6 conversations recorded by `Pauline' (PS0N3) between 21 and 24 February 1992 with 8 interlocutors, totalling 1668 s-units, 16234 words, and over 1 hour 49 minutes 24 seconds of recordings.

10 speakers recorded by respondent number 117

PS0N3 Ag2 f (Pauline, age 26, unemployed, North-east England, )
PS0N4 Ag4 m (Bob, age 53, sales assistant, Scottish, ) friend
PS0N5 Ag2 f (Tracey, age 26, telephonist, Scottish, ) friend
PS0N6 Ag0 m (David, age 2, pre-school) friend
PS0N7 Ag4 f (Kathy, age 55, canvasser, South Midlands, ) friend
PS0N8 Ag1 f (Kay, age 24, canvasser, North-east Midlands, ) friend
PS0N9 Ag4 m (Bill, age 55, canvasser, Southern (?), ) friend
PS0NA X f (Michelle, age unknown, North-east Midlands, ) role unspecified
KDJPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KDJPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

6 recordings

  1. Tape 041201 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot () Activity: Talking about work.
  2. Tape 041202 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( sitting at table ) Activity: Talking about work
  3. Tape 041203 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( sitting at table ) Activity: Talking about work
  4. Tape 041301 recorded on 1992-02-28. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( sitting at table ) Activity: Talking about work
  5. Tape 041302 recorded on 1992-02-28. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( sitting at table ) Activity: Talking about work
  6. Tape 041401 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( sitting at table ) Activity: Talking about work

1 (Tape 041201)

Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [1] If I get him to go in there and do a bit of plaster on
Pauline (PS0N3) [2] mm
Bob (PS0N4) [3] eh? ... what I was thinking of doing was getting a, have a go aye ... you know builders merchant, pick up some plaster if its a wet day and start doing some plastering in there
Pauline (PS0N3) [4] yeah, well it looks through erm [cough] need to use it soon isn't it?
Bob (PS0N4) [5] I ... well I reckon, the trouble is, it depends on how things go in the next couple of weeks
Pauline (PS0N3) [6] you can
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0N3) [7] the opposite, you can start as many [cough] within the original firms
Bob (PS0N4) [8] anybody's [...]
Pauline (PS0N3) [9] yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [10] that's right ...
Pauline (PS0N3) [11] see I was thinking this was gonna cost a lot, a lot of money to put the phone's in, but its not, because you just put one line in and then put different bits up the line don't you?
Bob (PS0N4) [12] no ... no they come in, in separate lines ...
Pauline (PS0N3) [13] but you cut it
Bob (PS0N4) [14] you charge pair, you'll charge pair ... in here, its not just one line with four connections, they charge you per phone ...
Pauline (PS0N3) [15] I was talking to Desmond about it and he reckons that once you've got your line you can muck about and
Bob (PS0N4) [16] no
Pauline (PS0N3) [17] put quite a few lines in there
Bob (PS0N4) [18] no, dunne work like that
Pauline (PS0N3) [19] oh ...
Bob (PS0N4) [20] you can use the same, you can use the same number ... alright?
Pauline (PS0N3) [21] mm
Bob (PS0N4) [22] eh, the same number on four lines, but if were want to go out ... four people were to phone in at the one time
Pauline (PS0N3) [23] oh of course yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [24] do you see what I mean?
Pauline (PS0N3) [25] I see what you mean , yeah of course you do
Bob (PS0N4) [26] you've got to have four separate lines
Pauline (PS0N3) [27] yeah exactly the same sort of thing with the front room one and the kitchen one you just did
Bob (PS0N4) [28] that's right
Pauline (PS0N3) [29] yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [30] right, and then once your in, you can put, you can put in as many extensions up as you want
Pauline (PS0N3) [31] yes
Bob (PS0N4) [32] but what I'm talking about dear, probably in
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [33] I'm talking you
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [34] aren't we?,
[35] I'm talking about cord and five lines here for the minute ... aye ... and I'm talking about bringing in ... talking about bringing in four or five lines down there, right?
Pauline (PS0N3) [36] mm, mm
Bob (PS0N4) [37] and there's not any reason why once your in you canne put another couple of lines in, and you can even put a couple of lines in on a different number if you want
Pauline (PS0N3) [38] mm ...
Bob (PS0N4) [39] but still have to four phone in for the same purpose, are you with me?
Pauline (PS0N3) [40] mm
Bob (PS0N4) [41] you could run them all end up with numbers ...
Pauline (PS0N3) [42] mm
Bob (PS0N4) [43] but really I've got to talk to somebody, I've got to talk to somebody for their
Pauline (PS0N3) [44] British Telecom
Bob (PS0N4) [45] British Telecom about it
Pauline (PS0N3) [46] because, yes that's true, the
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [47] but there's a right time and a wrong time for doing it, see ... cos basically if you were getting the money, the phone calls that were, that were done ... a ... since Christmas ... right, I'm not sure how the bill runs, it probably runs December, January, February ... er I think they run a quarter on the phone bill, and its a three month period
Pauline (PS0N3) [48] that's right, were gonna get a phone bill soon
Bob (PS0N4) [49] so I'll be getting that phone bill within the next fortnight, right, but bear in mind June ... June and December we weren't really doing anything for three weeks
Pauline (PS0N3) [50] yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [51] right, and its only the last couple of weeks that we've really picked up
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...] [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [52] yeah, hopefully the business coming in of, of this month ... because of the fact that the, the volume of business bound to be higher
Pauline (PS0N3) [53] mm
Bob (PS0N4) [54] right ... alright? and then what you do is, if you run a four phones, four or five phones through up top, for the next quarter, right ...
Pauline (PS0N3) [55] mm
Bob (PS0N4) [56] be getting a result ... if you stepped in with another four phones, new lines, you'd have the use of these four lines for three month, to generate business before you get out with first phone bill on them, right ... so that you could drop er the lines here if you wanted, at er, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter whether you've got one line ... or whether you've got a hundred lines
Pauline (PS0N3) [57] mm
Bob (PS0N4) [58] if you've got one line and its costing you money
Pauline (PS0N3) [59] yeah, yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [60] a hundred lines losing money is going to cost you a lot of money
Pauline (PS0N3) [61] yeah its all wrong
Bob (PS0N4) [62] if you've got one line making you money ... and you've got a hundred lines, a hundred lines is gonna make you a hundred times more, do, do you see what I mean?
Pauline (PS0N3) [63] yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [64] your lines are either working and making you money or there working and costing you money, and the supervisor's job is to make sure that whoever's working these phone's ... is getting a result
Pauline (PS0N3) [65] mm
Bob (PS0N4) [66] right ... the more phone's used is somebody that is capable of making
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [67] for you
Pauline (PS0N3) [68] yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [69] right, now what you've got to judge at the end of the day, now lets say for instance that you've put in six lines [cough] six lines, right ... and you only wanted to use two of them ... all you've got a number for is the rental charge isn't it?
Pauline (PS0N3) [70] mm
Bob (PS0N4) [71] so you only pick up your gain and drop your gain back
Pauline (PS0N3) [72] mm
Bob (PS0N4) [73] right, so if I'm carrying six at the minute, you've got to say to yourself its stupid having six here
Pauline (PS0N3) [cough]
Bob (PS0N4) [74] [cough] then only having four up there and that place is twice the size
Pauline (PS0N3) [75] yeah, what's it cost to put a line in?, its about a hundred pound now
Bob (PS0N4) [76] you see, if you put a line it costs you about a hundred a thirty quid now I think, but according to what they tell me, once a line ... has been in for a year ... if you put a line in, you've got to pay the first year, its gotta be in for a year, if you have it taken out before the year, you'll still be due for the rental on it
Pauline (PS0N3) [77] mm
Bob (PS0N4) [78] as far as I can gather, I don't know, I'd imagine where a line has a minimum period of three months rental
Pauline (PS0N3) [79] mm
Bob (PS0N4) [80] right, and another thing is ... whether we want phone's, because all these phone's are rented ... the actual phone's
Pauline (PS0N3) [81] yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [82] right, they haven't nee got spare four phone's ...
Pauline (PS0N3) [83] yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [84] you can pick up phone's that cheap these days, probably for about fifteen quid for er, have a decent phone
Pauline (PS0N3) [85] yeah,
Bob (PS0N4) [86] right and there why, why, I mean I'm not saying, at the end of the day its all taxed up towards you making money
Pauline (PS0N3) [87] mm
Bob (PS0N4) [88] now ideally what I'd like to do is to have a chat with somebody, a
Pauline (PS0N3) [89] cos we could do with these phones, of like, I don't know yet, exactly how it works, but, but the one you've got the headphones on
Bob (PS0N4) [90] that's right, that'll be a much better system to work
Pauline (PS0N3) [91] mm
Bob (PS0N4) [92] but I don't think Telecom's up to dating things, Telecom keeps rabbitting on about how clever they are at doing this
Pauline (PS0N3) [93] mm
Bob (PS0N4) [94] that and the next thing and that
Pauline (PS0N3) [95] and Mercury's no nearer
Bob (PS0N4) [96] Mercury's no nearer see
Pauline (PS0N3) [97] mm
Bob (PS0N4) [98] erm, quite frankly I'm looking to have something like probably a, that's twelve, sixteen phones working this thing next year ...
Pauline (PS0N3) [99] mm
Bob (PS0N4) [100] there's no any reason why you shouldn't eh?
Pauline (PS0N3) [cough]
Bob (PS0N4) [101] you work out how much business you'll be doing with sixteen phones
Pauline (PS0N3) [102] oh yeah, I know what your saying Bob
Bob (PS0N4) [103] I mean were working with five at the minute, we'll go to that place and double it up to say ten ... and by this time next, next year there's not any reason why it shouldn't be more to sixteen
Pauline (PS0N3) [104] mm ...
Bob (PS0N4) [105] and also
Pauline (PS0N3) [106] I'll just go and check this is
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0N3) [107] alright?
Bob (PS0N4) [108] go on then

2 (Tape 041202)

Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [109] Ah I don't know whether you want me to chat on about that
Pauline (PS0N3) [110] Yeah talk to it about, in general terms
Bob (PS0N4) [111] Right ... that depends on how general you're talking about, does er, eh ... so that gives you an idea there, when I was working with them
Pauline (PS0N3) [112] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [113] here are my targets for the period, right? ...
Pauline (PS0N3) [114] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [115] And that's percentages and everything
Pauline (PS0N3) [116] Can I have a look?
Bob (PS0N4) [117] Aye have a look, while you're doing that I'll have a look at what bits and pieces ... see if I talk to you for a minute about these
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [118] right
Pauline (PS0N3) [119] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [120] somebody's going to have to spend a bit of time with them over the week about the ... presume I'm gonna have the time
Pauline (PS0N3) [121] That's right, it's
Bob (PS0N4) [122] and it might be better for me to do it, see you've got a
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...] ...
Bob (PS0N4) [123] there's various things you can talk to them about, and all you do is, all you're looking for is some key words to motivate them, right ... eh ... er to a certain extent you want, you want to assume from the start that they don't have a clue what they're doing
Pauline (PS0N3) [124] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [125] right, now, I mean that's the basis that I start with June [cough] excuse me, now that's the basis you said didn't we?
Pauline (PS0N3) [126] Everybody that starts
Bob (PS0N4) [127] Everybody, now you've also got to accept the high percentage of having nay got a clue, eh what they're doing, even after a week or a couple of weeks and it shouldn't er be here, but if you get somebody, nice er Michelle or Cathy, eh, or ... eh Adel
Pauline (PS0N3) [128] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [129] now they can only push you, they can use a certain amount of their own imagination, right, but they cannot really push your information unless it's been fed to them, so somebody's, somebody's got it, do you follow me?
[130] Go and lay it in there
Pauline (PS0N3) [131] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [132] because at the end of the day other who come in and start are gonna listen and see what they do
Pauline (PS0N3) [133] That's right
Bob (PS0N4) [134] so the more strength you've got in it, that, that you
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [135] basically, eh, the more, you know, the better the result you're going to get ... now I think it's, no I don't think so ... so you're gonna have to concentrate on, on the actual
Pauline (PS0N3) [136] Selling
Bob (PS0N4) [137] selling and getting a result on that ... you see I've covered a lot of stuff for you on that, I've covered quite a bit with you on, er product knowledge, now would you say that you're reasonably together there and where you want to be on product knowledge?
Pauline (PS0N3) [138] Not too bad, yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [139] Right, so I mean obviously if there's anything that comes up as you go along ... I've gotta be able to ... you know you and I, I'll just chat it through, but when it comes to things like er ... me talk to you, sales talk to you for instance about a comparative question, you wouldn't know what I was talking about would you?
Pauline (PS0N3) [140] No
Bob (PS0N4) [141] Cos I've never
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [142] I've never covered things like comparative questions, when I talk to you about close and, you know basically what I'm talking to you about
Pauline (PS0N3) [143] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [144] cos you know roughly what close are about and you know how to close, but that, let's imagine for the sake of the discussion, that there's a hundred different ways of closing, right, and if there's a hundred different ways of close closing there's bound to be thousands of variations on each close, you see what I'm saying to you?
Pauline (PS0N3) [145] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [146] so there's a lot of scope, by, in other words, if you take a multiple, if you did, if you know four closes and you only use two, you might get away with it
Pauline (PS0N3) [147] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [148] if you know eight and you use four, again you're talking numbers see
Pauline (PS0N3) [149] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [150] everything basically comes down to numbers, er ... see, when I was talking to you earlier about ... about canvassing, right, I said basically you work on key words ... right now you don't need ... you, one, one of the things that I talked to you about canvassing is that if you notice the difference between a good canvass and a bad canvass, at least we didn't in fact activity sort of work to do in it, now if you take a, take a activ activity as being, being a key word and you discuss activity with them, right, you can then look at, at activity right as a variation on activity as there is on to action, right, now sit and do my script and talking to a customer, right, and mouthing and mouthing and mouthing and mouthing and saying your bit to a customer, you've got to sound like a parrot, now I know the way you canvass, the centre of action between you and the cu and the punter, do you see what I mean?
Pauline (PS0N3) [151] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [152] Right, now a lot of them don't interact with the customer, a lot of them don't even let the customer to think that the customer's not allowed to, they're frightened in case their customer opens their mouth and says no
Pauline (PS0N3) [153] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [154] right, this is exactly the same we're selling isn't it?
[155] It's a case of interacting with a, with a
Pauline (PS0N3) [156] That's right, yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [157] Right, now if you don't interact right ... you're not gonna get a result and if the customer does not interact with you, then you're not gonna get a result, right, now if you assume that as you're working your way through that appointment that your enthusiasm is passing across to the customer or anybody else who is in the room, right, right, but through that interaction right you're working towards a result, now if you go and come out of that office, about his, with a result, you'll know ... you'll know what you're getting next week or next month you gotta I mean the customer's gotta be at the
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0N3) [158] well I know that, yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [159] there and then, now if we're talking about closing for a minute, right ...
Pauline (PS0N3) [cough] ...
Bob (PS0N4) [160] let me make you one up to objections, I'm not prepared to give you a decision tonight, what would you say to them on that?
[161] ... Come on just go
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [162] just to for a minute
Pauline (PS0N3) [163] I dunno you, yeah , you just sort of gotta say ob obviously you want to think about it, obviously it's, you know it's a lot of money, you know, but are you happy with the window, is it, you know, is it the sort of style of the win , you know, is it the sort of style of the window, we, we, I dunno, we agreed on this sort of style, is it the, you know, the sort of style that goes, goes with it, go through sort of one or two what and find out what, what it is they really want to think about
Bob (PS0N4) [164] Right , well let's just think for a minute exactly what you just said, can you repeat to me roughly what you've just said?
Pauline (PS0N3) [165] Yeah find out, I mean exactly sort of trying to find out exactly what it is that they want to think about, suggest, you know
Bob (PS0N4) [166] Mm
Pauline (PS0N3) [167] suggest that you've got another appointment in the area
Bob (PS0N4) [168] Mm
Pauline (PS0N3) [169] suggest that you'd like to think about it, suggest that you would pop back within an hour, two hours
Bob (PS0N4) [170] Right, but let's say that you're not prepared to pop back, let's say that you're sitting there and you've got from that point, you want, you no want to go to the house, right, now you're not [cough] you're not gonna treat as a twenty minute call back, let's kill that for a minute
Pauline (PS0N3) [171] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [172] right, now there is a precise and an exact way of working your way through it, right ... so maybe while use my words right, they might not be the same as yours but they will be roughly what you said a minute ago, right, what was your words, some of it?
Pauline (PS0N3) [173] Yeah, I've been trying to find out what
Bob (PS0N4) [174] Obviously obviously
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0N3) [175] yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [176] In other words you agree with the customer, right, now take my words, you wanna think it over, right, we're not prepared to give you a decision tonight, eh, now I'd say something like, [cough] well that's understandable, and we've gone through as many things and debt this evening as we probably need to go through, don't you agree?
[177] Or words to that effect, right, and I realize that you have to think, think carefully in order to make the right choice, because it's gotta be right for you and it's also gotta be right for the property, alright?
[178] But just er, you know, clarify my thinking on it, what exactly is it that you feel you want to think about?
Pauline (PS0N3) [179] The money ...
Bob (PS0N4) [180] Well, give me a bit of space for it
Pauline (PS0N3) [181] Mm, alright
Bob (PS0N4) [182] just exactly what it is you want to think about
Pauline (PS0N3) [183] mm, mm
Bob (PS0N4) [184] right, cos they'll not likely to say the money, they'll just sit and look at you, right, and anyway you wanna find out exactly what their problem is, so before they even get the chance to say the money, you say to them, just erm, you know, just er make it clear to me what is it that you want to think about, is it the design of the windows?
[185] Is it the colour of the windows?
[186] Is it the cost?
[187] Is it this, is it that, is it the next thing and that's where you want to get them, cos they'll tell you what it is and you've got to, is it them, what is it?
[188] Is it this, is it that, is it the next thing until they're prepared to tell you what it is, that's the way you ask them, cos they'll no volunteer what it is, cos what you're looking for is a final objection for them, right ... now you say oh that's a load of rubbish that does nay what, but how can you sit and study that and you learn how to use it customers, right, on the objection which is the hardest objection for any sales person to deal with, you know yourself
Pauline (PS0N3) [189] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [190] that is the hardest objection you can get, right, we're not prepared to give you the decision on the night, I wanna think it over, it's the same objection, right
Pauline (PS0N3) [191] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [192] well that's quite understandable and we're talking here about four thousand pounds, it's a lot of money to anybody isn't it?
[193] Right, but we have covered most things that's ev , I don't know if I've actually missed anything out, right ... but just to clarify my thinking what is it you do actually want to think about, is it the ... the colour, is it what glass you want in the bathroom?
[194] Is it the choice of handles?
[195] Right, and you get them to something that you can deal with, because the one thing you cannot deal with right, we want to think it over, it isn't matter where you take them to, right ... whether it's the bathroom window, whether it's the one in
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [196] do you see what I mean?
Pauline (PS0N3) [197] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [198] All you're doing is taking them from the objection, which is, well, we're not prepared to give a decision, take them from that objection to where you want them ... do it with me, can you do it?
Pauline (PS0N3) [199] Yes
Bob (PS0N4) [200] Go on, have a go ... alright, right I understand exactly what you're saying Pauline, right the only thing is ... the wife and I have thought about it and we're just not prepared to, you know what I mean, we're gonna have to take a couple of days, because we wanna think it over
Pauline (PS0N3) [201] Mm, yeah, I can't do it with you I'm sorry, I can't use it with you, I get the general, what you mean that is it, you know is it
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0N3) [202] with the style
Bob (PS0N4) [203] I got your stock see , I've got your stock, you're either gonna shut your case or you're going to the, you're going to go to the house or you're going have to move me from that objection that I've hit you with, then the objection that you're comfortable with, now that's what closes are about, it's dancing people from one objection to another, let me put you on another objection then, seeing as you're not too happy with that then
Pauline (PS0N3) [204] No I get, what I
Bob (PS0N4) [205] you understand the process?
Pauline (PS0N3) [206] Yeah, yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [207] Take people to objections, take them to where you want them to be and bear in mind you're always looking for an objection
Pauline (PS0N3) [208] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [209] right, another thing, we wanna get more quotes, right
Pauline (PS0N3) [210] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [211] you're the first person we've seen, right, how you gonna deal with that?
Pauline (PS0N3) [212] [cough] Well obviously want, you know, the best possible price and that, you know, want the best quality windows for us erm
Bob (PS0N4) [213] Yeah go on
Pauline (PS0N3) [214] if you haven't already shown them a window
Bob (PS0N4) [215] Alright
Pauline (PS0N3) [216] go on, you know go on and tell them the strengths of the window
Bob (PS0N4) [217] Alright, okay
Pauline (PS0N3) [218] and er obviously I want to sort of give you the best possible price
Bob (PS0N4) [219] Yeah
Pauline (PS0N3) [220] so, you, if you, we can even sort of go through your figures and hopefully make the price that we, you know, we show better or
Bob (PS0N4) [221] Yeah, I like that
Pauline (PS0N3) [222] and we er sort of use you know key members in the area that we've done work for
Bob (PS0N4) [223] Okay
Pauline (PS0N3) [224] erm and how we do compare to other companies erm ...
Bob (PS0N4) [225] Mm
Pauline (PS0N3) [226] I'm not very good at sitting doing this face to face but
Bob (PS0N4) [227] Right , but what I'm trying to say is that you can dance them to them and by the way when are you thinking of having it done
Pauline (PS0N3) [228] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [229] right ... cos then you're taking them away from the fact that you want other quotes right, they'll say to you oh we weren't thinking of doing it actually until the winter, right and then you can say to them well let me just say that by placing your order in now we can put your installation in hand, right, basically at today's prices, right, on an extended delivery, right, and you can still qualify for a special offer, right
Pauline (PS0N3) [230] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [231] and that means that we can sub you via sub
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [232] measures than others in the area, right, and instal it before the weather gets too cold, and the price that's on the contract will be the total amount you have to pay ... or something like that
Pauline (PS0N3) [233] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [234] Right, now I'm trying to say to you is, that if, if you write, you write all these things down, you'll find that one thing won't react with another, you know we were talking about interacting
Pauline (PS0N3) [235] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [236] right, you'll gather a bit of string, I'm not saying you'll use the words I'm using, but the theme, do you see the theme that I'm talking about, about moving people and
Pauline (PS0N3) [237] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [238] dancing them a wee bit more, the more knowledge you've got
Pauline (PS0N3) [239] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [240] the more you can take them to where you want them, do you understand what I'm saying to you?
Pauline (PS0N3) [241] Yeah , I mean I, I did
Bob (PS0N4) [242] Er, you there's no offend that I can cover with you, I'm just having a wee chat with you on it in general terms on it, but I mean I could fill pages and pages
Pauline (PS0N3) [243] I'm not , I do it
Bob (PS0N4) [244] on bits and pieces
Pauline (PS0N3) [245] I mean I do it sort of a bit naturally, I mean if you, you know that what, the Delvine Hotel, I mean I sort of went in and I dunno sort of part way in I sort of said can I ask you if, you know, you've had your other quotes and he sort of said yes we're gonna sit down tonight and make our minds up
Bob (PS0N4) [246] That's right
Pauline (PS0N3) [247] er and I sort of, I thought well you know, I mean, I sort of went of that erm and I, I showed him a window, showed him a corner section erm, I didn't ask, I said I can't remember if your wife sort of erm, if your sister said it was the gold or the white handles
Bob (PS0N4) [248] Mm
Pauline (PS0N3) [249] er and obviously the bathroom and that I, I did it in me own sort of way
Bob (PS0N4) [250] That's right I know, but see this is, you see this is the point I'm trying to make to you, you can quite happily do it in your own way, but the problem is you don't know what you're doing, right, and, and if you actually knew what you were doing and well aware of what you're doing you would do it a hundred times better and you would do it all the time, right
Pauline (PS0N3) [251] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [252] I mean basically you say the bloke says we're going to sit down and make a decision tonight
Pauline (PS0N3) [253] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [254] you can accept that couldn't you?
[255] Just the same as you can accept the fact that somebody says to you that I cannot really afford your windows, right, just the same as when you first speak to them on the phone, you can say oh sorry, sorry to bother you and put the phone down because it said you
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [256] in the first place, but if that's his final objection, the fact that he's gonna make a decision tonight ... somebody that's really good at their job that was in there would sell that deal then, they wouldn't wait till tonight
Pauline (PS0N3) [257] That's what I did, didn't I?
Bob (PS0N4) [258] That's what I'm saying, right, now, what I'm saying is there's a, that, that, is, there's, there's, there's, there's things, there's things, there's guides to be able to do that, right, and the guide is there's certain things you do and certain things you don't do, because what you do basically is that you close him on his final objection which is what you're just saying you did, right, but you close him on his final objection, how did you manage to close him on his final objection?
[259] Because you listened to what he was saying to you, now you might not believe it but the number of people that don't listen to what customers are saying to them, you follow me?
[260] They're half listening and they're half thinking about what they're gonna say
Pauline (PS0N3) [261] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [262] and none of you are, don't know what I'm saying to you right
Pauline (PS0N3) [263] Yeah fair enough
Bob (PS0N4) [264] so you close him on his final objection, you listen, you then sell him his objection, right, you sell him his objection, right, you confirm his answer, right, whatever he says to you and his answer you actually confirm it back to him, you don't interrupt him, right, you don't guess where he's at, right ... and basically if work through a system you'll get on there, now for me to be able to, to, to, what I've just said to you is a load of garbage, but if I was sitting I was sitting actually go through each one of these steps and that's what you term as a closing sequence, you see what I mean?
[265] There is a closing sequence ... now the reason that you were able to close in the manner that you did with that bloke is a natural ability, but if I've said to you to teach somebody else it ... you would say I cannot do it, but I can't teach somebody else, because you're not actually aware of the sequence that you're working, can you see what I'm saying to you?
Pauline (PS0N3) [266] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [267] Now that comes back to the question is, are salesman born or are they made?
[268] Right ... were you born a sales person?
Pauline (PS0N3) [269] No, but I think you're moulded, but you have obviously
Bob (PS0N4) [270] That's right
Pauline (PS0N3) [271] intelligent a certain amount of intuition and [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [272] Aye, but you could of quite happily of gone through your life if you hadn't of seen that advert with the sell any
Pauline (PS0N3) [273] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [274] and had you of gone to the wrong company, right
Pauline (PS0N3) [275] I would of been put right off it straight away in my life
Bob (PS0N4) [276] That's right ... see ... we've talked, we've spoken about all the form closes before in the past, we've spoken about a sumter closes, I mean you know what I mean by a sumter close, don't you?
[277] Whereby you're sitting with a customer and you've assumed that he's bought
Pauline (PS0N3) [278] Yeah, what I'm, what I'm a bit erm
Bob (PS0N4) [279] I mean I'm just having a general chat with you
Pauline (PS0N3) [280] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [281] and everything, cos some people I'm gonna have to go through the whole
Pauline (PS0N3) [282] What I feel like that
Bob (PS0N4) [283] lot one by one, mm
Pauline (PS0N3) [284] What I feel I do I do lack is I think I, I, I sort of communicate well with the, with the people, I think I cover the window and stones
Bob (PS0N4) [285] Right
Pauline (PS0N3) [286] I think I cover all that very well
Bob (PS0N4) [287] Right
Pauline (PS0N3) [288] but I'm, I'm a bit weak on ...
Bob (PS0N4) [289] What direction to go on, on their closes?
Pauline (PS0N3) [290] Yeah, I mean
Bob (PS0N4) [291] Alright let me ask you something then, off the top of your head how many closes could you put a name to?
Pauline (PS0N3) [292] Well I don't know you know what the name we've used
Bob (PS0N4) [293] Come on then how many, er just
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0N3) [294] I dunno there's sort of an order form for closing them
Bob (PS0N4) [295] You've got an order, try and, try and, what you should do is, you see some time we should sit and list them, right, you know you've got an order form closed
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [296] call back, right, they're going to the toilet want it closed
Pauline (PS0N3) [297] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [298] right, what other closes can you think on?
Pauline (PS0N3) [299] Well I don't know the proper name for them, but I mean it's
Bob (PS0N4) [300] Well I'll tell you one or two then, right
Pauline (PS0N3) [301] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [302] you've got an order form closed, right ... you've got a sumter closed, where you assume that the customer's buying cos he's been giving you buying signals, you're hoping
Pauline (PS0N3) [303] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [304] he's been getting the buying signals right, you can close them on alternative choice, right, which do you prefer?
[305] Right, do you prefer the slim line?
[306] Do you prefer to put, do you, do you prefer the narrow gap or the wider gap?
[307] Right and he says the wider gap, so you write it on the order form, right, it's part of the order form close
Pauline (PS0N3) [308] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [309] right, what vent depths do you want?
[310] If we say, say twenty five percent, right mind you, you know these that most people have about a third to two thirds right
Pauline (PS0N3) [311] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [312] if he says a third, write it on the order form, do you see what I mean the order form closing?
Pauline (PS0N3) [313] Yeah probably laugh at me
Bob (PS0N4) [314] Pardon?
Pauline (PS0N3) [315] [cough] probably laugh a bit at that
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [316] well I mean I'm only trying to get you to pick to pick it up one wee thing from every time I said, do have a chat with you, that's what we always say, I'm not expecting you to pick up anything else I've said to you tonight cos I'm only talking to you in general terms, but if you pick up one wee thing, right, story close
Pauline (PS0N3) [317] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [318] you can close on a story, now you're bound to tell stories Pauline
Pauline (PS0N3) [319] Yeah, ha , I, I, I do yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [320] I'm just trying to make you aware of what you're dealing when you're out there with the people's
Pauline (PS0N3) [321] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [322] You see what I'm saying to you?
Pauline (PS0N3) [323] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [324] Right
Pauline (PS0N3) [325] I mean I do that with a, you know when I'm sort of on about a long delivery talk about
Bob (PS0N4) [326] That's right
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0N3) [327] that you know he's a retired gentleman
Bob (PS0N4) [328] Alright
Pauline (PS0N3) [329] basically and they budget towards it
Bob (PS0N4) [330] I see
Pauline (PS0N3) [331] and that sort of thing
Bob (PS0N4) [332] Now I've not given you a lot of chance to speak because you said you don't want to go and to, but I want
Pauline (PS0N3) [333] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [334] to cover a wee bit of ground here, I'm just trying to make a point to you about how many closes you're probably not aware for the minute, these are only a few of them, right, similar situation close, right, lost sale close, right ... the didn't I cover that close
Pauline (PS0N3) [335] What do you mean by lost sale close?
Bob (PS0N4) [336] Well I'll be, I'm not going to go into it, that's a close on itself, just like the first one that I, everyone has got a sequence
Pauline (PS0N3) [337] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [338] you follow me?
[339] But they're all, they're all a variation on a theme, but if you, you know what I mean, if you've got the closes in your head you can press buttons
Pauline (PS0N3) [340] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [341] you follow me, now when I say to you story book stay, eh er, I say your story close, right away you said I've done that
Pauline (PS0N3) [342] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [343] you know what I mean, if I say a similar situation close, right
Pauline (PS0N3) [344] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [345] you'll probably say well that is doesn't er quite ring a bell, because you've never used it and you cannot use it until I tell you what it is
Pauline (PS0N3) [346] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [347] do you see what I mean, right, sit and re-question close, right ... [cough] you can close them on ee do you want to include the extra window for two hundred pound, you follow me you've hit them with a price you want to close them, right and you sit and do the paperwork and you just say to them do you want me to include the extra window for two hundred pounds because you've already said to them you, you give an extra, do you follow me?
[348] You've set them up
Pauline (PS0N3) [349] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [350] right with an extra window, whatever about the money, like Mrs what's her name, so you've nearly closed her on the conservatory ... you do all the paper, your order close form on the conservatory and you say to her, right, cos you're working your sums out, do you want me to include the extra window for two hundred pounds?
Pauline (PS0N3) [351] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [352] If she says yes, she's bought
Pauline (PS0N3) [353] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [354] do you see, do you understand the basis on what you're saying on that then?
Pauline (PS0N3) [355] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [356] These things we need to go in, right
Pauline (PS0N3) [357] I mean I did that, I mean it, it, er, er, at Exmouth when they all measured er, they had an extra window like and I sort of you know, do you want, you know
Bob (PS0N4) [358] If somebody says you don't wanna be rushed, right, that's what you've gotta say to them ... that's just what that old dear was saying the other day, right ... you certainly understand that, right, you agree with them, first thing you do you always agree with them, right ... and then you've just got the same sequence as I want to think about it, but just sort of make it clear, I mean what is it they actually, you know, frightened of being rushed into?
Pauline (PS0N3) [359] Mm ...
Bob (PS0N4) [360] I mean when the order form is closing, you're closing things like, do you want white handles?
[361] ... You follow me, ask them right then, I'm trying to get your head on er, on, on er how the form close see
Pauline (PS0N3) [362] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [363] without actually dealing with as and an order close, if I can I'll cover the multitude of things, right ... Now what would you say if somebody said I wanna look at aluminium windows
Pauline (PS0N3) [364] I want to what?
Bob (PS0N4) [365] I want to look at your aluminium windows, let's say we didn't do them ... right ...
Pauline (PS0N3) [366] Tell me what you would say
Bob (PS0N4) [367] I don't know, I'm not, my head's not on it, anyway that's the kind of things that
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0N3) [368] mm ... good, I mean that's not so appropriate these days life is it, cos P V C proved itself a bit more hasn't it?
Bob (PS0N4) [369] Aye, right I don't know if you [cough] if you feel that the wee chat we've had is any good but, because we don't want to chat along too long
Pauline (PS0N3) [370] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [371] but I'm trying to make you aware of the fact that at some stage we should be looking long and hard at closing, right ... we'd ask the questions, you're quite good at asking questions, some sale field don't ask question, don't ask questions, right ... see you want to have a
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [372] as well when you're talking
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [373] to say something they believe in, right ... do you like my window?
[374] Yes ... do you follow me, was that sort of
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [375] do you follow me?
Pauline (PS0N3) [376] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [377] The main questions you ask, the more he'll believe, he don't ask, it's, it's, it's all about, this is what I'm saying about erm reacting, eh ... when basically what you would is you'd make a statement, tell him something and then ask him a question, which is what you did anyway, but I don't know if you're always aware of what you're doing, you're doing, you do it naturally, selling is about making statements and then asking questions, you do it when you telephone customers all the time ...
Pauline (PS0N3) [378] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [379] right, but we've never covered all this see, you've picked bits up as you've gone along ... and another thing you should never give a choice of something and nothing ... you should always give a choice of something and something else
Pauline (PS0N3) [380] Oh yeah, but then you've also got to watch I mean that I'd, sometimes I'd muck things up when I've given too much choice I think
Bob (PS0N4) [381] Well that's like saying you want to lower your counters or shall we employ tall, tall girls
Pauline (PS0N3) [382] It's like what?
Bob (PS0N4) [383] [laughing] saying [] shall we lower your counters
Pauline (PS0N3) [384] Or
Bob (PS0N4) [385] or shall we employ tall girls, you follow me?
[386] What you say basically to somebody is, right, what do you want them this height or that height?
Pauline (PS0N3) [387] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [388] Do, do you follow in?
Pauline (PS0N3) [389] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [390] Do you know what I'm saying to you?
[391] No
Pauline (PS0N3) [392] Ha ...
Bob (PS0N4) [393] Alright, let's, let's, I mean when you're, when you're
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [394] a good choice for instance, right, all you say to somebody is do you prefer the traditional right ... or would you prefer the modern styles, right in other words would you like Georgian or would you rather have leaded
Pauline (PS0N3) [395] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [396] do you follow me?
[397] That's an alternative choice, perhaps somebody says oh I preferred the leaded that's a buying signal
Pauline (PS0N3) [398] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [399] do you see what I mean, all these things, do you understand what I'm saying to you?
Pauline (PS0N3) [400] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [401] You've nearly of done it
Pauline (PS0N3) [402] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [403] you know what glass do you want?
[404] You've, you've closed on, on patterns of glass
Pauline (PS0N3) [405] Yeah I do that a lot for the bathroom
Bob (PS0N4) [406] That's right so you can do it on leaded light, you can do it on handles, but either you lay it on the customer right, which do you prefer?
[407] I've heard you saying it, which do you prefer, right, but you're aware of what you're doing
Pauline (PS0N3) [408] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [409] that's a closing question, which do you prefer?
Pauline (PS0N3) [410] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [411] Right ... now all these things which you've been saying are all written down
Pauline (PS0N3) [412] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [413] you follow me?
[414] You're not the first person that have ever thought of it though, that's what I'm trying to say to you
Pauline (PS0N3) [415] You see I mean I can see the goal there every day, I can see, I can see me sort of getting to the goal, I just maybe sort of go ... around it, I mean well a bit I mean, since I've had these two I sort of said, you know, would it, would it be the white handle, let me show you, you know the gold handle and, you know
Bob (PS0N4) [416] Fine er what we're, what we're saying to you basically is, right, and, and another thing you're doing is proving that you're capable of doing it, now if I was training you from cold, right, and you hadn't done it
Pauline (PS0N3) [417] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [418] and I didn't know whether you were capable of doing it, I would make you, tell you had what to do
Pauline (PS0N3) [419] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [420] but because I know you can do it I can say you another one to one conversation with you about it, but basically you're no way near to guide the customer ... you're in there to sell the customer
Pauline (PS0N3) [421] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [422] right, and what you say is, as for the, you've got to stack you on er and when you're talking to them, right, you've got to use these words, that's what I was saying to you earlier, what do you prefer?
[423] Which do you prefer?
[424] How?
[425] If?
[426] How many?
[427] Right ... who's usually be cleaning the windows, right, who would usually be cleaning the windows?
[428] Right ... do you like?
[429] Right, do you like net curtains behind your windows?
[430] Do you like venetian blinds?
[431] Are you following me?
[432] You get, if you wanted to go in it really in depth
Pauline (PS0N3) [433] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [434] you can write down these words, that would then be given you a clue things that you could be saying to your customers, where, right, if you start thinking about the job that you're doing and I give you the word where, right ... you think of the number of times you can use the word where, with a customer, right
Pauline (PS0N3) [435] Mm ...
Bob (PS0N4) [436] where would you put the
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [437] right, where would you want to put the wooden fence?
[438] Do you know what I mean?
[439] Lead words, if you want to sit down and, in, in general you see er, you want to just sit down and think about what you're doing and what you're not doing, you can sit down and exercise on these words, now I'm not saying you'd ever want to do that, right ... now if, now you know I was saying to you about comparative questions right
Pauline (PS0N3) [440] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [441] was it comparative I was talking to you about?
[442] I was talking about comparative, where some er situations and all this, that and the next thing, right, I mean one that, quite a, quite a useful phrase what you say is, isn't that true that, no you might not like that phrase, right, but you can take phrases like that and you can think to yourself can I, can I, right.
[443] Tied in questions, they, they usually ask, you know I went on to you on, on about tied ins, right, didn't you, hasn't it, wouldn't you, right, wouldn't you prefer, wouldn't you rather, right, if you could wouldn't you.
[444] Now these are all tied in lines
Pauline (PS0N3) [445] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [446] right, now if you want to understand how to tie down, you just need to look at one or two tied in lines, and then you can, you can add, oh you can add your main lines ... what I'm trying to say is, when it comes to, when it comes to, when it comes to, when it comes to selling, there's a lot more than just what might you've got, right, see I mean, I see for instance, you've probably, you probably don't, you probably don't, you probably don't go along right quite often right, people will buy what products can do with them, they don't buy the products, are you with me?
[447] So you've gotta sell benefits ... you've gotta know what the product can do for them, right ... you've got to find out what they want from it ... I mean it might be security that's the big problem
Pauline (PS0N3) [448] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [449] you know that yourself, it might be maintenance
Pauline (PS0N3) [450] It might be condensation
Bob (PS0N4) [451] It might be condensation, right, now you're aware of these things, cos if you're really working professionally, your head's supposed to be running all across this stuff while you're in there, in there with the punters
Pauline (PS0N3) [452] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [453] you follow me?
[454] If you're really into it, right, find out what your customer wants done ... always guard against talking too much
Pauline (PS0N3) [455] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [456] listen, right ... apath empathy is the word, you know what empathy is?
[457] Relating, you form a, a bond basically between you and the customer, that's why you sell well, cos you gel well with your customers, there's empathy there, you've got to come across as caring and sharing, but you've gotta ask questions and you listen to the answers, right, you've got to basically treat their problems as if they were your own, do you know what I'm saying to you?
[458] Right and you've got to sell benefits.
[459] Let me give you an example of how you sell the benefits ... one and only one thing ... the handle, you've got that handle, that system
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [460] you'll love that benefit
Pauline (PS0N3) [461] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [462] right, you love that benefit, doesn't matter about anybody else in the country likes that benefit, you are gonna sell them that benefit, but there's other benefits to the system, do you follow me?
Pauline (PS0N3) [463] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [464] You can actually get stronger as you go along on all the benefits ... so instead of selling one benefit, you could sell them a multitude of benefits ... because it means that if you're with a customer two hours or two and a half hours, instead of spending ninety percent of the time, chatting along, you, you'll not argue about, you follow me, I've stopped selling benefits, but I used to sell them brillian brilliantly, in other words you get, gives you a bit of meat
Pauline (PS0N3) [465] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [466] and you know how they say to you at times oh thanks ever so much, I've never heard anybody that would cover a thing in quite so much detail, I mean you don't want to sound like a machine that's pumping out information
Pauline (PS0N3) [467] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [468] but it's gotta be in your head, you know what I'm saying to you?
[469] Because the more you know about your product, the more you know about the benefits, the more you know eh ... you've got to keep an open mind on it, you know that, right ... you cannot go out and just sell this ee for me, just one line, bom, bom, bom
Pauline (PS0N3) [470] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [471] bom, bom, right, cos I'm inclined to do that sometimes, right [cough] , you know you've got to sow seeds with customers that's where you get your recommends from, right, eh, you know that you put it, show a warmness towards you, you follow me?
Pauline (PS0N3) [472] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [473] You know, all these things again I'm working this all purely in key words, you follow me?
[474] I put a word, because it, you follow me, it fits the theme that we're talking about, alright?
[475] See basically if a customer objects, you're about to cover the, the fact that if the customer objects, say come back to canvassing for a minute, you get somebody, you phone somebody up and they say, urgh, urgh, and they just mumble away and they listen to you and they don't listen to you, right, it's a waste of bloody time, but if they talk to you and they give you objections and you deal with these objections, right, they're bound to buy
Pauline (PS0N3) [476] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [477] do you follow?
[478] It's the people that, that actually, do you follow me?
[479] What width do you use?
[480] What's the distance between the two panes of glass, it's showing an interest doesn't it?
Pauline (PS0N3) [481] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [482] Right and you should never fight with objections, I think you realize that don't you?
[483] ... Er if somebody hits you with an objection, you deal with it, you don't fight, you follow me?
[484] You, you then take this and have a wrestling match with that objection ... you, you know what I'm saying?
Pauline (PS0N3) [485] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [486] You understand what I mean by that?
[487] Eh you work it and you move on
Pauline (PS0N3) [488] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [489] you follow me?
[490] You deal with it and you move, right ...
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0N3) [491] by the way
Bob (PS0N4) [492] there is a big bit out of it.
Pauline (PS0N3) [493] Mm ...
Bob (PS0N4) [494] Now a bad habit that I got into, right, a customer will be talking to me and I don't know if you've noticed it, I won't let them finish what they're saying, I'll jump in because I'll know what they're asking me ...
Pauline (PS0N3) [495] Yeah, I've noticed it a wee bit
Bob (PS0N4) [496] With me?
[497] Right
Pauline (PS0N3) [498] A wee bit I mean
Bob (PS0N4) [499] Aye, but I mean I notice it, it's just that I've been doing that job that longly you see, you follow me?
[500] Now you see, I'm anticipat
Pauline (PS0N3) [501] Yeah, anticipate

3 (Tape 041203)

Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [502] Are you with me? ...
Pauline (PS0N3) [503] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [504] Cos when you, when you get to the stage that you're at now basically, that ... it's not that difficult be what sort of extra money to find
Pauline (PS0N3) [505] No
Bob (PS0N4) [506] are you with me?
[507] ... Now I don't wanna, want me to prattle on much more tonight, if it's not worth speaking about, I think it's probably about enough
Tracey (PS0N5) [508] But do you, oh
Bob (PS0N4) [509] What was you going say?
Tracey (PS0N5) [510] Without sort of looking for some, for a phrase or whatever, I'm more or less, I'm not too bad at erm, well
Bob (PS0N4) [511] Er I wonder if you will use any of the things that I've talked to you about tonight?
[512] If only you were aware of we did the other things
Tracey (PS0N5) [513] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [514] right ... I mean what would you for instance think if it's possible, if I can prove that ... right
Tracey (PS0N5) [515] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [516] sixty percent of customers buy first through re recommendations, for instance, right, if I can prove to you that sixty percent of customers buy, buy first through recommendations, right, would you not see that as a kind er reason why you should buy first as well ?
[517] ... Right
Tracey (PS0N5) [518] Mm, but it's impossible to prove that is
Bob (PS0N4) [519] No it's not, I can sit there with a customer list and I could tell you who recommended who
Tracey (PS0N5) [520] Yeah, well you possibly can, I couldn't
Bob (PS0N4) [521] Try, I could, I would never say that to customers, that's a load of shit see, but the point is you, you
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [522] you get some folk come away ...
Tracey (PS0N5) [523] Can you turn the T V down a fraction sweetheart? ...
Bob (PS0N4) [524] See basically what you're talking about is, you know when you close somebody, and I've got to come on to this, because this is the, this is the key to selling deals.
[525] When you close ... you been hearing me say this to you when we first started, I'm sure that you, you know, you're aware of it now, you should be, what did I say to you once you've closed somebody?
[526] ... Let's say you had somebody with a price
Tracey (PS0N5) [cough]
Bob (PS0N4) [527] now this should apply every time you hit somebody with a price, every time no matter where you are
Tracey (PS0N5) [528] Is the total amount payable?
Bob (PS0N4) [529] Alright, alright, the total amount payable, but there's only five thousand, six hundred and fifty four pound
Tracey (PS0N5) [530] That's the total price including VAT
Bob (PS0N4) [531] The total price including VAT, what do you say next?
Tracey (PS0N5) [532] price that goes onto it, on
Bob (PS0N4) [533] No you shouldn't say anything
Tracey (PS0N5) [534] Oh
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [535] yeah and, and, open date it
Tracey (PS0N5) [536] Yeah I am aware of that style actually because I'd sent my brother a
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [537] oh we've all got to be a little wary a wee bit
Tracey (PS0N5) [538] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [539] you should be wary of every appointment
Tracey (PS0N5) [540] Yeah, I do, I am actually, I mean, I'm not saying I'm a hundred percent
Bob (PS0N4) [541] Oh well you should be
Tracey (PS0N5) [542] but, yeah, well I am
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [543] but I tell you if you ever get to the stage where you are, are a hundred percent that'll close deals, that's your best close of the lot
Tracey (PS0N5) [544] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [545] really is, there is no beli , you've seen, you've seen it with me have
Tracey (PS0N5) [546] And you get, you get the object you get their objection then
Bob (PS0N4) [547] Oh, aye you'll get it
Tracey (PS0N5) [548] you know if you
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [549] silence is the most powerful weapon you've got
Tracey (PS0N5) [550] Mm ...
Bob (PS0N4) [551] and verbal diarrhoea is the worse
Tracey (PS0N5) [552] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [553] that you can possible indulge in ...
Tracey (PS0N5) [554] I do do that because it gets a bit uncomfortable sometimes, you know ...
Bob (PS0N4) [555] You see, you know I was talking to you earlier about, about ... punchlines basically, but I can't remember the words I was using for it, times like by the way, right ... right, or did you know ... or did I mention to you ... do you follow me, a lot of key lines that you can think on that you use
Tracey (PS0N5) [556] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [557] right, now if you can increase your number of closes ... that you know them and you're capable of using, and if you can increase your number of key lines that you, do you follow me
Tracey (PS0N5) [558] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [559] in other words if you can improve your strength
Tracey (PS0N5) [560] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [561] what chance has the punters got? ...
Tracey (PS0N5) [562] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [563] Right, cos, it's like everything, it's like your weight ... it either goes up and up and up or it goes down and down and down, you'll never hold it the same
Tracey (PS0N5) [564] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [565] so if you try and work with the same amount of closes all the time, you'll end up getting weak in one or two
Tracey (PS0N5) [566] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [567] you know what I mean?
[568] And you'll end up maybe only using one or two and you should be using ten, and you must go in a silence trap, that is so, so important
Tracey (PS0N5) [569] Mm ... you don't always use it though
Bob (PS0N4) [570] Used to though
Tracey (PS0N5) [571] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [572] last ones were a bit
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [573] as it used to be, I mean I really, I get away with things, do you follow me?
[574] But I don't wanna encourage you with it, do you follow me?
Tracey (PS0N5) [575] Yeah, I'm going upstairs
Bob (PS0N4) [576] Right I'm going through here ... some of these, some of these
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [577] Mummy
Tracey (PS0N5) [578] Yeah, what?
Bob (PS0N4) [579] So you're thinking of washing her then are you?
Tracey (PS0N5) [580] Yeah, the only trouble is if I take students, they want to do their washing
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [581] use the washing machine
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [582] it's only ten, in a minute for dinner
Bob (PS0N4) [583] Do you want a biscuit?
[584] Is that what you're saying?
Tracey (PS0N5) [585] Got up this morning she said can I have a pie?
Bob (PS0N4) [586] I've not got any fancy biscuits, but you can have a plain one
Tracey (PS0N5) [587] She's had a big cake
Bob (PS0N4) [588] it's only a plain one
Tracey (PS0N5) [589] an apple and a, a banana in the kitchen if she wants
Bob (PS0N4) [590] do you want one?
Tracey (PS0N5) [591] anything like that
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [592] No, not one of them
Bob (PS0N4) [593] Don't you like them?
Tracey (PS0N5) [594] Do you want a banana instead?
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [595] I don't like them, there, I want a different biscuit
Bob (PS0N4) [596] I've not got any other kind, that's all I've got
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [597] Different one
Bob (PS0N4) [598] You want one?
Tracey (PS0N5) [599] There's no different ones , that's the only one
Bob (PS0N4) [600] That's all I've got
Tracey (PS0N5) [601] She'll waste it, it doesn't matter she'll waste it
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [602] Don't want it
Bob (PS0N4) [603] Don't want it alright
Tracey (PS0N5) [604] Do you want a banana?
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [605] That one
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [606] Don't pick your nose, what you doing today dirty boy ... is that a nice biscuit?
[607] ... [laugh] Could do with one of them for a long time, couldn't I?
[608] Is that a nice biscuit? ...
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [609] Bite it
Tracey (PS0N5) [610] Not really, can't do the
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [611] remember the one you gave to granddad, the one real, that's the biscuit, it's not real is it ...
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [612] I get chocolate one, it's not real, I want different one
Tracey (PS0N5) [613] Don't keep biting it then
Bob (PS0N4) [614] It's rubber
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [615] want a different a different one
Tracey (PS0N5) [616] There's no real ones, no real chocolate ones
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [617] Are there no chocolate ones?
Bob (PS0N4) [618] That's a rubber one
Tracey (PS0N5) [619] Do you want a banana instead?
Bob (PS0N4) [620] Do you want a banana?
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [621] There's a, there's different, a chocolate one
Bob (PS0N4) [622] Not got any, not got any chocolate ones
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [623] a chocolate one
Bob (PS0N4) [624] [shouting] There's no chocolate ones []
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [625] Where?
Bob (PS0N4) [626] There's none
Tracey (PS0N5) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [627] That one
Bob (PS0N4) [628] What one?
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [629] That one
Bob (PS0N4) [630] It's empty
Tracey (PS0N5) [631] Finished
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [632] here mum
Tracey (PS0N5) [633] Thank you
Bob (PS0N4) [634] What about this one here, you just gonna leave that there?
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [635] Here mum
Tracey (PS0N5) [636] Thank you
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [637] I want a banana
Bob (PS0N4) [638] She wants a banana
Tracey (PS0N5) [639] Right
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [640] er banana
Bob (PS0N4) [641] Er move this on just the table so it doesn't fall, David, put your juice better on the table so it doesn't fall, see it in the middle there, it'll fall off there
Tracey (PS0N5) [642] Granddad's talking to you
Bob (PS0N4) [643] Come on, put your juice over there a bit so it doesn't fall off the table ... ah that's better, ta
Tracey (PS0N5) [644] Ah magic, look ... say thank you to Pauline
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [645] you haven't said thank you, have you?
Pauline (PS0N3) [646] They're shy
Tracey (PS0N5) [647] Say thank you to Pauline or you can't
Pauline (PS0N3) [648] I like the jumper that you bought
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [649] Aye, it's a nice one
Tracey (PS0N5) [650] What?
Bob (PS0N4) [651] So you've got both these cheques safely in your bag, have you?
Tracey (PS0N5) [652] Probably, yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [653] mum
Bob (PS0N4) [654] Can you not open your banana yet?
Tracey (PS0N5) [655] You open it
Bob (PS0N4) [656] What's that you've got in your box? ...
Tracey (PS0N5) [657] I had er, an odd behaviour from David yesterday morning you know
Bob (PS0N4) [658] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [659] to tell me there was somebody in the house
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [660] You open it
Tracey (PS0N5) [661] I don't know if he's got an imaginary friend
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [662] you open it
Bob (PS0N4) [663] Mm, mm
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [664] open it
Bob (PS0N4) [665] Who was in the house yesterday then? ...
Tracey (PS0N5) [666] Tell granddad who was in the house yesterday morning when we woke up ... can you remember?
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [667] was it a
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [668] man
Bob (PS0N4) [669] A who man?
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [670] man on the telly? ...
Tracey (PS0N5) [671] Anthony's got the flu did you know?
Bob (PS0N4) [672] Who?
Tracey (PS0N5) [673] Anthony
Bob (PS0N4) [674] When?
Tracey (PS0N5) [675] said he was off yesterday cos he had the flu
Bob (PS0N4) [676] Mm, cos he wasn't very well last week
Tracey (PS0N5) [677] Wasn't he?
Bob (PS0N4) [678] but he seemed alright at the weekend, he was decorating at the weekend
Tracey (PS0N5) [679] Yeah, she said he wasn't well
Bob (PS0N4) [680] so I take it he must of gone down with the flu after that then
Tracey (PS0N5) [681] Yeah ...
Bob (PS0N4) [682] So when did you see him?
Tracey (PS0N5) [683] No I was talking to Julie yesterday, she phoned me up at the
Bob (PS0N4) [684] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [685] surgery
Bob (PS0N4) [686] Is she working this week?
Tracey (PS0N5) [687] she's supposed to be having David next week for me
Bob (PS0N4) [688] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [689] when this, when I do this course
Bob (PS0N4) [690] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [691] which is gonna be wonderful
Bob (PS0N4) [692] What is that a one day course?
Tracey (PS0N5) [693] Yeah, well, no it's a one day course then I've got four and a half things af , you know follow on
Bob (PS0N4) [694] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [695] things after it
Bob (PS0N4) [696] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [697] one a month or once every fortnight
Bob (PS0N4) [698] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [699] and then I take it all erm, I start doing them regularly, I think it's probably a tax ... you know some for the tax that they did, spend a lot of money
Bob (PS0N4) [700] So the government haven't got to find that bit rather than them being
Tracey (PS0N5) [701] Yeah probably , probably
Bob (PS0N4) [702] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [703] so, it's called involving everyone, so everybody's got to go
Bob (PS0N4) [704] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [705] half past seven in the morning
Bob (PS0N4) [706] I was sitting here yesterday
Tracey (PS0N5) [707] till half past five at night
Bob (PS0N4) [708] I was sitting here yesterday mor day before, and that bloody picture snapped the catch, the catch on it, broken it and it just dropped straight down
Tracey (PS0N5) [709] Did it, did it break?
Bob (PS0N4) [710] It had quite a strong catch on it by the look of it ...
Tracey (PS0N5) [711] Well that's not very strong though
Bob (PS0N4) [712] Well you wouldn't of thought it would just suddenly of snapped would you?
Tracey (PS0N5) [713] Didn't break though, you're alright
Bob (PS0N4) [714] No it didn't break, but it means
Tracey (PS0N5) [715] It's unlucky if they break
Bob (PS0N4) [716] I've got to rig something else up on the back and I've got to hang it up
Tracey (PS0N5) [717] Otherwise it means there's a great big white patch on the wall [laugh]
Bob (PS0N4) [718] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [laugh]
Bob (PS0N4) [719] Mm.
[720] Desmond were doing
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [721] mm, mm
Bob (PS0N4) [722] at the weekend, cutting through four wires or, quite a bit of
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [723] [laugh] how are they?
[724] Are they alright?
Bob (PS0N4) [725] I think they're okay
Tracey (PS0N5) [726] I see that Linda's still down here
Pauline (PS0N3) [727] But Annie's not
Bob (PS0N4) [728] I've never seen her for years
Pauline (PS0N3) [729] What about Linda is she still about?
Tracey (PS0N5) [730] She's at Torquay
Bob (PS0N4) [731] for years and years
Tracey (PS0N5) [732] little loud Linda
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [733] Here mum
Bob (PS0N4) [734] Yeah she was a bit mouthy wasn't she?
Tracey (PS0N5) [735] Yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [736] and that, these bits of paper you had as well, where are they?
Tracey (PS0N5) [737] They're in my cup
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [738] mum
Tracey (PS0N5) [739] Wait a minute then ...
Bob (PS0N4) [740] So Paul is having a week dozing really, he's not doing much work this week
Pauline (PS0N3) [741] Well no, seems to be quite, I was busy yesterday and, and it seemed to be a really busy week, but a couple of appointments fell down, but I've got quite a busy night tonight.
Tracey (PS0N5) [742] And what are you doing?
Bob (PS0N4) [743] Me, I'm dozing even better than him
Pauline (PS0N3) [744] He's a chief dozer [laugh]
Tracey (PS0N5) [745] Are you
Bob (PS0N4) [746] Aye, well, we've got a lot of new people starting this week
Tracey (PS0N5) [747] Your trousers are getting a bit short are they not?
Bob (PS0N4) [748] No they've always been a bit short
Pauline (PS0N3) [749] Somebody I, ones that I give him that I thought he
Tracey (PS0N5) [750] Oh
Pauline (PS0N3) [751] [laugh] thought it was a bit short, ha
Bob (PS0N4) [752] No, I've got ee, I've got various pairs at various lengths
Tracey (PS0N5) [753] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [754] and I think the fact that the stomach is getting fatter
Pauline (PS0N3) [755] Is that your trousers short?
Bob (PS0N4) [756] I think it's the stomach that's fatter pulls them up a bit.
Tracey (PS0N5) [757] Yeah, it could be.
Bob (PS0N4) [758] But I'm going on a diet
Tracey (PS0N5) [759] I'm on a diet this week
Bob (PS0N4) [760] I'm not quite sure when I'm going on mine that's the problem
Pauline (PS0N3) [761] Mine happened yesterday
Tracey (PS0N5) [762] Did it?
Pauline (PS0N3) [763] I'm starving
Bob (PS0N4) [764] Is that why your back's bad?
Pauline (PS0N3) [765] No, it's
Bob (PS0N4) [766] Is it psycho psychosomatic is that the word?
Pauline (PS0N3) [767] I think it's the walking that did it, I don't know
Bob (PS0N4) [768] Mm
Pauline (PS0N3) [769] but, but sort of sudden movement of the body after
Bob (PS0N4) [770] Aye
Pauline (PS0N3) [771] not using it for some
Bob (PS0N4) [772] you should, you should need some indulgence from this exercise it's exertion, it's so awful
Pauline (PS0N3) [773] No I count up to ten, I keep getting up in the middle of the night to weigh myself
Bob (PS0N4) [774] Mm
Pauline (PS0N3) [775] which means I'm getting a bit paranoid doesn't it?
Bob (PS0N4) [776] Mm, mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [777] I've got some electronic scales upstairs they're wha
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [778] they're really accurate
Bob (PS0N4) [779] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [780] go on then I'll have a go, but nobody's allowed to look
Bob (PS0N4) [781] No you won't
Tracey (PS0N5) [782] Yeah, no, they're in his, well they're in his room still, he's hiding them because
Bob (PS0N4) [783] I'm hiding
Tracey (PS0N5) [784] I've had a weigh in once, I've lost about five pounds
Bob (PS0N4) [785] Good
Tracey (PS0N5) [786] but I'm getting a bit fed up with it this week
Pauline (PS0N3) [787] Oh you cannot get on the chair with your boots you
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0N3) [788] get off with your boots
Bob (PS0N4) [789] but you'll not get enthusiastic about it, and this is the important thing
Tracey (PS0N5) [790] Well I'm sticking pretty much to it
Pauline (PS0N3) [791] I don't, I don't think dieting is the main thing, it's just cutting down and getting more exercise
Tracey (PS0N5) [792] Mm
Pauline (PS0N3) [793] it's not the only thing
Bob (PS0N4) [794] No, she's on one of these where you can you can eat a lot of good food
Tracey (PS0N5) [795] It's the one that Shelly went on
Bob (PS0N4) [796] it does work
Pauline (PS0N3) [797] you see I go on fruit and that for a day and all I do the next day is get a terrible cramp in the stomach
Tracey (PS0N5) [798] Mm
Pauline (PS0N3) [799] and then want to eat a lot, so it's like, it's like acidy
Bob (PS0N4) [800] That's definitely psychosomatic with you then
Pauline (PS0N3) [laugh]
Bob (PS0N4) [801] Your what?
Pauline (PS0N3) [802] acidy, you not feel so acidy, it's like
Bob (PS0N4) [803] Aye
Pauline (PS0N3) [804] or windy or [laugh] which, not good for anybody
Bob (PS0N4) [805] Mm ...
Tracey (PS0N5) [806] but this diet is the one that Shelly, she lost quite a lot and Jill went on it for quite a while
Bob (PS0N4) [807] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [808] and she lost a stone too, it's really
Pauline (PS0N3) [809] The only trouble is, it's when the, I think the dieting, it's alright the dieting, but it's when you stop the dieting
Tracey (PS0N5) [810] That's right, yeah
Pauline (PS0N3) [811] you just think oh I've not had that for ages, I've not had
Bob (PS0N4) [812] You've got to develop, you've got to develop a decent eating habit
Tracey (PS0N5) [813] I'm just frightened you're gonna pig out
Pauline (PS0N3) [814] No
Bob (PS0N4) [815] As, as
Tracey (PS0N5) [816] No that's all it is
Bob (PS0N4) [817] It's losing that and then
Pauline (PS0N3) [818] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [819] keeping to the habit
Tracey (PS0N5) [820] Yeah
Pauline (PS0N3) [821] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [822] What happens is folk, folk treat it as a diet and then when they stop the diet, they stop the habit
Pauline (PS0N3) [823] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [824] Yeah
Pauline (PS0N3) [825] You see I'm quite
Bob (PS0N4) [826] You follow me you were to keep it up as a habit and keep to the habit
Tracey (PS0N5) [827] You see I'm quite good in the summer, if I get up and have a proper breakfast, like cereals and toast
Bob (PS0N4) [828] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [829] and fresh orange or something
Pauline (PS0N3) [830] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [831] and then stuff like soup or
Bob (PS0N4) [832] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [833] sandwich you know, sort of sandwich for dinner, something
Bob (PS0N4) [834] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [835] sort of proper then I just have my tea, it's more the picking and eating sweets in between
Pauline (PS0N3) [836] In between like yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [837] But everybody overeats, but most people, I mean they're, if you look at the rubbish that we, that we push into ourselves that we shouldn't push in and that's the bit that causes the damages
Pauline (PS0N3) [838] That's right
Tracey (PS0N5) [839] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [840] I mean I, I'll today I'll have ice cream
Tracey (PS0N5) [841] but mine's lack of exercise at the minute because everything's going loose
Bob (PS0N4) [842] I've had je
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [843] I'll have jelly
Tracey (PS0N5) [844] Will you?
Pauline (PS0N3) [845] Jelly's not fattening though
Bob (PS0N4) [846] I'll have Bounty
Pauline (PS0N3) [847] jelly's only water
Bob (PS0N4) [848] will I have Bounty?
[849] I'll probably have crisps and we go and bulk buy the crisps we'll get big packs
Pauline (PS0N3) [850] Will you?
Bob (PS0N4) [851] and what else will we have?
Pauline (PS0N3) [852] You see that doesn't appeal to me, I'm a sort of meat pie and potato
Bob (PS0N4) [853] Oh a meat pie and potato person are you?
Pauline (PS0N3) [854] Yeah, steak and kidney pies I could eat
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [855] mm, quite
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [856] and eat it, and you had a cream cake
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [857] when you was up the town did you?
Pauline (PS0N3) [858] No he had a cake, I didn't have a cake
Bob (PS0N4) [859] What did you say to me on he phone when I was talking to Tracey?
Tracey (PS0N5) [860] I said tell them not to bring too many cakes [...]
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0N3) [861] oh I did think about bringing something up and I thought well, I'm not having any so nobody else is
Tracey (PS0N5) [laugh]
Pauline (PS0N3) [862] er, I've had a bowl of Rice Crispies today
Bob (PS0N4) [863] Mm, mm
Pauline (PS0N3) [864] with semi-skimmed milk [laugh] that's it, then I'll have my lunch lunchtime and have my tea teatime
Bob (PS0N4) [865] Mm, mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [866] He, he sat here this morning he said all serious he said I'm cutting out potatoes, bread, biscuits and all sweet things, so I you know, I just said, well if you know if you are love, do you want me to sort of start, you know, obviously not cooking you potatoes and whatever, well what we'll see in a, probably in about two month's like, [laughing] you know []
Pauline (PS0N3) [867] But you need, erm especially a man you need to have the
Bob (PS0N4) [868] Of course you do
Pauline (PS0N3) [869] you need to have those like those
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [870] and Mars Bars and Mars Bars
Pauline (PS0N3) [871] No you don't need to have Mars Bars
Bob (PS0N4) [872] and ice cream
Pauline (PS0N3) [873] you need to have bread and potatoes
Bob (PS0N4) [874] and treacle and Viennettas
Pauline (PS0N3) [875] rather than all these sweet things that you eat
Bob (PS0N4) [876] Mm
Pauline (PS0N3) [877] Just to eat proper meals, minimum, like the minimum you can
Bob (PS0N4) [878] Ah, but I'm not into that, I'm into, I'm into all the all the bits
Pauline (PS0N3) [879] Well then
Bob (PS0N4) [880] and pieces the same that's the trouble innit?
Tracey (PS0N5) [881] Dave's the same , but Dave can eat like six or seven bars of chocolate a day and get away with it
Bob (PS0N4) [882] But Dave's at the age where he can work it off
Tracey (PS0N5) [883] No, but he's starting not to
Bob (PS0N4) [884] No, but he does the
Pauline (PS0N3) [885] Mm, he's quite slim though really though isn't he?
Tracey (PS0N5) [886] Yeah he is he has put on about a stone since he's stopped smoking though
Bob (PS0N4) [887] Mm ... what does he wear at work?
Tracey (PS0N5) [888] Blue trousers and a blue top
Bob (PS0N4) [889] I've got pairs of trousers up there you know
Tracey (PS0N5) [890] No it's work trousers, it's only, they have to provide them
Bob (PS0N4) [891] Oh so I mean, that he, that he doesn't wear other trousers and
Tracey (PS0N5) [892] No, he's got to wear erm
Bob (PS0N4) [893] No it's just that I've got a lot of trousers up there that are far too big for me now that might fit him
Tracey (PS0N5) [894] Get out David
Bob (PS0N4) [895] that might of fitted him
Pauline (PS0N3) [896] Far too small you mean
Bob (PS0N4) [897] Far too small
Tracey (PS0N5) [898] Far too small
Pauline (PS0N3) [laugh]
Tracey (PS0N5) [899] yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [900] I mean I've got one pair that's really small for me, really, really small
Tracey (PS0N5) [901] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [902] they're quite a nice pair actually
Pauline (PS0N3) [903] They are actually like, yeah, they're sort of like
Tracey (PS0N5) [904] He's a thirty two
Bob (PS0N4) [905] What, what, what what
Pauline (PS0N3) [906] They're
Bob (PS0N4) [907] ones are you talking about?
Pauline (PS0N3) [908] Them sort of like sandy coloured ones
Bob (PS0N4) [909] No I wasn't talking about them
Pauline (PS0N3) [910] Ah
Bob (PS0N4) [911] but I have got them as well
Tracey (PS0N5) [912] David will you get out please
David (PS0N6) [913] Alright
Tracey (PS0N5) [914] now
Bob (PS0N4) [915] I mean you could get is, would he wear them if they were half decent
Tracey (PS0N5) [916] now
Bob (PS0N4) [917] nick?
Tracey (PS0N5) [918] I don't know, probably not, I mean he doesn't wear his, I mean like proper trousers
Bob (PS0N4) [919] Mm
David (PS0N6) [920] I just put away
Tracey (PS0N5) [921] no, he's hard to get him into his suit trousers
Bob (PS0N4) [922] Mm ... they're not suit trousers they're
Tracey (PS0N5) [923] Yeah, I don't know he's
Bob (PS0N4) [924] I wear them with jumpers and things
Tracey (PS0N5) [925] He doesn't go anywhere dad
Bob (PS0N4) [926] Doesn't he?
Tracey (PS0N5) [927] [laughing] just goes to work [] and comes home [laugh]
Bob (PS0N4) [928] Well there you are then
Tracey (PS0N5) [929] He goes out for about an hour on a Saturday if I, if he's forced ... out I said, out ... oh ... get out please ... yeah they're not the ideal things that they should be wearing, but, like because the
Bob (PS0N4) [930] What for work?
Tracey (PS0N5) [931] Yeah, cos they're not made, they're made of
Bob (PS0N4) [932] Are they thin? ...
Tracey (PS0N5) [933] Reasonably, but they've, they've got to wear them and they're not allowed to wear T-shi T-shirts with no sleeves on and, certain rules and regulations for
Bob (PS0N4) [934] Mm, mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [935] the ... no the material like for driving in
Bob (PS0N4) [936] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [937] is what I want, cos it makes them too hot
Bob (PS0N4) [938] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [939] crimplene or something [laugh]
Pauline (PS0N3) [laugh] ...
Tracey (PS0N5) [940] David
David (PS0N6) [941] Yeah
Tracey (PS0N5) [942] what did I say?
David (PS0N6) [943] Er ...
Tracey (PS0N5) [944] Get out before
David (PS0N6) [945] He's stuck
Tracey (PS0N5) [946] get out before I get you out, quick, if you got in you can get out, get out
Bob (PS0N4) [947] I've got to decide what I'm going to do
David (PS0N6) [948] I'm stuck
Bob (PS0N4) [949] with that
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
David (PS0N6) [950] I'm stuck
Bob (PS0N4) [951] he's bound to be coming in and wanting to be starting that job
David (PS0N6) [952] it's stuck
Tracey (PS0N5) [953] What's stuck?
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [954] what's stuck?
Bob (PS0N4) [955] I should really take him into that
Tracey (PS0N5) [956] Your foot's stuck?
Bob (PS0N4) [957] office place and give him a bag of plaster and tell him to plaster there for a day ... either that or send him up to
Pauline (PS0N3) [958] When you gonna start Morgan's?
Tracey (PS0N5) [959] Now you get out and stop going
Bob (PS0N4) [960] A couple of weeks three weeks, I want to get that space on that yet
Pauline (PS0N3) [961] Right as long as you
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0N3) [962] do what you want, but
Bob (PS0N4) [963] I'm gonna phone them, I'm going up there with Joey to have a look at it
Pauline (PS0N3) [964] And I shall also, I'd still cook then I shall also [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [965] Stop climbing about, go on the floor and play with your train or your car or something
Bob (PS0N4) [966] Oh, aye, remind me about that tonight then
Pauline (PS0N3) [967] Mm, I shall be out tonight
Bob (PS0N4) [968] mm, before you do it though ...
Tracey (PS0N5) [969] What time is it?
[970] Is that er clock, that clock's not working is it?
Pauline (PS0N3) [971] No ... what time is it Bob?
David (PS0N6) [972] Where's the clock?
Bob (PS0N4) [973] Mm?
Tracey (PS0N5) [974] Twenty five past eleven
David (PS0N6) [975] where's the clock? where?
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [976] what time
Pauline (PS0N3) [977] it's still
Bob (PS0N4) [978] do you go then?
David (PS0N6) [979] Where?
Tracey (PS0N5) [980] Probably ten after twelve
Bob (PS0N4) [981] Mm
Pauline (PS0N3) [982] You're still not smoking then Tracey?
Bob (PS0N4) [983] Done well ain't you?
Pauline (PS0N3) [984] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [985] Not at all?
[986] Has Dave stopped at all?
Tracey (PS0N5) [987] No, he sa , he did, the, happen occasionally went to a neighbour and asked to them to borrow one, he's not started again
Bob (PS0N4) [988] Mm, find it difficult when you get to that stage, it's usually when you, once you want
Tracey (PS0N5) [989] No that was, that was back a bit
Bob (PS0N4) [990] Was it?
Tracey (PS0N5) [991] Yeah, he seems to be alright now, he wasn't sleeping at night, I was worse at the beginning you see but he sort of got
Bob (PS0N4) [992] Mm, mm , mm got to come terms with eh?
Tracey (PS0N5) [993] Yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [994] know that they were two sizes too big for me
Tracey (PS0N5) [995] No I just thought they looked a bit short that was all ... if you were
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [996] going this far then the doctor put on it that going ... it had on it all that he hates which he takes it means either osteoarthritic
Bob (PS0N4) [997] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [998] or overactive, I would think it was probably osteoarthritic
Bob (PS0N4) [999] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1000] and constant pain in her right leg
Bob (PS0N4) [1001] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1002] he said just put down the main
Bob (PS0N4) [1003] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1004] the main illness
Bob (PS0N4) [1005] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1006] and that's erm
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1007] right
Tracey (PS0N5) [1008] so that's what they did, so
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1009] mm, did it, did it ask how much was stretching on her, what she can do and what she couldn't do or
Tracey (PS0N5) [1010] Yeah, he did in a put after
Bob (PS0N4) [1011] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1012] he just had to like, you know if he
David (PS0N6) [1013] Wanna get man
Bob (PS0N4) [1014] Just to confirm that there was something there basically
Tracey (PS0N5) [1015] That's right
Bob (PS0N4) [1016] causing the trouble
Tracey (PS0N5) [1017] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [1018] Mm, well it's worthwhile doing that
David (PS0N6) [1019] what put [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1020] I mean even if they don't get a result on it
Tracey (PS0N5) [1021] Even if they get something that's better than nothing
Bob (PS0N4) [1022] Mm, mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1023] and I said to them if
Bob (PS0N4) [1024] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1025] they don't get the full amount now they may as well to try again after April because
Bob (PS0N4) [1026] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1027] she most coming in after April
Bob (PS0N4) [1028] That's right
Pauline (PS0N3) [1029] Mm, they grade you sometimes don't they?
[1030] Different grades for
Tracey (PS0N5) [1031] Yeah
Pauline (PS0N3) [1032] different
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1033] definitely think they'll get some
Pauline (PS0N3) [1034] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [1035] Look them two women up at Malden and, and, and the bloke came in and they were out on an extra
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1036] yeah
Pauline (PS0N3) [1037] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [1038] and you grand much interest she
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1039] she's running a bit buying bloody washing machines and carpets and
Pauline (PS0N3) [1040] Yeah, I mean cos yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [1041] you follow me it's all, it's all paying money
Tracey (PS0N5) [1042] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [1043] you get in the habit of spending ex amount, you see
Tracey (PS0N5) [1044] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [1045] and then what else they get on top is the, is a bonus.
Pauline (PS0N3) [1046] Well grandma sort of had it like, when she was like looking after me granddad and whatever like er it's a different sort of kind of, it's the same sort of thing, but you know, something different
Tracey (PS0N5) [1047] Yeah I know what you mean
Pauline (PS0N3) [1048] so if she's sort of er like an attendance allowance or something like that
Tracey (PS0N5) [1049] Yeah, there's two different attendances isn't there? ...
Bob (PS0N4) [1050] and once they've got it you see they're not gonna take it away
Tracey (PS0N5) [1051] No, I know
Bob (PS0N4) [1052] you can't, I mean, it's there for you know
Pauline (PS0N3) [1053] And then she gets , she gets to something else now, like, she sort of like, looking after herself and whatever
Bob (PS0N4) [1054] Mm
Pauline (PS0N3) [1055] and she's just turned over eighty odd
David (PS0N6) [1056] Want to play mum
Pauline (PS0N3) [1057] but in ninety two
Bob (PS0N4) [1058] Ninety two quid for herself
Pauline (PS0N3) [1059] ninety two a week
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0N3) [1060] and she lives like in a warden controlled place the same as your gran and granddad
Tracey (PS0N5) [1061] Yeah
Pauline (PS0N3) [1062] you know and she, you know you don't have to pay much this sort of heating's in or something like that so she's probably got loads of spare money like you, which is good because she's on her own and it gives her more, you know ...
Bob (PS0N4) [1063] I mean there's no point in them, in, in, in them, in them, accepting minimal benefit when they can get maximum benefit is there?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1064] No.
Bob (PS0N4) [1065] I mean if you look at it that way ...
Tracey (PS0N5) [1066] Did I tell you I'm gonna do a course in September?
Bob (PS0N4) [1067] What you gonna do this time?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1068] I've got erm
Bob (PS0N4) [1069] Word processing?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1070] No I don't know what to do
Bob (PS0N4) [1071] Writing
Tracey (PS0N5) [1072] Oh, I've got him in at the play school you see, starts play school after Easter
Bob (PS0N4) [1073] Mm, mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1074] up at the Technical College
Bob (PS0N4) [1075] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1076] so I thought while he's up there rather than me walking up and walking back, cos that would be too much exercise
Bob (PS0N4) [1077] Aye and what money did you get on it?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1078] What?
Bob (PS0N4) [1079] What money does the government pay you?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1080] I don't think they'll pay me any ...
Bob (PS0N4) [1081] Cos they're always on about credit allowances and this that and therefore
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1082] I know
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1083] but I'm working
Bob (PS0N4) [1084] But if you're working, if it's a wh if it's a job that you would enhance your employ, employment prospects
Tracey (PS0N5) [1085] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [1086] surely there's bound to be an employment in credits, does, does telephone not work on an employment credit scheme?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1087] No, they, well this is the trouble you see it's not secure down there
Bob (PS0N4) [1088] Do they work on in-house training then basically maybe?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1089] Yeah, but you've got to, no they do send some on courses, but they have to select the people and it's done official
Bob (PS0N4) [1090] Yeah what to do
Tracey (PS0N5) [1091] to them
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1092] mm, and but if that's part of the scheme you see
Pauline (PS0N3) [1093] What course is it that you're doing then?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1094] Well I'm gonna do the pre-play school one
Bob (PS0N4) [1095] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1096] cos I've had a, over a year's experience doing it
Bob (PS0N4) [1097] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1098] doing it
Bob (PS0N4) [1099] Mm
Pauline (PS0N3) [1100] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1101] which is good, I mean you need experience I think
Bob (PS0N4) [1102] Mm, mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1103] plus if I could get something doing a job like that I'd still have the holidays off, cos I'll need
Bob (PS0N4) [1104] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1105] I haven't got any cover for him in the holidays
Bob (PS0N4) [1106] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1107] and that would work around the school holidays
Bob (PS0N4) [1108] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1109] so that
Bob (PS0N4) [1110] And what advantage would that be for you then? ...
Tracey (PS0N5) [1111] Well it would be something, it would be a bit of paper that say that I can look after children under five, I could go and run a play group or do whatever and earn some money
Bob (PS0N4) [1112] Mm, mm
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1113] see instead of doing the one I'm doing and just taking a little bit of money, I could go and start up another one
Bob (PS0N4) [1114] Mm, mm and then dig [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1115] and make quite a bit of money
Bob (PS0N4) [1116] Well that's what you want to do
Pauline (PS0N3) [1117] Mm, mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1118] Yeah, well that's one
Bob (PS0N4) [1119] I mean I've got a spare room
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1120] and you can have it there
Tracey (PS0N5) [1121] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [1122] but the only thing is that it's up the stairs
Tracey (PS0N5) [1123] Mm, mm
Bob (PS0N4) [1124] and I don't know that you'll be able to do it in there
Tracey (PS0N5) [1125] Well it's just fire and you have to be but
Bob (PS0N4) [1126] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1127] you can only
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1128] because it's upstairs
Bob (PS0N4) [1129] But you could do a parent and toddlers could you?
[1130] Or is there no money in parent and tots?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1131] Erm, you can get a bit of money, but not very much
Bob (PS0N4) [1132] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1133] but what you need is a one to one to get the child out the building if there's a fire
Bob (PS0N4) [1134] Mm, mm
David (PS0N6) [1135] What's this mum?
Bob (PS0N4) [1136] because there is ample space along there
David (PS0N6) [1137] What's this mum?
Pauline (PS0N3) [1138] Really it'll be ideal along there
Bob (PS0N4) [1139] And I mean we, we, we could actually encourage folk to come and work with us and, and, and say that there's childminding avail
Tracey (PS0N5) [1140] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [1141] you follow me, there's a lot of folk that we could employ
Pauline (PS0N3) [1142] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [1143] that, that, that, that would be glad to hear, do you follow me?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1144] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [1145] that if there was a facility there
Tracey (PS0N5) [1146] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [1147] cos at the minute
Tracey (PS0N5) [1148] Anyway that's, that's on , that's only a three hour course that's running for thirteen weeks, which will cost me forty pounds, but I'll take
Bob (PS0N4) [1149] I mean if you take the number of people we've had that's had to get babysitters and that
Pauline (PS0N3) [1150] That's right, yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [1151] or
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1152] and things like that, that the, that, the, love a joker or somebody who was
Pauline (PS0N3) [1153] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [1154] you know, where they've only got to bring their
Tracey (PS0N5) [1155] Oh I'll take forty pounds of the play group in thirty weeks so that'll cover the cost
Bob (PS0N4) [1156] In how long?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1157] In, in thirt , I'll take ten pound a week off them
Bob (PS0N4) [1158] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1159] off the, no, yeah ten pounds a week
Bob (PS0N4) [1160] Er where do you go for this? ...
Tracey (PS0N5) [1161] The Technical College
Bob (PS0N4) [1162] And it's a one year course is it?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1163] No it's thirty weeks
Bob (PS0N4) [1164] Ah, but that's er, that's, sorry, it's a one
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1165] mm, Sheila's thinking about doing it with me as well
Bob (PS0N4) [1166] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1167] I don't know if she will or not, but I'm going to do it, it's Wednesday morning I could put him in to the, to the creche at the same time
Bob (PS0N4) [1168] Mm, and what does that enable you to do then?
[1169] Takes, allows you to take the children up to five?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1170] Yeah, I'd run a creche erm ... help out you know, be part of a, part of a thing or I could set up some my own
Bob (PS0N4) [1171] Do your own thing, mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1172] Yeah, you can normally only have one person to four children you see
Bob (PS0N4) [1173] Mm, and what do they normally charge? ...
Tracey (PS0N5) [1174] It depends, it depends what you're doing with it, see we either we'd put mums and tots which is something, erm
Bob (PS0N4) [1175] Well whatever you take it's as
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1176] somebody that is doing it as a business, what sort of money are they looking to?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1177] I dunno Sheila was
Bob (PS0N4) [1178] Pound an hour or something?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1179] Sheila was saying that ... the council, the council one is about sixty pound a week
David (PS0N6) [1180] I don't, ooh, mummy I want to go [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1181] full time, full time
Bob (PS0N4) [1182] So you could take two hundred and forty quid then
Tracey (PS0N5) [1183] or about one fifty probably
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1184] so you could take two hundred and forty quid at it?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1185] Probably, but you can't do it full time, you've got to have breaks, you must have an hour break
Bob (PS0N4) [1186] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1187] for lunch
Bob (PS0N4) [1188] Mm
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
David (PS0N6) [1189] but two of you should take two hundred and fifty, I mean some of them part time along with you
Tracey (PS0N5) [1190] You'd have to yeah well you'd have to, to make to erm
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1191] mm
David (PS0N6) [1192] I wanna get down
Tracey (PS0N5) [1193] In a minute
Bob (PS0N4) [1194] Mm
David (PS0N6) [1195] Now
Tracey (PS0N5) [1196] I need to look into it, I'll know better once I've done the course
Bob (PS0N4) [1197] Aye, what you can do
David (PS0N6) [1198] I want to get down now
Bob (PS0N4) [1199] and what you can't do
Tracey (PS0N5) [1200] But I know from having made this one a successful
Bob (PS0N4) [1201] Mm, mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1202] See they've offered me more money to stay at this one cos I've got it running quite well
Bob (PS0N4) [1203] Mm, mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1204] Got a treasurer
Bob (PS0N4) [1205] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1206] that does all the money for me, does all the books
Bob (PS0N4) [1207] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1208] for nothing
Bob (PS0N4) [1209] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1210] I've got another girl that does all my buying
Bob (PS0N4) [1211] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1212] of the toys and that, she goes around all the
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1213] and buys decent stuff
Bob (PS0N4) [1214] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1215] and I'm running it and doing like the ... advertising for it
Bob (PS0N4) [1216] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1217] and what have you
Bob (PS0N4) [1218] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1219] and safety stuff
Bob (PS0N4) [1220] And I mean what's your views, what's your views on what you're doing then?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1221] safety stuff, the only thing is
Bob (PS0N4) [1222] See, see, I mean if you take a, if you take a, look at it at a point of view of
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1223] yeah
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1224] you are, eh the basically eh if you were doing your own thing and making decent money
Tracey (PS0N5) [1225] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [1226] and this funding on the mortgage and all these sort of things, doesn't it?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1227] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [1228] Whereas at the minute
Tracey (PS0N5) [1229] I'm not sure how much the insurance is you see that, what I've against, I mean what I'm doing, doing is co we have to have building insurance to cover the room
Bob (PS0N4) [1230] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1231] therefore they send the Salvation Army up
David (PS0N6) [1232] Come mum
Tracey (PS0N5) [1233] and that it's called the Salvation Army group
David (PS0N6) [1234] mum, mum
Tracey (PS0N5) [1235] so as far as I'm concerned even though it's me running it
Bob (PS0N4) [1236] It's the Salvation Army that's book
Tracey (PS0N5) [1237] it's the Salvation Army books not mine
Bob (PS0N4) [1238] Yeah, mm
Pauline (PS0N3) [1239] Er, oh
Tracey (PS0N5) [1240] I could be earning, I could be making a lot more money, for it, fund raising money for it
Bob (PS0N4) [1241] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1242] or for myself, if, if I thought it was me
Bob (PS0N4) [1243] me, aye, it could be developed that's what you're saying?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1244] Oh yeah definitely see I've started doing a newsletter for
Bob (PS0N4) [1245] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1246] twenty P a week
Bob (PS0N4) [1247] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1248] costs me ten P to do the newsletter
Bob (PS0N4) [1249] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1250] getting ten pence of each person that buys it
Bob (PS0N4) [1251] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1252] do it, well I do it on the month
Bob (PS0N4) [1253] Mm, mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1254] I mean just small things like that
Bob (PS0N4) [1255] Right
Tracey (PS0N5) [1256] you can push it
Bob (PS0N4) [1257] see if you can look at the lights er, what you call er?
[1258] Like there's Weight Watchers, Shelley's pal
Pauline (PS0N3) [1259] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1260] Mm
Bob (PS0N4) [1261] makes a fortune
Tracey (PS0N5) [1262] plus I can use, to do bring and buy
Bob (PS0N4) [1263] Aye
Tracey (PS0N5) [1264] things, between the mothers and that, so I've got an advertising board, you know and, and if they wanted to get, to put some money in the pot or whatever
Bob (PS0N4) [1265] Mm, mm, mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1266] you just
Bob (PS0N4) [1267] donate a few pennies
David (PS0N6) [1268] Get down mum
Tracey (PS0N5) [1269] it's surprising even the odd thirty pence here and there
Bob (PS0N4) [1270] Mm, mm of course it does
Tracey (PS0N5) [1271] Yeah it's funny
Bob (PS0N4) [1272] Mm, mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1273] I'd charge fifty P see, fifty P would, would do
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1274] mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1275] We pay twenty five pound rent a month for the hall
Bob (PS0N4) [1276] Mm, mm, mm
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1277] twenty five pound a month on the hall
Bob (PS0N4) [1278] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1279] charge fifty pence per pe per family
Bob (PS0N4) [1280] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1281] and it's usually about, we make ten pound a morning thirty pound
Bob (PS0N4) [1282] Mm, and what are they, are they, are, are they actually supposed to make money off it or is it just supposed to be a break even thing or are they quite happy
Tracey (PS0N5) [1283] No it's not supposed to be profit making
Bob (PS0N4) [1284] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1285] but Social Services said to you if it's profit making
Bob (PS0N4) [1286] You've got to get more money
Tracey (PS0N5) [1287] the helpers have got to get more money
Bob (PS0N4) [1288] Mm, mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1289] somebody's got to be getting more money out of it basically
Bob (PS0N4) [1290] Mm, mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1291] and the Salvation Army are getting the rent
Bob (PS0N4) [1292] Mm ...
Tracey (PS0N5) [1293] See the, the Salvation Army only comes up for the [...]
David (PS0N6) [1294] Get down [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1295] she's got nothing to do with the money
Bob (PS0N4) [1296] Mm, mm, mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1297] but because I've got a committee
Bob (PS0N4) [1298] Mm
David (PS0N6) [1299] Oh go, let go
Tracey (PS0N5) [1300] got a team of four people that help me
Bob (PS0N4) [1301] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1302] and I don't feel that I could be taking too much money out without putting a certain amount back into it
Bob (PS0N4) [1303] Mm, mm
David (PS0N6) [1304] Ah, look
Tracey (PS0N5) [1305] but I'm going to apply to Telethon for a grant
Bob (PS0N4) [1306] Tele who?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1307] Telethon
Bob (PS0N4) [1308] Telethon?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1309] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [1310] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1311] cos that's the charity that's running this year
Bob (PS0N4) [1312] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1313] for a grant for the toys because we got the original grant from Children In Need
Bob (PS0N4) [1314] Mm, very good
Tracey (PS0N5) [1315] seven hundred and fifty pounds
Bob (PS0N4) [1316] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1317] for the toys at the beginning
David (PS0N6) [1318] Get down mum
Tracey (PS0N5) [1319] but you can only do one charity at a time
Bob (PS0N4) [1320] Aye
David (PS0N6) [1321] get down
Tracey (PS0N5) [1322] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [1323] Mm
David (PS0N6) [1324] Come on mum
Tracey (PS0N5) [1325] I'm not going yet, in a minute
David (PS0N6) [1326] Get down, me come on
Bob (PS0N4) [1327] What you put on?
David (PS0N6) [1328] in the kitchen
Tracey (PS0N5) [1329] In the kitchen
Bob (PS0N4) [1330] What's in the kitchen?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1331] Are you gonna have some of your juice?
David (PS0N6) [1332] No, do wee wee mum
Tracey (PS0N5) [1333] Mm, mm
Bob (PS0N4) [1334] Go on then
Tracey (PS0N5) [1335] Come on ... no I am no better once I've done the course, but
Bob (PS0N4) [1336] Alright
Tracey (PS0N5) [1337] were you are on this one I just won't it
Bob (PS0N4) [1338] Aye, aye, I know what you're saying
Tracey (PS0N5) [1339] You know what I mean?
Bob (PS0N4) [1340] Aye
Tracey (PS0N5) [1341] I know more about the insurance and
Bob (PS0N4) [1342] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1343] whatever for
Bob (PS0N4) [1344] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1345] if you've got one two four
Bob (PS0N4) [1346] Mm, mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1347] I'm just responsible for him at mine, got notices all over the place that say
Bob (PS0N4) [1348] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1349] that safety belongs to the parents and
Bob (PS0N4) [1350] Mm, mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1351] you know
Bob (PS0N4) [1352] Like they're responsible
Tracey (PS0N5) [1353] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [1354] Mm ... I should of said, we want to get some toilet rolls at some stage today
Tracey (PS0N5) [1355] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [1356] for wiping bottoms
Tracey (PS0N5) [1357] and have a poo ... and I don't wanna
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1358] I know you haven't ... it's just one of these crosses you've got to bear haven't you?
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1359] mm
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...] ...
Tracey (PS0N5) [1360] We're having
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1361] for lunch
Bob (PS0N4) [1362] Er what?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1363] Corned beef
Bob (PS0N4) [1364] Ha, are we?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1365] and beans
Bob (PS0N4) [1366] Mm, mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1367] and corned beef
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1368] and have hard boiled egg
Bob (PS0N4) [1369] Mm, tell you what we having chops tonight again?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1370] Mm, mm
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1371] nah, we can have them later, ambiguity and sprouts
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1372] and spuds
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1373] got to get some veggies go out now
Bob (PS0N4) [1374] There's some cabbage in the back
Tracey (PS0N5) [1375] If you get it and prepare it then
Bob (PS0N4) [1376] And prepare it, ho, ho, ho, what's this prepare it, it's good for you, it's good cabbage, it's fine cabbage
Tracey (PS0N5) [1377] Alright
Bob (PS0N4) [1378] last month it was winter cabbage
Tracey (PS0N5) [1379] Mm ...
Bob (PS0N4) [1380] I'll go and get that there, if you mind him ... so what nights have you got, early you want
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1381] Tracey
Tracey (PS0N5) [1382] Er five to quarter to nine tonight, taken my Sundays away in April
Bob (PS0N4) [1383] Mm, will that mess things up a bit for you?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1384] Yeah, I'll have to work, I'll have to start at half four as in the week
Bob (PS0N4) [1385] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1386] so I wasn't er but sure about taking the students whether put it in, but they're only sending me four I think two for a month
Bob (PS0N4) [1387] What from the home?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1388] Yeah, two for a month and then two for a
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...] ...
Tracey (PS0N5) [1389] Can't have you not doing anything can I? ...
David (PS0N6) [1390] I love you
Tracey (PS0N5) [1391] Do you?
David (PS0N6) [1392] I love you, I love er
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
David (PS0N6) [1393] I love you
Tracey (PS0N5) [1394] Do you?
David (PS0N6) [1395] aargh
Tracey (PS0N5) [1396] How's your toe today?
[1397] Let me see ...
David (PS0N6) [1398] Look what I've got
Tracey (PS0N5) [1399] Oh that's coming on ever so nicely, see this one, got no toe nail on this one, that's better, that's better
David (PS0N6) [1400] That's to put the
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1401] yeah so they've agreed for me to take fifteen pound a week instead of ten
Bob (PS0N4) [1402] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1403] but I'll have to, I'll have to stop doing Wednesdays if I do the course for three months
Bob (PS0N4) [1404] Mm, so your, your mum's got, eh the divorce finalized is she?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1405] Well I believe so, I've not really spoken to her
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1406] for very long
Bob (PS0N4) [1407] Accordingly to Trina there was a problem buying the house
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1408] seven hundred thousand pounds or something
Tracey (PS0N5) [1409] Did she?
[1410] I don't know, she seemed to have told Trina
Bob (PS0N4) [1411] It's ever so sad isn't it?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1412] more about it than me
Bob (PS0N4) [1413] Eh?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1414] She knows
Bob (PS0N4) [1415] She says according to Trina she says eh I, I, I didn't er, er, I wanted, knocked them back seven hundred thousand, but they would only, would only knock back a hundred and fifty
David (PS0N6) [1416] You not your dad
Bob (PS0N4) [1417] apparently
Tracey (PS0N5) [1418] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [1419] I mean what sort of place [...]
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1420] what?
[1421] Wait a minute cos I might not get it right, tell me a big number [laugh]
Bob (PS0N4) [1422] What you mean a big number?
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1423] tell, tell you a big number, what big number?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1424] Of house prices
Bob (PS0N4) [1425] House prices?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1426] Yeah, one something, one million?
Bob (PS0N4) [1427] Alright one, one million
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1428] dollars
Bob (PS0N4) [1429] Alright
Tracey (PS0N5) [1430] Well it's more than that
Bob (PS0N4) [1431] A million dollars
Tracey (PS0N5) [1432] Well, well one, one million and a half [...]
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1433] I would think
Bob (PS0N4) [1434] Yeah, but where she bought the house then?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1435] On the sea front
Bob (PS0N4) [1436] In Sydney?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1437] No Crunella it would be, which is Sydney?
Bob (PS0N4) [1438] That's good
Tracey (PS0N5) [1439] But her original house was on the water
Bob (PS0N4) [1440] And what was that for?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1441] Well they got to, I don't know
Bob (PS0N4) [1442] They got two or three millions dollars for it
Tracey (PS0N5) [1443] four, yeah they go up to four so she [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1444] a lot of money for a house four million pound property
Tracey (PS0N5) [1445] She's buying quite a cheap one I think she's buying a million
Bob (PS0N4) [1446] What one and a half million?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1447] something like that
Bob (PS0N4) [1448] And what's erm an Australian dollar compared with
Tracey (PS0N5) [1449] Er probably about half, we're half here
Bob (PS0N4) [1450] So that's three quarters of a million she's paid for it then, we're half?
[1451] Or they're half?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1452] Three quarters of a million pounds
Bob (PS0N4) [1453] What we're half?
[1454] We're double you mean?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1455] If it's a million, if it's a million and a half dollars it's er three quarters of a million pounds
Bob (PS0N4) [1456] Fine, so that's three quarters of a million quid
Pauline (PS0N3) [1457] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1458] I think that's right, you'd have to ask Trina
Bob (PS0N4) [1459] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1460] cos, erm
Bob (PS0N4) [1461] and no swimming pool,
David (PS0N6) [1462] Let's go mum
Bob (PS0N4) [1463] things she hasn't have
Tracey (PS0N5) [1464] must, well they have swimming pools on the beach anyway
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1465] do they?
[1466] ... Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1467] They have, cos you can't sell your house, in some bits you can't see the sea so you have a little pool, walk out the door and you go swimming
Bob (PS0N4) [laugh]
Pauline (PS0N3) [1468] Can't be bad can it?
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1469] Can't be bad .
[1470] So she must of come out of this divorce quite well then?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1471] Well I don't know because I, I didn't speak to her about the money, Sheila spoke to her, but she knows not to speak to me very much about money, see
Bob (PS0N4) [1472] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1473] so, erm
Bob (PS0N4) [1474] she probably
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Pauline (PS0N3) [laugh]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1475] No she doesn't cos she used to like
Bob (PS0N4) [1476] Er she's prattling on about it
Tracey (PS0N5) [1477] she, she used to go on about it and all this and I, I sort of fell out with her at one time, but didn't actually speak to her about it
Bob (PS0N4) [1478] No
Tracey (PS0N5) [1479] so all I knew was that she got the divorce and
Bob (PS0N4) [1480] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1481] erm, she was buying a house for whatever it was it certainly was a lot of money
Bob (PS0N4) [1482] Three quarters of million it sounds a lot
Tracey (PS0N5) [1483] a million
Bob (PS0N4) [1484] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1485] you need about a million to four million down there
Bob (PS0N4) [1486] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1487] cos erm Tom took his son to court
Bob (PS0N4) [1488] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1489] over one
Bob (PS0N4) [1490] Er but that's been taking about six years now
Tracey (PS0N5) [1491] Well that was a million then
Bob (PS0N4) [1492] Was it?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1493] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [1494] Mm ... it's still a lot of money for a house
Tracey (PS0N5) [1495] Yeah, they're not fancy houses though she's got [...]
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
David (PS0N6) [1496] I wanna do it
Bob (PS0N4) [1497] Mm, mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1498] Well they're fancier than here
Bob (PS0N4) [1499] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1500] er, but, you know what I mean
Bob (PS0N4) [1501] No, not the not the best in the world
Tracey (PS0N5) [1502] No, nothing super ...
David (PS0N6) [1503] One
Bob (PS0N4) [1504] When she coming across?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1505] Well she was talking about coming across in August for er grandma and grandpa's fiftieth anniversary
Bob (PS0N4) [1506] Mm
David (PS0N6) [1507] aargh
Tracey (PS0N5) [1508] which is the same day
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1509] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1510] but she can't come for some
Bob (PS0N4) [1511] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1512] reason for Toby being at school, but Toby doesn't want to come anyway
Bob (PS0N4) [1513] He doesn't?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1514] No
Bob (PS0N4) [1515] He had enough the last time did he?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1516] I think so, I don't think he got on very well with grandma and grandpa and that
Bob (PS0N4) [1517] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1518] he didn't take to them all that well
Bob (PS0N4) [1519] They didn't take to him or he didn't take to
Tracey (PS0N5) [1520] No they didn't , well neither don't think, either they sort of much
Bob (PS0N4) [1521] You got on alright with him didn't you?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1522] Yeah he was alright, I didn't like him when he was littler, maybe, he was very much like his dad, but
Bob (PS0N4) [1523] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1524] he's at this time he actually erm
Bob (PS0N4) [1525] Quite civil
Tracey (PS0N5) [1526] Yeah, but he seemed a bit more like a normal [laughing] fifteen, sixteen [] year old
Bob (PS0N4) [1527] Er human
Tracey (PS0N5) [1528] Yeah, well he was, when he was littler his dad was sort of saying one day you'll have all this then the next minute he was saying no you won't, you won't be having any of it do you know what I mean?
Bob (PS0N4) [1529] That was his head was a bit of
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1530] like his dad was
Tracey (PS0N5) [1531] Yeah, so
Bob (PS0N4) [1532] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1533] But he seemed quite normal and quite ... you know
Bob (PS0N4) [1534] Mm, real
Tracey (PS0N5) [1535] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [1536] mm ... so he'll have got a settlement as well then won't he?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1537] I would think so
Bob (PS0N4) [1538] There would be a trust or something probably set up for him that's the normal
Tracey (PS0N5) [1539] Yeah when he's eighteen but the trouble is I don't know what's happened I've lost, I suppose mum'll have to do it because erm ... Tom has sort of cut him out, or said he was going to cut him out, but I think
Bob (PS0N4) [1540] But in any divorce settlement I know with myself
David (PS0N6) [scream]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1541] Get off you don't climb on people's chairs you sit on them or you play on the floor
Bob (PS0N4) [1542] but, if there's, if there's erm, if there's set if there's a settlement like that there'd been settled so much on her
Tracey (PS0N5) [1543] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [1544] and they would also, they, she probably the, the lawyers would also go for a settlement for him the property
Tracey (PS0N5) [1545] I would think a lot of the money is actually in property already or she's got to have it in property
Bob (PS0N4) [1546] Mm, mm ...
Tracey (PS0N5) [1547] because erm, I know he had a lot, he'd like try to buy everything in property so that he didn't actually have a lot of cash
Bob (PS0N4) [1548] Mm, mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1549] so I don't know how that works
Bob (PS0N4) [1550] Er it was split back
Tracey (PS0N5) [1551] Yeah
Bob (PS0N4) [1552] Mm ... mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1553] but still, she said she's gonna send some for this one to have some er bonds or something
Bob (PS0N4) [1554] Mm, mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1555] but er
David (PS0N6) [1556] Who's that?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1557] That's Arthur
Bob (PS0N4) [1558] Mm
David (PS0N6) [1559] Who's that pussy cat?
[1560] Is that cat
Tracey (PS0N5) [1561] Yeah, cos she said that she wanted to buy
David (PS0N6) [1562] is that pussy cat?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1563] er a property or something for Toby because she's got to invest the money in
Bob (PS0N4) [1564] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1565] something
Bob (PS0N4) [1566] Mm
David (PS0N6) [1567] Is that pussy cat?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1568] Arthur will you stop jumping all over me, get down on the floor and play
David (PS0N6) [1569] Who's that?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1570] Yes, well she was all, so I've been speaking to her for weeks when she didn't
Bob (PS0N4) [1571] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1572] she hadn't got it
Bob (PS0N4) [1573] Aye
Tracey (PS0N5) [1574] and then she was supposed to getting it and all the rest of it
Bob (PS0N4) [1575] Aye
Tracey (PS0N5) [1576] and then when she got it she was just sort of oh I'm buying a house
Bob (PS0N4) [1577] Aye
Tracey (PS0N5) [1578] and I'll try and send some over for the baby
Bob (PS0N4) [1579] Mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1580] but I didn't actually know that she got
David (PS0N6) [1581] I have [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1582] what have you got
Bob (PS0N4) [1583] mm, mm, mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1584] what or
Bob (PS0N4) [1585] mm, mm ... yeah, better put that one in as well, you need to put them in proper so that you can get it closed
Tracey (PS0N5) [1586] Yeah, she invited us all over at Christmas
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1587] mm, mm, aha
David (PS0N6) [1588] Did he get down?
Bob (PS0N4) [1589] Didn't go?
Tracey (PS0N5) [1590] Well it was just as well we didn't, she didn't have any money [laugh]
Bob (PS0N4) [1591] Aye
Tracey (PS0N5) [1592] she didn't get the settlement until after the Christmas
Bob (PS0N4) [1593] Oh I see
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Tracey (PS0N5) [1594] waiting for the papers to go
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [...]
Bob (PS0N4) [1595] mm
Tracey (PS0N5) [1596] Stop it
Bob (PS0N4) [1597] Will you stop your nonsense
Tracey (PS0N5) [1598] Go out there and play, go and play with your orange car or

4 (Tape 041401)

Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [1599] [phonecall starts] Hello, good afternoon ma'am!
[1600] Erm, I hope I haven't disturbed you, but I won't be on the phone long.
[1601] My name is Bill and I work for a firm called Peter's Windows, we manufacture and fit high quality conservatories, patio doors, double glazing and se security windows etcetera, is there anything in this line you'll be [...] do you think?
[1602] Nothing you're thinking of having done and ... how long?
[1603] You've got your,yo you've had a spate of er ... er sa salesmen around
Kathy (PS0N7) [1604] [phonecall starts] Hello is that Mr ?
Bill (PS0N9) [1605] doing it have [laughing] you?
[1606] Yes!
[1607] [] That's alright.
[1608] Right, thank you very much indeed for your time [phonecall ends] .
Kathy (PS0N7) [1609] [...] promotional call about replacement windows and doors and conservatories, do you think he'll be interested?
[1610] Okay.
[1611] Thank you very much
Bill (PS0N9) [1612] Is that
Kathy (PS0N7) [1613] then!
[1614] Bye bye [phonecall ends] !
Bill (PS0N9) [1615] [...] , do you think he might call Ba in Barnstaple?
Unknown speaker (KDJPSUNK) [laugh]
Pauline (PS0N3) [1616] No idea!
Bill (PS0N9) [1617] Well it's probably no dearer than [laughing] [...] [] !
Pauline (PS0N3) [1618] Oh I don't think that I can help [...] and just say and I yen I went to get one in
Bill (PS0N9) [1619] Mm.
Pauline (PS0N3) [1620] and I thought it would cost [...] ten pound.
[1621] I mean, forget removals I thought they'd help out, wouldn't you?
[1622] So
Bill (PS0N9) [1623] He's gone out has he? [laugh]
Pauline (PS0N3) [1624] Yeah.
[1625] He's gone down to the [...]
Kay (PS0N8) [1626] [phonecall starts] Hello Mrs ?
[1627] Oh, sorry to bother my name's Kay
Bill (PS0N9) [...]
Kay (PS0N8) [1628] calling from [...]
Pauline (PS0N3) [laugh]
Bill (PS0N9) [laugh]
Kay (PS0N8) [1629] windows, we specialize in the manufacture
Bill (PS0N9) [1630] Well I did!
Kay (PS0N8) [1631] of conservatories, porches, patio doors, replacement windows.
Michelle (PS0NA) [1632] [phonecall starts] Hello, is that Miss ?
Kay (PS0N8) [1633] Can I ask if this is something you've considered for your home?
Michelle (PS0NA) [1634] Hello Mrs , I'm sorry to bo bother you.
[1635] My name is Michelle and I represent a local company called [...] specializing in
Kay (PS0N8) [1636] Oh I see!
[1637] I am sorry to interrupted your [...] !
Bill (PS0N9) [...]
Kay (PS0N8) [1638] Oh right!
Pauline (PS0N3) [1639] Yeah.
Bill (PS0N9) [1640] Yeah, I've heard this before on this.
Kay (PS0N8) [1641] Oh that's good!
Michelle (PS0NA) [...]
Kay (PS0N8) [1642] Thank you for your time Mr .
[1643] Bye [phonecall ends] !
Michelle (PS0NA) [1644] [...] at the cost of single glazing ... and our price is usually [...] by fifty percent cheaper than the bigger national companies ... because we don't advertise and we're a trade com company ... and I wondered if we could offer you a free quotation, no obligation whatsoever to buy?
[1645] Okay, well thank you for you listening.
[1646] Okay.
[1647] Bye bye [phonecall ends] !
Kathy (PS0N7) [1648] [phonecall starts] Hello, is your mummy or dad there please?
Bill (PS0N9) [1649] [phonecall starts] Hello good afternoon Sir!
[1650] Erm, I hope I haven't
Kathy (PS0N7) [1651] Thanks.
Bill (PS0N9) [1652] disturbed you but I won't be on the phone long cos I ... er, my name is Bill and I work with a firm called [...] for Windows.
[1653] Now we manufa ... yeah, you do not er, conservatories, or or anything out of the usual, draught stoppers
Kathy (PS0N7) [1654] Hello Mr , I'm sorry to bother you , my name is Kathy and I represent
Bill (PS0N9) [1655] Do you?
Kathy (PS0N7) [1656] a company called Fever We specialize in the manufacture of conservatories, [...]
Bill (PS0N9) [1657] Oh I see!
[1658] I'm sorry to disturb
Michelle (PS0NA) [1659] [phonecall starts] Hello Mr ?
Bill (PS0N9) [1660] you sir.
Kathy (PS0N7) [1661] Okay.
Bill (PS0N9) [1662] Thank you for your time.
Michelle (PS0NA) [1663] Hello Mr .
Bill (PS0N9) [1664] I'm sorry to disturb ... you! [phonecall ends]
Kathy (PS0N7) [1665] We have of course
Kay (PS0N8) [1666] [...] managed to get something you can [...] [phonecall ends] ?
Michelle (PS0NA) [1667] [...] called Fever [...] [phonecall ends]
Pauline (PS0N3) [1668] Well I'm better off