30 conversations recorded by `Rachel' (PS0NX) between 30 November and 5 December 1991 with 7 interlocutors, totalling 1445 s-units, 8658 words, and 1 hour 34 minutes 25 seconds of recordings.

8 speakers recorded by respondent number 23

PS0NX Ag1 f (Rachel, age 16, student (private secondary), London, )
PS0NY Ag5 f (Barbara, age 65, retired, Upper South-west England, ) grandmother
PS0P0 Ag3 f (Jenny, age 44, doctor, Upper South-west England, ) mother
PS0P1 X u (No name, age unknown) stranger
PS0P3 Ag4 f (No name, age 48, shop assistant, London, ) stranger
PS0P4 Ag3 f (No name, age 35, shop assistant, London, ) stranger
KDLPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KDLPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

30 recordings

  1. Tape 016001 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( shops ) Activity: shopping
  2. Tape 016002 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( shops ) Activity: shopping
  3. Tape 016003 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( shops ) Activity: shopping
  4. Tape 016004 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( shops ) Activity: shopping
  5. Tape 016005 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( shops ) Activity: shopping
  6. Tape 016006 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( shops ) Activity: shopping
  7. Tape 016007 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( shops ) Activity: shopping
  8. Tape 016008 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( shops ) Activity: shopping
  9. Tape 016009 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( shops ) Activity: shopping
  10. Tape 016010 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( shops ) Activity: shopping
  11. Tape 016011 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( shops ) Activity: shopping
  12. Tape 016012 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( shops ) Activity: shopping
  13. Tape 016013 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( shops ) Activity: shopping
  14. Tape 016101 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( shops ) Activity: shopping
  15. Tape 016102 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( shops ) Activity: shopping
  16. Tape 016103 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( shops ) Activity: shopping
  17. Tape 016104 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( shops ) Activity: shopping
  18. Tape 016105 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( shops ) Activity: shopping
  19. Tape 016106 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( shops ) Activity: shopping
  20. Tape 016201 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Chertssey ( school ) Activity: Unspecified
  21. Tape 016202 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Chertsey ( school ) Activity: Unspecified
  22. Tape 016203 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Chertsey ( school ) Activity: Unspecified
  23. Tape 016204 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Chertsey ( school ) Activity: Unspecified
  24. Tape 016205 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Chertsey ( school ) Activity: Unspecified
  25. Tape 016206 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Chertsey ( school ) Activity: Unspecified
  26. Tape 016301 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Chertsey ( school ) Activity: Unspecified
  27. Tape 016302 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Chertsey ( school ) Activity: Unspecified
  28. Tape 016303 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Chertsey ( school ) Activity: Unspecified
  29. Tape 016304 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Chertsey ( school ) Activity: Unspecified
  30. Tape 016305 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationSurrey: Chertssey ( school ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 016001)

Rachel (PS0NX) [1] Looks like black dresses are going out slightly more.
Jenny (PS0P0) [2] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [3] It's a bit further down I think.
Jenny (PS0P0) [4] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [5] They said they might be able to get before us though, didn't they? ...
Jenny (PS0P0) [6] Penny went shopping with Rowan, into one of those very expensive boutiques shops, yeah, and between them they bought this dress, and when they got it home, Rowan's mother wouldn't let her have it because it was too revealing and so Penny was stuck with it and then her mother wouldn't let her have it either, but the shop wouldn't refund, it would only give them credit [laughing] so she's got all this money to spend in the shop [] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [7] This is quite nice, an anorak isn't it?
Rachel (PS0NX) [8] Yes.
Barbara (PS0NY) [9] With a hood, yes that's nice ... [...]
Jenny (PS0P0) [10] I like it ...
Rachel (PS0NX) [11] [...] I don't know.
Barbara (PS0NY) [12] No ...
Rachel (PS0NX) [13] Oh yes, that's the one I think.
Barbara (PS0NY) [14] Sandy, that's what it was , it's a twelve.
Rachel (PS0NX) [15] Yes, that's it, mm .
Barbara (PS0NY) [16] They got it yesterday, oh it's gone up, no it's not the same one, they haven't got that one after all .
Rachel (PS0NX) [17] That's [...] .
[18] That's a different one isn't it?
Barbara (PS0NY) [19] That's the one.
Rachel (PS0NX) [20] I think I tried on a ten didn't I?
Barbara (PS0NY) [21] It was a bit too small wasn't it?
Rachel (PS0NX) [22] Was it? mm.
Barbara (PS0NY) [23] A hundred and forty nine, that was the one, that was the one that she had.
[24] Try some more on let me have a look at them.
Rachel (PS0NX) [25] Just erm, does it look daft?.
Barbara (PS0NY) [26] [...] she didn't want a long one.
None (PS0P3) [27] No, wanna try that do you?
Barbara (PS0NY) [28] Yeah, but she has tried it before.
Rachel (PS0NX) [29] Yeah, it was awful.
Barbara (PS0NY) [30] She's, it was just erm, can we have the twelve, try the twelve [...] that's only a ten, does it, does [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [31] We, do we try that one as well?
[32] We tried one like that didn't we?.
Barbara (PS0NY) [33] Yes, that would , yes we did.
Jenny (PS0P0) [34] What's that one, was that .
Barbara (PS0NY) [35] That's right , yes, zip the hood that'll go over
Jenny (PS0P0) [36] Let me see it on you.
Barbara (PS0NY) [37] Wanted to wear [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [38] Go on, try them on.
None (PS0P3) [39] [...] .
[40] The trouble with [...] when you see one and like the sizes there are suppose to get it, because they go so quickly.
Rachel (PS0NX) [41] Yeah, that's right.
None (PS0P3) [42] This time of the year and that .
Barbara (PS0NY) [43] You don't know that .
Rachel (PS0NX) [44] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [45] Why, why don't you take it off?
Rachel (PS0NX) [46] I'll try, will I [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [47] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [48] I've got three quarters length underneath so they'll go up any way.
Barbara (PS0NY) [...] ...
Rachel (PS0NX) [49] Just too small look the ten.
Barbara (PS0NY) [50] Yes, yes it is.
Jenny (PS0P0) [51] Yeah it is.
Barbara (PS0NY) [52] Yeah, there's no doubt about that, erm, well that was, that was the one that your stile that you liked wasn't it?
Rachel (PS0NX) [53] Let's try [...] .
[54] Yeah.
None (PS0P3) [55] Ah, that's the only one we have left in that [...] ...
Barbara (PS0NY) [56] There's one in the window I'm just gonna have a look, cos I never had noticed when I came in this morning
None (PS0P3) [57] What was in the window.
Barbara (PS0NY) [58] Okay, that's quite nice, yeah that is quite nice, I like that.
[59] I think that's a bit more mod really, thing is this is more the sort you had isn't it?
Rachel (PS0NX) [60] I quite like that one at the end as well.
Barbara (PS0NY) [61] The reddy one.
Rachel (PS0NX) [62] The gi , that one hanging up.
Barbara (PS0NY) [63] Yes, that's short you see, isn't it again?
Rachel (PS0NX) [64] That's the same [...] as the
Barbara (PS0NY) [65] Yeah, but that's very short that is.
Rachel (PS0NX) [66] Yeah I'm ...
Barbara (PS0NY) [67] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [68] [...] ... [...] don't say much.
Barbara (PS0NY) [69] You'd like the duffel coat [...] won't you, no, oh well, [...] if you don't like it.
Rachel (PS0NX) [70] Don't particularly like the red either, [...] ...
Barbara (PS0NY) [71] Well I mean, yes I think that ...
Rachel (PS0NX) [72] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [73] Two hundred and ninety nine, that one there .
Rachel (PS0NX) [74] Do you like that one [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [75] That's longer
Rachel (PS0NX) [76] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [77] Is a twelve in that?
Jenny (PS0P0) [78] You have one, yes that's nice ... nice colours.
Rachel (PS0NX) [79] Is it real?
Barbara (PS0NY) [80] Yeah, I tell you what looks [...] .
None (PS0P3) [81] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [82] It looks nice in a ten but that's all [...]
None (PS0P3) [83] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [84] Just want to try on ... [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [85] It is just because of your hair.
Barbara (PS0NY) [86] And of course it's a practical length, but there you are you've got to like it.
None (PS0P3) [87] Yeah, [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [88] I like this better than that duffel coat one .
Barbara (PS0NY) [89] The other one .
None (PS0P3) [90] The thing about it is, is a classic style .
Barbara (PS0NY) [91] That's beautiful on you, that's the one to have [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [92] It's not going to date.
None (PS0P3) [93] It's not a fashion jacket,
Barbara (PS0NY) [94] No.
None (PS0P3) [95] whereas, erm, the shorter ones tend to be
Barbara (PS0NY) [96] Beautiful
None (PS0P3) [97] fashionable.
[98] These are things that will, will have for years.
Barbara (PS0NY) [99] Rachel I think that's the [...]
Jenny (PS0P0) [100] Can I ask if
Rachel (PS0NX) [101] Do you like it better than
Barbara (PS0NY) [102] Yeah, that's beautiful on you, isn't it?
[103] How much is it?
Rachel (PS0NX) [104] Two hundred and ninety nine.
None (PS0P3) [105] It is, yeah.
Jenny (PS0P0) [106] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [107] [...] and I'll put the rest, yeah, I'll give you ... [...] that'll keep her warm and [...] , that's beautiful.
Jenny (PS0P0) [108] [...] .
None (PS0P3) [109] That's lovely, absolutely
Rachel (PS0NX) [110] You see it's [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [111] Don't worry about that, I'll pay a bit more for you.
[112] If you like it love, that's the most important thing
Rachel (PS0NX) [113] Yeah.
Barbara (PS0NY) [114] I, I, I don't want you to have anything you don't like.
Rachel (PS0NX) [115] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [116] She likes it?
Jenny (PS0P0) [117] Yeah.
Barbara (PS0NY) [118] Yes.
[119] That's, that's, bonny and beautiful isn't it?
None (PS0P3) [120] And they [...] it gives it warm.
Barbara (PS0NY) [121] Yeah, yeah.
None (PS0P3) [122] It's the most [...] skin and there's so, there this so [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [123] It's beautiful.
[124] It's, it's like the one aunty Lynne had and I, I bought for aunty Lynne, years ago, that I still got in the cupboard you know.
[125] I wore it, all it was lovely, [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [126] What's that, the other one was it?
Barbara (PS0NY) [127] That's the other ten.
None (PS0P3) [128] You can try the other ten if you want to be absolutely sure about it, cos it's, you know, look at the length of that one as well, I mean
Barbara (PS0NY) [129] She's going to Russia for a week in February of all times and we want to have something really warm .
None (PS0P3) [130] So you won't to have something really warm .
Barbara (PS0NY) [131] Beautiful buttons.
Rachel (PS0NX) [132] Well [...] .
None (PS0P3) [133] You can do that right up, right, you can turn the neck up, now this one here
Rachel (PS0NX) [134] Do this one .
None (PS0P3) [135] it'll only be shorter, it won't keep you warm down the bottom, yeah and here on the neck it's, alright you can tell me the colour of, but it, it is quite [...]
Barbara (PS0NY) [136] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [137] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [138] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [139] Okay [...] .
None (PS0P3) [140] You sure?
Barbara (PS0NY) [141] Oh it's lovely.
Rachel (PS0NX) [142] It's, it's, nice.
None (PS0P3) [143] I know.
Rachel (PS0NX) [144] And I think this, this [...] with a white fur begins to look a big grubby after a while, but this colouring it, it doesn't show and [...] .
None (PS0P3) [145] Beautiful, yeah, you convinced yourself.
Rachel (PS0NX) [146] Yeah.
Barbara (PS0NY) [147] I'm sure she has, she couldn't hesitate about that.
Rachel (PS0NX) [148] [laugh] .
None (PS0P3) [149] The colouring to the hair, I mean I've got it in another colour , but I, I think it
Barbara (PS0NY) [150] [...] , oh that's the colour
None (PS0P3) [151] colour wise, I mean
Barbara (PS0NY) [152] The darker one [...] .
[153] No this is the colour of your hair.
Jenny (PS0P0) [154] No, for your hair I mean.
Barbara (PS0NY) [155] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [156] [...] pay [...] it's alright money wise?
[157] Thank you.
Barbara (PS0NY) [158] [...] , or you can have it right now [...] .
None (PS0P3) [159] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [160] That's right.
Rachel (PS0NX) [161] Oh how embarrassing [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [162] That's it.
None (PS0P3) [163] It's gorgeous, there going to Moscow and St. Petersburg so, it should be lovely.
Barbara (PS0NY) [164] Right .
Rachel (PS0NX) [165] Yeah .
Barbara (PS0NY) [166] Okay then.
Rachel (PS0NX) [167] Actually I think I like this better now [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [168] Of course you do, I, I no my, I wouldn't say Rachel if I didn't think it was alright.
Rachel (PS0NX) [169] Right.
Barbara (PS0NY) [170] And you've got some nice warm trousers with it, you'll be well away, you'll, there, there keep you warm stockings and the thick socks, yeah.
None (PS0P3) [171] I'll give you a leaflet and everything on it, thank you very much indeed.
Rachel (PS0NX) [172] Okay .
Jenny (PS0P0) [173] Wait a minute you'll want this.
Rachel (PS0NX) [174] Yeah ...
Barbara (PS0NY) [175] You have it on?
Rachel (PS0NX) [176] Yes, it's been on ages.
Barbara (PS0NY) [177] That's fine.
None (PS0P3) [178] Erm, I don't suppose that you [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [179] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [180] Don't worry about it now, you
None (PS0P3) [181] You don't want the money [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [182] No, no, and I'll promise I will give you that [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [183] I'll hold the bag again for you ... got the gloves here too look.
Barbara (PS0NY) [184] Yeah, yeah, I've got a pair of [...] in that colour you could have [...] .
None (PS0P3) [185] You, you put the date on it or your statement on it say [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [186] Ah?, yes.
None (PS0P3) [187] Will you use this, it's a suede guard, it's a suede and leather guard it's a rather good
Barbara (PS0NY) [188] I think actually got one at home, but we [...] .
None (PS0P3) [189] It's advisable to put it on before you wear the coat, what
Rachel (PS0NX) [190] Right ,
None (PS0P3) [191] you do is hang it over on the clothes line, stand back a few inches, just give it an even spray ,
Rachel (PS0NX) [192] yeah ,
None (PS0P3) [193] you only do it the once unless you have the coat cleaned
Rachel (PS0NX) [194] right
None (PS0P3) [195] and you know
Barbara (PS0NY) [196] It's like a scotch guard for furniture really.
None (PS0P3) [197] yeah, it, it stops stains penetrating the skin
Barbara (PS0NY) [198] Right.
None (PS0P3) [199] that's what it is
Barbara (PS0NY) [200] Ah, yes.
None (PS0P3) [201] and the [...] that we show you here [...] tells you all about it, how to look after it and everything
Barbara (PS0NY) [202] Yeah.
None (PS0P3) [203] now we give you those, but this is one pound, ten pence, it's well worth having, but if you get a mark on, once you've got that guard on
Rachel (PS0NX) [204] Oh that's right.
None (PS0P3) [205] that'll just wipe it off
Barbara (PS0NY) [206] Wipe it off, yeah .
None (PS0P3) [207] it tells you all about it in the book and also here.
Barbara (PS0NY) [208] Thanks.
None (PS0P3) [209] Okay.
Jenny (PS0P0) [210] You gonna take that as well?
None (PS0P3) [211] [...] , enjoy your trip then.
Rachel (PS0NX) [212] Thank you, yeah.
None (PS0P3) [213] Lovely [...] lovely, your really lucky.
[214] Love to see them [...] just to see what it's like, okay.
Rachel (PS0NX) [215] Okay, thank you very much.
None (PS0P3) [216] Bye, bye.
Rachel (PS0NX) [217] Bye ... yes I [...] , they let me do it on that if you authorise them.
Barbara (PS0NY) [218] Would you like to do it straight away on [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [219] I'll do it straight on that, I needn't go and authorise the cheque, have to get it on that
Barbara (PS0NY) [220] No, that's fine , if that's all right with you?
Rachel (PS0NX) [221] It'll come straight out.
Barbara (PS0NY) [222] Yeah.
Rachel (PS0NX) [223] Okay.
Barbara (PS0NY) [224] Fine.
Rachel (PS0NX) [225] Yeah, that's okay, thank you.
Jenny (PS0P0) [226] Save you walking down the [...] [laugh] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [227] That's right, thank you.
Barbara (PS0NY) [228] Well say, I suppose the [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [229] Well yes, that's right, yeah.

2 (Tape 016002)

Jenny (PS0P0) [230] Did you apprec appreciate the [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [231] Then er
Rachel (PS0NX) [232] No it's nice, I like it.
Barbara (PS0NY) [233] Oh you [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [234] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [235] [...] everybody else can [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [236] Probably and the teacher's, yeah.
Jenny (PS0P0) [237] [...] is it?
Rachel (PS0NX) [238] Yes.
Jenny (PS0P0) [239] Let's see
Rachel (PS0NX) [240] [...] .
None (PS0P4) [241] I say, thank you very much for [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [242] Bye, bye.
None (PS0P4) [243] Bye.
Jenny (PS0P0) [244] Can you take all this back to the car, while you go into, if you go into A & N, I'll take all this back to the car while you go into A & N
Rachel (PS0NX) [245] You sure?.
Barbara (PS0NY) [246] [...] up the ramp for you.
Jenny (PS0P0) [247] No it's alright,
Barbara (PS0NY) [248] Jenny.
Jenny (PS0P0) [249] It's alright now, [...] .
[250] I'll put the hind seat [...] I'll bring the bag back .
Rachel (PS0NX) [251] Bring the bag back .
Jenny (PS0P0) [252] Ok.
Barbara (PS0NY) [253] Sure.
Jenny (PS0P0) [254] You go back up to A & N, I'll meet you in there, no where, you wanted tights
Rachel (PS0NX) [255] Yeah.
Jenny (PS0P0) [256] and what else do you want?
Barbara (PS0NY) [257] I want some tights, I want some Berkshire there very good Jenny.
Jenny (PS0P0) [258] I know, I've had Berkshire, [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [259] There very nice, [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [260] I'll meet you at the tights department , but you can go and have a look at the, anything else first if you want to and then come back to the tights, I'll shall be a minute or two.
Rachel (PS0NX) [261] Alright, be careful Jenny don't fall. [...] [noise - traffic] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [262] [...] [noise - traffic] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [263] I know, yeah.
Barbara (PS0NY) [264] [...] lovely person, she's always been since a little girl.
Rachel (PS0NX) [265] Mrs Noel, she's ever so impressed with her.
Barbara (PS0NY) [266] Who?
Rachel (PS0NX) [267] Mrs Noel, you know, the psychologist.
Barbara (PS0NY) [268] Oh I don't know [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [269] Well you knew I was seeing her.
Barbara (PS0NY) [270] Yeah, why?.
Rachel (PS0NX) [271] I, but, you haven't met her .
Barbara (PS0NY) [272] I got muddled because I thought that [...] teacher, it's just a psychology.
Rachel (PS0NX) [273] No.
Barbara (PS0NY) [274] Well, why do I get to think that?
[275] Well how did you come to get in a psychologist.
Rachel (PS0NX) [276] Well you knew about it, because erm when you use to stay with [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [277] [...] , oh yes, that's right, just er, I couldn't [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [278] She was helping me with the french.
Barbara (PS0NY) [279] Yeah, and she's a, yeah I [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [280] Yeah.
Barbara (PS0NY) [281] What did she say about it then?
Rachel (PS0NX) [282] Oh she said what a lovely loving mother I had and, she was ever so interested with her cos she said some of the people she sees, you know, are not very strict with their children and that [...] all sorts of things and er, get's very cross with them
Barbara (PS0NY) [283] Yeah , yeah.
Rachel (PS0NX) [284] but erm, she let
Barbara (PS0NY) [285] When your older
Rachel (PS0NX) [286] she let mum
Barbara (PS0NY) [287] you realise how important it is, that a, you've got to learn self control in life, and that's what Jenny learnt, she, she, never had to learn it, she had it from naturally from a, a little child.
Rachel (PS0NX) [288] Tights are in the bag.
Barbara (PS0NY) [289] Jen , Lynda's learnt it, but she hasn't got it, like your mother had, and she, she did dreadful things when she was little
Rachel (PS0NX) [290] [laugh] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [291] it was in my training, she [...] but she hadn't [...] but your mother who never had before [...] I could rely on her from a little child, I said stay there, when I came back, if I came back half an hour later, she'd still of been there ... Linda would of been
Rachel (PS0NX) [292] [laugh] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [293] doing her own thing.
Rachel (PS0NX) [294] But Mrs Noel's let her into the house you see, normally she doesn't let the mother's come in if she's trying to help a child with difficulties
Barbara (PS0NY) [295] Yeah.
Rachel (PS0NX) [296] but erm, she let mum come in cos she liked her.
Barbara (PS0NY) [297] Yeah, yeah, I'm sure she did, you'll, and as you get older you'll need [...] . [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [298] Oh alright then.
Barbara (PS0NY) [299] And compared to me she's a much better person than I've ever been, she is, she's wonderful, in, but granddad's got a nice nature, [...] granddad and that's, that's probably where she get's it from, I'm not [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [300] Yeah , I know ... One pair of those tights were seven ninety nine, it's no wonder I thought they were nice when I looked at them.
Barbara (PS0NY) [301] Oh my god .
[302] I wanted er [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [303] They right them on
Barbara (PS0NY) [304] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [305] just the sort I have I think, I [...] or, or the lycra ones ... they do sometimes.
[306] You could ask the girl .
Barbara (PS0NY) [307] I also [...] I don't like Pretty Polly at all.
[308] It's got a 'B' on it.
Rachel (PS0NX) [309] There are A's at the end there and J's, huh.
None (PS0P4) [310] I was going to [...] add it up a bit.
Barbara (PS0NY) [311] Oh, no, no, no, no.
None (PS0P4) [312] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [313] It maybe .
Barbara (PS0NY) [314] I don't like the idea ... [...]
None (PS0P4) [315] What do you want?
Barbara (PS0NY) [316] [...] .
None (PS0P4) [317] What do you want?
Rachel (PS0NX) [318] Erm, I'm just looking for some ... with lycra because I like to be able to afford a bit more .
Barbara (PS0NY) [319] I bought some pyjamas for your mum .
Rachel (PS0NX) [320] Did you, oh she'll be pleased with that .
Barbara (PS0NY) [321] It'll probably be for Christmas , there's not many I thought perhaps
Rachel (PS0NX) [322] No.
Barbara (PS0NY) [323] had an awful job to get them because there awful this, a horrible flannelette stuff.
Rachel (PS0NX) [324] Mm.
Barbara (PS0NY) [325] [...] ... [...] what's coming into fashion now are long woollen panties to wear underneath your trousers.
Rachel (PS0NX) [326] [laugh] , haven't seen those.
Barbara (PS0NY) [327] I have, I'd get you a pair if you thought you'd wear them.
[328] Mm, you know.
Rachel (PS0NX) [329] Yes.
Barbara (PS0NY) [330] Why don't [...] ankles.
Rachel (PS0NX) [331] These are the one's I was looking at look, seven ninety nine, yeah, [...] .
[332] I don't know where are the ones I normally have .
Barbara (PS0NY) [333] Well, what sort did you want?.
Rachel (PS0NX) [334] They've, there with lycra but, there kind of more cheap you know ... let me get these.
Barbara (PS0NY) [335] Are they [...] strong then?
Rachel (PS0NX) [336] Well, they give, I, I don't know, it's the way they feel when you put them on, they sort of hold themselves up a bit better and
Barbara (PS0NY) [337] Oh , and in my size, I'll try them [...] and I'm a large and there's.
Rachel (PS0NX) [338] There's some over there, but lot's of them have lycra ones.
Barbara (PS0NY) [339] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [340] Forty seven for [...]
Jenny (PS0P0) [341] Just be over here alright?
Rachel (PS0NX) [342] though that's pretty good, you [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [343] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [344] Oh these they have four, there not with lycra though are they?

3 (Tape 016004)

Rachel (PS0NX) [345] They didn't stock nannies make, but she's bought me mine.
Barbara (PS0NY) [346] Oh right, well I pay my [...] how much are they?
Rachel (PS0NX) [347] First one seventeen.
Barbara (PS0NY) [348] You sure?
[349] Right, now, well they don't do, but they do them at [...] , now what do you want, do you want to have a look at the erm, green
Rachel (PS0NX) [350] I want to have a look at the [...] .
[351] Not as much as the ones I'll [...] with you .
Barbara (PS0NY) [352] This, is she wanted one, she wanted one for erm yourself didn't you? [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [353] Eighteen pounds.
[354] No wonder I like things I was looking at these tights, yeah, it's just one pair, and they were about eight pounds ...
Barbara (PS0NY) [355] That's like the [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [356] Oh you alright there?
Barbara (PS0NY) [357] Golden Black.
Rachel (PS0NX) [358] No, where is she?
[359] Mum says there are some round there in Golden Black if you want to come and see them.
Jenny (PS0P0) [...] ...
Barbara (PS0NY) [360] Where is that [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [361] There's one in blue as well look, behind it ... and with white and gold.
Jenny (PS0P0) [362] Can I have a look at that one? ...
Barbara (PS0NY) [363] That's right you like the gold [...] did you?
Rachel (PS0NX) [364] Mm.

4 (Tape 016005)

Rachel (PS0NX) [365] Got a square one as well.
Barbara (PS0NY) [366] Yeah, I thought you liked the green.
Rachel (PS0NX) [367] Yes, but there're a bit more unusual.
Barbara (PS0NY) [368] [...] that's nice.
[369] Cor, nice price too.
Rachel (PS0NX) [370] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [371] Me too. [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [372] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [373] Sixty two.
Rachel (PS0NX) [374] Bags are always expensive in here.
Jenny (PS0P0) [375] Is it?
[376] Well yes [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [377] Some more over there, do you want to have a quick look? [...] ...
Rachel (PS0NX) [378] Trying to think what Penny would like, but I can't.
Jenny (PS0P0) [379] You, you said you was gonna get her some underwear.
Rachel (PS0NX) [380] Yes, I think I will, I think that's quite a good idea, Joe's getting her jewellery, so.
Jenny (PS0P0) [381] Yes , yeah, well there's always there's Marks & Spencers, no, no, we want to do what with got to do here first, now what have we got to do here
Rachel (PS0NX) [382] Well we'll go [...]
Barbara (PS0NY) [383] Yes .
Jenny (PS0P0) [384] you want to go and have a look [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [385] Yes, right up the stairs then.
[386] The escalator.
Rachel (PS0NX) [387] The escalator's the other direction ...
Jenny (PS0P0) [388] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [389] Ok ...
Barbara (PS0NY) [390] No, I don't believe he's going to use that.
Rachel (PS0NX) [391] That's nice isn't it?, that's quite nice though isn't it?
Jenny (PS0P0) [392] Oh yeah, I
Barbara (PS0NY) [393] There's a short one.
Jenny (PS0P0) [394] Yeah, there's a pendanty one, yeah ...
Rachel (PS0NX) [395] Go up then?
Jenny (PS0P0) [396] Yes ...
Rachel (PS0NX) [397] Mine the step ... can't see any red tights I like, you know, from that shop ...
Barbara (PS0NY) [398] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [399] With a [...] , erm, that shop in Woking, erm what's it called?
[400] ... Robinson's.
Barbara (PS0NY) [401] [...] did you say Robinson's?
Rachel (PS0NX) [402] Yeah ... up ...
Jenny (PS0P0) [403] I want to [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [404] Sorry.
Jenny (PS0P0) [405] I want to [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [406] Oh yeah.
Jenny (PS0P0) [407] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [408] Are they [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [409] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [410] They might have them upstairs.
Jenny (PS0P0) [411] Yeah.
Barbara (PS0NY) [412] [...] it might be this store one, that [...] I don't know.
Rachel (PS0NX) [413] I would of thought it was more likely to be on this floor ...
Barbara (PS0NY) [414] Materials there ... Yes, this is place, is this where they [...] , very nice ...
Jenny (PS0P0) [415] [...] any more?
Rachel (PS0NX) [416] And they've got the [...] to match.
Jenny (PS0P0) [417] Yes, it's not the right one.
Rachel (PS0NX) [418] Wrong colour.
Jenny (PS0P0) [419] Mm.
Rachel (PS0NX) [420] They could probably get them though, couldn't they, if they've got
Jenny (PS0P0) [421] Well I know we might get them when erm, in er Debenham's might'n we?
Rachel (PS0NX) [422] Mm ...
Jenny (PS0P0) [423] Anything else [...] just here.
Barbara (PS0NY) [424] If I just take the serviettes I could ask her if they were obtainable [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [425] [...] yeah, they have those serviettes [...] ...
Barbara (PS0NY) [426] Yeah, probably change those, [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [427] No, I should think so, I should think it's just, that there probably sold those ones, they've only had certain colours of the range in.
Rachel (PS0NX) [428] Mm, look at those flannels? ...
Barbara (PS0NY) [429] [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [430] Mm, quite useful to have isn't it though [...] bit [...] that's quite nice .
Rachel (PS0NX) [431] More one's as well .
Jenny (PS0P0) [432] There's a green one there.
[433] That's a short one.
Barbara (PS0NY) [434] They, that is a longer one [...] ...
Rachel (PS0NX) [435] There's a green one here.
Jenny (PS0P0) [436] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [437] [...] one .
Jenny (PS0P0) [438] Oh yes, that's nice.
Rachel (PS0NX) [439] Five ninety nine.
Jenny (PS0P0) [440] From eighteen ninety nine down to five ninety nine .
Rachel (PS0NX) [441] It's got a nice edge hasn't it look?
Barbara (PS0NY) [442] Yeah, [...] for a change.
[443] I got, I got [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [444] Have you?
[445] ... If you wanted something just say.
Barbara (PS0NY) [446] Just say, that would be alright, and he wears this green, this green stuff doesn't he?
Rachel (PS0NX) [447] Who?
Barbara (PS0NY) [448] John .

5 (Tape 016006)

Jenny (PS0P0) [449] It stopped so that they didn't miss the conversation.
Barbara (PS0NY) [450] Can we get this in [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [451] Let me hold this for you.
[452] Let's come away from the top of the stairs cos it's [...] ... Right ...
Barbara (PS0NY) [453] Go down the other end I expect .
Jenny (PS0P0) [454] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [455] Yes, except for like the [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [456] Pretty.
Jenny (PS0P0) [457] Isn't it?
Rachel (PS0NX) [458] Mm.
Jenny (PS0P0) [459] What [...] for the wrapping paper [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [460] Wrapping paper .
Barbara (PS0NY) [461] Yeah.
Jenny (PS0P0) [462] Beautiful.
Rachel (PS0NX) [463] I just go and see if I can go and find some of these things then.

6 (Tape 016007)

Rachel (PS0NX) [464] Saw them at the same time, change of address .
Jenny (PS0P0) [465] Change of address , there's invitations.
Rachel (PS0NX) [466] It's quite nice, just plain.
Jenny (PS0P0) [467] Yeah ...
Rachel (PS0NX) [468] Different.
Jenny (PS0P0) [469] Don't do that one because that's [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [470] Please come for
Jenny (PS0P0) [471] Yeah,
Rachel (PS0NX) [472] It's nice, I suppose ... please come for ... please [...] ... I don't like that.
Jenny (PS0P0) [473] No, no ... there not as nice as those pretty erm
Rachel (PS0NX) [474] No.
Jenny (PS0P0) [475] but it might be better to find a [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [476] That's quite nice.
Jenny (PS0P0) [477] Yes, bit old, but ... how many do you want?
Rachel (PS0NX) [478] Oh, about eight, you see this is the right number ... there so expensive here.
Jenny (PS0P0) [479] Here's the children's, but that's a, that's a
Rachel (PS0NX) [480] These I'll be alright.
Jenny (PS0P0) [481] They haven't got any pads with them, writing pad, but that's [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [482] There quite pretty too.
Rachel (PS0NX) [483] Little place cards, look.
Jenny (PS0P0) [484] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [485] Invitation, wedding ... do you want to look any where else or you [...] have those cos ... cos you think these will be alright.
Rachel (PS0NX) [486] No, these will be alright.
Barbara (PS0NY) [487] You got some of those there.
Rachel (PS0NX) [488] Mm, don't think there as nice as those ones we bought in that [...]
Barbara (PS0NY) [489] Oh, didn't [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [490] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [491] [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [492] Oh really.
Barbara (PS0NY) [493] Oh, all the other [...] you know.
Jenny (PS0P0) [494] I thought [...] there pretty yeah.
Rachel (PS0NX) [495] Yeah , mm ...
Jenny (PS0P0) [496] No it doesn't look if there is anything else, but if you think these will be alright
Rachel (PS0NX) [497] These will be fine , yeah.
Barbara (PS0NY) [498] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [499] Mm, you getting those?
Jenny (PS0P0) [500] Yeah.
Rachel (PS0NX) [501] Those, those little boxes you've got .
Jenny (PS0P0) [502] Yeah , well I thought cos I've got those two little rings [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [503] Oh yeah ...
Jenny (PS0P0) [504] [...] for the boys.
Rachel (PS0NX) [505] Yeah, those swirly ones are nice.
Jenny (PS0P0) [506] Big boy.
Rachel (PS0NX) [507] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [508] No, no [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [509] The ones [...] .
None (PS0P4) [510] Four twenty five please ...
Jenny (PS0P0) [511] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [512] [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [513] Yeah, so that.
None (PS0P4) [514] Five seventy five please.
Barbara (PS0NY) [515] Thank you very much, can we just go and have a look at the pens then ...
Rachel (PS0NX) [516] [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [517] Those are sweet, look at those little ones.
[518] That's a pad, paper and [...] ... [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [519] Think these are lovely.
Barbara (PS0NY) [520] A hundred pounds.
Jenny (PS0P0) [521] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [522] [...] , I expect one of those will be alright, were they stripy ones we saw the other day?
Barbara (PS0NY) [523] Where, where did you see those?
Rachel (PS0NX) [524] That [...] in that [...] shop, we got the serviettes from ... ah, look at those elephants mum. [...]
Barbara (PS0NY) [525] Well I don't mind about, up to about ten [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [526] We saw some white Christmas [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [527] [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [528] Yeah.
Barbara (PS0NY) [...]
Jenny (PS0P0) [529] Yeah, we saw some attractive ones with a shop in that pub didn't we Rachel?
Rachel (PS0NX) [530] Yeah.
Jenny (PS0P0) [531] Erm ... that's a biro is it?
Rachel (PS0NX) [532] No it's a pencil.
Jenny (PS0P0) [533] That's average looking isn't it?
Barbara (PS0NY) [534] Eleven ninety nine ...
Jenny (PS0P0) [535] That's a [...] ... some here, nine ninety nine.
Barbara (PS0NY) [536] [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [537] Roller ball one, pencil that is.
Rachel (PS0NX) [538] Mm, erm, this is a pen.
Barbara (PS0NY) [539] I've got one like that, there very good [...]
Jenny (PS0P0) [540] Yeah.
Barbara (PS0NY) [541] isn't it?
Jenny (PS0P0) [542] Yeah.
Barbara (PS0NY) [543] I did have the roller ball don't you?
Jenny (PS0P0) [544] [...] , it is good value, yeah.
Rachel (PS0NX) [545] Nine, ninety nine.
Barbara (PS0NY) [546] Well that's a roller ball yes.
[547] I did, I didn't [...] erm, I didn't know whether you use it or not, [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [548] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [549] What is that one, there both biro's.
Jenny (PS0P0) [550] No, this one's a pen, [...] that's a ball pen [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [551] He mightn't use [...] pen nowadays, might he?
Jenny (PS0P0) [552] No, I don't think, but he's quite old fashioned, he might.
Barbara (PS0NY) [553] Difficult to know isn't it what [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [554] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [555] What's that one there, [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [556] It's a ball point ...
Barbara (PS0NY) [557] That's nine fifty, that's quite nice ... [...]
Barbara (PS0NY) [558] [...] is that the same?
Jenny (PS0P0) [559] The nine fifty.
Barbara (PS0NY) [560] Ah is it a nine fifty is it?
[561] That'll be, that'll be alright, let's just have a look at the [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [562] Shall I stop this for a while because of the noise?
Barbara (PS0NY) [563] Yes.

7 (Tape 016009)

Jenny (PS0P0) [564] Well while you're just having look there for a minute I'm gonna nip to the basement and straight back up again ok , I won't be a minute.
Barbara (PS0NY) [565] Ok , mm ...
Rachel (PS0NX) [566] That's nice.
Barbara (PS0NY) [567] That's the sort granddad wears.
Rachel (PS0NX) [568] He wouldn't wear that collar though would he?
Barbara (PS0NY) [569] Ah, that's extra large ...
Rachel (PS0NX) [570] What's that?
Barbara (PS0NY) [571] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [572] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [573] That's a large, yeah.
Rachel (PS0NX) [574] There's a stripy one, but he wouldn't wear strips would he, like that?
Barbara (PS0NY) [575] No, I don't think, but if it's pyjamas he [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [576] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [577] [...] . [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [578] That white one's quite nice.
Barbara (PS0NY) [579] Yeah.
Rachel (PS0NX) [580] It's extra large.
Barbara (PS0NY) [581] Oh I think [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [582] No, oh [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [583] Let's see, what colour do you want?
Rachel (PS0NX) [584] I'd like green, but I don't want a stripy one.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [585] Oh I see, erm.
Barbara (PS0NY) [586] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [587] That's the other, the other, they do seven, that's the other type, that's that one, I haven't got many of those left, that's a
Barbara (PS0NY) [588] Oh, yes, that's the one, that's what I'm looking for, bet you haven't got , well he want's a large.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [589] that's a medium that one, erm
Barbara (PS0NY) [590] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [591] I think that's a large one that I've got [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [592] [...] that's what I wanted that would of been alright.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [593] That's a medium, that would be about forty.
Barbara (PS0NY) [594] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [595] It wouldn't really fit forty [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [596] No, it wouldn't be right for him, he's an older man, you know, and it, would, you know, he's, it would, he would take it up more ...
Jenny (PS0P0) [597] [...] summer, I suppose it's not meant for summer cos it's got long sleeves.
Barbara (PS0NY) [598] Yes it's, yes it's a, it's a, it's a winter one not, I don't think he'd like it ... that's a shame, they did it in red [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [599] Sorry.
Barbara (PS0NY) [600] I don't think that's quite right for granddad is it?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [601] Got red, got navy blue there as well.
Barbara (PS0NY) [602] Yeah, yeah, I did want [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [603] Sorry, thank you.
Barbara (PS0NY) [604] [...] what he wants.
Jenny (PS0P0) [605] It's all money to spend you see.
Rachel (PS0NX) [606] Yeah.
Barbara (PS0NY) [607] Twenty two pounds, [...] twenty per cent off.
Rachel (PS0NX) [608] Was it?
Jenny (PS0P0) [609] Ten per cent off, ten per cent off.
Barbara (PS0NY) [610] I said ten, isn't it, right,
Rachel (PS0NX) [611] Yeah.
Barbara (PS0NY) [612] it's only two, two pound fifty in it, I mean.

8 (Tape 016010)

Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [613] Thanks very much.
Jenny (PS0P0) [614] Were getting a bit low actually
Rachel (PS0NX) [615] I [...] all there.
[616] No I don't need a [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [617] [...] , oh good.
Rachel (PS0NX) [618] I thought I had less than I actually had.
Jenny (PS0P0) [619] Right ...
Rachel (PS0NX) [620] So taken it down to the tills at the front, cos they move quicker ...
Barbara (PS0NY) [621] Thank you [...] ... No they don't, [...] change, no, I've just give them what I had.
[622] I just got, well I get [...] ... Where's the [...] oh. [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [623] Shall I go onto Mark's or
Barbara (PS0NY) [624] Yes you can go onto Mark's, I'll come to Mark's
Jenny (PS0P0) [625] Where is it that I find.
Barbara (PS0NY) [626] The [...] the young lady.
Rachel (PS0NX) [627] Down isn't it?
Barbara (PS0NY) [628] Yeah, it's on [...] it's [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [629] I'll just go and look at the underwear.
Barbara (PS0NY) [630] Yes I ...
Rachel (PS0NX) [631] Nanny these soap and things down on the right here, in front of you
Barbara (PS0NY) [632] What one [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [633] [...] , there like what I got mum, got mum a little basket [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [634] She showed it to me , she went up and fetch it, with the handles at the side.
Rachel (PS0NX) [635] Yeah.
Barbara (PS0NY) [636] I know she's thrilled to pieces with it.
Rachel (PS0NX) [637] Oh good ...
Barbara (PS0NY) [638] It's any [...] that I can talk over it.
Rachel (PS0NX) [639] Alright.
[640] I went to Chichester with Joe a couple of weekends ago.
Barbara (PS0NY) [641] And you [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [642] Yeah.
Barbara (PS0NY) [643] It was, he said, it's so [...] wasn't it?
Rachel (PS0NX) [644] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [645] Four for a pound the gent's handkerchief [...] coloured or white.
Jenny (PS0P0) [646] Chichester's a nice town isn't it?
Rachel (PS0NX) [647] Yes, that's where I was at college [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [648] Got a battle cross in the middle of it.
Barbara (PS0NY) [649] That's right.
Rachel (PS0NX) [650] Do it, what's the battle cross for do you know?
[651] No one seems to know why it's called the battle cross.
Barbara (PS0NY) [652] [...] .
[653] Somebody asked me years after I'd been to college if it was still there.
Rachel (PS0NX) [654] Oh it's still there now.
Barbara (PS0NY) [655] Yes, I know it's still there now, but I mean er, [...] .
[656] It's been there a very long time, cos that man was old who asked me, you, you know it was an old man he said that, and I was quite young, he said er, er is that cross still there in, in Chichester, I said yes, it's still there .
Jenny (PS0P0) [657] Funny isn't it , funny building.
Barbara (PS0NY) [658] Yes, and er ... there is a [...] when we were there cos [...] a good town, and I

9 (Tape 016011)

Rachel (PS0NX) [659] Now I'm looking for something for Penny, which isn't very expensive but nice, you know.
Barbara (PS0NY) [660] Yeah.
Rachel (PS0NX) [661] She gave me a lovely book on musical composer's last year which must have cost her a bomb.
Barbara (PS0NY) [662] Yeah.
Rachel (PS0NX) [663] Can't quite rise to that .
Jenny (PS0P0) [664] Which is Penny .
Rachel (PS0NX) [665] With red hair, bit more strawberry blonde than mine.
Jenny (PS0P0) [666] I always think of underwear as very useful.
Rachel (PS0NX) [667] Something like this would be alright, probably.
Jenny (PS0P0) [668] Do you know her size?
Rachel (PS0NX) [669] Well probably about my size, she's a bit, little bit bigger than me but not very much.
Jenny (PS0P0) [670] How much do you want to pay then Rachel, you've got to say that.
Rachel (PS0NX) [671] Well, don't know really ... They got some here look.
Jenny (PS0P0) [672] It's a wired bra you wouldn't [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [673] No, [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [674] They're wired.
Rachel (PS0NX) [675] Or something, you know, just ordinary ...
Jenny (PS0P0) [676] Well this is, [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [677] [...] . [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [678] That's quite pretty.
Rachel (PS0NX) [679] Yeah.
Jenny (PS0P0) [680] It's [...] though .
Rachel (PS0NX) [681] It's expensive though isn't it? ... something like, we got for Emma you know, a bit, but not quite so expensive maybe.
Jenny (PS0P0) [682] What did we buy gran, oh the [...] ...
Rachel (PS0NX) [683] Mm.
Jenny (PS0P0) [684] They seemed to be about [...] four ninety instead of little plan ones, if you're gonna have a top as well it'll be a bit more expensive, these it?
Rachel (PS0NX) [685] Yeah.
Jenny (PS0P0) [686] Four ninety nine ...
Rachel (PS0NX) [687] Yeah.
Jenny (PS0P0) [688] and pants to match, what about that, that's quite pretty look.
[689] And they've got spots on.
Rachel (PS0NX) [690] Yeah ...
Jenny (PS0P0) [691] What are these over here, [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [692] Yeah, that sort of thing.
Jenny (PS0P0) [693] That's four ninety nine look
Rachel (PS0NX) [694] And the pants are three?
Jenny (PS0P0) [695] Twelve to fourteen and there's a, that would be alright for her I should think, would it?
Rachel (PS0NX) [696] Yes, she's about my size so.
Jenny (PS0P0) [697] Yeah.
Rachel (PS0NX) [698] She's a big bigger than me actually.
Jenny (PS0P0) [699] Yeah she's a bit bigger than you I would think, twelve to fourteen would be alright I would think wouldn't you?
[700] There's
Rachel (PS0NX) [701] Yeah ,
Jenny (PS0P0) [702] white or there's cream or there's black.
[703] Cream's lovely.
Rachel (PS0NX) [704] cream, yeah.
Jenny (PS0P0) [705] Yeah, that's very nice.
Rachel (PS0NX) [706] She'll like the cream.
Jenny (PS0P0) [707] Twelve to fourteen.
Barbara (PS0NY) [708] Her colour hair.
Jenny (PS0P0) [709] Erm definitely, twelve to fourteen in the [...] .
[710] How about that?.
Rachel (PS0NX) [711] That'll be fine , mm.
Jenny (PS0P0) [712] Ok.
Rachel (PS0NX) [713] Yeah.
Jenny (PS0P0) [714] Right, here you are then, put it in.
Rachel (PS0NX) [715] They've got some little boxes, gift boxes over there.
Jenny (PS0P0) [716] Have they? [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [717] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [718] I think there might be something at home nan.
Barbara (PS0NY) [719] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [720] Well actually we wouldn't need a very big one would we?
Barbara (PS0NY) [721] No, you'd need a small one.
Rachel (PS0NX) [722] Medium, ninety nine P.
Jenny (PS0P0) [723] It's just that, these are the medium .
Rachel (PS0NX) [724] These are the medium .
[725] Make up like that, look.
Jenny (PS0P0) [726] That's plenty big enough though isn't it?
Rachel (PS0NX) [727] Yeah.
[728] I expect we've got something at home smaller .
Jenny (PS0P0) [729] Let's leave it , you might get one in the village any way if you want one.
Rachel (PS0NX) [730] Oh look this is [...] .
[731] If you go upstairs in there.
Jenny (PS0P0) [732] Yes.
Barbara (PS0NY) [733] One little box.
Jenny (PS0P0) [734] They've only got medium and large so [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [735] No, they're a bit big , thank you [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [736] Bye, bye.
Barbara (PS0NY) [737] I thought she was gonna, trying to get by ... Thank you.
Jenny (PS0P0) [738] You not [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [739] Yes.
Rachel (PS0NX) [740] I mean I, it's not [...] I'll give you some money when I get home alright ... Quite difficult now, I try and think of something I haven't given her before.
Jenny (PS0P0) [741] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [742] Yeah.
Jenny (PS0P0) [743] I've been trying to get some indoor fireworks and I can't get any, I thought it'll be just some.

10 (Tape 016012)

Rachel (PS0NX) [744] One of these?
Barbara (PS0NY) [745] The one that's got the handle that goes inside, you know, it changes round, are they on there? ...
Jenny (PS0P0) [746] There definitely here, you've seen them, you've seen them.
Barbara (PS0NY) [747] I saw them here last time when I looked at them.
[748] [...] sold out of them.
Jenny (PS0P0) [749] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [750] What colour is it mum?
Jenny (PS0P0) [751] White it was white and red
Barbara (PS0NY) [752] They vary , they vary ...
Rachel (PS0NX) [753] What are they?
Barbara (PS0NY) [754] That's yours, that type.
Jenny (PS0P0) [755] I've looked every where.
Rachel (PS0NX) [756] No.
Jenny (PS0P0) [757] No, no, it's like a roller [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [758] [...] . [...]
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [759] Were out of stock at the moment I'm afraid, when we do have them in, there twelve pounds, twenty five.
Jenny (PS0P0) [760] Good grief.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [761] A lot of money [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [762] Will be having them in again?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [763] We will be having [...] ok. [...]
Jenny (PS0P0) [764] How strange they doesn't have them, that was only a week or two .
Barbara (PS0NY) [765] I what, I do know a bit about them that was the grapefruit scoop.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [766] Erm.
Jenny (PS0P0) [767] That's it, isn't it?
Barbara (PS0NY) [768] [...] yeah but they might have a little one here, [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [769] They might have a little one ...
Barbara (PS0NY) [770] That's it, it's a melon balls, that sort of thing.
Jenny (PS0P0) [771] Melon, yeah.
Rachel (PS0NX) [772] Ask the girl ... I can't see it.
Jenny (PS0P0) [773] Do you have any of the peeler's, they have a peeler one end and a knife the other, interchanging by the handle, I've seen them here before.
Barbara (PS0NY) [774] A grater/peeler one end and a, and an ordinary knife the other, [...] , I mean if, if it [...] have to [...] candle over the top, you had them ... [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [775] Erm ...
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [776] No I haven't heard of that one, I'll go and see about that one.

11 (Tape 016013)

Barbara (PS0NY) [777] These are quite nice.
Rachel (PS0NX) [778] Yes, aren't they sweet?
[779] ... I like that pop one.
Jenny (PS0P0) [780] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [781] Ah.
[782] I like that, with colours on it like.
Barbara (PS0NY) [783] Oh they wouldn't be any good for us [...] but it might [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [784] That sort I'll be alright .
Barbara (PS0NY) [785] Yeah, quite nice.
[786] Like the shoe.
[787] Aren't they lovely, aren't they unusual?
Jenny (PS0P0) [788] What are they for?
Barbara (PS0NY) [789] Back door mat.
[790] No smoking beyond this bush.
Rachel (PS0NX) [791] I see, yeah.
Barbara (PS0NY) [792] Nice little perfume in it?
Jenny (PS0P0) [793] Yeah, [...] ...
Rachel (PS0NX) [794] Do you want to put that in here?
Jenny (PS0P0) [795] Yes, I think that's a good idea.

12 (Tape 016101)

Rachel (PS0NX) [796] A glass
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [797] Didn't know you wanted one.
Rachel (PS0NX) [798] You want a drink of hot milk?
Barbara (PS0NY) [799] I'll have water please ...
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [800] No, no thanks, I'll have [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [801] Wow.
Jenny (PS0P0) [802] There's some more ... I think you've got mum's [...] .

13 (Tape 016102)

Jenny (PS0P0) [803] Any one know where Richards gone?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [804] He's gone football or something you know.
Barbara (PS0NY) [805] Where was he this morning?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [806] He'd gone to get those tickets.
Barbara (PS0NY) [807] What tickets?
Rachel (PS0NX) [808] Oh, photo's, he should of gone to get photo's should of think.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [809] I don't know ...
Jenny (PS0P0) [810] I think [...] this morning.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [811] Who's that?
Jenny (PS0P0) [812] [...] , take some photographs of car parks, should of been there weeks ago and she [...] and you have to be ready for, she should have been in this week [...] how he's going to get them to do that, there's a train, there's a er [...] few hours service or what, it's gonna cost a bomb ... And he'll probably end up paying for it [...] cos he [...] ... I don't know whether he's doing it or not, it's what he should of been doing.

14 (Tape 016103)

Barbara (PS0NY) [813] Well be seems to have understood a little bit more about life, by, it's slipping away from him.
Jenny (PS0P0) [814] How hard it is yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [815] Is he still [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [816] I saw that film .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [817] girl or something.
Jenny (PS0P0) [818] He's [...] no he's been back at work, [...] off now, he's what
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [819] [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [820] Mm, I think he's erm, they went to Canada or South America for there summer holidays about [...] October.
[821] Had a wonderful time.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [822] Yeah.
Jenny (PS0P0) [823] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [824] Yeah.
Jenny (PS0P0) [825] You can't hear a thing, deaf as the, deaf as a post, and doesn't wear any thing, I feel it's very one side conversation because he, he says all the talking and they can't muck in [...] almost unbearable, cos she likes to talk a lot to and she couldn't get a word in because
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [826] [laugh] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [827] couldn't hear a word [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [828] And how many [...] mum ...
Barbara (PS0NY) [829] I'd much [...] .
[830] [...] smoke [...] .
[831] We've [...] didn't we
Rachel (PS0NX) [832] Only one.
Jenny (PS0P0) [833] or is this [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [834] [...] there wasn't much hassle [...] ...
Jenny (PS0P0) [835] Is it only one [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [836] Do you want a bit more?
[837] Alan a bit more?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [838] No thanks ...
Barbara (PS0NY) [839] Got [...] .
[840] [...] not doing to badly at all today ... digged it up well ... Wonder what Lynn's doing, getting up.
Jenny (PS0P0) [841] [...] might be.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [842] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [843] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [844] There're all be tired [...] .
[845] It's [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [846] it's about er seven, six o'clock [...] in the morning.
Jenny (PS0P0) [847] In the morning.
Barbara (PS0NY) [...] ...
Jenny (PS0P0) [848] I enjoyed that [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [849] Mm.
Jenny (PS0P0) [850] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [851] Yes, cos it's, it's [...] .
[852] [...] in the middle of the morning our Jack never [...] and erm, say, all they [...] , it was awful he going on between us [...] between us it was awful ...
Rachel (PS0NX) [853] Everything all right?
Barbara (PS0NY) [854] It's nice.
Jenny (PS0P0) [855] Do you want any more? [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [856] [laugh] , that [...] oh dear, you have to take this stuff with water it says, it is a horror one so I bought us some chocolate eclairs, have you got them?
[857] Sure go and get one for you?
Jenny (PS0P0) [858] It's alright.
Barbara (PS0NY) [859] Reg will go.
Jenny (PS0P0) [860] Thank you, [...] chocolate eclair.
Rachel (PS0NX) [861] No idea there, [...] a cake somewhere.
Barbara (PS0NY) [862] Hovering in the ladies bag.
Rachel (PS0NX) [...] ...
Barbara (PS0NY) [863] I bought Jane that flower.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [864] That's pretty isn't it?
Barbara (PS0NY) [865] Isn't that pretty?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [866] Yeah.
Jenny (PS0P0) [867] That's got [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [868] Yeah, sure is.
Jenny (PS0P0) [869] Sure is, wouldn't you take them?
Rachel (PS0NX) [870] Lovely colour, rich isn't it?
Barbara (PS0NY) [871] Colour, yeah.
Rachel (PS0NX) [872] Yeah, rich colour ... I was having [...] this year very well.
Barbara (PS0NY) [873] No need to put out in the, in the garden there, oh we've had to [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [874] I'll have to bring that [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [875] Thank you.
Rachel (PS0NX) [876] It's alright.
Barbara (PS0NY) [877] Put them there, but forgot to do a [...] with them, so instead of re-potting them and
Jenny (PS0P0) [878] Do you have to do [...] ...
Rachel (PS0NX) [879] I put a [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [880] Are you sure your wrist all right? ...
Rachel (PS0NX) [881] She bleeds easily.
Rachel (PS0NX) [882] Mm.
Rachel (PS0NX) [883] Bit of a [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [884] Not like aunt Bea is she?
[885] Mm, not like aunt Bea?
Rachel (PS0NX) [886] No, quite in fact [...] with glasses and false teeth and hearing aid and [...] and crutches
Barbara (PS0NY) [887] And that
Rachel (PS0NX) [888] [...] [laughing] no glasses, no hearing aid, no [...] []
Rachel (PS0NX) [889] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [890] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [891] False teeth [laugh] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [892] And a hundred.
Jenny (PS0P0) [893] [...] yeah.
Rachel (PS0NX) [894] I wonder, I must be looking at on her [...]
Barbara (PS0NY) [895] Or being chased by Red Indians [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [896] Yeah, shot in the behind by an arrow.
Rachel (PS0NX) [897] Did she get [...] for her Indians.
Jenny (PS0P0) [898] Yeah
Barbara (PS0NY) [899] Yeah, one shot.
Barbara (PS0NY) [900] Shut in the box.
Barbara (PS0NY) [901] Shut in the box.
Rachel (PS0NX) [902] Barry didn't believe me, [...] the scars.
Group of unknown speakers (KDLPSUGP) [laugh]
Barbara (PS0NY) [903] So she lifted up her skirt [laugh] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [904] What got me is, when we went out to this, this shopping mall, where we were, when we go to have this brunch, she was in [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [905] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [906] I said what.
Barbara (PS0NY) [907] When she got there she asked the manager ... and she said I want a table where all these people can sit .
Rachel (PS0NX) [908] All my relations can sit, [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [909] There from England, I want the best for them [laugh] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [910] And I'll pay.
Jenny (PS0P0) [911] [...] is a laugh.
Rachel (PS0NX) [912] There was about twelve or thirteen of us there.
Jenny (PS0P0) [913] Oh dear.
Rachel (PS0NX) [914] There's everybody, er, er Kathy was in an up roar.
Barbara (PS0NY) [915] [laugh] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [916] Getting enough tables there together for us all to all sit together, you can imagine can't you?
Jenny (PS0P0) [917] Mm.
Rachel (PS0NX) [918] It had to be done and it was done too.
[919] They all sat in one table.
Barbara (PS0NY) [920] They were [...] I suppose.
Rachel (PS0NX) [921] Oh yes, they knew her, cos it somewhere quite near her.
Barbara (PS0NY) [922] Yeah.
Rachel (PS0NX) [923] Her apartment was, she would pop in, pop in [...] every morning.
[924] They'd half shift themselves [...] .
[925] They [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [926] I can't remember what we had thought, I can't.
Rachel (PS0NX) [927] I can't remember, not a clue, all the people in the apartment has been invite [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KDLPSUGP) [laugh]
Rachel (PS0NX) [928] [...] ... and she's so coherent.
Jenny (PS0P0) [929] Yes.
Rachel (PS0NX) [930] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [931] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [932] I've never heard of her being ill, have you?
Rachel (PS0NX) [933] No.
Rachel (PS0NX) [934] But she likes everybody weight on her though [...] finger.
Barbara (PS0NY) [935] Yeah.
Rachel (PS0NX) [936] And she'd worn herself out, [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [937] [...] marry a rich husband, captain went for his niece, his nephew, she was [...] [laugh] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [938] [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [939] Does it [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [940] Oh we know she was.
Rachel (PS0NX) [941] Dad couldn't bear her [laugh] . [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [942] Where they?
Rachel (PS0NX) [943] Yes ...
Jenny (PS0P0) [944] Did you know much about her then?
Rachel (PS0NX) [945] It's a shame .
[946] Why, I, I, saw her once, I, I got one picture out there, you had us coming down the stairs, [...]
Jenny (PS0P0) [947] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [948] quarters, that's where I can remember her in.
Jenny (PS0P0) [949] Where is, yeah she was there, did she come over then?
Barbara (PS0NY) [950] That point in time, she had gone to the, the States and then she come back.
Jenny (PS0P0) [951] Oh yeah she come back .
Rachel (PS0NX) [952] She was on a, on a, on trip, oh and then she called on you.
Barbara (PS0NY) [953] She called on us
Rachel (PS0NX) [954] Yeah.
Barbara (PS0NY) [955] and she was with the,
Rachel (PS0NX) [956] Er she had left her husband and was with this
Barbara (PS0NY) [957] her nephew, oh I can imagine her [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [958] [laugh] , yes, in those days it was absolutely taboo, you know to have any [...] , I have been there you know.
Barbara (PS0NY) [959] Dreadful yeah.
Barbara (PS0NY) [960] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [961] Yes.
Barbara (PS0NY) [962] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [963] No, from what I said this morning I meant not being there, without realising that
Barbara (PS0NY) [964] What's that?
Rachel (PS0NX) [965] The [...] [speaking french] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [966] I'll explain it to you later [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [967] [laugh] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [968] I'll explain it to you later.
Rachel (PS0NX) [969] But, er, don't [laugh] , I'd rather not know why.
[970] Oh dear get rid of all this.
Rachel (PS0NX) [971] What are you doing?
Rachel (PS0NX) [972] Oh no, no.
Rachel (PS0NX) [973] No, no we can't hear it till the end.
Rachel (PS0NX) [974] You'll hear when it's finished.
Rachel (PS0NX) [975] Yeah.
Jenny (PS0P0) [976] But, mum will you like some [...] and some [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [977] [...] back to the car and I said no, Rachel take it back and she said oh you'll make it, go on in, [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [978] Go and get some tights.
Rachel (PS0NX) [979] Some tights then.
[980] And I saw your mother and I was going on saying all your virtues and how she's been a good girl, how does that, how er, how erm self discipline she was and all this is on the tape
Barbara (PS0NY) [981] Don't worry.
Jenny (PS0P0) [982] Oh again now ...
Rachel (PS0NX) [983] Reference there, who is, mm ... Where is Richard?
Rachel (PS0NX) [984] I don't know, I think mum said he's [...] out.

15 (Tape 016105)

Rachel (PS0NX) [985] Who was the lady you were talking to who you knew?
Jenny (PS0P0) [986] She lives in Bigerry Lane, behind us [...] behind us.
Rachel (PS0NX) [987] Oh.
Jenny (PS0P0) [988] And she's got two boys there [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [989] Oh.
Jenny (PS0P0) [990] And erm, I didn't know they came to [...] orchestra, perhaps they've only just joined.
Rachel (PS0NX) [991] Didn't know her at all.
Jenny (PS0P0) [992] I do, she's a child mind.
Rachel (PS0NX) [993] Oh is she?
Jenny (PS0P0) [994] And I often see her walking past with the children on the way to pick up others from the school.
Rachel (PS0NX) [995] With the bike?
Jenny (PS0P0) [996] No not with the bike
Rachel (PS0NX) [997] Oh.
Jenny (PS0P0) [998] She's usually got a pushchair if I remember.
Rachel (PS0NX) [999] Oh no, I don't, I don't think I remember.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1000] Alright.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1001] She reminds me of [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1002] Yes, a little
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1003] How long you [...] are you both [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1004] Yes, it's [...] erm, they came on stage, I think it would be good for [...] and then they [...] when [...] coming to New Zealand [...] yeah, [...] the whole [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [1005] Where were they [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1006] It was, no were staying with mum.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1007] Yeah.
Jenny (PS0P0) [1008] Gonna stay over night with her, Tuesday night.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1009] How long is it since you've seen [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1010] Three and a half years, three, four years [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1011] [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1012] Longer.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1013] [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1014] Three and a half years.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1015] Oh [...] she met
Jenny (PS0P0) [1016] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1017] she likes it down there.
Jenny (PS0P0) [1018] Yes they love it, [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1019] [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1020] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1021] Well they've [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [1022] You see.
Jenny (PS0P0) [1023] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1024] Something like that, yeah, I mean they do [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1025] Yeah, they have to, they have to stay there three years to get citizenship, now they've got duel citizenship, and he won't go he [...] back .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1026] Ready to go back.
Jenny (PS0P0) [1027] Mm, should think they were, they love it.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1028] Totally different [...]
Jenny (PS0P0) [1029] Yeah, [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1030] [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1031] No, were, were staying put, because I think that while [...] mum won't [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1032] [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1033] Yeah.
[1034] We should go down I think Rachel and I [...] as before, and
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1035] [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1036] she finishes on the
Rachel (PS0NX) [1037] Thirty.
Jenny (PS0P0) [1038] thirty.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1039] [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1040] Oh that's why I [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1041] [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1042] Richard was supposed to remind me.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1043] [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1044] So we might go down that weekend for Rachel [...] and then after Christmas
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1045] [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1046] we've both got a week off, and we thought we'd all can go just for a couple of days
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1047] Erm.
Jenny (PS0P0) [1048] but, erm, we shan't be there [...]
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1049] And how long do you [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1050] Oh, somewhere between four and six weeks [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1051] Do you [...] New Zealand [...] think they have already [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [1052] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1053] Yeah.
Jenny (PS0P0) [1054] Well that's right cos they were thinking of erm, mind you they've stop, they've already parted and they stopped two days in [...] and then
Rachel (PS0NX) [1055] Oh [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1056] [...] there flying [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1057] Just like our [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1058] And then coming to us and then
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1059] [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1060] when they go back
Rachel (PS0NX) [1061] [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1062] Stop in Tokyo for three or four days, so erm, before they go on home, so it really is a
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1063] Got a [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1064] Yes, two boys and a growing [...]
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1065] [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1066] Oh lovely.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1067] What [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1068] I think they'd always sort of wanted to go and explore, yes, and it seemed the ideal time, the boys were just about school age, erm, sort of you could well [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [1069] [...] I have [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [...] ...
Jenny (PS0P0) [1070] I was just looking to see if I could see those two boys, see what there names, because
Rachel (PS0NX) [1071] Paul and Richard.
Jenny (PS0P0) [1072] yes, that's right ... clarinet's, and string clarinet.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1073] Mm.
Jenny (PS0P0) [1074] Murphy, that's it and [...] , Richard Murphy, that's right, her names Murphy.

16 (Tape 016106)

Rachel (PS0NX) [1075] Don't know whether Sally still goes ... she's, I think she's gone to university now.
Jenny (PS0P0) [1076] Yes, if she [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [1077] No ... the other one might though.
Jenny (PS0P0) [1078] [...] , she's flute wasn't she?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1079] Yeah, she's not there .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1080] No, she's not there , no, [...] not often [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [1081] What about erm ... what's her name, the other one from my school ... plays the oboe
Jenny (PS0P0) [1082] Did she? [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [1083] oh no, the clarinet lady, [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1084] Yeah ...
Rachel (PS0NX) [1085] No, that's not the oboe ... here she is there, [...]
Jenny (PS0P0) [1086] [...] ... [...] now which one is she?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1087] Where are they?
Jenny (PS0P0) [1088] In the centre, at the back.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1089] No, it's not one of those ... [...] it's not all of them though, look there's a whole ... be more than that won't there?
Jenny (PS0P0) [1090] There are three [...] one on there, and that boys playing one, no he hasn't got one I shouldn't think, unless the boys are [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [1091] There's four, there she is.

17 (Tape 016202)

Rachel (PS0NX) [1092] Always smells funny in here ... just the colour we need isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1093] [...] somebody farts in assembly.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1094] No I think they did ... so dull and boring ... I think I've gotta fart!
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1095] [...] was you!

18 (Tape 016203)

Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1096] Hi
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1097] Hi
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1098] Hi
Rachel (PS0NX) [1099] Hi
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1100] [...] today.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1101] Oh right!
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1102] It'll be ... [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [1103] Sorry!
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1104] It's alright everybody does it.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [singing] [...] [...] []
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [singing] [...] []
Rachel (PS0NX) [1105] That's a bad thing [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KDLPSUGP) [singing] [...] []
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1106] [singing] You've got to have a dream ... if you don't have a dream ... how you gonna have a dream come true ... do da da da []
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [laugh]
Rachel (PS0NX) [1107] You're mad you two!
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1108] What else can we sing er
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1109] erm ... I don't know.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1110] Er let's see ... er ... [singing] Aga doo doo doo
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1111] No I'm not!
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1112] push pineapple, drink coffee []
Rachel (PS0NX) [1113] I'll come back in a minute okay but don't go in without me.

19 (Tape 016204)

Rachel (PS0NX) [1114] It's cannelloni today [...] ... and er
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1115] What you saying?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1116] It's Italian pasta dish.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1117] Oh ... that's healthy!
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [1118] What you having?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1119] Hello [...]
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1120] I'll have broccoli with it but [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [1121] I thought it had it in it
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1122] broccoli in it?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1123] Yeah I [...] that green stuff inside.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1124] That's spinach.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1125] Wh w oh ... that's ginger bread ... these are [...] I think so.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1126] Urgh [...] ! [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [1127] I like that ... it's nice.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [1128] [...] for later.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1129] Hey [...] so what's the matter with it?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1130] I don't know
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1131] Alright that's pretty much
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [1132] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1133] How exciting!
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1134] [...] !
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1135] [...] stripes.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1136] Don't like the look, never mind!
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1137] [...] ... [...] broken a chair [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [1138] Is it?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [1139] Oh well!
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1140] Don't you [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [1141] Perhaps she's got another hospital appointment or something.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1142] No she didn't have ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1143] The English thing is separate.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1144] Yeah ginger bread ... mm.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1145] [...] is separate [...] innit?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1146] No [...] quite big bits in it too ... [...] he's a funny man, that man isn't he? ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1147] He said you can get them in France.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1148] Alright yeah.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1149] Let's send [...] to them.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1150] [...] mean, big brown eyes.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1151] No he hasn't.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1152] Where's he gone?
[1153] ... Oh!
Rachel (PS0NX) [1154] [laugh] ... like somebody I could mention ... Where is everyone today, there's so few people aren't there?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1155] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1156] They're what?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1157] They're so few people.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1158] Yeah.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1159] Don't suppose we know where they are.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [1160] They sit ... oh there's Andrew and Beeper ... Oh ... got a smelly, grotty [...] !
[1161] ... Thank you ... I think we all should make a pact.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1162] an I tell you [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [1163] hold this then
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1164] Okay,an look ... look!
Rachel (PS0NX) [1165] Hold that one
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1166] What you gonna say?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1167] Erm ... I think we ought to make a pact not to blame each other if we copy the answers on th ... [...] kind of thing [...]
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1168] What are you talking about?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1169] In biology if we copy each others answers and not to blame o each other when we get them wrong.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1170] Yeah okay.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1171] Okay, hereby make a pact.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1172] [...] !
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1173] Here.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1174] Might as well.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1175] We're making a pact now, okay?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1176] Alright, how do you do that?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1177] There ... I hereby make a pact that I will not blame Joe for anything I copy off her in biology.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1178] Right then I'll do that one.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1179] [laughing] [...] ha [] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1180] Why aren't you saying your bit?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1181] Okay, okay ... yeah I won't blame any of my friends [...] ... same here.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1182] In biology.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1183] Here, here.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1184] How do you do that?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1185] What?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1186] Don't worry.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1187] Better that I don't ... that I don't be proud better live in harmony.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1188] Have you got [...] down the back?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1189] String bow you mean?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1190] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [1191] Don't go anywhere without my violin.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1192] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1193] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1194] You're not playing in the carol concert are you?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1195] No ... If you want salad instead of Christmas lunch you have to sign ... comme e sta
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1196] Sorry?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1197] Comme e sta
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1198] I don't know.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1199] Have you been to that fifty one
Rachel (PS0NX) [1200] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1201] the concert [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1202] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1203] No Jane.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1204] What's the boy doing?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1205] Christmas lunch on Thursday or Monday.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1206] Oh ... quite fancy that actually.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1207] Oh you're [...] not having Christmas lunch.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1208] Christmas lunch is [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1209] Some of it
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1210] I just thought
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1211] and you make [...] ... but not all of it.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1212] Think they are ... but it might not be ... we could ask ... they'll probably be the vegetarian ... Christmas lunch as well won't there?
[1213] ... I [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1214] Okay?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1215] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [laugh]
Rachel (PS0NX) [1216] Erm ... a bit weird!

20 (Tape 016205)

Rachel (PS0NX) [1217] Mm?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1218] How many people are you getting to do this thing?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1219] How many people am I ... am I what?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1220] Are they in this thing?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1221] I don't know ... oh ... cos I don't know, I think so ... a lot noisier than usual in here.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1222] No ... so many people [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [1223] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1224] [...] first.

21 (Tape 016206)

Rachel (PS0NX) [1225] If you see it hanging down, tell me.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1226] [laugh] ... there you go.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1227] Want to see if I can spot Miss and Victor.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1228] Oh yeah [...] ... eighty [...] ... and she's sort of sixty three, no that's a bit early isn't it?
[1229] ... Seventy one.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1230] No if she's about ... forty now ... she's fifty ... Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1231] yeah ... so she'd have been twenty
Rachel (PS0NX) [1232] and she'd have been
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1233] in nineteen seventy.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1234] That's Mrs ?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1235] Yeah ... she's was [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [1236] She'd have been
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1237] She was quite [...] to us.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1238] How old twenty
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1239] Mrs !
Rachel (PS0NX) [1240] Oh yeah
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1241] Mrs Mrs
Rachel (PS0NX) [1242] When she was about twenty.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1243] Mrs !
Rachel (PS0NX) [1244] Oh gosh she looked really different!
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1245] Mrs about ... [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [1246] I didn't recognise her.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1247] I did.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1248] My mum had her hair like that.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1249] So did my mum ha ha!
Rachel (PS0NX) [1250] Wow this is ... look at this [laughing] look [] !
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1251] What?
[1252] ... No she looks the same.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1253] Still [...]
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1254] Who else?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1255] Er ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1256] Working out how old
Rachel (PS0NX) [1257] [...] there
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1258] she would have been
Rachel (PS0NX) [1259] if she was twenty then
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1260] To be forty she'd have had to have been born in the nineteen seventies
Rachel (PS0NX) [1261] About twenty nine
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1262] so you're looking for them ... be eighty fives
Rachel (PS0NX) [1263] Don't think
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1264] aren't you?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1265] sixty five we're looking for ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1266] Why?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1267] Because that's when she'd have been ... fifteen.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1268] Oh yeah ... I mean she would have been born in the forties wouldn't she ... not seventies!
Rachel (PS0NX) [1269] I was born in the seventies ... [...] she might be in this one.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1270] Then she's always late, isn't she, so she probably wouldn't.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1271] Yeah probably about sixty five ... expect there some where ... there in tra ... and she said she was in the fourth year, didn't she?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1272] Yeah ar yeah.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1273] These must be the sixth formers in the dresses.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1274] Yeah probably.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1275] Their hairs th the hairstyles are really funny!
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1276] Yeah.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1277] Look at these hairstyles!
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1278] [laughing] Look at that one!
[1279] ... Yeah look at that one [] ! ... maybe we've miscalculated.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1280] That might be later might'n it?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1281] [laughing] Might be earlier [] !
Rachel (PS0NX) [1282] There's a sixty one.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1283] What staff have left and [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [1284] They must be the ones in the white blouses then.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1285] Yeah ... mm mm.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1286] It's funny isn't it, you don't imagine people with hair like that!
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [laugh]
Rachel (PS0NX) [1287] It's fifty four.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1288] She was a bit of a ... tart, weren't she?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1289] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1290] and this is only
Rachel (PS0NX) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1291] [...] there's the bandstand, Miss .
Rachel (PS0NX) [1292] Oh yeah, while she was a teacher then, [...] [laugh] I say [] !
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1293] I say!
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1294] Green ... oh Mrs .
Rachel (PS0NX) [1295] Oh she might be in an eighty one.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1296] Eighty one ... as a pupil?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1297] Mm ... in the sixth form.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1298] Eighty one?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1299] Or in eighty.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1300] No way!
[1301] ... [laughing] No way [] ! ... [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [1302] Oh yeah ... well maybe a bit before that ... these are the eighties.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1303] Where was ... Do you reckon Miss then?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1304] Mm?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1305] Do you reckon [...] polio then?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1306] Probably.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1307] I thought she knew, she had when she was a child.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1308] Did she?
[1309] I don't know then.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1310] Mm mm ... Miss !
Rachel (PS0NX) [1311] No it must have been before nineteen eighty.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1312] I reckon it was seventy five to seventy nine.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1313] I reckon seventy one then.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1314] I dunno know.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1315] Too strenuous for me!
[1316] ... Denise .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1317] Sorry?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1318] They're very early aren't they?
[1319] ... Twe twenty seven.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1320] Fifty seven.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1321] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1322] Fifty seven, if she was born in forty seven, she'd be forty seven she'd be forty ... forty four now
Rachel (PS0NX) [1323] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1324] and if she was
Rachel (PS0NX) [1325] [...] ... about sixty ... something.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1326] No cos she'd have been twenty then wouldn't she ... almost
Rachel (PS0NX) [1327] No ... no not in sixty
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1328] No.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1329] one.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1330] Oh yeah ... sixty one.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1331] There was sixty one.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1332] How old would she have been in sixty one?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1333] Forty ... forty two, forty one, twenty ... nine ... three ... seventeen ... six

22 (Tape 016301)

Rachel (PS0NX) [1334] Me, I was fine thank you!
[1335] What have you [...]
Barbara (PS0NY) [1336] It's a bit.
Jenny (PS0P0) [1337] [laughing] [...] don't look like it [] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [1338] Should I not ask?
Barbara (PS0NY) [1339] If you want [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [1340] Right ... [...]
Jenny (PS0P0) [1341] Here we are.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1342] Mm.
Barbara (PS0NY) [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [1343] Mm.
Barbara (PS0NY) [1344] [...] we've finished the last, we've finished the last one.
Jenny (PS0P0) [1345] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [1346] Yeah.
Jenny (PS0P0) [1347] Was it nice? [laugh] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [1348] Mm, ok ... those peculiar people.
Jenny (PS0P0) [1349] Who is?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1350] Those wondering round in a daze and being peculiar.
Barbara (PS0NY) [1351] Oh, sorry ...
Jenny (PS0P0) [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [1352] Who was that [...] too.
Jenny (PS0P0) [1353] I'm sorry.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1354] [laugh] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1355] [...] that's [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [1356] What?
Jenny (PS0P0) [1357] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [1358] Ooh very motional [...] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1359] Erm, I believe that the toilet roll off, that's what I usually do.
Barbara (PS0NY) [1360] [laugh] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [1361] Yeah, it shows up more.
Jenny (PS0P0) [1362] What you talking about?
Barbara (PS0NY) [1363] [laugh] .
Jenny (PS0P0) [1364] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [1365] Solved the problem, don't worry.
Barbara (PS0NY) [1366] You get [...] if you use the toilet roll?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1367] Sorry?
Barbara (PS0NY) [1368] [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [1369] Why do you want it to glow, it'll show more if it glowed.
Barbara (PS0NY) [1370] It's fashionable.
Jenny (PS0P0) [1371] It is fashionable .
Barbara (PS0NY) [1372] Well you [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [1373] Mm, no.
Barbara (PS0NY) [1374] Well [...] .

23 (Tape 016302)

Rachel (PS0NX) [1375] It's French next.
Barbara (PS0NY) [1376] I haven't got French next.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1377] I hate French.
Barbara (PS0NY) [1378] Why?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1379] Cos I have to speak to her.
Barbara (PS0NY) [1380] [...] about a conversation then?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1381] What about it, that's worse isn't it?
Barbara (PS0NY) [1382] Yeah, well it's the same thing.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1383] I mean you don't [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [1384] But not to her.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1385] No, [...] .

24 (Tape 016303)

Barbara (PS0NY) [1386] Er not recently no.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1387] No.
Barbara (PS0NY) [1388] You come back in here or not?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1389] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1390] Yeah.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1391] Well [...] now, [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1392] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1393] Yeah. [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [1394] Er, what is it?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1395] [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [1396] Where is she?.
Rachel (PS0NX) [...]
Barbara (PS0NY) [1397] It's at erm, Wembley isn't it?
Rachel (PS0NX) [1398] I can't remember [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [1399] Who's go is it?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1400] What you go [...] .
Barbara (PS0NY) [1401] Er ... [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [1402] I need that one as well.
Barbara (PS0NY) [1403] Mm.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1404] I need that one as well.
Barbara (PS0NY) [1405] And that one?

25 (Tape 016304)

Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1406] Hold on, hold on [...]
Rachel (PS0NX) [1407] I picked up what she put down.
None (PS0P1) [1408] No, that's right.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1409] That is right.
None (PS0P1) [1410] I put a card down [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1411] Sure.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1412] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1413] Oh.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1414] No, I did pick it up.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1415] I believe you.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1416] I thought Louise was being very obliging.
None (PS0P1) [1417] I know, I thought I was a bit.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1418] I put two on Rachel's [...]
None (PS0P1) [1419] Oh Rachel, she's won every game so far.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1420] We've only played one.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1421] No, [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1422] [...] .
None (PS0P1) [1423] It wasn't yesterday, it was ages ago.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1424] Was it?
None (PS0P1) [1425] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1426] I [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1427] [...] .
None (PS0P1) [1428] No, it wasn't this week.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1429] I have to give you a [...] .
None (PS0P1) [1430] You sure?.
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1431] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1432] [...] . [...] [music playing]
None (PS0P1) [1433] [...] a cab [...] . [music playing]
Rachel (PS0NX) [1434] [...] .
None (PS0P1) [1435] [...] quite easily [...] .
Rachel (PS0NX) [1436] There all [...] .
None (PS0P1) [1437] So, show me yours otherwise I might not put something down.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1438] [...] . [...]
None (PS0P1) [1439] No, don't.
Rachel (PS0NX) [1440] [...] that's, that's
None (PS0P1) [1441] Oh no .
Rachel (PS0NX) [1442] don't need that.
None (PS0P1) [1443] How'd you know, it's your go isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KDLPSUNK) [1444] Your go.
None (PS0P1) [1445] It's my go, oh.