BNC Text KD6

19 conversations recorded by `Martin' (PS0KN) between 11 and 16 January 1992 with 8 interlocutors, totalling 4721 s-units, 39227 words (duration not recorded).

10 speakers recorded by respondent number 4

PS0KN Ag1 m (Martin, age 17, student, Midlands, )
PS13K Ag3 f (Lynn, age 37, nurse (pt), Midlands, ) mother
PS13L Ag0 m (Robert, age 3, student (state pre), Midlands, ) brother
PS13M Ag3 m (Dave, age 40, unemployed, Central South-west England, ) step-father
PS13N Ag0 m (Geoff, age 13, student (state secondary), Midlands, ) brother
PS13P Ag1 m (Rich, age 17, student, Midlands, ) friend
PS13R Ag1 m (Scott, age 19, mechanic, Midlands, ) friend
PS13S Ag1 f (Sarah, age 20, clerk, Midlands, ) friend
KD6PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KD6PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

19 recordings

  1. Tape 051201 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( at home ) Activity: watching television and eating
  2. Tape 051202 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( at home ) Activity: cooking in the kitchen
  3. Tape 051301 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( at home ) Activity: watching television
  4. Tape 051302 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( at home ) Activity: eating
  5. Tape 051303 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( at home ) Activity: eating
  6. Tape 051304 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( at home ) Activity: eating
  7. Tape 051401 recorded on 1992-01-14. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( at home ) Activity: watching television
  8. Tape 051402 recorded on 1992-01-14. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( at home ) Activity: watching television
  9. Tape 051403 recorded on 1992-01-14. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( at home ) Activity: watching television
  10. Tape 051404 recorded on 1992-01-14. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( at home ) Activity: watching television
  11. Tape 051405 recorded on 1992-01-14. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( at home ) Activity: watching television
  12. Tape 051406 recorded on 1992-01-14. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( at home ) Activity: watching television
  13. Tape 051407 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( at home ) Activity: watching the news on television
  14. Tape 051501 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( in the car ) Activity: Unspecified
  15. Tape 051502 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationLeicestershire: Thurnby () Activity: Unspecified
  16. Tape 051503 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationLeicestershire: Thurnby () Activity: watching television
  17. Tape 051504 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationLeicestershire: Thurnby () Activity: watching television
  18. Tape 051505 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationLeicestershire: Thurnby () Activity: watching television
  19. Tape 051506 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationLeicestershire: Thurnby () Activity: watching television

1 (Tape 051201)

Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [1] This bloke and his daughter who like lived as tramps
Lynn (PS13K) [2] Mm, like, that little girl
Martin (PS0KN) [3] yeah and conning people and this
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4] yeah, he was alright ...
Lynn (PS13K) [5] is it, was it a bit like
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [6] no, was it a bit like Paper Moon?
Martin (PS0KN) [7] I've never seen Paper Moon
Lynn (PS13K) [8] oh ain't ya?
[9] ... Tatum O'Neal she used to erm swindle and cheat people
Martin (PS0KN) [10] probably is then, sounds like
Lynn (PS13K) [11] mm ... you've got a cheese slice
Dave (PS13M) [12] Ah cheese.
Lynn (PS13K) [13] Are you going out tonight?
Martin (PS0KN) [14] I don't think so, unless I go up to Richard's ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [15] mm ... Geoffrey's going to watch
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [16] do karate, in town, now ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [17] well he likes marshal art don't he? ... we won't tell daddy that you knocked a full on the table of black currant all over the carpet will we?
Robert (PS13L) [18] Were not telling you
Lynn (PS13K) [19] we've not told daddy that you've done that
Robert (PS13L) [20] did you see it?, did you see it?
Dave (PS13M) [21] no I don't think see it, no
Martin (PS0KN) [22] by accident
Lynn (PS13K) [23] are you up to two days at the Co-Op now?
Martin (PS0KN) [24] yeah, I don't know what I'm doing actually, cos I've, I can't work Tuesday cos I've got an exam till five
Lynn (PS13K) [25] oh, can't you swop it for another day?
Martin (PS0KN) [26] I'm gonna try and do
Lynn (PS13K) [27] mm, if you see him ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [28] up to him ...
Martin (PS0KN) [29] well I've told Claire any way, she'll sort something out
Lynn (PS13K) [30] why she acting managing then?
Martin (PS0KN) [31] below Neil
Lynn (PS13K) [32] oh, third, is she getting married?
Martin (PS0KN) [33] no
Lynn (PS13K) [34] oh I heard er talking to one of the
Robert (PS13L) [35] do you like drinking
Lynn (PS13K) [36] yes
Robert (PS13L) [37] soup?
Lynn (PS13K) [38] oh yeah
Robert (PS13L) [39] do you like, you pick it up, like to pick it up really
Lynn (PS13K) [40] mm, I heard her talking to one of the lads, I think the dark hair, short, what's his name?
Martin (PS0KN) [41] Matt the donkey
Lynn (PS13K) [42] oh Matt, right, and he was saying something about getting married and he said about bridesmaids, er have you choose the bridesmaids dresses?, how old is she then?
Martin (PS0KN) [43] I don't know
Robert (PS13L) [44] I want these bits
Lynn (PS13K) [45] there are
Martin (PS0KN) [46] she acts about ten years older than she is, I know that ...
Lynn (PS13K) [47] sit down then ...
Martin (PS0KN) [48] I'm not sure though what actually
Lynn (PS13K) [49] I don't think the monkeys will be on for much longer then, a few moments
Martin (PS0KN) [50] no I know there not
Lynn (PS13K) [51] aren't they?,
[52] I wonder if they'll be able to say
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [53] doubtful
Lynn (PS13K) [54] no ...
Robert (PS13L) [55] a bit
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS13L) [56] monkey
Martin (PS0KN) [57] pardon?
Robert (PS13L) [58] he's got
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS13L) [59] monkey
Lynn (PS13K) [60] Victoria
Robert (PS13L) [61] in the Victoria
Lynn (PS13K) [62] Victoria's got a monkey hasn't
Martin (PS0KN) [63] what my Victoria?
Robert (PS13L) [64] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [65] no Victoria at aunty Ann's is it?
Robert (PS13L) [66] no, no Martin's monkey
Martin (PS0KN) [67] my Victoria not my monkey, my Victoria's not got a monkey
Lynn (PS13K) [68] she's not?
Robert (PS13L) [69] I hear her she's got a monkey
Lynn (PS13K) [70] mm
Robert (PS13L) [71] I heard her
Lynn (PS13K) [72] you heard her, playing with a monkey, when?
Robert (PS13L) [73] my monkey
Martin (PS0KN) [74] Darts was on again last night, I was watching it
Lynn (PS13K) [75] mm
Martin (PS0KN) [76] Tony Greaves says that's the crippler yet again
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [77] [laugh] oh that could be the crippler now
Lynn (PS13K) [78] is that his favourite word then?
Martin (PS0KN) [79] yeah
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [80] he's dead funny right, cos he was on and he's, and some, some match was on he's, in his er, he said there's my son in the crowd and this kid had his finger up his nose, picking his nose
Lynn (PS13K) [81] [laugh] ... there's my son showing me up as usual
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [82] What all the time is is?
Lynn (PS13K) [83] yeah
Robert (PS13L) [84] Dad, don't want my cheese slice
Lynn (PS13K) [85] you eat it
Martin (PS0KN) [86] I's got I woke, my alarm went off at nine thirty this morning, I thought shall I get up I thought no, better not
Lynn (PS13K) [87] I didn't wake you up cos I thought you'd want a lie in ...
Dave (PS13M) [88] So that's, that mine?
Lynn (PS13K) [89] I know how much you like your bed, was it nice and on, was it nice and warm when you got in bed last night?
Martin (PS0KN) [90] well it weren't on fire
Lynn (PS13K) [91] no, it weren't, shouldn't of been on fire, but it should of been warmish
Martin (PS0KN) [92] luke, tepid
Dave (PS13M) [93] mm, lovely them
Robert (PS13L) [94] dad
Lynn (PS13K) [95] what inside?
Martin (PS0KN) [96] so did I
Robert (PS13L) [97] dad, dad
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS13L) [98] dad
Dave (PS13M) [99] goes on the outside
Lynn (PS13K) [100] mm
Robert (PS13L) [101] dad , dad
Dave (PS13M) [102] what, what, what
Robert (PS13L) [103] dad
Dave (PS13M) [104] have stew
Robert (PS13L) [105] stew we had last night
Lynn (PS13K) [106] was it nice?
[107] , I'm gonna make stew again this week, I love stew, it was lovely wasn't it?
Dave (PS13M) [108] yeah
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [109] did you like the stew?
Martin (PS0KN) [110] s'alright, but are you gonna do the lasagne like you said you are?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [111] yeah I will do that's why I bought the mince meat, I'm going to do lasagne
Robert (PS13L) [112] are you, are you going to make me lasagne in a minute?
Lynn (PS13K) [113] some what?
Robert (PS13L) [114] one of these
Lynn (PS13K) [115] no, why have a bit of daddies if you want some then
Dave (PS13M) [116] come then
Robert (PS13L) [117] no
Dave (PS13M) [118] here
Robert (PS13L) [119] in a minute
Lynn (PS13K) [120] have a taste daddy let you have some there
Martin (PS0KN) [121] I have to make sure I don't electrocute myself with my cup of tea
Lynn (PS13K) [122] ah ... so it just picks up your voice?
Martin (PS0KN) [123] I don't know, I couldn't tell you
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [124] yes.
Lynn (PS13K) [125] Have you sorted out all your washing Martin?
Martin (PS0KN) [126] no
Lynn (PS13K) [127] have you got an exam on Monday?
Martin (PS0KN) [128] two
Lynn (PS13K) [129] what exams?
Martin (PS0KN) [130] German, reading and French oral, French oral's a doddle
Lynn (PS13K) [131] is it?
Martin (PS0KN) [132] yeah so is German reading
Lynn (PS13K) [133] is it?
Martin (PS0KN) [134] the only one I don't like is the e economics ones
Lynn (PS13K) [135] really?,
[136] I thought you didn't like your German, are you a bit picked up on that then?
Martin (PS0KN) [137] no, but the exams are easy
Lynn (PS13K) [138] are they?
Martin (PS0KN) [139] the ones were doing are, absolute walk in the pan
Lynn (PS13K) [140] I wouldn't say that in case you don't do very well ...
Martin (PS0KN) [141] should be quite easy though I think
Lynn (PS13K) [142] well I hope so ...
Martin (PS0KN) [143] eh Rob show mum how you do your horse falling over, we saw a horse falling over
Lynn (PS13K) [144] let's see a horse falling over
Robert (PS13L) [scream]
Lynn (PS13K) [145] oh yes
Robert (PS13L) [146] ah, eh, get me, get me
Lynn (PS13K) [147] no you have to get yourself up with your four legs, you've got four legs so you can get up, that's it, just, that's how horses get up on the front legs first, then the back, that's right
Martin (PS0KN) [148] listen [neigh] , neigh, neigh Neddy
Robert (PS13L) [149] ah, ah, ah, I fall over
Lynn (PS13K) [150] that programme on and that last night was good that emergency
Martin (PS0KN) [151] I saw the end of it
Lynn (PS13K) [152] it was, it was the police, the fire and the ambulance and it was a clip from each, it was good
Martin (PS0KN) [153] yeah, it was, the bit I saw was that policeman when he goes ... [mimicking Geordie accent] although those two were up to no good []
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [154] [mimicking Geordie accent] cos I saw them skating round that car []
Lynn (PS13K) [155] what made me laugh was this police woman saying, it annoys me, if you have a drink you shouldn't drive, and I thought to myself and I bet
Martin (PS0KN) [156] the only reason
Lynn (PS13K) [157] she's never had a drink in her life and got into a car, has she?
Martin (PS0KN) [158] the only reason that police get away with drink driving is cos half the buggers are Masons and they give them the old funny hand shake and its oh on your way sir ...
Lynn (PS13K) [159] that's right, I think she was quite hypocritical, I mean she said, any body that has a drink and gets into a car is a potential murderer
Martin (PS0KN) [160] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [161] well that, I mean ... a lot of policeman have drink
Robert (PS13L) [162] put in there dad
Lynn (PS13K) [163] as part of their duty to get to know people
Martin (PS0KN) [164] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [165] they have drinks in pubs
Robert (PS13L) [166] what's in there?
Lynn (PS13K) [167] and then go home and drive so there, there
Robert (PS13L) [168] what's there then?
Lynn (PS13K) [169] potential murderers
Dave (PS13M) [170] tuning knobs for the television, don't touch those, mind that
Robert (PS13L) [171] no
Dave (PS13M) [172] touch them and the telly goes wrong
Lynn (PS13K) [173] but I didn't like the accent you very, very
Martin (PS0KN) [174] oche I
Lynn (PS13K) [175] oche I all the time
Martin (PS0KN) [176] bloody thick in it?
Lynn (PS13K) [177] your very oche I
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [178] very thick the Birmingham accent
Lynn (PS13K) [179] the Birmingham accent sounds really thick unfortunately, it doesn't matter how educated you are, but if you come from Brom you sound dopey
Martin (PS0KN) [180] as Hitler, yes
Lynn (PS13K) [181] don't you? ... no, no
Martin (PS0KN) [182] Grandma was really slagging her off weren't she Maureen Lipman, oh god, yeah, oh I don't like her, she has too many programmes, I've only seen about one
Lynn (PS13K) [183] she only has, yeah too many programmes, she means too many adverts
Martin (PS0KN) [184] I've seen her in about one programme in the last five years
Lynn (PS13K) [185] what was that Agony?
[186] I hated that
Martin (PS0KN) [187] About Face
Lynn (PS13K) [188] oh I saw her in Agony ... that Agony was er
Robert (PS13L) [189] dee, daw, can I play with them ones?
Lynn (PS13K) [190] problem pages wasn't it?
Martin (PS0KN) [191] no not fire in the
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [192] Just a fire engine noise?
Martin (PS0KN) [193] I know a fire in
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [194] are you as hard as Matthew Dr er Richard
Martin (PS0KN) [195] his mummies
Lynn (PS13K) [196] she let's him does she?
Martin (PS0KN) [197] she's in , he's insured on it
Lynn (PS13K) [198] is he?, oh ... he seems to be out driving a lot now ...
Martin (PS0KN) [199] well ...
Lynn (PS13K) [200] the roads were bad this morning ... you haven't driven in frost have ya?
Martin (PS0KN) [201] yes
Lynn (PS13K) [202] icy roads?
Martin (PS0KN) [203] yes
Lynn (PS13K) [204] oh well you've got to be very careful ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS13L) [205] oh no, what's he got
Martin (PS0KN) [206] excuse me Robert
Lynn (PS13K) [207] did you, did you ever get a predicted grade for German?
Martin (PS0KN) [208] no, I no, well yes, but I don't know what is it
Lynn (PS13K) [209] oh
Martin (PS0KN) [210] I think its some C D E or something like that
Lynn (PS13K) [211] didn't they tell you? ... who's doing German with you?
Martin (PS0KN) [212] Katie that's it, two
Lynn (PS13K) [213] just the two of ya?
Martin (PS0KN) [214] yeah ... in town last night right you get so many drunks untrue, right, this bloke like staggering across the road I thought
Lynn (PS13K) [215] drunk?, what time?
Martin (PS0KN) [216] erm, about ten o'clock he was seriously
Lynn (PS13K) [217] that's early
Martin (PS0KN) [218] yeah I know
Lynn (PS13K) [219] what erm, what times the last bus now?
Martin (PS0KN) [220] I don't know, I think we caught it, I don't really
Lynn (PS13K) [221] its round about ten to eleven, in't it love, last bus usually?
Martin (PS0KN) [222] so it gets back in town by about half past?
Lynn (PS13K) [223] mm ... no sort out of town, from town
Martin (PS0KN) [224] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [225] and you can't get another bus after that
Martin (PS0KN) [226] oh can't you go back to town on the bus?
Lynn (PS13K) [227] no, once they take you to your places that's it they don't take passengers back to town, they finish there
Martin (PS0KN) [228] there gonna loose loads of money doing that
Lynn (PS13K) [229] who wants to go back in town at half past eleven at night?
Martin (PS0KN) [230] you never know
Lynn (PS13K) [231] mm, not usually
Martin (PS0KN) [232] well no, but not on, to town, but there might be somewhere they want to go on the way
Dave (PS13M) [233] no the bus goes out and that's it
Lynn (PS13K) [234] they take you home and that's it, they don't pick up passengers to go back, they've gotta go back to the depot then
Martin (PS0KN) [235] he depart
Dave (PS13M) [236] have their money
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [237] yeah that's right, I meant to ask you, do the tills ever not balance at the Co-Op?
Martin (PS0KN) [238] I don't know
Lynn (PS13K) [239] you never get to here then?
Martin (PS0KN) [240] yes well it did the other week
Lynn (PS13K) [241] what?
Martin (PS0KN) [242] didn't balance seriously
Lynn (PS13K) [243] was it?
Martin (PS0KN) [244] Neil was absolutely worried as hell because it was
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [245] can't remember how much it was, it was like two thousand pound out
Lynn (PS13K) [246] good gracious
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [247] no
Lynn (PS13K) [248] yeah remember that girl when she did ours, ours wrong?
Martin (PS0KN) [249] kept what
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [250] one thousand, nine hundred pounds for about twenty quids worth
Lynn (PS13K) [251] yeah what did she do wrong that girl?
Robert (PS13L) [252] want this light on
Martin (PS0KN) [253] she mul multiplied
Lynn (PS13K) [254] she multiplied it, yeah
Robert (PS13L) [255] I want this light on
Lynn (PS13K) [256] no
Robert (PS13L) [257] why?
Dave (PS13M) [258] its broke look at the birdie up there look in the tree
Lynn (PS13K) [259] yeah but
Martin (PS0KN) [260] can you move your ladder please Robert?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [261] ooh yes
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [262] yes
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [263] are all your friends out from their universities yet?
Martin (PS0KN) [264] some, some
Lynn (PS13K) [265] cos they haven't all
Martin (PS0KN) [266] no
Lynn (PS13K) [267] do they usually take a long while
Martin (PS0KN) [268] I don't know
Dave (PS13M) [269] put that handle down a bit more, its not locked yet
Lynn (PS13K) [270] would you like a Cadbury's cream egg?
Martin (PS0KN) [271] oh no
Lynn (PS13K) [272] would you?
Dave (PS13M) [273] no I haven't got any
Lynn (PS13K) [274] right I'll have my egg then
Dave (PS13M) [275] I'll have one of them
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Dave (PS13M) [276] might have a cherry bakewell
Lynn (PS13K) [277] do you want some of that?, here
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [278] Robert very cold
Dave (PS13M) [279] shut the door up quick
Lynn (PS13K) [280] with that door open, I would like you to shut it please
Martin (PS0KN) [281] shut the door
Dave (PS13M) [282] quick
Lynn (PS13K) [283] draft up my trouser leg
Martin (PS0KN) [284] cos I'll have to put a bat up my pyjamas
Lynn (PS13K) [285] did any body ring while I was out?
Martin (PS0KN) [286] no ...
Lynn (PS13K) [287] Taggart's on tonight
Martin (PS0KN) [288] is it?, no Morse
Lynn (PS13K) [289] no Morse is on tonight
Martin (PS0KN) [290] Robert will you move your ladder please?
Robert (PS13L) [291] no, fire water
Lynn (PS13K) [292] there's not
Martin (PS0KN) [293] no there's not, move it
Lynn (PS13K) [294] put it out then
Robert (PS13L) [295] mm, mm
Lynn (PS13K) [296] that's it, good
Robert (PS13L) [297] its gone
Lynn (PS13K) [298] lovely, you've put it out
Martin (PS0KN) [299] er now you can move it can't ya?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS13L) [300] out
Dave (PS13M) [301] up, up quick, quick lets put your fingers back ... is that better?
Robert (PS13L) [302] I can't get it
Lynn (PS13K) [303] you've not eat your cheese slices sandwich
Robert (PS13L) [304] that
Dave (PS13M) [305] oh my finger then, give us my finger ...
Lynn (PS13K) [306] saw Susan and her boyfriend in Alder weeks ago
Martin (PS0KN) [307] it were er, next door
Lynn (PS13K) [308] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [309] he's right no quality in he?
Lynn (PS13K) [310] well, what's he do?, is he a plumber?
[311] ... Geoffrey said he's a policeman
Martin (PS0KN) [312] yeah Geoff talks out of his ears
Lynn (PS13K) [313] I don't think you'd have hair that long and be a policeman ... Geoffrey gets the wrong end of the stick unfortunately doesn't he?, eat this cheese slice if there's any
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [314] mm, not bad ... are you gonna get erm ... a pair of trousers then from Mark's?
Martin (PS0KN) [315] possible yeah I think so
Lynn (PS13K) [316] what sort d'ya want?
Martin (PS0KN) [317] dunno
Lynn (PS13K) [318] do you need some more jeans?
Martin (PS0KN) [319] yeah I could do couldn't I?
Lynn (PS13K) [320] don't you like black jeans?
Martin (PS0KN) [321] I might get some black gear
Robert (PS13L) [322] mum
Lynn (PS13K) [323] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [324] I might get some black, yes
Lynn (PS13K) [325] I like the black ones
Robert (PS13L) [326] daddy said don't want one jeans?
Lynn (PS13K) [327] no thanks
Martin (PS0KN) [328] do you want one of gee?
Lynn (PS13K) [329] no
Martin (PS0KN) [330] what's that on that, what's that sticker there Robert?
Robert (PS13L) [331] its a monster
Lynn (PS13K) [332] don't pick it off then, you'll spoil it, grandma bought him that booty bag
Martin (PS0KN) [333] did she?
Dave (PS13M) [334] we all had sweets there again
Martin (PS0KN) [335] oh that's what he had
Dave (PS13M) [336] this is what he's got left
Lynn (PS13K) [337] cos your not impressed are you?
Martin (PS0KN) [338] don't you like it Rob?
Lynn (PS13K) [339] don't you like, your socks are wet, where's he been?
Martin (PS0KN) [340] probably in that
Lynn (PS13K) [341] oh you've been in the wa in the Ribena
Martin (PS0KN) [342] in your Ribena you've dropped poor
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [343] swinger
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS13L) [344] on there
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [345] look what you , go and put your slippers on
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [346] some bread
Lynn (PS13K) [347] there's that piece of bread you left look
Robert (PS13L) [348] oh
Lynn (PS13K) [349] these are lovely Dave
Robert (PS13L) [350] he don't want it now do he?
Lynn (PS13K) [351] mm, no ...
Robert (PS13L) [352] I want is that it
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [353] think National win today then?
Martin (PS0KN) [354] mm they're away at Plymouth, they might do, they might, they might not ... they're winning runs got to come to an end some where
Lynn (PS13K) [355] yeah, but they're on a real roll at the moment aren't they?
Martin (PS0KN) [356] two cup wins
Lynn (PS13K) [357] mm
Martin (PS0KN) [358] two first division wins
Lynn (PS13K) [359] they did well to beat Notts County didn't they?
Martin (PS0KN) [360] yeah, she says, she says spitting all over the place
Lynn (PS13K) [361] huh, didn't mean to
Dave (PS13M) [362] mummy he had the last cherry bakewell
Lynn (PS13K) [363] have you had the last cherry bakewell?, he has the last cherry bakewell
Martin (PS0KN) [364] oh I don't like them
Lynn (PS13K) [365] deprived his father of the last cherry bakewell
Martin (PS0KN) [366] well I'm depriving him of his chair
Lynn (PS13K) [367] you had the cherry, oh well he did share it with you didn't he? ... never mind
Dave (PS13M) [368] now you get some little stickers on it
Lynn (PS13K) [369] did you want a jumper from that shop?
Martin (PS0KN) [370] no
Lynn (PS13K) [371] no, why?
Martin (PS0KN) [372] I don't
Lynn (PS13K) [373] don't you want another one?
Martin (PS0KN) [374] no
Lynn (PS13K) [375] those lilac one was nice
Martin (PS0KN) [376] I need trousers not jumpers
Lynn (PS13K) [377] I know, but you could have a, yes but you could have a jumper to go with the trousers, lilac's nice
Martin (PS0KN) [378] us, I don't know, I want
Lynn (PS13K) [379] how much money have you got?
Martin (PS0KN) [380] er, erm
Lynn (PS13K) [381] two pound fifty, no that isn't enough Martin
Martin (PS0KN) [382] that's true, its true
Lynn (PS13K) [383] well do you want to go down and have a look?
Martin (PS0KN) [384] [sniff] no
Lynn (PS13K) [385] I'll take you
Martin (PS0KN) [386] no I ain't really got time this afternoon
Lynn (PS13K) [387] what time you gotta be at work?
Martin (PS0KN) [388] two thirty
Lynn (PS13K) [389] its only twenty tw
Martin (PS0KN) [390] I know I don't want to though
Lynn (PS13K) [391] why?
Martin (PS0KN) [392] I don't want to
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [393] yeah but your not gonna have time next week
Martin (PS0KN) [394] yeah but I don't need a tra ,ba another jumper though
Lynn (PS13K) [395] yes but its, there's a sale on
Martin (PS0KN) [396] I know, but where, no point in buying things for the pr just for the sake of it
Robert (PS13L) [397] no it isn't that
Lynn (PS13K) [398] yes, but your going to need 'em jumpers aren't you?, when your at college, gotta think ahead
Robert (PS13L) [399] let me get it
Martin (PS0KN) [400] well how many have I got?,
[401] I've got one
Lynn (PS13K) [402] not that many
Martin (PS0KN) [403] two, three, four, five, six
Robert (PS13L) [404] in there mum
Lynn (PS13K) [405] yeah I know
Martin (PS0KN) [406] precisely
Lynn (PS13K) [407] a lot of yours are sweat shirts
Martin (PS0KN) [408] yeah that's what I don't want
Lynn (PS13K) [409] yes, but there's a lovely lilac one
Martin (PS0KN) [410] I'll go next week when I've got some money
Lynn (PS13K) [411] yeah, there won't be no jumpers left next week
Martin (PS0KN) [412] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [413] I'll take you this afternoon
Martin (PS0KN) [414] no, no I shall do it myself, thank you [sniff] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [415] Robert, I don't like your cold foot in my face ... poo see if your feet smell, oh that's clev , see Martin smell his feet
Martin (PS0KN) [416] cor rashes of roses
Robert (PS13L) [417] no
Lynn (PS13K) [418] when did you last have a bath, four or five weeks ago?
Martin (PS0KN) [419] nineteen sixty six, nineteen sixty six weren't it?
Robert (PS13L) [420] you didn't have a bath
Martin (PS0KN) [421] I did
Robert (PS13L) [422] I didn't
Martin (PS0KN) [423] I did
Robert (PS13L) [424] I did
Lynn (PS13K) [425] let's have a look at your nose
Robert (PS13L) [426] I did
Martin (PS0KN) [427] I'm clean I have one every other night ... I have done this week
Lynn (PS13K) [428] is that better now?, can you breath better?, that's got a great lump out your nose ...
Robert (PS13L) [429] I've got a lump
Lynn (PS13K) [430] you've got a lump?, you just got one, aagh where'd you get that from?
Robert (PS13L) [431] out my nose ...
Lynn (PS13K) [432] we had to take the monkey shopping, didn't we take the monkey shopping?
Martin (PS0KN) [433] what to see all its friends?
Lynn (PS13K) [434] no we went to Aldy and we went and we went
Robert (PS13L) [435] Co-Op
Martin (PS0KN) [436] and where else?, nowhere else
Robert (PS13L) [437] Co-Op
Lynn (PS13K) [438] Co-Op and then we went, we didn't take the monkey in the Co-Op did we?, why?
Robert (PS13L) [439] cos somebody will nick him
Lynn (PS13K) [440] no they'll think that you've nicked one from the Co-Op won't they?
Robert (PS13L) [441] yeah, and we've nicked and when I
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [442] when your a fly?
Robert (PS13L) [443] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [444] oh
Robert (PS13L) [445] I nicked another one, I want another monkey
Martin (PS0KN) [446] know who's working at the Co-Op?
[447] Kate
Lynn (PS13K) [448] Mr , O'Neil
Martin (PS0KN) [449] oh good, that's him off the way
Lynn (PS13K) [450] the bloke with the blonde hair and the long hair and the glasses
Martin (PS0KN) [451] yes
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [452] erm, now what women were on? erm
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [453] you leave it alone you rat bag, who's digging my stuff out aren't you?
Robert (PS13L) [454] that's yours
Martin (PS0KN) [455] rat bag
Robert (PS13L) [456] bong, bong, bong, bong
Martin (PS0KN) [457] don't hit yourself on the head, it'll hurt, shall I make you say Robert
Robert (PS13L) [458] I want it
Lynn (PS13K) [459] there seems to be more men than women ... eat your bakewell tart then
Martin (PS0KN) [460] probably
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [461] you never heard any thing about that golf tournament that you won, have you?
Martin (PS0KN) [462] no, I probably have to wait till the season starts
Lynn (PS13K) [463] I would of thought it was the end of the season
Martin (PS0KN) [464] I don't know what's happening, but I'm gonna get something off him any way, definitely
Lynn (PS13K) [465] how'd ya know?
Martin (PS0KN) [466] cos I'm going to, when the next time I see him, I ain't been up to Humbersome for about three month though
Lynn (PS13K) [467] yeah, but you don't play in the winter much any way do you?
Martin (PS0KN) [468] I know but I'm not the ideal member am I?, go to Scraptof more than thing
Lynn (PS13K) [469] yeah , well you've never had any thing from Scraptof have ya?
Martin (PS0KN) [470] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [471] what?
Martin (PS0KN) [472] no
Lynn (PS13K) [473] yeah, no
Martin (PS0KN) [474] yes I have and they said no [sniff]
Lynn (PS13K) [475] well aren't you on a waiting list?
Martin (PS0KN) [476] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [477] how long's the waiting list then?
Robert (PS13L) [478] I've put some things down your
Martin (PS0KN) [479] as long as a piece of string, but I might be okay cos Matthew's junior captain this year
Lynn (PS13K) [480] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [481] so he might be able to
Lynn (PS13K) [482] nominate you ...
Martin (PS0KN) [483] yeap ... oh this is it
Lynn (PS13K) [484] does Richard play golf there as well?
Martin (PS0KN) [485] yes ... both as good as each, well yes I suppose they are both as good as each other
Lynn (PS13K) [486] are they? ... the siamese twins
Martin (PS0KN) [487] yeah hip joined
Lynn (PS13K) [488] joined at the hip
Robert (PS13L) [489] I wanna come out with play no socks on ...
Lynn (PS13K) [490] you can't go out with no socks on can you?, what's that?, ee where you getting all this from?, hang on let's get a tissue, I'm glad its coming out though because its been up your nose for a week ... you've been breathing
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [491] that's it just like that
Lynn (PS13K) [492] that's right you just, you get them out, that's the boy
Martin (PS0KN) [493] [mimicking Henry Cooper] just like that, aargh []
Lynn (PS13K) [494] come here let's have a no , a nose blow, look at the face
Robert (PS13L) [495] clean
Lynn (PS13K) [496] blow, hard, trouble is you blow and nothing comes out the area ... oh that's good, do that again like that ... that's it
Martin (PS0KN) [497] Robert
Lynn (PS13K) [498] Martin's speaking to you
Martin (PS0KN) [499] Robert would you be so kind as to shut the door for me?
Robert (PS13L) [500] I wanna go out with these socks on
Lynn (PS13K) [501] well get yourself some socks
Martin (PS0KN) [502] well shut the door first and then you can do it
Lynn (PS13K) [503] get some socks there in the second drawer, second there
Martin (PS0KN) [504] middle drawer
Robert (PS13L) [505] in this drawer?
Martin (PS0KN) [506] yeah that's the one, that's your shocks drawer ...
Lynn (PS13K) [507] you got some?
Robert (PS13L) [508] yeah ...
Lynn (PS13K) [509] right we'll put them on you then ... he wants to come out with you dad
Dave (PS13M) [510] yes I know he does
Robert (PS13L) [511] wait for me
Lynn (PS13K) [512] wait for the bloke, you can put your wellie boots on
Robert (PS13L) [513] wellies
Lynn (PS13K) [514] wellies cos its muddy out and we don't want the dirt all every where
Robert (PS13L) [515] not my , not my stumping
Lynn (PS13K) [516] no not your stumping shoes
Robert (PS13L) [517] not my stumping shoes
Lynn (PS13K) [518] not your stumping shoes, there are then, where's your hat and all, all that
Robert (PS13L) [519] I don't want one
Dave (PS13M) [520] yes you did
Martin (PS0KN) [521] the thinking man's cam cowboy's sandwich ham, jam and spam wrapped round a wagon wheel ...
Lynn (PS13K) [522] do you like wagon wheels?
Martin (PS0KN) [523] no
Lynn (PS13K) [524] no
Martin (PS0KN) [525] I think they're awful
Lynn (PS13K) [526] I don't like the marsh mallow in that
Martin (PS0KN) [527] I don't like the biscuit
Lynn (PS13K) [528] oh I like the biscuit I don't like the marsh mallow
Martin (PS0KN) [529] I think that's awful
Lynn (PS13K) [530] the marsh mallow is revolting I don't like that
Martin (PS0KN) [531] I don't like that either, I don't like the chocolate either
Lynn (PS13K) [532] oh look here he comes with his woggy boots
Martin (PS0KN) [533] wogginton boots
Lynn (PS13K) [534] wellington boots ... and how is our
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [535] ooh look at these, good job you've got these for the dirt
Martin (PS0KN) [536] I wish you would be a neat clag as my granddad would say
Lynn (PS13K) [537] do you remember the, what's, what's a clag?
Martin (PS0KN) [538] Yorkshire saying for trouble
Lynn (PS13K) [539] oh right
Martin (PS0KN) [sniff]
Lynn (PS13K) [540] remember
Martin (PS0KN) [541] Yorks
Lynn (PS13K) [542] do you remember you little wellies?
Martin (PS0KN) [543] no
Lynn (PS13K) [544] that you used to where when you were a little boy?, can you remember what colour they were?
Martin (PS0KN) [545] they must of been red
Lynn (PS13K) [546] they were red
Martin (PS0KN) [547] cos you always bought things totally the wrong colour for my sex
Lynn (PS13K) [548] no that's the only colour you could buy, they were red from, from er ... Mothercare
Martin (PS0KN) [549] has he got any thing in there worth nicking?
Lynn (PS13K) [550] fudge, milky bar and a crunchie
Martin (PS0KN) [551] is that the milky bar I gave him?
Lynn (PS13K) [552] what?, where is it?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [553] right ... I dunno what you've done with your hat, have you seen his hat any where?
Martin (PS0KN) [554] I have nee
Lynn (PS13K) [555] what?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [556] where's your hat though dear
Robert (PS13L) [557] can't find it ...
Lynn (PS13K) [558] see if you can find his hat any where Martin
Martin (PS0KN) [559] a hat, a hat
Lynn (PS13K) [560] a little beige one with all the colours
Martin (PS0KN) [561] oh god I haven't seen that for ages
Lynn (PS13K) [562] that one's yours actually
Martin (PS0KN) [563] I'm not surprised, oh here it is, its over , its on the settee
Lynn (PS13K) [564] can you pass it please?
Martin (PS0KN) [565] yes I suppose I can ...
Robert (PS13L) [566] my Martin's being horrible
Lynn (PS13K) [567] no he's not
Robert (PS13L) [568] and then
Lynn (PS13K) [569] he says he's Martin's being horrible
Martin (PS0KN) [570] no I'm not being horrible
Lynn (PS13K) [571] he's not , he's not being horrible
Martin (PS0KN) [572] I fetched your hat with an A
Lynn (PS13K) [573] say thank you Martin
Robert (PS13L) [574] thank you Martin
Lynn (PS13K) [575] say love you Martin
Robert (PS13L) [576] love you Martin
Martin (PS0KN) [577] creeping gets you every where
Lynn (PS13K) [578] what's he say?
Robert (PS13L) [579] creeping gets you every where
Lynn (PS13K) [580] [laugh] creeping gets you every where ... there you go
Robert (PS13L) [581] creeping gets you every where
Lynn (PS13K) [582] bye, bye
Martin (PS0KN) [583] bye, bye, bye ... bye spotty dog
Lynn (PS13K) [584] oh he loves little spotty dog isn't it? ... wouldn't you like to be a nursery school teacher Martin?
Martin (PS0KN) [585] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [586] your good with children
Martin (PS0KN) [587] yeah its dead easy ... you don't need to be exactly er a one intelligence do you?
Lynn (PS13K) [588] you only need to be a nursery nurse ...
Martin (PS0KN) [589] oh though, its a woman's job though, in it though?
Lynn (PS13K) [590] tis really, you don't see any male teachers
Martin (PS0KN) [591] and that's not trying to be sexist, but that's how
Lynn (PS13K) [592] teaching
Martin (PS0KN) [593] it is
Lynn (PS13K) [594] nursery children, you don't know do ya?
Martin (PS0KN) [595] no ...
Lynn (PS13K) [596] cos they're still a bit clingy and they need
Martin (PS0KN) [597] mummy
Lynn (PS13K) [598] toilet training and, well not toilet training but reminding to go to the toilet, look at his hat ... did you read in the paper that George Best has had to spend half of his testimonial money on debts
Martin (PS0KN) [599] test, testi what?
Lynn (PS13K) [600] his testimonial money
Martin (PS0KN) [601] oh yeah his testimonial
Lynn (PS13K) [602] money on debts, that's terrible in't it?
Martin (PS0KN) [603] he's a prat
Lynn (PS13K) [604] he's really ruined his life
Martin (PS0KN) [605] ruined it years ago
Lynn (PS13K) [606] through drink ... he could of been a really brilliant football player he could of made a lot of money and [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [607] well he was, he was
Lynn (PS13K) [608] well he was and he could of had a secure future
Martin (PS0KN) [609] well he did that for a while
Lynn (PS13K) [610] yeah till he sconded it all on gambolling ... I don't know what people see in gambolling do you? ... its like Willie Thorne
Martin (PS0KN) [611] Willie Thorne the gambler
Lynn (PS13K) [612] well I mean he's lost every thing hasn't he?
Martin (PS0KN) [613] yeah ...
Lynn (PS13K) [614] even his wife's left him
Martin (PS0KN) [615] your getting like grandma now
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [616] don't like him, his wife, he left
Lynn (PS13K) [617] no I'm just saying
Martin (PS0KN) [618] don't like him his wife left him
Lynn (PS13K) [619] didn't say
Martin (PS0KN) [620] don't like her she left her husband with nine children
Lynn (PS13K) [621] didn't say I didn't like him, just said that his wife had left him
Martin (PS0KN) [622] oh god you don't like him do ya?, yes, why?, ooh well why shouldn't I? oh he left his wife with a hundred and fifteen little children under the age of four
Lynn (PS13K) [623] mm, Ray Reardon's the one she doesn't like
Martin (PS0KN) [624] she used to love Ray Reardon to pieces
Lynn (PS13K) [625] cos he was Welsh
Martin (PS0KN) [626] cos he was Welsh
Lynn (PS13K) [627] then he left his wife
Martin (PS0KN) [628] and then he went to London, she said oh he moved into a flat with a girl he hardly knew, A she was forty when he met her
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [629] and she was, and he was about foot fifty, something like ten years different which is very little
Lynn (PS13K) [630] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [631] and second of all he'd known her since they were at school, well he was like ten years older, but something like that any way ... oh brilliant this is back on Jack The Ripper that
Lynn (PS13K) [632] is it a repeat?
Martin (PS0KN) [633] its him look that one, Lewis Collins and Michael Caine
Lynn (PS13K) [634] he's good Michael Jack
Martin (PS0KN) [635] able line
Lynn (PS13K) [636] erm Caine
Martin (PS0KN) [637] yes so is Michael Jackson ...
Lynn (PS13K) [638] who was Jack The Ripper?, he weren't was he?
Martin (PS0KN) [639] no
Lynn (PS13K) [640] was he the policeman?
Martin (PS0KN) [641] yeah, he was the detective
Lynn (PS13K) [642] mm ...
Martin (PS0KN) [643] Dave Stevis
Lynn (PS13K) [644] he's not doing so well now is he?, he used to, he's not won a high ranking tournament since nineteen eighty nine
Martin (PS0KN) [645] no that's true, since he married
Lynn (PS13K) [646] oh blame it on that
Martin (PS0KN) [647] no its true though ... its true since he's got married he hasn't won
Lynn (PS13K) [648] well why do you think that is then?
Martin (PS0KN) [649] cos he's been devoting his life to his wife more
Lynn (PS13K) [650] and that's not right?
Martin (PS0KN) [651] I'm not saying that's not, but that's the reason ... [sniff] bloody vegetarian's again ... all people who do something that they don't have to always shout about it and try and turn every one else like it
Lynn (PS13K) [652] like vegetarians
Martin (PS0KN) [653] er, yes ...
Lynn (PS13K) [654] eh, its a free country and you should be able to choose what you want to do yourself ... er, if something is damaging to your health then I would agree, yes, smoking I don't agree with smoking ... but if people want to smoke that's entirely up to them, they know the risks, I wouldn't smoke, I know the risks ... but vegetarianism is purely a matter of choice and there's no peop people that harp on about you shouldn't eat meat, get on my nerves ...
Martin (PS0KN) [655] exactly ... but every body who did something like being vegetarian or what's the other thing?, goes to church, church people are the bloody worse
Lynn (PS13K) [656] They're hypocrites any way
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [657] there
Lynn (PS13K) [658] they liked to be seen to go to church
Martin (PS0KN) [659] they go to church because they've done something wrong half of them
Lynn (PS13K) [660] no they just like, think that it looks good because they are being seen to go to church
Martin (PS0KN) [661] [sniff] precisely, I mean Prince, the Duchess of York goes to church and she lived in sin for ye years with that bloody racing driver so she's, she's nothing
Lynn (PS13K) [662] that's right, that's right
Martin (PS0KN) [663] and when you
Lynn (PS13K) [664] she is the biggest
Martin (PS0KN) [665] hypocrite
Lynn (PS13K) [666] and the biggest erm, what's the word I'm looking for?
Martin (PS0KN) [667] embarrassment to the royal family going
Lynn (PS13K) [668] rough, she's a bit of rough she is, she is, she is not high class is she?
Martin (PS0KN) [669] I don't think so
Lynn (PS13K) [670] she really isn't ... she, she doesn't tow the line, does she? ... she doesn't tow the line to be er accepted in the royal family
Martin (PS0KN) [671] and she's not doing any thing nice to endear herself to the public apart from erm, what gran grandma says that princess Diana spends too much time with aids patients
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [672] that
Lynn (PS13K) [673] there's nothing wrong with that though
Martin (PS0KN) [674] I think, I think she goes
Lynn (PS13K) [675] I think that's good
Martin (PS0KN) [676] over board though
Lynn (PS13K) [677] yeah, she maybe does, but I think she's trying to, to try and promote the fact that aids patients are harmless, because a lot of aids patients are very isolated, people don't want to know them, they think you can catch it through shaking hands, drinking out the same cup and all that, and I think she's trying to prove that look I'm alright, so should you be, but she does go a bit over the top
Martin (PS0KN) [678] every time I look, turn round, she's been visiting some aids patient ...
Lynn (PS13K) [679] said, definitely got
Martin (PS0KN) [680] I mean the you've probably got more chance of having an audience with her if you've got aids than if you haven't ... catch aids, meet the princess
Lynn (PS13K) [681] yeah ... but its better than going off skiing all the while and taking your spotty chicken pox children with you
Martin (PS0KN) [682] I and infecting the country that you go to
Lynn (PS13K) [683] I think that's disgusting going abroad taking chi , a child that's got chicken pox abroad and the other one she could be incubating the disease any way ... I bet you any mo money she comes down with it as well
Martin (PS0KN) [684] two pianos?
Lynn (PS13K) [685] yeah, one's Geoff's
Martin (PS0KN) [686] oh I see
Lynn (PS13K) [687] I bet she comes down with chicken pox hog Eugene
Martin (PS0KN) [688] oh pathetic names or what
Lynn (PS13K) [689] Eugene
Martin (PS0KN) [690] its not how they came into the world of real names to stick with prat names like Beatrice and, I mean I know its old royal and that and I mean fancy going to school in that bloody Henry and William, I mean William's not too bad
Lynn (PS13K) [691] William's alright that's the best out of them
Martin (PS0KN) [692] king Billy's the best I think something like that
Lynn (PS13K) [693] but Henry is the, why call him Henry then call him Harry?
Martin (PS0KN) [694] I know
Lynn (PS13K) [695] what's the point in that?
Martin (PS0KN) [696] I don't know, Henry, Harry comes from Harold I would of thought
Lynn (PS13K) [697] yeah, so why do they call him Harry all the time, Harry for a boy, that's awful ... I mean a lot of the old names, we talked about the other day, a lot of the old names have come back for children, but I mean I don't think Harry should be
Martin (PS0KN) [698] Harry ain't coming back
Lynn (PS13K) [699] Gladys won't ever come back for a little girl will it?
Martin (PS0KN) [700] I think Ena's gonna be back with it, before you know it
Lynn (PS13K) [701] mm, well, I visit ladies in the nineties and they're called Emma and Alice and Amy and all these names that are being used for children now, but I don't think you'll ever get Fred, Sidney
Martin (PS0KN) [702] oh Sidney's gone forever
Lynn (PS13K) [703] Sid
Martin (PS0KN) [704] that's in the annals of history I think, an thank god as well
Lynn (PS13K) [705] Sidney and erm Horace, I think Horace won't, can you imagine a little boy being called Horace
Martin (PS0KN) [706] oh in it sad eh?, reading in the paper the other day about that ... thing the, the list of top ten names, I mean half of the ones on there are pathetic
Lynn (PS13K) [707] I know
Martin (PS0KN) [708] I mean Lewis is something like nu number seven in the country, I don't know any Lewis's
Lynn (PS13K) [709] well I do, its er at Robert's school there's, there are all the names, that's what children are being called now, your age group you won't know them, but then
Martin (PS0KN) [710] I know at my age group they're all Darren and Gary and Steven and
Lynn (PS13K) [711] all they want that, that was the vogue then
Martin (PS0KN) [712] and Dean and Scott
Lynn (PS13K) [713] Dean and Scott all that's right, I can remember when I had you that's all the names that were in fashion, but now it is Joshua
Martin (PS0KN) [714] I like that actually
Lynn (PS13K) [715] Joshua's alright, a lot of biblical names
Martin (PS0KN) [716] the thing is when you've got a last name your stuck because it, every thing, you can't have any thing too new otherwise it sounds stupid
Lynn (PS13K) [717] it adds devalue don't it?, well why don't you do what you said you were gonna do and have a, a doubled barrel name
Martin (PS0KN) [718] I might do ...
Lynn (PS13K) [719] well you wanna do it sooner rather than later you don't want to leave it, you wanna do it sort of, now, so that if you go to college or any thing you can start off with that name
Martin (PS0KN) [720] could do
Lynn (PS13K) [721] and be known as
Martin (PS0KN) [722] Martin James Thomas
Lynn (PS13K) [723] mm, I think that'll be nice ... Thomas goes alright doesn't it?
Martin (PS0KN) [724] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [725] I think that's nice ... Geoffrey couldn't do that
Martin (PS0KN) [726] no Geoffrey Thomas, Thomas
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [727] Geoffrey Thomas Thomas ...
Lynn (PS13K) [728] well he could just say Geoffrey Thomas and, and adopt it, that is his name any way
Martin (PS0KN) [729] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [730] he could just me merely stick a hyphen in between it
Martin (PS0KN) [731] could do
Lynn (PS13K) [732] that is his name on paper, Geoffrey Thomas , he could call himself Geoffrey Thomas and write it as that couldn't he now?, if he wanted to ... what's Mark's middle name?
[733] David
Martin (PS0KN) [734] David
Lynn (PS13K) [735] Mark David
Martin (PS0KN) [736] that's awful that, well it ain't awful I don't like that
Lynn (PS13K) [737] Mark David ... well it could of been Mark Andrew and then it'd been Mat ... at least your name, your initials don't spell any thing rude
Martin (PS0KN) [738] no
Lynn (PS13K) [739] do you remember when I told you about that baby on the maternity ward
Martin (PS0KN) [740] what's her name something like Patricia
Lynn (PS13K) [741] no Pauline
Martin (PS0KN) [742] Pauline ... go on
Lynn (PS13K) [743] Iris
Martin (PS0KN) [744] Pauline, Iris something
Lynn (PS13K) [745] Susan,
Martin (PS0KN) [746] that's it, Susan, Pauline, Iris, Susan
Lynn (PS13K) [747] fancy calling somebody that, I mean the names in themselves are old fashion names aren't they
Martin (PS0KN) [748] Pauline that won't come back
Lynn (PS13K) [749] Pauline was awful, well they were all family names
Martin (PS0KN) [750] oh ain't they terrible
Lynn (PS13K) [751] grandma's and, and that, so, they were all names like that and she hadn't realized that Paula, er Pauline, Irene, Susan spelt, spelt P I S S
Martin (PS0KN) [752] I know ...
Lynn (PS13K) [753] and I said to her is that what your going to call your baby and she said yes, so I said well you realize what the initials spell and she went Pauline, oh my goodness I didn't know that
Martin (PS0KN) [754] so she changed the erm
Lynn (PS13K) [755] she changed them round Paula, Pauline, Susan, Iris
Martin (PS0KN) [756] so she changed the Susan to, to Theresa and made it pits instead
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [757] P I T S ...
Lynn (PS13K) [758] household name, cooker
Martin (PS0KN) [759] hoover
Lynn (PS13K) [760] [laugh] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [761] Dave hoover
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [762] and also a household name Dave Moulinex
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [763] Steve bath [laugh]
Lynn (PS13K) [764] [laugh] Steve table and chairs, huh
Martin (PS0KN) [765] Richard dining table
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [766] [laugh] ... oh look at his smile it sad
Martin (PS0KN) [767] huh, he's an Essex boy I can't see his white socks though
Lynn (PS13K) [768] what's all this joking about Essex boys?, every where you read in the paper its Essex gir Ess why does an Essex girl
Martin (PS0KN) [769] they're dead naff, right, cos Steve Wright in the afternoon as a thing, he says, he says, what do you want Essex girl and he's said something funny she'll, she'll go, you crack me right up you do, you make me crack right up, right and they're suppose and they are, well I don't know, but they're supposed to be really naff
Lynn (PS13K) [770] are they?
Martin (PS0KN) [771] naff, over the top, the per the car that an Essex boy would drive would be a Ford Capri
Lynn (PS13K) [772] mm
Martin (PS0KN) [773] either where white socks with loafers, you, you know naff
Lynn (PS13K) [774] mm, mm
Martin (PS0KN) [775] and look generally pathetic and the, all the woman have peroxide blonde curly hair, shoulder length
Lynn (PS13K) [776] mm ... why suddenly Essex though?
Martin (PS0KN) [777] its just a naff place
Lynn (PS13K) [778] Grantham supposed to be the most boring place in Britain isn't it?
Martin (PS0KN) [779] yeah but this is, this is different though, just
Lynn (PS13K) [780] cos hasn't Grantham got the reputation of being the most boring town in Britain?
Martin (PS0KN) [781] s'I think so, yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [782] I remember when I started my training I work with this girl and I said where'd you come from and she said I come from the most boring town in Britain, I says where Grantham?, she says yeah, I says is it boring, she says yeah huh, it is
Martin (PS0KN) [783] Leicester's dull though in it?, you've gotta say Leicester is dull
Lynn (PS13K) [784] what's dull about it?
Martin (PS0KN) [785] the night life is absolutely pit pitiful
Lynn (PS13K) [786] every body always says that about the night life, I don't know why
Martin (PS0KN) [787] its really pitiful though ...
Lynn (PS13K) [788] was but, what you expecting that, obviously isn't called for a lot of night life, otherwise it would be there, there's been discotheque, they've been all sorts of things, but they've closed down because they haven't made enough money
Martin (PS0KN) [789] well
Lynn (PS13K) [790] so there obviously isn't the need and the demand that people think
Martin (PS0KN) [791] Nottingham's got better night life, that's the, probably the nearest good place
Lynn (PS13K) [792] mm
Martin (PS0KN) [793] but Manchester that's probably the hive
Lynn (PS13K) [794] but is it
Martin (PS0KN) [795] at the minute, because they've got there the Hussy End which is like the number one, that's better than the Stringfellow's apparently, Hussy End are in Manchester [sniff] thirty quid to get in
Lynn (PS13K) [796] cor, but its so expensive these night life places, I mean ... they charge the earth for drinks and that don't they?
Martin (PS0KN) [797] yeah yours [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [798] is Crystals any good?
Martin (PS0KN) [799] yeah ain't bad
Lynn (PS13K) [800] its good?
Martin (PS0KN) [801] s'not bad, its a bit of a meat market, there's loads of like
Lynn (PS13K) [802] well that's how these places are any way, all you do, disco's and that are always the same, you got women dancing round their handbags, Tracy and Stacy and all those
Martin (PS0KN) [803] Tracy Sam and Cheryl
Lynn (PS13K) [804] do they still dance round their handbags?
Martin (PS0KN) [805] no no
Lynn (PS13K) [806] no what do they do with their handbags?
Martin (PS0KN) [807] they leave them in the cloakroom
Lynn (PS13K) [808] oh right, and you get all the blokes standing round the bar with a pint in their hand, eyeing up the woman, looking for which one they're gonna move in on ... don't ya?
Martin (PS0KN) [809] I don't personally
Lynn (PS13K) [810] huh
Martin (PS0KN) [811] because I look for the men, now I'm just joking
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [laugh]
Lynn (PS13K) [812] oh, oh dear, I hope not ...
Martin (PS0KN) [813] not it, it is like that, but
Lynn (PS13K) [814] I mean its always been like that but
Martin (PS0KN) [815] some places are worse than others
Lynn (PS13K) [816] mm, doesn't Steven Henry look young?
Martin (PS0KN) [817] he's got worse, well I don't know he's complexion's are about as bad as mine
Lynn (PS13K) [818] and how old is he?
Martin (PS0KN) [819] twenty two
Lynn (PS13K) [820] mm
Martin (PS0KN) [821] fifty three
Lynn (PS13K) [822] mm ... I wonder if Steve Davis, is this the quarter final?, or is it the final?
Martin (PS0KN) [823] the final
Lynn (PS13K) [824] the final oh, I wonder how he'll do ...
Martin (PS0KN) [825] a lot of rubbish that one
Lynn (PS13K) [826] I bet his wife said come on, get the money in mate
Martin (PS0KN) [827] come on Steve, come on Steve ...
Lynn (PS13K) [828] get the cash in
Martin (PS0KN) [829] get the wonga ... up to their
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Martin (PS0KN) [830] oh you missed Only Fools and Horses the other night, its the funniest one ever, its the one where Del was in this wine bar pretend to be a yuppy
Lynn (PS13K) [831] mm
Martin (PS0KN) [832] and er [sniff] he saw the, he was with Trigger he says, he says keep calm, drinking calm, were in here my son, right, and er its the bit where he's leaning on the bar and the bloke lifts up the bar and he just folds like a tonne of bricks sideways
Lynn (PS13K) [833] oh that's funny that one, I've seen that before
Martin (PS0KN) [834] the best ...
Lynn (PS13K) [835] there's a story here in the paper, I don't know whether you've read it about a little boy, ten weeks old and he's been born with all his organs on the wrong side of his body
Martin (PS0KN) [836] oh yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [837] he's got his heart on the right instead of his left, the liver on the left instead of the right, the appendix on the left instead of the right and other internal organs possibly
Martin (PS0KN) [838] well he's alright though in he?
Lynn (PS13K) [839] res reversed, where every thing is the wrong way round, so its alright really in it?
Martin (PS0KN) [840] well if it was just some things
Lynn (PS13K) [841] I wouldn't of thought so ...
Martin (PS0KN) [842] so when somebody says to him what sides your heart on and he says right they say no, he says yes it is
Lynn (PS13K) [843] says here he should be expected to lead a perfectly normal life ...
Martin (PS0KN) [844] its when they find out when he's three years old, his face is on upside down or something, oh god Marathon Man I'll be on tonight, I hate that film, that's that terrible bit with the dentist and the teeth
Lynn (PS13K) [845] ooh, oh that is the worse, that is so bad, that's horrible isn't it?, you really feel that ... when's that on then?
Martin (PS0KN) [846] tonight
Lynn (PS13K) [847] oh I must watch it
Martin (PS0KN) [848] I don't know if I'm going to, lets see what else is on, Jagged Edge is on I might watch that instead, oh god its still time, I could, yes I think I could just about give that a wide enough berth ...

2 (Tape 051202)

Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [849] It picks it up well ... right ... .
[850] What did you do yesterday afternoon, nothing?
Lynn (PS13K) [851] No, nothing ...
Martin (PS0KN) [852] You know that Morse that was on last night?
Lynn (PS13K) [853] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [854] was that the one where ... hang on let me think what it was, there's some, there's a ... it was, at Oxford College weren't it and one of them was trying to be a like high up in the church or something
Lynn (PS13K) [855] yeah women
Martin (PS0KN) [856] and one of them got bunked off
Lynn (PS13K) [857] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [858] was that the one with Zoe Wanamaker in it?
Lynn (PS13K) [859] yes
Martin (PS0KN) [860] Zoe Wanamaker
Lynn (PS13K) [861] it was good, I like Morse anyway
Martin (PS0KN) [862] shame it was a repeat, there not doing any more with him
Lynn (PS13K) [863] I know, I like all the police ones
Martin (PS0KN) [864] I like all the ones there not doing [sniff] unfortunately
Lynn (PS13K) [865] it's Poirot tonight
Martin (PS0KN) [866] I don't like him so much
Lynn (PS13K) [867] well that was er what you saw on
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [868] yeah I know , but I don't like David Suchet, I prefer Peter Ustinov
Lynn (PS13K) [869] yeah, true
Martin (PS0KN) [870] cos it loses its erm
Lynn (PS13K) [871] you'll just have to pretend it, it's not him
Martin (PS0KN) [872] mm, could do
Lynn (PS13K) [873] close your eyes every time he comes on
Martin (PS0KN) [874] yeah, er, probably be about right ...
Lynn (PS13K) [875] do you like swede?
Martin (PS0KN) [876] no not particularly
Lynn (PS13K) [877] mm
Martin (PS0KN) [878] not keen on swede
Lynn (PS13K) [879] do you like bakewell tart?
Martin (PS0KN) [880] not really
Lynn (PS13K) [881] no I don't mean the iced one that you buy
Martin (PS0KN) [882] no, no, no
Lynn (PS13K) [883] the one I make, I made it once and you liked it with the almonds on top
Martin (PS0KN) [884] what's all this craving for making new puddings, you know [sniff]
Lynn (PS13K) [885] oh, I just thought I'd have some thing different
Martin (PS0KN) [886] let's have a look at the puddings in there and I'll shall choose, I shall show you what I'd like
Lynn (PS13K) [887] no
Martin (PS0KN) [888] oh wicked
Lynn (PS13K) [889] its not what you'd like, it's what I've got the ingredients for
Martin (PS0KN) [890] I see ... you didn't say that did ya?, you never said that did ya? eh, eh, eh, no
Lynn (PS13K) [891] well you like it with custard don't ya? it's not got icing on
Martin (PS0KN) [892] so what is it then?
Lynn (PS13K) [893] pastry, jam, sponge
Martin (PS0KN) [894] yeah I suppose I've had that before
Lynn (PS13K) [895] with nuts on the top, I made it once
Martin (PS0KN) [896] right, yeah, I've got it
Lynn (PS13K) [897] can you crack some nuts for me?
Martin (PS0KN) [898] yes I will oh er
Lynn (PS13K) [899] look these they're almonds
Martin (PS0KN) [900] er I don't like them
Lynn (PS13K) [901] you know there those hard
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [902] eh you know those walnut ones?
Lynn (PS13K) [903] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [904] granddad's got this thing which you open them with
Lynn (PS13K) [905] oh
Martin (PS0KN) [906] it's a key
Lynn (PS13K) [907] a key?
Martin (PS0KN) [908] well its like a tri a triangular piece of metal, right
Lynn (PS13K) [909] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [910] triangular piece of metal, you dig it into like the crack and twist it and it just opens
Lynn (PS13K) [911] walnuts never if you crack them along the seam they never come out whole, you always break into the nut
Martin (PS0KN) [912] well you don't with this
Lynn (PS13K) [913] it's a shame
Martin (PS0KN) [914] you don't with this ... it's quite good it's not bad at all
Lynn (PS13K) [915] alright you can crack these almonds then, use up the Christmas nuts, now then they're ever so hard almonds are
Martin (PS0KN) [916] I just move some of this stuff out the way, I know, I've had a good idea, a smart idea
Lynn (PS13K) [...] ...
Martin (PS0KN) [917] you got a bin or something I can knock the, the remains into?
Lynn (PS13K) [918] oh, just put them in a, a dish
Martin (PS0KN) [919] okay ...
Lynn (PS13K) [920] you know what the almonds are don't ya? those
Martin (PS0KN) [921] I do know ...
Lynn (PS13K) [922] just checking
Martin (PS0KN) [923] after seventeen years in the business I think I know what an almond looks like
Lynn (PS13K) [924] pop's gone [...] today
Martin (PS0KN) [925] again
Lynn (PS13K) [926] he's fish
Martin (PS0KN) [927] [sniff] fish, fish, fish
Lynn (PS13K) [928] now I've got to find the recipe for bakewell tart ...
Martin (PS0KN) [929] so what you do you see with these al with these walnuts
Lynn (PS13K) [930] mm
Martin (PS0KN) [931] you stick the key in there
Lynn (PS13K) [932] ah
Martin (PS0KN) [933] and twist
Lynn (PS13K) [934] ah
Martin (PS0KN) [935] and just breaks it
Lynn (PS13K) [936] cracks it mm
Martin (PS0KN) [937] its ever so clever, dead ingenious ... good god there's enough almonds in this bag
Lynn (PS13K) [938] here you are that's it look
Martin (PS0KN) [939] ah
Lynn (PS13K) [940] looks nice doesn't it?
Martin (PS0KN) [941] yes, how
Lynn (PS13K) [942] you have to say nice cos you've got a knife in your back
Martin (PS0KN) [943] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [944] right ... move that out there ... it's, it's Sheeba and Ted
Martin (PS0KN) [945] yes not Ted and Sheeba but Sheeba and Ted
Lynn (PS13K) [946] Sheeba and Ted
Martin (PS0KN) [947] Sheeba and Ted's house
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [948] do you want all these almonds really
Lynn (PS13K) [949] yeah cos I want to put them on top
Martin (PS0KN) [950] don't you got some hazelnuts?
Lynn (PS13K) [951] no that serves you right, shame in it?
Martin (PS0KN) [952] look at all them, that's only out of one bag
Lynn (PS13K) [953] I know ... right I've gotta make some pastry
Martin (PS0KN) [954] well it was real value buy buying nine bags of nuts over Christmas wasn't it?
Lynn (PS13K) [955] nobody's ate them, whose fault's that?
Martin (PS0KN) [956] yours
Lynn (PS13K) [957] where did you go last night then?
Martin (PS0KN) [958] South Crostain dead sort there
Lynn (PS13K) [959] the White Hart
Martin (PS0KN) [960] no Golden Fleece
Lynn (PS13K) [961] oh that's what I meant the Golden Fleece
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [962] nice int it they do meals there
Martin (PS0KN) [963] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [964] supposed to be nice, I think I've had a meal there years ago
Martin (PS0KN) [965] mine
Lynn (PS13K) [966] does Richard drink much?
Martin (PS0KN) [967] yeah, but not when he drives
Lynn (PS13K) [968] who was driving last night?
Martin (PS0KN) [969] Richard
Lynn (PS13K) [970] what was he having then?
Martin (PS0KN) [971] coke
Lynn (PS13K) [972] good, very sensible
Martin (PS0KN) [973] tres sensible
Lynn (PS13K) [974] please to hear it I'm sure his dad would be fuming if he did drink and drive
Martin (PS0KN) [975] I don't think Richard would ever drive again if he did drink and drive
Lynn (PS13K) [976] oh with his dad's own breathalysing kit at home
Martin (PS0KN) [977] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [978] checks him when he gets in the door
Martin (PS0KN) [979] although his dad's er, you know his dad's a police surgeon?
Lynn (PS13K) [980] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [981] sometimes I mean he's been out when he's had a drink, on call, sort of thing
Lynn (PS13K) [982] mm ...
Martin (PS0KN) [983] I'd hate that being on call or ... cos he gets called out right in the middle of the night sometimes couldn't do that
Lynn (PS13K) [984] well does he do like the, the blood test the breathalysers and all that?
Martin (PS0KN) [985] well he does the blood tests, cos the police couldn't do it
Lynn (PS13K) [986] that's what I mean just the blood tests?
Martin (PS0KN) [987] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [988] he would get called at [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [989] but as far as she did erm thing ... do da's
Lynn (PS13K) [990] mm ... still it's all good money int it?, must be on better money now than he was as a
Martin (PS0KN) [991] G P
Lynn (PS13K) [992] an ordinary G P, otherwise I don't think he would of given it up
Martin (PS0KN) [993] I don't think he would have moved to a two hundred and thirty five thousand pound house either
Lynn (PS13K) [994] no
Martin (PS0KN) [995] from a small well from a
Lynn (PS13K) [996] where did they live before then?
Martin (PS0KN) [997] Long Way Crescent which was just a semi
Lynn (PS13K) [998] oh that's real naff up there
Martin (PS0KN) [999] I know, that's where all the [...] live ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1000] the what?
Martin (PS0KN) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1001] oh
Martin (PS0KN) [1002] a nice little term I've nicked from my driving instructor
Lynn (PS13K) [1003] so you [...] before then?
Martin (PS0KN) [1004] oh yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [1005] how surprising
Martin (PS0KN) [1006] oh it's massive it was, the house he's got now is massive
Lynn (PS13K) [1007] I know it is, it's lovely isn't it?
Martin (PS0KN) [1008] tres beau, cos there's the living room, its like he's got two living rooms and Richard and his sister and there's a vid there a telly and a video in each of them, buggers
Lynn (PS13K) [1009] mm, who was telling me that somebody's four year old son has got a video and television in his bedroom his own video
Martin (PS0KN) [1010] I don't know
Lynn (PS13K) [1011] I forget now
Martin (PS0KN) [1012] it's ridiculous
Lynn (PS13K) [1013] they were saying how spoilt children are today and how, erm I think it was Anne who was telling me and I said it, that is just ridiculous isn't it? for a four year old to have their own video
Martin (PS0KN) [1014] should give it me ... this gonna take me three weeks cracking these almonds
Lynn (PS13K) [1015] I know there ever so hard the shells you know ... Robert says he's going to have some dinner today
Martin (PS0KN) [1016] I've heard that story before an all
Lynn (PS13K) [1017] yes I've heard it before as well ... he said he wants some pork and potatoes
Martin (PS0KN) [1018] you got pork?
Lynn (PS13K) [1019] yeah, that's what we got
Martin (PS0KN) [1020] Gonna say tough luck out I've got beef ... oh it just smashes into pieces
Lynn (PS13K) [1021] it doesn't matter
Martin (PS0KN) [1022] it does when you don't know where half of it's gone
Lynn (PS13K) [1023] oh right
Martin (PS0KN) [1024] actually, yes I've found it, what do you want me to do with it then?
Lynn (PS13K) [1025] what?
Martin (PS0KN) [1026] [sniff] give us another bowl
Lynn (PS13K) [1027] where is it? oh yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [1028] give us another bowl and I can dig out the little manky pieces
Lynn (PS13K) [1029] I wonder if flaked almond is toasted or something
Martin (PS0KN) [1030] no, well probably
Lynn (PS13K) [1031] have er, oh well I'll just have to put them in the oven they'll go brown under the oven won't they?
Martin (PS0KN) [1032] yes you'll have the ... every now and again you'll be biting into a piece of shell which will be nice
Lynn (PS13K) [1033] oh Geoffrey watched Marathon Man last night
Martin (PS0KN) [1034] oh, glad he had nightmares
Lynn (PS13K) [1035] no he didn't, but I could hear him saying oh no absolutely wicked, oh absolutely, murderous, oh god, eh man, drilling his teeth, ow no that's horrible though that film
Martin (PS0KN) [1036] cowabunga do
Lynn (PS13K) [1037] isn't it?
Martin (PS0KN) [1038] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [1039] is it safe?, yes its safe, its very safe, is it safe?, no its not safe, every thing he said it still carried on asking him the questions didn't they?, terrible
Martin (PS0KN) [1040] oh that's better ... [sniff] two down, three hundred and ninety six million to go
Lynn (PS13K) [1041] jolly good, oh that's it
Martin (PS0KN) [1042] [sniff] I've got a cold coming, I've decided
Lynn (PS13K) [1043] oh no I hope you're not getting the Chinese flu
Martin (PS0KN) [1044] what?
Lynn (PS13K) [1045] oh that's what's on the way from America isn't it?
Martin (PS0KN) [1046] is it?
Lynn (PS13K) [1047] it's, well its reached England it's not epidemic proportions yet
Martin (PS0KN) [1048] no it's gotta be a is it
Lynn (PS13K) [1049] it's gotta be a hundred in, hundred in a hundred thousand to be an epidemic, at the moment it's twenty two
Martin (PS0KN) [laugh]
Lynn (PS13K) [1050] before Christmas it was nine, so it's trebled, trebled
Martin (PS0KN) [1051] doubled
Lynn (PS13K) [1052] oh yeah, it said trebled on the news [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1053] trebled, it would be twe it would be twenty seven [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1054] a good programme on last night it was about B B C
Martin (PS0KN) [1055] oh
Lynn (PS13K) [1056] in the fifties when it first started and how
Martin (PS0KN) [1057] does that look right to you?
Lynn (PS13K) [1058] eh? ... yeah they are shrivelled up little nuts, there was this programme last night about the B B C when it first started in the nineteen fifties
Martin (PS0KN) [1059] that was I T V, I T V started in the fifties, B B C was in the thirties
Lynn (PS13K) [1060] oh well whatever, no it wasn't, they were on about the B B C
Martin (PS0KN) [1061] it was on I T V the programme
Lynn (PS13K) [1062] yeah okay well it was all about B B C cos it was saying how stuffy the B B C was and how ... erm
Martin (PS0KN) [1063] get off ah
Lynn (PS13K) [1064] the Beverley sisters were on and they said they used to wear very daring clothes and the B B C banned them from showing their navels, cos you're not supposed to show your navel on television and you couldn't say the word, oh yeah Lonnie Donegan was on and he said that he was banned from singing this song ... er [singing] in eighty forty was such a little drip [] and in it he says we beat the bloody British and they wouldn't let him sing that because he swore so he had to sing we beat the ruddy British
Martin (PS0KN) [1065] right
Lynn (PS13K) [1066] and they were say and then he and at the end they all sang, there was Joe Brown, Lonnie Donegan, Bert Weedon, all the old nineteen fifties stars, Hank Marvin and all that and they were all singing and he sang that song with bloody in it
Martin (PS0KN) [1067] huh, was Cliff Richard there?
Lynn (PS13K) [1068] no ... so it was saying how times have changed, but they used to be very, very stuck up and it showed some of the early programmes and how people used to talk, oh so frightfully posh and so frightfully gorgeous and the words, and, it's rather pleasant isn't it, really rather nice
Martin (PS0KN) [1069] knickers
Lynn (PS13K) [1070] think we used to talk like that, what happened?
Martin (PS0KN) [1071] dunno
Lynn (PS13K) [1072] I mean whenever you see old films
Martin (PS0KN) [1073] er all greasy
Lynn (PS13K) [1074] this and every things in and the Americans always portray the British as being oh jolly, stiff upper lip, don't they?
Martin (PS0KN) [1075] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [1076] god only knows why
Martin (PS0KN) [1077] cos they've watched the fifties films that's why
Lynn (PS13K) [1078] [laugh] ... said in the paper today that Michael Barrymore mother is very concerned about him because he's lost a lot of weight
Martin (PS0KN) [1079] oh I his got nervous exhaustion ain't he?
Lynn (PS13K) [1080] and it says there's been tales in the paper about him, I ain't read any
Martin (PS0KN) [1081] I have
Lynn (PS13K) [1082] that's what there reckoning he's got AIDS, is that what there saying?
Martin (PS0KN) [1083] no their saying, I don't know he's got nervous exj exhaustion
Lynn (PS13K) [1084] he looks terrible actually ... I said to Dave the other week I said ain't he lost weight, look at his face, he's so thin
Martin (PS0KN) [1085] I haven't seen a ph picture of him
Lynn (PS13K) [1086] he was on last night, now that's quite a good programme
Martin (PS0KN) [1087] what his programme?
Lynn (PS13K) [1088] it's not Strike It Lucky, I can't stand that
Martin (PS0KN) [1089] it's called Barrymore
Lynn (PS13K) [1090] yeah, that's good, he gets people out the audience and he goes out and about and sort of meets people with talent and gets them to do singing and that
Martin (PS0KN) [1091] with people with bad throats
Lynn (PS13K) [1092] no, he's good ... it was funny ... there was some can can dancers on at the end and there were sort of ladies in their sixties and he joined them
Martin (PS0KN) [1093] oh god
Lynn (PS13K) [1094] he's got such long rubber legs hasn't he, he looked ridiculous, but he aint 'arf gone thin, he's really gone thin ... so, now do I have to bake this blind first
Martin (PS0KN) [1095] what's that mean?
Lynn (PS13K) [1096] well
Martin (PS0KN) [1097] do it with your eyes shut
Lynn (PS13K) [1098] yeah, no you put it in the, yes bake blind in the oven at two hundred degrees, two hundred, mark six
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1099] you better teach me how to make gravy if I'm going to polytechnic, because I don't know how to do it
Lynn (PS13K) [1100] well the best thing to do for Martin is get a, a
Martin (PS0KN) [1101] oven
Lynn (PS13K) [1102] a packet of Bisto gravy granules
Martin (PS0KN) [1103] is get a woman in
Lynn (PS13K) [1104] and you just, yeah that's right just get a woman in, er Bisto gravy granules and you just have, oops hot water and then that's it simple
Martin (PS0KN) [1105] I'm gonna do that then
Lynn (PS13K) [1106] it's alright, it's quite easy
Martin (PS0KN) [1107] oh beggar ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1108] right bake that blind for ten minutes
Martin (PS0KN) [1109] what's that mean break, bake blind?
Lynn (PS13K) [1110] well if you got pastry right, and you have to put a sponge on top like this is, it would go soggy, it wouldn't go hard would it?, so if you bake it blind you're baking pastry on its without anything on
Martin (PS0KN) [1111] eh, whole nut smashing
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1112] this one's actually plum jam, but I will use a substitution
Martin (PS0KN) [1113] jam, raspberry
Lynn (PS13K) [1114] er right, I've got to make the sponge now, done that [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1115] eh, oh its another one, beauty ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1116] almond flavouring, have I got any? just mind your head a minute while I open the cupboard, don't know
Martin (PS0KN) [1117] scrap the bowl off those ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1118] that's a point I could always grind some nuts up, with any luck, chocolate, colouring ... red food colouring [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1119] gosh you've had that a long time
Lynn (PS13K) [1120] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [1121] twenty P
Lynn (PS13K) [1122] yeah, peppermint flavouring, artificial cochineal, green food colouring
Martin (PS0KN) [1123] cochineal, er that comes from beetles
Lynn (PS13K) [1124] I know, cockroach's insect, I don't use those cos they say colours make children go hyperactive, used to stop using them when we had Geoffrey, cos he always used to go berserk
Martin (PS0KN) [1125] yes
Lynn (PS13K) [1126] so I'll have to grind some, almond flavouring right, self raising flour
Martin (PS0KN) [1127] it's taking ages, oh can I have another cup of coffee?
Lynn (PS13K) [1128] I'll bung the kettle on
Martin (PS0KN) [1129] begger ... begger me ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1130] that's what Phyllis says
Martin (PS0KN) [1131] what?
Lynn (PS13K) [1132] oh you begger nurse Lynn, [laugh] and I go in, oh we do get in some pickles nurse Lynn, oh you begger
Martin (PS0KN) [1133] I don't even think I've done half of these yet ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1134] you're doing well, four ounces of flour
Martin (PS0KN) [1135] oh, beauty, photograph that one
Lynn (PS13K) [1136] yes ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1137] play it right, went to the Rose and Crown after South Crostade and played darts
Lynn (PS13K) [1138] pub crawl eh, Rose and Crown oh yeah, what's down there?
Martin (PS0KN) [1139] yeah, I played darts against this bloke, scratch golfer
Lynn (PS13K) [1140] oh yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [1141] plays off none
Lynn (PS13K) [1142] mm
Martin (PS0KN) [1143] and I think, and he plays at Leicestershire
Lynn (PS13K) [1144] what's his name?
Martin (PS0KN) [1145] I don't know ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1146] was he good at darts as well?
Martin (PS0KN) [1147] yes he, bit
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1148] right, we played three men, you know you supposed to do it, it supposed to be five hundred and one
Lynn (PS13K) [1149] yes
Martin (PS0KN) [1150] well because there was three of us we went, it was seven hundred and one, like, their go, first bloke got a hundred and eighty, next one got a hundred and forty, this one got a hundred and twenty and me and Matt got about forty each and Rick and we were stuffed ... just bit, have you been watching any of the darts? dead interesting
Lynn (PS13K) [1151] I was watching snooker last night
Martin (PS0KN) [1152] oh that's darts innit?, oh right Davis won
Lynn (PS13K) [1153] dunno what the score, did he?
Martin (PS0KN) [1154] yes
Lynn (PS13K) [1155] did he?
[1156] I didn't think he would
Martin (PS0KN) [1157] it's er nine eight I think it was
Lynn (PS13K) [1158] oh close then ... er it's Davis said absolutely stupid thing he really did
Martin (PS0KN) [1159] Davis did?
Lynn (PS13K) [1160] yeah, I couldn't believe it I mean you go back five years he'd never done things like that, he erm, missed the most easiest reds and left it right over the pocket and then Stephen Hendry went on and cleared up the whole frame, got a break of over a hundred
Martin (PS0KN) [1161] oh I saw that one
Lynn (PS13K) [1162] mm, that was typical mind you I think he needed this win to boost his confidence cos he's not been doing at all well has he lately?
Martin (PS0KN) [1163] no
Lynn (PS13K) [1164] [...] ... I want to use this, I can't believe its not butter butter
Martin (PS0KN) [1165] that's been in the fridge nine weeks
Lynn (PS13K) [1166] it doesn't matter, butter keeps in the fridge ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1167] apart from when grandma gives it ya
Lynn (PS13K) [1168] she has to taste it first
Martin (PS0KN) [1169] oh god got a bad stiff neck
Lynn (PS13K) [1170] you still got a stiff neck?
Martin (PS0KN) [1171] yeah ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1172] I think you ought to go to the doctor's about that
Martin (PS0KN) [1173] I dunno
Lynn (PS13K) [1174] well ... have a stiff neck
Martin (PS0KN) [1175] it weren't bad yesterday
Lynn (PS13K) [1176] oh I never understand it
Martin (PS0KN) [1177] and it weren't bad Friday but it's come on again now ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1178] [...] coming on well
Martin (PS0KN) [1179] yeah ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1180] look at that cat can't you tell it's Sunday
Martin (PS0KN) [1181] yeah cat hovering
Lynn (PS13K) [1182] it's always in the kitchen when it's Sunday, see if she can get in the oven quick, if she had a pair of oven gloves, she'd get the meat out herself ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1183] this is well er annoying this is
Lynn (PS13K) [1184] why?
Martin (PS0KN) [1185] doing this
Lynn (PS13K) [1186] I know I give it to you, so time consuming
Martin (PS0KN) [1187] I had a beauty I had a run there I had about four in a row which came out whole, but now I'm getting crushed nuts
Lynn (PS13K) [1188] oh
Martin (PS0KN) [1189] very painful
Lynn (PS13K) [1190] it doesn't matter because I can put them in the sponge
Martin (PS0KN) [1191] you'll have to do something with them ... [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1192] what have I got to put which is very urgh, butter, no, sugar, one egg separated plus one egg yoke, how ridiculous what have I got to do there? er, whisk the butter and sugar until [...] followed by
Martin (PS0KN) [1193] now this could be better, oh yes, slightly better ... that shot off nicely somewhere
Lynn (PS13K) [1194] where have I put me eggs?
Martin (PS0KN) [1195] er, I'm over hitting these
Lynn (PS13K) [1196] you're not playing golf
Martin (PS0KN) [1197] no, I'm thrashing them too hard
Lynn (PS13K) [1198] now what's that, one egg plus an egg yoke ... right ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1199] you beauty
Lynn (PS13K) [1200] Stephanie likes cooking
Martin (PS0KN) [1201] I don't, I like eating it
Lynn (PS13K) [1202] don't you like cooking at all?
Martin (PS0KN) [1203] not since my disaster with the soup in the second year
Lynn (PS13K) [1204] oh that was terrible, mm
Martin (PS0KN) [1205] tell you what it seems ages since I was in the first year, but not very long since I was in the second year
Lynn (PS13K) [1206] oh it does
Martin (PS0KN) [1207] don't to me
Lynn (PS13K) [1208] why you don't want to be put off, gosh the number of things I've done that have not turned out
Martin (PS0KN) [1209] like Yorkshire pudding every Saturday, every Sunday
Lynn (PS13K) [1210] well it never cooks properly does it?
Martin (PS0KN) [1211] yes, well I've heard this before [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1212] I know I've noticed
Lynn (PS13K) [1213] is that the cat meowing then? ... tough luck if you want to go out, right so I've got this, butter, sugar, flour ... eggs, salt, lemon juice, I haven't got any
Martin (PS0KN) [1214] I'm not getting much revision done here mother
Lynn (PS13K) [1215] no, well you can do some later, I thought I had a bottle of lemon juice in the fridge, not the fridge ... Robert loves Cadbury's cream eggs
Martin (PS0KN) [1216] I noticed
Lynn (PS13K) [1217] last night, yesterday he had one and he said can I have another cream egg, so I said alright, cos there was a box of six, which means he's had two out the six, he said to me this morning, got any more cream eggs so I said not for you, you've got one for Martin, so I said yes, I'll have his then
Martin (PS0KN) [1218] cheek
Lynn (PS13K) [1219] he did, I'll have his then, I said no you won't, but I like them, I know, but you can't have Martin's, as Martin will cry, I buy him another one ... he's absolutely mad on cream eggs, you never liked them when you were at his age, you don't really like them much now do ya?
Martin (PS0KN) [1220] bit sickly, but I'll eat one
Lynn (PS13K) [1221] when you look at the waste, a big bowl of waste and a couple of nuts, never mind.
Martin (PS0KN) [1222] I think we can all learn a thing or too from that ... oh er that sounded nice that that sounds even better, oh I've cracked it right down the bloody middle
Lynn (PS13K) [1223] don't swear, ooh you're doing well, if I get some of these bits, if I get the whole ones and the big pieces they can go on the top and that
Martin (PS0KN) [1224] there are mum there's another big piece coming for ya
Lynn (PS13K) [1225] the little bits I shall crush
Martin (PS0KN) [1226] there's another big piece here, well, no little ... well greasy these are
Lynn (PS13K) [1227] greasy? well nuts are there oily aren't they? right I've got to crush these in with this stuff
Martin (PS0KN) [1228] what you doing with these here?
Lynn (PS13K) [1229] leave them there I'm gonna use them for the top
Martin (PS0KN) [1230] huh, ain't gonna have many on the top at this rate are we? ... oh lovely got another one for the top, cracker
Lynn (PS13K) [1231] no I don't want a Christmas cracker I think
Martin (PS0KN) [1232] that's a full one that is
Lynn (PS13K) [1233] now then
Martin (PS0KN) [1234] now how did I do it? ... not like that obviously ... oh that's it, I'm getting a fifty percent success rate of whole ones to small ones here
Lynn (PS13K) [1235] oh that'll be good
Martin (PS0KN) [1236] and this is another
Lynn (PS13K) [1237] you not got a driving lesson this week then?
Martin (PS0KN) [1238] no I've two the week after ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1239] did he teach you what did he teach you? mirrors last week
Martin (PS0KN) [1240] yeah, we go out, are you, if you, oh you bugger, I had four in the row now, beauties.
Lynn (PS13K) [1241] go out what?
Martin (PS0KN) [1242] if we go driving, I'll, I'll show you all the manoeuvres I can do, which is all of them
Lynn (PS13K) [1243] so what's left? ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1244] pol polish up on the mirrors and get ready for a mock test ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1245] oh right ... do you think Richard's a good driver?
Martin (PS0KN) [1246] I don't know, yeah, but, I don't think he's bad
Lynn (PS13K) [1247] but, don't forget even when you've passed your test, your test you're still learning, you still make mistakes and still do things wrong I mean I do even now ... it's not what you do wrong it's how you get out of it, isn't it?
Martin (PS0KN) [1248] mm
Lynn (PS13K) [1249] as long as you can get out of it. ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1250] you'll be quite pleased with this cos I'm getting some really good big bits out now
Lynn (PS13K) [1251] right I'll, last week I was in the surgery one day to help Sue and she had
Martin (PS0KN) [1252] ow
Lynn (PS13K) [1253] to do an E C G on this man, well I hadn't done one for quite a while and I'd forgot really, not forgot what to do but I'm not very familiar with the E C G machines because it's a new electronic machine and its
Martin (PS0KN) [1254] what's one of them an E C G?
Lynn (PS13K) [1255] an electro cardiograph, it's a tracing of the electrical il impulses from the heart given off by the heart and this chap came in he'd never had one before and he was nervous anyway, so I'm trying to put him at his ease and I, I put, you have to put like a rubber band round their arms and legs and attach erm electrodes to them, you don't feel anything, you're only measuring the electrical impulses given off by the heart
Martin (PS0KN) [1256] I'm, get this
Lynn (PS13K) [1257] so I've got him all wound, all er geared up for this E C G
Martin (PS0KN) [1258] and failed it
Lynn (PS13K) [1259] I hadn't switched the machine on
Martin (PS0KN) [1260] you wally
Lynn (PS13K) [1261] and I was er, I try and switch the machine on it wouldn't come on, I thought what's going on here, so I said to Sue, can't switch the machine on Sue what's going on here?, anyway, apparently the power supply to the machine was a bit dicky, the
Martin (PS0KN) [1262] er, er
Lynn (PS13K) [1263] what?
Martin (PS0KN) [1264] do you call that frizzle?
Lynn (PS13K) [1265] no, that's a bad one, the er power supply to the machine, the lead it was, there was a break in the circuit and it kept going on and off, so actually I was switching it on right, it just wasn't coming on, so she says oh use it by the battery cos its battery as well as electric
Martin (PS0KN) [1266] where's my cup of coffee?
Lynn (PS13K) [1267] alright just shut up a minute, I'm talking to ya, so she said afterwards oh I says that was good weren't it couldn't even switch the machine on and she said it doesn't matter does it, she said it's not what happens its the way you deal with it, and I made a joke of it and I said to him oh this is good in't it? relax you're in safe hands I can't even switch the machine on, but anyway I did it in the end and he was alright, and he said thank you very much, that was, you were very good, you were very kind, cos it is frightening and one thing I said to him don't hold your breath, because people think when their having an E C G they've gotta hold their breath for some reason, just lie there take a deep breath and don't breathe again ... but you've never had one so you wouldn't no, I'm just going to mix this up ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1268] they're coming out better now
Lynn (PS13K) [1269] oh good ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1270] oh that's got two in it
Lynn (PS13K) [1271] see them
Martin (PS0KN) [1272] and I got them both out whole an all
Lynn (PS13K) [1273] used to, sometimes get double yoke eggs
Martin (PS0KN) [1274] why you mean used to?
Lynn (PS13K) [1275] I've not seen a double yoke egg for a long, long time, I don't know why, but sometimes you used to get a box of six and nearly all of them would be double yoke for some reason, don't ask me why, I don't know, where's your cup?, did you bring it in?
Martin (PS0KN) [1276] no, I shall go and fetch it ... yes I ... I must have brought it in
Lynn (PS13K) [1277] which one did you have?
Martin (PS0KN) [1278] erm
Lynn (PS13K) [1279] what's it there?
Martin (PS0KN) [1280] yes, the red one, the red one which
Lynn (PS13K) [1281] I've put it I think I've put it in the dishwasher
Martin (PS0KN) [1282] well it makes it look, well it looks like the er paints fading off it
Lynn (PS13K) [1283] I know it was like that when we had it, well all these mugs that you get from the petrol station are all seconds any way
Martin (PS0KN) [1284] are they?
Lynn (PS13K) [1285] yeah ... they're all the, they must sell them, the perfect ones and the second ones they sort of er petrol station cos they've all got slight faults on them. ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1286] cor that's a big 'un, looks grand
Lynn (PS13K) [1287] getting warm in here isn't it?
Martin (PS0KN) [1288] I know
Lynn (PS13K) [1289] oh they're good
Martin (PS0KN) [1290] leave them I shall sort them out in a moment
Lynn (PS13K) [1291] is that all the w all the erm almonds out of both packs?
Martin (PS0KN) [1292] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [1293] oh excellent, oh that's fine
Martin (PS0KN) [1294] bloody well hope so too oh another manky one ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1295] I like that advertisement on the television this woman in America
Martin (PS0KN) [1296] ah with the walnuts and she does that
Lynn (PS13K) [1297] that cracks the walnuts in her hand I'd like to see somebody do that
Martin (PS0KN) [1298] she does it on er, the, the inside of her elbow joint
Lynn (PS13K) [1299] that's it and over to you, crunch, I don't know how she does it, got muscles like Samson
Martin (PS0KN) [1300] she doesn't say she's Miss United States body builder nineteen ninety one
Lynn (PS13K) [1301] no ... erm blackcurrant or apricot?
Martin (PS0KN) [1302] blackcurrant
Lynn (PS13K) [1303] blackcurrant ... I love these jars with the fruity lids don't you?, good aren't they?
Martin (PS0KN) [1304] mm, mm my favourites
Lynn (PS13K) [1305] god, right ... blackcurrant jam, what's the time, it's five to one
Martin (PS0KN) [1306] ten to
Lynn (PS13K) [1307] that clock's a bit fast then ... plenty of jam, don't like to skimp, haven't seen grandma, haven't heard from grandma today
Martin (PS0KN) [1308] no, it's er minor catastrophe isn't it? ... oh damn
Lynn (PS13K) [1309] I think that should have been Plymouth, I thought Plymouth were high on the league, they're not, they're near bottom
Martin (PS0KN) [1310] yeah I know, but they haven't lost a home match for seven months for
Lynn (PS13K) [1311] oh didn't know that
Martin (PS0KN) [1312] seven, seven or eight weeks
Lynn (PS13K) [1313] oh they're on a winning er ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1314] they've won the last six home matches
Lynn (PS13K) [1315] Plymouth have?
Martin (PS0KN) [1316] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [1317] oh at least they've broke that run haven't they?
Martin (PS0KN) [1318] haven't, Leicester never do well when they're at, if they go away, if they play away, if they go right down South or if they go right up North they'll get beaten every time
Lynn (PS13K) [1319] why's that then?
Martin (PS0KN) [1320] I don't know
Lynn (PS13K) [1321] think because of the travelling
Martin (PS0KN) [1322] I don't know, they always get beaten seriously by Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Sunderland
Lynn (PS13K) [1323] what matches have they got left?, are they in with a chance of promotion?
Martin (PS0KN) [1324] yes, I should think so
Lynn (PS13K) [1325] have they got hard matches left or
Martin (PS0KN) [1326] I don't know, there's still got a long way to go though
Lynn (PS13K) [1327] well, I was disappointed when it showed the league table they weren't even in the top six, but they're seventh, huh ... but there's two, two teams above them have played one more game than them, but then
Martin (PS0KN) [1328] there's probably two above them that have played one less
Lynn (PS13K) [1329] that's right ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1330] so they would go up to fifth
Lynn (PS13K) [1331] mm ... but there's only sort of five points that divides all the top seven
Martin (PS0KN) [1332] yeah I know
Lynn (PS13K) [1333] and like the first division there's
Martin (PS0KN) [1334] well
Lynn (PS13K) [1335] even bigger leaders ain't there?
Martin (PS0KN) [1336] well yeah just the match before, the Saturday before New Year, there's one point covering the top six
Lynn (PS13K) [1337] mm.
Martin (PS0KN) [1338] and if Leicester had beaten I forgot who it was, whoever they drew against, they would have been third.
Lynn (PS13K) [1339] What makes it, what makes them [...] improve so, the team makes it [...] the same doesn't it?
Martin (PS0KN) [1340] confidence
Lynn (PS13K) [1341] mm and when you start winning you, it boosts your [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1342] that's what I mean confidence
Lynn (PS13K) [1343] right ... let's have a look at this banana chocolate thing ... don't know what's that gonna be like, I've never made that before.
[1344] Could be roast potatoes
Martin (PS0KN) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1345] this is sounding great this is, I'm, every time I crack a nut I hurt, hurt me hand, these last three won't crack
Lynn (PS13K) [1346] well you've done very well I, I could never crack any of them, so, huh
Martin (PS0KN) [1347] I'll get out all the whole ones
Lynn (PS13K) [1348] it don't matter I'm gonna chop 'em up anyway
Martin (PS0KN) [1349] no well I'm gonna do it any way
Lynn (PS13K) [1350] want to slice
Martin (PS0KN) [1351] want ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1352] have you read the paper today? no you haven't didn't [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1353] no I didn't get up till twelve
Lynn (PS13K) [1354] of course you haven't, what was I going to say, the er, that Marquis of Blandford is it?
Martin (PS0KN) [1355] Marquis of Blandford, speeding and all the other
Lynn (PS13K) [1356] yeah, his wife posed in a sexy picture in her underwear
Martin (PS0KN) [1357] yeah it's Rebecca
Lynn (PS13K) [1358] stockings and suspender belt and the Marquis of Blandford's father has called her a, a slutty little something or other
Martin (PS0KN) [1359] oh
Lynn (PS13K) [1360] which is quite rich coming from him, considering his son's been in prison I don't think
Martin (PS0KN) [1361] yeah ... here are, I shall go and just get the paper.
Lynn (PS13K) [1362] right, thank you, very well done ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1363] Oh not Catherine bleeding Zeta Jones again I don't even think she's nice
Lynn (PS13K) [1364] Some clothes on her makes her look like a right podgy country maiden don't it?
Martin (PS0KN) [1365] you thought of the classics you do, podgy country maiden
Lynn (PS13K) [1366] well she does, she's got a fat face
Martin (PS0KN) [1367] nice ... I don't, well I definitely don't think she's that nice ... oh I see what you mean Leicester are seventh
Lynn (PS13K) [1368] mm ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1369] oh they came from two nil down as well
Lynn (PS13K) [1370] I know, I know they did, one was an own goal
Martin (PS0KN) [1371] and the other one was er
Lynn (PS13K) [1372] but then if you read the report of the match it said they could have won by more than that, they did all playing they were just unlucky, but he's pleased with the result [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1373] yeah it's not bad
Lynn (PS13K) [1374] now, then got to chop these nuts up now ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1375] best thing to do when you see the football results is to look at who their playing next week, and then you can get a fair idea of who's gonna do what
Lynn (PS13K) [1376] yeah, who they playing next week then?
Martin (PS0KN) [1377] Swindon at home and Swindon are right er below them by one
Lynn (PS13K) [1378] by one
Martin (PS0KN) [1379] no the place below them
Lynn (PS13K) [1380] but er they're playing at home
Martin (PS0KN) [1381] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [1382] so that's an advantage int it?
Martin (PS0KN) [1383] Blackburn are away to Portsmouth who are both above Leicester, Southend, Southend, Southend should beat Bristol City ... Camb Cambridge ... Middlesbrough have got Millwall at ho away, well yeah don't know ... oh Sunderland did well
Lynn (PS13K) [1384] mm
Martin (PS0KN) [1385] beat Millwall six two
Lynn (PS13K) [1386] huh
Martin (PS0KN) [1387] it was only one one at half time
Lynn (PS13K) [1388] good lord
Martin (PS0KN) [1389] five in the second half, bloody hell three goals in three minutes, fifty five, fifty seven, fifty eight ... Don Goodman this bloke got a hat-trick, he got it within fifteen minutes
Lynn (PS13K) [1390] oh dear
Martin (PS0KN) [1391] Ian St. John holds the wor holds the Scottish record for the fastest hat-trick
Lynn (PS13K) [1392] why what did he do?
Martin (PS0KN) [1393] he got three goals in two minutes
Lynn (PS13K) [1394] good lord
Martin (PS0KN) [1395] for Motherwell ... this paper is only interested in two sports and that is football, cricket ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1396] see that pigeon
Martin (PS0KN) [1397] mm from Ann isn't it probably?
Lynn (PS13K) [1398] mm, she does, no she's got doves, keeps doves and animals and birds like that doesn't she?
Martin (PS0KN) [1399] yeah a bit strange I suppose
Lynn (PS13K) [1400] got loads of doves
Martin (PS0KN) [1401] yeah I know, dunno why she wants to keep all them I'm sure
Lynn (PS13K) [1402] mm ... Rory still going out with his girl friend?
Martin (PS0KN) [1403] I don't think, I don't know, I think he might be, I couldn't tell you though ...
Lynn (PS13K) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1404] no ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1405] not so easy as you think getting jobs
Martin (PS0KN) [1406] mm ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1407] this is where the schools I think are partly to blame, okay, yes they encourage you to do exams which is good ... but they don't tell you that you're gonna have difficulty getting a job even if you get A levels and all that, they sort of say oh yeah you, you stand a better chance of getting a job, but, its still, its still difficult.
[1408] Sue and I go to this cafe, I told you at Newtown [...] didn't I?
Martin (PS0KN) [1409] Sue and who?
Lynn (PS13K) [1410] Sue and I
Martin (PS0KN) [1411] oh
Lynn (PS13K) [1412] yeah, and there's just a little tea room and they sell, lunches at dinner time and teas in the afternoon, right opposite Bradgate's Park
Martin (PS0KN) [1413] oh that one
Lynn (PS13K) [1414] yeah and the girls that serve in there, there's three girls that serve in there, one works in the kitchen actually helping with the food, but the other two serve at the tables, they've all got A levels but they can't get jobs
Martin (PS0KN) [1415] mm, oh dear ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1416] look at this it looks pretty good doesn't it?
Martin (PS0KN) [1417] yeah it does, not too bad, I don't think they'll be enough nuts to tell you the truth ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1418] now I've got to make this top for this banana and chocolate cake [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1419] what's the topping?
Lynn (PS13K) [1420] chocolate something or other
Martin (PS0KN) [1421] you want to cut a piece off and let me see what it's like ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1422] oh when I've finished doing this I might ... Has Matthew decided what he's going to do? has he applied for university?
Martin (PS0KN) [1423] yeah he's got an appl an offer
Lynn (PS13K) [1424] what university or college?
Martin (PS0KN) [1425] er Bristol Poly
Lynn (PS13K) [1426] oh right, what's he want to do?
Martin (PS0KN) [1427] marketing, he's been offered two D's
Lynn (PS13K) [1428] mm, yes, that's alright isn't it, he should do that shouldn't he? is he quite bright?
Martin (PS0KN) [1429] should do it ... and if he doesn't I'd be, I'd be surprised
Lynn (PS13K) [1430] marketing what's he want to do then?
Martin (PS0KN) [1431] I don't know, I couldn't tell you ... I really don't know
Lynn (PS13K) [1432] well what do you want to do?
Martin (PS0KN) [1433] me?
Lynn (PS13K) [1434] mm
Martin (PS0KN) [1435] I'm not sure, I don't know
Lynn (PS13K) [1436] mm any ideas have you got about a job you'd like to do?
Martin (PS0KN) [1437] television something like that
Lynn (PS13K) [1438] oh yes but that's gonna be very difficult Martin
Martin (PS0KN) [1439] no research in of that [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1440] job like that ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1441] mm with difficulty I suppose
Lynn (PS13K) [1442] mm I know ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1443] very difficult but if that's what you want to do
Lynn (PS13K) [1444] I know, but you've got to sort of set your sights realistically haven't you? and there's a lot
Martin (PS0KN) [1445] yeah I know
Lynn (PS13K) [1446] of people unemployed and what are you going to do when you eventually leave college if you get there?
Martin (PS0KN) [1447] what?
Lynn (PS13K) [1448] you're not gonna step straight into television
Martin (PS0KN) [1449] no I know, I don't know though ... could go into a bank or something like that
Lynn (PS13K) [1450] mm
Martin (PS0KN) [1451] [sniff] ... there's lots of things though ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1452] right then, let's see now what we're doing, where's that recipe book for that chocolate and banana cake? chocolate and banana cake which book was it?
Martin (PS0KN) [1453] it was in the folder
Lynn (PS13K) [1454] oh right ... oh some of these chocolate cakes are absolutely mm, mm
Martin (PS0KN) [1455] I'm not so keen on chocolate cakes [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1456] mm right what's
Martin (PS0KN) [1457] me
Lynn (PS13K) [1458] the topping? what's that icing sugar?
Martin (PS0KN) [1459] I can take it or leave it
Lynn (PS13K) [1460] cocoa powder and vanilla essence oh luckily I've got all those, I think, yes
Martin (PS0KN) [1461] oh that cream, creme de la creme looks nice
Lynn (PS13K) [1462] I don't like cream caramel it taste burnt
Martin (PS0KN) [1463] oh that don't look like, is that cream caramel?
Lynn (PS13K) [1464] oh that looks like
Martin (PS0KN) [1465] egg custard I don't like that at all
Lynn (PS13K) [1466] oh I like the ones you buy, but I, my mother used to make one every Sunday and it tasted horrible, tasted eggy
Martin (PS0KN) [1467] you never guess what Andy Spence's mum did when I went up there for dinner once?, it's vile
Lynn (PS13K) [1468] what
Martin (PS0KN) [1469] eggs in custard
Lynn (PS13K) [1470] eggs in custard what's that?
Martin (PS0KN) [1471] poached eggs in custard
Lynn (PS13K) [1472] custard?
Martin (PS0KN) [1473] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [1474] poached eggs in custard?
Martin (PS0KN) [1475] yes
Lynn (PS13K) [1476] I've never heard of it
Martin (PS0KN) [1477] it was awful
Lynn (PS13K) [1478] sounds terrible
Martin (PS0KN) [1479] I didn't eat it
Lynn (PS13K) [1480] savoury or sweet?
Martin (PS0KN) [1481] sweet
Lynn (PS13K) [1482] oh
Martin (PS0KN) [1483] cut me a, hacker off
Lynn (PS13K) [1484] did he like it?
Martin (PS0KN) [1485] yeah I think so, well he eat it, whether that was because he had to I don't know, but he did
Lynn (PS13K) [1486] he's doing cooking isn't he?
Martin (PS0KN) [1487] yeah ...

3 (Tape 051301)

Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [1488] Ah ... get out ... I'm not keen on these ones with the
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1489] personally ...
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [1490] huh not more
Lynn (PS13K) [1491] can't do, oh that's good [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [1492] why might got to employ the cat don't you? ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1493] what is it?
Martin (PS0KN) [1494] must've been already off though
Geoff (PS13N) [1495] Er the cat in Go Cat
Martin (PS0KN) [1496] yucky, yucky ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1497] oh death trap
Martin (PS0KN) [1498] no he ain't gonna open the door, no he can't open the door
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [1499] well that's clever innit leaving the door open ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [1500] how funny, clever how it's done isn't it?
Lynn (PS13K) [1501] that
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1502] oh lovely boy
Lynn (PS13K) [1503] go on ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1504] got him
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [1505] wouldn't you kill that fellow for doing that, that's what you call bare-faced cheek ...
Geoff (PS13N) [1506] oh no, she walked off without it
Martin (PS0KN) [1507] it's a he
Lynn (PS13K) [1508] it's a bloke
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1509] he's also got hairy legs, as well as the lump in his pants ... [laugh]
Geoff (PS13N) [1510] [laugh] her knickers off, oh you devil
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1511] that's, that's Richard's that is, does has done that, I've seen him done loads
Lynn (PS13K) [1512] what sit down with his flies undone?
Martin (PS0KN) [1513] pass
Lynn (PS13K) [1514] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [1515] oh yeah funny, tell you about when he went to court
Lynn (PS13K) [1516] court?
Martin (PS0KN) [1517] he went to court and he says oh about Jane
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [1518] what happened to her?
Lynn (PS13K) [1519] her strap has fell down
Geoff (PS13N) [1520] oh you bugger ... she's caught
Lynn (PS13K) [1521] I know ... [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [1522] wouldn't you die? ... one of the bits of her wedding dress
Geoff (PS13N) [1523] that's gonna pop
Martin (PS0KN) [1524] oh that's a nice new bike in it?
Geoff (PS13N) [1525] that's gonna pop in it? ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1526] it's not
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [laugh]
Lynn (PS13K) [1527] ripped his trousers
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1528] oh no
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1529] I know
Martin (PS0KN) [1530] now that was silly, that bloke's gonna go in in a minute I'm sure, or one of the kids is gonna do a really weedy jump ...
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [laugh]
Geoff (PS13N) [1531] cor yeah look they'll go back
Martin (PS0KN) [1532] oh nightmare ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1533] eh that looks like Foxton
Martin (PS0KN) [1534] no it's not that hilly, not that woody
Lynn (PS13K) [1535] oh goodness no
Martin (PS0KN) [1536] oh lovely
Lynn (PS13K) [1537] [laugh] he's black
Martin (PS0KN) [1538] hey that's disgusting
Geoff (PS13N) [1539] he's
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1540] oh look at the black ... oh dear
Martin (PS0KN) [1541] that's seriously gross ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1542] that's never gonna work
Martin (PS0KN) [1543] it's gonna snap , it's gonna snap
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Geoff (PS13N) [1544] [laugh] I like that
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1545] that is absolutely ridiculous that is
Geoff (PS13N) [laugh]
Lynn (PS13K) [1546] sensible that is sensible
Geoff (PS13N) [1547] yes, clever ride there, there ... oh God look at the state of him before he falls in
Lynn (PS13K) [1548] yeah, looks like he's fell in half a dozen times
Martin (PS0KN) [1549] probably been practising for the camera
Geoff (PS13N) [1550] oh that's clever yes ha, ha
Lynn (PS13K) [1551] [laugh] oh dear
Geoff (PS13N) [1552] er
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [1553] these are, these good this week actually
Lynn (PS13K) [1554] yeah
Geoff (PS13N) [1555] oh watch him done, over there look ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1556] he's gonna come someone's
Geoff (PS13N) [1557] he's gonna
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [1558] oh I've seen these before, that water looks mucky an all
Lynn (PS13K) [1559] look, look, look, oh well
Geoff (PS13N) [1560] someone's letting the rope down
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Geoff (PS13N) [1561] ah, er that's a lovely one
Martin (PS0KN) [laugh]
Lynn (PS13K) [1562] oh this is amazing
Martin (PS0KN) [1563] I'd hang my feet, I'd hang my feet over the top
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Geoff (PS13N) [1564] he's still hanging on
Lynn (PS13K) [1565] [laugh] got his head ducked in, oh that was funny that one
Geoff (PS13N) [1566] oh
Lynn (PS13K) [1567] well tried [laugh] oh dear ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Geoff (PS13N) [1568] yes, how did you do that?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [laugh]
Geoff (PS13N) [1569] oh no
Lynn (PS13K) [1570] is it easy to do that?
Martin (PS0KN) [1571] no, you have to really do a snub underneath
Geoff (PS13N) [1572] he's got a blade on the end of it
Lynn (PS13K) [1573] must have a, a point on the end of it the cloth
Martin (PS0KN) [1574] it's Jack The Ripper shot that is
Lynn (PS13K) [1575] oh dear , they're, they're better than caught in the act aren't they? they're quite
Geoff (PS13N) [1576] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [1577] I never saw them
Lynn (PS13K) [1578] they weren't laughable were they?
Geoff (PS13N) [1579] slightly funny some of them
Lynn (PS13K) [1580] yeah, but they weren't funny as this lot. ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1581] Yeah, where they hang out then
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1582] oh
Dave (PS13M) [1583] pass the
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1584] yeah
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1585] oh, don't have much luck with that van does he?
Dave (PS13M) [1586] well when you do twenty thousand miles of
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1587] mm ... if he had it serviced regularly would it stop it do you think?, still have to have the work done?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1588] kid's gotta be blind
Lynn (PS13K) [1589] that's a big job as well
Martin (PS0KN) [1590] oh referee
Geoff (PS13N) [1591] oh have me glasses ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1592] good lord
Geoff (PS13N) [1593] er
Lynn (PS13K) [1594] fancy doing that
Martin (PS0KN) [1595] gotta be mad
Lynn (PS13K) [1596] changing yourself from
Geoff (PS13N) [1597] from English to a Jap
Lynn (PS13K) [1598] an English to oriental
Martin (PS0KN) [1599] that's disgusting that
Lynn (PS13K) [1600] slitty eye
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1601] Prince, Prince Philip's son if he stayed here [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1602] slitty eyed git
Lynn (PS13K) [1603] if he stayed here long enough he'll tu he'll be slitty eyed
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [1604] nothing these days goes down well with them
Lynn (PS13K) [1605] mm?
Geoff (PS13N) [1606] nothing these days goes down well with them
Lynn (PS13K) [1607] yeah but that's
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1608] is that what er Prince Andrew said
Geoff (PS13N) [1609] what they said about Maxwell, he was like a dodgy seaman
Lynn (PS13K) [1610] no he never said that
Martin (PS0KN) [1611] no that's the, that's Freddie Mercury and Robert Maxwell that is
Geoff (PS13N) [1612] oh yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [1613] dodgy seaman
Lynn (PS13K) [1614] oh I've not heard that
Geoff (PS13N) [1615] do you want to hear it?
Martin (PS0KN) [1616] no I don't think so
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1617] so what you doing on it's had to see granddad, Pat's coming to pick you up?
Geoff (PS13N) [1618] are you going Mart?
Martin (PS0KN) [1619] I don't know
Geoff (PS13N) [1620] please
Martin (PS0KN) [1621] I don't know shut up
Geoff (PS13N) [1622] you have to [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1623] how do you know?
Geoff (PS13N) [1624] I'm gonna have special chicken or something
Lynn (PS13K) [1625] what's special chicken?
Geoff (PS13N) [1626] chicken with
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [1627] mixed up with breadcrumbs and walnuts, in it?
Martin (PS0KN) [1628] I dunno I might do I might
Lynn (PS13K) [1629] Martin's not smiling he doesn't like the idea
Martin (PS0KN) [1630] I dunno, I might go, I might not, millions of things, millions of options are opening
Lynn (PS13K) [1631] your hectic social diary
Martin (PS0KN) [1632] exactly, precisely what can I say
Geoff (PS13N) [1633] you have, you have what you're having
Lynn (PS13K) [1634] er are let's look
Geoff (PS13N) [1635] you'll have all your money won't you from that thingy doing ... oh yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [1636] he's gone, he's gone
Martin (PS0KN) [1637] that's what you call out of order in it?
Geoff (PS13N) [1638] oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Geoff (PS13N) [1639] oh he's going oh that's a good way to mow the lawn
Lynn (PS13K) [1640] gone without him
Geoff (PS13N) [1641] calm down Mr
Lynn (PS13K) [1642] oh dear
Geoff (PS13N) [1643] let's see
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1644] don't do that with your toenails, I'm glad he's not interviewing people it's better ain't it?
Geoff (PS13N) [1645] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [1646] he's got a totally short hand you know well, yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [1647] oh no
Martin (PS0KN) [1648] I love these, cos
Lynn (PS13K) [1649] men at work
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [1650] oh you devil
Lynn (PS13K) [1651] oh no
Geoff (PS13N) [1652] the wall collapsed
Lynn (PS13K) [1653] that weren't concreted then was it?
Geoff (PS13N) [1654] the debris falling
Lynn (PS13K) [1655] oh [laugh] oh ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1656] it's gonna fall, it's gonna fall
Lynn (PS13K) [1657] oh no
Geoff (PS13N) [1658] [laugh] oh no
Lynn (PS13K) [1659] oh yes oh [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [1660] what the hell's that that's just fell on his head?
Lynn (PS13K) [1661] you were funny with that wheelbarrow out the front, out the back here this afternoon
Dave (PS13M) [1662] who?
Lynn (PS13K) [1663] you
Dave (PS13M) [1664] why then?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1665] he's gonna
Lynn (PS13K) [1666] oh you devil
Geoff (PS13N) [1667] oh you devil what happened there?
Dave (PS13M) [1668] cleaned the drains out
Geoff (PS13N) [1669] yeah
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [1670] oh you devil
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1671] bugger me ... someone's gonna come in
Lynn (PS13K) [1672] come in ... [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [1673] [laugh] got, don't you just love those, oh dear, right there
Geoff (PS13N) [1674] it's, it's better if you get an interview, but ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1675] my daughter
Martin (PS0KN) [1676] [mimicking Scottish accent] I did when I found out I got two hundred and fifty poonds for it []
Lynn (PS13K) [1677] yeah [laugh] pounds for it
Martin (PS0KN) [1678] no poonds
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1679] he has got a short hand, look at all his fingers they look like they've all been trimmed off
Martin (PS0KN) [1680] [laugh] he's had a finger cut
Lynn (PS13K) [1681] oh the wedding
Martin (PS0KN) [1682] it look's like a wedding to me
Lynn (PS13K) [1683] oops she's lost her hat
Martin (PS0KN) [1684] he's gonna, summat
Lynn (PS13K) [1685] oh [laugh] oh my good God
Martin (PS0KN) [1686] wouldn't you cry if that happened?
Lynn (PS13K) [1687] oh no [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1688] oh he's got some cheek
Martin (PS0KN) [laugh]
Lynn (PS13K) [1689] oh [laugh]
Geoff (PS13N) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1690] just die
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1691] her skirt falling down in church
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh] [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [laugh]
Geoff (PS13N) [laugh]
Lynn (PS13K) [1692] oh God [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [laugh]
Geoff (PS13N) [laugh]
Lynn (PS13K) [1693] these are good
Martin (PS0KN) [1694] shut up Geoff
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [laugh]
Lynn (PS13K) [1695] oh dear, oh dear lord
Martin (PS0KN) [1696] look at it, that's totally had it ain't it?
Lynn (PS13K) [1697] oh fancy losing your skirt like that
Martin (PS0KN) [1698] he jerked
Lynn (PS13K) [1699] shut up, with the skirt on, let that be a lesson to you always wear an underskirt
Geoff (PS13N) [1700] yeah, of course I should wear an underskirt with a pair of trousers
Lynn (PS13K) [1701] don't forget to go out with ya
Martin (PS0KN) [1702] this is this is a security camera in a shop
Geoff (PS13N) [1703] oh no ... he'll fall in
Lynn (PS13K) [1704] he's not gonna fall in the fridge is he? ... oh God ... [laugh]
Geoff (PS13N) [1705] I bet he'll come out with ice cream, aha no [laugh]
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Geoff (PS13N) [1706] that
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1707] oh dear
Geoff (PS13N) [1708] he's look
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Geoff (PS13N) [1709] oh no, nightmare
Lynn (PS13K) [1710] oh super
Geoff (PS13N) [1711] freezing ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1712] really thought
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1713] it must be deep ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1714] oh
Martin (PS0KN) [1715] a couple of minutes
Geoff (PS13N) [1716] yeah his lips not
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1717] absolutely awful ... oh that's nice
Geoff (PS13N) [1718] yeah I give it to him
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1719] I bet they're thanking them for getting two hundred and fifty nicker
Lynn (PS13K) [1720] yeah that shop's highly delighted ... I love those wedding ones coming out that church
Martin (PS0KN) [1721] oh, oh Hawaii Five O
Lynn (PS13K) [1722] [humming] da, da, da, da, da, da [] oh, oh ... [laugh]
Geoff (PS13N) [1723] like that one
Martin (PS0KN) [1724] why they just carry that on ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1725] oh he's lost the end of his trombone [laugh] ... oh what's on fire ... on fire
Martin (PS0KN) [1726] crucial music
Geoff (PS13N) [1727] crucial ... he's jum how comes his jumper's on fire?, wagging it or something?
Martin (PS0KN) [1728] show man respect
Lynn (PS13K) [1729] some will ask them out ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1730] he's going off the side
Lynn (PS13K) [1731] oh you devil, what a long drop
Martin (PS0KN) [1732] he must've fell about six feet
Geoff (PS13N) [1733] that's dead funny those
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1734] he's going off that chair ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1735] Muffin the mule oh
Geoff (PS13N) [1736] ah
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Geoff (PS13N) [1737] I like that
Lynn (PS13K) [1738] gosh
Geoff (PS13N) [1739] what you laughing for?,
[1740] I wouldn't laugh
Lynn (PS13K) [1741] oh
Geoff (PS13N) [1742] silly mummy ... oh dear table's wobbling
Lynn (PS13K) [1743] oh dear
Martin (PS0KN) [1744] that's what you call vigorous isn't it really?
Lynn (PS13K) [1745] oh dear [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [1746] the other one's gonna go rolling down the stairs ...
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1747] oh that looks like er Jesus we love you festival doesn't it?
Lynn (PS13K) [1748] I still like those wedding ones, with them coming out the church flying ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1749] oh no
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1750] can't hear her
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1751] oh God
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1752] terrible [laugh] ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1753] oh you cow
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [1754] that's what you call don't F in it?, don't er
Lynn (PS13K) [1755] oh isn't that awful?
Martin (PS0KN) [mimics singing]
Geoff (PS13N) [1756] [singing] I love you []
Martin (PS0KN) [1757] yes Dame Kiri's turning in her grave ... oh this was funny
Lynn (PS13K) [1758] ah
Martin (PS0KN) [1759] I don't think this was that good, that cat opening the door
Lynn (PS13K) [1760] it's not funny, it's clever though int it? ...
Geoff (PS13N) [1761] probably
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1762] nor was this funny
Geoff (PS13N) [1763] they always have the silly one at the interview don't they, the interview
Martin (PS0KN) [1764] I think that bloke coming off the ladder with the buckets of paint would've been funnier than them
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1765] it was, cos they interviewed him
Geoff (PS13N) [1766] oh ... four
Martin (PS0KN) [1767] er, yeah, I like the one when that car run over that woman's hat ...
Geoff (PS13N) [1768] oh yes
Martin (PS0KN) [1769] it's gotta be the kid on the sports day, your joking me ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1770] he's not won anything
Martin (PS0KN) [1771] he ain't gonna get a quid is he?
Lynn (PS13K) [1772] no ... why's he gonna get it? ...
Geoff (PS13N) [1773] yeah he's
Lynn (PS13K) [1774] perhaps Eileen will give him some
Martin (PS0KN) [1775] she ought to ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1776] yeah, a free ice cream
Martin (PS0KN) [1777] for ever
Geoff (PS13N) [1778] can I have a free ice cream
Martin (PS0KN) [1779] as long as you get it yourself
Geoff (PS13N) [1780] yeah, yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [1781] cor what's that shot
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1782] just for you, just sincerely ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [1783] he's burning the ice cream, you know it, you know it [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [1784] [laugh] a rude awakening
Lynn (PS13K) [1785] oh
Geoff (PS13N) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [laugh] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1786] oh there's still
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1787] fat bugger
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Geoff (PS13N) [1788] there's, they're silly them
Martin (PS0KN) [1789] no they're good they are, so you don't
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1790] oh look ain't that, that same bird
Martin (PS0KN) [1791] no
Geoff (PS13N) [1792] yeah
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [laugh]
Lynn (PS13K) [1793] I thought she was a
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1794] she usually put the, oh no
Lynn (PS13K) [1795] I can't believe how safe ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [1796] [laugh] oh you bugger
Lynn (PS13K) [1797] he's still asleep ... no
Dave (PS13M) [1798] yoghurt, bar of chocolate
Lynn (PS13K) [1799] no, have you seen how many calories in a
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1800] have you had your creme egg yet Martin?
Martin (PS0KN) [1801] no I haven't indeed
Lynn (PS13K) [1802] get Martin's otherwise Bobby I'll eat it
Martin (PS0KN) [1803] I'm highly unfortunate young man
Lynn (PS13K) [1804] if you don't have your creme egg Bobby I'll pinch it
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [1805] why?, well what the hell am I gonna do with it?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1806] no I don't want it thank you
Martin (PS0KN) [1807] Geoff's greased up to the nines after putting on a eig eight tonne of Oil of Ulay
Lynn (PS13K) [1808] you'll slide into bed tonight
Martin (PS0KN) [1809] he'll slip between the duvet
Geoff (PS13N) [1810] is that sting or what mum? ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1811] we've got the lovely array of mugs, I've got to say
Geoff (PS13N) [1812] yeah, half of then are mine
Lynn (PS13K) [1813] Postman Pat, Garfield ... Turtles, Paddington Bear
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1814] or erm ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1815] have you put our electric water on?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1816] is it very foggy out?, have a look at the fog Martin, see if it's
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [1817] no
Martin (PS0KN) [1818] fogerific , you can't tell
Lynn (PS13K) [1819] fogerific
Martin (PS0KN) [1820] fogtabulous
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1821] absolutely fogtabulous ... absolutely fogadab
Lynn (PS13K) [1822] what other word do they use to say?
Martin (PS0KN) [1823] fogadabadogulous
Lynn (PS13K) [1824] fogadabadogulous and you used to say ... oh yes they're having
Martin (PS0KN) [1825] cherry
Lynn (PS13K) [1826] another birthday you
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1827] oh fantastic ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1828] that was really good that
Geoff (PS13N) [1829] put your teeth on ... aha ... [singing] yes it is, don't lie []
Lynn (PS13K) [1830] don't you just love those creme eggs? ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1831] I do not
Geoff (PS13N) [1832] you make it sound like
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1833] when I was a child they were much bigger than that
Geoff (PS13N) [1834] yeah I know, I know they
Lynn (PS13K) [1835] now you can stick a whole one in your mouth and eat it in one go, can't you Martin? [laugh] , yes Martin it is it that you did
Martin (PS0KN) [1836] yeah yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [1837] rammed it in all in one
Geoff (PS13N) [1838] is the tape recorder
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1839] show me then, I think I'm gonna have to throw those chocolate cakes away
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1840] this plays on
Geoff (PS13N) [1841] let go then, let go
Martin (PS0KN) [1842] I just found it on three
Geoff (PS13N) [1843] no you ain't
Lynn (PS13K) [1844] eh?, why?, don't know what sort they're like, those
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1845] they just didn't, they just didn't rise, they
Martin (PS0KN) [1846] the middle is not hoptastic
Lynn (PS13K) [1847] oh there's jelly in the fridge
Geoff (PS13N) [1848] go and get it
Lynn (PS13K) [1849] I forgot about the jelly
Dave (PS13M) [1850] it's too hard now
Lynn (PS13K) [1851] what you mean too hard?
Dave (PS13M) [1852] it's been inside for two hours and can't get out
Lynn (PS13K) [1853] so I'll leave it out and it'll melt, Bobby and I
Martin (PS0KN) [1854] stick it in the microwave, pass us my cup of tea
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1855] that's out of order jelly like that
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1856] oh it's terrible
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1857] it's not on like that
Geoff (PS13N) [1858] what is it, yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [1859] jelly
Martin (PS0KN) [1860] jelly is supposed to be like ah, you see it in cartoons like
Lynn (PS13K) [1861] jelly is when it goes
Martin (PS0KN) [1862] wobbly
Lynn (PS13K) [1863] out the dish
Martin (PS0KN) [1864] how's it go mother?
Lynn (PS13K) [1865] can you eat it like that mother?, his mother said you just tip it out, like a liquid, like a bottle of milk ... you're always on
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1866] absolutely grotoskew , you've got a worm, you feed him
Lynn (PS13K) [1867] you're always hungry, have you got a tapeworm? ... let's have a look at your belly, it'll pop, what a pop belly you've got
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1868] more, more meat on a jockey's whip
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1869] Bobby thinks he's fat, he's obsessed with being fat he keeps saying I'm too fat, I'm too fat
Geoff (PS13N) [1870] he is fat though inne?
Lynn (PS13K) [1871] he has got a bit of a belly on him actually
Geoff (PS13N) [1872] their mum
Martin (PS0KN) [1873] don't know how, he don't eat a thing
Lynn (PS13K) [1874] he ate nearly all those chips tonight, didn't he?
Martin (PS0KN) [mimics snoring]
Lynn (PS13K) [1875] I want chips he said , I said do ya? and then he said yes
Dave (PS13M) [1876] mind he had a Milky Way bar and then afterward he had a mini Milk
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [1877] mum what can I have to eat?
Lynn (PS13K) [1878] go and have a look in the fridge
Dave (PS13M) [1879] he had a Milky Bar and erm
Lynn (PS13K) [1880] yes
Dave (PS13M) [1881] erm
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1882] he ate most of those chips
Dave (PS13M) [1883] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [1884] I'm hungry an all
Lynn (PS13K) [1885] well you've had half a dozen oranges, I shouldn't have any more, you'll go to the toilet all the night
Martin (PS0KN) [1886] yes
Dave (PS13M) [1887] have a sore end, huh
Martin (PS0KN) [1888] as Patrick used to say you'd be able to poo through the eye of a needle
Lynn (PS13K) [1889] [laugh] , who's Patrick?
Martin (PS0KN) [1890] er goggle eyes at the Co-op, I saw him the other week
Lynn (PS13K) [1891] which one was, oh goggle eyes Patrick, yeah where, where's he now?
Martin (PS0KN) [1892] and he's funny , Ackman Avenue
Lynn (PS13K) [1893] oh Ackman Avenue oh yeah, that's right
Martin (PS0KN) [1894] no Glen Glenfield he made, he makes me laugh though
Lynn (PS13K) [1895] what Globals goods store? ...
Geoff (PS13N) [1896] mum there's some good news and some bad news
Lynn (PS13K) [1897] oh God
Geoff (PS13N) [1898] I didn't find anything to eat, bad news is the topping's got, jelly's gone like the cat's, top of the jelly's gone like the cat's tongue
Lynn (PS13K) [1899] what's the cat's tongue like?
Geoff (PS13N) [1900] all white ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1901] no that's, when you make
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [1902] it's called scum
Martin (PS0KN) [1903] scurf
Geoff (PS13N) [1904] you scum
Lynn (PS13K) [1905] the cat's tongue, you feel the cat's tongue, what you've got there
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1906] Robert likes, Robert likes that
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1907] he says he, I'll have a cheese sandwich
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1908] stop it now, stop it, ooh what's that?
Martin (PS0KN) [1909] dunno, it's living in the bin
Geoff (PS13N) [1910] it's dead
Lynn (PS13K) [1911] what's this
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1912] it's only on for two minutes
Lynn (PS13K) [1913] it's not one of those
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1914] London's Burning's on, I like that
Martin (PS0KN) [1915] a bit of arson on a Sunday night never went down badly
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1916] see if Geoffrey's Oil of Ulay face
Lynn (PS13K) [1917] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [1918] would er
Lynn (PS13K) [1919] his face is gullible
Martin (PS0KN) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1920] Geoff don't do that dear, don't wanna do that
Lynn (PS13K) [1921] you don't wanna do that, you'll get a clip round the ear'ole ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1922] I think
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1923] was on Thursday night and I flipping missed it
Lynn (PS13K) [1924] yeah I know
Martin (PS0KN) [1925] did you see it?, did you see it mum?
Lynn (PS13K) [1926] no, well I saw some of it, but it was a repeat wasn't it?
Martin (PS0KN) [1927] was it funny mum? ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1928] it was about as funny as toothache
Martin (PS0KN) [1929] funny as route canal work, I like it, I think it's not bad
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1930] what time was it?, twenty five to ten ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1931] that's a well-known American actor ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1932] well this looks a load of rubbish, what's on the other side?
Dave (PS13M) [1933] it's erm
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1934] where's that?, they can't call that pony that whatever it's called?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1935] where's there always be a pony that's what I want to know
Lynn (PS13K) [1936] there must be a pony
Martin (PS0KN) [1937] oh that's it
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1938] there must be a pony and trap
Lynn (PS13K) [1939] yeah no its twenty five to ten though, still got Poirot on the other side
Martin (PS0KN) [1940] check Poirot out see who did it, don't know who did what, but see who did it anyway
Lynn (PS13K) [1941] does he always end up with a summing in, summing up?
Martin (PS0KN) [1942] yes I like them ones
Geoff (PS13N) [1943] I like that
Martin (PS0KN) [1944] go on then, put it on
Lynn (PS13K) [1945] put the summing up of Poirot on
Dave (PS13M) [1946] don't you want to see Women in Wales?
Lynn (PS13K) [1947] what Women in Wales?
Dave (PS13M) [1948] with the welly boots?
Lynn (PS13K) [1949] no
Geoff (PS13N) [1950] no we don't want that rubbish
Lynn (PS13K) [1951] what's interesting about that?
Martin (PS0KN) [1952] ooh
Geoff (PS13N) [1953] oh
Dave (PS13M) [1954] it's on till midnight
Martin (PS0KN) [1955] yes it is
Lynn (PS13K) [1956] no
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [1957] is this the Superbowl?
Martin (PS0KN) [1958] no, it's the ar , it's the finals, semi-finals if you like ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1959] this is a weir-r-rd game this is ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1960] didn't it used to be really popular, I mean everything you bought was
Martin (PS0KN) [1961] I think it's great ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1962] come on
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1963] what, what? ...
Martin (PS0KN) [1964] German, huh
Lynn (PS13K) [1965] yeah, got a sword in his cupboard haven't you?
Geoff (PS13N) [1966] you
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1967] yeah ... I can't stand that hairstyle when they shave it off
Martin (PS0KN) [1968] this is exciting this is
Geoff (PS13N) [1969] I want Poirot
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [1970] maybe ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1971] here we go look, here we go
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1972] oh
Martin (PS0KN) [1973] Lady Hornblower
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [1974] ah
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1975] oh dear
Geoff (PS13N) [1976] eh, shock, terror
Lynn (PS13K) [1977] what's his name?
Martin (PS0KN) [1978] dang, dang Cafe Hag
Lynn (PS13K) [1979] oh Cafe Hag yes of course it is, Cafe Hag
Martin (PS0KN) [1980] all the annoying Germany always pops up at the wrong, the wrong most inopportune time. ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [1981] no mum
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [1982] don't mention the word ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [1983] big garage
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1984] was it?
Dave (PS13M) [1985] yeah, original
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1986] oh I didn't know
Dave (PS13M) [1987] like the ones you get now they're all
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [1988] oh
Dave (PS13M) [1989] that you buy
Lynn (PS13K) [1990] yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [1991] the engine on and if you've got a car
Lynn (PS13K) [1992] yeah
Dave (PS13M) [1993] and if you got to change the wheel or anything you got a, there's some clips, you undo the clips down the driver and the back hand comes off with the wheel
Lynn (PS13K) [1994] oh ... mm ...
Dave (PS13M) [1995] oh that's it, you don't know what
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [1996] these garages do you, look at our garage got an old Adler in there
Lynn (PS13K) [1997] mm
Dave (PS13M) [1998] old
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [1999] Joe's got two old bangers in his garage
Lynn (PS13K) [2000] mm, yeah
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [2001] I know who they are
Martin (PS0KN) [2002] I tell you what erm
Geoff (PS13N) [2003] his mum and his wife
Martin (PS0KN) [2004] I'm still underwhelmed at Joe's choice of name for his latest son, Slobodan
Lynn (PS13K) [2005] Slobodan, isn't that terrible
Martin (PS0KN) [2006] if the worse thing is, you can't shorten it to anything decent, you can't call him slob
Geoff (PS13N) [2007] slob
Lynn (PS13K) [2008] call him Dan I suppose, but
Martin (PS0KN) [2009] oh I yeah
Dave (PS13M) [2010] he won't be called Dan
Lynn (PS13K) [2011] I think it's terrible giving him a name like that
Martin (PS0KN) [2012] I think Vich is probably what it'll
Geoff (PS13N) [2013] Slobodan
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2014] it's not got Vich on the end of it, it's Sloberdan Vich
Martin (PS0KN) [2015] Slobo, that's what he should say
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2016] she says when you ask her, her name's Miranda, but it's not spelt like that, it's spelt like Mijarna, it's got a J in it, but she says it's Miranda , you know
Martin (PS0KN) [2017] how old is she?
Lynn (PS13K) [2018] she's about, how old is she, twenty six, twenty seven
Dave (PS13M) [2019] no
Martin (PS0KN) [2020] twenty three
Dave (PS13M) [2021] twenty six then
Lynn (PS13K) [2022] no six, seven, no
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2023] well there you are then, yeah she goes to school doesn't she, well I think it's sad I mean giving a child a name like that
Dave (PS13M) [2024] yeah but
Lynn (PS13K) [2025] in this country, he's, he's he's not, he's English, he was born in this country
Dave (PS13M) [2026] yeah, but
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2027] anyone would think he's
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2028] or where ever
Martin (PS0KN) [2029] Yugoslavia I keep telling you
Lynn (PS13K) [2030] he's not Yugoslavia is he?
Dave (PS13M) [2031] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [2032] right
Martin (PS0KN) [2033] he's at war with himself you see, that's why he's
Lynn (PS13K) [2034] get ready to
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2035] he probably doesn't know what one is
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2036] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [2037] but he talks as if he, he was born in that country, I mean I could be really patriotic to Wales
Martin (PS0KN) [2038] I am
Lynn (PS13K) [2039] well I am, I mean I always worry
Martin (PS0KN) [2040] keep a well
Lynn (PS13K) [2041] to work
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2042] what did you say?, what's it, what's he say dead patriotic then to Yugoslavia?
Lynn (PS13K) [2043] oh he's always going on about it, he's very religious as well, he goes to church and erm well he serves the, serves their Christmas which is January the seventh the Ukrainian Christmas ... better ring it up, his children in the language don't they?
Martin (PS0KN) [2044] oh you're joking
Lynn (PS13K) [2045] no he does, they talk yeah, he says well, Polish I think
Martin (PS0KN) [2046] Polish, he's Yugoslavian if anything
Lynn (PS13K) [2047] not Polish still got foreign
Dave (PS13M) [2048] he looks foreign ...
Martin (PS0KN) [2049] they're probably Jewish because they always reckon that there's people after them and that's what she's like
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Geoff (PS13N) [2050] [laugh] saw them standing outside the gate, he's coming to get me
Martin (PS0KN) [2051] you've been, been hard balling my wife
Geoff (PS13N) [2052] yeah I want my ball back ...
Martin (PS0KN) [2053] crummy ... Max Lennon
Lynn (PS13K) [2054] she's so foreign looking though in't she?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2055] is she?
Dave (PS13M) [2056] yeah that's that girl
Lynn (PS13K) [2057] usually
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2058] you find he's got
Martin (PS0KN) [2059] his sister's name
Lynn (PS13K) [2060] you usually find that people like that are more
Martin (PS0KN) [2061] more
Lynn (PS13K) [2062] very patriotic to their country of well it's not up there, but
Martin (PS0KN) [2063] homeland
Lynn (PS13K) [2064] and they're, and religious
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2065] they usually marry somebody else, usually that
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2066] I think flipping
Lynn (PS13K) [2067] I thought he was Polish
Martin (PS0KN) [2068] Yugoslavian,Sloboda
Lynn (PS13K) [2069] her dad's Polish
Martin (PS0KN) [2070] no
Lynn (PS13K) [2071] yeah Slobodavian
Martin (PS0KN) [2072] Slobo Slobodan
Dave (PS13M) [2073] Slobodan huh
Lynn (PS13K) [2074] well how come Joe erm, Ken said he Polish then?
Dave (PS13M) [2075] Ken doesn't know what he's talking about ...
Martin (PS0KN) [2076] oh right, you know Paul who plays for Leicester?
Lynn (PS13K) [2077] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [2078] right, now, if you had about twenty thousand pounds to spend on a car Dave, what would you buy?, no seriously, I mean if you were just like, start, no, actually no that's the wrong thing to say, what looks really smart?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2079] yeah, I mean for twenty thousand what could you have?, you could have a Calibre couldn't ya for twenty thousand
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2080] yeah, but I'm saying what you could have, not what you bloody want, you
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2081] yeah, he's had, yeah, he's had an R S two thousand and I mean I think that's absolutely pathetic, total Essex boy thing to do that is
Geoff (PS13N) [2082] you know what I would've got?
Martin (PS0KN) [2083] drive round in his white socks and black loafers and drive his white R white, his white R S two thousand
Geoff (PS13N) [2084] I would've got
Lynn (PS13K) [2085] why
Martin (PS0KN) [2086] white
Lynn (PS13K) [2087] has he passed his test then?
Martin (PS0KN) [2088] yeah
Geoff (PS13N) [2089] I would've got a black two eighty sleeper myself
Martin (PS0KN) [2090] oh
Lynn (PS13K) [2091] is it first time he's had one?
Martin (PS0KN) [2092] yeah, yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [2093] with your driving instructor he'd taught him to do
Martin (PS0KN) [2094] but I mean I'd rather have a Calibre than that definitely
Geoff (PS13N) [2095] I'd have a, I'd have a two
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2096] yes and you would pay lots of insurance to have one
Geoff (PS13N) [2097] so what?
Lynn (PS13K) [2098] so what?
Martin (PS0KN) [2099] yeah but the thing is he's got money
Geoff (PS13N) [2100] yes
Martin (PS0KN) [2101] that's what I'm on about
Lynn (PS13K) [2102] don't throw it about though do you?
Martin (PS0KN) [2103] yeah, well he obviously has on an R S two thousand ... twenty, twenty one
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2104] well the thing is I mean he plays for England under twenty ones
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [2105] they were on about, talking about it last night weren't they?, they, back in the fifties they were on eight pound a week
Lynn (PS13K) [2106] no the clubs can't afford
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2107] I think football's gone through the roof, it's absolutely stupid how much there worth
Geoff (PS13N) [2108] yeah, they get paid far too much
Lynn (PS13K) [2109] it's not, nobody's worth millions like that ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2110] it's just stupid, absolutely stupid ...
Dave (PS13M) [2111] we've missed that programme of the fifties
Lynn (PS13K) [2112] good
Martin (PS0KN) [2113] he weren't
Lynn (PS13K) [2114] it showed the Woodentops
Dave (PS13M) [2115] Bill and Ben
Lynn (PS13K) [2116] Bill and Ben
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [2117] Andy Pandy
Lynn (PS13K) [2118] Andy Pandy and Muffin the Mule
Martin (PS0KN) [2119] I never liked any of them
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [2120] Muffin the Mule
Lynn (PS13K) [2121] Muffin the Mule
Martin (PS0KN) [2122] didn't like it
Lynn (PS13K) [2123] and Sooty
Martin (PS0KN) [2124] I liked Sooty
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2125] I liked Sooty
Geoff (PS13N) [2126] I still like Sooty
Lynn (PS13K) [2127] Sooty is still on and, and Sooty still appeals to children it's, does Robert like Sooty?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2128] you
Dave (PS13M) [2129] Sooty and Muffin the Mule
Martin (PS0KN) [2130] Sooty, Sweep and Soo
Lynn (PS13K) [2131] you, you wouldn't think that just er glove puppet
Martin (PS0KN) [2132] [whispering] Sooty, Sweep and Soo []
Lynn (PS13K) [2133] would appeal to children, I mean knowing how sophisticated things are today, it's just a simple glove puppet and yet kids are just as interested in them
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2134] oh you've had one of these haven't you?
Lynn (PS13K) [2135] what?
Martin (PS0KN) [2136] these frozen meals Geoff
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2137] that's what they says
Lynn (PS13K) [2138] Domino
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2139] that looks nice, I might make that tomorrow
Geoff (PS13N) [2140] what I had?
Martin (PS0KN) [2141] no that's what you had
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2142] oh no it wouldn't've been er with spin with spinach and ricotta cheese, what's it like Geoff was it nice?
Lynn (PS13K) [2143] do you want me to make lasagne tomorrow?
Geoff (PS13N) [2144] yes
Martin (PS0KN) [2145] yes you've been promising for weeks
Lynn (PS13K) [2146] well I've got the mince out so you're alright I'll do it then
Martin (PS0KN) [2147] oh I don't like the Darling Buds of May at all
Lynn (PS13K) [2148] no
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2149] is
Martin (PS0KN) [2150] I like er back, he's coming back ... that's coming back an all, oh yes ...
Lynn (PS13K) [2151] they were all police things more or less ...
Geoff (PS13N) [2152] oh God
Martin (PS0KN) [2153] no they're good
Geoff (PS13N) [2154] P D James
Martin (PS0KN) [2155] I like him ... P D James is a woman though isn't it?
Geoff (PS13N) [2156] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [2157] mum? ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2158] quite, don't keep on ... what's on the news?, see who's died
Martin (PS0KN) [2159] died, given birth and
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2160] oh this stupid bloke gets on my wick, lovely boy Neil strikes again
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [2161] all this fuss about there's a
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2162] it's only a horse
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2163] good job he's not in another country he'd be eaten for
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2164] he'll go to stud and start producing won't he? ... not with your
Lynn (PS13K) [2165] they got on my nerves them
Martin (PS0KN) [2166] his wife is the biggest gasbag
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2167] where?
Dave (PS13M) [2168] just lately
Lynn (PS13K) [2169] where? ...
Martin (PS0KN) [2170] oh no another wet, loads of people like him at our school
Lynn (PS13K) [2171] mm, he's got absolutely no chance ...
Martin (PS0KN) [2172] yeah, it's wide open, but he ain't gonna get it
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2173] what do you mean there's much chance, he comes down every Christmas
Lynn (PS13K) [2174] I know, if he comes through the back door and
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2175] you told me it's the chimney
Lynn (PS13K) [2176] I know, but the fire's in the way
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2177] but we left it open
Geoff (PS13N) [2178] are you sure it wasn't the birds?
Lynn (PS13K) [2179] don't talk about the birds ...
Martin (PS0KN) [2180] how low quality can you get hiding guns and ammunition in a church
Lynn (PS13K) [2181] did I tell you Margaret daughter had, she, she's bought her a [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2182] yeah she had burglars
Lynn (PS13K) [2183] eh, she's had burglars?
Martin (PS0KN) [2184] New Parks, well that asks for it really doesn't it?
Lynn (PS13K) [2185] what it doesn't mean it's right does it?
Martin (PS0KN) [2186] no, but if you don't want it you don't move to New Parks the roughest Council estate in Britain in, in Leicester, Britain
Lynn (PS13K) [2187] no the thing is you go where you can afford the house prices and they are reasonable there
Martin (PS0KN) [2188] no, it's not surprising is it?
Lynn (PS13K) [2189] well
Martin (PS0KN) [2190] you don't have any stuff left
Lynn (PS13K) [2191] where my mum and dad live it's not that bad an area yet they were burgled four times and that they get
Martin (PS0KN) [2192] well that was somebody had it in for them
Lynn (PS13K) [2193] somebody up the road was burgled before Christmas
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2194] well New Parks is more likely than any where else
Lynn (PS13K) [2195] it doesn't matter where you live
Martin (PS0KN) [2196] don't give me that
Lynn (PS13K) [2197] if they want something they will break in ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]

4 (Tape 051302)

Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [2198] Yes got one thanks
Robert (PS13L) [2199] You got one
Lynn (PS13K) [2200] Oh right
Martin (PS0KN) [2201] for you what Dave ...
Lynn (PS13K) [2202] I don't like this monkey right by me having
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Robert (PS13L) [2203] I didn't put it there
Lynn (PS13K) [2204] eat your chips then come on, good boy
Robert (PS13L) [2205] trying to nick your tea
Lynn (PS13K) [2206] is he?
Robert (PS13L) [2207] mm
Lynn (PS13K) [2208] come on eat your tea ...
Robert (PS13L) [2209] monkey
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2210] did he?
Robert (PS13L) [2211] what did he say?
Lynn (PS13K) [2212] mm?
Robert (PS13L) [2213] what did he say?
Lynn (PS13K) [2214] he said eat your tea
Robert (PS13L) [2215] oh
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS13L) [2216] here mummy
Lynn (PS13K) [2217] no
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2218] oh I've a
Lynn (PS13K) [2219] I said eat your tea
Martin (PS0KN) [2220] oh God this family make me sick ...
Robert (PS13L) [2221] he dropped it he, he said I'm not gonna move it
Lynn (PS13K) [2222] yes I liked a hamburger please
Martin (PS0KN) [2223] yes, run away ... .
[2224] Perhaps he's
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [2225] have what sandwiches?
Martin (PS0KN) [2226] beef
Lynn (PS13K) [2227] oh ... I thought Harold was vegetarian
Martin (PS0KN) [2228] he is
Lynn (PS13K) [2229] oh
Martin (PS0KN) [2230] doesn't make them ... .
[2231] She always looks like a sack of spuds she does
Lynn (PS13K) [2232] she looks like Miss Piggy
Martin (PS0KN) [2233] she's awful looking ...
Lynn (PS13K) [2234] oh he's, he seems to be grown up all of a sudden
Martin (PS0KN) [2235] oh that tie doesn't even go with that suit, look at that, brown tie with a blue suit ... get this into ya, ha, ha
Robert (PS13L) [2236] and now, I haven't got a, I haven't got a space for it
Lynn (PS13K) [2237] maybe he likes her [...] what?
Robert (PS13L) [2238] for these chips
Lynn (PS13K) [2239] you haven't got a space for it?
Martin (PS0KN) [2240] I have
Lynn (PS13K) [2241] he hasn't got a space for his chips
Robert (PS13L) [2242] I haven't
Martin (PS0KN) [2243] shall I have 'em?
Lynn (PS13K) [2244] no you
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [2245] This onion's very nice mum
Robert (PS13L) [2246] Martin's gonna eat
Lynn (PS13K) [2247] thank you
Geoff (PS13N) [2248] make one tomorrow as well?
Lynn (PS13K) [2249] the best one I've ever done I think
Geoff (PS13N) [2250] oh
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS13L) [2251] that was mine ...
Lynn (PS13K) [2252] I made it in the meat dish
Geoff (PS13N) [2253] oh
Lynn (PS13K) [2254] square meat dish
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS13L) [2255] I haven't got a space ... space, space for it but I
Martin (PS0KN) [2256] oh that's out of order
Robert (PS13L) [2257] no spaces for it ... no spaces ...
Martin (PS0KN) [2258] Robert excuse me
Lynn (PS13K) [2259] eat some of the chips Robert please
Martin (PS0KN) [2260] Robert excuse me please, thank you
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [2261] excuse me
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2262] come and sit down
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Dave (PS13M) [2263] Last time the kid ran away he come back with a
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2264] oh yeah they usually manage to come back in the end
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2265] that old bat
Dave (PS13M) [2266] oh yeah ...
Martin (PS0KN) [2267] was it nice?
Robert (PS13L) [2268] I didn't like mine
Lynn (PS13K) [2269] you didn't have any, you've had chips ...
Robert (PS13L) [2270] well I don't want mine any more
Lynn (PS13K) [2271] well you're naughty chicken
Robert (PS13L) [2272] do, do, do ...
Lynn (PS13K) [2273] was it nice?, did you like it?
Martin (PS0KN) [2274] yeah weren't bad
Lynn (PS13K) [2275] weren't bad
Martin (PS0KN) [2276] Robert stop moving them away please, thank you ... Rob
Lynn (PS13K) [2277] I didn't know he got two James Bond
Robert (PS13L) [2278] no
Lynn (PS13K) [2279] cars, did you?
Dave (PS13M) [2280] no
Lynn (PS13K) [2281] I don't know where they come from
Martin (PS0KN) [2282] we've had one of them
Robert (PS13L) [2283] this one come out the box
Lynn (PS13K) [2284] yes
Robert (PS13L) [2285] and this one come off downstairs
Lynn (PS13K) [2286] oh ... do you want a piece of fruit cake for afters?
Martin (PS0KN) [2287] no thanks ...
Lynn (PS13K) [2288] do you Dave? ... freshly made this afternoon, you want some?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2289] pardon
Geoff (PS13N) [2290] Robert move out the way
Robert (PS13L) [2291] I'm here, let he get out the way cos I'm here ...
Martin (PS0KN) [2292] can't believe that Sky was one of the most popular names last year in this country for a new baby girl
Lynn (PS13K) [2293] wasn't
Martin (PS0KN) [2294] was
Geoff (PS13N) [2295] it was
Lynn (PS13K) [2296] no it wasn't one of the most popular it was one of the most unusual, it wasn't in the top ten list they made
Martin (PS0KN) [2297] oh ... but still flipping stupid
Lynn (PS13K) [2298] why, it's only cos people watch this soap isn't it?
Martin (PS0KN) [2299] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [2300] mm, there's
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [2301] got to put
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2302] away ...
Dave (PS13M) [2303] do what?
Lynn (PS13K) [2304] me can of
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2305] furniture polish, and I was saying to Martin how, I don't know how our
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2306] come up with the names for their stuff, I mean
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2307] where, where does that come from? ... oh when you think about it Pledge, why do they call polish Pledge?
Martin (PS0KN) [2308] cos they pledge to you that they get it cleaner than anything else
Lynn (PS13K) [2309] so they stowed it with you that you're
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2310] they have people stowed it so they keep it
Martin (PS0KN) [2311] no ... why do you like Thunderbirds Rob?
Robert (PS13L) [2312] I did not, change my mind
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [2313] You don't like it any more do ya?
Robert (PS13L) [2314] I do ...
Dave (PS13M) [2315] Cor you look like a [...] drinking then eh?
Robert (PS13L) [2316] Martin's teasing me Martin's teasing me
Dave (PS13M) [2317] he's what?
Martin (PS0KN) [2318] no he's not at all
Robert (PS13L) [2319] he's teasing me
Geoff (PS13N) [2320] no he wasn't Rob
Robert (PS13L) [2321] he said, you can't have Thunderbirds and, and he said no you couldn't he said
Martin (PS0KN) [2322] no I said after Thun after, mm, after Home and Away we can have it on
Geoff (PS13N) [2323] yeah
Robert (PS13L) [2324] no, it's, it's not after
Martin (PS0KN) [2325] after stowed it all
Geoff (PS13N) [2326] you can watch it after stowed it
Robert (PS13L) [2327] Home and Away
Dave (PS13M) [2328] I was chatting to a bloke today about you
Robert (PS13L) [2329] what?
Dave (PS13M) [2330] he said ... looking for a little boy who can do building work
Robert (PS13L) [2331] oh
Dave (PS13M) [2332] and I said I've got a little boy who can do building work, he mixes cement in the cement mixer
Geoff (PS13N) [2333] I, I weren't heard of him
Dave (PS13M) [2334] he erm
Geoff (PS13N) [2335] I won't forget
Dave (PS13M) [2336] brings daddy some brakes
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [2337] and gets his wheelbarrow out
Lynn (PS13K) [2338] mm, only made it Christmas
Dave (PS13M) [2339] and takes the wood down the garden
Geoff (PS13N) [2340] might like [...]
Robert (PS13L) [2341] er me
Dave (PS13M) [2342] yeah
Robert (PS13L) [2343] and not you
Dave (PS13M) [2344] not me, you that was weren't it?
Robert (PS13L) [2345] yeah you be digging all of it
Dave (PS13M) [2346] and he said, he said that's just the man I want for a little job ...
Robert (PS13L) [2347] for me?
Dave (PS13M) [2348] yeah, he said if he comes and give me a hand he says I'll give him five P a hour
Lynn (PS13K) [2349] oh that's really good
Dave (PS13M) [2350] wages
Lynn (PS13K) [2351] I should say
Robert (PS13L) [2352] why he's, what erm, building, getting cement
Dave (PS13M) [2353] and he said on top of that he said you can bring your digger along and you can play in the sand as well
Geoff (PS13N) [2354] good in it five P an hour?
Lynn (PS13K) [2355] no
Robert (PS13L) [2356] in the big digger?
Lynn (PS13K) [2357] say I want a pound an hour
Geoff (PS13N) [2358] oh
Robert (PS13L) [2359] the big digger what I will sit something in it
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS13L) [2360] it's one way, what was called this way
Dave (PS13M) [2361] remember that digger daddy had when I helped build the run?
Robert (PS13L) [2362] mm
Dave (PS13M) [2363] when you sat in it, that
Robert (PS13L) [2364] mm
Dave (PS13M) [2365] good weren't it?
Robert (PS13L) [2366] what will I get?
Dave (PS13M) [2367] you get
Lynn (PS13K) [2368] was the cake nice?, don't you want a bit Martin?
Robert (PS13L) [2369] I know the big digger, what's it called?
Martin (PS0KN) [2370] no thank you
Lynn (PS13K) [2371] you full up then?
Martin (PS0KN) [2372] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [2373] you said you didn't have much
Martin (PS0KN) [2374] well no not full up, I just don't want anything else.
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [2375] look
Lynn (PS13K) [2376] look at that dog it's got glasses on
Robert (PS13L) [2377] let's see how it is
Dave (PS13M) [2378] show mummy how the digger works come on show mummy how the digger turns
Robert (PS13L) [2379] oh I can't the diggers over there and that's the dipper
Dave (PS13M) [2380] yeah and it's got a bucket which goes like this don't it?
Robert (PS13L) [2381] no, not that, I don't mean that one, the one that been
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS13L) [2382] without it, if, I been a why bigger lorry what [lorry noise]
Dave (PS13M) [2383] what like the one what brings the bricks?
Robert (PS13L) [2384] yeah
Dave (PS13M) [2385] oh right
Robert (PS13L) [2386] a toy one
Dave (PS13M) [2387] oh a toy one
Lynn (PS13K) [2388] that's very nice
Robert (PS13L) [2389] want that one
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS13L) [2390] so Sam can bring me that in after Christmas aunt, no-one, aunty Amy will bring it?
Lynn (PS13K) [2391] will she?
Robert (PS13L) [2392] yeah
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2393] yeah
Robert (PS13L) [2394] this one
Lynn (PS13K) [2395] yeah
Robert (PS13L) [2396] this one, but
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS13L) [2397] and, and after it I've got ... erm a digger ... and I've got daddy tools, what tools do you want?,
[2398] I've got daddy tools
Lynn (PS13K) [2399] have you got parents' evening this term Geoff?
Geoff (PS13N) [2400] dunno
Robert (PS13L) [2401] daddy's torch
Geoff (PS13N) [2402] satsuma
Robert (PS13L) [2403] were you looking for that?
Lynn (PS13K) [2404] goodness me
Robert (PS13L) [2405] were you looking for it?
Lynn (PS13K) [2406] you've not stopped eating
Robert (PS13L) [2407] were you looking for that?
Dave (PS13M) [2408] yeah, where was it?
Robert (PS13L) [2409] it was in there
Dave (PS13M) [2410] where?
Robert (PS13L) [2411] it was in my
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2412] look, look, look
Dave (PS13M) [2413] well put it in your truck now then hadn't I?
Lynn (PS13K) [2414] mm, why, why have you left that crusty bit?
Geoff (PS13N) [2415] I don't like it, it's too hard for me
Lynn (PS13K) [2416] oh, give me that I'll have a bit of it ... thank you ...
Robert (PS13L) [2417] it's only that
Geoff (PS13N) [2418] what you gonna do when were finished?
Robert (PS13L) [2419] got a pipe on it, got a pipe
Lynn (PS13K) [2420] has it? ... what even if she's only met him twice? ... two or three times ...
Martin (PS0KN) [2421] this is stupid this is, it really is daft
Lynn (PS13K) [2422] why? ...
Martin (PS0KN) [2423] as if he'd even have a chance of it anyway
Lynn (PS13K) [2424] I know
Martin (PS0KN) [sniff]
Lynn (PS13K) [2425] and the evidence shows that his wife, mind that cup of tea, is there anything in it?
Geoff (PS13N) [2426] no
Robert (PS13L) [2427] no
Lynn (PS13K) [2428] the evidence shows that his wife can't have children so that's obviously why he wants to adopt her, well, claim here
Robert (PS13L) [2429] open your legs open your leg ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2430] what about a Bakewell tart I made yesterday
Robert (PS13L) [2431] I want my chips
Dave (PS13M) [2432] I'll have some later
Robert (PS13L) [2433] chips, chips ...
Lynn (PS13K) [2434] do you want some Bakewell tart?
Martin (PS0KN) [2435] no thanks
Lynn (PS13K) [2436] I've made all these cakes to fill you up
Dave (PS13M) [2437] I've a, I've had a bit of a migraine this morning
Lynn (PS13K) [2438] why?
Dave (PS13M) [2439] after, after breakfast had er it suddenly went a headache
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2440] oh, you should've took those Migrolifs
Dave (PS13M) [2441] I was on all day and I, it didn't come off until about four o'clock
Lynn (PS13K) [2442] well you should've taken those Migrolifs because there supposed to be for migraines
Dave (PS13M) [2443] mind mummy's tea
Lynn (PS13K) [2444] you take the pink one or something
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2445] yeah
Dave (PS13M) [2446] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [2447] you take the pink one as soon as you get there then then you take another one, I don't know whether it's yellow or blue, there's different coloured ones any way ... two different types ... so that's what you want to do
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2448] doing what?
Dave (PS13M) [2449] putting a fence up in the
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2450] mm
Dave (PS13M) [2451] you know it's only stacks around with the wire round it and er
Lynn (PS13K) [2452] what for ?
Dave (PS13M) [2453] he's fencing off his land
Lynn (PS13K) [2454] mind you don't fall over that
Robert (PS13L) [2455] digger
Lynn (PS13K) [2456] digger, huh
Dave (PS13M) [2457] he's fencing off his land
Lynn (PS13K) [2458] mm
Dave (PS13M) [2459] that's what he's on about doing, his buying an acre of land on the field
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS13L) [2460] a lorry
Lynn (PS13K) [2461] mm, who does it belong to then the acre of land?
Dave (PS13M) [2462] oh he's got er seven, eight acres
Lynn (PS13K) [2463] oh
Dave (PS13M) [2464] Bill, stop Robert take the box off your head
Lynn (PS13K) [2465] mm
Robert (PS13L) [2466] I couldn't
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2467] so where's he fenced it to?
Dave (PS13M) [2468] you know where his wood ends?
Lynn (PS13K) [2469] yeah
Dave (PS13M) [2470] he's got er, it's like a bank that goes up in the fields
Lynn (PS13K) [2471] mm
Dave (PS13M) [2472] he's fenced all around there ... and then he's had this bloke to make amendments and then rows of
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2473] oh yeah
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [2474] he's been paying this bloke thirty quid, then he said twenty quid, today he said sixteen quid
Lynn (PS13K) [2475] [laugh] oh it's going down
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2476] mm
Geoff (PS13N) [2477] wow
Lynn (PS13K) [2478] mm
Dave (PS13M) [2479] he said whatever you do he said don't stop
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [2480] he said otherwise you'll
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [2481] oh dear
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2482] how old is he?
Dave (PS13M) [2483] well I would've said he was, in his fifties, looking at him, oh don't look like he washes much
Lynn (PS13K) [2484] oh God
Dave (PS13M) [2485] but there you go

5 (Tape 051303)

Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [2486] Oh good lord
Dave (PS13M) [2487] Er Richard's
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2488] I know that
Dave (PS13M) [2489] Richard's bought the forty three I think
Lynn (PS13K) [2490] has he?
Dave (PS13M) [2491] something like that, yeah forty two, forty three this year
Lynn (PS13K) [2492] yeah, gosh ... oh dear
Martin (PS0KN) [2493] careful
Lynn (PS13K) [2494] careful Robert
Dave (PS13M) [2495] yes, so
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2496] mm ... oh
Geoff (PS13N) [2497] Richard looks old though don't he?
Lynn (PS13K) [2498] he looks younger with his without his beard and all that on it
Geoff (PS13N) [2499] without his tache he does
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [2500] he looks real scruffy and he says oh he said this cocking up my dole money working here
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2501] [laugh] no
Dave (PS13M) [2502] ah, he's, he has a bit of a
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2503] still with his mother
Dave (PS13M) [2504] he's got a bit of a brain tumour
Lynn (PS13K) [2505] oh dear
Dave (PS13M) [2506] he came out with it, were chatting and er ... he said oh he said I'm gonna get
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2507] Rose's dad made him redundant
Dave (PS13M) [2508] yeah, oh they shut the place down
Lynn (PS13K) [2509] have they?
Dave (PS13M) [2510] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [2511] have they?
Dave (PS13M) [2512] yeah and he's sold up of course
Lynn (PS13K) [2513] have they?,
[2514] I didn't know
Dave (PS13M) [2515] yeah
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [2516] and er, well he was in financial difficulties so he had to close down
Lynn (PS13K) [2517] mind you I
Dave (PS13M) [2518] that's why Richard phoned up before Christmas said do I want to go round to his place
Lynn (PS13K) [2519] her dad must be
Geoff (PS13N) [2520] slip over Madge
Lynn (PS13K) [2521] nearly seventy
Dave (PS13M) [2522] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [2523] that ain't Madge
Geoff (PS13N) [2524] I know that
Lynn (PS13K) [2525] how do know
Geoff (PS13N) [2526] Claire
Martin (PS0KN) [2527] Claire
Dave (PS13M) [2528] oh she's gonna start laughing now
Lynn (PS13K) [2529] oh dear the chips
Martin (PS0KN) [2530] oh there's a ... a minuscule portion of fat in the bottom of that thing.
Lynn (PS13K) [2531] Her dad must be getting on for seventy she looks as though
Robert (PS13L) [2532] I want those in the bag
Lynn (PS13K) [2533] no we're having Home and Away first
Geoff (PS13N) [2534] after this you can have it look at this Jack the Ripper
Lynn (PS13K) [2535] oh when's this tonight?, oh great Jack the Ripper tonight
Robert (PS13L) [2536] Thunderbirds on tonight
Martin (PS0KN) [2537] super
Lynn (PS13K) [2538] who?, what?
Robert (PS13L) [2539] now Thunderbirds
Martin (PS0KN) [2540] no that's on tomorrow night
Lynn (PS13K) [2541] no, that's on on Fridays
Robert (PS13L) [2542] on now
Lynn (PS13K) [2543] Fridays are you hot?
Robert (PS13L) [2544] I want Thunderbirds on
Lynn (PS13K) [2545] do you want your jumper off?
Robert (PS13L) [2546] I want Thunderbirds
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [2547] You can't have 'em
Robert (PS13L) [2548] I want Thunderbirds on
Lynn (PS13K) [2549] like Rose's dad's
Robert (PS13L) [2550] dad
Lynn (PS13K) [2551] closing up
Robert (PS13L) [2552] dad, want Thunderbirds
Dave (PS13M) [2553] alright after
Lynn (PS13K) [2554] no after Home and Away
Dave (PS13M) [2555] after Home and Away
Lynn (PS13K) [2556] after Home and Away
Dave (PS13M) [2557] and then you can have it on, you can have an episode on and
Robert (PS13L) [2558] I don't want that
Dave (PS13M) [2559] then after you've watched that, then you can go to bed after Thunderbirds
Geoff (PS13N) [2560] yeah
Robert (PS13L) [2561] I don't want that
Geoff (PS13N) [2562] if you watch after Home and Away come here tell you something
Robert (PS13L) [2563] yeah
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2564] mm, how long ago did he finish then?
Dave (PS13M) [2565] just before Christmas
Lynn (PS13K) [2566] mm
Dave (PS13M) [2567] last three or four weeks ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [2568] he's got this little bloody moped
Robert (PS13L) [2569] can I take that out there?
Dave (PS13M) [2570] no, you mind that bat, so he's just like moped thing, he said oh when I get my redundancy
Martin (PS0KN) [2571] six months
Dave (PS13M) [2572] I'm gonna get a new motor bike
Robert (PS13L) [2573] caught I've got peanuts in the cup
Dave (PS13M) [2574] oh that cup's got nuts in yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [2575] yeah you were playing with it weren't you?
Robert (PS13L) [2576] I was playing with it now, put me back up
Lynn (PS13K) [2577] no you can't play on the side there cos I put, I put a pan of fat
Dave (PS13M) [2578] go and get it and bring it in here
Geoff (PS13N) [2579] I love this
Dave (PS13M) [2580] so erm, there you are
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Martin (PS0KN) [2581] it's, it's up her nose
Lynn (PS13K) [2582] go on ... oh dear ...
Robert (PS13L) [2583] I've got a peanut, a peanut
Lynn (PS13K) [2584] yeah
Robert (PS13L) [2585] Marty mind my drink
Dave (PS13M) [2586] yeah so you see I'm going to get a brand new motor bike when I get my redundancy
Robert (PS13L) [2587] can I er
Dave (PS13M) [2588] and I said oh
Robert (PS13L) [2589] cup
Dave (PS13M) [2590] he said the money which I'm getting he said
Robert (PS13L) [2591] I can't find a pea
Dave (PS13M) [2592] will just about cover the cost of er the motor bike
Lynn (PS13K) [2593] mm ...
Dave (PS13M) [2594] so I said what bike are you getting and he said
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [2595] what's that?, he said it's a Jawa
Robert (PS13L) [2596] this is mine in there
Dave (PS13M) [2597] I said amongst that one it's a Skoda
Lynn (PS13K) [2598] I didn't know Skoda made motor bikes
Geoff (PS13N) [2599] motor bikes
Dave (PS13M) [2600] never had one
Geoff (PS13N) [2601] I've never sort of seen one alright
Lynn (PS13K) [2602] alright
Dave (PS13M) [2603] and er of course the picture and all that, he's got a price on it, sixteen hundred and eighty five pounds
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2604] sixteen?
Dave (PS13M) [2605] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [2606] it's cheap
Dave (PS13M) [2607] that's a motor bike, it's a motor bike and a sidecar
Lynn (PS13K) [2608] goodness
Geoff (PS13N) [2609] is it a moped?
Lynn (PS13K) [2610] what new?
Dave (PS13M) [2611] brand new
Lynn (PS13K) [2612] that's cheap
Dave (PS13M) [2613] what a Skoda car is only just over three thousand
Geoff (PS13N) [2614] yeah
Dave (PS13M) [2615] pound
Lynn (PS13K) [2616] gosh that is cheap isn't it?
Dave (PS13M) [2617] yeah and er
Geoff (PS13N) [2618] a motor bike's a motor bike in it?
Lynn (PS13K) [2619] mm
Dave (PS13M) [2620] he said he said what he's gonna do is erm ... is he's got his name down for buying a trailer for it as well
Lynn (PS13K) [2621] mm
Dave (PS13M) [2622] actually buy a trailer
Lynn (PS13K) [2623] for a motor bike?
Dave (PS13M) [2624] for a motor bike, yeah, erm
Geoff (PS13N) [2625] I've seen one of them
Dave (PS13M) [2626] Honda make trailers for their motor bikes
Lynn (PS13K) [2627] I've never seen a motor bike with a trailer
Geoff (PS13N) [2628] I have
Dave (PS13M) [2629] ain't ya?
[2630] I have
Martin (PS0KN) [2631] I haven't
Dave (PS13M) [2632] you know the bigger Hondas they've got a big trailer which matches the bike
Lynn (PS13K) [2633] mm, haven't seen that
Dave (PS13M) [2634] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [2635] I thought it was a bit unsafe on two wheels
Dave (PS13M) [2636] no it's not, it's been designed especially for it ... so erm he's gonna get erm, I said what are you doing all this for I said, it'll be easier to go and buy yourself a three wheeler
Lynn (PS13K) [2637] mm
Dave (PS13M) [2638] I said you'll be under cover and dry and then I said
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [2639] in the back
Lynn (PS13K) [2640] mm
Dave (PS13M) [2641] he said I know I can't get a rubber boat and an oar at the back of this bloody three wheeler, that's why he's having a moped
Lynn (PS13K) [2642] mm ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2643] yeah
Robert (PS13L) [2644] [singing] home and away with you each day []
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS13L) [2645] touch that erm at the fat
Lynn (PS13K) [2646] who did?
Robert (PS13L) [2647] pies
Lynn (PS13K) [2648] pipe?
Robert (PS13L) [2649] pies
Lynn (PS13K) [2650] pies?
Robert (PS13L) [2651] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [2652] what you on about pies
Robert (PS13L) [2653] that piece
Lynn (PS13K) [2654] what?
Robert (PS13L) [2655] that piece
Lynn (PS13K) [2656] that piece, what you on about?, what you on about?
Robert (PS13L) [2657] what's in the can?
Lynn (PS13K) [2658] fat
Robert (PS13L) [2659] fat
Lynn (PS13K) [2660] the fat I cooked your chips in
Geoff (PS13N) [2661] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [2662] that you didn't eat
Geoff (PS13N) [2663] that I'm gonna eat in a minute
Robert (PS13L) [2664] I'm gonna eat it
Geoff (PS13N) [2665] they look nice they look like
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [2666] I'm having one
Lynn (PS13K) [2667] Geoffrey can have 'em
Geoff (PS13N) [2668] if you eat one I'm having more, oh
Dave (PS13M) [2669] Yeah oh Richard says he works for, he said he works all day long for a
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [2670] don't wipe your hands on your clothes ...
Martin (PS0KN) [2671] that's good innit, go to a coffee bar and don't pay any thing, just what you want
Lynn (PS13K) [2672] doesn't she wear stupid clothes that Marilyn? tight things
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [2673] why does she wear thick tights? ...
Robert (PS13L) [2674] drink this coffee
Lynn (PS13K) [2675] oh
Robert (PS13L) [2676] drink this
Lynn (PS13K) [2677] oh thanks, that looks nice, gorgeous, mm, mm nice
Robert (PS13L) [2678] have you drunk it?, have you drunk it?
Lynn (PS13K) [2679] yes, I've drunk it now thank you ...
Dave (PS13M) [2680] Richard said how are we situated
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2681] oh you're joking
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2682] we're not
Dave (PS13M) [2683] he said, I said Lynn said can't because of the kids
Robert (PS13L) [2684] who wants a cup of tea?
Lynn (PS13K) [2685] exactly
Dave (PS13M) [2686] it's bad enough having three kids, he said oh the dogs I'll be used to looking after kids
Lynn (PS13K) [2687] yeah well does he want to check with
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2688] in America then [laugh]
Dave (PS13M) [2689] someone's let him down
Lynn (PS13K) [2690] oh yeah
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2691] mm, that's gonna be his problem, he'll have to put 'em in kennels, no I wouldn't mind one, but not both
Robert (PS13L) [2692] they have , they coffee, I make you in this
Geoff (PS13N) [2693] yeah we'll have one of them mum
Lynn (PS13K) [2694] I wouldn't mind one
Martin (PS0KN) [2695] bloody won't
Lynn (PS13K) [2696] Dave, I wouldn't mind one, but not both
Dave (PS13M) [2697] mm, yeah, where you gonna put them
Lynn (PS13K) [2698] that's it they sleep outside don't they?
Robert (PS13L) [2699] ring this dad ring this
Geoff (PS13N) [2700] in the garden
Robert (PS13L) [2701] ring this, ring this, ring this coffee
Martin (PS0KN) [2702] well you can have the dog, but I won't be here for the week if you're having a dog
Lynn (PS13K) [2703] why?
Dave (PS13M) [2704] what for you?
Martin (PS0KN) [2705] I, I don't like dogs
Geoff (PS13N) [2706] like dogs
Martin (PS0KN) [2707] I can't stand them
Robert (PS13L) [2708] I've been drinking
Dave (PS13M) [2709] they're absolutely soft as shit those two
Martin (PS0KN) [2710] I don't care I don't like 'em
Lynn (PS13K) [2711] they're not gonna hurt ya, I'm not having 'em anyway
Martin (PS0KN) [2712] they stink for a start
Dave (PS13M) [2713] what, so do you, but we can't do anything about that
Martin (PS0KN) [2714] so do you but we can't do anything about that either, but dogs stink
Robert (PS13L) [2715] can you drink it?
Lynn (PS13K) [2716] yeah they do smell don't they those dogs
Martin (PS0KN) [2717] they always do
Lynn (PS13K) [2718] they they always smell
Robert (PS13L) [2719] do you want a drink?
Lynn (PS13K) [2720] doggy smell
Dave (PS13M) [2721] I don't want to drink from that I'll choke
Martin (PS0KN) [2722] awful
Robert (PS13L) [2723] me
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2724] I don't like smelly dogs
Martin (PS0KN) [2725] I'd rather have a rat in the house than a dog
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [2726] [laugh] that's the last thing we're keeping when I
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2727] at least a rat's small
Lynn (PS13K) [2728] oh no ...
Dave (PS13M) [2729] you be careful with it
Lynn (PS13K) [2730] show your aunty your drink
Robert (PS13L) [2731] drink it on this bit
Lynn (PS13K) [2732] well that
Geoff (PS13N) [2733] I want that dog
Lynn (PS13K) [2734] we're not having it, I don't want a dog
Geoff (PS13N) [2735] you said you
Lynn (PS13K) [2736] they have a lot of exercise
Geoff (PS13N) [2737] I'll do it of course
Lynn (PS13K) [2738] yeah, they need walking about three times a day don't they?
Dave (PS13M) [2739] you open the door up and have a look and see it's pouring down with rain and you don't like going out today
Geoff (PS13N) [2740] oh yeah but when I go out at night
Lynn (PS13K) [2741] I don't want it
Geoff (PS13N) [2742] I can just take it in
Lynn (PS13K) [2743] I don't want it
Geoff (PS13N) [2744] you just started it
Lynn (PS13K) [2745] I didn't, I said I wouldn't mind having one but I
Geoff (PS13N) [2746] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [2747] yeah but he wants somebody to have both ...
Dave (PS13M) [2748] and then he was on about oh he said, how are you situated coming over here and feed me dogs for me
Lynn (PS13K) [2749] mm ... he's gonna have a prob , I wonder why his neighbours won't
Geoff (PS13N) [2750] don't like them, good this one, yes
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2751] are they definitely going to
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS13L) [2752] cups in it
Dave (PS13M) [2753] I dunno, I think they are
Lynn (PS13K) [2754] have they booked it or anything?
Dave (PS13M) [2755] not got a clue what he's done ...
Lynn (PS13K) [2756] mm ... but if he goes, he's going for the month? ...
Dave (PS13M) [2757] he hasn't got any, the whole lot is two hundred and ninety nine pounds, that's for a month, air fare, insurances, an hotel and a car as well
Lynn (PS13K) [2758] good lord that's cheap, two hundred and eighty nine pound?
Dave (PS13M) [2759] two ninety nine
Lynn (PS13K) [2760] two ninety nine, the
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [2761] no that's separate his
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS13L) [2762] I can do this really coffee
Dave (PS13M) [2763] but that's hotels
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2764] mm, motor hotels is it?
Dave (PS13M) [2765] yeah, you supply your
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [2766] the insurances were eighty quid
Lynn (PS13K) [2767] good lord, that is cheap in't it?
Dave (PS13M) [2768] yeah, cos he had to take out an insurance this will be er
Lynn (PS13K) [2769] what's the weather like in America now?
Dave (PS13M) [2770] er, its upper sixties, where they're going.
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [2771] you won't
Lynn (PS13K) [2772] mm, not a bad thing ...
Robert (PS13L) [2773] ooh
Geoff (PS13N) [2774] ooh
Robert (PS13L) [2775] ooh
Lynn (PS13K) [2776] stop it you two
Geoff (PS13N) [2777] that was worth it ...
Martin (PS0KN) [2778] I bet he can't swim
Robert (PS13L) [2779] I can
Lynn (PS13K) [2780] can you?, can you?, how do you swim then?, show me
Robert (PS13L) [2781] I can't do in a minute
Lynn (PS13K) [2782] why?
Dave (PS13M) [2783] honey give me the midday paper please dear
Lynn (PS13K) [2784] mm?
Dave (PS13M) [2785] give me the midday paper ...
Martin (PS0KN) [2786] Get a divorce they, they've never been happy at all since they've been married have they? ...
Lynn (PS13K) [2787] That character Carly is always arguing
Martin (PS0KN) [2788] mm, it's Ben
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2789] it's Ben though innit?
Lynn (PS13K) [2790] yeah, but she's always arguing with everybody ... oh right, thank you ...
Geoff (PS13N) [2791] give Martin a knock
Martin (PS0KN) [2792] oh thanks ... will you open it for me Rob?, oh, oh, oh
Robert (PS13L) [2793] no I can't
Martin (PS0KN) [2794] yes you can, anyone can
Robert (PS13L) [2795] after Christmas
Martin (PS0KN) [2796] well crack
Lynn (PS13K) [2797] oh yeah crack
Robert (PS13L) [2798] there ...
Lynn (PS13K) [2799] oh I'm glad Jack the Ripper's on tonight I like that
Robert (PS13L) [2800] this is good em to erm pick up one's
Lynn (PS13K) [2801] it is isn't it?
Robert (PS13L) [2802] mm
Lynn (PS13K) [2803] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [2804] two big things
Robert (PS13L) [2805] what did he do to here
Martin (PS0KN) [2806] two big things
Lynn (PS13K) [2807] that's to pick up salad ...
Martin (PS0KN) [2808] thing and respect
Geoff (PS13N) [2809] what are you doing?
Martin (PS0KN) [2810] no
Geoff (PS13N) [2811] you got
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [2812] mm
Martin (PS0KN) [2813] how could anybody want to go in the army in nineteen ninety two ...
Geoff (PS13N) [2814] wow
Lynn (PS13K) [2815] some people like the outdoor life
Martin (PS0KN) [2816] and some people have got
Lynn (PS13K) [2817] listen some people like the outdoor life and it
Martin (PS0KN) [2818] what getting up at six every morning?
Lynn (PS13K) [2819] yes and listen they might
Martin (PS0KN) [2820] being shouted at running nine miles with three tonne of stuff you'll never use on your back
Lynn (PS13K) [2821] yeah they might that
Martin (PS0KN) [2822] pretending to use a gun
Lynn (PS13K) [2823] yes they might
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2824] and sleeping rough in the rain and the snow some people
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [2825] Ian's got Ian's mum's trying to sell a gun to Christian
Lynn (PS13K) [2826] gun, where's he got a gun from?
Geoff (PS13N) [2827] Gat gun
Lynn (PS13K) [2828] a what gun?
Geoff (PS13N) [2829] a Gat gun
Lynn (PS13K) [2830] oh
Geoff (PS13N) [2831] like an air rifle, smart one
Lynn (PS13K) [2832] oh you're clever at these things aren't ya?
Geoff (PS13N) [2833] you know erm [...] mum, like one of them
Lynn (PS13K) [2834] oh right ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2835] that isn't cheap, it's not cheap at all
Geoff (PS13N) [2836] no I sai I said that last night
Lynn (PS13K) [2837] what is it?, it's a quarter pounder int it?
Martin (PS0KN) [2838] no chicken burger or fish, what was it fish or chicken?
Geoff (PS13N) [2839] or you can get chicken nuggets though
Lynn (PS13K) [2840] I can get to a chicken burger, oh you're lovely with this ...
Geoff (PS13N) [2841] Have you sent my letter off yet mum?
Lynn (PS13K) [2842] no
Geoff (PS13N) [2843] why?
Lynn (PS13K) [2844] I will
Geoff (PS13N) [2845] if you give me, write me a cheque and I'll take it when I go out again, cos I won't have
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2846] got to get a cheque book
Geoff (PS13N) [2847] oh you have a cheque book anyhow
Lynn (PS13K) [2848] well I'm at the end of it
Martin (PS0KN) [2849] I've never seen a chewing gum advert for them before
Geoff (PS13N) [2850] I haven't
Lynn (PS13K) [2851] no I've not , I've not
Martin (PS0KN) [2852] Orbitor extra
Lynn (PS13K) [2853] no
Martin (PS0KN) [2854] the only one I've ever seen for is Wrigley's
Lynn (PS13K) [2855] yeah Wrigley's spearmint gum, yeah, strange int it? ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [2856] these bricks did you see those
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2857] don't know they're stupid
Lynn (PS13K) [2858] I'm not surprised
Martin (PS0KN) [2859] don't know they're stupid
Lynn (PS13K) [2860] how much a brick?, twenty pound
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2861] I think it's a good idea to buy a brick, it's too dear
Dave (PS13M) [2862] they put their name on it
Lynn (PS13K) [2863] yeah
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2864] I know, but it's too dear, I looked at that and thought it would be nice to have your name on a brick, but to me twenty pound, if they made it cheaper more people would buy it wouldn't they?, what building is it?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2865] perhaps reduce it, if you put a fiver a brick loads of people will probably take 'em up on it, business might, but twenty pounds for a brick
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [2866] he does doesn't he?
Martin (PS0KN) [2867] your legs go
Geoff (PS13N) [2868] no my legs go like that, your legs go
Martin (PS0KN) [2869] yeah, but you've got littler snub legs
Geoff (PS13N) [2870] snub legs oh yeah what inside leg are you?
Martin (PS0KN) [2871] thirty six
Geoff (PS13N) [2872] I am twenty nine aren't I
Martin (PS0KN) [2873] oh that's long
Lynn (PS13K) [2874] I went to this man today and he's a real doddery old soul and he's the same age as gran
Martin (PS0KN) [2875] old what?
Lynn (PS13K) [2876] doddery old soul
Martin (PS0KN) [2877] oh
Lynn (PS13K) [2878] and he's the same age as granddad, I couldn't believe it and he was saying about well I'm seventy one this year actually younger than my dad and he looks really old and we were
Robert (PS13L) [2879] no
Lynn (PS13K) [2880] talking about heights and he said
Geoff (PS13N) [2881] bushy hair
Lynn (PS13K) [2882] and he said about being tall
Robert (PS13L) [2883] that's not
Lynn (PS13K) [2884] and I said
Geoff (PS13N) [2885] you pick it up again
Robert (PS13L) [2886] no me, do, do, do, do
Lynn (PS13K) [2887] he was on about how different people ...
Martin (PS0KN) [2888] mm
Lynn (PS13K) [2889] can be the same inside leg measurement, but different heights, so I said yes that's true, it's all according how long or short you are in the body and I said my son's short in the waist
Geoff (PS13N) [2890] here are
Lynn (PS13K) [2891] but he's got a long inside leg measurement, he says yes I've got a very long inside measur leg measurement, I'm thirty one inside leg and I thought
Martin (PS0KN) [2892] did you say I was thirty six?
Lynn (PS13K) [2893] I said well my, thirty five, I said my son's thirty five inside leg and he said is he really, then he went on to say his cousin is a wo is a woman cousin, is six foot
Martin (PS0KN) [2894] there was no people though got
Geoff (PS13N) [2895] go really big
Martin (PS0KN) [2896] yeah, everybody knows a
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2897] eight foot six
Lynn (PS13K) [2898] mm ... but thirty one, he thought that was big ... thirty one stone, really, twins
Dave (PS13M) [2899] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [2900] that's quite amazing
Dave (PS13M) [2901] yes they can't get through the front door
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2902] well if they're Siamese twins you'd never get
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2903] six s
Lynn (PS13K) [2904] you know, this woman that I, goes down the school that talks, who I talked to, she knew from Peterborough and I think she's German, she's got an accent, I'm sure for certain she's German, anyway she's got twins in Robert's class and she was talking to me today and she was telling me her husband moved out to move from Peterborough with his job so I said what does he do? and she said he's a scientist, so I said oh is he?,
[2905] I said does he work at the university?
Martin (PS0KN) [2906] Lei Leicester's the place to be if you're a scientist in it?, bloody hell
Geoff (PS13N) [2907] one of my teachers is
Lynn (PS13K) [2908] so I said does he work at the university?, she said yes, and he, he lectures and stuff
Martin (PS0KN) [2909] don't
Lynn (PS13K) [2910] so anyway
Geoff (PS13N) [2911] I won't let you
Lynn (PS13K) [2912] I was talking to her and I said do you work? and she said no I don't and she said my children are I V F children ... In vitro fertilization, so I said how come?, how fascinating, she said it wasn't very fascinating I can assure you, she said it took five years to have them, well she put plainly they pioneered it down there didn't they?
Geoff (PS13N) [2913] of course she stuck it straight through her finger
Lynn (PS13K) [2914] so er, was it that doctor, Doctor Patrick Steptoe?, well anyway, yeah, she was one of the first to be on the programme and
Dave (PS13M) [2915] it's Brown or something
Martin (PS0KN) [2916] yeah Julie Brown
Lynn (PS13K) [2917] yeah it was Louise Brown same age as Geoff
Martin (PS0KN) [2918] Julie yeah
Geoff (PS13N) [2919] I know her
Lynn (PS13K) [2920] but she er
Martin (PS0KN) [2921] oh you cow
Lynn (PS13K) [2922] she was one of the first anyway, so er, but it took a long time before she had them, five years' wait, and she said, that, at the last attempt she said to her husband that's it now, if it doesn't work this time, that's it, I'm not having any more attempts, that's it definitely, and they had that successfully and that's how they had the twins, so they're her children, they are their children, it's just they were fertilized outside the womb, in a glass dish ... it's fascinating in't it? ... she said it's really fascinating I can assure you [laugh] I said oh I can see ...
Robert (PS13L) [2923] This is sugar too many sugar
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [2924] laughing about cos just one dive with that lot, ha, ha ...
Lynn (PS13K) [2925] What do you think with those toms he's really er, he's quite, not articulate
Geoff (PS13N) [2926] artistic
Lynn (PS13K) [2927] no it's not, its not articulate
Martin (PS0KN) [2928] autistic
Geoff (PS13N) [2929] ambidextrous
Lynn (PS13K) [2930] no, no, what's the
Geoff (PS13N) [2931] ambidextrous
Lynn (PS13K) [2932] word you want when somebody's good with their hands?
Geoff (PS13N) [2933] ambidextrous
Martin (PS0KN) [2934] articulate
Lynn (PS13K) [2935] articulate?,
[2936] I thought that was with speech
Martin (PS0KN) [2937] no
Lynn (PS13K) [2938] what's with speech then?
Geoff (PS13N) [2939] ambidextrous
Lynn (PS13K) [2940] it's articulate as well
Geoff (PS13N) [2941] dexterity, dexterous, very dexterous ... articulate ...
Lynn (PS13K) [2942] what did she do?
Martin (PS0KN) [2943] stuck that needle straight through her finger
Geoff (PS13N) [2944] yeah, how can you joined to the machine how come she pulled it off so quickly?
Martin (PS0KN) [2945] that's clever innit?
Dave (PS13M) [2946] don't make me laugh, there's no way she
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2947] what with the house?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2948] yes
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2949] one pound?
Dave (PS13M) [2950] one pound
Lynn (PS13K) [2951] yes
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2952] right
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2953] yeah
Dave (PS13M) [2954] and also British Rail are gonna give the cash flow fifteen thousand pound for a
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2955] it's a bit
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2956] what?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2957] well they're just gonna dump it then?
Dave (PS13M) [2958] well exactly
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2959] and re-build it somewhere else?
Dave (PS13M) [2960] yes ...
Geoff (PS13N) [2961] oh no, she, she
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2962] no especially wearing glasses like that ... they can't knock it down, but they've got to move it, well how they gonna do that then?
Geoff (PS13N) [2963] to swim you can't dive in, so he jumps in
Lynn (PS13K) [2964] that'll be a point, taking it down without breaking a brick ... .
[2965] It don't look very nice there does it?, look at the sky, it's grey, not sunny is it? ... she's got a cracking bust hasn't she?
Martin (PS0KN) [2966] er every time you see her you do
Lynn (PS13K) [2967] I know, but she's still got a cracking bust that's why ... How did you get on with your table tennis this afternoon?
Geoff (PS13N) [2968] Alright ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2969] the salad servers
Robert (PS13L) [2970] do, [humming] do, do, do, do
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2971] have you switched it off now?
Martin (PS0KN) [2972] no ...
Geoff (PS13N) [2973] oh the tape recorder's on is it?
Lynn (PS13K) [2974] no you daft devil ... .
[2975] Robert
Geoff (PS13N) [2976] go away
Lynn (PS13K) [2977] Robert would you like er a Charlie Farley rusk?

6 (Tape 051304)

Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [2978] So, huh marks out of ten for
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2979] erm, rates about an eight
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Martin (PS0KN) [2980] check my record collection ... and that's that then
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2981] oh yes sir, have a bit of that, yes Barry Manilow ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [2982] oh he's a stickler if you don't smash it down to the ground, I'll be really shocked.
[2983] ... Yes well, Larry, have less of that [belch]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Martin (PS0KN) [2984] oh no
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]

7 (Tape 051401)

Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [2985] She said if I were you I'd have breakfast, she said if you had something like porridge, you'd feel more full and you could perhaps do away with your mid morning four rounds of cheese on toast, she said, perhaps, what d'ya want?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2986] in a minute
Martin (PS0KN) [2987] [whispering] what you having Rob? []
Lynn (PS13K) [2988] she said if you started off with cereal porridge or something you could have perhaps two rounds of cheese on toast for your break
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [2989] and er, at lunch time just stick
Martin (PS0KN) [2990] what this?
Lynn (PS13K) [2991] to your sandwiches and perhaps an apple or an orange instead
Robert (PS13L) [2992] mine, my white thingy
Lynn (PS13K) [2993] of the twix and the crisps and
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS13L) [2994] nearly broken it now
Martin (PS0KN) [2995] oh ain't I silly?
Lynn (PS13K) [2996] one cal erm coke diet coke and all that, I says and definitely [...]
Robert (PS13L) [2997] watch, watch, watch two, three
Martin (PS0KN) [2998] two, three of that makes a horrible noise don't it?
Lynn (PS13K) [2999] huh, I couldn't believe it, I mean he's been that thick and she says how old are you and he says thirty five, when she's gone, when he's gone she said blimey I thought he was forty five didn't ya?, she said yeah, I said he ain't wearing very well is he? [laugh] , then this woman come in and she was, she'd had an operation and one of her stitches hadn't dissolved and she said I have a shower instead of a bath, perhaps that's why and Sue says yes that's why because you need water to dissolve a stitch, so any way she said to her how old are you, she says thirty seven and Sue says
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3000] oh, oh careful, careful, careful
Robert (PS13L) [3001] watch, watch
Martin (PS0KN) [3002] what, what, what I got to watch you do it, careful,
Robert (PS13L) [3003] watch
Lynn (PS13K) [3004] so I said, she's the same age as me, she said god, she looked much older than you I said yeah I know, I says it cheers you up doing surgery don't it [laughing] seeing all these people [] that look terrible for their age, so she says well I though she looked older than me, I says yes she does look older, I don't have, I don't know how old Sue is, I think she's forty, I think she's forty, but this woman she's got long hair
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3005] its all just grey, loads of grey in it ... and it didn't look streaked, it did look natural.
[3006] ... Oh Jenny is terrible, Sue and I decided were go to see her today because we had a message that she was in hospital, so we bought her a plant and we were on our way to see today
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3007] no
Robert (PS13L) [3008] what's that bit?
Martin (PS0KN) [3009] that's, that's a clip
Robert (PS13L) [3010] what's that bit?
Martin (PS0KN) [3011] microphone, do you want to talk?, no, don't, just stay up there, talk, no, go on talk
Robert (PS13L) [3012] a
Martin (PS0KN) [3013] not too loud
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS13L) [3014] I'm key runner
Martin (PS0KN) [3015] pardon?
Robert (PS13L) [3016] I'm key runner
Martin (PS0KN) [3017] what you doing at school today?
Robert (PS13L) [3018] er ... playing, playing and, and standing up
Martin (PS0KN) [3019] playing and standing up, what you been, what you been doing then?
Robert (PS13L) [3020] er
Martin (PS0KN) [3021] stay there
Robert (PS13L) [3022] gimme, gimme
Martin (PS0KN) [3023] you don't have to hold it close to you
Robert (PS13L) [3024] I, I holding it
Martin (PS0KN) [3025] hold it far away from you then
Robert (PS13L) [3026] I ...

8 (Tape 051402)

Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [3027] Geoff said he's going to Gartree
Lynn (PS13K) [3028] Well I made enquiries
Martin (PS0KN) [3029] mm
Lynn (PS13K) [3030] I've got, I've got an appointment at the school on Thursday
Martin (PS0KN) [3031] what Gartree?
Lynn (PS13K) [3032] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [3033] oh
Lynn (PS13K) [3034] mm
Martin (PS0KN) [3035] you'll have to get up earlier
Lynn (PS13K) [3036] huh, have to got to bed earlier as well, what was I gonna say erm ... what exams you got on Wednesday?
Martin (PS0KN) [3037] none tomorrow
Lynn (PS13K) [3038] Thursday?
Martin (PS0KN) [3039] two
Lynn (PS13K) [3040] what are they?
Martin (PS0KN) [3041] French and Ger er Economics and German
Lynn (PS13K) [3042] what morning and afternoon?
Martin (PS0KN) [3043] yes, you can't two in the morning can you?
Lynn (PS13K) [3044] what time does your morning one finish?
Martin (PS0KN) [3045] twelve
Lynn (PS13K) [3046] what time you gotta be back?
Martin (PS0KN) [3047] one thirty ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3048] I'm gonna have a bit of a job getting Rob to school and over, over to ...
Martin (PS0KN) [3049] you doing ...

9 (Tape 051403)

Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [3050] Dinner time, I saw him, I went as soon as he came back basically
Lynn (PS13K) [3051] oh ... trouble is I don't know any way round the problem of his, his lot at his school
Martin (PS0KN) [3052] go to
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3053] did he tell you what happened yesterday?, hang on I'll get it for you

10 (Tape 051404)

Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [3054] It starts of Stuart says to Geoff what team do you support, support and he says Nottingham Forest, ooh Nottingham Forest urgh and he takes the mickey out of him which okay, then he called him
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3055] and all that, then he took no notice of that, [shouting] now don't tip them silly, what the bloody hell you doing that for? [] , don't be so daft, so any way, then Stuart goes off into the showers and turns the showers on
Martin (PS0KN) [3056] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [3057] comes back and says when the teacher come, the teacher was there this time, urgh the showers are on, Geoffrey switched the showers on and then they all start chanting [singing] Geoffrey switched the showers on, Geoffrey switched the showers on [] and er, loads of them, not just him, a load of them did it, and he, he started to cry, and then that was it then weren't it, ooh tiny tears, tiny tears, ooh poofter, poofter, crying and all that I mean he had a right day with it, so he goes to school this morning in Geography and the every body in the class, the girls and every body were going tiny tears, tiny tears, and he said I just ignored it today ... he says I just took no notice he says, but they're all going, how's your tears Geoffrey, are we going to cry again today, he says and they were trying to get me to cry today he says, but I just took no notice and Stuart kept going like this Geoff and he says I just went ... so he, he did the same back and then he went Geoff ... and Geoffrey just went, I mean what you do?,
[3058] I mean I've said to him answer him back like you would but he, he, the thing is he just thumps them, he just thumps and kicks and hits
Martin (PS0KN) [3059] oh if he does he gets er done, dunne
Lynn (PS13K) [3060] yeah but he don't get done, he doesn't get done, that is the problem, the kids don't, I've written a letter to Mr yesterday, why they were waiting for the games teacher he was hitting Geoffrey and he gave him a dead leg, kneeing him in the leg, he said before drama, he's got drama tomorrow he says he hates drama because the teacher takes no notice, he said one week Stuart was hitting me with a stick and the teacher just said calm down you boys, and he was being hit with a stick ... oh no ... and this I find totally disgusting and I feel like complaining about this, one of the teachers and I don't know whether its drama ... yeah I think it was drama and
Robert (PS13L) [3061] get that
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS13L) [3062] in a minute
Lynn (PS13K) [3063] they were, they were doing a play or something and it, it mentioned about er, erm, what did it mention?, it was a bit rude any way this play ... and it oh it was on about an erection or something and Geoffrey said his [laughing] trousers [] his new trousers were sticking out a bit peculiar
Martin (PS0KN) [3064] oh god
Lynn (PS13K) [3065] and the teacher said Geoffrey stop playing with yourself, now I think that's disgusting
Martin (PS0KN) [3066] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [3067] I feel like complaining about that
Martin (PS0KN) [3068] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [3069] that is just not on
Martin (PS0KN) [3070] no
Lynn (PS13K) [3071] he wasn't playing peculiar and the teacher say said something about, he was reading it out and the kids said oh what's his name then and she said he's names Geoff and they were all going ooh Geoff and she said, he says I think she does it on purpose
Martin (PS0KN) [3072] mm ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3073] but he's proper pissed off, what can he do?, because its not just him, its not just Stuart because ... she, cos Geoffrey says oh half the kids in the class are all bloody weird he said, they're supposed to be me friends he says there's only one kid in the class that doesn't join in and its Indipau
Martin (PS0KN) [3074] mm
Lynn (PS13K) [3075] all the rest join in with Stuart, and Indipau says oh take no notice Geoff, don't let them get you down, but its only Indipau that's not, all the girls they all join in, bloody Colin who, he borrowed his computer that time, remember?
Martin (PS0KN) [3076] mm
Lynn (PS13K) [3077] he erm, he's given Stuart our phone number ... and Stuart's been shouting this, this is Geoff's phone number I mean he's, he's been telling every body our phone number, I says yeah you just let somebody ring us up and I'll bloody well be round their house like a shot if they phone, they [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3078] if they phone ca call the police, they'll put a tracer on it
Lynn (PS13K) [3079] well
Martin (PS0KN) [3080] no you call you can call the police
Lynn (PS13K) [3081] I know but if they just start
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3082] pretend you don't know who it is
Lynn (PS13K) [3083] well that's right, I'm not having that
Martin (PS0KN) [3084] and then get 'em nailed
Lynn (PS13K) [3085] but Geoffrey says it, cos I says you gotta hit back you gotta do it, he says yes its all very well but its not just Stuart, its been Blankley,Da ,Ja , erm Daniel its a load of them and they all get together ... its this Daniel bloke, bash his head in, I would really, I wish somebody I'll bloody threaten him, I really do ... you know your big mates, bloody, he's got no older brothers, I mean all your bloody six formers, I'm sure they could frighten the little twat
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3086] you want
Lynn (PS13K) [3087] you just need to get him on his own away from the crowd
Martin (PS0KN) [3088] so write to Mr
Lynn (PS13K) [3089] have written to Mr three times
Martin (PS0KN) [3090] , don't bother
Lynn (PS13K) [3091] well what good's that gonna do, he must of told
Martin (PS0KN) [3092] you never know I'd do it any way
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3093] well what can I do?
Martin (PS0KN) [3094] write to and just say erm Geoffrey's leaving the school as and then say why
Lynn (PS13K) [3095] well he, I, I think he will leave
Martin (PS0KN) [3096] why I'd
Lynn (PS13K) [3097] Geoffrey's only qualm is Indipau, he says if Indipau I'll come with me I'll go, I says well don't worry about Indipau, Indipau can look after himself, he says yeah but I like Indipau, I says yeah, but lets face of all the other kids in your class who you gonna be sorry to leave, he said none of them, I said well there you are then.
[3098] Did you have many form rows when you were at school?
Martin (PS0KN) [3099] A few but not as many as he's got, not as many as he's got
Lynn (PS13K) [3100] Its a big mistake when they let in, into that school, where did they used to go?
Martin (PS0KN) [3101] Crown Hill
Lynn (PS13K) [3102] Crown Hill ... its really gone down hill I think since they've let ra , I tell you what he ain't going there
Martin (PS0KN) [3103] no
Lynn (PS13K) [3104] not sending him there, rather send him to Judge
Martin (PS0KN) [3105] I'd send him to Gartree mother
Lynn (PS13K) [3106] I'm not sending him there ... I'll have to get Geoff to tell you about the story of, you know erm ... drama he says is pretty bad because, I mean in drama you sort of mess about any way don't ya?
Martin (PS0KN) [3107] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [3108] and he, he just goes around thumping, kicking and, and going berserk during drama and the teacher just looks on and says calm down and I mean in view of the fact I've written to the school and complained about, but you'd think they would be keeping an eye and he hates drama so much and it, he's got drama tomorrow, if he has any trouble tomorrow morning I'm not sending him tomorrow afternoon I'm gonna start keeping him home and if they ask why I'm gonna say because you can't control your classes and you won't want to now
Martin (PS0KN) [3109] if its that drama teacher any way
Lynn (PS13K) [3110] oh I'll have to ask Geoff if it was, I'm absolutely disgusted about that, I really am disgusted about that
Martin (PS0KN) [3111] write to Mr about that
Lynn (PS13K) [3112] I think I will
Martin (PS0KN) [3113] definitely
Lynn (PS13K) [3114] I think I will cos I'm pissed off, I tell you what, I mean I think, you've been alright throughout your school more or less haven't ya?
Martin (PS0KN) [3115] mm
Lynn (PS13K) [3116] but I'm most disgruntled the way Geoffrey's getting on, he's not had a single parents evening this year, you know normally you go back to school, you have one September, October which is always too soon
Martin (PS0KN) [3117] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [3118] he's not had one
Martin (PS0KN) [3119] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [3120] he's not had one ...
Martin (PS0KN) [3121] write to Mr ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3122] I'm gonna write, if that, if it was the drama teacher that said that I'm gonna write to her, I'm gonna put copy to Mr
Martin (PS0KN) [3123] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [3124] write to him as well disgusting, as if you don't, you don't need that sort of aggravation from a teacher stirring up trouble like that making the kids making him a laughing stock, he does not need that, its just not on is it?, and as he says I'm sure she does it on purpose.
Martin (PS0KN) [3125] She'll deny it though
Lynn (PS13K) [3126] I don't care
Martin (PS0KN) [3127] if she denies it, that's even worse
Lynn (PS13K) [3128] don't care, its not a good school any way, tell her to stuff it ...
Martin (PS0KN) [3129] I'd let him leave it as soon as possible
Lynn (PS13K) [3130] well I want him to, I've had enough, I think its
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3131] I mean he's crying all the time, he burst into tears last night
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3132] he hates school, I mean, what can I do with him?
Martin (PS0KN) [3133] mm
Lynn (PS13K) [3134] he won't let me go round the kids house, he won't let me do
Martin (PS0KN) [3135] you can't really go round their house
Lynn (PS13K) [3136] well I can do, but he won't let me do any of the things I want to
Martin (PS0KN) [3137] well you shouldn't go
Lynn (PS13K) [3138] the school are doing nothing, okay what did they do, they stopped the money, yeah, they stopped him from having money, they made him pay money back which I'm pleased about that he got
Martin (PS0KN) [3139] oh wow that's really bad
Lynn (PS13K) [3140] but it, he paid back five quid well Geoffrey said in reality it must of been about twenty quid that kid had taken ... but er ... he said they made him pay back five pounds, so at least they
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3141] could I have a sweet Rob?, where is it?, out there?
Lynn (PS13K) [3142] yeah
Robert (PS13L) [3143] he
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3144] when you, if you get horrid boys at school you tell 'em off, yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [3145] can I have a sweetie Rob?
Lynn (PS13K) [3146] don't you put up with any thing ...
Robert (PS13L) [3147] I just, I will just, if they will push me I will push 'em back
Lynn (PS13K) [3148] you know that Steven is he a nuisance
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS13L) [3149] no
Martin (PS0KN) [3150] how does he's mummy talk to him Rob?
Lynn (PS13K) [3151] today
Martin (PS0KN) [3152] no let, no, no, no, let him say, how's he say Steven?
Robert (PS13L) [3153] [shouting] Steven []
Lynn (PS13K) [3154] oh she was shouting at him at dinner time [shouting] Steven [] oh god dinner time she was shouting him
Martin (PS0KN) [3155] how'd she go Rob?
Robert (PS13L) [3156] [shouting] Steven []
Martin (PS0KN) [laugh]
Lynn (PS13K) [3157] [shouting] Steven []
Robert (PS13L) [3158] [shouting] Steven []
Martin (PS0KN) [3159] and what did she say after that?, what she say after that?
Robert (PS13L) [3160] a big smack
Martin (PS0KN) [3161] she's
Lynn (PS13K) [3162] mummy smacked him didn't she?
Martin (PS0KN) [3163] [shouting] Steven [] she go like that?
Robert (PS13L) [3164] mm, Steven very sorry
Lynn (PS13K) [3165] [shouting] Steven stop running about [] , sounds like it, you do that again I will, she says, you do that again and I'm gonna smack you, right, come here, and she gets him and she whacks him in front of every body, didn't she Robert?
Martin (PS0KN) [3166] did she hit him hard?, did she hit him really hard?, did she hit him as hard as this?
Lynn (PS13K) [3167] she was like this she was
Martin (PS0KN) [3168] oh missed, took a real swing at it
Lynn (PS13K) [3169] she makes me laugh, she stands there talking and she's saying, one minute she's saying oh Steven really loves school, he really enjoys it, he's really calmed down since he's gone to school [shouting] Steven stop running down that corridor [] [laugh] .
[3170] You're ever such good boys at school aren't you?
Martin (PS0KN) [3171] do you do it
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3172] properly Rob?
Lynn (PS13K) [3173] he was trying to do the splits, show Martin how you do the look, look, look, yeah, he come up to me and said hold my hand, right, now do try to do the splits ...
Martin (PS0KN) [3174] is that as far as he goes?
Lynn (PS13K) [3175] nearly split your trousers then
Martin (PS0KN) [3176] careful, are you coming with me?,
[3177] Thunderbird one
Robert (PS13L) [3178] Thunderbirds are go
Martin (PS0KN) [3179] but that teachers looking for a kicking
Lynn (PS13K) [3180] [humming] [singing] any dream will do [] , yes I'm starving too
Martin (PS0KN) [3181] hurry up girl
Lynn (PS13K) [3182] oh dear, stop eating rubbish you won't, won't eat any dinner, oh that is disgusting ramming a whole slice of bread in whole
Martin (PS0KN) [3183] mm
Lynn (PS13K) [3184] without butter
Martin (PS0KN) [3185] mm, mm

11 (Tape 051405)

Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [3186] What else did she say?
Lynn (PS13K) [3187] Oh mostly that really, supposedly going to America in February the sixth ... and the doctor, she said to the doctor what's the matter and he said you're really, really run down ... then he said to her what I suggest you do is to go and buy some cartons of fresh orange juice, a jar of honey and some natural live yoghurt and she's ate it all, now she's got diarrhoea [laugh] can't win can ya?
Martin (PS0KN) [3188] oh its terrible in it? ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3189] she's only been to work once since Christmas, she went erm last Friday
Martin (PS0KN) [3190] mm
Lynn (PS13K) [3191] and then all the week she's been bad since, I don't know what she did when she didn't go to market
Martin (PS0KN) [3192] she just didn't go to market, pretty dead though round there any way
Lynn (PS13K) [3193] well yeah ... especially this time of year really, quite he's not even asleep up there
Martin (PS0KN) [3194] not ... pigs ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3195] you gonna watch erm Jack The Ripper?
Martin (PS0KN) [3196] yeah ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3197] So what times your exam tomorrow?
Martin (PS0KN) [3198] No, I ain't going in tomorrow I've told you
Lynn (PS13K) [3199] oh right, you got a day off?
Martin (PS0KN) [3200] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [3201] what you gonna do then?
Martin (PS0KN) [3202] dunno
Lynn (PS13K) [3203] has Matthew got a day off?
Martin (PS0KN) [3204] no
Lynn (PS13K) [3205] Richard?
Martin (PS0KN) [3206] no
Lynn (PS13K) [3207] oh ... who've you been on the phone to tonight?
Martin (PS0KN) [3208] Mat and Rich, but, but Mat last
Lynn (PS13K) [3209] are you seeing Katie this week?
Martin (PS0KN) [3210] dunno, not sure
Lynn (PS13K) [3211] well haven't you rang her or any thing?
Martin (PS0KN) [3212] I saw her today

12 (Tape 051406)

Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [3213] But he's loud, he's one of these ... oh hello darling, have you had a good day?, have you missed daddy?,
[3214] I thought oh god shut up, you know, you've got children, oh he's really horrible ... and he stands there and he's looking at all the women every one that comes and he smiles and then hello, hello
Martin (PS0KN) [3215] Nijinsky
Lynn (PS13K) [3216] he's a real old woman, urgh, I can't be doing with him ...
Martin (PS0KN) [3217] I wouldn't like that so much you know
Lynn (PS13K) [3218] what?
Martin (PS0KN) [3219] one week in Spain, I'd rather have that two week's in Australia wouldn't you?
Lynn (PS13K) [3220] so would I
Martin (PS0KN) [3221] better than Barcelona?
Lynn (PS13K) [3222] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [3223] that's the, actually, actually I'd rather have that best, that's the third prize two week's in
Lynn (PS13K) [3224] You're joking in America
Martin (PS0KN) [3225] two week's in New York, shopping, spending money thrown in
Lynn (PS13K) [3226] the first prize is Spain?
Martin (PS0KN) [3227] for the Ba for the Olympics
Lynn (PS13K) [3228] poo I wouldn't want that, I'd rather go America
Martin (PS0KN) [3229] I'd rather go to New York, yeah definitely
Lynn (PS13K) [3230] mm ...
Dave (PS13M) [3231] I thought when they done this, it was, they had to put their sport, what kind they would of gone for
Martin (PS0KN) [3232] that's what they should do I'd of thought
Dave (PS13M) [3233] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [3234] that's what they used to do
Dave (PS13M) [3235] did you hang that other towel on the radiator?
Geoff (PS13N) [3236] Yeah
Dave (PS13M) [3237] or have you just thrown it up the stairs on the floor?
Geoff (PS13N) [3238] left it on the radiator
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3239] turn it over Geoff
Geoff (PS13N) [3240] eh?, yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [3241] turn it over Geoffy ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3242] Will you put the kettle on Martin?
Martin (PS0KN) [3243] No it don't fit ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3244] have you had a nice shower?
Geoff (PS13N) [3245] yes
Martin (PS0KN) [3246] that were good ...
Geoff (PS13N) [3247] hello, that shower was well hot ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3248] Your hair's grown long again ain't it?
Geoff (PS13N) [3249] I need to get it cut
Lynn (PS13K) [3250] don't touch please Geoff
Geoff (PS13N) [3251] yeah I
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Geoff (PS13N) [3252] [cough] its good that is that up there
Lynn (PS13K) [yawn]
Dave (PS13M) [3253] That's next Wednesday
Lynn (PS13K) [3254] Top Gun
Geoff (PS13N) [3255] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [3256] have we seen that?
Geoff (PS13N) [3257] yeah, you know I was gonna go to judo on Wednesday don't I?
Lynn (PS13K) [3258] is it on Wednesday?
Geoff (PS13N) [3259] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [3260] what time?
Geoff (PS13N) [3261] I dunno
Dave (PS13M) [3262] eight o'clock
Geoff (PS13N) [3263] yes ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3264] have you put your blanket on?
Geoff (PS13N) [3265] bl no ... oh you
Martin (PS0KN) [3266] move please
Geoff (PS13N) [3267] oh
Martin (PS0KN) [3268] I was sitting there ... don't put your feet up please, thank you ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3269] Jaffa cakes ... all together now Jaffa cakes, does it say
Geoff (PS13N) [3270] he's that bloke, that kid out of Grange Hill
Lynn (PS13K) [3271] is it?, oh that's disgusting all that blood
Geoff (PS13N) [3272] well you did cut the top bit of the
Lynn (PS13K) [3273] urgh
Martin (PS0KN) [3274] I know
Geoff (PS13N) [3275] sick, didn't wear gloves
Lynn (PS13K) [3276] no they didn't wear gloves in those days
Geoff (PS13N) [3277] oh, is, is a real connection ... alright I'll have mine then ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3278] does it say how many calories are on, in these on that box?
Martin (PS0KN) [3279] nine point six million per biscuit
Dave (PS13M) [3280] How many calories in a Jack The Ripper?
Lynn (PS13K) [3281] no in a Jaffa, have you got the box?, can you pass it?
Geoff (PS13N) [3282] fat, one point nought then, energy one hundred and ninety kilo joules
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [3283] carbohydrate eight point nine
Lynn (PS13K) [3284] I've been good all week
Dave (PS13M) [3285] I know, last night you went and had, had a snack before going to bed
Lynn (PS13K) [3286] what, a bit of lettuce?
Dave (PS13M) [3287] and a
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3288] let's have a look please
Dave (PS13M) [3289] to tide you over till the morning
Lynn (PS13K) [3290] yeah, me stomach were rumbling all night
Dave (PS13M) [3291] yeah, there you are don't eat a bit, its not good kidding yourself
Lynn (PS13K) [3292] I'm not kidding myself ... forty seven calories per cake, oh I think I can have one of those
Dave (PS13M) [3293] have three
Lynn (PS13K) [3294] no, here you are ...
Dave (PS13M) [3295] move it away
Martin (PS0KN) [3296] move it ... shut up David Swift
Lynn (PS13K) [3297] pardon?
Martin (PS0KN) [3298] that bloke is David Swift
Geoff (PS13N) [3299] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [3300] you don't even know what he's been in
Lynn (PS13K) [3301] who's David Swift?
Martin (PS0KN) [3302] he's in Drop The Dead Donkey
Lynn (PS13K) [3303] oh ... I don't think that is him out of London's Burning I'm
Martin (PS0KN) [3304] who?
Lynn (PS13K) [3305] not convinced
Martin (PS0KN) [3306] who's it supposed to be?
Geoff (PS13N) [3307] that new kid
Martin (PS0KN) [3308] Colin
Geoff (PS13N) [3309] he's
Martin (PS0KN) [3310] no way
Geoff (PS13N) [3311] it is
Lynn (PS13K) [3312] I don't think it is
Martin (PS0KN) [3313] I bet you three million quid that ain't
Geoff (PS13N) [3314] it is
Lynn (PS13K) [3315] well what was Colin's name?
Martin (PS0KN) [3316] Steven North
Lynn (PS13K) [3317] was it?
Martin (PS0KN) [3318] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [3319] right
Martin (PS0KN) [3320] and that is not, he was in Metal Mickey that kid, he played erm the annoying little punk
Lynn (PS13K) [3321] oh right, well we'll have to look in the credits at the end and see
Martin (PS0KN) [3322] ah, but, his face ain't round enough for Colin
Lynn (PS13K) [3323] but I didn't think he looks
Geoff (PS13N) [3324] but he's , he's younger there
Martin (PS0KN) [3325] its not, right, there's no way he ain't got the moles on his
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [3326] is right
Martin (PS0KN) [3327] alright then and if not you've gotta give me a quid
Geoff (PS13N) [3328] no
Dave (PS13M) [3329] he ain't got no money, will you
Martin (PS0KN) [3330] well that
Dave (PS13M) [3331] settle for a fifty
Geoff (PS13N) [3332] you owe me four quid, oh did you send that thing off then?
Lynn (PS13K) [3333] no cos you owe me seven pound fifty
Geoff (PS13N) [3334] have you rite the cheque out?
Lynn (PS13K) [3335] no
Dave (PS13M) [3336] not until we get some money back
Geoff (PS13N) [3337] I don't owe you money
Dave (PS13M) [3338] yes you do
Geoff (PS13N) [3339] no I don't, you never wrote the cheque out
Dave (PS13M) [3340] well until we get the money you ain't getting the cheque rite out do ya?
Geoff (PS13N) [3341] no money
Martin (PS0KN) [3342] I'll wait for your pocket money
Geoff (PS13N) [3343] its upstairs mum
Lynn (PS13K) [3344] what is?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [3345] money, you'll never do it
Geoff (PS13N) [3346] silver
Dave (PS13M) [3347] yeah [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3348] well go and get the cheque book out the
Geoff (PS13N) [3349] er I'll go and get it in the week
Lynn (PS13K) [3350] cos the cheque book's in your drawer
Dave (PS13M) [3351] no its not
Lynn (PS13K) [3352] I haven't got a cheque book
Dave (PS13M) [3353] I haven't been in your bag since the end of the week when you asked for them.
Lynn (PS13K) [3354] well I ain't gotta cheque book
Dave (PS13M) [3355] you have
Lynn (PS13K) [3356] did you put it in then?
Dave (PS13M) [3357] yes, I took the old one out and put it in
Lynn (PS13K) [3358] oh I didn't know I've got a cheque book in there
Dave (PS13M) [3359] well its been in there a week
Lynn (PS13K) [3360] oh it just shows I haven't written a cheque out then dunnit?
Dave (PS13M) [3361] does it?
Lynn (PS13K) [3362] I've been paying for me petrol with me money ... me family allowance.
[3363] ... What you doing tomorrow morning then?
Martin (PS0KN) [3364] Dunno
Lynn (PS13K) [3365] staying in bed I expect
Martin (PS0KN) [3366] perhaps
Lynn (PS13K) [3367] you've not got school tomorrow?
Martin (PS0KN) [3368] no, yes ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3369] Dave's home tomorrow with Roberto
Martin (PS0KN) [3370] eh?
Lynn (PS13K) [3371] Dave's home tomorrow with Roberto
Martin (PS0KN) [3372] oh
Lynn (PS13K) [3373] ah, how do you reckon ... what's er name can do Ken's job that cheap?
Dave (PS13M) [3374] perhaps
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3375] stuff in his garage
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [3376] because that book show's you the price
Lynn (PS13K) [3377] yeah
Dave (PS13M) [3378] there's no way you can work for that sort of price
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3379] what Ken say I've always wanted a pedestal
Dave (PS13M) [3380] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [3381] well what's he got then?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3382] oh your joking, I, at
Dave (PS13M) [3383] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [3384] oh my giddy aunt, his house is really unmodern in't it?
Dave (PS13M) [3385] it is
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Dave (PS13M) [3386] he's got a gas heater in his hall way
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [3387] then his kitchen
Lynn (PS13K) [3388] the kitchen's awful, I hate that kitchen ... its awful with that kitchen with the back door in the middle of it, why have they got a back door in the middle of their kitchen? ... its right in the middle of it
Dave (PS13M) [3389] its nice
Lynn (PS13K) [3390] it seems different now, they've got the cooker right by the door
Dave (PS13M) [3391] yeah I know, its just how its laid out
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3392] its badly designed and planned int it?
Dave (PS13M) [3393] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [3394] its awful
Dave (PS13M) [3395] he was saying to me, they're gonna get a new back door or something
Lynn (PS13K) [3396] need a new kitchen, dunno about need a new back door, our kitchen looks totally different to them, oh I know what it is, they've got their door to the living room in the kitchen, that's what makes a lot of difference don't it? ... but it could be designed better than that
Dave (PS13M) [3397] yeah ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3398] when you look at their kitchen and ours, its the same, they've got their pantry knocked in the same ain't they?, its horrible though I hate it. ...
Dave (PS13M) [3399] His back door I suppose
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3400] is his door rotten?
Dave (PS13M) [3401] yeah, terrible
Lynn (PS13K) [3402] is ours rotten?
Dave (PS13M) [3403] no, its just
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3404] horrible back door that int it? ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3405] so what does he want, oh ... he wants a new back door
Dave (PS13M) [3406] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [3407] and a new bathroom
Dave (PS13M) [3408] a new bathroom but er sort of
Lynn (PS13K) [3409] what's I gonna say?, and he needs, his, his roof of his porch doing
Dave (PS13M) [3410] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [3411] and you say that Arthur's roof's leaking
Dave (PS13M) [3412] yeah
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3413] he only did it last year
Dave (PS13M) [3414] yeah
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3415] he's not ...
Dave (PS13M) [3416] I said get some
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3417] why's it, why they leaking if, even if they are flat roof, why are they leaking?
Dave (PS13M) [3418] its not a flat roof, he's got it sloping, no not, he's got the top
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [3419] he's just put the, he's got like this see through frost banks foregated
Lynn (PS13K) [3420] yes I know, mm
Dave (PS13M) [3421] and its just against the back wall
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3422] oh didn't you
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3423] well how stupid why's he just done it like that? ...
Dave (PS13M) [3424] well he's got to fix a proper roof on I suppose
Lynn (PS13K) [3425] what is that room that he's got at the back?
Dave (PS13M) [3426] like er
Lynn (PS13K) [3427] a conservatory
Dave (PS13M) [3428] no sort of a laundry room a washing machine
Lynn (PS13K) [3429] what they got in it?
Dave (PS13M) [3430] a fridge
Lynn (PS13K) [3431] mm ... she's a bit weird, cos your down the alley way and you, you walk into it don't ya?
Dave (PS13M) [3432] yeah, and all the
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [3433] so I said to him why don't you get some glass I showed him
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [3434] why don't you get some glass or something, just put it down, just pick up drain and er you'll seal all the alley way up, keep it dry, stops the water getting in.
Lynn (PS13K) [3435] Mm, its not many that's got alley ways sealed like ours, mostly all open aren't they?
Dave (PS13M) [3436] well
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3437] mm ...
Dave (PS13M) [3438] yeah, but, see how he'll get on, then have it from the building, that was the building
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [3439] the other side of that wall where all those garages slope away
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3440] you want to apply to that , does it say in writing again?, that's the trouble, you know when they say apply in writing, how much detail have you gotta give, for a job?,
[3441] I never know what they want to know.
Martin (PS0KN) [3442] Stick the C V in and you can't go wrong
Lynn (PS13K) [3443] well yeah, yeah
Dave (PS13M) [3444] Well this, I was chatting to a bloke and erm
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3445] yeah
Dave (PS13M) [3446] what they do a lot of these places now, they, put adverts in the paper, they didn't want people, they just put adverts in the paper, they didn't pay for it, see what people are out there and what qualifications they have to have and when things start picking up there, they, they take a pick any people they like
Lynn (PS13K) [3447] that's a waste of time
Dave (PS13M) [3448] it is a waste of time he, he said its a big con, so that's how they work it now
Lynn (PS13K) [tut]
Dave (PS13M) [3449] he said
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [3450] they want the one with the most
Lynn (PS13K) [3451] qualifications
Dave (PS13M) [3452] skills , qualifications
Lynn (PS13K) [3453] yeah well that's right
Dave (PS13M) [3454] for that job
Lynn (PS13K) [3455] yeah

13 (Tape 051407)

Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [3456] Look berk brain I haven't erm got the original advert so i don't know where the, where it is what the address is
Martin (PS0KN) [3457] What's happen to this button ere?
Lynn (PS13K) [3458] I don't know, why?
Martin (PS0KN) [3459] I don't know there's something in here ... oh he's Steven Darell, he's the
Lynn (PS13K) [3460] [yawn] Ministry of Health
Martin (PS0KN) [3461] health means you
Lynn (PS13K) [3462] union Ministry of Health
Martin (PS0KN) [3463] and where's the thing for? ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3464] dunno ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3465] how much money a year d'you reckon John Majors on?
Lynn (PS13K) [3466] Erm
Martin (PS0KN) [3467] try, erm, you know
Lynn (PS13K) [3468] about fifty thousand
Martin (PS0KN) [3469] seventy six and what d'you think a cabinet minister's on?
Lynn (PS13K) [3470] a cabinet minister?, about thirty five thousand
Martin (PS0KN) [3471] er sixty three, and how much d'you think a normal M P's on?
Lynn (PS13K) [3472] not that much
Martin (PS0KN) [3473] go on
Lynn (PS13K) [3474] twenty thousand
Martin (PS0KN) [3475] thirty one
Lynn (PS13K) [3476] oh
Martin (PS0KN) [3477] its a good job in it?
Lynn (PS13K) [3478] mm
Martin (PS0KN) [3479] six hundred pound a week
Lynn (PS13K) [3480] Keith has got his own job as well ain't he?
Martin (PS0KN) [3481] well he's a solicitor, he says he doesn't do any soliciting jobs on the
Lynn (PS13K) [3482] I bet he does
Martin (PS0KN) [3483] side, I, I asked him that and he said he didn't, well I, I think he was lying
Lynn (PS13K) [3484] lying through his teeth
Martin (PS0KN) [3485] you lying git
Geoff (PS13N) [3486] You lying git
Martin (PS0KN) [3487] I'm not a lying git, you're a lying git you know that
Lynn (PS13K) [3488] I think he's a lying git don't you?
Martin (PS0KN) [3489] I think he's a right lying git, I couldn't, he's been a right lying git, he's been saying all the things that he's supposed to say instead of the truth
Lynn (PS13K) [3490] oh of course, he's got to impress hasn't he?
Martin (PS0KN) [3491] do more than, oh look, wonder if he's Jewish look in that back with that star of David flag in that back ground
Lynn (PS13K) [3492] where, don't do that
Martin (PS0KN) [3493] I like this, its been proved that waiting list have gone down in the last six months
Lynn (PS13K) [3494] mm
Martin (PS0KN) [3495] people have been treated quicker, so that per cent no its not ... how can they say no its not?, they wouldn't lie because if they lie they'd get really done wouldn't they? ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3496] they're saying that their fixing figures by not putting people on the waiting list so the waiting lists are shorter, because they're putting, not, they're saying that to people we can't treat you for about two years so I'm not going to put you on the list at the moment, so they're, cooking the books, that's what they reckon
Martin (PS0KN) [3497] well, I mean there's some things
Lynn (PS13K) [3498] every body
Martin (PS0KN) [3499] that people don't need doing desperately
Lynn (PS13K) [3500] yeah like I mean a pollack
Martin (PS0KN) [3501] and I mean exactly
Lynn (PS13K) [3502] that's not an emergency, life threatening
Martin (PS0KN) [3503] and they say I've been waiting seventeen years for this pollack, or having your tooth out or having your tonsils extracted
Lynn (PS13K) [3504] mm, they're non in , non urgent cases
Martin (PS0KN) [3505] I think if you want your tonsils out you should go private to have it done personally, cos you don't need it do ya?,
[3506] I mean you don't get tonsil cancer do ya?
Lynn (PS13K) [3507] you get tonsillitis don't ya?
Martin (PS0KN) [3508] oh well that's really serious that is, its like having the flu every year. ...
Dave (PS13M) [3509] Until you got it, you don't realize
Lynn (PS13K) [3510] Yeah its not very nice
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3511] Yeah I know I've had it
Lynn (PS13K) [3512] yeah I know and
Martin (PS0KN) [3513] the thing is, its not serious is it?, its not life threatening
Lynn (PS13K) [3514] things that I think shouldn't be done on the health service are breast implants
Martin (PS0KN) [3515] oh no, that's gotta be well out of it
Lynn (PS13K) [3516] er, even before the scare came like the silicone
Martin (PS0KN) [3517] like Claire one, I don't think she should of had that done
Lynn (PS13K) [3518] no, no that's different, that is different, she's got a deformity, that is different, people that have 'em done just to enlarge their breasts, I don't think that should be done on the National Health, if they want to do that, then
Geoff (PS13N) [3519] So
Lynn (PS13K) [3520] they should pay for it
Martin (PS0KN) [3521] don't do, do cos tic , cosmetic surgery on the N H S do they?
Lynn (PS13K) [3522] well yes, breast implants is cosmetic surgery isn't it
Martin (PS0KN) [3523] yeah I mean face, face lifts
Lynn (PS13K) [3524] no, no
Martin (PS0KN) [3525] that's what I mean
Lynn (PS13K) [3526] no, but breast implants is cosmetic, people are doing it to make themselves larger and I don't think, its not necessary is it?, its not necessary, it don't improve their
Martin (PS0KN) [3527] vanity in it?
Lynn (PS13K) [3528] well it is vanity, their health's not gonna improve by er, with their breasts enlarged so I don't see why the National Health should pay for that, if they want that doing they should pay themselves, different in Claire's case because she's got one breast extremely small and one large one so she's got a deformity, that's different, correcting a deformity's different, but if you just wanna go from a size thirty two to a thirty six B, then you should pay for it ... don't you think?
Dave (PS13M) [3529] Yes
Lynn (PS13K) [3530] I think so.
Martin (PS0KN) [3531] What makes me laugh that the Labour party always say oh interest rates in, sorry the tax rates in this
Dave (PS13M) [3532] the other way of doing it is getting woman with bigger boobs
Martin (PS0KN) [3533] er what is it?, what are they complaining about?
[3534] ... Tax reductions, of that's nice, interest rates or something ... and those said oh they're two high over here, in America they're four per cent , now what they don't see is the interest rates are linked with the amount of peop the amount of people earn, the amount of people actually save
Lynn (PS13K) [3535] what were the interest rates when Labour were locked in power
Martin (PS0KN) [3536] yeah, listen to this though, they're saying oh its terrible America have got four per cent and we've got fifteen, America have got four per cent because out of the interest rates comes money for erm, that can't be right, something tax
Lynn (PS13K) [3537] mm
Martin (PS0KN) [3538] they say oh tax is too high, I mean Labour want to put it up any way, but by the by, this answered them any way, what they say is oh its too high, erm even the American tax is four per cent , who gives a dam, because the thing is in America what you're loosing, what you gain in your tax you have to pay out through the nose for health care
Lynn (PS13K) [3539] that's exactly it
Martin (PS0KN) [3540] you can't afford to be ill in America, I tell you what
Lynn (PS13K) [3541] you'll have to mortgage your house if you had a serious illness
Martin (PS0KN) [3542] if you had what I had we'd of been totally
Lynn (PS13K) [3543] oh
Martin (PS0KN) [3544] bankrupt
Lynn (PS13K) [3545] well wiped out, won't we, we'd have to sell your house to pay for your medication alone
Martin (PS0KN) [3546] exactly
Lynn (PS13K) [3547] I mean it, they complain and moan about the N H S, but basically its a good system
Martin (PS0KN) [3548] well said ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3549] you can always complain about any thing, look at America they've got private health care, look at the number of doctor's being sued
Martin (PS0KN) [3550] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [3551] because people are dissatisfied with the treatment and they're paying for that treatment and they're dissatisfied, so you always get complaints whether you pay or not ...
Martin (PS0KN) [3552] I stood there
Lynn (PS13K) [3553] did you?
Martin (PS0KN) [3554] mm ... that box is absolutely amazing
Lynn (PS13K) [3555] what box?
Martin (PS0KN) [3556] that box there that Paisley, I really hate him, I saw him
Lynn (PS13K) [3557] Joe Croftman, is it?
Martin (PS0KN) [3558] yeah, that was the, he's so frightening him, see him and you wet yourself
Lynn (PS13K) [3559] huh
Martin (PS0KN) [3560] we go with Matt right and it was the Sun it was the Wednesday after Spitting Image was showing one as him as Hannibal Lector, and he says I'm going to eat your liver with a nice bottle of campion
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [3561] Nigel Croftman, er Joe Croftman, aargh, huh
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [3562] right and he said in it oh Roy, er Roy, strap him in Roy, cos he's got this like thing and face mask to stop him talking, we saw Roy Hattersley right behind us, it was most embarrassing moment
Lynn (PS13K) [3563] did you get hair, hair wettings with the tool [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3564] shut up Roy shut up, just shut up, he ain't too bad
Lynn (PS13K) [3565] was there many talking when you went?
Martin (PS0KN) [3566] yeah, we saw Michael Meacher, Social Security bloke, he gets on my wick he does, were from the Labour party and were gonna have such an improved Social Security, and its going to be so good
Lynn (PS13K) [3567] mm
Martin (PS0KN) [3568] I've stood where he is an all
Lynn (PS13K) [3569] I remember when Labour were last in power
Martin (PS0KN) [3570] people have too short memories
Lynn (PS13K) [3571] I've not, when Labour was last in power and were going back now to nineteen seventies, they left the country in a mess, there was three day week, there was strike's, electricity strike, the coal board were on strike, every body was striking and down tools.
[3572] You used to go to work, I worked in the bank then, and the
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3573] used to publish what areas were going to have power cuts, d'ya remember?, you were in Bristol at the time, er Stuart was the same, they used to publish what area would be cut off and for what time and for how long and you knew you would get cut off, sort of ten o'clock in the morning till three in the afternoon,usu , four or five hours at a time wasn't it?
Dave (PS13M) [3574] Well I was on shift work and used to go in, six to two shift was alright, they didn't break up
Lynn (PS13K) [3575] no
Dave (PS13M) [3576] but two to ten shift they'd have power cut
Lynn (PS13K) [3577] yeah
Dave (PS13M) [3578] all afternoon, and all we'd done, we'd just have the lights on, to give us minimum lights, you couldn't use no machinery
Lynn (PS13K) [3579] no
Dave (PS13M) [3580] just a few lights and what we were doing was cleaning
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3581] well we had in the bank, we had calor gas lamps and when the power cut came we had to have the calor gas lamps on, and er, at night you'd get home and you knew what area was going off at what time and you used to have to rush round, I remember once, it was going off about six and it went off early, it went off about five instead, and I'd started cooking the tea, luckily got a gas cooker and this was at Abbott Road, it started
Martin (PS0KN) [3582] Devon
Lynn (PS13K) [3583] cooking the tea, I remember it was fish fingers and chips I was doing and er the dam lights all went out, you were only little and erm ... Lynsey er, she came round from next door because she started cooking her chips
Martin (PS0KN) [3584] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [3585] and she said, she'd got an electric cooker, can I finish cooking me tea on your cooker, huh, said it went off earlier than we thought ... I mean it wasn't
Martin (PS0KN) [3586] you don't get that with the Conservative party cos they don't let 'em get away with it for a start
Dave (PS13M) [3587] well, no, they put up laws to stop
Martin (PS0KN) [3588] yeah, that's what I mean they don't let 'em get away with it
Lynn (PS13K) [3589] it was disgusting how the held the country to ransom didn't they?
Dave (PS13M) [3590] there was lots of
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3591] oh,
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3592] oh yeah
Dave (PS13M) [3593] what happen was they kept striking for any reason
Lynn (PS13K) [3594] yeah
Dave (PS13M) [3595] they was told not to have a cup of tea in the afternoon, and they had a
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [3596] strike
Lynn (PS13K) [3597] yeah stupid
Dave (PS13M) [3598] British Leyland were the same
Lynn (PS13K) [3599] oh yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [3600] British Leyland were well knackered by then
Dave (PS13M) [3601] they used to, well, it, it was night shift and they had took a camera into the er factory were they were doing the cars and he had blokes
Lynn (PS13K) [3602] fast asleep
Dave (PS13M) [3603] fast asleep in sleeping bags
Lynn (PS13K) [3604] yeah
Dave (PS13M) [3605] in corners
Lynn (PS13K) [3606] yeah [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [3607] they were, getting paid
Lynn (PS13K) [3608] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [3609] for that
Lynn (PS13K) [3610] yeah, on night shift
Martin (PS0KN) [3611] that's a good job that is in it?
Lynn (PS13K) [3612] they took sleeping bags to work with 'em
Dave (PS13M) [3613] what they were doing was taking turns, one bloke was doing three man's jobs while the other two was a kip
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Dave (PS13M) [3614] and the next night he'll be kipping and the other one I'll be working and that's how they used to go on and it eventually, that's why it was ten English worker's to one Japanese because of that reason
Lynn (PS13K) [3615] yeah, because half of them was sleeping
Dave (PS13M) [3616] and, what happened was it was a hell of a stink in dock, because there was all different workers for different jobs, it was one for fitting car seats, you had one for fitting glass, you had one for doing engine, one for fitting the gear box, one fitting wheels on, so you had ten blokes just doing one job on a car
Lynn (PS13K) [3617] yeah
Dave (PS13M) [3618] and what happened was the Japanese production bloke he was doing it all himself the lot
Lynn (PS13K) [3619] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [3620] mm
Lynn (PS13K) [3621] the whole rigmarole
Dave (PS13M) [3622] and that was why they were moaning about it
Lynn (PS13K) [3623] mm
Dave (PS13M) [3624] and eventually that's what streamlined the English company's
Lynn (PS13K) [3625] yeah
Dave (PS13M) [3626] its the Japanese that started them all of
Lynn (PS13K) [3627] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [3628] er the Japanese now they went to Nissan, they only do one thing at, one thing each
Dave (PS13M) [3629] that's right
Lynn (PS13K) [3630] do they?
Martin (PS0KN) [3631] mm
Lynn (PS13K) [3632] mm
Dave (PS13M) [3633] er it, it proved it like in America they can build a car from end of the production line to the other end, finished, running forty nine seconds
Lynn (PS13K) [3634] good gracious
Dave (PS13M) [3635] that's what they, they clocked it at
Lynn (PS13K) [3636] god
Dave (PS13M) [3637] forty nine seconds and they can build a car
Lynn (PS13K) [3638] good gracious ... well I worry what'll happen to the health service if Labour get in
Dave (PS13M) [3639] yeah, well what, what the, the problem is with unemployment is, is technology which, which caused it
Lynn (PS13K) [3640] yeah, its done away with labour
Dave (PS13M) [3641] that's right where we used to perhaps
Lynn (PS13K) [3642] done away with people
Dave (PS13M) [3643] where we used to perhaps have five or six blokes building cars, you've got one robot doing it now
Lynn (PS13K) [3644] yeah
Dave (PS13M) [3645] so its been lost by the blokes jobs
Lynn (PS13K) [3646] its the same in all jobs, look at the banks how they've had to cut down on staff, computers have just totally took over, I mean every, every area of work more or less its been done away with by computers
Dave (PS13M) [3647] that's right
Lynn (PS13K) [3648] apart from nursing
Dave (PS13M) [3649] eventually it'll get more and more computer wise, its the same in the motor trade or any trade it all, if the machine goes wrong all they'll have is a pack, just pull the pack out, put a new pack in and put it back
Lynn (PS13K) [3650] yeah, don't bother me don't bother maintain don't bother, no
Dave (PS13M) [3651] they don't say that because micro chip is that cheap to make now
Lynn (PS13K) [3652] yeah
Dave (PS13M) [3653] they just pull one out and
Lynn (PS13K) [3654] I know
Martin (PS0KN) [3655] you know my, you know vouchers for shops mum, do they give you change?
Lynn (PS13K) [3656] no ... no
Dave (PS13M) [3657] usually its gotta be a little bit more
Lynn (PS13K) [3658] yeah
Dave (PS13M) [3659] than what the vouchers
Lynn (PS13K) [3660] yeah
Dave (PS13M) [3661] worth
Lynn (PS13K) [3662] either dead on
Martin (PS0KN) [3663] or a bit more
Lynn (PS13K) [3664] or more, if you spend less you don't get any
Martin (PS0KN) [3665] or though you could just like, if you got something for say ten ninety nine and it was fifteen pounds and you got something else as well
Lynn (PS13K) [3666] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [3667] just to make it up
Lynn (PS13K) [3668] oh yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [3669] say you want to make it dead on then or just
Lynn (PS13K) [3670] or just over, yeah
Dave (PS13M) [3671] can I tell you another thing, any job with Government funding don't go into it
Martin (PS0KN) [3672] not even with Labour around
Lynn (PS13K) [3673] no
Dave (PS13M) [3674] not even go into it, because what happens is they're allowed so much funding in a year and if the budget runs out half way through, that's every body out of work.
Lynn (PS13K) [3675] mm
Dave (PS13M) [3676] I was on er one of those jobs
Lynn (PS13K) [3677] that's why
Dave (PS13M) [3678] for an insulation company and we were on a Government funding and money ran out and it took us up to Christmas really and after Christmas we were out of work for four months
Lynn (PS13K) [3679] that's why
Dave (PS13M) [3680] that was awful
Lynn (PS13K) [3681] nursing there
Martin (PS0KN) [3682] save
Lynn (PS13K) [3683] trying to, yeah you're safe, but they're trying to, our community unit are trying to be a trust like the hospitals are opting out aren't they?
Martin (PS0KN) [3684] mm
Lynn (PS13K) [3685] and they are excepting a lump sum from the Government and they're going to manage themselves and make a going concern of it as a business ... and any profits they get will go back to that hospital, well the community unit are opting out as well, they're hoping to opt out, but if Labour get in, they're gonna do away with all that and they want to undo all the one's that have opted out, I mean I dunno how the hell they're gonna do it
Martin (PS0KN) [3686] I tell you what though
Lynn (PS13K) [3687] because I, the doctors I work for they have opted out, they are what they call it fund holding, they've got their own budget, they've got a, they've got a practice manager and its run as a business and they look at every thing ... and any profits that they get are ploughed back into the G P's surgery and er, and they improve the surgery facilities for the patience, and it will be a better service, but I mean how can Labour come in and then say right you're not doing that, how can they undo it
Martin (PS0KN) [3688] they can't
Lynn (PS13K) [3689] they can't undo it
Martin (PS0KN) [3690] its like the franchise businesses, but they'll nationalise them again
Lynn (PS13K) [3691] oh
Martin (PS0KN) [3692] and what'll they do buy the shares back off people which'll
Lynn (PS13K) [3693] I know
Martin (PS0KN) [3694] cost them bloody loads and then they'll turn it into an absolute cack heap like it was before.
[3695] I mean British Gas, fair enough it was quite efficient, but its not as efficient as it is now, same with Telecom, Electricity, Water and Sewage
Lynn (PS13K) [3696] mm ... I mean every Government does some good and some bad, but on the whole I think the Conservative have done good, because they've made more people home owners than ever before
Martin (PS0KN) [3697] mm
Lynn (PS13K) [3698] enabled them to buy their Council houses, at er cheaper rate because they've lived in them a long time and its, its given a lot of people more independence, unemployment would of happened who ever was in power
Martin (PS0KN) [3699] you the thing is
Lynn (PS13K) [3700] it doesn't matter , they've not caused it
Martin (PS0KN) [3701] what Labour is saying is that the reason why there's low employ high employment is because er where, they're trying to cut inflation which is, one of the side ways of cutting inflation is that interest rates go up and, but the thing is that which then leads to unem unemployment, but the thing is you can't have a decent the, full growing economies, its full capacity if you've got high inflation all the time knackering you up
Lynn (PS13K) [3702] no
Martin (PS0KN) [3703] before you do any thing you've gotta kill that before you start
Lynn (PS13K) [3704] mm
Martin (PS0KN) [3705] its alright saying twelve years, but twelve years on a scale of hundred is nothing really
Lynn (PS13K) [3706] no ... I hate it when each party calls each other blind, oh yes its, its better if you have us and were gonna do this and were gonna do that it gets on my nerves ... its really irritating
Martin (PS0KN) [3707] the thing that annoys me most is that, the amount of bad memories people have, I mean not bad memories as in bad thoughts, but bad
Lynn (PS13K) [3708] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [3709] forgetfulness
Lynn (PS13K) [3710] yeah, or
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3711] I mean how can you flipping forget? ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3712] and the three days working week
Martin (PS0KN) [3713] the sewage not being er rubbish not being collected, graves not being dug
Lynn (PS13K) [3714] that's right, that's right, the the bin men strike
Martin (PS0KN) [3715] have you ever had that?
[3716] I mean Maggie Thatcher came in and told them whether they
Lynn (PS13K) [3717] all the
Martin (PS0KN) [3718] they, told them they can like it or lump it and they said the miner's strike, but she still won the election after the miner's strike which
Lynn (PS13K) [3719] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [3720] was only about seven months after
Lynn (PS13K) [3721] she didn't give in to 'em did she?
Martin (PS0KN) [3722] if you don't give in to 'em, you'll nail 'em
Lynn (PS13K) [3723] she didn't give in, they didn't accomplish any thing, I remember the bin man strike, how many week's was that, that the rubbish was all
Martin (PS0KN) [3724] its twenty seven weeks
Lynn (PS13K) [3725] was it? all
Martin (PS0KN) [3726] well , well in diff in different, different parts of the country
Lynn (PS13K) [3727] it was rotting
Martin (PS0KN) [3728] in Liverpool it was twenty seven weeks
Lynn (PS13K) [3729] rotting away they wouldn't take the rubbish would they?
Martin (PS0KN) [3730] Liverpool was the worse, they didn't dig, dig graves for about twelve months
Lynn (PS13K) [3731] dig graves
Martin (PS0KN) [3732] twelve weeks are they?
Lynn (PS13K) [3733] that's stupid isn't it?, ruddy ridiculous, that's the trouble because Labour are all for the unions aren't they?
Martin (PS0KN) [3734] I like the, there was, there was a, er big bill board in town, I dunno if you saw it and it says, I think it had Labour right, in really big letters, and they said who's really behind me, it was a Conservative one, they said who's really behind them and in it every one there's like a T U C leader one of the union leaders
Lynn (PS13K) [3735] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [3736] which is true
Lynn (PS13K) [3737] its run by the blinking erm unions Labour
Martin (PS0KN) [3738] yeah, I mean in Ireland they, fair enough, they call it the unionist party
Lynn (PS13K) [3739] mm, well that's what it is in it?, that's what it is
Martin (PS0KN) [3740] but what makes me laugh is doctor he's, I think he's absolutely cracked
Lynn (PS13K) [3741] cracked?
Martin (PS0KN) [3742] cracked
Lynn (PS13K) [3743] is he Labour?
Martin (PS0KN) [3744] oh is he Labour, he's, he's straight left he is
Lynn (PS13K) [3745] is he?
Martin (PS0KN) [3746] I mean that's ridiculous, the money he's on they'll cripple him, they'd absolutely nail him wouldn't they for money?
Lynn (PS13K) [3747] yeah, yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [3748] and granddad Pat was saying that there's, Steven Fry on the telly he was, he was saying he made,ha I think he said he made half a million pounds out of something and he was, he says I'd like to join go into parliament as a Labour thing, granddad says oh that'll be really sensible, he said you'll loose half of that money if you do that
Lynn (PS13K) [3749] yeah ...
Martin (PS0KN) [3750] but Pete if he, I mean I don't see why he doesn't if he went private for two years he'd make enough to retire, in two years, no sweat, he won't have to work again, I mean I bet his house is paid for
Lynn (PS13K) [3751] yeah ... he's one of the few doctor's that's not seemingly not all for what he can get, he seems to be a genuine caring chap ... I mean a lot of doctor's they burn the candles at both ends
Martin (PS0KN) [3752] I mean the thing is though
Lynn (PS13K) [3753] private clinics and first thing in the morning
Martin (PS0KN) [3754] in this private in this country doesn't mean that you've got to pay for it, it does mean that you've got to pay for yourself, but its not like obligatory, so you might as well get the money you can, if you that, at that, at that standard aren't, hadn't you really?, if you can get that money, you'd be thick not to go for it ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3755] yes, but then what's bad about that is, the doctor's taking the supplies from the Health Service to their private clinics
Martin (PS0KN) [3756] mm
Lynn (PS13K) [3757] that's what goes on and that's what's draining the Health Service as well.
[3758] When I worked at the General, doctor's who shall be name less used to
Martin (PS0KN) [3759] oh look
Lynn (PS13K) [3760] yeah, oh yeah, doctor's who shall be name less, used to fill up black plastic bags full of supplies
Martin (PS0KN) [3761] [whispering] I know him [] the bloke on the left, sorry, this is where I've been, that bloke
Lynn (PS13K) [3762] yeah I know
Martin (PS0KN) [3763] called Joe, that bloke on the left, he's
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3764] about his personal secretary ...
Dave (PS13M) [3765] Joe
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3766] that's still not it as much as er Robert Maxwell lost and seem,ca , see the Labour party nailing him for that, no you don't because he was a head of a Labour party paper
Lynn (PS13K) [3767] yeah, that's true ...
Martin (PS0KN) [3768] Thrindon Five Mill that's a, that's er ... that's two thirds of Maxwell's pension fund ... Keith's gonna become a cabinet minster I reckon at, the way he's going, bad luck
Lynn (PS13K) [3769] how can he?, he's not, they're not in power
Martin (PS0KN) [3770] no shadow cabinet
Lynn (PS13K) [3771] I think he will, actually I think he's quite good ... don't you?
Martin (PS0KN) [3772] look at that
Lynn (PS13K) [3773] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [3774] how many wogs? ... yes wogs ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3775] why do they call [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3776] [...] or whatever it is, oh [...] B C C one employees spokesman ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3777] don't it make you think though that Keith I mean would he really become pain in the side if it was just an ordinary battle
Martin (PS0KN) [3778] I mean there's seven people there and six of what, six of black
Dave (PS13M) [3779] I'll bet you'll find that the majority of shops at
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3780] the thing is, the thing that makes me
Lynn (PS13K) [3781] yes
Martin (PS0KN) [3782] sick about this is, B C C one, if they wanna put in a bunk what's wrong with the big four, I mean you don't prat around with B C C one
Lynn (PS13K) [3783] who the heck are they any way? about
Martin (PS0KN) [3784] they just prat around abroad mainly
Lynn (PS13K) [3785] mm
Dave (PS13M) [3786] yeah, there's a lot [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3787] I mean Abu Dabi there based I mean Abu bleeding Dabi
Lynn (PS13K) [3788] mm
Martin (PS0KN) [3789] that's lining their pockets who've they've got more money than they know what to do with
Lynn (PS13K) [3790] mm
Martin (PS0KN) [3791] oh er are ... [laughing] yeah [] , Maxwell, you see his sons are clamming up, they're not saying a flipping word
Lynn (PS13K) [3792] well they probably don't, well
Martin (PS0KN) [3793] they, oh don't tell me they don't know, they run the company ... see ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3794] mm, the thing is though, that wasn't a Court hearing yesterday and ... whatever they say is gonna incriminate them so if they want to ask them questions they've gotta take them to Court haven't they?
Martin (PS0KN) [3795] mm, yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [3796] they got to take them to Court and ask the off the questions officially under oath, there's no good getting 'em together like that
Martin (PS0KN) [3797] oh Mrs
Lynn (PS13K) [3798] with a drop of clanger
Martin (PS0KN) [3799] Mrs can't stand Neil Kinnock you know
Lynn (PS13K) [3800] oh can't
Martin (PS0KN) [3801] she thinks he's a Welsh wind bag, she said, she said that the other week
Lynn (PS13K) [3802] Welsh wind bag? ... oh he's lost his hair a lot ain't he?
Martin (PS0KN) [3803] mm
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3804] can't be doing with Algeria
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3805] I really cannot be doing with Algeria
Lynn (PS13K) [3806] Geoff dear where is the advert for these games, because I don't know the address and I don't know who I've got to make the cheque payable too
Geoff (PS13N) [3807] You haven't thrown it away have ya?
Dave (PS13M) [3808] I haven't thrown any thing away, you had it last
Martin (PS0KN) [3809] where is it then?
Geoff (PS13N) [3810] erm, erm, oh no
Martin (PS0KN) [3811] Sweden
Lynn (PS13K) [3812] what you doing with these?
Dave (PS13M) [3813] you were the one , you were the one writing down the number and the name of the game
Lynn (PS13K) [3814] parking wings on three screens four for
Dave (PS13M) [3815] er, I'm sure its gonna be on there in it?
Geoff (PS13N) [3816] well I don't put it any where
Dave (PS13M) [3817] Robert's had breakfast in that chair, the last four days
Martin (PS0KN) [3818] well where did you have it?, when did you have it?
Dave (PS13M) [3819] Saturday, when he was writing his letter
Geoff (PS13N) [3820] if you done it on the night mum, we wouldn't have this
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3821] well is it on the wall unit some where?, is it down by the papers?, not that wall unit, there, over there
Dave (PS13M) [3822] over there, he had it, he was writing a letter out ...
Martin (PS0KN) [3823] I dunno what get, I don't know, it gets on my wick out there, there always like, every country linked with religion for some bloody stupid reason, I mean its so primitive, no body else is in the modern world are they?
Lynn (PS13K) [3824] no
Martin (PS0KN) [3825] I mean not even Russia and they're well behind the times ...
Dave (PS13M) [3826] not like us
Martin (PS0KN) [3827] yeah I know, but they, they don't say well if you're not orthodox you can't come here, do they? ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3828] oh no
Lynn (PS13K) [3829] eh?
Martin (PS0KN) [3830] Spurs are out Gary
Lynn (PS13K) [3831] who beat em?
Martin (PS0KN) [3832] Aston Villa, but they're t , first division though, empty net, there's a bloke standing on the line, how can it be empty, let's have a look ... oh Woking lost, Leicester didn't play tonight, no
Lynn (PS13K) [3833] they can't,Farnbor Farnborough's last look
Martin (PS0KN) [3834] cor West Ham struggled against Farnborough , struggled, Bristol City yes, you beaut, that means we Leices, Bristol City's instead of Wimbledon
Lynn (PS13K) [3835] oh were playing Bristol City and not Wimbledon
Martin (PS0KN) [3836] Wimbledon are sods you know
Lynn (PS13K) [3837] are they?
Martin (PS0KN) [3838] you don't want them ... that's good erm, that's a good win away from home. ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3839] Breken, its Bracken
Martin (PS0KN) [3840] Breken
Lynn (PS13K) [3841] I say its Bracken
Martin (PS0KN) [3842] oh five nil, five nil
Lynn (PS13K) [3843] er they always have high scores don't they?
Martin (PS0KN) [3844] er, they always score more goals in Scotland
Lynn (PS13K) [3845] why do Scotland always score more goals?
Martin (PS0KN) [3846] I think the goals must be bigger or something, but they always get loads they always
Lynn (PS13K) [3847] they do
Martin (PS0KN) [3848] and the goals
Lynn (PS13K) [3849] always high scorers
Martin (PS0KN) [3850] are far more fu , fun to watch because they always fly in from miles out
Lynn (PS13K) [3851] and if you look at the Scottish results
Martin (PS0KN) [3852] the thing is in Scotland though, there's five good teams and the rest are rubbish
Geoff (PS13N) [3853] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [3854] there's like
Lynn (PS13K) [3855] when you look at the Scottish results you don't get many draws in the Scottish league
Martin (PS0KN) [3856] oh you do, you do don't you Dave you get loads of draws in Scotland?
Geoff (PS13N) [3857] yeah, cos
Martin (PS0KN) [3858] the last few are fifty six, fifty eight are usually famous for draws
Lynn (PS13K) [3859] mm
Martin (PS0KN) [3860] good night C B E, but
Lynn (PS13K) [3861] is he C B E?
Martin (PS0KN) [3862] yeah, he got charged for the commander
Lynn (PS13K) [3863] can you find another magazine with the advert in?
Geoff (PS13N) [3864] no
Lynn (PS13K) [3865] fine
Geoff (PS13N) [3866] eh?
Lynn (PS13K) [3867] fine
Geoff (PS13N) [3868] oh
Lynn (PS13K) [3869] its gotta be over there somewhere Geoff
Geoff (PS13N) [3870] I'll have to find it over
Dave (PS13M) [3871] its not over here, he had it Saturday, when he was writing his letter
Geoff (PS13N) [3872] over there, I told you
Lynn (PS13K) [3873] I have seen it when I was tidying up
Martin (PS0KN) [3874] mm
Lynn (PS13K) [3875] a piece of paper ...
Martin (PS0KN) [3876] oh I like this advert, watch, watch this
Lynn (PS13K) [3877] you like it cos its all food
Martin (PS0KN) [3878] no its rugby Bill Maclaren, I like him, shilly, shally ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3879] oh ... [laugh] ... my mother always used to buy H P baked beans when I was a kid
Martin (PS0KN) [3880] what are they like?
Lynn (PS13K) [3881] and the advert was [singing] H P baked beans they're the beans for me, H P baked beans they're the beans for me [] they're a bit more spicy
Geoff (PS13N) [...] ...
Martin (PS0KN) [3882] oh
Lynn (PS13K) [3883] my mother always used to buy Pan Yan pickle
Dave (PS13M) [3884] yeah Pan Yan
Lynn (PS13K) [3885] not, not Branston, Pan Yan
Martin (PS0KN) [3886] well I can't say I eat either, so it wouldn't really affect me would it?
Lynn (PS13K) [3887] I like Pan Yan actually, next time we have pickle I think I'm going to buy Pan Yan
Martin (PS0KN) [3888] don't do it any more I don't think
Geoff (PS13N) [3889] why the hell are you going to buy that for?
Lynn (PS13K) [3890] they do do Pan Yan pickle
Dave (PS13M) [3891] still do it
Lynn (PS13K) [3892] of course they do Pan Yan, what a funny name, Pan Yan, I bet its a Chinese bloke that er invented it ... Geoffrey what you doing dear?
Geoff (PS13N) [3893] still at work mother
Lynn (PS13K) [3894] trying to get something in something that won't go ... is it not underneath that tissues and all that
Dave (PS13M) [3895] no its
Lynn (PS13K) [3896] pile of
Dave (PS13M) [3897] its not there
Lynn (PS13K) [3898] its not? ...
Dave (PS13M) [3899] was it one of those badges he's got on the back on the front
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3900] I didn't see it no
Martin (PS0KN) [3901] no er he had a Peugeot three O five
Lynn (PS13K) [3902] who did?
Martin (PS0KN) [3903] you talking about Glen?
Lynn (PS13K) [3904] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [3905] yeah he had a Peugeot three O five
Dave (PS13M) [3906] three O five in it?
Martin (PS0KN) [3907] quite biggish one big Peugeot
Lynn (PS13K) [3908] oh would there be
Dave (PS13M) [3909] Peugeot nine?
Martin (PS0KN) [3910] yeah that's the one biggish car
Lynn (PS13K) [3911] there be
Dave (PS13M) [3912] hatchback
Martin (PS0KN) [3913] yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [3914] is that what is was?
Martin (PS0KN) [3915] yeah it, it looked a bit like that, but its Peugeot definitely
Dave (PS13M) [3916] was it red?
Martin (PS0KN) [3917] no
Lynn (PS13K) [3918] no it was grey, greyie black
Martin (PS0KN) [3919] no it weren't it was metallic green, dark metallic green
Lynn (PS13K) [3920] no way it weren't
Martin (PS0KN) [3921] it was
Lynn (PS13K) [3922] weren't
Martin (PS0KN) [3923] was
Lynn (PS13K) [3924] couldn't, when?
Dave (PS13M) [3925] there only cheap to buy a car int they?
Martin (PS0KN) [3926] the other day when you went over to see what's it mother
Lynn (PS13K) [3927] it wasn't green
Dave (PS13M) [3928] ninety nine pound down in it?
Lynn (PS13K) [3929] it wasn't green, it was grey
Martin (PS0KN) [3930] oh well I thought it was green but never mind
Lynn (PS13K) [3931] no way was it green
Martin (PS0KN) [3932] well I mean it was still a Peugeot three O nine, its definitely Peugeot
Lynn (PS13K) [3933] Ken, Rita said it was a, its a Porshe
Martin (PS0KN) [3934] oh, well, yeah
Lynn (PS13K) [3935] and when
Dave (PS13M) [3936] well she might have thought it was a Porshe, but Peugeot Porshe
Lynn (PS13K) [3937] Ri Rita said Ken said it was a Porshe, but when I asked Ken he said he didn't say it was a Porshe, he says I wouldn't know a Porshe if I've seen one and I says yeah, that's what Dave said, ha, ha, ha, cos you said oh Ken don't know one car from another and, and that's what he said ...
Martin (PS0KN) [3938] I had a very interesting talk in my French oral about
Dave (PS13M) [3939] they have erm [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3940] Prince car industry
Lynn (PS13K) [3941] oh
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3942] yeah
Dave (PS13M) [3943] he has marked it all out when it'll take him
Lynn (PS13K) [3944] is he there then?
Dave (PS13M) [3945] no ...
Martin (PS0KN) [3946] got it?, is that it?
Geoff (PS13N) [3947] no
Martin (PS0KN) [3948] well look in your other magazines
Geoff (PS13N) [3949] there's not gonna be in there
Lynn (PS13K) [3950] why?
Martin (PS0KN) [3951] get the other magazines
Geoff (PS13N) [3952] how you gonna know without seeing the thing that's stuck?
Lynn (PS13K) [3953] we've got more than
Martin (PS0KN) [3954] we know what the
Geoff (PS13N) [3955] there's loads of company's int there?
Lynn (PS13K) [3956] you've got the
Martin (PS0KN) [3957] I know what company it was
Lynn (PS13K) [3958] you've got the numbers written down here
Dave (PS13M) [3959] you've got to correspond with the numbers ain't ya? ...
Martin (PS0KN) [3960] I mean if its any thing like a golf magazine, every week, every month
Lynn (PS13K) [3961] the same
Martin (PS0KN) [3962] the same company's I'll advertise
Lynn (PS13K) [3963] advertise of course they do
Martin (PS0KN) [3964] I mean in every golf magazine you get Eagle Golf, you get American Golf and you get Navada Bobs and that's it
Lynn (PS13K) [3965] Navada Bobs, what's Navada Bobs?
Martin (PS0KN) [3966] oh its a cute, little, little cowboy with a big hat on called Et Navada Bob
Lynn (PS13K) [3967] oh
Martin (PS0KN) [3968] an American company surprisingly
Lynn (PS13K) [3969] its flog tonight
Martin (PS0KN) [3970] look at this, please could you send me the following disc the Amiga five hundred, number, any num he writes number every time, one, two, three, four, five
Lynn (PS13K) [3971] well at least he spoke of that
Martin (PS0KN) [3972] five
Lynn (PS13K) [3973] you'd think he would of listed 'em in a list wouldn't ya?
Martin (PS0KN) [3974] yeah, listen to this, this sounds a bit confusing, number two, five, four, Monopoly, Cluedo and others
Lynn (PS13K) [laugh]
Martin (PS0KN) [3975] others what?
Lynn (PS13K) [3976] yeah, but that's the name of the game, Monopoly, Cluedo and others
Martin (PS0KN) [3977] oh right, oh go on, send disks to Mr, send disks to Mr Geoff , I'm getting worried, I've not heard from any of my polytechnic's
Lynn (PS13K) [3978] no, and you didn't write to your pen friend either
Martin (PS0KN) [3979] I've, this is more important mother, this is serious ...
Lynn (PS13K) [3980] has every body heard by now?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3981] full gallon, full tank
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3982] has every body heard though?
Martin (PS0KN) [3983] London and Newcastle and Portsmouth, well no, Portsmouth and Newcastle have
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3984] they'll do, they will do
Lynn (PS13K) [3985] don't want you to go to London particular
Martin (PS0KN) [3986] well I don't want to go to London particularly
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3987] well I
Lynn (PS13K) [3988] oh where's the blinking ad, advert
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3989] in the fog aren't they? ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3990] look at that
Lynn (PS13K) [3991] my god ...
Martin (PS0KN) [3992] now if you're not telling me he went, he, you telling, telling me he didn't go too fast ... thirty cars and six lorries ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3993] give
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3994] give, it was zero weren't it?
Geoff (PS13N) [3995] no
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [3996] I'll find it, no probs
Geoff (PS13N) [3997] erm I did have another one, but I don't know where it is
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [3998] but I had that ages ago in one of my
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [3999] well I don't know
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [4000] I'm sure I saw it over there because I was tidying up
Geoff (PS13N) [4001] over where?
Lynn (PS13K) [4002] in that lot over there, underneath all that rubbish
Martin (PS0KN) [4003] well look again Geoff ... get every thing out and place it, that's it ...
Lynn (PS13K) [4004] well if any thing its more likely to be at the top of the pile, not the bottom
Geoff (PS13N) [4005] sock, I've got a Batman sock here
Lynn (PS13K) [4006] oh great, any body want a bobby Batman sock?, phew dear his feet smell ... I remember seeing it, I don't remember if it was yesterday, cos I remember seeing the games and all that, I didn't throw it away
Martin (PS0KN) [4007] do you know where you send in the thing to?
Geoff (PS13N) [4008] no
Martin (PS0KN) [4009] why don't you address the envelope?
Geoff (PS13N) [4010] er, cos there's no envelope
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [4011] I thought you said you was gonna get one out the box and you couldn't bother to or something
Geoff (PS13N) [4012] well no cos mum was doing the ironing and how do I get it out if she's with the ironing?
Martin (PS0KN) [4013] ah well this is it love, there's load up here
Geoff (PS13N) [4014] yeah, but
Martin (PS0KN) [4015] legend, this looks like it to me
Geoff (PS13N) [4016] Martin they're not, they're games, they're games they're not [...] are there?
Lynn (PS13K) [4017] is there any sweets in there?
Geoff (PS13N) [4018] eh?
Lynn (PS13K) [4019] eh, this kid, this little baby look, savage by a ferret, listen ...
Martin (PS0KN) [4020] hadn't eaten ...
Lynn (PS13K) [4021] see his little face
Martin (PS0KN) [4022] poor thing, tell you what I wouldn't ...
Lynn (PS13K) [4023] oh god, I'd of shot it, I can't stand ferret's I can't
Martin (PS0KN) [4024] I'd of seriously given that thing a good kicking ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [4025] do you want to sit over here mum?
Lynn (PS13K) [4026] well ferret's a wild animal
Martin (PS0KN) [4027] what the hell
Lynn (PS13K) [4028] int it?
Martin (PS0KN) [4029] wouldn't be over there Geoff
Geoff (PS13N) [4030] do you want to sit over here mum?
Lynn (PS13K) [4031] no
Geoff (PS13N) [4032] I might of put it up there and you put all these magazines on it
Lynn (PS13K) [4033] well have a look then, I don't know where it is ... there's nothing down here
Geoff (PS13N) [4034] oh no
Martin (PS0KN) [4035] I think its legend
Geoff (PS13N) [4036] its not a legend I know that
Lynn (PS13K) [4037] no, its not a legend
Geoff (PS13N) [4038] but its a different, its not like them is it?
Martin (PS0KN) [4039] G something in it?
Geoff (PS13N) [4040] yeah, its
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [4041] you sure its not in the things at the side?, what at
Dave (PS13M) [4042] he's got it all out
Lynn (PS13K) [4043] yes, but I've seen it
Dave (PS13M) [4044] yes, but its not there if I've had it all out in it?, you took up to bed with him that's why you can't
Geoff (PS13N) [4045] of course I ain't
Lynn (PS13K) [4046] when , when did he take it to bed with him?
Martin (PS0KN) [4047] Saturday
Geoff (PS13N) [4048] oh god
Lynn (PS13K) [4049] I've seen it since Saturday, I've seen it round here since Saturday ...
Martin (PS0KN) [4050] turning me
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4051] Geoff
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4052] oh its quite there
Geoff (PS13N) [4053] its good
Martin (PS0KN) [4054] Elf looks quite okay ...
Geoff (PS13N) [4055] see you look at the wrong type of thing, that's the type of thing you look at
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4056] it was half a page one weren't it?
Geoff (PS13N) [4057] like that?
Martin (PS0KN) [4058] that's not half a page, about that ... see that one you did, you used to have one on your thing, on your er doodah
Geoff (PS13N) [4059] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [4060] on your armpit ...
Geoff (PS13N) [4061] look at that
Dave (PS13M) [4062] What's that supposed to be?
Geoff (PS13N) [4063] what?
Martin (PS0KN) [4064] rubbish
Geoff (PS13N) [4065] no that's supposed to be the best
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [4066] what?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [4067] well somebody must of thrown it out then, that's all I've got to say
Geoff (PS13N) [4068] well I haven't
Lynn (PS13K) [4069] well I haven't ... coffee?
Martin (PS0KN) [4070] no
Geoff (PS13N) [4071] I dunno I might of thrown it out actually, when did I, was it on the table last night?
Lynn (PS13K) [4072] yeah, I've seen it in the last day or two
Geoff (PS13N) [4073] probably out there in it?
Lynn (PS13K) [4074] where?
Geoff (PS13N) [4075] in the bin
Lynn (PS13K) [4076] which bin?
Geoff (PS13N) [4077] I dunno, it, probably thrown in that bin
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [4078] its not in there now
Dave (PS13M) [4079] cos that went this morning
Lynn (PS13K) [4080] look, where's you read the magazine?
Geoff (PS13N) [4081] I don't know it, I've not had
Lynn (PS13K) [4082] well is it down there?
Geoff (PS13N) [4083] I've not had that right in years, so
Martin (PS0KN) [4084] well in that case you don't, you're not gonna need that any way cos its not gonna be in it, is it?, you should of left it in the magazine Geoff.
Lynn (PS13K) [4085] I can't get it then can I? ...
Martin (PS0KN) [4086] [yawn] oh dear, dear ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Martin (PS0KN) [4087] why you looking there?
Lynn (PS13K) [4088] looking for his magazine
Martin (PS0KN) [4089] oh ... I don't know where this is ... who's this El Vira woman he keeps seeing?
Lynn (PS13K) [4090] El Vera
Geoff (PS13N) [4091] El Vera
Martin (PS0KN) [4092] who's she?
Lynn (PS13K) [4093] tut
Geoff (PS13N) [4094] can't you read?
Lynn (PS13K) [4095] El Vera
Martin (PS0KN) [4096] El Vera is with an E, that's I, El Vi
Lynn (PS13K) [4097] but you still say El Vera don't ya?
Martin (PS0KN) [4098] I say El Virus but, you don't say oh I've got a Verus
Geoff (PS13N) [4099] where's the magazine I cut out I know I didn't throw that away
Lynn (PS13K) [4100] oh is it in that corner? ... that's where I put all the stuff, Jack The Ripper
Martin (PS0KN) [4101] Jack The knickers, er Jack The Ripper
Geoff (PS13N) [4102] whipper
Martin (PS0KN) [4103] oh I see, you've got this haven't you Geoff final blow
Geoff (PS13N) [4104] mm, don't know how you do it though. ...
Martin (PS0KN) [4105] paper boy two
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4106] tut, but I'm of the old breed I suppose aren't I? ...
Geoff (PS13N) [4107] oh
Lynn (PS13K) [4108] er, blinking dog, cobwebs, urgh
Dave (PS13M) [4109] aargh
Martin (PS0KN) [4110] this look's better
Geoff (PS13N) [4111] what?
Lynn (PS13K) [4112] that toffee's nice, give me another one of them
Martin (PS0KN) [4113] got all teams in it mine's different cos I've got intimate football
Lynn (PS13K) [4114] gold, gold , quite nice, mind ya fillings
Dave (PS13M) [4115] next week
Lynn (PS13K) [4116] yeah, gotta go dentist next week ... dentist next week men
Martin (PS0KN) [4117] yes, look, that's never, that's not him is it?
Lynn (PS13K) [4118] no its not
Martin (PS0KN) [4119] look at his hair, his hair ain't that thin
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [4120] no ... no I'm sorry I don't think so ... .
[4121] Do you want waking up tomorrow morning or not?
Martin (PS0KN) [4122] I don't know
Geoff (PS13N) [4123] no I wanna stay in bed all day
Martin (PS0KN) [4124] yes, er yes you can do about eight, coffee pot on
Dave (PS13M) [4125] seven ...
Martin (PS0KN) [4126] no I said eight
Lynn (PS13K) [4127] I won't be up at seven
Dave (PS13M) [4128] I will [laugh] alright
Lynn (PS13K) [4129] he said eight
Dave (PS13M) [4130] so
Martin (PS0KN) [4131] oh when ever it don't bother me
Dave (PS13M) [4132] start banging around out there about ten past, you'll be up then ...
Martin (PS0KN) [4133] perhaps he's telling you off
Geoff (PS13N) [4134] he's telling you to do your collar up, stupid boy, eh? ...
Martin (PS0KN) [4135] what a red barrel?
Lynn (PS13K) [4136] [singing] roll out the barrel [] ... it, doesn't something happens to her?
Martin (PS0KN) [4137] yes she gets absolutely
Lynn (PS13K) [4138] chopped up
Martin (PS0KN) [4139] killed to pickle ... see its not is it mum?
Lynn (PS13K) [4140] no ... oh dear
Martin (PS0KN) [4141] strapping it on him ...
Lynn (PS13K) [4142] what she crying for?, what she going on the street for if she don't like it?, silly idiot
Martin (PS0KN) [4143] she's never done it before
Lynn (PS13K) [4144] well why she doing it?
Martin (PS0KN) [4145] she don't know she's not gonna like it ...
Lynn (PS13K) [4146] huh, oh he's still married to Shakeara Bash in't he?
Martin (PS0KN) [4147] Shakeara Caine
Lynn (PS13K) [4148] yeah, but she was called Shakeara Bash, she was a Miss World finalist weren't she?, was she Miss World Shakeara Bash?, she was
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [4149] somewhere, some hot country ... that's good in it?
Martin (PS0KN) [4150] who him? ... he's teeth are terribly yellow
Lynn (PS13K) [4151] yeah they are aren't they?
Martin (PS0KN) [4152] he's are white
Lynn (PS13K) [4153] are we to say that we didn't want it to be Prince
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4154] yes I think so , oh well class rugby
Geoff (PS13N) [4155] get him at
Martin (PS0KN) [4156] dunno why they've got Gary Schofield down there because I don't think with rugby league would it?
Geoff (PS13N) [4157] yeah this is rugby league rugby world cups
Martin (PS0KN) [4158] oh its her that gets killed actually
Geoff (PS13N) [4159] she gets killed, I know it is, do you know why cos its
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4160] yes it is
Dave (PS13M) [4161] what's that?
Geoff (PS13N) [4162] get's it as well
Martin (PS0KN) [4163] Lysette Anthony ...
Lynn (PS13K) [4164] what she been in Lysette Anthony?
Geoff (PS13N) [4165] I dunno ...

14 (Tape 051501)

Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [4166] Some Budweiser, nice one, get down this, comes back with two bottles says go and get another one, go get another, go on, once my dad starts going it's fucking wonderful, he don't stop buying it's great stuff.
[4167] That's my dad, not my step dad who's got like a wank of everything ... [whistling] .
[4168] What date's your mum and dad going away?
Rich (PS13P) [4169] Don't know
Martin (PS0KN) [4170] You know Scott?
Scott (PS13R) [4171] They ain't booked anything yet [music]
Martin (PS0KN) [4172] My, my cousin
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4173] she's a girl, she smokes cigars [laugh] , that's a bit sad that is
Rich (PS13P) [4174] yeah, very
Martin (PS0KN) [4175] my other cousin though she's got the biggest bats I've ever seen, massive titlets
Rich (PS13P) [4176] [laugh] fucking enormous
Martin (PS0KN) [4177] is she nice?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Rich (PS13P) [4178] she's also engaged to a
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4179] oh this is a hefty fucking Cleo Rocos on this, Cleo Laine or whatever her name is [music] .
[4180] Are you shitting about that fr about that economics exam tomorrow Rich?
Rich (PS13P) [4181] No not really
Martin (PS0KN) [4182] I wouldn't worry it's not that hard ... well it's hard, but it ain't too hard.
[4183] That's a nice patch of fog weren't it?
[4184] [music] . Look, I tell you what Rich, make it your New Year's Resolution to ask out Julie on Saturday, no worries
Rich (PS13P) [4185] She's going out
Martin (PS0KN) [4186] so what ...
Scott (PS13R) [4187] she might not be
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4188] exactly
Rich (PS13P) [4189] so it's not the point is it?
Martin (PS0KN) [4190] in which case Richard the laughing B H S man comes in handy
Rich (PS13P) [4191] Sarah's going out with someone nice, Sarah
Martin (PS0KN) [4192] who's she going out with?
Rich (PS13P) [4193] someone in the R A F
Martin (PS0KN) [4194] not Mike?
Rich (PS13P) [4195] no, this guy called Bob,Sar Sarah and me and my usually self wanted to get back, make it serious but he wasn't interested
Martin (PS0KN) [4196] he's alright actually
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4197] why?
Rich (PS13P) [4198] oh I just felt like it ...
Martin (PS0KN) [4199] fucking hell, this is well bad. ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Rich (PS13P) [4200] because normally you get it out in the country before you get it
Martin (PS0KN) [4201] in the country, in the, the city, yeah
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] [music]
Martin (PS0KN) [4202] What you doing at the weekend Rich?
Rich (PS13P) [4203] Dunno, working Saturday and on Sunday gonna play Ryan, that's about it.
Martin (PS0KN) [4204] Gonna caddy for him Scott?
Scott (PS13R) [4205] Yeah ...
Martin (PS0KN) [4206] When I caddy for Matt he made loads of putts, it's was well cool.
Scott (PS13R) [4207] yeah [music] it's good if he caddies for me cos if he's playing by shot he goes, ee crap, bastard, so I think fuck you and er stiff my necks on to it
Martin (PS0KN) [4208] do
Rich (PS13P) [4209] and he'll still call you a crap bastard
Scott (PS13R) [4210] yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [4211] did you find it stiff sticking to a millimetre, going you crap bastard why didn't you hold it.
Rich (PS13P) [4212] hold it and go
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] [music]
Rich (PS13P) [4213] Did you beat Ryan?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4214] He's a fucker, I can't stick him ... he's the most snobbish little cunt I've ever known ... I'd like to see what stuff he had if he had to pay for it himself
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4215] hard luck, no I'd like to see what he'd do with his stuff if he had to pay with it, pay for it himself.
[4216] Cos he's well out of order, when you, were you there when he was
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4217] were you there when he was like slamming his nine iron into one of those brick posts, that's sad
Rich (PS13P) [4218] he does rate his clubs though, cos he gets a new one
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4219] he's a twat ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4220] oh you prick ... I don't believe this
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4221] cunt
Rich (PS13P) [4222] twenty mile an hour on the A forty seven ... this is where you get a big, some big lorry come along and go and land up my fucking arse
Scott (PS13R) [4223] the wave if the future
Rich (PS13P) [4224] come on now, put your fucking boot down you old bastard
Martin (PS0KN) [4225] go past him and give him a fucking shot on the hooter ... twat
Rich (PS13P) [4226] well even the cars going the other way are going faster so what the fuck ...
Martin (PS0KN) [4227] oh this guy's, got the foot down now, he's doing thirty five ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Martin (PS0KN) [4228] go on horn, you know you wanna
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Rich (PS13P) [4229] over twats like that, though, yes and I have got right of way
Martin (PS0KN) [4230] don't that put you off when drivers come the other way and you've got right of way and they always go, and they go past
Rich (PS13P) [4231] no thank you
Martin (PS0KN) [4232] exactly
Rich (PS13P) [4233] they presume it's their right and just go through, generally find it's someone with either a high powered car or a flash, you know, sort of, Granada or summat like that.
[4234] They think they fucking own the roads
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Rich (PS13P) [4235] I don't bother I
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Rich (PS13P) [4236] goes through [music]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Martin (PS0KN) [4237] Cor you're a long time coming back from the Rose and Crown, don't forget that's where we were
Rich (PS13P) [4238] she'll know we haven't been there
Martin (PS0KN) [4239] d'ya reckon
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...

15 (Tape 051502)

Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [4240] Go at one of them, if they've got like
Lynn (PS13K) [4241] They've got no brothers and sisters
Martin (PS0KN) [4242] yeah I know, but the thing is if, they don't have to have brother and sisters at [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [4243] Er, everyone knows he's you like brothers even if they're black or white
Lynn (PS13K) [4244] the parents are just as bad anyway ...
Martin (PS0KN) [4245] parent be
Rich (PS13P) [4246] worse than the dog
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [laugh]
Geoff (PS13N) [4247] yeah and nearly every one of them were football [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4248] I mean that our dad was gonna come up, he says do you want me to come up, but there's nowt you can do though
Geoff (PS13N) [4249] I do know that
Martin (PS0KN) [4250] not against a gang like that though, no ...
Lynn (PS13K) [4251] absolutely ridiculous
Martin (PS0KN) [4252] the thing is I reckon Geoff could take them all on one by one
Lynn (PS13K) [4253] oh I think he could
Martin (PS0KN) [4254] but I mean
Lynn (PS13K) [4255] oh I think he could
Martin (PS0KN) [4256] but three, but more than two it's that
Lynn (PS13K) [4257] yeah got about ten, I mean wh what chance has he got?
Martin (PS0KN) [4258] precisely , still would be, get me the salt
Lynn (PS13K) [4259] the thing is it
Martin (PS0KN) [4260] tomatoes?
Lynn (PS13K) [4261] he can't hold his head up now can he? since he cried [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4262] no cos you can't act hard when you're crying
Lynn (PS13K) [4263] well exactly ... and that headmaster said about the bully at their school, it, he thought that was really bad the fact he
Martin (PS0KN) [4264] well the thing is
Lynn (PS13K) [4265] thumped this girl back, he says and I told him he will not be able to stay at school for dinner
Martin (PS0KN) [4266] well I mean that's good because at least er, I mean city haven't done that have been
Geoff (PS13N) [4267] what?
Martin (PS0KN) [4268] Gartree they think that a boy hitting a girl in the back is serious bullying, a boy hitting a girl in the back. ...
Lynn (PS13K) [4269] Do you have sugar?
Rich (PS13P) [4270] Yeah, one please ...
Geoff (PS13N) [4271] make me laugh they do
Dave (PS13M) [4272] Are you supposed to be going with him on holiday?
Rich (PS13P) [4273] Er I dunno what's happening yet it says in this book
Geoff (PS13N) [4274] you better get a load of food
Rich (PS13P) [4275] it says in this book the other day
Martin (PS0KN) [4276] that's for
Lynn (PS13K) [4277] where's that, you said there was a book that come this morning that'll be alright for them
Dave (PS13M) [4278] oh
Geoff (PS13N) [4279] it's called the cheapest guide to
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [4280] it's called firm time holiday
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [4281] Butlins
Lynn (PS13K) [4282] no
Rich (PS13P) [4283] cheap, cheap Leicestershire holiday, huh
Lynn (PS13K) [4284] Club Cantabrica, city centre, Spain, France
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4285] three weeks in up, up old John
Lynn (PS13K) [4286] is it camping?
Rich (PS13P) [4287] no it's camping, caravanning and mobile
Lynn (PS13K) [4288] do you remember we went there
Dave (PS13M) [4289] it rained
Lynn (PS13K) [4290] well they said Blanes
Rich (PS13P) [4291] if you go well you've gotta choice you can either have
Martin (PS0KN) [4292] that's where we went and we saw those lads who'd be about our age, so funny, right one night
Rich (PS13P) [4293] gotta choice
Martin (PS0KN) [4294] those lads next door
Dave (PS13M) [4295] if you go by coach from Leicester
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [4296] seventeen nights, seventeen days
Lynn (PS13K) [4297] I mean you'd be alright on the coach, er we went you were only
Martin (PS0KN) [4298] eight
Lynn (PS13K) [4299] eight, but you'll be alright on the coach
Martin (PS0KN) [4300] we went right and these lads were about our age and the next [...] get drunk every night, you know, talk normal sort of thing, and erm
Lynn (PS13K) [4301] they got in, came in our tent last year
Martin (PS0KN) [4302] they came in our tent cos they all look the same
Lynn (PS13K) [4303] I lay there and I heard this zip go z-z-zip up, god someone's coming in tent, tried to get in bed with us.
Geoff (PS13N) [4304] Er, oh get lost
Lynn (PS13K) [4305] and I said [shouting] who's that? [] and he went oh god, shit we're in the wrong tent and they went out and you can hear 'em I mean being a tent they're laughing their head off for about half an hour
Geoff (PS13N) [4306] the others
Lynn (PS13K) [4307] he goes we really put the wind up that woman didn't we, ooh, ooh, ooh and they [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [4308] ee should have got a knife and went out the tent
Lynn (PS13K) [4309] it was, it was funny that and it rained terrible didn't it?
Rich (PS13P) [4310] like when we went to , when we went to Newcastle
Martin (PS0KN) [4311] oh, [laugh]
Rich (PS13P) [4312] old said I don't want any of the lads going in with the girls
Martin (PS0KN) [laugh]
Rich (PS13P) [4313] so next morning Mr
Martin (PS0KN) [4314] so he collapsed
Rich (PS13P) [4315] goes into Tina's tent
Martin (PS0KN) [4316] and Matt's in the middle, yeah
Rich (PS13P) [4317] he goes morning girls, Matt goes morning
Martin (PS0KN) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [4318] Tell you what once we went collapsed didn't it?, oh that was a killer weren't it?
Rich (PS13P) [4319] I can't believe there's a pi , you know on that little display eating there's all pictures of erm
Martin (PS0KN) [4320] us running away from the tents when there about to collapse [laugh]
Rich (PS13P) [4321] Mr collapsed the tent right, and I'm just standing right behind it
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4322] pulling them fly sheets was good cos Maureen was yanking 'em right off really hard, how many pegs got broke? loads weren't there?
Rich (PS13P) [4323] oh bags full
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [4324] which one's was
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [4325] any way
Martin (PS0KN) [4326] oh yeah she went down, she'd a
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4327] fell straight across her throat you know, and she got up coughing
Geoff (PS13N) [4328] is she the one
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [4329] or what?
Martin (PS0KN) [4330] no
Geoff (PS13N) [4331] no
Martin (PS0KN) [4332] Ruth much more arsier than er
Geoff (PS13N) [4333] dying to get the money, is she, did she used to work in the paper shop?
Martin (PS0KN) [4334] still does
Geoff (PS13N) [4335] oh, well I went in there reading the magazine before I bought it, so what, I'm only looking at them, she goes [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [4336] you got that wretched tape on again?, you got it on?
Martin (PS0KN) [4337] yes
Geoff (PS13N) [4338] say something mum
Martin (PS0KN) [4339] Ten C C
Lynn (PS13K) [4340] yes, so I mean the coach would be alright
Martin (PS0KN) [4341] it's a killer journey though
Lynn (PS13K) [4342] yeah, but you'll be alright
Rich (PS13P) [4343] yeah, there ain't much difference if you er take the train is there? [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [4344] it's a lot cheaper, what do ya mean no room?
Geoff (PS13N) [4345] no room to walk around on a train
Rich (PS13P) [4346] you've got a think of
Lynn (PS13K) [4347] they keep they keep stopping
Rich (PS13P) [4348] you've gotta think of the cost
Lynn (PS13K) [4349] cost exactly, and it's so much cheaper than
Rich (PS13P) [4350] by the time you've put the food on it, your booze or whatever else you want have your [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4351] he says to me, he said tell your mum we're gonna have three weeks in France, we're gonna be drinking, going out and huh, picking up prostitutes, see what she says to that and if she says okay to that, we'll go anywhere
Lynn (PS13K) [4352] who said that?
Geoff (PS13N) [4353] Richard
Lynn (PS13K) [4354] here we are, when do you want to go?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [4355] anytime
Lynn (PS13K) [4356] I thought you, oh
Rich (PS13P) [4357] anytime between June and July the ninth then
Geoff (PS13N) [4358] December the twenty fifth go then, then don't have to buy you presents
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [4359] we can go
Lynn (PS13K) [4360] these not, there not
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [4361] time though are they now? ...
Martin (PS0KN) [4362] no, but you wanna go early July if anything wouldn't ya?
Geoff (PS13N) [4363] are these your important exams or what?
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [4364] yeah cos once you go out of July then you've got to pay a rate
Lynn (PS13K) [4365] well here you are
Martin (PS0KN) [4366] we'll go on holiday
Lynn (PS13K) [4367] [reading] if you go to Blanes hundred and seventy four pound for seventeen days [] , oh wait a minute, oh crikey it's based on three people sharing, [reading] for two see page forty eight []
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [4368] yeah but if you go
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [4369] then you'll put

16 (Tape 051503)

Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [4370] By what
Rich (PS13P) [4371] tenth of July
Lynn (PS13K) [4372] You sure you want to go?
Martin (PS0KN) [4373] bloody hope so, finish in middle of June ... German is the last one and he says they end erm middle of June
Lynn (PS13K) [4374] [reading] two people book a small mobile home on any high season depart from Saturday the tenth of July [] oh that's after you, oh wait a minute, [reading] until twenty third of August and only pay the low season charge, save, save over thirty pound per []
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [4375] it's a lot cheaper int it?
Dave (PS13M) [4376] It is a lot cheaper especially in the
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [4377] oh
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [4378] was alright
Geoff (PS13N) [4379] I know, but there's so much
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [4380] well that one the South of France has
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4381] wrong it's further
Lynn (PS13K) [4382] [...] isn't further than [...] oh of course it is, it's
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [4383] oh some of, France is alright, where's that then?
Martin (PS0KN) [4384] Saint Tropez
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Lynn (PS13K) [4385] go down further
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4386] I prefer fra France to Spain
Lynn (PS13K) [4387] yeah
Rich (PS13P) [4388] speak the linger
Martin (PS0KN) [4389] precisely ...
Lynn (PS13K) [4390] it's much dearer than Spain, France ...
Dave (PS13M) [4391] what's that dear?
Lynn (PS13K) [4392] dearer than Spain
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS13N) [4393] oh no ...
Lynn (PS13K) [4394] looking at hotel
Geoff (PS13N) [4395] you don't by any chance want to borrow that four pound you just lent me do ya?, wow ...
Lynn (PS13K) [4396] what did you want to do go in a central caravan or what?
Martin (PS0KN) [4397] dunno
Rich (PS13P) [4398] whatever's the cheapest there
Lynn (PS13K) [4399] whatever's the cheapest, tents are cheapest
Martin (PS0KN) [4400] tents are cheapest, but are they totally rainproof
Geoff (PS13N) [4401] huh
Dave (PS13M) [4402] you don't get much rain down there any way
Geoff (PS13N) [4403] yeah I know
Rich (PS13P) [4404] won't rain
Lynn (PS13K) [4405] we didn't, we didn't get very wet when we were
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [4406] not when you've got
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Lynn (PS13K) [4407] the only thing in a tent is ... that, you've got somewhere to lock your money up, in it?, your passport and that, although when we went we just left our passports and money in the tent, but I wouldn't do that now
Martin (PS0KN) [4408] ten years ago we went
Lynn (PS13K) [4409] I know I wouldn't do it now
Martin (PS0KN) [4410] it is, it's exactly ten years ... although I reckon like, well, the thing is, these like late bookers like Richard was saying the other day, the flight ones, you dunno where your going
Lynn (PS13K) [4411] no, not necessarily, you do know er
Dave (PS13M) [4412] it gives you the flight price in there, if you have
Lynn (PS13K) [4413] you do
Dave (PS13M) [4414] if you go for one week it's sixty eight pounds
Lynn (PS13K) [4415] when you do the late bookings, you know where you're going don't ya?
Dave (PS13M) [4416] yeah, yeah
Martin (PS0KN) [4417] but till you
Lynn (PS13K) [4418] it's just that my mum and dad have been on ones where they don't know where they're going, Greece
Dave (PS13M) [4419] cos they book it all at the same time
Lynn (PS13K) [4420] Greece they do this island hopping thing, and you don't know where you could be, it could be any of the Greek islands, but mostly, mostly you know where you're going [telephone ringing] oh God
Martin (PS0KN) [4421] I'll get it, if it's Joan you're not coming for
Lynn (PS13K) [4422] no, if it's Joan I'm, I'm not in
Martin (PS0KN) [4423] hello, hi Matt, alright ... I did an absolute steamer, excellent, did it really well, it only took me an hour and ten minutes ... it took me an hour and ten minutes ... I haven't ... no I knew, I knew vaguely, knew vaguely enough ... I mean I have, perfect question came up ... just describe er the youths portrayed in the er book and there was only two, there was the main character who I got most of the stuff from, from what Katie told me and the rest was the other bloke was called Carston Corsalius and basically all we knew about him was he fancied this other one, the main character, and erm was a journalist, that was it ... ah put it in nine times, no, I, I don't know what it means ... eh, er Matt didn't come in, er a bit of a shame ... [laughing] couldn't no ... yeah, [] what did you really want? or was that it? ... yeah ... yeah, fixed, flexible and managed ... yes ... fixed, flex, fixed, flexible and managed ... oh right ... yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, don't they and er advantages and disadvantages of indirect tax was, untax and direct was the other one, you know it indirect taxes ... yes ... yeah ... I can't remember, I really can't remember, like a colour ... yeah, you wanna know both of those, I'd, I, I couldn't remember all of demand pull, I put down the wage, price, wage spiral or the waged price spiral, that's a stinker that is, that's a beauty, I put that down, its' a beaut, that's my best diagram and I did three diagram' in four essays [laugh] I hate doing diagram' ... yeah he's here now, we're about to go for a quick drink like, he says he's been revising all day so erm, and I shall, I shall brief him, just as you would expect, I shall tell him all he needs ... I don't, [tut] I don't want to leave him in the lurch ... okay see you in French ... yeah, bye, bye, bye []
Lynn (PS13K) [4424] can't see any thing that says do, two of the same sex people can't go
Martin (PS0KN) [4425] well I'll have a sex change
Lynn (PS13K) [4426] no can't, just can't
Martin (PS0KN) [4427] well we know that cos those three lads went
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS13M) [4428] er various they say
Lynn (PS13K) [4429] I can't see
Martin (PS0KN) [4430] well are you ready Richard?
Rich (PS13P) [4431] yeah ...
Martin (PS0KN) [4432] I'll bring it back with my or what, sometime soonish [laughing] alright? []
Lynn (PS13K) [4433] that's good that is
Martin (PS0KN) [4434] yeah, it isn't bad is it that one?
Lynn (PS13K) [4435] where you going?
Martin (PS0KN) [4436] I don't know
Lynn (PS13K) [4437] what time you coming home?
Martin (PS0KN) [4438] oh coat , I don't know, I've got my key so don't worry about that
Lynn (PS13K) [4439] have I got to put the lamps on or not?
Martin (PS0KN) [4440] erm, mm, yeah, do it latish
Lynn (PS13K) [4441] how late you gonna be?
Martin (PS0KN) [4442] I dunno
Lynn (PS13K) [4443] well I need to know
Martin (PS0KN) [4444] need to know, need to know, I don't know mum, I couldn't tell you ... just erm ... stick it on before you go to bed ... just give it a bit of time to take the chill of it, alright, bye ... You can if you wish discard everything that's just been said ... I mean my mother's trying to book my holiday which doesn't surprise me, [belch] , but then again she usually tries to anyway, where you going?, what you doing?, who you going with? ... right, I shall tell you now the exam questions ... shall I?, what do you want to know?
Rich (PS13P) [4445] yes, all sorts of 'em
Martin (PS0KN) [4446] exchange rate, like the systems, do you know the fixed, flexible and managed, the disadvantage and advantages?,
[4447] Rich
Rich (PS13P) [4448] no
Martin (PS0KN) [4449] well that's a question
Rich (PS13P) [4450] I understand money supplies
Martin (PS0KN) [4451] yes, that's the money supply and measures, the measures of money supply ... I'm sure you'll be okay ... you should beat what I got anyway, cos I saw it sort of cold ... I could see you were put into shits of boredom, they go totally over the top most of the time my parents
Rich (PS13P) [4452] I can't pass judgment at the moment cos I dunno what it's like
Martin (PS0KN) [4453] no I know
Rich (PS13P) [4454] might do me good ... I mean I don't care I just wanna go away
Martin (PS0KN) [4455] so do I, my
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4456] I've got me darts in me back pocket any way
Rich (PS13P) [4457] have ya?
Martin (PS0KN) [4458] fucking steamer darts they really are ... have you a professional set of these?
Rich (PS13P) [4459] er, no
Martin (PS0KN) [4460] no, they're quite good aren't they? ... so what you been, what have you revised then?
Rich (PS13P) [4461] erm
Martin (PS0KN) [4462] have you done inflation
Rich (PS13P) [4463] er, er period of er
Martin (PS0KN) [4464] er that's a fucker, there's nothing on that
Rich (PS13P) [4465] shit, could've sworn there must be
Martin (PS0KN) [4466] well there's not
Rich (PS13P) [4467] what's the thing, anything on competition or
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4468] no, no nothing ... inflation, have you done inflation?
Rich (PS13P) [4469] erm ... monetarism
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4470] oh yes, yes, yes ... all you really need to know what the question is in inflation is how the ... why it's regarded as the biggest economic ... problem ... and secondly
Rich (PS13P) [4471] what is? inflation
Martin (PS0KN) [4472] inflation is the biggest economic problem and what problem it causes ... and it says discuss the fact that erm with inflation now being around four to five per cent it is now a, it is now being cured, discuss that sort of thing, you say yes it has, but at the moment we're still suffering the effects because we are in, we've got high interest rates, we, and in order for us to have really beaten it, we could have low interest rates and low employment and low inflation, but we're still in the middle of it
Rich (PS13P) [4473] what, we mainly find the recession and we do not have
Martin (PS0KN) [4474] yes, now don't say don't, yeah that's right just don't forget that we are, actually still going up and it means that we're, erm, but we're out of it, but we're coming out slowly, we're technically out, if you put technically you'll get a pass
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS0KN) [4475] here you are Scott ... my mother just killed his ear, ear lobes about going on holiday, mother works
Scott (PS13R) [4476] come on then we've been waiting for you to come, come on
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...] ...
Martin (PS0KN) [4477] oh lovely ... I should ... one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, no you're wrong ...
Scott (PS13R) [4478] why?
Martin (PS0KN) [4479] Des bolt
Rich (PS13P) [4480] not bad, not bad, not bad
Scott (PS13R) [4481] about fifteen it is let's have a look then
Unknown speaker (KD6PSUNK) [...]