27 conversations recorded by `Sandra2' (PS1C1) between 9 and 16 January 1992 with 25 interlocutors, totalling 8669 s-units, 58393 words (duration not recorded).

25 speakers recorded by respondent number 41

PS1C1 Ag3 f (Sandra, age 41, student, Lancashire, )
PS1C2 Ag4 f (June, age 58, housewife, North-west Midlands, ) friend
PS1C3 Ag5 f (Mary, age 62, housewife, North-west Midlands, ) friend
PS1C4 Ag4 f (Pat, age 53, housewife, North-west Midlands, ) friend
PS1C5 Ag5 f (Louis, age 60, housewife, North-west Midlands, ) friend
PS1C6 Ag3 f (Marg, age 43, housewife, North-west Midlands, ) friend
PS1J2 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS1J3 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS1J4 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS1J5 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS1J6 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS1J7 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS1J8 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS1J9 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS1JA X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS1JC X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS1JD X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS1JE X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS1JG Ag0 m (Alex, age 7, student, North-west Midlands, ) friend's son
PS1JH Ag0 m (Simon, age 9, student, North-west Midlands, ) friend's son
PS1JJ Ag3 m (Garry, age 40, teacher, North-west Midlands, ) friend
PS1JK X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS1JN X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS1JP X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS6TL X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified

27 recordings

  1. Tape 056501 recorded on 1992-01-09. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme () Activity: meeting of committee for voluntary fundraisers
  2. Tape 056502 recorded on 1992-01-09. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme () Activity: meeting of committee for voluntary fundraisers
  3. Tape 056601 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( Home ) Activity: Playing chinese chequers
  4. Tape 056602 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( Home ) Activity: Playing chinese chequers
  5. Tape 056603 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( Car ) Activity: Travelling to university.
  6. Tape 056801 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( Home ) Activity: conversation and badminton
  7. Tape 056802 recorded on 1992-01-14. LocationStaffordshire: Keele ( University ) Activity: Tutorial lecture
  8. Tape 056901 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 056902 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 056903 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( Home ) Activity: Eating dinner.
  11. Tape 056904 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( Home ) Activity: Eating dinner.
  12. Tape 056905 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  13. Tape 057001 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( at home ) Activity: children playing on computer
  14. Tape 057002 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( at home ) Activity: playing computer
  15. Tape 057003 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( at home ) Activity: playing computer
  16. Tape 057004 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( at home ) Activity: playing computer
  17. Tape 057005 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  18. Tape 057006 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  19. Tape 057007 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  20. Tape 057101 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  21. Tape 057201 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  22. Tape 057202 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  23. Tape 057401 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  24. Tape 057402 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  25. Tape 057403 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  26. Tape 057404 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  27. Tape 057405 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( home ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 056501)

June (PS1C2) [1] What's this for?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2] I'll tell you all about that afterwards, and then you can tell me if you don't want to.
[3] ... I'll put it
June (PS1C2) [4] Alright?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5] away.
June (PS1C2) [6] Yeah.
[7] They can't
Sandra (PS1C1) [8] And then nobody'll think about it.
Mary (PS1C3) [...]
Pat (PS1C4) [9] Oh!
Mary (PS1C3) [10] Yeah, that's true.
June (PS1C2) [11] Here!
[12] I don't know whether I'm starting a hernia or ulcer.
Pat (PS1C4) [13] Oh dear!
Louis (PS1C5) [14] Oh!
[15] I've got a fairly [...] .
Mary (PS1C3) [16] Hiatus one?
June (PS1C2) [17] Er, I think it is.
Mary (PS1C3) [18] Yeah?
June (PS1C2) [19] Er, what's it's ... I was still on traction you see, and last week when I went ... I thought I'd got these hives.
Mary (PS1C3) [20] Oh!
Louis (PS1C5) [21] Yet I sat [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [22] I'll
June (PS1C2) [23] I
Sandra (PS1C1) [24] leave that behind.
June (PS1C2) [25] I couldn't make up my mind what it was.
[26] Anyway, I told her today, and she says it's nothing to do with it.
[27] But well, I've got it again.
Sandra (PS1C1) [28] Oh!
June (PS1C2) [29] And so I'm thinking it's ... Sally says keeping moaning, go to the doctors.
Sandra (PS1C1) [laugh]
Louis (PS1C5) [30] Hi Sandra!
Marg (PS1C6) [31] Hello Sandra!
Sandra (PS1C1) [32] Hello!
Louis (PS1C5) [33] Hello!
Marg (PS1C6) [34] Hello!
Sandra (PS1C1) [35] Hello!
Marg (PS1C6) [36] Hello!
[37] I'm [...] , she can't come [...]
June (PS1C2) [38] Yesterday's carols.
Marg (PS1C6) [39] with us yet.
[40] I think er, the good times are over judging by the way the
June (PS1C2) [41] And they're stretched far back you see.
Sandra (PS1C1) [42] Oh yeah.
Mary (PS1C3) [43] Mind you, we've done pretty well haven't we?
Sandra (PS1C1) [44] Ooh ah!
June (PS1C2) [45] Oh yeah!
[46] Yeah!
Mary (PS1C3) [47] And nice, that lady who ... left it there.
June (PS1C2) [48] I've left it there.
[49] Shown you, that was
Sandra (PS1C1) [50] Oh yeah!
June (PS1C2) [51] one of my Christmas presents!
Sandra (PS1C1) [52] Oh!
June (PS1C2) [53] Well they
Sandra (PS1C1) [54] That's nice!
June (PS1C2) [55] well they wanted twenty!
Sandra (PS1C1) [56] [laughing] Oh [] !
Mary (PS1C3) [57] Who was that you did?
[58] Do you know?
June (PS1C2) [59] Er, [...] Grammar Catholic.
Mary (PS1C3) [60] Oh!
[61] What are the [...] ?
June (PS1C2) [62] Christmas presents.
Pat (PS1C4) [63] Are they all [...] ?
June (PS1C2) [64] [...] the back of you [...] , I mean couldn't you just
Sandra (PS1C1) [65] That's [...] . [...]
Pat (PS1C4) [66] I like the, no, that, that sums up the glory
Sandra (PS1C1) [67] Yeah, yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [68] of it.
June (PS1C2) [69] Doesn't it?
Sandra (PS1C1) [70] Oh yeah.
Mary (PS1C3) [71] How much do I owe you?
June (PS1C2) [72] Well have a [...] .
Mary (PS1C3) [73] Well I've got my coat on why don't you come round and annoy me!
Sandra (PS1C1) [laugh]
None (PS6TL) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [74] It was.
[75] That was Christmas Eve
Mary (PS1C3) [76] You sure?
Sandra (PS1C1) [77] wasn't it?
Mary (PS1C3) [78] I know what you're gonna
Louis (PS1C5) [79] No!
Mary (PS1C3) [80] get.
Louis (PS1C5) [81] The other one was Christmas day!
Mary (PS1C3) [82] [...] !
Louis (PS1C5) [83] [...] I know!
(PS001) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [84] Here's our lady.
[85] Our resuscitation lady.
June (PS1C2) [86] Yes.
[87] That's the only good'un int it?
Sandra (PS1C1) [88] Aye, aye
None (PS6TL) [...]
Marg (PS1C6) [89] Who, who put that write up in the
Sandra (PS1C1) [90] I haven't put it in.
Marg (PS1C6) [91] I thought you had.
Sandra (PS1C1) [92] No!
[93] No!
[94] I haven't put it in.
Mary (PS1C3) [95] Nothing to do with me.
[96] I thought you'd
Sandra (PS1C1) [97] No.
Mary (PS1C3) [98] done it.
Sandra (PS1C1) [99] No.
Marg (PS1C6) [100] No.
Mary (PS1C3) [101] In the Advertiser tonight.
Sandra (PS1C1) [102] I didn't know there was one in!
Marg (PS1C6) [103] Well that's
Pat (PS1C4) [104] Oh yeah!
Marg (PS1C6) [105] what I thought you were going on about.
[106] You have to take it out.
Pat (PS1C4) [107] Yeah I, that's what I thought.
(PS001) [...]
Pat (PS1C4) [108] Oh!
[109] Julie!
[110] What have you been doing now?
June (PS1C2) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [111] Well it's in our paper then?
(PS001) [...]
Louis (PS1C5) [112] I bet you thought I was, I did it [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [113] Yes, I thought you'd done it now.
June (PS1C2) [114] We're just getting [...] his presentation.
None (PS6TL) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [115] Oh I thought they hadn't
June (PS1C2) [116] Oh I [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [...]
June (PS1C2) [117] when I get home.
Pat (PS1C4) [118] What?
Mary (PS1C3) [119] How many?
None (PS6TL) [120] I dunno.
[121] I didn't [...] ... because I said er, could say she put a hat on.
(PS001) [...]
None (PS6TL) [122] [...] .
[123] They haven't put in.
[124] Then how well [...]
June (PS1C2) [125] Yes, but I don't you have.
None (PS6TL) [...]
None (PS6TL) [126] But she has!
June (PS1C2) [127] Placed it into there.
None (PS6TL) [128] But she has.
Sandra (PS1C1) [129] You look
None (PS6TL) [130] She has.
Sandra (PS1C1) [131] you look like you're in a drunken stupor don't you?
None (PS6TL) [132] Well she couldn't get up!
(PS001) [...]
June (PS1C2) [133] [laugh] ... She's done that then
Pat (PS1C4) [134] Oh!
June (PS1C2) [135] they just dropped.
Louis (PS1C5) [136] That was, what with being dropped
Mary (PS1C3) [...]
Louis (PS1C5) [137] at the end of the day.
Sandra (PS1C1) [138] Must have been green.
[139] Something in green.
Louis (PS1C5) [140] This was, at the end of the day when we finally
Mary (PS1C3) [141] Oh!
Louis (PS1C5) [142] sat down and said
Sandra (PS1C1) [143] Well I said but
Louis (PS1C5) [144] well I said as mu if I didn't take my shoes off it
Mary (PS1C3) [145] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [146] ooh I was ever so poorly!
None (PS6TL) [147] [...] end of the week.
Mary (PS1C3) [148] Yeah.
June (PS1C2) [149] You went white
Pat (PS1C4) [150] Yeah.
June (PS1C2) [151] you did.
Louis (PS1C5) [152] And I was really, and, and the thought
Mary (PS1C3) [153] But you [...]
Louis (PS1C5) [154] of being ill [...]
June (PS1C2) [155] Yes, you went white.
None (PS6TL) [laugh]
Marg (PS1C6) [156] Oh gosh!
Sandra (PS1C1) [157] I just hope you're there [laughing] quick enough [] !
Louis (PS1C5) [158] I know Elizabeth was praying for me and James was, and my mother was.
[159] And Julie was.
June (PS1C2) [160] White she went!
Louis (PS1C5) [161] We got a hundred and thirty pins out in fifteen minutes on the twentieth didn't we Margaret?
Marg (PS1C6) [162] Mm.
[163] Yeah, and then go and put a [...] in the paper.
Sandra (PS1C1) [164] Yes.
[165] Oh I know
June (PS1C2) [166] Ah!
Sandra (PS1C1) [...]
Louis (PS1C5) [167] What was the [...] again?
Marg (PS1C6) [168] I went down and told them!
Pat (PS1C4) [169] I should, I said oh they int ... I said obviously they weren't there!
Marg (PS1C6) [170] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [171] Yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [172] I went down ... but, but they haven't put it back in the
Louis (PS1C5) [173] How many times they get it wrong!
[174] But what's so [...] down there?
(PS001) [175] Yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [176] Yeah I know, yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [177] You know I wish I hadn't [...] .
June (PS1C2) [...] [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [178] Oh is that so?
June (PS1C2) [179] and they put an article in saying, it's got nothing to do with it at all!
[180] And it's fairly easy [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [181] Oh!
Marg (PS1C6) [182] Yeah.
[183] Yes, I er, I went down and told them but they haven't pu they haven't put it back in.
Sandra (PS1C1) [184] Anyway, Mary will have a sense of authority, she's going to [...]
None (PS6TL) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [185] she may go in his lecture, she'll meet him.
[186] Or like that when they [...]
June (PS1C2) [187] Well there won't be anybody
Sandra (PS1C1) [188] how much er
June (PS1C2) [189] coming this week should they?
Sandra (PS1C1) [190] and er
Pat (PS1C4) [191] No.
Sandra (PS1C1) [...]
Mary (PS1C3) [192] I rang Cathy from Market Drayton
June (PS1C2) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [193] Oh yes Mary.
Mary (PS1C3) [194] I put it on the ... [...] machine ... and I didn't think she would ... she'd get over just for the meeting at night, but I did.
[195] And I rang Je
Sandra (PS1C1) [196] Oh!
Mary (PS1C3) [197] Jenny and Dave ... passed it on to them
June (PS1C2) [198] Yeah.
Mary (PS1C3) [199] for Mr and Mrs , so
June (PS1C2) [200] Yeah.
Mary (PS1C3) [201] whether or not they do make it.
[202] Er
Sandra (PS1C1) [203] Oh yeah!
Mary (PS1C3) [204] but I did say seven
June (PS1C2) [205] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [206] Yeah.
Mary (PS1C3) [207] so
Sandra (PS1C1) [208] She understands.
[209] Oh yes, it was at the end wasn't it?
Mary (PS1C3) [210] Well we just sort of sat down and said ... [laughing] anything to eat!
[211] Anything to eat [] !
June (PS1C2) [212] Yeah.
Mary (PS1C3) [213] Just let me get [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [214] Did most of them that ... is there [...] ?
June (PS1C2) [215] The one in blue.
Mary (PS1C3) [216] But my Edna couldn't get over the fact that sh she'd gone through all that
June (PS1C2) [217] Yeah.
Mary (PS1C3) [218] and stayed till the end of the party!
June (PS1C2) [219] Yeah, but when I took her the toilet she wanted to go toilet [...]
Mary (PS1C3) [220] Yeah.
June (PS1C2) [221] she says, [whispering] I'm sure they're gonna [...] [] .
[222] I said
Mary (PS1C3) [223] Yeah.
June (PS1C2) [224] well when you get back you tell me.
Mary (PS1C3) [225] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [226] Is this the ones that were [...] ?
June (PS1C2) [227] Yeah, but I mean, yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [228] Yeah!
[229] Her heart stopped.
June (PS1C2) [230] I took her the toilet she wanted to wash her face.
Louis (PS1C5) [231] That's right!
[232] She stopped breathing!
June (PS1C2) [233] And er
Mary (PS1C3) [234] Well who got her going, you?
Louis (PS1C5) [235] Yes, us and Sandra!
June (PS1C2) [236] And then
Louis (PS1C5) [237] [...] going ... whoo whoo ... I said, I think the heart's still going!
[238] I was quickly going whoo whoo!
Mary (PS1C3) [239] Good Lord!
Louis (PS1C5) [240] And then her heart would go
Sandra (PS1C1) [241] I mean I [...]
Louis (PS1C5) [242] erm ... how do you erm ... bandage the foot!
June (PS1C2) [laugh]
Louis (PS1C5) [243] And me and him started laughing and had to know what it was [...] .
Mary (PS1C3) [244] Well I, and she didn't [...] ?
June (PS1C2) [245] It's
Sandra (PS1C1) [246] Yeah.
June (PS1C2) [247] surprising what er
Sandra (PS1C1) [248] We th we rang nine nine nine
Mary (PS1C3) [249] [...] !
Sandra (PS1C1) [250] they sent er ... two paramedics.
Mary (PS1C3) [251] Oh stupid!
[252] I wouldn't have never have known
Sandra (PS1C1) [253] Erm
Mary (PS1C3) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [254] She had erm ... er
Mary (PS1C3) [255] and er
Sandra (PS1C1) [256] angina ... but she takes this spray
Mary (PS1C3) [257] Oh!
[258] Doesn't she
Pat (PS1C4) [259] Yeah.
Mary (PS1C3) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [260] not tablets.
[261] Me I mean she takes it when she's er
June (PS1C2) [262] [...] does it.
[263] See I wanted to take that.
Sandra (PS1C1) [264] bad.
Mary (PS1C3) [265] Yeah.
June (PS1C2) [266] Yeah.
[267] But it doesn't go that far.
Sandra (PS1C1) [268] And she said every time she takes it
June (PS1C2) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [269] makes her ill.
Louis (PS1C5) [270] Looks bad doesn't it?
Sandra (PS1C1) [271] No.
[272] The father has the same
Mary (PS1C3) [273] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [274] and he stopped
Mary (PS1C3) [275] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [276] taking it cos it did the same thing.
None (PS6TL) [277] Mind you, [...]
June (PS1C2) [278] Oh yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [279] Cos it makes her so ill!
None (PS6TL) [280] You can er, get that
Pat (PS1C4) [281] Why doesn't she go the doctors?
Sandra (PS1C1) [282] And th then she was saying well we told her
Louis (PS1C5) [283] That's it!
Sandra (PS1C1) [284] to go.
Louis (PS1C5) [...]
Mary (PS1C3) [285] Stupid [...] !
Sandra (PS1C1) [286] So er
June (PS1C2) [287] Well it's terrifying for us!
Marg (PS1C6) [288] What a responsibility for you!
Sandra (PS1C1) [289] Well, I was told somebody that there was a lady not feeling very well.
[290] So I went across and she was sitting by the fire exit behind the piano ... and er, I said what's up?
[291] She said well, I've had my medicine I'm not too good and I feel a bit
Mary (PS1C3) [292] Oh thank you very much!
Sandra (PS1C1) [293] then sh she says I've been [...] .
[294] Having, having looked at her
Mary (PS1C3) [295] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [296] and she was beginning to
June (PS1C2) [297] Four or five of these.
Mary (PS1C3) [298] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [299] hyperventilate.
Mary (PS1C3) [300] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [301] She was panicking and the more she panicked the more she was
June (PS1C2) [302] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [303] gasping!
Mary (PS1C3) [304] Yeah!
Sandra (PS1C1) [305] The more she was sucking in, and she says I'm going!
[306] Well fortunately, for me she wasn't what I call a big lady
Mary (PS1C3) [307] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [308] so I put her on the floor, lifted her feet up to get the blood ... back to her head
Mary (PS1C3) [309] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [310] and ... she to she took about three minutes before she opened her eyes and came round.
[311] And then sh Elizabeth had come over by then ... and I said it's ... it's in her bag, so we had a look at it and her friend said it's for angina, it always makes her ill!
[312] Then we got her up and she said I'm going to be sick ... so I said don't worry about it.
[313] But we undid the fire door, which was fortunate we were by it and I said look I'll take you outside the fresh air might revive you.
None (PS6TL) [314] Mhm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [315] So Elizabeth was about to get her onto the [...] to carry her out, [laughing] she said nice and gently [...] and picked her up and taken her outside [] !
June (PS1C2) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [316] We sat her out on the chair, put her head between her knees ... and said look, take some big deep breaths and if you're sick don't worry about it, you'll be alright.
[317] Next thing she says, I feel funny!
[318] Oh I'm going she says!
[319] And the ne that was it!
[320] Just gone!
[321] And she stopped breathing!
[322] And I thought [...]
None (PS6TL) [323] What outside?
Sandra (PS1C1) [324] Cos
June (PS1C2) [325] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [326] I laid her on the conc you know, like the, the step out
None (PS6TL) [327] Oh God!
Sandra (PS1C1) [328] at the back we la
Marg (PS1C6) [329] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [330] we laid her on the step and I said to Elizabeth she's stopped breathing!
[331] Elizabeth going, stopped, oh oh oh!
[332] She has!
[333] [laughing] Well er
Marg (PS1C6) [334] Good job sh you was still
Sandra (PS1C1) [335] we sat there
Marg (PS1C6) [336] there.
Sandra (PS1C1) [337] well, we started this mouth to mouth and Elizabeth says I'll and I'll put, I said I think her heart's going, but ... I mean, to me it means anything ... to get her going.
None (PS6TL) [338] Mm!
Sandra (PS1C1) [339] Anyway, we kept blowing in, and we must have been doing mouth to mouth for about eighteen ... er about a mi a minute and a half.
None (PS6TL) [340] Really?
Sandra (PS1C1) [341] She suddenly, Elizabeth ... there's her one arm after she pressed down on her dress and then she goes, ooh!
[342] That's it, she's going!
[343] We rolled her on the side
June (PS1C2) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [344] and she, she was very shallow breath
Marg (PS1C6) [345] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [346] like ... oh we talked to her and then we said, don't worry ambulance is coming.
[347] Just like, she went berserk!
[348] I'm not going anywhere!
[349] I'm not going!
[350] We had to promise she wouldn't go.
June (PS1C2) [351] That's it, they wouldn't go.
Sandra (PS1C1) [352] Anyway, when the ambulance men came ... we made them a cup of tea, cos they said they a they'd have been that busy they haven't had a break!
Pat (PS1C4) [353] Oh!
Sandra (PS1C1) [354] So we made them a cup of tea and hopefully they were going to talk her into it.
[355] And they said, if she doesn't go ... [...] responsibility that we can accept and then ... she's had the chance to go.
Mary (PS1C3) [356] Yeah!
[357] That's right.
June (PS1C2) [358] Yeah, they [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [359] And she should have gone.
June (PS1C2) [360] Yeah well,sh when she went on Thursday she said ... [whispering] I should have gone [] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [361] Yeah.
June (PS1C2) [362] I said, well when you go back [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [363] Yeah well
Pat (PS1C4) [364] Cos really, I mean an E C G might have guaranteed some [...] .
June (PS1C2) [365] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [366] Well I think more than anything if they'd have seen the state she was in after she'd had this
Pat (PS1C4) [367] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [368] drug, they could have probably kept her in, stabilized her on a new one
June (PS1C2) [369] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [370] and then kept
None (PS6TL) [371] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [372] her on the new ones.
June (PS1C2) [373] And she needs something.
None (PS6TL) [374] Yeah.
[375] Yeah I know.
June (PS1C2) [376] I mean you shouldn't be feeling like, I mean ... my mum had angina and my husband had angina
None (PS6TL) [...]
June (PS1C2) [377] but no,th the medicine never affected her like that!
Sandra (PS1C1) [378] Well it did on my dad.
[379] This new spray apparently
None (PS6TL) [380] Oh well [...] , I've had
Sandra (PS1C1) [381] does give them [...]
None (PS6TL) [382] no complaints about the er
June (PS1C2) [383] Terrible innit!
Sandra (PS1C1) [384] It's the ... tri-nitrate, you know.
[385] The glycerine tri- nitrate.
None (PS6TL) [386] Yeah.
[387] Yep.
Sandra (PS1C1) [388] How it affected them.
None (PS6TL) [389] Now I know one or two people who said they've had such terrible headaches
Louis (PS1C5) [390] You're not gonna cook another
Sandra (PS1C1) [391] Yeah?
Louis (PS1C5) [392] [...] it's really
None (PS6TL) [393] I
Louis (PS1C5) [394] hot!
June (PS1C2) [395] Yeah.
[396] Oh
None (PS6TL) [397] Sometimes Graham had a headache
Sandra (PS1C1) [398] This spray gives a headache most of time.
June (PS1C2) [399] That's the [...]
Mary (PS1C3) [400] Had your father had the pains in his chest
Sandra (PS1C1) [401] Yeah.
Mary (PS1C3) [402] and the terrible thumping headache as well?
Sandra (PS1C1) [403] Yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [404] Oh dear!
Mary (PS1C3) [405] You see, a lot of people are saying that they should take
Louis (PS1C5) [406] Ooh I was frightened!
Mary (PS1C3) [...]
Louis (PS1C5) [407] Well I don't think I can feel like [...] I suppose that were Victoria wasn't it, ringing nine nine nine they forgot to ask
Sandra (PS1C1) [408] Mm.
[409] I know.
Louis (PS1C5) [410] See, she stopped breathing!
None (PS6TL) [411] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [412] And they were ages out
Sandra (PS1C1) [413] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [414] in [...]
None (PS6TL) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [415] Anthony came through the corridors and say is Elizabeth there and [...] was on
None (PS1JC) [416] One, two, three, four, five, six, [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [417] the floor and said, oh!
[418] [laughing] And sort of came away [] much to say ... thought it was a joke, like
None (PS6TL) [419] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [420] you know.
[421] Cos we didn't want ... the four,th the ladies that she was with ... they knew what was happening but nobody else knew
Louis (PS1C5) [422] No!
None (PS6TL) [423] No.
Pat (PS1C4) [424] But what, I mean, why they have
None (PS6TL) [425] [...] I thought you had five of them, I didn't realize.
Louis (PS1C5) [426] You know, I didn't know what to do with her Pat
None (PS6TL) [...]
Louis (PS1C5) [427] she [...] !
June (PS1C2) [428] I thought perhaps she had too much to drink.
Sandra (PS1C1) [429] No.
[430] Cos a gentlemen who'd come from
Louis (PS1C5) [431] Or bra brain damage anything!
Sandra (PS1C1) [432] there and ... Grange, and he's had a bit to drink, he wasn't drunk, but
None (PS6TL) [433] But she's a nice lady!
Sandra (PS1C1) [434] apparently he's argumentative.
Marg (PS1C6) [435] Oh yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [436] He'd said something to this lady and under normal circumstances he would not a she wouldn't have said anything
Louis (PS1C5) [437] Ooh sorry Margaret!
Sandra (PS1C1) [438] but
Louis (PS1C5) [439] It's gone on.
Marg (PS1C6) [440] Oh it's alright, don't worry.
Sandra (PS1C1) [441] she did.
Marg (PS1C6) [442] Alright.
Sandra (PS1C1) [443] And it was upset of answering
June (PS1C2) [444] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [445] him back.
None (PS6TL) [446] Oh!
Sandra (PS1C1) [447] He argued back with her ... and
None (PS6TL) [448] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [449] she just
June (PS1C2) [450] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [451] panicked!
June (PS1C2) [452] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [453] It was the argument that did it.
June (PS1C2) [454] Yeah.
[455] It did.
Marg (PS1C6) [456] Oh!
Mary (PS1C3) [457] And I think it's, it's [...] .
None (PS6TL) [458] Well it doesn't do you any good.
Sandra (PS1C1) [459] It's that little man.
Pat (PS1C4) [460] Is that the little man?
Mary (PS1C3) [461] Yes I I know.
Sandra (PS1C1) [462] Yeah.
June (PS1C2) [463] Yeah, him.
Sandra (PS1C1) [464] But it were quite [...]
June (PS1C2) [465] They were telling him he'd had enough drink and stop
Sandra (PS1C1) [466] Yeah.
None (PS6TL) [laugh]
June (PS1C2) [467] being a piggy!
None (PS6TL) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [468] Yeah.
[469] Yeah.
June (PS1C2) [470] But
None (PS6TL) [471] He is argumentative.
June (PS1C2) [472] when she went we oh he is!
Sandra (PS1C1) [473] It's what he said!
[474] And somebody's car was actually
June (PS1C2) [475] She was a bit troublesome.
Louis (PS1C5) [476] I doubt
June (PS1C2) [477] What
Louis (PS1C5) [478] if it's her.
[479] She [...] ... really that's [...] .
June (PS1C2) [480] She is a bit like that int she?
Sandra (PS1C1) [481] [...] ... This is the one that that bloke
Louis (PS1C5) [482] Yeah!
Sandra (PS1C1) [483] and these all came off the same train.
[484] I thought
Louis (PS1C5) [485] Ah!
[486] Well
Sandra (PS1C1) [487] this lady was one who was ... arguing with him as well.
Pat (PS1C4) [488] [laughing] Eh!
[489] Will you stop [] trying to
June (PS1C2) [490] Yes.
Pat (PS1C4) [491] blame someone now!
(PS001) [laugh]
None (PS6TL) [492] All those calories, and eh!
[493] I couldn't really [...]
None (PS6TL) [494] She really [...]
None (PS6TL) [495] One Crunchie and it's alright.
Mary (PS1C3) [496] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [497] Well
June (PS1C2) [498] You know, how the
Sandra (PS1C1) [499] do you know the lady
Pat (PS1C4) [500] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [501] that came in the wheelchair but her husband didn't come?
[502] He ca they'd gone to pick them up
June (PS1C2) [503] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [504] and, he'd got her up and got her ready and sent her out and said he wouldn't come.
[505] And they were all saying ... oh but he's always like that!
[506] Well, on reflection, we actually said afterwards ... perhaps he wanted a day off.
June (PS1C2) [507] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [508] If she was
Mary (PS1C3) [509] Yes!
Sandra (PS1C1) [510] in a wheelchair
None (PS6TL) [511] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [512] and she was well in her seventies!
June (PS1C2) [513] Yeah.
[514] Mm.
None (PS6TL) [515] Yeah.
Mary (PS1C3) [516] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [517] He probably thought that Christmas day, even if he wasn't with her would be a godsend
June (PS1C2) [518] Go Yeah, yeah.
[519] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [520] if he could have a day's peace.
Louis (PS1C5) [521] Yeah!
June (PS1C2) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [522] And I actually spoke to Jenny about it
June (PS1C2) [523] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [524] and saying, what do you think cos ... of all the qualified ones at least she ... cos she worked on the elderly side.
June (PS1C2) [525] Right.
[526] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [527] She said, I think, you'd be better off leaving him a if he doesn't want to come
June (PS1C2) [528] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [529] leave him alone.
Mary (PS1C3) [530] Leave him alone, yeah
Sandra (PS1C1) [531] And
Mary (PS1C3) [532] that's right.
Sandra (PS1C1) [533] they wouldn't let her sit with them because they said oh well, she's ... she's you know, leave her with them, and it was that little lad
June (PS1C2) [534] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [535] and the next one ... that woman that, this one that you
June (PS1C2) [536] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [537] were saying
June (PS1C2) [538] Aha.
Sandra (PS1C1) [539] was complaining about him, and about this other woman so I think
June (PS1C2) [540] That's right.
Sandra (PS1C1) [541] the lad's got
June (PS1C2) [542] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [543] they never have a good word to say for each other!
June (PS1C2) [544] No, that was it, you know!
(PS001) [laugh]
Louis (PS1C5) [545] But finally
Sandra (PS1C1) [546] Well
Louis (PS1C5) [547] some old people are like that
(PS001) [...]
Louis (PS1C5) [548] That reminds me, have you said anything [...] ?
Sandra (PS1C1) [549] And where she's moved to
(PS001) [...]
Marg (PS1C6) [550] She doesn't like it.
Louis (PS1C5) [551] Oh!
Marg (PS1C6) [552] And she says, they are not real friends!
Sandra (PS1C1) [553] No.
[554] Oh!
[555] So there you are, another saga!
[556] An hour before it she was crying to Theresa.
June (PS1C2) [557] Er
Mary (PS1C3) [558] Who was?
June (PS1C2) [559] which, this one?
Sandra (PS1C1) [560] The one that passed out.
June (PS1C2) [561] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [562] Saying that she'd had
Mary (PS1C3) [563] Oh I see, yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [564] she doesn't like where she's been moved to because of her ill health.
[565] She had
June (PS1C2) [566] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [567] to move.
June (PS1C2) [568] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [569] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [570] She doesn't
June (PS1C2) [571] She would
Sandra (PS1C1) [572] like it and she turned round and she says they're not real friends.
June (PS1C2) [573] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [574] And
Mary (PS1C3) [575] Ah!
June (PS1C2) [576] But she went to see that [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [577] Now did you that other woman, a younger woman
June (PS1C2) [578] Erm
Louis (PS1C5) [579] Constance.
June (PS1C2) [580] I don't know, is she?
Pat (PS1C4) [581] Oh yes!
Sandra (PS1C1) [582] Oh yeah!
Pat (PS1C4) [583] And all on her
Louis (PS1C5) [584] She's always playing with that
Pat (PS1C4) [585] own!
Mary (PS1C3) [586] I know.
[587] But she's a tough one!
[588] She's the one
None (PS6TL) [...]
Mary (PS1C3) [589] with the
Louis (PS1C5) [590] Yes.
[591] She looks as if she's
Mary (PS1C3) [592] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [593] trouble!
June (PS1C2) [594] With her table
Sandra (PS1C1) [595] She was, she had a pocket full
June (PS1C2) [596] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [597] of anti-depressant pills
None (PS6TL) [598] That's right.
Sandra (PS1C1) [599] Valium
Louis (PS1C5) [600] Well I saw her
Sandra (PS1C1) [601] barbiturates.
Louis (PS1C5) [602] standing in the entrance of the
Mary (PS1C3) [603] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [604] canteen, and I said to her, are you alright?
[605] She said I'm trying to lose my temper!
[606] So I thought, oh crikey!
[607] I'll leave her alone!
June (PS1C2) [608] [laughing] Yeah [] !
(PS001) [laugh]
Louis (PS1C5) [609] Cos she just
None (PS6TL) [...]
Louis (PS1C5) [610] sat on her own didn't she?
Marg (PS1C6) [611] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [612] And she had a
Sandra (PS1C1) [613] But she wasn't any trouble though.
Louis (PS1C5) [614] No, but she
June (PS1C2) [615] No.
Louis (PS1C5) [616] sat on her own, Anthony came
None (PS6TL) [617] Are you sure?
Louis (PS1C5) [618] to me and said, ah!
[619] Mum that lady's crying!
[620] I said, leave her alone, she's alright, I said, she's happy like she's like that.
[621] And then somebody else came and said she was er ... I think
None (PS6TL) [622] Mm.
Louis (PS1C5) [623] it was young Victoria
Mary (PS1C3) [624] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [625] I said, ooh, I said, she's alright on her own, I said she's quite happy, you know
Mary (PS1C3) [626] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [627] crying into her beer and what have you.
Mary (PS1C3) [628] Oh yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [laugh]
Louis (PS1C5) [629] And she was!
Sandra (PS1C1) [630] Yeah!
None (PS6TL) [631] Well that's right!
Sandra (PS1C1) [632] I hope I never [...] like that!
None (PS6TL) [633] Yeah!
[634] She wasn't very tired Marg.
Sandra (PS1C1) [635] And she'd had a drink, and a good cry, she'd had
Mary (PS1C3) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [636] a good time.
Louis (PS1C5) [637] Yeah!
(PS001) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [638] There's her dad?
Louis (PS1C5) [639] Yeah.
[640] There's, there's Helen's dad.
June (PS1C2) [641] Oh!
[642] Does he?
Louis (PS1C5) [643] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [644] Your, your husband?
Louis (PS1C5) [645] Yeah.
June (PS1C2) [646] Oh!
Sandra (PS1C1) [647] But, but sh
None (PS6TL) [648] Oh!
June (PS1C2) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [649] but you re you re you realize, and I don't suppose would, that she's a psychiatric patient, to a certain degree.
Mary (PS1C3) [650] Well whoever, whoever
June (PS1C2) [651] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Mary (PS1C3) [652] Yeah.
[653] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [654] Well he does, sometimes she sa did she say him or did she say
Sandra (PS1C1) [655] No, she says your dad keeps trying, er kee when I see your dad down the town [...] ... and try and
Louis (PS1C5) [656] Well he doesn't know who's, his dad is.
(PS001) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [657] Well perhaps, perhaps the [...] ... so and so, so told me.
(PS001) [laugh]
Louis (PS1C5) [658] I guess she's [...] .
June (PS1C2) [laugh]
Louis (PS1C5) [659] Oh I see!
[660] I see.
June (PS1C2) [661] Oh what a shame!
[662] Oh!
None (PS6TL) [663] Well I can't remember, that's what she said [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [664] Yeah well
(PS001) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [665] Well ... we did have a letter off erm ... Good Neighbours ... through the lady who also came to sing, cos I know her
June (PS1C2) [666] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [667] of old
June (PS1C2) [668] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [669] to say ... you know, to thank us
June (PS1C2) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [670] been looking forward when I come and
Marg (PS1C6) [671] She was very good wasn't she?
Sandra (PS1C1) [672] Erm, yes.
[673] Erm, actually on ... reflection, having seen the bit of disaster that occurred because erm ... unfortunately Freda didn't get the phone call until early Christmas day morning ... off her daughter, to say that instead of them coming up to here to see them ... that something had happened in London, could they go down to her, so she was prepared to do us a half an hour at ... half past one ... and then she was going to drive to London!
[674] I said, I think you better go before you ... don't worry about the party.
June (PS1C2) [675] No.
Sandra (PS1C1) [676] And that was a sort of a last minute ... cancellation, and I had to really persuade her to go.
[677] And we realized on reflection, had ... Freda have not volunteered early enough, another lady who used to work ... at the station ... played,u plays for Nigel when he does his gigs.
June (PS1C2) [678] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [679] And she's on her own, and ... so next year
Pat (PS1C4) [680] She is
Sandra (PS1C1) [681] they're coming back again
Pat (PS1C4) [...]
June (PS1C2) [682] Yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [683] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [684] Yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [685] And she's [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [686] Yeah.
[687] It's coming back again thi na na time next year, this year
June (PS1C2) [688] This year.
Marg (PS1C6) [689] Is she?
Sandra (PS1C1) [690] And
Marg (PS1C6) [691] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [692] they're going to bring Darlene with them.
Marg (PS1C6) [693] Oh good!
Mary (PS1C3) [694] It's only three hundred and sixty days to go!
Sandra (PS1C1) [laugh]
(PS001) [...]
June (PS1C2) [695] [...] harder this year having that [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [...]
Louis (PS1C5) [696] Boring!
[697] Boring!
[698] Boring!
June (PS1C2) [699] Boring!
Sandra (PS1C1) [700] Well, well it, it
None (PS6TL) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [701] did even itself out.
Pat (PS1C4) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [702] Yeah.
[703] It did even itself
Mary (PS1C3) [704] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [705] out.
June (PS1C2) [706] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [707] And, I mean, actually on Christmas day we lost about ten people who've been found ill.
Marg (PS1C6) [708] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [709] I mean one lady was found wandering in the street!
[710] And fortunately, it was, it was one of the councillors, well they phoned [...] ... that was meant to pick her up, and found her walking the street!
None (PS6TL) [711] Oh!
Sandra (PS1C1) [712] Her husband had been taken into hospital and she was waiting for her son to come and pick her up at half past twelve, this was at half past ten in morning!
June (PS1C2) [713] No it wasn't in the morning.
Sandra (PS1C1) [714] Now tha that's the Good Neighbours' officer.
June (PS1C2) [715] But and er ... [...] all the same.
Sandra (PS1C1) [716] And she erm ... well ... and she sat with him
June (PS1C2) [717] How did it go?
Sandra (PS1C1) [718] fo for about
None (PS6TL) [719] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [720] half an hour talking to her.
[721] But of course,
None (PS6TL) [722] Oh yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [723] she's trained to do this.
Mary (PS1C3) [724] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [725] I mean, er ... kind words.
June (PS1C2) [726] Yeah.
Mary (PS1C3) [727] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [728] Yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [729] [reading letter] On behalf of the [...] may I thank you for your ... you your commitment, your concern and a wonderful party held on Christmas day at the Wilsden Hall.
[730] [...] to you all for accommodating a for your party that people in our street needed the hospitality.
[731] A lovely time was had by all and everyone expresses their thanks.
[732] Well done!
[733] Especially to the [...] .
[734] Yours sincerely ... [...] [] .
(PS001) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [735] Well on the whole we've had some
June (PS1C2) [736] Yeah.
Mary (PS1C3) [737] Mm!
Sandra (PS1C1) [738] I've had
June (PS1C2) [739] Gets better
Sandra (PS1C1) [...] [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [...]
Pat (PS1C4) [740] [...] the best yet.
June (PS1C2) [741] Yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [742] And I said
Mary (PS1C3) [743] Yeah I know.
Pat (PS1C4) [744] I sa I said about ... half past three, that she must have been enjoying it because she never once ... came to me
June (PS1C2) [745] To you, yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [746] and said ... after [...] ... and I have.
[747] So I knew she was enjoying it.
Sandra (PS1C1) [748] Yes.
Pat (PS1C4) [749] And I said, Thursday, did you enjoy it?
[750] And she said fabulous!
[751] It was the best [...] I ever had!
None (PS6TL) [752] I think so.
Sandra (PS1C1) [753] And she sat ... with the
None (PS6TL) [754] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [755] old dears
Mary (PS1C3) [756] Yeah.
June (PS1C2) [757] Yeah.
None (PS6TL) [758] Cos she wanted to [...] .
Mary (PS1C3) [759] Yeah.
[760] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [761] She said I quite enjoyed the singing.
Mary (PS1C3) [762] Yeah.
[763] Oh yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [764] I think there was a lot of atmosphere.
June (PS1C2) [765] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [766] My mother said that.
Pat (PS1C4) [767] There was a lot of atmosphere.
Sandra (PS1C1) [768] Yes.
[769] My mother said that.
Pat (PS1C4) [770] Yes.
[771] Perhaps, perhaps cos
Sandra (PS1C1) [772] Yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [773] they don't think she's old, you see.
Marg (PS1C6) [774] No, I know that.
(PS001) [...]
Marg (PS1C6) [775] [...] that.
June (PS1C2) [776] Yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [777] Rather than it's a [...] ... wi with more children wasn't there this time?
Sandra (PS1C1) [778] Only in so much that ... there was ... er
June (PS1C2) [779] Not for dinner.
Sandra (PS1C1) [780] not for dinner, but all the [...] came
Marg (PS1C6) [781] But then she doesn't eat dinner, you know, the one [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [782] Er, no what happened, my sister came up and brought her two kids in the afternoon
Marg (PS1C6) [783] Ah!
[784] Ah!
[785] Ah!
Sandra (PS1C1) [786] And then Gloria turned up with her kids in the afternoon
Marg (PS1C6) [787] Oh I see.
Sandra (PS1C1) [788] but they didn't come until three o'clock.
June (PS1C2) [789] It was after
Marg (PS1C6) [790] Ah!
[791] Ah!
June (PS1C2) [792] it was after four.
Marg (PS1C6) [793] Ah!
Sandra (PS1C1) [794] And they knew
Marg (PS1C6) [795] Ah!
Sandra (PS1C1) [796] that by coming late they'd have to just take the entertai I mean, except for the monologue.
None (PS6TL) [797] Oh!
June (PS1C2) [laugh]
Marg (PS1C6) [798] Yeah.
[799] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [800] Well she said you'll be [...]
(PS001) [...]
June (PS1C2) [801] Is there any more tea in that pot?
Mary (PS1C3) [802] But that's where the cars are.
Sandra (PS1C1) [803] Well
(PS001) [laugh]
Louis (PS1C5) [804] Oh that girl was there, yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [805] He looked by the way from the most of them, playing up with them at the games and did the [...] up there.
Mary (PS1C3) [806] I went off to the doctors, she said I had [...] and I was upset
Pat (PS1C4) [807] Ha!
[808] Ha!
Mary (PS1C3) [809] that er [...]
June (PS1C2) [810] Oh we'll have it down at there then.
Sandra (PS1C1) [811] Get them out the way.
None (PS6TL) [812] And she went to him
Pat (PS1C4) [813] Yeah.
None (PS6TL) [814] afterwards didn't she?
Pat (PS1C4) [815] Oh did she?
Sandra (PS1C1) [816] Oh she went to him afterwards.
June (PS1C2) [817] Yeah she did.
[818] Yeah!
Louis (PS1C5) [819] Oh!
[820] At home, yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [821] Oh I didn't see that one then.
None (PS6TL) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [822] Well no, she finished it.
[823] I think if we ever need to fill in half an hour we know what to do!
(PS001) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [824] She can [...]
None (PS6TL) [825] Can you re
Sandra (PS1C1) [826] by the microphone then.
Mary (PS1C3) [827] Can you remember er if we got her on, after we got her on [...]
June (PS1C2) [828] Yes we did!
None (PS6TL) [laugh]
Louis (PS1C5) [829] Our son was in [...] one of them when he was at school.
[830] He used to be able do all those, you know, er Stanley Holloway?
June (PS1C2) [831] Yes.
Louis (PS1C5) [832] Sam [...]
None (PS6TL) [833] Ah!
[834] Well Brian
Sandra (PS1C1) [835] Yeah I know
None (PS6TL) [836] our Paul [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [837] Well if it is a [...]
(PS001) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [838] it would have been good!
None (PS6TL) [839] Same er
Sandra (PS1C1) [840] But
Mary (PS1C3) [841] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [842] nobody knew what she sa
Mary (PS1C3) [843] Yeah!
Sandra (PS1C1) [844] she were talking to herself in the end!
June (PS1C2) [845] Yes.
None (PS6TL) [846] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [847] We didn't, I'm, I'm going back to the letter, we did have another one off Tom .
Pat (PS1C4) [848] Yeah.
Mary (PS1C3) [849] And I said she'd have had a
Sandra (PS1C1) [850] So we've looked at that.
Mary (PS1C3) [851] microphone.
June (PS1C2) [852] He's gentleman isn't
Sandra (PS1C1) [853] Yeah.
June (PS1C2) [854] he, Tom?
Sandra (PS1C1) [855] Give him a microphone
Mary (PS1C3) [856] I don't like him.
(PS001) [laugh]
Marg (PS1C6) [857] You don't like people at all!
None (PS6TL) [858] Yeah.
June (PS1C2) [859] It er, er Mr used to live down here.
None (PS6TL) [860] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [861] Yeah.
[862] Erm, I mean, he wrote a lot, I saw him church on Sunday and I did thank him for the letter
June (PS1C2) [863] Oh!
Sandra (PS1C1) [864] and he said well it was the least I could do under the circumstance.
[865] He, he is a gentleman!
[866] He is an old fa
None (PS6TL) [867] Yeah but is he [...] again then?
Sandra (PS1C1) [868] Yeah.
[869] I know.
Pat (PS1C4) [870] [...] have some cheek don't they?
Sandra (PS1C1) [871] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [872] Aye.
Sandra (PS1C1) [873] Yeah, he normally goes to
June (PS1C2) [874] Then he says, are you going now June?
[875] I said, yes, got to get Theresa up.
[876] I said, er, he says have you been across now June?
[877] He says I told her I'd come straight from church if there was a cup of tea.
[878] I said, come on then Tom let's go get one!
(PS001) [laugh]
June (PS1C2) [879] And er ... he enjoyed it.
None (PS6TL) [880] Yeah.
Mary (PS1C3) [881] Mm.
Louis (PS1C5) [882] Then they said
Mary (PS1C3) [883] Yes.
Louis (PS1C5) [884] everybody came in they had
June (PS1C2) [885] Mm.
Louis (PS1C5) [886] sherry all the while.
Sandra (PS1C1) [887] Yes! [...]
Marg (PS1C6) [888] Well I said to er one lady who's been for first time and she thinks it's marvellous!
Sandra (PS1C1) [889] Mm!
Pat (PS1C4) [890] Well I know with two ladies th their daughters wanted to, them to go the house and they wouldn't.
Mary (PS1C3) [891] Mm!
Pat (PS1C4) [892] They said, no we want to go the party.
Sandra (PS1C1) [893] Oh!
[894] Oh!
Pat (PS1C4) [895] And one of th the daughters was quite upset about it.
Sandra (PS1C1) [896] Mm!
Pat (PS1C4) [897] Well I think I would, I'd take [...]
Mary (PS1C3) [898] Did the old man play the violin?
Pat (PS1C4) [...]
Louis (PS1C5) [899] Oh!
(PS001) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [900] He, he really
Pat (PS1C4) [901] No.
Sandra (PS1C1) [902] er
Pat (PS1C4) [903] What could I do?
Sandra (PS1C1) [904] I mean he pla
Mary (PS1C3) [905] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [906] he played his violin beautifully!
Pat (PS1C4) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [907] But it was a bit of a [...]
Louis (PS1C5) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [908] behind everybody else but er
Marg (PS1C6) [909] I know, but I was only pointing out something [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [910] Er i it was.
Marg (PS1C6) [911] I was that because
Sandra (PS1C1) [912] Nigel
Pat (PS1C4) [913] Oh well!
Sandra (PS1C1) [914] Nigel got them all up before they even said too much.
(PS001) [...]
Pat (PS1C4) [915] Yeah.
[916] Yeah.
Mary (PS1C3) [917] Shall I play my violin? [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [918] Yeah.
[919] No.
Mary (PS1C3) [920] He loves taking his violin.
Sandra (PS1C1) [921] He he played his violin, he got up, and actually there was erm ... the dad,th the mum, she sang with them, is tha was that who it was?
[922] The
Pat (PS1C4) [923] Who?
Sandra (PS1C1) [924] the lady who was singing with them was that
Pat (PS1C4) [925] Oh yeah!
Sandra (PS1C1) [926] Victoria, her mum?
Pat (PS1C4) [927] Well yeah.
Mary (PS1C3) [928] That's her mum.
Sandra (PS1C1) [929] She's another so er ... light operatic singer.
[930] She got up and then when it came round to singing Jerusalem and ... Edie was put out at not singing Jerusalem, this is another one off the psychiatric list and Pat goes
Mary (PS1C3) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [931] so she got up as well.
[932] And he played his violin as well so ... and actually what Nigel had wanted was to get a little choral group so we
June (PS1C2) [933] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [934] could all sing.
June (PS1C2) [935] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [936] And then what ... what was Jimmy offered the day after?
[937] But some ninety twenties song sheets with all the old time
Louis (PS1C5) [938] Oh!
Sandra (PS1C1) [939] singers on!
Louis (PS1C5) [940] Right!
[941] This is what you want.
Sandra (PS1C1) [942] So
Louis (PS1C5) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [943] then he said he was getting them copied ready for th
Louis (PS1C5) [944] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [945] another year.
Louis (PS1C5) [946] Oh yeah.
[947] They'll want something, yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [948] But, when Nigel comes next year he'll bring Eileen and I think that under circumstances I think if we say well come for about quarter to two.
June (PS1C2) [949] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [950] Mary would have come and helped at dinner time but she thought ... that, well it would be alright, you know, and
June (PS1C2) [951] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [952] we didn't [laughing] need anyone.
[953] Said if you'd have come early [] !
Louis (PS1C5) [954] Who was Nigel?
Sandra (PS1C1) [955] That was the lad who sang [...]
Louis (PS1C5) [956] Yeah, but wha who is he?
Sandra (PS1C1) [957] Well, he lives in
Mary (PS1C3) [958] Next to me.
Sandra (PS1C1)
Mary (PS1C3) [959] Just next
Sandra (PS1C1) [960] er
Mary (PS1C3) [961] to me.
Sandra (PS1C1) [962] this lady who's secretary [...]
Marg (PS1C6) [963] [...] sit in Sandra's
Louis (PS1C5) [964] Yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [965] chair.
Louis (PS1C5) [966] [...] ?
Sandra (PS1C1) [967] Yeah.
[968] Yeah, well she used to work at the station in the offices.
[969] I've known her for twenty odd years!
June (PS1C2) [970] Jimmy knows this Nigel.
[971] He's goes up the Cricketers.
Pat (PS1C4) [972] I keep thinking
Sandra (PS1C1) [973] Oh he does.
June (PS1C2) [974] Mm mm.
Pat (PS1C4) [975] if we could, I keep thinking about your lunch
None (PS6TL) [976] I said
Pat (PS1C4) [977] problems.
Sandra (PS1C1) [978] Pardon?
Pat (PS1C4) [979] I keep thinking about your lunch er, opportunities.
Sandra (PS1C1) [980] Why what do you mean?
Pat (PS1C4) [981] Well, I was telling you [...] or are they alright?
Louis (PS1C5) [982] Well no, we're alright in the mornings.
Pat (PS1C4) [983] Right.
Louis (PS1C5) [984] Yeah, we're okay.
Pat (PS1C4) [985] I know we were at one point.
Mary (PS1C3) [986] Yes.
[987] Yeah, we're okay for help int mornings.
Pat (PS1C4) [988] And how long have you been going now?
Mary (PS1C3) [989] Er, just over a year.
[990] Started before ... last Christmas.
Pat (PS1C4) [991] Mm mm.
Mary (PS1C3) [992] Yeah.
[993] Yeah.
[994] It's great.
[995] It's dead on.
Louis (PS1C5) [996] Supposing you don't have any of the ones
June (PS1C2) [997] And how many did you want?
Louis (PS1C5) [998] you talked about a minute ago and do a ... a [...] for them.
Marg (PS1C6) [999] After one of the Christmas parties?
Mary (PS1C3) [1000] Er was it ... that wasn't a person was it?
Sandra (PS1C1) [1001] No.
(PS001) [...]
Marg (PS1C6) [1002] No.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1003] But, there was a reorganization at Cortilles before you went
Mary (PS1C3) [1004] Oh yeah?
[1005] Oh.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1006] and, they asked us did we want to take over the dinners ... because
Mary (PS1C3) [1007] Oh!
Sandra (PS1C1) [1008] it was being reorganized and the lady who did it couldn't do it any more and would one of us like to take the
Mary (PS1C3) [1009] Oh!
Sandra (PS1C1) [1010] organization on?
[1011] And I said well, I'm sorry to say that we're a bit too busy in the
Mary (PS1C3) [1012] Mm mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1013] week to to ... take it on.
(PS001) [...] [tape interference and buzzing]
Sandra (PS1C1) [1014] I mean, the same goes when the when they seem to be organizing something that
June (PS1C2) [1015] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1016] runs well ... it's so easy for other groups to, to try and get you to help them out.
Pat (PS1C4) [1017] If you do
June (PS1C2) [1018] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1019] But, if you get involved you end up ... either taking over
Mary (PS1C3) [1020] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1021] or not doing what you set out to do.
[1022] So it's
Mary (PS1C3) [1023] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1024] best off not doing any of it.
Marg (PS1C6) [1025] No you have to say ... cos I
Sandra (PS1C1) [1026] You've got to choose what you
Marg (PS1C6) [1027] cos I won't take any more on.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1028] No.
Marg (PS1C6) [1029] Not if involves this weekend.
[1030] Their ... club ... Wednesday afternoons, the children, asked the children [...] a bit of reading.
[1031] And they have their lunch and come out Tuesday.
June (PS1C2) [1032] Mm.
Marg (PS1C6) [1033] And I
Sandra (PS1C1) [1034] Yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [1035] and I won't take anything else on.
Louis (PS1C5) [1036] No.
[1037] Yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [1038] Well I mean that when we start organization ... and I am on, I'm on Cortille and on the committee and they wanted me to take over the Vice Chairman and I said no way.
[1039] Because I mean ... we've helped you with this ... and helping with that anyway.
[1040] I mean, I
June (PS1C2) [1041] Yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [1042] haven't got involved in like taking friends and organizing and baking cakes and that sort of thing.
[1043] And also, I mean ... with badminton you have to be
Sandra (PS1C1) [1044] Mm.
Marg (PS1C6) [1045] committed to that, you've gotta be committed because otherwise you're letting other people down.
Mary (PS1C3) [1046] People down.
Louis (PS1C5) [1047] Yes, yes.
Mary (PS1C3) [1048] Oh yes.
[1049] Yes.
Louis (PS1C5) [1050] You said.
[1051] That's right.
[1052] Yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [1053] I mean, I said no I've got enough without, without being
None (PS6TL) [...]
Marg (PS1C6) [1054] Vice Chairman.
[1055] I don't mind ha as much
Mary (PS1C3) [...]
Marg (PS1C6) [1056] as I can, when I can, but I don't want to have to be there ... all the time, every time there's a committee meeting there
Sandra (PS1C1) [1057] Mm.
Marg (PS1C6) [1058] every time there's, you
Sandra (PS1C1) [1059] Mm.
Marg (PS1C6) [1060] know, there's that, gotta go here and get things.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1061] Mm.
Marg (PS1C6) [1062] Don't want that.
[1063] I don't mind being told what to do
Sandra (PS1C1) [1064] Mm.
June (PS1C2) [1065] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1066] Mm.
Marg (PS1C6) [1067] and doing it.
[1068] I mean, I was there ... er, I left yesterday afternoon, I mean, I had to go in early and we had erm ... an auction ... and I helped do that.
[1069] So, I don't mind doing that, I don't mind helping ... but I don't want to be
June (PS1C2) [1070] You want [...]
Marg (PS1C6) [1071] involved in any more
Sandra (PS1C1) [1072] No.
Marg (PS1C6) [1073] business.
Pat (PS1C4) [1074] No.
Marg (PS1C6) [1075] Because otherwise yo ... you miss out on something else
June (PS1C2) [1076] Yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [1077] cos you get fed up of them in the end
Mary (PS1C3) [1078] Yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [1079] anyway, don't you?
Mary (PS1C3) [1080] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1081] Anyway, is this committee coming to order?
June (PS1C2) [1082] Yes.
Pat (PS1C4) [1083] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1084] Or is it turning into rabble! [laugh]
(PS001) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [1085] Right.
[1086] Is there anything left [...] [...]
Louis (PS1C5) [1087] Yeah well ... there is about seventeen pounds in change in there but we still have to get the Christmas puddings cos we haven't seen any yet.
June (PS1C2) [1088] I've got the ... was there something?
Pat (PS1C4) [1089] I haven't been up to buy meat [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [1090] Well I didn't go
Pat (PS1C4) [1091] No.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1092] er er
(PS001) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [1093] because ... er we had a rather an in-depth session at the football on the telly on Monday night.
June (PS1C2) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [1094] and there were, I'd got a, a room full of young boys wanting to watch Crewe ... play Liverpool.
[1095] And er ... I don't think I was particularly keen of having a house full and I thought
Louis (PS1C5) [1096] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1097] while th going out leaving them
Pat (PS1C4) [1098] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1099] I fell asleep.
None (PS6TL) [1100] Oh.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1101] Er, and ... I'd forgotten to take the money up before ... Christmas ... so it was still here yesterday.
Louis (PS1C5) [1102] Well, I wasn't there [...] .
[1103] And, I was expecting you and I took a ... a bag full of clothes ... just to try
Mary (PS1C3) [1104] Well I told you not to go in [...]
Louis (PS1C5) [1105] on Monday night.
Mary (PS1C3) [1106] Yes I
Pat (PS1C4) [1107] Did you?
Mary (PS1C3) [1108] was just after those things.
Marg (PS1C6) [1109] How they, how they know [...] .
Louis (PS1C5) [1110] Anyway, what I'd got was a bag of clothes for Caroline to try
Marg (PS1C6) [1111] Oh!
[1112] Super!
Louis (PS1C5) [1113] she might have to [...]
Marg (PS1C6) [1114] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [1115] cos some of them are trousers but they're really
Marg (PS1C6) [1116] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [1117] nice and really warm and there's a sweater dress and a jumper and
Marg (PS1C6) [1118] Ooh!
[1119] Ooh!
Louis (PS1C5) [1120] these things.
Marg (PS1C6) [1121] Yes.
[1122] Yes.
Louis (PS1C5) [1123] And I brought them up on Monday night
Marg (PS1C6) [1124] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [1125] in case you and Sandra came.
Marg (PS1C6) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [1126] Well she'll be there this Monday.
Louis (PS1C5) [1127] Yes.
[1128] Have you, you got er, have you, well you've got transport
Sandra (PS1C1) [1129] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [1130] for her?
Sandra (PS1C1) [1131] Aha.
[1132] I shall be there this Monday.
June (PS1C2) [1133] This is what we want ... some little of the [...] like them crafts made.
Pat (PS1C4) [1134] I got it on one of their dos Sunday morning from June's.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1135] What is it?
Pat (PS1C4) [1136] Just some [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [1137] Oh!
[1138] Yes of course.
June (PS1C2) [1139] I thought, well that's a nice little thing.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1140] Yes.
June (PS1C2) [1141] Innit?
Sandra (PS1C1) [1142] Yes.
Marg (PS1C6) [1143] Yes.
[1144] That's a cherry drawer that is.
June (PS1C2) [1145] Yes, I got one of them when I got
Mary (PS1C3) [1146] Yeah.
(PS001) [...]
Marg (PS1C6) [1147] And for no more money.
[1148] Are mine smaller than that?
June (PS1C2) [1149] Yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [1150] Only that bit.
June (PS1C2) [1151] Mm.
Marg (PS1C6) [1152] But, they're from erm ... Kwik Save and they're no dearer in this nice little jars than they are in the plastic tubs with the same cherries
Pat (PS1C4) [1153] Yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [1154] on.
Mary (PS1C3) [1155] Oh.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1156] Mm.
June (PS1C2) [1157] I thought, oh if we could hold of some of them what we could do with them.
Marg (PS1C6) [1158] Yeah, yes,bu yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1159] Er, I've loads.
[1160] You know, in fact, they're bigger than that, but the big jar's like a chocolate tin with the red lids on ... whether you could fill them with bath crystals and some things like that.
(PS001) [...]
Louis (PS1C5) [1161] And people are more into foam baths and that sort of thing
June (PS1C2) [1162] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [1163] nowadays aren't they?
June (PS1C2) [1164] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1165] Unless you were to put, like to fill, to fill it with a cheap flannel and a bar of soap ... and a sponge.
Mary (PS1C3) [1166] Yeah.
June (PS1C2) [1167] Well we'll have to think of summat.
Mary (PS1C3) [1168] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1169] Ooh!
(PS001) [...]
June (PS1C2) [1170] If we're er ... having the centre
Sandra (PS1C1) [1171] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [1172] Yeah.
June (PS1C2) [1173] for the ... are we that far or shall we offer them
Sandra (PS1C1) [1174] Well
June (PS1C2) [1175] a lift?
Sandra (PS1C1) [1176] I er, I was just going to bring them up with erm ... you know about the cheque, cos you got
June (PS1C2) [1177] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1178] did you know about the cheque?
[1179] We got a donation given to us.
Mary (PS1C3) [1180] From your dad?
Sandra (PS1C1) [1181] No.
[1182] No.
[1183] That never came, that never came to fruition.
Louis (PS1C5) [1184] Didn't it?
June (PS1C2) [1185] Oh.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1186] In so much that, they were dithering over other things that we think
June (PS1C2) [1187] There's another cup of tea in, er, Margaret if you want a cup.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1188] er, they were meeting ... and the lad who was supposed to be at the meeting didn't know what they'd come to decide on.
[1189] We'd got to go and pay a bill
June (PS1C2) [1190] That's right.
[1191] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [1192] Oh.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1193] and they needed to know what to pay.
Louis (PS1C5) [1194] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1195] So in the end I had to say I haven't got any more time to chase up after him, but I could always probably come back again later on in the year.
[1196] It would have meant
Mary (PS1C3) [1197] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1198] I would have to pay for it and try him again.
[1199] I think Christmas beca cos ... there was that ... er ... [...] you see, they were sorting out
Pat (PS1C4) [1200] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1201] and I was blue with that with them on one and at this on the other
Mary (PS1C3) [1202] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1203] and the lad who was dealing with it all, we had some hassle from another quoter.
[1204] And then he said, they haven't had their meeting.
Pat (PS1C4) [1205] Mm mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1206] He said, how do they what they've said, but they haven't had it?
[1207] No, we had a cheque which we presumed had come from ... Social Services
June (PS1C2) [1208] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1209] and when it arrived it turned out to be a donation from the Lord Mayor's charity.
[1210] It had
Pat (PS1C4) [1211] Oh!
Sandra (PS1C1) [1212] been applied for on our behalf ... so it wasn't in fact from Social Services.
Mary (PS1C3) [1213] Mm mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1214] And it ... had been made out to
June (PS1C2) [1215] The church.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1216] the church.
Mary (PS1C3) [1217] Mhm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1218] So, in the end ... rather than send it back and ask for
Mary (PS1C3) [1219] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1220] it to be rewritten ... we usually have one event after Christmas that pays for the extra gas and heating that we use.
Pat (PS1C4) [1221] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1222] Er, I know it's twice what we normally pay, cos it was a hundred pound.
Pat (PS1C4) [1223] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1224] But on reflection, a quick little sub-committee meeting at the end of Christmas Day he said well ... we've paid it now, but we are in fact, in hand
June (PS1C2) [1225] Yes.
Pat (PS1C4) [1226] Yeah.
Mary (PS1C3) [1227] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1228] for the next twelve months
Pat (PS1C4) [1229] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1230] that we use the hall.
None (PS6TL) [1231] Yes.
[1232] Right.
Pat (PS1C4) [1233] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1234] Even though we never asked, I think we still have to make
Louis (PS1C5) [1235] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1236] sure
Pat (PS1C4) [1237] Sure, yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1238] that we're not ... costing anything.
Marg (PS1C6) [1239] Cos that very nice I think.
Louis (PS1C5) [1240] That's all, yeah.
June (PS1C2) [1241] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [1242] [...] ... And I [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [1243] So, I mean, if anybody
Louis (PS1C5) [1244] wear and tear
Sandra (PS1C1) [1245] Yes.
Louis (PS1C5) [1246] then
Sandra (PS1C1) [1247] I mean, if anybody asks you to see if it's gone through our books it hasn't, but
Mary (PS1C3) [1248] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1249] having said that ... it's in lieu of the debt that we would have paid.
Mary (PS1C3) [1250] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1251] But, I then, subsequently met ... the chappie in charge of Social Services outside the school!
[1252] Who said, how did it go?
[1253] Blah, blah!
[1254] Very nice.
[1255] He said there might be some more money coming.
[1256] From them this
Louis (PS1C5) [1257] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1258] time.
[1259] But he
June (PS1C2) [1260] Oh oh!
Sandra (PS1C1) [1261] he said this last year
Mary (PS1C3) [1262] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1263] and it never came.
Marg (PS1C6) [1264] And the year before!
Sandra (PS1C1) [1265] So ... I mean, I will continue to harass him through the twelve months if possible, because I think
Pat (PS1C4) [1266] Well when you think how many people we have to [...]
June (PS1C2) [1267] Yes, they
None (PS6TL) [1268] I know!
June (PS1C2) [1269] yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [1270] Yeah!
Sandra (PS1C1) [1271] And they
Louis (PS1C5) [1272] Of course!
Sandra (PS1C1) [1273] for those who are housebound
Louis (PS1C5) [1274] But I mean
Sandra (PS1C1) [1275] and incapable of driving
Marg (PS1C6) [1276] They only have to think about
Sandra (PS1C1) [1277] they have to provide it
Marg (PS1C6) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [1278] for them, you see.
June (PS1C2) [1279] So we take
Marg (PS1C6) [1280] Yeah!
June (PS1C2) [1281] it off them.
Marg (PS1C6) [1282] We take it off
Sandra (PS1C1) [1283] Yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [1284] and they should
Sandra (PS1C1) [1285] Yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [1286] come round.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1287] We're not doing it to compensate Social Services
Marg (PS1C6) [1288] Yeah!
Sandra (PS1C1) [1289] we're doing it
Pat (PS1C4) [1290] No!
Sandra (PS1C1) [1291] to provide a day for the people who
Mary (PS1C3) [1292] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1293] come.
June (PS1C2) [1294] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1295] But, at the same time it does take the burden off them.
Marg (PS1C6) [1296] Yes it does!
Mary (PS1C3) [1297] Yeah!
[1298] Of course!
Pat (PS1C4) [1299] I mean, they
Marg (PS1C6) [1300] Yes!
Pat (PS1C4) [1301] should have to find somebody to go wouldn't they?
Louis (PS1C5) [1302] Yes!
[1303] They would.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1304] Course they would!
[1305] Yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [1306] Yes!
Sandra (PS1C1) [1307] So, I will carry on.
[1308] But, at the moment, there's enough in there to pay off what debt we've got left.
Marg (PS1C6) [1309] For the puddings in there?
Sandra (PS1C1) [1310] For the puddings.
[1311] And there's a few coppers left over.
June (PS1C2) [1312] Well I've got mine then, that woman give me.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1313] Yeah.
[1314] Well, in the bank's four hundred and forty seven.
[1315] So, we are well in hand.
Mary (PS1C3) [1316] Mm!
Sandra (PS1C1) [1317] Erm ... we went up as high as er ... eight hundred forty one ... erm ...
Louis (PS1C5) [1318] What do you reckon it'll cost this year then, er last year then Sandra?
Sandra (PS1C1) [1319] About ... er ... I keep saying we need somebody to keep account book.
[1320] About
Mary (PS1C3) [1321] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1322] six hundred pound.
None (PS6TL) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [1323] About five to six hundred
Louis (PS1C5) [1324] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1325] pounds [...]
Louis (PS1C5) [1326] I, I thought about six hundred.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1327] Bearing in mind that this year we got a lot more, I mean, we ... we got all those crackers and blowers from ... the hotel.
[1328] Er, I haven't sent him a letter back yet cos I thought, wondered whether anybody'd like to volunteer to write, I sent a card last year.
Marg (PS1C6) [1329] What's this?
[1330] Er what is it for?
Sandra (PS1C1) [1331] The ... Borough.
[1332] They sent
Marg (PS1C6) [1333] Did they?
Sandra (PS1C1) [1334] one hundred and fifty crackers and a tub of at least a hundred blowers!
None (PS6TL) [1335] Ooh!
Marg (PS1C6) [1336] Well how do they get it bearing in mind the other
Sandra (PS1C1) [1337] No, the co the cost of that alone
June (PS1C2) [1338] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1339] those boxes of crackers are about ... I think they're about fifteen pound a box and the three
Mary (PS1C3) [1340] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1341] boxes
Louis (PS1C5) [1342] Mm.
Mary (PS1C3) [1343] Mm.
Marg (PS1C6) [1344] Fifteen
Sandra (PS1C1) [1345] But
Marg (PS1C6) [1346] pounds a box!
Sandra (PS1C1) [1347] Well there's fifty in each one.
Marg (PS1C6) [1348] Oh!
None (PS6TL) [...]
June (PS1C2) [1349] Yes.
Mary (PS1C3) [1350] Yeah!
Sandra (PS1C1) [1351] I think there are ... ah, no!
[1352] No!
[1353] No!
Marg (PS1C6) [1354] I was gonna say!
Sandra (PS1C1) [1355] No, they're nine pound.
[1356] Cos I know when I went to the warehouse
Louis (PS1C5) [1357] Oh that
Pat (PS1C4) [1358] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1359] erm ... when I went the first year I looked at them.
[1360] Do you remember when I bought the wrapping paper
Pat (PS1C4) [1361] Yeah.
[1362] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1363] and they were up there then.
[1364] And I looked at them and I thought well it's a lot of money to pay out, we'll see what comes in.
[1365] Erm ... and on, on reflection
None (PS6TL) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [1366] I er ... I didn't buy them and he sent us three boxes and they came from the same warehouse.
Mary (PS1C3) [1367] Oh good!
[1368] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1369] Course they cost a lot
Marg (PS1C6) [1370] I think a letter would [...] , I think a letter would be very nice.
Pat (PS1C4) [1371] The manager of the hotel?
Sandra (PS1C1) [1372] Don't ask me his name because it's Italian!
Pat (PS1C4) [1373] No, just to the manager, Borough Hotel, what's the, what's the [...] ?
Sandra (PS1C1) [1374] The Villa Arms
Mary (PS1C3) [1375] The Villa Arms.
Pat (PS1C4) [1376] Hotel.
Louis (PS1C5) [1377] I hope he hasn't got his tea towel with him!
Pat (PS1C4) [1378] Villa Arms hotel?
Marg (PS1C6) [1379] Yes.
[1380] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1)
Marg (PS1C6)
Pat (PS1C4) [1381] Right.
[1382] And he sent ... three boxes of crackers.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1383] Yeah.
[1384] A hundred and fifty crackers
Pat (PS1C4) [1385] Er
Sandra (PS1C1) [1386] and a box of blowers.
Pat (PS1C4) [1387] [writing] a hundred and fifty crackers ... just a letter addressed
Mary (PS1C3) [1388] Yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [1389] and a box of blowers.
[1390] Just to say thank you very much, they were very much appreciated.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1391] Well they were, because
None (PS6TL) [1392] Oh!
[1393] Very good!
Sandra (PS1C1) [1394] things like that, and we also, I think this year we ought to send Sid one ... because he came up with ... ten litres of ... five each of them boxes ... so came up with ten litres of wine.
Marg (PS1C6) [1395] Well I thanked him twice.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1396] I know.
[1397] But
Louis (PS1C5) [1398] Nice really to write a letter.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1399] I think, I think to have made
None (PS6TL) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [1400] effort, that's to the
June (PS1C2) [1401] It's his wife who normally does things.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1402] Well, it might put the cat among the pigeons June, but then so what!
June (PS1C2) [laugh]
(PS001) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [1403] [laughing] It needs revitalizing [] !
Marg (PS1C6) [1404] Well I thought I would [...]
Mary (PS1C3) [1405] As half of them would
Marg (PS1C6) [1406] they all made funny
June (PS1C2) [1407] Oh!
Marg (PS1C6) [1408] pictures on the
June (PS1C2) [1409] Oh yes.
Marg (PS1C6) [1410] wall.
Louis (PS1C5) [1411] Oh that's my er ... lads up in from the [...] .
[1412] I've seen them there.
Pat (PS1C4) [1413] Oh!
Louis (PS1C5) [1414] Cos when the
Marg (PS1C6) [1415] On behalf of the war times [...]
Louis (PS1C5) [1416] That's the last one there.
Marg (PS1C6) [1417] committee?
Sandra (PS1C1) [1418] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [1419] They
Sandra (PS1C1) [1420] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [1421] show [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [1422] Oh.
Louis (PS1C5) [1423] And they never lose them then.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1424] Bit difficult.
June (PS1C2) [1425] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1426] Yeah.
June (PS1C2) [1427] They said at the Cricketers this year.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1428] It's at the Crick
Pat (PS1C4) [1429] Cricketer's Arms.
[1430] Er, well, was it Mr this time?
Sandra (PS1C1)
Pat (PS1C4) [1431] Er ... er ... ?
Sandra (PS1C1) [1432] Yeah.
June (PS1C2) [1433] Shouldn't you put Mrs and Mr cos they are man and wife.
Pat (PS1C4) [1434] Well that's, oh yes alright.
June (PS1C2) [1435] No.
(PS001) [laugh]
June (PS1C2) [laugh]
Pat (PS1C4) [1436] S A, [spelling] [] ?
Sandra (PS1C1) [1437] Yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [1438] Yes.
[1439] Cricketer's Arms.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1440] Just do a duplicate copy of the letter.
[1441] And also, I think, to add [...] .
June (PS1C2) [1442] Ooh yes!
[1443] They should have one.
Pat (PS1C4) [1444] And, the manager of [...] ?
Louis (PS1C5) [1445] No, Arthur
June (PS1C2) [1446] No.
Louis (PS1C5) [1447] .
Pat (PS1C4) [1448] Arthur
June (PS1C2) [1449] Is he the manager there?
Louis (PS1C5) [1450] No he was the one that [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [1451] He's the commissions manager.
Pat (PS1C4) [1452] Arthur
Louis (PS1C5) [1453] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [1454] Well I think if you were to send it to
Louis (PS1C5) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [1455] the manager, care of, Mr Arthur .
Pat (PS1C4) [1456] Mr Arthur .
Sandra (PS1C1) [1457] If we send it to the manager, care of ... Mr Arthur .
Pat (PS1C4) [1458] Right.
[1459] Yeah.
[1460] [writing] Care of, Arthur .
[1461] How do you spell Arthur ?
Louis (PS1C5) [1462] Yeah.
[1463] Yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [1464] I would just [...] .
Louis (PS1C5) [1465] Yeah.
Mary (PS1C3) [1466] Yeah.
June (PS1C2) [1467] And I, I tell you something else and all ... on Saturday ... it's erm ... Margaret
None (PS6TL) [1468] .
June (PS1C2) [1469] 's birthday.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1470] Oh is it?
June (PS1C2) [1471] Yeah.
[1472] So I think er
Sandra (PS1C1) [1473] A card.
June (PS1C2) [1474] if we all sign on a card.
[1475] I've got one.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1476] Have you got one?
Mary (PS1C3) [1477] Right.
June (PS1C2) [1478] And er, I'll put it through.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1479] Right.
Mary (PS1C3) [1480] Fine.
June (PS1C2) [1481] Because by God she's a great'un int she?
Sandra (PS1C1) [1482] How did she go on
Louis (PS1C5) [1483] I know.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1484] at ... does anybody know how she went on at her dance ... New Year's Eve?
Marg (PS1C6) [1485] Well I was there.
Pat (PS1C4) [1486] No, there was nobody there.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1487] Did she go?
Mary (PS1C3) [1488] Yeah.
June (PS1C2) [1489] Who?
[1490] Margaret?
Mary (PS1C3) [1491] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1492] Cos she, I heard her voice
June (PS1C2) [1493] A New Year's resolution.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1494] Oh!
[1495] That
June (PS1C2) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [1496] Well, why I'm asking
June (PS1C2) [1497] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1498] I saw her on the way to the doctors and she'd thought she'd got chicken pox.
Mary (PS1C3) [1499] Oh yes.
June (PS1C2) [1500] Yeah.
Mary (PS1C3) [1501] No, she's had [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [1502] I said, I bet you're allergic to something.
[1503] Oh nothing
Mary (PS1C3) [1504] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1505] Sandra, I've been with somebody with chicken pox
Pat (PS1C4) [1506] Yeah.
Mary (PS1C3) [1507] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1508] cos she said if I can't go do you want two tickets?
[1509] I said, well I'll find somebody but I hope you haven't got chicken pox.
Mary (PS1C3) [1510] Oh no, she went.
Sandra (PS1C1) [laugh]
June (PS1C2) [1511] Er er urgh!
[1512] The music was terrible!
Sandra (PS1C1) [1513] Mm.
June (PS1C2) [1514] We left here at half past eight ... and we didn't get on the dance floor till twenty to ten ... cos there was three
Sandra (PS1C1) [1515] Oh.
June (PS1C2) [1516] girls hip-hippy shaking.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1517] Oh!
June (PS1C2) [1518] That was the music.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1519] Oh!
June (PS1C2) [1520] And when he played a square tango ... it was just like er ... [...] .
(PS001) [laugh]
June (PS1C2) [1521] You know, I mean tramping.
Pat (PS1C4) [1522] Ah!
[1523] Dear.
June (PS1C2) [1524] It were true.
(PS001) [laugh]
June (PS1C2) [1525] It was full eight.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1526] Oh!
June (PS1C2) [1527] Then he played summat else.
Marg (PS1C6) [laugh]
June (PS1C2) [1528] Well we ha went round wo we had to come off the bloody dance floor [...] !
(PS001) [laugh]
June (PS1C2) [1529] Yes I said, no, I said next year ... we'll have tickets but if it's the same whatsit we don't want him.
(PS001) [...]
June (PS1C2) [1530] Well we pay all that money for the disco thing.
Mary (PS1C3) [1531] Yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [1532] You don't have much to eat either do you?
June (PS1C2) [1533] Oh yes!
[1534] It's quite
Mary (PS1C3) [1535] Well yeah.
June (PS1C2) [1536] good, yeah.
[1537] There was two salmon sandwiches, two cheese
Marg (PS1C6) [1538] Oh yes.
[1539] I was talking about another dance where you've had your bit
June (PS1C2) [1540] There's only bit I've [...] .
Marg (PS1C6) [1541] Oh!
June (PS1C2) [1542] It's only a jacket potato missing.
Marg (PS1C6) [1543] Oh!
June (PS1C2) [1544] And all the er ... rice and ... oh there was salad on the table.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1545] Oh was there?
June (PS1C2) [1546] Quite enough.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1547] Oh!
June (PS1C2) [1548] Yeah.
[1549] But erm ... the music, oh dear!
Mary (PS1C3) [1550] [yawning] What er, Margaret are you talking about [] ?
June (PS1C2)
Pat (PS1C4) [1551] Got blonde hair.
Louis (PS1C5) [1552] She came up Chris Christmas day in the home.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1553] Up there in the home. [...]
Mary (PS1C3) [1554] [...] .
June (PS1C2) [1555] It's, I think, it's in the book.
Mary (PS1C3) [1556] Oh really?
[1557] Oh why
June (PS1C2) [1558] Well [laugh]
Mary (PS1C3) [1559] should we [...] then?
June (PS1C2) [1560] No.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1561] No.
Pat (PS1C4) [1562] She has.
None (PS6TL) [1563] Not for most.
June (PS1C2) [1564] She had, and [...]
Mary (PS1C3) [1565] I think I know the bar lady.
(PS001) [...]
June (PS1C2) [1566] Oh yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1567] It was lovely!
June (PS1C2) [1568] But even they couldn't dance to the music.
Louis (PS1C5) [1569] Couldn't they?
Mary (PS1C3) [1570] No.
June (PS1C2) [1571] No.
[1572] And er, there was another ... table ... there was eight or ten on that one.
[1573] Erm ... the little one Marg.
[1574] I dunno, she always call him Aden.
[1575] We've got nicknames for them you see
Sandra (PS1C1) [1576] Mhm.
June (PS1C2) [1577] and I'd had a ... and er they, I never saw them on the floor.
Marg (PS1C6) [1578] Oh.
June (PS1C2) [1579] And they do all the sequence dances.
Louis (PS1C5) [1580] I know that, they love dancing.
Mary (PS1C3) [1581] A do we know how erm Mavis is?
Marg (PS1C6) [1582] No.
Louis (PS1C5) [1583] Well getting a better, a little bit better each day.
Pat (PS1C4) [1584] Was she badly hurt?
Louis (PS1C5) [1585] Never felt better.
June (PS1C2) [1586] That was a shame Margaret [...] .
Mary (PS1C3) [1587] She didn't have any broken bones.
(PS001) [...]
Pat (PS1C4) [1588] Oh and ... I mean th ... there was some little Christmas tree, gingerbread ... al
June (PS1C2) [1589] Yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [1590] almonds on.
[1591] And they had little pink icing of a star on the top ... and we must have had six dozen.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1592] Oh that's nice.
Pat (PS1C4) [1593] And they, a lot of them got
Louis (PS1C5) [1594] Is this when they rang up and said they'd got cakes left?
Sandra (PS1C1) [1595] Yes, yeah, and Julie went down
Mary (PS1C3) [1596] Yeah I had them.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1597] and saw
Pat (PS1C4) [1598] and
Sandra (PS1C1) [1599] them.
Pat (PS1C4) [1600] we did, some had gone out on the plates and then I had three boxes left and I was going round giving them out.
[1601] I got rid of them all cos they're all taking them home.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1602] Yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [1603] And, there was some on a plate and my sister's little lad went up and went to take one off this plate and then Valerie tu turned round, she said er, you can't have one of them, them are for the old folks.
(PS001) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [1604] Ah ah!
[1605] No!
Pat (PS1C4) [1606] [laughing] And he was [...] , cos it, I really want a Christmas tree []
June (PS1C2) [1607] Yes.
Pat (PS1C4) [1608] only it was just what
Sandra (PS1C1) [1609] Mm mm.
Pat (PS1C4) [1610] he wanted.
Louis (PS1C5) [1611] Yes.
June (PS1C2) [1612] Oh!
Pat (PS1C4) [1613] She wouldn't let him have it.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1614] Tt!
[1615] Oh!
Louis (PS1C5) [1616] Well [...] , and God's honest truth I never saw them.
[1617] Cos they went out and they were playing
Pat (PS1C4) [1618] That's it.
Louis (PS1C5) [1619] and that's it.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1620] Yeah.
[1621] Yeah.
June (PS1C2) [1622] Yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [1623] Cos, I suppose it was cos we were all so
Marg (PS1C6) [1624] Mind you,a
Pat (PS1C4) [1625] er
Marg (PS1C6) [1626] you do find don't you?
June (PS1C2) [1627] But I
Marg (PS1C6) [1628] I mean I don't know ... cos I'm not, I think when they give something away for nothing ... it's almost worse than when they're paying.
[1629] And when
Sandra (PS1C1) [1630] Well
Marg (PS1C6) [1631] they're paying they don't want to
Sandra (PS1C1) [1632] unfortunately
Marg (PS1C6) [...] [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [1633] I, I mean there were two plates
Louis (PS1C5) [1634] Oh yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1635] of salmon sandwiches
Marg (PS1C6) [1636] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1637] and we've, I mean we've said this on reflection afterwards, as much as we don't like cutting up plates of sandwiches ... there must have been some that took home half a dozen
Pat (PS1C4) [1638] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1639] salmon, and there were some
Pat (PS1C4) [1640] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1641] that never saw a salmon.
Pat (PS1C4) [1642] No.
June (PS1C2) [1643] We didn't get, we'd
Sandra (PS1C1) [1644] I
June (PS1C2) [1645] loads over cos [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [1646] No.
[1647] My father never saw a [...]
Pat (PS1C4) [1648] [laughing] I said I bet, when I saw this June [] .
June (PS1C2) [1649] I said that ... I couple of the
Pat (PS1C4) [1650] No.
June (PS1C2) [1651] sandwiches, there's a cup of tea I said and they'll never know.
Pat (PS1C4) [1652] No.
[1653] I never
Louis (PS1C5) [1654] Well you know what?
Pat (PS1C4) [1655] the only thing I got was of Stella
June (PS1C2) [...]
Pat (PS1C4) [1656] cutting that cake all the time.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1657] Cos she'd burn more.
[1658] Old fashioned trifle
Marg (PS1C6) [1659] [laughing] Oh don't make me Pat [] !
Pat (PS1C4) [1660] Yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [1661] She had a cake.
Pat (PS1C4) [1662] She had a cake.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1663] They always say the thought might be worse and to, we know it costs about, it costs about ten pound to buy ... well, I think at the end of the day worth it, is to put them out on a paper plate.
June (PS1C2) [1664] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1665] Simply
Mary (PS1C3) [1666] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1667] not to save the washing up but to stop the arguments
Louis (PS1C5) [1668] Yeah!
Sandra (PS1C1) [1669] that came!
Louis (PS1C5) [1670] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1671] As to who'd got what.
Marg (PS1C6) [clears throat]
Sandra (PS1C1) [1672] And if they didn't want it then, they had a plastic bag they
Mary (PS1C3) [1673] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1674] could have just put their plates in and taken
Louis (PS1C5) [1675] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1676] it home.
[1677] As it was, I mean I found another chocolate gateau under those Christmas tree cakes.
[1678] And somebody said, we haven't had any cake!
[1679] And I went, I know everybody had a piece of this chocolate on their plates, but there was nothing else I could do, once they saw it that was it.
Pat (PS1C4) [1680] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1681] I never got to the end of the table.
Mary (PS1C3) [1682] Yeah.
June (PS1C2) [1683] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1684] And there are
Mary (PS1C3) [1685] I know.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1686] there were sixteen ... portions
Mary (PS1C3) [1687] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1688] and they sell at fifty four pence
Pat (PS1C4) [1689] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1690] a slice.
Marg (PS1C6) [1691] I never saw that those, under that ga table.
Mary (PS1C3) [1692] No I didn't.
(PS001) [laugh]
(PS001) [...]
Marg (PS1C6) [1693] I was left with the
Sandra (PS1C1) [1694] You know
Marg (PS1C6) [1695] trifle left, and by the time the trifle was there but there was no sandwiches or [...] .
Mary (PS1C3) [laugh]
Pat (PS1C4) [1696] Do you know what it reminds me of.
[1697] I, I will, I always
Mary (PS1C3) [1698] [sighing] Oh [] .
Pat (PS1C4) [1699] used to give our kids ... birthday parties, always ... and when Paul had a, I don't know if you knew Jason
June (PS1C2) [1700] Yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [1701] erm last year?
[1702] A little
Sandra (PS1C1) [1703] No.
Pat (PS1C4) [1704] boy named Jason tha ... he's a young man now but when ... and we used to have the sandwiches on the table and Jason always used to sort of take umpteen and po pile them up on his plate and
Mary (PS1C3) [1705] Yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [1706] and I used to say, just take, there was loads
June (PS1C2) [1707] Mm.
Pat (PS1C4) [1708] just take one at a time.
[1709] But no.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1710] Yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [1711] He had to have ... five or four
Marg (PS1C6) [1712] Some are like that.
[1713] Well I
Pat (PS1C4) [1714] Well I think those old people are
Marg (PS1C6) [1715] Yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [1716] like that.
(PS001) [...]
Louis (PS1C5) [1717] She's like that even now at thirteen.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1718] Yeah.
[1719] Yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [1720] If he hasn't got three times more than anybody else he'll scre
Louis (PS1C5) [1721] Yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [1722] you know, he'd have nothing.
[1723] But I mean old people
Mary (PS1C3) [1724] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [1725] They're the sa the same [...]
Pat (PS1C4) [1726] yo you know they're [...] are like children aren't they?
Marg (PS1C6) [...]
Pat (PS1C4) [1727] They want everything
Mary (PS1C3) [1728] Yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [1729] just going for them.
Louis (PS1C5) [1730] Mind you
Mary (PS1C3) [1731] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [1732] it's better than throwing a lot of stuff away.
Pat (PS1C4) [1733] Oh yes
Mary (PS1C3) [1734] Yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [1735] but
Louis (PS1C5) [1736] They can eat it at home when
Sandra (PS1C1) [1737] You can say if
Pat (PS1C4) [1738] That's right.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1739] if, if, if it had been proportioned
June (PS1C2) [...] [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [1740] out ... that, they had one salmon, one cheese, one ham
June (PS1C2) [1741] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1742] with a couple of cakes ... and one of these
Mary (PS1C3) [1743] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1744] Christmas tree, a bit of [...]
Mary (PS1C3) [1745] Yeah.
[1746] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1747] and given them a dish of trifle I think a lot would have just eaten the trifle, had a cup of tea and taken the rest home.
June (PS1C2) [1748] The rest home.
Louis (PS1C5) [1749] Oh yeah!
Sandra (PS1C1) [1750] As it was
Louis (PS1C5) [1751] Yes
Sandra (PS1C1) [1752] they were seeing how much more they could eat and take home.
(PS001) [1753] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1754] And if they knew it had all been
Mary (PS1C3) [1755] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1756] divided and gone out there wouldn't have been a
Mary (PS1C3) [1757] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1758] problem.
June (PS1C2) [1759] Mm.
Mary (PS1C3) [1760] Yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [1761] D'ya think it might be worth writing to some of the [...] and asking them ... to donate any paper plates?
Sandra (PS1C1) [1762] We, we actually wrote to the manufacturers of paper plates
Louis (PS1C5) [1763] Yes, that's right.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1764] the first year and the most you get out of them is they don't even bother to come and see you in the corridor do, who went down?
Mary (PS1C3) [1765] Yeah, I know.
Pat (PS1C4) [1766] I know.
[1767] I know.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1768] Somebody went there.
Mary (PS1C3) [1769] Was that Deeko?
Sandra (PS1C1) [1770] Yes.
[1771] Stood outside and ... I'd been rung up
Pat (PS1C4) [1772] That's shocking!
Sandra (PS1C1) [1773] rung up and th
Mary (PS1C3) [1774] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1775] many times, not only for this group but for another one.
Mary (PS1C3) [1776] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1777] And they don't even answer.
Marg (PS1C6) [1778] Ooh!
[1779] How awful!
Sandra (PS1C1) [1780] And we lost our contact didn't we?
June (PS1C2) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [1781] Although I, we wasn't ... surprised by them
Mary (PS1C3) [1782] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1783] suddenly erm ... [...]
Pat (PS1C4) [1784] Anyway, shall we start ideas, good
June (PS1C2) [1785] Right
Pat (PS1C4) [1786] ideas?
Sandra (PS1C1) [1787] Yeah.
[1788] Well
Marg (PS1C6) [1789] That we put the teas out
Louis (PS1C5) [1790] Yeah, the plate.
Marg (PS1C6) [1791] on the plate.
Louis (PS1C5) [1792] Yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [1793] Save a lot of bother.
June (PS1C2) [1794] Mm mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1795] Well it, it, it caused a lot of aggravation to some
Mary (PS1C3) [1796] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1797] that
June (PS1C2) [1798] Didn't
Sandra (PS1C1) [1799] particularly those in wheelchairs that couldn't fight their way to another table
Marg (PS1C6) [1800] Well I said ... can
Louis (PS1C5) [1801] Yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [1802] I get you anything?
[1803] But th none of the men had too much ... it'd be the women who'd be in
Mary (PS1C3) [1804] Oh yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [1805] there.
Pat (PS1C4) [1806] Yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [1807] Cos we couldn't find this [...] for lunch over
None (PS6TL) [1808] Yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [1809] there.
June (PS1C2) [1810] Mm mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1811] The women ... that erm, I must admit though that
Marg (PS1C6) [...]
Pat (PS1C4) [1812] Yes.
Marg (PS1C6) [1813] The men's
Sandra (PS1C1) [1814] The er
Marg (PS1C6) [1815] was just there.
Mary (PS1C3) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [1816] the dinner organization was better cos we did manage to get seconds out to those that wanted it.
June (PS1C2) [1817] Yes.
Mary (PS1C3) [1818] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1819] And, there wasn't one complaint about the turkey.
Mary (PS1C3) [1820] No.
June (PS1C2) [1821] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1822] Not one.
Louis (PS1C5) [1823] One complaint about the carrots.
June (PS1C2) [1824] Carrots.
[1825] But we solved that didn't we?
Louis (PS1C5) [1826] Said it was lovely.
June (PS1C2) [laugh]
Pat (PS1C4) [1827] She wasn't that
Sandra (PS1C1) [1828] Oh well I'll get
Pat (PS1C4) [1829] sure.
[1830] I said to Edie, was the dinner nice?
[1831] She says yes, but the carrots weren't done.
[1832] And she'd got two little rings of carrots left on her plate.
[1833] And so, after, bringing out a spoonful, so I went to [...] and er ... tasted them, I said mum they were done, done to perfection.
[1834] She said well it must have been just those two little bits.
(PS001) [laugh]
Louis (PS1C5) [1835] Have you got a photograph of her Pat?
Pat (PS1C4) [1836] Aha.
Louis (PS1C5) [1837] Cos we're keeping a photograph of all
Mary (PS1C3) [1838] [laughing] She's [...] [] .
(PS001) [laugh]
June (PS1C2) [1839] Is that it on my bag?
Pat (PS1C4) [1840] Yes.
Mary (PS1C3) [1841] [laughing] Well you [...] [] .
(PS001) [laugh]
Pat (PS1C4) [1842] I mean she'd only left two rings on her plate.
Mary (PS1C3) [1843] Yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [1844] Did you get the turkey breast the same from Asda?
Louis (PS1C5) [1845] Yeah.
[1846] No, no.
Pat (PS1C4) [1847] That she got from [...] ?
[1848] Only
Louis (PS1C5) [1849] Yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [1850] I've seen them in Asda.
[1851] I
Louis (PS1C5) [1852] Yeah.
Pat (PS1C4) [1853] er
Louis (PS1C5) [1854] It ji they haven't done them before, not on that scale.
Pat (PS1C4) [1855] No.
Louis (PS1C5) [1856] And, I did notice they're doing the turkey legs but they're a lot
Mary (PS1C3) [1857] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [1858] dearer.
Mary (PS1C3) [1859] Dearer.
[1860] Yes, I noticed that.
Sandra (PS1C1) [cough]
Pat (PS1C4) [1861] Well I had breast.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1862] But, the breasts were the same price
June (PS1C2) [1863] Mm mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1864] and ... to make up the weight instead of five he sent six to make the weight up.
Pat (PS1C4) [1865] And we didn't, we, we only needed five.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1866] We only needed five.
[1867] Bearing in mind, you only needed four though and knew they hadn't of come cos well
Mary (PS1C3) [1868] Oh yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1869] having said that
Mary (PS1C3) [1870] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1871] they weren't wasted cos you went
Louis (PS1C5) [1872] Did you put your hams on the dinners?
Sandra (PS1C1) [1873] They had a slice of ham
Louis (PS1C5) [1874] Oh did you?
Sandra (PS1C1) [1875] and a slice of turkey.
June (PS1C2) [1876] Yeah.
Louis (PS1C5) [1877] Oh right.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1878] Yeah.
[1879] Er erm ... I think, I mean they all eat ... most of them eat the ham, there were a few that sent it back ... I think it was probably a bit much for them.
Pat (PS1C4) [1880] Yeah.
June (PS1C2) [1881] Mm
Sandra (PS1C1) [1882] But er
Louis (PS1C5) [1883] Did you slice it yourself?
Mary (PS1C3) [1884] Yeah.
[1885] I've got
Sandra (PS1C1) [1886] Two
Mary (PS1C3) [1887] two electric, electric
Sandra (PS1C1) [1888] two electric
Mary (PS1C3) [1889] carvers.
[1890] I used one of them on the
Pat (PS1C4) [1891] Yeah.
Mary (PS1C3) [1892] ham.
Louis (PS1C5) [1893] The only time I ever use that is when I've got children there.
Marg (PS1C6) [laugh]
Pat (PS1C4) [1894] I buy unsliced bread so I can use my electric knife.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1895] Do you?
Marg (PS1C6) [laugh]
Pat (PS1C4) [1896] An and Jim
Louis (PS1C5) [1897] Oh well I'll, have to do that.
[1898] I love an unsliced loaf.
Pat (PS1C4) [1899] Ooh!
[1900] I know.
Louis (PS1C5) [1901] I like a sliced one but i
Marg (PS1C6) [1902] And d'ya know,
Mary (PS1C3) [1903] Yeah.
Marg (PS1C6) [1904] he's er cut up, as soon as comes in the morning he likes a piece of toast.
[1905] And I've used this uncut bread

2 (Tape 056502)

June (PS1C2) [1906] Sandra's got a tape recorder on here.
Mary (PS1C3) [1907] You
Sandra (PS1C1) [1908] Anyway
Mary (PS1C3) [1909] should have given us the nudge.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1910] Margaret wants to say something.
Pat (PS1C4) [1911] Right!
Sandra (PS1C1) [1912] Let's listen to her.
Marg (PS1C6) [1913] She then said that is
Louis (PS1C5) [1914] This is clever!
Marg (PS1C6) [1915] this woman's [...]
None (PS6TL) [1916] Right.
Marg (PS1C6) [1917] And she's [...]
None (PS6TL) [...]
Marg (PS1C6) [1918] She was really in love.
Louis (PS1C5) [1919] I know.
Marg (PS1C6) [1920] Have you seen where she lives?
[1921] And she wanted the other [...] ... and er ... and she didn't want her sandwich.
[1922] She said, why have you got [...] ?
[1923] Why can't we pay for that here?
[1924] Anyway she go it really looked good.
Pat (PS1C4) [1925] Yeah.
June (PS1C2) [1926] Yeah.

3 (Tape 056601)

None (PS6TL) [1927] Straight line!
[1928] I have gone in and back that way, I've gone straight over!
[1929] Straight over.
None (PS1J2) [1930] I did that!
Sandra (PS1C1) [1931] You di , straight o ... I'll demonstrate.
[1932] Give me these here.
None (PS1J2) [1933] No!
Sandra (PS1C1) [1934] No, you put that to, turn that to a different colour.
[1935] What you did, you went into the middle and out again.
[1936] You've got to go to the middle and straight across.
[1937] But then, if there's another one ... there
None (PS1J2) [1938] Well you just came
Sandra (PS1C1) [1939] because your draughts are like this.
None (PS1J2) [1940] You just go and
Sandra (PS1C1) [1941] I had a, that's a straight line because then when you get to there you put another straight line across another jump!
[1942] You've gone a straight across there.
[1943] A straight line.
[1944] What you had done
None (PS1J2) [1945] But you didn't let me go like that!
Sandra (PS1C1) [1946] You did!
[1947] You did that all the way down that line when you started didn't you?
None (PS1J2) [1948] So why didn't you let me have that one then?
Sandra (PS1C1) [1949] Because what you did, you went ... over to the top of it ... in a sense, and then ... straight at ... an angle to it.
[1950] You've to go straight across.
[1951] When you did it this way you go straight across, straight across,strai , but yo ... your second jumps you were doing you were going there ... like that ... instead of going straight across.
None (PS1J2) [1952] Do , show me what you've just done.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1953] I went across yours like that.
None (PS1J2) [1954] So I can jump over mine too.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1955] Yes!
[1956] But yo , not the way you did it over here.
None (PS1J2) [1957] So why didn't you let me go
Sandra (PS1C1) [1958] No because you di , you made two, you made two mi , what you did on this one over here you moved into a space first ... and then jumped.
[1959] That was your move.
None (PS1J3) [1960] Yeah, he did do this.
[1961] He went
Sandra (PS1C1) [1962] You did
None (PS1J3) [1963] like that.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1964] that, and then jumped.
[1965] Well that was your move into the space.
None (PS1J3) [1966] There's yours.
[1967] ... Excuse me!
[1968] That was there.
None (PS1J2) [1969] Wasn't.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1970] Wasn't!
None (PS1J2) [1971] It's my go.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1972] It's your go.
None (PS1J3) [laugh]

4 (Tape 056602)

None (PS6TL) [1973] [whispering] Block her off [] !
Sandra (PS1C1) [1974] Never mind trying to block me off!
None (PS1J2) [1975] [laugh] ... [laughing] I don't know where she's going to. []
None (PS1J3) [1976] Ah!
[1977] No I do.
[1978] No I don't.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1979] Ian's not far enough across the board to do anything to me.
[1980] ... What you doing?
[1981] Mm?
None (PS1J2) [1982] [...] , I mean, like you aren't gonna move that anywhere else ... until you've moved all them in.
[1983] And then you'll have to go round.
None (PS1J3) [1984] Oh yes!
[1985] I know what you mean now.
None (PS1J2) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [1986] Are you playing at er, a cheating game you two?
None (PS1J3) [laugh]
None (PS1J2) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [1987] Mm?
[1988] And he goes backwards?
None (PS1J3) [1989] Yeah?
None (PS1J2) [1990] Ooh!
[1991] My go, right.
Sandra (PS1C1) [1992] You see you're,yo , make sure you're going backwards but he'll keep going forwards so I wouldn't listen to him Ian otherwise you'll end up ... losing.
[1993] ... Yeah!
[1994] That'll do
None (PS1J2) [1995] He
Sandra (PS1C1) [1996] there.
None (PS1J2) [1997] Now move that one?
[1998] No, move ... your fingers.
[1999] [singing] dong di di [] .
None (PS1J3) [2000] That's when you move there then.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2001] It's your go Ian.
None (PS1J3) [2002] Urgh!
[2003] Urgh!
None (PS1J2) [2004] Me?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2005] Yeah.
None (PS1J2) [2006] [laugh] ... Cor!
None (PS1J3) [2007] Ah!
[2008] Oh oh!
None (PS1J2) [2009] Your turn.
None (PS1J3) [2010] Ooh sorry!

5 (Tape 056603)

None (PS6TL) [2011] I didn't want to come really! [laugh]
None (PS1J4) [2012] You could have just, really boring [...] !
Sandra (PS1C1) [2013] Ignore me!
None (PS1J4) [2014] That was Sally up there.
[2015] And arranged to fetch
Sandra (PS1C1) [2016] Well I must admit I I was bought, my sister saw them in er ... [...] .
[2017] It's a little box ... and in the lid was a recess
None (PS1J4) [2018] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2019] with a little plastic fork and spoon.
None (PS1J4) [2020] I think I left them in [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [2021] And they were fifty pence.
[2022] And I bought a couple but ... the kids have taken them [...] to school.
None (PS1J4) [2023] Do you want to pick them up?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2024] They take a cold meal.
[2025] But
None (PS1J4) [2026] Meals?
[2027] Oh I thought you said cold meat!
Sandra (PS1C1) [2028] No, cold meals!
None (PS1J4) [2029] Cold meals, right.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2030] So ... I bought two
None (PS1J4) [2031] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2032] they're not quite big enough for putting Matthew's in separate.
None (PS1J4) [2033] Oh.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2034] You know, I can't him enough
None (PS1J4) [2035] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2036] So I've put myself er ... salad and cottage cheese.
[2037] Erm, and our John ... he did take [...] but he doesn't like it when it goes [...] .
None (PS1J4) [2038] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2039] So he's back on just er ... but, I have another box ... at home ... and it's, it's a round box with
None (PS1J4) [2040] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2041] four
None (PS1J4) [2042] I've seen you with that one haven't I?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2043] [...] , yeah.
None (PS1J4) [2044] Yeah.
[2045] Okay.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2046] Well what I do with Matthew is, I put him the lettuce and tomato and celery in one portion ... he has er, cottage cheese and coleslaw in the other ... and
None (PS1J4) [2047] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2048] and then whatever ... he's got some corned in another one.
[2049] And I put cling film on the top so I forgot [...] .
[2050] And then, the other one ... I add a cut of erm ... chocolate teacake or something.
None (PS1J4) [2051] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2052] La , like I've done today I've made him another jelly in it.
None (PS1J5) [2053] Kevin takes his er ... packet of Quavers.
[2054] His chocolate [laughing] biscuits [] !
Sandra (PS1C1) [2055] Yeah.
None (PS1J4) [2056] Do you like Quavers?
[2057] [...] . Actually feels like as if you've eaten one.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2058] Where's the [...] ?
[2059] Well I'm off next week, Thursday we got an extra four packets at the time.
None (PS1J4) [2060] That's right, yeah , that's what I say, they're all going spare.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2061] The oth , it's the other ones we've [...] .
None (PS1J5) [2062] I know.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2063] Er
None (PS1J4) [2064] No.
[2065] I've seen at school that one.
[2066] Er ... trying think what her name is?
None (PS1J5) [2067] Julie.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2068] Julie.
[2069] Julie with the blond , er dark hair and she doesn't like Sonia.
[2070] And she sits ... on the opposite to us last year.
None (PS1J4) [2071] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2072] Any time, any time at all I'll get you off.
[2073] I says, are you in Thursdays?
[2074] [laughing] And she said no [] !
None (PS1J4) [laugh]
None (PS1J5) [2075] She's not ... oh she's not doing erm
Sandra (PS1C1) [2076] She says she's in Tuesdays for one sodding hour!
[2077] I said that's exactly what I have Thursday.
[2078] I said nothing you can to change it because of the way the ... system works.
None (PS1J4) [2079] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2080] If I changed it they'd probably [...] convenient.
[2081] And she she's primary ed so she's no good to Jean either.
None (PS1J5) [2082] No.
None (PS1J4) [2083] There are Jean.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2084] I'll, I'll ask this other girl who I don't know so well ... but I'm sure if she's going that way, she, you know, she's in that area anyway.
None (PS1J4) [2085] Well I know both Julie and er ... and then I'll
Sandra (PS1C1) [2086] Yeah.
None (PS1J4) [2087] I've forgotten her name!
Sandra (PS1C1) [2088] Oh it's Paula ?
None (PS1J4) [2089] No, I don't think it is.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2090] No, it's Mandy.
[2091] Doing education and ... But as I say, it's just a case of asking though.
[2092] It's nothing you, you know even if you only can manage for a few weeks.
[2093] I used to find in Newcastle College, I mean [...] I was wa ... walk back and people used to stop and
None (PS1J4) [2094] [laughing] Yeah [] !
[2095] Shall we [...] ?
None (PS1J5) [2096] Yeah.
None (PS1J4) [2097] I was gonna say have you had a nice Christmas but we saw you [laughing] last week [] !
None (PS1J5) [2098] I've had a lovely Christmas thanks Joan!
[2099] Have you?
None (PS1J4) [2100] Yeah.
[2101] At my mother's
None (PS1J5) [2102] [...] Christmas?
None (PS1J4) [2103] Oh this super Sandra, by the way!
None (PS1J5) [2104] I know.
[2105] We've met.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2106] [laughing] Haven't you met me [] ? [laugh]
None (PS1J5) [2107] Yeah I know.
[2108] Tired today.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2109] I am.
None (PS1J5) [2110] Oh dear!
None (PS1J4) [2111] I was giggling there's a big fat boy was going to take a chance with this toffee bar, you know, super Sandra!
None (PS1J5) [2112] I do think that's nice actually I might get one.
None (PS1J4) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2113] Can I get up this one?
None (PS1J4) [2114] Er ... yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2115] Oh yeah.
[2116] Might as well
None (PS1J4) [2117] I'll remind Ray.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2118] go up there.
None (PS1J4) [2119] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2120] I don't know who put it in you know.
None (PS1J5) [2121] Don't you?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2122] It's not a member of the committee.
None (PS1J4) [laugh]
None (PS1J5) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2123] We did actually have er, it's a , I think what it might be ... we had a lady who came to ... brought her son, mind, her son's thirty odd ... and they did the singing for us.
[2124] And er ... she's the secretary for the Good Neighbour ... there was another man there from the, from the Good Neighbour who does like, the articles or the advertising, and I think probably it's got to be her.
None (PS1J5) [2125] And what did you think to the [...] ?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2126] I'm never really saw it [...]
None (PS1J4) [2127] Well ... to be quite honest with you wasn't very impressed.
[2128] I mean I
None (PS1J5) [2129] Anyway, it didn't [...] .
None (PS1J4) [2130] Bad, I thought.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2131] [laugh] And Joan said ... she must have been depressed [...] .
None (PS1J5) [laugh]
None (PS1J4) [2132] I would have been ... been less chance of me doing that if I felt depressed.
None (PS1J5) [2133] I mean really look ... I said to Fred the other day ... if you knew you were depressed [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [laugh]
None (PS1J4) [2134] Yes.
[2135] In fact, [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2136] If you'd said the right things at
None (PS1J5) [2137] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2138] the right place.
None (PS1J5) [2139] It serves her right really.
[2140] But not, I mean
None (PS1J4) [2141] And then er
None (PS1J5) [2142] yes, he wasn't impressed.
None (PS1J4) [2143] Well I thought th th [...] was alright didn't I?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2144] Yeah.
None (PS1J4) [2145] And ... [...]
None (PS1J5) [2146] I think everybody
None (PS1J4) [2147] Ah, I shouldn't think they will.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2148] I must
None (PS1J5) [2149] Won't they?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2150] admit I am
None (PS1J4) [2151] No!
Sandra (PS1C1) [2152] going to miss that Jane.
None (PS1J4) [2153] Course not, cos we've got the summer to, as well haven't we?
None (PS1J5) [2154] That's it, and get one in now
Sandra (PS1C1) [2155] Er, have you been to Biology?
[2156] Go , you sorted your
None (PS1J4) [2157] Erm
Sandra (PS1C1) [2158] cos I went last night.
None (PS1J4) [2159] Yeah, my room number's O O three in the big one.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2160] That's right, yeah.
[2161] Is that a ca , is it a
None (PS1J4) [2162] And it's the one with Hi Hilary
Sandra (PS1C1) [2163] [...] or a departmental.
None (PS1J4) [2164] Departmental.
None (PS1J5) [2165] I've got the big place as well!
None (PS1J4) [2166] Oh have you?
None (PS1J5) [2167] Yeah.
[2168] But they're all ... well I went and I said to them ... [...] ... I'd forgotten my essays, my room number, the lot!
[2169] And I said [...] ... I said ... so I told her the registration [...] ... and she gave me the room number but she said [...] .
None (PS1J4) [2170] Oh.
None (PS1J5) [2171] Didn't seem to be very specific at all.
None (PS1J4) [2172] Were they not? [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2173] Well, we put all of that [...] [laughing] we've not any offers anyway [] !
None (PS1J4) [2174] Oh!
Sandra (PS1C1) [2175] You gotta consider them.
[2176] Still, we're having a cat!
None (PS1J5) [2177] [...] ?
None (PS1J4) [2178] She won't say yes.
None (PS1J5) [2179] At the corner.
None (PS1J4) [2180] Yeah?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2181] Oh you're erm ... magazines at the top there.
None (PS1J4) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2182] Er, when you've finished with it, all I want is the token off the corner of the page it happens to be on the reverse side
None (PS1J4) [2183] Right.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2184] of the first page.
[2185] I'm not saying we're going to collect the tokens, but just in case our John says ... mum!
[2186] You know?
None (PS1J5) [2187] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2188] Oh this erm ... it's the currency of the world.
None (PS1J4) [2189] Oh!
None (PS1J5) [2190] Yes.
None (PS1J4) [2191] From the Times?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2192] Yeah.
[2193] Well, of course, we do have The Times dear!
None (PS1J4) [2194] Here!
[2195] Here!
[2196] We can just about.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2197] I have never known so many articles on Russian!
None (PS1J5) [2198] It might be a thing in there.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2199] This is on the black market Russian.
None (PS1J4) [2200] Do Russians, Russians come up and er [...] ?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2201] Oh yes.
[2202] What did she do to the market?
[2203] That's what this is, Mrs
None (PS1J5) [2204] Well
Sandra (PS1C1) [2205] Bolcek ... [...] Bolcek
None (PS1J4) [2206] Right.
[2207] Aha.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2208] She will actually, [...] .
None (PS1J5) [2209] Yeah cos my friend [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2210] Yeah.
[2211] She felt that the education of the Boars wasn't me , er the basics to get some education for them.
None (PS1J4) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2212] I thought that she gave them education to add to er, to the poor.
[2213] And cos she always, she brought
None (PS1J4) [2214] That's just like [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [2215] er ... she brought a, a lot of Western artifacts in it, she brought Western civilization
None (PS1J5) [2216] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2217] had been taught.
None (PS1J5) [2218] I do that in fact, quite like it.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2219] Ah, well yes, I suppose
None (PS1J4) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2220] what I mean is er
None (PS1J5) [2221] [laugh] ... Nothing really, when they
Sandra (PS1C1) [2222] I wa , I know when I
None (PS1J5) [2223] haven't got mine, yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2224] when I looked at the front page and he said about two paragraphs
None (PS1J5) [2225] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2226] I thought you'll be lucky!
None (PS1J5) [2227] You'll be lucky!
Sandra (PS1C1) [laugh]
None (PS1J5) [...]
None (PS1J4) [2228] She communicated Peter ... outside.
None (PS1J5) [2229] Did she really?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2230] She just put that
None (PS1J4) [2231] Yes she did.
None (PS1J5) [2232] Cos he's such a friendly I
None (PS1J4) [...]
None (PS1J5) [2233] Joan picked up a lot of little incidentals that we didn't pick up.
None (PS1J4) [2234] No, you picked up i ... I mean, I put that she recognized the gap between ... you know, the Russian ally ... to the Ger , I presume they did have Russian ally.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2235] Is that the right word?
None (PS1J4) [2236] Er, and and the Marsey's you know, they were ordinary peasants.
[2237] She volleyed something, but I couldn't remember what she had [...] .
None (PS1J5) [2238] Thurston was he [...] ?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2239] She didn't like Thurston
None (PS1J4) [2240] Probably she
Sandra (PS1C1) [2241] did she?
None (PS1J4) [2242] I don't know.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2243] I sat there and thought ... what did this woman abolish?
[2244] I th , you know when you're sitting there and can't click your brain into gear?
None (PS1J5) [2245] Well mine was like the lecture.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2246] Mm.
None (PS1J5) [2247] That was on er ... are you going to the Highbury now?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2248] No.
[2249] I can probably go sometime this morning.
[2250] You got something to drop off?
None (PS1J5) [2251] No.
[2252] Not that that's got any
None (PS1J4) [2253] [...] off your ... your
Sandra (PS1C1) [2254] Yeah.
None (PS1J4) [2255] card.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2256] You want me to, it took me, it took me an hour and it'll finish it.
None (PS1J4) [2257] You see, I'm gonna have to go, go today I'll go in the break.
None (PS1J5) [2258] That's all I'm thinking now.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2259] You should have asked, you mean by Friday don't you?
None (PS1J4) [2260] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2261] Erm, you know the parent's, you know parent psychology
None (PS1J4) [2262] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2263] er, psychology ... are you only in Thursday same as me two till three.
None (PS1J4) [2264] No.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2265] Oh!
[2266] You're in for four lectures aren't you?
None (PS1J4) [2267] Oh yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2268] Will you get a lift back?
None (PS1J5) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2269] [laughing] You'll miss this one [] !
None (PS1J4) [2270] Well I don't back for
Sandra (PS1C1) [2271] Oh you don't go back?
None (PS1J4) [2272] the sixth form.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2273] Oh we're not, we don't need to take it till the next one.
None (PS1J5) [2274] Yeah, I go by car.
[2275] Five till six I do.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2276] What's that for?
None (PS1J5) [2277] Er it's er [...]
None (PS1J4) [2278] Tutorial.
[2279] See
Sandra (PS1C1) [2280] Ah!
None (PS1J4) [2281] we have a lecture
Sandra (PS1C1) [2282] Yeah.
None (PS1J4) [2283] four till five.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2284] Mm.
None (PS1J4) [2285] Well they've ... stopped that lecture we're only having one now, but we've
Sandra (PS1C1) [2286] Mm.
None (PS1J4) [2287] still gotta do ... tutorial five till ... unless, we can come to some arrangement
Sandra (PS1C1) [2288] Yeah.
None (PS1J4) [2289] with the bloke ... who we have it with and say can we have it a bit earlier.
None (PS1J5) [2290] You going home this afternoon?
None (PS1J4) [2291] I would say, yeah.
None (PS1J5) [2292] Right the way through?
None (PS1J4) [2293] No, I shall go home about ... erm ... after the
None (PS1J5) [2294] Oh it's alright.
[2295] No, cos er
None (PS1J4) [2296] What time are you going at?
None (PS1J5) [2297] Well, we've got last lectures at five.
None (PS1J4) [2298] No.
[2299] I'll go home.
[2300] I've got nothing this afternoon.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2301] Erm
None (PS1J5) [2302] I mean, your getting a bike key.
None (PS1J4) [2303] Well I haven't yet.
Sandra (PS1C1) [...]
None (PS1J4) [2304] What we'll have to do,yo yo
None (PS1J5) [2305] Where will you be at twelve then Joan?
None (PS1J4) [2306] did you think you knew someone or is that the one that you saw?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2307] Erm ... I'd seen one this morning but she isn't in the core lecture so she's no good to you, but I said to her ... could you give me a lift at all?
[2308] You know, at any time during the week?
[2309] She said, any time at all if we're at the same time.
[2310] I said, you in Thursday?
[2311] She said no.
None (PS1J4) [2312] [laughing] That's what I want you for [] !
Sandra (PS1C1) [2313] But I do kno , I know another girl, I don't know her well, but she does do core lectures.
None (PS1J5) [2314] Cos it might be somebody is
Sandra (PS1C1) [2315] Well I'll find out what she's doing [...]
None (PS1J5) [2316] er Biology.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2317] Yeah.
None (PS1J5) [2318] You know, you know
None (PS1J4) [2319] Yeah.
None (PS1J5) [2320] you'll recognise her when you get
Sandra (PS1C1) [2321] But
None (PS1J5) [2322] there.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2323] Joan's just said she thinks she knows someone that's in core lectures that comes up from our way.
None (PS1J4) [2324] She comes from our way see, so she'd come through your way
None (PS1J5) [2325] Oh does she?
None (PS1J4) [2326] so er, I I can ask her anyway.
None (PS1J5) [2327] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2328] Well we hope that we might
None (PS1J5) [2329] Might do.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2330] sort of, see her
None (PS1J4) [2331] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2332] probably, twelve-ish and
None (PS1J5) [2333] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2334] Yeah.
None (PS1J4) [2335] Right , will you be in the
Sandra (PS1C1) [2336] We'll be in the corridor.
None (PS1J5) [2337] Yes, that'll be
None (PS1J4) [2338] Yeah, we will be in
Sandra (PS1C1) [2339] Yeah.
None (PS1J4) [2340] there then.
None (PS1J5) [2341] We'll be in the corridor at twelve.
None (PS1J4) [2342] Okay.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2343] Yeah.
[2344] Tarrah!
None (PS1J4) [2345] Thanks a lot.
None (PS1J5) [2346] Tarrah!
[2347] Oh I thought that was Alice then!
[2348] But it wasn't.
[2349] Got that [...] on.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2350] I've got a couple of ... erm, really going to be specific to do essay writing, but I need to get in the subjects in.
[2351] But I've got plenty to read up o , I've read my criminology.
[2352] I want to read my physics also.
[2352_1] So that's more than enough [laughing] for this morning [] !
[2353] And I've got a chapter to read for American Studies.
[2354] ... No, if if you fail this coming back after Christmas I didn't actually
None (PS1J5) [2355] [...] ... Oh!
[2356] They've left their lights on here.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2357] Left their lights on.
[2358] Someone's going to have a flat battery!
None (PS1J5) [2359] Mm.
[2360] It's John. [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [2361] Ha, ha, ha!
[2362] ... I've got to go and tell the teacher this morning Alex needs to stay till twenty past three cos they only want them to stay till half two.
[2363] But there's nothing I can do, it's very inconvenient I know.
[2364] [...] alright.
None (PS1J5) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2365] And we've been waylaid on
None (PS1J5) [2366] Ah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2367] the way back by another mother.
[2368] And then I better go and see Annette to tell her.
[2369] To straighten it up.
None (PS1J5) [2370] How do you organise them to baby-sit for?
[2371] I mean, they're alright you don't get
Sandra (PS1C1) [...]
None (PS1J5) [2372] a mess?
[2373] Children.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2374] Yes.
[2375] Erm ... Rob and Polly's mum's picking Simon up and taking him home ... and erm, Annette's picking up ... most nights Gary's gonna be home just after four ... so it's actually someone to take them home.
[2376] But tonight, he's got his first staff meeting till half five ... so tonight there's extra
None (PS1J5) [2377] Extra to pick up.

6 (Tape 056801)

None (PS6TL) [2378] This year that we ever had the party.
[2379] We haven't had this fifty pounds have we, off ... the gas
None (PS1J7) [2380] The gas
Sandra (PS1C1) [2381] board?
[2382] Do you know what I thought?
None (PS1J8) [2383] You've got another bill haven't you?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2384] Yeah.
[2385] Why
None (PS1J7) [2386] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2387] don't we get a great big saucepan lid he can give them bill?
None (PS1J7) [2388] We could ... er, the trouble was that the meeting for the people that we were going to decide
Sandra (PS1C1) [2389] Right.
None (PS1J7) [2390] how much ... wasn't held until after I'd gone up for the money for Matthew's back.
None (PS1J8) [2391] Oh yeah.
None (PS1J7) [2392] And he
None (PS1J8) [2393] And
None (PS1J7) [2394] didn't know what had been happening because he wasn't at the meeting.
None (PS1J8) [2395] Enjoyed yourself [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [2396] Mm.
[2397] I know.
None (PS1J7) [2398] And the company who's in on it was Christmas
None (PS1J8) [2399] Did you want to go?
[2400] Do you want to go?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2401] I'm going to
None (PS1J7) [2402] we go
Sandra (PS1C1) [2403] how do we get the, I'm absolutely
None (PS1J8) [2404] Alright then.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2405] exhausted!
None (PS1J7) [2406] Er
Sandra (PS1C1) [2407] I'm gonna to go.
None (PS1J8) [2408] Tarrah for now!
Sandra (PS1C1) [...]
None (PS1J8) [2409] See you guys Monday.
None (PS1J7) [2410] That's right.
None (PS6TL) [2411] Tarrah!
None (PS1J7) [2412] I don't think fifty pound ... will cover it do you?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2413] Well how many, how much is wrong?
None (PS1J7) [2414] I don't know.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2415] Where would you go?
[2416] I think ... we could do with doing like we said and asking St. Edwards if they've any.
None (PS1J8) [2417] Did we think we about the old staff did you say?
None (PS1J7) [2418] Erm on there but it's
Sandra (PS1C1) [2419] Yeah, it is, it isn't closing.
None (PS1J8) [2420] Oh isn't it?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2421] No, well not yet, they're hoping for a takeover bid.
None (PS1J8) [2422] Oh!
None (PS1J9) [2423] Machine.
None (PS1J7) [2424] I don't reckon everybody's gone home [...] [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2425] Well when I say , they're certain, a big [...] one.
[2426] Like one of those great big ones
None (PS1J8) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2427] that you use in the school.
None (PS1J7) [2428] Yeah, there is a [...] to do anything.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2429] Oh!
None (PS1J9) [2430] Well se , she's now, she's given up, they've got a paper shop at ... Blaby I think.
None (PS1J8) [2431] Mm.
None (PS1J9) [2432] I dunno whether she does it.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2433] They want to try and get her home instead of going in a school.
None (PS1J8) [2434] I mean what
None (PS1J7) [2435] Oh yeah.
None (PS1J8) [2436] we've said it, if we can accumulate our own pots and pans, we'll be like before they're there for everybody up here to use.
None (PS1J7) [2437] Well exactly , yeah.
[2438] Because everybody is beginning to meet
None (PS1J9) [2439] Yeah.
[2440] Well Maureen's doing a bit of catering now
Sandra (PS1C1) [2441] Yes.
None (PS1J9) [2442] as well.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2443] And, it's ... we like
None (PS1J7) [2444] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2445] we said ... it's easier for us ... than to keep borrowing Eileen's every year
None (PS1J7) [2446] Yeah.
None (PS1J9) [2447] True.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2448] Because, if we start building up.
[2449] We're building up the crockery.
None (PS1J9) [2450] Yeah.
None (PS1J7) [2451] We could do with building up the [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [2452] Because we , even if we ever came to a final close if
None (PS1J7) [2453] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2454] we ever had to
None (PS1JA) [2455] Well how much are a big pan?
None (PS1J7) [2456] How much are they?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2457] Well we don't know, but I've tried the education authority, they haven't got any in stores at the moment.
None (PS1J7) [2458] Where would we go for it [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2459] And I wondered about Chedderton
None (PS1J8) [2460] Er, that, no th that [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2461] [...] St. Andrews.
None (PS1J9) [2462] Is it in that little square [...] ?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2463] St. Andrew's Place.
None (PS1J9) [2464] I bet it was shut.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2465] Well I'll start at Old Street.
None (PS1J9) [2466] Yeah,th
Sandra (PS1C1) [2467] The County Caterers
None (PS1J9) [2468] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2469] I think it is.
None (PS1JA) [2470] I've er, oh I've been there.
None (PS1J7) [2471] I've to get Friday off. [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2472] They're very expensive though!
None (PS1J7) [2473] Because I've been to catering things [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2474] I was , you see, when the ... [...] Head was closing.
None (PS1J7) [2475] Yeah!
Sandra (PS1C1) [2476] Teddleton whether they would have any.
[2477] But I
None (PS1J8) [2478] Oh yeah!
Sandra (PS1C1) [2479] I tried ringing them and I didn't get any answer on the phone
None (PS1J9) [2480] Oh!
Sandra (PS1C1) [2481] you see, so I didn't try again, but ... maybe tomorrow if I think about it
None (PS1J7) [2482] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2483] in the morning I'll try it again.
None (PS1J7) [2484] Well is this the ... place at [...] ?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2485] It's not, it's St. Andrews
None (PS1J7) [2486] Is it?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2487] Place.
None (PS1J7) [2488] Why is that
None (PS1JA) [2489] It's erm
None (PS1J7) [2490] one [...] ?
None (PS1JA) [2491] down George Street.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2492] It's just a shop right at George Street.
[2493] Coming up from the baths.
[2494] Go past
None (PS1J8) [2495] And there's a, like a little square, a little set back of shops.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2496] And it's set back like that on the crossroads.
None (PS1J7) [2497] Oh!
[2498] Yeah!
None (PS1J8) [2499] By [...]
None (PS1J7) [2500] It's near the castle?
(PS001) [2501] Yeah.
None (PS1J7) [2502] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2503] Yeah.
None (PS1J8) [2504] You have to go in and have a
Sandra (PS1C1) [...]
None (PS1J8) [2505] look ... at what they've got.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2506] Yeah.
None (PS1J8) [2507] You know.
None (PS1J7) [2508] Well I was thinking that fifty pounds off the gas board.
None (PS1J9) [2509] No.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2510] But we haven't actually had a set amou , although they said that there would be money coming
None (PS1J7) [2511] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2512] nothing came out of the last committee meeting to a definite, this is definite this.
None (PS1J9) [2513] Well I mean er we could always have raffles ourselves anyway!
[2514] [...] ... I mean, you could, you know what I mean, used to have a little raffle every week.
[2515] In fact, we've had [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2516] See we bro , we bought , we bought six turkey tins
None (PS1J8) [2517] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2518] rather than keep using the big tins for the school.
None (PS1J8) [2519] Yeah, the school.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2520] I mean, they're ninety nine pence a tin and turkey tins stowed for years so I don't think these are gonna come to any harm over
None (PS1JA) [2521] No!
Sandra (PS1C1) [2522] the next five or ten
None (PS1JA) [2523] No.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2524] years.
[2525] They'll have paid for themselves.
None (PS1J8) [2526] Yeah.
[2527] What did you think of then?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2528] Er,we ... well I thought
None (PS1JA) [2529] And wo we these warehouses Maureen has a ticket ou , have you a ticket [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2530] I've got one.
None (PS1JA) [2531] Do they sell them there?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2532] Not large catering ones, I haven't
None (PS1JA) [2533] Oh!
Sandra (PS1C1) [2534] [...] .
None (PS1JA) [2535] So the ... we want somebody in th , do we know anybody who, in a hotel who would get some like er
Sandra (PS1C1) [2536] Well ... we do have a contact at a hotel.
None (PS1JA) [2537] I thought you might have Sandra
None (PS6TL) [2538] Oh I know!
None (PS1JA) [2539] I mean, let's
None (PS6TL) [2540] Who?
None (PS1JA) [2541] face it, there's not many.
None (PS1J7) [2542] Oh!
Sandra (PS1C1) [2543] [...] .
None (PS1J7) [2544] Who?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2545] We have a contact in a large hotel in the town
None (PS1JA) [2546] Well this is what I thought.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2547] It might be worth asking mightn't it?
None (PS1J9) [2548] Fabulous!
None (PS1JA) [2549] Yeah!
[2550] If they could order you some and then, you know
None (PS1J7) [2551] And like in a very [...]
None (PS1JA) [2552] Have you any money in the house?
None (PS1J7) [2553] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2554] Yes!
None (PS1J8) [2555] All of five pounds
None (PS1J7) [2556] No we haven't it's
None (PS1J8) [2557] have we!
Sandra (PS1C1) [2558] No.
[2559] No.
[2560] No.
None (PS1JA) [2561] Well I mean, if you bought them and then you're building up during the year, but you know, we can always have them for
Sandra (PS1C1) [2562] See apparently education now, we're on a such a cut back that they've
None (PS6TL) [2563] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2564] recycled them so much by the time we get back to school ... they've had it!
None (PS1JA) [2565] Well, I'm afraid, I look at it, like, that if you've run out of.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2566] Yeah.
None (PS6TL) [2567] Yeah.
None (PS1J7) [2568] That's the time isn't it?
None (PS1JA) [2569] And then if you started off in here [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2570] But bearing in mind ... we use ... four ... of the big ones
None (PS1JA) [2571] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2572] right, so ... for starters, one isn't any good.
None (PS1J9) [2573] No.
None (PS1J7) [2574] Yeah but
Sandra (PS1C1) [2575] Wo , I mean one is a start but ... erm, in that I may as well still got a half a dozen off the school.
None (PS1J8) [2576] How much is she paying for school?
None (PS1J7) [2577] Yeah.
[2578] How much do you think
Sandra (PS1C1) [2579] They're bound to be at least sixty, to eighty pounds a pan I would think, if not
None (PS1J8) [2580] A pan?
[2581] Never!
None (PS1J7) [2582] Oh you, well they
Sandra (PS1C1) [2583] I bet you you're not going to be far short of at least that much per pan.
[2584] I mean an ordinary
None (PS1J8) [2585] What type can you get?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2586] strong saucepan
None (PS1J8) [2587] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2588] ordinary household now, you're looking at thirty pound!
None (PS1J7) [2589] Or depending, yeah
Sandra (PS1C1) [2590] [...] , now I mean it, I mean
None (PS1J7) [2591] Mind you , you don't have to do, with it being gas [...] , you don't have to have a solid thing
Sandra (PS1C1) [2592] No.
None (PS1J7) [2593] thing do you?
None (PS1J8) [2594] The aluminium
Sandra (PS1C1) [2595] No.
None (PS1J8) [2596] ones are alright aren't they?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2597] Er, providing
None (PS1J8) [2598] That's what I want.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2599] but you see being catering, they come heavier and thicker
None (PS1J9) [2600] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2601] anyway because of
None (PS1J7) [2602] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2603] the amount of time that they're the stove.
None (PS1JA) [2604] Yeah.
[2605] That's true.
None (PS1J8) [2606] Mm.
None (PS1J9) [2607] Anyway,
Sandra (PS1C1) [2608] I might
None (PS1J9) [2609] you'd have to ask wouldn't you?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2610] Yeah.
None (PS1J9) [2611] And I mean, it's great!
[2612] I mean, er the thing is if you've got a name and you want to [...] that's the time to work for it in that little
Sandra (PS1C1) [2613] Mm.
None (PS1J9) [2614] thing [...]
None (PS1JA) [2615] Will we have individual pies?
None (PS1J9) [2616] Yeah.
None (PS1JA) [2617] And I suppose, instead of doing pie and peas
None (PS1J9) [2618] Yeah.
None (PS1JA) [2619] we'd do stew
None (PS1J7) [2620] Do a lot of
None (PS1JA) [2621] [...] .
None (PS1J9) [2622] I see!
[2623] Yeah!
None (PS1JA) [2624] Yeah.
None (PS1J8) [2625] Oh!
None (PS1JA) [2626] Makes a change.
None (PS1J8) [2627] That's a good idea!
None (PS1JA) [2628] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2629] Except
None (PS1J7) [2630] I see!
Sandra (PS1C1) [2631] with the crusty tart.
None (PS1J7) [2632] Oh.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2633] And the raffle.
None (PS1J8) [2634] The thing is now, when will you be [...] ?
[2635] Er
None (PS1J7) [2636] Perhaps a tenner.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2637] They're not prepared to settle for sarnies and a cake on the side.
(PS001) [laugh]
None (PS1JA) [2638] Well that's
None (PS1J7) [2639] You see
None (PS1JA) [2640] so popular you see Sandra
Sandra (PS1C1) [2641] And unfortunately
None (PS1JA) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2642] we have one
None (PS1JA) [2643] Yo , you know when the
Sandra (PS1C1) [2644] lady who doesn't eat it but brings the bowl.
None (PS1J7) [2645] Yeah, and she serves him herself.
None (PS1JA) [laugh]
None (PS1J9) [2646] That's an improvement on a plastic bag!
Sandra (PS1C1) [2647] Yes, we take the meat pie home in a plastic bag!
None (PS1J7) [2648] Can't you say [...] pie and peas then?
None (PS6TL) [2649] Oh!
[2650] No!
Sandra (PS1C1) [2651] What?
[2652] ... Er ... so I mean, we're, we're, we'll say
None (PS1J9) [2653] Oh!
None (PS1J7) [2654] Well ... have you had to make them?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2655] we really need to start.
[2656] No!
None (PS1J9) [2657] Oh, well they do Home Economics yo at school you know.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2658] I wonder if I could get them through the education.
None (PS1J9) [2659] Yeah!
[2660] Well, you know, it's worth asking her.
[2661] She might ... she might just know!
[2662] The more people you ask, the better the [...] !
None (PS1JA) [2663] Yes, I've got something.
[2664] Yes.
None (PS1J9) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2665] Who said [...]
None (PS1J9) [...]
None (PS1J7) [2666] I'm sure I don't know.
None (PS1JA) [2667] Yes she ... [...] at the church used to do function years and years, you know, she [...] permission and what have you.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2668] Well, I mean, [...]
None (PS1J9) [2669] Glenda ... er, she's home economics isn't she?
None (PS1J7) [...]
None (PS1J9) [2670] See Glenda on Friday.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2671] Well mention it in passing
None (PS1J9) [2672] Righto!
Sandra (PS1C1) [2673] and then ... if not, I will have a word with the contact here, the contact ... for the
None (PS1J9) [2674] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2675] hotel wear.
None (PS1J9) [...]
None (PS1J7) [2676] Well, or if you ask
None (PS1JA) [2677] Have you asked ... sorry!
[2678] I was going to say I'll ask Glenda on Friday
None (PS1J9) [2679] Yeah.
None (PS1JA) [2680] [...] you can tell me what to say to
None (PS1J9) [2681] Yeah.
None (PS1JA) [2682] her then I
None (PS1J9) [2683] Well you can ask her if you want.
None (PS1JA) [2684] probably be better.
[2685] I suppose.
None (PS1J9) [2686] Yeah!
[2687] Well one of us will remember whoe , I mean, the thing is, I've so much on I could
None (PS1JA) [2688] Yeah.
None (PS1J9) [2689] forget by
None (PS1JA) [2690] Yeah.
[2691] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2692] You see, and we, we remember last time we did something, we'd go down into a [...] ... or scout movement where
None (PS1J9) [2693] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2694] they have large pans, but even they were looking for some large pans!
None (PS1J9) [2695] Larger pans.
[2696] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2697] So
None (PS1J9) [2698] Would have, yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2699] they want using when they're here otherwise it's pointless, it's like pots
None (PS1J9) [2700] Buying, yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2701] and pans,th th the crockery
None (PS1J9) [2702] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2703] if it's here it's not much point leaving it for once a year.
None (PS1J9) [2704] Oh no!
[2705] I mean
Sandra (PS1C1) [2706] It , it's got
None (PS1J9) [2707] that er Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2708] to be used otherwise
None (PS1J9) [2709] True
Sandra (PS1C1) [2710] it's waste of space.
None (PS1J9) [2711] Yes!
[2712] Yeah!
Sandra (PS1C1) [2713] But er ... the pans would be the same.
[2714] If we
None (PS1J9) [2715] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2716] do get them, if
None (PS1J7) [2717] Yes you see [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2718] they go in stock
None (PS1J9) [2719] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2720] as long as erm ... there's space found there for them.
None (PS1J7) [2721] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2722] The trouble is, we're bringing so much stuff in ... [laughing] it's just the amount of space [] !
None (PS6TL) [2723] Beryl.
None (PS1JA) [2724] Well they can't say a lot
Sandra (PS1C1) [2725] Well I think
None (PS1JA) [2726] it's their, they're catering as well!
[2727] But I mean, it wasn't
None (PS1J8) [2728] I might have [...] down to have proper plates ... the amount of
Sandra (PS1C1) [2729] True!
None (PS1J8) [2730] you might have spent a of time
Sandra (PS1C1) [2731] Oh!
None (PS1J8) [2732] washing up, but it was a darn sight better than paper
None (PS1J7) [2733] Yes it was.
None (PS1J8) [2734] plates!
None (PS1JA) [2735] Those were awful!
None (PS1J7) [2736] When are you
Sandra (PS1C1) [2737] Yeah.
None (PS1J7) [2738] putting your
None (PS1J9) [2739] And the plastic.
None (PS1J7) [2740] Valentine's Day
None (PS1J9) [2741] Yeah!
[2742] I mean [...]
None (PS1J7) [2743] [...] up for sale?
[2744] St Valentine's Day.
None (PS1JA) [2745] I did, I'm just, they're flogging the races you know.
None (PS1J7) [2746] Oh are they?
[2747] Cos I'll have two
None (PS1JA) [2748] Yeah.
None (PS1J7) [2749] for that.
None (PS6TL) [2750] Oh do you?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2751] I've, I've got one
None (PS6TL) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2752] but I've got nobody to go with!
None (PS1JA) [2753] Oh!
[2754] Why don't you come with us?
None (PS1J7) [2755] Well me and Jimmy are going!
Sandra (PS1C1) [2756] Well I refu , I I mean Henry won't come out
None (PS1J9) [2757] No.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2758] and ... I bought one so, I said to him I can't afford
None (PS1J7) [2759] Well me and Jimmy are coming, and you're coming aren't you Mary?
None (PS1J9) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2760] four pounds for a dance if I'm not coming
None (PS1J7) [2761] Oh yeah!
Sandra (PS1C1) [2762] but I don't mind two pounds for a race night.
(PS001) [...]
None (PS1J9) [2763] Well, [...] and Barry and we have a lot of table and [...] be on there!
None (PS6TL) [...]
None (PS1J7) [2764] Yeah, well me and Jimmy are going just [...] .
None (PS6TL) [2765] It is the
Sandra (PS1C1) [2766] Yeah, cos I bought a ticket.
None (PS6TL) [2767] er
None (PS1J7) [2768] Oh!
[2769] Erm, also we ,
None (PS6TL) [2770] twenty
None (PS1J7) [2771] who else?
None (PS6TL) [2772] twenty
None (PS1J8) [2773] Something like the twenty eighth?
None (PS6TL) [2774] Twenty fourth.
None (PS1J7) [2775] Oh.
(PS001) [...]
None (PS1J7) [2776] I've just given her twenty pounds, she's got no change so she's going to drop me the pound in.
None (PS6TL) [...]
None (PS1J7) [2777] So if you've got twenty pound
None (PS6TL) [2778] [...] in January or later on February
Sandra (PS1C1) [2779] yeah.
None (PS6TL) [2780] I don't know.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2781] I've got twenty pounds at home.
None (PS1J7) [2782] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2783] Has she got the twe , she's know how much
None (PS1J7) [2784] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2785] to give me?
None (PS1J7) [2786] Yeah.
[2787] Yeah I told her.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2788] Oh right!
None (PS1J7) [2789] That'll be seventy two.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2790] Yeah.
None (PS1J7) [2791] And I told her to keep the twenty for that stuff in there. ... [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2792] Well you'll have to come in on the way ho
None (PS1J8) [2793] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2794] mind
None (PS1J8) [2795] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2796] you
None (PS1J8) [2797] Oh it doesn't matter now.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2798] I did say I wasn't staying.
[2799] I better go!
None (PS1J8) [2800] In the morning you can give it me.
None (PS6TL) [2801] Do you want another go before you go?
[2802] Have another
Sandra (PS1C1) [2803] Er , well it's not so much that, I keep looking at the clock and then we'll ... he'll be, he'll
None (PS6TL) [2804] Well I'm staying up for one more game
Sandra (PS1C1) [2805] thinking that you ... [...] and he's got to
None (PS6TL) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2806] put his [...]
None (PS1J9) [2807] You , you can still have one more game, Pat, me and you and
None (PS1J7) [2808] Yeah.
None (PS1J9) [2809] and the others.
None (PS6TL) [2810] Well I'll have one.
None (PS1JA) [2811] Oh we can put her on then.
(PS001) [2812] Er
None (PS1J9) [2813] Cos I have enough staff
None (PS1J8) [2814] Now
None (PS1J9) [2815] for a long time.
None (PS1J8) [2816] Mary ... Gerry
None (PS1JA) [2817] Pat
Sandra (PS1C1) [2818] Pat
None (PS1J8) [2819] And Sandra.
None (PS1J9) [2820] And Sandra
None (PS1J8) [2821] Right then.
None (PS6TL) [2822] There's a [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [2823] Oh where's my racquet gone?
[2824] Where have I put it?
None (PS1J8) [2825] On the chair, look.
[2826] A , between those chairs.
[2827] ... Up there.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2828] Right.
[2829] Come on then.
None (PS6TL) [2830] You're gonna have to start with three I need [...] .
None (PS1JA) [2831] Right!
[2832] So it's er
None (PS1J8) [2833] Don't shout!
None (PS1JA) [2834] Mary, Gerry, Pat, and Sandra.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2835] I can play with Gerry can I?
None (PS6TL) [2836] Yeah.
None (PS6TL) [2837] Yes.
None (PS1J8) [2838] You both go on next and then we'll run you home while you're
(PS001) [laugh]
None (PS1J7) [2839] Yes, you go.
None (PS6TL) [2840] So I'll see you erm ... Thursday.
None (PS1J7) [2841] Thursday and, yeah. [...]
None (PS6TL) [2842] Half past one.
[2843] Rest of conversation inaudible.
[2844] They're in a hall playing badminton or something so too far away and a lot of shouting and laughing all at once.
[2845] Impossible!

7 (Tape 056802)

None (PS6TL) [2846] Always the lady that co that come round isn't it?
[2847] Or is that the lady with
None (PS1JD) [2848] Oh!
Sandra (PS1C1) [2849] the colleges?
[2850] I don't know, now [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2851] The one [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [2852] Mm.
[2853] Must have come from Keele [...] doesn't she?
None (PS1JD) [2854] Oh yes!
[2855] Henry .
Sandra (PS1C1) [2856] Oh!
Sandra (PS1C1) [2857] Oh yeah.
None (PS1JD) [2858] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2859] [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [cough]
None (PS1JD) [2860] Right.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2861] When's he placing the order?
None (PS1JD) [2862] He's not late at the moment, so ... What?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2863] Who's he placing the order with?
None (PS1JD) [2864] Erm ... well ... all the groups are going to have ... be ... changed around, er, from February ... erm ... I don't exactly know yet
Sandra (PS1C1) [2865] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [2866] at the moment who, who, who you'll be ... er, taught by, because it really depends on er ... how the timetable works out.
[2867] I think it'll be ... different groups.
[2868] Probably, er I don't know even, you know,th the groups may not rema , remain the same.
[2869] It depends on how your timetables work out and er, how the ... available tutors' timetables work out.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2870] Right.
None (PS1JD) [2871] So it maybe a bit different.
[2872] Erm
Sandra (PS1C1) [2873] Will it still be this room or ... will
None (PS1JD) [2874] Erm
Sandra (PS1C1) [2875] it be a different room?
None (PS1JD) [2876] no , it won't be this
Sandra (PS1C1) [2877] Oh!
None (PS1JD) [2878] room.
[2879] No.
[2880] I was going to say that, definitely because
Sandra (PS1C1) [2881] Yeah.
None (PS1JD) [2882] because it's a [...] room ... and I won't be [laughing] involved []
Sandra (PS1C1) [2883] Oh right.
None (PS1JD) [2884] from er ... the point of view
Sandra (PS1C1) [2885] Thank you.
Sandra (PS1C1) [cough]
None (PS1JD) [2886] of that.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2887] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [2888] Erm ... well it'll be useful I think for you, I me , assuming that peoples' timetables may well have changed a bit since er, the beginning of last term ... it'll be useful ... if you
None (PS6TL) [2889] Hello.
None (PS1JE) [2890] Sorry I'm late.
None (PS1JD) [2891] it'll be useful if you would ... fill one of these in
Sandra (PS1C1) [2892] Mine hasn't.
None (PS1JD) [2893] for us again please.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2894] Oh!
[2895] Have you got mi , do you want me to do it again anyway?
None (PS1JD) [2896] Er
Sandra (PS1C1) [2897] Cos mine isn't altered.
None (PS1JD) [2898] Isn't it?
[2899] Erm
None (PS1JE) [2900] It'll [...] yours won't.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2901] I know, well mine
None (PS1JD) [2902] Well you might as well do it as
Sandra (PS1C1) [2903] Do it again?
None (PS1JD) [2904] if all the others are doing it.
[2905] I think I've probably still got yours but
None (PS1JE) [2906] As for what subject, I'm not sure what it's gonna be cos I've gotta pass ... in the
None (PS1JD) [2907] Yo no , you're not sure yet?
None (PS1JE) [2908] I don't know.
None (PS1JD) [2909] Oh!
None (PS1JE) [2910] But I can put in [...]
None (PS1JD) [2911] But I think, aren't they always , their timetables are at the same time aren't they, the topics?
None (PS1JE) [2912] Well yes, we have everything at [...] .
None (PS1JD) [2913] Oh I see!
[2914] Oh yeah, well ... you've obviously passed if they [...] .
None (PS1JE) [2915] That's right.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2916] Yeah.
None (PS1JD) [2917] Erm, I was just saying this before you came in Hannah that er ... er ... they'll ... probably be quite different groups from the beginning of February and certainly will be ... er ... a change of tutor as far as you're concerned cos I won't be involved in the [...] .
[2918] And I can't ... er, so you'll, you know ... you will be this, for this ... three, for three weeks in erm ... in er ... January.
None (PS6TL) [2919] Yes.
[2920] So is the erm, tutorials likely to change?
None (PS1JE) [...]
None (PS1JD) [2921] Well we haven't had [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2922] Oh of course, yes!
None (PS1JD) [2923] all of a sudden it will change.
None (PS6TL) [2924] Yeah.
None (PS1JD) [2925] They'll be a different tutor and a, a different room obviously we
None (PS6TL) [2926] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [2927] whichever tutor'll be with you and
Sandra (PS1C1) [2928] Tutor.
None (PS1JD) [2929] tutor will probably
Sandra (PS1C1) [cough]
None (PS1JE) [2930] Especially when we've been going well.
[2931] That's a shame!
None (PS1JD) [2932] Yeah, last year we got so much equipment ah the ... that's just a [...] there, but
None (PS1JE) [2933] Mm mm.
None (PS1JD) [2934] you know
None (PS1JE) [2935] Ah!
[2936] That's [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [2937] Oh that's a quarter [...]
None (PS1JD) [2938] Oh!
[2939] Ju , is anyone likely, oh thanks very much.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2940] I haven't bothered to put myself down for tutorial or shall
None (PS1JD) [2941] No don't
Sandra (PS1C1) [2942] do it?
None (PS1JD) [2943] don't bother because actually
Sandra (PS1C1) [2944] And the , the core topic at the bottom is only two weeks so
None (PS1JD) [2945] This one here, you want?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2946] Yeah.
None (PS1JD) [2947] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2948] The education for the afternoons ... starts ... in
None (PS1JD) [2949] Is that ... two weeks ... from January?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2950] Yeah, it's a ... Friday, and then another Friday but just the other ones
None (PS1JD) [2951] And that's our core is it?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2952] that's it, yeah.
None (PS1JD) [2953] Ah!
[2954] Well ... you can cross that out ta actually because it's really ... er, only from the beginning of February is it?
[2955] Or well you se
Sandra (PS1C1) [2956] No, well that
None (PS1JD) [2957] you see anything
Sandra (PS1C1) [2958] Yeah.
None (PS1JD) [2959] that happens before the beginning of February ... you can leave out.
[2960] I think it's [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [2961] I think, I I'm positive it finishes by the end of term.
None (PS1JD) [2962] What that one?
Sandra (PS1C1) [2963] Yeah.
None (PS1JD) [2964] This is your one is it?
None (PS1JE) [2965] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [2966] Yeah.
None (PS1JD) [2967] And that's going to on to February is it
None (PS6TL) [2968] Eh?
None (PS1JD) [2969] this topic ... you've got?
[2970] Er
Sandra (PS1C1) [2971] Yes.
[2972] I can't re , I ... I can't remember when we exactly started, I've got quite a lot this term.
None (PS1JD) [2973] Yeah.
[2974] I see.
[2975] Right.
None (PS1JE) [2976] Oh right.
[2977] Oh well.
None (PS1JD) [2978] Is anyone likely to see Fran ?
None (PS1JE) [2979] Tomorrow ... probably.
None (PS1JD) [2980] In a class do you mean, or
None (PS1JE) [2981] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [2982] oh well, she probably be there cos she's, she's got flu.
None (PS1JE) [2983] Oh!
None (PS1JD) [2984] Erm ... other than er does anyone, is she friend of anyone in this group?
[2985] Is anyone likely to see her ... other than in classes?
[2986] No?
[2987] Erm ... cos I want to have her try and go with er ... [...]
None (PS1JE) [2988] Shall I hold onto it and try and find out?
[2989] Try and sort her thing out.
None (PS1JD) [2990] Yeah but what ha , any idea when you might be able to find out?
None (PS1JE) [2991] Yeah, I'm gonna try and get into [...] .
None (PS1JD) [2992] Ah!
[2993] I see.
None (PS1JE) [2994] That's probably when it will be.
None (PS1JD) [2995] But it will be ... er, er this week [...] ?
None (PS1JE) [2996] Oh yeah!
None (PS1JD) [2997] Mm.
None (PS1JE) [...]
None (PS1JD) [2998] Yeah, well, as soon as you can ... er, let me know that.
None (PS1JE) [2999] Shall I borrow it? [...]
None (PS1JD) [3000] [...] ?
None (PS1JE) [3001] Do you mind if I borrow them?
None (PS1JD) [3002] No, it don't matter, no.
[3003] ... But don't forget to let me have it will you?
None (PS1JE) [3004] Yeah , okay.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3005] Put it in your book or your folder there [...] .
[3006] Oh I [...] .
[3007] Having got [...]
None (PS1JD) [3008] You have put your names on have you? [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [3009] What's it meant to be?
None (PS1JE) [3010] Erm ... a little
None (PS1JD) [3011] Pardon?
None (PS1JE) [3012] hardback one but I don't know if it's right one.
None (PS6TL) [3013] I thought [...] .
None (PS1JD) [3014] Is it?
[3015] Which
None (PS6TL) [...] [...]
None (PS1JD) [3016] Oh yes!
None (PS6TL) [3017] Just put it in there.
None (PS1JE) [3018] Oh yeah.
None (PS6TL) [3019] Oh actually, hang on!
None (PS1JE) [3020] It's one of these [...] .
None (PS6TL) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [clears throat]
None (PS1JE) [3021] Must be your day isn't it [...] ?
None (PS6TL) [3022] Mm.
[3023] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3024] I don't think I've got that one.
None (PS1JD) [3025] This is erm ... er th er th , from, from February onwards, up to the end of the May, in fact ... anything that's likely
None (PS1JE) [3026] Yeah.
[3027] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [3028] to affect your, you know, it's a big extra demand on your time ... over that period, first of February to end of May.
[3029] Cos that's, that's the er
Sandra (PS1C1) [3030] I've put it , oh I've put it
None (PS1JD) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [3031] that goes to the summer doesn't it?
[3032] Cos the education will then come on to Thursday, Friday isn't it?
[3033] After Easter.
None (PS1JE) [3034] No, it's not, they've changed it around a bit.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3035] No.
[3036] No.
[3037] But it comes
None (PS1JE) [3038] So that
Sandra (PS1C1) [3039] onto Thursday and Fridays.
None (PS1JD) [3040] Does it?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3041] Yeah.
[3042] But don't know
None (PS1JD) [3043] So does it affect your
Sandra (PS1C1) [3044] Yeah!
None (PS1JD) [3045] You don't know yet.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3046] If if it's go , well yo , we don't know because they don't, they haven't put out exactly when it is, whether it
None (PS1JE) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [3047] No, second years.
None (PS1JE) [3048] Oh!
None (PS6TL) [3049] I didn't know either.
None (PS1JE) [3050] Yeah. [...]
None (PS1JD) [3051] Well is it erm
None (PS1JE) [3052] isn't it?
None (PS1JD) [3053] is it a kind of first come, first served sort of
Sandra (PS1C1) [3054] No.
[3055] Won't be, it expands
None (PS1JD) [3056] Will you able to pick
Sandra (PS1C1) [3057] in the summer ... and they take over two more
None (PS1JD) [3058] Must be the heat that [laughing] does it [] !
Sandra (PS1C1) [3059] It must be the heat that does it!
[3060] Yeah.
[3061] And we only know that if it goes on for Monday afternoons for an hour, instead of
None (PS1JD) [3062] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3063] being an hour it's going onto two ... hours
None (PS1JD) [3064] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3065] and it's going to be afternoons.
None (PS1JD) [3066] So when it
Sandra (PS1C1) [3067] But apparently it will go on into the ... being Fridays, but
None (PS1JD) [3068] Oh I see!
[3069] Oh well you may find you might have to renegotiate something ... in the summer term then I suppose, but you'll just have to see it how it works out.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3070] Mm.
None (PS1JE) [3071] I suppose we could always, you could always swap with somebody in groups couldn't we?
None (PS1JD) [3072] Yes.
[3073] There's likely to be four groups meeting
None (PS1JE) [3074] Right.
None (PS1JD) [3075] at times, so erm ... there's likely to be one group that is late
Sandra (PS1C1) [3076] Yeah.
None (PS1JD) [3077] and er ... erm ... ah yes!
Sandra (PS1C1) [3078] Oh my gosh!
None (PS1JE) [3079] Mm?
None (PS1JD) [3080] So does everyone know what er [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [sneeze]
None (PS1JE) [3081] Bless you!
Sandra (PS1C1) [laugh]
None (PS1JE) [...]
None (PS1JD) [3082] Your pushing your luck now dear aren't you?
Sandra (PS1C1) [laugh]
None (PS1JE) [3083] [...] , [laughing] you what I meant [] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [laugh]
None (PS1JE) [3084] All very complicated, yeah.
None (PS1JD) [3085] I think there's a ri
None (PS1JE) [3086] Oh yeah.
[3087] There.
None (PS1JD) [3088] some notes here that have been here all, all the vacation, I think they're yours aren't they?
None (PS1JE) [3089] Oh!
[3090] They are, yeah. [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [laugh]
None (PS1JD) [3091] They've been next to my telephone for four weeks.
[3092] Right ... well there's [laughing] not much space left is there [] !
Sandra (PS1C1) [laugh]
None (PS1JE) [3093] Convenient!
None (PS1JD) [3094] [laugh] ... Does anyone know ... what subjects Francine is doing?
[3095] ... Don't know.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3096] No.
None (PS1JE) [3097] Do , would she start the day off [...] as it's a, a long
Sandra (PS1C1) [3098] Yes.
None (PS1JE) [3099] day [...]
None (PS1JD) [3100] Yes.
None (PS6TL) [3101] Oh right.
None (PS1JD) [3102] Erm ... does anyone know if she's
Sandra (PS1C1) [3103] Would she go to criminol , does she do criminology?
None (PS1JD) [3104] I don't know.
None (PS1JE) [3105] I don't think that she does.
None (PS1JD) [3106] Er, do do do you know if she's likely to ha to have any timetable changes this term, do you know?
None (PS6TL) [3107] I have no idea.
None (PS1JE) [3108] Oh no I think she's on
Sandra (PS1C1) [...]
None (PS1JE) [3109] she's still in F Y isn't she?
[3110] Oh yes
Sandra (PS1C1) [3111] Yeah.
None (PS1JE) [3112] so she'll
None (PS1JD) [3113] Is she?
None (PS1JE) [3114] be on our course, it won't change
None (PS1JD) [3115] It'll be the same?
None (PS1JE) [3116] much.
[3117] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [3118] So we, I can use the time table she
None (PS1JE) [3119] Yeah.
None (PS1JD) [3120] gave me last term then?
[3121] Right.
[3122] Okay.
[3123] Tt!
[3124] Erm ... sorry about this, but er ... it's a sort of a [...] chore we have to ... do at this stage.
[3125] Erm ... now is there anything else I need to ... tell you?
[3126] Erm ... you'll be getting a new set of ... essay ... titles ... soon, that is for ... the second semester from February to erm ... the end of ... [...] .
[3127] Erm, and the deadline for those would be ... [...] in the summer term.
[3128] But erm ... I'm compiling a list at the moment on ... tutors and er ... I'll be able to ... let you know the ... probably next week I should think.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3129] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [3130] Erm ... but in the meantime ... those are the first essays I can er ... erm ... are you erm, working on that or thinking about that?
None (PS1JE) [3131] Mhm
Sandra (PS1C1) [3132] Mm.
None (PS1JE) [3133] Mm.
[3134] But
Sandra (PS1C1) [3135] Mhm.
None (PS1JD) [3136] Right , okay, thinking is the first step in the way that ... you know.
[3137] Okay.
[3138] What else is there?
[3139] The the ... exam, for part of your assessment will be in much the same form ... it'll be in two parts ... er ... recreating to ... the two parts of the course ... and,yo , you'll get roughly the same number of questions as the ... than the essay questions that you have with each ... each semester.
[3140] And they'll cover roughly the same topic areas.
[3141] It obviously won't be the same questions but the ... same sort of areas will be covered on it.
[3142] Any, any questions about that?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3143] Do you have a choice on that or is it compulsory all questions?
None (PS1JD) [3144] Is it what?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3145] Is it a compulsory set of questions ... on ... or do we have a choice?
None (PS1JD) [3146] Well you have a
Sandra (PS1C1) [3147] You just said
None (PS1JD) [3148] choice ... so that
Sandra (PS1C1) [3149] Yeah but
None (PS1JD) [3150] you
None (PS1JE) [3151] How many questions do you have to answer?
None (PS1JD) [3152] you , I think it's er, the case that you have write four ... four answers ... four ... you know, do do four questions, so you do
Sandra (PS1C1) [3153] Two from each?
None (PS1JE) [...]
None (PS1JD) [3154] two from each.
None (PS1JE) [3155] Oh!
[3156] That's it.
[3157] Right.
None (PS1JD) [3158] And erm
Sandra (PS1C1) [3159] In three hours is it?
None (PS1JD) [3160] Three hours, yes that's
None (PS1JE) [3161] Oh good!
None (PS1JD) [3162] right.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3163] [laughing] That's some doing [] !
None (PS1JE) [3164] How many words do you expect?
None (PS1JD) [3165] Well , the usual.
Sandra (PS1C1) [laugh]
None (PS1JE) [3166] Well do ... you're not bothered about the amount, are you more concerned with the quality?
None (PS1JD) [3167] Oh well ... er, quality is more important than quantity, but obviously if the quantity is very tiny,i it is ... there's not much room for quality.
None (PS1JE) [3168] Mm.
[3169] Gordon Bennett!
Sandra (PS1C1) [laugh]
None (PS1JD) [3170] I mean a co a couple of pages of good quality stuff would be fine, in the time, you know, if people ... sometimes people write half a book in that time but ... er
Sandra (PS1C1) [3171] Trouble is, how legible
None (PS1JD) [3172] it's not always
Sandra (PS1C1) [3173] [laughing] do you want it [] !
None (PS1JD) [3174] Oh it's got to be reasonably legible.
Sandra (PS1C1) [laugh]
None (PS1JD) [3175] I mean, we do make all sorts of allowances ... with exams ... you know, people repeat words and th ... and they can leave words out and ... they can't think of a ... eloquent way of expressing that ... something at the spur of the moment so it's [...]
None (PS1JE) [3176] Can you keep a dictionary?
None (PS1JD) [3177] a as long ... well I don't think so.
[3178] I,yo yo , you spend too much, you waste too much time.
[3179] But erm ... what we're looking for is ... th , what you've learnt and er, the ability to think for yourself ... and erm ... all sorts of scrappiness and inaccuracies and ... you know, all that, we've we make allowances for, because that happens under the pressure of time ... and erm nerves.
[3180] And erm
None (PS1JE) [3181] The ... what about plans into consideration as well?
[3182] Erm
None (PS1JD) [3183] Erm ... it's a very, it's always a good idea to do a plan, cos yeah, spend ... five minutes or so planning and ... jot down ... a rough plan ... and ... it might ... be that we would, we wo , we would normally ignore, ignore the plan when marking ... but if, you haven't finished a question and er, it's a bit thin we might look at your plan to get some idea of what you would actually written
None (PS1JE) [3184] Yeah.
None (PS1JD) [3185] and you might get one or two marks from that, so ... you don't ... it's always a good idea to ... do a plan.
None (PS1JE) [3186] Is the pass mark ... forty six ... or fifty six?
None (PS1JD) [3187] Ah erm, I ha [...]
None (PS1JE) [3188] And do you have to pass those papers with twenty six ... points?
None (PS1JD) [3189] It's erm ... I think it's one paper isn't it?
[3190] Er, there two parts
None (PS1JE) [3191] Over two parts, yes.
None (PS1JD) [3192] Two parts [...] one
None (PS1JE) [3193] Do you have to have those ... oh, so it counts as one
None (PS1JD) [3194] Erm
None (PS1JE) [3195] anyway.
None (PS1JD) [3196] it's all, I think it's marked overall, I mean
None (PS1JE) [3197] Yes.
None (PS1JD) [3198] it's a ... percentage
None (PS1JE) [3199] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3200] of the overall paper.
[3201] And ... erm ... I always think it's a bit funny about pass marks because I don't think ... you know, this is worth fifty percent and then I think what's a, now what's the pass mer mark?
[3202] And I tend to think now, does this, is this work a pass?
[3203] And
None (PS1JE) [3204] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3205] they, if, I mean, if the pass mark is ninety percent and ... I've already decided it's worth a pass then I give it [laughing] ninety percent you see [] !
Sandra (PS1C1) [3206] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [3207] Or ... you know, it's that way round, and you decide
None (PS1JE) [3208] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [3209] whether it's
None (PS6TL) [laugh]
None (PS1JD) [3210] you know.
[3211] I mean ... it's a bit arbitrary where you put the pass [laughing] by a mark
None (PS1JE) [3212] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [3213] actually [] !
None (PS1JE) [3214] Mm, I suppose it's hard
None (PS1JD) [3215] Er
None (PS1JE) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [3216] [...] marking, yeah.
None (PS1JD) [3217] but you ju , you know, you judge how good it is
None (PS1JE) [3218] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [3219] and then you decide on the percentage in relation to how good the piece is.
None (PS1JE) [3220] Do pe people mark the papers or is it just ... one?
None (PS1JD) [3221] Erm ... brurgh urgh urgh!
[3222] Well, finals are always double marked, I'm not quite sure about this.
[3223] I think they are double marked, yeah.
[3224] I think so.
[3225] ... They should be.
[3226] But [...]
None (PS1JE) [3227] Well, yeah I was just, you you could see them for, just thinking that perhaps you could be slightly biased in one when
None (PS1JD) [3228] Mm.
None (PS1JE) [3229] the other lecturer might seem to be
None (PS1JD) [3230] Yeah.
None (PS1JE) [3231] the other way and like
None (PS1JD) [3232] Well that's right.
None (PS1JE) [3233] giving us a more or
None (PS1JD) [3234] Yeah, well we always
None (PS1JE) [3235] less mark.
None (PS1JD) [3236] Well, finals are always double marked ... er, because of that.
[3237] Er ... yeah, but when you've got a big pile of papers your judgement gets impaired [laughing] after you've ... you've er []
None (PS1JE) [3238] You've got ... [laughing] fed up and say []
None (PS1JD) [3239] had several hours and getting bored with the same answer over and over again!
Sandra (PS1C1) [3240] [laughing] Just as if it's [...] [] !
(PS001) [laugh]
None (PS1JD) [3241] Yeah that's ... I think you'll find that.
[3242] Yeah, so ... you know, er counter-marking the normal practice.
[3243] Erm ... if you get a problem ... just trying to remember what ... what we did last year.
[3244] I think it was ... it was double marked.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3245] Did many people fail last year?
None (PS1JD) [3246] Th the question , yes the
None (PS1JE) [laugh]
None (PS1JD) [3247] exam erm ... exam was double marked with, the question arose as to whether the essay should be double marked, because obviously they are part of the assessment.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3248] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [3249] And I think ... er, I'm hoping,sh , not quite sure what we decided about that.
[3250] In principle they should be because they are part of ... erm ... your assessment.
[3251] ... But, I'm not sure, I'll have to ... enquire about that.
[3252] ... Er, what was the other ... somebody
Sandra (PS1C1) [3253] Jus
None (PS1JD) [3254] else was saying that
Sandra (PS1C1) [3255] Yes, I was just saying ... what was your pa , did
None (PS1JD) [3256] Oh!
Sandra (PS1C1) [3257] many people fail?
None (PS1JD) [3258] Can't remember, but it ... no ... we don't expect to fail ... people.
[3259] I mean, we do look for things on the papers to try [laughing] and justify ... giving people [] marks, you know, we're not sort of out to fail you.
[3260] We're out to pass you really, but we we won't unless it's worth it, but erm ... the emphasis is on ... trying to find something there to give [laughing] a mark to [] ... sort of thing ... rather than the other way around.
[3261] Er ... I can't remember wha , erm ... happened last year.
[3262] ... Er, there may be one ... there may have been one that failed, I'm not sure but ... they probably did a resit and ... got through in September.
[3263] Er, you don't want to evolve with that do you?
None (PS1JE) [3264] I didn't realise you could do resits actually.
None (PS6TL) [3265] Well the ... the tutor [...] .
(PS001) [laugh]
None (PS1JD) [3266] Erm
Sandra (PS1C1) [...]
None (PS1JD) [3267] Ooh!
[3268] You may be able to, but you might have trouble with your
Sandra (PS1C1) [cough]
None (PS1JD) [3269] your grant giving authority
None (PS1JE) [3270] Yeah.
None (PS1JD) [3271] because er ... they're
None (PS1JE) [3272] I see.
None (PS1JD) [3273] not too keen on paying ... for another year.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3274] Does that go for all subsid if you fail your subsid you can retake?
None (PS1JE) [3275] I think you can ... take another [...]
None (PS1JD) [3276] Retake the exam you mean?
None (PS1JE) [3277] No, I think you usually mita , submit a ... another piece of work or something like that.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3278] Oh! [...] ?
None (PS1JE) [3279] Yeah. [...]
None (PS1JD) [3280] Yes I'm I'm not quite sure the regulations are about subsids ... We, I mean we , it's only quite recently that we have had a subsidiary, erm, last two or three years, we've, for many years we didn't have one.
[3281] So, it's not a thing I'm very familiar with.
[3282] And they always seem to changing that as well you [laughing] see [] !
Sandra (PS1C1) [3283] Oh!
None (PS1JD) [3284] Er, any more, any
Sandra (PS1C1) [cough]
None (PS1JD) [3285] last questions on anything you don't know?
[3286] If you want to ask
Sandra (PS1C1) [cough]
None (PS1JD) [3287] I'll explain to you about the course, and the exams ... the rest of it.
None (PS1JE) [3288] What sort of percentage do the erm ... essays that we hand in before the exams ... [...]
None (PS1JD) [3289] I think it counts
None (PS1JE) [3290] of the mark?
None (PS1JD) [3291] for fifty percent of the overall assessment.
None (PS1JE) [3292] Oh does it?
[3293] Right.
None (PS1JD) [3294] Yes,th the two essays
None (PS1JE) [3295] Yeah.
None (PS1JD) [3296] combined would ... that's fifty percent of your overall, so the exam is the other fifty percent.
[3297] So can already ... be well set, you know.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3298] Mm mm.
None (PS1JD) [3299] If you [...] with good essays.
[3300] Right, well, let's get on with something.
[3301] Erm ... Sharon ... who you heard la last night at the [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [3302] Brilliant!
[3303] Oh!
None (PS1JD) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [3304] She was lovely!
None (PS1JE) [3305] Really, really good!
None (PS1JD) [3306] Was it good?
None (PS1JE) [3307] Yeah.
None (PS1JD) [3308] Oh!
[3309] So
Sandra (PS1C1) [3310] Yeah.
None (PS1JD) [3311] it was good.
[3312] Er, she runs the whole of this course, and erm ... she's been with the school for years.
[3313] Erm ... this was erm ... all about the gypsies wasn't it?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3314] Mm mm.
None (PS1JE) [3315] Oh yeah.
None (PS1JD) [3316] Yes.
[3317] Ho how do you ... well you really sees, seem to have been quite erm, well, was it her [...] approach do you think?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3318] I think
None (PS1JE) [3319] Well
Sandra (PS1C1) [3320] she's so
None (PS1JD) [3321] Or a
Sandra (PS1C1) [3322] vivacious about it!
None (PS1JE) [3323] Oh!
[3324] So enthusiastic!
Sandra (PS1C1) [3325] Enthusiastic! [laugh]
None (PS1JD) [3326] Enthusiastic?
None (PS1JE) [3327] [...] really chatty as well.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3328] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [3329] Yes.
[3330] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3331] She actually made it interesting, because I think you think, oh dear, gypsies!
[3332] But yo you couldn't help but take things in.
None (PS1JD) [3333] Mm.
[3334] And th th th the er recommended reading side I think.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3335] That, yeah.
None (PS1JE) [3336] Yeah.
None (PS1JD) [3337] I did have ... er ... [...] upon my door from the last week in last term was a [...] saying ... er, you know this one, I don't know if you've had this?
None (PS1JE) [3338] Yeah.
None (PS1JD) [3339] Did you get this one last night or did
Sandra (PS1C1) [3340] Yeah.
None (PS1JE) [3341] We got it from down there.
None (PS1JD) [3342] you collect it from round here?
[3343] Part of the reading.
None (PS1JE) [3344] Mhm.
None (PS1JD) [3345] Erm
Sandra (PS1C1) [3346] She did, by the way, give us next week's as well, so you don't have to
None (PS1JD) [3347] Oh good!
Sandra (PS1C1) [3348] put next week's up.
None (PS1JD) [3349] Yes I thought she probably had.
[3350] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3351] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [3352] Erm, the other thing is that in the Nuffield erm ... it sometimes ... er ... er in the, in the book ... er list, and sometimes it's in the photocopy books, so you have to check both ... and if it's a book that's ... been ... erm ... not come into the library over the last fourteen months you've er, you also need to check the erm ... Von Ryan catalogue.
[3353] It's all a bit complicated!
[3354] It'll be ... be much more straightforward when they've got the whole thing on the computer but ... at the moment it's a transitional phase.
[3355] I went er, in to check whether these were available last week, just to make sure they were available and, they we , they had been reserved last term but I went to check ... and, I found so much difficulty finding my way around
None (PS6TL) [laugh]
None (PS1JD) [3356] that I, er, I almost concluded that they weren't there
None (PS1JE) [laugh]
None (PS1JD) [3357] and I couldn't get them ... and in the end.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3358] You feel sympathetic to how
None (PS1JD) [3359] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3360] we've been
None (PS1JE) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [3361] all term!
None (PS1JD) [3362] in the end it turned up
Sandra (PS1C1) [3363] Because this is how we've
None (PS1JD) [3364] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3365] on every subject!
None (PS1JD) [3366] It turns out in the end that, that, all the readings were in there ... it's just a matter locating them!
Sandra (PS1C1) [3367] Finding them.
[3368] Yeah!
[3369] [laugh] ... And I was looking out through the door and ... you haven't got five minutes longer.
None (PS1JD) [3370] Yeah.
[3371] Well this ... [...] ... reading is actually in, in the corner of the book, you know, so it's in the, the list of books.
[3372] And it's nineteen eighty three so it should be ... it wouldn't on the [...] catalogue yet.
[3373] Er, but the next week's ... reading ... erm ... with chapter by, er from a book by ... Smith ... is actually a photocopy so you'd find that in the list of photocopies.
[3374] So, I'm sorry it's so ... complicated ... and the final week's reading is also ... a book er ... erm ... the actual book is [...] got rid of that chapter.
[3375] So er, you better, you'd better check both catalogues ... erm catalogue
Sandra (PS1C1) [cough]
None (PS1JD) [3376] to be sure it's there.
[3377] And if it doesn't seem to be there ... ask ... Phil ... because, you know that [...] ... is that only by asking him that I discovered that these worked ... last week.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3378] Aha.
None (PS1JD) [3379] So ... he's that ... sort of sma , small bearded chap, of course.
[3380] I think quite helpful on those.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3381] Mm.
None (PS1JE) [3382] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3383] He'll probably sa
None (PS1JE) [3384] What about these essays then?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3385] ask [...] .
None (PS1JD) [3386] Cos ... he
None (PS1JE) [3387] I'm so ... is this [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [3388] Photostat.
None (PS1JD) [3389] That's a pho , yeah that's a photocopy
None (PS1JE) [3390] Thank you.
None (PS1JD) [3391] er ... from the work so that you won't find the book in there but you'll find a photocopy of that [...] .
[3392] ... But, but you've just gotta be very persistent and th there are things out now, and locate Phil and he'll ... he'll tell you what's [...] .
None (PS1JE) [3393] I hate that one!
None (PS1JD) [3394] Do you?
[3395] Yes it's ... much easier.
[3396] I mean, it's bound to get easier when it's all been fully computerised.
[3397] At the moment it's all ... chaotic and things.
None (PS1JE) [3398] Excuse me.
None (PS1JD) [3399] Right, so
None (PS1JE) [3400] [...] didn't have the requirements and
None (PS1JD) [3401] what did you learn about gypsies
Sandra (PS1C1) [3402] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [3403] then?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3404] They've got very definite ideas about their size and ... outstanding
None (PS1JD) [3405] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [...]
None (PS1JD) [3406] Mm. [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [3407] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [3408] Mm.
None (PS1JE) [3409] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [3410] Er, certainly are ... no gypsies here.
None (PS1JE) [3411] [laughing] Yeah [] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [3412] I often wonder you know, whether they don't like your money cos you'd amazed at however much wealth they possess, but if you do get inside ... it's amazing the collection that they ... that they ... round here, they used to collect red glass, and er ... Spode
None (PS1JD) [3413] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3414] and they used to be caravan down on Lyme by the park ... and
None (PS1JD) [3415] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3416] standing outside
None (PS1JD) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [3417] it was no different than anything else, but the minute you got inside
None (PS1JE) [3418] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3419] one vase on the ledge would be two, three thousand pounds worth of red glass!
[3420] Unbelievable!
None (PS1JE) [3421] [...] they got a ... , the
Sandra (PS1C1) [3422] Th , that is a big family round here isn't it
None (PS1JE) [3423] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3424] the gypsies?
None (PS1JE) [3425] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [3426] That's it.
None (PS1JE) [3427] And [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [3428] There's a family at Stafford as well, they live on part of it and they actually bought a field off ... I don't know if you know the bypass at Stafford, the [...]
None (PS1JD) [3429] Mm mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3430] site?
None (PS1JD) [3431] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3432] And there's a field there, and there's nothing, a couple of ponies in it and a caravan ... and when one of those died ... is it last year, or the year before there was ... one of the biggest funerals ever seen!
[3433] And they came from abroad ... and they had a
None (PS1JD) [3434] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3435] big wake round here for the
None (PS1JE) [3436] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3437] the family.
None (PS1JD) [3438] Mm.
[3439] So erm ... they're, they're a quite a distinct ethnic group aren't
Sandra (PS1C1) [3440] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [3441] they?
[3442] Although
Sandra (PS1C1) [3443] Very!
None (PS1JD) [3444] they ... and er ... they've been around for centuries of course but er ... erm ... there's all sorts of myths about them ... some of which are half-truths and some which un-truths.
[3445] Er ... but er ... they've not been studied a great deal by [...]
None (PS1JE) [cough] ... [cough]
None (PS1JD) [3446] er ... in, in this country at any rate.
[3447] Judith Oakley is er ... as you know, is the [...] ... was an anthropologist ... who, who did do a study ... of gypsies.
[3448] Erm, there's been one or two others, erm ... a guy called Thomas who ... studied er ... gypsies also, and learnt their language, languages, really ... erm ... a bit before Judith Oakley.
[3449] But, apart from there's not been a great deal of er ... anthropological study of gypsies a as an ethnic group and ... you know, studying their ... [...] and their relationship with the ... the common population.
[3450] Erm ... so it's ... in terms of erm ... er, careful ... logical field work ... erm ... there's not a great deal of information, but there's,th , there have been early anatomical historical ... er investigations and there is something [...] ... a literature ... erm ... dating from early in the nineteenth century which ... and it shows you the bloke who ... also resolves to, to, to make comparisons ... with what she found.
[3451] Erm ... I suppose what we ... [clears throat] ... ought to ... focus on, is not so much the details of ... the ethnography ... so [...] came up from the study, but erm ... but some of them are almost thieves
Sandra (PS1C1) [cough]
None (PS1JD) [3452] which I think ... [clears throat] ... erm ... Sharon was ... trying to emphasize ... last night.
[3453] She was looking at the ... the question of self-scripture, and she has ... as a ... a criteria ... for differentiation or some, or as you might say boundary marks, it's a question of boundaries between different groups.
[3454] Erm ... quite commonly, gypsies have been defined by ... geourgos, it says, by the predominant er ... you know, house-growing population.
[3455] [clears throat] ... Erm ... how far that actually is accurate ... er, designation of them as a ... a group, is, is debatable.
[3456] Certainly, they have their own quite distinct way of [...] other people.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3457] Did you see that evening about the others what, the so- called Tinkers.
[3458] Those that aren't true Gypsy or Romany
None (PS1JE) [3459] Ju just travellers.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3460] just the, just those that tag round because they've
None (PS1JE) [3461] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3462] nowhere else to live and
None (PS1JD) [3463] Well unfortunately
Sandra (PS1C1) [3464] they frustrate them.
None (PS1JD) [3465] according to this, these excerpts from ... Judith Oakley's book, they're a bit sort of flexible in the definition of these
Sandra (PS1C1) [laugh]
None (PS1JD) [3466] though ... depending on who they're talking to, you know.
[3467] Er, for some purposes ... er ... other groups are excepted as ... as part of the Romany [...] , for all the purposes they're not, but then they said, it depends ... if it serves their interest to say we're the true gypsies and they're not
Sandra (PS1C1) [3468] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [3469] then they'll say [laughing] that [] !
[3470] But, if on the other hand, it serves their interest it serves their interest to see the other group as, as the [...] as themselves [laughing] they'll say that [] !
Sandra (PS1C1) [3471] [laughing] Oh right [] !
None (PS1JD) [3472] So, I mean ... th the thing is, they are ... erm ... they are minority group.
[3473] Erm ... in some ways they're ... [...] persecuted bu , but they tend to get pushed around from post to post.
None (PS1JE) [3474] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [3475] Erm ... but there's a, quite a strong ... prejudice against them ... from erm ... the, the [...] population.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3476] Not uncalled for
None (PS1JD) [3477] And certainly
Sandra (PS1C1) [3478] though in many er
None (PS1JD) [3479] Pardon?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3480] not uncalled for though in many respects.
None (PS1JD) [3481] No.
[3482] No, I think there's there's reasons
None (PS1JE) [3483] Yeah.
None (PS1JD) [3484] for it.
[3485] Yeah.
[3486] Certainly reasons for it.
[3487] But, the thing is that they ... their attitude towards ... the dominant group ... and ... their behaviour towards the dominant group is going to be ... erm ... influenced by how perceive their ... like the treatment [...] , so they're quite prepared to change their er erm ... the story they present as it was, about themselves to outsiders, depending on how ... they see the outsiders erm ... as likely to react towards them.
[3488] If they see, some advantage in putting something in a particular way, they'll do that.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3489] They'll manipulate the situation.
None (PS1JD) [3490] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [laugh]
None (PS1JD) [3491] Yeah.
[3492] Now, this is, to some extent this is ... perhaps to be expected of any group which is ... erm ... which runs the risk of being persecuted and then, they will be
None (PS1JE) [3493] But they probably [...] persecuting themselves leading the risk [...] .
None (PS1JD) [3494] Mm.
None (PS1JE) [3495] And then they control their own power then.
None (PS1JD) [3496] Mm.
None (PS1JE) [3497] Unless they [...] .
None (PS1JD) [3498] Yes.
None (PS1JE) [...]
None (PS1JD) [3499] And after,yo , you can se , there's a, there's a clash of, a clash of cultures here
Sandra (PS1C1) [3500] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [3501] isn't there?
[3502] And I think there's a lot of
Sandra (PS1C1) [3503] Cos the true gypsies , the true Romany wandering gypsies tend not to settle
None (PS1JD) [3504] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3505] in that sense, and
None (PS1JE) [3506] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3507] don't actually ... make the sort of mess that, what we call gypsies, the tinkers, when they're
None (PS1JE) [3508] Yeah, but even when they move on
Sandra (PS1C1) [3509] just the travellers.
None (PS1JE) [3510] even when they move on they [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [3511] But those are not, I don't think those are the true ... gypsies.
[3512] Those are what we call Tinkers and the Irish call the Diddicois and ... the wanderers
None (PS1JD) [3513] Or
Sandra (PS1C1) [3514] those are the ones that going away [...] tend to leave.
None (PS1JD) [3515] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3516] It , it's
None (PS1JD) [3517] But I think it,th the wa , the way in which ... gypsies and geourgos, to use that terminology, interpreted, er interpret the same situation but in, in quite different
Sandra (PS1C1) [3518] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [3519] ways.
[3520] It's quite illustra , well illustrated in this ... [...] , er this ... erm extract from ... Judith Oakley's book.
None (PS1JE) [3521] How do you
None (PS1JD) [3522] Best, it's the idea of dirtiness.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3523] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [3524] Erm ... gypsies have a complete, er th th they have a very, very different view of what is dirty and what is clean ... but it's a very different clean from what, er the general population.
[3525] And they regard, they regard geourgos as dirty people, just as ... [laughing] typically [] , erm ... the house- growing population tends to regard them as ... di dirty.
[3526] But ... they've got a different perception of dirtiness
None (PS1JE) [cough]
None (PS1JD) [3527] which is ... which involves ideas of ritual purity ... and impurity.
[3528] A bit similar to some of the, the ... I think in [...] in, in a lo , attitudes towards other [...] .
[3529] Erm ... er ... but some high cast Hindus, for instance, will not eat food ... which ... which has had a shadow of another person
None (PS1JE) [cough]
None (PS1JD) [3530] cast over them.
[3531] Well gypsies ... the, the gypsies
Sandra (PS1C1) [cough]
None (PS1JD) [3532] they refuse to eat erm ... while a, while another person's shadow has fallen on them, especially if the other person is a
None (PS1JE) [cough]
None (PS1JD) [3533] ritually unclean person, namely, one of us.
[3534] [laugh] ... Erm
None (PS1JE) [3535] How did erm, Judith Oakley [...] ?
None (PS1JD) [3536] I, I don't know.
[3537] I haven't actually read the whole book, and er [...] and whole of that er ... [...] and ... obviously pa , this is part expla , observation
None (PS1JE) [3538] Yeah.
None (PS1JD) [3539] which [...]
None (PS1JE) [3540] She must have really wanted to.
None (PS1JD) [3541] And er ... sa , getting an appropriate way in, to something like that is, one of the main problems of that [...] .
None (PS1JE) [3542] Yeah.
None (PS1JD) [3543] Erm, how she did it, I'm not sure.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3544] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [3545] Perhaps you could ask er ... Sharon but ... she's a [...] .
[3546] And tha , that is invariably a problem.
None (PS1JE) [...]
None (PS1JD) [3547] If you were going to do, if you decided you wanted to do research on gypsies ... and, you yourself, a lot of gypsies ... er, and you decide th the best way to do it is to ... [...] which gives a kind of subjective insight to their own lifestyle and thinking.
[3548] Then, it, it's immediately a problem, how do we get in, we've got to have some kind of role which is acceptable ... to the people you're studying.
None (PS1JE) [3549] Mm.
[3550] [...] again
None (PS1JD) [...]
None (PS1JE) [3551] I mean, because there's always a load of [...]
None (PS1JD) [3552] Well that's right.
None (PS1JE) [3553] isn't
None (PS1JD) [3554] Yes.
None (PS1JE) [3555] there?
None (PS1JD) [3556] Yeah.
None (PS1JE) [3557] I mean [...]
None (PS1JD) [3558] But one thing about partic , observation is, that is involves ... actually living with the people you're studying for a fair amount of time is
None (PS1JE) [3559] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [3560] traditionally
None (PS1JE) [3561] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [3562] be developed by ... people who go to study childhood societies over the other side of the world ... and er ... you know, you stayed there, several months or a year or two, so it's not just for a ... a brief visit.
[3563] So, erm ... you really live
Sandra (PS1C1) [3564] Who finances this sort of?
None (PS1JD) [3565] Pardon?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3566] Who finances it?
None (PS1JD) [3567] Oh!
[3568] [cough] ... Well, I suppose that erm
None (PS1JE) [cough]
None (PS1JD) [3569] erm, organizations like the Economic and Social Research
Sandra (PS1C1) [3570] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [3571] Council, although, the amount of money they give for this kind of research is pretty ... sparse!
[3572] Erm ... but ... if you don't get a grant you, you do it on the side out of, you know, in ... location
Sandra (PS1C1) [3573] Yeah.
None (PS1JD) [3574] using your own salary as it were.
[3575] But to erm ... get it left in terms of reputation ... royalties on your books, and things like that.
[3576] ... Anything that [...] ... er ... legally fundable erm ... will have to be done and published ... [...] , which may be that [...] .
[3577] ... So what I was gonna say was, that, that partic ,partic er ... participant observations typically involves actually living with the, the study for a fair amount of time, so ... erm ... although they might tell you a pack of lies initially ... you can actually observe what they're like, what they do and see whether they fit what they've said and ... as time goes on you ha hope to develop some kind of rapport with them so that they might ... totally understand [...] .
[3578] Sa so, in time you hope to get sufficiently accepted ... erm ... to be told the truth or in fact, a bit nearer the truth.
[3579] You can never be quite sure [...] actually!
[3580] But, there are ways of ... checking,yo you can ... you can, obviously compare ... words and then perhaps you can [...] ... er invariably [...] time about the situations and draw your own conclusions as to whether they were telling you a lie ... earlier on.
[3581] And ... there's lies and lies, [laughing] as well aren't there [] ?
[3582] Er ... people make up ... deliberately ... to be telling you lies but they still, in some sense, trying to give you a favoured view ... [...] ... which is a ... out and out lie.
[3583] So this is one of the regular problems you've got ... and er ... erm ... it's not a kind of strictly scientific detective way of studying gypsies ... er ... but it, a bit of [...] which, which gets ... rich material, er yo you get into the ... the actual way of thinking of the people you're studying.
[3584] To a great extent rather than a ... a formal interview [...] .
[3585] So ... there are problems,i it's it's quite, it's rather [...] , there's two criteria which are obviously applied to this, as a research methods, one is validity, and one being reliability.
[3586] Validity means ... you're actually getting what you think you're getting.
[3587] [...] which ... er ... [...] .
[3588] Reliability is much to, much more to do with ... replicability, it's, it's another ... if another researcher went in and did it the same way, would they get the same results?
[3589] Well, usually with this sort of, with the replicability, or reliability is pretty low.
[3590] But validity can be quite hard with this sort of er ... because there's, there's detailed ways of [...] and cross checking.
[3591] Er ... and erm ... it's difficult for people to maintain ... [...] ... er not only as I say, but in their lifestyle over a particular period of time, so ... you could be more likely to get at the truth ... by this method, than by sending out questionnaires.
[3592] Imagine [laughing] the [] ... er as an alternative method, you send out questionnaires to a set of gypsies
Sandra (PS1C1) [laugh]
None (PS1JD) [3593] would you get any replies at all?
Sandra (PS1C1) [laugh]
None (PS1JE) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [3594] You'd probably [...] the D H S S
None (PS1JD) [3595] You might [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [3596] then!
None (PS1JE) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [laugh]
None (PS1JD) [3597] Well with that, immediately you're gonna be suspicious
Sandra (PS1C1) [3598] Yeah I know.
None (PS1JD) [3599] of, I don't know what they're called, but
Sandra (PS1C1) [3600] Oh!
None (PS1JD) [3601] erm ... er, from the, probably [...] that would be a non-starter as a research then wouldn't it?
[3602] ... But even if you went in as researcher who's going to interview them, and a, and informal way ... which might be a more appropriate method, you'd still have considerable difficulty in ... [...] that there is, they'll spin you a yarn ... and whatnot, you know ... what they wanted you think rather than what ... what they should.
[3603] But participant observation you stand the best chance really ... of being able to check ... the accuracy of what,th they're telling you in terms of behaviour and wha , and what people say, and what different people say in those situations over the [...] , so ... you know.
[3604] Validity is quite high [...] .
[3605] A lot depends on the personality and style of the researcher, whether they're er ... how they're planning to ... how they relate to people.
[3606] So obviously ... one researcher [...] a very different er ... from what another person
None (PS1JE) [3607] Oh!
None (PS1JD) [3608] would get doing, researching the same people.
[3609] So ... er ... what they get, what one person gets may well be true but it'll ... won't be the whole truth.
[3610] Er, another bit of the truth might be got [laughing] by another researcher [] and er ... so ... there will be differences in what two researchers, using the same method, would get.
[3611] So, so a low, low reliability and type of researcher.
[3612] It's qualitative rather than quantitative.
[3613] ... And ... and it lends itself to interpretive kind of approach rather than a ... politics sort of approach which ... tends to be [...] .
[3614] Er, the purpose of this sort of research is to understand ... the context of meaning in people's minds wi with, in terms of they do.
[3615] Er ... erm ... and that is typical of anthropologists.
[3616] Erm this sort ... this sor , this sort of method was pioneered by [...] ... particularly by ... erm ... somebody called [...] Malonovski Er that's er ... the British Academic, but obviously Polish.
[3617] [...] ... Th the research in [...]
None (PS1JE) [cough]
None (PS1JD) [3618] round about the first world war time, he used this sort of ... sort of pitching his tent up to the ... [...] and staying there and learning their language and ... observing their rituals, getting to know them.
[3619] And er ... prior to that, researchers had relied on ... [...] from missionaries, [...] , administrators and ... travellers and so on, which ... er ... mixed quality.
[3620] And ... this method of actually going there ... living with them, learning their language ... and er so on s, ... really participating ... er ... would, finally there's a way of actually ... in a sense, getting [...] of the people, the nearer you can, anyway, of course , it's relying on the people you stay with ... that you understand that something of the world comes over onto you ... so that imposing ... what's essential in [...] ... and ... So, here what Judith Oakley's trying to do, is trying to understand ... how ... gypsies, themselves, differentiate [...] , how do they define the boundaries between themselves and others.
[3621] Erm ... er ... and ... erm ... two of the main er ... things, I mean, there's, there's ob , obviously erm the [...] things like er ... they definitely [...] .
[3622] But, erm ... in terms of more subjective er ... [...] , is er, the two, two particular ... features which ... are important, one is descent, how they reckon they descent.
[3623] They reckon ... a true gypsy must have at least one true gypsy parent ... erm ... it's quite possible, er the the there's a fair amount of inter-marriage, you might be surprised [laughing] to learn [] !
[3624] But the gypsies and geourgos ... but er a lot of gypsies have got one geourgo parent [...] ... but, they would reckon that there must be some sort of descent, er ... [...] er erm ... that, where they're aware of ... to qua , to ... qualify as a gypsy.
[3625] So wo , one parent that must have a been gypsy or both.
[3626] Er ... but, how they reckon descent is variable.
[3627] This is one of the perhaps ... [...] , it's not some kind of [...] calculated thing, it depends on the circumstances.
[3628] Erm ... er, and I think that was brought out fairly well in the ... [...] .
[3629] Th the variability on how they reckon descent in that sort of life.
[3630] The other major [...] seems to be, to do with ideas about ... what we would qualify [...] , but could equally well be called ritual purity and impurity.
[3631] ... And er ... she contrasts [...] what ... erm ... except in official reports ... [...] gypsy camp sites ... er ... [...] ... er ... [...] sort of say they're dirty and, terribly dirty er ... paint of picture of erm ... people with no civilized standards or er ... er, that's er, the geourgo view of it.
[3632] Erm ... it, and as they sa , and as she says this tends to be er ... a description of a gypsy camps campsite ... which looks at the external surroundings of the caravans, but it doesn't actually look inside the caravan.
[3633] Er ... if they did they'd find erm ... quite ... spotlessly clean interiors of the caravans ... but, in an area where ... there's all sorts of [...] that ... [...] a few yards away and ... quite carelessly dumped and left around.
[3634] Er ... th th the the geourgo or, you know official view is ... that [...] they're dirty because they never [...] ... and er, they leave scrap metal around and ... everything ... and all kind of things.
[3635] But, from one point, from that point of view it's quite true, I mean,i i if you define dirtiness in those terms, then they're dirty.
[3636] But, er the gypsies
None (PS1JE) [cough]
None (PS1JD) [3637] define dirty in sort of quite different way.
[3638] They haven't got this conception of ... that, that the inside and the outside of the body ... and what's important is to keep the inside clean ... and so, this is extended also to ... the ... caravans.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3639] Mm.
None (PS1JD) [3640] Er the ... er ... the insides have got to be kept clean ... it doesn't [laughing] about [] the surroundings are dirty so ... you know, it's quite okay to ... you know, throw your half-eaten bread out!
[3641] So if you'd like to ... if you let me [...] .
[3642] Erm ... it's it's quite an elaborate erm ... set of beliefs about ... the, you know
Sandra (PS1C1) [cough]
None (PS1JD) [3643] the dirty.
[3644] Erm ... they regard the inside of the body as, as pure and to , and and essentially to be kept clean, but the outside ... is essentially unclean, say, you could have a dirty, dirty clothes but you're clean inside is the [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [3645] I wonder they view erm ... [...] ?
None (PS1JD) [3646] Oh!
Sandra (PS1C1) [...]

8 (Tape 056901)

None (PS6TL) [3647] So what was this play then?
[3648] Puppet show?
None (PS1J2) [3649] About ... the green knight.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3650] The green knight?
None (PS1J2) [3651] Yeah.
[3652] ... You know, a knight.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3653] Was he just called the green night or did
None (PS1J2) [3654] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3655] he have a name?
None (PS1J2) [3656] Just the green knight he was called, cos he was green.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3657] Mm.
None (PS1J2) [3658] And then there was this [...] he sa ... the green knight said I ... am I having some chocolate?
[3659] An an we one o , will one of the knights ... [...] chopped
Sandra (PS1C1) [3660] Chopped off my head.
[3661] That's the story I was thinking you were doing it today ... erm ... it's called the green knight, but he has a name doesn't he?
None (PS1J2) [3662] Er, [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [3663] And he gives them ... er, a magic
None (PS1J2) [3664] Yeah!
[3665] The three things
Sandra (PS1C1) [3666] He gives three things that'll help him.
[3667] I tho , isn't one a magic belt or something?
None (PS1J2) [3668] Yeah a belt is what they [door bell]
None (PS1J2) [3669] I was about to say the magic belt.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3670] Oh!
[3671] Oh I bet you timed that for tea time!
None (PS6TL) [3672] What's he done to er [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [3673] It's tea time just [...] .
None (PS6TL) [3674] For what?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3675] Well I'm going out later.
None (PS6TL) [3676] Oh!
[3677] Yeah!
Sandra (PS1C1) [3678] Yes.
None (PS6TL) [3679] I'll come back tomorrow night.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3680] Alright then.
None (PS6TL) [3681] Sandra I er ... get that.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3682] Okay.
[3683] Hang on.
None (PS1J9) [3684] No it's not mine.
[3685] What's it for?
[3686] ... Going out.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3687] Well I'm going out too.
None (PS1J9) [3688] What as he done till now?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3689] Well I [...] , he'll go back and find another door er, er back up to where he lives.
None (PS1J9) [3690] [...] business.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3691] Have you?
[3692] Thanks a lot!
[3693] ... You always seem to want a curry.
None (PS1J2) [3694] Who's?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3695] Dad did!
None (PS1J2) [3696] Dad did.
[3697] His dinner'll be cold.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3698] So what happened to the green giant in the end?
None (PS1J2) [3699] Well
Sandra (PS1C1) [3700] The green knight.
None (PS1J2) [3701] All that happens right ... the ... the other knight ... er is ... [...] ... and the green knight ran off and discovered that he didn't, you know the rest.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3702] He did initially, and I said him back.
None (PS1J9) [3703] You shouldn't!
[3704] Have they been in there?
[3705] Has it been in there with the books?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3706] No, I didn't get that far.
None (PS1J9) [3707] It's in the other room.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3708] No, he only got this far.
None (PS1J9) [3709] Dog shite ... everywhere!
[3710] Get some, smell it!
Sandra (PS1C1) [3711] No I don't want
None (PS1J9) [3712] Then
Sandra (PS1C1) [3713] to!
[3714] I'm having my tea!
None (PS1J9) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [3715] I'm not surprised because every time
None (PS1J9) [3716] [...] everybody won't put their foot down , the only one in this house to put their foot down, is me!
Sandra (PS1C1) [3717] Every time
None (PS1J9) [3718] And I'm not
Sandra (PS1C1) [3719] you come in,a ... listen!
None (PS1J9) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [3720] It was across the [...] before I could shout and say come back.
None (PS1J9) [3721] No one!
[3722] It's only me!
[3723] No one!
[3724] Which way did he come in?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3725] Back door.
None (PS1J2) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [3726] It don't matter!
None (PS1J2) [3727] [whispering] It does!
[3728] Cos it means I put it up there [] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [3729] Well I'm sorry but
None (PS1J2) [3730] But look!
None (PS1J9) [3731] I want to I want to [...]
None (PS1J2) [3732] Look!
Sandra (PS1C1) [3733] Don't you worry about it!
None (PS1J9) [...]
None (PS1J2) [3734] [whispering] [...] [] .
None (PS1J9) [3735] Only cos they haven't checked round the [...] .
None (PS1J2) [3736] Mm.
None (PS1J9) [3737] See, the last one in here you was already in.
[3738] ... Dog shite!
[3739] I haven't seen fucking all like that!
None (PS1J2) [3740] Cleaned up all the time.
None (PS1J9) [3741] Has he, has he walked through this carpet John?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3742] He's walked across as far as this middle door.
[3743] ... Ye , I know!
None (PS1J9) [3744] You already found out?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3745] Will I have to swear!
None (PS1J9) [3746] [sigh] ... Why have a dog?
[3747] At least I know [...] .
None (PS1J2) [3748] I've finished!
Sandra (PS1C1) [3749] Beans!
[3750] Come on!
[3751] Er [...] ... I'll pick them out.
None (PS1J2) [3752] I don't ... want them!
Sandra (PS1C1) [3753] Well I'm sure he doesn't go on his own a , with shoes on like that!
None (PS1J2) [3754] Well you haven't given us our [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [3755] I don't care!
None (PS1J9) [3756] Well I don't like that.
[3757] Fuck!
[3758] You'll never get that stain up!
None (PS1J2) [3759] Of course, your dinner's going cold.
None (PS1J9) [3760] Have you been in the other room John with this?
None (PS1J2) [3761] No!
None (PS1J9) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [3762] I don't think, I shou , I shouted here.
None (PS1J2) [3763] No!
[3764] Here, then stop.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3765] About here?
[3766] He got up to as far as the doorway, but I don't think any further.
None (PS1J2) [3767] No he didn't.
[3768] He ... then we went off playing!
[3769] Dad!
[3770] Don't!
[3771] Will you stop that!
None (PS1J9) [3772] Then all round here?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3773] Then as far as , no
None (PS1J2) [3774] No!
Sandra (PS1C1) [3775] love.
[3776] Just got as far as the door.
None (PS1J9) [3777] Right.
None (PS1J2) [3778] Urgh!
[3779] Urgh!
None (PS1J9) [3780] Just from out the pond?
[3781] ... There's only one putting their foot down [...] in this house!
[3782] ... Don't care whether they're big or small!
[3783] Come out the way.
[3784] ... [...] . ... Urgh!
Sandra (PS1C1) [3785] Oh!
[3786] What a good boy!

9 (Tape 056902)

Marg (PS1C6) [3787] So the, you know that thing I was showing you about,th finding them bones the other night?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3788] Yeah.
None (PS1J9) [3789] Did I put the thing in my pocket afterward?
[3790] ... It doesn't matter anyhow.
[3791] And I
Sandra (PS1C1) [3792] Well
None (PS1J9) [3793] was, I knew that they were
Sandra (PS1C1) [3794] they might be still in here.
None (PS1J9) [3795] I knew that they'd still written me a, a second letter, like asking permission to send it through the erm ... what do you call it?
[3796] ... Er ... cos I owed the [...] .
None (PS1J2) [belch]
Sandra (PS1C1) [3797] Pardon!
[3798] ... Come and have your tea first Hary.
None (PS1J9) [3799] Them two are no good?
None (PS1J2) [belch]
Sandra (PS1C1) [3800] No.
[3801] They're not, so, I don't know what you've got papers with this for?
None (PS1J9) [3802] Aha.
[3803] ... Well Mike gives his permission so
Sandra (PS1C1) [3804] Yeah, well I don't know, that's what I said, I don't know why you've got
None (PS1J9) [3805] John, look!
Sandra (PS1C1) [3806] it.
None (PS1J9) [3807] Remember that thing I told you about the bones the other night?
None (PS1J2) [3808] Yeah.
None (PS1J9) [3809] I said there were the ... that county record form and this man asked me from the museum that handled it ... if he could send them back to erm ... to Wiltshire.
None (PS1J2) [3810] Why, was it er found [...] ?
[3811] Oh!
None (PS1J9) [3812] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3813] No, it's not been found before.
None (PS1J9) [3814] So they're being sent back ... and he said there was a county record found.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3815] You shouldn't ask Jonathan.
[3816] Jonathan couldn't persuade him.
None (PS1J9) [3817] Who's that?
None (PS1J2) [3818] I want,ca , I wanna ta
Sandra (PS1C1) [3819] Jonathan!
None (PS1J2) [3820] take one of these?
None (PS1J9) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [3821] At mother's, you know?
[3822] David.
None (PS1J9) [3823] Ah!
[3824] That's right.
None (PS1J2) [3825] Mum, I wanted to take one of these to school and
None (PS1J9) [3826] Aye.
[3827] I don't think
Sandra (PS1C1) [3828] Did you?
None (PS1J9) [3829] it's feasible cos they got
None (PS1J2) [3830] Mum!
[3831] You could have told me!
Sandra (PS1C1) [3832] [sighing] Oh [] !
[3833] ... What did you do with the dog then? [talking from other room]
None (PS1J2) [3834] What?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3835] Are you feeding him on [...] ?
None (PS1J2) [3836] No.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3837] Oh!
[3838] I bet you've studied about every pile of dog muck [...] !
None (PS1J2) [3839] [...] ... Is he back yet?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3840] No.
[3841] ... Seen the headlines here?
[3842] ... Asda's sixty five million pound losses.
None (PS1J9) [3843] Who?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3844] Asda.
None (PS1J9) [3845] Well a bunch of the others too were down at [...] .
[3846] Mm?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3847] [reading newspaper] Three hundred and fifty redundancies at head office.
[3848] Twenty million written off ... for launch of the new distribution system [] .
None (PS1J9) [3849] Well ... just goes to show you!
[3850] They're depending upon ... you and me and other people aren't they?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3851] Mm.
None (PS1J9) [3852] That's who, in fact, they're living off.
[3853] Yes?
[3854] And they get to keep putting up bloody prices like they're living on, on on people!
[3855] On the poor!
[3856] You're giving it all to their profit.
[3857] Right?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3858] Mhm.
None (PS1J9) [3859] Mm?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3860] Mhm.
None (PS1J9) [3861] Has to be improved, like isn't it?
[3862] I always knew that!
[3863] I could have done a little the papers let them off of the hook for years!
Sandra (PS1C1) [3864] Mm.
None (PS1J9) [3865] Sainsburys is er ... the very one that has done it for years!
[3866] And I'm sure Tescos, and [...] have been here the longest
Sandra (PS1C1) [3867] Mm!
None (PS1J9) [3868] ge , and not the new firms have started that.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3869] Seen this?
[3870] [reading newspaper] Brian created a piece of history when he invited his former teacher ... to a special church service.
[3871] V I P guest was Roman Catholic ... leader Cardinal Basil Hume [] .
None (PS1J9) [3872] They're not on about [...] again.
[3873] I can't ... get away from it!
Sandra (PS1C1) [3874] No.
[3875] His name John .
[3876] [...] Sheriff.
None (PS1J9) [3877] Oh where are they?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3878] Staffordshire.
None (PS1J9) [3879] What's this for?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3880] [reading] Former pupil at Ampleforth College in Yorkshire [] .
None (PS1J9) [3881] Yeah?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3882] Where Cardinal Hume was his housemaster.
None (PS1J9) [3883] Yeah?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3884] And he was appointed the county's high sheriff, he decided to invite his ex-teacher to attend the traditional church service ... to mark the opening of high court session.
[3885] [reading] The service at St. Mary's
None (PS1J9) [3886] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3887] and the tenth centre was attended by civic dignitaries [] .
None (PS1J9) [3888] St. Mary's?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3889] It's the church that's in ... in the middle of the shopping ... you know, it's got all the grass round it.
[3890] Well tha , that's the county ... chur , that's the town of the ... like St. Giles is here, is the town's church ... well St. Mary's is the town's,o all the se service is to do with civic dignit , dignitaries ... and to mark the opening of ... courts is always held at St. Mary's.
[3891] ... They said it's, [reading newspaper] he is the first Cardinal for hundreds of years to visit St. Mary's [] .
[3892] ... Mm!
[3893] ... Do want some more?

10 (Tape 056903)

None (PS6TL) [3894] Do you want that warming up?
None (PS1J9) [3895] Ah!
[3896] It'll be alright.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3897] Well it won't because it's gone cold!
[3898] Let me, give it two minutes in the microwave.
[3899] Co co cold!
None (PS1J9) [3900] Ah dear!
Sandra (PS1C1) [3901] Some sauce here if you want it.
None (PS1J9) [3902] So the stores are letting off work for us then, are they?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3903] I don't even know whether they let them off at the head office.
None (PS1J9) [3904] Oh, the head office.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3905] No you don't!
None (PS1J2) [laugh]
None (PS1J9) [3906] I'll come upstairs with you [...] .
[3907] In just one minute.
[3908] ... Okay.
None (PS1J2) [...]
None (PS1J9) [3909] What?
[3910] Your trousers are falling off.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3911] He'll come back in a minute.
[3912] I'll pull them up when he comes back.

11 (Tape 056904)

None (PS6TL) [3913] Oh!
[3914] Comet opening at Festival Park!
None (PS1J9) [3915] Mm.
[3916] Mm?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3917] Comet are opening at Festival Park.
None (PS1J9) [3918] Mhm.
[3919] ... Mm?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3920] Well!
None (PS1J9) [3921] They sure [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [3922] Well see!
[3923] I can't see them keeping two stores on.
None (PS1J9) [3924] Not in the recession.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3925] But they're looking for more erm ... sales staff!
[3926] ... See in here.
[3927] Full time and part time, seven days a week.
[3928] ... So they're gonna take you on now on the basis that you work seven days a week.
None (PS1J9) [3929] Who's that?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3930] Comet!
[3931] ... Says full time and part-time seven days a week.
[3932] ... [reading newspaper] Sales assistant, part-time.
[3933] Part-time job that offers the flexibility you've been looking for.
[3934] Day's, evening, or weekends [] .
[3935] It says, or weekends, so ... I wonder whether they'll stick to er ... giving you the chance of not working.
None (PS1J9) [3936] That'll [...] .
[3937] It's a job though.
[3938] Worker exploitation!
[3939] Or ... they don't work Sundays they're to lose their job!
[3940] Or [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [3941] Well if they take you on on the basis that you don't have to work Sundays, they can't change the regulations when you're working.
None (PS1J9) [3942] Mm mm.
[3943] I
Sandra (PS1C1) [3944] But
None (PS1J9) [3945] don't think that [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [3946] one wonders whether you're forced into signing, that if needed, you'll
None (PS1J9) [3947] Ah!
Sandra (PS1C1) [3948] work.
None (PS1J9) [3949] That's it!
[3950] Yeah.
[3951] ... They might be moving into a premises that's already er, there ... now.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3952] Mm mm.
None (PS1J9) [3953] Right?
[3954] And that's the case ... they're not gonna mo , they'll take the next twelve months to put ... er a free run in there for twelve months.
[3955] They make that much in twelve months!
[3956] Even if it falls down after that, they're alright.
[3957] Right?
[3958] That's what [...] .
[3959] ... They've got their heads screwed on!
[3960] Did you get back that letter?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3961] What letter?
[3962] Ye oh yeah!
None (PS1J9) [3963] Did you?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3964] Yeah.
[3965] It's in the kitchen cupboard.
None (PS1J9) [3966] I mean, the bottom there cupboard.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3967] It's in the kitchen cupboard.
None (PS1J9) [3968] Is it all, the whole thing is back.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3969] She sounds as if they're back together again even.
None (PS1J9) [3970] There's a little slip at the bottom.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3971] She Sellotaped it back on.
None (PS1J9) [3972] And erm ... bottom draw of the ... where?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3973] I would have thought they'd have been in touch about extending the guarantee through you.
None (PS1J9) [3974] No lunch or nothing. [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [3975] You'll wear it out!
None (PS1J9) [3976] Mm?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3977] You will try.
None (PS1J9) [3978] What time is it now?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3979] Four fifty.
None (PS1J9) [3980] What time [...] ?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3981] T T F A.
None (PS1J9) [3982] Mm?
[3983] T T F A.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3984] Mm mm.
[3985] ... That was where the phone call was from.
[3986] The woman that's the secretary.
None (PS1J9) [3987] Mhm.
[3988] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3989] Although I ... I don't exactly belong to it any more, but I said I'd go down.
None (PS1J9) [3990] Oh!
Sandra (PS1C1) [3991] They wanted some in , well she was after information.
None (PS1J9) [3992] Mm mm!
Sandra (PS1C1) [3993] Cos she didn't realise I'd be going down.

12 (Tape 056905)

Marg (PS1C6) [3994] So you're quite sure he hasn't gone in the other rooms then?
Sandra (PS1C1) [3995] I don't think he got that far.
[3996] I shouted i
None (PS1J9) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [3997] I was busy on the
None (PS1J9) [3998] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [3999] phone ... and I undid the door
None (PS1J9) [4000] Mhm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4001] and I turned round and shouted.
[4002] You seen what's on tonight?
None (PS1J9) [4003] No.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4004] Nine o'clock.
[4005] Repeated.
[4006] [reading newspaper] Powerful drama about the political turmoil in Ireland during the twenties when the British Prime Minister Lloyd George met with ... Michael Collins and Eamon de Valera ... leaders of Sinn Fein.
[4007] ... No?
None (PS1J9) [4008] No.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4009] It's on till ten and then it's on after the news, for another hour.
[4010] It's on for two hours.
[4011] ... Oh!
[4012] ... I bought you a leaflet.
None (PS1J9) [4013] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [humming]
None (PS1J9) [4014] Well that's if you're o , you're on about erm ... this Father Phil, you didn't mention anything. ... [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4015] About what?
[4016] Just said I met him.
None (PS1J9) [4017] Yeah?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4018] I only said hello to him.
None (PS1J9) [4019] Who else has met him? [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4020] I told you , I was ... it was only the man who looks after the buildings.
[4021] He's like a ... porter, caretaker.
None (PS1J9) [4022] Mhm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4023] He knows who's coming, who's going and ... who's due to use the place.
[4024] ... He happened to come in ... on
None (PS1J9) [4025] Are you allowed to go in there?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4026] Oh yeah!
[4027] Co th ... we go in there and sit and study because ... they've got a kettle and coffee and tea, just help yourself when you cup of tea.
[4028] Take some coffee up, or tea up and leave it there and ... in payment for the drinks that you've had.
None (PS1J9) [4029] And he lives there does he? [...] ?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4030] He lives somewhere up ... at Keele but
None (PS1J9) [4031] Aye.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4032] I don't know whether he lives on campus or in the village.
None (PS1J9) [4033] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4034] I think it's in the village.
None (PS1J9) [4035] Is he permanently attached to there?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4036] Oh yes!
[4037] Permanent.
None (PS1J9) [4038] So he must [...] every morning. [...] ?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4039] I don't think it's ... every day though ... actually in the chapel, I think it's down at where he lives.
None (PS1J9) [4040] Cos he'll have to say mass somewhere every day [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4041] But I think it's where he lives.
None (PS1J9) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4042] Not, not ... there is a side chapel there, the east chapel and that's the catholic chapel but it's also used by the non- catholic group.
[4043] And they have united services and then split part way through.
[4044] They have a lot of united services, and then when it comes to ... communion ... they segregate and then join again.
[4045] But I do know that he, where he lives, I'm sure I've seen it written that where he lives ... he has ... services there.
None (PS1J2) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4046] Doesn't give his address, it just gives his phone number.
None (PS1J9) [4047] Mhm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4048] But that's what you check.
None (PS1J9) [4049] Ah but it doesn't say there, it doesn't.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4050] Well when it does ste , it, you can fill that in and send it to them and then they phone.
[4051] And you can sort of join in the ... the church group.
[4052] And it sort of lets them know who you belong to.
[4053] That's the people who I would think more probable for those who are living ... on campus.
None (PS1J9) [4054] There's the free church, Anglican ... Associated Anglican [...] .
[4055] ... But you will let them know that you're there like and I mean that
Sandra (PS1C1) [4056] No , because I have a parish of my own.
None (PS1J9) [4057] No, but it would be nice because it's an extra one on the list.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4058] Well i
None (PS1J9) [4059] You boost up.
[4060] You are a catholic you should be able to [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [4061] I, he he said that but I
None (PS1J9) [4062] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4063] Yeah.
[4064] It's no for ... if you're going to be there all the time, that they know where you are and where they can contact you.
None (PS1J9) [4065] Yeah, but it's nice to boost up the list
Sandra (PS1C1) [4066] Well
None (PS1J9) [4067] because they might have only a few, whereas the others have got thousands on them.
[4068] Right?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4069] Well the
None (PS1J9) [4070] Er
Sandra (PS1C1) [4071] last time I
None (PS1J9) [4072] and Father ... does he, does he know that you are a catholic?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4073] Oh, the other chappie who was there, he knows.
[4074] Actually, he, he knows that ... Paul the bloke who looks after the place he goes to St. Andrews.
None (PS1J9) [4075] Ah!
[4076] That's the
Sandra (PS1C1) [4077] And er
None (PS1J9) [4078] Church of England isn't it?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4079] And he ac
None (PS1J9) [4080] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4081] he actually told, said to him when he came in, he said, oh he is one of your flock!
[4082] So he came in and he ... he said this is ... Father and I said, oh are you better?
None (PS1J9) [4083] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4084] And he looked, I said well ... I knew you'd been ill.
None (PS1J9) [4085] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4086] And I I explained, like, I said ... where I lived like, and he said ooh I stayed there convalescing at [...] .
[4087] I said yes I know you did.
[4088] Erm ... and I just said, I said I used to housekeep there and at Nutton Oh!
[4089] Did you?
[4090] And I sa , I was telling him, I said, cos I fo , I'm sure he ... I'm sure he met Father Tom.
None (PS1J9) [4091] Oh I do , I'm not sure he has yet ... [...] in London.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4092] No, they used to meet up.
None (PS1J9) [4093] Yeah?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4094] Because ... actually ... the village of Keele ... would be under Nutton ... It's only the University that he's got ... under his chaplaincy.
None (PS1J9) [4095] Oh!
Sandra (PS1C1) [4096] The village would come under Nutton
None (PS1J9) [4097] Maybe.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4098] So they cross paths slightly
None (PS1J9) [4099] Ah yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4100] in that sense.
[4101] So they had met up.
None (PS1J9) [4102] But it would all come under ... Newcastle really, because it was a parish.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4103] Oh yes!
[4104] It it would all come
None (PS1J9) [4105] It's the parish, yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4106] under the er
None (PS1J9) [4107] It's just a matter of er
Sandra (PS1C1) [4108] the area.
None (PS1J9) [4109] what do you call it?
[4110] Always was.
[4111] Even Woolstaton was up to the [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4112] But I mean if you count how many people were there when I went to mass when it was ... a holy day.
[4113] Erm ... how many thousands are up there, and of those thousands, how many mu , how many hundreds must be Catholic?
None (PS1J9) [4114] I don't know.
[4115] How many were there there?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4116] Well I don't know.
[4117] Actually who stayed for mass ... there was only about thirty.
None (PS1J9) [4118] And the catholic too?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4119] Yeah.
[4120] ... They have their own choral society the Catholic church, and the Anglican church do.
[4121] But you got a chaplain, the erm ... the chaplaincy of Keele, so it's like a united one, they have their own ... choir, but the kee , the catholic one also have theirs.
None (PS1J2) [4122] Yeah.
None (PS1J9) [sigh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4123] A , oh dear!
None (PS1J9) [4124] What age is Father ?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4125] About he's, I would say he's in his mid-sixties.
None (PS1J9) [4126] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4127] Possibly slightly older.
[4128] ... They in there?
[4129] ... It's when they broke into er ... near [...] .
[4130] ... Between ... the day after New Year and Sunday ... stole a video recorder.
[4131] Mm!
None (PS1J9) [4132] Mm!
None (PS1J2) [4133] Mum!
Sandra (PS1C1) [4134] What?
None (PS1J2) [4135] Do you know where my [...] is?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4136] No.
None (PS1J2) [4137] It is!
[4138] You can carry that out!
None (PS1J9) [4139] What's that about res , wiring cables?
[4140] What's that about?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4141] They've got er ... a deal with Toyota for producing er ... parts.
None (PS1J9) [4142] Oh yeah!
None (PS1J2) [4143] Stevie!
[4144] You can carry my game on.
None (PS6TL) [...]
None (PS1J2) [4145] Yeah.
None (PS1J9) [4146] Where are you going?
None (PS1J2) [4147] I don't really know.
None (PS1J9) [4148] Mm?
[4149] Matthew alright?
None (PS1J2) [4150] Yeah.
None (PS1J9) [4151] Is his trousers fallen down?
None (PS1J2) [4152] Mum!
Sandra (PS1C1) [4153] Darling!
None (PS1J2) [4154] Guess what I want for next year?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4155] Ah!
[4156] What do you mean next year?
[4157] We've only just started this year!
None (PS1J2) [4158] This year!
[4159] Mum?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4160] What?
None (PS1J2) [4161] Well it costs a lot, and I don't know what ... you will buy Saturday.
[4162] But ... it costs about ... three hundred pounds.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4163] You can't have it!
None (PS1J2) [4164] Why?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4165] Well, you've just said a word, it costs three hundred pounds!
None (PS1J2) [4166] Anthony had one!
Sandra (PS1C1) [4167] His didn't cost that much!
None (PS1J2) [4168] How much?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4169] I'm not telling you!
[4170] But it didn't cost that much.
None (PS1J2) [4171] But ... you know se , I'll, anyway I wanted the same as yours.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4172] Well I suggest that between now and the next er ... Christmas er, day you decide
None (PS1J2) [4173] But mum
Sandra (PS1C1) [4174] to er
None (PS1J2) [4175] what are my chances?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4176] Well you'll just have to wait and see!
[4177] ... You think it's Christmas every day!
None (PS1J2) [4178] I do!
Sandra (PS1C1) [4179] Yeah, well
None (PS1J2) [4180] Do know where my bus is then?

13 (Tape 057001)

Sandra (PS1C1) [4181] Alex
Alex (PS1JG) [4182] What?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4183] Will you come and set the table for me.
Simon (PS1JH) [4184] Ner ner ... [computer game]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4185] See the knives and forks there.
Alex (PS1JG) [4186] He said ner ner.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4187] He said ner ner?
[4188] What does that mean?
Alex (PS1JG) [4189] I don't, ner ner, [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4190] [...] erm I think it means ... yes mother dear.
Alex (PS1JG) [4191] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4192] I thought he did.
[4193] Right then. ...
Alex (PS1JG) [4194] [...] ... Can we have [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4195] No I should leave that there so you don't get burnt. ...
Alex (PS1JG) [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4196] No.
Alex (PS1JG) [4197] [...] my go.
Simon (PS1JH) [4198] It isn't cos you had another go. ...
Alex (PS1JG) [4199] No I did not.
Simon (PS1JH) [4200] Right!
Alex (PS1JG) [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4201] Right I'm gonna try and make [whispering] [...] [] .
[4202] ... [shouting] Alex quick [] !
[4203] ... I made it past that [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [crying]
Simon (PS1JH) [4204] I made it past ... I made it past there ... [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [shouting] [...] []
Simon (PS1JH) [4205] Look where I am now then.
[4206] ... [playing on computer] Oh I shouldn't have gone on to you last time, that is where the mistake comes.
[4207] ... Ha!
[4208] ... Oh!
[4209] ... Ooh I've just got that ...
Alex (PS1JG) [4210] Mum
Sandra (PS1C1) [4211] Yes?
Alex (PS1JG) [4212] I think I need another fork. [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4213] Well has that one not been on the floor?
Alex (PS1JG) [4214] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4215] Well just wipe it, it doesn't matter, just wipe it on this towel. ...
Alex (PS1JG) [4216] What towel?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4217] Wipe it on this towel.
[4218] ... There you go. ...
Alex (PS1JG) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4219] [...] my place ... I don't mind put it in my place.
Alex (PS1JG) [4220] [...] ?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4221] No, now go and put it my place, that's alright, now off you go.
Alex (PS1JG) [4222] Well you haven't got a ... knife.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4223] I expect I'll survive it somehow. ...
Alex (PS1JG) [4224] Ooh [...] Sandra hasn't got a knife. ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [4225] Oh Simon have you died yet?
Simon (PS1JH) [4226] No.
[4227] ... I haven't actually. ...
Alex (PS1JG) [4228] Tell me you're kidding!
Simon (PS1JH) [4229] I haven't.
[4230] ... Right.
Alex (PS1JG) [4231] [...] ... ha!
[4232] Don't know what you're doing do you?
Simon (PS1JH) [4233] I've got there.
[4234] ... Look at where I am now.
[4235] ... I'll go [...] ... Ah!
[4236] I'm back here again!
Alex (PS1JG) [4237] You've gone back home.
Simon (PS1JH) [4238] At the gate!
Alex (PS1JG) [4239] [...] go back home [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4240] I wonder how I got here.
[4241] ... I'll go back there.
[4242] I have to.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4243] Okay boys, dinner's done. ...
Simon (PS1JH) [4244] Ha!
[4245] ... I'm dead ...
(PS001) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4246] Do you want gravy?
Alex (PS1JG) [4247] What?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4248] Do you want gravy?
Alex (PS1JG) [4249] Yeah, yeah
(PS001) [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [4250] I'm just going to drink my drink.
[4251] I don't like [...] gravy.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4252] It's gravy based on chicken.
Alex (PS1JG) [4253] Is it the normal one though? ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4254] It's the normal one that we have but it's a bit thinner. ...
Simon (PS1JH) [4255] Oh, bit hard carrying the dinner and this at the same time.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4256] Can you manage?
Simon (PS1JH) [4257] Yeah.
[4258] I, I'm gonna get a piece of bread.
Alex (PS1JG) [4259] Where's a fork?
Simon (PS1JH) [4260] Do you want a piece of bread anyone?
None (PS6TL) [4261] You need a [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [4262] [shouting] Yeah []
Sandra (PS1C1) [4263] Give Alex a piece of bread.
[4264] Erm
Alex (PS1JG) [4265] Mum I think I need ... a bit more on my carrots.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4266] A bit more what?
Alex (PS1JG) [4267] But ... I think er no I think I need a knife.
[4268] ... I think I need a fork.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4269] [...] fingers.
Alex (PS1JG) [4270] Ow! [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4271] Do you want some more gravy?
[4272] ... On your carrots?
Alex (PS1JG) [4273] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4274] There you go then.
Alex (PS1JG) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4275] There you go then Simon's gonna bring you some bread and then you can dip it up. ... [singing] [...] []
Simon (PS1JH) [4276] What?
Sandra (PS1C1) [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4277] Remember what they used to say at Pontins.
Sandra (PS1C1) [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4278] Do you remember that?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4279] What did they use to say at Pontins?
Simon (PS1JH) [4280] Remember? ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4281] Oompah oompah stick it up your jumper?
Simon (PS1JH) [4282] Yes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4283] Yeah.
Simon (PS1JH) [4284] Mm something else.
[4285] ... They used to say that didn't they?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4286] What was the other thing?
Simon (PS1JH) [4287] I can't remember.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4288] No I can't remember either.
[4289] Have you got some bread for Alex?
Simon (PS1JH) [4290] Oh ... forgotten.
Alex (PS1JG) [4291] Was it oompah doompah dingley doompah?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4292] No, that's what they sing [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4293] [shouting] Erm Alex []
Alex (PS1JG) [4294] [shouting] What [] ?
Simon (PS1JH) [4295] Oh, oh, alright.
[4296] I thought, right, this pa this bread's empty, you'll have to have the [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [4297] [crying] I don't want the crumbs [] ...
Simon (PS1JH) [4298] I've cut it so you can't have any [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4299] What? ...
Alex (PS1JG) [4300] Hey I've only got one carrot left. ...
Simon (PS1JH) [4301] I'm eating my chicken first.
Alex (PS1JG) [4302] I'm eating my [...] first. [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4303] There you go, there's your bread.
[4304] Goodness you're eating that fast int you?
Alex (PS1JG) [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4305] [...] carrots yeah.
Alex (PS1JG) [whingeing] [...] []
Sandra (PS1C1) [4306] No that's a piece, that's a sandwich piece, [...] ... [...] watch that programme?
Simon (PS1JH) [4307] Erm [...] and played games.
[4308] We played this thing called Octopus.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4309] Mm.
Simon (PS1JH) [4310] Well one, one person is the octopus ... but you have to ... like ... mm then she had to, this person has to try and tick everybody ... and
Sandra (PS1C1) [4311] And kick everybody?
Simon (PS1JH) [4312] Tick everybody
Sandra (PS1C1) [4313] Oh tick everybody.
Simon (PS1JH) [4314] bu and when you [...] it you have to stand in one place going like that and being, and if you touch anybody else [...] and do that and try and get all the people.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4315] Can you move your feet?
Simon (PS1JH) [4316] No.
[4317] You can [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [4318] D d they get
Sandra (PS1C1) [4319] People run around you and past you do they?
Simon (PS1JH) [4320] Yeah.
Alex (PS1JG) [4321] Simon did they get you?
Simon (PS1JH) [4322] [...] .
[4323] Yeah they got me and I had to turn into one of them octopus things.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4324] And then you can get changed back to normal?
Simon (PS1JH) [4325] No ... you can't get ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4326] But [...] till everybody, does that, does it carry on like that until everybody's
Simon (PS1JH) [4327] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4328] turned into an octopus?
[4329] ... And what else do you play? ...
Simon (PS1JH) [4330] Erm ... there is one called erm Dracula.
Alex (PS1JG) [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4331] [...] like ... like one person is chosen and some ... and one of [...] chooses somebody to say someone's name
Alex (PS1JG) [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4332] and that, and the Dracula has to go towards that person but if that person says someone's else's name before you get them
Sandra (PS1C1) [4333] Yeah?
Simon (PS1JH) [4334] they ... that has to go over to there, so [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4335] Instead.
Simon (PS1JH) [...] [talking with mouth full] ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4336] And who was there, was Daniel there?
Simon (PS1JH) [4337] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4338] And Jesse?
Simon (PS1JH) [4339] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4340] And Rachel.
Simon (PS1JH) [4341] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4342] And you.
[4343] ... Was some, did you say there's some boys from your school gone?
Simon (PS1JH) [4344] No one of them, one [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4345] Who's that?
[4346] What's his name?
Simon (PS1JH) [4347] Mm dunno.
Alex (PS1JG) [4348] Jesse?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4349] No, we know Jesse.
[4350] And who runs it?
[4351] Who's in charge?
Alex (PS1JG) [4352] Jesse?
Garry (PS1JJ) [4353] Erm [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4354] No.
[4355] ... Was it a friend of Barbara's?
Simon (PS1JH) [4356] I think so. ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4357] Is it a lady that's,ar are there ladies that aren't an aren't friends of Barbara's?
[4358] Most of them [...] aren't they?
Simon (PS1JH) [4359] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4360] And did you find out what you do next week?
Simon (PS1JH) [4361] No, you don't know what you're doing next week.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4362] Oh.
[4363] Could always ask ... then you'd know.
[4364] ... And what time are you going to the pantomime tomorrow?
[4365] ... Do you know?
Simon (PS1JH) [4366] Erm ... It doesn't matter cos [...] when you're going now.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4367] Oh right. [...] ?
Simon (PS1JH) [4368] What can I take? ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4369] Well you were going to take a satsuma and some Quavers weren't you?
Simon (PS1JH) [4370] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4371] We haven't got a satsuma, what about a pear, packet of Quavers and a pear?
[4372] ... Do you like pears or
Simon (PS1JH) [4373] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4374] [...] find a packet of Quavers somewhere there. ...
Alex (PS1JG) [4375] Can I go? ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4376] No they won't let you go, you'll be able to go next year with your school.
[4377] You know when you, you only just started your school didn't you after Christmas?
Alex (PS1JG) [4378] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4379] Well they'd already been to the pantomime at your school so you'll have to wait till next year now.
[4380] ... You'll be a bit bigger then. ...
Simon (PS1JH) [4381] Mum, will it be like that Cinderella [...] didn't stick to the story?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4382] Er yeah, pantomime's usually are like that.
[4383] If you go to the New Vic you'll find a pantomime probably sticks, really sticks to a traditional story.
Simon (PS1JH) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4384] And they don't shout things like oh yes you are and oh you're not and oh yes you have and oh no you haven't.
[4385] [...] ... But this'll be [...] do you remember the one we went to the other day?
Alex (PS1JG) [4386] Like [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4387] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4388] They sometimes say rude things and that don't they?
Simon (PS1JH) [4389] Yeah [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [4390] Like hello I'm posh.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4391] And then somebody'll sing some song that's completely unrelated to it
Simon (PS1JH) [4392] Mm like [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4393] What were they singing? [singing] dee dum, dee dum dee dum dee dum [] ... [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [4394] Oh do you know what we sung today?
[4395] We sung [singing] all things bright and beautiful []
Simon (PS1JH) [4396] [singing] all creatures great and small, all things wise and wo wonderful, the lord God gave them all.
[4397] He made their blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.
[4398] He made their glowing colours he made their tiny wings []
Sandra (PS1C1) [4399] [singing] glowing colours he made their tiny wings [] ...
Simon (PS1JH) [4400] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4401] Good job you have a hymn book. ...
Simon (PS1JH) [4402] Yeah you can't remember all the words.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4403] [...] would you?
Alex (PS1JG) [4404] What?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4405] Well daddy was to have been with us for this wasn't he, for this meal?
Alex (PS1JG) [4406] Da we've got a hymn book.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4407] Have you?
Alex (PS1JG) [4408] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4409] Does it say ... School Praise on it? [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4410] The state of some of the hymn books at our school.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4411] That's cos children have them.
Simon (PS1JH) [4412] Have you seen them?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4413] No,wh what's wrong with them?
Simon (PS1JH) [4414] Darren's hasn't, no Paul's hasn't got a cover and it's all curled up.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4415] Why hasn't he covered it?
[4416] Didn't he ... cover it at home?
Simon (PS1JH) [4417] Dunno.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4418] You used to take them home and cover them don't you?
[4419] Is yours covered?
Simon (PS1JH) [4420] Yeah.
[4421] With, with that plastic stuff.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4422] Oh right.
[4423] [...] are the stuff with the [...] papers going on ... put [...] paper on some didn't we?
Simon (PS1JH) [4424] Mm. ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4425] And what sort of things did you do at school?
[4426] ... Who's that banging? ...
Simon (PS1JH) [4427] You.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4428] What things did you do at school today?
Alex (PS1JG) [4429] I did all things like [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4430] Yeah ...
Alex (PS1JG) [4431] and them some sausages
Sandra (PS1C1) [4432] What did you have for dinner? ...
Alex (PS1JG) [4433] Sausages
Sandra (PS1C1) [4434] Mm. ...
Simon (PS1JH) [4435] He has sausages every day.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4436] You're beginning to look like a sausage.
Alex (PS1JG) [laugh]
Simon (PS1JH) [4437] You mean a pig.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4438] [laughing] Smiles like a sausage, looks like a sausage []
Alex (PS1JG) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4439] my God he is a sausage.
Alex (PS1JG) [4440] [...] ... I'm a sausage eater.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4441] What else did you have with your sausage?
[4442] Did you have potatoes?
Simon (PS1JH) [4443] Nothing for our boy, just twenty five thousand sausages each day.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4444] You didn't did you?
Alex (PS1JG) [4445] No no do you know what?
[4446] What I had?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4447] No what?
[4448] What?
Alex (PS1JG) [4449] [...] my sausages so I don't have anything except sausages.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4450] I don't believe that.
[4451] ... I don't think Mr
Alex (PS1JG) [4452] [...] dinners.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4453] No, I don't think Mr would want you just to have sausages.
[4454] I'm not paying eighty five pence a day for you to eat sausages.
Alex (PS1JG) [4455] I, I wasn't really.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4456] What did you have then?
Simon (PS1JH) [4457] Eighty five pence?
[4458] It isn't eighty five pence a day.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4459] It is eighty five pence a day, yours is ninety pence so you'd better be even wiser with your choice.
[4460] ... Incidentally what have you had for dinner?
None (PS6TL) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4461] That's because you're [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4462] S spaghet spaghetti rings and erm [...] ...
Alex (PS1JG) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4463] Not those cheese and potato things?
Alex (PS1JG) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4464] Oh something different was it?
Simon (PS1JH) [4465] [...] it's just cheese ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4466] I think you could probably eat that sausage [...] .
[4467] Or are you, are you satiated with sausages? ...
Alex (PS1JG) [4468] I'm tired of seeing sausages. ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4469] I bet the sausages see you coming ... oh no here's Alex, quick then, hide. ... [laugh] ...
Alex (PS1JG) [4470] Mum can you ... talk posh?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4471] Can I talk posh?
[4472] What for?
[4473] Like, what like how?
Alex (PS1JG) [4474] Like [mimicking] ooh I'm posh [] . ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4475] That's not how you talk posh is it?
Alex (PS1JG) [4476] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4477] Do you mean [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4478] Stop kicking.
[4479] Stop kicking.
[4480] ... [...] I talk posh.
Alex (PS1JG) [4481] [mimicking] Ooh []
Simon (PS1JH) [4482] Like Mrs Thatcher. [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4483] Like Mrs Th le let's hear somebody do Mrs Thatcher then. ...
Alex (PS1JG) [4484] Impression of Mrs Thatcher?
[4485] [shouting] Me, me, me []
Sandra (PS1C1) [4486] Impression of Mrs ...
Alex (PS1JG) [4487] [mimicking] Ooh I'm ... poor.
[4488] I wish I was [...] []
Simon (PS1JH) [4489] I'll do an impression of Prince Charles
Sandra (PS1C1) [4490] Just a minute.
[4491] Go on.
Alex (PS1JG) [4492] [mimicking] Ooh ooh I'm posh, I'm [...] [] [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4493] Now okay let's have Prince Charles.
Simon (PS1JH) [4494] [mimicking] [...] ha ha ha []
Sandra (PS1C1) [4495] [...] at school.
Simon (PS1JH) [4496] Mm.
[4497] ... No ... Fiona can do a great one of Christopher Watkins.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4498] And what's that like?
Simon (PS1JH) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4499] Which one's Christopher Watkins?
Simon (PS1JH) [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4500] The one that looks like a problem school boy
Simon (PS1JH) [4501] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4502] with a knife?
Alex (PS1JG) [4503] He looks like [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4504] Can you talk common like cockneys talk? ...
Alex (PS1JG) [4505] Dunno. ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4506] No it's [...] , I mean I'm not very good at this [...] [mimicking] cor blimey ... up the apples and pears [] ...
Alex (PS1JG) [4507] [mimicking] Cor blimey, cor blimey []
Simon (PS1JH) [4508] That isn't supposed to be posh [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [4509] Who ... [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4510] [shouting] He hasn't eaten his sausage [] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [4511] You haven't eaten your sausage.
Alex (PS1JG) [4512] I don't want it.
[4513] ... We, we haven't ate the stuffing.
[4514] ... Mum we haven't ate all the stuffing.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4515] Er well ... I left the stuffing cos I, I didn't think I'd left it in long enough, I put it in a bit late and I thought we'd leave the stuffing.
Simon (PS1JH) [4516] Why?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4517] Have some stuffing next day.
Simon (PS1JH) [4518] You kicking? ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4519] Have you had enough to eat now?
Alex (PS1JG) [4520] Yeah [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4521] Are you nearly ready for bed then?
Alex (PS1JG) [4522] No.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4523] Good.
[4524] Have you shown Simon your picture that you've done at school? [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [4525] [...] I did a monster picture.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4526] He's done a picture of a man with hair
Alex (PS1JG) [4527] No it's a monster.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4528] He's done a picture of a man monster
Alex (PS1JG) [4529] No it's not a man [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4530] Oh just a monster.
Simon (PS1JH) [4531] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4532] It's got hair, eyes, nose and mouth ... and it's got a big yellow sun, hasn't it, shining over and it's the bestest picture you've ever seen since you last went to the art gallery.
[4533] Remember that one, that Picasso?
Simon (PS1JH) [4534] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4535] Well it's much better than that, and this is something taken from one perspective int it?
Alex (PS1JG) [4536] And, and do you know how big it was?
[4537] It was this big.
Simon (PS1JH) [4538] How big?
Alex (PS1JG) [4539] This big.
Sandra (PS1C1) [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [4540] That big.
[4541] It's big ... as big as you. [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4542] [...] a man, that big isn't he?
Alex (PS1JG) [4543] Yeah [...] that big.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4544] Mm I suppose so, yeah.
Simon (PS1JH) [4545] Does it go from there up to the sky and up to there?
Alex (PS1JG) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4546] [...] manage to eat that chicken.
Alex (PS1JG) [4547] What chicken?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4548] Chicken will make you grow into a big strong boy.
Simon (PS1JH) [4549] What will?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4550] Chicken.
[4551] ... You don't eat it. [laugh]
Simon (PS1JH) [4552] What do you mean?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4553] Chicken, if you eat chicken it makes you grow strong cos it's got protein in, if you ... it makes you [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [4554] What?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4555] it makes [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [4556] What?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4557] [...] so that your bones will grow.
[4558] ... What would happen if you didn't drink enough milk and you didn't get enough calcium and your bones didn't grow ... but you kept eating lots of protein?
Simon (PS1JH) [4559] Mm I dunno.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4560] Well you wouldn't be able to grow any
Simon (PS1JH) [4561] A midget.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4562] taller but you'd kind of grow out.
[4563] ... A midget?
[4564] Well ... a sort of small, fat person probably.
[4565] But you couldn't get any [...] either
Simon (PS1JH) [4566] Erm a mutant.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4567] A mutant [...]

14 (Tape 057002)

Simon (PS1JH) [4568] thre like three ... three, six, nine, twelve ... fourteen
Sandra (PS1C1) [4569] Fifteen
Simon (PS1JH) [4570] four fifteen, eighteen
Sandra (PS1C1) [4571] No.
Simon (PS1JH) [4572] twenty
Sandra (PS1C1) [4573] Seven, twenty
Simon (PS1JH) [4574] twenty one
Sandra (PS1C1) [4575] seven threes are?
Simon (PS1JH) [4576] Twenty one.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4577] Correct.
[4578] Go on then, off you go.
Simon (PS1JH) [4579] [...] twenty one [...] ?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4580] Have a look.
[4581] If twenty one's there then it's right isn't it?
Simon (PS1JH) [4582] I'll put that next to there then.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4583] Yeah join it up to the sum [...] answers.
[4584] ... Cos seven threes are?
Simon (PS1JH) [4585] Twenty one.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4586] Twenty one.
[4587] You could do the arrow going from the figures to the answer, from the sum to the answer not from the answer to the sum really doesn't it?
[4588] Just think next time you do it.
[4589] Okay you know you're looking for eight threes, what are eight threes?
[4590] Count in threes
Simon (PS1JH) [4591] Seven
Sandra (PS1C1) [4592] on your finger.
Simon (PS1JH) [4593] Well that one was ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4594] Right.
[4595] Seven threes were twenty one
Simon (PS1JH) [4596] Twe twenty er ... [whispering] twenty one, twenty two [] twenty four.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4597] Eight threes are twenty four, you're getting better aren't you?
[4598] ... See next time you have tables at school you'll be able to show them how it's done.
[4599] Eight threes are twenty four, that's an easy one but what's the next one?
[4600] Three threes are?
Simon (PS1JH) [4601] Three [...] Six.
[4602] Nine, nine, nine.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4603] You're getting there, go on, three threes are nine.
[4604] ... Now that was five threes.
Simon (PS1JH) [4605] Oh.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4606] It doesn't matter.
[4607] Put, put the nine going to the three threes, I'll understand, possibly.
[4608] Three threes are nine, so what are five threes then?
Simon (PS1JH) [4609] Just ignore that one.
[4610] Just ignore that one.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4611] Okey-doke.
Simon (PS1JH) [4612] I'll cross that out like that. [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4613] So what are five
Simon (PS1JH) [4614] so that one's ... wrong.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4615] Mhm.
[4616] Five threes are?
Simon (PS1JH) [4617] One more.
[4618] There's one more [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4619] Well you've got five threes are ... and twelve threes are, you've only got two figures left, so which is [...] to which?
Simon (PS1JH) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4620] [...] five threes are thirty six and twelve threes are fifteen.
Simon (PS1JH) [4621] No it's fifteen.
[4622] It's fifteen.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4623] Five threes are fifteen, right. ...
Simon (PS1JH) [4624] Oh!
Sandra (PS1C1) [4625] That's alright, yeah.
[4626] Er I, I know what, as long as I can see what you've done.
[4627] And twelve threes? ...
Simon (PS1JH) [4628] Thirty six.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4629] Thirty six, do you wanna check that on your fingers?
[4630] You've got twelve fingers ... [...] lend you two.
[4631] ... Okey- doke, go on then.
Simon (PS1JH) [4632] [...] wrong with this.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4633] [...] ... Twelve divided by three
Simon (PS1JH) [4634] [...] put things over the top
Sandra (PS1C1) [4635] No you put it behind the equals sign.
[4636] You would if it was a proper division sum but you've actually put the equals sign there.
Simon (PS1JH) [4637] Three er is it just like that? ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4638] No they're multiplications [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4639] How many threes in twelve.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4640] Right, how many threes in twelve? [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4641] Could you lend me two fingers? ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [laugh]
Simon (PS1JH) [4642] Go on!
Sandra (PS1C1) [4643] You don't need three, you don't need two fingers.
Simon (PS1JH) [4644] [shouting] Twelve fingers [] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [4645] C you're counting i no, you're counting in threes ... three, six
Simon (PS1JH) [4646] Three, six, nine, twelve ... four.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4647] Right, four threes are twelve, you don't need twelve fingers for that ... count each finger as three cos you're counting in threes.
Simon (PS1JH) [4648] Twenty one.
[4649] Three, six, nine, twelve ... fourteen si
Sandra (PS1C1) [4650] Fifteen.
Simon (PS1JH) [4651] fif fift fourt fifteen
Sandra (PS1C1) [4652] Yeah.
Simon (PS1JH) [4653] eighteen, twenty ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4654] Eighteen ...
Simon (PS1JH) [4655] twenty one
Sandra (PS1C1) [4656] twenty one.
Simon (PS1JH) [4657] ah ... seven.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4658] Seven.
[4659] You ge you forget yourself don't you and you go back to the two times table, we're on threes now.
Simon (PS1JH) [4660] Well this one's just the sa are these just the same?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4661] That's easy-peasy that one, three into three goes ... three into three goes
Simon (PS1JH) [4662] [...] three ... I had trouble with this one last night though.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4663] Eleven times table that one is.
Simon (PS1JH) [4664] I know it is.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4665] Three into thirty three?
[4666] Count on your fingers, I'll lend you, you'll need a finger, I'll lend you one.
Simon (PS1JH) [4667] Three, six, nine, twelve ... fourteen
Sandra (PS1C1) [4668] [laughing] Well you've got ten fingers and if I'm gonna []
Simon (PS1JH) [4669] eighteen
Sandra (PS1C1) [4670] lend you one that's eleven.
[4671] Carry on.
Simon (PS1JH) [4672] eighteen, twenty ... twenty one ... twenty four
Sandra (PS1C1) [4673] Yeah.
Simon (PS1JH) [4674] twenty seven
Sandra (PS1C1) [4675] Yeah.
[4676] Twenty seven.
Simon (PS1JH) [4677] thirty ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4678] Thirty
Simon (PS1JH) [4679] thirty one.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4680] No, you're on thirty there because ten threes are thirty, you want another three, what's that?
Simon (PS1JH) [4681] Thirty three.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4682] Thirty three, how many fingers? ...
Simon (PS1JH) [4683] Eleven.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4684] Eleven, right, because eleven threes are thirty three.
[4685] Thirty three divided by eleven is three, thirty three divided by three is eleven.
[4686] The whole thing is interchangeable ... divisions to multiplications.
Simon (PS1JH) [4687] Eighteen ... and divide by three again
Sandra (PS1C1) [4688] Correct.
[4689] Three into eighteen ... in other words.
Simon (PS1JH) [4690] Three, six nine, twelve ... fourteen, eighteen
Sandra (PS1C1) [4691] Fifteen.
Simon (PS1JH) [4692] fifteen, eighteen ... eighteen [...] ... twenty, oh [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4693] No the answer isn't eighteen.
[4694] Do it again.
[4695] Three, six
Simon (PS1JH) [4696] Three, six, nine, twelve, fourteen
Sandra (PS1C1) [4697] Fifteen.
Simon (PS1JH) [4698] fifteen, eighteen ... six.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4699] Six, because six times three makes
Simon (PS1JH) [4700] Eighteen.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4701] Correct.
Simon (PS1JH) [4702] And three times six makes eighteen.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4703] Twenty seven divided by three.
Simon (PS1JH) [4704] And eighteen i and eighteen divided by three makes six.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4705] Correct.
[4706] And eighteen divided by six is three.
Simon (PS1JH) [4707] And three twelve ... and three er divided by twelve equals four, four divided by three equals twelve ... and three divided by four
Sandra (PS1C1) [4708] No, no, no no no no no no, four times three equals twelve.
[4709] Three di three times four is fifteen
Simon (PS1JH) [4710] Oh.
[4711] You mean I've been doing them wrong all the way?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4712] No they're fine, you've just got to ... sort out what the difference is.
[4713] All these there are multiplications and you can change them to divisions.
Simon (PS1JH) [4714] Yeah but I've gotta know how many threes in them.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4715] Yeah that's division.
[4716] When you divide something by three [...] how many threes.
Simon (PS1JH) [4717] But that was multiplied.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4718] See with the crosses ... well that's multiplication.
[4719] And it actually says here look.
Simon (PS1JH) [4720] But why can't you just put one over the top there or something?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4721] That means division ... that's what, you've done them right, they're divisions but ... three into twelve goes four ... but at the same time four times three is twelve, you can change it into a multiplication but it, it doesn't start off as one.
Simon (PS1JH) [4722] Is [...] you've got, are these divides?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4723] These are all divides all the way down ... but you can change them all because you say four threes are twelve, seven threes are twenty one
Simon (PS1JH) [4724] Three, six, nine, twelve
Sandra (PS1C1) [4725] Correct.
Simon (PS1JH) [4726] fourteen ... three, six, nine, twelve ... fourteen
Sandra (PS1C1) [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4727] fifteen ... eighteen, twenty ... twenty one ... twenty four ... twenty seven
Sandra (PS1C1) [4728] Because ... twenty seven
Simon (PS1JH) [4729] nine
Sandra (PS1C1) [4730] divided by three equals nine.
Simon (PS1JH) [4731] nine nine nine nine nine.
[4732] ... Oh you're just doing the sums in different ways.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4733] Well I ain't doing them, the book's doing them, it's different ways of showing division, you can do a divide sign, you could write the word
Simon (PS1JH) [4734] How many more have I got left out of these?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4735] you could put one over the other.
[4736] You've got one, two ... you tell me, you're the ones that doing the maths. ...
Simon (PS1JH) [4737] Nine, nine [...] , three, six, nine ... three.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4738] Right. [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4739] Three threes are nine.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4740] Three threes are nine.
[4741] Nine divided by three makes three. ...
Simon (PS1JH) [4742] Three, six, nine, twelve,fif ... thirty six ... twelve, it's twelve ... twenty
Sandra (PS1C1) [4743] How you doing? ...
Simon (PS1JH) [4744] [whispering] [...] [] eight ... [sigh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4745] Have you been chinking like this all the time I've been gone?
Simon (PS1JH) [4746] Mm.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4747] [laugh] Right.
Simon (PS1JH) [4748] I multiplied

15 (Tape 057003)

Sandra (PS1C1) [4749] But in actual fact, although it's something multiplied by something, it gives you the answer.
Alex (PS1JG) [4750] Mum come and look at my man.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4751] If you t if you divide some it'll be easier.
Alex (PS1JG) [4752] Mum, come and look at my man, he's dead funny.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4753] Which one's this? ...
Simon (PS1JH) [4754] Yeah look, it's nine.
Alex (PS1JG) [4755] The man on the computer.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4756] In a minute, can I come just now
Simon (PS1JH) [4757] Is it nine?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4758] I'm just doing something at the moment
Simon (PS1JH) [4759] Is it nine?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4760] with Alex.
[4761] Yes that's right, three times nine is twenty seven, yes.
[4762] ... Alright sometimes you see a pattern don't you?
[4763] ... But you see if you make it as a, a division it makes it easier.
Simon (PS1JH) [4764] Thirty six [...] six
Sandra (PS1C1) [4765] You say to yourself how many times does three go into twenty seven, nine.
[4766] You've got to learn how to change the sums round.
Simon (PS1JH) [4767] Is this is this [...] thirty six.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4768] I'm afraid, no eighteen divided by
Simon (PS1JH) [4769] We'll have to treat it as a
Sandra (PS1C1) [4770] three.
Simon (PS1JH) [4771] multiplier
Sandra (PS1C1) [4772] Yeah, so how many times does three go into eighteen?
Simon (PS1JH) [4773] Is it is it ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4774] It isn't a multiplication.
Simon (PS1JH) [4775] eighteen divided ... eighteen divided
Sandra (PS1C1) [4776] Divided by something equals three.
[4777] Which is just the same as saying eighteen divided by three equals something.
[4778] So put three into eighteen and see what the answer is, cos that's the answer.
Simon (PS1JH) [4779] Three eigh how many threes in eighteen, yeah [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4780] Three, six, nine, off you go
Simon (PS1JH) [4781] Three, six nine and twelve ... four fifteen
Sandra (PS1C1) [4782] You've got it.
Simon (PS1JH) [4783] eighteen, eighteen.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4784] There you go it's
Simon (PS1JH) [4785] Six.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4786] taught you something hasn't it?
Simon (PS1JH) [4787] Six.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4788] Taught you that in the three times table fourteen doesn't come after twelve.
Simon (PS1JH) [4789] Four multiplied by blah equals twelve.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4790] Four multiplied by something equals twelve.
Simon (PS1JH) [4791] Blah ... twelve
Sandra (PS1C1) [4792] In other words ...
Simon (PS1JH) [4793] Ah how many
Sandra (PS1C1) [4794] how many times does four go into twelve.
Simon (PS1JH) [4795] How many fours in twelve.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4796] I mean we are doing a certain times table
Simon (PS1JH) [4797] How many fours in twelve.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4798] How many fours in twelve?
Simon (PS1JH) [4799] Okay.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4800] Four
Simon (PS1JH) [4801] S I can't
Sandra (PS1C1) [4802] No you're back i that's because you're stuck in your three times mode.
[4803] ... Count in three times table then
Simon (PS1JH) [4804] Three, six, nine ... three, six ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4805] Nine
Simon (PS1JH) [4806] nine
Sandra (PS1C1) [4807] mhm
Simon (PS1JH) [4808] twelve
Sandra (PS1C1) [4809] Twelve, right.
[4810] So this is three times table ... or
Simon (PS1JH) [4811] Can't keep that [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4812] times three makes twelve.
[4813] Three times four makes twelve, four times three makes twelve. ...
Simon (PS1JH) [4814] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4815] That's it.
Simon (PS1JH) [4816] Four
Sandra (PS1C1) [4817] It's not four ... because you counted up, you counted the three times table
Simon (PS1JH) [4818] It's er how many fours in twelve you said.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4819] Yeah, but ... there are four threes in twelve.
[4820] ... Right.
[4821] So how many fours are there?
[4822] If there are four
Simon (PS1JH) [4823] Three
Sandra (PS1C1) [4824] Right, there are three fours
Simon (PS1JH) [4825] I told you these are mad.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4826] You just change it round, that's all it is.
Simon (PS1JH) [4827] A mu oh another one.
[4828] How many threes in thirty six ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4829] You have to sometimes learn to do a bit of guesswork with maths, you're doing
Simon (PS1JH) [4830] How many threes in thirty six? ... [musical horn in background]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4831] Dear oh what's that?
[4832] Is that a car going past?
[4833] ... [humming] It's the American [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4834] Alex, could you leave mine alone Alex.
Alex (PS1JG) [4835] This one's mine.
Simon (PS1JH) [4836] Could you leave my [...] alone now. ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4837] Well let's get these finished.
[4838] ... Right three multiplied by something equals thirty six.
[4839] ... What do you have to multiply by three to get thirty six?
[4840] Three
Simon (PS1JH) [4841] How many of what?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4842] three times something makes thirty six.
Simon (PS1JH) [4843] Three of what makes thirty six
Sandra (PS1C1) [4844] Yes.
[4845] Correct.
[4846] Start counting ... on your fingers.
Simon (PS1JH) [4847] Three, six, nine ... twelve, can you lend me a few fingers?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4848] Mhm
Alex (PS1JG) [4849] Mum
Sandra (PS1C1) [4850] Yes?
Simon (PS1JH) [4851] Fifteen eighteen, twenty one
Alex (PS1JG) [4852] can, [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4853] twenty four, twenty seven ... thirty
Sandra (PS1C1) [4854] Thirty. ...
Simon (PS1JH) [4855] thirty three ... thirty six ... thirty six
Sandra (PS1C1) [4856] Thirty six.
[4857] How many [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4858] [...] twelve.
[4859] Twelve, twelve, twelve, twelve, twelve
Sandra (PS1C1) [4860] Twelve threes make thirty six.
Alex (PS1JG) [4861] Mum could you help me [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4862] Three multiplied by twelve makes thirty six.
[4863] I think that's had it, I think the er man from customs [...] ... [...] Simon was saving that, the man took it all apart ... and I think that's why it probably got broken so quickly because I think they messed with it.
Alex (PS1JG) [4864] Could you help me fix it? ...
Simon (PS1JH) [4865] I don't think you can.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4866] I don't think the people that work in, in customs are very bright, I think they also steal things ... cos we've had things go missing haven't we?
[4867] Careful of that [...] .
[4868] I can't fix it Alex er I don't, oh hang on, why don't we just leave those two pieces out, see if we can fix it without them.
Simon (PS1JH) [4869] Yeah but that's bent ... to one side. ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4870] Oh right, you mean it's broken in more ways than ... we previously thought.
Simon (PS1JH) [4871] The twenty seven times table! ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4872] No!
[4873] Twenty seven divided by something
Simon (PS1JH) [4874] How many twenty seven
Sandra (PS1C1) [4875] equals nine.
Simon (PS1JH) [4876] how many ... twenty sevens in nine do you mean? ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4877] I don't mean how twenty se many twenty sevens in nine, I mean how many of those ... blank, in twenty seven
Simon (PS1JH) [sigh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4878] or how many nines.
[4879] ... How many nines, or nine of how many ... make twenty seven.
Alex (PS1JG) [4880] Mum
Sandra (PS1C1) [4881] If you put nine into twenty seven how many does it go?
[4882] Say the nines you can do in the three times table ... and that er you've got to get a three in
Simon (PS1JH) [4883] Three six, nine, twelve
Sandra (PS1C1) [4884] somewhere.
[4885] ... I think it's had it Alex.
Simon (PS1JH) [4886] twelve ... fifteen, eighteen, twenty one, twenty four, twenty seven ... thirty, thirty
Sandra (PS1C1) [4887] No you you've gone too far.
Simon (PS1JH) [4888] Oh!
[4889] Twenty seven ... nine. ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4890] Nine what?
Simon (PS1JH) [4891] [laughing] Nine [] nine ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4892] Nine nines make twenty seven?
Simon (PS1JH) [4893] But [...] I've got nine [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4894] You've got nine [...] nine what? ...
Simon (PS1JH) [4895] Threes.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4896] No three's right.
Simon (PS1JH) [4897] Three.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4898] [laughing] Correct, yeah [] .
[4899] You're doing
Alex (PS1JG) [4900] [whingeing] Mum []
Sandra (PS1C1) [4901] I can't mend it Alex, it's broken.
[4902] You see you're doing it
Simon (PS1JH) [4903] Twenty one.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4904] Right
Alex (PS1JG) [whingeing] [...] [] ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4905] Do you know you're doing the three times table?
Simon (PS1JH) [4906] Is eight three, is that multiplied by three twenty one?
Alex (PS1JG) [crying] [...] []
Sandra (PS1C1) [4907] Eight, no eight times three is twenty four.
[4908] It was when I was at school.
Alex (PS1JG) [4909] [crying] mum why did they take it to pieces [...] [] ?
Simon (PS1JH) [4910] [...] twenty one [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4911] Because they do things like that at customs because they're looking, they're always looking for drugs and things that shouldn't come in.
Simon (PS1JH) [4912] Se well seven, seven mul
Sandra (PS1C1) [4913] You're lucky that they didn't take the Turtles apart, they didn't open them.
Simon (PS1JH) [4914] Is seven multiplied by three twenty one?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4915] It might be that it was just a little bit open and they think that somebody's tampered with it so then they, they open [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4916] Se is it twenty one divided by ... seven [...] ?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4917] Yeah.
[4918] Twenty one divided by seven. ...
Simon (PS1JH) [4919] Seven divided by [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [4920] [whingeing] Mum when are you gonna read me my story [] ?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4921] I'm going to read you your story now.
Simon (PS1JH) [4922] Yeah, the story of your life before [...] ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4923] Tt ... he's lovely for you int he, your brother?
Alex (PS1JG) [4924] [shouting] No they're my [...] ... [...] [] [computer game]
Simon (PS1JH) [4925] I, I've got a ray in there ... that gives me pow that can give me power Alex.
[4926] Watch this one, it's really good. ...
Alex (PS1JG) [4927] Yeah, it can dig
Simon (PS1JH) [4928] Yeah, you can that out of your [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4929] Go on then.
Simon (PS1JH) [4930] see there, and he digged
Sandra (PS1C1) [4931] Oh my God.
Simon (PS1JH) [4932] and he digged through there
Sandra (PS1C1) [4933] Honest?
[4934] Well how did you find out that cos you haven't got any instructions have you?
Simon (PS1JH) [4935] I just did it and he appeared.
[4936] He digs through there for you.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4937] That's good of him.
[4938] Oh and then you can just follow him through?
Simon (PS1JH) [4939] No he, he just disappears when you've got through.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4940] Oh he's a kind of, he gets released for favours done.
Simon (PS1JH) [4941] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4942] But you've managed to get so many exciting things going.
Simon (PS1JH) [4943] I, don't [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [4944] [shouting] Get a ray []
Sandra (PS1C1) [laugh]
Alex (PS1JG) [4945] get a ray sign [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4946] They can't do anything though Alex, the rays can't do anything.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4947] I only manage to get one thing on I do
Alex (PS1JG) [laugh]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4948] ah I don't know.
Simon (PS1JH) [4949] [shouting] Why don't you have a try of this [] ?
Alex (PS1JG) [4950] Can I have a try?
[4951] ... Simon can I have a try?
[4952] ... [whingeing] Simon can I have a try [] ? [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4953] Watch this, I can do this on [...] too, there he is
Alex (PS1JG) [4954] You can't though.
Simon (PS1JH) [4955] [shouting] Look what I made appear mum []
Sandra (PS1C1) [4956] In a minute, I'll come in a minute, I'm just doing dad's dinner
Alex (PS1JG) [4957] [shouting] He jumped he did, ha ha ha ... ha ha ha ha.
[4958] Mum look he's jumping all []
Simon (PS1JH) [4959] You can make one of these little pink things appear with one of them
Sandra (PS1C1) [4960] Oh right
Simon (PS1JH) [4961] so they jump around.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4962] well how, when did you find out about that?
Simon (PS1JH) [4963] [laughing] I just found out about it now [] .
[4964] I've got some, you get one of each thing [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4965] [...] a better game now isn't it, altogether?
[4966] You get all them animals and everything.
Simon (PS1JH) [4967] Yeah you get one of each kind when you start.
[4968] ... So I've got a ray in there I think.
Alex (PS1JG) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [4969] Let's just see what I've got.
[4970] I've got one fly, one pink thing, one ray, one of them creatures, the diggers and erm a thing, I don't what they're for though.
Alex (PS1JG) [4971] Get another digger, get that digger there.
Simon (PS1JH) [4972] I don't know what them fly things are for.
[4973] ... I just don't know what they're for.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4974] [...] five more minutes [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [4975] I is he digging for you?
Simon (PS1JH) [4976] Yes.
[4977] ... No I'm not gonna make him dig for me yet.
[4978] ... I'm gonna try and get a few more of them that can dig.
Alex (PS1JG) [4979] Whoo!
[4980] And then they can dig a few holes for you.
[4981] [laugh] Hey see that little pink thing.
[4982] [laugh] [...] ... So try and get that ... wish I ... could get through that.
Simon (PS1JH) [4983] If I can get another one of them.
Alex (PS1JG) [4984] Like that one?
Simon (PS1JH) [4985] Well jump up here and try and get one.
[4986] ... I caught it.
[4987] ... I'd better get another one now.
[4988] ... [...] I think I'll be able to get another one.
[4989] Three of them big diggers. [laugh] [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [4990] [...] only a tiny spot cos that's
Alex (PS1JG) [4991] Can I?
Sandra (PS1C1) [4992] cider.
Alex (PS1JG) [4993] Can I? ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [4994] A tiny little drink.
Simon (PS1JH) [4995] Cider isn't that bad though.
Sandra (PS1C1) [4996] Well it's ... strong enough for little boys. ...
Alex (PS1JG) [4997] Ah ah!
[4998] It is nice.
[4999] ... [...] I, I had a lot or something, [...] a little lot.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5000] Oh you had a little lot did you?
[5001] ... Put the light on [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [5002] No.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5003] Go on, the other side.
Alex (PS1JG) [5004] Okay Si.
Simon (PS1JH) [5005] I caught it!
[5006] I got two of them now.
[5007] I'll go back down ... then I'll see what they'll both do. ...
Alex (PS1JG) [...] ...
Simon (PS1JH) [5008] He hasn't dug out yet.
Alex (PS1JG) [5009] Why?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5010] Out of where? ...
Simon (PS1JH) [5011] Oh eh I c I can't catch one of them.
[5012] I've got lots of stuff in there ...
Alex (PS1JG) [5013] Wonder what they do it for [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [5014] They're just in there.
[5015] Right ...
Alex (PS1JG) [5016] Wonder what they'll do [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [5017] er now I'll release one of those things.
[5018] ... Oh I've got three of them anyway!
[5019] ... Come on ... come on, come on. ...
Alex (PS1JG) [5020] Hey!
Simon (PS1JH) [5021] Oh he just fell off getting the, I've transported him back somewhere.
[5022] ... I've transported him. ...
Alex (PS1JG) [5023] Oh can, can I have a go?
Simon (PS1JH) [5024] I'm gonna find somewhere to dig. ...
Alex (PS1JG) [5025] [...] he could dig on to that.
Simon (PS1JH) [5026] Yeah. [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [5027] [...] [laugh] Pull it down and then pull it. ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [...] ... [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [5028] Don't you want, [...] that?
[5029] [...] Can I er ... oh can I have a go?
[5030] ... Simon's taking all the [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5031] Alright, I think er Simon ... had your ten minutes, it's Alex's turn.
Simon (PS1JH) [5032] Ten minutes! [...] one minute.
[5033] Ha there's one of them now.
[5034] Wonder what he'll do.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5035] [...] ?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5036] No [...] .
Sandra (PS1C1) [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [5037] Dad, look what I've found out.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5038] Have to go to bed early [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [5039] Dad look what I've found out.
Garry (PS1JJ) [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [5040] What?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5041] Dead easy to do a master's degree.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5042] Lot easier than teaching.
Alex (PS1JG) [5043] [shouting] He's digging for you [] .
[5044] He's digging for you.

16 (Tape 057004)

Louis (PS1C5) [5045] Do you know what you have to do Sime?
[5046] Shall I tell you? ...
Alex (PS1JG) [5047] [shouting] He's digging for diamonds, he's digging []
Garry (PS1JJ) [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [5048] Dad watch this, I've found out something, if you ca for what you capture all these creatures for ... I've found out.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5049] You've found out?
Simon (PS1JH) [5050] Watch this, right you see this one [...] here
Garry (PS1JJ) [5051] Right do you think go on then.
Simon (PS1JH) [5052] watch. ...
Garry (PS1JJ) [5053] Yes
Simon (PS1JH) [5054] See?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5055] Oh!
[5056] It appears.
Simon (PS1JH) [5057] Yeah they appear.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5058] [...] .
[5059] How come they are
Simon (PS1JH) [5060] You can get them to dig for you, in this other rule, you can get them to dig through the wall.
Alex (PS1JG) [5061] And you can't get through the wall.
Simon (PS1JH) [5062] See they dig
Garry (PS1JJ) [5063] Oh!
[5064] How do you, well how do you manage to do that?
Simon (PS1JH) [5065] I just caught something for a, then put them on.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5066] What do you s oh yeah, oh I see what you
Simon (PS1JH) [5067] When you get one of them you just jump around.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5068] I see what you mean, when you've caught them you can then make
Simon (PS1JH) [5069] I into there you can erm
Garry (PS1JJ) [5070] you can then make it do work for you?
Simon (PS1JH) [5071] Yeah
Sandra (PS1C1) [5072] Yeah.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5073] Well where's it gone?
Sandra (PS1C1) [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5074] Where's that one you just had?
Simon (PS1JH) [5075] Er you
Garry (PS1JJ) [5076] And that tells you the number you've caught?
Simon (PS1JH) [5077] Yeah.
[5078] ... I'm gonna get another game and try and get some more.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5079] It's much better without the instructions [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [5080] I'm gonna try and get some more.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5081] So you ... so ... is it more fun finding out how
Simon (PS1JH) [5082] Yeah
Alex (PS1JG) [5083] [whingeing] I want a go [] .
Garry (PS1JJ) [5084] You want a go as well?
Simon (PS1JH) [5085] Do you want me just to catch you something first Alex?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5086] No don't turn the
Sandra (PS1C1) [5087] I can tell you something, Alex is a lot better than me at it.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5088] don't turn the light off.
Simon (PS1JH) [5089] Why don't you have a go mum?
[5090] ... I just wanna catch one of these first [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [moan]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5091] Wait a minute, right, and and then Alex would like a go.
Simon (PS1JH) [5092] I wanna show dad how they [...] .
Garry (PS1JJ) [5093] Let me show, you're getting it ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [5094] We've been timing him actually, ten minutes
Garry (PS1JJ) [5095] How come you can't, oh you've got him.
[5096] Yeah?
Simon (PS1JH) [5097] Right I've got him now.
[5098] Watch
Garry (PS1JJ) [5099] Now how do you get him to come up to you?
Simon (PS1JH) [5100] You just do this.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5101] And you got, you call him up
Simon (PS1JH) [5102] Oh
Garry (PS1JJ) [5103] Oh.
Simon (PS1JH) [5104] oh I've just changed into a spider.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5105] Try again.
Simon (PS1JH) [5106] You get one of those
Garry (PS1JJ) [5107] You get, you c you, so you right I'll have one of those please ...
Simon (PS1JH) [5108] Right.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5109] you change back to normal, you get one of those
Simon (PS1JH) [5110] Yeah.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5111] leaves you with one left
Simon (PS1JH) [5112] Yeah I've only got one.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5113] Right
Simon (PS1JH) [5114] That only digs through there for you, you have to [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5115] And he [...] in there, you keep, what you push him?
Simon (PS1JH) [5116] No you don't push him you just follow along with him cos he disappears when he gets through.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5117] Oh!
[5118] And you can then go through?
Simon (PS1JH) [5119] Yeah. ...
Garry (PS1JJ) [5120] Very cle well what does ... what does the manta ray do for you?
Simon (PS1JH) [5121] Nothing, I don I haven't sta you, oh you see what these little pink things do for us [laugh]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5122] [laughing] What do they do [] ?
Alex (PS1JG) [5123] [shouting] Simon ... I think it's just [] ... I, I know where the hand is look
Simon (PS1JH) [5124] You just do this
Alex (PS1JG) [5125] go erm that way [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [5126] [whingeing] Si Simon I know where the [] hand is I do.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5127] Well why's he vanished? [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [5128] Because because when you do that to him
Garry (PS1JJ) [5129] He only jumps so many times?
Simon (PS1JH) [5130] he just van no
Alex (PS1JG) [5131] [whingeing] Simon [] Simon ... I just saw that [...] hand.
Simon (PS1JH) [5132] I'll, I'll try and get a hand.
Alex (PS1JG) [5133] [shouting] I just saw it, that way ... I just saw it [] .
[5134] You've gone past it.
Simon (PS1JH) [5135] Oh!
[5136] Shall I try and catch that?
[5137] ... Yeah.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5138] Very good.
[5139] You have to catch it on a certain place
Simon (PS1JH) [5140] No you can catch it [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5141] like on i well no, no, you have to, you ... the net has to fall over a certain part of the creature.
Simon (PS1JH) [5142] Just his head.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5143] Just his head?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5144] Yes it has to go [...] like that [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [5145] [laughing] He's jumping [] he jump
Garry (PS1JJ) [5146] And how, are you, are you just
Alex (PS1JG) [5147] Dad he shot me.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5148] [...] what?
Alex (PS1JG) [5149] He shot me and jumped.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5150] He's ju jumping on you?
[5151] Well careful then, careful. ...
Alex (PS1JG) [5152] [whingeing] Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh []
Garry (PS1JJ) [5153] Ooh.
(PS001) [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [5154] I'll go all the way down here now. ...
Alex (PS1JG) [5155] Simon you know ... no go, ah!
[5156] That's where the hand is, up there.
Simon (PS1JH) [5157] I know.
Alex (PS1JG) [5158] The hand's up there. ...
Garry (PS1JJ) [5159] Then you could be able to jump some time, oh there he goes! [laugh]
Alex (PS1JG) [laugh] ... [laugh]
Garry (PS1JJ) [...] [laugh]
Simon (PS1JH) [5160] Do you want me to get up to, try and get up to
Garry (PS1JJ) [5161] Well yeah can ... oh, jump, can you jump onto that next bit there?
Simon (PS1JH) [5162] [...] jump up there.
[5163] ... See that closes up there ... and you can capture more if you want them to.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5164] You can get, no, they must all do z
Sandra (PS1C1) [5165] [...] woodcraft?
Alex (PS1JG) [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5166] Have you been to woodcraft Sime?
Simon (PS1JH) [5167] Yeah.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5168] You've been alright then?
[5169] Did you take your thirty pence?
Alex (PS1JG) [5170] Hey!
Simon (PS1JH) [5171] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5172] So where's the change? ...
Simon (PS1JH) [5173] Oh.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5174] Oh never mind.
[5175] Probably [...] in your trousers is it?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5176] Did you get your change?
Simon (PS1JH) [5177] Yeah I got it.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5178] [...] games.
[5179] Did Steve [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [5180] Ah!
[5181] I know what I'll be, be able to do.
[5182] No I'll have to go and [...] and I'll be able to do it.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5183] Simon, did Steve stay or did he just leave you there?
Simon (PS1JH) [5184] He left us there then came back after.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5185] Oh.
Simon (PS1JH) [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5186] [...] to fetch you? ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [5187] [...] library so [...] as possible I suppose.
Garry (PS1JJ) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [...] ...
Alex (PS1JG) [5188] Mum
Garry (PS1JJ) [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [5189] [shouting] mum ... mum, mum, mum, mum []
Sandra (PS1C1) [5190] [...] microwave [...] all morning, warmed it up.
Alex (PS1JG) [5191] mum, mum ... [...] ...
Garry (PS1JJ) [5192] You see what happens is people show up ... all dressed up in their togs and whatever ... from school, or maybe, maybe, maybe they're power dressing
Sandra (PS1C1) [5193] No point really.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5194] Well, no, one has to bear in mind ... the type of situation, so power dressing as in it might be a tool but it's very very professional.
Alex (PS1JG) [5195] Mum, can you do one of these [...] ?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5196] And then the professional arrives and what's the professional dressed in?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5197] Jeans and T-shirt.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5198] Denims!
[5199] [laughing] Especially jeans and a denim jacket, while the teachers [...] []
Sandra (PS1C1) [5200] Did you feel a bit uncomfortable in jeans?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5201] because, yeah well I thought I might and then he said something about ... I was at this meeting where I was talking to all these official in their suits and ties and I was only dressed casual ... and I thought, at that point I sort of
Sandra (PS1C1) [5202] [...] a bit like that, it [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5203] I thought great, I thought, I thought everybody else sort of cringe about the way [laughing] that maybe they [] were over power dressed.
Alex (PS1JG) [whingeing] [...] [] ...
Garry (PS1JJ) [5204] Over and out.
[5205] [break in recording] these forms.
[5206] I wanted, I wanted
Garry (PS1JJ) [5207] I don't know where it is.
[5208] Alex was [...] ... I think.
Alex (PS1JG) [5209] No I wasn't! ...
Garry (PS1JJ) [5210] Well can I just ask, there was,th there were four ... there were four of the rock and roll ones ... and the piece up there that wanted to going back on, have you thrown that bit away Alex?
Alex (PS1JG) [5211] No. ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [5212] Don't think they have.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5213] Eh?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5214] I don't think [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5215] Well what have you done, [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [5216] That was Simon! [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5217] I don't care whose it was.
Alex (PS1JG) [5218] We well Simon done it.
[5219] I haven't done it.
Simon (PS1JH) [5220] I haven't, I haven't.
Alex (PS1JG) [5221] I haven't.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5222] Yeah well it's always strange isn't it how nobody manages to do it and yet it's always [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [5223] Well I haven't!
Garry (PS1JJ) [5224] Well who took the piece that was on there, that was stuck on?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5225] Has it fell somewhere?
Alex (PS1JG) [5226] I don't know.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5227] No it's been torn off.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5228] Oh.
[5229] I told them not to [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5230] I want [...] or the rock and roll one.
[5231] I only wanted the four rock and roll ones. ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [5232] Garry [...]
Alex (PS1JG) [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5233] [...] anything. ...
Alex (PS1JG) [5234] [whingeing] Oh can I have a go [] ?
Alex (PS1JG) [5235] Still got one on the, just a minute.
Alex (PS1JG) [5236] [whingeing] Simon []
Sandra (PS1C1) [5237] Simon.
Simon (PS1JH) [5238] What?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5239] Alex now.
[5240] ... Alex now Simon.

17 (Tape 057005)

Garry (PS1JJ) [5241] I want, I'm just saying to you what I want to do ... I actually want to consolidate my own qualifications
Simon (PS1JH) [5242] Ah, a bit missing there.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5243] Yeah?
[5244] Don't worry it's all [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [5245] Oh it's there it's there.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5246] yeah, okay.
Simon (PS1JH) [5247] It's there.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5248] And what I want to do is, as the moment where I'm going in and teaching in the area that I am I don't mind the learning support bit, I don't mind the fact ... that the chil er the, the [...] , yeah, yeah
Simon (PS1JH) [5249] Dad [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5250] You don't want [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [5251] Oh you're not allowed to stick that on are you?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5252] No, I'm gonna take this off.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5253] You were saying? ...
Garry (PS1JJ) [5254] But er ...
Simon (PS1JH) [5255] What about that bit?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5256] Yeah don't worry there, I won't push it off.
[5257] ... I've thought it out Simes and now I'm going to apply ... a bit of thought so it'll keep that on, yeah?
[5258] And I can stick it back down.
[5259] ... No ju just saying that I'm looking for material that would be of interest to the kids ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [5260] Your kids?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5261] that would allow them, from a, a graphics point of view
Simon (PS1JH) [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5262] that would be of interest, sort of allow them ... not only to be interested but would, would show them a variety of graphic design ... based on similar ideas.
[5263] I was just saying to Simon remember when I did, I did this, before these came out I did the Fab Four Rock and Roll Beatles
Sandra (PS1C1) [5264] Mm
Garry (PS1JJ) [5265] and there you go, you've got them.
[5266] ... What's that?
[5267] [...] . Let me stick me other bits and pieces
Simon (PS1JH) [5268] I don't think it'll erm ... there, there!
Garry (PS1JJ) [5269] Well it'll repair okay.
Simon (PS1JH) [5270] Goes like that doesn't it?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5271] As long as nobody's ripped all the little bits off.
[5272] Yeah?
Simon (PS1JH) [5273] I don't think anybody has really.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5274] No I think it's er ...
Simon (PS1JH) [5275] I think he'll be [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5276] anyway you they w he was say
Simon (PS1JH) [5277] it might just have a bit here
Garry (PS1JJ) [5278] he was saying, John, that he was so excited ... mind you, what I want to know is how excited was mum when they arrived?
[5279] ... You weren't excited?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5280] I just said, goodness, I said we've been waiting for this parcel since before Christmas and he says oh have you duck.
[5281] Mm I mean he looked at me like I was a bit silly and it was only when I got it and looked he'd got after Christmas written [laughing] [...] [] ...
Garry (PS1JJ) [5282] No explanations from the Post Office as to ... it doesn't actually say on, it doesn't say on it
Sandra (PS1C1) [5283] Ah but I think, I was saying I think they've I think they've tested them at customs.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5284] Did you think ... well I, I'm not
Sandra (PS1C1) [5285] I think they must have opened
Garry (PS1JJ) [5286] it doesn't say on that customs actually have opened them.
[5287] ... And it normally has stickers all over it saying
Simon (PS1JH) [5288] Perhaps they just have opened them.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5289] Mm.
[5290] I don't know it was just a thought.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5291] So ... [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5292] Mind you if customs had opened it it probably would never have got ... maybe [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5293] Although he
Sandra (PS1C1) [5294] fancied them for their own kids.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5295] Yeah but it is, it was ins it was an insured package so
Simon (PS1JH) [5296] Can I see if this'll just
Garry (PS1JJ) [5297] Yeah.
Simon (PS1JH) [5298] Right. ...
Garry (PS1JJ) [5299] Just take, just take it carefully.
[5300] Now this is, you know that you don't
Sandra (PS1C1) [5301] Now there's a letter in there that wants filling in for Alex for Alison.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5302] We are restoring this.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5303] Yeah.
[5304] Yeah but I filled it, I've botched it up in a couple of places but that's beside the point, it doesn't matter.
Simon (PS1JH) [5305] Dad.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5306] Yeah.
Simon (PS1JH) [5307] Yeah?
[5308] Just need a bit there first.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5309] Probably when they see I'm at Keele they'll know I'm stupid anyway. [laugh]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5310] Well, what's that?
[5311] ... Why what have you done with the er
Sandra (PS1C1) [5312] Nothing.
[5313] I just put a few things in the wrong place because I didn't read, you know, put them in too soon.
[5314] It doesn't matter anyway, I mean I put er
Garry (PS1JJ) [5315] Well but if you've ju yeah but if you just said, I mean what, you s you did that when Sue was here.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5316] Yes I know, that's what I'm saying.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5317] You said straight, no but straight , you filled something in then you
Sandra (PS1C1) [5318] Yeah I realized straight away yeah.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5319] But you said I'm not reading it, well why did you carry on if that was the case?
[5320] ... You said to me, the point you said
Sandra (PS1C1) [5321] That was it, that was where I went wrong.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5322] Oh!
[5323] Well tha well ... oh well that's alright, it was only that it'd be ... I thought you said there was a place for your name and address that hadn't been filled in by the computer so you filled it in?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5324] That's right, so I filled it in because that's what you do if you get stuck on Keele you fill in the bits that the computer hasn't
Garry (PS1JJ) [5325] Well that seems fair enough fo
Sandra (PS1C1) [5326] sort of filled in.
Simon (PS1JH) [5327] Is Alex's alright?
[5328] We'll have to do something with Alex's cos that thing's still on the front.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5329] Yeah well don't [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5330] So anyway you just want to sign by you, I've put your school and I've put your telephone number
Simon (PS1JH) [5331] Mum
Sandra (PS1C1) [5332] and I've put, no you can't ... my number and ... Keele and I, I've put nanny's number.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5333] Oh [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [5334] Mm. ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [5335] It just needs you to sign it.
[5336] No tomorrow night there's a P T A at Allyson Street.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5337] Oh yeah [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5338] Well Annette said are you going, and I said well ... we thought perhaps
Garry (PS1JJ) [5339] Why, did they say they they would go if we would go?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5340] The, what?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5341] Is that [laugh] is that what you think?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5342] Allyson Street P T A I'm talking about, tomorrow.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5343] Yeah I know, that's what I'm saying, but did it
Sandra (PS1C1) [5344] Well she said I'd sort of thought of going, are you going, I says yeah okay I said, if you won't go I'll, we'll go together, I said but I don't particularly want to get, you know, roped into it at the moment.
[5345] I don't mind going to show me face.
Garry (PS1JJ) [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5346] [...] it doesn't ma Yeah
Sandra (PS1C1) [5347] You know but just perhaps, perhaps occasional help ... and then maybe a bit later on get more involved.
[5348] I don't want to not be in it but I don't want to, you know
Garry (PS1JJ) [5349] Have over-involvement.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5350] well I, well I've got enough on at the moment. ...
Garry (PS1JJ) [5351] Yeah.
Simon (PS1JH) [5352] What have you done?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5353] Anyway then I said are they interested in this quiz night, and she says I haven't go she says she'd ask Jan, I said well give me a ring back a bit later.
[5354] Anyway sh she phoned me back and she said yes he was, he was dead keen, he wished it'd've just been like pop quiz ... but he'll go anyway.
[5355] So it's Thursday the twenty seventh.
[5356] So I said we'll get out tickets ... and they'll get their tickets tomorrow, we're gonna get our tickets separately.
[5357] It says there's sandwiches on and it's at the Oxford Arms so
Garry (PS1JJ) [5358] Yeah.
[5359] Thursday
Sandra (PS1C1) [5360] Thursday the twenty seventh.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5361] the twenty seventh.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5362] It's the day after er F S A.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5363] [sigh] Yeah okay, well I was gonna say [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5364] And you won't be able to go to the F S A anyway cos you're on your course.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5365] Which F S A?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5366] Well it's an F S A or a governor's meeting or something up St Margarets. ...
Garry (PS1JJ) [5367] On the, on the notice board?
[5368] Does it say F S A on a, is on the
Sandra (PS1C1) [5369] I can't think, it was something to do with St Margarets, it was either an F S A or a governor's meeting.
[5370] Thing is you can't go anyway.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5371] The governor's thing is coming about quite useful tonight because we've been talking about the law as regards governors and parents' rights and what you're supposed to ask parents
Sandra (PS1C1) [5372] Parents' what? ...
Garry (PS1JJ) [5373] Parents' rights, yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5374] Not such a thing as parents' rights is there?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5375] That the parents are allowed to, to actually opt their children out of certain things.
[5376] But they can only do that if they're actually away that they, they are aw ... that they can actually do it.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5377] [...] certain things in the first place.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5378] If nobody damn well tells them in the first place that they can opt out then ... they can't opt out can they?
[5379] There's no point at a later date saying oh by the way you do realize that ... that show we gave on AIDS ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [5380] Yeah.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5381] so in actual fact your child didn't have to go if you didn't want to because
Sandra (PS1C1) [5382] Well that's like sex education and stuff isn't it?
[5383] You can vote no to sex education can't you?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5384] Well it comes under sex education.
[5385] Yeah but there were some people who didn't realize that.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5386] I mean I we I would I, you know, personally I think I prefer to do it myself than put th leave it up to them cos mostly they don't know what they're on about anyway.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5387] Well this,th this, these are the points we were discussing er that appropriate ... appropriate [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5388] Push forward the morals and the philosophy of the Conservative government.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5389] Well you wanna read the, you wanna read the paper
Sandra (PS1C1) [5390] Like AIDS is a nasty disease that only homosexuals get.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5391] Well ... this is all part and parcel of it because ... apparently it's now [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5392] It's to do with moral it'll be a moral thing won't it?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5393] it's to er encourage people to do
Sandra (PS1C1) [5394] Take a moral view point. ...
Garry (PS1JJ) [5395] to have erm, oh I've forgotten what the terms are now ... anyway, yes, it was very much a Thatcherite family view
Sandra (PS1C1) [5396] This is that new thing isn't it?
[5397] Oh well it's always protection of the family and yet they're not prepared to put anything to the family.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5398] That's what [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5399] Decent respectable citizens on the lowest budget you can ... make available.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5400] Well that's that's really what this whole thing was about ... tonight, and that's what we're tackling. ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [5401] No, I think er I think it
Garry (PS1JJ) [5402] We've had to d
Sandra (PS1C1) [5403] it might be something worth pulling kids out of.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5404] Well
Sandra (PS1C1) [5405] Cos [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5406] that's what I tried to say to people, that ... if you want to be an informed parent then you want to know fully who's doing it, what, you want to know the content, you want
Sandra (PS1C1) [5407] And what the qualifications are, [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5408] you want to know the content and you want to know the delivery
Sandra (PS1C1) [5409] Well surely won't we have to have a meeting on that just like,do don't they have a meeting for sex education?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5410] They should do but you, er again the reality of it as, as we know
Sandra (PS1C1) [5411] Seem to remember our sex education talk wasn't very s specific ... and didn't cover a very wide area. ...
Garry (PS1JJ) [5412] No.
[5413] It doesn't cover the important things.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5414] I think it was mostly, you know, just meant for females of a certain age, it wasn't really anything to do with anything else. ...
Garry (PS1JJ) [5415] What cos only women get pregnant? ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [5416] No that's it, don't think it was anything to do with p it was all about periods and sanitary protection and stuff like that.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5417] Oh well there you go.
[5418] ... There you go, it
Sandra (PS1C1) [5419] [...] never mentions the condom.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5420] doesn't even have anything [laughing] anything to do with sex does it really [] ?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5421] Well that was our talk. ...
Garry (PS1JJ) [5422] I don't think, mind you we had biology so we didn't need it.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5423] No but biology is just purely clinical isn't it?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5424] [laugh] Yeah, well no, well we did, that's what I'm saying
Sandra (PS1C1) [5425] I mean they'll do nothing about sex, they'll just do all about morals, won't they, and decent, respectable people I'd say and biology's just cold and clinical.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5426] Well no
Simon (PS1JH) [5427] Mum
Garry (PS1JJ) [5428] but that's what we were discussing.
[5429] ... That's w
Sandra (PS1C1) [5430] Int it?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5431] we, were discussing, for instance
Sandra (PS1C1) [5432] They need to have somebody that's a bit liberal and a bit open and that won't be available under a Conservative government will it?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5433] What's what's the aim we've been telling them
Sandra (PS1C1) [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5434] is the aim, what, I mean somebody came up with the aim, in actual fact, despite whatever else you might be doing, whatever politics were behind it, the aim was to prevent AIDS no matter what you were doing, and not to have any kind of ... prejudice against what you were doing as long as ... the aim
Sandra (PS1C1) [5435] It's also in support of the nuclear family though int it?
[5436] ... One mummy and one daddy bound
Garry (PS1JJ) [5437] It was, yeah
Sandra (PS1C1) [5438] together for the rest of their lives, and no [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5439] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5440] relationships.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5441] Well no but that's what this, this [...] talk on [...] is about ... is er ... well I forget the paper [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5442] Have we got a loony left council round here, we have haven't we? ... [laugh]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5443] No.
[5444] ... Anyway,th the guy we had tonight reckoned that er he never quite got to grips with er Bernstein and he's f and he, he apologized for being stuck in restrictive [...] [laugh] ... which er he couldn't even remember that it was called restrictive [...] until somebody told him but he said ah yes that's it, but yes I never managed to ... he said [laugh] I never managed to really get very far ... with that.
[5445] ... Very er very ... very nice ... fella and very, put us very much at ease.
[5446] Erm ... good.
Sandra (PS1C1) [yawn]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5447] The first fella is a bit er I, I think is ... is very academic or has a very ac academic
Sandra (PS1C1) [5448] Were there two fellas?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5449] Yeah.
[5450] The first fella was ver no there's, there's some women on the course w er we will see who are actually presenting the course, I mean ... a good fifty percent of the course is
Simon (PS1JH) [5451] Dad
Garry (PS1JJ) [5452] it's ab I think I said to you we've got ... fifty, a good fifty-fifty split, if maybe not slightly more women ... actually on the course.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5453] Oh on the course, [...] education int it?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5454] Erm Well I don't know, it's er ... Yes
Simon (PS1JH) [5455] Dad
Garry (PS1JJ) [5456] Simon?
Simon (PS1JH) [5457] could you take these off [...] ?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5458] I can have a go but er like I said to you
Sandra (PS1C1) [5459] Have most of them teaching [...] ?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5460] Whose bits are these?
Simon (PS1JH) [5461] Alex's.
[5462] I was using them.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5463] Right.
[5464] So can you no well can you bear that in mind when Alex is sometimes playing with your things?
Simon (PS1JH) [5465] Mm.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5466] And bear in mind also that ... the more you take them off the more you bend them whatever and ... yeah? ...
Simon (PS1JH) [5467] You pull them don't you?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5468] Well I think that's the intention but ... as you know ... it says M in there
Simon (PS1JH) [5469] What?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5470] M for Michael Angelo
Simon (PS1JH) [5471] Oh.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5472] I assume.
Simon (PS1JH) [5473] Don't know, [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5474] Now who's phoned?
[5475] Oh Barbara phoned to see about woodcraft, she said Steve had, or ... well either her or Steve'd take them.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5476] That being [...] , yeah?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5477] Anyway Steve picked them up here.
[5478] I said to her do you think
Simon (PS1JH) [5479] That's mine.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5480] there's any chance of picking them up here, said otherwise I'm going to have to her take Alex late.
Simon (PS1JH) [5481] That's [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5482] Anyway Steve picked them up here and then dropped them off [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [...] ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [5483] And then who else rang?
[5484] Rob, Rob ... Robert ... Rob or Robert from Quickprint, Robert
Garry (PS1JJ) [5485] Oh yeah?
[5486] Bob.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5487] Bob.
[5488] No Bob, it wasn't ...
Garry (PS1JJ) [5489] Oh Rob from Quickprint?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5490] Rob, yeah.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5491] Yeah?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5492] He said you'd had two more fax, one of them they just wanted a current catalogue
Garry (PS1JJ) [5493] Yeah?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5494] and he seemed to think the other one wanted to buy something but he,whe whether he couldn't read the writing or he didn't understand it
Garry (PS1JJ) [5495] Mm sometimes the faxes are pretty [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5496] Something about a bootleg.
[5497] ... Could you get hold of a bootleg,bu but he didn't seem to know ... I don't know what else he said about it.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5498] I'll have to call in, I'll have to make a [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5499] Well I sa I said can he contact you later and he says well no not really, I said well I'll tell him to give you a ring in the day some time tomorrow.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5500] See I can't do that at all from ... school, that's
Sandra (PS1C1) [5501] Oh.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5502] that's the trou no that's the trouble now you see
Sandra (PS1C1) [5503] Oh you'll have to just try and call in but
Garry (PS1JJ) [5504] so all I can possibly do is
Sandra (PS1C1) [5505] [...] after school [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5506] I s well I wanna get a photocopy of that jacket, so I thought ... if I, Friday night ... which I should be home pretty, pretty much on the dot ... I'll have to pick the, pick these two up and I'll have to just go run down before they close.
[5507] ... Yeah? ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [5508] Well you could do, yeah.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5509] Well I'll have to really. ... [...] [whistling]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5510] I'm thinking I finish at three tomorrow but then I'll have to get home, Annette, I said to Annette I'd be there by about four
Garry (PS1JJ) [5511] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5512] but I, I don't know er whether I could do it an hour or not.
[5513] It's possible I could s if I walk from Newcastle ... catch a bus to Newcastle then walk from Newcastle.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5514] [...] that other one Simes?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5515] [...] just take er [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [5516] [...] asleep now but erm could I go and get it?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5517] He probably is asleep actually. ...
Garry (PS1JJ) [5518] Oh did he take it upstairs?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5519] I think he did take something [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5520] It's alright I was just getting rid of all these [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5521] Anyway so it's the P T A tomorrow and I said I'll go
Simon (PS1JH) [5522] Do you want me to go and get them [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5523] er but we neither of us want to be
Garry (PS1JJ) [5524] What time is the P T A?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5525] to do anything, half seven tomorrow night.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5526] What are we going to do about a babysitter?
Simon (PS1JH) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5527] You're, you're not going ... only me and Annette are going.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5528] Oh sorry, right.
[5529] Fine.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5530] Sorry about that. [laugh]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5531] Right, right
Sandra (PS1C1) [5532] No you're getting the other thing on a Thursday ... the quiz night, twenty seventh.
[5533] Annette and John are going
Garry (PS1JJ) [5534] We're both going [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5535] Well it's a night out.
Garry (PS1JJ) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5536] Sandwiches [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5537] So it's two pound anyway so if you've got four quid spare [...] between us.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5538] Erm
Sandra (PS1C1) [5539] I've got a ten pound note [...] I suppose. ...
Garry (PS1JJ) [yawn]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5540] Did you say there was something on telly you wanted to watch?
Garry (PS1JJ) [5541] [...] something really intellectual.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5542] [...] five more minutes. ...
Garry (PS1JJ) [5543] Were they, were they very pleased with the parcel?
[5544] Did they seem
Sandra (PS1C1) [5545] Oh yes, they were a bit pleased but straight away they started getting, you know Alex was getting tired so we were getting can I get it out, can I get this out, can I get that ... and it were half open and I was frightened of losing the bits ... so I gave him one and he said no he didn't want that one he wanted the other one, so I give him another one ... and then I nearly gave him a clout.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5546] Well what I'll do I'll get, I'll get a bigger box
Sandra (PS1C1) [5547] Part of it's erm which I thought actually, I shouldn't really [...] three of them each, you know he was getting silly [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5548] Yes I know but they are his [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [5549] What he ... you mean he chose his own?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5550] No.
Simon (PS1JH) [5551] He chose his own?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5552] No they came
Simon (PS1JH) [5553] Before I even [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5554] no, no, we chose [...] there were three in a parcel for you and three [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [5555] Cos if he did
Sandra (PS1C1) [5556] No there were
Simon (PS1JH) [5557] that wouldn't have been fair.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5558] No, Don Don ... Don
Sandra (PS1C1) [5559] Nothing's ever fair for you is it?
[5560] There were three in the pack
Garry (PS1JJ) [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5561] No, there were three in a pack for Alex and he opened his bef you opened yours Simon.
Simon (PS1JH) [5562] No.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5563] That was it, that was how it came, nothing was touched at all.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5564] Don and Debbie sent them as they were.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5565] Except Don and Debbie sent three pairs of pants, that game with the ... punchy [...] springing thing
Simon (PS1JH) [5566] Which broke.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5567] and there was a talking
Garry (PS1JJ) [5568] And Alex [laughing] [...] []
Sandra (PS1C1) [5569] a talking turtle and a book, [...] both got a talking turtle each and it
Simon (PS1JH) [5570] Which one was it?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5571] M er Michael Angelo.
[5572] And it wasn't anything specific, it was just a turtle but [...] thought perhaps Robert might like it.
[5573] I offered to give it to Daniel actually for his birthday ... but I, I fe I felt a bit sorry for Robert, I thought o opening all them.
[5574] ... He gives you things sometimes doesn't he?
[5575] [laughing] And takes things off you sometimes [] .
Simon (PS1JH) [5576] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5577] Have you heard what he's done on him today?
[5578] Tell dad what he done on you.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5579] No, tell us what's he done on you today?
Simon (PS1JH) [5580] Well
Sandra (PS1C1) [laugh]
Simon (PS1JH) [5581] well I was ... [...] I'll go and get it.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5582] [...] I said [...] he'll get [...] .
[5583] He has actually given Alex one, he give him a [...] , [...] is it?
[5584] Cos Simon wasn't
Garry (PS1JJ) [5585] Oh one of the
Sandra (PS1C1) [5586] pleased about that cos he hasn't got that one. ...
Garry (PS1JJ) [5587] One of the monsters in my pocket?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5588] The old ones, the [...] one.
Simon (PS1JH) [5589] This was the cause of it all wasn't it?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5590] Go on, tell dad what happened.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5591] Tell me what happened then.
Simon (PS1JH) [5592] Well we were on the bus and
Garry (PS1JJ) [5593] Which bus?
Simon (PS1JH) [5594] Er to swimming
Sandra (PS1C1) [5595] Coming from swimming, going swimming.
Simon (PS1JH) [5596] and no back from swimming
Garry (PS1JJ) [5597] Yes?
Simon (PS1JH) [5598] and I had erm ... hmm I'd swapped Richard something
Garry (PS1JJ) [5599] Richard ?
Simon (PS1JH) [5600] No Richard ... thingy, Richard
Garry (PS1JJ) [5601] Richard ?
Simon (PS1JH) [5602] No [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5603] Yeah [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [5604] and ... I swapped him this elephant
Garry (PS1JJ) [5605] Yeah
Simon (PS1JH) [5606] it's an elephant
Garry (PS1JJ) [5607] Yes
Simon (PS1JH) [5608] you know Gnicia
Garry (PS1JJ) [5609] Gnicia
Simon (PS1JH) [5610] Yeah, the god.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5611] Oh right the In the, the, the In the In
Simon (PS1JH) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5612] I hadn't heard of it at all, don't know what [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5613] I was gonna say the Indian one, yeah.
Simon (PS1JH) [5614] And I asked Robert if I could have a er have a look at one of these
Garry (PS1JJ) [5615] Yeah.
Simon (PS1JH) [5616] one of his in a set and he says
Garry (PS1JJ) [5617] Yeah.
Simon (PS1JH) [5618] that I could and he, and he gets
Sandra (PS1C1) [5619] Were you keen on the one you looked at?
[5620] Did you want to see it?
[5621] Was it really an interesting [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [5622] I only wanted to see this one and he said
Sandra (PS1C1) [5623] Is that it?
Simon (PS1JH) [5624] and when he had a look at mine he said no swaps back
Garry (PS1JJ) [5625] Ah.
Simon (PS1JH) [5626] we hadn't even swapped.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5627] Took one off him and said no swaps back. ...
Garry (PS1JJ) [5628] You see it's all to do with being fair and
Sandra (PS1C1) [5629] I shouldn't worry too much.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5630] and doing the same
Simon (PS1JH) [5631] But I don't want this one.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5632] and doing the
Sandra (PS1C1) [5633] Well swap it for another one.
Simon (PS1JH) [5634] I can't, he won't swap me.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5635] Well think, swap it with somebody else.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5636] Somebody else.
Simon (PS1JH) [5637] I want to swap, nobody else has got that one.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5638] Which one?
Simon (PS1JH) [5639] The elephant.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5640] Gnish
Simon (PS1JH) [5641] Gnicia
Garry (PS1JJ) [5642] Gnicia Well the thing is Simes
Sandra (PS1C1) [5643] Swap it for that [...]
Garry (PS1JJ) [5644] that's what it's all about isn't it? ...
Simon (PS1JH) [5645] Okay, if I give him the turtle ... do you think he'd
Sandra (PS1C1) [5646] And that. ...
Simon (PS1JH) [5647] No way!
[5648] ... I'm not giving it away!
Sandra (PS1C1) [5649] You don't want that one.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5650] You just said.
Simon (PS1JH) [5651] I do, I ... well if ... if I
Sandra (PS1C1) [5652] [...] ... swap him that and said here I'll give
Simon (PS1JH) [5653] if I give him the turtle
Sandra (PS1C1) [5654] you this turtle as an incentive cos you're giving him the turtle anyway but he won't know that unless his mum's told him.
Simon (PS1JH) [5655] Bet she has though. ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [5656] I'm confused.
Garry (PS1JJ) [5657] Are you confused?
[5658] You will be.
[5659] ... [...] Anyway, Simes, the Golden Girls are on, which is full of intellectual stimulation for dads ... so I'm afraid I'm gonna put the T V on now.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5660] Old er old American women.
Simon (PS1JH) [5661] Old [laughing] American women [] .

18 (Tape 057006)

Alex (PS1JG) [5662] I can put these trousers on straight away.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5663] Go on then, let's have a look and see how nicely you can put your trousers on.
Alex (PS1JG) [5664] Where's the [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5665] At the front, and the zip's at the front as well.
Alex (PS1JG) [5666] What that?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5667] That's right. ...
Simon (PS1JH) [5668] Mum why did I bump into a chair?
Sandra (PS1C1) [5669] Why, when did you bump into a chair?
Simon (PS1JH) [5670] And I knocked it over.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5671] You should be looking where you were going.
[5672] ... [...] shoes.
Simon (PS1JH) [5673] Why should I bump into
Sandra (PS1C1) [5674] Go on, carry on, that's it.
Alex (PS1JG) [5675] Mum somebody put sand in my pockets.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5676] Somebody put sand in your pocket?
[5677] Where was that, from school?
Simon (PS1JH) [5678] Yeah.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5679] Another boy was it [...] ?
Alex (PS1JG) [5680] Yeah this ...
Sandra (PS1C1) [5681] [laughing] This dead [...] , dead what [...] [] [laugh]
Alex (PS1JG) [5682] He's dead.
Sandra (PS1C1) [5683] He's dead is he?
[5684] Will, you mean he will be if he puts sand in your pockets again?
[5685] ... Is he your friend?
Alex (PS1JG) [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5686] Well that was silly thing to do really wasn't it?
[5687] ... You don't put sand in people's pockets do you?
Alex (PS1JG) [5688] I know [...]
Simon (PS1JH) [5689] You mean you never put sand in his pockets?
Alex (PS1JG) [5690] What?
Simon (PS1JH) [5691] You never put sand in his [...]
Sandra (PS1C1) [5692] Get your own ba do you play in sand at school still?
[5693] ... Does it take, do they take you, you haven't got sand in your play room have you, in your classroom? ...
Alex (PS1JG) [5694] No.