[3208] There are.
Mark (PS0JX) [3209] But you like a lot of sweet things when you're a kid don't you?
Derek (PS0K3) [...]
Pauline (PS0K4) [3210] Yeah.
[3211] That's right.
[3212] ... Whoops!
Derek (PS0K3) [3213] when it comes up on, next year
Mark (PS0JX) [3214] Got some flour on the table.
Derek (PS0K3) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [3215] Yeah.
Derek (PS0K3) [3216] [...] you releas , your allowance is acceptable ... you see?
[3217] So you've gotta accept it in a ... a form
Sue (PS0JY) [3218] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3219] What's all this paint doing here?
[3220] You been painting something?
Derek (PS0K3) [3221] No.
Sue (PS0JY) [3222] No, we're going to.
Mark (PS0JX) [3223] Oh you got er
Derek (PS0K3) [3224] We've gotta do [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [3225] Matchpots have you, or something?
Derek (PS0K3) [3226] Yeah, we done that.
Sue (PS0JY) [3227] Mhm.
Derek (PS0K3) [3228] And we've sorted out what we want.
Sue (PS0JY) [3229] Can I make
Pauline (PS0K4) [3230] Yes.
Sue (PS0JY) [3231] a cup of tea mum?
Pauline (PS0K4) [3232] Oh course, dear!
Sue (PS0JY) [3233] Is that alright?
Pauline (PS0K4) [3234] I should of put the kettle on for you but ... I thought you were busy with ... old father time here so I didn't er
Derek (PS0K3) [3235] Sorry!
Sue (PS0JY) [3236] Have you made one?
Derek (PS0K3) [3237] No I haven't dear, that was one
Pauline (PS0K4) [3238] We did earlier but not er ... it's not erm ... thingybob now ... so, you will need erm ... you will need er ... put the kettle on again.
Derek (PS0K3) [3239] Yes , I've gotta do the ceiling ... in the white and then we can start on the colour but we've ... we have ... with Matchpots what ... we have erm ... established that you can ... put the paint on ... on that ... er, the paper, that paper
Sue (PS0JY) [3240] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3241] Mm mm.
Derek (PS0K3) [3242] so that will give a sort of a background ... imprint you know?
[3243] The way I've got it in [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [3244] Mhm.
Pauline (PS0K4) [3245] Excuse me, please.
Derek (PS0K3) [3246] we'll get it [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [3247] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3248] I'm tired now mate.
Sue (PS0JY) [3249] You are?
Mark (PS0JX) [3250] Yeah.
Pauline (PS0K4) [3251] Sorry! [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [3252] Erm
Mark (PS0JX) [3253] Looks good!
Sue (PS0JY) [3254] You're tired darling cos you can actually relax now instead of thinking oh I've got to do the dogs now or you've got to do something else!
Mark (PS0JX) [3255] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [3256] That's why you're
Mark (PS0JX) [3257] That's true.
Sue (PS0JY) [3258] feeling tired.
[3259] So, you ain't gotta run round like a blue-arsed fly!
Pauline (PS0K4) [3260] Now I wonder where you got that expression from?
[3261] Did dad tell
Sue (PS0JY) [3262] Oh
Pauline (PS0K4) [3263] you this morning I went
Sue (PS0JY) [3264] take that tape off darling.
Mark (PS0JX) [3265] Well I'm gonna, tell them later.
Pauline (PS0K4) [3266] Did you darling?
Derek (PS0K3) [3267] Dad tell you what?
Pauline (PS0K4) [3268] Did dad tell you what happened this morning?
Sue (PS0JY) [3269] No, why?
Pauline (PS0K4) [3270] We had a call at twenty past six ... on the telephone
Derek (PS0K3) [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [3271] Pardon?

34 (Tape 034003)

Mark (PS0JX) [3272] Hello.
Sue (PS0JY) [3273] Can we come in?
Mark (PS0JX) [3274] Just passing thought we'd pop in.
Sue (PS0JY) [3275] [...] Thought we'd come and say hello.
Mark (PS0JX) [3276] Like your motor Spen!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3277] Oh hello!
Sally (PS0K6) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [3278] Yeah smart!
[3279] Don't wanna ... wanna swop it for an Astra do you?
Sue (PS0JY) [3280] Oh!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3281] Er ... well [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [3282] you germ-ridden person!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3283] a little while.
Sally (PS0K6) [3284] Hello.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3285] How you doing?
Mark (PS0JX) [3286] Oh no, not ill!
Sue (PS0JY) [3287] She is, she's a germ-ridden person!
Sally (PS0K6) [3288] Want a cuppa!
Sue (PS0JY) [3289] No it's alright Sal, really we've had erm ... our fill at mum and dad's.
Mark (PS0JX) [3290] Watching videos are you?
Sue (PS0JY) [3291] But we thought, since you're in the area we'd come
Mark (PS0JX) [3292] Idle!
Sue (PS0JY) [3293] and say hello.
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Sally (PS0K6) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [3294] Is it a good movie?
Sally (PS0K6) [3295] Thelma and Louise.
Sue (PS0JY) [3296] Thelma and Louise, I don't know.
Sally (PS0K6) [3297] Come and see the kitchen look, come and
Sue (PS0JY) [3298] Oh yes then.
Sally (PS0K6) [3299] see the kitchen.
Sue (PS0JY) [3300] How are you, alright?
Mark (PS0JX) [3301] Hello boysie!
Sue (PS0JY) [3302] Oh!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3303] I'm fine.
Mark (PS0JX) [3304] It's just the wife eh?
Sue (PS0JY) [3305] He's really ignorant!
Sally (PS0K6) [3306] Oh I know!
Sue (PS0JY) [3307] Ooh!
Mark (PS0JX) [3308] Hey!
Sue (PS0JY) [3309] What a difference!
Mark (PS0JX) [3310] Quite a nice thingy innit?
Sally (PS0K6) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [3311] Oh no, it's nice Sal!
[3312] And they've made a good job of tiling haven't they?
Mark (PS0JX) [3313] Yeah, it's alright that.
Sally (PS0K6) [3314] Oh you should of seen it Mark!
Mark (PS0JX) [3315] Before?
Sally (PS0K6) [3316] Ya, I mean
Mark (PS0JX) [3317] Bit iffy was it?
Sally (PS0K6) [3318] Erm ... we're going
Mark (PS0JX) [3319] Different.
Sally (PS0K6) [3320] we're gonna finish the wallpapering
Mark (PS0JX) [3321] Oh that's right, all double [...] and thing.
Sue (PS0JY) [3322] Very nice Spencer!
Mark (PS0JX) [3323] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3324] Do you like it?
Sue (PS0JY) [3325] Yeah.
[3326] Cor, what a difference eh?
[3327] This looks totally different dunnit?
Sally (PS0K6) [3328] If that bedroom painted ... the wall there.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3329] It's difficult choosing wallpaper.
[3330] You been out choosing wallpaper?
Sue (PS0JY) [3331] Well what does it matter!
Mark (PS0JX) [3332] Yeah, there's nothing about these days is there?
Sally (PS0K6) [3333] Yeah you couldn't do it.
[3334] That's why ... I like but
Mark (PS0JX) [3335] That's one of the reasons we didn't bother we just painted it, you know?
Sally (PS0K6) [3336] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3337] Cos it's a pain hanging it!
Sue (PS0JY) [3338] Well we were gonna [...] really but ... you know, [...]
Sally (PS0K6) [3339] Well we're gonna stuff like
Mark (PS0JX) [3340] Nice though.
Sally (PS0K6) [3341] this on the floor
Spencer (PS0K5) [3342] I really
Sally (PS0K6) [3343] should be interesting shouldn't it?
Mark (PS0JX) [3344] Is this ... painted wood?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3345] They're either very, very, very poor or
Sally (PS0K6) [3346] I think so.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3347] so they're
Mark (PS0JX) [3348] Or is it er
Spencer (PS0K5) [3349] very sort of
Sally (PS0K6) [3350] Or is it?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3351] striking pattern [...]
Sally (PS0K6) [3352] You tell me what
Mark (PS0JX) [3353] Fibreglass, or something like that.
Sally (PS0K6) [3354] Oh I think it's fibre whatever it is.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3355] No, that's wood, the doors
Sally (PS0K6) [3356] Is it?
[3357] Oh!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3358] the cupboards and everything are wood but the only thing that's ... the ... compressed card are these
Sue (PS0JY) [3359] Yeah, pelmet things.
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [3360] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [3361] Mm!
[3362] Yeah, it's nice!
Mark (PS0JX) [3363] Oh it's nice and clean isn't it?
Sally (PS0K6) [cough]
Mark (PS0JX) [3364] Clean.
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Sally (PS0K6) [3365] Yeah, this has come up nicely now.
Sue (PS0JY) [3366] [...] ?
Sally (PS0K6) [3367] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [3368] And that goes right through to that one doesn't it?
Sally (PS0K6) [3369] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [3370] Yeah, not bad at all.
Sally (PS0K6) [3371] It needs a good er ... good dust.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3372] There is, there's work ... all the oil was in here I I I would imagine, yeah?
Mark (PS0JX) [3373] Yeah, yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [3374] Yeah, we got erm nice [...] windows which were nice
Mark (PS0JX) [3375] They were all made up as a batch weren't they?
Sue (PS0JY) [3376] actually.
[3377] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [3378] Yep.
Sue (PS0JY) [3379] Mm.
Sally (PS0K6) [3380] Well, well honestly I'm quite pleased with them cos that ... I mean [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [3381] They look good!
Sally (PS0K6) [3382] like the grain of the others in there.
Mark (PS0JX) [3383] What was it like before you moved in then?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3384] A state!
Sally (PS0K6) [3385] It was all painted, you know, like [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [3386] Yeah, but i that was painted like that.
Mark (PS0JX) [3387] Oh Christ!
Sally (PS0K6) [3388] We could take that and be stripped this week couldn't we?
Mark (PS0JX) [3389] Have you put all the ... coving up?
[3390] Or is that theirs?
[3391] No we're gonna do
Sue (PS0JY) [3392] Oh!
Sally (PS0K6) [3393] that.
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Spencer (PS0K5) [3394] How, how it had been Mark is ... you can see from the floor ... here, there was a wall across here
Mark (PS0JX) [3395] Right.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3396] and then you had like a pantry
Sally (PS0K6) [3397] Yes , this was the pantry.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3398] there ... er ... like a ... coal er ... this was an outside toilet that you got into round there ... and then ... the end bit was a ... coal ... shed.
Mark (PS0JX) [3399] Oh right!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3400] So ... the people knocked all that down, we ... we didn't do
Sue (PS0JY) [3401] Mm.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3402] that but they've left ... like the kitcheny bits here in the ... a , what was the old kitchen area
Mark (PS0JX) [3403] Oh I see
Spencer (PS0K5) [3404] you know?
Mark (PS0JX) [3405] yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3406] So what ... we've done is like make a [...] ... into the kitchen and this will be a [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [3407] Mm.
Sally (PS0K6) [3408] Oh yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [3409] Did you have to wallpaper the ceiling or was already
Sally (PS0K6) [3410] No.
Sue (PS0JY) [3411] done?
Sally (PS0K6) [3412] It was already done.
[3413] Oh, it's quite decent actually, I mean it's not too bad.
Mark (PS0JX) [3414] Mm!
Sue (PS0JY) [3415] Oh!
Mark (PS0JX) [3416] It's quite a room, size.
[3417] You're gonna put a table here are you?
Sally (PS0K6) [3418] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3419] Oh that's right.
Sally (PS0K6) [3420] But
Mark (PS0JX) [3421] Pretty good!
Sally (PS0K6) [3422] not too bad.
[3423] [...] they did chuck in the dishwasher!
[3424] Yeah!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3425] That's a little winner of the thing.
Sue (PS0JY) [3426] Very good!
Mark (PS0JX) [3427] Save you having to wash up!
Sue (PS0JY) [3428] And how often do you have to use it then?
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Sally (PS0K6) [3429] Every other day we're using it at the moment.
Sue (PS0JY) [3430] Oh not bad!
[3431] Not bad!
[3432] But no, he's made a nice good job of the
Mark (PS0JX) [3433] Yeah, it's quite popular the old dishwashers now.
Sue (PS0JY) [3434] tiling.
Sally (PS0K6) [3435] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [3436] Yeah.
Sally (PS0K6) [3437] He has hasn't he?
Sue (PS0JY) [3438] Yeah. [...]
Spencer (PS0K5) [3439] And
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Spencer (PS0K5) [3440] like the th plumbing, you know the ... another reason ... fix it on, instead of having a drain ... for that, a drain for the sink and a drain for this, they all go into one.
Sue (PS0JY) [3441] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3442] Un under there
Sue (PS0JY) [3443] Mm.
[3444] Much better.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3445] and then ... out of the side which is ... which is nice.
Sue (PS0JY) [3446] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [3447] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [3448] Yeah, it's very nice!
Sally (PS0K6) [3449] So when are you off to Outer Mongolia then?
Sue (PS0JY) [3450] I'm back to Outer Mongolia tomorrow.
[3451] I got back last night toothbrush
Sally (PS0K6) [3452] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [3453] is still, still [...] wet!
Sally (PS0K6) [3454] [...] !
Mark (PS0JX) [3455] [laugh] ... [laughing] Had a worried look on her face then [] !
Sally (PS0K6) [3456] Oh darling!
Sue (PS0JY) [3457] Sorry [...] !
Mark (PS0JX) [3458] Bonnie's face!
Sally (PS0K6) [3459] Never mind, pet!
Sue (PS0JY) [3460] Erm
Spencer (PS0K5) [3461] Where are you going?
Sue (PS0JY) [3462] Birmingham.
[3463] I'm going to
Spencer (PS0K5) [3464] Birmingham?
Sue (PS0JY) [3465] Birmingham.
[3466] Yeah, on a course.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3467] Oh!
Sue (PS0JY) [3468] And then I'll be
Mark (PS0JX) [3469] That's another week.
Sue (PS0JY) [3470] back tomorrow ... for a week.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3471] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [3472] And then home for five weeks and back for another two weeks.
Sally (PS0K6) [3473] Oh!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3474] What's at Birmingham
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Spencer (PS0K5) [3475] then?
[3476] Why do you go to Birmingham?
Sue (PS0JY) [3477] Oh it's erm ... they've got a, I mean it's a huge hospital! [...] and
Spencer (PS0K5) [3478] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [3479] they've got a children's hospital there ... and I'm doing a paediatric health course for a month.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3480] Oh right.
[3481] So children with leukaemia and [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [3482] All [...]
Spencer (PS0K5) [3483] yeah?
Sue (PS0JY) [3484] Mm mm.
Sally (PS0K6) [3485] Whatever!
Sue (PS0JY) [3486] Mm.
[3487] It's all good stuff!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3488] Can't be a lot of fun though can it?
Sue (PS0JY) [3489] Erm ... well i it can be quite nice cos you ... okay, you we you're speaking to parents and that who've had kids that have gone and died [...] ... you're not actually dealing with the kids themselves.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3490] Oh, so it's like dying and coming back!
Sue (PS0JY) [3491] It's all the theory of it and erm ... hi-tech stuff.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3492] But then ... what, are there people that are jus that are already qualified in that or [...] ?
Sue (PS0JY) [3493] No, no I'm the first one to go in.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3494] So at the moment, if you've got a ... kid with cancer they can't go to Ipswich ... or is it just a [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [3495] No, they do but we share the care with Addenbrooks ... and ... and er ... I mean, the leukaemias do but some of the other kids don't [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [3496] Look like you was just about to say something then! [laugh]
Sally (PS0K6) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Sally (PS0K6) [3497] You're just too big!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3498] So you're looking after Gary Lineker's little boy are you?
Sue (PS0JY) [3499] No, no, no, no, no ... that one ... that one's [...]
Sally (PS0K6) [3500] He had to have [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [3501] [...] I dunno, he's got a rare form of cancer but ... [...] .
Sally (PS0K6) [3502] Mm, so ... I'm very impressed!
[3503] Can we go out in the garden do you think? [...] is that alright?
Sue (PS0JY) [3504] It was blocking
Mark (PS0JX) [3505] It's open.
Sue (PS0JY) [3506] the door last time weren't they?
Mark (PS0JX) [3507] It's open.
Sally (PS0K6) [3508] Let's hope you should ... see my ... [...] before.
Mark (PS0JX) [3509] Yeah , I didn't see it before.
Sally (PS0K6) [3510] It was a lovely green kitchen!
Mark (PS0JX) [3511] Green?
Sue (PS0JY) [3512] Green!
Sally (PS0K6) [3513] Sort of a
Mark (PS0JX) [3514] Ugh!
Sally (PS0K6) [3515] lime green wasn't it?
Mark (PS0JX) [3516] Oh!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3517] Mustard green?
[3518] No.
Mark (PS0JX) [3519] Well the front here ... this is green ... going up the front isn't it?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3520] Yeah.
[3521] Yeah, you get the effects from that don't you?
Mark (PS0JX) [3522] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3523] It was green and yellow really, actually er
Sally (PS0K6) [3524] It was a sickly green wasn't it?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3525] in er ... [...] , green and yellow.
Mark (PS0JX) [3526] What you gonna do with the garden then?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3527] Erm, the idea is ... we're gonna have that block ... all we're gonna do is make er ... this is very ambitious plan here ... erm ... we're gonna have ... the problem with the drive at the moment is if you put one car in it's always the car
Sue (PS0JY) [3528] Mm.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3529] in front that you want
Sue (PS0JY) [3530] Mm.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3531] out first!
Sue (PS0JY) [3532] I like your car by
Mark (PS0JX) [3533] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [3534] the way.
Spencer (PS0K5) [laughing] [...] []
Sally (PS0K6) [3535] [...] parked do you think!
Sue (PS0JY) [3536] Hey?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3537] The erm ... we're gonna, we're gonna make a drive bit that goes in across where the lawn is now
Mark (PS0JX) [3538] Aha.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3539] so that you can have one car ... there and another one up here.
Sue (PS0JY) [3540] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3541] So, it'll be block paving all up here and around there ... and down the side there.
Sue (PS0JY) [3542] So you, are you
Mark (PS0JX) [3543] Aha.
Sue (PS0JY) [3544] gonna have all this taken out?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3545] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [3546] Yeah.
[3547] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3548] And do that ... do that.
Mark (PS0JX) [3549] So you're gonna have, you're gonna have ... get rid of the lawn at the front then ... effectively?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3550] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3551] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3552] And pave right over to the [...] gate there so you, so that you can get either car out ... [...] ... one one car [...] ... and bring up to the back of here and the other two [...] across there [...] .
[3553] And then, coming through here ... take it all the way up ... [...] ... take this garage down ... and bring the lawn across.
Mark (PS0JX) [3554] Are you gonna put another garage up or ... just
Spencer (PS0K5) [3555] No.
Mark (PS0JX) [3556] won't bother?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3557] No.
[3558] I find it's dangerous to be driving your car backwards and forwards across the ... back door innit?
[3559] You know, the kids?
Sue (PS0JY) [3560] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3561] Yeah, that's true.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3562] So then ... you know, you've ... you end up with quite a nice er ... lawn ... oh right!
Mark (PS0JX) [3563] You take this up?
Sue (PS0JY) [3564] Yeah, [...]
Spencer (PS0K5) [3565] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [3566] Oh and these were the gates were they?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3567] That's right,the , they were ... they were gates at like the front of the house there.
Mark (PS0JX) [3568] Oh it's had all new windows put in some time hasn't it?
Sue (PS0JY) [3569] Mm!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3570] Yeah, all the windows except the ... the kitchen of
Mark (PS0JX) [3571] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3572] I I expect like yours, they're hard wood and then er aluminium at the
Sue (PS0JY) [3573] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3574] side.
Sue (PS0JY) [3575] Yeah.
[3576] No, ours are hard wood solid but
Spencer (PS0K5) [3577] Oh!
Sue (PS0JY) [3578] you know, [...]
Sally (PS0K6) [3579] Yeah, yeah.
[3580] Pretty good!
Sue (PS0JY) [3581] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3582] Oh you got a little shed!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3583] Got a little shed here.
[3584] We got a greenhouse.
Mark (PS0JX) [3585] And some veggies!
Sally (PS0K6) [3586] And a sort of
Mark (PS0JX) [3587] Are these leeks?
Sally (PS0K6) [3588] things that I don't know what they, yes, I think
Mark (PS0JX) [3589] or or
Sally (PS0K6) [3590] they are.
Mark (PS0JX) [3591] bolted onions! [laugh]
Sally (PS0K6) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [3592] What the hell are they?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3593] Probably er ... strawberries.
Mark (PS0JX) [3594] The bed.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3595] What's that there?
Mark (PS0JX) [3596] Are they cabbages or something?
[3597] Red cabbage.
Sally (PS0K6) [3598] Oh yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3599] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3600] Yeah?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3601] These are [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [3602] Mm!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3603] Looks good!
[3604] ... Right.
[3605] Nothing's growing very well in there.
Mark (PS0JX) [3606] Yeah, once you get that shed and that garage down you can er
Spencer (PS0K5) [3607] Be a nice size won't it?
Mark (PS0JX) [3608] be quite
Sue (PS0JY) [3609] Yes.
Mark (PS0JX) [3610] decent, yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [3611] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [3612] Have you been watching that gardening programme?
[3613] Friday evenings.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3614] No, it worries me!
Mark (PS0JX) [3615] Oh! [laugh]
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [3616] They've had some good ideas though.
Sue (PS0JY) [3617] It's quite good actually.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3618] Did you see that one ... erm with ... where ... the, really old boy on a scrap yard, like a, and and then it was like a huge park!
Sue (PS0JY) [3619] No.
[3620] No.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3621] He cleaned it up a bit [...] ... and a scrap yard and it, and this thing and they were like hills and ... rock gardens, you know like
Sue (PS0JY) [3622] Oh really!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3623] hundreds of yards ... long
Mark (PS0JX) [3624] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3625] and and deep!
Sue (PS0JY) [3626] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3627] This bloke, you know, had been working on it for fifty years nonstop and
Sue (PS0JY) [3628] Oh my god!
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [3629] Yeah, Sue Sue wants it
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [3630] o over a weekend don't you?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3631] Just give up!
Sue (PS0JY) [3632] I can't, I just wanna sort of look out the window and it's changed completely!
[3633] Not asking a lot now is it?
[3634] [laugh] ... Oh it's great!
[3635] ... Ah!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3636] [...] the old boy [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [3637] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3638] Ah yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [3639] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3640] And they build up the old [...] .
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [3641] Yeah and you don't even notice it do you?
[3642] So these cupboards have gotta go on here but the door's gotta go up in the meantime?
Sally (PS0K6) [3643] Yep.
[3644] Yep.
Sue (PS0JY) [3645] Oh right.
Sally (PS0K6) [3646] [...] , [...] .
Spencer (PS0K5) [3647] We've still ... we've still got a little bit of fiddling
Sue (PS0JY) [3648] Oh I see
Spencer (PS0K5) [3649] to do with the ... what the ... well ... we've got ... instead of all these individual prints I've got ... I've got long ones cos if the
Mark (PS0JX) [3650] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3651] floor is
Sue (PS0JY) [3652] Mm.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3653] very uneven.
[3654] I'm gonna fit them.
[3655] But until you finish the ... your messing around you're better to leave the doors off aren't you?
Mark (PS0JX) [3656] What you gonna do on the floor?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3657] Well we're looking at ... we were having a look this morning at erm ... that vinyl floor covering stuff
Sue (PS0JY) [3658] Mm.
[3659] Mm.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3660] would be best.
[3661] Do you want to see if there's some wallpaper in here Mark?
Sally (PS0K6) [3662] [...] !
Mark (PS0JX) [3663] No!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3664] It's er that that we're particularly
Mark (PS0JX) [3665] Ah that's er lovely
Spencer (PS0K5) [3666] keen on.
Mark (PS0JX) [3667] isn't it?
[3668] Yeah!
[3669] Got a real sort of er
Spencer (PS0K5) [3670] But it's gonna be difficult to decorate
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Spencer (PS0K5) [3671] around it, you know, and keep it intact but ... we'll ... we'll try it.
Mark (PS0JX) [3672] [laugh] ... [laughing] That's amazing isn't it [] ?
[3673] How people
Spencer (PS0K5) [3674] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3675] with chi , er tastes are different?
[3676] Are you gonna keep this, keep this as well are you?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3677] I'm sure it was [...] at one time.
[3678] Gotta be, but
Sally (PS0K6) [3679] [...] carpet, I mean that was [...] !
Spencer (PS0K5) [3680] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [3681] I think the door's nice though!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3682] The thing about this is , it's gonna be a nice room isn't it, when the
Mark (PS0JX) [3683] Well quite!
Sue (PS0JY) [3684] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3685] you know, the garden is done.
Mark (PS0JX) [3686] Got a decent so ... you're gonna have this as a dining room are you?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3687] Well I ... I ... I don't know.
[3688] Well that might just be ... you know, like another sitting room
Sally (PS0K6) [3689] It's
Sue (PS0JY) [3690] Yeah.
Sally (PS0K6) [3691] tasteful innit?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3692] so
Sue (PS0JY) [3693] Yeah I mean
Sally (PS0K6) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [3694] Yeah I
Mark (PS0JX) [3695] Lovely!
Sue (PS0JY) [3696] mean
Mark (PS0JX) [3697] Yeah, don't don't, try not to damage any more of it, I mean
Sally (PS0K6) [3698] No , no I really think of that.
Mark (PS0JX) [3699] Are you gonna be able to get some more from the manufacturer to
Sally (PS0K6) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [3700] to patch that bit up are you?
Sally (PS0K6) [3701] Patch that together, yeah!
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [3702] [...] .
[3703] Yeah!
Sally (PS0K6) [3704] And we'll have another fire in here.
Mark (PS0JX) [3705] What was that, an old
Spencer (PS0K5) [3706] Yeah and a
Mark (PS0JX) [3707] gas fire thingy was it?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3708] Yeah.
Sally (PS0K6) [3709] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3710] Mm.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3711] If we could get a ... you know, if we could open that up ... cos we got one of tho ... th , have you seen the fire in action?
Sue (PS0JY) [3712] In the lounge?
[3713] Yeah
Spencer (PS0K5) [3714] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [3715] I like it.
Mark (PS0JX) [3716] Yeah , yeah got a glimpse
Sue (PS0JY) [3717] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3718] of that.
Sue (PS0JY) [3719] I like it.
[3720] ... Oh [...] .
[3721] Oh it is, and we put, light the fires [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [3722] Nice and warm.
Sue (PS0JY) [3723] as well.
Sally (PS0K6) [3724] Yes, it is nice and warm actually but [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [3725] That's actually gas isn't it?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3726] Yeah.
Sally (PS0K6) [3727] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [3728] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3729] Yeah, Derek was saying about it.
Sally (PS0K6) [3730] Gives off quite a lot of heat.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3731] And ... I think they're quite expensive to run but ... it was so nice we
Sally (PS0K6) [3732] We got rid of that one.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3733] we thought we'd try it out.
Sally (PS0K6) [...]
Spencer (PS0K5) [3734] Well the new one was ... the new one was ... we looked at one in the gas
Spencer (PS0K5) [3735] showroom when this
Sally (PS0K6) [3736] Alright!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3737] thing came out
Sue (PS0JY) [3738] Mm.
Sally (PS0K6) [3739] What's the matter?
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Sally (PS0K6) [3740] What's the matter?
Sue (PS0JY) [3741] Mm.
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [3742] [whispering] You're not tape to taping are you [] ?
Sally (PS0K6) [3743] No I'm not actually
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Sally (PS0K6) [3744] I've rewound it once.
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Spencer (PS0K5) [3745] Can't work out how Mark, we'd like to but we can't
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Spencer (PS0K5) [3746] work out how!
Mark (PS0JX) [3747] Well you just shove one aerial output th the aerial input on the other one I think.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3748] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [3749] Or video, no, video
Sally (PS0K6) [3750] No I like it, this one's nice
Mark (PS0JX) [3751] output to video input.
Sally (PS0K6) [3752] I like this.
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Sally (PS0K6) [3753] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3754] Yeah, it's nice that!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3755] You've got [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [3756] It's convenient isn't it?
Sally (PS0K6) [3757] That's right, very
Mark (PS0JX) [3758] Switch it on and
Sally (PS0K6) [3759] you can
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Sally (PS0K6) [3760] What's that?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3761] The thermostat, I'm just wondering how it works
Sally (PS0K6) [3762] Yeah, we know about the thermostats.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3763] cos there's another thermostat on the ... on the boiler itself.
Sally (PS0K6) [3764] Tell me the difference between a volt meter and an amp meter?
Mark (PS0JX) [3765] Well one measures volts and one measures amps!
Sally (PS0K6) [3766] What's the difference between a volt and an amp?
[3767] The volt is the amount of current passing through
Mark (PS0JX) [3768] Yeah.
Sally (PS0K6) [3769] yeah?
Mark (PS0JX) [3770] An amp ... amps is current, and volts is [laughing] volts [] !
Sally (PS0K6) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [3771] Well basically ... with a ... with a volt meter
Spencer (PS0K5) [3772] Volt
Sally (PS0K6) [3773] Right?
Mark (PS0JX) [3774] you put the ... the volt meter across ... the ... voltage you're measuring ... say, like a battery, right
Sally (PS0K6) [3775] Right.
Mark (PS0JX) [3776] got a battery, put the volt
Sally (PS0K6) [3777] Right.
Mark (PS0JX) [3778] across it
Sally (PS0K6) [3779] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3780] and you measure volts, okay?
Sue (PS0JY) [3781] Yeah, they're fine [...]
Sally (PS0K6) [3782] That tells you how much,wha what sort of voltage battery you need does it?
Mark (PS0JX) [3783] Well that tells you the voltage of the battery ... at that particular
Sally (PS0K6) [3784] That you're using?
Mark (PS0JX) [3785] time, yeah?
Sally (PS0K6) [3786] I understand.
[3787] Right.
[3788] So
Mark (PS0JX) [3789] But
Sally (PS0K6) [3790] an amp meter
Mark (PS0JX) [3791] amp meter you put in series ... say, like if you put a light bulb across
Sally (PS0K6) [3792] Right.
Mark (PS0JX) [3793] the battery ... you put one lead on the battery for the light bulb and then ... the other
Sally (PS0K6) [3794] The other one
Mark (PS0JX) [3795] lead of the bulb would go ... through
Sally (PS0K6) [3796] through
Mark (PS0JX) [3797] the meter.
Sally (PS0K6) [3798] Right, to the
Mark (PS0JX) [3799] Does that ma
Sally (PS0K6) [3800] bulb?
Mark (PS0JX) [3801] So it'd go ... from the, from the battery
Sue (PS0JY) [3802] And Mark's gone past!
[3803] [...] Are we there?
[3804] Are we there?
[3805] Are we there?
[3806] And
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [3807] If we go from the battery to the bulb , from the bulb to the meter
Sally (PS0K6) [3808] To the amp meter, from the meter to the battery
Mark (PS0JX) [3809] from the meter to the battery , yeah.
Sally (PS0K6) [3810] Right.
[3811] And what does that do?
Mark (PS0JX) [3812] And that measures current.
Sally (PS0K6) [3813] And that measures the amount of current flow to
Sue (PS0JY) [3814] [...] , when did you pick it up?
Sally (PS0K6) [3815] Oh!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3816] Well we had it, got it last night.
Sue (PS0JY) [3817] Did you?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3818] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3819] Why's that then?
[3820] Is that something you're teaching the kids are you?
Sally (PS0K6) [3821] We are we ... we've got an amp meter and a volt meter and I thought they were the same thing you see.
Mark (PS0JX) [3822] No.
[3823] You've gotta be a bit careful cos if you stick an amp meter ... or a current meter across a battery ... you're effectively shorting the battery out.
Sally (PS0K6) [3824] Right.
Mark (PS0JX) [3825] Right?
[3826] Cos you've effectively got a dead short through an ammeter whereas a ... a volt meter's got a ... a hun , a high er ... resistance or an open circuit, effectively.
Sally (PS0K6) [3827] Right.
[3828] So if I put a volt meter on a battery it would short the battery?
[3829] That's what you said isn't
Mark (PS0JX) [3830] No.
Sally (PS0K6) [3831] it?
Mark (PS0JX) [3832] Amp meter across the battery.
Sally (PS0K6) [3833] If you put an amp meter across a battery?
Mark (PS0JX) [3834] Yeah.
Sally (PS0K6) [3835] But the current would flow wouldn't it?
Mark (PS0JX) [3836] Yeah, the current would flow
Sally (PS0K6) [3837] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3838] but you would get a lot of current flowing.
[3839] Depends what the ... what the a , I mean if you've got an ammeter set to milliamps ... and you stuck it across a battery
Sally (PS0K6) [3840] Right.
Mark (PS0JX) [3841] the meter would go smack across the thing!
Sally (PS0K6) [3842] Right.
Mark (PS0JX) [3843] But if you have it set to to amps
Sally (PS0K6) [3844] Amps.
Mark (PS0JX) [3845] then you'd probably get, well whatever the battery's capable of [...] .
Spencer (PS0K5) [3846] But the first time he's hitting it
Mark (PS0JX) [3847] See what I mean?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3848] it bloody [laughing] hard [] !
Sue (PS0JY) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [3849] So you've gotta be a bit careful!
Sally (PS0K6) [3850] Well why on earth would a school have an
Spencer (PS0K5) [3851] And
Sally (PS0K6) [3852] amp meter for?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3853] all these buttons like the ... normal [...]
Sally (PS0K6) [3854] I mean, I understand why a volt me , you know, I mean, but I mean, battery's have
Sue (PS0JY) [3855] [...] ?
Sally (PS0K6) [3856] has a voltage
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Sally (PS0K6) [3857] written on
Sue (PS0JY) [3858] [...] .
Sally (PS0K6) [3859] anyway!
[3860] I mean, so what do you want a
Mark (PS0JX) [3861] Yeah.
Sally (PS0K6) [3862] volt meter for?
Mark (PS0JX) [3863] Well when they
Sue (PS0JY) [3864] I'm going to look at [...] being funny.
Sally (PS0K6) [3865] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3866] Oh I'll be out in a minute.
Sue (PS0JY) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [3867] Erm ... if you ... the thing is,yo a battery might be marked nine volts
Sally (PS0K6) [3868] Right.
Mark (PS0JX) [3869] but when it's dead, it might only have six on it, six volts.
Sally (PS0K6) [3870] Left?
[3871] Well if it's dead, it's dead isn't it?
Mark (PS0JX) [3872] Yeah, well it's dead yeah but ... what happens is, when it dies the volts go down, that's why the the yo ... your radio or whatever ... got ... it's operating and stops working.
[3873] Know what I mean?
Sally (PS0K6) [3874] So if it, if it's got six volts left, it wouldn't be dead would it?
[3875] It would just be
Mark (PS0JX) [3876] Yeah, it'd be dead.
Sally (PS0K6) [3877] Would it?
Mark (PS0JX) [3878] Yeah.
Sally (PS0K6) [3879] Right.
[3880] So what's the point of having a volt meter then?
[3881] Just to find out what voltage you got left in your battery?
Mark (PS0JX) [3882] Well no, your volt me , I use volt meters all the time at work.
[3883] You make, build a circuit ... if you
Sally (PS0K6) [3884] Right
Mark (PS0JX) [3885] wanna test the power supplies you put a volt meter across to measure ... cos if you think
Sally (PS0K6) [3886] So the power is going round?
[3887] No, that's
Mark (PS0JX) [3888] Well they
Sally (PS0K6) [3889] an amp meter! [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [3890] You just wanna measure the volt, it's just a test meter isn't it?
[3891] I mean, you get meters normally, the meters we've got at work ... and you just turn a knob and it's got ... ohms, volts, amps ... frequency ... you know, whatever.
Sally (PS0K6) [3892] And they get them on one machine?
Mark (PS0JX) [3893] Yeah.
[3894] I mean, you can use a volt meter as an amp meter if you put a shunt across it.
Sally (PS0K6) [3895] Right.
Mark (PS0JX) [3896] See what I mean.
Sally (PS0K6) [3897] Oh well at least I know that there is a, a different thing.
Mark (PS0JX) [3898] It's all, it's all to do with ohms law, if you know ohms law then you'll understand
Sally (PS0K6) [3899] I don't know ohms law.
Mark (PS0JX) [3900] what's what.
Sally (PS0K6) [3901] No.
[3902] I mean I think [...] really ... new, newfangled things!
[3903] It's really not this [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [3904] Oh it came yesterday did it?
[3905] Oh she's sitting in it already.
Sally (PS0K6) [3906] I don't know, he's got the key but he's not gonna get in.
Mark (PS0JX) [3907] Oh.
Sally (PS0K6) [3908] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3909] I'll have a quick shake, shufty.
Sally (PS0K6) [3910] It's very nice.
Mark (PS0JX) [3911] Well the si , the back door's open innit?
Sally (PS0K6) [3912] Oh is it?
Mark (PS0JX) [3913] Yeah, so you can close it.
[3914] ... Station please!
Sue (PS0JY) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [3915] Cor this is nice innit?
[3916] First time
Spencer (PS0K5) [3917] Underneath
Mark (PS0JX) [3918] I've been in one of these.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3919] underneath there that's your miles per gallon ... so as you're ... driving along
Sue (PS0JY) [3920] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3921] that tells you ... you know, how ... how you're driving it ... and onto
Sue (PS0JY) [3922] Oh right!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3923] economy
Sue (PS0JY) [3924] Yeah, yeah, got you!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3925] [...] ... er ... [...] been quite good in that one.
Mark (PS0JX) [3926] Ha, so when you put your foot down the meter goes ... [laughing] smack [] !
Sue (PS0JY) [3927] That's right.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3928] Yeah.
[3929] There's your lights.
Sue (PS0JY) [3930] Side lights.
[3931] And what's, is this beam?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3932] No, that's er the ... rear fog light
Sue (PS0JY) [3933] Oh right!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3934] and those are ... you know
Mark (PS0JX) [3935] The beam would be on a stick wouldn't it?
Sue (PS0JY) [3936] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3937] It's on one of the sticks.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3938] Yeah.
[3939] Yeah erm
Mark (PS0JX) [3940] Oh it's nice
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [3941] isn't it?
Sue (PS0JY) [3942] Electric windows if we go out later.
Mark (PS0JX) [3943] Oh, sun roof as well.
Sue (PS0JY) [3944] Oh yeah [...]
Spencer (PS0K5) [3945] You can er ... adjust the lights, say that Mark's got in the back
Sue (PS0JY) [3946] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3947] put that on one
Sue (PS0JY) [3948] Oh right, why?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3949] cos there's somebody in the back ... and that's [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [3950] Oh right, cos of, that changes the angle
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [3951] of the lights.
Sue (PS0JY) [3952] Oh right.
Mark (PS0JX) [3953] It changes the two
Sue (PS0JY) [3954] Yeah, mm mm.
Spencer (PS0K5) [3955] erm and then you can control the ... density of the other lights.
[3956] And they go down at ... a bit at a time ... or ... it'll go all the way down [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [3957] Mm!
Mark (PS0JX) [3958] Nifty, what?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3959] This is your ... mhm!
Sue (PS0JY) [3960] Oh my god!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3961] [...] like that.
Mark (PS0JX) [3962] Is that for the mirrors?
Sue (PS0JY) [3963] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [3964] Oh god!
Sue (PS0JY) [3965] That's [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Spencer (PS0K5) [3966] Do you wanna drive?
[3967] Take it for a little drive.
Sue (PS0JY) [3968] No, probably an [...] !
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [3969] [laughing] I mean no,
Mark (PS0JX) [3970] [laughing] I wouldn't [] !
Sue (PS0JY) [3971] I'd take any other cars!
[3972] [laughing] No I wouldn't [] !
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [3973] In any other car, I'd say it was no.
Mark (PS0JX) [3974] Well you took your dad out didn't you?
Sue (PS0JY) [3975] I know, but ... bit different.
[3976] Honestly!
Mark (PS0JX) [3977] The steering lock on?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3978] If you were to come back there
Sue (PS0JY) [3979] Oh!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3980] all the wa , all the way
Sue (PS0JY) [3981] [...] starting up car
Mark (PS0JX) [3982] We'd better get her out of here, she'll want one tomorrow!
Sue (PS0JY) [3983] No, I wouldn't want [...] ... [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [3984] How long have you been waiting for this car, a while haven't you Spen?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3985] Erm
Sue (PS0JY) [3986] Got a huge accelerator pedal innit?
[3987] Just like it covers the whole of
Spencer (PS0K5) [3988] January.
Sue (PS0JY) [3989] your foot!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3990] January we bought
Sue (PS0JY) [3991] January, February, March, mm, that's not bad actually.
[3992] ... So incredibly quiet!
Spencer (PS0K5) [3993] A lovely sound isn't it?
[3994] Erm
Sue (PS0JY) [3995] Mm , too right!
Mark (PS0JX) [3996] How many valves has it got?
[3997] Got sixteen valves has it?
Spencer (PS0K5) [3998] Yeah, no , twenty six.
[3999] Four cylinders ... four [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4000] Oh.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4001] [...] .
[4002] Even ... even with ashtray
Sue (PS0JY) [4003] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4004] [laughing] Ah [] !
Sue (PS0JY) [4005] [shouting] Ah no [] !
Mark (PS0JX) [4006] Oh that's sickly isn't it?
Spencer (PS0K5) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [4007] [laugh] ... That is really smart innit?
Sue (PS0JY) [4008] Ah that's brilliant!
[4009] How does that work then?
Mark (PS0JX) [4010] They probably have a big
Spencer (PS0K5) [4011] No idea.
Mark (PS0JX) [4012] whole department working on these ashtrays [laughing] and then []
Spencer (PS0K5) [4013] Yeah, I would of thought ... eighteen German engineers just
Mark (PS0JX) [4014] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4015] [...] on working the ashtray [...] .
Sally (PS0K6) [4016] That fascinates me!
Mark (PS0JX) [4017] Oh that's brilliant that [...] !
Spencer (PS0K5) [4018] No I like the light because like, as soon as as soon as you put your key ... in the door
Sue (PS0JY) [4019] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4020] the light comes on, and then it waits until you start the engine ... until it goes off
Sue (PS0JY) [4021] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4022] and then when you get out ... as soon as, as soon as the car comes to rest the light comes on
Sue (PS0JY) [4023] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4024] and then it ... stays on until you've closed the door and locked it, you know
Mark (PS0JX) [4025] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4026] then it goes out.
[4027] No, there's all sorts of remote ... to adjust yo you think you're gonna set the clock so you have a little knob
Sue (PS0JY) [4028] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4029] don't you?
[4030] But you don't, you've got a button to erm ... and you just put that [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [4031] Oh god!
Mark (PS0JX) [4032] I'm surprised it hasn't got a digital one actually.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4033] No.
Sue (PS0JY) [4034] I don't like digital clocks
Mark (PS0JX) [4035] No.
Sue (PS0JY) [4036] I'd rather have it like that.
Mark (PS0JX) [4037] For actually glancing down and looking at a clock
Sue (PS0JY) [4038] It's nice.
Mark (PS0JX) [4039] a
Spencer (PS0K5) [4040] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [4041] dial one is is actually easier to read isn't it?
Sue (PS0JY) [4042] Well
Mark (PS0JX) [4043] What's sa what's the hi-fi like then?
Sue (PS0JY) [4044] Mark [...] .
Spencer (PS0K5) [4045] Not bad really.
[4046] Just do one more ... when we've listened to it.
[4047] ... The radio's pretty good.
[4048] And the aerial is in ... is those two strips on the window.
Mark (PS0JX) [4049] Oh yeah, yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4050] Rather than an aerial.
Mark (PS0JX) [4051] Vandal-proof job
Spencer (PS0K5) [4052] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [4053] you see.
Sue (PS0JY) [4054] Good for vandals, yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4055] There is is like a break, this vandal-proof thing, if you park in a ... duff area
Sue (PS0JY) [4056] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4057] You pull them ... thing out do you.
[4058] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4059] You can
Sue (PS0JY) [4060] Oh yeah, take it
Spencer (PS0K5) [4061] Take your
Sue (PS0JY) [4062] out.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4063] radio out and and lock it in the glove box.
[4064] And they give you ... you get four keys ... and one of them is called the chauffeur's key
Sue (PS0JY) [4065] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4066] and that will drive the car but it won't unlock the glove box or the boot
Sue (PS0JY) [4067] Yeah, for the chauffeur.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4068] so if you do , you don't want your chauffeur to know what you've got in the glove box [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [4069] [laughing] A chauffeur key [] !
[4070] That's your job then Sue!
[4071] I like these seatbelts at the back!
[4072] They come from the other way
Sue (PS0JY) [4073] Yeah, it's amazing!
Mark (PS0JX) [4074] don't they?
Spencer (PS0K5) [4075] They go the other way to normal.
Mark (PS0JX) [4076] Yeah.
[4077] That's good actually.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4078] They say that's ... so that if there's an accident
Sue (PS0JY) [4079] They can just get out innit?
Spencer (PS0K5) [4080] then people can er ... get you out easier.
Mark (PS0JX) [4081] Oh course
Sue (PS0JY) [4082] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [4083] yeah!
[4084] Never thought of that.
Sue (PS0JY) [4085] A lot of design's gone into that.
Mark (PS0JX) [4086] Good old Gerries
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4087] ah?
Sue (PS0JY) [4088] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4089] But it's not
Sally (PS0K6) [4090] Yeah but this one did as well.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4091] Yeah.
[4092] These floor mats ... see they've got little screw in ... things.
Sue (PS0JY) [4093] Oh, what's the idea?
Spencer (PS0K5) [4094] Just twist the lock and they ... [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [4095] Mm!
Spencer (PS0K5) [4096] It's a bizarre amount of detail but
Mark (PS0JX) [4097] It's got a lovely , lovely gear box hasn't it?
Spencer (PS0K5) [4098] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [4099] Gear stick on that.
Sue (PS0JY) [4100] Yeah.
[4101] Nice little chunky one.
[4102] Yeah, it's very nice!
[4103] The Germans have certainly got it haven't they?
[4104] But i , Mark you look at this accelerator pedal ... it's the whole sort of length of your foot, it's
Mark (PS0JX) [4105] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4106] so comfortable instead of
Spencer (PS0K5) [4107] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4108] that piddling bit that goes in the ball of your foot.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4109] And you find ... you see you've got that little thing to put your clutch foot on as well.
[4110] That, next to you.
Sue (PS0JY) [4111] Is there?
[4112] Oh
Spencer (PS0K5) [4113] No.
Sue (PS0JY) [4114] god!
Spencer (PS0K5) [4115] No, go to
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Spencer (PS0K5) [4116] the left.
Sue (PS0JY) [4117] Oh I see what you mean.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4118] And there's a little
Sue (PS0JY) [4119] Yeah, yeah a little
Spencer (PS0K5) [4120] they've even put that.
[4121] They're so ... Yeah, well it's all for comfort I think.
Sue (PS0JY) [4122] Yeah.
[4123] They're amazing aren't they?
Mark (PS0JX) [4124] How fast will it go then Spence, I'm sure you ... wound it up?
Spencer (PS0K5) [4125] No, you mustn't take it over
Sue (PS0JY) [4126] They've tested it at a hundred and thirty five miles [...] done, eh?
Spencer (PS0K5) [4127] You ge yo you mustn't take it over ... er, three and a half things or ... eighty miles an hour
Sue (PS0JY) [4128] Mm.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4129] for the first six hundred miles.
Sue (PS0JY) [4130] Mm.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4131] But the top
Mark (PS0JX) [4132] Oh course, yeah!
Spencer (PS0K5) [4133] speed in the book is a hundred and twenty nine.
Mark (PS0JX) [4134] Oh cos you only got it yesterday didn't you?
Spencer (PS0K5) [4135] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [4136] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [4137] Mm.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4138] I don't think we'll [laughing] get anywhere near a hundred and twenty nine in that [] !
Sue (PS0JY) [4139] It's not that so much though, it's just a luxury and the ... the quietness of the engine and everything
Mark (PS0JX) [4140] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4141] isn't it?
Spencer (PS0K5) [4142] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4143] And
Spencer (PS0K5) [4144] Er
Sue (PS0JY) [4145] acceleration I suppose.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4146] Yeah, it's very good ... it's very good like ... between forty to seventy, you know, for actual
Sue (PS0JY) [4147] Mm.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4148] pulling away from lights or whatever it's ... not, nothing very special.
[4149] The thing is when you're doing
Sue (PS0JY) [4150] No, but I mean [...]
Spencer (PS0K5) [4151] but when you're doing ... fifty ... and you wanna overtake something ... [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [4152] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [4153] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4154] That's when it's very tight.
Sue (PS0JY) [4155] It's very nice!
[4156] Let's go and see my sis!
Mark (PS0JX) [4157] Yeah, very impressive isn't it?
[4158] Got a nice ... sound to it as well, when you're ... when you're not speaking.
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Spencer (PS0K5) [4159] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [4160] Little
Sue (PS0JY) [4161] But it only works
Mark (PS0JX) [4162] the horns.
Sue (PS0JY) [4163] with the erm ... the ignition does it?
Mark (PS0JX) [4164] Oh yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4165] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [4166] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4167] Yeah we haven't tried the horn yet.
Mark (PS0JX) [4168] Probably goes [singing] diddle di der der da diddle der der [] ! [laugh]
Spencer (PS0K5) [...] [bibs hooter]
Spencer (PS0K5) [4169] Ooh!
[4170] Well you wouldn't argue with that [laughing] would you [] ?
Sue (PS0JY) [4171] Splendid, yeah!
Mark (PS0JX) [4172] Oh yes , very nice!
Sue (PS0JY) [4173] Very nice Spencer!
Mark (PS0JX) [4174] Nice interior, grey, I like grey.
Sue (PS0JY) [4175] I'm surprised you couldn't
Spencer (PS0K5) [4176] Yeah I
Sue (PS0JY) [4177] actually and the door opens for you.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4178] Yeah, that's a bit of a let down isn't it?
[4179] You've gotta ha work that handle, yes.
Sue (PS0JY) [4180] [laughing] It is really, you've gotta open the door [] !
Mark (PS0JX) [4181] Want someone to lift you out as well do you Sue?
Sue (PS0JY) [4182] Well ... you know.
Mark (PS0JX) [4183] Nice big chunky doors on it.
Sue (PS0JY) [4184] Yes ... it's very good!
Mark (PS0JX) [4185] Lovely colour!
[4186] You choose the colour did you?
Spencer (PS0K5) [4187] Well I had
Mark (PS0JX) [4188] Cor!
Spencer (PS0K5) [4189] like a blanket ... with bright red ... dark red ... or erm ... or white.
Mark (PS0JX) [4190] It's sort of a ... is it a sort of bluey green?
[4191] Or is it a racing green?
Spencer (PS0K5) [4192] It's called nau nautic ... green.
[4193] Or
Sue (PS0JY) [4194] I mean the reds and greens are a bit boring aren't they?
[4195] It's
Spencer (PS0K5) [4196] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4197] different.
[4198] Even though it's just a car [...] . [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [4199] What the hell is that
Spencer (PS0K5) [4200] The
Mark (PS0JX) [4201] smell?
Sue (PS0JY) [4202] I dunno, it stinks!
Mark (PS0JX) [4203] Phworr, Jesus!
Sue (PS0JY) [4204] Phworr!
Spencer (PS0K5) [4205] You're meant to have a ... a beige upholstery with it but I think the grey would be
Sue (PS0JY) [4206] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4207] nice.
Sue (PS0JY) [4208] Oh, better.
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [4209] Yeah, I don't really like the [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [4210] Yeah very nice!
Sue (PS0JY) [4211] If only we could.
Sally (PS0K6) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [4212] I like the cigarette bit!
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Sally (PS0K6) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [4213] Don't even smoke [laughing] but she likes the cigarette bit [] !
[4214] Ashtray!
Sally (PS0K6) [4215] Don't smoke
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Sally (PS0K6) [4216] do we darling?
Sue (PS0JY) [4217] Well no, [...] .
Sally (PS0K6) [4218] Where's your car?
Sue (PS0JY) [4219] Oh it's just up the road.
[4220] It's just, I I [...] you know, we were there and we'd sort of gone past ... so rather than reverse [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4221] Well no, I I just carried on cos I saw a space there, that's all.
[4222] Ooh!
Sue (PS0JY) [...] [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [4223] So how come you got a filthy cold then?
Sally (PS0K6) [4224] Everybody went [...] last week and ... I got it, didn't I?
Spencer (PS0K5) [4225] Alright.
[4226] Are your mum and dad alright?
Sue (PS0JY) [4227] Yeah, they're alright, yeah, yeah!
[4228] Said we leave it on the back cos we got roped [laughing] into [...] , but there we go [] !
Spencer (PS0K5) [4229] So where did you stay then, there?
[4230] Is it
Mark (PS0JX) [4231] Not much
Sue (PS0JY) [4232] No.
Mark (PS0JX) [4233] chance of that!
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [4234] No I went in bed and breakfast.
[4235] They know the accommodation you see ... and it's really grot!
Spencer (PS0K5) [4236] Oh.
Sue (PS0JY) [4237] But it's very good!
[4238] Sort of make breakfast in about half an hour, quarter of an hour.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4239] Right.
Sue (PS0JY) [4240] So
Sally (PS0K6) [4241] [...] the North then?
Sue (PS0JY) [4242] Well I'm not ... [...] ... get a taxi from the station ... you know ... a dump!
Sally (PS0K6) [4243] It's funny actually cos I thought this is the first Saturday when we vegged out ... to [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [4244] Well I didn't actually expect you to be in really
Sally (PS0K6) [4245] No.
Sue (PS0JY) [4246] but we thought well ... we're going up the grave and it's not exactly out the way so we thought we'd pop in.
Sally (PS0K6) [4247] Alright?
Sue (PS0JY) [4248] Erm ... some of your clothes I didn't take with me and they're at mum's, I I mean I ... [...] .
Sally (PS0K6) [4249] To be honest, I didn't know what you were really [...] ... [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [4250] It's lovely!
[4251] I mean I didn't take a lot with me, I mean I took too much as it was and [...] my arm carrying it across the Underground [...] .
[4252] And so the
Spencer (PS0K5) [4253] Did you go on the train rather than drive?
Sue (PS0JY) [4254] Yeah.
[4255] I mean the there's no parking at the B and B
Spencer (PS0K5) [4256] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [4257] There's no parking at the hospital, it's terrible!
[4258] And er ... you know, it just wasn't worth it.
Sally (PS0K6) [...] [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [4259] [...] , I should think it's good for him!
[4260] Put on a bit of weight ... haven't you?
[4261] This looks
Sally (PS0K6) [4262] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [4263] wonderful!
Sally (PS0K6) [4264] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [4265] I thought you were supposed to go round those, not
Sally (PS0K6) [4266] Have you seen the new Star Trek yet then?
Sue (PS0JY) [4267] No.
[4268] From I what I see advertised wha
Mark (PS0JX) [4269] Ah that's whe
Sally (PS0K6) [4270] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [4271] when does it come to I , is it in Ipswich then?
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Sally (PS0K6) [4272] Ipswich at the moment.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4273] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [4274] Oh right.
Sally (PS0K6) [4275] But honestly it's ... make a date for next week, okay?
Mark (PS0JX) [4276] Yeah.
[4277] Did you do the ... Star Trek competition ... on Radio One?
Sally (PS0K6) [4278] Radio Times.
[4279] Or
Mark (PS0JX) [4280] Radio One.
Sally (PS0K6) [4281] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [4282] I can I
Spencer (PS0K5) [4283] No we did, we did the one in Radio Times didn't we?
Sally (PS0K6) [4284] Which one?
[4285] Steve Wright
Spencer (PS0K5) [4286] No.
Sally (PS0K6) [4287] was doing it was he?
Sue (PS0JY) [4288] No.
Mark (PS0JX) [4289] No it was erm
Sue (PS0JY) [4290] God innit cold again?
Mark (PS0JX) [4291] Simon Bates.
Sally (PS0K6) [4292] Yeah.
[4293] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [4294] His cardigan's on.
Sue (PS0JY) [4295] Er, yeah I know [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4296] Have you seen it then?
Sue (PS0JY) [4297] before he was on.
Sally (PS0K6) [4298] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [4299] Good?
Sue (PS0JY) [4300] Is it?
Sally (PS0K6) [4301] Best one I think.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4302] Very!
[4303] Yeah.
Sally (PS0K6) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [4304] Do you still watch
Mark (PS0JX) [4305] Is it still the old crowd?
Sue (PS0JY) [4306] Do you watch Star Trek now?
Mark (PS0JX) [4307] Shi , William Shatner?
Sally (PS0K6) [4308] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [4309] Really?
Sue (PS0JY) [4310] Is it really?
Mark (PS0JX) [4311] Good god, he must
Sue (PS0JY) [4312] Don't like it now though without the likes of William Shatner and that.
Sally (PS0K6) [4313] Is that the new one?
Sue (PS0JY) [4314] [...] Yeah.
Sally (PS0K6) [4315] Well you'll like th th this, it's very, very well done!
[4316] Extremely
Sue (PS0JY) [4317] Oh!
Sally (PS0K6) [4318] well done!
Spencer (PS0K5) [4319] It's sort of it's like erm ... analogy between ... what's happened in Russia and [...] ... all that sort of thing cos they couldn't [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [4320] Ah!
Sue (PS0JY) [4321] Oh right!
Sally (PS0K6) [4322] It is very good!
Mark (PS0JX) [4323] Have to go and see that then girl!
Sally (PS0K6) [4324] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4325] Yeah, could go next weekend if you want?
[4326] Or Friday?
Sally (PS0K6) [4327] Well we'll be going to see J F K sometime this week won't we?
Spencer (PS0K5) [4328] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4329] I wouldn't mind seeing
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [4330] that either actually.
Mark (PS0JX) [4331] I thought William Shatner had been ... had to be resumed or something.
Sue (PS0JY) [4332] Right.
Sally (PS0K6) [4333] Yeah, the [...] ... well honestly the toupees are endless!
[4334] It must of taken them years to get them ... made up to look even vaguely
Mark (PS0JX) [4335] Has it got Scotty and that lot in it?
Sally (PS0K6) [...]
Spencer (PS0K5) [4336] Yeah.
Sally (PS0K6) [4337] I mean Scotty's seventy six or older than
Spencer (PS0K5) [4338] Bones is seventy one.
Sally (PS0K6) [4339] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [4340] Yeah Bones has really aged ain't he?
[4341] All these old
Sally (PS0K6) [4342] Er, and Scotty's just ... [...] ... you know, he's
Mark (PS0JX) [4343] Is, is erm
Sally (PS0K6) [...]
Spencer (PS0K5) [4344] What about Scott?
Sally (PS0K6) [4345] Scott's in it, yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [4346] Is Leonard in it then?
Sally (PS0K6) [4347] Yeah, they're all in it.
Mark (PS0JX) [4348] Are they?
Sally (PS0K6) [4349] They're all in it.
Mark (PS0JX) [4350] Good lord!
Sally (PS0K6) [4351] Zulu's got his own ship now.
[4352] Checkoff's in it, and [...] , they're all in it.
Mark (PS0JX) [4353] Oh Zulu still looks young doesn't he?
[4354] [laughing] He's probably about sixty [] !
Spencer (PS0K5) [4355] Yeah.
Sally (PS0K6) [4356] He's looks far better, I think he
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Sally (PS0K6) [4357] is a younger [...] .
[4358] Checkoff's got a toupee.
[4359] You can
Mark (PS0JX) [4360] Yeah?
Sally (PS0K6) [4361] see it.
[4362] You know, it moves without his head sort of thing, it moves away!
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Sally (PS0K6) [4363] It really is, I mean you'd die laughing!
Mark (PS0JX) [4364] This has gotta be the last one though hasn't it?
Sally (PS0K6) [4365] They say it is.
Mark (PS0JX) [4366] Yeah.
Sally (PS0K6) [4367] Well there's loads of pensioner's jokes in some of these [...] , it was really, very good [...]
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Sally (PS0K6) [4368] you know, when
Mark (PS0JX) [4369] Is he still admiral?
Sally (PS0K6) [4370] No, he's the captain.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4371] No, yeah, he's the captain of er ... see he got, he got demoted didn't he?
[4372] For
Sally (PS0K6) [4373] Yeah.
[4374] Cos he went out of Scott's [...] .
Spencer (PS0K5) [4375] For going into the
Mark (PS0JX) [4376] Ah he got, ah he got done for that did he?
Sally (PS0K6) [4377] And suspiciously [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4378] Yeah, he didn't wanna be an admiral anyway did he?
Sally (PS0K6) [4379] No!
[4380] No, it was very good!
[4381] All about the Klingon Empire diminishing and what can they do about it? [cat noise]
Mark (PS0JX) [4382] Oh hello mate!
[4383] Yep!
Sally (PS0K6) [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [4384] I can't pick him up!
Sally (PS0K6) [4385] I think he's still not made out whose [...] home he's in!
Mark (PS0JX) [4386] Yes, yes, you're alright aren't you?
Sue (PS0JY) [4387] We love you!
Sally (PS0K6) [4388] They're very nice cats are.
Mark (PS0JX) [4389] They move when you stroke them
Sally (PS0K6) [4390] They'd do that all night.
Mark (PS0JX) [4391] and dogs don't [laughing] do they [] ?
Sally (PS0K6) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [4392] [laugh] As they [...] ... indeed!
[4393] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4394] We've been trying to [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [4395] Crawl in right by the fire can't you?
Sue (PS0JY) [4396] And he's such a hooligan, you know, [...] he's knackered one of his claws again!
[4397] Daft thing about it, but I thought rather than hang on I'll get in there and get [...] off.
Sally (PS0K6) [4398] Oh!
Sue (PS0JY) [4399] [...] another anaesthetic to cut it back!
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [4400] He's terrible!
Mark (PS0JX) [4401] Hello!
Sue (PS0JY) [4402] [...] then?
Sally (PS0K6) [4403] Yeah!
[4404] Oh yeah, could do, if we try it [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [4405] You can just imagine, pull them out!
Sue (PS0JY) [4406] No!
Mark (PS0JX) [4407] Oh no!
Spencer (PS0K5) [laugh]
Sally (PS0K6) [4408] Well really when I had the same thing [...] , you know, [...] ... and goes back for a little bit this morning ... and er ... same sort of thing.
Sue (PS0JY) [4409] But, you know, it's just when you think oh my god, that's money!
[4410] I mean, how much do they cost those pills?
Sally (PS0K6) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4411] Cor!
Sue (PS0JY) [4412] Nineteen and a half pounds, I thought they were more than that actually.
Mark (PS0JX) [4413] God!
Sue (PS0JY) [4414] [...] ... but you know, I mean I know it's not [...] .
[4415] Mm, it's very nice though, [...] .
Sally (PS0K6) [4416] The mats had were under six pounds this morning, and I pay only half of that.
Sue (PS0JY) [4417] Oh you had to buy the mats do you?
[4418] Will the company buy them?
Sally (PS0K6) [4419] No.
Sue (PS0JY) [4420] Oh.
Sally (PS0K6) [4421] Well it was seventy six pounds before VAT.
Sue (PS0JY) [4422] Yeah, but you say that I paid thirty pounds for the Astra, now let's get it in the balance here, you see what I mean, and that sen and then
Mark (PS0JX) [4423] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4424] they've, they're ... you know, quality-wise they're double the quality.
Sally (PS0K6) [4425] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [4426] Plus they're the German ones and you can say
Mark (PS0JX) [4427] Plus more.
Sue (PS0JY) [4428] I can
Mark (PS0JX) [4429] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4430] that that [...]
Sally (PS0K6) [4431] But you'll [...] don't you with it?
Spencer (PS0K5) [4432] What?
Sally (PS0K6) [4433] With the car?
Spencer (PS0K5) [4434] Oh yes.
Sue (PS0JY) [4435] But it was that or a Vauxhall [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [4436] Oh no!
Mark (PS0JX) [4437] Oh god!
Sue (PS0JY) [4438] It's not quite the same thing [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4439] Go for B M W every time!
Sue (PS0JY) [4440] the sports [...] .
Sally (PS0K6) [4441] Ah, yeah, but the B M W I'm afraid is, they've got it haven't they?
Sue (PS0JY) [4442] Oh yeah I I think so too.
Sally (PS0K6) [4443] I think B M W's are the business really!
Sue (PS0JY) [4444] We were [...]
Sally (PS0K6) [4445] Oh you didn't did he?
Sue (PS0JY) [4446] Well ... not cos we haven't quite got one, a B M W [...] .
Spencer (PS0K5) [4447] No, but a a big four wheel drive thing, you know ... it's quite sort of.
Sue (PS0JY) [4448] Oh, what that one?
Sally (PS0K6) [4449] [...] , yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4450] Yeah [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [4451] But you like them!
Mark (PS0JX) [4452] Oh wha what one is it?
Sue (PS0JY) [4453] He'll be [...] at you, why didn't you get one of them?
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4454] No,wha what's it called?
Sue (PS0JY) [4455] You know, you wanted to drive one.
Mark (PS0JX) [4456] No.
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4457] Oh that, what that little jeepy thing?
Sally (PS0K6) [4458] Oh I know, not them!
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4459] Oh aye, you should have one of those!
Group of unknown speakers (KD5PSUGP) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [4460] Yeah we saw that in the Radio Times.
Sue (PS0JY) [4461] Yeah, you liked that didn't you?
Mark (PS0JX) [4462] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [4463] They're not that expensive actually are they?
[4464] They're cheaper than one of those.
Sally (PS0K6) [4465] Oh yeah!
Spencer (PS0K5) [4466] Those, you know, the the [...] really ... should of got one, you know it's ... [...] , almost a Range Rover.
Sue (PS0JY) [4467] Mm.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4468] Fo four door ... but ... there's some problem because it's their ... [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [4469] Very [...]
Spencer (PS0K5) [4470] [...] [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [4471] Mm.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4472] I just thought it was a bit chunky.
[4473] [...] the car.
Mark (PS0JX) [4474] Oh I would of gone
Sue (PS0JY) [4475] The BM [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4476] I would of gone for the four wheel
Sue (PS0JY) [4477] I do , yeah but
Mark (PS0JX) [4478] definitely!
Sue (PS0JY) [4479] I know I wouldn't, I think they've been [...] .
Spencer (PS0K5) [4480] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [4481] Yeah but ... trouble is you pray for ra , pray for snow when you've got a four wheel drive car!
Sally (PS0K6) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [4482] God
Sally (PS0K6) [4483] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [4484] snow, look! [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [4485] Don't really want it.
Mark (PS0JX) [4486] Yeah.
Sally (PS0K6) [4487] [...] So mum and dad are alright are they?
Sue (PS0JY) [4488] Yes, they're fine!
Sally (PS0K6) [4489] Have they drove
Mark (PS0JX) [cough]
Sally (PS0K6) [4490] the car?
Sue (PS0JY) [4491] Yes.
[4492] I it's nice you know
Sally (PS0K6) [4493] I haven't been
Sue (PS0JY) [4494] no, I dro , I drove that and it's really quite nice but I might
Mark (PS0JX) [4495] I wish he hadn't of got it cos Sue wants it when he's finished with it.
Sue (PS0JY) [4496] Oh.
Sally (PS0K6) [4497] Do you?
Sue (PS0JY) [4498] Seriously, yeah.
[4499] It's a nice
Sally (PS0K6) [4500] Well have it!
Sue (PS0JY) [4501] sort of, it's a nice little car to drive actually.
[4502] It's got the Renault, the Fuego gearbox, you know.
[4503] Mm, [...] .
[4504] It's, it is really nippy for a one point four!
Sally (PS0K6) [4505] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4506] Erm, and it's, it's all there, it's, you know it's a nice car, it's the nicest car he's had!
Sally (PS0K6) [4507] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [4508] And it ... you know, good round the cor , really nice little thing to drive, yeah.
[4509] Even though
Spencer (PS0K5) [4510] It would be nice if it [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [4511] Oh god yeah!
[4512] Oh, you know, he's [...] .
[4513] Really ni , I mean you get in there and you feel really comfortable and everything's there ... you got a nice radio as well and er ... but yeah, it's really very nice!
[4514] Much nicer gearbox.
[4515] It's a typical sort of Renault floppy gearbox, you know what I mean?
Spencer (PS0K5) [4516] No.
Sue (PS0JY) [4517] Sort of play about with it and [...] , instead of all boring
Sally (PS0K6) [4518] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [4519] I don't like floppy gearboxes.
Sue (PS0JY) [4520] Oh!
Mark (PS0JX) [4521] I like a nice a positive [...] !
Sue (PS0JY) [4522] I like that Fuego gearbox.
Mark (PS0JX) [4523] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4524] The same sort of thing as the [...] like this could go through that.
Sally (PS0K6) [4525] Mm!
[4526] Yep!
[4527] Straight on!
Sue (PS0JY) [4528] [laughing] Yeah I know [] , I said I want one [...] .
Sally (PS0K6) [4529] Mm.
[4530] Is he gonna go [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [4531] He's now done a hundred and seven thousand, I think, a hundred and eight thousand.
Mark (PS0JX) [4532] Just about in the ground now innit really?
Sue (PS0JY) [4533] He won't let you [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [4534] It sounds like a diesel engine so [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [4535] Yeah but it's erm ... [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [cough] ... [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [4536] Didn't he?
Spencer (PS0K5) [4537] I didn't think [...] , it's not that old.
Sue (PS0JY) [4538] I've only noticed it ... five years, it looks filthy, although it's been in the car wash [...] .
[4539] Hasn't it?
Mark (PS0JX) [4540] Yeah, it's all the [...] on the roads innit?
Sue (PS0JY) [4541] Yeah.
[4542] But you want a Sierra [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [4543] No I don't!
[4544] You wanted the Sierra!
Sue (PS0JY) [4545] You want the four wheel drive but it's not practical!
Mark (PS0JX) [4546] Oh!
Sue (PS0JY) [4547] So that's gone!
Sally (PS0K6) [4548] Mm.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4549] Ho how far have you gotta go over before you ... you get a ... you'll get a company car at B T?
Mark (PS0JX) [4550] Er ... head a group ... or group leader ... quite a way.
Sue (PS0JY) [4551] Most of those have got P H D's. [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [4552] It's er ... it's a bit strange at B T!
Sue (PS0JY) [4553] And then you only get a popular ghia, it's hardly worth it!
Mark (PS0JX) [4554] No you don't!
Sue (PS0JY) [4555] Don't you?
Mark (PS0JX) [4556] Or do you?
Sally (PS0K6) [4557] Actually, don't forget [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4558] Yeah, you a Sierra, yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4559] [...] yeah.
Sally (PS0K6) [4560] no, then you've gotta [...] your car.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4561] Who?
[4562] No
Sally (PS0K6) [4563] No.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4564] so th th ... yeah, but [...] .
Sally (PS0K6) [4565] Mm.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4566] But,th he is ... you know, he is very, very good about it, he would know from ... loads of money and he's ... and his company could have a one point six ... Sierra
Mark (PS0JX) [4567] Mm.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4568] you know
Sue (PS0JY) [4569] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4570] you don't think
Sue (PS0JY) [4571] No.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4572] but er ... I think that ... they were part of your pay rise one year was it? [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4573] Yeah,th they had a new, a re-think.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4574] grading, instead of giving them a pay rise they get
Sue (PS0JY) [4575] That's right.
[4576] And I mean er, you know
Spencer (PS0K5) [4577] [...] car.
Sue (PS0JY) [4578] if yo if you're earning that sort of salary, I'm afraid to say, which ... you know, the header groups are
Mark (PS0JX) [4579] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4580] I mean, to drive round in a one point six basic Sierra, well it's pathetic
Sally (PS0K6) [4581] It's pathetic isn't it?
Sue (PS0JY) [4582] really!
Mark (PS0JX) [4583] Mm.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4584] Mm.
[4585] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4586] I mean I just think [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4587] Well, well Mike didn't have one cos he was too tall!
Sue (PS0JY) [4588] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [4589] And he kept banging his head on the ceiling!
Sue (PS0JY) [4590] [laughing] Yeah, I know, it's tall [] !
Mark (PS0JX) [4591] So he didn't have one
Sally (PS0K6) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4592] and ma and my group leader he er ... he's already got about nine cars cos he collects them [laughing] anyway [] !
[4593] He said, what do I want another bloody car for!
[4594] So
Sue (PS0JY) [4595] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [4596] he didn't
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4597] have one either.
Sally (PS0K6) [4598] They get a good deal really don't they?
Sue (PS0JY) [4599] Well we'll be going to an auction to get like a reasonable car.
Sally (PS0K6) [4600] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [4601] Yeah, I'll enjoy that.
Sue (PS0JY) [4602] We shall get, you know, sort of, an E or and F and [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4603] They must, they must be going for rock bottom prices at the moment there!
Sue (PS0JY) [4604] I saw an E Sierra in the paper for about three thousand that had only done forty thousand ... er, an estate.
Mark (PS0JX) [4605] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4606] Wasn't a very good, one point eight.
Mark (PS0JX) [4607] But you can save a
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4608] lot going to the auction can't you?
[4609] Bit of gamble a though!
Sue (PS0JY) [4610] Well as long as you don't mind the high mileage cars but if they've been going up and down the motorway all the time
Mark (PS0JX) [4611] Not all of them are the high mileage though are they?
Sue (PS0JY) [4612] [whispering] [...] [] .
Mark (PS0JX) [4613] Yeah, a fleet car.
Sue (PS0JY) [4614] But never mind!
Spencer (PS0K5) [4615] Well ... Mike went to a ... [...] we went to the auction at [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [4616] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4617] to buy [...] ... and had very much in the sports car range.
Sue (PS0JY) [4618] No , they don't, they tend
Mark (PS0JX) [4619] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4620] to be your typical ... company
Sally (PS0K6) [4621] Company car [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [4622] Yeah, yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [4623] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [4624] But they shift
Sue (PS0JY) [4625] So
Mark (PS0JX) [4626] them so quickly don't they?
Spencer (PS0K5) [4627] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [4628] You don't get time to think about it.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4629] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [4630] It's like in
Sue (PS0JY) [4631] But then if you, I mean when we went there was that, I mean, okay it was erm ... it was a van wasn't it?
[4632] But it was a Vauxhall Astra van ... but I mean it was E reg and it was three years ago and it went for two thousand quid!
[4633] You know, and it's got [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4634] That was in mint condition wasn't it?
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4635] It was an F, F reg was it?
Sue (PS0JY) [4636] a van.
[4637] No, it was an E reg.
Mark (PS0JX) [4638] Was it E?
Sue (PS0JY) [4639] But, if you were buying it at a garage you were probably gonna pay at least four
Spencer (PS0K5) [4640] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4641] four and a half.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4642] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4643] And it was a bargain!
Spencer (PS0K5) [4644] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [4645] There wasn't a mark on it, but I mean
Mark (PS0JX) [4646] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4647] Well that's cos it was a van you see.
Sally (PS0K6) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [4648] That's right.
Sally (PS0K6) [4649] But I mean
Sue (PS0JY) [4650] Well no, but I mean ... even so, the the Sierras your gonna get cheaper there.
Mark (PS0JX) [4651] Well a van for us would be ideal wouldn't it?
Sue (PS0JY) [4652] I don't want a van!
Sally (PS0K6) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [4653] Well you don't need to have back seats do you?
[4654] Especially if there's just two of us.
[4655] We could dump the dogs in the back and off you go!
Sue (PS0JY) [4656] You want a Sierra estate mate if you want to go ... knocking about the Lake District with the dogs.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4657] Well it wouldn't matter what you
Sally (PS0K6) [...]
Spencer (PS0K5) [4658] what you'd
Sally (PS0K6) [...]
Spencer (PS0K5) [4659] got
Sally (PS0K6) [4660] [...] the ozone, yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4661] you always want something better don't you?
[4662] I mean we went u up to Hunters this morning to get those mats
Sally (PS0K6) [4663] Mm.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4664] and there was a ... a a five
Sally (PS0K6) [4665] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4666] five, grade five ... N ... in er ... sort of gun metal grey, I mean, it's all grey
Sally (PS0K6) [4667] Oh yeah, yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4668] leather seats and er
Sally (PS0K6) [4669] Yeah.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4670] and you looked ... she looked at me and said [...] , [...]
Sally (PS0K6) [4671] But it said [...] .
[4672] Thirty nine
Sue (PS0JY) [4673] Yeah.
Sally (PS0K6) [4674] nine fifty?
Spencer (PS0K5) [4675] Yeah.
[4676] You ... you always want something better [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [4677] Actually [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [cough]
Sue (PS0JY) [4678] didn't he?
Mark (PS0JX) [4679] Who?
Sue (PS0JY) [4680] Nick. [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4681] Is it?
Sally (PS0K6) [4682] You know Nick ?
Mark (PS0JX) [4683] Yeah, I know Nick.
[4684] Does he work he work at Hunters on their
Sally (PS0K6) [4685] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [4686] [...] ?
Sally (PS0K6) [4687] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [4688] Hello!
[4689] What do you want then?
[4690] Well we better get, go before they start mate.
Sue (PS0JY) [4691] Yeah, we'd better go to Sainsbury's, [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4692] Great fun!
Sally (PS0K6) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [4693] I hope you feel better matey!
Sally (PS0K6) [4694] Mhm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4695] Ooh!
[4696] Nice to see the kitchen's coming on at last.
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4697] Yep.
Sally (PS0K6) [4698] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4699] Hey?
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4700] No.
[4701] I reckon she's foxing!
Sally (PS0K6) [4702] I don't [...] do I?
Sue (PS0JY) [4703] No, she just sounds a bit grot!
[4704] You look very poorly!
Sally (PS0K6) [4705] Any excuse to watch this box, eh?
Mark (PS0JX) [4706] Just doesn't fancy decorating today, [laughing] that's the []
Spencer (PS0K5) [4707] No.
Sally (PS0K6) [4708] No.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4709] Then you get a week off.
Sue (PS0JY) [4710] Oh course it's, bugger it!
[4711] It's half term isn't it?
Sally (PS0K6) [4712] You tell her!
[4713] This is the first time I think we've sat down and done bugger all for ages!
Spencer (PS0K5) [4714] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4715] That's alright Sally, I believe you!
Mark (PS0JX) [4716] Er, yeah!
Sally (PS0K6) [4717] Come round again.
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [laugh]
Sally (PS0K6) [4718] Getting [...] to my
Sue (PS0JY) [4719] Well I mean this li , room's certainly liveable isn't it?
[4720] You can get the kitchen done, then you get your bedroom then well
Sally (PS0K6) [4721] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [4722] you're there really.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4723] Bedroom's alright.
Sally (PS0K6) [4724] Yep.
[4725] I'm going up in the bedroom next.
Sue (PS0JY) [4726] Are you?
Sally (PS0K6) [4727] Mhm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4728] Mm.
[4729] Mm.
Sally (PS0K6) [4730] Oh, when I ... are you still interested in going to these sales?
Sue (PS0JY) [4731] Well when I next go, you know, when I get back I'll give you a ring.
[4732] Well I'm not buying anything at the moment but if you wanna have a look round.
Sally (PS0K6) [4733] Good grief!
Mark (PS0JX) [yawn]
Sally (PS0K6) [4734] [...] gave you that book.
[4735] Got that for Paul.
Sue (PS0JY) [4736] Did you?
Sally (PS0K6) [4737] Mm.
[4738] So I'm sorry I didn't get early enough [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [4739] But I mean, then I was bound to be very bored, except
Sally (PS0K6) [4740] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [4741] when he comes up.
Sally (PS0K6) [4742] Yeah. [...] .
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [4743] [yawning] Oh [] .
Spencer (PS0K5) [4744] That's good.
[4745] Do they have new stuff there as well?
Sue (PS0JY) [4746] No.
[4747] I mean they've got
Spencer (PS0K5) [4748] No, I mean relatively.
Sue (PS0JY) [4749] Erm
Sally (PS0K6) [4750] Not really, no.
Sue (PS0JY) [4751] No.
[4752] You're better looking at erm ... [...] ... for er ... sort of newer stuff, you know, just old [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [4753] It's old or tatty really.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4754] What's that?
Sue (PS0JY) [4755] Sorry?
Spencer (PS0K5) [4756] What's that?
Sally (PS0K6) [4757] The auction.
Sue (PS0JY) [4758] The auction.
[4759] You know
Sally (PS0K6) [4760] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [4761] the Estate Agent ... they had er an auction.
Sally (PS0K6) [4762] Of homes everywhere.
Sue (PS0JY) [4763] sorry, not !
Spencer (PS0K5) [4764] .
Mark (PS0JX) [4765] Yeah I was gonna say!
Sally (PS0K6) [4766] Not , [...] .
Sue (PS0JY) [4767] Yeah,.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4768] No they wouldn't , they wouldn't have my leather chair at this ... auction.
Sue (PS0JY) [4769] No, not a bit!
[4770] And they wouldn't have it as a nice antique one, that not sort of thing, no.
[4771] But they might have if is on now.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4772] Yeah.
[4773] It's alright [...] might have offered you something mightn't you?
[4774] ... You
Sue (PS0JY) [4775] Mm.
Spencer (PS0K5) [4776] might get a ... er as an offer.
Sue (PS0JY) [4777] [...] ... normally though I'd ask you but I, time they're gonna get rid of there nice leather chairs, and if they're going bankrupt
Spencer (PS0K5) [4778] No.
Sally (PS0K6) [4779] When is there one this week then?
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [4780] Well it's at the er ... yeah, you could go tomorrow
Sally (PS0K6) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [4781] you could go to the ... erm ... the viewing on Monday morning.
[4782] And then stay
Sally (PS0K6) [4783] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [4784] for the sales.
[4785] Yeah, if you wanted to.
Sally (PS0K6) [4786] Mm.
[4787] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [4788] Yep.
[4789] Erm ... no, but the nice Wednesday one went last week, but there'll be another
Spencer (PS0K5) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [4790] one in March.
Sally (PS0K6) [4791] Well I quite like that county [...] one, that's plenty for me.
Sue (PS0JY) [4792] Yeah.
[4793] And erm
Sally (PS0K6) [4794] I do
Sue (PS0JY) [4795] no, have had theirs in February so there isn't that one and erm, have had one as well.
[4796] But yeah, there's th , the viewing on Monday for the sale on Monday.
[4797] If you want to go.
Sally (PS0K6) [4798] Okay!
Sue (PS0JY) [4799] And, when I read it in the paper cos it, you know it has the details of the sale of new [...] on the back
Sally (PS0K6) [4800] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4801] it didn't look quite so crappy but ... I mean nor ,no the trouble is when you read something ... you picture what that chest is gonna be, it's gonna
Sally (PS0K6) [4802] That's right.
Sue (PS0JY) [4803] what you like
Spencer (PS0K5) [4804] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4805] when you go and look at it, you think no, it's
Mark (PS0JX) [4806] Mm.
Sue (PS0JY) [4807] not what I want.
Sally (PS0K6) [4808] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [4809] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [4810] It's the classic example of those chairs we bought an ... we thought, oh nice ... set
Sue (PS0JY) [4811] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [4812] of oak chairs, got there and they were gross [laughing] weren't they [] ?
Sue (PS0JY) [4813] Yeah, I know but I did get those two nice farmhouse chairs
Mark (PS0JX) [4814] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [4815] in beech so ... you can't
Mark (PS0JX) [4816] Yeah, worked out alright.
Sally (PS0K6) [4817] Is that those two [...] ?
Mark (PS0JX) [cough]
Sue (PS0JY) [4818] Two balloon chairs.
Sally (PS0K6) [4819] Did you buy two Victorian ... balloon chairs?
Sue (PS0JY) [4820] No, the farmhouse ... sort of yeah
Mark (PS0JX) [4821] Straight.
Sue (PS0JY) [4822] spindle back wood.
Mark (PS0JX) [4823] Spindle back, yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [4824] That's all, I just looked
Sally (PS0K6) [4825] I thought you got some of those
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Sally (PS0K6) [4826] with the oval on, the lips on the back?
Mark (PS0JX) [4827] No!
Sue (PS0JY) [4828] No.
Sally (PS0K6) [4829] No?
Sue (PS0JY) [4830] No.
Sally (PS0K6) [4831] Oh.
Sue (PS0JY) [4832] Right.
Mark (PS0JX) [4833] Right we better go mate!
Sue (PS0JY) [4834] Thank you ever so much for coming.
Sally (PS0K6) [4835] Nice to see you!
Mark (PS0JX) [4836] Yep!
Sally (PS0K6) [4837] And erm, [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4838] Take care, get well soon won't you?
Sally (PS0K6) [4839] Yeah.
[4840] Have a good time next week!
Sue (PS0JY) [4841] We will.
Mark (PS0JX) [4842] Alright?
Spencer (PS0K5) [4843] Have you come ... in your Porsche?
Sue (PS0JY) [4844] Yes.
Mark (PS0JX) [4845] Well we try to. [laugh]

35 (Tape 034101)

Mark (PS0JX) [4846] Oh I don't need a great deal cos we've got plenty of potatoes.
[4847] ... And we've got orange juice.
[4848] I just need a bit of money to get a you know a bar of chocolate at work.
Sue (PS0JY) [4849] Mm. ...
Mark (PS0JX) [4850] Okay?
Sue (PS0JY) [4851] Mm.
[4852] ... Yes but I I've got quite a lot [...] ...
Mark (PS0JX) [4853] Oh there must be some surely.
Sue (PS0JY) [4854] Yeah [...] ... [...]

36 (Tape 034102)

Mark (PS0JX) [4855] There are some nice grapes over there.
[4856] Can munch on them tonight.
[4857] [tut] Oh these bags are knackered.
Sue (PS0JY) [4858] I know.
[4859] I got you some in the thing.
[4860] What do you think I got from over there?
Mark (PS0JX) [4861] Ah.
[4862] Right.
[4863] Sorry.
Sue (PS0JY) [4864] [...] ... Mark, would you say we've got enough potatoes?
Mark (PS0JX) [4865] Yeah we've got a bag of potatoes.
[4866] ... Okay for those.
[4867] ... Thank you. ...
Sue (PS0JY) [4868] Carrots?
[4869] Do we need any carrots?
[4870] ... Do you ever use them?
Mark (PS0JX) [4871] We've got plenty of carrots.
Sue (PS0JY) [4872] We're alright for carrots.
Mark (PS0JX) [4873] Carrots okay.
[4874] Mushroom er don't get mushrooms cos I
Sue (PS0JY) [4875] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [4876] won't use them.
Sue (PS0JY) [4877] Bananas.
Mark (PS0JX) [4878] I prefer to have fruit really cos I can eat them with rolls.
[4879] And we'll definitely need some rolls cos I'm right out.
Sue (PS0JY) [4880] [...] We'll get you some apples then. ...
Mark (PS0JX) [4881] [whistling] ... [...] they've only got bloody Granny Smiths.
Sue (PS0JY) [4882] Haven't they got anything else?
Mark (PS0JX) [4883] Haven't they got any Coxes? ...
Sue (PS0JY) [4884] [...] ... What are these?
[4885] Golden Delicious.
[4886] They any good?
Mark (PS0JX) [4887] Golden Delic no they're even worse.
[4888] They're bloody French aren't they.
[4889] ... Erm ... What have we here.
[4890] ... Hi.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [4891] Hello
Mark (PS0JX) [4892] How are you?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [4893] Fine thanks.
Sue (PS0JY) [4894] Hello.
Mark (PS0JX) [4895] Keeping well?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [4896] Okay yes, yes.
Mark (PS0JX) [4897] Mm goody, good.
[4898] ... Keep you working hard here I take it do they?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [4899] [...] [laugh] Too hard really.
Mark (PS0JX) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [4900] [laugh] Oh take care then.
[4901] ... Do you want any grapes?
Sue (PS0JY) [4902] Mm ... No.
Mark (PS0JX) [4903] Sure?
Sue (PS0JY) [4904] Mm mm.
[4905] Mm mm mm mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [4906] No?
[4907] ... Eighty eight P.
[4908] ... They're a bit er ...
Sue (PS0JY) [4909] I wouldn't say they're immaculate no.
Mark (PS0JX) [4910] Oh you're bound to get a few bum ones aren't you. ...
Sue (PS0JY) [4911] We only want them for tonight really don't we. ...
Mark (PS0JX) [4912] That'll do.
[4913] ... [tut] [laugh] Pick all the [laughing] bad ones off [] .
[4914] ... You don't care do you.
Sue (PS0JY) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [4915] Here you are, shove them in there. ...
Sue (PS0JY) [4916] [laughing] Yeah but why should I [] ?
Mark (PS0JX) [4917] Can I have some satsumas?
[4918] Oh we've got those haven't we.
[4919] Got them here. ...
Sue (PS0JY) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [4920] Alright? [tut]
Sue (PS0JY) [4921] [laugh] ... [...] ... Right.
[4922] So you've got the satsumas.
Mark (PS0JX) [4923] Yep.
Sue (PS0JY) [4924] You're alright for fruit then are you?
Mark (PS0JX) [4925] Well fruit should be up front really so it doesn't get squashed by everything else. ...
Sue (PS0JY) [4926] What about frozen peas and things? [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4927] Put these in a bag will you?
[4928] ... No don't worry.
[4929] Don't worry.
[4930] Don't worry.
Sue (PS0JY) [4931] Haven't got any.
Mark (PS0JX) [4932] Don't worry.
Sue (PS0JY) [4933] [...] Come on.
Mark (PS0JX) [4934] They're not too busy tonight are they.
[4935] I was quite surprised .
Sue (PS0JY) [4936] No [...] ... You don't need any [...] ?
[4937] ... Do you want anything [...] ?
Mark (PS0JX) [4938] No.
[4939] Hate it. ...
Sue (PS0JY) [4940] Tinned carrot?
Mark (PS0JX) [4941] No.
[4942] Er er ooh.
Sue (PS0JY) [4943] Do you need a tin of carrots?
Mark (PS0JX) [4944] Not personally but er well are we gonna have another shop la next week?
Sue (PS0JY) [4945] Yeah, we're going to on Friday.
Mark (PS0JX) [4946] Erm well we'll get all that stuff then.
[4947] ... Ju just get what I'm gonna have this week.
[4948] Which is fruit ... and ... I'll need some rolls ... er
Sue (PS0JY) [4949] Do you want any noodles?
[4950] You never eat them [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [4951] No.
[4952] ... No I
Sue (PS0JY) [4953] What about any packets of rice?
[4954] Would you like that?
Mark (PS0JX) [4955] No.
[4956] Just get s erm
Sue (PS0JY) [4957] Eggs are alright.
Mark (PS0JX) [4958] I I just do vegetables.
[4959] I have like peas, carrots and potatoes and I'll have a pie or something like that.
[4960] Something simple.
Sue (PS0JY) [4961] Do you eat cheese?
Mark (PS0JX) [4962] Yeah we need some Cheddar don't we.
[4963] ... Here you are.
[4964] This will do. ...
Sue (PS0JY) [4965] [...] Right.
[4966] Okay.
Mark (PS0JX) [4967] E English Cheddar, or shall we try something else?
Sue (PS0JY) [4968] Try something else.
[4969] Bit boring.
[4970] ... Get ah erm ... Scottish Cheddar or farmhouse Cheddar's quite nice.
Mark (PS0JX) [4971] Right. ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [4972] Eggs?
Mark (PS0JX) [4973] They're great big ... lumps though.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [4974] No I've got some eggs.
Sue (PS0JY) [4975] Is that gonna be enough?
Mark (PS0JX) [4976] That's too small.
[4977] No er this will do.
[4978] We g always use it all up
Sue (PS0JY) [4979] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [4980] don't we.
Sue (PS0JY) [4981] Brie we've got.
[4982] [...] Brie?
[4983] ... [...] ... Now, how are you for meat? ...
Mark (PS0JX) [4984] Meat? [...] [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [4985] Come on.
[4986] Er mm seriously, what meat do you want?
Mark (PS0JX) [4987] [sigh] Erm ...
Sue (PS0JY) [4988] You've got pies, you've got some sausages.
Mark (PS0JX) [4989] Well I, I, I ... I I'm going off ham.
[4990] We could get some bacon for tomorrow's breakfast.
[4991] Cos you'll need a good breakfast if you're going away won't you.
Sue (PS0JY) [4992] Well I was gonna cook dinner tomorrow anyway.
[4993] I want want a cooked breakfast.
[4994] I'm sick of cooked breakfast.
[4995] I'll be back
Mark (PS0JX) [4996] Oh yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [4997] to them every day now.
Mark (PS0JX) [4998] Well I haven't.
Sue (PS0JY) [4999] Well I can do you scrambled eggs tomorrow then.
[5000] ... And tomato. ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5001] Garlic bread!
Sue (PS0JY) [5002] Garlic okay .
Mark (PS0JX) [5003] And I'll want the rolls.
[5004] Want the little rolls yeah.
[5005] ... They're lovely they are.
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5006] Trouble is er they get burned, the tops always burn, and the polythene always melts.
[5007] Have you noticed that?
Sue (PS0JY) [5008] These are alright [...] What about portions of chicken?
[5009] How are you doing for those? ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5010] Er well I think we've loads of it.
[5011] It's like some of it looks as if it's er getting a bit old.
[5012] It's ... the trouble is we need to clean that out because the s some of the
Sue (PS0JY) [5013] I know.
Mark (PS0JX) [5014] stuff gets left at the bottom. ... [cough]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5015] [...] ?
Mark (PS0JX) [5016] [cough] ... [child's voice in background] I want those chicken things that we had before.
Sue (PS0JY) [5017] Yeah I was trying to think where they are.
[5018] What the chicken kiev or what you had [...] ?
Mark (PS0JX) [5019] No.
[5020] They're the ones that you bought me last week.
Sue (PS0JY) [5021] Oh right.
[5022] I think they're
Mark (PS0JX) [5023] They were in a box.
[5024] ... Bird's Eye I think.
Sue (PS0JY) [5025] I know.
[5026] I know I'm trying to think where I got them.
[5027] ... They were over there.
[5028] ... Not not here.
[5029] ... They were
Mark (PS0JX) [5030] Oh.
Sue (PS0JY) [5031] right over the other side.
[5032] ... Now, orange juice? ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5033] Yep. ...
Sue (PS0JY) [...] ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5034] Ooh, look at these Sue.
[5035] ... [slurp] ... I'll have er
Sue (PS0JY) [5036] That'll do you won't it? ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5037] I'll have a four-pack.
[5038] ... No, Sue.
[5039] ... Yeah two then.
[5040] Well actually, I no I won't have those, erm I'll have something else instead.
[5041] ... Er ... [rolls tongue] But don't want this stuff, it's really expensive isn't it.
[5042] [sigh] What's this [...] stuff?
[5043] Fruit Coolers.
[5044] This is cheaper.
[5045] ... Mm
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5046] that's cheaper.
[5047] Don't want [...] ... [...] ...
Sue (PS0JY) [5048] What about some grapefruit?
Mark (PS0JX) [5049] Yeah baby red stuff will do.
Sue (PS0JY) [5050] Here you are.
[5051] Makes a change.
Mark (PS0JX) [5052] That's it.
[5053] Yeah I'm
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5054] getting fed up with that orange stuff.
[5055] Yeah pears.
[5056] ... [...] ... And [vocalized pause] slices in fruit juice.
Sue (PS0JY) [5057] Peaches?
Mark (PS0JX) [5058] [...] Sainsbury's own are pretty good.
Sue (PS0JY) [5059] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [5060] I like them.
Sue (PS0JY) [5061] Thirty nine [...] Very good.
Mark (PS0JX) [5062] Yeah, I'm learning.
Sue (PS0JY) [5063] Mm.
[5064] ... Right that'll do. ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5065] Okay.
[5066] And [sigh] ... [sigh] ... [whistling]
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5067] And I'll have a Pick and Mix.
[5068] ... Gonna have some chocolate.
[5069] Packet of Penguins.
Sue (PS0JY) [5070] Mhm.
Mark (PS0JX) [5071] [whispering] God [] .
[5072] [sniff] Ooh Cadbury's Creme Eggs.
[5073] Oh.
Sue (PS0JY) [5074] No.
Mark (PS0JX) [5075] [whining] Please. []
Sue (PS0JY) [5076] No.
[5077] I'll get you some next week.
Mark (PS0JX) [5078] [whispering] [...] [] .
Sue (PS0JY) [5079] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [5080] If I can eat them all tonight can I have them?
Sue (PS0JY) [5081] No.
Mark (PS0JX) [5082] [tut] ... How much?
[5083] ... Yeah.
[5084] It's nice stuff though.
[5085] When [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5086] come around maybe you can have some of [...] ... Er have they got the little ... [...] barry things?
[5087] It's one of these isn't it?
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5088] Yes these are the boys. [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [5089] Thirty six, right.
Mark (PS0JX) [5090] I've got [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [5091] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [5092] Can I have a small Pick and Mix?
Sue (PS0JY) [5093] No.
Mark (PS0JX) [5094] [tut] Ha. ...
Sue (PS0JY) [5095] Bar of chocolate?
[5096] ... No.
Mark (PS0JX) [5097] Yeah, one bar of chocolate.
[5098] ... How about this?
[5099] [reading package] Rich, dark, plain [] .
[5100] ... One of those?
[5101] ... Actually Milky Bar I think I'd prefer that tonight.
Sue (PS0JY) [5102] How about a Sainsbury's one?
[5103] Probably it doesn't taste any different.
Mark (PS0JX) [5104] No it bloody does mate.
Sue (PS0JY) [5105] Does it?
Mark (PS0JX) [5106] If you want white chocolate, Milky bar.
[5107] It's the only
Sue (PS0JY) [5108] Right.
Mark (PS0JX) [5109] stuff that Oh is that that ... Nestle's th Yeah, Milky Bar.
Sue (PS0JY) [5110] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [5111] I've had other white chocolate and it doesn't taste the same. [...] ...
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5112] Erm bread, fruit.
Sue (PS0JY) [5113] Yeah I know.
[5114] ... Ooh [...] ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5115] Can you manage that trolley?
[5116] I can take it for you if you like.
Sue (PS0JY) [5117] No.
Mark (PS0JX) [5118] Do we need any kitchen towels?
Sue (PS0JY) [5119] No. ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5120] [cough] ... Bin liners?
[5121] Light bulbs?
Sue (PS0JY) [5122] No.
Mark (PS0JX) [5123] Batteries?
[5124] ... Plax?
[5125] To get rid of your plaque.
Sue (PS0JY) [5126] Nope.
[5127] ... Oh dear.
[5128] ... Do you want some er Right Guard or any thing ?
Mark (PS0JX) [5129] [whispering] Ah , excellent [] .
[5130] ... Yeah.
[5131] Armpit stuff.
Sue (PS0JY) [5132] Yeah.
[5133] No there's the roll-on thing.
Mark (PS0JX) [5134] Yeah well [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [5135] Well you can get what you want and I'll get what I want.
Mark (PS0JX) [5136] Don't leave the trolley there.
[5137] ... No that stuff you know that ... in the green tin ... that we had before will do.
[5138] ... I think we're getting a bit low on shampoo but that
Sue (PS0JY) [5139] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [5140] that'll wait till
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5141] next week. ... [voices in background]
Sue (PS0JY) [5142] Erm there's one [...] ... need [...] Small one. ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5143] [laugh] Just [laughing] read its contents if you
Sue (PS0JY) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [5144] wanna [] know the weight.
Sue (PS0JY) [cough]
Mark (PS0JX) [5145] As long as it's ozone-friendly you're okay.
Sue (PS0JY) [5146] Yeah I know, I don't want to have to carry a big one back with me though.
[5147] ... Perhaps I'll have a [...] rollie. ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5148] That's good.
Sue (PS0JY) [5149] I don't like those [...] things though .
Mark (PS0JX) [5150] No I don't either, no.
[5151] ... [tut] God it doesn't feel very heavy does it?
Sue (PS0JY) [5152] No. ... [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5153] [sigh] ... Right?
Sue (PS0JY) [5154] Mm. ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5155] We've all been told we've got smelly armpits so now we have to buy the stuff.
Sue (PS0JY) [5156] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [...] ... [cough]
Sue (PS0JY) [5157] [...] with [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [...] ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5158] No you've got loads of hairbrushes.
Sue (PS0JY) [5159] I know.
[5160] I'm not I'm not going to get one, I'm just seeing what they've got.
[5161] Right.
[5162] Do you need any butter?
Mark (PS0JX) [5163] Er no. ...
Sue (PS0JY) [5164] Is there anything else?
Mark (PS0JX) [5165] Er no. ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5166] Yeah.
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5167] Buy all that [laughing] lot [] . ...
Sue (PS0JY) [5168] Erm yeah. ... [...] ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5169] Erm ... what's that stuff called?
Sue (PS0JY) [5170] Erm you usually get [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5171] [sigh] [mimicking] Oh well of course you wouldn't would you darling.
[5172] Wouldn't just like Hartley's jam would you. []
Sue (PS0JY) [5173] [laugh] No.
Mark (PS0JX) [5174] [laughing] No no no no no [] .
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5175] Here you are, French conserve.
[5176] Raspberry.
[5177] Looks good.
Sue (PS0JY) [5178] No we don't get those, they're more expensive.
[5179] We get these.
Mark (PS0JX) [5180] [reading jar] Sainsbury's own conserve [] .
Sue (PS0JY) [5181] Absolutely.
[5182] ... Wherever they are.
Mark (PS0JX) [5183] Erm ... [rolls lips] ...
Sue (PS0JY) [5184] I can't find them. ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5185] Oh we used to get this stuff.
[5186] Do you remember this?
[5187] Roses.
[5188] ... No?
[5189] Oh. ... [cough]
Sue (PS0JY) [5190] Can't find them. ... [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5191] [sigh] ... Maybe nobody bought it.
[5192] ... No it's down here.
[5193] Sainsbury's conserve.
Sue (PS0JY) [5194] Ah. ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5195] Er strawberry.
Sue (PS0JY) [5196] Strawberry.
[5197] ... For a change.
Mark (PS0JX) [5198] And blackcurrant.
Sue (PS0JY) [5199] No, just the one.
Mark (PS0JX) [5200] Apricot.
Sue (PS0JY) [5201] No, just the one.
[5202] [laugh] Just one. [laugh] ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5203] Right and a
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5204] pile of rolls mate.
Sue (PS0JY) [5205] Pile of rolls. ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5206] Oh and erm ... you get the rolls, I'll find the chicken, alright?
Sue (PS0JY) [5207] Well what do you want? [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5208] Crispy ones.
Sue (PS0JY) [5209] There aren't Oh [...] ... Ooh reduced to fifty eight instead of seventy two.
[5210] What a bargain.
Mark (PS0JX) [5211] Oh lovely.
[5212] Right.
[5213] ... Better have er twelve of those eh? ...
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5214] S oh even that's not enough really.
[5215] I have what, four a day?
[5216] ... Say three a day, fifteen rolls, ... er yeah get [...] cos they freeze alright. ...
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5217] Yeah. ...
Sue (PS0JY) [...] ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5218] Oh, why is it you can never find the stuff when you want it?
[5219] It was quite a flat box with
Sue (PS0JY) [5220] Yeah I know.
Mark (PS0JX) [5221] two bits in.
[5222] [tut] ... Bloody hell.
[5223] ... Ah!
[5224] ... [intake of breath] Now they're quite handy.
[5225] ... Was that me?
Sue (PS0JY) [5226] Mm. ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5227] How much is this?
Sue (PS0JY) [5228] One pound and ninepence.
Mark (PS0JX) [5229] How much?
Sue (PS0JY) [5230] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [5231] For one slice?
Sue (PS0JY) [5232] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [5233] [...] ... Are you sure it's not on the other side round here? ... [voices in background]
Sue (PS0JY) [5234] No? ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5235] Ah!
[5236] Here we go.
Sue (PS0JY) [5237] Ah.
Mark (PS0JX) [5238] No.
[5239] They're fish .
Sue (PS0JY) [5240] No they're not them, they're fish.
Mark (PS0JX) [5241] It was that sort of box though. ...
Sue (PS0JY) [5242] Can't find them [...] ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5243] [cough] ... Getting close.
[5244] Turkish [laughing] grills [] .
Sue (PS0JY) [5245] Yeah I know.
[5246] ... [...] ... They're not round here. ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5247] [whispering] Oh, bloody hell [] . ...
Sue (PS0JY) [5248] [...] I don't really want to go on to for a few minutes. ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5249] Yeah okay.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5250] I don't know darling. ...
Sue (PS0JY) [5251] Look well what else are we gonna get you [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [5252] Oh alright well we'll get something else then.
[5253] ... What about pizza?
[5254] I could cut that in half and have one ... I could
Sue (PS0JY) [5255] Hey?
Mark (PS0JX) [5256] ha ... Pizza.
Sue (PS0JY) [5257] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [5258] Haven't had one of those for ages.
[5259] Erm ... Gino Ginelli.
[5260] That's Bird's Eye.
[5261] ... Gino Ginelli. ... [vocalized pause]
Sue (PS0JY) [5262] One eighty nine.
Mark (PS0JX) [5263] Oh well you cut that in halves in half .
Sue (PS0JY) [5264] Mm.
[5265] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [5266] Half one night, half another.
[5267] That'll do. ... [whistling]
Sue (PS0JY) [5268] That'll keep you going.
Mark (PS0JX) [whistling] ...
Sue (PS0JY) [5269] Bottle of wine?
Mark (PS0JX) [5270] Gateau?
[5271] Bottle of wine, yeah.
[5272] Quick. [whistling]
Sue (PS0JY) [5273] Gateau. ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5274] Get the gateau, I'll get the wine. ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5275] [cough] Where's the trolley?
Sue (PS0JY) [5276] Mm?
[5277] Hey?
Mark (PS0JX) [5278] Where's the trolley?
Sue (PS0JY) [5279] [...] it's here.
Mark (PS0JX) [5280] Oh.
Sue (PS0JY) [5281] Erm ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5282] Two thirty nine.
Sue (PS0JY) [5283] Eh?
Mark (PS0JX) [5284] Two thirty nine.
Sue (PS0JY) [5285] [...] Do you want the pecan
Mark (PS0JX) [5286] Torte.
Sue (PS0JY) [5287] nut Danish pastry?
[5288] You didn't like it that much?
Mark (PS0JX) [5289] No I want something really sort of
Sue (PS0JY) [5290] [...] what about this?
Mark (PS0JX) [5291] Erm ... Do no I'm not really keen on gateaus really.
[5292] Unless it's got like
Sue (PS0JY) [5293] [...] Black Forest.
Mark (PS0JX) [5294] Want something like ... you know Death by Chocolate that
Sue (PS0JY) [5295] Yeah.
Mark (PS0JX) [5296] you can buy in pubs?
[5297] You never seem to be able to buy that frozen do you ?
Sue (PS0JY) [5298] [...] Black Forest?
[5299] No?
[5300] No.
Mark (PS0JX) [5301] No.
[5302] Er that that's just ... you eat it and there's
Sue (PS0JY) [5303] [...] Chocolate Indulgent.
Mark (PS0JX) [5304] Well that's the boy isn't it.
[5305] That is er ... that's it.
[5306] That looks like erm ...
Sue (PS0JY) [5307] Two ninety nine.
Mark (PS0JX) [5308] [reading package] Arthritis Care [] ?
[5309] What the hell's that doing on there?
[5310] ... It's a cure for arthritis is it.
[5311] Look. ...
Sue (PS0JY) [5312] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [5313] [reading package] Action for people with arthritis [] .
Sue (PS0JY) [5314] [...] ... That's three quid [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5315] Is that all?
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5316] Yeah, but you only need one slice mate, whereas with a gateau you need three slices .
Sue (PS0JY) [5317] Go on then.
Mark (PS0JX) [5318] So that's sort of volume you're talking.
[5319] You feel the weight of that compared to a gateau box .
Sue (PS0JY) [5320] Yeah alright , that'll do then.
Mark (PS0JX) [...] ...
Sue (PS0JY) [5321] Alright let's just get a packet of biscuits for the dogs and that'll do.
Mark (PS0JX) [5322] Dog's gonna have a packet of biscuits and I can't have a Pick and Pix.
Sue (PS0JY) [5323] Yeah. ... [...] ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5324] [sigh] You don't wanna go to [...] then.
Sue (PS0JY) [5325] No, better not. ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5326] Yeah.
[5327] ... Can you get Woman's Own? ...
Sue (PS0JY) [5328] Mm?
Mark (PS0JX) [5329] Can you get Woman's Own?
Sue (PS0JY) [5330] What for?
Mark (PS0JX) [5331] Well it's got er ... Zeta Jones on it hasn't it.
Sue (PS0JY) [5332] But you're gonna [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5333] No that's alright, I'm in the queue aren't I.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5334] Are you debating?
Mark (PS0JX) [5335] Well ... sort of yeah. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [laugh]
Sue (PS0JY) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5336] [...] that one. ... [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [5337] Mm. ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5338] You ought to [...] one each. ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5339] Be a trolley each then .
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5340] [...] Ha?
Mark (PS0JX) [5341] Need a trolley each then don't you. ... [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [5342] Yeah [...] ... Yeah [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5343] Go on [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5344] All right. ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [5345] Too late.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5346] [laugh] Never mind.
[5347] ... You in a hurry then?
Mark (PS0JX) [5348] Yeah, we're always in a hurry.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5349] [...] go if you want cos I'm in no hurry.
Sue (PS0JY) [5350] No no, it's alright.
[5351] ... Think everybody's in a hurry to get [...] really.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5352] I didn't think it'd be like this.
[5353] I usually come
Sue (PS0JY) [5354] Neither did I.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5355] about three.
[5356] Two or three? [...] if you don't hit the [...] the month [...] and they're okay but if you hit the [...]
Sue (PS0JY) [5357] Yeah it's funny isn't it.
Mark (PS0JX) [5358] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5359] [...] you can't even get in the car park.
Sue (PS0JY) [5360] No. ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5361] Laura, leave things alone.
[5362] [...] ... Leave them.
[5363] Leave them.
[5364] [...] ... Bring 'em here.
[5365] We've got to pay for them first. ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5366] No. ... [...] ...

37 (Tape 034103)

Mark (PS0JX) [5367] [cough] write protected against my ... Hang on, er that doesn't come up.
Norman (PS0K7) [5368] Don't worry about it.
[5369] Just fucking type it.
Mark (PS0JX) [5370] Tut. ...
Norman (PS0K7) [5371] [...] John. ...
Mark (PS0JX) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5372] There you are. [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5373] Cheers.
[5374] Look at that.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5375] Yeah I know [...]
Norman (PS0K7) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5376] Yeah.
[5377] I dunno.
[5378] Does it change the ty type?
[5379] If you put in a great big long string does it change the t
Norman (PS0K7) [5380] No.
[5381] It's I wanna try f You can do it.
[5382] You can do it.
[5383] Because if I load in ... You can do it it because when I when we originally loaded this,
Mark (PS0JX) [5384] Right.
Norman (PS0K7) [5385] it comes up with open Windows Two, system blah blah blah blah, and it's on about four lines.
[5386] It's a square box.
Mark (PS0JX) [5387] Oh right.
Norman (PS0K7) [5388] So what I, I, I fucking spent ages.
[5389] I think what it is, it's a Postscript file.
[5390] You have
Mark (PS0JX) [5391] Oh.
Norman (PS0K7) [5392] to do it in Postscript format, ... and it outputs it straight onto the middle of the screen.
[5393] But we're only outputting a single line, ... so you that's all you can do.
[5394] But the open Windows One when it comes up, it comes up square, and it's got open Windows ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5395] It's probably [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [laugh]
Norman (PS0K7) [5396] open Windows Two version or open Windows Version Two and then something else.
[5397] About three lines' worth.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5398] [...] Yeah,
Mark (PS0JX) [5399] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5400] they've all got one.
Norman (PS0K7) [5401] So it can be done.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5402] All gone.
[5403] All gone.
Norman (PS0K7) [5404] But I haven't been able
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5405] All gone.
Norman (PS0K7) [5406] to suss out how to do it.
[5407] It's only [...] it might be in the ROM mode, to do that.
Mark (PS0JX) [5408] Yeah.
Norman (PS0K7) [5409] I haven't fi ou found out how to do that. ... [...] ... [phone rings] ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5410] [mimicking french accent] That's the telephone.
[5411] Erm ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5412] [mimicking french accent] Le telefon.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5413] Right.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5414] What are you doing with [...] ?
[5415] What are you doing with it?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5416] The interesting thing there ... [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5417] Hang on a minute.
[5418] Benjamin.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5419] [...] alright ... and then [...]

38 (Tape 034201)

Mark (PS0JX) [5420] You'll be on there all day mate.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5421] [...] just being very pedantic about [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5422] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5423] Mm. [...] ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5424] But never mind.
[5425] I will er get [...]
Yun (PS0K9) [5426] What's the point?
[5427] You just will turn it on and not you won't listen and [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5428] Yeah it's it's a pose isn't it?
Mark (PS0JX) [5429] Look I'm checking the batteries, right?
[5430] [cough] Go and make a cup of tea Yun.
Yun (PS0K9) [5431] Checking ... checking the bloody battery.
[5432] You just waste the battery.
Mark (PS0JX) [5433] [...] don't worry about it do I?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5434] [...] today?
Mark (PS0JX) [5435] Erm today we've got er ... dunno.
[5436] Rolls, erm a banana and ... a ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5437] Was the wife pleased to see [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5438] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5439] Well she wasn't please to see me, no.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5440] No. [laugh]
Mark (PS0JX) [5441] Well [laughing] of course not [] .
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [laugh] ...
Yun (PS0K9) [5442] So what do you got me?
[5443] Anything? ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5444] [whistling] ... You haven't got any erm ... Wet [...] We Wet Ones in here have we? ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5445] What's a Wet One? ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5446] It was lovely by the way.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5447] It was lovely.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5448] Was it?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5449] Yeah it was. ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5450] Good, good.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5451] Did you go to [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5452] Course I went.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5453] Why was substituted?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5454] Cos he was shit.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5455] Was that the only reason [...] ? ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5456] I had some Wet Ones.
[5457] Ah! ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5458] Excuse me [...] .
Mark (PS0JX) [5459] These are the boys.
Bedge (PS0K8) [5460] You're in the way of the bloody teapot.
[5461] Oh, where's the kettle?
Mark (PS0JX) [5462] Well I was gonna move the teapot Bedge.
Bedge (PS0K8) [5463] Who's got the kettle?
Yun (PS0K9) [5464] took it away.
Mark (PS0JX) [5465] [...] just taken it [...] .
Bedge (PS0K8) [5466] What are they gonna do with the bloody teapot, the miserable gits? [...] can't be bothered.
Yun (PS0K9) [5467] is not drinking tea [...] .
Bedge (PS0K8) [5468] Oh my God.
[5469] Bloody hell.
Ian (PS0KA) [5470] I'm sterilizing my knife.
[5471] It's got old cheese and old bits
Bedge (PS0K8) [5472] Oh.
Ian (PS0KA) [5473] and bobs on it. ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [sigh] ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5474] Oh you redo his disk did you?
Yun (PS0K9) [5475] Yeah.
[5476] [sigh] [...] He really needs to get to see and take off the stuff that [...] . ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5477] Mm ... mm. ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5478] It's terrible. ...
Yun (PS0K9) [5479] [...] buy some more [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5480] Fuck off.
Yun (PS0K9) [5481] Gotta [...] .
[5482] You gotta get another ... bloody box.
Group of unknown speakers (KD5PSUGP) [...] ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5483] Do you want a big one or a little one? ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5484] Hey Norm.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5485] Norm Yeah [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...] [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [cough]
Group of unknown speakers (KD5PSUGP) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5486] Erm ... [sigh] nothing really.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5487] Marmite.
Mark (PS0JX) [5488] Marmite.
[5489] My mate Marmite, yeah.
Group of unknown speakers (KD5PSUGP) [...] ...

39 (Tape 034202)

Mark (PS0JX) [5490] Bloody d I ain't had a cup of tea yet.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5491] Tut [whispering] [...] [] .
Mark (PS0JX) [5492] Oh hang on, you've got some to do haven't you?
Bedge (PS0K8) [5493] I've done it mate.
Mark (PS0JX) [5494] No you haven't.
Bedge (PS0K8) [5495] I have.
Mark (PS0JX) [5496] Have you?
Bedge (PS0K8) [5497] Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [5498] Yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5499] Oh don't [...] . [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5500] I've got a [...] here. ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5501] [...] already.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5502] You haven't.
[5503] You haven't even logged back in, you lying git.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5504] If I start going in there and doing it all you've gotta show how to [...] .
[5505] Just say fuck off.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5506] I don't mind.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5507] I've got a database of what it looked like before you touched it so ... if it fucks up
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5508] Yes, what a [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5509] What a poser, ha?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5510] No he looks like er a ... B B
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5511] C T V presenter doesn't he [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5512] Like a cameraman. ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5513] [...] ... All I need do is get meself some really expensive trainers, ... tracksuit, be well away.
[5514] ... Change my colour.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5515] [laugh] Yeah.
[5516] Come in here wearing a shell suit.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5517] And I just light my lighter in your direction. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5518] God. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5519] Do you realize how easy they go up?
[5520] [laugh] You're left with just the elastic. [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5521] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5522] Some poor little kid [...] six years old and he was wearing his shell suit [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5523] [...] from America or something [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5524] and he walked past a skip that was burning, ... little spark came out, whoosh ... and he went up.
[5525] Ninety percent burns.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [whistling]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5526] [...] wear a shell suit.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5527] I'm surprised they're allowed to sell them now, if they're dangerous.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5528] There was a bit of a [...] a few years ago about erm [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5529] Yeah I can imagine it. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5530] No they er ... they weren't short enough. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5531] How [...] [laugh] ... How easily they come off. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5532] No they were ... they were quite inflammable.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5533] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5534] Yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5535] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5536] B M W
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5537] Cheap cars. ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5538] Hello.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5539] Hello.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5540] Have you had another haircut?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5541] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5542] You have a haircut every week?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5543] No.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5544] He just keeps changing style. ... [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5545] No [...] .
[5546] ... Be brilliant.
[5547] You'll like it.
[5548] Be [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5549] Oh I know I'll like it.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5550] Be [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5551] You'll like Echo and the Bunnymen, that'll be right up your street.
[5552] Very psychedelic these days. ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5553] [whispering] Oh shit [] .
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5554] Doing covers of er old Rolling Stones' tunes and
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5555] [...] psychedelic [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5556] [...] now eh?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5557] I just like [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5558] Seen them. ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5559] We're going back thirty years aren't we?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5560] Got all their albums.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5561] [...] albums.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5562] All their albums ... I have. ... [singing] ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [sigh] ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [singing]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5563] What, it bash you in the back of the neck?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5564] No [...] hit the door.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5565] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5566] No it's just
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5567] It is.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5568] if you get knocked on the arse innit?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5569] It is.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5570] Cos me neck's killing me.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5571] Oh.
[5572] What's happened then?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5573] Hit a Mercedes.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5574] Did you?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5575] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5576] Did you suddenly tense up when you saw the door? ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5577] I didn't actually see I n I never saw the door.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5578] Oh you just hit it.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5579] I just heard a bang.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5580] What happened then?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5581] Well he ran into someone's motor and rode off. ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5582] Whose fault was it?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5583] Oh, I reckon it was his.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5584] Do you?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5585] Why, what happened?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5586] Here we go again.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5587] The third picture he's drawn.
[5588] Why don't you just do one [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5589] No I've got I've got one here.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5590] Right.
[5591] ... Parked was here, I was going up that way.
[5592] That's me by the way.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5593] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5594] He was parked, he'd sort of just pulled in there and left his car.
[5595] ... He was over here somewhere [...] .
[5596] Door was open, headlights on.
[5597] I came up, didn't see his door, went through the gap and ... wham, bam.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5598] You could argue that it was it was his right of way. ... [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5599] Why?
[5600] He wasn't even in the car.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5601] Yeah I know but ... if you look [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5602] I mean if there was no-one in the car and the door was bloody open then [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5603] And the engine was running was it?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5604] Yeah well he shouldn't have he should never have left that engine running cos he wasn't
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5605] Yeah I know.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5606] in there for starters, and he shouldn't have left the door open.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5607] Yes. ... [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5608] Shouldn't leave the engine running if you're not in the car.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5609] What you hit his door did you?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5610] Yeah.
[5611] So I closed it for him.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5612] [laugh] Oi mate you left your [crashing noise] door open. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5613] [laugh] Door open. ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5614] Just imagine if he'd been sitting there with his legs dangling outside [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [whistling] ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5615] So you didn't see the er ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5616] [...] the door open [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5617] No I didn't s er s I didn't see his door open. ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5618] Well I I would say it's his fault.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5619] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5620] It sounds a bit dodgy if you've got out the car, left all your lights and stuff on [...] the bloody door open.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5621] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5622] In th in the middle of the road.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5623] Yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5624] How long was he gone then? ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5625] [laugh] I dunno.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5626] What was he getting something out the boot or something?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5627] I dunno how long he was ... The boot was open yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5628] His fault mate.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5629] He won't get away with that.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5630] Oh shut up [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5631] Hello, sanctuary.
[5632] He's seeking sanctuary ... [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5633] Sanctuary.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5634] My son, what can I do for you?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5635] Nothing, just [laugh] be here for me.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...] ... [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5636] We all love quality so much.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5637] He's come for confession.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KD5PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5638] He's over there.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5639] Over there?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5640] Over there.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5641] What over in the other corner? [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [singing]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5642] So can I get [...] ? ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5643] You just want some extra money don't you?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5644] No, it does hurt.
[5645] ... But it didn't hurt till this morning. ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5646] Do much damage to yours? ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5647] Er indicator smashed ... er pushed the headlight in a little bit
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5648] [...] wing was a little bit dented [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5649] [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5650] Write-off then.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5651] Yeah, it was last night.
[5652] [laughing] Yeah, write-off [] .
[5653] A definite write-off.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5654] Not as far as the insurance company are concerned. ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5655] Do you know if [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5656] No. ...

40 (Tape 034203)

Mark (PS0JX) [5657] I'm waiting for Bedge.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5658] Oh [...] . ...
Norman (PS0K7) [5659] What ... what have you got [...] your fucking neck?
Mark (PS0JX) [5660] He's being a wazzock.
Norman (PS0K7) [5661] Bloody right you are.
Mark (PS0JX) [5662] A wazzock.
[5663] ... No I listen to the radio sometimes on it. [sniff]
Norman (PS0K7) [5664] Pardon?
Mark (PS0JX) [5665] Listen to the [mimicking] radio [] on it.
[5666] ... Can't pick it up very well from here [...] . ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5667] Oh fuck. ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [laugh]
Norman (PS0K7) [5668] You are dead. ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [laugh]
Norman (PS0K7) [5669] No er John's [...] .
[5670] [...] John.
[5671] ... No no no it's alright.
[5672] ... Right.
[5673] I'll go I'll go and see John.
Yun (PS0K9) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Norman (PS0K7) [5674] Hang on, hang on.
[5675] I've got to go and see him anyway. ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [laugh]
Norman (PS0K7) [5676] Oi [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5677] [mimicking] Yes [] ? ...
Norman (PS0K7) [5678] Yeah I think we're going to have to retract that to be honest. [phone rings] [...]

41 (Tape 034204)

Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [5679] [mimicking french accent] Get the right layer ...
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5680] You might try and bring that one through there. ... [...] ...
Yun (PS0K9) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5681] No I've just had ... it's not normally a problem with us, but the manufacturer they're using, ... alright, is shit, ... and they'll tend to end up ...
Yun (PS0K9) [5682] It's better to put loads of bends in rather than er ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5683] Yeah.
Yun (PS0K9) [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5684] Well it is for them.
[5685] Normally erm I wouldn't worry too much on the prototype, but this is probably gonna be the production [...] ...
Yun (PS0K9) [5686] So each bi er board isn't individually checked then for shorts?
Mark (PS0JX) [5687] Yeah.
Yun (PS0K9) [5688] It's not?
Mark (PS0JX) [5689] It's not, no.
[5690] Well, they should be, but this company are shite. ...
Yun (PS0K9) [5691] Mm.
[5692] ... And you can't move that.
Mark (PS0JX) [5693] Well if we put er a kinky in here ...
Yun (PS0K9) [5694] Yeah, alright. ... [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5695] Yeah.
[5696] Trying to see where this one goes that I wanna move [...] ...
Yun (PS0K9) [5697] It er it'd be handy actually if it generated an error when it did that.
Mark (PS0JX) [5698] Yeah.
Yun (PS0K9) [5699] Then you could just pinpoint them all [...]
Mark (PS0JX) [5700] Arguably it's not it's not really a problem is it?
Yun (PS0K9) [5701] Not normally no.
[5702] ... Mm.
Mark (PS0JX) [5703] Mm.
Yun (PS0K9) [5704] He's such a fast worker [...] ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5705] [...] ... Been there before mate. [laugh]
Yun (PS0K9) [5706] I take it all back.
[5707] ... Been there before.
Mark (PS0JX) [5708] [laugh] Yeah, don't believe what your mates tell you, I know.
Unknown speaker (KD5PSUNK) [laugh] ...
Mark (PS0JX) [5709] See that one could arguably ... Oops. ... [...]
Yun (PS0K9) [5710] I like these white D R Cs, they're er
Mark (PS0JX) [5711] Er actually, er much as I hate to admit it, I think you could be right. [laugh]
Yun (PS0K9) [5712] Well they stand out, ... bang.
Mark (PS0JX) [...]
Yun (PS0K9) [5713] As soon as something happens, woof you're there.
[5714] Oh god, what a cockup.
[5715] I've deleted [...] ...