20 conversations recorded by `Sandra' (PS0SB) between 10 and 17 January 1992 with 9 interlocutors, totalling 5457 s-units, 27333 words, and 3 hours 31 minutes 40 seconds of recordings.

11 speakers recorded by respondent number 3

PS0SB Ag3 f (Sandra, age 38, ancillary nurse, Central Midlands, )
PS0SC Ag0 m (Kyle, age 9, student (state primary), Central Midlands, ) son
PS0SD Ag4 f (Margaret, age 55, ancillary nurse, Central Midlands, ) colleague
PS0SE Ag0 f (Penny, age 10+, student, Central Midlands, ) stranger
PS0SF Ag4 f (R., age 50+, headmistress, Central Midlands, ) boss
PS0SG Ag3 m (Tony, age 44, engineer, Central Midlands, ) husband
PS0SH Ag1 f (Deanne, age 19, student, Central Midlands, ) daughter
PS0SJ Ag4 f (Pat, age 55, wages clerk, Central Midlands, ) mother
PS0SK Ag5 m (Wally, age 67, driver, Central Midlands, ) father
KDVPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KDVPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

20 recordings

  1. Tape 049801 recorded on 1992-01-10. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 049802 recorded on 1992-01-10. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 049803 recorded on 1992-01-10. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( In car ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 049804 recorded on 1992-01-10. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( Supermarket ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 050001 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 050002 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 050003 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 050201 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: having breakfast
  9. Tape 050401 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: having breakfast
  10. Tape 050402 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: having breakfast
  11. Tape 050403 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: having breakfast
  12. Tape 050601 recorded on 1992-01-14. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( Car ) Activity: Unspecified
  13. Tape 050701 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( Home ) Activity: Having breakfast
  14. Tape 050801 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( Home ) Activity: Watching video
  15. Tape 050802 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( Home ) Activity: Watching video
  16. Tape 050803 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( Car ) Activity: Listening to radio.
  17. Tape 050804 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( Home ) Activity: Having breakfast
  18. Tape 051101 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home and car ) Activity: going out for a haircut
  19. Tape 051102 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( hairdressers ) Activity: having a haircut
  20. Tape 051103 recorded on 1992-01-17. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( mother's home ) Activity: visiting mother

1 (Tape 049801)

Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [1] Er, what do you want for breakfast?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2] Erm ... Start.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3] Start?
[4] Do you want any toast after?
Kyle (PS0SC) [5] They've stuck to the
Sandra (PS0SB) [6] Yes?
Kyle (PS0SC) [7] I think so.
Sandra (PS0SB) [8] Yes?
Kyle (PS0SC) [9] I think so.
Sandra (PS0SB) [10] Yes.
Kyle (PS0SC) [11] I think so.
Sandra (PS0SB) [12] Please mummy?
Kyle (PS0SC) [13] Please mummy.
Sandra (PS0SB) [14] [laugh] ... My P forty five's come from County Hall?
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [15] Oh yeah?
Sandra (PS0SB) [16] Oh I've gotta give it to my new employer.
[17] ... P forty five.
[18] It says
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [19] Oh!
Sandra (PS0SB) [20] a tax form.
[21] ... Here are Kyle.
Kyle (PS0SC) [22] Thank you.
Sandra (PS0SB) [23] Okay?
[24] Sit up now and eat it.
Kyle (PS0SC) [25] Alright.
Sandra (PS0SB) [26] Put that book down.
[27] ... Did you want any toast?
[28] ... Cos I'm doing some for myself.
Kyle (PS0SC) [29] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [30] Just one?
[31] ... Yes?
[32] Just one?

2 (Tape 049802)

Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [33] Right.
[34] I'll tell her.
[35] Morning!
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [36] Morning.
Margaret (PS0SD) [37] Oh dear!
Sandra (PS0SB) [38] Er
Margaret (PS0SD) [39] I put my [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [40] Morning!
R. (PS0SF) [41] That's all the classes?
Sandra (PS0SB) [42] Yeah.
R. (PS0SF) [43] About four classes in the ... [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [44] Oh!
[45] And it could have been ... a page.
Margaret (PS0SD) [46] Perhaps [...] actually.
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [47] Well you'll have to ask him this.
Sandra (PS0SB) [48] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0SD) [49] Yeah.
[50] And
Sandra (PS0SB) [51] It's for dictionaries.
Margaret (PS0SD) [52] Yes.
[53] Yes.
[54] As long as you sort everything out
Sandra (PS0SB) [55] Yes.
Margaret (PS0SD) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [56] Ooh yes!
[57] I have done.
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [58] Otherwise they go.
Margaret (PS0SD) [59] That's the main thing int it Anne?
[60] Go on!
[61] Now push them in girls! [...] shove at the bottom.
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [62] Well it's a big one innit?
[63] That's the trouble!
Margaret (PS0SD) [64] Yes alright Anne.
[65] We shall
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [66] Alright if I call my doctors back?
Margaret (PS0SD) [67] Yeah, that's alright.
[68] Push i , as long as, we can get them in.
Sandra (PS0SB) [69] We're alright with all those books in there?
Margaret (PS0SD) [70] Yeah.
[71] Shove that in.
[72] Yes!
[73] Course you can Sandra.
[74] ... I'll lock it Sandra.
Penny (PS0SE) [...]
Margaret (PS0SD) [75] Ooh! [...] !
Penny (PS0SE) [76] And turned on the ice.
Sandra (PS0SB) [77] Oh did you
Penny (PS0SE) [78] And fell.
Sandra (PS0SB) [79] dear?
[80] Okay.
Penny (PS0SE) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [81] Margaret.
[82] There's a little girl fallen over on the ice.
Margaret (PS0SD) [83] Oh!
[84] What's the matter?
[85] Now, we'll sort it out.
Sandra (PS0SB) [86] Shall we take in here.
Margaret (PS0SD) [87] Be with you in a minute.
Sandra (PS0SB) [88] Do you want me to do it Margaret?
Margaret (PS0SD) [89] Er, can you?
[90] Please.
Sandra (PS0SB) [91] Do you want to sit on there then love?
[92] ... Alright.
Penny (PS0SE) [93] And right just there it hurts as well.
Sandra (PS0SB) [94] [tut] !
[95] And it burns when you've landed on the ice doesn't it?
[96] Horrible!
[97] You'll have a nice bruise there?
[98] Shall we put a plaster on it?
Penny (PS0SE) [99] Yes please.
Sandra (PS0SB) [100] Would you like a little bit of cream?
Margaret (PS0SD) [101] Yes please.
Sandra (PS0SB) [102] Do you want to just hold that on there for me for a second.
[103] ... That's just ... Well there are some in here somewhere.
[104] Where are they?
[105] ... Oh!
[106] Where's the plasters?
[107] Any idea?
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [108] Are you alright?
Margaret (PS0SD) [109] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [110] Oh here!
Margaret (PS0SD) [111] I can see you're going to do that.
Penny (PS0SE) [112] Mm.
Sandra (PS0SB) [113] Oh.
[114] ... Ha!
[115] Ah!
[116] Plasters.
[117] ... Now all I've got to find is the cream!
[118] Where is the cream?
[119] ... You could have bled to death in this place couldn't you?
[120] Before yo
Margaret (PS0SD) [121] Do you want to take your shoes and socks off?
[122] I know, I meant to tell you, have we got the [...] your erm
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [123] Yes.
Margaret (PS0SD) [124] hand?
[125] Er
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [126] Yes.
Margaret (PS0SD) [127] [...] .
[128] You're the one that takes that ta change bed every night?
[129] That's [...] .
[130] Okay so [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [131] Oh I can't find the cream!
Margaret (PS0SD) [132] Cream?
[133] Cream's in there sweetheart.
Sandra (PS0SB) [134] Oh!
[135] I'm looking in the wrong
Margaret (PS0SD) [136] Yes.
Sandra (PS0SB) [137] one.
Margaret (PS0SD) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [138] Oh!
[139] So it is.
Penny (PS0SE) [140] Thank you.
Margaret (PS0SD) [141] And I'll get plenty of [...] .
Penny (PS0SE) [142] Excuse me.
Margaret (PS0SD) [143] On the ice?
[144] Have you Penny?
[145] Oh dear!
Sandra (PS0SB) [146] That's a good girl!
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [147] Fell over.
Margaret (PS0SD) [148] I went to the shop yesterday, I was at my sister's but ... I, oh! [...]
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [149] [...] .
Margaret (PS0SD) [150] Yes!
[151] Yes!
[152] Of course.
[153] We got a, different, different one in the shi , shop, yesterday.
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [154] Dunno if that's gonna stay on.
[155] In fact, let's get another one.
[156] ... A big strip might be better.
[157] ... Nothing's ever simple is it?
[158] ... Take that one off and throw it away cos it's not gonna stay on.
[159] It's useless!
[160] ... I'll put it this way so that you've not the plaster on your ... your bruised bit.
[161] ... Okay darling?
Penny (PS0SE) [162] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [163] Oh!
[164] Can I just have your name before you go?
Penny (PS0SE) [165] Penny .
Sandra (PS0SB) [166] Penny ?
Penny (PS0SE) [167] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [168] And what class are you in?
Penny (PS0SE) [169] Class four.
Sandra (PS0SB) [170] And it's ... eight fifteen.
[171] Okay then love, you can go.
[172] Bye-bye then.
[173] ... It's alright, I'm wondering about the date! [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [174] Since I've been here I've lost all track of time!
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [175] I know, you do!
Sandra (PS0SB) [176] [laughing] Don't you [] ?
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [177] Yeah!
Sandra (PS0SB) [178] Right. [...]
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [179] Er, is this your [...] used Margaret [...] ?
Margaret (PS0SD) [180] Yes.
[181] Yesterday
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [...]
Margaret (PS0SD) [182] he came to me and got a [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [183] So I've got them all sorted for you.
[184] The er, staff meant to be
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [185] having
Sandra (PS0SB) [186] I had to call her yesterday as well.
Margaret (PS0SD) [187] She didn't mention it!
Sandra (PS0SB) [188] Yeah, she definitely
Margaret (PS0SD) [189] Has she mentioned
Sandra (PS0SB) [190] did, yeah.
Margaret (PS0SD) [191] since?
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [192] Hello!
Sandra (PS0SB) [193] Cos I saw her yesterday and she already [...]
Margaret (PS0SD) [194] There's a letter for you er
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [195] Oh thank you.
Margaret (PS0SD) [196] Sandy.
[197] I forgot to
Sandra (PS0SB) [198] No it's o , it's my P forty five I've got to
Margaret (PS0SD) [199] Is yo
Sandra (PS0SB) [200] give it in.
Margaret (PS0SD) [201] Oh right!
Sandra (PS0SB) [202] I'll ask Mrs
Margaret (PS0SD) [203] Is this
Sandra (PS0SB) [204] she's in there is she?
[205] [music] ... Mrs ... er, can I ask [...] ?
[206] I've been asked by a market research to do ... I've got a tape on ... it's for, dictionaries.
[207] Do you want to read that?
R. (PS0SF) [208] It's all
Sandra (PS0SB) [209] It's er
R. (PS0SF) [210] being recording, all this?
Sandra (PS0SB) [211] All these conversations.
[212] Because it's not practical ... you know, another time.
R. (PS0SF) [213] Well I, yeah , can I, I'll have to ask you not to record in school because so much is very
Sandra (PS0SB) [214] Okay.
R. (PS0SF) [215] er very confidential.
Sandra (PS0SB) [216] Oh yes!
[217] Obviously, I wouldn't record anything
R. (PS0SF) [218] No.
[219] No.
Sandra (PS0SB) [220] like that
R. (PS0SF) [221] But
Sandra (PS0SB) [222] it's just ... general conversations with different people.
R. (PS0SF) [223] Well I can't read it now because I'm going to take assembly in a minute
Sandra (PS0SB) [224] Okay.
R. (PS0SF) [225] I've already [...] could you take it off?
Sandra (PS0SB) [226] You want me to take it off altogether?
R. (PS0SF) [227] If you could.
[228] Yes please.
Sandra (PS0SB) [229] Okay then.
R. (PS0SF) [230] Right, [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [231] Alright
R. (PS0SF) [232] Well
Sandra (PS0SB) [233] then.
R. (PS0SF) [234] I mean, I can't, I mean if you, if you think about obviously, [...] could be confidential and
Sandra (PS0SB) [235] Yes.
[236] Oh yes, that's why I'm asking you first.
[237] Yes.
[238] Oh yes!
R. (PS0SF) [239] Sometimes [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [240] I wouldn't record anything
R. (PS0SF) [241] But don't announce erm ... [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [242] Oh right.
[243] Okay.
[244] I'll do it
R. (PS0SF) [245] Okay.
Sandra (PS0SB) [246] all at home then.
[247] Okay?
R. (PS0SF) [248] It's absolutely brilliant though! being

3 (Tape 049803)

Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [249] You got your recorder thingy?
Sandra (PS0SB) [250] Yes.
[251] I've got my recorder thingy!
Kyle (PS0SC) [252] Hello! [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [253] Yes.
[254] Is it on?
Sandra (PS0SB) [255] Just forget about it.
Kyle (PS0SC) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [256] Right.
[257] Do you wanna go shopping?
[258] Yes?
[259] Do you want to go shopping with me?
Kyle (PS0SC) [260] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [261] Yeah.
[262] Cos if you don't, then I'll do it when you're at Cubs tonight.
[263] And you'll have to tell Akela that you won't be there next week.
Kyle (PS0SC) [264] Why?
Sandra (PS0SB) [265] Cos we're going to Nottingham.
Kyle (PS0SC) [266] Oh!
[267] I am?
Sandra (PS0SB) [268] Well do you want to go to Nottingham to the disco ... at Rosy's or not?
[269] You can't do both.
Kyle (PS0SC) [270] [...] ... Well we, can't we go after that?
Sandra (PS0SB) [271] Well, we can't wait till the end of Cubs or we'll be too late going.
[272] ... Well they've already got the cup now, they can't take the cup away from you for best attendance can they?
Kyle (PS0SC) [273] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [274] No they can't.
[275] That was for last year.
[276] ... Do you know that heated rear screen's not working again.
[277] It was working this morning and now it's stopped again!
[278] ... We'll go the other way down to the superstore because there's ... traffic lights down at the end of our road.
Kyle (PS0SC) [279] Okay.
Sandra (PS0SB) [280] Have you brought your P E kit, yeah?
Kyle (PS0SC) [281] Mhm.
Sandra (PS0SB) [282] I've got a sore throat!
[283] I don't know if I'm going down with a cold or something.
[284] Do you feel, have you been feeling alright?
Kyle (PS0SC) [285] No.
Sandra (PS0SB) [286] No?
[287] What's the matter?
Kyle (PS0SC) [288] Feeling thirsty!
Sandra (PS0SB) [289] Oh!
[290] The traffic lights have gone out the middle.
[291] [laugh] ... I thought there used to be a set of traffic lights in the middle and it's gone.
Kyle (PS0SC) [292] Oh yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [293] Ooh, they've done that bit!
[294] That's better isn't it?
Kyle (PS0SC) [295] Do you know what they do?
[296] Look!
Sandra (PS0SB) [297] Yes, I know what they were doing.
Kyle (PS0SC) [298] Oh!
[299] And you said, ooh they've done that bit!
Sandra (PS0SB) [300] Yeah well, they've finished it.
Kyle (PS0SC) [301] Well that's the er pedestr , pedestrians ... or whatever.
[302] ... Was that, what was that funny noises?
Sandra (PS0SB) [303] The indicator.
[304] ... Because I've got the radio off ... you can hear it.
[305] ... Oh!
[306] God!
[307] There's loads of traffic tonight at this time isn't there?
[308] ... Had a good day at school?
Kyle (PS0SC) [309] Mm. [very bad background noise]
Sandra (PS0SB) [310] You don't sound very thrilled.
[311] ... Have to try and get the shopping done as quickly as possible cos you've gotta go Cubs.
[312] ... And remind to pick up Robin.
[313] ... We've not seen nanny all week with working in a ... separate school.
Kyle (PS0SC) [314] And we haven't seen her all week!
Sandra (PS0SB) [315] No, I know.
[316] Yes!
[317] She'll probably come up tomorrow.
[318] ... That rear screen's definitely not working is it?
[319] Look!
Kyle (PS0SC) [320] How can you tell?
Sandra (PS0SB) [321] Have to get Uncle Bert round to have a look.
[322] ... Just get a little present for Kieran and we'll pop it off to Larry's.
[323] ... We've gone past it now.
Kyle (PS0SC) [324] Present for Kieran, why?
Sandra (PS0SB) [325] It was his birthday last week and I bought him ... got him those slippers and they were too big so I'll ... get something else instead.

4 (Tape 049804)

Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [326] Won't bother with the bacon joint they're too dear.
[327] Tear up here with the ... trolley.
[328] Cos there's too many round that counter.
[329] Just stand there with your trolley and drink your coffee.
[330] Don't need any cheese do we?
[331] We got plenty.
Kyle (PS0SC) [332] I don't know.
Sandra (PS0SB) [333] Just ham we need.
[334] ... Do you want tongue or ham.
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [335] Tongue?
[336] ... Don't do that!
[337] I nearly spilt my coffee you fool!
Kyle (PS0SC) [338] [singing] What, number are you [] ?
Sandra (PS0SB) [339] Twenty six.
[340] Got another four to go.
[341] ... We could have had another [...] , I've forgotten, well Deanne's got the stamps.
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [342] Twenty three please!
Kyle (PS0SC) [...] [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [343] [laugh] ... Yeah!
[344] On the boat.
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [345] Twenty four please!
Kyle (PS0SC) [346] Not on boat!
Sandra (PS0SB) [347] Well we eat on the boat as well, pasta salad.
Kyle (PS0SC) [348] Mm!
[349] That bread smells oh, it's beautiful actually! [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [350] What are we gonna have for dinner tonight?
Kyle (PS0SC) [351] Salad.
Sandra (PS0SB) [352] No, it's too cold for salad.
Kyle (PS0SC) [353] Erm ... sausages ... or mince pie.
Sandra (PS0SB) [354] It was silly asking you really wasn't it?
[355] ... Put that in the bin for me?
[356] Thank you.
Kyle (PS0SC) [357] I'll tell you what ... prawns. [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [358] Prawns?
[359] Well er, it's cold again.
[360] You have prawns with a salad.
Kyle (PS0SC) [361] Yeah [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [362] Well we've gotta have something quick tonight because you're, gotta go to Cubs ... so ... shouldn't think we need to buy any bread.
Kyle (PS0SC) [363] That really, really smells mouthwatering!
[364] Doesn't it?
Sandra (PS0SB) [365] Yeah well
Kyle (PS0SC) [366] Please!
[367] Oh look at that [...] !
[368] Oh the
Sandra (PS0SB) [369] That's got all peppers in, you wouldn't like that one.
Kyle (PS0SC) [370] I know.
[371] I know but it reminds me of
Sandra (PS0SB) [372] Mm.
[373] Well it's no good me buying that one you wouldn't like it.
Kyle (PS0SC) [374] I know er!
[375] I know that!
Sandra (PS0SB) [376] You've got a dirty face!
[377] Where you been?
Kyle (PS0SC) [378] But er ... [...] . ... [singing] [...] [] .
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [379] Twenty six love.
Sandra (PS0SB) [380] Erm, quarter of the lunch tongue please.
[381] Forgotten what [...] .
Kyle (PS0SC) [382] Cheese and sausages.
Sandra (PS0SB) [383] And a quarter of the traditional ham please?
Kyle (PS0SC) [humming]
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [384] Half an ounce over or under?
Sandra (PS0SB) [385] That's fine, leave it on.
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [386] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [387] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [388] Number twenty seven please!
[389] Twenty seven!
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [390] Down there.
Sandra (PS0SB) [391] That's it thank you.
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [392] Thank you.
Sandra (PS0SB) [393] Thanks.
[394] Bye!
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [395] Bye.
Sandra (PS0SB) [396] Right.
[397] Consult the list.
Kyle (PS0SC) [398] Do you want some of this coffee.
Sandra (PS0SB) [399] No I don't want any of your coffee.
[400] You drink your coffee.
[401] ... The trouble is, you've got your ... erm ... ooh!
[402] There's the Shape twin pots.
[403] I thought I couldn't find them last week.
[404] ... They're lovely they are!
[405] ... Right.
[406] Do you want erm ... in the little slices?
Kyle (PS0SC) [407] Right.
Sandra (PS0SB) [408] Where are they?
[409] Oh they've not moved them again!
[410] ... They haven't got any er
Kyle (PS0SC) [411] Very expensive!
Sandra (PS0SB) [412] They have not got any.
[413] ... They ain't got none Kyle.
Kyle (PS0SC) [414] I'm suing them!
Sandra (PS0SB) [415] You're suing them are you?
Kyle (PS0SC) [416] Yeah.
[417] We go, me me me me ... Ner er er er er
Sandra (PS0SB) [418] Do you want some Aero ... pots?
Kyle (PS0SC) [419] Mm.
Sandra (PS0SB) [420] You can share them with Dee then before she goes, alright?
[421] Cos they're expensive.
[422] ... There they are.
Kyle (PS0SC) [423] Oh!
[424] This one won't be enough for me.
Sandra (PS0SB) [425] Well look, get a pack of those and a pack of the Aero ones.
Kyle (PS0SC) [426] Why?
[427] I'll have the erm ... [...] ones.
[428] We don't like Aero that much.
Sandra (PS0SB) [429] Oh go on then, I'll treat you, you can have them.
[430] As long as you eat them.
Kyle (PS0SC) [431] Well if you say so.
[432] That Dairy Milk is really nice.
[433] ... Oh!
[434] This
Sandra (PS0SB) [435] I'll get a pack for Dee as well as.
Kyle (PS0SC) [436] What are you gonna get her?
Sandra (PS0SB) [437] Gonna cause a riot otherwise.
Kyle (PS0SC) [438] Er ... you erm ... i Wednesday er Miss , er Mrs [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [439] Mm!
Kyle (PS0SC) [440] Oh we like them!
Sandra (PS0SB) [441] That's a bit unlucky there's only one packet of butter there.
[442] ... Oh!
[443] That runs out on the sixteen of January, that's no good.
[444] ... Lasts a bit longer than that.
Kyle (PS0SC) [445] [singing] Ba dum, dum ba dum, ba dum ba dum ba dum [] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [446] Oh that's February, that's al , Sorry!
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [447] Sorry.
Sandra (PS0SB) [448] That will be better, that one.
[449] [sighing] Right [] !
Kyle (PS0SC) [humming]
Sandra (PS0SB) [450] What ... cereals do you want?
[451] Do you want to collect them?
Kyle (PS0SC) [452] [humming] ... Do they do Frosties?
[453] Erm
Sandra (PS0SB) [454] Frostied Shreddies, looks like Shreddies with sugar stuck on them.
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [455] Got more in there yours!
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [456] Erm ... I don't know whether to have ordinary Shreddies or ... Frostied Shreddies?
Sandra (PS0SB) [457] Well why you're making your mind up I'll go and get the sugar.
[458] ... Do you want any more sugar?
Kyle (PS0SC) [459] Erm
Sandra (PS0SB) [460] You're gonna try them are you?
Kyle (PS0SC) [461] Mhm.
Sandra (PS0SB) [462] Don't have it just for the thing that's free inside.
[463] Cos are you going to eat them?
Kyle (PS0SC) [464] Yeah.
[465] I suppose so.
Sandra (PS0SB) [466] Yes?
[467] You're gonna have them?
Kyle (PS0SC) [468] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [469] Okay.
Kyle (PS0SC) [470] And ... [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [471] There is a whole rack of cereals there, surely there's one of them somewhere along that line that you like.
Kyle (PS0SC) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [472] Don't need two bags of them that's for certain.
[473] ... But Dee wanted a loaf didn't she, to take back with her? [shop tannoy makes announcement]
Kyle (PS0SC) [474] [...] those. [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [475] Actually, don't get
Kyle (PS0SC) [476] Ah ah!
Sandra (PS0SB) [477] Get daddy's ... real loaf.
[478] ... How much is that?
Kyle (PS0SC) [humming]
Sandra (PS0SB) [479] Are you alright for Vimto?
Kyle (PS0SC) [480] Yes I think so.
[481] Erm ... are you not going to [...] ?
Sandra (PS0SB) [482] Lyons, mm!
Kyle (PS0SC) [483] Mum, [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [484] Do you want a packet of these?
Kyle (PS0SC) [485] Okay.
[486] Let's try them.
[487] Get loads. ... [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [488] Oh!
[489] Grab them for me Kyle, cos I've got that tape round me.
[490] Erm ... thank you darling.
[491] Put them in ... the trolley.
Kyle (PS0SC) [492] I don't like that cherry in.
Sandra (PS0SB) [493] Well, you can save it for your dad if you don't like it.
[494] Okay?
Kyle (PS0SC) [495] Mm.
Sandra (PS0SB) [496] Don't walk in front of it cos I shall end up running into you.
Kyle (PS0SC) [497] Mum.
Sandra (PS0SB) [498] What?
[499] Club Classics you want don't you?
[500] Or something
Kyle (PS0SC) [501] Class.
[502] Class!
Sandra (PS0SB) [503] Class!
[504] Sorry!
[505] Sorry!
[506] Sorry!
[507] Club Class.
[508] I know what I mean.
Kyle (PS0SC) [509] I'll beat you in a, in a minute!
Sandra (PS0SB) [510] Ooh!
[511] I need a packet of biscuits to take to work.
Kyle (PS0SC) [512] Why?
Sandra (PS0SB) [513] Because you take it in turns to provide biscuits to have with erm ... Okay.
[514] And a packet of Rich Tea for dad.
[515] ... They haven't got any large Rich Tea open have they?
Kyle (PS0SC) [516] Oh look!
[517] Malted Milk is dearer ... than [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [518] I know.
[519] And they're only the same shape.
[520] Funny innit?
Kyle (PS0SC) [521] Yeah, and these are a different packet.
Sandra (PS0SB) [522] I thought I saw a packet then.
[523] ... [sighing] Right [] .
[524] Off we jolly well go.
[525] Don't need beer, don't need wine.
[526] Do need beer.
[527] We've got ... the men coming next haven't we?
Kyle (PS0SC) [528] [humming] [humming] ... Mum!
Sandra (PS0SB) [529] Oh you push it then!
[530] ... Is there any Lambrusco?
[531] Have a look at the price.
[532] Yes.
[533] We'll have one of them.
Kyle (PS0SC) [534] Oh no you don't need that as well!
Sandra (PS0SB) [535] I know.
[536] ... Oh it's two forty nine.
[537] ... Oh I see!
[538] Mm.
[539] ... Right.
[540] What crisps do you want?
Kyle (PS0SC) [541] Plain please.
Sandra (PS0SB) [542] Mm mm?
Kyle (PS0SC) [543] Can I have mixed?
Sandra (PS0SB) [544] Okay.
[545] Get ... a few packets of what you want.
Kyle (PS0SC) [546] Buy those together ones.
[547] ... I wanted a [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [548] Alright.
Kyle (PS0SC) [549] Please.
Sandra (PS0SB) [550] Put them in then.
Kyle (PS0SC) [551] Thank you.
[552] ... [singing] Bum bum bum [] .
[553] [...] ? Why are you getting those?
Sandra (PS0SB) [554] They're for Dee to take back to University
Kyle (PS0SC) [555] Oh!
Sandra (PS0SB) [556] with her.
Kyle (PS0SC) [whistling]
Sandra (PS0SB) [557] No I won't.
[558] I'll get that.
[559] That's right, same pattern.
[560] ... Kyle!
[561] ... That's cheap!
[562] A pack of mince meat one twenty five.
Kyle (PS0SC) [563] Wa , are we buying one of them ... your, your [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [564] Hello!
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [565] Hello!
Kyle (PS0SC) [566] [...] ... It's meant to be like ours that.
Sandra (PS0SB) [567] Some cheap buys aren't there?
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [568] Sorry?
Sandra (PS0SB) [569] Some cheap buys isn't there just
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [570] Mm!
Sandra (PS0SB) [571] after Christmas.
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [572] Yeah.
[573] They're trying to sell everything off aren't they?
Sandra (PS0SB) [574] Mm!
[575] It's only one twenty five for
Kyle (PS0SC) [576] Yeah!
[577] It's all [...] .
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [578] Mm.
Sandra (PS0SB) [579] Urgh!
[580] It's all sticky!
[581] ... Right.
[582] Toilet rolls.
Kyle (PS0SC) [583] Erm, trolley!
Sandra (PS0SB) [584] Pardon?
Kyle (PS0SC) [585] Trolley.
Sandra (PS0SB) [586] Oh!
Kyle (PS0SC) [587] Let me erm push [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [588] Hang on!
[589] I want a tin of fruit.
[590] Not fruit cocktail.
Kyle (PS0SC) [591] Well they ... they actually put a [...] over this time.
[592] Look.
Sandra (PS0SB) [593] Mm.
Kyle (PS0SC) [594] [singing] Dee da dee dee da [] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [595] Oxo cubes.
Kyle (PS0SC) [596] [singing] Da [] .
[597] ... Is it [...] again?
Sandra (PS0SB) [598] Fruit cocktail, yeah.
[599] I suppose it's part of the ... and a cream.
Kyle (PS0SC) [600] Do we need some jelly?
Sandra (PS0SB) [601] Yeah.
[602] Choose a jelly.
Kyle (PS0SC) [603] Why don't you pick up Angel Delight and got a free jelly with it back there?
[604] ... A jelly and Angel Delight ... a free green jelly..
Sandra (PS0SB) [605] Well nip back and get it then if that's what you want.
[606] What flavour Angel Delight was it?
Kyle (PS0SC) [607] Erm, strawberry I think it was.
Sandra (PS0SB) [608] Well nip back and get it.
[609] Are they on the next ... aisle?
Kyle (PS0SC) [610] Mum!
Sandra (PS0SB) [611] Yeah?
Kyle (PS0SC) [612] With Angel Delight ... [...] on this bit ... you get a free jelly with this.
[613] You choose a free jelly.
Sandra (PS0SB) [614] Well we still need a ... that's not the sort of jelly you like.
[615] It's alright for me on my diet but it's no good for you.
Kyle (PS0SC) [616] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [617] Nip and get an ordinary jelly.
Kyle (PS0SC) [618] Another jelly?
Sandra (PS0SB) [619] Yeah as well as that.
Kyle (PS0SC) [620] Mm!
[621] I've got it.
Sandra (PS0SB) [622] That's bolognese in ... oh no, that's chow mein.
[623] Just one.
[624] Just one.
Kyle (PS0SC) [625] Oh.
[626] ... It's warm in here!
[627] ... Lo look at those!
Sandra (PS0SB) [628] What is it?
Kyle (PS0SC) [629] Beef and tomato.
Sandra (PS0SB) [630] That's not though.
Kyle (PS0SC) [631] Mm.
[632] Yes it is.
Sandra (PS0SB) [633] I don't think you'll like that it's a bit spicy.
Kyle (PS0SC) [634] I know.
[635] I think it
Sandra (PS0SB) [636] Just stick to what you know.
[637] There's chicken supreme ... I should have your chow mein then.
[638] Or chicken and mushrooms?
[639] ... Oh no that's Pot Rice, that's not Pot Noodle.
Kyle (PS0SC) [640] I know there's Pot Rice and Pot Noodle.
[641] Pot
Sandra (PS0SB) [642] Did you find your glove at school that you lost?
Kyle (PS0SC) [643] Oh!
[644] Well!
Sandra (PS0SB) [645] I knew it!
[646] Forgot to look didn't you?
Kyle (PS0SC) [647] How many did you want, one or two?
Sandra (PS0SB) [648] What jellies?
Kyle (PS0SC) [649] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [650] One.
Kyle (PS0SC) [651] Oh!
Sandra (PS0SB) [652] Don't need soap powder.
Kyle (PS0SC) [653] Are we still having them?
Sandra (PS0SB) [654] Don't need Comfort.
[655] Yes!
[656] Can you that for me though.
[657] Pop it back in the
Kyle (PS0SC) [658] Put that there.
Sandra (PS0SB) [659] Yeah.
[660] ... Right.
[661] Tin of spaghetti.
[662] Tin of baked beans.
[663] Not that one, it's got a dent in it.
[664] No!
[665] Not H P beans!
[666] Th ... tin of tomatoes.
Kyle (PS0SC) [667] [singing] [...] [] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [668] There's tins of, that tin.
[669] Tin of carrots.
[670] ... Okay!
[671] ... Was that everything on my list now?
[672] Ooh!
[673] Macaroni.
Kyle (PS0SC) [674] It was there [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [675] That was the last aisle weren't it?
[676] Kyle!
[677] Down there.
[678] ... No it weren't that aisle.
[679] Must have been the one before that.
Kyle (PS0SC) [680] It's there.
Sandra (PS0SB) [681] Stay there with the trolley.
[682] ... Do you know what cornflour looks like Kyle?
Kyle (PS0SC) [683] No.
Sandra (PS0SB) [684] No?
[685] Hang on there then.
[686] ... I think, that's it.
[687] Let's just check the list.
Kyle (PS0SC) [688] Yeah.
[689] And then we can go round to the toys.
Sandra (PS0SB) [690] Go on then.
[691] You can have a quick look at the toys.
Kyle (PS0SC) [692] With you.
Sandra (PS0SB) [693] Can't afford to buy anything anyway can you?
Kyle (PS0SC) [694] Yeah I've got four quid at home!
Sandra (PS0SB) [695] Yeah, I thought you were saving up for a new ... game for your Sega system?
[696] ... Ooh!
[697] Dad's soap.
[698] You go, I'll ... see you there in a minute.
[699] Where's soap?
[700] Is it round the corner?
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [701] Well it's round the corner there.
Sandra (PS0SB) [702] Yeah dad's ... coal tar soap.
[703] ... But that's all.
[704] You go to the toys, I'll see you there in a minute.
[705] Can I
Kyle (PS0SC) [706] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [707] just get daddy's soap?

5 (Tape 050001)

Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [708] What's this?
Sandra (PS0SB) [709] Munsters Today.
Pat (PS0SJ) [710] Mm?
Sandra (PS0SB) [711] Munsters Today.
Pat (PS0SJ) [712] Munsters?
Sandra (PS0SB) [713] Yep.
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [714] They're a family of four.
Sandra (PS0SB) [715] No, three.
[716] Munsters today.
[717] ... Is that the same as the Addams Family or is just a take off.
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [718] Oh yeah!
Sandra (PS0SB) [719] Munsters.
[720] You know the Munsters don't you?
Pat (PS0SJ) [721] I know but they sa , they look just like the Addams Family to me.
Sandra (PS0SB) [722] Yeah I know.
Kyle (PS0SC) [723] You're not sure which one came first.
Deanne (PS0SH) [724] Addams Family I think.
Kyle (PS0SC) [725] Probably, yeah.

6 (Tape 050002)

Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [726] At the Co-op last night?
Sandra (PS0SB) [727] Oh look!
[728] There [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [729] I knew that!
[730] I thought they've got the carton, so I went all the way through the carton, they were all nice and everything.
Sandra (PS0SB) [731] So
Pat (PS0SJ) [732] Just six of them
Sandra (PS0SB) [733] [laughing] Oh six of them [] !
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [734] [...] goes, I had to pick all six up for that price, put them away for next year's presents.
[735] Well the ... packets are broken, you couldn't really give them as, as presents you know.
[736] I could find some more cellophane to [laughing] wrap round them!
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [737] I'd have bloody managed [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [738] And it's got faulty written all over the box, you know.
[739] ... Er!
[740] I've given it to her.
[741] I got told last night.
Deanne (PS0SH) [742] Yeah but I mean ... [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [743] There's a Walkman playing here ... all on it's
Sandra (PS0SB) [744] Yes.
Pat (PS0SJ) [745] own.
Sandra (PS0SB) [746] Yes, and it's recording!
Pat (PS0SJ) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [747] I'll tell you what it
Pat (PS0SJ) [748] It's not.
Sandra (PS0SB) [749] is.
[750] It is
Pat (PS0SJ) [751] Eh?
Sandra (PS0SB) [752] it's recording you.
Pat (PS0SJ) [753] It's not!
Sandra (PS0SB) [754] It is!
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [755] That's why it's got a record button at the side.
Sandra (PS0SB) [756] I'll show you then.
Pat (PS0SJ) [757] Standby!
Deanne (PS0SH) [758] [laugh] ... [laughing] You're worried now aren't you [] ?
Pat (PS0SJ) [759] Aren't you gonna say hello to little-un, put it on there for me. [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [760] Yep.
Deanne (PS0SH) [761] It's recording.
Pat (PS0SJ) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [762] What?
[763] ... Is this my coffee then?
Deanne (PS0SH) [764] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [765] We got two tins of those now.
[766] Do you fancy nipping round to the Co-op?
Deanne (PS0SH) [767] Yeah, I've gotta get ... salt anyway.
Sandra (PS0SB) [768] And some ... get me two Jumbos and Tunes.
Deanne (PS0SH) [769] That's a point, take a Jumbo with me to University as well. [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [770] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [771] [laugh] ... They've been popular there.
Sandra (PS0SB) [772] I had a woman knock at the door the other night
Pat (PS0SJ) [773] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [774] She were knocking for this ... [...] thing you know.
Pat (PS0SJ) [775] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [776] Yeah , cos she's done, interviewed me before.
Sandra (PS0SB) [777] And ... sh , they've also done Tony once I think ... years ago.
[778] Market Research.
Pat (PS0SJ) [779] Oh yeah!
[780] I've had it before, yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [781] Anyway, that's ... the letter that I have to show people that they've ... recorded on the tape.
[782] ... Anyway, she said erm, would I be prepared to, you know, wear the tape for a week and ... record
Pat (PS0SJ) [783] Wear it?
Sandra (PS0SB) [784] Yeah, well you, clip it on ... when I'm not
Pat (PS0SJ) [785] Oh!
Sandra (PS0SB) [786] you know.
Deanne (PS0SH) [787] The microphone.
Sandra (PS0SB) [788] For the microphone, you see, and you clip it on.
[789] And erm ... at the end of the week ... she'll come and pick it up, pick the ... tape up ... and they give you a voucher for twenty five pounds for Marks's ... for doing it. [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [790] [laugh] ... Bet now, you wished you'd erm ... agreed don't you? [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [791] Yeah.
[792] Nobody's been asked me to do this.
Deanne (PS0SH) [793] Well, they come back after a
Sandra (PS0SB) [794] She was looking for a pensioner ... but, you weren't in the right street.
Pat (PS0SJ) [795] Oh!
Sandra (PS0SB) [796] Something like that.
Pat (PS0SJ) [797] It's gotta be in this street.
Deanne (PS0SH) [798] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [799] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [800] And it's probably the area.
Sandra (PS0SB) [801] She'd got certain areas that she'd got.
[802] And I said oh no, they're just round the corner.
[803] She said, oh I know, it's gotta be a ... a woman's [...] .
Deanne (PS0SH) [804] Mhm.
[805] I said my mother's not a pensioner yet.
Pat (PS0SJ) [806] So it's your Walkman, not hers?
Sandra (PS0SB) [807] Well no, [...] the mic belongs to them, they're gonna come and pick it up.
[808] It's a lovely Walkman.
Deanne (PS0SH) [809] Mhm.
Sandra (PS0SB) [810] It's got a ... counter and everything look!
Pat (PS0SJ) [811] So how many tapes have you got to put in then?
Sandra (PS0SB) [812] Twenty.
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [813] That's the third one.
Deanne (PS0SH) [814] Oh and after that you gotta [...] in.
Sandra (PS0SB) [815] And I have to keep a diary of who spoke on it.
[816] And
Deanne (PS0SH) [817] You're on it. [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [818] That's the diary thing.
[819] But they won't let me do it at work.
[820] Mrs ... said th , there's too much of a confidential nature goes on in school and, I'm not allowed to do it at school.
Deanne (PS0SH) [821] Mm.
[822] In other words they don't want to.
Pat (PS0SJ) [823] But you can only do it when you're at home or out?
Sandra (PS0SB) [824] Yeah.
[825] I've ... wore it all the way round the Co-op superstore last night.
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [826] Did anybody see you?
Deanne (PS0SH) [827] That'll be intriguing!
Sandra (PS0SB) [828] Yes.
[829] Shop assistants and everything, you know, I was talking to.
[830] They didn't realise they were being taped obviously.
Deanne (PS0SH) [831] Mhm.
Sandra (PS0SB) [832] You can't tell everybody can you?
Deanne (PS0SH) [833] No.
Pat (PS0SJ) [834] No.
Sandra (PS0SB) [835] So I thought it'll be interesting, be a laugh!
Deanne (PS0SH) [836] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [837] Oh right!
Deanne (PS0SH) [838] Thank you.
Pat (PS0SJ) [839] Certainly will!
Deanne (PS0SH) [840] Shame I couldn't take it to University with me [laughing] that'll be interesting [] !
Pat (PS0SJ) [841] Yeah! [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [842] They wanted Dee.
[843] They really wanted Dee, but ... she's
Deanne (PS0SH) [844] Uni.
Sandra (PS0SB) [845] at Univ , got to go back to University.
[846] She's no longer ... actually resident at this address.
Deanne (PS0SH) [847] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [848] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [849] They couldn't do me.
Sandra (PS0SB) [850] So I said
Pat (PS0SJ) [851] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [852] Shame really!
[853] [laugh] ... University life [laughing] would have been really interesting on there [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [854] I played a little bit of it back last night to listen how it, and it's brilliant the way the picks things up!
Deanne (PS0SH) [855] Yeah.
[856] But
Sandra (PS0SB) [857] Eh?
Deanne (PS0SH) [858] I bet [laughing] it's not very interesting conversation though [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [859] Probably quite boring actually.
[860] Well it's erm, it's not for the conversation content it's the words.
Deanne (PS0SH) [861] Yeah.
[862] Right.
Sandra (PS0SB) [863] What words are in general usage in which areas.
[864] You know if there's any fixtures.
Deanne (PS0SH) [865] Yeah.
[866] Fixtures.
Sandra (PS0SB) [867] Well I'm doing my bit for er, education and, and ... a bit of posterity. [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [868] Mm.
[869] Yeah! [laugh] [tv/radio playing]
Sandra (PS0SB) [870] I said to her ... my husbands on he should be a bit careful!
Pat (PS0SJ) [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [871] Yeah!
[872] Yeah!
Sandra (PS0SB) [873] Do you think she would have [...] . [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [874] Do they want F words? [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [875] [laugh] ... Oh yeah, they want all words, really ... that we use, you know, naturally.
Pat (PS0SJ) [876] [laugh] ... [...] started yesterday wasn't it?
[877] Ooh look!
[878] Tt!
Sandra (PS0SB) [879] Are you taking anything?
Pat (PS0SJ) [880] Just wanted to know.
Pat (PS0SJ) [881] Who's picking you up?
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [882] Tony's taking her home tomorrow morning.
Deanne (PS0SH) [883] [whispering] Go to tomorrow evening [] .
Pat (PS0SJ) [884] Oh!
[885] Tony's taking her is he?
Deanne (PS0SH) [886] We got two boxes and an armful of
Pat (PS0SJ) [887] You got enough then?
Deanne (PS0SH) [888] bags.
[889] So it's a good job I'm going in with him [laughing] I tell you [] !
Pat (PS0SJ) [890] You're not going as well?
[891] Are you just letting Tony take her?
Sandra (PS0SB) [892] Well, there's not gonna be a lot of space is there?
Pat (PS0SJ) [893] No.
Sandra (PS0SB) [894] He's going home quickly with her ... then, [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [895] He'll be there and back in a couple of hours.
Deanne (PS0SH) [896] Oh yeah!
[897] Easy!
Sandra (PS0SB) [898] Well I could
Deanne (PS0SH) [899] He can just drop me off, you know ... with the stu obviously
Pat (PS0SJ) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [900] unload the stuff into my room and that's it, then I can
Pat (PS0SJ) [901] Oh that's what he will do [...] .
Deanne (PS0SH) [902] Yeah. [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [903] You won't, you won't get much else than that, no.
Deanne (PS0SH) [904] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [905] Just see you to your room
Deanne (PS0SH) [906] I felt
Pat (PS0SJ) [907] and make sure your stuff's in a ... wal walk off and leave you.
Deanne (PS0SH) [908] I'll tell Joe not to bother ... being there then. [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [909] Why, he wanted to see you?
Sandra (PS0SB) [910] Well yes!
[911] He can help carry the blooming stuff up. [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [912] Yeah, but I mean wi , he doesn't know what time we're arriving anyway, but ... he was gonna come and me meet
Pat (PS0SJ) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [913] him but er ... he might not be up in time anyway, cos he's got a lot of work to do and he thinks he might be up all night tonight, in which case, he won't be getting up very early in the morning. [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [914] Did your woolly things fit you, yours, this?
Deanne (PS0SH) [915] Yeah!
[916] Great!
Sandra (PS0SB) [917] Sure?
Deanne (PS0SH) [918] Yeah.
[919] Lovely!
[920] I'm gonna wear one tomorrow when I
Sandra (PS0SB) [921] And your slips ... knicker slips?
Deanne (PS0SH) [922] Yep!
[923] And then there's those.
Sandra (PS0SB) [924] It runs in the family this er ... these eye for a bargain.
Deanne (PS0SH) [925] Oh yeah!
Pat (PS0SJ) [926] Oh yeah!
[927] Definitely.
Deanne (PS0SH) [928] It i it is.
Sandra (PS0SB) [929] Do you she's been shopping Tuesday and Wednesday.
Pat (PS0SJ) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [930] I, I've ... ooh I love bargains!
Sandra (PS0SB) [931] Get them for a last bargain.
Pat (PS0SJ) [932] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [933] Well don't everybody?
Sandra (PS0SB) [934] No.
Deanne (PS0SH) [935] No, not everybody.
[936] ... No, not everybody searches round like a ... and dad's
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [937] mum's a bit like that, she goes to a car boot sale every week now.
Pat (PS0SJ) [938] Does she?
Deanne (PS0SH) [939] Yeah.
[940] She gets all sorts ... from car boot sales.
Pat (PS0SJ) [941] Oh that conservatory this morning, it was ringing wet!
Sandra (PS0SB) [942] Oh no!
Pat (PS0SJ) [943] Er , if you slept in there you'd have had to lay there with umbrella up!
[944] It was just like rain coming down.
[945] And really bad!
Deanne (PS0SH) [946] What condensation?
Sandra (PS0SB) [947] Oh!
[948] Condensation
Pat (PS0SJ) [949] Condensation.
Sandra (PS0SB) [950] from, oh, from the floor drying out and that?
Pat (PS0SJ) [951] Well, we don't know whether it's the floor drying out or not, we thought floor was near enough dried out, but it were just
Sandra (PS0SB) [952] Yeah, [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [953] it were just like rain dripping!
Sandra (PS0SB) [954] Oh my God!
Deanne (PS0SH) [955] Takes ages.
Pat (PS0SJ) [956] I if anybody was [laughing] sleeping in the house like, and people think you are []
Sandra (PS0SB) [957] Yeah it does, it takes a long time.
Pat (PS0SJ) [958] Yeah, dab it round with a
Sandra (PS0SB) [959] Especially, it's the wrong sort of weather int it?
Pat (PS0SJ) [960] a cloth on the end of a broom
Sandra (PS0SB) [961] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [962] for the ceiling see, you know, the ... you know, and dried it all off.
Sandra (PS0SB) [963] Leave one of the little windows open all the time.
Pat (PS0SJ) [964] We have the door open all night, it's still just as bad.
[965] Just as bad as open or closed.
[966] There's a layer of frost inside and ... outside of those windows.
Sandra (PS0SB) [967] Mm.
[968] Course, it's thawing out.
Pat (PS0SJ) [969] I'm hoping it, once it's dried out that'll go down a bit.
Sandra (PS0SB) [970] Once we've had some fine weather
Deanne (PS0SH) [971] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [972] it'll, it'll dry out.
Pat (PS0SJ) [973] But oh, you beauty!
[974] It was
Deanne (PS0SH) [975] I think it'll be right until after er ... the summer really.
Sandra (PS0SB) [976] Sally's was months before she put anything
Pat (PS0SJ) [977] Was she?
Sandra (PS0SB) [978] in it.
[979] ... She was literally months!
[980] And even when she did put furniture in it
Pat (PS0SJ) [981] Was hers built in the winter or summer?
Sandra (PS0SB) [982] A ... spring I think.
Pat (PS0SJ) [983] Spring?
[984] See, mine's winter isn't it?
Deanne (PS0SH) [985] Yeah, so it takes a bit longer
Pat (PS0SJ) [986] It's all piled up
Sandra (PS0SB) [987] I think hers was built early spring I think.
Deanne (PS0SH) [988] Yeah.
[989] But yours'll be
Sandra (PS0SB) [990] And er
Deanne (PS0SH) [991] ready after the summer.
Pat (PS0SJ) [992] I reckon it's gonna be a, a couple of months before I can put any carpet or anything in.
Sandra (PS0SB) [993] She ... well, she had ... to have her tiles ... on the floor of hers.
[994] Cos hers was a very
Pat (PS0SJ) [995] Mm.
Sandra (PS0SB) [996] big one and it took ... ages to dry off, yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [997] And this morning when we, when we went out there it was just
Sandra (PS0SB) [998] She had to leave the floor, they had to walk, that's right, they had to walk on the concrete floor without tiles on for a long time
Pat (PS0SJ) [999] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1000] before she could have the tiles put on cos then it had to be skimmed ... and then the tiles put on.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1001] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1002] But she, you know, it was built for a long time before she got anything in it.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1003] Yeah.
[1004] It's the wardrobe space I'm desperate for, you know.
[1005] ... Doug's getting the wardrobe doors out now and having a look, see where he, what he can sort of do with them.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1006] Was he alright the other day when you ... come round with the Lada and ... then he
Pat (PS0SJ) [1007] Yeah!
Deanne (PS0SH) [1008] said
Pat (PS0SJ) [1009] Yeah he was [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [1010] Yeah, when I saw him once, he came in he said
Pat (PS0SJ) [1011] He come in and, about quarter past three and bought it up didn't he?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1012] Yeah.
[1013] Left the keys here.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1014] Cos Tony said he'd be alright cos he had
Pat (PS0SJ) [1015] Cos he said Dee was gonna
Deanne (PS0SH) [1016] a lot to work, other work to do.
[1017] I said, are you okay?
[1018] And he got no answer.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1019] Yeah.
[1020] He'd ... he'd done it all, he was happy enough then.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1021] Didn't appear to be! [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [1022] Yeah, and I saw
Pat (PS0SJ) [1023] Well
Deanne (PS0SH) [1024] him
Pat (PS0SJ) [1025] Good idea!
Sandra (PS0SB) [1026] Well it seems silly it's ... why don't we sit over there?
[1027] Come in the other room.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1028] That's two Jumbos we need.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1029] Yeah.
[1030] Are you gonna nip and get me some Tunes and
Pat (PS0SJ) [1031] What from Co-op?
Kyle (PS0SC) [1032] I thought I had
Deanne (PS0SH) [1033] Is Tunes all you want?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1034] You can get me another loaf could you?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1035] She got, [...] Jumbos
Sandra (PS0SB) [1036] I'm actually cold.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1037] as well.
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [1038] Oh!
[1039] I was getting them.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1040] Do you want any more paracetamol or anything?
[1041] She needs [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [1042] I've got paracetamol.
[1043] You could get some
Pat (PS0SJ) [1044] Cocodamol
Deanne (PS0SH) [1045] Okay.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1046] Well I was going to go out ... for Jim's [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1047] He wants to go to where?
[1048] Jim's and what?
Deanne (PS0SH) [1049] He just wants to get sweets out of me, that's the thing!
[1050] I can tell!
Kyle (PS0SC) [1051] What?
Deanne (PS0SH) [1052] You want to get something out of it, that's why you want to go.
[1053] Well you wouldn't have got anything anyway.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1054] I've nearly finished those curtains.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1055] I know.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1056] Have you?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1057] And I've just got to make the tie.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1058] So you might as well let me go up Kyle.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1059] [...] ... the tie backs.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1060] Were those things Dee got you, those ... hooks that you want?
Deanne (PS0SH) [1061] Yeah she didn't want them exactly the same, she just wanted it, all all the same
Sandra (PS0SB) [1062] Ah!
[1063] So she was happy with what you'd got?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1064] Oh yeah!
Deanne (PS0SH) [1065] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1066] Any [...] , cos you won't see them cos
Deanne (PS0SH) [1067] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1068] it's one of those curtains they're gonna be behind the
Sandra (PS0SB) [1069] But she wasn't sure whether she ... you know.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1070] No, they were fine.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1071] I thought you could take them back to that Wilko's if they were no good, you know.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1072] No.
[1073] They were fine.
[1074] You got a hole in your sock!
Kyle (PS0SC) [1075] I know.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1076] I know.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1077] He walks around without shoes and slippers on all the time!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1078] Do you like your job?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1079] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1080] Good!
[1081] Happy there?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1082] Mm!
Kyle (PS0SC) [1083] I am bored!
Deanne (PS0SH) [1084] We know.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1085] Oh God!
[1086] Well look at this stuff in, on this chair here!
[1087] You've got, if you're not gonna play with it, put it away.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1088] Do you want a game Kyle?
Kyle (PS0SC) [1089] Yeah!
[1090] Lexir
Deanne (PS0SH) [1091] Elixir.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1092] Elixir!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1093] What's that?
Kyle (PS0SC) [1094] Elixir.
[1095] Why don't we have that then.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1096] A game that you can't play! [laugh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [1097] Elixir or Monopoly.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1098] [...] this afternoon. [laugh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [1099] Dee?
Deanne (PS0SH) [1100] Elixir.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1101] Yeah!
[1102] Give me the easy one!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1103] Where you going, in the other room?
Deanne (PS0SH) [1104] I'm not saying nothing.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1105] No.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1106] In here.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1107] [laughing] [...] the room [] !
[1108] We'll probably sit on here actually.
[1109] No I, if we do it on here rather than on the table it'll be easier won't it?
Kyle (PS0SC) [1110] This is amazing mum! [...] to play games!
Sandra (PS0SB) [1111] Do it on the chair here [...] .
Deanne (PS0SH) [1112] And then I'll move.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1113] I'll go!
[1114] I'll clear up.
[1115] I know when I'm not wanted!
Kyle (PS0SC) [1116] No!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1117] I know when I'm not wanted!
Kyle (PS0SC) [1118] No you're staying here!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1119] You don't want me!
[1120] You don't
Sandra (PS0SB) [1121] Coffee?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1122] love me any more!
Kyle (PS0SC) [1123] Just cos I play on my computer ... and you don't [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1124] You don't wanna kiss me , you don't wanna cuddle me, you just don't want me
Deanne (PS0SH) [1125] So you just [...] .
Pat (PS0SJ) [1126] at all!
[1127] Do you?
Kyle (PS0SC) [1128] Read this!
Sandra (PS0SB) [1129] For goodness
Pat (PS0SJ) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [1130] sake give her cuddle and shut her up!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1131] I thought you could still cuddle.
[1132] Ah!
[1133] That's better.
[1134] That's better.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1135] Okay.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1136] Yeah I do. [cough]
Kyle (PS0SC) [1137] Yeah!
Pat (PS0SJ) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [1138] Not daft is he?
Deanne (PS0SH) [1139] Not really.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1140] I thought I'd saved the cuddles and there weren't any more.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1141] Right, tens play on.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1142] What?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1143] I
Deanne (PS0SH) [1144] Tens
Pat (PS0SJ) [1145] weren't gonna part with them till I got one!
Deanne (PS0SH) [1146] And you to go then.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1147] I see what you mean about sitting in this seat.
[1148] The sun's in your eyes.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1149] Sun's in your eyes.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1150] [laugh] ... I'm not, I just leave out that chair for you sit in it ... so you didn't get the sun in
Kyle (PS0SC) [1151] Er
Sandra (PS0SB) [1152] your eye.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1153] I'll be blue.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1154] Oh I can sit down in it.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1155] You be blue then.
[1156] I'll be red.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1157] Actually
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1158] the sun's [laughing] [...] [] !
Kyle (PS0SC) [1159] Any anybody else playing?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1160] It's only just cooked on the fire.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1161] No, I don't think anybody else is playing now.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1162] The chair's moving!
Kyle (PS0SC) [1163] Mum, do you wanna play?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1164] [laughing] No [] !
Kyle (PS0SC) [1165] Go on!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1166] No, I don't wanna play.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1167] Oh go on!
[1168] Please!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1169] I don't understand
Sandra (PS0SB) [1170] No!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1171] I don't understand it.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1172] Kyle, remember what happened last time she played.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1173] I really don't understand it darling
Kyle (PS0SC) [1174] Mum!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1175] so it's no good me playing.
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [1176] I don't wanna play, no.
[1177] I've got
Deanne (PS0SH) [1178] And this.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1179] I've got too much to do.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1180] I just ... don't understand the game
Kyle (PS0SC) [1181] Eh?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1182] and it just won't go through my thick noddle!
Deanne (PS0SH) [1183] Yes I know.
[1184] [laughing] Don't worry [] !
Pat (PS0SJ) [1185] It just won't. [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [1186] There's not much point asking you.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1187] Have you got pens?
Kyle (PS0SC) [1188] Nope.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1189] I'll write with them.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1190] [...] why not?
Kyle (PS0SC) [1191] Where's the pot?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1192] There's a pen.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1193] I'll be in there alright?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1194] Yep.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1195] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1196] [...] .
[1197] [laughing] I thought he didn't have any sockies on [...] [] .
[1198] With his socks, I know why Doug don't wear them now ... cos er [laughing] feeling really ashamed
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1199] [laughing] to see it [] !
[1200] And I didn't see it cos he put
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1201] I thought, I wonder why he [laughing] don't wear his socks?
[1202] I'll slip them on and put them under my shoes [] .
[1203] But now I know, they're very uncomfortable.
[1204] ... Those socks I got ... Tony at Christmas, were they any good?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1205] Yeah.
[1206] Lovely!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1207] They were Marks and Spencers socks.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1208] Yeah, I just put that down Kyle.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1209] Seconds but , they're still Marks' socks aren't they?
Deanne (PS0SH) [1210] Why didn't you put them away like I told you?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1211] They were alright?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1212] Mm.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1213] Cos I thought they thought seem a bit thin but
Kyle (PS0SC) [1214] Well I [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1215] but I mean
Kyle (PS0SC) [1216] and that was in er
Sandra (PS0SB) [1217] Cotton do don't they?
Kyle (PS0SC) [1218] down there [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [1219] Were they?
Kyle (PS0SC) [1220] Yeah, they got [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1221] I wish I'd bought more of them.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1222] And just sort of like that.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1223] Yeah but
Kyle (PS0SC) [1224] I got another [...] .
Pat (PS0SJ) [1225] you don't do you?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1226] No you don't.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1227] for twenty five pound.
[1228] Do you know how much it is?
Deanne (PS0SH) [1229] Yes I know how much it was Kyle.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1230] That was at that catalogue.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1231] That's why they don't let you have the Walkman.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1232] sale in Thurmaston I got them.
[1233] Er, what do you call it?
[1234] Chain store and catalogue only
Deanne (PS0SH) [1235] It's cos it records.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1236] sale.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1237] Oh!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1238] That's where I got them from.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1239] Oh I've not, I've seen it advertised round
Pat (PS0SJ) [1240] Yes!
Sandra (PS0SB) [1241] here.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1242] They only here once in a blue moon.
[1243] The next time you seen them advertised, go, because ... a lot of the stuff is Marks, Littlewoods and all that.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1244] Where's
Sandra (PS0SB) [1245] Mm!
Deanne (PS0SH) [1246] this?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1247] Those socks that, they were Marks' that Tony had.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1248] Where's this?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1249] It was at Thurmaston that one was.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1250] Oh!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1251] But they were all different halls weren't they?
Deanne (PS0SH) [1252] What is it?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1253] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1254] I it's ca , just called erm ... Chain Store ... and er ... Catalogue over-makes and seconds sale.
[1255] And they just
Deanne (PS0SH) [1256] Ah!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1257] go in a hall somewhere and have it for a day.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1258] Oh right.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1259] And we just happened to see it as were was coming back from Thurmaston we popped in and ... sa granddad got a
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1260] pullover and I got those socks for Tony.
[1261] But there was a lot of stuff in there if you could fit yourself into the ... what they'd got.
[1262] You know
Sandra (PS0SB) [1263] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1264] the sizes.
[1265] They were either very big
Sandra (PS0SB) [1266] Or very small.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1267] or very small.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1268] So I might fit in some of them then.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1269] Yeah,tha that's how it appeared that all the medium-sized stuff ... gone.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1270] Yes.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1271] But if you're very big
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1272] they had ... zip up,ga granddad got one, a zip up ... navy blue ... bomber jacket ... five quid he got that for!
Sandra (PS0SB) [1273] Good God!
Kyle (PS0SC) [1274] Bomber
Pat (PS0SJ) [1275] Yeah!
Kyle (PS0SC) [1276] jacket!
[1277] Eh!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1278] But he's an extra large.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1279] Mm.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1280] And on him it swamps
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1281] [laughing] but it don't matter [] .
[1282] It'll fit Tony a treat.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1283] Can't remember when I had that bomber jacket.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1284] Cos it's ever so big.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1285] You're joking!
Sandra (PS0SB) [1286] What make was that?
Kyle (PS0SC) [1287] It had bomber jackets.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1288] Can't remember.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1289] Not really.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1290] Don't they?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1291] It's not a famous make or anything.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1292] I like them with these [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1293] Some of the things have got famous names ... some haven't.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1294] but just a plain one.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1295] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1296] It's sort of like the socks, they've all got Marks and Spencers on.
[1297] But they're, I don't think they're seconds I think they're over makes.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1298] Mm.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1299] You know what I mean.
[1300] But they're not, they had to stamp up.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1301] No, they [...] .
Pat (PS0SJ) [1302] Yeah.
[1303] But I thought well they ... were made originally for Marks weren't they?
Kyle (PS0SC) [1304] Yeah.
[1305] Yeah.
[1306] This mine?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1307] And they had erm
Kyle (PS0SC) [1308] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1309] ooh they had jumpers, and skirts and ... you know,e everything was in this place, slacks ... coats ... duvets.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1310] Oh.
[1311] I could do with a new duvet for our bed.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1312] Well
Pat (PS0SJ) [1313] Ooh!
[1314] Ooh!
[1315] Ooh!
[1316] Ooh!
[1317] You know where you wanna go?
[1318] You know that new place in ... opposite Lewis's?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1319] Mm.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1320] It's, er it's called
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1321] something disposal place.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1322] Opposite Lewis's?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1323] Yeah.
[1324] Opposite Lewis 's.
[1325] The they've taken over a place, only temporary but they're ... ever so cheap in there!
Sandra (PS0SB) [1326] Bankrupt so sa clothing?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1327] clothes, yeah , yeah.
[1328] It's not called bankrupt clothing, it's called
Deanne (PS0SH) [1329] It was clothing.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1330] It's ... I've pointed it out to you, I've said, it's nearly all linens in there didn't I?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1331] Oh that?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1332] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1333] Oh right!
[1334] I know where you mean.
[1335] Yeah, it's erm
Pat (PS0SJ) [1336] They got all duvets and covers and
Sandra (PS0SB) [1337] Just up from C and A's?
Deanne (PS0SH) [1338] Nightingales it's
Pat (PS0SJ) [1339] Yes.
[1340] Yes.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1341] called.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1342] It's not called Nightingales.
[1343] It's just called ... disposal sales or something.
[1344] It's right, you know where the, the alley goes through into the Haymarket
Deanne (PS0SH) [1345] Where Richard
Sandra (PS0SB) [1346] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1347] used to go up.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1348] It's right on that corner.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1349] Oh!
[1350] We went past it that time and [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1351] Well, there's always a queue in there!
[1352] You go in there
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1353] and look round.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1354] Shall I go first?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1355] You know those
Deanne (PS0SH) [1356] Go on.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1357] door mats, we paid one twenty five for one down
Sandra (PS0SB) [1358] Did you?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1359] Wilkos ... seventy
Kyle (PS0SC) [1360] Er
Pat (PS0SJ) [1361] nine P.
[1362] Oh I saw erm ... er ... er duvets in there
Kyle (PS0SC) [1363] That's my last one.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1364] at half price ... and duvet covers a , all at half price.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1365] What do you want?
[1366] I'll go [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [1367] Is this where you're told to go
Kyle (PS0SC) [1368] No you can't stay in there
Pat (PS0SJ) [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [1369] Ha!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1370] You go in there if you want a duvet
Kyle (PS0SC) [1371] Oh yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1372] anyway, and have a look.
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [1373] Well I can't afford it just yet so I'll have to
Deanne (PS0SH) [1374] Alright.
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1375] When you want , anything in the linen line go in and have a look.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1376] Erm
Pat (PS0SJ) [1377] And go upstairs as well cos they got an upstairs.
[1378] ... Very, very cheap the stuff in there.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1379] Erm
Pat (PS0SJ) [1380] And [...] famous makes
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1381] but that's all seconds.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1382] Don't!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1383] They are pretty little cheekbones!
Sandra (PS0SB) [1384] Oh!
[1385] Mickey!
[1386] [kiss] ... Come on then.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1387] [...] ?
Kyle (PS0SC) [1388] Er yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1389] The sunshine in the conservatory.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1390] No, I'm gonna make a ... and then rescue and it's gonna be in there and get the diamonds out ... [...] . [lots of birds tweeting]
Sandra (PS0SB) [1391] Every time I wanted there you know, just in case she
Pat (PS0SJ) [1392] Oh!
[1393] The pretty things!
Sandra (PS0SB) [1394] hasn't had any done.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1395] Oh they're lovely!
[1396] Yes!
[1397] They're smashing!
Sandra (PS0SB) [1398] I want six so
Pat (PS0SJ) [1399] Ah!
[1400] Only
Sandra (PS0SB) [1401] just six have come in this time [...] ... there's ... can't remember [...] .
Pat (PS0SJ) [1402] Mm.
[1403] I would say so.
[1404] He must be about five and a half you know.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1405] Yes.
[1406] Well we've had a eighteen month old.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1407] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1408] Nearly fo , about four years old when Phyliss died.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1409] How old's [...] ?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1410] Five or six.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1411] Oh he's about ... oh he's with it is he?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1412] Well I dunno then but it's, but he's good health and he looks so
Pat (PS0SJ) [1413] Well a lot of people are in good health and they drop dead don't they? [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [1414] What do you mean, Tony and me are in good health?
[1415] You've got a definitely depressed mind Mrs ! [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [1416] Stevie did it!
Sandra (PS0SB) [1417] Right.
[1418] I know the [...] .
[1419] Aren't you cold?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1420] Ooh it was bitter this morning weren't it?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1421] I said to her
Deanne (PS0SH) [1422] Why did you take the [...] ?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1423] cos I'd got ... the coal n th the fire.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1424] Don't be stupid!
Sandra (PS0SB) [1425] I started shivering and ... Tony went at half four this morning, he's gone to Widnes.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1426] Half four did he?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1427] Yeah.
[1428] He's gone up to [...] ... gone to Widnes ... that way.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1429] Pete's gone with him?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1430] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1431] Both of them.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1432] Both gone up there, yes.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1433] He's not going to work tomorrow now?
[1434] You staying here?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1435] But I should think er
Kyle (PS0SC) [1436] Yeah.
[1437] I'm gonna buy it!
Sandra (PS0SB) [1438] [...] do some erm
Deanne (PS0SH) [1439] You're gonna buy it?
[1440] Right!
Kyle (PS0SC) [1441] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1442] Make your mind up which one you're doing.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1443] Oh I see.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1444] You can't, you've gotta stay there.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1445] But can't you stay here now?
Deanne (PS0SH) [1446] No!
[1447] You do one or the other.
[1448] Look!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1449] That [...] ... you got these ... Abbey National sort it out, thank goodness!
Sandra (PS0SB) [1450] Oh!
[1451] Did you get it
Pat (PS0SJ) [1452] It was bothering me, that's why I wanted her to go up with us
Sandra (PS0SB) [1453] Yeah. [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1454] in case there's any problems we were both together
Deanne (PS0SH) [1455] What's that?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1456] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1457] What?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1458] It was no problem no, but I was there in case.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1459] In case, yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1460] Now i , say it's all this backwards and forwardsing all the time weren't there?
[1461] ... Well, we went and had lunch didn't we darling?
[1462] Did she tell you?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1463] Oh that's right!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1464] Went and had lunch together.
[1465] Ha!
Sandra (PS0SB) [1466] Yeah!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1467] Couple of hours ... erm together ... all on our lonesome.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1468] Yep!
[1469] Here they come.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1470] Six.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1471] First time for years isn't it Dee?
Kyle (PS0SC) [1472] That's what I told her.
[1473] I said it's ages since I've had her all on my own.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1474] Yeah!
Pat (PS0SJ) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1475] Oh!
[1476] That pretty singer!
Kyle (PS0SC) [1477] [...] .
Pat (PS0SJ) [1478] Who's that pretty singer? [birds singing]
Pat (PS0SJ) [laugh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [1479] Show me.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1480] Yeah, he says, I am. [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [1481] His whole body vibrates when he sings [laughing] don't it [] ?
Kyle (PS0SC) [1482] I know [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1483] It sa , come from the tip of his tail though.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1484] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1485] Yeah!
[1486] Pretty boy there!
Kyle (PS0SC) [1487] Private.
[1488] You have to pay this straight away don't you?
Deanne (PS0SH) [1489] Yeah.
[1490] You can keep it ... ain't allowed to use it. [laugh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [1491] I think, once they get pa paid off straight away.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1492] No.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1493] What?
Deanne (PS0SH) [1494] I don't think so.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1495] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1496] You have to pay it straight away.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1497] Oh do you?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1498] You have to pay for it.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1499] Oh right!
Sandra (PS0SB) [1500] And once you pay it
Deanne (PS0SH) [1501] I'll put it back.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1502] I'll [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [1503] You have to pay for it and then you can use it when you want to.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1504] Okay.
[1505] ... You can use
Deanne (PS0SH) [1506] I want that though. [laugh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1507] In that shop ... that I've just told you about, there was, they had square rugs ... sometimes a bit about twenty six, twenty seven quid.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1508] Oh that's good.
[1509] Any bigger ones in there?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1510] Yeah.
[1511] Bigger than this.
[1512] I want a big one for the dining room.
[1513] It was bigger than this and they, they were about thirty, thirty five.
[1514] They
Sandra (PS0SB) [1515] Oh!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1516] varied as to what your
Sandra (PS0SB) [1517] I want one in cream and ... blue.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1518] But they had them like this and they were square and oblong.
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1519] But there was various ... I think about sa sa sa sa sa , eight or nineteen upwards to about thirty odd.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1520] Oh I'll go and have a look.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1521] But it leaves
Pat (PS0SJ) [1522] I just want one
Sandra (PS0SB) [1523] But
Pat (PS0SJ) [1524] just to go under the [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [1525] Apparently , oh no you can't get
Pat (PS0SJ) [1526] They've gotta have, [...] tell you ... they take disposable goods in.
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [1527] Yeah but you're going in and so they get your [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [1528] you know what I mean.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1529] But one woman, I saw her grab one ... it was greyish ... and sh she got it under her arm and [laughing] she weren't gonna let it go for anybody, you know [] !
Deanne (PS0SH) [...] [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1530] [laughing] She's not gonna let go of it [] !
Deanne (PS0SH) [1531] It's you on one of these right.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1532] Oh that's a nice carpet.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1533] So really just one
Pat (PS0SJ) [1534] She said [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [1535] so if you get to the shop ... you shouldn't be able to buy them from unless you took
Sandra (PS0SB) [1536] Chinese rugs like that?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1537] Yeah, but she hung on like blue death!
Sandra (PS0SB) [1538] Yeah.
[1539] That one was eighty odd.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1540] Yeah I know!
[1541] I said you paid a lot for it that's
Sandra (PS0SB) [1542] I'm not paying that for them now I'd pay
Pat (PS0SJ) [1543] why I made him tell you.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1544] Mum!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1545] And that was erm ... I need
Deanne (PS0SH) [1546] Don't
Pat (PS0SJ) [1547] a carpet for ... you know, pop up the ends like.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1548] Wait until the next time you choose.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1549] You go in there and have a look, but apparently you keep
Deanne (PS0SH) [1550] Stay in there.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1551] going in till you find
Kyle (PS0SC) [1552] Are you gonna stay in there?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1553] Yeah, but we never go by very often down there
Kyle (PS0SC) [1554] That's it.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1555] do we?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1556] Just go and have a look
Deanne (PS0SH) [1557] Did you buy them?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1558] at some carpets.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1559] Oh no.
[1560] You bought [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1561] [...] bargains you'll get it.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1562] Oh no.
[1563] I'll stay in there.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1564] And those poles across with the [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [1565] Money!
[1566] Money!
[1567] Money!
[1568] Money!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1569] we got them in there.
[1570] Hall width is
Kyle (PS0SC) [1571] I
Pat (PS0SJ) [1572] the same as the side cupboards.
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [1573] I know.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1574] Cheap isn't it?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1575] Mm! [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1576] I'd like one of them for the landing.
[1577] And you know er ... you have a pole and then
Sandra (PS0SB) [1578] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1579] you have like a scrag of material ... over it?
Kyle (PS0SC) [1580] Oi!
[1581] Ee!
Sandra (PS0SB) [1582] Oh I know what you mean, yeah.
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [1583] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1584] Hey?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1585] You're on my [...] .
Pat (PS0SJ) [1586] And they've got ... roller blinds with the er
Kyle (PS0SC) [1587] That's been done.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1588] well [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [1589] No.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1590] and they're very well done.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1591] No , they're cheap.
[1592] We buy them for
Pat (PS0SJ) [1593] They were er five, six pounds.
[1594] Dunno what size you want.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1595] Erm
Pat (PS0SJ) [1596] They were upstairs.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1597] I erm
Pat (PS0SJ) [1598] You see, I could have got all the roller blinds ... to fit that conservatory.
[1599] I'd have got them for five or six quid a window
Sandra (PS0SB) [1600] Oh!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1601] but not cheap.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1602] And that's what Lin's got, roller blinds.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1603] It's not she's got ... long venetian in the conservatory. [tv on]
Sandra (PS0SB) [1604] Has she?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1605] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1606] I thought she had roller blinds.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1607] No.
[1608] In fact, they showed me at the back, she's got ... the vertical
Deanne (PS0SH) [1609] Erm
Kyle (PS0SC) [1610] Dee.
[1611] Dee, if you land on any my yellow squares
Sandra (PS0SB) [1612] Is that one colour you've quoted or or you
Pat (PS0SJ) [1613] No he do , well he he came while we were
Kyle (PS0SC) [1614] You could do er
Pat (PS0SJ) [1615] we sat there waiting till twenty five [...] before we went out, he didn't turn up.
[1616] When we come back there was a card in the door to say he'd been.
[1617] So, when I got
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1618] No.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1619] You don't have to
Pat (PS0SJ) [1620] during the afternoon, I rang up again and said that, you know
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1621] I waited till, about twenty past eleven
Kyle (PS0SC) [1622] Do you want the [...] ?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1623] and you hadn't come.
[1624] Cos he said he was coming between ten
Deanne (PS0SH) [1625] What?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1626] and eleven
Kyle (PS0SC) [1627] Got a piece, I'm staying there.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1628] Right.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1629] Coming back since, I got the wrong [...] ! [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [1630] The card was in the door, and you rang him up ... anyway
Pat (PS0SJ) [1631] So I rang up, and I asked the ... cos we'd been [...] .
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1632] And I said would they pass me over to [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [1633] So we really we [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1634] I'm competing against the bird and the telly!
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1635] That's what sending my head funny!
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1636] And er, she said she'd pass the message on.
[1637] Anyway, he rang himself before he got the message to say he
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1638] didn't turn up till quarter to twelve ... and he's coming again Tuesday afternoon now between two and three.
[1639] And then he got the message last night, the same, it's me again!
[1640] [laughing] So he rung up again [] !
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1641] You see he's ... he hadn't got, you know, got it
Deanne (PS0SH) [1642] Wait a minute!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1643] right the first time.
[1644] So anyway, he's coming on Tuesday afternoon.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1645] Nowhere near finished yet!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1646] It's Nottingham he's ... comes from.
[1647] Cos we're the [...] end.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1648] Oh. [birds tweeting]
Deanne (PS0SH) [1649] Right.
[1650] I've gotta find the potion yet haven't I?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1651] We haven't had any sun for ages!
Deanne (PS0SH) [1652] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1653] You know, with the bad weather we've been having.
[1654] We haven't seen good sunshine.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1655] It's , it's your er
Deanne (PS0SH) [1656] Kyle.
[1657] It doesn't really matter!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1658] Stick him outside the back door it'll [laughing] silence him [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1659] Poor little devil!
Kyle (PS0SC) [1660] Right.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1661] Yeah, what is she saying?
[1662] Isn't she cruel!
[1663] Ah!
[1664] Isn't that cruel!
Sandra (PS0SB) [1665] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1666] [sighing] Erm [] ... right.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1667] Come on then. [kiss]
Deanne (PS0SH) [1668] Alright.
[1669] I'm moving.
[1670] ... No I'm not, I'm staying there.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1671] I'm gonna go, one, two, three, four.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1672] Total stranger.
[1673] ... Don't bend the cards.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1674] Alright, so ... can I have the dice?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1675] There was some, er bathroom or ... toilet, they got a big [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [1676] Yeah it must have been!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1677] one pound twenty five.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1678] Two.
[1679] Can I make this?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1680] You know, a big drum of toffee coloured mincemeat, one twenty
Deanne (PS0SH) [1681] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1682] five.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1683] Eh?
[1684] What?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1685] Big bag of peanuts.
[1686] Are you got mincemeat?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1687] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1688] [laughing] Oh that'll be good [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [1689] I only [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [1690] Erm
Sandra (PS0SB) [1691] and ... hearts and things.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1692] Right, I'll stay there.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1693] Your go?
Deanne (PS0SH) [1694] Mhm.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1695] One, two
Pat (PS0SJ) [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [1696] Right, I'll go
Pat (PS0SJ) [1697] Ooh!
Sandra (PS0SB) [1698] There's something wrong with [...] !
Pat (PS0SJ) [1699] [laugh] ... Well, the more you talk the more he whistles
Sandra (PS0SB) [1700] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1701] have you noticed?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1702] Yes.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1703] And,pa , he he's competing with you all the time.
[1704] And he thinks I'm another canary [laughing] you see [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1705] Oh yes, he's very alert. [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [1706] Yeah I will [...] .
Pat (PS0SJ) [laugh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [1707] Is he a big one and a canary?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1708] Oh you've frightened him, look!
Deanne (PS0SH) [1709] Tt!
[1710] Kyle!
[1711] Out!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1712] Dad'll come down ... Monday morning
Deanne (PS0SH) [1713] You get off.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1714] about eightish as normal.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1715] I love [...] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [1716] No you don't.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1717] Goes to [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [1718] Stay there.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1719] Right.
[1720] I shouldn't have brought that actually, so I'll ... just not do anything this go.
[1721] It's your go again Kyle, what you doing?
Kyle (PS0SC) [1722] Erm ... staying there. [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [1723] Right.
[1724] Surprisingly enough!
[1725] Considering you've got no [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1726] Did she get through to this Danny eventually?
[1727] Cos you was having trouble weren't you?
Deanne (PS0SH) [1728] Yeah.
[1729] Erm, what had happened was, the phone was off the hook.
[1730] He phoned me.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1731] Ah!
[1732] I see.
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh] ... [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1733] She put sixty P in and lost it
Sandra (PS0SB) [1734] Ah!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1735] did she tell
Deanne (PS0SH) [1736] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1737] you?
Deanne (PS0SH) [1738] Yeah, it's on the phone bill now. [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1739] And then credited your phone bill with it.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1740] Probably spent it [laughing] again now [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [1741] The amount of times you've rung him this week!
[1742] You know, it's only ... [laughing] a small proportion of what it costs [] !
Deanne (PS0SH) [1743] Well I'll be gone after this week [laughing] and then I won't need to ring at all so []
Sandra (PS0SB) [1744] Thank God for that!
Deanne (PS0SH) [1745] [laugh] ... [laughing] Then you'll be phoning me at Birmingham instead [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [1746] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1747] [laugh] ... But at least it's cheaper to Birmingham I think.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1748] No it's not at all different is it?
Deanne (PS0SH) [1749] What reduced
Sandra (PS0SB) [1750] Birmingham.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1751] if it is.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1752] Oh if it's a thirty five mile radius
Pat (PS0SJ) [1753] It's meant, it's a lower rate , it's, it's the lowe , it's betwe , in the mileage rates, it's the lowest rate I think you'll find ... of mileage.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1754] It's ... and not only that, it's also a direct line, cos main cities have direct lines or something
Sandra (PS0SB) [1755] Oh!
Deanne (PS0SH) [1756] and it's cheaper for that.
[1757] Whereas Bolton is just outside Manchester so ... it
Sandra (PS0SB) [1758] Well, you know erm
Deanne (PS0SH) [1759] it's
Sandra (PS0SB) [1760] Reg er er
Deanne (PS0SH) [1761] along that
Sandra (PS0SB) [1762] that's where they've moved to is near Bolton.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1763] Or in Bolton.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1764] Yeah.
[1765] It is Bolton.
[1766] Yeah, it is Bolton where they've gone.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1767] Yeah, they're actually in
Pat (PS0SJ) [1768] Oh!
Deanne (PS0SH) [1769] Edgeworth
Pat (PS0SJ) [1770] Erm ... trying to think, Kersley ... Ker Ker , what is it?
[1771] Kersley Oh I've got .
[1772] I'll have to look up their address, but it is Bolton where they've
Sandra (PS0SB) [1773] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1774] gone.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1775] Yeah.
[1776] They're, he's a he actually lives in Edgeworth .
[1777] Right
Sandra (PS0SB) [1778] Er
Deanne (PS0SH) [1779] my go.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1780] I hope I've ... got some work coming up Tavistock and Devon.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1781] Have you?
[1782] Oh.
[1783] [laughing] Bully for them!
[1784] I ju , you're not sending me to do it!
[1785] That's a certainty [] !
Deanne (PS0SH) [1786] Come on then.
[1787] Kyle!
[1788] You're playing with those!
Sandra (PS0SB) [1789] I was just thinking it would be quite convenient wouldn't it?
[1790] You know, to
Deanne (PS0SH) [sigh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [1791] Right.
[1792] Can I
Sandra (PS0SB) [1793] for , you know
Kyle (PS0SC) [1794] have the ... no not playing with
Sandra (PS0SB) [1795] if dad's going to [...] or something or drove something down
Pat (PS0SJ) [1796] Oh he would, yeah!
[1797] He could go and see his mother.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1798] Oh yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1799] Go and see his mother.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1800] That's what I was thinking.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1801] If they wanted to.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1802] Or if they were going for a day then I might go down and
Deanne (PS0SH) [1803] Your go. [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1804] As long as you don't ask me to go [laughing] that's all that matters [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [1805] Okay mother.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1806] Cos I just don't want to go to Devon.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1807] You see you've gotta go virtually through Bob and Tracey's, Bob and Tracey, or past Bob and Tracey to get to
Pat (PS0SJ) [1808] Alright.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1809] Tavistock.
[1810] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1811] Yes.
[1812] I know.
[1813] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1814] That main A road's [...] ... it's to Tavistock.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1815] Is it?
[1816] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1817] One, two, three, four.
[1818] Your go.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1819] Mm.
[1820] Yeah.
[1821] Well, your welcome
Kyle (PS0SC) [1822] Can I go
Pat (PS0SJ) [1823] [laughing] to it [] !
Kyle (PS0SC) [1824] on there?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1825] Oh that could just be a possibility as I thought ... send dad on a delivery down there.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1826] Really, if he wanted to.
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1827] Yeah.
[1828] He wouldn't mind at all.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1829] And then do it on the first time well if he wanted, he don't have to go.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1830] [laughing] As long as you don't ask me to go with him, I don't care [] !
Kyle (PS0SC) [1831] Can I go?
Deanne (PS0SH) [1832] Mhm.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1833] Can I have a ... no, I'm going to have the
Sandra (PS0SB) [1834] Does he normally drive in the lorry [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [1835] Right.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1836] No.
[1837] He's quite happy to [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [1838] I'll actually go round there.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1839] he's definitely made it his own [laughing] that lorry [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [1840] Well yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1841] He's, he rang up and he said, when he come home ... er to tell John
Deanne (PS0SH) [1842] Sorry about this.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1843] to turn the van round and put the notice up along the wall
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1844] and lock it up, make sure it's safe.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1845] Right.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1846] And make sure the nose it to wall be , so you, so it's [laughing] alright for him the next morning, you know [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [1847] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1848] [laughing] Oh dear [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [1849] That was [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [1850] I had to laugh when he rung up Anita from home, he says ... hello gorgeous it's me!
[1851] I thought, oh God!
[1852] [laugh] ... . [laughing] To Anita [] !
Deanne (PS0SH) [1853] Go on then, let's have it.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1854] He always calls erm ... gorgeous.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1855] Yes.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1856] I thought, I hope she knows who he's talking [laughing] to [] !
Kyle (PS0SC) [1857] This is the nearest.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1858] Yeah, gorgeous is really one of these
Kyle (PS0SC) [1859] Also erm
Sandra (PS0SB) [1860] sort of
Kyle (PS0SC) [1861] There.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1862] Right.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1863] I bought this.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1864] He quite likes her actually.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1865] Yeah.
[1866] She does him
Kyle (PS0SC) [1867] Okay?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1868] as well, I think.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1869] But he does quite like her, genuine.
[1870] And he likes Peter as well.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1871] Mm.
[1872] Peter's a very likeable fellow.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1873] And he says he quites like ... quite, he he said he quites likes them all really, you know.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1874] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1875] But he says I gets on like quite well with Peter and
Sandra (PS0SB) [1876] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1877] My go?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1878] Anita.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1879] Ah ah!
Sandra (PS0SB) [1880] They think a lot of him, you know.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1881] Don't know why, [laughing] I'm sure [] !
Deanne (PS0SH) [1882] Oh no.
[1883] I think, I can't remember.
[1884] You keep moving ahead a bit Kyle.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1885] He's not the same when he's at work.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1886] No, possibly not.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1887] You know when I go and pick him up?
Deanne (PS0SH) [1888] [...] it's my go because I took this card.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1889] They all start yelling out, why don't you chauffeur me?
[1890] An , and taxi here and
Kyle (PS0SC) [1891] Can I take this one?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1892] They all say goodbye to him as we're going out the door.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1893] [laugh] ... [laughing] Perhaps he don't moan as much there as he does at home [] !
Kyle (PS0SC) [1894] I can't move.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1895] He's just ... one of the lads.
[1896] You know, they
Pat (PS0SJ) [1897] I think to myself, they must be sick and tired of hearing him moan!
Deanne (PS0SH) [1898] But er, I'll buy a diamond.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1899] Can I go?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1900] Perhaps he don't do it in
Deanne (PS0SH) [1901] Your go now.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1902] I'm borrowing.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1903] Things he says
Deanne (PS0SH) [1904] Right.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1905] to me, I think God I bet he's been
Deanne (PS0SH) [1906] Which one's are you borrowing Kyle?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1907] driving them all up the pole [laughing] you know [] !
Kyle (PS0SC) [1908] Er ... Z [...] and [...] .
Deanne (PS0SH) [1909] Which ... gem?
[1910] Have you only got one sort?
Kyle (PS0SC) [1911] Diamond.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1912] But he comes home
Deanne (PS0SH) [1913] Diamond with it?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1914] two, three o'clock
Deanne (PS0SH) [1915] So, [...] .
Pat (PS0SJ) [1916] most days, you know.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1917] See right.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1918] Unless you're picking up and then it's four.
[1919] Other than that, he comes home
Deanne (PS0SH) [1920] Yeah.
[1921] Okay, you've
Kyle (PS0SC) [1922] What erm
Deanne (PS0SH) [1923] succeeded!
Kyle (PS0SC) [1924] Er, seaweed
Pat (PS0SJ) [1925] Just trying to think, yesterday come round
Kyle (PS0SC) [1926] and ivory [...] .
Pat (PS0SJ) [1927] ooh no!
[1928] It was about
Deanne (PS0SH) [1929] Mhm.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1930] quarter to four when he come home
Deanne (PS0SH) [1931] Seaweed.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1932] ten to four yesterday.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1933] Erm, buy eight
Pat (PS0SJ) [1934] Just trying to
Deanne (PS0SH) [1935] seaweed.
[1936] There we go Kyle.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1937] Yeah, he must have worked till half past three last night.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1938] Kyle, put it back down.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1939] Er, which is quite late [laughing] [...] [] ?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1940] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1941] Get the potion card out.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1942] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1943] He only averages about twenty five, thirty hours a week really.
[1944] Not a lot really.
[1945] Your dad doesn't he he
Sandra (PS0SB) [1946] He does, he was , he was doing about forty five weren't he?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1947] He's never done forty five.
[1948] But you keep
Deanne (PS0SH) [1949] Press that.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1950] saying it, but he's never
Sandra (PS0SB) [1951] Where did I get forty five from then?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1952] He's never once done forty five hours.
[1953] I don't know where you get that
Deanne (PS0SH) [1954] No
Pat (PS0SJ) [1955] from.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1956] don't show me what you think of your cards.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1957] Well I've worked it out because of the
Kyle (PS0SC) [1958] What?
Sandra (PS0SB) [1959] hours he was working er from th ... starting at eight in the morning.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1960] He's never ever done above thirty five.
[1961] Honestly!
[1962] Ever!
[1963] Not once ... gone above thirty five.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1964] Oh right.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1965] That's the maximum he's ever done.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1966] And I suppose what I was thinking was that when he's worked till five or six he was doing it every day, but he hasn't.
[1967] When he's worked till five or six he will then
Deanne (PS0SH) [1968] Four.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1969] have a half day.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1970] He's had a day off or summat but, you know, but
Sandra (PS0SB) [1971] Oh.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1972] he's never ever done above thirty five.
[1973] Ever!
[1974] Not once.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1975] Oh!
Pat (PS0SJ) [1976] Honestly.
[1977] I dunno where you got the forty five from!
Sandra (PS0SB) [1978] Well, it was just me working it out.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1979] But now

7 (Tape 050003)

Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [1980] I had a little pair of white ankle socks and can I find them?
[1981] That's why I've ended up
Kyle (PS0SC) [1982] For you, it's er
Pat (PS0SJ) [1983] putting dad's on.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1984] cos you erm
Deanne (PS0SH) [1985] Because what?
Pat (PS0SJ) [1986] Er these I got
Kyle (PS0SC) [1987] Oh.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1988] on.
Sandra (PS0SB) [1989] I see.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1990] It's lucky.
[1991] I didn't
Deanne (PS0SH) [1992] Four.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1993] know anything.
Kyle (PS0SC) [1994] I'm just picking up the [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [1995] Just presuming.
Deanne (PS0SH) [1996] Mm.
Pat (PS0SJ) [1997] Oh!
Kyle (PS0SC) [1998] Is it my go?
Deanne (PS0SH) [1999] Did you find any cards [...] remember?
Pat (PS0SJ) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [2000] No.
[2001] They all went rotten and soft.
[2002] They don't
Kyle (PS0SC) [2003] They're er
Sandra (PS0SB) [2004] keep those apples on our
Kyle (PS0SC) [2005] It's your go.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2006] tree.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2007] Two, three, four.
[2008] Yep.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2009] I got the first one ... except for this one.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2010] There's hardly any others.
[2011] The first one [...] .
[2012] ... Erm ... right.
[2013] I'm back again.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2014] My go?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2015] Your go.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2016] Er ... I'll give you Kitty the cat burglar.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2017] Those [...] were ever so nice that they got weren't they? [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [2018] I've already paid you, so
Pat (PS0SJ) [2019] Do you think she's coming?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2020] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2021] I feel really sorry for her, yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2022] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2023] Really pretty!
[2024] Yeah.
[2025] Before [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [2026] No, [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2027] Right.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2028] Stay there Kitty!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2029] No stockings.
[2030] No slips. [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [2031] Er th , have I got to have my go now?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2032] Erm ... that was your go wasn't it?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2033] So I just use this thing you've got?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2034] It doesn't say.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2035] Stranger.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2036] What's what?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2037] Erm
Deanne (PS0SH) [2038] I got another fire.
[2039] But I mean [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [2040] The [...] gonna be
Deanne (PS0SH) [2041] What about.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2042] red then.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2043] No!
[2044] Kyle, wait a minute!
Kyle (PS0SC) [2045] Perhaps I haven't got any.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2046] Where are they?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2047] What?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2048] Where were they?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2049] In my lap.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2050] Is that coke?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2051] Can't use coal so
Pat (PS0SJ) [2052] So
Kyle (PS0SC) [2053] What?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2054] You play at any time yo , during another pers , another player's
Kyle (PS0SC) [2055] Oh!
[2056] So I should take that back?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2057] No.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2058] Oh! [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2059] It's a, ee that goes [...] .
Kyle (PS0SC) [2060] Okay.
[2061] Ee ... er ... you're not going
Pat (PS0SJ) [2062] Have you seen my curtains?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2063] Oh yeah!
[2064] They look good actually.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2065] Just going to make some plaited tie backs, you know to
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [2066] hold them back.
[2067] I was gonna get the drill out again for the
Deanne (PS0SH) [2068] Any one.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2069] holes for those hooks.
[2070] [laughing] [...] [] . I could have made a job
Sandra (PS0SB) [2071] Alright there?
Pat (PS0SJ) [2072] of it on my knees.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2073] No he's ... saying he wants to go upstairs. [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [singing] [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [2074] Do you think we've got to take the [...] ?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2075] [...] [] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [2076] Oh yeah!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2077] Do you wanna take it?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2078] She could take it back with her couldn't she?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2079] [...] what?
[2080] And have you got the next one right?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2081] Yeah.
[2082] [...] ... do I ... look right to there, right there and then it's
Deanne (PS0SH) [2083] What did you get it or something?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2084] What?
[2085] ... Oh right!
[2086] I'd forgotten what it was.
[2087] Sorry!
Deanne (PS0SH) [2088] Yes I su suppose so.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2089] Terrific [...] .
[2090] ... Round a bit.
[2091] Alright?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2092] I'm not saying anything Kyle!
[2093] You're not supposed to tell anyone what you got.
[2094] Right!
[2095] I've gotta write it down so what [...] with that?
[2096] ... Kyle?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2097] What?
[2098] I can't see
Deanne (PS0SH) [2099] Well go on then.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2100] through it, can I?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2101] No, but you're just looking at the pen.
[2102] ... Bloody pen won't work!
Kyle (PS0SC) [2103] Mm.
[2104] It's only red pen we got.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2105] No, it's cos this ... it's not flat ... surface.
[2106] Your go.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2107] Okay.
[2108] My go?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2109] Mhm.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2110] I'm going to have
Pat (PS0SJ) [2111] Ooh!
[2112] Did you want any books?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2113] Yeah.
[2114] I'll stay high I think.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2115] A what?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2116] I've got there.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2117] Gold.
[2118] Right.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2119] But not allowed ... on his own.
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [humming]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2120] Right, erm
Kyle (PS0SC) [humming]
Sandra (PS0SB) [2121] Do you want those chocolates [...] ?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2122] I'll stay
Pat (PS0SJ) [2123] What?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2124] there.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2125] Do want some more chocolate?
Pat (PS0SJ) [2126] Yes please.
[2127] Oh!
Kyle (PS0SC) [2128] I'm
Pat (PS0SJ) [2129] Who's done it?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2130] buying
Sandra (PS0SB) [2131] Nobody.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2132] [...] .
Deanne (PS0SH) [2133] Let's have a look.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2134] Stay there.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2135] Alright.
[2136] Stay here.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2137] One, two, three, four.
[2138] ... That's ... is here okay?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2139] If it's easier or whatever.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2140] Int you having anything else from A Avon?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2141] I don't know now.
Kyle (PS0SC) [...] [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [2142] You'll have to wait till half past.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2143] So they've been about being erm
Pat (PS0SJ) [2144] Oh yeah.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2145] blue.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2146] I keep buying after I go at half past they [...] half a dozen [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2147] Two, three, four.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2148] Oh!
[2149] Good grief!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2150] And they come
Kyle (PS0SC) [2151] [...] ?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2152] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2153] I'll have to check, I don't know how many I've got in there, I don't look.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2154] I'm going to go
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [2155] No, that's the trouble
Kyle (PS0SC) [2156] Six.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2157] when you want it, it's not
Deanne (PS0SH) [2158] Er that's ... right.
[2159] One, two, three, four.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2160] Is this the new one that's just come then?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2161] [laughing] Yeah [] .
Kyle (PS0SC) [2162] Well Dee is, very, very good!
[2163] So anyway, it's erm
Deanne (PS0SH) [2164] Yeah it makes no difference anyway, it's three isn't it?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2165] Three.
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [2166] Ah Dee!
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [2167] It's not fair!
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [2168] Mum!
[2169] Dee's won.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2170] You should have presumed that you'd get it.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2171] I thought this had got it. [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2172] You were doing it to me.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2173] water.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2174] I've never done it to you!
[2175] When have I nicked your potion?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2176] Oh well, it's not yours it's everybody's. [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [2177] Er Kyle ... I seem to record you nicking mine very frequently young man!
Deanne (PS0SH) [2178] [laugh] Exactly!
[2179] He does try to.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2180] I've got an idea I've read that but I can't be sure.
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2181] I've not read it.
[2182] It's your go Kyle.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2183] Yeah, but I didn't think you were allowed to steal it.
[2184] Dee Dee.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2185] [laughing] Yes she did [] .
Kyle (PS0SC) [2186] I haven't [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2187] It's just that she didn't succeed.
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2188] Right, it's your go.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2189] I'll take it.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2190] Kyle.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2191] I'm going to go up to there so
Pat (PS0SJ) [2192] I've got a good idea I might have read it.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2193] Oh right.
[2194] Well if you have [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [2195] If I find out I'll give it you back.
[2196] But I'm not sure.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2197] Right.
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2198] Right.
[2199] Yeah.
[2200] It's difficult to use but er, it's possible.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2201] It's possible.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2202] Mm!
Sandra (PS0SB) [2203] Hiccups.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2204] Oh.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2205] I've got hiccups.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2206] Oh right.
[2207] I'll just go
Deanne (PS0SH) [2208] That's alright you could o , you should have [...] for ten if he's got he right erm ... card.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2209] Yep.
[2210] One ... two.
[2211] ... Oh the [...] gone here.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2212] Yeah.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2213] Blue's one
Sandra (PS0SB) [2214] Dee.
[2215] Just thought, you know you wanted stamps
Deanne (PS0SH) [2216] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2217] the post office shuts at one down there.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2218] You can get books of stamps from anywhere.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2219] Oh yeah!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2220] Jim's got books of stamps.
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2221] Yeah, they got them everywhere.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2222] Yeah I know.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2223] I say, Jim's will have them.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2224] Quite handy actually ha ... bringing out those books of stamps.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2225] Yeah that's
Kyle (PS0SC) [2226] I've seen it.
[2227] Right, your go.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2228] You did put it at the bottom didn't you Kyle?
[2229] ... Yeah.
[2230] Because, well otherwise I will know.
Kyle (PS0SC) [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2231] Right.
[2232] I'm staying there.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2233] Staying there?
[2234] Yo , oh.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2235] Are you staying there?
[2236] You got take a strange card as well.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2237] Yeah I, know.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2238] What?
[2239] What?
[2240] Dice.
[2241] Right!
[2242] Why didn't you say so then instead of
Kyle (PS0SC) [2243] Isn't it obvious?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2244] Not really.
[2245] It looks like you've gone mad Kyle!
[2246] That's a point, erm ... first person I've ever known to be bored with [...] last night ... at the [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [2247] Mm?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2248] Yeah.
[2249] He got drunk.
[2250] He's ... he must be mentally retarded or something.
[2251] He comes in and goes round talking to anyone and everybody and everybody hates him.
[2252] He starts singing and
Sandra (PS0SB) [2253] Elderly chap?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2254] No!
[2255] Not tha , not that elderly.
[2256] Wears glasses, and he looks a real idiot!
[2257] [laugh] ... Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2258] That's cheap innit?
[2259] Four seventy five?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2260] Yes it is, int it?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2261] Mm.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2262] Thin face?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2263] Yeah.
[2264] No, I'm not sure actually.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2265] Walks with a limp?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2266] Not that I've noticed.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2267] He's got a glass eye and a wooden leg!
Deanne (PS0SH) [2268] [laugh] ... Fine! [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [2269] Yes mother!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2270] He used to chew the ge ... fat for our geese.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2271] Yes gran!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2272] Very proudly he does that. [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2273] What did he get [...] ?
[2274] Did you get, oh alright.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2275] Are you talking loads of money?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2276] Mm.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2277] Oh we got a free joke as well!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2278] You know what I'm trying to do don't you?
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [2279] [...] !
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [2280] Erm ... and suddenly my name's red not blue.
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [2281] Mum!
[2282] Tell her off!
Sandra (PS0SB) [2283] You get three bottles, three full bo bottles.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2284] Yeah.
[2285] I were just looking at this.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2286] And I'm staying there.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2287] If you buy one of these?
[2288] You get one
Sandra (PS0SB) [2289] Oh well any ... any of those pages ... forty to fifty.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2290] How big?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2291] Oh I dunno.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2292] You're staying there are you?
[2293] You gotta pay three to get out of there you know.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2294] Oh!
[2295] Sample.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2296] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2297] Free sample.
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [2298] It's not a big bottle.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2299] Oh no, it's only a little one.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2300] No.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2301] Right!
[2302] [sighing] Erm [] ... Oh I don't need to go the damn shop now.
[2303] One, two, three, four.
[2304] ... Right.
[2305] Yeah, succeeds
Kyle (PS0SC) [2306] Yeah!
[2307] Ca , give me!
[2308] Give me!
[2309] Give me!
[2310] Give me!
[2311] Give me!
[2312] Give me!
[2313] Give me!
[2314] Give me!
Deanne (PS0SH) [2315] You're not gonna [...] out yet Kyle.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2316] What?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2317] You can't get out till next go though.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2318] [mimics crying]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2319] You can't Kyle!
[2320] You either receive on gold or you move.
[2321] And you can't move so you got to receive on gold in which case you've gotta wait till next go before you can move.
[2322] One, two, three, four. [laugh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [moan]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2323] [laughing] Doesn't like it when he loses does he [] ?
[2324] He's not lost, I wouldn't mind!
Kyle (PS0SC) [2325] Don't like you! [raspberry] ... [raspberry]
Sandra (PS0SB) [2326] Er!
[2327] Stop!
Kyle (PS0SC) [2328] One, two, three, four.
[2329] ... Skint!
Deanne (PS0SH) [2330] Yes Kyle.
Kyle (PS0SC) [raspberry]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2331] You don't have to talk like a baby!
Sandra (PS0SB) [2332] Kyle!
[2333] Stop making that noise I don't like it!
Deanne (PS0SH) [2334] One, two, three, four.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2335] See you can't use any of mine!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2336] I thought they were quite like [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2337] Don't want to.
Pat (PS0SJ) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [2338] Mm!
Kyle (PS0SC) [2339] Don't like you!
Deanne (PS0SH) [2340] One , two, three, four.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2341] And only silver plated.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2342] Yeah, and gold plated.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2343] Oh!
[2344] Gold plate [...] .
Kyle (PS0SC) [2345] Erm
Deanne (PS0SH) [2346] Er, what shall I go?
[2347] ... Kyle!
[2348] What are you doing?
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [2349] [yawning] Oh dear [] !
Deanne (PS0SH) [2350] Kyle, you're not there yet!
[2351] Go back!
[2352] If you're gonna be silly I'm not playing!
[2353] ... And you don't take a strange card in the blind alley.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2354] Don't want that one.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2355] Don't you?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2356] No.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2357] I suppose I mi ... there.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2358] Your go.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2359] [sighing] Erm [] ... One, two, three, four.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2360] Ca , if I go in there and I'm not injured
Deanne (PS0SH) [2361] Mhm.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2362] do I still have to pay for these on?
Pat (PS0SJ) [2363] There's a Weight Watchers on at [...] .
Kyle (PS0SC) [2364] [...] ?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2365] Mm.
[2366] I don't think so.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2367] Monday nights.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2368] I don't think you can go in there, so
Sandra (PS0SB) [2369] Mm?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2370] Cos it's this one
Pat (PS0SJ) [2371] Are you going?
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [2372] To me a , Weight Watchers is a waste of
Kyle (PS0SC) [2373] Dee, what do you have to give up?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2374] time it really is!
Deanne (PS0SH) [2375] Three goes.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2376] I wonder what for the
Deanne (PS0SH) [2377] For that.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2378] three pounds eighty a week for?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2379] Oh!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2380] Yes.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2381] So you just
Pat (PS0SJ) [2382] That's how I think, yeah.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2383] it's just [...] ?
Pat (PS0SJ) [2384] I always think it's
Deanne (PS0SH) [2385] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2386] waste if time.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2387] I think that's all that happens.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2388] Do you know I've been dieting for week and I feel
Pat (PS0SJ) [2389] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2390] really good!
Kyle (PS0SC) [2391] [sighing] Ha ooh [] !
Deanne (PS0SH) [2392] Right.
[2393] Your go.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2394] I told
Kyle (PS0SC) [2395] One, two, three.
Pat (PS0SJ) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [2396] Yeah!
Deanne (PS0SH) [2397] I don't think you can go in there unless you can
Kyle (PS0SC) [2398] Okay.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2399] I'm carrying on.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2400] One, two, three
Pat (PS0SJ) [2401] What yo ,la low fat is it you're trying
Sandra (PS0SB) [2402] Mm.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2403] to do.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2404] I've cut out fat.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2405] Mm.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2406] Unless, you know, as it's possible to.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2407] [mimics crying]
Pat (PS0SJ) [2408] And erm, what do you call it?
[2409] Potatoes and er
Sandra (PS0SB) [2410] Yeah.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2411] Sussed it!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2412] bread and eat
Sandra (PS0SB) [2413] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2414] things like that.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2415] Mm mm mm.
[2416] ... Ah!
[2417] You're not doing very well!
Kyle (PS0SC) [2418] Shut up [...] !
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [2419] Shut up Dee!
[2420] You're being horrible!
Deanne (PS0SH) [2421] No I'm not.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2422] Yes you are!
Deanne (PS0SH) [2423] Stop arguing with me.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2424] It's not nice to er, be rude.
[2425] Dee!
Deanne (PS0SH) [2426] Ah!
[2427] It's very rude.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2428] Don't talk like a baby Kyle.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2429] Your go Kyle.
[2430] Your go [...] .
[2431] And you're supposed to come out [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [2432] Yes!
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [2433] Are you having another one?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2434] I don't know.
[2435] I'm tempted.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2436] Right, I'll have a look.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2437] I've got three [laughing] I'll have four [] !
Deanne (PS0SH) [2438] One , two, three, four.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2439] That's what I mean.
[2440] I'm tempted, but I I'm su , I'm not sure how many I've got I'll have to check.
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2441] I've got the potion for ten gold.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2442] I've, I know I've got at least one
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [2443] if not, two or three, you know.
[2444] Cos I keep buying them every time they're half price
Kyle (PS0SC) [2445] It's your go.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2446] and put them on one side.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2447] [laugh] , I'm not telling you.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2448] No Dee, I'll have one.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2449] I don't think I'll order one un
Deanne (PS0SH) [2450] I'm not telling you.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2451] till I've checked.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2452] Perhaps I'll just [...] .
[2453] At least you can't move me now.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2454] You can always ring me.
[2455] Tell me the news about Tom.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2456] Mm!
Kyle (PS0SC) [2457] Could you put the coin back?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2458] Well, I might not just want it there.
[2459] You'll have to go for another one anyway.
[2460] I don't need the coin thing.
Sandra (PS0SB) [yawn]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2461] Yet.
[2462] [sighing] Right!
[2463] Ten gold [] .
[2464] ... Two, three, three, four, five ... seven, eight, nine ... ten.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2465] She's got loads of money!
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [2466] She got two potions!
[2467] She's nicked off
Pat (PS0SJ) [2468] That's what I'm waiting
Kyle (PS0SC) [2469] of me, she's stole
Pat (PS0SJ) [2470] to come
Sandra (PS0SB) [2471] to come on offer, yeah.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2472] from me!
[2473] What a powerful
Sandra (PS0SB) [2474] That's really good!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2475] If that comes on
Kyle (PS0SC) [2476] woman!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2477] offer ... I ain't paying that
Sandra (PS0SB) [2478] No.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2479] price.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2480] Ooh no!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2481] But if it's, comes on offer
Deanne (PS0SH) [2482] Right.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2483] I'll have some.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2484] [blowing nose] .
Deanne (PS0SH) [2485] These, I'll have ... fungi fungi.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2486] Or if I go to a car boot sale and I see some of that
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [2487] [laughing] about one pound erm [] , Oil of Ulay wash off.
[2488] I wish I'd have bought more of them.
Kyle (PS0SC) [raspberry]
Pat (PS0SJ) [2489] They were all a pound.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2490] Kyle!
[2491] Tt!
Sandra (PS0SB) [2492] Tt!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2493] Fool that I am!
[2494] I didn't know they were that cheap.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2495] Those are mine and I bought this book
Pat (PS0SJ) [2496] I'd have another one.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2497] the [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [2498] And I want to be be [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2499] Watch this Kyle.
[2500] Kyle if you're gonna be silly!
[2501] ... [sighing] Right [] !
[2502] Erm ... da, da da da da da.
[2503] There?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2504] Right.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2505] That's alright.
[2506] And two up.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2507] It's my go.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2508] Mhm.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2509] And I'm going to stay there.
[2510] Now come on make me [...] .
Deanne (PS0SH) [2511] Yes Kyle.
[2512] ... Two, three, four.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2513] And you're [...] aren't you?
[2514] You've gotta move so much there.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2515] Mm mm.
[2516] Yeah.
[2517] Mm.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2518] But, I'm not
Kyle (PS0SC) [2519] Your go.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2520] desperate for really.
Sandra (PS0SB) [yawn]
Pat (PS0SJ) [2521] I can't think of
Deanne (PS0SH) [2522] Anyway, I know what that is [...] .
Pat (PS0SJ) [2523] like you say, it's sort of outstandingly cheap why bother?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2524] What?
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2525] We brewed exactly the same potion.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2526] And nothing's outstandingly cheap really.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2527] And I know what you've got [...] .
Pat (PS0SJ) [2528] Is it?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2529] No.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2530] Have you got
Sandra (PS0SB) [2531] That's it.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2532] second part?
[2533] And you still got through the [...] ?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2534] Don't know.
[2535] You tell me.
[2536] You don't know.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2537] I've got some of that Footworks for to
Kyle (PS0SC) [2538] If, I show you mine will me show me yours?
Pat (PS0SJ) [2539] rub off hard skin.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2540] No!
[2541] Kyle!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2542] Not
Kyle (PS0SC) [2543] Take
Pat (PS0SJ) [2544] brilliant but
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [2545] Did you?
Pat (PS0SJ) [2546] it's not
Deanne (PS0SH) [2547] No it
Pat (PS0SJ) [2548] bad.
[2549] If you want some I'll get
Deanne (PS0SH) [2550] you'll get
Pat (PS0SJ) [2551] two of them and you can have one of them.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2552] No I've got one , thanks.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2553] Oh!
Kyle (PS0SC) [2554] Gimme!
Sandra (PS0SB) [2555] Pardon?
[2556] Kyle!
[2557] Don't!
[2558] Please!
Kyle (PS0SC) [2559] Erm ... I didn't say anything.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2560] No they're not.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2561] Kyle!
[2562] Be quiet!
Deanne (PS0SH) [2563] Have to look for it.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2564] No!
[2565] Cos she's being horrible!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2566] You're both horrible!
Deanne (PS0SH) [2567] I'm not being horrible!
Sandra (PS0SB) [2568] I don't, I don't know why I didn't abandon the pair of you at birth!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2569] [whispering] Just turn it right down [] .
Kyle (PS0SC) [2570] Alright.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2571] How many goes did you take then?
Pat (PS0SJ) [2572] I've got lots of shower gel.
[2573] And my granddaughter bought me some for my birthday, and my grandson [laughing] bought me some for my birthday [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [2574] [laughing] Yeah I know [] !
Pat (PS0SJ) [2575] [laughing] I get the hint
Kyle (PS0SC) [2576] Ah!
[2577] Ah!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2578] that somebody telling me I stink!
Deanne (PS0SH) [2579] [laughing] I got loads of ... toiletries and things this year [] !
[2580] You should worry, they obviously think I stink more than you! [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [2581] Oh!
[2582] Christmas.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2583] You do!
Sandra (PS0SB) [2584] Got loads and loads!
[2585] And you had a load more for you birthday
Deanne (PS0SH) [2586] Okay.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2587] didn't you?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2588] Any time.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2589] Yep!
[2590] [laugh] ... And loads of chocolates.
[2591] I'm taking a lot back with me.
[2592] Erm, Dan loves After Eights.
[2593] [laughing] And I got box of them [] .
[2594] I don't even like them that much. [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [2595] Don't you?
[2596] Ooh I like After Eights.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2597] I like After Eights.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2598] I like the ... odd one occasionally.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2599] No I don't want nothing.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2600] [yawning] Alright then [] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [2601] Er no I'll check when I get home and if I need
Pat (PS0SJ) [2602] Alright.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2603] to know then I'll call you later.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2604] [...] and I, if I get onto my last one I might order one but I've got
Kyle (PS0SC) [2605] Dee dee dee dee dee!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2606] an idea
Deanne (PS0SH) [2607] Kyle.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2608] there's still
Deanne (PS0SH) [2609] Your go.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2610] three there.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2611] Alright then.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2612] And one lasts me six months.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2613] Here we go.
[2614] Good!
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [2615] Alright?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2616] I just left it there.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2617] Yeah.
[2618] I don't think I shall want anything.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2619] One, two three, four, five, six, seven.
[2620] Erm ... I want blue
Kyle (PS0SC) [2621] Ha!
Deanne (PS0SH) [2622] there.
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2623] One of those, one of those.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2624] And don't forget those chocolates when you go.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2625] They've been knocking around since Christmas.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2626] What?
Pat (PS0SJ) [2627] Been meaning to give them to me.
[2628] Ever so slimming these chocolates you keep giving me!
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [2629] You do know that?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2630] They're nice chocolates it's just that they're all soft centres and Tony only likes nutty and hard ones.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2631] Oh.
[2632] Does no , nobody here like soft ones at all?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2633] Not really.
[2634] I've got enough chocolate of my own.
[2635] And a lot of ones I like.
[2636] Erm, er you need to pay for those Kyle.
[2637] ... Three.
[2638] Since that what you took.
[2639] ... I wouldn't like to be here tomorrow Kyle.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2640] Come on Kyle!
[2641] Play the game properly.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2642] It's your go.
Pat (PS0SJ) [yawn]
Sandra (PS0SB) [2643] I want a little toilet roll to fit in that [...] .
Pat (PS0SJ) [2644] [laugh] ... [laughing] To see she's wiped her arse [] ! [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [2645] Look at Kyle!
[2646] Look at him he's gone up
Deanne (PS0SH) [2647] Kyle!
Sandra (PS0SB) [2648] [...] !
Pat (PS0SJ) [2649] Thought they'd had enough [...] . [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [2650] Going to have a little
Deanne (PS0SH) [2651] Kyle!
Sandra (PS0SB) [2652] little Andrex toilet roll.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2653] [...] being horrible mummy!
Sandra (PS0SB) [2654] Oh for goodness sake!
Deanne (PS0SH) [2655] I'm not being horrible!
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2656] Right!
[2657] Your go.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2658] He's sa [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2659] What you doing, you staying there or moving?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2660] Yeah.
[2661] The sun died down a bit didn't it?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2662] Here's your card.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2663] [yawning] Oh I'm tired [] !
[2664] ... It's these half past four mornings, they don't suit me [laughing] at all.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2665] She was yawning all round town yesterday!
[2666] She was tired weren't you?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2667] Yeah.
[2668] I didn't get much of a lay in this morning [laughing] either [] .
Pat (PS0SJ) [2669] Gotta work tonight darling?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2670] Yep!
Sandra (PS0SB) [2671] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2672] Last night there tonight?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2673] Yep!
Kyle (PS0SC) [2674] And then she's off and I can
Sandra (PS0SB) [2675] [...] ?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2676] have her bedroom!
Deanne (PS0SH) [2677] Yep! [laugh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [2678] Wahey!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2679] She wants to ring up [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2680] Oh yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2681] Street tax
Sandra (PS0SB) [2682] Ah!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2683] office
Kyle (PS0SC) [2684] Ooh!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2685] and find out how to claim her tax back.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2686] Pardon?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2687] Yeah.
[2688] Stay there.
[2689] No.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2690] Kyle!
Kyle (PS0SC) [2691] Mhm?
[2692] That
Deanne (PS0SH) [2693] I could al , soon ask mum to stop you from going in my room if I wanted to.
[2694] If you're gonna be like that.
[2695] What?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2696] What is going on?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2697] No you can't.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2698] What's the matter with him now?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2699] I'm having ... a little ... family, family argument.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2700] Erm what are you doing Kyle?
[2701] You don't need anything.
[2702] You've just moved.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2703] Normal families don't have
Kyle (PS0SC) [2704] Oh yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2705] arguments [laughing] all the time [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [2706] [laughing] A normal family
Sandra (PS0SB) [2707] My family do!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2708] argument [] .
Deanne (PS0SH) [2709] Two, three, four.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2710] You got through the [...] still ain't you?
[2711] And you're trying to get my second part aren't you?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2712] Kyle, I've already told you, I know what that is cos I've got it cos I brewed it myself if you remember.
[2713] Good!
Kyle (PS0SC) [2714] My go.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2715] Yes I know.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2716] Why don't you take me, take me prisoner?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2717] I'll take you
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [2718] very, very shortly if you carry on!
Deanne (PS0SH) [2719] Yeah.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2720] Right, and I'll take everything!
[2721] I've gotta get at it sooner or later.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2722] One, two, three , four.
[2723] Right.
[2724] I'm back.
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2725] Kyle!
[2726] Your go.
[2727] ... I
Kyle (PS0SC) [2728] Oh.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2729] can't go round till next go.
[2730] Right, now I can go.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2731] Actually the [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2732] Which one was it?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2733] and in the [...] .
[2734] Yeah?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2735] Erm ... where was that?
[2736] Right.
Sandra (PS0SB) [yawn]
Kyle (PS0SC) [2737] And then they go on [...] .
Pat (PS0SJ) [2738] [yawning] That's how I feel [] .
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [2739] I just thought I'd die [...] .
Pat (PS0SJ) [2740] What, doing what?
[2741] Cleaning it up you mean?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2742] Clearing it up with those and ... putting those erm ... tie backs on.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2743] To return ... [...] .
Kyle (PS0SC) [2744] Oh!
[2745] Oh!
[2746] Oh!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2747] Well, is it a [...] with your tie backs?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2748] Yeah it is actually, a lot of
Deanne (PS0SH) [2749] Gotta wait.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2750] fiddling.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2751] Right.
[2752] Your
Sandra (PS0SB) [2753] Erm
Deanne (PS0SH) [2754] go Kyle.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2755] something, three two's ... each
Deanne (PS0SH) [2756] Gotta
Sandra (PS0SB) [2757] [...] have them anyway.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2758] roll again.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2759] Ah!
Sandra (PS0SB) [2760] So ... that and [...] them
Pat (PS0SJ) [2761] Oh!
Sandra (PS0SB) [2762] and then you gotta finish off the ends and you gotta do four of those.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2763] Right.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2764] Is it easier to buy that
Deanne (PS0SH) [2765] So it's three.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2766] sort?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2767] No, I don't want those.
Pat (PS0SJ) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [2768] I want it looking special in there.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2769] [singing] Dum dum, da da da da da da da [] .
Pat (PS0SJ) [2770] Did you ring Keith?
[2771] What did he say?
[2772] Oh they're going to come and give you another quote or something you said?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2773] No I haven't rung him yet.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2774] [singing] [...] [] .
Pat (PS0SJ) [2775] What was his other quote?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2776] Er
Kyle (PS0SC) [2777] I've lost my card!
Sandra (PS0SB) [2778] Er
Deanne (PS0SH) [2779] Stop mucking about with it then.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2780] What was the other quote for?
Pat (PS0SJ) [2781] You said you wanted to get hold of him for another
Sandra (PS0SB) [2782] Front wall.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2783] Yeah.
[2784] Oh we want him to do that, our front wall when ... he's got five minutes.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2785] [sigh] ... What are you doing?
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2786] Oh.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2787] Gonna give the plumber the go ahead, yeah?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2788] It's my go isn't it?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2789] No.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2790] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2791] Not really.
[2792] Got no money
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [2793] accrued now.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2794] Ah!
Kyle (PS0SC) [2795] Is this [...] ?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2796] Right!
[2797] Erm
Sandra (PS0SB) [2798] Got through so much money at Christmas, you know.
Kyle (PS0SC) [belch]
Sandra (PS0SB) [2799] Pardon!
Kyle (PS0SC) [2800] Pardon!
Sandra (PS0SB) [2801] Yeah, well I think so too!
[2802] ... He's probably coming round.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2803] Oh well I'm supposed to [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2804] anyway.
[2805] ... Er, where d'ya go?
[2806] Your go Kyle.
[2807] ... You want one more?
Pat (PS0SJ) [2808] Those Jimbos finish at the end of this month don't they?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2809] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2810] Twenty fifth.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2811] In January.
[2812] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2813] Twenty fifth?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2814] Twenty fifth.
[2815] ... Right.
[2816] Go on again.
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2817] Good!
[2818] [sighing] Erm [] ... right.
[2819] Very, very nice!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2820] [sighing] Oh!
[2821] I suppose I could go home again!
[2822] We're sitting here dozing [] [laughing] off [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [2823] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Deanne (PS0SH) [2824] Erm
Pat (PS0SJ) [2825] Oh.
[2826] ... See if my husband wants a hand with these bits of wood he's ... [laughing] plonking up against the wall [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [2827] No!
Kyle (PS0SC) [2828] [laughing] No.
[2829] She says [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [2830] He likes playing with his bits of wood! [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [2831] You know all that ... wood he bought home
Kyle (PS0SC) [2832] Done them again.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2833] from the factory, that
Sandra (PS0SB) [2834] Oh.
Pat (PS0SJ) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [2835] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2836] he's making the frame for the wardrobes
Deanne (PS0SH) [2837] Very good!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2838] out of that
Sandra (PS0SB) [2839] Out of packing case?
Pat (PS0SJ) [2840] Yeah, he's awfully
Deanne (PS0SH) [2841] Oh!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2842] clever as you
Deanne (PS0SH) [2843] Erm
Pat (PS0SJ) [2844] know!
Sandra (PS0SB) [2845] Oh!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2846] And er,th
Sandra (PS0SB) [2847] Oh it was off the machine?
Pat (PS0SJ) [2848] Yeah.
[2849] They come from the factory [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [2850] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2851] And he's, he's using that to make the frame and then the ... doors for our old wardrobes ... he'll use for the front of it, you know.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2852] You told me it's fungi fungi.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2853] Formica type
Pat (PS0SJ) [2854] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2855] [...] ?
Pat (PS0SJ) [2856] No!
[2857] No!
[2858] All teak.
[2859] Our old wood's teak.
[2860] Wardrobe doors.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2861] Oh!
Kyle (PS0SC) [2862] Bit clever.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2863] But we're gonna stain them mahogany.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2864] How do you know?
Pat (PS0SJ) [2865] To match the, wood round the windows.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2866] Oh!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2867] Once they're up th they'll be, be stained mahogany so
Sandra (PS0SB) [2868] They were just plain weren't they?
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [2869] They just had plain wood, yes.
[2870] Plain sta , plain teak they are.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2871] Stay , staying just there.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2872] He's gonna stain them
Sandra (PS0SB) [2873] And it's [...] .
Pat (PS0SJ) [2874] so they look like mahogany.
[2875] So it matches the rest of the wood in there.
[2876] But then, that'll just be the fronts you see.
[2877] Th
Sandra (PS0SB) [2878] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2879] the frame and the back'll be ... th , wooden panel case wouldn't it?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2880] Ah ho!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2881] If it works.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2882] What's he putting against the wall?
[2883] What's he cladding the wall with?
Pat (PS0SJ) [2884] We're going to have to get some polystyrene or something ... and put that over there and then he's gonna get a plain ... er ... wood panel, you know
Deanne (PS0SH) [2885] I want to get round to
Pat (PS0SJ) [2886] on the top.
[2887] So it's
Sandra (PS0SB) [sneeze]
Pat (PS0SJ) [2888] you with me?
[2889] It's insulated slightly with polystyrene behind.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2890] Mm.
[2891] With hardboard or something.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2892] Yeah a sheet of hardboard with a ... like a ... plasticy finish one side and
Sandra (PS0SB) [2893] Mm.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2894] you with me?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2895] Go!
[2896] Go!
[2897] Go!
Pat (PS0SJ) [2898] He's gonna have to have a
Deanne (PS0SH) [2899] Your go Kyle.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2900] he said he's gonna get that van and go up Wickes's and get all these things that we need.
[2901] Cos you can't collect them in your own vehicle can you?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2902] He could do that all afternoon when he's finished work
Pat (PS0SJ) [2903] I've told him this!
Sandra (PS0SB) [2904] and just go in the van, nobody'd mind.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2905] I says to him yo , oh he knows this!
[2906] He said, oh I'm not ready yet, I don't know what I want. [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [2907] Right.
[2908] Four gold.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2909] I've only been twelve months waiting for a
Deanne (PS0SH) [2910] [...] .
Pat (PS0SJ) [2911] work top!
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [2912] That he's gonna get when he gets the van.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2913] If that one of ours is still out in the garage I think I'm gonna use that in the utility room.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2914] Yeah!
Sandra (PS0SB) [2915] And put the
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [2916] put the ... erm ... washing machine and tumble dryer side by side against the wall.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2917] Okay?
Pat (PS0SJ) [2918] And put that as a work top
Kyle (PS0SC) [2919] My go?
Pat (PS0SJ) [2920] across the top of the two.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2921] And put that across
Deanne (PS0SH) [2922] Yep.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2923] the top.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2924] Yeah.
[2925] See
Pat (PS0SJ) [2926] Yeah.
[2927] That'll come in there.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2928] Well I was thinking about
Pat (PS0SJ) [2929] I'd have had that if that had been a different colour, but it's cos it's brown it's no good in our kitchen.
[2930] It's gotta be grey in our kitchen, or white.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2931] What about, a cream
Deanne (PS0SH) [2932] What was, what you doing?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2933] or
Pat (PS0SJ) [2934] Yeah.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2935] I'm going round.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2936] But it won't go with our kitchen
Deanne (PS0SH) [2937] Right.
[2938] It's one.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2939] it's from the old kitchen where the er, with one like a
Deanne (PS0SH) [2940] Erm
Pat (PS0SJ) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [2941] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2942] If only that had of been a grey or a cream
Deanne (PS0SH) [2943] So I've got three golds
Pat (PS0SJ) [2944] er er
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [2945] grey or a white I'd have had that.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2946] I'll stay there again.
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [2947] What?
Kyle (PS0SC) [2948] Alright in there, I'm going to ... and I'm staying there.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2949] Right.
[2950] Er yo ... I hadn't taken the three gold from the go before Kyle when you went in there.
[2951] That's why.
[2952] [sighing] One [] , two, three, four.
[2953] Don't want that.
[2954] ... Right.
[2955] Er
Sandra (PS0SB) [2956] He still likes his new coat.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2957] I should blooming hope
Deanne (PS0SH) [2958] Er
Pat (PS0SJ) [2959] so!
Deanne (PS0SH) [2960] Your go Kyle.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2961] Well no, she's decided I hate it so er ... [...] .
Deanne (PS0SH) [2962] It's your go Kyle.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2963] Okay.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2964] I should blooming hope so!
[2965] ... I don't Dee wearing a coat.
[2966] You'll have to show me your coat before I, you go.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2967] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2968] And disappear with it back to ... university.
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [2969] You told me about it, but I didn't see it.
Sandra (PS0SB) [2970] Didn't you wear it up town yesterday?
Pat (PS0SJ) [2971] No
Deanne (PS0SH) [2972] No.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2973] she had a black coat.
Deanne (PS0SH) [2974] Keeps making me black. [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [2975] It makes you black the leather coat?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2976] The black is rubbing
Deanne (PS0SH) [2977] Yeah it's the
Sandra (PS0SB) [2978] off.
[2979] As it's new.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2980] Is it?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2981] It's getting better actually, but erm ... it still makes me black.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2982] I
Sandra (PS0SB) [2983] Oh.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2984] didn't notice.
[2985] Tha what round your neck or something?
Deanne (PS0SH) [2986] Yeah, well ... at the cuffs and things.
[2987] I've got an exchange card Kyle.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2988] Well fancy it doing that!
Sandra (PS0SB) [2989] Mm.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2990] Je , you're looking
Deanne (PS0SH) [2991] I've lost.
Kyle (PS0SC) [2992] at the potion.
Pat (PS0SJ) [2993] It'll stop doing it eventually will it?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2994] Yeah
Deanne (PS0SH) [2995] What?
Sandra (PS0SB) [2996] I hope so. [laugh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [2997] You got a higher one?
[2998] Tt!
[2999] Typical!
[3000] Come on!
[3001] Come and break my leg [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [3002] potion.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3003] Have you Scotchguarded it?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3004] Don't need it.
[3005] Yes I have.
[3006] Twice.
[3007] Aha.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3008] And has that stopped it?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3009] Well it's helped it.
[3010] It'll help waterproof it and
Pat (PS0SJ) [3011] I suppose it would eventually
Deanne (PS0SH) [3012] Yeah.
[3013] It'll stop, don't worry.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3014] Oh show me before you go won't you?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3015] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3016] Well, she'll be gone again tomorrow.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3017] You didn't pay for those either.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3018] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3019] About [...] .
Deanne (PS0SH) [3020] Well actually I should do that next go anyway.
[3021] Right, I've not bought those yet.
[3022] That's for those two.
[3023] Erm, your go.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3024] Shall I go?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3025] Mhm.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3026] What is it, bomber style jacket?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3027] [yawning] Yeah [] .
Deanne (PS0SH) [3028] Yeah.
[3029] What would you like Kyle?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3030] [yawning] [...] [] .
Deanne (PS0SH) [3031] Pardon?
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [3032] [...] , you can try.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3033] Yeah.
[3034] Flying jacket sort of thing.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3035] I think he's gone a dumb [...] .
Pat (PS0SJ) [3036] Oh with fringes on?
[3037] Has it got fringes around it?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3038] You can speak Kyle.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3039] Mm.
[3040] No.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3041] No.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3042] Anyway, your turn to go.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3043] Not speaking to her!
Deanne (PS0SH) [3044] Right.
[3045] So, now I'll buy those.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3046] Try not to [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [3047] Hey!
[3048] I want my gold!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3049] Ah.
[3050] He's granted
Deanne (PS0SH) [3051] Pardon?
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [3052] Pardon?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3053] Kyle!
[3054] Say please.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3055] You can go now.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3056] Won't play games with you if you're gonna be rude!
Deanne (PS0SH) [3057] One.
[3058] It's alright, I'll know how many you've got anyway when you start buying them.
[3059] Right.
[3060] Erm ... your go now Kyle.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3061] Some people have children that like each other.
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [3062] That's you.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3063] [laugh] ... Er, one, two
Sandra (PS0SB) [3064] And some people murder their children!
Deanne (PS0SH) [3065] two, three, four.
[3066] [laugh] ... Five.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3067] Did you see it on the telly that bloke that threw his little girl off the bridge at London?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3068] Tt!
[3069] Oh!
Pat (PS0SJ) [3070] Five month old girl.
[3071] Tt!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3072] Cos he didn't want the mother to have her.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3073] How could he do that?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3074] He didn't want the mother to have her, so he threw her
Pat (PS0SJ) [3075] How on earth could he, that sun's gone down that, along side that house
Sandra (PS0SB) [3076] Did I tell you?
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [3077] Nope.
[3078] Don't know how he could!
Pat (PS0SJ) [3079] How he can do that to a little girl [...] .
Deanne (PS0SH) [3080] [sighing] Right [] .
[3081] Erm
Sandra (PS0SB) [3082] Isn't that awful!
Pat (PS0SJ) [3083] It is innit?
[3084] Your windows are filthy!
Kyle (PS0SC) [3085] Go on!
Deanne (PS0SH) [3086] Hey!
[3087] I'm going, I'm going to the bathroom.
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [3088] Now the sun's on them, can you see it?
Kyle (PS0SC) [3089] Still not finished [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3090] On the outside , yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3091] Yeah!
Deanne (PS0SH) [3092] Could do with cleaning [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3093] Well the window cleaner's not been for a while has he?
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [3094] About six months [laughing] according to that [] !
Kyle (PS0SC) [3095] Oh!
[3096] You're still writing!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3097] Well he has been, we've just have a lot of filthy weather haven't we?
Pat (PS0SJ) [3098] But it looks filthy!
[3099] You can see it.
[3100] Although it's between the two layers of glass is it?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3101] No.
[3102] It's not double glazing.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3103] Stop me borrowing it and [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [3104] No, it's on the outside there.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3105] You're nowhere near it yet are you?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3106] It's steamed up between the layers is that what you're looking at.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3107] Ah!
[3108] Up here it looks dirt.
[3109] Not steam.
[3110] Where the sun's hit it.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3111] Don't tell her that! [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [3112] [laughing] [...] [] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [3113] It'll stay there.
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [3114] It's as the sun hits it this side.
[3115] See it?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3116] Yeah it's outside, look.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3117] Ah yeah!
[3118] I see
Sandra (PS0SB) [3119] There.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3120] it's outside, yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3121] Well, [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [3122] You staying there are you Kyle?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3123] He came about a fortnight before Christmas.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3124] Pardon?
Pat (PS0SJ) [3125] Are you su
Sandra (PS0SB) [3126] Well, it's just in that part.
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [3127] A month int it?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3128] That what?
Kyle (PS0SC) [3129] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3130] Yes, I know what you want.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3131] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3132] Terrible innit?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3133] But what do you say?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3134] Well, I'm not going to do it today.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3135] Oh no!
Deanne (PS0SH) [3136] Right.
[3137] My go. [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [3138] That's why I was tempted to have those Staybrite windows cos it repels all that [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [3139] But Tony said they're no safer.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3140] I don't even want that
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [3141] one.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3142] cos he took a bit of the U P V C
Deanne (PS0SH) [3143] Kyle!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3144] to work
Deanne (PS0SH) [3145] Bring them back!
Pat (PS0SJ) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3146] Put it on the floor in between you.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3147] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3148] Yeah.
[3149] It's just that I don't trust him to only take one that's all!
Pat (PS0SJ) [3150] He took a bit to work?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3151] He took a bit to work ... and sliced it
Deanne (PS0SH) [3152] Is that right?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3153] and Alan says if you can still tell ... any of them that way. [sneeze]
Pat (PS0SJ) [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [3154] My go?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3155] So in that
Deanne (PS0SH) [3156] Yup!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3157] case I think we'll have the Kingfisher ones.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3158] Might just as well.
[3159] That's how I felt about it.
[3160] Save a thousand pound or summat don't
Deanne (PS0SH) [3161] You go then.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3162] you?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3163] Two.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3164] Two thousand pound?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3165] I'll soon know when you [...] Kyle.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3166] It's worth saving innit?
[3167] Is the Kingfisher still
Kyle (PS0SC) [3168] One, two, three, four
Pat (PS0SJ) [3169] a good price?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3170] Yeah.
[3171] Because it's a month since they sent me a quote and actually we want a big one for our lounge but
Pat (PS0SJ) [3172] Did you see that one advertising triple glazing at the same time as his double would you believe?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3173] I thought, yeah.
[3174] I can't see what you paying, why you need triple glazing.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3175] No, not really I suppose.
[3176] Be
Sandra (PS0SB) [3177] I'm not sure what the benefits are.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3178] They have triple glazing in these cold countries don't they?
Kyle (PS0SC) [3179] Is it my go?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3180] Mhm.
[3181] Yep.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3182] Erm , Finland and places like Norway, they have triple glazing wouldn't you say?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3183] One
Sandra (PS0SB) [3184] I wouldn't have thought we'd need in this
Deanne (PS0SH) [3185] three, four.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3186] country though.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3187] Right, your go Kyle.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3188] Be warmer.
[3189] Be that much warmer.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3190] Borrowing
Sandra (PS0SB) [3191] But I don't feel cold
Deanne (PS0SH) [3192] Borrow it.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3193] [laughing] anyway [] !
[3194] Well I did
Kyle (PS0SC) [3195] Your go.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3196] first thing this morning, but then, I was
Pat (PS0SJ) [3197] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3198] perhaps that was just because I'd got up.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3199] Cos he was double is quiet and three [...] .
Kyle (PS0SC) [3200] Two.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3201] Erm
Kyle (PS0SC) [3202] Your go.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3203] Oh I go, yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3204] The sun's just crept right round [laughing] this house [] .
Deanne (PS0SH) [3205] I just need one
Sandra (PS0SB) [3206] You'll be hanging off with that
Deanne (PS0SH) [3207] to [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3208] chair in a minute.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3209] I will do as soon as I've ... decided what I need.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3210] You see it,i , [laughing] it's just come round []
Deanne (PS0SH) [3211] Thirty eight
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [3212] and
Sandra (PS0SB) [3213] I keep peeping round.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3214] Fox leg.
Sandra (PS0SB) [yawn]
Pat (PS0SJ) [laugh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [3215] [belch] ... [sighing] Oh [] .
Deanne (PS0SH) [3216] So that makes it worth three rather than one ... cos it adds two on.
[3217] Right, and I need
Sandra (PS0SB) [3218] I read a book ... about Bulgaria.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3219] You had a book about Bulgaria?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3220] Yeah.
[3221] Trouble book.
[3222] ... Cos o ... Joanne and Dennis went to Bulgaria.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3223] They reckon it's quite cheap to go there or something
Sandra (PS0SB) [3224] Yeah!
Pat (PS0SJ) [3225] don't they?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3226] Look at the prices of things!
Pat (PS0SJ) [3227] Yes.
[3228] There was, you know these travel programmes?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3229] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3230] It was
Sandra (PS0SB) [3231] It's
Pat (PS0SJ) [3232] on about it there
Sandra (PS0SB) [3233] very
Pat (PS0SJ) [3234] it says
Sandra (PS0SB) [3235] unspoilt.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3236] tha , yeah, they said if, if you don't want a lot of
Kyle (PS0SC) [3237] Do you want a game of Monopoly after that?
Pat (PS0SJ) [3238] don't want the shopping, Bulgaria's the place to go.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3239] No Kyle.
[3240] I'm not [...] and play a different game.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3241] It's absolutely wonderful
Sandra (PS0SB) [3242] It's cheap.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3243] actually.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3244] Do they?
[3245] Not just fo for the cheapness
Kyle (PS0SC) [3246] Can I play Monopoly?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3247] they said the people were very
Kyle (PS0SC) [3248] Please!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3249] friendly
Pat (PS0SJ) [3250] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3251] and can't do enough for you.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3252] I know.
[3253] But I haven't got time.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3254] Well how much is this?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3255] Well, to go in
Kyle (PS0SC) [3256] I'm not going to Bulgaria!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3257] to go in a hotel Alright!
Kyle (PS0SC) [3258] I'm telling you now!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3259] Shut up!
[3260] I'm not talking to you!
Pat (PS0SJ) [3261] You don't wanna go?
Kyle (PS0SC) [3262] No. [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [3263] Right!
Kyle (PS0SC) [3264] you stay here and let them go.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3265] Good idea!
Pat (PS0SJ) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3266] Hundred and fifty for him for a fortnight at the height of the season and two hundred and fifty each for us at the height of the season.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3267] Well that's alright , I'll stay here.
[3268] But, [...] the only one here, yeah I'll [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [3269] Cigarettes, twenty, twenty P for twenty.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3270] Yep!
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [3271] That's where you can smoke and a hundred [laughing] and fifty a day [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [3272] [laugh] ... We went in a bar the other day
Pat (PS0SJ) [3273] [laughing] You can have them coming out of both earholes, each nostril and his mouth all at the same time [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [3274] If he could find some that he likes.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3275] Well you'd cook a lot better!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3276] And the im , the im , the imported brands are forty P ... the British ones.
[3277] Phworgh!
Pat (PS0SJ) [3278] Phworgh!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3279] Bloody hell!
[3280] That is cheap.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3281] Beer, fifty P!
Deanne (PS0SH) [3282] Wine, one pound fifty a bottle.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3283] And Bulgarian wine's nice you know.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3284] [laughing] Are you going to Bulgaria next year for your holiday [] .
Kyle (PS0SC) [3285] No we're not!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3286] No.
[3287] Don't!
[3288] Kyle.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3289] Why don't you wanna go to Bulgaria?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3290] Not your choice.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3291] I don't like it!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3292] It's supposed to be
Pat (PS0SJ) [3293] Well how do you know cos you've never been?
Kyle (PS0SC) [3294] I do have a choice!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3295] And what do care about your holiday [...] ?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3296] It's your go Kyle.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3297] [...] , now she's sunk!
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [3298] It's not fair any more.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3299] It is between Greece and Turkey.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3300] It's your go Kyle.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3301] My go?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3302] I thought it looked wonderful!
Kyle (PS0SC) [3303] Oh yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3304] Yeah!
[3305] Actually, on that travel programme
Sandra (PS0SB) [3306] Looked very nice!
Pat (PS0SJ) [3307] it said that [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [3308] I need that [...] .
Deanne (PS0SH) [3309] Which ones are you brewing?
Pat (PS0SJ) [3310] it looked lovely!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3311] You know when Dennis went
Kyle (PS0SC) [3312] Er
Sandra (PS0SB) [3313] last year?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3314] The top ones?
[3315] Right!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3316] Dennis said it's the first holiday he's
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3317] ever been on where he's brought money home with him.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3318] No you didn't get them in ... the top ones.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3319] He says there's, you just couldn't spend your money and
Pat (PS0SJ) [3320] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3321] everything was so cheap.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3322] And he's [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3323] She bought herself an entire new wardrobe of clothes
Kyle (PS0SC) [3324] Right.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3325] cos everything was cheap.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3326] You're supposed to take before then.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3327] She'd got designer ... t-shirts
Kyle (PS0SC) [3328] I didn't.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3329] and
Deanne (PS0SH) [3330] Yes you did!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3331] erm ... designer leather
Kyle (PS0SC) [3332] No I didn't.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3333] handbags and shoes
Deanne (PS0SH) [3334] Kyle!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3335] and things.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3336] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3337] How do you get [...] to wear those?
Pat (PS0SJ) [3338] I don't know.
[3339] ... I don't know.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3340] Right, you're sixteen
Sandra (PS0SB) [3341] Must be the place to go.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3342] I've seen it advertised how cheap it is and I ... thought of you.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3343] Like erm ... it's like a snakeskin look handbag
Pat (PS0SJ) [3344] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3345] paid about three quid for it!
Deanne (PS0SH) [3346] Erm
Pat (PS0SJ) [3347] Yeah!
Deanne (PS0SH) [3348] what am
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [3349] I doing?
[3350] I'm brewing as well I think.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3351] Said everything is so cheap!
[3352] And, to go out for a meal
Kyle (PS0SC) [3353] Er
Sandra (PS0SB) [3354] the two of them, you go out for a
Kyle (PS0SC) [3355] it's [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3356] full course dinner in a really nice restaurant, drink wine all night
Deanne (PS0SH) [3357] Succeed.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3358] it were five or six quid! [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [3359] Gotta be worth going to hasn't it?
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [3360] Is it, is it warm country, Bulgaria?
[3361] I don't know.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3362] Yeah!
[3363] It's hot.
[3364] It's like Greece, it's the
Pat (PS0SJ) [3365] Is it?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3366] the same as Greece.
[3367] It's very hot.
[3368] It's in between Greece and Turkey.
[3369] On that
Pat (PS0SJ) [3370] Well it would be the same climate as Tu , Greece
Sandra (PS0SB) [3371] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3372] then wouldn't it?
[3373] Yes.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3374] And most of the food's the same as Greece.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3375] Mm.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3376] Quite beefy and all that.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3377] But it's not hot enough.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3378] It's the same!
Pat (PS0SJ) [3379] But it's not
Deanne (PS0SH) [3380] It's the same food Kyle!
[3381] It's right
Pat (PS0SJ) [3382] It's not been commercialized though?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3383] next door!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3384] It's not been commercialized.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3385] No, they said it's er
Sandra (PS0SB) [3386] I think it was communist run, I'm not
Kyle (PS0SC) [3387] Still not going!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3388] sure.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3389] Mm.
[3390] I'm, I'm not, I'm not sure about it.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3391] You haven't got any choice where we're going , you're not paying for it.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3392] Yeah I don't know, I'm not [...] and I've
Deanne (PS0SH) [3393] [...] that does pay to go there.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3394] seen ... [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3395] He said the beaches were absolutely gorgeous!
[3396] They were all
Kyle (PS0SC) [3397] Told you I would!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3398] you know
Deanne (PS0SH) [3399] Eventually!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3400] beautiful clean
Deanne (PS0SH) [3401] Mind you, the brew's better before [...] two that I haven't done!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3402] [...] not ... a big tourist area
Kyle (PS0SC) [moan]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3403] loads of space!
Kyle (PS0SC) [3404] Mine!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3405] You got the whole beach
Pat (PS0SJ) [3406] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3407] Kyle!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3408] to yourself.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3409] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3410] I didn't nick any elixir did I?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3411] They said it's absolutely wonderful!
Kyle (PS0SC) [3412] No.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3413] Well then!
[3414] I had to make it all myself.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3415] Tony, what's Tony think of it then?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3416] He quite fancies
Kyle (PS0SC) [3417] It's done it erm
Sandra (PS0SB) [3418] when we were looking the other day, he quite fancies it.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3419] [...] through here and
Sandra (PS0SB) [3420] Yeah.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3421] and er ... more or less
Deanne (PS0SH) [3422] That was it.
[3423] I didn't take any others Kyle.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3424] [...] you could do it , there's only Bulcan and that
Pat (PS0SJ) [3425] Here, no, look they can do it.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3426] And all the
Sandra (PS0SB) [3427] You've only got
Pat (PS0SJ) [3428] You finished?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3429] one company that cover Bulgaria.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3430] What would you go, self catering?
Kyle (PS0SC) [3431] All the rest.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3432] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3433] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3434] All the rest of what?
Pat (PS0SJ) [3435] I mean, it's looks nice
Deanne (PS0SH) [3436] [sighing] Didn't nick anything else Kyle [] !
Pat (PS0SJ) [3437] I must admit.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3438] Just one gem ... worth the two gold.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3439] And you can fly on a Sunday ... from Birmingham
Kyle (PS0SC) [3440] Yeah.
[3441] It's a lot!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3442] to there.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3443] Yeah?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3444] You see a weekend flight is what you want.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3445] Yes, that'll be
Sandra (PS0SB) [3446] Isn't it?
Pat (PS0SJ) [3447] ideal.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3448] You fly out on the Sunday evening, six thirty.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3449] And how long's the flight, does it say?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3450] Three and a half hours.
[3451] So it's the same as Greece.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3452] That's not bad is it?
[3453] ... The villas look nice don't they?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3454] Do, don't they?
[3455] I thought it all looked lovely!
Pat (PS0SJ) [3456] Yeah!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3457] The dearest holiday's only three hundred and ... compared with the [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [3458] Yeah!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3459] as it was.
[3460] That's the absolute dearest, you know, for the weeks we're going.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3461] Yeah.
[3462] Mm!
[3463] Definitely worth thinking about.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3464] Mm!
Pat (PS0SJ) [3465] But definitely worth taking a little visit.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3466] [...] ... Yeah well if I sit like that. [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [3467] That's it.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3468] Sh I'd speak to Tony anyway if I was you, just in case.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3469] Gotta have our holidays.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3470] Well that's a lot cheaper than the Jersey and Scottish holidays [laughing] that we're looking at [] !
Deanne (PS0SH) [3471] Exactly!
Pat (PS0SJ) [3472] A lot cheaper.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3473] It's cheaper than staying in England.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3474] Do you wanna take that book and show dad?
Pat (PS0SJ) [3475] Oh!
[3476] He wouldn't wanna go!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3477] Especially since the price of the food's so bloody cheap!
Pat (PS0SJ) [3478] He won't wanna go!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3479] Well perhaps you can tell him how, how
Pat (PS0SJ) [3480] You what he's like!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3481] how much the cigarettes are, he might.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3482] It won't make any difference.
[3483] He wouldn't wanna go.
[3484] I bet you.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3485] Ca , hmm!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3486] I think once you've had one holiday abroad you know, he'd love it!
Pat (PS0SJ) [3487] He just don't wanna go abroad, you know.
[3488] He's so
Sandra (PS0SB) [3489] I know you would because
Pat (PS0SJ) [3490] I would like to go abroad, yeah.
[3491] But he ... he doesn't wanna go abroad and that's it!
Deanne (PS0SH) [3492] Why don't you two just go to Bulgaria then.
[3493] Be cheap enough too wouldn't it? [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3494] Oh! [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [3495] There's an idea!
[3496] What do we do with the rest of them! [laugh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [3497] I'll stay with daddy and we go and do
Sandra (PS0SB) [3498] Yeah!
Kyle (PS0SC) [3499] things like
Pat (PS0SJ) [3500] You stay with daddy.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3501] go and , yeah, and we'll go something really
Pat (PS0SJ) [3502] And take granddad with you.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3503] Yes Kyle , I'm sure dad could afford to [...] just you two down to Lindos.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3504] Well mum could pay for Bulgaria and m , and dad can pay for ... the erm ... and you could go and stay
Pat (PS0SJ) [3505] [sighing] Ah well [] !
Kyle (PS0SC) [3506] with, you could go up with them
Sandra (PS0SB) [3507] I need a drink.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3508] if you want.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3509] Want something to drink?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3510] Yes.
[3511] I'll go off to Bulgaria with them.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3512] Yeah.
[3513] Me and daddy go to Lindos.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3514] Darn sight cheaper!
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [3515] Ha?
Kyle (PS0SC) [3516] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3517] See how he's planning.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3518] Five hundred quid and the ... actual [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [3519] [laughing] Come back with four hundred and ninety nine [] !
Kyle (PS0SC) [3520] They're supposed to be a ten each.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3521] Well, each of them
Kyle (PS0SC) [3522] Ten pounds
Sandra (PS0SB) [3523] the year before that, it was first
Kyle (PS0SC) [3524] and I could just [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3525] sort of discovered
Deanne (PS0SH) [3526] Kyle.
Pat (PS0SJ) [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3527] God!
[3528] That's where he [laughing] [...] [] !
Kyle (PS0SC) [3529] Yeah, but I don't have to have things off the
Sandra (PS0SB) [3530] Why don't we pull the curtains.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3531] [...] , right?
Pat (PS0SJ) [3532] Yes.
[3533] That's a good idea isn't it?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3534] Oh great!
[3535] They've probably got more sense!
Pat (PS0SJ) [3536] Even I'll say that.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3537] Peter's son went to Bulgaria two years ago.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3538] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3539] And he was a student at the time and he hadn't got a lot of money ... and he took ... [whispering] what was it she said [] ?
[3540] He took all his savings, about three hundred pound with him
Pat (PS0SJ) [3541] [laughing] and brought hundred and fifty quid home with him [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [3542] No.
[3543] He said ... you know, cos he lived as cheaply as he could while he was out there and
Deanne (PS0SH) [3544] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3545] he still had some left.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3546] How long did he stay for?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3547] Fortnight or a
Deanne (PS0SH) [3548] Fortnight?
[3549] Bloody hell!
Pat (PS0SJ) [3550] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3551] Because to ... to er, if he [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [3552] I saw that advertised somewhere else.
[3553] Was it in America or something about it?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3554] Don't know.
[3555] If you're self catering
Pat (PS0SJ) [3556] Don't Tony ever see [...] ?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3557] Yeah
Pat (PS0SJ) [3558] Yeah.
[3559] I thought I saw his head at the window.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3560] I'll go now then.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3561] I'm just gonna tell my dad [...] .
[3562] Dad [...] erm ... her and [...] are gonna go there and you and me are gonna
Pat (PS0SJ) [3563] I was right.
[3564] Was it him?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3565] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3566] Ah!
[3567] ... I'm in his chair.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3568] [laughing] You're in his chair [] !
Pat (PS0SJ) [3569] I'm going now.
Tony (PS0SG) [3570] Hello!
[3571] Hello!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3572] Yeah, I know it's about fifteen P and
Pat (PS0SJ) [3573] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3574] and all that, you know.
Tony (PS0SG) [3575] [mimicking Australian accent] Goodday! []
Pat (PS0SJ) [3576] Hi-de-hi!
[3577] Ho-de-ho!
Deanne (PS0SH) [3578] Will you let me
Tony (PS0SG) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [3579] borrow your hair? [laugh]
Tony (PS0SG) [3580] Alright.
[3581] Trouble
Sandra (PS0SB) [3582] No
Tony (PS0SG) [3583] is
Sandra (PS0SB) [3584] because they can employ their own and not [...] .
Tony (PS0SG) [3585] I thought I'd wait and see
Sandra (PS0SB) [3586] Mm?
Tony (PS0SG) [3587] I knew, and he
Sandra (PS0SB) [3588] Must be.
Tony (PS0SG) [3589] decided at the last minute last night to have the weekend off cos things were going alright.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3590] Who?
Tony (PS0SG) [3591] Alan , the engineer
Pat (PS0SJ) [3592] He's
Tony (PS0SG) [3593] on site.
[3594] So
Pat (PS0SJ) [3595] You went to see Alan and he's decided to have the weekend off he said.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3596] You've gone all that way for nothing?
Tony (PS0SG) [3597] Well, we delivered the goods.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3598] Oh!
Pat (PS0SJ) [3599] [laughing] Cor [] !
Tony (PS0SG) [3600] It was waste of time two of us going to see a man on
Sandra (PS0SB) [3601] The
Deanne (PS0SH) [3602] See
Sandra (PS0SB) [3603] man that wasn't there.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3604] Oh!
[3605] Oh well.
[3606] Er ... right.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3607] Are you going upstairs?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3608] Oh I'll get ready to go to the club.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3609] Alright. [yawn]
Deanne (PS0SH) [3610] Oh dear!
Pat (PS0SJ) [3611] One last night then she's finished.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3612] Looking forward to it.
[3613] [laugh] ... Oh, it should be alright actually.
[3614] A lot of people know that I'm finishing tonight so I might get bought quite a few drinks.
[3615] I'm not drinking them though.
[3616] I'm just drinking Coke.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3617] You can't have the one?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3618] No.
[3619] She's allowed
Deanne (PS0SH) [3620] No.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3621] to have ... like
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3622] packets of crisps and stuff.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3623] [whispering] I've got an idea [] , you can take them all back [laughing] in a []
Deanne (PS0SH) [3624] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Pat (PS0SJ) [3625] [laughing] big bag [] !
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3626] [laughing] [...] [] ... I'll have two packets of peanuts, two packet of biscuits, two [...] .
Deanne (PS0SH) [3627] Yeah!
[3628] Exactly!
[3629] And they got the cheese
Pat (PS0SJ) [3630] Except the drink?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3631] sandwich and all this sort of thing.
[3632] I don't have any snacks there.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3633] That's it!
[3634] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3635] I wouldn't mind trying some of those erm
Pat (PS0SJ) [3636] And come back with carry bo bagfuls and
Sandra (PS0SB) [3637] Do they have the scampi fries there?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3638] Yeah.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3639] Crisps and
Deanne (PS0SH) [3640] And the bacon fries, cheese moments
Sandra (PS0SB) [3641] Oh I love all that stuff!
Deanne (PS0SH) [3642] [laugh] ... Tortilla chips are they?
[3643] Those
Tony (PS0SG) [3644] Could do with a cup of tea honey?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3645] Mm.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3646] You could do with a cup of tea?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3647] Might cost you
Pat (PS0SJ) [3648] And he wants his chair don't you?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3649] might
Pat (PS0SJ) [3650] Here are.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3651] cost you a kid!
Kyle (PS0SC) [3652] Make you go out then, then I'll, and I'll make [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [3653] Quick Tony!
Pat (PS0SJ) [3654] Look!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3655] Er er er er!
[3656] Mind!
[3657] Mind!
[3658] Mind!
[3659] Mind!
Pat (PS0SJ) [3660] Your coffee there.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3661] Mind!
[3662] Mind!
Pat (PS0SJ) [3663] Oh!
[3664] Careful!
Deanne (PS0SH) [3665] What you doing?
Kyle (PS0SC) [3666] You did it!
Deanne (PS0SH) [3667] Oh yes Kyle!
Kyle (PS0SC) [3668] If you let me do it, what happens?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3669] You weren't quick enough though.
[3670] ... You wouldn't want it, oh God!
[3671] These are Kyles.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3672] What?
Pat (PS0SJ) [3673] I will er ... love and leave yous folks then.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3674] Okey-dokey mum.
[3675] Thank you for coming up.
[3676] Nice to see you.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3677] That's alright.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3678] To see you nice!
Kyle (PS0SC) [3679] Bye.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3680] Bye handsome!
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [3681] Bye handsome!
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Tony (PS0SG) [3682] [sighing] Oh [] !
Pat (PS0SJ) [3683] Ah!
[3684] He's gonna go sleep now. [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3685] No.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3686] But I don't blame you.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3687] Yeah?
Tony (PS0SG) [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [3688] Oh!
[3689] You said [...] chair out there.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3690] Right.
[3691] See you folks!
[3692] Bye.
Tony (PS0SG) [3693] Bye-bye.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3694] Bye duck.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3695] Bye Dee.
[3696] Where is she?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3697] Bye.
[3698] Bye.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3699] Are you going down
Sandra (PS0SB) [3700] Oh it's warmer.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3701] are you coming down to the car?
[3702] She could drop me off.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3703] You could give nanny a lift.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3704] I'm not going yet.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3705] Ah!
[3706] Alright then.
[3707] [laughing] I'll walk [] !
Deanne (PS0SH) [3708] Gotta have a shower before I go.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3709] She's gotta a sa , alright then.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3710] Bye darling.
[3711] See you.
[3712] Don't forget these chocolates mum.
[3713] You got the book?
Pat (PS0SJ) [3714] Have I got
Sandra (PS0SB) [3715] You got that book, mum?
Pat (PS0SJ) [3716] Yes.
[3717] Give me the chocolates.
[3718] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3719] Do you want those chocolates?
Pat (PS0SJ) [3720] Yeah, I've got some chocolates to take.
[3721] Nothing else I've gotta take is there?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3722] No.
Pat (PS0SJ) [3723] I remembered the measure.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3724] Er!
[3725] Oi!
Tony (PS0SG) [sigh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [3726] They're just there.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3727] You!
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Tony (PS0SG) [3728] He found the spots.
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Tony (PS0SG) [3729] And ne nearly [...] .
[3730] Cos I'm ... rather tired.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3731] Oh!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3732] Go on mum!
Pat (PS0SJ) [3733] No I don't want it!
[3734] I don't want it.
[3735] But I just thought it might be [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [3736] Right.
[3737] I'll see you mum.
[3738] [kiss] ... Bye!
Pat (PS0SJ) [3739] Bye -bye love.
Tony (PS0SG) [sigh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3740] Have another drink.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3741] Mum.
[3742] I bought this [...] . [closing door]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3743] Have you had any lunch?
Tony (PS0SG) [3744] No, I'll have some breakfast that's all.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3745] You want some breakfast.
Tony (PS0SG) [3746] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3747] Are you stuffed up with cold as well?
Tony (PS0SG) [3748] Mhm.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3749] Oh that's two of us!
[3750] Snuffle together.
Tony (PS0SG) [3751] Yes.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3752] Do you want the telly on?
Tony (PS0SG) [3753] No, just gonna si , read the paper, have something to eat, go to bed I think.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3754] Oh!
[3755] Tired?
[3756] ... What do you want to eat?
Kyle (PS0SC) [3757] Oh!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3758] D'ya want.

8 (Tape 050201)

Sandra (PS0SB) [3759] Well you'll have to get dressed cos we've got to take Dee.
[3760] ... What do you want the paper or the magazine?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3761] Get them both.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3762] Well this mounts up!
Deanne (PS0SH) [3763] [laugh] ... [...] straight through then.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3764] [...] twenty five minutes here.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3765] [laugh] ... Dan managed to ring last night.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3766] What, at the pub?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3767] Yeah.
[3768] Eleven o'clock.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3769] Is he meeting us today?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3770] He's gonna try but he's not sure if he'll get up in time cos he'll be doing an essay ... in the night.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3771] Why do you do it overnight?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3772] Cos he won't have time any other time.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3773] Well he could get up early and do it in the morning.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3774] [laughing] He'd rather do it at night [] !
[3775] I don't think he'll be in any fit condition to do it every morning anyway.
[3776] I certainly wouldn't!
[3777] [laugh] ... Prefer to do things last thing at night, rather than first thing in the morning.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3778] I'm the other way around.
[3779] Much rather ... I'm a morning person.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3780] Mm.
[3781] ... I didn't think he was gonna be able to get through cos the phone broke down didn't it?
[3782] I thought, oh great, you know!
[3783] The one night Dan's ... says he's gonna ring here ... the phone breaks down!
[3784] [laugh] ... And erm ... it couldn't take incoming calls or outgoing calls.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3785] So how did he get through then?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3786] Well about ten minutes to eleven, cos he was due to ring at eleven, the phone came back on.
[3787] [laugh] ... Fluke or what?
[3788] [laugh] ... I think the lines must have been down.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3789] Yeah, out of order.
[3790] ... Tony got up at six in the morning.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3791] [laugh] ... Oh great!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3792] Got a lot of work to try and fit in.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3793] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3794] I'm not looking forward to this trip at all!
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3795] I hate, ahem
Deanne (PS0SH) [3796] Pardon
Sandra (PS0SB) [3797] er , I hate driving on motorways!
Deanne (PS0SH) [3798] It's only an hour long.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3799] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3800] [...] ... It's not like it's a long way.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3801] Yeah.
[3802] Cos I don't motorists [...] .
Deanne (PS0SH) [3803] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3804] I don't like them, even when Tony's driving.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3805] Mm.
[3806] Feels pretty safe doesn't he?
[3807] Mind you, I bet you
Sandra (PS0SB) [3808] Well Tony's a good driver.
[3809] It's the other idiots!
[3810] It's not ... my capability
Deanne (PS0SH) [3811] Yeah I know.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3812] it's, or, or ... my driver's capability that worry me
Deanne (PS0SH) [3813] Yeah er
Sandra (PS0SB) [3814] it's the other idiots, you know, you see some stupid things!
Deanne (PS0SH) [3815] Mhm.
[3816] ... Gold isn't as good as butter. [laugh] ... [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3817] Tony had it on with this Delight ... Clover Light.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3818] Mm.
[3819] ... And I got rather fed up with work last night actually cos ... there's a load of ... drunken idiots and ... chatting me up.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3820] Mm.
[3821] Oh well it was your last night, you go back today.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3822] Exactly!
[3823] That's the way I kept lo to looking at it.
[3824] ... Well if Dan hadn't rung then I'd have been ... extremely fed up. [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3825] Weren't on the phone for as long as he is when he rung you here was he?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3826] Well he was ringing from Birmingham, he'd put a pound in, it lasted twenty minutes. [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [3827] [...] [laughing] [...] that er ... normally lasts longer from Birmingham [] than it does for ... for here.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3828] This is the wrong way round, should have had the grapefruit before the er, egg and bacon.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3829] Yep!
[3830] [laugh] ... [laughing] That's the usual way, you know [] !
[3831] ... I've actually got eight bags and erm, three boxes.
[3832] Mind you, the problem is, that they're small bags you see, and I haven't got many big bags left after ... Thursday.
[3833] ... I'm tempted to get another box and put several of the small bags in it, so it'd be less to carry but I couldn't get a box that was big enough.
[3834] You know, I was gonna get a deep one.
[3835] ... But I'll just ... well [...] they both wanted to go to the car.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3836] Yeah.
[3837] ... I've gotta have a bag.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3838] Last night as I'm going to sleep all I could smell was like ashtray, you know!
[3839] Urgh!
[3840] [sighing] Horrible [] !
[3841] [laughing] It really is [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [3842] The smell gets into your hair.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3843] Yep!
[3844] Your hair, under your skin, up your nails, everywhere!
[3845] In your clothes.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3846] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3847] Glad I've finished there. [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3848] [sighing] Oh dear [] .
Deanne (PS0SH) [3849] There's something wrong with that, with that ... if you can't even
Sandra (PS0SB) [3850] Have you [...] ?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3851] Still that's why you go to sleep [...] cos it does knock you out.
Sandra (PS0SB) [sniff]
Deanne (PS0SH) [3852] I find it helps me sleep in that respect.
[3853] ... That's why I like it so much.
[3854] [laugh] ... Overnight, cos I have a proper sleep it helps cure
Sandra (PS0SB) [3855] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3856] the cold.
[3857] [laugh] ... [sighing] Ah dear [] !
[3858] ... Yeah, Dan's car broke down on the way to Birmingham you know.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3859] Did it?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3860] Yeah, the erm ... the alternator or distributor it hadn't been wired properly, it had been rewired but not done properly.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3861] What did he do?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3862] Oh he rang the A A.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3863] Oh he's a member of the A A isn't he?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3864] [laugh] ... I suppose his parents joined him or something, [laughing] [...] worry [] !
[3865] But he sat there three hours on the motorway ... waiting for the bloody A A man to find him and, apparently he didn't find it, couldn't find him sa cos he rang back ... he said, look [laughing] there's no one come yet [] !
[3866] And apparently the one that had gone out to him ... hadn't found him, so they sent another one and he [laughing] found him straight away with his directions [] .
[3867] So ... I dunno what happened to the first one. [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3868] Was he on the motorway?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3869] I'm not sure where he was actually, I think he must have been.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3870] Oh that's not very [...] .
[3871] They couldn't find somebody, I mean there's no way you can turn off it's just
Deanne (PS0SH) [3872] Yeah.
[3873] The police had to tow him to a lay-by or something, or to the side ... cos erm ... it just cut out ... [laughing] and that was it!
[3874] He had no chance to pull to the side of anything [] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [3875] There was a ... a Queen concert on telly last night.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3876] Yeah.
[3877] Yeah.
[3878] ... So?
[3879] Mike's not that bothered anyway cos he ... cos I told him, mind you, he's in Tenerife anyway, but his mum would have recorded it.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3880] Has he gone for a fortnight or a week?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3881] [...] ... Got to unpack all my stuff again.
[3882] Mind you, like I said, with these boxes I'll put them underneath the bed and not un bother unpacking them too much.
[3883] Or swap the stuff.
[3884] ... What a difference.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3885] My throat's raw.
[3886] Raw.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3887] Is it?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3888] Is the Chloraseptic still in there?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3889] It should be.
[3890] Unless it ran out.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3891] It was, near the bottom.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3892] I dunno.
[3893] There's not as much as I thought there was then.
[3894] I don't know.
[3895] When I left I took all medicines down here [...] you know.
[3896] I got Optrex in my room but I bought that cos ... I used it so much.
[3897] [laugh] ... There's all, so that'll just stay there!
[3898] [laugh] ... I bought quite a few [laughing] medicines actually [] .
[3899] Mainly because ... I prefer to take medicine.
[3900] Some people won't take medicines.
[3901] You know George
Sandra (PS0SB) [3902] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3903] she's asthmatic and she won't take Ventolin.
[3904] And that's bloody stupid isn't it? [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3905] Well I can understand why, but the trouble is what yo what she doesn't realize ... she's, her ... if she has an asthma attack and she won't take ... Ventolin, she's in trouble!
[3906] She's putting a strain on her heart ... [clears throat]
Deanne (PS0SH) [3907] Heart?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3908] Yeah.
[3909] Yes.
[3910] Cos very often asthmatics die of ... heart failure.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3911] Do they?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3912] Mm.
[3913] If you imagine the blood's ... going round ... and you're trying to get ... you know
Deanne (PS0SH) [3914] Oh yeah!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3915] and then you can't.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3916] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3917] But it's not really got to [...] .
[3918] Puts a strain on the heart.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3919] Yep.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3920] Da ... I mean I don't
Deanne (PS0SH) [3921] And not only that the
Sandra (PS0SB) [3922] I don't like the idea of Ventolin ... this is what I said to them at the hospital that I can't, cos I'm not on
Deanne (PS0SH) [3923] Yeah, I know but it's just when she's sort of having to sit down all the time.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3924] If it's a bit wheezy.
[3925] Yeah.
[3926] Erm ... it's best really to have some Ventolin
Deanne (PS0SH) [3927] Than go into an asthma attack.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3928] than have a full scale asthmatic attack.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3929] Yeah.
[3930] Exactly.
[3931] ... People die of asthma!
Sandra (PS0SB) [3932] Yeah I know they do! [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [3933] That's why it's a silly [laughing] thing not to take it [] !
[3934] You know?
[3935] I don't know whether she's even got any.
[3936] ... But she probably hasn't got any if she doesn't take it.
[3937] ... But I realize that pa taking paracetamol and things like that too often can get you too used to them and then it's a waste of time taking them.
[3938] So I don't tend to take them unless I have to.
[3939] Cos I haven't taken paracetamol for ages.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3940] But they're my Coproxamols
Deanne (PS0SH) [3941] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3942] Paracetamol don't work for me.
[3943] No, they're, they're wearing off on me.
[3944] You know, they don't have much of an effect.
[3945] I have to ... have something else, but I can't take aspirin you see.
[3946] I just have to have stronger paracetamol.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3947] Cocodamol
Sandra (PS0SB) [3948] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3949] Oh!
[3950] That's a point, I wanted to take some stronger painkillers back with me, what have you got?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3951] Just paracetamol, I haven't got anything else.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3952] Right.
[3953] It's just that
Sandra (PS0SB) [3954] If you'd said yesterday you could of got some
Deanne (PS0SH) [3955] Cocodamol while you were
Deanne (PS0SH) [3956] Oh yeah!
[3957] Oh I'll go out and buy some.
[3958] ... While I'm at university.
[3959] I've gotta buy erm, my prescriptions as well now haven't I?
[3960] Cos I'm not under nineteen any more.
[3961] ... Which means I have to claim my money back.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3962] Oh I don't know that you get it back.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3963] Yeah, but I have to er pay for it, and then claim it back.
[3964] But I'll have to ask the doctor about that when I go for my prescriptions.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3965] Yes it's three pounds isn't it?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3966] Is it three pound forty now?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3967] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3968] I went to the doctors to get ... what was it?
[3969] Repeat prescription, oh yeah, my erm ... [...] ... and erm ... I was snivelling a bit, and she says, are you alright?
[3970] I says, yeah fine.
[3971] Yeah she said, written my prescription for [...] ... and she said, you sure you don't want something else?
[3972] [laugh] ... No!
[3973] [laughing] It's only a cold!
[3974] I'm not used to doctors asking me if I want something else [] !
[3975] I think it's cos they're student doctors, you know, they like to ... prescribe ... [laughing] as much as they can for the students [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [3976] Ask her for some Apertate for me.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3977] [laughing] Yes mum!
[3978] I bet she'd probably give it me as well!
[3979] That's if I have the same doctor of course.
[3980] [laugh] ... It's far away from the Vale either, it's about half way between the university and the
Sandra (PS0SB) [3981] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3982] Vale ... the doctors is.
Sandra (PS0SB) [3983] I told you our dentist went to Birmingham didn't I?
Deanne (PS0SH) [3984] Mm.
[3985] Right.
[3986] I'm gonna go and have my shower.
[3987] Okay?
Sandra (PS0SB) [3988] You'll have a job dear!
[3989] The shower broke down about six months ago.
Deanne (PS0SH) [3990] Ah!
[3991] Well it's the same shower
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [3992] without any water in.
[3993] ... All I have is one wash or whatever. [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [3994] Kyle!
[3995] Come and drink your tea.
Kyle (PS0SC) [3996] Yeah.

9 (Tape 050401)

Sandra (PS0SB) [3997] The diary that she sent off for, for me's arrived.
[3998] Did it hurt when you first got up?
Wally (PS0SK) [3999] Well she'd know that that's, is that the one
Sandra (PS0SB) [4000] Mm.
Wally (PS0SK) [4001] or is it the one she's still waiting for?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4002] Why hasn't it come?
Tony (PS0SG) [4003] Well you keep saying it is.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4004] Oh I don't know about that, no.
[4005] Erm ... I'll pick you up about four o'clock?
[4006] Cos I'm not coming home at lunchtime you see.
Wally (PS0SK) [4007] Er ... yeah, give me a lift [...] .
[4008] Yeah, I'm pretty sure they have.
Tony (PS0SG) [4009] Are we down on the batteries?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4010] Got no way of ... getting in touch with you.
Wally (PS0SK) [4011] No.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4012] I'm cold!
[4013] Not really sleeping at all.
Wally (PS0SK) [4014] Is that what she had, what's on today, if anything at all?
Kyle (PS0SC) [4015] Yeah
Wally (PS0SK) [4016] Erm
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Wally (PS0SK) [4017] Bloody awkward int it now?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4018] It is innit?
[4019] It's difficult.
[4020] ... Will Tony know what there is on?
Wally (PS0SK) [4021] Oh I dunno.
[4022] He don't very often.
[4023] Usually leaves it till half past three and then says oh!
[4024] Meant to dash here and do so and so, and so and so!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4025] [laughing] Typical [] !
[4026] ... Well Anita's in today int she?
Wally (PS0SK) [sigh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4027] Mind, she don't finish very early on a Monday does she?
Wally (PS0SK) [4028] Well sometimes she don't come on a Monday.
[4029] Erm ... no leave it, I'll come on the bus.
[4030] That'll [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [4031] Don't like two of you coming home on the bus but, especially when it's cold and horrible!
Wally (PS0SK) [4032] Well it should dry out later according to the weather forecast.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4033] Is it raining now?
Wally (PS0SK) [4034] Yeah, very, very fine mist.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4035] [...] ... It was like that when I took Dee yesterday.
[4036] ... Cos I took her, but I hired the Granada ... and I drove her there.
[4037] ... Definitely on the motorway in that than the stupid Mini!
Wally (PS0SK) [4038] Oh yes!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4039] And that Mini frightened me on the motorway.
[4040] Cos, she had ... mind you, I was ... it was a weekday and there was loads of lorries on
Wally (PS0SK) [4041] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4042] and they just pull out ... and they don't see me.
Wally (PS0SK) [4043] No.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4044] You know, you're at the side of them and one starts to come around, you know, when you're doing sort of seventy and I'm at maximum speed, he's got plenty of ... you
Wally (PS0SK) [4045] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4046] know, throttle left, but I haven't!
[4047] And I've just got, you know, in the Granada you just put your
Wally (PS0SK) [sneeze]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4048] foot down and get past him and out the way.
[4049] In the
Wally (PS0SK) [4050] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4051] Mini ... there's nowhere I can go, I'm stuck!
Wally (PS0SK) [4052] Mm.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4053] Just waiting for the draught to come over [...] . [laugh] ... [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [4054] [clears throat] ... Do you really think I'm [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4055] [...] he absolutely hated it!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4056] [...] ?
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Wally (PS0SK) [4057] [...] ?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4058] Yeah.
[4059] Kyle's got a funny neck! [laugh]
Wally (PS0SK) [4060] Eh?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4061] His neck's hurting him, every time he moves, his neck's hurting.
Wally (PS0SK) [4062] Stiff neck.
[4063] He's in a draught.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4064] Just saying, I've always had a funny neck haven't I?
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [4065] I wonder if he's inherited it?
[4066] ... Or the
Wally (PS0SK) [4067] Sleeping awkward.
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [4068] Yeah.
[4069] I bet you have ... got a draught
Wally (PS0SK) [4070] What does he
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [4071] on it.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4072] Mum where's a bottle of vinegar? [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [4073] I bet you are ... laying with your head on one side.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4074] Well I was laying like this on top of my [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [cough]
Wally (PS0SK) [4075] Three, two, two ... zero down at Devon!
[4076] ... You got plenty of books ain't you?
[4077] Good Lord!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4078] Have I?
Wally (PS0SK) [4079] [sighing] Oh dear [] ! ... [sneeze]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4080] I got a Christmas card that's ... not opened! [laugh]
Wally (PS0SK) [4081] What this one?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4082] That one.
Wally (PS0SK) [4083] [...] down there.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4084] Oh!
[4085] From Julie and David.
[4086] [laugh] ... Nice Christmas card from [laughing] Julie and David just opened [] !
Kyle (PS0SC) [4087] Clever dad!
Tony (PS0SG) [4088] Don't blame me!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4089] You're the boss!
[4090] ... And you probably had it at the time.
Tony (PS0SG) [4091] If you go there, you can do the necessary [...] can't you?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4092] Yeah.
[4093] I tell you what then dad I'll
Wally (PS0SK) [4094] Don't worry about it, I'll get the bus.
[4095] It's easiest.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4096] Well look ... I'll be home here at quarter to four
Wally (PS0SK) [4097] Mm mm.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4098] if you're still at the factory ... give me a ring ... and I'll come and fetch you.
[4099] Alright?
Wally (PS0SK) [4100] Aye.
[4101] ... I'll give you a ring from [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [4102] From Grantham?
[4103] Come to Grantham to pick you up.
[4104] [laughing] Much as I love you, I don't love you that much [] !
Wally (PS0SK) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4105] [sniff] ... [cough] ... Drink your tea Kyle.
Tony (PS0SG) [4106] There's the unemployment, he ain't mastered that one.
[4107] Nothing serious today, you should only be flying up your own arse!
Wally (PS0SK) [4108] Bad as that today is it?
Tony (PS0SG) [sigh]
Wally (PS0SK) [4109] Eh?
Tony (PS0SG) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4110] Is there a lot on?
Tony (PS0SG) [4111] Oh yeah!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4112] Oh! [...]
Wally (PS0SK) [4113] Well basically, what happens we wait till we get there then [...]
Tony (PS0SG) [4114] You never know you see.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4115] Yeah.
[4116] If I get an opportunity I will ring at lunchtime.
Wally (PS0SK) [4117] Yeah.
[4118] Don't worry.
[4119] I say, I'll ... I've got to walk the end of the street, get a bus.
[4120] At twenty past or ten to.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4121] I know, but it's standing there for ages in the cold isn't it?
[4122] That's what bothers me.
Wally (PS0SK) [4123] Last time the bus waited for me.
[4124] Decent bloke.
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Wally (PS0SK) [4125] After I sprinted and bloody near killed myself!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4126] Right, Kyle, you gonna get dressed?
[4127] It's eight o'clock now.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4128] No.
Wally (PS0SK) [4129] He looks just how I feel.
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Wally (PS0SK) [4130] He's not ... [sigh] ... don't he just
Kyle (PS0SC) [4131] I'm [...] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [4132] You got your tea Tony?
Tony (PS0SG) [4133] Not yet, no.
[4134] Excuse me.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4135] Well haven't you gotta use the iron [...] .
Wally (PS0SK) [4136] For six months.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4137] I've got a bad back!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4138] Oh!
[4139] Aha!
[4140] Aha!
[4141] Oh!
[4142] Ha!
Kyle (PS0SC) [cough]
Tony (PS0SG) [4143] Ah!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4144] Don't, it'll hurt if you do that dad.
Tony (PS0SG) [sigh]
Wally (PS0SK) [4145] [...] ... Ah!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4146] Aha.
Wally (PS0SK) [4147] You haven't got sport today have you?
Kyle (PS0SC) [4148] No.
Wally (PS0SK) [4149] Now it's wet.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4150] Oh!
[4151] It hurts!
[4152] It's that, ow!
[4153] Or that, or that, or that.
[4154] [...] where it hurts.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4155] I wonder if you've inherited my funny neck?

10 (Tape 050402)

Sandra (PS0SB) [4156] Why is my paper on the floor?
Kyle (PS0SC) [4157] I don't know.
[4158] I'm tired!
[4159] Can't go with a yawn, I'm gonna yawn with my legs!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4160] [laugh] ... How can yawn with your legs?
[4161] Hello dad!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4162] Just a stretch.
[4163] Ah!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4164] Go on
Kyle (PS0SC) [4165] Oh!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4166] get yourself dressed now Kyle.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4167] Mum, I am a dying man!
[4168] [cough] ... Ah!
[4169] Ha!
[4170] Ah!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4171] You will be if you don't get dressed!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4172] [laugh] ... Ah!
[4173] ... [...] ... Ow! [moan]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4174] Can I sit down yet? [sigh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [4175] Yeah.
[4176] [laughing] Mummy you gotta help me dress [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [4177] You can get yourself dressed.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4178] Oh!
[4179] Oh!
[4180] I am a dying, oh mum!
[4181] I'm wearing a shirt!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4182] Kyle!
[4183] You've nearly grown out of those trousers
Kyle (PS0SC) [4184] No I want them.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4185] and they're, er hardly worn.
[4186] Come on, wear them for school.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4187] Well they sort of look
Sandra (PS0SB) [4188] And anyway,yo your ... [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [4189] I told you!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4190] all need ironing.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4191] [laugh] ... I don't know why I'm wearing ... [...] .
[4192] [laugh] ... Ah!
[4193] I'm cold! [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4194] If you're cold, get dressed!
[4195] That's the idea.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4196] If this is, is a cold I can blame you!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4197] You want a vest on before that shirt!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4198] Mum it hurts!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4199] We'll just have to rub it in with Deep Heat.
[4200] Every time I try to massage it you squeal!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4201] [laugh] ... Cos I don't trust [...] ! ... [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4202] Willy the wimp!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4203] [laugh] ... Come in here and like a walking stick to beat you round the head!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4204] [laugh] ... Eh!
[4205] Don't Kyle I've got a headache. [laugh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [4206] [laugh] ... [moan] ... [...] some in ... ah! ah!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4207] I've just tried and you wouldn't let me.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4208] Go on, [...] the, get some Deep Heat.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4209] [sighing] Right [] .
Kyle (PS0SC) [4210] [laugh] ... [moan] ... It's horrible!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4211] Did you tell Paul for the [...] ?
Kyle (PS0SC) [4212] Er, no.
[4213] That is orange juice.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4214] I know.
[4215] Well I haven't got any [...] .
Kyle (PS0SC) [4216] No!
[4217] I want, I don't want that!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4218] Kyle just have one spoonful?
Kyle (PS0SC) [4219] No!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4220] Look!
[4221] How badly does it hurt?
[4222] If it really hurts
Kyle (PS0SC) [4223] It does!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4224] then you want to get rid of it!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4225] I don't like the taste!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4226] Well have a spoon, mouthful of tea afterwards.
[4227] Here are.
Kyle (PS0SC) [moan]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4228] It don't taste
Kyle (PS0SC) [4229] [...] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [4230] that terrible.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4231] [moan] ... It tastes like
Sandra (PS0SB) [4232] Well you should have
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4233] You're a wimp!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4234] I'm not a wimp!
[4235] You're a wimp!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4236] Kyle, can you open your mouth so we can shove this in?
[4237] ... Just lick that spoon off.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4238] You do. [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4239] I don't want it, I don't need the Calpol Come on!
Kyle (PS0SC) [laugh] [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [4240] I might as well die!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4241] [laughing] You very soon will if you carry on like this [] !
[4242] Right.
[4243] Okay.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4244] Oh!
[4245] Eh!
[4246] Aargh!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4247] Let's put a bit of Deep Heat on it then.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4248] Well you're gonna have to ... go, like that.
[4249] It hurts on the top of my arm trying to get my arm round there ... [...] .
[4250] ... Aargh!
[4251] Ha!
[4252] Ha!
[4253] Aargh!
[4254] It's cold!
[4255] [shouting] And that's hurting!
[4256] Ah!
[4257] Ya!
[4258] Ha!
[4259] Aargh!
[4260] Aargh!
[4261] Aargh [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [4262] It's all knotted up.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4263] [shouting] Aargh [] !
[4264] [screaming] Aargh!
[4265] Aargh!
[4266] Aargh!
[4267] Aargh [] ! [moan]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4268] There you are.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4269] Ah!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4270] The warmth will soon start radiating round it.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4271] Ah!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4272] Get yourself dressed
Kyle (PS0SC) [moan]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4273] now then.
Kyle (PS0SC) [moan]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4274] Have a drink of this tea.
[4275] Have a drink.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4276] How can I be done with it when I'm like this?
[4277] ... [moan] ... [moan] ... [scream] ... Hot!
[4278] Hot!
[4279] Hot!
[4280] Hot!
[4281] Hot!
[4282] Hot!
[4283] Ah!

11 (Tape 050403)

Sandra (PS0SB) [4284] It's your blooming generation!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4285] [laugh] ... Ow!
[4286] I'm getting all [...] !
[4287] Ow!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4288] Oh for goodness sake!
[4289] But when you fall over at school you're really brave and
Kyle (PS0SC) [moan]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4290] oh it don't hurt and ... you [laughing] don't cry and you don't need a []
Kyle (PS0SC) [moan]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4291] You're nuts!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4292] Quick!
[4293] Turn it off!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4294] [sniff] [sigh] Where's my numbers?
[4295] ... Two
Kyle (PS0SC) [4296] Ow!
[4297] Wow!
[4298] Wow!
[4299] Wow!
[4300] Wow!
[4301] Wow!
[4302] Oh!
[4303] Wow!
[4304] Oh!
[4305] Wow!
[4306] Oh!
[4307] Oh!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4308] Twelve.
[4309] Twelve.
[4310] Can you see twelve there?
[4311] No?
[4312] ... There's twelve there though.
[4313] Can't see twelve on the top one, can you?
[4314] No.
[4315] Twenty five?
[4316] No.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4317] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4318] Ah!
[4319] The bottom one.
[4320] That's it.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4321] Why don't you do one, two
Sandra (PS0SB) [4322] Number ten.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4323] three, four?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4324] No ten on the bottom one.
[4325] Right!
[4326] Go on then!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4327] How do we win a holiday?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4328] Ah!
[4329] You get all those
Kyle (PS0SC) [4330] What?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4331] marked off.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4332] So then we're trying for ... Greece?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4333] Trying for all of them.
[4334] I'll settle for anywhere, I'm not bothered! [laugh]

12 (Tape 050601)

Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [4335] I've lost my dad.
[4336] Hello Dad!
Wally (PS0SK) [sigh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4337] My heated rear screen's not working, why do you think it is?
Wally (PS0SK) [4338] Pardon?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4339] My heated rear screen's not working.
[4340] Switch it on there ... it's just not working at all.
[4341] Why
Wally (PS0SK) [4342] Well
Sandra (PS0SB) [4343] would it be.
Wally (PS0SK) [4344] it might a cable off somewhere.
[4345] A break in the actual element.
[4346] Ah.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4347] It's because the catch is not on there's ... er one on there ... and that
Sandra (PS0SB) [4348] It's there on the back
Wally (PS0SK) [4349] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4350] on that side but it's got a little bit of black on it, do you reckon that's anything to do with it?
Kyle (PS0SC) [4351] Most probably.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4352] Look, just there.
Wally (PS0SK) [sigh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4353] What is it?
Wally (PS0SK) [4354] Can't see.
[4355] ... Don't expect it is.
[4356] In these glasses, that looks like a Phillips innit?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4357] I dunno.
Wally (PS0SK) [4358] You haven't got a screwdriver in here then.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4359] No.
Wally (PS0SK) [4360] Another one in the shop.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4361] Oh don't worry about it now.
[4362] As long as know what it is I'll do it when I get home.
Wally (PS0SK) [4363] When you get a i , a Phillips type of screwdriver
Sandra (PS0SB) [4364] Yeah.
Wally (PS0SK) [4365] and just try tightening that one.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4366] Yeah.
[4367] You reckon it's loose.
Wally (PS0SK) [4368] Yes it is loose, that one.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4369] Is that right.
Wally (PS0SK) [4370] You got a bad earth.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4371] As long as I know where it is.
[4372] Do you see, you see how it's misted up again, well in the morning's it's absolutely murder!
Wally (PS0SK) [4373] Oh I'll try it again.
[4374] You know, I'm just gonna ... you might the hole's rotten.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4375] In which case I shall have to get Brett out to do it.
Wally (PS0SK) [4376] A right murky day today!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4377] Mm.
[4378] Horrible int it?
Wally (PS0SK) [4379] Pea soup down at ... blooming Amberston it was! ... [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4380] No it took me fifteen minutes tonight to get from school to Kyle's ... Kyle's school!
Wally (PS0SK) [4381] Oh aye, it could do.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4382] Fifteen minutes!
[4383] ... All those road works on the
Wally (PS0SK) [4384] Uppingham Road.
[4385] I went down one way up the other and
Wally (PS0SK) [4386] You'll beat him.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4387] Do you know something, it's alright I'm looking at the rear screen, I think it's started working ... since you've pressed it, look.
Wally (PS0SK) [4388] Is it?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4389] Yeah.
[4390] You watch.
Wally (PS0SK) [4391] It's a bad earth then.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4392] What did you do, just press that terminal there?
Wally (PS0SK) [4393] Well I, I wriggled the main terminal, three over that side ... and also the other, er that side.
[4394] I could have been either side that was ... playing you up.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4395] So what can I do about that?
[4396] Just ... do it with that screwdriver when I get home.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4397] Yeah.
[4398] Just tighten it up.
[4399] If it will tighten.
[4400] But don't go mad.
[4401] It'll only be a self-tapping screw, you know.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4402] Just little things that keep going wrong on this car, [laughing] do you know what I mean [] ?
Wally (PS0SK) [4403] Well they're all the same.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4404] Little irritating things.
Wally (PS0SK) [4405] Had a blinking headlight problem on the van.
[4406] I had it for weeks and nobody done anything about it.
[4407] I checked everything on that.
[4408] Couldn't find a bloody problem!
[4409] Went and bought a new bulb ... put a new bloody bulb in, still the same.
[4410] Oh th , they've done the old lamp.
[4411] This lamp this morning was laying over here.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4412] Oh.
Wally (PS0SK) [4413] And er ... eventually
Sandra (PS0SB) [4414] Ah no, it's not working.
[4415] Thought
Wally (PS0SK) [4416] No?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4417] it was.
[4418] No, it's not
Wally (PS0SK) [4419] Eventually, it was the fuse in the fuse box, the fuse was alright
Sandra (PS0SB) [4420] Yeah.
Wally (PS0SK) [4421] it was a contact at the fuse on the tab.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4422] Oh!
Wally (PS0SK) [4423] I just wriggled it, [whistling] , and polished it ... up come the lights!
[4424] I thought Jesus Christ!
[4425] I'd had the he , I'd had the headlights out
Sandra (PS0SB) [4426] Just for a little thing like that!
Wally (PS0SK) [4427] and everything else!
[4428] ... So all I'd gotta check was the fuses.
[4429] And, you know, all the fuses were alright.
[4430] Just about bloody [...] .
[4431] Electrics on vehicles are always the same.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4432] Look at that, a bit moisture in them as well there I think.
Wally (PS0SK) [4433] Nine times out of ten it's always a bad earth.
[4434] But the trouble is, finding the earth, which one ... appertains to what, you know.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4435] What time did they set off to Rotherham?
Wally (PS0SK) [4436] Er ... it must have been half ten, eleven o'clock, if not later I suppose.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4437] Where's Rotherham?
Wally (PS0SK) [4438] It's ... north country.
[4439] ... North, he says.
[4440] ... Not far off the borders.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4441] Oh!
[4442] So it's a long way up then?
Wally (PS0SK) [4443] Oh they're a fair we , it's about two hundred ... some odd miles I think.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4444] Oh crikey!
Wally (PS0SK) [4445] That's it.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4446] He's gonna be back very late tonight int
Wally (PS0SK) [4447] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4448] he?
Wally (PS0SK) [4449] So you're talking about ... thirty or [...] I suppose that ... Three hours each way I suppose.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4450] They've gone
Wally (PS0SK) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4451] in er, our car have they?
Wally (PS0SK) [4452] They've got the Granada, yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4453] They better be careful if the fog comes down.
Wally (PS0SK) [4454] Well they got down alright this morning.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4455] I reckon it's gonna settle again tonight by the looks of it.
Wally (PS0SK) [4456] Now the bank shuts we'll go in [...] gotta go down to A J Hobsons, the other side of the dual carriageway.
[4457] It was that, probably wasn't safe to cut across.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4458] Yeah.
Wally (PS0SK) [4459] I'll have to go down to the roundabout and come back up.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4460] Yeah.
Wally (PS0SK) [4461] You just couldn't see far enough.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4462] Funny pair, Gareth and Hayden aren't they?
Wally (PS0SK) [4463] Chee!
[4464] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4465] Oh I
Wally (PS0SK) [4466] [whistling] ... I presume we can see down there but it don't
Sandra (PS0SB) [4467] Yeah.
Wally (PS0SK) [4468] look too bad.
[4469] ... Mm.
[4470] It ain't too bad.
[4471] ... Ooh!
[4472] Pot hole.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4473] Yeah.
[4474] I've found it.
Wally (PS0SK) [4475] There's two there.
[4476] One there, and that one here.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4477] When you got some bad weather the roads in Leicester start falling
Wally (PS0SK) [4478] You're okay left if you go now.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4479] it's not, oh! alright.
Wally (PS0SK) [4480] Still okay.
[4481] Still okay.
[4482] We're jolly well off!
[4483] ... Okay.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4484] When's Keith coming back to do your bathroom window?
Wally (PS0SK) [4485] Er ... I dunno, he's gonna erm, let us know.
[4486] One Saturday morning he said I think.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4487] You have er
Wally (PS0SK) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4488] you're not paying for that are you?
Wally (PS0SK) [4489] No.
[4490] No, [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [4491] And have you paid for all the rest?
Wally (PS0SK) [4492] Yeah.
[4493] ... Yes!
[4494] Too true!
[4495] They'll be there.
[4496] He's coming out, back Wednesday to put some more screws in the er ... roof.
[4497] He's had to wait for them to come.
[4498] ... They're special for some [...] you know.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4499] Yeah.
[4500] ... Has your condensation stopped yet?
Wally (PS0SK) [4501] Well it's ... getting less.
[4502] It's gonna be months before that's ... clear.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4503] Yes.
[4504] I was saying to mum it ... Sally's was ages before theirs stopped.
Wally (PS0SK) [4505] And then ... during mid-winter, I mean, it couldn't be worse could it?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4506] No.
[4507] She had hers done in the spring and it was weeks and weeks before she could use it.
[4508] She had to wait weeks before she could have the floored laid, you know, tiles her floor.
[4509] ... I had to come round this way this morning to get to Whitehall ... It's just so chock-a-block on that new ro roadway.
[4510] Try and find all different routes round, you know.
Wally (PS0SK) [4511] That's a bad corner [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [4512] Yeah.
[4513] ... [...] round a bit [...] .
Wally (PS0SK) [4514] On this ... road.
[4515] ... I thought we'd got [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [4516] [...] ... Could you all just stop breathing now please till we get home!
[4517] ... Look at that!
[4518] Int that stupid how they've put that there!
Wally (PS0SK) [4519] Yep!
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]

13 (Tape 050701)

R. (PS0SF) [4520] [laughing] [...] [] !
Kyle (PS0SC) [4521] What are those T shirts?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4522] What they called?
R. (PS0SF) [4523] Oh don't know.
[4524] It's got some more [...] just ... er Global
Sandra (PS0SB) [4525] Global
R. (PS0SF) [4526] High perfection.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4527] Supercolour.
R. (PS0SF) [4528] Hyper
Kyle (PS0SC) [4529] Hypercolour.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4530] Hypercolour is it?
[4531] I thought it was super?
Kyle (PS0SC) [4532] Hyper ... H I
R. (PS0SF) [4533] colour
Kyle (PS0SC) [4534] H a , Y P E R
R. (PS0SF) [4535] Got it from British Home Stores.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4536] C O L O R, O R.
[4537] And it's
Sandra (PS0SB) [4538] Alright.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4539] global.
R. (PS0SF) [4540] Got it from British Home Stores.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4541] These are quite [...]
R. (PS0SF) [4542] Well tha that's what I think i , where she got it.
[4543] [tv on] ... You should watch erm ... Wild [...] Survival series, it's really good!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4544] What?
R. (PS0SF) [4545] Wild Survival series is very good.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4546] It's got well, erm ... the programmes before ... I'm gonna fast forward it [...] .
[4547] Well it is good but ... you know, I prefer matches.
R. (PS0SF) [4548] Yeah.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4549] Come on! ... [...]

14 (Tape 050801)

Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [4550] All those comics and things of yours on the floor down there want moving please tonight.
[4551] ... You've got your playroom back again so there's no excuse for things left in the lounge.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4552] Well, unless I get some ... [...] it's there ... what that's meant to be.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4553] Well he won't be bringing them so, you might as well just put it away.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4554] Mum!
[4555] So dad's gonna bri bring home those anyway.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4556] Well, ask him again.
[4557] I don't think he realized ... that he was actually supposed to bring them.
[4558] And they're not staying there indefinitely.
[4559] So sort your father out.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4560] Are we having to [...] not me, and ha you can talk to him.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4561] No, you get onto dad.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4562] Well it's your home!
[4563] You're the one with the [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [4564] Look!
[4565] If it's just left like that I shall just take the whole lot and dump it in the dustbin!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4566] Well get onto dad!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4567] No!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4568] I need some rulers!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4569] You ask dad!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4570] I've asked him and I've, [...] asked
Sandra (PS0SB) [4571] No you haven't!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4572] him.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4573] You mentioned it but, that's all you've done!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4574] I mentioned it this morning.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4575] And what did he say?
Kyle (PS0SC) [4576] He goes, well, well ... oh well.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4577] I didn't know you wanted that from the spare room.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4578] Well I did.

15 (Tape 050802)

Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [4579] Well, he'll have to see about the next time Kyle cos he was
Kyle (PS0SC) [4580] No it's only ... a couple of seconds.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4581] Look!
[4582] His mummy's gonna be worried!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4583] No she won't!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4584] I would be worried if it was you.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4585] I don't care!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4586] Fast forward it a bit to the end.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4587] Just wanna see him fish , finish him off.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4588] Just get your coats on boys.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4589] Yeah.
[4590] I just think this one's good.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4591] Here are Alex, here's your coat.
R. (PS0SF) [4592] Thank you.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4593] So it's not Million Dollar Man that wins then?
Kyle (PS0SC) [4594] No.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4595] Oh!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4596] Someone else.
[4597] I will fast forward it.
[4598] ... Cos, you know he's erm, a bit unsteady.
R. (PS0SF) [4599] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4600] Right.
[4601] Here are then Kyle.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4602] They're
Sandra (PS0SB) [4603] Off.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4604] they're going to interview ... the Macho Man ... it's that actually ... Yeah.
[4605] Right. [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4606] Right.
[4607] Press stop.
[4608] Off we go then.
R. (PS0SF) [4609] So it must have been in nineteen ... eighty nine, just after the [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4610] Oh! [...]
R. (PS0SF) [4611] cos, and he don't like ... [...] the bell and he kept on
Kyle (PS0SC) [4612] I can't believe [...] had the bell at the same one.
R. (PS0SF) [4613] Mm.
[4614] Mm, he did.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4615] I think he might get [...] .
R. (PS0SF) [4616] Come again?
Kyle (PS0SC) [4617] Ho ... get hold of the [...] .
R. (PS0SF) [4618] I wonder what that bigger thing is, in the big fight.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4619] It's the one [...] used.
R. (PS0SF) [4620] And then you got
Kyle (PS0SC) [4621] Everything haven't I mum?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4622] Well that's a bit daft!
[4623] Fancy putting Alex in the back when Alex is the one that's gotta get out!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4624] Well never mind.
[4625] ... I was gonna [...] anyway. [car starting] [car radio]
Kyle (PS0SC) [4626] [singing] Dee dee dum, dee dum, dee dum chi, dee dum, diddle um, dum [] .
[4627] Why have they put a little bit of fence just there?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4628] Well, so that cats and things can't get down the side and get stuck.

16 (Tape 050803)

Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [4629] You have your biscuits and your tea.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4630] What?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4631] You can have your biscuits and your tea ... while I have
Kyle (PS0SC) [4632] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4633] my bath ... and you can come up and have one.
[4634] ... [radio on] Here are Kyle, here's your tea.
[4635] Oh I like this song!
[4636] Ooh!
[4637] Int he looking old?

17 (Tape 050804)

Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [4638] Morning father!
Wally (PS0SK) [4639] [...] misty Ray.
[4640] Morning!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4641] There's your ... tea there.
Wally (PS0SK) [4642] Ta.
[4643] Service!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4644] Oh well I know you come here before went home!
Wally (PS0SK) [4645] [sigh] ... Morning [...] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [4646] Granddad spoke to you!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4647] Hello.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4648] Dad, his father's got selective hearing.
Wally (PS0SK) [4649] Breakfast, comics and T V, can't be bad can it?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4650] Got a terrible life you know!
Wally (PS0SK) [4651] Mm.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4652] Awful life!
Wally (PS0SK) [4653] Just saw a little lad going off to school, carrying half hundred weight of books!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4654] Oh!
[4655] I know.
Wally (PS0SK) [4656] Poor little devil!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4657] Do you remember when I used to have to go
Wally (PS0SK) [4658] He must be walking up to the
Sandra (PS0SB) [4659] To
Wally (PS0SK) [4660] up to your school.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4661] I think it's a
Wally (PS0SK) [4662] Only a [...] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [4663] No, they don't have books
Wally (PS0SK) [4664] And he go , he were
Sandra (PS0SB) [4665] and homework from our school.
Wally (PS0SK) [4666] he walked up to the ... over here, so he's ... on his way up that side somewhere.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4667] He's being picked up to go to St. Joseph's, I bet.
[4668] The bus goes from the top corner.
Wally (PS0SK) [4669] Does it?
[4670] Ah. ... [...] . [sigh]
Kyle (PS0SC) [4671] Move [...] there a bit.
Wally (PS0SK) [4672] It ... Er dear! [sigh]
Tony (PS0SG) [4673] We finished at 's at quarter to ten last night.
Wally (PS0SK) [4674] Where?
Tony (PS0SG) [4675] Adrian .
Kyle (PS0SC) [4676] 's? 's? [...] ?
Tony (PS0SG) [4677] Well we're doing all that ... work for them.
Wally (PS0SK) [4678] Oh!
[4679] Over at Rugby?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4680] The Goldring Audit on ... Channel Four tonight, nine o'clock ... investigating the navy, H M S Invincible.
Tony (PS0SG) [4681] Channel Four?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4682] Mm.
Wally (PS0SK) [4683] [cough] ... Well they should take them off, only got about twenty ships left.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4684] It's on for an hour.
[4685] Pick of the day.
[4686] ... Just thought I'd told you for ... cos from the ... erm, title i , you wouldn't think it was about the navy.
Tony (PS0SG) [4687] Oh!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4688] Goldring Audit.
[4689] Would you?
Wally (PS0SK) [4690] Something Audit?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4691] Goldring Audit.
[4692] Think of Gold ring on your finger ... audit, when the bookkeeper comes.
Tony (PS0SG) [4693] Talking about books, mine are about due int they?
[4694] The V A T's about due again innit?
[4695] But I ain't had the ... demand letter.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4696] Oh eck! [laugh]
Tony (PS0SG) [4697] Oh eck!
[4698] She's seen [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4699] Oh I don't do all that.
[4700] All I, I do is the books.
Wally (PS0SK) [4701] That's bad enough.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4702] That's bad enough!
Wally (PS0SK) [4703] Mm.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4704] That's a weekend gone for [laughing] a ball of chalk [] !
Wally (PS0SK) [4705] Talking about that, did you see that programme, I heard it on the radio actually ... two days ago ... about the fiddles the banks have been working?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4706] Mm.
Wally (PS0SK) [4707] They've ruined more small businesses and a a ... overcharge
Sandra (PS0SB) [4708] I know, but but there's new legislation coming out.
Wally (PS0SK) [4709] Twenty bloody grand one firm lost!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4710] I know.
Wally (PS0SK) [4711] Another one was six grand.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4712] Well Peter was
Wally (PS0SK) [4713] And er
Sandra (PS0SB) [4714] erm ... he was ... taken to the wall by the banks weren't he?
[4715] It weren't erm
Wally (PS0SK) [4716] Mm.
[4717] Yeah.
[4718] If he'd, if ... the trouble with this system apparently,thi this [sneeze]
Tony (PS0SG) [4719] Why do you think we wanted to have an overdraft Wal?
[4720] Why do you think we don't get in
Wally (PS0SK) [4721] Yeah!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4722] Yeah!
Tony (PS0SG) [4723] [...] for the bank?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4724] God!
Wally (PS0SK) [4725] There's this bloke his ... well a chum of his actually ... got his statement ... and said this can't be blinking right!
[4726] Can't owe them that amount!
[4727] And he worked it out, he took about three or four weeks to work it out, and he'd been overcharged on the interest ... like.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4728] Trouble is, how can you work it out?
Wally (PS0SK) [4729] Well he was a
Sandra (PS0SB) [4730] We've been overcharged even on [...] haven't we?
Wally (PS0SK) [4731] Well he was a computer programmer ... so he designed his programme ... to to shorten the ac ... the system, like, you know ... and these have got together and now they're in business.
[4732] And one of the banks even employed them ... to borrow, you know, to get a copy of their programme ... to check their own system.
[4733] ... But it didn't say how much it cost for their services, you know.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4734] Ya.
Wally (PS0SK) [4735] But th they are, they're no , they're gonna make a bomb out of it!
[4736] ... Yeah, one firm six ... six grand they done him out of
Tony (PS0SG) [4737] Yeah.
Wally (PS0SK) [4738] and er, he was foreclosed for two.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4739] Mm.
Wally (PS0SK) [4740] In other words, if they hadn't got him with the six he'd never have gone bloody broke!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4741] Gone broke , yeah.
[4742] Yeah.
Tony (PS0SG) [4743] Mm.
[4744] Well Peter had a deal with the bank ... right, that they were gonna get so much money up
Wally (PS0SK) [4745] Yeah.
Tony (PS0SG) [4746] gives him an overdraft facility of so much money ... enable him to work when he moved, and they reneged on it!
Wally (PS0SK) [4747] Reneged on it?
Tony (PS0SG) [4748] Yeah.
[4749] And left him short ... and then ... when he ... had those bad debts
Wally (PS0SK) [4750] Yeah.
Tony (PS0SG) [4751] they just said, you know, no more!
Wally (PS0SK) [4752] Yeah.
Tony (PS0SG) [4753] Although he insisted ... right, that they did this, that, and the other ... and he followed their instructions to the letter
Wally (PS0SK) [4754] Mm.
Tony (PS0SG) [4755] he found himself deep in the shit!
Wally (PS0SK) [4756] Mm.
Tony (PS0SG) [4757] That's why he's so bloody anti banks!
Wally (PS0SK) [cough]
Tony (PS0SG) [4758] And if ever there's tuppence too much on the bloody account he's on the blower!
Wally (PS0SK) [4759] Mm.
[4760] Well according to, these blokes said, the only safe way of getting er ... money on overdraft ... is to go through a German bank.
[4761] It's cheaper ... much more understanding
Tony (PS0SG) [sneeze]
Wally (PS0SK) [4762] and easier to put money up front.
Tony (PS0SG) [4763] He always likes to do it their way.
Wally (PS0SK) [4764] Oh!
[4765] Our bank's gonna go ... out of space!
Tony (PS0SG) [4766] The British ,Bri , British bank are gonna take a dive!
Wally (PS0SK) [4767] They will!
Tony (PS0SG) [4768] If you got any money in the bank, get it out!
[4769] ... There'll be a run on a British banks like no tomorrow!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4770] You know that five P, can I have it back [laughing] then [] !
[4771] ... [laughing] Well we haven't got any worries, er, we ain't got no money in the bank [] !
Tony (PS0SG) [4772] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4773] Right Kyle because it's gone eight ... go to bed!
Wally (PS0SK) [4774] One of the best banks is is er
Sandra (PS0SB) [sneeze]
Wally (PS0SK) [4775] the Scottish innit?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4776] I got your tea here.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4777] Mm.
[4778] Oh!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4779] That's who erm ... Wendy banks with int it, Bank of Scotland?
Wally (PS0SK) [4780] They're one of the best.
Tony (PS0SG) [4781] Bank of Ireland Wendy uses, Allied Irish.
[4782] Mm.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4783] Why does she use Irish?
Tony (PS0SG) [4784] Cos they always give you the best deal.
[4785] ... And often, the Irish will take you on where other banks won't.
Wally (PS0SK) [4786] Yeah.
[4787] ... Ah!
[4788] Well!
[4789] ... Not that I have a lot to worry about.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4790] Ooh dad!
Wally (PS0SK) [4791] Yes?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4792] Is Anita in today?
[4793] Would I need to give you a lift home do you think?
Wally (PS0SK) [4794] Yeah don't worry ... don't worry, cos if Anita's coming in later I'll ask one of them.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4795] She normally comes about four o'clock on a Thursday.
Wally (PS0SK) [4796] No problem.
[4797] No problem darling.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4798] Well it's shopping night.
[4799] I mean, I'll
Wally (PS0SK) [4800] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4801] come and get you then do
Wally (PS0SK) [4802] No.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4803] my shopping after if
Wally (PS0SK) [4804] No.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4805] you like?
Wally (PS0SK) [4806] No, no, no.
[4807] You do your shopping.
[4808] I shan't be left.
Tony (PS0SG) [4809] See you.
Wally (PS0SK) [4810] Got a man over there doing sod all!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4811] Night!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4812] Well I don't know why if you don't [...] do you?
[4813] Well then, I've never used them much [...] .
Wally (PS0SK) [4814] Yeah well I, well don't, wouldn't worry about it.
[4815] Well that, I'm not abroad you know, I'm only [...] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [4816] Yeah I know.
Wally (PS0SK) [cough]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4817] In this weather I don't like you [...]
Wally (PS0SK) [cough]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4818] Say bye-bye to granddad.
Wally (PS0SK) [4819] Ta-ta [...] !
Kyle (PS0SC) [4820] Night.
Wally (PS0SK) [4821] [kiss] ... Be a good lad.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4822] Alright.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4823] I'll see you then dad.
Wally (PS0SK) [4824] Have you heard from Dee?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4825] No, not yet.
Wally (PS0SK) [4826] Not yet?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4827] No.
Wally (PS0SK) [4828] She hasn't wrote to you then?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4829] No.
Wally (PS0SK) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4830] [...] ... Right!
[4831] Come on then please.
Wally (PS0SK) [cough]
Kyle (PS0SC) [4832] Oh!
[4833] ... What was that?
[4834] Mum?
[4835] What was that?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4836] Gargling with T C P.
[4837] Sixteen

18 (Tape 051101)

Sandra (PS0SB) [4838] No, the post office isn't open now.
[4839] It's seven o'clock.
[4840] Ooh!
[4841] I better leave this ... pools money out.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4842] Yeah.
[4843] If we win it.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4844] Oh switch this ... light on for me again because the pools lady won't be able to see.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4845] What?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4846] The pools lady won't be able to see it if I don't leave the light on.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4847] Switch the light on?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4848] Can you pick that one up for me then?
[4849] There.
[4850] Look inside.
[4851] ... Ooh!
[4852] I haven't got my money to pay her!
[4853] ... I think your door's undone.
[4854] Come on car!
[4855] Don't stop playing on me now when I get home for a cup of tea!
[4856] [yawn] ... [yawning] Oh! [...] [] .
Kyle (PS0SC) [4857] Ah!
[4858] You found [...] ?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4859] What's that?
Kyle (PS0SC) [4860] [...] to the bag.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4861] Oh never mind.
[4862] Was
Kyle (PS0SC) [4863] Oh!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4864] it good?
Kyle (PS0SC) [4865] Yeah!
[4866] He gets brain damage ... nearly.
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [4867] Oh! [...]
Kyle (PS0SC) [4868] He neck starts to open.
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [4869] Said he gets brain damage, [laughing] I said quite literally [] !
Kyle (PS0SC) [4870] Nearly. [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4871] Yeah I know.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4872] Someone picks him up like that then ... bends him over
Sandra (PS0SB) [4873] Well you should have turned heating
Kyle (PS0SC) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4874] on!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4875] Oh!
[4876] No, I'm not cold in here.
[4877] I meant cold [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4878] Oh right!
Kyle (PS0SC) [4879] so he's up in the air and they do this.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4880] Mm.
[4881] You do this.
Kyle (PS0SC) [4882] Nanny!
[4883] And he flew over there and he landed on a metal chair.

19 (Tape 051102)

Sandra (PS0SB) [4884] Do you know Tony and Jackie on the P T A?
Deanne (PS0SH) [4885] Yeah.
[4886] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4887] Yeah, Kyle goes to Cubs with Robin.
[4888] I pick
Deanne (PS0SH) [4889] Oh!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4890] him up.
Deanne (PS0SH) [4891] Yeah, Laura's in Robin's class.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4892] Oh!
Deanne (PS0SH) [4893] So er, anyway, I er ... I've done this thing today, I've to come up with, I'll do this afternoon.
[4894] I'm quite proud of it!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4895] [laugh] ... What do you do Dudley Allen then?
Deanne (PS0SH) [4896] What the school?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4897] Yeah.
[4898] Do you
Deanne (PS0SH) [4899] No I'm , I'm only on the P T A.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4900] You're just
Deanne (PS0SH) [4901] That's it.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4902] on the P T A?
[4903] You don't actually work
Deanne (PS0SH) [4904] I work at the erm
Sandra (PS0SB) [4905] I know you work at Crown Hills don't you?
Deanne (PS0SH) [4906] Yeah.
[4907] And teach the
Sandra (PS0SB) [4908] They've got erm pilot scheme teaching the kids to drive haven't they?
Deanne (PS0SH) [4909] Yeah they said they have.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4910] Seems like erm a good idea actually.
Deanne (PS0SH) [4911] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4912] Keeps them off the streets doesn't it?
Deanne (PS0SH) [4913] Yeah!
[4914] I've been talking to some of them about it, it's meant to be, cos I didn't know it was going on, and I saw them in the paper, says oh!
[4915] I saw you in the paper!
[4916] Did you see me as well miss?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4917] Oh!
[4918] Oh!
Deanne (PS0SH) [4919] [laugh] ... Cos sometimes, some take a good picture and you know straight away the kids
Sandra (PS0SB) [4920] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [4921] and others can, you know ... sit and stare at it for an hour still wouldn't know who it was.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4922] That [laughing] bird's really having a go int it [] ?
Deanne (PS0SH) [4923] Oh he's comical
Sandra (PS0SB) [4924] He [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [4925] he is!
[4926] He has us in fits and the funny thing was we were sat listening to him the other night, all having us dinner, we're sat at table and it was ever so quiet listening to him and ... he sort of erm ... he mimics the other bird
Sandra (PS0SB) [4927] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [4928] he doesn't actually say, well he does say the odd word if you listen carefully, of his own
Sandra (PS0SB) [4929] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [4930] but other than that he mimics everything this one does, but cos it's in a softer tone than when Cork does it, he ... sounds quite funny.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4931] It's nice actually.
[4932] They're company for each other aren't they?
Deanne (PS0SH) [4933] Mm, yeah.
[4934] I think
Sandra (PS0SB) [4935] And they
Deanne (PS0SH) [4936] when ... we're out, you know ... when there's nobody here
Sandra (PS0SB) [4937] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [4938] like when we're all sitting in the front room at night and then they sa I think they chirp away to each other quite happily, you know.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4939] Ah ah!
[4940] ... [laugh] ... He don't know what to play with next, his mirror or his swing.
Deanne (PS0SH) [4941] I know.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4942] Dashing from one to the other.
Deanne (PS0SH) [4943] [laugh] ... That mirror goes through it!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4944] It's a nice
Deanne (PS0SH) [4945] But erm
Sandra (PS0SB) [4946] cage that is int it?
Deanne (PS0SH) [4947] Yeah, it was er ... a bargain that was!
[4948] It was erm ...
Unknown speaker (KDVPSUNK) [4949] Addams on Uppingham Road.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4950] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [4951] Well, the one in town closed down ... you know, next to Lewis's?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4952] Oh yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [4953] And so they had ... the stuff from there that wasn't ... that hadn't sold and
Sandra (PS0SB) [4954] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [4955] took it down to that shop ... and er, it was, I got it from there and it was ten pound!
Sandra (PS0SB) [4956] Good God!
Deanne (PS0SH) [4957] So, well say, I did, Lovell did. [clears throat]
Sandra (PS0SB) [4958] I didn't even realize the one in town had gone ... [laughing] till the other day [] .
Deanne (PS0SH) [4959] Didn't you?
Sandra (PS0SB) [4960] I thought Addams had gone
Deanne (PS0SH) [4961] Did you?
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [4962] I know!
[4963] [laugh] ... And I went round town on Saturday ... and I'd gone more or less from work as well so ... I'd got my big bag with me and ... ooh my shoulder!
[4964] I mean, we're in town
Sandra (PS0SB) [4965] Oh!
Deanne (PS0SH) [4966] for a couple of hours.
[4967] Shoulder were killing me!
[4968] So when I went, I had to go again on Monday ... I took just my purse in my pocket and thought oh this is bit, cos I mean I knew what I was going for, you know, weren't looking round for anything in particular and I thought this is bit risky!
[4969] So I nipped in and bought one of them little tiny bag, I've never had tiny bag before.
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [4970] And er, ooh I love it!
[4971] Every time I go out now I keep chucking this little bag [laughing] over my shoulder
Sandra (PS0SB) [4972] Oh!
Deanne (PS0SH) [4973] it's great, you know [] !
[4974] So used to having a great big thing, I am.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4975] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [4976] I think the bigger bag you put, the more you su rubbish
Sandra (PS0SB) [4977] Rubbi Oh!
Deanne (PS0SH) [4978] you put in it.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4979] The bag I used to use for work when I was a hired help, oh my God!
Deanne (PS0SH) [4980] Mm!
[4981] And you get a different one
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [4982] and you think next time I'll have one a bit bigger, you know, and then, next time one a bit bigger still
Sandra (PS0SB) [4983] Yeah.
[4984] That one weren't big enough, I couldn't get everything in it.
Deanne (PS0SH) [4985] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4986] And so , you just keep getting
Deanne (PS0SH) [4987] You end up
Sandra (PS0SB) [4988] Now I
Deanne (PS0SH) [4989] like a horse's nose bag over your shoulder
Sandra (PS0SB) [4990] Yeah!
Deanne (PS0SH) [4991] [laughing] don't []
Sandra (PS0SB) [4992] Now I've erm ... changed my job I just take my ordinary handbag.
Deanne (PS0SH) [4993] Mm.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4994] Mind you , I've gonna wear that out now, my leather bag aren't I?
[4995] Need another one.
Deanne (PS0SH) [4996] Well I got that one.
[4997] That's the little one I bought.
Sandra (PS0SB) [4998] Yeah!
[4999] That's nice.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5000] And it was ... four ninety nine from a shoe firm.
[5001] I thought, that's ideal just for
Sandra (PS0SB) [5002] That's leather int it?
Deanne (PS0SH) [5003] Yeah!
[5004] It is leather.
[5005] See.
[5006] Ideal for just walking round town.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5007] Oh!
[5008] That's great!
[5009] Four ninety nine?
Deanne (PS0SH) [5010] Yeah!
Sandra (PS0SB) [5011] Ooh!
[5012] I'll have to have a look in there.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5013] But they were all funny prices, some had got eight ninety nine on, and some had got four ninety nine, and I, couldn't see the difference.
[5014] I couldn't figure out which were ... and when the girl ... er, you know, when, when I took it to the counter she ... she said, ooh this is good value for [laughing] four ninety nine [] !
[5015] Int it leather?
[5016] Ooh!
[5017] You know, I said yeah!
[5018] I mean it's got a sticker on it, genuine leather.
[5019] I think they've either been priced wrong or somebody had
Sandra (PS0SB) [5020] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5021] I think somebody had sort of started pricing them and then somebody else had probably took over and they ended up with the wrong price on but ... I didn't mind! [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [5022] Well , you weren't gonna argue the toss!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5023] No.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5024] I got a dress in Marks's this week before last, seven ninety nine reduced from twenty nine ninety
Deanne (PS0SH) [5025] Oh!
Sandra (PS0SB) [5026] nine.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5027] Usually have a good sale though don't they?
[5028] They don't
Sandra (PS0SB) [5029] Yeah.
[5030] It was the only one.
[5031] Apparently it was some of the summer stock left.
[5032] You know, it's that floppy Viscose?
Deanne (PS0SH) [5033] Mm mm.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5034] You know?
Deanne (PS0SH) [5035] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5036] And it's, burgundy with cream spots ... button down front and then, sort of pleat starting from just below the waist.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5037] Oh that sounds nice!
Sandra (PS0SB) [5038] And fitted , you know?
Deanne (PS0SH) [5039] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5040] Seven ninety nine!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5041] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5042] I couldn't believe it!
[5043] My size!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5044] I got some sko some skirts last year from there ... my mum did, you know, she were quite pleased with them cos ... usually they're quite [...] aren't they?
Sandra (PS0SB) [5045] I love Marks's sale! [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [5046] Yeah.
[5047] ... I am, it's not a shop I go in very often.
[5048] I'm ... I'm not a ... Marks's or Lewis's, anything like that, I er er
Sandra (PS0SB) [5049] Oh I'm just Marks's.
[5050] I just like, I like the Marks's.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5051] Yeah.
[5052] No I'm not, I'm not very ... but, when I do go in ... I have a sort of look round and the prices usually
Sandra (PS0SB) [5053] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5054] astonish me!
[5055] And erm
Sandra (PS0SB) [5056] I find I get more value for my money though, cos it lasts me longer.
[5057] The stuff I buy from Marks's is always good quality.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5058] Yeah.
[5059] I don't like buying kid's
Sandra (PS0SB) [5060] They last longer.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5061] clothes from there.
[5062] Because I think tha i ... I don't like anything that lasts long on kids.
[5063] If yo if you understand what I mean.
[5064] I'd rather
Sandra (PS0SB) [5065] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5066] them wear it out ... I'd rather it
Sandra (PS0SB) [5067] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5068] wear out and me throw it away than it still be good and ... don't know what to do with it, you know, you're thinking
Sandra (PS0SB) [5069] [laughing] Yeah []
Deanne (PS0SH) [5070] oh this is still too good to put in the rag bag basically, you know, that sort of.
[5071] I'd rather have it
Sandra (PS0SB) [5072] Oh I've got loads of people I pass stuff on to.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5073] Yeah.
[5074] Well I
Sandra (PS0SB) [5075] I mean
Deanne (PS0SH) [5076] do if I've got anything, but I find half the time, I mean, it's like jeans and things, if you go into Marks's you can spend fifteen pound on a
Sandra (PS0SB) [5077] Oh!
[5078] I never buy I never buy for him in Marks's.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5079] No.
[5080] Kids' jeans fifteen pound!
[5081] And they
Sandra (PS0SB) [5082] I tell you what I do for jeans, I get them from car boot sales now!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5083] Yeah.
[5084] Well I've been, I've just bought, I bought some on Monday for Laura ... and I got them from Rascals.
[5085] Now they were only ... one pair were ... er, eleven ninety nine, and one pair, well I mean she is ten now ... one pair were eleven ninety nine, and one pair were ... thirteen ninety nine I think, but then we've got ten percent off ... so that weren't too bad.
[5086] And then ... one pair were, didn't fit right when she got them home, so, I've took them back ... and, got another pair.
[5087] And I've also saw some in there for Danny as well, and they were only seven ninety nine.
[5088] Well I pay that anywhere for Danny's.
[5089] The black jeans.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5090] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5091] So I thought that were quite good really.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5092] Mm!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5093] Being a shop like that, cos that's usually, well ... can be dear in there.
[5094] But normally I get them off the market.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5095] Where is Rascals?
Deanne (PS0SH) [5096] It's in the arcade.
[5097] You know in one of the arcades?
Sandra (PS0SB) [5098] Oh I know!
[5099] They do all the page boy outfits and things in there?
[5100] Is that it?
Deanne (PS0SH) [5101] Erm ... I don't know, they could do.
[5102] I've never really looked at that side of it, you know, so I don't really know.
[5103] But they most probably do.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5104] I think that's where his page boy outfit come from.
[5105] Corner of [...] Street in the arcade?
[5106] Is it that one?
Deanne (PS0SH) [5107] No it's not on the corner, it's further in.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5108] Oh I know!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5109] You know the Swiss Cottage, opposite there.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5110] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5111] That's where it is.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5112] I know!
[5113] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5114] But, as I say, again, it's not a shop I often go in.
[5115] I mean I ... they've got a, a stall on the market, I've seen something on the market ... on that stall, but they've not got it in ... their size and they'll say to you, ooh, go over to the shop, you know, and you go over
Sandra (PS0SB) [5116] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5117] to the shop and then you find more things you like when you're in there.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5118] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5119] But it's not, normally, a shop I just go to.
[5120] It's usually from the market stall, when I get sent over there.
[5121] Cos I like the market, I really do.
[5122] The only thing I dislike it for, you can never find the same stall if you've got to take anything back.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5123] Back, yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [5124] That's it, it's when you come to take stuff back int it, the market?
[5125] I got a, good buy for him on ... that coat he's wearing, got it in Benny's.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5126] Mm.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5127] I'd never been in there before but
Deanne (PS0SH) [5128] Oh it's cheap!
Sandra (PS0SB) [5129] but it's good!
[5130] Yeah!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5131] Yeah!
Sandra (PS0SB) [5132] And er, it's Cam Campri.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5133] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5134] And it ...
Deanne (PS0SH) [5135] Oh I thought you said Campari
Sandra (PS0SB) [5136] was thirty six quid
Deanne (PS0SH) [5137] what you
Sandra (PS0SB) [5138] Yeah!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5139] said. [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [5140] and er, it was thirty six pound, but she knocked another three pound off cos there was a little mark on the front which just ... sponged off as soon as I got home.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5141] Mm mm!
[5142] That's the way to do it!
Sandra (PS0SB) [5143] We were thrilled with it, you know.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5144] Well, considering there's not supposed to be any V A T on kid's things, I mean
Sandra (PS0SB) [5145] Phworgh!
[5146] God!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5147] only the price of the adult ones aren't they?
Sandra (PS0SB) [5148] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5149] I mean, it's like the jeans, I say, for Laura I paid fourteen ninety nine for a pair there, and eleven ninety nine for the other pair, well I've been ... and got myself two pair ... cos I mean, it's more or less all I wear ... just a, a couple of weeks before, and I'd only paid twelve ninety nine a pair for my own!
Sandra (PS0SB) [5150] Mm!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5151] So I mean, I had actually paid more for ... hers er, than, you know.
[5152] Well I think they're so, my own I don't mind paying a bit more for really, because they're so ... last me such a long while.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5153] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5154] I wear them day in, day out, you know.
[5155] I mean, I ... I've got like five pair at the moment.
[5156] Some what I call are comfy ones, some that I can't breathe in, you know!
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [5157] [laughing] My going out ones [] .
Sandra (PS0SB) [5158] Oh I can't wear jeans now.
[5159] When I've lost weight.
[5160] There's a Weightwatchers opened in the school.
[5161] Oh!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5162] Oh I know , I went the first night.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5163] Did you?
Deanne (PS0SH) [5164] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5165] Any good?
Deanne (PS0SH) [5166] Well ... I only,th I mean ... the woman made me feel dead small because I said to her ... you know, she was asking everybody why they'd come and I said, well I've only come to give Chris moral support, which was the truth because ... until about three hours before ... we went, I didn't even know it was there
Sandra (PS0SB) [5167] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5168] and she rang up and said that she wanted to go and would I go with her?
[5169] And I said yes, you see.
[5170] Of course, the woman said why do you come?
[5171] So I says, well I've come for Chris really.
[5172] So she said, oh they all say that!
[5173] And she made me feel about two inches high
Sandra (PS0SB) [5174] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5175] you know!
Sandra (PS0SB) [5176] Are you going again?
Deanne (PS0SH) [5177] Well I didn't go, no, cos Chris int going, so I didn't bother going but ... I must admit, I mean, when she gave me the papers and what have you that goes with it, I come home, I put it in the cupboard and I've not even looked at it since.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5178] Mm.
[5179] Three pound eighty
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [5180] int it?
Deanne (PS0SH) [5181] Yeah.
[5182] But the re th the actual thing's free.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5183] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5184] The erm
Sandra (PS0SB) [5185] Registration.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5186] Yeah.
[5187] It's supposed to be eight pound or something
Sandra (PS0SB) [5188] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5189] normally.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5190] I'm trying to diet on my own.
[5191] Well I've been doing it for a
Deanne (PS0SH) [5192] In fact
Sandra (PS0SB) [5193] fortnight.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5194] I mean ... it's okay like if you're getting weighed with other people, and yes, it's quite nice and you've got the encouragement and everything, but when all's said and done, dieting ... dieting is all down to willpower.
[5195] It don't matter how much
Sandra (PS0SB) [5196] I know.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5197] at any class, you can't buy that.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5198] No.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5199] It's all down to yourself.
[5200] ... I'm not into dieting, I'm into food. [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [5201] Oh I'm into food all the time!
[5202] Trouble is, I got three dinner ... parties coming up, you know, well ... out
Deanne (PS0SH) [5203] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5204] for dinner and dinner parties ... [sighing] so I'm sort of frantically trying to cut down [] , and then, you know, one dinner party and then I put it
Deanne (PS0SH) [5205] And then eat, yeah, that's it.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5206] straight back on again!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5207] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5208] What do you do, cut out your social life, you know?
Deanne (PS0SH) [5209] Well ... that's what the argument's always been int it?
[5210] You know, I mean ... even at these diet clubs, oh well, you know don't stop going out just eat what you, but if you go out and you're eating ... sweets for ... you know, after your dinner
Sandra (PS0SB) [5211] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5212] you have a sweet and all that sort of thing, I mean you can't ... I can't resist them if I go out for a meal, I've got to have the sweet, I'd rather have the sweet
Sandra (PS0SB) [5213] Mm.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5214] than the main!
Sandra (PS0SB) [5215] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5216] I mean th the starters I'm never too fussy about.
[5217] I can take or leave that but ... I do like the main course, I do like
Sandra (PS0SB) [5218] Depends on the starter, if it's a nice, a special starter then, ooh!
[5219] I want it!
[5220] You know, but
Deanne (PS0SH) [5221] No , I'm never ... no they don't bother me.
[5222] They often put me off my meal.
[5223] But erm ... sweets, I could eat ... well ... mine and somebody [laughing] else's [] !
[5224] If I put my mind to it, you know!
Sandra (PS0SB) [5225] If they're, if they're nice ones, yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [5226] Yeah.
[5227] If they're nice ones.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5228] Yeah, just the nice ones.
[5229] I mean, cheesecake!
Sandra (PS0SB) [5230] Ah!
[5231] Ooh yeah!
[5232] Especially
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [5233] when it's a homemade one.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5234] Mm.
[5235] I mean, crumble, I like crumble.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5236] I've just stopped baking cos I'm dieting, I have
Deanne (PS0SH) [5237] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5238] stopped baking!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5239] Well I must admit, I have, I mean I don't do ... well ... I used to make quite nice cakes, since I've had this new cooker mine won't ri I mean they rise, there's no doubt about that, they rise, but I can take them out, put them on a cooling rack and watch them deflate!
Sandra (PS0SB) [5240] Deflate.
[5241] Oh!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5242] [laughing] You know [] !
[5243] They just
Sandra (PS0SB) [5244] Sickening!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5245] go down and ... well that irritates me, so I've so I've give up that.
[5246] The only thing I can make is my normal, what I call a family fruit cake, which is very simple and quick i well not quick really but, I usually have it on when the Sunday roast's doing so ... but erm ... and that's about it, you know.
[5247] They rai they do fine but
Sandra (PS0SB) [5248] I can't resist it, once I've made it I can't resist it.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5249] I love it when it's warm!
Sandra (PS0SB) [5250] Ah!
[5251] Oh yeah!
Deanne (PS0SH) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [5252] Ooh!
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [5253] I tell you, I just, I just started to [...] .
Deanne (PS0SH) [5254] There we go.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5255] Have you noticed I've done it with Loving Care?
[5256] Not
Deanne (PS0SH) [5257] Your colour?
[5258] I, I
Sandra (PS0SB) [5259] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5260] thought, yeah, I thought it looked a nice colour, it does look, you know, it does look nice and shiny and
Sandra (PS0SB) [5261] It's been done, it's been done about two weeks
Deanne (PS0SH) [5262] and it's
Sandra (PS0SB) [5263] now.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5264] er
Sandra (PS0SB) [5265] And it gave it some condition, you know, when I
Deanne (PS0SH) [5266] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5267] did it with that.
[5268] So er
Kyle (PS0SC) [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [5269] It looks much better a bit shorter, it's got much more shape to it.
[5270] It looks
Sandra (PS0SB) [5271] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5272] nice, yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5273] It'd just grown out that, I knew
Deanne (PS0SH) [5274] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5275] you know, the last
Deanne (PS0SH) [5276] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5277] week or so, it just got that bit
Deanne (PS0SH) [5278] I mean, the side bits look nice heavier cos it's ... it gives you that ... it goes up that way.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5279] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5280] Instead of just coming down
Sandra (PS0SB) [5281] It does.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5282] in a V shape
Sandra (PS0SB) [5283] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5284] it goes up that way.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5285] I need it to go up that way
Deanne (PS0SH) [5286] That's right.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5287] it just suits
Deanne (PS0SH) [5288] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5289] me better.
[5290] Thanks ever so much Julie for cutting it.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5291] Alright.
[5292] [...] twenty two.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5293] No, I'll er ... prefer to go this way.
Deanne (PS0SH) [...] [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [5294] Ooh yeah!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5295] Well
Sandra (PS0SB) [5296] I prefer it [...] .
Deanne (PS0SH) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [5297] Oh!
[5298] Aren't you good?
Deanne (PS0SH) [5299] No just that he was ... you know, just a bit concerned that's the logo thing and I thought well what does it look like?
[5300] I know it's a black raven on ... the thing and the [...] written over the top of it.
[5301] ... The only thing is i it would have been nicer if it had of printed.
[5302] I mean that sort of yo er yo er, although, really you want them to see that cos they know what it's about then, then they'll read that, but, it would have been nice if that had of been ... darker
Sandra (PS0SB) [5303] Yeah.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5304] like this, but that, I'd done, you know, you could do on the typewriter and that so
Sandra (PS0SB) [5305] No.
[5306] That's brilliant!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5307] Well I thought that was quite good.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5308] Well it's eye-catching isn't
Deanne (PS0SH) [5309] Mm!
Sandra (PS0SB) [5310] it?
[5311] It's what you want.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5312] Just coloured in quick.
[5313] I mean, it'll be a photocopied finally [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [5314] Oh I had to learn how to use that photocopier, ooh and a [...] and, oh my giddy aunt!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5315] Oh well, it's all
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Deanne (PS0SH) [5316] experience int it?
Sandra (PS0SB) [5317] She reckons she's gonna teach me computers.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5318] Great stuff!
Sandra (PS0SB) [5319] [sigh] ... We'll see!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5320] Well, we're just trying to get ours to work tonight, it's broke down.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5321] What the computer?
Deanne (PS0SH) [5322] The , mm.
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Deanne (PS0SH) [5323] Er, I think it's the, the lead ... you know, that goes from the computer
Sandra (PS0SB) [5324] Oh yeah!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5325] to the plug?
Sandra (PS0SB) [5326] You tried wiggling it about?
Deanne (PS0SH) [5327] Yeah. [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [5328] Could be two ends broken and
Deanne (PS0SH) [5329] and then it, yeah.
[5330] And then it, so Mick took
Sandra (PS0SB) [5331] Oh well then.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5332] it to pieces and, see if he can, of course it's one of them that you can't put back together, like
Sandra (PS0SB) [5333] Oh!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5334] moulded on aren't they?
Sandra (PS0SB) [5335] Yeah.
[5336] You gotta buy a new lead haven't
Deanne (PS0SH) [5337] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5338] you?
Deanne (PS0SH) [5339] So he's gonna get one of them really.
[5340] That's a lot of money!
[5341] Tt!
[5342] Lucky anyway.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5343] [laughing] It's always something innit [] !
Deanne (PS0SH) [5344] Well, that's it!
Sandra (PS0SB) [5345] Right!
[5346] See you in a few weeks again.
Deanne (PS0SH) [5347] Okay then.
[5348] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5349] Thanks ever so much Julie!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5350] Alright then.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5351] Bye!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5352] Bye!
[5353] Thank you.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5354] Got your comic?
Kyle (PS0SC) [5355] Yep.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5356] You've been ever so, ever so noisy you have!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5357] [...] Ooh yeah!
Sandra (PS0SB) [5358] Ain't he been [laughing] noisy [] ?
Deanne (PS0SH) [5359] Definitely!
Sandra (PS0SB) [5360] [laugh] ... See you Julie!
Deanne (PS0SH) [5361] Okay.
[5362] Ta-ta!
Sandra (PS0SB) [5363] Bye!

20 (Tape 051103)

Pat (PS0SJ) [5364] Beige and brown mottled.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5365] Mm.
Pat (PS0SJ) [5366] Which I think would go out there.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5367] Mm.
Pat (PS0SJ) [5368] So I, I, I said I'd ring him back and, I, this bloke's supposed to be here before one ... he'd got half hour to turn up ... if he's not here at one I'm gonna ring this other one and tell him he can do it.
[5369] He only lives at Wigston anyway.
[5370] Er, that's not bad two hundred and thirty seven fully fitted and everything
Sandra (PS0SB) [5371] Mm.
Pat (PS0SJ) [5372] and ... yeah, your plumber's not been.
[5373] I've been here all morning.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5374] I had a frantic clean round this morning in case he come!
Pat (PS0SJ) [5375] Yeah.
[5376] Have you rung Keith or Ke Tony dear?
Sandra (PS0SB) [5377] No.
[5378] [...] rung Keith and Keith said he didn't know whether he'd be able to come today but he'd do his best.
[5379] But ... we're going away ... well I am coming home tonight now.
[5380] You know we're going to Nottingham ... to a party?
Pat (PS0SJ) [5381] Are you?
Sandra (PS0SB) [5382] Yeah, we're going to party in Nottingham tonight.
Pat (PS0SJ) [5383] Taking Kyle?
Sandra (PS0SB) [5384] Mm.
Pat (PS0SJ) [5385] Oh!
Sandra (PS0SB) [5386] And we were gonna stay the night ... but Gary's got his mum staying as well and he sa he says, you know, if you stay can you bring some bedding and that?
[5387] And, I said, well we won't stay Gary cos co Tony's gotta go to work early in the morning ... and er ... I won't drink and I'll drive home.
Pat (PS0SJ) [5388] So you're driving back from Nottingham
Sandra (PS0SB) [5389] Mm.
Pat (PS0SJ) [5390] tonight?
Sandra (PS0SB) [5391] It only takes us three quarters of an hour.
Pat (PS0SJ) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [5392] Mm.
Pat (PS0SJ) [5393] In the Granada?
[5394] ... [sighing] Oh [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [5395] If I have two glasses of wine, cos I'm dieting anyway so
Pat (PS0SJ) [5396] Two [...] , [laughing] [...] [] ! [...] all bloody all morning waiting for this sodding man!
[5397] And he still ain't come!
[5398] Well ... so ... he sa could still turn up this afternoon this man then?
[5399] See Keith was supposed to be coming Wednesday to do a couple of little bits, finish off this conservatory, he's finished but he says there's one or two bits he wanted to do.
[5400] And he's had all his money now, we've paid him.
[5401] And he didn't turn up Wednesday, I sat here all bloody day Wednesday and he didn't turn up!
[5402] So ... [laughing] I get sick of sitting here waiting for people to
Sandra (PS0SB) [5403] For tradesmen.
Pat (PS0SJ) [5404] come [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [5405] Mm.
Pat (PS0SJ) [5406] You sure you don't want a couple of [...] ?
Sandra (PS0SB) [5407] I would dearly love one, but don't keep [laughing] tempting me [] !
Pat (PS0SJ) [5408] Well have one lump.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5409] I better not mum.
Pat (PS0SJ) [5410] I'm really sorry then.
[5411] [laughing] Oh [] !
[5412] ... Oh!
Sandra (PS0SB) [5413] I'm not buying anything nice, we're just knee deep in fruit and veg! [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [5414] I know what it's like, you know.
[5415] It's li I wo ke [laughing] I won't keep on [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [5416] Oh nanny used to da it was nanny's birthday Wednesday did you
Pat (PS0SJ) [5417] I know.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5418] Mm.
Pat (PS0SJ) [5419] Yeah I did know.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5420] I did say happy birthday to her.
Pat (PS0SJ) [5421] I sang it all day long!
[5422] And I was here all on my own, I kept singing it!
[5423] [laugh] ... I thought, if she could hear she thinks [laughing] I'm bloody crackers [] !
Sandra (PS0SB) [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [5424] Have you had enough of this have you?
Sandra (PS0SB) [5425] Well I can't get any more off that apple! [laugh]
Pat (PS0SJ) [5426] Do you want an orange? [laugh]
Sandra (PS0SB) [5427] I don't feel hungry it's just a psychological thing when you're dieting isn't it, that you, you feel
Pat (PS0SJ) [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [5428] that
Pat (PS0SJ) [5429] I say, an orange is not fattening.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5430] in case you're gonna be hungry you think well I'll just have so and so and then it's
Pat (PS0SJ) [5431] Mm.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5432] it's the wrong thing to do really.
Pat (PS0SJ) [5433] I got some ... erm ... er wheaty biscuits, you know, diety, wheaty
Sandra (PS0SB) [5434] I've had, I've had two slices of wholemeal bread
Pat (PS0SJ) [5435] Oh yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5436] with Gold and Marmite on, and an apple.
Pat (PS0SJ) [5437] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5438] And it's all I normally have and I'm not hungry in the
Pat (PS0SJ) [5439] Ah well.
Sandra (PS0SB) [5440] afternoons.
[5441] If I have a cup of coffee I'm okay.
[5442] Can you ... get rid of that for me?
[5443] Ta.
Pat (PS0SJ) [5444] Yep!
Sandra (PS0SB) [5445] Let me just check her wages.
Pat (PS0SJ) [5446] Did you wha
Sandra (PS0SB) [5447] Put er, put er ... pay it into the bank for her now.
Pat (PS0SJ) [5448] Is her bank book all upstairs then? [...]
Sandra (PS0SB) [5449] No I don't think so, no.
Pat (PS0SJ) [5450] She's gonna have to claim tax back.
[5451] She knows that though don't she?
Sandra (PS0SB) [5452] She owes me two quid of this money.
Pat (PS0SJ) [5453] You'll have to er ... get hold of a tax form or something.
Sandra (PS0SB) [...]
Pat (PS0SJ) [5454] That's a funny wage slip!
[5455] Innit?
Sandra (PS0SB) [5456] Pay advice.
[5457] A hundred and forty five sixty two?