27 conversations recorded by `Mikila' (PS0KY) on 28 November 1991 with 10 interlocutors, totalling 2759 s-units, 16597 words, and 1 hour 55 minutes 44 seconds of recordings.

11 speakers recorded by respondent number 21

PS0KY Ag1 f (Mikila, age 17, student, Home Counties, )
PS0L0 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS0L1 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS0L2 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS0L3 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS0L4 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS0L5 Ag1 f (Kathryn, age 17, student, Home Counties, ) friend
PS0L6 Ag1 f (Tabitha, age 17, student, Home Counties, ) friend
PS0L7 Ag1 f (Maggi, age 17, student, Home Counties, ) friend
KDBPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KDBPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

27 recordings

  1. Tape 014701 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 014702 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 014703 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 014704 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 014705 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 014706 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 014707 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 014708 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 014709 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 014801 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 014802 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 014803 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  13. Tape 014804 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  14. Tape 014805 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  15. Tape 014806 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  16. Tape 014807 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  17. Tape 014808 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  18. Tape 014809 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( school ) Activity: Unspecified
  19. Tape 014810 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  20. Tape 014811 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  21. Tape 014812 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  22. Tape 014813 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  23. Tape 014814 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  24. Tape 014815 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  25. Tape 014816 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  26. Tape 014817 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified
  27. Tape 014818 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationKent: Sandhurst ( at school ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 014701)

Mikila (PS0KY) [1] How's it going?
Kathryn (PS0L5) [2] It's alright ... It's just that end [...] .
Tabitha (PS0L6) [3] Oh I do like sorry your nursery there.
Mikila (PS0KY) [4] Yeah I put all the nurseries, all the placements I'd done at college ... an at and the employment.
Kathryn (PS0L5) [5] Have you done your school work experience?
Mikila (PS0KY) [6] Yeah ... all the work experience that I did all four placements that we've done so far.
Kathryn (PS0L5) [7] And ones to come.
Mikila (PS0KY) [8] Yeah ... the wa only one to come one was the one we were at originally, wasn't it?
Kathryn (PS0L5) [9] And the special.
Mikila (PS0KY) [10] Oh yeah!
Kathryn (PS0L5) [11] You don't know if you're
Mikila (PS0KY) [12] I forgot about that.
Kathryn (PS0L5) [13] wait 'till ... you're gonna have to do your own thing there when
Mikila (PS0KY) [14] Yeah.
Kathryn (PS0L5) [15] you've finished those courses anyway
Mikila (PS0KY) [16] Yeah.
Kathryn (PS0L5) [17] I don't think they'll be any use then.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [18] What did you want?
[19] What did you just put addresses or something?
Mikila (PS0KY) [20] Yeah, I put ... well I put the name as well
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [21] How do you spell socializing?
Mikila (PS0KY) [22] I put the name of the person I was with ... S o c ... i a l l y ... I think ... No!
[23] No!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [24] I a l.
Mikila (PS0KY) [25] [laughing] Yeah ... mm ... socially [] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [26] S o c i a l
Mikila (PS0KY) [27] Yeah.
Kathryn (PS0L5) [28] as i w.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [29] s i n g.
Mikila (PS0KY) [30] [laugh] That's what
Kathryn (PS0L5) [31] I w
Mikila (PS0KY) [32] I meant [] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [33] Yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [34] I put socially.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [35] So did you put that in the address?
Kathryn (PS0L5) [36] I'd do something what [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [37] Yeah ... and then I put erm
Kathryn (PS0L5) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [38] I just, I didn't put, sort of, what I did because it's work experience
Tabitha (PS0L6) [39] Yeah, yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [40] so it's obvious what you did, and then I put the name
Tabitha (PS0L6) [41] What of the there person?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [42] Teacher
Mikila (PS0KY) [43] Yeah of the teacher that you were with.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [44] What this side?
Mikila (PS0KY) [45] Could do yeah, I can't remember where I put it, but I do don't think it matters where or just a little bit under or something.
Kathryn (PS0L5) [46] [...] come over there, just a sec.
Mikila (PS0KY) [47] And employment you put ... erm ... where you were and what you did.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [48] Isn't it Wesley Road?
Kathryn (PS0L5) [49] No.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [50] Oh no ... [...] Road.
Mikila (PS0KY) [51] Yeah ... you you just
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [52] [...] Road
Mikila (PS0KY) [53] you just put the address of the place where you were and then you put the position you held.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [54] I am, I am I'm just helping Louise.
None (PS0L0) [55] I'd rather you did your own!
Mikila (PS0KY) [laugh]
None (PS0L0) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [56] I'd rather you shut up and got on with it!
None (PS0L0) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [57] Ha ... not really ... ooh my eye!
[58] What's Emma doing?
[59] ... Emma's messing around with it.
Maggi (PS0L7) [60] Is she?
[61] ... What's she up to?
[62] I bet a million quid that [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [63] [laugh] ... [...] get out the way [...] !
[64] ... God she's written down a massive great essay ... oh my God!
[65] ... It's alright I've got ages
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [66] got 'till one o'clock, it's only ten past twelve ... handy, ha ha ... So where do you work, Sarah?
[67] ... Go on let us
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [68] At [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [69] in on it ... oh ... where did you?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [70] She's not that
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [71] [...] at the schools?
Mikila (PS0KY) [72] Yeah you do each ... one that you took in the list and then do ... don't do the result if it's c or above otherwise you don't fit it, apparently ... that's what she said ... she sa do the result if it's good ... but don't bother if it's bad, or something.
Kathryn (PS0L5) [73] The whole point is G C S E's you see, get them even if you don't get c
Mikila (PS0KY) [74] I know
Kathryn (PS0L5) [75] or above.
Mikila (PS0KY) [76] and apparently they're changing them now anyway.
Kathryn (PS0L5) [77] I know ... so it's stupid [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [78] They're changing it to more exams ... I mean, it changes to G C S E in the first place to get rid of ... having
Kathryn (PS0L5) [79] Exams.
Mikila (PS0KY) [80] so many exams and have more course work and now they're complaining about ... cos it's a hundred per cent course work in English, they're complaining about that and they want to make it and a maximum thirty per cent course work within two years, or something ... something really stupid like that!
Kathryn (PS0L5) [81] They should change this course.
Mikila (PS0KY) [82] No, but I reckon I was in the best year, sort of, for G C S E's this year ... and the year that's just gone, were the best years ... cos they ... they do all the [...] .
Kathryn (PS0L5) [83] Can you do [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [84] English language and literature ... G C E's or C S E's, not G C S E's.
Maggi (PS0L7) [85] What are you talking about?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [86] That's with the olden days!
[87] ... They must be old!
Mikila (PS0KY) [88] In the old, Liz, so did you do C S E's or G C S E's?
Mikila (PS0KY) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [89] That's what I thought ... [laughing] Speckled white bits! []
Mikila (PS0KY) [90] I did G C S E's in the first year.
Mikila (PS0KY) [91] Oh ... yeah cos I was a couple of years later than that, so I managed ... to, sort of, avoid the first year or so
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [92] What the hell was going on!
Mikila (PS0KY) [93] it was
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [94] Yeah
Mikila (PS0KY) [95] I bet nobody knew what they were doing ... Ooh I do like that picture.
Kathryn (PS0L5) [96] Your doing what what?
[97] ... Children's [...] Liz comes instead of me.
Mikila (PS0KY) [98] Oh yeah ... you mustn't forget that ... that was an experience that was ... if you just press enter then it goes down, that's fine ... like that.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [99] Sun med!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [100] [laughing] Sun med [] ... Sun med it sounds like a ... orange juice drink or something ... [laughing] drink sun med ... high in vitamin C [] ... Urgh, what have they got on there!
[101] ... It's probably Tabitha's rusks again ... which I've got all over me!
[102] ... How Samantha?
[103] ... No I can't remember how to do that, there was a way to do that, I thi
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [104] You do, [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [105] Oh my God!
Kathryn (PS0L5) [106] Black ninja!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [107] Get back!
Mikila (PS0KY) [108] How did you get to that?
[109] ... Green needs to hold down which key before pressing the given function key?
[110] ... What!
[111] ... How do you sort that out. [laugh]
Kathryn (PS0L5) [112] I'm going home, I ain't doing that!
Mikila (PS0KY) [113] Ha!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [114] What?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [115] What's that you're doing?
Mikila (PS0KY) [116] C V ... and you don't really wanna see it either.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [117] How many [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [118] My Go ,wha how did you get to that anyway?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [119] Just did.
Mikila (PS0KY) [120] We would like to order selection [laughing] of music box []
Kathryn (PS0L5) [121] [laughing] She likes it! [] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [122] [laughing] from the following list [] .
Kathryn (PS0L5) [123] Ha ha stupid moron! [...] ... put it on there like that!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [124] [laugh] Yeah well I just did!
Kathryn (PS0L5) [125] What do you mean [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [126] Yeah I was on the bus this morning ... oh
Kathryn (PS0L5) [127] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [128] I got a later one ... half ten.
Kathryn (PS0L5) [129] Alright.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [130] You on it?
[131] ... Is that right?
[132] ... What time do you go home?
Kathryn (PS0L5) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [133] Oh same as me.
Mikila (PS0KY) [134] Ooh my God!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [135] Looks good ... mm!
[136] ... They were [...] lessons.
Kathryn (PS0L5) [137] How's that?
[138] ... My parents [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [139] Ooh my God!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [140] Let me get ... let me get it done today ... what ... yeah ... how many references do we need?
[141] ... Two?
Kathryn (PS0L5) [142] Two
Kathryn (PS0L5) [143] Two?
Mikila (PS0KY) [144] Yeah.
Kathryn (PS0L5) [145] My family's [...] can I give that?
Mikila (PS0KY) [146] [laughing] Yeah [] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [147] What are you applying for?
Mikila (PS0KY) [148] What age group are you applying to work with?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [149] I'm gay!
Mikila (PS0KY) [150] That's what [...] I bet!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [151] What are you looking for cos it's gotta be linked to what you're applying for ... if you're applying
Mikila (PS0KY) [152] If you're applying to work with three to five aged children then you write references
Kathryn (PS0L5) [153] It's that erm ... holiday thing ... holiday camp thing.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [154] Then do they do nurseries ... do they do nurseries?
Mikila (PS0KY) [155] What age children are they then, yeah nursery or ... primary school cos you can get hold of different
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [156] Yeah so you're infant school and you're primary school ... yeah
Kathryn (PS0L5) [157] From now on I'm gonna do my family.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [158] Well that's got nothing to do with it.
Kathryn (PS0L5) [159] Why?
[160] ... Little kids
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [161] How old were they in the family?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [162] Yeah but you're not working
Kathryn (PS0L5) [163] looked after
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [164] in a family, you're not applying for a job in a family, you're applying work in a children in a group.
Mikila (PS0KY) [165] With with larger groups of children
Kathryn (PS0L5) [166] [...] innit no but I can look after a baby.
Mikila (PS0KY) [167] no but it's gotta be ... possibly, yeah but it's still like
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [168] it's gotta be mixed
Mikila (PS0KY) [169] with older children isn't it?
[170] ... And you're supposed to try and link it ... with bigger groups of children, so if you say you say you've got primary skills
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [171] Have you [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [172] Yeah!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [173] Alright then.
Kathryn (PS0L5) [174] I don't know how you got that on the list.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [175] I'm just ... ow!
[176] ... Oh dear!
Mikila (PS0KY) [177] Then you've got to think of your references ... problem is the job that I'm applying for is working in the school ... and my reference for primary school is Redland School ... cos that's where I was ... I thought ooh yes that would be laugh if I apply for Redland School ... yeah great ... so it's gonna come under wor work experience and reference ... I don't know ... you can put
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [178] No
Mikila (PS0KY) [179] M C as a reference
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [180] Oh!
[181] ... I don't know.
Mikila (PS0KY) [182] [laughing] Cuddling course tutor [] !
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [183] Do you mind if I put you as my referee.
Mikila (PS0KY) [184] I don't think you have to do referee on there, you just have to have references, I think?
[185] ... I don't think she's that bothered.
Maggi (PS0L7) [186] She doesn't bother asking for them anyway ... I don't know the name of er
Mikila (PS0KY) [187] What?
Maggi (PS0L7) [188] I don't know [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [189] I didn't know that, I thought I'd put down what, some of the people ... one of the babysit for as one of my references ... because I babysit her kids at primary school age
Maggi (PS0L7) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [190] and she's got a
Maggi (PS0L7) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [191] really funny surname ... it's like or something cos it's Dutch or something
Maggi (PS0L7) [192] Yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [193] or Finnish!
Maggi (PS0L7) [194] I got some of that ... [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [195] [laughing] You just write down any name it doesn't matter [] !
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [196] What?
Maggi (PS0L7) [197] It won't change.
Mikila (PS0KY) [198] What bit do you wanna delete?
Maggi (PS0L7) [199] Just trying to delete that [...] ... lost your place ... Urgh!
Mikila (PS0KY) [200] No it kee keep going with the arrows and get it just behind ... the letter you wanna delete, keep going, keep going ... go ... keep going, keep going and again ... now delete, backspace
Maggi (PS0L7) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [201] backspace ... that one
Maggi (PS0L7) [202] Oh.
Mikila (PS0KY) [203] that's the one that you have to press ... keep going ... now press ... that's it.
Maggi (PS0L7) [204] Right, now that anyway should be see ending
Mikila (PS0KY) [205] Oh well.
Maggi (PS0L7) [206] up there I want it.
Mikila (PS0KY) [207] Yeah, then do the same ... that's it!
[208] ... Oh ... well I'm glad I can help!
[209] ... Hee hee hee!
[210] ... God is that how you spell [...] ?
Maggi (PS0L7) [211] Yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [212] Where does it get it's name from anyway?
Maggi (PS0L7) [213] I'm not sure.
Mikila (PS0KY) [214] Oh ... Just seems like a bit of a weird name!
[215] ... This chair goes up and down when you sit on it ... is that computer free?
[216] ... I'm not getting anywhere my legs aren't long enough ... is this free, Dee, do you know?
[217] ... It'll do ... Ha ha ha ha it works!
[218] ... Please work ... this bit doesn't go anywhere ... Yes!
Maggi (PS0L7) [219] Do we only have to put G C, G C, G C E's ... nothing else?
Mikila (PS0KY) [220] Well if you've got any other qualifications you can put them I suppose
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [221] I don't see why not ... erm ... Oops!
[222] ... Oh no not F ten what am I talking about, date of birth ... first ... where's that diagonal line?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [223] There.
Mikila (PS0KY) [224] Er ... twenty four ... address ... I suppose I'd better put the house in there ... I bet I'm not gonna get this finished in time now.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [225] I found [...] ... [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [226] My address is so long!
[227] ... I hate it!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [228] [singing] mm mm ... mm mm mm []
Mikila (PS0KY) [229] Oh didn't put any commas in!
[230] ... Urgh!
[231] ... [screaming] Ah! []
[232] ... Oh my god!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [233] You were what, an accountant?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [234] No ... I
Mikila (PS0KY) [235] Oh I thought you said you were an accountant.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [236] Oh no!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [237] I thought Dee!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [238] [...] doesn't [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [239] You have hidden talents!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [240] C ... that'll do ... I suppose, telephone ... 5 ... 8 ... Is it spelt right?
[241] I dunno.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [242] How do you get your space up again?
Mikila (PS0KY) [243] Hang on, what's that?
None (PS0L0) [244] straight from the bottom.
Mikila (PS0KY) [245] And then backspace, I think, I'm no I'm not positive on that so don't take my word for it, you'll probably mess the whole thing up!
None (PS0L0) [246] Mm.
Mikila (PS0KY) [247] You mean get that up?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [248] Yeah yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [249] I think you press ... backspace ... so that'll just take it to the end and then if you press again ... no it's just gonna delete
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [250] now it'll delete all that.
Mikila (PS0KY) [251] I can't remember what it was now ... but I know there's a way to move it up again, I think ... oh unless you put it there and press backspace ... just above
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [252] Where, there?
Mikila (PS0KY) [253] the a ... then space above the a, cos at least then if ... it doesn't work it's not gonna delete anything ... go down again, that's it now backspace ... stupid thing!
[254] Oh I don't know I'm afraid ... Ooh! ... bit of a stupid thing anyway!
[255] ... Marital status.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [256] Argh!
Mikila (PS0KY) [257] What have you done?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [258] I've done it again!
Mikila (PS0KY) [259] Oh no, you managed t oh God!
[260] ... [laughing] Oh my God [] !
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [261] I
Mikila (PS0KY) [262] Oops ... oh I'm onto the wrong bit again!
[263] ... Education ha ... ooh ... I never know what the address of the stupid place is!
[264] ... [...] ... Oh!
[265] ... Yeah I think you'll just have to wipe the whole thing out and do it again.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [266] No!
Mikila (PS0KY) [267] [laughing] [...] [] ... Don't want to! [fire bell goes]
Mikila (PS0KY) [268] Never mind ... Oh do me a favour!
[269] ... Oh I love the way everybody gets up and wanders out, we'll just wait here I think.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [270] Fire drill.
Mikila (PS0KY) [271] Come on Shaun, what do you have to do?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [272] Fire bell
Mikila (PS0KY) [273] Oh pain the backsi !
[274] ... Come along children ... single file!
[275] ... Out you go!
[276] ... If my bag gets burnt in that bloody room upstairs ... somebody's having a laugh aren't they? ... [...] have to take the mick!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [277] We'll get cold!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [278] So what is this about?
Mikila (PS0KY) [279] No it's [laughing] cold [] !
[280] ... What a joke!
[281] ... Actually it's a bit of a ... unorganised chaos nobody knows what the heck they're doing!
[282] ... I don't smell anything ... [...] the way ahead.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [283] Not being cold running across the corridor.
Mikila (PS0KY) [284] I think we've got to go out there ... with the [...] lot ... I think we've gotta be out there ... Bloody loud!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [285] I think we're there.
Mikila (PS0KY) [286] Where the hell's everybody else?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [287] Oh there they are ... ooh ooh.
Mikila (PS0KY) [288] We're here, don't worry ... we made it.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [289] [laughing] Where are we supposed to be going [] ?
Mikila (PS0KY) [290] In case it collapses onto me ... actually we should stand a little bit further away from the building.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [291] Couldn't we have a [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [292] Yeah ... then we all had to wander out of here.
[293] Why couldn't they do it in the summer when it's warm?
[294] ... It's too cold for this!
[295] ... I left my coat inside!
[296] ... I've left my computer programme going, God knows what it's gonna do ... I've only got ... half an hour to finish it!
[297] ... Ah no it's cold!
[298] ... Get on with it and let us back in ... It is a drill I suppose, is it?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [299] Mikila, what is that thing?
Mikila (PS0KY) [300] That, that's my microphone ... Liz will explain. [laugh]
Mikila (PS0KY) [301] Doing a survey.
Mikila (PS0KY) [302] I only a survey thing, and I'm supposed to have done about twenty tapes by tonight and I've done seven!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [303] What on?
Mikila (PS0KY) [304] Conversation tape.
Mikila (PS0KY) [305] Me having [laughing] conversations with people [] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [306] Have you done one on me?
Mikila (PS0KY) [307] Yes, you're a pupil now.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [308] I swore ... [laughing] a few times [] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [309] Have you got that on tape?
Mikila (PS0KY) [310] Probably!
[311] ... Amana's just sat on that chair with a [...] so I didn't have anything to do ... Yes, I have a whole fire drill recorded on tape!
[312] [laughing] Lucky, lucky [] !
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [313] Are you recording now?
Mikila (PS0KY) [314] [...] I am ... this is gonna give us all a laugh!
[315] ... [laughing] Ooh [] !
[316] ... Come then, [laughing] karaoke ... karaoke time [] .
[317] ... Ooh it's gonna fall off!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [singing] [...] []
Maggi (PS0L7) [318] [singing] by anyone []
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [319] [singing] with anyone []
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [320] [singing] doo doo doodle doodle doo []
Mikila (PS0KY) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [321] [singing] It's not unusual to go out with anyone []
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [322] [singing] da da da da []
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [323] [singing] without much love da da da da da da []
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [324] [singing] da da da da da da []
Mikila (PS0KY) [325] [laughing] Starring Sarah and Deidre [] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [326] [singing] It's not unusual da da da da day da da da [] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [327] [singing] It's not unusual it happens every day da da da [] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [328] [singing] Why can't this crazy love be mine []
Mikila (PS0KY) [329] I think I'm recording
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [330] ah ah ah
Mikila (PS0KY) [331] Yep look cos the little lights on
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [332] Doo doo doo doo
Mikila (PS0KY) [333] It's all down on tape now.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [334] Doo doo doo doo.
Mikila (PS0KY) [335] I'm gonna take a recording of this I think
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [336] Why did you er
Mikila (PS0KY) [337] [laughing] I can bring it in next week and play it really loud to the whole class [] ... I shall say this is Sarah and Dee ... [laughing] where's Tina Turner then [] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [338] So I'm not [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [laugh]
Mikila (PS0KY) [339] What happened to Tina Turner then, is she now a thing of the past?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [340] Yeah ... [singing] when I need you [] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [341] [singing] Better than all the rest ... better than anyone [] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [342] [singing] than all the rest ... better than anyone
Mikila (PS0KY) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [343] anyone I ever met [] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [344] Come on I don't see smoke belting out the building, let us back in.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [345] Here they come ... back into school.
Mikila (PS0KY) [346] Oh [laugh] ... well we d ... didn't know if we were supposed to be congregating with rest of the people, or what so we just wandered ... we wandered down the hall
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [347] Yeah [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [348] and we couldn't see any smoke belting down the corridor so we thought well ... oh! ... give me my coat!
[349] ... My technicolour dream coat!
[350] ... Where's Louise?
[351] She can start us off on the aerobics [...] lesson.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [352] [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [353] Oh Louise [laughing] didn't even come out [] !
[354] ... I think Louise and them
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [355] went outside
Mikila (PS0KY) [356] probably yeah, they've gone outside though ... Ah I was gonna say to you if you get us all going on ... some [...] aerobics
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [357] Yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [358] [laughing] get us all warm [] !
[359] ... Oh!
[360] ... Oh let us back in!
[361] ... We've got [...] now ... yeah
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [362] It's cold!
Mikila (PS0KY) [363] I was gonna say, we've got the hint, it's bloody cold, let us back in!
[364] ... I haven't got my coat or anything cos I left it upstairs.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [365] We've done it now.
Mikila (PS0KY) [366] Yeah ... we know how it feels.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [367] Yes [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [368] We know if it made any note of where we're meant to be going.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [369] At least, at least if it if least if there was a fire we'd be heated wouldn't we? ... standing here
Mikila (PS0KY) [370] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [371] and getting warm
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [372] any [...] burnt alive by now.
Mikila (PS0KY) [373] No I think they went out ... the side door, cos they were in the computer room with us ... [laughing] and they sat there ... Louise goes, what's going on [] ?
Maggi (PS0L7) [374] I said that.
Mikila (PS0KY) [375] And they sat there on the computers and the woman said right everybody out, she's an old battleaxe!
[376] ... I can't believe it, she had a right go at us, we were just chatting, and she said keep the noise ... down! [laugh]
Maggi (PS0L7) [377] Why do they have two ... [...] cuddling each other come over here.
Mikila (PS0KY) [378] What two cuddling each other?
Maggi (PS0L7) [379] Over there.
Mikila (PS0KY) [380] Everybody out.
Maggi (PS0L7) [381] oh ... I can't see but
Mikila (PS0KY) [382] We can see you!
Maggi (PS0L7) [383] never mind.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [384] Just move in a bit.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [385] Go on over there.
Mikila (PS0KY) [386] Your bum knocked [laughing] [...] car [] !
[387] ... Stupid time to come in the car park!
[388] ... I don't know what they're trying to do.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [389] Fire!
[390] ... There's a fire
Mikila (PS0KY) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [391] stay away from the building
Mikila (PS0KY) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [392] there's a fire ... she looked at me as well.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [393] Ah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [laugh]
Mikila (PS0KY) [394] [laughing] Off we go ... Dee's going to lead us over there.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [395] [singing] Da da da da da da da da [] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [396] Oh.
Mikila (PS0KY) [397] [laughing] Oh God [] !
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [398] [singing] Na na na na na [] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [399] [laughing] Quickly Dee [] !
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [400] I'm trying to keep myself warm ... da da da da da, [laughing] by I singing warm songs [] !
[401] ... Er urgh!
Mikila (PS0KY) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [402] [laugh] No I don't wanna be sitting messing around with computers freezing my bum off!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [403] [singing] [...] what a [...] [...] []
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [404] There goes the Volvo I [...] the whole car park.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [405] [laugh] Oh my God!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [406] [singing] like a whirlpool []
Mikila (PS0KY) [407] [...] get a car out of here ... Oh!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [408] No.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [409] No.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [410] [singing] Come on!
[411] Come on!
[412] Come on!
[413] Come on!
[414] Come on!
[415] Come on!
[416] Come on [] !
Mikila (PS0KY) [417] They should they should have got us all lined up single file and alphabetical order, taking them in.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [418] Oh get out the way!
Mikila (PS0KY) [419] Our school had it down to a tee.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [420] [singing] Come on!
[421] Come on!
[422] Come on!
[423] Come on [] !
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [424] At the nursery, that's right.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [425] [singing] Come on!
[426] Come on [] !
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [427] [singing] Come on [] !
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [428] She wants ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [laughing] [...] []
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [429] [singing] Do you wanna be in my gang, my gang, [laughing] my gang []
Mikila (PS0KY) [430] Maybe you should stap tape your mouth closed yet!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [431] wanna be in my gang ... wanna be in my gang, my gang, my gang []
Mikila (PS0KY) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [432] So have you finished your C V and you're just adding bits
Mikila (PS0KY) [433] No.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [434] to it or something.
Mikila (PS0KY) [435] Well no I did it last week and one of the references I couldn't remember the name of the woman, so I just put Mrs [laughing] blank [] ... and I just left it ... so ... I thought I'd do it again cos there were a couple of bits I did wrong ... and a bit dodgy, so I though save me writing it ... I'll just do it all over again ... but it looks like I'm not gonna be able to now because we've brought out here for a piddling stupid fire drill!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [436] Urgh!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [437] Your allowed to go into the building now.
Mikila (PS0KY) [438] Ah finally we're allowed in the class it's [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [439] Where's Tab going?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [440] Tab you're not allowed to go too far.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [441] [...] your room.
Mikila (PS0KY) [442] I suppose I could move.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [443] Are you going back to [...] now?
Mikila (PS0KY) [444] Yeah go back this way ... ooh the emergency's over [laughing] ... the emergency's over, everybody [] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [445] Your going to go in?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [446] Yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [447] We are.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [448] [...] as well
Mikila (PS0KY) [449] Yeah ... all we and good.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [450] Oh it wasn't that bad.
Mikila (PS0KY) [451] Probably ... what a waste of time!

2 (Tape 014702)

Mikila (PS0KY) [452] My mum went to a karaoke last night.
Mikila (PS0KY) [453] Did she?
[454] Where?
Mikila (PS0KY) [455] I can't believe it ... in actual, yeah but there was a fight or something so they might not have it again
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [456] [...] Shall I put [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [457] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [458] I shall put
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [459] No no no I should only put the erm ... the [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [460] Er ... Sept ... emb ... er er er
Mikila (PS0KY) [461] [...] yeah I can see you!
[462] [singing] Wanna be in my gang, my gang, my gang [] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [463] nineteen ... eighty five
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [464] I think you'd ... do leave the bits [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [465] No you see when I put I put it up [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [466] Ooh!
[467] ... Ooh I didn't want that!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [468] Oh yeah [...] any other colours.
Mikila (PS0KY) [469] What?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [470] Where's the J
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [471] You know it's wrong.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [472] It's alright, I can
Mikila (PS0KY) [473] two
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [474] do that at least I don't have to [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [475] Allow the
Mikila (PS0KY) [476] qualifications
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [477] erm
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [478] I hope to [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [479] G
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [480] It alters the pages, we don't that
Mikila (PS0KY) [481] C S E
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [482] and ... don't you think it would be a good idea ... have you said in your letter that you worked for the the [...] therapist?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [483] Do I have to?
Mikila (PS0KY) [484] Ooh no!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [485] Right ... why
Mikila (PS0KY) [486] erm
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [487] don't you go [...] ... comma ... say your teacher, or somebody like that, so it just shows that it's not a reference.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [488] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [489] And there were somehow you want t ... to get across the point in the [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [490] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [491] Cos you'll be working with children again, so
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [492] I know what I'll do, I'll go back to just there
Mikila (PS0KY) [493] erm
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [494] [...] where I've put that [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [495] gotta try and remember everything I took now.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [496] Good yep, that's fine.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [497] Miss ... can you have a [...] on a [...] ?
Mikila (PS0KY) [498] Geography ... ooh R E, mustn't forget R E ... my favourite!
Mikila (PS0KY) [499] [singing] Do you wanna be in my gang, my gang []
Mikila (PS0KY) [500] How do you spell religious ... Liz?
Mikila (PS0KY) [501] R E L I G
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [502] R E L I G
Mikila (PS0KY) [503] Yeah I've got R E L I G
Mikila (PS0KY) [504] I O U S.
Mikila (PS0KY) [505] I thought so!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [506] Now, am I waiting for these today or [...] ?
Mikila (PS0KY) [507] R E L I G O U S S
Mikila (PS0KY) [508] [singing] they're going on me he [...] []
Mikila (PS0KY) [509] Edu ...
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [510] Is your
Mikila (PS0KY) [511] the most valuable experience!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [512] Is your references your last thing?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [513] Work experience.
Mikila (PS0KY) [514] I think references is last, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [515] Don't you dare do anything when I F ten.
Mikila (PS0KY) [516] Press escape.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [517] But I wanna go back shall I go back and do alter the things I wanna alter? ...
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [518] Press F nine
Mikila (PS0KY) [519] Right, press F nine
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [520] Yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [521] and it takes you back ... right what else did I take I took nine things
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [522] I always thought [...] work experience.
Mikila (PS0KY) [523] erm
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [524] Haven't had any work experience.
Mikila (PS0KY) [525] What about all the college ... all the placements ... that's all work experience.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [526] Oh Lord!
Mikila (PS0KY) [527] English ... En English Language
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [528] I hope they won't be writing to her in [...] ... God!
Mikila (PS0KY) [529] I don't think they do, this is just like a sample, [...] , so we know what we're talking about ... and we don't.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [530] Church and Primary School ... no I'm not looking forward to going into French.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [531] French.
Mikila (PS0KY) [532] [...] ... erm
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [533] holiday.
Mikila (PS0KY) [534] maths ... I might has well put the full name ... mathematic ... s ... ooh mathematics even
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [535] [singing] Do you wanna be in my gang, my gang []
Mikila (PS0KY) [536] No!
[537] ... What's it called?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [538] When will they ... where will they ... ask for a copy, maybe.
Mikila (PS0KY) [539] Ba ba ba
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [540] Hockey, Hockey!
Mikila (PS0KY) [541] Biology
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [542] Home Economics, yeah ... mm ... Econom ... ics ... and ... ooh yeah
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [543] [singing] Do you wanna be in my gang ... my gang ... [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [544] and a
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...] []
Mikila (PS0KY) [545] and ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [546] a
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [547] Look ... [laughing] Mikey [] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [548] That's a bit of a posh name for drama, isn't it?
[549] ... Drama and theatre arts, that's what I did at school ... erm
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [550] No one asked about [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [551] and urgh!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [552] This is Diana [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [553] A ... Oh no!
[554] I've just done that, I've just stuck a space in!
Mikila (PS0KY) [555] Well that's a bit silly, isn't it?
Mikila (PS0KY) [556] Oh, I can't believe I did that, I stuck a space in it!
Mikila (PS0KY) [557] Yeah, a bit like, yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [558] Did you manage to get it back?
Mikila (PS0KY) [559] No I didn't.
Mikila (PS0KY) [560] Cos I did that last week ... and I got rid it and I can't remember how!
[561] ... Ah ... I did it!
Mikila (PS0KY) [562] What did you do there?
Mikila (PS0KY) [563] I don't know ... I just pressed ... the down ... yeah there was a space ... and I pressed the down ... and then I pressed backspace twice and it went back again ... ah ... I knew it was something to do with backspace.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [564] [...] [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [565] No, ooh!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [566] Take your time.
Mikila (PS0KY) [567] This is stu ... stupid ... right so don't press enter cos that'll give me a space.
Mikila (PS0KY) [568] [singing] early, early in the morning, early thing []
Mikila (PS0KY) [569] This is a pain in the backside!
Mikila (PS0KY) [570] And then after that I am
Mikila (PS0KY) [571] B
Mikila (PS0KY) [572] I am now currently at Chiltern.
Mikila (PS0KY) [573] Ooh that's a nice one ... what's it like there anyway, any good?
Mikila (PS0KY) [574] It's okay ... I mean it it, okay in the parts, but when you come to do a ... like essays and things about [...] it's very helpful because of the [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [575] Yeah I suppose
Mikila (PS0KY) [576] in there anyway.
Mikila (PS0KY) [577] yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [578] I've all you spend your time doing, more than you spend the time with the kids, is cleaning ... two
Mikila (PS0KY) [579] Have I got them wrong?
Mikila (PS0KY) [580] one two three, four five six, seven eight nine, yeah ... Is it Chiltern what ... Chiltern ... nursery.
Mikila (PS0KY) [581] I know ... hello!
[582] ... I think ... but are we not supposed to put
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [583] I think [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [584] those ones in, they're not very good.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [585] Yeah ... short space of time ... yeah
Mikila (PS0KY) [586] I thought you [...] then, I thought well I must be nice [...] spoken polite ... That's that then.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [587] Yeah ... that's the
Mikila (PS0KY) [588] Employment ... I've only had one job, that's sad.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [589] No erm ... has [...] got to know.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [590] Employment yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [591] Yeah employment is ... job an and work experience is placement ... catering ... [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [592] Washer up!
Mikila (PS0KY) [593] Ha yeah [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [594] [...] ... erm
Mikila (PS0KY) [595] No!
Mikila (PS0KY) [596] [...] ... oops!
Mikila (PS0KY) [597] No!
[598] ... No, what am I doing!
[599] ... Erm ... you put the address, don't you, first and then you do the position held?
[600] ... E ... [...] ... it's stopped
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [601] No it's not capitals
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [singing] [...] []
Mikila (PS0KY) [602] Oh God!
[603] ... How do you spell preparatory school, if you've got a prep school and it cou
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [604] P R E P A R
Mikila (PS0KY) [605] ooh I'm glad ... hang on, hang on, hang on, ah!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [606] P A R
Mikila (PS0KY) [607] Yeah P
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [608] R E
Mikila (PS0KY) [609] R E
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [610] P A R
Mikila (PS0KY) [611] ooh ah I didn't get a capital!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [612] I like ... cooking, cleaning
Mikila (PS0KY) [613] Ah!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [614] Are you getting there Lou?
Mikila (PS0KY) [615] P R E
None (PS0L0) [616] Yeah
Mikila (PS0KY) [617] P R E
Mikila (PS0KY) [618] P A R
Mikila (PS0KY) [619] yeah, hang on ... P A R
None (PS0L0) [620] Thank you ... wash
Mikila (PS0KY) [621] A T
Mikila (PS0KY) [622] A T
Mikila (PS0KY) [623] O R Y.
Mikila (PS0KY) [624] O R Y, thank you Liz.
None (PS0L0) [625] Wash.
Mikila (PS0KY) [626] You now how to spell school?
None (PS0L0) [627] Badminton
Mikila (PS0KY) [628] I think I can spell school!
None (PS0L0) [629] Bad min ton ... erm ... volleyball ... voll
Mikila (PS0KY) [630] painfully slow, but never mind
None (PS0L0) [631] eye ball.
Mikila (PS0KY) [632] Now so I [...] on the
Mikila (PS0KY) [633] Craythorn registered.
Mikila (PS0KY) [...]
None (PS0L0) [634] Craythorn
Mikila (PS0KY) [635] Craythorn volleyball.
Mikila (PS0KY) [636] Craythorn Road, ... do I have to say Craythorn ?
None (PS0L0) [637] No, no, no, no, no ... What else do I like doing?
Mikila (PS0KY) [638] Bowling.
Mikila (PS0KY) [639] Windsurfing.
None (PS0L0) [640] I like bowling, ha, I got that in. [laugh]
Mikila (PS0KY) [641] Toboganning!
None (PS0L0) [642] Bowling.
Mikila (PS0KY) [643] [laughing] bungy jumping [] !
Mikila (PS0KY) [644] [laughing] jumping [] !
Mikila (PS0KY) [laugh]
None (PS0L0) [645] Bowling.
Mikila (PS0KY) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [646] [laugh] That was miming!
Mikila (PS0KY) [647] Oh was it?
Mikila (PS0KY) [648] I know ... I was trying to think of the word as well, I thought now what is it [] ?
None (PS0L0) [649] What do you do now when you do the [...] what do you do then?
Mikila (PS0KY) [650] Oh!
[651] ... I don't care if it's [...] Craythorn it doesn't say I was with Craythorn
Mikila (PS0KY) [652] Mikila what was it you said to do?
Mikila (PS0KY) [653] Press escape.
Mikila (PS0KY) [654] You have to move it down before
Mikila (PS0KY) [655] I do believe.
Mikila (PS0KY) [656] F two escape.
None (PS0L0) [657] Bowling
Mikila (PS0KY) [658] Ooh Maggi's gone!
None (PS0L0) [659] erm ... what then?
Mikila (PS0KY) [660] D, a ... q ... que cr cr
Mikila (PS0KY) [661] I like [...]
None (PS0L0) [662] I like [laughing] anything [] !
Mikila (PS0KY) [...]
None (PS0L0) [663] I like
None (PS0L0) [664] You wanna put dance.
Mikila (PS0KY) [665] What ballroom dancing?
None (PS0L0) [666] Erm
Mikila (PS0KY) [667] That's your thing!
[668] ... [laughing] Disco dancing []
None (PS0L0) [669] It maybe
Mikila (PS0KY) [670] [singing] [laughing] Saturday night fever, night fever [] []
None (PS0L0) [671] I like erm
Mikila (PS0KY) [672] Erm
None (PS0L0) [673] swimming
Mikila (PS0KY) [674] Craythorn ... I'm gonna do this really
None (PS0L0) [675] and stamp collecting ... coins!
Mikila (PS0KY) [laugh]
Mikila (PS0KY) [676] Stamp collecting!
Mikila (PS0KY) [677] Whatever it is, otamy ... is there something
Mikila (PS0KY) [678] otamy isn't it, stamp collecting?
[679] ... It's not [laughing] lobotomy [] ... Mr ... [...]
None (PS0L0) [680] Oh God!
[681] What on earth's all that cake ... I still got it
Mikila (PS0KY) [682] Cam
Mikila (PS0KY) [683] Dianne's wedding.
Mikila (PS0KY) [684] How do you spell assistant?
[685] Is it a ... s i double s
Mikila (PS0KY) [...] [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [686] or
Mikila (PS0KY) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [687] Middy
None (PS0L0) [688] How do you spell what?
Mikila (PS0KY) [689] Assistant.
None (PS0L0) [690] A double ss i s
Mikila (PS0KY) [691] Alright, A double S I ... S ... T A ... N T.
None (PS0L0) [692] Yep.
Mikila (PS0KY) [693] Yep ... ooh no I didn't put the date.
Mikila (PS0KY) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [694] One
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [695] [...] gone off them ... fabulous one.
Mikila (PS0KY) [...]
None (PS0L0) [696] Emma
Mikila (PS0KY) [...]
None (PS0L0) [697] Which printer did you block?
Mikila (PS0KY) [698] G ... ooh!
None (PS0L0) [...]
None (PS0L2) [699] That one now works on there.
None (PS0L0) [700] Yes, but it
None (PS0L2) [701] [...] like that ... top one [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [702] erm two years this job ... nineteen eighty nine
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [703] er ... eighteen pages.
Mikila (PS0KY) [704] eighty nine
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [705] Oh Christ!
[706] We've not gotta do all these work experiences have we?
None (PS0L2) [707] No I don't think it's in there
Mikila (PS0KY) [708] Erm
None (PS0L2) [709] Hang on, back a bit, slow down
None (PS0L0) [710] Mic [...] I don't think I [...]
None (PS0L2) [711] Steady!
None (PS0L0) [712] for children.
Mikila (PS0KY) [713] Ooh dear!
[714] Never mind.
None (PS0L0) [715] Miss
Mikila (PS0KY) [716] Miss A. [laugh]
Mikila (PS0KY) [717] Yeah.
None (PS0L0) [718] Miss [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [719] [laughing] Complain []
None (PS0L2) [720] [...] text.
Mikila (PS0KY) [721] Chaps!
None (PS0L0) [722] Ooh!
Mikila (PS0KY) [laugh]
None (PS0L0) [723] I'm gonna put, put in.
Mikila (PS0KY) [724] E.
None (PS0L0) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [725] And you got, Mrs .
None (PS0L0) [726] Yep.
Mikila (PS0KY) [727] I do like that name.
Mikila (PS0KY) [728] Like [...] take the details of her [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [729] and so
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [730] put in the bits on the dots.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [731] What?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [732] Next to them ... [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [733] What you're studying?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [734] Yeah [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [735] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [736] So you have to start?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [737] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [738] Yeah.
None (PS0L0) [739] Well it does hurt, but she needs to go [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [740] Ow!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [741] What's the matter with it?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [742] No she did it.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [743] It's just a sprain ... I'll be alright tomorrow.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [744] Sorry?
Mikila (PS0KY) [745] We haven't gotta put all the dates for all our references in, no not references, all our work experience have we?
None (PS0L0) [746] I don't know.
Mikila (PS0KY) [747] Good ... where was next ... [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [748] Ah Michael's [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [...]

3 (Tape 014703)

Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [749] Oh God!
[750] I've not gotta write all of this have I? ...
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [751] A ... D ... [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [752] I'd do that later [...] [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [753] Road
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [754] Oops!
[755] ... Why they have to have such complicated names for these, Road Community Day Nursery.
Mikila (PS0KY) [756] [...] College [...] ... yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [757] Nur ... sery
Mikila (PS0KY) [758] [...] [...] it's erm ... [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [759] Who's printed there's out then?
Mikila (PS0KY) [760] Those two have.
Mikila (PS0KY) [761] Ooh have they got one?
Mikila (PS0KY) [762] Brilliant!
Mikila (PS0KY) [763] Yeah ... ah ah ah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [764] A ... Road ... [singing] dee dee dee dee dee dee dee []
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [765] How do you spell [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [766] Ingrid
Mikila (PS0KY) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY)
Mikila (PS0KY) [767] If it comes to [...] memory, she's absolutely first class [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [768] Perhaps, some
Mikila (PS0KY) [769] Mrs
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [770] people don't ... [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [771] Mrs
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [772] anyone.
Mikila (PS0KY) [773] Now that th the the the the the the the
Mikila (PS0KY) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [774] e.
Mikila (PS0KY) [775] You need to get your b's off the top.
Mikila (PS0KY) [776] Oh
Mikila (PS0KY) [777] Greek Literature.
Mikila (PS0KY) [778] Bet that was fun?
Mikila (PS0KY) [779] It was lovely actually,we all did was read stories ... nice little stories so
Mikila (PS0KY) [780] So it was probably quite good then.
Mikila (PS0KY) [781] Yeah ... mythical poems
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [782] and ... it's quite ... I need to get my b's at the top
Mikila (PS0KY) [783] F f, f, f, ... erm
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [784] actually it's all [...] ... it's quite nice, I mean there's a lot [...] down there ... I think I need to do that again, anyway.
Mikila (PS0KY) [785] The
Mikila (PS0KY) [786] [singing] dee dee dee dee ... dee dee []
Mikila (PS0KY) [787] blank ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [788] Grantham?
Mikila (PS0KY) [789] B a ... Branxton
None (PS0L0) [790] Hello.
Mikila (PS0KY) [791] Court ...
None (PS0L0) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [792] Street.
None (PS0L0) [793] [...] G C S E ... or did
Mikila (PS0KY) [794] No
None (PS0L0) [795] do G C E?
Mikila (PS0KY) [796] I did G C E ... thank you very much!
Mikila (PS0KY) [797] or ... cos she's old!
Mikila (PS0KY) [798] You see I've got it down again, I can't get it up
Mikila (PS0KY) [799] I bet
Mikila (PS0KY) [800] again!
Mikila (PS0KY) [801] You can't get it up again.
Mikila (PS0KY) [802] No.
Mikila (PS0KY) [803] I can't remember what I did, I went ... I'll show you what I did ... I went
Mikila (PS0KY) [804] Did I go to there?
Mikila (PS0KY) [805] you usually hit return until there
Mikila (PS0KY) [806] No, and then
Mikila (PS0KY) [807] and that moves that along ... I can't remember what I did now, to get it ... Aha!
[808] ... Now go up, press up again ... and press backspace again ... Oh
Mikila (PS0KY) [809] Ha!
[810] ... Oh it's getting there, anyway.
Mikila (PS0KY) [811] Well it's getting there, slowly ... I'll just do it.
Mikila (PS0KY) [812] I could, I could live with that.
Mikila (PS0KY) [813] Street.
[814] At least you haven't got a massive great gap.
Mikila (PS0KY) [815] But mustn't forget this.
None (PS0L0) [816] That's okay that'll ... th erm
Mikila (PS0KY) [817] Ooh!
None (PS0L0) [818] going to go.
Mikila (PS0KY) [819] It is in there!
None (PS0L0) [820] Shall I have a look?
Mikila (PS0KY) [821] Mm ... ha
None (PS0L0) [822] er
Mikila (PS0KY) [823] We are there
Mikila (PS0KY) [824] We're there!
[825] That's it I think.
None (PS0L0) [826] Should be three.
Mikila (PS0KY) [827] Oh I'm puffed
Mikila (PS0KY) [828] Interests?
Mikila (PS0KY) [829] puffed, puffed!
Mikila (PS0KY) [830] What happened to references?
[831] I didn't have any references?
[832] ... Work experience, employment ... qualifications
None (PS0L0) [833] qualifications.
Mikila (PS0KY) [834] Dunno then.
None (PS0L0) [835] Work experience ... interests.
Mikila (PS0KY) [836] Interests ... I can't remember what I put for my interests, now.
Mikila (PS0KY) [837] Did we do a [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [838] Right
Mikila (PS0KY) [839] I don't want

4 (Tape 014704)

Mikila (PS0KY) [840] How do you spell favourite?
[841] I can never spell favourite ... It's f a v o u r i t e isn't it?
Mikila (PS0KY) [842] No G.
Mikila (PS0KY) [843] No G?
Mikila (PS0KY) [844] No not in favourite!
Mikila (PS0KY) [845] I know I didn't say that.
Mikila (PS0KY) [846] Oh I see.
Mikila (PS0KY) [847] favourite [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [848] I'm off the wrong block!
None (PS0L0) [849] You use backspace ... backspace
Mikila (PS0KY) [850] hockey I suppose you can call a ho
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [851] [...] ?
Mikila (PS0KY) [852] Yes.
Mikila (PS0KY) [853] Yes we are ... [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [854] a hobby
Mikila (PS0KY) [855] [...] ... doing nothing!
Mikila (PS0KY) [856] Oi!
[857] Shh!
Mikila (PS0KY) [858] I think that's it ... alright ... but now I'd like a space between that Pitmans and the [...] ... [singing] [...] [] ... Oh!
[859] ... My God, no!
Mikila (PS0KY) [860] Have you done it yet?
None (PS0L0) [861] No.
Mikila (PS0KY) [862] I'd like a space there
None (PS0L0) [863] something
Mikila (PS0KY) [864] for filing.
None (PS0L0) [865] [...] ... should take along [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [866] T ... that makes sense, sort of, doesn't it? ... just about .
None (PS0L0) [867] No.
Mikila (PS0KY) [868] No!
[869] Everything's going away.
Mikila (PS0KY) [870] Oh no I've gotta do the erm ... thingeys
None (PS0L0) [871] [...] ... things like
Mikila (PS0KY) [872] yeah, well we managed to work it out last week so if I can remember
Mikila (PS0KY) [873] [...] and two
None (PS0L0) [874] Save it.
Mikila (PS0KY) [875] Into r rest
None (PS0L0) [876] [...] your work.
Mikila (PS0KY) [877] load ... spelling ... [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [878] Do it all again!
[879] ... Typing
Mikila (PS0KY) [880] What else do I do?
[881] I do hardly anything else ... I'll say reading, cos that's a nice one.
None (PS0L0) [882] Erm ... say reading quite good
Mikila (PS0KY) [883] and [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [884] [...] ha ha
Mikila (PS0KY) [885] and how to write her local spot.
Mikila (PS0KY) [886] Going
Mikila (PS0KY) [887] er ... ah an account.
Mikila (PS0KY) [888] Dancing ... I'll put dancing, cos you put dancing.
None (PS0L0) [889] [singing] [...] [...] [] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [890] Now!
None (PS0L0) [891] Dare I say ... we've finished!
Mikila (PS0KY) [892] [...] I can't get my result ... from there
Mikila (PS0KY) [893] thirteen
Mikila (PS0KY) [894] and all I want is to type down there, cos that's all I do
Mikila (PS0KY) [895] number
Mikila (PS0KY) [896] pass [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [897] which other ... [...] mm
None (PS0L0) [898] It's gonna be
Mikila (PS0KY) [899] Act
None (PS0L0) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [900] ivities
None (PS0L0) [901] Mm?
Mikila (PS0KY) [902] Why have we only got to do minus, what's in there?
None (PS0L0) [903] [...] ... Do you know what I mean?
Mikila (PS0KY) [904] Yeah and I want these two here ... like that [...] ... No
Mikila (PS0KY) [905] Oh no!
Mikila (PS0KY) [906] you're pressing the wrong button there [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [907] Ah
Mikila (PS0KY) [908] you know.
Mikila (PS0KY) [909] Anyway

5 (Tape 014705)

None (PS0L1) [910] That's handy but my bum's hurting ... ow!
[911] ... [laughing] Giving me a bum ache [] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [912] Yeah that was fun!
None (PS0L1) [913] My idea of a great ti
Maggi (PS0L7) [914] What was that?
[915] Oh dear!
None (PS0L1) [916] Put the microphone [...] my side ... got it?
Mikila (PS0KY) [917] I've got nothing to clip it onto ... yeah we had that problem last week.
Maggi (PS0L7) [918] Come on.
Mikila (PS0KY) [919] Go to Aunty Maggi ... she know's what she's doing.
Maggi (PS0L7) [920] Go on then.
Mikila (PS0KY) [921] Aha ha! ... [laugh]
None (PS0L1) [922] It's not going ... I think it is.
Mikila (PS0KY) [923] [...] a carpet now as well so now what do I do, press enter?
Maggi (PS0L7) [924] Yeah
Mikila (PS0KY) [925] Oh yeah cos you still have to sort other bits out don't you?
Maggi (PS0L7) [926] Yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [927] A four page format it is.
Maggi (PS0L7) [928] Yeah ... [...] quality print.
None (PS0L1) [929] [...] bottom
Maggi (PS0L7) [930] Hang on, I just [...] there.
Mikila (PS0KY) [931] Number of copies, one.
Maggi (PS0L7) [932] Hang on hang on, hang on, hang on ... [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [933] Yeah ... Do you want [...] sheet, no ... I won't press enter yet, can't do it now ... printing ... type escape to stop ... now it's alright, I'll wait ... On it's side at the top of the page and everything ... never did any computing.
Maggi (PS0L7) [934] I only came down to cheat!
Mikila (PS0KY) [laugh]
Maggi (PS0L7) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [935] Oh ... we well we enjoyed you being here, Maggi, we enjoyed your company ... I'm happy now ... that was much better than my ... the one I did last week.
[936] Oh no again!
None (PS0L1) [937] They'll just have to hang on a minute, [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [938] Well they'll just have to wait cos I'm not leaving my thingey in here printing!
[939] ... [...] ... Blo setting it off again, what's the point!
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [940] Fire!
Mikila (PS0KY) [941] They're taking the mick, I'm sorry they are ... this is the last bit, the references ... that's it now ... keep going, keep going, oh it's stopped!
[942] ... Got it!
[943] ... Gonna rip it now ... you wait.
None (PS0L1) [944] Okay, so I'm going.
Mikila (PS0KY) [945] Ah ... right ... oh no I'm panicking at the fuss ... It's just some joker walking round setting them all off!
None (PS0L1) [946] Yeah, it probably is.
Mikila (PS0KY) [947] I don't think I've left anything in there have I?
[948] ... Oh [...] ... Where do I go, that way or that way?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [949] You come out
Mikila (PS0KY) [...]
Maggi (PS0L7) [950] You're supposed to go out that way, Mikila.
Mikila (PS0KY) [951] Yeah I know but ... we we're nearer our room up there anyway ... [...] everybody else ... cheeky thing!

6 (Tape 014706)

Mikila (PS0KY) [952] Urgh! ... my thing was printing!
Maggi (PS0L7) [953] my thing was printing!
Mikila (PS0KY) [954] right in the middle of [...]
Maggi (PS0L7) [955] [...] oh no.
Mikila (PS0KY) [956] it printed out and I wasn't gonna leave it so I waited ... cos it was obviously some joker kidding about.
Maggi (PS0L7) [957] Kathryn is ill by the way.
Mikila (PS0KY) [958] Hey?
Maggi (PS0L7) [959] Is she alright?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [960] Yeah she seems
Mikila (PS0KY) [961] Bye
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [962] [...] yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [963] Oh is she going home?
None (PS0L2) [964] Yeah.
None (PS0L3) [965] They were mine!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [966] Louise is gonna get shot soon!
Mikila (PS0KY) [967] [...] probably
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [968] [...] never gone out [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [969] Oh God it's cold!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [970] I might go to Shepperton some time [...]
Maggi (PS0L7) [971] Can't I go and get my coat ... all I want
Mikila (PS0KY) [972] We'll sit in your car, Maggi and
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [973] Oh no!
Mikila (PS0KY) [974] you can put the heating on
None (PS0L2) [975] Look ... can I go and get my pen.
[976] Where's Maggi?
Mikila (PS0KY) [977] Don't tell me a mistake?
[978] Oh no!
None (PS0L2) [979] [...] mistake.
Mikila (PS0KY) [980] Aha
None (PS0L2) [981] go and get some Tippex.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [982] Who's that [...] gave [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [983] Well those things are so difficult to work out ... oh trying to get the li rid of the spaces ... there have that
Maggi (PS0L7) [984] [laughing] Pen [] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [985] from me to you, Maggi ... keep it
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [986] No
Mikila (PS0KY) [987] forever
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [988] the erm ... in the English ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [989] Do we have any other problems?
Mikila (PS0KY) [990] We're having good fun, they kept going with big spaces and couldn't get them up.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [991] No, no [...]
Maggi (PS0L7) [992] Oh it's driving me nuts!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [993] Big spaces and we couldn't get up and
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [994] Have we sorted it [...] we got.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [995] And the one you gave us.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [996] Mm.
Mikila (PS0KY) [997] Well
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [998] Yeah
Mikila (PS0KY) [999] It is it's a bit difficult to work out what to do.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1000] It is [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1001] Cos it worked with me I had them up straight away
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1002] and all these boxes that aren't [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1003] Ooh ... there goes the [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1004] [laughing] Oh []
None (PS0L2) [1005] I didn't touch those [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1006] No not like that
None (PS0L2) [1007] a Golf or something.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1008] Yeah.
None (PS0L2) [1009] [...] ... oh no ... a Golf.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1010] Yeah she's definitely a Golf person.
None (PS0L2) [1011] Yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1012] She's go [...]
None (PS0L2) [1013] I wonder what sort of driver she would be?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1014] Very calm and collected by all
None (PS0L2) [1015] I dunno know
Mikila (PS0KY) [1016] [laughing] [...] shouting at everyone []
None (PS0L2) [1017] something, something dash.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1018] I always shout at everyone.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1019] Get out of my way.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1020] And I'd miss [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1021] I shout at the car when I'm getting cut up
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1022] No.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1023] I go, bloody car!
[1024] ... Stupid gears!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1025] [...] break down on me [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1026] My gear, the gears in my Mum's car are so dodgy it always cranks when you changes down to thir second ... if you don't get it
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1027] Yeah mine do
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1028] absolutely right ... and then a [...] makes you [...] and he thought
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1029] You're all allowed to go in again yet.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1030] For how long.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1031] Thank God for that!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1032] How long for this time!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1033] They're gonna interrupt our lunch break again ... [shouting] alright Emma ... will you wait just a second I'll come with you, I'll just and get my money?
[1034] ... Er ... Maggi [] !
None (PS0L3) [1035] Are we going out a third time?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1036] Never mind.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1037] [shouting] Hang on!
[1038] ... I'll be down in a sec, cos Maggi's gone ... I I'll see you down there ... ooh!
[1039] ... What? []
None (PS0L3) [1040] [shouting] I'll sit on the wall
Mikila (PS0KY) [1041] Alright then.
None (PS0L3) [1042] at that []
Mikila (PS0KY) [1043] [shouting] Made of piles [] !
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1044] Oops! ... [...] ?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1045] Well I think, she said she was going down the shops, so I said ah can you just wait just a sec, I'll go and get my wallet and I'll be down ... she said not to worry she'd got money anyway ... whe when I got there she bumped to Maggi ... and then you'd gone ... and then
None (PS0L4) [1046] Going to Oxford?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1047] Yes I am ... the outcome of it all is that she's waiting on the wall, getting piles ... and I'm going to go down the shop with her.
None (PS0L4) [1048] [...] ?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1049] But I ... oh well
None (PS0L4) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1050] we go yeah, we're going down there so
None (PS0L4) [1051] Yep.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1052] So I'm not queuing up at the [laughing] bakers [] .
None (PS0L4) [1053] Yeah I know ... could you get me, I know this gonna sound a bit funny, but could you get me erm
Mikila (PS0KY) [laugh]
None (PS0L4) [1054] Vegetable samosas please.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1055] Not as funny as rusks!
[1056] ... Vegetable samosas, right okay then ... what from that Londis one?
None (PS0L4) [1057] Ah?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1058] That Londis one?
None (PS0L4) [1059] If they have any samosas in there, I don't know.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1060] Alright I'll have a look around.
None (PS0L4) [1061] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1062] A what?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1063] What does she want? ... [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1064] She wants some vegetable samosas ... she said I don't want meat ones, vegetable samosas.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1065] Ooh me knee!
[1066] ... [laughing] Ooh no [] !
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1067] What's the matter with your knee?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1068] Probably, I don't know actually it's really weird ... it keeps going ... it went once [laughing] and I was playing hockey, it was really embarrassing [] I'd just played the ball
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1069] I'm sure it's going up and down those stairs that do it.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1070] Mm ... but this was last year and I just cleared the ball and everybody ran out ran out and I suddenly collapsed in agony on the floor cos my knee ... just completely gave way and it was really painful ... and a minute later I stood up and it was fine, it didn't give me any more hassle for the rest of the day.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1071] Do you want a bit of chip
Mikila (PS0KY) [1072] [laugh] ... oh me and Em must go and get some chips and curry sauce again an
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [laugh]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1073] eat them in [...] park one day
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1074] Oh it's disgusting!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1075] She sat there chose the [...] table
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1076] Still better than our our ten pi er [laugh]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1077] We'll have to go and look at all the blokes playing rugby again! [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1078] Have you got that bloody thing on!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1079] I have got that bloody thing on!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1080] bloody thing on!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1081] Well cos I've done six tapes ... up until Monday
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1082] cos at the weekend I did really well cos I got a couple done at youth club and a couple done at work ... I thought, yeah, I was doing really well ... but ... Monday ... I forgot to bring the spare batteries which was a bit divvy of me and I was gonna record it all during sewing ... Tuesday I went to [...] placement
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1083] When do you find out [...] ?
[1084] ... Blooming car!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1085] Never mind ... Tuesday I was at [...] placement the whole time ... and we sort of
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1086] well we do talk
None (PS0L2) [1087] I fancy some
Mikila (PS0KY) [1088] but
None (PS0L2) [1089] chips but they're fattening, aren't they?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1090] They are ... they the thing is I was just saying me and you will have to go and get some chips and curry sauce again ... and sit in Palma Park, you can choose a table where you can get a [...] point of the globe!
None (PS0L2) [1091] Nope [...] we sat and le and the other day we got some chips, you know, me and Mikila and sat in the park
Mikila (PS0KY) [1092] And she insisted
None (PS0L2) [1093] and I insisted on [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1094] sitting on the table!
None (PS0L2) [1095] on the chair.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1096] So that she could
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1097] Where are we going now?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1098] see the blokes!
[1099] ... Over there.
None (PS0L3) [...]
None (PS0L2) [1100] yeah and so I could see the blokes and tell them that were crap at rugby!
[1101] ... But they were some of the ones that we went Swanage with.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1102] Ooh!
[1103] We're gonna get splattered in a minute.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1104] Am I gonna go or what?
None (PS0L2) [1105] No you're not.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1106] Oh no now the lights are green and they're all [laughing] gonna come acro o o o o [] .
None (PS0L2) [1107] [shouting] Just step into [...] []
Mikila (PS0KY) [1108] [shouting] Emma you silly girl!
[1109] ... You don't just step into the middle of the road [] , look at the all the cars coming!
None (PS0L2) [1110] We'll go now okay.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1111] [shouting] We're going [] !
[1112] [laughing] ... Oh no it's [...] . []
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1113] Emma next Thursday ... shall I [...] .
None (PS0L2) [1114] Next Thursday I'll be in my coffin!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1115] [laughing] If you keep going on like this [] , [shouting] right ready let's run over the B M W [] !
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1116] [shouting] No, no, no it's too dangerous [] !
None (PS0L2) [1117] [shouting] Why not?
[1118] ... He's going slow now [] !
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1119] [...] bus lane's full.
None (PS0L2) [1120] [shouting] Well we're gonna go out [] !
Mikila (PS0KY) [1121] [...] in a hurry ... [...] did that when we were at the town.
None (PS0L2) [1122] [shouting] One, two, three [] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1123] Right, wait for that blue one.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1124] Wait!
[1125] ... You gotta remember you keep looking and looking and all the way across the road.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1126] Right, what am I having for dinner?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1127] I don't know, I've gotta get ... Fiona some vegetable samosas, Tabs gone home hasn't she?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1128] Yeah.
None (PS0L2) [1129] Yeah, she's ill.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1130] She was looking a bit unwell actually ... she shouldn't be driving in her condition!
None (PS0L2) [1131] She shouldn't be but how else would she get home?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1132] Yeah she couldn't get home, otherwise.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1133] She could have her Mum I heard call her at home ... to make sure, if anything had happened, so
Mikila (PS0KY) [1134] Is that them?
None (PS0L2) [1135] Yeah ... do want a bag?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1136] Well she said some [laugh] ... she didn't say how many, she just said
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1137] What does she want?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1138] some ... she want's a some vegetable samosas, thank you very much.
None (PS0L2) [1139] What are they?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1140] There isn't
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1141] Them.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1142] a price on them, how do I know how much
None (PS0L2) [1143] Excuse me, what are they?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1144] [shouting] Vegetable samosas [] .
None (PS0L2) [1145] What is that?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1146] It's like spicy
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1147] vegetables in a
Mikila (PS0KY) [1148] stuff in a in a
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1149] case.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1150] that outer casing stuff.
None (PS0L2) [1151] What type of case is it?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1152] Pastry type, sort of
None (PS0L2) [1153] I might get one of those for my lunch, hold that.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1154] Well how much, find out how
None (PS0L2) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1155] find out how much they are, and we cos I feel stupid!
None (PS0L2) [1156] Excuse me
Mikila (PS0KY) [1157] Please pick [laughing] between the lines [] .
None (PS0L2) [1158] What are those?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1159] Vegetable samosas
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1160] samosas
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1161] Twenty eight.
None (PS0L2) [1162] How much are the vegetable ones?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1163] [...] forty ... forty eighty.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1164] Forty, are they
None (PS0L2) [1165] Forty eight.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1166] vegetable ones?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1167] Yeah.
None (PS0L2) [1168] Yep.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1169] I'll get her two then ... she did say some ... and they are quite big ... ooh ... excuse fingers
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
None (PS0L2) [1170] Listen, I dunno ... twenty to the pound or something [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
None (PS0L2) [1171] on erm ... yes ... two days ago and I've only got
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1172] Yeah
None (PS0L2) [1173] about five pence left!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1174] You spent it all.
None (PS0L2) [1175] Yeah but I haven't bought any
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1176] It's gone.
None (PS0L2) [1177] clothes have I?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1178] Thank you.
None (PS0L2) [1179] Can you get me one of those.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1180] Put it in that bag ... yeah, oh no
None (PS0L2) [1181] Well you did
Mikila (PS0KY) [1182] yeah I know but this is
None (PS0L2) [1183] I haven't got enough
Mikila (PS0KY) [1184] all of Fiona's money, it's separate.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1185] I quite fancied a prawn salad or a chicken, actually but they're quite expensive so I won't.
None (PS0L2) [1186] Okay, thank you.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1187] Oh it's gonna take me half an hour to decide what I want now, I'm in that kind of mood!
None (PS0L2) [1188] Mikila get me one out, how the bloody hell
Mikila (PS0KY) [1189] You lift the thing off and take it out!
[1190] ... I might have ... peach and marig ... what?
[1191] ... Peach and what? ... [laughing] [...] []
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1192] Where is it?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1193] It's peach and, where's the word?
[1194] ... No [laughing] pea []
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1195] Can't read it.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1196] There ... marakir or something.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1197] Marigo ... I dunno.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1198] Oh no ... I don't fa , alright then
None (PS0L2) [1199] Mikila this is deadly
Mikila (PS0KY) [1200] peach and passion fruit
None (PS0L2) [1201] serious.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1202] I know it is Emma ... buttermilk dessert
None (PS0L2) [1203] Mikila!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1204] What?
None (PS0L2) [1205] Wednesday after no
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
None (PS0L2) [1206] Wednesday after playschool I said to you ... I can afford that jumper I've got twenty seven pound
Mikila (PS0KY) [1207] Yeah.
None (PS0L2) [1208] well I had it, but I haven't got it on me ... you are never gonna believe
Mikila (PS0KY) [1209] What have you done with it?
None (PS0L2) [1210] I didn't buy that jumper did I, Mikila, cos it's not very [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1211] No, cos you didn't have it ... ooh that looks nice ... that looks absolutely nasty that does!
None (PS0L2) [1212] Shall we be
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1213] Mikila
None (PS0L2) [1214] naughty, [laugh] and [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1215] Yeah
None (PS0L2) [1216] then we both have same [...] []
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1217] Mikila!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1218] me and her
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1219] Mikila!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1220] against, we have different op
None (PS0L2) [1221] [laughing] I've squashed it [] !
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [laugh]
None (PS0L2) [1222] Come on, let's go and pay.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1223] Shouldn't worry ... you we alright, I want more than a c ... ake
None (PS0L2) [1224] Well get your [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [1225] Well I don't know what else I want.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1226] Have we got time [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1227] Oh God, the move them every time!
[1228] ... Never find damn spoons!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1229] [laughing] [...] [...] [] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [1230] Come to buy a little plastic spoon and they've already gone!
[1231] ... They're usually down there on that rack.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1232] They're probably down there [...] spoon, can you get rid of these.
None (PS0L2) [1233] Oh no!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1234] Yum!
[1235] ... What else was there?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1236] They're Carolines'
Mikila (PS0KY) [1237] So [...] a bit touchy today, that's not straight
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1238] They're Carolines'
None (PS0L2) [1239] Do want a pack of [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1240] I think they're down there.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1241] You go up that one, I'll go up this one
Mikila (PS0KY) [1242] They're
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1243] down there
Mikila (PS0KY) [1244] down there in the
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1245] plastic box
Mikila (PS0KY) [1246] plastic tupperware container on the bottom, I think ... but I'm probably wrong.
None (PS0L2) [1247] No they're not here.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1248] Is that them there?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1249] Yeah ... Oh!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1250] Oh Only in that though.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1251] Well in that case ... you'll just have open it ... or is that open?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1252] Are they there, I think they've been er moved back to the same place.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1253] Oh there are
None (PS0L2) [1254] Oh really!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1255] some spoons there, but they're in a bag.
Maggi (PS0L7) [1256] Okay.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1257] [shouting] Get me one Maggi [] ?
[1258] ... Oh no! ... that's my egg and it
None (PS0L2) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1259] really does ... I've gotta have more to eat than this!
None (PS0L2) [1260] Mikila, hurry up!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1261] I'm a growing girl I need my nutrition ... oh I know what I was gonna have.
Maggi (PS0L7) [1262] Go and get one of these thingeys that I've got.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1263] What?
[1264] ... I don't want one of those thingeys, I don't wanna smell!
[1265] ... Like you!
[1266] ... Deary me!
Maggi (PS0L7) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1267] Oh ... and that's a shame innit, oh isn't it sweet.
Maggi (PS0L7) [1268] Do you want a bigger one, ha?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1269] No it's alright ... I don't care ... I've only got a little mouth.
None (PS0L2) [1270] [laughing] I believe that [] !
Mikila (PS0KY) [1271] I will have a chicken sal oh no I won't have ... what shall I have Maggi?
Maggi (PS0L7) [1272] [whispering] I dunno, just []
Mikila (PS0KY) [1273] Shall I have potato salad or shall I have ... a prawn salad, or shall I have a chicken salad?
[1274] ... I don't have the chicken salad
Maggi (PS0L7) [1275] Have the prawn [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1276] that's the e , prawns twice as much.
Maggi (PS0L7) [1277] Have the chicken.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1278] So I'll have potato salad ... cos it's cheap and I'm a skin flint!
[1279] ... I'm just making my choices
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
None (PS0L2) [1280] Oh [...] make me laugh!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1281] I might spend half an hour, choosing a drink now ... you realise!
None (PS0L2) [1282] Oh look at the queue.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1283] I'm sorry Emma ... I truly am.
None (PS0L2) [1284] No your not.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1285] Thank you.
None (PS0L2) [1286] [laughing] I know you [] !
Mikila (PS0KY) [1287] Oh I haven't had a bounty for ages, no I don't need a bounty.
Maggi (PS0L7) [1288] You can have one?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1289] No ... well I quite fancy some silly string, have they got any silly string here?
[1290] ... Snow spray, snow spray, silly string!
[1291] ... Ha!
[1292] ... It's only one o nine, I'm gonna get some out for me in the church, next week.
Maggi (PS0L7) [1293] Yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1294] Definitely bring some of that in ... remind me won't you, next week to go and buy some silly string
Maggi (PS0L7) [1295] It's only got six calories
Mikila (PS0KY) [1296] Emma!
Maggi (PS0L7) [1297] in.
None (PS0L2) [1298] Yeah!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1299] Thought I'd go and buy some silly string, next week, remind me.
None (PS0L2) [1300] Why?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1301] I'm going to spray it over M C!
Maggi (PS0L7) [1302] [...] .
None (PS0L2) [1303] You're not!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1304] No I'm not.
None (PS0L2) [1305] I was gonna say!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1306] I'm just going
Maggi (PS0L7) [1307] If she ever
Mikila (PS0KY) [1308] to make a mess with it.
Maggi (PS0L7) [1309] If she ever speaks to us again [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1310] [laughing] No [] .
None (PS0L2) [1311] Don't she'll never forgive you!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1312] I know that's why I'm not, I'm I might over Miss .
Maggi (PS0L7) [1313] Yeah you can have a laugh with Miss [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1314] I'll say ooh Miss !
Maggi (PS0L7) [1315] Yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1316] I'm sure I can arrange to meet Mrs somewhere as well.
Maggi (PS0L7) [1317] Ha ha!
None (PS0L2) [1318] Accidentally bump into her.
Maggi (PS0L7) [1319] Caroline!
None (PS0L2) [1320] What's her name, Caroline?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1321] D J Naga [...]
Maggi (PS0L7) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1322] Is that strong enough?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1323] Thank you.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1324] D O ... yeah and ended up getting me a silly, puny, tiny little thing!
Maggi (PS0L7) [1325] Look ... stop moaning!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1326] Na na na na na na ... gotta pay for these separately, cos I'm a pain in the backside!
[1327] ... Ooh!
None (PS0L2) [1328] I've had enough now!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1329] Right ... that's three samosas in there to pay for with that
Maggi (PS0L7) [1330] What's going on on Monday?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1331] that ... hold them Maggi, [...] that.
None (PS0L2) [laugh]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1332] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1333] Seventy nine, please.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1334] There.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1335] Want small bags for the lot?
None (PS0L2) [...] [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1336] No she'll manage ... don't mind, do you Maggi?
[1337] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1338] Thank you.
None (PS0L2) [laugh]
Maggi (PS0L7) [1339] Urgh!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1340] Thanks bye bye.
None (PS0L2) [1341] Bye.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1342] Thank you very much
None (PS0L2) [1343] Bye.
Maggi (PS0L7) [1344] Bye.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1345] bye, bye.
Maggi (PS0L7) [laughing] [...] []
None (PS0L2) [1346] Come on let's get back to the classroom ... Maggi
Mikila (PS0KY) [1347] Yes
None (PS0L2) [1348] [laughing] Don't hurry [] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [1349] I want to ... Oh thank you Maggi.
Maggi (PS0L7) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1350] You're such a honey, If you'd have been awake then we could have got, [shouting] Emma!
[1351] ... Deathwish [] !
[1352] ... [laughing] His face [] !
Maggi (PS0L7) [1353] Look on his face!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1354] I think you've pulled Emma!
Maggi (PS0L7) [1355] I love the way you do that
Mikila (PS0KY) [1356] Move it, little metro!
Maggi (PS0L7) [1357] [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [1358] Not a [...]
Maggi (PS0L7) [1359] If a car ... If a car is ... is hovering you step out in front and if he's glares at you ... you step back ... you step back
Mikila (PS0KY) [1360] And if he smiles at you
Maggi (PS0L7) [1361] but if he smiles you put th thumb up in the air
Mikila (PS0KY) [1362] then you can go.
Maggi (PS0L7) [1363] and you nod to him like I just did, like I just did.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1364] Like you just did and he cracks up like he just did ... looks highly amused by the whole thing as to how somebody could ... could be so [...] , I felt really stupid, as to walk out in front of them.
Maggi (PS0L7) [1365] Yeah ... see that [...] [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1366] [laughing] Basically []
Maggi (PS0L7) [1367] that's [...]
None (PS0L2) [1368] That's life then.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1369] Life's a bitch until you die
Maggi (PS0L7) [1370] Oh God!
[1371] And then you die ... then you die ... [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [1372] Oh what wonderments has she got for us in printing today?
None (PS0L2) [1373] I bet that's such fun!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1374] That was a bloody laugh last week, though ... [laughing] everyone got in such mess [] !
[1375] ... Well I did!
Maggi (PS0L7) [1376] It wasn't a laugh!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1377] I still haven't managed
Maggi (PS0L7) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1378] to get all that paint
Maggi (PS0L7) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1379] out my nails look, I been scrubbing it everyday.
None (PS0L2) [1380] It doesn't mark my nails.
Maggi (PS0L7) [1381] Mine's just come out of mine, today.
None (PS0L2) [1382] You're just an unhygienic cow! [laugh]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1383] I'm not because ... I was at work last week and they got
None (PS0L2) [1384] I'm not, I'm not, I'm not I'm not, I'm not!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1385] I was work la last week and I ... erm I gotta scrub my nails after done everything anyway ... like every, like after I made the sandwiches, I scrub my nails ... after I've been washing up, scrub my nails ... so I was scrubbing them all day ... Saturday, last week and it still didn't come out.
None (PS0L2) [1386] Do we believe her Maggi?
Maggi (PS0L7) [1387] No!
None (PS0L2) [1388] No.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1389] I know my hygiene rules at work, I've got my ... dunno what it's called but it's a health and hygiene thingey certificate.
None (PS0L2) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1390] So ner!
Maggi (PS0L7) [1391] Well I don't know what it's called, ha.
None (PS0L2) [1392] Probably a bit of paper!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1393] I could bring it in it is.
Maggi (PS0L7) [1394] Forged [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1395] Hey, what time are you lot going to the [...] ?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1396] No it's not, it's a nice big certificate thingey.
Maggi (PS0L7) [1397] Er about two o' clock?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1398] Alright, see you there ... wa wa!
Maggi (PS0L7) [1399] [...] the fire alarm goes for the third time.
None (PS0L2) [1400] When we get in there it goes ooh!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1401] I'm not moving!
None (PS0L2) [1402] I'll hear [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1403] It can go off bloody fire alarm goes off again
Maggi (PS0L7) [1404] I know what'll happen.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1405] I'm not moving!
Maggi (PS0L7) [1406] It'll go off when we're printing and accidentally [...] !
Mikila (PS0KY) [1407] Yeah.
None (PS0L2) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1408] No cos it'll crack our artwork ... won't have that!
Maggi (PS0L7) [1409] Yeah [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1410] Ooh my God!
Maggi (PS0L7) [1411] God what a commotion!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Maggi (PS0L7) [1412] We nearly got run over!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1413] Emma just tried to Emma nearly got run over!
None (PS0L2) [1414] You caused chaos in the shop!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1415] Oh have you got chips and curry sauce?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
None (PS0L2) [1416] Can I have one chip, please?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1417] Yeah, [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1418] There [...] chips ... just a tiny bit ... well you see ... you don't do it with style the way me and Emma do ... take you to Palma ... [laugh] sit on a bench eating them!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1419] Least I don't [...] !
Mikila (PS0KY) [1420] Yeah.
None (PS0L2) [1421] [...] in front of this car, yeah ... cos I was getting impatient ... and he looked at me and I ... [...] .
None (PS0L4) [1422] Have you got [...]
None (PS0L2) [1423] I dunno it was some
Mikila (PS0KY) [1424] It's just some mauve stuff!
None (PS0L2) [1425] horrible colour stuff!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1426] She didn't even know what it was, she said what's one of them them?
None (PS0L2) [1427] [...] they look horrible! [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1428] It's not from a chip shop it's from that Londis shop.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1429] Aren't they meant to be warm?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1430] They can be ... but that was in the fridge ... Emma it was in the fridge?
None (PS0L2) [1431] I can't eat that, is it only vegetables?
Maggi (PS0L7) [1432] Yeah, vegetables.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1433] You're not a veggie are you, Emma?
None (PS0L2) [1434] I'm really hungry today but I can't eat that!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1435] Oh ... I'm I think I'm a semi veggie ... I just eat meat when I fancy it.
None (PS0L4) [1436] Is that mine?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1437] Yeah.
None (PS0L2) [1438] You asked for a a few, so we didn't know how many you wanted.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1439] You just said ge get me some!
None (PS0L4) [1440] You should have got me four!
None (PS0L2) [1441] Only four, [...] .
None (PS0L4) [1442] Well you should have [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1443] Yeah you said ge get me some ... that's what you said, so I thought some is more than one ... and we got you two.
None (PS0L4) [1444] Oh God, I only wanted one!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1445] Got you two.
None (PS0L2) [1446] Got you two, Fiona.
None (PS0L4) [1447] [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [1448] Well we didn't know!
None (PS0L2) [1449] She'll want twenty pee, then.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1450] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
None (PS0L4) [1451] Have a bite ... [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [1452] Look at the size of this spoon that Maggi got me!
Maggi (PS0L7) [1453] [...] this one, it's smaller [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [1454] No.
None (PS0L2) [1455] I'll eat this [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [1456] I've gobbed on this one already now.
Maggi (PS0L7) [1457] Ooh!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1458] Er ... could you pass me my bag please?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1459] The height of laziness here ... thank you.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1460] I don't think I'd get [...] babysit for me I suppose?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1461] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1462] and that would be
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1463] You know for the third project, of provisional childcare, what [...] about?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1464] Just put it right there, right in the middle so
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1465] sing Fiona ... here's your chance to be discovered!
None (PS0L4) [1466] Mhm.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1467] Today what?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1468] Mikila you got your tape on [...] .
None (PS0L4) [1469] Yeah, [...] recording us.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1470] This is awful, right [...]
None (PS0L4) [1471] She's been recording us for an hour [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
None (PS0L4) [1472] and there's me running the front [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1473] [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [1474] Mm.
None (PS0L4) [1475] It's all on tape!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1476] No I didn't but I'm sure I will, this afternoon.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1477] We'll have to listen!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1478] [singing] Ah ah ah ah ah ah oh oh oh oh
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...] []
Mikila (PS0KY) [1479] Sort of singing is she?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1480] Oh me!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1481] This is the bit, like this ... this rubber.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1482] Just a bit.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1483] [...] ... but I'll
Mikila (PS0KY) [1484] Haven't you never had them before?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1485] Yeah she'll start crying in a minute!
None (PS0L2) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1486] [...] ... [...] Sarah!
None (PS0L2) [1487] [shouting] Urgh [] !
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1488] For God's Sake!
None (PS0L4) [1489] You ooh ooh ooh!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1490] You've gotta eat it, not throw it all over the table!
[1491] ... I just hope you're gonna clear that up?
None (PS0L2) [1492] Will I fit back in?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
None (PS0L2) [1493] I [...] ... oh bugger!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1494] What d'you say?
None (PS0L2) [1495] I said bugger!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1496] Well that's a stupid thing to do then, isn't it Emma?
None (PS0L2) [1497] [singing] Come rain or sunshine [] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1498] Don't you have to have one?
[1499] ... I normally have one.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1500] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1501] They're a bit erm ... hot?
None (PS0L2) [1502] No they're not hot ... [...] ... [...] I thought ... It's like pork pie [...] ... [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1503] Urgh!
[1504] They're horrible!
None (PS0L2) [...] [...] [...]
None (PS0L4) [1505] Vegetable samosas and scotch egg?
[1506] ... Emma!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1507] As long as they're warm [...]
None (PS0L2) [1508] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1509] [...] I want some chips and sausage ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
None (PS0L2) [1510] Ooh ooh [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1511] Er ... barbecue.
Mikila (PS0KY) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1512] You'll have to see her 'till after [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...] [...]
None (PS0L2) [1513] Bloody gorgeous!
[1514] ... What are we meant to write on these picture then?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1515] Dunno.
None (PS0L2) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1516] Another day ... what you [...] there?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1517] Yeah you write the, sort of, how long it took to do it and if it was ... if there was more one and what they said about it an
None (PS0L2) [...] [...]
None (PS0L4) [1518] [...] and mess it up.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1519] There's seventy pictures there.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1520] It's more than I've got.
None (PS0L2) [1521] How many have you got there?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1522] About that.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1523] About fifty forty, fifty.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1524] I've got that.
[1525] ... I've got that.
None (PS0L2) [1526] So I got about ten [...] ... twenty five
None (PS0L4) [1527] Mm.
None (PS0L2) [1528] one hundred and twenty five.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1529] And you got a few bits that your [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1530] I think I've got about thirty.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1531] and then
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1532] [...] pictures though
Mikila (PS0KY) [1533] What pictures?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1534] [...] aren't they?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1535] I've hardly got any in ... cos when I left ... my nursery ... I got them all to do me one ... and when I left my school I got a load of them to do me one ... I didn't ... get many at ... the day nursery, but I got a handful.
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1536] [...] mine actually!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1537] I got quite good ones actually ... cos I got two children next to each other and a few years later I got them to do it again ... but I don't know if I can find them all.
None (PS0L4) [1538] There actual
Mikila (PS0KY) [1539] Did you buy two samosas, then?
None (PS0L2) [1540] Mm.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1541] Are they for you ... yeah?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...] [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1542] I meant for you ... only on one ... one enough [...] .
None (PS0L2) [1543] I didn't even know what they were!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1544] Ooh! [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1545] Just have a little tiny bit.
None (PS0L4) [1546] [...] ... my craving.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1547] Is you craving satisfied?
None (PS0L4) [1548] Yes it is.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1549] Good.
None (PS0L4) [1550] Feel fine now.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1551] Don't want you craving all over Mr !
None (PS0L4) [laugh]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1552] Thank you very much!

7 (Tape 014707)

Mikila (PS0KY) [1553] [shouting] Em [] !
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1554] Em.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1555] I think I'm gonna try and persuade my Mum to let me bring ... my camera in ... for the last day of term, I'm gonna get a bottle of [...] from the [...] shop ... that's on.
None (PS0L2) [1556] [singing] Ooh ooh ooh [...] []
Mikila (PS0KY) [1557] If we go now [...]
None (PS0L2) [1558] Ha?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1559] Cos I did ea , by Monday I felt sick and I eat quite a lot at the weekend which was [...] good, but ... Tuesday I start at placement and we, although like we talk, we don't have, like a, conversation we [...] as well and there wasn't really anything to record, saying ... yesterday ... [...] to record ... and
None (PS0L2) [1560] Did you record here yesterday?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1561] [...] and she's, what's that?
None (PS0L2) [1562] Did you record here, yesterday?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1563] No ... something so no, sort of, start at lunchtime anyway so I couldn't record any lunchtime.
None (PS0L2) [1564] No, in the morning we weren't doing a lot anyway, were we?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1565] No so there wasn't anything that I could record then ... and the woman's coming tonight, to pick them up ... [...]
None (PS0L2) [1566] And you've only done, how many?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1567] Seven.
None (PS0L2) [1568] How many are you supposed to do?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1569] I've only done seven ... Well there's twenty tapes and I've gotta do as many as I can, I haven't done half of them yet, but ... if I could have them over the weekend I'd be able to do loads more cos I'm ... working on Saturday, I'm going out Saturday, I think
None (PS0L2) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1570] I'm going out Sunday night ... and I can ta take it then ... and I'll be able to get another, like four or five tapes done.
None (PS0L2) [1571] [...] ... everyone thinks she's sat there ... what's she done to her head?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1572] It just depends where we're going cos I don't know what we're doing yet ... So I'd and the woman's coming round tonight ... so I'll just, sort of, say to her if I can keep it over the weekend I can do a lot more ... so otherwise I'll feel a bit bad
None (PS0L2) [1573] How much are you getting paid for it?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1574] Twenty five pound voucher or something ... Dunno what the vouchers are for ... but that would be in my hand anyway
None (PS0L2) [1575] Oh.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1576] whatever I suppose.
None (PS0L2) [1577] You ought to get, a voucher for what?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1578] Don't know ... I would think that it's, she told me twenty five pounds so I thought it was gonna be like cash or something ... and then I read the thing that says twenty five pound voucher but it didn't say what for, it just says voucher ... knowing my luck it'll be book tokens!
None (PS0L2) [laugh]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1579] Lovely!
[1580] ... Well I can still get a couple of Christmas presents with that anyway so it doesn't matter.
None (PS0L2) [1581] Get Boots vouchers ... cos
Mikila (PS0KY) [1582] Mm.
None (PS0L2) [1583] you can use them in Children's World can't you?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1584] Can you?
None (PS0L2) [1585] Yes ... it's where I used mine.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1586] But I'd still be able to use them anyway, cos all them Boot Boots smellies and stuff ... so
None (PS0L2) [1587] Yeah you can get ... records and that there as well
Mikila (PS0KY) [1588] Mm.
None (PS0L2) [1589] can't you?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1590] I got
None (PS0L2) [1591] from Boots.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1592] Emma did I tell you Joe, she's working at the Body Shop.
None (PS0L2) [1593] I [...] Children's World and I got I got books.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1594] Ah ... you know the Joe that was staying with us?
[1595] ... She was working at the Body Shop part-time, she's back there three days working now or something.
[1596] She started on Monday ... and
None (PS0L2) [1597] Ha!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1598] apparently she doesn't know why they sacked her ... she said, they sacked ... apparently something to do with she'd been asking too many questions or something ... and but she
None (PS0L2) [1599] That is [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1600] cos [...] to be really eager because ... she said erm ... that she'd asked the bloke about staying on permanently and everything ... and he said that it seemed the people who they were most impress impressed with after Christmas that can stay on permanently ... so we said on the end, you've gotta be really eager and everything ... so she apparently was asking loads of questions
None (PS0L2) [1601] Yeah, Oh you can't sack her for that!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1602] because she asked loads of questions!
[1603] ... That's what I thought ... I think that's out of order
None (PS0L2) [1604] That doesn't matter!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1605] and that's [...] .
None (PS0L2) [1606] [...] shop is supposed to make [...] at home
Mikila (PS0KY) [1607] Yeah
None (PS0L2) [1608] their employees.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1609] Yeah ... and that'll mean
None (PS0L2) [1610] that's an unfair reason to give her!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1611] Not quite sure ... but I'm not
None (PS0L2) [1612] Never going [...] again.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1613] quite sure why ... and I don't know ... how long she's working there.
None (PS0L2) [1614] Maybe there's more to it than that, you never know.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1615] Well she's supposed to be working there 'till Christmas anyway ... but
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1616] You'd better learn to drive then.
None (PS0L2) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1617] Quick five minute walking, you know
Mikila (PS0KY) [1618] I don't know, you see, I just heard that she'd been sacked and
None (PS0L2) [...]

8 (Tape 014708)

Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1619] As long as you've got knickers on, it's alright.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1620] It's bloody [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1621] Can't [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1622] Hang on [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [1623] [singing] [...] sing [...] []
Mikila (PS0KY) [1624] No he's not gonna ... he's not getting it
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1625] We've got enough without him in it.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1626] Ah we stick together or something.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1627] I haven't heard that.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1628] It is te well it's a typical ... [...] , you know.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1629] You know most boys have their own [...] they use the [...] it seems scruffy, but if [...] , do you know what I mean?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [singing] [...] []
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [singing] [...] []
Mikila (PS0KY) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1630] I I think tasty!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1631] Nice car!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1632] Who's pretty [laughing] tasty [] ?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1633] This bloke they are trying to set me up with.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1634] [laughing] [...] Richard [] !
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1635] [laughing] No, no not Cliff Richard, [...] [] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [1636] So you're trying to set her up then?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1637] George Michael went out with [...] it was really nice.
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [1638] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1639] Really good.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1640] Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Elton John!
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [1641] Elton John!

9 (Tape 014709)

Mikila (PS0KY) [1642] Oh it's noseless!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1643] [laughing] He said it ooh where's my nose [] !
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1644] I reckon someone's [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1645] Look my [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1646] Dent.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1647] scratch on his nose.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1648] This has gone all wonkey, someone's moved it!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1649] Alison [...] his nose as it was around there, they've gone a bit bumpy.
None (PS0L2) [1650] Yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1651] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1652] A bit, Oh God!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1653] Yeah but it doesn't matter.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1654] It looks really nice with handles.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1655] Yeah I thought I'd got all those bits out, but thank you.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1656] Ha ha ha ha!
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1657] Don't tell everybody I said to that ... Yes they'll be probably be smashing ... even when
Mikila (PS0KY) [1658] [...] ... bound to get a break off, they're bound to.
None (PS0L2) [1659] What?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1660] The ears, these little ear bits.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1661] No they won't.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1662] Very [...] today [...] ... so contagious ... it's horrible!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1663] What is it
Mikila (PS0KY) [1664] Well what have you got?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1665] [...] conjuctivitus.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1666] Ooh!
[1667] [shouting] Ah [] !
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1668] It's going round our nursery.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1669] I woke up yesterday morning, I couldn't open my eyes!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1670] At our day nursery.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1671] Urgh!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1672] So have you got like drops or something?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1673] Yeah, drops and this ... revolting cream ... that smells foul!
Mikila (PS0KY) [1674] Oh yeah [...] under.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1675] Did [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1676] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1677] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1678] You look really lovely, as you've got bloodshot eyes and this yellow [...] cream.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1679] [laughing] [...] [] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1680] Oh you've [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1681] Nice!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1682] Liner!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1683] And it's a lot, yesterday I was in a real state ... notice my eyes were just totally, gummed up, yuk!
[1684] ... Actually they're probably [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1685] Wake up in the morning [...] .
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1686] That's right, right let's [...] the brushes now, class.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1687] Well, are we painting them today?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1688] Yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1689] Ooh!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1690] [laughing] No, we're [...] [] !
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1691] [laughing] Yeah []
None (PS0L2) [1692] [...] and stare at the [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1693] Now what you do
Mikila (PS0KY) [1694] Why not?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1695] I can't [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1696] Alright?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1697] Yeah.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1698] You're going to paint them
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1699] Can you keep still for a minute, Kim?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1700] [...] I tipped something on them.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1701] You're gonna paint them exactly as you would ... if you were just doing it on paper ... alright?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1702] God!
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1703] It's quite a strange thing to paint on because it's a very absorbent surface ... and what happens if you wa , those of you who want subtle colours, well that's fine ... cos you get very subtle colours ... if you want deep colours like black ... dark brown ... or a bright colour like bright red berries on the holly ... then we have to put varnish on ... alright?
[1704] And it brings the colours up to really, really vibrant ... dense colours ... alright?
[1705] ... But I suspect a lot of you would want to leave them with a matt finish, it's entirely up to you ... Anyway ... when you paint, like I say, it's just it's because it's porous [...] it sucks the colour off the brush and er ... it immediately dries, so you can see, straight away, the colour it's gonna be ... when you then put the varnish on you use a sort of matt varnish and ... so it brings the colour up but it won't be shiny ... or a shine, which you're gonna choose ... like you might wanna matt varnish with this and shiny for the shell ... which ca it really brings the colour up, we won't get round to varnishing today ... erm ... and the other thing you can do, if you want ... erm ... a sort of a mottled effect ... you do pink in a base colour ... say Mikila wanted all ... greeny, bluey colours on that
Mikila (PS0KY) [1706] Yeah I do.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1707] oh well, there you go ... paint it all ... a fairly pale green ... and then rubbing on dried powder paint ... like, almost like using pastels
Mikila (PS0KY) [1708] Yeah I just want loads of different shades of green and blues ... [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1709] Like using pastels, you just ... rub it on with your finger and get really ... subtle blend of ... there so, you can have it plain black and white or ... brilliant red ... or ... you know, very subtle, so you can get all sorts of paint effects on them ... okay?
[1710] ... What I suggest you do is, sort of, give them all a base coat, you know, like ... do all this mid-brown, but darker brown on the shell ... okay?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1711] Black and white.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1712] Yeah, now
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1713] Do we have to paint underneath the side?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1714] Well I think it's best to, yeah ... yeah, I mean o ... the best thing to do is actually lift it up and use a little bit of the underneath to try out the colours ... what colour's that going to be?
Mikila (PS0KY) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1715] I don't know ... I haven't decided.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1716] What colour's yours going to be, [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1717] Black ... pale brown underneath ... and brown edges [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1718] I think grey might be quite nice, for the walls, but then [...] rubbing other colours all over it, sort of you know, like mauvey and ... [...] colours and blues.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1719] I'll do these two all over grey.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1720] Really burn my arm.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1721] Yes
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1722] Try not to ... do it as you go, I mean, try to have a very definite idea in your mind what you want to do cos otherwise, you know, you start off, you've painted half of it grey and think oh don't like it like this bit!
[1723] ... So try and decide, I mean, obviously a lot
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1724] Brown.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1725] of them they're, you know
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1726] [laughing] Brown [] .
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1727] you don't, you don't have to do it brown though, you know, I mean whatever colour you want.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1728] I want it bright.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1729] I'm [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1730] If you wanna have a purple hedgehog, it's entirely up to you!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1731] No leave that one.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1732] Okay?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1733] Okay?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1734] Will these all stick back on?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1735] They all will stick back on, it's best to paint them first and then stick them on.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1736] Right I've gotta go and find some more of those, [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1737] This isn't his tail he keeps standing on!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [laugh]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1738] I worked that out!
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1739] It must be there
Mikila (PS0KY) [1740] Yeah it's there somewhere, it's just a bit too big to be [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1741] Unless Emma's got it as well.
[1742] Unless Emma's got it there.
None (PS0L2) [1743] Yeah fine.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1744] Yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1745] I know she could have.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1746] Yeah.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1747] What's yours gonna be, Eva?
[1748] ... What colour?
None (PS0L1) [1749] Just that colour on there, on the other one.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1750] How much [...] ?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1751] Purple?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1752] Bright red! [laugh]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1753] Oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1754] [laughing] Bright purple [] !
None (PS0L2) [1755] [...] [...] !
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1756] I can't do much, sort of, colouring, someone's taken [...] .
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1757] Well it's all black
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1758] apart from that bit there's white.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1759] that will be white, yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1760] You imagine like a penguin suit, aren't the wings?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1761] Different colours [...] aren't they?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1762] No I thought they were all black
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1763] No they're not are they?
[1764] ... They're just
Mikila (PS0KY) [1765] Yeah.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1766] a piece here was white ... but you want to do
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1767] [laughing] I'm gonna do a [...] [] !
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1768] colour in the eye, colour on the beak, colour on feet
Mikila (PS0KY) [1769] Yeah
None (PS0L2) [1770] and the yellow
Mikila (PS0KY) [1771] little red buttons and stuff
None (PS0L2) [1772] and the yellow.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1773] Yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1774] just bring it out.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1775] shiny buttons, you can put on this silver
Mikila (PS0KY) [1776] our little red flower on the hat.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1777] Yeah I've got a little bit of silver and gold at home actually, but I didn't bring it in today
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1778] Yeah.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1779] I should've done, but
Mikila (PS0KY) [1780] I think I'll do this like ... reds, and blacks and
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1781] okay.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1782] whites an
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1783] So decide ... your work before hand
Mikila (PS0KY) [1784] Yeah, that'll do.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1785] Brown.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1786] Okay?
None (PS0L2) [1787] Right [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [laugh]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1788] [shouting] Right if you didn't pay attention there, I don't see any others from next door because [...] the colour they can start with
Mikila (PS0KY) [1789] Mhm.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1790] do it like that ... you need a piece of paper and lots of water ... and I'll just go and get brushes [] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1791] Where are they , in the corridor [...] down there?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1792] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1793] I don't know what colour to do it.
None (PS0L2) [1794] We [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1795] And I've lost my tape!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1796] Oh ... don't wanna
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1797] We could dig around it.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1798] Not all ... I'll go [...] [laugh] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [1799] Bit of everything!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1800] Yeah but if you if you
Mikila (PS0KY) [1801] If you have the pale, I suppose.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1802] That one will look alright.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1803] It looks alright though.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1804] What do you want ink on?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1805] The tail ... gonna have to do the tail now.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1806] Well never mind, maybe
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1807] I didn't think they had one.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1808] They've only got a little stub though haven't they?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1809] Yeah.
None (PS0L2) [1810] Are you sure one of these isn't [laughing] yours [] ?
Mikila (PS0KY) [laugh] ... [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1811] Don't erm don't [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1812] That's a really nice man.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1813] [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1814] Yeah today, running round [...]

10 (Tape 014801)

Mikila (PS0KY) [1815] I think a light green actually.
[1816] Very pale I think.
[1817] ... Actually that's a sort of a murky green.
[1818] That'll do.
[1819] ... Oh god I think that's gonna look really good.
[1820] ... I wanna varnish it as well cos I [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1821] Oh look at that red! [laugh]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1822] Yeah.
[1823] That's good actually.

11 (Tape 014802)

Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1824] So red here [...] colour.
[1825] What do you think?
[1826] Red here
Mikila (PS0KY) [1827] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1828] Black and white
Mikila (PS0KY) [1829] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1830] just there with the gold buttons.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1831] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1832] Red dickie bow
Mikila (PS0KY) [1833] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1834] White face do you think?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1835] Yeah.
[1836] And then the rest of it black
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1837] Black.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1838] with greens in the back.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1839] And you can, [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1840] [...] .
[1841] Are you putting his hair up [...] quite pale.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1842] I'm gonna do ... down there I'm gonna do a red
Mikila (PS0KY) [1843] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1844] red stripe.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1845] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1846] Cos that's gonna be red.
[1847] Cos [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1848] Yeah.
[1849] Like his coat tails.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1850] No cos then the rest of that would have to be black wouldn't it?
[1851] ... Do his wings.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1852] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1853] [...] oh I don't know [...]
None (PS0L2) [1854] I hope my friend's found her stuff.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1855] [...] what?
None (PS0L2) [1856] We went back to ... oh er my friend Nicola left her all stuff, big bag on the train. [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1857] You're joking.
None (PS0L2) [1858] No.
[1859] And they've erm rang up London
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1860] He's gone all funny.
None (PS0L2) [1861] Who?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1862] Can you see it?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1863] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1864] What all all, it's got white bits on?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1865] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1866] Yeah that happened to mine as well, look.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1867] Yeah it's where the [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1868] Probably just needed to ... soak in I suppose.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1869] [...] cold now.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1870] Ah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1871] You done it?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1872] Well where did you get that brush from then Emma.
None (PS0L2) [1873] Found it.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1874] Where?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1875] What colours are you doing it Emm?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1876] Apparently you don't need much of that green, Fiona.
[1877] ... Apparently it goes a long way.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1878] Ugh.
[1879] That's really sort of splurched now.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1880] It's always the white that comes out splurchy isn't it?
Mikila (PS0KY) [1881] There you go.
[1882] Have fun.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1883] Your hedgehog's gonna look really nice when it's coloured.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1884] In only wanna give this a mix.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1885] Who wants this?
[1886] Anybody?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1887] My sister said Pat's turning gay. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1888] Pat?
[1889] What, which programme are you in?
[1890] Which programme are we in?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1891] She's turning lessie my sister reckons.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1892] Eastenders by the sounds of this.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1893] Are we talking about Eastenders?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1894] And Colin, Colin was gay as well wasn't he?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1895] Yes Colin and [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1896] Barry
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1897] Colin out of Colin out of Eastenders?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1898] Yeah she's gay.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1899] Ian's besotted with Hattie.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1900] Ian yeah or he's missing erm Cindy.
[1901] One or the other.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1902] I think it's Hattie cos he keeps gawping at her.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1903] I don't know if he's sort of jealous of her and Stephen or what.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1904] Well he was the one who blooming put them together.
[1905] Serves him right.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1906] Yeah I [...] .
[1907] He's too scared to get in another relationship but
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1908] relationship
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1909] he really likes her.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1910] Miss erm whatever her name is said that erm people have been in there.
[1911] Little kids.
[1912] [...] kids actually playing in there.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1913] It's not on is it really?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1914] She said that's why it's got no spikes left.
[1915] But look he's hardly got, he's hardly got any.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1916] [...] in it?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1917] No.
[1918] All round that side he's got ... bare bum.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1919] [laugh] .
[1920] I'm missing a paintbrush. [...]

12 (Tape 014803)

Mikila (PS0KY) [1921] It's not gonna come out like shiny is it?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1922] Only if you want it to.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1923] Oh.
[1924] No I don't.
[1925] Good.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1926] It's [...] isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1927] It's shiny at the moment.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1928] If you want it shiny ... if you want it like erm ... If you want it to come out like this.
[1929] Alright?
[1930] Then you put the
Mikila (PS0KY) [1931] Yeah.
[1932] No I don't.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1933] shiny varnish on it that brings the colour back out.
[1934] ... Don't forget to do your nose. ...
Mikila (PS0KY) [1935] Can I paint over the eyes and then go over them again?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1936] Oh yes.
[1937] Keep your brush wet. ...
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1938] Sarah, have you got some water?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1939] [...] do the wings a different colour or something.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1940] Sorry.
[1941] Mm?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1942] Think I'm gonna do the wings a different colour.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1943] Have you got water there [...] ?
[1944] Yeah well keep it wet and then it'll sort of flow into any difficult areas.
[1945] Don't ... try not to put your paint on too thick.
[1946] Alright?
None (PS0L2) [1947] Just working out how I'm gonna get this done.
[1948] ... [...] . Just working out how to paint the wings black.
[1949] ... Yeah cos I was gonna, I was gonna do this like [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1950] Oh I see you only want the wings black?
None (PS0L2) [1951] As such really but I was gonna
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1952] Alright.
[1953] Well let's er let's draw it on then in pencil [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [1954] Oh I like that colour.
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [laugh]
Mikila (PS0KY) [1955] Bit bright isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1956] Put flowers all over them.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1957] Yeah [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1958] You need to have a line to work to really don't you?
None (PS0L2) [1959] What I was gonna do was ... the front here was gonna be red yeah?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1960] Yeah.
None (PS0L2) [1961] Black and white.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1962] Yeah.
None (PS0L2) [1963] And I was gonna carry and bring his coat to sort of like down there.
[1964] I was gonna work out, how am I gonna get red to go over the black?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1965] So you want ... so all this is red?
None (PS0L2) [1966] Yeah.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1967] Oh what was that that fell off?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1968] Like that.
None (PS0L2) [1969] Yeah.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1970] So all that can be black and that can be red yeah?
None (PS0L2) [1971] But where would you take the black [...] ?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1972] Well all that
None (PS0L2) [1973] His head's gonna be white.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1974] That wants to be black?
None (PS0L2) [1975] Yeah black.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1976] I've never varnished any clay before.
[1977] All I've done is use [...] because we couldn't have any [...] at school.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1978] [...] gonna be black down to there?
None (PS0L2) [1979] Yeah.
[1980] But I'm doing his head in white.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1981] What the back of his head?
None (PS0L2) [1982] No that's gonna be [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1983] Well this wants to be red.
None (PS0L2) [1984] Red yeah.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1985] Then there wants to be a white band ... like it's collar.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1986] See he doesn't really want much brown on him he just needs a coat.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1987] Don't like this colour now.
[1988] ... Well I'm not putting it, I'm putting other colours on top of it.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [1989] Oh that's alright then.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1990] Purple and that.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1991] That's red.
[1992] That's black.
None (PS0L2) [1993] That's yellow.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1994] Yellow.
[1995] Do you see what I mean?
None (PS0L2) [1996] Yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [1997] Unless I mean this hedgehog could have been done if I left it [...] couldn't it?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [1998] Okay?
None (PS0L2) [1999] Yeah.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2000] That's black [...]
None (PS0L2) [laugh]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2001] Okay?
None (PS0L2) [2002] Yeah.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2003] And what colour's his hat gonna be?
None (PS0L2) [2004] Probably red.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2005] Okay.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2006] [...] black with a red band.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2007] If you like you could open one of those little wheels if it, especially a difficult one like yours Emma.
[2008] It might be a good idea.
[2009] I'll go and get you one.
None (PS0L2) [2010] Thanks.

13 (Tape 014804)

Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2011] Sorry did I get you?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2012] No it's alright.
[2013] I just wiped it all over my [...] .
[2014] I was just about to say I expect you could really make a mess if you tried and then I realized I was covered in [...] and I'd better shut up.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2015] As long as the fire alarms don't go off I don't mind.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2016] Oh [...] twice [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2017] Again.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2018] Well Wednesday when I was in, I teach up until five on a Wednesday and kept ... coming up and saying that all the lights were gonna go off.
[2019] That the electricity board was doing some work ... so not to get the class started.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2020] Well no-one ever knew that the fire alarms were going off.
[2021] No-one at all.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2022] I think someone was just taking the mickey and kept setting them off.
[2023] Well they went off twice. ...
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2024] I think they must have done [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2025] Right.
[2026] Well from here I can see all sorts of bits so I suggest if you get
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2027] Yeah I know.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2028] Let's put erm a piece of paper ...
None (PS0L2) [2029] How am I gonna [...] ?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2030] [...] on there and then you'll be able to ... sorry Emma I didn't hear what you said.
None (PS0L2) [2031] How am I gonna paint under that black
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2032] Very carefully [laugh]
None (PS0L2) [2033] without getting the red red and the red
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2034] Well if you hold a piece of paper there.
None (PS0L2) [2035] Yeah?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2036] Get a small piece of paper and hold there as you do it.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2037] Thing is every spike's gonna be changed a different colour anyway so.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2038] Yeah but you want to ... make sure you haven't got any
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2039] [...] under here.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2040] Right.
[2041] Before you finish doing that just lift it up and paint in round under here look.
[2042] You've got a
None (PS0L2) [2043] Got a line.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2044] bare bottom.
[2045] ... That's the sort of colour you want for the top of your [...] isn't it? [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2046] Yeah.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2047] Right.
[2048] If you want to use another colour just check round and see what other people have got, alright?
[2049] Cos it's pointless keep making up loads of paints when other people have already mixed the colour up.
[2050] ... And share the colours.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2051] [...] bits.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2052] As my children say.
[2053] You must co-operate.
None (PS0L2) [2054] Watching too much Sesame Street.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2055] [singing] Co-operation []
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2056] Is that from Sesame Street is it?
None (PS0L2) [2057] Yeah. [laugh]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2058] Oh right.
None (PS0L2) [2059] I think I was probably watching too much Sesame Street as well.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
None (PS0L2) [2060] Oh.
[2061] I'm getting his eyes.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2062] There we go.
None (PS0L2) [2063] Right.
[2064] How do I paint in there then?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2065] What do you [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2066] Right.
None (PS0L2) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2067] There and there and there and underneath.
[2068] ... [sigh] My frog is called Basil.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2069] [...] get a small piece of paper [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2070] What about the hedgehog?
Mikila (PS0KY) [2071] [...] Harry [...] isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2072] paint that side you see.
[2073] And then it won't go on to this side.
[2074] Are you with me?
None (PS0L2) [2075] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2076] Basil the tree frog.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2077] Okay?
[2078] So you can get the brush in [...] goes against the paper.
None (PS0L2) [2079] Yeah but the thing is [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2080] I'm sorry Emma it had to be done.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2081] Well you'll just [...] very carefully.
[2082] I mean if it's right at the back it doesn't matter if it's black or red.
[2083] It's just gonna [...] shadow anyway.
None (PS0L2) [2084] Yeah.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2085] Okay?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2086] [...] Oh my god [...] ...
Mikila (PS0KY) [2087] This is not gonna be fun [...] all his spikes.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2088] I'm just going to wash my brush. ...
Mikila (PS0KY) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2089] I think you ought to put flowers all over him.
Mikila (PS0KY) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2090] Daisies.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2091] Yeah why not?
Mikila (PS0KY) [2092] Lovely colour
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2093] Big pink ones.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2094] Go for it.
[2095] Orange.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2096] Why not?
Mikila (PS0KY) [2097] Be creative.
[2098] Look at my hedgehog.
[2099] He should be brown but he's not.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2100] Go on Eva.
[2101] Be a daredevil.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2102] It's lucky it's not actually a boy now.
[2103] I was gonna say if you had flowers on it it'd be a bit
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2104] bit [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2105] Ooh.
[2106] That's nice!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2107] Mm.
[2108] Basil the tropical free ... free I keep saying, tree frog.
[2109] He's gonna have some colours on top of them [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [2110] Thing is I bet you the spikes that goes exactly next door to him I'll paint yellow.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2111] What colours are frog's nails [...]
None (PS0L2) [2112] Pinky.
[2113] Pinky red [...] ... You could have flowers all over your frog as well.
[2114] We could have a real ... hippie parade couldn't we?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2115] Hippie frog.
None (PS0L2) [2116] Oh no.
[2117] I've got black on it.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2118] This is the last lesson this term isn't it?
None (PS0L2) [2119] Is it?
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [2120] Yeah.
None (PS0L2) [2121] Oh we've got next term haven't we? ...
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2122] How many lessons have we got after term?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2123] Four I think.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2124] Emma.
[2125] Can I use a bit of your glue?
[2126] Just a teeny bit.
None (PS0L2) [2127] Emma was that?
[2128] What do you want?
Mikila (PS0KY) [2129] Can I have a tiny bit of your glue.
None (PS0L2) [2130] You may.
[2131] ... What are they to finish painting and do a bit

14 (Tape 014805)

Tabitha (PS0L6) [2132] Inside?
[2133] Dark green?
Mikila (PS0KY) [2134] Do some [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2135] Or pink ... or red.
[2136] Er it depends on how much you want to make it stand out.
[2137] ... I think I would probably do it dark green.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2138] Dark green, mm.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2139] Sort of colour Emma's ... that that colour without being altered is is fine.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2140] Yeah.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2141] Do it with a small brush.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2142] Alright.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2143] Or you know ... sludgy sort of colour like ... this
Mikila (PS0KY) [2144] I think I'm gonna do it dark green. ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2145] This is gonna look well weird.
[2146] ... I need a brush with a bend in it to get under here.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2147] Yeah.
[2148] That's what I need too.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2149] I love this hippo.
[2150] This is really [...] .
[2151] I love the shape of his legs.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2152] He's lost a tooth [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2153] Has he?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2154] Ah!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2155] He's been to the dentist.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2156] Well you must stick it, you must stick it back in there.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2157] Right [...] so let's have a go.
[2158] This has got to be red.
[2159] ... Yeah this is gonna be fun.
[2160] It's gonna be like a jigsaw puzzle.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2161] Keep your brush wet Fiona and then the colour will sort of flow in there.

15 (Tape 014806)

Mikila (PS0KY) [2162] He was nearly a dead hedgehog then because he nearly fell off the table. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2163] Yeah do him as an old hedgehog.
[2164] We got a hippie hippo.
[2165] [laugh] An old hedgehog.

16 (Tape 014807)

Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2166] What makes brown?
[2167] Green and?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2168] Don't know.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2169] Don't know.
[2170] You might as well just get a brown.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2171] No I want to make it.
[2172] Green and yellow makes brown.
None (PS0L2) [2173] Red and black.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2174] Not red and black.
None (PS0L2) [2175] Red and black make brown as well don't they? ...
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2176] Subtle colour. [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2177] [...] When they find out yours is broken though.
None (PS0L2) [2178] What's broken?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2179] Quite, quite a few of them but I mean [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2180] Caroline's blew up.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2181] [laughing] Caroline's blew up [] .
None (PS0L2) [2182] Poor old Caroline.
[2183] [laugh] He had a happy life though Caroline.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2184] Yeah.
None (PS0L2) [2185] Met with a grisly end, but [...]

17 (Tape 014808)

Mikila (PS0KY) [2186] I don't think so actually Sarah.
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2187] Yes I did as well.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2188] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2189] I was choosing to ignore it.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2190] Right.
None (PS0L2) [2191] I need to get under his [...] [laugh]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2192] No I can't get this bloody thing done.
[2193] I don't care I'm just gonna paint it and go over it. [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2194] [laughing] I had enough [] .
[2195] I just painted it and I'll go over it with the black.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2196] Does this paint smell of [...] or is it my imagination.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2197] I haven't really smelt it yet Fiona.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2198] Yeah it does.
[2199] Yours does.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2200] There you go.
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2201] Oh it stinks.
[2202] Oh no.
[2203] No no no no no.
[2204] Quick [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2205] [...] give it a mix if you don't mind.
[2206] This is your white here look.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2207] No ... god no.
[2208] Got me brush.
[2209] You might as well use me paint.
[2210] [laugh] ... Only joking.
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2211] [...] put red in his mouth.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2212] Yeah but don't give him rubber lips.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2213] I'm gonna rub powder paint in all over it and see what happens.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2214] She didn't recognize her erm owl cos it had shrunk.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2215] Oh ... isn't it tiny?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2216] She remembered it as being bigger.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2217] Oh oh [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2218] Oh it's really tiny isn't it.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2219] Oh it's really dainty.
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2220] Oh right.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2221] What colour can I do now, brown?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2222] You can do whatever colour you want [...] .
[2223] Mine's a tropical free trog.
[2224] Free trog.
[2225] I've said it again.
[2226] Free trog
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2227] Where's the palette things or whatever you call them?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2228] In that ... cupboard over there that's open.
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2229] This'll look quite nice when he's shiny though won't it?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2230] Yeah, I'm gonna do mine shiny.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2231] Frogs are wet aren't they?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2232] Mine's not.
[2233] Mine's gonna be [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2234] You gonna do yours ... brown then? ... [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2235] I don't know.
[2236] If I do him brown or put in white all round
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2237] You can do
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2238] all round there.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2239] You can put, do brown and put colours on the top or you can do him any colour and then put ... any colour on top.
[2240] ... powder paint on the top.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2241] You can rub it in.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2242] Rub it in, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2243] [...] brown and then I'll do all round his face white.
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2244] Can I borrow your paintbrush [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2245] Yeah all the paintbrushes are over here.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2246] You've got my little brush I want.
None (PS0L2) [2247] Oh sorry.
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
None (PS0L2) [2248] I might do this last actually the eyes and I'll go back and do them when they're dry.
[2249] Do you want the black?
Mikila (PS0KY) [2250] Yeah.
None (PS0L2) [2251] Okay that's got black [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2252] Oh that's looking lovely.
None (PS0L2) [2253] I'm gonna do the eyes when it's finished because the white went all splodgy cos I couldn't get the brush in even though I had a tiny brush.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2254] Right.
None (PS0L2) [2255] [...] paint in his nostrils?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2256] Yes.
None (PS0L2) [2257] And I'm gonna paint red in his mouth as well.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2258] Now this.
[2259] Where there's lines that just lends itself to having a dry paint rubbed down it.
None (PS0L2) [2260] Yeah that's what I'm gonna have ... put on.
[2261] I want to use that little bit of gold as well to [...] just sort of
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2262] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2263] Shimmy shimmy shimmy.
None (PS0L2) [2264] Shimmy shimmy gold.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2265] All the ... powder paints are in the cupboard next to the sink in that room.
None (PS0L2) [2266] Right.
[2267] Okay.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2268] Alright?
[2269] ... Now careful as you pick the packets up because some of them are so old.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2270] Ugh!
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2271] Now this is where you really must ... [...] wet cos then it flows [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2272] [...] will not go green.
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2273] Oh I found a [...] .
[2274] Let's do him green.
[2275] You done any little fleas on it yet?
Mikila (PS0KY) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2276] No that's gotta go green cos this has gotta be green.

18 (Tape 014809)

Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2277] You're gonna come on Saturday aren't you Michelle?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2278] Yeah I'm [...] Thursday Friday and Saturday I've got it so ... it means that
Mikila (PS0KY) [2279] Er ... is that too big, that spike?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2280] What colour's frog's eyes, black?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2281] Last time Roger was outside waiting for me for an hour and a half
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2282] Suppose so, yeah.

19 (Tape 014810)

Mikila (PS0KY) [2283] I hope this stuff comes off.
[2284] I've got it all over my jumper.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2285] Oh no what an arsehole!
[2286] Painted those bits wrong.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2287] Right.
[2288] Anybody stuck for a minute?
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2289] That's it.
[2290] Fat little cow.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2291] Oh that's really good.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2292] Let's have a look [...] .
[2293] Round the other way.
[2294] ... Ah!
[2295] Ah that's lovely.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2296] He's got red on his neck so [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2297] What's the red gonna be?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2298] The red's gonna be ... there down the back.
[2299] That one's gonna be white.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2300] Well ... is there anybody else who's mysteriously lost a piece of work.
[2301] ... Who's left it in the [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2302] And the red where?

20 (Tape 014811)

Mikila (PS0KY) [2303] No idea.
[2304] I really don't.
[2305] I don't know at all.
None (PS0L2) [2306] I don't know.
[2307] She's buggered off again hasn't she?
[2308] ... Oh she's coming back.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2309] Oh he looks brilliant ... Mikila.
Mikila (PS0KY) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2310] By the way, [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2311] What?
[2312] ... Oh [...] Do you reckon [...]

21 (Tape 014812)

None (PS0L2) [2313] No ... red.
[2314] Really clash as well. [laugh]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2315] Ooh!
[2316] Red and purple!
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2317] The examiner will think she's colour blind.
None (PS0L2) [2318] [laugh] Well she could be ... for all we know.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2319] Right no other mix ups.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2320] I thought you said she could be.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2321] I didn't say anyone.
[2322] I said the examiner thought she could be.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2323] You said she.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2324] Yeah.
[2325] She could be as in either.
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2326] Could be a bloke [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2327] Yeah I know he could but I [...] I said she, I said either.
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2328] Erm ... it's not working quite how I wanted it to but if I keep putting stuff on then
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2329] I think the yellow's a bit strong.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2330] Yeah.
[2331] I'll ... stick something over it and ... knock it [...]

22 (Tape 014813)

Mikila (PS0KY) [2332] This is just a mess now.
[2333] I should have just done it green.
[2334] ... State of it.
None (PS0L2) [2335] It looks nice.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2336] I hate it.
None (PS0L2) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2337] That's really good.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2338] Mm.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2339] The nails are too long to do this actually.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2340] Mm. ...
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2341] Sometimes I wonder if he's cross-eyed or not.
[2342] Maybe it just [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2343] Oh crap.
[2344] It's disgusting.
[2345] [...] . It's not.
[2346] It's just a mess now.
[2347] [...] ... Mm I don't like it though.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2348] I know.
[2349] I'll have the dragon and you have [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2350] Does it wash off?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2351] No.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2352] Yeah well at least I'd get rid of it and then start again.
[2353] And then just paint green over it.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
None (PS0L2) [2354] What time does this lesson end?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2355] Quarter past [...] .
None (PS0L2) [2356] Blimey.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2357] Who's got that brown colour?
[2358] Have you Lise?
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
None (PS0L2) [2359] Does that look cross-eyed to you from there?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2360] Let's have a look.
None (PS0L2) [2361] Oh it's me then.
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...] [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2362] Where is she?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2363] Quick Sarah.
[2364] Mop it up [...] bring her in.
[2365] [...] browns.
[2366] [...] pretend they're using brown.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2367] What time is it?
[2368] Ten to three? [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2369] Oh.
[2370] Oh no I've just started a colour that I'll never ever be able to find again.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2371] What time do we finish?
Mikila (PS0KY) [2372] Yeah.
[2373] Don't finish till quarter past Michelle.
[2374] Don't panic.
[2375] Twenty minutes yet.
[2376] Panic when you've got five. [laugh] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2377] I think it [...] nice.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2378] I don't know.
[2379] I think it looks just looks just just a mess ... now.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2380] Right.
[2381] Are you absolutely sure there's nothing [...] ?
[2382] ... Anything else for
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2383] Only my rabbit.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2384] Yeah, it's gone in.
[2385] First thing in.
[2386] Good.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2387] He's got a hole in him?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2388] Yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2389] You sure?
Maggi (PS0L7) [2390] Well it better have cos it's right at the back of the kiln at the bottom and I don't [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2391] What ... shall I put anything else on there?
[2392] Cos I was gonna use [...] colours but I don't know if it's going to [...] or not now.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2393] Well I think it looks really nice.
[2394] Tell you what I would do is mix some slightly different colour green
Mikila (PS0KY) [2395] By the way his [...] fell out.
[2396] Mm.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2397] that's a slightly lighter colour.
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2398] What about his nostrils?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2399] Yeah I mean just a few different should ... you use a little bit of green powder paint.
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2400] Alright?
Mikila (PS0KY) [2401] Yeah.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2402] Just add a little bit [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2403] Right.
[2404] There we are.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2405] If you don't like it you can wash it off and start again.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2406] Oh good.

23 (Tape 014814)

None (PS0L2) [2407] Oh there's one.
[2408] What colour should that be?
Mikila (PS0KY) [2409] Which one?
None (PS0L2) [2410] The white one.
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2411] Blue.
None (PS0L2) [2412] But the next one next door to that's blue.
[2413] So I can't do it [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [2414] Oh.
None (PS0L2) [2415] Cos I say there's blue on it, oh god I can't be ... can't be any of them.
[2416] Oh god!
Mikila (PS0KY) [2417] [laugh] Can't you do like ... [...] another colour?
[2418] Brown.
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
None (PS0L2) [2419] No.
[2420] It's gotta be ... I'll have to change.
[2421] Which one's going blue?
[2422] ... That one's blue and I'll have to change that one won't I?
[2423] ... That'll have to go red.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2424] How annoying.
[2425] Has anybody any white powder paint?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2426] No.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2427] No?
Mikila (PS0KY) [2428] White, I've got white squeezey here.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2429] Yes.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2430] This one's had to have a ... transfer.
None (PS0L2) [2431] There's a tiny bit in this cup here.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2432] What, white?
None (PS0L2) [2433] Yeah.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2434] [...] only wants a tiny bit.
None (PS0L2) [2435] Just a tiny bit.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2436] [shouting] Mikila's got some [] .

24 (Tape 014815)

Tabitha (PS0L6) [2437] Right so that's all the rest of your stuff's gone in the kiln now apart from Louise's other piece.
[2438] ... So anything that hasn't been fired will be ... may be fired by the end of next week so it'll be ready for you at the beginning of next term.
[2439] Okay?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2440] [...] lesson anyway.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2441] Ah.
[2442] That goes on there.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2443] Yeah I'm just saying that it will be ready next term.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2444] That's gotta be green.
[2445] So's that.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2446] Right.
None (PS0L2) [2447] Does that look okay?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2448] Mm.
[2449] ... Though red is the ... the best colour to come up with the varnish.
[2450] It really does come up [...] .
None (PS0L2) [2451] What, with the shiny varnish?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2452] No either.
[2453] You don't have to erm ... I mean you could also ... only put varnish on certain bits of it.
[2454] We've got a matt varnish
Mikila (PS0KY) [2455] I'm not having much luck painting round [...]
None (PS0L2) [2456] That's red.
[2457] What colour's [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2458] Keep your brush a little bit wetter [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [2459] Oh that goes there.
[2460] That's another one.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2461] This frog looks really nice Fiona.
[2462] Fiona ... this looks really nice.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2463] I'll have to have a rest.
[2464] My back's [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2465] Yes.
[2466] ... [...] stupid, it's freckles.
[2467] Wonderful.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2468] [laughing] So gormless [] .
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [laugh]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2469] Let's just have the er ... tiny brush a minute .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2470] He's a wide-mouthed frog .
[2471] He likes Maltesers.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2472] Yeah that's brilliant [...]

25 (Tape 014816)

Tabitha (PS0L6) [2473] It's such a shame Emma. [...]
None (PS0L2) [2474] Yeah but it still looks nice.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2475] Gotta get [...]
None (PS0L2) [2476] Got more character now.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2477] [...] bit of brown just under there [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [2478] Yeah I know.
[2479] I'm going to do like ... right.
[2480] We've got to have some here.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2481] Is that it now?
[2482] Do you think? ...
Mikila (PS0KY) [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2483] Apart from his other toenail.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2484] Mm.
[2485] I think so.
[2486] ... [...] there's another one.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2487] Thank you.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2488] Getting the knack of these.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2489] There you go then.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2490] Thankyou.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2491] [...] finish doing his toenails.
[2492] Oh there's a splendid job.
[2493] Wonderful.
[2494] It looks so much nicer, painted doesn't it?
Mikila (PS0KY) [2495] Yeah, yeah.
[2496] I'm gonna varnish it.
[2497] [...] shiny [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2498] Are you a bit happier with it?
Mikila (PS0KY) [2499] Yeah.
[2500] Yeah.
None (PS0L2) [2501] When I glue these
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2502] You didn't seem to like it very much before.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2503] No I didn't.
[2504] I wanted it to come out [...]
None (PS0L2) [2505] When I glue these [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2506] [...] paint over it again ... if it's necessary [...] ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2507] Are you happier with him now?
[2508] ... Mikila?
Mikila (PS0KY) [2509] What's that?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2510] You happier with him now?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2511] No.
[2512] I was gonna say if you bring it in.
[2513] Cos we're not supposed to have the strong glues and it's so much easier
Mikila (PS0KY) [2514] Little bit.
None (PS0L2) [2515] Will superglue do it?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2516] Mm.
None (PS0L2) [2517] I've got superglue at home.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2518] So ... what I suggest you do ... is [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2519] Yeah.
[2520] Cos he'll look better when he's got ... his spikes on him
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2521] Yeah.
None (PS0L2) [2522] and his ... varnish [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2523] All of those work.
[2524] I mean superglue is ... superglue is brilliant [...] .
[2525] We're not ... we're not supposed to have it in here.
None (PS0L2) [2526] Oh.
[2527] So I couldn't bring it in?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2528] Well yes, you could.
[2529] I mean it's just like it's ... You know, obviously you're not going to ... stick each other to the [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [laugh]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2530] Well I mean you might do.
[2531] I don't know but ...
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2532] That's the yellow one.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2533] Unless it's properly supervised at all times. ...
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2534] Eh?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2535] I can put it back [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2536] Finished?
[2537] Oh let's see.
[2538] Turn round.
[2539] [...] . That's sweet.
[2540] I think the inside of the mouth wants to be a bit more contrast, don't you?
[2541] ... Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2542] Let's have a look Kim.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2543] What do you think?
[2544] ... Turn it round and show Maggie.
[2545] I think the inside of the mouth ought to be a bit darker.
Maggi (PS0L7) [2546] [laughing] the box is in the way [] .
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2547] Don't you?
Maggi (PS0L7) [2548] Yeah.
[2549] Bit darker.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2550] Let's have a look, Kimbo.
[2551] ... Yeah.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2552] Yeah.
[2553] Right.
[2554] Looks like we've all decided.
Maggi (PS0L7) [2555] Decided for you. [laugh]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2556] And also you've missed a bit. ... [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2557] Right, come on.
[2558] Somebody help me find these final ... spikes.
[2559] That one's going yellow.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2560] Well [...] .
[2561] It just wants to look darker inside.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2562] That one can be blue.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2563] You need a little hand coming out and a little bubble saying help [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2564] [laugh] That could be green.
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
None (PS0L2) [2565] Shall I do his dickie bow black or red?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2566] What are you doing to that green?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2567] Fiona are you using your green?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2568] What?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2569] Your green.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2570] Mm.
[2571] I don't know.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2572] That one?
[2573] Or what?
[2574] No I'm using [...] at the moment.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2575] What do you think Mikila?
None (PS0L2) [2576] Dickie bow [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2577] The dickie bow?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2578] Or grey.
None (PS0L2) [2579] No.
[2580] It's gotta be a bright colour.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2581] You want it bright.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2582] Is that powder?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2583] No.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2584] Purple.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2585] There's the powder paints there.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2586] Have you got the green you used to ... ?
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2587] Just use that little bit of green on there look.
[2588] On the edge of the saucer.
[2589] Oh [...] get your brush clean.
[2590] Erm ... I don't [...] doesn't want to be black.
[2591] I don't think it wants to be red.
None (PS0L2) [2592] It'll have to be green.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2593] Yeah.
[2594] Bright green.
[2595] Or yellow.
[2596] Bright yellow.
None (PS0L2) [2597] [...] next door.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2598] Mm?
None (PS0L2) [2599] The [...] 's next to it.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2600] Right.
[2601] It's got to be the green then.
None (PS0L2) [2602] Green and green buttons.
[2603] Yeah?
Mikila (PS0KY) [2604] That's red.
None (PS0L2) [2605] Green buttons?
Mikila (PS0KY) [2606] Oh no.
[2607] What've I done?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2608] Or black buttons perhaps, on the white shirt. ...
None (PS0L2) [2609] I don't know.
[2610] I'll see [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2611] That's yellow.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2612] Okay do the green then.
[2613] Then see what that looks like.
None (PS0L2) [2614] Okay.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2615] I would use ... I would use that green [...] .
[2616] I should think that's quite nice.
None (PS0L2) [2617] Yeah.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2618] [...] too bright.
None (PS0L2) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2619] I've run out of spikes. ...
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2620] Look there's loads more in there.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2621] They're all too big. ...
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2622] [...] the ends off.
[2623] ... Finished [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2624] Yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2625] Let's have a look.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2626] You can't really see it actually [...] .
Mikila (PS0KY) [2627] That's well cute.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2628] The back leg ... nearest Emma.
[2629] That one, looks as if it's never been painted I think.
[2630] It [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2631] [...] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2632] That's nice.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2633] What's the matter?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2634] You want some red wool or something don't you?
Mikila (PS0KY) [2635] I'm gonna paint him in a bright colour
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2636] Let's have a look.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2637] I'm gonna paint him in a really bright colour and then put the
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2638] Oh it looks nice.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2639] Do you reckon that'll look alright, or do you think I should paint them brown?
Mikila (PS0KY) [2640] I don't like it like that though, so
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2641] I dunno.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2642] I'm being fussy I know but
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2643] Paint him a bright colour and then ... [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2644] But it's just weird.
[2645] I don't like it at all.
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2646] If I paint a bright colour over the top of it ... then that'll go sort of weird won't it?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2647] Yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2648] So I'll do it like that.
[2649] I might use purple actually, I like the purple.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2650] As long as it doesn't go black.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2651] But I don't wanna use it [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2652] Well make a different
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2653] [...] orange.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2654] Bright orange.
[2655] I'm gonna do a bright orange dragon.
[2656] ... Let me go and put this back and then [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2657] He's gonna get a complex that, that dragon [laugh] .

26 (Tape 014817)

Mikila (PS0KY) [2658] what I'm gonna do now.
[2659] Erm Eva, can you pass me the persil please?
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
None (PS0L1) [2660] Do you want this brush?
[2661] ... Mikila?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2662] Yeah that's fine.
[2663] ... Ooh yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2664] That'll do.
[2665] I'll just file them down a bit. ...
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2666] Yeah it's quite runny actually.
[2667] But [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2668] What colour you doing it then?
None (PS0L2) [2669] Purple.
[2670] ... But I'm gonna do it over this so it'll sort of go funny
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2671] Oops.
[2672] ... Sorry.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2673] Oh dear.
[2674] It's alright [...] .
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2675] Why don't you kind of dabble it on, Mikila?
Mikila (PS0KY) [2676] Yeah.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2677] Rather than
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2678] [...] sponge.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2679] You mean like that ... dabble it on?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2680] Yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2681] Or a bit less?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2682] Yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2683] Yeah.
[2684] Cos then some of the other colours are gonna come through and I can put the little bit of gold on the top.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2685] Yeah.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2686] Okay?
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2687] Okay, mm.
[2688] Let me just er
Mikila (PS0KY) [2689] Yeah.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2690] Wipe that down there.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2691] I don't think these spikes belong on there at all.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2692] Mm?
[2693] ... He's got a wobbly bottom.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2694] [...] hedgehog.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2695] You gonna actually paint the icing white?
[2696] Or is it [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2697] Oh right.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2698] I was [...] that yellow.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2699] That yellow.
[2700] Yes.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2701] That white one there everybody.
[2702] Too big.
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2703] Stick it further down.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2704] It can be the centrepiece.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2705] Stick it further down so [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2706] Well a lot of the spikes are [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2707] Right.
[2708] If you've finished ... or if you've finished for today.
[2709] This ... paint I want it really really really well washed out of these brushes.
[2710] It's erm very good covering powder, it actually stays in the brushes.
[2711] So, give the brush a really good wash out, put it back into it's proper pointed shape.
[2712] Alright?
[2713] If you would please.
[2714] When you're ready.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2715] Oh it's hotting up.

27 (Tape 014818)

Mikila (PS0KY) [2716] be your own creative flower.
None (PS0L1) [laugh]
Maggi (PS0L7) [2717] Little Eva. [laugh]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2718] [...] an Eva flower.
Maggi (PS0L7) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2719] Oh hell.
Maggi (PS0L7) [2720] [...] black?
None (PS0L1) [2721] Yeah.
Maggi (PS0L7) [2722] [...] red.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2723] Oh he's lovely.
Maggi (PS0L7) [2724] Well you can't say he's [...]
None (PS0L2) [2725] Let's have a look Mag.
[2726] Are you var er shining him up?
Maggi (PS0L7) [2727] Yeah.
None (PS0L2) [2728] Yeah.
[2729] He'll look really sweet. ...
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [...] [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2730] I keep doing it wrong so ... I gave up and I'm just covering it with purple.
[2731] Then I'm going to put lots of gold bits on. [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2732] May I have some white paint ... please?
[2733] Eva?
None (PS0L1) [2734] Sorry. ...
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2735] Do you think you could make it by half past?
[2736] So as I can get done what we want to do.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2737] Oh yeah.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2738] Okay?
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2739] It won't come out on his eyes.
Tabitha (PS0L6) [2740] That's beautiful.
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2741] Just had a bit of a catastrophe.
[2742] All his spikes fell off [...]
Tabitha (PS0L6) [laugh]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2743] So he's gotta be glued and
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2744] and glue, they've all gotta be glued on him.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2745] Has he got a flower on it?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2746] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2747] You could put it over that ... big scar thing on it.
[2748] That big line.
[2749] You could put a flower on it's nose to cover it up.
[2750] Put it on it's bum.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2751] No it's had a bit of a ... fight hasn't it?
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2752] It's a rough, tough hippo.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2753] Do you need any more black, Emma?
[2754] Or have you got black there.
Mikila (PS0KY) [2755] Oh look at his eyes!
[2756] They look really ... pooped.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2757] Let's have a look.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2758] [...] drunken hedgehog then.
Unknown speaker (KDBPSUNK) [2759] Looks like you then doesn't it?
Mikila (PS0KY) [2760] [...] Oh thanks!
Group of unknown speakers (KDBPSUGP) [...]
Mikila (PS0KY) [2761] I know what I'm gonna do.
[2762] I'm gonna go ... while it's wet.