BNC Text KD7

24 conversations recorded by `Matt' (PS0KP) between 20 February and ?? March 1992 with 6 interlocutors, totalling 3809 s-units, 19206 words (duration not recorded).

8 speakers recorded by respondent number 109

PS0KP Ag3 m (Matt, age 35, financial advisor, Scottish, )
PS0KR Ag3 f (Jan, age 35, building society branch assistant) wife
PS0KS Ag0 m (Matthew, age 13, student (state secondary)) son
PS0KT Ag0 f (Laura, age 10, student (state primary)) daughter
PS0KU Ag0 m (Christopher, age 7, student (state primary)) son
PS0KV X m (Christopher, age unknown) role unspecified
KD7PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KD7PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

24 recordings

  1. Tape 035401 recorded on 1992-02-20. LocationHampshire: Andover ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 035402 recorded on 1992-02-20. LocationHampshire: Andover ( at home ) Activity: fitting dishwasher and generally tidying up
  3. Tape 035403 recorded on 1992-02-20. LocationHampshire: Andover ( at home ) Activity: fitting dishwasher prior to going out
  4. Tape 035404 recorded on 1992-02-20. LocationHampshire: Andover ( at home ) Activity: fitting dishwasher prior to going out
  5. Tape 035405 recorded on 1992-02-20. LocationHampshire: Andover ( at home ) Activity: still fitting dishwasher prior to going out
  6. Tape 035501 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 035502 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 035601 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 035602 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 035603 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 035604 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 035605 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  13. Tape 035606 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  14. Tape 035607 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  15. Tape 035701 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: television on loudly
  16. Tape 035702 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  17. Tape 035703 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  18. Tape 035704 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  19. Tape 035706 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  20. Tape 035707 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  21. Tape 035708 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  22. Tape 035709 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  23. Tape 035710 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  24. Tape 035801 recorded on 1992-03. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: radio on throughout

1 (Tape 035401)

Matt (PS0KP) [1] Right
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2] So that's okay, okay so that's, that's off now
Matt (PS0KP) [3] Great
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [4] That's forty five minutes, now these books, the white ones are for the tapes one to ten
Matt (PS0KP) [5] Mm, mm
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [6] and the blue is from tape eleven to twenty
Matt (PS0KP) [7] Right
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [8] It's a, it's a log, which is quite important if you can try and remember to fill it in
Matt (PS0KP) [9] Mm, mm
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [10] and it gives you an example, okay and it tells you to write what the situation is, so it'll be at home with the children watching television
Matt (PS0KP) [11] Right
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [12] strange woman talking to me or whatever you know
Matt (PS0KP) [13] [laugh] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [14] and then what the names are that you're likely to refer to
Matt (PS0KP) [15] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [16] on the tape okay, so if you're still doing that in the next forty five minutes it will be just as above or whatever
Matt (PS0KP) [17] Right
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [18] you don't have to repeat it all the time
Matt (PS0KP) [19] Right
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [20] but after about every three tapes it does actually tell you on the log, to change the batteries
Matt (PS0KP) [21] Mm, mm
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [22] okay there change the batteries
Matt (PS0KP) [23] Right
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [24] You've got fourteen batteries
Matt (PS0KP) [25] Mm, mm
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [26] erm which should be, you know, enough, but again if there's a problem then my phone number is on your collection card which is there and I'll come out and re-stock you as it were
Matt (PS0KP) [27] Right-o
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [28] so just leave it going, you, but you understand why the survey's being done?
Matt (PS0KP) [29] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [30] To get this sort of and if you can talk as much as you can with your lovely
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [31] yeah, oh
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [32] accent, it doesn't matter how much swearing there is it doesn't matter
Matt (PS0KP) [33] Well I do, I throw erm, I throw some
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [34] Shall I take that?
Matt (PS0KP) [35] some old, yeah, old pleasures and
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [laugh]
Matt (PS0KP) [36] from all the time
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [37] Well that'll make them sit up and think that's for sure
Matt (PS0KP) [38] Sometimes I go and heed the ball
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [39] Do what?
Matt (PS0KP) [40] Heed the ball
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [41] What does that mean?
Matt (PS0KP) [42] Head the ball
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [43] Head the ball
Matt (PS0KP) [44] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [45] Oh right, when you're playing football
Matt (PS0KP) [46] Well no I just, it's, it's a term of endearment in Scotland
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [47] Is it?
Matt (PS0KP) [48] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [49] I wonder where that comes from?
[50] That's the sort of thing I want, yeah, yeah, well I put on the form that we've got a true Scot because that'll be
Matt (PS0KP) [51] Right
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [52] good news, erm, that's interesting, I mean we have expressions, I mean I come from Yorkshire
Matt (PS0KP) [53] Mm, mm
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [54] but the, they're just derivatives of words like twout
Matt (PS0KP) [55] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [56] which means the other or to go out
Matt (PS0KP) [57] Yeah yeah
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [58] can mean either
Matt (PS0KP) [59] twout yeah
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [60] and twere which is just we were
Matt (PS0KP) [61] Oh aye, aye
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [62] you know, but they're not as good as those ones no those are superb, right okay I think I took my clipboard back with me didn't I?
Matt (PS0KP) [63] Whereabout in Yorkshire actually is it you're from?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [64] I actually come from the Dales from Middleham which is near Leyburn which is near Catterick
Matt (PS0KP) [65] I know Leyburn, I know Leyburn very well indeed
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [66] Do you?
Matt (PS0KP) [67] Yeah
Christopher (PS0KU) [68] I was born in Catterick
Matt (PS0KP) [69] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [70] Were you?
Matt (PS0KP) [71] Mm, yeah, my son was
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [72] Were you in the army?
Matt (PS0KP) [73] We were in Catterick for two years
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [74] Oh well , well you know Middleham castle, Middleham bridge
Matt (PS0KP) [75] Yeah, that's right, yeah
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [76] Oh, I've been down here about twenty years though so it's faded a bit
Matt (PS0KP) [77] Yeah, yeah
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [78] but I miss it I must admit
Matt (PS0KP) [79] Oh we were in Catterick for two and a half, three years
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [80] Were you?
Matt (PS0KP) [81] my wife, that's where I met my wife
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [82] Was it?
Matt (PS0KP) [83] and er, she used to be in the
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [84] four nights in the Queen Alexandra hospital
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [85] Yeah nursing, yeah
Matt (PS0KP) [86] and I was there for nigh on two and a half years and er, then we moved from there to Germany
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [87] Oh right, right, well I have a lady actually round the corner who's er in the WRAF and er she's doing it for me, she's just on three week's leave at the moment
Matt (PS0KP) [88] Oh right
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [89] She's presumably British Army of the right I don't know
Matt (PS0KP) [90] Mm
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [91] I didn't ask her
Matt (PS0KP) [92] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [93] but, are there a lot of military people around here?
Matt (PS0KP) [94] Not as far as I know, no
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [95] No, that's funny I should get two on the same survey
Matt (PS0KP) [96] Mm
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [97] Mm, anyway thanks for your help
Matt (PS0KP) [98] No problem thanks a lot
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [99] and I'll see you a week on Friday
Matt (PS0KP) [100] Definitely
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [101] okay hope you
Matt (PS0KP) [102] okay
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [103] feel better cheerio
Matt (PS0KP) [104] all the best
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [105] bye bye
Matt (PS0KP) [106] say bye bye
Christopher (PS0KU) [107] Bye
Laura (PS0KT) [108] Bye
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [109] cheerio
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [110] Thank you
Christopher (PS0KU) [111] You get twenty five quid for one of them
Matt (PS0KP) [112] Yeah, that's right boy
Christopher (PS0KU) [113] Do you want me to say anything?
Matt (PS0KP) [114] No don't you
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [115] just you leave it alone
Matthew (PS0KS) [116] Where?
[117] Where?
Matt (PS0KP) [118] come away and leave it
Matthew (PS0KS) [119] What are they?
Matt (PS0KP) [120] it's just recording exactly, everything that you say now
Matthew (PS0KS) [laugh]
Matt (PS0KP) [121] It is
Matthew (PS0KS) [122] Oh rubbish
Matt (PS0KP) [123] It is
Christopher (PS0KU) [124] No it ain't
Matt (PS0KP) [125] come and have a look
Matthew (PS0KS) [126] No it is not
Matt (PS0KP) [127] Look, there you go ban pot
Matthew (PS0KS) [128] Yeah wowee it isn't recording it
Matt (PS0KP) [129] It is recording when
Matthew (PS0KS) [130] Oh yeah
Matt (PS0KP) [131] Listen, listen to me, when it's finished, instead of putting it in the box we'll put it on that other one and listen to it for a wee while
Matthew (PS0KS) [132] Yeah
Matt (PS0KP) [133] just to hear yourself speaking from it
Matthew (PS0KS) [134] Okay
Christopher (PS0KU) [135] I bet, I bet you, erm I won't be in that
Matt (PS0KP) [136] You are in it, it's picking
Christopher (PS0KU) [137] I'm not
Matt (PS0KP) [138] you up at the moment
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [139] Oh rubbish
Laura (PS0KT) [140] It is
Christopher (PS0KU) [141] rubbish Laura
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [142] Laura if I get all our
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [143] then you will be
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [144] ha ha
Laura (PS0KT) [145] Yeah
Christopher (PS0KU) [146] What?
[147] Laura where's daddy?
Matt (PS0KP) [148] Okay then so
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [149] Don't bother that
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [150] yeah just come down now and have a look
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [151] Don't touch that it's sensitive
Matthew (PS0KS) [152] Bye ...
Jan (PS0KR) [153] Why did, they did the two houses as you come up Manor Road
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [154] I thought you find this wallet love
Jan (PS0KR) [155] It's okay, they're still here
Matt (PS0KP) [156] I'm alright, I know, I know
Christopher (PS0KU) [157] Mum
Laura (PS0KT) [158] Can I read a magazine now please?
Jan (PS0KR) [159] Oh that's not running now, is it surely?
Matt (PS0KP) [160] It's gonna be on all the time
Jan (PS0KR) [161] Get it off
Matt (PS0KP) [162] No [laugh]
Matthew (PS0KS) [163] It is mum, it's on there
Matt (PS0KP) [164] Just leave the bloody thing on all day, it don't make any difference
Jan (PS0KR) [165] No it will if I start shouting
Matthew (PS0KS) [166] Ha
Matt (PS0KP) [167] Oh shut up
Christopher (PS0KU) [laugh]
Laura (PS0KT) [168] Can I read the magazine now?
Matt (PS0KP) [169] Yes if you want, I need to find this
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [laugh]
Matt (PS0KP) [170] I've looked for that
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [171] mum
Matt (PS0KP) [172] I found it under this
Christopher (PS0KU) [173] mum, mum, can you buy me some wrestling cards? ...
Matthew (PS0KS) [174] Mum, I mean dad
Christopher (PS0KU) [175] Ask dad to record it
Laura (PS0KT) [176] It is ...
Christopher (PS0KU) [177] Oh my god, I'm gonna get put on tape, oh, oh
Laura (PS0KT) [178] Chris
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [179] You leave her and the tape alone
Christopher (PS0KU) [180] I didn't touched it ...
Matt (PS0KP) [181] Find it Matt
Matthew (PS0KS) [182] Where?
Matt (PS0KP) [183] found it, right under your mother's nose
Laura (PS0KT) [184] Dad
Matthew (PS0KS) [185] What?
Laura (PS0KT) [186] daddy
Matt (PS0KP) [187] What's that?
Matthew (PS0KS) [188] What?
Matt (PS0KP) [189] What Laura?
Laura (PS0KT) [190] can erm you ask Matt to get me some tomato soup
Matt (PS0KP) [191] Matt's not gone anywhere just now
Christopher (PS0KU) [192] If I spend a good while looking at it and I can't find anything different can we, maybe we start doing some ringing?
Matt (PS0KP) [193] I will see what we're doing tonight
Christopher (PS0KU) [194] You out tonight?
Matt (PS0KP) [195] No
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [196] oh
Matt (PS0KP) [197] cos if I can get that plumbed in tonight before, go
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [198] yes
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [199] you can phone M F I now and see if that oven's ready
Christopher (PS0KU) [200] Alright
Laura (PS0KT) [201] Dad can you record that?
Matt (PS0KP) [202] now, that's
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [203] dad
Matt (PS0KP) [204] if that, when did they say they'd be back?
Jan (PS0KR) [205] Who?
Matt (PS0KP) [206] That guy
Jan (PS0KR) [207] Oh you told me they were coming
Laura (PS0KT) [208] Dad
Jan (PS0KR) [209] on the second of March
Matt (PS0KP) [210] Oh I thought they might be a bit earlier
Jan (PS0KR) [211] Well you said what date did they say?
[212] I said the second of March
Matt (PS0KP) [213] you see he's got to have to do the window ledge
Jan (PS0KR) [214] Why?
Matt (PS0KP) [215] Well, when they came at first they says, see the way they've got there
Jan (PS0KR) [216] Mm
Matt (PS0KP) [217] them wee tile things
Jan (PS0KR) [218] Mm
Matt (PS0KP) [219] he says we could either put it forward because the windows are obviously a lot wider
Jan (PS0KR) [220] Mm
Matt (PS0KP) [221] or we might have to bring this back a bit
Jan (PS0KR) [222] Mm
Matt (PS0KP) [223] but he says erm you'll lose some of this here, I couldn't give a shit basically ain't give a
Jan (PS0KR) [224] Well these are
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [225] er, and that's, there's nothing underneath that, that be ...
Laura (PS0KT) [226] Dad
Matt (PS0KP) [227] waste of money, with that stuff
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [228] come away from that light
Matthew (PS0KS) [229] Dad could we record it?
Matt (PS0KP) [230] It's recording
Matthew (PS0KS) [231] No take it out, put it on that?
Matt (PS0KP) [232] No just leave it alone where it is
Matthew (PS0KS) [233] Okay
Jan (PS0KR) [234] See as you've found your wallet you can treat us to a chicken
Matthew (PS0KS) [235] ya
Jan (PS0KR) [236] I'll be cooking while you're
Matt (PS0KP) [237] Alright Matt, Matt will you go the chippie?
Christopher (PS0KU) [238] Which one?
[239] Oh yeah I know ...
Jan (PS0KR) [240] No what I'll do is
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [241] Jesus, look
Jan (PS0KR) [242] Alright, alright
Matt (PS0KP) [243] pull the bloody page then we know exactly, we won't have to
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [244] Do you want
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [245] dad? ...
Jan (PS0KR) [246] Oh hi, hi there, my name is Mrs I ordered an oven about two weeks ago, I just wanted to know if it's in ... er where, where we looking at that?
[247] One, one, one, stroke, two, four, one, dash, O, seven, nine, three, one in brackets
Matt (PS0KP) [248] Have they said how much the delivery charge is?
Jan (PS0KR) [249] That's right ... oh right ... okay ... sorry what?
Matt (PS0KP) [250] Is it in?
Jan (PS0KR) [251] I don't know, sorry what did you say?
Matt (PS0KP) [252] Ask them if they deliver and how much will they charge me? ...
Jan (PS0KR) [253] Hi ... right, okay, erm do you deliver?
[254] ... No it's okay not to worry, don't worry about it, it's alright, we'll come and pick it up then so if we come any time after sort of tomorrow ... brilliant, that's great, thanks every so much for your help, bye.
[255] It's, it's in, but any time after ten o'clock tomorrow
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [256] how much money did you leave, leave to it?
Jan (PS0KR) [257] Erm I left you some money to get your birthday present
Matt (PS0KP) [258] How much did you left?
[259] How can I keep track on the, the money?
Jan (PS0KR) [260] I left you twenty out the erm joint account and that's all really and ...

2 (Tape 035402)

Matthew (PS0KS) [261] I'll get it
Matt (PS0KP) [262] Leave it
Jan (PS0KR) [263] Leave that
Matt (PS0KP) [264] leave it.
[265] [phonecall starts] ello, correct, Malcolm has, er yeah gone about two minutes mate ... in fact wait, is that guy actually gone?
Matthew (PS0KS) [266] Yeah
Matt (PS0KP) [267] You've, you've missed him by about two bloody minutes basically, oh, okay then mate, no problem, cheers.
[268] ... Me keep, are you gonna keep the log on this thing?
Matthew (PS0KS) [269] Ah get lost
Matt (PS0KP) [270] Yeah you keep the log cos the log book's got to be done ... Right ... so there on the first one it's gotta be Matt and Jan, lazy shit
Jan (PS0KR) [271] Have you turned that off?
Matt (PS0KP) [272] second lazy shit no leave it on, the ... that's what it's for, for Christ sake, they're giving you twenty five quid just telling what you saying, might be private, be happy there
Laura (PS0KT) [273] Yeah
Matt (PS0KP) [274] right that's enough of that, get it off of there
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...] ...
Christopher (PS0KU) [275] I think we should put it in there
Matthew (PS0KS) [276] No because we are putting ...
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [277] Yep
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [278] will you leave it alone, it isn't a toy
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [279] connect it to a hot water supply then
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [280] using hot water for washing
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [281] do you dad?
Matt (PS0KP) [282] What?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [283] screw that right through, up the top
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...] ...
Laura (PS0KT) [284] Dad
Matt (PS0KP) [285] What?
Laura (PS0KT) [286] come here
Matt (PS0KP) [287] Hold on Laura ...
Laura (PS0KT) [288] That lady left her gloves
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [289] oh dear, she'll get them when she comes back Laura
Matthew (PS0KS) [290] Da, dad, dad
Matt (PS0KP) [291] What?
Matthew (PS0KS) [292] the thing's still running
Matt (PS0KP) [293] What?
Laura (PS0KT) [294] The Walkman thing's still running
Matt (PS0KP) [295] I know it's still running, it'll be running for a long, a long time
Matthew (PS0KS) [296] And you want to spend fifty quid more
Matt (PS0KP) [297] Than what?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [298] [reading] Good condition,
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [299] low mileage
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [300] M O T, stereo, five, fifty []
Jan (PS0KR) [301] You turn the telly off?
Laura (PS0KT) [302] Pardon?
Jan (PS0KR) [303] You turn the telly off?
Laura (PS0KT) [304] Yeah
Jan (PS0KR) [305] What for?
Laura (PS0KT) [306] It's getting boring ...
Matt (PS0KP) [307] Ah, leave that
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [308] [reading] Vauxhall Cavalier nineteen seventy seven, one year's M O T, must be seen forty five or nearest offer []
Matt (PS0KP) [309] How much?
Matthew (PS0KS) [310] Forty five, it's in Hallum
Matt (PS0KP) [311] Hallum's too far
Matthew (PS0KS) [312] [reading] or Sirocco sixteen, yes, oh
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [313] Sirocco []
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [314] Sirocco
Matthew (PS0KS) [315] Yeah, still, I can't read that
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [316] new reconditioned engine in it
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [317] [reading] silver, silver, new reconditioning engine, new M O T on purchase, good tyres, good all round condition for the year
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [318] five hundred and fifty five pound all in [] ... there's that one or I found [reading] Toyota Caro Carolla, thirteen gear X, X reg, high motor taxed M O T []
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [319] how much is that?
Matthew (PS0KS) [320] Nine, four, five, well the last one was bad, the last one was bad or unless you want a B reg and that's
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [321] and the last one is, if I can find it
Matt (PS0KP) [322] I'm not selling it
Matthew (PS0KS) [323] is [reading] L three hundred road
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [324] recent engine overhaul, good body and material, six nine five []
Laura (PS0KT) [325] When is our dinner?
Matthew (PS0KS) [326] or there's the , or there's the
Jan (PS0KR) [327] In a little while
Matthew (PS0KS) [328] a Capri in the old one, in the other one
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [329] I like the sixteen hundred
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [330] yeah the other one
Laura (PS0KT) [331] Which chippie is dad getting the grub from?
Matthew (PS0KS) [332] Do you want me to read it to you?
Laura (PS0KT) [333] Is it Harroway is it mum?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [334] hang on
Jan (PS0KR) [335] Ah?
Laura (PS0KT) [336] Is dad getting the food from the chippie in Harroway?
Jan (PS0KR) [337] Don't know
Laura (PS0KT) [338] Pardon?
Jan (PS0KR) [339] Don't know
Laura (PS0KT) [340] Dad
Matt (PS0KP) [341] What?
Laura (PS0KT) [342] Where you getting the chippie from?
Matt (PS0KP) [343] Chip shop
Laura (PS0KT) [344] Which one?
Matthew (PS0KS) [345] The one down by Harroway
Laura (PS0KT) [346] Oh
Matt (PS0KP) [347] Why Laura?
Laura (PS0KT) [348] Cos if you was gonna do the one at King Arthur's I would of had some rice.
Matthew (PS0KS) [349] [reading] Ford Capri sixteen hundred, twin head light converted, M O T December
Christopher (PS0KU) [350] Dad can you see?
Matthew (PS0KS) [351] beige with brown vinyl roof, very good condition three nine five [] or there's this one, [reading] Ford Capri mark three sixteen hundred beige outer work
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [352] round trim, good condition for year M O T, radio cassette
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [353] superb bargain, four nine five or nearest offer [] that's all I can find.
Christopher (PS0KU) [354] Dad do you need this?
Matt (PS0KP) [355] Yes I do, why do you need it for?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [356] they've got three layers of erm wallpaper on
Jan (PS0KR) [357] Mm
Christopher (PS0KU) [358] I tell you what I'll speak to you when I come back from the chippie yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [359] well he can come with me if he's allowed
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [360] he's not, he's not going, what I told you about
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [361] what I say, what I'm saying, eh?
Christopher (PS0KU) [362] Sorry
Matt (PS0KP) [363] Don't think cos that tape's on you won't get a smack in the ear son
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [364] I just remember what I tell you, as simple as that
Matthew (PS0KS) [365] How do I get the drawer out?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...] ...
Laura (PS0KT) [366] What paper is that?
[367] Oh it's
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...] ...
Christopher (PS0KU) [368] Right I'm going down the chippie
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [369] can I have some money for the chippie
Laura (PS0KT) [370] I'm not having anything, I'm just having soup ... and rice
Christopher (PS0KU) [371] We're getting an Audi that's a diesel, it's gonna go well fast
Jan (PS0KR) [372] Don't build your hopes up on anything will you please and stop being stupid
Christopher (PS0KU) [373] I think we're gonna phone them up tonight, can I have some money please to go down the chippie?
Laura (PS0KT) [374] And you need some money for the
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...] ...
Matt (PS0KP) [375] I've not got any, I've not got any change, ask your mum
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...] ...
Jan (PS0KR) [376] Well doesn't the whole unit come out?
Matt (PS0KP) [377] Yeah, but there's a
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [378] Get out of there
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...] ...
Matt (PS0KP) [379] If I have to tell you once more son you're gonna get a good bloody smacking, come out of there ...
Jan (PS0KR) [380] Right you want what?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [381] Look, what have I
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [382] that and egg fried rice
Christopher (PS0KU) [383] They don't do egg fried rice ... what do you want dad?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [384] Mum
Jan (PS0KR) [385] What?
Laura (PS0KT) [386] come here
Jan (PS0KR) [387] Oh Laura you keep shouting come here, what do you want?
Laura (PS0KT) [388] Erm can I have some toast?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [389] What?
Laura (PS0KT) [390] Can I have some
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [391] I can't hear you
Laura (PS0KT) [392] Can I have some toast please?
Jan (PS0KR) [393] Some?
Laura (PS0KT) [394] Toast
Jan (PS0KR) [395] What now?
Laura (PS0KT) [396] Yeah
Jan (PS0KR) [397] You might just and wait until you get your soup
Laura (PS0KT) [398] Mm ...
Christopher (PS0KU) [399] Scampi and chips yeah, do you want scampi Matt or what?
[400] Two portions of scampi ...
Matt (PS0KP) [401] If you do it again I'm gonna give you a smack boy
Jan (PS0KR) [402] Go and sit and watch the television
Matthew (PS0KS) [403] No I want to do
Jan (PS0KR) [404] What do you want Christopher?
Christopher (PS0KU) [405] Nothing
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [406] You'll go to bed if you carry on like that son
Matthew (PS0KS) [407] I want nothing, they didn't have any baby prawns
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [408] and then
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [409] they haven't got any scampi but he'll have a spring roll no I don't want, will that be
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [410] an egg sandwich?
Christopher (PS0KU) [411] Even if they've got scampi shall I get fish
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [412] if they haven't got any scampi get an extra fishcake and an extra spring roll ...
Matt (PS0KP) [413] You can go without I don't care really don't start
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [414] shall I get it or not?
[415] I don't know what to do
Jan (PS0KR) [416] Yes get it
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [417] eh, me and your mother ...
Christopher (PS0KU) [418] [singing] Just because you think of, your heart open the door, you around me []
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [419] money, money
Matthew (PS0KS) [420] So you, I won't eat it all, oh
Laura (PS0KT) [421] Put the T V on somebody please now
Christopher (PS0KU) [422] What was the
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...] ...
Matt (PS0KP) [423] I thought
Matthew (PS0KS) [424] no
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [425] turn it down
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [426] wowee ... horrible
Christopher (PS0KU) [427] I don't care
Laura (PS0KT) [428] It doesn't matter if they get a little bit of T V
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [429] I don't care, Matt
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [430] turn it down
Matthew (PS0KS) [431] I have
Laura (PS0KT) [432] Alright, alright
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...] ...
Laura (PS0KT) [433] What?
Matthew (PS0KS) [434] No leave it
Laura (PS0KT) [435] I can't hear it
Christopher (PS0KU) [436] I've got to go now bye
Matthew (PS0KS) [437] Be quiet ...
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [438] Chris Different Strokes is on
Matthew (PS0KS) [439] Oh wowee
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [440] I've got to go now bye
Laura (PS0KT) [441] Don't forget my soup ...
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...] ...

3 (Tape 035403)

Jan (PS0KR) [442] said to me I've of told you to take half an hour so actually
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [443] Come and do that Chris
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [444] just a quick one
Jan (PS0KR) [445] I don't, I really don't blame you it's just, I think she's just well crazy, don't worry about that, hang on that one's working.
Matt (PS0KP) [446] Do you know what if we come up tonight cos erm a woman came to the door, a woman came to the door this afternoon and she's given us a Walkman with a microphone on it and we've to tape all the conversations with it
Matthew (PS0KS) [447] Oh my god
Matt (PS0KP) [448] It's for a new er dictionary they're bringing out about erm English spoken language
Matthew (PS0KS) [449] Don't you dare
Jan (PS0KR) [450] Ah
Matt (PS0KP) [451] Yeah, honestly, oh you don't have to dear just, when we're having, just talk normally, it's running, it's running at the moment
Matthew (PS0KS) [452] It is Bob
Matt (PS0KP) [453] Well that's okay it's, it doesn't matter if you swear, it's running at the moment, shag bag
Laura (PS0KT) [laugh]
Matt (PS0KP) [454] See I've just said something er, they'd be quite happy with that I should think, yeah it's running now
Matthew (PS0KS) [455] It is Bob
Matt (PS0KP) [456] [laugh] No honestly, well, well see you later right, cheers, and don't worry about
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [457] she's just an arse, ain't you, you're just an arse, I'll speak to you later right, I don't know about half past seven, eight o'clock, right here's Jan.
Matthew (PS0KS) [458] Dad
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [459] [...] up there
Jan (PS0KR) [460] Listen please don't worry about, I really don't blame you, it's not your fault, honestly ...
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [461] I wouldn't of gone if I'd known ...
Matthew (PS0KS) [462] not bewitched
Jan (PS0KR) [463] If I wasn't suppose to go Sheila, I wouldn't of gone, I wouldn't of deliberately talked you in it
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...] ...
Jan (PS0KR) [464] She's, she's what, Sheila why you upset?
[465] Whatever so long as it doesn't matter, don't worry about it, why you upset?
[466] Is it the way I spoke to, I said yesterday
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [467] it is, I said I've given you a lot of time in the holidays and what have you come in and now you're making a big song and dance about an hour and she said oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to speak to you like that, but she did, she was just plain rude and really quite nasty, eh ... she should of yeah, and she should of told me that I wasn't, becomes taking a lunch break ... and then she said well you could of taken half an hour, I said you didn't tell me ... well I said to her ... Matt rung up this morning and said to you, surveyor's coming up to, at four o'clock, he wants both of us to be there so we know which way the windows will be and all the rest of it, just bear in mind, now I said to her I know it's short notice but can I please go at four o'clock, she said yeah it is short notice but yeah no problem come in at eight o'clock tomorrow morning as a joke and then she totally changed her attitude when she came back from her thing ... mm ... yeah ... oh yeah that was nice of her ... well I said to her, I said to her ... oh I said to her look she would take
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [468] she would, she was seeing me do it and I respect what she says and I do what I'm told ... no she didn't say that
Matt (PS0KP) [469] Matt the door
Laura (PS0KT) [470] Matt go and get the door
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [471] specifically told you from yesterday but you just, I said I'm sorry but you didn't, you did not say that you weren't to go to lunch
Matt (PS0KP) [472] Why do you, why do you keep messing about with that light?
Jan (PS0KR) [473] but please don't worry Anita I'm not
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [474] yeah
Matt (PS0KP) [475] Shoes
Christopher (PS0KU) [476] I know I'm just gonna go in
Matt (PS0KP) [477] Don't just anything, doesn't matter
Jan (PS0KR) [478] yeah, but
Matt (PS0KP) [479] Been on your bike?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [480] go on put your bike away
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [481] right take your shoes off
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [482] maybe she's got a bug or something, that's what I had a few weeks ago remember, mm, mm, oh and then to cap it all
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [483] did she tell you
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [484] she spoke to me about that erm
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [485] the bloke that was organizing it, he was obviously a rip off
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [486] she was a bit
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [487] I felt bad because the bloke was with him and er she sort of glaring at him, and I said but Matt had
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [488] I said shit, he must of come to pick me up so I obviously I apologise for
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [489] Matt
Jan (PS0KR) [490] I just felt awful
Christopher (PS0KU) [491] Matt what did you get me?
Jan (PS0KR) [492] but I do, if a man, a bloke's going out of his way
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [493] ah?
Jan (PS0KR) [494] I just didn't know what to do
Christopher (PS0KU) [495] Er fishcakes
Matthew (PS0KS) [496] They're chip
Jan (PS0KR) [497] it's all your fault
Christopher (PS0KU) [498] We're having chips
Jan (PS0KR) [499] but it's not though, it's not, it's her fault for being so bloody stupid and not telling us A, what we're supposed to be doing and B, the fact that I was not having any lunch to go half an hour, what do you mean?
[500] She never said any ... oh ... and, and also, I know
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [501] has got nothing to do with it but she's working an extra two and a half hours a week and getting half an hour off, you know I mean you, in all
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [502] the nitty gritty of it, well I could of turned round and said look, well I'm actually entitled to half an hour, I should
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [503] just being bloody pathetic and when I went out the back to go home Gaynor said whatever is going on here today?
[504] I said oh don't worry about it, it's just a bit of confusion about
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [505] you know, it's just pathetic and she's so rude and nasty ... no ... mm ... that's right ... yeah, yeah, yeah ... it's the same yesterday when I was writing about that
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [506] we'll just send them back the problem and send fully stamped
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [507] yeah, I really was quite, quite upset about it, well I don't blame you for it ... I wouldn't of minded if she'd said this morning when I'd asked her
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [508] Jan
Jan (PS0KR) [509] yeah, hang on a minute, yeah that's fine, just take half an hour
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [510] or you can't have a lunch break, but she didn't, she just automatically assumes that everybody knows what's going on in her head ... be that everybody else should know as well, yeah anyway I've got to go Matt's shouting, he's obviously having problems plumbing the dishwasher, god his little cotton socks, so we'll see you later, alright then, see you later on ta ta.

4 (Tape 035405)

Matt (PS0KP) [511] If I catch any of yous touching this again you'll be in deep trouble right Christy?
Christopher (PS0KU) [512] I never touched it
Matt (PS0KP) [513] Christy
Christopher (PS0KU) [514] Yeah ...
Matt (PS0KP) [515] Just wait here, I'm going up for a bath first, you can
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [516] come up when I give you a call right?
Christopher (PS0KU) [517] Yeah
Matt (PS0KP) [518] Do you want a fag Jan?
Jan (PS0KR) [519] They're up here ...
Matt (PS0KP) [520] I'm gonna have a bath first
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [521] I, still, finished
Jan (PS0KR) [522] Get that off
Matt (PS0KP) [523] Oh shut up ...
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [524] say anything in the conversation ... well it's
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [525] I could
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [526] three or four times I had to speak to him last night, and you never said a word, you just pretended or said you didn't hear
Matt (PS0KP) [527] Er has it crossed your mind that it I'd might not heard?
Jan (PS0KR) [528] But you said he was at the bottom of the stairs I was at the top and you were in his office ...

5 (Tape 035501)

Matt (PS0KP) [529] It wasn't even recording on that tape was on there, why?
[530] ... Are you ready to go?
[531] Don't leave your sleeves turned right up like that Matt there's no need for it ... come on don't play with it, just take it ...
Matthew (PS0KS) [532] Will you write me absence letter please?
Matt (PS0KP) [533] What?
Matthew (PS0KS) [534] Write me an absence letter ...
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...] ...
Matt (PS0KP) [535] What's your teacher's name?
Matthew (PS0KS) [536] Miss
Matt (PS0KP) [537] Miss ?
Matthew (PS0KS) [538] Yeah she's my form teacher, I've got about twenty other teachers ...
Matt (PS0KP) [539] Is it Matt? ...
Christopher (PS0KU) [540] Dad ... dad ... dad
Matt (PS0KP) [541] What?
Christopher (PS0KU) [542] Where are you?
[543] Dad
Matt (PS0KP) [544] I'm downstairs Christopher
Christopher (PS0KU) [545] Oh, can I have erm a piece of toast?
Matthew (PS0KS) [546] Not got enough time for us
Christopher (PS0KU) [547] Just a slice dad?
[548] Can I have a slice of toast?
Matt (PS0KP) [549] Yes go and put him in a slice of toast Matt
Christopher (PS0KU) [550] Thank you
Matthew (PS0KS) [551] Dad ... oh ... you're gonna have to wait, there's not enough time to get bread out the freezer and
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...] ...
Matthew (PS0KS) [552] Dad that, they can't have toast cos there's bread in the freezer and it's, there's not enough time to get it out and defrost it.
Matt (PS0KP) [553] Go and get a loaf out the freezer
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]

6 (Tape 035502)

Matt (PS0KP) [554] You alright?
Jan (PS0KR) [555] Yeah I'm just going
Matt (PS0KP) [556] You found your bag?
Jan (PS0KR) [557] Mm, mm ...
Matt (PS0KP) [558] Don't forget that letter ... I think I'll go up car
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [559] and price how it'll cost er,recap er replace that cheap
Jan (PS0KR) [560] What?
Matt (PS0KP) [561] that blue stripy stuff
Jan (PS0KR) [562] What for?
Matt (PS0KP) [563] Because this looks crap
Jan (PS0KR) [564] It's better this than wasting a load of money that carpets we're gonna bin anyway ...
Matt (PS0KP) [565] A few letters there, where's my pen?
[566] Where's the money that was there?
Christopher (PS0KU) [567] Don't know
Matt (PS0KP) [568] Jan did you lift the money that was on the side here?
[569] ... Let the answer machine get the phone Laura ... Are you ready to go Chris?
[570] Come on then go and get your coat on.
Christopher (PS0KU) [571] I'm ready.
Matt (PS0KP) [572] Go and get your coat on ... well done ... go and start the car Matt ...
Laura (PS0KT) [573] Dad
Matt (PS0KP) [574] What?
Laura (PS0KT) [575] A, D what does it stand for?
Matt (PS0KP) [576] What?
Laura (PS0KT) [577] A, D what does it stand for?
Matt (PS0KP) [578] Anno Domini, why where does it say that?
Laura (PS0KT) [579] It says in the
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [580] it says two thousand and fourteen A D metropolis
Matt (PS0KP) [581] Right ... are you ready?
[582] Right come on Chris let's go, in fact run upstairs and put that on your bed quickly, come on, double away ... better put that woman's gloves somewhere safe ... did you take that change that was lying there, well Matt I'll need some for his dinner, oh, no ... alright Laura
Laura (PS0KT) [583] Are you coming back?
Matt (PS0KP) [584] Of course I'm coming back, go and get your slippers on and make yourself a couple of bits of toast
Laura (PS0KT) [585] I haven't got any slippers
Matt (PS0KP) [586] Well borrow Matt's, go up and borrow Matt's, put your dressing
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [587] Christopher
Matt (PS0KP) [588] go up and borrow Matt's, get your dressing gown on and make yourself some toast, right?
Jan (PS0KR) [589] Look what he's done to his shoes
Matt (PS0KP) [590] I know he'd better stop scraping them whatever he's doing.
Christopher (PS0KU) [591] I never scrape them
Matt (PS0KP) [592] You got that letter?
[593] Come on
Jan (PS0KR) [594] Come on ...
Matt (PS0KP) [595] in the back seat well go on then blow away ...
Christopher (PS0KU) [596] I can't get this
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [597] off
Matt (PS0KP) [598] Put your seatbelt on
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [599] can you get my
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [600] for me please? ...
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [601] no he doesn't he no Matt, things can change in the Fire Ser , the way they do things changes every, every year
Matthew (PS0KS) [602] Cos we, when I get in I get chosen by other fire station
Matt (PS0KP) [603] Yeah, well no that's
Matthew (PS0KS) [604] del , delivering tools
Matt (PS0KP) [605] that
Matthew (PS0KS) [606] for the fire station
Matt (PS0KP) [607] wait a minute that is for your
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [608] could you open that up? ...
Matthew (PS0KS) [609] I know that's for work experience, but I'll still do it.
Matt (PS0KP) [610] Right, I know
Matthew (PS0KS) [611] We have to fill in all the fire engines that we work on
Matt (PS0KP) [612] You may have to stay for your, who's that?
Matthew (PS0KS) [613] The postman
Matt (PS0KP) [614] I know it's the postman
Jan (PS0KR) [615] Post
Matt (PS0KP) [616] Oh, you might have to stay with your nana for a week
Matthew (PS0KS) [617] Yeah that's alright
Matt (PS0KP) [618] You'd better clear that with your nan the next time we see her.
[619] Don't see any problem
Christopher (PS0KU) [620] I'm not
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...] [radio on] ...
Matt (PS0KP) [621] I look at the scrap heap, scrap for that then, might as well make it look as good as possible, even if I get two five for it, I'm sticking two, two grand in there, well we'll make it, we'll stick the lot in the joint account and keep it there
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [622] mm, go on
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [623] that's, that's no priority for a couple of months is it?
Jan (PS0KR) [624] Got the money we might just as well
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [625] wait a minute, we'll leave that in there ... we'll let it go out, see how it goes for a couple of months, Glen will know where we can use any money for that anyway for a couple of months
Jan (PS0KR) [626] We're not selling that
Matt (PS0KP) [627] What, alright, wait a minute, just let me finish, get it sorted out, why was buying a suite when we've got to be stripping down wallpaper and getting dust everywhere and sand and dirt and Christ knows what, just to get it all shitted up ...
Jan (PS0KR) [628] Well I'm saying
Matt (PS0KP) [629] If I got it lying, where, if I've got it in the bank and it's there ready it's, there's nay problem is there?
[630] Ambulance there
Jan (PS0KR) [631] Ah?
Matt (PS0KP) [632] There's an ambulance there, looks like there's been a crash, a bad one as well
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...] ...
Matt (PS0KP) [633] What the hell's happened there?
Jan (PS0KR) [634] Two cars by the looks of it
Matthew (PS0KS) [635] Let the rescue
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [636] must of hit some, some ice
Christopher (PS0KU) [637] see them
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [638] but you've got to stick in to your studying Matt
Matthew (PS0KS) [639] I know I need it
Matt (PS0KP) [640] I know you need it, the way you read that letter was atrocious Matt ... if the letter, the word just doesn't jump out and tell you what it is, look at the, the words each side of it ... Christ ...
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [641] cos that woman stopped
Matt (PS0KP) [642] She's got four red flashers on ...
Christopher (PS0KU) [643] Dad
Matt (PS0KP) [644] I'm not heard any word from Commercial Union yet
Christopher (PS0KU) [645] Dad
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [646] what?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [647] Well that's a point still haven't got any red letters
Christopher (PS0KU) [648] Dad
Matthew (PS0KS) [649] Perhaps stopped and you're insured
Matt (PS0KP) [650] I'm insured, it's a cover note cover maybe
Matthew (PS0KS) [651] Ah
Matt (PS0KP) [652] I phoned them up
Christopher (PS0KU) [653] Dad
Matt (PS0KP) [654] want them to send me a cover note
Christopher (PS0KU) [655] Dad
Matt (PS0KP) [656] What?
Christopher (PS0KU) [657] It isn't
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [658] it isn't the case of just being a fireman say get a rescue tender and whirl it up and erm there about, you've got to get, you've got to be a fire, if you be a fireman you've got to get in everything erm
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [659] and erm
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [660] oh of course you don't, jump in any wagon that's available, but there's certain vehicles for certain jobs, and as Matt said that would just be
Christopher (PS0KU) [661] Yeah and if you sit there and
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [662] then people like to rescue
Matt (PS0KP) [663] The control tends to send through a, a fax
Matthew (PS0KS) [664] They read it on the printer
Matt (PS0KP) [665] Yeah
Matthew (PS0KS) [666] and show you which vehicle to take
Matt (PS0KP) [667] and then they take, you take whatever vehicle's
Matthew (PS0KS) [668] On the
Matt (PS0KP) [669] er they say, and if then they've made a mistake you have done what you are told, I mean if you take a big ladder and it's only a wee fire, a small car bump and then there is a big fire later on, somewhere else and they haven't got their, the right appliances because you're at that place with the wrong stuff, then that would cause problems wouldn't it?
Christopher (PS0KU) [670] Yeah
Matt (PS0KP) [671] See you later
Matthew (PS0KS) [672] It's very rare that happens though
Matt (PS0KP) [673] I love you too
Matthew (PS0KS) [674] Er mum can I have some money?
[675] Sorry
Matt (PS0KP) [676] Well done Matt, well done, better doing it now then wait until the last bloody minute when we're outside the school ...
Jan (PS0KR) [677] Right see you later
Matt (PS0KP) [678] Have you got it?
Matthew (PS0KS) [679] Yeah ...
Matt (PS0KP) [680] See you when you started crying last night there was no need for that Matt, nobody can ... what do you want me to do please you when you kick, that was three things you kicked over in the space of minutes
Matthew (PS0KS) [681] Alright
Matt (PS0KP) [682] Well what do you want me to do?
[683] Praise you up when you go around kicking things, walking about with your eyes shut ... you've got to join the Fire Service and you walk, you canna walk about with your eyes shut, you can't, people that have been injured in the head they're going to be screaming about it aren't they ... your eyes are wonderful things Matt, they give you all round vision, you can see from, from the side of your eye if you look ... it's like everything else if you don't use it properly, you don't get the benefit from it
Christopher (PS0KU) [684] Dad look what I can do
Matt (PS0KP) [685] What?
Christopher (PS0KU) [686] with my eye, I can look forward and like that
Matt (PS0KP) [687] Mm, mm
Christopher (PS0KU) [688] I can look forward and sideways
Matt (PS0KP) [689] Well you look at, if you put your hand up and move, move your fingers up at the side, you can see that, you can see that moving can't you?
Christopher (PS0KU) [690] Yeah
Matt (PS0KP) [691] That just shows you how good your eye, the views are, even right next to the side of your head
Christopher (PS0KU) [692] Why?
Matt (PS0KP) [693] you can see your hand moving
Christopher (PS0KU) [694] Yeah
Matt (PS0KP) [695] but if you keep it still because there's nothing happened there your eye disregards that and it takes in things that are moving.
Christopher (PS0KU) [696] I can still see my hand
Matt (PS0KP) [697] If you put your hand up at the side there you can still see it even though you're looking straight, even though I'm looking straight ahead Matt I can still see that, try it.
Christopher (PS0KU) [698] So can I
Matthew (PS0KS) [699] Aha I can
Christopher (PS0KU) [700] so can I
Matt (PS0KP) [701] Put your hand up at the side and
Christopher (PS0KU) [702] I've done it
Matt (PS0KP) [703] right up at the side of you?
[704] I mean I can still see my hand moving ...
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [705] take you to school
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [706] I know
Matt (PS0KP) [707] I'm taking you to school, just
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [708] bored going out to it all the time ...
Christopher (PS0KU) [709] drinking a coffee?
Matt (PS0KP) [710] Yep ... I've decided I'm not going for that Audi Matt
Matthew (PS0KS) [711] What the diesel one?
Matt (PS0KP) [712] Yeah it's a van, I don't want another van
Matthew (PS0KS) [713] No, but that wasn't the one I'm showing you, this one was a sixteen hundred er D L, er four hundred and fifty pounds
Matt (PS0KP) [714] Diesel?
Matthew (PS0KS) [715] No sixteen hundred
Matt (PS0KP) [716] Yeah you can get a sixteen hundred diesel Matt
Matthew (PS0KS) [717] No, but the other one in the auto paper, not the southern, there is a sixteen hundred Audi
Matt (PS0KP) [718] Audi what?
Matthew (PS0KS) [719] Saloon like this ... and it's a sixteen hundred and you said that's the size you want
Matt (PS0KP) [720] Mm, mm
Matthew (PS0KS) [721] it says phone any time.
Matt (PS0KP) [722] Is it trader?
Matthew (PS0KS) [723] Private, so we could probably get away with four hundred
Christopher (PS0KU) [724] Dad look at this, right
Matthew (PS0KS) [725] Tell you what I'll write it down on a bit of paper what page it's on
Matt (PS0KP) [726] Sorry just tell me
Matthew (PS0KS) [727] Page fifty six
Matt (PS0KP) [728] Right
Matthew (PS0KS) [729] aut er the auto trader not the southern
Matt (PS0KP) [730] Thames Valley?
Matthew (PS0KS) [731] Yeah Thames Valley
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [732] no it's not page fifty six in here ... on the first page where it says bargain cars
Matt (PS0KP) [733] Mm, mm
Matthew (PS0KS) [734] and remember that little X R three, black one?
Matt (PS0KP) [735] Mm, mm
Matthew (PS0KS) [736] You don't turn the page over, just look over to the next column
Matt (PS0KP) [737] I'll find it Matt, I'll find it
Matthew (PS0KS) [738] it's a red Audi, eight, er hundred
Christopher (PS0KU) [739] Dad
Matt (PS0KP) [740] What?
Christopher (PS0KU) [741] the blue one
Matthew (PS0KS) [742] they're looking for four fifty it's a sixteen hundred with black cloth interior ... terrible
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [743] it's the next cheapest thing from that Capri, the Capri's the cheapest but it's a two litre
Matt (PS0KP) [744] All I want is something that I can drive about, just to get me from A to B
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...] ...
Matthew (PS0KS) [745] it's very well, like that
Matt (PS0KP) [746] Same as that?
Matthew (PS0KS) [747] like that, but it's the next one ...
Christopher (PS0KU) [748] Dad
Matt (PS0KP) [749] What?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [750] Why what's that going for?
Matthew (PS0KS) [751] It's too big for, too small for
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [752] no it's not
Christopher (PS0KU) [753] Oh yeah dad, erm
Matt (PS0KP) [754] I don't care if it gets me from
Christopher (PS0KU) [755] got
Matt (PS0KP) [756] A to B Matt
Christopher (PS0KU) [757] dad I haven't gonna be a police, but you have to be careful any sort of car can be a police car
Matt (PS0KP) [758] Yeah ... you gonna be a policeman Chris?
Christopher (PS0KU) [759] Yeah
Matt (PS0KP) [760] You need to study hard ...
Christopher (PS0KU) [761] I know what erm ... sixty four and sixty four ...
Matt (PS0KP) [762] This is very depressing, who put this on?
Matthew (PS0KS) [763] What?
Matt (PS0KP) [764] Who put this, tape on?
Matthew (PS0KS) [765] Put what?
Christopher (PS0KU) [766] Dad
Matt (PS0KP) [767] This tape
Christopher (PS0KU) [768] I already know what thirty two and thirty two is
Matt (PS0KP) [769] What?
Christopher (PS0KU) [770] Erm eighty four
Matt (PS0KP) [771] No, thirty two add thirty two, what's three and three?
Christopher (PS0KU) [772] Six
Matt (PS0KP) [773] So what's two and two?
Christopher (PS0KU) [774] Four
Matt (PS0KP) [775] So what's thirty two and thirty two?
Christopher (PS0KU) [776] Erm a hundred and twenty four
Matt (PS0KP) [777] No sixty four
Christopher (PS0KU) [778] Oh
Matt (PS0KP) [779] because ... three and three is six isn't it?
Christopher (PS0KU) [780] Yeah
Matt (PS0KP) [781] So that's the two thirties taken care off, so that'll be sixty wouldn't it?
Christopher (PS0KU) [782] Yeah
Matt (PS0KP) [783] Then you've got two twos, which are?
[784] What's two twos?
Christopher (PS0KU) [785] Four
Matt (PS0KP) [786] Right, so the answer is?
Christopher (PS0KU) [787] Forty one
Matt (PS0KP) [788] Sixty four ...
Christopher (PS0KU) [789] Oh you know what
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [790] You got your letter Matt?
Matthew (PS0KS) [791] Yes
Christopher (PS0KU) [792] Dad I already know what six thousand and six thousand is
Matt (PS0KP) [793] Six thousand, six thousand?
Christopher (PS0KU) [794] Yeah
Matt (PS0KP) [795] Well what's six and six?
Christopher (PS0KU) [796] I know what six thousand and six thousand make
Matt (PS0KP) [797] What?
Christopher (PS0KU) [798] Twelve, twelve thousand
Matt (PS0KP) [799] Correct, well done ... go on out you get
Matthew (PS0KS) [800] Bye, see you
Matt (PS0KP) [801] Give us a kiss now, okay see you later
Matthew (PS0KS) [802] See you later, pick your brother up Matt yet
Christopher (PS0KU) [803] Dad there's a rubber down there
Matt (PS0KP) [804] A what?
Christopher (PS0KU) [805] A rubber
Matt (PS0KP) [806] Pick it up then
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [807] there you go
Matt (PS0KP) [808] Thank you, good boy, er pick your folder up for me please
Christopher (PS0KU) [809] Am I coming in the back?
[810] I'll erm my seatbelt in the back?
Matt (PS0KP) [811] Yes ...
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [812] if you want, yeah ...
Christopher (PS0KU) [813] I'm coming the other side ...
Matt (PS0KP) [814] You like Phil Collins don't you?
Christopher (PS0KU) [815] Yeah
Matt (PS0KP) [816] I'll buy you an album for your birthday
Christopher (PS0KU) [817] Pardon?
Matt (PS0KP) [818] I'll buy you an album, a Phil Collins album for your birthday, would you like that?
Christopher (PS0KU) [819] Yeah ...
Matt (PS0KP) [820] And get you an hi fi for your own room
Christopher (PS0KU) [821] Yeah ...

7 (Tape 035601)

Matt (PS0KP) [822] Plain speaking English Dictionary.
[823] So ... every e , every conversation I have I've got to ... tape it.
[824] You don't mind do you?
Christopher (PS0KV) [825] No.
[826] No.
Matt (PS0KP) [827] Cos I try to get all the ... colloquial things and whatever.
[828] All the small ... adages that people use.
[829] Honestly!
[830] That's the tru , that's the truth!
[831] Innit Laura?
Laura (PS0KT) [832] Mhm.
Matt (PS0KP) [833] Right, so er ... yeah, I was looking at her ... a couple of cheapies in there.
[834] You ever been to Westbury Castle
Christopher (PS0KV) [835] No.
Laura (PS0KT) [laugh]
Matt (PS0KP) [836] Have you?
[837] Ever been to Westbury Auctions No, straight up!
[838] No.
[839] I heard they're quite good.
[840] ... So what d'you reckon I should reasonably ask for that thing then?
Christopher (PS0KV) [841] Erm
Matt (PS0KP) [842] I mean I've gotta put a ... I've gotta put a minimal sale price on it.
Christopher (PS0KV) [843] Er ... three grand?
Matt (PS0KP) [844] It's done a hundred and eight thousand mile!
Christopher (PS0KV) [845] Yeah but it's big, it's two litre though innit?
Matt (PS0KP) [846] Mm.
Christopher (PS0KV) [847] Don't got to a trader though.
Matt (PS0KP) [848] No.
[849] I'm going to an auction.
Christopher (PS0KV) [850] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [851] I'll put it in in Westbury Auction I was thinking about to ... putting two eight.
Christopher (PS0KV) [852] So what's the idea of all this then?
Matt (PS0KP) [853] Two eight thing.
[854] Er, just this ... this woman came round to the door last night ... and said well ... er, you know the in bi ... English Dictionary?
[855] Well it's a ... a dictionary on the spoken word.
[856] Like some people use other ... other words to mean different things.
Christopher (PS0KV) [857] Oh yes!
Matt (PS0KP) [858] And they're trying ... they're trying to compile one of these things.
[859] It's a load of fucking crap to be quite honest [laughing] as far as I'm concerned [] !
[860] And she said swear and what have you!
Christopher (PS0KV) [861] Ah!
Matt (PS0KP) [862] I don't think I'll ever have a use for it.
Christopher (PS0KV) [863] [laughing] You're fucking lying [...] [] !
Matt (PS0KP) [864] No honestly!
Christopher (PS0KV) [laugh]
Matt (PS0KP) [865] They're giving me twenty five quid for this, honest!
[866] They're giving us twenty five quid to record these.
Christopher (PS0KV) [867] What?
Matt (PS0KP) [868] Recording away.
Christopher (PS0KV) [laugh]
Matt (PS0KP) [869] I [...] Bob and Sheila's last night as well, they were ... Bob says ... turn it off!
[870] Turn it off! [laugh]
Christopher (PS0KV) [871] Oh!
[872] [sigh] Yeah!
[873] So they're fed up?
Matt (PS0KP) [874] Thing is they're not much about mate is there?
[875] There's not much about at all!
Christopher (PS0KV) [876] Go abroad.
[877] That'll be nice!
Matt (PS0KP) [878] You thinking about it?
Christopher (PS0KV) [879] Well I was, but Sharon don't wanna go at all.
Matt (PS0KP) [880] Where would you go mate?
Christopher (PS0KV) [881] Where's a, if you can get a ... I forget what it's called now, they advertise in erm ... er ... is it Telegraph, Times ... it's a newspaper which is just for jobs abroad.
Matt (PS0KP) [882] Aha.
Christopher (PS0KV) [883] It's two ... it's twelve quid for six.
Matt (PS0KP) [884] Six.
[885] Yeah.
Christopher (PS0KV) [886] Six issues, yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [887] Worldwide?
Christopher (PS0KV) [888] Yeah.
[889] And it just
Matt (PS0KP) [890] Worldwide.
Christopher (PS0KV) [891] comes ... full of job, all sorts of jobs everywhere, you know?
[892] I thought about sending for that
Matt (PS0KP) [893] It's crap!
Christopher (PS0KV) [894] and
Matt (PS0KP) [895] I've sent away for it.
Christopher (PS0KV) [896] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [897] It's crap!
[898] It's just like a fly sheet that comes out every month.
Christopher (PS0KV) [899] Mm.
Matt (PS0KP) [900] But [...]
Christopher (PS0KV) [901] My mate Andy's off you see ... he's
Matt (PS0KP) [902] Wha
Christopher (PS0KV) [903] gone to Saudi.
Matt (PS0KP) [904] Who?
Christopher (PS0KV) [905] My mate Andy in Wales.
Matt (PS0KP) [906] Has he?
Christopher (PS0KV) [907] Tyre fitting ... of all things.
Matt (PS0KP) [908] In Saudi?
Christopher (PS0KV) [909] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [910] Jesus Christ!
Christopher (PS0KV) [911] [...] get in over there.
[912] Oh, no, just split up and mess about.
Matt (PS0KP) [913] Mm.
Christopher (PS0KV) [914] He's got them on a ... [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [915] That
Christopher (PS0KV) [916] get done for assault there.
Matt (PS0KP) [917] that paper you're talking about ... it's mainly for ... erm ... students
Christopher (PS0KV) [918] Mm.
Matt (PS0KP) [919] that have got six months ... where they want to get in before they ... get stuck into their studying again.
Christopher (PS0KV) [920] Overseas jobs vacancies.
Matt (PS0KP) [921] Yeah, that's right, yes!
Christopher (PS0KV) [922] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [923] Cos I sent away for it.
[924] I got it for six months,te
Christopher (PS0KV) [925] Yeah?
Matt (PS0KP) [926] twelve pound for six months.
[927] Er
Christopher (PS0KV) [928] Are these erm ... today's papers?
Matt (PS0KP) [929] Yesterdays.
Christopher (PS0KV) [930] What [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [931] Yeah.
[932] They come out on a Thursday don't they, you [...] !
Christopher (PS0KV) [933] Yeah, cos of the ... cos of the week holiday yo ... never know!
Matt (PS0KP) [934] No, not talking [...] .
[935] I don't buy ... crap!
Christopher (PS0KV) [936] Just erm
Matt (PS0KP) [937] I've gotta fit this ... poxy was , this dishwasher as well!
Christopher (PS0KV) [938] Have you gotta apply for licence?
Matt (PS0KP) [939] No.
[940] I've got a ... I've got a licence everything mate!
[941] I'm ... well covered!
Christopher (PS0KV) [942] [laughing] Yeah [] !
[943] Why don't you get a bike?
[944] If it's only
Matt (PS0KP) [945] Because ... I've got
Christopher (PS0KV) [946] Because
Matt (PS0KP) [947] a briefcase that would choke an elephant!
[948] And when
Christopher (PS0KV) [949] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [950] it's pissing with rain I don't wanna go into somebody's house ... dripping like a, never mind looking at the bikes ... into the cars!
Christopher (PS0KV) [951] I need to find erm ... a breakage ... a bike breakers.
Matt (PS0KP) [952] There's one in Basingstoke.
Christopher (PS0KV) [953] Ah!
Matt (PS0KP) [954] Bike Busters.
Christopher (PS0KV) [955] I paid ninety quid, is that where it is?
[956] Bike
Matt (PS0KP) [957] Bike , Bike Busters, I know where it is, it's erm
Christopher (PS0KV) [958] I paid ninety quid for this Suzuki right?
Matt (PS0KP) [959] Mhm.
Christopher (PS0KV) [960] And erm ... magneto broke on it ... and these, I mean back shockers are a bit weak on this and that, but Sharon had it and said oh it's not big enough!
[961] I want a bigger bike but she's not gonna ride it until she's had the baby.
Matt (PS0KP) [962] Mm.
Christopher (PS0KV) [963] And erm ... I mean, it'll go, just wants a bit of
Matt (PS0KP) [964] Coaxing?
Christopher (PS0KV) [965] Yeah.
[966] It wants, you know?
[967] Cos of the, the bloke up in Wooton Rivers the bike breakers there
Matt (PS0KP) [968] Mm.
Christopher (PS0KV) [969] he's got two of them up there, engines and ... the big bikes ... so I've ... gotta ring him up and see how much he wants some bits for.
Matt (PS0KP) [970] For the magneto?
[971] Shouldn't o cost you that much for Christ's sake!
Christopher (PS0KV) [972] Well a new one's eighty quid!
Matt (PS0KP) [973] Well you don't want a new one though do you?
Christopher (PS0KV) [974] Well no.
[975] Well I need a magneto ... erm ... the kick start sprongs naffed on it, so I thought well ... that doesn't matter, springs okay I'll
Matt (PS0KP) [976] Yeah.
Christopher (PS0KV) [977] put it on wheel lock
Matt (PS0KP) [978] Yeah.
Christopher (PS0KV) [979] for kick start.
Matt (PS0KP) [980] Just a wee spot weld will
Christopher (PS0KV) [981] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [982] keep that one alright.
Christopher (PS0KV) [983] And sort it out.
Matt (PS0KP) [984] [shouting] You alright Laura [] ?
Laura (PS0KT) [985] Yeah.
Christopher (PS0KV) [986] Offered me thirty quid for it, he didn't [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [987] Cheeky shitter
Christopher (PS0KV) [988] But when he comes down he said oh look, he said the back springs are naffed, I mean, yeah that back suspension's
Matt (PS0KP) [989] Mm.
Christopher (PS0KV) [990] a bit saggy.
[991] And then he said, spline on the kick start.
[992] So you won't put a new spline in, he goes but the ca , the crank case is
Matt (PS0KP) [993] Yeah.
Christopher (PS0KV) [994] all I've seen.
Matt (PS0KP) [995] That's right, that!
Christopher (PS0KV) [996] He says and er, you got this and that and the other!
[997] Both tyres he says ... dunno if you'll get through an M O T with them.
Matt (PS0KP) [998] Yeah.
Christopher (PS0KV) [999] So I don't think it's worth ... like that.
[1000] Not the ... bloody thing!
[1001] Ain't got much time to mess about with it you see.
[1002] Ain't got much time as it is!
Matt (PS0KP) [1003] Mm.
[1004] Who's this guy in Wales that you know about the cars?
[1005] I'm not interested in a poxy old bike!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1006] Who's this?
[1007] What bloke?
Matt (PS0KP) [1008] That guy that you got the Datsun off.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1009] Oh Chris!
Matt (PS0KP) [1010] Mm.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1011] Yeah, he hasn't got nothing.
[1012] Ooh hang on he has bought yo , he's bought a [...] B M W ... erm ... bought a B M W.
Matt (PS0KP) [1013] What, three sixty?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1014] It's a three series.
[1015] It might be a two litre though.
[1016] Er
Matt (PS0KP) [1017] How much?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1018] I dunno I, I dunno even know if he's done it yet.
[1019] Er er, what was wrong with it?
[1020] Erm
Matt (PS0KP) [1021] Phone him up!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1022] Erm ... don't know his work's number.
[1023] I've got his home number written at home.
Matt (PS0KP) [1024] Phone Sharon and tell her to get the phone number.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1025] Yeah.
[1026] Er
Matt (PS0KP) [1027] Get moving bud!
[1028] Get a move on!
[1029] I could do with a
Christopher (PS0KV) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1030] nice wee bud ah?
[1031] It turns up [...] .
Christopher (PS0KV) [1032] Can't think of anything else is there? [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1033] You feeling alright Laura?
Laura (PS0KT) [1034] Look, [...] there!
Matt (PS0KP) [1035] Where?
Laura (PS0KT) [1036] There.
Matt (PS0KP) [1037] Your stomach?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1038] Let's see!
Matt (PS0KP) [1039] Your tummy?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1040] Let's see.
[1041] Whereabouts?
Laura (PS0KT) [1042] Hello!
Matt (PS0KP) [1043] Yeah, go on.
[1044] Shug
Christopher (PS0KV) [1045] Well
Matt (PS0KP) [1046] What?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1047] [phonecall starts] ello!
[1048] Mummy there?
Matt (PS0KP) [1049] Anybody phone Laura?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1050] Watcha
Laura (PS0KT) [1051] No.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1052] How are you?
[1053] Erm, listen can you give us Chris's number in the book please?
[1054] Hello, how are you?
[1055] What are you doing?
[1056] ... Comes under C.
[1057] Comes under C.
Matt (PS0KP) [1058] C for cars.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1059] Yeah.
[1060] Yeah.
[1061] Did you tell them [...] says.
[1062] Yeah.
[1063] Erm Geoff ... I I met him in Phillips, I went to, hang on!
Matt (PS0KP) [1064] ello!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [1065] Hello!
Matt (PS0KP) [1066] How are you?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [1067] Alright.
Matt (PS0KP) [1068] Long time, no see!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [1069] I know! [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1070] How
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [1071] How are you today?
Matt (PS0KP) [1072] How have you been?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [1073] Alright thanks.
Matt (PS0KP) [1074] That's good!
[1075] I'm recording you at the minute.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [1076] Are you?
Matt (PS0KP) [1077] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [1078] Oh my God!
[1079] I should know how to [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [1080] No you're alright!
[1081] You'll be alright.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [1082] Aha.
Matt (PS0KP) [1083] Why don't you come down and see this place.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1084] Well, no ... not at the minute.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [1085] No?
Matt (PS0KP) [1086] No.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [1087] Is this the [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [1088] Are you alright?
Matt (PS0KP) [1089] Yeah, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [1090] What's the matter?
Matt (PS0KP) [1091] We've got fifteen grand for the council so
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [1092] Have you?
Matt (PS0KP) [1093] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1094] Fifteen thousand, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [1095] The council can't give you that amount.
Matt (PS0KP) [1096] To buy it.
[1097] No, no this is to buy cos we've moved out of council, council property
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [1098] Oh I see!
Matt (PS0KP) [1099] into this place.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1100] No, it'll cost us ... at the, the buying price was fifty one.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1101] A four bedroom, so we cannot go wrong basically!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1102] Yeah, yeah.
[1103] But erm ... you need to come down, once we get the double glazing I'll give you a shout and ... come down for a ... come down for a coffee and what have you.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [1104] Yeah, that sounds great!
Matt (PS0KP) [1105] Yeah, definitely!
[1106] How are you?
[1107] I hear you're er ... in the family way again.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [1108] Yeah, I know.
Matt (PS0KP) [1109] You dirty people!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [laugh]
Matt (PS0KP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [1110] Well, you calling us dirty people?
Matt (PS0KP) [1111] Well
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [1112] And we [...] !
Matt (PS0KP) [1113] [laughing] I am [] !
[1114] Oh I don't mind admitting it!
[1115] [laugh] ... Right, I'll put you back onto your feller shal
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [1116] Okay bye!
Matt (PS0KP) [1117] See you later love!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [1118] Bye!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1119] Okay, I'll see you later.
[1120] Oh,wha wha hang on!
[1121] What time are you going down the hospital?
[1122] Right, I got a cheque in my pocket made out to pay cash so she said you can go in and cash it on the counter.
[1123] Two weeks.
[1124] Because otherwise you wouldn't be able to ... it'd take three days to clear so that's the best way to do it.
[1125] She put pay cash ... on the, on the [...] whatever.
[1126] Alright then?
[1127] I'll see you later!
[1128] Okay bye! [phonecall ends]
Matt (PS0KP) [1129] .
Christopher (PS0KV) [1130] Not on this one though.
[1131] Yeah missed a bloody ... does that now and again dunnit?
Matt (PS0KP)
Christopher (PS0KV) [1132] How much do you wanna spend?
Matt (PS0KP) [1133] As little as possible!
[1134] As little as possible!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1135] She might be down the shops or something.
[1136] He'd be [...] .
[1137] ... No, nobody in.
Matt (PS0KP) [1138] Shit!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1139] Here I'll tell you what ... got your Capri going well there!
Matt (PS0KP) [1140] Has she?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1141] Hundred and forty brake horse.
Matt (PS0KP) [1142] Jesus Christ!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1143] [laugh] ... Erm
Matt (PS0KP) [1144] Actually I was wanting that Capri last night actually.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1145] Actually I didn't know the Capri [...] ... what?
[1146] Fourteen, fifteen.
[1147] A [...] H, H reg two litre S.
[1148] Like, two litre [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [1149] It's too big!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1150] Mm.
Matt (PS0KP) [1151] Too
Christopher (PS0KV) [1152] Erm
Matt (PS0KP) [1153] Too juicy!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1154] Yeah.
[1155] Okay, we need another ... What about that, what about a Skoda then?
[1156] No good?
Matt (PS0KP) [1157] [...] if I go too fast!
Christopher (PS0KV) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1158] [...] you know, if they put ... council put a notice on.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1159] Oh right.
Matt (PS0KP) [1160] So it's been towed away.
[1161] That bastard over getting there first I think!
Christopher (PS0KV) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1162] What were you gonna say about this guy that was in here?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1163] Oh ... full of it!
Matt (PS0KP) [1164] He's doolally isn't he!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1165] He was telling me that er ... when he was serving Northern Ireland, okay?
Matt (PS0KP) [1166] Yeah.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1167] He was hanging out of a Lynx ... sitting on the side of this ... with this gun right? [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1168] Yeah.
[1169] Right.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1170] he said and they was doing six hundred mile an hour ... oh yeah?
Matt (PS0KP) [1171] In a Lynx?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1172] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [1173] What a shit!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1174] And they was hanging out the bottom, hanging out with their guns hanging over the edges.
[1175] Six hundred mile an hour!
Matt (PS0KP) [1176] Crap!
Christopher (PS0KV) [laugh]
Matt (PS0KP) [1177] A Lynx will only do a hundred and eighty mile an hour!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1178] Yeah, but that ain't
Matt (PS0KP) [1179] Well it must of been a turbo ... turbo thrust
Christopher (PS0KV) [laugh]
Matt (PS0KP) [1180] blue thunder
Christopher (PS0KV) [1181] Yeah so
Matt (PS0KP) [1182] accelerated elastic band
Christopher (PS0KV) [1183] Yeah.
[1184] So he says
Matt (PS0KP) [1185] special Lynx!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1186] oh he says, the stories he used to come up with [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1187] He's full of crap!
[1188] I'm not ... I mean
Christopher (PS0KV) [1189] He
Matt (PS0KP) [1190] when I come down here and I'm
Christopher (PS0KV) [1191] he still go on about his [...] ... to do these.
Matt (PS0KP) [1192] Ah!
[1193] He's full of crap!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1194] Iddy lost his job.
Matt (PS0KP) [1195] Who?
Christopher (PS0KV) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1196] Sorry?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1197] Does those helicopters
Matt (PS0KP) [1198] Ah right, yes!
[1199] Why did he lose that?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1200] They erm ... well ... apparently he said ... a few of them got in trouble he said, and heads had to roll and one of them was his!
[1201] Erm ... he didn't think
Matt (PS0KP) [1202] Causing trouble in what respect.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1203] [...] or something.
Matt (PS0KP) [1204] Ooh Christ!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1205] So er
Matt (PS0KP) [1206] You cannot afford to make mistakes like that on aircraft!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1207] Well I think , I think it was a few of them involved [...] , but apparently he went ... so you ... never know.
Matt (PS0KP) [1208] Jesus Christ!
[1209] Yeah but you cannot afford to ... I mean, Jesus Christ they're putting ... people's lives in danger there aren't you?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1210] Yeah.
[1211] I bet this is runner up for erm ... gonna take some accessories okay?
Matt (PS0KP) [1212] What for?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1213] Well ... got a car in there.
[1214] I mean, for instance, if you had something like er
Matt (PS0KP) [1215] Spares or repairs.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1216] fourteen or [...] ... I had a sixteen overhead cam Cortina engine sitting up ... the blokes just swapped it for a two litre ... cos he wanted some more go.
[1217] That's my old engine out of my green Capri.
Matt (PS0KP) [1218] Oh!
Laura (PS0KT) [1219] Dad!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1220] Sixteen hundred.
Matt (PS0KP) [1221] Thanks darling.
[1222] Well then go and get yourself ready ... and you can start stripping off ... things like that for me.
[1223] D'you feel better?
Laura (PS0KT) [1224] Okay, yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [1225] Ah?
Laura (PS0KT) [1226] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [1227] Get yourself dre
Christopher (PS0KV) [1228] Cor blimey Ford Capri two litre S, [...] complete care including full road cage.
[1229] Mm!
Matt (PS0KP) [1230] I just want something that I can tax, and insure ... and ju jump in and take away.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1231] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [1232] D'you want another coffee?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1233] No, I'm alright thanks.
[1234] Well I'll tell you who might have something [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1235] Who?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1236] Erm ... Michael out at erm ... er Burbridge way.
[1237] He runs a scrap yard there and erm ... whenever he gets decent cars in like, he flogs them on.
[1238] He's usually
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Christopher (PS0KV) [1239] he's usually got a car or two for sale.
[1240] Michael Williams his name is but I can't remember bu ... I dunno the name of the scrap yard.
Matt (PS0KP) [1241] At Burbridge
Christopher (PS0KV) [1242] Erm ... well it's not Burbridge it's erm ... oh!
[1243] He had [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1244] Is it Devizes?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1245] Ah?
Matt (PS0KP) [1246] It's not Devizes is it?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1247] No, it's not that side.
[1248] It's ... go to Burbridge
Matt (PS0KP) [1249] Yeah.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1250] and then take
Matt (PS0KP) [1251] My area.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1252] Ah?
Matt (PS0KP) [1253] That's my area.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1254] Yeah.
[1255] Well if you take that road down that goes to erm
Matt (PS0KP) [1256] Great ... Great Bevven
Christopher (PS0KV) [1257] No!
[1258] No!
Matt (PS0KP) [1259] Marlborough
Christopher (PS0KV) [1260] No, erm
Matt (PS0KP) [1261] Eastern Royal Pusey
Christopher (PS0KV) [1262] Pusey if you take the road that goes to Pusey you
Matt (PS0KP) [1263] Right.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1264] take, that's where it is.
[1265] A scrap yard
Matt (PS0KP) [1266] Pusey
Christopher (PS0KV) [1267] there
Matt (PS0KP) [1268] I know where you are!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1269] on the left hand side, Michael .
[1270] And he's usually got a car or two for sale there.
Matt (PS0KP) [1271] In Pusey itself?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1272] Well yeah, I think it might be in Pusey
Matt (PS0KP) [1273] Yeah that's
Christopher (PS0KV) [1274] Or it's just
Matt (PS0KP) [1275] I know where that is.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1276] on ... near, just outside Pusey [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1277] Where the monument is?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1278] Ah?
Matt (PS0KP) [1279] Where the monument is, you turn right ... and you go up that small road and it's on the right hand side?
[1280] I know
Christopher (PS0KV) [1281] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [1282] where that is.
[1283] Yeah.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1284] Near the bungalow on the right hand
Matt (PS0KP) [1285] Yeah.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1286] side.
Matt (PS0KP) [1287] That's right.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1288] That's the one.
Matt (PS0KP) [1289] Well, as you drive in the bungalow's on the left.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1290] Yeah, that's the one.
Matt (PS0KP) [1291] And then there's a ... the scrappies right behind it.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1292] Yeah, that's the one.
[1293] Yeah.
[1294] Now he usually got a car for sale.
[1295] He had erm ... what did he have there the last time?
[1296] Usually got a Cortina or something outside for sale, you know?
Matt (PS0KP) [1297] Mm.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1298] When he gets them in.
[1299] Old Escorts, something like that.
[1300] Well I don't see, I say, old but, you know quite tidy.
[1301] Mark three escort he had there, one going cheap.
Matt (PS0KP) [1302] So that, there's a ... an Audi in there ... and Audi diesel
Christopher (PS0KV) [1303] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [1304] four hundred and ninety five.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1305] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [1306] The thing is it's getting the spares for the bastards that's the thing.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1307] Well I put Chris's number on top there if you want
Matt (PS0KP) [1308] Yeah, yeah
Christopher (PS0KV) [1309] Yeah?
Matt (PS0KP) [1310] I'll give him a call mate.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1311] You met the , you met them before?
Matt (PS0KP) [1312] Chris, no.
[1313] I've, is that the one that bought the engine?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1314] No, that was Steve.
Matt (PS0KP) [1315] Ah that's right, yes.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1316] Erm ... it's surprising what you get in here if you ... look in the right places.
Matt (PS0KP) [1317] Scan through it, yes.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1318] I mean those items are pretty good as well.
Matt (PS0KP) [1319] Ah?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1320] In the items.
[1321] Er ... you been looking
Matt (PS0KP) [1322] I was wan
Christopher (PS0KV) [1323] have you?
Matt (PS0KP) [1324] Matt's been looking through it for us, I've not had a chance to look at it yet.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1325] Lancia, ha!
[1326] Sixteen hundred [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [1327] You like Lancias didn't you?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1328] I like the old twin cams, yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [1329] yes, I'm not keen on Lancia.
[1330] I think they're a heap of shit to be quite honest!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1331] Cor that's cheap innit?
Matt (PS0KP) [1332] So what d'you think of the old place?
[1333] What?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1334] Yeah,ma , good potential innit?
Matt (PS0KP) [1335] A lot ... a lot and
Christopher (PS0KV) [1336] Vauxhall Royale.
Matt (PS0KP) [1337] Fucking massive engine!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1338] I know.
[1339] Look!
Matt (PS0KP) [1340] It's about three litre I, should think.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1341] Rare two point eight manual option, service history ... full service history, over two thousand pound bills, gleaming metallic gold [...] , luxury velvet interior, power steering, tilt slide centre, tinted electric windows ... remote mirrors, four headrests, alloys etc., tax, M O T, beautiful car, maintained regardless of cost ... eight hundred and ninety five quid.
Matt (PS0KP) [1342] Ah.
[1343] Yeah, but it's
Christopher (PS0KV) [1344] One here.
Matt (PS0KP) [1345] going from a two litre to a three litre!
[1346] And I don't need that!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1347] I know!
[1348] No, no, no.
Matt (PS0KP) [1349] Oh!
[1350] Do you know anybody that's got a car trailer?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1351] Erm ... ah!
[1352] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [1353] Any chance of getting a loan of it?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1354] Yeah, I dunno, I've got his number, but he's moved but his, the number's the same.
[1355] He was gonna lend us before and er, the only reason I didn't borrow it it's a bit dodgy okay?
[1356] It's go
Matt (PS0KP) [1357] Why?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1358] It's got no brakes on it.
[1359] Depending on how much you're towing.
Matt (PS0KP) [1360] Well it's a Datsun Sunny.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1361] Yeah, erm ... what's the matter with it then?
Matt (PS0KP) [1362] What the Datsun Sunny?
[1363] It's been lying up for about a year and a half
Christopher (PS0KV) [1364] Oh right!
Matt (PS0KP) [1365] It's got no seats in it.
[1366] So I need a trailer.
[1367] Can ri , see if I can arrange to have it collected on Sunday.
[1368] Could you borrow the trailer on Sunday.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1369] Yeah.
[1370] What's his na , erm ...
Matt (PS0KP) [1371] Well it's no use me phoning him up is it?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1372] No, I know I was just thinking if I could ... ring him up now.
[1373] I'm not if he's home.
[1374] Got some others in here.
Matt (PS0KP) [1375] Have they?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1376] B M W Alpina three two three injection, the cheapest
Matt (PS0KP) [1377] Yep!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1378] Alpina you'll ever see.
Matt (PS0KP) [1379] What is it six hundred?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1380] Ninete nineteen
Matt (PS0KP) [1381] Six hundred?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1382] seventy eight manual in red, factory sun roof, B B S alloy wheels, long M O T, requires some tidying ... six hundred and ninety five quid.
Matt (PS0KP) [1383] Yeah.
[1384] It's not bad at all is it?
Christopher (PS0KV) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1385] What size is it?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1386] Two point three injection.
Matt (PS0KP) [1387] Two point [...] .
Christopher (PS0KV) [1388] So [...] twin pipes don't you?
Matt (PS0KP) [1389] That'll be too big, yes!
Laura (PS0KT) [1390] Dad?
Matt (PS0KP) [1391] Too much fuel man!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1392] Mm.
Matt (PS0KP) [1393] I mean I'm carrying a ... a fuel tank behind me with that thing.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1394] Erm ... yeah, I must know someone actually who can ... who's got something for sale.
Matt (PS0KP) [1395] Something about four hundred, four, five hundred.
[1396] ... I wanna know how much I can get for that thing though.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1397] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [1398] I mean once she's tidied up ... she's nice looking when she's ... had a good polish and what have you.
[1399] How much d'you reckon.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1400] It's gonna be about three I suppose innit?
Matt (PS0KP) [1401] I should think three, yes.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1402] It depends, some of them bigger Vauxhalls see they don't hold their money.
Matt (PS0KP) [1403] Mm.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1404] It's like them Royales you put in Royales at dirty cheap innit?
Matt (PS0KP) [1405] Mm.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1406] And Senators.
[1407] Pick up Senators up for nothing.
Matt (PS0KP) [1408] Carlton's a nice model though.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1409] That Jags nice innit, in here?
[1410] Did you see it with the kit on?
Matt (PS0KP) [1411] I'm not looking for a Jag !
[1412] I'm not interested in a Jag Christopher!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1413] It's nineteen seventy, a good body work, [...] , spoilers, [...] alloys, triple kerbs
Matt (PS0KP) [laugh]
Christopher (PS0KV) [1414] Two hundred and six
Matt (PS0KP) [1415] Yeah okay.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1416] two hundred and sixty five brake horse.
Matt (PS0KP) [1417] Attached B P petrol station! [laugh]
Christopher (PS0KV) [laugh]
Matt (PS0KP) [1418] All of Wales!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1419] Triumph he , Triumph sta er what do you call them?
[1420] Erm, Herald ... [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [1421] Four gallons to the second!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1422] R S two thousand [...] , one mint condition.
[1423] I dunno, I think ... either one of them.
Matt (PS0KP) [1424] D'you know anybody that's got a
Christopher (PS0KV) [1425] Some of them might be
Matt (PS0KP) [1426] That's got a dolly?
[1427] Erm
Christopher (PS0KV) [1428] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [1429] Not a dolly.
[1430] Er ... there's a small Escort ... mark three Escort, right?
[1431] Up at Pusey and it's had a rear end smash.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1432] Yeah?
Matt (PS0KP) [1433] Yep!
[1434] Quite bad.
[1435] The axel's smashed to shit!
[1436] And it looks as if it's, might have distorted the chassis a bit.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1437] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [1438] But B P Rowes have got a jig haven't they?
[1439] That they
Christopher (PS0KV) [1440] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [1441] and
Christopher (PS0KV) [1442] Mm.
Matt (PS0KP) [1443] I wonder how much they charge me for that
Christopher (PS0KV) [1444] I dunno.
Matt (PS0KP) [1445] to jig that straight?
Laura (PS0KT) [1446] Dad?
[1447] Shall I get a [...] ?
Matt (PS0KP) [1448] Yeah, that's a good idea
Christopher (PS0KV) [1449] Could always phone
Matt (PS0KP) [1450] doll.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1451] B P Rowes
Matt (PS0KP) [1452] Yeah.
[1453] D'you know anybody else that's got a jig?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1454] No.
[1455] Actually I do.
[1456] There's a bloke erm ... Sharon's dad bought erm ... my brother-in-law's Citroen off him
Matt (PS0KP) [1457] Aha.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1458] After it had been smashed up, written off.
Matt (PS0KP) [1459] Mhm.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1460] They gave him ... ooh, couple of hundred quid for it, four hundred quid or something.
[1461] E reg
Matt (PS0KP) [1462] Mhm.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1463] or F reg
Matt (PS0KP) [1464] Mhm.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1465] and a bloke down in Cardiff ... put it on the jig and he erm ... he er ... does all the taxi's you know
Matt (PS0KP) [1466] Mhm.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1467] and he charged him five hundred to jig it all straight, put the new panels and, and ... spray it all.
Matt (PS0KP) [1468] Shit!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1469] Yeah.
[1470] Well cos down in Cardiff I mean you ain't got the money down there.
Matt (PS0KP) [1471] Mm.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1472] So you gotta do it cheap.
[1473] Yeah.
[1474] Erm ... yeah, I don't know if, it might be worth you have a look at this ... Italia mate.
Matt (PS0KP) [1475] Well find it.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1476] Yeah, I'll see him and I'm, I'll probably see him tomorrow and I'll have ... I'll see what's about.
[1477] Mm.
Matt (PS0KP) [1478] Then I can pick up a cheap engine.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1479] How about a Ferrari Dino replica.
Matt (PS0KP) [1480] Yeah, that'll do fine.
[1481] Get two.
[1482] Is there two in there?
[1483] No I'm, but I'm only buying them in pairs!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1484] Wilton carp , even got Wilton carpets in it, ah?
Matt (PS0KP) [1485] Mm!
Christopher (PS0KV) [laugh]
Matt (PS0KP) [1486] Well there you go!
[1487] Something nice to wipe my muddy feet on when I come in!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1488] Yeah.
[1489] Erm ... yeah, I'll have to see what's about.
[1490] Put the old er, feelers out you know?
Matt (PS0KP) [1491] Like , as in yesterday you know what I mean?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1492] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [1493] Cos I've gotta dig that thing out this weekend.
[1494] I want to try and get her in ... for er ... into the auctions for Wednesday.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1495] Yeah, erm ... cor that's nice!
[1496] Carlton.
Matt (PS0KP) [1497] What?
[1498] Ah?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1499] Carlton.
Matt (PS0KP) [1500] Yeah.
[1501] Much?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1502] Eight, nine grand!
Matt (PS0KP) [1503] What i , what reg ?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1504] Erm, it's a three litre G S I ... which is the real top of the range innit?
Matt (PS0KP) [1505] Yeah.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1506] Nineteen eighty seven, lotus green, badges etc.
Matt (PS0KP) [1507] Eighty seven?
[1508] That's the same as mine.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1509] Well full lotus body kit, ninety eighty seven, a lotus green, badges etc., seventeen inch wheel, alpine C D, tape stereo, alarm, all usual G S I extras
Matt (PS0KP) [1510] Okay then, you can knock a thousand quid off a that.
[1511] So it's about seven an seven grand they're looking for that?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1512] You seen that Lotus Carlton, the new one?
Matt (PS0KP) [1513] No.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1514] Or a Nodac
Matt (PS0KP) [1515] Beautiful back kit innit?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1516] It's a three point six right?
[1517] Three hundred and seventy brake horse power
Matt (PS0KP) [1518] Mm.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1519] nought to sixty in under six seconds, hundred
Matt (PS0KP) [1520] Yeah.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1521] and seventy mile and hour.
Matt (PS0KP) [1522] And it's a heavy, heavy old car as well.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1523] A hundred and fifty mile an hour right?
Matt (PS0KP) [1524] Ah?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1525] How many revs ... in top gear?
Matt (PS0KP) [1526] I reckon about four and a half.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1527] Three and a half.
[1528] A hundred and fifty mile an hour!
[1529] Now road testing, the bloke said look you can take your hands off the wheel at a hundred and fifty! [laugh]
Matt (PS0KP) [1530] Well I ca , I can do a hundred and twenty odd in that thing in four and a half.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1531] Yeah.
[1532] But it ain't bad is it?
[1533] Five speed [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [1534] Yeah.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1535] Yeah, I'll have to keep my eyes open Matt.
[1536] Erm ... but I'll probably think of something later on.
Matt (PS0KP) [1537] D'you want this wood?
[1538] Well you got my phone number haven't you?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1539] Yeah.
[1540] No.
Matt (PS0KP) [1541] I'll give you my card.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1542] Alright, well I'll see what I can rustle up then.
Matt (PS0KP) [1543] Yeah.
[1544] Sooner ... you know what I mean?
[1545] Yesterday's ... yesterday's too late.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1546] Yeah, that Geoff might have something I'll see if I can erm
Matt (PS0KP) [1547] I got my cards.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1548] it's er ... that Geoff might have something I can erm ... go up see.
Matt (PS0KP) [1549] D'you wanted to look at that wood in the shed.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1550] Yeah.
[1551] Yeah, [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1552] You help yourself mate.
[1553] Help yourself.
[1554] I'm going to the loo.
[1555] give me a shout before you disappear.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1556] [...] .
[1557] Why don't ... you coming Matt?
Matt (PS0KP) [1558] No, you help yourself.
Laura (PS0KT) [1559] I reckon you've been having the report daddy, then we can [...] . [...] ... [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [1560] God love her!
Laura (PS0KT) [1561] Do all those men have the [...] ?
Matt (PS0KP) [1562] You pull the chain down really low and pee on the edge of them.
Laura (PS0KT) [1563] [...] if you can't afford to get behind here.
[1564] Right?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1565] No, I think this is it.
[1566] It's too big.
Matt (PS0KP) [1567] Well you can cut it!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1568] Yeah, a little, but you ... I better get one actually cos it's gonna be in the ... main kitchen in the school see.
Matt (PS0KP) [1569] Oh.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1570] So it'll have to be all ... super-duper! [laugh]
Matt (PS0KP) [1571] [laughing] [...] [] .
Christopher (PS0KV) [1572] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [1573] But if you can out about the trailer
Christopher (PS0KV) [1574] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [1575] then I'll drop the guy a couple of quid.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1576] Yeah, I'll see what's about.
[1577] Erm
Matt (PS0KP) [1578] No, it's alright.
[1579] Don't worry [...] in the bin.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1580] Erm
Matt (PS0KP) [1581] This one.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1582] Yeah, I'll probably think of someone who's got a [...] burner.
Matt (PS0KP) [1583] Well you do that.
[1584] You
Christopher (PS0KV) [1585] yes?
Matt (PS0KP) [1586] do that!
[1587] Find abo , out about the Ital ... and er
Christopher (PS0KV) [1588] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [1589] and everything else.
[1590] I'm not keen
Christopher (PS0KV) [1591] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [1592] keen on Itals right off but ... [...]
Christopher (PS0KV) [1593] For the right money, and if it's good, the body's good and all that
Matt (PS0KP) [1594] Yeah.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1595] sixty quid's good enough innit?
Matt (PS0KP) [1596] Getting us A to B, that's all I'm worried about.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1597] Yeah. [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1598] Mm?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1599] Sort that out!
Matt (PS0KP) [1600] Oh!
[1601] I'll get a new ... get a nice small engine in it no problem man!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1602] No.
Matt (PS0KP) [1603] Well I'll do anything I'll tell you that!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1604] My er ... my mates just bought a Marina.
Matt (PS0KP) [1605] Aha.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1606] Two thousand.
[1607] [...] ... and this, he said all, but he says it's totally ... immaculate!
Matt (PS0KP) [1608] Mm.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1609] Paint ... sprayed a little bit here and there, he said
Matt (PS0KP) [1610] Mm.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1611] but there's not a spot of rust on it!
[1612] [...] . He said but he's blown them, smoked them ... and bought some new pistons for it ... and erm, done it, he's brilliant!
Matt (PS0KP) [1613] I gotta stick a few.
[1614] I, I will I'll stick that in for a few grand.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1615] There's ... where you gonna put it?
[1616] In the auction?
Matt (PS0KP) [1617] Yeah.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1618] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [1619] Westbury Auctions.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1620] Stick it in there.
[1621] Mm.
Matt (PS0KP) [1622] So if I can get something for about five ... five ton.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1623] Mm.
Matt (PS0KP) [1624] Ooh, excuse me!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1625] Well I'll see Chris with the B M.
Matt (PS0KP) [1626] Yeah.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1627] Erm
Matt (PS0KP) [1628] And if it's a three series.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1629] Yeah, cos yours is a smaller one innit?
[1630] Smaller body work.
Matt (PS0KP) [1631] Well it's sixteen.
[1632] Ah.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1633] Be ideal.
Matt (PS0KP) [1634] Sixteen hundred
Christopher (PS0KV) [1635] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [1636] maybe.
[1637] That'd
Christopher (PS0KV) [1638] He mi
Matt (PS0KP) [1639] be okay.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1640] he might have [...] .
[1641] I dunno!
[1642] Don't get them anywhere at the moment!
[1643] Bit rare though, if you get them.
Matt (PS0KP) [1644] Mm.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1645] Can't afford to ... replace them if you get one
Matt (PS0KP) [1646] Mm.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1647] you see!
[1648] Erm
Matt (PS0KP) [1649] Well it's a case, I've got to get rid of that thing cos I cannot just ... I just cannot afford fifteen quid a day ... petrol!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1650] [...] sap up doing nothing. [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [1651] Is there?
[1652] Good nick?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1653] It ain't too bad actually.
[1654] Silver it is, it's a two litre G, Gs ... G S I.
Matt (PS0KP) [1655] Going from two litre ... two litre, I don't
Christopher (PS0KV) [1656] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [1657] want a two litre!
Christopher (PS0KV) [1658] Well that's that's ... people, that's why people get the smaller engine there's that much kicking about I'm afraid.
[1659] People hang on to them.
[1660] Yeah.
[1661] But then I got ... I mean if you said right we'll get ... a ... yeah, a [...] or something right?
Matt (PS0KP) [1662] Mm.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1663] Erm ... I could get that ... sixteen hundred Cortina engine ... that's for the fitting as well.
Matt (PS0KP) [1664] Mm.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1665] Get Steve to do it.
[1666] They got them [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [1667] Mm.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1668] Your saving money it don't matter cos your absolutely [...] .
[1669] Ha!
Matt (PS0KP) [1670] [...] done on the weekends or
Christopher (PS0KV) [1671] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [1672] rather, or if you'd rather after that.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1673] Get [...] , yeah as well.
Matt (PS0KP) [1674] Mm.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1675] But erm, well if I get erm
Matt (PS0KP) [1676] [...] ?
Christopher (PS0KV) [1677] Well that's what [...] doing now, cutting up.
Matt (PS0KP) [1678] Yeah.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1679] Well you better see to it then.
Matt (PS0KP) [1680] [...] ?
Laura (PS0KT) [1681] Yeah!
Matt (PS0KP) [1682] Get us in trouble.
Christopher (PS0KV) [1683] Well I got things to do.
Matt (PS0KP) [1684] Like what?

8 (Tape 035602)

Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1685] Christ you're doing well!
[1686] You get in there.
[1687] Get stuck in!
[1688] Do you feel better now though?
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1689] You slept?
Laura (PS0KT) [1690] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [1691] Ah dear!
[1692] ... You seen my tape measure love?
Laura (PS0KT) [1693] No.
Matt (PS0KP) [1694] Any idea where it is at all?
Laura (PS0KT) [1695] No.
Matt (PS0KP) [1696] It was here a couple of minutes ago.
Laura (PS0KT) [1697] This hard bread's falling to pieces!
Matt (PS0KP) [1698] Well let's have it. [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [1699] A little bit.
[1700] ... We'll get the chicken [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [1701] Watch [...] !
[1702] Watch your fingers!
[1703] ... Don't matter how sharp it is it'll still cut you Laura!
Laura (PS0KT) [1704] How come all the [...] ?
[1705] Do we need dishes?
Matt (PS0KP) [1706] Mhm.
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1707] Is that enough cheese?
Laura (PS0KT) [1708] Full.
[1709] A bit more in the middle please?
Matt (PS0KP) [1710] Let me get us some crusty bread.
Laura (PS0KT) [1711] [singing] [...] [] .
[1712] Mm mm.
[1713] ... Ooh!
[1714] ... How do you get that [...] ?
Matt (PS0KP) [1715] Oh aye I did.
[1716] That's lovely!
Laura (PS0KT) [1717] Why?
Matt (PS0KP) [1718] So that the ... the good bit's on the bottom ... the buttered bread's on the bottom.
[1719] The cheese won't go all over the place then.
Laura (PS0KT) [1720] Oh!
[1721] ... This filling, it looks very nice doesn't it?
Matt (PS0KP) [1722] Yeah.
[1723] Look at that one [...] .
Laura (PS0KT) [1724] Aha.
[1725] Can I have a bit of cheese ... on the side ... on the plate?
[1726] I really like cheese now!
[1727] It's all eat apart [...] .
[1728] And hey, which bit's mine?
Matt (PS0KP) [1729] [...] yes?
[1730] Course you can.
[1731] ... I need that poxy tape measure!
[1732] Where the hell did that go?
Laura (PS0KT) [1733] It might be in the lounge.
Matt (PS0KP) [1734] Ah, in the lounge.
Laura (PS0KT) [1735] Ah.
Matt (PS0KP) [1736] Your tea's in here love.
Laura (PS0KT) [1737] Pardon?
Matt (PS0KP) [1738] Your tea is in here!
Laura (PS0KT) [1739] Yeah, I'll just come and get it. [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1740] It's alright, here it's here, I've brought it in.
Laura (PS0KT) [1741] Thanks.
Matt (PS0KP) [1742] I bet you I've put that tape measure away didn't I?
Laura (PS0KT) [1743] Oh.
Matt (PS0KP) [1744] [...] way round didn't I?
Laura (PS0KT) [1745] I know.
[1746] ... When the green light comes on again that means it's done doesn't it?
Matt (PS0KP) [1747] Yep.
Laura (PS0KT) [1748] Right.
[1749] True actually.
[1750] ... I thought the, the erm ... you know you say these things can get very hot
Matt (PS0KP) [1751] Yeah.
[1752] What, in the [...] grill?
[1753] Aha.
Laura (PS0KT) [1754] Yeah.
[1755] Right.
[1756] Well I thought those ... fires get red hot [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [1757] So they do.
Laura (PS0KT) [1758] Yeah.
[1759] Well today ... in [...] I learnt something else right.
[1760] I thought that red hot was ... the hottest ... the
Matt (PS0KP) [1761] Temperature you could get?
Laura (PS0KT) [1762] Yes.
[1763] But it isn't you can also get white hot!
Matt (PS0KP) [1764] Correct!
[1765] Which is
Laura (PS0KT) [1766] A lot hotter.
Matt (PS0KP) [1767] Twice as hot as red, as red hot.
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1768] Looks nice dunnit?
Laura (PS0KT) [1769] Aha.
[1770] Can't wait to get my teeth into it!
Matt (PS0KP) [1771] Do you want your teeth in it as well!
Laura (PS0KT) [laugh]
Matt (PS0KP) [1772] Have you got your plate?
Laura (PS0KT) [1773] Yeah, it's there.
[1774] Mine has got cheese on.
Matt (PS0KP) [1775] Ah!
[1776] Blast!
Laura (PS0KT) [1777] Mine here.
Matt (PS0KP) [1778] Goes on a bit thick.
Laura (PS0KT) [1779] [singing] Yep.
[1780] That's really very hot that is, [...] .
[1781] nacky nacky noo! []
Matt (PS0KP) [1782] [...] Definitely not gonna fit.
Laura (PS0KT) [1783] You could put in the middle.
[1784] Put it sort of in the middle.
[1785] Centre.
Matt (PS0KP) [1786] And what good is that gonna do love?
Laura (PS0KT) [1787] What?
[1788] I don't see what you mean?
[1789] What the dinner's not gonna fit
Matt (PS0KP) [1790] Well how am I gonna get the door shut?
Laura (PS0KT) [1791] in there?
Matt (PS0KP) [1792] Yeah.
Laura (PS0KT) [1793] Oh ... well ... push in that bit [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1794] [cough] ... Not only this, it's this [...] , it's too big ... as well.
Laura (PS0KT) [1795] Dad?
Matt (PS0KP) [1796] Yeah fine.
[1797] Fine.
[1798] Put it on there.
Laura (PS0KT) [1799] [singing] Rum tee tum [] !
Matt (PS0KP) [1800] [...] a minute and a half.
Laura (PS0KT) [1801] [singing] Da da da da ... doo doo doo doo [] .
[1802] Can I eat the cheese?
Matt (PS0KP) [1803] No, leave the cheese on your plate just now.
Laura (PS0KT) [1804] Okay.
Matt (PS0KP) [1805] Why don't stand there and eat it love?
Laura (PS0KT) [1806] Okay.
[1807] ... Aha.
[1808] Aha.
Matt (PS0KP) [1809] Well that's only [...] , it's boiling.
Laura (PS0KT) [1810] It's white hot don't you think?
Matt (PS0KP) [1811] If it's white hot we wouldn't be able to stand close to it Laura.
[1812] Burn your eyes out!
Laura (PS0KT) [1813] Only the white heat [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [1814] Watch, because the cheese will be very hot inside as well.
Laura (PS0KT) [1815] Aha.
Matt (PS0KP) [1816] I'll put that in that.
Laura (PS0KT) [1817] It's almost done now.
[1818] [...] . Daddy.
Matt (PS0KP) [1819] [...] .
[1820] ... Wait till that [...] come on.
Laura (PS0KT) [1821] Right.
[1822] ... I've never had one of your [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [1823] Have you not?
Laura (PS0KT) [1824] No.
Matt (PS0KP) [1825] Is the cheese nice?
Laura (PS0KT) [1826] Aha.
[1827] ... Flipping hell, aren't I allowed to have a bit?
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [1828] Can I go and sit at the table cos my tea's there.
Matt (PS0KP) [1829] Yeah.
[1830] If you want.
Laura (PS0KT) [1831] Mm.
[1832] ... What's this mat thing?
Matt (PS0KP) [1833] What mat thing?
Laura (PS0KT) [1834] This ... thing here?
Matt (PS0KP) [1835] That's for very awkward questions! [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [1836] But it's just a receipt?
Matt (PS0KP) [1837] Mm.
Laura (PS0KT) [1838] Don't worry.
[1839] ... It's just a .
[1840] ... It's, and it's just the si , it says [...] .
[1841] For details [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [1842] So I did.
Laura (PS0KT) [1843] [...] .
[1844] Mm.
[1845] Mm mm!
[1846] ... What's VAT dad?
Matt (PS0KP) [1847] Value added tax.
Laura (PS0KT) [1848] Pardon?
Matt (PS0KP) [1849] Value added tax.
Laura (PS0KT) [1850] Oh!
Matt (PS0KP) [1851] A rip off!
[1852] That's what it is.
Laura (PS0KT) [1853] Oh!
Matt (PS0KP) [1854] Complete rip off Laura!
Laura (PS0KT) [1855] Must be.
[1856] ... A big receipt ... for only one thing.
Matt (PS0KP) [1857] Shit!
[1858] That old unit's stuck behind there.
Laura (PS0KT) [1859] The whole thing?
Matt (PS0KP) [1860] [sigh] Ho!
[1861] I'm
Laura (PS0KT) [1862] Oh!
Matt (PS0KP) [1863] afraid so!
[1864] ... I'm damned well afraid so!
[1865] ... This is ready Laura.
[1866] You ready?
Laura (PS0KT) [1867] Oh!
[1868] Yeah.
[1869] ... I'll bring my plate up.
[1870] ... Right, thanking yo you.
[1871] ... This looks lovely!
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [1872] Mm.
[1873] Looks rather good! [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [1874] Right, I'll going outside, [...] , alright?
Laura (PS0KT) [1875] Okay.
Matt (PS0KP) [1876] I won't
Laura (PS0KT) [1877] Where's
Matt (PS0KP) [1878] be long.
Laura (PS0KT) [1879] Right.
[1880] Was the one you went to Building Materials Centre,?
Matt (PS0KP) [1881] Mm.
Laura (PS0KT) [...]

9 (Tape 035603)

Matthew (PS0KS) [1882] Poor old [...] !
[1883] It's a black interior as well.
Matt (PS0KP) [1884] What, on the Audi?
Matthew (PS0KS) [1885] Yeah.
Laura (PS0KT) [1886] Is it?
Matt (PS0KP) [1887] One four and a half, I'd say will you accept three hundred and fifty?
Matthew (PS0KS) [1888] [laugh] ... Well I don't wanna phone the [...] !
Matt (PS0KP) [1889] Well you do , obviously don't want the ... car then!
Matthew (PS0KS) [1890] Yeah, well you ... yes, I'm thinking about you!
[1891] And it's advertised for four hundred and eighty so ... I don't ... feel you're gonna knock it down that ... much for
Matt (PS0KP) [1892] Do you not?
[1893] Would you lay your life on it?
Laura (PS0KT) [1894] It's only seventy quid!
Matthew (PS0KS) [1895] I'd lay a lot of money on it!
[1896] ... Se
Matt (PS0KP) [1897] You can phone up and say is it gone?
[1898] Ask if it's gone?
Laura (PS0KT) [1899] If not say
Matt (PS0KP) [1900] Have some idea nay! [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [1901] No!
Matt (PS0KP) [1902] Well go on then!
Matthew (PS0KS) [1903] Yeah, and then what shall I say if she says no?
Matt (PS0KP) [1904] Just say will you accept three fifty?
Matthew (PS0KS) [1905] [laughing] No [] !
[1906] I'm not saying will you accept three fifty!
Laura (PS0KT) [1907] I'd do it if my teeth didn't hurt!
Matthew (PS0KS) [1908] I'd say will you accept four fifty.
Matt (PS0KP) [1909] Oh God!
Laura (PS0KT) [1910] And then you're knocking the price down by thirty quid!
Matthew (PS0KS) [1911] So?
Laura (PS0KT) [1912] Then this is where the fun starts!
[1913] She'll say ... no, oh oh!
[1914] Yes.
[1915] Then you say no, no and [...] two fifty [...] .
Matthew (PS0KS) [1916] What?
[1917] Shall I bring the phone in and you phone up?
Laura (PS0KT) [1918] British National ... [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [1919] I don't wanna phone, it's a car!
Matt (PS0KP) [1920] No, well don't bother then!
[1921] Forget it then!
Matthew (PS0KS) [1922] And how much do you want me to pay for it?
Matt (PS0KP) [1923] Three fifty.
Matthew (PS0KS) [1924] [laughing] No way [] !
[1925] You won't get it for that much!
Laura (PS0KT) [1926] Wanna bet?
Matthew (PS0KS) [1927] Yep!
Laura (PS0KT) [1928] Dad?
Matt (PS0KP) [1929] What?
Laura (PS0KT) [1930] There's a red light on this thing, flashing ... underneath the sign where it says record, battery.
Matt (PS0KP) [1931] Does the ... have you put record in?
Laura (PS0KT) [1932] Yeah,recor , record's in.
Matthew (PS0KS) [1933] This is record.
Laura (PS0KT) [1934] But there's a, then underneath ... it goes record stroke underneath it, battery.
Matt (PS0KP) [1935] That's okay.
Laura (PS0KT) [1936] I think the batteries are going down.
Matthew (PS0KS) [1937] No, they're not!
Matt (PS0KP) [1938] Don't panic!
Laura (PS0KT) [1939] Okay.
Matthew (PS0KS) [1940] Shall I phone them up and say will you accept four fifty?
Matt (PS0KP) [1941] They won't, you won't phone them up and say will accept four fifty!
[1942] Phone them up and say will you accept three fifty!
[1943] And I don't wanna hear any more about it!
Matthew (PS0KS) [1944] Well I won't say any more about
Matt (PS0KP) [1945] Right!
Matthew (PS0KS) [1946] it then!
Matt (PS0KP) [1947] Fine! [...] that
Matthew (PS0KS) [1948] Mrs !
Matt (PS0KP) [1949] to the dump.
Laura (PS0KT) [1950] I'm gonna watch T V.
[1951] Excuse me!
Matthew (PS0KS) [1952] What sh will I say if she says no.
Matt (PS0KP) [1953] You say right, fine, keep it!
Matthew (PS0KS) [1954] [laugh] ... What do I say if she said yes?
Matt (PS0KP) [1955] Say right, give me the, give me an address.
[1956] It's a buyer's market Matt!
[1957] It always has been, it always will!
Matthew (PS0KS) [1958] Mm.
[1959] Oh well [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [1960] If they're desperate enough to sell they'll flog it!
[1961] Don't you worry about that!
Matthew (PS0KS) [1962] Aha.

10 (Tape 035604)

Matt (PS0KP) [1963] Matt!
Matthew (PS0KS) [1964] Yeah?
Matt (PS0KP) [1965] You stick to that?
Matthew (PS0KS) [1966] Yeah?
Matt (PS0KP) [1967] What she say?
Matthew (PS0KS) [1968] He said it's not his car, he's gotta ... they've still got, he's gonna get his brother to phone up tonight.
Matt (PS0KP) [1969] And what did you say?
Matthew (PS0KS) [1970] I said we ... what's the lowest you can take for it?
[1971] And he said I can't say.
[1972] It doesn't want to, it's my brother's.
[1973] He said ... I'll get him to ... ring you ... back tonight.
Matt (PS0KP) [1974] So, did you give him the number?
Matthew (PS0KS) [1975] Yeah!
Matt (PS0KP) [1976] See it wasn't difficult was it?
Matthew (PS0KS) [1977] It's embarrassing though!
[1978] Will you accept three hundred and fifty for it?
Matt (PS0KP) [1979] How is it?
[1980] You get it for three hundred and fifty, it's a hundred and fifty odd pounds saved innit?
Matthew (PS0KS) [1981] Yeah, but what if he says no, shall I say four hundred?
Matt (PS0KP) [1982] No.
Matthew (PS0KS) [1983] And if he says no to it.
Matt (PS0KP) [1984] He won't say no!
[1985] No!
Matthew (PS0KS) [1986] What?
Matt (PS0KP) [1987] You won't say ... will you accept four hundred?
Matthew (PS0KS) [1988] If he says three fifty shall I sa , just put the phone down?
Matt (PS0KP) [1989] No.
Matthew (PS0KS) [1990] What shall I say?
Matt (PS0KP) [1991] Just say right, we'll have it!
[1992] Give, where's your address? [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [1993] What if he says ... no to three fifty?
Matt (PS0KP) [1994] If he says no to three fifty say well, just keep it!
[1995] ... I'll speak to him if he phones up.
Matthew (PS0KS) [1996] No!
[1997] ... It gets real hot there! [...] just talking to that.
[1998] So
Matt (PS0KP) [1999] Why?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2000] Just don't like talking to them.
Matt (PS0KP) [2001] Well you're not gonna get, be able to get [...] marks if it comes to that son!
Matthew (PS0KS) [2002] What?
[2003] Ho , you gotta negotiate about cars and prices?
Matt (PS0KP) [2004] No , you don't got to negotiate, you've got to ... be able to speak to people on a ... regular basis.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2005] Oh I know that!
[2006] But whe ... say you said three hundred and fifty pound
Matt (PS0KP) [2007] Yes.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2008] for that car
Matt (PS0KP) [2009] You've gotta be able to ... not live in fear to say ... state your opinion.
[2010] And just state what you think is right!
[2011] And I think three hundred and fifty pound is a reasonable price for that.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2012] Alright!
Matt (PS0KP) [2013] Don't you?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2014] Not really, no!
Matt (PS0KP) [2015] Right, give me a ... larger headed ... [...] lever.
[2016] One with a bigger head than that.
Matthew (PS0KS) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2017] Slightly bigger.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2018] Cor!
[2019] I think a reasonable price would be about three hundred and ninety.
Matt (PS0KP) [2020] Well I don't have three ninety ... so
Matthew (PS0KS) [2021] The new Auto Trader's come out now innit?
Matt (PS0KP) [2022] Don't know.
[2023] [...] Matt. [...] .
Matthew (PS0KS) [2024] Well if we ... we got last month a one.
[2025] We might [...] this month's edition.
Matt (PS0KP) [2026] Matt ... well ho how much are they?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2027] Yeah I know but I bought this one ... erm thingy.
[2028] What's the date?
[2029] ... Dad?
Matt (PS0KP) [2030] Well i it's Friday today, you bought that yesterday.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2031] No I bought it ... yesterday.
Matt (PS0KP) [2032] Correct!
[2033] Cos you wanted to buy it Wednesday and I said no ... the new one will be out tomorrow.
Laura (PS0KT) [2034] Well do you do ... how to ... move this?
Matt (PS0KP) [2035] Watch your [...] !
Laura (PS0KT) [2036] Yeah?
Matt (PS0KP) [2037] What's it like for nails in this? [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [2038] What, it doesn't [...] cut off.
Matt (PS0KP) [2039] [shouting] It was a bloody nail there [] !
Matthew (PS0KS) [2040] Oh.
Laura (PS0KT) [singing] [...] []
Matt (PS0KP) [2041] Oh Jesus Christ Almighty!
[2042] What a lazy, idle, shitty twat!
[2043] ... [shouting] Matt [] !
Matthew (PS0KS) [2044] Coming.
Matt (PS0KP) [2045] Get me a bag son?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2046] What?
Matt (PS0KP) [2047] Get me a rubbish bag son, will you?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2048] A what?
Matt (PS0KP) [2049] A rubbish bag!
Matthew (PS0KS) [2050] There you are.
Matt (PS0KP) [2051] Put it on there.
[2052] Just ... hold on a minute! [...] , just look at all that stuff on there!
[2053] Lift the bag up.
[2054] Keep it away from the pots and pans [...] .
Matthew (PS0KS) [2055] Yeah, well Chris must have done it!
[2056] ... What are you shaking your head for?
Matt (PS0KP) [2057] Because
Matthew (PS0KS) [2058] Is that a bad attitude?
Matt (PS0KP) [2059] Yes, it's a bad attitude!
Matthew (PS0KS) [2060] It's the wrong attitude.
Matt (PS0KP) [2061] Tell Laura to get him to move it please?
[2062] [shouting] Laura [] !
Laura (PS0KT) [2063] Coming!
Matt (PS0KP) [2064] Come in here love please?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2065] I expect this ... [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [2066] Dunno.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2067] Well ... there's lots of rubbish.
[2068] ... Is that it?
Matt (PS0KP) [2069] Yep.
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2070] If you don't stand properly Matt!
Matthew (PS0KS) [2071] I am!
Matt (PS0KP) [2072] [...] Laura, take all this.
[2073] Laura, come here!
Laura (PS0KT) [2074] Yeah?
Matt (PS0KP) [2075] All these pots and pans put them in that corner over there for me
Laura (PS0KT) [2076] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [2077] please?
[2078] You can help her.
[2079] Bring the hoover over here Laura.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2080] Does mum know we've got the oven?
Matt (PS0KP) [2081] [...] ... Look, we're all doing the same thing at different
Laura (PS0KT) [2082] There!
Matt (PS0KP) [2083] Yeah she does know about the [...] .
Laura (PS0KT) [2084] We had to phone her up to get the number.
Matt (PS0KP) [2085] Plug it in Laura.
Laura (PS0KT) [2086] Yeah, I know.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2087] Pardon Laura?
Laura (PS0KT) [2088] We had to phone her up to get the code.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2089] Phone who up?
Matt (PS0KP) [2090] Plugged in?
Laura (PS0KT) [2091] Mum.
[2092] Aha.
Matt (PS0KP) [2093] Switch it on now.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2094] Code for what?
Laura (PS0KT) [2095] The, I don't know! [hoovering]

11 (Tape 035605)

Matthew (PS0KS) [2096] Dad?
Matt (PS0KP) [2097] What?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2098] Shall I try and get up early tomorrow and start [...] the car?
[2099] Off [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [2100] If you want.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2101] Yeah.
[2102] Great!
[2103] ... I'm gonna start writing this letter for ... [...] then.
Matt (PS0KP) [2104] That, what I say Matt you won't have no problem.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2105] I don't care!
[2106] I'll do it for [...] anyway.
Matt (PS0KP) [2107] Have you done your jobs?
[2108] ... Ah?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2109] Pardon?
Matt (PS0KP) [2110] Have you done your jobs?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2111] I'm gonna do them when you go out. ... [singing] [...] []

12 (Tape 035606)

Laura (PS0KT) [2112] What I want to know is just what did it take to get him to do that?
Matt (PS0KP) [2113] Patience.
[2114] ... Just keep trying Laura.
[2115] Perseverance.
[2116] Something that seems to be sadly lacking in this house.

13 (Tape 035607)

Matt (PS0KP) [2117] Matt!
Matthew (PS0KS) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2118] I want this whole ... this place tidied by the time I get back please?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2119] Right.
[2120] I'm gonna do it ... [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [2121] I won't be long.
Laura (PS0KT) [2122] Dad?
Matt (PS0KP) [2123] What?
Laura (PS0KT) [2124] You know you were going to shopping.
Matt (PS0KP) [2125] Yes.
[2126] Get down to there!
Laura (PS0KT) [2127] What and [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [2128] But
Matt (PS0KP) [2129] Just get down!
Matthew (PS0KS) [2130] we're going [...] which is exactly what I was gonna say.
[2131] I said we'll [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2132] You coming down? [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [2133] I have
Matt (PS0KP) [2134] No you're staying here.
[2135] Getting your arse up there and [...] !
Matthew (PS0KS) [2136] Oh yes.
[2137] If that man phones then we'll ... say
Laura (PS0KT) [...] [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [2138] say what you said
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2139] What [...] ?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2140] and I'll say [...] ... he said ... leave it ... he left a message for ... to say, will you accept three fifty?
[2141] If so ... can we have
Matt (PS0KP) [2142] What's your address?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2143] your address, and we will see you sometime Saturday.
[2144] If ... that is inconvenient with my dad ... when he comes back ... I'll ... I'll ring you back, right?
Matt (PS0KP) [2145] Just say [...] .
Matthew (PS0KS) [2146] Well yeah!
[2147] I will ask him to ring me back [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2148] Fine.
[2149] Play it by ear Matt.
[2150] Where's the poxy car keys now!
Matthew (PS0KS) [2151] I dunno.
[2152] Is it ... where they should be!
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [2153] Dad, you don't care about ... not getting that one do you?
Matt (PS0KP) [2154] Well
Laura (PS0KT) [2155] Don't care!
[2156] You just wanna get any car.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2157] There's plenty of Audis about Laura!
Matt (PS0KP) [2158] Mm.
Laura (PS0KT) [2159] I know that Matt!
[2160] Could be ... the same car as ... ours.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2161] [singing] Nah ah ah ah ah errrr ... [...] doo doo de doo ... aah
Laura (PS0KT) [2162] Shut up!
Matthew (PS0KS) [2163] aah [...] []
Laura (PS0KT) [2164] [screaming] Shut up [] !
Matthew (PS0KS) [2165] [singing] [...] I hope you love my [...] []
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [2166] [singing] [...] [] [shouting] Ah [] ! ... [singing] [...] []
Laura (PS0KT) [2167] [shouting] Get off! [...] that window [] !
[2168] You didn't! [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [2169] Nee nee nee nee nee!
[2170] Nee nee nee nee nee nee!
[2171] Nee nee nee!
[2172] Nee nee nee [shouting] Oh, oh [...] ooh, ooohh [] !
Laura (PS0KT) [2173] [screaming] Ah ah ah ah ahh [] !
Matthew (PS0KS) [2174] [...] ! [...] !
Laura (PS0KT) [2175] [crying] Oh shut up you [] !
Matthew (PS0KS) [2176] Nee nee nee nee nee nee nee
Laura (PS0KT) [2177] Pig!
[2178] Shut up!
[2179] [shouting] Go and get changed [] !
Matthew (PS0KS) [2180] Nee nee nee nee
Laura (PS0KT) [2181] [shouting] Get knotted [] !
Matthew (PS0KS) [2182] [laugh] ... Nee na nee nee

14 (Tape 035701)

Matthew (PS0KS) [2183] Just gonna put the light on.
Matt (PS0KP) [2184] It's not in the ki ... it's holder [...] .
Jan (PS0KR) [2185] I know.
[2186] ... [...] ... dinner's all ready.
[2187] ... It's only a black one.
[2188] ... [...] ... as soon as they work out the [...] ... [...] ... [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2189] That ... jumper.
Jan (PS0KR) [2190] What's wrong with that?
Matt (PS0KP) [2191] The one lying on top of that ... cupboard is.
Jan (PS0KR) [2192] Did you phone Christopher?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2193] I thought Chris was phoning you?
Jan (PS0KR) [2194] He's gone out for a while.
[2195] He's got a lot of work.
Matt (PS0KP) [2196] Just don't feel like doing anything.
[2197] Do you like swedes?
[2198] Parsnips?
[2199] Do you?
Jan (PS0KR) [2200] She had parsnips last time.
Matt (PS0KP) [2201] All in there.
Jan (PS0KR) [2202] I know.
Matt (PS0KP) [2203] Well you've got a strong constitution cos I'm not cooking it again.
[2204] ... This is brilliant! [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [laugh]
Matt (PS0KP) [2205] It is!
[2206] ... This guy is ... making millions!
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2207] [singing] Nations, the joyful [...] to the right [] !
Jan (PS0KR) [2208] It's all money, Pope and that!
Matt (PS0KP) [2209] [singing] And [...] and peace and life, a story of peace and life [] .
Jan (PS0KR) [2210] I think I'll go and hang the washing out!
[2211] ... No you shouldn't put, bleach your toilet.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2212] Why?
Jan (PS0KR) [2213] The reason why it [...] . [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [singing] [...] []
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2214] Did you not know that?
Jan (PS0KR) [2215] No.
[2216] ... [yawning] Oh [] ! ... [...] do you? [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2217] [laugh] ... [laugh] ... [laugh] ... You know all the psychiatrists will tell you that comedy is a kind of ... biological mechanism to ... save us from ... all the things we fear most, death being one of the, you know, the most ... [...] is just a spit away you see.
[2218] ... It's a bit loud isn't it?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2219] No it's not!
Jan (PS0KR) [2220] What darling?
Matt (PS0KP) [2221] Do you like cabbage?
Jan (PS0KR) [2222] Yeah I do.
[2223] Can I help?
Matthew (PS0KS) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2224] A lucky person!
Jan (PS0KR) [2225] A bit too loud, probably too loud she wants you to turn it off.
Matt (PS0KP) [2226] Start thinking about that.
[2227] Oh [...] ... the [...] stuff [...] .
Jan (PS0KR) [2228] You what?

15 (Tape 035702)

Matt (PS0KP) [2229] He was ready to start arguing last night again.
Jan (PS0KR) [2230] Oh! [...] going on like he is.
Matt (PS0KP) [2231] That's it! [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2232] You didn't say nothing?
Matt (PS0KP) [2233] No, because he wanted ... to take the car out.
[2234] Erm ... there was no way he could sort of get out it.
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2235] Oh [...] something together now.
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2236] And it's
Matt (PS0KP) [2237] [...] ... What the hell will that do?
[2238] Eh?
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2239] What, Eh?
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2240] How long will it be?

16 (Tape 035703)

Jan (PS0KR) [2241] About half an hour or so.
[2242] Be about half an hour or so.
[2243] Is that alright?
Matt (PS0KP) [2244] Yeah.
Jan (PS0KR) [2245] Mm?
[2246] Won't be here till six o'clock will they?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2247] Eh?
Jan (PS0KR) [2248] I said you won't be here till six o'clock.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2249] Probably.
Jan (PS0KR) [2250] No.
Matt (PS0KP) [2251] I'm not being [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2252] No.
Matt (PS0KP) [2253] I'm just going up to fix these drawers, okay?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2254] Yeah.
Jan (PS0KR) [2255] You nearly finished them? [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2256] Matt ... come out of there man!
Jan (PS0KR) [2257] You can take them with you.
[2258] Be alright on the beach won't you?
[2259] [...] . Don't you want them?
[2260] They don't exactly suit you [...] do they?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2261] No.
Jan (PS0KR) [2262] [...] .
[2263] ... Tissues [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2264] Mm?
Jan (PS0KR) [2265] Tissues.
[2266] ... Oh that's a new [...] commercial but I don't think very good.
[2267] Have you seen it?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2268] Oh with all of the town's comers?
Jan (PS0KR) [2269] Yeah.
[2270] Oh it's quite good that.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2271] Did you want me?
[2272] Don't [...] !
[2273] ... Ready now!
Jan (PS0KR) [2274] Right.
[2275] What do you want?
Laura (PS0KT) [2276] No.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2277] Take me Thursday.
Jan (PS0KR) [2278] Ah!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2279] Oh Laura's!
Laura (PS0KT) [2280] [shouting] Yeah [] ?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2281] Sit there.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2282] What about mine?
[2283] ... Dad's bought a new car.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2284] And how much is it?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2285] Five hundred.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [laugh]
Jan (PS0KR) [2286] Alright?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2287] Yeah, that's fine.
Jan (PS0KR) [2288] Come on [...] !
[2289] Bib bib Laura!

17 (Tape 035704)

Jan (PS0KR) [2290] Oh how are you?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2291] Hiya!
Laura (PS0KT) [2292] Thank you mummy!
Jan (PS0KR) [2293] Alright?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2294] Yes.
Jan (PS0KR) [2295] You alright?
[2296] Did you go to church.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2297] Yes.
Jan (PS0KR) [2298] I couldn't get out of bed!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2299] Oh!
Jan (PS0KR) [2300] Want a coffee?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2301] No thanks.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2302] And er ... that as well
Jan (PS0KR) [2303] It's alright I'm going to go
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2304] Yeah.
Jan (PS0KR) [2305] on Tuesday.
[2306] That depends ... if we can get the telly.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2307] How are you today flower?
Jan (PS0KR) [2308] I'm not well!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2309] What ... [...] pains in your tummy?
Jan (PS0KR) [2310] Just don't feel [...] .
[2311] I don't know.
[2312] I'm just [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2313] You're terrible with the [...] you know, don't you?
Jan (PS0KR) [2314] Yes.
[2315] [...] , she's alright actually. [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2316] [laugh] ... Well I know.
[2317] I do as well don't I, [...] ?
Jan (PS0KR) [2318] [laugh] ... She says, when we get up and then doesn't get up [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2319] What are all those [...] ?
Jan (PS0KR) [2320] Ah, what a shame!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2321] Cor right!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2322] She's not, she's not well ... so she's just come again.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2323] Pardon?
Jan (PS0KR) [2324] Laura's not well cos she [...] back with them.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2325] And she said take up the ... that A B C one.
Jan (PS0KR) [2326] Okay.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2327] Should go up see them.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2328] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2329] Give [laughing] dad a fright [] !
Matthew (PS0KS) [2330] I wouldn't!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2331] I've just bathed her in ... cold water to get the temperature down cos she's [...] .
[2332] Says she finds it hard to [...] .
[2333] ... Oh!
Laura (PS0KT) [2334] Just over there.
[2335] ... Mummy!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2336] Careful!
[2337] Mind the books!
[2338] ... Couldn't get my car out last time.
Jan (PS0KR) [2339] No.
[2340] Right.
[2341] [shouting] She's not getting up [] !
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2342] [shouting] Katie come down [] !
Matthew (PS0KS) [2343] Mum!
[2344] She's playing with [...] with me.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2345] Playing with [...] with me!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2346] She's she's up.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2347] So what, so what is Laura doing?
[2348] Has Matt got some [...] ?
Jan (PS0KR) [2349] She's got some [...] and told her to stay at home.
[2350] ... She doesn't wanna go [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2351] Does she not?
Jan (PS0KR) [2352] Really hard work!
[2353] Go home and think about it [...] .
[2354] Doesn't help [...] , she knows she's got a sore throat [...] , [...] she's asked to stay home because she was complaining she wa ... funny in her tummy.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2355] What's that doing?
Jan (PS0KR) [2356] It's [...] ... to tape ... [...] .
[2357] ... Well I thought it would be good to have a lie in.
[2358] Car, though that woke me up.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2359] [...] ... Thought you had it fixed?
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2360] It leaks?
Jan (PS0KR) [2361] No it won't be I mean
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2362] [...] come across and got the car going ... I guarantee.
[2363] ... Interfering
Matthew (PS0KS) [2364] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2365] [...] !
Jan (PS0KR) [2366] What's up?
[2367] Chasing you out are they?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2368] No, I'm just having a [...] .
Jan (PS0KR) [2369] Right.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2370] Fit, she'll have a fit!
Matthew (PS0KS) [2371] Is this your chewing gum packet?
Jan (PS0KR) [2372] What colour is it?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2373] Blue.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2374] Still got one left.
Jan (PS0KR) [2375] Oh I bet there's [...] .
Matthew (PS0KS) [2376] Still here? [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2377] No it started pouring!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2378] Please change it?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2379] This is good!
Jan (PS0KR) [2380] Right.
Matthew (PS0KS) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2381] So, it's funny. ... [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [2382] Pardon?
[2383] That's a movie.
Jan (PS0KR) [2384] [yawning] Well you ah, you ah, have you [] , have you seen it before?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2385] Yeah.
Jan (PS0KR) [2386] Just gonna phone them up next door.
[2387] Don't pull those off.
[2388] ... So you gonna tell them tomorrow.
[2389] You can tell [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2390] I wouldn't ... worry about that.
[2391] Would you?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2392] No.
Jan (PS0KR) [2393] About time!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2394] Mm mm, mm.
Jan (PS0KR) [2395] Oh well.
[2396] You think it, I said did we owe them?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2397] [...] ?
Jan (PS0KR) [2398] No.
[2399] I said why do you work full time?
[2400] She said ... [...] nothing to worry about.
[2401] ... Her work is [...] .
[2402] ... Tell you about him?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2403] Don't wanna wake my baby up.
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2404] [...] sort of, aye!
Jan (PS0KR) [2405] I got her puffed out! [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2406] Oh.
[2407] [...] . No she said erm ... No, you're alright chuck!
Jan (PS0KR) [2408] No it's alright I gotta do
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2409] I can show him.
Jan (PS0KR) [2410] bananas.
[2411] ... [...] , put the kettle on I suppose.
[2412] ... Ooh!
[2413] Ooh!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [laugh]
Jan (PS0KR) [2414] Some more butter? [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2415] Mm?
Jan (PS0KR) [2416] Under .
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2417] Seem to put on in jail or in the [...] .
Jan (PS0KR) [2418] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2419] No it's alright I've ... I'm keeping an eye on that out there.
[2420] I remember watching that as well.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2421] Mm?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2422] And get out? [laugh]
Matt (PS0KP) [2423] Get out!
Jan (PS0KR) [2424] Miserable [...] !
[2425] [...] ... No, cos they're actually going in I think.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2426] [...] ... Is that wall gonna be [...] ?
Matt (PS0KP) [2427] [...] , yeah.
[2428] Yeah I'll take down [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2429] Aye, it's [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2430] Oh!
Matt (PS0KP) [2431] Yeah, [...] agency.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2432] Eh?
Matt (PS0KP) [2433] Be there before the [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2434] Yeah. [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2435] And he
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2436] He's only ... only third in line, I mean you can't [...] ... Just because he's [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [2437] Just popped, have you [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2438] Have you just stuck that with [...] ?
Matt (PS0KP) [2439] Go on.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2440] Eh, what is it?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2441] That's ... that's what they, they mix them up and sell them.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2442] Oh is that what you read in the book?
[2443] You mean
Matt (PS0KP) [2444] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2445] on the [...] ?
Matt (PS0KP) [2446] [...] ... We didn't [...] of this one.
[2447] Look, cos ... they're like
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2448] Take that bloody top off!
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2449] Oh no! [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2450] These things are [...] ... [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2451] Well ... it ... we'll have to try and get them.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2452] She was er ... [...] your mother down there?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2453] Yeah.
[2454] But [...] ... [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2455] You're really pushing that aren't you?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2456] [...] .
[2457] Nice there though innit?
Jan (PS0KR) [2458] Matt what are you doing?
Matt (PS0KP) [2459] That table [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2460] I want ... have you got that thick enough?
Laura (PS0KT) [2461] Hey!
[2462] ... [...] ... [...] . ... Ooh!
[2463] Can't!

18 (Tape 035706)

Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2464] [shouting] Come on Katie!
[2465] Katie!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2466] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2467] Come on [] !
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2468] Yeah alright.
[2469] ... See you!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2470] Well I'm going to Texas now.
Jan (PS0KR) [2471] Oh [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2472] Yeah.
[2473] Yeah.
Jan (PS0KR) [2474] And Katie?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2475] Are you [...] ?
Jan (PS0KR) [2476] You what Matt?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2477] That [...] in
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [2478] undercoating.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2479] Undercoating.
Jan (PS0KR) [2480] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2481] We've got all that haven't we?
[2482] And go some
Jan (PS0KR) [2483] Got to get some red to match Katie.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2484] Right well we'll see you
Jan (PS0KR) [2485] No.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2486] [...] .
Jan (PS0KR) [2487] Bye bye!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2488] [...] the minister.
Jan (PS0KR) [2489] Eh?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2490] The minister.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2491] The Spitting Image. [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2492] The minister.
Jan (PS0KR) [2493] Good old [...] !
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2494] Well that
Matt (PS0KP) [2495] Sa , say he got let off?
Jan (PS0KR) [2496] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [2497] I think he could.
Matt (PS0KP) [2498] Have we got [...] .
Jan (PS0KR) [2499] Yeah.
Laura (PS0KT) [2500] Yeah, [...] ... downstairs, Clara ... and erm ... and one just carried on going straight and I got seventeen [...] things that I can eat
Matthew (PS0KS) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [2501] again.
[2502] I got [...] ... one's a fudge ... [...] .
Jan (PS0KR) [2503] How do you clamp the wall then?
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2504] Mm?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2505] Ooh ooh!
Jan (PS0KR) [2506] Oh!
Matt (PS0KP) [2507] [...] .
[2508] Right?
Jan (PS0KR) [2509] Right.
Laura (PS0KT) [2510] Ha!
Matt (PS0KP) [2511] Have you seen the [...] .
Jan (PS0KR) [2512] Mm?
Matt (PS0KP) [2513] It's loosened ... off.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2514] Ta ta then!
[2515] Ta ta Debbie!
Matt (PS0KP) [2516] Ee ee!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2517] Bye!
Jan (PS0KR) [2518] See you tomorrow.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2519] See you!
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [2520] Bye!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2521] Ta ta
Jan (PS0KR) [2522] See you!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2523] then!
Matthew (PS0KS) [2524] Bye!
Jan (PS0KR) [2525] Bye!
Matt (PS0KP) [2526] Bye!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2527] Bye!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2528] Bye!
Matt (PS0KP) [whistling]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2529] [shouting] Bye bye Laura [] !
Laura (PS0KT) [2530] Bye!
Jan (PS0KR) [2531] That's good [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [whistling] ... [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2532] Mm?
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2533] Well that's the salt.
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2534] Yeah.
[2535] We'll have to wash up these.
[2536] ... Forgetting about the [...] .
[2537] [...] ring you up? [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2538] [...] yeah, [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2539] You was what?
Matt (PS0KP) [2540] Those [...] cars.
Jan (PS0KR) [2541] Oh right.
Matt (PS0KP) [2542] Yeah, I meant to tell you ... [...] .
Jan (PS0KR) [2543] I don't know if she's alright.
[2544] Let me see.
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2545] That's why [...] being a job.
Matt (PS0KP) [2546] Yeah, and [...] .
Jan (PS0KR) [2547] Ah, no a technical [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [2548] Yeah.
Jan (PS0KR) [2549] Yeah.
[2550] Who's is this?
[2551] I heard.
[2552] ... Not having much luck is he?
Matt (PS0KP) [2553] No. ... [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2554] When?
Matt (PS0KP) [2555] I said that [...] .
[2556] ... [...] ... don't like that ... fed up with up that!
[2557] Said that's shit!
Jan (PS0KR) [2558] Right.
Matt (PS0KP) [2559] Get hold of the right side [...] .
Matthew (PS0KS) [2560] Well, gotta do that.
[2561] ... Dad where's my photograph?
[2562] I want my [...] ... [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [2563] Oh down there.
[2564] Oh!
Matt (PS0KP) [2565] Is it?
Matthew (PS0KS) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2566] [...] .
[2567] Eh?
Matt (PS0KP) [2568] Who?
Jan (PS0KR) [2569] Ben.
[2570] ... No she's dressed.
[2571] ... Have a bath first.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2572] That ... look at that!
[2573] He comes ... [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [2574] Dad?
Matt (PS0KP) [2575] What?
Laura (PS0KT) [2576] You ought to be sa , helping me today.
Matt (PS0KP) [2577] Do you know what you want love?
Jan (PS0KR) [2578] No.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2579] No, I'm sure I don't want any.
Matt (PS0KP) [2580] Have your mum and dad remembered?
Jan (PS0KR) [2581] [...] .
[2582] Oh!
[2583] Sod!
Matt (PS0KP) [2584] Do you wanna [...] ?
Jan (PS0KR) [2585] That one goes nice across there is that what you're doing?
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2586] As you come up down the road ... on the left ha , on the left hand side but you gotta go down there
Matt (PS0KP) [2587] [...] ?
Jan (PS0KR) [2588] [...] ... they look really nice!
Matt (PS0KP) [2589] Which house?
Jan (PS0KR) [2590] [...] ... the bay window.
Matt (PS0KP) [2591] Well why didn't you say that?
[2592] Come here!
Jan (PS0KR) [2593] What, [...] ?

19 (Tape 035707)

Jan (PS0KR) [2594] Matt?
Matt (PS0KP) [2595] What?
Jan (PS0KR) [2596] Would you say there was anything wrong with [...] ?
[2597] Ha?
Matt (PS0KP) [2598] I don't mind.
[2599] Aye, they must be the same [...] .
[2600] I was only having a joke!
[2601] I'm sorry I opened my mouth!
Jan (PS0KR) [2602] Oh that's fine. [whispering] [...] [] .
Matt (PS0KP) [2603] Well we're getting there.
Jan (PS0KR) [2604] Pardon?
Matt (PS0KP) [whistling]
Jan (PS0KR) [2605] I'm gonna go and watch the telly!
[2606] Ooh ooh ooh! [banging]

20 (Tape 035708)

Jan (PS0KR) [2607] Your daughter just said ... I've got a [...] , I think it's because I'm hungry!
Matt (PS0KP) [2608] Jesus Christ! [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2609] And ... we were talking about ... [...] [banging]
Jan (PS0KR) [2610] And I need, feel really hungry now.
[2611] Oh!
[2612] She's [...] .
[2613] I think she'll be better off ... if she's got an upset stomach [...] .
[2614] But with that [...] .
[2615] She's got what she wanted [...] .
[2616] She's just been in here and told me that my Yorkshire pudding [...] !
[2617] Quite cross!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2618] [...] , she was thinking, what she's going out today?
Jan (PS0KR) [2619] Yeah.
[2620] Or whether she's fit. [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2621] No, [...] it takes me [...] thinks she's hungry because she's not had er
Jan (PS0KR) [2622] Well she's ... really hasn't got [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [2623] Well she's go , hardly eat dinner.
Jan (PS0KR) [2624] No.
[2625] I dunno, I think she's ... [...] probably [...] complaining about!
[2626] She said that she was probably had stomach ache because she was hungry.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2627] So La Laura now thinks got a sore stomach because she's hungry.
[2628] But she's not hungry!
Matt (PS0KP) [2629] Oh!
[2630] No point in her [...] her dinner. [banging]
Jan (PS0KR) [2631] Yeah, [...] .
[2632] ... [...] ? All about that C N D!
[2633] Bob said ... that [...] ... [...] cos I don't need to know.
[2634] Bob wanted ... chicken tikka massala [...] ... and then he said ... give me the list and wrote down on it two chicken tikka massalas ... so I look on that and I can't see anything ... two chicken kormas, one [...] ... and two chicken tikka massalas.
[2635] What have you got this for she goes?
[2636] She said to John where's the forks?
[2637] Now I thought I left the list in the restaurant because the blokes [...] .
[2638] She says I wrote down two Keema naans or whatever, [...] .
[2639] So she said you didn't.
[2640] He said don't call me a liar!
[2641] I did! [...] [banging]
Jan (PS0KR) [2642] He was so arrogant!
[2643] Weren't he Matt?
Matt (PS0KP) [2644] Yep!
[2645] I'd get him [...] as well.
Jan (PS0KR) [2646] A bi , a bit of bastard!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2647] And shut up, he said!
[2648] I know I'm wrong!
[2649] Okay, shut up!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2650] [...] ... No, he got down alright.
Jan (PS0KR) [2651] No I [...] , I got so much here I thought it would be fair to [...] with you.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2652] Yeah.
Jan (PS0KR) [2653] I mean they're pretty good with them actually.
[2654] But I'm gonna have to go home.
[2655] [...] ... that's Great Ormond's
Matt (PS0KP) [2656] Why are we having to ...
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2657] standing about with no light on?
Jan (PS0KR) [2658] Well the o , well more or less from the time we got in she's not gonna go back to that place
Matt (PS0KP) [2659] Here a [...] !
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2660] [...] sick of this [...] !
[2661] Will I put you across my knee and give you a wee smack on the arse!
[2662] Think I won't do it!
Jan (PS0KR) [2663] Choo!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2664] Look at them [...] .
[2665] Mm?
Jan (PS0KR) [2666] Don't they look alright?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2667] Mm mm.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2668] Yeah.
Jan (PS0KR) [2669] It's not re , not ready yet.
Matt (PS0KP) [2670] I'm [...] .
Jan (PS0KR) [2671] Oh ... oh those have been twisted haven't they?
Matt (PS0KP) [2672] Yeah.
[2673] Well they would do that.
[2674] Think of the things with [...] on. [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2675] You are.
[2676] Well why bother when you tell him off?
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2677] They do it anyway!
[2678] Right, well what do you think of it at the front?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2679] I haven't really thought about [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2680] Oh well!
[2681] You never need it [...] .
Jan (PS0KR) [2682] Erm ... tell me again, what he said?
[2683] About that bit ... it's that bit.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2684] It was a , it was a [...] relationship ... you know?
Jan (PS0KR) [2685] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2686] They thought ... maybe ... but then it was only Richard who accept [...] in the relationship. [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2687] The answer was no although he was eternally grateful.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2688] [...] ... no I didn't.
[2689] Thing is, he don't care.
[2690] See because he thinks, he thinks [...] .
[2691] Notice that he [...] the relationship wasn't going well [...] ... [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2692] Well his [...] is a bit much innit?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2693] See he thought that ... he was just telling us [...] ... doesn't want a relationship.
[2694] ... He thinks that you don't care.
[2695] You do really.
[2696] If he says no, I'm gonna go up to her and say [...] .
[2697] I don't care!
[2698] But it isn't fair cos you do.
[2699] It is all [...] my youth work.
Jan (PS0KR) [2700] Aha.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2701] Should know the difference.
[2702] [...] finish with him.
[2703] But then he said ... seen some people [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2704] Mm mm.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2705] Cos, you'll probably get stuck [...] relationship.
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2706] Do you know what I mean?
Jan (PS0KR) [2707] They do talk [...] as though the perfect relationship.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [2708] Mum!
Jan (PS0KR) [2709] Oh she's off!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2710] Lyn, don't be silly, keep it!
Jan (PS0KR) [2711] Oh well ... haven't even got a lot.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2712] See you!
Jan (PS0KR) [2713] [laughing] Ah [] !
Laura (PS0KT) [2714] Mum!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2715] Otherwise
Jan (PS0KR) [2716] What [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2717] if my [...] for my best friend Jan
Jan (PS0KR) [2718] Well I believe that'll
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2719] Ah.
Jan (PS0KR) [2720] [...] .
[2721] We went up
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2722] to Wales, Wales.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2723] Yes.
[2724] Oh my God!
Jan (PS0KR) [2725] Actually at least it's not hard [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2726] Future husband.
[2727] He's in rich blood.
Jan (PS0KR) [2728] Let's just say no, probably cos
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2729] Will she talk to him?
Jan (PS0KR) [2730] Yeah.
[2731] ... Come on.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2732] Better do it with your [...] on Saturday.
[2733] Came up to my place on Monday and [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2734] Oh sorry!
[2735] Sorry!
[2736] Sorry!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2737] Cos, it's only about school anyway with the [...] .
Jan (PS0KR) [2738] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2739] Cos hopefully, I mean, I find they've influenced us going to church [...] .
Jan (PS0KR) [2740] Yeah I know.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2741] You lot went round for it?
Jan (PS0KR) [2742] Sharon is the contact.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2743] That's [...] aren't you?
Jan (PS0KR) [2744] Why?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2745] Cos you gotta put it down tomorrow this.
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2746] Oh yes, but I know this but [...] .
[2747] Mind you, whatever the night life there won't be very many [...] things like that.
Jan (PS0KR) [2748] Right then!
[2749] Let's see.
[2750] Ooh.
[2751] Get off!
[2752] Look.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2753] Yeah.
[2754] ... [...] through there.
Jan (PS0KR) [2755] Eh?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2756] You really think I'm going on it?
Jan (PS0KR) [2757] Well he said you might.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2758] Well that's what I thought, I might [...] , cos I don't like him anyway.
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2759] First of all he don't believe I'm going.
[2760] Dad
Jan (PS0KR) [2761] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2762] wouldn't go in on there.
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2763] Wouldn't he?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2764] Then you wonder, it's dead for both of u , our relationship is there, it's like a [...] ... [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2765] Oh Gosh!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2766] Ooh!
[2767] Dishwasher. [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2768] Yes.
[2769] Gotta go soft with him [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2770] Yes.
Jan (PS0KR) [2771] Two bags a week.
[2772] [...] . ... [...] starts, that's what I say?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2773] You what?
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [2774] Matt!
[2775] Matt!
[2776] ... Matt!
Matthew (PS0KS) [2777] What?
Christopher (PS0KU) [2778] Where's your slippers?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2779] Ah?
Christopher (PS0KU) [2780] Where are your slippers?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2781] I'm wearing them.
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [2782] Wear your own ones!
Christopher (PS0KU) [2783] Oh there's his ... tape.
[2784] Alright if I keep these on mum, I'm not going
Jan (PS0KR) [2785] Yeah, that's fine.
Christopher (PS0KU) [2786] Oh!
[2787] Lo , I don't want one.
[2788] Take the [...] .
Jan (PS0KR) [2789] You want them boiled don't you?
Christopher (PS0KU) [2790] Yeah, please.
Jan (PS0KR) [2791] Girls! [...] at the top of the stairs if you want them!
Laura (PS0KT) [2792] Thanks.
Jan (PS0KR) [2793] How many do you want Matt?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2794] Three.
Jan (PS0KR) [2795] This is the [...] .
[2796] ... [yawning] Oh oh [] !
[2797] ... So you wouldn't mind the shoes this afternoon?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2798] Er, no.
[2799] ... I don't think that's best.
[2800] And wallpaper Kenny's room.
[2801] Well the one wall should be
Jan (PS0KR) [2802] Want a biscuit?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2803] Mm.
[2804] All I know is that the
Jan (PS0KR) [2805] [...] ... Right.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2806] I'll let you buy ... one [...] .
Jan (PS0KR) [2807] Are there any apples left?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2808] Eh?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2809] perpetually.
Jan (PS0KR) [2810] [laugh] ... she was looking for them.
[2811] Found another one.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2812] See the bottom half strikes my wrist.
[2813] Sort of little [...] .
Christopher (PS0KU) [2814] Who?
[2815] No that's for two.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2816] I'm not having one, I'm having porridge.
Jan (PS0KR) [2817] Well you've got school tomorrow [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2818] Begging ... [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2819] [...] , ha!
Christopher (PS0KU) [2820] Come and [...] for me.
Matt (PS0KP) [whistling]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2821] I just don't know whether to stay half an hour after the [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2822] [...] , comic relief.
Matt (PS0KP) [2823] Mm?
[2824] ... Check them.
[2825] Do you want me to do that?
[2826] Ah?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2827] I've not had this before.

21 (Tape 035709)

Matt (PS0KP) [2828] Got any [...] Matt?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2829] Yep!
[2830] I sorted all the [...] out [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [2831] Look at these tools and all that through here!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2832] Well I did see that.
Matt (PS0KP) [2833] Matt!
Matthew (PS0KS) [2834] Oh oh!
Matt (PS0KP) [2835] Matt!
Matthew (PS0KS) [2836] Coming.
Matt (PS0KP) [2837] Get in there!
[2838] What's that?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2839] What?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2840] Lovely mush!
[2841] Hello.
[2842] He can't hear me.
Christopher (PS0KU) [2843] Enough!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2844] Hello!
Matt (PS0KP) [2845] [...] that wall, put all
Jan (PS0KR) [2846] Hello.
Matt (PS0KP) [2847] these [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2848] Superman
Matt (PS0KP) [2849] [...] against that [...] .
[2850] Put them up against that wall there.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2851] Right.
Matt (PS0KP) [2852] Look at me.
Matthew (PS0KS) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2853] That's right.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2854] Are you still trying [...] mum?
Jan (PS0KR) [2855] Aha.
[2856] All these [...] have gotta go.
Matthew (PS0KS) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2857] Erm, [...] them as well.
Jan (PS0KR) [2858] Eh?
[2859] Oh yeah.
[2860] ... That's about right. [banging]
Matthew (PS0KS) [2861] Don't you dare knock that!
Laura (PS0KT) [2862] Dad!
[2863] Can I help you?
Jan (PS0KR) [2864] Right.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2865] Mm?
Jan (PS0KR) [2866] That's right.
Laura (PS0KT) [2867] Hello dad!
Matt (PS0KP) [2868] Laura, stay down there [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2869] Do those as well.
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2870] On Friday.
Jan (PS0KR) [2871] So where are you going? ... [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2872] Is it made with milk?
[2873] Tasty isn't it?
Jan (PS0KR) [2874] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2875] Laura!
Jan (PS0KR) [2876] Oh, are you off now?
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2877] Sa cycle with daddy.
Matt (PS0KP) [2878] [...] ... how do you do that?
Matthew (PS0KS) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2879] Well leave it till Ian comes in.
Jan (PS0KR) [2880] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2881] You ready [...] ?
[2882] What's
Jan (PS0KR) [2883] Mm?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2884] What do you think of [...] photograph? [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2885] But you do box [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2886] Yeah.
[2887] And he didn't finish my wall.
Jan (PS0KR) [2888] Be nice won't it?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2889] There's some in the bathroom, but we are gonna take that door off and have
Jan (PS0KR) [2890] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2891] a ... pine coloured ... sliding one.
Jan (PS0KR) [2892] I know what you mean.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2893] This little concertina job.
[2894] Looks nice in that space on that [...] .
Jan (PS0KR) [2895] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2896] Looks good! [banging]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2897] What do you call that?
Jan (PS0KR) [2898] I don't know.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2899] [...] ... Let's have a look?
Jan (PS0KR) [2900] Mm? [loud banging]
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2901] Hey!
Laura (PS0KT) [2902] It wasn't them.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2903] Those.
Laura (PS0KT) [2904] Mm.
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2905] Mm.
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [2906] Have I got meatballs again?
Jan (PS0KR) [2907] Hey?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2908] I don't want some ... pieces of cake.
[2909] ... That pan with the chicken on needs to go in the dishwasher.
Jan (PS0KR) [2910] On it's own.
[2911] [...] ... Ask your dad if he wants to come and cut the chicken please?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2912] Dad, can you come and cut the chicken?
Matt (PS0KP) [2913] Yep!
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [2914] Well that's gonna clog the dishwasher up.
Jan (PS0KR) [2915] Matt, will you leave the dishwasher alone!
Matthew (PS0KS) [2916] Yeah.
Jan (PS0KR) [2917] Do you want more parsnips than that?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2918] Yeah, please.
[2919] Hungry.
Matt (PS0KP) [2920] Get the last bus.
Christopher (PS0KU) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2921] Yeah, ask the bus man?
Christopher (PS0KU) [2922] Alright.
[2923] Is that alright?
Matt (PS0KP) [2924] Yeah, it's alright.
[2925] Go on [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [2926] Anyway, I'll go and get [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [2927] Out the way please.
[2928] Go on, chop!
Matt (PS0KP) [2929] Thank you.
Jan (PS0KR) [2930] Right, that one must go.
Christopher (PS0KU) [2931] Alright.
Matthew (PS0KS) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [2932] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2933] How do you get on with the dreaded [...] ?
Matthew (PS0KS) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2934] [...] ? [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [2935] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2936] no.
[2937] In the air game ... [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [2938] Dad, can I make these up?
Matt (PS0KP) [2939] No.
[2940] Yeah, go on then.
Jan (PS0KR) [2941] Oh no!
[2942] Oh don't.
Matt (PS0KP) [2943] Some there.
[2944] It's too late now.
Laura (PS0KT) [2945] It's come out.
Matt (PS0KP) [2946] Come Laura!
Jan (PS0KR) [2947] Constructive to such a [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2948] [cough] ... Yep!
Jan (PS0KR) [2949] Only [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [2950] Want a leg?
[2951] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2952] I don't mind, I don't, [...] the chicken so
Matt (PS0KP) [2953] So
Matthew (PS0KS) [2954] It hasn't got any!
Matt (PS0KP) [2955] Like that.
Laura (PS0KT) [2956] Too late now.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2957] Are we going home now?
Matt (PS0KP) [2958] You can get ... a little bit.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2959] Can I have lots of chips?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2960] Might as just well stay.
Jan (PS0KR) [2961] Come out the way poppet.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [2962] Can I have a le , leg of chicken?
Christopher (PS0KU) [2963] Not [...] .
[2964] ... Lots of chips.
Matt (PS0KP) [2965] Do you want the parson's bum?
Christopher (PS0KU) [2966] Yeah, I don't the ... the chicken's
Matt (PS0KP) [2967] Oh [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [2968] bum.
[2969] You've got the bum!
Matt (PS0KP) [2970] No dice!
Matthew (PS0KS) [laugh]
Matt (PS0KP) [2971] [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2972] No.
Jan (PS0KR) [2973] No, you have a leg love.
Laura (PS0KT) [2974] I'll have a leg.
Jan (PS0KR) [2975] Will you?
Matt (PS0KP) [2976] Do you like stuffing Debs?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2977] Yeah, no Matt.
Matt (PS0KP) [2978] Do you want ... some leg son?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2979] Yeah!
Matt (PS0KP) [2980] Do you want some stuffing?
Matthew (PS0KS) [2981] No.
Matt (PS0KP) [2982] When you say that [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [2983] Say no thank you.
Matt (PS0KP) [2984] You don't want one?
Christopher (PS0KU) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2985] You don't want one?
Jan (PS0KR) [2986] No he doesn't.
Christopher (PS0KU) [2987] Just ask me what I like. [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [2988] Is that enough chicken?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2989] Aha.
Christopher (PS0KU) [2990] [...] chicken.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2991] Dad will do you.
Christopher (PS0KU) [2992] And watch daddy's chicken.
Matt (PS0KP) [2993] Want a leg Pat?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [2994] No.
Jan (PS0KR) [2995] No she doesn't.
[2996] Can you cut it up really small?
Matt (PS0KP) [2997] Yes.
Matthew (PS0KS) [2998] Hey!
Matt (PS0KP) [2999] I'm afraid there most of it's bust.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3000] Will Matt like this piece?
Matt (PS0KP) [3001] Go on take that away Matt.
Laura (PS0KT) [3002] You haven't.
Matthew (PS0KS) [3003] Go in there.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3004] I'm hungry as well.
Jan (PS0KR) [3005] Well, well Matt [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3006] What happens now?
Laura (PS0KT) [3007] Just eat.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3008] Save that fucking cabbage!
Jan (PS0KR) [3009] He eats this.
Matt (PS0KP) [3010] He eats this.
Laura (PS0KT) [3011] He eats baby food!
Matt (PS0KP) [3012] Yep!
[3013] Baby Carly's food.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3014] That's right.
Laura (PS0KT) [3015] No baby
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3016] Baby
Laura (PS0KT) [3017] food!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3018] Messed up cabbage and and
Laura (PS0KT) [3019] No baby
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3020] food.
Jan (PS0KR) [3021] Right, if any of the supermarkets have a baby counter anywhere here?
[3022] For baby food?
Laura (PS0KT) [3023] Yeah, you have baby food!
Matthew (PS0KS) [3024] This is cabbage and carrot.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3025] Mhm.
Laura (PS0KT) [3026] Eats baby food.
Matthew (PS0KS) [3027] Yeah, cabbage and carrot!
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [3028] Look.
Matt (PS0KP) [3029] I can give you a leg son.
Matthew (PS0KS) [3030] Ha ha ha!
Jan (PS0KR) [3031] You
Matt (PS0KP) [3032] You got
Jan (PS0KR) [3033] You got him a leg?
Matt (PS0KP) [3034] No. [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [3035] I won't eat all that!
[3036] No way!
Matt (PS0KP) [3037] I'm just [...] and then you can
Jan (PS0KR) [3038] Leave what you don't want.
Matt (PS0KP) [3039] leave what you don't want.
[3040] Alright, nay problem!
Matthew (PS0KS) [3041] I won't eat a leg as well.
Jan (PS0KR) [3042] Right, come here then.
Laura (PS0KT) [3043] Yeah!
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [3044] [...] [...] interest, we're now [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [3045] There's [...] ?
[3046] Is that, is that Matt's or yours?
Christopher (PS0KU) [3047] Where?
Jan (PS0KR) [3048] Over there.
Matt (PS0KP) [3049] Whose is this?
Matthew (PS0KS) [3050] I don't
Christopher (PS0KU) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [3051] want one.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3052] We haven't got any cheesecake.
Jan (PS0KR) [3053] Have I seen that one?
Laura (PS0KT) [3054] One [...] ... I am
Jan (PS0KR) [3055] Hello!
Laura (PS0KT) [3056] when I am ne
Matt (PS0KP) [3057] Do you want a bit of chicken Laura?
Laura (PS0KT) [3058] This is my [...] ... [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [3059] Is that alright?
Laura (PS0KT) [3060] I don't need my [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3061] I have brown
Laura (PS0KT) [3062] chairs.
Matt (PS0KP) [3063] He actually said
Christopher (PS0KU) [3064] Mine.
Matt (PS0KP) [3065] if you wanna ask Laura if she'd ... what did Sheila say to you?
Christopher (PS0KU) [3066] Well I
Matt (PS0KP) [3067] Are you hungry?
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [3068] Yeah, and what did you say?
Christopher (PS0KU) [3069] who are
Laura (PS0KT) [3070] No.
Matt (PS0KP) [3071] Yes, you are hungry.
[3072] Are you hungry?
Christopher (PS0KU) [3073] my
Laura (PS0KT) [3074] No!
Christopher (PS0KU) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [3075] You got a sore tummy?
[3076] Have you got a sore tummy?
[3077] Yeah?
Laura (PS0KT) [3078] He don't eat a lot.
Matt (PS0KP) [3079] You're full of crap Laura to be quite honest with you!
[3080] You're just [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [3081] Yep!
Matt (PS0KP) [3082] aren't you?
Matthew (PS0KS) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3083] Erm ... have you
Jan (PS0KR) [3084] We're just waiting for
Christopher (PS0KU) [3085] it's
Jan (PS0KR) [3086] Lesley and we'll have some photos
Christopher (PS0KU) [3087] er
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [3088] This chicken's hot [...] .
Jan (PS0KR) [3089] She's got a sore tummy.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3090] I'm reading a book.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3091] She's got a sore tummy cos she's not eating enough!
Matt (PS0KP) [3092] Give her that.
[3093] Give her some.
[3094] Just a wee drop of chicken Laura?
Laura (PS0KT) [3095] No.
Matt (PS0KP) [3096] Some spuds ... and some peas and
Jan (PS0KR) [3097] and carrots.
Matt (PS0KP) [3098] Where's my plate?
Jan (PS0KR) [3099] You've not had enough.
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3100] How many shall I set the table for?
Jan (PS0KR) [3101] You kids can sit there and we'll sit at the table.
[3102] ... What?
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3103] There look!
[3104] Big spoon!
Matt (PS0KP) [3105] Laura have a look at the chicken there, is that enough for you?
Laura (PS0KT) [3106] Mm.
Matt (PS0KP) [3107] Are you sure?
[3108] Fine!
[3109] What about some er ... spuds?
Matthew (PS0KS) [3110] Gravy!
[3111] Mm!
Matt (PS0KP) [3112] Want spuds?
Laura (PS0KT) [3113] Yes please.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3114] Well I've got some of Matt's.
Laura (PS0KT) [3115] Doesn't matter if you leave it, no.
Matt (PS0KP) [3116] Do you want some more?
[3117] Do you want some?
[3118] Take half of this.
Matthew (PS0KS) [3119] Oh, can we ... take the skin off, [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [3120] Take the bone off ... right?
Matthew (PS0KS) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3121] Pardon?
Matt (PS0KP) [3122] Do you want the skin off?
Matthew (PS0KS) [3123] Yes please dad.
Laura (PS0KT) [3124] [...] ... I'll have some mashed potato.
Matt (PS0KP) [3125] You'll have some mashed potato in a minute Laura.
Laura (PS0KT) [3126] What?
Jan (PS0KR) [3127] You can get that off.
Laura (PS0KT) [3128] Mm.
Matt (PS0KP) [3129] I'll see if that swede
Laura (PS0KT) [3130] I want
Jan (PS0KR) [3131] Swede?
Matt (PS0KP) [3132] Yes, [...] .
Jan (PS0KR) [3133] Well it's whatever he wants.
Matt (PS0KP) [3134] Go and sit down just now Laura.
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [3135] I'll do the dishwasher, if you want.
Jan (PS0KR) [3136] You never mind the dishwasher!
Matthew (PS0KS) [3137] I know!
[3138] I'm packing it [...] . [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [3139] You hear what mummy said!
[3140] Leave it just now son.
Matthew (PS0KS) [3141] I'll pack it all this afternoon if you like.
Jan (PS0KR) [3142] That is on rinse, it'll cool down.
Matt (PS0KP) [3143] That enough chicken for you Matt?
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [3144] Yeah, that's plenty.
[3145] Will that cool down a bit?
Matt (PS0KP) [3146] Yeah, when it's off.
Jan (PS0KR) [3147] [...] ... What are you having?
Matt (PS0KP) [3148] Just that, I'll come back for it.
[3149] I'm more than happy.
[3150] [...] a bit.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3151] [...] .
[3152] Matt, do you want a gravy?
Matthew (PS0KS) [3153] Please?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3154] Matt?
Matthew (PS0KS) [3155] Yes please?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [whistling]
Matthew (PS0KS) [3156] You didn't ask us whether we want [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [3157] Here Laura, eat that.
Matthew (PS0KS) [3158] Chris, do you want gravy?
Christopher (PS0KU) [3159] Yep!
Matthew (PS0KS) [3160] Yes, Chris wants gravy.
Matt (PS0KP) [3161] Leave that.
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [3162] We're gonna get a knife and fork now [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [3163] You sit down there son.
Jan (PS0KR) [3164] When?
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [3165] Take the salt and pepper in.
Matt (PS0KP) [3166] And that is ... nice bits of skin on there for you son.
Matthew (PS0KS) [3167] Right, thanks.
Jan (PS0KR) [3168] She told me she wasn't having any.
Matt (PS0KP) [3169] She's not ge , okay [...] something to eat and still [...] .
[3170] Because her stomach, it's alright if she's not been sick.
[3171] [...] . ... Don't mind at all.
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [3172] She's alright now
Matthew (PS0KS) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [3173] inside.
[3174] ... Your dumb ... comments ... will not be required!
Matthew (PS0KS) [3175] Alright.
Matt (PS0KP) [3176] Okay?
Matthew (PS0KS) [3177] Okay.
[3178] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [3179] Sit up!
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [3180] If I get one more ... one argument ... one [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [3181] What am I arguing about?
Matt (PS0KP) [3182] I'm just telling you!
[3183] [shouting] Laura [] !
Laura (PS0KT) [3184] Coming!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3185] Is this mine?
Matthew (PS0KS) [3186] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [3187] Yeah.
Laura (PS0KT) [3188] Yeah?
Matt (PS0KP) [3189] Sit at the table.
[3190] [...] for dinner.
Laura (PS0KT) [3191] Don't want any dinner.
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [3192] I [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3193] Can I start eating?
Matt (PS0KP) [3194] Yes.
Matthew (PS0KS) [3195] What do you have to do?
Laura (PS0KT) [3196] Eating.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3197] I bet she doesn't eat everything.
Laura (PS0KT) [3198] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [3199] This [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3200] Is there
Christopher (PS0KU) [3201] Cos I
Laura (PS0KT) [3202] is there enough for two?
Matt (PS0KP) [3203] [...] , enough for two there.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3204] Well er, mine's [...] .
Matthew (PS0KS) [3205] Well there's not enough for two to go round so I was [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [3206] Sit up and stop bloody [...] that!
[3207] Sit up there!
Matthew (PS0KS) [3208] Ah!
Matt (PS0KP) [3209] Pull the chair out!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3210] Can I have some beans now?
Matt (PS0KP) [3211] Yes, it's being done just now.
Christopher (PS0KU) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [3212] Salt there?
Jan (PS0KR) [3213] Yeah.
Matthew (PS0KS) [3214] [singing] Keep meaning to ... she doesn't ... [...] [] ... [singing] He's [...] oh oh [] !
Laura (PS0KT) [3215] [...] ?
Matthew (PS0KS) [3216] Yep.
Laura (PS0KT) [3217] Oh don't
Matthew (PS0KS) [3218] Don't pick!
Laura (PS0KT) [3219] Co , because
Matthew (PS0KS) [3220] because dad's here!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3221] Oh oh yeah!
Laura (PS0KT) [3222] Shut up!

22 (Tape 035710)

Matt (PS0KP) [3223] You're getting malnutrition Laura!
[3224] It means your body ain't got what it needs to [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [cough]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3225] Mine has!
Matthew (PS0KS) [3226] Cos you're eating properly, Laura's not!
[3227] Get stuck into it!
[3228] Enjoy it!
[3229] You'll feel better for it.
Laura (PS0KT) [3230] I am enjoying it.
Christopher (PS0KU) [...] ... [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [3231] Enjoy it.
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [3232] You might likely be in bed if you don't eat that!
Laura (PS0KT) [3233] Don't force me!
Matthew (PS0KS) [3234] What?
Laura (PS0KT) [3235] I really don't want that [...] .
Matthew (PS0KS) [3236] Well if you [...] , you'll never eat it.
[3237] So you won't be able to take it yourself.
Laura (PS0KT) [3238] I am eating it really.
Matthew (PS0KS) [3239] I know you are.
Laura (PS0KT) [3240] I'm not! [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3241] You are!
Matthew (PS0KS) [3242] She will. [...] [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3243] She will!
Laura (PS0KT) [3244] I get ... it's just the stomach ache [...] .
Matthew (PS0KS) [3245] You've got stomach ache cos you're not eating!
[3246] Mm!
[3247] ... Is that [...] ?
Laura (PS0KT) [3248] Oh well I won't eat anything at all.
[3249] Got stomach ache.
Matthew (PS0KS) [3250] You've got stomach ache cos you're not eating!
[3251] Yeah!
Laura (PS0KT) [3252] Leave me alone!
Matthew (PS0KS) [3253] [...] ... I'm not sympathetic.
[3254] When a new car comes [...] well ... cos me and Chris will ... will have a drive of it.
[3255] Cos you [...] go of it on my own.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3256] Yeah.
Laura (PS0KT) [3257] Don't wanna drive it!
Matthew (PS0KS) [3258] Then you'll miss out.
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [3259] You'll miss out all the good things!
[3260] Cos you'll be in bed [...] .
[3261] Yeah.
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3262] You're going to ... try [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [3263] You'll [...] again Laura.
Laura (PS0KT) [3264] But who says this?
Christopher (PS0KU) [3265] What am I doing without [...] ?
[3266] ... Not eating everything! ... [...] ?
Matthew (PS0KS) [3267] Mhm.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3268] Too much meat!
[3269] Too much meat!
Matthew (PS0KS) [3270] You're starving dude!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3271] You you're greedy!
Laura (PS0KT) [3272] Lovely!
Matthew (PS0KS) [3273] What about you then!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3274] Yeah!
[3275] Yeah!
Laura (PS0KT) [3276] Well!
Matthew (PS0KS) [3277] Is that [...] potatoes.
Laura (PS0KT) [3278] It isn't!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3279] And some more gravy.
Matthew (PS0KS) [3280] Mm!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3281] Mm!
[3282] There's some [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3283] Don't be gross!
Matthew (PS0KS) [3284] I'm not!
[3285] It won't fit in.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3286] Mm!
[3287] Mm mm!
Matthew (PS0KS) [3288] [singing] Gonna wear the [...] [] .
Christopher (PS0KU) [3289] We'll eat everything ... [...] .
[3290] [...] . Bit [...] .
[3291] Get out of it!
[3292] ... Get out!
Matthew (PS0KS) [3293] Ah, I love it!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3294] I love it!
Matthew (PS0KS) [3295] [...] been to see it as well.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3296] Where?
Matthew (PS0KS) [...] [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3297] You don't fill it in do you?
Christopher (PS0KU) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3298] Oh yeah, that was lovely!
[3299] We had chicken tikka
Matthew (PS0KS) [3300] Mm.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3301] We had rice.
[3302] We had some of that crisp ... stuff.
[3303] It was good, it was lovely though.
Matthew (PS0KS) [3304] Poppadoms.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3305] Yes.
[3306] Everything! ... [...] there's nothing there.
Laura (PS0KT) [3307] You won't be able to get up.
Matthew (PS0KS) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3308] Won't eat no vegetable at all.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3309] No!
Matthew (PS0KS) [3310] Well I do [...] .
Christopher (PS0KU) [3311] Mum!
[3312] I can't eat all that.
Jan (PS0KR) [3313] What's up with you?
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [3314] What's up?
Matthew (PS0KS) [3315] Eat what you can [...] !
Laura (PS0KT) [3316] You said I had to eat it all!
Jan (PS0KR) [3317] That's right.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3318] Mum, I can't eat this bit ... this bit up there.
Laura (PS0KT) [3319] [...] ... You said I had to eat it in!
Matthew (PS0KS) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3320] Well you did.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3321] Mum?
[3322] I can't finish that [...] .
Jan (PS0KR) [3323] Ah?
Christopher (PS0KU) [3324] I can't finish that much.
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3325] Where?
Matthew (PS0KS) [3326] Go over to here.
Christopher (PS0KU) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [3327] It's what? [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3328] Mm! [...] !
Matt (PS0KP) [3329] You had enough to eat [...] ?
[3330] You sure?
Christopher (PS0KU) [3331] Mum?
[3332] Mum?
Jan (PS0KR) [3333] What?
Christopher (PS0KU) [3334] Are they them crispy things?
Jan (PS0KR) [3335] What crispy things?
Christopher (PS0KU) [3336] Any more?
Jan (PS0KR) [3337] Ah?
Matthew (PS0KS) [3338] Poppadoms we had last night.
Jan (PS0KR) [3339] No.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3340] Them round things.
Matthew (PS0KS) [3341] No we haven't got any more.
[3342] No, we've eaten them all.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3343] The things
Matthew (PS0KS) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3344] Where?
Matthew (PS0KS) [3345] No it's there.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3346] What the po ... are they thin and crispy stuff ... we er ... the round stuff ... in the sideboard
Laura (PS0KT) [3347] Well [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3348] yeah, and I had one of them.
Jan (PS0KR) [3349] Oh you mean yesterday?
Christopher (PS0KU) [3350] Yeah.
[3351] Well that
Matthew (PS0KS) [3352] Any Yorkshire puddings mum?
Jan (PS0KR) [3353] No. [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [3354] Ah!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3355] These crisp thing right? [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3356] Never had a Yorkshire pudding like this before!
Matthew (PS0KS) [3357] There wasn't any! [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [3358] Right, now hold on. [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3359] Mum?
[3360] I don't want this piece of chicken.
Matthew (PS0KS) [3361] Put it in the food table, he'll have it.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3362] Mum?
Jan (PS0KR) [3363] What?
Christopher (PS0KU) [3364] Don't want
Matthew (PS0KS) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3365] this piece of chicken.
[3366] Can't eat it.
Jan (PS0KR) [3367] Okay.
Matthew (PS0KS) [3368] Chicken, chicken, chicken!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3369] I'll eat the rest.
Matthew (PS0KS) [3370] Poppadom!
[3371] Poppadom!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3372] You don't
Matthew (PS0KS) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3373] look at me like that!
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3374] Please say [...] could you?
Matthew (PS0KS) [3375] What was that ... [...] large thing I had last night mum?
Jan (PS0KR) [3376] Ha?
Laura (PS0KT) [3377] Do you want some Chris?
Christopher (PS0KU) [3378] Yeah.
[3379] No, don't wanna get
Matthew (PS0KS) [3380] Mum, [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [3381] She's really done well.
Matt (PS0KP) [3382] Sit back ... at the table properly!
[3383] Eat
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [3384] everything!
[3385] That's not enough.
Jan (PS0KR) [3386] But [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [cough]
Jan (PS0KR) [3387] can't can't eat any more.
Matt (PS0KP) [3388] No, just you know ... leave it, some leftovers there.
Matthew (PS0KS) [3389] Mum?
Jan (PS0KR) [3390] What?
Christopher (PS0KU) [3391] I wasn't gonna eat mine.
Laura (PS0KT) [3392] Only there ... [...] .
Matthew (PS0KS) [3393] I'm a real big [...] dude!
[3394] I'm a real [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [3395] Eh?
Matthew (PS0KS) [3396] [...] !
Laura (PS0KT) [3397] Shut up!
Matthew (PS0KS) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3398] Yes [...] !
[3399] ... It's, it's [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [3400] Ah!
Laura (PS0KT) [3401] Doesn't mean you have to take the mick!
Matthew (PS0KS) [3402] I'm not taking the mick, I'm just saying [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3403] You're taking the mick!
Matthew (PS0KS) [3404] You say ... I'd rather have [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3405] Chris [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3406] Why?
Laura (PS0KT) [3407] Christopher isn't sleeping with us.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3408] Erm [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [3409] Just say when.
Matthew (PS0KS) [3410] When.
[3411] Quite a lot there [...] .
Laura (PS0KT) [3412] Oh!
Matthew (PS0KS) [3413] Erm [...] .
[3414] ... Shall I tell you afterwards?
Christopher (PS0KU) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3415] Not quite sure.
Jan (PS0KR) [3416] Not quite sure of anything!

23 (Tape 035801)

Matt (PS0KP) [3417] Tell you about that one.
Jan (PS0KR) [3418] Ashley?
Matt (PS0KP) [3419] Straight up!
[3420] Look!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3421] Yeah.
Christopher (PS0KU) [...] [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [3422] All the cassettes they gave us.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3423] Christ!
Matt (PS0KP) [3424] All the
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [3425] thingummies and what have you.
[3426] Got a log book and
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3427] And how long have you gotta have it for then?
Matt (PS0KP) [3428] A week. ... [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [3429] Yeah. [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3430] And we'll get them [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [3431] Okay, where do you get the card?
Christopher (PS0KU) [3432] Mum?
Laura (PS0KT) [3433] Mum, might get one
Christopher (PS0KU) [3434] Mum?
Laura (PS0KT) [3435] of those cars today dad!
Matt (PS0KP) [3436] I've gotta try and find that.
[3437] She might do aye!
Jan (PS0KR) [3438] Ashley!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3439] Don't!
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3440] Baby Rebecca.
Laura (PS0KT) [3441] Ben.
Jan (PS0KR) [3442] What?
Laura (PS0KT) [3443] My mum might get me one of those [...] .
[3444] If we can get it.
Jan (PS0KR) [3445] Oh yeah!
Laura (PS0KT) [3446] Might get one of them big ones!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3447] Oh!
[3448] Why?
Laura (PS0KT) [3449] Cos I'm collecting them.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3450] Are you?
Laura (PS0KT) [3451] Yeah.
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3452] I'm collecting ordinary [...] one!
Laura (PS0KT) [3453] Okay a mini one!
Jan (PS0KR) [3454] Oh [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3455] Mum, I bet you get more
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3456] stickers in here
Matt (PS0KP) [3457] Yes.
Laura (PS0KT) [3458] than I should
Jan (PS0KR) [3459] Helen got some trolls from somewhere.
[3460] [...] . I dunno where ... she got them from.
Laura (PS0KT) [3461] Val gets them [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3462] Mm!
Laura (PS0KT) [3463] you can get some from ... [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3464] And ... er
Laura (PS0KT) [3465] and some from Woolworth cards.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3466] [...] ... Woolworths.
Laura (PS0KT) [3467] I I don't know if they do them in Woolworths.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3468] Yes they do!
Laura (PS0KT) [3469] Oh!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3470] I already bought in Woolworths ... once!
[3471] [...] ... Woolworths, they have them an ... they have
Laura (PS0KT) [3472] They got them in Woolworths.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3473] the best
Laura (PS0KT) [3474] Mm.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3475] they are the most best people that
Laura (PS0KT) [3476] They're good!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3477] Yeah.
[3478] And, [...] .
[3479] You know what they do?
[3480] They sell out ... you won't believe this ... they sell ... you won't believe this, they sell
Laura (PS0KT) [3481] Come in!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3482] they sell them
Laura (PS0KT) [3483] Come in!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3484] they sell them
Laura (PS0KT) [3485] That
Christopher (PS0KU) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3486] Oh no! [...] !
[3487] Ha!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3488] You're a lovely
Jan (PS0KR) [3489] Hey, don't you get all dirty!
Laura (PS0KT) [3490] Dad that recorder thing's running.
Matt (PS0KP) [3491] Yeah I know it is.
Laura (PS0KT) [3492] I didn't!
[3493] Ha.
[3494] Ha.
[3495] Ha.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3496] Look at the [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3497] Come on!
[3498] [...] Oh!
[3499] [...] . Well!
[3500] Oh!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3501] Oy! oy! [...] !
[3502] [...] ... [...] ... Ooh!
Laura (PS0KT) [3503] Ooh!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3504] Cor!
Laura (PS0KT) [3505] He's never even done [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3506] Ooh!
Laura (PS0KT) [3507] as bad as that!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3508] Pardon?
Laura (PS0KT) [3509] That's unbelievable!
[3510] ... He's tricking you!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3511] Look I put my finger ... in your mouth ... erm ... if I ever get [...] stuck.
[3512] Right, he crawls out without a fishing rod.
Matt (PS0KP) [3513] Does he?
Laura (PS0KT) [3514] Ooh! [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3515] Quick [...] !
Christopher (PS0KU) [3516] [...] my claws.
Laura (PS0KT) [3517] Ah!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3518] Oh ya!
Laura (PS0KT) [3519] Oh!
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Matthew (PS0KS) [3520] It's mine!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3521] That's mine!
Laura (PS0KT) [3522] No baby wet ... [...] !
Christopher (PS0KU) [3523] We got a excuse for me, right?
Laura (PS0KT) [3524] Yeah.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3525] [...] the dog.
[3526] Didn't he?
Laura (PS0KT) [3527] Don't think a bunny rabbit
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3528] [...] She's got a [...] bit in her mouth.
Jan (PS0KR) [3529] Yeah, but don't go [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3530] Mum I got
Jan (PS0KR) [3531] You're making excuses aren't you?
Laura (PS0KT) [3532] Don't do that!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3533] What?
Laura (PS0KT) [3534] Stupid idiot!
[3535] Don't you [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3536] Don't you call me stupid idiot!
Laura (PS0KT) [3537] Pick it up!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3538] No!
Laura (PS0KT) [3539] Well don't, you're gonna [...] !
Jan (PS0KR) [3540] Get up! [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3541] Put it here!
[3542] Don't [...] !
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3543] Well that is on your mat.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3544] Mm.
Laura (PS0KT) [3545] Change!
Jan (PS0KR) [3546] That's it!
[3547] Yeah!
[3548] How you feeling? [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3549] What?
Jan (PS0KR) [3550] That's that.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3551] No.
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3552] Well I know [...] but thing you've got to break this there.
Laura (PS0KT) [3553] Yeah.
Christopher (PS0KU) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3554] Oh!
[3555] Ooh!
[3556] ... Hayley's
Christopher (PS0KU) [3557] Mm!
[3558] Mm mm mm!
Laura (PS0KT) [3559] doing the [...] ?
Jan (PS0KR) [3560] Yeah.
[3561] Hayley's got the [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3562] Oh!
Jan (PS0KR) [3563] It's kind of like
Laura (PS0KT) [3564] I've got both of them!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3565] What?
Jan (PS0KR) [3566] That's good isn't it?
Laura (PS0KT) [3567] I've got [...] [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [3568] Pour some hot water on and put it in the microwave.
Laura (PS0KT) [3569] Ah!
[3570] Ah okay [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [3571] If it could work [...] or in hot water.
[3572] It's lovely and warm for hours!
[3573] There was a medical programme [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3574] Did it still stay warm?
Jan (PS0KR) [3575] Mm! [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3576] Can I make a little?
Jan (PS0KR) [3577] Mhm.
Laura (PS0KT) [3578] Like daddy's.
Christopher (PS0KU) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [3579] Mhm.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3580] erm ... [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [3581] I've seen this stuff advertised there.
[3582] In that programme that
Christopher (PS0KU) [3583] Well and I
Laura (PS0KT) [3584] Give me one!
Jan (PS0KR) [3585] [...] seen that one, and it's really good!
[3586] Quite hot.
Laura (PS0KT) [3587] Even [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3588] Uses snow and er
Laura (PS0KT) [3589] Er
Christopher (PS0KU) [3590] [...] nine thousand!
Jan (PS0KR) [3591] Oh I don't even know if that's it.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3592] He [...] nine thousand.
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3593] Mm!
Laura (PS0KT) [3594] That erm ... that erm ... oh it's gone away.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3595] This door is staying up.
Laura (PS0KT) [3596] It's [...] somewhere.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3597] No it does not!
Jan (PS0KR) [3598] Well it does!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3599] No it doesn't!
[3600] Cos we used to have it and ... we were ... [...] !
[3601] When you did that, when th ... you took it off it was just black.
Laura (PS0KT) [3602] [...] .
[3603] Well yeah!
Christopher (PS0KU) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [3604] My jacket.
Laura (PS0KT) [3605] Dad!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3606] Dad!
[3607] Dad?
[3608] Where you going?
Matt (PS0KP) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3609] When ... when are my mum and dad ... sto ... when my mum comes back ... my dad said will you take us home?
Laura (PS0KT) [3610] We can [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3611] Yeah, but then we're not. [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [3612] I will [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3613] Are you all going out?
[3614] Are you all going out?
Jan (PS0KR) [3615] Eddie!
[3616] Come in here please?
Christopher (PS0KU) [3617] He went ... ooh!
[3618] Ooh!
Jan (PS0KR) [3619] Who's that?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3620] Ooh!
Jan (PS0KR) [3621] That's [...] !
Christopher (PS0KU) [3622] Or go ... [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3623] Ah!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3624] Can you do that?
Laura (PS0KT) [3625] Yeah.
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3626] You alright?
Laura (PS0KT) [3627] Ah.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3628] You missed that.
Laura (PS0KT) [3629] Yeah.
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3630] Mm.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3631] [...] computer.
[3632] We got that.
Jan (PS0KR) [3633] Eddie!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3634] I think something's upstairs.
Jan (PS0KR) [3635] What?
Christopher (PS0KU) [3636] Yeah.
[3637] ... Yeah, you mustn't anyway.
Laura (PS0KT) [3638] I can go ... next.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3639] My mum is erm
Laura (PS0KT) [3640] Can you lift him up?
Christopher (PS0KU) [3641] in erm ... [...] ... [...] .
Jan (PS0KR) [3642] I didn't know about [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [3643] Yeah.
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3644] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [3645] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3646] Two, three, four.
[3647] One for you.
Jan (PS0KR) [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [3648] And getting four.
Christopher (PS0KU) [3649] Oh!
[3650] Oh oh!
[3651] [...] . ... Eight.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3652] I gotta take the top of my door off.
[3653] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [3654] I'm gonna try and get [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3655] I just need, it's this bit of the door I need to take off.
[3656] [...] . So why have I put the door on the outside? [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3657] [laugh] ... Some more haven't [...] .
[3658] Mum, you're gonna get about ten of them [...] .
Christopher (PS0KU) [3659] Hey!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3660] Ready madam?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3661] Mm.
[3662] Yeah.
Matt (PS0KP) [3663] Right!
[3664] Come on, get your coat on they'll be here in a minute!
Jan (PS0KR) [3665] Me?
Matt (PS0KP) [3666] Yep!
Jan (PS0KR) [3667] Where we going?
Matt (PS0KP) [3668] You'll see.
[3669] Soon after three.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3670] Will I have to break in again?
Matt (PS0KP) [3671] No, you're gonna [...] !
[3672] [...] Right.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3673] What we going on a [...] for?
Matt (PS0KP) [3674] Come on!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3675] Alright!
[3676] Alright!
[3677] I'm [...] !
Matt (PS0KP) [3678] Do I have to explain every single thing to you!
[3679] Just do what you're told and shut it! [...] your ear bashing! [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [3680] [...] Come on!
[3681] Hayley!
[3682] Come on!
[3683] Quick!
[3684] Ah!
[3685] Ah!
[3686] Ah!
[3687] Ah!
[3688] No!
[3689] If you don't be quick.
[3690] Hayley!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3691] Ashley, come on then!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3692] Hayley!
[3693] Give Laura a kiss.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3694] I don't want to do it!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3695] Ooh!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3696] Coming?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3697] Where we going?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3698] Hayley?
[3699] Coming?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3700] Ashley, come on!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3701] Where we going?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3702] I thought he was doing that again.
Laura (PS0KT) [3703] Dad, where are we going?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3704] Come again.
[3705] Perhaps dad will bring us round work next time alright?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3706] Yeah.
Laura (PS0KT) [3707] What's that for?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3708] Ah!
[3709] What's that?
Laura (PS0KT) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3710] Ready?
Christopher (PS0KU) [3711] No we're going!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3712] Ready?
Christopher (PS0KU) [3713] We're going!
Laura (PS0KT) [3714] Bye bye!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3715] We're going!
Laura (PS0KT) [3716] Where?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3717] I was just
Christopher (PS0KU) [3718] We're going!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Laura (PS0KT) [3719] No I'm not!
Christopher (PS0KU) [3720] Yes we are, now get your coat on!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3721] Alright.
Matt (PS0KP) [3722] No.
[3723] I'll see you tomorrow.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3724] Alright mate.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3725] Hello Matt.
[3726] See you!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3727] Yeah, I'll see you there then.
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [...]
Jan (PS0KR) [3728] Bye!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3729] Bye!
Matt (PS0KP) [3730] See you later kids!
Laura (PS0KT) [3731] Bye!
Jan (PS0KR) [3732] Bye!
Laura (PS0KT) [3733] Yeah!
Jan (PS0KR) [3734] Bye!
Matt (PS0KP) [3735] Come on Laura, get your coat on we're going away in about ten minutes as well.
Laura (PS0KT) [3736] Where we going?
Matt (PS0KP) [3737] Right I'll see you later love!
[3738] Alright?
Christopher (PS0KU) [3739] Where we going?
Matt (PS0KP) [3740] I'm gonna fucking smack you all round this house very shortly!
[3741] Get in there!
[3742] ... Fucking in there!
[3743] Do I have to [...] ?
[3744] You ever fucking saying [...] right I'll give you a, want a smack?
[3745] Fucking stupid little ... don't think you can ... bloody fucking mad!
[3746] ... Get upstairs!
[3747] You get upstairs as well!
Laura (PS0KT) [3748] Are we allowed to have the video on?
Matt (PS0KP) [3749] Fucking, fucking [...] this morning!
[3750] Before we even go any further!
[3751] You were fucking lying there wrestling with your brother!
[3752] I stood at that window and watched you for at least two minutes!
Jan (PS0KR) [3753] Ben.
Matt (PS0KP) [3754] You said ... no I wasn't!
[3755] I wasn't wrestling!
[3756] What were you doing?
[3757] You give me a good explanation of what you were doing?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3758] I was listening to music and he [...] .
Matt (PS0KP) [3759] Ah!
[3760] Right!
[3761] So you were just lying listening to music ... in between the chair and the couch?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3762] No Chris , Christopher was.
Matt (PS0KP) [3763] Were you wrestling with Matt?
Christopher (PS0KU) [3764] No, this is what happened.
[3765] No.
Matt (PS0KP) [3766] [...] [...] ?
Christopher (PS0KU) [3767] Matt was lying on the couch and then went ... and then I went ... over and sat on the couch and then Matt tried sa ... Matt erm pretended he was [...] ... up to him and started [...]
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3768] I was already there!
Matt (PS0KP) [3769] Shut it!
[3770] Come in here!
[3771] Who broke that? [...]
Christopher (PS0KU) [3772] Well Matt blamed me [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [3773] You were [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3774] No.
Matt (PS0KP) [3775] So you broke that off with your head?
Christopher (PS0KU) [3776] No, [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [3777] I ...
Christopher (PS0KU) [...]
Matt (PS0KP) [3778] It was fucking [...] !
Christopher (PS0KU) [3779] No, [...] !
Matt (PS0KP) [3780] It's a funny
Christopher (PS0KU) [3781] [...] , no!
Matt (PS0KP) [3782] Well I don't, you don't see how he could do it?
[3783] I don't see how you can fucking tell me barefaced lies like that!
[3784] You were fucking doing it [...] , now get up!
[3785] ... Never seen anything so fucking [...] !
[3786] And I say something so idiotic and stupid like that again I'll fucking [...] all round this house! [...] !
[3787] Do you understand?
[3788] If I tell you to do something ... you don't say, why!
[3789] Where are we going?
[3790] What are we doing?
[3791] Do I have to be there again?
[3792] ... Right.
[3793] Go upstairs.
[3794] ... Fucking!
[3795] You get worse!
[3796] With the [...] .
[3797] Get the computer off!
Laura (PS0KT) [3798] It is off.
Matt (PS0KP) [3799] Just about had enough of this shite!
[3800] ... Fucking lying wrestling and then telling me, no, I'm not wrestling!
[3801] What do you think I am a ... some kind of idiot!
[3802] ... Ah?
[3803] You take me for some kind of arsehole!
Unknown speaker (KD7PSUNK) [3804] No.
Matt (PS0KP) [3805] Well you better not!
[3806] Go in and get your face wiped!
Laura (PS0KT) [3807] Dad?
Matt (PS0KP) [3808] Yeah?
Laura (PS0KT) [3809] The top of the tape by that Walkman's erm ... on top of those two china plates.
Matt (PS0KP) [3810] Is it?