103 conversations recorded by `Raymond' (PS0PN) between 13 and 19 March 1992 with 46 interlocutors, totalling 17138 s-units, 108739 words, and over 1 hour 50 minutes 5 seconds of recordings.

47 speakers recorded by respondent number 523

PS0PN Ag4 m (Raymond, age 57, retired, North-west Midlands, )
PS0PP Ag4 f (Margaret, age 55, retired, London, ) wife
PS0PR Ag5 m (Brian, age 61, technician, North-west Midlands, ) colleague
PS0PS Ag4 f (Shirley, age 50, housewife, North-west Midlands, ) colleague
PS0PT Ag4 m (Brian, age 50, photographer, North-west Midlands, ) colleague
PS0PU Ag4 m (Eric, age 54, retired, North-west Midlands, ) colleague
PS0PV Ag4 f (Chris, age 45, housewife, North-west Midlands, ) colleague
PS0PW Ag4 m (John, age 46, driver, Merseyside, ) colleague
PS0PX Ag5 f (Paula, age 70, housewife, London, ) colleague
PS0PY Ag5 f (Gwyneth, age 66, housewife, North-west Midlands, ) colleague
PS0R0 Ag3 m (Bruce, age 35, technician, Merseyside, ) colleague
PS0R1 Ag4 f (Joan, age 57, tutor, North-west Midlands, ) colleague
PS0R2 Ag2 f (Joanna, age 31, upholsterer, Home Counties, ) colleague
PS0R3 Ag4 m (Arthur, age 54, driver, Merseyside, ) colleague
PS0R4 Ag3 m (Paul, age 36, policeman, North-west Midlands, ) son
PS0R5 Ag2 f (Cathy, age 27, laboratory technician, North-west Midlands, ) daughter-in-law
PS0R6 Ag0 m (Nik, age 11, boys brigade, Welsh, ) stranger
PS0R7 Ag5 f (Dorothy, age 60, machinist, Welsh, ) colleague
PS0R8 Ag0 f (Laura, age 6, student, North-west Midlands, ) granddaughter
PS0R9 Ag0 m (Scott, age 5, student, North-west Midlands, ) grandson
PS0RA Ag0 f (Emily, age 8, student, North-west Midlands, ) granddaughter
PS0RB Ag2 f (Carrie, age 31, housewife, North-west Midlands, ) daughter
PS0RC Ag5 m (Ken, age 61, retired, North-west Midlands, ) friend
PS0RD Ag5 m (Norman, age 61, joiner, North-west Midlands, ) neighbour
PS0RE Ag3 f (Molly, age 37, housewife, North-west Midlands, ) colleague
PS0RF Ag5 m (John, age 60, schoolmaster, North-west Midlands, ) colleague
PS0RG Ag4 m (George, age 45, tutor, Central Midlands, ) colleague
PS0RH Ag3 f (Nanette, age 43, housewife, European (Dutch), ) colleague
PS0RJ Ag3 f (Victoria, age 37, housewife, United States, ) colleague
PS0RK Ag5 m (Arthur, age 61, storeman, South Midlands, ) friend
PS0RL Ag3 m (Glyn, age 40, auction worker, Welsh, ) colleague
PS0RM Ag5 m (Hughes, age 63, chemist, Central Midlands, ) stranger
PS0RN Ag2 f (Hayley, age 27, chemist, North-west Midlands, ) friend
PS0RP Ag5 f (Hilary, age 62, housewife, North-west Midlands, ) neighbour
PS0RR Ag3 f (Phyllis, age 42, secretary, North-west Midlands, ) friend
PS0RS Ag1 f (Louise, age 22, typist, North-west Midlands, ) friend
PS0RT Ag5 m (Tim, age 61, dentist, North-west Midlands, ) colleague
PS0RU Ag5 m (Ted, age 62, retired, Merseyside, ) colleague
PS0RV Ag4 f (Pat, age 57, housewife, London, ) colleague
PS0RW Ag4 m (Mike, age 48, restorer, North-west Midlands, ) colleague
PS0RX Ag2 m (Tony, age 27, remover, Merseyside, ) colleague
PS0RY Ag5 f (Alice, age 64, housewife, North-west Midlands, ) colleague
PS0S0 Ag4 m (Brian, age 45, salesman, North-west Midlands, ) friend
PS0S1 Ag5 f (Mary, age 61, housewife, North-west Midlands, ) colleague
PS0S2 Ag3 f (Teresa, age 42, housewife, North-west Midlands, ) colleague
KDMPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KDMPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

103 recordings

  1. Tape 029801 recorded on 1992-03-13. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( home ) Activity: feeding dogs
  2. Tape 029802 recorded on 1992-03-13. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( home ) Activity: taking dogs for walk
  3. Tape 029803 recorded on 1992-03-13. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: furniture restoration
  4. Tape 029804 recorded on 1992-03-13. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: talking about dentists
  5. Tape 029805 recorded on 1992-03-13. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: restoring chairs
  6. Tape 029806 recorded on 1992-03-13. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: upholstering
  7. Tape 029807 recorded on 1992-03-13. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: upholstery
  8. Tape 029808 recorded on 1992-03-13. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: talking to driver
  9. Tape 029809 recorded on 1992-03-13. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: talking
  10. Tape 029901 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( Home ) Activity: talking to family
  11. Tape 029902 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( Mold Market ) Activity: Shopping
  12. Tape 029903 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( Mould market ) Activity: shopping
  13. Tape 029904 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( daughters house ) Activity: talking to grandchildren
  14. Tape 029905 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationClwyd: Shotton ( daughters house ) Activity: talking to children
  15. Tape 029906 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationClwyd: Shotton ( Daughters house ) Activity: playing games
  16. Tape 029907 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationClwyd: Shotton ( Daughters house ) Activity: playing games
  17. Tape 029908 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationClwyd: Shotton ( Daughters house ) Activity: playing games
  18. Tape 029909 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationClwyd: Shotton ( Daughters house ) Activity: playing games
  19. Tape 029910 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationClwyd: Shotton ( Daughters house ) Activity: playing games
  20. Tape 029911 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationClwyd: Shotton ( Daughters house ) Activity: playing games
  21. Tape 029912 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationClwyd: Shotton ( Daughters house ) Activity: playing games
  22. Tape 030001 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( friends house ) Activity: talking
  23. Tape 030002 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( friends house ) Activity: talking
  24. Tape 030003 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( friends house ) Activity: discussing politics
  25. Tape 030101 recorded on 1992-03-15. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( home ) Activity: reading
  26. Tape 030201 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  27. Tape 030202 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  28. Tape 030203 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( out ) Activity: walking the dog
  29. Tape 030204 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( out ) Activity: walking the dog
  30. Tape 030205 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( out ) Activity: walking the dog
  31. Tape 030206 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  32. Tape 030207 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  33. Tape 030208 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  34. Tape 030209 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  35. Tape 030210 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  36. Tape 030211 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  37. Tape 030212 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  38. Tape 030213 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  39. Tape 030214 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  40. Tape 030301 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  41. Tape 030302 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( college ) Activity: Unspecified
  42. Tape 030303 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( college ) Activity: Unspecified
  43. Tape 030304 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  44. Tape 030305 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( college ) Activity: Unspecified
  45. Tape 030401 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working - furniture restoration
  46. Tape 030402 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working - furniture restoration
  47. Tape 030403 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working - furniture restoration
  48. Tape 030404 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working - furniture restoration
  49. Tape 030405 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working - furniture restoration
  50. Tape 030406 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working - furniture restoration
  51. Tape 030407 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working - furniture restoration
  52. Tape 030501 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationClwyd: Buckley () Activity: walking dog
  53. Tape 030502 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationClwyd: Mold/Buckley ( auction rooms/market ) Activity: Unspecified
  54. Tape 030503 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationClwyd: Mold/Buckley ( auction rooms/market ) Activity: Unspecified
  55. Tape 030504 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationClwyd: Mold/Buckley ( auction rooms/market ) Activity: Unspecified
  56. Tape 030505 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationClwyd: Mold/Buckley ( auction rooms/market ) Activity: Unspecified
  57. Tape 030506 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationClwyd: Mold/Buckley ( auction rooms/market ) Activity: Unspecified
  58. Tape 030507 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationClwyd: Mold/Buckley ( auction rooms/market ) Activity: shopping
  59. Tape 030508 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationClwyd: Mold/Buckley ( auction rooms/market ) Activity: shopping
  60. Tape 030509 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( neighbours ) Activity: visiting
  61. Tape 030510 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationClwyd: Buckley ( neighbours ) Activity: visiting
  62. Tape 030512 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationClwyd: Connams Quay () Activity: visiting son
  63. Tape 030513 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationClwyd: Shotton ( Daughters house ) Activity: visiting daughter
  64. Tape 030514 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationClwyd: Shotton () Activity: visiting daughter
  65. Tape 030515 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationClwyd: Buckley () Activity: Unspecified
  66. Tape 030601 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationClwyd: Mancot ( friends house ) Activity: general
  67. Tape 030602 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationClwyd: Mancot ( friends house ) Activity: general
  68. Tape 030701 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( garage ) Activity: petrol
  69. Tape 030702 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  70. Tape 030703 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  71. Tape 030704 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  72. Tape 030705 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  73. Tape 030706 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  74. Tape 030707 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  75. Tape 030708 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  76. Tape 030709 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  77. Tape 030710 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  78. Tape 030711 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  79. Tape 030712 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  80. Tape 030713 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  81. Tape 030714 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  82. Tape 030715 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  83. Tape 030716 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  84. Tape 030717 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  85. Tape 030718 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  86. Tape 030719 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  87. Tape 030720 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  88. Tape 030721 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  89. Tape 030722 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  90. Tape 030723 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  91. Tape 030724 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  92. Tape 030725 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  93. Tape 030726 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  94. Tape 030727 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  95. Tape 030728 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  96. Tape 030729 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  97. Tape 030730 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  98. Tape 030731 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  99. Tape 030732 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  100. Tape 030733 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  101. Tape 030734 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  102. Tape 030735 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: working
  103. Tape 030736 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationClwyd: Eastham Village ( College ) Activity: mending car

1 (Tape 029801)

Margaret (PS0PP) [1] [...] they're both, press it hard ... right that's going.
[2] Press the one, the black one behind there to switch it off.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3] So we're on now are we?
Group of unknown speakers (KDMPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [4] Come on beauty [kiss] ...
Margaret (PS0PP) [5] Have you made any tea?
Raymond (PS0PN) [6] No.
Margaret (PS0PP) [7] Oh dear, oh dear oh dear.
[8] [...] Oh you [...] ... hello little doggy. ... [...] ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [9] [noise of dog biscuits being tipped out] [...] ... [...] ... Try cooking this ham, do you think they might like it then?
Margaret (PS0PP) [10] Sorry?
Raymond (PS0PN) [11] The ham.
[12] The dogs.
[13] Try cooking it.
Margaret (PS0PP) [14] Oh.
[15] Well wouldn't be able [...] tempt them into er [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [...] ...
Margaret (PS0PP) [16] I mean really they should ... [...] ... they don't mind [...] ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [17] Well that's the availability of the things isn't it?
[18] ... I think you might have to er ... take him down the road [...] afterwards ... when it clears up.
Margaret (PS0PP) [19] Oh you're not going to take them with you?
Raymond (PS0PN) [20] Well ... See how it goes [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [...] [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [21] It's going off a bit now isn't it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [22] Oh no. ...
Margaret (PS0PP) [23] Erm ... you do realize this ham is already cooked don't you?
Raymond (PS0PN) [24] No.
Margaret (PS0PP) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [25] No.
[26] ... Thought it might, they won't eat it like that, that's ...
Margaret (PS0PP) [27] Have they not eaten anything at all?
Raymond (PS0PN) [28] I haven't given them anything yet.
Margaret (PS0PP) [29] Oh.
[30] ... [...] ... [...] pliers and the screwdriver out [...] take them with you [...] ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [31] No, for that job I was doing last night.
[32] ... The ca
Margaret (PS0PP) [33] Oh yes on the er
Raymond (PS0PN) [34] the castors
Margaret (PS0PP) [35] castors. [...] into the garage [...] ...
Margaret (PS0PP) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [36] Yes
Margaret (PS0PP) [37] Have you gotta be there early this morning?
Raymond (PS0PN) [38] No.
Margaret (PS0PP) [39] Oh. ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [40] But I want to get there for nine.
[41] ... I said to John yesterday I said I ... I've done the er ... chair.
[42] I said I wanna get on with these, those dining chairs next ... in the sale.
Margaret (PS0PP) [43] When's the sale?
[44] Summer time isn't it?
[45] About June?
Raymond (PS0PN) [46] Erm May ... some time in May. ...
Margaret (PS0PP) [47] Well where are you going to get the fabric for those?
[48] Trip to [...] ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [49] Yes Margaret, what do you think? ...
Margaret (PS0PP) [50] [...] brilliant ideas [...] ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [51] And see they were asking me what I was gonna use yesterday and I said oh I don't know I said, I haven't got a clue.
[52] ... [...] something about er ... tapestry.
[53] I said oh you're
Margaret (PS0PP) [54] No [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [55] spending a lot of money and er
Margaret (PS0PP) [56] Don't forget
Raymond (PS0PN) [57] I said it's not for us anyway so
Margaret (PS0PP) [58] it's going to take a lot of fabric ... both sides and the back.
[59] Full length of the back of the chairs ... across the seat [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [60] Exactly.
Margaret (PS0PP) [61] probably be [...] ... [...] yards of material that, and you've got six chairs so ... And you'd have to buy it off the roll, you're not going to get a piece ... a length at six yards are you?
[62] ... You know [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [63] Where's your cup?
Margaret (PS0PP) [64] [...] That's mine there, I've got mine out. [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [65] Oh ...
Margaret (PS0PP) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [66] In the bathroom. ...
Margaret (PS0PP) [67] Sun's trying to come out. ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [68] Well I'll be able to take them down in a minute. ...
Margaret (PS0PP) [laughing] [...] [] ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [69] We'll have to take this thing to Ken's. ...
Margaret (PS0PP) [70] Mm ... mm ... Ah look [...] batteries.
[71] ... I'm sure it's [...] in Pauline's garden because I've seen [...] a few times.
[72] ... E T ... mm [...] watching that
Raymond (PS0PN) [73] Yes.
Margaret (PS0PP) [74] Don't you dare.
[75] ... They look like pink flowers on there don't they?
[76] Must be the leaves I think ... because I don't think it flowers this ... [...] shrub here.
Raymond (PS0PN) [77] It's the leaves.
Margaret (PS0PP) [78] Mm.
[79] ... That dogwood I moved ... I'm hoping it's gonna be alright cos ... it doesn't s show much sign of life at the moment.
[80] ... Oh I put it down the other end.
Raymond (PS0PN) [81] Oh.
[82] ... I wonder did Ann stop smoking yesterday?
Margaret (PS0PP) [83] [laugh] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [84] Likes her fags doesn't she? ...
Margaret (PS0PP) [85] Well ... think, didn't she give up last year? [...] she said something about it last year on radio, on ... no smoking day. ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [86] Alright muff? ...
Margaret (PS0PP) [87] Must be torture for some people. ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [88] Terrible. ...
Margaret (PS0PP) [89] Wonder how many cigars Ken's consuming every day now? ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [90] Well I think it's only about four.
Margaret (PS0PP) [91] It's a lot though isn't it?
[92] Should be
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [93] about four a week ... four a day ... [...] ... Mm ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [94] Oh god, there's snow.
Margaret (PS0PP) [95] Mm ... well we haven't seen any this year have we really? ... [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [96] Too late now. ...
Margaret (PS0PP) [97] Yeah too late to be serious [...] ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [98] [laugh] I was wrapped up to the eyes when I went u ... down to ... [...] put my walking boots on as well because they're comfortable ... and there were people going [...] going round in their shellsuits and ... you know [laughing] I must be feeling the cold more now [] .
[99] ... I don't think I'd have been warm enough in a shellsuit. ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [100] [...] ... Now what about eating up your meat?
[101] Come on.
[102] ... Ooh that's better.
[103] ... Do you wanna go for walkies?
[104] ... Mm?
[105] ... Do you wanna go for walkies?
[106] ... You do?
[107] ... Walkies ... okay.

2 (Tape 029802)

Margaret (PS0PP) [108] Now it's on, the light comes on doesn't it when it's on?
[109] Ooh!
[110] ... So I've left that form there for you to erm ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [111] Oh right-oh.
Margaret (PS0PP) [112] Oh do, do you want these bin bags?
Raymond (PS0PN) [113] Yes, gonna take those to get us some water.
Margaret (PS0PP) [114] Oh
Raymond (PS0PN) [115] While it's going, what?
Margaret (PS0PP) [...] ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [116] [...] this morning really but ... what can you do? [sigh] ...
Margaret (PS0PP) [117] Isn't there any at all?
Raymond (PS0PN) [118] No.
Margaret (PS0PP) [119] Oh.
[120] How is it?
Raymond (PS0PN) [121] It's not bad, it's
Margaret (PS0PP) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [122] she can get on for an hour ...
Margaret (PS0PP) [123] I mean [...] they are at the moment and if I have a meeting well after about an hour it seems as though you've [...] ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [sneeze] [noseblow]
Margaret (PS0PP) [124] [...] working [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [125] Oh dear god ... [sigh] ... Those chrysanthemums done well. ...
Margaret (PS0PP) [126] They have, yes ... they're er ... they're good value those a pot, I mean [...] but ... they're reasonably ... when did you get it?
[127] It must be about three weeks ago.
Raymond (PS0PN) [128] Can't think what it was for now.
Margaret (PS0PP) [129] I think it was one of those impromptu ones.
[130] ... I know [laughing] it wasn't my birthday you just came in with it didn't you [] ?
Raymond (PS0PN) [131] It's [...] birthday.
[132] ... I mean the only trouble is they're no use afterwards are they?
Margaret (PS0PP) [133] Must have had a brainstorm [...] ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [134] I said they're no use afterwards are they? ...
Margaret (PS0PP) [135] I don't ... I don't know.
Raymond (PS0PN) [136] Because they're forced I reckon.
Margaret (PS0PP) [137] Oh.
[138] I think they'll grow if you put them in the garden ... eventually.
Raymond (PS0PN) [139] Well ...
Margaret (PS0PP) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [140] Well I mean they won't flower again, that's for certain you see and it's it's gotta be
Margaret (PS0PP) [141] No, well not this year anyway, they ... they could [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [142] Oh right.
Margaret (PS0PP) [143] Have you got, oh ta look ... take this as well.
Raymond (PS0PN) [144] Yes I'm taking it.
Margaret (PS0PP) [145] Oh.
[146] ... [...] ... I'm going to have a go at this ... [...] today.
[147] They've dried out a bit, been too tacky to do anything with. [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [148] Bye bye chaps, don't let them out.
Margaret (PS0PP) [149] No ... see you then. ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [150] Did they try and drag you up the farm yesterday?
Margaret (PS0PP) [151] Well he's, he actually was off the lead and he went straight through right to the other gate [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [152] Oh and you kept them off the road did you?
[153] You didn't just er
Margaret (PS0PP) [154] Oh yes well the gate was open so [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [155] and I always do
Margaret (PS0PP) [156] so she went into the second field [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [157] I'm not going [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [158] No it's a quag
Margaret (PS0PP) [159] carried on for a while [...] realized in the end he had to come back [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [160] It's in a bad state ... [cough] ... [cough] ... [...] hang on ...
Margaret (PS0PP) [161] Bye, see you later.
[162] ... Switch that on while you're

3 (Tape 029803)

Raymond (PS0PN) [163] Morning Shirley.
[164] ... That's twice this week
Shirley (PS0PS) [165] Five to nine
Raymond (PS0PN) [166] Whatever's happening?
Shirley (PS0PS) [...] ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [167] I'm going ... going back the other way.
Shirley (PS0PS) [168] [...] I don't know
Raymond (PS0PN) [169] I mean ten o'clock yeah that's normal for you.
Shirley (PS0PS) [170] [laugh] It's not, half nine is my [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [171] No I know you [...] .
[172] ... [...] ... Alright Terry, how you doing lad?
[173] ... [singing] Oh ... looking at his mummy with eyes a shiny blue [] ... That bloody car of mine, hear the trouble I had?
[174] ... I was late yesterday wasn't I?
Brian (PS0PR) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [175] Yes
Brian (PS0PR) [176] [...] the carburettor?
Raymond (PS0PN) [177] No, no I ... it's the M O T you see
Brian (PS0PR) [178] Oh
Raymond (PS0PN) [179] next, next week so ... the other front pads are worn
Brian (PS0PR) [180] Yeah
Raymond (PS0PN) [181] discs like ... got four pads and I thought oh an hour ... put those on isn't it?
[182] Not much of a job ... when it came to put them on like the erm ... you know the pipe that pushes them out?
Brian (PS0PR) [183] Yeah, yeah
Raymond (PS0PN) [184] You've gotta push them back haven't you?
[185] And you've usually got
Brian (PS0PR) [186] yeah that's right
Raymond (PS0PN) [187] too much fluid in
Brian (PS0PR) [188] yeah
Raymond (PS0PN) [189] Well it says in the book, push them back with [laughing] a stick [] .
Brian (PS0PR) [190] With a what?
Raymond (PS0PN) [191] With a stick and a piece of
Brian (PS0PR) [192] Yeah
Raymond (PS0PN) [193] Well if it's frozen there's no way ... so er I rang up Mobil you see in [...] and the fellow said oh if it's been on for s you know ... few years he said, take your calliper off, put it in the vice and just lever it back ... that's what we do
Brian (PS0PR) [194] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [195] Goes to get the flexible hose off ... that was ruddy frozen, you the, the union?
Brian (PS0PR) [196] Yeah, yeah
Raymond (PS0PN) [197] Rang him up again he said oh aye well we usually change those he said, the weather gets on them.
[198] Said they're not like the old ones that go like ... as though they're welded
Brian (PS0PR) [199] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [200] and you're turning the whole pipe.
[201] He said the only, the other thing you can do is ... loosen it off ... take the calliper b and turn the calliper round.
Brian (PS0PR) [202] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [203] It's like turning the car round to take off a bloody ... bolt, you know?
[204] Oh I thought I'll do that to save another hose.
[205] Anyway did that ... course he said you'll have to bleed it out [...]
Brian (PS0PR) [206] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [207] Did the first one ... right ... this was on er ... Wednesday ... afternoon you see?
[208] ... So came to do the other side, went to the same routine ... the nipple snapped off.
[209] ... So any rate I rang this fellow ... [...] I said eh he said ... oh he said you've got no chance mate, he said.
[210] He said you can drill it out but he said you ... oh aye your ... the thread gets damaged ... and the seating
Brian (PS0PR) [211] That's right, yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [212] and he said if you get one leak on that your brakes
Brian (PS0PR) [213] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [214] you're shot.
[215] ... So a new calliper ... how much do you think for a new calliper?
Brian (PS0PR) [216] No idea.
Raymond (PS0PN) [217] Seventy pound plus VAT from Volvo's.
Brian (PS0PR) [218] Bloody hell!
Raymond (PS0PN) [219] So I thought there's no way, so I rang round the scrapyards.
Brian (PS0PR) [220] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [221] There's one at Greenville he said oh twenty five pound plus VAT.
[222] ... That's what I did, yesterday morning went with my mate ... came back, stuck it on ... so it's cost me ... the, the pads were seventeen ... twenty, thirty pound for the what's a name and ... fifty quid near enough just to do the front brakes.
Brian (PS0PR) [223] Bloody hell. ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [224] And that's before the M O T.
Brian (PS0PR) [225] Yeah ... yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [226] The other week it cost me fifty quid to go to the, to get it tuned you know?
[227] ... Cars, honest to god.
[228] ... You want some money today don't you, just to ruddy ... eh?
Brian (PS0PR) [229] They work out twenty five pounds an hour ... in garages.
Raymond (PS0PN) [230] Oh, oh well ... well you don't go there do you, unless you've got [...] ... bloody hell.
[231] Well our M O T guy, fair do ... [...] you know and he'll say ... so and so wants doing, can you take it away and do it?
Brian (PS0PR) [232] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [233] And he doesn't charge.
Brian (PS0PR) [234] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [235] These other ones, as soon as you leave ... do it yourself ... that's another twenty quid for a re-test
Brian (PS0PR) [236] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [237] Oh aye.
[238] You do it there they only charge ... fifteen is it or something if they do it.
[239] But I mean you know as you just said then they'd wanna charge you per hour it's
Brian (PS0PR) [240] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [241] beyond the working man.
[242] ... Now Shirley, you're still messing about with this little job here.
Shirley (PS0PS) [243] Well I wanted the sander.
Raymond (PS0PN) [244] We're just coming in a minute. ...
Shirley (PS0PS) [245] [...] isn't it?
Raymond (PS0PN) [246] Yes I like this business of putting your what's a name on this d with this ... you know, the glue on.
Shirley (PS0PS) [247] Well it was so ... flaky, the wood
Raymond (PS0PN) [248] Yeah.
[249] And that sort of seals
Shirley (PS0PS) [250] But
Raymond (PS0PN) [251] it in doesn't it?
Shirley (PS0PS) [252] Well it seals it but it also helps to erm ... give you some purchase you see for
Raymond (PS0PN) [253] Yes that's right, when you put the next lot in.
Shirley (PS0PS) [254] the patch, yeah but if you had just glued that then ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [255] Alright Bri, how's it going mate?
Brian (PS0PT) [256] Oh just [...] work innit?
Eric (PS0PU) [257] The gentleman there's going out with me round about quarter past eleven ... do you wanna come with us and call in to that place? ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [258] Where oh ... where you going?
Eric (PS0PU) [259] See about the wood...
Raymond (PS0PN) [260] Oh yeah alright then, yes
Eric (PS0PU) [261] See if you can get any wood
Raymond (PS0PN) [262] alright, yeah just see what he says.
Eric (PS0PU) [263] Did you bring a sample in?
Raymond (PS0PN) [264] No, I never thought.
Eric (PS0PU) [265] No [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [266] But I can ask him and I'll
Eric (PS0PU) [267] Well
Raymond (PS0PN) [268] tell him ... er you know, he knows ... yeah
Eric (PS0PU) [269] er
Raymond (PS0PN) [270] See it all hinges on if he's got a bandsaw, if he ... if he hasn't got a bandsaw, wasting our ruddy time.
Eric (PS0PU) [271] He's going out the port about quarter past eleven.
Raymond (PS0PN) [272] Yeah it won't take long will it?
[273] ... Because I've got myriads of things to do.
[274] Never mind.
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [275] Oh you're on about her, oh go oh aye, oh well.
[276] Don't start that again, you know what I mean?
[277] Well she [...]
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [278] [...] I'm gonna get that lad some.
[279] Now if you want some more there [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [280] You mean Tony is it or ... ?
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [281] Is it Tony?
Raymond (PS0PN) [282] The young fellow who ... or erm
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [283] Tony
Raymond (PS0PN) [284] Tony
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [285] Tony
Raymond (PS0PN) [286] Oh ... Yeah.
[287] We'll see what he says anyway.
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [288] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [289] See what the guy ... [...] .
[290] Yeah no trouble mate, yeah just sing out when you're ready boy. ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [291] Victorian dressing table [...] ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [292] Oh ... oh that's nice.
[293] I ... I did glance over yesterday er
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [294] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [295] but er ...
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [296] [...] fair job I'm doing.
Raymond (PS0PN) [297] Oh that's nice that.
[298] Where's the rest of it?
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [299] It's near the table, moved it.
[300] ... Paula was [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [301] Paula's here?
Group of unknown speakers (KDMPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [302] [...] instead of driving screws through the top.
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [303] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [304] Screws just at the front underneath here ... This was in a bad state cos er this was ... this was up like er ... like that.
[305] Yeah.
[306] ... This ... and this end had caved, being unsupported.
[307] So it [...] worth a few bob.
Raymond (PS0PN) [308] Oh aye yes it's nice.
[309] I like the legs.
[310] ... What does Brian think of the legs, any good?
Brian (PS0PT) [311] [...] hand made nails
Raymond (PS0PN) [312] Oh yeah.
Brian (PS0PT) [313] there yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [314] Yeah the old cast iron nails, they're good aren't they?
Brian (PS0PT) [315] [...] black nails
Raymond (PS0PN) [316] Yeah.
[317] ... Yes I like that.
[318] ... Yeah you can use them again.
[319] I'd just drill a hole me and knock them in, you know?
Brian (PS0PT) [320] As I say I [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [321] Smart innit?
[322] ... Yes I like that er ...
Brian (PS0PT) [323] Rather than waste all of the oak in the old days [...] here have, have faced it
Raymond (PS0PN) [324] Oh yeah yeah he's put like a fillet on the front yeah yeah
Brian (PS0PT) [325] all the way round
Raymond (PS0PN) [326] yeah
Brian (PS0PT) [327] you see?
[328] ... Of oak.
Raymond (PS0PN) [329] Yeah.
Brian (PS0PT) [330] Rather than use solid oak.
Raymond (PS0PN) [331] Do a lovely smart job on that don't we?
[332] Gluing it on, eh? ... [...] messing like that today.
Brian (PS0PT) [333] Pooof!
Raymond (PS0PN) [334] But er ... yes that would go anywhere that wouldn't it?
Shirley (PS0PS) [335] [...] he gave me a [...] before he went on holiday and he hasn't come back. [laughing] [...] []
Raymond (PS0PN) [336] Shirley [...] gone up now.
[337] Anyway ... I must box on chaps.
[338] ... Must get something done Bri.
[339] ... [singing] Moonlight becomes you it goes with your hair ... and it it's so romantic to know moonlight becomes you so []
Chris (PS0PV) [340] Morning
Raymond (PS0PN) [341] Morning Chris how are you love?
Chris (PS0PV) [342] I'm alright thanks, how are you?
Raymond (PS0PN) [343] Very good.
[344] ... Morning John, how you doing lad?
John (PS0PW) [345] Morning.
[346] Alright.
Raymond (PS0PN) [347] You've got it cracked have you?
[348] ... [singing] You're all dressed up to go dreaming ... don't tell me I'm wrong [] ... I'm sure I've seen that material before somewhere you know.
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [349] Don't
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [...] [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [350] I'm sure I've seen that material somewhere before.
[351] ... Morning Jo
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [352] Morning Jo ... Morning Margaret ... Morning Paula ... Oh she's not speaking to me this morning Paula.
[353] ... I've upset her.
[354] I know what it is Paula, I haven't borrowed anything yet. ...
Paula (PS0PX) [355] Hello love.
Raymond (PS0PN) [356] How are you love?
Paula (PS0PX) [357] Alright thanks.
[358] How are you? [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [359] Sweating.
[360] I'm sweating, no I'm [...]
Paula (PS0PX) [361] What do you think of that?
Raymond (PS0PN) [362] Ooh aye!
[363] Hey, that might do for my chairs do you think?
[364] Would that, that style ... my dining chairs, what do you think? ...
Paula (PS0PX) [365] It's just quilting, that's all it is.
Raymond (PS0PN) [366] Oh it's qu oh no it's for er ... it's more like curtains is it?
Paula (PS0PX) [367] No.
Raymond (PS0PN) [368] Oh.
Paula (PS0PX) [369] It's going on me chair.
[370] It's going on the box.
Raymond (PS0PN) [371] Oh I see yeah so I suppose it's
Paula (PS0PX) [372] [...] box
Raymond (PS0PN) [373] gotta be heavy stuff I see yeah, er yeah oh that's a good id
Paula (PS0PX) [374] She said it was a remnant and I thought I'd make a box for the sale.
[375] But do you like the colour?
Raymond (PS0PN) [376] Yes, it's gorgeous that isn't it eh?
Paula (PS0PX) [377] Oh thank christ for that. [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [378] No it's not gaudy, it's er ...
Paula (PS0PX) [379] Well it was, it was so cheap
Raymond (PS0PN) [380] Well yeah this is it you see, yeah
Paula (PS0PX) [381] it was only a couple of pound a yard.
Raymond (PS0PN) [382] That's what I'll have to get for these chairs
Paula (PS0PX) [383] [...] a remnant.
Raymond (PS0PN) [384] I've got six chairs to do, where from, Abercanny
Paula (PS0PX) [385] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [386] Oh I'll see if I can get some of that.
Paula (PS0PX) [387] You see you're ... you, you're better to go to Moston because you're halfway, you're there aren't you, living in Queensferry?
Raymond (PS0PN) [388] Yes yeah.
Paula (PS0PX) [389] You know, go to, go to Moston, it's much quicker
Raymond (PS0PN) [390] Yeah oh yeah, yeah.
[391] But you can't get
Paula (PS0PX) [392] Just go up on the A fifty five
Raymond (PS0PN) [393] Quite often the remnants aren't very good you know Paula.
Paula (PS0PX) [394] Oh they are ... got miles [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [395] I know but a lot of it's rubbish isn't it?
[396] It's not all good stuff like this.
Paula (PS0PX) [397] What, do you think that's rubbish then? [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [398] Who John?
Paula (PS0PX) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [399] You pointed to him then. [laugh]
Paula (PS0PX) [400] [...] had a bloody row this morning already
Raymond (PS0PN) [401] Oh
Paula (PS0PX) [402] Well I, I wanted just a small box like what you made.
[403] Wasn't satisfied with it, he goes and makes a big one as well but I don't want a big one, I don't wanna do a big one ... for the sale I just wanna do a small one.
Raymond (PS0PN) [404] Ah well he's always wanted a big one.
[405] Yes
Paula (PS0PX) [406] And er [laugh] ... and a stool with a [...] seat to match, that's all I wanted.
Raymond (PS0PN) [407] Mm.
[408] That's typical
Paula (PS0PX) [409] [...] never satisfied with what I do.
Raymond (PS0PN) [410] typical of him.
Paula (PS0PX) [411] Oh
Raymond (PS0PN) [412] Eh?
[413] What a mistake you made.
[414] Right what are we doing John?
[415] ... Chairs we're doing today.
[416] ... There's six of those to do, now then.
[417] ... Yeah ... put them in the sale, you know ... I'm gonna put them in the sale ... see if we can get a few bob ... right, pattern first I should imagine.
[418] ... [...] many people coming to the sales.
John (PS0PW) [419] I won't let you [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [420] I've only put, I've put stuff in.
John (PS0PW) [421] Yeah.
[422] You know but
Raymond (PS0PN) [423] I er never actually
John (PS0PW) [424] I, I ... I made about sixty quid last year, you know?
Raymond (PS0PN) [425] Oh yes I believe ... it gets er quite a lot, it's er ... well yesterday there weren't many for that open day.
[426] ... But for the sale er ... it's well advertised you know and er there's a lot of people seem to know about it, you know connected with the college mainly I suppose, they get their mates to come ... ooh there's good stuff ... and there is some good stuff, you know?
John (PS0PW) [427] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [428] So it's er it seems to do pretty well.
[429] ... I'll er I'll try to get a few things, make a few bob you know, to ...
John (PS0PW) [430] [...] don't mind me asking, what would you expect to ... ?
Raymond (PS0PN) [431] Don't know yet.
John (PS0PW) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [432] Well I'm hoping a hundred plus
John (PS0PW) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [433] you know?
John (PS0PW) [434] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [435] Well christ you've gotta be, I've paid that to be honest
John (PS0PW) [436] Yeah
Raymond (PS0PN) [437] I've paid seventy for the bloody things.
John (PS0PW) [438] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [439] Erm ... I dunno ...
John (PS0PW) [440] Oh they're nice chairs [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [441] [...] hundred and thirty maybe I'm not, I'm not quite sure to be honest er ... not quite sure old mate.
[442] ... Yeah I'll see what they say, you know, erm I'll ... John, he had a set of erm ... high backed ... reproduction erm ... what do they call them now?
[443] Regency ... nineteen twenties, [...] in the twenties
John (PS0PW) [444] Yeah
Raymond (PS0PN) [445] out of mahogany.
[446] They are nice though, they've got the Queen Anne legs and the high back you know?
John (PS0PW) [447] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [448] He got about er two hundred for those last year, set of six.
[449] ... You know he just bought them from ... sale or whatever it was, sixty, seventy quid ... bit of polish.
[450] They were [...] not mistaken.
[451] Did, he did well.
[452] Some of them have a lot of stuff, you know I don't seem to ever get hold of the stuff me, to ... tables and that [...] little Eric in there he seems to get loads of stuff [...]
John (PS0PW) [453] Yeah I can't
Raymond (PS0PN) [454] he's got a lovely table there hasn't he? [...] it's a nice one.
John (PS0PW) [455] He's got a lot of connections Eric, you know and
Raymond (PS0PN) [456] I have very few I'm afraid.
John (PS0PW) [457] There you go. ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [458] Thank you. ...

4 (Tape 029804)

Gwyneth (PS0PY) [459] [...] and I think that's why we've got such a good dentist. [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [460] Mm
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [461] and he erm ... he was very upset about it.
[462] Then he ... by that time this expensive [...] and that's the one that's [...] .
[463] So he said [...] ... start again.
Raymond (PS0PN) [464] You're still paying out that's the trouble, all the time.
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [465] Well that's it.
[466] But on the other hand, what can you do about it?
[467] You can't [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [468] No, no it's oh no you can't go round gummy.
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [469] We're going to, we've, we've got this [...] going down to [...] for three weeks, you know next weekend ... or the weekend afterwards, and we don't keep getting appointments, see I'm gonna keep ringing him up and pestering him and saying
Raymond (PS0PN) [470] Mm
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [471] have you got a cancellation?
[472] ... It's life isn't Ray?
Raymond (PS0PN) [473] Oh yeah.
[474] I mean
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [475] I mean what
Raymond (PS0PN) [476] friend of ours, he, he hit his tooth, got a lovely tooth [...] Ken he's sixty one now, never had much trouble you know
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [477] Snapped this one off ... er you know in an ac he fell over or whatever, on his [...]
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [478] Yeah, that's right.
Raymond (PS0PN) [479] [...] said oh god [...] he didn't know whether to pull it out there and then
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [480] But it's [...] very hard [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [481] But ... went to the dentist and he said leave it ... pushed it right back and he said it will grow back.
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [482] Did it?
Raymond (PS0PN) [483] Oh yes.
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [484] Ah it must [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [485] Long as the roots are ...
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [486] Oh well yes, oh well yeah, oh well now obviously
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [487] So er ... [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [488] I mean my boy had a er a terrible accident ten years ago and smashed all his face ... all his teeth were ... [...] when we first saw his face he'd got no teeth left ... but it's ... got them all back.
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [489] And they're all back and ... yeah even though they were all, they were all loose ... I mean ... still fresh you see the, the break.
[490] And it's, the life is in the, still in the tooth if you can find it, but of course sometimes they've gone haven't they?
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [491] Too late for us [...] [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [492] Put up with what we've got eh? ...
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [493] What?
Raymond (PS0PN) [494] Put up with what we've got.
[495] Well as I say I look after mine but I've only got ... the one missing.
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [496] Mm ... I'd hate to have a load of chop [...] ooh
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [497] [...] was scared [...] only children [...] he was scared wasn't he?
[498] Tony was frightened.
Raymond (PS0PN) [499] Oh yes that's stupid that, he he'll end up ... if he doesn't go, with a mou a mouth of ... sort of black
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [500] [...] He, he'll have them all out.
Raymond (PS0PN) [501] Yes.
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [502] If he ... we used to ... [...] the children
Raymond (PS0PN) [503] I think that's awful if young people
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [504] even our grandchildren were, I mean er right from the beginning even if they only go and sit in the surgery ... and just watch,ju you know just go and visit
Raymond (PS0PN) [505] Yeah that's, that's what they do now yeah.
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [506] Get them trained, get them [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [507] Yes, yeah so they're not terrified.
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [508] That's right, I mean ... there's no pain [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [509] I think they were frightening years ago when they, when we were kids so they're frightening places.
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [510] Well we had no, we had no erm ... nothing to stop the pain.
Raymond (PS0PN) [511] No.
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [512] We had no injections, we were just put in a chair and, and it cost
Raymond (PS0PN) [513] That's right
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [514] two guineas for every filling [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [515] I know, it's a lot of money.
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [516] I mean [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [517] Yeah, week's wages yeah.
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [518] But we, he didn't get more than two or three guineas a week did he when we were first
Raymond (PS0PN) [519] That's right, yeah yes
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [520] Then we get, I know ... our dentist was very good, we've always said that if we had a good dentist and a good doctors we're on our holidays, and we have, we've been lucky wherever we've been
Raymond (PS0PN) [521] Mm.
[522] Mm.
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [523] we've had good dentists, good doctors.
Raymond (PS0PN) [524] Oh it pays you to get a sympathetic one and one that's er not on the
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [525] But this one is lovely.
[526] This one's [...] young and he's so gentle, you know he
Raymond (PS0PN) [527] Yes.
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [528] Oh they're marvellous.
[529] [...] I think that's what Tony's harking back to, the old style when you went and they were a bit er callous.
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [530] Yes indeed well, [...] young, how old is he?
[531] Twenty ... five?
Raymond (PS0PN) [532] He's only in his twenties, yeah he ought not, no it wouldn't be would it?
[533] No.
[534] Twenty years ago they were, they were alright weren't they?
[535] What am I thinking about?
[536] No I'm thinking about ...
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [laughing] [...] []
Raymond (PS0PN) [537] Well you know the first time I went was ... oh I dunno, before the war you know when I was about four or five and I went to get one out ... I mean my parents
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [538] but it was terrible I was screaming, I was terrified and, and, and I can still see the place you know, there's something very foreboding about the, the place and the chair was like a
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [539] And everything was hard
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [540] wasn't it?
Raymond (PS0PN) [541] And they wouldn't mess about if you, you ... they slapped you if you didn't do as you were told.
[542] So that put me right off for a start.
[543] But erm ... you only get one good set don't you?
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [544] That's right.
Raymond (PS0PN) [545] I [...]
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [546] And also you see right from, right from pregnancy [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KDMPSUGP) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [547] Well they get it free don't they?
[548] At the moment.
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [549] [...] yeah.
[550] I mean er it's before they're ... conceived that you've got to try to ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [551] Oh yes, yes.
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [552] I mean it's no good ... smoking yourself to death and then er
Raymond (PS0PN) [553] That's right.
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [554] falling for a baby and then saying
Raymond (PS0PN) [555] No no
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [556] oh dear
Raymond (PS0PN) [557] Well that makes me ill now.
[558] It didn't used to but when I, I, I, I feel like going up to these girls and saying for god's sake take that thing out of your mouth.
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [559] That's right.
Raymond (PS0PN) [560] When they're pregnant or they've got a little baby.
[561] ... It's horrible.
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [562] I mean [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [563] But you know you can't tell people.
[564] This friend of ours who lost his wife last year, well we've got another friend who was very fond of her ... she also smokes ... we just happened to me we didn't say
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [565] No.
Raymond (PS0PN) [566] I mean it's happened now so we never
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [567] Absolutely.
[568] No you can't.
Raymond (PS0PN) [569] say to th this chap you know but ... we just happened to mention in passing to Jeanette ... and she really jumped and said oh Pat didn't smoke a lot.
[570] ... But
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [571] Was it very sudden?
Raymond (PS0PN) [572] we know via my daughter [...] she's a nurse and she said no ... cancer ... get a lot of uterine cancer and all this it's not, not in the lungs now.
[573] Forget that.
[574] That's obvious.
[575] But all the other things
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [576] That's right.
Raymond (PS0PN) [577] it goes to.
[578] But ... you can't tell these people.
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [579] They won't listen.
Raymond (PS0PN) [580] This lady we're on about now she's ... she must be on forty, fifty a day.
[581] A nervous smoker.
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [582] See how does she afford it?
Raymond (PS0PN) [583] Well that's right, they're both of them at it.
[584] ... God knows.
Gwyneth (PS0PY) [585] [...] pin this to the chair [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [586] Oh god help well get Brian to do that, he loves it.
[587] [laugh] ... Morning Bruce, how you doing lad?
[588] You busy?
Bruce (PS0R0) [589] [...] yeah.
[590] ... Well pleased. ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [591] What have they got you on this morning?
Bruce (PS0R0) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [592] Oh
Bruce (PS0R0) [593] and, and a door there to keep you people nice and warm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [594] Oh, now?
[595] The ... summer's coming on now.
[596] [laugh] ... We do things back to front ...

5 (Tape 029805)

Raymond (PS0PN) [597] yes
Joan (PS0R1) [598] We had three lots of different blues [laughing] and that's the only one I really like []
Raymond (PS0PN) [599] Poor old John's puzzled is he, all the time?
Joan (PS0R1) [600] No he doesn't mind actually, he's very good.
Raymond (PS0PN) [601] No ... oh we go a l and it looks nice.
Joan (PS0R1) [602] He likes a change.
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Joan (PS0R1) [603] You see that the, the, it's so dark in here anyway Ray because
Raymond (PS0PN) [604] Mm
Joan (PS0R1) [605] the wall as you know backs
Raymond (PS0PN) [606] Yes
Joan (PS0R1) [607] on to the pub so I haven't got any window at the back.
Raymond (PS0PN) [608] It's all at the front, yes ... yes, yes
Joan (PS0R1) [609] I've only got the window at the front, so the dining area is quite dark
Raymond (PS0PN) [610] dark, yes yes.
Joan (PS0R1) [611] so ... but I wanted something bright in there you know.
Raymond (PS0PN) [612] Mm.
Joan (PS0R1) [613] But it was only a temporary [...] in there, [...] like the floor and everything ... just a, a brown carpet ... because of Honey
Raymond (PS0PN) [614] Oh yes
Joan (PS0R1) [615] with her season but now
Raymond (PS0PN) [616] right
Joan (PS0R1) [617] she doesn't have it now
Raymond (PS0PN) [618] yeah
Joan (PS0R1) [619] I shall get a nice carpet in there now ... you know?
Raymond (PS0PN) [620] It'll be right one day.
[621] ... Joan I think I'd better box on with the webbing here love, I haven't got enough
Joan (PS0R1) [622] Sorry?
Raymond (PS0PN) [623] I'll bo I'd better box on with the webbing on the back.
[624] ... Haven't got me glue anyway so [...]
Joan (PS0R1) [625] A box?
Raymond (PS0PN) [626] No, box ... a Coventry expression, get on
Joan (PS0R1) [627] Oh.
Raymond (PS0PN) [628] get on with me webbing on the back.
Joan (PS0R1) [629] [laugh] [...] what you were talking about
Raymond (PS0PN) [630] I'll box on
Joan (PS0R1) [631] box on.
Raymond (PS0PN) [632] So I want ... two down is it and three across?
[633] Something like that.
Joan (PS0R1) [634] Two down and three a er there's some there
Raymond (PS0PN) [635] Sound like a crossword.
[636] What?
Joan (PS0R1) [637] Webb is that what you're asking me for, some webbing?
Raymond (PS0PN) [638] No I've got webbing here.
[639] I've got, no
Joan (PS0R1) [640] Oh, well what are you asking me for?
[641] ... Oh ho how many to do.
Raymond (PS0PN) [642] I'm just saying I'll have I'll have to leave me foam to next week and [...] get some glue ... so er [...]
Joan (PS0R1) [643] Well there's some glue in the jar to stick some [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [644] But I can't see any there [...]
Joan (PS0R1) [645] Er the spray try the [...] ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [646] Oh is that glue is it?
Joan (PS0R1) [647] Yeah it is.
Raymond (PS0PN) [648] Oh is this the latest?
Joan (PS0R1) [649] Give it a good shake though [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [650] Oh er ...
Joan (PS0R1) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [651] oh I see, okay, give that a go.
[652] ... That's the latest ... that's the latest ... [singing] We'll take Manhattan [...] [] ... now then, couple [...] ... [...] it's quiet in here today John isn't it?
[653] There's not many folks
John (PS0PW) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [654] about, what?
[655] ... Oh smashing [...] ...
Joan (PS0R1) [656] Th that's where the erm ... the back
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Joan (PS0R1) [657] goes in too far.
Raymond (PS0PN) [658] Oh of course.
Joan (PS0R1) [659] See so I, in fact I was wondering whether to just [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [660] Couple of gimps maybe?
Joan (PS0R1) [661] you know just to a er er
Raymond (PS0PN) [662] Yeah.
Joan (PS0R1) [663] draw attention to the fact that they are ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [664] Yes.
Joan (PS0R1) [665] but it is round the back I know [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [666] Yeah, never be seen will it?
[667] I can't say
Joan (PS0R1) [668] three brass things, no it shouldn't be seen really, so I don't know whether I'm drawing attention to it by putting brass things [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [669] Yes that's the thing, of course.
[670] ... I s
Joan (PS0R1) [671] Cos it's got a handle on it now at the front ... here round the other side
Raymond (PS0PN) [672] Yes I'm gonna do mine something like this I think.
[673] Have you er ... it is sprung is it? ...
Joan (PS0R1) [674] Pardon?
Raymond (PS0PN) [675] Sprung?
Joan (PS0R1) [676] Yes.
Raymond (PS0PN) [677] Ooh ... [...]
Joan (PS0R1) [678] [...] did it, they [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [679] Dear god.
[680] ... Bloody he
Joan (PS0R1) [681] It didn't actually have a handle on it.
[682] Just put one on it [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [683] Yeah
Joan (PS0R1) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [684] yeah ... well you could have a bit of ... material couldn't you?
Joan (PS0R1) [685] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [686] Looks a bit rough.
Joan (PS0R1) [687] Yeah [...] ... [whistling] Bloody hell! ...

6 (Tape 029806)

Raymond (PS0PN) [688] This webbing now is that alright love?
Joan (PS0R1) [689] Yes.
[690] Now you've, your material didn't go the other way on that ... these chairs did they, before you
Raymond (PS0PN) [691] No
Joan (PS0R1) [692] put the webbing on?
[693] Yes [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [694] it just goes on to the edge here. ...
Joan (PS0R1) [695] Oh yes. [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [696] I
Joan (PS0R1) [697] going to hide the back, all that webbing? ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [698] Oh no ... oh no wait a minute, no
Joan (PS0R1) [699] Yeah, you realize do you ... it's what it, what's wrong.
Raymond (PS0PN) [700] The, the fro the top cover should have gone on first should it?
Joan (PS0R1) [701] Material [...] gone on first. ... [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [702] Oh yes
Joan (PS0R1) [703] procedure for any tackle, if you haven't got any the cover must go that way.
Raymond (PS0PN) [704] oh I, I'd never, I I realize now from six weeks ago when I got the damn things
Joan (PS0R1) [705] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [706] and it's gone blank.
[707] ... Of course the top material's gotta go on first Joan hasn't it?
Joan (PS0R1) [708] Yes.
Raymond (PS0PN) [709] What am I?
[710] ... Mm. [laugh]
Joan (PS0R1) [711] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [712] [laughing] Star pupil for doing such silly things [] .
[713] ... So really I'm stymied on that aren't I?
[714] What I'll do today
Joan (PS0R1) [715] Yeah you'll have to take those er those off and machine them all together.
[716] You can use them on something else.
Raymond (PS0PN) [717] Yeah well that's no problem.
[718] What I'll do, I'll measure up today for er
Joan (PS0R1) [719] Yeah
Raymond (PS0PN) [720] the top material ... work out a plan for how much I'll want.
Joan (PS0R1) [721] How much you need.
Raymond (PS0PN) [722] I'll try and get through the [...] neutrally.
[723] ... I dunno
Joan (PS0R1) [724] Yeah, how many have, have you got?
Raymond (PS0PN) [725] Six.
Joan (PS0R1) [726] Six?
[727] ... Cos I might be putting a table in the sale ... on its own ... but it's a it's dark
Raymond (PS0PN) [728] Oh
Joan (PS0R1) [729] i it's darker than that.
Raymond (PS0PN) [730] oh.
Joan (PS0R1) [731] Yeah.
[732] ... Well actually it's mahogany, it's brown mahogany.
Raymond (PS0PN) [733] Oh, oh, oh.
[734] That's no good.
Joan (PS0R1) [735] Whether, you know, people might have bought them as a set otherwise.
Raymond (PS0PN) [736] Yeah, yeah that's what it wants, someone with big turned legs
Joan (PS0R1) [737] W yeah, some, some ... yeah
Raymond (PS0PN) [738] on the table.
[739] You see them don't you?
[740] ... Oh well ...
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [...]
Joan (PS0R1) [741] Oh have you? ... [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [742] Oh you're doing a good job there John.
[743] How many did you say
John (PS0PW) [744] [...] today.
Raymond (PS0PN) [745] What are these?
[746] Two?
John (PS0PW) [747] No it's four.
Raymond (PS0PN) [748] Oh four, oh it's a set is it?
[749] Nice.
[750] Is it ... keeping these are you or ... ?
John (PS0PW) [751] For now.
[752] I'm really
Raymond (PS0PN) [753] Yeah
John (PS0PW) [754] after a set of six. [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [755] Ah, oh well yeah er
John (PS0PW) [756] But rea what I really want, is a set of six ... barley twist.
[757] I mean it's gonna take me ages trying to find them anyway.
[758] But I've got a barley twist table.
Raymond (PS0PN) [759] Ah you see them yeah, yeah table and you want them to match in
John (PS0PW) [760] [...] gonna make it er two eventually
Raymond (PS0PN) [761] Yes, yes
John (PS0PW) [762] but these will do, four of these will do temporary anyway
Raymond (PS0PN) [763] Yeah, nice.
John (PS0PW) [764] but I want a set of six in the end.
Raymond (PS0PN) [765] I mean how often do you use six?
John (PS0PW) [766] Well we do, there's five of us in the family see [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [767] Oh I see
John (PS0PW) [768] Yeah so
Raymond (PS0PN) [769] [...] we had four kids [...] ... I mean now it's only when we get visitors you know when
John (PS0PW) [770] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [771] there's only two of us, you get two visitors we're alright as a four
John (PS0PW) [772] Saying that we don't
Raymond (PS0PN) [773] We keep ours in the garage, the extra ... two carvers
John (PS0PW) [774] Oh yes.
Raymond (PS0PN) [775] and they come down when you know, if we've got any
John (PS0PW) [776] When you need them.
Raymond (PS0PN) [777] Mm.
[778] Otherwise it's just a waste really.
John (PS0PW) [779] Well that's probably what I'm gonna have to do.
[780] You can get, you can get sets of four can't you?
Raymond (PS0PN) [781] Oh yes
John (PS0PW) [782] But six [...] hard to get.
[783] I'll just try and get two carvers to match [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [784] Yeah, that's, that's the answer really and er if they're not quite the same you can get away with two carvers can't you?
[785] But er ... oh well ... Yeah this is what got me, I like the er the legs you know, the the backs I, I didn't like at all because you've got this blue [...]
John (PS0PW) [786] Well
Raymond (PS0PN) [787] You've got no ... no m no wood that's showing you see, that's the trouble.
John (PS0PW) [788] Yes, yes.
[789] Yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KDMPSUGP) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [790] Erm but I'm hoping they'll ... put them on a, on the table when we sell them in here and there's ... that's the first thing that'll hit them is the turned legs you see?
John (PS0PW) [791] Nice.
Raymond (PS0PN) [792] This is a su survey. ...

7 (Tape 029807)

Joanna (PS0R2) [793] [...] finished at one point but it's veneered
Raymond (PS0PN) [794] Mm
Joanna (PS0R2) [795] But erm
Raymond (PS0PN) [796] this, but this was exposed then?
[797] ... The material
Joanna (PS0R2) [798] That, it's down to there, yes
Raymond (PS0PN) [799] Oh that's a shame.
Joanna (PS0R2) [800] but this had been put on so it, it spoilt
Raymond (PS0PN) [801] Oh I see.
[802] Yeah, yes so
Joanna (PS0R2) [803] you know you'd got veneer and then you'd got really crappy wood.
Raymond (PS0PN) [804] The pine and that, yes.
Joanna (PS0R2) [805] But also people had put nails in the veneer and bits had fallen off and
Raymond (PS0PN) [806] Ruined it, yeah.
Joanna (PS0R2) [807] there wasn't any point in me trying
Raymond (PS0PN) [808] Felt like a bit of challenge there.
Joanna (PS0R2) [809] Well you know me ... nothing
Raymond (PS0PN) [laugh]
Joanna (PS0R2) [810] [laughing] if there's any woodworking going [...] []
Raymond (PS0PN) [811] Is this today is it?
Joanna (PS0R2) [812] Yes.
Raymond (PS0PN) [813] Too late now.
Joanna (PS0R2) [814] Yes, but you went last week so I didn't ... but they'd got stuff for you
Raymond (PS0PN) [815] Oh I [...] I thought I had loads of [...]
Joanna (PS0R2) [816] Oh Ray!
Raymond (PS0PN) [817] Never mind my fault
Joanna (PS0R2) [818] Sorry I didn't ask because I knew
Raymond (PS0PN) [819] My fault.
[820] No, no
Joanna (PS0R2) [821] they'd got something for you
Raymond (PS0PN) [822] Actually er
Joanna (PS0R2) [823] last Friday didn't they?
Raymond (PS0PN) [824] This erm ... [...]
Joanna (PS0R2) [825] Yes.
Raymond (PS0PN) [826] Yeah, he got me some springs
Joanna (PS0R2) [827] Yes well that's why I didn't ask because I assumed
Raymond (PS0PN) [828] No
Joanna (PS0R2) [829] you'd ordered everything
Raymond (PS0PN) [830] no
Joanna (PS0R2) [831] Sorry.
Raymond (PS0PN) [832] I only need a bit.
[833] I can get some from er ... Chester perhaps, for what I want you know?
[834] So er ... how often does this ... do they go to [...] then, how often is this order?
[835] Is it ...
Joanna (PS0R2) [836] Er this is just one that ... I wanted some stuff and I said to a few people
Raymond (PS0PN) [837] Oh you went round?
[838] I see, yeah.
Joanna (PS0R2) [839] and they're delivering it.
[840] I've actually ... the last time I got some delivered for me was February ... so I tend to sort of get something about once a month I think.
Raymond (PS0PN) [841] Mm
Joanna (PS0R2) [842] It really depends what I'm doing, if I'm doing a lot of ... [...] stuff, then I don't need
Raymond (PS0PN) [843] Yeah
Joanna (PS0R2) [844] to go because I've got all the hair
Raymond (PS0PN) [845] Loads yeah
Joanna (PS0R2) [846] But at the moment I seem to have done a lot of [...] stuff with foam so ...
Raymond (PS0PN) [847] I tend to forget, me, honest to god I think I've ... plenty and then you come to the [...] you say oh god ... you know ... it's ... never mind.
Joanna (PS0R2) [848] Well next time I'll remember you.
Raymond (PS0PN) [849] Next time if you'd ask me, and I still won't know. [laugh]
Joanna (PS0R2) [...]

8 (Tape 029808)

Arthur (PS0R3) [850] Half past twelve!
[851] I might as well go through on this, I was gonna go in that one.
Raymond (PS0PN) [852] Yeah
Arthur (PS0R3) [853] I'll, I'll go, this fellow's moving now so I'll go in there.
Raymond (PS0PN) [854] So you've got a big garden have you Arth?
Arthur (PS0R3) [855] Oh, no
Raymond (PS0PN) [856] Oh.
Arthur (PS0R3) [857] got a ... decent size back garden.
Raymond (PS0PN) [858] Mine is, yes yes, yeah.
[859] ... It's er Birkenhead you live is it?
Arthur (PS0R3) [860] I live in [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [861] Oh you told me!
[862] But you're a Birkenhead guy are you?
Arthur (PS0R3) [863] No, [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [864] Oh you're a scouser?
Arthur (PS0R3) [865] Mm mhm
Raymond (PS0PN) [866] What part?
Arthur (PS0R3) [867] Eh?
Raymond (PS0PN) [868] What part?
Arthur (PS0R3) [869] Manfield.
Raymond (PS0PN) [870] Oh that was the, the rough part.
Arthur (PS0R3) [871] Oh aye yeah, well I am rough aren't I? [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [872] Highton Highton I came [...] ... a nice part.
Arthur (PS0R3) [873] [...] rough are they.
Raymond (PS0PN) [laugh]
Arthur (PS0R3) [874] [...] never used to fight with [...] lads.
[875] [...] they're a tough crowd.

9 (Tape 029809)

Chris (PS0PV) [876] oh yeah ... watch the showers. [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [877] Yeah nasty aren't they?
Chris (PS0PV) [878] actually now isn't it?
Raymond (PS0PN) [879] Oh it has come lovely now, with the old sun but ... there's more to come I think.
[880] ... Er where do you live Chris, you say Cristleton is it?
Chris (PS0PV) [881] No no I'm not
Raymond (PS0PN) [882] Oh it wouldn't be Cristleton
Chris (PS0PV) [883] far away.
[884] No erm [...] really
Raymond (PS0PN) [885] Oh you're not a
Chris (PS0PV) [886] on the Chester high road.
Raymond (PS0PN) [887] Oh yes
Chris (PS0PV) [888] You know the Shrewsbury Arms?
Raymond (PS0PN) [889] Oh yes?
Chris (PS0PV) [890] Well it's just
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Chris (PS0PV) [891] [...] the road at the back
Raymond (PS0PN) [892] [...] gardens we used to go there
Chris (PS0PV) [893] Yeah.
[894] Oh that's nice, yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [895] Specially in the spring time when the azaleas are out and that.
Chris (PS0PV) [896] Yes [...] yeah.
[897] Yes oh [...] gardens is fabulous, yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [898] Mm.
[899] But now you've gotta pay ...
Chris (PS0PV) [900] You have yeah
Raymond (PS0PN) [901] so much to go in [...]
Chris (PS0PV) [902] Well we we used to join as a, you know, you could become a friend of [...] gardens
Raymond (PS0PN) [903] That's right, yeah
Chris (PS0PV) [904] [...] and it was quite reasonable.
[905] Now it's really gone a bit ... bit over the top I think.
Raymond (PS0PN) [906] Mm pay so much a year.
Chris (PS0PV) [907] So erm
Raymond (PS0PN) [908] Yes.
Chris (PS0PV) [909] Oh I used to pay a year from when you ... from when you first started paying but
Raymond (PS0PN) [910] Mm
Chris (PS0PV) [911] I've missed the one in January now and I think, oh [...] , I've paid for a year but [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [912] It's a lot of money.
Chris (PS0PV) [913] It's only odd days, it's ... it's perhaps lovely there in the winter when it's snowing and things [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [914] I know it's absolutely gorgeous.
Group of unknown speakers (KDMPSUGP) [...]

10 (Tape 029901)

Paul (PS0R4) [915] First seats ... will obviously ... in action ... Have you seen the papers?
Brian (PS0PR) [916] No No, the lady came to the house.
Raymond (PS0PN) [917] Well the lady came here
Paul (PS0R4) [918] Just knocked on the door?
Brian (PS0PR) [919] Yes.
[920] ... Yeah.
Paul (PS0R4) [921] A , and said what?
[922] ... And
Brian (PS0PR) [923] Well just read, just read what it says there.
Paul (PS0R4) [924] Well I mean
Brian (PS0PR) [925] Sh , what she said to me
Paul (PS0R4) [926] you could probably save me reading wouldn't it?
Raymond (PS0PN) [927] Yeah the doing er, say four, in this area but I [...] ... There were three.
Brian (PS0PR) [928] Some down in the Midlands.
[929] I think that's the same isn't it [...] ?
Raymond (PS0PN) [930] And we selected all intelligent looking ones.
Brian (PS0PR) [931] [...] ... Yeah but [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [932] Bar one!
Brian (PS0PR) [933] showed him.
Raymond (PS0PN) [laugh]
Paul (PS0R4) [934] So they made a mistake filling it in?
Brian (PS0PR) [935] Anyway, she
Paul (PS0R4) [936] So we've still got the [...]
Cathy (PS0R5) [937] Anyway he said so he couldn't do it!
Brian (PS0PR) [938] Well I'd only just brought it in the kitchen actually.
Paul (PS0R4) [939] Oh, I thought I'd give you a chance to put on your
Brian (PS0PR) [940] I don't care!
Paul (PS0R4) [941] your posh accent.
Brian (PS0PR) [942] Ray, had it [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS0R4) [943] wasn't just for me ... I'd like to know him.
[944] ... You can, [...] ... [...] .
Cathy (PS0R5) [945] Careful!
Brian (PS0PR) [946] Totally, all the complications
Paul (PS0R4) [...]
Brian (PS0PR) [947] and of course, they've been absolutely abnormal.
Paul (PS0R4) [948] You still going on?
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [laugh]
Paul (PS0R4) [949] Okay, it's on.
Brian (PS0PR) [950] No, not really [...] .
Paul (PS0R4) [951] Wherever a [...] [...] description of youth.
Raymond (PS0PN) [952] Well ... where have you been today?
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [laugh]
Paul (PS0R4) [953] What is it?
Raymond (PS0PN) [954] What have you been doing?
Paul (PS0R4) [955] Oh is it going?
Cathy (PS0R5) [956] It's good!
Brian (PS0PR) [957] Anyway, listen!
Paul (PS0R4) [958] Mm.
Cathy (PS0R5) [959] Do you want ... do you want any help to do these posts that's what your down as today?
Paul (PS0R4) [960] I think there's ... Want it on don't you?
Brian (PS0PR) [961] I just switched that on now yes.
Raymond (PS0PN) [962] So er ... so you had a good time?
[963] What about
Paul (PS0R4) [964] Oh yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [965] [...] full life?
[966] ... I did your dad's figures as well.
Brian (PS0PR) [967] He came home at the home didn't you?
Cathy (PS0R5) [968] He had to come home!
Paul (PS0R4) [969] Oh!
[970] ... Well I've sa , is it secret?
Brian (PS0PR) [971] He went ... Paul [...] .
Paul (PS0R4) [972] Oh the other day?
Cathy (PS0R5) [973] Mm.
Brian (PS0PR) [974] Well Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Paul (PS0R4) [975] For those who were staying there I mean.
Brian (PS0PR) [976] Did you have any ... Yeah, obviously [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Brian (PS0PR) [977] Oh well that's lucky I was gonna say did you have any
Paul (PS0R4) [978] No, no.
Brian (PS0PR) [979] paperwork to do at night.
Raymond (PS0PN) [980] We had some homework to do
Paul (PS0R4) [981] Yeah she did a little bit, yeah. ... [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [982] So is there a, a ... bar there and all this ... caper?
Paul (PS0R4) [983] Oh yeah ... yep.
Raymond (PS0PN) [984] Subsidised?
Paul (PS0R4) [985] No.
Raymond (PS0PN) [986] No?
Paul (PS0R4) [987] No.
Raymond (PS0PN) [988] I thought it might be like one of these clubs, you know.
Brian (PS0PR) [989] We chip in.
Raymond (PS0PN) [990] I'm getting bloody paranoid about that!
Paul (PS0R4) [991] Yeah, that's the trouble.
Brian (PS0PR) [992] [laughing] But no tha []
Raymond (PS0PN) [993] But
Cathy (PS0R5) [994] Yeah , when are going back, yeah.
Brian (PS0PR) [995] And this is just normal.
Paul (PS0R4) [996] Yeah, that's fine.
Raymond (PS0PN) [997] But seriously they want ten times whatever [...] !
Cathy (PS0R5) [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [998] And the bricks!
Brian (PS0PR) [999] Ya.
Paul (PS0R4) [1000] [...] where else can you say
Cathy (PS0R5) [1001] and we had [...]
Paul (PS0R4) [1002] it's not the brick [...]
Cathy (PS0R5) [laugh]
Brian (PS0PR) [1003] Not that old chestnut!
Cathy (PS0R5) [1004] Of course.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1005] So er ... got the pads ... seventeen quid weren't they?
[1006] ... No, seventeen pence ... you could do it yourself!
Paul (PS0R4) [1007] What do you mean?
Raymond (PS0PN) [1008] Yes, well when I hear ... [...] do the job couldn't you
Paul (PS0R4) [1009] How much?
[1010] ... Seventeen
Raymond (PS0PN) [1011] Seventeen yeah.
Paul (PS0R4) [1012] You're kidding!
[1013] Should of gone to [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Paul (PS0R4) [1014] to do ... they did mine for fifteen quid!
[1015] ... Brake shoes ... and that Dixons as well!
[1016] ... Oh no, tell a lie ... twenty five quid it was.
Cathy (PS0R5) [1017] Well this [...]
Paul (PS0R4) [1018] Fitted!
Cathy (PS0R5) [1019] car.
Paul (PS0R4) [1020] Oh Emma's isn't fitted [...]
Brian (PS0PR) [1021] This is the Volvo though isn't it?
Cathy (PS0R5) [1022] Expensive
Paul (PS0R4) [1023] [...] on the
Brian (PS0PR) [1024] Volvos.
Paul (PS0R4) [1025] The price is usually cheaper than [...]
Cathy (PS0R5) [1026] Well [...] Renault first.
Brian (PS0PR) [1027] Yeah.
[1028] ... Oh was that for the Renault in?
Raymond (PS0PN) [1029] And the
Cathy (PS0R5) [1030] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1031] tried to give
Brian (PS0PR) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1032] which you've gotta do the [...] cos they
Brian (PS0PR) [1033] Not bad!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1034] so much fluid in the grill.
[1035] ... And all the rest!
[1036] ... They tied the car so they could get in the vice.
[1037] ... The [...] Volvo [...] .
[1038] ... It's alright to use.
[1039] ... Sally said we had to [...] ... anyway, I did one side didn't I?
Brian (PS0PR) [1040] Yeah.
[1041] ... Carefully!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1042] Open the [...] ... Ahhh!
[1043] ... Then go do the other side
Brian (PS0PR) [1044] Haven't got much of a bump!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1045] And the er
Brian (PS0PR) [1046] [laughing] There's nothing there [] !
Cathy (PS0R5) [1047] No.
Brian (PS0PR) [1048] You looked bigger at [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1049] Honest, and stuff like that
Brian (PS0PR) [1050] Seems to going longer doesn't it?
Cathy (PS0R5) [1051] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1052] That isn't due for an hour there ... So January [...]
Paul (PS0R4) [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1053] it snapped off!
[1054] ... So what do you do?
[1055] There's the calibre with the, with the gone!
[1056] ... So I
Brian (PS0PR) [1057] [shouting] Don't [] !
Raymond (PS0PN) [1058] I end up going to Greenfield
Brian (PS0PR) [1059] Get down!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1060] Twenty five pound for a second hand one plus
Paul (PS0R4) [1061] Ooh Jesus!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1062] Seventy pound in the ... Volvo.
Paul (PS0R4) [1063] I thought you were gonna say you've broke the engine mounting on the machine
Cathy (PS0R5) [1064] [whispering] What can we do [] ?
Paul (PS0R4) [1065] and then you had to go and let it ... get a new engine!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1066] This is bad enough!
Paul (PS0R4) [1067] All because of a brake that was
Brian (PS0PR) [1068] Don't joke about things like that Paul, please!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1069] But you know he'd got a huge parlour there was nothing wrong within this one thing ... and you know, we tried to drill it out you know
Brian (PS0PR) [1070] What?
Cathy (PS0R5) [1071] Mm.
Brian (PS0PR) [1072] Ha [...] !
[1073] ... You'll knock it off!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1074] [...] the seating [...]
Brian (PS0PR) [1075] Go on off, off, off!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1076] We went down to the [...]
Brian (PS0PR) [1077] Oh oh oh!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1078] buy a bowl of stuff [...]
Brian (PS0PR) [1079] Oh!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1080] He said here are ... and tapping him over the nose [...]
Brian (PS0PR) [1081] He puts his head sort of, down
Cathy (PS0R5) [1082] Oh!
Brian (PS0PR) [1083] the end of his neck doesn't he?
Raymond (PS0PN) [1084] So, but when I tried it it
Cathy (PS0R5) [1085] Very funny!
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Brian (PS0PR) [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1086] Just all the luck of draw isn't it with things like that?
Paul (PS0R4) [1087] Oh yes
Raymond (PS0PN) [1088] You've just gotta be
Brian (PS0PR) [1089] Mhm.
Cathy (PS0R5) [1090] [laughing] [...] [] !
Raymond (PS0PN) [1091] If it's ... if it seems solid
Brian (PS0PR) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1092] then you ... you got no
Paul (PS0R4) [1093] Stay away from the [...] ! [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1094] pipes.
[1095] ... The actual hose is about that long.
[1096] ... It looked as though he ... it was all in one
Paul (PS0R4) [1097] Keep him quiet.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1098] and then I spoke to the feller, said aye!
Paul (PS0R4) [1099] Is that the union?
Raymond (PS0PN) [1100] It's supposed [...]
Cathy (PS0R5) [1101] It's something there ... in a magazine the other week there.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1102] Found something wrong with his [...]
Cathy (PS0R5) [1103] What animals do, like and what it means.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1104] he said they just ... do.
Cathy (PS0R5) [1105] And they were saying that ... when they lick each others [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Brian (PS0PR) [1106] Yeah ... what does that
Cathy (PS0R5) [1107] you know?
[1108] Apparently
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Cathy (PS0R5) [1109] it's the ... the one who's doing the
Paul (PS0R4) [...]
Cathy (PS0R5) [1110] licking is looking at the [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1111] But they tell you
Brian (PS0PR) [1112] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1113] whatever they do
Brian (PS0PR) [1114] it means
Raymond (PS0PN) [1115] is the turn ... [...]
Cathy (PS0R5) [1116] I thought [...] now erm ... sort of
Raymond (PS0PN) [1117] So I did that both sides so that
Cathy (PS0R5) [1118] Like he's sort of saying that he's the boss!
Brian (PS0PR) [1119] Li like the leader of the [...] .
Cathy (PS0R5) [...]
Brian (PS0PR) [1120] Yeah.
Cathy (PS0R5) [1121] Could be alternatively ... older ones or something like that.
Cathy (PS0R5) [1122] Well [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1123] Well I'll tell you what ... ah, you'll never be er
Cathy (PS0R5) [1124] Ja just rubbing and giving him [...]
Brian (PS0PR) [1125] Oh, he could of er
Paul (PS0R4) [1126] He started [...] on my Renault
Brian (PS0PR) [1127] Subjugated!
Cathy (PS0R5) [laugh]
Paul (PS0R4) [1128] and it's been running well since I just
Cathy (PS0R5) [1129] [...] they'd have to.
Paul (PS0R4) [1130] keep your fingers crossed and not [...]
Brian (PS0PR) [1131] Oh I don't know I had a subjugated [...] about that.
Cathy (PS0R5) [1132] They do [...] .
Brian (PS0PR) [1133] So
Paul (PS0R4) [1134] Fair does like ... rather than
Cathy (PS0R5) [1135] Mm,tha , that's why I didn't say like
Paul (PS0R4) [1136] [...] paying out for a
Cathy (PS0R5) [1137] [laughing] [...] feet aren't they sometimes [] ?
Paul (PS0R4) [1138] And the brake pads had gone
Brian (PS0PR) [1139] Yeah.
Paul (PS0R4) [...]
Brian (PS0PR) [1140] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1141] Oh yes, you've gotta replace them
Brian (PS0PR) [1142] They're sort of saying ... that you are really testing your
Paul (PS0R4) [1143] I mean, I replace mine
Cathy (PS0R5) [1144] To see that
Paul (PS0R4) [1145] but but the brakes
Brian (PS0PR) [1146] Mm.
Cathy (PS0R5) [1147] But [...] they don't [...] your
Paul (PS0R4) [1148] But the brakes [...] literally bleed them
Cathy (PS0R5) [1149] I mean your cat.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1150] No I did that before
Brian (PS0PR) [1151] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1152] to do ... it's not very dangerous.
Paul (PS0R4) [1153] I hope so.
[1154] ... You wonder what that is
Cathy (PS0R5) [...]
Paul (PS0R4) [1155] same as you have in the [...]
Cathy (PS0R5) [1156] A delightful thing to be i I think you was doing the same to Cathy weren't you?
[1157] And, everyone goes ... Cathy can [...] the meeting.
Paul (PS0R4) [1158] Well at the [...] what's er
Cathy (PS0R5) [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [laugh]
Cathy (PS0R5) [1159] What?
Brian (PS0PR) [laughing] [...]
Cathy (PS0R5) [laugh]
Brian (PS0PR) [1160] just walking back [] !
Raymond (PS0PN) [1161] That I think will be
Brian (PS0PR) [1162] Perfect wife!
Cathy (PS0R5) [laugh]
Brian (PS0PR) [1163] Good heavens!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1164] With the greenhouse [...] .

11 (Tape 029902)

Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [1165] What's this, the Boy's Brigade?
Brian (PS0PR) [1166] Yes it is.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1167] My God Almighty!
Brian (PS0PR) [1168] Here comes the [...] boys.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1169] Where are you from, from Mould
Nik (PS0R6) [1170] Cygerly
Raymond (PS0PN) [1171] Cygerly ... Oh, aye!
[1172] ... Live in hope ... die in Cygerly , ay?
Brian (PS0PR) [1173] Well ... well I've got them all wedged in now.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1174] Oh no!
[1175] ... Bu
Brian (PS0PR) [1176] There we go ... right.
Nik (PS0R6) [1177] Thank you [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1178] Okay!
Nik (PS0R6) [1179] Thank you!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1180] Bye!
Nik (PS0R6) [1181] And

12 (Tape 029903)

Dorothy (PS0R7) [1182] Went to the hospital with a ... lady down the road
Margaret (PS0PP) [1183] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1184] and Val was on the, got to be home from where ... you know?
Margaret (PS0PP) [1185] Oh yes
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1186] Yes.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1187] Yes.
[1188] ... I did phone her a few weeks ago and she said, ooh I'll have to see you on Friday ... in Mould you know get a
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1189] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1190] a bit of a coffee but er
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1191] Oh well, we were coming home on the bu , rest bus together.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1192] Oh yes.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1193] Well she's fine yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1194] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1195] Well.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1196] Still working?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1197] She normally get's a [...] ... in
Margaret (PS0PP) [1198] Oh
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1199] in Wrexham.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1200] Is she still ... working at [...]
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1201] She didn't
Margaret (PS0PP) [1202] or
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1203] no ... on the [...] ?
[1204] Did she
Margaret (PS0PP) [1205] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1206] Did she work in Prescott
Margaret (PS0PP) [1207] I, I thought she'd ... no, she went
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1208] She's to
Margaret (PS0PP) [1209] she went to Lesher didn't
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1210] No, she told me she went
Margaret (PS0PP) [1211] she?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1212] No, she told me she was in another place, I've never heard of it, [...] .
Margaret (PS0PP) [1213] I'm sure somebody told me that she was working with the ... trainee ... at er
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1214] Oh, well she told me she was working, but I'd never heard of, some sewing place, it must be in Wrexham.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1215] Oh did she?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1216] [...] but she said they'd laid her off.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1217] Oh!
[1218] ... Ooh dear, so er
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1219] But at moment she isn't working but she said
Margaret (PS0PP) [1220] In between.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1221] for them to ring her back.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1222] Oh!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1223] So she said they've rang her back cos ... you know ... I think she's going there again.
[1224] ... But I don't
Margaret (PS0PP) [1225] Mm.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1226] Bretfords sh , well she said, I'm sure she didn't say Bretfords
Margaret (PS0PP) [1227] No, I ... I think it was somebody I was talking to from Bretford who said that she'd gone ... she was looking after the
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1228] Oh maybe, yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1229] trainees in Leighbridge Do you remember when they had them
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1230] That's right yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1231] For so many months I think didn't they?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1232] That's right.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1233] And then ... cos I said, ooh are, are they going to open up again?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1234] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1235] But er ... but it hasn't has it?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1236] It wasn't anything no.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1237] And nobody's taken the place over have they?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1238] No it's just bought, well ... they've got planks across it now, save the cars turning round in there.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1239] Oh, boarded up the street?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1240] Well, you know
Margaret (PS0PP) [1241] The, the access roads, yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1242] Down [...] street ... people going and parking up there.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1243] Do , oh!
[1244] What a shame!
[1245] I mean
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1246] And it's ... at the end it's
Margaret (PS0PP) [1247] The whole village ... relied on that
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1248] got a sale board
Margaret (PS0PP) [1249] didn't they for
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1250] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1251] work?
[1252] ... I wonder what
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1253] for sale or rent.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1254] It's awful for the people that's at the wrong age, and too early to ... retire really it's
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1255] Yeah yeah
Raymond (PS0PN) [1256] You know early fifties and
Margaret (PS0PP) [1257] Too old to get another job!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1258] Yeah, but it's all, Christ
Raymond (PS0PN) [1259] Er
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1260] I mean you can't flaming well drive in, can't get out village!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1261] No, when are you having driving lessons?
Raymond (PS0PN) [1262] Ohhhh dear dear!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1263] Oh [...] !
Margaret (PS0PP) [1264] [laughing] Is that another story is it [] ?
Raymond (PS0PN) [1265] You want empty road you see when you're trying
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1266] one lady said to me ... take everyone else
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1267] [laughing] [...] [] .
Raymond (PS0PN) [1268] off the road and I'll be happy! [laugh]
Margaret (PS0PP) [1269] Isn't he terrible!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1270] Oh!
[1271] ... I'm er
Margaret (PS0PP) [1272] Is he
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1273] I, yeah ... I go ... well I've started going again now ... er ... [...] aren't very good!
Raymond (PS0PN) [laugh]
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1274] He said to me ... [...] should add [...] ... erm ... you know like being
Margaret (PS0PP) [1275] Bit like
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1276] [...] is what he said.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1277] Oh.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1278] And he said you'll be able to go round the roundabout then I [...] the flaming things!
Raymond (PS0PN) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1279] So he said you couldn't have done!
[1280] So I sa have, so I told him what he said, and he said ... well that's exactly what it says in the book!
[1281] I said yes, well why don't you do it?
[1282] I said because in the bloody book there's no cars on the roundabout and I says it [...] !
Raymond (PS0PN) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1283] I said you bring me three o'clock
Margaret (PS0PP) [1284] You really [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1285] in the morning I'll go round the roundabout for you when it's empty!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1286] Mm, that's it ... innit?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1287] I said but when I come here there are cars everywhere, I says on ... on the picture
Raymond (PS0PN) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1288] there isn't a car in sight!
[1289] He sat there and burst out laughing but he said ... yeah you're right, [laughing] there isn't [] !
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1290] Did you tend to come on
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1291] No well [...] [...] ... well I've started again now.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1292] Yeah.
[1293] ... Does Yvonne go out with you or
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1294] No ... because she's got an X R two and their, the insurance is too high for her to
Margaret (PS0PP) [1295] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1296] to insure it for me.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1297] Oh God, yeah!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1298] Mm.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1299] Well the insurance for her is higher then.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1300] How's she doing anyway ... still in er
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1301] She's doing a [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [1302] [...] ?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1303] now in er ... [...] .
Margaret (PS0PP) [1304] Oh good!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1305] It's a new thing come out now ... I don't know whether it's [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1306] Two, er, two two thousand is it?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1307] Project two thousand.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1308] Yes.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1309] Is that it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [1310] Project two thousand
Raymond (PS0PN) [1311] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1312] that's right yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1313] She has
Raymond (PS0PN) [1314] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1315] to do so many big things, Bangor the University and so many [...] .
Margaret (PS0PP) [1316] Yeah ... yeah ... it
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1317] So they get like a degree or something
Margaret (PS0PP) [1318] it's
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1319] at the end of it.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1320] It's strange well ... erm ... I mean with, Bon's just qualified now ... and she trying to get a job down in Portsmouth but erm ... you know they're not they don't
Raymond (PS0PN) [1321] Terrible!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1322] seem to be recruiting at the moment.
[1323] ... But erm ... she was saying ... there were a group that she sort of went ... were alongside their group which were the
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1324] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1325] Project two thousand, but it ... it seems to be mostly class work ... and very
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1326] Yeah well
Margaret (PS0PP) [1327] little practical work, whereas ... the group she was in ... you know, it was so many weeks of school but the majority
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1328] [...] like Bonny hasn't she [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [1329] of it was actually ... on the ward isn't it?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1330] But he won't ... come in Wrexham now they're not on the wards much.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1331] No.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1332] No.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1333] And they only get advantage of getting [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1334] A lot of it's er
Margaret (PS0PP) [1335] Well
Raymond (PS0PN) [1336] theory isn't it I believe ... er
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1337] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1338] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1339] they don't get a great [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [1340] Which ... I mean for er ... for a hospital taking people on like that, I mean erm ... I would of said ... i it would ... would of been a better proposition to have somebody who's at least experienced.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1341] Or ... well Yvonne said she wouldn't
Margaret (PS0PP) [1342] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1343] have ever gone into nursing now because she said I wouldn't do it for a grant.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1344] No.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1345] You know I
Raymond (PS0PN) [1346] No.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1347] wouldn't go for three years for a grant and just
Margaret (PS0PP) [1348] No.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1349] No.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1350] get nurses wages at the end of it!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1351] That's
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [1352] right yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1353] If I was gonna get a job
Margaret (PS0PP) [1354] There's no incentive at all is there?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1355] I'd go for something for higher wages at the end of it!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1356] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1357] Yes.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1358] But, you know ... she goes mad!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1359] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1360] But she had a job as a nursing sister in erm ... Yale , the private hospital before she done her midwifery but she's
Margaret (PS0PP) [1361] Oh yeah!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1362] always wanted to do a midi so
Margaret (PS0PP) [1363] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1364] she left that and she's gone ... to do her midwifery ... and now when she gets ... the other day she was looking at old pay slips ... God, she must have been an idiot to give up a sister's post cos she said ... her wages have dropped terrible to do this course!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1365] That's terrible isn't it?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1366] Cos they won't pay you a sister's grade, they'll only ... pay you an E grade.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1367] Yeah, that's right.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1368] To do a course.
[1369] ... They'll
Margaret (PS0PP) [1370] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1371] only go so high to do a course ... and she was on an F grade so she had to ... be taken down.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1372] So she could drop.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1373] And she said, when she qualifies it will be years before she's gets back to an F grade!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1374] It's just ridiculous [...] .
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1375] And they don't automatically give them a higher grade after a, [...] .
Margaret (PS0PP) [1376] So they've gotta go through that waiting period before you
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1377] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1378] build up to the
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1379] Wait for someone to ... die or retire or something
Margaret (PS0PP) [1380] Oh dear!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1381] for you to go in
Margaret (PS0PP) [1382] She'll have to put a ... banana skin at the top of the stairs
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1383] that's their job isn't it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [1384] for somebody!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1385] It is, it's bad isn't it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [1386] Yeah, yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1387] And she goes mad!
[1388] ... And then
Margaret (PS0PP) [1389] If er
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1390] they train in [...] in Wrexham, in the midwifery ... she says they haven't trained any for two years and they're not training any next year either!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1391] Well I know Bon said er they'd they'd cut down on the recruiting ... in fact, I think they'd closed one of the hospitals in Bristol ... in the Frenchay where she is ... has actually got to take ... erm ... qualified nurses from that hospital ... before they take student nurses that they've trained
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1392] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1393] so ... you know, I mean it's gonna be difficult for a lot of them when they go.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1394] But she went to Caborange to do her orthopaedics didn't she?
Margaret (PS0PP) [1395] Mm.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1396] And she was toying with the idea whether to go and do her midwifery cos that's what she wanted to do
Margaret (PS0PP) [1397] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1398] and then she said, well like, you know, I don't know!
[1399] ... Anyway, she went to ... she took this ... sister's post in The Yale
Margaret (PS0PP) [1400] Mm.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1401] to wait for her midwifery to come through ... and then er ... they've closed that
Margaret (PS0PP) [1402] Does she have to
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1403] ward.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1404] pay for this course ... by the way?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1405] No, she gets paid on any rate.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1406] Oh, I see.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1407] See, Bon would have pay ... for
Margaret (PS0PP) [1408] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1409] going on an extra ... she said after
Margaret (PS0PP) [1410] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1411] she'd finished her training she's had to
Margaret (PS0PP) [1412] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1413] actually pay for the course!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1414] They do in ... erm
Raymond (PS0PN) [1415] for the
Margaret (PS0PP) [1416] Wendy, our neighbour's daughter's erm
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1417] Was that erm
Margaret (PS0PP) [1418] she's gonna have to pay for
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1419] ward management course they paid for, some of them
Raymond (PS0PN) [1420] No it wasn't [...]
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1421] cos some girl went on a ward management course
Raymond (PS0PN) [1422] I'm not sure now.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1423] and they have to pay.
[1424] ... But Yvonne was sent to do that on Cabowin she was lucky!
[1425] She went on a ... they sent her on a ward management course there.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1426] Oh so
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1427] So she's had that
Margaret (PS0PP) [1428] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1429] she's got her orthopaedics ... that orthopaedics ward's closed down now!
[1430] ... So it's a good job she didn't ... move on there.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1431] That's terrible isn't it?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1432] Cos she said luckily I
Margaret (PS0PP) [1433] And the , there's a crying need for the ... for nurses in the hospitals and wards ... and the , and they sort of they're cutting down ... you know, on the hospital programme ... closing wards ... er, not employing nurses when they need them ... you know, and they're trying to get
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1434] And the private hospitals are [...] and she
Margaret (PS0PP) [1435] one person to do five people's jobs!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1436] came from the hospital to ... to do her midwifery ... and there was a boy ... in Wrexham Hospital ... he'd give up the permanent job to go to The Yale
Margaret (PS0PP) [1437] Mm.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1438] and ... he was saying a month and they'd laid him off and he can't back into Wrexham Hospital!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1439] Oh good!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1440] But that is awful isn't it?
Raymond (PS0PN) [1441] Well you'd think that there'd be plenty of er opportunities in the private ... sector wouldn't you?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1442] Apparently what they're doing in the private sector taking er ... ooh what do you call them?
[1443] ... Yvonne does it
Margaret (PS0PP) [1444] Oh, like erm
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1445] Oh!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1446] Like er, I was going to say a stand-by, what
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1447] Oh Gosh!
[1448] ... Yeah, you
Margaret (PS0PP) [1449] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1450] know, like contact ... so when they need
Margaret (PS0PP) [1451] As they like, yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1452] Ohhhh!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [1453] That's right.
[1454] ... Well actually you know, Bon said this on the phone the other day
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1455] Yvonne does that when she can't
Margaret (PS0PP) [1456] she said I may have
Raymond (PS0PN) [1457] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1458] to do an agency ... erm
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1459] Cos she does that, now she's give up her
Margaret (PS0PP) [1460] like a fill-in
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1461] sister's post
Margaret (PS0PP) [1462] but she doesn't want to, cos I said, oh for heaven's sake don't undermine
Dorothy (PS0R7) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [1463] the National Health Service, I said it's undermined enough!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1464] Yeah, well
Margaret (PS0PP) [1465] From the private sector, but she said
Raymond (PS0PN) [1466] What can you do?
Margaret (PS0PP) [1467] well ... er, you know if ... it comes to it I'll have to.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1468] Well Yvonne went into the private to get er ... a sister's post ... and sh ... but she knew she was gonna do her midwifery, so she knew she wasn't gonna stay there ... but when she went it's become ... when she does her midwifery for the sister's post, ah but she's got experience hasn't she when she's
Margaret (PS0PP) [1469] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1470] done it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [1471] She's got the erm ... the qualification there.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1472] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1473] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1474] That's right.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1475] So er
Raymond (PS0PN) [1476] You know, they should get everything given to them shouldn't they, nurses?
[1477] They work that hard it's ... they devoted ... shouldn't have to fight over ruddy rates and
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1478] Well, you know, I mean she's gone ... to midwifery now and she's, say she's due home, half nine ... she'll come home eleven o'clock and I'll say where have you been till now?
Margaret (PS0PP) [1479] Mm.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1480] Well, well there was a woman half way through delivery so we can't leave!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1481] Oh aye!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1482] That's right, yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1483] Gotta carry on.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1484] [...] ... Bon has often said that we're supposed to finish at
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1485] You don't get overtime!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1486] nine o'clock but I was there till half
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1487] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1488] past nine!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1489] But they don't get
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1490] overtime!
[1491] They're
Margaret (PS0PP) [1492] No.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1493] not allowed to pay them overtime!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1494] No, that's right.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1495] You know it's
Margaret (PS0PP) [1496] Er, it's
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1497] And she was saying, cos her friend works in a bank ... and she's just taken a mortgage on because they get so much knocked off their mortgage don't they, if you work in a
Margaret (PS0PP) [1498] Mm mm.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1499] bank?
Margaret (PS0PP) [1500] Mm mm. [car horn]
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1501] So that girl's only paying a hundred pound a month mortgage on ... it's only a terraced house but
Margaret (PS0PP) [1502] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1503] but Yvonne was saying on my wages I wouldn't get a mortgage!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1504] No.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1505] No.
[1506] ... No.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1507] No.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1508] The only mortgage I'd get was for twenty odd thousand.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1509] [...] double that you see, wouldn't it be the
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1510] No.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1511] interest with the
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1512] Well she was saying
Margaret (PS0PP) [1513] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1514] they wouldn't give you one on your wages!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1515] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1516] They'd give you one for twenty odd thousand, where you gonna get a house for twenty odd thousand?
Margaret (PS0PP) [1517] Exactly!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1518] Nothing!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1519] So she's just done all that training, she said, you know she's done her
Margaret (PS0PP) [1520] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1521] training, she's done her orthopaedics
Raymond (PS0PN) [...] [...]
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1522] done her
Margaret (PS0PP) [1523] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1524] midi's ... and she still can't afford ... a mortgage on her own!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1525] Still can't, yeah.
[1526] Cos you're at
Raymond (PS0PN) [1527] Right, yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1528] the bottom of the ladder!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1529] You know and
Raymond (PS0PN) [1530] And the poor people of ... of the so so society, it's wrong isn't it?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1531] You know, it's wrong really when they've done all that training!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1532] Well they sort of
Margaret (PS0PP) [1533] How's your son anyway?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1534] Oh fine!
[1535] About time!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1536] Not a grandmother yet?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1537] Oh yes, oh, she was [...] three haven't I?
Margaret (PS0PP) [1538] Oh!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1539] And erm ... the baby she's four months old.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1540] Oh lovely! ... [...] that's my [...] is
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1541] Are your grandchildren alright?
Margaret (PS0PP) [1542] Yes, fine yes
Raymond (PS0PN) [1543] Oh alright.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1544] they're all at school now.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1545] Ahhh!
[1546] ... Is your daughter alright?
Margaret (PS0PP) [1547] So ... yes, she's coping quite well she's thinking of erm ... doing a course as Kelvedel College
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1548] Oh that's nice!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1549] been down there asking about er
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1550] [...] won't she?
Margaret (PS0PP) [1551] you know, different courses [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1552] Give her a bit of interest other than
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1553] Well
Raymond (PS0PN) [1554] the house and the
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1555] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1556] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1557] kids
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1558] Yeah, this is it.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1559] It means getting away from the children all the time.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1560] I mean, she's only young isn't she?
[1561] You know, get
Raymond (PS0PN) [1562] Oh God yes!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1563] mixing with ... you know
Raymond (PS0PN) [1564] Yes.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1565] With adults!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1566] with other people!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1567] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1568] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Dorothy (PS0R7) [laugh]
Margaret (PS0PP) [1569] Yeah, it's true though.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1570] Ah!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1571] Nine o'clock she's
Margaret (PS0PP) [1572] Real world.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1573] sitting on [laugh] her own, isn't she talking to the eldest one who is
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1574] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1575] only what?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1576] Yeah I mean, it's children
Raymond (PS0PN) [1577] Nine!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1578] or people your age isn't it, you know she's
Raymond (PS0PN) [1579] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1580] with?
[1581] She wants to get her someone her ow ... [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [1582] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1583] I mean she's young
Raymond (PS0PN) [1584] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1585] isn't she?
Margaret (PS0PP) [1586] That's right, yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1587] Oh gosh, yes, that's right!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1588] Yeah, I mean she wants to get out and
Raymond (PS0PN) [1589] She wants a rich ... good looking chap then, she
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1590] They all
Margaret (PS0PP) [1591] Yeah
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1592] [laugh] want that, I mean ... as my mum said, I'm looking for a
Raymond (PS0PN) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1593] millionaire
Margaret (PS0PP) [1594] They're thin on the ground!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1595] but there don't seem to be any around [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [1596] I've had to go out looking for one all these years!
Raymond (PS0PN) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1597] I'm looking for a millionaire, she says but I don't see many around ... I said what about the doctors?
[1598] Well if you fancy a black one there's plenty [laughing] but she don't fancy them [] !
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1599] Poor men!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1600] Ay!
[1601] ... Can marry a a bad white one!
[1602] ... Our daughter
Margaret (PS0PP) [1603] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1604] You can
Raymond (PS0PN) [1605] did, my God, yes!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1606] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1607] Colour means nothing!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1608] No.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1609] No, you can ma , you can ... just what they are isn't it
Raymond (PS0PN) [1610] No matter what they are
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1611] that counts?
Margaret (PS0PP) [1612] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1613] Yes.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1614] Anyway, I'd suppose we'd better go.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1615] The trouble is all the coloured doctors have got arranged marriages over there they only
Raymond (PS0PN) [1616] Ah!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1617] want a girl
Raymond (PS0PN) [1618] Oh!
[1619] ... Ooh yes, oh
Margaret (PS0PP) [...]
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1620] fill in the time till they go
Raymond (PS0PN) [1621] oh that's no good!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1622] back!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1623] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1624] Oh you mean the er
Margaret (PS0PP) [1625] Arranged marriages.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1626] Ira Iranians?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1627] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1628] Ooh!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1629] And lot's of them of stopped that [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [1630] Mm.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1631] I've said [...] last year [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1632] Ooh that's slavery!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1633] and taken in like that, they've even gone and lived with them!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1634] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1635] And then all of a sudden they've disappeared, I mean
Raymond (PS0PN) [1636] That's it!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1637] [laughing] Oh [] !
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1638] they're marriages are [laughing] all arranged [] cos they got
Margaret (PS0PP) [1639] Oh
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1640] [laughing] I'm
Margaret (PS0PP) [1641] dear
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1642] not that stupid [] !
Raymond (PS0PN) [1643] Just think how lucky you are!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1644] Why?
Raymond (PS0PN) [1645] Well ... how soft we are ... th ... compared with those chaps!
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS0R7) [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1646] Ay?
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS0R7) [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1647] They've got a slave haven't they?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1648] Yeah
Raymond (PS0PN) [1649] It's
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1650] you have
Raymond (PS0PN) [1651] the opposite here!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1652] They'd have you carrying the coconuts on your head
Margaret (PS0PP) [1653] Dream on!
Raymond (PS0PN) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1654] from the palm trees!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1655] No!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1656] At water!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1657] Yeah, they [...] !
Raymond (PS0PN) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1658] Oh dear!
Raymond (PS0PN) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1659] Go down here [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1660] Oh dear!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1661] Well, good luck with the driving!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1662] Oh I [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [1663] Keep at it!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1664] Let us know when you're coming out ... a we , and we'll stay in
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1665] So you can all stay in!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1666] especially on the roundabouts!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1667] [laugh] ... Three o'clock in the morning you'll be alright!
[1668] Three am.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1669] [laugh] ... [laughing] That's right [] !
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1670] That's what I said to him, I said if you sent me to a
Margaret (PS0PP) [1671] No, you keep at it!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1672] driving lesson in the middle of the night I'd be alright! ... [...] better.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1673] Once you ... once you get into it it's ... it's the same for everyone isn't it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [1674] It's confidence isn't it?
[1675] It's developing
Raymond (PS0PN) [1676] And, of course
Margaret (PS0PP) [1677] confidence.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1678] the later you leave it
Margaret (PS0PP) [1679] Mind you, I've always been amazed
Raymond (PS0PN) [1680] You know
Margaret (PS0PP) [1681] that at ... people being able to get into a car and never driven before ... and be allowed out onto a highway!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1682] Yes!
[1683] ... Yeah, it's
Margaret (PS0PP) [1684] I mean
Raymond (PS0PN) [1685] very traumatic!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1686] you know I would of thought the, the first thing would be
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1687] To be honest Margaret I was never, never was in a car
Margaret (PS0PP) [1688] to learn the mechanics of the car.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1689] I mean, I was quite happy sitting there being driven around I was [...] other people!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1690] That's right, yes, it's nice isn't it?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1691] But er
Margaret (PS0PP) [1692] Till the chauffeur er ... isn't there, you know!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1693] You can't, it must be [...] since Paul did ... and the man turned up ... and [...] to Yvonne, I'm not going [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [cough]
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1694] you'll go to the industrial estate mum, she said ... don't worry ... she said he'll drive
Margaret (PS0PP) [1695] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1696] you there ... and she said, you'll be alright. ... [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [cough]
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1697] to the pub, do you know The Prince?
Margaret (PS0PP) [1698] Yeah, yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1699] Drove me to there and he said, here are get in!
[1700] I went ... this isn't the industrial estate!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1701] [laugh] ... Ha ha, this is the road!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1702] Said, get in!
[1703] ... And I had to drive to Mould oh!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1704] Nerves all the way!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1705] [...] and I
Raymond (PS0PN) [1706] It is , it is er
Margaret (PS0PP) [1707] Yeah.
[1708] ... The trouble is the industrial estate is full of learner drivers just like yourself!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1709] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1710] Yeah.
[1711] ... More
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1712] So
Raymond (PS0PN) [1713] traffic there.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1714] Yvonne said
Margaret (PS0PP) [1715] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1716] to me that's where they took her the first time, they didn't take her right on the ... the roads, you know, the first time she'd
Margaret (PS0PP) [1717] Yes.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1718] ever been in a car!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1719] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1720] But the kids have got more ... confidence haven't they?
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1721] They have they
Raymond (PS0PN) [1722] They must have when you're twenty something, you know, they've got less fear.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1723] I think they're
Margaret (PS0PP) [1724] Yeah, yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1725] they're not afraid of anything are they?
Margaret (PS0PP) [1726] Well
Raymond (PS0PN) [1727] I mean, when our Bon was learning I went with her a few times she frightened the life out of me!
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1728] But yeah I know [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1729] Well I mean I
Margaret (PS0PP) [1730] I think er
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1731] They've got the nerve haven't they?
[1732] I mean
Raymond (PS0PN) [1733] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1734] you know
Margaret (PS0PP) [1735] Well , they haven't got the experience to realise ... what would happen if er
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1736] What being too [...] you know?
Margaret (PS0PP) [1737] That's right yeah.
[1738] ... Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1739] When I learned it was horse and carts on the roads! ... [laugh]
Dorothy (PS0R7) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [1740] Do you
Margaret (PS0PP) [1741] What
Raymond (PS0PN) [1742] That
Margaret (PS0PP) [1743] is he like?
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [1744] buy a [...] [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1745] That's a joke!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1746] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [1747] Would you like buy a flag for the [...] ?
Raymond (PS0PN) [1748] Another one?
Margaret (PS0PP) [1749] Here, look here I've got a badge
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [1750] i oh!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1751] already!
[1752] ... You've been to me once!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1753] They're [...] flags yo
Raymond (PS0PN) [1754] Where's the flag?
Margaret (PS0PP) [1755] I don't mind
Raymond (PS0PN) [1756] Here are!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1757] supporting the Boy's Brigade once, but
Raymond (PS0PN) [1758] I thought he was gonna come dressed as a boy scout this time!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1759] Here are!
Unknown speaker (KDMPSUNK) [1760] [laugh] ... Thanks a lot!
Raymond (PS0PN) [laugh]
Margaret (PS0PP) [1761] Okay, well we'll have
Raymond (PS0PN) [1762] Anyway
Margaret (PS0PP) [1763] to get going anyway Dot.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1764] All the best!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1765] Take care.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1766] See you soon.
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1767] Okay, [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1768] Bye bye [...] love.
Margaret (PS0PP) [1769] Keep up with your lessons.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1770] Bye!
Dorothy (PS0R7) [1771] Bye now!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1772] Where you going now?
Margaret (PS0PP) [1773] I was gonna get eggs, that's what I was ... gonna head in here for.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1774] Oh get them in Buckley now, come on!
Margaret (PS0PP) [1775] Yes.
[1776] ... I've got to get milk anyway so

13 (Tape 029904)

Raymond (PS0PN) [1777] What, what sort of music would you like me play?
Laura (PS0R8) [1778] Any.
Scott (PS0R9) [1779] Any.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1780] Any?
Scott (PS0R9) [1781] Yes.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1782] What does that mean?
Scott (PS0R9) [1783] Any!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1784] I want you
Laura (PS0R8) [1785] Any kind.
Scott (PS0R9) [1786] Any music!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1787] Well don't you like pop music or ... what's your favourite?
Scott (PS0R9) [1788] Ooh ... Jason Donovan!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1789] Oh no!
[1790] ... What's the
Laura (PS0R8) [1791] I don't mind.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1792] Well go on, you've gotta say something!
Laura (PS0R8) [1793] Kylie Minogue.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1794] Kylie Minogue.
[1795] ... Kylie Minogue?
[1796] I don't know her, I don't that!
[1797] I know Whitney Houston.
Scott (PS0R9) [1798] Yeah
Raymond (PS0PN) [1799] Is she good is she?
Scott (PS0R9) [1800] Michael Jackson.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1801] Oh I know him!
[1802] ... Yes, one that's got the er
Scott (PS0R9) [1803] Yeah ... have him.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1804] White face.
Laura (PS0R8) [1805] No, he's got a black face!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1806] I know, but he's had all this treatment hasn't he, to make his ... face white.
Laura (PS0R8) [1807] Yeah, put Michael Jackson on.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1808] Alright.
Scott (PS0R9) [1809] Michael Jackson.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1810] Well, first, tell me what you've done today?
[1811] ... Ay?
Laura (PS0R8) [1812] Er not ... not much
Raymond (PS0PN) [1813] Don't wanna tell me?
Laura (PS0R8) [1814] but playing.
[1815] ... Me and Scott were just playing ... and I went [...]
Scott (PS0R9) [1816] [...] at home.
Laura (PS0R8) [1817] I went
Raymond (PS0PN) [1818] Have you ... have you seen Cop?
Laura (PS0R8) [1819] Na ... not ... not ... [...]
Scott (PS0R9) [1820] [...] for my ... birthday.
Laura (PS0R8) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1821] What you ... just a minute, is that ... is tomorrow afternoon your ... the birthday i ... the party or someone elses?
Laura (PS0R8) [1822] He's going to somebody's party tomorrow.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1823] Who's party is it tomorrow?
Laura (PS0R8) [1824] Ross's.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1825] Ross er, Ross.
Laura (PS0R8) [1826] Ross's!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1827] Oh Ross!
[1828] I see, yeah.
Scott (PS0R9) [1829] Yeah, but I I'll have a [...]
Emily (PS0RA) [1830] Granddad!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1831] Are you going
Emily (PS0RA) [1832] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1833] to the party?
Laura (PS0R8) [1834] No.
[1835] ... We're not going.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1836] What's
Emily (PS0RA) [1837] No.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1838] that?
Scott (PS0R9) [1839] He's a Beetlejuice!
Laura (PS0R8) [1840] Beetlejuice!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1841] Beetlejuice?
[1842] Oh I see, yes, yes!
Scott (PS0R9) [1843] It's okay he's a [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1844] I know all about that yes!
[1845] ... Oh, they made a film didn't they?
Laura (PS0R8) [1846] Yeah.
Scott (PS0R9) [1847] No it's ... no we di didn't!
Laura (PS0R8) [1848] Yeah, you've had
Raymond (PS0PN) [1849] Did you erm
Laura (PS0R8) [1850] Beetlejuicee!
Scott (PS0R9) [1851] No.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1852] Emily!
Emily (PS0RA) [1853] What?
Raymond (PS0PN) [1854] Have you had anyone round?
Scott (PS0R9) [1855] It was [...]
Emily (PS0RA) [1856] Yeah, no I went round to somebody's house.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1857] Who?
Emily (PS0RA) [1858] Kelly's.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1859] Kelly!
[1860] Oh i ... are
Emily (PS0RA) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1861] you better now by the way?
[1862] ... What was wrong with you?
Emily (PS0RA) [1863] I've had terrible [...] Laura had one.
Scott (PS0R9) [1864] I'll tell you what happened!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1865] A bug ... oh, I know all about Laura, what did you have Laura?
Scott (PS0R9) [1866] I had ... [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1867] Conjuctiv ... itus.
Scott (PS0R9) [1868] Had that [...]
Emily (PS0RA) [1869] She did have that [...] allergy in her eyes.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1870] And allergy in your eyes!
[1871] ... Oh well!
Scott (PS0R9) [1872] I'll go and get the ted down now.
Emily (PS0RA) [1873] I went round to Kelly's house and I played a computer there ... and they could bring
Raymond (PS0PN) [1874] Oh no!
Emily (PS0RA) [1875] They
Raymond (PS0PN) [1876] More computers!
Scott (PS0R9) [1877] You can get ... [...]
Emily (PS0RA) [1878] [...] till [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1879] Can you?
Emily (PS0RA) [1880] We were taking
Scott (PS0R9) [1881] Yeah.
Emily (PS0RA) [1882] round to, I took round some of my games to play.
Scott (PS0R9) [1883] Emily's gonna make a new game aren't you?
Raymond (PS0PN) [1884] Is she?
Scott (PS0R9) [1885] That game [...] played ... when you was here.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1886] After.
Emily (PS0RA) [1887] I know [laughing] you're doing [] !
Raymond (PS0PN) [1888] What?
Emily (PS0RA) [1889] [laughing] You're taping our [...] [] !
Scott (PS0R9) [1890] I've got a [...] .
Emily (PS0RA) [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1891] Ahhhh!
[1892] Now you don't know what to say!
[1893] I tell you what I'll ask you a few questions.
[1894] ... Scott ... Where were
Scott (PS0R9) [1895] Yeah?
Raymond (PS0PN) [1896] you born?
[1897] ... What town were you born in?
Scott (PS0R9) [1898] Mm ... Shotten
Raymond (PS0PN) [1899] Shotten ... very good!
[1900] Do you know what county it's in?
Scott (PS0R9) [1901] Think, I don't know [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1902] What county it's in.
[1903] ... Clu
Laura (PS0R8) [1904] Clwyd?
Raymond (PS0PN) [1905] Laura ... where were you born?
Laura (PS0R8) [1906] Er ... Shotten
Raymond (PS0PN) [1907] Very good!
[1908] ... In Clwyd right.
[1909] ... And how old are you?
Laura (PS0R8) [1910] Seven.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1911] That's very good!
Laura (PS0R8) [1912] And I've been living for seven years! [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1913] [laughing] ... Living for seven years [] !
[1914] We know that!
[1915] ... Right Emily!
Emily (PS0RA) [1916] What?
Raymond (PS0PN) [1917] I know you were born in Shotten ... What age are you my love?
Emily (PS0RA) [1918] I'm was born in Chester!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1919] Oh!
[1920] ... Caught me out!
[1921] Okay you've won ... [...]
Emily (PS0RA) [1922] And I ... am almost nine.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1923] Almost nine years.
[1924] ... And what scho , school do you go to?
Emily (PS0RA) [1925] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1926] Hellyessen
Emily (PS0RA) [1927] Hellyessen
Raymond (PS0PN) [1928] And who is your teacher?
[1929] Miss
Emily (PS0RA) [1930] .
Raymond (PS0PN) [1931] Miss .
[1932] ... Laura ... who is your teacher?
[1933] Miss
Laura (PS0R8) [1934] Miss .
Raymond (PS0PN) [1935] Ooh, it's [...]
Laura (PS0R8) [1936] Mrs ... and Mr
Raymond (PS0PN) [1937] Ooh Mrs .
Laura (PS0R8) [1938] .
Raymond (PS0PN) [1939] Oh two, I see!
[1940] Now, Scott who is your teacher?
Scott (PS0R9) [1941] Umm [...] ... Mrs
Raymond (PS0PN) [1942] Umm?
Scott (PS0R9) [1943] and er Mrs .
Raymond (PS0PN) [1944] Oh!
[1945] Who's your favourite out of the two?
[1946] Who d'you like best of all?
Scott (PS0R9) [1947] Erm
Emily (PS0RA) [1948] Miss . [laugh]
Scott (PS0R9) [1949] I like Mrs cos she's ... she's a bit more nicer than Mrs .
Raymond (PS0PN) [1950] Is she?
Scott (PS0R9) [1951] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1952] What is your favourite subject [...] ?
Laura (PS0R8) [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [1953] What do you like doing best of all.
Laura (PS0R8) [1954] He says Mrs 's got a big wart there!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1955] Ooh! [laugh]
Emily (PS0RA) [1956] Do I have to do it [...] to the end?
Raymond (PS0PN) [1957] [laugh] ... It's going.
Scott (PS0R9) [1958] It's, it

14 (Tape 029905)

Raymond (PS0PN) [1959] Or rather ... [...]
Laura (PS0R8) [1960] Erm
Raymond (PS0PN) [1961] Then we can [...] .
Laura (PS0R8) [1962] The [...] .
[1963] ... [laugh] ... You ask him a question.
Emily (PS0RA) [1964] I'll ask him a question!
Laura (PS0R8) [1965] Go on then.
Raymond (PS0PN) [1966] Clock's stopped.
Scott (PS0R9) [1967] Erm
Emily (PS0RA) [1968] No, you don't need the [...] !
Scott (PS0R9) [1969] Oh! [laugh]
Emily (PS0RA) [1970] Oh oh!
[1971] ... How old are you?
Raymond (PS0PN) [1972] Oh well, erm ... well erm bu ba ba ba ... actually I'm fifty seven ... I shall be fifty
Emily (PS0RA) [1973] Er
Raymond (PS0PN) [1974] eight next birthday.
[1975] ... But I don't look it!
Laura (PS0R8) [1976] Yuk!
Emily (PS0RA) [1977] Right, you're one then.
Laura (PS0R8) [1978] Erm
Emily (PS0RA) [...]
Laura (PS0R8) [1979] Where do you live?
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Laura (PS0R8) [1980] Where d'you live!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1981] Buckley ... which is in Clwyd.
[1982] ... But ... I'm
Laura (PS0R8) [1983] Oh!
Raymond (PS0PN) [1984] from Liverpool [...] ... long time ago.
Laura (PS0R8) [1985] Where were you born?
Raymond (PS0PN) [1986] In Liverpool [...] .
Carrie (PS0RB) [1987] Don't put that in your mouth!
Laura (PS0R8) [1988] Oh!
Scott (PS0R9) [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [1989] Have you had a [...] ?
Emily (PS0RA) [1990] Your turn.
Scott (PS0R9) [1991] Right then ... I wanna know ... I will! [laugh] ... what, what's the date of your birthday?
Raymond (PS0PN) [1992] The date I was born, er erm the thirtieth of July ... nineteen thirty four.
Scott (PS0R9) [laugh]
Laura (PS0R8) [...] [...]
Laura (PS0R8) [laugh]
Scott (PS0R9) [1993] We've got to gather round you now.
Laura (PS0R8) [1994] [laughing] [...] [] !
Margaret (PS0PP) [1995] Don't lose that now!
[1996] Look wait
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [1997] and let me ... unless it's there to lose yeah, I mean
Emily (PS0RA) [1998] What d'you do at work?
Margaret (PS0PP) [1999] before you get me any more
Raymond (PS0PN) [2000] Well I don't work now cos I'm
Margaret (PS0PP) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [2001] retired but
Margaret (PS0PP) [2002] So er
Raymond (PS0PN) [2003] I go to college ... three days a week ... and I do furniture restoration ... which is ... upholstery ... one day ... polishing
Emily (PS0RA) [2004] And what erm
Raymond (PS0PN) [2005] repairs, things like that you know.
Emily (PS0RA) [2006] Do you do erm ... any housework at home?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2007] I'll say!
[2008] ... My mummy makes me do lots of housework!
Laura (PS0R8) [2009] What's your favourite drink?
Scott (PS0R9) [2010] What?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2011] Drink?
Scott (PS0R9) [2012] What's
Raymond (PS0PN) [2013] Erm ... whisky.
Emily (PS0RA) [2014] What's your favourite
Laura (PS0R8) [2015] Erm
Emily (PS0RA) [2016] What's your favourite
Raymond (PS0PN) [2017] But I don't drink much.
Laura (PS0R8) [2018] What's your favourite food?
Emily (PS0RA) [2019] What's your favourite film?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2020] My favourite food is ... oh I don't, er ... pasta, Italian food.
Emily (PS0RA) [2021] And what's your favourite film?
Laura (PS0R8) [2022] Er, yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2023] Oh erm ... erm ... oh I don't know!
[2024] Erm ... I'll say, Richard the third with Laurence Olivier.
Laura (PS0R8) [2025] Erm
Emily (PS0RA) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [2026] I love that
Laura (PS0R8) [2027] Er
Raymond (PS0PN) [2028] film!
Laura (PS0R8) [2029] What's your favourite dri ... oh, I [...] !
[2030] Ha what
Scott (PS0R9) [2031] My favourite film is [laughing] Beetlejuice [] !
Laura (PS0R8) [2032] [laughing] We know that [] !
Scott (PS0R9) [2033] I
Laura (PS0R8) [2034] What's your favourite music?
Scott (PS0R9) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [2035] Well, I like ... Italian opera so I like ... maybe ... operas
Laura (PS0R8) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [2036] by Verdi, people like that you know.
Laura (PS0R8) [2037] It's my go
Emily (PS0RA) [...]
Laura (PS0R8) [2038] again!
Emily (PS0RA) [2039] And
Laura (PS0R8) [2040] You've had a lot of turns!
[2041] ... What's your favourite clothes?
Scott (PS0R9) [2042] Wha wha , what did you get at Christmas?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2043] Ooh I don't ... er ... socks and erm ... after shave and
Laura (PS0R8) [2044] You got off us.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2045] what else did I get?
Scott (PS0R9) [2046] Wha what
Raymond (PS0PN) [2047] I've forgotten already!
[2048] ... You know
Emily (PS0RA) [2049] And [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [2050] stuff like that.
Laura (PS0R8) [2051] What's your favourite clothes?
Scott (PS0R9) [2052] What did Aunty Bonny [...] ?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2053] I've got clothes, they're old ones!
[2054] I like ... casual
Scott (PS0R9) [2055] What
Raymond (PS0PN) [2056] clothes.
Scott (PS0R9) [2057] what did erm ... Aunty Bonny get for Christmas?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2058] Aunty Bonny got ... sweater ... erm ... I don't know, I forget, clothes and
Scott (PS0R9) [2059] Can we watch [...] ?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2060] And a book.
[2061] ... She got a poetry book.
Emily (PS0RA) [2062] [laughing] Well that filled one out [] !
Scott (PS0R9) [2063] Oh!
Laura (PS0R8) [2064] Yeah, and that's the end.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2065] Thank you very much!
Emily (PS0RA) [2066] Thank you very
Laura (PS0R8) [2067] Thanks!
Emily (PS0RA) [2068] much.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2069] Goodbye.
Emily (PS0RA) [2070] Bye!
Laura (PS0R8) [2071] Bye!

15 (Tape 029906)

Raymond (PS0PN) [2072] Gotta say who you're speaking to love [...] .
Scott (PS0R9) [2073] Erm
Carrie (PS0RB) [2074] Have you used
Raymond (PS0PN) [2075] Mummy
Carrie (PS0RB) [2076] that lately?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2077] Say
Laura (PS0R8) [2078] Mummy.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2079] Who's [...] .
Emily (PS0RA) [2080] I'm going to interview you now.
[2081] How old are you?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2082] Oh my goodness!
[2083] ... [laughing] Oh no, you're not supposed say, ask questions [...] [] !
Laura (PS0R8) [2084] I am!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2085] Twenty one and a bit!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2086] Okay.
Scott (PS0R9) [2087] Bi ... Where's the [...] gone?
Emily (PS0RA) [2088] Erm
Laura (PS0R8) [2089] Let me ask her something.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2090] [...] ay?
Laura (PS0R8) [2091] Erm a ... what
Carrie (PS0RB) [2092] Don't get too close to the microphone!
Laura (PS0R8) [2093] what
Carrie (PS0RB) [2094] You'll blast them out!
Laura (PS0R8) [2095] what ... you erm ... usually wear?
[2096] ... Jumpers.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2097] Erm ... jumpers and trousers ... [...]
Laura (PS0R8) [2098] What do you
Emily (PS0RA) [2099] That
Laura (PS0R8) [2100] [shouting] what kind of [] jumper do usually wear?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2101] Er
Laura (PS0R8) [2102] What kind of
Carrie (PS0RB) [2103] this, this jumper that I've got on now, green one.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2104] Don't hold it in front of your mouth!
Laura (PS0R8) [2105] And what kind of trousers do
Margaret (PS0PP) [2106] Don't hold it in front of your mouth!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2107] Somebody [...] have to get [...] .
Scott (PS0R9) [2108] What kind of erm ... trousers do ... do usually wear?
Emily (PS0RA) [2109] I'll get it!
Raymond (PS0PN) [2110] Which [...] .
Carrie (PS0RB) [2111] Er [...] .
Margaret (PS0PP) [2112] Switch it off now.
Laura (PS0R8) [2113] Oh she's already go
Margaret (PS0PP) [2114] Er
Laura (PS0R8) [2115] Oh!
Raymond (PS0PN) [2116] What's your name?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2117] Have you finished [...] ?
Emily (PS0RA) [2118] Only if it's in there.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2119] Carrie.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2120] Oh you're Carrie!
[2121] I've heard all about Carrie!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2122] Have you?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2123] Where do you live in, in Shotten
Carrie (PS0RB) [2124] Yes.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2125] I can't turn them, mind you can't dilly dally
Raymond (PS0PN) [2126] I've seen you before have I?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2127] dally dally dally!
Raymond (PS0PN) [2128] How old are you then?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2129] Ten.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2130] So I [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [2131] [...] as Emily!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2132] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2133] Tall and thin.
[2134] ... I'm looking down the garden that's lovely!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2135] Great big lawn!
Raymond (PS0PN) [2136] Hello my little beauty!
[2137] ... What's the matter?
[2138] ... Come on!
[2139] ... Pa pa pa pu !
[2140] ... Come on pet!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2141] Doesn't want to know you!
[2142] ... Do you pet?
[2143] ... I'm surprised he came to us!
[2144] When you get out the door he's sort of going the other way!
Raymond (PS0PN) [2145] Yes I thought ... er ... you know Paul said he runs off doesn't he?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2146] But he'd come back, er, now we know he comes back once he's had enough.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2147] Does he?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2148] Mm.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2149] Oh!
Raymond (PS0PN) [2150] He, oh I see, been had
Carrie (PS0RB) [2151] About quarter of an hour he said.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2152] Ah!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2153] Well I suppose with him going out for walks from here he knows ... that
Carrie (PS0RB) [2154] Mm.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2155] you know, knows the area.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2156] And get frightened perhaps?
[2157] ... Yeah, it's just this
Margaret (PS0PP) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [2158] isn't it?
[2159] That's the worry, I've this ... like
Margaret (PS0PP) [2160] There's been a few ... [...] like him, a few erm ... Cavaliers.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2161] You want to er
Carrie (PS0RB) [2162] What round here?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2163] Well there's one down er, Waka drive, and erm, and once we were driving up and I thought ooh it's another ... and a King Charles.
[2164] ... Seemed to be different colour, more white than
Raymond (PS0PN) [2165] You want ask Bob for that er ... [...] ... when you see him, because ... before somebody else gets it.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2166] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2167] Cos he doesn't use it now himself I don't think.
[2168] ... Cos he, you know, he hasn't got the garden ... all that
Carrie (PS0RB) [2169] I thought he might sell it?
[2170] ... Was he not
Raymond (PS0PN) [2171] Er er er oh!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2172] [...] I mean, we've been lucky because we've
Raymond (PS0PN) [2173] He's not bothered!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2174] er, that farm ... down the road from us ... er, she came round we bought the
Raymond (PS0PN) [2175] Mr .
Margaret (PS0PP) [2176] that sideboard off her and ... we were saying about the manure you know, I said, she said ooh come and
Raymond (PS0PN) [2177] She's lost her dog by the way.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2178] help yourselves anytime you like!
[2179] ... So we've been down there a few times but I said to you didn't I?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2180] Very pretty!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2181] I mean you see it advertised in the paper but no one
Raymond (PS0PN) [2182] Oh aye!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2183] will buy it!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2184] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2185] Fifty pence, sixty pence
Margaret (PS0PP) [2186] Horse manure, I mean it's, and it's really well rotted stuff, it's good you know!
Raymond (PS0PN) [2187] But she's got this lovely little dog ... got two dogs, but this
Margaret (PS0PP) [2188] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2189] er
Margaret (PS0PP) [2190] She's got the [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [2191] only a year old ... disappeared!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2192] Ah!
Raymond (PS0PN) [2193] Just over a week ago!
[2194] She's advertised in all the ... local papers and
Margaret (PS0PP) [2195] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2196] been round the farms ... and it was in [...] as well.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2197] It were them puppies [...] puppies.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2198] Ah!
Raymond (PS0PN) [2199] Lovely little thing
Margaret (PS0PP) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [2200] too wasn't it?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2201] What was it?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2202] Lucy.
[2203] ... Er, well I think it was some sort of a
Margaret (PS0PP) [2204] I think it was a mongrel she got it from the animal rescue
Raymond (PS0PN) [2205] more sheepdog wasn't it
Margaret (PS0PP) [2206] but they had
Raymond (PS0PN) [2207] by the look of it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2208] The one that the one that nobody [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [2209] [laughing] What you mean somebody would take it [...] []
Margaret (PS0PP) [2210] Well
Carrie (PS0RB) [2211] to sell the pups like!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2212] Well, [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [2213] No, but it makes you wonder doesn't it?
[2214] If
Carrie (PS0RB) [2215] Pedi breeding.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2216] cos if
Carrie (PS0RB) [2217] they're gonna have a cross you wouldn't think would you?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2218] I wouldn't
Margaret (PS0PP) [2219] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2220] of thought so.
[2221] ... Said that the erm
Margaret (PS0PP) [2222] There's a lovely name for it!
Raymond (PS0PN) [2223] They'd been feeding it down at the ... where they give the horses
Carrie (PS0RB) [2224] Stables
Raymond (PS0PN) [2225] the stables ... show them the stables.
[2226] ... But, I mean, she's been down there and ... must be gone now something has, but I said surely she would have heard ... from the police if it'd been
Carrie (PS0RB) [2227] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2228] run over.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2229] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2230] She'd rang the police and ... they hadn't heard of any.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2231] Mind you, I mean ... they had ... the dog they had before ... [...] , got run over.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2232] He'd never been out on the roads and got killed.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2233] [...] but they had one ... about twelve months ago ... also from the animal rescue, it was a lovely little dog!
[2234] ... And we saw it a few times didn't we?
[2235] ... It's very friendly ... And it followed us into the lane ... several times and then we'd chase it back
Raymond (PS0PN) [2236] Ooh it was always on the road!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2237] and the inevitable happened it it got hit ... and the next time we saw it it was ... it was galloping across the field with it's ... one of his front paws
Raymond (PS0PN) [2238] Broken leg!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2239] in plaster!
Carrie (PS0RB) [laugh]
Margaret (PS0PP) [2240] And it bloody saunting you know with a little [...] down in front
Raymond (PS0PN) [2241] [laugh] Ah ah ha ha!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2242] with this plaster on ... and er
Raymond (PS0PN) [2243] The next thing it was killed on the main the road!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2244] he was [...] about he'd got out again
Raymond (PS0PN) [2245] Yeah!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2246] Ah!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2247] she wouldn't chain it up, and it got ... hit and killed on the erm ... road just outside the Post Office wasn't it?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2248] But she said that Lucy hadn't gone out.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2249] No, you didn't ... you didn't suggest they
Raymond (PS0PN) [2250] When, when she fo
Margaret (PS0PP) [2251] tried to wander [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [2252] when she was a pup ... or younger ... she used to come with us down ... you know to the, near enough to the ma
Margaret (PS0PP) [2253] Mm yeah, the gate.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2254] red line.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2255] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2256] But then er ... in recent times she ... stay in the farm so
Margaret (PS0PP) [2257] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2258] Lord knows!
[2259] ... I mean, they steal dogs now don't they, these people?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2260] Mhm mm.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2261] Don't know do you.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2262] Steal you?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2263] You'd go like a shot mate!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2264] Mhm mm!
Raymond (PS0PN) [2265] Oh ... I've been called!
Carrie (PS0RB) [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [2266] Well once you start
Carrie (PS0RB) [2267] What are they doing [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [2268] Well you, weren't having any of that because er, he's on nights tonight isn't he?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2269] Ah ho!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2270] So he won't have it.
[2271] ... Said, oh you weren't in last year when I came were you?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2272] What, they come on a regular
Margaret (PS0PP) [2273] Yeah it's ... we pay a service
Raymond (PS0PN) [2274] Six months isn't it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2275] charge you see.
[2276] ... No yearly.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2277] Six months?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2278] Yearly.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2279] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2280] I thought it was [...] ?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2281] Yearly.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2282] Why weren't you in then?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2283] And erm ... he said your neighbour let me in, and I said, oh yeah
Raymond (PS0PN) [2284] Oh yes.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2285] he so , seemed to remember.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2286] What the [...] ?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2287] Can you see that little bit the , no can you see how that ... top of that ... and ... [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [2288] Yeah I know ... I told them about that!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2289] Oh!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2290] I know, I tried to
Margaret (PS0PP) [2291] Have you got
Carrie (PS0RB) [2292] close it with the tweezers but it, it was too stiff.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2293] Haven't you got anything
Carrie (PS0RB) [2294] I haven't got any pliers, no.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2295] Oh!
[2296] ... We haven't got any pliers in the boot?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2297] I said that
Margaret (PS0PP) [2298] No.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2299] to you tomorrow.
[2300] ... You said it's a [...] growing up!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2301] I mean I suppose they've got , I've tried biting it as well, but it's
Raymond (PS0PN) [2302] Well you
Carrie (PS0RB) [2303] narf
Margaret (PS0PP) [2304] Did you?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2305] hard!
Raymond (PS0PN) [2306] Don't mess with it
Margaret (PS0PP) [2307] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2308] you'll ruin it!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2309] He has ... bent that up
Carrie (PS0RB) [2310] [...] bananas [...] .
Margaret (PS0PP) [2311] that's why she can't get the screw right down so ... and I doubt whether the woman in the shop ... will be able to do it, needs a bloke.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2312] Well, did I not tell you
Raymond (PS0PN) [2313] Need to push it in.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2314] we had Ron in?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2315] No.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2316] Ooh he looked really ... dislocated in it!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2317] When he was young [...] ... Oh!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2318] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2319] When he wasn't young.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2320] Well ... it was quite a while ago, erm ... Christopher Plumber was in it and he looked really young in it, so
Raymond (PS0PN) [2321] Oh it's erm ... he ... the Australian attache.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2322] He's the Australian attache or something isn't he?
[2323] He's at Australia
Margaret (PS0PP) [2324] Attache.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2325] House and he [...] arrest him.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2326] Yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2327] Ooh, he still looked nice even though he'd ... he had a birth mark round his ... nose [...] like, you know.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2328] Ha!
[2329] ... We
Carrie (PS0RB) [2330] Still as attractive!
[2331] ... Well [...] .
Margaret (PS0PP) [2332] Do you want me to hold it while you shoot back in cos we can't [...] .
Carrie (PS0RB) [2333] No!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2334] Emily and I will
Carrie (PS0RB) [2335] It's er, they ought to have, they'll ha , have to ... it wants ... now I've taken the screw out of the sinks ... that has gotta be ... put back.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2336] Changed back.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2337] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2338] Because it's
Carrie (PS0RB) [2339] I wonder how he's done it is it
Margaret (PS0PP) [2340] It's forcing the screw at an angle which is why it won't come through.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2341] When he put one on he sort of and pulls them down, erm ... to his ears so that
Margaret (PS0PP) [2342] His ears go down his head then?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2343] It's twisted it's
Carrie (PS0RB) [2344] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2345] [...] ... must do it.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2346] Mm.
[2347] ... As long as they don't charge anything I don't mind.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2348] They don't charge anything for this, no.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2349] No.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2350] Well, I'm saying that ... I wo , I don't ... suppose with a woman he'd
Raymond (PS0PN) [2351] Charge fifty P.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2352] You know if a lens comes off like, one of the mums has said, oh they don't charge anything to put it back in, but I might see if I can erm ... charge them.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2353] Well the thing is the erm ... the metal frames, the lenses come out eas , a lot easier, you know ... than a plastic.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2354] But I've
Raymond (PS0PN) [2355] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2356] this is all ... one thing is it?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2357] Yeah, it's it's
Margaret (PS0PP) [2358] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2359] well the plastics a lot thicker aren't they?
[2360] Stronger seals
Margaret (PS0PP) [2361] Something to grip.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2362] metal is er ... I
Margaret (PS0PP) [2363] Oh
Raymond (PS0PN) [2364] have a [...] with mine
Margaret (PS0PP) [2365] I see what you mean about this
Raymond (PS0PN) [2366] wasn't I?
[2367] ... Mine used to just shoot out!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2368] Well, he's only done it once and that was when it was in a coat pocket and he pulled it out and it sort of must
Raymond (PS0PN) [2369] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2370] hooked around the ... perhaps it's not gonna making things like, they haven't ... well it's the only [...] and that was a while ago, so ... what you have to do mum is [laughing] I'll tell you what I did last night [] ... I normally have to hold the arms ... while I use
Margaret (PS0PP) [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [2371] tweezers to put it back and then I had to
Margaret (PS0PP) [2372] To put it in.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2373] hold it with the tweezers while I screwed it back in.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2374] Mm
Carrie (PS0RB) [2375] Maybe I should have mentioned that before
Margaret (PS0PP) [2376] Well don't watch me doing and then you won't
Carrie (PS0RB) [2377] Oh!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2378] [laughing] frustrated [] !
Carrie (PS0RB) [2379] I'll do this er, next year anyway.
[2380] ... [singing] When I met you []
Margaret (PS0PP) [2381] We wat , did you see that film up, that was on a few ... nights ago, some time last week I think?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2382] At night?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2383] With er, Dennis Weaver ... [...] blocking it.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2384] Yes, I do remember now, I didn't ... erm ... I saw the previews and I thought it was OTT like!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2385] It was quite good actually!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2386] Was it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2387] Yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2388] When he's in the phone box sliding down [...] ... help me!
[2389] Help me!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2390] Yeah, well that was, yeah but if you'd seen the film you would of
Carrie (PS0RB) [2391] That was [...] .
Margaret (PS0PP) [2392] you would of appreciated it.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2393] But no
Margaret (PS0PP) [2394] It wasn't OTT really.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2395] It wasn't?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2396] Well I didn't think so, but there you are!
Emily (PS0RA) [...] ... [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [2397] Well we've done that other one.
Emily (PS0RA) [2398] Yeah, but [...] me.
Carrie (PS0RB) [...]
Laura (PS0R8) [2399] Time.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2400] At home you mean?
Group of unknown speakers (KDMPSUGP) [2401] No!
Scott (PS0R9) [2402] Dane.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2403] It's [...] the tape.
Scott (PS0R9) [2404] It's Terminator two.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2405] Are we allowed to watch the film?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2406] Terminator?
[2407] ... Ooh my God!
[2408] Is it [...] ?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2409] And most of the Terminator
Raymond (PS0PN) [2410] A game?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2411] films are
Margaret (PS0PP) [2412] Can you see Paul's?
Scott (PS0R9) [2413] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2414] On his video.
Scott (PS0R9) [2415] Put it in
Raymond (PS0PN) [2416] No
Scott (PS0R9) [2417] and soon [...]
Laura (PS0R8) [2418] And you have to turn the [...] to play it!
Scott (PS0R9) [2419] You have to turn this [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [2420] Have you ha
Scott (PS0R9) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [2421] are you able to do your ... Scott can you work it?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2422] Scott [...]
Scott (PS0R9) [2423] You have to play it.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2424] this afternoon.
Laura (PS0R8) [2425] Where's my glasses anyway?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2426] I'm trying to fix this stuff.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2427] Oh nanny's fixing them, [...] .
Margaret (PS0PP) [2428] I'm trying to put the screw back in.
Laura (PS0R8) [2429] Oh yes.
[2430] ... You might have to take care of these things ... or just [...] .
Carrie (PS0RB) [2431] We haven't yet, [...] .
Raymond (PS0PN) [2432] Where did you get the Terminator from Em?
Emily (PS0RA) [2433] Erm, Kelly's.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2434] Borrowed it off someone.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2435] Oh I see, Kelly!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2436] Lend it to [...] .
Emily (PS0RA) [2437] Hey there's an [...] !
Carrie (PS0RB) [2438] We haven't had the computer on for ages have we?
Emily (PS0RA) [2439] No.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2440] And it's been er ... lovely!
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Emily (PS0RA) [2441] Except my games are
Margaret (PS0PP) [2442] Peaceful!
Emily (PS0RA) [2443] my games are just [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [2444] Oh it's peaceful anyway [laughing] cos you can't have the sound up [] !
Emily (PS0RA) [2445] My games are [...] .
Carrie (PS0RB) [2446] So dad had a go on it did he?
Emily (PS0RA) [2447] Yeah, dad had a go on it, it was funny it was!
[2448] ... He nearly
Raymond (PS0PN) [2449] Do you know how to do it Laura?
[2450] D'you know
Margaret (PS0PP) [2451] Was he any good Em?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2452] work it?
Emily (PS0RA) [2453] Well
Raymond (PS0PN) [2454] Oh!
Emily (PS0RA) [2455] he he went [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [2456] What is your favourite one of all these?
Emily (PS0RA) [2457] he was twenty
Laura (PS0R8) [2458] Er.
Emily (PS0RA) [2459] and erm ... he hit the
Margaret (PS0PP) [2460] Did you take your games did you?
Emily (PS0RA) [2461] He hit the target.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2462] Oh he's ... oh
Margaret (PS0PP) [2463] Did he?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2464] course!
Emily (PS0RA) [2465] You must play it!
Scott (PS0R9) [2466] Your turn to get out.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2467] All these blooming experts!
Emily (PS0RA) [2468] Oh!
Laura (PS0R8) [2469] Daddy's got to
Margaret (PS0PP) [2470] Oh got him!
Laura (PS0R8) [2471] have a try.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2472] Want me to do it?
Emily (PS0RA) [2473] Don't know.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2474] Erm
Scott (PS0R9) [2475] Is this the one? [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [2476] Well
Scott (PS0R9) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [2477] trying it this way
Scott (PS0R9) [2478] [...] I'll find now
Margaret (PS0PP) [2479] now.
Emily (PS0RA) [2480] Yeah, I know but it's there.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2481] Yeah, it's just keeps dropping out when you try and turn it!
Scott (PS0R9) [2482] Mum, can I have i after one go and then you can go?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2483] You hold it up
Laura (PS0R8) [2484] No!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2485] [...] cos it's so, so tiny
Raymond (PS0PN) [2486] Ah let him have a go!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2487] isn't it?
Laura (PS0R8) [2488] Well I want to put
Carrie (PS0RB) [2489] I know!
Laura (PS0R8) [2490] him up the tree!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2491] That's why I was messing about with the [...] .
Laura (PS0R8) [2492] It's only a computer anyway!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2493] Taking it out.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2494] Taking it out.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2495] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2496] [laughing] I sa [] .
Scott (PS0R9) [2497] Mummy, can I have a go first?
Laura (PS0R8) [2498] I wanna go first!
Raymond (PS0PN) [2499] Ah don't be so
Laura (PS0R8) [2500] I'm going first!
Raymond (PS0PN) [2501] tight!
[2502] ... Poor old Scott hasn't had a go yet!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2503] Do you need the joystick?
Scott (PS0R9) [2504] Yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2505] Now switch the computer on.
Scott (PS0R9) [2506] Why's this coming down?
Laura (PS0R8) [2507] Can you use them?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2508] No, without the joystick in I mean?
[2509] ... Right
Scott (PS0R9) [2510] Thank you.
Emily (PS0RA) [2511] Can I go
Carrie (PS0RB) [2512] No let Emily do it first cos she knows and you also haven't
Laura (PS0R8) [2513] Yes but I'll find out!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2514] You haven't got your glasses on love, you won't be able to see the words.
Laura (PS0R8) [2515] What have you gotta
Emily (PS0RA) [2516] Right
Laura (PS0R8) [2517] do, write
Emily (PS0RA) [2518] te
Laura (PS0R8) [2519] your name?
Emily (PS0RA) [2520] Yes, [...]
Scott (PS0R9) [2521] Then is it me?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2522] Let Em ... suss it out first.
Emily (PS0RA) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [2523] What game's this one Em?
Emily (PS0RA) [2524] Terminator two.
Scott (PS0R9) [2525] That's [...] .
Raymond (PS0PN) [2526] What is it?
Emily (PS0RA) [2527] Terminator two.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2528] Terminator two.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2529] Terminator number two.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2530] You know the bottoms that I got with some [...]
Emily (PS0RA) [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [2531] this ... [...] story
Emily (PS0RA) [2532] I'm going to make it turn.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2533] Oh!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2534] to the
Margaret (PS0PP) [2535] Rumpole.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2536] Rumpole.
[2537] ... But not that I like
Raymond (PS0PN) [2538] Any good?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2539] I don't like Rumpole of the Bailey!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2540] No I don't.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2541] Only read a bit of it!
[2542] ... Born in Australia was he?

16 (Tape 029907)

Raymond (PS0PN) [2543] Why should they be this fierce? [...]
Scott (PS0R9) [2544] Let me have a little ... please?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2545] Possibly cos ... too many of us ... or ... that we [...] ... ah yes!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2546] There isn't any more, but where's your [...] ?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2547] You learn to live to [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [2548] Now ... [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [2549] Or perhaps I'll [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [2550] [shouting] Will you come and sort them out before children [] !
Raymond (PS0PN) [2551] Things don't really matter!
[2552] ... Most women who are attracted to men will verify this ... there are many others ... the thought of ... [...] often make up their mind and some would cringe!
[2553] ... It's true isn't it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2554] Mm.
Laura (PS0R8) [2555] Oh what is this?
Scott (PS0R9) [2556] It's a game.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2557] Cautious cameramen, there's a sea of faces watching you.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2558] So what are gonna have?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2559] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2560] And all your thoughts
Scott (PS0R9) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [2561] they're gone!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2562] Sorry?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2563] And your voice alters
Carrie (PS0RB) [2564] I never!
Raymond (PS0PN) [2565] and it sounds like
Margaret (PS0PP) [2566] If you can get a
Raymond (PS0PN) [2567] a ha
Margaret (PS0PP) [2568] voice out ... at all!
[2569] I mean you hear
Raymond (PS0PN) [2570] ay?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2571] it is a stage fright isn't it?
[2572] Must be!
Raymond (PS0PN) [2573] Oh [...] !
Margaret (PS0PP) [2574] But erm
Raymond (PS0PN) [2575] Can't decide
Scott (PS0R9) [2576] Nanny!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2577] but obviously people learn how to ... cope with that don't they.
[2578] ... Do you want to clip that thing on your ... er
Raymond (PS0PN) [2579] Yeah.
[2580] ... What
Margaret (PS0PP) [2581] clothes?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2582] do you want darling?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2583] In fact, you've already got ... got a new book from er ... what's that, Pickwick?
Scott (PS0R9) [2584] I want half again.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2585] I got you two easy ones from library ... didn't I?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2586] Oh well she's
Scott (PS0R9) [2587] I want one of theirs?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2588] Well they erm
Emily (PS0RA) [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [2589] Ooh!
[2590] ... Let's have a look.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2591] Is that a school book isn't it?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2592] That's Emily's ... Grayon Crest
Emily (PS0RA) [2593] Yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2594] That is a
Raymond (PS0PN) [2595] Pick that up!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2596] this is a school one, yeah, they have to write them in this little
Scott (PS0R9) [2597] Mum
Laura (PS0R8) [2598] Erm
Scott (PS0R9) [2599] what's
Carrie (PS0RB) [2600] saying comments on how he's reading.
Scott (PS0R9) [2601] I know.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2602] Teacher comments isn't it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2603] How much are they supposed to do at home?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2604] Very appalling!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2605] How much?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2606] Well they're only supposed to read ... one erm ... they get one on a ... Monday ... they take this back on Monday, they have to read it for teacher then they get another one Monday night
Laura (PS0R8) [2607] He's supposed to be
Margaret (PS0PP) [2608] Mm.
Laura (PS0R8) [2609] in goal!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2610] and they get that one back in Thursday and they read it to teacher, so it's two a week and ... up till
Margaret (PS0PP) [2611] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2612] [...] if we forget them ... and then
Margaret (PS0PP) [2613] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2614] they get a library book as well once a week.
Emily (PS0RA) [2615] Oh I know this one, you have
Margaret (PS0PP) [2616] So do you have
Carrie (PS0RB) [2617] You only hit the dalek!
Emily (PS0RA) [2618] [...] dalek, yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Carrie (PS0RB) [2619] [...] ... this one that's granny is the dalek!
[2620] Mm, that was a bit harder than ... oh this dead funny [...] ... Doctor Zagel's book of Erpounds ... A poundless
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Carrie (PS0RB) [2621] Oh it doesn't say on this ... oh Meg's Car, that was easy!
[2622] ... He can read that one.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2623] Is that a school one as well?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2624] No, this a library
Margaret (PS0PP) [2625] Oh I see.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2626] Keeps them separately.
[2627] ... Watch out for the wires!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2628] Oh, it's different!
Scott (PS0R9) [2629] Can I play with my [...] ?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2630] Yeah you can.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2631] But you've gotta have it on for half an hour haven't we Scott?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2632] You've got quarter of an hour left.
[2633] ... And then you put your ... your score there.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2634] Oh I see ... mm!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2635] And your ... telephone then ... and then you go to ... this is gotta to go for the page
Margaret (PS0PP) [2636] This is got to confirm that they've , they've actually done the reading ... at home, yeah?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2637] Oh right, what you ... what you write in the [...] , yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2638] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2639] I thought I had [...] other books?
[2640] ... Mm ... put everything up if some things get lost.
[2641] ... Everything's all lab
Margaret (PS0PP) [2642] Wonderful filing system you've got here!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2643] or labour!
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Carrie (PS0RB) [2644] All erm ... library books and school books have to go on top here if there's no ... space to put them.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2645] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2646] And er
Margaret (PS0PP) [2647] What's happened about that book you
Carrie (PS0RB) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [2648] lost, did it ever turn up?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2649] Yes ... it was ... sandwiched in the back of one of these.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2650] Oh good heavens!
[2651] ... Cos you searched
Carrie (PS0RB) [2652] Laura found it
Margaret (PS0PP) [2653] high and low didn't you?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2654] One we have them on a ... [...] teacher ... that's the
Margaret (PS0PP) [2655] Oh I see!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2656] and then she
Margaret (PS0PP) [2657] Yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2658] comments.
[2659] ... Her comments there.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2660] Ye so presumably she tests them again after they've
Carrie (PS0RB) [2661] Yeah, yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2662] Yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2663] Well that's why I did the other week, when I went into school I was [...] children
Laura (PS0R8) [2664] Can you help me find Maid Marian book?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2665] Maid Marian.
[2666] ... Er, here's the ... that's got sixth of the third ... those are sixth of the third is that yours Scott?
Laura (PS0R8) [2667] Scott's
Carrie (PS0RB) [2668] Well he can read that one if he wants.
Scott (PS0R9) [2669] No!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2670] Gonna read that one.
Scott (PS0R9) [2671] No!
Laura (PS0R8) [2672] Yeah, let me see, it's Maid Marion.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2673] Is that one of your favourites is it?
Scott (PS0R9) [2674] Can I take that plaster off that one?
Laura (PS0R8) [2675] Yeah.
Scott (PS0R9) [2676] Can you look in the
Margaret (PS0PP) [2677] Mm.
Scott (PS0R9) [2678] cloth?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2679] No!
[2680] You can't take your plaster off!
[2681] [shouting] Didn't you hear what I said [] ?
Scott (PS0R9) [2682] Can I just look at that?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2683] Another fifteen minutes and then you can take it off.
Scott (PS0R9) [2684] I wanna see it.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2685] Anyway ... it's certainly helping with what your mummy said.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2686] Come on and [...] boy, get stuck in!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2687] There is a oh I ... I take it he's gotta go for another assessment then has he ... for
Carrie (PS0RB) [2688] Yeah, they go every ... he's gotta go in
Margaret (PS0PP) [2689] So
Carrie (PS0RB) [2690] in June.
[2691] When did he
Margaret (PS0PP) [2692] A
Carrie (PS0RB) [2693] go for the last, before Christmas that was six months.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2694] How long has he had er
Scott (PS0R9) [2695] Mum, I can't see!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2696] that ... the plaster now?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2697] Now?
[2698] Till ten past four.
Scott (PS0R9) [2699] Mum, I can't see!
Emily (PS0RA) [2700] Well stop doing that Scott!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2701] No, I mean, you know, from when you first ... when they, they told you he had
Carrie (PS0RB) [2702] Oh how long has he's
Scott (PS0R9) [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [2703] been wearing for?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2704] Mm.
Group of unknown speakers (KDMPSUGP) [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [2705] It was at er ... February was it?
[2706] ... Or the end of Ja , then end of January, it's only about [...]
Laura (PS0R8) [2707] Can I watch, [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [2708] to wear, it's six
Margaret (PS0PP) [2709] Yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2710] months nearly.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2711] And what do they do, give him another eye test
Emily (PS0RA) [2712] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2713] [...] ?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2714] That's what , yeah.
[2715] ... She jus ... she does this and
Margaret (PS0PP) [2716] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2717] Well I don't have [...]
Laura (PS0R8) [2718] Right, show how to [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [2719] go this [...] .
Emily (PS0RA) [2720] You have to get past the box.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2721] Mm.
Emily (PS0RA) [2722] Ah, which nearly
Margaret (PS0PP) [2723] And er, but shines the light in his eyes and he has to look up [...]
Scott (PS0R9) [2724] You have to stop [...] my chair!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2725] That's okay!
Scott (PS0R9) [2726] Paper!
Emily (PS0RA) [2727] I'll try it again [...] .
Scott (PS0R9) [2728] You don't have to over the rocks!
[2729] Why the cliffs
Laura (PS0R8) [2730] I want
Scott (PS0R9) [2731] It's [...] [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [2732] This looks like the same tape as ... Uncle Pauls ... erm ... is it?
Emily (PS0RA) [2733] [...] go like this.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2734] Yes, it is, I remember this.
Emily (PS0RA) [2735] I'll never get onto level two.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2736] It's awfully quiet this!
[2737] Did they turn the volume off?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2738] Mm, yes.
[2739] ... Oh the reading you mean?
Laura (PS0R8) [2740] Have you got any peoples?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2741] Yeah.
Emily (PS0RA) [2742] Yeah.
Scott (PS0R9) [2743] But my face is
Laura (PS0R8) [2744] What?
Scott (PS0R9) [2745] [...] !
[2746] It's okay.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2747] No, go wash your face!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2748] And granddad's reading.
Scott (PS0R9) [2749] No I wanted you to get
Carrie (PS0RB) [2750] Go on [...] .
Scott (PS0R9) [2751] something like drawing!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2752] No!
[2753] ... No!
Scott (PS0R9) [2754] Cos I want to draw a picture.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2755] Right ... put it down!
[2756] ... Come on you've only got ten minutes to go!
[2757] ... Right!

17 (Tape 029908)

Margaret (PS0PP) [2758] He is Australian isn't he?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2759] Oh, it's stuck to my knee!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2760] Mm.
[2761] ... That one.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2762] Erm ... the old man
Carrie (PS0RB) [2763] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2764] died as, whatever ... and they went to his eldest brother ... he said he had to burn all because he only lived in a small flat, he and his wife and two children and they'd got no room for them to ... so he had to burn them.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2765] Good God!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2766] Turn it on that [...] .
Laura (PS0R8) [2767] I've gotta [...] .
Carrie (PS0RB) [2768] [...] ... Emily!
Raymond (PS0PN) [2769] Game of the hard and friendly!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2770] If you're not gonna sit straight then hold on to the computer!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2771] Yes, you can't imagine it really!
[2772] Ca how old is he?
Scott (PS0R9) [2773] Can I do it mummy?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2774] About seventy now I should think.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2775] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2776] He came here in forty six.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2777] Mm, as did many others I suppose.
[2778] ... After the war.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2779] Weee!
[2780] Clang!
[2781] ... Ha!
Scott (PS0R9) [2782] Weee!
Raymond (PS0PN) [2783] To his dad, they went back to ... Berlin in nineteen seventy for a visit cos his mum was in a home which [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [2784] Oh I know when to stop, [...] I've got er
Raymond (PS0PN) [2785] fortunately they'd been able to pay for ... by the [...] .
Emily (PS0RA) [2786] Aha!
Raymond (PS0PN) [2787] And some wore black pants to bed cos they didn't recognise them!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2788] Ah!
Raymond (PS0PN) [2789] And she died just afterwards.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2790] Well he hadn't seen her for many years?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2791] In a home, but senile
Margaret (PS0PP) [2792] Ah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2793] Stop!
Raymond (PS0PN) [2794] Yeah.
Scott (PS0R9) [2795] But mummy ... can I take this
Margaret (PS0PP) [2796] Mm.
Scott (PS0R9) [2797] off? ... [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [2798] Nearly, nearly, nearly!
[2799] ... Couple more minutes.
Emily (PS0RA) [2800] But he wants to do it doesn't he?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2801] That's right, yeah.
[2802] ... Once this finished.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2803] I suppose really he's ... he's had success ... late in his life hasn't he?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2804] Oh yeah!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2805] Yeah.
[2806] ... You know, I don't remember him years ago.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2807] No, I ... [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [2808] Not a on anything.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2809] Couple of small [...] and film of it er
Margaret (PS0PP) [2810] I er, I suppose he's been more of a stage
Raymond (PS0PN) [2811] He's never been top.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2812] actor really ... in er
Raymond (PS0PN) [2813] Yeah , I think he did ... er, Rumpole was ... put him in the big time really.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2814] The big league.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2815] Good actor though.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2816] Yes he is good actor.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2817] [...] ... [laughing] oh no, not the [...] [] ! ... [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [2818] So do er ... does he say he does a lot of public speaking now or, or not?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2819] No.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2820] He's just
Raymond (PS0PN) [2821] Fakes it!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2822] Oh I see.
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [2823] no, you know, he's not er ... trying desperately to be humorous I think
Margaret (PS0PP) [2824] Mm.
[2825] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2826] totally ... fakes it and that!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2827] Yeah.
[2828] ... Well it's one thing to t ... to talk amongst your friends I suppose, and another one to be ... you know ... spontaneous when you're in front of a ... huge ... crowd of people.
[2829] ... And especially as you say [...] ... to be humorous.
[2830] ... Some people are naturally like that though aren't they?
[2831] Outgoing and er
Raymond (PS0PN) [2832] Mm.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2833] good recollections of erm ... and even events that aren't necessarily ... really funny but ... can be funny ... you know, on the way tha , in the way that they're being told.
[2834] ... As they say, you had to be there.
Scott (PS0R9) [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [2835] Very good!
Scott (PS0R9) [2836] But when's the [...] ?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2837] Well I told you, the [...] ... his arms had gone like that.
Scott (PS0R9) [2838] Ooh!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2839] If I pull my jumper off like that ... be like that dresses.
[2840] ... Right!
[2841] ... What does she say?
Scott (PS0R9) [2842] Go
Carrie (PS0RB) [2843] Good.
Scott (PS0R9) [2844] Good.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2845] Remember what she says.
Scott (PS0R9) [2846] Go
Laura (PS0R8) [2847] Heavily ... [...] good ... [...] .

18 (Tape 029909)

Carrie (PS0RB) [2848] Really?
Scott (PS0R9) [2849] Move them animals, yeah. ... [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [2850] Short cuts on the
Carrie (PS0RB) [2851] Super scrolls ... and he told us where you get them.
[2852] ... Through hours of playing it himself!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2853] [laugh] ... Trial and error!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2854] But , oh I told you that erm ... [...] and I'm putting them faster ... tried his injection [...] .
Margaret (PS0PP) [2855] Well is it broken?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2856] And I'm the one with [...] .
[2857] ... No he's ... arthritis hasn't he?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2858] Oh that's right, yes.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2859] Mm.
[2860] ... He don't have to run.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2861] So wha
Carrie (PS0RB) [2862] to the bottom of the
Margaret (PS0PP) [2863] so wha ... are they giving him steroids or something like
Carrie (PS0RB) [2864] Mm.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2865] that?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2866] Cortisone injections to se
Margaret (PS0PP) [2867] Cortisone , Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2868] to see what there is [...]
Scott (PS0R9) [2869] I mean, she'll be first!
[2870] ... Did you only play one game?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2871] So ... is he improved or
Carrie (PS0RB) [2872] Last [...] out ... [laughing] that's what I say mum, it's [...] [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [2873] Oh!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2874] get them [] !
Margaret (PS0PP) [2875] Oh!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2876] There's not many people at the school, and I go to school and they get a load of many off people like, for the catalogue and the [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [2877] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2878] and what have you, and people are ... giving me money left, right and centre and kids are coming out, telling me, saying don't forget! ... [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [2879] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2880] half the time!
[2881] ... If there's money to make, Reg!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2882] Well, I mean indirectly I suppose.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2883] Actually, I got sixteen pound commission so far, and I got some more people ... [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [2884] Oh that's quite good!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2885] so ... I might have the three pound first week ... had erm ... [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [2886] This week?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2887] Yeah.
[2888] ... Three pounds I get for ... running it.
Scott (PS0R9) [2889] Mummy!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2890] A small pound though.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2891] I thought you meant you got it at Christmas time an
Carrie (PS0RB) [2892] Oh no, you get a free one ... for introducing people, so this
Margaret (PS0PP) [2893] Oh!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2894] this is quite good!
[2895] ... You know, [...] and ... er, there was sachet called Me and the teatime [...] and
Margaret (PS0PP) [2896] Oh!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2897] [...] soap.
[2898] ... Oh, I like them in the [...] .
[2899] ... Now the plaster!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2900] [laugh] ... She's anxious to show me this pasty that she's made.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2901] [...] , are they all cooking fun?
[2902] ... Thank you Laura.
[2903] ... Emily's on about doing er ... hostess badge which they have to make [...] cake
Margaret (PS0PP) [2904] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2905] and brownies and er
Margaret (PS0PP) [2906] Mhm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2907] cakes at home ... erm ... what else have you gotta do?
[2908] Oh they gotta do a ... table ... flower arrangements.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2909] Are all the children sort of, working ... at the same level together or
Carrie (PS0RB) [2910] First one is, [laughing] if they want [] !
Margaret (PS0PP) [2911] Oh I see.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2912] I think they're gonna do the ramblers one together cos then they'll go for a walk together [...] .
Margaret (PS0PP) [2913] Cos they we the ... woods I suppose?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2914] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2915] Mm.
Laura (PS0R8) [2916] Mummy?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2917] What love?
Laura (PS0R8) [2918] Can you get the [...] ?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2919] [...] ... which one has a ... [shouting] I I
Laura (PS0R8) [2920] Yes.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2921] said that was it didn't I [] ?
Scott (PS0R9) [2922] That
Carrie (PS0RB) [2923] Yeah, and now!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2924] Otherwise we'll blow
Margaret (PS0PP) [2925] Your getting hooked!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2926] the telly up!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2927] Getting hooked on that Scott!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2928] Which are the books , [...] said?
Scott (PS0R9) [2929] Yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2930] Or Sammy the Dinosaur?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2931] What's that?
Scott (PS0R9) [2932] Mummy!
[2933] ... Mummy!
[2934] ... Can, can
Carrie (PS0RB) [2935] Sammy the Dinosaur?
Scott (PS0R9) [2936] can you get ... can you read
Carrie (PS0RB) [2937] Which, what's it called?
Scott (PS0R9) [2938] I dunno!
Laura (PS0R8) [2939] Mummy!
[2940] Can you read
Carrie (PS0RB) [2941] I dunno, oh well that's a good title!
Laura (PS0R8) [2942] Mummy, can you read a ... nana that ... pound thing?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2943] Oh you can show nana the one.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2944] Mm.
Laura (PS0R8) [2945] Why?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2946] Nana can read it can't she?
[2947] ... See
Laura (PS0R8) [2948] That [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [2949] At the back of the
Laura (PS0R8) [2950] A
Carrie (PS0RB) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [2951] Oh yes!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2952] Do I need my glasses on for this book?
Scott (PS0R9) [2953] Mummy
Carrie (PS0RB) [2954] Yep!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2955] Can you read this
Carrie (PS0RB) [2956] Mm.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2957] read me this book?
Laura (PS0R8) [2958] I'll show you the pictures in it.
Raymond (PS0PN) [2959] [...] ... out!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2960] Feed time ... about
Margaret (PS0PP) [2961] Right , go on.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2962] quarter to five, something like that.
Laura (PS0R8) [2963] It is funny!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2964] Is it?
Laura (PS0R8) [2965] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2966] Well we lasso granddad around the legs [...] !
Margaret (PS0PP) [2967] I take it you've read this before then have you?
Laura (PS0R8) [2968] No, my mummy read it to me.
Emily (PS0RA) [2969] Are we going out or something?
Laura (PS0R8) [2970] Right, I'm ready.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2971] Good, can you ... can you read this at the bottom?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2972] I said that was [...] can, yeah.
Laura (PS0R8) [2973] No, I can't read any at the bottom.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2974] Do you wanna take your tape [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [2975] You must know some of these words?
Laura (PS0R8) [2976] Mm.
[2977] ... I don't know some of the word.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2978] What's that word there then?
Raymond (PS0PN) [2979] Ah!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2980] Wa
Laura (PS0R8) [2981] No.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2982] Wa
Carrie (PS0RB) [2983] Cos I'm sick of this business!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2984] We
Laura (PS0R8) [2985] We
Margaret (PS0PP) [2986] We ... [laugh] ... It's good isn't it?
Carrie (PS0RB) [2987] It's so true of some of the no , some of the things they do!
[2988] ... Going in the ... the new horn it says.
Margaret (PS0PP) [2989] To find out which is which, hold a sausage at both ends!
Carrie (PS0RB) [2990] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Margaret (PS0PP) [2991] That looks like our Muffin doesn't it?
Laura (PS0R8) [2992] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2993] Wally's had his haircut!
Margaret (PS0PP) [2994] He's like that bu ,po Wally's had his haircut now so you can see which
Carrie (PS0RB) [2995] Does he
Margaret (PS0PP) [2996] end is which.
Carrie (PS0RB) [2997] You didn't laugh at him did you?
Margaret (PS0PP) [2998] [laughing] ... I know, he's quite sensitive [] !
Carrie (PS0RB) [2999] [...] ... I know.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3000] When he's had a haircut.
Carrie (PS0RB) [...]
Laura (PS0R8) [...]
Scott (PS0R9) [3001] Ah!
[3002] Ha!
[3003] Ha!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3004] What on earth [...] got on his foot?
[3005] Oh no, it's a slipper with two holes, [laughing] a thin and long pink flannel [] !
[3006] ... That's his tongue isn't it?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3007] See what they do with a long pink flannel?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3008] Mm.
[3009] ... Oh dear! ... [laugh]
Carrie (PS0RB) [3010] They don , they don't know!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3011] Yes.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3012] They don't understand! ... [...] on the dog.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3013] [reading children's book] Dogs which I can see and the icicles of ... of Ercalyps we are not looking [] .
Carrie (PS0RB) [3014] [laugh] Ercalyps
Margaret (PS0PP) [3015] [laugh] Ercalyps
Carrie (PS0RB) [laugh]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3016] [reading] Ercans can stand on four legs ... or three legs, or two legs
Carrie (PS0RB) [3017] No, not in the garden Emily!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3018] they can jump as high as roast pig [] !
Emily (PS0RA) [3019] Why won't [...] ?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3020] [...] Kelly.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3021] Have you ever had any of Doctor Zeuss books?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3022] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3023] Ah Jim ... oh they're
Carrie (PS0RB) [3024] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3025] lov ... hilarious!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3026] There's not so, so many about, I used to love those!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3027] Oh, I thought they were great them!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3028] Even when I was older!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3029] Yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3030] I used to get Doctor Zeuss
Scott (PS0R9) [3031] [shouting] Hey Kelly [] !
Emily (PS0RA) [3032] Can I just go down the shops, Kelly and me are just going get something [...] ?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3033] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3034] Okay yes.
Emily (PS0RA) [3035] Could of got the caravan.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3036] Ena [...] , they're good pictures aren't they?
[3037] ... Look at the cat singing
Scott (PS0R9) [3038] Oh!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3039] with the [...] soldier!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3040] Go and get some [...]
Laura (PS0R8) [3041] Yeah, and look at that snow
Carrie (PS0RB) [3042] for Jackie.
Emily (PS0RA) [3043] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3044] Jackie who?
[3045] Oh Jackie!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3046] You know Jackie, yeah, she wasn't gonna write again was she?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3047] Oh she [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [3048] At last, I I got a letter!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3049] Ah!
[3050] ... How's she getting on?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3051] She's not living in Plymouth ... as, she was gonna be ... but at the last minute they found a flat for her ... and
Margaret (PS0PP) [3052] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3053] in Hamilford where her mum and dad are ... so she's
Margaret (PS0PP) [3054] Oh s
Carrie (PS0RB) [3055] in this ... er ... first floor flat which she says is quite nice.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3056] Oh good!
Scott (PS0R9) [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [3057] It's all decorated!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3058] So is she sort of settling down there now is she?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3059] Yes, so she says ... [...] think that
Scott (PS0R9) [3060] [...] it now.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3061] we should go
Scott (PS0R9) [3062] No.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3063] move down there.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3064] That's silly isn't it?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3065] Mum!
Scott (PS0R9) [3066] Look at that!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3067] Oh sh , oh you've had an invite have you?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3068] Well no, to live!
[3069] She said the people
Margaret (PS0PP) [3070] To live?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3071] in [...] come and live down here [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3072] Oh!
Scott (PS0R9) [3073] Look at that!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3074] she'd gone back there
Margaret (PS0PP) [3075] Look at that!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3076] to be near her parents and she's
Margaret (PS0PP) [3077] Yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3078] gonna meet them here.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3079] Yes, you'd be moving away from yours then wouldn't you?
Scott (PS0R9) [3080] Look at that!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3081] But we would miss you, you know!
Scott (PS0R9) [3082] Look at that, he has to catch [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3083] Let's find it though, [...] has to fetch it.
Emily (PS0RA) [3084] Do you want me to post the
Margaret (PS0PP) [3085] Mm.
Emily (PS0RA) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3086] Have you seen this book granddad?
Scott (PS0R9) [3087] Look at that!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3088] No.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3089] It's quite funny!
[3090] ... Funny pictures!
Emily (PS0RA) [3091] Can I watch a tape!
Scott (PS0R9) [3092] Mm.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3093] Sorry?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3094] Wanna watch
Raymond (PS0PN) [3095] What kind?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3096] a tape?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3097] I dunno!
[3098] Haven't got a clue!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3099] What he's got?
Emily (PS0RA) [3100] You look in that.
Scott (PS0R9) [3101] Ooh!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3102] Probably don't wanna, [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3103] He's back isn't he?
[3104] In the past!
Scott (PS0R9) [3105] Yeah.
[3106] ... There is not a [...] .
Carrie (PS0RB) [3107] Jason and Argonauts
Scott (PS0R9) [3108] It's a ... it's erm
Margaret (PS0PP) [3109] Oh no!
[3110] Oh no, new cow pats!
Carrie (PS0RB) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3111] Oh dear oh dear!
Scott (PS0R9) [3112] He
Carrie (PS0RB) [3113] [...] watch that
Raymond (PS0PN) [3114] Good God!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3115] one it's a
Margaret (PS0PP) [3116] That's, that's true that, that's what they do, they like rolling in all the mess in the
Carrie (PS0RB) [3117] Moo Holes
Margaret (PS0PP) [3118] fields.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3119] it says [laughing] there [] !
Raymond (PS0PN) [laugh]
Carrie (PS0RB) [3120] Superman.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3121] Ah no!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3122] Mel Gibson in the [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3123] And getting in the bag as well!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3124] Mutiny on the ... t Bounty.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3125] No, I'm not desperate to watch the tapes, really Carrie.
Scott (PS0R9) [3126] Look, [...] !
Laura (PS0R8) [3127] [shouting] I want to [] !
Carrie (PS0RB) [3128] You want to?
Laura (PS0R8) [3129] Take one of those.
Scott (PS0R9) [3130] Yeah!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3131] Yeah, oh well put one on
Scott (PS0R9) [3132] One of those.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3133] for
Scott (PS0R9) [3134] I wanna watch ... at [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [3135] Fantasia.
Scott (PS0R9) [3136] Look, look!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3137] [...] watching these, I'm not taking that one [...] !
Margaret (PS0PP) [3138] Have you seen that?
[3139] Have you watched that Fantasia?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3140] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3141] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3142] Are you gonna do it?
[3143] ... Some bits are
Scott (PS0R9) [3144] Look
Raymond (PS0PN) [3145] good but ... [...]
Scott (PS0R9) [3146] and when he's got quite clean!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3147] It's [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3148] He's goes and does it again!
[3149] I know, that's ... absolutely true that!
Carrie (PS0RB) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [3150] Urgh yucky!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3151] That's just what doggies do!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3152] This one again!
Scott (PS0R9) [3153] Look!
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Carrie (PS0RB) [...] [...]
Scott (PS0R9) [3154] Little baby one!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3155] each other.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3156] [laughing] Oh [] !
Raymond (PS0PN) [3157] Gee!
Carrie (PS0RB) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [3158] God alive!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3159] No, I'm going to take care of this thing.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3160] It's all the bloody ... stories as
Carrie (PS0RB) [3161] It'll be alright on the night!
Scott (PS0R9) [3162] And they get out!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3163] Mm.
[3164] ... That is the end of today's lesson.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3165] Nearly eleven.
[3166] ... As it happens [...]
Scott (PS0R9) [3167] Look, they've all gone
Carrie (PS0RB) [3168] which I'm [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3169] You are all good and kind and when you visit
Raymond (PS0PN) [3170] Ooh, I tell you what I've missed erm
Margaret (PS0PP) [3171] Planet Earth to play with a real Hanglet
Raymond (PS0PN) [3172] Erm ... ninety P
Carrie (PS0RB) [3173] I watch
Raymond (PS0PN) [3174] no, not the magic [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3175] That's a
Carrie (PS0RB) [3176] Yeah I
Margaret (PS0PP) [3177] funny one isn't it?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3178] watched it!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3179] Barber of Seville.
Scott (PS0R9) [3180] They're all getting their [...] .
Carrie (PS0RB) [3181] So you see I watched that.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3182] Oh good!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3183] I've taped over it now.
[3184] ... Sorry!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3185] Tito Gobbin
Margaret (PS0PP) [3186] Tito Gobbin is on tomorrow afternoon.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3187] I don't know, the
Scott (PS0R9) [3188] Look!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3189] feller who was ... Figaro was
Margaret (PS0PP) [3190] Ooh that looks like an elephant
Carrie (PS0RB) [3191] Tito Gobbin
Margaret (PS0PP) [3192] doesn't it?
Raymond (PS0PN) [3193] But I tried [...]
Scott (PS0R9) [3194] Yeah look at
Raymond (PS0PN) [3195] over the rigs ... cheap ... yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3196] Yes.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3197] Oh!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3198] But it, it would make you feel [...] , I should think that you, yeah, the lips were
Margaret (PS0PP) [3199] [reading book] Those of you who want to bring your pets along, please sit in the back of the space ship ... [laugh]
Carrie (PS0RB) [3200] He was good and then er
Margaret (PS0PP) [3201] And that's his cat is it?
Raymond (PS0PN) [3202] Yeah, he's got a lovely voice, Tito Gobbin
Scott (PS0R9) [3203] Yeah, mm.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3204] Gracious me!
Scott (PS0R9) [3205] And that er
Raymond (PS0PN) [3206] I was the one [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [3207] Well the feller feller [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3208] Looks like a pterodactyl that doesn't it?
Scott (PS0R9) [3209] Yeah, it's got a tail.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3210] And there's the [...] there look
Carrie (PS0RB) [3211] Yeah, well I've got [...] [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [3212] A tenor.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3213] wasn't it?
Scott (PS0R9) [3214] Yeah and it
Raymond (PS0PN) [3215] Yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3216] except it's got a tail.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3217] on the terms.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3218] [laugh] ... pterodactyl with a tail!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3219] What was the girl?
[3220] What's her name?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3221] They might of had tails you don't know!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3222] He's got a very high ... high notes
Raymond (PS0PN) [3223] Don er ... Alvio is it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3224] Sorry?
[3225] ... What was that?
Raymond (PS0PN) [3226] What was Alvio
Carrie (PS0RB) [3227] The one she's in love with.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3228] Don Alvar
Carrie (PS0RB) [3229] A
Raymond (PS0PN) [3230] Alvario
Carrie (PS0RB) [3231] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3232] Yeah.
Scott (PS0R9) [3233] But we'll leave that one
Raymond (PS0PN) [3234] Rosita.
Scott (PS0R9) [3235] out.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3236] Mm.
[3237] ... Is that a
Carrie (PS0RB) [3238] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3239] school book or
Raymond (PS0PN) [3240] Doctor
Margaret (PS0PP) [3241] a library book?
Scott (PS0R9) [3242] A library book.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3243] A library book, oh.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3244] Yeah, the feller with [...] hat.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3245] Giovanno.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3246] The Bar sol
Scott (PS0R9) [3247] But this is belong to school.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3248] Mm, yes.
Carrie (PS0RB) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [3249] You be careful with it!
Scott (PS0R9) [3250] It is funny!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3251] Ooh, you know one.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3252] Yes, it's a very funny one that yeah!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3253] There's many years, I saw that
Scott (PS0R9) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [3254] film about nineteen fifty two
Scott (PS0R9) [3255] We, we used to have one at our school.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3256] or something like that!
Scott (PS0R9) [3257] Erm
Carrie (PS0RB) [3258] Yeah, I know.
Scott (PS0R9) [3259] about humans.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3260] Tito Gobbin
Carrie (PS0RB) [...]
Scott (PS0R9) [3261] And
Raymond (PS0PN) [3262] Of course
Carrie (PS0RB) [3263] But the bit when he's finished that ... [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [3264] Vargo
Carrie (PS0RB) [3265] we were singing that in the bathroom the other day [singing] [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [3266] Vargo passotho
Carrie (PS0RB) [3267] [...] ... yes
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Carrie (PS0RB) [3268] da da da da da
Raymond (PS0PN) [3269] Mmmm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3270] da da [] .
Scott (PS0R9) [3271] Can I do this to you?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3272] And he's singing it and he's going like this
Margaret (PS0PP) [3273] No you don't have to ... keep moving it about.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3274] [singing] dee dee dee dee dee [] .
[3275] ... Figaro come here ... Figaro, no there.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3276] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3277] [yawn] Figaro here, Figaro up, Figaro down ... joo soo
Carrie (PS0RB) [3278] But they didn't with the
Scott (PS0R9) [3279] What's your favourite video game?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3280] the barbers weren't just barbers then were they?
[3281] They used to do er
Raymond (PS0PN) [3282] I don't like video games Scott!
Carrie (PS0RB) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [3283] I hate them!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3284] I believe you when I
Scott (PS0R9) [3285] Erm er ... what's
Carrie (PS0RB) [3286] erm ... he doesn't just
Scott (PS0R9) [3287] What's
Carrie (PS0RB) [3288] cut hair does he, and shave people he ... there's a [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [3289] Oh it is
Carrie (PS0RB) [3290] don't they?
[3291] And they're like doctors
Margaret (PS0PP) [3292] Well they're, yeah.
[3293] ... They're like surgeons.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3294] Well he's
Margaret (PS0PP) [3295] the barber
Raymond (PS0PN) [3296] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3297] was a surgeon in those days.
Scott (PS0R9) [3298] What's your favourite cartoon?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3299] I'm just gonna go down and get some eggs cos I forgotten them.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3300] I don't like cartoons.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3301] And granddad
Scott (PS0R9) [3302] Erm
Margaret (PS0PP) [3303] doesn't like computers ... and he doesn't like
Raymond (PS0PN) [3304] I used to like Tom and Jerry.
Scott (PS0R9) [3305] And what's your favourite
Carrie (PS0RB) [3306] [...] will you have an egg?
Scott (PS0R9) [3307] old film?
Raymond (PS0PN) [3308] Oh er ... favourite film, what's my favourite film then?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3309] What's your fa , oh!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3310] Oh I know, Twelve Angry Men.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3311] [laughing] Yeah he he []
Scott (PS0R9) [3312] Oh!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3313] that's a good [...] one!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3314] That's a smasher that is!
[3315] ... With Henry Fonda.
Scott (PS0R9) [3316] Mm, er ... What's your favourite
Raymond (PS0PN) [3317] What's your favourite film?
Scott (PS0R9) [3318] one out of Hans Christian And
Margaret (PS0PP) [3319] Anderson.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3320] Oh erm ... [singing] The king is in the altogether, and altogether and a [] , that's all I know the words.
[3321] ... Nana's better at the words than I am ... I forget them!
Scott (PS0R9) [3322] mm.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3323] Favourite song in it.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3324] Favourite song.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3325] Mm.
[3326] ... Oh, that's granddad, you know that one don't you?
Raymond (PS0PN) [3327] Or a
Scott (PS0R9) [3328] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3329] Copenhagen is it?
[3330] ... Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen or [...] .
Scott (PS0R9) [3331] What d'you like doing in the middle of the day?
Raymond (PS0PN) [3332] Oh, heavens!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3333] I think he's asleep now!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3334] Well I like reading.
Scott (PS0R9) [3335] We've got that on tape when you said oh heavens!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3336] Oh erm ... and
Scott (PS0R9) [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [3337] quite often I'm doing my ... furniture work which I like doing, making furniture ... or repairing furniture.
[3338] ... I like that!
Scott (PS0R9) [3339] What d'you do in the middle of the day?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3340] Just had that!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3341] You've just asked me that, and I've told you!
[3342] ... Middle of the day!
Scott (PS0R9) [3343] Well what d'you do in the morning then?
Raymond (PS0PN) [3344] Sometimes I do some gardening, I take the dogs for walk ... which I like doing ... and then help nana all the time ... cos she's
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [3345] she has never got much energy in the morning as you know!
Scott (PS0R9) [3346] Mm.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3347] Not very communicative in the morning really.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3348] She doesn't like ta , I like to listen
Margaret (PS0PP) [3349] Well I don't fall asleep
Raymond (PS0PN) [3350] Scott!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3351] at eight o'clock at night for two hours and then go
Raymond (PS0PN) [3352] No!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3353] to bed to and sleep the rest of the night!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3354] Three o'clock.
[3355] ... The afternoon ... er ... I like to get up in the morning ... I like to talk and sing ... be happy!
Scott (PS0R9) [3356] Ee
Raymond (PS0PN) [3357] And sometimes ... listen to the birds ... you know, the birds start early don't they?
[3358] Especially in Spring.

19 (Tape 029910)

Margaret (PS0PP) [3359] Well it doesn't belong to us.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3360] [...] ... but lately ... we can't [...]
Laura (PS0R8) [3361] You now.
[3362] ... What is your
Margaret (PS0PP) [3363] See them?
Laura (PS0R8) [3364] favourite video game?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3365] He would cackle like mad that I eat roll I mean I'm not
Emily (PS0RA) [3366] My favourite [...] ?
[3367] ... My favourite video game is [...] Quest.
Laura (PS0R8) [3368] And ... what
Carrie (PS0RB) [3369] [...] Quest?
Laura (PS0R8) [3370] what d'you
Emily (PS0RA) [3371] Yeah.
Laura (PS0R8) [3372] usually do in the middle of the day?
Emily (PS0RA) [3373] I dunno!
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Emily (PS0RA) [3374] Well ... just lie down and ... [laughing] have a little snore [] ! ... [laugh]
Carrie (PS0RB) [3375] Listen, you could have gone up to Wedford Park today you know, they had erm ... they had all the children up there and they were doing an ... a barbecue ... in the woods.
Emily (PS0RA) [3376] What?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3377] Well it's not a very nice day for it is it?
[3378] ... But er
Emily (PS0RA) [3379] Pool?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3380] It was in the paper yesterday, it said
Laura (PS0R8) [3381] Usually go up there [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [3382] all the children are invited ... you had to take your own food there
Emily (PS0RA) [3383] Why?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3384] of course.
[3385] ... Well you supposed to take your own food.
[3386] ... Be nice to go up there in the summer time won't it?
Emily (PS0RA) [3387] [...] !
Scott (PS0R9) [3388] Yeah, they used to have festivals.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3389] Mm.
Laura (PS0R8) [3390] You say yes.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3391] What?
Laura (PS0R8) [3392] Go on.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3393] What d'you want me to say Scott?
Scott (PS0R9) [3394] Go on!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3395] Balmoral you can't say!
Laura (PS0R8) [laugh]
Scott (PS0R9) [3396] [laughing] Oh look ... you've shut your [...] [] !
Laura (PS0R8) [3397] [laugh] ... Yeah!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3398] Oh you're ever so noisy Scott!
Laura (PS0R8) [3399] He was telling you to
Raymond (PS0PN) [3400] You're ever so noisy!
Laura (PS0R8) [3401] He was telling me to say bum!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3402] Ah! ha ha!
Scott (PS0R9) [laugh]
Laura (PS0R8) [laugh]
Scott (PS0R9) [3403] Yes.
[3404] ... If we could get Laura saying ... nasty words to me on this tape!
[3405] ... Go on, say a nasty word to me! ... [laugh]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3406] I don't think it's meant
Laura (PS0R8) [3407] [laughing] You're fa []
Margaret (PS0PP) [3408] for that Scott!
[3409] ... I'm sure it isn't!
Laura (PS0R8) [3410] Sometimes when
Emily (PS0RA) [3411] Stop it Scott!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3412] Ay!
[3413] Laura, I was gonna ask you, what about m

20 (Tape 029911)

Laura (PS0R8) [3414] It's Emily's
Raymond (PS0PN) [3415] Oh!
[3416] ... Well
Margaret (PS0PP) [3417] Emily's
Raymond (PS0PN) [3418] ah!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3419] Gone in the pub, could've have asked him.
Emily (PS0RA) [3420] When did you go the shop?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3421] Haven't seen him coming out of the car.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3422] What's happened to the rabbit tent?
Emily (PS0RA) [3423] Have you been down
Raymond (PS0PN) [3424] You know the
Emily (PS0RA) [3425] to the shop?
Raymond (PS0PN) [3426] the schools.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3427] The one you minded during the summer hols.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3428] [...] at last!
Scott (PS0R9) [3429] Yeah ... that rabbit
Margaret (PS0PP) [3430] Oh!
Scott (PS0R9) [3431] from Emily's school!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3432] We know it
Margaret (PS0PP) [3433] Have you recovered from your
Raymond (PS0PN) [3434] Probably made rabbit pie or something did you?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3435] Oh yes, yeah.
[3436] Hey, you know what we were ... we were doing wrong?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3437] What?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3438] Was [...]
Scott (PS0R9) [3439] Yes, yes, yeah, yes, yes.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3440] Not feeding it!
Scott (PS0R9) [3441] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3442] No, you're not supposed to give them loads of veg!
Scott (PS0R9) [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [3443] Just supposed to have

21 (Tape 029912)

Carrie (PS0RB) [3444] That's why it had the runs!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3445] [...] on the tape.
Emily (PS0RA) [3446] I hear you do it to me!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3447] Being silly!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3448] He told me to say ... end.
Laura (PS0R8) [3449] [laughing] He told me []
Raymond (PS0PN) [3450] Coerce means the same [...] .
Laura (PS0R8) [3451] [laugh] [shouting] He told me to say bum!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3452] That's ladies gonna give me the cane when she hears that!
[3453] She'll say
Carrie (PS0RB) [3454] Calm down!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3455] come here big man what did you say on the
Carrie (PS0RB) [3456] Hey, Scott have you negotiated a percentage?
Scott (PS0R9) [3457] Why?
Raymond (PS0PN) [3458] Argh!
[3459] ... It's alright, listen.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3460] For your appearance on there.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3461] Yes.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3462] What did he say?
[3463] Something like, he's got the Ghostbuster bag?
[3464] ... And when the girl was er
Emily (PS0RA) [3465] Take your thumbs off the telly!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3466] had this lady coming round to see the [...] , do you think somebody will buy my Ghostbuster bag?
[3467] Cos I'd cleaned it up the other day cos it had mildew on the bottom of it!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3468] Oh [...] !
Raymond (PS0PN) [3469] Could you move your
Carrie (PS0RB) [3470] So I goes what?
[3471] I said, you think [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [3472] The lady only wants conversation.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3473] I said you go to somebody's house
Scott (PS0R9) [3474] [shouting] Who is it [] ?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3475] you know, we'd told
Margaret (PS0PP) [3476] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Carrie (PS0RB) [3477] Please buy it somebody!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3478] Pinning, pinning his hopes on a sale!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3479] Oh sorry Carrie, I hope we're not ... putting you to too much trouble are we here?
[3480] I mean
Carrie (PS0RB) [3481] No, no!
Group of unknown speakers (KDMPSUGP) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [3482] Bit of a damned cheek isn't it, ay?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3483] You know ... nice
Margaret (PS0PP) [3484] What?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3485] quiet house!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3486] It wasn't pre-arranged was it?
Scott (PS0R9) [3487] Mummy there's a cat coming in our house!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3488] Oh don't bring a cat in love!
[3489] ... She's [...]
Scott (PS0R9) [3490] Come on!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3491] anyway!
Scott (PS0R9) [3492] [shouting] [...] [] !
Carrie (PS0RB) [3493] Scratching hell out of Emma!
Scott (PS0R9) [3494] Come on!
[3495] Come on!
[3496] Nanny's in!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3497] No, no I don't like that one anyway!
Scott (PS0R9) [3498] Yeah!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3499] What's happened to the dog that was across the road, that
Carrie (PS0RB) [3500] Oh, Luka?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3501] Yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3502] I think they must of sold it, she's had another baby the, that girl. ... [...] !
Margaret (PS0PP) [3503] She's had a baby and sold the dog!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3504] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Scott (PS0R9) [3505] Sam [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3506] He was a lovely do ... who's Sam?
Scott (PS0R9) [3507] Granddad look!
[3508] Sam the little
Carrie (PS0RB) [3509] Sam, if you don't
Scott (PS0R9) [3510] dog!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3511] Wey!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3512] [...] dog you know the one with the [...] ?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3513] The ones at the end of the road?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3514] Mm.
[3515] ... That little [...] .
Margaret (PS0PP) [3516] The one that kept that getting out when the wall got knocked down or something?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3517] Oh no, not the ... her, not Phoebe no!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3518] Oh!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3519] Erm ... the feller with the ... big teeth and the three wheeler car down there.
[3520] He used to have like,le ... it was a bit Luka
Scott (PS0R9) [3521] You sit in
Margaret (PS0PP) [3522] Yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3523] but smaller.
Scott (PS0R9) [3524] your couch.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3525] Lovely dog!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3526] Well what happened?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3527] Well it's been er
Raymond (PS0PN) [3528] That's right, yeah, but I've gotta
Carrie (PS0RB) [3529] put down cos it was old!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3530] Could I take it home with me?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3531] Oh it was old was it?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3532] And they got ... a little
Scott (PS0R9) [3533] You've already had it once!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3534] Jack Russell they've got now I think.
[3535] ... It is a Jack Russell.
Scott (PS0R9) [3536] You can have our couch though.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3537] Mm
Laura (PS0R8) [3538] Yeah [...] !
Scott (PS0R9) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3539] I used to like that old dog cos he ... he u ... he, often used to come
Carrie (PS0RB) [3540] Although he frightened a few old ladies though!
[3541] ... And he'd run up to you and bark, you know and er ... he was playing but she didn't realise.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3542] Oh, he never barked at me!
Laura (PS0R8) [3543] Mummy!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3544] No!
Scott (PS0R9) [3545] I don't remember any dog!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3546] Actually I thinks
Carrie (PS0RB) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3547] I think I sort of, won a friend because I'm sure ... that day that we got the groceries and I bought bones for the dogs didn't I?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3548] Oh!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3549] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3550] And ... they disappeared, and I'm almost certain I dropped them outside here ... and
Carrie (PS0RB) [3551] Oh I re I don't remember this.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3552] Yes.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3553] While we were shopping.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3554] And er ... if that was the case then ... then
Carrie (PS0RB) [3555] Sheila wo ... Sheila used to give him a bone so maybe he thought
Margaret (PS0PP) [3556] Yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3557] She used to throw [...] down.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3558] Probably thought it was Christmas when he found those!
Laura (PS0R8) [3559] [...] ... in a minute!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3560] Right, have you got anything to show mummy [...] , any work that you've done lately or ... any [...] ?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3561] Any nice pictures?
Scott (PS0R9) [3562] No!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3563] Warts or
Laura (PS0R8) [3564] Yeah!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3565] anything?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3566] Warts!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3567] Oh yeah!
Emily (PS0RA) [3568] [...] Laura!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3569] I thought
Laura (PS0R8) [3570] I haven't
Carrie (PS0RB) [3571] you'd done
Margaret (PS0PP) [3572] What's that?
Laura (PS0R8) [3573] I haven't written in it, I've only written a little
Carrie (PS0RB) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3574] The ... the what?
[3575] The
Laura (PS0R8) [3576] Ponies.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3577] The Ponies pony.
Laura (PS0R8) [3578] The Ponies Parties!
Scott (PS0R9) [3579] The Ponies Parties!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3580] Oh it's parties?
[3581] I haven't got my glasses on have I?
Carrie (PS0RB) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3582] Yeah.
Scott (PS0R9) [3583] This is
Carrie (PS0RB) [3584] The Pony [...] pony.
Scott (PS0R9) [3585] a book for Maisy by S ... Me ... a book for Maisy for Scott.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3586] No, I just [...] .
Margaret (PS0PP) [3587] Oh I see, you've just started this one have you?
Carrie (PS0RB) [...] [...]
Scott (PS0R9) [3588] No, if you
Carrie (PS0RB) [...]
Scott (PS0R9) [3589] it's from school!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3590] Oh I see.
[3591] ... So
Scott (PS0R9) [3592] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3593] is it finished?
[3594] Have you done something on every page?
Scott (PS0R9) [3595] Yes.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3596] Mm mm.
Scott (PS0R9) [3597] It's finished.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3598] What the devil's this?
Scott (PS0R9) [3599] It's slimer.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3600] Oh dear!
[3601] Yes.
[3602] ... A slimer!
Scott (PS0R9) [3603] Yeah, and that's a ghost.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3604] Aha.
[3605] ... Anything else?
Scott (PS0R9) [3606] I haven't much one on the
Margaret (PS0PP) [3607] Oh that's i ... you haven't done that have you?
Scott (PS0R9) [3608] Yeah, I did.
[3609] ... I'm, I'm not
Margaret (PS0PP) [3610] That's good that!
Scott (PS0R9) [3611] showing you the last one!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3612] Why?
[3613] Is it
Scott (PS0R9) [3614] It's horrible!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3615] It's a horrible one is it?
Scott (PS0R9) [3616] Yeah!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3617] Would I be frightened?
Scott (PS0R9) [3618] Well, it is quite, it's a horrible looking in the Beetlejuice!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3619] Really?
[3620] ... Worse than that?
Scott (PS0R9) [3621] Yeah!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3622] Oh!
[3623] I we , well I don't wanna be frightened so I'd better not have a look at it!
Scott (PS0R9) [3624] I'll show granddad.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3625] You got your bags?
Scott (PS0R9) [3626] But don't peep then!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3627] Mm ... well you better warn him first!
Laura (PS0R8) [3628] Granddad, the [...] made a red one.
Scott (PS0R9) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3629] Oh great!
[3630] I can't wait for that!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3631] What was the use of this word marry in all the
Scott (PS0R9) [3632] It's the ghost!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3633] [...] ?
Scott (PS0R9) [3634] I didn't want ... nana
Raymond (PS0PN) [3635] However
Scott (PS0R9) [3636] nan to see it.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3637] And in Shakespeare's
Raymond (PS0PN) [3638] However
Margaret (PS0PP) [3639] Erm
Carrie (PS0RB) [3640] So marry in [...] .
Margaret (PS0PP) [3641] No, no, they say
Raymond (PS0PN) [3642] Marry is
Margaret (PS0PP) [3643] marry will you ... erm, I don't know!
[3644] How wo
Raymond (PS0PN) [3645] It's just
Carrie (PS0RB) [3646] [laughing] I kept thinking somebody was getting married [] !
Raymond (PS0PN) [3647] No, no!
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [3648] Marry [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [3649] [...] then I realised it.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3650] Asked me three bloody times!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3651] Well go on!..
[3652] You're interpretation.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3653] It's just erm
Margaret (PS0PP) [3654] How would you translate that?
Scott (PS0R9) [3655] You can see it ... nanny can see it!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3656] What do we say then?
Raymond (PS0PN) [3657] However!
[3658] ... Say, it just
Scott (PS0R9) [3659] See it.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3660] says.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3661] Ooh yes, that's horrible that isn't it!
[3662] ... Urgh!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3663] I thought it was a verb that?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3664] [...] denied ... oh put it away!
Carrie (PS0RB) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [3665] No, it's not
Margaret (PS0PP) [3666] mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3667] a verb is it?
Scott (PS0R9) [3668] Here are
Margaret (PS0PP) [3669] Put that in the horror section!
Scott (PS0R9) [3670] you can take it ... take it home [...] .
Raymond (PS0PN) [3671] It's not a verb it's just the
Margaret (PS0PP) [3672] Yes, I don't know erm
Raymond (PS0PN) [3673] And insertive one which means, you know
Margaret (PS0PP) [3674] in what context you'd use that.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3675] No passion in it is erm ... I mean ... the words that they use is ... a words that I use
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [3676] are nothing like the ones that he using!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3677] No, no, [...] .
Raymond (PS0PN) [3678] No,wha , what
Carrie (PS0RB) [3679] They say what they feel like.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3680] What I find if you you ... when they get to erm ... not necessarily a speech ... but a pertinent part ... you've got to read it two or three times
Carrie (PS0RB) [3681] Analyse.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3682] Yes.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3683] and there's the parts that's ... [...] or obvious or ... they're not so important, you know, between
Carrie (PS0RB) [3684] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3685] tha that's how I ... anyway
Carrie (PS0RB) [3686] See it.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3687] I can sort of get through it and erm ... understanding it's [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [3688] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3689] is the most important thing.
[3690] ... And it does start to sink through after a while.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3691] I was gonna say it can be quite ... laboured when you first read some of it
Carrie (PS0RB) [3692] Mm.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3693] because erm ... and you do have to
Carrie (PS0RB) [3694] Especially if you haven't, sort of, read anything like it before, you know
Margaret (PS0PP) [3695] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3696] I mean ... I remember reading a few bits in English but, you know, [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3697] You'll have to buy , have you seen, did you see King Lear when it was on ... on the television?
[3698] Cos I taped that as well.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3699] No.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3700] You'll have to have a look at that, that's quite good. ... [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [3701] Mm.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3702] Laurence Olivier.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3703] It's amazing once you reach thirty that ... some sort of [laughing] inside you go [] !
Margaret (PS0PP) [3704] Yes, I think they make, I can
Carrie (PS0RB) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3705] remember going to see ... Hamlet with er ... Laurence Olivier at er ... while I was still at school ... and er ... we thought it
Carrie (PS0RB) [3706] What real?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3707] was great!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3708] Live?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3709] Laurence i ... no, no, the film!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3710] Oh the film!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3711] Mm, you know the black and white one?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3712] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3713] And erm
Carrie (PS0RB) [3714] I tell you what [...] , did you see
Margaret (PS0PP) [3715] must of be , be about nineteen
Carrie (PS0RB) [3716] criticism of him?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3717] fifty one, fifty two ... and we thought it was great going to the pictures, you know, when you were still at school, actually ... you know, in, on a school day sort of thing!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3718] Oh yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3719] And I can
Carrie (PS0RB) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3720] remember going in and seeing this film ... and, it just ... it didn't ... it was so ... to my mind, and you know thinking back now, my memory of it was of a sort of very ... dark and dreary
Carrie (PS0RB) [3721] Mm.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3722] film a , the language meant nothing to me at all!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3723] Mm. ... [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3724] I, I no I couldn't understand it!
[3725] ... And it's only sort of, as you say, when you get older and you
Carrie (PS0RB) [3726] That you learn it.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3727] sort of
Carrie (PS0RB) [3728] well that's right, I mean, that's why I wasn't really into it
Margaret (PS0PP) [3729] Becomes more apparent.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3730] cos when I did English at school I just ... you know, you had to learn the poetry and that and
Margaret (PS0PP) [3731] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3732] just say, you can take a poem home and learn it and then recite at the next lesson and then used it just
Margaret (PS0PP) [3733] That's right.
[3734] Cos really
Carrie (PS0RB) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3735] a lot of it is just parrot-fashion, unless you're a very ... unusual person I think
Carrie (PS0RB) [3736] That's it yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3737] it doesn't really
Carrie (PS0RB) [3738] Brain child!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3739] sort of, have any significance until you get a bit older.
[3740] I don't know whether it's
Carrie (PS0RB) [3741] Mm.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3742] sort of, life's experience ... make it mean more to
Carrie (PS0RB) [3743] Mm.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3744] to you.
[3745] ... And
Carrie (PS0RB) [3746] Erm ... possibly understand ... through
Margaret (PS0PP) [3747] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3748] you know ex ex experience as you get older.
[3749] ... The the ... that er criticism on er, of the
Margaret (PS0PP) [3750] The tape's on, did you know?
[3751] ... Is it?
[3752] ... Or is that just ... is that on all the time?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3753] No, it's just the light.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3754] Oh, I thought it was running ... okay.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3755] Erm ... of Laurence Olivier, [...] emphasized wro ... wrongly ... you know, when he was speaking ... certain parts into the ... if he thought the audience was flagging then he'd ... speak a bit louder to ... you know
Margaret (PS0PP) [3756] Mm.
[3757] ... [laughing] Wake them up [] !
Carrie (PS0RB) [3758] Then draw them in , yeah, yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh] ... [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [3759] I should think he's ... totally overrated!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3760] [...] ... Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3761] [...] ... the way he spoke, maybe that his part and not ... he was that, think he's a ... took over the part if you know what I mean?
[3762] Instead of
Margaret (PS0PP) [3763] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3764] just letting people see the part and ... experiencing it
Margaret (PS0PP) [3765] The role.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3766] and, yes, the role of Montesago
Margaret (PS0PP) [3767] Mm and he he became
Carrie (PS0RB) [3768] It was always Laurence Olivier and
Margaret (PS0PP) [3769] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3770] such as, you know the way he plays it.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3771] I mean, I can remember seeing an interview with er, John Geilgud and he'd ... he'd done Hamlet many years ago ... and er but ... he said he'd ... it was ... in a totally different way ... you know, different
Carrie (PS0RB) [3772] Mm.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3773] interpretation that he put on his ... er
Carrie (PS0RB) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3774] a much er ... more lyrical, perhaps ... you know, less ... erm ... intense and er
Carrie (PS0RB) [3775] Passionate.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3776] yeah,i ... more ath
Carrie (PS0RB) [3777] So everybody went to sleep?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3778] lot more athletic version if you like, that, than er ... Laurence Olivier, than ... John
Carrie (PS0RB) [3779] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3780] Geilgud did.
[3781] ... And he
Carrie (PS0RB) [3782] I don't think he did anything in his later years did he?
[3783] ... Laurence Olivier to, sort of, equal what ... [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3784] No.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3785] Any of the films I've seen is all erm
Margaret (PS0PP) [3786] Well erm ... there's ... Richard the Third of course, and er
Carrie (PS0RB) [3787] No I mean, when he was like you know [...] Boys from Brazil, I mean
Margaret (PS0PP) [3788] Oh yes!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3789] That's cottoned
Margaret (PS0PP) [3790] Yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3791] on a bit.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3792] Well I can't ... I mean erm ... I think ... he was the kind of person he wanted to ... be as diverse as possible later on, I mean, perhaps he felt ... constrained
Carrie (PS0RB) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3793] by the
Carrie (PS0RB) [3794] today
Margaret (PS0PP) [3795] fifty eight roles he'd done earlier on in his career and he wanted to sort of you know, have a go at everything [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [3796] [reading book] Marrying, marrying on
Margaret (PS0PP) [3797] didn't he?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3798] so rank as may dishonour him [] .
Raymond (PS0PN) [3799] Marry ... the, and an apostrophe is it?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3800] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3801] Married.
[3802] ... Well then, there's none so er
Carrie (PS0RB) [3803] Ah!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3804] you know ... that's the [...] it is.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3805] I wonder why it was ... a [...] ?
Raymond (PS0PN) [3806] Well it's just a word like
Margaret (PS0PP) [3807] Well that's, where did they get it from?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3808] An expression.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3809] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3810] [reading] Shall I [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [3811] Ooh Thames!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3812] therefore []
Raymond (PS0PN) [3813] You
Margaret (PS0PP) [3814] Erm
Raymond (PS0PN) [3815] can hardly see why [...] ... [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [3816] then
Raymond (PS0PN) [3817] the more you wish
Carrie (PS0RB) [3818] [...] yeah [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [3819] [...] ... Well [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3820] Oh well!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3821] Very ... well said!
[3822] Very well sa ... well read!
[3823] ... That's it ... well done!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3824] Well done!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3825] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3826] Or however ... [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3827] Or whatever, [...] .
[3828] ... Yes, and it's funny how languages change isn't it, over the ... over the years?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3829] Only when you ... can see words that we've got now that adapted from ... words ... then.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3830] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3831] Some of them ... some of them, you know, slight change.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3832] Yes, some of it's very recognisable.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3833] But some of the words have all gone just now and
Margaret (PS0PP) [3834] Erm
Carrie (PS0RB) [3835] and eventually [...] some speech
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Carrie (PS0RB) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3836] Yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3837] and the dreams.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3838] Ahh.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3839] And there's some that are er ... non-famous ... it's got a load of [...] in Hamlet.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3840] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3841] So then, I thought oh no, it's just gone over my head this!
[3842] ... So, when I finished reading that ... explanation of it, maybe I'll ... have a stab at it.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3843] But it makes you wonder, really, when you ... when you ... look at something like that ... how ... erm ... how well represented that was ... or representative of the kind of language that wa , that was used by er, ordinary people.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3844] At the time, yes.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3845] I mean ... or is it just the author's view ... of how
Carrie (PS0RB) [3846] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3847] erm
Carrie (PS0RB) [3848] Well it took him
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [3849] What?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3850] What about Maisy?
Raymond (PS0PN) [3851] Some people say it was him that wrote it.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3852] Oh!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3853] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3854] What's [...] ... is that Emily again?
[3855] I'm gonna have
Scott (PS0R9) [3856] Yes!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3857] [shouting] What do you want [] ?
Group of unknown speakers (KDMPSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3858] Is this ... our old book? ... [...] .
Raymond (PS0PN) [3859] Mm.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3860] I thought so.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3861] Yeah. [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [...]
Scott (PS0R9) [3862] [shouting] Alright, you're [...] [] !
Raymond (PS0PN) [3863] Fifteen [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3864] It's updated now isn't it?
Raymond (PS0PN) [3865] Oh aye!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3866] They only wanted to ask me their ... the name of the place beginning with E and a girl's name as well!
[3867] ... Playing this game.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3868] Mm.
[3869] ... What are you making now by the way?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3870] I'm doing pineapple and pear upside down cake ... for yous!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3871] How long is that going to take?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3872] Only half an hour [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3873] Oh!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3874] Do it when the fan goes out.
[3875] ... I just lost a bit, oh there it is!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3876] Oh, eggshell?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3877] No ... a bit of ... a bit of not worth mentioning!
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Carrie (PS0RB) [3878] Yeah, phoned Jeannette the other day to see what she'd done about college now.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3879] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3880] She's so impatient Jeannette!
[3881] ... God, she wants to know everything!
[3882] She's always ... down my ear, saying well what exactly did you do and ... and what did you do next?
[3883] I remember when I ... we I was working when I first met her and I've ... you know, just before I had Scott ... and she said, well how did you get a job?
[3884] What did you do there?
[3885] ... So I was saying, well what about the grant, you know, what do you have to do?
[3886] She said, well just ring Town Hall, you know!
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Carrie (PS0RB) [3887] Well
Margaret (PS0PP) [3888] She keen to give you any
Carrie (PS0RB) [3889] Well, yes I know that!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3890] information then?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3891] No, not er
Margaret (PS0PP) [3892] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3893] And of course, if her husbands off like, it's ooh don't bother me now, there's a few girls like you know!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3894] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3895] Cath's gone like that now!
[3896] ... She's sort of, all over you ... all week ... and yet, when her husband is there, not her husband, her boyfriend ... she
Margaret (PS0PP) [3897] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3898] doesn't wanna know, you know!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3899] Well ... I suppose you can understand in a way.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3900] Well I ... yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Carrie (PS0RB) [3901] [laughing] I do [] !
[3902] ... Sort of!
[3903] ... So ... this [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3904] Oh so
Carrie (PS0RB) [3905] got the three bedrooms ... er ... semi-detached, I'll bring it in, but by erm ... Harden School ... Penalithe ... not Penalithe what's it called?
[3906] Pen ... is it Penalithe ... Pena something anyway.
Raymond (PS0PN) [3907] Penalithe ... yes.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3908] That [...] , that's
Carrie (PS0RB) [3909] At the Harden
Raymond (PS0PN) [3910] Harden
Carrie (PS0RB) [3911] school.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3912] Is that , oh!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3913] Or something!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3914] Is it erm ... Consaquay still or is erm
Carrie (PS0RB) [3915] No , you know Harden like
Raymond (PS0PN) [3916] No, Harden
Carrie (PS0RB) [3917] up by the school.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3918] So I'm just wondering
Carrie (PS0RB) [3919] near the
Margaret (PS0PP) [3920] whether they'll be in Harden Newlow or, or Consaquay ?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3921] No, erm ... Consaquay's down there isn't it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3922] Mm, but I mean the area you know, it's ... is it
Carrie (PS0RB) [3923] Well
Margaret (PS0PP) [3924] a private house or
Carrie (PS0RB) [3925] No, it's a council house.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3926] That's why I say, I wonder whether it's
Carrie (PS0RB) [3927] Still fancy then? ... [...] have to buy that
Margaret (PS0PP) [3928] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3929] right ... but then I knew I told you where
Margaret (PS0PP) [3930] Does that come under Conasquay
Carrie (PS0RB) [3931] where Pauline's hou ... Conasquay's over there! [...] is he?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3932] Is he?
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Carrie (PS0RB) [3933] It's really not Conasquay
Margaret (PS0PP) [3934] So that would come
Raymond (PS0PN) [3935] You know that!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3936] under Harden then?
[3937] I'm just wondering which council it comes under that's all!
Raymond (PS0PN) [3938] Well it's Teebridge
Carrie (PS0RB) [3939] What, well you
Raymond (PS0PN) [3940] With Allan and Dee of course!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3941] you will get the
Raymond (PS0PN) [3942] I mean Allan and Deeside
Carrie (PS0RB) [3943] er [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3944] Or Allan and Deeside then, yes!
[3945] ... Is it all the way along Deeside then?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3946] [...] goes into this house in Buckley, cos she's had to go up to Buckley!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3947] That's right, that's why I'm asking
Carrie (PS0RB) [3948] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3949] you where ... which
Carrie (PS0RB) [3950] I thought you meant ... I don't know what I thought you meant!
[3951] ... [laughing] Which county [] !
[3952] ... Yeah, so she didn't wanna be rushed ... down here ... and ... near where he's gonna be when he comes out.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3953] Comes out?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3954] Comes out of hospital for [...] .
Margaret (PS0PP) [3955] Oh!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3956] Got beaten up didn't he?
[3957] ... So ... [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3958] This isn't ... which, this isn't the one that was er
Carrie (PS0RB) [3959] Attacked ... yeah.
[3960] ... Not that, not that feller, no!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3961] Oh and, oh!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3962] Not with the head injuries, no, it was a group of the ... and he was coming out of the ... just coming out ... some pub down in Conasquay ... and he was ... these lads were all singing, apparently this is what happened anyway, they were all singing and ... you know ... making merry and he said, what are you all so ... cheerful about or something? ... [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [3963] Oh!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3964] Went on and on at this young lad who'd spoken who thumped him he'd ... apparently just one punch, I don't know but ... but anyway all the charges have been dropped against this lad now so
Margaret (PS0PP) [3965] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3966] he was frightened to death that ... all Brian's mates, that they were gonna get him!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3967] Oh dear!
Carrie (PS0RB) [3968] All the drunk friends [...] .
Margaret (PS0PP) [3969] Good heavens!
[3970] ... So
Carrie (PS0RB) [3971] So er ... he's having physio and he's ... he can move his legs now so that's
Margaret (PS0PP) [3972] So
Carrie (PS0RB) [3973] something ... just trauma!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3974] Oh ah!
[3975] ... Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3976] For the, you know the reason he couldn't move.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3977] He was sort of well he ... was paralysed wasn't he?
Carrie (PS0RB) [3978] Traumatised.
[3979] ... Yeah ... from the neck down.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3980] This is the one who's ... was living with another ... woman ... and his
Carrie (PS0RB) [3981] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [3982] wife
Carrie (PS0RB) [3983] Young girl ... she
Margaret (PS0PP) [3984] Yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3985] worked at the erm ... at The Clwyd ... and he me , you know, he used to be in there all the time!
[3986] Dinner time, night time, you know, as soon as he finished work he was down there!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3987] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3988] So ... I mean, now it's apparent why he was there all the time isn't it, you know?
Margaret (PS0PP) [3989] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3990] For her.
[3991] ... I didn't know that did I?
[3992] I was [...] ... similar circs ... But
Margaret (PS0PP) [3993] Yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3994] but erm ... he's been trying to get her back now, you know, but he didn't wanna give up this other girl!
[3995] I mean you can't, he said ... you know, have your cake and eat it sort of thing
Margaret (PS0PP) [3996] Yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3997] he wanted her to come back to him, but he wanted to ... keep this girl on the go!
Margaret (PS0PP) [3998] Relationship going.
Carrie (PS0RB) [3999] I don't know
Margaret (PS0PP) [4000] Strange!
Carrie (PS0RB) [4001] but, and she's so quiet, Pauline is, if it was me I'd ... be climbing the walls!
[4002] I'd be saying that ... fucking it! ... [...] , she doesn't say that she's ... sort of been ... he's still
Margaret (PS0PP) [4003] Great!
Carrie (PS0RB) [4004] got this other girl, you know and I say
Margaret (PS0PP) [4005] Mm.
[4006] Being matter of fact
Carrie (PS0RB) [4007] [...] Pauline
Margaret (PS0PP) [4008] about it.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4009] Yeah.
[4010] ... Suppose
Margaret (PS0PP) [4011] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4012] she can't get too worked up with the asthma in case she er
Margaret (PS0PP) [4013] In case she has an attack.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4014] has an attack!
[4015] Oh that's
Margaret (PS0PP) [4016] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4017] another thing ... Jonathan, Jackie's er, lad, the one that's gone onto Cornwall, he's ... been in hospital he's had another
Margaret (PS0PP) [4018] Again?
Carrie (PS0RB) [4019] attack.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4020] Oh!
Carrie (PS0RB) [4021] Yeah, they hadn't been in hospital for a few years, they haven't, I've never known to go in.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4022] Is that the eldest one is it?
Carrie (PS0RB) [4023] The eldest one.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4024] Yeah, cos they, they've all had
Carrie (PS0RB) [4025] They think it was the stress, I mean moving down to Cornwall!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4026] Well,th oh the ... the three boys and her have all
Carrie (PS0RB) [4027] No, no two boys ... Andrew ... they think have got it, he's just the little ... chubby one I don't
Margaret (PS0PP) [4028] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4029] know if you remember?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4030] Smallest one?
Carrie (PS0RB) [4031] The one that always used to go ... er er
Margaret (PS0PP) [4032] That's right, yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4033] in the cupboards!
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Carrie (PS0RB) [4034] Go to the fridge and eat all my bananas and that.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4035] Yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4036] But er Scott [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [4037] Couldn't say the language but he could ... polish
Carrie (PS0RB) [4038] He ... that's right, well he's seeing a speech therapist now.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4039] Is he?
Carrie (PS0RB) [4040] Jonathan has to [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [4041] So he did have a problem then?
[4042] ... Obviously.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4043] Yeah , well Jackie she had see a speech therapist and she did have trouble pronouncing ... can't remember
Margaret (PS0PP) [4044] Words.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4045] what sh , words, but now and again she'd start to say something and then she'd ... sort of, find an easier an [laughing] way to say it [] !
Margaret (PS0PP) [4046] Yes.
[4047] ... Yeah, an alternative.
Carrie (PS0RB) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [4048] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4049] So er
Margaret (PS0PP) [4050] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4051] Okay, we'll stay till the kids are here.
Carrie (PS0RB) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [4052] Anyway, so ... he's out of hospital now is he ... the other
Carrie (PS0RB) [4053] Who?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4054] one?
[4055] ... The
Carrie (PS0RB) [4056] Brian?
[4057] ... I don't know!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4058] No, no, the la ... no, Jackie's little boy.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4059] Oh, yeah!
[4060] Just one night she said.
[4061] ... Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4062] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4063] One night in hospital, but she thinks, she said after that, and he is improving and he's doing P E now so
Margaret (PS0PP) [4064] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4065] he must be improving [...] , perhaps the air down is different from here.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4066] Yes, I was gonna say it's gotta be better
Carrie (PS0RB) [4067] Not like here.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4068] than here because it's erm ... so damp down here isn't it, near the river?
Carrie (PS0RB) [4069] And plus, you know, she's in flat now where she's got heating and ... it's
Margaret (PS0PP) [4070] Yeah.
[4071] ... Good God, yeah, she was frozen in that house wasn't she?
Carrie (PS0RB) [4072] Oh God!
[4073] ... Terrible in there!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4074] Like the North Pole up there.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4075] It was, yeah.
[4076] ... But she's sworn me to secrecy.
[4077] Mind you, I wasn't gonna tell anybody she was writing to me anyway!
[4078] ... Just in case he's gets a whiff of it, you know.
[4079] ... I don't know how she's gonna [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [4080] Well what difference would that make, with, I mean
Carrie (PS0RB) [4081] Well because he's very ... he's been very awkward with her hasn't he?
[4082] And [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [4083] And he's not gonna be all, going all the way down to Devon
Carrie (PS0RB) [4084] Oh no!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4085] though is he?
Carrie (PS0RB) [4086] No , er, he has got relatives down there.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4087] Really?
Carrie (PS0RB) [4088] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4089] Oh good heavens!
Carrie (PS0RB) [4090] That's how she met him ... at relatives party.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4091] Oh!
[4092] ... Well what about the
Carrie (PS0RB) [4093] Distant rel ... relatives like.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4094] well it's more ... likely that she's gonna see ... one of the relatives than him, isn't it?
Carrie (PS0RB) [4095] Mm.
[4096] ... That's true, yeah!
[4097] ... His aunty, I think it was.
[4098] But whether she'll be ... very sympathetic to Jackie ... none o ... none of Jackie's family came to the wedding, like you know!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4099] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4100] Anyway, she's got the hots for this feller down there that she used to go out with ... he's about ... forty eight or something like that but ... She pref , preferred
Margaret (PS0PP) [4101] Jackie, this is?
Carrie (PS0RB) [4102] them older.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4103] Jackie?
Carrie (PS0RB) [4104] No, this feller that she likes, she's ... she's younger than me, Jackie!
[4105] ... Wouldn't know it would you to
Margaret (PS0PP) [4106] No.
[4107] ... And she's found somebody already?
Carrie (PS0RB) [4108] Well, this feller Colin ... i , she used to go out with him ... before ... she met ... Steve ... she used to, she went on a nanny's course, she went to college to be a nanny
Margaret (PS0PP) [4109] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4110] and she was going out with him like and ... seeing pictures of her when she was younger and she's just the sa , big ... but
Margaret (PS0PP) [4111] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4112] a young face, you know!
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Carrie (PS0RB) [4113] [...] ... and erm ... how am I gonna do this?
[4114] Oh my God!
[4115] ... Where's the milk?
[4116] ... Anyway ... he came up to London, she went to London to be a nanny to this woman with three kids like, you know, two babies and a ... an older one ... and she said he came up at a time, he said, sorry, you know, gotta finish ... he's got this girl ... pregnant!
[4117] ... So he married her ... this girl ... anyway, they're divorced now, like you know, I thought
Margaret (PS0PP) [4118] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4119] I mean, Jackie hoping there might be some sort of ... spark ... left.
[4120] ... She lo , I mean she's a lovely girl though!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4121] Ni , a nice natured girl
Carrie (PS0RB) [4122] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4123] yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4124] Very, oh very ... loves children
Margaret (PS0PP) [4125] Easy going.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4126] yeah.
[4127] ... Easy going nature and ... you know ... just
Margaret (PS0PP) [4128] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4129] a bit sort of I don't know, easily ... strayed i
Margaret (PS0PP) [4130] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4131] So ... mind you, if you ... your confidence is knocked for so long yo ... you only
Margaret (PS0PP) [4132] Well I
Carrie (PS0RB) [4133] believe in what everyone
Margaret (PS0PP) [4134] Yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4135] says in the end!
[4136] I mean, her dad wasn't the best of dads to her so
Margaret (PS0PP) [4137] So i ... well, presumably she's near ... her family, her parents
Carrie (PS0RB) [4138] Yeah ... and her [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [4139] Erm ... she must be getting ... some kind of
Carrie (PS0RB) [4140] Yes, yeah, and her life's
Margaret (PS0PP) [4141] support?
Carrie (PS0RB) [4142] sort of built up, her mum and dad come you know?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4143] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4144] [...] and down there.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4145] Mm.
[4146] ... Are you gonna read that ... all that book?
Raymond (PS0PN) [4147] Me
Carrie (PS0RB) [4148] Mmm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4149] yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4150] [laughing] Why, do you want to read it [] ?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4151] [laughing] No [] !
Carrie (PS0RB) [4152] You'd rather converse [...] .
Raymond (PS0PN) [4153] No, I'll just read some of it.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4154] Put these in the little house, they like them!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4155] Oh!
Carrie (PS0RB) [4156] [...] [...] things, peanuts ... and er
Raymond (PS0PN) [4157] Peanuts?
[4158] ... Where?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4159] You're not having peanuts!
Carrie (PS0RB) [4160] We're gonna get those out to have with tea dad.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4161] Ah
Carrie (PS0RB) [4162] [singing] Peanuts [] !
[4163] ... Oh Scott's mad for peanuts!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4164] Is he [...] ?
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Carrie (PS0RB) [4165] No.
[4166] ... The girls would be mad if they could get near it!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4167] If they could get to them before Scott
Carrie (PS0RB) [4168] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4169] you mean?
Carrie (PS0RB) [4170] Now they keep saying, mummy you always give him more than you give us!
[4171] You're always give him the last sweet to him!
[4172] ... You always let him get away things!
[4173] [laugh] ... You know, [laughing] [...] , yeah I do you know [] !
[4174] ... But then I have to say, remind myself to be a bit more ... stern with him!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4175] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4176] But er ... I was saying to Mrs the other day, asked about Scott ... what the heck!
[4177] Oh I was on about sewing cos I said I'd let them, you know, they were all doing a bit of sewing the other weekend, they all had a go like ... erm ... ooh, you know, I was saying he ... that Scott can cook and that, you know, we've had a note [...] ... he's having one on, supposed to be all ... all of them to be independent, you know?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4178] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4179] But I always seem to end up lecturing when I'm [laughing] talking to him, you know instead of just [] ... saying, I was saying ... I want them all to be independent, you know!
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Carrie (PS0RB) [4180] She must think I'm really mad!
[4181] ... You know, this divorced woman, you know!
[4182] ... She's very nice Ann, she's okay.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4183] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4184] We've got to do er, we were doing these Mother's Day cards and she said, oh we've got to ta , the curriculum has changed now
Margaret (PS0PP) [4185] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4186] the teachers aren't allowed to dictate ... the children, if they want ... erm ... to do something or make something they have to make up a plan of what they're gonna do first
Margaret (PS0PP) [4187] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4188] and they have to think of it all by themselves, the teachers can't say ooh ... ooh well put flowers on there.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4189] They can't suggest anything.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4190] That's
Margaret (PS0PP) [4191] Yeah.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4192] it, yeah, and she said a ... cos he's like it, she said it is very hard she said, I'm used to ... saying
Margaret (PS0PP) [4193] Showing them.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4194] Yeah, do this
Margaret (PS0PP) [4195] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4196] and they I said, yeah, so I got ... oh and they came up with some really good a ... ideas, you know!
[4197] ... Cut out
Margaret (PS0PP) [4198] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4199] cards and that.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4200] Yeah ... quite spontaneous.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4201] Two of these halves on a turtle design ... erm [laughing] er [] the door had two halves but they managed to put one part like that, cut
Margaret (PS0PP) [4202] Make them look like turtles!
Carrie (PS0RB) [4203] it out and [laughing] put legs on [] !
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Carrie (PS0RB) [4204] And she said, oh yes, she [laughing] di []
Margaret (PS0PP) [4205] Fine children!
Carrie (PS0RB) [4206] [laugh] So I hope they [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [4207] It just shows you how they're in ... influenced though doesn't it, by
Carrie (PS0RB) [4208] Yeah.
[4209] ... But the
Margaret (PS0PP) [4210] you know?
Carrie (PS0RB) [4211] rest of them, I mean
Margaret (PS0PP) [4212] films and television
Carrie (PS0RB) [4213] Ooh they looked terrible!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4214] and
Carrie (PS0RB) [4215] Yeah.
[4216] ... Oh, there were ones that didn't look like Mother's day cards but still!
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Carrie (PS0RB) [4217] But er ... Mr sort of ... the student teacher there, he's a bit of alright, like!
[4218] He's a bit young for me!
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Carrie (PS0RB) [4219] And er ... he was hovering behind me in the classroom, like [laughing] you know [] !
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Carrie (PS0RB) [4220] I mean, [laughing] he was getting something out of the cupboard,ha nothing to do with me [] !
[4221] ... But er, Laura likes him like, you know, she says ... Jamie ... pinched my crisps before, you know ... just imagine all these little girls [...] giggling!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4222] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4223] And ... all the classroom.
[4224] ... And erm ... when we were doing these cards ... Mrs , that's Scott's old teacher, she's very nice, very modern
Margaret (PS0PP) [4225] Mm.
Carrie (PS0RB) [4226] was telling this story about this princess, this very erm ... independent princess didn't wanna know about the [laughing] prince, like er, it was quite a funny story [] !
[4227] ... But er ... gosh, you [...] , you made me jump you!
[4228] You know, [...] so they must of been talking about it

22 (Tape 030001)

Raymond (PS0PN) [4229] Twenty four hour television, now then.
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Ken (PS0RC) [4230] Thanks.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4231] Yeah, we have the technology.
Ken (PS0RC) [4232] Forty eight hours , forty eight hours!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4233] Forty eight hours?
[4234] ... Oh a new telly to go with it, look at this!
[4235] ... New telly.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4236] Ooh ooh!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4237] My word!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4238] Hey [...] we got [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4239] What's all this on Thames?
Margaret (PS0PP) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4240] It's ... it's [...] is it?
Ken (PS0RC) [4241] He'll be wanted satellite now!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4242] Ooh that's nice!
Ken (PS0RC) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4243] What's this, an Amstrad is it?
[4244] It's the fo
Margaret (PS0PP) [4245] I is it the four screen one we've been watching?
Ken (PS0RC) [4246] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4247] Is it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4248] Oh that's very clear then.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4249] So it's
Margaret (PS0PP) [4250] But it is [...] .
Raymond (PS0PN) [4251] [...] screen!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4252] That's
Ken (PS0RC) [4253] Not the same.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4254] Oh! [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4255] What's that er ... that
Margaret (PS0PP) [4256] Where d'you go?
[4257] ... Where did go, Roberts's?
Ken (PS0RC) [4258] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4259] Mhm.
[4260] ... We said you would.
[4261] ... Looked in there didn't you?
Raymond (PS0PN) [4262] I thank you sir!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4263] Oh!
Ken (PS0RC) [4264] They put up the telly [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [4265] Why d'you keep telling me?
Ken (PS0RC) [4266] [...] the back.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4267] That could well be
Margaret (PS0PP) [4268] Well
Raymond (PS0PN) [4269] something else.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4270] I think they've gotta [...] .
Raymond (PS0PN) [4271] Signals.
Ken (PS0RC) [4272] Now that's something I won't [...] with a bit sloping down.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4273] Oh now it's on the back of the house?
Ken (PS0RC) [4274] That's right
Margaret (PS0PP) [4275] and then
Ken (PS0RC) [4276] so the house may need
Margaret (PS0PP) [4277] Mm.
Ken (PS0RC) [4278] a place [...] would it, wouldn't have been
Margaret (PS0PP) [4279] Oh, in the right spot?
Ken (PS0RC) [4280] It doesn't, it's not too bad there like, especially when we went to, you know it's not ... there's no [...] .
Margaret (PS0PP) [4281] Yeah.
[4282] ... Yeah.
Ken (PS0RC) [4283] But er ... they said I couldn't have it there
Raymond (PS0PN) [laugh]
Ken (PS0RC) [4284] the wind would get
Margaret (PS0PP) [4285] Ye
Ken (PS0RC) [4286] it too much.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4287] Yes.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4288] Oh funny thing I was ... having a look at one of Carrie's, she's got the Radio Times which we don't get, only at Christmas time.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4289] Yes.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4290] And have ... having a look a the er ... the films you know ... Sky and er, what's
Margaret (PS0PP) [4291] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4292] the other one?
Ken (PS0RC) [4293] Sky one and two it is.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4294] Oh is that ha , is that [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4295] But there's an ano , there was some other name wasn't there?
[4296] No?
Ken (PS0RC) [4297] No.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4298] Oh!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4299] What both ... from the same ... same dish?
Ken (PS0RC) [4300] Yeah.
[4301] ... Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4302] And all o
Ken (PS0RC) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4303] all the different erm films that are on, you know.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4304] [...] pay monthly for that now or
Ken (PS0RC) [4305] No, I borrowed that.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4306] No, but I mean don't you have to pay for those
Ken (PS0RC) [4307] Oh for the films, I haven't got, I haven't got that.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4308] Oh!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4309] What's that?
[4310] How does that work then?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4311] I don't understand at all.
Ken (PS0RC) [4312] Well you have to have, you have to have a ... the only the trouble with it is, I've got [...] , I'll either have to put them up here ... or I'll have to ... scrape ... scrape some of the wall out ... I can't close the door!
[4313] ... I measured everything bar there!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4314] Is it the way [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4315] Oh!
Ken (PS0RC) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4316] No.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4317] I thought you meant the shelf was up [...] wrong!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4318] Oh that's ... too deep!
Ken (PS0RC) [4319] You see ... I've
Margaret (PS0PP) [4320] Oh.
Ken (PS0RC) [4321] it's not to deep, it fits in.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4322] Mm.
Ken (PS0RC) [4323] But what I've got
Raymond (PS0PN) [4324] It don't
Ken (PS0RC) [4325] you've got have the aerial at the back ... and that connects
Raymond (PS0PN) [4326] And that's protruding you see.
Ken (PS0RC) [4327] You see.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4328] I see.
Ken (PS0RC) [4329] And like, so I can't close the door.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4330] I didn't think you had to ha ... have the aerial coming from the ... [...] for the hole in the wall.
Ken (PS0RC) [4331] [laughing] Yeah [] !
[4332] You [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4333] Yeah.
Ken (PS0RC) [4334] I'll just have them on there you see, that's
Margaret (PS0PP) [4335] Mm.
[4336] ... Mm.
Ken (PS0RC) [4337] So as I can [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4338] Oh, that's a shame!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4339] Couldn't you have that hinge mounted ... slightly further forward
Ken (PS0RC) [4340] I've asked for a [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [4341] on the ... on the [...]
Ken (PS0RC) [4342] that's for so much.
[4343] That's what they want ... that's what they used for it [...] .
Margaret (PS0PP) [4344] That would hold it dead out then wouldn't it?
Ken (PS0RC) [4345] I told them I've lost my [...] .
Raymond (PS0PN) [4346] No, it wouldn't make any
Margaret (PS0PP) [4347] Put it
Raymond (PS0PN) [4348] difference.
Ken (PS0RC) [4349] Save the hassle, yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4350] Alright, well i well it would!
[4351] Surely it would!
[4352] ... I mean if you've set that there
Raymond (PS0PN) [4353] Why?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4354] at the moment.
[4355] ... I mean you'd
Raymond (PS0PN) [4356] No!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4357] have a gap.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4358] You won't!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4359] I mean hi
Ken (PS0RC) [4360] Well normally you'd see
Raymond (PS0PN) [4361] Well no, [...] you'd have to alter the other one as well wouldn't you, to make it e ... even
Margaret (PS0PP) [4362] Mm.
Ken (PS0RC) [4363] Yes, oh
Margaret (PS0PP) [4364] Mm
Ken (PS0RC) [4365] ay!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4366] Mm
Ken (PS0RC) [4367] But I mean it wouldn't, you wouldn't close that [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [4368] The only other thing
Ken (PS0RC) [4369] on that ... it wouldn't close on that.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4370] The only other thing you could do
Raymond (PS0PN) [4371] Oh ah!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4372] Ken is have those taken off ... and, is this a door here?
Ken (PS0RC) [4373] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4374] And have those mounted on the bottom ... so that it's a drop down shelf.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4375] What would that do?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4376] But there again it still wouldn't
Raymond (PS0PN) [4377] Wouldn't do anything!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4378] Mm.
Ken (PS0RC) [4379] Couldn't use that though could you?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4380] Well, no, I'm just thinking you could ... have it sent [...] , but I mean it was just ... be on that one now wouldn't it?
Ken (PS0RC) [4381] No it still wouldn't , no it still wouldn't close would it?
Raymond (PS0PN) [4382] Wouldn't close would it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4383] You could do the same with both of them though wouldn't you?
Raymond (PS0PN) [4384] Oh absolutely!
[4385] ... Oh!
[4386] So
Ken (PS0RC) [sneeze]
Margaret (PS0PP) [4387] Same thing is to take the ... take screws off and just try and door and see whether how much ... extra ... space you need, I mean, maybe ... you might be able to do it by just [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4388] Well it
Margaret (PS0PP) [4389] Well I'm sure, I'm sure
Raymond (PS0PN) [4390] Yeah but you can tell when you put
Margaret (PS0PP) [4391] you could ... move that forward there!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4392] Well gotta have the hole haven't you?
[4393] Space
Margaret (PS0PP) [4394] I know!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4395] between the
Margaret (PS0PP) [4396] Yes!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4397] two
Margaret (PS0PP) [4398] You're not gonna see it cos there's one on the end, it's right next to the wall isn't it?
[4399] ... Have a gap there but I mean ... whereas at the moment it's like that, not to that.
Ken (PS0RC) [4400] Even though it's on the front
Margaret (PS0PP) [4401] [...] to there
Ken (PS0RC) [4402] of the cabinet aren't you, it's gonna protrude beyond ... close the
Margaret (PS0PP) [4403] But
Ken (PS0RC) [4404] right hand one now.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4405] but it does now though doesn't it?
[4406] ... I mean they're sticking out
Ken (PS0RC) [4407] Well I mean, you're gonna be another
Margaret (PS0PP) [4408] like that.
Ken (PS0RC) [4409] It's gonna be another inch isn't it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4410] Yeah, but that's neither here nor there!
[4411] Cos the top's got a good overlap.
[4412] ... I mean you wouldn't notice that would you Ken?
[4413] ... I wouldn't be bothered about that.
[4414] ... Just looking for a solution to the problem that's all!
[4415] ... Got to think about these things you know.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4416] Ooh, I know what I was going to do!
[4417] ... [...] ... Going on broadcasting now? ... [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [4418] No it's Sally's, it's Sally's.
Ken (PS0RC) [4419] What is it?
Raymond (PS0PN) [4420] [...] broadcast.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4421] No, it is, it is the same thing actually.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4422] [sigh] Erm.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4423] I, I sort of meant to bring one of those one of those forms home.
Ken (PS0RC) [4424] You've got your earphones have you?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4425] No, they're ordinary earphones.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4426] Well there are, [...] .
Ken (PS0RC) [4427] You're taping on there?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4428] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4429] I'm gonna be a spy!
[4430] Training!
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Ken (PS0RC) [4431] Well you might get some facts right if you did!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4432] [laugh] ... They want
Margaret (PS0PP) [4433] No those
Raymond (PS0PN) [4434] all the funny accents in [laughing] the area [] !
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Ken (PS0RC) [4435] What for?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4436] This lady came round from er
Raymond (PS0PN) [4437] Here are, I'll turn it off.
Margaret (PS0PP) [...]

23 (Tape 030002)

Raymond (PS0PN) [4438] Oh I don't wanna [...] , what's that?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4439] Oh my Godfather! ... [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4440] Oh is this your er
Ken (PS0RC) [4441] after one [...] .
Raymond (PS0PN) [4442] Is this these ... what do they call it?
[4443] ... The erm ... oracle is it?
Ken (PS0RC) [4444] This is er ... I don't know!
[4445] ... This is for your telly.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4446] Good
Margaret (PS0PP) [4447] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4448] grief!
Ken (PS0RC) [4449] [...] if you please?
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4450] Which these, Ken?
Ken (PS0RC) [4451] Yeah.
[4452] ... And that's for your telly.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4453] I hate i , when did
Ken (PS0RC) [4454] That goes down.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4455] they put it, install it?
Ken (PS0RC) [4456] Yesterday.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4457] So ... they've obviously given you instructions on how to
Ken (PS0RC) [4458] No, they didn't because they didn't finish till half five ... they didn't get here till ... I got soaked yesterday morning!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4459] Ooh, I'm not
Ken (PS0RC) [4460] So I
Margaret (PS0PP) [4461] surprised!
Ken (PS0RC) [4462] So I, I didn't there
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Ken (PS0RC) [4463] I didn't finish [...] well I ... I
Margaret (PS0PP) [4464] I
Ken (PS0RC) [4465] and I turned round!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4466] I knew you had!
[4467] I thought I bet Ken will go down the road and
Ken (PS0RC) [4468] [...] ... I mean it was all white [...] .
Margaret (PS0PP) [4469] Yeah.
Ken (PS0RC) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [4470] Poor old Lucy!
[4471] ... I bet you were soaking!
Ken (PS0RC) [4472] From here I was, I was s ... soaked!
[4473] ... So that's er ... that's your control for your telly.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4474] Mm. [tv on]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4475] Hiya!
[4476] ... Lucy!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4477] Mm.
Ken (PS0RC) [4478] And then you've got your [...] there.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4479] Bigger picture isn't it?
Ken (PS0RC) [4480] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4481] Mm.
Ken (PS0RC) [4482] And you've got i ... you know, it's a bigger screen.
[4483] ... Yes, I know you're there!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4484] [laugh] ... Ah ha ha ha ha ha!
Ken (PS0RC) [4485] Then ... then you've got your ... your screen ... er ... your ... ga da what's his name?
[4486] ... It shows your
Margaret (PS0PP) [4487] The volume?
Ken (PS0RC) [4488] it shows you're on your volume you see, and it shows you
Margaret (PS0PP) [4489] Oh you've gotta
Ken (PS0RC) [4490] there what what, how you
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Ken (PS0RC) [4491] whatever you're ... doing.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4492] Oh!
[4493] And how does go off round to
Ken (PS0RC) [4494] Yeah, that goes there.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4495] Put it there.
Ken (PS0RC) [4496] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4497] Oh Lu !
[4498] Oh Lu !
Ken (PS0RC) [4499] It does [...] ... this is er ... this can control your ... your er
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Ken (PS0RC) [4500] your stations as well.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4501] Is that for ... for trapping it in or tuning it in at all or a different thing?
Ken (PS0RC) [4502] No, this is this is just for changing the stations.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4503] Oh you just pick it and it'll ... Is that Channel Four?
[4504] How do you know which station it is?
Ken (PS0RC) [4505] Well it, it comes on there!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4506] Oh, it comes on the screen does it?
[4507] Oh [...] ... Oh yeah, one, one!
Ken (PS0RC) [...] ... [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [4508] But if you wanted you could [...] ?
Ken (PS0RC) [4509] Now there, you can have your what's it's name?
[4510] ... But er
Margaret (PS0PP) [4511] What are the colours at the bottom?
Ken (PS0RC) [4512] Th ... th , those aren't working options either.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4513] Mm mm.
Ken (PS0RC) [4514] So that's
Raymond (PS0PN) [4515] no that's er ...
Margaret (PS0PP) [4516] Quietly! ... [...] manufacturers [...] .
Ken (PS0RC) [4517] Well this is er ... this is ... see whatever's on B B C one.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4518] Mm.
Ken (PS0RC) [4519] Then you've gotta
Margaret (PS0PP) [4520] Oh it's [...] isn't it?
[4521] I wonder if Kelly's taping that?
Ken (PS0RC) [4522] I haven't even looked what's on tonight.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4523] Yeah.
Ken (PS0RC) [4524] Cos I've had it I haven't bothered ... I didn't
Margaret (PS0PP) [4525] You haven't bothered to look! [laugh]
Ken (PS0RC) [4526] So er ... that's that ... you've also got
Margaret (PS0PP) [4527] Look!
Ken (PS0RC) [...] ... [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [4528] Obviously the end of the film and he's come back!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4529] I've seen that one you know.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4530] Yes it's been on.
[4531] It has been on before.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4532] Well what about ... Sky and that, Ken?
Ken (PS0RC) [4533] Yes I have, yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4534] Oh!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4535] Yeah just [...] .
[4536] ... V C R.
Ken (PS0RC) [4537] Excuse me a minute!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4538] Do you have to point it at the telly?
[4539] It's a good idea I suppose.
Ken (PS0RC) [4540] Put it ... you have to ... Channel Ten, you want it on Channel Ten for your bedroom.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4541] For the ah
Ken (PS0RC) [4542] Er, for your ... for Sky.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4543] For Sky.
Ken (PS0RC) [4544] And that's er
Raymond (PS0PN) [4545] [yawn] Well I thought you had to pay for that Ken?
[4546] ... Which is the one you have to pay for?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4547] What one of the stations that you receive?
Raymond (PS0PN) [4548] Every month.
Ken (PS0RC) [4549] Er ... your film channels.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4550] Oh that isn't Sky?
[4551] ... Oh!
Ken (PS0RC) [4552] Yeah ... it's Sky
Raymond (PS0PN) [4553] Yes.
Ken (PS0RC) [4554] but that's, that's Channel that's ... that's your first channel on your what's his name?
Raymond (PS0PN) [4555] Well!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4556] Mm.
Ken (PS0RC) [4557] That's Channel Two.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4558] Is er, is it ... continental tv or
Ken (PS0RC) [4559] Continental and British tele
Margaret (PS0PP) [4560] I see!
Ken (PS0RC) [4561] British.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4562] So you could watch French television or German television?
Ken (PS0RC) [4563] Well you can watch German mostly.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4564] Yeah.
Ken (PS0RC) [4565] Er ... you know you got all the different channels.
Raymond (PS0PN) [yawn]
Margaret (PS0PP) [4566] So how many are, are there there?
Ken (PS0RC) [4567] Ooh there's well this this will hold fifty channels.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4568] Agh!
Ken (PS0RC) [4569] But there's not fifty channels put on.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4570] No, oh no not all [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4571] Not yet.
Ken (PS0RC) [4572] There's not er ... so whatever channels there are, well you know that ... there's a lot of them!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4573] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4574] So which one have you got to pay for?
Ken (PS0RC) [4575] Wait a minute!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4576] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [sigh]
Ken (PS0RC) [4577] Well I'm [...] .
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Ken (PS0RC) [4578] See that's one
Margaret (PS0PP) [4579] Oh I see!
Ken (PS0RC) [4580] there you've got to have a card.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4581] Oh!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4582] But the [...] is the [...] for that, I mean?
Ken (PS0RC) [4583] This is the card for
Margaret (PS0PP) [4584] Lots of things.
Ken (PS0RC) [4585] the, excuse me!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4586] So you've gotta buy the cards
Ken (PS0RC) [4587] No, you have to ... buy the card
Raymond (PS0PN) [4588] Oh!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4589] Where do you get those from then?
Ken (PS0RC) [4590] Well you ... [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4591] Television shop is it?
Ken (PS0RC) [4592] Er, yeah.
[4593] ... They're like that.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4594] Oh yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4595] How much?
[4596] ... Depending on
Ken (PS0RC) [4597] Er, well it depends er ... one or the two, you can either one or two.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4598] All the same price?
Ken (PS0RC) [4599] No ... one
Raymond (PS0PN) [4600] Ah, oh I see ... one's one.
Ken (PS0RC) [4601] One is for , one is, one is about er ... it's about nine pounds I think, for one ... for twelve
Margaret (PS0PP) [4602] For the card?
Ken (PS0RC) [4603] for twelve months.
[4604] ... Er, no nine pounds a month isn't it?
[4605] ... Er, the other one is er ... about seventeen pounds for the two.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4606] So you can watch
Ken (PS0RC) [4607] So ... so you're saving [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4608] watch as many as you can.
Ken (PS0RC) [4609] And you just ... Bob, Bob gave me
Raymond (PS0PN) [4610] Er, er if you like [...] .
Ken (PS0RC) [4611] thi , Bob gave me this but er ... unfortunately you see ... but er yes
Raymond (PS0PN) [4612] It won't go in.
Ken (PS0RC) [4613] It will go in
Raymond (PS0PN) [4614] Nothing happens!
Ken (PS0RC) [4615] You're card is invalid.
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4616] Oh!
Ken (PS0RC) [4617] It's, it's, it's run out!
[4618] ... It tells you the date.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4619] Ah!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4620] Oh!
[4621] ... Mm!
Ken (PS0RC) [4622] See?
[4623] ... So that you can't
Margaret (PS0PP) [4624] Yeah.
Ken (PS0RC) [4625] so you can't use it.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4626] Well what did he give you that for? [laugh]
Ken (PS0RC) [4627] Well no, he thought it was
Raymond (PS0PN) [4628] It's, oh yeah!
Ken (PS0RC) [4629] it was er ... in
Margaret (PS0PP) [4630] He thought he had some more left.
Ken (PS0RC) [4631] It's still er
Raymond (PS0PN) [4632] A good one!
[4633] Yes ... valid.
Ken (PS0RC) [4634] Get off!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4635] So what are they for, for?
[4636] Are they just for a month are they ... the cards?
Ken (PS0RC) [4637] No, you get them, you can get them
Margaret (PS0PP) [4638] Or twelve months.
Ken (PS0RC) [4639] for twelve months.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4640] If you can ... oh, but you gonna pay
Ken (PS0RC) [4641] That's right you have to you have to
Raymond (PS0PN) [4642] obviously and
Ken (PS0RC) [4643] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4644] seventy quid or something?
Ken (PS0RC) [4645] Well the first time you have to get it for at least six months.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4646] Do you really?
Ken (PS0RC) [4647] Then you can get it monthly after that if you want.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4648] So it's quite expensive really when you think
Raymond (PS0PN) [4649] It's not cheap!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4650] about it?
Raymond (PS0PN) [4651] Depends what you want, if you wanna watch ... a lot of films.
Ken (PS0RC) [4652] Well, yeah
Margaret (PS0PP) [4653] Yeah.
Ken (PS0RC) [4654] that is er
Margaret (PS0PP) [4655] Yeah.
[4656] ... Well, I must say
Raymond (PS0PN) [4657] You know, you might have three or four lads that's going to work in the family all, like, watching films
Margaret (PS0PP) [4658] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4659] an , and then it's
Margaret (PS0PP) [4660] Well it's not that, it's the
Raymond (PS0PN) [4661] If there's only you [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [4662] the fact you get the films or ... recent films
Raymond (PS0PN) [4663] Not all of them they're not!
Ken (PS0RC) [4664] Not all of them
Margaret (PS0PP) [4665] No?
Raymond (PS0PN) [4666] Some
Ken (PS0RC) [4667] No.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4668] are old, they got one er erm
Ken (PS0RC) [4669] Oh, no some of them are really old ones!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4670] Yeah, nineteen fifty seven
Margaret (PS0PP) [4671] Ah!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4672] one I notice.
Margaret (PS0PP) [...]
Ken (PS0RC) [4673] Ooh yeah, oh!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4674] [...] aren't
Raymond (PS0PN) [4675] Ah
Margaret (PS0PP) [4676] you?
Raymond (PS0PN) [4677] I don't know why
Margaret (PS0PP) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4678] erm
Ken (PS0RC) [4679] You get er
Raymond (PS0PN) [4680] Whether they're hard to get or whether they haven't got them on the ... normal channels I don't know!
[4681] ... [yawn] But that's another thing ... sport ... you get a lot of sport on here [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [4682] Yeah.
Ken (PS0RC) [4683] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4684] And, [...] so you can't
Raymond (PS0PN) [4685] Especially winter sports, you see er
Margaret (PS0PP) [4686] think of that i i i if you ... have a particular interest ... what are the other things that
Raymond (PS0PN) [4687] Games.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4688] specialities that you can get?
Raymond (PS0PN) [4689] Quiz games from
Margaret (PS0PP) [4690] Quiz games.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4691] a around
Margaret (PS0PP) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4692] you can get can't you Ken?
Ken (PS0RC) [4693] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4694] From America and er
Ken (PS0RC) [4695] But, but yeah, you know er
Raymond (PS0PN) [4696] and Europe
Ken (PS0RC) [4697] Europe, England er
Margaret (PS0PP) [4698] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4699] Yes.
Ken (PS0RC) [4700] these things.
[4701] ... They're all er ... you can get
Raymond (PS0PN) [4702] You could get
Ken (PS0RC) [4703] er er you can get stereo sound on it as well you know!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4704] Mm.
Ken (PS0RC) [4705] You can get ... I mean, it's not connected up but you can have er ... you can have it connected it up to the ra , to the radio and get concerts through the stere
Margaret (PS0PP) [...]
Ken (PS0RC) [4706] in stereo.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4707] Mm ... [...] .
Ken (PS0RC) [4708] You know, you can get the er
Margaret (PS0PP) [4709] [...] gonna go for the [...] ... commercial presentation, ha!
[4710] [...] ... Could do without my [...] it's grown to nothing since I moved! ... [...]
Ken (PS0RC) [4711] Well you get, you get you get programme [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4712] God, it's like a horror!
Ken (PS0RC) [4713] It's, it's the ... [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [4714] Adverts.
Ken (PS0RC) [4715] adverts.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4716] Mm.
[4717] ... Mm!
[4718] ... Mm ... She's got one as well.
[4719] ... And his secretary.
[4720] ... Are they American Ken or ... so , she sounds American. [tv on]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4721] A lot of them.
Ken (PS0RC) [4722] Ooh they've got er ... this ... a cockerel ... with ... well one's, one's a cockerel ... doing commercials [...] ... you know?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4723] Mm.
Ken (PS0RC) [4724] Oh she's [...] .
Margaret (PS0PP) [4725] Yeah.
Ken (PS0RC) [4726] Wouldn't it save?
Raymond (PS0PN) [4727] It looks good that doesn't it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4728] Oh!
[4729] Oh that's
Ken (PS0RC) [4730] That's [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [4731] Yeah.
[4732] ... Make them worse!
[4733] ... That's true that!
[4734] ... Oh!
[4735] ... Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4736] Oh God!
Ken (PS0RC) [4737] Oh that's only a false nail!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4738] Just a false nail Ray!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4739] I know that, but it's underneath.
Ken (PS0RC) [4740] [...] .
Raymond (PS0PN) [4741] yes, I believe [...] .
Margaret (PS0PP) [4742] [...] , yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4743] What if they're bitten to ruddy hell?
[4744] ... Mm, got the [...] ?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4745] Mm.
[4746] ... Listen ... well if they're long nails already they're
Raymond (PS0PN) [4747] Right.
[4748] ... Oh that's clever for getting the polish off!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4749] Yeah, just a bit.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4750] Trouble is, the bloody finger falls off as well!
[4751] ... Gosh, is this all it's for this television?
[4752] ... We've had twenty minutes on the same thing!
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4753] Oh God!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4754] Yeah, that's the thing ... channel select. ... [...] .
Ken (PS0RC) [4755] [...] were on the blink!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4756] Yeah, well I knew you said the erm ... the
Ken (PS0RC) [4757] So
Margaret (PS0PP) [4758] video was going a bit haywire!
Ken (PS0RC) [4759] So I'll get that er ... I'll get it done ... get one, get both of them done ... and then er
Raymond (PS0PN) [4760] So you can't get this now then?
[4761] ... Movie Channel?
Ken (PS0RC) [4762] I can't ... no I can't get the Movie Channel.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4763] Well what can you get then ... withou ... without the card?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4764] Got to find the stations.
Ken (PS0RC) [4765] Well no, I can get er ... I can get ... what er ... well I, well you can go through them on that ... just ... press there ... [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4766] Style of these guys!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4767] It's incredible channels and look!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4768] Look at him!
[4769] ... Gee!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4770] Mm.
Ken (PS0RC) [4771] That's ... here are you can go, you can go through that now ... just keep ... pressing ... that ... one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine
Raymond (PS0PN) [4772] Ah.
Ken (PS0RC) [4773] and then press that one and it'll go up to
Raymond (PS0PN) [4774] Well where do you go?
Ken (PS0RC) [4775] It's fif , as I say, there's fif , that's one now, you've got it on one.
[4776] ... It's dif , I mean, some of them there's nothing on!
[4777] ... Ah that's ... because you've pressed that ... no, you're pressing too quick!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4778] He's helpless!
Ken (PS0RC) [4779] Just, leave it!
[4780] Let it go!
[4781] ... And just press three ... oh not one again!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4782] He doesn't look at the numbers!
Ken (PS0RC) [4783] You've gotta look at yo , you're doing!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4784] Oh it's Ger , German is it?
[4785] ... Here are!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4786] Now ... let it go!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4787] Oh it's different to the other one isn't it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4788] Erm
Ken (PS0RC) [4789] There's nothing on that one ... on four.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4790] Why delay on the ... cos it's gotta search round this
Ken (PS0RC) [4791] I suppose it's gotta
Raymond (PS0PN) [4792] Oh I see now, yeah!
[4793] ... Indoor fun board.
[4794] ... Gee whizz!
[4795] ... Oh this is the what's a name they do on the surf board, acrobatics!
Ken (PS0RC) [4796] They were doing this , they were doing this lo , yesterday ... this su , windsurfing, they were doing windsurfing indoors.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4797] Go on!
Ken (PS0RC) [4798] They'd got these big fans
Margaret (PS0PP) [...] ...
Ken (PS0RC) [4799] they got and the way they were rac
Margaret (PS0PP) [...]
Ken (PS0RC) [4800] racing, and they got these big fans ... and they [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4801] Good God!
Ken (PS0RC) [4802] yeah it was!
[4803] ... It was all [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4804] Cos they're tremendous with the ... swimming pool
Ken (PS0RC) [4805] indoor
Raymond (PS0PN) [4806] or whatever it is.
Ken (PS0RC) [4807] it was!
[4808] ... And they were, the speeds they were getting up to!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4809] Look at this!
[4810] ... Gee whizz!
Ken (PS0RC) [4811] Look at that!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4812] How the devil do they contro !
Margaret (PS0PP) [4813] This is what Carl ... he used to erm
Ken (PS0RC) [4814] Well Bob, Bob does windsurfing!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4815] like go in the [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4816] he doesn't do that though!
Ken (PS0RC) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4817] Choo!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4818] Wey!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4819] These are the girls these are!
Ken (PS0RC) [4820] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4821] Choo!
[4822] ... They must be strong in the legs!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4823] And the arms.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4824] Wah!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4825] Wey!
[4826] ... Looks fantastic
Ken (PS0RC) [4827] Gone off!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4828] doesn't it?
Raymond (PS0PN) [4829] She's gone over!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4830] Mm.
Ken (PS0RC) [4831] She's gone!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4832] Oh look at that, in front of the wave!
[4833] ... Very hard [...] .
Ken (PS0RC) [4834] Wow!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4835] Choo!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4836] They sort of hold the sail on the wind, a bit like
Ken (PS0RC) [4837] Mm.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4838] a parachute jump, [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4839] Yeah, that's right, yeah.
[4840] ... I think the fellers are just that wee bit more ... acrobatic aren't they?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4841] Well they're stronger as well I think!
[4842] Weee!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4843] Oh!
Ken (PS0RC) [whistling]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4844] yes!
Ken (PS0RC) [4845] Ohh!
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Ken (PS0RC) [4846] Oh!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4847] Gee whizz!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4848] Oh, oh oh!
[4849] And he's [...] as well!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4850] That's marvellous that, isn't it yes?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4851] It's amazing!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4852] Shoo!
[4853] How long does it take to get like that I wonder?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4854] It's probably Australia that.
[4855] ... Could be [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4856] Could be or could be Hawaii perhaps?
Ken (PS0RC) [4857] Hawaii yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4858] that's what the best place
Margaret (PS0PP) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4859] they reckon don't they, Waikiki
Margaret (PS0PP) [4860] Ah!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4861] Come up again, look at that!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4862] Yeah, he's coming up!
[4863] He came again.
[4864] ... He wanted a wave
Ken (PS0RC) [4865] One hand!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4866] Did he say he wanted another
Ken (PS0RC) [4867] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4868] wave then?
[4869] So [...]
Ken (PS0RC) [4870] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4871] Good grief!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4872] Let the wave carry him up and then ... sort of hurl himself off the top of it.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4873] I know when Carl was, was doing it in a modest way and he, he'd seen this on, and he said it's impossible that ... the way they do it!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4874] Mm!
Ken (PS0RC) [4875] Can't be impossible?
Raymond (PS0PN) [4876] Well, you know, he was ... I suppose he was saying it
Ken (PS0RC) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4877] in an admiring way?
Ken (PS0RC) [4878] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4879] He said there's no way you can get that sort of lift without
Ken (PS0RC) [4880] [...] what I mean
Raymond (PS0PN) [4881] whatever they do.
Ken (PS0RC) [4882] you've gotta get the wind and you gotta get the
Margaret (PS0PP) [4883] Mm.
Ken (PS0RC) [4884] sur , the surf [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [4885] You've gotta have the conditions you see?
Ken (PS0RC) [4886] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4887] Gotta be in the right places you see.
Ken (PS0RC) [4888] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4889] Which I don't suppose you get here.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4890] And the right board and sails.
[4891] ... Oh!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4892] German.
[4893] ... Alright if you're a Gerry!
[4894] ... But we're not.
Ken (PS0RC) [4895] But some of them there
Raymond (PS0PN) [4896] Oh there's nothing on that one Ken, right?
Ken (PS0RC) [4897] What have you done?
[4898] What have you pressed?
Raymond (PS0PN) [4899] Well I've pressed number seven.
[4900] ... Oh it's the
Ken (PS0RC) [4901] Press
Raymond (PS0PN) [4902] same one now!
Ken (PS0RC) [4903] Oh well pre , that's six.
[4904] ... Press seven.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4905] I don't know what's happened there, I mus
Ken (PS0RC) [4906] That's Channel Nine ... now press
Margaret (PS0PP) [4907] Give it to Ken!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4908] Which is the opera one?
Ken (PS0RC) [4909] Haven't got that.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4910] You have to have a card for that.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4911] Do you?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4912] I wonder if you could learn the language just watching the foreign station?
Raymond (PS0PN) [4913] No!
Ken (PS0RC) [4914] You may if you've got a be , if you've got a bit of knowledge of it.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4915] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4916] Oh yes!
[4917] It would help.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4918] What was that?
Ken (PS0RC) [4919] What?
Raymond (PS0PN) [4920] I munched!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4921] This is the same in any language!
Ken (PS0RC) [4922] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4923] Well Ken, has it been worth it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4924] [hiccup] ... oh excuse me! ... [hiccup] ... and excuse me again!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4925] What are you gonna do, get the cards are you, or what?
Ken (PS0RC) [4926] Well I dunno yet.
[4927] ... See whats
Margaret (PS0PP) [4928] See how you get on with this.
[4929] At least you got a decent television, [...] ... [laughing] have a decent video []
Ken (PS0RC) [4930] See, see a [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [4931] you can have!
Ken (PS0RC) [4932] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4933] I should try that Ken, I should take erm ... [...] is off.
Ken (PS0RC) [4934] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4935] In fact, there's an adjustment on those isn't there that enables you to slide them forward isn't there?
Ken (PS0RC) [4936] I dunno.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4937] Mm, I think so.
[4938] ... Anything like the ones on our wardrobe.
Ken (PS0RC) [4939] I don't know.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4940] Looks like Michael Caine!
[4941] ... It is Michael Caine!
Ken (PS0RC) [4942] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4943] There's not a lot of it about!
[4944] ... Oh and er, Sigourney Weaver.
Ken (PS0RC) [4945] I wonder, you know, how they ... how they try and synch them, how the voices go in?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4946] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4947] German, oh was it?
Ken (PS0RC) [4948] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4949] They're dubbed ... yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4950] Yeah, but it seems to sound like the person though doesn't it?
Ken (PS0RC) [4951] Oh what, who
Margaret (PS0PP) [4952] No.
Ken (PS0RC) [4953] what, who was it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4954] Not from what I see!
[4955] ... The voices are totally di , in fact the ... Clive James showed a few clips of ... dubbed films ... I mean er John Wayne, I mean he's supposed to be so [...] and he sounded so funny in Japanese!
Raymond (PS0PN) [4956] Oh yes.
Ken (PS0RC) [4957] But who was it?
[4958] Was it Gregory Peck ... or one of them walked into this studio in America, oh James Stewart was it?
[4959] ... And er ... this bloke said er ... how are you, how are you, how are you?
[4960] Are you keeping well?
[4961] ... Cos he wanted him to keep making films because he was dub , he do , always dubbed his voice!
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Ken (PS0RC) [4962] And he sa , he said er, he was very interesting!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4963] He'd have been out of a job if he'd
Ken (PS0RC) [4964] He was very, yeah, he was only interested in er ... in his what's a name?
[4965] You know, how he was getting on.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4966] In his health.
Ken (PS0RC) [4967] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Ken (PS0RC) [4968] And I said I couldn't make it out at first.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4969] B B C one.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4970] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4971] Wimpy and Tarzan
Ken (PS0RC) [4972] Oh!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4973] [...] ... erm ... well he played Tarzan, it wasn't called Tarzan it was
Ken (PS0RC) [4974] Oh er
Margaret (PS0PP) [4975] called
Ken (PS0RC) [4976] Broad
Raymond (PS0PN) [4977] Grey ... Greystoke.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4978] Greystoke.
[4979] ... It was Greystokes, that bought out that.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4980] Greystokes, wasn't it la er
Ken (PS0RC) [4981] Er ... yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4982] Lord of Greystokes Manor or something like that?
[4983] ... This is the Chichido Yin
Ken (PS0RC) [4984] Oh, is that what it is?
Margaret (PS0PP) [4985] Mm.
[4986] ... I think so.
Ken (PS0RC) [4987] It was a good book this!
Margaret (PS0PP) [4988] Yes I know.
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Ken (PS0RC) [4989] They don't ... they don't give the film a very good name.
Margaret (PS0PP) [4990] Oh!
Ken (PS0RC) [4991] Because er ... there's no [...] , it was a sa , based on a true
Raymond (PS0PN) [4992] Well it's about the erm
Margaret (PS0PP) [4993] his character
Ken (PS0RC) [4994] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4995] a bandit.
Ken (PS0RC) [4996] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [4997] who was on the side of the ... people.
Ken (PS0RC) [4998] A Robin Hood.
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Ken (PS0RC) [4999] And I [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [5000] There was a good Italian film made of this about twenty five years ago.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5001] Did he from the rich and give to the poor?
Raymond (PS0PN) [5002] Mm.
[5003] ... And gave some to himself.
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Ken (PS0RC) [5004] They all turned against him in the end didn't they?
Raymond (PS0PN) [5005] Mhm ... oh yeah.
Ken (PS0RC) [5006] Although one of them tried to get him to America.
Raymond (PS0PN) [5007] Mm.
[5008] ... Oh I know him, he's the
Margaret (PS0PP) [...]
Ken (PS0RC) [5009] Oh Josh Ackland's in this isn't he?
Margaret (PS0PP) [5010] Is he?
Ken (PS0RC) [5011] Mm ... he's the Godfather.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5012] You've seen the erm ... preview.
Ken (PS0RC) [5013] trailer.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5014] Have you got your heating on full Ken?
Ken (PS0RC) [5015] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5016] Christ it is chilly isn't it?
[5017] [laughing] Must be me [] !
[5018] ... Seemed quite hot when we came in.
Ken (PS0RC) [5019] We went, we went to Jeannette's last night and it was roasting in there!
Margaret (PS0PP) [5020] She must of turns her, hers up full cos it did go cold didn't it ... I mean, outside?
Ken (PS0RC) [5021] Ooh it was, it was
Margaret (PS0PP) [5022] Because we had sleet ... didn't we ... last night?
[5023] ... He reminds me of
Raymond (PS0PN) [5024] Jose Perera.
Ken (PS0RC) [5025] Oh yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5026] No, well yes, I suppose.
[5027] ... No, I was thinking of erm
Raymond (PS0PN) [5028] Size of this bloke!
[5029] Good grief!
Margaret (PS0PP) [5030] forgotten his name.
Ken (PS0RC) [5031] Did you see what's his name tonight?
[5032] ... Didn't have my tea till ... while he was on ... er ... what's his name?
[5033] ... Bob calls him the murderer!
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Ken (PS0RC) [5034] With a beard
Raymond (PS0PN) [5035] Not erm
Ken (PS0RC) [5036] what's his name?
Raymond (PS0PN) [5037] Cla erm
Margaret (PS0PP) [5038] What in, Ken?
Ken (PS0RC) [5039] He does this show tha from Crinkly Bottom doesn't he?
[5040] He has the chi , the kids all asking him questions ... about their parents.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5041] No, I don't know him. ... [...]
Ken (PS0RC) [5042] Yo you have seen him actually, it's
Raymond (PS0PN) [5043] Oh er Noel
Ken (PS0RC) [5044] Noel Edmonds.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5045] Oh him, ah yeah!
Ken (PS0RC) [5046] He, well he go , he goes into people's houses doesn't he, with this, you know, this hidden camera ... well you should of seen the size of this bloke!
[5047] ... He was six one ... honestly ... he was [...] to his mates, a right con and all this ... [...] ... it was hanging over me [...] ... and he's a lorry driver.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5048] He hadn't got any Yorkie bars by the sound of it!
Ken (PS0RC) [5049] Yeah. [tv on]
Raymond (PS0PN) [5050] That looks like Terence Stamp ... photograph [...] !
Ken (PS0RC) [5051] Terence
Margaret (PS0PP) [5052] No he's watching through a telescope isn't he?
Ken (PS0RC) [5053] Terence what's his name?
[5054] Stamp.
Raymond (PS0PN) [5055] Stamp.
Ken (PS0RC) [5056] Stamp. ... [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [5057] You should tape this, I had to tape this, you said when [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [5058] Oh no I read about that I've
Ken (PS0RC) [5059] I've forgotten a lot of it.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5060] Mm.
Ken (PS0RC) [5061] They will have shotguns and ser
Margaret (PS0PP) [5062] Yeah, it does look like Jose Perera.
Raymond (PS0PN) [5063] What breed is he?
[5064] And he's not English is he?
Ken (PS0RC) [5065] Who?
Raymond (PS0PN) [5066] This actor.
Ken (PS0RC) [5067] I've got no idea!
Raymond (PS0PN) [5068] Oh!
Ken (PS0RC) [5069] Italian.
Raymond (PS0PN) [5070] Juliano!
Ken (PS0RC) [5071] [...] or American.
Raymond (PS0PN) [5072] That was him.
Ken (PS0RC) [5073] He's American.
Raymond (PS0PN) [5074] Erm [...] .
Ken (PS0RC) [5075] That's pretty near to Italian!
Raymond (PS0PN) [cough]
Margaret (PS0PP) [5076] The only thing [...] interview is being on first.
Ken (PS0RC) [5077] [...] the first, he must rate the [...] his second wife did it!
Margaret (PS0PP) [5078] Yes
Ken (PS0RC) [5079] You know but she can't
Margaret (PS0PP) [5080] Yes.
Ken (PS0RC) [5081] kill herself because er, they can't have children and that.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5082] That's right.
Ken (PS0RC) [5083] But er
Margaret (PS0PP) [5084] I don't know what the situation is today, I haven't seen
Ken (PS0RC) [5085] Oh!
Margaret (PS0PP) [5086] her for a ... few years.
[5087] ... Erm
Ken (PS0RC) [5088] Is your [...] a sorry state?
Margaret (PS0PP) [5089] Mhm.
[5090] ... Well Lucy, you're well relaxed there!
Ken (PS0RC) [5091] Yeah, she's had a busy day!
Margaret (PS0PP) [5092] I'm trying to keep our dogs out of the lounge cos they've been on the settee that many times
Raymond (PS0PN) [5093] Mm.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5094] and I've ... we've taken the ... the old settee down to Carrie's ... and moved the two seater and the armchair down ... this end ... and they flew in tonight straight up on the sofa, I said to [...] ... it's gonna be tough for a week or so but they've gotta get used to staying on the floor, I'm not having them on the furniture all the time cos they just absolutely ruin it!
Raymond (PS0PN) [5095] Especially when it's like this, now they go outside and it's
Margaret (PS0PP) [5096] And they come in, I mean he skids in the hall at night I mean it's my fault I threw the rubber ring towards the kitchen ... down the hall ... he sort of skidded before he got there and there was a, and he must of had mud er, you know like ... like he had
Ken (PS0RC) [5097] oh that's
Margaret (PS0PP) [5098] dirt in between his toes
Ken (PS0RC) [5099] there's there's and we just, what he must of had ... and he skidded and there was a blooming long track of mud down the carpet you know!
[5100] ... So
Ken (PS0RC) [5101] Well you just, you just don't think ... you know, I mean, about ... every time you sprinkle [...] dog wipe
Raymond (PS0PN) [5102] Well this is the trouble
Ken (PS0RC) [5103] wiping
Raymond (PS0PN) [5104] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5105] Yeah.
Ken (PS0RC) [5106] Or you forget that it's wet, or whatever!
Raymond (PS0PN) [5107] Yeah.
[5108] ... Like
Margaret (PS0PP) [5109] Yeah.
Raymond (PS0PN) [5110] I say, this time of the year, it's rotten!
Margaret (PS0PP) [5111] That's the thing that even when it's dries out it still clings to the
Ken (PS0RC) [5112] Well it does, yeah!
Margaret (PS0PP) [5113] skin ... and
Ken (PS0RC) [5114] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5115] it just comes off as dust ... on
Ken (PS0RC) [5116] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5117] on the furniture you know!
Raymond (PS0PN) [5118] Mm.
[5119] ... I mean they should be in the ruddy kitchen I suppose, but then you get to the stage where it's
Margaret (PS0PP) [5120] Well they should be outside
Ken (PS0RC) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [5121] in a kennel!
Ken (PS0RC) [5122] That's what I always say!
Raymond (PS0PN) [5123] Is there any good having a ruddy dog, you know, I mean, why do you have one
Margaret (PS0PP) [5124] Well we
Raymond (PS0PN) [5125] to start with?
Margaret (PS0PP) [5126] we like pets
Raymond (PS0PN) [5127] You know, I mean it's
Ken (PS0RC) [5128] Well they're
Margaret (PS0PP) [5129] they're fairly close
Ken (PS0RC) [5130] Yes.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5131] to hand but erm
Ken (PS0RC) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [5132] you know, I don't wanna go to bed with them!
Ken (PS0RC) [5133] Well
Margaret (PS0PP) [5134] You know, there is a limit!
Ken (PS0RC) [5135] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5136] That, you've gotta say well
Ken (PS0RC) [5137] Yeah well it's a
Margaret (PS0PP) [5138] you can do this but you can't do that ... and and really ... they're, they're like children in a way, they will sort of try it on as much as they can get away with it!
Ken (PS0RC) [5139] Well of course!
Margaret (PS0PP) [5140] So
Raymond (PS0PN) [5141] Ooh there!
Margaret (PS0PP) [5142] Oh what they're doing?
[5143] ... That's why I said to you don't feed them titbits at the table because it's so easy to
Ken (PS0RC) [5144] It
Margaret (PS0PP) [5145] get them
Ken (PS0RC) [5146] well it is, is!
Margaret (PS0PP) [5147] and they sit there and he's gorping at you while you're eating you know!
Ken (PS0RC) [5148] And they jus , just just just, yeah I think it's er, it's habit that.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5149] Well Luc ... Lucy, Lucy,Luc !
[5150] You're not supposed to be on here!
[5151] We're just talking about that aren't we?
[5152] ... [laugh] ... She's a funny dog!
[5153] ... Aren't you ... ay?
[5154] ... You're a funny old sausage!
[5155] ... Yes you are!
[5156] ... [laugh] ... She's getting on a bit now!
[5157] How old's Lucy now, Ken?
[5158] ... [shouting] Ken [] !
[5159] ... He's gone out in the garden now.
Raymond (PS0PN) [5160] Can't hear.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5161] [...] either that or banging his head on the wall!
[5162] ... Mm ... well this is certainly a nice television!
[5163] ... As telly's go!
Raymond (PS0PN) [5164] Mm mm.
[5165] ... [sniff] ... Seem to be a lot of German ... stations on it, aren't there?
Margaret (PS0PP) [5166] Well ... ha, perhaps because of the size of the country then there maybe more stations ... than ... in France, or maybe it's just the way the satellite ... is pointing to pick up ... you know, you just happen to pick up more German stations, I don't know!
[5167] ... Well there seem to be quite a few German ... er, German!
[5168] [laugh] ... Quite a few American ... erm ... documentaries, almost aren't they?
[5169] Those [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [sniff]
Margaret (PS0PP) [5170] [...] .
Raymond (PS0PN) [5171] Mm.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5172] Peace programmes and that, I don't know whether they're just being broadcast ... I mean you wo ... you know, Ken, you know those American programmes that were on?
Ken (PS0RC) [5173] Just a minute!
Margaret (PS0PP) [5174] I'm just wondering whether they were
Ken (PS0RC) [5175] Ya.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5176] were they being transmit , they weren't being picked up from the U S A were they?
Ken (PS0RC) [5177] I don't know to
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Ken (PS0RC) [5178] be honest.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5179] Unless they're being, unless they transmit them from one satellite to another.
Ken (PS0RC) [5180] [...] , but whether they are or whether they're
Margaret (PS0PP) [5181] And then down to us.
Ken (PS0RC) [5182] re pre-recorded or what, I don't know.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5183] Oh yes.
[5184] ... I just wondered
Ken (PS0RC) [5185] But the
Margaret (PS0PP) [5186] whether the Germans would be, I mean if it's coming from a German ... T V station but do they ... broadcast American ... you know, English speaking programmes there in Germany
Raymond (PS0PN) [5187] Must do.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5188] for us to pick them up here I mean.
Raymond (PS0PN) [sniff]
Ken (PS0RC) [5189] Well, I I've er ... I don't know how they do it really.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5190] Because they were all in English, well ... American [...] .
Ken (PS0RC) [5191] Yeah.
[5192] ... I do , I don't know to be honest.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5193] No.
Ken (PS0RC) [5194] You just er, you just take it for granted don't you?
Margaret (PS0PP) [5195] You got a book then?
Raymond (PS0PN) [5196] Well I mean a film
Margaret (PS0PP) [5197] just read up on it and let us know!
Raymond (PS0PN) [5198] it showed you Michael Caine, well that was all dubbed wasn't it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [...]
Ken (PS0RC) [5199] Oh well no, those are films aren't they?
Margaret (PS0PP) [5200] Ha, why are you wagging this?
Raymond (PS0PN) [5201] You mean the documentaries?
Margaret (PS0PP) [5202] You scallywag!
Raymond (PS0PN) [5203] Er, oh!
Ken (PS0RC) [5204] The documentaries and that, I mean er
Raymond (PS0PN) [5205] Er oh!
Ken (PS0RC) [5206] I suppose they ... th , well they must what's his name?
[5207] Be, if they dubbed them they must be ... pre-recorded.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5208] Mm
Raymond (PS0PN) [5209] Mm.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5210] but they, I mean, oh ... they weren't dubbed were they?
[5211] I mean, so they couldn't have been for er er Germany.
Ken (PS0RC) [5212] No , I mean the, no they can't be
Margaret (PS0PP) [...]
Ken (PS0RC) [5213] for the German audience, they must be for the British.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5214] Yes ... you know.
Ken (PS0RC) [5215] Al , although some of them ... they do them in German
Margaret (PS0PP) [5216] and
Ken (PS0RC) [5217] er ... well there's one there that's a continual ... er ... it is American, well it's an American style programme but I mean they advertise ... all kinds of things from all
Margaret (PS0PP) [5218] Mind you, bearing in mind they've still got
Ken (PS0RC) [5219] but they give the prices at the end.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5220] Yeah.
Ken (PS0RC) [5221] They give the prices in all the different countries see?
Margaret (PS0PP) [5222] Yeah.
Ken (PS0RC) [5223] I mean the different
Margaret (PS0PP) [5224] Different currencies.
Ken (PS0RC) [5225] currencies.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5226] Er ... I was gonna say
Ken (PS0RC) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [5227] they've still got ... American bases there haven't they?
[5228] I know they've been pulling a lot out
Ken (PS0RC) [5229] Ooh yeah, ooh yeah!
Margaret (PS0PP) [5230] but there are still American bases [...] .
Ken (PS0RC) [5231] Well they've still got American bases there.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5232] So maybe er ... maybe they do transmit there.
[5233] ... For
Ken (PS0RC) [5234] Well they could do.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5235] the English speaking
Ken (PS0RC) [5236] Yeah!
Margaret (PS0PP) [5237] You know?
Ken (PS0RC) [5238] Well I mean it would [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [5239] Troops, forces that are there.
Ken (PS0RC) [5240] With modern technology it wouldn't be any problem would it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [5241] We have the the technology!
Raymond (PS0PN) [5242] The technology!
Ken (PS0RC) [5243] They're bound to be [...] !
Margaret (PS0PP) [5244] Build you up ... and we can knock you down! [laugh]
Raymond (PS0PN) [5245] Kick your arse!
Margaret (PS0PP) [5246] [laugh] ... What did Ken [...] say ... they think all they gotta do is kick arses!
Margaret (PS0PP) [5247] Who the

24 (Tape 030003)

Margaret (PS0PP) [5248] That one was Tenerife was it?
[5249] ... Cos it said like ... like holiday maker so they get up there for a rest!
[5250] ... And he sent a photograph of you know, people in the boat and ... eating these things, you know?
[5251] ... I said I must watch that on Monday night, I like the wildlife programmes.
Raymond (PS0PN) [5252] Yeah, some of them are good!
[5253] ... Trouble is, it's always the disappearing ones isn't it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [5254] Yes, usually it's ... you're sort of bombarded from all sides by
Raymond (PS0PN) [5255] The doomed!
Margaret (PS0PP) [5256] the seemingless endless problems that yo ... unable to ... to do very much about!
Raymond (PS0PN) [5257] That was a cracker that Dimbleby did!
[5258] ... Done it with Susie [...] .
[5259] ... The part where they went to the erm ... the ... what do they call it now?
[5260] The flooded forest
Margaret (PS0PP) [5261] Oh the erm
Raymond (PS0PN) [5262] flooded for six months of the year wasn't it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [5263] The rain for , er no, it wasn't the rain forest, but yes.
[5264] ... The flooded rain forest or something was it?
[5265] ... I think it was.
Raymond (PS0PN) [5266] Well I don't think it was a rain forest!
[5267] Was this the river that overflowed in this particular [...] ... created this ... this lu
Margaret (PS0PP) [5268] For six months of the year it was under water!
Raymond (PS0PN) [5269] Yeah!
Margaret (PS0PP) [5270] The trees and a a all of those [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [5271] All these creatures came out of the mud and
Margaret (PS0PP) [5272] Yes, yeah, I, well I taped it didn't I?
[5273] Got it on tape then .
Raymond (PS0PN) [5274] Did you?
Margaret (PS0PP) [5275] Mm.
[5276] ... Flooded rain forest, I'm sure that's what it was called.
[5277] ... And then, the other six months of the year when the water ... recedes ... a different sort of species comes and inhabits this area and then
Raymond (PS0PN) [5278] Mm.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5279] again, the cycle
Raymond (PS0PN) [5280] Amazing!
Margaret (PS0PP) [5281] it goes on again.
[5282] ... Yeah.
[5283] ... But didn't they have ... didn't they say the ... fresh water's [...] ?
Raymond (PS0PN) [5284] Yeah.
Ken (PS0RC) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [5285] Allsorts!
Margaret (PS0PP) [5286] It isn't gonna be very deep!
Raymond (PS0PN) [5287] No.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5288] But obviously deep enough for er
Raymond (PS0PN) [5289] Yeah when if ... the rains came and ... it started to er ... pour away, my God it was ... tumultuous!
[5290] ... Going down to the valleys.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5291] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [5292] Mm.
[5293] ... I think it must have been the
Margaret (PS0PP) [5294] What's that programme that was on the other day about the erm ... ohhh!
[5295] ... Where was it?
[5296] No Ga , was it Ghana?
Raymond (PS0PN) [5297] About the trees?
Margaret (PS0PP) [5298] About the, yes, this
Raymond (PS0PN) [5299] Yes.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5300] exposee about the
Raymond (PS0PN) [5301] Ghana.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5302] er ... well that was corruption from the government!
[5303] Well I suppose most corruption starts at the top doesn't it?
[5304] ... It has to for it to be ... festering at the bottom!
[5305] ... But erm
Raymond (PS0PN) [5306] Good grief man!
Margaret (PS0PP) [5307] Good Lord Ken!
[5308] ... You've gone to town tonight seeing all this!
Raymond (PS0PN) [5309] Ooh hell!
Ken (PS0RC) [5310] No not really
Margaret (PS0PP) [5311] Er
Ken (PS0RC) [5312] just a bit of cheese ... and a bit of ... pate.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5313] You know it seems it awful really that two of those places were ... [...] aren't they? ... [...] all these, all the forest
Raymond (PS0PN) [5314] Oh God!
Margaret (PS0PP) [5315] fern and
Raymond (PS0PN) [5316] Thanks er
Margaret (PS0PP) [5317] I mean if somebody did grow a tree ... I mean, it must be harder in that kind of area but ... but wi ... with the right will for people ... to plant a tree and grow it ... it's just as easy
Raymond (PS0PN) [5318] Ahhh.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5319] as chopping it down!
[5320] ... Well, you know, I mean with
Raymond (PS0PN) [5321] Up.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5322] correct management they should be able to ... profit from the forests ... you know a as well replenish them.
Raymond (PS0PN) [5323] And so unfortunately, it's the short term that's all they think about!
Ken (PS0RC) [5324] Ah, [...] it's not.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5325] At the end of the day it's just greed and profit to gain
Ken (PS0RC) [5326] If you want a decent tree to grow
Margaret (PS0PP) [5327] and sod tomorrow!
Ken (PS0RC) [5328] If you want decent trees it takes a long time to grow them!
Margaret (PS0PP) [5329] Well the hardwoods, yeah.
Ken (PS0RC) [5330] Yeah,
Raymond (PS0PN) [5331] Mm.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5332] I mean they don't grow overnight do
Ken (PS0RC) [5333] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5334] But even so, I mean ... even that can be managed.
Raymond (PS0PN) [5335] Course it can.
[5336] ... At the moment they just
Margaret (PS0PP) [5337] What is this Ken?
Ken (PS0RC) [5338] That's ... German smoked.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5339] You don't have to light it! [laugh]
Ken (PS0RC) [5340] It's rather nice that!
Margaret (PS0PP) [5341] Is it?
[5342] ... We've tried this before when
Ken (PS0RC) [5343] Didn't you try it at ... ah ah, try it.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5344] I can't remember now.
[5345] ... No, I don't think so.
Raymond (PS0PN) [5346] I don't think we had any cheese did we?
[5347] ... Can't remember that.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5348] Ee ... ah ... trouble is you can't see where your cut is ... when you slice it like that it, oh here we go!
Raymond (PS0PN) [5349] Gosh they're going again with [...] ... Paul and Cathy.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5350] Paul and Cathy are going.
Ken (PS0RC) [5351] Are they?
Margaret (PS0PP) [5352] Yep.
Raymond (PS0PN) [5353] Driving again and
Ken (PS0RC) [5354] Oh it's
Margaret (PS0PP) [5355] When are they goi , when?
[5356] ... When have they booked for?
[5357] ... Er
Ken (PS0RC) [5358] [whispering] Ooh I think I'll have a bit of that [] . ... [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [5359] May was it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [5360] Well, I was going to say is it before Ann has the baby?
Raymond (PS0PN) [5361] It's when Car , yes, no ah
Margaret (PS0PP) [5362] Is it going to be, it's gonna be about
Raymond (PS0PN) [5363] Er ... I'm not sure.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5364] Well the baby's ... due after May so if they're going in May
Raymond (PS0PN) [5365] Oh well it'll be a , that's
Margaret (PS0PP) [5366] It's before
Raymond (PS0PN) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [5367] Oh is that pate?
Ken (PS0RC) [5368] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5369] Oh that's okay.
[5370] ... Many thanks.
Ken (PS0RC) [5371] You can take that with you ... that er, if you don't ... use it up.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5372] You don't like the pate?
Ken (PS0RC) [5373] It's no good to me!
Margaret (PS0PP) [5374] Well Ray likes it.
Ken (PS0RC) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [5375] Oh these are nice!
Raymond (PS0PN) [5376] I was born to a
Ken (PS0RC) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [5377] good life to
Ken (PS0RC) [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [5378] Born to a good life.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5379] [laugh] ... Well what are you doing
Ken (PS0RC) [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [5380] here then?
Ken (PS0RC) [5381] Oh yes!
Raymond (PS0PN) [5382] Well it hasn't happened yet but still!
Ken (PS0RC) [5383] Oh!
[5384] ... So was I, I was convinced!
Raymond (PS0PN) [laugh]
Margaret (PS0PP) [5385] Oh he's even drooled over me look!
Raymond (PS0PN) [5386] I wish!
Ken (PS0RC) [5387] And I was always convinced that I would
Raymond (PS0PN) [5388] Better things.
Ken (PS0RC) [5389] I was, I was left on ... on the doorstep [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [5390] The wrong handbag Ken, you was didn't you?
Ken (PS0RC) [5391] For the rich.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5392] I read that story Ken. [laugh]
Ken (PS0RC) [5393] yes.
Raymond (PS0PN) [5394] What happened?
Ken (PS0RC) [5395] They kept saying that
Raymond (PS0PN) [5396] We what?
Ken (PS0RC) [5397] they never came back for me.
Raymond (PS0PN) [5398] Saying well here here's an ugly little bugger let's do a swop!
Margaret (PS0PP) [laugh]
Ken (PS0RC) [5399] And they left me instead!
Raymond (PS0PN) [laugh]
Ken (PS0RC) [5400] They took the ugly one [...] !
Raymond (PS0PN) [laugh]
Margaret (PS0PP) [5401] So, oh well!
Ken (PS0RC) [5402] What's that Cheshire one?
Raymond (PS0PN) [5403] I haven't tried that.
Ken (PS0RC) [5404] Perhaps er ... I got that
Raymond (PS0PN) [5405] Crumbly, is it?
Ken (PS0RC) [5406] I got it from, I don't know, I got it from Holston's and I haven't had any from there before.
[5407] ... I went into that Roberses the delicatessen part
Margaret (PS0PP) [5408] Mm.
Ken (PS0RC) [5409] and er ... they were queuing up there so I couldn't be bothered ... standing in the queue, so I didn't.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5410] Didn't get it from there?
Ken (PS0RC) [5411] I didn't stay there for that.
Raymond (PS0PN) [5412] Mm, that's distinctive isn't it ... the smoked one!
Ken (PS0RC) [5413] Mm.
Raymond (PS0PN) [5414] Very nice!
Ken (PS0RC) [5415] I haven't had ... this ... particular one before but we used to get ... a little used to be able to get it in little ... about
Raymond (PS0PN) [5416] Yeah.
Ken (PS0RC) [5417] tha , that big ... and er ... no, I expect the [...]
Raymond (PS0PN) [5418] It's on ... [cough] ... don't, they reckon they can make Cheshire anywhere now can't they?
[5419] ... No, it's not what it used to be.
Ken (PS0RC) [5420] There must be somebody who can get it?
Margaret (PS0PP) [5421] Get what?
Raymond (PS0PN) [5422] Cheshire cheese is not ... necessarily ... indigenous to Cheshire now.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5423] Oh ... what,wha
Raymond (PS0PN) [5424] They make it in lots of places.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5425] you mean it's been made in Devon
Ken (PS0RC) [5426] No [...]
Margaret (PS0PP) [5427] and called Cheshire cheese?
Raymond (PS0PN) [5428] Well I don't know about Devon, I'm not sure.
Margaret (PS0PP) [5429] No, I I do , I think it's erm
Raymond (PS0PN) [5430] Only made in Cheshire?
Margaret (PS0PP) [5431] I would have thought so.
[5432] ... You mean they're using the recipe somewhere else?
Raymond (PS0PN) [5433] Yes.