18 conversations recorded by `Sam' (PS0S3) between 15 and 21 April 1992 with 7 interlocutors, totalling 793 s-units, 8038 words, and over 8 minutes 2 seconds of recordings.

9 speakers recorded by respondent number 803

PS0S3 Ag4 m (Sam, age 58, company director, Irish, )
PS0S4 Ag4 m (George, age 56, clerk, Irish, ) brother-in-law
PS0S5 Ag5 f (Betty, age 60, Irish, ) sister-in-law
PS0S6 Ag4 f (Diana, age 51, housewife, Irish, ) wife
PS0S8 Ag2 f (Shirley, age 26, bank official, Irish, ) daughter
PS0S9 Ag5 m (Bill, age 61, retired, Irish, ) friend
PS0SA Ag4 f (Margaret, age 55, typist (pt), Irish, ) friend
KDUPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KDUPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

18 recordings

  1. Tape 046401 recorded on 1992-04-15. LocationDown: Banbridge ( work ) Activity: doing paperwork
  2. Tape 046402 recorded on 1992-04-15. LocationDown: Banbridge ( work ) Activity: doing paperwork
  3. Tape 046403 recorded on 1992-04-15. LocationDown: Banbridge ( work ) Activity: doing paperwork
  4. Tape 046404 recorded on 1992-04-15. LocationDown: Banbridge ( work ) Activity: doing paperwork
  5. Tape 046405 recorded on 1992-04-15. LocationDown: Banbridge ( work ) Activity: doing paperwork
  6. Tape 046406 recorded on 1992-04-15. LocationDown: Banbridge ( work ) Activity: doing paperwork
  7. Tape 046407 recorded on 1992-04-15. LocationDown: Banbridge ( work ) Activity: doing paperwork
  8. Tape 046408 recorded on 1992-04-15. LocationDown: Banbridge ( work ) Activity: doing paperwork
  9. Tape 046409 recorded on 1992-04-15. LocationDown: Banbridge ( work ) Activity: doing paperwork
  10. Tape 046410 recorded on 1992-04-15. LocationDown: Banbridge ( work ) Activity: doing paperwork
  11. Tape 046411 recorded on 1992-04-15. LocationDown: Banbridge ( work ) Activity: doing paperwork
  12. Tape 046412 recorded on 1992-04-15. LocationDown: Banbridge ( work ) Activity: doing paperwork
  13. Tape 046413 recorded on 1992-04-15. LocationDown: Banbridge ( work ) Activity: doing paperwork
  14. Tape 046414 recorded on 1992-04-15. LocationDown: Banbridge ( work ) Activity: doing paperwork
  15. Tape 046415 recorded on 1992-04-15. LocationDown: Banbridge ( work ) Activity: doing paperwork
  16. Tape 046416 recorded on 1992-04-15. LocationDown: Banbridge ( work ) Activity: doing paperwork
  17. Tape 046417 recorded on 1992-04-15. LocationDublin: Dublin ( sister-in-law and brother-in-law's home ) Activity: visiting
  18. Tape 046501 recorded on 1992-04-21. Location: Waterfoot ( picnic ) Activity: with friends

1 (Tape 046401)

Sam (PS0S3) [1] This is a fax I want you to send to Ian in Aiden Mouth and it reads as follows [reading] good afternoon Ian, at long last I've been able to get down to this memo of yours, dated the thirtieth alt ... can you please let me know the actual deliveries' figures in the first part of this memo.
[2] You have shown four, inverted commas, delivery Aiden Mouth close inverted commas ... one hundred, sorry, one thousand, one hundred and ninety two kilos, stop, I think there should be fourteen ninety two kilos, please confirm I am correct as soon as possible, otherwise I agree with all your other figures in this memo, best regards, Sam []

2 (Tape 046402)

Sam (PS0S3) [3] This is a memo to Caroline at Aiden Mouth ... Good evening Caroline, can I refer you to Aiden Mouth, invoice number A four hundred which is linked to invoice number one, nine, O, seven, six, paragraph invoice where total is one, sorry, seventeen thousand, one hundred and six kilos, of which Aran A R A N contributes twelve thousand, eight hundred and ninety two kilos, which is seventy five point three seven percent of the total weight, stop, in your invoice number A four hundred you have charged us the full charges, whereas we are only liable for seventy five point three seven percent of the New Zealand to U K charges, dash, am I not correct, question mark.
[4] Paragraph, earlier reply will be, be appreciated as I want to finalize the Aran price for the units as soon as possible, best regards, Sam.

3 (Tape 046403)

Sam (PS0S3) [5] [phonecall starts] Good morning er Sam here is Carol there please?
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [6] Can you hold on a minute?
Sam (PS0S3) [7] Thank you very much
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [8] Okay ...
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [9] Good morning
Sam (PS0S3) [10] Good morning Carol, how are you this morning?
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [11] Well a bit wet and windy
Sam (PS0S3) [12] Oh, well it's dry and very cold and er and bright periods
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [13] Is it?
Sam (PS0S3) [14] er but no doubt we'll have a few showers I'm sure
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [15] Yeah, we've had really heavy rain this end and it's beginning to dry up, but it's still very strong winds
Sam (PS0S3) [16] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [17] we've been told to prepare for frost tonight
Sam (PS0S3) [18] Yeah, it wouldn't surprise me because it's quite, quite cold here
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [19] Well I believe it's snowing in Coventry
Sam (PS0S3) [20] That wouldn't surprise me one bit
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [21] Mm, anyway what can we do for you?
Sam (PS0S3) [22] Well I tell you what I'm on about, er, Penn Eagle, er, it the code, the A F P number is
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [23] Yes
Sam (PS0S3) [24] if you may or may not remember we were able to buy the D U S from Holland on it
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [25] Yeah yeah I think we did yeah
Sam (PS0S3) [26] Yeah , does that mean er whenever I send out the application fee of two hundred and fifty pounds some months ago, er did we get that back or do we get it back?
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [27] No you don't get that back
Sam (PS0S3) [28] That's
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [29] that's all part of the administration procedures
Sam (PS0S3) [30] that's what I thought, I wasn't quite sure, I just wanted I'd been sort of going through various things, and I want I'd wanted to make absolutely sure
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [31] No because erm, I mean, you've paid a hundred and forty pounds in the post
Sam (PS0S3) [32] Correct
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [33] out of seven hundred pounds for testing each year
Sam (PS0S3) [34] Yeah, that's fine, I just wanted to confirm that that was okay
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [35] That's okay
Sam (PS0S3) [36] It's one of those things that sort of sort of puts a little query in your mind and
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [37] You have a blind sometimes don't you?
[38] And
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Sam (PS0S3) [39] I, er,un unfortunately I have too many of them [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [laugh]
Sam (PS0S3) [40] but someday you'll be old too Carol, so
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [41] I'm getting that way now
Sam (PS0S3) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [laugh]
Sam (PS0S3) [42] Well that's grand, and okay
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [43] Have a nice Easter
Sam (PS0S3) [44] Thank you ver and the same to yourself, yes indeed, thank you very much indeed
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [45] Bye bye
Sam (PS0S3) [46] Bye bye [phonecall ends]

4 (Tape 046404)

Sam (PS0S3) [47] [phonecall starts] Good morning Sam speaking, er, is Phillip there please?
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [48] Just a moment
Sam (PS0S3) [49] Thank you ...
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [50] Morning
Sam (PS0S3) [51] Good morning Phillip sorry I didn't get back to you sooner
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [52] That's alright, just about the group conference
Sam (PS0S3) [53] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [54] I'm not flying up, I'm driving up
Sam (PS0S3) [55] Alright, okay
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [56] erm, I can be there two days, two and a half days beforehand
Sam (PS0S3) [57] Ah right, you're doing a wee tour
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [58] That's right
Sam (PS0S3) [59] Right
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [60] erm and as far as, erm menus and everything is concerned
Sam (PS0S3) [61] Right
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [62] don't worry about something for me I'll have what anybody else has
Sam (PS0S3) [63] Ooh right, okay, well there'll be another one going out to you for the, I think the Saturday night er hotel
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [64] Don't worry about it, I'll just have what er, what's going
Sam (PS0S3) [65] Er, oh yes well I think it, I think bearing in mind the size of the hotels, I think probably it would be a help if there was something sort of decided, but I, I know, I'm, I'm a wee bit sort of, possibly like yourself, er I might order something now [laughing] and then [] not look forward to it that particular night
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [66] Yeah
Sam (PS0S3) [67] wished I'd booked something else, er but I'm leaving it sort of, you know, sort of three, four days maybe before we depart
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [68] Right
Sam (PS0S3) [69] so er, I'll be in touch er Phillip no doubt, er once you get the second menu there'll be another one coming along I think
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [70] Yeah
Sam (PS0S3) [71] er from the other hotel, I've been promised that anyway.
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [72] Right, fine.
Sam (PS0S3) [73] Er, how are things there today?
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [74] They're a little bit faded today, we're all in today, which makes it a little bit easier.
Sam (PS0S3) [75] Ah right, right.
[76] How's trade?
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [77] Still going along, still going along
Sam (PS0S3) [78] Good, good
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [79] but er
Sam (PS0S3) [80] ground still wet is it?
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [81] We've had a lot, a nice drop of rain
Sam (PS0S3) [82] Right
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [83] nice drop of rain
Sam (PS0S3) [84] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [85] erm, you know which is, we've had more rain in the last fortnight than we have for about in the last three years.
Sam (PS0S3) [86] Good God, yes I know it's been very, very heavy here too, there were certain areas over here certainly needed a bit of rain, but now there's [laughing] certainly didn't need it at all
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [87] Yeah
Sam (PS0S3) [88] but it's erm, och it's ticking along the trade you know, but er if, it's bitterly cold here, I don't know what it's like with you at the moment?
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [89] It's not particularly warm Sam
Sam (PS0S3) [90] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [91] erm, I, I think it, because it has been warm, then you feel it when it becomes cold again, don't you?
Sam (PS0S3) [92] Yes that, I think that's possibly true, er, I was talking to Cambridge there about oh fifteen, twenty minutes ago and they said it was raining with them, and then they'd been talking over to somebody over in Coventry and it's, it's snowing there [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [laugh]
Sam (PS0S3) [93] and it wouldn't surprise me one bit, because it, as I say it's bitterly cold here, while it's dry at the moment, it's bitterly cold
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [94] Yeah
Sam (PS0S3) [95] so there we are, nothing else strange or startling?
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [96] I don't think so, I don't think so
Sam (PS0S3) [97] Good, okay, okay Phillip, er
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [98] Can you can you transfer me to Ruby or are you on your
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Sam (PS0S3) [99] I can, yes just one second
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [100] Thank you
Sam (PS0S3) [101] hold on a wee second here, just one second, where's Ruby's number?
[102] Here we are, okay, cutting off now.
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [103] Cheers ...
Sam (PS0S3) [104] Hello Phillip
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [105] Yep
Sam (PS0S3) [106] suddenly remembered er Ruby's off today
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [107] Okay
Sam (PS0S3) [108] is there anybody else?
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [109] No it's okay, it'll wait till tomorrow
Sam (PS0S3) [110] Okay, fine
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [111] Okay then
Sam (PS0S3) [112] all the best
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [113] Thank you, thanks for ringing, bye
Sam (PS0S3) [114] Bye. [phonecall ends]

5 (Tape 046405)

Sam (PS0S3) [115] Pat I wonder could you, send the following letters to the ... various Scandinavian ... sea testing trial grounds.
[116] First is to Finland and it is to Penti P E N T I [spelling] [] , and it reads as follows [reading] dear Penti, at the moment I am looking for information on the cost for officially trialing grasses and clovers in your country, stop.
[117] The agricultural grasses we are considering entering, will be Italian rye grass, hybrid rye grass, white clover and in the amenity section, [...] and slender creeping red [...] .
[118] Paragraph ... at the same time can you inform me if, apart from your national list trials, do you have a recommended list similar to that operating in the United Kingdom, question mark, paragraph, as far as the agricultural seeds are concerned I take it that you operate a distinctness, comma, uniformity and stability trial as well as the ... value for cultivation and usage trial, question mark ... paragraph, can you inform me how long your official trials last, and what weights of seeds are required for these trials ... paragraph, I look forward to hearing from you in the near future, kindest regards, yours sincerely []

6 (Tape 046406)

Sam (PS0S3) [119] For the Norwegian trials people will you send it to Kare K A R E, space capital O, stop, [spelling] [] ... and for the Swedish people will you send it to Edvard E D V A R D [spelling] []

7 (Tape 046407)

Sam (PS0S3) [120] Pat you could also send the same letter to doctor of the Ministero M I N I S T E R O Dell' capital D E L L apostrophe, capital A G R I C O L D U R A Spise, small E, Spise Delle D E L L E space Foreste F O R E S T E in Italy, you have the address I'm, I think, but if you haven't let me know.

8 (Tape 046408)

Sam (PS0S3) [121] This is a fax to Neville in Aiden Mouth, the heading capital B, capital S, five seven, five O.
[122] Good morning Neville, many thanks for your memo of the sixth inst and I've duly noted your comments, stop.
[123] I think a lot of the companies who have got or are in the process of getting certified are working with consultants already stop.
[124] Do you know some people well enough in some of these other seed companies to approach them and find out with whom they are dealing with or do UKKASTA that's capital U, K, capital K, capital A, capital S, capital T, capital A [] have a recognized list of consultants?
[125] Paragraph, this is quite a major job, as I am sure you will appreciate it and I think a consultant is very likely a must for us, bearing in mind our various units.
[126] Paragraph, I look forward to receiving your comments, best regards ...

9 (Tape 046409)

Sam (PS0S3) [127] This is a fax to [...] Limited, the attention of David , [spelling] [] , heading Air Freight Charges for Aaron, ex Ireland, message reads as follows.
[128] Good morning David, I'm enclosing three pages of a fax which I have just received from Teagasc capital T E A G A S C which is self explanatory ... stop, I hope you can make it all out, comma, if not please come back to me, full stop, paragraph, it would be a help if you could get your shipping agents to provide us with the rates they would have charged ... paragraph, many thanks and best regards, Sam.

10 (Tape 046410)

Sam (PS0S3) [129] This is an internal memo to Ian of B S H Haven Mouth, with a copy to Ann .
[130] Heading, nineteen ninety one and nineteen ninety two harvest, certified is [...] aaron, white, clover, ex-challenge seeds, New Zealand, underline ... I am sending you copies of correspondence which I have sent to Phillip, comma, Roger, comma, Oliver and Joe, which I hope is self explanatory, paragraph.
[131] I have not done your allocation acts of nineteen ninety one harvest as I am not absolutely sure of all the movements of that allocation, maybe you could detail this out for me as it will greatly help when I'm eventually charging oblique crediting you.
[132] Paragraph, as far as the nineteen ninety two harvest and seed is concerned I list below all the allocations for the various units including your own.
[133] Paragraph, I would appreciate it if you could let me know when each unit has uplifted their allocation.
[134] Stop, as you can see I have warned them to let Haven Mouth know well in advance of the collection period for all the obvious reasons.
[135] Stop, then drop down a line and put a heading in the middle of the page originally, and underline that, and then out to the right, allocated, underline, then next line, left hand side.
[136] B S H Haven Mouth under originally put fifteen thousand kilos, under allocated put er thirteen thousand, eight hundred and fifty kilos, next line B S H Swinderby, three thousand kilos, two thousand, seven hundred and fifty kilos.
[137] B S H Warrington, five thousand kilos, four thousand, six hundred kilos, Germinal Ireland Limited, one thousand kilos, nine hundred and fifty kilos.
[138] S McLaus Limited, two thousand kilos, one thousand, eight hundred and fifty kilos.
[139] Paragraph, of course this seed is still in Christchurch New Zealand and it is not our intention to bring any forward to the U K at this time.
[140] Stop, end of memo.

11 (Tape 046411)

Sam (PS0S3) [141] This is a fax to OSEVA, capital O, capital S, capital E, capital V, capital A of Czechoslovakia ... and it is for the attention of Dipling capital D I P L stop capital I N G stop Josef J O S E F and the heading is your fax of the twelfth instant.
[142] The message then is, good afternoon, many thanks for your prompt reply ... stop.
[143] What you've said in your first paragraph is absolutely correct, stop.
[144] I have duly noted what you have said in your second and third paragraphs and I fully appreciate what you are saying, stop.
[145] Your Mr may have explained the position to Joe of Samuel McCauls Limited when he was over in Northern Ireland last September, but Joe did not inform me of your company's position.
[146] Stop, we will of course continue to put the varieties into unofficial trials, bracket and will pay the fees in full close brackets, in good faith on the understanding that when the varieties are to go into U K official trials, the position of your company will have been resolved and you will then be in a position to offer us the excrusive , exclusive rights at that time.
[147] Stop, do please inform me when you have been privatized and my, may I wish you a smooth change over.
[148] Stop, kindest regards.

12 (Tape 046412)

Sam (PS0S3) [149] Fax to N , heading duchess brown top, [...] in U S A underline.
[150] Some time Neville I would appreciate it if you could let me have what tonnages we received, ex the nineteen ninety one harvest ... which we have with exceed and seed research of Oregan ... stop, end of fax.

13 (Tape 046413)

Sam (PS0S3) [151] [phonecall starts] Good afternoon, erm I wonder if it's possible to book a table for high tea on er Tuesday the twenty first, that's er Easter Tuesday
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [152] Right, Tuesday, twenty first
Sam (PS0S3) [153] Mm
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [154] that's okay, what time sir?
Sam (PS0S3) [155] Erm, what time do you serve it up to?
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [156] Erm, high tea's from five until seven
Sam (PS0S3) [157] Five until seven
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [158] Aha
Sam (PS0S3) [159] I would say probably about half past six
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [160] Alright, for how many?
Sam (PS0S3) [161] Er for five
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [162] For five and the name is?
Sam (PS0S3) [spelling] []
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [163] That's lovely we'll see you on Easter Tuesday
Sam (PS0S3) [164] That's great thank you very much indeed
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [165] Okay, much obliged bye bye
Sam (PS0S3) [166] Bye bye
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [167] Bye [phonecall ends]

14 (Tape 046414)

Sam (PS0S3) [168] This is a fax to Teagasc T E A G A S C see in [...] er for the attention of Doctor Vincent and head it air freight charges on Aaron.
[169] Good morning Vincent, I'm enclosing copies of faxes received this morning from New Zealand, and certainly the rate quoted is more realistic, then drop down a line and put eighteen by two point nine five pounds, oblique kilo, equals fifty three pounds, ten pence, next line documentation, twenty pounds, next line customs clearance etcetera, thirteen New Zealand dollars, I'd say Irish pounds, three point three, O, O equals nine pounds approximately and total it up, eighty two pounds, ten pence ... which is approximately a third less ... as you see David [spelling] [] suggests you lean heavily on Air Lingus and point out at the same time that Challenge Seeds have no intention of paying this exorbitant rate, also what is a consolidation rate?
[170] It seems to cover a multitude of sins.
[171] Look forward to hearing from you, best regards, Sam.

15 (Tape 046415)

Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [172] Hello Sam
Sam (PS0S3) [173] I, I want to talk to you about er the conversation I had with Alec yesterday, he seems to be inundated with having to get details about [...] on his er, all his paperwork and so on, and he seems to be inundated and he sounded a bit low, quite frankly, to me yesterday on the phone that he was getting inundated with all this
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [174] Mm, mm
Sam (PS0S3) [175] work.
[176] I said I'm quite sure there must be something that could be done computer-wise
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [177] Right
Sam (PS0S3) [178] but he sort of pooh-poohed it and sort of said well you know, we're getting a bit to old for all this modern sophistication of computers and so on, well I said well quite frankly I am not totally in agreement with you, because as you probably know Clyde was looking into a program which will could alleviate a lot
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [179] Yes I know, I know
Sam (PS0S3) [180] of the work, that I do, but I
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [181] yes it's on the [...]
Sam (PS0S3) [182] would tell you right here and now, er I'm still retaining my bible you know the book
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [183] Yeah, yes, yes
Sam (PS0S3) [184] that I have downstairs, because it's, if it was to be computerized, it would be a massive great bloody great volume
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [185] Yes
Sam (PS0S3) [186] and I would be carrying this around and it just wouldn't be feasible
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [187] Quite, right
Sam (PS0S3) [188] so he said that apparently whenever he came back to B S H he was told by Neville roughly about eighteen hundred acres would be sort of his target
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [189] Target, right
Sam (PS0S3) [190] and it's, it's multiplied by about three or four times that you see
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [191] Oh right, right, right
Sam (PS0S3) [192] so consequently he's getting inundated, he really is apparently under pressure
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [193] Mm, mm, right
Sam (PS0S3) [194] so this is why I raised the very conversation about it
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [195] Right, right
Sam (PS0S3) [196] and er, I said well look I'll have a word with the erm, with and see if he can think of anything that might
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [197] Yes alleviate the point
Sam (PS0S3) [198] all things in mind that are possible on er, on er, on er computer, and he said that he hadn't much time to think about it and said well look, maybe over Easter
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [199] Mm
Sam (PS0S3) [200] put down on a piece of paper what essentials you want done
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [201] Right
Sam (PS0S3) [202] and what things that you're liable to get asked
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [203] Right, mm, mm
Sam (PS0S3) [204] so he's going to do that, so I said well look, do you mind if I had a wee sort of prelim talk with him
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [205] Right
Sam (PS0S3) [206] see if, if it's a possibility
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [207] Right
Sam (PS0S3) [208] What he's looking for is certified numbers, field numbers
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [209] That sort of
Sam (PS0S3) [210] all this sort of information
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [211] [cough] right, well the, the, well there's good news on that front because in our, in the actual new version of the seeds package which we have now
Sam (PS0S3) [212] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [213] erm developed and it's gonna be released in the next few months
Sam (PS0S3) [214] Right
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [215] there is er, a very complex and detailed er section for a [...]
Sam (PS0S3) [216] oh
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [217] and indeed keeping the history of fields and so on
Sam (PS0S3) [218] Right oh I see
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [219] in that [...] and I know Alec has seen the previous version of this package
Sam (PS0S3) [220] Right
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [221] and er it was certainly er then, a very primitive
Sam (PS0S3) [222] Yeah, yeah
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [223] erm package and it has been developed now to quite, quite a high level of sophistication
Sam (PS0S3) [224] Oh good
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [225] Now that certainly should cater for all his requirements, the only problem that Alec will have to go through now, is that actually get all this information
Sam (PS0S3) [226] Yes, right
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [227] keyed into the system
Sam (PS0S3) [228] Yeah, yeah
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [229] erm and since the volume has increased quite dramatically
Sam (PS0S3) [230] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [231] he's heavenly gonna need outside help to do this
Sam (PS0S3) [232] Well that's when I said to him, I said have you any outside help, and he said well really, no
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [233] It's just him
Sam (PS0S3) [234] it's him
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [235] I, you see that, that, that, initially he is gonna have a problem
Sam (PS0S3) [236] You see he's so [...]
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [237] Yeah
Sam (PS0S3) [238] and then he's coming back to this mass of work
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [239] He has to get it done
Sam (PS0S3) [240] and er, and, and, he feels look, well I'm caring with it now but some time
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [241] Mm
Sam (PS0S3) [242] four eyes, as he calls it, is gonna get
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [243] Uptight about it, yeah
Sam (PS0S3) [244] No, no, he, he'll, well, no Alec is going to get uptight about it
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [245] Yes, yeah
Sam (PS0S3) [246] and the last person I want to see leaving is Alec
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [247] Would be Alec absolutely
Sam (PS0S3) [248] cos I [...]
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [249] I think what he needs to do er is to say right, well there's a problem here, go to Netherlands Alec, they need help here to get things set up
Sam (PS0S3) [250] That's right
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [251] because I'm ab I'm absolutely convinced having seen the package
Sam (PS0S3) [252] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [253] erm Sam, it does produce er you know tremendous information
Sam (PS0S3) [254] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [255] and it's easily updated because er from what I've seen now you can actually key in sort of the acreage and then update the crop inspecting reports
Sam (PS0S3) [256] Right
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [257] and each time you go out and look at the crop update
Sam (PS0S3) [258] Right
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [259] that very, very easily
Sam (PS0S3) [260] Oh I see
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [261] and print out a variety of reports on that
Sam (PS0S3) [262] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [263] and then erm it will as you go along, as the crops are actually growing in the fields, you can change the yield on it so as
Sam (PS0S3) [264] Oh, aye
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [265] as, as it gets near to the harvest you can come to
Sam (PS0S3) [266] Yeah, yeah
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [267] quite a close estimate of what the
Sam (PS0S3) [268] Estimate, yes, yes
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [269] the harvest is gonna be
Sam (PS0S3) [270] Oh that's excellent because er I said, he said oh I don't want to be lugged with a big computer sort of thing and so on, so I said well you might, you might be able to get
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [271] It's
Sam (PS0S3) [272] a little portable thing that can
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [273] Yeah
Sam (PS0S3) [274] go out with you and you, you can push a button and it'll come
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [cough]
Sam (PS0S3) [275] up with a standard form
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [276] That's
Sam (PS0S3) [277] and click on the informat information that you've got already on it and whenever you come back home, or not, into work, you plug it into the master and it it boots in
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [278] That, that is certainly, you know, it, that can be, and, and it's something which we'll probably look at a wee longer term
Sam (PS0S3) [279] Well what, what sort of made me say that was because er across the crevy well at least all these travel ones are
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [280] Yes all these little
Sam (PS0S3) [281] little manual things, yeah
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [282] hand held terminals, yeah and they go out
Sam (PS0S3) [283] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [284] and they can do all the measurements and the trial grounds and so on
Sam (PS0S3) [285] Right
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [286] and then come back in
Sam (PS0S3) [287] Right
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [288] and push it into the big
Sam (PS0S3) [289] and download it into the system
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [290] Yeah
Sam (PS0S3) [291] Yes that, that's certainly something which I know computer applications
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [292] Well
Sam (PS0S3) [293] are now currently looking at
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [294] must do
Sam (PS0S3) [295] erm, but the one other area which I'm sure Alec would find useful for as well, this new thing, er it's trying to find as many benefits for them
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [296] Yes that's right
Sam (PS0S3) [297] as possible to make it easier for them to set it up, is that we're hoping to develop within the next er few months in fact, a certification form
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [298] Oh
Sam (PS0S3) [299] system
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [300] yes
Sam (PS0S3) [301] so in fact what will happen is, they will have all the details about the fields and so on
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [302] Yeah
Sam (PS0S3) [303] and then they will be able to generate all the certification forms for the Ministry
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [304] Right
Sam (PS0S3) [305] so Alice, er what do you call, Alec at the present
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [306] I wonder does Alec
Sam (PS0S3) [307] time, he does all that manually
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [308] I wonder does Alec been told about this?
Sam (PS0S3) [309] I don't think he may have been told about that, now he himself if he knew about that, that might be sufficient digging him over this hill
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [310] That's right, correct
Sam (PS0S3) [311] because at the other side of the hill he can see well, life's gonna be a lot easier
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [312] You know Alec er , Alec comes up and informs me and I always say well Alec how are things, urgh, do you want the good news or bad news first [laughing] sort of thing [] [laugh]
Sam (PS0S3) [313] Yes, so it's not easy, yeah.

16 (Tape 046416)

Sam (PS0S3) [314] No well that's alright, maybe if, er you are talking to him, I don't know whether you do talk to him
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [315] Well I don't, Alec's probably er one person who I don't speak to a lot really
Sam (PS0S3) [316] Yeah, right
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [317] because er
Sam (PS0S3) [318] If you are
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [319] Yes
Sam (PS0S3) [320] and you get talking about always see if I am
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [321] Aye mention that, yes
Sam (PS0S3) [322] Aye, aye mention that and say that you
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [323] Yeah
Sam (PS0S3) [324] you have
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [325] Mm
Sam (PS0S3) [326] possibly something that's coming along in the
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [327] Yeah
Sam (PS0S3) [328] pipeline that would alleviate his problem.
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [329] I think it's always the problem Sam where people have used a manual based system for so long
Sam (PS0S3) [330] Yeah, that's right
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [331] and that the new technology coming in, there is, in the early stages of a lot of
Sam (PS0S3) [332] to you [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [333] work put in to actually set up the system
Sam (PS0S3) [334] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [335] but once they've gone through that pain barrier
Sam (PS0S3) [336] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [337] and got it set up and running
Sam (PS0S3) [338] Yes
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [339] things then start to taper down again
Sam (PS0S3) [340] Right, okay
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [341] er, but there is a very steep learning curve
Sam (PS0S3) [342] Yes
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [343] to go through
Sam (PS0S3) [344] right
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [345] and a lot of people do fight against it, and I, I can understand it er, it's so different to me
Sam (PS0S3) [346] Yeah, well he sort of said oh we're, we're a bit old for this or something, I don't know what Alec is, I thought he was only early forties or something
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [347] I think he's probably mid, mid, mid late, mid late forties probably
Sam (PS0S3) [348] could be forty something, mid forties
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [349] mid late forties, yeah
Sam (PS0S3) [350] I thought it was rather strange er I admit, but I, I sort of, I think I've got him round
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [351] Yes
Sam (PS0S3) [352] that he's going to sit down
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [353] Right
Sam (PS0S3) [354] over the, over the, over the holiday period
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [355] holidays and look at it
Sam (PS0S3) [356] and just, is it all you have to do is jot down what you want from the terminal
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [357] Yeah
Sam (PS0S3) [358] or what information you want on this thing and what generally information is asked of you
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [359] Mm, mm
Sam (PS0S3) [360] from maybe Neville or me or somebody
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [361] No
Sam (PS0S3) [362] cos I mean, that's what prompted all this cos I was getting some information from my [...]
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [363] right
Sam (PS0S3) [364] ninety one harvest
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [365] So that's it, okay
Sam (PS0S3) [366] Well he should have that all on the system
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [367] That's grand okay
Sam (PS0S3) [368] Okay
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [369] Sam
Sam (PS0S3) [370] thank you very much indeed
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [371] Pleasure

17 (Tape 046417)

George (PS0S4) [372] Is that two O three one N? ...
Sam (PS0S3) [373] Zanussi two O three one N is correct a Zanussi two O three one N with a remote control [...]
George (PS0S4) [374] I tell you what you can find out about them is [...]
Sam (PS0S3) [375] Well I, I, what I'll do is I write off to them, and say what I do is, can't remember where, where we bought it, I think it was Comet
George (PS0S4) [376] There's no er, no you don't
Sam (PS0S3) [377] Comet they're chosen
George (PS0S4) [378] they're terrific er
Sam (PS0S3) [379] No, well they're closing down
George (PS0S4) [380] for the, all the more reason they must have a big stock [laughing] big stock []
Sam (PS0S3) [381] Well right, well then, how long has, how long has that been going?
George (PS0S4) [382] Er, that's a good question, four or five years, more
Sam (PS0S3) [383] Must be more
George (PS0S4) [384] four years and er, er, oh it must be ten next, ten
Sam (PS0S3) [385] been here eight
George (PS0S4) [386] We had it fixed, we had it fixed before Christmas
Betty (PS0S5) [387] Mm, mm
George (PS0S4) [388] and it just went and [...] we had to get these guys who, who did the washing machine
Sam (PS0S3) [389] Right
George (PS0S4) [390] they were somewhere out in the North Road
Betty (PS0S5) [391] Mm, mm
George (PS0S4) [392] on the North Road
Sam (PS0S3) [393] Aha
George (PS0S4) [394] but they came out ... collected the set, we managed to borrow a set from elsewhere
Sam (PS0S3) [395] Mm, mm
George (PS0S4) [396] and it was bloody and erm
Sam (PS0S3) [397] This was at Christmas?
George (PS0S4) [398] this right at just
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Sam (PS0S3) [399] oh god
George (PS0S4) [400] you know?
Sam (PS0S3) [401] Yeah
George (PS0S4) [402] Couldn't of happened at a worse time
Sam (PS0S3) [403] Worse time
George (PS0S4) [404] and erm ... they had it back within a week ... and it cost twenty eight quid ...
Sam (PS0S3) [405] Oh that wasn't too bad
George (PS0S4) [406] and they gave a list of what they did
Sam (PS0S3) [407] Yeah that wasn't bad was it?
George (PS0S4) [408] and they cleaned it and everything
Sam (PS0S3) [409] Yeah
George (PS0S4) [410] and, we must say it was very warm
Sam (PS0S3) [411] Yeah, right, oh that's good.
George (PS0S4) [412] I mean, most is labour and we have to [...]
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...] [...]
George (PS0S4) [413] when you think er
Sam (PS0S3) [414] A call out today
George (PS0S4) [415] a call out
Sam (PS0S3) [416] is twenty quid
George (PS0S4) [417] twenty quid it's thirty quid here
Sam (PS0S3) [418] That's right
George (PS0S4) [419] Some fella told me that only a couple of weeks ago, but the greatest rip off of them all, have you heard the greatest rip off about Betty and the, and the roof?
Sam (PS0S3) [420] Oh yes she did
George (PS0S4) [421] Oh
Sam (PS0S3) [422] she told me, I, I felt sorry but er
George (PS0S4) [423] I told her before, I said he was a con
Sam (PS0S3) [424] I knew, it's so easy
George (PS0S4) [425] I said er, you wanna make sure like er
Sam (PS0S3) [426] Get a price
George (PS0S4) [427] get a price before he climbs up er is thirty quid okay?
[428] Well he climbed up on the roof and he came down again and whatever he done, there was nothing wrong with the roof for a start
Sam (PS0S3) [429] That's right
George (PS0S4) [430] and then he charged it and er she if, she know, she couldn't do anything but pay him
Sam (PS0S3) [431] Mm, mm och oh she was conned
George (PS0S4) [432] but when he came, he came back
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [433] for the money he came back
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [434] she told them that, that's mine, she told them that I didn't think much of this and I thought it was a rip off
Sam (PS0S3) [laugh]
George (PS0S4) [435] and he had the nerve to say that is the first time I've ever been said about it
Sam (PS0S3) [laugh]
George (PS0S4) [436] the first time ever
Sam (PS0S3) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [437] he, all he did, he kind of
Sam (PS0S3) [438] Cemented something
George (PS0S4) [439] No, no he, he unstuck er a drain and then said he did something on the roof
Sam (PS0S3) [440] Mm, mm
George (PS0S4) [441] there was nothing wrong with the roof, the roof was all heavy fixed, for
Sam (PS0S3) [442] Mm, oh well we all learn by our mistakes
George (PS0S4) [443] Yeah, I tell you, even Ian now is very [...] about paying bills and, and Barry I say hit the roof when he heard that one ...
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS0S5) [444] Oh these people that
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS0S5) [445] I don't have people that call at the door, I want somebody I get them
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [446] That's something, that's something I must
Sam (PS0S3) [447] He did a couple of things on the roof
George (PS0S4) [448] that's something, but this thing reaches publicity stage, which it could in a couple of weeks time, appear in a paper, you'd have all sorts of weirdos
Sam (PS0S3) [449] What, what's this?
George (PS0S4) [450] cold calling, once they've put the house on the market as such
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [451] they start the advertising of the house
Sam (PS0S3) [452] Yeah, yeah, yeah
Betty (PS0S5) [453] Are they going to advertise it or are they not?
[454] Er are
George (PS0S4) [455] It's in the Irish Times like on the property section
Betty (PS0S5) [456] I know that, but there are ways
George (PS0S4) [457] on a Friday
Betty (PS0S5) [458] there are ways of doing that they don't do that, you know there's a thing I
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [459] well they may just put it, a photograph of it in their offices, they may not put it in the paper
Sam (PS0S3) [460] Mm
George (PS0S4) [461] and then your man also told me, he said, this is something you have to watch them, John says they've already paid that for doing all the advertising
Sam (PS0S3) [462] Mm, mm
George (PS0S4) [463] and I said well why did you pay them before they, the job had been done
Sam (PS0S3) [464] Yeah
George (PS0S4) [465] oh that's the way we did it and we got it something off, this guy also said which some auctioneers like who are highly recognized
Sam (PS0S3) [466] Mm
George (PS0S4) [467] you can do a deal
Sam (PS0S3) [468] Mm, mm
George (PS0S4) [469] whereas they will work on a lower percentage of the house sale
Sam (PS0S3) [470] Mm, mm
George (PS0S4) [471] than what is tendered
Sam (PS0S3) [472] Mm, mm
George (PS0S4) [473] and you can do a package deal as such, but you incorporate all the advertising they do, but you'll have to get in there and kind of knock a deal out
Sam (PS0S3) [474] Mm, right
George (PS0S4) [475] you don't say I want my house sold full stop, cos they'll make you that
Sam (PS0S3) [476] Well we have , yes that's right, they could do it
George (PS0S4) [477] er, and you say, you said you have to watch them
Sam (PS0S3) [478] Er what you're saying then is that the house then is being, gonna be put up
George (PS0S4) [479] It's gonna be put on the market, but that
Sam (PS0S3) [480] Aye
George (PS0S4) [481] doesn't mean it's gonna be sold, after,af supp supposedly after Easter
Sam (PS0S3) [482] Oh
George (PS0S4) [483] that is when the so called, which is another point I don't agree with, the so called tide comes in, that people are more interested in buying houses
Betty (PS0S5) [484] Well that actually is true
Sam (PS0S3) [485] Yeah well that is
George (PS0S4) [486] The general it is true but
Betty (PS0S5) [487] Yes
Sam (PS0S3) [488] Yeah
George (PS0S4) [489] in this particular area you sell a house any time
Sam (PS0S3) [490] Er I, well
George (PS0S4) [491] in this particular area
Betty (PS0S5) [492] well if people have money if the people have money
George (PS0S4) [493] Well they do, look, the rich people can buy a house any time they want
Betty (PS0S5) [494] Mm, mm
George (PS0S4) [495] and the rich will buy a house in this area, like you have Embassy people
Sam (PS0S3) [496] Mm
George (PS0S4) [497] who, who buy, have fixed up staff in Dublin, where did they fix them up around here, I mean er, so many different Embassies are understaffed
Betty (PS0S5) [498] Well you see somebody who's who's
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS0S5) [499] if, if they buy it they're going to say well they have to do this one
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [500] Yeah, yeah, yeah
Betty (PS0S5) [501] want to make that all different there, the kitchen all in one and the utility room have
Sam (PS0S3) [502] They also want to sell their own house as well probably
Betty (PS0S5) [503] Well if they had a house to sell if they're moving
Sam (PS0S3) [504] Yeah
George (PS0S4) [505] there'd be people come along
Betty (PS0S5) [506] It's more likely you'll get somebody that's
Sam (PS0S3) [507] Well you'll get people coming along surely out of curiosity
George (PS0S4) [508] And you get the one
Betty (PS0S5) [509] And they're the ones you need to watch
George (PS0S4) [510] and you get the walkers as well saying I'll give you er
Betty (PS0S5) [511] No, if it's strictly by
Diana (PS0S6) [512] Oh yes only view by appointment only
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Diana (PS0S6) [513] and it happened the first
Sam (PS0S3) [514] That doesn't cover, see
Diana (PS0S6) [515] after the first night
Sam (PS0S3) [516] they don't give appointments to any
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [517] I know the time, you've got people who stay, who stay
Shirley (PS0S8) [518] I understand this, the selling of the house will not take place here at all, it'll be taken away from the house
George (PS0S4) [519] No it's the appointments to view , we're talking about
Shirley (PS0S8) [520] and also there be no auctioning out furniture in the house or any other
Betty (PS0S5) [521] Oh yes, yes
Sam (PS0S3) [522] No, no , no but they'll, they'll have to people that view it [...]
Betty (PS0S5) [523] they know that, people to come to see the house
Sam (PS0S3) [524] you can, you can state the time to go
George (PS0S4) [525] what somebody comes to that, tomorrow and knocks at that door and says look I've been sent here by you say good bye, good night, good luck nothing has been said to me, I
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [526] know nothing about this
Betty (PS0S5) [527] And you have to be firm and not let anybody in
George (PS0S4) [528] Once you have ... let anybody in ... they'd chop you up and put you in their next stew
Sam (PS0S3) [529] Oh aye certainly yes [laugh] oh I can believe that, that's quite true, but you get a lot of deal, I mean even that, when we were selling our house, there were people a lot of people
Betty (PS0S5) [530] Oh [...]
Sam (PS0S3) [531] knew, knew the minute walking, walking in, that they were only just coming in just to see
George (PS0S4) [532] Yeah
Sam (PS0S3) [533] how the
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Sam (PS0S3) [534] live
Betty (PS0S5) [535] Yeah, but in fact, in Betty's case you can see the difference
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS0S5) [536] in Betty's, in Betty's
George (PS0S4) [537] That's why I don't want to have any placards out there, no way
Betty (PS0S5) [538] Aye, cos we even had people where, where, where the placard you see, people'll say oh that house, I wonder if they'll let us have a look at it now as they're passing
George (PS0S4) [539] And they annoy you
Betty (PS0S5) [540] and they come in and, and, at your meal times
Sam (PS0S3) [541] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS0S5) [542] and [...] had one on New Year's Eve or Christmas Eve or something, they came in, a couple were passing, well they were only on holidays and they were looking, well our house is different I mean
George (PS0S4) [543] They don't, they don't think of, they think of themselves ...
Sam (PS0S3) [544] Oh God some people
Betty (PS0S5) [545] But I mean that
Sam (PS0S3) [546] some people actually do drive around in area
Betty (PS0S5) [547] I dunno whether
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [548] I know for a fact that people have actually got the wind that this pub is going to be on sale, on sale
Sam (PS0S3) [549] Yeah
George (PS0S4) [550] even before [laughing] we have mentioned it [] well I know
Sam (PS0S3) [551] that's, that's
Betty (PS0S5) [552] Well you remember when mummy was, when mummy was alive there was a man came to the door and said if you're ever selling let me know
George (PS0S4) [553] Oh they always do that yeah
Betty (PS0S5) [554] let me know
George (PS0S4) [555] yeah, you can't totter a bit without them being on it, they're like vultures sitting on a rail there, looking at you
Sam (PS0S3) [556] Mm
Shirley (PS0S8) [557] Darling you, darling you weren't in the house the time
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Shirley (PS0S8) [558] when she, this man wasn't very well on, she saw him up at her window and she saw he wasn't very well on the other side of the road and she sent down to ask him to come in and she gave him a cup of tea and everything and she was talking
Sam (PS0S3) [559] She was on her own?
Shirley (PS0S8) [560] Yes, she was on her own and she was talking to
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Shirley (PS0S8) [561] well she thought it was a bit peculiar then, luckily she either got Mr or
George (PS0S4) [562] She's always doing that
Shirley (PS0S8) [563] somebody else to come and apparently he escaped out of a prison somewhere, she's
George (PS0S4) [564] Yeah, she was always doing it
Shirley (PS0S8) [565] And, well mummy thought she was doing a good
George (PS0S4) [566] she was desperate and she'd be walking [...]
Shirley (PS0S8) [567] and she helped him , cos he wasn't well and they, then they send for an ambulance and at the the man, he wasn't really well
George (PS0S4) [568] you'll be walking down the street [...]
Betty (PS0S5) [569] Yeah I know, I've heard that
Shirley (PS0S8) [570] Yes and they sent for er Mr sent for an ambulance and all, but he refused to get into it, once he heard the ambulance was coming he was all [...]
George (PS0S4) [571] Once he saw the fellows with white coats , that's why he ran
Shirley (PS0S8) [572] so he was
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [573] aye sure she had another, she, she allowed er another fel
Shirley (PS0S8) [574] Oh she had a prince here
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [575] no, she had another fellow used the garden to plant
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [576] take and he used to come up pissed out of his mind at night
Betty (PS0S5) [577] Oh that was the fellow who
George (PS0S4) [578] that was
Betty (PS0S5) [579] oh he used to leave her cabbages and things at her back door
George (PS0S4) [580] Oh he was terrific, he had green fingers
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [581] oh yeah then he got worse and worse, he got worse and worse, he got worse and worse and then he just disappeared
Betty (PS0S5) [582] You see, before that, that land behind us, before it was all built on, it used to be plots and you know the man coming up with the [...]
George (PS0S4) [583] Oh yeah, yeah, yeah
Betty (PS0S5) [584] you know, throw something over the wall to you, but that was many, many years ago.
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Sam (PS0S3) [585] do you remember we took your mum down the
George (PS0S4) [586] That was during the war years
Betty (PS0S5) [587] No I, I was only a baby then, I wouldn't remember that
George (PS0S4) [588] but the clock stopped
Shirley (PS0S8) [589] Yeah the clock were there
Betty (PS0S5) [590] I was only a baby
Sam (PS0S3) [591] Little baby
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS0S5) [592] all around er look
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS0S5) [593] and up round that way, and she couldn't get it over
George (PS0S4) [594] Oh yes
Betty (PS0S5) [595] she said I never thought I
Sam (PS0S3) [596] You couldn't get it over?
Betty (PS0S5) [597] would see this again
George (PS0S4) [598] Yeah, yeah
Betty (PS0S5) [599] but she said also that er, she's made, she couldn't get it over, I couldn't get it over the houses myself
George (PS0S4) [600] Aye, they were
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [601] there's no recognition at all, once the , nursery sold their land
Sam (PS0S3) [602] Oh the that's right I remember we did business with them
George (PS0S4) [603] all the houses went up, now these were respectable houses
Sam (PS0S3) [604] Mm, mm
George (PS0S4) [605] but then on top of that a whole
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [606] exploded
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [607] and the people, the people said hello, hello, there's no way I'm gonna have a breed of
Sam (PS0S3) [608] No exactly
George (PS0S4) [609] little travellers coming over my wall, so they all sold up and got out
Sam (PS0S3) [610] Yeah
George (PS0S4) [611] now there are some very nice houses there, but the security system, you're constantly at it
Sam (PS0S3) [612] Yeah at night
George (PS0S4) [613] these guys are constantly repairing his car and that's what I said originally
Sam (PS0S3) [614] Yes
George (PS0S4) [615] I said did they breed them like flies up there?
Sam (PS0S3) [616] That's right, that's right
George (PS0S4) [617] Er when you have ten in a family they wanna
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [618] half of them are, from one day to the next
Sam (PS0S3) [619] They're not interested anyway
George (PS0S4) [620] There's daddy er, daddy nearly knocked out
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [621] she nearly knocked down a woman, a child in er
Shirley (PS0S8) [622] Who's having tea?
George (PS0S4) [623] Summer Hill, up around the back end of
Betty (PS0S5) [624] I'd love a cup of tea
George (PS0S4) [625] er in the centre of the city
Sam (PS0S3) [626] Right
Shirley (PS0S8) [627] Excuse me
George (PS0S4) [628] and er all these
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [629] lolling around
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [630] he was raving, you know daddy
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [631] ah look after your children, keep them off the streets blah, blah, blah
Sam (PS0S3) [632] Yeah, yeah
George (PS0S4) [633] ah shut, they're easily got she says
Diana (PS0S6) [634] What did she say George?
George (PS0S4) [635] That's what she said that, they're easily got
Sam (PS0S3) [636] Oh my God.
Betty (PS0S5) [637] Well I remember a doctor and a rich man saying to me, I'm gonna get out of this place, it's just like a
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Sam (PS0S3) [638] yeah, I remember I did
George (PS0S4) [639] Oh I mean, I, the best one I heard we were up in
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [640] Ann and myself er
Diana (PS0S6) [641] Is that my cup?
Shirley (PS0S8) [642] I think that's yours isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [643] Rochers town, we were only a short way and we went to this house, we were only young coppers, and we had this friend call on us and we looked out, he was going back into the car and he looked down the street and he said, my God there's an awful lot of children around here, they must do nothing but screw all the time
Sam (PS0S3) [laugh]
George (PS0S4) [644] oh, at the top of his voice, and all these neighbours turned
Sam (PS0S3) [645] [laughing] I think so []
George (PS0S4) [646] and there was another one across the way and she was deteriorating, she was getting nervous right there, see if I had to be brought away you know
Sam (PS0S3) [647] Yeah
George (PS0S4) [648] she was a kind of an early person in the mist with all these horrible little snotty kids
Sam (PS0S3) [649] [laughing] Oh God []
Shirley (PS0S8) [650] See if that's warm enough ...
George (PS0S4) [651] that looks like mushroom soup
Shirley (PS0S8) [652] What about coffee or, or, another coffee for you Sam?
Sam (PS0S3) [653] I'm okay
Shirley (PS0S8) [654] Yes I have
Sam (PS0S3) [655] I have worked
George (PS0S4) [656] [laughing] Yes []
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Sam (PS0S3) [657] is that hot?
[658] Is that water?
Shirley (PS0S8) [659] Yes it is
Sam (PS0S3) [660] Well then I'll have another cup
Shirley (PS0S8) [661] I was just wondering is it hot enough?
George (PS0S4) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Diana (PS0S6) [662] sit down and relax for God's sake
George (PS0S4) [663] I'm alright, I'm quite happy just to walk around I've been sitting, sitting down
Shirley (PS0S8) [664] Do you take sugar?
George (PS0S4) [665] No, no, thank you
Shirley (PS0S8) [666] Now, I think, I put
George (PS0S4) [667] Now then
Shirley (PS0S8) [668] a little of this water
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [669] so anyway I go into this doctor and I erm please and and all, and I ain't been feeling well and all and this
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [670] no I don't like them at all he says, now my doctor had been given me this one
Shirley (PS0S8) [671] Why should you sit on the hard one?
Sam (PS0S3) [672] Cos I like a firm seat
George (PS0S4) [673] and then she go and get all the
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [674] three different inhalers, one for two blows in the morning twice in the morning and the evening
Betty (PS0S5) [675] Are you still standing a lot no?
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Shirley (PS0S8) [676] I'm going on a diet, I'm gonna start a low fat diet
Betty (PS0S5) [677] We're eating a biscuit
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS0S5) [678] the picture's hanging crookedly
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Shirley (PS0S8) [679] no the thing is, if you're standing a lot
George (PS0S4) [680] Slight that's right, that's it
Shirley (PS0S8) [681] it's very bad for your varicose veins
George (PS0S4) [682] Yes, well done ...
Sam (PS0S3) [683] Okay
Shirley (PS0S8) [684] Do you get, do you get erm breathless going up and down stairs?
George (PS0S4) [685] Yes
Diana (PS0S6) [686] Yes he does, he just can't get up properly
George (PS0S4) [687] I don't have to get I don't have to get up and down stairs, [laugh]
Betty (PS0S5) [688] No I was going I was going to
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS0S5) [689] to a friend's husband's funeral
Sam (PS0S3) [690] Oh yes, yes, yes
Betty (PS0S5) [691] and if the, the hill up to the chapel it's in Down Patrick and it's on the very top of the hill and it's it's deep that
George (PS0S4) [692] The one that's
Betty (PS0S5) [693] really deep and
George (PS0S4) [694] You were running
Betty (PS0S5) [695] he's out , oh you ran up and I thought he was going to die when I got into the
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Shirley (PS0S8) [696] go like this
Betty (PS0S5) [697] No, but it was such to see sense
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS0S5) [698] it was so er,
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Diana (PS0S6) [699] no he shouldn't do it
Betty (PS0S5) [700] it was so erm steep and it took him half the service to get over, just, well then in the equity I am not fit, I'm gonna lose weight and do exercise
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS0S5) [701] I know
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS0S5) [702] exercise, that was a year ago
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Diana (PS0S6) [703] it's all very well joking about
George (PS0S4) [704] I walk out
Betty (PS0S5) [705] I'm not joking about it
George (PS0S4) [706] I walk out to the bus, I get on the bus at the end of Care Street, I walk right along Care Street, right up Dawsons Street, brisk walk and then I'm walking around the garage, I don't do that much walking now, the bloody car, but I take a walk at lunchtime and I walk down to the bar, walking, if you walk, that would be total couple of miles a day
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [707] that's why I'm thin and slim and you're fat and la, la, la, la
Betty (PS0S5) [708] You're, you're [...]
Sam (PS0S3) [709] You're, you're probably one of these
Betty (PS0S5) [710] you burn
Sam (PS0S3) [711] horrible types that can eat and eat and don't put on an ounce
George (PS0S4) [712] No, no it's affecting me now, I can't eat that much, because if I, like, I eat
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [713] I've put on, I'm twelve stone
Sam (PS0S3) [laugh]
George (PS0S4) [714] I'm twelve stone
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [715] I used to be ten stone, er all my life I was ten stone seven, eleven stone
Shirley (PS0S8) [716] But since he's been up here, he's been eating me out of house and home and he doesn't pay for it
Betty (PS0S5) [717] That's because you cook for him
Shirley (PS0S8) [718] I'm not going to cook any more, I'm going to dry rye biscuit now and lettuce
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Diana (PS0S6) [719] very little
George (PS0S4) [720] I go and buy stuff in town
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [721] and I leave her money in various places, to find it, but she doesn't find it [laugh]
Sam (PS0S3) [722] [laughing] You don't find it then [] ? [laugh]
George (PS0S4) [723] One of these days I'm going to tell them
Sam (PS0S3) [724] A treasure hunt
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Shirley (PS0S8) [725] He looks like Dracula now in this
George (PS0S4) [726] When you go and fall into somebody's arms I won't be around to hold it
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [laugh] ... [...] ...
Sam (PS0S3) [727] Hold that cup up in the air
George (PS0S4) [728] You want to tell them, bring the tourist around show them the spot
Sam (PS0S3) [729] The spot?
George (PS0S4) [730] where you spilled your blood
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [731] he did a good job on it, good job
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
George (PS0S4) [732] she was saying upstairs sitting in the bed saying don't get a, don't get a doctor
Sam (PS0S3) [733] Oh ya
George (PS0S4) [734] if you get the doctor out, so I had to ring you, once you had said yes, what's it, what's the hell with her
Diana (PS0S6) [735] She was annoyed, she said why didn't you get here earlier?
George (PS0S4) [736] Yeah ... now you're here, I said I have to put up with this
Diana (PS0S6) [737] If he keep going about nervous because of
George (PS0S4) [738] what do you mean, you can't say, I'm practically alright
Sam (PS0S3) [laugh]
George (PS0S4) [739] there's
Shirley (PS0S8) [740] Anyway
George (PS0S4) [741] nothing wrong with me
Shirley (PS0S8) [742] I've no doctor at the moment
Sam (PS0S3) [743] What?
Shirley (PS0S8) [744] No doctor
Sam (PS0S3) [745] Why?
Shirley (PS0S8) [746] Doctor has been given a big job in Trinity
George (PS0S4) [747] He says
Shirley (PS0S8) [748] he's given up his practice, well he's not, he's still
George (PS0S4) [749] I'll just have to leave the country quickly
Sam (PS0S3) [laugh]
George (PS0S4) [750] There you are
Shirley (PS0S8) [751] He hasn't given up the practice but he's, he's still a partner and he does a large weekend duty for us all
Betty (PS0S5) [752] Surely, surely he's transferred his patients to somebody else?
Shirley (PS0S8) [753] Yes he has, to a lady doctor
Betty (PS0S5) [754] And where, where is it?
Shirley (PS0S8) [755] Doctor Penny but he said you may not always get her, you probably get or
George (PS0S4) [laugh]
Shirley (PS0S8) [756] doctor or
George (PS0S4) [757] Yes doctor
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Shirley (PS0S8) [758] they're in the, the three of them
Betty (PS0S5) [759] There a whole lot, you don't get
Shirley (PS0S8) [760] he's still the head of the, the practice
George (PS0S4) [761] I know but you're still
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Shirley (PS0S8) [762] but he's, he's the more that has all the qualifications, he has more than any of the others
Betty (PS0S5) [763] Och eh they all have qualifications
Shirley (PS0S8) [764] Oh I know the others have and they've all been at medicine for years, they've had that
George (PS0S4) [765] Listen for a guy I don't know and he did, he does
Shirley (PS0S8) [766] I know you never liked him, but that's
George (PS0S4) [767] if he
Shirley (PS0S8) [768] He didn't like you, he didn't like you, he didn't take to you at all
Sam (PS0S3) [laugh]
Shirley (PS0S8) [769] had no time for you
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [laugh]

18 (Tape 046501)

Diana (PS0S6) [770] Would anybody like salmon Mar erm
Margaret (PS0SA) [771] No I'm okay here, no I
Diana (PS0S6) [772] Would you like a salmon?
Sam (PS0S3) [773] Oh I certainly would
Bill (PS0S9) [774] So would I
Sam (PS0S3) [775] I'll tell you I'll do
Bill (PS0S9) [776] I'll say, say, we're, we're not as fussy as you
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Sam (PS0S3) [777] We've only got, we've only got, what's our sal what's our fish then
Margaret (PS0SA) [778] Well it's tuna then
Diana (PS0S6) [779] It's lovely
Margaret (PS0SA) [780] Tuna, I love tuna fish
Diana (PS0S6) [781] Can you have a tuna sandwich there love, if you can get hold of one
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Diana (PS0S6) [782] there's corned beef and tomato
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Diana (PS0S6) [783] Tuna
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Sam (PS0S3) [784] You're not sure of
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Bill (PS0S9) [785] No
Margaret (PS0SA) [786] Oh it does look as if
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Sam (PS0S3) [787] Just say when you want your [...]
Diana (PS0S6) [788] I'll do it would you like a salm ?
Margaret (PS0SA) [789] No, no, not for me thanks
Bill (PS0S9) [790] Do you want a coffee Margaret?
Margaret (PS0SA) [791] Yes please Bill, Bill
Sam (PS0S3) [792] Do you want one of these
Unknown speaker (KDUPSUNK) [...]
Diana (PS0S6) [793] Well I'm using the lid so it's alright, well give me, give me, there should be another one.