18 conversations recorded by `Sidney' (PS0SV) [dates unknown] with 8 interlocutors, totalling 1829 s-units, 13318 words, and over 53 minutes 3 seconds of recordings.

10 speakers recorded by respondent number 101

PS0SV Ag5 m (Sidney, age 66, retired, London, )
PS140 X f (Ethel, age unknown, London, ) role unspecified
PS141 Ag5 f (Sheila, age 67, housewife, London, ) wife
PS142 X m (Ralph, age unknown, London, ) role unspecified
PS143 X f (Edith, age unknown, London, ) role unspecified
PS144 X m (David, age unknown, shop assistant, London, ) friend
PS145 X f (Irene, age unknown, shop assistant, London, ) friend
PS146 X f (Elvia, age unknown, shop assistant, London, ) friend
KDYPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KDYPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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1 (Tape 006201)

Ethel (PS140) [1] I can't think who who she is but er I'm sure that was the prize.
[2] About five pounds and a silver tray.
[3] Now it's thousands they get.
Sheila (PS141) [4] Well yeah but I suppose that five pounds in those days was a lot [...]
Ethel (PS140) [5] [...] four noughts on the end of it isn't it?
Sidney (PS0SV) [6] Yeah I presume we're talking about Wimbledon prize money?
Ethel (PS140) [7] Well these er big sports people
Sidney (PS0SV) [8] Oh blimey yes.
Ethel (PS140) [9] blimey they get ... [cough] ...
Sheila (PS141) [10] Yeah well people like
Ethel (PS140) [11] But this girl was talking this is a few years back now.
[12] So I think when they started getting all this
Sheila (PS141) [13] Can't think of, can't think of who you mean actually.
Ethel (PS140) [14] Oh, just an ordinary name she had.
[15] ... [...] it was Mary somebody.
[16] But she was rather a big girl.
Sheila (PS141) [17] I know the one you mean.
[18] I dunno about Mary.
[19] I know the one you mean.
[20] Quite tall about five foot ... eight or something like that.
[21] Nice sort of roundish face and erm
Sidney (PS0SV) [22] You're talking about an English lady now are you?
Sheila (PS141) [23] Yeah.
Sidney (PS0SV) [24] A British girl?
Ethel (PS140) [25] Yes yes.
[26] She's married and she's got children and she, she's tall and she got married now, yes.
[27] She was talking some years back now about
Sheila (PS141) [...]
Ethel (PS140) [28] the prize that she got when she
Sidney (PS0SV) [29] Yeah.
Ethel (PS140) [30] Wimbledon championship.
[31] I think it was about five pounds and a silver tray.
Sidney (PS0SV) [32] Yes cos in those days you see if you remember they were all erm amateurs that played.
[33] It wasn't
Ethel (PS140) [34] All amateurs
Sidney (PS0SV) [35] Yes.
[36] It wasn't until erm oh I don't know what year it was when it was open compete and everybody including professionals
Ethel (PS140) [37] erm yes.
[38] Cos now they're nearly all professionals aren't they?
Sidney (PS0SV) [39] Oh yes indeed.
Ethel (PS140) [40] Mm.
[41] Nearly all of them.
[42] But it's ridiculous the money that they earn.
[43] You don't want er clubs getting into debt.
[44] Oh do you really think any footballer's worth all that?
Sheila (PS141) [45] Yeah evidently it looks as though Gazza's thing's off now.
Ethel (PS140) [46] Yeah he's gone.
Sheila (PS141) [47] No.
[48] No it's all, it's all fallen through it seems. [...]
Ethel (PS140) [49] Again?
Sheila (PS141) [50] Yeah they've got somebody else.
[51] Erm Gazza's fallen off.
Ethel (PS140) [52] First of all of course it was all off when he did that.
Sidney (PS0SV) [53] Well according to the er Express I just had a look at, they reckon it's on but for about half the original sum.
Sheila (PS141) [54] Oh.
Ethel (PS140) [55] No it [...]
Sidney (PS0SV) [56] Subject to
Sheila (PS141) [57] All Gascoigne's multi million pound move to Lazio now looks dead and buried.
[58] The Italian club have bid for Darco Pansere the red star striker whose penalty won his side the European Cup in Bari on Wednesday.
[59] And he will cost Lazio just four million.
[60] They have moved for him because they can no longer wait for Gascoigne who will not play again this year.
[61] Lazio want a big new name for next season.
[62] And although Nat Solomon, Tottenham's financial expert ... mm wait a minute ... was here in Rome yesterday attempting to save the Gazza deal I understand it is off.
[63] The news will throw Tottenham's future to fresh confusion and leave the club hoping desperately that manager Terry Venables can put together a deal to save them from collapse.
[64] Gascoigne was to have gone to Lazio at the end of July for the club to monitor his rehabilitation after the knee ligament operation that threatened his career.
[65] That now will not happen.
[66] And Tottenham's clever campaign to save the club is now down to one man Venables and his business expertise.
[67] In Rome yesterday it was evident that the Gazza deal was doomed because Juventus who were to provide half the four million that was to have been Lazio's down payment had gone cold on the deal.
Ethel (PS140) [68] Well once you've done that it's like twisting your ankle.
[69] It's always weaker.
Sidney (PS0SV) [70] Yeah.
Ethel (PS140) [71] There's always that ... that erm fear.
Sheila (PS141) [72] He looks a very strong sort of person but he walks [...]
Ethel (PS140) [73] By the way Sid would you know how to put a new lamp, light bulb thing in a fridge?
Sidney (PS0SV) [74] What the light in the fridge?
Ethel (PS140) [75] Yeah.
[76] I can't see in that bloody fridge for love nor money.
[77] For one thing the lamp, the light's gone and Tony got me a new one but it wasn't [...]
Sheila (PS141) [78] You mean you can't see it to put round the corner here like this?
Ethel (PS140) [79] Yes.
Sheila (PS141) [80] Yeah they do go off.
Ethel (PS140) [81] Can't see how to put it in.
Sidney (PS0SV) [82] Oh.
[83] Er well offhand I don't actually know but I'll, I'll get me glasses I'll have to
Ethel (PS140) [84] Have you got your glasses?
Sidney (PS0SV) [85] I haven't no, I never bring them with me of course.
Sheila (PS141) [86] Let's have a look come on.
Sidney (PS0SV) [87] I don't know erm.
[88] It's probably just a case of a couple of screws to take the cover off.
Ethel (PS140) [89] Oh is that what you have to do?
Sidney (PS0SV) [90] Probably.
Ethel (PS140) [...]
Sidney (PS0SV) [91] I don't know.
[92] I do not know.
[93] ... Can you see the bulb?
Sheila (PS141) [94] Well no I can't actually ours is this side isn't it?
[95] ... Mm.
Sidney (PS0SV) [96] I should imagine it would be in here somewhere.
[97] It's got to be.
Sheila (PS141) [98] Oh look here it is it's here.
[99] There's the bulb here.
Sidney (PS0SV) [100] Yeah.
[101] ... [...] bayonet fitting or a screw fitting.
Sheila (PS141) [102] There's a screw here Sid, just one screw.
Sidney (PS0SV) [103] Is there?
Sheila (PS141) [104] Yeah one screw.
Sidney (PS0SV) [105] Well I'll call, I'll call down tomorrow mum.
[106] Do you need a screwdriver?
Ethel (PS140) [107] I've got two little screwdrivers yes [...] small screwdrivers.
[108] What's happened to that bloody light?
Sheila (PS141) [109] They're funny little sausagey ones aren't they?
Ethel (PS140) [110] Yes.
Sheila (PS141) [111] Here it is.
Ethel (PS140) [112] Is that it?
Sidney (PS0SV) [113] Have you got replacement bulb there dear?
Sheila (PS141) [114] Mm, looks a bit small dunnit?
[115] Oh no.
Sidney (PS0SV) [116] Can I have a look at that?
Ethel (PS140) [117] Have you got a screwdriver, small screwdriver?
Sidney (PS0SV) [118] Oh it is a screw fitting.
Sheila (PS141) [119] I think it's only a question of taking it out turning it round and screwing it back in again.
Sidney (PS0SV) [120] It's a screw yeah.
[121] Let's have a look?
Sheila (PS141) [122] It isn't difficult Sid it's just that you seem to, you want a torch that comes this way to see how you
Ethel (PS140) [123] Yes.
Sheila (PS141) [124] you want, you want a, you want a erm a little mirror.
[125] It's like get in like that and er the thing goes in this way.
[126] Well you know you can go like that but then once you've got it out you've got to fiddle a bit.
[127] It only needs turning.
[128] No you push them in don't you to
Sidney (PS0SV) [129] No no no it's a screw fitting.
Sheila (PS141) [130] Is it coming out?
[131] Is it coming out?
Sidney (PS0SV) [132] Yeah but it's got a cover or something over it. ...
Sheila (PS141) [133] Yeah that's right [...] a mirror and then that's a [...] screwdriver in [...] .
[134] ... There you are Sid.
[135] Sid?
Sidney (PS0SV) [136] What's that?
Sheila (PS141) [137] There's a mirror. ...
Ethel (PS140) [138] I should have thought it would have been easier than that to put a new one in.
[139] Could have done it from the front.
Sidney (PS0SV) [140] There's a bulb.
[141] I've got a bulb loose but there's a little
Sheila (PS141) [142] There's a screw there I think there's that screw's got to come out obviously, hasn't it?
Sidney (PS0SV) [143] Don't think so.
Sheila (PS141) [144] Have you got a light in this?
Ethel (PS140) [145] Er, here yeah.
Sheila (PS141) [146] Oh thanks.
[147] Turn it a bit more upright, there see.
[148] Is there one the other side Sid?
Sidney (PS0SV) [149] No.
Sheila (PS141) [150] No.
[151] Just one.
[152] You sure it doesn't just push in and does it come?
[153] I would have thought myself that all it needed was going boomph in and turn it and get the other one in.
[154] Push it in Sid.
Sidney (PS0SV) [155] No it, it's definitely a screw fitting.
[156] You see.
[157] You screw it in and out there's no bayonet fitting on it.
[158] It's this cover over it.
[159] This little wire grill.
[160] Wait a minute, hold it.
Sheila (PS141) [161] Can't take this erm can't take that front off can we?
Sidney (PS0SV) [162] No you wouldn't get that from there.
Ethel (PS140) [163] When it first went off some time ago it wouldn't go ... but one day I took I took a jelly out in a glass dish and it bonked this thing and the light came on again.
[164] And then soon after it went off and it's never come on since.
Sheila (PS141) [165] Where d'you put the light on?
[166] Does it just erm
Sidney (PS0SV) [167] Well it'd come on automatically hasn't it?
Sheila (PS141) [168] Oh automatically.
Ethel (PS140) [169] Oh yes the light comes on as you open the door doesn't it?
Sheila (PS141) [170] You haven't erm
Sidney (PS0SV) [171] That's the switch, that's the on and off switch.
Ethel (PS140) [172] That's, this one shuts it off.
[173] You haven't pushed that in have you dear?
Sidney (PS0SV) [174] Yeah.
Sheila (PS141) [175] Yes.
[176] Yes he has.
Ethel (PS140) [177] Oh you've shut off this freezer then.
Sidney (PS0SV) [178] Don't do, this is a freezer Sid, don't ... How does it come out?
Ethel (PS140) [179] It comes out normally on it's own.
Sidney (PS0SV) [180] Oh.
Sheila (PS141) [181] Oh you've pushed that in for good now Sid, now the freezer's off.
Ethel (PS140) [182] It'll, it'll come off.
[183] It'll come out on it's own ... probably.
Sidney (PS0SV) [184] That's when it works.
Ethel (PS140) [185] But I've done it sometimes with a pair of tweezers.
Sidney (PS0SV) [186] I can't see that [...]
Ethel (PS140) [187] I only defrosted this oh it was yesterday or the day before.
Sheila (PS141) [188] That's very awkward like that. [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [189] Oh if you can't manage it Sid don't sort of bear with it.
Sidney (PS0SV) [190] I can't see I need my glasses to see.
[191] There's a screw here mum.
Ethel (PS140) [192] Oh.
Sidney (PS0SV) [193] At the back which
Ethel (PS140) [194] That has to come out.
Sidney (PS0SV) [195] which probably has
Ethel (PS140) [196] [...] round the back?
Sidney (PS0SV) [197] Yeah.
Ethel (PS140) [198] It's ridiculous place to put it isn't it?
Sheila (PS141) [199] No I think it its [...] doesn't go after all that.
Sidney (PS0SV) [200] Mm.
Sheila (PS141) [201] How can anybody really pay [...]
Sidney (PS0SV) [202] It looks to me there's that one screw holding it on cos two sides of that, two prongs of that case there are loose and the other one seems to be ... yes it must be
Ethel (PS140) [203] I dunno what this thing's for I'm sure.
Sidney (PS0SV) [204] That's your on off switch, the door catches that, that is for the light.
Ethel (PS140) [205] Oh I see.
[206] The door shuts it.
[207] Is that it?
[208] Oh I see.
Sidney (PS0SV) [209] Yeah.
[210] This is a this is a switch .
[211] The door comes on to that and erm
Ethel (PS140) [212] Oh.
[213] Well this this of course erm shuts off the freezer that thing.
Sidney (PS0SV) [214] erm
Ethel (PS140) [215] See when I went and defrost it I shut that off and er ... opened this
Sidney (PS0SV) [216] Yeah.
Ethel (PS140) [217] and put a bowl of hot water in there and that defrosts it quickly.
Sidney (PS0SV) [218] Yeah.
[219] Yes.
[220] So how do you come back on again?
Ethel (PS140) [221] And get it out in there you see.
Sidney (PS0SV) [222] And how do you switch it back on again?
Ethel (PS140) [223] And it comes on again.
Sidney (PS0SV) [224] Well how do you switch it back on again if that switches it off?
Ethel (PS140) [225] Well it automatically comes on you see it it's all frozen at the moment it will probably shoot out itself I did try it once to try and pull it out but, I think
Sidney (PS0SV) [226] But this must [...] , is this an on an, an on on switch?
Ethel (PS140) [227] I don't know.
Sidney (PS0SV) [228] That looks as if it's the thermostat setting.
Ethel (PS140) [229] All you can do, that that is to shut it off.
[230] Then it automatically will shoot out again.
Sidney (PS0SV) [231] Oh.
Ethel (PS140) [232] Anyway it will probably come on itself anyway, so
Sheila (PS141) [233] Are you sure that button will come out on its own?
[234] Are you sure that button will come out on its own?
Ethel (PS140) [235] Yes it does Sheila mm.
Sheila (PS141) [236] Mm. ...
Sidney (PS0SV) [237] Put that bulb back wherever you got it from.
Ethel (PS140) [238] Well I'll put that with it then.
[239] Put that with it eh and then he'll ...
Sidney (PS0SV) [240] [...] I need my glasses.
[241] By the looks of it it is that as I say a screw's keeping that thing on.
Ethel (PS140) [242] Can't you see to undo the screw?
Sidney (PS0SV) [243] No. ...
Sheila (PS141) [244] Well what about me doing it?
Ralph (PS142) [245] Don't worry about the screw.
Sheila (PS141) [246] It is a bit difficult it's like it's almost you want you want to get inside it at the back of it don't you?
[247] Now put that on there so that it's with the rest of it.
Sidney (PS0SV) [248] How's you, alright?
Ralph (PS142) [249] Knackered.
Sidney (PS0SV) [250] Oh.
[251] Bad as that is it?
[252] ... Why are you working hard?
Sheila (PS141) [253] Look Ralph erm if, if you don't mind me saying can you remember if you do this could you just give me a ring and say it's done, if not Sid come down in the morning.
[254] Alright?
[255] I mean you got to get yourself in there round the back tuck yourself in all your body.
[256] ... Cos we got to erm, you got a magazine [...]
Ethel (PS140) [257] He can see in the fridge but I can't, I can't.
Sheila (PS141) [258] You know but I mean when it comes to a screw and your, I mean we're talking about coming like this to undo the screw.
Ethel (PS140) [259] Yeah round the back.
Sheila (PS141) [260] You, you need somebody really to hold the erm
Ethel (PS140) [261] The mirror.
Sheila (PS141) [262] a mirror in the way, but you can't have your arms in it.
Ethel (PS140) [263] Perhaps you could prop up this little hand mirror that I've got in there.
Ralph (PS142) [264] Oh I'll do it don't [...]
Sheila (PS141) [265] Well make sure your little knob pops out won't you?
Sidney (PS0SV) [266] No there's a little, there's a little guard over the bulb you see.
[267] And it looks as if there's a screw you have to undo to get it off.
[268] Otherwise the, the little bulb is just a screw in affair.
Sheila (PS141) [269] Yeah but did you try and undo the screw to get the bu , the whatsit off?
Sidney (PS0SV) [270] No no I can't see to undo the screw can I?
Sheila (PS141) [271] I mean if I put my best, give you my best glasses you'll widen them won't you?
Sidney (PS0SV) [272] Yeah, never mind.
Ralph (PS142) [273] Bit of a laugh last night.
[274] Phones gone and it's erm Mr .
[275] So er security people are in the area trying to stop all these burglaries.
[276] I said well don't worry about it I said I locked all [...] off from under my windows I says.
[277] And I'm about six foot four and I'll handle anyone that breaks in here.
[278] Oh that's alright then he says.
Sheila (PS141) [279] What, where you are, round there?
Ralph (PS142) [280] No here.
Sheila (PS141) [281] Oh here.
[282] Really?
Ralph (PS142) [283] [...] yeah.
Sheila (PS141) [284] Oh.
Ralph (PS142) [285] [...] burglary in the area.
Ethel (PS140) [286] I mean when they they decorated all the outside, they put these locks on the windows, this one here.
Sheila (PS141) [287] Oh.
Ethel (PS140) [288] That one in the hall and the one in the kitchen.
Sheila (PS141) [289] Mm.
Ethel (PS140) [290] And er ... I just said we've all got security locks as they call them.
Ralph (PS142) [291] locks.
Sheila (PS141) [292] What about erm what about anything outside the french windows?
[293] Can they do anything there?
Ethel (PS140) [294] No but that's faulty at the bottom and the key
Ralph (PS142) [295] They can smash them, that's all.
Ethel (PS140) [296] Mm.
[297] Always bash through the window and walk in couldn't they?
Sheila (PS141) [298] Well
Ethel (PS140) [299] They just don't like breaking glass do they?
Ralph (PS142) [300] They're not
Sheila (PS141) [301] Well actually on the television I don't know whether you've noticed when they start talking about burglaries and things like that the picture that comes on is Newlands Park you know.
[302] At the moment this is a dreadful area.
[303] I mean there's been one or two incidents just lately
Ethel (PS140) [304] Mm.
Sheila (PS141) [305] that are mind boggling really.
Ethel (PS140) [306] Yes.
Sheila (PS141) [307] About a boy going in and asking
Ethel (PS140) [308] But then
Sheila (PS141) [309] if he could borrow a screwdriver on the end of our little shops there.
Ethel (PS140) [310] Yes.
Sheila (PS141) [311] And then he goes, then the bloke, the, give him, he said I'll, I'll you know I'll bring it back.
[312] And it's a family that's well known as a bit you know Geordies and that and a couple of rottweilers.
[313] He goes a little bit further down the road.
[314] There's a nurse is in bed and the next thing the nurse wakes up to find him at the bottom of the bed.
Ethel (PS140) [315] Mm.
Sheila (PS141) [316] He's got in trying to do a little bit of burglary you see.
Ethel (PS140) [317] Yes.
Sheila (PS141) [318] You know just creeping in to pick what he can handbags and things up like that.
[319] Never go to work these kids though.
Ethel (PS140) [320] No, no.
[321] ... Oh they're up to all bloody tricks [...]
Sheila (PS141) [322] I wish I had a [...] truncheon I'd love to bash one round the head.
Ethel (PS140) [323] I mean you can see that bloke stopping cos he saw this poor girl lying in the road.
[324] Looked as though she was bleeding.
[325] He [...]
Sheila (PS141) [326] Tomato ketchup.
Ethel (PS140) [327] he'd gone out to help her.
[328] The next minute three blokes come from nowhere and bash him up take his money and drive off in his car and take the girl.
[329] She gets up off the ground.
[330] She's helping out.
Sheila (PS141) [331] Little bit of tomato ketchup I suppose.
Ethel (PS140) [332] Dear oh dear oh dear what what [...] think of.
Sheila (PS141) [333] Yeah but you see you, you, you really do not ... think that somebody is going to do that.
[334] I mean if you saw a girl laying, alright so you'd have to pick her up, put her in your car and take her to
Ethel (PS140) [335] [...] think she's been injured don't you and get out and help.
[336] ... If somebody bonks you on the
Sheila (PS141) [337] And it's gonna get worse if this situation of er you know erm jobs and that is gonna go on for another two years.
[338] I mean it's gonna get worse.
Ralph (PS142) [339] And then er er had another call.
[340] Er.
[341] We got a geezer come to the door you know [...] yeah, and he took a few particulars you know.
[342] Then he went on about erm some hoover, vacuum cleaner or something I dunno.
[343] Anyway.
[344] And he says keep this card by your telephone he said.
[345] ... We'll ring you.
[346] So we got this phone call he said hello Mr I said yes.
[347] Have I won a thousand pounds?
[348] She said oh no she says your name gone in and you've er won a weekend in Wales I think, oh what a load of old bollocks they're coming out with here.
Ethel (PS140) [349] And what was it he said cos I heard him say ... yes, yes.
[350] No he said it's my mother's.
[351] And then he said I'm always here and I don't know whether he's supposed to come down or what it is but as I said to him it's a load of codswallop.
[352] You might just as well have put the phone down.
Sheila (PS141) [353] Well you see
Ethel (PS140) [354] It's like when I had a letter
Sheila (PS141) [355] Yeah well you see this is how they find out who's in the places.
Ethel (PS140) [356] Yes.
Sheila (PS141) [357] This is all
Ethel (PS140) [358] Yeah, a load of codswallop.
Sheila (PS141) [359] Yeah but you don't know whether it's not er people phoning up to find out who's there and whether he's there and all to do with burglaries and things.
[360] You don't know they're all
Ethel (PS140) [361] Yes, yes.
[362] I had a letter.
[363] I don't, I can't remember now who it was from but I'd been er picked out and given a valuable prize.
[364] And Shirley happened to come the next day and I [...] about it.
[365] She said it, tear it up mum she says it's a load of bull that's all that is.
[366] I've had one she said and three or four of the girls at the office
Ralph (PS142) [...]
Ethel (PS140) [367] have had one.
[368] She said they've all come to work oh I've won a prize I've got a car or I've won this that and the other.
[369] She said it it's a sprat to catch a mackerel.
[370] They get you to go in for something and then it costs you money.
[371] Of course it does they're not doing that for nothing.
[372] ... If I've had one I've had a dozen.
[373] [...] basement doors.
Sheila (PS141) [374] [...] .
[375] Well, well our postman said he said really.
[376] He said he puts more, more he calls in and says it's awful really cos this rubbish and he said whereas I should be able to do say the whatever ten o'clock post in whatsit.
[377] I've got to go back and it takes me sometimes twice, sometimes three times when you get all this rubbish that he has to take round.
[378] See I mean ... it's all paper that
Ethel (PS140) [379] What's [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [380] get sacks and put them all in get them all recycled.
Ralph (PS142) [...]
Ethel (PS140) [381] He he he must have asked for Mr .
[382] Well my name in the directory is just E.
[383] They don't know whether
Sidney (PS0SV) [384] No, [...]
Ethel (PS140) [385] it's male or female you see.
Sheila (PS141) [386] And anyway he's got to pretend that he's the man of the house so in case they think you're on your own.
Sidney (PS0SV) [387] Well he is the man of the house, let's face it.
Sheila (PS141) [388] Sort of, sort of is.
[389] Cock of the walk. [laugh]
Ralph (PS142) [390] [...] have a chat to him about what you could do I said don't worry I said.
[391] All, all my windows have got locks on and I said I'm about six foot four and anyone gets in here I'll kill them. [laugh]
Sheila (PS141) [392] But you see you don't know who they are do you that's saying all this?
Ethel (PS140) [393] Course you don't.
[394] These people come [...]
Sheila (PS141) [395] You mustn't give anything away.
Ethel (PS140) [396] all sorts.
[397] The times a poor old lady's been raped and robbed in, they've got to inspect all the gas pipes or they've got to inspect something or the other.
[398] And the old lady thinks it's all genuine.
[399] And what happens
Sheila (PS141) [400] Well round near us ... they terrorized an eighty three year old lady er near us and er it was a, I met the man next door and his wife and they were the ones that got the police because he said they'd got her furniture out on the pavement to to with a doodah up there.
Ethel (PS140) [401] Yes.
Sheila (PS141) [402] They'd got her absolutely terrified I mean she, she could have dropped dead with sheer terror.
[403] Knock at her door you see and in they go.
[404] Television, you name it.
Ethel (PS140) [405] Yeah.
[406] ... [...] almost had her car pinched now.
Ralph (PS142) [407] Who?
Ethel (PS140) [408] Paula.
Sidney (PS0SV) [409] Yeah Paula mm.
Ethel (PS140) [...]
Sheila (PS141) [410] [...] and she had er hand put through the back and er all the glass shattered.
[411] Erm and they pinched her bag at the back with all her titbits and that in [...] .
[412] And er Paula ran after him, all down an alleyway.
[413] I mean she said it's an instant thing when someone's got a handbag you realise afterwards.
[414] I mean she'd have been knocked over, I mean I know she's pretty swift.
[415] But er she said I suppose when I think about it it was an instant reaction you see.
[416] Gerry had seen his face and they got to go and look at the mug shots and all that and er longlegs had been informed across the road because they'd got er a camera that works and er they got in touch with the, they told the police about it and so they're going over there to see if it's been recorded you see.
[417] You know like him actually doing it.
Ethel (PS140) [418] All the, I think most building societies and that, banks, have an automatic camera going somewhere.
[419] They photograph everybody that comes in and out.
[420] I mean if you're genuine it just doesn't matter does it?
Sheila (PS141) [421] Well like there's a lady coming round tonight [...]

2 (Tape 006202)

Sheila (PS141) [422] Now does that mean she's, she's instead of Thelma?
Edith (PS143) [423] Yes, Thelma's on holiday.
Sheila (PS141) [424] Oh.
[425] She seemed nice
Edith (PS143) [426] that's she's, that's a different one to one that came yesterday.
[427] I suppose they've got two.
Sheila (PS141) [428] They been coming round every day just to see you're okey dokey
Edith (PS143) [429] Yes.
Sheila (PS141) [430] Oh.
Edith (PS143) [431] Thelma didn't always bother every day because she knows that Ralph is here you see.
Sheila (PS141) [432] Yeah.
Edith (PS143) [433] but er the new one she wouldn't know.
Sheila (PS141) [434] It's jolly good isn't it really?
Edith (PS143) [435] She just got a, just got a list of erm those
Sheila (PS141) [436] I think it's cos of them, well I mean
Edith (PS143) [437] She said, about next door, cos I just said to her it's private it's been bought.
[438] And it's only a young couple in there.
[439] Which really isn't right cos they weren't meant for young couples.
[440] But of course she told me that when they came there they were there to look after the place so that it wasn't taken over, you know by anybody else, but she had a washing machine, the washing machine come in just after.
[441] And I should, well it struck me that they were there for good and all.
Sheila (PS141) [442] I suppose if it's theirs perhaps they can't do anything about it.
Edith (PS143) [443] What erm, I don't know whether it's theirs but Bab's son David bought it.
Sheila (PS141) [444] Yeah.
Edith (PS143) [445] You see David bought it and put these people in there.
Sheila (PS141) [446] Funny isn't it really?
Edith (PS143) [447] But they're.
[448] Yeah, rent it.
[449] I suppose [...]
Sheila (PS141) [450] It might be for a certain amount of time while they do so and so and then, what can he do?
[451] He can, he can sell it to the ... council [...]
Edith (PS143) [452] Well he can sell it to
Sheila (PS141) [453] erm back to the council.
Edith (PS143) [454] They used to at one, when it was first brought out, you had to sell it back within a number of years.
[455] You had to sell it back to the council.
[456] Because it was always meant for pensioners you see.
Sheila (PS141) [457] Yes.
[458] Well he could do that.
[459] I mean that would be easy for him.
Edith (PS143) [460] Yes.
Sheila (PS141) [461] He really probably shouldn't have anybody in there.
[462] Sort of.
Edith (PS143) [463] Mind you, I don't think they're married either of them because she comes under the name Miss ... and well her name's Estelle and he's Paul, but she's known as because I've had two or three people ask me about her because she, she deals in insurance.
[464] And they're away quite a lot.
[465] The other day when we had a very hot day, it was quite a hot day ... and [...] over mid day I went out to do something in the garden there and her milk was still on the step and it was in the sun.
[466] And it was absolutely hot.
[467] So I moved it to the other side of the step.
[468] And later when I saw Paul, I said Paul if you go away for the weekend, if you tell me, I can put your milk in my fridge.
[469] And at night time if you're not back I'll, I'll leave it in your cupboard, you'll know where it is.
[470] Oh he said that's very kind of you, that's very nice.
[471] Only I said ... it's an open invitation when it's left on the doorstep you see.
Sheila (PS141) [472] Absolutely.
[473] And it's all going off isn't it, there's nothing worse than a
Edith (PS143) [474] And the silly part of it is ... the milkman always puts it that side where you open the door, instead of this side.
[475] You can come in and out and kick the damn lot over couldn't you?
Sheila (PS141) [476] Oh well.
[477] Absolutely, well they haven't got any brains have they?
Edith (PS143) [478] I noticed it yesterday on that side.
[479] I thought to myself well why the devil doesn't he put it over the other side.
[480] ... But she always puts her empty bottles that side so I suppose that's why.
[481] ... And they're, they're very nice young couple although I very very seldom see them.
[482] Very seldom see them.
[483] ... I did say to him once that er I said if you don't want that ivy I said you chuck it out, chop it down and throw it over my side cos it's my responsibility
Sheila (PS141) [484] You are responsible [...]
Edith (PS143) [485] And he said well he don't mind but it's growing, it's grown right along the wall, right under their step.
[486] Like that.
[487] Over the fence.
[488] [...] the lawn.
Sheila (PS141) [489] I can remember when you cut that.
Edith (PS143) [490] It's grown all over the garden.
[491] Cos they've only got paving, crazy paving.
[492] It's gone up the wall over the top
Sheila (PS141) [493] It all comes through don't it?
Edith (PS143) [494] I never knew anything could grow that quick.
Sheila (PS141) [495] What d'you do?
[496] Just cut a bit off and get it whiskers and it's off?
Ralph (PS142) [497] Slipping up here.
Edith (PS143) [498] When I first had it Sheila [...]
Ralph (PS142) [499] I'm leaving a bit in [...] Christ. [...]
Sheila (PS141) [500] Supposing I wanted a bit, do you put it in a thing and get some whiskers and then just plant it later?
Edith (PS143) [501] Yes, just, that's all.
[502] All it wants.
[503] Only it was very pretty when I first bought it.
[504] It was a little variegated ivy and I had it indoors, in the hall.
[505] And it began to look very sick and sorry for itself.
Sheila (PS141) [506] Was it when you were round the corner?
Edith (PS143) [507] Yeah when I was round ... forty three [...] .
[508] And I took it out in the spring and put it in the garden and then it revived and came on nice.
[509] But Bob said to me where I bought it from, he said I don't think it would survive the winter because it comes from the Scilly Isles which is warmer.
[510] So I dug it up and brought it indoors again.
[511] It was alright for a few weeks and then it began to look very anaemic and sorry for itself.
[512] So later on I put it out in the garden again.
[513] And it grew and started to thrive.
[514] I though oh bugger it I'm not bringing it any more it's getting too big.
[515] It's got two chances either it lives or it dies, and it started to grow like mad.
[516] Before long I had a bloody [...]
Sheila (PS141) [517] You'll having going down the bottom of the road here in a minute.
[518] It'll go down the road later on.
Edith (PS143) [519] And er I brought one or two pieces with me and stuck in there.
[520] I mean it was only a narrow bit of earth like that.
[521] I put erm two or three pieces of aubretia in there.
[522] And I stuck this bit of ivy in hoping it would grow over the fence.
[523] You, you have a look Sheila over next door.
[524] ... Is it still bolted.
[525] Down the bottom.
[526] ... Push the door back hard.
Sidney (PS0SV) [527] Let's have a look.
[528] Oh.
Edith (PS143) [529] Push the door back dear.
Sheila (PS141) [530] I've got it back.
[531] I can't do it.
[532] I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna ... leave my finger in it.
[533] Yeah a little bit of oil there you need.
[534] [...] made her quite funny.
Edith (PS143) [535] [...] the door is, is.
[536] It comes back easy enough.
Sidney (PS0SV) [537] Here let's have a go [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [538] No it won't move.
[539] Put a hammer on it.
Edith (PS143) [540] If I lean on the door, push me weight on the door.
Sheila (PS141) [541] [...] pushed it as far as it will go.
[542] ... [hammering] Touch of the old oil bit of vaseline or something.
Edith (PS143) [543] No you don't want too much oil in it [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [...]
Sheila (PS141) [544] Well if Ralph and Sid can't do it [...]
Sidney (PS0SV) [545] Yeah well.
[546] You'll have to forego your look at the ivy.
Edith (PS143) [547] You had erm.
[548] You had a job to open last night didn't you Ralph?
[549] Or close it?
Ralph (PS142) [550] Yeah.
[551] Don't try it yet mother.
Sidney (PS0SV) [552] Leave it mother, leave it.
Sheila (PS141) [553] If you caught your skin in there
Sidney (PS0SV) [554] Mother .
[555] You'll break your back.
[556] Ralph and I can't do it so you bloody can't.
[557] ... That's it now put your foot right through the window.
[558] Look I just did that.
Sheila (PS141) [559] You be careful.
Ralph (PS142) [560] Leave it.
Sidney (PS0SV) [561] Come on.
Edith (PS143) [562] Well I, I've always managed to
Sidney (PS0SV) [563] Well your not gonna manage it today.
Sheila (PS141) [564] Yeah well we've all, we've all managed it.
[565] It's just gone a bit sticky like.
Sidney (PS0SV) [566] You've probably got a bit of damp in there.
Edith (PS143) [567] How we gonna feed the birds?
[568] Poor little sods. [laugh]
Ralph (PS142) [569] Through the window, like they normally have it.
Sheila (PS141) [570] Have you got a tiny, one drop of oil?
[571] One drop, go on Sid'll put one drop on.
[572] No?
Ralph (PS142) [573] No don't worry I'll, I'll fix it
Sheila (PS141) [574] Tiny bit of vaseline
Edith (PS143) [575] [...] oilcan .
[576] All it wants is just a slight tap with a hammer.
[577] That'll get it back. [...]
Ralph (PS142) [578] Yeah.
Sheila (PS141) [579] That, that's it isn't it.
Edith (PS143) [580] It always seems you have to bolt the door first before you can turn the key.
[581] If you turn the key first it's always a bit difficult to bolt it.
Sheila (PS141) [582] Oh.
Edith (PS143) [583] Well that's how I always did it but Ralph usually does it now.
[584] But I noticed last night you had a bit of a job to ... to er
Ralph (PS142) [585] poxy carpet [...]
Sheila (PS141) [586] Oh I know why .
[587] It's got the carpet in it.
Ralph (PS142) [588] Yeah, it's all the poxy carpet's in it.
Sheila (PS141) [589] There y'are. look.
Edith (PS143) [590] Oh.
Sheila (PS141) [591] Oh, there y'are!
Edith (PS143) [592] That's why.
Sheila (PS141) [593] And it's no good us having
Sidney (PS0SV) [594] So it's Ralph's fault then after all.
Edith (PS143) [595] We'll see to it later on.
Ralph (PS142) [596] [...] poxy carpet all the draught is through the keyhole
Sheila (PS141) [597] And the point is .
Ralph (PS142) [598] and under the door.
Sheila (PS141) [599] And it's no good actually, it's not good pulling it like that and pulling it away because it'll still be there.
[600] So some how or other you've got put little bit of oil or something on it.
[601] Even a bit of fairy liquid might help.
Edith (PS143) [602] Yes.
[603] Yes I suppose it might.
Sidney (PS0SV) [604] No you're probably just need a little whatsname.
Edith (PS143) [605] The only other oil I've got is cooking oil.
Sidney (PS0SV) [606] [...] little hammer.
Edith (PS143) [607] Careful Sheila.
[608] That comes out quickly.
Sheila (PS141) [609] I'm not even gonna squeeze it.
Ralph (PS142) [610] Leave it Sheila, I'll do it in a minute.
[611] ... She might have it up there but I've got it up there.
Sheila (PS141) [612] Here y'are.
[613] Only, that takes a touch of the old [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [614] Really, remember your age.
Sheila (PS141) [615] Mm.
[616] Just a minute.
[617] Let's get the old doofers there. ...
Ralph (PS142) [618] Draughts we've got running through the doors, through the keyholes
Edith (PS143) [619] I don't like getting rid of that that thin carpet right underneath.
[620] That belonged to, my mother made that.
Sidney (PS0SV) [621] Yes.
Edith (PS143) [622] Get [...] big one underneath.
Sheila (PS141) [623] Yes.
[624] ... Oh dear.
Sidney (PS0SV) [625] There's no wearing those old, homemade ones out is there?
[626] They last a lifetime.
Edith (PS143) [627] Oh you're telling me.
[628] She made that ... before the war.
Sidney (PS0SV) [629] Well, we've got a couple that we made in the fifties.
Edith (PS143) [...]
Sheila (PS141) [630] That pinky, one with a bit of pink and the beige and the, whatever, good lord that's the first thing we made.
Edith (PS143) [631] Did you [...] ?
[632] Did you, Sheila.
[633] Did you fancy a piece of that ivy then?
Sheila (PS141) [634] Oh yes I'll have a bit of the ivy.
[635] I'll have it to, [...]
Edith (PS143) [636] Mm?
Sheila (PS141) [637] What do I do with it first of all?
[638] Put it in get whiskers?
Edith (PS143) [639] erm.
[640] I just stuck it in the ground I think.
Sheila (PS141) [641] Oh. [...]
Edith (PS143) [642] Oh.
Sheila (PS141) [643] Oh yeah.
Edith (PS143) [644] [...] during the day.
Sheila (PS141) [645] I want a nice shiny bit.
[646] You know what I mean?
Edith (PS143) [647] Yes.
Ralph (PS142) [648] [...] ... [...] he said what's happened, I said oh well, well I've been [...] .
[649] He started moaning [...] load of old balls.
Sidney (PS0SV) [650] Load of balls yeah.
Ralph (PS142) [651] Anyway [...]
Sidney (PS0SV) [652] And that's a security firm you say is it, eh?
Ralph (PS142) [653] Yeah this is a security firm.
Sidney (PS0SV) [654] Yeah.
Ralph (PS142) [655] I said don't worry about it.
[656] All my windows have got locks on I said.
[657] I'm about six foot four.
[658] And I can handle any bastard gets in here.
[659] [laugh] . Oh alright then he says. ...
Sidney (PS0SV) [660] Did you remember to pay the butcher for those sausages you had last week?
Ralph (PS142) [661] Oh yeah, yeah.
[662] I paid him in the end, yeah. ...
Edith (PS143) [...]
Sheila (PS141) [663] What about this?
[664] This little dark bit here look, like this.
[665] That's a nice fresh bit look.
Sidney (PS0SV) [666] [...] four cans.
Ralph (PS142) [667] Why d'you want four, why can't you have like two today two tomorrow.
Sidney (PS0SV) [668] No. [...]
Ralph (PS142) [669] Yeah.
Edith (PS143) [670] [...] rooting powder.
Sheila (PS141) [...]
Edith (PS143) [671] [...] some indoors.
Sheila (PS141) [672] No, no I've
Sidney (PS0SV) [673] No we've got some in the shed.
Sheila (PS141) [674] I think I might have.
Edith (PS143) [675] And keep it moist, keep it watered.
[676] Before you know where you are look.
[677] I've been here nine years in August and I've cut no end of it down.
Sheila (PS141) [678] Well I suppose these roots will start.
[679] What do I do, shall I take those bits off there? [...]
Sidney (PS0SV) [680] Take the bottom roots off I should say.
Edith (PS143) [681] Take the few bottom roots off right , bottom leaves.
Sheila (PS141) [682] [...] down by the erm, down by the shed.
[683] [...] pot it in once I've got me boots.
Edith (PS143) [684] Well when you've got a fence or a shed or a garage to cover up.
Sheila (PS141) [685] Mm.
Sidney (PS0SV) [686] You put it straight in, don't you?
[687] You don't wait to grow roots.
Sheila (PS141) [688] No it's got to get whiskers.
[689] Oh we've got to get whiskers first.
[690] [...] got to get the whiskers first.
Edith (PS143) [691] No, I just put it straight in the ground.
Sheila (PS141) [692] Oh.
Edith (PS143) [693] And keep it wet.
[694] Put it, dip it in the ...
Sheila (PS141) [695] Bit of rooting powder.
Edith (PS143) [696] rooting powder.
[697] And keep it moist.
Sheila (PS141) [698] Well if that's all I do, I shall be handing it out this time next year.
Edith (PS143) [699] Well yes.
Sheila (PS141) [700] No only they look so nice and shiny and
Edith (PS143) [701] Yes it is shiny.
Sheila (PS141) [702] Yes.
Edith (PS143) [703] But when I first bought it, they were all tiny leaves and all variegated.
[704] But as they get older they get bigger and shinier.
[705] They were all like that you know.
Sheila (PS141) [706] I'll have to try and think of something that I can erm ... to get it to go up.
[707] You know I mean I'll have to find something like a
Edith (PS143) [708] It's, it's not.
[709] It's not an ivy that clings to the wall.
Sheila (PS141) [710] Oh.
Edith (PS143) [711] You know some ivies grow right in the bricks don't they but they don't.
[712] That one doesn't.
[713] It's all er [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [714] Well I'll just see how it goes then.
Edith (PS143) [715] It crept through the partitions in the fence.
Sidney (PS0SV) [716] It's over the fence.
Edith (PS143) [717] It's crept through the posts and the fence.
[718] It's remarkable where it does go to really.
[719] But to cover up anywhere a bit ugly, bare looking it's very handy.
Sheila (PS141) [720] Mm.
[721] Right, well.
[722] O K then.
Sidney (PS0SV) [723] I'll call in tomorrow then mum anyway.
Edith (PS143) [724] O K love.
Sidney (PS0SV) [725] Alright.
[726] Yeah.
Sheila (PS141) [727] Bye bye then.
Edith (PS143) [728] Ta ta Sheila.
Ralph (PS142) [729] Yeah see you.
Sheila (PS141) [730] Thank you.

3 (Tape 006203)

Sheila (PS141) [731] I really want little tacky things don't I?
[732] Little, don't know what I do want really but [...]
Sidney (PS0SV) [733] What for?
Sheila (PS141) [734] Well up the fence there by the side [...] .
[735] It can't, it can't erm ...
Sidney (PS0SV) [736] Well I should put a ... small stake or something in.
Sheila (PS141) [737] I just wondered if they got any
Sidney (PS0SV) [738] You know a small stake, stick or [...] of some sort.
Sheila (PS141) [739] No I meant when it goes up you need little things now and again.
[740] I don't know what they're called you know.
[741] [...] into the fence.

4 (Tape 006204)

Sheila (PS141) [742] I tell you what I think sometimes you probably pick up your ashtray [...] the doors open it was warm.
[743] I think you get hold of your ashtray probably, you might have a cigarette in the other hand or
Sidney (PS0SV) [744] No I don't.
[745] What I usu , what I usually do is ... turn the ... always when I get up ... like when Nick and I saw the, we saw the film
Sheila (PS141) [746] He'd gone up hadn't he?
Sidney (PS0SV) [747] He'd just gone up and I just ... I usually get up and turn the fire off and then the television.
[748] But I must have er ... forgot to turn that bloody television off.
Sheila (PS141) [749] Yeah but it was all on you see.

5 (Tape 006205)

Sidney (PS0SV) [750] I went up to the ... get the paper this morning.
[751] The er bloke in there said did I know who owned the ... I noticed there was this little long haired sort of black and white or grey dog that was er tethered to a oh a lamp post or something outside.
Sheila (PS141) [752] Outside where?
Sidney (PS0SV) [753] Outside the er newsagents.
[754] And apparently erm ... the bloke had gone up to get his paper, tethered the dog outside and then walked off and forgotten the poor little thing.
Sheila (PS141) [755] Oh dear.
[756] What happened?
Sidney (PS0SV) [757] So he said
Sheila (PS141) [758] Did he come back for it?
Sidney (PS0SV) [759] Well I presume so because it wasn't there when I came out.
[760] But he said he thought it was an Irish fellow you know and I said well where does he live?
[761] He said well I don't really know but I know he lives local somewhere.

6 (Tape 006206)

Sidney (PS0SV) [762] How are we going?
David (PS144) [763] Eh?
Sidney (PS0SV) [764] How are we going?
David (PS144) [765] Alright.
Sidney (PS0SV) [766] Yeah?
[767] Everything under control?
David (PS144) [768] Eh?
Sidney (PS0SV) [769] Everything under con under control?
David (PS144) [770] You know me Sid.
Sidney (PS0SV) [771] I know [...] .
[772] ... [bang] Get her down.
[773] Get her down.
[774] ... You're a bit light on the chicken aren't you?
David (PS144) [775] Cut us out didn't they?
Sidney (PS0SV) [776] What do you mean, cut you out? ...
David (PS144) [777] [...] we ordered it.
[778] [...] crossed off.
Sidney (PS0SV) [779] On a Friday!
David (PS144) [780] Yep. [...]
Irene (PS145) [781] [...] Ralph?
Sidney (PS0SV) [782] Yes yes yes yes yes yes.
Irene (PS145) [783] [...] little girl [...]
Sidney (PS0SV) [784] No she had it.
[785] He gave it to her.
Irene (PS145) [786] Well, he gave it to the dirty little bugger.
David (PS144) [787] [...] She had it.
[788] I'm smiling.
Irene (PS145) [789] [...] put their own [...]
Sidney (PS0SV) [790] No it's funny she [laugh]
Irene (PS145) [791] [...] mum?
Sidney (PS0SV) [792] Yeah.
[793] Are you er?
Irene (PS145) [794] Yes.
[795] [...] going home.
Sidney (PS0SV) [796] Well come on then it's five to.
[797] It'll take me
Irene (PS145) [...]
Sidney (PS0SV) [798] Oh blimey.
Irene (PS145) [799] I'm sorry.
Sidney (PS0SV) [800] Ten minutes.
Irene (PS145) [801] [...] but I looked at a pineapple and it's from the Philippines.
Sidney (PS0SV) [802] Where did you expect it to come from, bloody ...
David (PS144) [803] Do you think that erm [...]
Irene (PS145) [804] Yeah she is when she's away [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [805] I dunno.
Irene (PS145) [806] Mind you he's not as good looking as she is but [...]
Elvia (PS146) [807] What is it that fish that you can have for breakfast.
[808] Is it kippers?
Sidney (PS0SV) [809] Well what's so wrong with the Philippines, what's, what
Irene (PS145) [810] You never know what they are when [...]
Sidney (PS0SV) [811] Oh don't be ridiculous.
Irene (PS145) [812] You have to have that.
[813] You have to have that with gammon steaks don't you?
Sidney (PS0SV) [814] Yeah more or less.
Irene (PS145) [815] I'll throw the rest away.
[816] We'll have a little bit [...] .
[817] It's only twenty four P.
[818] I got erm two chops and a spam to take through.
Sidney (PS0SV) [819] Okay, give us it then.
Irene (PS145) [820] What this spam? [laugh]
Elvia (PS146) [821] So hello.
Sidney (PS0SV) [...]
Elvia (PS146) [822] [...] oh poor child.
Irene (PS145) [823] He's wide awake.
Elvia (PS146) [824] I said the poor child.
Irene (PS145) [825] Had little, has little ducky dropped out and it's all bitted and lumpy.
[826] [...] Hour over her feed she is that little baby.
Sidney (PS0SV) [827] Really?
Irene (PS145) [828] She's as good as gold.
Elvia (PS146) [829] What is this you've got?
[830] What are you having tonight?
Irene (PS145) [831] Couple of [...]
Sidney (PS0SV) [832] Bit of this and a bit of that.
Elvia (PS146) [833] What is it?
[834] Oh pineapple.
Irene (PS145) [835] Yeah, and a bit of spam. [laugh]
Elvia (PS146) [836] And a bit of spam chucked in, ugh.
Sidney (PS0SV) [837] What a choice! ...
Irene (PS145) [838] Just gonna get my dog.
Sidney (PS0SV) [839] Aint you got a basket?
Irene (PS145) [840] Believe it or not, no.
[841] [...] . I'll do the money and there's one forty, twenty four, one sixty, that'll be about two quid and over.
[842] Erm ... [...]
Sidney (PS0SV) [843] Really?
Irene (PS145) [844] Oh we did so much work yesterday Sid.
[845] And we worked like Trojans this morning.
[846] That's two days now.
[847] And he said [...] look good isn't it I said yes [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [848] Yeah.
Irene (PS145) [849] He said it had just, [...] .
[850] And by the way, I'm coming in Monday because I come on a Thursday normally
Sidney (PS0SV) [851] Oh that's not bad.
Irene (PS145) [852] cos Sue [...] have jet lag
Sidney (PS0SV) [853] Oh yes yes yes yes yes.
Irene (PS145) [854] you see, so it might be worked just better that way he said, so let Sue have the Monday off.
Sidney (PS0SV) [855] They're not expecting her in on Monday then?
Irene (PS145) [856] Well he didn't know whether she was gonna come in or not you see.
Sidney (PS0SV) [857] When she getting home?
Irene (PS145) [858] Er, Sunday morning at six o'clock.
Sidney (PS0SV) [859] Sunday morning!
[860] Should be no problem.
Irene (PS145) [861] She'll have all day Sunday but then she could have Monday as well so I don't mind having Thursday off.
Sidney (PS0SV) [862] Yeah.
[863] Okay.

7 (Tape 006207)

Irene (PS145) [864] Did he tell you then, Dave?
Sidney (PS0SV) [865] Well I said to him I said tickets [...]
Irene (PS145) [866] Yeah, yeah. [...]
Sidney (PS0SV) [867] Bloody financial [...] .
Irene (PS145) [868] Yes.
[869] Silly isn't it?
[870] Think about it [...] driving thirty hours [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [...]
Irene (PS145) [871] Say well we're not doing the trade you know and ... Liz was saying to me
Sidney (PS0SV) [872] I've been doing fair bit more than a lot of them because they
Irene (PS145) [873] Yeah.
[874] But Liz was saying to me erm, I was there just before the [...] , about [...] now where's the letter?
[875] What letter, she didn't know what letter Chip was referring to.
[876] He said what letter?
[877] She said you've got a letter.
[878] He said I don't know ... She said come on Chip you've got a letter she said.
[879] I know all about it don't worry.
[880] Oh she said well it's no good me telling you then.
[881] She said well you didn't tell me in any case did you?
[882] It, cos the erm ... cashiers in, desk cashiers [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [883] Yeah.
Irene (PS145) [884] And they totalled the produce, putting all the produce down.
[885] Where others don't bother.
[886] ... [...] . [...] old bloody tin thing [...] car.
[887] He's the second hand bloke she bought [...] .
[888] Rag and bone merchant you know?
[889] ... [...] . You alright there?
Sidney (PS0SV) [890] Yeah.
Irene (PS145) [891] [...] looked up that word.
Sidney (PS0SV) [892] Which word?
Irene (PS145) [893] Delicious.
[894] No, most delicious.
Sidney (PS0SV) [895] Oh yes.
Irene (PS145) [896] Loveliest.
Sidney (PS0SV) [897] I don't believe it.
[898] Oh it was an anagram of that
Irene (PS145) [899] Yummiest.
[900] Oh it would be wouldn't it?
Sidney (PS0SV) [901] Yes.
[902] ... Course, you know also
Irene (PS145) [903] Yeah.
Sidney (PS0SV) [904] well we couldn't the er
Irene (PS145) [905] I don't know what the one was across.
[906] It wasn't lumber or [...] it was a funny name, backscratch or something, a dance.
[907] A Brazilian dance.
Sidney (PS0SV) [908] Oh that's in, that's in the Mirror isn't it?
Irene (PS145) [909] Oh I don't know.
Sidney (PS0SV) [910] And it's like we said.
[911] Cos they got it wrong.
[912] Because the word down the fish was the salmon.
Irene (PS145) [913] Was it salmon?
Sidney (PS0SV) [914] And the one across was monopoly there's no way it can fit is there?
[915] So they're wrong.
[916] ... That's all it is, ask, look.
[917] ... No, the one with the fish was in the Mirror.
Irene (PS145) [918] Oh what was the Sun one?
Sidney (PS0SV) [919] Yeah, no, we did two wasn't there?
[920] The yummiest was in the, is in the Sun.
[921] But the salmon and the monopoly was in the Mirror.
Irene (PS145) [922] It was the samba was it?
Sidney (PS0SV) [923] It was, samba?
[924] Salmon for the fish.
Irene (PS145) [925] Oh so they'd made a mistake.
Sidney (PS0SV) [926] Yes.
[927] That's what I've just said.
[928] So in other words their monopoly begins with an N.

8 (Tape 006209)

Sidney (PS0SV) [929] Morning Dave.
[930] Where is she?
David (PS144) [931] Out the back there mate.
Sidney (PS0SV) [932] Is she, oh right.
David (PS144) [933] How are you?
Sidney (PS0SV) [934] Okay.
David (PS144) [935] [...] today or this afternoon?
Sidney (PS0SV) [936] No.
[937] There's erm ... there's the question of erm ... they said highlights, football, now what that is I don't know.
David (PS144) [...]
Sidney (PS0SV) [938] No I don't think so [...] .

9 (Tape 006210)

Sidney (PS0SV) [939] I can take these through here if I get a [...] as well?
Irene (PS145) [940] You can, you can yes.
Sidney (PS0SV) [941] Give me one of those darling.
Unknown speaker (KDYPSUNK) [942] Whisky'll be free with those. [laugh]
Sidney (PS0SV) [943] Oh well.
[944] If that's the case ...
Irene (PS145) [945] Two packets please. [laugh]
Sidney (PS0SV) [...]
Irene (PS145) [946] [...] Can we borrow your pen [...] please?
Unknown speaker (KDYPSUNK) [947] Twenty pounds and four pennies please.
Sidney (PS0SV) [948] Are you sure?
Unknown speaker (KDYPSUNK) [...]
Sidney (PS0SV) [949] Beg your pardon?
Unknown speaker (KDYPSUNK) [...]
Sidney (PS0SV) [950] Oh.
[951] I've only got ten left.
Unknown speaker (KDYPSUNK) [952] Oh dear, and it's early Saturday yet.
Sidney (PS0SV) [953] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KDYPSUNK) [954] Oh, you'll never get through the week then with ten pounds.
Sidney (PS0SV) [955] I would if I don't spend any.
Unknown speaker (KDYPSUNK) [956] [laugh] [...] yes.
[957] Do you want all those together?
Irene (PS145) [958] No [...]
Sidney (PS0SV) [959] And four you say?
Irene (PS145) [960] That will do lovely. ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KDYPSUNK) [961] One penny, and one receipt.
Sidney (PS0SV) [962] Jolly good.

10 (Tape 006211)

Irene (PS145) [963] People came in this morning about nine o'clock wanting [...]
Sidney (PS0SV) [964] Who did?
Irene (PS145) [965] People coming in asking me [...]
Sidney (PS0SV) [966] What time was [...] today?
Irene (PS145) [967] Didn't come in till about elevenish.
Sidney (PS0SV) [968] Oh god, really?
Irene (PS145) [969] Bloody terrible.
[970] You know you've got [...] .
[971] I do Sid I say to [...] .
[972] It's empty it was out there this morning.
[973] I get embarrassed when I'm out there [...]
Sidney (PS0SV) [974] Yeah.
[975] It was empty in that respect yesterday.
Irene (PS145) [976] Yeah.
[977] ... I get embarrassed when I'm putting [...] out there because so many people keep asking me how long and how many more times do you have to keep saying ... we're waiting for the lorry to turn up.
[978] ... I know it wasn't his fault with lamb yesterday cos he didn't get his quota on.
Sidney (PS0SV) [979] All he said was something about the chicken.
Irene (PS145) [980] Chicken.
[981] That's right yeah.
[982] I think the chicken was about the same [...] [noise - traffic] I wouldn't run a business like it I tell you that much.
[983] We talked about it this morning and he kept saying where's [...] kidney and I said we haven't got any [...] waiting for it to come in.
[984] I said but I wouldn't run a business like this, and he said no I shouldn't think you would.
[985] ... I said to him about [...] holding back not giving us our quota I said they can see we're not doing [...] now. [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [cough]
Irene (PS145) [...]
Sidney (PS0SV) [986] Yeah what do you think of her?
Irene (PS145) [987] [...] show together [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [988] Show?
Irene (PS145) [989] Yeah.
Sidney (PS0SV) [990] What, in the evening?
Irene (PS145) [991] I don't know when Sid, didn't ask.
[992] [...] going to a show.
[993] [...] . ... I didn't have my breakfast [...]
Sidney (PS0SV) [...]

11 (Tape 006212)

Irene (PS145) [994] And I said to Abby I'm not going through [...] mortgage when they'll be upstairs all afternoon doing nothing.
[995] Every Saturday they sit upstairs and do nothing, don't even [...] .
[996] ... [...] will not put it out unless he's forced to.
[997] Like yesterday cos when there's two of them and one of me, [...] says they put it out and look at
Sidney (PS0SV) [998] Yeah.
Irene (PS145) [999] and I was getting ready to hear it.
[1000] And then he looked, when he put it out he looked over to me and said I could see your face Irene.
[1001] I said yes Dave.
[1002] I said if he says one word, I said I'm gonna jump on him.
[1003] That was Thursday I put it out all [...] I told you didn't I?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1004] Yeah.
Irene (PS145) [1005] Oh he did didn't he?
[1006] The second lot [...] .
[1007] Oh yes he said, that's right.
[1008] Dave'll put it out, that's how it goes Sid.
[1009] I said yeah, I said, who did all day yesterday?
[1010] Oh yeah yeah yeah he goes, like that.
[1011] Yeah who did it all day yesterday?
[1012] Didn't lift a finger Dave to put it out.
[1013] Well I got a cut.
[1014] I said yes who's got to bloody wrap and weigh it up then?
[1015] Just because they got a cut they never have to put it out.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1016] Yeah.
Irene (PS145) [1017] Sue gets cross about that.
[1018] She leaves her tray.
[1019] She won't put them out she leaves and walks out.
[1020] ... There's a thing, he's got, he's got to do it.
[1021] Must put it out.
[1022] ... So cos I said to Lynn as I said [...] what I'll do, I'll go slow then one of you'll have to put it out cos there'll be so much work to wrap up I should be taking it home with me to do it.
[1023] Why don't they like putting it out Sid?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1024] I don't know.
Irene (PS145) [1025] There's nothing to it is there Sid?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1026] Not a lot, no.
Irene (PS145) [1027] It's easy putting it out.
[1028] If I had to just put put it out and nothing else I wouldn't mind.
[1029] ... You know you used to put it out all the time. ... [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [whistling]
Irene (PS145) [1030] It might be cos they ask where all the stuff is and we haven't got it.
[1031] ... Oh god I'm tired.
[1032] You woke me up this morning I tell you Sid.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1033] What time did you get to bed after all?
Irene (PS145) [1034] I went, I got up when you left, half past nine.
[1035] I did the washing up [...] .
[1036] I settled a few things in the bathroom there and then I had a wash, I've had a wash and did all the [...] about quarter to eleven.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1037] Aha.
Irene (PS145) [1038] So I've been [...] .
[1039] [...] happened all this week and last week.
[1040] Soon as I get into bed I feel wide awake.
[1041] When you have a wash it wakes you up doesn't it?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1042] Yeah it does.
Irene (PS145) [1043] And er ... I'm just laying there thinking of ...

12 (Tape 006301)

Unknown speaker (KDYPSUNK) [1044] Good morning Gwen, alright.
Ethel (PS140) [1045] [...] how are you?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1046] Hm, hm, down the other end again.
Ethel (PS140) [1047] [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1048] Oh I see, all right.
Ethel (PS140) [1049] [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1050] Yeah, oh I've gotta get, I want some, I want some tea bags.
Ralph (PS142) [1051] Do what?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1052] Some tea bags.
Ralph (PS142) [1053] Yeah, well don't [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1054] [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1055] How are you?
Sheila (PS141) [1056] Lovely. [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1057] [...] .
[1058] Had a really good time out there
Sheila (PS141) [1059] Did you?
Ralph (PS142) [1060] Went all over the Great Barrier Reef.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1061] Yes, yes.
Sheila (PS141) [1062] Was it nice?
Ralph (PS142) [1063] Yes it's nice, like it's winter out there.
Sheila (PS141) [1064] It is now.
Ralph (PS142) [1065] And it's seventy degrees out there in the winter, well I was going round in a T-shirt, they all thought I was mad.
[1066] They think it's [...] cold, but me, it's hot .
Sheila (PS141) [1067] Yeah, that's right, yeah [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1068] Oh she's not staying.
Sheila (PS141) [1069] Isn't she gonna live out there?
Ralph (PS142) [1070] No she's not living out there, she's got a visa, she's been out there two years, I dunno how long she's gonna stay there, cos if you want too live out [...] .
[1071] Well it's difficult to live out there, there strict on it, oh yeah .
Sheila (PS141) [1072] [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1073] But at the moment [lady talking over the tannoy] she likes working out there, she's not [...] permanent.
Sheila (PS141) [1074] Is her job alright?
Ralph (PS142) [1075] Oh yeah, she, she [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1076] [...] got another job [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1077] No, [...] , and there really nice, and Andrew he owns the house and his mum and dad [...] , Chris was [...] , and they put extension, Michael and [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1078] [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1079] No, no, but.
Sheila (PS141) [1080] Wouldn't like [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1081] Are they ehm, are they actually Australian fellows, that [...] ?
Ralph (PS142) [1082] Yeah there all Australian, I mean, everybody was [...] the Australian men [...] , but there not, I mean some of them are really nice, [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1083] [...] out there?
Ralph (PS142) [1084] Oh, well, it's a well known, [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1085] Well yeah .
Sheila (PS141) [1086] Is it?
[1087] , I don't know, is it?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1088] Oh yeah, bounties they call them, you know, [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1089] I never knew that .
Ralph (PS142) [1090] But, [...] .
[1091] Say good morning or [...] during the day.
Sheila (PS141) [1092] Yeah .
Ralph (PS142) [1093] Really polite.
Sheila (PS141) [1094] Go in the water a lot?
Ralph (PS142) [1095] Yeah, I did, went [...] , I went through the blue [...] , then we flew too Melbourne see eh, one of her friends and stayed with her, like they've got trams there, went too the Great Barrier Reef where the water plane .
Sheila (PS141) [1096] Yeah, that's right , did you?
Ethel (PS140) [1097] Did you really?
Ralph (PS142) [1098] You can go in one of those, you can go in any part [...] , nerve racking really.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1099] What is, what do you mean a water break?
Sheila (PS141) [1100] Well it lands sea plane , sea plane.
Ralph (PS142) [1101] From the water .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1102] A sea plane, oh I see, yes, yes, yeah, well what's wrong with that?
Ralph (PS142) [1103] Well, bit nerve racking
Sidney (PS0SV) [1104] [laughing] .
Ralph (PS142) [1105] It was [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1106] Was it?
Ralph (PS142) [1107] Where, went walking on the coral.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1108] Yeah.
Ralph (PS142) [1109] Crushed, crushed a couple of them, what else did we do, went hm.
Ethel (PS140) [1110] Did you see that big [...] thing.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1111] Where?
Edith (PS143) [1112] Hello.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1113] Hi [...] , morning Dean, yeah.
Ralph (PS142) [1114] [...] .
[1115] It's not as big as I thought it would be.
Sheila (PS141) [1116] No.
Ralph (PS142) [1117] It's nice yeah, but, I thought it'd be something really fantastic, but, not really.
Sheila (PS141) [1118] Would you go again?
Ralph (PS142) [1119] Only if my sister's over there.
Sheila (PS141) [1120] I mean wouldn't go.
Ralph (PS142) [1121] I wouldn't go by myself, for like, there's someone else.
[1122] The only reason I went was because [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1123] [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1124] In ehm.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1125] It's
Ralph (PS142) [1126] Sidney, do you know they've got a hundred and ten golf courses.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1127] I quite believe it.
Ralph (PS142) [1128] In just Sidney alone.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1129] Really?
Ralph (PS142) [1130] Yeah.
Sheila (PS141) [1131] Where did your son stay in Sidney?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1132] It was outside Sidney.
Sheila (PS141) [1133] Was he?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1134] Somewhere outside Sidney, yeah.
Sheila (PS141) [1135] Yeah.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1136] But Sidney was the nearest town.
Sheila (PS141) [1137] Yeah.
Ralph (PS142) [1138] Nice and clean.
Sheila (PS141) [1139] Yeah, [...]
Ralph (PS142) [1140] I had a really good time, went everywhere, went too the mountains.
Sheila (PS141) [1141] Did you?
Ralph (PS142) [1142] Meet [...] oh went every where.
[1143] I [...] I thought [...] like pictures of [...] I've got about like [...] , got about three hundred and I've still got five films too develop.
Sheila (PS141) [1144] Ah it's gonna cost you a fortune.
Ralph (PS142) [1145] It's all scenery.
Sheila (PS141) [1146] Yeah of course, that's the idea in it really, lovely.
Ralph (PS142) [1147] Hm.
Sheila (PS141) [1148] Did you do a lot of under water swimming?
Ralph (PS142) [1149] Not really, no, only in Barrier Reef.
Sheila (PS141) [1150] That's what I mean, that is the isn't it, where they [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1151] They take you snorkelling [...] . [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1152] Yeah, I am [...] in a way, yeah but, nice down there.
Sheila (PS141) [1153] Everybody said how quick it'd gone .
Ralph (PS142) [1154] Oh yeah , hm.
Sheila (PS141) [1155] It go quick too you?
Ralph (PS142) [1156] Not really.
Sheila (PS141) [1157] And there's me saying to Sid that [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1158] Oh I had really good time at my sister's [...]
Sheila (PS141) [1159] She had the whole [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1160] Oh yeah, getting [...] and out the plane, oh yeah like [tannoy with message] [...] , a lot of them [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1161] [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1162] Oh now we went out like in the night time and.
Sheila (PS141) [1163] [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1164] A couple, your safe on the [...] you'd of liked it there, the hotel was really nice, I've got pictures of it , yeah.
Sheila (PS141) [1165] See some pictures .
Ralph (PS142) [1166] Like air conditioning, switch by the telly, everything.
Sheila (PS141) [1167] [...] , that sounds nice isn't it?
Ralph (PS142) [1168] It is, the hotel just been done out, with the all winding stair and that.
Sheila (PS141) [1169] Why aren't you brown?
Ralph (PS142) [1170] Irene you know me, I never go brown .
Sheila (PS141) [1171] Yeah, I do know you .
Ralph (PS142) [1172] I don't.
Sheila (PS141) [1173] But, you walk out the sun and still don't go brown .
Ralph (PS142) [1174] Yeah, my sister's got a nice tan .
Sheila (PS141) [1175] Has she?
Ralph (PS142) [1176] Ehm, I walked past her twice at the airport.
Sheila (PS141) [1177] [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1178] [laugh] .
Ralph (PS142) [1179] Cos she's had her haired permed, she looks really nice.
Sheila (PS141) [1180] Does it?
Ralph (PS142) [1181] Yeah.
Sheila (PS141) [1182] Is it still long?
Ralph (PS142) [1183] Yeah.
Sheila (PS141) [1184] Oh, she walked by you too, she did it [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1185] I know, hm.
[1186] Show's you what two years does to you.
Sheila (PS141) [1187] Two years, I said two, Neill he said one, Like I didn't argue , I didn't argue, I said to Roy who's it [...] how long is, how's Sue's sister, I said two years, the [...] said no, one year, I won't argue.
Ralph (PS142) [1188] It's two .
Sheila (PS141) [1189] There are there's a little [...] hanging on for you from my Scottish holiday.
Ralph (PS142) [1190] Who's that .
[1191] Oh.
Sheila (PS141) [1192] Well, I just, I've got to take it in now put it on [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1193] Oh that's nice.
Sheila (PS141) [1194] Yes.
[1195] Lovely [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1196] Did you have a nice time Sid?
Sheila (PS141) [1197] Yes.
Edith (PS143) [1198] Yes, it was good, yes it was good .
Sheila (PS141) [1199] It was different .
[1200] Were looking forward to our next one now.
Ralph (PS142) [1201] Where you going next one.
Sheila (PS141) [1202] Don't know.
Ralph (PS142) [1203] Go to Australia.
Edith (PS143) [1204] [laughing] .
Ralph (PS142) [1205] Go to Australia [...] .
Edith (PS143) [1206] [...] , well we shall, we shall do, but eh, in actual fact, cos my son, who we go out to be with of course is over in this Country at the moment.
Ralph (PS142) [1207] Oh is he?
Sheila (PS141) [1208] I told you he was visiting us.
Ralph (PS142) [1209] Oh.
Edith (PS143) [1210] Been over here for six months, his over here for three years in all, so.
Ralph (PS142) [1211] Does he live out there, he doesn't no?
Edith (PS143) [1212] Well his in the Australian airport .
Sheila (PS141) [1213] Australian airport .
Edith (PS143) [1214] His had to a eh [tannoy announcement] , give up his British passport and become an Australian [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1215] Has he?
Edith (PS143) [1216] Oh yeah.
Sheila (PS141) [1217] Oh he has been [...] .
Edith (PS143) [1218] He had to do that before he joined the air force .
Sheila (PS141) [1219] Oh I didn't know that see .
[1220] Oh dear, oh dear, well any way your back too the grind stone now aren't you?
Ralph (PS142) [1221] Well yeah look's like that.
Sheila (PS141) [1222] Yeah your back too the grind stone.
Edith (PS143) [1223] And I can see [...] on his face his glad too have you back.
Unknown speaker (KDYPSUNK) [1224] Dead chuffed. [laugh] .
Ralph (PS142) [1225] Here are I'll show you [...] getting it. [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1226] What's the plane journey like there?.
Ralph (PS142) [1227] Going I was alright [...] coming back, yesterday I felt tired, at three o'clock I went too bed.
Sheila (PS141) [1228] Yeah.
Ralph (PS142) [1229] Next thing I new [...] my dad was asking me had I got everything ready for work, half eleven at night.
Sheila (PS141) [1230] Oh.
Ralph (PS142) [1231] Then I just went back too sleep again.
Sheila (PS141) [1232] We said you had.
Ralph (PS142) [1233] But I never had it going out there.
Sheila (PS141) [1234] Did you sleep on the plane?
Ralph (PS142) [1235] Yeah, but not for long though, it's so cramped you know.
Sheila (PS141) [1236] Is it cramped?
Ralph (PS142) [1237] Yeah.
Sheila (PS141) [1238] Is it really, you'd thought that'll be spacious on [...] plane.
Ralph (PS142) [1239] I mean it's a big plane .
Edith (PS143) [1240] Given the [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1241] Yeah, well there a long journey aren't they?
Edith (PS143) [1242] No more than you get on the [...] planes.
Ralph (PS142) [1243] No unless you go first class, that cost thousands, and they've got really big seats and leg room and everything.
Edith (PS143) [1244] Oh yeah .
Sheila (PS141) [1245] Do they look after you on the plane Sue?
Ralph (PS142) [1246] Oh yeah, yeah, I don't think.
Sheila (PS141) [1247] Where did you stop, Singapore?
Ralph (PS142) [1248] No Singapore on the way back [...] , didn't get off the plane though, I mean they only re-fuel, your only allowed off for about half an hour.
[1249] Wasn't one of them [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1250] I like those [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1251] Oh no his been.
Sheila (PS141) [1252] Well you know what I mean [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1253] Yeah, yeah.
[1254] Oh you weren't, not allowed out the airport.
Sheila (PS141) [1255] Your not.
Ralph (PS142) [1256] No.
Sheila (PS141) [1257] Hi.
Unknown speaker (KDYPSUNK) [1258] Hello Irene.
Sheila (PS141) [1259] How's you?
Unknown speaker (KDYPSUNK) [1260] Well your a bit listless today [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1261] Yeah, they getting away for a weekend.
Unknown speaker (KDYPSUNK) [1262] Ah now wonder you look a little bit lost.
Sheila (PS141) [1263] I'm a little bit lost.
Unknown speaker (KDYPSUNK) [1264] Oh poor little creatures lost her baby.
[1265] Ah leave the big one at home [laugh] .
Sheila (PS141) [1266] [laugh] , yeah you have, it's true, that is true, any way must let Sue get on with her work.
Edith (PS143) [1267] Yeah, [...] [...]

13 (Tape 006302)

Ethel (PS140) [1268] Will he notice the difference between Cod and Haddock [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1269] Difference?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1270] Yeah, is there a difference?
Ethel (PS140) [1271] Oh yeah, two difference sorts of fish but similar.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1272] Yeah.
Ethel (PS140) [1273] Yeah, that's all.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1274] He had a heart attack [...] heart attack.
Ethel (PS140) [1275] His had another one has he?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1276] Major one this time.
[1277] His walking around, [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1278] Is he really?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1279] Yeah, he had three when he was thirty six.
Ethel (PS140) [1280] What age is he know?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1281] His forty nine know.
[1282] He had a heart.
Ethel (PS140) [1283] No age really is it?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1284] We don't, we don't know, we knew what caused the last ones, but don't know what cause this one at all.
Ethel (PS140) [1285] I presumed he worked does he?
[1286] Is that getting him down?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1287] He was made, he was made redundant two years ago, head of computers in a bank.
Ethel (PS140) [1288] Oh.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1289] Now his working for nine thousand, I think he thinks his working for pittance.
Ethel (PS140) [1290] Yeah, well if be comparison to what it was, I suppose it's gotta be.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1291] [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1292] Yeah.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1293] [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1294] What at?
[1295] What's he do know?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1296] His sitting there doing proofs [...] .
[1297] His got no, whereas he had [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1298] No, no.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1299] I don't know [...] , we just don't know, he said his not over weight, don't know what it was.
Ethel (PS140) [1300] [...] his metabolism possibly.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1301] Yeah , and his colest ... colestrial 's alright, you think [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1302] [...] you know .
[1303] Did he have a high colestrial level then, I presumed they must of tested it.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1304] Before, first time, but this time he hasn't.
Ethel (PS140) [1305] No .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1306] But ehm , they just don't know what it was, it's just one of those things that could of happened, they taken [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1307] What have a look at them or.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1308] Yeah his got to do another stress test and have more level [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1309] Yes, yes, yeah.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1310] And have another one of those, but they want to wait until after [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1311] Yes, [...] and eh, can do more harm than good so it's better wait .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1312] Yes, that's what we've done .
Ethel (PS140) [1313] Yeah, well you don't expect him to be on top of the world do you?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1314] No, but all.
Ethel (PS140) [1315] Or do you?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1316] No, but we've all got to live with him still ain't we?
Ethel (PS140) [1317] Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, just turn blind eye [...] [laugh] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1318] Oh his very calm, very calm, and I'm still going to work, I didn't go to work while, I went too work while he was in hospital, and when he first came out.
Ethel (PS140) [1319] Yeah.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1320] You know stayed at home, but I'm back at work know.
[1321] I only work three days a week.
Ethel (PS140) [1322] Anyway eh.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1323] [...] says I wanna go away for the weekend, so I've changed all the times, no he doesn't, oh, he said [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1324] I see.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1325] Oh I don't know. [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1326] He'll grin and bear it .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1327] Yeah, yeah, I think it was [...] in hospital, again I think he sacred, probably scared now his coming [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1328] Well it could be.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1329] Or it not [...] the hospital [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1330] No, his, his in the right place I suppose in the event of any thing happening aren't you.
[1331] [...] Hello [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1332] [...] wouldn't understand, it's just hard work when you've got the rest of the family to see to as well.
Ethel (PS140) [1333] Yes, yes, especially the little one.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1334] [...] for thirteen years.
Ethel (PS140) [1335] Is it thirteen years since.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1336] We had the others.
Ethel (PS140) [1337] Yeah, oh.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1338] [...] thirty six, thirty six.
Ethel (PS140) [1339] Hm, oh.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1340] His not violent [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1341] His not what?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1342] [...] violent, last time he use to be violent.
Ethel (PS140) [1343] Was he?
[1344] Difficult to imagine that, isn't it, any body had a heart attack [...] been violent.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1345] Oh no, the minute something doesn't go there right way.
Ethel (PS140) [1346] Yeah.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1347] [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1348] Yeah.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1349] I don't cower now, I use to cower.
Ethel (PS140) [1350] [laugh] , yeah.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1351] [laugh] .
Ethel (PS140) [1352] Yeah, yeah.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1353] You've gotta live and let live I don't really care.
Ethel (PS140) [1354] That's true, that is true, well I've got to get me shopping, see you then.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1355] Get some shopping done [laugh] .
Ethel (PS140) [1356] Good day love.
Sheila (PS141) [1357] Hello Sidney, how are you?
Ethel (PS140) [1358] Alright Elvia, and you, I see your working hard again, [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1359] [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1360] Oh, look who it is?
[1361] Hello darling.
Ethel (PS140) [1362] What are you, what you doing here?
Ralph (PS142) [1363] Doing my shopping Sidney, guess who I've got to feed tonight? [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1364] Lasagne.
Edith (PS143) [1365] Mince or that.
Ralph (PS142) [1366] No Lasagne.
Edith (PS143) [1367] You've gotta actually make it?
[1368] Oh my gould.
Ralph (PS142) [1369] Yeap, I'm gonna actually make it.
Edith (PS143) [1370] You still on holiday?
Ralph (PS142) [1371] Yeah I go back tomorrow.
Edith (PS143) [1372] Ah, so you been doing a whole week of cooking.
Ralph (PS142) [1373] No it's the first time [laugh] .
Edith (PS143) [1374] [laugh] .
[1375] Every time I come in here she buys mince meat [...] , why not ah.
Ralph (PS142) [1376] Well it's easy in it?
Edith (PS143) [1377] Cos the window closed, that's why it's getting colder isn't it, cos you've got your window closed.
Ralph (PS142) [1378] I had it open yesterday.
Edith (PS143) [1379] I said to you Debbie's got her window open up there , it's her day off.
Ethel (PS140) [1380] Yeah .
Edith (PS143) [1381] She was on holiday.
Ethel (PS140) [1382] Oh.
Edith (PS143) [1383] She's been on holiday.
Ethel (PS140) [1384] What are you doing for a holiday then Deb's.
Ralph (PS142) [1385] We just went out for days and that really last week.
Ethel (PS140) [1386] Hm.
Ralph (PS142) [1387] Went out for the day yesterday, couldn't afford it Irene.
Ethel (PS140) [1388] Who's on holiday with you then?
Ralph (PS142) [1389] Grant's been off, but he's gone back to work today.
Ethel (PS140) [1390] [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1391] Yeah.
[1392] I went ehm, when did I go?
[1393] Thursday afternoon for about three [...] . [...] .
Edith (PS143) [1394] Was there really?
Ralph (PS142) [1395] They said that ehm, if you get it in less than six [...] .
Edith (PS143) [1396] Oh that's right yeah .
Ralph (PS142) [1397] You get the fifty pound prize.
Edith (PS143) [1398] That's it.
Ralph (PS142) [1399] Shaney wasn't actually playing a game, but she was sitting next too a women that was.
Edith (PS143) [1400] Yeah.
Ralph (PS142) [1401] Every time the woman was marking off the numbers Shaney was turning the card over, you know, she turned it over in six cards.
Edith (PS143) [1402] Yeah.
Ralph (PS142) [1403] And the women went oh eh unlucky that was seven numbers, Shaney said to her it weren't that was six numbers, and they got [...] and that and got the computer print out and all that , and then it was six numbers.
Edith (PS143) [1404] [...] .
[1405] Was that Scottish women?
Ralph (PS142) [1406] And then, yeah, and then Sunday night, the first three games guaranteed at fifty pounds.
Edith (PS143) [1407] Yeah.
Ralph (PS142) [1408] And like half way through it they said ehm, they've giving somebody the wrong prize money or something, they've giving somebody fifty pounds, they should off giving it to this other coloured women right, and apparently this women was giving it all wow man [...] yeah man, and all this you, you know they give it to them in the end and then she won the twelve hundred pounds.
Edith (PS143) [...]
Sheila (PS141) [1409] Ahh.
Ralph (PS142) [1410] Yeah, yeah, the coloured women won the twelve hundred pounds.
Sheila (PS141) [1411] Is that the most the machine [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1412] Yeah, yeah, no, no, I never go on them, never, never [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1413] [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1414] Yes I've noticed that .
Sheila (PS141) [1415] On ours.
Ethel (PS140) [1416] Yeah.
Ralph (PS142) [1417] Yeah, so [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1418] So and so a number on a yellow or a blue or a red, yeah I've seen it .
Sheila (PS141) [1419] Yeah, yeah [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1420] Oh yeah , it's too quick.
Sheila (PS141) [1421] I don't like it, I never play it.
Edith (PS143) [1422] No, I don't play on the other machines either.
Sheila (PS141) [1423] I don't like, I wish I could play it, I couldn't possible make, I keep asking your mate to teach me , I [laugh] .
Edith (PS143) [1424] [...] .
[1425] Yeah but she won't.
Sheila (PS141) [1426] She won't.
Edith (PS143) [1427] Lucky, your gonna take her luck.
Sheila (PS141) [1428] I said I won't play it when your there, just show me how too, [...] machine you know, you know when you get, oh you get silly we can't play these new machines.
Ethel (PS140) [1429] I don't you know, you might do [laugh] , I don't.
Sheila (PS141) [1430] You know how to play those machines.
Edith (PS143) [1431] Well there too fast for me [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1432] You know those that you push.
Ralph (PS142) [1433] No, she mean the ones the eh, apples and pairs.
Sheila (PS141) [1434] Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Ethel (PS140) [1435] The one ... the one arm bandits.
Sheila (PS141) [1436] Yeah.
Ralph (PS142) [1437] Yeah.
Sheila (PS141) [1438] [...] and they say you know, I always do the wrong one you know.
Edith (PS143) [1439] Alice comes back you know, Alice comes back.
Sheila (PS141) [1440] Yeah, she come back, I said show me how to play you know, she said no.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1441] Ten pea doesn't she?
[1442] And she emptied it all out doesn't she on this.
Ralph (PS142) [1443] I know she only sent [...] eighty five pound the other week, Monday afternoon, one afternoon, and she come out with three pounds, eighty three pounds [...] .
Edith (PS143) [1444] All [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1445] [...] .
Edith (PS143) [1446] [...] It's your money you know that, he told me that.
Ethel (PS140) [1447] Oh yes.
Edith (PS143) [1448] He said I've seen them put fifty [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1449] Yeah.
Sheila (PS141) [1450] [...] she comes away at, she's fiddled on [...] she doesn't, she doesn't, she takes about three thousand [...] and comes back [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1451] No, well if you can do that.
Edith (PS143) [1452] Well it's desperate in it normally, sensible, any way so what you going to do, go and put [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1453] Yeah.
Sheila (PS141) [1454] Are we all up for dinner then tonight?
Ralph (PS142) [1455] No.
Edith (PS143) [1456] That's it you tell her Deb.

14 (Tape 006303)

Unknown speaker (KDYPSUNK) [1457] Who did I tell that to ?
Ethel (PS140) [1458] You lying old bag, you lying old bag [...]
Sheila (PS141) [1459] What sort of language is that for a young lady.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1460] Can you hear what she's saying about me Sidney?
Ethel (PS140) [1461] [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1462] She's saying horrible things about me Sidney.
Sheila (PS141) [1463] The question, the question now, are they true or not?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1464] No, there not.
[1465] Just [...] knickers [...] . [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1466] I don't no that we do. [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1467] Lady in the back of the car, just in case. [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1468] [...] . [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1469] I told you I saw her in the mornings standing at the bus stop [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1470] Oh gould. [laughing] .
Ralph (PS142) [1471] There's me going like that in front of.
Ethel (PS140) [1472] Did not see her? [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1473] Shows you what things she's got in her flat ain't I?
Ethel (PS140) [1474] [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1475] Hm.
Ethel (PS140) [1476] [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1477] Pardon, what are we talking about? [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1478] Shaney's moving to Jersey at the end of August.
Ralph (PS142) [1479] Who?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1480] Shaney.
Ralph (PS142) [1481] She's going is she?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1482] She's got a flat over there. [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1483] No, no, to Jersey [...] going out there to live.
Ralph (PS142) [1484] How lovely.
Ethel (PS140) [1485] Ehm, Bank Holiday August, well were going with them that weekend cos like.
Ralph (PS142) [1486] Ah lovely.
Ethel (PS140) [1487] Like taking the van over to ehm, put all there stuff in.
Ralph (PS142) [1488] Oh that [...] .
[1489] [...] . [...] Got a big van or a little one.
Ethel (PS140) [1490] Well his got a little one that he uses for work, but his borrowed his boss big one to take his stuff over.
[1491] [...] So ehm, so, what she going to work over there then.
Ethel (PS140) [1492] Well get a job when she gets over there, yeah.
Ralph (PS142) [1493] You have to get, go there, [...] go over there next year.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1494] We, we, we were supposed to be going there this year, we had it booked up and every thing, we lost our hundred pound deposit.
Sheila (PS141) [1495] Why?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1496] Cos Clive hasn't paid his tax for three years, and the tax man caught up with him.
Sheila (PS141) [1497] [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1498] An awful lot of money, so we had to cancel it.
Ralph (PS142) [1499] Oh.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1500] Yeah.
Ralph (PS142) [1501] His a naughty boy.
[1502] [...] They catch up with you in the end [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1503] Oh yeah.
[1504] [...] . [...] Like David, David and his phone [...] , he won't buy it, this year they give [...] double loss on to.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1505] Yeah. [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1506] He, he won't get away with it.
[1507] [...] Eh?
Sheila (PS141) [1508] He won't get away with it. [...] [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1509] Were going next year, we hope to with Maurice, don't he, he wants to go don't he?
[1510] [...] Have you been there before?
Ralph (PS142) [1511] Yeah, no they haven't been before, they've got a wedding this year.
[1512] [...] Who did?
Ralph (PS142) [1513] No I'd love too, I've always wanted too.
Sheila (PS141) [1514] I have.
[1515] [...] Have you been?
Ralph (PS142) [1516] [...] .
[1517] [...] Is it nice?
Ralph (PS142) [1518] [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1519] Mind you, ehm, he, you must have a car.
[1520] [...] Yeah.
Ralph (PS142) [1521] Oh.
Sheila (PS141) [1522] Well hire a car, cos it's a lovely island and you, you never find these places unless you have a car to, sort of go around [...] .
[1523] [...] Round the place, island.
[1524] There buses I think are [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1525] Well I think so, I'm not sure.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1526] Yeah, I think there are.
[1527] [...] car, just go where you want then.
Ralph (PS142) [1528] Can go there, yeah .
Sheila (PS141) [1529] Oh yes , yeah, yeah, yeah.
Ralph (PS142) [1530] But Harry spoke a bit the last time we went [...] , he said [...] [...] So what [...] hire a car [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1531] Oh yes.
Ralph (PS142) [1532] Yeah.
[1533] [...] It's not so expensive actually, we like.
Sheila (PS141) [1534] No, I believe it's really reasonable.
[1535] [...] I mean, I think it was about, it worked out about eight three pound for a week, so I mean if there's four of you then it's you know [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1536] [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1537] [...] .
[1538] [...] [...] all over the place [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1539] The air fares have gone up, [...] , cos she's got relatives there and she said where it used to be about [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1540] Well, ours worked out, when we worked ours out, it worked out, what was it, three hundred and eighty six.
Ralph (PS142) [1541] Four?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1542] No that was for two of us.
[1543] [...] In a hotel as well?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1544] Well, it was a self catering flat. [...] [...] . [tannoy] . [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1545] It was.
Ralph (PS142) [1546] It was four hundred pounds.
[1547] [...] Yeah, that's probably, that was probably eh.
Sheila (PS141) [1548] Each, that each?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1549] Well I mean when Shaney's living out there, I mean, she might be able to a
Sheila (PS141) [1550] That was each for a week wasn't it?
Ralph (PS142) [1551] But you've for accommodation [...] .
[1552] [...] Accommodate for everybody that comes over eh, charge them a small fee.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1553] Pay what get [...] , cost the earth, I mean look at us at [...] . [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1554] It's what, three hundred and something each.
Ethel (PS140) [1555] Where did you go to?
Ralph (PS142) [1556] Heathlands at Bournemouth last year in March.
Ethel (PS140) [1557] Three hundred and something each.
Ralph (PS142) [1558] Yeah.
Sheila (PS141) [1559] No, that wasn't Heathlands that was Anglo Swiss .
Ralph (PS142) [1560] Anglo Swiss , sorry.
Ethel (PS140) [1561] Oh I'm trying to say is [noise] in this country pay so much. [tannoy announcement] . [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1562] It's worth it.
Sheila (PS141) [1563] No it's not.
Ralph (PS142) [1564] It's a lovely hotel.
Ethel (PS140) [1565] It seems like it's cheaper to go away.
Ralph (PS142) [1566] Well no it's not cos you don't know what your going into do you [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1567] Yeah, I suppose so.
Ralph (PS142) [1568] We know what were going into and it's a beautiful hotel, lovely food, and you pay what you get.
Ethel (PS140) [1569] Yeah.
Ralph (PS142) [1570] Let's be honest you do.
[1571] [...] [...] you can tell us all about it when you've been over.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1572] Well were going for a long weekend, like the Bank Holiday weekend [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1573] Yeah.
[1574] [...] Have ... have ... have they got a place at a [...] . [noise] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1575] Yeah, [...] over there.
[1576] [...] Oh they have.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1577] They've got there mum and dad [tannoy announcement] , got a flat over there.
Ralph (PS142) [1578] Oh nice.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1579] So.
[1580] Cos Dave's been out the country like ehm, well it's just under ten years, and if he stays out longer than ten years he loose, he loose his citizenship.
Ralph (PS142) [1581] That's it, yeah.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1582] So he wants to go back.
Ralph (PS142) [1583] Go back, course, yeah.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1584] Eh.
Ralph (PS142) [1585] Yeah, course he does.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1586] Like Tony said she's, you know she's got no home, she's doesn't particularly like her job so.
Ralph (PS142) [1587] She don't like that any more?
[1588] What did she do on that course?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1589] Sales Rep, no, no, no, she's ehm works for a recruitment agency.
Ralph (PS142) [1590] Does she?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1591] But it's up by Heathrow Airport, it's a long journey every day .
Ralph (PS142) [1592] Oh god .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1593] You know like twice a day, so she's got nothing too loose really.
Ralph (PS142) [1594] Well good luck to her mate, it's the only way, do these things when your younger , might as well, just wish her all the luck.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1595] [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1596] Yeah, oh yeah.
Ethel (PS140) [1597] [...] these days [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1598] Can't be any worse than this [...] [tannoy announcement] .
Ralph (PS142) [1599] His calling. [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1600] [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1601] [...] . [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1602] Watching all the cricket and stuff, oh yeah .
Sheila (PS141) [1603] Yes , yes of course.
Ralph (PS142) [1604] Is there cricket on today?
Sheila (PS141) [1605] No there's test match starts on Thursday I think.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1606] Ooh
Ethel (PS140) [1607] All worked out .
Ralph (PS142) [1608] Oh yes .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1609] [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1610] Hm?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1611] Were going up to the test match at the Oval, Clive likes that.
Sheila (PS141) [1612] Yeah, I don't blame him.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1613] [...] all the time. [laughing] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1614] His told me I'm not allowed to talk. [laughing] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1615] I'm not going then .
[1616] [...] Debbie [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1617] Do sign language, [...] . [...] .
Ralph (PS142) [1618] Oh.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1619] No it's not.
Ralph (PS142) [1620] Oh, that's, that's not nice is it?
[1621] [...] Young chaps don't like cricket, it's only the old boys.
Sheila (PS141) [1622] Course they do.
[1623] [...] They don't mind if they play, but a lot of them want's it, watch it on, watch cricket.
Ralph (PS142) [1624] You want to see the youngsters there at the [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1625] Yeah.
Ralph (PS142) [1626] There are a lot of youngsters there, yeah .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1627] That's what he said to me, cos I said oh it's all old men you know what I mean, he said it's not he said like, you go down the West Indian end, he said and it's really a blinding day out.
Ralph (PS142) [1628] Yeah.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1629] Really good, well I said if someone tells me to shut up.
Sheila (PS141) [1630] Make a drum and rope her in.
Ralph (PS142) [1631] [laughing] Yeah.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1632] With cans of lager.
Ralph (PS142) [1633] [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1634] I know, I'm gonna get the eh .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1635] Oh, what was it [...] .
[1636] [...] cos I've got the shopping list.
Ralph (PS142) [1637] Right [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1638] See you later.

15 (Tape 006304)

Unknown speaker (KDYPSUNK) [1639] Well she's as pale as a perivale ghost.
Sheila (PS141) [1640] She said she thoroughly enjoyed it but she wished [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1641] Oh no [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1642] Well I don't know, I think it's a bit, it's like Sheila, I mean when David first went out there that's all she kept on about was going out to live in Australia.
[1643] When she came back after she went out there too his wedding she never mentioned it once again.
Ethel (PS140) [1644] Really.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1645] I think it's a bit desolate in places and a bit ram shackled, shanty fashion and, once you get outside the town.
Ethel (PS140) [1646] Yeah, that's right, yeah.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1647] I think the heat can get a bit much for ya also if your not used to it.
Ethel (PS140) [1648] Yeah, that's what she said, she said that .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1649] Well, she's now I mean Sheila was out there in January that's virtually the middle of summer.
Ethel (PS140) [1650] Yeah.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1651] But I didn't recognise her when she came off the plane.
[1652] She looked thin, gaunt.
Ethel (PS140) [1653] Thin? [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1654] Well I don't think ehm, she and, daughter in law saw exactly eye to eye for a start.
Ethel (PS140) [1655] Oh I see.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1656] Knowing Sheila she probably wanted to rule the roost and Elaine wasn't going to have it.
Ethel (PS140) [1657] Oh ... .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1658] Oh I want ehm, can we get ehm.
Sheila (PS141) [1659] What do you want your Whisky?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1660] No cigarettes.
[1661] Two hundred ehm ...
Sheila (PS141) [1662] Bensons?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1663] No.
Sheila (PS141) [1664] Silk Cut?
Ethel (PS140) [1665] Silk Cut?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1666] Oh my bloody trolley's gone out and walked [laughing] .
Ethel (PS140) [1667] Well go and get it .
Sheila (PS141) [1668] Go and get it .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1669] Yeah Silk Cut .
Sheila (PS141) [1670] Silk Cut .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1671] Ehm Extra.
Sheila (PS141) [1672] Extra.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1673] Yeah ... Alright cheers mate, lost the bloody thing.
[1674] [wheeling trolley] All I did was turn me back for a minute and it was [...] [laughing] .

16 (Tape 006305)

Unknown speaker (KDYPSUNK) [1675] They watching, they watch like a hawk, cos remember I did it last, I did ... I did it last time, this is yonks ago.
Ethel (PS140) [1676] Yeah, I'm watching.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1677] And when I came, when I went up stairs.
Ethel (PS140) [1678] Yes.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1679] She said to me ehm, didn't count those, didn't give a re ... refund on those cigarettes yet, I said no .
Ethel (PS140) [1680] Can't do it up here.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1681] I said I added up Whisky, added up wine, nothing in [...] , but they ... they watch you.
Ethel (PS140) [1682] Yeah.
Sheila (PS141) [1683] Have you got them by the way?
Ethel (PS140) [1684] [...] she's bring them up.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1685] [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1686] Here are take. [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1687] Cigarettes.
Ethel (PS140) [1688] What you pay for your cigarettes?
Sheila (PS141) [1689] I dunno.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1690] Right, well, all I can do is take one lot, one coupon.
Ethel (PS140) [1691] Yeah, that's fair.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1692] But, she's [...] , now she's gonna ask me [...] , ridiculous isn't it eh?
Ethel (PS140) [1693] Sorry I know [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1694] Yeah.
[1695] So what, what I'll shall do it was fourteen pounds ... no what I'll do is the whole amount and if she says any thing I say [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1696] Thanks [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1697] You know me darling.
[1698] Do you know, I was ehm, [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1699] Not pulled?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1700] [...] .
[1701] Still spend ... still spend your money Irene.
[1702] Don't need any more?
Ethel (PS140) [1703] No.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1704] You still spend the money.
Ethel (PS140) [1705] Two ninety eight yes, right.
[1706] [noise] That's yours, that's yours [...] , take [...] . [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1707] Oh, I'm alright I'm [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1708] Thirty two and ninety eight, thirty three, thirty four, thirty five, and one pound.
Ethel (PS140) [1709] Thanks very much dear.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1710] That's all right.
[1711] Been any body else I might've eh.
Ethel (PS140) [1712] I know, yeah.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1713] [...] .
Sheila (PS141) [1714] What she doing?
Ethel (PS140) [1715] [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1716] [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1717] Yes I know love, yeah, don't want to get in any trouble, ta la Gwen.
Sheila (PS141) [1718] Hi Gwen .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1719] Ta la.
Ethel (PS140) [1720] Ta la love.
Sheila (PS141) [1721] By the way is Bob still with his local round down at Marlow Road?
Ethel (PS140) [1722] Yes.
Sheila (PS141) [1723] I never see him these days, I don't know why.
Ethel (PS140) [1724] Bob's doing the rounds yeah.
Sheila (PS141) [1725] Hm, okay.
Ethel (PS140) [1726] His probably in and out doors [...] so quick you can't see him.
Sheila (PS141) [1727] [laugh] .
Ethel (PS140) [1728] You know what I mean.
Sheila (PS141) [1729] Yeah I know what you mean.
Ethel (PS140) [...] ...
Sheila (PS141) [1730] [laugh] , trolley came all the way down here, out through here and in the car park [laugh] .
Ethel (PS140) [1731] I know [...] did it?.
Sheila (PS141) [1732] It was up over there.
Ethel (PS140) [1733] It came here?
Sheila (PS141) [1734] Yeah, down here and up over there.
Ethel (PS140) [1735] Oh I say.
Sheila (PS141) [1736] I couldn't believe it [laugh] .
Ethel (PS140) [1737] You said my trolley going there.

17 (Tape 006306)

Unknown speaker (KDYPSUNK) [1738] They do it all individual.
Ethel (PS140) [1739] Well yes, what you talking about, all the cigarettes that's what they have to do apparently [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1740] Yeah .
[1741] Oh gould ten ninety, one ninety nine [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1742] Hm, what do you think you can't.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1743] Ten nines are ninety.
Ethel (PS140) [1744] No, look.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1745] Ten pound ninety, ten pound ninety nine, right?
[1746] Is it ten pound ninety nine?
Ethel (PS140) [1747] No.
[1748] You add a nought on the end of that figure, now what have you got there?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1749] You add one pound ninety [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1750] Look it says one ninety one, yes.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1751] Yeah.
Ethel (PS140) [1752] Put a nought on the end then what does it read?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1753] One ninety one.
Ethel (PS140) [1754] No, add a nought on the end of it.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1755] One, nine hundred and ten, you said a nought on it.
Ethel (PS140) [1756] Yeah.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1757] Oh, ninety O one.
Ethel (PS140) [1758] Nineteen ten.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1759] Oh.
Ethel (PS140) [1760] Nineteen, one O.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1761] Oh, I see, nineteen ten.
Ethel (PS140) [1762] Isn't it?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1763] Just nineteen ten, that cost that much [...] , you got to be joking, it cost me fifteen fourteen when I use to get [...] .
Ethel (PS140) [1764] Well they've gone up since then.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1765] Christ [...] , I don't believe it ... [clears throat] Sure it's nineteen?
Ethel (PS140) [1766] Yes [...] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1767] Are you having me on?
Ethel (PS140) [1768] There gonna pull that down obviously.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1769] Yeah, yeah, we haven't got it, we could of had that as a nice car park.
[1770] It ... it's a [...] car park.
Ethel (PS140) [1771] No, it wouldn't be big enough.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1772] Wouldn't it?
Ethel (PS140) [1773] No.
[1774] [...] pay for that, they just a [...] little annexe, you'd only get half a dozen cars in it.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1775] Move that [...] I said.
Ethel (PS140) [1776] Hm.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1777] I've already got to give you ninety pea back.
Ethel (PS140) [1778] I was .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1779] Had your twenty, I don't believe it .
Ethel (PS140) [1780] It's a bit late for renovation I expect.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1781] I thought I'd have to give you back a lot more money.
Ethel (PS140) [1782] No, no, no.

18 (Tape 006307)

Unknown speaker (KDYPSUNK) [1783] There's that black driver again [...] nine years.
[1784] Road is there's the country is there's, so the road might as well be there's.
[1785] Gonna have some rain later on I think.
[1786] Did last night didn't it Sid?
Ethel (PS140) [1787] Well it did yesterday.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1788] When you when out, was it in the car, it was wet?
Ethel (PS140) [1789] Yeah.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1790] When I looked out.
Ethel (PS140) [1791] There was ehm.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1792] [...] , you can't even reverse.
[1793] I remember Debbie bringing me home once from [...] Bingo and he's coming up as she's coming up, she's almost there too her house, and he wouldn't budge, he wouldn't back, he wouldn't reverse at all.
Ethel (PS140) [1794] Well that was probably sheer bloody chasifness.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1795] Well, she was wild [...] ... Now you should have brought that thing when Sue was talking about the Australia Barrier Reef.
Ethel (PS140) [1796] What darling?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1797] That thing, switched on the conversation.
Ethel (PS140) [1798] I did.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1799] Oh, lovely.
Ethel (PS140) [1800] [laugh] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1801] Oh, lovely Sid, not with Elvia about having a leg over or any thing.
Ethel (PS140) [1802] She didn't mentioned it did she?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1803] She did.
Ethel (PS140) [1804] Well you can listen to it later on.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1805] Oh, oh, you can play it back can you?
Ethel (PS140) [1806] Yeah.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1807] Oh that'll be interesting.
Ethel (PS140) [1808] [laugh] .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1809] Have you got much on it Sid?
Ethel (PS140) [1810] No, actually I.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1811] That would of been interested at Sue's.
Ethel (PS140) [1812] See I'm, I've buggered it up .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1813] Should of told me , and I could of kept [...] more.
Ethel (PS140) [1814] [...] I tried to get [...] and Paula on the tape.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1815] Oh yeah.
Ethel (PS140) [1816] And.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1817] Don't know people do they?
Ethel (PS140) [1818] No, there's, they say in the brief you've read it, eh, ok, if they ask you tell them, or show them this form, say what it's all about, but don't tell them till after.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1819] Conversation.
Ethel (PS140) [1820] Because otherwise it's always stinted .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1821] It's all false in it?
Ethel (PS140) [1822] Yeah.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1823] Have you got us two on there at all?
Ethel (PS140) [1824] Ehm, oh yeah.
Sidney (PS0SV) [1825] Have you?
Ethel (PS140) [1826] Well you'll be on this one won't you?
Sidney (PS0SV) [1827] Yeah, but, I mean indoors, yeah.
Ethel (PS140) [1828] For a start .
Sidney (PS0SV) [1829] Oh no, no, not indoors, no.
[1830] I meant too a, I buggered it up I.