4 conversations recorded by `Richard3' (PS1K9) between 2 and 9 April 1992 with 2 interlocutors, totalling 1987 s-units, 13827 words, and 2 hours 7 minutes 21 seconds of recordings.

4 speakers recorded by respondent number 603

PS1K9 Ag4 m (Richard, age 49, lecturer)
PS1KA Ag3 f (Jan, age 38, teacher, North-west Midlands, ) wife
KDRPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KDRPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

4 recordings

  1. Tape 071001 recorded on 1992-04-02. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( at home ) Activity: checking college work lists of disabled athletes for an athletic meeting
  2. Tape 071101 recorded on 1992-04-08. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( at home ) Activity: talking
  3. Tape 071201 recorded on 1992-04-09. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( at home ) Activity: packing to go on holiday
  4. Tape 071202 recorded on 1992-04-09. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( at home ) Activity: packing to go on holiday

1 (Tape 071001)

Richard (PS1K9) [1] As far as I can make out we're up to, we're up to the darts competition
Jan (PS1KA) [2] Right.
Richard (PS1K9) [3] er, we need to go through every single entry on, alongside darts, call them out to me for example, Elaine W one, Mid Northumberland, M N
Jan (PS1KA) [4] Right, let me have a look at this first before, you pour a cup of tea and I'll have a look at this form ...
Richard (PS1K9) [5] That's probably not the best one cos that's er, that's not the normal form.
Jan (PS1KA) [6] [cough] Never mind, aids with that?
Richard (PS1K9) [7] Erm, no
Jan (PS1KA) [8] Are they competing if they've got aids?
Richard (PS1K9) [9] that's, yes, hmm, that's carpet bowls with guttering it's not
Jan (PS1KA) [laugh]
Richard (PS1K9) [10] it's not with aids as you said
Jan (PS1KA) [11] Carpet bowls with guttering oh good [clears throat] so you want for example Elaine W one
Richard (PS1K9) [12] and then there's
Jan (PS1KA) [13] this Northumberland?
Richard (PS1K9) [14] Yes er, Mid Northumberland
Jan (PS1KA) [15] Right
Richard (PS1K9) [16] or M N.
Jan (PS1KA) [17] and where's the darts?
[18] That's the darts
Richard (PS1K9) [19] That's the darts column
Jan (PS1KA) [20] thing down there
Richard (PS1K9) [21] on the other ones the darts column is a bit more com is a bit simpler
Jan (PS1KA) [22] Oh right, I'll need room for this, that's handy ...
Richard (PS1K9) [23] but er, but, damn time consuming that's the only trouble
Jan (PS1KA) [24] What?
Richard (PS1K9) [25] erm ... I think this is the way it's done anyway, tt, er, they should have done all the rest of them.
Jan (PS1KA) [26] Oh got the wrong one ...
Richard (PS1K9) [27] You're not the only one.
Jan (PS1KA) [28] which one is it?
Richard (PS1K9) [29] Which one's that then?
Jan (PS1KA) [...]
Richard (PS1K9) [30] Oh dear ... right, I haven't put [...] here's the darts, darts ambulance ... you have, have to give me the name, the classification and ... club
Jan (PS1KA) [31] Mm, mm ...
Richard (PS1K9) [32] er we should stop this thing while we was pouring that out
Jan (PS1KA) [33] Too late ...
Richard (PS1K9) [34] rattle that through
Jan (PS1KA) [35] mm, thank you ... right
Richard (PS1K9) [36] right, er, I've got my pad here, is that
Jan (PS1KA) [...]
Richard (PS1K9) [37] there's that sheet and there's all this lot ... for each classification
Jan (PS1KA) [38] [clears throat] Wonderful
Richard (PS1K9) [39] oh ...
Jan (PS1KA) [40] so you're onto darts?
Richard (PS1K9) [41] Right, we're on darts
Jan (PS1KA) [42] Where you got to?
Richard (PS1K9) [43] haven't started darts ... oh that's funny, that's ambulance
Jan (PS1KA) [44] S W five
Richard (PS1K9) [45] er
Jan (PS1KA) [46] you want the number as well?
Richard (PS1K9) [47] Yes, I'm just looking for
Jan (PS1KA) [48] What for?
Richard (PS1K9) [49] the other darts ... looks as though it's missing ... oh no ... [...]
Jan (PS1KA) [50] You d the other darts are not in the bits she's given you?
Richard (PS1K9) [51] No, it's er ... oh this is ridiculous ...
Jan (PS1KA) [52] So you see your Christmas present came in handy ...
Richard (PS1K9) [53] that's, look, let's do another one first, what's the next one on the list?
Jan (PS1KA) [54] Er quoits wonderful
Richard (PS1K9) [55] Quoits right
Jan (PS1KA) [56] I want to do quoits, I don't [cough] ...
Richard (PS1K9) [57] right ... okay, quoits
Jan (PS1KA) [58] quoits, they all want to do quoits
Richard (PS1K9) [59] Hundreds of them, yes
Jan (PS1KA) [60] Hundreds of them, wonderful, somebody else can do this one Elizabeth
Richard (PS1K9) [61] Well give me the class
Jan (PS1KA) [62] W five ...
Richard (PS1K9) [63] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [64] number?
Richard (PS1K9) [65] event, no I don't need the number
Jan (PS1KA) [66] What's their name?
Richard (PS1K9) [67] Mid Northumberland
Jan (PS1KA) [68] Yeah, Mid Northumberland
Richard (PS1K9) [69] right
Jan (PS1KA) [70] these are all Mid Northumberland
Richard (PS1K9) [71] right
Jan (PS1KA) [72] er ... anything else you want?
Richard (PS1K9) [73] No, all I want is the name
Jan (PS1KA) [74] Of the class?
Richard (PS1K9) [75] the class, yes
Jan (PS1KA) [76] Okay Elaine W one Mid Northumberland ...
Richard (PS1K9) [77] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [78] Peter
Richard (PS1K9) [79] ah, ah ah, ah, er Mid Northumberland, that should be, she's got down [...]
Jan (PS1KA) [80] Well it says W one here
Richard (PS1K9) [81] Right, that's okay
Jan (PS1KA) [82] Peter looks like five, three or S three
Richard (PS1K9) [83] S three, probably if you give me the class first it's probably easier Pete, Peter
Jan (PS1KA) [84] S three , it just says [spelling] []
Richard (PS1K9) [85] [spelling] [] right
Jan (PS1KA) [86] mm, mm
Richard (PS1K9) [87] okay
Jan (PS1KA) [88] Wayne W three ... W three?
Richard (PS1K9) [89] Yes ... yes, right
Jan (PS1KA) [90] What's W stand for?
Richard (PS1K9) [91] Wheelchairs
Jan (PS1KA) [92] Oh right
Richard (PS1K9) [93] Class class three, stand S stand
Jan (PS1KA) [94] and S is standing
Richard (PS1K9) [95] S is standing
Jan (PS1KA) [96] right, John W one
Richard (PS1K9) [97] Eh?
Jan (PS1KA) [98] John W one
Richard (PS1K9) [99] That's [...] right, okay
Jan (PS1KA) [100] in Northumberland, another W one Paul ,
Richard (PS1K9) [101] Well how have I got, those down, as, these are Mid Northumberland?
Jan (PS1KA) [102] Yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [103] Right, okay ...
Jan (PS1KA) [104] Irene W two ...
Richard (PS1K9) [105] th this is er mid Northumberland isn't it?
Jan (PS1KA) [106] Yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [107] I've got them down as T, L, F that one, okay
Jan (PS1KA) [108] W three Yvonne
Richard (PS1K9) [109] right, yes ...
Jan (PS1KA) [110] W four Millie , [spelling] M I L L I E []
Richard (PS1K9) [111] Millie, or Lillie?
Jan (PS1KA) [112] Millie ...
Richard (PS1K9) [113] Right ...
Jan (PS1KA) [114] W four, Sheila
Richard (PS1K9) [115] right, yes
Jan (PS1KA) [116] Sheila W five
Richard (PS1K9) [117] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [118] Steven W five
Richard (PS1K9) [119] yes ...
Jan (PS1KA) [120] oh Veron
Richard (PS1K9) [121] there [...] yes got him
Jan (PS1KA) [122] W five, used to be at our school
Richard (PS1K9) [123] does he?
Jan (PS1KA) [124] Yes ... he's doing quoits again Robin
Richard (PS1K9) [125] Yes
Jan (PS1KA) [126] W five ... Steven
Richard (PS1K9) [127] who's he?
[128] What's he?
Jan (PS1KA) [129] Well it says ...
Richard (PS1K9) [130] V H? ...
Jan (PS1KA) [131] it hasn't got anything by him
Richard (PS1K9) [132] It must have something
Jan (PS1KA) [133] it's got O, two, one, his number and then S one A
Richard (PS1K9) [134] That's it S one A, S one A ... er ... what's, what's his name again?
Jan (PS1KA) [135] Robin
Richard (PS1K9) [136] Oh we've got Robin he's er W five
Jan (PS1KA) [137] Oh sorry Steven ...
Richard (PS1K9) [138] Steven
Jan (PS1KA) [139] Mm, mm ...
Richard (PS1K9) [140] yes, got him
Jan (PS1KA) [141] er Kevin S two ...
Richard (PS1K9) [142] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [143] Lou S three
Richard (PS1K9) [144] yes ...
Jan (PS1KA) [145] David S two
Richard (PS1K9) [146] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [147] Neville S one A, what's the difference between the one As?
Richard (PS1K9) [148] Er ... [clears throat] standing one ambulance, that's what it stands for, er it means
Jan (PS1KA) [149] Oh what standing not ambulance, I thought he'd be in a wheelchair
Richard (PS1K9) [150] it means that er they're in a wheelchair most of the time, but they're, for the, for the activity they're, they're standing
Jan (PS1KA) [151] Oh I see, right that's the lot on this page then
Richard (PS1K9) [152] Right, okay, so, let's work our way rest of the roll more or less
Jan (PS1KA) [153] Right, quoits, what does, that's erm Q is it?
Richard (PS1K9) [154] Pardon?
Jan (PS1KA) [155] Q for quoits on this
Richard (PS1K9) [156] Yes Q for quoits
Jan (PS1KA) [157] Q for quoits right, oh, I think one of the disabled secretaries wrote this
Richard (PS1K9) [158] Yes I think that's, that's the Hexham one is it?
Jan (PS1KA) [159] That's the Hexham Spinal Sports Club
Richard (PS1K9) [160] Yes
Jan (PS1KA) [161] erm, for the quoits there's only two competitors
Richard (PS1K9) [162] Right, what are they?
[163] Are they wheelchairs?
Jan (PS1KA) [164] er John W five
Richard (PS1K9) [165] Who?
Jan (PS1KA) [166] John oh no could be
Richard (PS1K9) [167] John
Jan (PS1KA) [168] yes
Richard (PS1K9) [169] er ... wheelchair W five?
Jan (PS1KA) [170] mm ...
Richard (PS1K9) [171] Oh, he's not there, John ... right, okay, yes
Jan (PS1KA) [172] and the other one is Andrew or Andrew W four ...
Richard (PS1K9) [173] right okay, that's got them, yes got him, okay, right
Jan (PS1KA) [174] right ...
Richard (PS1K9) [175] sometimes there might be two different names on this, on those, on those photocopies ... so it might not be the same one at the top and bottom
Jan (PS1KA) [176] Right, this is West Cumbria Disabled Sports Club
Richard (PS1K9) [177] Cumb right
Jan (PS1KA) [178] right,Cumb ... Tom, oh this sports, Tom S one ...
Richard (PS1K9) [179] Tom ?
Jan (PS1KA) [180] oh Tom , yes ...
Richard (PS1K9) [181] Right
Jan (PS1KA) [182] more disabled writing, Mary S one
Richard (PS1K9) [183] or ?
Jan (PS1KA) [184] Says W ...
Richard (PS1K9) [185] Right
Jan (PS1KA) [186] George S two
Richard (PS1K9) [187] yes yes got him
Jan (PS1KA) [188] John S four
Richard (PS1K9) [189] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [190] John S five
Richard (PS1K9) [191] er ... [sneeze] John , yes
Jan (PS1KA) [192] S five ... [clears throat] now ... Marilyn or Mary Lyn W
Richard (PS1K9) [193] Ma
Jan (PS1KA) [194] one
Richard (PS1K9) [195] Marilyn , yes
Jan (PS1KA) [196] Bernadette
Richard (PS1K9) [197] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [198] W one ... May W one
Richard (PS1K9) [199] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [200] T W three
Richard (PS1K9) [201] yes ...
Jan (PS1KA) [202] D'ya wanna get your tea? ...
Richard (PS1K9) [203] Er haven't got time for tea
Jan (PS1KA) [204] You have got time for tea ...
Richard (PS1K9) [205] the way all good lecturers spend an evening, working
Jan (PS1KA) [206] oh plod, plod, British Polio Fellowship
Richard (PS1K9) [207] Right B P F, yes
Jan (PS1KA) [208] erm, get right list, Dorothy W one
Richard (PS1K9) [209] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [210] Joan W five ...
Richard (PS1K9) [211] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [212] Joan W five
Richard (PS1K9) [213] yes yes
Jan (PS1KA) [214] Emily W four ...
Richard (PS1K9) [215] er ... yes
Jan (PS1KA) [216] Ivy
Richard (PS1K9) [217] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [218] W four I remember her, Margaret W one
Richard (PS1K9) [219] that's er, that's innit?
Jan (PS1KA) [220] Yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [221] Margaret
Jan (PS1KA) [222] yeah ...
Richard (PS1K9) [223] yes, got her, yes ...
Jan (PS1KA) [224] right, still the British Polio Fellowship, Maureen S five ...
Richard (PS1K9) [225] yes ...
Jan (PS1KA) [226] Fran S one
Richard (PS1K9) [227] well named, yes
Jan (PS1KA) [228] Liz S, S three
Richard (PS1K9) [229] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [230] Mildred S five
Richard (PS1K9) [231] is that [spelling] [] ?
Jan (PS1KA) [spelling] []
Richard (PS1K9) [spelling] []
Jan (PS1KA) [232] Mm
Richard (PS1K9) [spelling] []
Jan (PS1KA) [spelling] []
Richard (PS1K9) [233] that's right
Jan (PS1KA) [234] Cathy W one
Richard (PS1K9) [235] er ... yes
Jan (PS1KA) [236] Connie S four ...
Richard (PS1K9) [237] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [238] Jean W five
Richard (PS1K9) [239] yes ...
Jan (PS1KA) [240] Peter
Richard (PS1K9) [241] [spelling] [] is that?
Jan (PS1KA) [spelling] []
Richard (PS1K9) [242] Yes
Jan (PS1KA) [243] S three
Richard (PS1K9) [244] three
Jan (PS1KA) [245] Laura W two ...
Richard (PS1K9) [246] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [247] and Jimmy S four ...
Richard (PS1K9) [248] yes is that with, without an E isn't it?
Jan (PS1KA) [249] yeah ...
Richard (PS1K9) [250] Quoits is about the biggest one
Jan (PS1KA) [251] Yes I know, you can get somebody else to do that, be there for months ... and they don't turn up at once, that was erm, I didn't realize they had to turn up at once , so I was letting them throw whenever they wanted
Richard (PS1K9) [252] What do you mean, they throw whenever they want
Jan (PS1KA) [253] Yeah, but it makes it very difficult, if you got a play off, it gets, if you get people on the same ... same score
Richard (PS1K9) [254] Well you have to, you have to call for them then
Jan (PS1KA) [255] Yeah I know but they don't turn up and you get all tangled up ... all over the place
Richard (PS1K9) [256] Oh I'd let them come, I'd let them come whenever you can get them cos we've got so many of them it's ...
Jan (PS1KA) [257] Well they're given a time to turn up in a group aren't they?
Richard (PS1K9) [258] They are given a time, but they never do, if you er, there's no way you're gonna get them together as a group for that time
Jan (PS1KA) [259] Mm
Richard (PS1K9) [260] so you might as well fill in the gaps whenever you can ... er they're for a day out that's the trouble they're not, they're not there for a, they're not
Jan (PS1KA) [261] You mean they don't take this test seriously as I do, Ashington Floaters
Richard (PS1K9) [262] Yes
Jan (PS1KA) [263] Ashington Floaters, quoits, Cyril S one A ...
Richard (PS1K9) [264] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [265] Doreen S one ...
Richard (PS1K9) [266] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [267] Don W three ...
Richard (PS1K9) [268] [spelling] [] ?
Jan (PS1KA) [269] No [spelling] []
Richard (PS1K9) [270] [spelling] [] ?
Jan (PS1KA) [271] Yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [272] Oh damn it ...
Jan (PS1KA) [273] What's wrong?
Richard (PS1K9) [274] I'll swear [...] in a minute
Jan (PS1KA) [275] Yeah, Linda S three ...
Richard (PS1K9) [276] er ... Linda ?
[277] Yeah, aye yes, got her, yes
Jan (PS1KA) [278] and then Paula [spelling] []
Richard (PS1K9) [279] Where's she?
Jan (PS1KA) [280] S one A ...
Richard (PS1K9) [281] Yes, hang on, what, what, Paula [spelling] [] ?
Jan (PS1KA) [282] Yes
Richard (PS1K9) [283] What classifications?
Jan (PS1KA) [284] S one A
Richard (PS1K9) [285] What, which, who is she?
Jan (PS1KA) [286] Ashington Floaters
Richard (PS1K9) [287] Oh ... right, okay ...
Jan (PS1KA) [288] right, erm, we go down to Bedlington Disabled
Richard (PS1K9) [289] right ...
Jan (PS1KA) [290] erm Dorothy S two ...
Richard (PS1K9) [291] er ... I don't
Jan (PS1KA) [292] there's [spelling] [] ...
Richard (PS1K9) [293] er, okay
Jan (PS1KA) [294] Lillie S three
Richard (PS1K9) [295] right, yes, got her
Jan (PS1KA) [296] Cathy S one A ...
Richard (PS1K9) [297] yes, these are all Bedlington aren't they?
Jan (PS1KA) [298] Yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [299] Yes
Jan (PS1KA) [300] Ina W one ...
Richard (PS1K9) [301] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [302] Pauline ... S three ...
Richard (PS1K9) [303] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [304] Ann [spelling] [] S one A ... the only one to enter the quoits this lot
Richard (PS1K9) [305] Ann
Jan (PS1KA) [306] Ann
Richard (PS1K9) [307] yes, got it
Jan (PS1KA) [308] Bridgett , Bridgett with a double T, S two ... [clears throat] ...
Richard (PS1K9) [309] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [310] and Marjorie [spelling] [] W two ...
Richard (PS1K9) [311] er, Bedlington right, yes
Jan (PS1KA) [312] No that's Ashington Floaters
Richard (PS1K9) [313] right
Jan (PS1KA) [314] Jean S one A ...
Richard (PS1K9) [315] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [316] Tom or
Richard (PS1K9) [317] S one A yes
Jan (PS1KA) [318] S one A,Norma Norman S one A
Richard (PS1K9) [319] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [320] Nan S one A
Richard (PS1K9) [321] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [322] erm Ken W one ...
Richard (PS1K9) [323] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [324] right that's that lot done.
Richard (PS1K9) [325] Is that all the
Jan (PS1KA) [326] Well that's been all the Ashington Floaters and the Bedlington Disabled
Richard (PS1K9) [327] oh
Jan (PS1KA) [328] and there's some more here
Richard (PS1K9) [329] you haven't done those sheets yet?
Jan (PS1KA) [330] Mm, mm
Richard (PS1K9) [331] Oh so we've got all those sheets to do yet
Jan (PS1KA) [332] I know, hmm
Richard (PS1K9) [333] this is one, one classification?
Jan (PS1KA) [334] well how far have you got through?
Richard (PS1K9) [335] Got most of them done ... javelin's done, the shot's done, this er ... er we should do, we're nearly there actually
Jan (PS1KA) [336] How long, the students doing, checking this?
Richard (PS1K9) [337] Well, they haven't done it, they haven't finished it have they?
[338] That's why I'm having to do it ...
Jan (PS1KA) [339] Idle, final
Richard (PS1K9) [340] totally idle
Jan (PS1KA) [341] a waste, a waste of education, right this is Carlisle Sports for the Disabled
Richard (PS1K9) [342] Right
Jan (PS1KA) [343] James W five
Richard (PS1K9) [344] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [345] Steven of no forget Steven , Nicholas W two
Richard (PS1K9) [346] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [347] Robert W two
Richard (PS1K9) [348] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [349] Bill
Richard (PS1K9) [350] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [351] W three Robert S three
Richard (PS1K9) [352] er ... yes
Jan (PS1KA) [353] James S one ...
Richard (PS1K9) [354] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [355] [cough] Andrew S one
Richard (PS1K9) [356] yes ...
Jan (PS1KA) [357] Carlisle Sports [...] Club, John
Richard (PS1K9) [358] What is he?
Jan (PS1KA) [359] V H, what's V H?
Richard (PS1K9) [360] Visually handicapped
Jan (PS1KA) [361] Very handicapped
Richard (PS1K9) [362] yes, got it
Jan (PS1KA) [363] oh visually handicapped, okay, John V H
Richard (PS1K9) [364] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [365] Linda W four ...
Richard (PS1K9) [366] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [367] Debbie W one
Richard (PS1K9) [368] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [369] Margaret seem to remember her S three ...
Richard (PS1K9) [370] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [371] Sheila ... W two
Richard (PS1K9) [372] yes ...
Jan (PS1KA) [373] and Pam W one
Richard (PS1K9) [374] Pam who?
Jan (PS1KA) [375] , looks like Pam, oh no she's not on it, she's not doing quoits, I tell you a lie, but somebody here is for the British Polio Linda S five ...
Richard (PS1K9) [376] Yes ...
Jan (PS1KA) [377] must, gotta ring your mum back some time tonight ... when you've done the quoits, right Hurst Welfare then, quoits Ivy S three
Richard (PS1K9) [378] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [379] Margaret
Richard (PS1K9) [380] that is here
Jan (PS1KA) [381] W two ...
Richard (PS1K9) [382] who?
Jan (PS1KA)
Richard (PS1K9) [383] ,, [spelling] []
Jan (PS1KA) [384] no it's [spelling] [] ...
Richard (PS1K9) [385] right okay
Jan (PS1KA) [386] Martha
Richard (PS1K9) [387] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [388] W two, Val V H visually handicapped ... Helen
Richard (PS1K9) [389] hang on Val
Jan (PS1KA) [390] mm
Richard (PS1K9) [391] visually handicapped
Jan (PS1KA) [392] yeah ...
Richard (PS1K9) [393] oh, eh, you sure she's doing it?
Jan (PS1KA) [394] Yes ...
Richard (PS1K9) [395] Val she's, and she's visually handicapped?
Jan (PS1KA) [396] Says so here, sex, female, [...]
Richard (PS1K9) [397] She, see if there's a Val anywhere else ... that's the afternoon ones, right I'll add her on Val ...
Jan (PS1KA) [398] Yes, and then it's Helen
Richard (PS1K9) [399] H W D
Jan (PS1KA) [cough]
Richard (PS1K9) [400] what's she?
Jan (PS1KA) [401] V H ...
Richard (PS1K9) [402] And another one?
[403] There's two, two V H there
Jan (PS1KA) [404] No, erm Helen is S one A ...
Richard (PS1K9) [405] er Helen or
Jan (PS1KA) [406] ... S one A
Richard (PS1K9) [407] [spelling] [] right
Jan (PS1KA) [408] Jack W one [clears throat]
Richard (PS1K9) [409] yes ...
Jan (PS1KA) [410] we're back to Bedlington Disabled ... Keith W two ...
Richard (PS1K9) [411] [spelling] [] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [412] mm, mm, Keith S one A ...
Richard (PS1K9) [413] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [414] Joe W three ...
Richard (PS1K9) [415] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [416] Sidney
Richard (PS1K9) [417] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [spelling] []
Richard (PS1K9) [418] S one A
Jan (PS1KA) [419] S one A, there's a question mark on S one A
Richard (PS1K9) [420] oh leave it
Jan (PS1KA) [421] and Robert S one A
Richard (PS1K9) [422] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [423] Randall
Richard (PS1K9) [424] what's he?
Jan (PS1KA) [425] er S two ...
Richard (PS1K9) [426] Yes
Jan (PS1KA) [427] Terry W one and William W one
Richard (PS1K9) [428] hold on, Terry W [...] er there's a mistake there ... right, okay, yes
Jan (PS1KA) [429] and have you got William W one?
Richard (PS1K9) [430] Yes ... I've got Wililiam here
Jan (PS1KA) [431] What?
[432] Wililiam
Richard (PS1K9) [laugh]
Jan (PS1KA) [433] Hurst Welfare again, the Hurst Welfare
Richard (PS1K9) [434] Right, what are we on now?
Jan (PS1KA) [435] Alf ... S one
Richard (PS1K9) [436] Yes
Jan (PS1KA) [437] Alan S one A
Richard (PS1K9) [438] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [439] Malcolm S one
Richard (PS1K9) [440] Hurst Welfare
Jan (PS1KA) [441] Hurst Welfare
Richard (PS1K9) [442] yeah that's right
Jan (PS1KA) [443] that's it?
Richard (PS1K9) [444] that's all, oh no we've got another, oh
Jan (PS1KA) [445] Sorry I mean that's it, that's, that's the whole
Richard (PS1K9) [446] that's that sheet
Jan (PS1KA) [447] that's that sheet, yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [448] right
Jan (PS1KA) [449] it doesn't go on the back of these does it?
Richard (PS1K9) [450] No it's just er
Jan (PS1KA) [451] Are these the ones you send out?
Richard (PS1K9) [452] Yes, because er ... they didn't produce it in time so therefore it couldn't be printed
Jan (PS1KA) [453] So it had to be photocopied
Richard (PS1K9) [454] so it had to be photocopied ... [...]
Jan (PS1KA) [455] yeah, any, well er right, which club is this?
[456] ... Killingworth Flyers
Richard (PS1K9) [457] Those, those yellow ones, they're all Killingworth Flyers
Jan (PS1KA) [458] okay, Deborah S four ...
Richard (PS1K9) [459] who?
Jan (PS1KA) [460] Deborah S four, S four R
Richard (PS1K9) [461] Yes, yes ah yes got her, yes
Jan (PS1KA) [462] Graham S one A ... Susan
Richard (PS1K9) [463] oh, oh, oh, er, Graham [spelling] [] isn't it? ...
Jan (PS1KA) [464] well it looks like an E, but it must be a G
Richard (PS1K9) [465] Not necessarily
Jan (PS1KA)
Richard (PS1K9) [...]
Jan (PS1KA) [466] mm, well yeah I suppose it could be, yeah I suppose it could be [spelling] []
Richard (PS1K9) [spelling] []
Jan (PS1KA) [spelling] []
Richard (PS1K9) [467] [spelling] [] mm, maybe I've got it wrong there as well, alright, okay, carry on
Jan (PS1KA) [468] Susan S three..
Richard (PS1K9) [469] do, do, yes, got her
Jan (PS1KA) [470] John ...
Richard (PS1K9) [471] what is he?
Jan (PS1KA) [472] W three, no I, I think that, that, that must be cos they've got the same G here
Richard (PS1K9)
Jan (PS1KA) [473] I think it's
Richard (PS1K9) [474] so it's [spelling] [] ?
Jan (PS1KA) [475] mm
Richard (PS1K9) [476] Right, okay, I bet he's wrong all the way through
Jan (PS1KA) [477] well [...] oh that's a [...] isn't it and it's the same E ...
Richard (PS1K9) [478] Yes it is isn't it?
Jan (PS1KA) [479] Aye it's like
Richard (PS1K9) [480] It's a funny way of doing the G
Jan (PS1KA) [481] mm
Richard (PS1K9) [482] Alright, okay, is that the lot?
[483] Finished with that one?
Jan (PS1KA) [484] Finished with that one, more [...] ... Colin S one A ...
Richard (PS1K9) [485] How to get bored in one easy movement
Jan (PS1KA) [486] Mm
Richard (PS1K9) [487] er, yes
Jan (PS1KA) [488] Bill
Richard (PS1K9)
Jan (PS1KA) [489] S two
Richard (PS1K9) [490] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [491] Hazel S one A ...
Richard (PS1K9) [492] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [493] Ernie W one ...
Richard (PS1K9) [494] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [495] Michael
Richard (PS1K9) [496] Michael who's he?
Jan (PS1KA) [497] S four ...
Richard (PS1K9) [498] Yes
Jan (PS1KA) [499] Alan S four
Richard (PS1K9) [500] yes ...
Jan (PS1KA) [501] Frank
Richard (PS1K9)
Jan (PS1KA) [502] oh it's them again is it?
Richard (PS1K9) [503] That's right [...]
Jan (PS1KA) [504] Mm S one A ... Susan
Richard (PS1K9) [505] hang on ... trying to, yes, Susan visually handicapped is she?
Jan (PS1KA) [506] Yeah ... Evelyn S four ...
Richard (PS1K9) [507] Yes
Jan (PS1KA) [508] Paul visually handicapped
Richard (PS1K9) [509] [spelling] [] oh it's [spelling] [] isn't it?
Jan (PS1KA) [spelling] []
Richard (PS1K9) [510] [spelling] [] right
Jan (PS1KA) [511] Russell S one ...
Richard (PS1K9) [512] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [513] Aileen S one A ...
Richard (PS1K9) [514] yes ...
Jan (PS1KA) [515] this is the John Wright Centre
Richard (PS1K9) [516] right
Jan (PS1KA) [517] erm ... C W five ...
Richard (PS1K9) [518] eh?
[519] C
Jan (PS1KA) [520] C W five
Richard (PS1K9) [521] Oh right yes got it, yes
Jan (PS1KA) [522] C W five
Richard (PS1K9) [523] yes ...
Jan (PS1KA) [524] M [spelling] [] W one
Richard (PS1K9) [525] is it or ?
Jan (PS1KA) [526] it says
Richard (PS1K9) [spelling] []
Jan (PS1KA) [527] yeah ...
Richard (PS1K9) [528] okay, right
Jan (PS1KA) [529] Y W one
Richard (PS1K9) [530] Y
Jan (PS1KA) [531] and L
Richard (PS1K9) [532] ah, I'm looking for her, Yvonne yeah
Jan (PS1KA) [533] yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [534] that's right, okay
Jan (PS1KA) [535] and L
Richard (PS1K9) [536] L , yes
Jan (PS1KA) [537] W one, M ...
Richard (PS1K9) [538] where's that?
Jan (PS1KA) [539] S one
Richard (PS1K9) [540] Is that or ?
Jan (PS1KA) [541] Oh it could be , M
Richard (PS1K9) [542] Er, hang on, S what?
Jan (PS1KA) [543] Oh no he's not doing that, sorry
Richard (PS1K9) [544] Hmm
Jan (PS1KA) [545] L
Richard (PS1K9) [546] what's that?
Jan (PS1KA) [547] W two, oh maybe this is the last one
Richard (PS1K9) [548] L ? ...
Jan (PS1KA) [549] yes
Richard (PS1K9) [550] W two?
Jan (PS1KA) [551] yes ... doing quoits
Richard (PS1K9) [552] Male or female?
Jan (PS1KA) [553] Female
Richard (PS1K9) [554] Oh, oh, L oh, right, yes, got her, yes ...
Jan (PS1KA) [555] in fact that M , it mi it might be cos the L's completely different looking at this ... have a look
Richard (PS1K9) [556] I've a feeling it's actually ...
Jan (PS1KA) [557] Oh they don't do any of the other Ls, the same ...
Richard (PS1K9) [558] Oh we'll leave it as , I think it's all the way through
Jan (PS1KA) [559] [cough] Right, this is T, L, F Sports Club?
Richard (PS1K9) [560] Yes, T, L, F yes
Jan (PS1KA) [561] Er ... Paul S one
Richard (PS1K9) [562] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [563] Derrick S four ...
Richard (PS1K9) [564] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [565] Jean visually handicapped
Richard (PS1K9) [566] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [567] Sandra S one A ...
Richard (PS1K9) [568] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [569] Geoff W one
Richard (PS1K9) [570] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [571] Mark that a erm S one
Richard (PS1K9) [572] [...] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [573] Chris S one A ...
Richard (PS1K9) [574] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [575] and Christine W five ...
Richard (PS1K9) [576] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [577] Jean W two and that's the entry for quoits
Richard (PS1K9) [578] right
Jan (PS1KA) [579] better go and ring your mother
Richard (PS1K9) [580] Let's have a look at that white sheet first ... erm, quoits are done, I'll do the pools after those ... shot, javelin, discus, low on darts, they've ticked these so I hope to God they're right ... well that Justin'll do anything to be perfectly honest ... er ... I wish she, it makes it so difficult when you can't trust people.
Jan (PS1KA) [581] Mm ...
Richard (PS1K9) [582] Table tennis ... oh, well, have, the table tennis hasn't been then yet?
Jan (PS1KA) [583] T T is that?
Richard (PS1K9) [584] Yes ...
Jan (PS1KA) [585] Some of these have been crossed, have been done on the Hexham Spinal Sports Club T T
Richard (PS1K9) [586] Right, you'd better give them a shout, there aren't that many actually
Jan (PS1KA) [587] Aren't there? ...
Richard (PS1K9) [588] table tennis
Jan (PS1KA) [589] Has it a [...] that as ?
Richard (PS1K9) [590] Yeah, there aren't any on there, so I'll tick you one on there
Jan (PS1KA) [591] [yawning] Right, oh, right [] okay the Hexham Spinal Sports Club
Richard (PS1K9) [592] Right you've got the list
Jan (PS1KA) [593] L
Richard (PS1K9) [594] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [595] Terry
Richard (PS1K9) [596] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [597] Peter
Richard (PS1K9) [598] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [599] Douglas
Richard (PS1K9) [600] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [601] Andrew
Richard (PS1K9) [602] yes ...
Jan (PS1KA) [603] table tennis, T, L, F, Paul ...
Richard (PS1K9) [604] er ...
Jan (PS1KA) [605] Derek, Paul S one ...
Richard (PS1K9) [606] Paul he's got, he's er S one table tennis, you sure he's on table tennis?
Jan (PS1KA) [607] It says T T
Richard (PS1K9) [608] Right, er Paul, okay, I'll put him in, Paul hope there aren't any more
Jan (PS1KA) [609] Derek ...
Richard (PS1K9) [610] who's he?
Jan (PS1KA) [611] S four?
[612] Yeah ...
Richard (PS1K9) [613] Oh hang on, hang on, hang on ... oh, right table tennis, what was the last one's name?
Jan (PS1KA) [614] Paul
Richard (PS1K9) [615] Yes, got him, okay
Jan (PS1KA) [616] Derek
Richard (PS1K9) [617] erm, what's he?
Jan (PS1KA) [618] [yawning] S four []
Richard (PS1K9) [619] Yes got him
Jan (PS1KA) [620] Geoff W one
Richard (PS1K9) [621] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [622] Mark
Richard (PS1K9) [623] what's he?
Jan (PS1KA) [624] S one ... [cough]
Richard (PS1K9) [625] Yes T, L, F isn't it that?
Jan (PS1KA) [626] That's T, L, F yes
Richard (PS1K9) [627] Right
Jan (PS1KA) [628] erm, this John Wright Centre, M S one
Richard (PS1K9) [629] is it or ?
Jan (PS1KA) [630] oh but I think it's , well or
Richard (PS1K9) [631] I've got down here, so leave it as I think
Jan (PS1KA) [632] erm, I think it's actually, never know, erm, now where are we?
[633] Killingworth Flyers, table tennis, Susan
Richard (PS1K9) [634] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [635] visually handicapped playing table tennis?
Richard (PS1K9) [636] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [637] Paula ...
Richard (PS1K9) [638] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [639] W four, Paul visually handicapped
Richard (PS1K9) [640] no he's not, is he?
Jan (PS1KA) [641] Says here visually handicapped
Richard (PS1K9) [642] Paul is er
Jan (PS1KA) [643] visually handicapped ...
Richard (PS1K9) [644] oh yes in the [...] males so he's playing er, it's all classes
Jan (PS1KA) [645] This one Killingworth Flyers again, oh a lot of table tennis here Colin S one A
Richard (PS1K9) [646] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [647] Hazel S one A
Richard (PS1K9) [648] er that's all we need to fill in
Jan (PS1KA) [...]
Richard (PS1K9) [649] it's me, although I did that, make, make that mistake, right, yes, go on
Jan (PS1KA) [650] Can't be trusted Jimmy W five ...
Richard (PS1K9) [651] er ... yes
Jan (PS1KA) [652] [yawning] Ernie []
Richard (PS1K9) [653] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [654] W one Michael S four ...
Richard (PS1K9) [655] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [656] Alan S four
Richard (PS1K9) [657] yes ...
Jan (PS1KA) [658] four Killingworth Flyers, Deborah S four
Richard (PS1K9) [659] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [660] William S one A
Richard (PS1K9) [661] yes that's the ...
Jan (PS1KA) [662] Susan S three ...
Richard (PS1K9) [663] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [664] and John ... [...]
Richard (PS1K9) [665] John where the hell's he gone, erm, I'm looking for John , yes got him
Jan (PS1KA) [666] Hurst Welfare, Ivy S three ...
Richard (PS1K9) [667] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [668] Hurst Welfare again, Alf S one
Richard (PS1K9) [669] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [670] Alan S one A, Malcolm
Richard (PS1K9) [671] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [672] Ann disabled
Richard (PS1K9) [673] Malcolm
Jan (PS1KA) [674] Keith
Richard (PS1K9) [675] what's Malcolm ?
Jan (PS1KA) [676] S one
Richard (PS1K9) [677] Yes got him, yes
Jan (PS1KA) [678] and Keith Bedlington Disabled W two ...
Richard (PS1K9) [679] Keith is that what you'd, yes, got him, yes ...
Jan (PS1KA) [680] I thought you said there weren't man Carlisle Sports
Richard (PS1K9) [681] There weren't
Jan (PS1KA) [682] for the Disabled, James W five
Richard (PS1K9) [683] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [684] Robert W two
Richard (PS1K9) [685] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [686] Bill
Richard (PS1K9) [687] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [688] W three, Robert S three
Richard (PS1K9) [689] right, yes ...
Jan (PS1KA) [690] Carlisle Sports again, Belinda W four
Richard (PS1K9) [691] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [692] Sheila W two
Richard (PS1K9) [693] yes ...
Jan (PS1KA) [694] Ashington Floaters ... Don W three ...
Richard (PS1K9) [695] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [696] Ivy W er S one A
Richard (PS1K9) [697] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [698] and nothing for Bedlington Disabled
Richard (PS1K9) [699] nothing for Jean
Jan (PS1KA) [700] yes I got into the Ashington Floaters as well, Jean S one A
Richard (PS1K9) [701] right, yes
Jan (PS1KA) [702] I think I'm getting er ... a pain just in the elbow there
Richard (PS1K9) [703] Might be tennis elbow
Jan (PS1KA) [704] oh it just started this week, it's not swollen
Richard (PS1K9) [705] show me
Jan (PS1KA) [706] yeah I suppose it could be the swimming
Richard (PS1K9) [707] I get it every time I go swimming
Jan (PS1KA) [708] Oh, you're very brave about it dear, er Margaret W one, that British Polio Fellowship?
Richard (PS1K9) [709] Yes
Jan (PS1KA) [710] And again John W, V, H
Richard (PS1K9) [711] er, [...] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [712] [cough] Fran S one
Richard (PS1K9) [713] Fran ... er, yes
Jan (PS1KA) [714] Cathy W one
Richard (PS1K9) [715] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [716] Norma W two
Richard (PS1K9) [717] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [718] Jimmy ...
Richard (PS1K9) [719] he is?
Jan (PS1KA) [720] S four
Richard (PS1K9) [721] Yes
Jan (PS1KA) [722] [...] now er West Cumbria Disabled Sports Club, John S four
Richard (PS1K9) [723] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [724] and William
Richard (PS1K9) [725] yes, W
Jan (PS1KA) [726] [...] now that's that classification done
Richard (PS1K9) [727] Let's have a look at this ... [...] , er ... well they'd supposedly done weightlifting ... they've made, they've made a few er, they've seemed to have done some alterations on it so they must have done that one, er ... wheelchair slalom
Jan (PS1KA) [728] Wheelchair slalom you're joking.
Richard (PS1K9) [729] Pardon?
Jan (PS1KA) [730] You're joking
Richard (PS1K9) [731] Yeah
Jan (PS1KA) [732] wheelchair slalom
Richard (PS1K9) [733] wheelchair slalom last year d'ya remember?
Jan (PS1KA) [734] Oh I was stuck on the quoits, I never saw anything except
Richard (PS1K9) [735] Well they've got another name added on here, so maybe they have done that one, just as, find it interesting is the fact there's no er ... no errors anywhere
Jan (PS1KA) [736] Well maybe there aren't any mistakes
Richard (PS1K9) [737] if there aren't any mistakes, it must have been the one I did
Jan (PS1KA) [738] Oh, right
Richard (PS1K9) [739] er ... right, what's, hopefully that one's right, er, there's carpet bowls
Jan (PS1KA) [740] C B
Richard (PS1K9) [741] C B with guttering
Jan (PS1KA) [742] guttering
Richard (PS1K9) [743] to start off with

2 (Tape 071101)

Jan (PS1KA) [744] Where are you going?
Richard (PS1K9) [745] I'm going off on me walkabouts, gonna visit all me old mates
Jan (PS1KA) [746] Mm, mm
Richard (PS1K9) [747] and er have a good time apart from the fact I was camping at
Jan (PS1KA) [...]
Richard (PS1K9) [748] [...] so I'm going off on the Mo on the Tuesday ... still be knackered after the
Jan (PS1KA) [749] Just after the disabled games
Richard (PS1K9) [750] disabled games, that's a Tuesday, this, that's, the day after Bank Holiday, setting off, er nine o'clock in the morning
Jan (PS1KA) [751] This the Tuesday?
Richard (PS1K9) [752] Yeah
Jan (PS1KA) [753] Yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [754] so everything's gotta be sorted out before the Tuesday ... er ... I'm going to [...] in the morning erm
Jan (PS1KA) [755] Oh why, why use Alston?
Richard (PS1K9) [756] Because it happens to be en route
Jan (PS1KA) [757] Oh
Richard (PS1K9) [758] basically, besides it's somewhere to call in
Jan (PS1KA) [759] know anybody there?
Richard (PS1K9) [760] No I don't actually, but er
Jan (PS1KA) [761] Oh
Richard (PS1K9) [762] oh I went last year, so it could be interesting, it's quite an interesting centre
Jan (PS1KA) [763] [yawning] yeah []
Richard (PS1K9) [764] so private
Jan (PS1KA) [765] mm
Richard (PS1K9) [766] Hope it hasn't gone bust [laugh]
Jan (PS1KA) [767] oh
Richard (PS1K9) [768] cos I haven't got, got to contact him tomorrow, cos I couldn't find his telephone number
Jan (PS1KA) [769] mm
Richard (PS1K9) [770] er booked into, with Bob and er Steve at er Ullswater at two o'clock ... we'll leave [...]
Jan (PS1KA) [771] yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [772] we'll have a talk first and then he's going to have a walk, a walk round the centre, look at the facilities, and er, then go and do, do the ropes course and then we're going to head across to ... to set up camp and [...] which is in a field outside the centre
Jan (PS1KA) [773] Why are you camping?
Richard (PS1K9) [774] To save money for the students, cos we might
Jan (PS1KA) [775] Well they'll only complain you know
Richard (PS1K9) [776] Pardon?
Jan (PS1KA) [777] they'll only complain even if you try and save money for them
Richard (PS1K9) [778] Well ... I'm just tr
Jan (PS1KA) [779] I say you don't have to camp do you?
Richard (PS1K9) [780] Of course I'll have to camp as well ...
Jan (PS1KA) [781] Why, you don't have to save money, stay in the centre ...
Richard (PS1K9) [782] Tt, I probably could, but I don't think it, it would go down very well with the students
Jan (PS1KA) [783] Well they can't have it both ways ... if they can afford to save money they can, [laughing] but if they don't, then stay in the centre [] ... [...]
Richard (PS1K9) [784] I couldn't stay in the centre, there wasn't space in the centre
Jan (PS1KA) [785] Oh
Richard (PS1K9) [786] erm
Jan (PS1KA) [787] will they have the er big llamas and the snakes will they?
Richard (PS1K9) [788] Yes, so
Jan (PS1KA) [789] Hey it's a sheep
Richard (PS1K9) [790] so, having an early start the following morning, we're going to be at er Lane Head for half nine so go and see Martin, tt
Jan (PS1KA) [791] Er, where's his wife, is she still in Shropshire?
Richard (PS1K9) [792] She's running the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme for Wales, she's down in Brecon
Jan (PS1KA) [793] Surely he was closer
Richard (PS1K9) [794] the kids are at school in Brecon ...
Jan (PS1KA) [795] Now why isn't he choosing centres that are down there or is there
Richard (PS1K9) [...]
Jan (PS1KA) [796] less to their relationship than meets the eye? ...
Richard (PS1K9) [797] Well it's, I, I, almost, I asked
Jan (PS1KA) [798] You almost asked him if [laughing] he'd split up [] with his wife ...
Richard (PS1K9) [799] er I said, er, all I said to him was that, erm, he said, he said he was going back er up, up and down most weekends to er
Jan (PS1KA) [800] mm
Richard (PS1K9) [801] to Wales, so he could be with her mind, er and he said well I've got the job I want and she's got the job she wants, erm, we're both happy in our work ...
Jan (PS1KA) [802] But surely he was closer to her in erm [...] ?
Richard (PS1K9) [...]
Jan (PS1KA) [803] I suppose it took that long to get there did it?
Richard (PS1K9) [804] He had to get right across, right across Wales
Jan (PS1KA) [805] Yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [806] remember when we went, when we dropped er Aunty Helen off
Jan (PS1KA) [807] Oh it took hours didn't it?
Richard (PS1K9) [808] took about two and a half, two hours didn't it?
Jan (PS1KA) [809] Yeah yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [810] Just to get to [...] , and er ... so we've, we're there for an hour or so, then we are going er the Y M C A at Lakeside
Jan (PS1KA) [811] mm, mm
Richard (PS1K9) [812] cos it's er a good centre
Jan (PS1KA) [813] mm, mm
Richard (PS1K9) [814] then we're going, we're then popping down to Eskdale to
Jan (PS1KA) [815] who's in charge of Eskdale now that Roger [...] up for the M P?
Richard (PS1K9) [816] Bob
Jan (PS1KA) [817] Oh
Richard (PS1K9) [818] you know Bob
Jan (PS1KA) [819] I don't remember when
Richard (PS1K9) [820] you met at the Eskdale party two years ago ...
Jan (PS1KA) [821] You'll have to identify him more than that ... what did he look, apart from the fact, what did he look like?
Richard (PS1K9) [822] Er
Jan (PS1KA) [823] What was he, job he was doing, was he chief instructor?
Richard (PS1K9) [...]
Jan (PS1KA) [824] Oh
Richard (PS1K9) [825] a smallish guy, er, sandy, sandy hair cut short, very stocky, er he used to be up at, he used to be at Glenmore Lodge
Jan (PS1KA) [826] I don't remember ... are you sure we were er, are you sure we were there two years ago?
[827] I don't think we were, I think it was about three years ago
Richard (PS1K9) [828] It was just after Roger reti left
Jan (PS1KA) [829] yeah ...
Richard (PS1K9) [830] Roger er Roger
Jan (PS1KA) [831] oh wasn't he give, wasn't he officiating that night because didn't he give a speech?
Richard (PS1K9) [832] Yes
Jan (PS1KA) [833] His farewell speech
Richard (PS1K9) [834] no Roger didn't officiate
Jan (PS1KA) [835] But he gave a speech didn't he [...] from the stairs
Richard (PS1K9) [836] Roger didn't ... Bob did ...
Jan (PS1KA) [837] Oh ... yes it's all coming back, well some of it, oh a bit of it, yes ...
Richard (PS1K9) [838] So, we're going there, then to have a little bit of fun, we're going to have a talk and a guided tour and I'll do the guided tour
Jan (PS1KA) [839] mm, mm
Richard (PS1K9) [840] and that
Jan (PS1KA) [841] seeing as you know the way
Richard (PS1K9) [842] then we'll go to erm, go and have a session on the ropes course
Jan (PS1KA) [843] hmm, be sick of rope courses
Richard (PS1K9) [844] No he won't, only gonna do the two, they're doing the, the Ullswater one and the Eskdale one
Jan (PS1KA) [845] mm
Richard (PS1K9) [846] then we're gonna go climbing at [...]
Jan (PS1KA) [847] Where's [...] ?
Richard (PS1K9) [848] and erm ... just down the road the crag down the road ... sort of climb there for, for a, two or three hours, then we'll drive back and have fish and chips in Ambleside and er
Jan (PS1KA) [849] Stay with Bill and Liz
Richard (PS1K9) [850] No, I'm going to Keswick
Jan (PS1KA) [...]
Richard (PS1K9) [851] no we're camping
Jan (PS1KA) [852] I'm sorry, yes, I was listening
Richard (PS1K9) [853] and er, they're er, they're going to have cold breakfast
Jan (PS1KA) [854] [laughing] They'll have cold everything there []
Richard (PS1K9) [855] and then they're going to have
Jan (PS1KA) [856] [laugh] [laughing] cold washes early []
Richard (PS1K9) [857] and then they're going to have er
Jan (PS1KA) [cough]
Richard (PS1K9) [858] they're gonna cook the evening meal on the er, on the Tuesday night and er, they're going to, we're going, we're going to have fish and chips on the Wednesday night
Jan (PS1KA) [859] mm
Richard (PS1K9) [860] tt and Thursday they're going to the luxury end, they're going to [...] they're going to see Paul and John
Jan (PS1KA) [861] [laugh] Hope they clean up before they go there
Richard (PS1K9) [862] and er from there we er ... head for, we're going to see Dave at Gillhead and then we're coming home
Jan (PS1KA) [863] mm ... and do the students know all this?
[864] Do they know they're camping?
Richard (PS1K9) [865] Oh yes, yes, cos they're the ones, they're, they're the ones who wanted to, to camp
Jan (PS1KA) [866] Well if they're the ones who wanted to camp I think you should go in there, you should er go in the
Richard (PS1K9) [867] Well what's happening is they want ... they wanted to save money
Jan (PS1KA) [868] mm
Richard (PS1K9) [869] and also I can do a little bit of a fiddle
Jan (PS1KA) [870] yes
Richard (PS1K9) [871] because it can count as their as part of their
Jan (PS1KA) [...]
Richard (PS1K9) [872] their camping experience for Beta award
Jan (PS1KA) [873] oh well that's
Richard (PS1K9) [874] it saves me having to do three weekends, I can do two weekends next term instead of three
Jan (PS1KA) [875] is this the B Tech Beta is it?
Richard (PS1K9) [876] Yeah the B Tech Beta award, tt, then the weekend after that I was going, Peter's group's cancelled
Jan (PS1KA) [877] Which group's that?
Richard (PS1K9) [878] erm ... it was the information technology group
Jan (PS1KA) [879] Mm
Richard (PS1K9) [880] my usual yearly group
Jan (PS1KA) [881] and they've cancelled?
Richard (PS1K9) [882] Er, well ... had a ca had a contract
Jan (PS1KA) [883] Mm
Richard (PS1K9) [884] for twelve hours, which was about two hundred and thirty quid
Jan (PS1KA) [885] yes
Richard (PS1K9) [886] er, I've signed the contract, the contracts has been handed, gone through the system
Jan (PS1KA) [887] oh
Richard (PS1K9) [888] er, our new esteemed leader
Jan (PS1KA) [889] your new one the principal
Richard (PS1K9) [890] the new principal has said it will not, contract will not be honoured
Jan (PS1KA) [891] why?
[892] Can't
Richard (PS1K9) [893] cos
Jan (PS1KA) [894] afford it?
Richard (PS1K9) [895] educational cutbacks
Jan (PS1KA) [896] Oh
Richard (PS1K9) [897] so that means it's er ...
Jan (PS1KA) [898] it's, they're not going
Richard (PS1K9) [899] oh Peter said er just cancel it, he said oh, I said I know that Dick would, would go without, without payment
Jan (PS1KA) [900] no
Richard (PS1K9) [901] but I'm not prepared to let, let him go
Jan (PS1KA) [902] well I don't see why he should
Richard (PS1K9) [903] well they're not my students
Jan (PS1KA) [904] oh ... and you've got better things to do with your own time ...
Richard (PS1K9) [905] I could have done with the two hundred and thirty quid though
Jan (PS1KA) [906] Well I know, but er
Richard (PS1K9) [907] Well that'll pay the ferry
Jan (PS1KA) [908] I know, I know it would have done
Richard (PS1K9) [909] which is what I was relying on it
Jan (PS1KA) [910] mm
Richard (PS1K9) [911] and I don't know what's gonna happen with my contract with nursery nurses in June then
Jan (PS1KA) [912] Well er, is any other servicing being done?
[913] Is everybody getting their contract through?
Richard (PS1K9) [914] No
Jan (PS1KA) [915] Well I think you can wave bye-bye to that
Richard (PS1K9) [916] I'm a bit annoyed to say the least, Peter's
Jan (PS1KA) [917] Hopping
Richard (PS1K9) [918] hopping mad
Jan (PS1KA) [919] Well they should of said beforehand, before you got your hopes up
Richard (PS1K9) [920] Yeah especially as er, I'll have to go and speak to er must get hold of John
Jan (PS1KA) [921] John who?
[922] John
Richard (PS1K9) [923] perhaps [...] still tell him we've cancelled, we're cancelling
Jan (PS1KA) [924] Yes ... well they can always fill the hostel can't they?
Richard (PS1K9) [925] Yeah ...
Jan (PS1KA) [926] Never mind we can go to the Lakes instead
Richard (PS1K9) [927] so, er, I've still got the nursery nurses
Jan (PS1KA) [928] Well we'll check that er
Richard (PS1K9) [...]
Jan (PS1KA) [929] no we'll check that you can still go with them, before Philip, cos Phil and Liz would appreciate an early warning
Richard (PS1K9) [930] Yeah
Jan (PS1KA) [931] if they can't, we'd better enquire about that ... I wonder how little went on with his knee?
Richard (PS1K9) [932] Yeah
Jan (PS1KA) [933] He would have been alright
Richard (PS1K9) [934] I think we'd have heard something
Jan (PS1KA) [935] mm ...
Richard (PS1K9) [936] so er, I've got two Beta awards, weekends to do, I could do one Peter's weekend now
Jan (PS1KA) [937] Mm ...
Richard (PS1K9) [938] that erm, that would mean I've just got one to do after half term, that er
Jan (PS1KA) [939] Well why are you doing that with them?
[940] If they, erm don't need it anyway.
Richard (PS1K9) [941] What d'ya mean?
Jan (PS1KA) [942] Do they need the Beta award?
Richard (PS1K9) [943] It's, it's a, it's an award, er ... it's the module if they haven't got any awards really, I will, I'll arrange for them to do er first aid
Jan (PS1KA) [944] Mm
Richard (PS1K9) [945] do their St John's first aid next term ...
Jan (PS1KA) [946] they don't appreciate it do they?
Richard (PS1K9) [947] No ...
Jan (PS1KA) [948] So do they see this as an imposition or
Richard (PS1K9) [949] no
Jan (PS1KA) [950] do they have to get
Richard (PS1K9) [951] I mean they're the ones who are badgering me for, for qualifications, they're badgering me for, I, I, I just told them straight that I will do it for them because I, I won't get paid for it
Jan (PS1KA) [952] mm ...
Richard (PS1K9) [953] on one condition
Jan (PS1KA) [954] What?
Richard (PS1K9) [955] the condition is there must be at least of 'em who are prepared to go, to bring me the money for the registration
Jan (PS1KA) [956] mm
Richard (PS1K9) [957] for the first day of next term, and once I've got that money and they're registered ...
Jan (PS1KA) [958] you'll have a go
Richard (PS1K9) [959] I'll have a go, but I'm not going to do it for two or three
Jan (PS1KA) [960] No, don't see why you should.
[961] [sigh] How much does it cost?
Richard (PS1K9) [962] Ten pounds
Jan (PS1KA) [963] Erm
Richard (PS1K9) [964] that says, tt, six pound, er, tt, three pound ten insurance and six pound ninety registration ... so that should sort that out
Jan (PS1KA) [965] Blimey you'll know soon enough won't ya? ...
Richard (PS1K9) [966] that's one thing for certain those weekends for averaging
Jan (PS1KA) [967] Oh how's it, how is this averaging working out?
Richard (PS1K9) [968] Not getting me for any extra hours that's a certain fact
Jan (PS1KA) [969] Well you put enough in
Richard (PS1K9) [970] er because they actually, I mean, the week, the week in Scotland we should have got overtime for that, but we haven't
Jan (PS1KA) [971] But that's averaged in is it?
Richard (PS1K9) [972] That's supposedly averaged in, yes, the fact is that Jenny and I both put in something like, well, it was five, forty, forty five hours plus technically that is classified as forty five hours class contact a week
Jan (PS1KA) [973] mm
Richard (PS1K9) [974] it's five nine hour days, five, three session days ... and er
Jan (PS1KA) [975] well why didn't you get paid overtime? ...
Richard (PS1K9) [976] [sigh] Because our esteemed leader won't pay it.
Jan (PS1KA) [977] So will you get time off in lieu?
Richard (PS1K9) [978] Oh technically get time off, time off in lieu, but I can't take it, so
Jan (PS1KA) [979] Well do you think it's time that you started taking time off in lieu?
[980] Make it erm
Richard (PS1K9) [981] I can't, you can't, cos they won't let you take time off in lieu unless ... if it involves them having to employ somebody else to cover ...
Jan (PS1KA) [982] But that's not the point, that's not time off is it?
Richard (PS1K9) [983] I can, the only time off in lieu you can take is, is D and D time.
Jan (PS1KA) [984] But you're off anyway
Richard (PS1K9) [985] Well I'm not off, I'm just working in the off in the office, so I can take possibly some Thursday mornings off
Jan (PS1KA) [986] Well, don't you think you ought to? ...
Richard (PS1K9) [987] Well I can't take any time off until after the exams, once the exams are over
Jan (PS1KA) [988] Well what do the unions say about this, I mean
Richard (PS1K9) [989] Well, the best way is to be ill after, after, after half term
Jan (PS1KA) [990] Like most of us, that probably explains why a few people are
Richard (PS1K9) [991] I mean at the moment, I mean from that one week
Jan (PS1KA) [992] mm
Richard (PS1K9) [993] they owe me twenty one hours, twenty, twenty eight hours
Jan (PS1KA) [994] mm
Richard (PS1K9) [995] er, from, I should get paid for the disabled games
Jan (PS1KA) [996] [laughing] yes []
Richard (PS1K9) [997] I hope to God I do get paid for that
Jan (PS1KA) [998] well how much do you expect for that?
Richard (PS1K9) [999] I expect six hours
Jan (PS1KA) [1000] Yeah, will that pay the ferry?
Richard (PS1K9) [1001] No, six hours is a, that'll be er, about a hundred quid
Jan (PS1KA) [1002] Oh it'll pay for a bit of the ferry ... but has, has no one approached the unions? ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1003] Er, I got paid, I got paid for the disabled games last year
Jan (PS1KA) [1004] Mm
Richard (PS1K9) [1005] so I should, er, that should have set the precedent, I get paid for it this year
Jan (PS1KA) [1006] well you got paid for your contracts, they let your contracts through the last time
Richard (PS1K9) [1007] er, then, so that's at least, well in fact that's more than sufficient, I should get paid more than six hours because I've been working on the students, on the disabled games all day Friday
Jan (PS1KA) [1008] mm
Richard (PS1K9) [1009] and probab er probably Thursday morning as, as well, so I'll probably have Thursday, Friday ... maybe Saturday, well, oh I should have, because by working on the games Thursday morning, that's another three hours, that's, brings me up to , twenty eight, yes twenty eight er ... er thirty one ... and er, I'll, I've got class top contacts time in the, in the afternoon, so that doesn't count, Friday I've got class, a two hour class, but er, tt, I'll be working outside, in fact that class will be cancelled that day, so it's er, so [...] four hours that's thirty six er, Saturday ... forty two, Tuesday ... erm ... tt, oh that week ... I'll have a ... six for Wednesday er ... nine Thursday ... er twelve ... for Tuesday another twelve, plus the evening twelve, plus two, plus another six, that's eight and a half, eighteen, another eighteen hours
Jan (PS1KA) [1010] mm
Richard (PS1K9) [1011] for that week
Jan (PS1KA) [1012] well what happens if you average more hours than you're supposed to average?
Richard (PS1K9) [1013] so, so, so what have I then forty two, so that's six and that's sixty hours
Jan (PS1KA) [1014] What was the, what was the point in averaging in the first place?
[1015] To make sure you worked a certain amount of time during the year?
Richard (PS1K9) [1016] Yes, to make certain that er, you didn't er have any time off, it, any time free after the, after the students have finished their exams
Jan (PS1KA) [1017] Oh, so what happens if you
Richard (PS1K9) [1018] all this, all this, it is, it is for, cos what they're trying, what they're trying to work is the fact that er you're supposed to have twenty one hours' class contact
Jan (PS1KA) [1019] Yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1020] and if er, what they're trying to do is ... so that you work say twenty three hours ... the class contact, you, you can't be averaged for more than two hours a week, so you need twenty three hours for the first two terms
Jan (PS1KA) [1021] mm
Richard (PS1K9) [1022] and er
Jan (PS1KA) [1023] that makes up for the time you, then doing the
Richard (PS1K9) [1024] after the exams or something like that, yes
Jan (PS1KA) [1025] but you, if you're due for time off in lieu, couldn't you take, couldn't you say that erm ... use that for the averages?
Richard (PS1K9) [1026] Tt, well at ... at the moment I am therefore due in actual fact two weeks' holiday
Jan (PS1KA) [1027] [sigh] That's a stupid situation
Richard (PS1K9) [1028] and if, and if I do two Beta award weekends
Jan (PS1KA) [1029] mm
Richard (PS1K9) [1030] I'm due three weeks' holiday
Jan (PS1KA) [1031] well er ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1032] so it's er ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1033] what happens if you're actually averaging more than twenty one hours throughout the year?
Richard (PS1K9) [1034] If I was doing more than my twenty one hours throughout the year
Jan (PS1KA) [1035] Do you get paid overtime?
Richard (PS1K9) [1036] you're supposed to get paid overtime ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1037] And will you be?
Richard (PS1K9) [1038] No
Jan (PS1KA) [sneeze]
Richard (PS1K9) [1039] no overtime is being paid
Jan (PS1KA) [1040] And have people stopped doing the work? ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1041] The interesting thing is some departments are still doing overtime
Jan (PS1KA) [1042] They're being paid?
Richard (PS1K9) [1043] Yeah, but, but our dep our, our department our fat slob won't allow it ... won't let us have any overtime
Jan (PS1KA) [1044] He wants time off in lieu.
Richard (PS1K9) [1045] he wants you to have time off in lieu
Jan (PS1KA) [1046] Well then why don't you take time off in lieu?
Richard (PS1K9) [1047] I can't take time off in lieu cos I haven't got any lieu time to take off
Jan (PS1KA) [1048] [laughing] You must have, you, you must have [] you keep telling me that you're doing all these extra hours and you're owed two weeks' holiday
Richard (PS1K9) [1049] Well ... on a Monday okay I have an hour in the morning, I have the first hour in the morning ... and er ... oh God ... .
Jan (PS1KA) [1050] What you forgotten? ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1051] well this er, I've got this class on, on, they've amalgamated the two classes together so
Jan (PS1KA) [1052] Yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1053] so now I have Monday afternoon D and D, so it's, I have four hours on, on Monday
Jan (PS1KA) [1054] And you can't come home cos you'll be doing a split shift on the
Richard (PS1K9) [1055] I can't come home because I'm, I'm working four thirty to seven thirty ... or five or, five till eight
Jan (PS1KA) [1056] Thursday mornings you could take off
Richard (PS1K9) [1057] I can't now because the class, the Monday night's
Jan (PS1KA) [...]
Richard (PS1K9) [1058] class has now been put on to Thursday morning
Jan (PS1KA) [1059] Monday nights?
Richard (PS1K9) [1060] the Monday
Jan (PS1KA) [1061] Afternoon.
Richard (PS1K9) [1062] afternoon, erm from this week
Jan (PS1KA) [1063] What about Friday?
Richard (PS1K9) [1064] I've got the uniform services ... I'll have er four, four fitness training on a Thursday morning
Jan (PS1KA) [1065] Well er
Richard (PS1K9) [1066] so I've got er
Jan (PS1KA) [1067] where does that leave you your free time?
Richard (PS1K9) [1068] Well
Jan (PS1KA) [1069] Besides Monday afternoon
Richard (PS1K9) [1070] I've got Monday afternoon
Jan (PS1KA) [1071] mm
Richard (PS1K9) [1072] I've got nine hours D and D, I've got four hours on a Monday
Jan (PS1KA) [1073] yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1074] er, nine till eleven on a Friday, that's, that's six, and er two fifteen to four fifteen
Jan (PS1KA) [1075] Well why don't you go in late on a Friday?
Richard (PS1K9) [1076] plus eight ... pardon?
Jan (PS1KA) [1077] Why don't you go in late, go in for eleven o'clock on a Friday
Richard (PS1K9) [1078] I can't do that because it's, a Friday morning is team meetings time
Jan (PS1KA) [1079] Where?
Richard (PS1K9) [1080] meetings with the principal, meetings with ... this, that and everything
Jan (PS1KA) [1081] Well wouldn't it be making a point if erm everybody who was owed this time took it regardless
Richard (PS1K9) [1082] the only time I can possibly take off
Jan (PS1KA) [1083] get militant about it
Richard (PS1K9) [1084] is Friday afternoon
Jan (PS1KA) [1085] Well and why don't ya?
Richard (PS1K9) [1086] I, I er, looks like [...] erm teaching eleven fifteen to one fifteen ... my lunch hour is say one fifteen to two fifteen ... and technically I can er ... have it, I could probably, I could be, take off Friday afternoon, it's the only time I could take off for averaging
Jan (PS1KA) [1087] Well I wish you would
Richard (PS1K9) [1088] that's the only time I can take off time off in lieu, which is annoying
Jan (PS1KA) [1089] Well why'd, I wish you would and I wish you'd er, they'd be a, what you needs is a concerted comprehensive effort from everybody ... be inconvenient as possible until the money stumps up ... don't know where the money comes from though ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1090] I don't know what to do, tt I can't really take that ... them all [...] take that er ... I don't want to kick the boat too hard
Jan (PS1KA) [1091] Why?
Richard (PS1K9) [1092] Tt, cos I don't want to be made redundant by being awkward
Jan (PS1KA) [1093] Well not until you're fifty anyway ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1094] I can't afford to go at fifty, I've gotta go till fifty five
Jan (PS1KA) [1095] What if they offered you ten years' redundant? ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1096] I couldn't even afford that because I haven't worked, even enough on my AVCs ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1097] [sighing] Aye [] ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1098] I've got to get that those AVCs er, I mean if I had to, if that happened, how would we pay off Brian?
Jan (PS1KA) [1099] Mm
Richard (PS1K9) [1100] How would the, I wouldn't have any money from the AVCs either ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1101] aye, well, just keep, keep on trucking
Richard (PS1K9) [1102] so it's keep
Jan (PS1KA) [1103] five years
Richard (PS1K9) [1104] so it's keep a high profile on the, on useful things and keep a low profile on the, on the others
Jan (PS1KA) [1105] mm, mm ... aye ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1106] the only way of doing it, except you know, you're known for, for all the good things, the good things you do ... just make certain that er ... we don't rock the boat [sigh] so you, so you
Jan (PS1KA) [1107] you crawled
Richard (PS1K9) [1108] you crawl and slave
Jan (PS1KA) [1109] yes, this is life.
[1110] ... What do you want as your little birthday present? ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1111] I don't know
Jan (PS1KA) [1112] Neither do I, that's why I'm asking you, cos I won't have time to shop
Richard (PS1K9) [1113] A Magi light torch then
Jan (PS1KA) [1114] What's a Magi light torch?
[1115] Where do I get one of them?
Richard (PS1K9) [1116] Steve's
Jan (PS1KA) [1117] Right ... has he got one? ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1118] Well he had one earlier in the year
Jan (PS1KA) [1119] Oh, right, what's the Magi light torch?
Richard (PS1K9) [1120] Just a little pocket, a little tiny, tiny torch with a very strong beam
Jan (PS1KA) [1121] Mm, mm, right, well you need a torch actually
Richard (PS1K9) [1122] mm
Jan (PS1KA) [1123] those head torches aren't very reliable ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1124] it's that or a new head torch, but if I got a new head torch it, it perhaps ... but they're about, they're about thirty quid I think
Jan (PS1KA) [1125] Well we've got one that doesn't work
Richard (PS1K9) [1126] the [...] one?
Jan (PS1KA) [1127] Yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1128] Oh it's all
Jan (PS1KA) [1129] the one Jim give you
Richard (PS1K9) [1130] yeah ... I never got it working
Jan (PS1KA) [1131] No
Richard (PS1K9) [1132] but I never tried really ... but they're the best ones you can buy
Jan (PS1KA) [1133] Yeah.
[1134] ... There was a bit in the paper today about er Ratners, in the Samuels outlet selling carriage clocks for three hundred pounds and claiming that they are solid mahogany cases, but as they're chipboard with a mahogany veneer, and er they've been had by the Trades Descriptions Act, three, who would pay three hundred pounds ... for a mahogany one anyway? ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1135] Couldn't get away with three
Jan (PS1KA) [1136] And how can they get away with charging three hundred pounds?
[1137] For a w for a carriage clock ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1138] Well, when you can pay fifteen hundred pounds for a watch
Jan (PS1KA) [1139] Yes but you expect the value in it
Richard (PS1K9) [1140] Ah, well what value is it, a watch tells the time ... whether it's three hundred pounds or three, three pounds
Jan (PS1KA) [1141] Or Mickey Mouse, yes ... it just depends on the, the metals used in it, the jewellery on it, the movement
Richard (PS1K9) [1142] mm ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1143] the maker's name ... [cough] [sniff] it must be bedtime now Dick
Richard (PS1K9) [1144] It must be getting close
Jan (PS1KA) [1145] mm, do you need a bath?
Richard (PS1K9) [1146] I could do with one I suppose
Jan (PS1KA) [1147] Well there's plenty of hot water ... you'd better get packing tomorrow night
Richard (PS1K9) [1148] Mm, get packing during the day
Jan (PS1KA) [1149] get packing, mm ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1150] cos I'm not going to work tomorrow
Jan (PS1KA) [1151] good ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1152] it is my day off, let's face it ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1153] Well you won't have a car, well you would
Richard (PS1K9) [1154] Oh I will, cos I'll have the Peugeot won't I?
Jan (PS1KA) [1155] Yes, they've got on quite well with the erm wall at the back, but there's, Geoff's got his car outside and the skip was in the police access road rather than ours
Richard (PS1K9) [1156] The skip's up there now?
Jan (PS1KA) [1157] Mm ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1158] Cos the skip was at the end there this, this morning, it was there at lunchtime, er, well when I went in
Jan (PS1KA) [1159] It was there in the morning, they've moved it since, I suppose they move it to where they're working but
Richard (PS1K9) [1160] Aye, probably er, it's probably mean it's a new skip probably
Jan (PS1KA) [1161] Mm
Richard (PS1K9) [1162] the other one was full
Jan (PS1KA) [1163] are they going to put railings up to the same height as the wall?
Richard (PS1K9) [1164] No
Jan (PS1KA) [1165] What are they going to do?
Richard (PS1K9) [1166] They're putting a flat coping up ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1167] Well, mm, won't that make it very easy for terrorists to, to hop over the low wall and avoid the enormous nine foot gate they've got, sticking up like a sore thumb now ... wouldn't that be rather redundant?
Richard (PS1K9) [1168] Yeah ... totally redundant
Jan (PS1KA) [1169] Will they now take it down?
Richard (PS1K9) [1170] I doubt it
Jan (PS1KA) [1171] I suppose it's to stop cars parking up now is it?
Richard (PS1K9) [1172] That would be the sensible thing, to remove that gate down to the far end
Jan (PS1KA) [1173] Aye, yes ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1174] but ... tt, it would probably ... cost more to go and take it down then it would be to, to get a new gate
Jan (PS1KA) [1175] I don't know what's supporting it, and they're going to erm ... [...] are they?
Richard (PS1K9) [1176] I would think so ... they've gotta go and plant, start planting ivies and things to drape down the wall [...]
Jan (PS1KA) [1177] I hope they're going to support the wall at the, our end ... they've done nothing, I suppose they've just taken it down, but they must be doing something to underpin it or bolster it
Richard (PS1K9) [1178] Not that I know of, er, I mean
Jan (PS1KA) [1179] Have you spoken to them?
Richard (PS1K9) [1180] I've spoken to the guy and he's, said the architect was coming at lunchtime
Jan (PS1KA) [1181] Mm
Richard (PS1K9) [1182] at two o'clock this afternoon, er, because he was, he thought they ought to go on, totally rebuild of the fire on the
Jan (PS1KA) [1183] Fire
Richard (PS1K9) [1184] corner particularly
Jan (PS1KA) [1185] yeah, well they need to ... what the main building?
Richard (PS1K9) [1186] Yeah
Jan (PS1KA) [1187] And the architectures needs to ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1188] cos it was hitting the wall, the whole thing was, you could watch the vibrations coming down the wall [laugh]
Jan (PS1KA) [1189] What, just, it's not a safe road then is it?
Richard (PS1K9) [1190] No
Jan (PS1KA) [1191] Especially if it's been loosened and clobbered.
[1192] ... Did he call the architect in?
[1193] Or was the architect due to come in?
Richard (PS1K9) [1194] The architect was due to come anyway.
Jan (PS1KA) [1195] Yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1196] So how far have they got now?
Jan (PS1KA) [1197] Well they're down by Anita and Bob's
Richard (PS1K9) [1198] Oh they've just got on well
Jan (PS1KA) [1199] mm
Richard (PS1K9) [1200] they were outside us about er eleven o'clock
Jan (PS1KA) [1201] mm ... er yeah they should be done by [yawning] Friday I should think [] cos if all they're doing is putting a coping edge on ... it'll make it look nicer at the back.
Richard (PS1K9) [1202] Yes, it'll give it more light
Jan (PS1KA) [1203] Mm
Richard (PS1K9) [1204] to the yard, to the, not to the yard but to the
Jan (PS1KA) [1205] to the lane
Richard (PS1K9) [1206] to the lane ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1207] they must do something about the park court this summer, get the perspex sheeting renew renewed
Richard (PS1K9) [1208] and er ... get some lead sheeting to, have to go and chip out the, out of the wall
Jan (PS1KA) [1209] Which wall?
Richard (PS1K9) [1210] Elsie's wall ... so that the water doesn't come down here, down the wall ... what you need to do is put the, lead sheeting ... chipping out from the, the block, chip, chip into the, the rendering, put lead sheeting into it, cement the rendering back in again
Jan (PS1KA) [1211] Mm ... we need
Richard (PS1K9) [1212] so so you, you've got a seal because otherwise all that happens is that er ... er you put the cement onto the, every time the, the water gets down the back of the cement, down the wall
Jan (PS1KA) [1213] Mm, I think we need to call, we get, get a builder in because we need that, that roof seeing to at the back. ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1214] That's gonna be expensive ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1215] Well, can't be helped, I mean we can't have water coming through that, that's down the soil pipe, can't have that open for ever
Richard (PS1K9) [1216] What's it like then I wonder?
Jan (PS1KA) [1217] Well it's still coming in ... it wasn't desperate, but it's still coming in ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1218] Dunno where it's coming from actually
Jan (PS1KA) [1219] No, that's the problem with flat roofs, bet we need a yard seeing, we need a ... [sigh] we need a, effort in the yard
Richard (PS1K9) [1220] Alright I can do that then two weeks before you break up
Jan (PS1KA) [1221] I don't, I don't think it's a job we can do, maybe if we get erm Angela's building contractor ... there's one or two little building jobs that we need, there's the damp patch in the chimney breast in there. ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1222] I'd ignore that
Jan (PS1KA) [1223] You can't ignore it ... it's the first thing a buyer will, a buyer's survey will pick up, especially as it was mentioned in our survey ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1224] Oh that means we've gotta totally dec redecorate that room
Jan (PS1KA) [1225] Well I want to do that anyway
Richard (PS1K9) [1226] Oh bloody hell ... I hate
Jan (PS1KA) [1227] more upheaval
Richard (PS1K9) [1228] What?
Jan (PS1KA) [1229] More upheaval for ya
Richard (PS1K9) [1230] Yeah, exactly ... unnecessary
Jan (PS1KA) [1231] It's not unnecessary
Richard (PS1K9) [1232] I mean it's not that long since that room was done
Jan (PS1KA) [1233] When was it done then?
Richard (PS1K9) [1234] I don't know
Jan (PS1KA) [1235] Well then
Richard (PS1K9) [1236] oh
Jan (PS1KA) [1237] and as you don't have anything to do with the decorating anyway I don't know what you're peeved about ... you like it before and then you like it after, and you're quite content to let me do the bit in the middle.
[1238] ... How much longer?
Richard (PS1K9) [1239] I don't know
Jan (PS1KA) [1240] Well let's have a, let's go to bed
Richard (PS1K9) [1241] Oh go and get this, finish this side off
Jan (PS1KA) [1242] Well how much longer is there on it?
Richard (PS1K9) [1243] I can't see ... it's very close to the end
Jan (PS1KA) [1244] Oh well
Richard (PS1K9) [1245] so we might as well get that forty five minutes finished
Jan (PS1KA) [1246] [sighing] oh yeah [] ... I've run out of conversation now ... you'll have to record Star Trek for me tomorrow.
Richard (PS1K9) [1247] As long as I haven't got to watch it
Jan (PS1KA) [1248] There was a nice moggy programme on yesterday.
Richard (PS1K9) [1249] Was there?
Jan (PS1KA) [1250] yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1251] What time was that on?
Jan (PS1KA) [1252] Half eight, Desmond Morris, Tiger and [...] showed you how a cat could use a door knob ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1253] Mm, how'd he get up to it?
Jan (PS1KA) [1254] Well it must have been a tall, a long cat and a low door [laugh] but it would lift the knocker and knock its way in
Richard (PS1K9) [1255] Must of been a tiger what the, well couldn't have been a cat
Jan (PS1KA) [1256] It was a cat
Richard (PS1K9) [1257] a cat, no cat'd, can reach a door knob
Jan (PS1KA) [1258] This one could, it could just about reach it over its paw and flicked it up and knocked on the door
Richard (PS1K9) [1259] That's huge
Jan (PS1KA) [1260] it doesn't matter, I've got it on tape ... cats are [...]
Richard (PS1K9) [1261] there is no way a cat no way a cat can reach that door knob
Jan (PS1KA) [1262] Well there's no way our cat could ... but this cat did
Richard (PS1K9) [1263] It must have been bloody huge
Jan (PS1KA) [1264] Well perhaps it was ... it was a long [...] I don't know, but it did and I'll show you on the video if you want
Richard (PS1K9) [1265] Oh I don't want to watch the video
Jan (PS1KA) [1266] You don't like moggies?
Richard (PS1K9) [1267] No
Jan (PS1KA) [1268] You do
Richard (PS1K9) [1269] I don't like moggies ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1270] lots of little black cats
Richard (PS1K9) [1271] I'll tell you one thing, nineteen ninety three had better come round
Jan (PS1KA) [1272] So you can take Puddy abroad
Richard (PS1K9) [1273] yeah, cos I'm not er paying, I'm not giving up my summer holidays and ... I want me five weeks
Jan (PS1KA) [1274] then Puddy will be able to have a pet passport, anti-rabies shot and she's away
Richard (PS1K9) [1275] Trouble is when, they take her abroad and travel in a caravan
Jan (PS1KA) [1276] Well by that time we'll be into caravans won't we? ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1277] cos I think we're going to lock her up during the day
Jan (PS1KA) [1278] Mm, you can't lock her in a tent can you?
Richard (PS1K9) [1279] No ... she'd do too much damage to a tent as well
Jan (PS1KA) [1280] Mm, mm she might do
Richard (PS1K9) [1281] What, might, would do, let's face it
Jan (PS1KA) [1282] Well she can only scratch it inside ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1283] she'd be climbing in the inside of it and ripping it
Jan (PS1KA) [1284] like Russell mouse, Russell
Richard (PS1K9) [1285] yeah
Jan (PS1KA) [1286] mouse does more damage than Puddy
Richard (PS1K9) [1287] What damage did he do?
Jan (PS1KA) [1288] Why he chewed the apron
Richard (PS1K9) [1289] Oh yes he did
Jan (PS1KA) [1290] little mouse [...] the apron ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1291] that's right he did yes the sod
Jan (PS1KA) [1292] Yeah [laugh] ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1293] What was that I told him, called?
Jan (PS1KA) [1294] Randolf, because he went under the car and then he [...] off ... [sigh] ... can you post my, the thing to the A A tomorrow?
Richard (PS1K9) [1295] Yes ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1296] Telling them where they can put their cards ... in the best possible term ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1297] That's ridiculous
Jan (PS1KA) [1298] well they must realize that they've undercut us considerably by everybody else
Richard (PS1K9) [1299] that's, that seemed like a total hundred percent that was
Jan (PS1KA) [1300] I know ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1301] er, there wasn't much difference if you didn't go abroad
Jan (PS1KA) [1302] no ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1303] but to, to go abroad three times, it'd be a hundred and, it'd cost two hun two hundred pounds
Jan (PS1KA) [1304] Extra?
Richard (PS1K9) [1305] Mm
Jan (PS1KA) [1306] Oh ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1307] cos it's forty six, fifty four and sixty eight I think it was
Jan (PS1KA) [1308] mm ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1309] and your membership on top of that
Jan (PS1KA) [1310] [yawning] plus your [...] [] and your Home Start and your Relay
Richard (PS1K9) [1311] Mm ... well I think this is, enough of this side
Jan (PS1KA) [1312] mm
Richard (PS1K9) [1313] enough it might have just about finished, I think we'll stop it at that then
Jan (PS1KA) [1314] fill the fill the thing

3 (Tape 071201)

Richard (PS1K9) [1315] [phonecall starts] Hi
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1316] Hello there.
Richard (PS1K9) [1317] hello, how are you?
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1318] Very well thanks and yourself?
Richard (PS1K9) [1319] Yeah, not so bad
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1320] Yeah, good
Richard (PS1K9) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1321] I was just gonna say Dick, can you, I'll, I'll give you a ring back it's just that we're in the middle of eating
Richard (PS1K9) [1322] Rightio
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1323] so I'll give you a ring back as soon as we've finished.
Richard (PS1K9) [1324] Okey-doke
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1325] Okay
Richard (PS1K9) [1326] Okay
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1327] bye now.
Richard (PS1K9) [1328] bye no problem, cheers [phonecall ends] . ...

4 (Tape 071202)

Richard (PS1K9) [1329] That all you want over here? ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1330] Right, you [...] slipping that in?
Richard (PS1K9) [1331] No I haven't, no it's, it's er one thing I need to put in ... that one that due to wear to go in ... I can see those, that cream out there can you?
[1332] ... You can't see it there can you?
Jan (PS1KA) [1333] What?
Richard (PS1K9) [1334] The cream
Jan (PS1KA) [1335] No, well, I wasn't looking for it actually.
Richard (PS1K9) [1336] cos it wasn't in the er, in the first aid drawer.
Jan (PS1KA) [1337] I don't think we've unpacked it from when we went ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1338] I can't remember unpacking it ... it's not in the er ... in the ski bag.
Jan (PS1KA) [1339] [...] worry about
Richard (PS1K9) [1340] Can always get another one anyway, it'll always turn up later on ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1341] One towel
Richard (PS1K9) [1342] One towel, right
Jan (PS1KA) [1343] two towels
Richard (PS1K9) [1344] so it's the sheet sleeping bag
Jan (PS1KA) [1345] sheet sleeping bag, two pillow cases, mm ... two small towels ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1346] I suppose we only really need two small towels to
Jan (PS1KA) [1347] Well you'll be bathing every night [...]
Richard (PS1K9) [1348] I suppose so, yes ... now do you want, suppose we could use the, the two square ... ski bags to put the bits in couldn't we? ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1349] No
Richard (PS1K9) [1350] As opposed to the one long one and the, and the one boot shape one ... er, that's all yours is it, there is it?
Jan (PS1KA) [1351] Well you said you'd put in, yes it is basically
Richard (PS1K9) [1352] The only thing to go in is wash bags and they go in the small rucksack anyway, erm ... [clears throat] do you want these pink ones?
Jan (PS1KA) [1353] Yes
Richard (PS1K9) [1354] I thought we'd, if I took that up across with us, we could put er ski clothing in that
Jan (PS1KA) [1355] yes and what sort of, have you packed me ski socks in? [...] the blue socks have ya?
Richard (PS1K9) [1356] I've got here, I've got your long, two pairs of long johns
Jan (PS1KA) [1357] Mm I only actually need one pair of them
Richard (PS1K9) [1358] er, yeah, I've got your two, er polo necks, there's your hat, your gloves, your socks ... er your glasses
Jan (PS1KA) [1359] Mm, I'd need these in the car wouldn't I?
Richard (PS1K9) [1360] Yeah, put those in the car as well, that's the er
Jan (PS1KA) [1361] Money purse
Richard (PS1K9) [1362] pardon?
Jan (PS1KA) [1363] money purse
Richard (PS1K9) [1364] That's the er kitty purse really ... all my stuff is in there ...
Jan (PS1KA) [...]
Richard (PS1K9) [1365] everything to pack that, the rest in there, cos I've got in there, socks, underwear, er
Jan (PS1KA) [1366] Long johns?
Richard (PS1K9) [1367] two pairs of long johns
Jan (PS1KA) [1368] Vests?
Richard (PS1K9) [1369] three pairs of vests
Jan (PS1KA) [1370] Shirt?
Richard (PS1K9) [1371] two, two shirts for wearing on the slopes, one pair, one pair for wearing in the evening, I've got one shirt to go in and the one I'm wearing as I, as I go out
Jan (PS1KA) [1372] Mm
Richard (PS1K9) [1373] so that's, that's all tied up, er ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1374] sun glasses and goggles?
Richard (PS1K9) [1375] er sun glasses are there, goggles, oh those are go those are goggles, sun glasses are in the car, er ... that's it and that, er, hats, er
Jan (PS1KA) [1376] Scarf?
Richard (PS1K9) [1377] scarf
Jan (PS1KA) [1378] I haven't got a scarf
Richard (PS1K9) [1379] glasses, er, that's all in, in the boot bag
Jan (PS1KA) [1380] in, put the scarf
Richard (PS1K9) [1381] the er, all the ski waxing stuff is in the boot of the car already
Jan (PS1KA) [1382] Right, well we'll just need to stuff it in the bag then.
Richard (PS1K9) [1383] Yeah, yeah, that's all that needs doing.
Jan (PS1KA) [1384] Right, when you, off you go then dear, you want to put that stuff in?
Richard (PS1K9) [1385] Yes, otherwise we'll
Jan (PS1KA) [1386] You're very good at stuffing, you're very good
Richard (PS1K9) [1387] well, that's the one thing I'm expert at, yes, so, so says my birthday card
Jan (PS1KA) [1388] Yes
Richard (PS1K9) [1389] no it doesn't actually it says you're the opposite doesn't it?
Jan (PS1KA) [1390] [laugh] Yes
Richard (PS1K9) [1391] Mind you, you haven't, he doesn't know [laugh]
Jan (PS1KA) [cough]
Richard (PS1K9) [1392] gone of the days of [...] records
Jan (PS1KA) [1393] [...] yeah, well let's keep going dear
Richard (PS1K9) [1394] cos I'm a right old bugger now
Jan (PS1KA) [1395] yeah, terribly, terribly weary ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1396] certainly can't manage what I used to be able to ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1397] Do you think we need all these socks?
Richard (PS1K9) [1398] Do you want that as, what are you wearing to go in?
Jan (PS1KA) [1399] Oh I'll wear this and me leggings ... don't think we'll need to take a dressing gown do you? ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1400] Don't suppose so, no
Jan (PS1KA) [...]
Richard (PS1K9) [1401] yes
Jan (PS1KA) [1402] nobody's going to be prancing around like Noel Coward at the end of a ski day ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1403] That can go in the
Jan (PS1KA) [1404] the other bag
Richard (PS1K9) [1405] the other bag ...
Jan (PS1KA) [...]
Richard (PS1K9) [1406] right, I'll fold them then ... God they look revolting these things don't they Jan?
Jan (PS1KA) [1407] What, long johns?
Richard (PS1K9) [1408] Long skinny legs, green
Jan (PS1KA) [1409] Long green skinny legs and knee bolts, knee joints, [...] colour
Richard (PS1K9) [1410] don't know ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1411] is that my disabled one?
Richard (PS1K9) [1412] I think so
Jan (PS1KA) [1413] Right, well, I don't think I need this one because I've got me red one
Richard (PS1K9) [1414] Have you?
Jan (PS1KA) [1415] I'm not, no sorry, the blue one, and I'm not, I don't sweat do I?
Richard (PS1K9) [1416] Er, no ladies always perspire
Jan (PS1KA) [1417] No ladies glow, men perspire or sweat
Richard (PS1K9) [1418] oh, oh, oh right, mm ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1419] I doubt I need my goggles will I?
Richard (PS1K9) [1420] I don't know ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1421] [yawning] Need my glasses now will I [] ? ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1422] er ... that's about it, innit?
Jan (PS1KA) [1423] Erm, you putting your [...] torch in?
Richard (PS1K9) [1424] Yes that's downstairs
Jan (PS1KA) [1425] Right, your birthday present.
Richard (PS1K9) [1426] I thought I'd leave that in the car actually
Jan (PS1KA) [1427] Yeah that's
Richard (PS1K9) [1428] cos that's er, where it's available, mind you, you look quite fetching there, I think I might do, I might be tempted here
Jan (PS1KA) [1429] Yeah ... what else have we got to put in then?
Richard (PS1K9) [1430] Can't think of anything, there's ... everything else is in
Jan (PS1KA) [1431] The bag won't do up will it?
[1432] ... Sound very easy, [...] no [...] complications
Richard (PS1K9) [1433] Haven't put a swimming costume in
Jan (PS1KA) [1434] Mm, you're not likely to go swimming
Richard (PS1K9) [1435] I don't know if there's swimming in [...] I mean places of
Jan (PS1KA) [1436] There'll be swimming there.
[1437] ... Oh yes there's a wee bit of room still ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1438] could of put in, could of put in there, six inches' worth in there ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1439] been not, right what can we put in the pocket, erm, give us a scarf, anything, er
Richard (PS1K9) [1440] Put scarfs in
Jan (PS1KA) [1441] put towels in?
[1442] We've got the two towels, we've got the two towels
Richard (PS1K9) [1443] The two towels are in, the small two towels are in, the er, the
Jan (PS1KA) [1444] do we need a small towel actually in the overnight bag?
Richard (PS1K9) [1445] Mm, I suppose we could do with a tea towel size one, oh, I haven't got a tea towel in
Jan (PS1KA) [1446] Well, and are taking four
Richard (PS1K9) [1447] Pardon?
Jan (PS1KA) [1448] they're taking four, it's on their list of four
Richard (PS1K9) [1449] Fo four
Jan (PS1KA) [1450] Yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1451] four tea towels?
Jan (PS1KA) [1452] Yes
Richard (PS1K9) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [...] ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1453] [phonecall starts] Hello ... hello [telephone conversation ends] .
[1454] ... That was a waste of time, I thought that were being Paul actually
Jan (PS1KA) [1455] What he say?
Richard (PS1K9) [1456] They were right in a middle of a meal
Jan (PS1KA) [1457] Right ...
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1458] [phonecall starts] Hello, hello there Dick it's Paul here
Richard (PS1K9) [1459] [phonecall starts] Hi.
[1460] Did you ring a moment ago?
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1461] Yes I did
Richard (PS1K9) [1462] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1463] I didn't know whether I'd put in the right number and I thought well I'll, I won't let anyone answer it, I'll just re-dial. [laugh]
Richard (PS1K9) [1464] Ah cos er I picked it up and said hello and that was it
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1465] Oh I see I must of just been putting it down at that time
Richard (PS1K9) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1466] I thought, oh I wonder if I've got the right number here [laugh] yeah but you're both well then?
Richard (PS1K9) [1467] Yes, we've got er, I think we're, we're just packing at the moment
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1468] Aha
Richard (PS1K9) [1469] er I think we're more or less set really.
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1470] ah that's great
Richard (PS1K9) [1471] How, how are you doing?
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1472] We're, we're sort of just about, you know there's the last minute things to put in, but, barring that, what we've done is to put it in a lot of small bags rather than big cases
Richard (PS1K9) [1473] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1474] so it should slide in alright
Richard (PS1K9) [1475] oh yeah, er, well I've got this one big waterproof bag
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1476] Yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1477] which is my old er, my canoe bag
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1478] yes
Richard (PS1K9) [1479] which they're dry bags for putting in canoes to put all, to keep your wet stuff
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1480] aha
Richard (PS1K9) [1481] er to keep everything, everything dry
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1482] yes
Richard (PS1K9) [1483] and er I thought I, I's gonna put our ski stuff, our ski er [...] etcetera in that on the roof
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1484] aha
Richard (PS1K9) [1485] cos they're, they're out the way
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1486] right, right
Richard (PS1K9) [1487] and er
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1488] just see how it goes when you get here then won't we?
Richard (PS1K9) [1489] I think on that, looking at it on a logical basis, er, I think our stuff will take up one third of the boot
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1490] Oh well they're should be no problem at all then
Richard (PS1K9) [1491] er because I think if I, if I put one, my one big bag, which takes up about a third, er, er
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1492] yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1493] and the boot bags on top
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1494] yes
Richard (PS1K9) [1495] I think it'll all fit in one side
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1496] oh that's brilliant, oh we should be alright then
Richard (PS1K9) [1497] I think we should have, I, I've borrowed, I've managed to borrow a set of change as well
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1498] Oh have ya?
[1499] Oh that saves a bit of er worry doesn't it?
Richard (PS1K9) [1500] Yeah, so
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1501] So, have ya, have ya seen the snow conditions then?
Richard (PS1K9) [1502] No, er, I, apparently I saw on the Teletext last night
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1503] Yes
Richard (PS1K9) [1504] it was a hundred and twenty five in the valley and er, two hundred and fifty on top
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1505] that's right, it's, it's pretty good going anyway
Richard (PS1K9) [1506] yeah, I think it was still minus temperatures
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1507] that's super isn't it?
Richard (PS1K9) [1508] so it sounds as though it could be good
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1509] Yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1510] it's not so good down the valley at [...]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1511] no that's right, I've heard some bad er
Richard (PS1K9) [1512] cos, er, apparently there, there was fifteen centimetres
Jan (PS1KA) [1513] [phonecall starts] On top
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1514] that's right, it's very poor elsewhere
Richard (PS1K9) [1515] on er, [...] yeah
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1516] looks like we may have struck lucky, cross fingered and everything else
Richard (PS1K9) [1517] well I mean it is the most er reliable high resort
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1518] aha
Richard (PS1K9) [1519] er, which just as well we've been there before [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1520] [laugh] yeah, sure
Richard (PS1K9) [1521] so, er
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1522] did you, did you get Cath's letter by the way earlier?
Richard (PS1K9) [1523] yes
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1524] Good
Richard (PS1K9) [1525] er Jan's, Jan's
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1526] Cath's just put a few things together and thought well I may as well let you, you know, she may as well let you know what the things she's put in
Richard (PS1K9) [1527] Right, well we're putting in er things, some tea bags, er sugar
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1528] Yeah
Jan (PS1KA) [1529] Cornflour
Richard (PS1K9) [1530] corn er cornflour
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1531] aha, that you always forget hmm
Richard (PS1K9) [1532] er
Jan (PS1KA) [1533] yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1534] some mixed herbs and er, and er, and cornflakes
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1535] Right, right, great
Richard (PS1K9) [1536] er we'll bring the pressure cooker with us
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1537] You're taking a pressure are ya?
[1538] Right
Richard (PS1K9) [1539] if, and we'll see how much space we've got when we get to your house
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1540] aye and then if it won't, it won't and
Richard (PS1K9) [1541] yeah
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1542] if it will fair enough
Richard (PS1K9) [1543] er because pressure cookers do, I mean they're marvellous for going, getting the stew going in about er ten minutes flat [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1544] aye, yes that's true ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1545] er, I think er, I mean everything else is tied up, the green card's arrived the er
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1546] lovely
Richard (PS1K9) [1547] erm, the R A C Reflex is all sorted and paid
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1548] that's great
Richard (PS1K9) [1549] and paid for er and er, what I can remember the, the ferry gets in at, is it seven thirty in the morning?
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1550] It's something like that, I think it, yes, I think it's around about seven
Richard (PS1K9) [1551] Er, I've got er, I've almost abso three quarters promised to go and call on some friends in [...] on the way through
Jan (PS1KA) [1552] On the camp site.
Richard (PS1K9) [1553] on the camp site, in [...] somewhere east
Jan (PS1KA) [1554] So it'll be time for a cup of tea
Richard (PS1K9) [1555] so it'll be time for a cup of tea
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1556] alright, yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1557] er
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1558] I mean that's no problem
Richard (PS1K9) [1559] I mean I've got er there's Vicky, Vicky and her group from, from Morpeth
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1560] aha
Richard (PS1K9) [1561] er so
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1562] so this is, that's all, that's down in the valley?
Richard (PS1K9) [1563] That's in the valley just er just
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1564] That's right you told us, you said there was some people at
Richard (PS1K9) [1565] yeah and er
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1566] that's no problem
Richard (PS1K9) [1567] there's also my cousin going, er, and er, her husband
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1568] yes er
Richard (PS1K9) [1569] and also a friend of mine who's what, and er, well best man to twenty five, well ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1570] How many years ago?
Richard (PS1K9) [1571] twenty eight years ago now
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1572] Oh one or two [laugh]
Richard (PS1K9) [1573] yeah [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [laugh]
Richard (PS1K9) [1574] so
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1575] oh that'll be good
Richard (PS1K9) [1576] there's a there's a whole gang down there
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1577] yes
Richard (PS1K9) [1578] er, so, we'll probably arrange ... for, to meet up with them sometime, somewhere
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1579] yeah, oh yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1580] erm, erm ... but erm apart from that I think everything is er
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1581] I think we're all ship shape, so how lo how far is it on the other side?
[1582] Do you know exactly?
Jan (PS1KA) [1583] Ten hours
Richard (PS1K9) [1584] Well
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1585] ten hours you reckon?
Richard (PS1K9) [1586] well, well Vicky reckoned it was ten hours from Calais
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1587] Yeah and there's probably
Richard (PS1K9) [1588] and I reckon I reckon we're, we're an hour short at Calais because er, we save about eighty kilometres
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1589] Yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1590] by going er Portsmouth [...]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1591] aha
Richard (PS1K9) [1592] er, and er we also have a very short section on the [...] in Paris
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1593] yes yes
Richard (PS1K9) [1594] which means, which again will save time I reckon
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1595] yeah, yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1596] so, er, and I reckon probably the best, best way is to go, so, motorway as much as we can, down, well down to [...]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1597] oh yes just, slam down the motorway absolutely
Richard (PS1K9) [1598] then head for Geneva
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1599] aha
Richard (PS1K9) [1600] and er we turn, it's about forty kilometres shorter to go via to Geneva via [...]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1601] aha
Richard (PS1K9) [1602] and along the side of lake [...] to [...]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1603] yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1604] is to go through [...]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1605] aye
Richard (PS1K9) [1606] and er out to [...]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1607] [...] can be an absolute swine can't it?
Richard (PS1K9) [1608] Yeah that's right
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1609] Traffic wise
Richard (PS1K9) [1610] so, so I reckon, I mean even though it's Sunday I th I think we're better off going through er
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1611] yes
Richard (PS1K9) [1612] going that way
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1613] have you, have you got all the necessary maps then?
Richard (PS1K9) [1614] Yes
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1615] I don't need to worry about things like that
Richard (PS1K9) [1616] no, no
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1617] right
Richard (PS1K9) [1618] I've got the, this year's Michelin er
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1619] oh that's great
Richard (PS1K9) [1620] er, big map
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1621] right, right, I'll just leave that it's
Richard (PS1K9) [1622] ah
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1623] just things I don't have to worry about then really
Richard (PS1K9) [1624] er, the, I mean I don't know what with, well, we'll see how things go when we're there, we're down there, I mean er, er if the snow's not so good towards the end of the week we'll, we just head back don't we?
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1625] Oh yes, yes
Richard (PS1K9) [1626] Er and er
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1627] as simple that
Richard (PS1K9) [1628] I mean
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1629] you can worry about that at the early end of the week
Richard (PS1K9) [1630] yeah [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [laugh]
Richard (PS1K9) [1631] I mean the one little thing that might be nice, it might be er, a romantic weekend, er a romantic day in Paris
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1632] Oh yes I'm on er well it's a holiday isn't I mean er
Richard (PS1K9) [1633] a, a stroll down the [...] or something like that on the way back
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1634] yeah that sounds very
Richard (PS1K9) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1635] yeah, you and I arm in arm Dick
Richard (PS1K9) [1636] yes [laughing] that's it, yeah [] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [laugh]
Richard (PS1K9) [1637] well I wasn't quite thinking that actually [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1638] and er what time do you reckon then, you'll need to pick us up?
[1639] Cos that, that was the main erm
Richard (PS1K9) [1640] I'll, I reckon that er we would leave here just before nine and
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1641] right
Richard (PS1K9) [1642] get to you som somewhere about er half nine, quarter to ten
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1643] aha
Richard (PS1K9) [1644] and aim to get away about ten o'clock
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1645] right
Richard (PS1K9) [1646] er, that way, I mean, I think it's giving us loads, extra time, but er
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1647] yes
Richard (PS1K9) [1648] I don't know what the roadworks are like on the A one
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1649] no I've no idea
Richard (PS1K9) [1650] er, I know that erm, they were bad when we went down at half term
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1651] yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1652] er, and er
Jan (PS1KA) [1653] perhaps best to use the M one
Richard (PS1K9) [1654] and, we can always go and spend some time at er, we'll easy get a meal in Portsmouth anyway
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1655] yes
Richard (PS1K9) [1656] er, we felt the Pizza Hut's quite good in Portsmouth
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1657] aye, I think ya
Richard (PS1K9) [1658] but
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1659] I think ya mentioned that once before and I
Richard (PS1K9) [1660] down s down
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1661] I quite like Pizza Hut
Jan (PS1KA) [1662] but we haven't had, skied on those before
Richard (PS1K9) [1663] down in [...]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1664] ah, that's the thing to worry about isn't it?
[1665] We can't really be out of er eye shot of the car is it?
Jan (PS1KA) [1666] No
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1667] That's the, the main problem
Richard (PS1K9) [1668] yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1669] we'll have to, we'll have to work it in shifts
Richard (PS1K9) [1670] yeah well
Jan (PS1KA) [1671] yeah
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [laugh]
Richard (PS1K9) [laugh]
Jan (PS1KA) [1672] you must, bringing the take away out
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1673] yeah [laugh]
Jan (PS1KA) [1674] we'll have a take away in the car park
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1675] oh we'll sort something out
Richard (PS1K9) [1676] oh yes
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1677] erm, so you reckon you'll get here about ten o'clock?
Richard (PS1K9) [1678] Well about quarter to ten I reckon
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1679] About quarter to ten
Richard (PS1K9) [1680] yeah
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1681] right
Richard (PS1K9) [1682] and, hopefully we can sort of aim to, to be in, in and away in a, quarter of an hour, twenty minutes or
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1683] yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1684] unless it takes half an hour, well half an hour anyway
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1685] cos I mean how many hours driving will there be in this country, about eight?
Richard (PS1K9) [sigh]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1686] Ee, I mean if everything went alright, it's about eight hours isn't it?
Richard (PS1K9) [1687] I would think if everything went right, it would be something like seven hours
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1688] Yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1689] but er
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1690] the likelihood of that
Richard (PS1K9) [1691] er
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [...]
Richard (PS1K9) [1692] I just don't know what it's gonna be like, er, so I think if we, well at ten o'clock, if we left at ten, we've got twelve hours to get down there
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1693] That's right, cos it'll be an hour, well to get there an hour before anyway won't we for the ferry?
Richard (PS1K9) [1694] I'd of thought so we have to be there, down there at eleven
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1695] yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1696] er which we stop for ... er we probably have a cup of tea a couple of times on the way down
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1697] that's right, yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1698] er, so
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1699] so I think that's about right Dick, I think you're probably right
Richard (PS1K9) [1700] yeah, so I think it's better to be on the safe side than er, than rush it
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1701] well it is, yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1702] I mean once we're on the other side it doesn't really matter
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1703] no
Richard (PS1K9) [1704] er
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1705] it will be, it will be nice to get there sort of before it gets dark wouldn't it on the other side?
Richard (PS1K9) [1706] Yeah
Jan (PS1KA) [1707] Oh yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1708] I mean what I'd like to do to be, to be honest, I don't know if we will do is er be at er, at er Borg by about half four, five o'clock
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1709] yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1710] and up at the resort by half six
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1711] that's right
Richard (PS1K9) [1712] that's what
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1713] that would be nice
Richard (PS1K9) [1714] that's what I'd like
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1715] yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1716] but whether, you, you never know in this world [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1717] well that's right, but what, what happens with the er hour in France is it, is it
Richard (PS1K9) [1718] It
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1719] an hour lighter or, or an hour darker?
Richard (PS1K9) [1720] well it goes
Jan (PS1KA) [1721] Goes on an hour
Richard (PS1K9) [1722] it goes, it goes on an hour
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1723] So it's an hour light, more light isn't it?
Richard (PS1K9) [1724] it's an hour more light, but with, but, but probably an hour further south
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1725] Yeah that's right
Richard (PS1K9) [1726] so there so therefore even itself out
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1727] yeah true
Richard (PS1K9) [1728] I think I think it gets dark earlier than it does up here for example
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1729] Aha, aha yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1730] because of the er
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1731] yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1732] er ... it's something even, even though got, because it's about half an hour di is, is it, is it half an hour difference between here and London?
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1733] I can't, I can't, I honestly don't know
Richard (PS1K9) [1734] And I think it's probably at least another half an hour difference down there
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1735] yes
Richard (PS1K9) [1736] er, and with the hour's difference I think it works out about the same
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1737] yeah, that's right, there's nowt worse than being jiggered though is there when you get to your apartment
Richard (PS1K9) [1738] yeah
Jan (PS1KA) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1739] so with [...] I think that's inevitable though really
Jan (PS1KA) [...]
Richard (PS1K9) [1740] well er, and I thought we'd probably stop at er [...] on the way in, if we wanted to, to go and get any basic provisions at the, the big
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1741] yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1742] the big hypermarket in the
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1743] yes
Richard (PS1K9) [1744] valley, cos that's cheaper
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1745] right
Richard (PS1K9) [1746] and er, cos Jan's
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1747] well again we'll, we'll see what the time is like won't we?
Richard (PS1K9) [1748] Yeah yeah, yeah
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1749] Well wasn't the
Richard (PS1K9) [1750] when Jan's er, it's Jan's birthday on Sunday as well which it
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1751] Is it?
Richard (PS1K9) [1752] yeah [laugh]
Jan (PS1KA) [1753] Yeah my birthday
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1754] Well, if you'd only let us know we'd of
Jan (PS1KA) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1755] take an Easter egg with us [laugh]
Jan (PS1KA) [1756] Baked a cake
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [laugh]
Richard (PS1K9) [1757] Oh we've got, we've got the, we've got some Easter chocolates with us
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1758] Have you?
Jan (PS1KA) [1759] Have we?
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1760] I've got, I've just got one small box
Jan (PS1KA) [1761] I don't think we have
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1762] a token gesture
Richard (PS1K9) [1763] I got some truffles from er
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1764] Oh yeah
Jan (PS1KA) [...]
Richard (PS1K9) [1765] er ... the winners have this special deal at the moment
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1766] aha
Jan (PS1KA) [...]
Richard (PS1K9) [1767] these, these boxes of French chocolate truffles at ninety nine pence a piece
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1768] good Lord
Richard (PS1K9) [1769] erm
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1770] go and take them to France and sell them to the French [laugh]
Richard (PS1K9) [1771] [laughing] they're [] French ones as well, so actually er, I've got two boxes of them in the boot, in the boot of the car [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1772] [laugh] God
Jan (PS1KA) [1773] They're quite nice
Richard (PS1K9) [1774] They're very nice actually
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1775] Don't you've got me mouth watering
Richard (PS1K9) [laugh]
Jan (PS1KA) [1776] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1777] mind you, I've, we've just finished eating our tea, we've been out to all hours doing the lawn, you know cutting the lawns all round the house
Richard (PS1K9) [1778] Oh yeah
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1779] this evening was lovely wasn't it?
Richard (PS1K9) [1780] yeah
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1781] Fabulous weather ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1782] yes, we'll be leaving that behind I suppose
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1783] Aye apparently though, the, the weather's closing in though isn't it?
[1784] Er, er Sunday
Richard (PS1K9) [1785] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1786] apparently the weather's getting worse
Richard (PS1K9) [1787] tt, apparently it's gonna be good over Europe, on, on Saturday
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1788] yes
Richard (PS1K9) [1789] er, so hope to, to be perfectly honest it would be rather nice if we had a, had a pleasant sunshine and drive across France wouldn't it?
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1790] Oh yeah, yeah that would be very nice, [laugh]
Richard (PS1K9) [1791] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1792] just wait, just makes life so much easier doesn't it?
Richard (PS1K9) [1793] yeah
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1794] Visibility and
Richard (PS1K9) [1795] it should be reasonably quiet on a Sunday because most, because ninety nine percent of all er contracts goes Saturday to Saturday
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1796] Yes, yeah, why's er, I think we're doing it, it the right way, certainly, you know
Richard (PS1K9) [1797] yeah
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1798] we're getting there at the right time
Richard (PS1K9) [1799] yeah ... but it can, it, it used to be absolutely horrendous at the Tyne Tees valley, well the, you were there for that [...] weren't you?
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1800] Oh yes
Richard (PS1K9) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1801] absolutely desperate, the number of, the number of hours you spend in a queue
Richard (PS1K9) [1802] What was it, what was it, eleven hours up, up the valley?
Jan (PS1KA) [1803] No, it couldn't of been
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1804] Yeah used to be terrible didn't it?
Richard (PS1K9) [1805] Yeah
Jan (PS1KA) [1806] twelve o'clock when we got there, half twelve when we got there
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1807] yes it was very, very late
Jan (PS1KA) [1808] I mean I think we arrived at the bottom about six o'clock
Richard (PS1K9) [1809] oh
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1810] yeah yeah we were just, we're just sort of moving a car length at a time weren't we?
Richard (PS1K9) [1811] yeah, but I think now, er that
Jan (PS1KA) [1812] Didn't we watch two films on the video?
Richard (PS1K9) [1813] I mean the fact it's going up on
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [...]
Richard (PS1K9) [1814] up on a Sunday er we avoid all that and we, in actual fact if we go by [...] we don't even come into it till we get to [...]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1815] aha, aha, yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1816] I mean it's quite, it's very pleasant along the, the l the side of Lake [...] as well
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1817] yes, and I, I don't know whether I've been that way, I honestly don't know ... right then, so you're all systems go, that's the main thing
Richard (PS1K9) [1818] Yes yes
Jan (PS1KA) [1819] Yes we're all, I think we're organized.
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1820] Okay, erm, we'll, we'll find out when we get there that we're not quite organized [laugh] we've forgotten
Jan (PS1KA) [1821] No, we've forgotten the skis or something
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1822] something
Richard (PS1K9) [1823] Er, well put the er the bottle opener in, that's the most important one
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1824] Yes, yes
Richard (PS1K9) [1825] hmm
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1826] the cork screw
Richard (PS1K9) [1827] yes
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [laugh]
Richard (PS1K9) [1828] [laugh] mind there should be one, there should be one in the apartment
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1829] yeah, they all, I always take one and I'm always pleasantly surprised usually by the amount of gear there are in these places
Richard (PS1K9) [1830] oh what I can make out we've got a bathroom and a bidet and er, er, it's
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1831] that's right the, the bigger apartments don't have, tend to be better equipped in fact don't
Richard (PS1K9) [1832] yeah ah, I, it doesn't say whether we've got a dishwasher, I hope we have [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1833] yes, that would be nice
Jan (PS1KA) [1834] don't, don't think it did
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1835] well
Richard (PS1K9) [1836] but it's er
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1837] I'm used to it, so
Richard (PS1K9) [1838] there's fifty square metres which is quite a reasonable size for an apartment
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1839] aha, aha
Richard (PS1K9) [1840] I mean er, I mean, what, and the last time we went in, in, to tea in actual fact, we were in er a so-called four stroke five bedded apartment which was twenty two square metres
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1841] good Lord, yes
Richard (PS1K9) [1842] er which comfortable
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1843] [...] differently
Richard (PS1K9) [1844] it was comfortable for two [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1845] yes, sure
Richard (PS1K9) [1846] but this one, fifty square metres is, is twice the size of that [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1847] yeah, yeah that's good
Richard (PS1K9) [1848] oh it, it sleeps six, so we should be er, we should have plenty of room
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1849] yeah, good
Jan (PS1KA) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1850] well if you have any further sort of info or anything else you need, you know getting ready, just give us a buzz tomorrow, tomorrow night
Richard (PS1K9) [1851] right, er I mean coffee, is bet to be honest instant coffee in France is a lot better than it is here
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1852] yeah Jan was saying wasn't she, how the
Jan (PS1KA) [1853] yeah
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1854] when you came through I think
Richard (PS1K9) [1855] yeah
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1856] that it's er better over there, that'll suit us
Richard (PS1K9) [1857] in fact we'll, we'll probably go and buy, buy some coffee to bring back anyway
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1858] yeah, yeah ... smashing
Richard (PS1K9) [1859] I can't think of anything else
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1860] no I can't either, I've got all the tickets ready that's the [laughing] main []
Jan (PS1KA) [1861] that's the main thing yeah
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1862] yeah that's right, I've just got to get me currency tomorrow and then
Jan (PS1KA) [1863] yeah passports
Richard (PS1K9) [1864] I've got I've got the currency and you're sort the way we're sorting it out is that we pay a quarter and you pay a half
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1865] yeah that's right
Richard (PS1K9) [1866] on the apartment
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1867] well I've, I've got me er, hmm me Visa, I'm hoping
Jan (PS1KA) [1868] yeah
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1869] that'll be the thing
Richard (PS1K9) [1870] yeah
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1871] well it, you usually can anyway in France can't you?
Richard (PS1K9) [1872] you normally can, yeah
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1873] Use it, so
Richard (PS1K9) [1874] well I've got me Eurocheques
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1875] lovely, and we'll sort out all the rest
Richard (PS1K9) [1876] yeah
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1877] all the rest of the finances as we go and work it out
Richard (PS1K9) [1878] yeah, I'll just er, I'll make erm, I'll, I'll start with a full tank of petrol from [...]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1879] yeah, yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1880] and, and then if we sort of
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1881] aha
Richard (PS1K9) [1882] work on the basis of er, we fill up just before we drop you off on the way back
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1883] well that's right, I mean if, if you, if you've already paid for things like Reflex and erm green card and stuff like that, if you want I'll, I'll just put all the petrol on erm me Visa
Richard (PS1K9) [1884] well we'll see, erm
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1885] that's it, I mean something like that, you know, we'll work something
Richard (PS1K9) [1886] well what we'll do is we'll, we'll work a book
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1887] yes
Richard (PS1K9) [1888] ah
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1889] that's very wise yes
Richard (PS1K9) [1890] and then er we just er
Jan (PS1KA) [1891] have a kitty for the food
Richard (PS1K9) [1892] we just have, and we'll have a kitty for the food
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1893] yes
Richard (PS1K9) [1894] I got my pur I've got my kitty purse with me
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1895] ha, ha
Richard (PS1K9) [1896] so, if I don't, I, what, what I don't
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1897] I thought you were taking your cat with you then when you said a, we'll take a kitty
Jan (PS1KA) [laugh]
Richard (PS1K9) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [laugh]
Jan (PS1KA) [1898] yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1899] no the last we did it was er, we just had a, had this, had this purse with the, which we, we stuck a couple of hundred francs in each to start of with
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1900] yes I think that's the best thing
Richard (PS1K9) [1901] and when, and when that er was extinguished we
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1902] yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1903] we put in another hundred francs apiece
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1904] yeah, yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1905] and this, we, we just worked our way through it during the week
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1906] yes
Richard (PS1K9) [1907] er for all the, the baguettes and er
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1908] yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1909] whatever
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1910] oh yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1911] and
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1912] that's the best thing to do
Richard (PS1K9) [1913] and er then er, and then I kept a book for, for the petrol
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1914] yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1915] er and the road tolls we just [...] jotted it all down
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1916] yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1917] so that at the end of the time we just say right so an so, we split it down the middle
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1918] yes, good
Richard (PS1K9) [1919] cos I think if, it gets, it gets awkward if er ... you do it piece [...]
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1920] oh yes, yes, oh yeah you wanna keep everything er
Richard (PS1K9) [1921] yes
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1922] just so
Richard (PS1K9) [1923] yes
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1924] that's right okay then
Richard (PS1K9) [1925] rightio then
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1926] unless I hear from you tomorrow night for any reason, we'll see you at nine forty fiveish, on Saturday
Jan (PS1KA) [1927] on erm Saturday
Richard (PS1K9) [1928] rightio
Jan (PS1KA) [1929] see you then
Richard (PS1K9) [1930] okay
Jan (PS1KA) [1931] yeah, bye.
Richard (PS1K9) [1932] er looks as if the snow's excellent doesn't it?
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1933] yeah it does doesn't it, so Saturday nine forty five, see you then
Richard (PS1K9) [1934] Rightio
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1935] bye, bye Dick
Richard (PS1K9) [1936] bye
Unknown speaker (KDRPSUNK) [1937] Jan [phonecall ends] .
Jan (PS1KA) [1938] Bye [phonecall ends] .
Richard (PS1K9) [1939] bye [phonecall ends] . ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1940] Right, what have we got left to do?
[1941] ... Nothing
Richard (PS1K9) [1942] Not a lot ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1943] have a cup of tea?
Richard (PS1K9) [1944] mm ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1945] Have a cup of tea?
[1946] ... Put the kettle on then
Richard (PS1K9) [1947] Right, er I just
Jan (PS1KA) [1948] erm
Richard (PS1K9) [1949] bring down the er
Jan (PS1KA) [1950] skis and the pack bags
Richard (PS1K9) [1951] skis and the bags
Jan (PS1KA) [1952] yeah ... okay then
Richard (PS1K9) [1953] er bring down the, the poles ... and that's about it
Jan (PS1KA) [1954] it feels too easy
Richard (PS1K9) [1955] Pardon?
Jan (PS1KA) [1956] it feels too easy
Richard (PS1K9) [1957] Well we're just efficient
Jan (PS1KA) [1958] hmm
Richard (PS1K9) [1959] I still can't find that, that, that sun cream
Jan (PS1KA) [1960] That sun cream, no ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1961] mm ... [clears throat] ... that's ... put the skis on the, put the holders on, could do with trying out those, I don't know if I feel like it tonight, but er ... trying out those chains
Jan (PS1KA) [...] ...
Richard (PS1K9) [1962] I couldn't find your little whizzy holder
Jan (PS1KA) [1963] [laugh] What d'ya mean whizzy holder?
Richard (PS1K9) [1964] [laugh] Your ski pack holder and er, and on er
Jan (PS1KA) [1965] Because it's attached to it, because it's attached to the
Richard (PS1K9) [laugh]
Jan (PS1KA) [1966] suit and you've knocked
Richard (PS1K9) [1967] oh
Jan (PS1KA) [1968] just knocked the lights out
Richard (PS1K9) [1969] oh dear ... still drunk that's what it is
Jan (PS1KA) [1970] yeah
Richard (PS1K9) [1971] mm ...
Jan (PS1KA) [1972] Where's your whizzy holder anyway?
Richard (PS1K9) [1973] Oh my whizzy holder's in the, in the, in the ruck [laugh]
Jan (PS1KA) [1974] Good, I'm glad you've got it under control
Richard (PS1K9) [1975] [laugh] ... oh me slippers have got to go in
Jan (PS1KA) [1976] What?
Richard (PS1K9) [1977] my slippers
Jan (PS1KA) [1978] Yeah shoes, we haven't sorted out shoes yet have we?
Richard (PS1K9) [1979] Shoes'll go in the boot bag, in the ski bags
Jan (PS1KA) [1980] Right
Richard (PS1K9) [1981] er
Jan (PS1KA) [1982] so I can put my trainers in ... my trainers, oh I could wear my trainers going out couldn't I?
Richard (PS1K9) [1983] Oh I'm not wearing my trainers because my feet stink in 'em
Jan (PS1KA) [1984] Your fee will smell, yes dear, disgusting, what about these knickers?
Richard (PS1K9) [1985] I think I'll wear those to go in, cos those fit me
Jan (PS1KA) [1986] Aye, I'll just take them upstairs then
Richard (PS1K9) [1987] er ... the map's there ... can't think of anything else
Jan (PS1KA) [...] ...