14 conversations recorded by `Rosemary' (PS0NR) between 14 and 16 April 1991 with 6 interlocutors, totalling 2252 s-units, 14407 words (duration not recorded).

8 speakers recorded by respondent number 808

PS0NR Ag5 f (Rosemary, age 81, retired, London, )
PS0NS Ag3 f (Eileen, age 40+, retired, Irish, ) friend
PS0NT Ag3 f (Joan, age 42, Lower South-west England, ) daughter
PS0NU Ag5 m (John, age 68, retired (building trade foreman), Irish, ) husband
PS0NV Ag0 m (John, age 13, student, Irish, ) grandson
PS0NW Ag4 f (Anne, age 47, Irish, ) friend
KDSPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KDSPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

14 recordings

  1. Tape 048302 recorded on 1991-04-14. LocationArmagh: Craigavon ( home ) Activity: chatting
  2. Tape 048303 recorded on 1991-04-14. LocationArmagh: Craigavon ( home ) Activity: chatting
  3. Tape 048304 recorded on 1991-04-14. LocationArmagh: Craigavon ( home ) Activity: chatting
  4. Tape 048305 recorded on 1991-04-14. LocationArmagh: Craigavon ( home ) Activity: chatting
  5. Tape 048306 recorded on 1991-04-16. LocationArmagh: Craigavon ( home ) Activity: chatting
  6. Tape 048307 recorded on 1991-04-16. LocationArmagh: Craigavon ( home ) Activity: chatting
  7. Tape 048308 recorded on 1991-04-16. LocationArmagh: Craigavon ( home ) Activity: chatting
  8. Tape 048309 recorded on 1991-04-16. LocationArmagh: Craigavon ( home ) Activity: chatting
  9. Tape 048310 recorded on 1991-04-16. LocationArmagh: Craigavon ( home ) Activity: chatting
  10. Tape 048311 recorded on 1991-04-16. LocationArmagh: Craigavon ( home ) Activity: chatting
  11. Tape 048312 recorded on 1991-04-16. LocationArmagh: Craigavon ( home ) Activity: chatting
  12. Tape 048501 recorded on unknown date. LocationArmagh: Craigavon ( home ) Activity: chatting
  13. Tape 048502 recorded on unknown date. LocationArmagh: Craigavon ( home ) Activity: chatting
  14. Tape 048503 recorded on unknown date. LocationArmagh: Craigavon ( home ) Activity: chatting

1 (Tape 048302)

Unknown speaker (KDSPSUNK) [1] So they're making a new dictionary? ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2] It's not writing ... sound ... sound.
[3] Instead of people having to read up the words in a dictionary it's gonna be a sound dictionary.
[4] ... Speak.
[5] ... [...] be able to speak to the, to the [...] machine
Eileen (PS0NS) [6] Mhm.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [7] and it will speak back what, what the meaning of that word is like with an ordinary dictionary.
[8] That's what they are ... researching to do. ...
Eileen (PS0NS) [9] [...] all different meanings of the wor but can you not just look at the dictionary and read the dictionary [...] ?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [10] Pardon?
Eileen (PS0NS) [11] Can you not just read the dictionary [...] ?
[12] ... You know just look up in the dictionary
Rosemary (PS0NR) [13] Yeah but er ... it was set up because of for foreigners [...] words ... to pronounce the words properly, that's why they wanted [...]
Unknown speaker (KDSPSUNK) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [14] [...] different people, [...] of people to do sections ... [...] pensioners ... er shopkeeper and a ... [...] ...

2 (Tape 048303)

Unknown speaker (KDSPSUNK) [15] Oh yes cos there must have been, that was John doing that ... [...] [laughing] [...] this is [] oh this is great fun he says, and he er [cough] Johnny was saying that erm [cough] if he whispered ... he would only speak up louder.
[16] What he knows about these things would be great.
[17] And he was saying that it's erm ... a speaking dic dictionary, that's what they're going to ... researching for
Eileen (PS0NS) [18] Mhm.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [19] a spoken dictionary.
[20] And he said what they're tr er what they want to do is erm ... pick out a word ... pick out a word and then ... in a conversation they would fi find out how many ... meanings to that one word.
Eileen (PS0NS) [21] Oh right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [22] You know er on er or how many spellings ... Eng in the English language, through ... though, though ... throughout, thorough, all spelt the, near enough the same
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [23] but all d all different meanings [cough] and they could pick out ... and I said well ... erm it would ... er ... be handy for foreign people to have a speaking dictionary because they would be able to pick up the pronunciation of that word wouldn't they?
Eileen (PS0NS) [24] Mhm.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [25] Instead of reading it down, I mean say a Frenchman reading it down, say through ... erm
Eileen (PS0NS) [26] He wouldn't understand that would he?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [27] he wouldn't understand that.
Eileen (PS0NS) [28] No. ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [29] And th they could get the pronunciation as well, be able to, to speak it properly besides spelling it.
[30] And they ... I think you would learn languages quickly by that way.
Eileen (PS0NS) [31] Oh yeah [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [32] [cough] So I think [cough] that's, I think that's what's gonna happen.
[33] [laugh] ... So erm
Eileen (PS0NS) [34] Well does ... will you still hear yourself Katie?
[35] Where that is.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [36] I suppose so.
Eileen (PS0NS) [37] I had mine away up here.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [38] Did you?
[39] Yeah your voice
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [40] your voice over you know
Eileen (PS0NS) [41] You know what, my voice was [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [42] Ah
Eileen (PS0NS) [43] I'd of [...] I just
Rosemary (PS0NR) [44] Could you?
[45] Yes [laugh]
Eileen (PS0NS) [46] [...] Imagine putting three tapes on [...] [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [47] Oh yeah!
Eileen (PS0NS) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KDSPSUNK) [...]
Eileen (PS0NS) [48] Well I have not stopped
Rosemary (PS0NR) [sigh]
Eileen (PS0NS) [49] [...] come home.
[50] Not ... I went to bed last night at twelve o'clock ... John and Ryan was in bed about twelve I think, the two of them just fell straight to sleep.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [51] Did you mind him going over there, staying over there ?
Eileen (PS0NS) [52] No I did not, I asked him if he wanted to stay.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [53] Did you?
Eileen (PS0NS) [54] Mhm.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [55] [laugh] He walked out
Eileen (PS0NS) [56] I
Rosemary (PS0NR) [57] walked out of here in a huff [laugh]
Eileen (PS0NS) [58] Did he?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [59] Yeah [laugh] ... See er John's a bit too, well he's a bit oldish or old in his ways to ... to have the responsibility of youngsters.
Eileen (PS0NS) [60] Mm.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [61] He, he can't let them go.
[62] He's worried about them the whole time.
Eileen (PS0NS) [63] I think that Ryan was saying something that John fell out with him because of his motorbike.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [64] Yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [65] He says [...] John's [...] won't speak to me now because of the motorbike ... and er ... I says oh Ryan you must be imagining things, he says no he says he just won't talk to me ... because I've got the motorbike.
[66] Well I said maybe
Rosemary (PS0NR) [...]
Eileen (PS0NS) [67] maybe he's worried about you falling off it or ... [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [68] Well he is worried about them having an accident with it but, but he's not er ... worried about him having the motorbike, no he ... cos he would have done the same as a er child anyway ... well things like that, but erm what he's worried about is that ... er with Ryan i and the other boy,n not Ryan so much, the other boy does it all the time, they're churning all the grass up all over there in great big
Eileen (PS0NS) [69] Well that's because Ryan [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [70] Yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [71] Well he goes like lightning over there
Rosemary (PS0NR) [72] Yeah well the police are down here ... watching and what J er ... what erm John, John's worried about is that erm ... the police have been along here and they've had, had complaints and John was out at the gate and he was talking to them and they, they'll fine them.
[73] And John says like ... Joan can't afford to p to pay fines.
[74] ... So
Eileen (PS0NS) [75] I don't think John's ever on Ryan's mind you.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [76] Oh he, he has
Eileen (PS0NS) [77] Has he?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [78] he has been on it yeah
Eileen (PS0NS) [79] Has he been on it?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [80] And then of course going up and down here see there's the notice up there no motorbikes.
Eileen (PS0NS) [81] Aye there's five, I think there's five courses now closed down, there's only two left.
[82] They're only allowed in two ... Ryan said.
[83] So where them two are I don't know.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [84] What the courses?
Eileen (PS0NS) [85] Mhm.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [86] Yeah.
[87] But this, this path ... it's against the law to ride on.
Eileen (PS0NS) [88] Yeah.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [89] See they've got, on the, on the lamp post there they've got the ... signs up.
Eileen (PS0NS) [90] Mhm.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [91] And like John said if they, the way they come along here so fast ... if any child came out of their back gate they'd have no chance.
Eileen (PS0NS) [92] Mm.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [93] No chance of stopping, they would kill theirselves.
Eileen (PS0NS) [94] Ryan used to wheel it down ... before I went to hospital he used to wheel it down ... but he, now I see he rides it down.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [95] Yeah that's because he's with the other boy.
[96] See when they're with others.
Eileen (PS0NS) [97] There's there's eleven, eleven
Rosemary (PS0NR) [98] Is there?
Eileen (PS0NS) [99] or twelve of them.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [100] Yeah.
[101] Yeah if they only wh wheeled it down and then they're allowed on the paths
Eileen (PS0NS) [102] I'll have a word with him.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [103] round.
[104] And er ... but not where there's houses, it's like a car
Eileen (PS0NS) [105] That's right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [106] you've got your thirty mile limit
Eileen (PS0NS) [107] That's right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [108] wha er like
Eileen (PS0NS) [109] It's true you know if a di if a child did come out the gate, with that wee fella yesterday I saw him ... he was with Ryan ... and he went up that [...] path like lightning.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [110] Yeah.
[111] Yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [112] I heard Ryan coming on ... a good wee bit behind him, but this, [...] up that path like, I says to [...] if that wee fella fell off that bike he's killed.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [113] Yes.
[114] Yes [...]
Eileen (PS0NS) [115] But his coat his coat was flapping like that.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [116] [...] yeah.
[117] And, or else he'd be severely injured that he's got the, the family rest of their life having to look after him and ... and could kill somebody.
Eileen (PS0NS) [118] Couldn't couldn't [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [119] See cos there's no insurance or licence
Eileen (PS0NS) [120] Well Ryan Ryan, he's insured.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [121] Is he?
Eileen (PS0NS) [122] Mhm.
[123] We've had, we've them insured from when they were born.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [124] Aha.
[125] ... But fr
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [126] but insured for riding a bike?
Eileen (PS0NS) [127] No.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [128] No, see they're, they're supposed to have an insurance [...] mechanical and a licence.
[129] ... So they could be stopped.
[130] I think the, the police are just ... watching
Eileen (PS0NS) [131] Mm.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [132] but if they really catch them ... cos they're down here a lot now because of er what's going on underneath those arches
Eileen (PS0NS) [133] Ooh them arches are terrible Kate.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [134] Ooh the other night you never heard
Eileen (PS0NS) [135] [...] drugs oh dear dear.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [136] But a lot of them ... young kids of twelve year old, twelve to thirteen
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [137] Yeah, yeah course i it's when they're
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [138] in with a crowd they, they, they get a bit you know,dar daredevils, they ooh, they want to do it.
[139] But it's only when they're in a crowd but course, among that crowd are some that are bad and some that are good get carried along with them, that's
Eileen (PS0NS) [140] Mm that's the thing.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [141] that, that's the trouble. [...]
Eileen (PS0NS) [142] And that's true you know [...] Lindsey's far too old for her age or you'd think she was o she er oh she was like Andrea
Rosemary (PS0NR) [143] Yeah.
[144] Yes, yeah, yeah
Eileen (PS0NS) [145] you know the way Andrea was at that age?
[146] You would have swore she was ... seventeen
Rosemary (PS0NR) [147] Yes, mhm.
Eileen (PS0NS) [148] well Lindsey, mind she [...] smoking when she was twelve and drinking ... and she didn't like it she says because it made her head go all funny and she didn't know what was going on, what was happening.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [149] Oh dear [...]
Eileen (PS0NS) [150] But she says mummy I didn't like that feeling.
[151] And
Rosemary (PS0NR) [152] Ah
Eileen (PS0NS) [153] she says I didn't take any more, and I haven't taken any more.
[154] And I cried, I must have cried Kate for two hours.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [155] Yeah I know it's awful worry, if they only understood how, how the parents worry about it.
Eileen (PS0NS) [156] Well then I must have cried for two hours and [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [157] Yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [158] After all the, the [...] and feeling great [...] just knocked the [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [159] Course it do course it do.
[160] That's wh that's what er any er John gets t touchy because he can't really, big man he is, he, he can't really take responsibility
Eileen (PS0NS) [161] Mhm.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [162] and he thinks that while the children are here, he's responsible for every move.
[163] It's got so that he was the same with Joan, [...]
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [164] you have to let
Eileen (PS0NS) [165] you have to let go.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [166] have to let go.
[167] Erm
Eileen (PS0NS) [168] Because I found with Lindsey, anyway, with Ryan I had no trouble or nothing ... cos the only
Rosemary (PS0NR) [169] Yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [170] bother I've ever had with him, and he goes on to it and away he goes and he'll come back in the house ... and he'll go up the stairs [...] to the computer, and that's his life.
[171] But with Lindsey it was the smoking, the drinking ... staying out, out pretending she was babysitting ... erm ringing her daddy home and saying daddy can I babysit the night till half eleven ... and her daddy's thinking that she was telling the truth
Rosemary (PS0NR) [172] Yeah that [...]
Eileen (PS0NS) [173] and then he's saying yes as long as you, you are babysitting
Rosemary (PS0NR) [174] Aha.
Eileen (PS0NS) [175] and she wasn't babysitting, she was out till half eleven at night
Rosemary (PS0NR) [176] Aha.
Eileen (PS0NS) [177] and I phoned one night late and, it was late and I phoned for I wanted her to come home, and I was [...] it was quarter to twelve and [...] said [...] she's not home yet.
[178] Well Kate what a night I spent and ... I must have phoned
Rosemary (PS0NR) [179] Yeah
Eileen (PS0NS) [180] every ten minutes.
[181] So she arrived, eventually arrived in at quarter to twelve.
[182] She said she'd been babysitting, but then [...] and the doors and [...] and [...] and I [...] this filthy, filthy, dirty letter somebody had written to her, some other girl
Rosemary (PS0NR) [183] Aha yeah
Eileen (PS0NS) [184] that she'd chummed about with had written to her
Rosemary (PS0NR) [185] Mhm.
Eileen (PS0NS) [186] and we were gonna get the police to ge ... w well i it just said the, the short name and we thought it was a boy that had written ... and if it had've been we were gonna get the police because she's under age you see.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [187] She's under age, yeah.
[188] Mhm.
Eileen (PS0NS) [189] And er ... I [...] so ... so I brought her and her three friends that she'd run, chummed about with them ... and I give them a good talking to for about an hour.
[190] ... I [...] and er ... told Lindsey if she'd ever any problems never to write them down to a friend
Rosemary (PS0NR) [191] Yeah
Eileen (PS0NS) [192] but to come to me
Rosemary (PS0NR) [193] do you, do you want this off?
Eileen (PS0NS) [194] No ... no ... but suppose some other mother may be listening to it have go through the same thing.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [195] Mhm.
Eileen (PS0NS) [196] But she's ... getting carried away with this, though her friends are good enough but they're all getting carried away as you would say ... with a bad crowd.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [197] Yeah, yes it's ... only wants one bad one among the crowd, like a ba a b bad apple, go through the lot. [...]
Eileen (PS0NS) [198] [...] I'm having the trouble with her at the moment.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [199] But what chance have they got round here?
[200] I mean that's the that's the attitude of
Eileen (PS0NS) [201] Well there's nothing for them
Rosemary (PS0NR) [202] of the majority of them isn't it?
Eileen (PS0NS) [203] there is nothing for them.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [204] Nothing.
[205] ... Well thank God Joan's gone through that period.
[206] She was the same.
[207] She used to say, say, phone up and say she was ... and I used to say well where ... give me the address, just anything happens to us
Eileen (PS0NS) [208] Mhm.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [209] we can get in touch, well she'd never give the address of where she was babysitting.
[210] And she'd, she'd even get her girlfriend's mother to ring up to say she was staying there the night, the mothers used to s ring up Joan ... tell them that it was al alright for er for er Andrea to stay there the night and she was never, she was camping out in the fields with a crowd of them [tut] oh
Eileen (PS0NS) [211] [...] go through it you know.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [212] Yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [213] You don't realize [...] you're going through it.
[214] I never realized what I put my mother through when I was going
Rosemary (PS0NR) [215] And it was er [...]
Eileen (PS0NS) [216] through it my, myself.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [217] No.
[218] Oh w well I don't think the temptations were there when we were younger.
Eileen (PS0NS) [219] No.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [220] Not like the ... I feel sorry
Eileen (PS0NS) [221] Even conversation like me and you talking here, the children would have been put outside
Rosemary (PS0NR) [222] Yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [223] or up on their beds or something.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [224] That's right.
[225] Not allowed to speak
Eileen (PS0NS) [226] No.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [227] or anything like that.
[228] Didn't do us any harm
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [229] Eilleen, did it?
[230] All this strict upbringing.
[231] My father was very strict
Eileen (PS0NS) [232] Well [...] that's what [...] fourteen, and I've had never no trouble with him.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [233] No.
Eileen (PS0NS) [234] Never ever had a, except he ... he goes mad when he gets older but I don't think it's him
Rosemary (PS0NR) [235] No, no see ... eventually
Eileen (PS0NS) [236] you know [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [237] er when Pearl, my other daughter came over Christmas, course Andrea was more or less still going through a bit of a rough period with ... between her grandfather and her, you know?
[238] Erm ... and she's had seven ... youngsters and she's brought them up and she a , on her own she's had to bring them up cos he left her for another, another woman ... and erm she had the seven ... and she's worked and fought hard cos she wouldn't ask for a darn thing ... and er ... they're, they're great those kids, they are, they're a credit to her, you know, but it's taken it out of her, she's
Eileen (PS0NS) [239] That's what I said, it takes it out of you.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [240] Ooh!
[241] It's taken it out of her but she's
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [242] fought hard for them but she's been very
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [243] I've marvelled at her cos as a youngster I never thought she was capable of doing what she's done, and she's brought them up fine and ... fair.
[244] She's, she's let go when she knew that she ought to let go.
[245] [laughing] And she, she had a go at er [] Johnny here, she said you
Eileen (PS0NS) [246] Well when do you let go Kate?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [247] she said you, you've got to tr you've got to trust them ... and, and
Eileen (PS0NS) [248] But when you trust them and then they tell you lies what do you do?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [249] Yeah ... yeah but
Eileen (PS0NS) [250] You know I just can't er
Rosemary (PS0NR) [251] but she said ... but ... Pearl said what's in them when they're born ... what [...] take after their mother and their father [cough] that'll come out in the finish.
[252] They go through these periods of revolting against ... their sort of erm tight upbringing
Eileen (PS0NS) [253] Mhm.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [254] and they revolt against it and you've just gotta keep your fingers crossed that nothing happens to them in that period.
[255] But they do come out of it cos Joan's, Joan's had
Eileen (PS0NS) [256] Mine's just going through it very young though.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [257] Yeah, well Joan was, Joan was the same ... and she's a different girl altogether, she's, she's absolutely great.
[258] Cos it's, it's there, it's her nature like Pearl said, her nature as she is will
Eileen (PS0NS) [259] When I look at Lindsey
Rosemary (PS0NR) [260] come out the same.
Eileen (PS0NS) [261] when I look at Lindsey and what she's doing at the minute, I look back to my own life ... at her age
Rosemary (PS0NR) [262] Mhm.
Eileen (PS0NS) [263] I was doing exactly the same.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [264] Were you?
[265] Aha.
Eileen (PS0NS) [266] You know
Rosemary (PS0NR) [267] Yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [268] when I, I was ... staying out late at night, I was going against my mother, every word she said it was ... wrong you know I wanted to do my own thing and
Rosemary (PS0NR) [269] Oh yeah, aha, yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [270] I see an awful, awful lot of Lindsey in me.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [271] Mhm.
Eileen (PS0NS) [272] What I used to be like ... not, not as young as her like
Rosemary (PS0NR) [273] No.
Eileen (PS0NS) [274] you know
Rosemary (PS0NR) [275] No of course that's all gradually gone on see, I mean when ... even when er at fourteen, fifteen we, we had to be, all be in bed asleep before nine o'clock at night.
[276] ... [laugh] What are you going in there for? [...]
Eileen (PS0NS) [277] John
Rosemary (PS0NR) [278] And he would be the right one to b be on this because I mean he's so intelligent, he would ... but [laughing] he won't even [] ... I think he must of turned that tape on yesterday. [laugh]
Eileen (PS0NS) [279] Aye [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [280] But he speaks the, the wo ... A Ann was her name, she said that he speaks too softly to ... to go on to that.
Eileen (PS0NS) [281] Well I don't suppose they'll, they'll never understand me I don't suppose.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [282] [laughing] Oh dear []
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [283] They only pick out a word ... word here and there see
Eileen (PS0NS) [284] Oh [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [285] Yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [286] Aha.
[287] ... Yeah.
[288] ... Joan's just rung ... see they come over for, all of them come over for dinner every Sunday, and er [cough] Joan's er Andrea's going out with a crowd of them today ... she's in with a nice girl ... a girl er married and the husband, he's ... treats Andrea as if it's a ... baby sister, so he's more or less looking after her which is ... Joan's very pleased about
Eileen (PS0NS) [289] Mhm.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [290] and they live near them ... and his wife's, he's away from home a lot, so his wife's happy because she's got Joan for company and gradually [cough] she's getting her old self and she won't be coming over today so she's phoned her granddad up to let him know so ... he won't be worried.
[291] It gets to them in the finish ... and there's about eight of them
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [292] all going out for a Chinese because it's this girl's birthday tomorrow, so there's ... er ... eight of them all going out.
Eileen (PS0NS) [293] Well Lindsey she's [...] to go to a disco night in [...] in a fortnight's time ... all her friends she says are going.
[294] So I says only on one condition ... if your daddy pi leaves you at the door at [...] school and picks you up
Rosemary (PS0NR) [295] Oh yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [296] after.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [297] Mhm.
Eileen (PS0NS) [298] Well you can't get out to get drunk or do anything bad.
[299] Well she'll be in the [...] school there'll be, there'll be teachers there that'll be watching over them
Rosemary (PS0NR) [300] Yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [301] you know and ... she says well ... I said that's the only way Lindsey you're going to get it ... and I says I mean that's the only way you're going to get it.
[302] So er she says well you can think about it for a fortnight er you see her daddy put out discos altogether because of the lies but she [...] cos she gets nervous because when she's telling a lie to you ... she'll go red [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [303] Red.
[304] Oh you can read their faces can't you?
Eileen (PS0NS) [305] You don't even have to look at her face, you just have to look at her neck.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [306] Yeah.
[307] Yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [308] [...] I blame myself you see for going in the hospital.
[309] Now this is the first weekend Kate we'd really a good weekend you know ... I've worked and worked and last weekend I could do nothing.
[310] The weekend before that they only allowed me out one day overnight
Rosemary (PS0NR) [311] So do you feel better in yourself then?
Eileen (PS0NS) [312] I feel great.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [313] Yeah, oh great.
[314] You're not, have you still got
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [315] to do that six months or not?
Eileen (PS0NS) [316] No.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [317] Oh good.
Eileen (PS0NS) [...] [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [318] Oh good, yeah.
[319] Well that was hanging over your head.
Eileen (PS0NS) [320] Oh that was, I, I was waiting on them saying [...] ... and you see you're constantly [...] worry of what's going on at home, and that's not helping really.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [321] Yeah aha. [laugh]
Eileen (PS0NS) [322] Whereas when you are at home
Rosemary (PS0NR) [323] I've just said are you still having to do the six months, it'll sound as if you're getting [laughing] a prison sentence [] [laugh]
Eileen (PS0NS) [324] Well it is a prison sentence let me tell you
Rosemary (PS0NR) [325] It is like, yeah, instead of having for, for, for treat treatment
Eileen (PS0NS) [326] for you're watched where you're going and you're followed where you're going.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [327] Oh yes I mean their attitude there is not very good is it?
[328] Not, it's n no good f to help.
Eileen (PS0NS) [329] Well I'm going in this weekend, I've to go in tomorrow ... morning, and I'm gonna just say I want to go home.
[330] ... But then they'll [...] and say wait till Thursday till the round, the doctor's round.
[331] See even if it's only for the three days
Rosemary (PS0NR) [332] Oh of course the doctor's got to sign you off anyway hasn't he?
Eileen (PS0NS) [333] I'd rather have the doctor saying that I can't go home ... rather than me signing myself out.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [334] Yeah, oh yes
Eileen (PS0NS) [335] But you see you worry about Lindsey at home.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [336] Yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [337] Well her daddy he's not so bad, he's ... I think he has two long days ... but as you say well sh sh you can't
Rosemary (PS0NR) [...]
Eileen (PS0NS) [338] be with them every twenty four hours of the day can you?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [339] No, no, no. [...]
Eileen (PS0NS) [340] Only
Rosemary (PS0NR) [341] but we had the same thing with, course it's going back ... Joan's generation ... er ... see ... younger generation altogether than mine but ... our, our lives were [cough] well we'll say well [cough] my father was in the Secret Service, in the government, Scotland Yard [cough] ... but erm
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [342] so we was known, no no, no dear, no it's, I've, tell by the sound of the throat, got a s bit of a sore throat
Eileen (PS0NS) [343] You're [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [344] Filled up [...] ?
Eileen (PS0NS) [345] No [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [346] Have I?
[347] Yeah, mm well I
Eileen (PS0NS) [348] You've lost an awful lot of weight
Rosemary (PS0NR) [349] Yeah, yeah, look ... [laughing] [...] get the fingers round there [] .
[350] I couldn't do these up some time ago but erm I have, I've lost weight, but erm
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [351] Mm ... feel good.
[352] So erm ... [tut] the only thing this shaking comes on ... but er years ago I mean ... we daren't go against our parents.
Eileen (PS0NS) [353] Oh [...] ... you wouldn't go, well I wouldn't say that you could ... my father would've half killed us
Rosemary (PS0NR) [354] If he knew, yeah, yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [355] but it didn't do us any good.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [356] Well w we didn't have to do, do anything that way because we were allowed ... our freedom up to a certain time ... and that was it.
Eileen (PS0NS) [357] Mm.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [358] But there wasn't the temptations now you see
Eileen (PS0NS) [359] At six o'clock you were dead.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [360] Then.
[361] Yeah.
[362] Well even m er my kiddies ... er ... not An er Joan so much but the others ... seven o'clock was the latest they ever went to bed.
Eileen (PS0NS) [363] I remember mummy putting us to bed at six.
[364] Six o'clock on a Saturday night and [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [365] Yeah, mm, yeah.
[366] Well we was the same a and er they didn't mind it.
[367] ... I was laughing about with er what's, I'm gonna write er a note to my chi er letter to my children for, you know, before ... very long ... no good thinking about it, well you wouldn't think about it after ... when it's too late, but my kids have been a ... you know a great comfort ... the four from my first ... Joan, Joan has too, she's been a dear but we had the same problems when she was getting older.
[368] Times I've, I've sat up at the window trying to wa watch her coming round ... two o'clock in the morning ... hoping that he's fallen asleep down in the armchair.
[369] And then opening the door quietly for her to come in and
Eileen (PS0NS) [370] You do, you try to stand up for them, protect them
Rosemary (PS0NR) [371] Oh!
[372] Yeah yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [373] you know
Rosemary (PS0NR) [374] But i is it right?
[375] But then when he has
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [376] wo woken up and heard her come in and that he's had her standing in front of him and the old finger's been going, exactly what he's doing now, he's done it with his
Eileen (PS0NS) [377] Mm
Rosemary (PS0NR) [378] with Joan.
[379] And the finger's stood there and she's had to stand there [laughing] shaking from head to foot []
Eileen (PS0NS) [380] Well I know the night Lindsey was smoking and she had [...] or something ... but [...] smelt the smoke on her breath and he got the belt and he gave her a belt ... and I lay in bed ... Kay and I cried
Rosemary (PS0NR) [381] Yeah it's, yeah
Eileen (PS0NS) [382] I couldn't there was nothing I could do.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [383] Yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [384] And if I had a ... went in to comfort her ... I might as well of undone everything he did [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [385] Yeah that's right she, you, you've gotta er grit
Eileen (PS0NS) [386] But it didn't do any good, the next morning she was smoking in the bathroom.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [387] Was she?
Eileen (PS0NS) [388] So it didn't help.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [389] No.
Eileen (PS0NS) [390] She was grounded.
[391] ... That hasn't helped.
[392] She has talked, we've talked to her yesterday, was it yesterday?
[393] ... Or the day before?
[394] Yesterday I think ... well m maybe the day before ... Friday.
[395] So she started to cry and all then and said [...] she said she was sorry, and right enough she stuck to the time ... that we allow her to, she's come in last night dead on the button.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [396] Did she?
[397] Oh yeah, yeah.
[398] That's give her the start and then you
Eileen (PS0NS) [399] I says Lindsey if you want us to trust you, you have got to tell the truth
Rosemary (PS0NR) [400] Yeah, oh yes see
Eileen (PS0NS) [401] and let us know what you're doing.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [402] Yeah.
[403] ... You see even when they tell the truth, if they've been telling lies for a long time, even if they, when they tell the truth you don't believe them
Eileen (PS0NS) [404] Mhm
Rosemary (PS0NR) [405] because of the lies they've told before
Eileen (PS0NS) [406] that's right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [407] so that you
Eileen (PS0NS) [408] Well she was staying overnight at some wee girl's house ... and I'd say well that's alright as long as you're ... as long as, you know, that ... know the wee girl's mother maybe, she's a daughter a wee bit older than Lindsey herself who had the [...] , but no this mother ... see [...] she was divorced and going with these men and let her daughter stay out to half eleven, and Lindsey ... was,n wasn't in her house till half eleven.
[409] So I says now that's stopped
Rosemary (PS0NR) [410] Yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [411] so that definitely has stopped, you'll not be staying with anybody ... overnight.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [412] No.
[413] You see
Eileen (PS0NS) [414] But it's hard Kay isn't it?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [415] it was, that's the same with er
Eileen (PS0NS) [416] But [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [417] with, with my granddaughter, she, she did the same s she used to go and babysit at this girl's house and she fe felt, she was only fourteen, and she felt sorry for her ... and she'd go and babysit every night she'd go and babysit ... and er ... but she used to b sit up in the bedroom, she never ever went down the sitting room thinking that the ... child's mother was either down in the sitting room or just going out for a short while and coming back and then eventually they put erm a bed up in the child's bedroom for ... Denise to stay there over nights and Pearl didn't worry at all, well she knew, knew where, at least she knew where and er ... this girl was bringing men back down in the sitting room every night, three or four, sometimes ten men in a night ... during the night!
[418] And Denise is there ... fourteen and a very attractive girl and that [tut] .
[419] The, the [...] that she was under, and Pearl did, Pearl was trusting her and, and knew, and so the ... Denise was saying the right thing, she was staying in the bedroom, never knew what was going on down there.
[420] It's these people that ... lead to [cough]
Eileen (PS0NS) [421] I know.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [422] They've got no thought only for their selfish own ways you see.
Eileen (PS0NS) [423] That's right.
[424] Well I says to Lindsey, said if you ever want me out of that hospital Lindsey you'd better start and be good.
[425] But I know she's gonna [...] sh she's in tonight and she's gonna have to go out there.
[426] I know she is, it's a stage she's going through.
[427] You know?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [428] Mhm.
Eileen (PS0NS) [429] But hopefully [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [430] Yeah
Eileen (PS0NS) [431] last too long. ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [432] Oh yeah.
[433] I do
Eileen (PS0NS) [434] Andrea was up to see me one day.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [435] What up at the hospital?
Eileen (PS0NS) [436] Mhm.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [437] Oh did she, she, did she go?
[438] She said she w you know, would like to go
Eileen (PS0NS) [439] She come up
Rosemary (PS0NR) [440] up to see Eilleen and I said I'm sure it would be alright.
Eileen (PS0NS) [441] Mhm.
[442] We were talking of the boys you know one time she used to go with Richard and
Rosemary (PS0NR) [443] [cough] Yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [444] she says Eilleen do you remember the time she said I went with Richard?
[445] I says c how could I ever forget it, I said it must have been near halloween, one halloween, for I remember her coming to the party ... and that's how her and Richard met.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [446] Aha. [cough]
Eileen (PS0NS) [447] [...] she was saying now is he still going with the girl that he was, that he's going wi he was going with and I says he's still [...] .
[448] That's where he's away this weekend to her place, and then he's going next weekend because there's some wedding do or something ... er so he's to go [...] next weekend, he goes there, stays with her parents and then she'll come down the weekend after that ... and stay at our house.
[449] She'll, she'll
Rosemary (PS0NR) [450] That's er er c
Eileen (PS0NS) [451] sleep in Lindsey's room you see and then
Rosemary (PS0NR) [452] Does she?
Eileen (PS0NS) [453] Lindsey sleeps ... in Richard's bed and Richard he sleeps on the settee.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [454] Yeah. ...
Eileen (PS0NS) [455] So er
Rosemary (PS0NR) [456] Well then er er
Eileen (PS0NS) [457] he's settled down.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [458] it's going ni it's going nice, oh good.
[459] Gr Joan
Eileen (PS0NS) [460] That's going good now.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [461] er Andrea has even, I suppose it was one day last week she was happened to speak about ... ooh she said ... I was only thinking d the other day she said I was long the longest with Richie R Richie
Eileen (PS0NS) [462] She calls him [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [463] R R Ricky er Richie er [cough] ... longer than she'd been with any ... you know, boy that she got on with [...]
Eileen (PS0NS) [464] Well Richard's so much,i it's what [...] an awful lot of childishness in him
Rosemary (PS0NR) [465] Yeah [cough]
Eileen (PS0NS) [466] He still plays with wee men, you know he, he will have this strip of board [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [467] Yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [468] and he would have all these wee men ... and like ... different huts, and this is all set out ... and he's a brilliant [...] drawer, I've never seen him draw
Rosemary (PS0NR) [469] Is he?
Eileen (PS0NS) [470] oh really brilliant drawer
Rosemary (PS0NR) [471] Really.
Eileen (PS0NS) [472] I was cleaning out the room there the other day and he must be training, he must be weightlifting or something up in the bedroom but he's a health ... health book, a big thick health book ... and there's bodies, you know, the human body
Rosemary (PS0NR) [473] Aha.
Eileen (PS0NS) [474] and their muscles would be [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [475] Yeah
Eileen (PS0NS) [476] where the muscles are
Rosemary (PS0NR) [477] Aha.
Eileen (PS0NS) [478] and honest to goodness Kay they're brilliant, where he has, where he has just
Rosemary (PS0NR) [479] Aha
Eileen (PS0NS) [480] copied them out of the book.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [481] Well what's he going in for?
[482] Does he want to go in for ta
Eileen (PS0NS) [483] He's he's might be getting a job, I don't know what he want he doesn't really know what he wants to do yet
Rosemary (PS0NR) [484] Oh.
Eileen (PS0NS) [485] but he might be getting a job felting roofs, putting roofs and [...] and
Rosemary (PS0NR) [486] Oh well that th that's a pity if he's got a a a thing for drawing, he wants to go in for
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [487] draughtsmanship or something like that, people
Eileen (PS0NS) [488] I says Richard would you not even go on to the tech and, or somewhere that you could ... get better on your drawing and he, he
Rosemary (PS0NR) [489] Develop on that.
Eileen (PS0NS) [490] does really brilliant figures of people you know.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [491] Yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [492] Er er he tried one time, he'd got his daddy's photograph ... and he was actually trying to draw his father ... from the photograph
Rosemary (PS0NR) [493] Mhm.
[494] Mhm.
Eileen (PS0NS) [495] and there was a great resemblance.
[496] But these men, you know these, these ... men with the armour and all on them?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [497] Oh yes, soldiers
Eileen (PS0NS) [498] Oh he's brilliant, he has them stuck on the side of his wardrobe door on big pages this size, you know, maybe this height, and it's detailed right through the whole thing.
[499] Me and Andy
Rosemary (PS0NR) [500] You, you want
Eileen (PS0NS) [501] was looking at them the other day and they're really brilliant.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [502] You want to let John see them cos he's a marvellous artist.
Eileen (PS0NS) [503] Mhm.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [504] You want to see the oil paintings he's done.
Eileen (PS0NS) [505] I must bring them, I must bring a couple [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [506] Yeah bring them over and let John
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [507] see them
Eileen (PS0NS) [508] Mhm.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [509] perhaps he'll talk him into
Eileen (PS0NS) [510] It's these things that [...] have gone for but Richard is very much a child [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [511] Yeah well ... yes but, perhaps it's a good thing.
Eileen (PS0NS) [512] He's no dr he doesn't drink and he doesn't smoke.
[513] He sits up the stairs and either plays the computer or draws these men or plays with these wee men all over the place, so
Rosemary (PS0NR) [514] Yeah.
[515] Well I mean all men go in for these model things.
Eileen (PS0NS) [516] [...] all models [...] he must have
Rosemary (PS0NR) [517] Yeah [cough]
Eileen (PS0NS) [518] a hundred of them.
[519] But they're all, they must be all of different armies you know?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [520] Yeah.
[521] That's right.
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [522] Oh well they, they, they do th , men do those things until they're
Eileen (PS0NS) [523] Andrew [...] sit there and play with them.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [524] aged seventy and eighty, yeah well, that's not, that's not childish,me
Eileen (PS0NS) [...] [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [525] men, course men rea never really grow up do they?
[526] Not really. [laugh]
Eileen (PS0NS) [whispering] [...] []
Rosemary (PS0NR) [527] I know [laughing] but that's alright []
Eileen (PS0NS) [528] But they don't, they don't at all
Rosemary (PS0NR) [529] But er
Eileen (PS0NS) [530] I remember Andy picking toys for Ryan that he would like to play with himself
Rosemary (PS0NR) [531] Yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [532] when Ryan was younger.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [533] Well I think every man's, every man's the same, especially fathers
Eileen (PS0NS) [534] And I [...] the same for, when Lindsey was a wee girl ... and I mean a wee girl like, I'd pick wee things for her I'd of loved my mummy to buy me.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [535] Yeah, mm yeah.
[536] It's in, it's in
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [537] all of us.
[538] Oh it's pouring with rain.
Eileen (PS0NS) [539] Is it?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [540] Mm.
[541] Just coming, it's started to come down.
[542] Yeah I think we're all the same though, we all sort of dwell back on our
Eileen (PS0NS) [543] There's a child in us somewhere.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [544] Yes, mhm.
Eileen (PS0NS) [545] There's a bit of the child in us somewhere
Rosemary (PS0NR) [546] Yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [547] Yeah.
[548] But my, my brothers with er, with models and things like that, one of them's still got er ... the lead ... er ... soldiers on horseback and
Eileen (PS0NS) [549] That's what these are.
[550] They're l lead men you know and he has er ... painted this [...] ... and it must be something to do with these men ... but these drawings now, I've never seen drawings like them
Rosemary (PS0NR) [551] Yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [552] like them and I must say, tell him you wanna see them ... because me and him don't talk very much ... because
Rosemary (PS0NR) [553] No.
Eileen (PS0NS) [554] he's either up the stairs ... well he came down one night right enough he was talking to his girl on the phone, she phones him through the week ... and er he was a bit depressed because he ... he hadn't the money, he's, he's on the [...] and he hasn't really the money to give in for housekeeping plus try and get driving lessons and his daddy won't let him [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [555] No see [cough]
Eileen (PS0NS) [556] housekeeping money for he wants him to learn the, the value of money
Rosemary (PS0NR) [557] Yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [558] Well that's, yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [559] Well I says Andy cut it down a bit like, even if you could cut, cut it down a bit for [...] and I says he can't afford to give big housekeeping money and plus try and get a bus away to Kilkeel and take out, or take ... the wee girl out, what do you call her, Sonia.
[560] So his daddy cut it down to twelve pound a fortnight, that's six pound a week
Rosemary (PS0NR) [561] Mhm.
Eileen (PS0NS) [562] and his daddy says I'm not going any lower than that Richard.
[563] So right enough Richard was pleased for Richard thought it was gonna be ten pound a week
Rosemary (PS0NR) [564] Aha.
Eileen (PS0NS) [565] you know?
[566] So he's away to Kilkeel and I says [...] getting engaged and he says to me ... do you want rid of me or something?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [laugh]
Eileen (PS0NS) [567] You know I really hurt him.
[568] But I was only kidding him going
Rosemary (PS0NR) [569] Yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [570] you know but er he took it ... bad, he, he says do you not
Rosemary (PS0NR) [571] Yeah it was where J
Eileen (PS0NS) [572] do you not want me in the house.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [573] where John was born, Kilkeel.
Eileen (PS0NS) [574] Is that right?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [575] Mm.
Eileen (PS0NS) [576] Well that's where [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [577] He was b he was born up in the mountains
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [578] up in the mountains of Mourne.
Eileen (PS0NS) [579] [...] the wee girl [...] .
[580] Sure if [...] the weekend sure she would, she, she loves just coming down and would wash the dishes and dry them but Richard won't let her do it.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [581] Yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [582] He'll say no you're down here to visit.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [583] I'm, I, I noticed er Ricky, they were coming across ... I was er washing the erm venetian blinds up in the er er bedrooms and ... he came out with his young lady and er they came down ac across the grass and he was in front, and he jumped over the fence at the bottom, and she ... this little, and she was ha was having to climb and she was stuck th like that, and he looked back and thought she, he, she was with him and when he s and er he went back, but he went back, and I thought to myself oh like a gentleman, and lifted her over.
Eileen (PS0NS) [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [584] Yeah he did and I thought to myself oh well you're, you're growing up Ricky, I thought to myself.
[585] ... I had to smile
Eileen (PS0NS) [586] [laughing] Oh dear []
Rosemary (PS0NR) [587] because of the way he did it, you know?
[588] And it was great
Eileen (PS0NS) [589] Andrew says
Rosemary (PS0NR) [590] and then they went off and talking away to each other, it was, it was lovely.
Eileen (PS0NS) [591] [...] mm
Rosemary (PS0NR) [592] Yeah.
[593] And of course
Eileen (PS0NS) [594] But there's still an awful lot of the child in him.
[595] You know?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [596] Yeah.
[597] Yeah well ... I think they
Eileen (PS0NS) [598] And he sent me a lovely Mother's Day card
Rosemary (PS0NR) [599] I think they all are, you know.
Eileen (PS0NS) [600] a lovely Mother's Day card
Rosemary (PS0NR) [601] Mhm.
Eileen (PS0NS) [602] And he's a, he's something framed up in the room there, I haven't ... it's a ... certificate for something ... [...] ... they've got from school, and he's that framed and up in his room.
[603] But his drawings are really good, you know well when I say drawings er drawings are, these are army, armed men you know
Rosemary (PS0NR) [604] Yes.
Eileen (PS0NS) [605] real [...] armed men
Rosemary (PS0NR) [606] Mhm.
Eileen (PS0NS) [607] and ... he may be [...] and careless and just throws his clothes down everywhere ... but then his mind's in the right place.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [608] Oh well you know peo people that throw their clothes around and untidy, they ... turn out the best of people.
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [609] Yeah.
[610] ... N you're not gonna speak, no, but can I ask you something?
[611] ... Eh?
[612] ... [laugh] [laughing] He's gone up there []
Eileen (PS0NS) [613] May I ask you something John?
John (PS0NU) [614] What?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [615] [whispering] Will you make a cup of coffee [] ? ...
Eileen (PS0NS) [616] You, you have put on the weight [laughing] [...] .
[617] You're like myself []
Rosemary (PS0NR) [618] That's the s that's the s
John (PS0NU) [619] I'm trying to copy you.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [620] that's the sweets, that's the sweets he eats
Eileen (PS0NS) [621] That's what I'm saying, you're like myself.
John (PS0NU) [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [622] that's the sw
Eileen (PS0NS) [623] [...] I've, I've put on an awful lot of weight.
John (PS0NU) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [624] that's the sw tha that's the sweets he eats er
Eileen (PS0NS) [625] Are you a sweetie lover?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [626] oh God, do you know
Eileen (PS0NS) [627] Are you a sweetie eater?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [628] you know Joan er Andrea, wasn't it?
[629] Andrea bought him, you know the big ja he's g always got a pocket full [laughing] any time at all ooh [] that jar ... Andrea bought him that Christmas full of toffees
Eileen (PS0NS) [630] Oh gracious.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [631] and Joan came over ... she came over about a week or so after, not, not much more than a week, and she sat there and she said oh well yeah I'll have one of your, he asked if we'd like a sweet, she said yeah I'll have one ... dad.
[632] And he gets the jar [laugh] cor she said that's disgusting ... [laughing] dad she said [] and he had ... course he blames all of us for having some but we hadn't touched them.
Eileen (PS0NS) [633] There you are you see.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [634] Of course every now and again the hand goes down the side ... a hand goes down and up comes the sweets and it's continuous.
[635] ... Ooh what's happened to this? ...
John (PS0NU) [636] Sugar Eilleen?
Eileen (PS0NS) [637] [...] John, if it's a mug two ... if it's a mug ... two please.
[638] ... These all your Mother's Day cards [...] ?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [639] Yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [640] I've a lovely one from Richard.
[641] Ryan [...] ... he says it's foolish, cards, he says mum when you just, you just put them somewhere and forget where you put them, so he says I've decided to buy you ... oh this looks a lovely one
Rosemary (PS0NR) [642] That's, that's from er ... I was looking for something else ... where did I ... wonder what I've done with those. ...
Eileen (PS0NS) [...] ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [...]
Eileen (PS0NS) [643] Mhm.

3 (Tape 048304)

Unknown speaker (KDSPSUNK) [644] Who's that from ... Joan?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [645] Jo Joan ... when she came over she gave me a hug and she said I mean every word of that mum.
[646] ... She, she had it specially
Eileen (PS0NS) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [647] Lovely innit?
[648] [laugh] I, what I'm looking for is ... oh
Eileen (PS0NS) [649] You're not looking for John's sweets are you?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [650] No.
[651] ... [laugh] Oh he ...
Eileen (PS0NS) [652] I said [...] still looking for your sweets is she. [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [653] No. ...
Eileen (PS0NS) [654] There's another lovely one.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [655] From Andrea
Eileen (PS0NS) [656] Mhm.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [657] Andrea and John [laugh] ... yeah.
[658] ... Well I'm blowed, I wonder where they are. ...
Eileen (PS0NS) [659] [reading] You're not old nan you've just lived a long time [] [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [laugh] ...
Eileen (PS0NS) [660] [...] they're beautiful.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [661] Lovely one, yeah [laugh] ... Well I think that's ... that's from Joan, birthday one, see my birthday's just before ... Christmas.
Eileen (PS0NS) [662] Ah sh wonder where she gets her cards from ... it's not Eastlands is it?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [663] No.
Eileen (PS0NS) [664] Cos they're beautiful
Rosemary (PS0NR) [665] In Belfast I think somewhere. ...
Eileen (PS0NS) [666] [...] looking for?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [667] Yeah [laugh] ... yeah.
Eileen (PS0NS) [668] [...] [laugh] [...] good laugh [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [669] [laugh] Yeah.
[670] That's what I said to that Ann, be able to get something on that somebody says that they haven't said it and be able to play it back to them.
Eileen (PS0NS) [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [671] Proof [laugh] ... Johnny ... have you erm moved ...
John (PS0NU) [672] I haven't touched nothing in those drawers.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [673] Rose's photographs?
John (PS0NU) [674] I've touched nothing in those drawers.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [675] Oh I can't find them.
Eileen (PS0NS) [676] That's lovely. ... [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [laugh]
John (PS0NU) [677] What's the joke?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [laugh]
Eileen (PS0NS) [678] [laugh] [laughing] It's just the way you signed it [] [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [679] [laughing] Yeah []

4 (Tape 048305)

Unknown speaker (KDSPSUNK) [680] Kate what are you looking for? ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [681] Well [...] I'm looking for a ... [...] ...
Eileen (PS0NS) [682] [laugh] I'm not attaching it to you [laughing] this time at all
Rosemary (PS0NR) [683] [cough] Is it still running?
Eileen (PS0NS) [684] Ah we've only a wee bit to do.
[685] ... How many's this, number one?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [686] That's only number one, one
Eileen (PS0NS) [687] Oh goodness.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [688] side, [...]
Eileen (PS0NS) [689] [laughing] Oh is it [] ?
[690] [laugh] It's a good job I come over isn't it? [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [691] [...] yeah cos that's, there's not gonna be much more.
[692] ... [laughing] You can see how things are with conversation [] [laugh] ... And yesterday I started it off all er lovely, good morning John [laugh] [laughing] and he, and he [] John, John answered [laugh]
Eileen (PS0NS) [693] [laughing] And that's the last he's spoke since [] .
Rosemary (PS0NR) [694] We were starting to say something else
Eileen (PS0NS) [695] Useless kid. ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [696] That's my daughter's [...]
Eileen (PS0NS) [697] Oh isn't that lovely?
[698] Look at, for goodness sake.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [699] Look at the way he's, look he's got a teddy bear
Eileen (PS0NS) [700] Honest to heaven
Rosemary (PS0NR) [701] and he sits lifts it, gets up on the settee and cuddles that until he goes to sleep.
Eileen (PS0NS) [702] Isn't that a big [...] !
Rosemary (PS0NR) [703] That's, that's er
John (PS0NU) [704] Now you can sort yourselves out.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [705] Oh [...]
Eileen (PS0NS) [706] Is this home baked John?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [707] Yeah he's he's
Eileen (PS0NS) [708] Is this home baked? [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [709] He, he, he's [laugh]
Eileen (PS0NS) [710] [laugh] [laughing] We'll get you on it yet [] [laugh] ... [laugh] if Kate hasn't already wrecked it. [laugh] ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [711] In, in the newspaper write up of us arriving in New Zealand [laugh]
Eileen (PS0NS) [712] This here?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [713] Yeah [laughing] yeah [] ... yeah [laugh] but erm, oh I don't know I must have, must find those [...] ... I don't think Joan's taken them.
[714] ... Oh I know where they are
Eileen (PS0NS) [715] [...] leave it on there [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [716] [...] ... Yeah all the Irish people were in that hall and welcomed us because we were from Ireland, New Zealand, over in New Zealand
Eileen (PS0NS) [717] I'm not putting on here in case you fold yourself down.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [718] [laughing] No, okay then [] .
[719] Yeah, send, they sended me photographs of their dogs and their ...
Eileen (PS0NS) [720] John ... I bet you have never been so quiet.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [721] [laugh] ... Well it's a good way to shut him up isn't it?
Eileen (PS0NS) [722] [laugh] Sign language, you'll have to get used to sign language Kate or ... Kate
Rosemary (PS0NR) [723] Eh?
Eileen (PS0NS) [724] I keep calling you Kate. ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [725] Hang on [laugh]
Eileen (PS0NS) [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [726] I think they're here John.
[727] ... No, whoops sorry love.
Eileen (PS0NS) [728] You're alright. ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [729] They're not here.
[730] ... They'll say I wonder what she's trying to find in there with all that rattling. [laugh]
Eileen (PS0NS) [731] [laughing] Well that was better than mine because all you heard was the [] the clatter of the washing machine and the clinking of the tumble dryer. [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [732] Ah ...
Eileen (PS0NS) [733] Have you found them?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [734] Yeah. ...

5 (Tape 048307)

Unknown speaker (KDSPSUNK) [735] Why, is it hard?
John (PS0NV) [736] No if you, if you lacquer it it puts a bit of a shine on
Joan (PS0NT) [737] Yeah?
John (PS0NV) [738] plus it protects it, stops it from getting chipped.
Joan (PS0NT) [...] ...
John (PS0NU) [739] [...] cut it in cardboard to the shape of that is pretty near [...]
Joan (PS0NT) [...]
John (PS0NV) [740] For here?
John (PS0NU) [741] Yeah.
Joan (PS0NT) [742] How long did it take you to do that? ...
John (PS0NU) [743] Well, when did I start it?
[744] Was it yesterday morning?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [745] Yeah, when you put the first coat on it.
John (PS0NU) [746] [...] Saturday.
Joan (PS0NT) [...] [...]
John (PS0NU) [747] I gave it a coat yesterday morning and then it hardened up and I rubbed it down with a bit of fine wire wool today
Joan (PS0NT) [748] Yeah.
John (PS0NU) [749] and gave it a couple of coats this morning [...] ...
Joan (PS0NT) [750] What?
[751] ... What?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [752] Go on, it's only con ordinary conversation, there's no names going down.
John (PS0NU) [753] [...] what we're saying.
Joan (PS0NT) [754] [shouting] What are you doing that for [] ?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [laugh] ...
John (PS0NV) [755] There in her pocket.
Joan (PS0NT) [756] Oh aye but what are you doing it for?
[757] ... Who gave you that [...] ?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [758] A resear er research people.
[759] Er see it's only just ordinary conversation of y
John (PS0NU) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [760] nob nobody knows who, who, who says these things at all.
[761] So [laugh]
John (PS0NV) [762] What is this about? [...] recording.
John (PS0NU) [763] Well they're going to, it's a new
Rosemary (PS0NR) [764] Well er
John (PS0NU) [765] kind of dictionary, see if there was one word, say ... constipation ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [766] Ooh [laugh]
Joan (PS0NT) [767] [laugh] No come in, come in ... hey.
John (PS0NU) [768] No, switch that off.
Joan (PS0NT) [769] Oh come on, it's alright.
John (PS0NU) [770] S oh no no no.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [771] What's the difference?
[772] Nobody knows who you are or anything else.
Joan (PS0NT) [773] Aye it's just a laugh, come on and say some silly words will we?
John (PS0NU) [774] No.
[775] You use er
Rosemary (PS0NR) [776] No, no no
Joan (PS0NT) [777] I know
John (PS0NU) [778] that particular word one way ... I use it one way ... mum uses it one way and er
Joan (PS0NT) [...]
John (PS0NU) [779] [...] uses it one way ... see they're gonna make up a dictionary of how many different expr er ... interpretations of a word
Rosemary (PS0NR) [780] Meanings, yeah
Joan (PS0NT) [781] Well who's asked you to do this?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [782] Oh research people that came to the door
Joan (PS0NT) [783] And gave you that there?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [784] Pic oh ... I've got it for a week ... and if I get successful in doing so many tapes then I get twenty pound, twenty five pound v voucher to spend
Joan (PS0NT) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [785] to spend in
Joan (PS0NT) [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [laugh]
John (PS0NU) [...]
Joan (PS0NT) [786] I know.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [787] Yeah.
[788] Well that's up to them innit? [laugh]
Joan (PS0NT) [789] Alright?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [790] I don't know if I've got it on.
[791] I probably haven't.
Joan (PS0NT) [792] I hope you haven't. ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [793] What do you mean you hope you haven't?
[794] What's the difference, nobody knows who you are or ...
John (PS0NU) [...]
Joan (PS0NT) [795] Aye
Rosemary (PS0NR) [796] Oh yes it's going. [laugh]
Joan (PS0NT) [...] [...]
Joan (PS0NT) [797] Aha.
[798] And he said [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [799] I think, I think the black is erm
John (PS0NV) [800] Eight quid it costs for a new visor.
Joan (PS0NT) [801] Right.
[802] Does all visors h sta er fit standard helmets?
John (PS0NV) [803] Mm no, [...] sometimes they're different.
Joan (PS0NT) [804] Are they?
[805] Grants
John (PS0NV) [...]
Joan (PS0NT) [806] do they sell black visors cos they
John (PS0NV) [807] No Grants Grants [...]
Joan (PS0NT) [808] Where's that?
John (PS0NV) [...]
Joan (PS0NT) [809] Right.
John (PS0NV) [...]
Joan (PS0NT) [810] Oh aye, aye.
[811] I'll take that in and see if I can get one fitted.
John (PS0NV) [...]
Joan (PS0NT) [812] It'll look cool won't it? ...
John (PS0NV) [...]
Joan (PS0NT) [813] Aye.
[814] My auntie sent that over from England [...]
Unknown speaker (KDSPSUNK) [...]
Joan (PS0NT) [815] Aye.
[816] ... [...] No [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KDSPSUNK) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [817] [...] makes no difference if erm th there were one or two.
Joan (PS0NT) [818] So what have you to do with this? ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [819] What's that?
Joan (PS0NT) [820] There, that's a grip.
John (PS0NU) [821] Grip.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [822] Oh I see
John (PS0NU) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [823] Oh
Unknown speaker (KDSPSUNK) [...]
John (PS0NV) [824] the inside of the [...] hole is bigger than one that I originally had, with the [...] grip and the bar.
[825] That one's bigger ... that one's bigger.
[826] It's the same outside but
John (PS0NU) [827] Yeah
John (PS0NV) [828] this little hole in the middle, that one's bigger because that's er the right hand one to go over the grip, over the throttle, [...]
John (PS0NU) [829] That one [...] fit onto the bar.
John (PS0NV) [...] ...
Joan (PS0NT) [830] Did you do that?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [...]
Joan (PS0NT) [831] The hole in the side of my jeans is getting bigger ... so it is, have to sew it up.
John (PS0NU) [832] [...] getting bigger too.
Joan (PS0NT) [833] Ah [laughing] ha ha ha ha ha [] ... So when are you, when are you gonna put the undercoat on that like?
John (PS0NU) [...]
Joan (PS0NT) [834] Oh aye.
[835] ... Do you want me to do it now?
John (PS0NU) [836] Pardon?
Joan (PS0NT) [837] Do you want me to do it?
John (PS0NU) [...]
Joan (PS0NT) [838] [...] ... Oh well you do it, I'll only muck it up. ...
John (PS0NU) [839] If you want to do it you can do it.
Joan (PS0NT) [840] No you can do it so it can be done good.
John (PS0NU) [...] [...]
Joan (PS0NT) [841] No I couldn't do that there, it takes a genius to do that. [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [laugh]
John (PS0NU) [842] Put the ... put your brush where your mouth is.
Joan (PS0NT) [843] [...] be quite awkward. ...
John (PS0NU) [844] Have you got a day off too?
John (PS0NV) [845] Eh?
John (PS0NU) [846] Have you got a day off as well? [...]
John (PS0NV) [...]
Joan (PS0NT) [847] And he phoned, and he phoned the pub this afternoon and he says I'm not coming in to work tonight.
John (PS0NU) [848] What are you gonna do?
Joan (PS0NT) [849] I'm gonna eat my dinner.
[850] ... You should have seen what I ate last night!
[851] Oh God! [...]
Unknown speaker (KDSPSUNK) [...]
John (PS0NU) [852] Oh aye.
Joan (PS0NT) [853] There was me and Taff and Norma and Fred and Colin and Maud went ... to
Rosemary (PS0NR) [854] Go on.
Joan (PS0NT) [855] the Lychee House in Ba the Lychee House in Banbridge
Rosemary (PS0NR) [856] That's it, you're alright.
Joan (PS0NT) [857] [laughing] Right [] ?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [858] Yeah it's alright, nobody knows who says these things.
Joan (PS0NT) [859] And
John (PS0NV) [laugh]
Joan (PS0NT) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [860] Yeah.
Joan (PS0NT) [861] and er Taff had, what was it?
[862] What did you have?
Unknown speaker (KDSPSUNK) [863] [...] and shredded beef. [...]
Joan (PS0NT) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDSPSUNK) [864] shredded beef and [...]
John (PS0NU) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [865] That's what, that's what's happened [...]
Joan (PS0NT) [866] And he had a banana split for pudding and he had soup for starters, right?
Unknown speaker (KDSPSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Joan (PS0NT) [867] And then I had, what did I have?
[868] I had deep fried duck with orange sauce and fried lice ... and I had
John (PS0NV) [869] Fried lice?
Joan (PS0NT) [870] Fried lice.
John (PS0NV) [871] Fried rice [...]
Joan (PS0NT) [872] [mimicking] Fried lice [] and I had chicken and sweetcorn soup for starters ... and ... who was it?
[873] Colin and Maud had the same as me
John (PS0NV) [874] Yeah.
Joan (PS0NT) [875] Norma had the same as Taff, what did Fred have?
[876] He had huge big prawns
John (PS0NV) [877] He had king prawn chow mein.
Joan (PS0NT) [878] Ch king prawn chow mein with the noodles and stuff and he had whip marks all over him ... but anyway ... I ate all that and I didn't have a sweet, [...] , didn't have a sweet and I ... we went out for a while ... and on the way home
Unknown speaker (KDSPSUNK) [...]
Joan (PS0NT) [879] Eh?
[880] Yeah.
[881] On the way home me and Maud got chicken ... Maud and I ... got chicken burgers ... right?
[882] With the whole works in it.
[883] Norma got a huge big chip with chicken dip and then we brought Fred back something to eat as well, we were starving, and I got home last night and I was gonna make myself a sandwich but mummy-in-law was in bed so I says och I'll just go to bed myself.
[884] ... I was starving yesterday! ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [885] It must go right down to your boots.
Joan (PS0NT) [886] I think it does somehow.
[887] Sticks round my arse [laughing] though []
Rosemary (PS0NR) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDSPSUNK) [...]
Joan (PS0NT) [888] Well where's
Unknown speaker (KDSPSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KDSPSUNK) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [889] I'm switching it off.
Joan (PS0NT) [890] Good. ...
Unknown speaker (KDSPSUNK) [...]

6 (Tape 048308)

Unknown speaker (KDSPSUNK) [891] Er that and those are what I got ... that's what I got with those ... and they're with the parcels ... di in that envelope ... so ... [...] ... That was to send the catalogue back er the other one ...
John (PS0NU) [892] Er doing a lot of sorting.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [893] Yeah. ...

7 (Tape 048309)

Unknown speaker (KDSPSUNK) [894] That's the travel agency isn't it?
John (PS0NU) [895] Pardon?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [896] That's the travel agency things, I'll put them on there to sort out to throw away.
[897] ... Can you, can you think where that came from, that book?
John (PS0NU) [898] Pardon?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [899] Do you know where that came from ... that book? ...
John (PS0NU) [900] Was it in the post? ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [901] It probably came in the post but I don't know where from.
[902] ... Who from. ...
John (PS0NU) [903] [...] John Moores, they've cut prices. ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [904] Oh. ...
John (PS0NU) [905] [...] gonna be er John Moores have come from ... and they've cut prices.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [906] Oh.
[907] Right.
[908] ... Wonder if they th say that that's the er ...
John (PS0NU) [909] Said what?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [910] the ... you know they've, I'm supposed to have received the summer, spring and summer catalogue from them ... I haven't, I wonder if that's supposed to be it.
John (PS0NU) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [911] Mm.
John (PS0NU) [912] That's Costcutters.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [913] Oh. ...
John (PS0NU) [914] These er return labels weren't in that when you lent it to John, to take over there?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [915] No I erm ... no I hadn't got any labels in it then.
[916] ... [whispering] Excuse me [] ...

8 (Tape 048310)

Unknown speaker (KDSPSUNK) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [917] Yeah I will ... give him a ring
John (PS0NU) [918] to save him going out
Rosemary (PS0NR) [919] this afternoon .
[920] I'm
John (PS0NU) [921] Eh?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [922] gonna go through that lot, you know, and throw out all what's not necessary ... in that erm magazine rack. ...
John (PS0NU) [923] [...] and there's one in there ... This is January savers and there's another [...] catalogue.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [924] Mm?
John (PS0NU) [925] Another catalogue return book there.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [926] Yeah.
[927] ... I don't know how long that they were supposed to last for.
John (PS0NU) [928] Pardon?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [929] I don't know how long that ... [...] Telegraph was supposed to last for.
John (PS0NU) [930] Only those come through the door [...] Telegraph thing [...] ... they come through the door
Rosemary (PS0NR) [931] Yeah
John (PS0NU) [932] So what's [...] ?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [933] Well we've had it a long time ... don't know how long it lasts.
John (PS0NU) [934] I don't know, you can look at the old Telegraph and see if it's [...] , the Telegraph I got on Thursday night or Friday night
Rosemary (PS0NR) [935] Oh.
John (PS0NU) [936] and see if there's anything in there.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [937] Mhm. ...
John (PS0NU) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [938] Mm?
[939] I've got one of those, there
John (PS0NU) [940] Kay's return book.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [941] Oh, no
John (PS0NU) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [942] Yeah ... that's Kay's
John (PS0NU) [943] Yeah
Rosemary (PS0NR) [944] I'm gonna throw all that out.
John (PS0NU) [945] but you should have got the same thing from them.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [946] Yeah, oh all I got was that book with a statement, statement book. ...
John (PS0NU) [947] You got a statement book?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [948] A statement book, yes, [...]
John (PS0NU) [949] Yes you've got a statement book
Rosemary (PS0NR) [950] Yeah.
John (PS0NU) [951] but you haven't got a return book.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [952] No I know, I'm just saying that all they sent was a, a statement book.
John (PS0NU) [953] Yeah that's what I'm saying also. ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [954] I'll phone them up. ...
John (PS0NU) [...] ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [955] Er well I don't know actually.
John (PS0NU) [956] That's [...] statement. ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [957] Well this is a statement that, that you get er what sales there are. ...

9 (Tape 048311)

Unknown speaker (KDSPSUNK) [958] Did you hear the er birds this morning?
John (PS0NU) [959] Birds?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [960] Yeah.
John (PS0NU) [961] No.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [962] Oh they were kicking up an awful fuss and I thought to myself now a cat's tearing one to pieces, that's the way it, what it sounded like, or two ... and they were, I couldn't see quite out of the window but they were making a fuss on the wall ... by Diane's
John (PS0NU) [963] Yeah.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [964] and I thought to myself that blooming cat's after them and er it kept on for a long time and then, so I opened the window and looked out ... a big black cat was here ... [...] ... where's the big black cat coming from?
John (PS0NU) [965] Dunno I haven't seen [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [966] Yeah a big, big black one ... well it looked black in ... it was in the early hours of this morning, you know, when the birds start ... flying about.
John (PS0NU) [967] Yeah well there was a big er ... dark grey one comes from over there.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [968] Well it might be dark grey, could be
John (PS0NU) [969] Mm.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [970] but it looked black from up there, so I er opened the window and rattled the venetian blind ... and I thought you'd've heard that ... erm ... and it shot out there, whether it went underneath the gate, can they get through under the gate?
John (PS0NU) [971] No they go over the top.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [972] Oh I didn't see it [...]
John (PS0NU) [973] [...] ... up onto the little pillar there and [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [974] Oh, I didn't see him go up at all.
[975] The only part I could
John (PS0NU) [976] You may not have seen [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [977] Aha.
[978] ... Aha.
[979] So he, but he shot as soon as that window opened.
John (PS0NU) [980] Yeah.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [981] They know they're doing wrong you know.
[982] Don't they?
John (PS0NU) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [983] Yeah.
[984] Well it was, it might, could've been dark grey
John (PS0NU) [985] Yeah
Rosemary (PS0NR) [986] but i ...

10 (Tape 048502)

Unknown speaker (KDSPSUNK) [987] No ... I'm a nuisance.
[988] I'm a nuisance.
[989] I ... er say to myself why do I take some of these jobs.
[990] These are quite specialist jobs, you know?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [991] Mhm.
Anne (PS0NW) [992] And why do I take them on.
[993] But you know, it's more than I know.
[994] Now, with the greatest of pleasure ... okay, with the greatest of pleasure ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [995] Ah well, it's only those few [...] I mean I
Anne (PS0NW) [996] Well I'm giving it to you.
[997] I'm giving it to you.
[998] I rang
Rosemary (PS0NR) [999] I'm false
Anne (PS0NW) [1000] my boss.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1001] false pretences, no.
Anne (PS0NW) [1002] No, oh no ... no.
[1003] I couldn't see yous false pretences, okay?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1004] Well I, it is really cos I d
Anne (PS0NW) [1005] Oh no, no.
[1006] No
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1007] I wasn't able to do too much
Anne (PS0NW) [1008] Well I think
Rosemary (PS0NR) [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [1009] I think your age ... they wanted an over sixty.
[1010] And I think an over sixty no matter who they are, they would still just have a small ... return.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1011] Yeah
Anne (PS0NW) [1012] Because you don't talk that much.
[1013] I'm thinking
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1014] No.
Anne (PS0NW) [1015] of my own father who lives alone.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1016] Aha.
Anne (PS0NW) [1017] You know?
[1018] Only for us going in and out you know?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1019] In and out yes.
[1020] And of course
Anne (PS0NW) [1021] They wanted certain age groups.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1022] Mhm.
Anne (PS0NW) [1023] And they wanted a pl a sixty plus.
[1024] So ... with the greatest of pleasure.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1025] That looks very
Anne (PS0NW) [1026] With the greatest of pleasure.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1027] That looks
Anne (PS0NW) [1028] Thank you very much.
[1029] Thank you very much indeed.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1030] That looks very nice.
Anne (PS0NW) [1031] Does look nice?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1032] [laughing] Yes [] .
Anne (PS0NW) [1033] Er my one of my respondents
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1034] What's the picture of?
Anne (PS0NW) [1035] Aha.
[1036] Oh I don't know. [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1037] Er I'm more in more interested in countryside.
Anne (PS0NW) [1038] I we right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [laugh]
Anne (PS0NW) [1039] What was I going to say?
[1040] One of the respondents turned it over and read it and said ... oh well you could put that in the wine shop.
[1041] You could spend it in the wine shop. [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1042] Oh dear.
[1043] [laugh] Oh no.
Anne (PS0NW) [1044] Did you fill me that in?
[1045] Did you fill me that booklet?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1046] Yes.
Anne (PS0NW) [1047] Good for you.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1048] Yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1049] Oh I would think so.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1050] Yes. [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [1051] Can I ask these few?
[1052] Now you had, you've used three tapes.
[1053] I'm gonna put three, right?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1054] That's right.
[1055] Mhm.
Anne (PS0NW) [1056] Right.
[1057] Now ... firstly, thinking about [...] is it going?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1058] I shall hear the pip going off.
Anne (PS0NW) [1059] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1060] Yes it's going.
Anne (PS0NW) [1061] Er is that ... where you talk
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1062] And [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [1063] into erm where where is the?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1064] There it is.
Anne (PS0NW) [1065] Ah yes, right.
[1066] Er okay, firstly thinking about the experience of recording your conversat conversation using the personal stereo and filling in the booklet, how did you find th this in general?
[1067] How did you find it?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1068] Oh, alright.
Anne (PS0NW) [1069] Anything else?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1070] [...] Erm ... no.
[1071] Interesting.
Anne (PS0NW) [1072] Right.
[1073] Wh what makes
Rosemary (PS0NR) [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [1074] you say that?
[1075] ... Interesting. ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1076] Erm
Anne (PS0NW) [1077] Different ... I take it.
[1078] Right, not every
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1079] Well yeah [clears throat] Yes I ... I always liked ... good conversation.
Anne (PS0NW) [1080] Yes.
[1081] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1082] And of course don't get a lot of it, but [laughing] it was it was []
Anne (PS0NW) [1083] Right.
[1084] Well right.
[1085] I would
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1086] So [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [1087] wish the boss would of come in even when I'm here.
[1088] ... You know?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1089] Yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1090] I'm not a hard woman to know.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1091] Oh I've got him on the tape [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [1092] Aha.
[1093] Cos he's a lovely voice.
[1094] He answered the phone to me.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1095] Yeah, yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1096] He should have come in.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1097] He was on the tape.
Anne (PS0NW) [1098] Yes.
[1099] Good, good.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1100] He he did a lot.
[1101] But it takes time.
[1102] You have to be very erm
Anne (PS0NW) [1103] Yes.
[1104] My husband's like that, okay?
[1105] My husband, I would be very outgoing
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1106] [laugh] diplomatic.
Anne (PS0NW) [1107] Yes.
[1108] Where George is very
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1109] He was
Anne (PS0NW) [1110] placid and very cool and
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1111] Yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1112] don't bother yourself Anne you know
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1113] Yeah [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [1114] [laughing] where I would headlong into the thing [] .
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1115] He he's on the second one quite a bit.
Anne (PS0NW) [1116] Good, good.
[1117] That's lovely.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1118] Yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1119] Well that's wonderful.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1120] He's on the one that
Anne (PS0NW) [1121] I was annoyed when came back the last time and I thought oh my goodness ... I hope I haven't given that woman any annoyance.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1122] Oh no.
[1123] No
Anne (PS0NW) [1124] No right.
[1125] No, oh right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1126] not a bit.
[1127] I ... annoy him.
[1128] But he ... he don't like things put on to him so quickly.
Anne (PS0NW) [1129] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1130] He ... he
Anne (PS0NW) [1131] A stranger coming in to the house that you've never seen before
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1132] he don't grasp things ... course he [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [1133] is a very
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1134] Yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1135] very difficult one isn't it?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1136] Yeah, yeah.
[1137] Well you know he's used to you know, dealing with people.
Anne (PS0NW) [1138] My job is ... yes.
[1139] My job is very unusual in some circumstances.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1140] Yeah, yeah.
[1141] It must be, yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1142] I'm doing
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1143] Cos you've got to be always
Anne (PS0NW) [1144] Right.
[1145] Do you're dealing with everything.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1146] All kinds.
Anne (PS0NW) [1147] Yes.
[1148] But ... general public in Northern Ireland are very nice.
[1149] You know?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1150] Yes.
Anne (PS0NW) [1151] They're responsive to you
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1152] Yes.
Anne (PS0NW) [1153] in their answering.
[1154] I'm doing a very high-falluting one for Professor Peter on his sexual attitude.
[1155] Sexual
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1156] Oh.
Anne (PS0NW) [1157] I've been ask all their sexual attitudes
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1158] Have you? [laugh]
Anne (PS0NW) [1159] you know?
[1160] And it's nice you know, and I was brought up so [laughing] narrow minded.
[1161] You know a presbyterian background [] .
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1162] Yes, yes.
Anne (PS0NW) [1163] Mother never talked about sex [laugh] .
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1164] Well you daren't dare you?
[1165] [laugh] But erm ... d'you know what I was going to do this morning?
[1166] If I'd
Anne (PS0NW) [1167] Right?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1168] have had ... the whole day.
Anne (PS0NW) [1169] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1170] I wouldn't have been back in time.
Anne (PS0NW) [1171] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1172] But the opera ... house opens
Anne (PS0NW) [1173] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1174] tonight
Anne (PS0NW) [1175] Right.
[1176] Are you going?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1177] With no.
[1178] No.
Anne (PS0NW) [1179] No no you're not.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1180] with the er ... it's the first aft since the bombing.
Anne (PS0NW) [1181] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1182] And the Shakespeare from [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [1183] Oh on the radio is this?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1184] Shakespeare company from
Anne (PS0NW) [1185] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1186] England is ... performing
Anne (PS0NW) [1187] Right.
[1188] Performing
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1189] tonight.
Anne (PS0NW) [1190] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1191] The first, it will be the first opening.
Anne (PS0NW) [1192] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1193] Well ... my school days
Anne (PS0NW) [1194] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1195] my headmistress was the president of the Shakes Shakespeare league.
Anne (PS0NW) [1196] Right, right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1197] And she'd got, we was always very interested ... I played Puck in Midsummer's Night's Dream at school and all that kind of thing.
Anne (PS0NW) [1198] Right, yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1199] And I was go ... might have gone to ... to Belfast today to meet [clears throat] John's sister.
Anne (PS0NW) [1200] Yeah.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1201] And I was gonna go into the
Anne (PS0NW) [1202] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1203] opera house and ask them
Anne (PS0NW) [1204] Why don't you?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1205] would they mind
Anne (PS0NW) [1206] Yes?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1207] answering a few questions for me.
Anne (PS0NW) [1208] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1209] And I would have had me tape on.
Anne (PS0NW) [1210] Right.
[1211] Right.
[1212] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1213] And I don't s and there would have been people from
Anne (PS0NW) [1214] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1215] all different areas.
Anne (PS0NW) [1216] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1217] Stratford upon Avon and different areas.
Anne (PS0NW) [1218] I suppose now in a way, a strange woman like me coming in.
[1219] See I never find myself strange.
[1220] I'm constantly surveying for everybody
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1221] Yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1222] that you could imagine.
[1223] And
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1224] Mhm.
Anne (PS0NW) [1225] I don't see myself, but I'm sure ... [whispering] I strange man might wonder ... what is this woman?
[1226] And then I rang back again you see []
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1227] What? ... oh.
Anne (PS0NW) [1228] and that reassured you, you know?
[1229] You know?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1230] That ... yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1231] [laughing] Yeah.
[1232] Aha yeah [] .
[1233] Aha ... Aha
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1234] Oh he he, he wouldn't
Anne (PS0NW) [1235] Aha.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1236] er once he'd got, he don't like things pu put
Anne (PS0NW) [1237] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1238] to him very quickly.
[1239] He's slow on accepting things.
Anne (PS0NW) [1240] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1241] But when he does he's the best.
Anne (PS0NW) [1242] I'm a bit slow on accepting er er myself really.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1243] Yes.
[1244] Yeah, he's he's the best.
[1245] Especially if it in involved him.
Anne (PS0NW) [1246] Yeah.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1247] If it involved him.
Anne (PS0NW) [1248] Yes.
[1249] Yeah.
[1250] Yeah.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1251] Didn't care what I did.
Anne (PS0NW) [1252] Right.
[1253] Yes.
[1254] But I'm sure
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1255] He knows that would have been alright you know?
Anne (PS0NW) [1256] to ... for it to be genuine
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1257] But he's he's great otherwise.
Anne (PS0NW) [1258] to be genuine, I'm sure ... that was hard to know whether I was genuine or not.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1259] Oh ... I don't think, no, no that was his att
Anne (PS0NW) [1260] I hope I didn't ru
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1261] that was his att that would have been his attitude
Anne (PS0NW) [1262] Right.
[1263] Yeah.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1264] with anything at all.
[1265] Even ... see we've got the grandson over for the
Anne (PS0NW) [1266] Yeah.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1267] start of the holidays.
Anne (PS0NW) [1268] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1269] That's why I keep this on because there are
Anne (PS0NW) [1270] Yeah.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1271] umpteen children he brings in and they have
Anne (PS0NW) [1272] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1273] paints and goodness knows what.
Anne (PS0NW) [1274] Right.
[1275] Well that's
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1276] And they started ruining
Anne (PS0NW) [1277] Yes, aha
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1278] the table, but er tut
Anne (PS0NW) [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1279] there was only a few things that we would [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [1280] Okay.
[1281] It's for
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1282] Yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1283] working and living with.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1284] That's right.
Anne (PS0NW) [1285] I always think I should have wrote written a book
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1286] Oh your ... [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [1287] about my kitchen table.
[1288] I need my children to be writing and
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1289] Well write a book about a table.
Anne (PS0NW) [1290] eating.
[1291] Oh yes I I'm, yes aha.
[1292] I'm very
Rosemary (PS0NR) [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [1293] keen on writing a book.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1294] So am I.
Anne (PS0NW) [1295] Yes aha.
[1296] Under, I have a book [whispering] under the bed [] .
[1297] That I don't let on.
[1298] And I'm a very bad housekeeper.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1299] Oh good for you.
Anne (PS0NW) [1300] I when I see him ... when I see, George does a lot of housekeeping ... when I see him clearing the bed I say oh goodness look [...] book.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1301] Yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1302] I don't want anyone to see it.
[1303] In my older day, okay, I'll write a book.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1304] Yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1305] Very much so, yeah.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1306] Well I always have, and my mum's always said to me why ever don't you sit down
Anne (PS0NW) [1307] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1308] and write books because ... during the raids
Anne (PS0NW) [1309] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1310] in the war
Anne (PS0NW) [1311] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1312] erm we used to, all the little kiddies used to come to ours.
Anne (PS0NW) [1313] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1314] We had a big shelter
Anne (PS0NW) [1315] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1316] in the garden.
Anne (PS0NW) [1317] Yes.
[1318] This is from somewhere
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1319] Under, underground
Anne (PS0NW) [1320] in England er okay?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1321] Mm.
Anne (PS0NW) [1322] Yes, aha.
[1323] Well we had them here you know?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1324] Y yes.
Anne (PS0NW) [1325] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1326] And er ... all the kids would come
Anne (PS0NW) [1327] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1328] as long as they were coming to me
Anne (PS0NW) [1329] Yes.
[1330] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1331] they would, they would come in.
[1332] ... Didn't matter where their parents went, they'd be in.
Anne (PS0NW) [1333] Right.
[1334] You had the motherly touch.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1335] And ... I'd let them t take turns in choosing
Anne (PS0NW) [1336] Yes.
[1337] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1338] whatever.
Anne (PS0NW) [1339] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1340] This was at like ... bed time.
Anne (PS0NW) [1341] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1342] Some like you said would, that's what reminded me, would choose something like a chair, or
Anne (PS0NW) [1343] Right .
[1344] Yes.
[1345] To write about
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1346] a slipper.
Anne (PS0NW) [1347] okay?
[1348] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1349] Or ... or an animal.
Anne (PS0NW) [1350] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1351] And whatever each one chose I would go off and tell them the loveliest sort of
Anne (PS0NW) [1352] Stories.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1353] bed time st I could make up
Anne (PS0NW) [1354] D'you know that er
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1355] a stories
Anne (PS0NW) [1356] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1357] of it.
Anne (PS0NW) [1358] D'you know that in Northern Ireland ... we have people who, who, who lived up history like that.
[1359] You know?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1360] Mhm.
Anne (PS0NW) [1361] Where my father was concer would be concerned, he ... he was in farming and, when the war come on, he brought the evacuees out of Belfast.
[1362] You know?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1363] Mm.
Anne (PS0NW) [1364] And that's a wee part of history that very few would know about.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1365] That's right.
Anne (PS0NW) [1366] And like yourself.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1367] Yes.
Anne (PS0NW) [1368] You know?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1369] Oh yes, you could tell them
Anne (PS0NW) [1370] Let me ask right.
[1371] A few more
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1372] Yeah, yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1373] of these.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1374] Er right.
Anne (PS0NW) [1375] So you always like conversation and in general you would like to speak.
[1376] Isn't that right?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1377] Mhm.
Anne (PS0NW) [1378] Generally ... erm ... I would like to speak.
[1379] I'll just take this er ... rough and then I can edit it.
[1380] Right.
[1381] Now ... this one here was thinking about the conversation you didn't record.
[1382] Well, well I'll just say er at the beginning ... er ... it just didn't erm ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1383] Oh
Anne (PS0NW) [1384] someone I was talking to er ... didn't want me to record them.
[1385] At the beginning I'll say that.
[1386] You know?
[1387] Just er er why we had only three, right?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1388] Mhm.
Anne (PS0NW) [1389] Did anyone you spoke to during the time that you recorded objected?
[1390] No.
[1391] ... No Eileen.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1392] No
Anne (PS0NW) [1393] Sure there wasn't?
[1394] No.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1395] No.
Anne (PS0NW) [1396] [...] Oh I will call you Eileen!
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1397] Yeah [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [1398] Now.
[1399] I need to know these things here ... just for erm ... wait and I'll read it.
[1400] [reading] There are a number of things that might aff affect the way in which you speak and how we use our language in everyday conversation.
[1401] Such as where we live ... er where we went to school, what hobbies and interests we have and so on.
[1402] So I would like to move on to ask a few questions about ... er where you lived in the past.
[1403] Firstly, where were you born?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1404] London.
Anne (PS0NW) [1405] London.
[1406] T the city of London?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1407] Mhm.
Anne (PS0NW) [1408] Any particular er part?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1409] Er ...
Anne (PS0NW) [1410] No?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1411] Fulham.
Anne (PS0NW) [1412] Right. ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1413] Thought Fulham or Putney.
Anne (PS0NW) [1414] Fulham.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1415] Or or Putney.
Anne (PS0NW) [1416] And in which town er and country er did you er go to school?
[1417] Primary school in Fulham?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1418] Er there weren't primary school then.
[1419] There was just the infants and then you passed a scholarship and went to
Anne (PS0NW) [1420] Right.
[1421] So you would have went still ... right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1422] They weren't grammar schools.
[1423] They were called c ... central schools
Anne (PS0NW) [1424] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1425] but er equivalent to a grammar school.
Anne (PS0NW) [1426] So ... in your primary school days you would have went to er still Fulham?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1427] No.
[1428] No we'd moved, moved by then.
Anne (PS0NW) [1429] Where did you move to?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1430] Er ... Clapham Junction.
Anne (PS0NW) [1431] C L A?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1432] C L A P ... H A M
Anne (PS0NW) [1433] Aye.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1434] Junction.
[1435] Where where they've been bombing it [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [1436] I surveyed in Clapham Junction.
[1437] I did.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1438] Mm?
[1439] Oh.
Anne (PS0NW) [1440] I surveyed er ... last year.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1441] Did you?
Anne (PS0NW) [1442] I was over in Clapham.
[1443] Yeah, aha.
[1444] Doing
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1445] Oh.
[1446] I went there on a memory trip but there's nowhere
Anne (PS0NW) [1447] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1448] standing that
Anne (PS0NW) [1449] Well it's very nice.
[1450] And er er er
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1451] that, that I knew of, you know?
Anne (PS0NW) [1452] Clapham Common.
[1453] Is that right?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1454] Clapham Common?
Anne (PS0NW) [1455] Yeah.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1456] Clapham Common.
Anne (PS0NW) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1457] That's where er Fer Fergie used to live.
Anne (PS0NW) [1458] Oh [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1459] She had her flat there.
Anne (PS0NW) [1460] What about your secondary school?
[1461] Did you go still there? ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1462] Not ... well it was in, in Bat in Battersea.
[1463] Yes, near there.
Anne (PS0NW) [1464] Battersea?
[1465] Spell that?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1466] Er Battersea.
Anne (PS0NW) [1467] Spell it.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1468] B A double T E R ... S E A.
Anne (PS0NW) [1469] E A.
[1470] And is that in Clapham Junction?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1471] No no.
Anne (PS0NW) [1472] No.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1473] That well a part
Anne (PS0NW) [1474] Where's that?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1475] part of Clap ... Well it was in erm ... near ... just outside Battersea Park.
Anne (PS0NW) [1476] Ah.
[1477] Right.
[1478] Outside
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1479] And it was called the
Anne (PS0NW) [1480] Right?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1481] Oh for goodness sake now ...
Anne (PS0NW) [1482] Is Battersea
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1483] It was a kind of c a college. [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [1484] Is Battersea er a town as we would know ... Lurgan?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1485] Well it's a borough.
[1486] Yes.
[1487] Yes.
[1488] That's right.
Anne (PS0NW) [1489] And er ha has it a county?
[1490] County something? ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1491] Essex?
Anne (PS0NW) [1492] Essex.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1493] Essex.
Anne (PS0NW) [1494] And would er er Clapham Junction be in Essex?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1495] Mhm.
Anne (PS0NW) [1496] Right.
[1497] Is that a county?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1498] Yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1499] Yeah.
[1500] Right.
[1501] I don't know my geography.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1502] Yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1503] How long did you live there, at Battersea?
[1504] How long where you there?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1505] Oh
Anne (PS0NW) [1506] How many years?
[1507] Until you were ... maybe in your teens?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1508] [...] was married.
Anne (PS0NW) [1509] Ah.
[1510] Er about twenty?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1511] Yeah. [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [1512] Right [...] .
[1513] That's how long you lived there?
[1514] About twenty.
[1515] Have you ever lived in any other place three years or more since leaving school?
[1516] I mean, in a different town.
[1517] Not just a different address.
[1518] So after
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1519] Yes.
Anne (PS0NW) [1520] Yes.
[1521] Where?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1522] Mhm.
Anne (PS0NW) [1523] Right.
[1524] Okay.
[1525] Where would you have lived?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1526] Er ...
Anne (PS0NW) [1527] That would have been your early marriage, right?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1528] Now ... yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1529] When you got married where did you live?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1530] Well that would have been in erm ... oh ... tut ...
Anne (PS0NW) [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1531] Yeah.
[1532] ... Near Saint Bartholomew's Hospital.
[1533] Where?
[1534] Covent Garden [laugh] .
[1535] I should know ... I don't know if that's in ...
Anne (PS0NW) [1536] Covent Garden?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1537] Yeah.
[1538] Near Covent Garden.
Anne (PS0NW) [1539] Anywhere else?
[1540] Where's Covent Garden?
[1541] Is it
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1542] London London.
Anne (PS0NW) [1543] London.
[1544] Is it county like
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1545] Ce central London.
Anne (PS0NW) [1546] Central London.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1547] That is London, yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1548] Central London, right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1549] Covent Garden.
Anne (PS0NW) [1550] I hope d'you know
Rosemary (PS0NR) [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [1551] D'you know your Northern Ireland geography?
[1552] Cos I don't know my English geography. [laugh] [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1553] Oh I know, know quite a bit of it.
[1554] [laugh] Yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1555] Right.
[1556] Er anywhere else?
[1557] No?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1558] Oh.
[1559] Well from there?
Anne (PS0NW) [1560] Yeah.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1561] Erm that's where I first got married.
Anne (PS0NW) [1562] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1563] Mustn't speak about businesses? ...
Anne (PS0NW) [1564] N oh it doesn't matter.
[1565] Oh it doesn't matter.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1566] Oh [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [1567] No.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1568] Oh we was
Anne (PS0NW) [1569] It's just the words they're after you see.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1570] Ah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1571] Just words.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1572] We were licensed victuallers then.
Anne (PS0NW) [1573] Right.
[1574] And were would you have been?
[1575] Where, where would that have been?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1576] In erm ... Islington.
Anne (PS0NW) [1577] Oh, right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1578] The famous Angel ... Islington.
[1579] It's almost the first pub I ever had.
Anne (PS0NW) [1580] Right.
[1581] And anywhere else?
[1582] Anywhere else?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1583] Oh, what from then?
Anne (PS0NW) [1584] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1585] Onwards?
Anne (PS0NW) [1586] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1587] Er from Islington?
Anne (PS0NW) [1588] Islington is still London?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1589] Yes.
Anne (PS0NW) [1590] Yes.
[1591] But not central London? ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1592] Well ... near enough, yes.
Anne (PS0NW) [1593] Is it?
[1594] Is it?
[1595] Right.
[1596] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1597] More towards the east end end but ...
Anne (PS0NW) [1598] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1599] Erm ... oh where did we go from there?
[1600] Kings Cross.
Anne (PS0NW) [1601] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1602] Er that's all part of of
Anne (PS0NW) [1603] London.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1604] outer London they call it don't they?
Anne (PS0NW) [1605] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1606] Greater London they call it now.
Anne (PS0NW) [1607] Ah, Greater London.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1608] Greater London.
[1609] From Kings Cross
Anne (PS0NW) [1610] Not ... not Central London okay?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1611] No.
[1612] No.
Anne (PS0NW) [1613] No.
[1614] Greater London.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1615] Greater London.
Anne (PS0NW) [1616] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1617] Erm ...
Anne (PS0NW) [1618] Anywhere besides London?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1619] Yeah, I'm just trying to think cos I I can miss two, I was just gonna say, miss two things from
Anne (PS0NW) [1620] It doesn't matter ... yes, aha.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1621] there.
Anne (PS0NW) [1622] Right.
[1623] But that, that's fine.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1624] Yes, Dagenham.
[1625] Essex.
Anne (PS0NW) [1626] Spell that.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1627] D A G E N
Anne (PS0NW) [1628] Oh Dagenham?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1629] Mhm.
Anne (PS0NW) [1630] Right.
[1631] D A G
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1632] E N ... H A M.
Anne (PS0NW) [1633] Dagenham.
[1634] That's London.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1635] No, that's Essex.
Anne (PS0NW) [1636] Oh that's Essex.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1637] That's in the country.
Anne (PS0NW) [1638] Right.
[1639] And where from there?
[1640] Where from England then?
[1641] Was this your first hop across?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1642] No.
[1643] [cough] Erm er ... Dagenham to Lyme Regis, Dorset. ...
Anne (PS0NW) [1644] Dorset.
[1645] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1646] Where Jane Austen wrote all her ... novels.
Anne (PS0NW) [1647] That's right.
[1648] That's right. [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1649] [laugh] Erm ... Lyme Regis, Dorset and from there to ... er ... [laugh] ... near Kidderminster, wait a minute.
[1650] ... Stourport on Severn.
Anne (PS0NW) [1651] Stourport?
[1652] S T A
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1653] S T O U R
Anne (PS0NW) [1654] O U R
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1655] Stourport [cough]
Anne (PS0NW) [1656] Yeah?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1657] I don't speak so good cos I've got some teeth out and I've got to have
Anne (PS0NW) [1658] Right.
[1659] Is it the teeth that I
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1660] part dentures in.
Anne (PS0NW) [1661] [...] left?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1662] No.
Anne (PS0NW) [1663] No. [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1664] No but er
Anne (PS0NW) [1665] [laugh] I think you're doing very well. [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1666] I ... I can't get used to the ... new dentures
Anne (PS0NW) [1667] Can't get your ... [laughing] can't get your tongue round these [] .
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1668] No.
[1669] It's a lot of words.
Anne (PS0NW) [1670] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1671] So different.
[1672] I notice it ... speaking into this.
[1673] Reading.
[1674] Out loud.
[1675] You don't notice it when you're reading to yourself.
Anne (PS0NW) [1676] Right.
[1677] Right.
[1678] Right.
[1679] Right.
[1680] What about from ... when was your hop across?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1681] From Stour Stourport.
[1682] Nineteen fo oh ... now ... can't think.
[1683] ... Er ... from Stourport to Armagh.
Anne (PS0NW) [1684] Ah.
[1685] To Armagh.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1686] Armagh.
[1687] Nineteen sixty ... eight.
Anne (PS0NW) [1688] And ... from Armagh to Craigavon?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1689] Yes.
Anne (PS0NW) [1690] Right.
[1691] That's alright.
[1692] I'll
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1693] And now we're here.
[1694] We were put
Anne (PS0NW) [1695] I'll put
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1696] we were put here temporary because we had near enough all our valuables and furniture stolen in Armagh.
[1697] They had five, five robbers
Anne (PS0NW) [1698] Actually, Armagh City Armagh City?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1699] Yes, the city.
Anne (PS0NW) [1700] Right right right.
[1701] Ah I'm in ... Armagh tomorrow.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1702] Are you?
Anne (PS0NW) [1703] Yes.
[1704] Aha.
[1705] I'm doing a Euro-barometer.
[1706] A Euro-barometer's a lovely survey.
[1707] It's taking your ... it's taking everyone's erm ... view ... sim simultaneously, right?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1708] Mhm.
Anne (PS0NW) [1709] In Europe, right?
[1710] And ... what you tell me ... and, again when your survey you'll take all age groups you see?
[1711] And ... that goes all into a central bank and they'll find out what the Northern Ireland person is equivalent to the the French and the Spanish
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1712] [...] yeah.
[1713] Yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1714] and that's lovely.
[1715] Aha.
[1716] Nice, that's nice.
[1717] But
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1718] Oh.
Anne (PS0NW) [1719] [laughing] I never did one of these, right [] ?
[1720] Let's see how this goes.
[1721] Right.
[1722] I'd like to now talk about ... ah your leisure time.
[1723] Do you watch television?
[1724] You surely do.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1725] Well ... yes.
Anne (PS0NW) [1726] How long would you watch, okay?
[1727] In the day.
[1728] Per day.
[1729] ... Would you watch it?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1730] Well ... well how long ... well I I choose which programmes I like
Anne (PS0NW) [1731] Right.
[1732] Oh yes that's right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1733] on it.
[1734] I like the nature ... things and
Anne (PS0NW) [1735] Right.
[1736] Would you watch it for three hours?
[1737] Er er [...] .
[1738] Yes.
[1739] Aha.
[1740] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1741] I suppose so.
[1742] Yes.
[1743] Yes.
Anne (PS0NW) [1744] What what station, what channel would you watch most often?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1745] Erm ...
Anne (PS0NW) [1746] Would it be our own?
[1747] I T V?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1748] The ... well yes.
Anne (PS0NW) [1749] Yes.
[1750] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1751] I prefer that one.
Anne (PS0NW) [1752] Do you listen to the radio?
[1753] I'm sure you do.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1754] Er, sometimes but mo
Anne (PS0NW) [1755] Right.
[1756] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1757] mostly I have the erm ... tut ... my sp special tapes records
Anne (PS0NW) [1758] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1759] on of
Anne (PS0NW) [1760] Right.
[1761] Well well you would listen to the radio
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1762] piano tape things.
Anne (PS0NW) [1763] Right.
[1764] W how, how ... how, what station would you listen to?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1765] Well n not, not a lot of radio now.
[1766] No.
Anne (PS0NW) [1767] No.
[1768] No.
[1769] No.
[1770] ... D'you read a newspaper?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1771] Yes.
Anne (PS0NW) [1772] What would you have read?
[1773] I mean ... at least four issues a a er ... a week.
[1774] So what would your popular paper be?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1775] Well it's not ...
Anne (PS0NW) [1776] Would it be the local?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1777] Yeah, well ... the er national paper.
Anne (PS0NW) [1778] Which one?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1779] And a
Anne (PS0NW) [1780] Which one?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1781] The Sun.
Anne (PS0NW) [1782] The Sun.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1783] But it wouldn't be the po most popular [laughing] it's because of
Anne (PS0NW) [1784] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1785] because they advertise bingo in them [...] []
Anne (PS0NW) [1786] [laughing] Hope you're not re reading page three my girl [...] [] .
[1787] What about er would you, would you buy the local? [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1788] Oh I expect John reads page page three.
[1789] So does me
Anne (PS0NW) [1790] Well, he wouldn't be natural if he didn't. [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1791] Course he wouldn't.
Anne (PS0NW) [1792] Goodness gracious.
[1793] You don't want to make the man a fuddy- duddy do you?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1794] In in fact I open it out sometimes
Anne (PS0NW) [1795] Yeah.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1796] and leave it there for him
Anne (PS0NW) [1797] Right. [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1798] in case he's missed it. [laugh]
Anne (PS0NW) [1799] [laughing] If he, if he never does anything worse than that me girl he'll go alright [] .
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1800] No he he's alright.
Anne (PS0NW) [1801] There's no complaints there.
[1802] You're
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1803] [laugh] You think I'm awful. [laugh]
Anne (PS0NW) [1804] [laugh] No no no.
[1805] W would you read the local paper?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1806] We have the Belfast Telegraph.
Anne (PS0NW) [1807] Right.
[1808] Ah the Belfast
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1809] Oh no
Anne (PS0NW) [1810] I was thinking of the
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1811] No wait a minute.
Anne (PS0NW) [1812] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1813] The ... the erm ... Portadown News isn't it?
Anne (PS0NW) [1814] Yes.
[1815] Right.
[1816] Yes aha.
[1817] I was thinking more of that
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1818] Or the Lurgan Mail.
Anne (PS0NW) [1819] The Lurgan Mail I was thinking of.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1820] Yes.
[1821] That's right.
Anne (PS0NW) [1822] What about a Sunday paper, okay?
[1823] Would you read a Sunday?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1824] Well that's that's the News of the World [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [1825] News of the World.
[1826] That's a very popular paper you know, the News of the World.
[1827] Aha.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1828] Yeah but it's a lot of lot of trash.
Anne (PS0NW) [1829] Aha I know. [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1830] [laugh] I I I I check me po ... check me pools and that's all. [laugh]
Anne (PS0NW) [1831] I'm never sure what to ... [laugh] When in Rome do as the Romans do okay for goodness sakes.
[1832] What about any other?
[1833] Would you read any other?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1834] No.
Anne (PS0NW) [1835] No, right.
[1836] No.
[1837] Sometimes we read second hand papers.
[1838] What about magazines?
[1839] Would you read a magazine?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1840] No, I don't get m magazines.
Anne (PS0NW) [1841] Any, no no ... no radio times, readers ... sports, women's magazines?
[1842] Anything like that, no?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1843] No.
Anne (PS0NW) [1844] D'you ever read er books?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1845] Well no, not ... well not for
Anne (PS0NW) [1846] Not erm
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1847] years I haven't.
Anne (PS0NW) [1848] Right.
[1849] Not not a book ... right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1850] Years ago.
Anne (PS0NW) [1851] Right.
[1852] So it would have been ... you never read now.
[1853] I, I'll skip there.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1854] No.
Anne (PS0NW) [1855] Right.
[1856] Erm ... my mam you know knows I talk too much okay you know.
[1857] I'll say to them and I'll be away fifteen minutes then. [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [laugh]
Anne (PS0NW) [1858] What would you do, what would your leisure time ... you would listen to music?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1859] Yes.
Anne (PS0NW) [1860] Anything else?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1861] Er ... well no just sitting
Anne (PS0NW) [1862] What kind of music?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1863] Oh er ...
Anne (PS0NW) [1864] Piano?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1865] piano conc
Anne (PS0NW) [1866] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1867] concertos you know, things [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [1868] Right, right.
[1869] Right
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1870] I've got all me records there.
Anne (PS0NW) [1871] Anything else, anything else?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1872] Lovely lovely records.
Anne (PS0NW) [1873] What else do you like to do?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1874] Er [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [1875] Do you garden?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1876] A bit here and there.
[1877] So, yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1878] Oh right.
[1879] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1880] Oh yes, I like ... and I know quite a bit about gardening and the names of the
Anne (PS0NW) [1881] Right.
[1882] Do you [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [1883] [laughing] [...] in our house [] . [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1884] I I like a garden.
Anne (PS0NW) [1885] Do you like a garden?
[1886] Right
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1887] I'm ... I'm a coun I'm a country girl.
Anne (PS0NW) [1888] Oh are you?
[1889] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1890] Mm.
Anne (PS0NW) [1891] Oh you're a country woman?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1892] Mhm.
Anne (PS0NW) [1893] I would have thought when you were talking
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1894] Really.
Anne (PS0NW) [1895] telling me about London and that
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1896] [...] .
[1897] Yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1898] you would have been maybe more a city woman.
[1899] You're a country woman?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1900] Ooh I can't bear the cities.
Anne (PS0NW) [1901] Can you not?
[1902] Right.
[1903] So I
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1904] I I can't bear four walls.
Anne (PS0NW) [1905] Right.
[1906] You like to be out.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1907] Out where there's green and everything.
Anne (PS0NW) [1908] D'you walk?
[1909] Do you walk?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1910] Oh yes.
[1911] Walk, walk a lot.
Anne (PS0NW) [1912] Yes so [...] walk.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1913] Yes.
[1914] Yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1915] Walking.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1916] When I can [laugh] .
[1917] When I can now.
Anne (PS0NW) [1918] [laugh] You like to conversate ... don't you?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1919] Yes.
Anne (PS0NW) [1920] With Eileen and er
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1921] Yes.
[1922] Oh yeah.
[1923] Yes.
Anne (PS0NW) [1924] Yes you like to conversate .
[1925] Och I think it was too much on Eileen.
[1926] I think she's too many problems and one thing or another so I just, I just
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1927] I feel awful sorry for her.
Anne (PS0NW) [1928] Yes.
[1929] I just er petered out.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1930] She tried.
[1931] She did very well you know?
Anne (PS0NW) [1932] I petered out.
[1933] I I I I ... I don't know what to do ... I have to ask my boss tomorrow again you know?
[1934] But I think she'll need to do more than one, you know?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1935] Yes.
Anne (PS0NW) [1936] She had [...] you would need to do more [...] .
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1937] Well she's only just gone back tonight.
Anne (PS0NW) [1938] Aha.
[1939] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1940] She'd been home, I didn't know.
[1941] You know [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [1942] I think she has problems and look, I'm only in for
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1943] But she
Anne (PS0NW) [1944] surveying and no, I don't want to know
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1945] Yeah.
[1946] Yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1947] your business, you know?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1948] But she loves to co she was over here
Anne (PS0NW) [1949] Yes.
[1950] Oh yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1951] and she had a laugh and she's great.
Anne (PS0NW) [1952] Yes.
[1953] Aha.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1954] I go and visit her.
Anne (PS0NW) [1955] Right.
[1956] Right.
[1957] I I thought [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1958] And we have a chat there, you know?
Anne (PS0NW) [1959] that maybe it was too much and I just ... eased out.
[1960] You know
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1961] Yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [1962] I would ease back.
[1963] If I thought it was too much I'd ease back.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1964] Yeah.
[1965] Well it
Anne (PS0NW) [1966] And I think some you win, some you lose.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1967] No she she she she enjoyed it.
[1968] At the beginning
Anne (PS0NW) [1969] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1970] cos she did three tapes.
[1971] Both sides.
Anne (PS0NW) [1972] Yes but th w th w there was none ... she hadn't pressed a button at the back.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1973] Oh no.
[1974] That's right.
[1975] But she chatted and chatted.
Anne (PS0NW) [1976] [...] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1977] But you see since then
Anne (PS0NW) [1978] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1979] nobody's been in.
Anne (PS0NW) [1980] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1981] The family ... been in and out
Anne (PS0NW) [1982] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1983] but she's still been on her own.
[1984] So I get on with her and try and help her.
Anne (PS0NW) [1985] Right.
[1986] That's right yeah.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1987] But she's gone back tonight.
Anne (PS0NW) [1988] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1989] And she's, that was tonight she said she's hoping to be home Thursday.
Anne (PS0NW) [1990] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1991] And they're gonna let her stay home for .
Anne (PS0NW) [1992] Right.
[1993] Right.
[1994] A friend in need.
[1995] I just came
Rosemary (PS0NR) [1996] Of course she's
Anne (PS0NW) [1997] at the wrong time I think.
[1998] There was a crisis.
[1999] She talked about the, one of the girls or something and [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2000] Yes.
[2001] I'm I'm waiting for the
Anne (PS0NW) [2002] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2003] er little one to to see her because
Anne (PS0NW) [2004] I said to Andrew ... I I'll just back off.
[2005] He said it doesn't matter Anne, about the money and I just eased off and
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2006] Yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [2007] didn't go back you know?
[2008] You know well, what can you do when she
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2009] No that's right.
[2010] She, with the little one she's er er told her
Anne (PS0NW) [2011] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2012] she's gonna come over and see me.
[2013] I told her that while her mum's away if she's got problems just to
Anne (PS0NW) [2014] Right.
[2015] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2016] come over to me and talk about them.
Anne (PS0NW) [2017] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2018] Because she's heading for trouble [...] .
Anne (PS0NW) [2019] Yeah.
[2020] That's what I said
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2021] And Eileen gets somebody phones up Eileen
Anne (PS0NW) [2022] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2023] and tells her about it.
Anne (PS0NW) [2024] Aha.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2025] Of what time she comes in.
Anne (PS0NW) [2026] Yeah, aha.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2027] And she's only eleven you see.
[2028] ... And it's an awful worry.
Anne (PS0NW) [2029] I I [...] causing you problems then I'm only in for surveying
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2030] Yeah, yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [2031] and nothing else and I didn't want to get involved.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2032] No.
Anne (PS0NW) [2033] Yes or no, okay?
[2034] Don't be polite to me, right?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [laugh]
Anne (PS0NW) [2035] If we were carrying out, no well I always need to get [...] right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [2036] If we were carrying out a similar survey in the future, recording conversations, would you be willing to take part?
[2037] Yes or no?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2038] Yes.
Anne (PS0NW) [2039] That's alright.
[2040] I cannot force.
[2041] I'm
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2042] Yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [2043] taught not to force, you know?
[2044] That's why
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2045] Yeah.
[2046] That's okay.
Anne (PS0NW) [2047] when I'd seen there was a problem there, then I just [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2048] Yes.
[2049] No, it wa wasn't a good time.
[2050] No, not for her.
Anne (PS0NW) [2051] No.
[2052] I came in at yes.
[2053] I came out at at the wrong time.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2054] Yeah.
[2055] It will take her some time
Anne (PS0NW) [2056] He was nice.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2057] Yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [2058] He was lovely and he was nice but ... it was just the, the wrong thing was judged, right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2059] But er and she'll be alright eventually.
[2060] And she's
Anne (PS0NW) [2061] Oh yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2062] she's she's great.
Anne (PS0NW) [2063] Take time.
[2064] Oh yes.
[2065] Take time.
[2066] Take time.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2067] She's a great person.
Anne (PS0NW) [2068] I've had a I've had a ... I've had a
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2069] She thinks so much of her family.
Anne (PS0NW) [2070] Yeah.
[2071] I've had maybe too much
Rosemary (PS0NR) [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [2072] you know?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2073] Yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [2074] I had a sister er we, we had a sister schizophrenic.
[2075] So
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2076] Mm
Anne (PS0NW) [2077] you have to live and you know.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2078] Oh yes.
Anne (PS0NW) [2079] And I could have seen [...] like [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2080] You've got to see people ... their side.
Anne (PS0NW) [2081] Yes, yes.
[2082] That's why I thought, when I come back the next time and you're upset I said oh no way do I want to upset a woman like that.
[2083] Oh [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2084] Oh no, no I wasn't upset.
[2085] I was just [...] speaking frank about it.
Anne (PS0NW) [2086] Oh yes, I like to talk frank. [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2087] [laugh] Oh no.
[2088] No, oh no.
[2089] It er it would take a lot
Anne (PS0NW) [2090] Did you have that book?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2091] Yes.
Anne (PS0NW) [2092] Did you have that book at hand?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2093] I've got them, I've got them over there.
Anne (PS0NW) [2094] Right.
[2095] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2096] Erm
Anne (PS0NW) [2097] Oh, watch yourself there [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2098] Oh crikey
Anne (PS0NW) [2099] You're switched on!
[2100] You're clicked on and I'm going in behind you.
[2101] Give me it and I'll ... give me it and I'll just [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2102] Right.
Anne (PS0NW) [2103] Right. ...
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2104] See, I've got it all here.
Anne (PS0NW) [2105] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2106] There's the booklets.
Anne (PS0NW) [2107] Right.
[2108] ... Can't see a thing er without my glasses.
[2109] Right.
[2110] Oh and you have it filled in.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2111] That's [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [2112] And I I er put, I I I'll put this, put this one in.
[2113] Put, put number three.
[2114] Those are the two, right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2115] That's the two.
Anne (PS0NW) [2116] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2117] D'you want them put into this box?
Anne (PS0NW) [2118] Yes they go all just go into the box.
[2119] They all just go back er er okay?
[2120] They all just go back.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2121] [...] well I kept them out just in case.
Anne (PS0NW) [2122] Right.
[2123] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2124] And then the three'll have to go, go down in between.
Anne (PS0NW) [2125] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2126] Then it's finished with.
[2127] And
Anne (PS0NW) [2128] Aha.
[2129] Keep
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2130] I'll take all this
Anne (PS0NW) [2131] No you keep all that paraphernalia but give me that.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2132] Keep that.
Anne (PS0NW) [2133] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2134] Okay.
Anne (PS0NW) [2135] Give me that bag.
[2136] ... And thank you very much okay er ... I think you did extremely well, you know?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2137] Well I would have done, I would have done [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [2138] I think.
[2139] Er you would have like it, what's your is [...]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2140] I would have done better if I'd have had more time.
Anne (PS0NW) [2141] Isn't that what life's about?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2142] But you want to hear my family. [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [2143] Pardon me?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2144] [...] none of my family, only my ... one daughter.
Anne (PS0NW) [2145] Right, right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2146] But if we'd been [...] my family [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [2147] Right.
[2148] You'd have plenty of conversation. [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2149] They all ... gosh they they they would have really ... they would have all had a go.
Anne (PS0NW) [laugh]
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2150] They would all all [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [2151] This is life you know okay.
[2152] Life is never perfect.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2153] No.
Anne (PS0NW) [2154] No.
[2155] And the older you get, and you should know that ... you just take the nice bits out of life.
[2156] I think the older you get you're the better of it.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2157] Well that's why I try to tell the kids ... the kiddies.
Anne (PS0NW) [2158] Yes?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2159] Make each day as pleasant as you can
Anne (PS0NW) [2160] Oh yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2161] because it's the pleasant times that you remember.
Anne (PS0NW) [2162] Yes.
[2163] Aha.
[2164] It's like your childhood.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2165] You see, you see a lot of bad at times.
Anne (PS0NW) [2166] That's right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2167] But you pass them by.
Anne (PS0NW) [2168] That's right.
[2169] I mean you're looking back on your childhood, you always think of your childhood being sunny days.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2170] All the pl pleasant
Anne (PS0NW) [2171] Isn't that right?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2172] That's right.
Anne (PS0NW) [2173] Isn't that right?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2174] That's right.
Anne (PS0NW) [2175] That's right.
[2176] Er
Rosemary (PS0NR) [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [2177] that's still going you know.
[2178] Yes.
[2179] I'll put those in that bag.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2180] There's ... have you got a
Anne (PS0NW) [2181] Have I, there is a bag here.
[2182] I left these over.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2183] Oh right.
Anne (PS0NW) [2184] There is a bag.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2185] Now there's those batteries.
Anne (PS0NW) [2186] Right.
[2187] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2188] I've had two.
Anne (PS0NW) [2189] That's alright.
[2190] That's fine.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2191] Two from there
Anne (PS0NW) [2192] I would say it's all present and correct.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2193] that's, that's new.
Anne (PS0NW) [2194] That's right.
[2195] Those these are new.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2196] Th those are the two that you put in.
Anne (PS0NW) [2197] Right.
[2198] Are those
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2199] Finished.
Anne (PS0NW) [2200] are those finished?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2201] They were finished.
Anne (PS0NW) [2202] Right.
[2203] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2204] So I'll pop the two new ones in there.
Anne (PS0NW) [2205] Yes.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2206] But these I tried, but they'd ... they'd been used.
Anne (PS0NW) [2207] Oh.
[2208] That's un
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2209] And strapped down.
Anne (PS0NW) [2210] That's unusual.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2211] Well no light comes on.
Anne (PS0NW) [2212] Right.
[2213] Well, that's fine.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2214] So I did ... a ha one side of a tape
Anne (PS0NW) [2215] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2216] with them on and ... it was no good.
Anne (PS0NW) [2217] Right.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2218] Cos I thought I had done it.
Anne (PS0NW) [2219] That's nice that's nice to know.
[2220] You know.
[2221] That's nice to know.
[2222] That was ... and and those are all, those are all done then?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2223] I think so.
Anne (PS0NW) [2224] How, this is how they just came back to me so
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2225] Yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [2226] that's er that's fine.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2227] Right, so they're [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [2228] Can I get you to fill in that conversation.
[2229] Just, just myself and, and you.
[2230] And er er ... [...] filled in that you see?
[2231] Right.
[2232] I would
Rosemary (PS0NR) [...]
Anne (PS0NW) [2233] There.
[2234] Just yourself.
[2235] And and myself.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [...] ...
Anne (PS0NW) [2236] Now look, look.
[2237] You see, isn't that, isn't that almost finished?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2238] Yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [2239] Is it?
[2240] Is it?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2241] Yeah.
Anne (PS0NW) [2242] okay.
[2243] Is that almost finished?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2244] Yes.
[2245] Mhm ...
Anne (PS0NW) [2246] Where are you?
[2247] ... Which way does that go?
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2248] I'll switch it off shall I?
Anne (PS0NW) [2249] No, no.
[2250] [...] no.
[2251] Keep it on.
Rosemary (PS0NR) [2252] Oh we'll soon switch it on again.