BNC Text KD8

31 conversations recorded by `Martine' (PS0LK) between 12 and 20 March 1992 with 10 interlocutors, totalling 10787 s-units, 76445 words, and over 7 hours 15 minutes 1 second of recordings.

11 speakers recorded by respondent number 524

PS0LK Ag2 f (Martine, age 25, senior technician, Welsh, )
PS0LL Ag2 m (Mike, age 28, construction worker, Welsh, ) husband
PS0LM Ag4 f (Merielle, age 55, housewife, Welsh, ) mother
PS0LN Ag4 m (No name, age 45, pub landlord, Home Counties, ) stranger
PS0LP Ag4 m (Harold, age 58, engineer, Welsh, ) father
PS0LR Ag5 f (Nora, age 76, housewife, Welsh, ) grandmother-in-law
PS0LS Ag4 m (Will, age 45, civil engineer, Merseyside, ) colleague
PS0LT Ag3 m (Michael, age 40, technical director, Home Counties, ) colleague
PS0LU Ag2 m (Jim, age 27, technician, Home Counties, ) colleague
KD8PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KD8PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

31 recordings

  1. Tape 030801 recorded on 1992-03-12. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( at home ) Activity: cooking supper
  2. Tape 030802 recorded on 1992-03-12. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( at home ) Activity: cooking
  3. Tape 030901 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationClwyd: Rhydtalog ( in pub ) Activity: talking
  4. Tape 030902 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationClwyd: Rhydtalog ( in pub ) Activity: talking
  5. Tape 030903 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationClwyd: Rhydtalog ( in pub ) Activity: drinking and talking
  6. Tape 031002 recorded on 1992-03-15. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( Mikes nans house ) Activity: talking
  7. Tape 031101 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationClwyd: Mold ( work ) Activity: talking to colleagues
  8. Tape 031103 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationClwyd: Mold ( at work ) Activity: talking to colleagues
  9. Tape 031104 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationClwyd: Mold ( at work ) Activity: at meeting
  10. Tape 031105 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationClwyd: Mold ( at work ) Activity: at meeting
  11. Tape 031201 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationClwyd: Hope ( in car ) Activity: going to nans
  12. Tape 031202 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationClwyd: Bradley ( nans house ) Activity: visiting talking
  13. Tape 031301 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationClwyd: Bradley ( nan's house ) Activity: chatting
  14. Tape 031302 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationClwyd: Bradley ( nan's house ) Activity: chatting
  15. Tape 031401 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Mold ( office ) Activity: working
  16. Tape 031402 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Mold ( office ) Activity: working
  17. Tape 031403 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Mold ( office ) Activity: working
  18. Tape 031404 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Mold ( office ) Activity: working
  19. Tape 031405 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Mold ( office ) Activity: talking to colleagues at work
  20. Tape 031406 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Mold ( office ) Activity: talking to colleagues at work
  21. Tape 031501 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Mold ( office ) Activity: working
  22. Tape 031502 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Mold ( office ) Activity: working
  23. Tape 031503 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Mold ( office ) Activity: working
  24. Tape 031504 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Mold ( office ) Activity: working
  25. Tape 031505 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Mold ( hospital ) Activity: visiting friend
  26. Tape 031701 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Hope ( friends house ) Activity: Hairdressing
  27. Tape 031702 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Hope ( friends house ) Activity: Hairdressing
  28. Tape 031703 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Hope ( friends house ) Activity: Hairdressing
  29. Tape 031801 recorded on 1992-03-20. LocationClwyd: Mold ( at work ) Activity: Talking
  30. Tape 031802 recorded on 1992-03-20. LocationClwyd: Mold ( At work ) Activity: Working
  31. Tape 031803 recorded on 1992-03-20. LocationClwyd: Mold ( At work ) Activity: Working

1 (Tape 030801)

Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [1] Yeah, stick it up your jumper, Oompah oompah!
Martine (PS0LK) [2] What do you think Mike?
Mike (PS0LL) [3] It's very nice that!
Merielle (PS0LM) [4] [...] oh it looks lovely!
[5] It's got a
Martine (PS0LK) [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [6] got a lovely little brooch.
Martine (PS0LK) [7] Oh very posh!
Merielle (PS0LM) [8] Do think that's enough?
[9] Come and [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [10] Barmow!
[11] Bar plane!
[12] ... Triggooms
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [13] Now that's enough enough of that rubbish right?

2 (Tape 030802)

Merielle (PS0LM) [14] Two ... Two big-uns
Martine (PS0LK) [15] It's got a recipe here.
[16] ... Chicken soup.
Mike (PS0LL) [17] Any carrots?
Martine (PS0LK) [18] Pardon?
Mike (PS0LL) [19] Any carrots?
Martine (PS0LK) [20] Erm ... three.
[21] ... [...] aren't they?
[22] ... Oh that'll be plenty yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [23] Any spuds?
Martine (PS0LK) [24] Four or five.
[25] ... Four or five large spuds, one large onion ... three carrots.
[26] ... Can you get the ... pressure cooker out while you're in there please?
[27] ... Er ... plain flour
Merielle (PS0LM) [28] There's the pudding.
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [29] I think it might be fish stew again tomorrow.
Mike (PS0LL) [30] No, pork probably.
[31] ... [...] in the morning.
Martine (PS0LK) [32] Enough plain ... maybe he just tries it on and thinks if you don't say anything he'll get away with it?
[33] ... What else do I need?
[34] ... Or do you think he's oblivious to it anyway.
Mike (PS0LL) [35] Oh, he knows what's going on.
Martine (PS0LK) [36] Anyway he wouldn't ... I know what he said about working Saturdays but like, you used your car as well and it wasn't just ... when you said that as well.
Mike (PS0LL) [37] No, but when , when Reg car he said he might put his [...] .
[38] ... About, it's all about money and he says well ... sort it out and ... he agreed that we're gonna get hard and all the rest of it ... so I'll just tell him!
[39] ... I'll just say that
Martine (PS0LK) [40] No when he says when about working extra ... he said through ... the morning or something
Mike (PS0LL) [41] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [42] didn't he?
[43] Fro on a Saturday morning not
Mike (PS0LL) [44] I'll just say oh well we're working on Saturday
Martine (PS0LK) [45] all bloody day!
Mike (PS0LL) [46] bit like that.
[47] ... That's all I'll say i in the morning ... and if he says yes, I'll say oh fair enough then.
[48] But I said oh ... alright then.
[49] ... Work till dinner time or something then, then we're going down, well I'll go in my own bloody car the next time!
[50] ... In front [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [51] I'll tell him that he ... you won't be using your own car for work again!
Mike (PS0LL) [52] No I'm not.
Martine (PS0LK) [53] And, you wouldn't mind but it was last minute ... that he rung up!
[54] ... What a cheek he's got!
Mike (PS0LL) [55] Call me then when you wanna do the meat.
Martine (PS0LK) [56] Yeah okay.
Mike (PS0LL) [57] Put the kettle on for a cuppa.
Martine (PS0LK) [58] Yeah, I've put erm ... put the meat to boil first.
Merielle (PS0LM) [59] [sighing] Mm [] .
Martine (PS0LK) [60] Ain't got no batteries.
[61] ... What am I getting, the spuds?
[62] ... Oh I didn't tell you did I?
[63] Before ... before you came home ... the white cat came back!
Mike (PS0LL) [64] Was it?
[65] Was that cos the back door was open?
Martine (PS0LK) [66] Yeah, well I'd been out to the bin ... and er, he was just sort of erm ... by the ground by the ... bin bags ... the wood round the corner ... and er ... then he was sort of coming and ... he was like dying to come and have a stroke but
Mike (PS0LL) [67] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [68] he was like being shy ... but he'd had all the side of his ... fur ... like shaved, and I thought urgh!
[69] ... Maybe it's a ... it's been spade or something?
[70] Or had an operation ... but there was no scare though!
Mike (PS0LL) [71] It might have been in a fight or something?
[72] Probably [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [73] Well it was it like a big square ... shaved right down to the skin but no ... unless, it could of healed and just not grown back yet
Mike (PS0LL) [74] No.
Martine (PS0LK) [75] I suppose.
[76] ... Cos I don't know whether ... I don't know whether it's a she or he?
[77] I call it a he but it could be a
Mike (PS0LL) [78] So did you stroke it
Martine (PS0LK) [79] a girl.
Mike (PS0LL) [80] it in the end or what?
Martine (PS0LK) [81] Yeah.
[82] ... He ... he had ... he came in I give him a ... saucer of milk.
[83] ... Actually I was ... [laughing] cos I [] ... I had the back door open and I thought I'll just leave it and if he wants to come in he can ... and I poured him a ... a bit of a drink of milk ... and er, then I went in the kit , in the bathroom ... and the door was still open ... and then suddenly I ... thought God I wonder where he was?
[84] ... I looked through the window and there was no sign of him through the little back window, looked through this one, there was still sign so I thought God!
[85] He can't have just disappeared like that, oh God what if he's gone upstairs ... [laughing] and in the middle of the night []
Mike (PS0LL) [86] With us, suddenly [...] !
Martine (PS0LK) [87] [laughing] ... I did [] !
[88] I thought he might crawl out from under the bed!
[89] ... And then I thought you'd shout at me.
Mike (PS0LL) [90] Funny about
Martine (PS0LK) [91] You did
Mike (PS0LL) [92] that cat didn't come back and [...] ?
Martine (PS0LK) [93] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [94] He was a big one!
Martine (PS0LK) [95] But he ee ... mm.
[96] ... No but ... this one must of just gone really quick, whether the wind frightened him cos it ... there was a lot, the fence was banging.
[97] ... This looks red!
Mike (PS0LL) [98] It's alright.
Martine (PS0LK) [99] So don't be surprised if the cat does [laughing] jump out [] !
[100] ... It doesn't look very old though.
[101] ... So I think that was the mother.
[102] Remember when they had the ... sign in the window white kitten for sale?
Mike (PS0LL) [103] Aye.
Martine (PS0LK) [104] I think that was the mother.
Mike (PS0LL) [105] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [106] My mum says I've gotta ... put this in didn't she?
Mike (PS0LL) [107] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [108] Put some salt in with it.
Mike (PS0LL) [109] Les has gone out to ... Do-it-all ... B and Q or somewhere like that.
Martine (PS0LK) [110] What for?
Mike (PS0LL) [111] Some tiles for the kitchen.
Martine (PS0LK) [112] Mm!
[113] ... Is he doing it himself?
Mike (PS0LL) [114] Presume so, aye!
Martine (PS0LK) [115] Mm, it shouldn't be too hard to do should it?
Mike (PS0LL) [116] That's right Ian's got that tile cutter ain't he?
[117] ... I had it, remember and I gave
Martine (PS0LK) [118] Oh
Mike (PS0LL) [119] it to Ian?
Martine (PS0LK) [120] yeah!
[121] ... It was quite a good one wasn't it?
Mike (PS0LL) [122] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [123] Do you think they'll be out tomorrow night?
Mike (PS0LL) [124] Probably, I should think so.
[125] ... Three carrots isn't it?
Martine (PS0LK) [126] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [127] Or four?
Martine (PS0LK) [128] I think three will be enough.
[129] ... Everyone will be avoiding us like the plague if we take this there with us!
Mike (PS0LL) [130] Just don't tell them!
Martine (PS0LK) [131] [laugh] ... Yeah, I've put that er ... rug in tomorrow.
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [132] Er ... we'll buy them a couple of towels or something.
[133] ... Or by itself it might be too ... it might be too big to have anything with it.
Mike (PS0LL) [134] No!
[135] I don't think, has it got bathroom ones in there?
Martine (PS0LK) [136] Yeah ... [...] .
Mike (PS0LL) [137] You can stick them in now anyway.
Martine (PS0LK) [138] Yeah.
[139] ... Do it when we've done this.
[140] ... Freshen it up.
[141] ... Have you got the heater on in the bathroom?
Mike (PS0LL) [142] No.
[143] ... Why?
Martine (PS0LK) [144] Oh it's this I can hear I thought I could ... I thought I could hear something.
[145] ... God there was like a ra , I was on the computer today ... and there was like weeee ... really ... ringing sort of noise ... erm, I thought it was just ... you know, when you're ears ring?
Mike (PS0LL) [146] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [147] And I said can anybody hear that?
[148] ... Cos it was very high pitched ... and er Rob said aye I can hear it as well!
[149] ... Must of been on one of the other computers ... and er ... it went on for ages and it was ... you know it's ... was irritating more than anything!
Mike (PS0LL) [150] It might have been that thing that er ... that bloke puts in them.
[151] ... In our paper
Martine (PS0LK) [152] A virus.
Mike (PS0LL) [153] Aye!
Martine (PS0LK) [154] I dunno.
[155] ... Anyway it stopped, I thought I'd gone deaf!
Mike (PS0LL) [156] You what?
Martine (PS0LK) [157] [laugh] ... I'm not doing these ... cutting this into big chunks I'd rather have lots of bits in it.
Mike (PS0LL) [158] Well, don't cut them too small!
Martine (PS0LK) [159] No, I'm not doing them too small.
[160] ... Well what do you call too small?
[161] I'm doing them like that.
[162] ... That's alright isn't it?
Mike (PS0LL) [163] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [164] Ah what was Jan saying [laughing] last night [] ?
[165] She said she had her ... This is Your Life on ... and the
Mike (PS0LL) [166] Aye I watched that [...] !
Martine (PS0LK) [167] Who was the feller?
Mike (PS0LL) [168] Oh some singer man!
[169] Some ... old er ... my nan knew it.
Martine (PS0LK) [170] I turned it on ... while you were there then ... and I didn't know who the hell it was!
Mike (PS0LL) [171] No, I didn't know him from bloody Adam!
[172] But my nan knew him he was some top bloody ... singer years ago!
Martine (PS0LK) [173] Oh!
Mike (PS0LL) [174] And he'd just made a film and, we were watching something [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [175] Oh aye ... it's
Mike (PS0LL) [176] and , was it David McCallum or something?
[177] ... He's plays the detective that's chasing him er, in it.
Martine (PS0LK) [178] And who's, what's David McCallum been in?
Mike (PS0LL) [179] Man from Uncle.
[180] ... Is David McCallum.
Martine (PS0LK) [181] Oh right yeah!
[182] ... The one that was on Jonathan Ross a few weeks ago.
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [183] Well er, she said they had this ... This is Your Life on ... and Neil was in the room ... in the lounge like ... and ... he'd sort of been half watching it ... and then he said urgh mum!
[184] ... He said ... he doesn't look a bit like he ... in real life what he does in that film does he?
[185] In the film.
[186] ... She said, you silly little git, he said it's an actor taking the part [laughing] of him in the film [] !
[187] He thought ... you know it in the film it was him!
Mike (PS0LL) [188] The stupid slag!
Martine (PS0LK) [189] [laugh] ... She says, good God! ... [...] .
Mike (PS0LL) [190] You didn't mind not going to ... that pub [...] tonight did you?
[191] I didn't fancy going ... out.
Martine (PS0LK) [192] No, I just thought it would of ... made Jan's night like.
[193] ... It wasn't a very nice night anyway.
[194] Er, see if it had been a bit more local ... it wouldn't
Mike (PS0LL) [195] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [196] have been so bad, I mean, I know it's not miles away ... but
Mike (PS0LL) [197] Was it that little pub?
Martine (PS0LK) [198] it was round ... you know as you go in ... say ... towards ... Ellesmere Port, well you know if you turn left by the
Mike (PS0LL) [199] Strawberry pub?
Martine (PS0LK) [200] no, by the Penguin
Mike (PS0LL) [201] Ah!
Martine (PS0LK) [202] and then keep going to that really big band of traffic lights and it's ... Sutton Way.
[203] ... Ha have you been to Jan's?
Mike (PS0LL) [204] Yeah.
[205] ... Oh aye!
[206] You're going
Martine (PS0LK) [207] You turn
Mike (PS0LL) [208] down towards the M fifty three lights?
Martine (PS0LK) [209] Yeah , on the old Chester Road
Mike (PS0LL) [210] I know.
Martine (PS0LK) [211] turn right ... at the lights ... and er, then take the first left and there's a pub called The Bull
Mike (PS0LL) [212] Not as far as that chimney place now, no?
[213] No, no!
Martine (PS0LK) [214] No!
[215] No!
[216] ... And then it's the, it was the next pub down, I've been to The Bull with Jan before ... when we were on er ... you know, come home from Wigan or something ... when we were doing the counters.
[217] ... It's like ... well it's all been done out but ... it was full of old croakers and ... you know ... an old man's sort of like the legion.
[218] ... [laugh] ... You know, we walked in there and you know how ... like when we're doing the counters I had jeans on and a big baggy jumper, we were the best dressed in there!
[219] ... And the feller's eyes were popping out of their heads!
[220] ... It's been the best bit of talent we've, they've seen for a long while!
Mike (PS0LL) [221] If I'd have [...] Jan with Ben and we thought it was ... a new girlfriend.
Martine (PS0LK) [222] I hope not.
Mike (PS0LL) [223] [whispering] Dear me [] !
Martine (PS0LK) [224] I hate this job!
Mike (PS0LL) [225] Well ... do you want [...] all in bed I'll go [...] ?
Martine (PS0LK) [226] No!
[227] ... I don't want her ... beating it and then have to pick all fat off it!
[228] ... Grill a meal that ... every morsel in it is ... full of ... [laughing] meaty goodness [] !
Mike (PS0LL) [229] [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [230] Just like Winalot Prime!
[231] ... Mm, tender bites mum! [laugh]
Mike (PS0LL) [232] Yes er!
Martine (PS0LK) [233] [laugh] ... I like that woman I think she's got style!
[234] ... Oh dear me!
[235] ... Tell you what would be a good idea.
Mike (PS0LL) [236] What will?
Martine (PS0LK) [237] Check to see if your steak's burning! [laugh]
Mike (PS0LL) [238] Well something's bloody burning!
[239] ... But there again [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [240] I'm gonna ring Nicola tomorrow ... have a Traggoon talk I think.
[241] Meant to ring her today but ... I was
Mike (PS0LL) [242] [...] ?
Martine (PS0LK) [243] too busy.
[244] Cos I ... was ringing her
Mike (PS0LL) [245] She's been at work today!
Martine (PS0LK) [246] I know but ... I was gonna try and catch her on her dinner or something.
Mike (PS0LL) [247] Why didn't she go back home for dinner?
Martine (PS0LK) [248] No, but like she might have a minute while she's ... having her din ,the they're really busy you know in there!
Mike (PS0LL) [249] Are they?
Martine (PS0LK) [250] You wouldn't think it!
[251] Yeah!
[252] ... And, oh I didn't tell you this either that she was going for a promotion!
Mike (PS0LL) [253] I thought he was going for the ... interview for the job
Martine (PS0LK) [254] Sorry an audition thing she had, she hasn't got they were very impressed but she hasn't got it.
[255] But she thought well it's been a good experience anyway ... and she tho felt that she'd played her pieces well ... erm
Mike (PS0LL) [256] What was the audition for?
[257] Was it an orchestra like?
Martine (PS0LK) [258] Oh, I don't know!
[259] ... Er ... oh I'm jus ... I don't know.
[260] ... But erm ... they did let her know that she hadn't got it instead of making her wait the four weeks or whatever it was
Mike (PS0LL) [261] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [262] supposed to be ... which I thought was good of them really cos ... you know, it's nice to know isn't it?
Mike (PS0LL) [263] Well
Martine (PS0LK) [264] Well she wasn't too bothered it's all experience isn't it?
Mike (PS0LL) [265] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [266] But no, she's gone for this promotion in work ... and er ... even though she doesn't think she's much chance of getting it ... because there's two permanent lads there ... that really ... you know ... would be next in line rather than her sort of thing ... but she's ... you know, she feels she's done her bit ... and that, you know, it's worth going for ... and like ... I said to her you might as well!
[267] ... Nothing to lose.
Mike (PS0LL) [268] Oh no!
Martine (PS0LK) [269] Er, you know, she might get it.
[270] ... But she's more organised than these lads you see, whatever the duties are ... you know, she's got hers up and running and ... whereas they're still a bit you know ... haven't got it going as well as she has.
[271] ... So er ... I says well ... worth a go!
[272] ... In for a penny in for a pound!
[273] ... She were just telling me one of her friends that sh ... when she was in
Mike (PS0LL) [274] How did you get on at that wedding?
Martine (PS0LK) [275] Erm ... well I haven't spoke to her have I?
Mike (PS0LL) [276] Well your mum has hasn't she?
[277] Ain't your mum said nothing to her?
Martine (PS0LK) [278] She said it was alright.
[279] Well ... what was mum saying ... erm
Mike (PS0LL) [280] Well your mum ... won't go in until Sunday will she?
[281] So we will be
Martine (PS0LK) [282] No but ... she did say ... ah er the other day when we were up there she said ooh yes ... the very part of Kent she was at was where that
Mike (PS0LL) [283] Ah, somebody was ... oh they were [...] with the gyppos or something.
Martine (PS0LK) [284] Oh that's it, yeah!
[285] ... That was a good saying the other day weren't it?
[286] ... Built like a gypsy's dog!
Mike (PS0LL) [287] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [288] All dick and bone!
[289] [laughing] What was that on [] ?
Mike (PS0LL) [290] Oh, on Radio one listening with my mum the other day.
Martine (PS0LK) [291] [laugh] !
[292] ... I thought, now there's one!
[293] ... [sighing] Ah dear [] !
Mike (PS0LL) [294] Well don't burn that!
Martine (PS0LK) [295] Yeah.
[296] ... Be a nice quick tea then this for tomorrow won't it?
Mike (PS0LL) [297] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [298] I'll try and ru , try up Langley in the morning, I'll get a ... do we need bread anyway?
[299] ... Could do with one I suppose.
Mike (PS0LL) [300] [...] next door's, he said we can get some anytime, get you one when we get [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [301] Yeah ... but I'll get a ... a crusty cob of
Mike (PS0LL) [302] Ooh!
Martine (PS0LK) [303] french stick or something.
[304] ... Be nice with it!
[305] We haven't had it for ages have we?
Mike (PS0LL) [306] No.
Martine (PS0LK) [307] Ah ha.
[308] ... Is that hare or a rabbit?
[309] ... Can pull it off this end?
[310] ... There. ... [laugh]
Mike (PS0LL) [311] Alright! ... [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [312] How can you tell?
Mike (PS0LL) [313] Longer.
Martine (PS0LK) [314] [laughing] Like your tongue [] !
[315] ... Int chicken greasy and ... Oh you'll have to give Tosh and Liz a ring.
[316] ... Won't we?
Mike (PS0LL) [317] Yep!
Martine (PS0LK) [318] See how they're getting on.
Mike (PS0LL) [319] Well that [...] to eat all the meat today.
Martine (PS0LK) [320] Was he?
Mike (PS0LL) [321] Aye!
[322] It doesn't seem long since ... [...] , looking like Chris , just after Christmas it was!
Martine (PS0LK) [323] I was only thinking yesterday ... when I was getting the ... thingie licence ... erm ... it seems ages since we've had a one!
Mike (PS0LL) [324] Yeah, well they did because they all come in a quarter don't they?
[325] They all start coming again now.
Martine (PS0LK) [326] I know but like ... you sort of forget don't you?
[327] Sometimes they seem like they're just coming all the time don't they?
Mike (PS0LL) [328] Well they are!
Martine (PS0LK) [329] What do you mean?
Mike (PS0LL) [330] Well it's just like phone bill kind of thing.
Martine (PS0LK) [331] Mm.
[332] ... Oh I
Mike (PS0LL) [333] Except for
Martine (PS0LK) [334] Oh aye!
Mike (PS0LL) [335] for the electrical bill.
Martine (PS0LK) [336] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [337] And then it was ... the cu , we'd payed that and then a couple of weeks after ... it was the phone ... and then it was the gas!
Martine (PS0LK) [338] Yeah I see what you mean.
Mike (PS0LL) [339] And then ... you have a quarter then it'll start with the electric, then phone, then gas again!
Martine (PS0LK) [340] Yep.
[341] ... Yeah, I see what you mean.
Mike (PS0LL) [342] But they always ... around about Christmas time.
[343] ... My mam reckons that the
Martine (PS0LK) [344] You can put this through to soak anyway, this plate.
Mike (PS0LL) [345] The what?
Martine (PS0LK) [346] Are you chucking this [...] out?
[347] We've only just had it!
Mike (PS0LL) [348] There's nothing in it!
Martine (PS0LK) [349] Mm.
[350] ... Nothing in the way of ... kitchens going begging, no?
Mike (PS0LL) [351] While you're going upstairs get us a ... bottle of beer please?
[352] ... Can't [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [353] Urgh, all the blood off that meat is making me feel sick!
[354] You know on that murder squad
Mike (PS0LL) [355] Aye.
Martine (PS0LK) [356] when it said the bottles had stuck to the blood on the carpet?
[357] ... Well ... no wonder!
Mike (PS0LL) [358] How many [...] in there ... bottles now?
[359] Get some more of this [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [360] I don't, none I don't think.
[361] Why, isn't there any left in the cupboard?
Mike (PS0LL) [362] No, not the one.
Martine (PS0LK) [363] You pest [...] !
[364] ... Let me just rinse my hands they're horrible!
[365] ... Oh that looks fine to me.
[366] ... Here's the onions.
[367] ... Ah dear!
Mike (PS0LL) [368] On a quarter?
Martine (PS0LK) [369] Well at least up up to the ... top of that rim thing whatever it is.
Mike (PS0LL) [370] And then we put two pints in it after don't we?
Martine (PS0LK) [371] Where's the tea towel?
Mike (PS0LL) [372] Do we?
[373] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [374] I keep topping it up, we'll have a ... oh if you ... you don't want a cup of tea if you're having a beer.
[375] ... That'll do.
Mike (PS0LL) [376] Do you put salt in it?
Martine (PS0LK) [377] No.
[378] ... Who told me not to do it, put salt into the water then?
Mike (PS0LL) [379] I don't know.
Martine (PS0LK) [380] I'm being a good girl!
[381] ... Well how much of this beer's left?
Mike (PS0LL) [382] About forty eight bottles I suppose.
Martine (PS0LK) [383] God!
[384] ... Thought we might have Joanne and ... Paul round over the ... next couple of weeks or something ... before the wedding [...] ... pre-wedding, it's only about six weeks you know till their wedding!
Mike (PS0LL) [385] I know!
Martine (PS0LK) [386] Right, that's cooking, we've got those there ... I've got and Oxo, I've got the flour ... and that vill [german accent] do!
Mike (PS0LL) [387] Excuse me!
Martine (PS0LK) [388] I [german accent] vont, I vont, I vont ... a carrot!
[389] ... If you're having a beer I'll some of my wine!
[390] ... Said to Jan, she said er ... today, er ... today she hadn't slept much last night ... I said God I'll bring you some of that wine back we got from France!
Mike (PS0LL) [391] Yeah yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [392] Eleven percent proof, I said so get some of that down you I said you'll sleep for a bloody week!
[393] ... Mike's been off today, it's been good!
[394] ... While the ... cat's away the mice will play!
[395] ... On annual leave the rest ... right this wants to go in for quarter of an hour doesn't it?
Mike (PS0LL) [396] Yep.
Martine (PS0LK) [397] And how much does it say on there?
[398] ... Oh it says thirty minutes on there.
[399] ... Let it have a good bubble!
[400] ... Do you think I should put that ... rug in?
Mike (PS0LL) [401] Yep.
Martine (PS0LK) [402] Ah, I think I'll leave it till tomorrow.
[403] ... Shove it in as soon I get in from work ... I think.
[404] ... [...] spill water [...] where you gone.
Mike (PS0LL) [405] Well not one for here!
Martine (PS0LK) [406] [laughing] Mine probably will be [] !
[407] ... Pick my wine up.
[408] Ah!
[409] Ooh, do you know what Jan in work ... she's ... she had a phone call she goes oh right yeah, yeah!
[410] She come off the phone and she said, bloody hell she said ... that one of the rare times I go to the trouble of making myself butties for dinner, cos usually she gets a pasty or something, and I get invited out for dinner, you this Viv ... er, a friend of hers, you know the one that was having trouble with all that drainage underneath the
Mike (PS0LL) [411] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [412] house and couldn't claim off the ... house insurance?
[413] Erm ... she was go , on her way to Churk or somewhere and said to Jan ... would you ... like to meet for lunch first?
Mike (PS0LL) [414] And where does she live?
Martine (PS0LK) [415] She lives somewhere by the Port, but she just sort of done a detour ... to come and have lunch with Jan.
Mike (PS0LL) [416] It's a [...] Port.
Martine (PS0LK) [417] She does that now and again.
[418] ... You know she's ... got a company car and that and ... sort of ri , scoots up and down.
[419] Erm, so Jan had these butties, she said oh I made them lovingly last night, tuna, mayonnaise and onion ... and er ... she said trust Viv to ring today like when I'd made these butties!
[420] So she said, will you have them?
[421] I said ooh I said ... let me buy them off you?
[422] No, she said you damn well have them and enjoy them!
[423] So I said, ooh I feel guilty and all this, really rubbing it in and everything!
[424] So I kept her one ... and they were absolutely lovely!
[425] But the onion was so strong, although it was only chopped finely ... and er, Stevie went past ... and said ... God what crisps are you eating?
[426] ... I said, I'm not eating crisps, he said God I can smell cheese and onion or something!
[427] I said ... says ... it's these bloody butties!
[428] ... So when they'd come back ... I said yes, I said you know when you made me butties ... for tomorrow ... again ... she said ... yeah?
[429] ... I said don't put so [laughing] much onion on!
[430] Bloody things are repeating on me [] !
[431] ... She said, oh right!
[432] I said ... don't put so much onion on me the bloody things are [laughing] repeating on me [] !
[433] She said, oh shut up she said!
[434] ... I suppose I should leave that on full really shouldn't I?
[435] ... Unless it gets really ... riled!
[436] ... Actually Jan was playing hockey for ... Buckley Ladies.
Mike (PS0LL) [437] Oh I know the ones, they're getting a [...] or something?
Martine (PS0LK) [438] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [439] Sad thing!
Martine (PS0LK) [440] They've asked to ... play for them.
[441] They play in kilts did you know!
[442] ... Like, kilty type
Mike (PS0LL) [443] What like pleated little skirt things?
Martine (PS0LK) [444] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [445] Oh bloody charming that!
Martine (PS0LK) [446] Look like a tart!
Mike (PS0LL) [447] Well, not in a tartan?
Martine (PS0LK) [448] Yeah they are.
[449] They're not proper tartan but they're sort of like that.
Mike (PS0LL) [450] [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [451] Yeah.
[452] ... They're playing Mold ... Ladies, with a question mark by them cos I don't there's a lady amongst them!
[453] ... Right, those will do fine!
[454] ... Just rinse that plate.
Mike (PS0LL) [455] [...] loads of talking [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [456] Yeah, it'll be alright.
Mike (PS0LL) [457] That's all [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [458] I told Rob about that place ... er, I told the others you know about the ... the judge [...] m'lord?
Mike (PS0LL) [459] aye.
Martine (PS0LK) [460] It does rather ... I mean there's howling!
Mike (PS0LL) [461] It's right though, it was in the paper!
Martine (PS0LK) [462] He'd asked which paper it was in.
Mike (PS0LL) [463] You were gonna say fax it up normally you should just say ... fax it m'lord.
[464] ... Aye, that's what he might have said like before he could fax it up.
[465] ... Won't he?
Martine (PS0LK) [466] Fax it up m'lord Yes, it does rather doesn't it?
[467] ... No, fax it up sounds better.
Mike (PS0LL) [468] What are you gonna now with that ... that football [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [469] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [470] And then I'm gonna go for a shower.
Martine (PS0LK) [471] Okay.
[472] ... Will that be alright on four do you reckon?
Mike (PS0LL) [473] Turn it down
Martine (PS0LK) [474] Turn it down
Mike (PS0LL) [475] a bit cos it might boil dry.
[476] ... Oh it has!
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [477] That will do.
[478] ... I thought you had to put the lid on it for, if you did it for quarter of an hour?
Martine (PS0LK) [479] Well you can but I suppose it ... all the juices ... you know, have a better taste on than if you
Mike (PS0LL) [480] Well it makes no odds really anyway! [tv on]
Martine (PS0LK) [481] That
Mike (PS0LL) [482] Alright.
[483] ... Ooh, I'm sick of it! ... [...] the election had already started couldn't you?
Martine (PS0LK) [484] Well there must be something on.
Mike (PS0LL) [485] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [486] What time is it now?
Mike (PS0LL) [487] Half five.
Martine (PS0LK) [488] Right, this is the choice, News and Weather ... followed by the [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [489] What's this I'm watching here now?
[490] ... Channel four, what's on?
[491] ... Train of Wars.
Martine (PS0LK) [492] The Train of Wars.
[493] ... Repo
Mike (PS0LL) [494] It's not started.
Martine (PS0LK) [495] Report on one of the most lucrative businesses around ... trainers.
[496] ... Oh why the hell they've put Porridge on so late?
[497] ... Did you se , the advert with er ... Ronnie Barker talking to that other feller and he says oh aye he says we were going through a really bad patch me and the wife ... who went to marriage guidance and Ronnie Barker says oh ... did it do you any good?
[498] And he says oh it did her some good [laughing] she ran off with him [] !
[499] Have you seen it?
Mike (PS0LL) [500] No.
Martine (PS0LK) [501] Oh and er ... Chris was saying ... erm ... that film Malcolm or whatever it was called
Mike (PS0LL) [502] Aye!
Martine (PS0LK) [503] it was an Australian film that
Mike (PS0LL) [504] Yeah I know! [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [505] and
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [506] yeah, well I'd sa , I'm sure I've seen it before he's ... he goes and robs a bank with a ... remote control car doesn't he?
[507] With a gun on it and that.
[508] ... Right, Porridge is on twenty to ten ... L A Law on Granada which I hate!
Mike (PS0LL) [509] Ooh I'll carry on watching this and go for a bloody shower!
Martine (PS0LK) [510] Red Dwarf.
[511] ... Load of crap!
[512] ... Oh I missed Countdown today!
[513] ... Well I'll tell you what ... er, Liz Taylor was on, you know the Oprah Winfrey show that you hate?
[514] ... Liz Taylor was on it ... and she has lost so much weight!
[515] ... Honest to God she looked so much younger!
[516] ... Have you seen a picture of her lately?
Mike (PS0LL) [517] You said, you watched it last week.
Martine (PS0LK) [518] Yeah, honest to God she looked really nice!
[519] And sort of, dead down to earth and everything ... and it showed you a clip out of National Velvet when she was twelve years old you know ... erm ... that with the horse in it and that?
[520] And er, oh it was amazing!
[521] ... It's a brilliant film that is!
[522] ... With er, Mickey Rourke in it isn't it?
[523] I think?
Mike (PS0LL) [524] Mickey Rourke in what?
Martine (PS0LK) [525] Isn't it Mickey Rourke?
[526] ... Oh not Mickey Rourke!
[527] ... Not Mickey Rourke, what's his name?
[528] ... Something O'Rourke?
Mike (PS0LL) [529] I don't know!
Martine (PS0LK) [530] Not the young lad, wasn't ... a little feller!
Mike (PS0LL) [531] Marti?
Martine (PS0LK) [532] Mickey Rooney!
[533] ... Mickey Rooney have you heard of him?
Mike (PS0LL) [534] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [535] He's a little feller isn't he?
[536] That's who I mean, not Mickey Rourke!
[537] Who's Mickey Rourke?
Mike (PS0LL) [538] He's that erm ... American actor [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [539] What's he been in?
Mike (PS0LL) [540] I dunno.
Martine (PS0LK) [541] I know ... he's got like ... stubbly
Mike (PS0LL) [542] Dunno.
Martine (PS0LK) [543] designer stubble type stuff.
Mike (PS0LL) [544] He's an arsehole [...] !
Martine (PS0LK) [545] Have a shave with a top still o still on a Bic razor, doesn't take the orange top off!
[546] ... Gosh, isn't that funny Andy Mooney and I was just talking about Mickey Rooney!
[547] ... Will they be in the Port tomorrow?
Mike (PS0LL) [548] Bloody black and white!
Martine (PS0LK) [549] It's not!
[550] Oh yes it is!
[551] Oh!
Mike (PS0LL) [552] The trainer isn't.
Martine (PS0LK) [553] Just to get the full effect.
[554] ... Oh I was gonna turn this off [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [555] Mm?
Martine (PS0LK) [556] Shall I turn this off?
Mike (PS0LL) [557] I dunno!
Martine (PS0LK) [558] It's not going to tape any telly is it?
[559] Not really.

3 (Tape 030901)

Merielle (PS0LM) [560] Is there something wrong?
Martine (PS0LK) [561] No I thought she had.
Merielle (PS0LM) [562] She said oh no I just rang up for a chat.
Mike (PS0LL) [563] Where's [...] tonight?
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [564] Yeah?
[565] ... Oh she's gone in the market.
Merielle (PS0LM) [566] But were they doing it were they?
Martine (PS0LK) [567] Er, oh I don't know I didn't ask her!
[568] No.
Merielle (PS0LM) [569] You don't try to [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [570] Well that [...] I've got that right, that's the black.
Merielle (PS0LM) [571] [sighing] Oh [] !
[572] I, now the ones ... attached, not the ones they don't like, the older couple [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [573] No, the attached ones that aren't ... [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [574] But ... but something about yeah.
[575] What's it about [...] ?
Martine (PS0LK) [576] I dunno, they're a bit funny, they're a bit don't wanna talk!
Merielle (PS0LM) [577] Yeah ta , yeah and Caroline doesn't like those next door
Martine (PS0LK) [578] No.
Merielle (PS0LM) [579] anyway, the Yorkshire ones.
Martine (PS0LK) [580] No.
Merielle (PS0LM) [581] Er ... I can imagine them being a bit like know all if they are [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [582] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [583] we're having a church and
Martine (PS0LK) [584] The older ones is it?
Merielle (PS0LM) [585] Oh I don't know!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [586] City [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [587] Yes, I know what you mean, that's right!
Martine (PS0LK) [588] What do you mean the one with the taxi?
Merielle (PS0LM) [589] Well they're an oldish couple as well.
Martine (PS0LK) [590] No.
Merielle (PS0LM) [591] Yeah, and they're copying them.
[592] ... I don't feel er er either [...] that way ... unless she thinks we're very better than most.
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [593] I would really like a camper for that room.
Mike (PS0LL) [594] Chairs are too [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [595] That one's almost boiled.
[596] ... Would you like to stick the last one on?
Merielle (PS0LM) [597] Oh yeah I will.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [598] Other than out.
Merielle (PS0LM) [599] Only when I say.
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [600] [whispering] [...] [] .
Mike (PS0LL) [601] [...] not there.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [602] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [603] They're just the thing!
Martine (PS0LK) [604] Oh, nothing too them then?
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [605] Wrote a good letter?
Mike (PS0LL) [606] Oh aye!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [607] [...] [...] .
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [608] And what's he wrote?
[609] A nice
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [610] Yeah, yes and won't [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [611] Well
Merielle (PS0LM) [612] help us.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [613] So you swore blind did you?
Merielle (PS0LM) [614] Make a very good [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [615] I upset [...] such a [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [616] Er yeah
Merielle (PS0LM) [617] I suppose he wouldn't need to comment on the letter if he's [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [618] [...] tonight.
Merielle (PS0LM) [619] Bet he's told him his dad's supposed to do that.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [620] No way [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [621] Oh [...] that in ... a spell of plastic glasses at the [...] .
Merielle (PS0LM) [622] Oh no!
Martine (PS0LK) [623] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [624] So what's new?
Martine (PS0LK) [625] Mm.
Mike (PS0LL) [626] Well then on Friday night they probably get
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [627] Oh!
Mike (PS0LL) [628] a hundred bloody people in there ... you haven't got no glasses!
[629] ... Russell at the bar, in fact, he didn't have plastic glasses, he had no glasses!
Martine (PS0LK) [630] I wonder if the [...] is still working?
Mike (PS0LL) [631] What glasses?
Merielle (PS0LM) [632] With the beat off to
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [633] Ooh but there's
Martine (PS0LK) [634] He should pull his finger out and all!
[635] It's not, the beer hadn't gone off?
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [636] But then I suppose ... well it's one thirty five for Fosters isn't it?
Mike (PS0LL) [637] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [638] They wouldn't, because it's only gone up a penny like, there's nothing to stop them putting it i , up two penny!
Merielle (PS0LM) [639] No. ... [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [640] But, it'd be one thirty seven ... so what they'll probably do is
Mike (PS0LL) [641] It'll probably go up now.
Martine (PS0LK) [642] just leave it
Mike (PS0LL) [643] [...] down here
Martine (PS0LK) [644] and it'll go up to one forty the next day!
[645] ... You know the, there's ways to ... [...] one thirty five is a nice round figure isn't
Mike (PS0LL) [646] It's
Martine (PS0LK) [647] it?
Mike (PS0LL) [648] it's been in a week er
Martine (PS0LK) [649] Yeah, that's true.
Mike (PS0LL) [650] You might have to [...] until he gets there.
[651] ... Mould into the brewery sort of thing.
Merielle (PS0LM) [652] [...] that's how it works back, yeah
Mike (PS0LL) [653] He's overcharging course
Merielle (PS0LM) [654] quite.
Mike (PS0LL) [655] he is, so he makes it up.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [656] Oh yeah!
Mike (PS0LL) [657] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [658] He just doesn't necessarily [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [659] Yeah.
[660] ... Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [661] But I think he's got most of them he's gotta
Merielle (PS0LM) [662] Oh yeah!
Mike (PS0LL) [663] [...] Uncle Charlie [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [664] Back door [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [665] Sherry, ah you're a witness!
Merielle (PS0LM) [666] I like to change my glasses.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [667] Oh!
Mike (PS0LL) [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [668] [...] , this is
Martine (PS0LK) [669] Oh no!
Merielle (PS0LM) [670] not be done to cook ... because of the sausage and that splashing.
Martine (PS0LK) [671] Well what do they taste like?
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [672] Plasticy you should of done that plasticy thing?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [673] [...] as that?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [674] Oh dear!
Merielle (PS0LM) [675] They were like [...] .
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [676] Oh yeah yeah!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [677] Jeremy bleeding !
Martine (PS0LK) [678] Mine was lovely!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [679] [...] been to Harrods when we were on holiday.
Mike (PS0LL) [680] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [681] A bit I suppose [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [682] Really girly now int she mum?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [683] You're telling me!
[684] You're the one who was there [...] and that muscly
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [685] I think you must of
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [686] gone with him to [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [687] That Indian rug I had, I took down there.
Merielle (PS0LM) [688] Right.
Martine (PS0LK) [689] Mike's [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [690] But I can do it for you.
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [691] [...] I'm sorry, I'm not keen on blue things actually.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [692] Shut up!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [693] Got to lay the er
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [694] [laughing] [...] [] !
Merielle (PS0LM) [695] Small room Martine's just [...] shows the er
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [696] Oh I thought she did?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [697] He does nothing for me
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [698] Oh no no I
Merielle (PS0LM) [699] at all.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [700] The update with Rodney ain't he got?
Martine (PS0LK) [701] Rodney ... seen anything of him?
Merielle (PS0LM) [702] Well somebody told him something about Texas.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [703] Have they been?
Mike (PS0LL) [704] That was first free visit there.
Merielle (PS0LM) [705] I don't know, have they?
Mike (PS0LL) [706] It's all in your time, sort of thing.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [707] Who told you?
Martine (PS0LK) [708] Are you gonna tell them about the naked [...] .
Merielle (PS0LM) [709] Chocolate here must be [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [710] What chocolate?
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [711] Tell them about [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [712] I remember too!
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [713] [...] about that.
Merielle (PS0LM) [714] No, not about the drink.
Martine (PS0LK) [715] Don't she know?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [716] [laughing] [...] [] !
Mike (PS0LL) [717] Cow!
Merielle (PS0LM) [718] No.
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [719] You've had a good drink this week.
Merielle (PS0LM) [720] There's builders in [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [721] Well you must of been gone mother.
Merielle (PS0LM) [722] We've been talking about somebody having affairs [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [723] Who Martine?
Merielle (PS0LM) [724] And I could see that this [...] she were telling me.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [725] Do you know
Martine (PS0LK) [726] Oh!
Merielle (PS0LM) [727] Craig just said ooh you didn't add to whatever he said!
[728] ... Have you been talking to Glen [...] ... or is it what Rupert, Rupert told you about Ted, he didn't know!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [729] He would swim
Mike (PS0LL) [730] Ah aye!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [731] you know ... and [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [732] Look at that chest [...] !
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [733] No!
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [734] He'll you had ... he'll you have the [...] working for him
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [735] doing the chapel.
Mike (PS0LL) [736] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [737] And then
Merielle (PS0LM) [738] All what?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [739] [...] , I remember [...] ... dancing [...] ... [laughing] and he could challenge him [...] [] .
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [740] Yeah, I thi but he's on the local council [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [741] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [742] Oh aye!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [743] That is when you admitted [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [744] No!
Mike (PS0LL) [745] Erm ... I take it ... we're we're going to the shops ... and you all
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [746] And Carole's coming down is she?
Merielle (PS0LM) [747] Oh no!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [748] She's a horrible soul [...] !
Merielle (PS0LM) [749] Do you still do ... do you ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [750] I don't want any er
Merielle (PS0LM) [751] Politics she told me, I don't want any ... politics around [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [752] Can you turn it off [...] ?
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [753] Barred, barred, I barred him!
Mike (PS0LL) [754] Ah you're barred, you're barred!
[755] ... He'll be doing it himself [...] .
Merielle (PS0LM) [756] Isn't he silly?
[757] ... And
Martine (PS0LK) [758] Go on tell him mother ... about the V sign!
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [759] Not particularly in the shop, I don't think he pu meant, he meant to get ... you know cos he's
Martine (PS0LK) [760] Why he was the one?
Mike (PS0LL) [761] He told me you knew Phillip was there.
Martine (PS0LK) [762] What did she do with the [...] ?
[763] Oh she was the one ... [...] .
Merielle (PS0LM) [764] Oh yeah!
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [765] I know he's been doing ... [...] ... to this man [...] as he's gone past so Harry sitting there the ... not saying you know.
Martine (PS0LK) [766] That's awful!
Merielle (PS0LM) [767] Harry said ... you don't suppose they know who
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [768] what they are, yeah!

4 (Tape 030902)

Martine (PS0LK) [769] What do you want to do?
Merielle (PS0LM) [770] [...] ... Might be worth waiting for this.
Mike (PS0LL) [771] I think I'll stop on a stool, I'd sooner stop on a stool.
Martine (PS0LK) [772] Are you sure?
Mike (PS0LL) [773] Yeah.
[774] Aye!
Martine (PS0LK) [775] Your back!
Mike (PS0LL) [776] Oh I'm alright.
Merielle (PS0LM) [777] I never hear you say you have twinges in your back Mike.
Mike (PS0LL) [778] Ah [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [779] Oh yeah it's awful!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [780] Ah!
None (PS0LN) [781] Every bloody day of the week I hear!
Merielle (PS0LM) [782] yes?
None (PS0LN) [783] He does every day of the bloody week he does!
Martine (PS0LK) [784] Oh I've left my drink!
Merielle (PS0LM) [785] You little rat!
Martine (PS0LK) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [786] Yeah, so er ... Harry sitting there but not saying anything, I don't suppose he even knows what it means!
Martine (PS0LK) [787] Ooh!
[788] He does, he said [...] !
Merielle (PS0LM) [789] [...] ... and he said what else did he say derogatory about them?
[790] Stupid he said, meaning the whole lot of the 's ... so you can see like they're all on the 's side!
Martine (PS0LK) [791] Bit of shock mam, that's stupid!
Merielle (PS0LM) [792] Rupert.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [793] Where's he living now [...] ?
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [794] You know who Rupert is don't
Martine (PS0LK) [795] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [796] you?
[797] Manchester house man with the bag fat family!
[798] ... The make, the sheepdog ... not ours, but the other men.
[799] ... [...] decorated the church [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [800] I, I don't know him do I!
Merielle (PS0LM) [801] and he said ... you know, he said they haven't been turning up at that chapel for them, when they've preaching but you didn't crack on they knew anything about that but he just sort of said ... said no ... you know ... remain non-committal.
[802] And he said, you know they do alright at ten pound a time they have when they're preach in those chapels, now ... I don't know, I've no idea and good luck to them if they do!
Mike (PS0LL) [803] Oh aye!
Merielle (PS0LM) [804] But erm ... whether they have petrol as well, Mr , cos he's coming from [...] really when you think, so I mean ... I don't think
None (PS0LN) [805] Your mum's as bad as Albert!
[806] ... Everybody knows about that.
[807] ... Not, Albert er ... God what was the other one from here that used to make the tea in [...] ?
Merielle (PS0LM) [808] Can't really remember [...] .
None (PS0LN) [809] It's that er ... oh it's [...] ... [...] you know, [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [810] Oh you told them this the other day ... when we were there!
None (PS0LN) [811] Ah, well you were still like that [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [812] Let's go for another time shall we?
Merielle (PS0LM) [813] No!
None (PS0LN) [814] No!
Merielle (PS0LM) [815] [laughing] [...] I told them
None (PS0LN) [816] Thank God for that!
Merielle (PS0LM) [817] I nearly got it but she said she knew she was just being awkward [...] !
Martine (PS0LK) [818] Well it doesn't ... have any bearing on the story
Merielle (PS0LM) [819] No but
Martine (PS0LK) [820] whether I got a
Merielle (PS0LM) [821] No.
Martine (PS0LK) [822] vivid description of him or not does it?
Merielle (PS0LM) [823] But we were saying like er ... you know, you're silly devil!
[824] Cos ... as we know him you can't believe it!
[825] And ... so the very next day Helen told us of a night time that he was gonna stay and early in the morning he come back door with some papers ... and I said oh take [...] well it never comes to more than six pound ninety or seven pound fifty but he calls it [...] .
[826] Bu But I mean if you get it, a big box from the village shop like no wrapping on
Martine (PS0LK) [827] [whispering] [...] [] .
Merielle (PS0LM) [828] then she same I don't know how long, [whispering] I mean she definitely called ... it's [...] [] .
[829] It's too [...] that actually do some [...] .
[830] [whispering] These [...] [] she must take after them!
[831] Oh dear, I said well give it some [...] !
[832] ... And if she ... and do you know what?
[833] She never told me!
[834] I didn't know she had this cold ... and she'd had it for ten [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [835] and she's never even [...] so I knew it must be a bad cold, oh dear I said!
[836] Well this upset Anne ... it was the day before when it had happened ... cos I, I don't think his mum and dad would like to think ... that he was causing aggro with that lady [...] .
[837] And ... whether he started it and what he said, like he was
Mike (PS0LL) [838] [...] you don't know the full story, she might have had a bit of a
Merielle (PS0LM) [839] Course you don't she's ... a little
Mike (PS0LL) [840] before
Merielle (PS0LM) [841] you don't know, you just don't [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [842] As I know her I can't imagine it.
Merielle (PS0LM) [843] But, you never know!
Martine (PS0LK) [844] What have they done to her?
Merielle (PS0LM) [845] Ask Peggy.
Mike (PS0LL) [846] They've had to open a service for them, they're all getting their stamps
Merielle (PS0LM) [847] Yes.
Mike (PS0LL) [848] or whatever ... she might have just said something in [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [849] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [850] and he's [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [851] Yeah but
Mike (PS0LL) [852] and he's gonna blow it up!
Merielle (PS0LM) [853] She's but ... he's stupid to ... should of ... waited or
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [854] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [855] You know ... he shouldn't stoop to that level!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [856] But, you know you could just [...] George.
Merielle (PS0LM) [857] No, that's alright.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [858] He said that's alright.
[859] That's right he's asked to Peggy and they really are!
Merielle (PS0LM) [860] Just imagine George like, as you know George getting a shock, like he's [...] !
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [861] Hadn't got much [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [862] And ... there we are!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [863] Mm!
Merielle (PS0LM) [864] We'll have to get off.
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [865] Watch this it'll wind him up [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [866] Pardon?
Merielle (PS0LM) [867] Got somebody [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [868] It's er ... the inquest is at er
Merielle (PS0LM) [869] Oh dear!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [870] [...] into allsorts of trouble, they've had a family meeting, he didn't [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [871] I I I just hear it when ... [...] never freed any more hostages.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [872] Oh that's that's a terrible thing isn't it?
Merielle (PS0LM) [873] Although it's only really because
Mike (PS0LL) [874] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [875] when a new chapel ... on that bottom road, where they're doing all the road works ... erm ... where that is ... the a the address is Glanberrys ... funny enough!
[876] And even where
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [877] Is it?
Merielle (PS0LM) [878] Mary lives, on the corner, Mary and Bob
Harold (PS0LP) [879] Aye.
Merielle (PS0LM) [880] where they were [...] , their proper address is erm ... [...] or something ... and er ... , [...] ... But like, she's been ill, they're thinking of sell and having a [...] ... and er
Martine (PS0LK) [881] She'll not [...] first though, there's a load of them
Merielle (PS0LM) [882] Oh they have , yes!
Martine (PS0LK) [883] and she fell over [...] .
Merielle (PS0LM) [884] Of course they do, and I don't blame them because they really are ... [...] .
[885] They'd had a [...] , he had to give evidence he said, you know because, I mean he said a few days previously so they [...] , financial problems ... [...] ... as loaded as the family are nobody come to the rescue!
[886] But I was mummy's best
Mike (PS0LL) [887] Bloody type your [...] !
Merielle (PS0LM) [888] Well yeah!
[889] And, but I didn't buy it!
Mike (PS0LL) [890] She [...] part of the family [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [891] he was the one who could, he was the one who could afford some [...] !
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [892] And ... and people can't get over him!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [893] Mm.
Merielle (PS0LM) [894] He's still kept his [...] ... but he's got [...] lived in, all the property he owns he can have the town square, there's nothing!
[895] It's all right to the [...] insurers you know!
[896] Oh I suppose he's invested it wrongly or whatever I don't know I ... I can understand why they didn't come to his rescue, you know, I mean, they've got their livelihood to think about ... and he was a bachelor ... where as they've got children, or and he's [...] brothers and they're
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [897] Oh!
Merielle (PS0LM) [898] all farmers ... and all got their own families like er ... surely he had a fairly good shop when he [...] .
Mike (PS0LL) [899] I know but family's ... like blood's thicker than water.
[900] Family is still
Merielle (PS0LM) [901] Ooh I know that!
Mike (PS0LL) [902] family.
Merielle (PS0LM) [903] Mike, I agree, I'm the mother [...] !
Mike (PS0LL) [904] Mm.
Merielle (PS0LM) [905] That's what I said first, I said ooh they'd had a terrible job!
Mike (PS0LL) [906] I could just see if she wanted to adopt
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [907] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [908] me couldn't I?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [laugh]
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [909] Ooh yeah, cos she is [...] on her own.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [910] You really are mother!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [911] Oh [...] , I'm feeling old!
Harold (PS0LP) [912] No, [...] too ruddy [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [laugh]
None (PS0LN) [913] It's just ... bloody don't think!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [914] Ah!
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [915] I said it looks a bit too small, fifty metres.
[916] Doesn't it?
[917] Cos a lot will be meeting, even in the bar!
Merielle (PS0LM) [918] Mm.
[919] All in that corner, all in.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [920] [...] do you?
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [921] I'll let somebody [...] with a cup of coffee [...] , especially if they've gotta drive.
Martine (PS0LK) [922] Well I'm not that sure really.
Harold (PS0LP) [923] You ... one again?
Merielle (PS0LM) [924] Yeah ... same
Mike (PS0LL) [925] Yeah it's that ... [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [926] But really
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [927] Depends on how long you've known each other I mean fifteen years and you've only just [...] !
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [928] Ooh!
[929] So [...] that.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [930] [...] now though , what did you think of the damn [...] ?
Merielle (PS0LM) [931] They pay a perfectly [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [932] Aye, listen here!
Merielle (PS0LM) [933] Where?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [934] And you'd just had a plastic cold [...] just the favourite because for our Martine and pull her along in it.
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [935] I mean, [...] , she said we'd have to give, I said oh I said, we used to, guess what I said?
[936] Of course we didn't know them like we used to wear them [...] .
[937] So she said ... [...] that big girl! [...] ... oh I think I'm getting it so I said, but I know you used to talk about it, and I said here we go! [...] and her ... I didn't know the others, but Tom said one of the other things is a [...] it's this girl, but I said no she's got a [...] and then she said ... and I, and I thought that's a big [...] , I didn't know!
Merielle (PS0LM) [938] A little tiny three year old, oh I misunderstood didn't I?
[939] Yeah, you said, that's Mrs 's ... boy, but she said I thought the two big ones wherever [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [940] she said no, she'll have it ... [...] she thought about me,bu but but er ... she said it was a funny [...] !
[941] Wasn't it?
[942] I said what [...] I didn't know!
Merielle (PS0LM) [943] She said it was.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [944] Ooh yes, I said it's very funny on a Friday night!
[945] Cos we didn't know whether to clap
Martine (PS0LK) [946] But nan says that er, the [...] were, the [...] wasn't
Mike (PS0LL) [947] What?
Martine (PS0LK) [948] as good.
[949] Nan said.
Mike (PS0LL) [950] Did you go
Merielle (PS0LM) [951] The Friday night they went.
Martine (PS0LK) [952] On the, on a Friday.
[953] Said it wasn't as good as when we and [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [954] Yeah, you've just gotta laugh!
[955] She said er ... that erm
Mike (PS0LL) [956] She said to Susan ... will it be better than [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [957] Big fancy does are you?
Mike (PS0LL) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [958] [...] yeah!
Mike (PS0LL) [959] Being diplomatic!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [960] Yeah.
[961] Erm, no ... what was I saying, she said?
Martine (PS0LK) [962] [...] !
[963] What are saying [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [964] So what was I saying, what was I gonna say?
Martine (PS0LK) [965] So [...] ?
Mike (PS0LL) [966] Breathe in!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [967] Ooh [...] that was it, yeah!
[968] The rear engine ... ooh she said the ... the key's in Ken's house and we all sat ... we didn't know whether to clap or get up and walk out, whether she'd finished or not!
[969] Ooh, I said!
[970] Well I said, what's the finale?
[971] And I ... I said [...] , he said ooh yes, the two girls come the alley on their own this is the their birthday cake ma , and I really jumped I said, cos we were right in the front, I thought what the hell's he doing! [...] ... but what they were dressed in and she said, so I said, oh yeah well I didn't like it that ... I don't know what's wrong cos all the time they did [...] .
[972] It was a show Starlight Express?
Merielle (PS0LM) [973] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [974] She said ... so I said, so they did do that?
[975] Ooh yeah, she said!
[976] I said, I'm having [...] a couple of days [...] I said, oh they're different a ... but she didn't know [...] row of them.
[977] She said, she said ... and then the thing ca came down and this [...] get up and walk out I said [...] go back and get them and get Joe to take them.
[978] No, she said it was very poor of them!
[979] I I and she'd never said a word!
[980] Oh I said, well she had to say something [...] gave the three back, get her flowers and er ... chocolates or something and the same for his mum.
[981] Oh no, nothing like that she said.
[982] She said er ... well they came to us in the interval ... and Con was just like [...] , I thought she'll call me when Sally has gone, Sally had their address, she'd just [...] you know, she was gonna be in there ... and Con said, look, did you look at that dress she said, ... whoever makes them!
[983] They don't put sea , they don't put hems on them!
[984] I could see
Merielle (PS0LM) [985] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [986] her shoulder [...] !
Merielle (PS0LM) [987] It is a [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [988] I said to them, well if the [...] woman is [...] , she doesn't fit [...] !
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [989] But she said, look at that I run up with [...] ! [...] , well remember that [...] because she wants a dress made [...] ... well it's disgraceful!
[990] And she used to do them all, I mean, machine hemmings and [...] and finish them off as she calls them, you know, so Con , oh yes she could of [...] .
[991] Oh!
[992] I said ... that will teach her to [...] what for for saying that!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [993] That film is not [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [994] Well!
Merielle (PS0LM) [995] Oh, but ... she's only a
Mike (PS0LL) [996] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [997] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [998] Yeah, did
Merielle (PS0LM) [999] But
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [1000] you ever
Merielle (PS0LM) [1001] well they'll only recent
Mike (PS0LL) [1002] There was a film on B B C two
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1003] it was on the Welsh
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1004] I wish, I know [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [1005] Is it about the Mafia?
Mike (PS0LL) [1006] [...] ... [...] black and white [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [1007] Terrible yeah!
Mike (PS0LL) [1008] And they had a little ... [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1009] You're talking of one now.
[1010] ... Ridiculous that isn't it?
[1011] Erm ... ma yes er
Mike (PS0LL) [1012] It's been advertised
Martine (PS0LK) [1013] that is er
Mike (PS0LL) [1014] all the week what a good film it is.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1015] Oh it's a film [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1016] [...] ... I went on, we'll watch that we'll erm
Merielle (PS0LM) [1017] What was it?
Mike (PS0LL) [1018] A film ... you know, [...] six o'clock ... film.
[1019] ... I put it, put it on, B B C two ... and it was that ... Gordon [...] ... on the, on the box.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1020] It is annoying though!
Martine (PS0LK) [1021] But DEF two was ... the DEF, you know that
Mike (PS0LL) [1022] Typical!
[1023] You silly git!
Martine (PS0LK) [1024] What?
Mike (PS0LL) [1025] Forget it!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [1026] Did what?
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Mike (PS0LL) [1027] You didn't bring [...] !
Merielle (PS0LM) [1028] DEF?
Mike (PS0LL) [1029] It was D E F, DEF it was like [...] , like the [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1030] Well I didn't know about the DEF!
Mike (PS0LL) [1031] I wouldn't i , oh you just told me you did!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [1032] Who says?
Merielle (PS0LM) [1033] Come on you blo , you're boring me now!
[1034] What were you just gonna say now?
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [1035] Er ... on Friday Mike was talking to Rob ... Rob was at dad's so Mike was standing talking to them, [...] ... but my ears still flapped [...] .
Merielle (PS0LM) [1036] Oh!
Martine (PS0LK) [1037] and er, Mike said er, oh yeah, he tried to [...] straight away at it, I'm interviewing this afternoon ... well ... that was it, my head was straight up!
[1038] We go two lads there with hardly any work on ... me and Jan are alright now we got a third person ... Graham ... hasn't got much on ... and er Ri ... Richard's scraping round for work, so of course my ears pricked up like ... so I thought, Mike sensed that I'd looked up and he looked at me ... and er ... so I just looked back ... he said God, God had never invented a woman with small ears!
[1039] I said listen, I said if it's private I said you should be in the office!
[1040] So Rob's laughing and so ... so er ... I was going like that then you know ... a bit, you know, a bit er, exaggerated going
Merielle (PS0LM) [1041] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [1042] like that with these
Mike (PS0LL) [1043] Oh you got a, you're not exaggerating [...] a bloody [...] !
Martine (PS0LK) [1044] So erm
Mike (PS0LL) [1045] Like the [...] !
Merielle (PS0LM) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [1046] So anyway, I didn't even hear anymore what he said after that, after he said this like ... so I was messing about with Graham
Mike (PS0LL) [1047] Aye, aye aye oh!
[1048] Don't bury them like ... [...] !
Merielle (PS0LM) [1049] Shouldn't bat an eyelid ... [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [1050] I was that shocked I couldn't he myself!
Merielle (PS0LM) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [1051] I'm interviewing, the stupid swine!
[1052] They've got no idea what so ever!
[1053] So, anyway, I must have been downstairs doing something and I don't ne sh sh ... I didn't know what time this interview ... feller was coming ... only, that I was downstairs and I heard Tracey say, oh what's his name then Mike?
[1054] Patrick , and I can't pronounce his surname!
[1055] So, I thought ah, so she was saying what's he like?
[1056] What's he like and, he's gotta go past me before he has [...] , ee just messing about so he says ... I still didn't give it any more thought ... even though he had foreign surname and I thought, yeah ... didn't think of it.
[1057] So er ... da then the next thing I was back in the office so Mike come out ... would you mind ... making a drink?
[1058] Er, I'll have coffee and er ... so will Patrick, whatever he says ... I said, oh yeah ... so ... I said oh ... does he want sugar?
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [1059] yes, three sugar, I said ... but do you want milk, does he want milk?
[1060] Yes, he wants milk.
[1061] So anyway, we started talking about him, they're doing a survey ... and er ... and suddenly it must of been a quarter of an hour later ... remember the [...] ... the drinks, I haven't done any drinks!
[1062] So er ... I said right, quick does anybody else want a drink?
[1063] And I went down, and come back up with this tray of drinks and er ... Mike screaming, and I still hadn't seen this feller ... I give the other drinks out, well when I went to take his in ... well he was as black as two o'clock in the morning wasn't he?
Merielle (PS0LM) [laugh]
Mike (PS0LL) [1064] He was what?
Martine (PS0LK) [1065] Black as two o'clock in the morning!
[1066] So I said to Rob
Merielle (PS0LM) [1067] With a name like that!
Martine (PS0LK) [1068] [...] I said to Rob it's a good job he's coming in daylight or we'll [laughing] [...] [] !
Merielle (PS0LM) [1069] [laughing] What did he say to that [] ?
Martine (PS0LK) [1070] [laughing] Yeah [] !
[1071] He's on the nightshift.
[1072] So Rob said then er, something about ... it's a good job you didn't say how do you want your coffee black or white!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1073] Said yo you'd have had to send [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [1074] But er ... so what the hell ... position he's gonna be!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1075] Oh, what did he , did he last [...] ?
Martine (PS0LK) [1076] He really looked young though!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [1077] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1078] Oh!
Martine (PS0LK) [1079] About Mike's age I would say.
[1080] Twenty six
Merielle (PS0LM) [1081] Twenty three.
Martine (PS0LK) [1082] think he had [...] as a bouncer or something.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1083] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [1084] I said he was quite young looking, about Mike's age!
Mike (PS0LL) [1085] Oh, I thought you said not young!
Martine (PS0LK) [1086] No, I said he looked quite, about Mike's age!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1087] [sighing] Oh [] !
Martine (PS0LK) [1088] But ... you know, he was built like [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1089] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [1090] with this big bum [...] .
Harold (PS0LP) [1091] More like a [...] ! [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [1092] But you have to [...] he looked real smart, you know?
Merielle (PS0LM) [1093] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [1094] And er, I walked, I said oh hello ... er, cos Mike had just gone, he'd gone [...] ... and er, I said oh one coffee there for you, he said thanks very much it's most generous of you.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1095] Ah!
Martine (PS0LK) [1096] I take it [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1097] Did he have big lips?
Martine (PS0LK) [1098] know what they're playing at!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1099] Mm.
Mike (PS0LL) [1100] Did he?
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Harold (PS0LP) [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1101] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [1102] Well just sit!
Martine (PS0LK) [1103] But erm
Mike (PS0LL) [1104] [...] I'm used to [...] ... taking [...] ... like his lips are sticking to the window!
Martine (PS0LK) [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [laugh]
Mike (PS0LL) [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1105] That's a good one!
[1106] Oh!
Martine (PS0LK) [1107] Erm
Merielle (PS0LM) [1108] He er
Martine (PS0LK) [1109] yeah but, I don't think Mike's that er, I mean I di , but he does Manpower forecasts every year.
Merielle (PS0LM) [laugh] ... [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1110] Er ... and he comes up with ... x equals y z and all the rest of it!
[1111] And we're still really [...] .
[1112] The man's a complete nerd!
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1113] Never mind.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1114] So you got what you wanted didn't you?
Martine (PS0LK) [1115] No.
Mike (PS0LL) [1116] Did you see that programme last night?
Harold (PS0LP) [1117] Aye, what?
Mike (PS0LL) [1118] B B C two ... about the ... stolen cars.
Harold (PS0LP) [1119] No.
Mike (PS0LL) [1120] Oh!
[1121] Bloody hell, the things they get up to!
[1122] You know if you buy a car that's been, like ... [...] it's been pinched or something like that?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [1123] But you buy it in innocence.
Mike (PS0LL) [1124] Yeah, buy it in innocence ... and if it's been robbed ... the police confiscate off you ... you get a piece of paper saying that they've got it, and that's it you've ... you've got nothing!
Harold (PS0LP) [1125] Go on!
Mike (PS0LL) [1126] And the ... insurers
Martine (PS0LK) [1127] Well that's what happened to
Mike (PS0LL) [1128] don't have anything to do with it!
Martine (PS0LK) [1129] Siobhan's dad!
Mike (PS0LL) [1130] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1131] Yeah, was the rest they'd have to pay or
Martine (PS0LK) [1132] It was, he's still paying it off now for his car!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1133] Oh!
Mike (PS0LL) [1134] Mm.
[1135] But er
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...] [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1136] they were on about that they ship them abroad ... and th , they were interviewing a lad in London ... he said oh, he used to get up in the morning ... and er ... go down to the ... phone box ... and phone this contact they know ... and he'd tell you what cars you wanted pinching [...] this day ... and they pinch them to order!
[1137] Oh yeah ... [...] ... how many would you say you'd pinched in year?
[1138] He said, well, he said ... there was two of us he said working together ... and er, I'd be look out for my mate or he'd be look out for me, he says erm ... ooh, between five and six hundred a year, he said ... they pinch!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1139] Ooh!
Harold (PS0LP) [1140] Ooh!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1141] Oh!
Mike (PS0LL) [1142] I said and they [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [1143] Cos easily it was a co couple a day!
Mike (PS0LL) [1144] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1145] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [1146] What
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1147] said, you know ... how, how did you get into them?
[1148] He said, well let's put it this way he said ... I can get into a Ford and start it without breaking any windows
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1149] He can do?
Mike (PS0LL) [1150] yeah ... quicker ... than I can with a key!
[1151] He didn't say what he did
Merielle (PS0LM) [1152] Oh no!
Mike (PS0LL) [1153] but he said, a Ford he said, I can break into a Ford without breaking any windows and start the ignition
Martine (PS0LK) [1154] And quicker than someone [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1155] quicker than anybody with a key!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1156] Good God!
Mike (PS0LL) [1157] But he was a ... a reformed [...] now he was ... helping other people ... ge ... get away from pinching cars like in a ... they have like
Martine (PS0LK) [1158] Rehabilitation [...] .
Mike (PS0LL) [1159] you know, rehabilitation centres they ... [...] .
[1160] He said, what we used to do he said
Merielle (PS0LM) [1161] Did you see his face on that?
Mike (PS0LL) [1162] Oh aye!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1163] Oh yeah, he wasn't
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1164] [...] payed for his crimes and he was
Mike (PS0LL) [1165] and they said er
Merielle (PS0LM) [1166] How old did he look now?
Mike (PS0LL) [1167] He wasn't old was he?
Martine (PS0LK) [1168] No.
Mike (PS0LL) [1169] Twenty four, twenty five.
[1170] Sometimes, he said we used to ... take them motorway he said to ... junction whatever at Dover ... and they'd be somebody waiting there with the money ... give us the car ... we'd go back to London ... and they'd just take it up the [...] .
Merielle (PS0LM) [1171] Well in the Kent, [...] where the [...] is.
Mike (PS0LL) [1172] Ah!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1173] Where you have to have a [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1174] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1175] that little village ... where Nicola went to the wedding ... gypsies involved in that ring.
Mike (PS0LL) [1176] Up there?
Merielle (PS0LM) [1177] The gypsy camp ... they've
Mike (PS0LL) [1178] Aye.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1179] arrested six of them all ... they found all bits and bobs off hundreds and hundreds and thousands of pounds worth of cars, and four wheel drives they specialise in ... and off to the continent with it.
Mike (PS0LL) [1180] Yeah it's all organised, it's not like ... like the gypo's will be doing like this
Merielle (PS0LM) [1181] Oh yes!
[1182] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [1183] this is all organised bloody down to [...] !
Merielle (PS0LM) [1184] Oh yes, all [...] yeah!
Martine (PS0LK) [1185] They handled something something like ... a thousand pounds worth of cars that
Mike (PS0LL) [1186] They did.
Martine (PS0LK) [1187] place where they ... they were like getting er ... ones that had been smashed up, and doing and they said that ... the people that are doing it ... are top people!
[1188] You know, they could get a really good job.
Mike (PS0LL) [1189] They'd have made a fortune!
[1190] Not without them garages!
Martine (PS0LK) [1191] Like, like panel beaters and
Mike (PS0LL) [1192] Doing it ... make a ... make a fortune doing it ... [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1193] Legally.
Mike (PS0LL) [1194] legally.
[1195] He said they're doing this as well.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1196] Oh!
Mike (PS0LL) [1197] [...] ... like you got your ... your chassis number and engine number and everything like that
Merielle (PS0LM) [1198] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [1199] and you've a number inside the car as well on the ... bottom of the car ... on the floor ... so er ... some of them ... no, they don't [...] so some of them take the mickey of them and putting different plates on ... of a written off car from a scrap yard ... so you can have like a ... brand new Sierra smashed up in a scrap yard ... and you buy it for like ... a thousand pound ... and you [...] this Sierra ... with a brand new Sierra, so you change all the plates over ... and do all this on the car ... and then you got a bloody Sierra worth about ... nine or ten thousand pound
Merielle (PS0LM) [1200] Ah dear!
Mike (PS0LL) [1201] brand new!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1202] Sure!
Mike (PS0LL) [1203] And you've paid a thousand pound for it, so he's making all this profit all the time!
None (PS0LN) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1204] Dear!
Mike (PS0LL) [1205] And the ... the police were just showing, you know
None (PS0LN) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1206] the ways that they do it sort of thing.
[1207] Some of them
Merielle (PS0LM) [1208] Oh yes!
Mike (PS0LL) [1209] just get the plate ... and er ... like stick it over with a bit of er ... filler or something like that ... and stick it over the top!
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1210] And, people are none the wiser they, if they can see it
Martine (PS0LK) [1211] Oh!
Mike (PS0LL) [1212] they go aye, that's alright, but the only way you can tell ... you'd feel a jagged edge ... where they ... put this plate [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [1213] On the underneath or something.
Mike (PS0LL) [1214] Or some of them they cut the whole floor out and weld a new ... take the floor old car ... and weld it back in again.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1215] Good
Mike (PS0LL) [1216] He said, and the police said
Merielle (PS0LM) [1217] [...] !
Mike (PS0LL) [1218] as quick as we find a way, to catch them they think of something else
Merielle (PS0LM) [1219] Yeah!
Mike (PS0LL) [1220] they bloody do it all the time!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1221] Oh they do!
[1222] Yeah!
Martine (PS0LK) [1223] And then it was saying about the ones where they take the front end of a car and ... joi , match it to the stolen
Merielle (PS0LM) [1224] Joining it, yeah!
Martine (PS0LK) [1225] one, like the one that
Mike (PS0LL) [1226] Yeah.
[1227] Fell apart in Manchester.
Mike (PS0LL) [1228] There was one in Manchester wasn't there?
[1229] The Renault five turbo ... going down the road and had a crash and it split in two didn't it?
Merielle (PS0LM) [1230] That's it.
Mike (PS0LL) [1231] And they all bloody died!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1232] Remember you telling us that.
Mike (PS0LL) [1233] And er ... [...] said about it's a regular [...] ... and er ... they're doing it proper, they're putting them on jigs ... so they're welding them and they're out of line and all sorts!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1234] Oh!
Mike (PS0LL) [1235] And they were interviewing this feller, he said, oh we went for a day out he said and I'd just bought this car ... and I was ... really made up with it he said
Merielle (PS0LM) [1236] He wasn't a crook this man?
Martine (PS0LK) [1237] He paid
Mike (PS0LL) [1238] Oh no!
Martine (PS0LK) [1239] two and a half thousand for this Fiesta
Mike (PS0LL) [1240] He paid two and a thousand for this car, whatever it was!
[1241] I was real ... made up!
[1242] And he's travelling along the road and the next thing there's such a bang and it wouldn't go any further!
[1243] Bloody [...] !
[1244] So he got out ... and he looked underneath and the drive shaft had fell off ... so ... he got it towed back to the garage ... wherever this garage was ... and they had a look at it and all the head [...] were loose ... you could waggle them about!
[1245] And then he thought, this is queer so he picked the bonnet ... took the bonnet up like that ... and all the bloody front of the car had come loose ... and all all the welding
Merielle (PS0LM) [1246] Oh!
Mike (PS0LL) [1247] had co come loose!
[1248] Bloody amazing it was!
[1249] So he said, you know ... you can't claim anything off the insurers or anything, so that's all his money
Merielle (PS0LM) [1250] No, [...] .
Mike (PS0LL) [1251] straight up the bloody road!
[1252] And er ... the police, that was in Kent somewhere, the police weren't it?
[1253] Cos only so many police forces have got ... a certain group of men ... on the ... you know, sorting all the cars out ... and ... you can take your car there
Merielle (PS0LM) [1254] [...] life
Mike (PS0LL) [1255] er
Merielle (PS0LM) [1256] being like [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1257] you've just bought a car or you've got a car ... you can take it and the police look over it ... to see if it's alright.
Martine (PS0LK) [1258] It's a bit late when you've bought it though!
Mike (PS0LL) [1259] If it's been re-registered sort of thing, so ... there's a big line in cars ... all [...] .
[1260] And the police engineers go round with his mate and he's looking at the ... engine numbers ... and the chassis numbers and all those bloody numbers inside the car ... and he's looking like and er ... the interviewer said ... oh and this woman's in for a shock!
[1261] She's gonna find out that the car is stolen!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1262] Oh!
Mike (PS0LL) [1263] So ... she comes back and she had an Orion ... erm ... she sa , she said er oh well erm ... I got some bad news for you, said er ... your Orion's two cars been welded together!
[1264] Oh no, she said you're kidding aren't you?
[1265] No, no, it's right I said erm ... the back end is ... such and such a registration Ford Orion ... but the front end's off a Ford Escort! [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1266] Ooh hoo hoo
Mike (PS0LL) [1267] And you know ... she'd but
Martine (PS0LK) [1268] They're not even the same car?
Mike (PS0LL) [1269] She'd lose the bloody car then, she'd lost everything!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1270] Ooh gosh!
Mike (PS0LL) [1271] Bloody ... hot it were!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1272] And what did it look like [...] ?
Mike (PS0LL) [1273] Oh it, it was smart it was nice!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1274] Yeah , what have they, those people who are waiting for the police to check it out, the [...] is it?
Mike (PS0LL) [1275] No they haven't, they'd been [...] bought a car ... that had been ... like, that it sort of been written off and rebuilt or ... something like that.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1276] Yeah.
[1277] They knew that had been when
Mike (PS0LL) [1278] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1279] they bought the car?
[1280] So they thought they'd have it checked out?
Mike (PS0LL) [1281] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1282] Oh I wouldn't buy a car like that, no
Mike (PS0LL) [1283] The D V L C, if you have a written off
Merielle (PS0LM) [1284] would you?
Mike (PS0LL) [1285] they'll re-register it as long as you can prove the year of the car, they register it
Merielle (PS0LM) [1286] Oh, I see!
Mike (PS0LL) [1287] as that year.
[1288] But, the registrations ... if they can't prove it properly
Martine (PS0LK) [1289] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [1290] you get a Q plate on it ... questionable registration.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1291] Oh!
Mike (PS0LL) [1292] So ... the D V L C don't look into it too deep ... they just send
Merielle (PS0LM) [1293] No!
Mike (PS0LL) [1294] an engineer have a look round, oh it looks alright.
Martine (PS0LK) [1295] You wouldn't want one that had been in a smash anyway, it could
Merielle (PS0LM) [1296] Yes!
Martine (PS0LK) [1297] be false ... [...] .
Merielle (PS0LM) [1298] But you some people who you see will take that gamble
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1299] And then there was an ... inspector from the
Harold (PS0LP) [1300] Not always, not always impressed but he was er ... [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1301] Yeah.
Harold (PS0LP) [1302] you know, I know you're saying.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1303] Oh, I play heck about them I
Harold (PS0LP) [1304] But
Merielle (PS0LM) [1305] know!
Harold (PS0LP) [1306] erm ... I remember when I ... when we had the smash in Liverpool with the ... Zepher
Merielle (PS0LM) [1307] The old Zepher now, yeah
Harold (PS0LP) [1308] and er ... I went there and they give me an estimate ... and erm ... when it went in ... the contacts she does was er ... no, it's it's more than we thought ... because the chassis's twisted or
Mike (PS0LL) [1309] Mm.
Harold (PS0LP) [1310] something ... so, anyway ... I went there ... I can't remember all the details but
Merielle (PS0LM) [1311] No.
Harold (PS0LP) [1312] I I went there for something ... and my car ... ooh I think it was [...] and we had [...] , you know
Merielle (PS0LM) [1313] Fair play, yeah.
Harold (PS0LP) [1314] we went to town
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Harold (PS0LP) [1315] If I'd
Merielle (PS0LM) [1316] Yeah.
Harold (PS0LP) [1317] if it, if if I'd have taken it to er ... [...] body repair
Merielle (PS0LM) [1318] Well they couldn't of done that cos they hadn't
Harold (PS0LP) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1319] Oh no!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1320] got the
Harold (PS0LP) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1321] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1322] equipment and all that had they?
Harold (PS0LP) [1323] [...] and if he could find the [...] he wouldn't of [...] !
Martine (PS0LK) [1324] Kirby's is the [...] ?
Mike (PS0LL) [1325] So you'd have been running [...] ?
Harold (PS0LP) [1326] Aye.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1327] Yeah.
[1328] ... It's an old family firm
Mike (PS0LL) [1329] Oh aye!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1330] they're all out of it now.
Mike (PS0LL) [1331] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [...] [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1332] What happened in this smash up he was talking about?
Merielle (PS0LM) [1333] I was pregnant with Nicola, ooh it wasn't a smash as such, you know, it wasn't [...] serious thing.
[1334] ... I was pregnant with Nicola ... and it was that we wanted to change ... the car, what did we have, a Metropole at the
Harold (PS0LP) [1335] No, we'd just bought it.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1336] yes, I know that, but I'm just explaining how we come to be in Liverpool!
Harold (PS0LP) [1337] Yeah.
[1338] We'd go we been to [...] .
Merielle (PS0LM) [1339] We'd gone back for something for them to do something to it, it is the Metropolitan.
Harold (PS0LP) [1340] Oh yeah, it's the Metropole , for this ... er ... Zephyr.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1341] this white Zephyr, and we got it from Liverpool, Wayne's Drive in Liverpool, a big garage.
Harold (PS0LP) [1342] And, we had it [...] the one with the gear box.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1343] Yeah.
[1344] There's a big Ford dealer in Liverpool.
Harold (PS0LP) [1345] They would ... said what they would do ... well they did everything while we were there
Merielle (PS0LM) [1346] Yes.
Harold (PS0LP) [1347] and said [...] ... and they come back
Merielle (PS0LM) [1348] And he said
Harold (PS0LP) [1349] from Liverpool
Merielle (PS0LM) [1350] wait a bit, and they said ... so, they looked at it ... and said we'd have to take it back in a few days time for them to do, they couldn't do it there and then.
[1351] And, when we were driving back towards the tunnel, do you know Upper Parliament Street?
[1352] We were
Martine (PS0LK) [1353] No.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1354] you go right through the tunnel and this Queen's Drive was ... ooh, about a mile or two out of Liverpool [...] ... so to get back to the tunnel you come down Upper Parliament Street, I'll never forget to my dying day, and it was down hill ... and these traffic lights down the bottom should of been ... should of been, but they weren't operating, they were digging th
Harold (PS0LP) [1355] [...] they were digging the road [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1356] ooh, they weren't there alright, I thought they were just out of order cos it was road repairs ... and a policeman was supposed to be on duty ... because it was this great big wide Upper Parliament Street, and going across it, if I look at Liverpool [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1357] Was there, did you do Upper Parliament Street?
Merielle (PS0LM) [1358] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [1359] If you say it again I told you!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1360] [...] .
[1361] I don't know what the road that goes across it was, but another great big wide road running across it
Martine (PS0LK) [1362] Lower Parliament Street maybe?
Merielle (PS0LM) [1363] across it, Lower Parliament Street was the other side of the crossroads!
Martine (PS0LK) [1364] Was it?
Merielle (PS0LM) [1365] And, I was prattling on to your dad, saying ... when we claimed it back ... when we claimed it back ... we'll ... bring it early but
Harold (PS0LP) [1366] What you want [...] ?
Merielle (PS0LM) [1367] Oh, he's so ignorant!
[1368] I don't know want anything!
Harold (PS0LP) [1369] Well I've heard this story!
[1370] I was there when it happened!
Mike (PS0LL) [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1371] they wanted it early, I don't want anything!
Harold (PS0LP) [1372] Do you want crisps?
Merielle (PS0LM) [1373] Nothing!
Harold (PS0LP) [1374] Nothing?
[1375] Ooh, okay!
Martine (PS0LK) [1376] I'll have a ... wine thanks?
Harold (PS0LP) [1377] And [...] do you want
Martine (PS0LK) [1378] Medium white wine.
Harold (PS0LP) [1379] crisps?
Martine (PS0LK) [1380] Could I have some cheese and onion please?
Mike (PS0LL) [1381] Pint of Stella please?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [1382] Yeah?
[1383] Yeah?
Mike (PS0LL) [1384] A pint of Stella?
Merielle (PS0LM) [1385] Yeah.
Harold (PS0LP) [1386] No crisps?
Martine (PS0LK) [1387] you were going on about that
Merielle (PS0LM) [1388] they said
Martine (PS0LK) [1389] you're bringing back that car.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1390] when we send it back in a few days fitting, this job I says we'll want it early in the morning and you can have it in the afternoon, but we were going to spend the day in Liverpool, but you're dad said, I'm not being round all those shops all day, so I said ooh no!
[1391] And it was me, and I was due to have Nicola the next month, [...] at the beginning of May that the [...] ... and I said no, I said!
[1392] But what we'll do is take it there early in the morning, we'll get he back the bus back to Liverpool, we'll go to the pier head and we'll go on the ferry to New Brighton and there was me prattling all on at him ... and the next thing ... er, you di , we didn't know ... that, we thought we were on the main right of way street ... and ... your dad started to go across ... and I looked, your dad was driving, I was sitting beside him and coming towards us along this other road, which had the right of way but we didn't know was a little black mini, I was a ergh, ergh oh Harry, Harry!
[1393] Bashed your dad's side, the wing and we could see a policeman putting, it was pouring with rain and he was putting his er, big mac on and he should of been directing the traffic, he told us that, he come over to us and he was only young like [...] ... and he said, oh I'd just left, I was on duty here I'd just left to go and put my mac on!
[1394] Well that was no consolation to us was it!
[1395] So we swapped addresses with er, can't remember, it was a man ... middle-aged sort of man ... and er ... he then said ooh, well he said I ... still think that we were in the right in as much as if that policeman was supposed to have been directing traffic blah blah blah blah blah!
[1396] So, because we were in the A A he said you could have a ba , and we had to go to court, we had a summons for court, for careless driving, your dad ... and your dad said oh [...] ... so A A said you could have barrister, or our insurers said we could have a barrister ... our insurers, not the one with we're with now Norman , he was to do all the [...] , said we could have this barrister ... and it was at Liverpool Crown Court ... and, it wasn't till a , and I was alright we we just got a bit of a shock, you know, we could drive the home it was the wing and what not.
[1397] But, I can hear that bang now, you never forget a noise like that!
[1398] But, this was just a bang, sort of knocked
Mike (PS0LL) [1399] Ah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1400] it of ... the chap, he reckoned.
[1401] So, er Nicola was born and er ... the court ... either came up just before your dad had the [...] ... after Nicola was born, when she was a month old.
[1402] Now he might remember ... I think the court come ... just before ... the [...] after Nicola [...] , and the car was going to ... because I know we had to go on the train to Liverpool ... and er, I'd gotta give evidence as well, they made such a ... palaver!
[1403] And, when we were in the ... court ... sitting in the ... corridor waiting, ooh, some horrible types there even then!
[1404] This policeman was having to give evidence and he'd come to talk, oh I see you've had the baby, cos he was talking to me [...] it had happened ... I said, oh what did you have blah blah blah, blah blah blah, but the little devil went in the witness box, he ... denied about not being there on duty about ... putting his mac on, ooh and [...] he'd never clapped eyes on barrister ... or a solicitor and they said he'll meet you before the case, so we had to go extra early meet this barrister ... and he never came [...] and so they took us in this little room in all his wig and his gown, we got, oh what happened?
[1405] What happened?
[1406] Yeah, and we explained and said that I was pregnant at the time and we said about the policeman, oh no trouble!
[1407] No trouble!
[1408] But, [...] the lot, you're dad still got fined!
[1409] I took, it [laughing] was nine pound [] we thought, lot of money in those days for careless driving!
Martine (PS0LK) [1410] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1411] Yeah.
[1412] So we never forgot that.
Martine (PS0LK) [1413] Mm.
Mike (PS0LL) [1414] Yeah, I I [...]
Harold (PS0LP) [1415] [...] on the old [...] .
Merielle (PS0LM) [1416] So, needless to say I don't like them, but I'll show you on the A to Z where Upper Parliament Street is.
Martine (PS0LK) [1417] Mum.
Mike (PS0LL) [1418] Not Upper Parliament
Merielle (PS0LM) [1419] And we will see.
Mike (PS0LL) [1420] [...] ?
Harold (PS0LP) [1421] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1422] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1423] You're being
Martine (PS0LK) [1424] Excuse me!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1425] funny are now?
[1426] Well don't worry.
Martine (PS0LK) [1427] [...] actually, but I said I wasn't really interested, yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1428] I'm gonna look, I doubt that cos I want to know
Martine (PS0LK) [1429] I've seen it on the map, I know!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1430] where the other one is.
Martine (PS0LK) [1431] Er
Merielle (PS0LM) [1432] It's not [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1433] How did T V [...] work go?
Mike (PS0LL) [1434] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1435] Well, he'll never know really will he?
Harold (PS0LP) [1436] No, [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1437] Don't know really.
Martine (PS0LK) [1438] What is it?
Merielle (PS0LM) [1439] We didn't force it, said they'll
Mike (PS0LL) [1440] How many time
Merielle (PS0LM) [1441] probably let you know.
[1442] No.
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1443] Mm.
Mike (PS0LL) [1444] The only time I remember her [...] , really was in [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1445] Yeah.
[1446] Pushing him!
Martine (PS0LK) [1447] Playing about.
Mike (PS0LL) [1448] [...] got stuck
Merielle (PS0LM) [1449] A man got stuck
Mike (PS0LL) [1450] In this car [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1451] Oh!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1452] in the [...] .
Harold (PS0LP) [1453] Shall I make a move, or shall we
Mike (PS0LL) [1454] No hang about!
Harold (PS0LP) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1455] We're gonna come back. [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1456] Yeah.
[1457] I always say it was that
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1458] because they say that
Mike (PS0LL) [1459] they blame [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1460] if can go away ... but then it can just strike you!
Martine (PS0LK) [1461] Mm.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1462] And then it gets in with a vengeance, when Nicola was a month old didn't it?
Harold (PS0LP) [1463] Yeah. [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1464] So how long were you layed in?
Merielle (PS0LM) [1465] And he was just [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1466] Were you in hospital for all
Merielle (PS0LM) [1467] For a month.
Martine (PS0LK) [1468] that time?
Merielle (PS0LM) [1469] No.
[1470] I told ... you had to lie on a board
Mike (PS0LL) [1471] Like [...] ?
Merielle (PS0LM) [1472] Yeah.
[1473] You had to lie on a board, his doctor said, oh it's lumbago ... which, all the signs are the same, where that pain goes all down your leg effecting the [...] or mia , sciatica ... and have to lie on a board, and we were in the prefab then ... and you actually er ... not, like some people put the board ... are you interested?
Martine (PS0LK) [1474] Yes.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1475] [...] , and you're looking everywhere!
Martine (PS0LK) [1476] some people put the board under the mattress and dad had it on top!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1477] Well your dad had it on top!
[1478] Didn't used to really [...] , ooh it must of been murder for him when you think!
[1479] I mean,yo , he even decided to grow a beard, for one thing ... he couldn't be bothered shaving, did you remember?
[1480] [laughing] And you had that [...] [] !
Mike (PS0LL) [1481] No, beard will have to go!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1482] Yes.
[1483] I know he said he looked
Mike (PS0LL) [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1484] really lovely with it!
[1485] It was very dark indeed
Martine (PS0LK) [1486] I
Merielle (PS0LM) [1487] I must say.
Martine (PS0LK) [1488] I think we've got a picture?
Merielle (PS0LM) [1489] No.

5 (Tape 030903)

Merielle (PS0LM) [1490] Did you ever know that?
[1491] On the line, there's them panel [...] people on there?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1492] And that's when I had the accident on the [...] .
Mike (PS0LL) [1493] [...] , I was gonna tell
Merielle (PS0LM) [1494] [...] they had to leave him there ... in hospital.
Harold (PS0LP) [1495] Have you li ... I was listening to the ... wireless this afternoon
Merielle (PS0LM) [1496] Mhm.
Harold (PS0LP) [1497] and it was on about this erm ... place in France ... [...] , isn't that where one of them lived?
Martine (PS0LK) [1498] No, it was nearby there wasn't it?
Mike (PS0LL) [1499] There was big football team from Saletiendi
Martine (PS0LK) [1500] So
Harold (PS0LP) [1501] Etien no ... wouldn't, doesn't
Martine (PS0LK) [1502] It was near to er where Gigi was I think.
Harold (PS0LP) [1503] Oh the one
Merielle (PS0LM) [1504] No, the other one
Harold (PS0LP) [1505] wouldn't of thought
Merielle (PS0LM) [1506] I thought, near [...]
Harold (PS0LP) [1507] I thought it was
Merielle (PS0LM) [1508] Anyes [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [1509] Yeah, could of been if there'd been any ... Romans ... in Italy.
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1510] I know.
Mike (PS0LL) [1511] Should of got the extra ladder.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1512] Even er, Lanyon isn't on is it?
Mike (PS0LL) [laugh]
Harold (PS0LP) [1513] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [1514] Well it's not that much detail is it?
Merielle (PS0LM) [1515] No.
[1516] Where was that place they took you on er
Harold (PS0LP) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1517] We could do with a lot more [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [...] [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1518] Ponsonshow
Merielle (PS0LM) [1519] Brest, is Brest on?
[1520] Gigi took you to Brest.
Martine (PS0LK) [1521] Yeah I know.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1522] There you are.
Mike (PS0LL) [1523] Christ, so what, I can't think of it!
None (PS0LN) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [1524] Primaletta
Merielle (PS0LM) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [1525] Oh dear!
[1526] ... Jan's mum won er ... midi hi-fi system!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1527] Oh, when?
Martine (PS0LK) [1528] In a raffle thing the other night.
[1529] Alan, Jan's friend was singing ... and so was her brother.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1530] Oh, I didn't know they did other things!
[1531] Is he good at that?
Martine (PS0LK) [1532] Yeah, I think he's got a good voice yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1533] Yeah , do they sing together or not?
Martine (PS0LK) [1534] No.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1535] So where was it, a club or ... pub?
Martine (PS0LK) [1536] The White Swan in Ellesmere Port, she'd asked me
Merielle (PS0LM) [1537] Oh yes.
Martine (PS0LK) [1538] to go.
[1539] You want, you know, so I definitely wanted to go, we were very
Merielle (PS0LM) [1540] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [1541] welcome and, I was tempted to go, I mean ... Mike wasn't all that bothered.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1542] [...] was he?
[1543] Well you've been to a singing one.
Martine (PS0LK) [1544] Yeah, Thursday nights ... and, it wasn't that local, it's a horrible man anyway!
Mike (PS0LL) [1545] Who's a horrible man?
Merielle (PS0LM) [1546] Yeah!
[1547] Cor!
Mike (PS0LL) [1548] Once I get in from work, I'm knackered!
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1549] Unless you see one ... local or
Mike (PS0LL) [1550] If it had been a summer night [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1551] That's it, let's stay.
Mike (PS0LL) [1552] [...] could of been tempted.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1553] Be different, you don't mind a little run do
Mike (PS0LL) [1554] Well.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1555] you?
Mike (PS0LL) [1556] That was
Merielle (PS0LM) [1557] No, I know you've gotta up
Mike (PS0LL) [1558] just a bad thing to do innit?
Merielle (PS0LM) [1559] early, like the next morning.
[1560] No, [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [1561] [yawn] So er ... we didn't bother [] !
[1562] And er, she was saying ... [...] !
[1563] Yeah!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1564] They must have sold a lot of tickets [...] .
[1565] Was it for a charity?
Martine (PS0LK) [1566] Yes, I think so.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1567] Was her brother to do it, Jan, he does a bit of [...] really [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [1568] Yeah, he does a lot of charity work.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1569] Oh, yes totally.
Martine (PS0LK) [1570] Yeah, good luck to them!
[1571] Anyway, they had a good time out.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1572] Did they?
Martine (PS0LK) [1573] And anyway, you'd come hadn't you?
[1574] Not that we knew you were coming but
Merielle (PS0LM) [1575] Oh yeah!
Martine (PS0LK) [1576] it was Thursday night you'd come.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1577] That's it , yeah.
[1578] But anyway erm ... erm ... Laura, isn't it, [...] ?
Mike (PS0LL) [1579] No, he's a bit rough!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1580] Oh ho
Mike (PS0LL) [1581] Cos he [...] !
Merielle (PS0LM) [1582] no, and any case I just remembered Nicola's was only hundred and sixty.
Martine (PS0LK) [1583] Mm.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1584] So ... but it was, oh it was nice drive [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1585] Oh aye!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1586] where can you get one, fifty or sixty surely not?
Mike (PS0LL) [1587] Well , no you can, aye!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1588] You?
Mike (PS0LL) [1589] Yeah!
Martine (PS0LK) [1590] May not be a very good make but
Merielle (PS0LM) [1591] No.
Mike (PS0LL) [1592] Oh, you can buy a cheap ones with a just a tape on without the
Merielle (PS0LM) [1593] Can you?
Martine (PS0LK) [1594] Record [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1595] and record player
Martine (PS0LK) [1596] Don't have to have a C D on them
Merielle (PS0LM) [1597] Anyway, [...] she said
Martine (PS0LK) [1598] to be a midi thingey
Merielle (PS0LM) [1599] Oh no!
[1600] Well Nicola's
Martine (PS0LK) [1601] I don't know what it had on it.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1602] hasn't got the C D anyway.
Martine (PS0LK) [1603] Our Jan's getting fought over at the moment.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1604] Why, was that Birkenhead thing that she'd had the nark with Mike was it spontaneous?
Martine (PS0LK) [1605] I don't know.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1606] Oh you never did ask her.
Mike (PS0LL) [1607] Ooh aye , what them bloody cars [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1608] Well what somebody there who's fighting over her
Mike (PS0LL) [1609] they were in er
Merielle (PS0LM) [1610] then, no?
Martine (PS0LK) [1611] No.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1612] Oh!
Martine (PS0LK) [1613] No, I don't know what that
Mike (PS0LL) [1614] Is it Southern Spain
Martine (PS0LK) [1615] connection is.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1616] Oh!
Mike (PS0LL) [1617] the Spanish police and er
Martine (PS0LK) [1618] I thought she'd [...] and just wasn't telling me but anyway
Mike (PS0LL) [1619] insurance investigators in Britain.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1620] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [1621] she didn't.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1622] Serve you right, you should
Mike (PS0LL) [1623] pa
Merielle (PS0LM) [1624] have asked her there and then!
Mike (PS0LL) [1625] is a like
Merielle (PS0LM) [1626] Anyway, go on, what's happened?
Mike (PS0LL) [1627] on the main road
Merielle (PS0LM) [1628] Oh she'd got her [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1629] and anything with a foreign number plate they were
Martine (PS0LK) [1630] Yeah
Mike (PS0LL) [1631] pulling over
Martine (PS0LK) [1632] she had a bit of fling
Mike (PS0LL) [1633] especially the British ones
Martine (PS0LK) [1634] with this woman Sandra, she [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1635] and erm
Merielle (PS0LM) [1636] Has Sandra got a child?
Mike (PS0LL) [1637] They were just stopping
Martine (PS0LK) [1638] No.
Mike (PS0LL) [1639] them and just
Merielle (PS0LM) [1640] Oh.
Mike (PS0LL) [1641] taking the details [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1642] chassis numbers and engine numbers and everything
Martine (PS0LK) [1643] Oh somebody [...] with that [...] parking on the drive
Mike (PS0LL) [1644] and er
Merielle (PS0LM) [1645] she is the one like [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1646] insurance etcetera ... and i , investigator whatever he was!
Martine (PS0LK) [1647] Half [...] that's the food shop
Merielle (PS0LM) [1648] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1649] And he's calling the D V L C in Swansea
Martine (PS0LK) [1650] Oh very few [...] .
Mike (PS0LL) [1651] they normally just
Merielle (PS0LM) [1652] [...] no, [...] remember like that
Mike (PS0LL) [1653] and this woman was in her
Merielle (PS0LM) [1654] as far it goes.
Mike (PS0LL) [1655] a little O Opel
Martine (PS0LK) [1656] No, she met [...] on Thursday
Mike (PS0LL) [1657] whatever it was.
Martine (PS0LK) [1658] for long.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1659] Mm.
Mike (PS0LL) [1660] Little maroon Opel, B registration
Martine (PS0LK) [1661] [...] she's ... older than Jan I think
Mike (PS0LL) [1662] So I took all the
Merielle (PS0LM) [1663] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [1664] the particulars, he'd get on his mobile phone [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1665] I am actually [...] .
Merielle (PS0LM) [1666] But you've never met her?
Mike (PS0LL) [1667] and erm
Martine (PS0LK) [1668] No.
Mike (PS0LL) [1669] oh it was er
Martine (PS0LK) [1670] and erm and she used to lived in [...] , she doesn't wanna come via it.
Mike (PS0LL) [1671] [...] whatever it is, oh yes that's er
Merielle (PS0LM) [1672] Oh!
Mike (PS0LL) [1673] He goes back and he says I've got some very bad news for you
Martine (PS0LK) [1674] and I can't remember what, the last time we were seeing each other it
Mike (PS0LL) [1675] Oh!
Martine (PS0LK) [1676] all ended in tears, and I can't remember why
Mike (PS0LL) [1677] well, this Opel isn't an Opel!
[1678] Well what is it?
Martine (PS0LK) [1679] But erm ... she did the dirty on Jan!
Mike (PS0LL) [1680] It's a Vauxhall Nova.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1681] Was she ever re-married
Mike (PS0LL) [1682] You're kidding?
Merielle (PS0LM) [1683] or you don't [...] ?
Mike (PS0LL) [1684] No er
Martine (PS0LK) [1685] I don't know.
Mike (PS0LL) [1686] it's a silver Vauxhall Nova.
Martine (PS0LK) [1687] But anyway I've [...] and ten o'clock Jan was [...] .
Mike (PS0LL) [1688] they bloody changed it all about so that the,O , little Opel, was a Vauxhall Nova!
Martine (PS0LK) [1689] she has seen her, Sandra once in the club
Mike (PS0LL) [1690] Erm, so what happens now?
Merielle (PS0LM) [1691] I think.
Mike (PS0LL) [1692] Oh erm
Merielle (PS0LM) [1693] Yes.
Mike (PS0LL) [1694] the police are typing
Merielle (PS0LM) [1695] Where is it?
Mike (PS0LL) [1696] a thing up they'll have to confiscate the car!
Martine (PS0LK) [1697] [...] so her results [...] .
Mike (PS0LL) [1698] Been
Merielle (PS0LM) [1699] Oh!
Mike (PS0LL) [1700] stolen!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1701] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [1702] And
Merielle (PS0LM) [1703] For Mick, for Mick as well.
Martine (PS0LK) [1704] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [1705] And they had that and a
Martine (PS0LK) [1706] And Sandra has gone live with Jackie.
Mike (PS0LL) [1707] Toyota Celica, black
Harold (PS0LP) [...] [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Harold (PS0LP) [1708] Were they on holiday?
Mike (PS0LL) [1709] No, she was living out there.
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1710] she had a
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Harold (PS0LP) [1711] Oh I see!
Mike (PS0LL) [1712] House out there.
Martine (PS0LK) [1713] [...] just bumped into each other
Mike (PS0LL) [1714] So it's
Martine (PS0LK) [1715] by purpose
Mike (PS0LL) [1716] she had [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1717] Yeah
Martine (PS0LK) [1718] and went to [...] with her pal
Mike (PS0LL) [1719] and er
Martine (PS0LK) [1720] he was gonna ... thump her.
Mike (PS0LL) [1721] it was just ... they had a big warehouse
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1722] just full of bloody cars that had been confiscated!
Martine (PS0LK) [1723] [yawn] I think Jan wants to [...] []
Mike (PS0LL) [1724] There's was thousands of cars, cars that were stuck in there.
Martine (PS0LK) [1725] and she was like fighting [...] !
Mike (PS0LL) [1726] Some little cars ... there was Range Rovers
Martine (PS0LK) [1727] running round to the [...]
Harold (PS0LP) [1728] Was
Mike (PS0LL) [1729] everything!
Martine (PS0LK) [1730] when Sandra's mum got
Harold (PS0LP) [1731] When they've got them
Martine (PS0LK) [1732] and so oh you really rocked the boat
Harold (PS0LP) [1733] What do they do with them?
Martine (PS0LK) [1734] she said and, I didn't realise
Mike (PS0LL) [1735] They didn't say, they didn't go into it.
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Harold (PS0LP) [1736] Well [...] sell them.
Mike (PS0LL) [1737] Aye.
Martine (PS0LK) [1738] you know like, I love you
Harold (PS0LP) [1739] You know they don't sell do they?
Merielle (PS0LM) [1740] Oh!
Harold (PS0LP) [1741] So the ... [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1742] Erm, she just knew
Mike (PS0LL) [1743] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [1744] she just bought it [...] somewhere and er
Mike (PS0LL) [1745] They can't claim money for these.
[1746] That woman I said about that had the
Martine (PS0LK) [1747] and er
Mike (PS0LL) [1748] she was in an Orion but the front end of it was a ... Escort
Martine (PS0LK) [1749] she said I've got my life sorted out , settled into my new home
Mike (PS0LL) [1750] the escort that it be
Martine (PS0LK) [1751] and er
Mike (PS0LL) [1752] it belonged to the i , the numbers
Martine (PS0LK) [1753] I wanna see you all this.
[1754] Can you meet me on Monday
Mike (PS0LL) [1755] So the chassis number engine number ... for this Escort
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1756] and they
Merielle (PS0LM) [1757] Oh!
Mike (PS0LL) [1758] chased the feller and he phoned him up ... and he said ooh my
Martine (PS0LK) [1759] Oh well
Mike (PS0LL) [1760] car's still parked on the drive outside!
Martine (PS0LK) [1761] I think Jan [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1762] So they were investigating him then!
[1763] Cos his car was still in the ... drive outside.
Martine (PS0LK) [1764] All this [...] .
Mike (PS0LL) [1765] Well bloody [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1766] Oh!
Mike (PS0LL) [1767] But they do it the other way as well.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1768] She's gonna lease it int she?
Martine (PS0LK) [1769] Oh yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1770] [yawn] You'll give it [...] in
Mike (PS0LL) [1771] It
Merielle (PS0LM) [1772] the car.
Martine (PS0LK) [1773] Oh, I said well I don't know.
Mike (PS0LL) [1774] He pinched a car in Italy ... this is a Ferrari
Martine (PS0LK) [1775] she said er
Mike (PS0LL) [1776] Testarossa
Martine (PS0LK) [1777] can we have wo , can I word
Mike (PS0LL) [1778] it was worth
Martine (PS0LK) [1779] Mr [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1780] hundred thousand pound in Britain
Harold (PS0LP) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1781] it was
Martine (PS0LK) [1782] so I knew it'd be something like that
Mike (PS0LL) [1783] it had been shaped
Martine (PS0LK) [1784] she said
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [1785] And they paid
Merielle (PS0LM) [1786] up to them?
Martine (PS0LK) [1787] No, so she told me that
Mike (PS0LL) [1788] it was on a car park at Heathrow Airport
Martine (PS0LK) [1789] So erm
Merielle (PS0LM) [1790] Why, do you think she wanted to make a point of [...] she might have at work for
Mike (PS0LL) [1791] and it had all the paperwork with it, it was gonna be shipped to Singapore.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1792] these [...] ?
Martine (PS0LK) [1793] Because she didn't want go [...] she didn't know what hell
Mike (PS0LL) [1794] Well the same car in Singapore was worth two hundred thousand pound
Merielle (PS0LM) [1795] Ah!
Martine (PS0LK) [1796] to do and this Sandra was gonna ring [...] in the afternoon, well she wanted to
Mike (PS0LL) [1797] cos there's such a long waiting list,tha that's the value of it out there
Martine (PS0LK) [1798] get her out
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1799] it makes you laugh!
Mike (PS0LL) [1800] so they they pinched it and got a buyer out there!
Martine (PS0LK) [1801] And she's gotta [...] I've said to her, listen my opinion may be biased.
Mike (PS0LL) [1802] and they caught him, you know, mid-way type of thing.
Martine (PS0LK) [1803] I don't
Merielle (PS0LM) [1804] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [1805] think I'm being
Mike (PS0LL) [1806] So th
Martine (PS0LK) [1807] much help, she says oh no, you are
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1808] you are!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1809] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1810] I dunno.
Martine (PS0LK) [1811] And I'd like to you to hear your side of
Merielle (PS0LM) [1812] Ye ye yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [1813] things ... so erm, I knew it was something, anyway so she said all this, I said right well ... I said I'll tell you now I said you know ... I'm biased ... because
Merielle (PS0LM) [1814] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [1815] I said I can't ... I don't like so
Merielle (PS0LM) [1816] No.
Martine (PS0LK) [1817] and erm ... she said, oh no I realise that.
[1818] I said, well the important thing is Jan if you are like this ... you obviously didn't like, there's no way I'm going to meet her ... you're obviously thinking it over I said so the first thing you've gotta do is turn up on Monday and meet her ... cos erm, then well you'll know.
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1819] And erm ... I said, you say to me things like you don't wanna be alone by yourself
Merielle (PS0LM) [1820] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [1821] and sometimes [...] [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1822] Yeah!
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1823] Course, yeah!
Martine (PS0LK) [1824] and er ... I said you've al ... also told me that Sue said there's no way she's going out with him on the ... at forty ... I said that's only two years away.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1825] Oh, she said that oh it doesn't matter!
Martine (PS0LK) [1826] I said I don't believe that!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1827] No, I know but she said it er
Martine (PS0LK) [1828] but I mean to even think of it , you know, is not very nice!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1829] Shows how wicked she
Martine (PS0LK) [1830] Erm
Merielle (PS0LM) [1831] is.
Martine (PS0LK) [1832] I said you know what she's been like with this young girl at college you thought
Merielle (PS0LM) [1833] Yes!
Martine (PS0LK) [1834] there was something going on, whether or not there was, I don't know ... I said she couldn't [...] in a couple of years time, she said I dunno, she says she's only twenty six
Merielle (PS0LM) [1835] Oh is she?
Martine (PS0LK) [1836] said it wouldn't make any difference to her ... you know ... whether
Merielle (PS0LM) [1837] No.
Martine (PS0LK) [1838] it was a relationship with a feller!
[1839] She might wanna ... go off and do her own thing ... so erm ... I said you just think on, I said, this woman ... has got her own house and everything, she's got
Merielle (PS0LM) [1840] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [1841] no hassle ... like
Merielle (PS0LM) [1842] No.
Martine (PS0LK) [1843] er ... like Sue's family.
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1844] Jan can't go round there
Merielle (PS0LM) [1845] so
Martine (PS0LK) [1846] now
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1847] and she has to park down the road!
None (PS0LN) [1848] [laughing] Ridiculous [...] my watch [] !
Martine (PS0LK) [1849] [laughing] I don't know what they're showing [] !
[1850] Two hairs past a freckle we used to say in work ... er, school!
[1851] Can I have a swine please?
Mike (PS0LL) [1852] Yeah.
[1853] Do you wanna ... lager ... bitter
Merielle (PS0LM) [1854] No
Mike (PS0LL) [1855] lemon?
Merielle (PS0LM) [1856] nothing at all thank you Michael.
Harold (PS0LP) [1857] Put a ... drop of lemonade in er ... bitter please?
Mike (PS0LL) [1858] Right.
[1859] What crisps do you want?
Martine (PS0LK) [1860] Erm, I'll have two bags of crisps and a bag of nuts please?
[1861] [laugh] ... No, thank you I'll have my supper when I get home.
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1862] Five loads of bacon butties.
[1863] So, I said this I said erm ... I said ... oh Jan says something all I'm ... I've known what Sandra can be like, you know ... erm ... you know well I was with her for three
Merielle (PS0LM) [1864] I don't think she means that.
Martine (PS0LK) [1865] weeks.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1866] Yes.
Martine (PS0LK) [1867] Well, because she did the dirty on her in Lancaster, I can't remember what it was.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1868] Yeah, oh I see what she's means, yeah.
[1869] No but er
None (PS0LN) [1870] Got plenty of stick [...] .
Merielle (PS0LM) [1871] Did you those girls
Martine (PS0LK) [1872] Oh!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1873] sending their mail ... to erm ... Body Shop ... er, they'd been grooming their nails [...] because they've heard that the Body shops, in the paper the other day ... erm ... are paying ten pounds per nail if your nail's an inch long, you know, so you cut this talon off if it's an inch long ... and they had loads and loads of them sent in envelopes ... or people just ringing up and asking can we send our nail, ten pound a nail ... and they said, where the rumour started from ... these people had heard that because they don't do erm ... experiments on animals any more ... they're using nails to do experiments, the nail polish and that [...]
None (PS0LN) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1874] well I was saying ... for experiments and that, don't you [...] thing, just listen to what I'm telling you was in the paper!
[1875] And er, so they sa ... put an announcement in the paper to say ... don't keep sending these nails to us cos they go straight in the bin, we've got no use for them!
[1876] They don't know where it's come from, they have never have done and they never will.
Harold (PS0LP) [1877] Well we we [...] , you know if you cut your nail you cut the top off, even if it's
Merielle (PS0LM) [1878] Yeah.
Harold (PS0LP) [1879] that long it's like that.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1880] it's [...] ... for this ... it's not
Harold (PS0LP) [1881] Mm.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1882] it doesn't have to be a
Martine (PS0LK) [1883] Doesn't matter.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1884] whole nail to do experiments!
[1885] You don't [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1886] It doesn't have to be a nice shape it's just that so that if the nail polish doesn't
Merielle (PS0LM) [1887] Course it doesn't, [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1888] your nail or anything I suppose.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1889] [sighing] Oh [] !
[1890] Christ you are thick!
Martine (PS0LK) [1891] So anyway, she said oh yeah, so I know what Sandra can be like and I've been with her
Merielle (PS0LM) [1892] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [1893] for three weeks!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1894] Oh!
Martine (PS0LK) [1895] And I said yes, I said you know what Sue can be like, you've been with her for twelve months and you're daft enough
Merielle (PS0LM) [1896] That's bloody true!
Martine (PS0LK) [1897] to still be there!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1898] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [1899] Because she ... you know, she comes in with
Merielle (PS0LM) [1900] Yeah!
Martine (PS0LK) [1901] all these sob sob stories and she's still with her!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1902] Oh!
Martine (PS0LK) [1903] So I said, you go and I said, don't be as biased as I am I said ... don't go there thinking oh there's no way ... you know she's ... I'm better off with Sue and all that because I said you don't know ... I said you
Merielle (PS0LM) [1904] Course she doesn't!
Martine (PS0LK) [1905] give her the benefit of the doubt and give her a fair chance.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1906] Mm.
[1907] So did she say she's made her mind up?
Martine (PS0LK) [1908] She said yes she said
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1909] you're right.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1910] And did she ring?
Martine (PS0LK) [1911] Yeah, she's meeting her up the Tavern.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1912] Where's the Tavern?
Martine (PS0LK) [1913] In the dip at our [...] by the
Merielle (PS0LM) [1914] Oh!
Martine (PS0LK) [1915] traffic lights.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1916] In the daytime for lunch?
Martine (PS0LK) [1917] No, cos Sandra's got a little puppy ... she said oh I'd like you to come and see the cottage ... and er ... my puppy.
[1918] [laughing] Do you wanna come and see some puppy [] !
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1919] Good, come and see my puppy little girl!
Martine (PS0LK) [1920] I said to her, you know what I'm with ... animals
Merielle (PS0LM) [1921] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [1922] and that, I said ... go to the Tavern I said ... doesn't matter whether you see the cottage ... take the little puppy for a walk.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1923] Oh!
[1924] God!
Martine (PS0LK) [1925] Said it'll have been in all day.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1926] Oh gosh!
Martine (PS0LK) [1927] So er ... I mean I think she'd be more suited to somebody
Merielle (PS0LM) [1928] Sue.
Martine (PS0LK) [1929] like that
Merielle (PS0LM) [1930] Well I'd have thought she did.
Martine (PS0LK) [1931] erm ... than this ... damn
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1932] yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1933] What about er ... and is she gonna fit the cottage in as well when she meets her on
Martine (PS0LK) [1934] No, don't know about that [...] .
Merielle (PS0LM) [1935] Another time [...] perhaps?
[1936] I mean, [...] he's also from ... Ellesmere Port anyway.
Martine (PS0LK) [1937] What was that?
Mike (PS0LL) [yawn]
Martine (PS0LK) [1938] But I said just go and give her a fair chance ... and I
Merielle (PS0LM) [1939] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [1940] said ... and er
Mike (PS0LL) [1941] Aye!
Martine (PS0LK) [1942] I said if yo ... if you think ... you know that you might be able to build a relationship ... I said then er ... you know, tell her so ... I said and don't try and ... run the both of them at the same time I said
Merielle (PS0LM) [1943] No.
Martine (PS0LK) [1944] or it will end tears!
[1945] As we were clearing up he said oh good God whatever did I see in her!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1946] Yes.
Martine (PS0LK) [1947] I said well only you'll know.
Mike (PS0LL) [1948] Or whether you scared him after to death!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1949] Well play it by ear that's right.
Mike (PS0LL) [1950] That's it.
Martine (PS0LK) [1951] I said then all you have to do is tell her how much she hurt you the last time
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1952] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [1953] but that you have
Mike (PS0LL) [1954] [...] goal
Martine (PS0LK) [1955] forgiven her ... but don't
Merielle (PS0LM) [1956] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [1957] bear any grudge against her, but you don't want her
Mike (PS0LL) [1958] He wouldn't care would he?
[1959] He used to do the same everyone else!
Martine (PS0LK) [1960] her ringing you or, or doing anything and that's it, and then you've been straight with her, you're not
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1961] stringing her along.
Mike (PS0LL) [1962] Well you wouldn't would you?
Martine (PS0LK) [1963] I said, but if there is any doubt in the back of your
Mike (PS0LL) [1964] You can!
Martine (PS0LK) [1965] mind
Mike (PS0LL) [1966] Bugger them!
Martine (PS0LK) [1967] do you think that you
Mike (PS0LL) [1968] I would!
Martine (PS0LK) [1969] could have a relationship with her.
Harold (PS0LP) [1970] No, no, no, no!
Martine (PS0LK) [1971] I said then you've gotta ... make that claim.
None (PS0LN) [1972] Yeah yeah, there's obviously
Merielle (PS0LM) [1973] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [1974] and er
None (PS0LN) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1975] you've gotta get rid of Sue, but I'd miss Linda!
Mike (PS0LL) [1976] And you put twenty [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [1977] Yeah, for a little while .
Martine (PS0LK) [1978] And she wouldn't play
Merielle (PS0LM) [1979] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [1980] And she wouldn't play in goal for us any more!
None (PS0LN) [1981] It depends on what, how you'd done them ... cos how much would you get done?
Martine (PS0LK) [1982] I said, listen!
Mike (PS0LL) [1983] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [1984] I said in five years
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1985] time ... when you're forty five
Mike (PS0LL) [1986] Win a few [...] .
Merielle (PS0LM) [1987] Aye!
Martine (PS0LK) [1988] er in seven years
Harold (PS0LP) [1989] Didn't get much [...] ... [laughing] look [] !
[1990] And they start saying they would do it to people now.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1991] And seeing her
Martine (PS0LK) [1992] [...] yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [1993] she was ye er aye
Martine (PS0LK) [1994] when you're forty five
Mike (PS0LL) [1995] Oh yeah!
Merielle (PS0LM) [1996] she won't be ... any use to [...] anyway!
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [1997] And you are just completely
Harold (PS0LP) [1998] What, oh aye no.
Martine (PS0LK) [1999] miserable!
Harold (PS0LP) [2000] I mean it could of been a lot been worse than this!
Martine (PS0LK) [2001] because you haven't got any one!
Mike (PS0LL) [2002] Aye, there's one in bloody [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2003] Yeah, but will it give you [...] satisfaction to leave
Harold (PS0LP) [2004] Did er, if I go to this place
Martine (PS0LK) [2005] to leave [...] instead of me?
Harold (PS0LP) [2006] on the the
Martine (PS0LK) [2007] Well ... at least it kept the hockey going so can [...] and see clearer now.
Harold (PS0LP) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2008] So what are they gonna think?
[2009] I said, alright so they
Harold (PS0LP) [2010] Couldn't see how they do it all, [...] and that's it.
Martine (PS0LK) [2011] cos what she said is if she
Harold (PS0LP) [2012] That doesn't bother me.
Martine (PS0LK) [2013] finishes this
Mike (PS0LL) [2014] No, no.
Martine (PS0LK) [2015] er game
Harold (PS0LP) [2016] Erm ... cos sh sh
Martine (PS0LK) [2017] she won't play hockey for them so all the hockey girls
Harold (PS0LP) [2018] what used to bother me at one point [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2019] will turn against
Harold (PS0LP) [2020] but
Martine (PS0LK) [2021] her.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2022] That's alright!
Harold (PS0LP) [2023] if I went into it Bob
Martine (PS0LK) [2024] No, I said, and do you think, how
Harold (PS0LP) [2025] a
Martine (PS0LK) [2026] long do you think they'll
Harold (PS0LP) [2027] a week that's all.
Martine (PS0LK) [2028] remember that?
[2029] Said, alright, I said the first week said the first week I said, then it'll
Harold (PS0LP) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2030] all blow over and in fact
Merielle (PS0LM) [2031] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2032] none of even bothered at all.
[2033] I said, but if you're willing to sacrifice ... to keep all them lot happy I said and you'd call most
Harold (PS0LP) [2034] but from their point of view
Martine (PS0LK) [2035] of them black a lot of the time!
Harold (PS0LP) [2036] erm
Merielle (PS0LM) [2037] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2038] They're none of your [...]
None (PS0LN) [2039] Yeah, but we [...] I mean
Mike (PS0LL) [2040] Mm.
None (PS0LN) [2041] because
Martine (PS0LK) [2042] I said and finding this out when you're by yourself
None (PS0LN) [2043] what they were go trying to tell me was
Martine (PS0LK) [2044] it's not gonna give you any ... pleasure to say, oh well at least all the girls are alright.
None (PS0LN) [2045] Yeah but [...] and, you know we're talking
Martine (PS0LK) [2046] I said you're gonna be by yourself I said, for God's sake start thinking of yourself!
None (PS0LN) [2047] my height, I didn't even look at it that way er, he used to [...] [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2048] Well they're all [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2049] [...] Yeah, they are aren't they?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2050] So
Martine (PS0LK) [2051] I said it's about time you started looking after yourself and not bothering about [...] !
Harold (PS0LP) [2052] Well problem is they can't win can they? [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2053] Oh!
[2054] No, you couldn't, she ... they're all, they know it's Jenny's asthma.
Martine (PS0LK) [2055] She's too nice you know, she's tries
Merielle (PS0LM) [2056] Yeah!
Martine (PS0LK) [2057] to be nice to everyone.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2058] She does.
[2059] I was ... it was asthma wasn't it?
Martine (PS0LK) [2060] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2061] Shirley?
Martine (PS0LK) [2062] Not too bad.
[2063] She's on one of these inhaler
Merielle (PS0LM) [2064] Oh
Martine (PS0LK) [2065] things
Merielle (PS0LM) [2066] [...] they got to?
Martine (PS0LK) [2067] These little kids on them aren't they?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2068] All the time!
Martine (PS0LK) [2069] You know there must
Mike (PS0LL) [2070] It was on telly about them weren't it?
[2071] They reckon they're gonna find a cure for that.
Martine (PS0LK) [2072] there must have always been asthma.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2073] Oh aye I saw that!
[2074] Yes, well I hope they do anyway cos I think it
Martine (PS0LK) [2075] Mustn't there?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2076] must be awful!
Martine (PS0LK) [2077] There must have always been asthma ... whether it's
Merielle (PS0LM) [2078] Oh yeah!
Martine (PS0LK) [2079] whether it's got worse with amount of
Mike (PS0LL) [2080] No, but people have died through it through le ... ye years
Merielle (PS0LM) [2081] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [2082] we we
Merielle (PS0LM) [2083] Oh yeah!
Mike (PS0LL) [2084] You know and they'll through
Harold (PS0LP) [2085] [...] ol old lady across the road ... er
Merielle (PS0LM) [2086] From you?
Harold (PS0LP) [2087] from [...] Home and she ... she died and er, that wasn't spoke of.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2088] Yeah.
Harold (PS0LP) [2089] Cos she'd had a
Merielle (PS0LM) [2090] Oh yeah!
Martine (PS0LK) [2091] What like, little kids!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2092] But these,th it's escalating with little children it's either
Harold (PS0LP) [2093] Mm.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2094] er
Martine (PS0LK) [2095] Dunno I'd say a fair [...] .
Merielle (PS0LM) [2096] the merest bit of bad chest they have doctors are either saying it's asthma or the mother is er, saying it's asthma and saying to the doctor can they have one of these or whatever
Martine (PS0LK) [2097] Yeah like little James.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2098] or it's
Mike (PS0LL) [2099] Mm.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2100] the pollution in the air or whatever
Martine (PS0LK) [2101] Mm.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2102] he didn't have to have one of these.
Mike (PS0LL) [2103] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2104] No, but every ... whenever ... his chest goes he's
Merielle (PS0LM) [2105] Aye yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2106] straight to the doctors and that isn't he?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2107] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2108] I suppose you would be wouldn't you?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2109] Oh yes, I can
Mike (PS0LL) [2110] Mm.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2111] understand that ... don't
Martine (PS0LK) [2112] erm
Merielle (PS0LM) [2113] get me wrong I'd be getting a bit
Martine (PS0LK) [2114] but I'm sure's he's gonna be like that.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2115] Yeah!
Martine (PS0LK) [2116] I'm sure it's because he's prone to that.
Mike (PS0LL) [2117] Well our Susan when she was small she was the same.
Martine (PS0LK) [2118] Was she?
Mike (PS0LL) [2119] She couldn't have er ... she couldn't have a feather pillow.
Martine (PS0LK) [2120] Good God!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2121] She was allergic.
Mike (PS0LL) [2122] They, they thought of everything, oh have you got a cat, you got a dog, you got this you got that?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2123] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [2124] And in the end it was a feather pillow.
Martine (PS0LK) [2125] Good God!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2126] yes!
Mike (PS0LL) [2127] But now she's alright, she had a feather of pillow for a couple of years ... it's like
Merielle (PS0LM) [2128] Yes.
Mike (PS0LL) [2129] a bloody [...] now!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2130] She had to
Martine (PS0LK) [laugh]
Mike (PS0LL) [2131] [...] !
Merielle (PS0LM) [2132] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2133] so, you know
Harold (PS0LP) [2134] She sleeps with ducks now!
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2135] Oh well you've got to laugh!
[2136] Cos it is that sort of thing isn't it?
[2137] Like hayfever and ... eczema and
Mike (PS0LL) [2138] Aye, well she had hayfever when she was small
Harold (PS0LP) [2139] Sometimes you're good
Mike (PS0LL) [2140] you know a couple a years and she's never had [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [2141] Honestly, when I [...] really really understood.
Harold (PS0LP) [2142] Well Nicola didn't use to have hayfever when she was at [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [2143] No, she got it
Merielle (PS0LM) [2144] Yeah but
Martine (PS0LK) [2145] she got it when she was doing her A levels didn't she?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2146] Yeah!
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2147] You know at
Merielle (PS0LM) [2148] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2149] the a [...] exams and that, that ... [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2150] Ooh you've seen me grow out of it now, what you
Harold (PS0LP) [2151] Well go on!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2152] talking about?
Martine (PS0LK) [2153] Well this thing on her hand.
Harold (PS0LP) [2154] Mole.
Martine (PS0LK) [2155] Oh she did grow out of
Merielle (PS0LM) [2156] [...] she has, [laughing] [...] for her [] !
Harold (PS0LP) [2157] No, she hasn't!
[2158] She was almost ... twelve months
Merielle (PS0LM) [2159] Oh no she was [...] !
Harold (PS0LP) [2160] twelve months ago?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2161] Yes, and twelve months
Harold (PS0LP) [2162] months.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2163] ago she slid up
Harold (PS0LP) [2164] Oh good!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2165] the way and she was in Manchester.
Martine (PS0LK) [2166] Erm
Harold (PS0LP) [2167] Was that thing on her ... hand er
Martine (PS0LK) [2168] That's like
Harold (PS0LP) [2169] Yeah, that's a [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2170] She said, she thinks there might be a little well did you see Mandy when I [...] tomorrow I just wanted for you to go
Martine (PS0LK) [2171] Didn't you ask?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2172] to the doctors, I forgot!
[2173] When I came off the phone.
Martine (PS0LK) [2174] I can't quite
Harold (PS0LP) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2175] understand the ... [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2176] I think she's right saying that er ... er watch that [...] off
Mike (PS0LL) [2177] Yeah, but if you took the watch off it should stop.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2178] cos I know [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [2179] Ah, I
Merielle (PS0LM) [2180] Yes
Martine (PS0LK) [2181] don't think it's [...] .
Merielle (PS0LM) [2182] well I think it should, but on the other hand [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2183] What's she on about, those little ... digital ... watches with the metal strip?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2184] I don't know which ones, you know.
[2185] Er
Martine (PS0LK) [2186] No , if it's something like that, if you take the irritation away then it
Merielle (PS0LM) [2187] Should show up.
Martine (PS0LK) [2188] it goes.
Harold (PS0LP) [2189] Yeah, I'd agree with
Mike (PS0LL) [2190] Mm.
Harold (PS0LP) [2191] that.
Martine (PS0LK) [2192] I don't wanna
Merielle (PS0LM) [2193] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2194] lose that.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2195] Well no
Martine (PS0LK) [2196] Cos I used to think it's this hand isn't it?
[2197] Where it, I used to think it might touch on this [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2198] But it doesn't?
Martine (PS0LK) [2199] but it doesn't because it's
Merielle (PS0LM) [2200] Oh no!
Martine (PS0LK) [2201] miles back.
[2202] You know yo
Mike (PS0LL) [2203] Always used to have it on her wrist.
Martine (PS0LK) [2204] Did she?
Mike (PS0LL) [2205] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2206] Oh, you told me
Mike (PS0LL) [2207] That
Martine (PS0LK) [2208] that before!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2209] Did she?
Mike (PS0LL) [2210] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2211] And was that eczema?
Mike (PS0LL) [2212] Ooh, God I can't remember [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2213] No.
[2214] And what did she
Mike (PS0LL) [2215] and
Merielle (PS0LM) [2216] used have on [...] ?
Mike (PS0LL) [2217] she used to,bu no, she us used to have one if she used that ... and she used to have to bandage them
Merielle (PS0LM) [2218] Oh!
Mike (PS0LL) [2219] to go to bed at night.
[2220] Well, if you're in your sleep you're
Harold (PS0LP) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2221] Well that's it, of course!
Mike (PS0LL) [2222] And she used to bandage them tight
Merielle (PS0LM) [2223] Did she?
Mike (PS0LL) [2224] and she can still
Harold (PS0LP) [2225] Aye.
Mike (PS0LL) [2226] in her sleep ... get her fingers down
Merielle (PS0LM) [2227] They can, they say that!
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2228] Yeah, [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2229] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [2230] And I I was only bloody tiny then but I can still remember it.
[2231] She used to wake up in the morning they were red raw both of them!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2232] Ooh!
Martine (PS0LK) [2233] Ooh, that's so sick!
Mike (PS0LL) [2234] even with these bandages on , just like
Merielle (PS0LM) [2235] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [2236] I can remember the bandages being on.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2237] Good God!
Mike (PS0LL) [2238] She'd still get her bloody fingers in there though!
Martine (PS0LK) [2239] Does Nicola say hers itch her like that?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2240] Yes
Harold (PS0LP) [2241] Yeah, she
Merielle (PS0LM) [2242] at night, in bed everybody goes, you go worse for itching
Harold (PS0LP) [2243] Mm.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2244] in bed, yeah, it's terrible!
[2245] But she never makes it red raw.
Martine (PS0LK) [2246] No.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2247] She doesn't re , you know
Martine (PS0LK) [2248] Still sore.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2249] she'll remember scratching, it was like she said everything goes worse at night, itching.
Martine (PS0LK) [2250] Well, would you mind telling me
Merielle (PS0LM) [2251] To do with her ... whatever nerves they cause them that cause itching.
Harold (PS0LP) [2252] Well it's, you know I've never had that and you've never had that.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2253] No.
Harold (PS0LP) [2254] And you've not.
Martine (PS0LK) [2255] And I've not.
Harold (PS0LP) [2256] Why should she?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2257] Oh no!
[2258] Well I think she could be right about it starting off as that, I don't know.
[2259] They start off somewhere in families these sort of things.
Mike (PS0LL) [2260] It's not like the washing powder or something like that, they reckon you said it's just you know
Merielle (PS0LM) [2261] Well that's what they said.
Mike (PS0LL) [2262] you're cuff's tighter than
Merielle (PS0LM) [2263] Mm.
Mike (PS0LL) [2264] anywhere isn't it?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2265] Yeah that's what
Mike (PS0LL) [2266] rubbing on
Merielle (PS0LM) [2267] She ke , I said and when you're washing up and that
Martine (PS0LK) [2268] Well surely it's the both of us [...] ?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2269] or rubbing things through washing
Mike (PS0LL) [2270] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [2271] I don't think you'll ever really know.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2272] keep rubber gloves and she does, she says so she doesn't think it's detergent.
Martine (PS0LK) [2273] Would you mind telling me what the connection is between eczema and asthma?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2274] And hayfever, there's three of them.
Martine (PS0LK) [2275] What's ... what is er ... something of the skin got to do with
Merielle (PS0LM) [2276] All allergies, all allergies.
Martine (PS0LK) [2277] Yeah, but they're not really the same
Merielle (PS0LM) [2278] They say.
Martine (PS0LK) [2279] are they?
[2280] They say they're connected
Merielle (PS0LM) [2281] They
Martine (PS0LK) [2282] but I can't ... when Jan was saying, oh Jennie's got as ... er
Merielle (PS0LM) [2283] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2284] ex
Merielle (PS0LM) [2285] She's got the lot.
Martine (PS0LK) [2286] eczema ... very bad er, her legs are like corned beef ... all behind her knees and ... her legs
Merielle (PS0LM) [2287] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2288] and her elbows ... and erm ... all over her really she has this eczema, she's always having to change creams cos ... they
Merielle (PS0LM) [2289] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2290] get like er
Merielle (PS0LM) [2291] Used to them.
Martine (PS0LK) [2292] Your body gets used
Mike (PS0LL) [2293] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [2294] to one sort, and they'll never cure it Jan doesn't think.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2295] No, they won't.
[2296] They can only contain it
Martine (PS0LK) [2297] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2298] control it.
Martine (PS0LK) [2299] It's terrible it is!
[2300] And er
Mike (PS0LL) [2301] Well that corned beef, fetch us a quarter in on Monday mate!
Martine (PS0LK) [2302] [laugh] Erm
Harold (PS0LP) [2303] Are you hiding?
Mike (PS0LL) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [2304] But like, so she's got that now that isn't, that's just like a somebody with a skin
Mike (PS0LL) [2305] [...] corned beef [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [2306] but I can't understand how they can say that asthma is in, really in the same strain because that's more like a breathing
Merielle (PS0LM) [2307] Yeah, but it's what causes the
Mike (PS0LL) [2308] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2309] be , breathing problem ... is the allergy either to the dust in the air or the mites
Martine (PS0LK) [2310] Oh.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2311] or the ... as they say, and asthma's sa , the same hayfever as well in the
Martine (PS0LK) [2312] Mm.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2313] summer.
[2314] It's true, well isn't it [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [2315] That's [...] with hayfever in Southport weren't she, after feeding the horses hay?
Harold (PS0LP) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [2316] We went to see them horses ... remember? [...] bloody screaming!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2317] This last time, even in this weather!
Mike (PS0LL) [2318] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2319] Yeah, well it wasn't hayfever, she was allergic to the horses wasn't she?
[2320] Hay
Mike (PS0LL) [2321] No it was
Merielle (PS0LM) [2322] you can only have hayfever in the summer can't
Mike (PS0LL) [2323] Well
Merielle (PS0LM) [2324] you?
Mike (PS0LL) [2325] I don't know, she said
Merielle (PS0LM) [2326] But
Mike (PS0LL) [2327] it was hayfever, remember
Merielle (PS0LM) [2328] we asked, yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [2329] when we went to them horses?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2330] Well some people
Martine (PS0LK) [2331] Ah yeah!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2332] call it that but it's an allergy.
Martine (PS0LK) [2333] Oh, I never told mum and dad that I don't think.
[2334] Tosh arranged for us to go and see his [...] .
[2335] His daughter
Merielle (PS0LM) [2336] Oh!
Martine (PS0LK) [2337] does horses, she seemed to be
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2338] very good.
[2339] His boss
Harold (PS0LP) [2340] Ah!
Martine (PS0LK) [2341] Mark , the main man
Merielle (PS0LM) [2342] Oh!
Martine (PS0LK) [2343] his daughter ... and
Merielle (PS0LM) [2344] the last time when you
Mike (PS0LL) [2345] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2346] went?
Martine (PS0LK) [2347] Yeah.
[2348] And he took us to their house
Merielle (PS0LM) [2349] Is he [...] ?
Martine (PS0LK) [2350] and you should see the house!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2351] The ma main man?
Martine (PS0LK) [2352] No, he's not that sort of main man is he?
Mike (PS0LL) [2353] No, it's it's it's no, he is aye, he's the director!
[2354] His big brothers ... run the firm.
Martine (PS0LK) [2355] Yeah but it's not, it's not his ... name ... it's not his name
Mike (PS0LL) [2356] No, no, it's
Martine (PS0LK) [2357] after, the the firm.
Mike (PS0LL) [2358] no it's ... whatever, it's Andrew and
Merielle (PS0LM) [2359] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [2360] Colin.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2361] Oh aye that's where the [...] .
Mike (PS0LL) [2362] A , that's A C, I don't know what the M is, I don't know.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2363] And this man wasn't Andrew that you went to see?
Mike (PS0LL) [2364] Andrew and Colin, not ... Andrew .
Merielle (PS0LM) [2365] Oh, I see I thought you said Andrew ?
Mike (PS0LL) [2366] No, Andrew a ... one brother's Andrew, the other one's Colin and ... they're the partners in the firm
Merielle (PS0LM) [2367] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [2368] so ... it's [...] yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2369] And you don't what, they're surnames Mac something.
Mike (PS0LL) [2370] Well I don't know.
Martine (PS0LK) [2371] But anyway, this girl ... no, they're surname isn't anything, even similar to that!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2372] No.
Martine (PS0LK) [2373] Because ... ... they're name is!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2374] Yeah,.
Mike (PS0LL) [2375] Oh it might be ... Michael and Andrew Co , then.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2376] There you are!
Martine (PS0LK) [2377] It's something like that, it's [...] .
Merielle (PS0LM) [2378] The ma , the name MAC, yeah!
Martine (PS0LK) [2379] Yeah, [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [2380] Michael is it's it isn't!
Martine (PS0LK) [2381] Because ... when he told me their name was I thought of a girl I used to know called Louise , but it isn't her
Merielle (PS0LM) [2382] No.
Martine (PS0LK) [2383] but apparently she was ... you know ... really goo , you know like the
Mike (PS0LL) [2384] Ah, they had the money to buy ... they had every ... they could afford
Martine (PS0LK) [2385] They were loaded!
Mike (PS0LL) [2386] anything!
Martine (PS0LK) [2387] Basically, like ... but she was ... must of been such and such champion, I mean I didn't appreciate ... probably how ... good she was, sort of thing ... because I'm not in their show circuit but probably she was the ... you know, one of the top
Mike (PS0LL) [2388] The highest one.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2389] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2390] of her particular area.
[2391] But, I mean, even if erm ... she was saying about going down to Olympia and stuff, weren't she, or somewhere?
Mike (PS0LL) [2392] Yeah.
[2393] The, that horse was British
Martine (PS0LK) [2394] So she must of been good.
Mike (PS0LL) [2395] champion, whatever this bloody horse was it was something
Martine (PS0LK) [2396] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [2397] stylish!
[2398] British
Martine (PS0LK) [2399] She had
Mike (PS0LL) [2400] champion at, whatever it was at.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2401] Where did they live, in Southport or
Mike (PS0LL) [2402] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2403] outside or
Martine (PS0LK) [2404] Yeah , it was erm ... you didn't have to go that far out but they ha ... they owned a bit of land and stuff
Mike (PS0LL) [2405] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2406] didn't they?
Mike (PS0LL) [2407] It was like all houses ... see there's a main road
Merielle (PS0LM) [2408] Yeah ... [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [2409] Actually you went through er
Merielle (PS0LM) [2410] King's roundabout or
Martine (PS0LK) [2411] I don't know whether you went
Merielle (PS0LM) [2412] No.
Martine (PS0LK) [2413] up towards er ... Banks ... you know we u er [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2414] I don't think I ever saw erm, yeah I didn't [...] though.
Martine (PS0LK) [2415] all up there and past the village restaurant where
Merielle (PS0LM) [2416] Yeah
Martine (PS0LK) [2417] where we went
Merielle (PS0LM) [2418] Ah, yeah!
Martine (PS0LK) [2419] for
Mike (PS0LL) [2420] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [2421] Sunday Lunch, but it's closed down.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2422] Oh yes!
Martine (PS0LK) [2423] You went down there and through Banks and then turn
Merielle (PS0LM) [2424] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2425] to the right, I don't quite know where.
Mike (PS0LL) [2426] Mm.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2427] Not quite clear there.
Martine (PS0LK) [2428] But er , it was nice, the horses were lovely!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2429] Oh, were they?
Martine (PS0LK) [2430] Cos I didn't really know what to expect when he said oh
Merielle (PS0LM) [2431] No.
Martine (PS0LK) [2432] she's got horses
Mike (PS0LL) [2433] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [2434] I thought they were just gonna be a load of [...] .
Mike (PS0LL) [2435] Ah, but where this house were along the road
Merielle (PS0LM) [2436] Yes.
Mike (PS0LL) [2437] like yo yo your houses and the
Merielle (PS0LM) [2438] Oh, I see what you said.
Mike (PS0LL) [2439] bloody gardens ... but all, the back of there, they owned everything!
Martine (PS0LK) [2440] All the land didn't they?
Mike (PS0LL) [2441] You know there might ha , there might have been three hundred ya , three hundred yards of houses ... semis and detached ... and they had a bit of land, but all the back of that, that was theirs!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2442] Yeah!
[2443] I see.
Mike (PS0LL) [2444] You know, it was all fenced ... they hadn't lived there long had they?
Martine (PS0LK) [2445] No.
Mike (PS0LL) [2446] And it was all new fences and it had all been ... it had been [...] .
Merielle (PS0LM) [2447] A newly built house as well you mean?
Mike (PS0LL) [2448] No it was old.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2449] Oh I see, yeah!
Mike (PS0LL) [2450] It wasn't at first, [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2451] That house, it was a typical horsy place, rammy kitchen and loads of dogs jumping up at you.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2452] Oh I see.
Mike (PS0LL) [2453] Aye, but in that lounge, when I when I went that lounge ... it was, they were the sort of people that bloody ... don't open the curtains!
[2454] They'll save the blo , I presume save the bloody sun ... you know, fading the carpet or the curtains.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2455] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [2456] Cos the carpet must have been worth a bloody fortune anyway!
[2457] All the furniture in there was all ... you know, really smart stuff!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2458] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2459] Well was it antiques or something cos I didn't come in [...] ?
Mike (PS0LL) [2460] Well I suppose it was antique, it was awful!
Martine (PS0LK) [2461] Well you know what a horses
Mike (PS0LL) [2462] bloody
Martine (PS0LK) [2463] person's kitchen is like?
Mike (PS0LL) [2464] hard wood, oh it was really smelly!
Martine (PS0LK) [2465] They're always the same.
Mike (PS0LL) [2466] And it had a ... they had a stuffed fox.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2467] Well I [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2468] No, [...] .
Mike (PS0LL) [2469] Stuffed fox.
Harold (PS0LP) [2470] Oh Aye!
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [2471] Tosh's dad shot it.
Martine (PS0LK) [2472] Well I mean
Mike (PS0LL) [2473] And he'd been out shooting, but Tosh had give it to this feller
Martine (PS0LK) [2474] Oh no!
Mike (PS0LL) [2475] and this feller [...] taxidermist.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2476] And I thought [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2477] Well I suppose maybe they're not all the
Merielle (PS0LM) [2478] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2479] same, but they're [...] the type, and you walk in and the the
Mike (PS0LL) [2480] seriously though [...] , you ca you couldn't see where it had been shot.
Martine (PS0LK) [2481] dogs fast asleep in the blanket that's just
Mike (PS0LL) [2482] I had a look round it, oh it's this
Martine (PS0LK) [2483] pricked with hair
Mike (PS0LL) [2484] he was there ... really [...] !
Martine (PS0LK) [2485] and it's just, I've seen it so often
Harold (PS0LP) [...] [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2486] Yeah.
Harold (PS0LP) [2487] [laughing] I just not gonna do with it [] !
Martine (PS0LK) [2488] Erm
Mike (PS0LL) [2489] Oh
Martine (PS0LK) [2490] but I dunno I was [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [2491] like a little rigid bloody board thing!
Martine (PS0LK) [2492] so she's finished riding
Merielle (PS0LM) [2493] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [2494] Oh this was ... really nice, it was only
Martine (PS0LK) [2495] and [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [2496] a young fox.
Martine (PS0LK) [2497] the girl?
[2498] Must have been about twenty one.
Mike (PS0LL) [2499] Oh it was really nice!
[2500] And they had another one
Merielle (PS0LM) [2501] [...] career or anything?
Mike (PS0LL) [2502] that was er ... it had been done
Martine (PS0LK) [2503] I don't know.
Mike (PS0LL) [2504] all like oh like, twenty years ago
Merielle (PS0LM) [2505] Thought perhaps she did some work whatever [...] .
Mike (PS0LL) [2506] and the difference ... it was
Martine (PS0LK) [2507] Mm.
Mike (PS0LL) [2508] the new one, it was like
Martine (PS0LK) [2509] But er, you know like Tosh hadn't,
Mike (PS0LL) [2510] it was there it was
Martine (PS0LK) [2511] he hadn't said that so, when they asked
Mike (PS0LL) [2512] looked nice, but the other one it was all snarled and everything!
Martine (PS0LK) [2513] and the mum was saying things and that
Mike (PS0LL) [2514] The person who'd done the old one
Martine (PS0LK) [2515] she goes, oh yeah!
[2516] Oh I hate it, when you have to ask [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [2517] in my eyes like, was more professional than the one that had done the new one!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2518] Yeah!
Mike (PS0LL) [2519] Cos it was all ... all this
Martine (PS0LK) [2520] Oh it was a [...] !
Merielle (PS0LM) [2521] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [2522] [...] you know, [...] and that sort of thing.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2523] We well you should I said!
[2524] Oh I am sorry!
Mike (PS0LL) [2525] It was all smell and I don't know what it was!
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2526] It was worth going into.
Mike (PS0LL) [2527] To look at you could just imagine that, you know, going for something looking like that.
Martine (PS0LK) [2528] You know, I mean, we just called upon them, I suppose
Harold (PS0LP) [2529] Yeah!
Martine (PS0LK) [2530] she wanted to think that oh, this is this, this is that.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2531] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2532] But inside it was just
Merielle (PS0LM) [2533] Whether they were posh or not.
Martine (PS0LK) [2534] killing me in!
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2535] No, she's a very down to earth.
[2536] But she was saying this that and the other but ... I just felt like saying oh, listen I know more than you anyway!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2537] Yeah.
[2538] [...] for a few months [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2539] Oh she was the big I am wasn't she?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2540] [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [2541] She was, the big I am aye.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2542] No?
[2543] Don't use
Martine (PS0LK) [2544] What?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2545] the baby boy's running there.
Martine (PS0LK) [2546] No ... erm
Merielle (PS0LM) [2547] Is is this month or
Martine (PS0LK) [2548] she says twenty third
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2549] by her dates, but the hospital said twenty ninth or something.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2550] Oh
Martine (PS0LK) [2551] There's a bit
Merielle (PS0LM) [2552] God well!
[2553] Time [...] .
Mike (PS0LL) [2554] I had a dream didn't I?
[2555] I told you, I had a dream about er
Martine (PS0LK) [2556] Yeah , what was it again?
Mike (PS0LL) [2557] dreaming about the baby
Merielle (PS0LM) [2558] Ah!
Mike (PS0LL) [2559] in the week
Merielle (PS0LM) [2560] What did she have?
Mike (PS0LL) [2561] It was a little
Martine (PS0LK) [2562] A little boy.
Mike (PS0LL) [2563] it was a little lad, I dreamt it was a little lad
Martine (PS0LK) [2564] And I think she is gonna have a boy.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2565] She'll have a boy , yeah she said
Mike (PS0LL) [2566] and er
Merielle (PS0LM) [2567] she'll have one.
Mike (PS0LL) [2568] we were going ... we were going the house
Harold (PS0LP) [2569] It's usually the opposite.
Martine (PS0LK) [2570] No, I ... sa
Merielle (PS0LM) [2571] No.
Martine (PS0LK) [2572] I said
Harold (PS0LP) [2573] Oh no!
Martine (PS0LK) [2574] that they're gonna have a little lad.
Harold (PS0LP) [2575] no,i i if it's her that dreamt it.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2576] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [2577] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2578] That's definite.
Harold (PS0LP) [2579] Oh well you're probably right.
Mike (PS0LL) [2580] and we were going their house, but it wasn't Judith's, it was Rob's mum and dad's down Road ... and er ... we went in ... and you didn't know anything about it, and I walked in a Rob said ... she's had it!
[2581] I said what is it?
[2582] It's a little lad ... and ... I ... I looked through a window, I could see Judith holding this baby ... but you had to walk round to get to her ... and I knew before you'd got there and you were all over the moon about this little baby and everything
Merielle (PS0LM) [2583] Ah!
Mike (PS0LL) [2584] and ... i it was all, you know
Martine (PS0LK) [2585] But it could talk didn't you say?
Mike (PS0LL) [2586] It was only tiny but it bloody talk!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2587] Oh!
Martine (PS0LK) [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2588] God!
Mike (PS0LL) [2589] [...] bloody talk!
Martine (PS0LK) [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2590] Aye!
Martine (PS0LK) [2591] Aye, I'll tell you what [...] bloody wouldn't surprise me!
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2592] Oh!
Mike (PS0LL) [2593] wasn't sure that [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2594] I think they'll have to tell her that sometime!
Martine (PS0LK) [2595] Er, Kelly don't go [...] .
Mike (PS0LL) [2596] Kelly can.
Martine (PS0LK) [2597] Kelly isn't, her name isn't
Mike (PS0LL) [2598] Oh yeah!
Martine (PS0LK) [2599] Kelly.
Harold (PS0LP) [2600] What a [...] ... what's his name?
Martine (PS0LK) [2601] Well
Merielle (PS0LM) [2602] Hugh.
Martine (PS0LK) [2603] Hugh.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2604] [...] Garry ... and Shaun
Harold (PS0LP) [2605] Remember [...] Shaun?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2606] forget about Garry
Harold (PS0LP) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [2607] Oh aye!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2608] with Shaun he's gone now!
Harold (PS0LP) [2609] And I don't know what [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2610] Gone with the wind!
Martine (PS0LK) [2611] But er, no she will have a lad.
Mike (PS0LL) [2612] Well she said herself she's expecting a lad though isn't she?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2613] Oh that's right, [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2614] No, she hasn't been told by the hospital.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2615] Oh no, she's doesn't want to know [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [2616] No, she hasn't been told but she, she's thinks it's gonna be a lad.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2617] They offered to tell
Harold (PS0LP) [2618] You mean
Merielle (PS0LM) [2619] her or not.
Harold (PS0LP) [2620] You mean to say er ... i , they'd only lived in Bournemouth don't you?
Mike (PS0LL) [2621] Oh aye!
[2622] That was [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2623] Urgh!
Harold (PS0LP) [2624] They always ... [...] .
Merielle (PS0LM) [2625] I don't feel at all like that!
Martine (PS0LK) [2626] Mm.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2627] Glenn's gonna take her baby round with her
Martine (PS0LK) [2628] Well maybe they don't want him round.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2629] when she's goes to do hair and that?
Martine (PS0LK) [2630] I don't know!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2631] I bet she will.
[2632] Unless it's [...] the likes of you, but in the day time
Martine (PS0LK) [2633] Mm.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2634] she might take the baby if he's good.
Martine (PS0LK) [2635] Well I suppose she'd get away with it wouldn't she?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2636] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [2637] God , I'd take her!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2638] Well if he was sleeping you could leave him the car.
Martine (PS0LK) [2639] Better than shoving him in a creche innit?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2640] Course it is!
[2641] She wouldn't do that I'm sure!
[2642] I don't know whether she makes that much money
Mike (PS0LL) [2643] It's, it's too bloody much!
Martine (PS0LK) [2644] They sent her a lovely
Merielle (PS0LM) [2645] Exactly!
Martine (PS0LK) [2646] [...] ... di di
Merielle (PS0LM) [2647] It's that, yeah
Martine (PS0LK) [2648] I was a bit annoyed I forgot I hadn't put your name on.
Mike (PS0LL) [2649] [...] the ... hairdressers.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2650] Well she stopped us going up that lane in the car, by
Martine (PS0LK) [2651] I didn't know her surname.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2652] Mr Tots
Harold (PS0LP) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2653] whether she'd just had the baby, I don't know her surname.
Martine (PS0LK) [2654] I go , I had the lovely calligraphy pen and I put to Mr and Mrs, cos I always speak to Kevin, I know him
Merielle (PS0LM) [2655] Yeah!
Martine (PS0LK) [2656] and I've met him in the pub.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2657] I haven't a clue what her name was!
Martine (PS0LK) [2658] to Mr and Mrs K ... so, I had to put a note
Merielle (PS0LM) [2659] You do!
Martine (PS0LK) [2660] sorry I can't remember your surname ... and put to Glenys, on the si , I think it's .
Merielle (PS0LM) [2661] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2662] I think it's something common, but I co
Merielle (PS0LM) [2663] [...] , yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2664] couldn't remember if it was,, or ?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2665] I didn't ever know it.
Martine (PS0LK) [2666] Here, I'll tell you what else, just saying , David ... and
Merielle (PS0LM) [2667] Angela's brother?
Martine (PS0LK) [2668] yeah, has moved to Chester [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2669] Yeah , you said, you said he came in.
Martine (PS0LK) [2670] but the other day I dreamt about Angela
Merielle (PS0LM) [2671] Ah!
Martine (PS0LK) [2672] did you know the [...] ?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2673] Have you told her about it [...] or not?
Martine (PS0LK) [2674] No , I've ... I ... I did think at one time whether to ... pass a note, bye!
[2675] Whether to the pass
Merielle (PS0LM) [2676] Bye!
Martine (PS0LK) [2677] through him to her
Merielle (PS0LM) [2678] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2679] but erm ... unless she had said something, he never came back and said oh Angela says hello, if she had of done
Merielle (PS0LM) [2680] Oh, [...] yeah!
Martine (PS0LK) [2681] I might have ... you know, like I
Merielle (PS0LM) [2682] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2683] knew it was her birthday on Halloween ... cos it always stuck in my mind
Merielle (PS0LM) [2684] Ha oh, was it?
Martine (PS0LK) [2685] and I thought, shall I send a card, and I thought ... no, cos that many years have gone by
Merielle (PS0LM) [2686] That's it.
Martine (PS0LK) [2687] so I've never done anything, but he's moved and he's been back and seen us.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2688] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2689] He came in for a chat the other day and said, oh how you getting on?
[2690] Anyway, my ... my dream was, I walked into the photocopying room in work ... and who should be there, and you'll remember the other girl as well Angela getting paper out of the cupboard, and Elizabeth
Merielle (PS0LM) [2691] Ooh, Lord!
Martine (PS0LK) [2692] from [...] .
Merielle (PS0LM) [2693] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2694] now I haven't seen either of them since school
Merielle (PS0LM) [2695] Ee!
Martine (PS0LK) [2696] and er ... Elizabeth, I just can't imagine that she's altered at all
Merielle (PS0LM) [2697] No.
Martine (PS0LK) [2698] but, but she may have done.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2699] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [2700] And er, I was just talking to her and that's all I can remember.
[2701] But, you know
Merielle (PS0LM) [2702] Amazing isn't it?
Martine (PS0LK) [2703] when you think what you dream of, good God!
[2704] Bev's got this ... book of dre , mystic book of dreams or something it's called
Merielle (PS0LM) [2705] Who [...] ?
Martine (PS0LK) [2706] I have in work
Merielle (PS0LM) [2707] Oh!
Martine (PS0LK) [2708] and it's the biggest load of rubbish you've ever seen but
Mike (PS0LL) [2709] Somebody ... must of spent hours thinking
Martine (PS0LK) [2710] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [2711] of all them!
Martine (PS0LK) [2712] Oh, they have!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2713] Yeah!
Martine (PS0LK) [2714] You know, and there's every
Merielle (PS0LM) [2715] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2716] it's all in alphabetical order, all different objects
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2717] or whatever.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2718] They say , yeah.
[2719] Well some people really need them!
Martine (PS0LK) [2720] So like, we have a hell of a good laugh like, we go in and ... like, my dreams don't usually dawn on me till around lunch, I always say quick, give us the book!
[2721] I dreamt about a black cat, a black cat [laughing] left the room [] !
Merielle (PS0LM) [2722] Oh!
Martine (PS0LK) [2723] And it says, oh you are gonna do such
Merielle (PS0LM) [2724] Well have you really or have just made it up?
Mike (PS0LL) [2725] You brought the book home!
Martine (PS0LK) [2726] I did dream about some kittens the other night, there was
Merielle (PS0LM) [2727] Oh yeah?
Martine (PS0LK) [2728] three white ones and a black one.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2729] That was after that white cat adopting you, I told you that's what it was!
Mike (PS0LL) [2730] He was there today wasn't he?
Martine (PS0LK) [2731] Yeah.
Harold (PS0LP) [2732] No, he's gone.
Martine (PS0LK) [2733] I cannot
Merielle (PS0LM) [2734] Do you feed it?
Martine (PS0LK) [2735] With most of my
Mike (PS0LL) [2736] Ah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2737] dreams most of
Merielle (PS0LM) [2738] What with?
Martine (PS0LK) [2739] time ... well he had some fat of ham
Mike (PS0LL) [2740] Just bits and pieces.
Martine (PS0LK) [2741] that I didn't ... I brought the rest for Laddy.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2742] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2743] Erm
Harold (PS0LP) [2744] [laughing] Peanuts [] !
Mike (PS0LL) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [2745] Ooh, he was funny though, he was coming like that, and he's dying for a stroke
Merielle (PS0LM) [2746] Well that dog in the Raven was eating peanuts off Barbara, the mother Marsha the other week!
[2747] Doing tricks [...] !
Mike (PS0LL) [2748] He's a bloody [...] that idiot!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2749] Yeah, and then
Martine (PS0LK) [2750] Erm ... yeah, it's, it like ... it wants to be friendly
Mike (PS0LL) [2751] It's really timid isn't it?
Martine (PS0LK) [2752] but I don't think they pay attention to it across there
Merielle (PS0LM) [2753] Ah!
Martine (PS0LK) [2754] it's not used to people!
Harold (PS0LP) [2755] It's friendly towards you because you've fed it in the day
Merielle (PS0LM) [2756] It doesn't look neglected
Martine (PS0LK) [2757] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [2758] Oh no!
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2759] [...] oh no!
Martine (PS0LK) [2760] until you ... took your time.
Mike (PS0LL) [2761] And then it was rolling over and doing all sorts weren't it?
Martine (PS0LK) [2762] Oh, it was doing tricks and it was so
Merielle (PS0LM) [2763] Ah!
Martine (PS0LK) [2764] funny!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2765] Do you think it's young?
Martine (PS0LK) [2766] Yes.
Mike (PS0LL) [2767] I don't think it's very old.
[2768] I think it might even be that kitten
Martine (PS0LK) [2769] I think it's about two.
Mike (PS0LL) [2770] you know?
Martine (PS0LK) [2771] No.
[2772] They were ... they had a ... a board in of [...] white kitten, free to good home.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2773] Oh!
Martine (PS0LK) [2774] Erm
Merielle (PS0LM) [2775] When was that?
Martine (PS0LK) [2776] I think it's the mother of whatever that was.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2777] Do you?
Martine (PS0LK) [2778] It was in ... last year or something.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2779] Oh yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2780] Erm, but Mike thinks it may be that kitten.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2781] Oh it co could be I think it's [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2782] But it's only about eighteen months or two isn't it?
Mike (PS0LL) [2783] Oh it's
Martine (PS0LK) [2784] And it was sort of
Mike (PS0LL) [2785] comical honestly!
Martine (PS0LK) [2786] rolling over to be tickled but before you could tickle it, it was flipping right over and then jumping up wasn't it?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2787] And will it [...] let you
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2788] tickle it
Mike (PS0LL) [2789] oh
Merielle (PS0LM) [2790] or not?
Martine (PS0LK) [2791] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [2792] Yeah, you can stroke it but it's, awful thing is
Merielle (PS0LM) [2793] [...] tickle when it's lies over
Mike (PS0LL) [2794] Oh aye!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2795] yeah, [...] .
Mike (PS0LL) [2796] But you have to be really slow.
Martine (PS0LK) [2797] But it had all it's side
Merielle (PS0LM) [2798] Yeah, they don't like you touching [...] , would it ever claw you if you
Martine (PS0LK) [2799] well it's the other side has all been shaved off!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2800] went at it
Martine (PS0LK) [2801] No.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2802] sudden?
Mike (PS0LL) [2803] No.
Martine (PS0LK) [2804] I don't think so.
Mike (PS0LL) [2805] It just run off.
Martine (PS0LK) [2806] All it's side had been shaved as if it had been an o ... had an operation.
Mike (PS0LL) [2807] It has had an operation you know.
Martine (PS0LK) [2808] I know, you can see the [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [2809] You can see the mark.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2810] Oh!
Martine (PS0LK) [2811] So I don't know whether it's a ca , a ... a she cat and it's been spayed.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2812] Yeah. [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2813] the mark off the leg, you know where
Martine (PS0LK) [2814] Like on it
Merielle (PS0LM) [2815] they do [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2816] but on it's top and that
Mike (PS0LL) [2817] On it's back leg.
Martine (PS0LK) [2818] Yeah.
[2819] And I said to him ... there's no scare but ... it's
Mike (PS0LL) [2820] Looking at it, yeah you can see it.
Martine (PS0LK) [2821] but the fur hasn't grown back, [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [2822] The fur's starting to grow a little bit
Martine (PS0LK) [2823] it looks so ridiculous!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2824] Mm, yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [2825] which [...] mark innit?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2826] Cos is the rest of it like ... floppy or
Martine (PS0LK) [2827] Yeah,we no well not floppy, it's about that long
Mike (PS0LL) [2828] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [2829] isn't it?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2830] Oh [...] , yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2831] But er, I was giving this er ... I'd been giving it a stroke, and er ... it's sort of dying to be fussed, but I don't think they give it any attention across there.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2832] No , so it's not quite sure.
Martine (PS0LK) [2833] so , no.
[2834] But er, I sa so I said ooh, give it some of this fat off the ham ... and er ... it was getting it and then instead of eating it
Mike (PS0LL) [2835] Run away.
Martine (PS0LK) [2836] he were running by the shed to eat it!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2837] Aye!
Martine (PS0LK) [2838] Like, as if it was fri , you know, like I would think to myself, if I didn't know ... that, I don't think they would mistreat it.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2839] No.
Martine (PS0LK) [2840] But you think it had had a good kicking or something, wouldn't you?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2841] Yeah!
Martine (PS0LK) [2842] The way it's [...] , but it's probably just not used to them.
[2843] So then, I'd have another piece ... and he'd trot off ... [laughing] and he'd run again by the shed [] !
Merielle (PS0LM) [2844] Ooh!
Martine (PS0LK) [2845] And the other morning
Merielle (PS0LM) [2846] Ooh that's funny!
Martine (PS0LK) [2847] oh, was it a morning?
Mike (PS0LL) [2848] No, I was in.
Martine (PS0LK) [2849] Was it in the evening?
Mike (PS0LL) [2850] It were a weekend!
Martine (PS0LK) [2851] I think is was before
Mike (PS0LL) [2852] He were on the shed roof?
Martine (PS0LK) [2853] we come to mum's.
Mike (PS0LL) [2854] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [2855] And er, it was on the shed roof, on the apex like that ... and it just had it's front paws over like that ... so I quick, got the camera and through the back bedroom window ... erm, took a picture of it on the shed roof like that, it was just looking!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2856] Oh, [...] like Chas.
Mike (PS0LL) [2857] But tonight ... before, well on Saturday before we came up ... like he'd been back and to this after , well this morning really ... and I, he'd disappeared hadn't he?
[2858] And I heard the bathroom window open ... and I went in there, I was just having a look, admiring my little shed roof there!
Martine (PS0LK) [2859] [laugh] ... I nearly took a picture of him!
Mike (PS0LL) [laugh]
Harold (PS0LP) [2860] You weren't looking for the cat, you were looking
Mike (PS0LL) [2861] No I wasn't!
[2862] Anyway, [...] , the old shed looks well there ... er, I dunno why I started to look out and the cat was on his back legs with his feet like that and he was looking up at me like that!
Martine (PS0LK) [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2863] Ah!
Mike (PS0LL) [2864] So I thought I'd, so I thought oh I better shut the bloody window, cos if he gets through it, you know, he be, get into it!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2865] Oh yeah!
Mike (PS0LL) [2866] Sweet as a nut!
Martine (PS0LK) [2867] This is the , it's only the ... I've only fed it today ... er
Mike (PS0LL) [2868] He has been a couple of times.
Martine (PS0LK) [2869] But it's been back loads o
Merielle (PS0LM) [2870] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2871] It's been a lot when you've been to Nora's
Harold (PS0LP) [2872] Yeah, but once you start!
Martine (PS0LK) [2873] you know.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2874] To Nora's?
Martine (PS0LK) [2875] When, he's gone to Nora's, I've seen it.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2876] Oh! [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2877] But
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2878] if I'd have fed it the first time I'd have understood it, but I've only fed it today!
Harold (PS0LP) [2879] Mm.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2880] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2881] And it's already been
Mike (PS0LL) [2882] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [2883] a lot of times.
Mike (PS0LL) [2884] He might
Harold (PS0LP) [2885] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [2886] be a bit hungry anyway, mighten he?
Martine (PS0LK) [2887] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [2888] Or she.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2889] Yeah.
[2890] [...] today ... never noticed that before!
Harold (PS0LP) [2891] Haven't you I [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2892] Oh, I see!
Harold (PS0LP) [2893] noticed that before.
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [2894] [yawn] We have [] .
Martine (PS0LK) [2895] Oh, [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2896] I'm just going to pay a call anyway before I leave it to the very last.
Mike (PS0LL) [2897] [singing] If living is without you [] .
Martine (PS0LK) [2898] You never found that music, we've got a lovely song ... out of Willy Wonka
Merielle (PS0LM) [2899] Oh no, you know when you were playing tonight
Martine (PS0LK) [2900] And don't you laugh!
[2901] It's that
Merielle (PS0LM) [2902] what reminded you
Martine (PS0LK) [2903] it was a cro , I tell you what, we were playing something tonight, I think it was the last thing before you stopped, and I kept thinking any minute now it's gonna be Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Merielle (PS0LM) [2904] Yeah, [...]
Harold (PS0LP) [2905] No, a Simple Girl.
Martine (PS0LK) [2906] Is it?
Merielle (PS0LM) [2907] No
Harold (PS0LP) [2908] It would have been if I'd have carried on.
Martine (PS0LK) [2909] Yeah, and I kept thinking ooh
Merielle (PS0LM) [2910] What was that one
Martine (PS0LK) [2911] that's nice!
[2912] And then I was this music's gonna come down
Merielle (PS0LM) [2913] Close to Me, when you played ... Close to Me.
Harold (PS0LP) [2914] Close to You.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2915] Close to You.
[2916] See I was right.
Martine (PS0LK) [2917] And er, I heard you do er
Merielle (PS0LM) [singing] [...] []
Martine (PS0LK) [2918] Killing Me Softly With his Song, which I
Harold (PS0LP) [2919] Oh yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2920] love anyway!
[2921] But then it was this ... I thought any minute it's gonna be [singing] Somewhere over the Rainbow [] .
Merielle (PS0LM) [2922] Ee!
Martine (PS0LK) [2923] But it wasn't, and then you kept sort of going into something else.
[2924] But, this one, that's close to me or whatever mum's saying there ... remi , was reminding me of that ... [singing] Der der der []
Harold (PS0LP) [2925] Oh yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2926] [singing] der der der
Harold (PS0LP) [2927] Oh yeah I love that [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [2928] der der der na na na na na
Harold (PS0LP) [2929] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [2930] [singing] na na na [] .
[2931] And you seeing what you're playing tonight, I thought I can't, but I heard the first thing [singing] der der der [] , but then it goes [singing] der der der []
Harold (PS0LP) [2932] I can't [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [2933] [singing] der der, der der da [] .
[2934] But it didn't a , God, my dad's got the music to the one out of Willy Wonka!
Harold (PS0LP) [2935] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2936] It doesn't half sound like it you know!
Harold (PS0LP) [2937] Yeah, it does.
Martine (PS0LK) [2938] I nearly run downstairs and then it went into something else ... and mum said well, keep listening she said ... and erm ... it go
Harold (PS0LP) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2939] it goes a bit faster doesn't it, the next ... er er and a ... couple of bits after.
Harold (PS0LP) [2940] [singing] Mm de de de de de da da da da da da da da da da
Martine (PS0LK) [2941] [singing] Da dee dum de dum de dum de dum da da [] .
[2942] And then I keep, what does that sound like then?
[2943] [singing] Da da da da da da da da on of those Donny Osmond's or something?
Harold (PS0LP) [2944] Ah, yes I know that, yeah it sounds like [singing] da da da da [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [2945] No it sounds like stri
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2946] No it sounds like one you won't have heard of on that, the big old LP's that me and Nicola, Nicola for a birthday, that ... erm, school love he used to be ... er, oh I dunno what was his name [...] ?
[2947] Probably Leo Sayer.
[2948] [singing] School love ... school love, da da da da da da da da da [] .
[2949] But er, oh we should try and get that, I love it I do!
[2950] And I tell you what, what else was I wanting to say?
[2951] And I didn't think you had the mu ... you had the music but not the words.
[2952] Think it was to all of ... Over the Rainbow.
[2953] Dad agrees that that [singing] der der der da da da da da [] .
Harold (PS0LP) [2954] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [2955] That does sound like that Willy Wonka
Merielle (PS0LM) [2956] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2957] the start of it.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2958] Did you think you had the music for it or something but
Harold (PS0LP) [2959] No.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2960] you say, oh you never did?
[2961] An and you don't the tune to play, no?
Harold (PS0LP) [2962] Er no no!
Martine (PS0LK) [2963] Yeah!
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Harold (PS0LP) [2964] Right
Martine (PS0LK) [2965] You've had a go haven't you?
[2966] It's just that
Merielle (PS0LM) [2967] Yeah, you have.
Martine (PS0LK) [2968] like I haven't got any more words I think.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2969] No.
Martine (PS0LK) [2970] I thought you have tried to play
Merielle (PS0LM) [2971] Never even had a go to play.
Martine (PS0LK) [2972] Willy Wonka?
Harold (PS0LP) [2973] No.
Martine (PS0LK) [2974] No?
Harold (PS0LP) [2975] I I ... it's one of the tunes, you know it when it's on, you know
Merielle (PS0LM) [2976] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [2977] Yeah
Harold (PS0LP) [2978] and it's [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [2979] to try and er
Merielle (PS0LM) [2980] you do need to
Martine (PS0LK) [2981] go to the video shop or something and see who play, who does it.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2982] Oh you have to ring up
Mike (PS0LL) [2983] [...] ask for bloody Willy Wonka!
Martine (PS0LK) [2984] I will!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2985] [...] ... you ring up er
Martine (PS0LK) [2986] Oh yes that number!
Merielle (PS0LM) [2987] that num , you can ring that
Martine (PS0LK) [2988] [...] or whatever
Merielle (PS0LM) [2989] library in Birmingham.
[2990] They're forever [...] , tell him about it.
Mike (PS0LL) [2991] What's that?
Martine (PS0LK) [2992] That library ... [...] you can get [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [2993] You ring them and tell them a tune to them.
Martine (PS0LK) [2994] She was going
Mike (PS0LL) [2995] Ah yeah!
Martine (PS0LK) [2996] promotion when she called.
Merielle (PS0LM) [2997] Oh.
Mike (PS0LL) [2998] That was in er ... [...] ?
Harold (PS0LP) [2999] This week has been about the library.
Merielle (PS0LM) [3000] Oh God!
Harold (PS0LP) [3001] That Phillip he was in there.
Martine (PS0LK) [3002] [...] can you just watch for that lovey cos you're talking.
Harold (PS0LP) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [3003] Yeah, I heard of the name.
[3004] Phillip ?
Harold (PS0LP) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [3005] Yeah, [...] !
[3006] ... [whispering] What are you doing bringing cups in now?
[3007] [...] ... Probably wants er ... [...] .
[3008] I know she wants [...] [] .
[3009] ... I don't want you put those trousers away on the washing [...] [...] .
Harold (PS0LP) [3010] What these?
Merielle (PS0LM) [3011] The other day, they're dirty, they hadn't been washed [...] ... they're dirty when you look at them in daylight.
[3012] See if she wants to take them to
Harold (PS0LP) [3013] [yawn] Ooh I don't know [] .
Merielle (PS0LM) [3014] You'll have a lot, aye?
Harold (PS0LP) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [3015] Aye?
Harold (PS0LP) [3016] I don't know!
Merielle (PS0LM) [3017] You don't know what?
Harold (PS0LP) [3018] Whether they want wa washing or
Merielle (PS0LM) [3019] You'll have no choice if I'm saying they're dirty, I shall inspect them in daylight so
Harold (PS0LP) [3020] They don't look dirty now.
Merielle (PS0LM) [3021] No they don't, and that's why
Mike (PS0LL) [3022] What?
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Harold (PS0LP) [3023] These trousers.
Mike (PS0LL) [3024] No!
[3025] These are good for another twelve
Merielle (PS0LM) [3026] Shut up Mike!
Mike (PS0LL) [3027] months! [laugh]
Merielle (PS0LM) [3028] Don't make him worse than what he is [...] !
Harold (PS0LP) [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [3029] No, I expect it's that [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3030] [...] it's in the paper.
Merielle (PS0LM) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [3031] Oh yeah I noticed
Merielle (PS0LM) [3032] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [3033] that!
Mike (PS0LL) [3034] The one with the [...] .
Harold (PS0LP) [3035] Oh aye!
Merielle (PS0LM) [3036] Who used to miserable when she got [...] .
Harold (PS0LP) [3037] Used to live down the road [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [3038] [...] and I [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [3039] Oh!
Merielle (PS0LM) [3040] First time [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [3041] Bye!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [3042] [...] !
Mike (PS0LL) [3043] See you lad!
Martine (PS0LK) [3044] Bye!
[3045] Do you have to keep [...] ?
Harold (PS0LP) [3046] Yes, it raining.
Martine (PS0LK) [3047] [singing] mm mm mm ... mm mm mm world of full imagination [] .
Merielle (PS0LM) [3048] It's got warmer with it. ... [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [singing] [...]
Merielle (PS0LM) [3049] What's [...] ?
Martine (PS0LK) [3050] the dreams [] .
[3051] Better than this?
Harold (PS0LP) [3052] Yeah.
Merielle (PS0LM) [3053] Oh yes!
Harold (PS0LP) [3054] Oh we're going some, well
Merielle (PS0LM) [3055] Oh yeah.
Harold (PS0LP) [3056] I know.
Martine (PS0LK) [3057] You know there's something else.
Mike (PS0LL) [3058] [...] when we get over, lads.
Martine (PS0LK) [3059] What made you say [...] do you think it's better than this?
Mike (PS0LL) [3060] She was.
Merielle (PS0LM) [3061] I've opened it!
Mike (PS0LL) [3062] Good God, she was only fourteen she had a deeper voice than
Harold (PS0LP) [3063] [...] .

6 (Tape 031002)

Mike (PS0LL) [3064] delayed.
[3065] It's gonna be one o'clock I expect when she gets in.
Martine (PS0LK) [3066] She's going to work tomorrow.
Mike (PS0LL) [3067] Is she?
Martine (PS0LK) [3068] Yeah.
Nora (PS0LR) [3069] Aye [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [3070] Mm.
[3071] She'll be shattered.
Nora (PS0LR) [3072] Aye. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [yawn]
Mike (PS0LL) [3073] Paul been?
Nora (PS0LR) [3074] Yes he was here at ... soon after nine.
Mike (PS0LL) [3075] Good god.
[3076] ... What the hell's wrong with him?
Nora (PS0LR) [3077] Well he'd ... got up and then ... [...] .
[3078] He put a shower in yesterday, that Piers.
[3079] He hasn't [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3080] When's he going back?
Nora (PS0LR) [3081] I don't know.
[3082] ... And he took the front ... piece out of that ... magazine.
[3083] He said can I take this?
[3084] And said what is it?
[3085] ... It was erm ... photo of some curtains, he said they exactly the same as Joanna [...] got up for the lounge.
[3086] ... And there was a coupon in, he sent off for fifteen pound off. [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3087] It'll be too bloody late now.
Nora (PS0LR) [3088] He didn't take much like, [...] if you want any like
Mike (PS0LL) [3089] Oh.
Nora (PS0LR) [3090] it's in there.
[3091] ... Look at that.
[3092] ... Oh god look at them [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [laugh]
Nora (PS0LR) [3093] Oh bless them. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3094] Have you seen them?
Nora (PS0LR) [3095] Ah look! [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3096] Yeah.
Nora (PS0LR) [3097] look.
Mike (PS0LL) [3098] We've got a cat comes to our house, a white one.
[3099] Pure white like that.
[3100] Comes
Nora (PS0LR) [3101] Yeah?
Mike (PS0LL) [3102] from next door isn't he?
Martine (PS0LK) [3103] Mm.
Nora (PS0LR) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3104] Lovely he is.
Nora (PS0LR) [3105] Is that one of them what [...] ?
Martine (PS0LK) [3106] No [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3107] No it's a different one.
[3108] [...] he's alright he ... you can stroke him but you have to go slow towards him.
[3109] He's alright, he was rolling over on the floor yesterday with me wasn't he?
Martine (PS0LK) [3110] Mm.
Nora (PS0LR) [3111] Oh.
Mike (PS0LL) [3112] Well I wasn't rolling on the floor, the cat was.
Nora (PS0LR) [3113] The cat, aye.
[3114] Well [...] see a black one still ... [...] that we've coming
Mike (PS0LL) [3115] Mhm
Nora (PS0LR) [3116] to the door, he'll not let you touch him.
Mike (PS0LL) [3117] Where was that ambulance going yesterday?
[3118] He turned down here.
Nora (PS0LR) [3119] [...] Aye, well er
Mike (PS0LL) [3120] We was we was outside our house and I seen it turning along there somewhere.
Nora (PS0LR) [3121] well w we were wait we were waiting to cross the road
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Nora (PS0LR) [3122] and er ... it went up here.
[3123] [whispering] So I thought where the hell's it going [...] [] .
[3124] So when we come up the lane it was on the top here ... and er ... Sally's dad was with it and then er the engine was still going ... so this girl, well erm ... one of them wenches
Mike (PS0LL) [3125] Mm
Nora (PS0LR) [3126] she lives in Barnside, she was coming up behind me and ... her husband and kids ... and I [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3127] It's not her bloody husband.
Martine (PS0LK) [3128] No.
Nora (PS0LR) [3129] Isn't it?
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Nora (PS0LR) [3130] So I said to her er ... what's happened here?
[3131] Ooh she said it's ... Mrs 's fell.
Mike (PS0LL) [3132] Who's Mrs ?
Nora (PS0LR) [3133] She lives erm upstairs ... down there.
Mike (PS0LL) [3134] Oh aye.
Nora (PS0LR) [3135] She's had two falls.
[3136] And she fell on the [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3137] Well it come with them bloody blue lights going
Martine (PS0LK) [3138] Mm
Mike (PS0LL) [3139] through [...]
Nora (PS0LR) [3140] flashing like hell.
Mike (PS0LL) [3141] You could, you could hear him coming for miles.
Nora (PS0LR) [3142] [...] for miles aye.
[3143] And all the traffic got on the side for it to go.
[3144] ... And er, anyroad somebody brought her daughter, whether Sally's husband had rung her daughter ... to come.
[3145] Somebody in a ... blue car brought her and there were two ginger headed girls.
Mike (PS0LL) [3146] Ah
Nora (PS0LR) [3147] Well her daughter's only got a son.
[3148] So ... I don't know what happened [yawning] [...] [] . ...
Mike (PS0LL) [3149] Mrs eh?
Nora (PS0LR) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3150] Was she?
Nora (PS0LR) [3151] No.
[3152] ... She never, she ... n never has [...] ... And er ... well she fell down the road ... not long ago ... and she went into hospital.
[3153] And then er ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3154] Why have they taken her in now?
Nora (PS0LR) [3155] They must have done.
[3156] And I er was talking to her down the lane when Mrs Monday and I asked her how she was ... and she said oh I've had a few falls in the house and all.
Mike (PS0LL) [3157] Oh dear.
Nora (PS0LR) [3158] She's eighty six I think.
Mike (PS0LL) [3159] She'd be better in a bloody home wouldn't she?
Nora (PS0LR) [3160] And old hasn't come back home yet.
Mike (PS0LL) [3161] Hasn't he?
Nora (PS0LR) [3162] No.
[3163] ... And we've never seen his kids.
[3164] But they were playing ball, that football on the road yesterday when we went out.
[3165] I said to Mrs perhaps it's one of them [laugh] [...] .
[3166] He says [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Nora (PS0LR) [3167] [...] so ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3168] Mm.
Nora (PS0LR) [3169] Don't [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [yawn]
Nora (PS0LR) [3170] And he seemed as if had been here when I was down the road
Mike (PS0LL) [3171] Ooh that's a shame that you missed her, bloody hell.
Nora (PS0LR) [3172] [...] common interests book was shoved through the door.
[3173] It's a damned good job we went because [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3174] Ooh you'd have never got down the road.
Nora (PS0LR) [3175] No I wouldn't.
[3176] ... We went into er ... [...] and we went into Carmella's.
[3177] [...] . Bought some apples.
Martine (PS0LK) [3178] Have you seen much of Beryl lately? ...
Nora (PS0LR) [3179] Eh?
Martine (PS0LK) [3180] Do you see [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3181] Aunty Beryl
Martine (PS0LK) [3182] Beryl lately?
Nora (PS0LR) [3183] No I haven't.
Mike (PS0LL) [3184] When was the last time you seen her?
Nora (PS0LR) [3185] Christmas was last.
Mike (PS0LL) [3186] Was it?
Nora (PS0LR) [3187] Mm.
[3188] ... And I've never
Mike (PS0LL) [3189] She must be [...]
Nora (PS0LR) [3190] heard from Gladys and Fred
Martine (PS0LK) [3191] No?
Nora (PS0LR) [3192] for months!
[3193] It's er Christmas I seen Fred, I haven't se er ... well, I know I'm not gonna get on the phone to her, you know what it's like with Gladys.
Martine (PS0LK) [3194] Mm, can't get off once you're on can you?
Nora (PS0LR) [3195] I know she might be bad, we don't know.
[3196] Fred [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3197] Lost her bloody voice again perhaps.
Nora (PS0LR) [3198] Aye.
[3199] I sometimes think I [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [3200] It's queer that [...]
Nora (PS0LR) [3201] It's queer like ... [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3202] Well if you rung you could always say oh I'll have to go cos somebody at the door if she starts going on a bit long.
Nora (PS0LR) [3203] Aye.
Mike (PS0LL) [3204] Say ooh there's somebody at the door, have to go.
[3205] ... That's the best.
Nora (PS0LR) [3206] Well I can't at night.
Mike (PS0LL) [3207] Well of course you can.
Nora (PS0LR) [3208] Well she might think oh you don't go to the door at night.
Martine (PS0LK) [3209] Well say our Michael was in.
Mike (PS0LL) [3210] Well if you [...] didn't ring tonight and rung tomorrow ... and rung early on-ish ... and you'll have to say
Nora (PS0LR) [3211] Oh aye but
Mike (PS0LL) [3212] ooh our Michael, ooh, ooh there's somebody at the door, I'll have to go.
Nora (PS0LR) [3213] Aye about sixish.
[3214] After, soon after six cos it's cheaper then innit?
Mike (PS0LL) [3215] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [3216] Yeah. ...
Mike (PS0LL) [3217] And you could have ten minutes on the phone and say ooh I'll have to go, there's somebody at the door.
Nora (PS0LR) [3218] Aye.
Mike (PS0LL) [3219] And then that's it then innit?
Nora (PS0LR) [3220] [...] say ooh I just seen Michael passing, I'll have to [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3221] The ball's in her court then. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3222] Tosh and Les have just been on the phone to us up there haven't they?
Mike (PS0LL) [3223] Ah.
Nora (PS0LR) [3224] Have they?
Mike (PS0LL) [3225] Yeah.
[3226] They're coming at Easter.
Nora (PS0LR) [3227] Oh aye.
Martine (PS0LK) [3228] James has been er talking down the footie ... yeah, yeah ... talking a load of bloody rubbish but ... he'll start speaking all of a sudden won't he?
Mike (PS0LL) [3229] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Nora (PS0LR) [3230] It must be rheumatic this in here ... ooh god it hurts.
[3231] ... [...] ... Have to rub it cos [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3232] Mm. ...
Nora (PS0LR) [3233] [yawning] Oh dear [] ...
Mike (PS0LL) [3234] Did you watch Beadle before?
Nora (PS0LR) [3235] [...] ... [...] said they'd been recording things for her wanting to see ... what she does see when she's old.
Mike (PS0LL) [3236] Oh [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [3237] Probably have all the bloody soaps taped and everything.
Nora (PS0LR) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3238] Neighbours and Coronation Street.
Nora (PS0LR) [3239] Oh I don't know about Neighbours, I know [...] Coronation Street and oh I don't know [...] [laughing] I don't know what it were [] .
[3240] Oh ... she said we've cleaned the house from top to bottom.
[3241] Everything's lovely by she comes home.
[3242] And you know she said that er [...] I was telling [...] you about?
[3243] Aye I said, so she said the landlord's never [laughing] put it down [] so we thought he'd have had it down by she come home [laugh] cos Alison seen it and ... where they work and th and there's a room there or something and she'd asked the boss [laughing] could she have it for the bathroom [] .
Martine (PS0LK) [3244] Mm.
Nora (PS0LR) [3245] And he said yes, take it home [...] .
[3246] ... [yawn] ... But she's [...] round here er ... Friday night.
Mike (PS0LL) [3247] Mm.
Nora (PS0LR) [3248] She's been round here a few times since her husband been away ... asking how I am.
[3249] ... They've got a crow in that cage there look.
Mike (PS0LL) [3250] Have they?
[3251] ... There were a lot of crows when we went for a walk before flying round.
Nora (PS0LR) [3252] Mm.
[3253] Ooh and the seagulls.
[3254] They must go to that ... sewerage isn't it?
Mike (PS0LL) [3255] Aye.
Nora (PS0LR) [3256] Coming back tonight ... there was hundreds of them!
[3257] ... In droves they come in or a bunch and then another bunch comes and ... about er quarter to five and it's ... [...] every night.
[3258] They must go at the break of day, you know?
Martine (PS0LK) [3259] Mm.
Mike (PS0LL) [3260] Mm.
[3261] Looking for turds.
Martine (PS0LK) [laugh] ...
Nora (PS0LR) [3262] Well there's nothing else [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3263] No.
[3264] [...] ... I went to the tip yesterday
Nora (PS0LR) [3265] Oh aye.
Mike (PS0LL) [3266] to the skips ... and in a fortnight they shut.
[3267] They're shutting the skips down and then anything that you take then you have to take straight to the tip.
[3268] And they're gonna charge you for going there even if you've got like household stuff in the car, they're gonna charge you for tipping.
[3269] I said to the bloke I'll not bloody pay.
[3270] He said well I've lost me job through it he said.
[3271] Cos he looks after the s the skips
Nora (PS0LR) [3272] Mm.
Mike (PS0LL) [3273] and then he can have what ... they have to put price in and then they, they have the scrap out of them see and all the rest of it.
[3274] So I've lost me bloody job because of it he said.
[3275] And the nearest place to go to a skip then is in Queensferry.
Nora (PS0LR) [3276] Oh.
Mike (PS0LL) [3277] And if you just tip it outside the gates they're gonna fine you two thousand pound.
Nora (PS0LR) [3278] Oh good god [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [3279] Why are they gonna have somebody watching?
Mike (PS0LL) [3280] Well he reckons they're gonna have like security there and everything.
Nora (PS0LR) [3281] Oh well where do you, where is it you [...] ? [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3282] Spencers.,
Martine (PS0LK) [3283] They'll find somewhere else
Mike (PS0LL) [3284] Nowt.
Martine (PS0LK) [3285] to dump it won't they?
Mike (PS0LL) [3286] Yeah.
Nora (PS0LR) [3287] Oh [...] .
[3288] Matthew's supposed to have a job there now.
Mike (PS0LL) [3289] Where?
Nora (PS0LR) [3290] Spencers.
Mike (PS0LL) [3291] Spencers?
Martine (PS0LK) [3292] They don't know what, er you play, pay your bloody poll tax and you've still gotta pay
Nora (PS0LR) [3293] Aye!
Martine (PS0LK) [3294] to dump your rubbish!
Mike (PS0LL) [3295] Mm.
Nora (PS0LR) [3296] Aye!
Mike (PS0LL) [3297] I said I'll leave mine out for the bloody bin men before I take it down the tippy.
Nora (PS0LR) [3298] By hell [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3299] I'd put bags of bloody bricks on the front.
Nora (PS0LR) [3300] Aye.
Mike (PS0LL) [3301] And I'd leave the buggers there as well.
[3302] If he didn't take them they could stop there. ...
Nora (PS0LR) [3303] [...] the cheeky buggers. ...
Mike (PS0LL) [3304] He said it's bec all because the tipping's been privatized or something.
Nora (PS0LR) [3305] Ha! [...] government.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Nora (PS0LR) [3306] Aye well if the Tory's get in again, they're going to privatize the post offices.
Mike (PS0LL) [3307] Well they reckon they've, they've split it all ready for privatizing.
[3308] Because there's like post office parcels now isn't there?
[3309] And
Nora (PS0LR) [3310] Mm.
Mike (PS0LL) [3311] the post office counters.
[3312] Like the post office down the road.
[3313] And the post office letters and all the bloody rest of it, it's all been split up ready ... so they just privatize it.
Nora (PS0LR) [3314] Saying how there's gonna be a lot of roads with a poll tax to pay.
Mike (PS0LL) [3315] Not poll tax, bloody tolls.
Nora (PS0LR) [3316] Well tolled, toll I mean.
[3317] Aye.
[3318] [...] aye.
[3319] It's coming to something, I hope them buggers don't get in. ...
Mike (PS0LL) [3320] Did you watch the football this afternoon or that
Nora (PS0LR) [3321] No I
Mike (PS0LL) [3322] kung fu.
[3323] Did you, didn't see kung fu no?
Nora (PS0LR) [3324] no I didn't se I watched football and then I turned ... in the ... interval I t turned it on to and er ...
Mike (PS0LL) [3325] And the Antiques Roadshow.
Nora (PS0LR) [3326] Yeah.
[3327] See that teapot of a monkey?
Mike (PS0LL) [3328] Aye.
Nora (PS0LR) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [3329] Oh it was horrible!
[3330] Ugly bloody thing it was.
Nora (PS0LR) [3331] Oh [...] were in er ... [...] it was terrible, I'd have chucked the bugger out before now.
[3332] Wouldn't we?
Martine (PS0LK) [3333] Mm.
Nora (PS0LR) [3334] Wouldn't have that bugger in the house.
[3335] Oh god! ... [...] what do you think we've burnt at home.
[3336] Makes you wonder what, were they very
Martine (PS0LK) [3337] Oh god [...]
Nora (PS0LR) [3338] valuable ... value in them.
[3339] Packed away [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [3340] God aye you've probably chucked away a fortune.
Nora (PS0LR) [3341] It's too damn late to think about it now though innit?
Martine (PS0LK) [3342] Yep. ...
Nora (PS0LR) [3343] Aye that er ... You've Been Framed [...] that dog in the water with that man.
[3344] [laughing] He c he [] got him off didn't he, and he sat in the thing.
Mike (PS0LL) [3345] I didn't see that.
Nora (PS0LR) [3346] In the seat.
Martine (PS0LK) [3347] No.
Nora (PS0LR) [3348] Oh.
Martine (PS0LK) [3349] Saw the one with the duck on his back.
Nora (PS0LR) [3350] Oh aye that was good and all.
[3351] Eh aye.
[3352] ... Ooh ... [...] me shoe [...] does it [...] Michael?
Mike (PS0LL) [3353] It won't go any tighter, you'll have to put more paper in it if you wanna ...
Nora (PS0LR) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3354] Well just leave it like that and let it stretch so the leather stays like that. ...
Nora (PS0LR) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [3355] What have you done, put a spud in it?
Nora (PS0LR) [3356] Mm?
Martine (PS0LK) [3357] Is that the one you put a spud in?
Nora (PS0LR) [3358] Aye.
Mike (PS0LL) [3359] That's where she had the bloody potato at the back of the bloody thing, there, pushing it in.
Nora (PS0LR) [3360] Oh Joanne [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3361] It has stretched it hasn't it?
Nora (PS0LR) [3362] Oh aye.
[3363] ... You're frightened of doing [...] stretched it altogether.
Mike (PS0LL) [3364] You'll pull the bloody leather from under there if you tighten it any more.
Nora (PS0LR) [3365] Aye.
Mike (PS0LL) [3366] You see it won't tighten any more, that's it. [...] ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3367] What damn sort of contraption's that?
[3368] Joanne's brought it?
Mike (PS0LL) [3369] Well it just winds up and it pushes a wedge forward and splays them out.
Nora (PS0LR) [3370] I got it, it's cos I think it was for a ... a thinner shoe mind [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3371] Well it's for like a a narrower shoe, a woman's shoe, [...]
Nora (PS0LR) [3372] And Michael had to put a lot of paper in to
Mike (PS0LL) [3373] pack it out. ...
Nora (PS0LR) [3374] But erm ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3375] Do you make a good door cos you don't make a very good window, sit back.
Nora (PS0LR) [3376] She's coming again tomorrow to have a look at it and practice. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3377] What the one from [...] from the hairdressers?
Nora (PS0LR) [3378] Aye.
Martine (PS0LK) [3379] She comes out to you now does she? ...
Nora (PS0LR) [3380] Aye [...] this is the third time.
[3381] [...] but she said [...] .
[3382] So she said she'd come again tomorrow ... [...] .
[3383] Have to get you ready for this wedding she said. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3384] Mm.
Nora (PS0LR) [3385] Erm Madelade said that ... Peter [laughing] got the nerves already [] .
Mike (PS0LL) [3386] About the wedding?
Nora (PS0LR) [laugh] ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3387] Mm soon be here the wedding won't it? [...]
Nora (PS0LR) [3388] Aye soon come now won't it?
Martine (PS0LK) [3389] Only be about seven weeks something like that.
[3390] Six or seven weeks.
Mike (PS0LL) [...] ...
Martine (PS0LK) [yawn]
Nora (PS0LR) [3391] [...] finish the doors I think for the ...
Mike (PS0LL) [3392] Eh?
Nora (PS0LR) [3393] He's varnishing isn't he, the doors?
Mike (PS0LL) [3394] I dunno.
[3395] Oh he's staining them.
Nora (PS0LR) [3396] Aye. ... [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3397] He should have left the bloody things off because they're gonna have to take them off if they have their carpets down and ... might have to have something planed off them or something mightn't they?
Nora (PS0LR) [3398] [...] left them up, left them up or something I don't ... He said on the night he'll have to come again and have a look at it.
Mike (PS0LL) [3399] Mm it looks well now.
[3400] But he was having [...] today as well weren't he, his back door?
Nora (PS0LR) [3401] Eh?
Mike (PS0LL) [3402] He was having his back door put on today weren't he?
Nora (PS0LR) [3403] Why hadn't he got [...] ?
Mike (PS0LL) [3404] Well he had an old one on, he bought a new one on Friday.
Nora (PS0LR) [3405] Oh did he?
Martine (PS0LK) [3406] An old stained one or something.
[3407] ... That's like Barbara and Graham's.
[3408] Big Victorian stained door type [...] ...
Nora (PS0LR) [3409] Oh it'll be all nice when he's finished.
Mike (PS0LL) [3410] Oh it looks well there now. ...
Nora (PS0LR) [3411] Got a nice bit of ground don't they?
Mike (PS0LL) [3412] Mm. ...
Nora (PS0LR) [3413] So er ... perhaps he'll wait till he gets the carpets down. ... [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3414] Mm.
Nora (PS0LR) [3415] Cos he hasn't erm ... had the [...] switched on yet.
Mike (PS0LL) [3416] Well he's had the fire plumbed in but the gas isn't on.
Nora (PS0LR) [3417] Oh I don't know [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3418] I d well that's what he was gonna do, that's what Les was gonna do, put the fire in.
[3419] It's only a matter of connecting the bloody pipe up.
Nora (PS0LR) [3420] Aye. ... [yawn] ...
Mike (PS0LL) [3421] He's had an electric bill hasn't he for god knows how much.
[3422] And he hasn't bloody used any.
Nora (PS0LR) [3423] No.
[3424] Fifty pound I think.
Mike (PS0LL) [3425] Mm something like that, or eighty pound was it?
Martine (PS0LK) [3426] Mm.
Mike (PS0LL) [3427] I said what you gonna do?
[3428] I said you wanna send the bugger back, he said don't worry I have done.
Nora (PS0LR) [3429] Aye [...] ... [...] another
Martine (PS0LK) [3430] They try it on all ways don't they?
Nora (PS0LR) [3431] Be having another now cos he read them the other day.
Mike (PS0LL) [3432] Well that's the one, he's had one.
Nora (PS0LR) [3433] Oh that's the one.
[3434] Oh god well I expect we'll have ours in the morning. ...
Mike (PS0LL) [3435] Aye ours will be, if you have yours in the morning ours will be here tomorrow or Tuesday
Nora (PS0LR) [3436] Mm.
Mike (PS0LL) [3437] I expect.
[3438] ... Shouldn't be that much. ...
Nora (PS0LR) [3439] You have yours estimated though don't you? ...
Mike (PS0LL) [3440] Did you see that Stars in Their Eyes last night?
[3441] That Lesley Crowther with them people singing.
Nora (PS0LR) [3442] Aye.
Mike (PS0LL) [3443] That young girl was good weren't she?
Nora (PS0LR) [3444] Aye she was good.
Mike (PS0LL) [3445] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [3446] But didn't he ... make her different?
Mike (PS0LL) [3447] Aye.
Nora (PS0LR) [3448] [...] hair different [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [3449] Mm.
Nora (PS0LR) [3450] Eh I [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3451] But she s Marty's got a tape of the woman that actually sung that anyroad ... who she bloody sounds like her.
Nora (PS0LR) [3452] Mm.
Mike (PS0LL) [3453] She was good.
Nora (PS0LR) [3454] Oh aye she was good.
[3455] ... Got [...] little pieces on them haven't they, them [...] ?
Mike (PS0LL) [3456] Yes. ...
Nora (PS0LR) [3457] [...] the dog [...] .
Mike (PS0LL) [3458] Dopey little bugger that one eh? [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [3459] Ah no!
[3460] He's lovely.
Mike (PS0LL) [3461] Horrible little bugger.
[3462] ... [...] shed will be nice and dry now, there'll be no water leaking in [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [3463] Ah.
Nora (PS0LR) [3464] No.
[3465] Oh well that's better.
Mike (PS0LL) [3466] I'll have to get some ... wood preserver or creosote and
Nora (PS0LR) [3467] Mm.
Mike (PS0LL) [3468] I'll do all the fences before
Nora (PS0LR) [3469] Aye. ...
Mike (PS0LL) [3470] Well it's too bloody late now, all the rain will have stopped by I finish messing about I expect.
Nora (PS0LR) [3471] I but [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3472] It's made the difference though putting that other stuff on it.
[3473] I did it with some stuff before
Nora (PS0LR) [3474] Oh did you?
Mike (PS0LL) [3475] and er I was watching it when it was raining the other day, you could see the rain dripping off the wood rather than soaking into it so it's done something.
Nora (PS0LR) [3476] Oh aye.
[3477] Well you can keep different things in it now than you couldn't before.
[3478] [...] Eh?
Mike (PS0LL) [3479] Oh everything's been in the bloody thing anyway.
[3480] Everything's in there anyway.
Nora (PS0LR) [laugh] [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [3481] It's full innit?
Mike (PS0LL) [3482] No.
Nora (PS0LR) [3483] He'll be ha er having it in the summer [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Nora (PS0LR) [3484] With chairs and table outside.
Mike (PS0LL) [3485] I'm gonna get all the back tidy for the summer.
[3486] I know it's not very big but
Nora (PS0LR) [3487] No.
Mike (PS0LL) [3488] if I get it tidy, put a bit of ... do all, get all the garden level and everything.
[3489] Be able to, at least be able to sit out or something in the summer.
Nora (PS0LR) [3490] Oh aye.
Mike (PS0LL) [3491] And I'll put so bit more soil in that, you know that border thing that we've got there?
[3492] Well there was all concrete and all sorts on the top of that weren't there?
Nora (PS0LR) [3493] I know.
Mike (PS0LL) [3494] So I've knocked it all up so I'm gonna dig it over and put, get some more soil this next week.
Nora (PS0LR) [3495] Well where's thee gonna get thee soil from?
Mike (PS0LL) [3496] Well I don't know [...] .
[3497] I don't wanna pay for the bugger.
[3498] I'll see Johnny , see if he's got anything.
Nora (PS0LR) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3499] Mm.
Nora (PS0LR) [3500] but he might.
Mike (PS0LL) [3501] Well I'll leave ca I don't wanna do them till the summer, it will be too bloody wet now.
Nora (PS0LR) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3502] It's wet as [...] down there.
Nora (PS0LR) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3503] Went down for a walk today didn't we?
[3504] It was slippery as hell down the fields.
Nora (PS0LR) [3505] Oh aye [...] .
[3506] Did your mum and dad go along?
Mike (PS0LL) [3507] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [3508] What, for a walk?
Mike (PS0LL) [3509] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [3510] Mm.
[3511] ... It was nice aye.
Nora (PS0LR) [3512] [...] dog's not so bad ... [...] walk like.
Mike (PS0LL) [3513] [yawning] Oh aye he's alright [] .
[3514] He was [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3515] this morning.
[3516] We was ... we give him an aspirin he was alright.
Martine (PS0LK) [yawn] ...
Nora (PS0LR) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3517] Oh aye.
Nora (PS0LR) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3518] We took a couple of photos of him again today.
[3519] So if, he's got a fortnight
Martine (PS0LK) [3520] Whereby is it?
Nora (PS0LR) [3521] Right in the middle duck.
Mike (PS0LL) [3522] He's got a fortnight before it's gotta go in anyway
Nora (PS0LR) [3523] Aye.
Mike (PS0LL) [3524] so we'll have this film developed
Nora (PS0LR) [3525] It's in there.
[3526] On that page.
Mike (PS0LL) [3527] There.
[3528] ... We'll get it developed and ... we've
Nora (PS0LR) [3529] Oh aye
Mike (PS0LL) [3530] we've got things on him as well so ... we find the best.
Nora (PS0LR) [3531] Well take it home with you Martine then.
Mike (PS0LL) [3532] Yeah he was comical wasn't he, tonight?
[3533] He had his bloody ... he had his cushion and he had his bloody, you know that one how we got him with his head on his cushion like that?
[3534] He was lying with his head on his cushion, eh
Nora (PS0LR) [laugh]
Mike (PS0LL) [3535] god almighty.
Martine (PS0LK) [3536] Twelve ... they want.
Mike (PS0LL) [3537] Do they? ...
Nora (PS0LR) [3538] It'll be alright to have a ... win it again ducks, go to London ... weekend again.
Martine (PS0LK) [3539] Mm.
Nora (PS0LR) [3540] Be nice wouldn't it?
Martine (PS0LK) [3541] Don't think there's much chance of that. ...
Nora (PS0LR) [3542] Eh there'll be hundreds sent in though won't there?
Mike (PS0LL) [3543] Oh aye.
Nora (PS0LR) [3544] Bound to be.
[3545] ... Cos our [...] now she brought his Spillers.
[3546] ... Growing erm parsley in a ... container [...] . ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3547] I don't understand, it says [reading] Spillers is on the look out for Britain's twelve most appealing dogs ... to appear on the Prime calendar nineteen ninety three [] .
[3548] Then a bit lower down it says [reading] eight semi finalists will be selected for a final judging in April [] .
Mike (PS0LL) [3549] Well I suppose ... they'll, you send them all in then there's eight semi finalists
Nora (PS0LR) [3550] Aye.
Mike (PS0LL) [3551] and then they'll just pick one out of that to go on as part of the calendar.
Martine (PS0LK) [3552] Mm. ...
Mike (PS0LL) [3553] For one of the months, I would have thought.
[3554] The way, that's the way I read it anyway.
Nora (PS0LR) [3555] Oh aye yes, [...] a big calendar where you ... turn over
Mike (PS0LL) [3556] Mm
Nora (PS0LR) [3557] with a different dog on.
Martine (PS0LK) [3558] Oh, so th and then ... Prime themselves will get the others, it's just they want one.
Mike (PS0LL) [3559] I would have thought so.
[3560] I think that's what it'll be myself.
Martine (PS0LK) [3561] Oh right. ...
Mike (PS0LL) [3562] I mean if you sent that one in with his head on his cushion ... er erm I don't suppose there'll be anybody else is gonna send one in like that.
Nora (PS0LR) [3563] No.
Mike (PS0LL) [3564] People's gonna be sending them in with with the dog
Nora (PS0LR) [3565] Dog standing.
Mike (PS0LL) [3566] standing there or doing
Nora (PS0LR) [3567] Aye.
Mike (PS0LL) [3568] whatever.
Martine (PS0LK) [3569] Mm.
Mike (PS0LL) [3570] But that one it, they might say oh you know, bloody hell that's
Nora (PS0LR) [3571] That's unusual.
Mike (PS0LL) [3572] good you know.
[3573] That'd be nice to have on the calendar sort of thing.
Nora (PS0LR) [3574] Mm.
Mike (PS0LL) [3575] I know we, you haven't got a cat in bloody hell's chance of us going but
Nora (PS0LR) [3576] No, there's no harm in ...
Mike (PS0LL) [3577] Oh no. ...
Nora (PS0LR) [3578] sending it.
[3579] Good god it ... Our Susan will be thrilled to bits if you went again.
Mike (PS0LL) [3580] Aye. ...
Nora (PS0LR) [3581] Aye Alison said you want her to come home don't you?
[3582] Well aye I said to her [...] as long as she'll come home safe and sound it's all that matters innit?
[3583] ... I said erm ... I said to Alison ... oh aye cos she rang up the other day and I asked her if she'd found a fella.
[3584] Oh aye she said, [...] .
[3585] Aye Alison said, she said [...] ... she said no she's not interested [laugh] [laughing] [...] oh [] .
Martine (PS0LK) [3586] [yawning] We'll have to go [...] []
Mike (PS0LL) [3587] Yeah.
Nora (PS0LR) [3588] No I say she done modelling over there.
[3589] Ooh she said they ... they're all foreign she said she wouldn't be able to understand talking. ...
Mike (PS0LL) [3590] Shall we make a move then?
Martine (PS0LK) [3591] Yeah.
[3592] ... Ooh, go and watch Maigret.
Nora (PS0LR) [3593] Aye. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3594] Ooh [...]
Nora (PS0LR) [3595] Aye.
[3596] Knocking the place [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3597] It's had some knocks that bugger, it's never come down yet.
Nora (PS0LR) [3598] It did come down once.
[3599] Do you remember I had to have erm ... I rang Michelle and er what do you call it's dad come out.
[3600] One of the .
Mike (PS0LL) [3601] Oh aye.
Nora (PS0LR) [3602] He couldn't believe [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3603] Oh I don't remember.
Nora (PS0LR) [3604] [...] come through the damn ceiling.
Martine (PS0LK) [3605] Right [...]
Nora (PS0LR) [3606] Right [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [3607] Come on .
Mike (PS0LL) [3608] Right.
Nora (PS0LR) [3609] Sure you'll not, not miss the sheet tonight?
Mike (PS0LL) [3610] Mm, take it if you want.
Nora (PS0LR) [3611] It's in the [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [3612] Oh take it tomorrow, won't be washing [...]
Nora (PS0LR) [3613] No I know you're washing today
Mike (PS0LL) [3614] Oh.
Martine (PS0LK) [3615] Got stuff to dry there now.
Nora (PS0LR) [3616] Aye. [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [3617] Oh doesn't matter.
[3618] Right.
Nora (PS0LR) [3619] with the weather being so bad.
Martine (PS0LK) [3620] Yeah.
[3621] Take a few days to dry, but they dry eventually.
Nora (PS0LR) [3622] Aye well [...] bring some tomorrow Michael.
Mike (PS0LL) [3623] Aye we'll see how we get on.
Nora (PS0LR) [3624] Right.
Mike (PS0LL) [3625] Take care then.
Martine (PS0LK) [3626] Right bolt this door after us.
Nora (PS0LR) [3627] [...] I will love.
[3628] Okey-dokey
Mike (PS0LL) [3629] Bye.
Martine (PS0LK) [3630] Ta ra Norah see you tomorrow.
Mike (PS0LL) [3631] See you.
Nora (PS0LR) [3632] Bye. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [...] ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3633] Isn't it horrible?
Mike (PS0LL) [...] ... [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [3634] Mm.
[3635] ... I'm getting [...] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [3636] [...] innit?
[3637] ... [yawn] I bet she'll bloody wait up for Susan to ring.
Mike (PS0LL) [3638] Oh I expect so, aye.
[3639] Susan won't ring.
[3640] She said to her in the week when she rung she won't ring until ... I thought it was like midnight last night she was getting in and she wasn't gonna ring till today but it'll be tomorrow she'll ring her.
Martine (PS0LK) [3641] Yeah.
[3642] She'll wait up.
[3643] ... Sure as eggs is eggs.
[3644] ... As long as she doesn't bloody ring us to say oh Susan's just rung.
[3645] I'll clonk her if she does.
[3646] ... [...] ... You know what she's like.
[3647] ... [yawning] Ooh it's quiet innit [] ?
Mike (PS0LL) [3648] Surely is.
Martine (PS0LK) [3649] Must be cos it's so horrible.
[3650] ... [sigh] ... Did you say you were working with Roy tomorrow?
Mike (PS0LL) [3651] Well I might be, I don't know.
[3652] Bloody ... ballbag'll probably phone me in the morning or something.
[3653] I might be going to er ... Ellesmere Port, there's coffin stones to get up, they've got er ... hoist thing there so ... I don't know.
Martine (PS0LK) [3654] Yeah?
Mike (PS0LL) [3655] I might be there or I might be ... with Roy, I don't know. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3656] Will you be home any earlier than you have been? ...
Mike (PS0LL) [3657] We might try and put all the [...] on tomorrow and if they do they'll just work till they get them on ... [...] .
[3658] I don't know.
Martine (PS0LK) [3659] [...] I think.
Mike (PS0LL) [3660] [...] what I was thinking.
Martine (PS0LK) [3661] Eh?
Mike (PS0LL) [3662] [...] what I was thinking then. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3663] [yawning] Oh god I can't stop yawning [] .
[3664] ... Pop the lock on.
[3665] ... I can take these if you bring the grey bag.
Mike (PS0LL) [3666] Right. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3667] [...] ... Sally's off tomorrow and Tuesday as well.
Mike (PS0LL) [3668] I think she [...] ...

7 (Tape 031101)

Will (PS0LS) [3669] One of the jobs we are doing is to identify what schemes they're planning that they won't need to build.
Michael (PS0LT) [3670] That's not possible.
Martine (PS0LK) [3671] If you need a larger one that that
Will (PS0LS) [3672] That's what it says.
Martine (PS0LK) [3673] I've got a
Michael (PS0LT) [3674] No but
Martine (PS0LK) [3675] template.
Michael (PS0LT) [3676] [...] on a bridge bit [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Will (PS0LS) [3677] Why not?
Michael (PS0LT) [3678] It's, it's ... that's really linked to do we need to do the Caernarvon link if we're doing the bypass?
[3679] Do they need to do the ... they've proposed that they [...] to bypass erm [...] if we're doing the Caernarvon bypass.
[3680] Well can they detrunk that bit?
Will (PS0LS) [3681] Well it doesn't say that.
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Michael (PS0LT) [3682] Well can they detrunk that bit? [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Will (PS0LS) [3683] [...] responsibility not
Martine (PS0LK) [3684] Yeah.
Will (PS0LS) [3685] theirs if they put the bypass in. ...
Michael (PS0LT) [3686] So what came out of this, well it could be [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [3687] So are they looking to build a bypass first?
Will (PS0LS) [3688] The gut reaction this morning is we could end up ... with a bypass scheme at the end of it and no Caernarvon link. ...
Michael (PS0LT) [3689] Oh that's no good is it?
Will (PS0LS) [3690] Of course it is.
[3691] Cos we're still continuing designing a Caernarvon link [...] . ...
Michael (PS0LT) [3692] [...] four percent fee [...] .
[3693] Mind you it's, it's a smaller job. ...
Will (PS0LS) [3694] What's smaller?
Michael (PS0LT) [3695] Well if they're doing that then we s we're looking to make this a dual carriageway ... on the Richard principle that if it's a trunk road it's worth building a dual, a dual carriageway.
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Will (PS0LS) [3696] If you can convince him on traffic grounds fair enough. ...
Michael (PS0LT) [3697] So they're serious
Will (PS0LS) [3698] Course the initial thing is we get some reaction back from this, this [...]
Michael (PS0LT) [3699] so they're seriously looking to ... the trunk road network coming down [...] bypass and then going off round the Caernarvon bypass?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [whispering] [...] []
Michael (PS0LT) [3700] Or is that just ...
Will (PS0LS) [3701] That wasn't er ... Ray 's view.
[3702] That was this other guy's view.
[3703] Based on this other scheme really he said oh yes.
Michael (PS0LT) [3704] But which,whi which other guy?
Will (PS0LS) [3705] This Ve [clears throat] Vernon whatever his name is.
Michael (PS0LT) [3706] The are proposing this.
[3707] ... They won't want that.
[3708] They wo they won't [...]
Will (PS0LS) [3709] But the the guy that's looking after the schemes [...]
Michael (PS0LT) [3710] Yeah.
Will (PS0LS) [3711] [...] guy.
Michael (PS0LT) [3712] He's what?
Will (PS0LS) [3713] He's looking after the schemes for the leisure office. ...
Michael (PS0LT) [3714] Oh!
[3715] Oh he wasn't from [...] .
[3716] Sorry I thought he was
Will (PS0LS) [3717] He was from the leisure office looking after the [...] . ...
Michael (PS0LT) [3718] Right.
[3719] Got it.
Will (PS0LS) [3720] That's what it's, he's interest [...]
Michael (PS0LT) [3721] Right.
[3722] Yes.
[3723] Very good.
[3724] Well
Will (PS0LS) [3725] Right.
Michael (PS0LT) [3726] have a lovely meeting.
[3727] Seminar
Will (PS0LS) [3728] I will yes.
Michael (PS0LT) [3729] Er you're going on this thing at the end of the month?
Will (PS0LS) [3730] Meetings ... yes.
Michael (PS0LT) [3731] There'd appear to be [...] out of this office.
Will (PS0LS) [3732] There seems to be an awful lot of us going, yeah.
[3733] I'll o I'll only be there Friday morning and Saturday.
[3734] I won't be there Friday afternoon ... since I'm taking my son to the dentist [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0LT) [3735] I do wonder if it's really w er I mean ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0LT) [3736] Okay.
[3737] See you tomorrow.
Will (PS0LS) [3738] You won't.
[3739] I'm in Chester all day tomorrow.
Martine (PS0LK) [laugh]
Will (PS0LS) [3740] Manchester all day Wednesday.
[3741] L E C visit Thursday, Friday. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3742] Busy man.
Michael (PS0LT) [3743] I'd better get me timesheet out of
Martine (PS0LK) [laugh]
Will (PS0LS) [3744] It's signed.
Michael (PS0LT) [3745] Oh it's signed.
[3746] Oh that's alright.
[3747] ... We don't want [...] bothering us do we? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3748] Er where were we?
Michael (PS0LT) [3749] Mm?
Martine (PS0LK) [3750] Where were we? ...
Jim (PS0LU) [3751] We were drawing up plans.
Michael (PS0LT) [3752] It looks as though we're gonna be doing some extra survey work.
Martine (PS0LK) [3753] Mm.
[3754] ... Ah that's what I was saying ... what
Michael (PS0LT) [3755] Yeah, now
Martine (PS0LK) [3756] detail on roundabouts.
Michael (PS0LT) [3757] right.
[3758] How much staff did we use?
[3759] Can, can you [...] ... The erm ... the Ormskirk
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...] ...
Michael (PS0LT) [3760] Oh, that's a pity.
[3761] ... [...] track of methodology but [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [3762] [...] push to get Steve ... today.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [3763] [...] Well I left a message with his [...] saying [...]
Michael (PS0LT) [3764] Were any of these four arm rou it's a five arm roundabout isn't it?
[3765] Were any of these four arm roundabouts?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [3766] Yes [...]
Michael (PS0LT) [3767] We did that one didn't we?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [3768] We need to do these [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [3769] Yeah that was [...] roundabout.
[3770] That was a six arm.
Michael (PS0LT) [3771] And we did ... that one.
Martine (PS0LK) [3772] Yeah that was a
Michael (PS0LT) [3773] That's five arms isn't it?
Martine (PS0LK) [3774] five.
Michael (PS0LT) [3775] What other ones did we do?
[3776] That one there?
Martine (PS0LK) [3777] Hello Charlie.
[3778] We did, yeah, we did the [...] here.
[3779] That was a five arm.
[3780] ... Well these down here ... about fifteen or sixteen
Michael (PS0LT) [3781] Oh yeah well th yeah
Martine (PS0LK) [3782] the motorways were four arm. ...
Michael (PS0LT) [3783] How many staff do we need to do that then?
Martine (PS0LK) [3784] The full turn in ... count.
Michael (PS0LT) [3785] Suppose, well ... supposing we count ins and outs and the
Martine (PS0LK) [3786] Yeah.
Michael (PS0LT) [3787] sample.
Martine (PS0LK) [3788] Right.
[3789] ... You need one ... t ... to ... where, where were, where we talking about now?
[3790] St David.
[3791] See you're gonna get some busier than others.
Michael (PS0LT) [3792] Yes.
Martine (PS0LK) [3793] If they were all as busy as each other you've gotta have one doing ins and one doing outs.
[3794] But on quiet roads, one person can do ins and outs. ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [3795] I'll er I'll [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [3796] Yeah just get something done and I'll be back [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [3797] Okay.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [3798] And we'll go through it.
Martine (PS0LK) [3799] On the Queensferry bypass, on the interchange there it was five hours.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [3800] It's only really a four and a half hour roundabout isn't it?
Michael (PS0LT) [3801] Yes but one is out and
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [3802] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [3803] Yeah.
[3804] ... So you can ... obviously that's gonna just be one person.
[3805] One person could do a two way on a quiet arm but the others are gonna need ... one person to do ins, one person to do outs.
[3806] ... And one person at each arm doing a sample. ...
Michael (PS0LT) [3807] So you've got ... nine ... plus four ... Did we do a sample all day? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3808] No, just in the peak hours they're sampling.
Michael (PS0LT) [3809] Didn't we do them off peak as well?
[3810] We should have done them off peak as well shouldn't we?
Martine (PS0LK) [3811] I don't know.
[3812] I mean Jan did those.
[3813] I think it was just peak hours. ...
Michael (PS0LT) [3814] Er ... [sigh] It's gonna take thirteen people isn't it? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3815] Yeah, I mean if it was peaks only I mean there's nothing to stop me doing it. ...
Michael (PS0LT) [3816] Well I appreciate that.
[3817] Or you use it, you put everybody on in the peaks
Martine (PS0LK) [3818] Yeah.
Michael (PS0LT) [3819] and then you, you ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3820] You use the
Michael (PS0LT) [3821] cutback
Martine (PS0LK) [3822] In the off, in the off peak they rotate the staff and
Michael (PS0LT) [3823] I'm not The thing is what you're assuming then is that the pattern in the peak hour ... is typical for the day as a whole.
[3824] That's not right is it? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3825] Mm ... maybe not.
Michael (PS0LT) [3826] Well you'll get a different pattern in the morning peak and the evening peak for a start won't you?
Martine (PS0LK) [3827] Mhm. ...
Michael (PS0LT) [3828] Mind you maybe you won't.
[3829] ... Depends, what you're really concerned about is how does the proportion of traffic ... split to left and right and ... straight ahead isn't it?
[3830] ... If that pattern basically stays the same ... then you've got, the volume, the flow will go up and down.
[3831] Mm right.
[3832] ... But if we did a full turning count how would we do that?
[3833] You can't do it can you?
Martine (PS0LK) [3834] It's not realistic.
[3835] ... You have to do ... if you're doing that you have to have all the ins and outs plus a circulation flow. ...
Michael (PS0LT) [3836] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [3837] And I've never done one like that.
[3838] We've always ... you know, found a way round it.
Michael (PS0LT) [3839] What we did before, was we did counting in flows and circulating.
[3840] ... I think what we would do ... supposing we didn't, supposing we just had ... heavy vehicles and light vehicles?
[3841] ... That's gonna make things a lot easier isn't it?
Martine (PS0LK) [3842] Yeah well we, for Queensferry we just had ... three classes.
[3843] Motorbikes, cars, light goods ... H G V including two three and four axle and buses ... for the, for the whole count, now for the samples ... Rob didn't even want it classified.
[3844] It was just a vehicle regardless ... of what it was.
Michael (PS0LT) [3845] Yeah.
[3846] ... I suppose we could do a classified count ... er on the A four eight seven sort of a bit away if we wanted a proper classified count couldn't we?
Martine (PS0LK) [3847] Yeah.
Michael (PS0LT) [3848] Separate, on another day.
Martine (PS0LK) [3849] Yeah. ...
Michael (PS0LT) [3850] Or we could just use whatever we get at the interview side.
[3851] ... Erm ... perhaps the thing to do is to look at ... how it varied in nineteen eighty six.
[3852] Did you get that report out?
[3853] Yes you did.
[3854] ... How it varied between the two sides.
[3855] ... There's three thousand one hundred there.
Martine (PS0LK) [3856] Mhm. ...
Michael (PS0LT) [3857] That's two way.
[3858] ... On a twelve hour day.
[3859] So assu you're talking about, well supposing that 's grown, it may be four thousand, so you're talking about two thousand tr vehicles in the interview direction ... over twelve hours.
[3860] ... So you're gonna want to interview ... forty percent right?
[3861] [...] ... How many do you think you'll need?
[3862] Do you think you'll need ... if you have t a team of four on, is that a half team or a six team?
Martine (PS0LK) [3863] A half.
[3864] A four.
[3865] ... We did have ... we worked a six team but it's not as easy to work out.
Michael (PS0LT) [3866] I'm only thinking that ... you've got somebody counting?
Martine (PS0LK) [3867] Yeah.
Michael (PS0LT) [3868] There's one person counting?
Martine (PS0LK) [3869] Two.
Michael (PS0LT) [3870] Two people counting.
Martine (PS0LK) [3871] Yeah.
Michael (PS0LT) [3872] One's on a break.
Martine (PS0LK) [3873] Two. ...
Michael (PS0LT) [3874] Sorry?
Martine (PS0LK) [3875] Oh ... what are you on about now?
[3876] When th there's a half team?
Michael (PS0LT) [3877] A half team.
Martine (PS0LK) [3878] Right yeah.
[3879] If there's ... a half team one people, one person counting ... one on a break and two interviewing.
[3880] ... And they have a break every three hours. ...
Michael (PS0LT) [3881] Can one person count and cope ... with that sort of flow? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3882] No I'd want two people.
Michael (PS0LT) [3883] Two people counting?
Martine (PS0LK) [3884] Oh what are you on about now?
[3885] On this ... this quieter roa oh right.
[3886] Er yeah one person would be alright.
Michael (PS0LT) [3887] That's the same sort of flow as we had a Birkdale Cop.
Martine (PS0LK) [3888] Mm.
Michael (PS0LT) [3889] Isn't it?
Martine (PS0LK) [3890] We only had half a team there.
Michael (PS0LT) [3891] Right.
[3892] Yep that's alright then.
[3893] ... Well my feeling on the roundabout is that we need to do, count ins and outs ... and do a sample.
Martine (PS0LK) [3894] Okay. ...
Michael (PS0LT) [3895] And erm ... I think that's the thing to do.
Martine (PS0LK) [3896] Yeah.
[3897] See the, so say if we, like you just said, we need thirteen people
Michael (PS0LT) [3898] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [3899] but there's only gonna be two days.
[3900] ... If we've got two roundabouts there's only gonna be two days when we need that thirteen people.
[3901] So when we're
Michael (PS0LT) [3902] Two roundabouts? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3903] There's that other roundabout isn't there?
[3904] You know where the horses were in the field?
[3905] ... That was a four armed roundabout.
Michael (PS0LT) [sigh] ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3906] Just down from ...
Michael (PS0LT) [3907] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [3908] the station house place where we parked [...]
Michael (PS0LT) [3909] You'll find that erm ... the flows there are very low.
Martine (PS0LK) [3910] So you think we could get away with treating that as a crossroads and have people
Michael (PS0LT) [3911] I reckon
Martine (PS0LK) [3912] doing that?
Michael (PS0LT) [3913] I reckon ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3914] Well we could have a person counting and not only are they counting what's coming out of their junction, but they could do left, straight on or right.
[3915] ... Treat it as a crossroads ... perhaps.
Michael (PS0LT) [3916] I reckon ... si yes four or six people would cover that, no problem.
[3917] ... I think you'll find the flow is a ... a low
Martine (PS0LK) [3918] [...] it wasn't busy when we were there was it?
Michael (PS0LT) [3919] No I mean it may be, you know you ... i it may be reasonably busy straight through but I would have thought even there you're probably talking about four ... not a lot higher than that I wouldn't have thought.
Martine (PS0LK) [3920] No.
[3921] ... Okay I'll take four people [...]
Michael (PS0LT) [3922] And erm we're going very round very slow.
Martine (PS0LK) [3923] And the visibility was good and everything.
Michael (PS0LT) [3924] So I'd have thought that erm ... you could put four or six, four or six people on that.
[3925] And actually if we just counted this ... to through traffic wouldn't be too much [phone rings]
Michael (PS0LT) [3926] Hello ... right. ...

8 (Tape 031103)

Martine (PS0LK) [3927] your pudding?
Jim (PS0LU) [3928] What erm ... have you heard any of it? [...] you have.
[3929] What did it sound like?
Martine (PS0LK) [3930] It's good.
[3931] We both just said that it ne ... you'd never think that you sound right on ... tape.
[3932] I always think I sound high pitched.
[3933] ... [...] sounds all like bloody [...] what she does say.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [3934] Yeah [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [wolf whistles] ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3935] Nearly didn't recognize you there Jimbo. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [3936] Me?
Martine (PS0LK) [3937] No, sorry another Jim.
Jim (PS0LU) [3938] Oh.
Martine (PS0LK) [3939] Jim with a suit on.
[3940] Must be going to a funeral.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [3941] [laugh] Or going for an interview.
Martine (PS0LK) [3942] I've just seen [laughing] yeah [] he must have an interview.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [3943] Ooh. ... [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [3944] [laughing] Oh god [] .
[3945] ... You'll never guess who was in the pub yesterday.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [3946] You're right.
[3947] ... No!
Martine (PS0LK) [3948] Mm. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [3949] [...] I'm afraid.
Martine (PS0LK) [3950] Mm.
[3951] I just heard you, heard you twang [laugh] twanging your ruler.
[3952] Doing.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [3953] Twanging? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [3954] Twanging.
[3955] ... Did you, did anybody see that film about erm ... st the stolen cars?
[3956] The other night, what [...] ?
[3957] Friday night.
Jim (PS0LU) [3958] Mm no.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [3959] No.
[3960] What station was that on?
Martine (PS0LK) [3961] Erm I dunno, it was one of these er documentary type things and it was just like all organized crime, they were just ... erm
Jim (PS0LU) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [3962] saying of all, all the things that they get up to you know, [...] cutting ... using a stolen car
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [3963] Mhm.
Martine (PS0LK) [3964] or a write off car and joining them and welding them
Jim (PS0LU) [3965] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [3966] down the middle.
[3967] Cos that's what happened to Brian, you know when Brian had his Orion nicked? [...] got stopped in
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [3968] [...] the cars or something?
Martine (PS0LK) [3969] Little Sutton [...] cars.
[3970] And then, it's taking him ages to get [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [3971] Has he got it now though?
Martine (PS0LK) [3972] Yeah.
[3973] ... But er the things that they were doing were just unbelievable.
[3974] Erm you know to get the chassis numbers and that.
[3975] [...] buying old ... say a scrapped ... a written off Sierra you know, picking them up cheap for about a thousand quid from the scrappy
Jim (PS0LU) [3976] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [3977] and then getting all the ... the chassis numbers and that and welding them on to these stolen cars and ... [...] ... Because what, you know, er Siobhan's dad had a, bought a Montego ... and ... I don't know how it came about but they discovered that erm it had a diff I mean it's had a Maestro engine in it and it had [...] this that and the other.
[3978] And er they had to repossess it and he was paying [...] .
[3979] And I don't know how, what's happened about it now but at the time he was still having to pay for it
Jim (PS0LU) [3980] Mhm.
Martine (PS0LK) [3981] even though they'd taken the car.
[3982] ... [...] there was a woman there that erm ... the ... police do this service thing where they'll look a car over for you, if you bought a car that you know has been er ... in an accident and it's been
Jim (PS0LU) [3983] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [3984] they will have a look at it over ... and check it over.
[3985] And there was a woman on it, she had a really nice Orion, a J reg.
[3986] Anyway when they ... had a good look at it the front half was an Escort ... and the back half was an Orion, half a stolen car.
[3987] You know they hadn't even matched the same bloody ... type of car.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [3988] There's not really a lot of difference though is there between
Jim (PS0LU) [3989] There is [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [3990] Well there isn't and I I said to Mike what did it look like, you know?
[3991] He said it was nice.
[3992] But when they're doing these welding jobs they haven't got them on those things so ... as they're doing it like it's all moving and ...
Jim (PS0LU) [3993] Yeah.
[3994] Yeah they're totally
Martine (PS0LK) [3995] it was just a complete bodge.
Jim (PS0LU) [3996] I if you're driving along you can throw out the balance of the car.
Martine (PS0LK) [3997] Yeah.
[3998] Well it was that erm one in Manchester, that crash ... you know there was three people killed in the middle of Manchester wasn't there? ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [3999] Oh I seem to remember something like that.
Martine (PS0LK) [4000] Erm and the car just broke up in half and that was, that had been ... er ... welded but like the police are saying as ... well as soon as they sort of get wise to what they're doing and they find a way to ... er you know, get on to them, they devised something else.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4001] And the people doing it in these garages erm, you know like respraying and ... doing all the welding and everything, really he said some of the things they were doing ... if they did it legally they'd make a ... good go of it
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4002] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [4003] they were that good at what they were doing. ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4004] Tell me was I dreaming ... or did I see a sketch on T V where there's a car driving round, down the road being chased by the police ... and the driver said to the passenger er here take this ... and he says what's that for and he says it's to steer the car, presses a button ... and the car splits
Jim (PS0LU) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4005] It's an advert for Malcolm.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4006] the car s the car split in two.
Jim (PS0LU) [4007] [...] yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [4008] A yellow car.
[4009] It's an advert for that film called Malcolm
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4010] Is that what it was?
Martine (PS0LK) [4011] about the
Jim (PS0LU) [4012] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [4013] retarded lad that invented all these strange ... and he did bank robberies with a remote control car.
[4014] ... It was an advert, it wasn't [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4015] But I did see it on the T V?
Martine (PS0LK) [4016] Oh you did.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4017] Oh that's fine. [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [4018] Straight after er ... the advert for Del-boy when he says and you know what you can do with that.
Jim (PS0LU) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [...] ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4019] Even talking about ... trailers now. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4020] Trainers?
Jim (PS0LU) [4021] Talking about te television trailers.
Martine (PS0LK) [4022] Oh, oh yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4023] Not just the programmes.
Martine (PS0LK) [4024] There was a programme on about trailers the other night as well.
[4025] ... Have you seen the, the advert for these trainers with no laces, you just tighten the thing up.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4026] [...] Puma Discus system.
[4027] They're out on the twenty [...] of March or something.
Martine (PS0LK) [4028] Mm.
[4029] I wonder how much they're gonna be a pair?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4030] Dunno.
[4031] La laces are a thing of the past.
[4032] Watch this space or something.
Martine (PS0LK) [4033] Yeah.
[4034] Something like that.
[4035] I thought it was a built in egg timer or something [...] . ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4036] Obviously another time saving device.
Martine (PS0LK) [4037] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4038] To save you what ... say thirty seconds?
Martine (PS0LK) [4039] Oh at least. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4040] Ah there's no point getting cynical is there?
Martine (PS0LK) [4041] Not at this time of the day, no.
Jim (PS0LU) [4042] Not on a Monday.
[4043] Rest of the week.
Martine (PS0LK) [4044] Exactly.
[4045] ... Where did he go?
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [4046] I thought you were going out?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4047] I ... I'm ... finishing early but I'm not go going out. ... [cough]
Martine (PS0LK) [4048] Watch you don't er swallow that the wrong way.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4049] I didn't even have anything in me mouth.
[4050] Sharp intake of breath.
Martine (PS0LK) [laugh] [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4051] Excuse me? [laugh] ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4052] [laugh] For their telephone number I've just put a question mark ... and I've put a note here to say I was internally transferred. [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [4053] [laughing] S sounds like I've had an operation doesn't it?
[4054] ... I'm being internally transferred [] .
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4055] [laugh] ... Oh.
[4056] Someone pressed the I C M button.
Martine (PS0LK) [4057] Yeah.
[4058] ... Oh [...] ... I told you didn't I that ... er the fellow with the Portakabins that does work for the B B C, he had the Portakabin and then your tables are two pound each, and your chairs range from fifty pence to one pound fifty.
[4059] ... I think the ones that are fifty pence are those blue and white striped ones off the [laughing] prom at Prestatyn []
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [4060] [...] job lot.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4061] And er ... he didn't say how much the toilet was but that'll probably be separate.
[4062] ... You know, it's a separate thing so there must be a separate price, it would cost a bloody fortune.
[4063] ... And the visibility didn't seem very good out of them.
[4064] But the smallest one, the twelve foot ones, there's only one window.
[4065] The door's in the back end.
[4066] ... Erm ... so I presume that was the opposite end to where the tow bar [...] would be
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4067] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [4068] and then just one window in it.
[4069] ... Maybe just down the length of one side.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4070] Or even just at the end.
Martine (PS0LK) [4071] Yeah.
[4072] No I think it was down the side I think he said.
[4073] But I ... I think that'll be too expensive anyway.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4074] Mhm.
Martine (PS0LK) [4075] And that's why Mr said he ... he'd er
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4076] He'd do it, yeah. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4077] And we know where we are then with the toilet.
[4078] ... You know, you know what you're getting don't you?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4079] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4080] How much [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4081] Yeah it'd be erm ... Jim said there would be no problem because his men have to empty their own chemical loos anyway.
[4082] But the bowl coupling could be a problem.
[4083] He said but we'll sort it out, don't worry love.
[4084] ... They're all very nice ... [...] people.
[4085] ... They have got an accent ... this 's got one ... but he sounds more Lancashire than anything.
[4086] And he's nowhere near.
[4087] Perhaps he's just moved there.
Martine (PS0LK) [4088] Mm.
[4089] ... I'll have to er ... give her a ring to [...] and tell them to send me the advert.
[4090] Tell them to buy [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4091] Mhm.
Jim (PS0LU) [4092] When does it go out?
Martine (PS0LK) [4093] I don't know.
[4094] Today. ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4095] Is it going in The Post?
Martine (PS0LK) [4096] No.
[4097] Didn't we tell you that?
[4098] ... To have it in er ... Daily Post, The Post is the morning one ... The Echo's the evening ... to have it in for one day in The Post and The Echo, how much?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4099] Dunno, about eighty quid. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4100] Three hundred and ninety six pound sixty four pence.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4101] So you said we'll have it in all week? [laugh] ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4102] How big was the advert? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4103] Er about a hundred words in a box.
[4104] Two columns wide and ... erm eight centimetres down.
[4105] We reckoned that was about quarter of a page.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4106] It's a lot of money isn't it?
Martine (PS0LK) [4107] But see ... the reason ... I have to send this to Liverpool for them to put it in
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4108] Mhm.
Martine (PS0LK) [4109] cos it has to go through our advertising agents.
[4110] Cos we advertise in a special format don't we?
[4111] We have the ... dash lines round the box
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4112] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [4113] and we have the logo on the bottom and that.
[4114] So they've had to do it so ... I mean she quoted me
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4115] thirty six quid for this ... thirty six eighty four or something for the local paper.
[4116] But erm ... you know it might be more but that's
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4117] Mhm.
Martine (PS0LK) [4118] nothing to do with me.
[4119] ... But I mean like ... I didn't think it was worth putting it in The Post to start off with anyway.
[4120] But if we don't get a good response to this I might stick it in for the day ... in The Post.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4121] Mhm.
[4122] ... Is the secretary at dealing with it or is she gonna forward it all on to you?
Martine (PS0LK) [4123] No I've put our address.
[4124] I said that I didn't like that idea to start off with
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4125] No well it
Martine (PS0LK) [4126] because although it's only a small concern she's gonna have her own stuff to do.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4127] It's not just that it's the delay in it getting to you anyway.
Martine (PS0LK) [4128] Yeah and plus the fact I said to Mike ... it's all very well saying send stuff there, she can open it ... she'd be no wiser whether they sound any good or not.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4129] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [4130] So I said no I said, well I've put the phone number as well and I said it might as well, stuff might as well come straight here.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4131] Mhm. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4132] So I'll give her a ring later in the week or something and I'll see if they'll send me the ... send me the [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4133] Mhm. ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4134] Policing do you the drop the E, or do you leave the E in?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4135] In.
[4136] Policing.
Martine (PS0LK) [4137] Erm I'd have thought you dropped it.
[4138] What shall I say cos it's ... it's not a very
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4139] Sergeant said he would be happy to help with the policing ... Oh [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4140] If you drop the E it looks like policing doesn't it? ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4141] [...] put it in.
Martine (PS0LK) [4142] [...] yeah, I think maybe you keep it in.
[4143] ... It's not a very nice word is it? ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...] ... [...] ... [laughing] [...] []
Martine (PS0LK) [4144] Well I'm just coming to [laughing] ask you that []
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [4145] Staffing.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4146] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [4147] Double F. ...
Michael (PS0LT) [4148] Have you got the twenty five hundred plans?
Martine (PS0LK) [4149] I haven't got any just at the moment.
Michael (PS0LT) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4150] Er Sergeant ... will be
Michael (PS0LT) [4151] Beg your pardon? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4152] Sergeant
Michael (PS0LT) [4153] Oh yes?
Martine (PS0LK) [4154] erm very pleased to help us.
[4155] As soon as we've got the ... layouts he'd like to meet us and go out to site [...] .
[4156] He seems very keen to help us do this.
Michael (PS0LT) [4157] Right what about the er recruiting and the police cover?
Martine (PS0LK) [4158] He's [...]
Michael (PS0LT) [4159] So do we need to write
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4160] He said on the blower [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4161] I've started it.
[4162] Yeah it's about ... two hundred and twenty four pages.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4163] Is that all?
Michael (PS0LT) [4164] Yeah [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [4165] Well he is.
[4166] He says he will do it himself.
[4167] And I said they will require ... cover for their breaks ... [...] he fell down on that one, he doesn't think [...] those two days.
[4168] He said oh yes, yes ... they could have a sandwich [...] .
[4169] He seems very [...]
Michael (PS0LT) [4170] Good.
[4171] Excellent.
[4172] ... Right. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4173] Mm that doesn't [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4174] [...] They're in the same ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4175] [...] any records of, we had this discussion [...] I have er any rec any, every telephone call I make ... [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4176] Right [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4177] But that's because
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4178] Well that's right [...] .
[4179] I mean it's a case, and then you end up saying yes and you don't need to record every telephone call [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4180] [...] They're in the same drawer as the memos.
[4181] They're in the bottom [...] ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4182] Well I mean she could [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4183] Yeah and the alternative [...] you know Mi Mike's made calls in the past [...] .
[4184] That's always been very important and that should be [...] the letter so that should be on [...] on the, on the [...]

9 (Tape 031104)

Will (PS0LS) [4185] [...] must be a good microphone stand surely? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4186] Brilliant
Will (PS0LS) [4187] The purpose of the meeting is only to record conversations.
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh] ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4188] Right.
[4189] ... Let's see where we're going. ...
Will (PS0LS) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [4190] Okay, just to put you in the picture where
Will (PS0LS) [4191] No it's alright.
[4192] Go on.
[4193] Yes.
Martine (PS0LK) [4194] I've had several telephone calls ... well I've made them as well.
[4195] The advert has gone in.
[4196] I've done all enquiries about putting the advert in for the temps.
Will (PS0LS) [4197] Yes.
Martine (PS0LK) [4198] It went to Liverpool on Friday ... and they were gonna do their best ... to get it done ... and
Will (PS0LS) [4199] Do we know when it goes in the er
Martine (PS0LK) [4200] I think ... I told Liverpool that if it gets to ... erm ... Caernarvon to the ... Caernarvon office by today it will appear in this week's issue.
Will (PS0LS) [4201] Do we know when that comes out?
Martine (PS0LK) [4202] No, I couldn't get that off her. ...
Will (PS0LS) [4203] Off who?
Martine (PS0LK) [4204] Well I asked the girl and the she, we sort of sidetracked and ... when I come off the phone I realized that she hadn't said.
[4205] I think it's
Will (PS0LS) [4206] What I'm thinking of is that
Martine (PS0LK) [4207] Thursday or something like that.
Will (PS0LS) [4208] Presumably after that we w or on that date we'll start to get phone calls?
Martine (PS0LK) [4209] This is true.
Will (PS0LS) [4210] And we need to be prepared
Martine (PS0LK) [4211] Yep.
Will (PS0LS) [4212] because obviously er ... I mean if you're in
Martine (PS0LK) [4213] Yeah.
Will (PS0LS) [4214] they can be rung through to you but p erm will need to be warned that we may get a flood of phone calls
Martine (PS0LK) [4215] Yeah.
Will (PS0LS) [4216] and what they're about.
[4217] And also I think it might be as well to have a pro forma.
[4218] Probably you've got one.
Martine (PS0LK) [4219] Yeah, well no we haven't so we could probably do with doing
Will (PS0LS) [4220] Oh
Martine (PS0LK) [4221] that and then, you know like if I get inundated I can let Jim do some.
Jim (PS0LU) [4222] Well that's right.
[4223] I mean really it, it's erm ... er we, we have a form don't we we, we use when people are interviewed for something or other?
[4224] Well if we put their name and address and phone number on it, I mean ... it's probably just as well to use a standard thing that you can xerox.
Martine (PS0LK) [4225] Yeah.
[4226] Maybe Jim and I could
Jim (PS0LU) [4227] And when they ring up
Martine (PS0LK) [4228] do that this avo
Jim (PS0LU) [4229] Yeah.
[4230] When they ring up we can just say oh yes, what's your [...] ?
[4231] ... Now look this is meant to record
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Jim (PS0LU) [4232] [laugh] this, this, this is meant to record
Will (PS0LS) [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [4233] life as it is lived, English as she is spoken.
[4234] [laugh] You're not meant to bite your tongue like that. [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [4235] [laugh] Right.
[4236] Yeah if we
Jim (PS0LU) [4237] You can swear in the privacy of your own home.
Martine (PS0LK) [laugh]
Jim (PS0LU) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [4238] It was your company that I didn't want to swear in front of
Jim (PS0LU) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [4239] not the tape actually
Jim (PS0LU) [4240] [...] yes alright [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4241] No if we er do something so as they have a checklist and we can all, you know like me and Jim say, have a copy to say oh right, can we take your name and address, telephone number
Martine (PS0LK) [4242] And if you've got a pad of them or or, or some by you you can just fill it in and let it go through.
Martine (PS0LK) [4243] Yeah that'd be a good idea
Jim (PS0LU) [4244] Write the name and address and phone number down and then
Martine (PS0LK) [4245] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4246] it's there.
Martine (PS0LK) [4247] Okay I'll buy that.
Jim (PS0LU) [4248] Cos you you'll almost certainly need to ring them back.
Martine (PS0LK) [4249] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4250] Even if it's to say erm
Martine (PS0LK) [4251] Oh sorry!
Jim (PS0LU) [4252] sorry we've got enough.
Martine (PS0LK) [4253] Yeah okay.
[4254] ... Erm and that also makes sure, if you've got it all in front of you, erm that ensures that you're getting all the information that you need rather than thinking oh hang on, what else do I need sort of thing.
Jim (PS0LU) [4255] Right, so that's the temporary staff. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4256] Yep.
Jim (PS0LU) [4257] So what we haven't made any progress on ... beyond, on that side of things is erm ... if we do the coding over in Caernarvon, where that will be.
Martine (PS0LK) [4258] Yeah.
[4259] Erm like I think we all sort of ruled out er [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [4260] I don't think it's big enough is it?
Martine (PS0LK) [4261] Because of the size, no.
[4262] Er just out of interest I did ring the other day
Jim (PS0LU) [4263] Yeah right.
Martine (PS0LK) [4264] Er ... the ... the room, the smallest room they have is for twenty five to thirty people
Jim (PS0LU) [4265] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [4266] which I mean even that may be too big for what we want.
[4267] Erm in any case that is in use every week on a Monday and a Wednesday.
[4268] ... So already you're only talking
Jim (PS0LU) [4269] There was a thing about exams.
[4270] Wasn't it ... didn't you ring them up and they said we have exams on or something?
Martine (PS0LK) [4271] No. ...
Will (PS0LS) [4272] That must be something [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4273] Something goes on in that room on a Monday and a Wednesday.
Jim (PS0LU) [4274] Which room is that?
Martine (PS0LK) [4275] That's ... the, I've got it in the file, a small conference room or something like that, or the committee room or something it's called.
Jim (PS0LU) [4276] Cos there is a room called the navigation room.
Martine (PS0LK) [4277] No that wasn't an ... that wasn't an option.
[4278] There was this one for twenty five to thirty people and then there was another one for say forty or fifty and then it ... zoomed up to like a hundred.
[4279] And even if we were to use this
Jim (PS0LU) [4280] Oh I know now, yes.
Martine (PS0LK) [4281] small room, you couldn't leave anything on the walls so it would all be a ... come down at night, back up in the morning
Jim (PS0LU) [4282] What erm er did you look in the file and see what they hired last time? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4283] Erm ... no.
Jim (PS0LU) [4284] Cos it may
Martine (PS0LK) [4285] I mean I've probably seen it
Jim (PS0LU) [4286] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [4287] but I can't remember.
Jim (PS0LU) [4288] Cos probably it will say what room it was.
Martine (PS0LK) [4289] Yeah it was this small, I
Jim (PS0LU) [4290] It may well have been ano
Martine (PS0LK) [4291] think it was this ... I thought it was the small
Jim (PS0LU) [4292] Oh it was that one was it?
Martine (PS0LK) [4293] Well you're talking now
Jim (PS0LU) [4294] Anyway
Martine (PS0LK) [4295] Do you want me to get it? ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4296] Er have you got it on your desk?
Martine (PS0LK) [4297] Yes.
Jim (PS0LU) [4298] Oh [...] right [...] ...
Will (PS0LS) [4299] How many days are we talking about anyway? [...] coding [...] data.
Jim (PS0LU) [4300] Couple of weeks I suppose.
Will (PS0LS) [4301] Right. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4302] No wait a minute, three sites ... you're talking about a week and a half or something aren't we?
Martine (PS0LK) [4303] Yeah.
[4304] Fortnight at the most.
Jim (PS0LU) [4305] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [4306] Cos you've got to allow for like they might not have done it before.
[4307] Erm ... but you're talking fifty eight pound a day
Jim (PS0LU) [4308] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [4309] for that small room which I think's a bit steep personally. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4310] Let me take a look.
Martine (PS0LK) [4311] It's er ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4312] It's possible that you did get on the ... the [...] ... [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4313] It crossed my mind. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4314] There's The Oak's room.
[4315] Can't [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4316] The Oak's room up to a hundred and twenty.
Jim (PS0LU) [4317] Four pound per hour.
[4318] ... Sixteen pound a day.
[4319] And what are you saying it is now?
Martine (PS0LK) [4320] Fifty eight pound a day.
Jim (PS0LU) [4321] That's an awful lot more isn't it?
Martine (PS0LK) [4322] Yeah.
[4323] There's ... I mean so many of them have caught on.
[4324] Jan for example, when we had the ... the town hall thing, that was five pound a day.
Jim (PS0LU) [4325] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [4326] It's twenty five pound a day now.
[4327] I think they've just all jumped on the bandwagon.
Jim (PS0LU) [4328] They don't provide anything really do they?
Martine (PS0LK) [4329] Well no, that's it.
[4330] ... So as soon as she said that it was in use Monday Wednesday I sort of
Jim (PS0LU) [4331] If we went to
Martine (PS0LK) [4332] subconsciously ruled it out.
Jim (PS0LU) [4333] village hall, church hall
Will (PS0LS) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [4334] [laughing] Yeah [] ? [laugh] ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4335] which is a church hall, they don't have a charge, you have to make a contribution. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4336] Where's this sorry? ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4337] Well you, you need to, it's pretty grotty, it's a grim place
Martine (PS0LK) [4338] Mm.
Jim (PS0LU) [4339] but it's er it's the church ... the parish hall ... in .
[4340] ... Whether they've got tables and stuff like that I'm not sure.
Martine (PS0LK) [4341] Mm.
Jim (PS0LU) [4342] If you ring Roger
Martine (PS0LK) [4343] Yeah
Jim (PS0LU) [4344] and ask him.
[4345] He ... did investigate having a public enquiry there last year.
[4346] ... And erm ... so he will have a phone number of the vicar and so on.
Martine (PS0LK) [4347] Mm okay.
[4348] Okay. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4349] I mean in a w well ... I can't, did we, I wonder if we recharge this to the Welsh Office or not?
[4350] We probably do.
[4351] Probably doesn't matter does it? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4352] No I would have thought
Jim (PS0LU) [4353] The other thing might be to ring up Borough Council ... cos they've got offices in Caernarvon.
[4354] ... Suppose that ... that place they might, there might be a er a parish hall there or something [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4355] That pub would be alright wouldn't it?
Jim (PS0LU) [laugh]
Will (PS0LS) [4356] Yeah. [...] ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4357] Okay, or
Jim (PS0LU) [4358] That would be twenty five pound a day as well, or fifty pound a day as well .
[4359] ... Anyway it's a thought.
[4360] I mean if we have to
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [4361] er obviously what you're saying with it's already in use and we can't have it?
Martine (PS0LK) [4362] Yeah.
[4363] It's not erm ... it's no good just saying oh we can have three days out of the week anyway.
Jim (PS0LU) [4364] No.
Martine (PS0LK) [4365] You know, it's gotta be Monday to Friday or none at all hasn't it?
Jim (PS0LU) [4366] Mm.
[4367] Well if it was four days it would be alright but
Martine (PS0LK) [4368] Mm.
Jim (PS0LU) [4369] anyway ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4370] Okay so they're a few options to try as regards the coding
Jim (PS0LU) [4371] Alright and if we can't find anyway where we'll have to ... [...] out and come back here.
Martine (PS0LK) [4372] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4373] [...] problem as well.
Martine (PS0LK) [4374] I think we, we should find somewhere.
Jim (PS0LU) [4375] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [4376] Really.
[4377] Erm so that's a few options as regards the coding.
[4378] ... Now ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4379] Right [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4380] The interviewing ... and the briefing session I think we'll probably get away with in ... Debbie 's ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4381] Yeah we're not going to, I mean we're only going to ... we're, we're
Martine (PS0LK) [4382] Well it's not a sort of formal interview [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [4383] we'll only be briefing the interview staff
Martine (PS0LK) [4384] That's right.
Jim (PS0LU) [4385] and accounts staff.
Martine (PS0LK) [4386] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4387] So we're only talking about half a dozen [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4388] Well ... I think it's slightly more.
Jim (PS0LU) [4389] Well eight or ten or something isn't it?
Martine (PS0LK) [4390] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4391] Thanks.
Martine (PS0LK) [4392] Thanks [...] .
[4393] ... Yeah you're talking about a dozen people, something like that aren't you?
[4394] ... I mean for that er
Jim (PS0LU) [4395] Well if necessary we can bring them into here.
Martine (PS0LK) [4396] Yeah. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4397] Half a dozen and half a dozen [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4398] Yeah.
[4399] That's, I can't see that being a problem, that should be okay [...] .
Will (PS0LS) [4400] Have you briefed [...] before?
Martine (PS0LK) [4401] Yeah.
[4402] Well Mike comes out.
[4403] Mike shows his face doesn't he?
Jim (PS0LU) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4404] Well he did for the Wigan one.
Jim (PS0LU) [4405] I did it for the erm Ormskirk one [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4406] Yeah.
[4407] That was okay wasn't it? ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4408] We did that in two shifts didn't we?
[4409] Two days.
Martine (PS0LK) [4410] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4411] Two mornings.
Martine (PS0LK) [4412] We had a hell of a lot of staff though didn't we?
[4413] That was a, we did that in the conference room downstairs.
Will (PS0LS) [4414] Mm. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4415] Erm right.
[4416] ... What w w
Martine (PS0LK) [4417] And anyway
Jim (PS0LU) [4418] we now, we've, we've also got to progress on site layout and things haven't we?
Martine (PS0LK) [4419] Yes.
Jim (PS0LU) [4420] And get in ... er ... the cones and signs.
Martine (PS0LK) [4421] Yeah I've had ... er [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [4422] [...] we, we, you've got ... [...] ... we've got to wait till tomorrow haven't we?
Martine (PS0LK) [4423] That's right, yeah.
Will (PS0LS) [4424] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [4425] Now as regards signs I've spoke to numerous, oh ... school holidays I've got ... erm [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [cough]
Martine (PS0LK) [4426] when the schools are off.
Jim (PS0LU) [4427] Right.
Martine (PS0LK) [4428] I spoke to the Education Department on Friday.
[4429] ... Erm ... as regards a caravan I spoke to this bloke ... Frank
Jim (PS0LU) [...] [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4430] No he's gone bust.
[4431] Well he hasn't gone bust but they don't hire them any more
Jim (PS0LU) [4432] Oh right.
Martine (PS0LK) [4433] but I did try him.
[4434] Er no Gwyllam at Gwyneth County Council
Jim (PS0LU) [4435] Gwyllam ... oh no I'm thinking of Peter .
Martine (PS0LK) [4436] erm ... he didn't think they had any bilingual signs and they didn't have ... they weren't using their Portakabins so they scrapped them all last year ... sold them off.
Jim (PS0LU) [4437] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [4438] But he did give me somebody to ring about caravans
Jim (PS0LU) [4439] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [4440] but then later on in the day he rung back and said he had found some ... bilingual signs but all he's got were about four foot square ... er with census point ahead.
[4441] ... He hasn't got things like stop ... census.
[4442] Stop if required ... or ... slow census point which is the ones we use.
Jim (PS0LU) [4443] It might be worth asking erm ... Mel
Martine (PS0LK) [4444] Yeah. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4445] about that.
[4446] You see for a start we need to decide to we need it.
[4447] Do we need them
Martine (PS0LK) [4448] Bilingual?
Jim (PS0LU) [4449] bilingual?
[4450] They can't have been bilingual last time because they were hired from Staffordshire County Council.
Martine (PS0LK) [4451] No.
[4452] And the other thing er if they ... they just haven't got anything like that.
Jim (PS0LU) [4453] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [4454] They use sort of blank ...
Will (PS0LS) [4455] Wasn't there a big fuss though because ... there wasn't enough effort made on the bilingual side ... the last survey we did?
Jim (PS0LU) [4456] I don't think so was there?
Martine (PS0LK) [4457] There's a letter in the file
Will (PS0LS) [4458] Well that's [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4459] about erm why we didn't use bilingual staff for one of the particular dates.
[4460] Erm it come from the county surveyor, apparently he'd had complaints.
[4461] But I mean it was purely a re a recruiting problem.
[4462] ... Er you know erm the letter, the reply went back from Dave saying that every ... you know, possible thing was done to ... get bilingual staff but at the end of the day ... you know they couldn't come up with the goods.
[4463] I mean the lengths they went to advertising, I hope we're gonna have more luck now.
[4464] They had temping agencies, job centres, local papers ... the job centre only came up with about two people.
[4465] So I'm touching wood that we're gonna be in a different situation.
Jim (PS0LU) [4466] I wonder if, I wonder if erm ... you know if you rang up erm ... the county council and said ... [laughing] you know [] ... I mean er ... y just make use of a contact and say look, we wanna do this survey, you know, do you happen to know a any members of your family ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4467] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4468] You know?
[4469] It maybe
Martine (PS0LK) [4470] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4471] You can very often er for instance at Cheshire very often ... I mean there were sort of some people's wives would like to do it.
Martine (PS0LK) [4472] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4473] It may be, you know?
Martine (PS0LK) [4474] Yeah.
[4475] See how the response goes with this and then
Jim (PS0LU) [4476] Who is it you've spoken to at Gwyneth? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4477] Er Gwyllam .
Jim (PS0LU) [4478] And where is he?
[4479] Who, how did you get hold of him?
Martine (PS0LK) [4480] Erm ... [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [4481] You rang up, did you ring up Owen ? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4482] Er no.
[4483] I spoke ... I just rung up erm it was Highways and Transportation and
Jim (PS0LU) [4484] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [4485] I asked to speak to somebody in the Highways ... in the Transportation
Jim (PS0LU) [4486] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [4487] This was at Bangor and then I got another number ... and then I got told that they now have the direct [...] organisation
Jim (PS0LU) [4488] Right.
Martine (PS0LK) [4489] so then I rung this person here and spoke to a Steven
Jim (PS0LU) [4490] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [4491] who was the ... head from the civi civil engineering division.
Jim (PS0LU) [4492] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [4493] Steven put me through to this Gwyllam
Jim (PS0LU) [4494] Right.
Martine (PS0LK) [4495] who is ... in the, the depot place.
Jim (PS0LU) [4496] Right.
Martine (PS0LK) [4497] And that's how I got on to him. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4498] Okay.
[4499] So we've not spoken to anybody on the sort of like the traffic erm ... counting side of things there?
Martine (PS0LK) [4500] No.
[4501] No.
Jim (PS0LU) [4502] Okay.
Martine (PS0LK) [4503] So this fella was, he come up, he found these signs and said, you know, didn't know if they would be, be any good.
[4504] Erm but he'd given me this number, Glen about Portakabins.
[4505] Er he's at .
[4506] And I rung this ... Glen ... er ... wherever that is erm ... and he does have these Portakabin things.
[4507] Er several measurements
Jim (PS0LU) [4508] Is that, that's a hire company is it?
Martine (PS0LK) [4509] Yeah, they're like ... they've got a big fleet of them.
[4510] Erm
Jim (PS0LU) [4511] Right.
[4512] But they're Portakabins?
Martine (PS0LK) [4513] Yeah, rather than caravans.
Jim (PS0LU) [4514] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [4515] Now I don't think they sound very ... [...] to suit our needs.
Jim (PS0LU) [4516] Well you have to furnish them as well don't you?
Martine (PS0LK) [4517] Well that's it.
[4518] And there's all separate, two pound a table ... from fifty pence to one pound fifty for a chair.
[4519] There's no toilet in them
Jim (PS0LU) [4520] And you probably have to hire them by the week do you?
Martine (PS0LK) [4521] Er minimum of four weeks.
Jim (PS0LU) [4522] Yeah.
[4523] And how do you move them around?
Martine (PS0LK) [4524] Well they would move them round ... this fella himself, but it's gonna be a hell of a lot of money to get them to do that.
Jim (PS0LU) [4525] Mm that's what I would have thought.
Martine (PS0LK) [4526] Plus there's no toilet.
Jim (PS0LU) [4527] Exactly.
Martine (PS0LK) [4528] But he has a separate toilet.
[4529] Well that's all gonna be extra as well.
Jim (PS0LU) [4530] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [4531] And erm
Jim (PS0LU) [4532] So how much you talking about?
[4533] For a twelve foot one
Martine (PS0LK) [4534] Well you're talking
Jim (PS0LU) [4535] twenty two pounds?
Martine (PS0LK) [4536] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4537] So you're talking about eighty eight quid?
Martine (PS0LK) [4538] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4539] It would be cheaper to get David [...] .
Martine (PS0LK) [4540] Yeah well I've spoke to David .
[4541] He's quite willing to take the caravan out there.
[4542] Erm ... and then you've got the toilet on there.
[4543] You know what you're getting because we've had it before.
[4544] So then I got back on to Gwyllam and said that if we provided our own caravan, would you ... someone there be willing to do the ... from site to site and he said that wouldn't be a problem.
Jim (PS0LU) [4545] Right.
Martine (PS0LK) [4546] But he doesn't know any details.
Jim (PS0LU) [4547] Okay.
Martine (PS0LK) [4548] Er you know I mean just like we don't.
[4549] We don't know dates or anything yet do we?
Jim (PS0LU) [4550] No.
Martine (PS0LK) [4551] So I think we've developed in that direction that I can go ahead as soon as I've got some dates and book it properly with Mr .
Jim (PS0LU) [4552] I think that's probably the best.
Martine (PS0LK) [4553] And just let these do the transporting because this ... this fella honest to god he was doing me head in.
[4554] Erm ... saying oh one left, we've got a contract with the B B C you know, isn't it.
Jim (PS0LU) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [4555] Oh and if he said it once well he said it half a dozen times ... trying to impress me.
[4556] ... So let's stick to Mr .
[4557] We know where we are with him.
Jim (PS0LU) [4558] Oh right, yes well I'm quite happy with that.
Will (PS0LS) [4559] Right.
Jim (PS0LU) [4560] Er so the only other thing are the automatic counters then isn't it?
Will (PS0LS) [4561] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [4562] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4563] And we, we've got to wait for erm ... Mel to be in tomorrow.
[4564] ... Haven't we?
Martine (PS0LK) [4565] Yeah.
Will (PS0LS) [4566] And we're obviously going to ask him to ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4567] He, he
Will (PS0LS) [4568] to go ahead with it.
Jim (PS0LU) [4569] looks after, I, I'm not sure exactly what he does, but he does sort of look after ... the Welsh Office's own traffic counting programme.
Will (PS0LS) [4570] Mm.
Jim (PS0LU) [4571] They have a sort of programme of their own ... on er doing counts on roads.
[4572] I mean ... a and most of it's done through the county councils.
[4573] So we'll have certain sites that are counted and they have the, the equipment.
[4574] ... Er when we last did the work there in nineteen eighty nine he'd, he'd provided ... Gwyneth with three machines which they moved round and put on different places for us.
[4575] And I think they're ones that have a cartridge in.
[4576] And the information's recorded on the cartridge.
[4577] And they take the cartridge out and they send it down to Cardiff which is where Mel is
Will (PS0LS) [4578] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4579] and he chucks it into, bungs it into his machine and then gets the printout then which he then sends to wherever.
Will (PS0LS) [4580] Ah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4581] So what we, we need to go to him I think in the first instance and say we want to do X Y and Z, and if he, if he says fine ... you know.
[4582] But if he says I'm sorry, I haven't got the equipment we then have to go outside
Will (PS0LS) [4583] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4584] obviously but I think you need ... clearly in the first instance to use that [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4585] And you're saying to also mention to me if he's got [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [4586] Well I, it's just a thought.
[4587] I mean if we're gonna be speaking to him we may as well ask whether
Martine (PS0LK) [4588] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4589] just to say that we, you know, that we'll, we, we're going, we're proposing to do some ... origin destination surveys ... interviewing, and we'll need the signing to go with it ... that Gwyneth don't appear to have them and, and in consequence we're proposing to hire them elsewhere.
[4590] Erm ... and erm ... you know, we know that last time it was done er the, the signs were not bilingual, the ones [...] census point and so on
Martine (PS0LK) [4591] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4592] and that erm is he w er would, did he think that would be a problem.
Martine (PS0LK) [4593] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4594] Cos I think last time we hired them from Staffordshire and I'd have thought if they're going to buy some they will be very happy to hire us them.
[4595] Cos presumably, when you look at the layout ... most of the signs are keep left signs.
Martine (PS0LK) [4596] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4597] Or you get the ... you get ones that are sort of road narrows
Martine (PS0LK) [4598] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4599] and you get the, the warning ones.
Martine (PS0LK) [4600] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4601] And the warning ones have a little census ... plate on.
[4602] Erm ... so presumably you perhaps need to do something about that.
[4603] But the keep left ones they're gonna have in stock aren't they?
Martine (PS0LK) [4604] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4605] So the only ones you really need ... and, and the, and the road narrows and the warning ones, they're all gonna be in stock.
Martine (PS0LK) [4606] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4607] So the only ones that probably need to get made ... are census stop if required etcetera.
[4608] So there's only three of those.
Martine (PS0LK) [4609] Yeah slow census and ... whatever.
Jim (PS0LU) [4610] So presumably if, if ... Staffordshire have them made and we get those three whizzed up to Caernarvon ... you know, the rest can sort of fit into place.
[4611] ... Cos if you put survey instead of census at the bottom, I mean I know that's not strictly speaking how it should be, but they must have signs for us to survey because they have their own, presumably they have their own surveyors go out and
Martine (PS0LK) [4612] Yeah.
[4613] ... Yeah like
Jim (PS0LU) [4614] you know and [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4615] you see yellow ones don't you?
[4616] ... On the motorway and stuff
Jim (PS0LU) [4617] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [4618] they have survey on.
Jim (PS0LU) [4619] But they very often, that triangular one with an exclamation mark, there'll be a little
Martine (PS0LK) [4620] Yeah
Jim (PS0LU) [4621] plate on the bottom that says survey.
Martine (PS0LK) [4622] yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4623] Well maybe it's not really right, but, but perhaps that ... I'd have thought it would be alright.
Martine (PS0LK) [4624] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4625] Census, it's probably the same in Welsh as well you know, don't you know?
Martine (PS0LK) [4626] [laugh] Yeah, I see what you mean.
[4627] ... We might be able to get round it.
[4628] ... I'll see what this fella says.
[4629] Well I mean I was saying to ... this bloke well ... can you think of anywhere where we might be able to, oh no no ... no can't think of anywhere. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4630] Well you could try Clwyd or something but ... [...] can't think everybody you know.
[4631] Clwyd might well do some.
[4632] I wonder
Martine (PS0LK) [4633] Oh it might be worth giving Nige a ring.
Jim (PS0LU) [4634] He's at Cheshire.
Martine (PS0LK) [4635] Oh yeah.
[4636] ... Who do we know at Clwyd? ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4637] Davydd .
Martine (PS0LK) [4638] Who?
Jim (PS0LU) [4639] Davydd . ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4640] [laughing] Never heard of him [] .
[4641] He's Brian's brother is he?
Jim (PS0LU) [4642] [...] no. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4643] Okay so let's just go [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [4644] He used to work for Liverpool City I think, and he was called Dave there.
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [4645] Er right, just going back to the actual ... er roadside interview, is that one on the ... the B road, or is it the A?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4646] That's the one.
[4647] Er I was only going to propose to use four staff on that. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4648] Have a look at the, I think that's what we've done last time.
[4649] ... Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [4650] Okay. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4651] Have a look at the erm ... we must have a count but ... yes, have you got that report?
Will (PS0LS) [4652] Of the ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4653] Or have you given it back to me?
Will (PS0LS) [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [4654] Well no just the [...] ... oh, yes it might be on that but I ... the early report [...]
Will (PS0LS) [4655] [...] the reports on the erm [...] surveys which were done [voice on a tannoy]
Will (PS0LS) [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [4656] Did you give it back?
Will (PS0LS) [4657] Yes I did.
Jim (PS0LU) [4658] Right.
[4659] Okay.
Will (PS0LS) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4660] Okay so then
Jim (PS0LU) [4661] Well they give us an idea of what the flow was then anyway won't it?
Martine (PS0LK) [4662] Yes.
Jim (PS0LU) [4663] And I think you're right. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4664] And the other thing ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4665] Oh
Martine (PS0LK) [4666] oh we've put in a ... making the interview forms, just having the ... Welsh translation on the top.
[4667] ... I was explaining to Jim how we could do that and it looked pretty straightforward so ... or, or not.
[4668] ... It's
Jim (PS0LU) [4669] Have we got the interview forms? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4670] That we used last time?
Jim (PS0LU) [4671] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [4672] Yeah but they're like four interviews on a sheet and really sort of
Jim (PS0LU) [4673] Yeah.
[4674] But I mean who
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [4675] what, how w , what are w , have we got our current ones, our standard ones?
Martine (PS0LK) [4676] Yeah. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4677] Cos presumably it would be best to use those wouldn't it?
Martine (PS0LK) [4678] Yeah.
[4679] I think ... you could, you could accommodate it if you just reduced that sli the, what the normal one slightly, and there's t there's room to put the er translation on the top.
[4680] I'll do you a mock up of that and see what you
Jim (PS0LU) [4681] Yes, good idea.
Martine (PS0LK) [4682] what you think.
Jim (PS0LU) [4683] I think either that or have it on a separate sheet.
[4684] But I would have thought it's best to put it on there if we can.
[4685] How many are we gonna want?
[4686] ... Three thousand?
[4687] ... Perhaps it's worth having a separate print run for that isn't it? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4688] Yeah, might be.
Jim (PS0LU) [4689] It's not ... I think if they use this offset thing, the masters last about five hundred so you're not ... it's not, it's not a silly amount.
Martine (PS0LK) [4690] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4691] Would it take, oh wait a minute!
[4692] Three thousand interviews
Martine (PS0LK) [4693] What ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4694] say, would you think three thousand interviews? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4695] I'm just trying to think what we were averaging.
[4696] But I mean that ... one of them's not gonna ... you're not gonna get as many ... on that B road.
[4697] ... Will we ... will we want those?
[4698] Oh I can't remember you know what we used for Ormskirk [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [4699] It doesn't matter if we ... if we get too many cos you can always use [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4700] Well that's it.
Jim (PS0LU) [4701] Can't you?
Martine (PS0LK) [4702] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4703] Mm.
[4704] If you see what I mean.
Martine (PS0LK) [4705] Yeah.
[4706] ... Well so you think actually send something through to reprographics ... for them to do in Liverpool?
Jim (PS0LU) [4707] Well you don't want to be doing it on the machine down here do you?
Martine (PS0LK) [4708] No. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4709] And if you got three thousand interviews, say a thousand at, well y you probably wouldn't, you'd probably get ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4710] Probably two of those boxes would do wouldn't it?
Jim (PS0LU) [4711] [...] ... you could get ... nearly four thousand interviews couldn't you, altogether?
Martine (PS0LK) [4712] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4713] At two on a page is two thousand sheets ... plus however many you'd only get one on.
[4714] ... So I'd have thought three thousand wasn't ... out of the way really. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4715] And like you say if there's some left they won't go to waste anyway.
Jim (PS0LU) [4716] No.
[4717] ... Oh on the other hand I suppose we could say well we'll use, we'll get some and if we run out we'll use English ones.
[4718] ... If you do it that way, you know, by the time they get there they should know what the questions are shouldn't they?
Martine (PS0LK) [4719] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4720] Excuse me, by the time you run a ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4721] Cos we hold the original ... to that.
[4722] To the interview
Jim (PS0LU) [4723] Well we'll need some [...] anyway.
Martine (PS0LK) [4724] Yeah.
[4725] ... We've probably, I mean we, we hold the original on an A three [...] so it might be worthwhile ... doing a [...] copy of it.
[4726] Doctoring it
Jim (PS0LU) [4727] Oh I see yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [4728] to insert the Welsh because John will have to send the original off for [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [4729] Oh right.
[4730] Yes [...] .
[4731] We'll have a look
Martine (PS0LK) [4732] And then we can have the base copy of each then couldn't we?
Jim (PS0LU) [4733] Good.
Martine (PS0LK) [4734] I'll, I'll dig it out after.
Jim (PS0LU) [4735] Yeah, right. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4736] Right, is there anything else?
[4737] So, yeah there is.
[4738] ... Erm ... things like whether I'm using my car and stuff I suppose I need to speak to Mike about?
Jim (PS0LU) [4739] I haven't done anything about that.
Martine (PS0LK) [4740] Right.
[4741] Erm [tannoy]
Martine (PS0LK) [4742] erm statutory undertakers?
[4743] ... Bus companies
Jim (PS0LU) [4744] Yes we'll need to write to all those and ... we'll need to write ... we need to write to the police
Martine (PS0LK) [4745] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4746] on ... in two guises don't we?
[4747] Partly because we're doing a survey but partly to warn ... partly because of the emergency services aspect.
Martine (PS0LK) [4748] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4749] So we need to write to the police to er ... I suppose the thing to do is we write in a general way to the, the Chief Constable, North Wales police
Martine (PS0LK) [4750] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4751] which is I think in Colwyn Bay
Martine (PS0LK) [4752] Yeah it is.
Jim (PS0LU) [4753] and ... but when it comes to actually organising the police control of the survey sites, we, we speak to the erm ... traffic inspector at wherever it is.
[4754] I'm not sure [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4755] Right so who did you say in Colwyn Bay?
[4756] ... What what [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [4757] Just write to the Chief Constable.
[4758] ... I think we need to write three letters.
[4759] One to the police, one to the ambulance, one to the fire brigade ... just saying ... we're proposing to do them.
[4760] Obviously that'll have to be when we've fixed the sites
Martine (PS0LK) [4761] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4762] and the dates are on.
Martine (PS0LK) [4763] Yeah we'll do this
Jim (PS0LU) [4764] But that's normal.
Martine (PS0LK) [4765] general letter to the police saying that we're intending to do these surveys, just putting them in the picture and put a note in that erm ... once, you know, dates and whatever, you know, we'll give you further details as and when we know ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4766] Well I wouldn't, I don't think I'd worry about writing to them until we've got the dates.
Martine (PS0LK) [4767] Oh okay. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4768] Oh I suppose we've gotta, oh well what did we do last time?
[4769] ... I remember the problem was last time sending those little plans out, the Ormskirk you know?
[4770] Give them the drawing number so we sent a transmittal note, course we never got a transmittal note back.
[4771] It's best to avoid that. [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [4772] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4773] Erm ... right well I think the thing to do is, on ... beyond that is to make sure we work through the checklist.
[4774] ... Okay?
[4775] ... Erm ... Now layouts, site layouts.
Martine (PS0LK) [4776] Yeah maps and things.
[4777] ... So are you leaving the ball in my court on that?
Jim (PS0LU) [4778] On what?
Martine (PS0LK) [4779] On the statutory undertakers.
[4780] ... Cos I can probably get some information out of here.
Jim (PS0LU) [4781] I think i if you want ... er I mean you're quite happy to draft a letter?
Martine (PS0LK) [4782] Yeah.
[4783] I mean that's a
Jim (PS0LU) [4784] I mean again
Martine (PS0LK) [4785] standard thing that goes to all of them [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [4786] we need to write them, warn yeah, and we ask them to let us know what they've got planned don't we?
Martine (PS0LK) [4787] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4788] So you could send them a letter with a little diagram that ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4789] Yeah. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4790] I wonder how good that is, yes I think that's alright isn't it?
[4791] Then they wouldn't ... they'd understand what we, that meant wouldn't they?
Martine (PS0LK) [4792] Yeah but that's got specific things on [...] .
Jim (PS0LU) [4793] True. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4794] Yeah well all we did for Ormskirk was, it was just an O S map and we just drew a bloody great circle round it
Will (PS0LS) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [4795] and said this is the study area. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4796] That's probably the best thing isn't it?
Martine (PS0LK) [4797] Yeah.
[4798] And blow up
Jim (PS0LU) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4799] an O S and just ... well within our sites and everything
Jim (PS0LU) [4800] But don't give it a drawing number.
Martine (PS0LK) [4801] No.
Jim (PS0LU) [4802] It's just attached to the letter.
Martine (PS0LK) [4803] Yes.
Jim (PS0LU) [4804] Now you get your, you've got your list of who you want to write to?
Martine (PS0LK) [4805] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4806] If you check with erm ... Dennis ... because they're doing all, you know, doing the contract documents, he could ... confirm all the, the current addresses.
Martine (PS0LK) [4807] Okay. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4808] That alright?
Martine (PS0LK) [4809] Yeah. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4810] [laugh] [laughing] You're sounding a bit weary [] . [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [4811] No that's alright [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [4812] There's no rush about this, I mean er you know, you've got well
Martine (PS0LK) [4813] Well there is up to a point because you know how bad they are at responding.
Jim (PS0LU) [4814] Yes there is.
[4815] I mean er what I mean is it needs to be done this week sort of thing.
Martine (PS0LK) [4816] Yes.
[4817] Oh that's okay I'll get all them off ... [...] .
[4818] I'll do a, I'll do a draft letter this afternoon, you can have a look at it, erm ... we'll knock a plan up ... and her get the addresses and then that's ... it's easy then innit? ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4819] Yeah.
[4820] I wonder if we do want to put it in [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4821] Oh sshh ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4822] You've finished your mi meeting already Mike? ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [4823] Right, well let's, okay.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4824] Er, yes.
[4825] Sorry about that.
Jim (PS0LU) [4826] No it's alright we're only trying to work somewhere, somewhere quiet.

10 (Tape 031105)

Martine (PS0LK) [4827] I suddenly thought that on the advert that's gone in
Jim (PS0LU) [4828] Yeah ... there's a chair here. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4829] On the advert that's gone in I did wonder whether to put ... please respond by ... such and such a date?
Jim (PS0LU) [4830] Don't worry about it.
Martine (PS0LK) [4831] You don't think it's necessary?
Jim (PS0LU) [4832] If they don't respond by the date, you know do it quickly
Martine (PS0LK) [4833] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4834] they're not interested.
Martine (PS0LK) [4835] Okay.
[4836] That's all we did ... for the statutory undertakers.
[4837] Dead ... simple.
[4838] Just drew them a whacking great circle round it and ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4839] Yeah, good.
Martine (PS0LK) [4840] Okay?
[4841] So something similar [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [4842] Excellent.
[4843] Something like that yes.
[4844] Yes.
[4845] ... Erm
Martine (PS0LK) [4846] So I'll speak to Dennis for ... er addresses.
Will (PS0LS) [4847] Is there a phone number in the ad or just an address? ... [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4848] A phone number as well yeah.
Will (PS0LS) [4849] Oh right.
Martine (PS0LK) [4850] I think most people ring.
[4851] ... You know cos it
Will (PS0LS) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4852] wastes so much time.
Will (PS0LS) [4853] Your name [...] ?
Martine (PS0LK) [4854] Yeah.
[4855] ... But we'll just have a word with Anna-Lee and if, I think you know, she'll say what's it concerning and if I'm not there well ... she can put them through to you. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4856] Okay.
Martine (PS0LK) [4857] Erm ... so you say, are we saying that we're gonna leave the police till we've got some dates?
[4858] ... And the
Jim (PS0LU) [4859] Well we know when we're gonna do it don't we?
Martine (PS0LK) [4860] Do we? ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4861] Well we know it's the last week in April or something
Martine (PS0LK) [4862] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4863] don't we? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4864] Well we wanna know whether we were gonna try and do them all in that week?
[4865] Twenty seventh of April.
[4866] Monday Tuesday Thursday.
Jim (PS0LU) [4867] I think the plan that goes to ... to the police ... thank you ... needs to show the i interview sites on it.
[4868] ... You remember we had, on the Ormskirk one we did one that had a study area on it?
Martine (PS0LK) [4869] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4870] But we also had one ... that showed the individual locations.
Martine (PS0LK) [4871] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4872] And I think that was the one that went to the police.
Martine (PS0LK) [4873] Right.
Jim (PS0LU) [4874] Er and the fire brigade and, and so on.
Will (PS0LS) [4875] Yeah cos they'll want to know.
Martine (PS0LK) [4876] Well that's it.
Will (PS0LS) [4877] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [4878] And all you're doing is warning them that they will, the things will be there and we'll make sure that if a ... emergency vehicle comes along ... erm
Will (PS0LS) [4879] But they will know your precise dates won't they?
[4880] Well they'll want to know precise dates. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4881] I can't remember that we did actually.
Martine (PS0LK) [4882] No I don't know whether we do give them, even [...] the precise dates.
Will (PS0LS) [4883] It isn't really much use then is it, just giving them ... a rough ... ?
Jim (PS0LU) [4884] Well it's only a warning.
[4885] ... Well we'll have a look back in, I'll have a look back in the file and see what we did last time.
[4886] Erm ... Do you wanna do that, have a look at what we'd said in Ormskirk
Martine (PS0LK) [4887] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4888] on that side of things?
Martine (PS0LK) [4889] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4890] I think I wrote to them if I remember rightly.
Martine (PS0LK) [4891] Well I didn't. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4892] Erm ... now we need to do something about layout plans.
[4893] ... So we need to get some ... if we're going to work on ordnance survey ones we'll need to sort something on that.
[4894] Have to have a chat with [...] ... Anyway you're not in an immediate rush to do that are you?
Martine (PS0LK) [4895] No.
Jim (PS0LU) [4896] The, the ... yeah.
[4897] What have you told ... only you haven't told Gwyllam anything have you?
[4898] Cos you, what you've told him is ... did you talk about chapter eight?
Martine (PS0LK) [4899] No.
Jim (PS0LU) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [4900] No.
[4901] I, I just said to him, when he said we've got these census point ahead I said well ... we've got certain restrictions, you know, we've certain rules and regulations we've gotta comply with ... I mean I didn't reel off any of this ... blah.
[4902] ... But I said oh, are you familiar with setting up roadside interviews and ... for this type of thing?
[4903] Oh yes, we've got such and such a fella out there that does nothing but that out all day long.
[4904] [laughing] And yet they didn't have any signs [] so I think he's talking through his hat.
[4905] But what he probably means is that they set up signs for
Jim (PS0LU) [4906] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [4907] you know, roadworks and stuff.
Jim (PS0LU) [4908] Yeah.
[4909] Yeah. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4910] So I mean I would have thought they've gotta comply with the same ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4911] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [4912] the same sort of things. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4913] I think the thing is, actually, just thinking about it, there will be a Welsh version of this ... if there is one if you see what I mean?
Martine (PS0LK) [4914] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4915] If there isn't one ... then we, we er er it ... er ... oh mind you I suppose there's no hassle to them to put a Welsh thingy, anyway I'll look at that.
[4916] Right, now the other thing is that what Jim's doing which is that programme, how is that coming along?
Will (PS0LS) [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [4917] Yeah.
[4918] What I did ... was I got ... I went down to the print room and I got a piece of A one paper and ... I mean if you want to use ... Chris
Will (PS0LS) [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [4919] Chris over in Chester office, see if, that one would, oh mind you there isn't a chair there is there?
[4920] Mind you is Jonathan away?
Martine (PS0LK) [4921] There's this chair here.
[4922] Jonathan's not here.
Jim (PS0LU) [4923] Is Jonathan away?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [4924] Yes, two day a day and a half or something, two days?
Jim (PS0LU) [4925] Right.
[4926] So, you know, there's desks around anyway
Will (PS0LS) [4927] Mm
Jim (PS0LU) [4928] that you could use
Will (PS0LS) [4929] Okay.
Jim (PS0LU) [4930] and erm ... er that's what I used if you want to borrow that you can.
Will (PS0LS) [4931] Thanks. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4932] And do it in pencil and just, and then we can ... rub it out
Will (PS0LS) [4933] [...] yes.
Jim (PS0LU) [4934] and change things and so on, yeah.
[4935] [laugh] Well it's easy to change isn't it?
[4936] Because presumably Peter will need to incorporate that ... in an overall programme.
[4937] ... When we look at the highway side.
Will (PS0LS) [4938] So it's just the traffic side which I'm dealing with here?
Jim (PS0LU) [4939] Yes.
[4940] ... Cos that's all I'm dealing with.
[4941] ... Okay and perhaps erm ... perhaps you'd also like to l would you like to look at this side of things as well? ...
Will (PS0LS) [4942] Incorporate that into it?
Martine (PS0LK) [4943] No, the, the layout plans, do, do some layout plans.
Will (PS0LS) [4944] Oh yeah sure.
Jim (PS0LU) [4945] Marty's done them before you see haven't you?
Martine (PS0LK) [4946] Yep. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4947] So I'm, I'm just trying to look at the ones for [...] ... and then we'll go from there.
[4948] ... Okay, is that alright?
Martine (PS0LK) [4949] Yeah. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4950] Now, have I given either of you task schedules for this
Martine (PS0LK) [4951] No.
Jim (PS0LU) [4952] stuff?
[4953] So ... I need to do that don't I?
[4954] Er ... in fact I never gave [...] telephone call [...] it's no good telling me to do something [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KD8PSUGP) [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [4955] Task schedules, [...] ooh ... [...] I'll have to get the form.
[4956] Okay, so you want a task schedule for doing ... doing the traffic report?
Martine (PS0LK) [4957] Mhm.
Jim (PS0LU) [4958] Mm yeah?
Will (PS0LS) [4959] Yeah. ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4960] And also for doing the programme.
[4961] ... Yeah?
[4962] And you want a task schedule for organizing ... this, it's a bit unspecific isn't it?
Martine (PS0LK) [4963] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4964] Okay.
[4965] ... Erm ... how is that then?
[4966] Er you happy to leave things as they are for the minute?
[4967] Carry on on that basis?
Martine (PS0LK) [4968] Yeah, the only other thing like when you were saying about site layouts, if there's any maps ... that we need, and that's including maps for coding, wall maps, you know, large scale.
Jim (PS0LU) [4969] Well obviously we've got to progress into that.
[4970] We need to prepare some ... zone plans and gazetteers maybe.
Martine (PS0LK) [4971] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4972] Erm ... oh well I'll er the other thing I was thinking of is that er ... we could be looking er ... towards beginning, you know even now, to doing a trips network and things like that.
[4973] There's no real reason why ... you, say, shouldn't start to build up the data on that.
Will (PS0LS) [4974] Yeah.
Jim (PS0LU) [4975] Erm ... y y you know you, you could do a diagram and presumably the person to speak to would be Billy or maybe Peter cos I think Peter did the bulk of the work.
Will (PS0LS) [4976] Okay.
Jim (PS0LU) [4977] Beverley did a lot of the actual sort of dogsbody work, you know, the actual doing of it.
[4978] Erm ... so you need to build up a picture of what you've got ... erm ... but there's no real reason why we shouldn't be working on that now it seems to me.
[4979] Er in principle.
Will (PS0LS) [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [4980] Yes beginning, you know, we, we know what we're trying to do obviously we don't necessarily know every, every node in the network ... erm ... Cos obviously once you start doing that, or when we start doing tr the, the journey run ... things erm we're going to need to know what we're wanting.
[4981] ... So there'll be two sides of it c er
Will (PS0LS) [4982] Well there, there won't be any [...] will there?
[4983] Erm ...
Jim (PS0LU) [4984] Mm.
[4985] But anyway I mean it's all part of the picture.
[4986] What I'm getting at is there's no reason why we need, we should wait until after the surveys to start looking at trips.
[4987] Which is what happened on Ormskirk.
[4988] Mind you it was partly because we didn't get a programme.
[4989] But there's no reason, and on [...] as well.
[4990] ... Alright? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4991] Right, so ... me and Jim had a chat the other day ... just looking at the ... the roadside entries and the counts and I was sort of saying ... if we work on the basis that we want between ten and twelve people, twelve people maximum
Jim (PS0LU) [4992] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [4993] erm I think we're be able to do all the counts with that number of people including the ... St David's roundabout and
Jim (PS0LU) [4994] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [4995] but we do need to clarify exactly what you want on that.
[4996] Whether you want ... samples doing cos that's gonna take more people, or whether you're just doing ins and outs ... and stuff like that.
Jim (PS0LU) [4997] Well ...
Martine (PS0LK) [4998] And on the other roundabout for that matter.
Jim (PS0LU) [4999] Are you off?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5000] Yeah I've got a [...] seminar in Manchester [...] .
Jim (PS0LU) [5001] Oh right.
[5002] How did it go?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5003] Fine.
[5004] Probably find that [...] traffic [...] percent ... [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [5005] [...] we're just talking now this, this is, this is one we're discussing.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5006] Oh well just south of Caernarvon on the first section erm between Caernarvon and [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5007] Yes.
Jim (PS0LU) [5008] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5009] Gwyneth haven't really started on doing any of that work yet.
[5010] [...] work.
[5011] And they need to do traffic.
[5012] ... And also they need to confirm the traffic erm turning [...] 099 junction at er ... I can never pronounce it, beginning with an L.
Jim (PS0LU) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5013] Yeah [...] .
[5014] And er maybe count, maybe [...] do their traffic counts out of that as well.
[5015] So the guy that was in charge of those schemes with Gwyneth
Jim (PS0LU) [5016] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5017] was at the meeting or came into the meeting to explain about the schemes.
Jim (PS0LU) [5018] What's his name?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5019] Erm
Jim (PS0LU) [5020] Peter will know.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5021] Peter's got his name down.
Jim (PS0LU) [5022] Cos that was one of the things we talked about [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5023] Vernon somebody or other I think his name was.
[5024] Vernon
Jim (PS0LU) [5025] [...] need to contact them.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5026] Yes, need to do that this week.
[5027] But they, this, these, well he's got a copy now of the [...] report and he's gonna c comment back on what
Jim (PS0LU) [5028] Do Welsh Office want any more
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5029] bits
Jim (PS0LU) [5030] copies of that?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [5031] So that's fine, good.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5032] erm and they should comment this week about what extra bits they think they could perhaps cover.
[5033] So maybe [...] a few more turning counts [...] the census [...] ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5034] Mm.
Jim (PS0LU) [5035] Right.
[5036] And that wasn't where I well I haven't been
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [5037] particularly looking for work from that particular [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5038] [...] to know is ... they raised er the question about ... the er counts we're doing for the Caernarvon link
Jim (PS0LU) [5039] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5040] which is part of this study.
Jim (PS0LU) [5041] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5042] They want us to divorce the staff time
Jim (PS0LU) [5043] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5044] and charge it against the Caernarvon job.
Jim (PS0LU) [5045] Right.
[5046] The Caernarvon link job?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5047] Yeah which is to our benefit cos we get [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [5048] Mm.
[5049] What about the work for Gwyneth? ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5050] If that's extra
Jim (PS0LU) [5051] What do we charge that to?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5052] That is [...] bypass.
Jim (PS0LU) [5053] They don't want us to charge it to extra to works?
[5054] We could have a two point six seven multiplier [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5055] No.
[5056] Er er er as far as they're concerned any extra work is just an enhancement of the rate to the bypass erm rate, point six two percent.
[5057] That was what [...] pointed out.
Jim (PS0LU) [5058] He pointed out?
[5059] ... Any
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5060] [...] said we need approval for extra work
Jim (PS0LU) [5061] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5062] he said well it's just, it's time costs, it's just an extension of the [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [5063] Right.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5064] Except for the Caernarvon bit.
Jim (PS0LU) [5065] Right.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS0LU) [5066] Are they wanting a budget figure from us?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5067] We're gonna have to put

11 (Tape 031201)

Martine (PS0LK) [5068] What was Paul saying about the wedding then?
Mike (PS0LL) [5069] Only said who he invited.
[5070] ... I said, I said have you invited Aunty Joan and them?
[5071] He said oh I've invited Aunty Joan but nobody else cos I didn't fancy ... any of the others. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5072] And has he invited Joan to the day do and that?
Mike (PS0LL) [5073] Yeah.
[5074] But he hasn't invited any [...] to the night [...] .
[5075] ... I think I might have [...] his conscience by saying that I don't mind.
Martine (PS0LK) [5076] Well for what they see [...] I can understand him asking Joan and Graham ... erm ... maybe they've gotta watch how much they're
Mike (PS0LL) [5077] I know but an extra four people's not gonna cost that much more is it? ... [music]
Martine (PS0LK) [5078] Shut up. ...
Mike (PS0LL) [5079] You little sod.
Martine (PS0LK) [5080] The cat?
Mike (PS0LL) [5081] Yeah. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5082] [yawning] Oh I'm shattered [] .
Mike (PS0LL) [5083] Why I asked him is because he had a ... wedding invitation for Rob and Jen [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [5084] Yeah.
[5085] Well to be honest I can understand why he's not asking them.
[5086] You know they'll make up with friends ... you know, what family they're not asking won't they?
Mike (PS0LL) [5087] Oh aye. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5088] No it's not as if you're all close is it?
Mike (PS0LL) [5089] No. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5090] And I mean we haven't seen them since ours hardly have we? ...
Mike (PS0LL) [5091] No
Martine (PS0LK) [5092] Watch this fool.
Mike (PS0LL) [5093] Ram him off the road. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5094] [yawning] Oh I had a really good day today.
[5095] I didn't go till about [] half ten ... ah no cos I had a few letters and stuff to write first ... and I thought right I'll just take me time ... and, cos I wanted to ... I didn't wanna go faster than ... you know than I should, I should have done sort of thing cos I wanted to time it properly.
[5096] ... Erm it took me an hour and a quarter.
[5097] And it's exactly sixty miles into the middle of Caernarvon.
[5098] So I
Mike (PS0LL) [5099] And that's where the survey's gonna be, right in the middle is it?
Martine (PS0LK) [5100] Well no but that's where I had to go.
[5101] See you can allow a few extra miles for getting
Mike (PS0LL) [5102] Oh.
Martine (PS0LK) [5103] to the others.
Mike (PS0LL) [5104] So you wanna allow yourself a ... an hour and half really don't you?
[5105] ... Do you think, or not?
Martine (PS0LK) [5106] Well I don't think so because that, I mean there won't be any traffic hardly
Mike (PS0LL) [5107] No.
Martine (PS0LK) [5108] when I'm going so I'll just allow the same.
[5109] And then I should do it in an hour.
[5110] You know ... I'll be leaving at about half five.
[5111] ... No, not b about quarter past five I'll be leaving, five to quarter past.
[5112] That's allowing a ... a good hour and a quarter.
[5113] But it's not gonna take me longer at that time of the morning than it has done today at eleven o'clock or so is it?
[5114] Coming home it took me a bit longer cos it was all that delay at the [...] hill.
Mike (PS0LL) [5115] Oh aye that's right I heard it on the radio.
Martine (PS0LK) [5116] [yawning] Yeah oh it's pathetic [] .
[5117] Oh no the rest of it, it's not too bad, it's not a bad journey, it's quite pleasant really.
[5118] So I went straight to the ... county offices and saw the rooms you know where we're going to
Mike (PS0LL) [5119] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [5120] be doing the coding.
[5121] Dead smart.
[5122] I was really into that.
Mike (PS0LL) [5123] Can you put the stuff on the walls?
Martine (PS0LK) [5124] Erm I'm not gonna put them on the walls.
[5125] They've got you know like these big boards, free standing boards
Mike (PS0LL) [5126] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [5127] they have.
Mike (PS0LL) [5128] Like a pin board thing?
Martine (PS0LK) [5129] Yeah.
[5130] Gonna have some of them there's ... three I think and they're really long ones.
[5131] Er so I'm gonna have them but she showed me the small room, what they call the small room, well that was huge ... well it will be perfect for what we want.
[5132] Really plush, you know all the carpets
Mike (PS0LL) [5133] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [5134] and everything?
[5135] Erm ... and then she said oh and this is the other one and it was like all er ... it was bigger again obviously, and all the tables in a square
Mike (PS0LL) [5136] Like a conference type [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [5137] Yeah [yawning] but each seat ... ooh excuse me [] each seat had a microphone built into the desk.
Mike (PS0LL) [5138] Oh aye?
Martine (PS0LK) [5139] But I thought that'd be more of a hindrance than a help
Mike (PS0LL) [5140] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [5141] for what we were doing so ... when I got back to the office I rung and I tempor well provisionally booked this, the smallest of the two which I think will be brill.
[5142] So
Mike (PS0LL) [5143] So what did she say about the money when you tried her for less money?
[5144] [clears throat] Or didn't you actually say?
Martine (PS0LK) [5145] Well that one you have to ring the head office in Bangor, I had to ring her when I got back.
[5146] They only er ... showed me the rooms, they do the bookings ... and I just said
Mike (PS0LL) [5147] And it's actually in the ... like the ... council offices?
Martine (PS0LK) [5148] Yeah.
[5149] ... They have all like them chambers there as well you know?
[5150] ... But ... I just said that it was for the Welsh Office ... cos I thought if er they knew it was for a ... Authority you know?
Mike (PS0LL) [5151] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [5152] [...] I said do you, do you think there'd be any discount ... er with it being a block booking?
[5153] And she didn't say no full stop, she said oh she said I'm not sure she said, I'd have to enquire about that.
[5154] So ... I just thought she's gonna ... yeah if it was out of the question she could have said oh no that's it, there's a flat rate so I
Mike (PS0LL) [5155] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [5156] think she's gonna ask [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [5157] [...] thing is with them Welshies they probably haven't tried to bloody ... they haven't got the sense.
Martine (PS0LK) [5158] No.
Mike (PS0LL) [5159] If somebody else was trying to book it, one of those Welshy types, they haven't got the sense to ... ask [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [5160] No, I said well I said that ... I'd appreciate it cos it's worth a go and she said oh yes I agree with you there.
Mike (PS0LL) [5161] Which field's Min in?
Martine (PS0LK) [5162] Not any of these.
[5163] ... [yawning] So that was good.
[5164] Ooh [] I can't stop yawning.
[5165] So then I thought oh I'll go and find ... er the offices again, Church Street.
[5166] And we'd gone a roundabout way the last time we were there and I thought oh I'll give it a go, anyway I walked straight down this road, have a look oh yes, turn up here ... anyway I, I sort of got me bearings and I thought oh yes it's just down here ... he's in the field just down there.
Mike (PS0LL) [5167] Is he?
[5168] Do you wanna go or not or go straight to your nan's? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5169] Go straight to nan's, call on the way back.
[5170] If it isn't too late.
[5171] ... Couldn't see him.
[5172] Erm ... so I went straight to this place and there was a fella downstairs, his secretary was ... erm out on her lunch.
[5173] Anyway I said oh ... I said you're not expecting me, said who I was and where I was from.
[5174] I said I called in to see either Michael or the secretary, Mirelda her name is.
Mike (PS0LL) [5175] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [5176] And er so he said alright.
[5177] I said I'm also gonna be che cheeky and see if I can use your toi he said oh yes he said, go and help yourself he said there's a kettle down there, make yourself a drink, make yourself at home.
[5178] So anyway I thought I won't have a drink cos if ... this secretary wasn't there I didn't know how long she'd be ... so er but I di I went upstairs to where we had the meeting with Mike the other week.
[5179] And erm ... Joe his partner was there so I had a really good chat to him.
Mike (PS0LL) [5180] What do you mean his partner like?
[5181] Is it just like a little firm?
[5182] ... And this Michael's one of the partners in the firm?
Martine (PS0LK) [5183] No there's just them in the office.
Mike (PS0LL) [5184] Oh aye.
Martine (PS0LK) [5185] They've merged with us now.
[5186] ... Erm ... so I had a chat to him.
[5187] He drew me a little plan of how to get to W H Smiths and that.
Mike (PS0LL) [5188] What the hell do you wanna go to Smiths for?
Martine (PS0LK) [5189] Maps.
[5190] ... So I had a walk up the town and called in Tesco's and got a bit of shopping.
[5191] Got some teabags.
Mike (PS0LL) [5192] Did you?
Martine (PS0LK) [5193] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [5194] Is it much of a place, Caernarvon?
Martine (PS0LK) [5195] Not really.
Mike (PS0LL) [5196] They have a market there don't there?
Martine (PS0LK) [5197] On a Saturday yeah.
[5198] ... So I went to Smiths, got this map ...
Mike (PS0LL) [5199] What and do a photocopy? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5200] But I don't think I'll need it.
[5201] It's just a one to twenty five thousand, a Pathfinder.
[5202] Cos I picked up the Chester to Wrexham one instead of the Snowdonia one.
[5203] ... Caernarvon's on the Snowdonia map.
Mike (PS0LL) [5204] Ah.
Martine (PS0LK) [5205] An O S one to fifty thousand ... and that's what I thought I'd picked up this morning to take with me ... but when I looked it was Chester and Wrexham so it didn't do me much good.
[5206] So I thought oh well I'll buy this other one and ...
Mike (PS0LL) [5207] Claim it back off the firm?
Martine (PS0LK) [5208] Yes.
[5209] ... [yawning] Three pound ninety something [...] [] ... [...] chicken butties and ... bag of crisps and that, it was nice.
[5210] Cos I'd parked on the top of this multi-storey car park at the offices, is it called?
[5211] Erm ... I parked on the top.
[5212] So it wasn't all dark and that
Mike (PS0LL) [5213] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [5214] cos I wanted to be looking at me plans.
[5215] And I ate me butty there on top.
Mike (PS0LL) [5216] In the pouring bloody rain and howling wind I expect.
Martine (PS0LK) [5217] It was, yeah [yawning] it was horrible [] .
[5218] ... So then I just had a drive round all the sites.
Mike (PS0LL) [5219] Did you find them all alright?
Martine (PS0LK) [5220] Yeah.
[5221] I know where I'm going now with er all of them.
[5222] ... You know and getting to them, I know how to get from one to the other ... without going, you know?
Mike (PS0LL) [5223] All round the houses.
Martine (PS0LK) [5224] I've got a good idea of where everywhere is.
[5225] ... So I was quite pleased. ...
Mike (PS0LL) [5226] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [5227] [yawning] When I got back ... ooh [] you know I told you about that job?
[5228] We've put a bid in for Arrow Park.
Mike (PS0LL) [5229] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [5230] Rob thinks we've got it.
Mike (PS0LL) [5231] Oh god.
[5232] Winning some bloody jobs aren't you.
[5233] What have they done, dropped their prices?
Martine (PS0LK) [5234] Well Rob's doing them isn't he?
[5235] Oh they have had to drop their prices.
[5236] They've had to ... go for the ... we did them a few sort of quotes on the survey side of this Arrow Park ... and er ... we've gotta, you know, really stick to this tight budget because it's the only way you can get them no matter what people are telling you ... erm ... about the recession being over, people still want things for nothing.
[5237] ... So ... this survey might have to be done at the beginning of April.
[5238] But it's not a big one so ...
Mike (PS0LL) [5239] Well when's these in Caernarvon, the end of April?
Martine (PS0LK) [5240] Starting the twenty seventh of April.
Mike (PS0LL) [5241] It's the weekend after 's wedding?
Martine (PS0LK) [5242] Yeah.
[5243] ... So I shall be enjoying myself at ... the wedding
Mike (PS0LL) [5244] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [5245] ready for my hard slog.
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [5246] Eh?
Mike (PS0LL) [5247] You'll be knackered.
Martine (PS0LK) [5248] I know.
[5249] ... Er yeah so we'll have this thing at Arrow Park to do.
[5250] He's hoping to do that.
[5251] We'll looking into doing ... we need to know how many cars gone in, how many cars go out ...
Mike (PS0LL) [5252] Into the [...] ?
Martine (PS0LK) [5253] of the hospital grounds.
[5254] But there's residential sections as well.
[5255] And then see how long each vehicle stayed there.
[5256] There's two entra entrances
Mike (PS0LL) [5257] You'll have to er take the registration of every bloody car!
Martine (PS0LK) [5258] That's what we are doing.
Mike (PS0LL) [5259] Jesus god!
[5260] ... It's probably because they're taking over the er ... accident and emergency department from Clatterbrick it's shutting down and it's all going to Arrow Park.
Martine (PS0LK) [5261] Well that's not why we're doing it.
Mike (PS0LL) [5262] Well it is.
[5263] That's what's happening, it was on the radio the other day.
Martine (PS0LK) [5264] This is just ... well I mean it maybe connected with that but we're doing it because they want to increase the car parks [...] .
[5265] ... So we're looking to do it with tape recorders ... on the busiest entrance ... and you know and just say car D five one four R G M ... blah blah blah.
[5266] [yawning] Get them all down [] ... and then the person on the quieter entrance can just write them down.
[5267] But ... you don't necessarily have to say the whole number.
[5268] You know you can just say D five one four. ...
Mike (PS0LL) [5269] Well that's what you wanna, so much quicker wouldn't it, just say the Escort D five one four. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5270] Yeah, you don't even have to say the ... the make.
[5271] ... And then ... erm they all get punched into the, Rob's got a special computer programme thing, you punch them all in ... er ... and then it does a ma a matching thing.
[5272] ... And it ... come, at the end of the day it comes out with all the ones it's matched, the duration it's been there ... and er makes it a damned sight easier basically.
[5273] Should be quite good.
[5274] Then we've got ... in June we're supposed to be doing journey time surveys and traffic counts on the M sixty three.
Mike (PS0LL) [5275] I won't get off at this one, no?
Martine (PS0LK) [5276] No.
Mike (PS0LL) [5277] I'll get off at the ... [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [5278] Erm now they're talking of doing roadside interviews in both directions on the motorway on the slip roads.
Mike (PS0LL) [5279] Be a big job that will.
Martine (PS0LK) [5280] Yeah.
[5281] ... So I hope it comes off.
Mike (PS0LL) [5282] Loads of money [...] , you'll be minted.
Martine (PS0LK) [5283] Yeah.
[5284] ... It's about time we got something, don't, you know for ... months we scratched round looking like we're busy, now we're meeting ourselves backwards, coming backwards. ...
Mike (PS0LL) [5285] Better that way though innit?
[5286] Days go [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [5287] Yep.
[5288] But I mean I'm already starting stopping later, unintentionally you know, just cos I wanna finish something.
Mike (PS0LL) [5289] Here I turn now do I?
Martine (PS0LK) [5290] Yeah.
[5291] ... Well that ... this is the ... bloody supermarket. [laughing] [...] []
Mike (PS0LL) [5292] Well where was the turning?
[5293] I've never [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [5294] Course you do.
Mike (PS0LL) [5295] I don't.
Martine (PS0LK) [5296] Yes you do.
[5297] ... Er ... yeah I've already got over thirty hours credit.
[5298] And you're not supposed to have more than thirty even though Mike's got about a hundred and three.
Mike (PS0LL) [5299] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [5300] How the hell he's wangled it, honest to god!
Mike (PS0LL) [5301] Well he must be fiddling it cos he, he's never bloody worked it.
Martine (PS0LK) [5302] No.
[5303] ... So erm ... and I, I can't just take a flexi-day ... because I'm already, I've already got leave to use.
[5304] So I'm gonna see how I get on an if I keep doing it I'm just gonna get it as overtime.
[5305] ... What are you having?
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [5306] Fish and chips?
[5307] ... Are you coming in?
Mike (PS0LL) [5308] No, I don't wanna see Jean.
[5309] ... Oh she's there.
Martine (PS0LK) [5310] There she is.
Mike (PS0LL) [5311] She's doing the n

12 (Tape 031202)

Mike (PS0LL) [5312] Are we late? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5313] Yep.
Mike (PS0LL) [5314] [...] the chips [...] . ...
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [5315] Yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [...] ... [door knock]
Martine (PS0LK) [5316] [shouting] Cooeee [] ... [door knock]
Martine (PS0LK) [5317] [shouting] Cooeee [] ...
Mike (PS0LL) [5318] She's probably asleep. ... [door knock]
Martine (PS0LK) [shouting] [...] [] ...
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [5319] Probably. ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5320] Sorry!
[5321] Couldn't hear you.
Martine (PS0LK) [5322] [laughing] Ooh []
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5323] How are you?
Martine (PS0LK) [5324] [...] I couldn't hear you shout.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5325] I know, I couldn't [...] long time getting [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [5326] Well I was allowing you time with your leg but we thought ... you've got the telly on loud.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5327] Oh aye I have really, yes [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [5328] Have you?
[5329] ... We've been in chinky ... we've brought our tea.
[5330] ... [shouting] we've brought our tea.
[5331] We've been to the chippy, we haven't had any tea yet.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5332] Haven't you?
Martine (PS0LK) [5333] So can we eat them here please [] ?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5334] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5335] Right you take them in there [...] the table.
Martine (PS0LK) [5336] Yeah we can do, saves stinking out in here. ...
Mike (PS0LL) [...] [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [5337] You'd better put something on it.
Martine (PS0LK) [5338] Yeah.
[5339] [...] ... Oh there's nothing to [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5340] I'll not ask you in there with the table because there wasn't enough room.
Martine (PS0LK) [5341] The what?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5342] There's a little table there, a little folding table there.
Martine (PS0LK) [5343] Yeah?
[5344] Shall we take that?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5345] Put it here?
Martine (PS0LK) [5346] Yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5347] [...] ?
Martine (PS0LK) [5348] Oh aye.
Mike (PS0LL) [5349] No I'm alright there.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5350] [shouting] Go on [...] [] go and sit on
Martine (PS0LK) [5351] No I'm grand.
[5352] No you wanna rest your leg.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5353] Ooh don't matter about resting me r about resting me leg.
[5354] I r used to [...] . ... [laugh] ... [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [5355] That's right.
Martine (PS0LK) [5356] We've just been to see Jean there at the chippy.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5357] Oh have you been [...] ?
Mike (PS0LL) [5358] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [5359] Yeah.
[5360] Is that alright there?
Mike (PS0LL) [5361] Yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5362] Now then.
Martine (PS0LK) [5363] Where's mine?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5364] Let's get you organized. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5365] Looks like a teddy bears' picnic
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5366] Want plates?
Martine (PS0LK) [5367] No we'll have them out of the paper, we'll save on washing up, thank you. ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5368] Go cut you some bread? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5369] I'm alright, I d I want a butty thank you.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5370] Michael how, how many rounds do you want?
Mike (PS0LL) [5371] Oh just one ta.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5372] It's er who erm ... wholemeal.
Mike (PS0LL) [5373] Aye, just one thanks.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5374] Only one?
Mike (PS0LL) [5375] Yep...
Martine (PS0LK) [5376] [yawn] So they'd better be nice seeing as we've been all the way
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5377] Just get me the marge out of there [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [5378] to [...] .
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5379] Yeah, there it is, Vitalite.
[5380] Vitalite.
Mike (PS0LL) [5381] Oh aye. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5382] Super.
[5383] So how's your leg?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5384] Ooh ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5385] Any easier?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5386] Ooh it comes and goes Martine, it's nearly driving me daft to be honest. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5387] Oh is it?
[5388] ... Is it gone a bit easier?
[5389] ... Has it gone a bit easier for you?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5390] What?
[5391] What do you want?
[5392] ... What do you want? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5393] Er just ... do you want one or two?
Mike (PS0LL) [5394] One.
[5395] Please.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5396] Two.
Martine (PS0LK) [5397] Just ... just one.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5398] One.
Martine (PS0LK) [5399] Yeah.
[5400] I don't want one thank you.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5401] You know where the salt and vinegar is don't you?
Martine (PS0LK) [5402] Oh aye.
Mike (PS0LL) [5403] It's already on them thanks.
Martine (PS0LK) [5404] There's plenty on them, they're alright.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5405] Oh there in er ... in the cupboard there. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [...] ...
Mike (PS0LL) [5406] [...] Is your nan okay?
Martine (PS0LK) [5407] Do you want a few chips on a plate nan?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5408] No thanks I've only
Martine (PS0LK) [5409] Are you sure?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5410] I've only just got ... just had a big dinner love.
Martine (PS0LK) [5411] Have you?
[5412] What have you had?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5413] I had a la lamb chop ... cabbage
Martine (PS0LK) [5414] Ooh. ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5415] roast potatoes ... rhubarb, stewed rhubarb, Ron's stewed rhubarb.
Martine (PS0LK) [5416] Lovely. ...
Mike (PS0LL) [5417] And cream.
Martine (PS0LK) [5418] Nothing like looking after yourself.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5419] Oh ... it was very nice and it's his first rhubarb.
Martine (PS0LK) [5420] Mm.
[5421] ... Me mum
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5422] [...] give your mum a cou just a couple of sticks.
Martine (PS0LK) [5423] Yeah she was only saying ours has started to come through
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5424] Yeah.
Martine (PS0LK) [5425] up at .
[5426] ... Oh they are nice [...]
Mike (PS0LL) [5427] Mm. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5428] Teddy bears' picnic this nan.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5429] What love? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5430] Teddy bears' picnic.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [laugh]
Martine (PS0LK) [5431] [laugh] ... Ooh.
[5432] Don't bother with a plate for that.
[5433] Nan.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5434] Just a minute love.
[5435] ... What did you say?
Martine (PS0LK) [5436] I, he could have had that straight on the paper.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5437] Alright?
Mike (PS0LL) [5438] Thank you. ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5439] What did you say? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5440] I said there was no need to have got him a plate.
[5441] Spoiling him, he doesn't have a plate at home for his bread and butter. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5442] Well y your dad likes a lot of a ... out of the paper, I dunno.
Mike (PS0LL) [5443] It ta tastes nicer out of a paper.
Martine (PS0LK) [5444] Oh they do.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5445] If I, if I'm out yes, I li I like them in a pa in a, in a paper, you know, but er ... I've got no cake to offer you, I can't [...] some biscuits.
Martine (PS0LK) [5446] No, I'll be alright after this.
Mike (PS0LL) [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [5447] No ta.
Mike (PS0LL) [5448] [...] alright with this thanks.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5449] No?
Martine (PS0LK) [5450] We haven't had chips for ages have we?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5451] Haven't you?
Mike (PS0LL) [5452] No.
Martine (PS0LK) [5453] No. ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5454] Oh well if you haven't had chi or haven't done for a long time you enjoy them.
Martine (PS0LK) [5455] I er you do.
[5456] Nan you'll love ... why don't you go back and watch your programme and have a sit down and we won't be two ticks eating these.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5457] Your mum had a ... what did she have?
[5458] ... Oh she'd been up to Pearks
Martine (PS0LK) [5459] Mm?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5460] She bought a steak and kidney pie ... now then, no she didn't have chips ... steak and kidney pie and some er ... couple of iced buns, she bought me a, an ordinary pie.
Martine (PS0LK) [5461] Oh yeah?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5462] So I had that at dinner time.
Martine (PS0LK) [5463] Mm.
[5464] Oh me mum's been here today?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5465] And she called she did ask the girl for er ... two ... er cream ... doughnuts
Martine (PS0LK) [5466] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5467] and [laugh] ... she, she's a new girl, your mum said
Martine (PS0LK) [5468] Hmm
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5469] and she gave her iced buns.
Martine (PS0LK) [5470] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5471] There was all sort of icing on and cream as well.
[5472] But I must admit they were very nice.
Martine (PS0LK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5473] They were nice.
Martine (PS0LK) [5474] Little devils.
[5475] Oh.
[5476] Me mum's been here today has she? ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5477] Yeah, she come about ... half past twelve?
Martine (PS0LK) [5478] Oh she said yesterday she might call.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5479] Half past twelve.
Martine (PS0LK) [5480] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5481] And she went from here about er ... well she said she was going at quarter past two.
[5482] I said it is quarter past two if you ... I'm not pushing you off but [...] you've got to be somewhere on time.
Martine (PS0LK) [5483] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5484] [...] have a ... we had a bit of a chat
Martine (PS0LK) [5485] Good.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5486] and er ... she went sort of thing.
Martine (PS0LK) [5487] Mhm. ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5488] So I always take my dinner in there.
Martine (PS0LK) [5489] Well aye, might as well have a bit of comfort.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5490] And [laugh] and then I come back in here, I always get my sweet and take that back again.
[5491] ... I watch Blockbusters
Martine (PS0LK) [5492] Oh yes, we had ab er [...] well while you were in the shower.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5493] and then I always stop and watch the news.
[5494] ... So I come er ... come in here after and er washed up
Martine (PS0LK) [5495] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5496] and I'd just peeled an orange to be honest
Martine (PS0LK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5497] I just fancied an orange, I thought oh
Martine (PS0LK) [5498] Here you are [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5499] And I'd just that very minute sat down.
Martine (PS0LK) [5500] Why don't you go and ... sit down again and we'll come in as soon as we've finished these.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5501] Oh aye.
Martine (PS0LK) [5502] So you can rest your leg.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5503] Are you sure you don't want any biscuits only I haven't any [...] ?
Mike (PS0LL) [5504] No we're alright thanks.
Martine (PS0LK) [5505] [...] thanks.
[5506] I'm fine.
[5507] I'll be too full up [...]
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5508] Not [...] I am without cake but Irene brought me some small ones yesterday
Martine (PS0LK) [5509] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5510] and I've only just finished our, our Christmas er bun loaf sort of thing, you know [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [5511] Have you? ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5512] Anyhow ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5513] No this is fine. ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5514] Right, I'll go and finish my orange.
Martine (PS0LK) [5515] Okay, we won't be a minute.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5516] Ooh you're gonna have a cup of tea aren't you? ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5517] Well are you having one?
[5518] ... Are you having one anyway nan?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5519] Yes, there's the water in the kettle and everything in. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5520] Well o ... I'll, if you put it to boil
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [...]
Martine (PS0LK) [5521] Okay.
[5522] ... They're nicer than our [...] chips.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5523] Do you want tea bags or loose tea?
Mike (PS0LL) [5524] Anything.
[5525] Whatever's easiest. ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5526] Do you want tea Martine or lemonade or [...] ?
Martine (PS0LK) [5527] Erm I'll have tea please, yeah.
[5528] ... We usually have a cuppa after don't we?
Mike (PS0LL) [5529] Mhm. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5530] Just saying nan
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5531] Pardon?
Martine (PS0LK) [5532] I'm just saying these chips are nicer than the Bottley chips.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5533] Are they?
Martine (PS0LK) [5534] Oh aye, we'll be coming here again.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5535] [laugh] Your dad always likes them from here.
Martine (PS0LK) [5536] Yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5537] Oh they're [...] your mum and dad now aren't they?
Martine (PS0LK) [5538] Yeah.
[5539] ... Got nowhere local for chips.
[5540] ... Oh lovely, thank you.
[5541] ... Smashing.
[5542] ... You get a good [...] One thirty, that's not bad is it that?
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5543] Now then I'm going to leave you to it.
Martine (PS0LK) [5544] Okay, we'll be through in a minute.
Unknown speaker (KD8PSUNK) [5545] I'll just go and finish my orange.
[5546] You don't mind?
Martine (PS0LK) [5547] No.
[5548] We'll be through in a bit.
[5549] ... I think we pay more than that [...] ? ...
Mike (PS0LL) [5550] Probably. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5551] I think fish is over a pound, yeah.
Mike (PS0LL) [5552] Fish is normally about one twenty odd, oh aye. ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5553] So with the chips as well this is about one sixty. ...
Mike (PS0LL) [5554] The chips are fifty.
Martine (PS0LK) [5555] Mm. ...
Mike (PS0LL) [...] [cough] ...
Martine (PS0LK) [5556] Oh, think he's charged [...] .
[5557] ... Or does three sixty sound more like it? ...
Mike (PS0LL) [5558] Erm ... three sixty ... that would be one eighty.
[5559] Mm.
Martine (PS0LK) [5560] Yeah maybe it was three sixty. ...
Mike (PS0LL) [5561] [...] get [...] pots of tea [...] ?
[5562] Is your nan having any?
Martine (PS0LK) [5563] She must be having one, put them straight in the cups.
[5564] They're one cup things [...] .
[5565] ... [...] ... She must have made one.
[5566] ... How [...] ?
Mike (PS0LL) [...] ... [cough]