BNC Text KE2

153 conversations recorded by `Terence' (PS0W2) between 20 and 27 February 1992 with 10 interlocutors, totalling 10080 s-units, 77961 words, and over 12 hours 49 minutes 22 seconds of recordings.

11 speakers recorded by respondent number 113

PS0W2 Ag5 m (Terence, age 70, retired (headteacher), East Anglia, )
PS0W3 Ag3 m (Richard, age 44, fireman, Lower South-west England, ) son
PS0W4 Ag5 f (Margaret, age 70, retired, Irish, ) wife
PS0W5 Ag0 f (Lucy, age 13, student, Lower South-west England, ) friend
PS0W6 Ag0 f (Holly, age 13, student, Lower South-west England, ) friend
PS0W7 Ag0 m (Adrian, age 13, student, Lower South-west England, ) friend
PS0W8 Ag0 f (Danielle, age 13, student, Lower South-west England, ) friend
PS0W9 Ag3 f (Christine, age 40, housewife, Lower South-west England, ) friend
PS0WA Ag4 f (Mima, age 50, housewife, Lower South-west England, ) friend
KE2PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KE2PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

153 recordings

  1. Tape 037901 recorded on 1992-02-20. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: drinking coffee
  2. Tape 037902 recorded on 1992-02-20. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: drinking coffee
  3. Tape 037903 recorded on 1992-02-20. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: drinking coffee
  4. Tape 037904 recorded on 1992-02-20. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: teaching
  5. Tape 038001 recorded on 1992-02-20. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: teaching
  6. Tape 038002 recorded on 1992-02-20. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: teaching
  7. Tape 038003 recorded on 1992-02-20. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: teaching
  8. Tape 038101 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: early morning cup of tea
  9. Tape 038102 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: early morning cup of tea
  10. Tape 038103 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: early morning cup of tea
  11. Tape 038104 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: early morning cup of tea
  12. Tape 038105 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: early morning cup of tea
  13. Tape 038106 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: early morning cup of tea
  14. Tape 038107 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( out ) Activity: walk out to buy papers
  15. Tape 038108 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: eating breakfast
  16. Tape 038109 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: eating breakfast
  17. Tape 038110 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: eating breakfast
  18. Tape 038111 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: eating breakfast
  19. Tape 038112 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: eating breakfast
  20. Tape 038201 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( in car ) Activity: going shopping
  21. Tape 038202 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( out ) Activity: shopping
  22. Tape 038203 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( out ) Activity: shopping
  23. Tape 038301 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: preparing and eating lunch and clearing up
  24. Tape 038302 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: preparing and eating lunch and clearing up
  25. Tape 038303 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: afternoon tea and television on
  26. Tape 038304 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: afternoon tea and television on
  27. Tape 038401 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: cooking and eating evening meal
  28. Tape 038402 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: cooking and eating evening meal
  29. Tape 038403 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: cooking and eating evening meal
  30. Tape 038404 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: cooking and eating evening meal
  31. Tape 038405 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: cooking and eating evening meal
  32. Tape 038406 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: cooking and eating evening meal
  33. Tape 038407 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: cooking and eating evening meal
  34. Tape 038408 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: clearing up after meal
  35. Tape 038501 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: walking to paper shop and having breakfast
  36. Tape 038502 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( out ) Activity: walking to paper shop
  37. Tape 038503 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( out ) Activity: walking to paper shop
  38. Tape 038504 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: having breakfast
  39. Tape 038505 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: having breakfast
  40. Tape 038506 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( out ) Activity: shopping
  41. Tape 038507 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( out ) Activity: shopping
  42. Tape 038601 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: drinking coffee
  43. Tape 038602 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: drinking coffee
  44. Tape 038603 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: doing crossword
  45. Tape 038604 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: drinking coffee
  46. Tape 038605 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking
  47. Tape 038606 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking
  48. Tape 038701 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( in car ) Activity: going to church
  49. Tape 038702 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( in car ) Activity: going to church
  50. Tape 038703 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( in shop ) Activity: buying bread
  51. Tape 038704 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: drinking coffee
  52. Tape 038705 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking
  53. Tape 038706 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking
  54. Tape 038801 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking
  55. Tape 038802 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking
  56. Tape 038803 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking
  57. Tape 038804 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking
  58. Tape 038805 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking
  59. Tape 038806 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking
  60. Tape 038901 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking in garden
  61. Tape 038902 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking
  62. Tape 038903 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: watching television
  63. Tape 038904 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: watching television
  64. Tape 038905 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: watching television
  65. Tape 038906 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: watching television
  66. Tape 038907 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: odd jobs about house
  67. Tape 038908 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: watching television
  68. Tape 038909 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: watching television
  69. Tape 038910 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: eating evening meal
  70. Tape 039001 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: watching television
  71. Tape 039002 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: watching television
  72. Tape 039003 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking
  73. Tape 039004 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking
  74. Tape 039005 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking
  75. Tape 039006 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking
  76. Tape 039007 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: having breakfast
  77. Tape 039008 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at church ) Activity: talking to friends
  78. Tape 039009 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at church ) Activity: talking to friends
  79. Tape 039101 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at church ) Activity: counting money
  80. Tape 039102 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at church ) Activity: talking
  81. Tape 039103 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at church ) Activity: talking
  82. Tape 039104 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at church ) Activity: going home
  83. Tape 039201 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking
  84. Tape 039202 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: reading paper
  85. Tape 039203 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: reading paper
  86. Tape 039204 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: doing crossword
  87. Tape 039205 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking
  88. Tape 039206 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking
  89. Tape 039207 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking
  90. Tape 039208 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( in car ) Activity: going shopping
  91. Tape 039209 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( shopping ) Activity: talking to friend
  92. Tape 039301 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking
  93. Tape 039302 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: reading
  94. Tape 039303 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: reading newspaper
  95. Tape 039304 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking
  96. Tape 039305 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: reading paper
  97. Tape 039306 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: teaching
  98. Tape 039307 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: teaching
  99. Tape 039401 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: having evening meal
  100. Tape 039402 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: having evening meal and clearing up
  101. Tape 039403 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: sitting resting
  102. Tape 039404 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: sitting resting
  103. Tape 039405 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: clearing up
  104. Tape 039406 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: sitting resting
  105. Tape 039407 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( out ) Activity: collecting newspapers and clearing out a parish hall
  106. Tape 039408 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot () Activity: Unspecified
  107. Tape 039409 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( out ) Activity: collecting newspapers and clearing out a parish hall
  108. Tape 039410 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( out ) Activity: clearing out a parish hall
  109. Tape 039411 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( out ) Activity: clearing out a parish hall
  110. Tape 039412 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( out ) Activity: clearing out a parish hall
  111. Tape 039413 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( out ) Activity: clearing out a parish hall
  112. Tape 039414 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( out ) Activity: clearing out a parish hall
  113. Tape 039501 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( out ) Activity: admiring flowers
  114. Tape 039502 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( in car ) Activity: going home
  115. Tape 039503 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: in garden
  116. Tape 039504 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking
  117. Tape 039505 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: drinking coffee
  118. Tape 039506 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: having lunch
  119. Tape 039507 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: having lunch
  120. Tape 039508 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( in car ) Activity: going shopping
  121. Tape 039509 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( shopping ) Activity: buying seeds
  122. Tape 039601 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( home ) Activity: preparing and eating lunch
  123. Tape 039602 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot/Dartington ( out ) Activity: shopping
  124. Tape 039603 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot/Dartington ( out ) Activity: shopping
  125. Tape 039604 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot/Dartington ( out ) Activity: walking
  126. Tape 039605 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot/Dartington ( out ) Activity: shopping and walking by river through woods
  127. Tape 039606 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( out ) Activity: collecting newspaper
  128. Tape 039607 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( out ) Activity: collecting newspaper
  129. Tape 039608 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( out ) Activity: collecting newspaper
  130. Tape 039609 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( out ) Activity: collecting newspaper
  131. Tape 039610 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( out ) Activity: collecting newspaper
  132. Tape 039611 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( out ) Activity: collecting newspaper
  133. Tape 039612 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: preparing food, having breakfast, reading newspaper
  134. Tape 039614 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: preparing food, having breakfast, reading newspaper
  135. Tape 039615 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: preparing food, having breakfast, reading newspaper
  136. Tape 039616 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: preparing food, having breakfast, reading newspaper
  137. Tape 039701 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: eating lunch and doing crossword
  138. Tape 039702 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: eating lunch and doing crossword
  139. Tape 039703 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: eating lunch and doing crossword
  140. Tape 039704 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: eating lunch and doing crossword
  141. Tape 039705 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( out ) Activity: collecting newspaper
  142. Tape 039706 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  143. Tape 039707 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( home ) Activity: helping friend with her maths
  144. Tape 039708 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( home ) Activity: helping friend with her maths
  145. Tape 039801 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: watching television
  146. Tape 039802 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: watching television
  147. Tape 039803 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: looking at maps
  148. Tape 039804 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( in car ) Activity: parking
  149. Tape 039805 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at shops ) Activity: shopping
  150. Tape 039806 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at travel agents ) Activity: getting tickets
  151. Tape 039807 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: doing crossword
  152. Tape 039808 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: doing crossword
  153. Tape 039809 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking

1 (Tape 037901)

Margaret (PS0W4) [1] He might try and come down again
Richard (PS0W3) [2] What before
Margaret (PS0W4) [3] before then, but you know it depends
Richard (PS0W3) [4] Yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [5] cos he's, this Friday he's taking a group erm youngsters to Paris
Richard (PS0W3) [6] Is he?
Margaret (PS0W4) [7] That had been booked you see before
Richard (PS0W3) [8] Yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [9] in fact he was also booked at Easter to go to the erm to Florence
Richard (PS0W3) [10] But he couldn't
Margaret (PS0W4) [11] again, but he's had to cancel that
Richard (PS0W3) [12] Yeah, someone else has got to obviously in his place
Margaret (PS0W4) [13] Either that or I'd imagine
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [14] the people that went before have to sort of do it, but as I say he wasn't er, er
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [15] we went up at dinner time on the next day and, because he went back after he
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [16] the morning again, and we took Daniel up to the er, cos there was a station, Christopher picked him up there and off they went you see so erm haven't heard anything I presume [laughing] he got back [] alright but as I say
Richard (PS0W3) [17] How's Carris taken all this anyway now?
Margaret (PS0W4) [18] Mm?
Richard (PS0W3) [19] How's Carris taken all this now?
Margaret (PS0W4) [20] Well seemingly she's erm
Richard (PS0W3) [21] A bit resigned to it now?
Margaret (PS0W4) [22] a bit more resigned, there's another, there's another sort of erm possibility, I mean if they sold their house quickly of course then, you know they'd come down here obviously and they'd try and look for something, but it's not likely that they'd sell their house that quickly
Richard (PS0W3) [23] No
Margaret (PS0W4) [24] but if they did and
Richard (PS0W3) [25] They sell it
Margaret (PS0W4) [26] you know they'd all come down, but if they don't, erm
Richard (PS0W3) [27] Christopher would travel
Margaret (PS0W4) [28] possibility is that Marilyn would stay up there for another year with Carris you know in their house and Timothy of course and erm, then sort of move down here
Richard (PS0W3) [29] What after Carris has done her er GCSEs?
Margaret (PS0W4) [30] I imagine so, is she due to do them next year?
Richard (PS0W3) [31] No she's not
Terence (PS0W2) [32] No she's not you see she's
Richard (PS0W3) [33] no
Terence (PS0W2) [34] got another year after that
Margaret (PS0W4) [35] after that oh I thought she was
Richard (PS0W3) [36] I would of thought I would of thought is she, if they're gonna move this year is the year she's def gotta do it
Margaret (PS0W4) [37] Yeah well Christopher knows that
Richard (PS0W3) [38] Yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [39] but erm, if everything else being equal obviously that would be the thing to do
Terence (PS0W2) [40] Yes, that'd be me
Margaret (PS0W4) [41] but if they can't well
Terence (PS0W2) [42] they won't want to be separated for
Margaret (PS0W4) [43] well he
Richard (PS0W3) [44] twelve months
Terence (PS0W2) [45] twelve months or so
Margaret (PS0W4) [46] He's going to be going up erm each weekend if this happens
Richard (PS0W3) [47] Oh yeah I mean that's that's the
Margaret (PS0W4) [48] and erm Marilyn will come down of course when she's at, she's worried as well about whether she's going to get a job, cos er, I mean they need to have erm a second income I should think
Richard (PS0W3) [49] Well yeah, but I don't think the job's erm, I mean that's not the problem for her because she can always go on the agency you see and she can do general midwifery
Margaret (PS0W4) [50] Oh on the agency can you?
Richard (PS0W3) [51] Oh yeah, I mean, I mean she can like
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS0W3) [52] she used to go to an old person's home of a night time you know
Margaret (PS0W4) [53] Yeah
Richard (PS0W3) [54] or, or days, you can pick actually just when you want to do it
Terence (PS0W2) [55] Oh yeah that's what she'll get something
Richard (PS0W3) [56] she'll get paid , she'll get paid travelling and everything for that so that er I don't see that that's erm
Margaret (PS0W4) [57] No well that's probably erm
Richard (PS0W3) [58] no I don't think that's a problem
Margaret (PS0W4) [59] no that's not a great consideration
Richard (PS0W3) [60] I I don't see that as a
Margaret (PS0W4) [61] Well I think it's just
Richard (PS0W3) [62] I mean that could be a short term until she could get herself you know a full time regular post
Margaret (PS0W4) [63] It's erm, you know, mostly Carris of course
Richard (PS0W3) [64] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [65] I mean I think if they can
Margaret (PS0W4) [66] but she means if they sell their house they'll come down more every year then
Terence (PS0W2) [67] Yes because in the summer I mean you, some time in the, in this next term would be the ideal thing really because that, if she can stay on for the summer term
Richard (PS0W3) [68] Before September that's right
Terence (PS0W2) [69] erm well most of it I mean she'll be take and erm
Richard (PS0W3) [70] Yes like in September
Margaret (PS0W4) [71] Timothy
Terence (PS0W2) [72] Timothy will take his O levels you see during the summer term, well I mean by the end of June he'd of finished those so that
Richard (PS0W3) [73] September would be the ideal time for erm, you know, to be starting down
Terence (PS0W2) [74] Well July, August I mean any
Richard (PS0W3) [75] Well yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [76] To get settled in
Richard (PS0W3) [77] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [78] Mm
Margaret (PS0W4) [79] but erm
Terence (PS0W2) [80] and
Margaret (PS0W4) [81] as things are at the moment I think it
Richard (PS0W3) [82] But Chris
Margaret (PS0W4) [83] Christopher's very much more happy to have met up with Bob in the office to see what he's you know the thoughts of
Richard (PS0W3) [84] Yeah, he, he'd come away I think rather happy I he, he nev , you know he begun to see here
Margaret (PS0W4) [85] He's had some more idea , he had no idea what be expected of him or anything
Richard (PS0W3) [86] Yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [87] and this Bob erm has sort , he's been quite marvellous, he's set up some fantastic things
Terence (PS0W2) [88] He's getting an O B E
Margaret (PS0W4) [89] in
Richard (PS0W3) [90] Is he?
Margaret (PS0W4) [91] Yeah he's getting an O B E
Terence (PS0W2) [92] next
Margaret (PS0W4) [93] next week isn't it?
Terence (PS0W2) [94] next week or something, yeah
Richard (PS0W3) [95] Is he?
Margaret (PS0W4) [96] And he's written books and all the rest of it and in fact he's, he's going to be erm lecturing at Royal College
Richard (PS0W3) [97] Mm, mm
Margaret (PS0W4) [98] you know after he gets out from here on a temporary basis sort of thing, so that erm ... Christopher says he's gonna be doing it for a year this lecturing, but it's very nice for him because he'll be able to contact him and Bob will help him if it's necessary
Richard (PS0W3) [99] It'd be a difficult situation that will be for Chris then won't it I mean
Terence (PS0W2) [100] Well Chris says he's gotta keep in with him for a little while, he said he
Richard (PS0W3) [101] Right
Terence (PS0W2) [102] he said I'd, I'd, I'd, I'd rather have, rather have him as a friend than an enemy
Richard (PS0W3) [103] And how did he get out of the Chris think he'd get on with him?
Margaret (PS0W4) [104] Oh very well
Terence (PS0W2) [105] Alright
Richard (PS0W3) [106] Was he on the panel, on the board?
Terence (PS0W2) [107] I don't think so no, but you know I mean, for six months if Christopher's living here and having to go back at the weekend, for six months he gets an allowance
Margaret (PS0W4) [108] A travelling allowance, so
Richard (PS0W3) [109] Get it, yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [110] that would save them
Richard (PS0W3) [111] yeah but what that doesn't take into account is the tiredness factor is it?
Terence (PS0W2) [112] Oh no it doesn't
Richard (PS0W3) [113] Because you work, you work the long days
Margaret (PS0W4) [114] and go, go by train
Richard (PS0W3) [115] He'll go back by train
Margaret (PS0W4) [116] no question of Chris driving
Terence (PS0W2) [117] Go by train
Richard (PS0W3) [118] yeah, but you've, but you've actually got to do this, I mean, that's right
Terence (PS0W2) [119] I know it doesn't, but at least it
Richard (PS0W3) [120] Yeah, not
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS0W3) [121] fair enough, yes and he gets moving allowance as well
Terence (PS0W2) [122] Yeah, erm
Richard (PS0W3) [123] removal expenses
Margaret (PS0W4) [124] So, I mean it's
Terence (PS0W2) [125] Yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [126] We don't know anything
Richard (PS0W3) [127] Oh, no that's
Margaret (PS0W4) [128] more than that, nor does he really
Richard (PS0W3) [129] I haven't liked to phone him up because it, you know, I certainly don't want to be, thought that, yeah, yeah, try and be nosy or anything like that, it erm
Margaret (PS0W4) [130] But that I mean we didn't even know he was coming, father rang up on erm
Terence (PS0W2) [131] It was ever so funny really
Margaret (PS0W4) [132] Yeah because I had said to father during the day on Sunday, I wonder if any of our children are alive?
[133] Because we haven't heard or seen any of them [laugh] or anybody
Richard (PS0W3) [134] Well I was, I was at
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [135] No I'm not talking
Terence (PS0W2) [136] Not you
Margaret (PS0W4) [137] no it wasn't you was talking
Terence (PS0W2) [138] we were thinking
Margaret (PS0W4) [139] Bridget even hasn't phoned us either
Richard (PS0W3) [140] I was out on the moor from, it's been a hell of a fortnight really
Margaret (PS0W4) [141] No, no, not, not sort of getting at, anyway I had just said that to father you see
Richard (PS0W3) [142] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [143] I'd phoned up
Margaret (PS0W4) [144] so father said well I'll erm go and see if erm Christopher's
Terence (PS0W2) [145] Timothy answered the phone you see
Margaret (PS0W4) [146] erm there
Terence (PS0W2) [147] so Timothy said oh he said well you want to know what time he's coming tomorrow
Margaret (PS0W4) [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [148] I said pardon
Margaret (PS0W4) [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [149] he said well hasn't he told you?
[150] I said what?
[151] He said oh he says perhaps it was gonna be a surprise
Margaret (PS0W4) [152] I've put my foot in it again
Terence (PS0W2) [153] perhaps I shouldn't of told you, so I said well look Timothy I said this is a conversation that hasn't taken place I said when Christopher comes back in I said if you want to say anything you can, but feel free not to and we'll just, if he comes we won't know anything about it
Margaret (PS0W4) [154] Play it by ear
Terence (PS0W2) [155] that, that way, he must of said something because Christopher phoned up and said I'm coming down tomorrow [laugh]
Margaret (PS0W4) [156] He did say something Christopher told me that
Terence (PS0W2) [157] Oh he did, did he?
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS0W3) [158] and I are off tomorrow and it's the first day off that we've had together you know, for
Margaret (PS0W4) [159] Alright then, so are you gonna go out or something?
Richard (PS0W3) [160] I might , well no we're not
Margaret (PS0W4) [161] Go and have some lunch or something
Richard (PS0W3) [162] Well I dunno, I don't know what we'll do, it's, there's plenty of work to be done around, but I've been out every night this week and I'm in tonight thank goodness, I need to be in
Margaret (PS0W4) [163] Mm
Richard (PS0W3) [164] erm, what's it?
[165] Twenty five miles over the moor for the weekend ...
Terence (PS0W2) [166] Oh and then of course, change the subject completely, we've just, we've been out this morning, have we been out this morning?
Margaret (PS0W4) [167] We've been out together this morning, yes
Terence (PS0W2) [168] We've been out this morning, that's right , we got back in and I was then going to go over to Saint Mary's church club, I wanted to go to the bank at Saint Mary's church, and erm, back door bell goes ding ding ding ding ding and I think it's Chris cos Chris is normally the only one, go out there and who should it be?
[169] It's Bill and his missus, do you remember Bill who used to caretake at school?
Margaret (PS0W4) [170] No you wouldn't know but he was the caretaker at father's school, wonderful man, absolutely, he's got god knows what he hasn't got wrong with him, but he has sort of
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [171] which he's made himself
Richard (PS0W3) [172] Good lord
Margaret (PS0W4) [173] He's
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [174] he's made two of those up there you see
Margaret (PS0W4) [175] Two of those numbers up there are his as well and a painting
Terence (PS0W2) [176] That's a cat and a fiddle
Richard (PS0W3) [177] Yes, strewth, what was I gonna say?
[178] I tell you, you're talking about names in the past, Fred do you remember Fred he was
Margaret (PS0W4) [179] Yes, yes
Terence (PS0W2) [180] Yes, yes
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS0W3) [181] er Fred and er, I can't remember what his wife was called now
Margaret (PS0W4) [182] Joan
Richard (PS0W3) [183] Joan that's right, I met them down the town in Torquay
Terence (PS0W2) [184] Oh gosh, I haven't seen them for a
Richard (PS0W3) [185] Well Fred was working for erm
Terence (PS0W2) [186] Now what was their
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [187] name?
Richard (PS0W3) [188] I can't remember, but Fred he's in the police now
Terence (PS0W2) [189] Is he?
Richard (PS0W3) [190] police now, yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [191] Ooh can I just say, sort of butt in there, I was at the hospital I had to go with my A C
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS0W3) [192] Oh yeah and you met er, now who was in there, up there?
Margaret (PS0W4) [193] Oh you, you've heard did you?
Terence (PS0W2)
Richard (PS0W3) [194] Yeah, but, no
Margaret (PS0W4) [195] Oh yes that's, that's, that's erm, erm
Richard (PS0W3) [196] Ray mum
Margaret (PS0W4) [197] that's erm the mother
Richard (PS0W3) [198] The mother
Margaret (PS0W4) [199] she's a wonderful erm, she's a nurse that does the A C clinic
Richard (PS0W3) [200] Oh is she?
Margaret (PS0W4) [201] Yeah and I said to her erm, and she said I don't know how it came out about her son in the fire service, oh I know she'd just come back from Orlando, cos she'd been off work having had a hysterectomy and she had three week's leave due to her
Richard (PS0W3) [202] And you said your son's going to Orlando
Margaret (PS0W4) [203] so she went to erm Orlando
Richard (PS0W3) [204] I am
Margaret (PS0W4) [205] so I said oh my son's going there sort of erm this summer and er she said oh don't they live you know locally, so I said well in Newton Abbott and erm he works in the fire service
Richard (PS0W3) [206] So does my son
Margaret (PS0W4) [207] and so
Richard (PS0W3) [208] Ray told me about it, he said that erm this bloke
Margaret (PS0W4) [209] ah he said that ah she's a lovely lady she really is
Richard (PS0W3) [210] so
Margaret (PS0W4) [211] but then after, not after, before then, I was sitting up waiting to give my bloody when Mrs said
Richard (PS0W3) [212] Pat's Pat's wife
Margaret (PS0W4) [213] Yeah
Richard (PS0W3) [214] er Pat's, Pat's mother
Terence (PS0W2) [215] Mm
Richard (PS0W3) [216] she used to live in
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [217] she said to me, erm
Terence (PS0W2) [218] Oh he's in the fire service?
Richard (PS0W3) [219] Yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [220] Yeah
Richard (PS0W3) [221] Pat, Pat works in
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS0W3) [222] office
Terence (PS0W2) [223] Yeah with you?
Margaret (PS0W4) [224] Is he?
[225] Yeah that's right
Richard (PS0W3) [226] Yeah he works in the same office
Terence (PS0W2) [227] God
Margaret (PS0W4) [228] She said erm he's in erm
Richard (PS0W3) [229] Fire prevention
Margaret (PS0W4) [230] Torquay and fire prevention oh I said he must be with Richard, yes she said he is
Richard (PS0W3) [231] Yeah, yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [232] [laugh] Ah ain't that funny both on the same day
Richard (PS0W3) [233] But Fred was saying, er because, erm the dreadful thing was I couldn't remember his name to start with I think I could try if I knew but I couldn't remember what his christian name
Terence (PS0W2) [234] Fred
Richard (PS0W3) [235] Fred
Margaret (PS0W4) [236] Angela wasn't it the girl's name?
Richard (PS0W3) [237] Erm
Terence (PS0W2) [238] Oh Angela
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS0W3) [239] and er actually Joan was quite embarrassed because she heard that you were in a box
Margaret (PS0W4) [240] [laugh] Oh goodness gracious
Richard (PS0W3) [241] and I said well she wasn't the last time I saw her
Margaret (PS0W4) [laugh]
Richard (PS0W3) [242] She said oh I'm ever so sorry, she said perhaps it's your mother, I said no I said she was alive and kicking as well the last time I saw her [laugh] so
Margaret (PS0W4) [243] Oh she probably heard that I had not been well
Richard (PS0W3) [244] Well that's right
Margaret (PS0W4) [245] that'll be it
Richard (PS0W3) [246] that's what I'd guessed, erm, so I said no, I said they're fine, so she said oh I'm ever so sorry I said don't be I said these sort of things get around, I mean it's, she kept go and then I went on to describe how I virtually done not too a dissimilar thing going up the road trying to talk to people about writing in to object, you know with this planning application and erm, I said I sort of knock on someone's door up there and I thought it was the next door that the husband had died and it was that one
Margaret (PS0W4) [247] Oh dear
Terence (PS0W2) [248] Mm, mm
Margaret (PS0W4) [249] you can't help putting
Richard (PS0W3) [250] I'm going to go to the planning committee meeting there
Margaret (PS0W4) [251] Are you?
Richard (PS0W3) [252] on Monday and then happily leave around about ten o'clock
Margaret (PS0W4) [253] So you can go alright can you?
Richard (PS0W3) [254] Oh yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [255] They'll, they'll allow you to go?
Richard (PS0W3) [256] Oh yeah you're allowed to go in and watch, you're not allowed to say anything, but I just wanna go in and, and er
Terence (PS0W2) [257] See who says what
Richard (PS0W3) [258] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [259] Yeah, that's a good idea, mm
Margaret (PS0W4) [260] Yes well I mean had we had any idea about this, obviously father would of
Terence (PS0W2) [261] Didn't even go to the committee dear, this one
Margaret (PS0W4) [262] Didn't even no I've never even went to the committee, yours was
Terence (PS0W2) [263] That was, that was the trouble with ours
Margaret (PS0W4) [264] going to a committee
Terence (PS0W2) [265] absolutely I'm sure of that
Richard (PS0W3) [266] Well I mean it's , it's well as soon as, it's, well did you write in and object in within the time?
Margaret (PS0W4) [267] Oh yeah, yes
Terence (PS0W2) [268] I wrote, I wrote a foolscap letter with about nine points on it and somebody who, the architect, Chris's architect next door said with a letter like that going in, it must go to the committee
Richard (PS0W3) [269] Mm
Terence (PS0W2) [270] so I wasn't bothered, but it didn't go to the committee and now, afterwards when I
Richard (PS0W3) [271] Mm
Terence (PS0W2) [272] then it was too late
Richard (PS0W3) [273] But you can't appeal against it, you can't appeal against it
Terence (PS0W2) [274] No, no
Margaret (PS0W4) [275] No that's right
Richard (PS0W3) [276] they,
Terence (PS0W2) [277] they can appeal
Richard (PS0W3) [278] they can appeal
Margaret (PS0W4) [279] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [280] but you can't and I think it's very wrong that one man should have, be almighty god really, do
Margaret (PS0W4) [281] This present mayor was away on holiday at the time, he said perhaps that I should of seen that erm it would go to committee
Richard (PS0W3) [282] I mean I have gone to the trouble, I have been in to see the planning officer that's dealing with it, erm I've written to every single member of the planning committee, I've written to the Environmental Health who have written back to me saying they offer no objections and there because the smell won't be a problem so I've written them back another stinking letter and saying well erm
Terence (PS0W2) [283] Come and live next door
Richard (PS0W3) [284] I, I completely disagree with your thoughts on the fact that there won't be a smell, so much so that the slightest smell if the, if the er proposal gets the go ahead and I shall be on to your office and asking to speak to you personally, to come and [laughing] smell [] this erm
Margaret (PS0W4) [285] And the rubbish, I mean the, the environmental people
Richard (PS0W3) [286] Oh they, they say it's all controllable so that I've, I've answered, I haven't just let the Environmental Health wash over me I've actually written back to them again, er I'll be interested to see whether I get a letter back from them, but I phoned up the Council this morning and they're rejecting on two grounds, one is to do with the highway and the sort of the traffic situation coming in there, although the, the authority, the Highway Department aren't objecting to it and the other one is erm, on local environmental issues I think you know that is, is unsuitably, unsuitable environmentally to the area ... well I can only say that I'm grateful to the planning, to the planning offices for they're going out on a limb if you like because I think they're on thin ice ... erm ... and so long as the committee will, will back them up I mean I don't know of what else I could of done as a person
Terence (PS0W2) [287] No nothing, I don't think you could of done any more, you got it to committee and, and there's nothing more than you can do than that
Richard (PS0W3) [288] erm, so that if, if they then go to an appeal er, I was talking to this planning officer and I was saying that I think I'll consult them, he said I don't think you'll need to he said, and of what you've done so far is pretty good and I can get access to all the letters that have been written in, in objecting into the into the homes
Margaret (PS0W4) [289] Have a lot of other people written in and objecting?
Richard (PS0W3) [290] I think there's I think there's quite a few and I think this is what swayed it, the fact that they have had erm, I know of at least ten ... say ten, there's one, two, three on the other side of the road which is good because Bob which is another one, so that's four, there's which is the other side of the shop, is five, there's us, six, Jean seven, the eight, erm the guy the other side of the which is nine, there is Ginny over the and the erm old persons' home, that's ten that I know of for certain about, er and then I've heard of other people were gonna be writing in, now whether they actually did or not I don't know
Margaret (PS0W4) [291] Mm, as you, see you, you really do need
Richard (PS0W3) [292] but I'm sure, if if I've had ten objections, I mean I've done
Terence (PS0W2) [293] You've done very well by that, you know
Margaret (PS0W4) [294] You really have been to houses
Terence (PS0W2) [295] I wish we of had that knowledge when
Margaret (PS0W4) [296] Had we known about it because this is the sort of thing we could of gone
Terence (PS0W2) [297] We would of done the same sort of thing and could of gone in to see the planning officer but I just, I just assumed you know that, that life was fair but of course there's no justice in this life
Richard (PS0W3) [298] But er, the only, the only, yes, no the only other thing I would of said that you could of perhaps done would be go to to a Local Authority ombudsman
Terence (PS0W2) [299] Well I, we went there afterwards
Richard (PS0W3) [300] Did you and what did he say?
Terence (PS0W2) [301] but it was too late you see and there was no, I mean
Margaret (PS0W4) [302] It was passed
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [303] I, I couldn't produce any evidence of malpractice, I mean I could
Richard (PS0W3) [304] No
Terence (PS0W2) [305] think what I'd like, but I couldn't prove anything and erm, so there was nothing that the ombudsman could do at that stage, at, as the stage complete
Richard (PS0W3) [306] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [307] erm and there was nothing that a Member of Parliament could do, this is the trouble I mean it, it with everybody was saying you should of contacted us before it went to
Richard (PS0W3) [308] I'm going to see Patrick tomorrow, there's a coffee morning up in the village, but erm
Margaret (PS0W4) [309] Well you went to see him
Terence (PS0W2) [310] and he, he is very keen to try and change the law so that people like you and I who is
Richard (PS0W3) [311] can appeal
Terence (PS0W2) [312] can, can appeal against the decision which goes against us, it's, its not fair that we
Richard (PS0W3) [313] because we we're the third party we're not allowed to appeal against it
Terence (PS0W2) [314] It's not fair that the, the other people
Richard (PS0W3) [315] I know
Terence (PS0W2) [316] can appeal but you can't
Richard (PS0W3) [317] I know the person whose house, I mean, I've spoken to Jane at some length and I'll probably ring her tonight erm ... but erm, I, I might go around and see old erm tomorrow at a coffee morning I think up in the village
Margaret (PS0W4) [318] But I think that he I find he's
Terence (PS0W2) [319] Anything he does
Margaret (PS0W4) [320] he's very sympathetic to the likes of
Terence (PS0W2) [321] at least, at least you've got it's going to committee, it's not gonna be just on the on the rest on one man
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [322] One person with er yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [323] erm who will undoubtedly he'll have favourable contacts with the person who was applying.
Richard (PS0W3) [324] I mean as I'm, I don't think they had any option with this I think because it's a change of usage, considerable change of use then it had to go before the committee, erm ... but erm
Margaret (PS0W4) [325] It's okay, even if they get send down then of course they can still appeal but you can't it's ridiculous
Terence (PS0W2) [326] Well it's not fair
Margaret (PS0W4) [327] No
Richard (PS0W3) [328] That's right and, so I don't know, we erm ... we live in hopes anyway.
Terence (PS0W2) [329] And how's Helen?
Richard (PS0W3) [330] Alright, I mean she's working long and hard and er ...
Terence (PS0W2) [331] How does she think she'll do with her A levels?
Richard (PS0W3) [332] Well I think
Terence (PS0W2) [333] Has she had her mocks yet?
Richard (PS0W3) [334] No, not yet she's, she's had an accept, I'm taking her up to Cardiff on Wednesday on a B and two Cs, the thing
Margaret (PS0W4) [335] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [336] Oh for going to university?
Richard (PS0W3) [337] Yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [338] What about her er York which she's had
Richard (PS0W3) [339] She hasn't heard from York she's heard from Leicester
Margaret (PS0W4) [340] She hasn't heard from them yet
Richard (PS0W3) [341] and she's got an acceptance from them on a B and two Cs
Margaret (PS0W4) [342] Oh has she?
Richard (PS0W3) [343] erm
Margaret (PS0W4) [344] Because it was York that was stopping her listing wasn't it?
Terence (PS0W2) [345] What she going to , what she applying to get a degree?
Richard (PS0W3) [346] History
Terence (PS0W2) [347] History
Richard (PS0W3) [348] The trouble is, I mean I can take, I can take her up to Bristol er Cardiff next week, but there's another thing to, to Leicester and I can't get her up to Leicester although she
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS0W3) [349] on a train, because I've got a governor's meeting that day and, and I can't avoid not being at that governor's meeting because I'm a chairman
Terence (PS0W2) [350] Yeah
Richard (PS0W3) [351] of the building and sites
Margaret (PS0W4) [352] Yeah
Richard (PS0W3) [353] erm ... ha, I dunno
Terence (PS0W2) [354] When is it for Leicester?
Richard (PS0W3) [355] Do you know I can't remember the date, early part of March, early part of March, erm what she says at the moment is that er someone else from the college is going to Leicester next Wednesday when Helen's going to Cardiff and this girl is then going to Cardiff when Helen should be going to Leicester, so Helen says, and she wants to look at the same subjects as what Helen does so Helen says that they're gonna sort of go to the different colleges and compare notes when they come back from it so she might needn't want to go to Leicester
Margaret (PS0W4) [356] Mm
Richard (PS0W3) [357] erm, so I just, I just don't know, erm, so we just
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [358] Daniel was saying hasn't she heard from any of her
Richard (PS0W3) [359] so
Margaret (PS0W4) [360] I said I don't honestly, I only know that er, erm
Richard (PS0W3) [361] which is quite nice to have fir to have an acceptance to anyway
Margaret (PS0W4) [362] Yeah very good
Richard (PS0W3) [363] so ... I don't think she'll get an acceptance to York on a B and two Cs ... I think York is one of the better
Margaret (PS0W4) [364] Try thinking, do you know somebody used
Richard (PS0W3) [365] better I think
Margaret (PS0W4) [366] to swear about Southampton for history
Richard (PS0W3) [367] I don't know, I can't remember whether she applied for that, I know Harold his daughter went up to Southampton and he was horrified at the accommodation she was staying in, up there
Margaret (PS0W4) [368] But I know that erm, for
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS0W3) [369] I think I've just about finished with it
Margaret (PS0W4) [370] Oh have you?
Terence (PS0W2) [371] Have you?
[372] We've not had an appointment to go back have we since you've been home, but I suppose it was been October when we went
Richard (PS0W3) [373] I've had , I've had two hundred pounds worth, I've given her a cheque for two hundred pounds
Terence (PS0W2) [374] Have you really?
[375] What on earth have they done
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [376] well he had all sorts of
Richard (PS0W3) [377] I've had two, two, three crowns
Terence (PS0W2) [378] That's only fifteen shillings
Richard (PS0W3) [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [laugh]
Richard (PS0W3) [379] I've had a new plate, I've had a hell of a lot with, with a one of the
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS0W3) [380] something to one of the teeth
Terence (PS0W2) [381] Yeah
Richard (PS0W3) [382] crown dropped off so she had to put that back on, she never put, I had to get erm have another fitting for it, because she said the purpose of pins in her teeth in the tooth to try and get the crown to sit on, on the pins, erm
Terence (PS0W2) [383] Darling
Margaret (PS0W4) [384] Er I know, he's, he's told me
Richard (PS0W3) [385] and in fact
Margaret (PS0W4) [386] last time I saw him
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS0W3) [387] I took, I took the cheque around on Monday, I had the, the last appointment on Friday and erm since I've had the abscess, the tooth that's got a crown on top, I think it's been pushed up a little bit and my top teeth, the first two keeps catching was this
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS0W3) [388] well it never has done I mean that, it's always been like that I've never had
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS0W3) [389] erm I can put together
Margaret (PS0W4) [390] It's naughty of your mother not to let you have them [laugh]
Richard (PS0W3) [391] Oh, but this, it was catching the tooth that had the abscessing underneath it
Margaret (PS0W4) [392] Yeah
Richard (PS0W3) [393] god was it painful, and erm, so the crown has got a filling in it now [laugh] because she, to, to relieve the pressure on the abscess she had to drill right down through the crown, erm to go right through into the root area
Margaret (PS0W4) [394] Get me ash
Richard (PS0W3) [395] to get rid of the abscess, oh god it was painful, it really was, in fact I had it once, I had a load of penicillin, didn't finish the penicillin and it came back again and they had to give me a stronger drug then for five days
Terence (PS0W2) [396] Oh I see
Margaret (PS0W4) [397] Did you erm, did you
Terence (PS0W2) [398] that's the trouble with them
Margaret (PS0W4) [399] have any help?
Richard (PS0W3) [400] Yeah, put it all, I mean they I put that in as
Terence (PS0W2) [401] of course you get that
Margaret (PS0W4) [402] Yes
Terence (PS0W2) [403] you get that back?
Richard (PS0W3) [404] I have to pay tax on that lot mind, but I mean it's something ... you know like it's still costing me fifty pounds
Terence (PS0W2) [405] Yeah
Richard (PS0W3) [406] erm
Terence (PS0W2) [407] but still that's a bit better than two hundred
Richard (PS0W3) [408] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [409] Oh
Richard (PS0W3) [410] erm
Margaret (PS0W4) [411] And Paul is
Richard (PS0W3) [412] them thing wasted I mean, I don't know, ha got danger damage in the back of his head I think at times
Margaret (PS0W4) [laugh]
Richard (PS0W3) [413] he's so laid back, he's doing, he's doing erm the C grade for maths now, that's what he's gonna apply to, to go for
Margaret (PS0W4) [414] Where, what?
Terence (PS0W2) [415] For C grade in maths
Margaret (PS0W4) [416] What is that?
Richard (PS0W3) [417] Well it's the intermediate maths
Terence (PS0W2) [418] Yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [419] Oh I see yeah
Richard (PS0W3) [420] We bought , we bought him a load of revision books erm from Smith's er not for maths but for chemistry, biology, physics,ma , not maths something else, Cherry went and bought four of them and Helen had got one for French anyway, so we told him he's got to erm get down to some serious
Terence (PS0W2) [421] Serious work
Richard (PS0W3) [422] serious work on him
Terence (PS0W2) [423] weekend they're coming
Margaret (PS0W4) [424] The, the erm the maths, is this erm
Richard (PS0W3) [425] He's quite confident about the maths now with intermediate, he says that er, he doesn't see
Margaret (PS0W4) [426] He hopes to get a one
Terence (PS0W2) [427] weekend after
Richard (PS0W3) [428] he doesn't see any problems with that at all, no
Margaret (PS0W4) [429] Was that the one that Helen should of done?
Richard (PS0W3) [430] She, they should of put her in for the intermediate
Margaret (PS0W4) [431] Yeah
Richard (PS0W3) [432] they put her in, they put in for the higher
Margaret (PS0W4) [433] Mm, mm
Richard (PS0W3) [434] Yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [435] Mind you, you see in the long run they proved that she was
Richard (PS0W3) [436] Well all, all that
Margaret (PS0W4) [437] good enough to do it
Richard (PS0W3) [438] all that proved to me is, is that Helen the board, the examination board that Helen did at the college, she said it was a much, a much better exam to do than it was at
Terence (PS0W2) [439] Was it?
Richard (PS0W3) [440] she felt much happier about doing it
Terence (PS0W2) [441] Mm
Richard (PS0W3) [442] and it's a different, it was a different exam to the one she was doing at Cuthbert Main, so I don't know, erm I'm not certainly enough qualified to arguing about qualified matters
Terence (PS0W2) [443] No, no
Margaret (PS0W4) [444] No
Richard (PS0W3) [445] at school
Margaret (PS0W4) [446] I hear
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [447] is sort of going back quite a bit
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS0W3) [448] Oh he does quite a bit of, he does a bit of erm supplying it
Margaret (PS0W4) [449] Tony told me
Richard (PS0W3) [450] and ... but er right I've gotta get back to work
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [451] we've had er a man rang to the hall clearing out
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [452] thing, that erm they'd left, father's gotta go down there next Tuesday so
Richard (PS0W3) [453] Yeah the stag group has definitely wound up, the whole lot has been wound up
Margaret (PS0W4) [454] the, the erm, there are tents and all sorts of things you said they were comparatively new, erm because remember that big
Terence (PS0W2) [455] Mind you the tents up there didn't look very new actually, I know one
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [456] but there was one or two bits of tent then
Margaret (PS0W4) [457] Oh I don't know what they do, but do you remember that great big jumble sale they had that raised over a thousand pounds?
[458] They had under the erm,
Richard (PS0W3) [459] What the Scouts?
Terence (PS0W2) [460] multi storey?
Margaret (PS0W4) [461] Yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [462] yeah
Richard (PS0W3) [463] Four or five years ago now
Margaret (PS0W4) [464] Well that was sort of mostly to, to be buying erm
Richard (PS0W3) [465] Tents
Margaret (PS0W4) [466] tents, but
Terence (PS0W2) [467] Who
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [468] yeah just phoned in to find out where the flags were, but it doesn't see the flags
Richard (PS0W3) [469] It wasn't Andre that, that comes around here?
Terence (PS0W2) [470] No, erm
Richard (PS0W3) [471] Ferchase?
Terence (PS0W2) [472] No, where's my diary, I've got, I've got his name in my diary
Margaret (PS0W4) [473] Erm actually Kay got in touch with this man and in fact she had got Andre's name as well sort of
Terence (PS0W2) [474] It's, er you know I yes, I erm
Margaret (PS0W4) [475] he's a, he's retired, I mean he, he doesn't have anything very
Terence (PS0W2) [476] Ivor somebody ...
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [477] Ivor somebody, no just a thought
Richard (PS0W3) [478] How old is he?
Terence (PS0W2) [479] Oh sixty five, seventy
Richard (PS0W3) [480] Sixty, no it's not him
Margaret (PS0W4) [481] Retired haven't they, because if somebody came to you cos you see, he was so upset about it
Terence (PS0W2) [482] I think he's coming I think he's coming up to the high week group, what is he?
[483] He's something he's, he's, he's some, something to do with er with er, with the area and erm, and he's coming up for the high week group some time in the next, little while, and I said to him you were the group's
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [484] up there
Richard (PS0W3) [485] Yeah, what did he say?
Terence (PS0W2) [486] Oh I think he was just surprised, I don't think he knew, you know, I mean
Richard (PS0W3) [487] Because I'm on a district executive committee at the moment and I don't, that name doesn't ring a bell
Terence (PS0W2) [488] He's erm
Margaret (PS0W4) [489] Kay knows him cos he's
Terence (PS0W2) [490] he's about , I suppose he's about my height probably slightly slimmer
Margaret (PS0W4) [491] Slimmer
Terence (PS0W2) [492] erm and I would of thought he's sixty eight something like that
Richard (PS0W3) [493] Oh gosh no, well I don't know who that is, I've got no idea
Terence (PS0W2) [494] He's got , he's got a big, a very big scout badge on his lapel
Margaret (PS0W4) [495] And he had a scout badge on his tie, did you notice that?
Terence (PS0W2) [496] No I didn't notice that on the tie, yeah
Richard (PS0W3) [497] I wonder who that is?
Margaret (PS0W4) [498] Kay knew him, she rang him up
Richard (PS0W3) [499] Well I mean if it, if it's, if it's ten
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS0W3) [500] erm, I'm at the process of now looking to spend [sigh] certainly four hundred pound on a tent and maybe
Terence (PS0W2) [501] Well I, I , I mean I wouldn't of thought that
Margaret (PS0W4) [502] Your, your best bet would be to go up and sort of you know look at the tents that are up there so that you would know whether they went about
Terence (PS0W2) [503] I'm meeting him nine o'clock Tuesday morning at the hall
Margaret (PS0W4) [504] But I suppose you could go and look tomorrow morning
Richard (PS0W3) [505] I'm at work erm well
Margaret (PS0W4) [506] he's off tomorrow
Richard (PS0W3) [507] erm, I, well I can't commit myself to going down to that to, I mean if it's, if I can I'll give you a ring because with Cherry being off as well it's, I mean it's gonna be unfair if I start, cos I've been so much
Terence (PS0W2) [508] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [509] but if, if you are going to be spending a whole lot of money on tents and if these were any good
Richard (PS0W3) [510] Well I mean it's, this it's patrol, it's two patrol tents in particular that I'm looking at, if they've got some decent er scout tents
Terence (PS0W2) [511] I must say I mean I, I mean er there were two rolls
Richard (PS0W3) [512] How big are the rolls?
Terence (PS0W2) [513] Well I don't think they're big enough for a big tent, I mean one is fairly long, but er I don't
Margaret (PS0W4) [514] But do, would it be
Terence (PS0W2) [515] it wouldn't be any thicker than that I don't suppose, but I mean I wouldn't know
Richard (PS0W3) [516] No, that
Margaret (PS0W4) [517] The thing about it is
Terence (PS0W2) [518] It, it I wouldn't of thought
Richard (PS0W3) [519] Perhaps that doesn't sound like a patrol tent
Terence (PS0W2) [520] No, it doesn't sound like a patrol tent
Margaret (PS0W4) [521] This, er I know Margaret, Margaret erm, what's her name
Terence (PS0W2)
Margaret (PS0W4) [522] at the time, no, it's, I won't say
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [523] Tina's daughter
Richard (PS0W3) [524] I know
Margaret (PS0W4) [525] Jim 's daughter
Richard (PS0W3) [526] Yes
Margaret (PS0W4) [527] Marcus and all them
Richard (PS0W3) [528] Yes
Margaret (PS0W4) [529] kids are called
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS0W3)
Margaret (PS0W4) [530] that's right, erm she had said at the time when they had raised all this money that er mostly gonna be spent on erm
Richard (PS0W3) [531] Tents
Terence (PS0W2) [532] Camping equipment
Margaret (PS0W4) [533] tents and camping equipment so that
Richard (PS0W3) [534] I can find out anyway because I can always talk to Andre about it, he'll know er what's being done about it, erm
Terence (PS0W2) [535] Er anyway he, this fellow's gonna, we're going to clear all the rubbish
Margaret (PS0W4) [536] So they, they, they've dropped the erm the group altogether then?
Richard (PS0W3) [537] Yes and the
Margaret (PS0W4) [538] Who else would that involve?
Richard (PS0W3) [539] Well there was an adventure section as well
Margaret (PS0W4) [540] Oh was there
Richard (PS0W3) [541] erm, the adventure section was quite successful in a lot of respects they had quite a few people er attached to it, the scout group and the cub group, cub packs didn't have very many, but erm the adventure section had quite a few people, er and in fact we've got people doing the tent stalls at the moment that are from a seventh mutant, which is, what it was and of course they've disenfranchised if you like er but we're looking, the district is looking to create a new group with Buckland
Margaret (PS0W4) [542] Yeah
Richard (PS0W3) [543] so instead of being the seventh Saint Joseph's we'd be just erm Newton Abbott
Margaret (PS0W4) [544] Yeah
Richard (PS0W3) [545] so the seventh will stay
Margaret (PS0W4) [546] Mm, mm
Richard (PS0W3) [547] and because the Buckinary is so big and really warrants having a stag group over that neck of the woods
Margaret (PS0W4) [548] They could well do
Richard (PS0W3) [549] they are gonna try and hang onto this seventh, so it well might be
Margaret (PS0W4) [550] Resurrected
Richard (PS0W3) [551] that all its equipment is gonna be held on to
Margaret (PS0W4) [552] Yeah
Richard (PS0W3) [553] to try and set up a scout group
Margaret (PS0W4) [554] But in it, it's wicked, in that, in that cupboard they've got two pairs of really good walking boots, when Kay saw them she said it's not their feet, because you see she had the cubs there right from the beginning
Richard (PS0W3) [555] Mum, we have got the ten saws, last year one of the lads left with us a pair of eighty pound boots and fifty pound gaiters, left them and we don't know who they belong to
Margaret (PS0W4) [556] Ain't it awful really?
Richard (PS0W3) [557] the scarper boots you know with the yeti gaiters on
Margaret (PS0W4) [558] Yeah
Richard (PS0W3) [559] and the yeti gaiters are fifty pounds
Margaret (PS0W4) [560] Gosh
Richard (PS0W3) [561] fifty five pounds
Margaret (PS0W4) [562] But anyway
Richard (PS0W3) [563] and the and and, and the and the scarper boots
Margaret (PS0W4) [564] he was he was so horrified about it because she had actually run all that right from the beginning
Terence (PS0W2) [565] That came in this morning
Margaret (PS0W4) [566] Yeah, I was gonna give you a ring to say it's been this way, pick them up ...
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [567] we had a piece for lunch and erm
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]

2 (Tape 037902)

Terence (PS0W2) [568] That was useful wasn't it?
[569] Oh I suppose we can have a little go at this crossword
Margaret (PS0W4) [570] Well we can have a go at
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [571] I haven't even read the paper yet
Terence (PS0W2) [572] Oh alright
Margaret (PS0W4) [573] I mean I'll carry on
Terence (PS0W2) [574] Yes
Margaret (PS0W4) [575] you, you sort
Terence (PS0W2) [576] [reading] Encourages prison breaks [] ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [577] The Co-Op here's got cordless jug kettle for twelve ninety nine
Terence (PS0W2) [578] Have they?
[579] Cordless one?
Margaret (PS0W4) [580] Mm
Terence (PS0W2) [581] Oh
Margaret (PS0W4) [582] one and a half litres, two point two kilowatt fill up
Terence (PS0W2) [583] That's not bad
Margaret (PS0W4) [584] and a cable tidy, that sounds quite good, these are half price things for ten days only ... There's a remote control colour television for one thirty nine, ninety nine, save fifty pounds ... they've got the dear tapes here look, erm six and a half hours video tapes, recommended price seven ninety nine can get for three ninety nine and there's another one here three pack, twelve hours video tape for six ninety nine ... must end Saturday November the twenty ninth, oh perhaps I'll buy you one of those, oh I have bought you a birthday present haven't I?
Terence (PS0W2) [585] Mm, mm ... Do you suppose it's getting a bit the ... the file of phrase is [reading] complete fury over trend []
Margaret (PS0W4) [586] Erm complete fury over trend
Terence (PS0W2) [587] complete fury over trend , there's three, three and four
Margaret (PS0W4) [588] Mm, no
Terence (PS0W2) [589] I, I, I was gonna tell you what I thought it was and I've forgotten haven't I?
[590] Erm all the rage
Margaret (PS0W4) [591] Mm, you're very good, yes very good, that's excellent
Terence (PS0W2) [592] Yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [593] I reckon ... gosh look at that you can get a Tefal food processor it was thirty three ninety nine for twenty four forty nine at Comets, there's a telephone answering machine ...

3 (Tape 037903)

Terence (PS0W2) [594] This is the long one, this is the five thousand
Margaret (PS0W4) [595] It says here on the six o'clock Olympics today [reading] including live coverage of Wilf Riley's attempt to win the gold for Britain in the mens thousand short practice speed skating final [] it's six o'clock
Terence (PS0W2) [596] Yeah that's the final he's got three, they've got two, I think they've got two of each before that actually ... and that's the wide lane that's two lanes so that's the erm, when they do the long one
Margaret (PS0W4) [597] Looks as if somebody was sort of passed over to the other
Terence (PS0W2) [598] Yeah they do they cross over from outside
Margaret (PS0W4) [599] Any lane
Terence (PS0W2) [600] to inside
Margaret (PS0W4) [601] I thought it were relay
Terence (PS0W2) [602] Oh was it?
Margaret (PS0W4) [603] That's what I thought because he's on the, he's by himself isn't he?
Terence (PS0W2) [604] Well if they've separated you see you get one on the inside track, one on the outside track and they can be separated by a hundred metres so that there's one, one side one
Margaret (PS0W4) [605] No you can see
Terence (PS0W2) [606] there's usually two racing together in this one, but they're in separate tracks and one starts at the outside track
Margaret (PS0W4) [607] This is the end track
Terence (PS0W2) [608] crosses to the inside track and vice versa there the other straight where they change over I think ... oh it's finished anyway ... mm

4 (Tape 037904)

Terence (PS0W2) [609] Hello how are you?
Lucy (PS0W5) [610] I'm fine actually
Terence (PS0W2) [611] You are
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Lucy (PS0W5) [612] I was tired yesterday
Terence (PS0W2) [613] Mm
Lucy (PS0W5) [614] I was tired yesterday wasn't I?
Terence (PS0W2) [615] You were tired yesterday, you were indeed
Lucy (PS0W5) [616] Falling asleep
Terence (PS0W2) [617] Mm
Lucy (PS0W5) [618] falling asleep wasn't I?
Terence (PS0W2) [619] Well you were either tired or dopey ...
Lucy (PS0W5) [620] Look Holly
Terence (PS0W2) [621] Nice
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Lucy (PS0W5) [622] Am I allowed to read them out to you?
Terence (PS0W2) [623] Yes, we'll, we'll do that when we've had our spellings
Lucy (PS0W5) [624] Here's mine
Terence (PS0W2) [625] That's very nicely presented
Holly (PS0W6) [626] Mine isn't, I haven't done a front cover
Terence (PS0W2) [627] Well that doesn't matter
Lucy (PS0W5) [628] Oh look Terry I've done an advertisement in the back
Terence (PS0W2) [629] You've done a what?
Lucy (PS0W5) [630] Advertisement
Terence (PS0W2) [631] No you don't
Lucy (PS0W5) [632] advertisement
Terence (PS0W2) [633] Advertisement, that's better
Lucy (PS0W5) [634] [laugh] advertisement
Terence (PS0W2) [635] Advertisement, oh right the riverside murder, well that's been nicely set out as well hasn't it?
[636] Right okay well we'll
Lucy (PS0W5) [637] I did er an advertisement about understanding animals
Holly (PS0W6) [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [638] Anything you need to know about dogs, cats, farm or wild animals mm, right
Lucy (PS0W5) [639] Understanding animals
Terence (PS0W2) [640] Okay, well we'll do the spellings first and then we'll have a look
Holly (PS0W6) [641] How many spellings we doing?
Terence (PS0W2) [642] Well how many how many do you think?
Holly (PS0W6) [643] I hope there's not
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [644] you didn't earn your
Holly (PS0W6) [645] forty
Terence (PS0W2) [646] you didn't earn the disco
Lucy (PS0W5) [647] Terry
Terence (PS0W2) [648] What?
Lucy (PS0W5) [649] I, I've got a merit mark today
Terence (PS0W2) [650] You've got a merit mark
Holly (PS0W6) [651] What for French?
Lucy (PS0W5) [652] Yes
Terence (PS0W2) [653] For French?
Lucy (PS0W5) [654] Yes
Terence (PS0W2) [655] Oh why did you get a merit mark for French?
Lucy (PS0W5) [656] Because I was good I did something that was very good
Terence (PS0W2) [657] You were good?
Lucy (PS0W5) [658] I was good
Holly (PS0W6) [659] I never get any merit marks for, we never get any merit marks from our French teacher
Lucy (PS0W5) [660] because I did something you had to
Holly (PS0W6) [661] she's really very tight
Lucy (PS0W5) [662] there was about twenty cards and you had to name everything that was on it, order everything, like you usually go, erm that's it or something and erm you have to learn it in the MAs and MEs and things and all that and then she showed you and you had to take everything on that
Terence (PS0W2) [663] And you got everything right?
Lucy (PS0W5) [664] Yes
Terence (PS0W2) [665] Very good
Lucy (PS0W5) [666] well done she said
Terence (PS0W2) [667] How many more got everything right?
Lucy (PS0W5) [668] About two
Terence (PS0W2) [669] Oh about two, right
Lucy (PS0W5) [670] but I'm wonderful so is my poem ...
Terence (PS0W2) [671] Er in French?
[672] Oh no that was your poem you wrote in your book, right
Lucy (PS0W5) [673] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [674] okay so we, because last week you had a thirty and thirty three and, and
Lucy (PS0W5) [675] I had a thirty three
Terence (PS0W2) [676] and the, and the stipulation is
Lucy (PS0W5) [677] yeah I got thirty three
Terence (PS0W2) [678] if you, what, what was the stipulation, if you get more than
Lucy (PS0W5) [679] Thirty five
Terence (PS0W2) [680] thirty five, if you get thirty five or more
Lucy (PS0W5) [681] if the other person gets less you still have to
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [682] you still have to do it, that's right, you've both got to get more than thirty five
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...] ...
Terence (PS0W2) [683] So yes, it's one to forty ... can't be one to forty five because you haven't had tea ... well if you had tea you could say you were fortified
Lucy (PS0W5) [684] Mm [laugh]
Holly (PS0W6) [685] We break up tomorrow from school
Lucy (PS0W5) [686] Yeah
Holly (PS0W6) [687] Yes oh I mean
Terence (PS0W2) [688] Yes you do
Holly (PS0W6) [689] I mean I'm really upset
Terence (PS0W2) [690] I'm sure you are
Lucy (PS0W5) [691] I'm so, so upset
Terence (PS0W2) [692] And I gather you don't go back until Tuesday week
Lucy (PS0W5) [693] Yeah
Holly (PS0W6) [694] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [695] you have the Monday off as well
Lucy (PS0W5) [696] Yeah
Holly (PS0W6) [697] Yeah
Lucy (PS0W5) [698] It's fun isn't it?
[699] Oh what are we doing?
Holly (PS0W6) [700] There's
Terence (PS0W2) [701] There'll be a lot of bread on that table will there?
Lucy (PS0W5) [702] Pardon?
Terence (PS0W2) [703] There'll be a lot of bread on that table
Lucy (PS0W5) [704] Baker's day
Terence (PS0W2) [705] That's right, there'll be a lot of bread
Lucy (PS0W5) [706] Mm, three
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Lucy (PS0W5) [707] did you remember your money for the erm trip?
Holly (PS0W6) [708] No
Lucy (PS0W5) [709] Oh
Terence (PS0W2) [710] Which trip is this?
Lucy (PS0W5) [711] The ballet
Holly (PS0W6) [712] No, but my mum's coming afterwards so I'll give it to her then
Lucy (PS0W5) [713] Yeah
Holly (PS0W6) [714] My mum doesn't like me taking money to school, in quantities
Terence (PS0W2) [715] Very sensible too ...
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Holly (PS0W6) [716] that's why whenever I come into you from us I always give it to you afterwards
Terence (PS0W2) [717] Mm
Holly (PS0W6) [718] because mum says don't take it school because I might lose it
Lucy (PS0W5) [719] Did we give you our maths money yesterday?
Terence (PS0W2) [720] Mm, mm no
Holly (PS0W6) [721] No
Terence (PS0W2) [722] no you didn't
Lucy (PS0W5) [723] No I didn't but did we give
Terence (PS0W2) [724] but your mother did at the end of the day
Lucy (PS0W5) [725] Yeah, yeah cos she said that
Terence (PS0W2) [726] She's got a good memory
Lucy (PS0W5) [727] No, cos she said after I came out
Terence (PS0W2) [728] Oh yeah
Lucy (PS0W5) [729] and then
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Lucy (PS0W5) [730] said no one 's taken the money in
Terence (PS0W2) [731] That's right
Lucy (PS0W5) [732] and I was meant to be taking it in today, but I forgot and so I just
Terence (PS0W2) [733] Right, so are we ready?
Lucy (PS0W5) [734] That's weird
Holly (PS0W6) [735] What is?
Lucy (PS0W5) [736] because you know there's ten on each side
Holly (PS0W6) [737] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [738] Mm, mm
Lucy (PS0W5) [739] the, yeah, twenty I mean, well that one goes different and they started at the same edge, ah two twenty twos [sigh] oh
Terence (PS0W2) [740] That's very clever well just
Holly (PS0W6) [741] Just cross one out
Terence (PS0W2) [742] just, just miss one you see, that's alright
Holly (PS0W6) [743] Miss the bottom one
Terence (PS0W2) [744] just don't, don't put a spelling in the line, no don't put a spelling in the line, just put a line there and a line there
Lucy (PS0W5) [745] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [746] and then put your twenty two there and your twenty three there
Lucy (PS0W5) [747] Alright, yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [748] Alright, so are we ready?
Holly (PS0W6) [749] That's nothing great
Terence (PS0W2) [750] Number one
Lucy (PS0W5) [751] Number one
Terence (PS0W2) [752] carriage
Lucy (PS0W5) [753] carriage
Terence (PS0W2) [754] carriage, a horse drawn carriage ... or the carriage of a train
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [755] I guess a plain straightforward carriage
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [756] and number two marriage ... marriage ... as Lucy said that is what she saw on Neighbours yesterday
Lucy (PS0W5) [757] Yeah
Holly (PS0W6) [758] Yeah
Lucy (PS0W5) [759] it wasn't very good though
Holly (PS0W6) [760] Did you watch it?
Terence (PS0W2) [761] No I didn't, no
Lucy (PS0W5) [762] Oh it's funny
Terence (PS0W2) [763] I, I only
Lucy (PS0W5) [764] My uncle's getting married
Terence (PS0W2) [765] I only saw it today, saw
Holly (PS0W6) [766] Oh what happened today?
Lucy (PS0W5) [767] What happened?
[768] Because I, I won't be able to see it
Terence (PS0W2) [laugh]
Lucy (PS0W5) [769] What happened to Des and Melanie?
Terence (PS0W2) [770] What happened today well she's on the boat isn't she?
Lucy (PS0W5) [771] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [772] Forty minutes out to sea
Lucy (PS0W5) [773] What they gonna do?
Terence (PS0W2) [774] They've got to, she's got to stay on the boat until they're gonna try and find her somewhere else to sleep
Lucy (PS0W5) [775] I knew they'd
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Lucy (PS0W5) [776] got to get off
Terence (PS0W2) [777] and, and what's his name, the lad that's run away?
Lucy (PS0W5) [778] Todd
Holly (PS0W6) [779] Todd
Terence (PS0W2) [780] Has got the sack
Lucy (PS0W5) [781] Ha, ha, I reckon he's gonna come home soon
Terence (PS0W2) [782] Well he should do because I don't think
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Lucy (PS0W5) [783] he's stupid
Terence (PS0W2) [784] Right, number three
Lucy (PS0W5) [785] thinks he's gonna go in a home ...
Terence (PS0W2) [786] Tuesday
Lucy (PS0W5) [787] Tuesday
Terence (PS0W2) [788] Tuesday
Lucy (PS0W5) [789] Tuesday, Holly's called Wednesday in our play
Terence (PS0W2) [790] Is she?
Holly (PS0W6) [791] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [792] Right, so she should know how to spell number four
Lucy (PS0W5) [793] Wednesday
Terence (PS0W2) [794] Yeah that's right
Lucy (PS0W5) [795] I know how to spell Wednesday anyway
Holly (PS0W6) [796] So do I
Terence (PS0W2) [797] I'm not sure you know how to pronounce it
Lucy (PS0W5) [798] Wednesday
Holly (PS0W6) [799] Wednesday
Terence (PS0W2) [800] That's right Wednesday
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [801] right number five, family
Lucy (PS0W5) [802] Family
Terence (PS0W2) [803] Family
Lucy (PS0W5) [804] I was thinking
Terence (PS0W2) [805] That's a change
Lucy (PS0W5) [806] how we got our name
Terence (PS0W2) [laugh]
Lucy (PS0W5) [807] er, mm, how we got the days of the week because I said that could name it Monday because that was the day everybody got their money, got paid
Terence (PS0W2) [808] Yes that's not a bad idea perhaps that
Lucy (PS0W5) [809] I don't know about Tuesday
Terence (PS0W2) [810] When the days of the week were first erm
Holly (PS0W6) [811] How did we get names of the week?
Terence (PS0W2) [812] occurred probably nobody got paid anyway
Lucy (PS0W5) [813] Mm
Holly (PS0W6) [814] How did we get names of the week?
Terence (PS0W2) [815] I, I, I have known some of them and I can't remember all of them, Thursday I think
Lucy (PS0W5) [816] Thursday
Terence (PS0W2) [817] comes from the name of the god of war, Thor and I think Thursday
Lucy (PS0W5) [818] Thor
Terence (PS0W2) [819] was Thors day
Lucy (PS0W5) [820] Sunday it was always sunny, Saturday everybody sat down
Terence (PS0W2) [laugh]
Lucy (PS0W5) [821] Friday they had fried egg
Terence (PS0W2) [822] Right number six
Lucy (PS0W5) [823] [singing] Friday crisp and dry day []
Terence (PS0W2) [824] people
Lucy (PS0W5) [825] People, people I like people
Holly (PS0W6) [826] People
Terence (PS0W2) [827] You could look it up in a dictionary probably to find the origin of the word, people
Lucy (PS0W5) [828] Rhubarb
Terence (PS0W2) [829] I'll try and find out for you
Lucy (PS0W5) [830] [singing] Friday crisp and dry day []
Terence (PS0W2) [831] Number seven clothes
Lucy (PS0W5) [832] Clothes
Terence (PS0W2) [833] The clothes you wear
Lucy (PS0W5) [834] Do you know what Terry
Terence (PS0W2) [835] Not till you tell me
Lucy (PS0W5) [836] No you don't, but
Holly (PS0W6) [laugh]
Lucy (PS0W5) [837] my cousin's coming tonight
Terence (PS0W2) [838] Wow
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Lucy (PS0W5) [839] my cousin's very nice because he's only three
Terence (PS0W2) [840] That's why he's nice because he's only three
Lucy (PS0W5) [841] Yeah, because I like little children
Terence (PS0W2) [842] when he gets five you won't be so nice
Lucy (PS0W5) [843] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [844] Number number eight
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [845] several, several ...
Lucy (PS0W5) [846] [singing] Friday crisp and dry day []
Holly (PS0W6) [847] Several
Terence (PS0W2) [848] I can't stop singing that now, if only you hadn't of said that
Holly (PS0W6) [849] Erm
Terence (PS0W2) [850] Number nine disgusting
Lucy (PS0W5) [851] Disgusting
Terence (PS0W2) [852] disgusting
Lucy (PS0W5) [853] gusting
Holly (PS0W6) [854] Because we had to discuss didn't we?
Lucy (PS0W5) [855] So we had to
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [856] Were you both born in Devon?
[857] Are you both Devon children?
Lucy (PS0W5) [858] Yes I was born in Newton Abbott
Holly (PS0W6) [859] No I, I was born in Plymouth
Terence (PS0W2) [860] Oh
Lucy (PS0W5) [861] I was, I was born in
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [862] well that's near enough to Devon isn't it?
Lucy (PS0W5) [863] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [864] Devon
Lucy (PS0W5) [865] got Cornish
Terence (PS0W2) [866] I mean presumably you was born this side of the river?
Lucy (PS0W5) [867] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [868] Right, so that's still Devon, right now, number ten
Lucy (PS0W5) [869] Tights are falling down
Terence (PS0W2) [870] special, special
Lucy (PS0W5) [871] I'm special person, I'm not really
Holly (PS0W6) [872] I know you're not
Lucy (PS0W5) [873] certain isn't it?
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [874] Right then number eleven ... get that, that's very good Holly, number eleven woollen
Lucy (PS0W5) [875] Woollen
Terence (PS0W2) [876] She was wearing a woollen cardigan, woollen
Lucy (PS0W5) [877] Cos it's chilly outside
Terence (PS0W2) [878] Number twelve you go merrily on your way
Lucy (PS0W5) [879] Dum dum dum dum dum
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Lucy (PS0W5) [880] merrily, merrily, I've done it
Terence (PS0W2) [881] And number thirteen
Lucy (PS0W5) [882] Ah
Holly (PS0W6) [883] Ah
Terence (PS0W2) [884] heaviest ...
Lucy (PS0W5) [885] Heaviest
Terence (PS0W2) [886] Who is heaviest of the three of you?
[887] What is
Lucy (PS0W5) [888] Me
Terence (PS0W2) [889] wrong if I said who is heaviest of the two of you?
Lucy (PS0W5) [890] It's the heavier
Holly (PS0W6) [891] Heavier
Terence (PS0W2) [892] Right , it's only two of you say heavier
Lucy (PS0W5) [893] Heavier
Holly (PS0W6) [894] Have you ever tasted clay?
Terence (PS0W2) [895] Right if it's more than two then it's heaviest, I have ever tasted clay?
Holly (PS0W6) [896] Yeah, we have we have done
Lucy (PS0W5) [897] We have actually Terry because it's in your toothpaste
Holly (PS0W6) [898] You have to eat clay
Terence (PS0W2) [899] You won't, you will not get the taste of clay like tasting toothpaste because toothpaste
Lucy (PS0W5) [900] No, but
Terence (PS0W2) [901] has been flavoured
Lucy (PS0W5) [902] we went, we went to a clay mine W D, W D B what's
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Holly (PS0W6) [903] and we had to eat them, eat clay
Lucy (PS0W5) [904] and it just come out, just come out
Terence (PS0W2) [905] yeah, yeah
Lucy (PS0W5) [906] you know when it comes out
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Holly (PS0W6) [907] it's revolting
Lucy (PS0W5) [908] Well it's a big pile and we just had to go
Holly (PS0W6) [909] Yeah and
Lucy (PS0W5) [910] Me and Rebecca were going ugh ugh ugh
Holly (PS0W6) [911] We were I was saying ooh quite nice
Terence (PS0W2) [912] Not the nicest of things , no
Holly (PS0W6) [913] Well, no, and everyone was running up the slate
Terence (PS0W2) [914] They were what?
Holly (PS0W6) [915] Running up the erm, where all the big piles of the dust were to be
Lucy (PS0W5) [916] Yeah
Holly (PS0W6) [917] and then all were sliding down it
Lucy (PS0W5) [918] You did you went from the top did go from the top
Holly (PS0W6) [919] and then you go I'm gonna get that one at the top and they were running up to the top picked it and they, and ran down again
Terence (PS0W2) [920] Mm
Lucy (PS0W5) [921] Ugh
Holly (PS0W6) [922] It was funny
Terence (PS0W2) [923] Right, well let's go on , fourteen abrupt
Lucy (PS0W5) [924] Pardon?
Holly (PS0W6) [925] Abrupt
Terence (PS0W2) [926] Abrupt
Holly (PS0W6) [927] Abrupt
Terence (PS0W2) [928] He was very abrupt
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [929] abrupt
Lucy (PS0W5) [930] Abrupt, that was wrong abrupt
Terence (PS0W2) [931] he spoke in a very abrupt manner short manner
Lucy (PS0W5) [932] I know mine is wrong, I know, I did so I put it right
Terence (PS0W2) [933] Mm, do it
Lucy (PS0W5) [934] [singing] It's Friday crisp and dry day []
Terence (PS0W2) [935] Number fifteen
Holly (PS0W6) [936] Shut up
Lucy (PS0W5) [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [937] that makes it easier for you, easier
Holly (PS0W6) [938] I've got that word in my
Terence (PS0W2) [939] Have you?
Holly (PS0W6) [940] Mm
Terence (PS0W2) [941] Oh very good
Holly (PS0W6) [942] I might of I don't think I have there
Terence (PS0W2) [943] No easier
Holly (PS0W6) [944] I might have, oh look
Terence (PS0W2) [945] easier
Lucy (PS0W5) [946] I'll read it
Terence (PS0W2) [947] No not now, we'll do it later, right number sixteen, succeed, succeed, I hope you will in succeed in getting them all right, succeed
Holly (PS0W6) [948] I don't know how you spell that word suc
Lucy (PS0W5) [949] I know, I know, succeed I've done it
Holly (PS0W6) [950] It's probably wrong though
Terence (PS0W2) [951] Well if you have got it right you will have to have it achieved number seventeen, which is success
Lucy (PS0W5) [952] Oh success
Terence (PS0W2) [953] so it's sixteen it's succeed and seventeen is success
Holly (PS0W6) [954] I've got success
Lucy (PS0W5) [955] Success
Holly (PS0W6) [956] I don't know if that is it, how you spell it
Terence (PS0W2) [957] Number eighteen material
Lucy (PS0W5) [958] Oh I haven't done success yet
Terence (PS0W2) [959] Material
Lucy (PS0W5) [960] success
Holly (PS0W6) [961] E R
Lucy (PS0W5) [962] Did you want, did you want an
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Lucy (PS0W5) [963] yesterday?
Terence (PS0W2) [964] Did I watch what?
Holly (PS0W6) [965] Yep
Lucy (PS0W5) [966] [laughing] Rodney []
Holly (PS0W6) [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [967] Rodney?
Holly (PS0W6) [968] Only Fools And Horses
Terence (PS0W2) [969] Pardon?
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Holly (PS0W6) [970] did you watch Only Fools And Horses yesterday?
Terence (PS0W2) [971] I didn't actually, no
Lucy (PS0W5) [972] Rodney
Holly (PS0W6) [973] They're, they're all repeats but
Terence (PS0W2) [974] Mm
Holly (PS0W6) [975] have you seen the one where he went, had to go to hospital cos he had the trouble had an irritable bowel irritable bowel
Terence (PS0W2) [976] I don't know whether I have or not, yes I think perhaps I have seen it
Holly (PS0W6) [977] and he was fighting he was going
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [978] mm
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Holly (PS0W6) [979] fighting
Terence (PS0W2) [980] Right, okay then number nineteen
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Lucy (PS0W5) [981] I haven't done number eighteen yet
Terence (PS0W2) [982] Number eighteen is material
Holly (PS0W6) [983] Material
Lucy (PS0W5) [984] Oh
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Holly (PS0W6) [985] material
Lucy (PS0W5) [986] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [987] And number nineteen, when something, when a plant dries up, you can say that it will wither
Lucy (PS0W5) [988] Wither
Holly (PS0W6) [989] Wither
Terence (PS0W2) [990] Wither ...
Lucy (PS0W5) [991] Wither ah
Terence (PS0W2) [992] And number twenty easiest, not easier but easiest ... and the third task was the easiest of them all, easiest ... now they were all your new words, now we go on to some of the older words now, number twenty one, occupy ... occupy
Lucy (PS0W5) [993] I like that word
Terence (PS0W2) [994] and number twenty two accept, will you please accept this gift, accept
Lucy (PS0W5) [995] No
Terence (PS0W2) [996] not except but accept ... and number twenty three language
Holly (PS0W6) [997] Oh I don't like this word
Terence (PS0W2) [998] language ... this is what we are trying to learn the English language, language
Holly (PS0W6) [999] Language
Lucy (PS0W5) [1000] Language
Holly (PS0W6) [1001] I think I know how to spell it
Terence (PS0W2) [1002] Number twenty four receive, receive
Lucy (PS0W5) [1003] Ow my foot's itchy, my foot's always itchy in here
Terence (PS0W2) [1004] He will receive his reward in due time, receive
Lucy (PS0W5) [1005] I before E except after C
Terence (PS0W2) [1006] And number twenty five believe ... number twenty four is receive and twenty five is believe
Lucy (PS0W5) [1007] [singing] It's so crisp and dry []
Holly (PS0W6) [1008] Sorry
Lucy (PS0W5) [1009] have you singing that?
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [1010] there's no attempting for taste is there?
[1011] Number twenty six, she is a complete
Holly (PS0W6) [1012] Nutter
Terence (PS0W2) [1013] wreck [laugh] wreck
Holly (PS0W6) [laugh]
Lucy (PS0W5) [1014] Er can we put on the end of this er spelling nutter
Terence (PS0W2) [1015] Yes, well, erm, number twenty seven entirely, I entirely agree with you, entirely
Lucy (PS0W5) [1016] Entire
Holly (PS0W6) [1017] Entire
Terence (PS0W2) [1018] Entirely
Lucy (PS0W5) [1019] Entire ...
Terence (PS0W2) [1020] Number twenty eight grieve grieve
Lucy (PS0W5) [1021] Not grieve Mumma , Mumma please do not grieve or wept
Terence (PS0W2) [1022] It makes me grieve
Holly (PS0W6) [1023] Oh we're going up to my aunty this weekend
Terence (PS0W2) [1024] Are you?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1025] I'm not, but my brother's going to Austria this weekend
Terence (PS0W2) [1026] Yes he is isn't he?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1027] Yes
Holly (PS0W6) [1028] I'm going to see erm
Terence (PS0W2) [1029] And I wish I was going with him
Lucy (PS0W5) [1030] Er so do I
Holly (PS0W6) [1031] I'm , I'm going to see Cats on my birthday
Terence (PS0W2) [1032] Are you?
Holly (PS0W6) [1033] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1034] Where?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1035] Can I come?
Holly (PS0W6) [1036] No
Terence (PS0W2) [1037] In London?
Holly (PS0W6) [1038] It's a family day out
Lucy (PS0W5) [1039] You said that you
Holly (PS0W6) [1040] No, on my actual, erm you know
Lucy (PS0W5) [1041] I'm going to Alton Towers on my actual birthday
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Holly (PS0W6) [1042] in about in the Easter holidays, I'm going to see Cats, that's like my dad's treat because we can't go on the Friday that's on a school, which I would like to, I think I will go on
Lucy (PS0W5) [1043] I'm missing school on the Monday to go to Alton Towers so is my friend
Holly (PS0W6) [1044] Yeah I'll ask mum if I can miss school on Friday
Terence (PS0W2) [1045] When, which Monday?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1046] Monday after my birthday, the Monday on my birthday, because my birthday's on a Monday
Terence (PS0W2) [1047] This coming Monday?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1048] No, in June
Terence (PS0W2) [1049] That's what I thought, yes I mean
Lucy (PS0W5) [1050] then on Saturday, Saturday I'm gonna have the party
Terence (PS0W2) [1051] Right number twenty nine is it twenty nine?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1052] Mm
Holly (PS0W6) [1053] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1054] Instantly, instantly
Lucy (PS0W5) [1055] Instant
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [1056] do you, instantly
Holly (PS0W6) [1057] In
Terence (PS0W2) [1058] =stantly
Holly (PS0W6) [1059] =stant, and
Terence (PS0W2) [1060] If you spell it the way it is pronounced you'll
Holly (PS0W6) [1061] Instant
Terence (PS0W2) [1062] get it right instantly
Holly (PS0W6) [1063] =stant , =stant
Terence (PS0W2) [1064] instantly
Lucy (PS0W5) [1065] [singing] It's so crisp and dry []
Terence (PS0W2) [1066] Now number thirty ... the thought occurred to me, occurred, occurred, or the accident occurred ... when the lorry failed to stop at the traffic lights
Lucy (PS0W5) [1067] Why did he do that?
Holly (PS0W6) [1068] Because his brakes aren't working
Lucy (PS0W5) [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [1069] Well that's a possible answer, yes, number thirty one
Lucy (PS0W5) [1070] Or he's being just silly
Terence (PS0W2) [1071] curious
Lucy (PS0W5) [1072] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1073] curious ...
Lucy (PS0W5) [1074] I don't know how you spell cu
Terence (PS0W2) [1075] You haven't done it yet?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1076] Yeah I have done thirty
Terence (PS0W2) [1077] Yeah curious, number thirty two worthy
Holly (PS0W6) [1078] Mm?
Terence (PS0W2) [1079] Worthy
Lucy (PS0W5) [1080] Worthy?
Terence (PS0W2) [1081] Yes the labourer is worthy of his
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [1082] worthy, he is worth it, worthy, number thirty three, moisture ... early morning moisture on the grass is known as
Holly (PS0W6) [1083] Dew
Lucy (PS0W5) [1084] Dew
Terence (PS0W2) [1085] Yes, moisture
Lucy (PS0W5) [1086] I've spelt it right this week
Terence (PS0W2) [1087] Number thirty four surrender, surrender ...
Lucy (PS0W5) [1088] Surrend
Terence (PS0W2) [1089] and number thirty five ... anxious, anxious, he was anxious to get his spellings right, anxious ... I shall think I'll have to give you something for your birthday present and it'll be very useful to you ...
Lucy (PS0W5) [1090] Nutty
Terence (PS0W2) [1091] a rubber, yes you'll must need a new one by then [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [1092] an eraser, eraser, number thirty five was anxious, number thirty six is building
Lucy (PS0W5) [1093] Building
Terence (PS0W2) [1094] building , building, building
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Lucy (PS0W5) [1095] I just can't
Terence (PS0W2) [1096] building, number thirty seven, naturally, naturally
Lucy (PS0W5) [1097] Naturally
Terence (PS0W2) [1098] Nature's way naturally
Lucy (PS0W5) [1099] Naturally, can't say that
Holly (PS0W6) [1100] Naturally
Terence (PS0W2) [1101] Naturally
Lucy (PS0W5) [1102] Naturally
Holly (PS0W6) [1103] Naturally
Lucy (PS0W5) [1104] Naturally
Terence (PS0W2) [1105] Number thirty eight disappeared, disappeared
Holly (PS0W6) [1106] I know how to spell that word now
Terence (PS0W2) [1107] the five penny piece disappeared down the drain
Lucy (PS0W5) [1108] Into thin air
Terence (PS0W2) [1109] disappeared ... and number thirty nine companion, companion ...
Lucy (PS0W5) [1110] Companion and then number forty
Terence (PS0W2) [1111] And number forty
Lucy (PS0W5) [1112] Ah
Terence (PS0W2) [1113] is the word that occurs four times at least in a nursery rhyme, there was a something man, who walked a something mile, he found a something sixpence upon a something style
Lucy (PS0W5) [1114] Crooked
Terence (PS0W2) [1115] Crooked, right, crooked, there was a crooked man who walked a crooked mile, he found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked style
Lucy (PS0W5) [1116] Crooked style ...
Terence (PS0W2) [1117] Right, so
Lucy (PS0W5) [1118] Don't know how to spell crooked
Terence (PS0W2) [1119] You don't?
Holly (PS0W6) [1120] No, oh, I've killed myself with my
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Holly (PS0W6) [1121] nearly poked my eye
Lucy (PS0W5) [1122] Look do you like my, my pen Terry?
Holly (PS0W6) [1123] That's nice isn't it?
[1124] Where did you get it from?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1125] Bulgaria
Terence (PS0W2) [1126] Bulgaria oh
Holly (PS0W6) [1127] You brought it back did you?
Terence (PS0W2) [1128] Right, so
Holly (PS0W6) [1129] Can I borrow you pen please Terry because it's a different colour
Terence (PS0W2) [1130] Yes
Lucy (PS0W5) [1131] Thank you
Holly (PS0W6) [1132] Could use a red
Lucy (PS0W5) [1133] I could, but I don't want to thank you
Holly (PS0W6) [1134] I think I will
Lucy (PS0W5) [1135] Dinky do
Holly (PS0W6) [1136] Yeah, I think I will
Lucy (PS0W5) [1137] There's another red pen there
Terence (PS0W2) [1138] Right number one, Lucy carriage
Lucy (PS0W5) [1139] C A R R I G E
Terence (PS0W2) [1140] Holly
Holly (PS0W6) [1141] C A R R A G E
Terence (PS0W2) [1142] You've both got it wrong, it's C A R R I A G E
Lucy (PS0W5) [1143] Oh
Holly (PS0W6) [1144] Put a I in there
Terence (PS0W2) [1145] C A R R I A G E right, number two, Holly, marriage
Holly (PS0W6) [1146] M A R R I A G E
Terence (PS0W2) [1147] Yes
Lucy (PS0W5) [1148] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1149] er, it's silly isn't it?
[1150] You've got that right and you've got carriage wrong and yet the only difference is the first letter ... right?
Holly (PS0W6) [1151] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1152] So you should know how to spell carriage another time, it's exactly the same as marriage
Holly (PS0W6) [1153] Mm
Terence (PS0W2) [1154] starting with a C instead of an M, number three Lucy, Tuesday
Lucy (PS0W5) [1155] T U E S D A Y
Terence (PS0W2) [1156] I hope that's not what you've put ...
Lucy (PS0W5) [1157] What did I say?
Terence (PS0W2) [1158] You said T U E S D A Y, I hope you've put a capital T U E S D A Y
Lucy (PS0W5) [1159] Yeah I have
Holly (PS0W6) [1160] She has
Terence (PS0W2) [1161] She has, right, okay, good ... erm ... Holly Wednesday
Holly (PS0W6) [1162] Capital W E D N E S D A Y
Terence (PS0W2) [1163] Yes
Lucy (PS0W5) [1164] Yes
Terence (PS0W2) [1165] right, good
Lucy (PS0W5) [1166] Look what I've done
Terence (PS0W2) [1167] er number five Lucy family
Lucy (PS0W5) [1168] F A M L I Y
Terence (PS0W2) [1169] No, Holly
Holly (PS0W6) [1170] F A M I l Y
Terence (PS0W2) [1171] Right F A M I L Y
Lucy (PS0W5) [1172] Oh I've must of gone in
Terence (PS0W2) [1173] family, family, not famliy
Lucy (PS0W5) [1174] Family , family
Terence (PS0W2) [1175] Family, that's what you did you pronounced it famliy
Lucy (PS0W5) [1176] Family
Terence (PS0W2) [1177] It's family
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [1178] Number six
Holly (PS0W6) [1179] People
Terence (PS0W2) [1180] Holly, people
Holly (PS0W6) [1181] P E O P L E
Lucy (PS0W5) [1182] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1183] Right, P E O P L E, number seven Lucy clothes
Lucy (PS0W5) [1184] C L O T H E S
Terence (PS0W2) [1185] Right
Holly (PS0W6) [1186] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1187] C L O T H E S, number eighty sevel several, Holly
Holly (PS0W6) [1188] S E V I R I A L
Terence (PS0W2) [1189] I don't think so, Lucy
Lucy (PS0W5) [1190] S E V E R A L
Terence (PS0W2) [1191] Right S E V E R A L several, got it Holly?
Holly (PS0W6) [1192] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1193] Number nine Lucy, disgusting
Lucy (PS0W5) [1194] D I S G U S T I N G
Terence (PS0W2) [1195] Right D I S G U S T I N G
Lucy (PS0W5) [1196] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1197] and number ten Holly special
Holly (PS0W6) [1198] S P E C I A L
Terence (PS0W2) [1199] Right S P E C I A L
Lucy (PS0W5) [1200] Yeah, yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1201] Good, right number eleven Lucy woollen
Lucy (PS0W5) [1202] W O L L E N
Terence (PS0W2) [1203] No, Holly
Holly (PS0W6) [1204] W O O L E N
Terence (PS0W2) [1205] No it's, it's W O O
Holly (PS0W6) [1206] W O O L L E N
Terence (PS0W2) [1207] L L E N
Holly (PS0W6) [1208] Oh I thought it was
Terence (PS0W2) [1209] W O O L L E N
Lucy (PS0W5) [1210] Woollen
Terence (PS0W2) [1211] but it's not double U O O L L E N ...
Lucy (PS0W5) [1212] Er
Terence (PS0W2) [1213] so you could say that it's not double U
Holly (PS0W6) [1214] Double you
Terence (PS0W2) [1215] double L E N, it's double U, double O, double L, E N
Lucy (PS0W5) [1216] double you, double you
Terence (PS0W2) [1217] Right if you think of that double U, then you've got to double the O and you've got to double the L
Lucy (PS0W5) [1218] double you
Terence (PS0W2) [1219] Right, so number twelve horrily, Holly, huh
Lucy (PS0W5) [1220] Horrily
Terence (PS0W2) [1221] Oh that was horrible wasn't it?
[1222] Right erm merrily
Holly (PS0W6) [1223] M E R R I L Y
Terence (PS0W2) [1224] Right M E R R I L Y, yes
Lucy (PS0W5) [1225] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1226] Number thirteen Lucy, heaviest
Lucy (PS0W5) [1227] H haitch, do what, how do?
Terence (PS0W2) [1228] H
Lucy (PS0W5) [1229] H I said that first didn't I?
Terence (PS0W2) [1230] You did
Holly (PS0W6) [1231] Well done
Lucy (PS0W5) [1232] H where am I, H E A V I E S T
Terence (PS0W2) [1233] Right H E A V
Holly (PS0W6) [1234] Yeah
Lucy (PS0W5) [1235] H
Terence (PS0W2) [1236] I E S T, yes
Lucy (PS0W5) [1237] I like to H it
Terence (PS0W2) [1238] H
Holly (PS0W6) [1239] I like to
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [1240] I don't , I don't know why
Lucy (PS0W5) [1241] H
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [1242] pardon?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1243] H is
Terence (PS0W2) [1244] Holly
Holly (PS0W6) [1245] Holly
Terence (PS0W2) [1246] H capital H O double L Y
Lucy (PS0W5) [1247] Holly do you say Holly?
[1248] You don't say
Terence (PS0W2) [1249] You don't say olly
Lucy (PS0W5) [1250] H
Terence (PS0W2) [1251] you don't say olly, no Holly, Holly
Lucy (PS0W5) [1252] H Holly
Terence (PS0W2) [1253] and it's aitch not haitch
Holly (PS0W6) [1254] H O L L I E is my name
Lucy (PS0W5) [1255] aitch, Holly
Terence (PS0W2) [1256] I don't know why you say aitch and your brother says haitch [laugh]
Lucy (PS0W5) [1257] I say aitch
Holly (PS0W6) [1258] Becky says haitch she says
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [1259] no it's, but it's, the, it's the name of the letter
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [1260] which is pronounced aitch
Lucy (PS0W5) [1261] Aitch
Holly (PS0W6) [1262] Says haitch
Lucy (PS0W5) [1263] haitch, O, I felt, you wouldn't be able to pronounce Holly's her, her name with an aitch would you?
Holly (PS0W6) [1264] Haitch
Lucy (PS0W5) [1265] Has to be an haitch, Holly
Terence (PS0W2) [1266] Oh no Holly
Lucy (PS0W5) [1267] Ho, ho
Terence (PS0W2) [1268] Holly, Holly that is how you pronounce the aitch, there is no other way to pronounce the aitch
Holly (PS0W6) [1269] You don't say
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Holly (PS0W6) [1270] Holly
Lucy (PS0W5) [1271] I can't twirl a baton
Terence (PS0W2) [1272] Right let's go on
Lucy (PS0W5) [1273] doesn't matter
Terence (PS0W2) [1274] Number fourteen Holly abrupt
Holly (PS0W6) [1275] A B R U P D
Terence (PS0W2) [1276] P?
Holly (PS0W6) [1277] T
Lucy (PS0W5) [1278] T
Terence (PS0W2) [1279] T A B R U
Lucy (PS0W5) [1280] You didn't get that right Holly
Terence (PS0W2) [1281] P T
Holly (PS0W6) [1282] I have, I put a T but I said D
Lucy (PS0W5) [1283] Oh, that's alright then isn't it?
Terence (PS0W2) [1284] Yes Lucy it is, right number fifteen Lucy easier
Lucy (PS0W5) [1285] E A S I E R
Terence (PS0W2) [1286] Right E A S I E R, sixteen Holly succeed
Holly (PS0W6) [1287] S U C C E D
Terence (PS0W2) [1288] Lucy
Lucy (PS0W5) [1289] S U C S C E D
Terence (PS0W2) [1290] No
Lucy (PS0W5) [1291] Mm, mm
Terence (PS0W2) [1292] it is S U C C E E D
Holly (PS0W6) [1293] Double E D?
Terence (PS0W2) [1294] Yes, S U C C E E D
Holly (PS0W6) [1295] Succeed
Terence (PS0W2) [1296] Succeed
Lucy (PS0W5) [1297] Succeed
Terence (PS0W2) [1298] and you say nothing succeeds like success and number seventeen is success and how do you spell success
Holly (PS0W6) [1299] Erm
Lucy (PS0W5) [1300] I know
Terence (PS0W2) [1301] Lucy
Lucy (PS0W5) [1302] how to spell it, but I don't think you spell it like that, I know how to spell it
Terence (PS0W2) [1303] How did you spell it?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1304] I spelt it S U C S E E D
Terence (PS0W2) [1305] No how, how, how did you
Lucy (PS0W5) [1306] but I know how to
Terence (PS0W2) [1307] spell it Holly?
Holly (PS0W6) [1308] S U C C yes
Terence (PS0W2) [1309] Well, well it is S U C C
Holly (PS0W6) [1310] E double S
Terence (PS0W2) [1311] E double S
Lucy (PS0W5) [1312] Er ...
Terence (PS0W2) [1313] Succeed is S U C C E E D, but success is S U double C E double S
Lucy (PS0W5) [1314] My hair's all cut off there
Terence (PS0W2) [1315] Pardon?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1316] My hair's all cut off there
Terence (PS0W2) [1317] Your hair's all cut off
Holly (PS0W6) [1318] That's really interesting
Lucy (PS0W5) [1319] Yes
Terence (PS0W2) [1320] It doesn't look cut off to me, it looks as if it's all there
Lucy (PS0W5) [laugh]
Holly (PS0W6) [1321] Mm
Terence (PS0W2) [1322] Right, number eighteen Holly material
Holly (PS0W6) [1323] M A T E R I A L
Terence (PS0W2) [1324] Right
Lucy (PS0W5) [1325] Yep
Terence (PS0W2) [1326] M A T E R I A L number nineteen Lucy wither
Lucy (PS0W5) [1327] W I T H E R
Terence (PS0W2) [1328] W I T H
Holly (PS0W6) [1329] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1330] E R right and twenty Holly, easiest
Holly (PS0W6) [1331] E A S I E S T
Terence (PS0W2) [1332] Right E A S I E S T
Lucy (PS0W5) [1333] Yeah, yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1334] Okay? ...
Lucy (PS0W5) [1335] Is it me?
Holly (PS0W6) [1336] No
Terence (PS0W2) [1337] No it's not, I was just thinking I've, I must run that, right number twenty one, occupy Lucy
Lucy (PS0W5) [1338] O no it's Holly isn't it?
Terence (PS0W2) [1339] No it's Lucy
Lucy (PS0W5) [1340] Oh it is me isn't it?
[1341] O double, O double C U P Y
Terence (PS0W2) [1342] Right
Holly (PS0W6) [1343] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1344] O double C U P Y er twenty two Holly accept
Holly (PS0W6) [1345] A double C E P T
Lucy (PS0W5) [1346] Yep
Terence (PS0W2) [1347] A double C E P T right, number twenty three language Lucy
Lucy (PS0W5) [1348] Oh it's me L A N U A G E
Terence (PS0W2) [1349] No
Lucy (PS0W5) [1350] Oh
Terence (PS0W2) [1351] Holly
Holly (PS0W6) [1352] L A N G U A N G, no L A N G U A G E
Terence (PS0W2) [1353] Right L A N G
Holly (PS0W6) [1354] Yeah I've got it right
Terence (PS0W2) [1355] U A G E
Holly (PS0W6) [1356] I'm glad I got that one right actually
Terence (PS0W2) [1357] L A N G U A G E language er number twenty four Holly receive
Holly (PS0W6) [1358] R E C E I V E
Terence (PS0W2) [1359] Right R E C E I V E yes Lucy
Lucy (PS0W5) [1360] No C
Terence (PS0W2) [1361] R E C E I V E
Lucy (PS0W5) [1362] I miss the second E out
Terence (PS0W2) [1363] Er number twenty five believe Lucy
Lucy (PS0W5) [1364] B E I L I V E
Terence (PS0W2) [1365] No Holly
Holly (PS0W6) [1366] B E L I E V E
Terence (PS0W2) [1367] Right B E L I E V E believe B E L I E V E ... number twenty six wreck Holly
Holly (PS0W6) [1368] R, no W R E C K
Terence (PS0W2) [1369] Right W R E C K yes Lucy?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1370] No
Terence (PS0W2) [1371] W R E C K
Lucy (PS0W5) [1372] I put an A instead of a C
Terence (PS0W2) [1373] Wreck W R E C K that would be wreak
Lucy (PS0W5) [1374] You silly wreak
Terence (PS0W2) [1375] Number twenty seven Lucy entirely
Lucy (PS0W5) [1376] E N T I R L E Y
Terence (PS0W2) [1377] No, Holly
Holly (PS0W6) [1378] E N T I R E L Y
Terence (PS0W2) [1379] That's right
Lucy (PS0W5) [1380] Oh that's what I've got, don't why I said it
Terence (PS0W2) [1381] E N T I R
Holly (PS0W6) [1382] You missed the E R
Terence (PS0W2) [1383] You haven't got an E in there anyway
Lucy (PS0W5) [1384] Oh I thought you said
Terence (PS0W2) [1385] E N T I R
Lucy (PS0W5) [1386] Oh right
Terence (PS0W2) [1387] E L Y right
Lucy (PS0W5) [1388] I thought you , I didn't hear you say N T
Terence (PS0W2) [1389] E N T I R E L Y ... twenty eight Holly grieve
Holly (PS0W6) [1390] G R I E V E
Terence (PS0W2) [1391] Lucy have you got that?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1392] I'm not too sure
Terence (PS0W2) [1393] G R I E V E
Holly (PS0W6) [1394] G R I E V E
Lucy (PS0W5) [1395] No
Terence (PS0W2) [1396] G R I E V E ... G R I E V E twenty nine instantly Lucy
Lucy (PS0W5) [1397] I N S T A N T L Y
Terence (PS0W2) [1398] Right
Holly (PS0W6) [1399] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1400] I N S T A N T L Y and number thirty Holly occurred
Holly (PS0W6) [1401] I haven't got that right actually
Terence (PS0W2) [1402] You haven't?
Holly (PS0W6) [1403] No
Terence (PS0W2) [1404] I N S T A N T L Y, what did you have?
Holly (PS0W6) [1405] E, I N S T E A T L Y
Terence (PS0W2) [1406] Oh, right I N S T A N T it's instant, =stant S T A N T L Y so Holly got that one wrong
Holly (PS0W6) [1407] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1408] Right number thirty Holly occurred
Holly (PS0W6) [1409] O double C U double R E D
Terence (PS0W2) [1410] Right, Lucy, yes?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1411] O double
Terence (PS0W2) [1412] O double C U double R E D, O double C U double R E D
Lucy (PS0W5) [1413] Mm
Terence (PS0W2) [1414] occurred, right?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1415] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1416] Right thirty one, Lucy curious
Lucy (PS0W5) [1417] C U R I O U S
Terence (PS0W2) [1418] Right
Holly (PS0W6) [1419] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1420] C U R I O U S
Lucy (PS0W5) [1421] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1422] Number thirty two worthy Holly
Holly (PS0W6) [1423] W O R T H Y
Terence (PS0W2) [1424] Right
Lucy (PS0W5) [1425] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1426] W O R T H Y, number thirty three Lucy moisture
Lucy (PS0W5) [1427] M O I S T U R E
Holly (PS0W6) [1428] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1429] Right M O I S T U R E, thirty four Holly surrender
Holly (PS0W6) [1430] S U double R E N D E R
Terence (PS0W2) [1431] S U double R E N D E R
Holly (PS0W6) [1432] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1433] Right Lucy
Lucy (PS0W5) [1434] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1435] Er thirty five lucy anxious
Lucy (PS0W5) [1436] A N X O erm I U S
Terence (PS0W2) [1437] Say that again
Lucy (PS0W5) [1438] A N X O I U S
Terence (PS0W2) [1439] No Holly
Holly (PS0W6) [1440] A N X I O U S
Terence (PS0W2) [1441] Right A N X I O U S ... A N X I O U S ... thirty six building Holly
Holly (PS0W6) [1442] B U I L D I N G
Lucy (PS0W5) [1443] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1444] Right B U I L D I N G thirty seven Lucy naturally
Lucy (PS0W5) [1445] N A T U R A double L Y
Holly (PS0W6) [1446] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1447] Yes N A T U R A double L Y thirty eight disappeared Holly
Holly (PS0W6) [1448] D I S A double P E A R E D
Lucy (PS0W5) [1449] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1450] Right, good, thirty nine Lucy companion
Lucy (PS0W5) [1451] C O M P A N I O N
Terence (PS0W2) [1452] Good
Holly (PS0W6) [1453] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1454] companion and lastly number forty crooked Holly
Holly (PS0W6) [1455] C R O C K E D
Terence (PS0W2) [1456] No, that's crocked
Holly (PS0W6) [1457] Oh
Terence (PS0W2) [1458] Lucy
Lucy (PS0W5) [1459] That's I, I've got the same
Terence (PS0W2) [1460] You've got the same?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1461] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1462] How do you spell a crook?
[1463] A shepherd's crook
Holly (PS0W6) [1464] C R
Lucy (PS0W5) [1465] C R
Holly (PS0W6) [1466] double O K
Terence (PS0W2) [1467] Right
Lucy (PS0W5) [1468] Oh
Terence (PS0W2) [1469] so crooked is C R double K E D
Lucy (PS0W5) [1470] E D
Terence (PS0W2) [1471] crooked
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...] ...
Holly (PS0W6) [1472] Oh god thirty three
Lucy (PS0W5) [1473] Twenty six
Terence (PS0W2) [1474] Yeah, Lucy's got twenty six and you've got thirty
Holly (PS0W6) [1475] Thirty three
Terence (PS0W2) [1476] thirty three, now I've missed one out, you ... the first one you both got wrong was carriage
Holly (PS0W6) [1477] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1478] What was the next one you both got wrong?
Holly (PS0W6) [1479] Ma marriage, no I got marriage right
Terence (PS0W2) [1480] No carriage I said
Holly (PS0W6) [1481] Oh carriage
Terence (PS0W2) [1482] Yeah, now what was the next one you got wrong?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1483] I got family wrong
Holly (PS0W6) [1484] Oh I got several
Terence (PS0W2) [1485] Yeah what's the next one you got wrong?
Holly (PS0W6) [1486] Woollen
Lucy (PS0W5) [1487] Yeah woollen yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1488] Right, did , did you not get nothing wrong before woollen?
[1489] Between carriage and woollen?
Holly (PS0W6) [1490] I got several
Lucy (PS0W5) [1491] I got family
Terence (PS0W2) [1492] Several wrong
Holly (PS0W6) [1493] Yeah
Lucy (PS0W5) [1494] I got that right and I got family wrong
Holly (PS0W6) [1495] And I got several
Terence (PS0W2) [1496] Wait a moment, okay so let me get, who got several right?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1497] Me did
Terence (PS0W2) [1498] You got it right Holly got several wrong and Lucy got family wrong
Lucy (PS0W5) [1499] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1500] that makes it wrong
Holly (PS0W6) [1501] And I got family right
Terence (PS0W2) [1502] that makes it wrong, so Lucy's twenty six and Holly's thirty three again Holly's thirty three
Holly (PS0W6) [1503] I think thirty three's my lucky number
Terence (PS0W2) [1504] but Lucy that's four less than the last time ... so that, have, have you got them all written down your corrections?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1505] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1506] Right, well please make sure this time you really go to work on those as well, now we've got thirty three to have haven't we, now just let's have a look at that and make sure that you
Lucy (PS0W5) [1507] Picnic, picnic
Terence (PS0W2) [1508] know all the words that they all make sense to you picnic yes
Lucy (PS0W5) [1509] Yeah
Holly (PS0W6) [1510] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1511] arithmetic, flood, wooden
Lucy (PS0W5) [1512] Yeah
Holly (PS0W6) [1513] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1514] else, farewell, saucer, aunt, pencil, ocean, colour, clumsy, holy, navy, losing
Holly (PS0W6) [1515] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1516] then going down the next list September, chief, successful
Lucy (PS0W5) [1517] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1518] soldier, Australia, reached, thief, foolish, pearl, zone
Holly (PS0W6) [1519] Mm
Lucy (PS0W5) [1520] Erm a place like the next zone
Terence (PS0W2) [1521] The next zone
Holly (PS0W6) [1522] The next zone
Terence (PS0W2) [1523] yes zone , right malaria
Holly (PS0W6) [1524] A goose
Terence (PS0W2) [1525] goose, thieves, acre
Holly (PS0W6) [1526] An acre of land
Terence (PS0W2) [1527] an acre of land, deny, debt, geese, machine, prayer, New Zealand and doubt
Holly (PS0W6) [1528] Doubt yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [1529] Alright, so learn those but also learn the ones that you got wrong this time, you've got, you had one, two, three, four, five, six there, one after the after, in fact you had seven almost in that list there, and they're the ones you've really got to learn Lucy, right, right, so let's erm
Lucy (PS0W5) [1530] Read a story
Terence (PS0W2) [1531] let's hear the stories read, I think first of all you can call
Holly (PS0W6) [1532] Lucy's is shorter than mine
Terence (PS0W2) [1533] heads or tails?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1534] Tails
Terence (PS0W2) [1535] Tails so if it's tails you read it first
Holly (PS0W6) [1536] I don't care who reads first really, but never mind
Terence (PS0W2) [1537] It's heads
Lucy (PS0W5) [1538] Holly mine isn't
Holly (PS0W6) [1539] I, I get to read first or second?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1540] mine isn't shorter than yours
Terence (PS0W2) [1541] You read first
Holly (PS0W6) [1542] Oh I wanna read second
Terence (PS0W2) [1543] so you read first right
Lucy (PS0W5) [1544] mine isn't shorter than yours
Holly (PS0W6) [1545] Is it
Terence (PS0W2) [1546] No, no, no, right we won't argue
Holly (PS0W6) [1547] mine's five pages
Terence (PS0W2) [1548] about it
Lucy (PS0W5) [1549] Yeah but that's them, they're like that
Holly (PS0W6) [1550] Well I don't care
Terence (PS0W2) [1551] So nice and slowly, don't rush it, read it so that I can understand it nice and clearly, sshh, listen
Holly (PS0W6) [1552] Yeah sshh
Terence (PS0W2) [1553] Right ...
Holly (PS0W6) [1554] Oh what am I doing?
Terence (PS0W2) [1555] What's it called?
Holly (PS0W6) [1556] The Riverside Murder
Terence (PS0W2) [1557] The Riverside Murder, right on you go
Holly (PS0W6) [1558] [reading] It was Friday the thirteenth at midnight, the moon was full and shining brightly.
[1559] Jane Hall had booked into the Riverside Hotel, she walked over to the reception desk and rang the bell, hello I'm Jane Hall I've booked a weekend stay here, ah yes Miss Hall if you would just like to sign here, here's your key, your room is six floors up, third on the right, have a nice stay.
[1560] She took the lift up to the sixth floor and came to the room one O nine, which was her room, as she entered she noticed cobwebs and dampness on the walls, she flung her bed, bags on the bed and went downstairs to supper, after her supper she went to report, she went to the reception desk to report the cobwebs and dampness, she rang the bell a few times but no one answered, she was just about to go back to her room when she heard Mr Sandy the receptionist in the back room talking to her assistant, I put the body in Miss Hall's wardrobe, Jane ran upstairs and sure enough there was a body, Jane rang the police then straight away, please could you come to the Riverside Hotel, there's something I think you should see, there was a knock at the door and Mr Sandy answered it, hello, oh hello we've just had phone call from here, are you sure this is the right hotel?
[1561] Yes, well I didn't call, but I did said Jane, well you leave, well I'll leave you to it said Mr Sandy, if you would come upstairs, the policeman and Jane entered her room, please look in the cupboard, I think we've got a case Sarge, do you mind if I make a quick phone call?
[1562] Go ahead, hello is Sergeant Briggs there please, if you would just hold for a minute, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, hello this is Sergeant Briggs who's calling?
[1563] Sergeant it's P C Garfield, Sergeant Huddersfield and myself are at the Riverside Hotel, we've just found a body in Miss Hall's wardrobe room one O nine, well could you describe him?
[1564] He's about six foot two, short black hair, moustache, blue eyes and according to his record card he's twenty seven and his name is John Banks and he lives at 36 Church Hill Road, Upper Tracey, and we think he's been shot, I'll be right over, stay where you are.
[1565] About fifteen minutes later Sergeant Briggs entered Jane's room, we'll take him back to the station and tomorrow we'll go around and ask a few questions.
[1566] Oh by the way Miss Hall do you know anything, said P C Garfield, well said Jane I wasn't going to tell, but I think Mr Sandy and their assistant knows something about it, because about twelve thirty this morning I was going to report about the cobwebs and dampness on the walls and I heard Mr Sandy and his assistant talking in the back room.
[1567] Well just that they had put the body in my wardrobe, that's a start thanks.
[1568] The next day the policeman went where Mr Banks lived and they rang the bell, hello, hello are you Mrs Banks?
[1569] Yes, yes I am.
[1570] Well we've got some bad news about your son John, oh I think you'd better come in.
[1571] Well what have you got to tell me about John?
[1572] I'm afraid, I'm afraid, no, I am very sorry to tell you this but your son has been murdered said Sergeant Briggs, murdered, but how?
[1573] He was shot, John my poor John, what am I going to tell his wife?
[1574] He was married?
[1575] Yes to a Mrs Stow before, I'm sorry we have to tell you like this, anyway do you know why he came to the hotel?
[1576] Yes he had booked there for a week, I think it was for a business meeting with Mr Sandy, that's all I know.
[1577] Mr Sandy, are you sure said P C Garfield?
[1578] Yes he's the receptionist there isn't he?
[1579] Yes he is, you've been a lot of help, thanks.
[1580] At midday Sergeant Briggs and P C Garfield went back to the Riverside Hotel to talk to Mr Sandy.
[1581] Do you know anything about Mr Bank's death said Sergeant Briggs?
[1582] No, yes you do, don't lie, I heard you yesterday morning, twelve thirty, you were talking to your assistant in the, about you put the body in my wardrobe said Jane, okay I know something, in fact I know a lot more than all of you.
[1583] I know who did it.
[1584] Who said P C Garfield?
[1585] Ah but that would be telling, just tell us said Jane, you really want to know don't you?
[1586] Look stop playing games and tell us said Sergeant Brigg, okay it was me said Mr Sandy.
[1587] I could of guessed said P C Garfield, but why?
[1588] Well I was having an affair with his wife and I loved her so much I wanted to marry her, I wanted his land and his money, so I thought if he was out of the way it would be easier to get what I wanted and of course it was.
[1589] I hope you know how many years you'll get for this said P C Garfield, of course I do I'm not stupid.
[1590] Well if you come with me sir, I think it's gonna be about eighteen years for you mate, said Sergeant Briggs, thanks for all your work Jane, that's alright Sarge, a quiet weekend that's all I wanted, some weekend this has turned out to be said Jane []
Terence (PS0W2) [1591] Very good, right, good, let's hear yours
Lucy (PS0W5) [1592] I'll just read this bit
Terence (PS0W2) [1593] and we'll talk about it later on, yes go on.
Lucy (PS0W5) [1594] [reading] If you Liz, Elizabeth pretending to be Jessica or is Elizabeth really Elizabeth.
[1595] Chapter one, Elizabeth
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Lucy (PS0W5) [1596] was sitting comfortably on a low branch on a tall pine tree in the Wakefield's back garden, she had her knees up round her chin and was leaning against the trunk, this was Elizabeth's thinking seat, the place that she went to be alone, there was a lot to think about, tomorrow Mrs, Mr Davis her form teacher would announce the winner of the class essay contest.
[1597] Elizabeth had written about saving the world and she thought her essay had a chance of winning, the prize was a year's subscription to the winner's favourite magazine.
[1598] Elizabeth was going to subscribe to the mysteries around the world, she loved reading Amanda Howard mysteries, but she was also looking forward to tomorrow because it was the first of April, April fool day, April fools day.
[1599] The day went, her and her sister, her twin sister, Jessica, did their annual April fools day joke, they []

5 (Tape 038001)

Lucy (PS0W5) [1600] [reading book] Elizabeth had won the essay competition and was just about to stand up when Jessica got up ... and she walked ... up to Mr ... and she asked ... and he asked her what magazine she wanted for the year ... and she said Rock Seventeen ... Jessica knew what magazine Elizabeth wanted and she just said Rock Seventeen.
[1601] Then she had to stay behind and got Jessica's detention ... and was late for her next lesson ... and got another ... detention ... for running in the main building.
[1602] But the trouble was they were both at the same time after school where she was meant to be decorating the hall for the disco after school that night.
[1603] Then, she got Jessica's C for her cooking class instead of the A Jessica got off hers.
[1604] But, after school she went to her detention with Mr ... and course, the note said ... going to the dentist, sudden toothache.
[1605] So she went to ... her other detention and there was another note saying, had to pick up my child from school.
[1606] So, she went to decorate the hall and got sent out with people saying ... she was Jessica.
[1607] [...] ... Elizabeth slammed the kitchen door and dropped her ... bag.
[1608] What's wrong said Jessica?
[1609] So Elizabeth told her everything that had happened today ... and after half an hour they decided to tell everyone what the ... they had done at the disco that night.
[1610] So that night, at the disco ... they told them and at last they believed them ... and sorted out the magazine thing and changed the magazine to ... Mysteries from Around the World.
[1611] And then, they changed the cookery marks.
[1612] And Jessica said, I'll race to the cake ... and the twins were back to normal [] .
Terence (PS0W2) [1613] Mm!
[1614] Now ... right!
[1615] Well I am going to have to look at them both.
[1616] And see if I, I like them both.
[1617] There's, there's a lot of work gone into those [...] .
[1618] Erm ... i if I'm honest I think I found ... Holly's easier to understand ... on a first reading ... but that may be because I think perhaps read it.
[1619] Perhaps, in a slightly more clearer way than you did.
[1620] That doesn't mean that yours isn't as good.
[1621] So I, what I want to do now, and I have do eve ... take time to do it, I can't do it just now when you're here.
[1622] But I want to look at them both ... and I will go through them as well and mark them for spelling and for ... for your punctuation and everything else.
[1623] But, really you both put a tremendous amount of work in!
[1624] They're great!
Lucy (PS0W5) [1625] Can I just say something?
Terence (PS0W2) [1626] Yeah.
Lucy (PS0W5) [1627] Cos, didn't gonna say ... know when Jessica ... got up ... cos I've got pretend ... erm got up ... for the erm
Terence (PS0W2) [1628] So what's it?
[1629] What is it?
[1630] It's April Fool.
Lucy (PS0W5) [1631] Yeah, it's April Fool's
Terence (PS0W2) [1632] Yeah.
Lucy (PS0W5) [1633] day.
[1634] Er, what they do, every year they switch identities e , Jessica pretends to be Elizabeth, and Elizabeth pretends to be Jessica ... but, this year they don't do that cos tha all their friends like know ... and, this year cos their teachers and things still think that they're erm ... so , they swapped identities they like, give detention and things to the wrong people and ... stuff like that.
[1635] And, when Jessica gets up to do ... get the magazine it's cos Mr told her but course she thought it was Je , erm Elizabeth but she wa wasn't ... so
Terence (PS0W2) [1636] What's D T?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1637] That's detention.
Terence (PS0W2) [1638] She went to her detention, I see!
[1639] Right.
Lucy (PS0W5) [1640] So we just sort of say [...] essay, D T to show what I mean.
Terence (PS0W2) [1641] Yeah.
[1642] Well ... well yes we used to get ... used to get detention, yes, but erm ... the thing we used to get more than anything else ... was pink paper.
Holly (PS0W6) [1643] Mm?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1644] Did you have to take it home to your parents?
Terence (PS0W2) [1645] Pink paper
Lucy (PS0W5) [1646] To show that you've
Terence (PS0W2) [1647] was
Lucy (PS0W5) [1648] been naughty?
Terence (PS0W2) [1649] Pink paper was a foolscap sheet of paper like [...] like that
Holly (PS0W6) [1650] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [1651] but it was pink!
Lucy (PS0W5) [1652] Pink!
Terence (PS0W2) [1653] And if you had to do ... if you had, say, three sheets of pink paper because you've been naughty and done something wrong, you had to fill three sides of pink foolscap paper with writing.
[1654] You might have to write an essay or you do copy writing on the pa , do three sheets of pink paper, you had to three sheets of writing!
[1655] And it was pink paper ... and at the top it had space for your parent's signature so that when you've done the work your parents had to
Holly (PS0W6) [1656] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [1657] sign it so they'd know if you'd had pink paper.
Lucy (PS0W5) [1658] What erm
Terence (PS0W2) [1659] That was the, that was the worst, that was the pink paper, and then
Lucy (PS0W5) [1660] what we normally have to do.
Terence (PS0W2) [1661] you got ... yo would have to take and hour or take two hours, or take three hours and if you take up to three hours ... or if you got three separate hours ... that was detention ... and if we were in our in the junior part of the school ... in the first three forms ... erm, you then had to go into school on Saturday morning.
[1662] In the senior school we had to go into school Saturday morning anyway!
Holly (PS0W6) [1663] And you had Wednesday
Terence (PS0W2) [1664] We we
Holly (PS0W6) [1665] afternoon off.
Terence (PS0W2) [1666] No, we didn't!
[1667] We we worked ... Monday to Saturday
Holly (PS0W6) [1668] Our when my
Terence (PS0W2) [1669] morning.
Holly (PS0W6) [1670] When my
Terence (PS0W2) [1671] We had games on Wednesday afternoon but we had, in the senior school
Holly (PS0W6) [1672] When my
Terence (PS0W2) [1673] we had school on Saturday morning as well as the rest of the week!
Holly (PS0W6) [1674] My erm ... my dad's mum, they used to go to school Monday, Tuesday ... Wednesday morning, have Wednesday afternoon off, all day Thursday, all day Friday and Saturday morning!
[1675] But they would have Wednesday afternoon off.
Lucy (PS0W5) [1676] Oh!
Terence (PS0W2) [1677] Right.
Holly (PS0W6) [1678] [laughing] For some reason [] !
Terence (PS0W2) [1679] Okay.
[1680] So we've got a little time left.
[1681] Erm ... let's ... have a look at your ... English ... these English progress papers.
Holly (PS0W6) [1682] Okay.
Terence (PS0W2) [1683] Because, I want to do a little bit of that ... erm ... we are going
Lucy (PS0W5) [1684] Ah!
Terence (PS0W2) [1685] what page are we on now? [...]
Holly (PS0W6) [1686] We started something last week.
[1687] [...] , I mean I've finished that.
Terence (PS0W2) [1688] Yes, what paper was that?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1689] The Locuses.
Holly (PS0W6) [1690] About the Locusts.
Terence (PS0W2) [1691] What page was that?
Holly (PS0W6) [1692] I don't know.
Lucy (PS0W5) [1693] I don't know.
Holly (PS0W6) [laugh]
Lucy (PS0W5) [1694] Here it is!
[1695] Here's the page.
Terence (PS0W2) [1696] Page twenty eight.
[1697] Page twenty eight.
[1698] That's right.
[1699] Now, how far did we get with that?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1700] Erm, we finished the bit about the locusts.
Terence (PS0W2) [1701] Right.
[1702] So
Holly (PS0W6) [1703] Ten to five.
Terence (PS0W2) [1704] Okay.
Lucy (PS0W5) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [1705] Number eight ... we've got to do.
[1706] I think.
Lucy (PS0W5) [1707] Look, look!
[1708] Look!
Terence (PS0W2) [1709] Yes.
[1710] Number eight.
Holly (PS0W6) [1711] I think you hold it right at the end.
Lucy (PS0W5) [1712] Do you?
Holly (PS0W6) [1713] Do this don't you?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1714] Oh you do don't you?
Terence (PS0W2) [1715] Did we mark it?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1716] No.
Holly (PS0W6) [1717] The
Terence (PS0W2) [1718] Did we not mark it?
Holly (PS0W6) [1719] They're all ma they're alright though.
[1720] Cos we didn't [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [1721] Cos we but we didn't the last one?
[1722] So right!
[1723] Okay.
[1724] So we'll go on to page ... that page twenty eight, number eight.
[1725] If you'd like to do it now and then we'll mark it.
Lucy (PS0W5) [1726] Number eight?
Terence (PS0W2) [1727] Number eight.
Holly (PS0W6) [1728] Paper over
Lucy (PS0W5) [1729] Oh!
Holly (PS0W6) [1730] there.
Lucy (PS0W5) [1731] Yes!
Holly (PS0W6) [1732] Underline the correct answer in the brackets.
Terence (PS0W2) [1733] So write it down, don't underline it.
[1734] Just write the, write the sentence down.
Holly (PS0W6) [1735] How do you write it though?
Terence (PS0W2) [1736] You gotta choose the correct one.
Lucy (PS0W5) [1737] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [1738] This should be very apt from what you've just been doing.
Holly (PS0W6) [1739] Mm!
Lucy (PS0W5) [1740] My, am I, am I an author now?
Terence (PS0W2) [1741] I don't know.
Lucy (PS0W5) [1742] Mm?
Terence (PS0W2) [1743] That might well be mightn't it?
Lucy (PS0W5) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [1744] I know I'm, no I'm just coming to sort you out because ... as you say you did that with Mrs .
[1745] So, you haven't done this yet?
Holly (PS0W6) [1746] I've done that ... Terry.
Terence (PS0W2) [1747] Right.
[1748] Wait for Lucy to do it ... and then we'll read it out.
Lucy (PS0W5) [1749] Oh!
[1750] Ooh ooh ooh!
Holly (PS0W6) [1751] Don't think, the spelling's wrong.
Lucy (PS0W5) [1752] Yes I have!
[1753] Cos I ... I'm usually a good speller!
[1754] One of these.
[1755] Over to dad and Becky.
Holly (PS0W6) [1756] Oh, she's terrible!
Lucy (PS0W5) [1757] Mm.
[1758] Doesn't know how to spell scene!
Terence (PS0W2) [1759] Does she not?
Holly (PS0W6) [1760] No, she
Lucy (PS0W5) [1761] No.
Holly (PS0W6) [1762] i , when we have like, something like scene one she puts S double E N!
Lucy (PS0W5) [1763] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [1764] Oh!
Holly (PS0W6) [1765] She doesn't know how to spell having.
[1766] She goes, she puts erm, A, hey, no H, H A V E I N G!
[1767] She's useless at spelling!
Terence (PS0W2) [1768] Right , so what have you got there?
Holly (PS0W6) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [1769] Well now, it should a be a person who writes books is
Lucy (PS0W5) [1770] An.
Terence (PS0W2) [1771] An.
Lucy (PS0W5) [1772] An!
Holly (PS0W6) [1773] Oh!
Terence (PS0W2) [1774] An author.
Holly (PS0W6) [1775] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [1776] An author.
[1777] Why do you put an instead of a?
Holly (PS0W6) [1778] Because it's got a vowel!
Terence (PS0W2) [1779] Because author
Lucy (PS0W5) [1780] A vowel.
Terence (PS0W2) [1781] comme , starts with an A, right, a vowel.
[1782] Right, number nine.
[1783] So do number nine.
Holly (PS0W6) [1784] Mhm!
[1785] ... Oh!
Terence (PS0W2) [1786] So what have you got?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1787] It's a journalist.
Holly (PS0W6) [1788] Journalist.
Terence (PS0W2) [1789] A person who writes articles for a newspaper is a journalist.
Lucy (PS0W5) [1790] For a newspaper is a journalist .
Holly (PS0W6) [1791] Journalist!
Terence (PS0W2) [1792] Good!
[1793] Right!
[1794] Number ten then.
Lucy (PS0W5) [1795] When he breaks ... [laughing] Oh sorry I didn't mean to []
Terence (PS0W2) [1796] It's when
Holly (PS0W6) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [1797] we break into a house to steal ... is called a
Lucy (PS0W5) [1798] It's called ... it's called a prisoner!
Holly (PS0W6) [1799] [laughing] Mm mm [] .
[1800] ... Do you know the story ... o , first of all I was gonna write about fairground ... about a erm ... ghost
Lucy (PS0W5) [1801] Ghost
Holly (PS0W6) [1802] train ... then I thought, no, I wouldn't write that.
[1803] Then I was gonna write about ... a hotel ... you know, erm Heartbreak Hotel ... thought no, wouldn't write about that.
[1804] Want something exciting, so I thought a murder [...] !
Lucy (PS0W5) [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [1805] Yes.
[1806] So it's a burglar, right?
[1807] B U R G L A R.
Holly (PS0W6) [1808] A murder.
Terence (PS0W2) [1809] E actually yours made me think of a story that I was told many years ago on a coach trip over Dartmoor
Holly (PS0W6) [1810] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [1811] when a lady who lived on Dartmoor for many, many years ... erm ... was telling ... stories of things that had actually happened
Lucy (PS0W5) [1812] True?
Terence (PS0W2) [1813] to her.
[1814] Well, for instance, that she lived in a in an old vicarage, cos her husband had been a ... a, no a tri , priest in the Church of England and er ... we her house was haunted ... and she was telling us stories and sh she quite often saw the ghost, she was never worried, she never ... cos it never frightened her it wasn't vicious or anything like that and she often saw it ... quite matter of fact .
[1815] As a matter of fact, she often saw this ghost.
[1816] But, she was telling the story of a man who was travelling over the moor ... and it was many years ago ... [...] on horseback ... and er he ... was completely lost and wan , it was getting dark and he wanted to ... stay somewhere for the night ... and he sort of travelled and couldn't see anywhere and eventually down a long drive he saw a house wi , blazing with lights ... so he went down this house ... and er, all the windows were alight, you know ... were lit up ... and he knocked at the door and knocked at the door, and knocked at the door and couldn't get any answer, no one ever came to the door ... so in desperation he thought well this is no good!
[1817] So he went back up onto the main road and very little further on, in fact, he in fact found a village ... and spent the night at the hostelry ... and he said to the man in the hostelry ... you know,he that he'd been lost and that a ... a little bit back on the road he'd seen this big house all alight and he had erm, you know, gone in the drive and tried to get ... get a room there but ... couldn't make anybody hear ... and the erm ... the inn keeper said, no he said er ... you wouldn't make anyone hear there, he said and if you go back there tomorrow ... the house won't be there!
[1818] And he went back ... and it wasn't! [laugh]
Holly (PS0W6) [1819] Weird!
Terence (PS0W2) [laugh]
Lucy (PS0W5) [1820] Why not?
Terence (PS0W2) [1821] It had gone!
Holly (PS0W6) [1822] What a ghost made it?
Terence (PS0W2) [1823] Yeah. [laugh]
Lucy (PS0W5) [1824] I like, I love
Terence (PS0W2) [1825] Told a lot of ghost stories, yes!
Lucy (PS0W5) [1826] I love listening
Terence (PS0W2) [1827] in my [...]
Lucy (PS0W5) [1828] to ghost stories in Dartmoor.
Holly (PS0W6) [1829] Oh I know this really [...] story!
Lucy (PS0W5) [1830] Go on then.
Holly (PS0W6) [1831] Right, it's about this erm ... lady, I'll make it that she lived on Dartmoor with her erm grandson ... erm ... and her ... moth and he sa daughter and she is a gran , she was a grandlady ... a grandmother.
Lucy (PS0W5) [1832] [laughing] A grandlady [] !
Holly (PS0W6) [1833] [laugh] ... And erm, they lived in this little cottage and erm ... every night erm ... the moth , she would always stay up really late and the mother and erm her son would go to bed ... and she would always go out of this erm ... go out of the house ... every night and she would go, cos she had these three fingers which were blades
Lucy (PS0W5) [1834] Oh!
Holly (PS0W6) [1835] you know like Freddy Kruger ... three fingers that looked like blades ... and every night she would go to erm ... the fields ... and erm ... she would go into sheep fields and cow fields and she would kill three sheep and a cow every night ... except for a Sunday night!
[1836] Every morning farmers would come and they would see this claw mark ... on the neck of these ... of their sheep and their cows and they were, they were quite worried cos all their sheep and cows were like dying every night!
[1837] They were quite worried about it.
[1838] And so they went to report to the, to the police ... but and th I mean they didn't believe them, they thought it was just like birds.
[1839] And erm ... and ... she kept doing this for ages ... and erm ... she was, she was sta starting to get worried because people might believe, find out that it was her ... and so after she killed a cow, she took out all of i , all it's insides and hid in it and no one ever found her!
Terence (PS0W2) [1840] Oh dear!
[1841] Terrible!
Holly (PS0W6) [1842] And then, she
Terence (PS0W2) [1843] Ooh!
Lucy (PS0W5) [1844] Ooh!
Holly (PS0W6) [1845] she was
Lucy (PS0W5) [1846] It's horrible isn't it?
Holly (PS0W6) [1847] And then she hid inside this cow!
Terence (PS0W2) [1848] Mm!
Holly (PS0W6) [1849] And she killed it! [...]
Lucy (PS0W5) [1850] [...] ?
Terence (PS0W2) [1851] Right!
[1852] I think ... we'd
Lucy (PS0W5) [1853] Ha.
Terence (PS0W2) [1854] better leave it at that hadn't we?
[1855] Will you ... before you come to me next time
Holly (PS0W6) [1856] Mhm.
Terence (PS0W2) [1857] finish down to ... number twenty eight?
[1858] ... And learn those spellings?
[1859] Right?
[1860] So that's going to be page twenty eight and twenty nine.
[1861] ... Okay, learn your spellings!
[1862] Now, I'll have to talk to your mums but it may well be ... that ... I shan't be here in a fortnight's time so we may
Holly (PS0W6) [1863] Oh!
Terence (PS0W2) [1864] have to put things back a week.
Holly (PS0W6) [1865] Okay.
Terence (PS0W2) [1866] But we'll ... we'll think about that ... nearer the time.
[1867] Alright?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1868] Okay.
Terence (PS0W2) [1869] Okey-doke And you'll leave your compositions with me and I will look up, and if I can get the marks before then as I probably will ... I'll let you have them back.
[1870] Okay?
Lucy (PS0W5) [1871] Okay.
Terence (PS0W2) [1872] Right!
[1873] ... So, one more week to go and then you've got a holiday.
Lucy (PS0W5) [1874] [sighing] Yes [] !
Terence (PS0W2) [1875] Ha hum!
Holly (PS0W6) [1876] At last!
Terence (PS0W2) [1877] Yeah, that's right.
[1878] Right?
[1879] Bye bye girls!
Lucy (PS0W5) [1880] Bye bye!
[1881] Ballet now.
Terence (PS0W2) [1882] Cor you got ballet now have you?
Holly (PS0W6) [1883] Yes we
Terence (PS0W2) [1884] Hello Adrian!
[1885] Alright?
Adrian (PS0W7) [1886] Yes thanks.
Terence (PS0W2) [1887] So ... all set for a break tomorrow?
Adrian (PS0W7) [1888] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [1889] Thank you.
[1890] Have I got to give your mummy change this time?
Adrian (PS0W7) [1891] Er ... yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [1892] It looks like it
Adrian (PS0W7) [1893] Oh yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [1894] doesn't it?
Adrian (PS0W7) [1895] I'll go and get some.
Terence (PS0W2) [1896] I know, right.
[1897] That's alright.
[1898] ... That's fine.
[1899] ... Erm ... right!
[1900] What book are we on?
[1901] Four A.
Adrian (PS0W7) [1902] It's alright, this is erm, yours.
Terence (PS0W2) [1903] Yeah, I know I was looking for the erm ... oops!
[1904] Now ... right!
[1905] So how have we got on with that?
Adrian (PS0W7) [1906] Er ah, I did some at home but we haven't done any booklet work this week.
Terence (PS0W2) [1907] You haven't done any booklet work?
[1908] Okay.
Adrian (PS0W7) [1909] Because we've been doing Pythagoras theorem.
Terence (PS0W2) [1910] Oh have you?
Adrian (PS0W7) [1911] Yeah.
[1912] I'll just show you what we've been doing.
Terence (PS0W2) [1913] Yeah.
[1914] Show us what you've been doing.
[1915] You understand it?
Adrian (PS0W7) [1916] Yeah ... well sort of!
[1917] [laugh] ... We're erm ... that's the booklet I'm on at the moment.
Terence (PS0W2) [1918] What's this one?
[1919] ... I haven't seen this one.
[1920] Oh!
Adrian (PS0W7) [1921] It's ... it's er [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [1922] [...] ?
Adrian (PS0W7) [1923] Yeah.
[1924] Did that yu , yesterday.
[1925] Not all that.
Terence (PS0W2) [1926] Is that from here?
Adrian (PS0W7) [1927] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [1928] Yeah.
Adrian (PS0W7) [1929] Work from that.
[1930] And an an the the sheets.
[1931] And now ... I've just started ... this.
[1932] I'm gonna finish the end of C six for homework, and I'm on C six A.
[1933] And that's what we've been doing, all about it.
Terence (PS0W2) [1934] Right.
Adrian (PS0W7) [1935] Okay?
Terence (PS0W2) [1936] Yeah.
[1937] So do you wanna finish that now?
Adrian (PS0W7) [1938] Yeah please.
Terence (PS0W2) [1939] Right, okay.
Adrian (PS0W7) [1940] I I knew that erm ... I uns , I sa understand some of it but some of it I find a bit hard to understand ... like ... this bit, it says ... be careful, sometimes the unknown side is ... is the longest side and sometimes it is not.
[1941] But I thi , I I can't, I know that you have to take it away.
Terence (PS0W2) [1942] Yes but ... the thing is this ... in a right angle triangle
Adrian (PS0W7) [1943] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [1944] the longest side is called what?
[1945] Cos it
Adrian (PS0W7) [1946] The hypotenuse.
Terence (PS0W2) [1947] The hypotenuse, right!
[1948] So the longer side is always the hypotenuse.
Adrian (PS0W7) [1949] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [1950] Right?
[1951] Now, what is the formula ... for your Pythagoras theorem?
Adrian (PS0W7) [1952] The sum of the erm I do I don't, I know, my dad's taught me a different one to Miss , she ... she taught me that erm ... i the, oh hang on!
[1953] It's back here.
[1954] [...] I got a new book today so ... but ... she taught that is was ... ha!
[1955] Erm, if I can find it!
[1956] ... The right angle triangle.
[1957] The areas and squares on the ... two short sides ... add together to equal the area on the square of the hypotenuse.
Terence (PS0W2) [1958] Right!
[1959] The square on the hypotenuse
Adrian (PS0W7) [1960] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [1961] equals the sum of the squares on the other two sides.
Adrian (PS0W7) [1962] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [1963] The square on the hypotenuse ... equals the sum of the squares on the other two sides.
Adrian (PS0W7) [1964] Okay.
Terence (PS0W2) [1965] Alright?
Adrian (PS0W7) [1966] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [1967] And the squ hypotenuse is always the longest side.
[1968] It's the side opposite the right angle.
Adrian (PS0W7) [1969] Mhm.
Terence (PS0W2) [1970] So ... there's your right angle ... that is the hypotenuse and the square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares, that's the su , the area of that square and the area of that square add together the sum of the squares on the other two sides.
Adrian (PS0W7) [1971] Okay.
Terence (PS0W2) [1972] Alright?
[1973] The square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides.
[1974] So ... what they're saying is this ... that ... the square on that side
Adrian (PS0W7) [1975] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [1976] is thirty six, so what's the length of that side?
Adrian (PS0W7) [1977] Erm ... that must be ... nine.
Terence (PS0W2) [1978] No!
Adrian (PS0W7) [1979] Sorry!
[1980] Aha.
[1981] What then?
Terence (PS0W2) [1982] The square root of thirty six.
[1983] What two numbers amount to [...]
Adrian (PS0W7) [1984] Six.
Terence (PS0W2) [1985] That's right.
[1986] So the ... that side must be six centimetres
Adrian (PS0W7) [1987] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [1988] The square is six times six which is thirty six.
[1989] That is four square centimetres.
Adrian (PS0W7) [1990] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [1991] It's four centimetres and the square is sixteen ... so, what must be the area of that square?
Adrian (PS0W7) [1992] Twenty.
Terence (PS0W2) [1993] Twenty.
[1994] Right!
[1995] So you've got to find what number multiplied together makes twenty.
Adrian (PS0W7) [1996] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [1997] So it's going to, the length of that side is going to be the
Adrian (PS0W7) [1998] So you square the root of twenty.
[1999] Find the square root of twenty ... don't you?
Terence (PS0W2) [2000] You find the square root of twenty.
[2001] That's right.
[2002] And how do you find the square root of twenty?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2003] Just ... use that.
Terence (PS0W2) [2004] [laugh] ... You'll use that yes!
Adrian (PS0W7) [2005] Mm mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [2006] Aren't you lucky?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2007] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [2008] Because I ... we never had sa we never had erm ... calculators.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2009] Wha what did you have to do then?
Terence (PS0W2) [2010] So you had to find the square root of by ... ar ... either ... arithmetic ... by
Adrian (PS0W7) [2011] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [2012] doing in an arithmetic way or you had to use a sca , a log table.
[2013] You had to use log tables.
[2014] You had to use this sort of thing ... like find it ... [...] up in a mess hasn't it?
[2015] Erm ... I had to go to a table like that ... which said square roots ... and I had to look up ... twenty
Adrian (PS0W7) [2016] It's got on the back actually.
[2017] Back of this book.
Terence (PS0W2) [2018] Square roots ... twe
Adrian (PS0W7) [2019] Oh yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [2020] square root is twenty ... and it's four point four seven two one.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2021] Yeah, square root.
Terence (PS0W2) [2022] That's right.
[2023] But, as you say you can use this
Adrian (PS0W7) [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [2024] Which one do you push now?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2025] That one.
Terence (PS0W2) [2026] That's right.
[2027] Four point four seven two.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2028] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [2029] So, you know, that's ... well the way you do it.
[2030] So th that's how you find that.
[2031] So now when you got these ... three here
Adrian (PS0W7) [2032] I've done these.
Terence (PS0W2) [2033] You've done those have you?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2034] Yeah, look.
[2035] Here are.
Terence (PS0W2) [2036] Well let's see that you got them right shall we?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2037] Six five A.
Terence (PS0W2) [2038] So, this one ... you've got twenty five ... equals ... nine ... plus some number.
[2039] Right?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2040] Mhm.
Terence (PS0W2) [2041] So, that is going to be ... sixteen isn't it?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2042] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [2043] No it isn't.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2044] Yes it is!
Terence (PS0W2) [2045] Yes it is, sixteen.
[2046] So, what's that gonna be?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2047] Sixteen to erm, square root of sixteen
Terence (PS0W2) [2048] Sixteen
Adrian (PS0W7) [2049] is four.
Terence (PS0W2) [2050] Four.
[2051] So that's
Adrian (PS0W7) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [2052] gonna be four.
[2053] So, C five A, have you got four?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2054] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [2055] Yes you have.
[2056] Right.
[2057] Now, B ... again, that ... the square root of that ... is going to equal the square root of that ... plus the square root of that.
[2058] So you've got sixteen
Adrian (PS0W7) [2059] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [2060] Or rather, sixty four ... e ... eighty one ... equals ... sixty four ... plus some number.
[2061] So, sixty four from eighty one
Adrian (PS0W7) [2062] Gives you ... six which is erm, seventeen so it's
Terence (PS0W2) [2063] Gives you
Adrian (PS0W7) [2064] er seventeen.
Terence (PS0W2) [2065] Gives you seventeen.
[2066] So now, for the answer to that one
Adrian (PS0W7) [2067] The square root of seventeen.
Terence (PS0W2) [2068] you want the square root of seventeen ... which is four point one two.
[2069] Right!
Adrian (PS0W7) [2070] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [2071] So C ... again, you've got eleven elevens, what are eleven elevens?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2072] Er ... a hundred and twenty one.
Terence (PS0W2) [2073] A hundred and twenty one ... equals thirty six, plus some number.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2074] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [2075] So what is a hundred and twenty one less thirty six?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2076] Erm ... er ... is it ... six erm ... erm si
Terence (PS0W2) [2077] Eighty five.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2078] eighty five, sorry.
Terence (PS0W2) [2079] Have you got eighty five?
[2080] The square root of eighty five?
[2081] Yes, you have!
[2082] Er, the square root of eighty five, that sounds reasonable so I would assume that's right.
[2083] D ... you've got sixty four ... equals
Adrian (PS0W7) [2084] Mhm.
Terence (PS0W2) [2085] twenty five plus some number, so what's that?
[2086] Thirty nine?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2087] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [2088] The square root of thirty nine which is ... obviously reasonable so that's alright.
[2089] Right!
[2090] So how's
Adrian (PS0W7) [2091] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [2092] C six?
[2093] And you can't do C six?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2094] So that, those are alright?
Terence (PS0W2) [2095] Yes, you can mar , well yes you can do.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2096] They're wrong, aren't they?
[2097] I'll mark them right.
Terence (PS0W2) [2098] Why don't you tick it neatly?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2099] I do!
Terence (PS0W2) [2100] As I've said before!
[2101] You don't.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2102] Okay then.
Terence (PS0W2) [2103] No, it's alright!
[2104] Leave
Adrian (PS0W7) [2105] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [2106] it now but erm
Adrian (PS0W7) [2107] Oh that's alright?
Terence (PS0W2) [2108] that's , you know, you should erm ... Okay!
[2109] So you're going to do C six.
[2110] I will do them while you do them.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2111] Okay.
Terence (PS0W2) [2112] Cos I
Adrian (PS0W7) [2113] Is that the hypotenuse?
[2114] ... Yes?
Terence (PS0W2) [2115] Which is the hypotenuse?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2116] That one?
Terence (PS0W2) [2117] Which one?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2118] The opposite one to the right angle.
Terence (PS0W2) [2119] Right.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2120] So it's that one.
Terence (PS0W2) [2121] Right!
Adrian (PS0W7) [2122] So, so it must be ... it is ... erm can I write it down on here?
Terence (PS0W2) [2123] I'll tell you what ... write it down on paper and then you can copy it into your book when you know you've got it right.
[2124] How about that?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2125] Hang on a sec !
[2126] ... Five point three nine.
Terence (PS0W2) [2127] Right!
[2128] I'll settle for that.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2129] Is that right, the way I've done it?
[2130] By the way, I I did that so I did ... area of square along the side.
Terence (PS0W2) [2131] Well I mean you've got the right answer so erm
Adrian (PS0W7) [2132] Shall I just write ... shall I copy it in?
Terence (PS0W2) [2133] Yes, what have you done?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2134] Erm ... five ... equals twenty five ... mm?
Terence (PS0W2) [2135] Five doesn't equal twenty five.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2136] Five fives are twenty five!
Terence (PS0W2) [2137] You haven't got five times, you've got five equals twenty five.
[2138] Five square equals twenty five!
Adrian (PS0W7) [2139] That's what I've been doing ... I meant ... I mean that!
Terence (PS0W2) [2140] Yahhh But if you write that ... look!
[2141] Five equals twenty five ... is not true!
[2142] Five squared equals twenty five ... yes!
Adrian (PS0W7) [2143] Okay then.
Terence (PS0W2) [2144] Right?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2145] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [2146] Be very precise.
[2147] But you shouldn't ever write five equals twenty five cos it doesn't!
Adrian (PS0W7) [2148] Okay then.
Terence (PS0W2) [2149] You mean five squared, you mean five times five equals twenty five ... you're looking for five squared, so that's the right thing to write!
[2150] Alright?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2151] Okay.
[2152] ... That is the hypotenuse isn't it?
[2153] That there?
Terence (PS0W2) [2154] Yes.
[2155] Mhm.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2156] C ... Do you do ninety nine take twenty five?
Terence (PS0W2) [2157] Which one are we doing?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2158] B.
[2159] Erm ... I'm gonna do
Terence (PS0W2) [2160] What have you got?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2161] Er
Terence (PS0W2) [2162] You've got ... you've got nine nines are eighty one, nine squared equals eighty, nine squared equals
Adrian (PS0W7) [2163] Ah so
Terence (PS0W2) [2164] what?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2165] Eighty one equals [laughing] nine [] !
Terence (PS0W2) [2166] Ah pa cha cha cha cha cha Right.
[2167] Five squared equals twenty five ... right ... now what have you got to do?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2168] Nine into ninety ... erm eight in ... eighty one take ... twenty five.
Terence (PS0W2) [2169] That's right.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2170] So ... [sighing] erm [] ... that'll be se ... fifty five ... fifty, fifty six.
Terence (PS0W2) [2171] Right.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2172] So then you square root it?
Terence (PS0W2) [2173] That's right.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2174] Seven point four eight.
Terence (PS0W2) [2175] Right.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2176] Is it a hundred take nine?
Terence (PS0W2) [2177] That's right.

6 (Tape 038002)

Adrian (PS0W7) [2178] Is the last one eight nine four?
Terence (PS0W2) [2179] Eight hundred and ninety four?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2180] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [2181] What's the square root of eighty?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2182] Eight point nine four two.
Terence (PS0W2) [2183] That's better!
Adrian (PS0W7) [2184] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [2185] Right, eight point nine four.
[2186] What did you get the other one?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2187] Nine point eight O.
Terence (PS0W2) [2188] Right.
[2189] That's right.
[2190] ... Alright but ... just wondering ... why you've got this book.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2191] She gave it to us.
Terence (PS0W2) [2192] All of you?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2193] Yeah.
[2194] It's like, we do a bit of it each night ... and it's over two weeks.
[2195] The last bit we did was ... only the small numbers.
[2196] That ... or wi with that.
Terence (PS0W2) [2197] Oh.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2198] An an ... we're just working through it as a class and that.
Terence (PS0W2) [2199] Are you?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2200] Yeah.
[2201] And we didn't ... we didn't do our booklets this week.
Terence (PS0W2) [2202] Well this, you see ... this is the interesting thing because that ... [sighing] hum [] ... What's that in?
[2203] I've, I've just been dealing with that ... in a booklet.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2204] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [2205] If I could erm ... only remember which booklet it was.
[2206] ... Erm ... That pa that page ... or was it?
[2207] No, perhaps it wasn't a booklet.
[2208] Perhaps it wasn't a booklet.
[2209] ... I'm just wondering why, cos someone's been dealing with that
Adrian (PS0W7) [2210] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [2211] just this week.
[2212] ... No!
[2213] I can't, I'll have to find it some other time but er ... right yellow book two, let's have a look yellow book two.
[2214] ... No!
[2215] I'll leave it.
Adrian (PS0W7) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [2216] Right!
[2217] Er, so now what ... erm
Adrian (PS0W7) [2218] Do you wanna do some ... erm
Terence (PS0W2) [2219] Have you done that booklet?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2220] booklet?
[2221] This bo , I haven't finished it.
Terence (PS0W2) [2222] Erm you, have you done any on it?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2223] Yes.
Terence (PS0W2) [2224] Right, let's mark what you've done.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2225] That goes with that.
Terence (PS0W2) [2226] You do this in your school book do you?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2227] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [2228] Right, that's right.
[2229] ... That's right.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2230] Shall I tick it?
Terence (PS0W2) [2231] Can do if you want.
[2232] That's right.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2233] Is this all right?
Terence (PS0W2) [2234] Well er yes, A five is on ... the answer is on the erm ... back cover of your book.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2235] Is A four alright?
Terence (PS0W2) [2236] A four's alright, yeah.
[2237] Now loo , look on the, no no, wait a moment!
[2238] Look on the back cover of your booklet ... inside the back cover.
[2239] ... Right, that's alright.
[2240] ... They're alright.
[2241] ... That's right.
[2242] Right.
[2243] Right.
[2244] ... Right.
[2245] Right.
[2246] Right.
[2247] Right.
[2248] Right.
[2249] Right.
[2250] Right.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2251] Are they all right?
Terence (PS0W2) [2252] Mhm.
[2253] Right.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2254] Shall we co continue with that or do you want
Terence (PS0W2) [2255] You can do if you want.
[2256] Is that ... but you're doing that at school are you as well?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2257] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [2258] Right okay.
[2259] So B six.
[2260] Er, [...] one to mark here.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2261] Yep.
[2262] This one.
Terence (PS0W2) [2263] Well, I think perhaps ... what we'll do cos you've missed quite a few of these out so I think what we'll do ... erm is to ... leave that ... what you're doing there for a moment ... we'll go through this ... mark this ... and the one's you haven't done we'll do ... so that you've got this one straight.
[2264] Okay?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2265] Okay.
[2266] ... There's only one I didn't do.
[2267] That one.
Terence (PS0W2) [2268] Oh yes!
[2269] So there is.
[2270] Well, well anyway we'll do do that and see ... see what the other's like.
[2271] ... You've been caught!
[2272] ... Right!
[2273] This one ... posts are erected at a hundred metre intervals on a motorway, how many posts are there in a distance of four thousand seven hundred kilometres?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2274] Twenty seven.
Terence (PS0W2) [2275] No.
[2276] As I say, you have been caught ... in a little trap!
[2277] Posts are erected
Adrian (PS0W7) [2278] Forty sev six posts.
Terence (PS0W2) [2279] posts are erected every hundred metres, right?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2280] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [2281] There's a hundred metres ... there's two hundred metres ... there's three hundred metres ... how many posts in three hundred metres?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2282] Four.
[2283] Sorry!
Terence (PS0W2) [2284] Mm.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2285] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [2286] Right.
[2287] Because at no metres there's one post ... and at the end of a hundred metres you've got ... two posts ... so you got one post more
Adrian (PS0W7) [2288] So it must be forty six.
Terence (PS0W2) [2289] [...] distance.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2290] That's what I say, forty eight.
Terence (PS0W2) [2291] Forty eight ... right!
[2292] Got it?
[2293] Always
Adrian (PS0W7) [2294] Okay.
Terence (PS0W2) [2295] be wary of that.
[2296] And the same thing applies ... posts are a hundred metres apart.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2297] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [2298] If you are at the fifth post ... how far have you gone from the start?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2299] Six hundred metres.
Terence (PS0W2) [2300] How far have you gone from the start?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2301] Four hundred.
Terence (PS0W2) [2302] Right!
[2303] Fifth post, one, two, three, four, five ... the fifth post ... you have gone four hundred metres.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2304] Oh.
Terence (PS0W2) [2305] So ... wherever you get that sort of question ... just stop and think
Adrian (PS0W7) [2306] Okay.
Terence (PS0W2) [2307] because it's either one more or it's one less.
[2308] The only ... time ... that that doesn't apply ... is if you are thinking in terms of posts in a fence around a square field or round a circular field.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2309] Okay.
Terence (PS0W2) [2310] Because now ... after one hundred metres you've got two posts ... after two hundred metres you've got three posts, after three hundred metres you got four posts, after four hundred metres you've got five posts ... but after you've five hundred metres you've only got five posts cos that one doubles up.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2311] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [2312] So you got one, two, three, four, five spaces and you got one, two, three, four, five, posts
Adrian (PS0W7) [2313] Mhm.
Terence (PS0W2) [2314] but on a straight line ... your
Adrian (PS0W7) [2315] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [2316] spaces are one less than the number of posts.
[2317] Alright?
Adrian (PS0W7) [2318] Okay.
Terence (PS0W2) [2319] So ... just remember that.
[2320] That's why I said you have been caught!
[2321] That's a ste , one of those little trap questions.
Adrian (PS0W7) [2322] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [2323] Now this one, four hedges together have a mass of two hundred grams ... how many have a mass of two and ha ?

7 (Tape 038003)

Terence (PS0W2) [2324] Which page?
[2325] Eighty two.
[2326] Found that quickly didn't you?
[2327] Er ... percentages is it?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2328] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [2329] Right.
[2330] E one.
[2331] ... Have you looked at this?
[2332] Let's have a look at it.
[2333] B's height is sixty percent of A side.
[2334] There's B ... and it's sixty percent of A ... C's height ... is a hundred and twenty percent of A's height.
[2335] There's a hundred percent ... so a hundred and twenty it means it's more ... than A's height.
[2336] If C's height was a hundred percent of A's height ... it means it was exactly the same.
[2337] If it's less than a hundred it's smaller ... if it's more than a hundred ... it's greater.
[2338] Now the decimal equivalent of hundred and twenty ... is one point two ... and there you've got nought and nought ... a hundred and one ... so ninety percent is point nine, eighty percent is point eight ... and a hundred and ten percent is one point one, and a hundred and twenty percent is one point two.
[2339] So what you're doing, in fact ... is to ... if you've got a hundred and twenty ... percent ... if you divide that by ... of a hundred ... in other words, you move your decimal point two places ... that's a decimal.
[2340] So a hundred and twenty percent ... as a decimal fraction is one ... point two.
[2341] All you do ... is to ... move that decimal point two places.
[2342] Alright?
[2343] So ... to calculate a hundred and twenty percent of amount ... to calculate a hundred and twenty percent of an amount you multiply ... by ... one point two.
[2344] If you wanted to calculate ... eighty percent of an amount ... you would multiply by point eight.
[2345] A hundred and twenty percent you are multiplying by the decimal equivalent which is one point two.
[2346] So write down ... decimal equivalent of a hundred and forty percent.
[2347] That's right.
[2348] Now calculate a hundred and forty percent ... of seven point five ... kilogrammes.
[2349] Have you got a, you've got a calculator haven't you?
[2350] Haven't got it with you?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2351] No.
Terence (PS0W2) [2352] But you've got your own?
[2353] Scientific one?
[2354] No?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2355] No.
Terence (PS0W2) [2356] You could do with one.
[2357] Alright?
[2358] It's one of those things that you could do with really.
[2359] If you've got a birthday or something coming up and if somebody wants to know what to buy you ... that's what you want!
[2360] You want one of these scientific ones.
[2361] So, you want a hundred and forty percent of seven point five.
Danielle (PS0W8) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [2362] Let's have a look.
[2363] What is it?
[2364] A hundred and forty percent, so it's one ... point four ... times ... seven point five.
[2365] ... Try it.
[2366] Use that one.
[2367] Yes you use your finger [...] .
[2368] One ... point four times
Danielle (PS0W8) [2369] Oh it's [...] .
Terence (PS0W2) [2370] Ten point five, that's right.
[2371] Okay.
[2372] Ten point five killogrammes.
[2373] Right!
[2374] Put it on the, on the er ... on that desk which probably will be better.
[2375] So, alright calculate ... a hundred and thirty percent of sixty seven pounds.
[2376] ... That's right,a , what is that?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2377] Eighty seven point nine.
Terence (PS0W2) [2378] Yeah, so it's eighty seven pounds ... ten isn't it?
[2379] ... That's right.
[2380] Right, B ... a hundred and twenty percent off thirty two metres?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2381] Oops!
Terence (PS0W2) [2382] [laughing] No [] .
[2383] Start again.
[2384] Right, one point two metres ... times ... thirty two.
[2385] Yeah?
[2386] What is it?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2387] Thirty eight point four.
Terence (PS0W2) [2388] That's right!
[2389] ... Now, a hundred and eighty percent of seventy four metres?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2390] One three three eight two.
Terence (PS0W2) [2391] That's right.
[2392] ... Right!
[2393] E three A.
[2394] What are the decimal equivalents of ... a hundred and sixty percent?
[2395] That's right.
[2396] A hundred and sixty three percent?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2397] Six six four.
Terence (PS0W2) [2398] Yeah, point six three.
[2399] Good!
[2400] You move that decimal point you see, in two places and it's one point three.
[2401] A hundred and six percent?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2402] One point nought six.
Terence (PS0W2) [2403] That's right!
[2404] One point nought six.
[2405] Again,yo you, the figure staying the same, all you do is to move a decimal point two places.
[2406] So D is
Danielle (PS0W8) [2407] [whispering] One point three nine [] .
Terence (PS0W2) [2408] One point three nine.
[2409] Alright.
[2410] And E?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2411] [whispering] One point nine [] .
Terence (PS0W2) [2412] One point nine [...] ... or one point nine, yes.
[2413] Right!
[2414] [reading worksheet] A factory plans to increase it's output by fifty percent next year.
[2415] So if this stands for this year's output ... at a hundred percent ... fifty percent of it has to be added on to give next year's [] .
[2416] So there's your hundred percent and you add fifty percent.
[2417] [reading] So next year's output is ... to be a hundred and fifty percent ... of this year's [] .
[2418] Because you add fifty percent to the hundred percent ... and a hundred plus fifty is ... a hundred and fifty.
[2419] So the output is going to be a hundred and fifty percent of what is was last year.
[2420] The decimal equivalent of a hundred and fifty percent is one point five O ... or one point five.
[2421] Next year's output is to be one point five times this year's.
[2422] So you multiply this year's output ... by one point five ... and it'll give you next year's output.
[2423] Alright?
[2424] You add on that fifty percent ... or whatever it happens to be ... to the hundred percent ... which gives you the new figure.
[2425] You change that into a decimal ... that is what you multiply by.
[2426] So, let's have a look.
[2427] If something is increased by fifty percent ... it is multiplied by one point five.
[2428] [reading] A new town plans to increase it's population by fifty percent during the next five years.
[2429] If the present population is eighty three percent ... calculate the planned population in five years time [] .
[2430] So what are you gonna multiply that by?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2431] One point five.
Terence (PS0W2) [2432] Right!
[2433] So it's eighty three thousand ... and what do you get?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2434] One two four five O O.
Terence (PS0W2) [2435] That's right.
[2436] One hundred and twenty four thousand five hundred.
[2437] ... [reading] Now, calculate the new populations when these populations are increased by fifty percent [] ?
[2438] Now, you can give the answer in this form ... you needn't write it out in full.
[2439] So, what you're gonna do is to multiply ... sixty four point eight by
Danielle (PS0W8) [2440] Haven't got anything.
Terence (PS0W2) [2441] one point five ... and that'll give you an answer which you will write down ... followed by the word million.
[2442] Alright?
[2443] So, sixty four point eight ... multiplied by one point five
Danielle (PS0W8) [2444] Ninety seven point two.
Terence (PS0W2) [2445] Right!
[2446] Ninety seven point two.
[2447] Good!
[2448] Now this one.
Danielle (PS0W8) [2449] That's fifty eight point eight.
Terence (PS0W2) [2450] A fifty eight point eight million.
[2451] ... And C?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2452] Eighty nine point seven million.
Terence (PS0W2) [2453] That's right!
[2454] ... Okay.
[2455] [reading] An airline ... is to increase all it's fares by seventeen percent [] .
[2456] Now this erm illustrates the increase.
[2457] There's your hundred percent ... it's got to go up by ... one point seven to a hundred and seventeen percent.
[2458] One hundred and seventeen is one point one seven.
[2459] So you multiply your hundred by one point one seven and you get one hundred and seventeen.
[2460] ... The new fare is one hundred and seventeen percent of the old fare.
[2461] The decimal equivalent of a hundred and seventeen percent is one point one seven.
[2462] Move two decimal ... yo decimal points down those two places, alright?
[2463] So to get the new fare you multiply the old fare by one point one seven.
[2464] The old fare multiplied by one point one seven gives you the new fare.
[2465] That represents a seventeen percent increase.
[2466] So at three, [reading] before the seventeen the percent increase the fare from London to Feraccas was five hundred and fifty pounds ... calculate the new fare ... after the increase [] .
Danielle (PS0W8) [2467] Six O three point five.
Terence (PS0W2) [2468] Right!
[2469] So that's six hundred and forty three pounds ... fifty pence
Danielle (PS0W8) [2470] Fifty.
Terence (PS0W2) [2471] isn't it?
[2472] ... Right!
[2473] F four.
[2474] If you want to increase something by forty five percent ... what do you multiply it by?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2475] Four point five.
Terence (PS0W2) [2476] One ... if you're increasing it by forty five percent ... if it was a hundred percent ... and you increase it by forty five ... hundred percent
Danielle (PS0W8) [2477] Oh it'll be nought point
Terence (PS0W2) [2478] No.
[2479] A hundred percent plus forty five percent will be what?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2480] A hundred and forty
Terence (PS0W2) [2481] A hundred and ... forty
Danielle (PS0W8) [2482] five.
Terence (PS0W2) [2483] five percent.
[2484] Right?
[2485] Now what's that of a decimal equivalent?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2486] One point four five.
Terence (PS0W2) [2487] Right!
[2488] Alright?
[2489] So, if you want to increase something by forty five percent what do you multiply it by?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2490] One point ... erm
Terence (PS0W2) [2491] four five.
[2492] Think in terms of putting a one in front of that ... and then moving a decimal point two places and it's one point four five.
[2493] So okay, F four A is ... one point four five.
[2494] Alright?
[2495] That's the first, that's your answer to that first question.
[2496] F four A ... was one point four five.
[2497] Now ... it says ... No!
[2498] Just one point four five.
Danielle (PS0W8) [2499] Oh yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [2500] A hundred and forty five percent is one point four five, alright?
[2501] So now it says increase twenty eighty pounds by forty five percent.
[2502] So you're gonna multiply the twenty eight by?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2503] One point four five.
Terence (PS0W2) [2504] Right!
[2505] ... Forty point six.
Danielle (PS0W8) [2506] Forty pounds sixty, right.
[2507] Right!
[2508] ... Right!
[2509] F five, now all of these ... you've got to increase e something by something there so you've got to change each of those percentages ... you've got to think of it as added to a hundred ... and then the decimal equivalent.
[2510] So what are you gonna multiply the sixty seven by?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2511] One point six two.
Terence (PS0W2) [2512] One point six two.
[2513] Right!
[2514] Good!
Danielle (PS0W8) [2515] One O eight point five four.
Terence (PS0W2) [2516] That's right, one O eight point five four ... and it is in killogrammes.
[2517] ... That's right.
[2518] ... Right.
[2519] ... Right!
[2520] So F six ... A.
[2521] If you want to increase something by seven percent ... what do you multiply it by?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2522] Er nought ... point seven.
Terence (PS0W2) [2523] Sorry?
[2524] Say it again.
Danielle (PS0W8) [2525] Nought seven, one point nought seven.
Terence (PS0W2) [2526] Yeah, one point nought seven, that's right!
[2527] So ... your ar answer to A is one point nought seven.
[2528] Good!
[2529] So now you increase sixty five pounds by seven percent.
Danielle (PS0W8) [2530] Sixty nine ... point thirty five.
Terence (PS0W2) [2531] Sixty nine pound thirty five pence.
[2532] Right!
[2533] Good!
[2534] Okay, now F seven's gonna be the same.
[2535] Increase ninety two pounds by three percent.
[2536] ... That's right.
[2537] ... Nine pound four seventy six.
[2538] Good!
[2539] ... Right.
[2540] ... That's right.
[2541] ... Good!
[2542] Right!
[2543] ... [reading] Alfred's salary ... is eighty thousand four hundred and twenty pounds and Alberta's is seven thousand a hundred and eighty four ... Alfred has a twenty two percent increase ... and Alberta a thirty eighty percent increase ... who earns more after all this [] ?
[2544] So what you've got to do is to put down Alfred's ... Alfred ... and put his new salary down ... and then you have to Alberta and her new salary and see which is ... which is the most.
[2545] So you're going to look for
Danielle (PS0W8) [2546] [laughing] Oh, tell me again [] !
Terence (PS0W2) [2547] Alright.
[2548] So ...
Danielle (PS0W8) [2549] [sigh] Oh [] .
Terence (PS0W2) [2550] so right, eighty four two nought ... multiplied by
Danielle (PS0W8) [2551] Erm
Terence (PS0W2) [2552] eight ... that's right.
[2553] ... So what's that, ten ... two seven two forty?
[2554] Yeah.
[2555] Put a, put the forty down cos it's forty pence.
[2556] Right!
[2557] Yep!
[2558] That's good!
[2559] Now, Alberta's.
[2560] ... Right!
[2561] So, earns more afterwards?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2562] Alfred.
Terence (PS0W2) [2563] Right!
[2564] So Alfred is the answer.
[2565] ... Right!
[2566] Oh, we're coming to negative numbers.
[2567] Have we done negative numbers?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2568] No.
Terence (PS0W2) [2569] No.
[2570] ... Right.
[2571] [reading] Positive, negative numbers can be marked on a number line which extends ... in both directions.
[2572] You can do some simple calc calculations by thinking of a number line, for example, two, minus two, plus five ... means start at minus two ... then go up five ... so you'll finish at ... three.
[2573] So minus two, plus five ... equals
Danielle (PS0W8) [2574] Three.
Terence (PS0W2) [2575] plus three [] .
[2576] Right?
[2577] [reading] Minus three, minus two means start at minus three ... then go down minus two, so minus three and minus two is ... minus five [] .
[2578] Alright?
[2579] Now, before you right them down just tell me what they are and then we can go back and write them down.
[2580] Here you've got, minus four and plus three.
Danielle (PS0W8) [2581] That's minus one.
Terence (PS0W2) [2582] Good!
[2583] Minus four and plus six?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2584] Two.
Terence (PS0W2) [2585] Plus two, right.
[2586] Yes, two, yeah okay.
[2587] So write them down cos yo you obviously can do those alright.
Danielle (PS0W8) [2588] It's plus two minus ... one [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [2589] Minus one , yeah.
Danielle (PS0W8) [2590] Minus
Terence (PS0W2) [2591] It's two.
Danielle (PS0W8) [2592] Yeah, two.
Terence (PS0W2) [2593] Now two minus five?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2594] Minus three.
Terence (PS0W2) [2595] Minus three.
[2596] Minus one minus three?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2597] Minus four.
Terence (PS0W2) [2598] Right!
[2599] Minus six plus two.
Danielle (PS0W8) [2600] Minus four.
Terence (PS0W2) [2601] Right.
[2602] And three minus eight?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2603] Minus five.
Terence (PS0W2) [2604] Right!
[2605] ... The number line method works when you have to add or subtract and ordinary positive number ... plus three means go up three, minus three means go down three.
[2606] But it does not tell you how to do four ... plus minus three ... or seven minus, minus three, for example but it does not tell you how to do four ... plus minus three, or seven minus minus three ... where you have to add or subtract a negative number.
[2607] ... Adding a negative number.
[2608] Think what happens if you start with four ... and add on different numbers.
[2609] Four plus three, as the number you add on goes down ... so the answer goes down.
[2610] Four plus three equals seven ... four plus two equals six, four plus one five, four plus nothing equals four, four plus minus one ... is three ... cos you're coming down here, three two, one, nought, minus one, minus two, minus three, minus four, minus five.
[2611] So as the numbers that you add on get one less ... so the answers get one less.
[2612] So, four ... plus minus one is three, four ... plus minus two is two, four plus minus three is one, four plus minus four is nothing, four plus minus five is minus one.
[2613] What is important ... is that you realise that ... that number ... is minus one ... that number is one ... plus one if you like but you don't need to say it but if th any, if the sign isn't there it's assumed that it's plus.
[2614] But that number and that number are two different numbers.
[2615] They're as different as one is from three.
[2616] That is a different number from that, that is a different number from that.
[2617] And that number is minus one.
[2618] Don't think of it as taking away one ... thinking of it, think of it as ... minus one, a number.
[2619] That is minus two ... that is minus three ... that is minus four, that is minus five.
[2620] You've done some algebra haven't you?
[2621] Found out the value of X ... well you can X ... equals minus five.
[2622] And that is a value for X, it equals minus five ... and minus five is a number.
[2623] So, try and remember that, that that is a number in it's own right.
[2624] Now when you start thinking of what to do ... you've got plus four and you've got minus three ... if you take the smaller digit, now that digit is four, that digit is three ... if you take the smaller digit from the larger digit, you take the three from the four you get one and the answer is whatever sign that larger number is.
[2625] When you've got two numbers that are both, all pluses, four and two is six, four and one is five, four and nothing is four, four and minus one means you got ... plus four minus one, is one less than four, it's three.
[2626] You've got four plus numbers, you got two minus numbers ... which leaves you with two plus numbers.
[2627] Let's go on and see whether you can pick it up.
[2628] [reading] Write down the next two lines of a pattern of the bottom of the opposite page [] .
[2629] Notice that four plus minus one ... has the same answer as four minus one.
[2630] Four plus minus two has the same answer as four minus two and so on because the plus and minus gives you a minus.
[2631] So we've got four ... plus minus one is three, four plus minus two is two, four plus minus three is one, four plus minus four is nought, four plus minus five is minus one ... what's going to be the next one?
[2632] Four plus
Danielle (PS0W8) [2633] Minus six
Terence (PS0W2) [2634] Equals?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2635] makes minus two.
Terence (PS0W2) [2636] Right!
[2637] So write that down in your book now safely.
[2638] ... A is A two, write down the next two lines.
[2639] So you got four plus minus six is minus two, then you'll have four plus ... minus seven is gonna be?
[2640] Minus three.
[2641] Right!
[2642] Okay?
[2643] So ... let's go on.
[2644] [reading] Adding minus N is the same as subtracting N [] ... adding the minus number ... is the same as subtracting it.
[2645] [reading] So copy and complete these [] .
[2646] So write down A three A.
[2647] Five plus minus three ... equals five minus three ... equals?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2648] Two.
Terence (PS0W2) [2649] Two.
[2650] Right!
[2651] Two plus minus six is the same as two minus six ... which is going to be?
[2652] ... You got plus two minus six
Danielle (PS0W8) [2653] Four.
Terence (PS0W2) [2654] Mm?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2655] Four.
Terence (PS0W2) [2656] You take the smaller digit from the larger digit ... so you take the two
Danielle (PS0W8) [2657] Eight.
Terence (PS0W2) [2658] from the six and it gives you four but then you give the sign of a larger
Danielle (PS0W8) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [2659] so it's minus four.
[2660] Alright?
[2661] Now this is minus three plus minus four ... which is the same as minus three minus four.
[2662] Now you can, those are both the same sides so you're gonna en add them together ... and give it the sign that is common to both.
Danielle (PS0W8) [2663] Minus six.
Terence (PS0W2) [2664] Minus?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2665] Six?
Terence (PS0W2) [2666] Three and four?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2667] Seven, sorry!
Terence (PS0W2) [2668] So , alright?
[2669] Minus seven, yeah?
[2670] Happy?
[2671] Right, so A four, [reading] work these out [] .
[2672] Now if you can do them then just put the answer down.
[2673] ... Six ... plus minus three is the same as six ... plus and a minus give you a minus, so it's the same as six minus three ... which is?
[2674] What's six minus three?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2675] Three.
Terence (PS0W2) [2676] Three!
[2677] Right!
[2678] You take the smaller digit from the larger digit, so you take three from six gives you three ... you give the sign of the bigger number which is a plus.
[2679] Now this time ... you've got two ... minus five.
Danielle (PS0W8) [2680] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [2681] You take the two, the smaller digit from the larger digit ... but you give the answer the sign of a larger digit.
[2682] So it's?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2683] Minus
Terence (PS0W2) [2684] Minus three!
[2685] Alright?
[2686] Yeah?
[2687] Okay, you got minus one ... and a minus four.
Danielle (PS0W8) [2688] Minus four.
Terence (PS0W2) [2689] No, you got a minus one ... and a minus four ... they're both the same signs, cos it's minus one, minus four ... they're both the same signs ... so you put them together ... four and one make?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2690] Five?
Terence (PS0W2) [2691] And you've got
Danielle (PS0W8) [2692] Minus one.
Terence (PS0W2) [2693] minus , so they're minus five.
[2694] Let's just have a look at ... if we've got ... six and four ... we can have six plus four ... or you can have six minus four ... we can have minus six, minus four ... or you can have minus six ... plus four.
[2695] Now ... that's a plus six and a plus four ... what's the answer?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2696] Ten.
Terence (PS0W2) [2697] Ten.
[2698] Nice and straightforward.
[2699] Both the signs are the same.
[2700] So you add them together and you give it the same sign.
[2701] This one ... what's the answer to that gonna be?
[2702] You've got a minus six and a minus four.
[2703] Both the same signs.
Danielle (PS0W8) [2704] Ten.
Terence (PS0W2) [2705] Can't be the same as that.
[2706] They're both minus.
[2707] Those are both plus ... so we call it plus ten ... these are both minus so the answer is?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2708] Ten.
Terence (PS0W2) [2709] Minus ten.
[2710] Alright?
[2711] If the signs are the same you add them together, you give the ssssa ... the sign that they're both the same as.
[2712] Now, here you've got six minus four ... now what's six minus four?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2713] Two.
Terence (PS0W2) [2714] So that equals two.
[2715] Now here you got minus six ... plus four ... take the smaller from the larger ... and give it the sign of a larger.
Danielle (PS0W8) [2716] Minus two.
Terence (PS0W2) [2717] Right!
[2718] ... Does that help ... a little bit?
[2719] Let's do another one.
[2720] Let's do erm ... eight plus three ... eight minus three ... minus eight, minus three, and minus eight plus three.
[2721] Let's see if we can do those.
[2722] What's eight and three?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2723] Eleven.
Terence (PS0W2) [2724] Right.
[2725] What's minus eight and minus three?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2726] Minus nine.
Terence (PS0W2) [2727] No!
[2728] Minus eight and minus three?
[2729] Both the same signs.
Danielle (PS0W8) [2730] Minus eleven.
Terence (PS0W2) [2731] Minus eleven.
[2732] Now this is easy, eight minus three is?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2733] Five.
Terence (PS0W2) [2734] Five.
[2735] But this is a minus eight
Danielle (PS0W8) [2736] That's five, yes.
Terence (PS0W2) [2737] plus three, it's minus five.
[2738] Alright?
[2739] Tear that out and keep that by your side because that gives you ... all the four possibilities.
[2740] Alright?
[2741] When the signs are the same ... if they're two pluses you add them and it's plus ... if they're both minus you add them and it's minus ... here you take the smaller from the larger and give it the sign of a larger.
[2742] Three from eight is five, that's plus five.
[2743] Three from eight is five, but that is minus, so it's gonna be minus five.
[2744] Okay?
[2745] So keep that by your side ... and see how we get on.
[2746] So we've what were we doing?
[2747] A ... B ... D!
[2748] This one here is it?
[2749] Minus two plus minus five.
[2750] Which is minus two ... minus five.
[2751] ... Minus two ... plus the minus gives you a minus, so you got minus two, minus five.
Danielle (PS0W8) [2752] Er, minus seven.
Terence (PS0W2) [2753] Minus seven.
[2754] Right!
[2755] Now here you've got nought ... and a plus minus gives you a minus, so it's nought a minus four?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2756] Minus three.
Terence (PS0W2) [2757] Right!
[2758] Good!
[2759] ... Three ... minus three?
[2760] ... Three
Danielle (PS0W8) [2761] Nought.
Terence (PS0W2) [2762] minus three.
Danielle (PS0W8) [2763] Nought.
Terence (PS0W2) [2764] Nought, right!
[2765] ... Minus five ... minus two?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2766] Minus three.
[2767] Erm
Terence (PS0W2) [2768] Minus and a minus.
[2769] ... Same as that one, look.
[2770] Minus two, minus five.
[2771] You got that one right.
[2772] What was that?
[2773] Minus two and minus five.
Danielle (PS0W8) [2774] Seven.
Terence (PS0W2) [2775] Is minus seven.
[2776] Right?
[2777] So here you got minus five, minus two which is?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2778] Minus seven.
Terence (PS0W2) [2779] Minus seven.
[2780] Now here you got seven ... minus nine?
[2781] Take the smaller from the larger which will give you?
[2782] Seven
Danielle (PS0W8) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [2783] from two, nine is two ... and that number is a minus so the answer's going to be a minus, so it's gonna be?
Danielle (PS0W8) [2784] Minus two.
Terence (PS0W2) [2785] Minus two.
[2786] Alright?

8 (Tape 038101)

Terence (PS0W2) [2787] There we are, are you okay?
[2788] ... Did you get any more?
Margaret (PS0W4) [2789] No I haven't
Terence (PS0W2) [2790] No
Margaret (PS0W4) [2791] I've just picked it up
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [2792] Oh I see, mm ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [2793] Some money in the, something of
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [2794] Yeah I just saw the headlines with it, I didn't, I haven't actually read it, no, yes I must have a look at that ... There has been really, a very sharp frost this morning, the erm, the park is white and the roofs are white

9 (Tape 038102)

Terence (PS0W2) [2795] his own erm stability don't you really don't you?
[2796] Retired of course he's no, no longer, mm ... I think it must be, you know, he's probably building this wall all over I suppose people object to the wall

10 (Tape 038103)

Terence (PS0W2) [2797] Do you know, I don't think I've ever seen that before where the robin has gone up onto the seeds
Margaret (PS0W4) [2798] Oh
Terence (PS0W2) [2799] they don't often do that
Margaret (PS0W4) [2800] no

11 (Tape 038104)

Terence (PS0W2) [2801] They've been inundated with them I expect
Margaret (PS0W4) [2802] I've seen another one, the address for it is would you believe?
Terence (PS0W2) [2803] Is it so?
[2804] N N W
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [2805] gosh ... Oh this should be interesting this is from the A A erm travelling abroad you know
Terence (PS0W2) [2806] Oh yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [2807] useful because erm, I'd still love to do another trip abroad you know, go down to France go to [...] perhaps ...

12 (Tape 038105)

Terence (PS0W2) [2808] What's Molly's telephone number?
[2809] Is it O, two, is it's
Margaret (PS0W4) [2810] yes
Terence (PS0W2) [2811] [laugh] Oh this wasn't yesterday
Margaret (PS0W4) [2812] No
Terence (PS0W2) [2813] this was the thirty first of January, it was fifty two minutes, two pounds, one, two pounds eighteen pence. [laugh]
Margaret (PS0W4) [2814] Well I've been very good I've not been phoning anybody else
Terence (PS0W2) [2815] Well actually it, it is down this quarter, it is down this quarter, because our erm, our total last, last quarter, the balance brought forward was seventeen pounds fifty five and this time it's six pounds seventy six, so we've reduced the erm the deficit so it is down
Margaret (PS0W4) [2816] The er
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [2817] that was I mean, that was, there's a couple you know one to Bridget and one to erm Demelza obviously that we, we phone them up and that's fair enough, you know but, I was just interested in how one [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [2818] and, yeah, well didn't we phone her and hadn't she had all that trouble, she'd had shingles and
Margaret (PS0W4) [2819] Oh yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [2820] and she was feeling very depressed wasn't she so that was
Margaret (PS0W4) [2821] that was it
Terence (PS0W2) [2822] that was probably what it is
Margaret (PS0W4) [2823] Yeah and I'd forgotten that I'd spoken to her the other night
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [2824] yeah ... no, no the total of current charges was fifty seven pounds and we pay sixty eight pounds in to pay, mind you that isn't so good when I look at it cos there four lots are going this month, this quarter, still never mind eh?
Margaret (PS0W4) [2825] Alright if we've done it in this quarter
Terence (PS0W2) [2826] Well yeah I mean it, it er
Margaret (PS0W4) [2827] Happened that way
Terence (PS0W2) [2828] it just happened that way you know the twentieth of November and there's the nineteenth of February
Margaret (PS0W4) [2829] Yes
Terence (PS0W2) [2830] so it's ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [2831] nineteenth of February
Terence (PS0W2) [2832] Yeah, twenty pounds has gone in
Margaret (PS0W4) [2833] and that's when it went in yes, yes
Terence (PS0W2) [2834] Mm, mm
Margaret (PS0W4) [2835] But when is the phone call
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [2836] the phone calls, er, well the seventeenth of February looks to be the last itemized one
Margaret (PS0W4) [2837] And where was that to?
Terence (PS0W2) [2838] That was to Bridget ...
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [2839] well no that was only last night before last wasn't it?
[2840] This
Margaret (PS0W4) [2841] Might do that then, if we've got the money
Terence (PS0W2) [2842] this is up to the eighteenth ah, ah, this is up to the eighteenth
Margaret (PS0W4) [2843] This is the twentieth, yes it was the nineteenth
Terence (PS0W2) [2844] eighteenth of February
Margaret (PS0W4) [2845] nineteenth I phoned her
Terence (PS0W2) [2846] It just didn't get in, right
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [2847] another big one as well But that one the other night I don't mind it having been so big, because it was sort of helping my conscience
Terence (PS0W2) [2848] Yeah, is the, there's a leaflet here about B T you see and they you, you know the erm the O eight nine eight numbers which are these erm
Margaret (PS0W4) [2849] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [2850] any entertainment sort of thing or, or like you ring up best on the thing
Margaret (PS0W4) [2851] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [2852] the charge to call an O eight nine eight number from any phone other than a pay phone is thirty six pence per minute at cheap rate and forty eight per minute at all other times, over half of this money is paid by B T to the business providing the informational service
Margaret (PS0W4) [2853] Yeah, yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [2854] so, you know, it's making a profit to all the people that are using that ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [2855] The best will get a profit
Terence (PS0W2) [2856] Aye that's right

13 (Tape 038106)

Terence (PS0W2) [2857] Unexpected, strange
Margaret (PS0W4) [2858] Strange
Terence (PS0W2) [2859] strange strange
Margaret (PS0W4) [2860] strange
Terence (PS0W2) [2861] oh dear
Margaret (PS0W4) [2862] on your
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [2863] well that's not surprising
Margaret (PS0W4) [2864] It's making it difficult to save money
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [2865] [laugh] [reading] Mars your ruling planet normally endows you with drive, but as Saturn grows nearer your energy level will decrease [] now how about that?
Terence (PS0W2) [2866] Mm
Margaret (PS0W4) [2867] Do it to me Capricorn [reading] this is an extremely significant time, a close relationship has undergone a complete transformation in the solar eclipse of the sun, you may feel insecure this week [] I always feel insecure
Terence (PS0W2) [laugh]
Margaret (PS0W4) [2868] [reading] but only temporary
Terence (PS0W2) [2869] oh good
Margaret (PS0W4) [2870] increasing security and
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [2871] money, investment are proving sound, there is no need to worry about my expenditure [] [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [2872] [laugh] Oh
Margaret (PS0W4) [2873] Oh good, shall I go out and have a rave up shall we?
Terence (PS0W2) [2874] Mm
Margaret (PS0W4) [2875] [reading] My health, I am feeling strong and looking confident on the outside, so you must try and feel it on the inside [] [laugh] oh dear ... [reading] the planets are on your side this week for love, needless to say
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [2876] oh
Margaret (PS0W4) [2877] best on the nineteenth ... money, finance has become a little shaky as Saturn the planet of restriction approaches to Venus on the twenty sixth, this is not a time for speculation.
[2878] Health, living generally, are enjoying good health, however those of you who are born in earlier
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [2879] to re-think your diet [] and the end of September as well I should think [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [2880] [reading] If you're thinking of going to France this year you'll be deli , you'll be delighted to hear that we're currently offering a three week inclusive holiday in the South of France for the price of two weeks, ask at your local A A shops for details of this and the free ferry crossing offer []
Margaret (PS0W4) [2881] Oh ...
Terence (PS0W2) [2882] Oh ... so do we want three weeks in France?
Margaret (PS0W4) [2883] Where to in?
Terence (PS0W2) [2884] I dunno, I mean it's erm
Margaret (PS0W4) [2885] We're going to France of course
Terence (PS0W2) [2886] I know we are then ... and if we book.
[2887] if we book er, any, er, erm, a deal with them through P & O European Ferries, if we book one car and a person on a standard return fare crossing, they'll give you a free five day return to be used on the same route in the autumn ... them are the deal with exclusive to the A A so don't just get across once, cruise across twice
Margaret (PS0W4) [2888] Mm

14 (Tape 038107)

Terence (PS0W2) [2889] Hello ... right ... [laugh] oh dear ... [laugh] good morning I'm glad to see there's another one as idiotic as mine
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [2890] [laugh] It's embarrassing isn't it?
[2891] ... That's a beautiful sight isn't it?
[2892] Oh dear the colours of the trees reflected in the lake, everything is beautiful and the gulls and it's so still ... that would be a mega painting wouldn't it?
[2893] That is beautiful ... oh ... good morning ...

15 (Tape 038108)

Terence (PS0W2) [2894] Thanks
Margaret (PS0W4) [2895] Well put it on there
Terence (PS0W2) [2896] No
Margaret (PS0W4) [2897] show you put away like that
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [2898] going to this erm, what did he say?
[2899] The erm
Terence (PS0W2) [2900] Oh yes I think it was
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...] ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [2901] You know I very carefully picked up my glasses and put them in the case and put it in my [laugh] in there
Terence (PS0W2) [2902] Mm, mm ...

16 (Tape 038109)

Terence (PS0W2) [2903] Is this the new marmalade?
Margaret (PS0W4) [2904] No
Terence (PS0W2) [2905] No it's ... mm ...

17 (Tape 038110)

Terence (PS0W2) [2906] mains water burst which was between Church Road and erm Devon Square
Margaret (PS0W4) [2907] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [2908] [reading] South West engineers were called in to try and to trace the leak in the mains pipe and after identifying it they carried out the repair work on Saturday and Sunday, but while at the scene early on Friday they smelled gas, and the
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [2909] British Gas South West whose workmen has discovered a kerb side leak, they worked throughout the night in there to cut away the damaged pipe repaired to make it safe []
Margaret (PS0W4) [2910] Strewth
Terence (PS0W2) [2911] [reading] For three days out going traffic was deserted by Devon Square ... and vehicles heading into the town from Penn Inn were filtered into a one lane of the dual carriageway and diverted along Station Road and Lower Queen Street []
Margaret (PS0W4) [2912] God
Terence (PS0W2) [2913] So that's what they did at Devon Square, that's why that was all that, that people came up East Street and then had to go down Devon Square and back out
Margaret (PS0W4) [2914] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [2915] you know the road we came out of

18 (Tape 038111)

Terence (PS0W2) [2916] You know you saw an advert as we turned into Devon Square, building plots for sale ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [2917] Devon Square, oh yes, yes, yes, mm
Terence (PS0W2) [2918] That's, that doctor's surgery
Margaret (PS0W4) [2919] Oh is it?
Terence (PS0W2) [2920] Yeah [reading] numbers twenty five, twenty six of the junction of Torquay Road is for sale with a building plot in one of the gardens, the premises being used for many years as doctor's surgery ancillary accommodation and car parking, the property will be available when the doctors move into the new practice home in joining Cricket Field Road car park []
Margaret (PS0W4) [2921] Yeah that's what it said, mm
Terence (PS0W2) [2922] Mm [reading] detailed plans have been approved for a single storey dwelling in the garden on one of the houses condition on the surgery reverting to living accommodation, the houses would have considerable scope for use as offices subject to planning or paramedical use especially where large car parking areas are required, the whole is available at two hundred and fifty thousand pounds, but offers may be considered for number twenty five with the garden and parking area building plots to the agent []
Margaret (PS0W4) [2923] Oh, the whole of two hundred and fifty thousand
Terence (PS0W2) [2924] Yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [2925] I reckon you'd, the building plot itself would of erm, and I've seen them advertised, for about fifty thousand pounds
Terence (PS0W2) [2926] Yeah that's right, mm ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [2927] You were saying this morning on the end of the news you were talking about the four man
Terence (PS0W2) [2928] Yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [2929] thing and they were saying it started already and the Austrians were in the lead at that time
Terence (PS0W2) [2930] Oh ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [2931] You might get it on erm Ceefax
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...] ...
Terence (PS0W2) [2932] Mm ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [2933] On there you see it does say six o'clock Olympics today the first two runs in the four man bobsleigh, sport on Friday at two twenty five
Terence (PS0W2) [2934] Mm
Margaret (PS0W4) [2935] with winter Olympics that have to run in the four man bobsleigh
Terence (PS0W2) [2936] It just, it just said Olympic three, nine, one, but there's nothing on here at the moment now
Margaret (PS0W4) [2937] No, well, he, you know, just at the end when they're giving the last news just before nine o'clock
Terence (PS0W2) [2938] Three nine five
Margaret (PS0W4) [2939] erm, said that it'd started already, erm whoever was doing the erm, whoever was doing the ... sport and that with the bob, he had said he could of dropped in a note to say that erm started already and at that stage, erm
Terence (PS0W2) [2940] [reading] Oh Mark Tad has lost, a lot of ground to make up for Britain
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [2941] only setting the eighth fastest time
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [2942] and crewman only clocked fifty eight point four nine O to being handicapped by a poor start number of ten []
Margaret (PS0W4) [2943] Oh they went down at ten?
Terence (PS0W2) [2944] [reading] set the pace for Austria with the [...] , track record run of fifty seven point seven four ... and the second bob is fifteenth [] ... see I mean they're, they're, they're fifty seven, eight for nine against fifty seven, seven, four, so I mean they're not half a second ... then, I mean they were, they were first in the two man and then they dropped six after one run so
Margaret (PS0W4) [2945] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [2946] so I mean it's erm
Margaret (PS0W4) [2947] Mm
Terence (PS0W2) [2948] you can make it up obviously

19 (Tape 038112)

Terence (PS0W2) [2949] We could do, yes, yeah we'll do that
Margaret (PS0W4) [2950] Better, have a better selection I would think
Terence (PS0W2) [2951] Okay well I
Margaret (PS0W4) [2952] I just happen to see the
Terence (PS0W2) [2953] Yeah the advert for them, well we'll go out there first thing, I mean we'll go out there first and then we can come back and get a card and we should know whether we've got to get one here or not shan't we?
Margaret (PS0W4) [2954] Yeah, buy sixty varieties of fuchsia cuttings, thirty nine pence each, they're under three pounds fifty
Terence (PS0W2) [2955] Oh
Margaret (PS0W4) [2956] they're doing, you know here
Terence (PS0W2) [2957] Well that might not be a bad idea to get the cuttings now because er that lot will be cheaper than
Margaret (PS0W4) [2958] I reckon of we'll see it now
Terence (PS0W2) [2959] Yeah ... mm ... the frost is going fairly rapidly now, oh I know what I meant to do, I'll go and do that now
Margaret (PS0W4) [2960] You were going to feed the
Terence (PS0W2) [2961] Yeah I got the, I've got to put erm seed out as well cos that's gone ...

20 (Tape 038201)

Terence (PS0W2) [2962] Daffodils
Margaret (PS0W4) [2963] Daffodils
Terence (PS0W2) [2964] Yeah, cos they're quite tall there aren't they?
Margaret (PS0W4) [2965] Yeah, it looks as if they've just been sort of put in in a heap
Terence (PS0W2) [2966] Well I don't understand how they're like that cos I mean there's, this side of the pot hasn't got any and I would of thought I would of put them in
Margaret (PS0W4) [2967] Spread them out
Terence (PS0W2) [2968] Yeah, so perhaps they've moved ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [2969] That looks nice
Terence (PS0W2) [2970] Yes the white's all gone, I mean the, the playing fields
Margaret (PS0W4) [2971] smart
Terence (PS0W2) [2972] that are along here were absolutely thick white
Margaret (PS0W4) [2973] Mm
Terence (PS0W2) [2974] this morning ... but it's all gone except for where in in the shadow
Margaret (PS0W4) [2975] Yes, yes, yes, yes
Terence (PS0W2) [2976] you can just see it's left
Margaret (PS0W4) [2977] the shadow of the trees, yes ...
Terence (PS0W2) [2978] Oh I meant to switch me pump off, no, still I think it'll be alright cos there's water in the erm, in the pond is alright, just won't be able to go through the waterfall
Margaret (PS0W4) [2979] Well we're going just out here and then we're coming back aren't we?
Terence (PS0W2) [2980] Yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [2981] I wonder if they might have anything ... don't know whether they sell other than the time
Terence (PS0W2) [2982] No they don't do normally
Margaret (PS0W4) [2983] but I, I'd like to go and ask there some time whether they did ... Oh that's the one for sale which I saw advertised in the paper today
Terence (PS0W2) [2984] Did you?
[2985] ... Mm ... oops ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [2986] There's cows
Terence (PS0W2) [2987] Mm, one was, I don't know whether they both were, were they?
Margaret (PS0W4) [2988] Well I would of said so, but
Terence (PS0W2) [2989] Perhaps they were , mm ...
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [2990] looks like it don't it? ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [2991] Are you returning Doreen and
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [2992] today?
[2993] Because they're saying because their kitchen is in absolute uproar
Terence (PS0W2) [2994] Oh is it?
Margaret (PS0W4) [2995] they're going out to eat each day you see
Terence (PS0W2) [2996] I see
Margaret (PS0W4) [2997] and erm ... I don't think I can, you know want to invite them back to our place here, so I told them I can't ... but erm I suppose we could always go out with them, if they were going out you know, if they haven't made any other plans
Terence (PS0W2) [2998] Well yes we could do that ...
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [2999] well he doesn't seem
Margaret (PS0W4) [3000] A car
Terence (PS0W2) [3001] to be in a very great hurry
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3002] able to get up any faster [laugh] perhaps he'll be alright on the flat ... I've seen some as well in erm some way, I looked in
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3003] and this weekend they've got sort of erm vegetables in
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3004] including one carrot or
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3005] yes
Margaret (PS0W4) [3006] try this weekend ourselves to see what's there
Terence (PS0W2) [3007] Mind you we've now caught up with some more traffic which is going even more slowly.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3008] Well he's rushed on now you see, that fellow has ... in the pick-up truck I mean, did you see him?
Terence (PS0W2) [3009] Yes I did
Margaret (PS0W4) [3010] See the pick-up truck?
Terence (PS0W2) [3011] Yes he's caught up with two more cars
Margaret (PS0W4) [3012] Cars, I actually saw those on the side
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3013] because of that ... well never mind it's a nice morning
Terence (PS0W2) [3014] Yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [3015] we're not in any desperate hurry ...
Terence (PS0W2) [3016] This one in front has obviously got a fear of going more than forty miles an hour that's for sure oh
Margaret (PS0W4) [3017] Oh he's pulling in
Terence (PS0W2) [3018] thank goodness for that ... mm ...
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3019] probably belongs to the
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3020] yes it does you see
Terence (PS0W2) [3021] Mm ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3022] And there's quite a few
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3023] wasn't there?
Terence (PS0W2) [3024] Yep ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3025] Mind, must of re-done those toilets or something cos look they've even got a disabled
Terence (PS0W2) [3026] Mm so they have, yes ...

21 (Tape 038202)

Terence (PS0W2) [3027] Well I got six trailers and four bush ones
Margaret (PS0W4) [3028] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [3029] yeah, five different plants, two of each
Margaret (PS0W4) [3030] And that's, that's ten is it?
[3031] You've got ten
Terence (PS0W2) [3032] That's ten and I've bought that parsnip, it's only eighty nine, there's three plants there
Margaret (PS0W4) [3033] Oh
Terence (PS0W2) [3034] and if there's plant out in the sun for one we can put one in a pot and keep it in the kitchen
Margaret (PS0W4) [3035] Ha, I've just been looking around
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3036] things that
Terence (PS0W2) [3037] So you haven't bought anything?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3038] I have, I haven't seen anything
Terence (PS0W2) [3039] Right, okay well then we'll go into market or Tesco's ... right
Margaret (PS0W4) [3040] Yes it's nearly opening time
Terence (PS0W2) [3041] Yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3042] no, they've got them in the garden
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3043] yeah, they've got them in the garden anyway haven't they? ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3044] Did you say you wanted some pot some, or did you get them?
Terence (PS0W2) [3045] Well I got a couple and I thought well I'll wait till I go out to Tregole now, they're probably cheaper there than anywhere
Margaret (PS0W4) [3046] I just happened to see these selection of pots ... no I think there these fancy ones more
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3047] no they've got ordinary ones here ... but I mean these, are a whole lot expensive than they were at W Smith's, yes, erm I just don't believe this price ... no I suppose they're three for one fifty nine, but that's the size I got
Margaret (PS0W4) [3048] That works out at fifty P
Terence (PS0W2) [3049] What?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3050] That works out at fifty P
Terence (PS0W2) [3051] Yeah, well I paid forty ... forty nine I think or something like that
Margaret (PS0W4) [3052] And as you say they'll probably be cheaper at
Terence (PS0W2) [3053] Cheaper at Tregole, yes right
Margaret (PS0W4) [3054] Do you want them now if you wanted them?
Terence (PS0W2) [3055] No I mean I'm alright for the moment, I've got those two
Margaret (PS0W4) [3056] Oh
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3057] Put the potatoes in the bottom
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3058] Two thirty nine please
Margaret (PS0W4) [3059] Hello nice to see you
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3060] How you keeping alright?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3061] Fine, yes, yes, mm a bit of a nip in the air this morning
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3062] Yes it's nice though isn't it?
[3063] I like it like that
Terence (PS0W2) [3064] It was very sharp this morning first thing
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3065] It was because when I came up it was minus one in the car, cos I got er, oh thanks, I've got a temperature thing in the car
Margaret (PS0W4) [3066] Aha
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3067] and I haven't seen that for a while
Terence (PS0W2) [3068] No
Margaret (PS0W4) [3069] but it's lovely you know when we were coming past the playing fields, it's erm ... I didn't
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3070] there's ten there
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3071] Thank you ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3072] Are there some trailers?
[3073] Oh yes I can see they're trailer
Terence (PS0W2) [3074] Mm, mm ...
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3075] And this as well?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3076] No, this is mine, I'd better pay for my own [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3077] Four thirty nine please
Terence (PS0W2) [3078] How much?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3079] Four
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3080] Four thirty nine please, oh that's not nice is it having to pay for your own
Margaret (PS0W4) [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [3081] I don't think it is either
Margaret (PS0W4) [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [laugh] ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3082] We'll have to
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3083] a nice red erm
Terence (PS0W2) [3084] Thanks very much
Margaret (PS0W4) [3085] you know a red flower pot plant for somebody who's got a ruby wedding this weekend, but there's nothing up there, not much at all, Azalea's are sort of all off you know
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3086] Not fancy a Polyanthus they're very pretty and they come in erm a box
Margaret (PS0W4) [3087] No, yeah I saw those, yes , yes but erm
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3088] you know erm
Margaret (PS0W4) [3089] put them in one of those and
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3090] yes they look really nice in the red containers
Margaret (PS0W4) [3091] Mm
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3092] Do you want me to show you what they look like?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3093] Erm well look, let's get rid of these
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3094] We had this one you see put together and it looked quite nice, it all in reds
Margaret (PS0W4) [3095] You gonna try and put them in there?
Terence (PS0W2) [3096] Well I try
Margaret (PS0W4) [3097] Here's a bag look
Terence (PS0W2) [3098] Now if I can put them in here, it'll stop these falling over, providing they don't get squashed with them
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3099] let you have that one
Margaret (PS0W4) [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [3100] Thanks
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3101] One O six please ... thank you
Terence (PS0W2) [3102] Whoops
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3103] Always doing that
Terence (PS0W2) [3104] No, me [laugh]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3105] I'll just go and look and see what this looks like
Terence (PS0W2) [3106] Yeah okay ...
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3107] Okay?
Terence (PS0W2) [3108] Yes I'm waiting, my wife's gone back to be tempted [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3109] I think she wants your advice
Terence (PS0W2) [3110] How much is it worth?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3111] Two ninety nine
Terence (PS0W2) [3112] [laugh] ... Right
Margaret (PS0W4) [3113] Now can you see this, she, she just put that together, now that does look quite nice doesn't it?
Terence (PS0W2) [3114] Yes that does look nice, yes I think so
Margaret (PS0W4) [3115] But if we sort of, you know, she said, you know look around and arrange something yourself
Terence (PS0W2) [3116] Well I think that, I'm not sure the white doesn't set it off
Margaret (PS0W4) [3117] Yeah, but I want a better white bigger than that one
Terence (PS0W2) [3118] Oh I see what about a pink?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3119] That's rather pretty isn't it?
[3120] That was the one I liked the look of ...
Terence (PS0W2) [3121] And another pink
Margaret (PS0W4) [3122] There's one there look
Terence (PS0W2) [3123] Yes or this one?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3124] or that one, yes
Terence (PS0W2) [3125] Mm, it's a bit tatty perhaps in places that one, that one's coming out, what do you think?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3126] Which one?
[3127] That, that one there?
Terence (PS0W2) [3128] Yeah, or this one
Margaret (PS0W4) [3129] I think the other one looks rather pretty
Terence (PS0W2) [3130] This one?
[3131] Right
Margaret (PS0W4) [3132] Is it, is it or is that the one you said that
Terence (PS0W2) [3133] Well it's one flower that's probably gone, but take that off really
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...] ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3134] That's got buds in it there?
Terence (PS0W2) [3135] Yeah, okay, put that one back there then
Margaret (PS0W4) [3136] What do you think?
Terence (PS0W2) [3137] Yes, fine, now you want it in the red one and not the silver one, yes?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3138] Well I think the red
Terence (PS0W2) [3139] Yes well I think so, I think so ... alright
Margaret (PS0W4) [3140] That's the erm ... some of these
Terence (PS0W2) [3141] There's not much red there is there?
[3142] Not much flower there is there in that one, look, or is there?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3143] No, no, we could do with changing that
Terence (PS0W2) [3144] Oh
Margaret (PS0W4) [3145] Let's see if we can get a, see there's a whole lot of buds as an example in that one isn't there?
Terence (PS0W2) [3146] Yes, that'll do ... okay?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3147] Fifty five each, I don't know how much
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...] ...
Terence (PS0W2) [3148] I think she said two ninety nine ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3149] And that's ninety nine and four ...
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3150] How much each are they?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3151] Sixty five, so that's two sixty and ninety nine
Terence (PS0W2) [3152] Yeah, but I think it's two ninety nine for the whole lot
Margaret (PS0W4) [3153] Oh is it?
Terence (PS0W2) [3154] Yes look, under the, under the bottom
Margaret (PS0W4) [3155] Oh yes, yes it says that yes ...
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3156] That's your change, thank you ...
Terence (PS0W2) [3157] Erm ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3158] and erm, at least these look a bit
Terence (PS0W2) [3159] Oh that's alright ...
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3160] These are ten P each and the other's twenty two
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3161] Are these blood oranges?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3162] No
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3163] No, they're so similar you know, seven forty nine altogether please ... thank you ... did you get a handle to go with that one?
Terence (PS0W2) [3164] Did I get a?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3165] Handle
Terence (PS0W2) [3166] No, is there a handle?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3167] Yeah, in the basket in the wicker basket there, there's a handle and it just clips on
Terence (PS0W2) [3168] Thanks ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3169] I'll buy a handle
Terence (PS0W2) [3170] No you can buy, get the handles here separately
Margaret (PS0W4) [3171] Oh you can get the handles separately ...
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3172] Can I just advise you to swap that one, some of the flowers
Terence (PS0W2) [3173] Yeah, go on
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3174] are going a bit
Terence (PS0W2) [3175] thanks very much
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3176] Can you swap that one, the flowers are going a bit
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3177] Oh yes
Margaret (PS0W4) [3178] I'm just looking at, erm this one it looks so pretty, no not that
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3179] That one?
[3180] Yeah that's
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3181] what do you think of that one
Terence (PS0W2) [3182] Yeah that's very nice, yes I like that
Margaret (PS0W4) [3183] Unusual
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3184] That's a nice one
Terence (PS0W2) [3185] Yes that is a nice one
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3186] You see all the buds coming out
Margaret (PS0W4) [3187] Oh yes, yes mm, mm
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3188] alright?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3189] I'm wondering now, looking at it, if that erm is a bit tall for the rest of them
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3190] Yes
Margaret (PS0W4) [3191] Do you know what I mean?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3192] It does look a bit tall, you're quite right, erm ... that one's quite a low one, what about that one?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3193] Yes I thinking of the red
Terence (PS0W2) [3194] Thinking of the red really
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3195] Deeper red?
Terence (PS0W2) [3196] Yes
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3197] Here you go, what about that one?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3198] Oh that's, yes
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3199] What about that one?
[3200] That's got nice
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3201] yeah that's a nice one
Margaret (PS0W4) [3202] Yeah, okay
Terence (PS0W2) [3203] Yeah, okay, right, yeah
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3204] Yeah?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3205] Oh that's nice of you, thank you very much
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3206] You're welcome
Terence (PS0W2) [3207] I've got a handle here, I've got a handle
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3208] Oh you have
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3209] Bye ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3210] That looks nice erm, all we have to do now is go and erm get a card ... and take the price, oh the prices must be on these
Terence (PS0W2) [3211] Yeah they're on there, take that off
Margaret (PS0W4) [3212] On that, mm, mm
Terence (PS0W2) [3213] Yes ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3214] Does he want to play? [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3215] Here have a sticker for these today ... that's two ninety nine then please
Margaret (PS0W4) [3216] Thanks
Terence (PS0W2) [3217] No I've got, do you want to change another note?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3218] No I don't, I think I can, you witness that I paid for this won't you?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3219] Oh yes
Terence (PS0W2) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3220] most definitely, I don't think it's gonna go in there, oh it might do, just to protect it a wee bit, you know ...
Terence (PS0W2) [3221] Lovely, thank you very much, many thanks indeed
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3222] You're welcome ... and a penny change
Margaret (PS0W4) [3223] Thank you very much
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3224] Thank you bye now
Terence (PS0W2) [3225] Alright?
[3226] Bye ... Oh that's very nice of you, thank you very much indeed, many thanks.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3227] Run out of arms [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [3228] Yes, that's right [laugh]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3229] Well that was good, that's very attractive for three pounds isn't it?
Terence (PS0W2) [3230] Yes I think so ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3231] Put this in the back in the
Terence (PS0W2) [3232] Box
Margaret (PS0W4) [3233] couldn't we?
Terence (PS0W2) [3234] Yeah ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3235] Yes that was a nice, good job I mentioned it to her wasn't it?
Terence (PS0W2) [3236] Yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [3237] I mean we wouldn't of known, I never saw that erm, you know diamond thing with, four, I mean even then I when we bought them I was thinking four sixty fives, that'll be two sixty and erm three sixty, so you save a bit really don't you?
Terence (PS0W2) [3238] Oh yes
Margaret (PS0W4) [3239] Now we'll go down and try and get a card will we?
Terence (PS0W2) [3240] Yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [3241] And what else was it? ...
Terence (PS0W2) [3242] I've got to go to Muriel
Margaret (PS0W4) [3243] Oh that's right ... plenty of time to get out
Terence (PS0W2) [3244] Well he's so badly parked you see, he's got to wait for both traffics to go whereas I could go easily
Margaret (PS0W4) [3245] Yeah ... Now where shall we look for a ruby wedding card?
[3246] You would generally go for that one in the market wouldn't you?
Terence (PS0W2) [3247] Well no I don't know that I would, I would probably go to erm the one, you know, by the egg basket
Margaret (PS0W4) [3248] Mm, funnily enough I don't like it in there ... well I suppose I might get something in
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3249] they have some quite nice ones as well don't they?
Terence (PS0W2) [3250] Yes
Margaret (PS0W4) [3251] Tim was quite taken with that big card [laugh] that he had for his birthday
Terence (PS0W2) [3252] Mm ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3253] There now, two
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3254] well it's the only way the
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3255] well somebody else is coming, join onto us, but er ... learner as well, why most of them seem to be learners don't they?
Terence (PS0W2) [3256] Yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [3257] You hardly ever see a motor cyclist ... these days ... you know unless he's got an L plate up ... of course you can't get passed because of the erm
Terence (PS0W2) [3258] Mind you the van's a long way behind him anyway
Margaret (PS0W4) [3259] Now he is, isn't it?
[3260] ... Now what are we going to do erm?
Terence (PS0W2) [3261] Well I think what I'll do, if I go round by the market I can drop you there by the multi-storey car park and you can then just walk through to Baston's can't you?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3262] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [3263] And I'll go down to the church and park by the church, how about that?
[3264] And then you can walk back down is that alright?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3265] Oh that way, yes
Terence (PS0W2) [3266] That's an ambulance would you believe
Margaret (PS0W4) [3267] Ooh ... help
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3268] anyway, one less, there's a car sort of in front of the ambulance kind of thing
Terence (PS0W2) [3269] Yes I think that must of come out in the roundabout there, it wasn't in front before, erm, so I'll do that yes, I'll drop you off
Margaret (PS0W4) [3270] Yeah and I
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3271] and you can just walk through to Baston's, whatever and I'll go to Muriel
Margaret (PS0W4) [3272] Baston's or erm
Terence (PS0W2) [3273] Oh whatever you want
Margaret (PS0W4) [3274] go up to the shops by the egg basket if need be
Terence (PS0W2) [3275] So I'll see you back at the church ... I mean if I can just park down by Devon Square I will, but otherwise I'll park
Margaret (PS0W4) [3276] Yeah, right
Terence (PS0W2) [3277] behind the church ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3278] Perhaps the ambulance has got somebody really ill in there or something ...
Terence (PS0W2) [3279] I wouldn't of thought so, I would of thought it was more or less the van than anything else ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3280] It's a ruby wedding it is, isn't it?
Terence (PS0W2) [3281] Mm, mm ...

22 (Tape 038203)

Margaret (PS0W4) [3282] Just sugar and eggs in there, and the card ... why did you come back for?
Terence (PS0W2) [3283] Eh?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3284] Why did you come back for?
Terence (PS0W2) [3285] Well I, I turned round and backed in so that you could see me here
Margaret (PS0W4) [3286] Oh ...

23 (Tape 038301)

Margaret (PS0W4) [3287] The sugar was only fifty nine in the market as I came past at Charlie's you know, I thought well I'll get some of that and I got those jumbo eggs there, only a pound a dozen big ones, you know ... You done?
Terence (PS0W2) [3288] Well I'm looking for my glasses really
Margaret (PS0W4) [3289] Oh I see, they're probably under the paper, yeah

24 (Tape 038302)

Terence (PS0W2) [3290] Wonders will never cease
Margaret (PS0W4) [3291] Pardon?
Terence (PS0W2) [3292] I say wonders will never cease ... I have just written a receipt for Mrs and I have put it in her envelope and I have written my name in, in on, I've put from and put my name and crossed out caretaker and put treasurer and I have put underneath we do not have a caretaker ... so we will see what happens ... How did, how is it that they got to go back with them?
[3293] How's that?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3294] Oh well her father decided that erm his wife
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3295] put them in there again ... erm, his wife hasn't realized how much it would be looking after er ...
Terence (PS0W2) [3296] Oh he's taken something else has he?

25 (Tape 038303)

Terence (PS0W2) [3297] Do you know the pots there, the two that I bought were forty seven out at Havercom, they were seventeen out at Traygo
Margaret (PS0W4) [3298] Oh
Terence (PS0W2) [3299] so I got four more, had a look round thought I saw it, but Traygo was heaving ... I tried to park by the erm garden centre, but to not only were there people all parked there, there was a great articulated lorry delivering stuff, so you went in and you couldn't even then get out, go and park further up
Margaret (PS0W4) [3300] Still you
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3301] going and pick up your own
Terence (PS0W2) [3302] well I parked
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3303] I parked sort of out in the car park and then got a tr a trolley and wheeled it rather than have to try and get back into that lot.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3304] What else did you get?
Terence (PS0W2) [3305] Flower pots and compost that's all ... oh let's have a drink of water ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3306] Phone call from somebody who wanted to book the hall, erm children's party, and erm this person kept on saying are you the man that does the, that sort of lets out the hall
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3307] I am Mrs who's sort of the secretary and books, does the booking for the hall, he couldn't get that, anyway it occurred to me afterwards it must of been the grandmother of that girl that bought the erm, cos he kept on talking a Michelle and [laugh] that's the girl that bought our suite and I reckon it's her child's birthday party, she said erm ... you know my, you know my son-in-law, I said do I?
[3308] Yeah, Frank, Frank ... and of course and then afterwards I realized that that was Michelle
Terence (PS0W2) [3309] That's right, yeah ...
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3310] oh did she?
[3311] I always times, the thing I forgotten to think about was that lock, I really ought to do that
Margaret (PS0W4) [3312] Anyway, erm ... she said will you tell
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3313] I said you know, will you bring your own things?
[3314] Meaning you know paper plates and what not and she said oh last time sister Joyce would even let me use the kitchen, I said you can use the kitchen, I just wondered erm, you know, so anyway

26 (Tape 038304)

Terence (PS0W2) [3315] Well I brought one of those
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3316] up and put them on the window sill
Margaret (PS0W4) [3317] Yeah I saw that , what was that one with the three leaves and that
Terence (PS0W2) [3318] Yeah , they were root bound, those three ... All you have to spend is the money ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3319] They went to Merrivale today, she and Chadam, I knew they both had today off, she said it was gorgeous there
Terence (PS0W2) [3320] Mm
Margaret (PS0W4) [3321] but as you say I, I can never have a real conversation with her like I can natter
Terence (PS0W2) [3322] No
Margaret (PS0W4) [3323] into anything I do
Terence (PS0W2) [3324] Yeah ... If you could hear what she say it'd make a difference I expect ... I'd of gone for another vowel there, it you'd gone for E it of been
Margaret (PS0W4) [3325] Got three
Terence (PS0W2) [3326] Yeah, but you have an E you would of been much better off wouldn't you?
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3327] oh no, that's right ... or an I would of helped ... coach
Margaret (PS0W4) [3328] Coach
Terence (PS0W2) [3329] that's only five, paunch ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3330] J A Z if we got another Z, can only have the one, J A R ...
Terence (PS0W2) [3331] Dozed ... can't you have dozed?
[3332] Yeah

27 (Tape 038401)

Terence (PS0W2) [3333] So if I do some potatoes
Margaret (PS0W4) [3334] Yes, thank you
Terence (PS0W2) [3335] mm, yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3336] I just put them up
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3337] if you bring up the erm ... thingamy
Terence (PS0W2) [3338] Do you want the pressure cooker up?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3339] No
Terence (PS0W2) [3340] No ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3341] Erm
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3342] in there
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...] ...
Terence (PS0W2) [3343] So I switch it on, or er
Margaret (PS0W4) [3344] Yes
Terence (PS0W2) [3345] Yes ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3346] have er just erm
Terence (PS0W2) [3347] What do you want?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3348] have the lid of the saucepan here, here we are ...
Terence (PS0W2) [3349] This Busy Lizzy is really coming on isn't it?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3350] Yes, mm, you re-potting it did it some good
Terence (PS0W2) [3351] Yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [3352] cos it's now spreading out
Terence (PS0W2) [3353] Yes it is isn't it?

28 (Tape 038402)

Margaret (PS0W4) [3354] Be awful for erm, you know an ex wife and son, to take the decision to phone in they
Terence (PS0W2) [3355] Yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [3356] they're very brave ... Can dry them off on that ...
Terence (PS0W2) [3357] I wonder if we've got enough forensic evidence, you know, to erm
Margaret (PS0W4) [3358] Well I should think there's probably a whole lot more there that we didn't move
Terence (PS0W2) [3359] Oh, I would of thought so ...

29 (Tape 038403)

Terence (PS0W2) [3360] Hello, what time does erm Gavin go off?
Christine (PS0W9) [3361] Er not till half past one in the afternoon
Terence (PS0W2) [3362] Oh
Christine (PS0W9) [3363] so it's erm the times have all changed now because of going somewhere different, but of course you've gotta go out tonight, we've got to, in fact we've got to go out within the hour, it's Steve's mum's birthday erm so tomorrow you know you can't get think and my brother turned up last night so you just can't, I haven't even packed his case yet.
Terence (PS0W2) [3364] Where have you got to take him to school?
Christine (PS0W9) [3365] Yeah, up to right up to the school
Terence (PS0W2) [3366] Yeah
Christine (PS0W9) [3367] got nice er double decker bus type thing with a video player on and all that, mind you it should do really cos they're on there for a long time
Terence (PS0W2) [3368] Yeah
Christine (PS0W9) [3369] see till Sunday night they're on that bus apart from the crossing
Terence (PS0W2) [3370] And they don't get there until Sunday ni , no I suppose they won't will they?
Christine (PS0W9) [3371] No
Terence (PS0W2) [3372] Cos by then, they won't get to, they won't go to the crossing until about eight I suppose in the evening, it'll be a night crossing won't it?
Christine (PS0W9) [3373] Yeah, that's right, he's getting excited about it
Terence (PS0W2) [3374] I should think so too
Christine (PS0W9) [3375] Yeah ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3376] I didn't put the other one in
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...] ...
Terence (PS0W2) [3377] Oh Chris has got to go out tonight
Margaret (PS0W4) [3378] Has she?
Terence (PS0W2) [3379] it's erm Steve's mother's birthday and Gavin's, they've got to get him up about midday, one o'clock or something up the school tomorrow she said I haven't even packed yet.
[3380] She said he's now beginning to get excited
Margaret (PS0W4) [3381] Oh
Terence (PS0W2) [3382] but they don't arrive there until erm Sunday night, so it's a long time on the coach
Margaret (PS0W4) [3383] Yes, I just wondered if they couldn't sort of do a, a deal, you know to get them by air, the only thing about it is if they got to sort of
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3384] probably where they would go for erm
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3385] still gonna take them a couple of hours
Terence (PS0W2) [3386] Mm, that's right ... and they've got all the hassle of the airport, mind you they ought to be able to get a local airport ... I don't know who they're going, going with, who the erm ... Gavin said, I think Gavin said or somebody said something the, the original company have gone bankrupt
Margaret (PS0W4) [3387] Oh is that right yeah?
Terence (PS0W2) [3388] so yeah that might be why they had to erm
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...] ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3389] Did you put out those erm
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3390] no I haven't put anything out

30 (Tape 038404)

Margaret (PS0W4) [3391] You just, you know speaking to Chris then?
Terence (PS0W2) [3392] Yeah, she was just sort of coming down the stairs yeah it's alright, you know, had a word with her
Margaret (PS0W4) [3393] Do you know that

31 (Tape 038405)

Terence (PS0W2) [3394] This is, you know you just can't begin to believe it can you? ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3395] You know Shaun, Moyra's husband?
Terence (PS0W2) [3396] Yes
Margaret (PS0W4) [3397] Well his sister's erm a social worker as well in Manchester and she was going next week to spend a year in Romania
Terence (PS0W2) [3398] Is she really?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3399] and that, that's why their er you know, Shaun, erm, Amelda brought erm Moyra down with the babies, you know she was up there and she could help her down, but Shaun is coming down now wi , this weekend in the car and of course they'll be able to go back in the car, erm there's, there's gonna be a party for erm, of course should warn the girl ... Of course that's the awful thing about it isn't it? ...
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3400] took about four of them to do it normally, Paul
Terence (PS0W2) [3401] Mm
Margaret (PS0W4) [3402] his new wife and also Melanie, ha ... you know what it says on the top there
Terence (PS0W2) [3403] No, I'm
Margaret (PS0W4) [3404] it says
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3405] or something

32 (Tape 038406)

Margaret (PS0W4) [3406] That's filled you up has it?
Terence (PS0W2) [3407] That's very nice, yes, yes
Margaret (PS0W4) [3408] Do you want a bit of ice cream or?
Terence (PS0W2) [3409] Yeah, have ice cream, have that lovely one we had the other day
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...] ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3410] Sometimes you know when you see these programmes like The Bill ...
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3411] yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [3412] always getting themselves

33 (Tape 038407)

Terence (PS0W2) [3413] That's very nice, yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [3414] The strawberry can be a bit, you know, can really be could be like thaw
Terence (PS0W2) [3415] Thaw a little bit, right

34 (Tape 038408)

Terence (PS0W2) [3416] When I went for the paper this morning there was this dog, two dogs actually, but one
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3417] Jessie cos he or she had got about a six foot long tree trunk in its mouth.
[3418] I said to its owner oh I said another one as daft as ours [laugh] , she said yes [laugh]

35 (Tape 038501)

Terence (PS0W2) [3419] Oh thanks very much, right I'll just go and get the paper
Margaret (PS0W4) [3420] Go and get the paper then okay
Terence (PS0W2) [3421] Yep
Margaret (PS0W4) [3422] okay ...
Terence (PS0W2) [3423] I don't know where, I thought I left my case here, I don't know what I've done with my case that's all, it's probably downstairs ... oh ... oh I don't know, mm ... still not able to find it ... I think I'd better put these plants out ... mm that's right, oh, mm ... that's not there ... right, I'd better switch this, the tape off cos there's not much, be much conversation now for a while

36 (Tape 038502)

Terence (PS0W2) [3424] Good morning
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3425] Not too bad
Terence (PS0W2) [3426] Not quite so cold this morning is it?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3427] I shall
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3428] no that's right ... .

37 (Tape 038503)

Terence (PS0W2) [3429] Hello
Mima (PS0WA) [3430] How are you?
Terence (PS0W2) [3431] Very well and you?
Mima (PS0WA) [3432] Fine
Terence (PS0W2) [3433] How's Alistair?
Mima (PS0WA) [3434] Got the monster
Terence (PS0W2) [3435] Pardon?
Mima (PS0WA) [3436] Got the monster
Terence (PS0W2) [3437] Oh you've got the monster
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [laugh]
Mima (PS0WA) [3438] Two monsters, Alistair's fine
Terence (PS0W2) [3439] Is he?
Mima (PS0WA) [3440] How's, how's Margaret?
Terence (PS0W2) [3441] Oh well she's up and down you know
Mima (PS0WA) [3442] Yes
Terence (PS0W2) [3443] I mean sometimes she's better
Mima (PS0WA) [3444] Cos weren't you going on holiday when I last saw you?
Terence (PS0W2) [3445] Yeah that's right we went erm
Mima (PS0WA) [3446] You were in a dash
Terence (PS0W2) [3447] Yes that's right we went to erm [...] in the French Pyrenees
Mima (PS0WA) [3448] Oh lovely
Terence (PS0W2) [3449] and er it wasn't bad, the snow wasn't very good to start with but it snowed on the Thursday and then we, you know, we skied quite a bit after that, but poor girl she got sciatica on the Wednesday
Mima (PS0WA) [3450] Oh that's painful
Terence (PS0W2) [3451] and erm for a week she really hardly left the hotel
Mima (PS0WA) [3452] Oh
Terence (PS0W2) [3453] She came out with us for two or three days and sort of sat you know up a bit and saw us, but then the next week she was really no good at all
Mima (PS0WA) [3454] Yes, oh dear
Terence (PS0W2) [3455] so that was a shame, but er it got better slowly you know
Mima (PS0WA) [3456] And are you on your own or, or dog with you?
Terence (PS0W2) [3457] Yeah I'm dogless, I just walked
Mima (PS0WA) [3458] Oh
Terence (PS0W2) [3459] I just walked to get the erm, the pi , to walk to get the paper
Mima (PS0WA) [3460] Oh yes
Terence (PS0W2) [3461] it gives me erm, a bit of exercise
Mima (PS0WA) [3462] Yes I was looking around for your dog
Terence (PS0W2) [3463] I don't get very much now , no, and how do you like your guard dog?
Mima (PS0WA) [3464] Very well, he's great he really is, isn't he?
[3465] He's fluffy and squeaks
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3466] Yes he's dreadful, I think he's slightly frightened of our spaniel
Terence (PS0W2) [3467] Is he really?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3468] say he squeaks
Mima (PS0WA) [3469] He's at
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3470] all the time
Terence (PS0W2) [3471] Hello
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3472] Max come here, come here, come here
Mima (PS0WA) [3473] Like I was just saying if we were going to a
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Mima (PS0WA) [3474] there's a big bus somewhere near I'd drop him and then it would run him over
Terence (PS0W2) [laugh]
Mima (PS0WA) [3475] cos he, he goes on and on
Terence (PS0W2) [3476] Oh dear
Mima (PS0WA) [3477] it's just like a squeaky jaw
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3478] It's really annoying, he's not like that at home it's just that Pip I think Pip intimidates him
Mima (PS0WA) [3479] Pip gives him dirty looks sort I think
Terence (PS0W2) [3480] How old is he?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3481] Two
Terence (PS0W2) [3482] Two
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3483] so he's only little really
Terence (PS0W2) [3484] Oh, my goodness he needs some exercise doesn't he?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3485] Oh yeah
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3486] And he's, he's, the dog
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3487] Oh he's obedient isn't he?
Terence (PS0W2) [3488] Self erm
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3489] Come here, come here
Terence (PS0W2) [3490] Who's a good boy?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3491] no, there, sorry
Terence (PS0W2) [3492] No he wants to run thanks very much ... oh yes keep you fit
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3493] Mm, oh yes
Terence (PS0W2) [3494] [laugh] I tell you who I would see and asked after Alistair yesterday and that was Bill
Mima (PS0WA) [3495] Oh yes
Terence (PS0W2) [3496] He came to see us
Mima (PS0WA) [3497] Oh how is he?
Terence (PS0W2) [3498] Er, he seems very well
Mima (PS0WA) [3499] Yes
Terence (PS0W2) [3500] very busy and
Mima (PS0WA) [3501] Yes
Terence (PS0W2) [3502] still working on his new house and, what they've got in, you know Wokham area
Mima (PS0WA) [3503] Yes
Terence (PS0W2) [3504] and doing a lot of work, but he was erm, he was asking said do you ever hear of Alistair, I said yes, he said oh well give him, remember me to him
Mima (PS0WA) [3505] I'll do that
Terence (PS0W2) [laugh]
Mima (PS0WA) [3506] Yes, yes, yes cos erm, he's a nice chap isn't it?
Terence (PS0W2) [3507] He was a nice chap yes, oh he was very good, yeah and did you know Ken ... no perhaps you didn't know Ken , he was
Mima (PS0WA) [3508] I don't know the name no
Terence (PS0W2) [3509] No he was, he was right at the very beginning of the school
Mima (PS0WA) [3510] Yes
Terence (PS0W2) [3511] er and he was one of the kingpins building the swimming pool
Mima (PS0WA) [3512] Oh yes
Terence (PS0W2) [3513] which has now been filled in
Mima (PS0WA) [3514] Oh yes of course
Terence (PS0W2) [3515] erm
Mima (PS0WA) [3516] yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [3517] but er, he died about two, three
Mima (PS0WA) [3518] Oh
Terence (PS0W2) [3519] weeks ago and his poor wife was absolutely devastated
Mima (PS0WA) [3520] Just complete
Terence (PS0W2) [3521] Oh he'd been ill for about six months I think, but erm
Mima (PS0WA) [3522] Yes, yes
Terence (PS0W2) [3523] only sixty two
Mima (PS0WA) [3524] Oh dear
Terence (PS0W2) [3525] but you know, but er yeah, you know it sort of goes on doesn't it?
[3526] [laugh] Anyway nice to see you
Mima (PS0WA) [3527] You know I
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Mima (PS0WA) [3528] cheery mood at the moment isn't he?
Terence (PS0W2) [3529] Yeah
Mima (PS0WA) [3530] Oh he's in a cheery mood
Terence (PS0W2) [3531] Oh that's good isn't it?
Mima (PS0WA) [3532] I think he's settled into school
Terence (PS0W2) [3533] Oh that's great, yes that's great isn't it?
Mima (PS0WA) [3534] Mm and I just, he kept, you know how teachers go [moan] so I said, I said, when you meet anybody and they say to him how's teaching him he says [moan] I say stop it
Terence (PS0W2) [laugh]
Mima (PS0WA) [3535] you're really actually enjoying it, so I say don't do it
Terence (PS0W2) [laugh]
Mima (PS0WA) [3536] I think it's a bit better isn't it?
[3537] I think you get into a habit of some people
Terence (PS0W2) [3538] We've had erm , he may see at some stage, he might just see my son Christopher
Mima (PS0WA) [3539] Really?
Terence (PS0W2) [3540] Yes, a fortnight ago he was appointed chief art advisor for Devon
Mima (PS0WA) [3541] That's very good isn't it?
Terence (PS0W2) [3542] [laugh] so erm he's moving, he's moving down in April
Mima (PS0WA) [3543] Oh you must be thrilled
Terence (PS0W2) [3544] We are pleased yes, cos they're a lovely family
Mima (PS0WA) [3545] Yes
Terence (PS0W2) [3546] and they're gonna be, they'll be sort of down in this area you know
Mima (PS0WA) [3547] Yes otherwise you don't see them for
Terence (PS0W2) [3548] probably the Exeter area , well we go up and stay
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3549] with them up in you know
Mima (PS0WA) [3550] Yes
Terence (PS0W2) [3551] in Cheshire, but er yeah
Mima (PS0WA) [3552] It's not the same as really taking part
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3553] it's a long way
Mima (PS0WA) [3554] is it?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3555] isn't it?
Mima (PS0WA) [3556] Oh yes, oh that's lovely
Terence (PS0W2) [3557] So er, yes, he's, he's, he's
Mima (PS0WA) [3558] About to get a good job
Terence (PS0W2) [3559] a little bit frightened I think, you know
Mima (PS0WA) [3560] Mm, mm
Terence (PS0W2) [3561] well I, apprehensive is the word really, but he, I think he came down the other, this week just for a day and spent back here and saw one or two people and I think he's happier now
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3562] Mike, [whistling]
Terence (PS0W2) [3563] he's beginning to get some ideas as to what
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3564] Mike
Terence (PS0W2) [3565] you know what he'll be able to do and to what contribution he'll be able to make
Mima (PS0WA) [3566] Yes
Terence (PS0W2) [3567] so erm, yeah
Mima (PS0WA) [3568] Are
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Mima (PS0WA) [3569] quite good authorities to work for or, I mean no cash I suppose, but erm got some money
Terence (PS0W2) [3570] I mean I, well, I mean you know, I suppose it is, erm
Mima (PS0WA) [3571] Does it have er, where some authorities have a
Terence (PS0W2) [3572] Tell Alistair because erm, he'll enjoy the joke because, Emelda came down to us you see, she arrived at lunch time, out of the blue to us
Mima (PS0WA) [3573] Yes
Terence (PS0W2) [3574] and said that Christopher was on interview and er if he got through the first part to the second part he would in the afternoon he would give us a ph a ring, erm but he, by ten to two he hadn't phoned so she assumed he was on his way back having
Mima (PS0WA) [3575] Yes
Terence (PS0W2) [3576] not got the second part, anyway, he phoned up about ten to two and said, but, but before that she had said that he had met Mark
Mima (PS0WA) [3577] Mm
Terence (PS0W2) [3578] do you know the name?
Mima (PS0WA) [3579] Yes
Terence (PS0W2) [3580] So erm, I said to Emelda, oh dear I said if Mark puts two and two together I said there's no way he's going to get the job I said because Mark and I, well just, you know
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3581] yeah, you see, so we were laughing about this, anyway, Christopher phoned up and said he got through to the second part, he was the only one that was going through to the second part and he phoned up about forty five minutes later to say that he'd erm, he'd got the job
Mima (PS0WA) [3582] How lovely
Terence (PS0W2) [3583] and er, then he said I believe you know Mark , so I said yes, so he said well he's standing here at my side, he'd like a word with you, [laughing] so Mark came onto the phone []
Mima (PS0WA) [3584] Mm, mm
Terence (PS0W2) [3585] then and said he said, I, I he said the penny only dropped afterwards, he said
Mima (PS0WA) [3586] Er fortunately
Terence (PS0W2) [3587] and I suddenly, I suddenly thought I said your father isn't Terry by any chance?
[3588] So Christopher said yes, so he said well he said, he said Mark said well we've done a good job this afternoon so I thought that was nice of him
Mima (PS0WA) [3589] Yes, yes, didn't say cancel everything
Terence (PS0W2) [3590] [laughing] That's what I [] that's what so tell Alistair cos Alistair will, will remember the fights that we
Mima (PS0WA) [3591] Yes, so
Terence (PS0W2) [3592] had with Mark
Mima (PS0WA) [3593] so, yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [3594] but he's, he's the chief advisor for the whole of Devon is Mark still, but anyway, yeah, so
Mima (PS0WA) [3595] Oh they're
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Mima (PS0WA) [3596] aren't they?
Terence (PS0W2) [3597] They are, bye
Mima (PS0WA) [3598] Give my love to Margaret
Terence (PS0W2) [3599] I will, bye ... Hello, alright?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3600] Yes
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3601] What's this, last, last minute filling up your tuck bag for the
Terence (PS0W2) [3602] No get the paper
Terence (PS0W2) [3603] great journey
Terence (PS0W2) [3604] Packed
Terence (PS0W2) [3605] You are packed?
Terence (PS0W2) [3606] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [3607] Gavin wasn't packed last night
Terence (PS0W2) [3608] I was, I was a bit excited so I started mine last night
Terence (PS0W2) [3609] Oh, so you're getting excited?
Terence (PS0W2) [3610] Yeah, very
Terence (PS0W2) [3611] I bet, what time do you go on the ferry?
Terence (PS0W2) [3612] Erm half past one, no we leave on the coach at half past one
Terence (PS0W2) [3613] You leave on the coach at half past one
Terence (PS0W2) [3614] and wh , in the evening we get on the ferry
Terence (PS0W2) [3615] This evening?
Terence (PS0W2) [3616] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [3617] Yeah, and then a night ride across France
Terence (PS0W2) [3618] Yeah and then we stop off in, then we, while we're on the coach we stop off in Germany for breakfast
Terence (PS0W2) [3619] Oh yes, yes, I trust you've got your Deutchmarks
Terence (PS0W2) [3620] Yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3621] Five, that's about right, fine thanks Alex
Terence (PS0W2) [3622] Bye
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3623] Bye
Terence (PS0W2) [3624] Hello, thank you, ah I wish I was going with him
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3625] Where?
Terence (PS0W2) [3626] Alex
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3627] Where's he off to?
Terence (PS0W2) [3628] Pitsfield
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3629] can do with a bit of skiing
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3630] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [laugh]

38 (Tape 038504)

Terence (PS0W2) [3631] Saw Mima
Margaret (PS0W4) [3632] Oh did you?
Terence (PS0W2) [3633] Yeah she was just coming out the car by the er you know in the car park by Decor Lake
Margaret (PS0W4) [3634] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [3635] with erm, with the daughter, what's her name?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3636] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [3637] erm the one with the dog [laugh]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3638] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [3639] er she's just bought obviously she had her dog there and her two dogs and er, so it was nice, had a little natter
Margaret (PS0W4) [3640] Ah
Terence (PS0W2) [3641] Said how's Alistair?
[3642] She said very happy really she said, he's really has settled in and you know sort of and that was nice wasn't it?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3643] Oh that's good yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [3644] Yeah the dog's a black sort of long legged labrador
Margaret (PS0W4) [3645] Oh is it?
Terence (PS0W2) [3646] Yeah, taller than, a lot taller than Jessie
Margaret (PS0W4) [3647] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [3648] and my goodness me it's got some bounce in it, two years old, yeah and then of course in the paper shop who's waiting for a paper but Alex, so I said oh I said you all packed?
[3649] He said yes, he said
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3650] he's getting excited too, but do you know isn't that strange he, he came to get a paper you see for the family
Margaret (PS0W4) [3651] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [3652] now that family, you know, the Mirror, you know it, it, it that sort of thing
Margaret (PS0W4) [3653] Yeah surprises you
Terence (PS0W2) [3654] astounds me
Margaret (PS0W4) [3655] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [3656] it really does ... So what's the latest on the cricket have you heard any more?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3657] No I didn't actually, cos the news was you know coming on and I thought I don't know whether there'd be any on there
Terence (PS0W2) [3658] Well it'd be on Ceefax I'd expect
Margaret (PS0W4) [3659] Yes, let's see if they're talking about it
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3660] on this erm ...
Terence (PS0W2) [3661] Just what did you say?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3662] work up cricket live and exclusive on Sky
Terence (PS0W2) [3663] It's on three, the, the commentary on three
Margaret (PS0W4) [3664] Yeah radio
Terence (PS0W2) [3665] Radio Three
Margaret (PS0W4) [3666] Yeah ... but the pictures and that they are on Sky Television ...
Terence (PS0W2) [3667] Yeah, that's right, nine wickets fifty overs, two, three, five
Margaret (PS0W4) [3668] Two, three, five
Terence (PS0W2) [3669] Well I suppose that's not bad, it's over four, it's four and a half
Margaret (PS0W4) [3670] Against them
Terence (PS0W2) [3671] four and a half or an over
Margaret (PS0W4) [3672] Yeah, you need
Terence (PS0W2) [3673] to make up ninety one
Margaret (PS0W4) [3674] Oh he didn't get the hundred
Terence (PS0W2) [3675] No
Margaret (PS0W4) [3676] They were saying the last time I heard them saying anything he was sort of going
Terence (PS0W2) [3677] Defreites was run out look for one
Margaret (PS0W4) [3678] Oh gosh
Terence (PS0W2) [3679] obviously hitting out you see, they were just
Margaret (PS0W4) [3680] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [3681] trying to sort of score the runs and that was it
Margaret (PS0W4) [3682] trying to get two hundred and fifty I reckon ...
Terence (PS0W2) [3683] Oh well that's not bad I suppose
Margaret (PS0W4) [3684] Well should be all fit erm Botham does his business I suppose it'll be with, who he bowl with?
Terence (PS0W2) [3685] Well there's Lewis and Pringle and Reeve and Defreites and Tuftnot, I mean they're all bowlers
Margaret (PS0W4) [3686] Is Tuffnel, oh Tuf , Tuffnel is a slow bowler isn't he?
Terence (PS0W2) [3687] Yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [3688] Does Reeve bowl?
Terence (PS0W2) [3689] I think so yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [3690] Lewis does of course and Pringle does
Terence (PS0W2) [3691] That's right, and Hick can you see if need be and Botham can I mean let, it's a good all round side really
Margaret (PS0W4) [3692] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [3693] Oh well ... right well I've got some porridge on I'm gonna have that now, we can go out ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3694] I should think Alex has become a sort of completely different boy, of when you think how, of when he first had him
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3695] over
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3696] there, you see he's accumulated erm confidence
Terence (PS0W2) [3697] Mm
Margaret (PS0W4) [3698] didn't he? ...
Terence (PS0W2) [3699] Mind you it seemed that they had a test at school last week and he wasn't terribly happy with it, he said he couldn't understand it, he tried to explain to me what it was, but erm, it's not, not easy, but Ga Gavin said erm, he said they'd had a test and he said it took him time to get into it but once he got into it, you know, he did alright in it, I think he said how many he got, he didn't seem to do too badly, but he said Alex didn't really do anything and what he did do he thought was wrong so he didn't hand it in, he said and in actual fact what he had done was right, so I don't know, I told, I told Alex to go and see, you know, and ask about it and sort of erm, apparently he did do that so at least he'll know, but erm, it's strange really because normally Alex
Margaret (PS0W4) [3700] So much better
Terence (PS0W2) [3701] copes very well, you know
Margaret (PS0W4) [3702] And yet that other time, you know, when he came to you
Terence (PS0W2) [3703] That's right, yes and, and Gavin of course, yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [3704] because he couldn't do it and that Gavin had done it yeah it's amazing innit, yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [3705] that's right, yeah, mm , yes Gavin really has, yes he's one that's come on tremendously

39 (Tape 038505)

Terence (PS0W2) [3706] Well I think that you know, this, this that the ground they're obviously looking at
Margaret (PS0W4) [3707] Yes, and also the car and the railway being close at hand
Terence (PS0W2) [3708] Yeah ... Gosh didn't know, I hadn't heard that
Margaret (PS0W4) [3709] What's that?
Terence (PS0W2) [3710] [reading] One of Stephanie close colleagues has been under gun guard, police guard for a week following death threats on the alleged kidnapper, as the net closed on him he phoned estate agent Jane the girl who helped prepare the second artist impression, Jane had met him face to face when he called at the office in Great Bar Birmingham days before the kidnap to collect details on several houses for sale, her blood ran cold when she picked up the phone on Wednesday February the twelfth to hear his voice again
Margaret (PS0W4) [3711] Gosh
Terence (PS0W2) [3712] he told her that even if he was caught he had now enough money to get her, police monitoring calls to the Shipway's office traced the call within seconds to a phone box at the service station on the A one at Groinby near Gran Grantham Lan , Lincolnshire, police cars arrived at the call box only minutes after the kidnapper had left
Margaret (PS0W4) [3713] Gosh
Terence (PS0W2) [3714] part of the telephone box used to make the threats was dismantled and taken away for forensic examinations []
Margaret (PS0W4) [3715] Oh dear ...
Terence (PS0W2) [3716] Mm, seen this job share police girl to boost
Margaret (PS0W4) [3717] Yeah oh yes
Terence (PS0W2) [3718] on crime reminds me that Bob told me only he doesn't, he doesn't know how much Bridget knows, so we mustn't say anything to her, but he said that there is some possibility that she may get erm, I think April time she may be made what's called Court Officer
Margaret (PS0W4) [3719] Oh
Terence (PS0W2) [3720] in which case she'll be a nine to five on her sort of on a Monday to Friday basis but
Margaret (PS0W4) [3721] Yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [3722] she'll be sort of liaise between the police, the court and the erm prosecuting service
Margaret (PS0W4) [3723] They should know everything there was there to know
Terence (PS0W2) [3724] and do you know she'd be good at that I think
Margaret (PS0W4) [3725] Yes
Terence (PS0W2) [3726] so there's a possibility of that apparently
Margaret (PS0W4) [3727] Yeah, oh well we
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3728] I knew that you were talking to him about something
Terence (PS0W2) [3729] Forgotten all about that just sort of it triggers
Margaret (PS0W4) [3730] and I thought you know to myself well, well all secret
Terence (PS0W2) [3731] triggered the mind
Margaret (PS0W4) [3732] things I wasn't supposed to know
Terence (PS0W2) [3733] No, no it wasn't that at all it was just that it completely,complete completely went from my mind ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3734] Well that would be good of course
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3735] that's better really, and we surely don't want to lose them do we?
Terence (PS0W2) [3736] Yeah ... Gosh [reading] a record seven hundred thousand Brits are expected to head for the slopes this winter with the snow the best in Europe for twenty years []
Margaret (PS0W4) [3737] Mm, well I suppose when could we fit it in [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [3738] Be nice to go back to it wouldn't it?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3739] Yeah, still we can't have three holidays in a year can we?
Terence (PS0W2) [3740] Why not?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3741] Sorry?
Terence (PS0W2) [3742] Why not?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3743] Can't afford it ...
Terence (PS0W2) [3744] Well how's the time, half past nine, do you want to go Tesco before you go to erm
Margaret (PS0W4) [3745] Yes
Terence (PS0W2) [3746] church?
[3747] I'd better go and get changed ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3748] [laugh] Oh dear, I don't know who writes this, erm bit of the er you know erm ... oh it must be the sellatory yes, mm, mm, he's writing about erm, erm [reading] did you in every
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3749] long time [...] see, see such an impression of dodgy back acting, poor old William Roche who plays Ken Barlow in Coronation Street has been moaning and groaning and wincing and rising in the most frightful and indeed the most convincing of manners, he has even for the match of the
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3750] those few
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3751] to Coronation Street do not know all the facts of course, we are ignorant of the finer points of the time gone by, but why is Deirdre so lasted to Ken I've yet to catch up with Wednesday night's proceedings on my video contraption [laugh] , but the last thing that I heard Deirdre say to Ken as he was recovering on a put-u-up in her front room was, I'm stuck with you till you back on your feet and as far as I'm concerned it can't come soon enough for me, Ken lay there immobile, stunned, a cruel carry on, what's the poor chap done, but then I've missed too much [] [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [3752] [laugh] Oh dear ...

40 (Tape 038506)

Terence (PS0W2) [3753] Yeah, that's right
Margaret (PS0W4) [3754] But erm, I suppose it's difficult really ... because the sun's not out it feels that much colder
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3755] yeah, well they said it would feel cold today
Margaret (PS0W4) [3756] It's only because the sun's not out I'm
Terence (PS0W2) [3757] Mm
Margaret (PS0W4) [3758] quite sure
Terence (PS0W2) [3759] Yes and in actual fact it's warmer than it was yesterday
Margaret (PS0W4) [3760] Yeah ... I think over there.
[3761] I thought he was looking at the station as if , to see if a train was in or something
Terence (PS0W2) [3762] Yes I'm not sure he's gone on the double yellow lines, but still ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3763] I don't know what to do about this milk if it's still two lots, have we nearly finished the one we're on?
Terence (PS0W2) [3764] Yes
Margaret (PS0W4) [3765] I suppose I could get two, yes
Terence (PS0W2) [3766] Well I mean this has been alright hasn't it?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3767] Yes, yes I mean what we're having now is alright ... erm ... see erm Texas has sort of thirty, forty and fifty percent off some items
Terence (PS0W2) [3768] Is that so?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3769] as a last sort of erm two days of the sale or something, they have their special offer next week or [laugh] fifty percent off everything or something ... I feel sorry for these places really, that ... do you know it's funny I only saw the car immediately in front of this grey one ... in there must of been a dip there because there's two cars in front of me
Terence (PS0W2) [3770] That's it there are
Margaret (PS0W4) [3771] but I only saw the white one in front of this grey one ...
Terence (PS0W2) [3772] But there are three
Margaret (PS0W4) [3773] No two in front of the white
Terence (PS0W2) [3774] Oh two, I see, yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [3775] one, I could see the white one but I couldn't see the erm ...
Terence (PS0W2) [3776] Well I don't know whether there's anywhere here
Margaret (PS0W4) [3777] I think there is, somebody's going in there, are they?
[3778] Yeah ...
Terence (PS0W2) [3779] You get out, I'll just straighten out when you've gone

41 (Tape 038507)

Margaret (PS0W4) [3780] I'm sure there are people who don't sort of bother ... with them at all, you know just saw er ... a man he dropped he's erm, he dropped his till receipt and he looked as if he had a tremendous amount you know in his basket so I reckon it would of been over, but there was no erm cos you get it stamped ... yes so we have er, yes I'd forgotten about those little erm chickens of course , so we can have that roast
Terence (PS0W2) [3781] Yeah ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3782] There's Linda, have those for me, oh she's coming
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...] ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3783] One ninety two point three ...
Terence (PS0W2) [3784] Yes, you might wonder
Margaret (PS0W4) [3785] Cor there must be some reason for it of course, perhaps they're not, not erm picking up or ... yes I could easily of bought erm a couple bottles of wine to make that
Terence (PS0W2) [3786] Mm, mm yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [3787] up to twenty
Terence (PS0W2) [3788] Mm ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3789] Didn't have my little er calculator
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [3790] cos I haven't taken it out, but you know, I didn't think any more about it ... now we're going to church right away?
Terence (PS0W2) [3791] Yeah I think so I mean it's
Margaret (PS0W4) [3792] We're alright, there's nothing there that erm, needs to go into the fridge I think
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3793] I mean it's coming up to twenty past
Margaret (PS0W4) [3794] Oh yes, yes, I I know that, I all I was wondering was
Terence (PS0W2) [3795] Yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [3796] whether we needed to go back for anything to go in the fridge or freezer ... If I got this page sort of full by the end of the week, people there were picking out their, they were getting tea bags and coffee and biscuits, you know for two pages full, I've got one page full and of course with that I could get erm, packet of the Ferrera Roche
Terence (PS0W2) [3797] Oh I've come in the wrong way
Margaret (PS0W4) [3798] Wasn't you, were you going up that way you reckon going up that way?
Terence (PS0W2) [3799] No I'll go up the next one
Margaret (PS0W4) [3800] Oh
Terence (PS0W2) [3801] I wasn't, I was going to go right, I was just not thinking you know, sort of
Margaret (PS0W4) [3802] Oh this place is all
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...] ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3803] Oh I'll get before this thing comes, oh he's pulling in for you
Terence (PS0W2) [3804] Yeah, he's not pulling in for me, he's pulling in for himself I think actually.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3805] Well he's pulling in, full stop ... and if he can see where he's going, well good on him lad, it's okay left
Terence (PS0W2) [3806] Mind you I could park it down the road couldn't I?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3807] Oh yes , there's room
Terence (PS0W2) [3808] Well still going ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3809] Bend right, be already to go out
Terence (PS0W2) [3810] Yep ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [3811] Got a light on here, now, look, that light
Terence (PS0W2) [3812] Up there?
[3813] No it's always been there
Margaret (PS0W4) [3814] Oh has it?
Terence (PS0W2) [3815] Mm ...

42 (Tape 038601)

Margaret (PS0W4) [3816] Well I'm not going out to buy any now I'm gonna wait till next week so we'll just have to
Terence (PS0W2) [3817] Yeah that's alright.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3818] have milk.
[3819] You've
Terence (PS0W2) [3820] Alright.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3821] got some [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3822] There is some in the, in the packet isn't there?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3823] Where?
Terence (PS0W2) [3824] Well I mean I, I didn't empty the last packet.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3825] Well
Terence (PS0W2) [3826] There was still some left in.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3827] Well it's not here!
Terence (PS0W2) [3828] Well I haven't thrown a packet away.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3829] Well unle , unless you come up here and see if you can find it.
Terence (PS0W2) [3830] I mean if I'd have ... if I'd have, if I had come to the last one
Margaret (PS0W4) [3831] I mean if if you'd told you that dad was coming down which [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3832] Well I'm sorry love!
[3833] I've be
Margaret (PS0W4) [3834] Well that's alright.
[3835] It's not fair.
[3836] I can't see anything there.
Terence (PS0W2) [3837] Well I can't ... but I mean I I certainly didn't erm ... haven't thrown one out that's what I mean, you know?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3838] Well ... I suppose it must of been me but I have no idea when or why or where because I generally cut the erm ... side bits off.
Terence (PS0W2) [3839] Well I know you do so that's why I would never have thrown it out.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3840] Yeah, well I don't know.
[3841] Anyway, there's none there [...] .
Terence (PS0W2) [3842] No, doesn't look as though there is does it?
[3843] Oh!
Margaret (PS0W4) [3844] If I'd have known I would have brought that this morning [laughing] [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3845] Okay!
Margaret (PS0W4) [3846] twenty pound [] !
[3847] No I'm, no I'm not blaming you!
[3848] I'm just saying I would have
Terence (PS0W2) [3849] Oh yeah!
Margaret (PS0W4) [3850] done it!
Terence (PS0W2) [3851] Yeah, that's right.
[3852] You would of done.

43 (Tape 038602)

Terence (PS0W2) [3853] They're not doing bad are they?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3854] Well no!
[3855] Doing very well.
[3856] ... I thought there is ... but I mean before [...] .
Terence (PS0W2) [3857] Yep!
Margaret (PS0W4) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3858] Yep!

44 (Tape 038603)

Terence (PS0W2) [3859] or kind of oven ... in nine, I can only think of Oakhouse ... as a kind of oven but erm ... I don't know whether that's it or not.
[3860] If it is the [...] Hindu Sage begins with an O.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3861] Oh!
Terence (PS0W2) [3862] And I don't really ... I can't think of one.
Margaret (PS0W4) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3863] Who?
Margaret (PS0W4) [...]

45 (Tape 038604)

Margaret (PS0W4) [3864] One trying to get in one side and the other one I think that's what it was wasn't it?
Terence (PS0W2) [3865] Yeah. [phone rings]

46 (Tape 038605)

Margaret (PS0W4) [3866] Well wha what did you want say [...] ?
Terence (PS0W2) [3867] Just wanted to speak to you about the skis that was all.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3868] Oh well.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3869] Well [...] .
Margaret (PS0W4) [3870] He'll be wanting to go down there.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3871] Oh yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3872] Were you thinking of ... going skiing ... er ... before then?
Terence (PS0W2) [3873] Well ... [laugh] ... shouldn't think so!
Margaret (PS0W4) [3874] Well I suppose you could go off.
[3875] ... If you hadn't of pulled my ... jacket I would of known that you
Terence (PS0W2) [3876] Right.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3877] wanted

47 (Tape 038606)

Margaret (PS0W4) [3878] Did you see this erm, Bill then?
[3879] With somebody with ... fingers chopped off?
Terence (PS0W2) [3880] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Margaret (PS0W4) [3881] [reading] The fingers en route and for the purpose of being chilled [reading+laughing] were placed in a packet of ice lollies! []
Terence (PS0W2) [3882] That's right!
[3883] It
Margaret (PS0W4) [3884] [laughing] Oh God [] !
Terence (PS0W2) [3885] They, they had to get ice you see
Margaret (PS0W4) [3886] [laughing] Yeah [] .
Terence (PS0W2) [3887] to put these things in ice and they hadn't got any of the, of the
Margaret (PS0W4) [3888] [reading] When the unpleasant severed object [reading+laughing] finally arrived at the hospital a nurse said brightly, normally one would [...] , fingers crossed! []
Terence (PS0W2) [3889] [laugh] ... That's right!
[3890] Th th the final ... the final sort of sick joke was the fact that erm ... having ... having disposed of the fingers to the theatre, the hospital ... they'd got this box of ice lollies so they proceeded [laughing] then to give them to people!
[3891] Handed them out at the Police Station!
[3892] Have a ice lolly [] !
[3893] [cough] ... Yeah, that was very funny!

48 (Tape 038701)

Margaret (PS0W4) [3894] Can you see on the floor there ... to the left of the ... picnic table.
Terence (PS0W2) [3895] Yellowish you mean?
[3896] Or on
Margaret (PS0W4) [3897] No on the floor.
[3898] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [3899] Oh I don't know what that is.
[3900] It may be an apple core.
[3901] Maybe an apple cos I put some apples down there cos the black
Margaret (PS0W4) [3902] Oh could well be.
Terence (PS0W2) [3903] the blackbirds like those apples.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3904] Anyway the erm ... squirrel came and investigated.
Terence (PS0W2) [3905] Oh!
[3906] Cos you see
Margaret (PS0W4) [3907] Got it into its hand
Terence (PS0W2) [3908] Oh yeah you see it's probably an apple bit.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3909] But then he decided he'd go and look for something else.
[3910] ... This way this morning ... [...] .
Terence (PS0W2) [3911] Well I always do come this way!
Margaret (PS0W4) [3912] It's nice.
Terence (PS0W2) [3913] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3914] I mean we can go down to the, drive out by the lakes.
Terence (PS0W2) [3915] Well we do!
[3916] We turn right here
Margaret (PS0W4) [3917] Oh turn right, of course yes!
[3918] Oh dear dear dear dear!
[3919] I was thinking [whispering+laughing] [...] ! [] !
Terence (PS0W2) [3920] [laugh] ... It's really quite a hill up there isn't it
Margaret (PS0W4) [3921] Yes!
Terence (PS0W2) [3922] [...] ?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3923] Yes!
Terence (PS0W2) [3924] You sort of quite a nice spot for houses really just up the top there.
[3925] You must get quite a nice
Margaret (PS0W4) [3926] With a lovely view!
Terence (PS0W2) [3927] little view, yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3928] If you'd gone that way [...] .
Terence (PS0W2) [3929] Well I mean that's, that's certainly true of Doreen's isn't it?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3930] Yeah.
[3931] That's right.
[3932] I mean she said it.
[3933] I think she said ... that there are no erm
Terence (PS0W2) [3934] No buses are there not?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3935] buses up there.
Terence (PS0W2) [3936] Are there not?
[3937] Oh!
Margaret (PS0W4) [3938] I think ... yeah
Terence (PS0W2) [3939] Mm.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3940] I you know I'm
Terence (PS0W2) [3941] Mm.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3942] not absolutely sure.
[3943] [whispering] [...] [] . ... We'll do ev , we'll be counting tomorrow so you can see Father [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3944] See Father then, that's right.
[3945] Yes.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3946] Yes.
Terence (PS0W2) [3947] He's only just gone that feller.
[3948] Next to me
Margaret (PS0W4) [3949] Only just gone?
Terence (PS0W2) [3950] yeah!
Margaret (PS0W4) [3951] Still sleeping was he?
Terence (PS0W2) [3952] Ya, I think so.
[3953] He's so used probably to a left hand filter going
Margaret (PS0W4) [3954] Yeah, I suppose it was!
Terence (PS0W2) [3955] You see?
Margaret (PS0W4) [3956] Yes!
Terence (PS0W2) [3957] And the filter didn't but you tha tha tha
Margaret (PS0W4) [3958] No, but doesn't it always go?
[3959] I always they're [...] you know.
Terence (PS0W2) [3960] Well no it doesn't, if there's nothing , if there's nothing coming round ... from the other way ... it doesn't go.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3961] There he is there.
[3962] Is it?
Terence (PS0W2) [3963] No that's not him no.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3964] Oh.
[3965] Oh.
[3966] But, in fa , I was just gonna say to you well the filter didn't go.
Terence (PS0W2) [3967] No, well it's ... the filter goes when there's traffic coming ... across from the other side.

49 (Tape 038702)

Margaret (PS0W4) [3968] Just remember to take a few tins of things.
[3969] I was going to do it this morning and bring [...] ... and for the box that they have ... the old prayer ... I think going up to Yugoslavia ... soon
Terence (PS0W2) [3970] Oh yes!
Margaret (PS0W4) [3971] for foods and things
Terence (PS0W2) [3972] Yes.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3973] like that.
[3974] And I meant ... you know, to bring some, I meant to put them out last night.
[3975] I'd been thinking of ... you know things that that ... I had that can go. ... [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3976] Oh yes, there are children there.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3977] [...] ... park on the grass ... when you don't have to.
Terence (PS0W2) [3978] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [3979] It seems to me that it doesn't ... put a lot of weight on the grass.
[3980] [...] be the ... best thing.
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [3981] Good morning!
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3982] If you're not in a hurry!
Terence (PS0W2) [laugh]

50 (Tape 038703)

Terence (PS0W2) [3983] I've got a query as well.
[3984] I'm down to read ... on Ash Wednesday
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3985] Yes.
Terence (PS0W2) [3986] with Grace ... but, I'm also down to read at St.Joseph's ... and Father tells me ... there won't be two masses ... on Ash Wednesday.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3987] We don't usually have a mass here on Ash Wednesday.
Terence (PS0W2) [3988] You don't do you?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3989] No.
[3990] No.
Terence (PS0W2) [3991] So
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3992] I should forget about it.
Terence (PS0W2) [3993] Alright.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3994] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [3995] Only Grace is not here so I can't see her today.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3996] No, no.
[3997] Well we never have one on Ash Wednesday.
Terence (PS0W2) [3998] You don't have one do you?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [3999] Nope!
Terence (PS0W2) [4000] No, so I think that's probably
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4001] a mistake and that ... so I can, I can go ahead and take the St. Joseph's
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4002] Yes.
Terence (PS0W2) [4003] one without any worry?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4004] Yes thank you.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4005] Hello [...] !
[4006] Fine thank you.
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [4007] I'm thick, I'm thicker than Henry's dad's [...] .
Terence (PS0W2) [4008] No erm ... no what's his name?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [4009] Sid?
[4010] What?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4011] [laugh] ... Said they don't have a mass on Ash Wednesday there.
[4012] So he said I should forget it.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4013] Brian said that?
Terence (PS0W2) [4014] Brian, yeah.
[4015] Brian
Margaret (PS0W4)
Terence (PS0W2) [4016] Right.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4017] Is it that?
Terence (PS0W2) [4018] Yes that's ... yes that's right.
Margaret (PS0W4) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4019] Oh is she going or not?
Margaret (PS0W4) [4020] Oh no they're picking up somebody else there.
[4021] ... There, I said they
Terence (PS0W2) [4022] Nice little family in front of us wasn't it?
Margaret (PS0W4) [4023] Yes.
[4024] This one here, this family here ... I saw her come in first of all you see ... I ... wi with the legs! [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [4025] Oh yes!
Margaret (PS0W4) [4026] [laugh] ... And the bottom that sort of was really
Terence (PS0W2) [4027] Well
Margaret (PS0W4) [4028] quite
Terence (PS0W2) [4029] as tha er
Margaret (PS0W4) [4030] revealing!
Terence (PS0W2) [4031] as they would say in the army ... she had legs that went all the way up to her bottom! [laugh]
Margaret (PS0W4) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4032] Morning!
Terence (PS0W2) [4033] Good morning!
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4034] Nice and mild isn't it?
Terence (PS0W2) [4035] Isn't it nice? [door bell]
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4036] Come in.
[4037] You don't need to [...] ring the bell.
Terence (PS0W2) [4038] Oh right. [...]
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4039] Yeah, sure?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4040] Terrible!
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4041] Yeah, don't worry about that!
Terence (PS0W2) [4042] You sure?
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4043] Alright, let me get them.
Terence (PS0W2) [...]
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4044] Here you are, twenty Silk Cut [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4045] What's that?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4046] That's [...] mix.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4047] But it's got [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4048] Laura!
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4049] Mummy!
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4050] Can't be very big.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4051] No it's alright ... [...] .
Terence (PS0W2) [4052] Well [...]
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4053] Savory white that all she had.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4054] Yeah.
[4055] What bread sauce?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4056] Yeah.
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4057] You want those?
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4058] Twenty Silk Cut that's what you got.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4059] Yeah, well that's right I got them.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4060] Hopefully Mick [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4061] Alright, then we'll get the till open on that [...] .
[4062] Five ... forty you say?
[4063] Forty ... thirty ... [...] each other.
[4064] Have they?
Terence (PS0W2) [4065] No.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4066] Two fifty ... two seventy ... that's five, six.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4067] Thank you very much madam.
[4068] Have a nice day!
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4069] I shall!
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4070] Well er ... thank you
Terence (PS0W2) [4071] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4072] very much.
[4073] Sixty
Terence (PS0W2) [4074] Fifty five was it?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4075] Fifty five, yep!
[4076] Er ... thirty ... there er ... there you go.
Terence (PS0W2) [4077] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4078] Thank you very much. [...]
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4079] Try putting that door open [...]
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4080] Good morning to you sir!
[4081] How are you?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4082] Alright.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4083] I mean, I say!
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4084] The one with the [...] handbags all different colours?
Terence (PS0W2) [4085] Hello!
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4086] How are you?
Terence (PS0W2) [4087] Very well.
[4088] And you?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4089] Does it bring it back mem memories for the last ten years?
Terence (PS0W2) [4090] I know!
[4091] Doesn't it just!
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4092] Yes.
Terence (PS0W2) [4093] [laughing] So it won't be long [] ?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4094] No.
[4095] No.
Terence (PS0W2) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4096] Morning.
Terence (PS0W2) [4097] Good morning to you!
[4098] ... Oh!
[4099] But Doris has just said ... doesn't that [...] bring back memories? [laugh]
Margaret (PS0W4) [4100] She was only getting her paper was she?
Terence (PS0W2) [4101] Yeah.
[4102] There was a whole lot of paper getting there, getting papers and someone else ... but the lady in red actually ... was getting groceries as well so of course that takes time.
[4103] I opened er ... the queue builds up.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4104] Oh yes, that lady?
[4105] This one here?
[4106] Is she the one that read [...] ?
Terence (PS0W2) [4107] That's right, yeah.
[4108] Oh, that's where they live, there!
[4109] Oh at least they're stopping there.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4110] Oh yeah, one of the two.
Terence (PS0W2) [4111] Cos it also brings back memories for me ... of er ... [laughing] Mayday celebrations [] .
Margaret (PS0W4) [4112] Yeah.
[4113] ... It's nothing like that [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4114] I don't know
Margaret (PS0W4) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4115] I I'd ... I'm not sure!
Margaret (PS0W4) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4116] I'm not sure that it doesn't still go on actually.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4117] Oh!
Terence (PS0W2) [4118] I don't know what form it takes mind you but the ... Of course, another thing about those new houses ... those new hous , I think the ma new road will go just up over here .
[4119] The new Kings ... Kerswell bypass I think cuts ... through ... up, just above.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4120] So what!
Terence (PS0W2) [4121] Well i
Margaret (PS0W4) [4122] It'll be away from the houses [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4123] Well I suppose it is a bit away, yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4124] They probably run a road so that anybody can get onto it.
[4125] Make a road from that little sort of estate there and ... nobody get onto it.
[4126] ... It's [...] .
[4127] I wish she would say it.
[4128] If we ever got confront her wi ... with Christopher when she was about.
[4129] She said, well why do they want to live in Exeter particularly?
[4130] I said well I'm su ... swear I couldn't leave it.
[4131] Look after the children.
[4132] So erm ... she said oh what do you think?
[4133] Ever so much more expensive living there.
Terence (PS0W2) [4134] Oh!
Margaret (PS0W4) [4135] That's what she said!
[4136] She said they'd be much better to look for a house in this area but
Terence (PS0W2) [4137] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4138] I don't know, it's
Terence (PS0W2) [4139] Well they make
Margaret (PS0W4) [4140] I would never ever say though.
Terence (PS0W2) [4141] No ah, no you ,yo we can't!
Margaret (PS0W4) [4142] No.
Terence (PS0W2) [4143] No.
[4144] No.
[4145] As you know you may find that out in a course of
Margaret (PS0W4) [4146] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [4147] erm ... looking around.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4148] I said she'd just see ... telling them as well you know bu ... i it be better ... it's ... [laughing] it's away fro , away from Newton Abbot [] .
[4149] It does i er, in fact, that really doesn't even enter my mind.
[4150] Does it yours?
Terence (PS0W2) [4151] Not really, no.
[4152] Well I mean I erm ... I mean [...] ... they've been so awa
Margaret (PS0W4) [4153] Awa ... away
Terence (PS0W2) [4154] away all this time
Margaret (PS0W4) [4155] Wherever they are going
Terence (PS0W2) [4156] then it doesn't make any difference really to us you see.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4157] Wherever they come will be sort of near but we'd still would never ever go and
Terence (PS0W2) [4158] That's right.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4159] like, we'd never go and sort of erm ... disturb Richard and Chad do we?
[4160] And we never go up there unless it's [...] .
Terence (PS0W2) [4161] No, I I mind you, I don't know whether we ought to perhaps.
[4162] I don I it's, it's very difficult, you know?
[4163] They may feel that we don't and they or ... i I don't know, it's erm
Margaret (PS0W4) [4164] Well we sat here with both Richard and Chad [...] .
[4165] You see they had mm, er Friday off ... now ... they went off to Merryvale , which is fine!
[4166] I mean, I've no no ... er
Terence (PS0W2) [4167] Oh no.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4168] beef about that ... but because it was such a lovely day
Terence (PS0W2) [4169] Mm.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4170] you know the we ... you would think, oh well perhaps they'd say to you or would
Terence (PS0W2) [4171] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4172] you know, do you wanna come out that way?
Terence (PS0W2) [4173] This is where the ... roundabout's gonna
Margaret (PS0W4) [4174] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [4175] go, here.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4176] That's what I thought, yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [4177] Yes.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4178] Or, you know ... something like that but you see they ... what they keep thinking is that erm ... you know, they don't [...] to be together ... you know, on their own ... and this is the way I think they think.
Terence (PS0W2) [4179] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4180] Which is really quite right but then, I mean, you can't sort of just ... love needs to be sort of spread out a bit doesn't it?
[4181] But, you know when I say it I'm not ... Ken and and Eva are the same, they don't go up there
Terence (PS0W2) [4182] Mm.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4183] you know willy-nilly And I think Jack and Toni goes in there once a week.
Terence (PS0W2) [4184] Does she?
[4185] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4186] I think so.
[4187] You know
Terence (PS0W2) [4188] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4189] erm ... or at least she used to when she was in the hospital.
[4190] She'd go in and sort of erm help her mum have a ... bath.
[4191] ... Christmas th they did, get windows on the side,to big windows ... she [...] and that was that which ... is probably as well we [...] .
Terence (PS0W2) [4192] [laughing] Er, often [] .
Margaret (PS0W4) [4193] Except the front ones.

51 (Tape 038704)

Terence (PS0W2) [4194] Do you want a coffee?
Margaret (PS0W4) [4195] Er
Terence (PS0W2) [4196] Do you want a coffee?
Margaret (PS0W4) [4197] No, I don't want one just now, I may have one later, not just now cos I'll ... just have mineral water again.
[4198] Just water this time not ... erm ... [...] .
[4199] Erm ... [...] .
[4200] Is it ... is it boiled?
Terence (PS0W2) [4201] Mm mm.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4202] I get used to it.
[4203] Oh you've got your [...] .
[4204] ... I might go for something.
Terence (PS0W2) [4205] Here are.

52 (Tape 038705)

Terence (PS0W2) [4206] Is that the news coming on now?
[4207] ... Well ... Woh
Margaret (PS0W4) [4208] What?
Terence (PS0W2) [4209] That's right.
[4210] Is the news coming on now?
Margaret (PS0W4) [4211] No,tha , yeah it will be.
[4212] ... [...] cos it grows like that.
Terence (PS0W2) [4213] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4214] What's she been putting them in for [...] ?
Terence (PS0W2) [4215] Well I think they're trying to pin the murder on him.
[4216] I think ... that i i i ... I don't, I'd I ... I reckon they've got him on the kidnapping charge.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4217] It sounds to me ... with me being [...] ... [...] they got him the first the ... the [...] their victims [...] .
Terence (PS0W2) [4218] Oh is that so?
Margaret (PS0W4) [4219] Well somewhere.
Terence (PS0W2) [4220] Mm.

53 (Tape 038706)

Terence (PS0W2) [4221] I think you like playing with that! [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4222] [...] you know.
Terence (PS0W2) [4223] What?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4224] You'll have to him [...] .
Terence (PS0W2) [4225] [laugh] ... Trouble is, when it's raining ... you know, when it's wet, you need to do it every day almost don't you really?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4226] Yeah.
[4227] Cos that's the only trouble is with black it never looks er ... ca you know ... unless it's shining it don't look nice does it?
Terence (PS0W2) [4228] No.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4229] Yeah.
[4230] You alright?
Terence (PS0W2) [4231] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4232] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4233] What time is Lucy coming to you by the way Terry?
Terence (PS0W2) [4234] What time is?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4235] Tomorrow ... Lucy coming in tomorrow?
[4236] Do you just have it at the same time?
Terence (PS0W2) [4237] I don't mind.
[4238] Whatever!
[4239] Erm ... Joanna's coming in I think at erm ... her usual time.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4240] She is?
Terence (PS0W2) [4241] But erm I mean, you know, she come in ... oh I can't have her in the morning anyway cos we're ... we're counting in the morning.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4242] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [4243] So we shall be out er, you know ... early in the
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4244] Oh well
Terence (PS0W2) [4245] morning.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4246] the same time.
Terence (PS0W2) [4247] Erm
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4248] And if she wants to go off she can er ... go and make [...] or ... can't she?
Terence (PS0W2) [4249] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4250] Or unless you want her a bit what ti , Joanne ... Joanne comes in at quarter past six does she?
Terence (PS0W2) [4251] Yeah.
[4252] I mean she can come in at two if she likes ... but erm ... bu if she's gonna be out, I mean she can come in at quarter past five.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4253] Well if she's home ... if she's home ... I'll get her to pop in at two, if she's not home I'll get her to come in at quarter past five.
Terence (PS0W2) [4254] Okay.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4255] Okay?
Terence (PS0W2) [4256] Yeah.
[4257] Erm ... now that's ... th that's the half term week isn't it?
[4258] Now the following week ... Victoria's away
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4259] Yeah cos she's away all, she goes tonight.
Terence (PS0W2) [4260] That's right.
[4261] But everyone else is in but I want ... to clear ... Wednesday and Thursday cos I want ... we want to go up to Suffolk.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4262] Oh that's alright.
Terence (PS0W2) [4263] Erm
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4264] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [4265] Midday
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4266] Is that this week?
Terence (PS0W2) [4267] midday Wednesday, so that
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4268] Yeah, well the
Terence (PS0W2) [4269] it probably means
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4270] It's their English innit?
[4271] It don't matter about Gavin and Lucy not
Terence (PS0W2) [4272] The English will have to be back a week I think.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4273] Yeah.
[4274] And it don't matter about Gavin and Lucy not coming in Wednesday night, don't worry.
[4275] Don't worry.
Terence (PS0W2) [4276] No, we'll put the English back a week
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4277] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [4278] erm ... I think [...] and what I'll try and do, I'll try and bring erm, I've got two on the Thursday and I'll try and bring them forward to the Monday, cos Monday's a baker's day isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4279] Yes it is actually.
[4280] Yeah.
[4281] Yeah, they don't go back till Tuesday do they?
Terence (PS0W2) [4282] You see, so I could erm
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4283] Yeah, that's right, bring them forward to Monday.
Terence (PS0W2) [4284] I could change the times on Monday a bit.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4285] Yeah.
[4286] Yeah, course you could.
[4287] Yeah, no problem!
Terence (PS0W2) [4288] So erm ... but I
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4289] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [4290] think i , we'll we'll we'll put the English back a week
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4291] Yeah, that's no problem!
Terence (PS0W2) [4292] and erm ... give Gavin and Lucy a miss on that Wednesday.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4293] Yeah.
[4294] That's fine!
Terence (PS0W2) [4295] Because there's a special offer ... erm ... on erm ... there's a, there's a Forte Hotel in Woodbridge in Suffolk ... which is a nice hotel ... and they've got a special offer for erm ... five nights for the price of three!
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4296] Ho That's very good!
Terence (PS0W2) [4297] And that's erm
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4298] Two nights free
Terence (PS0W2) [4299] bed
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4300] then!
Terence (PS0W2) [4301] full English breakfast and, and an evening meal!
[4302] Erm ... so it's worth doing that we I, cos I was gonna go ... I was gonna go Thursday and just come back on the Monday but ... as it is now we'll go Wednesday and have Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday night, so we'll come back on the Monday.
[4303] Erm ... then, you know we should be back ... without any problem by er ... quarter past four.
[4304] If we're not
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4305] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [4306] I would give you a ring but erm
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4307] Yeah, don't worry!
[4308] Don't worry.
Terence (PS0W2) [4309] And it'll give us a chance to go and see my ... aged aunt.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4310] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [4311] We haven't seen her for about ten, twelve years and er
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4312] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [4313] she's the last one of the family that's really ... still alive and she's well into her eighties ... and erm
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4314] Yes.
Terence (PS0W2) [4315] I, you know I, I just loathe the thought of leaving it and leaving it until the next thing is you're going up for her funeral you know?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4316] Yeah well , that's right.
[4317] Yeah.
[4318] Yeah.
[4319] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [4320] And I think her husband will probably die before she will but erm he cos he's older than she is even, but erm and he's not very well, hasn't been for a long time.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4321] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [4322] So we'll go up there.
[4323] And there's other friends up there we haven't seen so
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4324] And it's a break innit?
Terence (PS0W2) [4325] Dozen ... dozen years or so.
[4326] We haven't been up there since seventy eight you see when my mother
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4327] moved down here!
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4328] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [4329] That's the last time we've been to Suffolk.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4330] Yeah.
[4331] And it's
Terence (PS0W2) [4332] So erm
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4333] a break as well.
[4334] Innit?
Terence (PS0W2) [4335] It's a long time.
[4336] We were gonna go this we , coming weekend actually erm an , because that would have been easier to put everybo , move everybody this week ... but [laughing] [...] are coming, is coming next weekend [] !
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4337] Ah!
Terence (PS0W2) [4338] And
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4339] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [4340] And so erm ... we didn't wanna put them off and I like to be here [...] because erm ... Bob likes to go on the Moor as well, so we shall go out on the Moor with the dog a couple of times
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4341] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [4342] you know.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4343] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [4344] And that'll be nice!
[4345] So erm
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4346] Yeah.
[4347] Oh that's alright then love!
Terence (PS0W2) [4348] Alright?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4349] Yep!
[4350] That's okay.
[4351] Well anyway, Lucy tomorrow two o'clock if she's out, she'll come in quarter past five ... and then erm that's it until ... the Monday after.
Terence (PS0W2) [4352] No!
[4353] They're coming in on the Wednesday aren't they?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4354] Oh no that's right!
Terence (PS0W2) [4355] Lucy will come in on the Wednesday.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4356] Lucy will come in on the Wednesday.
[4357] Yeah!
Terence (PS0W2) [4358] Lucy will come in on the
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4359] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [4360] Wednesday.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4361] Course she will!
Terence (PS0W2) [4362] Erm
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4363] And then the Monday after, and then then it's the Monday after that.
[4364] Yeah, it's okay.
Terence (PS0W2) [4365] Alright?
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4366] Yep!
[4367] I've got it.
[4368] I've got it [...] .
Terence (PS0W2) [4369] And I'm, and the following Monday.
[4370] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4371] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [4372] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4373] Yeah.
[4374] Right let's go!
Terence (PS0W2) [4375] Okay.

54 (Tape 038801)

Terence (PS0W2) [4376] They reckon the driver of that car fell asleep!
Margaret (PS0W4) [4377] Gosh!
Terence (PS0W2) [4378] Because apparently there was no brake marks on the road at all!
[4379] Just swerved off into the erm
Margaret (PS0W4) [4380] Probably [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4381] hard shoulder.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4382] safely.
[4383] Yo mean you know cos of
Terence (PS0W2) [4384] Yeah that's right.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4385] Been a nasty accident happening to us.

55 (Tape 038802)

Terence (PS0W2) [4386] Shall I ring them up?
Margaret (PS0W4) [4387] No.
[4388] ... He needs buttering up.
[4389] ... See it doesn't give addresses ... for the hotel.
[4390] It's, oh yeah call now on ... that's what you'll have to ri ing, the central ... or see your agent.
[4391] Perhaps see Tony tomorrow cos presumably you get a bit of commission.
Terence (PS0W2) [4392] Well could do that couldn't I?
[4393] ... Especially as I went in and he gave me those brochures.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4394] Mm.

56 (Tape 038803)

Terence (PS0W2) [4395] I Think I'd better put the car ... in the garage cos I think Steve looks as if he's gonna be ... cleaning erm ... Gavin's go-cart.
[4396] ... Morning Steve!
Richard (PS0W3) [4397] Alright?
Terence (PS0W2) [4398] Yep!
Richard (PS0W3) [4399] It's mild today innit? [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4400] Isn't it mild?
[4401] Incredible!
[4402] I mean it's just ... it's just a different life isn't it?
Richard (PS0W3) [4403] Turn the heating up one night thinking it's gonna be cold in the morning, [laughing] ha []
Terence (PS0W2) [4404] I know.
Richard (PS0W3) [4405] and it's er ... boiling hot.
Terence (PS0W2) [4406] Oh I see, so you're making a ... the most of his absence are you?
Richard (PS0W3) [4407] That's right, yeah.
[4408] Thought I'd get it cleaned up now cos he won't be needing it.
[4409] Till we start racing again.
Terence (PS0W2) [4410] When d'you start racing again?
Richard (PS0W3) [4411] March the eighth.
Terence (PS0W2) [4412] March the, oh!
[4413] [...] . Oh!
Richard (PS0W3) [4414] Yeah, it's not a bad way to start. [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4415] Yeah!
[4416] I suppose he'll be sort of
Richard (PS0W3) [4417] Yeah I should think so.
Terence (PS0W2) [4418] on his way to Germany now I
Richard (PS0W3) [4419] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [4420] suppose?
Richard (PS0W3) [4421] I think so, yeah.
[4422] They were gonna breakfast in Germany so, I don't know whether they stop overnight or what, I [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4423] No they don't, they travel.
Richard (PS0W3) [4424] [...] Do they?
Terence (PS0W2) [4425] Yep!
[4426] No,th er er I mean he would of ... you see it's about erm ... well it's two hundred miles to border ... from Calais
Richard (PS0W3) [4427] Oh.
Terence (PS0W2) [4428] to erm ... where is it?
[4429] Near Arken ... where they cross the border ... that's about two hundred miles ... and then, you know, by the time they've gone through ... er er, they'll sort of be well down into erm ... sort of Stuttgart way I think that sort of area probably.
Richard (PS0W3) [4430] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [4431] And there's service stations on the motorway you see where you can stop for breakfast.
Richard (PS0W3) [4432] Mm mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [4433] And then erm ... they'll have a couple of hours or an hour break there probably and then erm
Richard (PS0W3) [4434] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [4435] they'll journey on to ge er erm ... where's he going, Kittsbeile ?
[4436] So gi , they'll probably go down to Munich ... and then drop down on the motorway from Munich
Richard (PS0W3) [4437] Mhm.
Terence (PS0W2) [4438] erm ... the corsair there, the motorway goes through ... ah, what's the name of the place?
[4439] Wurley I think it is
Richard (PS0W3) [4440] Mhm.
Terence (PS0W2) [4441] Ergel Er, no ... something like that anyway.
[4442] Erm, and then it's not far from there from Ki to Kittsbeil you know, sort
Richard (PS0W3) [4443] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [4444] off the track.
[4445] So erm
Richard (PS0W3) [4446] Mm.
[4447] Oh [...] .
Terence (PS0W2) [4448] Either that or they go through to Salzburg ... and then come off the motorway there.
[4449] I don't know which, well you know i , when it's that sort of area it's [...] , as you say I mean it's ... from here it's nine hundred, at least nine hundred miles ... you know it's about two hundred and fifty to Dover isn't it?
Richard (PS0W3) [4450] Aha.
Terence (PS0W2) [4451] And then you've got about ... you know, you got six hundred and, six to seven hundred miles the other side.
Richard (PS0W3) [4452] Well that camper can cope with it.
Terence (PS0W2) [4453] I know.
[4454] You know I I sometimes wonder when you go by plane and you get all the ... the hooha at the airport and you, you get fog delay and delay, get delayed here and delayed there ... think why on earth you bother you go by train!
[4455] Go by plane!
[4456] But ... when you go by coach you you realise why you go by plane, you know!
Richard (PS0W3) [4457] That's right.
Terence (PS0W2) [4458] Cos we went to Winterlarken ... the year before last, was it the year before last?
[4459] No!
[4460] I don't know when we went on the coach ... to Mannock Farm Camp Site ... erm ... you know, and it's a long old haul!
Richard (PS0W3) [4461] Yeah.
[4462] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [4463] Yo you know sleep in the, you sort of have a night's sleeping in the coach while it's travelling but ...
Richard (PS0W3) [4464] Yeah but
Terence (PS0W2) [4465] it's , it's never the same you see.
[4466] It isn't until ah th , the only time we did have a smashing journey, we went with erm ... oh ... what's, what's the name of a local firm from Plymouth?
Richard (PS0W3) [4467] [...] No.
Terence (PS0W2) [4468] No.
[4469] Traffens
Richard (PS0W3) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4470] We went with Traffens one year, the first year in fact we went with Traffens ... and that was super because ... when we got to the other side ... sort of, it was then about ten o'clock ... he said well if you ... if there's enough people want it we will transform your ... transform your seats into bunks ... and most people wanted ... and ... you were able to ... push the seats ... so one, two pairs of seats ... one of the seats went up and the other went down ... and you had four bunks
Richard (PS0W3) [4471] My God!
Terence (PS0W2) [4472] flat ... across two seats ... two pairs of seats.
[4473] And you, you know, you used, you used anything as a pillow that you'd got
Richard (PS0W3) [4474] Aha.
Terence (PS0W2) [4475] erm ... and you were flat.
[4476] And I had a se , you know, I mean you you were aware that you were in a coach and you'd you'd wake up occasionally and realise you we , but by enlarge I had eight hours sleep!
Richard (PS0W3) [4477] Oh!
Terence (PS0W2) [4478] And it was super!
Richard (PS0W3) [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [4479] And the fact that you lie down you you yo , you spread the weight you see
Richard (PS0W3) [4480] Yeah, that's right.
Terence (PS0W2) [4481] it's not all on your bottom ... or on
Richard (PS0W3) [4482] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [4483] the sle ... lower part of your back yo
Richard (PS0W3) [4484] That's right, right.
Terence (PS0W2) [4485] and you can turn over one way or you can turn over the other way.
Richard (PS0W3) [4486] Mm.
Terence (PS0W2) [4487] And it was really, it was very good!
[4488] But they haven't done that, you know, the next time we went they hadn't got that sort of seating arrangement.
[4489] I don't know why because that seems to me to be ... a first rate way of travelling, you know!
Richard (PS0W3) [4490] [...] lay down, yeah!
Terence (PS0W2) [4491] I think it's super!
[4492] Anyway i , d'you wanna use your hose I mean I'll put the car in the garage if you do.
Richard (PS0W3) [4493] Yeah I'll think I'll start washing [...] so I er
Terence (PS0W2) [4494] Well I suppose I can leave mine out you might do mine as well! [laugh]
Richard (PS0W3) [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [4495] Cor!
[4496] ... Yes, the morning before last, I mean it was so cold in the morning!
[4497] There was such a heavy frost!
Richard (PS0W3) [4498] Oh yeah!
[4499] Yeah!
[4500] No, this ... mild is very warm, you know.
Terence (PS0W2) [4501] Very warm.
Richard (PS0W3) [4502] Strange though.
Terence (PS0W2) [4503] Bring the bulbs on.
[4504] [shouting] Bring the bulbs on [] .

57 (Tape 038804)

Terence (PS0W2) [4505] Mm ... I like that one up! [laugh]
Margaret (PS0W4) [4506] Do you?
Terence (PS0W2) [4507] Yeah.
[4508] I expect to go higher ... really.
[4509] It's just on, it's just using its ... ha hanging on the existing one.
[4510] ... That isn't Felicity Kendal on the front there is it?
[4511] Good gracious!

58 (Tape 038805)

Terence (PS0W2) [4512] She doesn't need a licence I know that.
[4513] But I mean, you know ... yeah, during the war you got one for
Margaret (PS0W4) [4514] You did it yourself.
[4515] Nobody was ... doing that then.
Terence (PS0W2) [4516] You swapped your provisional licence automatically for a full licence.
[4517] ... Well and get a couple of days like today these daffs will be out you know!
Margaret (PS0W4) [4518] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [4519] And now co , considering it's still February we've got quite a lot of blossom out in that garden.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4520] Absolutely!
[4521] I was looking at it the other day and I was thinking all the bits that are out now.
Terence (PS0W2) [4522] I mean those snowdrops are
Margaret (PS0W4) [4523] Still the holly even.
Terence (PS0W2) [4524] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4525] You know, with the erm
Terence (PS0W2) [4526] That's it , the berries on.
[4527] But those snowdrops are really standing up now!
Margaret (PS0W4) [4528] Yeah!
Terence (PS0W2) [4529] And the crocuses are out.
[4530] And this, these other things are out, whatever you call them!
[4531] The primroses.
[4532] And the daffs are ... just about to ... burst out.

59 (Tape 038806)

Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4533] Hi Maggie!
[4534] How you doing?
Terence (PS0W2) [4535] Yes, another chip butty.
[4536] Although, erm ... you know, I I can remember the time when I have not been ... a , quite enjoyed having bread and butter and chips.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4537] Yeah. [...] .
Terence (PS0W2) [4538] I see he's still on that go-cart!
Margaret (PS0W4) [4539] What?
Terence (PS0W2) [4540] He's still working on the go-cart.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4541] Really!
Terence (PS0W2) [4542] Yes, that's a good idea!
[4543] I think I must have a drink, I've been thirsty as well.
Unknown speaker (KE2PSUNK) [4544] Poo
Margaret (PS0W4) [4545] I suppose they have to keep the go-carts ... you know
Terence (PS0W2) [4546] Well it's
Margaret (PS0W4) [4547] I suppose it's better than
Terence (PS0W2) [4548] it's an investment of course.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4549] First time it was to the ... did he say whether ... Gavin got off alright?
Terence (PS0W2) [4550] Oh he got off alright?
[4551] He'll still be on his way of course.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4552] Yeah.
[4553] Well it's what, dinner times or evening time?
Terence (PS0W2) [4554] Evening time.
[4555] They were hoping to get their skis and parkers sorted out so that they could get off I think tomorrow ... but they only got five days skiing ... cos they leave again, either Sunday morning or Saturday night.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4556] That's the trouble with these damn [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [cough]
Margaret (PS0W4) [4557] you know they went and they tried for the erm flying business.
[4558] You get the extra days skiing in.
Terence (PS0W2) [4559] Yep!
[4560] Oh it seems a long way to go just for five days skiing.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4561] When you go down to [...] again get him to give you that one ... [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4562] Rain water?
Margaret (PS0W4) [4563] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [4564] Yes I will do.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4565] Whereabouts have they gone? [...] takes so long to get there so I mean [...] . [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4566] You could do actually cos I've had some in the bottom ... underneath.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4567] Oh, well this is
Terence (PS0W2) [4568] Mhm.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4569] what I said!

60 (Tape 038901)

Margaret (PS0W4) [4570] She'd have to put that in the compost.
Terence (PS0W2) [4571] What's that?
Margaret (PS0W4) [4572] Well it's the fat.
Terence (PS0W2) [4573] Oh put it down here I'll cut it up and give it to the birds.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4574] Okay.
[4575] Well I always feed the birds.
Terence (PS0W2) [4576] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4577] Gave them a bit of chicken.
[4578] Not cooked or anything.
Terence (PS0W2) [4579] That won't matter.
[4580] I'll only cut it up smaller that's how they like it.
[4581] Anything with fat they eat.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4582] Oh!
[4583] I'll be glad to sit down again!
[4584] ... You've got the [...] to do it and th ... I'll have to be ever so careful I'm we [laughing] wearing [] a [...] .
[4585] [laughing] And so ... kept on finding [] ... bits of the erm ... Angora wool ... sort of in the [...] .
Terence (PS0W2) [4586] Oh dear!
[4587] Did you? [laugh]
Margaret (PS0W4) [4588] I think there's only another one of these down there.
Terence (PS0W2) [4589] Where's that?
Margaret (PS0W4) [4590] I shi , think I used it up.
Terence (PS0W2) [4591] Yeah , I think you have used the o , one other.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4592] So if I see any more offers ... can't seem to find any.
[4593] Found four erm ... [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4594] Yep!
Margaret (PS0W4) [4595] Surprising to see [...] children [...] , they're going back so soon.
Terence (PS0W2) [4596] Mm mm!
Margaret (PS0W4) [4597] Did you do the erm ... this?
Terence (PS0W2) [4598] Mm?
[4599] Yes.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4600] Quite a saga, you know all of this.
[4601] ... So with my ... [...] doo da ... it puts out sort of

61 (Tape 038902)

Terence (PS0W2) [4602] Tuesday.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4603] It's Tuesday, yeah.
[4604] I've got this ... you know [...] .

62 (Tape 038903)

Margaret (PS0W4) [4605] It means that when the
Terence (PS0W2) [4606] When the other side have got
Margaret (PS0W4) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4607] when the other have got one off.
[4608] ... Again.
[4609] That's two nil.
[4610] That's it.

63 (Tape 038904)

Margaret (PS0W4) [4611] But is he [...] ?
Terence (PS0W2) [4612] Yeah ... but the top two went through you see.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4613] Oh I see.
Terence (PS0W2) [4614] You see?
Margaret (PS0W4) [4615] Oh yes!
[4616] I must know how, I've been looking at ... at the [...] .

64 (Tape 038905)

Terence (PS0W2) [4617] Well that's it!
[4618] They've scored again!
[4619] They've erm
Margaret (PS0W4) [4620] Have they finished?
Terence (PS0W2) [4621] No, not yet.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4622] I could do with having someone to take this out.
Terence (PS0W2) [4623] Right!
Margaret (PS0W4) [4624] Let's see ... and that could go to the compost.

65 (Tape 038906)

Terence (PS0W2) [4625] Is this the pairs?
[4626] He's playing with er ... oh no it's not, it's not it's singles.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4627] Oh does he usually with the chair?
Terence (PS0W2) [4628] [sighing] Oh yeah [] .
Margaret (PS0W4) [4629] Well this is [...] .

66 (Tape 038907)

Terence (PS0W2) [4630] He's now up five four.
[4631] [laughing] Ooh ooh ooh ooh [] !
Margaret (PS0W4) [4632] Do you think you could just sweep that up
Terence (PS0W2) [4633] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4634] for me, to save me bending down there.
Terence (PS0W2) [4635] Mm.

67 (Tape 038908)

Terence (PS0W2) [4636] Ooh ooh!
[4637] He could now lose it!
Margaret (PS0W4) [4638] Hey?
Terence (PS0W2) [4639] [shouting] He could now lose it on the last ball [] !
Margaret (PS0W4) [4640] Okay. [...] ... [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4641] He's missed it!
[4642] He's only got two and he wanted three!
[4643] Really!
[4644] He, ha!
[4645] So now it's, so he wants one and ... Bryant one for two.
[4646] Ah!
[4647] Gracious me!
[4648] Bryant thought he'd lost it then!
[4649] He should of done really it was
Margaret (PS0W4) [4650] [...] are they both [...] ?
Terence (PS0W2) [4651] No, I think, oh I don't know he's an exiled Scot.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4652] Did he have a little [...] cos he's in er ... oh no, of course he's wearing the blue of Scotland isn't he?
Terence (PS0W2) [4653] Well of course they have to wear different colours anyway don't they?
Margaret (PS0W4) [4654] Mm.
[4655] ... Nice that [...] isn't it?
Terence (PS0W2) [4656] Yeah.
[4657] Short innit?
Margaret (PS0W4) [4658] [...] , Andy Thompson innit?
Terence (PS0W2) [4659] Yeah.
[4660] Oh, medium length.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4661] So
Terence (PS0W2) [4662] Well Thompson needs
Margaret (PS0W4) [4663] Bryant
Terence (PS0W2) [4664] Thompson needs one and Bryant needs two.
[4665] ... And that's Thompson.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4666] I'm going with David this Saturday.
[4667] ... Worked hard hasn't he?
[4668] To get back there.
Terence (PS0W2) [4669] He has worked hard.
[4670] He only needed two at the last end.
[4671] Thompson needed three.
[4672] Erm ... but he just had sort of he wasn't so good.
[4673] Well that's a better ball!
[4674] If he'd done that in the last erm, he'd have won it.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4675] And he's come back and sort of go round the back cos that other fellow sort of he came down
Terence (PS0W2) [4676] Mm.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4677] and then he appeared up the top there. [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4678] They come down to see ... what the situation really is.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4679] Please!
[4680] Come on then!
[4681] Oh it's gone further though this
Terence (PS0W2) [4682] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4683] Well presumably they si , they have to throw or they're supposed to throw, or have they not?
[4684] Cos he just said that should of been enough.
Terence (PS0W2) [4685] Oh, he's looking worried!
[4686] Ooh ooh!
[4687] Ee ee!
Margaret (PS0W4) [4688] Well that's much better than the other two isn't it?
Terence (PS0W2) [4689] Yeah, I don't, yeah.
[4690] Could be two.
[4691] Yeah we've dropped two more.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4692] And he's got two more balls.
Terence (PS0W2) [4693] Mm.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4694] Well, is that a problem?
[4695] He's gonna try and knock
Terence (PS0W2) [4696] So he's gotta [...] again.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4697] Yeah.
[4698] Oh it's going right through!
[4699] ... He's trying to knock David out of course isn't he?
Terence (PS0W2) [4700] Mm mm.
[4701] And drop himself in.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4702] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [4703] Well I should think he's now got wo one red I should think.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4704] I suppose you could say David had it so often ... [laugh] ... that it be nice for him to get it.
Terence (PS0W2) [4705] I should think David will come out on the forehand and try and knock that ... blue ball out.
[4706] The one that's
Margaret (PS0W4) [4707] He's only got one there.
Terence (PS0W2) [4708] Mm.
[4709] Yes I
Margaret (PS0W4) [4710] The re
Terence (PS0W2) [4711] thought he only got one.
[4712] Interesting to see which way he comes.
[4713] I think he'll come round this way.
[4714] ... Oh no he's not!
[4715] He's coming round the ... back the other way.
[4716] ... Ooh ooh!
[4717] I th ... probably only red still.
[4718] ... It's still his one.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4719] Still only got one.
[4720] ... Yes.
[4721] ... Well he's got three ... so this is the fourth one from this fellow isn't it?
Terence (PS0W2) [4722] That's right!
Margaret (PS0W4) [4723] And Bryant has the last one?
[4724] ... No.
Terence (PS0W2) [4725] A chalk.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4726] [laugh] ... So it just needs ... David to get through?
[4727] He can do what he likes
Terence (PS0W2) [4728] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4729] with this last ball really.
Terence (PS0W2) [4730] Well, yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4731] This red one.
Terence (PS0W2) [4732] If he gets another red he's won the match.
[4733] But if he ... if he plays it and misses it he could give it to Thompson.
[4734] And if he ... if he doesn't play ... it'll be a draw.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4735] Oh not just , not just one ball he needs to play
Terence (PS0W2) [4736] Yes.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4737] but two.
Terence (PS0W2) [4738] He needs two.
[4739] Thompson didn't play his.
[4740] ... It's all or nothing on this one!
Margaret (PS0W4) [4741] Oh dear!
[4742] ... So has that fellow won it?
Terence (PS0W2) [4743] No, it's one all.
[4744] I it it's one red, so they're now ... six all.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4745] Oh gosh!
[4746] It doesn't matter then.

68 (Tape 038909)

Terence (PS0W2) [4747] Bryant has now got to draw within four inches of the jack otherwise he's out.
[4748] ... He's fired a shot and he's missed!
[4749] So that's
Margaret (PS0W4) [4750] It's out.
Terence (PS0W2) [4751] That's out, yeah it's Thompson.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4752] Right.
Terence (PS0W2) [4753] Couldn't have been closer, mind you could it?
[4754] Two all and six all.

69 (Tape 038910)

Terence (PS0W2) [4755] Fancy going to the supermarket like that?
Margaret (PS0W4) [4756] I'll put these on for erm ... I bet erm ... Bryant was sort of he wasn't feeling he's hard done by and i in fact he, you know went
Terence (PS0W2) [4757] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4758] He's always ... pleasant.

70 (Tape 039001)

Terence (PS0W2) [4759] They look rather nice don't they? ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [4760] [...] great grandfather [...] ... a big house
Terence (PS0W2) [clears throat]
Margaret (PS0W4) [4761] before he was married his employer [...] pictures off the wall and gave them to him
Terence (PS0W2) [4762] Gosh
Margaret (PS0W4) [4763] as a wedding present
Terence (PS0W2) [4764] Yeah.
[4765] ... m

71 (Tape 039002)

Terence (PS0W2) [4766] Makes you wonder how much erm ours is worth, not as much as that obviously but er ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [4767] Cos ours is eighteen something or other isn't it?
Terence (PS0W2) [4768] Is it?
Margaret (PS0W4) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4769] Mm.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4770] [...] ... Ours looks homemade to me.
Terence (PS0W2) [4771] [laugh] ... No I don't think it is. ...

72 (Tape 039003)

Terence (PS0W2) [4772] I bet the local shop sold out of helmets.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4773] Mm?
Terence (PS0W2) [4774] Bet the local shop sold out of helmets.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4775] Mm.
[4776] You couldn't get them actually.
Terence (PS0W2) [4777] Mm. ...

73 (Tape 039004)

Terence (PS0W2) [4778] and many more wearing them.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4779] Yes [...] ... [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4780] Yes she did, yeah, mhm.
[4781] ... Yeah [clears throat] ...

74 (Tape 039005)

Terence (PS0W2) [4782] Yeah alright we'd better go and ... put the flowers in because I put a lot of the plants out this mo today. ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [4783] [...] taking them indoors though [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4784] Yeah I think so. ...

75 (Tape 039006)

Terence (PS0W2) [4785] Fifteen.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4786] About twenty three she would of said
Terence (PS0W2) [4787] Twenty three percent.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4788] herself, yeah.
[4789] ... Anyway erm ... what sh when I said to you when you, you said to me last thing [...] ... oh yes that's right, and he, anybody that father's spoken to who has sort of had this Walkman on him, which has had umpteen sort of erm batteries and what have you ... tapes conversations, now she'll be back again next Friday er to pick it up.
[4790] That's, that's, that's what it was when you, you know, saying you're coming back next Friday, that's what it was because father said to me what, what, what erm when is [...] coming so I said well I don't know.
[4791] But er she's coming a and gives him twenty five pounds for what [laughing] he's done ... oh he came in, he came into the kitchen, it's ever so funny, he came into the kitchen [] to tell me about this you see ... [...] Anyway he came back in there and I said to him I'm not really enthusiastic about the thought ... er thinking that I was involved with this as well so the dear woman turned round [laughing] and said to me it's only your husband [] [laugh] so I said well I'd better go back in the kitchen where I know my place.
Terence (PS0W2) [4792] Said she slapping in her hand. [laugh]
Margaret (PS0W4) [4793] I slapped my hand.
[4794] [laugh] No but anyway, that erm ... well, well we, well he is going to be [laughing] twenty five pounds better off. []
Terence (PS0W2) [4795] I'm not.
[4796] You'll be twenty five pound better off cos you're gonna g we
Margaret (PS0W4) [4797] [...] am I getting it?
Terence (PS0W2) [4798] Yes.
[4799] Yes beca
Margaret (PS0W4) [4800] Oh I'm gonna have the twenty five pounds
Terence (PS0W2) [4801] Cos you get twenty five pound worth of vouchers. [laugh]
Margaret (PS0W4) [4802] Oh it's only vouchers is it?
[4803] ... Oh I thought it was money.
Terence (PS0W2) [4804] Well I thought it was to start with.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4805] [laugh] [...] [laugh] I expect [...] Dixons.
[4806] [laugh] Anyway er so they're coming anyway.
[4807] Well erm I hope that erm you, won't be too long before you're reunited with your husband. ...
Terence (PS0W2) [4808] Where is he?
Margaret (PS0W4) [4809] He's gonna have it at Wendy's, I said to Bridget oh he said no because I've
Terence (PS0W2) [4810] Wendy's?
Margaret (PS0W4) [4811] Yeah cos erm he's taking erm erm ... David up to Andover which is his next posting
Terence (PS0W2) [4812] Oh I see.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4813] and David [...] phone him up and said will you take us up dad.
[4814] Cheek isn't it really, I mean he could have got the train couldn't he?
[4815] I gather there's a [laugh] yeah alright [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [4816] Oh!
Margaret (PS0W4) [4817] all is forgiven.
[4818] But [...] [laugh] no ... yes ...
Terence (PS0W2) [4819] When's he come back, tomorrow?
Margaret (PS0W4) [4820] [...] so he'll be, he'll be back later on tonight obviously.
[4821] Aah you're, and you're on earlies tomorrow?
[4822] ... Oh well ... yeah, thank you.
[4823] What?

76 (Tape 039007)

Terence (PS0W2) [4824] I think I'd better take these books back down again I think, oh mind you I can put them up here perhaps.
[4825] I got one, there was one up here actually.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4826] Yeah I knew there was you see [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4827] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4828] you know Austria and Switzerland [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4829] Mm ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4830] Yeah there was one up and one down.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4831] Erm ... what was I going to say?
[4832] ... Oh yes, I know, this ... that one is really and truly an office lamp.
Terence (PS0W2) [4833] I know it is, yes.
[4834] I realize that.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4835] Yes.
[4836] Yeah I mean it, it's perfect really for er well for me cos [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4837] Well
Margaret (PS0W4) [4838] as well
Terence (PS0W2) [4839] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4840] erm you know when [...] the light [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4841] Well I knew it was but it the fact that it had a nice easy switch in the base ... was something that I'd been looking for. ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [4842] Well that, that's, you know, [...] too hot I think to have that one on today [...] so m so much milder.
[4843] ... But erm ...
Terence (PS0W2) [4844] Well it certainly is much milder. ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [4845] Right.
[4846] Have you got ... the erm ... that paper that had that sort of erm
Terence (PS0W2) [4847] No I've got it in, it's in ... oh you've got it there
Margaret (PS0W4) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4848] well I had it in there.
[4849] ... It's not there now.
[4850] ... I put it in there ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [4851] I haven't touched it.
Terence (PS0W2) [4852] cos that's why I put them all together.
[4853] ... Or did I put it in this one?
[4854] No I didn't.
[4855] ... You must have picked it up. ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [4856] What do you mean I must have picked it up?
Terence (PS0W2) [4857] Well because I put it in that book.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4858] I would never have taken anything out of that book that you had put in because I wouldn't have known what it was about.
[4859] ... What day was it?
Terence (PS0W2) [4860] I've got no idea.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4861] Here are these here ...
Terence (PS0W2) [4862] Right.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4863] that I've just picked up off the ... here.
[4864] ... [laugh] [laughing] I like the way I must have taken it out [] .
Terence (PS0W2) [4865] Well I know I put them both there together ready for this morning. ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [4866] Perhaps that's what you intended doing and never got around to doing
Terence (PS0W2) [4867] No I know I did it, I d I, often I
Margaret (PS0W4) [4868] Well I [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4869] often I don't know
Margaret (PS0W4) [4870] hadn't even seen it.
Terence (PS0W2) [4871] but I did know that one.
Margaret (PS0W4) [...] ...

77 (Tape 039008)

Terence (PS0W2) [4872] It was so cold the other day, you know last time we were in here.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4873] If it's cold they'll give you a fire.
Terence (PS0W2) [4874] Mm?
Margaret (PS0W4) [4875] They'll give you a fire if it's cold [...] the other day when Tony was here with his mum [...] they had a ... fan heater [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4876] Oh.
Margaret (PS0W4) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4877] Well it'll probably be alright, it's not so cold today actually.
Margaret (PS0W4) [...] ...
Terence (PS0W2) [4878] Good morning Muriel.
Lucy (PS0W5) [4879] [...] they missed it last week but it's supposed to be correct.
[4880] You know, they counted it but they missed putting it in.
Terence (PS0W2) [4881] So do we count it, do we put it ... ?
Lucy (PS0W5) [4882] It wasn't counted in last week's at all.
Terence (PS0W2) [4883] It wasn't counted in?
Lucy (PS0W5) [4884] No, so
Terence (PS0W2) [4885] So we ... put it in as loose collection?
Lucy (PS0W5) [4886] Yes.
Terence (PS0W2) [4887] Right.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4888] Morning Muriel.
Lucy (PS0W5) [4889] Morning Margaret.
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [4890] Alright?
[4891] You look a bit sleepy.
Lucy (PS0W5) [4892] Well I had a late night last night my hamster came, kept me up late at night.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4893] A hamster?
Lucy (PS0W5) [4894] Yeah, he slept on my bed.
Margaret (PS0W4) [...]
Lucy (PS0W5) [4895] Well it was, I was just trying to persuade it back to its normal cage when the, like, [...] everywhere.
[4896] They like, they gnawing at all the box.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4897] [laughing] Oh I see [] . [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [4898] Oh.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4899] You'll have to give up hamsters won't you, most definitely.
Lucy (PS0W5) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [4900] Oh you've got two have you?
Lucy (PS0W5) [4901] Yeah. [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [4902] Well!
[4903] Perhaps they have to have their noisy times sometimes.
Terence (PS0W2) [4904] Nocturnal.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4905] Nocturnal, yes.
[4906] [...] nocturnal?
[4907] I suppose they are. ...
Terence (PS0W2) [4908] Put them over here look and that ... that's it.
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [4909] Cos there was only one collection yesterday wasn't there?
[4910] Aren't we the lucky ones today.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4911] I think we've only had one for ages and ages.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4912] [laugh] Oh we [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4913] You want to come you want to come to St Gregory's.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4914] [laugh] If there isn't a collection though, an official one, they'll have one of their own for the [laughing] [...] []
Terence (PS0W2) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [4915] I think the Bishop's cutting out the [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [4916] He cut them down, that's right, yes, yes.
[4917] Quite right.
[4918] Quite right.
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...] ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [4919] Now, what was I going to do?
[4920] ... Oh
Terence (PS0W2) [4921] The envelopes?
Margaret (PS0W4) [4922] [...] before the envelopes [...] . ...
Terence (PS0W2) [4923] Fancy, you wouldn't believe that they'd miss that would you?
Margaret (PS0W4) [4924] This got missed out?
Terence (PS0W2) [4925] This got missed out apparently. ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4926] Well they say it's alright, I ... I think I shall probably check it.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4927] Well you'll check it anyway.
Terence (PS0W2) [4928] [laugh] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4929] Oh, oh we of little faith. ...
Terence (PS0W2) [4930] Yes ... right.
[4931] ... Indeed. ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [4932] Have you broken up erm
Lucy (PS0W5) [4933] Yes.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4934] Do you have the whole week off?
[4935] Oh that's good.
Lucy (PS0W5) [4936] No we broke up on Thursday.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4937] Thursday?
Lucy (PS0W5) [4938] Yeah so [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [4939] Oh yes I think erm ... Paul broke up on Thursday. ...
Lucy (PS0W5) [4940] Think it's those teacher training days.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4941] Ah that's what it is isn't it?
[4942] Yes, mm.
Lucy (PS0W5) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [4943] [laugh] Just gives you an extra day off doesn't it?
Lucy (PS0W5) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [4944] Think that's what they organize it for really. ... [...] ...
Terence (PS0W2) [4945] Do you want another pen?
Margaret (PS0W4) [4946] I've probably got one in my bag anyway.

78 (Tape 039009)

Margaret (PS0W4) [4947] Well we keep on trying Father ... we don't get a lot of encouragement, I mean you're only having one collection on Sunday nowadays.
Holly (PS0W6) [4948] Do you want two? [laugh]
Terence (PS0W2) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4949] Erm ... we went ... I went into the hall and saw that fire.
[4950] Erm, would erm Mr sort of look after it and, you know, cos, would he be responsible for it do you think?
[4951] Because it's, the school children go in there as well you see and that's a little bit of a worry but, but if they don't use it it'd be alright.
[4952] But you know I'm just wondering what would happen when erm
Holly (PS0W6) [4953] You see the, the elderly people on a Sunday morning who go in there and there's some, some rather
Terence (PS0W2) [4954] Yeah.
Holly (PS0W6) [4955] disabled people and, and it's very cold in there.
Terence (PS0W2) [4956] They're too cold.
[4957] Well,wh you know,wh what happens when the cylinder goes?
[4958] Do you think he would erm ... know what
Holly (PS0W6) [4959] [...] pay out of the parish I suppose.
Terence (PS0W2) [4960] Mm?
[4961] No well I mean I can pay for it, it's just a question of getting it and sort of erm ... only we're not often here on a Sunday, if Mr is here, is it [...]
Holly (PS0W6) [4962] He's not.
Terence (PS0W2) [4963] He's not.
Holly (PS0W6) [4964] [...] he goes with Father .
[4965] Not Father , to erm ... er ... erm ... [...] that place?
[4966] Ashburton.
Terence (PS0W2) [4967] Ashburton. ...
Holly (PS0W6) [4968] You see there, there was a ... er not paying for it, asking about it, the finance committee [...] how very cold it was for the elderly and they sit in there while some get taken home and
Margaret (PS0W4) [4969] [...] Doris, you're quite elderly aren't you?
[4970] I'm very elderly, my husband's very elderly, we manage very well.
Holly (PS0W6) [4971] Well yes but you tell them that will you?
Margaret (PS0W4) [laugh]
Holly (PS0W6) [4972] And they'll tell you to go to hell
Terence (PS0W2) [laugh]
Holly (PS0W6) [4973] if you tell them that.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4974] Well I'm on my way there anyway you see [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [laugh]
Holly (PS0W6) [4975] But no I mean that's not nice to say that because there are cripples
Terence (PS0W2) [4976] Yeah.
Holly (PS0W6) [4977] and people who just people
Margaret (PS0W4) [4978] But some people feel the cold more than others.
Holly (PS0W6) [4979] who er yeah ... and ...
Margaret (PS0W4) [4980] Don't they?
Holly (PS0W6) [4981] there's very few going in to coffee because of the cold in the
Terence (PS0W2) [4982] Yeah.
Holly (PS0W6) [4983] hall, it is a very cold [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [4984] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [4985] Well when we have our meeting
Terence (PS0W2) [4986] Well it's just a question of really of, of some if someone can, you know, I mean
Margaret (PS0W4) [4987] Are you going to put a new fire in or something?
Holly (PS0W6) [4988] No no we've [...] we, we were talking about it actually, what we've done ... and erm ... of course it's the school children we've gotta think about
Margaret (PS0W4) [4989] Cos we have our meetings [...]
Holly (PS0W6) [4990] There's nowhere to put it away is there?
[4991] It'll slide on th on castors.
Terence (PS0W2) [4992] It'll slide on ca I mean I moved it into the corner so that erm
Holly (PS0W6) [4993] Yeah is there anywhere that it can be put away when the children are not there?
[4994] Or when the children are there.
Terence (PS0W2) [4995] Well I mean the children, I mean if I go into the school and I, and say to them look there is a fire there but, you know, please will you not use it but it's just a question of whether the children fiddle with it really, that's
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...] ...
Holly (PS0W6) [4996] We'll have to think about it this week while they're away, they're on holiday this week.
Terence (PS0W2) [4997] Yes they are, that's true.
[4998] But it's also a question of, you know, erm ... when it's exhausted
Holly (PS0W6) [4999] Yeah well we can always arrange that.
Terence (PS0W2) [5000] Yeah.
[5001] ... But I'll talk to you some time about the heating because I mean the trouble is that no
Holly (PS0W6) [5002] Well er er the whole thing, the, the hall is, is, is a big worry because they won't insure us [...] because it's dangerous.
[5003] There's no insurance on that hall ... to my knowledge ... there's no insurance.
Terence (PS0W2) [5004] I didn't know that.
Holly (PS0W6) [5005] Michael said to me, the first thing he said to me when I came here, that's the first I'd do, knock it down he said, it's, it's dangerous it's not [...] .
[5006] That's what he said, the first thing he said to me when I came here.
[5007] That's, that's the first job you've gotta do, get that, rid of that.
Terence (PS0W2) [5008] So there's no point in spending a lot of money on it?
Holly (PS0W6) [5009] No that's what I say and, and I've written to the insurer [...] to the insurer to tell, ask them what is the situation and we're still waiting an answer.
Terence (PS0W2) [5010] I see.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5011] But we, didn't we [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [5012] I thought, I mean I, the fire people gave it the all clear.
Margaret (PS0W4) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [5013] Erm and with, and with the erm with those fan heaters in there, there is ... as it were, no fire risk from it.
Holly (PS0W6) [5014] No.
[5015] ... Well fan heaters can be on you know but you can't hear, feel them unless you're next to them I think.
Terence (PS0W2) [5016] Mm mm.
[5017] ... And the overhead heaters were no use either, I mean that's why we put the fan heaters in cos they were better than the
Holly (PS0W6) [5018] Well let me wait, I'll tell, I'll sh I'll tell you what the insurers say when they come back, when it comes.
[5019] I'm waiting for them to answer.
Terence (PS0W2) [5020] Right.
Holly (PS0W6) [5021] But it's not insured I can tell you that.
[5022] I have no erm er policy for it.
[5023] ... And I've, I was, I don't know if it was Michael or somebody else told me that they wouldn't insure it.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5024] Oh [...] ... well we've never known that have we?
Terence (PS0W2) [5025] No we've never known that, haven't heard that.
Holly (PS0W6) [5026] Well that's, well there's no
Margaret (PS0W4) [5027] Cos it was sort of insured when we first took it over.
Holly (PS0W6) [5028] Yeah, there's no record of an insurance in the, the file.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5029] Oh I see. ...
Holly (PS0W6) [5030] And so I, we have written to them and waiting for an answer.
Terence (PS0W2) [5031] Right.
Holly (PS0W6) [5032] So when we, you see there's no good putting anything in there ... erm ... or doing anything with it ... if we're not going to use it ... or if it's gotta come down in another year or two.
Terence (PS0W2) [5033] No.
Holly (PS0W6) [5034] Mind you when I said it's gotta come down it might be five years before it comes down, but you've gotta think of your outlay first.
Terence (PS0W2) [5035] Yeah I mean there's no point in re-roofing it for instance.
Holly (PS0W6) [5036] Oh no.
[5037] Not as, as far as I know.
[5038] But we'll see what they say.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5039] Is the insurance through the diocese Father?
Holly (PS0W6) [5040] Well it's, it's done ... it's a di er no
Margaret (PS0W4) [5041] No.
Holly (PS0W6) [5042] it's done privately but it's, the diocese have appointed the insurers.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5043] I see.
Holly (PS0W6) [5044] We're done through Peter
Margaret (PS0W4) [5045] Mhm.
Holly (PS0W6) [5046] he's the insurance broker and it all works through Norwich Union.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5047] Mhm.
Holly (PS0W6) [5048] Erm ... and he's got some very good quotes for us
Margaret (PS0W4) [5049] Yes.
Holly (PS0W6) [5050] you don't er insure a building according to its size now but according to the number of people who use it.
[5051] It's far er fairer.
Terence (PS0W2) [5052] Mm.
Holly (PS0W6) [5053] I mean you might have a massive building [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [5054] And hardly anybody using it.
Holly (PS0W6) [5055] you've gotta pay for it.
Terence (PS0W2) [5056] Yeah.
Holly (PS0W6) [5057] So it's according to the number of people that use it, go to mass, how much you pay
Terence (PS0W2) [5058] Mm.
Holly (PS0W6) [5059] erm on the insurance.
[5060] And it covers everything but as far as I know, and I'm willing to be corrected
Terence (PS0W2) [5061] Yeah I don't know.
Holly (PS0W6) [5062] that, that is not insured.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5063] No well we don't know, we had thought that it was.
[5064] Especially after
Holly (PS0W6) [5065] No as far as
Margaret (PS0W4) [5066] it was all done up.
Terence (PS0W2) [5067] Mm.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5068] Yes [...] after it was sort of
Holly (PS0W6) [5069] Well as far as well I know that Michael
Margaret (PS0W4) [5070] renovated.
Holly (PS0W6) [5071] Michael said to me, the first thing he said to me, that has to come down.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5072] How funny, he never ever said anything like that to us.
[5073] You've not heard that either?
Margaret (PS0W4) [5074] [...] told me.
Holly (PS0W6) [5075] That's the first thing, I know nothing about, no well I know nothing about structure or anything else, you know I mean
Margaret (PS0W4) [5076] But they had I don't know if you know it had been absolutely dilapidated, the hall, I mean it was absolutely run down and it wasn't used.
[5077] But then there was this erm er er what was it called?
[5078] The scheme er er to help
Margaret (PS0W4) [5079] The scheme, the youth scheme and er [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [5080] The [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [5081] youngsters
Terence (PS0W2) [5082] Oh
Margaret (PS0W4) [5083] so that if [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [5084] The work, work something something scheme and and they, they'd refurbish it, all th th that we had to do was to pay for the materials, they provided the labour.
[5085] And in fact, you know, I mean they er they made it
Holly (PS0W6) [5086] Well it looks alright to me.
Terence (PS0W2) [5087] they made it useful again.
Holly (PS0W6) [5088] But if I, if I
Terence (PS0W2) [5089] Usable.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5090] if I had anything to do with it, I would like those, those gas fires that we've got in the room at the back of the church there, they're ideal.
Terence (PS0W2) [5091] The trouble is there
Margaret (PS0W4) [5092] The trouble is there's
Terence (PS0W2) [5093] no mains gas
Margaret (PS0W4) [5094] there's no gas.
Terence (PS0W2) [5095] into the hall.
Holly (PS0W6) [5096] No well
Terence (PS0W2) [5097] That is why we didn't, we would of liked to have had it but the cost to put the mains gas in was going to be so enormous
Holly (PS0W6) [5098] Oh well
Terence (PS0W2) [5099] and the electric supply is limited to the heating that we've got, we can't put any more in because the mains supply again is not sufficient.
Margaret (PS0W4) [...]
Holly (PS0W6) [5100] This is amazing because in Cornwall they would put in the gas for nothing. ...
Terence (PS0W2) [5101] Well I mean, you know, I mean
Holly (PS0W6) [5102] Cos we had it done in our hall.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5103] [...] they are now , perhaps if you had a word with them
Holly (PS0W6) [5104] We, we we had it in our hall, we, they put it into the building for nothing
Margaret (PS0W4) [5105] Yeah
Holly (PS0W6) [5106] and then you have to wire erm ... plumb it in or whatever they call it [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [5107] Yes [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [5108] Yes, that's fair enough.
Holly (PS0W6) [5109] but they put it in to the meter in [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [5110] Well well th this was the problem, it was gonna cost I don't know how many hundreds of pounds just to have the s gas supply put to the hall and we felt that, at that time, we couldn't do it.
Holly (PS0W6) [5111] Well I had the one [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [5112] Presumably there's no gas here is there?
Terence (PS0W2) [5113] There's gas here.
Holly (PS0W6) [5114] Yes [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [5115] You have got gas here, yes, mhm there's gas [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [5116] Well that might be that might be worth a a query
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [5117] I mean that might be worth a query if the Finance Committee are sort of erm er er worrying about the heating.
Holly (PS0W6) [5118] Well well we'll have to see what, what the, what the er insurance man says first
Terence (PS0W2) [5119] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5120] Yes mhm.
Holly (PS0W6) [5121] but it's a long time pl er term, we've gotta look at it ... and we've got to do something about it ... for, for heating ... if we're going to use it, if we're going to let it or something
Terence (PS0W2) [5122] Yeah
Holly (PS0W6) [5123] then there's got to be heat in there.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5124] Mm.
[5125] But you see the rent ... Father
Holly (PS0W6) [5126] We each want the same ... same thing.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5127] the rent of the hall is very cheap.
Holly (PS0W6) [5128] Yes, but they'll have to
Margaret (PS0W4) [5129] But they have to put fifty pence into the
Holly (PS0W6) [5130] Yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [5131] the meter [...]
Holly (PS0W6) [5132] yeah well [...] the gas ones the same [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [5133] That's that's fifty pence a [...] yes?
Holly (PS0W6) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [5134] Mhm mhm
Holly (PS0W6) [5135] They have to sort out [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [5136] But i i i if you find out about the insurance, see what that is
Holly (PS0W6) [5137] Yes [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [5138] and then perhaps sort of contact the gas people again and see
Holly (PS0W6) [5139] Yes
Margaret (PS0W4) [5140] I mean this was, how long ago [...] ?
Terence (PS0W2) [5141] Oh this was seven years ago I suppose.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5142] About seven years ago so [...]
Holly (PS0W6) [5143] [...] two years ago when I was at [...] we had the gas put into the hall.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5144] Yeah.
Holly (PS0W6) [5145] They didn't charge to put it in.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5146] No.
[5147] Well it would be worthwhile investigating anyway
Holly (PS0W6) [5148] Yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [5149] after we hear about the insurance.
Holly (PS0W6) [5150] [...] find out ... yeah it's all an ongoing thing
Margaret (PS0W4) [5151] Yeah [laughing] it's all go isn't it [] ?
Holly (PS0W6) [5152] Okay then thanks.
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...] ...
Terence (PS0W2) [5153] It's good isn't it?
Margaret (PS0W4) [...] ... [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [5154] Well I think so.
Margaret (PS0W4) [...] ... [...] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [5155] I thought I was giving you a lift [...] [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [5156] Well I, I thought of perhaps, you know, of giving you a lift somewhere. ...

79 (Tape 039101)

Terence (PS0W2) [5157] Good.
[5158] Well I'm eleven forty one
Adrian (PS0W7) [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [5159] candles.
[5160] ... Well that was ... here and Saint Gregory's you see.
[5161] ... One two three four five six seven eight ... nine ... ten ... ten fifty, ten seventy, ten eighty, eleven, eleven forty one ... Right I think we can put it all together can't we and erm get a balance, yes?
Adrian (PS0W7) [5162] Yes I've added mine up.
[5163] ... [...] ... Have you got [...] Post Office?
Terence (PS0W2) [5164] I've got the Post Office one.
[5165] Yeah.

80 (Tape 039102)

Group of unknown speakers (KE2PSUGP) [laugh]
Margaret (PS0W4) [5166] Well it makes you feel that you might do a bit of work with something
Adrian (PS0W7) [5167] Oh but I erm I mean my husband [...] we had some nice dung [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [5168] Yeah
Adrian (PS0W7) [5169] round the roses and I didn't fancy doing it so
Margaret (PS0W4) [laugh]
Adrian (PS0W7) [5170] so I thought let him do that, [laughing] [...] []
Margaret (PS0W4) [laugh]
Adrian (PS0W7) [5171] Well they want them to do their bit.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5172] You've got a nice lot of roses have you?
Adrian (PS0W7) [5173] Yeah, yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5174] Have you got a big garden?
Adrian (PS0W7) [5175] Erm
Margaret (PS0W4) [5176] Biggish?
Adrian (PS0W7) [5177] well I suppose in front we've got ... two dozen roses I should think, could be more [...]
Margaret (PS0W4) [5178] Yeah
Adrian (PS0W7) [5179] cos some of them are getting
Margaret (PS0W4) [5180] Yeah.
Adrian (PS0W7) [5181] [...] and need renewing.
[5182] And we've got ... out the back as well cos we did away with some of the vegetable garden because I mean
Margaret (PS0W4) [5183] Yes.
[5184] You don't need so much now anyway.
Adrian (PS0W7) [5185] well [...] not really because, and I think you can buy it sometimes as cheap, by the time you
Margaret (PS0W4) [5186] Yeah.
[5187] Yeah.
Adrian (PS0W7) [5188] keep on erm
Margaret (PS0W4) [5189] Yeah.
Adrian (PS0W7) [5190] getting caterpillars off and
Terence (PS0W2) [5191] That's right.
Margaret (PS0W4) [laugh]
Adrian (PS0W7) [5192] [...] rest of it [...] biggest part of it and some of, part if it's in to grass and the other part I think is gradually gonna go to grass I think
Margaret (PS0W4) [5193] We've only got a very tiny little garden
Adrian (PS0W7) [5194] Yeah.
[5195] We've got a big
Margaret (PS0W4) [5196] er but
Adrian (PS0W7) [5197] quite a big bit out the back behind our garage, there's quite a big bit there really.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5198] mm we've got erm just a little erm front garden
Adrian (PS0W7) [5199] Mm
Margaret (PS0W4) [5200] but we've a lovely lot of daffodils, they're all out now they're really beautiful
Adrian (PS0W7) [5201] Yeah, yeah I know.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5202] and crocuses
Adrian (PS0W7) [5203] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5204] and erm ... snowdrops.
Adrian (PS0W7) [5205] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5206] We've got a little tiny pond in one half of the front garden
Adrian (PS0W7) [5207] Oh yes yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5208] and er that's very nice
Adrian (PS0W7) [5209] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5210] to see the fishes and
Adrian (PS0W7) [5211] We've got a la quite a big lawn I suppose.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5212] Yeah.
[5213] Before we came over here when we lived in [...] we had an enormous front lawn
Adrian (PS0W7) [5214] Yeah yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [5215] and the back well it must have been the best part of ... [laughing] should think [] a third of an acre [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [5216] Yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [5217] plot that we were on.
Adrian (PS0W7) [5218] Yeah.
Terence (PS0W2) [5219] Too big.
Adrian (PS0W7) [5220] Too big I expect yeah
Margaret (PS0W4) [5221] [...] ... not the time we didn't, we haven't got the to [...]
Adrian (PS0W7) [5222] Well that's it, it's like my husband I mean he's working, he hasn't got the time and I
Margaret (PS0W4) [5223] That's right.
Adrian (PS0W7) [5224] I haven't got the time nor the energy, I mean not so much
Margaret (PS0W4) [5225] That's right.
Adrian (PS0W7) [5226] as I used to.
[5227] I mean I
Margaret (PS0W4) [5228] Yeah
Adrian (PS0W7) [5229] cut the grass so
Margaret (PS0W4) [5230] Mm
Adrian (PS0W7) [5231] he doesn't do that, I cut it with an electric cutter.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5232] Yeah
Adrian (PS0W7) [5233] But I think that
Margaret (PS0W4) [5234] Yeah but erm we used to have just an [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [5235] But it used
Margaret (PS0W4) [5236] he said he
Terence (PS0W2) [5237] it used to take half a day to cut our grass.
Margaret (PS0W4) [5238] To cut the grass.
Adrian (PS0W7) [5239] I do too, yeah, [...]
Terence (PS0W2) [5240] You know?
Adrian (PS0W7) [5241] Yeah [...] .
Margaret (PS0W4) [5242] We didn't have an erm mower in those days either did we?
Terence (PS0W2)