3 conversations recorded by `Robert' (PS1CE) between 2 and 6 April 1992 with 4 interlocutors, totalling 419 s-units, 3098 words, and 1 hour 4 minutes 47 seconds of recordings.

6 speakers recorded by respondent number 808

KDTPS000 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS1CE Ag2 m (Robert, age 34, self employed general contractor, Central Northern England, )
PS1CF Ag2 f (Ellen, age 32, office manager, Central Northern England, ) fiancée
PS1CG Ag2 m (Graham, age 33, gardener, Central Northern England, ) friend
KDTPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KDTPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

3 recordings

  1. Tape 075801 recorded on 1992-04-02. Location: Driffield ( at home ) Activity: having tea
  2. Tape 075802 recorded on 1992-04-03. Location: Driffield ( in car ) Activity: watching it rain and drinking tea
  3. Tape 075901 recorded on 1992-04-06. Location: Burton Fleming ( indoors ) Activity: drinking tea

1 (Tape 075801)

Robert (PS1CE) [1] How are you?
Ellen (PS1CF) [2] Fine, thank you.
[3] I've got a
Robert (PS1CE) [4] Find your
Ellen (PS1CF) [5] headache, but
Robert (PS1CE) [6] Surviving?
Ellen (PS1CF) [7] I feel a lot better.
Robert (PS1CE) [8] Oh well.
Ellen (PS1CF) [9] I went for a walk out this morning but I just couldn't stand it.
Robert (PS1CE) [10] No.
Ellen (PS1CF) [11] [...] it's no good I'm gonna have to go out for a breath of fresh air.
[12] [...] I'm better going [...]
Robert (PS1CE) [13] [...] do you?
Ellen (PS1CF) [14] But I've got [...] to be honest with you [...] you know.
Robert (PS1CE) [15] No
Ellen (PS1CF) [16] So he says I'm going out [...]
Robert (PS1CE) [...]
Ellen (PS1CF) [17] I said oh I feel [...] ... I'm going out [...] for half an hour that's all.
Robert (PS1CE) [18] Yeah
Ellen (PS1CF) [19] I can't see the pleasure [...] you know.
[20] So you seem a lot better [...] [...]
Robert (PS1CE) [21] Got a lot of washing to do [...] lie down [...]
Ellen (PS1CF) [22] Yeah he'd like that.
Robert (PS1CE) [...]
Ellen (PS1CF) [23] Yeah, he'd like that.
Robert (PS1CE) [...]
Ellen (PS1CF) [...]
Robert (PS1CE) [...]
Ellen (PS1CF) [24] I know but I thought
Robert (PS1CE) [25] So I've [...] bit busy with other things anyway.
Ellen (PS1CF) [26] I thought what I'd do was I'd have a bath, I thought I'd put all the [...] back in the fridge [...]
Robert (PS1CE) [27] Yeah.
Ellen (PS1CF) [28] and I've gotta put that erm [...] on tonight as well.
Robert (PS1CE) [29] Yeah.
Ellen (PS1CF) [30] So that might be [...] as well.
Robert (PS1CE) [31] Yeah.
Ellen (PS1CF) [32] See I don't feel as I did last night but it's still there, you know I just take some more tablets like, you know.
Robert (PS1CE) [33] Yeah.
Ellen (PS1CF) [34] But er
Robert (PS1CE) [35] Nearly getting rid of it
Ellen (PS1CF) [36] but I've really cracked it and it's bloody awful!
Robert (PS1CE) [37] It does
Ellen (PS1CF) [38] No [...]
Robert (PS1CE) [39] oh aye, it does.
Ellen (PS1CF) [40] Really cold, really, it's horrible!
Robert (PS1CE) [41] [...] We didn't do him any good at all.
[42] Telling me he got six points for a driving convic for er speeding conviction [...]
Ellen (PS1CF) [43] Halfords I should think
Robert (PS1CE) [...]
Ellen (PS1CF) [44] Oh right!
Robert (PS1CE) [45] When he got erm [...]
Ellen (PS1CF) [46] Oh [...]
Robert (PS1CE) [...] ...
Ellen (PS1CF) [...]
Robert (PS1CE) [47] [...] ... Smell it.
[48] See if it smells alright ...
Ellen (PS1CF) [49] Got any [...]
Robert (PS1CE) [...]
Ellen (PS1CF) [50] Oh [...]
Robert (PS1CE) [51] We have to that's why [...]
Ellen (PS1CF) [52] Aye [...]
Robert (PS1CE) [53] Mm
Ellen (PS1CF) [54] Too much [...]
Robert (PS1CE) [55] [...] I got your er table things.
[56] They do them in packs of fifty but in
Ellen (PS1CF) [57] Oh
Robert (PS1CE) [58] a split pack I got sixty.
[59] That should be enough, shouldn't it?
Ellen (PS1CF) [60] Oh
Robert (PS1CE) [61] Or did I get seventy?
[62] I think I got seventy just to be sure.
[63] I thought sixty
Ellen (PS1CF) [64] Oh alright.
[65] That's alright.
Robert (PS1CE) [66] was enough so I got seventy [...]
Ellen (PS1CF) [67] Oh right.
Robert (PS1CE) [68] cos there's only fifty [...]
Ellen (PS1CF) [69] Yeah.
Robert (PS1CE) [70] So I got seventy.
[71] As I said, they do, they must do them themselves and sell
Ellen (PS1CF) [72] Oh right.
Robert (PS1CE) [73] They've got a well in that shop.
Ellen (PS1CF) [74] Oh have they?
Robert (PS1CE) [75] Yeah.
[76] It's all bricked up.
Ellen (PS1CF) [77] What else you've been doing?
Robert (PS1CE) [78] Oh I've done a bit of drawing.
[79] [...] you wanna get your hair cut while you're there [...]
Ellen (PS1CF) [80] Yeah.
Robert (PS1CE) [...]
Ellen (PS1CF) [81] Yeah, I ought to go and get changed [...]
Robert (PS1CE) [82] Yeah, well don't stand about [...] ...
Ellen (PS1CF) [83] Yeah, that's alight.
[84] I'll get
Robert (PS1CE) [85] Oh yes.
Ellen (PS1CF) [86] changed.
Robert (PS1CE) [87] I'll just leave them ticking over then?
Ellen (PS1CF) [88] Yeah.
[89] I won't be long.
Robert (PS1CE) [90] Yeah, okay.
Ellen (PS1CF) [91] Just go and get myself changed.

2 (Tape 075802)

Graham (PS1CG) [92] Yeah, I mean you see works' vans [...] all over the place regular.
Robert (PS1CE) [93] Yeah.
Graham (PS1CG) [94] Naughty boys!
[95] I never thought about that.
[96] ... ha ... oh.
Robert (PS1CE) [...]
Graham (PS1CG) [97] Not if they keep his licence.
Robert (PS1CE) [98] No.
Graham (PS1CG) [99] Speeding.
Robert (PS1CE) [100] Dangerous driving.
Graham (PS1CG) [101] Dangerous driving cos he made the old woman give over and ... overtook somewhere totally stupid and ... probably find he had no brake.
[102] [laugh] He was slowing down anyway!
[103] ... What are we gonna do?
[104] It's spitting and spotting innit?
Robert (PS1CE) [105] Yeah.
Graham (PS1CG) [106] Fancy having another cup of tea?
Robert (PS1CE) [107] Yeah.
Graham (PS1CG) [108] That's if you look at it, like, you only get two chances at speeding now.
Robert (PS1CE) [109] Mm.
Graham (PS1CG) [110] Which is harder than it used to be.
[111] Must've been four then wasn't it?
Robert (PS1CE) [112] Yeah.
[113] Three points
Graham (PS1CG) [114] Like you get four gos.
[115] Yeah, that'd be right.
[116] Get one more go than you used to now you get one left.
[117] Tightened up on that, haven't they?
Robert (PS1CE) [118] Mm.
Graham (PS1CG) [119] Don't half [...] your er insurance now, don't it?
[120] You get
Robert (PS1CE) [121] Yep.
Graham (PS1CG) [122] a speeding doesn't, never did anyway, bother them.
Robert (PS1CE) [123] No.
Graham (PS1CG) [124] Not unless you had a dangerous driving or something with it.
[125] But er losing your licence always has bothered them, hadn't it?
Robert (PS1CE) [126] Mm.
Graham (PS1CG) [127] That's always cost you. ...
Robert (PS1CE) [128] [...] is there?
[129] A very old Granada
Graham (PS1CG) [130] Mm.
Robert (PS1CE) [131] [...] way back
Graham (PS1CG) [...]
Robert (PS1CE) [132] Aye.
Graham (PS1CG) [...] [laugh]
Robert (PS1CE) [133] Ah, yes [...] it is [...]
Graham (PS1CG) [134] Yeah.
Robert (PS1CE) [135] Yeah.
[136] Probably buy [...]
Graham (PS1CG) [137] Hundred quid.
Robert (PS1CE) [138] Hundred quid [...]
Graham (PS1CG) [139] Yeah.
[140] Aye.
Robert (PS1CE) [141] And he had a dangerous driving or a speeding I think it is
Graham (PS1CG) [142] Mm.
Robert (PS1CE) [143] [...] horrendous insurance bill [laugh]
Graham (PS1CG) [laugh]
Robert (PS1CE) [144] He says I can't afford scrap.
Graham (PS1CG) [145] Cost him more.
Robert (PS1CE) [146] Cost him about six or seven hundred quid a year.
Graham (PS1CG) [147] Cheaper to buy a blimming er ... cheaper to insure a car [...] wouldn't it?
Robert (PS1CE) [148] Mm. ...
Graham (PS1CG) [149] Oh
Robert (PS1CE) [150] [...] no matter what he gets, it's always over five hundred quid cos he's [...] he's
Graham (PS1CG) [151] Yeah.
Robert (PS1CE) [152] lost his licence in the past and ... you know, when he was a kid like
Graham (PS1CG) [153] Mm.
Robert (PS1CE) [154] and all that
Graham (PS1CG) [155] Takes a long while before they forget about that, doesn't it?
Robert (PS1CE) [156] Yeah.
[157] Making himself an extra five hundred pound a year for er having been a naughty boy when he was a teenager.
Graham (PS1CG) [158] Mm.
[159] That's what it's about now, innit?
Robert (PS1CE) [160] Yeah.
Graham (PS1CG) [161] It's all the
Robert (PS1CE) [162] He is actually quite sane now though. [laugh]
Graham (PS1CG) [163] Yeah, well it's like this fellow that got done for speeding.
Robert (PS1CE) [164] When did he get done?
Graham (PS1CG) [165] Er Thur no Wednesday.
[166] [...] sat there watching them catch him up [...] he didn't see them before they got him stopped like.
[167] Saw them catch him up coming along with all their blue lights thinking [...] .
[168] ... They'd been in er garage at bottom.
Robert (PS1CE) [169] Mm.
[170] Aye.
Graham (PS1CG) [171] We'd had a little [...] car before he got there.
[172] He said are you speaking to the [...] no, no, [...] around town he says, I don't mind doing a bit more, you know, out and about [...] not much about [...] they just sat in the traffic, you know.
Robert (PS1CE) [173] Mm
Graham (PS1CG) [174] [...] but erm ... so [...] had it been a Foxhalls, something about a minute ... no, he said only for about a mile, that was it.
[175] I said oh, about forty seconds and he sort of looked.
[176] I says well, at sixty you do a mile in a minute.
[177] So I said if it's only for a mile it's going to be well less than a minute at eighty, presuming you were doing more than [...] ... thereabouts and er that was it.
[178] But the car, he'd er he says oh that was funny he says, I blew past him, popped into fourth, I blew past him real easy going up the [laughing] [...] [] .
[179] Come out at Foxhalls at forty, I think he did.
[180] He can come through Foxhall like and he, he'd had to speed up he says and then ... he says he didn't carry on, like.
[181] He hadn't been doing [...] and er ... reckon he [...] and er [...] think I'm [...] and that was it [...] so ... right ... [...] ... Been driving since he was ... nineteen ...
Robert (PS1CE) [...]
Graham (PS1CG) [182] [...] ... two or three months ago, I think it was.
[183] I remember him saying once before I don't, I don't know what [...] and er he says it's only a fortnight ago since [...] you know [...] .
[184] You get done for, pulled up for speeding or parking or something and you can pay your own [laughing] fine [] .
[185] So I went home, anybody gonna pay me fine?
Robert (PS1CE) [laugh]
Graham (PS1CG) [186] [...] [laugh] ... He says I am gonna cop it off me mother [...] cop it of his mother.
[187] You're always going too fast!
[188] I told you before!
[189] He says me dad al me dad was always speeding he, he used to go mad!
Robert (PS1CE) [...]
Graham (PS1CG) [190] Mm.
Robert (PS1CE) [191] slow down.
Graham (PS1CG) [192] Yeah ... obviously watching wasn't, wasn't watching his mirror very hard.
[193] He hadn't seen copper trying to get him caught up, I wonder how much he was using mirror when he was overtaking people?
Robert (PS1CE) [194] Mm, yeah.
Graham (PS1CG) [195] Whether he was just watching what was coming from the front.
[196] ... Mm saw him coming [...] have to get it [laugh] cos Neil's mum was cross about it.
[197] ... Oh well ... he was only just finding out what the rules were.
[198] There was a gang of us chatting with him.
[199] I come up with six points.
[200] That made his day.
Robert (PS1CE) [laugh]
Graham (PS1CG) [201] He says have I got a fixed penalty?
[202] I says only got a pink form if you've got a fixed penalty.
[203] Know somebody who got one, like.
[204] No, only a bloke [...] I've never seen one [...] had one.
Robert (PS1CE) [205] Yeah, that'd be Richard.
Graham (PS1CG) [206] Mm only he's got to [...] take his licence and insurance in.
[207] ... As to what happens now he says I've to go to Magistrate's Court ... so ... it's just beginning to sink in that it's gonna cost him some brass and it's going to be serious.
[208] One of them there was of the opinion who could quite easily lose his licence for it.
Robert (PS1CE) [209] Like [...] he got done ... [...]
Graham (PS1CG) [210] What he do?
[211] Run a Chief Constable over?
Robert (PS1CE) [212] No!
[213] No, he got done for speeding.
[214] He was over the, over the limit and had a small quantity of drugs with it.
[215] Don't think he'd actually taken them but he had as a
Graham (PS1CG) [216] Mm.
Robert (PS1CE) [217] possession.
[218] They did him about eight hundred pounds in motoring offences
Graham (PS1CG) [219] Aye.
Robert (PS1CE) [...]
Graham (PS1CG) [220] Phew!
Robert (PS1CE) [221] Speeding while slightly over the limit it was. ... [...]
Graham (PS1CG) [222] Him having speed having, having speed [...] .
[223] Oh god!
[224] [laugh] ... Mm ... Where's [...] today?
Robert (PS1CE) [225] Dunno.
Graham (PS1CG) [226] He started to come over, didn't he?
Robert (PS1CE) [227] Yeah. ...
Graham (PS1CG) [228] [...] they don't come any worse [...] get a cup of tea in between, weren't we?
Robert (PS1CE) [229] Mm.
Graham (PS1CG) [230] I don't think it would've bothered us [...] when it was spitting and spotting if we'd actually been out there, would it, it's just setting off in it.
Robert (PS1CE) [231] Aye, yeah.
Graham (PS1CG) [232] Blue sky!
[233] I can see a bit of blue up there.
[234] ... [...] today?
Robert (PS1CE) [235] No [...]
Graham (PS1CG) [236] [...] if you were off to do something and being mucked around for the day, innit?
Robert (PS1CE) [237] Mm [...]
Graham (PS1CG) [238] Took my [...] a long while ago.
Robert (PS1CE) [239] Not surprised to see them now.
Graham (PS1CG) [240] Only ran out a month ago!
[241] ... Just as well so late I've been waiting for [...] to come.
[242] [...] I got some here come in this morning she says, they ran out beginning of September last year.
[243] We hadn't thought about it.
[244] [laugh] I thought I was late.
[245] Mine have been in, oh, I don't know!
[246] A good month!
[247] Innit? [...]
Robert (PS1CE) [248] A slightly bigger [...] like a fish box
Graham (PS1CG) [laugh]
Robert (PS1CE) [249] Or what? ...
Graham (PS1CG) [...]
Robert (PS1CE) [...]
Graham (PS1CG) [250] Lobster pots making a smell.
Robert (PS1CE) [laugh] [...]
Graham (PS1CG) [251] [...] yeah, don't, I know name when it come up like that.
[252] ... Anyway we can sort the problem because you'll take them back a [...] won't you? [laughing] [...] [] [cough] put them outside your house, creating a smell they were playing up.
[253] Pretty fair stack of them I should think, wasn't there?
Robert (PS1CE) [...]
Graham (PS1CG) [254] Mhm.
Robert (PS1CE) [255] [...] ... Don't know if the son's got out yet.
[256] Been doing time.
Graham (PS1CG) [257] Aye.
[258] I don't know
Robert (PS1CE) [259] They didn't catch him [...] [laugh]
Graham (PS1CG) [laugh]
Robert (PS1CE) [260] He had an argument with a kid, two or three years ago
Graham (PS1CG) [261] Aye.
Robert (PS1CE) [262] and er they set off in hot pursuit.
[263] It was in back of a pick-up.
[264] Driving through [...] with a shotgun shooting the guy [laugh]
Graham (PS1CG) [265] Still in the back of a pick-up shooting over the roof, like?
Robert (PS1CE) [266] Yeah.
Graham (PS1CG) [267] Oh!
[268] They didn't get him for that one?
[269] Blimming good job!
Robert (PS1CE) [270] No, they just got him for beating somebody. [laugh]
Graham (PS1CG) [271] Bloody good job.
[272] You'd think after that one they'd have thrown the keys away for that.
Robert (PS1CE) [273] Mm.
[274] The kid hadn't done much
Graham (PS1CG) [275] Get an extra two years for missing. [laugh]
Robert (PS1CE) [276] the kid hadn't done much, I mean it was nowt [laughing] serious [] .
[277] You know I had a moving traffic accident [...] [laugh]
Graham (PS1CG) [278] Yeah [laugh]
Robert (PS1CE) [279] wasn't trucking there, you know [...] or owt like that.
[280] ... No sense of humour. [laugh]
Graham (PS1CG) [281] Got brought a pushbike wheel the other day.
[282] Can you get the cogs off that?
[283] Why?
[284] Well they go a lot better on that bike of mine.
[285] I don't think so.
[286] Oh pity.
[287] So what you've done to bend the wheel?
[288] I haven't.
[289] The gaffer knocked somebody off their pushbike, had to buy him a new wheel [laugh] and some compensation [...] [laugh]
Robert (PS1CE) [laugh]
Graham (PS1CG) [290] Scrounge the wheel!
[291] How do you get them off?
[292] He says you go to a pushbike shop and get special tools.
[293] Ring spanner things with the
Robert (PS1CE) [294] Mm.
Graham (PS1CG) [295] keys on the outside [...] pumps and things on it to ... I wouldn't bother.
[296] A new set of back cogs for bike's only about seven quid.
[297] A brand new set and they come with the ra with the, erm free wheel and everything all in like, just screw them on.
[298] Go to a pushbike shop they whip them off and whip them on for you [...] you buy, you know, if you go out and buy one then just take wheel with you they'll stick them straight on.
[299] ... Mm ... [...] that fellow don't go to the police.
[300] Lucky to get away with having to buy him a wheel [...] compensation [...]
Robert (PS1CE) [laugh]

3 (Tape 133401)

Robert (PS1CE) [301] Unusual innit.
None (KDTPS000) [302] It's very expensive that's why it's unusual.
Robert (PS1CE) [303] Sixty nine ninety nine.
[304] [...] [music in background] [...] [eating] is that all right?
[305] It is done isn't It?
None (KDTPS000) [306] [...] why have you got that on your head.
Robert (PS1CE) [307] What's it doing take it off.
None (KDTPS000) [308] Oh yeah.
Robert (PS1CE) [309] [shouting] take it off []
None (KDTPS000) [310] Mm.
Robert (PS1CE) [311] [shouting] take it off I don't like it, take it off []
None (KDTPS000) [312] What?
Robert (PS1CE) [313] [shouting] What's wrong with you? [] [man in other room shouting]
None (KDTPS000) [314] [shouting] What? []
Robert (PS1CE) [315] What?
None (KDTPS000) [316] He's bloody mad, he's potty, off his rocker.
Robert (PS1CE) [317] Where did you get it?
None (KDTPS000) [318] Get what?
Robert (PS1CE) [319] The thing.

4 (Tape 133501)

Robert (PS1CE) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [320] Well why [...]
Robert (PS1CE) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1CE) [321] Well why do you need it, why do you need a towel?
[322] ... Why do you need a towel.
[323] Why er why [giggle]
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [324] [...] game.
Robert (PS1CE) [325] Mum and Dad's got it. [cough]
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [326] [...] Come on Mum.
Robert (PS1CE) [327] Go get in the blooming bath.
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [328] Why? ... [...]
Robert (PS1CE) [329] I'll rewi rewind that actually heard what you say, you must be very naughty and nasty ... thing to be to your son.
[330] [unzipping a bag] ... I can't have a sweet then.
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1CE) [331] Well you're not give me a sweet an all.
[332] ... Should give me a sweet you know.
[333] ... You should.
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [334] You're gonna turn it off because I wanna tear you off a strip about something.

5 (Tape 133502)

Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [335] Me?
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [336] Yeah.
Robert (PS1CE) [337] Why?
[338] ... What are we talking about?
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [...]

6 (Tape 133602)

Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [339] Mum what's Hamlet about?
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [340] Pardon?
Robert (PS1CE) [341] What's Hamlet about?
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [342] Hamlet?
Robert (PS1CE) [343] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [344] I don't know much about Shakespeare, the only play I've seen is Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Robert (PS1CE) [345] [...] to er see Rome and Juliet.
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [346] Mm.
Robert (PS1CE) [347] And I think I need to make it up.
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [348] When is [...]
Robert (PS1CE) [349] I dunno.
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [350] Well you better find out then.
Robert (PS1CE) [351] What do ya mean I alw I'm only saying it cos I got [...]
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [352] Well no if you can go.
Robert (PS1CE) [353] You give me the money for it?
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [354] If it's within reason as I assume it will be.
Robert (PS1CE) [355] Five Pounds.
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [356] That's okay.
Robert (PS1CE) [357] W would it make much difference for you lending me the money.
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [358] Not a lot.
Robert (PS1CE) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [359] Well there's a quite a bit of difference between five and fifty isn't there ... and the one thing is for your educational needs and the other I'm so convinced about.
Robert (PS1CE) [360] Well
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [361] Yeah.
Robert (PS1CE) [362] I thought a computer [...]
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [363] No, but I know that you're dying to have a computer, and if money was no object, then we probably wouldn't hesitate in lending it to you, but really and truly at this moment things are ... tight and we can't afford to commit ourselves with things ... unless it's absolutely necessary.
Robert (PS1CE) [364] Well
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [365] And that's it, I mean I've made it as plain as I can.
Robert (PS1CE) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [366] That is it and I hate it when you keep on and on nagging.
Robert (PS1CE) [367] I won't go and see Romeo and Juliet.
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [368] Well don't go, it's not my fault if you don't pass your exams.
Robert (PS1CE) [369] All right. [...]
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [370] Did you watch that animated version that you recorded.
Robert (PS1CE) [371] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [372] Does it give you the gist of the story?
Robert (PS1CE) [373] It, [...] half an hour long. [...] [too far away to be able to hear]
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [374] Well I think it's longer than half an hour.
[375] They probably should
Robert (PS1CE) [376] [...] an hour at the most.
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [377] Given you er ... erm
Robert (PS1CE) [378] [...] The film is about hour and five minutes.
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [379] You can probably have a video of it as long ... of another version.
[380] Well it's does help to see different ... versions because ... you see that different people interpret the [...] [tv very loud]
Robert (PS1CE) [381] Why do you [...]
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [382] Mm?
[383] Well it depends on the people who are producing or directing or whatever, so it's all got ... different ways of doing it.
[384] When I was studying [...] I went to [...] Open Air Theatre ... and ... I saw ... a version there [tv is very loud] on Christopher ... er what's his name ... that chubby fellow with the glasses ... Christopher Biggins that's it.
[385] He was playing Puck ... and when I went to see the [...] Company ... doing it well they had a completely different way of doing it, they wo they did it really like er ... a dec you know the the mechanical play, I don't know if you know A Midsummer Night's Dream.
[386] They did it in a completely ... slapstick farce way ... you know th the men who were dressed up [...] women they [...] balloons and had rosy red cheeks and wigs and things, it was quite ... different.
Robert (PS1CE) [387] How they [...]
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [388] Well that's it, when Shakespeare wrote a play and the text has survived and [...] , but the way of ... of joshing the people on the way they do it is different every generation and even most of the people in the same generation would ... would have a different way of doing it.
Robert (PS1CE) [389] Okay.
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [390] There's a comedienne ... erm ... she apparently was born in Wales.
Robert (PS1CE) [391] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [392] Two Ton Tessie O'Shea that's her.
Robert (PS1CE) [393] Two Ton Tessie?
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [394] She yeah, that's her her nickname, cos she was quite big and she played the nurse in Romeo and Juliet in the season on Stratford on Avon and she did it using a Welsh accent because she thought Shakespeare, having coming from ... quite near the Welsh Border Country might well have had ... might well have had a Welsh ... nurse.
[395] So it didn't matter that Romeo and Juliet is set in Italy.
Robert (PS1CE) [396] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [397] She did it as she would have ... thought Shakespeare would have known people and things, you know, she did it like that.
Robert (PS1CE) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [398] Mm.
[399] And I remember Amanda seeing a video of Romeo and Juliet [...]
Robert (PS1CE) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [400] And what struck me was that the costumes were all sort of like you see portraits of Elizabethan dress.
[401] ... Now I don't what Italy and those ... Middle Ages would have been like, that the sort of clothes that were worn.
Robert (PS1CE) [402] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [403] But ... the clothing in that film struck me very much as being like Elizabethan dress.
Robert (PS1CE) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [404] Yeah, I mean [...] now plays ... of ... Shakespeare and ... they're wearing modern dress like those worn at Richard the Third or something and they're wearing ... well either First or Second World War ... uniforms.
Robert (PS1CE) [405] Yes.
[406] ... It was very different then.
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [407] Yeah, well it's just different ... directors have different ... things they want to emphasise in a play and if they want to bring something home or ... they think that using a certain ... well like say the way the people are dressed and everything will ... will have more of an impact, you know will ...
Robert (PS1CE) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [408] One thing I was wondering about you know they ... they talk about erm ... in ... Shakespeare's works is the language the words he uses, the ... the sort of poetry of it and the symbolism that's used.
[409] ... Erm do they talk about that at all in your English Literature [...]
Robert (PS1CE) [410] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [411] Do they show you how you can learn about this, there's a book you know the book I bought you it's got notes in it.
[412] Does that help with it?
Robert (PS1CE) [413] I suppose [...]
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [414] Pardon?
Robert (PS1CE) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [415] Well you should do.
[416] And what about ... I bought some ... revision books and things study aids or something for Amanda for her English literature
Robert (PS1CE) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDTPSUNK) [417] Well I bought them for Amanda and she was doing ... Romeo and Juliet.
[418] So if you look in those you may find there's some help there.
Robert (PS1CE) [419] Yeah.