BNC Text KE3

150 conversations recorded by `Tony' (PS0V4) between 28 November and 5 December 1991 with 9 interlocutors, totalling 9314 s-units, 62395 words, and 9 hours 36 minutes 58 seconds of recordings.

11 speakers recorded by respondent number 12

PS0V4 Ag3 m (Tony, age 37, civil service, Central South-west England, )
PS0V5 Ag3 f (Jackie, age 35, civil servant (pt), Central South-west England, ) wife
PS0V6 Ag0 f (Christine, age 11, student (state secondary), Central South-west England, ) daughter
PS0V7 Ag5 f (Rene, age 60+, retired, Central South-west England, ) mother-in-law
PS0V8 Ag4 f (Mum, age 59, shop assistant, Central South-west England, ) mother
PS0V9 Ag2 f (Vicky, age 29, sales assistant, Central South-west England, ) friend
PS0VA Ag3 f (Dot, age 40, civil servant, Central South-west England, ) colleague
PS0VB Ag3 m (Martin, age 37, civil servant, Central South-west England, ) colleague
PS0VC Ag4 f (Margaret, age 50, civil servant, Central Northern England, ) colleague
KE3PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KE3PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

150 recordings

  1. Tape 010201 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 010202 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 010203 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 010204 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 010205 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 010206 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 010207 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 010208 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 010209 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 010210 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 010211 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 010212 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  13. Tape 010213 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Shops ) Activity: shopping
  14. Tape 010214 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Shops ) Activity: shopping
  15. Tape 010301 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Work ) Activity: Unspecified
  16. Tape 010302 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Work ) Activity: Unspecified
  17. Tape 010303 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Work ) Activity: Unspecified
  18. Tape 010304 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Work ) Activity: Unspecified
  19. Tape 010305 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Work ) Activity: Unspecified
  20. Tape 010306 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Work ) Activity: Unspecified
  21. Tape 010307 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Work ) Activity: Unspecified
  22. Tape 010308 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Work ) Activity: Unspecified
  23. Tape 010309 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  24. Tape 010311 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  25. Tape 010312 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  26. Tape 010313 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  27. Tape 010314 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  28. Tape 010315 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  29. Tape 010316 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  30. Tape 010317 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  31. Tape 010318 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  32. Tape 010401 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  33. Tape 010402 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  34. Tape 010403 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  35. Tape 010404 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  36. Tape 010405 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  37. Tape 010406 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  38. Tape 010407 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  39. Tape 010408 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  40. Tape 010409 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  41. Tape 010410 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  42. Tape 010411 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  43. Tape 010412 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  44. Tape 010413 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  45. Tape 010414 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  46. Tape 010415 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  47. Tape 010416 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  48. Tape 010417 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  49. Tape 010501 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  50. Tape 010502 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  51. Tape 010503 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  52. Tape 010504 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  53. Tape 010505 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  54. Tape 010506 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  55. Tape 010507 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  56. Tape 010508 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  57. Tape 010509 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  58. Tape 010510 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  59. Tape 010511 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  60. Tape 010512 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  61. Tape 010513 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  62. Tape 010514 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  63. Tape 010515 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  64. Tape 010516 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  65. Tape 010517 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  66. Tape 010601 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  67. Tape 010602 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  68. Tape 010603 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Car ) Activity: Unspecified
  69. Tape 010604 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Bristol ( car ) Activity: Unspecified
  70. Tape 010605 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Carwash ) Activity: Unspecified
  71. Tape 010606 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Carwash ) Activity: Unspecified
  72. Tape 010607 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Car ) Activity: Unspecified
  73. Tape 010608 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Car ) Activity: Unspecified
  74. Tape 010609 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  75. Tape 010610 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Bristol ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  76. Tape 010611 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  77. Tape 010612 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Bristol ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  78. Tape 010613 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Bristol ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  79. Tape 010701 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  80. Tape 010702 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Car ) Activity: Unspecified
  81. Tape 010703 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Friend's house ) Activity: Unspecified
  82. Tape 010704 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Car ) Activity: Unspecified
  83. Tape 010705 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Aunt's House ) Activity: Unspecified
  84. Tape 010706 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Aunt's house ) Activity: Unspecified
  85. Tape 010707 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Aunt's house ) Activity: Unspecified
  86. Tape 010708 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Aunt's house ) Activity: Unspecified
  87. Tape 010709 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Aunt's house ) Activity: Unspecified
  88. Tape 010801 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Work ) Activity: Unspecified
  89. Tape 010802 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Work ) Activity: Unspecified
  90. Tape 010803 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Work ) Activity: Unspecified
  91. Tape 010804 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Work ) Activity: Unspecified
  92. Tape 010805 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Work ) Activity: Unspecified
  93. Tape 010806 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Work ) Activity: Unspecified
  94. Tape 010807 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Work ) Activity: Unspecified
  95. Tape 010808 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Work ) Activity: Unspecified
  96. Tape 010809 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  97. Tape 010810 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  98. Tape 010811 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  99. Tape 010812 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  100. Tape 010813 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  101. Tape 010814 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  102. Tape 010815 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  103. Tape 010816 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  104. Tape 010817 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  105. Tape 010818 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  106. Tape 010819 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  107. Tape 010901 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Work ) Activity: training session
  108. Tape 010902 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationAvon: Bristol ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  109. Tape 010903 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationAvon: Bristol ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  110. Tape 010904 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationAvon: Bristol ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  111. Tape 010905 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationAvon: Bristol ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  112. Tape 011101 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  113. Tape 011102 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  114. Tape 011103 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  115. Tape 011104 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Car ) Activity: Unspecified
  116. Tape 011105 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Car ) Activity: Unspecified
  117. Tape 011106 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Car ) Activity: Unspecified
  118. Tape 011107 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Car ) Activity: Unspecified
  119. Tape 011108 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Car ) Activity: Unspecified
  120. Tape 011109 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Car ) Activity: Unspecified
  121. Tape 011110 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Shops ) Activity: shopping
  122. Tape 011111 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Shops ) Activity: shopping
  123. Tape 011112 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Shops ) Activity: shopping
  124. Tape 011113 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Shops ) Activity: shopping
  125. Tape 011114 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Shops ) Activity: shopping
  126. Tape 011115 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Shops ) Activity: shopping
  127. Tape 011116 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Shops ) Activity: shopping
  128. Tape 011117 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Shops ) Activity: shopping
  129. Tape 011118 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Shops ) Activity: shopping
  130. Tape 011201 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Mother's house ) Activity: Unspecified
  131. Tape 011202 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Mother's house ) Activity: Unspecified
  132. Tape 011203 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Mother's house ) Activity: Unspecified
  133. Tape 011204 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Mother's house ) Activity: Unspecified
  134. Tape 011205 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Mother's house ) Activity: Unspecified
  135. Tape 011206 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Mother's house ) Activity: Unspecified
  136. Tape 011207 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Mother's house ) Activity: Unspecified
  137. Tape 011208 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Mother's house ) Activity: Unspecified
  138. Tape 011209 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Mother's house ) Activity: Unspecified
  139. Tape 011210 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  140. Tape 011211 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  141. Tape 011212 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  142. Tape 011213 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  143. Tape 011214 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  144. Tape 011215 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  145. Tape 011216 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  146. Tape 011217 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  147. Tape 011218 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  148. Tape 011219 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  149. Tape 011220 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  150. Tape 011221 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 010201)

Tony (PS0V4) [1] What do you want, a packet of crisps?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2] Yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [3] I want a packet of crisps.
Tony (PS0V4) [4] Oh. [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [5] You don't want very much ... the milkman left us two pints of milk this morning ... help me.
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [6] Put one on the table and the other in the fridge.
Tony (PS0V4) [7] Oh well ... er ... Jack?
Jackie (PS0V5) [8] Yes ... [laugh]
Christine (PS0V6) [9] [shouting] Yeah ... yeah. []
Jackie (PS0V5) [10] Oh ... no I don't, well yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [11] Aha.
Tony (PS0V4) [12] No, no that is, that's
Christine (PS0V6) [13] I want Twiglets
Tony (PS0V4) [14] that's it ... that's all we've got.
Christine (PS0V6) [15] I want some twiglets I want some twiglets.
Tony (PS0V4) [16] No ... not if you're gonna open, not unless you're gonna open it.
Christine (PS0V6) [17] Oh.
Jackie (PS0V5) [18] Oh go on, let them open, I'll have a few with my tea.
Christine (PS0V6) [19] Yeah. [paper rustling]
Christine (PS0V6) [20] I turn on [...] today.
Jackie (PS0V5) [21] erm ... if you want to.
Tony (PS0V4) [22] Yeah. [paper rustling]
Jackie (PS0V5) [23] I actually called Del out today.
Tony (PS0V4) [24] Sorry?
Jackie (PS0V5) [25] I caught Del out ... twice. [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [26] Caught an him out?
Jackie (PS0V5) [27] Yeah ... actually out in the cleaning.
Tony (PS0V4) [28] Oh right ... I see what you mean.
Jackie (PS0V5) [29] He looked at me and he went urgh its her and he ran down.
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [30] I think I'll throw these cuttings away.
Tony (PS0V4) [31] Yes ... they're not doing anything are they?
Jackie (PS0V5) [32] Not these.
Tony (PS0V4) [33] Apart from sitting there and dying.
Jackie (PS0V5) [34] Sitting there and dying.
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [35] lonely.
Tony (PS0V4) [36] Yeah ... ah ... oh yeah we've got plenty of milk haven't we?
Jackie (PS0V5) [37] Yes.
Christine (PS0V6) [38] Let me do that ... Mum.
Jackie (PS0V5) [39] Let's do that.
Christine (PS0V6) [40] Can I?
Jackie (PS0V5) [41] Yes, if you would please ... Don't eat them all Daddy wants some.
Christine (PS0V6) [42] I won't. [water pouring]
Tony (PS0V4) [43] Not made of glass you know.
Jackie (PS0V5) [44] Move Ben.
Tony (PS0V4) [45] Ben!
[46] ... Pain!
Christine (PS0V6) [47] Mhm.
Tony (PS0V4) [48] What's that?
Christine (PS0V6) [49] [...] it's really good. [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Christine (PS0V6) [50] [laughing] He's really funny [] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [51] [...] I like him.
Tony (PS0V4) [52] Yes ... that's pretty near the truth ... being nasty to you now ... Do you want to have some of those chipsticks then?
Jackie (PS0V5) [53] No ... I'm not ... [...] are not having anything this [...] ... for Christine.
Tony (PS0V4) [54] Ah ... okay ... ah now what was
Jackie (PS0V5) [55] What was that?
Tony (PS0V4) [56] just thinking.
Jackie (PS0V5) [57] What?
Tony (PS0V4) [58] I mean a lot of our conversations go on with the television on in the background.
Jackie (PS0V5) [59] Yeah, well we'll have to try it and see how it works.
Tony (PS0V4) [60] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [61] I mean ... if that ... upsets it ... then we'll
Tony (PS0V4) [62] Yeah
Jackie (PS0V5) [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [63] ... yeah quite.
Jackie (PS0V5) [64] We'll have to try.
Tony (PS0V4) [65] They get, they get what they get.
Jackie (PS0V5) [66] Yes ... yes.
Tony (PS0V4) [67] Right ... Don't eat all those twiglets will you? [music in background]
Christine (PS0V6) [68] No ... Who moi!.
Tony (PS0V4) [69] Yes you.
Christine (PS0V6) [70] You're not supposed to say that.
Tony (PS0V4) [71] What am I supposed to say then?
Christine (PS0V6) [72] [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [73] Shall I put all this in the bag?
Tony (PS0V4) [74] I was just going to grab the book.
Jackie (PS0V5) [75] Which book?
Tony (PS0V4) [76] and start it off.
Jackie (PS0V5) [77] is it a blue book ... that's the white one.
Tony (PS0V4) [78] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [79] The blue one is for yourself.
Tony (PS0V4) [80] Yeah
Christine (PS0V6) [81] Dad
Tony (PS0V4) [82] that's that for when I've done the first ten tapes.
Christine (PS0V6) [83] Dad
Jackie (PS0V5) [84] Yeah eleven to go.
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Christine (PS0V6) [85] I want to do it together [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [...]
Jackie (PS0V5) [86] Can you help Daddy, now ... find the erm ...
Tony (PS0V4) [87] Yeah if you just leave it down behind there.
Jackie (PS0V5) [88] [...] will use it as a [laughing] microphone [] ... [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [89] Ah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [90] [laughing] Dirty look [] ... No ... don't you say a word ... [laughing] ... you ... you're wicked [] .
Christine (PS0V6) [91] [laugh] ... [laughing] I'm not going to []
Jackie (PS0V5) [92] [laugh] ... Do you want a banana?
Tony (PS0V4) [93] Mm, that'll be nice. [door bell] [dog barks]
Jackie (PS0V5) [94] Ben!
Tony (PS0V4) [95] Hello, it's the thing about spoken English.
Jackie (PS0V5) [96] [laughing] Microphone man [] .
Rene (PS0V7) [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [97] I'll turn it off if you like.

2 (Tape 010202)

Christine (PS0V6) [98] Dad?
Tony (PS0V4) [99] Mhm.
Christine (PS0V6) [100] Do you think I could have a go [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [101] Sorry?
Christine (PS0V6) [102] Do you think I could wear that for a little while?
Tony (PS0V4) [103] No it has to be me.
Christine (PS0V6) [104] Why?
Jackie (PS0V5) [105] No, it has to be Daddy.
Christine (PS0V6) [106] Why?
Tony (PS0V4) [107] Because I'm the sample.
Jackie (PS0V5) [108] [laughing] You're a sample [] .
Tony (PS0V4) [109] Mhm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [...]

3 (Tape 010203)

Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [110] That's funny weren't it?
Rene (PS0V7) [111] Can you get some more of those they're nice.
Jackie (PS0V5) [112] Are you sure you don't want a cup of tea?
Rene (PS0V7) [113] No thanks.
Jackie (PS0V5) [114] Anybody want some more twiglets?
Tony (PS0V4) [115] Mm
Christine (PS0V6) [116] I'll have some.
Tony (PS0V4) [117] few more.
Christine (PS0V6) [118] Oh.
Tony (PS0V4) [119] I'll have a few more [paper rustling]
Jackie (PS0V5) [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [120] Yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [121] Can't get them out ... you hold on.
Rene (PS0V7) [122] I had a cup of tea round Heathers the other night, I don't know what it was.
Christine (PS0V6) [123] Are you gonna keep that on my right shopping as well?
Tony (PS0V4) [124] I don't know.
Christine (PS0V6) [125] Oh.
Tony (PS0V4) [126] I might do ... depends if anybody doesn't like it.
Jackie (PS0V5) [127] Cos we'll have to ask Grandma and we'll have to ask Vicky.
Tony (PS0V4) [128] Yeah.
Rene (PS0V7) [129] That's a good girl.
Jackie (PS0V5) [130] Was it the checkout girl we always go to?
Tony (PS0V4) [131] Yeah.
Rene (PS0V7) [132] Oh and we
Jackie (PS0V5) [133] We already had her last week. [laugh]
Christine (PS0V6) [134] Grandpa when she [...] ... Grandma? ... [...] . [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [135] [laugh] ... an make mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [136] She missed you last week.
Tony (PS0V4) [137] Did she?
Jackie (PS0V5) [138] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [139] Oh.
Christine (PS0V6) [140] I love the way they just flow ... it's incredible really ... Don't be stupid [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [141] Do they?
Tony (PS0V4) [142] Mm.
Christine (PS0V6) [...]
Rene (PS0V7) [143] When they're ready now [laugh] ... wonder what century they are at now ... thank you Ben ... leave ... there's a good boy ... If a proper lady was here we'd shut you in the kitchen ... [...] claws on the lino and I think what's he doing? ... he wasn't scratching ... and we [...] and he [laughing] chasing a fly round the kitchen [] .
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Rene (PS0V7) [144] [laughing] Didn't you [] ... were chasing a fly Ben ... eh?
[145] ... Is that nice big juicy one ... was it ... mm?
[146] ... Was it a nice big juicy fly?
Christine (PS0V6) [147] Mum ... You know that fifty pee you owe me?
Jackie (PS0V5) [148] Yes I know that fifty pee that I owe you I haven't forgotten about it.
Christine (PS0V6) [149] Doesn't matter.
Jackie (PS0V5) [150] Mm?
Christine (PS0V6) [151] You can [...] if you like ... Oh you're supposed to say no, not okay.
Jackie (PS0V5) [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Christine (PS0V6) [152] You're supposed to say no it's alright dear
Jackie (PS0V5) [153] Here Ben
Christine (PS0V6) [154] don't worry dear.
Jackie (PS0V5) [155] That's two boxes [...] ?
Rene (PS0V7) [156] Still come round my house
Jackie (PS0V5) [157] No it's it's, she was a bit over the hill [laughing] for it I'm afraid [] .
Rene (PS0V7) [158] Ooh.
Jackie (PS0V5) [159] nineteen
Tony (PS0V4) [160] Well she was th ... mm ... she was looking for ... she was looking for somebody Re, who was in a particular age group.
Rene (PS0V7) [161] Mm ... thirty five to forty five.
Christine (PS0V6) [162] Oh, [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [163] Yeah, thirty five to forty five, cos they have to take it so many from each age group
Rene (PS0V7) [164] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [165] so they get er spread over the whole th the population
Christine (PS0V6) [166] Dad, Mum?
Tony (PS0V4) [167] and so er I was it. [laugh]
Christine (PS0V6) [168] Dad there was this alien he had these ginormous hands and silver eyes and he was really ugly
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Christine (PS0V6) [169] like ... just a minute, this Philip Schofield guy is popping up everywhere doesn't he?
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Christine (PS0V6) [170] He does ... [...] ... Can that hear the T V?
Tony (PS0V4) [171] Probably ... I don't know how successful it'll work but if I don't record conversations
Jackie (PS0V5) [172] Actually the little red light is flickering up and down ... I don't know
Tony (PS0V4) [173] No it's ... Oh yeah
Christine (PS0V6) [174] That's when you talk ... that's what [...]
Jackie (PS0V5) [175] Oh so it's picking it up.
Tony (PS0V4) [176] I er it seems to be okay
Jackie (PS0V5) [177] Mm ... yeah, it's when you talk.
Tony (PS0V4) [178] Yeah, it's it's flickering when I talk ... yeah
Jackie (PS0V5) [179] Are you going to wear it tonight?
Tony (PS0V4) [180] Erm ... I expect so.
Christine (PS0V6) [181] Mum, do you know Vicky?
Rene (PS0V7) [182] Don't lose it there or you'll have to
Christine (PS0V6) [...]
Rene (PS0V7) [183] pay for it.
Tony (PS0V4) [184] Mm.
Christine (PS0V6) [185] Mum, I don't think she [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [186] But if I don't record it ... record when the television is on ... I'm not going to get very much at all.
Jackie (PS0V5) [187] No, you're not.
Rene (PS0V7) [188] So what
Tony (PS0V4) [189] As the television is always on [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [190] Oh no it's not always on.
Tony (PS0V4) [191] No alright.
Jackie (PS0V5) [192] But if the televisions not on, the cd is [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [193] Yeah, music we've normally got some noise going on in the background.
Christine (PS0V6) [194] Dad?
Tony (PS0V4) [195] Yeah?
Christine (PS0V6) [196] Guess what I've got to buy?
Tony (PS0V4) [197] Mm ... what?
Christine (PS0V6) [198] Can you guess?
[199] ... I got erm, no English is [...] ... R S ... Sega, Sciences
Jackie (PS0V5) [200] Mind your tea Chrissie ... dog, mutt.
Christine (PS0V6) [201] and Geography as well go ... go on forever.
Tony (PS0V4) [202] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [...]
Christine (PS0V6) [203] Who's is that?
Rene (PS0V7) [204] Well they're not yours.
Jackie (PS0V5) [205] I realise just today how
Tony (PS0V4) [206] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [207] small ... the back ... the back problem that she's got is.
Tony (PS0V4) [208] Oh.
Jackie (PS0V5) [209] I saw a little girl in the hospital
Tony (PS0V4) [210] Mhm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [211] and she wasn't o , she didn't have a hump on her back, but it looked as though her whole rib cage was at a ...
Tony (PS0V4) [212] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [213] sort of forty degree angle to
Tony (PS0V4) [214] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [215] the body.
Tony (PS0V4) [216] Ah.
Christine (PS0V6) [...]
Jackie (PS0V5) [217] Don't know.
Christine (PS0V6) [218] I don't want Grandma [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [219] What time have we gotta go?
[220] ... About ten past?
Jackie (PS0V5) [221] Five ... well what time does it start, five past? ... [...] ... as long as they're down before half past seven.
Rene (PS0V7) [222] Did you phone that hairdressers for me?
Jackie (PS0V5) [223] No I haven't yet
Rene (PS0V7) [224] Why?
Jackie (PS0V5) [225] erm ... I'll phone up tomorrow.
Rene (PS0V7) [226] Only if I'm going I might as well come up with you and get it all done together aren't I?
[227] ... It's not the musical one is it?
Tony (PS0V4) [228] No.
Rene (PS0V7) [229] Its in black and white ... Take after a lot of the Nazis are strange.
Tony (PS0V4) [230] Mm ... Is there anything worth recording ... tonight?
Jackie (PS0V5) [231] Murder most horrid
Tony (PS0V4) [232] Oh.
Jackie (PS0V5) [233] and Canned Carrot
Tony (PS0V4) [234] Ha.
Jackie (PS0V5) [235] and that's about it.
Rene (PS0V7) [236] [laughing] Elliot gave Civil Servants [...] []
Tony (PS0V4) [237] [laugh] .
Rene (PS0V7) [238] [laughing] a good reputation [] .
Tony (PS0V4) [239] Ah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [240] I wonder if Dad's got his other dog yet?
Tony (PS0V4) [241] Yeah ... yes.
Rene (PS0V7) [242] We'll soon know when they come here.
Tony (PS0V4) [243] Well providing he doesn't ... erm
Jackie (PS0V5) [244] I wonder how his foot is actually.
Tony (PS0V4) [245] Yeah.
Rene (PS0V7) [246] I wonder if he's been to the doctors with it.
Jackie (PS0V5) [247] No.
Tony (PS0V4) [248] I don't expect so, no.
Rene (PS0V7) [249] [...] like that.
Jackie (PS0V5) [250] It's about that long ... and it
Rene (PS0V7) [251] and it
Jackie (PS0V5) [252] just came up over night ... till we found out in the morning ... well you can see it can't you ... Oh you ... did you see it? ... the swelling on your dad's foot.
Tony (PS0V4) [253] Yeah ... yeah I did.
Rene (PS0V7) [254] If I had a swelling like that come up on my ankle I'd ... say right go to the doctors.
Jackie (PS0V5) [255] Just one more and I'll do just have a quick look round the outside see if they're here.
Tony (PS0V4) [256] Mhm.
Christine (PS0V6) [257] I really enjoyed my day off today [...] ... [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [258] Lets face it theirs wasn't [...] to pick from ... should say ... really miserable.
Rene (PS0V7) [259] I expect she was worried.
Jackie (PS0V5) [260] No
Christine (PS0V6) [261] No not worried ... she said you walk in, you get changed, and you sit back and that's it, silence.
Tony (PS0V4) [262] Oh.
Christine (PS0V6) [263] Nobody speaks.
Tony (PS0V4) [264] Mm ... Can I have a few more ... thank you. [paper rustling]
Jackie (PS0V5) [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [265] What?
[266] ... Oh okay ... I'll set a little game.
Christine (PS0V6) [267] Will you?
Tony (PS0V4) [268] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [269] I liked it knowing what I want.
Christine (PS0V6) [270] No it's horrible cos you just sit down an ... that's it.
Jackie (PS0V5) [271] It was a good idea taking your own dressing gown though wasn't it?
Christine (PS0V6) [272] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [273] There was one girl there today, she was about fifteen or seventeen ... and she had to put her coat on over the top of the gown because it was
Tony (PS0V4) [274] Oh.
Jackie (PS0V5) [275] all open down the back and you had to walk out through a huge waiting room full of people.
Rene (PS0V7) [276] Well that's bad isn't it?
Tony (PS0V4) [277] That's awful isn't it?
Jackie (PS0V5) [278] Yeah ... mm.
Rene (PS0V7) [279] Would they lend you a dressing gown?
Jackie (PS0V5) [280] Well normally they'd given them dressing gowns before but it's the first time they've had gowns isn't it?
[281] ... White gowns.
Christine (PS0V6) [282] Yeah they had gowns before and that's what, remember? ... [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [283] Oh yeah, that's right you had to hold yours up together as well.
Tony (PS0V4) [284] Mm.
Christine (PS0V6) [285] Don't go in there ... and that could have gone down my whole body as I was walking through everything ... keeps falling off.
Jackie (PS0V5) [286] Just think that's going to pick up all your tummy gurglings [laugh] ... gurgle gurgle [laugh] .
Christine (PS0V6) [287] Do you think we could have a listen to this?
Tony (PS0V4) [288] Well ... the only way you can listen to it
Christine (PS0V6) [289] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [290] Is on the headphones.
Christine (PS0V6) [291] Couldn't you stick them on me?
Rene (PS0V7) [292] How long will one of those tapes last then, Tony?
Tony (PS0V4) [293] Forty five minutes ... well each side is forty five minutes.
Rene (PS0V7) [294] And [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [295] Well ... I don't know but it's still going. [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [296] There's a tape counter on it.
Tony (PS0V4) [297] Sorry?
Jackie (PS0V5) [298] There's a tape counter on it.
Tony (PS0V4) [299] Oh it just gives the numbers though.
Rene (PS0V7) [300] Do you just clip that on your trousers?
Tony (PS0V4) [301] Yeah.
Rene (PS0V7) [302] You'll have to watch it don't come off then, when you get in the car.
Tony (PS0V4) [303] Yeah ... yeah I will ... let's see here we ... what are we recording?
Christine (PS0V6) [304] Gran what was it you wanted?
Rene (PS0V7) [305] I'm coming out.

4 (Tape 010204)

Tony (PS0V4) [306] Erm ... oh what was it?
Christine (PS0V6) [307] Mum [...] colour
Tony (PS0V4) [308] That's right.
Christine (PS0V6) [309] I was [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [310] Ah that's a shame
Christine (PS0V6) [311] Mm ... yeah, yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [312] Don't like practical
Christine (PS0V6) [313] No, I [...] , I [...] mm mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [314] Why don't you like practical?
Christine (PS0V6) [315] Well I like it but ... got to use booklet an I erm supposed to hand it in you see ... [...] ha ... I'm going to hand it in next week.
Tony (PS0V4) [316] Okay.
Christine (PS0V6) [317] Mm, I can't stop munching these.
Tony (PS0V4) [318] No they're er ... they're good aren't they ... they're nice.
Christine (PS0V6) [319] Mm ... I prefer these things to biscuits.
Tony (PS0V4) [320] Yep ... I think you're probably right.
Christine (PS0V6) [321] Cos they're softer.
Tony (PS0V4) [322] No.
Christine (PS0V6) [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [323] Just trying to find a place that's a bit more comfortable for you.
Jackie (PS0V5) [324] [...] .
Christine (PS0V6) [325] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [326] No musical today?
Christine (PS0V6) [327] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [328] I think probably [...] ... Tony, do you want to take one of these letters before we go out?
Tony (PS0V4) [329] Yes please.
Christine (PS0V6) [330] [...] English.
Tony (PS0V4) [331] What is it called Mushroom Treasury?
Jackie (PS0V5) [332] you're you're you're you're a National Treasury in spoken English .
Christine (PS0V6) [333] Dad, mind you don't put your
Jackie (PS0V5) [...]
Christine (PS0V6) [334] jumper over it ... does that little there [...] that flashes and it get really big.
Tony (PS0V4) [335] What little thing?
Christine (PS0V6) [336] The little light on [...]
Jackie (PS0V5) [337] Do you want me to do that?
[338] ... No.
Christine (PS0V6) [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [339] Is it there?
Jackie (PS0V5) [340] Yeah ... no it is.
Tony (PS0V4) [341] Alright?
Jackie (PS0V5) [342] There you go.
Tony (PS0V4) [343] Okay.
Jackie (PS0V5) [344] Wired for action.
Tony (PS0V4) [345] [laugh] ... Oh dear.
Jackie (PS0V5) [346] Is it still recording?
Tony (PS0V4) [347] Yeah ... well I don't see any point in starting and stopping really ... Have you got the
Rene (PS0V7) [348] You got it there
Jackie (PS0V5) [349] Twenty tapes to get through we'll need to get going. [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [350] Yeah ... I'll take
Rene (PS0V7) [351] When's he coming back to pick it up?
Jackie (PS0V5) [352] Next Friday night.
Rene (PS0V7) [353] Oh.
Tony (PS0V4) [354] Ooh
Jackie (PS0V5) [355] I've got to pop upstairs a minute.
Rene (PS0V7) [356] Erm
Tony (PS0V4) [357] Okay.
Rene (PS0V7) [358] you got the shopping bags?
Jackie (PS0V5) [359] No I'll get those ... can you ... do me a favour and put those boxes underneath
Tony (PS0V4) [360] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [361] I've got to er
Tony (PS0V4) [362] Well if, okay
Jackie (PS0V5) [363] [...] after lunch.
Rene (PS0V7) [364] [laugh] You're mad then ... Polly's gone upstairs with Jacqueline then.
Christine (PS0V6) [365] Oh hell.
Tony (PS0V4) [366] Okay.
Christine (PS0V6) [367] Right you take these to [...] alright? ... and nappy bags, ooh.
Jackie (PS0V5) [368] Yes.
Tony (PS0V4) [369] I've got the shopping bags.
Christine (PS0V6) [370] Oh thank you.
Jackie (PS0V5) [371] Here.
Tony (PS0V4) [372] An I put my er ... wallet in your handbag.
Jackie (PS0V5) [373] Yeah ... oops ... You nearly had a head full of [...] didn't you Ben?
Tony (PS0V4) [374] [shouting] Ben! []
[375] ... Come on, in your box ... there's a good boy ... now stay ... good boy.
Jackie (PS0V5) [376] I take [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [377] Yeah ... it's alright I drew the cash.
Jackie (PS0V5) [378] Yeah, but we're gonna see if we can get you a pair of shoes aren't we?
[379] ... Yes, we are gonna see if we can get you a pair of shoes ... Do you want some shoes [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [380] They're alright.
Christine (PS0V6) [381] Do they look alright?
Tony (PS0V4) [382] They just let in water
Jackie (PS0V5) [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [383] Yeah.
Rene (PS0V7) [384] Come here Chrissie ... Your Daddy's got you collared.
Christine (PS0V6) [385] It's alright ... look ... if we ... if its nice.
Jackie (PS0V5) [386] Where the hell did you get that one from.
Rene (PS0V7) [387] London?
Christine (PS0V6) [388] No the whole terrace [...] .
Rene (PS0V7) [389] You got your collar all
Jackie (PS0V5) [390] it's all colour, you need lots of it ... the age of the hippy.
Jackie (PS0V5) [391] Oh.
Christine (PS0V6) [392] Mum ... can you sort my collar out.
Jackie (PS0V5) [393] Come here then.
Christine (PS0V6) [394] I don't like that.
Jackie (PS0V5) [395] Turn it round.
Christine (PS0V6) [396] Come on Daddy.
Rene (PS0V7) [397] He's doing his shoes up.
Tony (PS0V4) [398] I'm trying to hurry.
Christine (PS0V6) [399] Come on.
Jackie (PS0V5) [400] Did you do those videos.
Tony (PS0V4) [401] Yep.
Jackie (PS0V5) [402] Oh great.
Tony (PS0V4) [403] Erm ...
Christine (PS0V6) [404] [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [405] Oh yeah ... [...] notice you didn't know you had them until we clear out the wardrobe.
Christine (PS0V6) [406] No I didn't know I had these things.
Rene (PS0V7) [407] So you're [...] , oh that's your wool hat.
Tony (PS0V4) [408] Yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [409] Mum I didn't know I had them.
Rene (PS0V7) [410] Your Dad still [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [411] The, yeah ... the leather, the [...] .
Rene (PS0V7) [412] Smells terrible.
Christine (PS0V6) [...] [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [413] I haven't got my keys ... I'll go and get them.
Jackie (PS0V5) [414] No, it's alright I've just put mine away.
Tony (PS0V4) [415] No ... erm car keys.
Jackie (PS0V5) [416] Oh ... Tony if I leave my seat in [...] will you lock the door?
Tony (PS0V4) [417] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [418] Or have you got my bag then.
Tony (PS0V4) [419] I've got my house keys.
Jackie (PS0V5) [420] Oh yeah ... shopping bags?
[421] ... Oh.
Tony (PS0V4) [422] Here are.
Jackie (PS0V5) [423] Thank you ... I'm hopeless.
Christine (PS0V6) [424] I know ... come on then.
Tony (PS0V4) [425] Oh I'll leave that one up.

5 (Tape 010205)

Christine (PS0V6) [426] Grandma will turn on the radio?
Rene (PS0V7) [427] Wait a minute.
Jackie (PS0V5) [428] No, leave it off Christine.
Rene (PS0V7) [429] Got your lights on.
Jackie (PS0V5) [430] No we're not even away yet.
Rene (PS0V7) [431] Oh.
Jackie (PS0V5) [432] I'm putting my belt on.
Rene (PS0V7) [433] Thanks for taking me down anyway.
Jackie (PS0V5) [434] Oh that's no trouble ... it's practically on the way so
Rene (PS0V7) [435] I'm keeping your seat warm for you Tony.
Tony (PS0V4) [436] Okay.
Rene (PS0V7) [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [437] If things had turned out differently I'd been driving you down here.
Jackie (PS0V5) [438] Ah ... never mind ... it won't be long.
Tony (PS0V4) [439] No it won't be long ... saying that a year ago. [laugh]
Rene (PS0V7) [440] I think half of its nerves.
Tony (PS0V4) [441] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [442] It's all nerves.
Rene (PS0V7) [443] It's like you the first time weren't it.
Tony (PS0V4) [444] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [445] Oh come on ... don't play me up, we'll have to check this.
Rene (PS0V7) [446] Got a bit cold have you Jack?
Jackie (PS0V5) [447] Yeah ... cold and damp that's the two things that it doesn't like.

6 (Tape 010206)

Jackie (PS0V5) [448] No, it's not I thought it was a bit thin. [laugh]
Rene (PS0V7) [449] Ah mm ... Oh she thinks she's nice and thin ... Thank you very much.
Tony (PS0V4) [450] Your welcome.
Jackie (PS0V5) [451] Okay.
Rene (PS0V7) [452] I'll see you tomorrow night then?
Jackie (PS0V5) [453] Okay then.
Rene (PS0V7) [...]
Jackie (PS0V5) [454] Yeah ... worst luck.
Rene (PS0V7) [455] Cheerio ... cheerio Christine.
Christine (PS0V6) [456] Bye.
Jackie (PS0V5) [457] Bye.
[458] ... Bye.
Rene (PS0V7) [459] Oh cr
Christine (PS0V6) [460] Mum, would you just sit up there with the bike ... like a twist bike.
Tony (PS0V4) [461] Hurry up.
Christine (PS0V6) [462] Put the radio on now.
Jackie (PS0V5) [463] Can I put the radio on?
Tony (PS0V4) [464] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [465] I think a lot of it was to do with the fact that I'd never driven in the dark before.
Jackie (PS0V5) [466] Well yeah, it's bound to throw you, I mean its
Tony (PS0V4) [467] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [468] it's the first time you drove in the dark was on your driving test ... wasn't it?
Tony (PS0V4) [469] Yeah ... I must admit I think that a little bit erm
Jackie (PS0V5) [470] It was unfortunate
Tony (PS0V4) [471] Yeah
Jackie (PS0V5) [472] but it was [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [473] I suppose I could have er ... looking at
Jackie (PS0V5) [474] Was it as dark as this? ... [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [475] By the time I'd finished, yes ... it was pitch dark.
Jackie (PS0V5) [476] Well the only thing you can do is hopefully your next test isn't at the same time ... make it a
Tony (PS0V4) [477] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [478] different time.
Tony (PS0V4) [479] But in any event it would be a good idea if I had some tests ... some lessons in the dark.
Jackie (PS0V5) [480] Might be ... I mean ask Brian, see
Tony (PS0V4) [481] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [482] what he can do because
Tony (PS0V4) [483] Yeah
Jackie (PS0V5) [484] I mean I knew ... the first day I drove in the dark was the first night we had the car and it was most odd experience
Tony (PS0V4) [485] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [486] I mean ... first day
Tony (PS0V4) [487] I found it
Jackie (PS0V5) [488] driving a brand new car and then
Tony (PS0V4) [489] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [490] driving in the dark for the first time, ha.
Tony (PS0V4) [491] Yeah ... I'd find it quite difficult ... well I could see the headlights ... coming up ... and I was thinking ... now how fast is that car coming up ... I don't really know.
Jackie (PS0V5) [492] Yeah ... and the thing is also being ... new to driving you tend to look at the headlights rather than look away from them.
Tony (PS0V4) [493] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [494] And that doesn't help because ... I don't know, it wasn't, I don't think you'd find it was as dark as this.
Tony (PS0V4) [495] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [496] Not at four o' clock, its not quite that dark at
Tony (PS0V4) [cough]
Jackie (PS0V5) [497] half past, yeah
Tony (PS0V4) [498] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [499] but not this dark at four, not yet.
Tony (PS0V4) [500] Well he had to switch on the interior light to be able to fill out the form.
Jackie (PS0V5) [501] Oh yeah, it's pretty dark but not
Tony (PS0V4) [502] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [503] it's not black like this.
Tony (PS0V4) [504] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [505] Are you, what are you doing tomorrow, are you coming in with me?
Tony (PS0V4) [506] Erm ... yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [507] Friday.
Tony (PS0V4) [508] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [509] Good.
Tony (PS0V4) [510] I'm coming with you ... I've got to do er ... I've gotta do some prep
Jackie (PS0V5) [511] it's nice to have someone to talk to.
Tony (PS0V4) [512] [laugh] ... Yeah, but you may be recorded.
Jackie (PS0V5) [513] [...] I don't care.
Tony (PS0V4) [514] [laugh] ... Oh.
Jackie (PS0V5) [515] Nice chap.
Tony (PS0V4) [516] Where did he come from?
Jackie (PS0V5) [517] He came out of the Harvester but it would have been nice if he'd waited [laughing] for there to be a gap in the traffic [] .
Tony (PS0V4) [518] [laugh] ... Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [519] If you see what I mean.
Tony (PS0V4) [520] Yeah ... Oh he wasn't gonna wait
Jackie (PS0V5) [521] [...] . [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [522] either. [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [523] Oh dear.
Jackie (PS0V5) [524] Ah ... it's gonna be one of those nights tonight [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [525] Yeah I think so ... I must admit from one point of view ... I'm quite glad that I ... haven't ... passed ... cos
Jackie (PS0V5) [526] Why?
Tony (PS0V4) [527] it's a bad ... as you said it's a bad time to start driving now there's an awful lot of
Jackie (PS0V5) [528] Idiots come out.
Tony (PS0V4) [529] idiots on the road ... especially coming
Jackie (PS0V5) [530] last
Tony (PS0V4) [531] up to Christmas
Jackie (PS0V5) [532] Yeah, last Christmas was a real eye opener to me, cos the Christmas before
Tony (PS0V4) [533] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [534] I didn't drive very much cos my Dad was still so bad I only did
Tony (PS0V4) [535] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [536] the essential journeys
Tony (PS0V4) [537] Mhm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [538] and I mean I then I'd only just had my operation an ... and to actually ... drive ... for longer than about ... twenty minute journeys was killing ... so
Tony (PS0V4) [539] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [540] I only drove over to to do the shopping and to pick Christine up from School.
Tony (PS0V4) [541] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [542] That was all.
Tony (PS0V4) [543] Yeah you're right I look at the headlights.
Jackie (PS0V5) [544] Yeah you must do you see you've got to
Tony (PS0V4) [545] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [546] look ... if you've got to concentrate on anything, concentrate on the white line or
Tony (PS0V4) [547] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [548] the kerb ... certainly the white line if you can
Tony (PS0V4) [549] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [550] cos if you concentrate on the kerb you tend to drive a bit too close to it
Tony (PS0V4) [551] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [552] and also it's not always there for you to see easily
Tony (PS0V4) [553] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [554] whereas the white line is ... But if you look into the headlights it can be ... not dark ... erm but ... it appears to be dark because
Tony (PS0V4) [555] Well your pupils re erm
Jackie (PS0V5) [556] they react into the headlights.
Tony (PS0V4) [557] react into the headlights, yeah ... so it makes it seem darker.
Jackie (PS0V5) [558] And you've gotta be careful as well at night not to hang on to the tail lights of the thing in from of you
Tony (PS0V4) [559] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [560] cos it's very easy to do it because they're two little red beacons
Tony (PS0V4) [561] Yes.
Jackie (PS0V5) [562] you know you've still got to look ahead
Tony (PS0V4) [563] Yes.
Jackie (PS0V5) [564] and concentrate on what's happening
Tony (PS0V4) [565] Yes.
Jackie (PS0V5) [566] further up the road.
Tony (PS0V4) [567] There was one point during my test when I was driving along and erm ... the I was creeping forward in a stream of traffic and the person in front of me had crossed the solid white line at some traffic lights ... and the lights changed and it would have been very easy to follow his lights and just carry on
Jackie (PS0V5) [568] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [569] but I didn't I stopped [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [570] But you see it every day ... I mean
Tony (PS0V4) [571] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [572] You know I've had it happen the lights have changed just as I've been crossing them so I've gone over and three cars immediately behind me have followed me.
Tony (PS0V4) [573] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [574] We're gonna have to get a tyre gauge I reckon ... they've got a new depth of tread ... one point six millimetres which is bigger than the.

7 (Tape 010207)

Jackie (PS0V5) [575] Now he's gonna be sneaky now [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [576] [laugh] ... No the only thing that consumed me I was looking to see if there was anyway ... that material from the seat could be used to sort of target us for a mailing system or something like that
Jackie (PS0V5) [577] No but it can't
Tony (PS0V4) [578] Not ... not if they stick by th what they've said
Jackie (PS0V5) [579] Yes and it's more than they [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [580] Well yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [581] We even know where it came from.
Tony (PS0V4) [582] Yes ... that's right ... He was travelling wasn't he?
Jackie (PS0V5) [583] Well on the wrong side of the road as well just a bit rather nutty.
Tony (PS0V4) [584] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [585] Are we gonna have another go at Christine's bedroom this weekend?
Tony (PS0V4) [586] Could do, yep.
Jackie (PS0V5) [587] Do you want to see if we can finish it Christine.
Christine (PS0V6) [588] Yep.
Jackie (PS0V5) [589] How about if we went out and bought the desk ... erm
Christine (PS0V6) [590] Yes ... yes Mummy.
Jackie (PS0V5) [591] Now wait ... erm Saturday?
Tony (PS0V4) [592] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [593] Only we I don't, I don't know about you but I don't want to leave it until the last minute
Tony (PS0V4) [594] No ... No
Jackie (PS0V5) [595] I'd rather
Christine (PS0V6) [596] Mum.
Jackie (PS0V5) [597] We're gonna have to take these for Christmas shopping.
Christine (PS0V6) [598] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [599] Yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [...]
Jackie (PS0V5) [600] Well ... we've got to finish sorting it out Chris cos there's still too much stuff ... for once it's
Christine (PS0V6) [601] Can I
Jackie (PS0V5) [602] when it's completely sorted out Chrissie ... erm ... oh I don't really know what to say, she's having this desk for Christmas
Tony (PS0V4) [603] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [604] once her bedroom is sorted oh well, well we'll have a talk about it later on okay?
Tony (PS0V4) [605] It's whether we put the desk in the room.
Jackie (PS0V5) [606] It's whether we do it now and we let her have it before
Tony (PS0V4) [607] Mhm ... and then she'll feel she's not had anything for Christmas.
Christine (PS0V6) [608] No I won't.
Tony (PS0V4) [609] Well ... this or
Christine (PS0V6) [610] Find a cheaper one.
Tony (PS0V4) [611] We'll have a think through.
Jackie (PS0V5) [612] Well she'll still get her ch her stocking and
Tony (PS0V4) [613] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [614] a voucher for Christmas.
Tony (PS0V4) [615] Yeah ... and she'll have other things to open on Christmas day won't she.
Jackie (PS0V5) [616] Yes, I don't think she's going to be short, do you?
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Christine (PS0V6) [617] A bit like with the keyboards isn't it ... two keyboards for a birthday present.
Jackie (PS0V5) [618] The thing the desk you can use ... once we've got your bedroom sorted out
Christine (PS0V6) [619] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [620] but Christine it's gonna be ... arranging that desk is gonna take a whole er oh ... arranging the bedroom is gonna take a whole day ... cos you're wardrobe is too heavy to move on it's own it's got to be taken apart
Christine (PS0V6) [621] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [622] Okay?
Christine (PS0V6) [623] I really want it in.
Jackie (PS0V5) [624] But it's gonna take a long time, it's not gonna be a ... quick half hour job
Christine (PS0V6) [625] Yeah ... It's gonna involve a lot of moving as well
Jackie (PS0V5) [626] Well no not ... the heaviest thing is your wardrobe
Christine (PS0V6) [627] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [628] and that's gotta be taken apart right?
Christine (PS0V6) [...]
Jackie (PS0V5) [629] And the bed will slide to one end.
Christine (PS0V6) [630] [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [631] Everything's got to be sorted out I think her pram and ... her other desk is gonna have to go up in the
Christine (PS0V6) [632] Mummy?
Jackie (PS0V5) [633] Yes.
Christine (PS0V6) [634] Mummy, there's one thing I don't like though
Jackie (PS0V5) [635] What's that?
Christine (PS0V6) [636] Gonna have [...] ages
Jackie (PS0V5) [637] Well I think I might be able to sort that out a lot of it will be underneath your
Christine (PS0V6) [638] You know where [...]
Jackie (PS0V5) [639] well some of
Tony (PS0V4) [640] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [641] it will covered up in any case.
Christine (PS0V6) [642] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [643] It's alright, I'm just ... going up one [...] up here.
Tony (PS0V4) [644] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [645] That place where your wardrobe is
Christine (PS0V6) [646] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [647] erm ... will be covered up by your bed
Christine (PS0V6) [648] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [649] and the place where two of th
Christine (PS0V6) [650] It's not my wardrobe so much, it's my bed ... my bed
Jackie (PS0V5) [651] Yeah, but
Christine (PS0V6) [652] is at one end
Jackie (PS0V5) [653] Well I've ... heard of a tip ... whether it works or not I don't know ... so we'll try it and see ... that's all
Christine (PS0V6) [654] Alright, what's that
Jackie (PS0V5) [655] we can do ... she put an ice cube on the ... splodge ... let it melt and when it drys out the carpet comes up again but I don't know if it'll work but it can't do any harm, can it?
Christine (PS0V6) [656] No, just might be quite a bit wet.
Jackie (PS0V5) [657] Be a [...] daughter.
Tony (PS0V4) [658] Oh god.
Jackie (PS0V5) [659] [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [660] [laugh] .
Christine (PS0V6) [661] What's that?
Jackie (PS0V5) [662] This thing
Tony (PS0V4) [663] The
Jackie (PS0V5) [664] that you we're playing with this morning and you didn't put it in properly.
Christine (PS0V6) [665] Yeah, [...] and rubbing it all down the window with my cardi.
Jackie (PS0V5) [666] Yeah.
[667] ... I've spoken, don't do that any more!
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Christine (PS0V6) [668] Squeak.
Jackie (PS0V5) [669] Don't do that any more.
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Christine (PS0V6) [670] Can't wait to get this bedroom sorted out [...] ... Do think I could have my desk [...] ?
Jackie (PS0V5) [671] I think so there's not much point in ... keeping it in it's box is there
Christine (PS0V6) [672] No, it's gonna put to good use
Tony (PS0V4) [673] What do you think?
[674] ... Tony?
Christine (PS0V6) [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [675] Yeah, okay but we'll have to do it when we've got time
Jackie (PS0V5) [676] Don't
Tony (PS0V4) [677] and that might be ... shortly before Christmas anyway.
Jackie (PS0V5) [678] Okay?
Christine (PS0V6) [679] Okay.
Jackie (PS0V5) [680] It's only another three, four weeks to Christmas now in any case.
Tony (PS0V4) [681] You might have to wait until we're act
Jackie (PS0V5) [682] She's been a bit sick.
Tony (PS0V4) [683] Oh ... you might have to fit ... you might have to fix ... you might have to wait until we've got ... time off over Christmas before we do it, anyway.
Christine (PS0V6) [684] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [685] Cos we've only got Sundays ... and this Sunday
Christine (PS0V6) [686] I tell you what I'd love now
Jackie (PS0V5) [687] we're gonna be clearing out those, thank you ... the rest
Christine (PS0V6) [688] Dad.
Jackie (PS0V5) [689] of your ... bedroom ... Sunday after probably Grandma will be coming up
Christine (PS0V6) [690] Yeah ... Daddy?
Tony (PS0V4) [691] Yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [692] What I want to do ... up our steps on the twentieth of December
Tony (PS0V4) [693] Yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [694] [...] I want to come home I want to go up to my bedroom and get on with [...]
Jackie (PS0V5) [695] Well you'll have your bedroom will be totally different, it will be
Christine (PS0V6) [696] I know.
Tony (PS0V4) [697] Yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [698] Brilliant.
Jackie (PS0V5) [699] much more grown up.
Christine (PS0V6) [700] My desk will be there and my dungarees will be there.
Jackie (PS0V5) [701] I think though, your lamp you're gonna have to wait for your lamp because that's ... but you can have your desk
Christine (PS0V6) [702] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [703] and we'll Grandma about the chair, but I can't see her saying no
Christine (PS0V6) [704] No.
Tony (PS0V4) [705] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [706] cos Grandma buying you you're chair isn't she.
Christine (PS0V6) [707] Yeah, I know but I ... can't really do [...] can I ... I have to get the stool from downstairs.
Jackie (PS0V5) [708] Yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [709] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [710] I think Grandma will agree.
Christine (PS0V6) [711] No, she won't.
Jackie (PS0V5) [712] Oh I didn't ask your Mum if she wanted any ... sweet and sour ... is he stopping, going?
Tony (PS0V4) [713] Ha, ha.
Jackie (PS0V5) [714] Stopping.
Tony (PS0V4) [715] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [716] I must pump up these tyres [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [717] Oh.
Jackie (PS0V5) [laughing] [...] []
Tony (PS0V4) [718] Well I'll have to do it over the weekend.
Jackie (PS0V5) [719] Yeah and the car needs a wash as well.
Tony (PS0V4) [720] Right.
Jackie (PS0V5) [721] Look at that man sitting there [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [722] Yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [723] Sit back.
Tony (PS0V4) [724] There's Dad.
Jackie (PS0V5) [725] Oh there's Grampy.
Tony (PS0V4) [726] Erm I'll stop this a minute.

8 (Tape 010208)

Jackie (PS0V5) [727] Tony's wired for action [laugh] .
Mum (PS0V8) [728] [laughing] Oh yeah []
Tony (PS0V4) [729] It's got a little microphone out there ... you alright you got the bags.
Christine (PS0V6) [730] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [731] Right.
Christine (PS0V6) [732] They're gonna be thinking ... Nanny come on take it down.
Mum (PS0V8) [733] Oh do I do I take our.
Tony (PS0V4) [734] Yeah, Yeah you take
Mum (PS0V8) [735] take our er friend in there.
Jackie (PS0V5) [736] Oh it'll be alright, yeah. [laugh]
Mum (PS0V8) [737] [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [738] We what?
Jackie (PS0V5) [739] Have you got the letter ... the [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [740] Oh ... yeah ah I
Christine (PS0V6) [741] Daddy?
Tony (PS0V4) [742] haven't got the letter it's in the car.
Christine (PS0V6) [743] Daddy ... they're gonna be saying Anneka Rice?
[744] ... Where's her film crew?
[745] [laugh] ... Imagine saying that
Jackie (PS0V5) [746] [laugh] ... I don't think Daddy's got the legs
Tony (PS0V4) [747] I don't think, I don't think I'm quite that shape.
Jackie (PS0V5) [748] [laughing] No [] .
Tony (PS0V4) [749] Erm
Mum (PS0V8) [750] I don't think Daddy's got the energy to ... to to run all round Tesco's either.
Christine (PS0V6) [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [751] Oh I don't know ... Yeah.
Mum (PS0V8) [752] Asking them to donate.
Jackie (PS0V5) [753] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [754] On ... I had a half day on Wednesday
Mum (PS0V8) [755] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [756] took my driving test
Mum (PS0V8) [757] Did you?
Tony (PS0V4) [758] And I
Mum (PS0V8) [759] Ah.
Tony (PS0V4) [760] failed. [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [761] You know the result.
Mum (PS0V8) [762] Yeah ... ah ... what a shame.
Tony (PS0V4) [763] Otherwise I'd have been driving tonight
Mum (PS0V8) [764] Yeah?
[765] ... Ah ... on much?
Tony (PS0V4) [766] Erm ... but er ... no not a lot, not a lot
Mum (PS0V8) [767] Oh.
Tony (PS0V4) [768] erm use of erm ... use of clutch of and gears was a bit needed some more work
Mum (PS0V8) [769] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [770] I er ended up ... I I coasted round a corner which is something you shouldn't do
Mum (PS0V8) [771] Aha.
Tony (PS0V4) [772] Erm ... and I sli I yo ... pulled me up to one corner and I know it's really nasty
Mum (PS0V8) [773] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [774] Erm so I slowed right down ... and then was criticized cos I over sl cos I slowed down too much.
Mum (PS0V8) [775] Ah.
Tony (PS0V4) [776] I knew it was a really tight corner and so I slowed right down and was criticized for it, ha.

9 (Tape 010209)

Jackie (PS0V5) [777] I think you might like more what's round the other side.
Tony (PS0V4) [778] Mm.
Christine (PS0V6) [779] Are you gonna get one with some little tassels on then Dad?
Tony (PS0V4) [780] I don't know.
Jackie (PS0V5) [781] Cos you're best ones are like that aren't they?
Tony (PS0V4) [782] Yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [783] What a [...] ... ooh.
Tony (PS0V4) [784] Ooh ... ooh.
Jackie (PS0V5) [785] Mummy ... Mum [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [786] Leave ... yes.
Christine (PS0V6) [787] Thank you.
Jackie (PS0V5) [788] Comfy.
Christine (PS0V6) [789] Look.
Tony (PS0V4) [790] Mm ... that's a nine ... feel the inside of that
Jackie (PS0V5) [791] Ooh
Tony (PS0V4) [792] It'll be ideal for work
Jackie (PS0V5) [793] and the sole goes right up over there so you're not
Tony (PS0V4) [794] Mm
Jackie (PS0V5) [795] gonna lose a bit off the front.
Tony (PS0V4) [796] [laugh] ... What is it ... what's it made of?
Jackie (PS0V5) [797] Leather ... I can see that
Tony (PS0V4) [798] Is it?
Jackie (PS0V5) [799] Leather upper manmade lining and sole.
Tony (PS0V4) [800] Oh that's okay ... How much are they?
Jackie (PS0V5) [801] Seventeen ninety nine
Tony (PS0V4) [802] Mm
Jackie (PS0V5) [803] Better than the [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [804] That's not bad ... what are those? ... cheaper [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [805] Look it's not the cheap that you're looking for.
Tony (PS0V4) [806] Don't like them
Jackie (PS0V5) [807] No, neither do I.
Tony (PS0V4) [808] to be quite honest.
Jackie (PS0V5) [809] Let's looking you're looking for comfortable shoes aren't you?
Tony (PS0V4) [810] They're smart, they're a bit I don't like those ... they go slippy slidey all over the place with those ... but these are nice.
Jackie (PS0V5) [811] It's a shame they don't do the grey ones in black cos they looked comfortable as well.
Tony (PS0V4) [812] Those?
[813] ... Yeah ... they do
Jackie (PS0V5) [814] Sorry?
Tony (PS0V4) [815] Yeah they look ... they do look comfortable but
Jackie (PS0V5) [816] Sorry.
Tony (PS0V4) [817] I mean I don't have to wear black shoes but ... they do suit
Jackie (PS0V5) [818] I think I've put my foot in it don't you?
Mum (PS0V8) [819] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [820] Why's that?
[821] ... Mm?
Jackie (PS0V5) [822] When I said oh gosh [...] personally.
Tony (PS0V4) [823] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [824] I mean he doesn't know the [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [825] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [826] he's only had them
Tony (PS0V4) [827] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [828] for a few months.
Tony (PS0V4) [829] That's right.
Jackie (PS0V5) [830] Stupid.
Tony (PS0V4) [831] Yep ... I agree ... erm ... I'd better try them on hadn't I?
Jackie (PS0V5) [832] Try them on, yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [833] I hate this [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [834] Erm
Jackie (PS0V5) [835] I'll hold on to you dear. [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [836] I do need a new pair of shoes.
Jackie (PS0V5) [837] You desperately need a new pair of shoes.
Tony (PS0V4) [838] Certainly ... oop er ... ooh
Jackie (PS0V5) [839] Do they feel good?
Tony (PS0V4) [840] That's a nine ... have they got
Jackie (PS0V5) [841] A ten?
Tony (PS0V4) [842] a ten
Jackie (PS0V5) [843] I could ask the girl to see for you.
Tony (PS0V4) [844] I'm not ... it's just that my fe ... ah but they're not laced up are they?
[845] ... Ah now that's better ... only it felt as if my
Jackie (PS0V5) [846] and they will give a bit
Tony (PS0V4) [847] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [848] but they're leather.
Tony (PS0V4) [849] Yeah, they're quite soft anyway ... it just felt as if they were sort of my toes were sort of jammed up against the end ... but
Jackie (PS0V5) [850] How do they feel now?
Tony (PS0V4) [851] Ah ... I mean they will soften anyway and they are comfortable ... it's just that the sides are a bit rigid at the moment but then they're bound to be ... and they will give.
Jackie (PS0V5) [852] Yeah ... well tha that's the nice thing about having leather shoes
Tony (PS0V4) [853] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [854] if you sort of go to fit you sl
Tony (PS0V4) [855] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [856] slightly ... I mean if they're uncomfortable don't have them.
Tony (PS0V4) [857] No they're not uncomfortable ... ah ... get the other shoe off ... oop ... mm ... just ... there
Jackie (PS0V5) [858] Do the lace up a little bit more
Tony (PS0V4) [859] they're rather narrow ... just there ... no ... I'm sorry they're too narrow ... they're really st ... tight across there.
Jackie (PS0V5) [860] Well that's no good then is it?
Tony (PS0V4) [861] I my my little toe is
Jackie (PS0V5) [862] [...] are comfortable.
Tony (PS0V4) [863] They are yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [864] Do you like your best shoes? ... but those look wider across the toes.
Tony (PS0V4) [865] No, no those are too narrow ... I'm getting fussy in my old age perhaps but
Jackie (PS0V5) [866] No it's not fussy i i if they're not comfortable you're gonna have problems with your feet
Tony (PS0V4) [867] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [868] and that's silly.
Tony (PS0V4) [869] Oh no those are fine.
Jackie (PS0V5) [870] Those ones?
Tony (PS0V4) [871] Those are really fine ... apart from the fact that it's the wrong foot ... ha.
Jackie (PS0V5) [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [872] Oh hang on ... no that's two ... they're it's two right foot
Jackie (PS0V5) [873] What size was it again?
Tony (PS0V4) [874] Nine.
Jackie (PS0V5) [875] What are those ... eight? ... nine ... is that the other one.
Tony (PS0V4) [876] Yeah ... yeah those are fine ... those were comfortable
Jackie (PS0V5) [877] Were they slippy when you walked ... have a little walk [...] ... I liked them with laces.
Tony (PS0V4) [878] Mm ... no they're they're fine ... and they they would be nice for sort of best shoes wouldn't they?
Jackie (PS0V5) [879] Well you could have a look at your best ones and decide which ones you want to keep for best.
Tony (PS0V4) [880] Mm ... yeah ... how much are they.?
Jackie (PS0V5) [881] I don't know, it doesn't matter.
Tony (PS0V4) [882] [laugh] ... Yes it does.
Jackie (PS0V5) [883] There's no price on them so it doesn't matter ... there isn't a price on any of them so ... oh we'll [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [884] Seventeen ninety nine ... that's okay then ... if it's alright with you it's alright with me.
Jackie (PS0V5) [885] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [886] I know I'll end up with two pairs of shoes similar but
Jackie (PS0V5) [887] Well it's up to you if you want them to s ... shall I see if I can find a girl ... and you might try a size ten in the other ones ... would you like me
Tony (PS0V4) [888] No ... I'll tell you why ... it's not the fact that they ... they fit but they're too narrow ... if
Jackie (PS0V5) [889] Oh.
Tony (PS0V4) [890] I went for a size ten ... it would be too big do you see what I mean ... whereas those fit ... okay?
Jackie (PS0V5) [891] Yep.
Tony (PS0V4) [892] Oh well ... it's gonna be another forty five minutes [...] ... I must admit I have sympathy for the people who are going to listen to this.
Jackie (PS0V5) [893] Yeah so have I, it must be boring.
Tony (PS0V4) [894] Must be really boring.
Jackie (PS0V5) [895] To actually go through it a bit at a time ... I mean the majority of it is fine [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [896] Mm ... [...] was quite a hard ... hard part of the sample to find [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [897] Do you know what [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [898] The ... unemployed person within ... between thirty five and forty five
Jackie (PS0V5) [899] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [900] is quite hard to find one around our estate [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [901] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [902] A lot of the people are over employed.
Mum (PS0V8) [903] One cabbage ... give your pet rabbit for the [...]
Jackie (PS0V5) [904] His Dad's foot, he's still limping isn't he?
Mum (PS0V8) [905] Yeah, he's not as bad though ... a lot better
Tony (PS0V4) [906] Mm.
Mum (PS0V8) [907] yeah ... it's a lot better.
Jackie (PS0V5) [908] Cos I noticed when we were there and it just collapsed he couldn't walk a lot.
Mum (PS0V8) [909] No, no it's a lot better ... than what it was ... he went to the doctor and the doctor said [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [910] Really?
Mum (PS0V8) [911] Yes ... She went up [laughing] and I [...] [] ... it's smaller ... it's ... it's soft
Jackie (PS0V5) [912] Oh stupid you've got
Mum (PS0V8) [913] and then
Jackie (PS0V5) [914] no hard skin there
Mum (PS0V8) [915] no ... he thinks doctors have got [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [916] Oh ... wait a minute the doctor shouldn't have seen it then should he?
Mum (PS0V8) [917] [...] ... Gotta a get any damsons today?
[918] ... Gotta get any apples today?
Jackie (PS0V5) [919] No I've ... we've got some at home ... I got some ... erm
Mum (PS0V8) [920] Oh yes.
Jackie (PS0V5) [921] I got two big plastic
Mum (PS0V8) [922] Oh ... that's a lot.
Christine (PS0V6) [923] Daddy?
Tony (PS0V4) [924] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [925] So you said she started to grow sesame herbs.
Mum (PS0V8) [926] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [927] What you want to do is [...] and said probably again nine months after
Mum (PS0V8) [928] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [929] then I could start [...] and you don't get any [...]
Mum (PS0V8) [930] Oh great ... how many could he do?
Jackie (PS0V5) [931] Don't start Chris!
Mum (PS0V8) [932] Yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [933] Don't start!
Mum (PS0V8) [934] [...] ... yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [935] [...] and send it to [...]
Mum (PS0V8) [936] That's great.
Jackie (PS0V5) [937] so ... with a bit of luck we won't have to go
Tony (PS0V4) [938] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [939] any more.
Tony (PS0V4) [940] Yeah ... Dot was telling me how erm ... they had somebody ... with th erm ... similar problem but more pronounced
Jackie (PS0V5) [941] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [942] and they actually failed ... there erm ... her riding test because they weren't sitting straight on the horse.
Jackie (PS0V5) [943] Yeah ... yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [944] And the reason why they weren't sitting straight is because one shoulder was higher than the other.
Mum (PS0V8) [945] Ah yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [946] One of my shoulders [...] is like higher than the other.
Jackie (PS0V5) [947] No.
Tony (PS0V4) [948] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [949] Your lucky didn't they say yours were very narrow [...] never mind you can go along and enter again.
Christine (PS0V6) [...]
Jackie (PS0V5) [...]
Mum (PS0V8) [950] Yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [951] Grandma? ... come here ... [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [952] Ha ha.
Mum (PS0V8) [953] I'll make [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [954] If you wanna ... me to turn it off at anytime ... just say.
Jackie (PS0V5) [955] I just wonder how it's gonna come out ... with all the background noise, I wonder whether
Tony (PS0V4) [956] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [957] it's gonna be ... worth
Tony (PS0V4) [958] Well
Jackie (PS0V5) [959] them having.
Tony (PS0V4) [960] yeah
Jackie (PS0V5) [961] That's all.
Tony (PS0V4) [962] it's not my problem I'm afraid.
Jackie (PS0V5) [963] No ... well it's not but ... trying to say
Tony (PS0V4) [964] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [965] Do we need any bin liners?
[966] ... I bought some ... last week didn't I Chris?
[967] ... Have the bin liners ... we got enough black bags ... yes we've got
Tony (PS0V4) [968] We've got enough black bags.
Jackie (PS0V5) [969] yeah cos I over
Tony (PS0V4) [970] Okay.
Jackie (PS0V5) [971] What you doing [...]
Christine (PS0V6) [972] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [973] What do you think?
Christine (PS0V6) [974] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [975] She's being a vandal.
Christine (PS0V6) [976] Cut all this that's going on tape.
Tony (PS0V4) [977] [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [978] Oh yes ... [...] a vandal.
Christine (PS0V6) [979] Oh look they've got a teddy bear.
Jackie (PS0V5) [980] She's got all her [...] .
Christine (PS0V6) [981] Has she?
Jackie (PS0V5) [982] Yep.
Tony (PS0V4) [983] Yep ... first of December ... Sunday ... start opening those things and eating those sweets.
Mum (PS0V8) [984] You don't eat them tha
Tony (PS0V4) [985] Oh no.
Mum (PS0V8) [986] that's just a pretty one.
Tony (PS0V4) [987] That's right what was I thinking of.
Mum (PS0V8) [988] I mean she doesn't ... she don't get through a lot of chocolates does she?
Tony (PS0V4) [989] No.
Mum (PS0V8) [990] Can you reach me three of those small tins ... at the top ... the processed ones.
Tony (PS0V4) [991] Yeah.
Mum (PS0V8) [992] Thank you very much I won't let you put it in your trolley.
Jackie (PS0V5) [993] Ha ha.
Tony (PS0V4) [994] Do we want any of those for Christine?
Jackie (PS0V5) [995] What?
[996] ... She doesn't likes the processed ones she likes the [...] ones.
Tony (PS0V4) [997] Oh have they got any ... yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [998] Did you get some sweetcorn? ... right ... We got some brussels sprouts
Tony (PS0V4) [999] Brussels ... yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1000] I thought it might be nice to put her back on her vitamin tablets actually ... it's just a vitamin C haliborange one.
Christine (PS0V6) [1001] [...] Christmas streamers.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1002] Go alright starting to get fed up you know.
Tony (PS0V4) [1003] [laugh] ... Oh sorry!
[1004] ... You would have been proud of my driving test examiner.
Mum (PS0V8) [1005] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1006] Is it that size?
Mum (PS0V8) [1007] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1008] Shall I see if I can get you some [...] ?
Mum (PS0V8) [1009] Yeah please Jack cos er ... I er that's been enough for me to open for myself ... and the big one's too big.
Tony (PS0V4) [1010] He turned round to me and he said ... erm ... right then ... I'll take you t would you take me to your vehicle ... erm ... and may I call you Anthony?
Mum (PS0V8) [1011] Oh ... very nice.
Tony (PS0V4) [1012] So I said ... yes okay. [laugh]
Mum (PS0V8) [1013] No, I don't like it.
Tony (PS0V4) [1014] I nearly said no I don't like it call me Tony
Mum (PS0V8) [1015] Call me Tony.
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Mum (PS0V8) [1016] It's a wonder you didn't.
Tony (PS0V4) [1017] [laugh] ... oh ... it made ... it made a nice change.
Mum (PS0V8) [1018] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1019] No you do it when you're telling me off. [laugh]
Mum (PS0V8) [1020] Yeah. [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [1021] Sorry?
Tony (PS0V4) [1022] I say Mum calls me Anthony when she's telling me off.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1023] Who?
Tony (PS0V4) [1024] Mum.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1025] Yeah. [laugh]
Mum (PS0V8) [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [1026] You think oops I've done something wrong. [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Mum (PS0V8) [1027] [...] a packet of cereal there.
Christine (PS0V6) [1028] [...] .
Mum (PS0V8) [1029] No ... it's bad for you [...] ... won't be half busy to come out the Sunday before Christmas won't it?
Tony (PS0V4) [1030] Mm ... bi
Jackie (PS0V5) [1031] I was just thinking that way as well.
Mum (PS0V8) [1032] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1033] Mm.
Mum (PS0V8) [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [1034] Mm.
Christine (PS0V6) [1035] Come on Dad let's go.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1036] [...] ... I like to keep one of those just in case they er ... [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1037] Round here with the toys.
Christine (PS0V6) [1038] Grandma, [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1039] Ha, Ha, Ha.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1040] No Vicky I meant.
Tony (PS0V4) [1041] I thought you said where's Christine?
Jackie (PS0V5) [1042] No Vicky.
Tony (PS0V4) [1043] Oh.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1044] I can't see her.
Tony (PS0V4) [1045] No ... I can't yet.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1046] She's probably way up the other end.
Tony (PS0V4) [1047] Aha ... leave the poor girl alone to her work.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1048] Christine.
Christine (PS0V6) [1049] Yes.

10 (Tape 010210)

Jackie (PS0V5) [1050] Oh little babies.
Tony (PS0V4) [1051] Oh dear.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1052] It's good actually cos it's not obvious
Tony (PS0V4) [1053] I haven't g ... I haven't got any other tapes.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1054] Oh well wait until that's finished it's that's it then
Tony (PS0V4) [1055] That's it then for today.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1056] till tomorrow.
Tony (PS0V4) [1057] Yeah.

11 (Tape 010211)

Tony (PS0V4) [1058] Mum!
Mum (PS0V8) [1059] Thank you.
Tony (PS0V4) [1060] Well spotted.
Mum (PS0V8) [1061] How much are they?
Jackie (PS0V5) [1062] Three nineteen.
Mum (PS0V8) [1063] Right okay.
Jackie (PS0V5) [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [1064] Oh yes ... loves them doesn't he.
Mum (PS0V8) [1065] [cough] [...] urgh!
Tony (PS0V4) [1066] Yeah.
Mum (PS0V8) [1067] They might look very attractive

12 (Tape 010212)

Tony (PS0V4) [1068] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1069] Nice gooey cake [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1070] We shouldn't should we?
Jackie (PS0V5) [1071] No ... which one do you want then [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1072] No ... okay.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1073] Those are nice.
Tony (PS0V4) [1074] What, those or those?
Jackie (PS0V5) [1075] This.
Tony (PS0V4) [1076] Okay.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1077] They're all nice actually aren't they?
Tony (PS0V4) [1078] Is that alright, yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1079] [...] kitchen cupboard let's do it properly. [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [1080] Okay.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1081] Do you only want sweet [...]

13 (Tape 010213)

Jackie (PS0V5) [1082] That's a new one ... Hovis White.
Tony (PS0V4) [1083] Hovis White ... mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1084] Don't particularly want any more
Tony (PS0V4) [1085] Ah ... sorry ... erm
Jackie (PS0V5) [1086] If I pull that out.
Tony (PS0V4) [1087] Okay.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1088] Don't [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1089] Ha?
Jackie (PS0V5) [1090] Get
Tony (PS0V4) [1091] Ooh ... nearly ran Mum over. [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [1092] Oh remember those Brownies?
Tony (PS0V4) [1093] Oh ... oh they were really sickly rich, weren't they and
Jackie (PS0V5) [1094] Yep.
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [1095] Nice though but
Tony (PS0V4) [1096] Mhm
Jackie (PS0V5) [1097] too much though.
Tony (PS0V4) [1098] A bit too much really.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1099] We need some more meat for Ben from the pet shop.
Mum (PS0V8) [1100] Oh look!
Jackie (PS0V5) [1101] Yeah they had those in last week.
Mum (PS0V8) [1102] Six.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1103] Six.
Mum (PS0V8) [1104] I think those are one twenty nine
Jackie (PS0V5) [1105] and what are those ten [...]
Mum (PS0V8) [1106] There's two forty four ... no two forty four, twenty four
Tony (PS0V4) [1107] Yeah, two fo
Mum (PS0V8) [1108] two forty it would have been
Tony (PS0V4) [1109] Two forty ... yeah.
Mum (PS0V8) [1110] So it's cheaper to buy those ... [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [1111] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1112] It's all different varieties, one, two, three ... six ... different varieties.
Tony (PS0V4) [1113] six ... different varieties yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1114] Oh he'll like that ... it's got his tripe [...]
Mum (PS0V8) [1115] Oh Yuk!
Jackie (PS0V5) [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [1116] He likes it no matter what you pu ... although he didn't like that other stuff we bought did he?
Jackie (PS0V5) [1117] No ... no ... no.
Christine (PS0V6) [1118] And he likes tripe.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1119] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1120] Yeah ... he likes that make but ... Urgh! ... the cat litters spilt.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1121] Urgh!
Tony (PS0V4) [1122] What did you say?
Jackie (PS0V5) [1123] I said shall I get him some more chews?
Tony (PS0V4) [1124] How many has he got do you know?
Jackie (PS0V5) [1125] About half a box ... at home ... [...] ... oh I will [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [1126] No he's got ... mm
Jackie (PS0V5) [1127] that er
Tony (PS0V4) [1128] he's got enough to keep him going for now.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1129] Yeah ... potatoes including maggots! [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [1130] [laughing] really good [] ... sorry.
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Mum (PS0V8) [1131] Vegetarian potatoes ha ha.
Tony (PS0V4) [1132] Sorry?
Mum (PS0V8) [1133] Vegetarian potatoes.
Tony (PS0V4) [1134] Yeah ... what?
Jackie (PS0V5) [1135] Have you switched off yet?
Tony (PS0V4) [1136] No ... do want me ... okay.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1137] No I just wondered ... oh it has
Tony (PS0V4) [1138] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1139] Turn round ... where's the little light then?
[1140] ... Oh round there ... just wondered whether you wanted to keep a bit of tape for Vicky.
Tony (PS0V4) [1141] Oh ... Is she here?
Jackie (PS0V5) [1142] I don't know I haven't seen her yet ... probably ... I want to get some minced beef ... got some lamb ... have ... little erm ... [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [1143] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1144] but we're being good.
Tony (PS0V4) [1145] Are we? [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [1146] Oh that's just once a week ... [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [1147] Yeah okay ... no.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1148] Some [...]
Mum (PS0V8) [1149] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1150] [laugh] ... In fact I do like these [...] I think I'll get one
Mum (PS0V8) [1151] Yeah. [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [1152] to put in the fridge ... how are your [...] nearly there?
Mum (PS0V8) [1153] [...] ... it's surprising how that much went by isn't it?
Jackie (PS0V5) [1154] Oh yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1155] Yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [1156] What?
[1157] ... What was funny it made a loud noise but it hurt my ankle as well.
Tony (PS0V4) [1158] What?
Christine (PS0V6) [1159] That.
Tony (PS0V4) [1160] Oh ... sorry I didn't notice that.
Christine (PS0V6) [1161] It hurt me there ... yeah it hurt me.
Tony (PS0V4) [1162] I was trying to listen to what Grandma was saying.

14 (Tape 010214)

Vicky (PS0V9) [1163] I can't say anything now
Tony (PS0V4) [1164] It's too late you're already recording. [laugh]
Vicky (PS0V9) [1165] That's not fair.
Tony (PS0V4) [1166] [laugh] ... Do you mind?
Vicky (PS0V9) [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [1167] [laughing] You just can't think of anything to say now can you [] .
Vicky (PS0V9) [1168] I've gone bright red
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Vicky (PS0V9) [1169] but you can't see that.
Tony (PS0V4) [1170] Right ... good.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1171] He put it on and walked round with it for about ten minutes before we had the nerve to [laughing] say anything to him [] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1172] Nobody would talk to me.
Vicky (PS0V9) [1173] I can't say I blame them.
Tony (PS0V4) [1174] No.
Vicky (PS0V9) [1175] No ... What's it for anyway, come on.
Tony (PS0V4) [1176] It's it is a nationwide survey on spoken English ... erm there's a somebody approached me today ... and said would I carry a tape around for a week and record people talking.
Vicky (PS0V9) [1177] It's actually for a spoken

15 (Tape 010301)

Tony (PS0V4) [1178] Oh dear, and er ... I got new pair of sheets, because they were erm ... they were the ones I had [...] .
[1179] So I've got that type [...] pair of sheets.
Dot (PS0VA) [1180] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1181] Erm quite like these actually, there slip on's and, and they've got and they got erm studs [...]
Dot (PS0VA) [1182] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [1183] down there and [...] decoration and have on [...] .
[1184] I keep those best and where these then, these used to be my best shoes, [laugh] .
Dot (PS0VA) [1185] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1186] Yeah.
Dot (PS0VA) [1187] Is that [...] .
[1188] I thought you might like to [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1189] Mm, yeah, thinking.
Dot (PS0VA) [1190] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1191] [laugh] .
Dot (PS0VA) [1192] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1193] [laugh] , yeah it's come in handy to put those things right at the beginning, that's the first thing you look at, you do it on purpose.
Dot (PS0VA) [1194] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1195] Yeah.

16 (Tape 010302)

Tony (PS0V4) [1196] Did erm, have you seen this [...] and it's for when you eh, eh change your week ending [...] .
Dot (PS0VA) [1197] Yeah, I think so.
Tony (PS0V4) [1198] And what you do, is you, say the whole week ending in [car horn] , [laugh] , your week ending day is Tuesday, so you do that, the new week ending day, so the Wednesday's got to be four.

17 (Tape 010303)

Tony (PS0V4) [1199] That's Wales, is it North Wales?
[1200] Yeah.
Dot (PS0VA) [1201] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1202] Yeah, how long did it take you to get up?
Dot (PS0VA) [1203] [...] I went up [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1204] Not that, yeah.
Dot (PS0VA) [1205] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1206] Yeah, yeah, yeah it must be because it's erm, is it two hundred miles or not quite?
Dot (PS0VA) [1207] I don't know [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1208] Ah yeah, yeah, so what are the roads like is it [...] any roads or
Dot (PS0VA) [1209] Some of them are. [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1210] No.
Dot (PS0VA) [1211] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1212] Yeah.
Dot (PS0VA) [1213] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1214] Mm.
[1215] Is it quite hilly er, quite twisty or what [...] .
Dot (PS0VA) [1216] It varies quite a lot.
[1217] With erm [...] in the dark it [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1218] Mm.
Dot (PS0VA) [1219] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1220] [laugh] .
Dot (PS0VA) [1221] And guess what they did [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [1222] Yeah.
Dot (PS0VA) [1223] And that [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1224] Mm, mm, yeah, yeah, [...] .
Dot (PS0VA) [1225] But it was such a lovely [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1226] Yeah.
Dot (PS0VA) [1227] [...] .

18 (Tape 010304)

Martin (PS0VB) [1228] The this is better technical jargon that suppose to help
Tony (PS0V4) [1229] Right .
Martin (PS0VB) [1230] [...] , [...] the recovery of that circular four, appendix one of the planning resources handbook so, all of the items for which the E S can recover the VAT and that the invoices payable, the re-coverall VAT for once are part of the resource allocation and any short fall can seriously effect the E S budget.
[1231] It's [...] that in the period April ninety one to September ninety one there has been under recovery of VAT of nearly half a million pounds, will wait until they recover it [...] of which two er twenty six thousand is the true result of the South West Region of twenty six thousand pounds just over twenty one and a half thousand pounds related to job club fees, with all staff responsible for organising rosters even sure they are around the content of appendix one, section four, and that that [...] correctly identified in cages, Margaret Cornwall.
[1232] Write in the Margaret all systems computer [...] so we can all read it.
Tony (PS0V4) [1233] [laugh] .
Martin (PS0VB) [1234] Well I, I got to get up and walk over and find it .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1235] [laugh] .
Martin (PS0VB) [1236] Because I do not hold ... the appropriate resource in hand, whatever she's got, very helpful isn't it?
Tony (PS0V4) [1237] Yeah, yeah, wonderful.
Martin (PS0VB) [1238] That's all of interest in this I [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1239] [laugh] oh, you know it's amazing when you erm ... a reference always refers to something else, you gotta go and get that
Martin (PS0VB) [1240] Yes, I think ... we ought to do something about it Tony, [...] a message.
[1241] Ah look at this, Client Service [...] Handbook, that's in this [...] over Section F.
[1242] It says F is for literacy problems, debts problems and drug alcohol problems as well as.
[1243] Try telling that to my three year old see what [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1244] [laugh] .
Martin (PS0VB) [1245] It's [...] fire engine.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1246] [laugh] .
Martin (PS0VB) [1247] I didn't [...] .
[1248] Where am I, here we are, New Employer, you have to get a copy of that ... .
Tony (PS0V4) [1249] Some of these official inspections are awful aren't they?
Martin (PS0VB) [1250] Well, there, there going to [...] understand what they, what they've written about as well as [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1251] [laugh] yeah.
Martin (PS0VB) [1252] Oh here, here is a fine example [...] anything with [...] in it has got to be doubtful.
Tony (PS0V4) [1253] [laugh] , yes ... .
Martin (PS0VB) [1254] Goodness gracious me, here we go.
Tony (PS0V4) [1255] Right.
Martin (PS0VB) [1256] Th this is a crunchy, sort off pot putting anyone within the employment service can request change to [...] .
[1257] E G a change to a cost centre or a [...] .
[1258] Changes are to be carefully considered before there [...] because due to the complexity and the importance of those [...] even minor changes, cause unexpected problems.
[1259] That can't mean nothing.
[1260] I suppose, [...] tell me what I shall consider
Tony (PS0V4) [1261] No.
Martin (PS0VB) [1262] How I shall consider it.
[1263] Why I should want to change anything, just nothing. [...] .

19 (Tape 010305)

Martin (PS0VB) [1264] Here gigantic ... gi , we use to have a word of the day when erm Ian was here, use to put word of the day up on the board
Tony (PS0V4) [1265] Mm, mm.
Martin (PS0VB) [1266] What we do is take the, the day of the week and the, the calendar date, it might be the [...] say it was the fourth day of the week Thursday
Tony (PS0V4) [1267] Yeah.
Martin (PS0VB) [1268] And it was July, it's got to [...] .
[1269] It was the third day in July, page four, seven, three and then I had to find a word that I'd never heard off before and put it up on the board.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1270] [...] .
Martin (PS0VB) [1271] Like gromwell, [...] . [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1272] [laugh] .
Martin (PS0VB) [1273] And then people would put up there suggestions of what a gromwell was [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1274] [laugh] .
Martin (PS0VB) [1275] It was good fun, we won't, I won't re-institute that one.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1276] Yeah that's good.
Martin (PS0VB) [1277] Ginormous, where are we, ginormous, erm, no it's not in here and er G Y or J I or J Y so no it doesn't [...] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1278] No , but eh, another word that was ... I've heard used, and it was, actually it was quite annoying because the chap used it, used it wrongly, but I didn't know that he'd used it wrongly at the time.
Martin (PS0VB) [1279] Mm, mm.
[1280] What [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1281] It was paradigm.
Martin (PS0VB) [1282] Paradigm?
Tony (PS0V4) [1283] Yes.
Martin (PS0VB) [1284] Yeah, paradigm that, that's a bit like a paradox but completely different
Tony (PS0V4) [1285] [laugh] .
Martin (PS0VB) [1286] What, what is it [...] as a paradigm .
Tony (PS0V4) [1287] You, you, you can't, yeah , you said you can't use er money as a paradigm for energy.
Martin (PS0VB) [1288] Ah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1289] And what he really meant to say was, you can't use money as a er a ... as a sort of parallel to energy, but paradigm doesn't mean parallel, it means something, something different.
Martin (PS0VB) [1290] It does, doesn't it?
Tony (PS0V4) [1291] Yeah.
Martin (PS0VB) [1292] I mean it's not [...] they way you expect it either, yeah, paradigm means example of pattern of, reflection of noun, hence parasite, big [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1293] [laugh] .
Martin (PS0VB) [1294] No, I don't think I believe [...] at all.
Tony (PS0V4) [1295] No, but, he was using it as, as a fancy word for parallel and he wasn't using it properly.
[1296] The trouble is I didn't know because I've never heard the word before.
Martin (PS0VB) [1297] So, you could off asked him, what's he mean by the word paradigm.
Tony (PS0V4) [1298] Yeah.
Martin (PS0VB) [1299] Because I've never used that word before, he'll say something completely pathetic.
Tony (PS0V4) [1300] [laugh] .
Martin (PS0VB) [1301] At least you'll know what he meant by it.
Tony (PS0V4) [1302] [laugh] .

20 (Tape 010306)

Margaret (PS0VC) [1303] In years to come now they'll life it out and say oh look at it.
[1304] I think it's how they used to speak in the twentieth century.
Tony (PS0V4) [1305] That's right, in the year nineteen ninety one or whatever, no I thought it was quite, quite good.
Margaret (PS0VC) [1306] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1307] Bit of erm ... and it's all anonymous and everything so
Dot (PS0VA) [1308] Oh you've got [...] tape, you've got another one?
[1309] How did you get two?
Margaret (PS0VC) [1310] There's some more at college, I haven't got one yet.
Dot (PS0VA) [1311] Oh alright then.
Margaret (PS0VC) [1312] [...] somebody else's, [...] got mine .
Dot (PS0VA) [1313] As long as you haven't got one yet, that's alright ... I'll be back, I'm just going out to the bank.
Margaret (PS0VC) [1314] Alright.

21 (Tape 010307)

Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1315] Family relations in Birkwood that would be an eye opener for her.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1316] What?
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1317] I'll take it home this weekend and record family relations in Birkwood, that'll be an eye opener because like if I read the handicap for him, he talks absolute gobbledegook, that'll be interesting.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1318] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1319] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1320] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1321] This is the average family, the nuclear family.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1322] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1323] My dad's never called anybody by their proper names so that's what's confusion as well.
Tony (PS0V4) [1324] What's your nickname love?
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1325] Nobby.
Tony (PS0V4) [1326] Nobby.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1327] [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1328] What do you get called Nobby for?
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1329] Nobby Stiles, the little [...] with no teeth.
Tony (PS0V4) [1330] Oh I know , yeah.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1331] Don't ask me why, because he's, because he's ugly.
Tony (PS0V4) [1332] Huh.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1333] [...] Walter, after Walter because he thinks he looks like Walter
Tony (PS0V4) [1334] [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1335] Huh.
Tony (PS0V4) [1336] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1337] I think I'll [...] my desk.
[1338] [noise in background] I [...] walking round the supermarket erm yeah last night
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1339] Did you Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1340] and that's what [...] and I completely [...] the checkout girl because I, I know her quite well, we always have to guess the same one, we have a bit of a laugh and I said do you want to be erm part of a national survey on s this English er on spoken English and she said oh, alright, so I said there you are your on
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1341] [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1342] and she said what, pardon, erm, erm what have I got to say [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1343] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1344] [laugh] .
[1345] It's much better if you just switch it on and forget about it.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1346] Yeah, forget about it.
Tony (PS0V4) [1347] Yeah, that's, that's what I did at, at home.
Tony (PS0V4) [1348] The only thing is then you've got to remember if you, if you have a row or something, to go back and wipe, wipe that bit off [laugh] . [...]
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1349] It's obvious with this training thing takes part you know, I've got to move in to the grotty old school room in [...] so [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1350] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1351] It should've been Concorde.
Tony (PS0V4) [1352] [laugh] .
[1353] Concorde?
Margaret (PS0VC) [1354] By [...] rights you know, would you mind moving into Concorde so [...] can have Brunel, I mean I've got I'm, I'd like to say yes I'll do my move into Concorde [...] broom cupboard
Tony (PS0V4) [1355] [laugh] .
Margaret (PS0VC) [1356] But, eh, [...] my [...] not suppose to give up [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1357] Yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1358] Are they stickers over there?
Tony (PS0V4) [1359] Erm, no the only stickers I've got, they've got the number written on.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1360] Oh, have they got any sixes on?
Tony (PS0V4) [1361] Erm
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1362] I need some stickers.
Tony (PS0V4) [1363] Oh, now, somebody had a roll of blank ones, ... but erm, wonder where they've gone too.
Margaret (PS0VC) [1364] Ah Jack's back now we can't nick our money out of her handbag.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1365] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1366] [...] .
Margaret (PS0VC) [1367] Oh let me [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1368] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1369] I think Tony's hogging them all to himself.
Tony (PS0V4) [1370] No, I'm not [laugh] .
Margaret (PS0VC) [1371] [...] oh, here they are, here they are.
Tony (PS0V4) [1372] Ah, right.
Margaret (PS0VC) [1373] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1374] [...] .
Margaret (PS0VC) [1375] Erm, [...] ... how did you find the script up here, it was alright was it? [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1376] Yeah, not too bad, yeah.
Margaret (PS0VC) [1377] No, I know some of it needs re-writing again.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1378] Yeah, the first [...] .
Margaret (PS0VC) [1379] Yeah. [...]
Margaret (PS0VC) [1380] So what I need, because what I tell you to do you see, is in case there's somebody who fix it up and doesn't know, it's all there, but, you know,
Tony (PS0V4) [1381] [...] .
Margaret (PS0VC) [1382] too much , yeah, right I'll
Tony (PS0V4) [1383] Did you [...] .
Margaret (PS0VC) [1384] Yeah, what I mean I want some time off to be able to re-write properly.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1385] [...] .
[1386] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0VC) [1387] Get a smaller strip like that [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1388] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0VC) [1389] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1390] So [...] could go back to if they wanted too .
Margaret (PS0VC) [1391] Yeah, you need too [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1392] Yeah, that [...] .
Margaret (PS0VC) [1393] That, that makes it easier to work with .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1394] Yeah .
Margaret (PS0VC) [1395] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1396] Yeah, yeah , no that's a good idea.
Margaret (PS0VC) [1397] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1398] Yeah, yeah, ok.
Margaret (PS0VC) [1399] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1400] I've got a few prep days coming up actually.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1401] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1402] [...] known by a number now.
Margaret (PS0VC) [1403] [...] number six for a number one.
Tony (PS0V4) [1404] I don't know if somebody's trying to tell me something, but they've made me number thirteen.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1405] [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1406] Stuck to the desk so I can't move it.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1407] I've got to be careful off is use nine because sixty nine tend to go together don't they ?
Margaret (PS0VC) [1408] Oh you are, are you ?
[1409] [...] . Nine [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1410] [...] .
Margaret (PS0VC) [1411] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1412] I know.
Margaret (PS0VC) [1413] I'm going to run a marathon on Wednesday I'm worried about that, two, two days of packing, I've got funny [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1414] Yeah, yeah [...] .
Margaret (PS0VC) [1415] I must admit, I think it had been better if they'd moved it all over the weekend and then just put it straight again on the Monday, that would be [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1416] I'm, I'm going to find a quiet room because I've got to do some [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1417] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1418] I've got first of all [...] start vacancy taking because eh
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1419] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1420] I haven't done that before.
[1421] [noise in background] Well I was thinking there aren't [...] .
Margaret (PS0VC) [1422] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1423] [...] desert a sinking ship.
Margaret (PS0VC) [1424] [laugh] . [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1425] We'd miss you wouldn't we Tony?
Tony (PS0V4) [1426] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1427] We'd miss Jackie.
Tony (PS0V4) [1428] Huh, huh.
[1429] Of course we will. [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1430] Oh right, [...] there isn't any more but apparently it's within walking distance, so what we were doing we was all walk over there together in the lunch time so, that's alright really lunch time [...] but it's erm
Margaret (PS0VC) [1431] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1432] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0VC) [1433] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1434] Mo Monte Perrie is it? [...] . [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1435] I don't know that posh town at all me. [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1436] Thank you very much, I'll er send that on [...] . [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1437] Sure [...] . [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1438] The one she actually cancelled was the one to her family because I'd already cancelled the group one.
Tony (PS0V4) [1439] Oh dear, dear. [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1440] Yeah, [...] I saw that in John Lewis, the toy department, she said you forgot to cancel Jameson's.
Tony (PS0V4) [1441] Oh no I didn't I said I ... I did I was bit embarrassed about doing it because I've already changed it twice, he said well he rang me again I said oh he must of got his records wrong.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1442] Hang on what date is it for?
Tony (PS0V4) [1443] It's the twenty third, I said that's on Saturday, he said oh we have got these dates wrong now, I said er what you've cancelled is my personal booking but they ask for a work number you see.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1444] Yeah, oh dear.
Tony (PS0V4) [1445] Because [...] holiday he ask me
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1446] [...] book [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1447] yeah, he, he said oh I can just about fit you in, I said oh that's good because otherwise er I said to my friend that will be coming back to her house instead.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1448] [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1449] No, poor thing, she [...] she [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1450] [laugh] .
[1451] [...] oh dear.
Margaret (PS0VC) [1452] I'm not going to be around on Monday.
Tony (PS0V4) [1453] Aren't you?
[1454] Why where are you?
Margaret (PS0VC) [1455] I'm going to be a I V P.
Tony (PS0V4) [1456] Oh, that's a good excuse.
Margaret (PS0VC) [1457] Yeah, that's a good one in't it?
[1458] [laugh] . Not much argument of that though.
Tony (PS0V4) [1459] No.
[1460] ... I don't think you'd get many volunteers to join you either to be honest.
Margaret (PS0VC) [1461] No [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1462] [laugh] .
[1463] I think moving's [...] better than a week of I V P.
[1464] ... Well from my point of view it is, it might not be from yours.
Margaret (PS0VC) [1465] [laugh] .
[1466] That's ok, I'm not eh, I'm not too uncomfortable with that one.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1467] Your alright because there blank, because there blank pieces of paper aren't they, they don't know anything.
Margaret (PS0VC) [1468] Mm, yeah, sometimes.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1469] Yeah.
Margaret (PS0VC) [1470] Sometimes they can
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1471] Bet you get a few [...] .
Margaret (PS0VC) [1472] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1473] [...] . [...] .
Margaret (PS0VC) [1474] Yeah ... Haven't you gone yet?

22 (Tape 010308)

Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1475] Oh I sort of went home and sort of crashed out in, it's a day of communication on [...] on your own it's quiet tiring, [...] .
Margaret (PS0VC) [1476] Huh, [...] and scratch it.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1477] [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1478] Oh it's like that is it?
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1479] [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1480] Oh Sally had a packet curry each it was very appetizing.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1481] [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1482] Do you ever get, oh I never do that do you?
[1483] Yeah.
[1484] What's for tea -get your own.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1485] [laugh] .
Margaret (PS0VC) [1486] [...] I was really, really tired, I was dead tired and [...] , but [...] I always make the tea.
Tony (PS0V4) [1487] Yeah [laugh] .
Margaret (PS0VC) [1488] Did ya?
Tony (PS0V4) [1489] [...] really, really straight forward.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1490] Yeah, like your [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1491] [...] somebody sit down [...] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1492] Yeah .
Tony (PS0V4) [1493] Don't you?
[1494] Start make the tea [...] .
Margaret (PS0VC) [1495] Yeah .
Tony (PS0V4) [1496] And then I usually have to do the washing up as well.
Margaret (PS0VC) [1497] It's there own fought for not being , for not being a bit more assertive I s'pose, but.
Tony (PS0V4) [1498] Right. [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [1499] That's what you get in our house.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1500] You do that at breakfast and then you [...] .
Margaret (PS0VC) [1501] Oh that's nice, yeah [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1502] Really, have a good weekend.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1503] Yeah, same too you.
Tony (PS0V4) [1504] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1505] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1506] Bye.
Tony (PS0V4) [1507] Bye, bye.
Tony (PS0V4) [1508] Think you can afford these chips then Tony?
Tony (PS0V4) [1509] What?
Tony (PS0V4) [1510] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1511] Oh, don't ask me, we normally get tea together.
Tony (PS0V4) [1512] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [1513] I get Christine to [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1514] Oh, [...] , [...] , bye.
[1515] [...] can do you now or ... yeah, eh no, yes that's right so
Margaret (PS0VC) [1516] [...] .

23 (Tape 010309)

Jackie (PS0V5) [1517] Alright Tony?
Tony (PS0V4) [1518] Yes thanks Den.
Christine (PS0V6) [1519] [...] and we can take them down to the Christmas school fare.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1520] Why?
Rene (PS0V7) [1521] And Mandy and Amanda?
Christine (PS0V6) [1522] And Amanda, I'll have to [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1523] [...] .
Christine (PS0V6) [1524] Yes there [...] .
Rene (PS0V7) [1525] In here .
Tony (PS0V4) [1526] And [...] .
Rene (PS0V7) [1527] [...] , until, until, until nine o'clock possibly I think [...] is going to end.
Christine (PS0V6) [1528] I think that's too late
Rene (PS0V7) [1529] Oh.
Christine (PS0V6) [1530] nine, nine o'clock.
Rene (PS0V7) [1531] You let me stay last year.
Christine (PS0V6) [1532] Yeah, but you were at the school last year, you had things to do.
Rene (PS0V7) [1533] I'm gonna have things to do to
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1534] Your only going to [...] .
Rene (PS0V7) [1535] I'm gonna have two things as well, I'm going [...] and buy stuff and [...] and the pizza.
Christine (PS0V6) [1536] Well alright, I don't, I don't mind, but
Rene (PS0V7) [1537] Nine o'clock right, thank you, bye. [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1538] Alright Den?
Jackie (PS0V5) [1539] Yes, and you?
Tony (PS0V4) [1540] Yes, fine thanks, oh [music] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1541] [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1542] What's going on here then?
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1543] [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1544] Oh. [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1545] Oh what is this [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1546] Yeah.
[1547] ... [music] [person on tv talking] Er Gary, [...] do you mind [...] .
[1548] [music] [tv person talking] alright, alright, quite everybody, quite, right, who want's to go first?
[1549] [...] Me, I will Debbie
Christine (PS0V6) [1550] Ah thanks.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1551] Piece of cake? [...] .
Rene (PS0V7) [1552] Mummy.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1553] Christine, I'm not coming in till nine o'clock, perhaps half past eight, half past eight, [music] [...] I will pick you up as well.

24 (Tape 010311)

Tony (PS0V4) [1554] What they gonna have at this fair then?
Christine (PS0V6) [1555] Oh well, it's like a stall you get erm [...] but I haven't got a ticket, Becky said you have to pay about ten P to get in.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1556] [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1557] Oh.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1558] But I do [...] .
Christine (PS0V6) [1559] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1560] And then they have stalls and things, but you'll need money to spend there won't you?
Christine (PS0V6) [1561] Yeah.
Rene (PS0V7) [1562] Dad
Tony (PS0V4) [1563] You'll have to take some money with you.
Rene (PS0V7) [1564] Dad
Tony (PS0V4) [1565] Mm, mm.
Christine (PS0V6) [1566] I like your shirt and I like your tie and I like your watch and I like your shoes.
[1567] Can I have some money?
Jackie (PS0V5) [1568] I would like you to let, I would like you to let me go down to the fair.
Christine (PS0V6) [1569] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1570] [laugh] .
Christine (PS0V6) [1571] Can I have some money?
Tony (PS0V4) [1572] Some money ?
Christine (PS0V6) [1573] Please yeah please, please.
Tony (PS0V4) [1574] Cor I don't know.
Christine (PS0V6) [1575] Go on, you don't want me to beg do you?
Tony (PS0V4) [1576] Have you had [...] have you had pocket money yet?
Jackie (PS0V5) [1577] What's this [...] or something [laugh] .
Christine (PS0V6) [1578] Er no.
Tony (PS0V4) [1579] Oh, we can let you have the pocket money.
Christine (PS0V6) [1580] Yeah, two pounds.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1581] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1582] Ah, but you might off ... can't remember whether we ... bought anything yesterday out of your pocket money.
Christine (PS0V6) [1583] Huh?
Tony (PS0V4) [1584] Did we buy that, anything yesterday, yeah, bought some little babies didn't you?
Christine (PS0V6) [1585] Oh, well that the money that I found out my pocket and the payment granny gave me.
Tony (PS0V4) [1586] Oh right.
Christine (PS0V6) [1587] I found one pound ten P in my pocket
Tony (PS0V4) [1588] Mm, mm.
Christine (PS0V6) [1589] and I'm gonna give you a [...] . ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [1590] Den I told mum about your dad last night with [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1591] Oh yeah . [television] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1592] Christine you'll have to get your feet down me love I want to sit down. [television] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1593] Shall I shuffle along, do you want to sit on the end?
Jackie (PS0V5) [1594] No, I don't mind where I sit as long as I got a seat, ha, ha.
Christine (PS0V6) [1595] Thank you mummy .
Rene (PS0V7) [1596] [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1597] Yeah.
[1598] Oh lot's of people going then?
Christine (PS0V6) [1599] [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1600] That, we'll pick you up at half past eight, not nine o'clock, that's a bit too late.
[1601] The head [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1602] Will you have enough to do ... down there for that length of time Christine?
Christine (PS0V6) [1603] Pardon.
Tony (PS0V4) [1604] Will you have enough to do for that length of time.
Christine (PS0V6) [1605] They got erm
Jackie (PS0V5) [1606] Did you take your bottle of milk in this morning before you went ?
Christine (PS0V6) [1607] it's stopped raining and [...] it's not raining or anything.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1608] Well there weren't any, didn't have any.
Tony (PS0V4) [1609] No it's not raining.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1610] Well you have it might [...] .
Christine (PS0V6) [1611] There be stalls outside if it's not raining , if it rains then they have them indoors.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1612] Did you take our milk in this morning?
Tony (PS0V4) [1613] I can't remember.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1614] Well there's two lots there
Jackie (PS0V5) [1615] Crates there , but no milk.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1616] There's two in, in your, in your, in your, your er a fridge, and I thought it might [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1617] I normally bring that .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1618] So I picked up the thing with an empty bottle and put it in the, on the kitchen.
Tony (PS0V4) [1619] I normally bring the crate in.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1620] [tv on] Well it was marked for one and there was no milk, there was no er, there was an empty bottle in the thing, but no milk, as long as he don't charge you for ... [television on] .
[1621] What they telling her off for?
Rene (PS0V7) [1622] Cos they've been worried with the press in the hospital [...] .

25 (Tape 010312)

Jackie (PS0V5) [1623] Dad phoned me up twice from your house this morning and couldn't get no answer here, he said, I was sat here so I can here the phone go, anyway he went around again later on, tried it, and it was alright then.
[1624] Don't what it was.
Rene (PS0V7) [1625] Weren't that funny? [television]
Jackie (PS0V5) [1626] Also in dad's last night said sat up watching the gold fish and he said oh I'll, I'll give you, I'll give you a tank and I'll get some fish on Sunday.
Rene (PS0V7) [1627] So what did she sa did you say?
Jackie (PS0V5) [1628] Well she didn't think he was serious, [tv on] he was, so were gonna have to phone up tonight and say look, no fish.
Rene (PS0V7) [1629] Mm.

26 (Tape 010313)

Tony (PS0V4) [1630] Oh well not, you can't get them to fit?
Jackie (PS0V5) [1631] No I can't, I can get a size eleven.
Tony (PS0V4) [1632] Mm, mm .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1633] But I've got a very high in-step you see. [tv on] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1634] Oh, so they don't fit across the front. [music]
Jackie (PS0V5) [1635] Is that [...] you bought last night?
Tony (PS0V4) [1636] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1637] Similar to that though in it?
Tony (PS0V4) [1638] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1639] Well when I finally chuck out these brown ones what I wear every day.
Rene (PS0V7) [1640] Well you've got another pair of brown ones upstairs you could wear as well, you've got a new pair of brown ones upstairs
Jackie (PS0V5) [1641] I know.
Rene (PS0V7) [1642] and you've got a pair of black shoes ain't you?
Jackie (PS0V5) [1643] Yeah.
Rene (PS0V7) [1644] Got any others?
Jackie (PS0V5) [1645] No, so I was gonna say, I, I, go ... up to the [...] shop up Kingswood see if they had any cheap up there.

27 (Tape 010314)

Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [1646] No, it'll take a while
Tony (PS0V4) [1647] Yeah .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1648] [...] it'll come suddenly.
[1649] What all you need know is a polishing off.
Tony (PS0V4) [1650] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1651] You know, you, it's, that's what it is it's getting the flow [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [1652] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1653] and that takes the one off
Tony (PS0V4) [1654] Erm, but, he sorted something out for me, I, I said, cos of course now
Jackie (PS0V5) [1655] Carry on drying your hair can you?
[1656] You've got it all [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1657] Yes of course, you carry on drying your hair.
[1658] [hair dryer on] erm, so what happens now, is that er ... I'm coming off the er, coming off the clutches as [...] before the corner
Jackie (PS0V5) [1659] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1660] and if it's a tight one, and you're going round it in first, really tight one, then what you need to be doing really is slipping the clutch ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [1661] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1662] if it's really tight, slipping the clutch in first ... and what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to control it on the accelerator, you can't do it.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1663] You'll be able to, but you can't at the moment.
Tony (PS0V4) [1664] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1665] And that
Tony (PS0V4) [1666] And it's much easier to try and control it on the clutch.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1667] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1668] So he s , I said to him is it alright, says am I in danger of coasting if I've got my foot on the ... if, if I'm taking the corner in first and ... I'm slipping and ... I got the clutch, I'm using the engine but I've, not much
Jackie (PS0V5) [1669] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1670] and he said oh no that's not coasting.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1671] No.
Tony (PS0V4) [1672] It's only if you've got the clutch right in.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1673] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1674] But, erm, ... in second my foot should be flat on the floor.
[1675] He took me round that blooming Argyle Road three times.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1676] Oh, the horrible corner.
Tony (PS0V4) [1677] Yeah, cos I told that was one, I said that's, that's the one I, I over slowed on my test.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1678] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1679] And he's told me that it's first gear, right.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1680] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1681] So what I was doing I was coming into it, I was coming in too fast for the gear, not too fast for the corner, but too fast for the gear.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1682] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1683] Shoving it in, shoving it into first, bring the clutch up quickly and the car goes weer and virtually stops
Jackie (PS0V5) [1684] Yeah , yeah, yeah [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1685] so it wasn't the fact I was trying to lose too much speed, it was that I changed into first and didn't have
Jackie (PS0V5) [1686] Enough revs on the engine to keep it going
Tony (PS0V4) [1687] enough revs on the engine , he'd be going and when I lift, raised the clutch, whereas if I had brought the clutch up part way ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [1688] The car would of slowly slowed down to be at the speed that the engine
Tony (PS0V4) [1689] Yeah .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1690] was going on, yeah ... yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1691] Well as I actually had to going round the corner, to get myself round the corner, I had to come off the brake and onto the accelerator
Jackie (PS0V5) [1692] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1693] to actually get myself round the corner.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1694] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh] ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [1695] Yes, because you see, [hair dryer off] , I don't remember, I, I think I take that one in second you see.
Tony (PS0V4) [1696] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1697] But,
Tony (PS0V4) [1698] I took it, I, he said well try it and we went round it in first and I went and it went rrah [laughing]
Jackie (PS0V5) [1699] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1700] and, and, so erm, we ... er, then I came round and I did it in second, he said there you went too wide there
Jackie (PS0V5) [1701] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1702] you came close to the white line.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1703] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1704] Yes, course there's always a car parked on the corner isn't it?.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1705] There's always a car parked on the corner
Tony (PS0V4) [laughing]
Jackie (PS0V5) [1706] [...] .
[1707] I must admit I'd always cheat at that corner, when I'm coming up to it, I don't do it suddenly
Tony (PS0V4) [1708] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1709] I'm then coming up to it, I move fractionally out into the road
Tony (PS0V4) [1710] [laughing] yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1711] [laughing] then you've got more room to get round [] If you sit glued to the pavement it's a hell of a job to get round
Tony (PS0V4) [1712] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1713] whereas if your fractionally out further into the road it's easier to, got slightly different
Tony (PS0V4) [1714] I didn't have that excuse because there's a car parked before the turning
Jackie (PS0V5) [1715] oh, so you've had to get out
Tony (PS0V4) [1716] I had to be out wide and then turn in [hair dryer on]
Jackie (PS0V5) [1717] yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1718] and there's a car on the opposite side of the road as you turn in [...] aha, so you go outside work and then round and ha, ha, oh ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [1719] You'll get it.
Tony (PS0V4) [1720] But, that slipping the clutch is blimey useful.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1721] It is.
Tony (PS0V4) [1722] I beginning to find how useful, cos I can keep the revs going ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [1723] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1724] When, when I'm not sure what's happening, and people are sort of weaving about and things like that, you can use that and you can just tick over and your ready to move if you need to and you can stop quite quickly if you need to as well.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1725] Yeah, yeah, I see.
Tony (PS0V4) [1726] I mean, we've, I've, there was a [laughing] situation [] these are the roads he's taking me around now, he had me reverse round the corner which was practically blind, couldn't see what was round the corner, so I was edging round, and it was on a hill so I had to do it, every time I stopped I had to put the handbrake on so I didn't roll
Jackie (PS0V5) [1727] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1728] [laughing] And [] edging round the corner, checking all ways, there was a parked car, there's a van parked the opposite side of the road so anything turning in had to come over into my, the path of me
Jackie (PS0V5) [1729] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1730] and a, coming out of that there were some cars parked, some other cars trying to drive through, I was coming out trying to turn right, there was another car waiting to turn left, and he couldn't come in cos I was coming out.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1731] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1732] So I had to drive out past him, pull over to the other side of the road as much as possible to let him come through and the other cars come through, then I could [laughing] come [] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1733] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1734] And doing that, to have the clutch sort of half way up in first you just sort of, you just
Jackie (PS0V5) [1735] you need help [...] ,
Tony (PS0V4) [1736] sort of kick on [...] and it's quite nice and you've got it all under control and if you get a chance to go you can and if you've got to stop it's no problem.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1737] yeah ...
Tony (PS0V4) [1738] And then I got myself in a knot ... cos there was a car coming up the road
Jackie (PS0V5) [1739] Yeah
Tony (PS0V4) [1740] between a lot of parked cars and there was a, I was coming down the road and all I needed to do was to actually stop where I was ... cos there was enough room on his side of the road for him to come past the parked car and round me
Jackie (PS0V5) [1741] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1742] I sort off, parked car there and I came up and he had room to do that
Jackie (PS0V5) [1743] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1744] and what I did was, there was a gap here, and I drove into the gap nose first, and I did do a hell of a lot of steering to get myself out
Jackie (PS0V5) [1745] Yeah, but [hair dryer off] that means that they still do occasionally
Tony (PS0V4) [1746] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1747] I mean, that, very, very occasionally you'll do something and you'll think, erm why didn't I do that [laugh] you think that's stupid, you know ,
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [1748] and you think oh.
Tony (PS0V4) [1749] yeah .
[1750] There's no need, no need to do that he said.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1751] No, occasionally I'll do something like that mind you .
Tony (PS0V4) [1752] There's plenty of room, yeah there's plenty of room for him to get passed in.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1753] Yeah ... I was annoyed, up at Christine's school the other day, I was waiting for Anita, and there's driveways all along that road
Tony (PS0V4) [1754] Mm, mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1755] so there's stops where you can park on those
Tony (PS0V4) [1756] Yeah
Jackie (PS0V5) [1757] driveways, it was pouring down with rain one day so I was going up to meet her and we, I'd got up there, I've learnt now, I leave home ... at quarter past three if it's raining
Tony (PS0V4) [1758] mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1759] I go up to meet Anita, anyway you can get a parking space up there, so I've turned, drove up there ... they say I haven't left as early, it was while I was learning [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [1760] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1761] when the erm, so it, a car parked across a drive ... and a car, the car behind him which was in a space was going
Tony (PS0V4) [1762] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1763] and it was in quite a big space, I could off got in behind him and then changed if I'd reversed in [music] but when I saw this other chap sat in his car and then he indicated he wanted to pull out, so I let him go
Tony (PS0V4) [1764] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1765] Then I drove into his space ... well then somebody else came and drove in behind me ... and the car in front then was sort of, oh yeah, then somebody else came and reversed in in front of him, so the car in front it was across the drive was boxed in by this time, I didn't box him in I just
Tony (PS0V4) [1766] No .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1767] parked behind, but then somebody else came and parked in front of him, and he was there and sort, you could see him looking you know, he looked at the driveway and he looked, he was looking in his rear view mirror and then he turned round and looked like this, then he looked at the front, and he was thinking my god I can't get out of here, and all of a sudden a little car comes up the road stops, goes beep, beep on the horn, wanna get in the drive, this bloke went ha, ha, ha, ha [laughing] and he couldn't do anything []
Tony (PS0V4) [1768] [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1769] So, so, he looked, he looked round at me, he looked at the ... the other group waiting in front and he was, he flashed his lights at them so that, they realised what was going on by then, they moved forward a bit , I moved back a bit and he just had enough room he reversed right up close to me and then got out but he just had enough room to get out, and since then I won't park over the driveway up there, cos you can bet your life the one driveway along that road and you parked in front is the one that somebody wants to get into.
Tony (PS0V4) [1770] Ah .
[1771] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1772] Oh right, I'd better go actually.
[1773] Mother eh be er complaining.
Tony (PS0V4) [1774] Yeah, okay.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1775] Where have you been, you said half past three.
Tony (PS0V4) [1776] Well it's twenty five to four, what does that [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1777] It'll be twenty to by the time I get round there. [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1778] Better do this washing up hadn't I?
Jackie (PS0V5) [1779] I can't
Tony (PS0V4) [1780] I'd put
Jackie (PS0V5) [1781] believe it when he took the [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1782] I put in for the eh, my driving test again.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1783] Oh good.
Tony (PS0V4) [1784] Okay.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1785] Good, good.
Tony (PS0V4) [1786] Sometime in the New Year now.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1787] What date did you put on the form, not before
Tony (PS0V4) [1788] Well he's put a month from the last ... test.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1789] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [1790] Well you won't have it around Christmas, after between Christmas and the New year .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1791] No , no.
Tony (PS0V4) [1792] It'll be erm, January time I suppose .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1793] I, I said to him I, I don't want, I know I can't have a test soon, but I don't really want another one ... that soon.
Tony (PS0V4) [1794] No ... but now all that your doing is polishing your drive better off
Jackie (PS0V5) [1795] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [1796] unfortunately that can be a very painful business [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [1797] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [1798] Depends
Jackie (PS0V5) [1799] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1800] You might find it easy
Jackie (PS0V5) [1801] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1802] easier.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1803] What
Tony (PS0V4) [1804] But.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1805] we doing tomorrow?
Tony (PS0V4) [1806] Tomorrow well, trainee to wash and a hoover [...]
Jackie (PS0V5) [1807] [...] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [1808] This is yet, Tesco's open as well, we've lost our
Jackie (PS0V5) [1809] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1810] little driving spaces now.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1811] Yeah, okay.
Tony (PS0V4) [1812] Masterline's open, [...] are open.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1813] Yeah, so I can't
Tony (PS0V4) [1814] You can have a drive round actually, round by the Coca Cola factory there maybe somewhere
Jackie (PS0V5) [1815] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [1816] you can go.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1817] I think I, what, what I'm thinking is that this sort of ... are there's er any, any driving would be good
Tony (PS0V4) [1818] Yes it would.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1819] No matter what I do.
Tony (PS0V4) [1820] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1821] But checking this slipping the clutch in first.
Tony (PS0V4) [1822] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1823] Cos, when you try, if you try and control it on the accelerator it's very, it's really jerky
Tony (PS0V4) [1824] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1825] or it's very difficult to keep it smooth
Tony (PS0V4) [1826] Yeah .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1827] I won't say it's really jerky, but it
Tony (PS0V4) [1828] I can do it, but I've been driving for two and a half years
Jackie (PS0V5) [1829] Yeah, yeah
Tony (PS0V4) [1830] and then it's [...]
Jackie (PS0V5) [1831] I
Tony (PS0V4) [1832] And I can only just do it
Jackie (PS0V5) [1833] Yeah
Tony (PS0V4) [1834] It's very, I mean the foot control is very, very [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1835] And it's so much easier to put some reeves on than use the clutch [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1836] It is.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1837] It is .
Tony (PS0V4) [1838] But then again, you've got to feel a bit careful there because it can misconstrued totally
Jackie (PS0V5) [1839] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [1840] if, but I mean if your obviously doing it and you [...] more moving the clutch up and down
Jackie (PS0V5) [1841] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [1842] then fair enough.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1843] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [1844] You know?
Jackie (PS0V5) [1845] He said something and I couldn't make sense of it
Tony (PS0V4) [1846] What did he say?
Jackie (PS0V5) [1847] because he said ... that ... when I came into that corner I pulled in ... I'd slowed too much ... and then had to drive round, drive round the corner with my left foot flat on the floor ... and I thought oh, shouldn't your left foot be flat on the floor when you corner and that's probably what he was getting at, as I could off been slipping the clutch.
Tony (PS0V4) [1848] Yeah [...]
Jackie (PS0V5) [1849] But when he said it, I thought ... oh I thought I had to have my left foot flat on the floor when I cornered, cos in second you have too.
Tony (PS0V4) [1850] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1851] In second it's cut and dry
Tony (PS0V4) [1852] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1853] You've got to have your foot flat on the floor before you corner.
Tony (PS0V4) [1854] That corner is an absolute horrible
Jackie (PS0V5) [1855] Yeah I know.
Tony (PS0V4) [1856] it does, on the corner
Jackie (PS0V5) [1857] Yeah
Tony (PS0V4) [1858] and that one you've got to drive it definitely than most corners
Jackie (PS0V5) [1859] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1860] so you, you can't treat that as an ordinary left handed turn,
Jackie (PS0V5) [1861] No.
Tony (PS0V4) [1862] it is very
Jackie (PS0V5) [1863] But if you can't cope with it.
Tony (PS0V4) [1864] You've got to be able to cope with it .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1865] You've got to be able to cope with it.
Tony (PS0V4) [1866] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1867] But you've got to treat it as a special case
Tony (PS0V4) [1868] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1869] and you've got to
Tony (PS0V4) [1870] No, I , I won't tell you how I was taught to do it because I was taught to do it very differently.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1871] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [1872] I was taught to do it in first and use the accelerator.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1873] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [1874] You know.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1875] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1876] Mm ... so, cos he said it'll help.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1877] Help with your accelerator control .
Tony (PS0V4) [1878] With your accelerator control , yeah [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1879] So it's diff of course there's [...] courses giving
Tony (PS0V4) [1880] yeah ,
Jackie (PS0V5) [1881] instructors different ways of teaching you.
Tony (PS0V4) [1882] yeah.
[1883] He said
Jackie (PS0V5) [1884] You , you need fine control on the clutch ,
Tony (PS0V4) [1885] Mm ,
Jackie (PS0V5) [1886] but you also need it on the accelerator as well
Tony (PS0V4) [1887] yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1888] and he said well, okay, with your reversing and everything else your getting the front control on the clutch
Tony (PS0V4) [1889] So yeah
Jackie (PS0V5) [1890] this will help you to do it on your
Tony (PS0V4) [1891] do it on your accelerator ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [1892] ... accelerator.
Tony (PS0V4) [1893] whereas
Jackie (PS0V5) [1894] So,
Tony (PS0V4) [1895] I, I finding the control on the accelerator difficult
Jackie (PS0V5) [1896] yeah
Tony (PS0V4) [1897] in first, erm, and I've got some fine control on the clutch and I can use that to deal with that particular corner.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1898] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1899] Perhaps.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1900] Yes.
Tony (PS0V4) [1901] That's just what he's saying.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1902] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1903] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1904] Any rate.
Tony (PS0V4) [1905] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1906] See you later then.
Tony (PS0V4) [1907] Yeah. [television] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1908] I see you later than, oh where's the car keys I had them on the ... [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1909] There we are, I was hiding them with my hand.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1910] Yeah, I know, do you want a cake or is it not too naughty?
[1911] [television] Christine can you turn that volume down a bit, it's up too high.
[1912] [television] . Yes you want to take it [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1913] [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1914] [...] do your hair.
Tony (PS0V4) [1915] Bye.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1916] Bye.

28 (Tape 010315)

Tony (PS0V4) [1917] Where is it?
Christine (PS0V6) [1918] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1919] Oh yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [1920] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1921] No, but it's near ...
Christine (PS0V6) [1922] Where about's in [...] where about?
Tony (PS0V4) [1923] I don't know ... it's not far away.
Christine (PS0V6) [1924] I wish I could go there [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1925] It's landed.
Christine (PS0V6) [1926] Has it?
Tony (PS0V4) [1927] Yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [1928] Do you know, do you know where it is? ...
Tony (PS0V4) [1929] Not really ... , anyway I'm gonna get started, ok.

29 (Tape 010316)

Jackie (PS0V5) [1930] Hello.
Tony (PS0V4) [1931] Hello.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1932] There's a cauliflower and a bag of potatoes left, ok .
Tony (PS0V4) [1933] Ok, I'll go and get them.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1934] It's alright, I'll go and get them.
Tony (PS0V4) [1935] Ok. [television] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1936] Oh.
Tony (PS0V4) [1937] I read the instruction [...] again about this thing.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1938] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1939] It actually says record all your conversations.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1940] Oh, are you?
Tony (PS0V4) [1941] I don't know how that all worked with work, because erm, they may not want me too.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1942] Well, you can't do it if they, if they don't want you to
Tony (PS0V4) [1943] So er, that's right, I'll check
Jackie (PS0V5) [1944] You can do what you can do
Tony (PS0V4) [1945] I'll check it out with the manager.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1946] Yeah ... see what he means?
Tony (PS0V4) [1947] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1948] I'm gonna take mum out on Monday
Tony (PS0V4) [1949] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1950] And were gonna get some more Christmas stuff on [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [1951] Mm, mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1952] and a few drinks.
Tony (PS0V4) [1953] Ah, that sounds ok .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1954] And chocolate, you know what I mean?
Tony (PS0V4) [1955] Your gonna take the stamps?
Jackie (PS0V5) [1956] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1957] Right.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1958] Sorry I've been a while, I went into mum's to take her shopping in and Uncle Philip was there.
Tony (PS0V4) [1959] That's alright .
[1960] Oh right.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1961] And having, seeing as we see him so rarely now
Tony (PS0V4) [1962] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1963] I ah, look, don't say anything to Christine [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1964] Ok.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1965] [...] and I bought those, because you know Jane came up?
Tony (PS0V4) [1966] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1967] and she ate two of the vegetable ones
Tony (PS0V4) [1968] Mm, mm .
Jackie (PS0V5) [1969] well there's two left in there and that's not enough for you and I
Tony (PS0V4) [1970] Right.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1971] so I thought we could have two, one of those each and five fingers.
Tony (PS0V4) [1972] Yeah, ok.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1973] So ... .
Tony (PS0V4) [1974] You know I dug the information out again, I've had a read through of it, and it actually says, were asked just to record all your, all your conversations.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1975] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1976] So it's not for me to sort of sit quietly and listen to, record other people, so it's my conversation they want.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1977] Yeah.
[1978] Well it's other people as well I think, but, I believe you don't have to sit down [laughing] conversation on your on do you? [] [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1979] No, not very often.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1980] [laughing] unless there's something seriously wrong []
Tony (PS0V4) [1981] Where, unless somebody's fallen asleep or something has bored somebody to death.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1982] [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [1983] Erm, now what am I doing?.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1984] You don't want one of these do you?
Tony (PS0V4) [1985] Yes I do, that's why I put the kettle on.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1986] Right aha.
Tony (PS0V4) [1987] Erm, I better put these in the freezer for now hadn't I?
Jackie (PS0V5) [1988] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [1989] Cos were not going to do Christine's two straight away.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1990] No, [...] hot dogs tonight so do you mind having eh
Tony (PS0V4) [1991] No not at all.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1992] right, I'll light the oven.
Tony (PS0V4) [1993] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1994] Give it a chance to warm up, we needn't put it in for a bit.
Tony (PS0V4) [1995] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1996] Sorry I was a long time I didn't
Tony (PS0V4) [1997] That's alright.
Jackie (PS0V5) [1998] Eh [...] started chatting told him you've got a photograph of [...] for you.
Tony (PS0V4) [1999] Aha.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2000] He said when were moving her bedroom around, if he, if we give him a shout he'll come over and help.
Tony (PS0V4) [2001] Oh, that's helpful .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2002] Cos of taking the wardrobe of it and what have you.
Tony (PS0V4) [2003] Right , yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2004] I must admit I would be grateful cos if anything goes wrong
Tony (PS0V4) [2005] You can't get it back together .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2006] can't get it back together
Tony (PS0V4) [2007] Yeah .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2008] It'll be shameful to ask her
Tony (PS0V4) [2009] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2010] And then were, were, sort of D I Y [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2011] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2012] Ooh, and mum also
Tony (PS0V4) [2013] Mm, mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2014] [...] this, you know with been thinking of Chris Causeway at the erm place too go.
Tony (PS0V4) [2015] Mm, mm ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2016] M F I.
Tony (PS0V4) [2017] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2018] And it's, it's the colour she wants, and not only has she got drawers, but she's got shelves down that side as well.
Tony (PS0V4) [2019] Yeah, that looks good.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2020] Look at [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2021] Yeah ... I know M F I isn't far from er you.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2022] No, [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2023] There was a M F I along
Jackie (PS0V5) [2024] There isn't any more it was right opposite me.
Tony (PS0V4) [2025] Oh it's gone ah, right.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2026] [...] it's not there any more.
Tony (PS0V4) [2027] Ok.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2028] But we can get her, that [...] Christine ... Christine.
Christine (PS0V6) [2029] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2030] Come and see, you know originally you wanted a white desk, not a black one.
Christine (PS0V6) [2031] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2032] Do you like the look of that with book shelves down the side there?
Christine (PS0V6) [2033] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2034] Yeah, you've got three doors which is more storage space than the other one, cos the other one only had a cupboard down [...] had no drawers, what's the matter?
Tony (PS0V4) [2035] Doesn't like it, you prefer the other one?
Christine (PS0V6) [2036] Yeah, I do.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2037] It's just that you, your better of space if you have that one and you can books down there or on them whatever you want too ... and if you had that one, you'd be able to have a, erm another cupboard as well probably.
[2038] Is it cheaper?
Tony (PS0V4) [2039] Well .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2040] It's only cheaper because it's in a sale, it's been reduced down from forty pounds, it was forty pounds before.
Tony (PS0V4) [2041] No, if, if she didn't like it then we ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2042] Well you can go and have a look if you like ...
Tony (PS0V4) [2043] A .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2044] If you don't like it it's up to you .
Christine (PS0V6) [2045] No I'm .
Tony (PS0V4) [2046] What's up?
Christine (PS0V6) [2047] Nothing.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2048] What's up? there is, we can tell, what's the matter?
[2049] Tell us.
Christine (PS0V6) [2050] I like that one and now you've put me in a difficult position cos I like that one, have that one, but I like the lockable cupboard on the other one.
Tony (PS0V4) [2051] Lockable cupboard? there isn't a lockable cupboard .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2052] Yes there is .
Christine (PS0V6) [2053] Yes there is .
Tony (PS0V4) [2054] Is there.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2055] Yeah .
Christine (PS0V6) [2056] Yeah .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2057] Yeah, but the other one, remember it was a choice of two wasn't it?
Tony (PS0V4) [2058] I thought we were getting her the one with the drawers ... one with a lockable cupboard is,
Jackie (PS0V5) [2059] Well , is a bigger one.
Tony (PS0V4) [2060] is a bigger one.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2061] Yeah ...
Tony (PS0V4) [2062] I thought we were getting her the one, but the only thing is the other has got drawers both sides hasn't it? if I remember rightly.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2063] Just one side ... I tell you what, let's take you, don't do that, or you'll break it off, let's take you and you can have a look at this one.
[2064] Why do you want a lockable cupboard? ... we don't [...] well it's very [...] , so why do you need a lockable cupboard?
Christine (PS0V6) [2065] Cos I just need one, I just like it ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2066] Well I don't think that one will fit in your bedroom in any case, having looked at the size of the wardrobes and the site of the gap that you've got.
Tony (PS0V4) [2067] No it was the other one, with the t , with the drawers that, that would er
Jackie (PS0V5) [2068] That we thought was best ...
Tony (PS0V4) [2069] Smaller one ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2070] Well let's have a think, we'll, we'll have a think and then have a look, if we go up there it's a huge furniture place, they won't have just one they'll have more than one ok?
[2071] How about that?
Tony (PS0V4) [2072] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2073] I said, they won't just have one designer desk will they?
Tony (PS0V4) [2074] No, we'll have a look around, and see what they've got.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2075] If they [...] just furniture ok, whereas Argos do a lot of other things as well, so if we take you over there you can have a look see if there's anything you really fancy.
[2076] I know it's awful [...] making you actually have to [laughing] decide for yourself [] .
Christine (PS0V6) [2077] I, I .
[2078] I like the one with the lockable cupboard door, but I like that one as well.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2079] I don't think that one will fit in .
[2080] Yes.
Christine (PS0V6) [2081] If they took out one of these drawers and have a lockable cupboard I'd have it no questions.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2082] Yeah, well let's go and have a look, ok.
Christine (PS0V6) [2083] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2084] Don't make up your mind one way or the other, cos were have to take our tape measure.
Christine (PS0V6) [2085] [...] that bit of icing.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2086] No.
Tony (PS0V4) [2087] What's that?
Christine (PS0V6) [2088] Go on.
Tony (PS0V4) [2089] She's after h , our cake .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2090] Have a gingerbread man.
Christine (PS0V6) [2091] I want some icing.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2092] There's icing on the gingerbread man, your not [...] .
Christine (PS0V6) [2093] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2094] After our cake is she?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2095] She's asked for the icing of off our cake not our cake and she's not having it.
[2096] Do you want a gingerbread man with your cup of tea?
Christine (PS0V6) [2097] [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2098] Oh, told you, got to eat all her dinner, oh, wow, gee
Tony (PS0V4) [2099] Well, she had a chocolate biscuit, she had one of those snack things and an orange chocolate biscuit
Jackie (PS0V5) [2100] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [2101] and I said well if you have that now, you better eat your dinner.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2102] Ah.
Tony (PS0V4) [2103] And that was well erm,ha about an hour ago now.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2104] I see, torturing that child again aren't you? [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2105] That's right, I've been exceedingly cruel to her.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2106] Childline, Childline ... Den got us a Hovis loaf it looks [...] than the other one.
Tony (PS0V4) [2107] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2108] Now [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2109] Mm ... [television]
Jackie (PS0V5) [2110] [...] to have a gingerbread man if you want it otherwise let daddy [...] ... [television] Oh what's this Bedknobs and Broomsticks?
Tony (PS0V4) [2111] Yeah, on tape ... [television] You know this [television] ah, it's the, the actual letter says we would like you to do, what we would like you to do is to record all your conversations with other people except telephone conversations over a, over a one week period, erm, but that's, that's not, doesn't quite, [...] just need to record as much as I can.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2112] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [2113] Which is fair enough, that's what I'll do [television] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2114] I just wondered why I heard a noise, [...] the gerbils running .
Tony (PS0V4) [2115] Oh, yeah .
[2116] That's right.
[2117] [television] It doesn't say anything about background noise or anything.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2118] No.
Tony (PS0V4) [2119] So, [...] television's on, radio's on or something.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2120] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2121] Yeah.
[2122] [television] . [laugh] I love that cat.
[2123] Mm, wow.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2124] They must off worked on that cat for hours to get into the [...] .

30 (Tape 010317)

Tony (PS0V4) [2125] Got Jaws the Revenge on at quarter too eight.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2126] Mm, mm [tv on] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2127] There's a choice between that and the Royal Variety Performance, no choice at all is there? [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [2128] At all is there .
[2129] [laugh] . [tv on] . It didn't get a very good [...] in the book.
Tony (PS0V4) [2130] Didn't it?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2131] No.
Tony (PS0V4) [2132] What, the erm the film or the
Jackie (PS0V5) [2133] Tape.
Tony (PS0V4) [2134] Mm ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2135] [...] for children.
Tony (PS0V4) [2136] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2137] [...] might be different.
Tony (PS0V4) [2138] That's right, so we'll have a look at it shall we?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2139] Mm ... That was [...] second tape is it that one?
Tony (PS0V4) [2140] Yeah, second tape ... .
[2141] It actually says that it, to only tell people if they ask what your doing.
[2142] Cos if people know there being recorded they tend to
Jackie (PS0V5) [2143] I must admit I wondered.
Tony (PS0V4) [2144] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2145] Because, it gets ridiculous and everyone gets very [...] into what there saying.
Tony (PS0V4) [2146] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2147] You know, and they [...] long conversation with each other were they get used to it.
Tony (PS0V4) [2148] Mm, yeah ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2149] Oh it says in here explain what you are doing when you are recording the conversation you will need to explain to the other people involved what you are doing and why.
Tony (PS0V4) [2150] Mm, mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2151] Ah, it maybe that [...] after the conversation has finished unless they ask you directly what you are doing.
Tony (PS0V4) [2152] That's what I, that's what I said, yeah ... and they say that if your just walking around, unless your actually on your own ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2153] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [2154] Mm, pardon me, it's just, it, it pays just to run it, just to keep it going continuously ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2155] I must admit you'll get through the tapes a lot quicker that way won't you?
Tony (PS0V4) [2156] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2157] I mean, I mean, one word [...] were usually talking same [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2158] Yeah.

31 (Tape 010318)

Tony (PS0V4) [2159] Oh, Big is on. [tv on]
Jackie (PS0V5) [2160] Big.
Tony (PS0V4) [2161] Big.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2162] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2163] Yeah on Wednesday ... [reading] Tom Hanks and Elizabeth Perkins, a twelve year []
Jackie (PS0V5) [2164] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2165] Yeah.
[2166] [reading] A twelve year old makes a wish at a fair ground fortune telling booth that he could be big, and the next morning his astonished to find that he's fully grown []
Jackie (PS0V5) [2167] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2168] Mm.
[2169] [reading] In the adult world he finds success at work and discusses romance, but soon learns that being a grown up is not all that's it cracked up to be [] .
[2170] It's a two hour film on Wednesday night.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2171] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2172] Yeah, eight o'clock.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2173] Oh good.
Christine (PS0V6) [2174] It's got Tom Hanks isn't it?
Tony (PS0V4) [2175] Yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [2176] and [...] he changed places
Tony (PS0V4) [2177] That's right.
Christine (PS0V6) [2178] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2179] Mm, mm.
Christine (PS0V6) [2180] but they [...] .
[2181] [...] the twelve year old [...] [television]
Tony (PS0V4) [2182] Ah, you got the Drowning Pool on again.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2183] Sorry the Drowning
Tony (PS0V4) [2184] The Drowning Pool, that's Paul Newman and, and Janet erm, Joanne Woodward, that's the one where you get trapped in this place and it's filling with water.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2185] I don't remember every seeing it.
Tony (PS0V4) [2186] They get trapped in a place and there, it's filling with water and they, they've gotta get them, they gotta, they gonna drown because it's filling with water and they gotta get out, get out before the room fills with water completely.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2187] I don't remember seeing that.
Tony (PS0V4) [2188] Oh, it's a very good film ... [...] record it.
[2189] [television on] It's on Friday night.

32 (Tape 010401)

Tony (PS0V4) [2190] I haven't done the dusting.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2191] Oh, terrible.
Tony (PS0V4) [2192] But, huh.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2193] [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2194] But, erm, I have done the hoovering.

33 (Tape 010402)

Christine (PS0V6) [2195] Had a calculator like that mum
Tony (PS0V4) [2196] Ha, ha, ha, ha.
[2197] Oh dear ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2198] Oh, that's wicked [...] ...
Tony (PS0V4) [2199] Oh dear, I think I'm, I think I getting a bit boring.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2200] Boring, why ?
Tony (PS0V4) [2201] Mm , that's a bit [laugh] , a bit [...] up in it? [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [laugh]
Christine (PS0V6) [2202] What's he mean?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2203] Don't know why you laugh at it then , [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2204] Yeah
Christine (PS0V6) [2205] What's he mean mummy ...
Tony (PS0V4) [2206] Oh ...
Christine (PS0V6) [2207] Did you see out the [...] dressed up in, as a strawberry.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2208] Oh.
Christine (PS0V6) [2209] He said he [...] , a big strawberry [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2210] Oh, they have lots of [...] , yeah ... ah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2211] Oh [...] oh, got his nose tucked under his wing.
Tony (PS0V4) [2212] Ah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2213] And it was the [...] family with the amazing flame dog [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2214] [laugh] ... oh dear ... [clock strikes] ... [clock chime] ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2215] He's got your jumper on.
Tony (PS0V4) [2216] Oh god.
Christine (PS0V6) [2217] Who has?
Tony (PS0V4) [2218] I'll never wear it again now.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2219] [laugh] .
Christine (PS0V6) [2220] Who has?
[2221] Who has?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2222] Tony Blackburn is wearing daddy's jumper, you see when he opens the [...] .
Christine (PS0V6) [2223] What red one?
Tony (PS0V4) [2224] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2225] No, there's grey one with the leather bits under the front. [laugh]

34 (Tape 010403)

Jackie (PS0V5) [2226] Go on, smile.
Christine (PS0V6) [2227] I'm [...] , hope not, I put that back, [...] one, [...] ... now give me a certain country where [...] .
[2228] Just say any [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2229] Er four [...] .
[2230] You've got half of them over there, cos that's a [...] .
Christine (PS0V6) [2231] [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2232] There's some under there, you haven't got them all in there.
Christine (PS0V6) [2233] I know.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2234] Well that's cheating.
Christine (PS0V6) [2235] [...] put them there.
Tony (PS0V4) [2236] What .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2237] [...] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2238] In't that rotten, there got a thing, there got people voting, ringing in and voting to see whether they want Willy Thorn or John Virgo to go in the gunge tank.
Christine (PS0V6) [2239] Anyway [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2240] [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2241] John Virgo's winning at the moment, if winning's the right word.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2242] [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]

35 (Tape 010404)

Tony (PS0V4) [2243] I'm er ... I'm gonna erm, I might see if I can record some conversation on a bus, but I don't know.
[2244] Jack.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2245] Sorry.
Tony (PS0V4) [2246] If I get Jack and somebody on the bus I might pop my hand inside my brief case and press the recorder ... where's that cameraman hid then? oh it's built into the dashboard, yeah ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2247] [...] she's [...] ...
Tony (PS0V4) [2248] She's trying to be very nice and she's really fuming ... Have you er finished with your tea?
[2249] I get you another ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2250] Never mind when you come to [...] [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2251] Yeah, look forward to that ... .
[2252] I'm not erm, I'm not going to be in a situation to record all my chat anyway, I don't think, because of the erm, the amount of it, when I'm running a course I do an awful lot of chatting during the day.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2253] Yeah, well I mean even if you recorded as much as you can, if, you've got twenty tapes
Tony (PS0V4) [2254] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2255] so you've got plenty of er
Tony (PS0V4) [2256] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2257] I mean, when if you [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2258] And also I don't , I don't want it to be a barrier either.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2259] No, well the thing is you, to be honest you forget about it don't you?
Tony (PS0V4) [2260] You do, yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2261] Just [...] explain and see what people say.
Tony (PS0V4) [2262] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2263] If anybody asks us, you can tell them.
Tony (PS0V4) [2264] Yeah.

36 (Tape 010405)

Tony (PS0V4) [2265] I'll have a quick, I have a word with Pauline on Monday see what she says.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2266] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [2267] And the thing is do, information about then if it procedures [...] for fraud, that's the problem.
Christine (PS0V6) [2268] That was brilliant. [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2269] We can record us going to work and coming home and on weekends .
Tony (PS0V4) [2270] And erm conversations erm at
Jackie (PS0V5) [2271] At lunch time .
Tony (PS0V4) [2272] lunch time tea break time, things like that.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2273] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [2274] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2275] But, you can have ask Pauline see what she says, but
Tony (PS0V4) [2276] Mm ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2277] But, erm, actually it would be probably be nice for you if you could record it in your training session because you can take [...] in your pocket and sometimes you, you can get a better idea of how it's
Tony (PS0V4) [2278] Mm, yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2279] How you sound and how it goes if you can
Tony (PS0V4) [2280] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2281] do you know what I mean?
Tony (PS0V4) [2282] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2283] If [...] light bulb [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2284] The light bulbs gone.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2285] [...] that one went the other night ...
Christine (PS0V6) [2286] [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2287] Oh dear, isn't that rotten?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2288] He's got little [...] shorts on.
Tony (PS0V4) [2289] Yeah.

37 (Tape 010406)

Christine (PS0V6) [2290] Do you want to play a game with me?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2291] Well, well, what, what we've got to go and put the dinner in my darling.
Tony (PS0V4) [2292] I gotta get your dinner.
Christine (PS0V6) [2293] [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2294] Oh you poor thing. [...] .
Christine (PS0V6) [2295] [...] .
[2296] You can hear it [...] all of us [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2297] What you, what you want to play patience?
Christine (PS0V6) [2298] No.
Tony (PS0V4) [2299] Pairs?
Christine (PS0V6) [2300] No, shuffle them.
Tony (PS0V4) [2301] Did you?
[2302] ... Er, ok, you tell me again.
Christine (PS0V6) [2303] [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2304] Well I'm sorry Christine I've got to go and get dinner.
Tony (PS0V4) [2305] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2306] Grandma's be around here in about an hour.
Tony (PS0V4) [2307] The only reason I can er play is that, your dinner won't take very long to get.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2308] [...] you always [...] , it's difficult [...] when were sat down doing nothing you don't ask.

38 (Tape 010407)

Tony (PS0V4) [2309] Can you change your game, so you can play it with thr with two?
Christine (PS0V6) [2310] No, what you do
Tony (PS0V4) [2311] Mm, mm.
Christine (PS0V6) [2312] is erm, well you do it, you've got one Joker in pack right, and you mix them up and you deal them out and you look at your cards, if you've got a Joker
Tony (PS0V4) [2313] Mm.
[2314] Yeah.
[2315] Yeah
Christine (PS0V6) [2316] then, then you, everyone's got to mix up there cards again
Tony (PS0V4) [2317] Mm.
Christine (PS0V6) [2318] You've got to put them in the order so you can see him, but the other person can't
Tony (PS0V4) [2319] Mm.
Christine (PS0V6) [2320] and you've got to pick someone to choose out your card, and they don't know if you've got the Joker or not
Tony (PS0V4) [2321] Mm, mm.
Christine (PS0V6) [2322] and they've got to pick one of the cards and they might get the Joker.
Tony (PS0V4) [2323] Right, I see.
Christine (PS0V6) [2324] But, the trouble is you can tell who's got the Joker when there's two, because if you haven't, you know the other person has.
Tony (PS0V4) [2325] Yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [2326] But if you've got more than one person then it's harder.
Tony (PS0V4) [2327] Mm, we could play pairs if you like.
Christine (PS0V6) [2328] Snap?
Tony (PS0V4) [2329] Yeah, can play snap.
Christine (PS0V6) [2330] I put the same cards oh [...] and we can play [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2331] Well, I won't, I'll play one game with you and then I'll go and get your tea ... alright?
[2332] So.

39 (Tape 010408)

Jackie (PS0V5) [2333] I got some more rolls, so I'll put them in er big bag straight away, yeah [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2334] Ok.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2335] With got a few, with got a few left? ...
Tony (PS0V4) [2336] Better take the foil tray off the pipe.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2337] [...] I had to put one in the microwave [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [2338] [laugh] . [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2339] Yeah doesn't do it [sneeze] [sneeze] oh [...] ... I'll be bother if I get a cold next week.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2340] Oh yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [2341] [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2342] Even if Henry's there, well he can't come in today, [...] panic .
Tony (PS0V4) [2343] Panic , yeah.
[2344] As were already stretched to the limit with er
Jackie (PS0V5) [2345] And [...] moved in on Monday.
Tony (PS0V4) [2346] That's right, there moving on Monday.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2347] Oh you won't be able to come in any day with me next week will you?
Tony (PS0V4) [2348] Not in.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2349] Won't be able to come in with me any day [...] I thought that was [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2350] No you didn't, it's preferably alright ... oh, right ...
Christine (PS0V6) [2351] Dad.
Tony (PS0V4) [2352] Mm, mm ... Oh ... [blowing nose] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2353] We know [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2354] Yeah I know.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2355] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2356] Oh, I'll empty that in a minute ... I must admit I don't fancy trying to do it, it's going to be really cold and horrible.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2357] Well, with got to [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2358] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2359] Once you got actually [...] watching [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2360] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2361] It's not too bad is it?
Tony (PS0V4) [2362] Got [...] to do as well still.

40 (Tape 010409)

Jackie (PS0V5) [2363] Oh one of the women in work said we had eh a bit of bad news, she's really, really nice, I get on ever so well with her.
Tony (PS0V4) [2364] Mm, mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2365] And she works for erm [...] and
Tony (PS0V4) [2366] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2367] Her husband erm, had a stroke
Tony (PS0V4) [2368] Oh.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2369] or something ... forty five.
Tony (PS0V4) [2370] Oh, it's young isn't it?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2371] Yeah.
[2372] [beeping] And she is so liked [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2373] Mm ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2374] But we, I thought I hadn't seen her around you know, because we, because of what I do
Tony (PS0V4) [2375] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2376] with the National Health, then I have a lot, more contact with her than with most other groups.
Tony (PS0V4) [2377] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2378] There always referring stuff to us, were always referring stuff to them, do you know what I mean?
Tony (PS0V4) [2379] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2380] You better not of scratched that door.
Tony (PS0V4) [2381] I only just let him in.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2382] Ben ... It's raining.
Tony (PS0V4) [2383] Oh.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2384] Come on Ben, oh come here, come here, come on, [...] .
[2385] No you're not going to go [...] ... But she's a really nice person, I [...] ruined her Christmas [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2386] How bad was it?
[2387] Is he
Jackie (PS0V5) [2388] Well we don't know any details yet, I think he's, he's off work [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2389] Yeah.
[2390] When did he have it did she say?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2391] Last week, some time.
Tony (PS0V4) [2392] So he's obviously been incapacitated in some way.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2393] Well he's in hospital [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2394] Oh, alright, if he's in hospital then it must be pretty ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2395] Forty five it's no age is it?
Tony (PS0V4) [2396] No ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2397] Put a bit of kitchen roll on the table.
Tony (PS0V4) [2398] Yeah ok, so it won't slip round ... Christine.
Christine (PS0V6) [2399] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [2400] Your tea's ready.
Christine (PS0V6) [2401] Alright ...
Tony (PS0V4) [2402] Oh.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2403] They look nicer don't they, there thicker.
Tony (PS0V4) [2404] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2405] Might as well go in for a bit because [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2406] Yeah .
[2407] Christine your tea.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2408] Go and get your tea.
Christine (PS0V6) [2409] Alright , alright.
Tony (PS0V4) [2410] There you are.
Christine (PS0V6) [2411] Ooh, crinkles, oh you got them, you got the crinkled ones.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2412] Yes [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2413] Oh there pretty kilts on there.
[2414] I was just thinking I wonder how my erm, what a do about choir practice this week.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2415] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [2416] [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2417] Take it with you ...
Tony (PS0V4) [2418] I'm not recording ca choir practice.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2419] [laugh] , you won't want to hear you blow a thing.
Tony (PS0V4) [2420] That's not conversations is it?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2421] No.

41 (Tape 010410)

Tony (PS0V4) [2422] I suppose I a better mention it too Pauline, only I was thinking if I did just conversations, could also do the domestics.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2423] [...] appointment [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2424] And then not record anything to do with the procedures, although there are some things that will probably be ok to record.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2425] Yeah, that's it, I mean, you, you've got to [...] job, [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2426] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2427] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2428] Question, of whether I ask Pauline, or I whether I just do it.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2429] Yeah I mean she ... probably would be wise to mentioned it to her.
Tony (PS0V4) [2430] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2431] Cos if she saw you with it on
Tony (PS0V4) [2432] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2433] doing, running her lecturers
Tony (PS0V4) [2434] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2435] she might get [clears throat] what she's doing you know.
Tony (PS0V4) [2436] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2437] So it would probably be better to mention it to her, but say you'll be discreet, not record anything that [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2438] Yeah.
[2439] I mean there are certain things like, the general conditioners to benefit, which erm, are alright, but there are other things that I know about and that I will pass on to people to look out for that I wouldn't want [laugh] eh, that you wouldn't want eh, erm, outsiders to know.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2440] [...] dinner a be ready.
Tony (PS0V4) [2441] Oh, right.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2442] Was that nice Christine?
Christine (PS0V6) [2443] Mm ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2444] I'm wasting my life exercising tonight as well
Tony (PS0V4) [2445] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2446] Even if I've got to do them when mum and dad gone home.
Tony (PS0V4) [2447] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2448] [...] open the oven door and jump back [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2449] [laugh] yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2450] [...] back to front is it?
Tony (PS0V4) [2451] Do you want a roll?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2452] No I don't think, [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [2453] Ok.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2454] Not now, later, later.
Tony (PS0V4) [2455] Alright.

42 (Tape 010411)

Jackie (PS0V5) [2456] That's so funny, that chap's got a, he has got erm, an Indian accent with a Welsh accent on top, [...] it's really [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2457] [laugh] , yeah ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2458] Interesting ... Pauline at work, she's ever so hurt, couldn't get over it, she came up to me the other day she said, hello, how long has it been [laughing] we haven't seen one another for two months [] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2459] Oh, oh yes, cos she, wasn't she
Jackie (PS0V5) [2460] She was in it in India.
Tony (PS0V4) [2461] India.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2462] For
Tony (PS0V4) [2463] That's right.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2464] three weeks, four weeks.
Tony (PS0V4) [2465] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2466] Er, no I was on holiday for a week
Tony (PS0V4) [2467] Mm, mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2468] Then while I was away ... she went on holiday straight after.
Tony (PS0V4) [2469] Yeah ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2470] No it was our summer holiday, I went off for two weeks, when I came back Paula was off for a month.
Tony (PS0V4) [2471] Mm, mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2472] Then, since then, with me being sick that time and what have you, she was in Cornwall the week her, the couple of weeks I was in
Tony (PS0V4) [2473] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2474] visiting, so ... just haven't seen one another at all it was really annoying.
Tony (PS0V4) [2475] [laugh] .
[2476] [clears throat] yeah [clears throat] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2477] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2478] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2479] I can't imagine her getting [...] .
[2480] She's got here tremendously fast cos she won't be staying that long.
Tony (PS0V4) [2481] No, good ones move on so fast don't they?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2482] Yeah.
[2483] I'm finished [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2484] That's why we tend to stay where we are [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2485] Oh, no she could go anytime, she says what, what will happen there'll ... inspectors are put on a register
Tony (PS0V4) [2486] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2487] and I mean there aren't many, in our place with got about ooh, twenty or thirty in [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [2488] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2489] but there's only ... five principal inspectors, and she's got principal inspector grade
Tony (PS0V4) [2490] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2491] now
Tony (PS0V4) [2492] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2493] so, when she moves that'll be it we just won't see her any more.
Tony (PS0V4) [2494] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2495] Funny, ha, ha, ha.
Tony (PS0V4) [2496] Can I have the salt please Christine? [clears throat]
Jackie (PS0V5) [2497] There's two [...] more inspector's I must admit.
[2498] He keeps there opinion about [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [2499] Oh.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2500] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2501] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2502] Very moody
Tony (PS0V4) [2503] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2504] so if his going his way that's fine
Tony (PS0V4) [2505] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2506] if not, look out.
[2507] So ...
Tony (PS0V4) [2508] That look's quite simple, aha, that's not [laugh] ...
Christine (PS0V6) [2509] Mummy [...] .

43 (Tape 010412)

Tony (PS0V4) [2510] Oh, Brian took me round that corner, right, slowed down too much
Jackie (PS0V5) [2511] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [2512] he took me round that corner for three times today.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2513] [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2514] Ev , and, he'd say oh turn left here and all that and then you'll be going along and I'd think oh
Jackie (PS0V5) [2515] You'd be [...] coming at it again
Tony (PS0V4) [2516] I'm coming up to it again, he says turn left up ahead, I think [...] , [laughing] and here we go [] .

44 (Tape 010413)

Jackie (PS0V5) [2517] Oh dear
Christine (PS0V6) [2518] That bit was rude, [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh] ...
Christine (PS0V6) [2519] [laugh] , he [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2520] Mm, mm.
Christine (PS0V6) [2521] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2522] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2523] You know that balloon he gave, it landed in erm, pass [...] field.
Tony (PS0V4) [2524] Oh.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2525] Show gran [...] to see where it was.
Christine (PS0V6) [2526] Ah, [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2527] I bet there was loads of people down there.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2528] Yes, more coming all the time.
Tony (PS0V4) [2529] Mm.
[2530] He must dread that.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2531] Perhaps I missed it, it had about twelve people in it.
Tony (PS0V4) [2532] Twelve people.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2533] It's a huge balloon, absolutely huge.
Tony (PS0V4) [2534] I didn't think they took that many ...
Christine (PS0V6) [2535] They said what's that, what's that, it's margarine every single bit right, and [...] was wearing the balloon it was [...] in his eyes.
Tony (PS0V4) [2536] Aha, ha.

45 (Tape 010414)

Jackie (PS0V5) [2537] Tony.
Tony (PS0V4) [2538] Yeah ... what, what's he doing? ...
Christine (PS0V6) [2539] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2540] Oh [...] ha.
[2541] Chasing dots alike.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2542] [...] .
[2543] There going loopy.
Tony (PS0V4) [2544] I think this recorder must be, it adjust the level ... automatically.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2545] Does it?
Tony (PS0V4) [2546] Mm.
Christine (PS0V6) [2547] Can we watch a film tonight mum?
Tony (PS0V4) [2548] If I cough or something it goes quite for a little while then comes back again.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2549] Oh.
Tony (PS0V4) [2550] Erm, there's Jaws on Christine.
Christine (PS0V6) [2551] Oh.
Tony (PS0V4) [2552] Jaws the Revenge.
Christine (PS0V6) [2553] Oh.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2554] Is it?
Tony (PS0V4) [2555] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2556] We see what it's like, and if it's ... not very good we'll watch something else.
Christine (PS0V6) [2557] I [...] ...
Tony (PS0V4) [2558] Oh this is going to be interesting ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2559] Oh got to [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2560] I nearly got involved in that at one time, I's about
Jackie (PS0V5) [2561] You .
Tony (PS0V4) [2562] yeah, I's about ten like that, when I was about eleven ...
Christine (PS0V6) [2563] Mum I thought
Tony (PS0V4) [2564] There's a metallist girl who was interested in it, she wanted me to be her partner ... mm, went along once or twice but
Christine (PS0V6) [2565] I've got a
Tony (PS0V4) [2566] two left feet.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2567] Weren't impressed.
Tony (PS0V4) [2568] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2569] No.
Christine (PS0V6) [2570] I've got a [...] hour.
Tony (PS0V4) [2571] Mm.
Christine (PS0V6) [2572] Becky said oh no, no [...] , oh I thought [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2573] Mm.
Christine (PS0V6) [2574] [...] . [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2575] That's an audition then.
[2576] That's a
Christine (PS0V6) [2577] She said at the [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2578] Mm, mm.
Christine (PS0V6) [2579] One girl there, she's in our group she had brilliant [...] , really good singing voice.
Tony (PS0V4) [2580] Mm.
Christine (PS0V6) [2581] Brilliant.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2582] You have a go your self?
Christine (PS0V6) [2583] Yeah.
[2584] So is it [...] you say no, have to [...] she showed up [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2585] Mm, mm.
Christine (PS0V6) [2586] [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2587] Wow, what you doing then?
[2588] What is it?
Christine (PS0V6) [2589] It's a play.

46 (Tape 010415)

Christine (PS0V6) [2590] Is it?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2591] Aha, yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [2592] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2593] Well she was a dancer, but eh [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2594] Well, she's a dancer, singer all sorts ... acting ...
Christine (PS0V6) [2595] You have to work [...] hasn't she?

47 (Tape 010416)

Tony (PS0V4) [2596] Raise me foreheads be careful there.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2597] Yeah, strong.
[2598] Ya, straight on the floor.
Tony (PS0V4) [2599] Mm.
Christine (PS0V6) [2600] She had her foot up touching his ears, he had his ear like that.
Tony (PS0V4) [2601] I must admit I was never very good at dancing but, I was good at catching.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2602] [laughing] and they dropped you [...] yes [] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2603] Never dropped anyone.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2604] But, just that you couldn't keep up with them [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2605] Step on there feet, yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [2606] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2607] [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2608] [laugh] .
Christine (PS0V6) [2609] [...] .
[2610] [...] lift me up, lift me up and I went back [laugh] and I went back and I, I [...] [laugh] fell [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2611] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2612] Was she [...] .
Christine (PS0V6) [2613] I know but she still lives there, [...] drop me then, she dropped me [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2614] Oh save him a bit of it.
Tony (PS0V4) [2615] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2616] Ah I've forgotten his chip, his looking all
Tony (PS0V4) [2617] Cos you've eat it all.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2618] Yes, yes.
Tony (PS0V4) [2619] You've been cruel.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2620] Oh.
Christine (PS0V6) [2621] [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2622] Your licking your lips and you haven't got a chip have you?
Christine (PS0V6) [2623] Go on dad ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2624] Got one, say thank you. [...] .
Christine (PS0V6) [2625] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2626] Aha, cup of tea?
[2627] Ok.

48 (Tape 010417)

Jackie (PS0V5) [2628] Oh aren't they lovely?
Tony (PS0V4) [2629] What the ... jugs?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2630] The jugs yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [2631] Didn't see them properly.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2632] They were like bunches of oranges and lemons
Tony (PS0V4) [2633] Oh.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2634] if you know what I mean
Tony (PS0V4) [2635] Yeah I know.
Christine (PS0V6) [2636] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2637] In ceramic?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2638] Yeah ...
Tony (PS0V4) [2639] A what?
Christine (PS0V6) [2640] A Pocket T V.
Tony (PS0V4) [2641] Pocket T V.
Christine (PS0V6) [2642] [...] .
[2643] A radio, the [...] the cuddly toy er
Tony (PS0V4) [2644] Good grief she's got a good memory.
Christine (PS0V6) [2645] The coffee maker, the ... the [...] er [...] ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2646] God, she, she was brilliant.
Tony (PS0V4) [2647] She got an awful lot of things didn't she?
[2648] There's a really good game we did at, at Rammore for remembering people's names.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2649] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [2650] And they, it was a bit frightening because we were in a group of seventeen and see what I mean when, I mean how it starts is like if were starting with me, I have to say I'm Tony, right, and then you would say I'm Jackie and this is Tony and then Christine would say I'm Christine this is Jackie, this is Tony, I was at the end of a group of seventeen [laugh] and I had heard it sort of, you hear it, it builds up round the room
Jackie (PS0V5) [2651] Yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [2652] We've had a game like that .
Tony (PS0V4) [2653] So that you can in the end, when I came to do it, although it was seventeen people I didn't find it too difficult.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2654] No, cos you just remember the order that you went round the room in and [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2655] That's right, well no, these were people and, some of the people I knew, some of the people I hadn't met before.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2656] Ah.
Christine (PS0V6) [2657] Daddy.
Tony (PS0V4) [2658] And so I had to sort of go round the room and say I'm Tony and this is, and go all round, and I got round the room.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2659] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2660] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2661] So you did quite well.
Tony (PS0V4) [2662] But I was surprised that I got round the room, cos I'm awful at remembering names ... I think I'm gonna have to try and
Christine (PS0V6) [2663] Dad do we have to [...] we have to come up with a name.
Tony (PS0V4) [2664] Mm.
Christine (PS0V6) [2665] With a first name, so I said her and Chris
Tony (PS0V4) [2666] Oh yeah
Christine (PS0V6) [2667] The man said [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2668] Mm.
Christine (PS0V6) [...] ...
Tony (PS0V4) [2669] Erm, but, we had a, that was, that was quite good, but I must, there's a trick to remembering names, and that is that you use it all the time, so any time, if you want to remember somebodys name, every time you see them you say hello and there name
Jackie (PS0V5) [2670] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [2671] and that sort of imprints it on you.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2672] Yes.
Tony (PS0V4) [2673] Cos I've noticed there is an awful lot of people do that to me.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2674] Yeah.
[2675] I'm terrible for people's names
Tony (PS0V4) [2676] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2677] I'm absolutely hopeless.
[2678] Places, I can tell you I know somewhere looking at them and I think where do I know you from
Tony (PS0V4) [2679] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2680] Names ooh.
Tony (PS0V4) [2681] Yeah.
[2682] And that, that can be difficult in training because you see so many people and they spend the week looking at you and they've got one name to remember, but you've got eight or twelve names to remember
Jackie (PS0V5) [2683] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [2684] and you see them a three weeks later and they say hello Tony and you think hello, who the hell are you? [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2685] My watch is breaking up.
Tony (PS0V4) [2686] Breaking up.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2687] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [2688] What the strap?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2689] No, the case.
Tony (PS0V4) [2690] [sneeze] , oh, the case.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2691] [...] , fit this in already, [...] so, you know the other side.
Christine (PS0V6) [2692] [singing] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2693] Where the strap goes into the case.
[2694] The other side, the [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [2695] Oh oh I see.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2696] See the bit lifting?
Tony (PS0V4) [2697] Yeah, I can.
[2698] Missing a little bit missing bit further along as well.
Christine (PS0V6) [2699] Daddy I thought [...] .
[2700] What you doing [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2701] Erm, I think if they killed a shark
Jackie (PS0V5) [2702] Well they yeah, they, they killed Jaws about [...] [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2703] Yeah, but there's an awful lot of sharks about.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2704] Yeah, but they reckon that this is the same shark, [...] he's killed twice now.
Tony (PS0V4) [2705] Well it was killed in Jaws.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2706] It was killed in the second one as well.
Christine (PS0V6) [2707] But there's lots of great white [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2708] Cos this is the fourth film.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2709] Yeah, I know, it was killed in the one where it got trapped in the [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2710] That's right.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2711] And it was killed in the first one, that was two .
Tony (PS0V4) [2712] Yeah .
Christine (PS0V6) [2713] But, there's thousands and thousands of great [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2714] Oh, I don't know how people can eat fish like that.
Tony (PS0V4) [2715] No, I can't, it'll, if you don't take the head of it I can't eat it, I couldn't even, I have prawn cocktail ... and you have a prawn, they put, they put a prawn on top whole, I couldn't eat that, I could have peeled it, I looked at it and I thought about it, no, I can eat them when there done
Jackie (PS0V5) [2716] Yeah but not.
Tony (PS0V4) [2717] but not when there not done [sniff]
Christine (PS0V6) [2718] Oh remember when I was squeezing that [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2719] I haven't heard a word of this so far.
Tony (PS0V4) [2720] Sorry.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2721] Not a single word [...] .

49 (Tape 010501)

Jackie (PS0V5) [2722] It looks really weird seeing Christmas and it's hot and they can go swimming and [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2723] Yeah .
[2724] That's right.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2725] I really don't think I'd like that Christmas and it's cold toesie's
Tony (PS0V4) [2726] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2727] Yeah, pretty odd thing [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2728] That's right.
Christine (PS0V6) [2729] I like [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2730] Yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [2731] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2732] Mm.

50 (Tape 010502)

Tony (PS0V4) [2733] Is that a mechanical one?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2734] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2735] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2736] [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2737] When they were doing the first picture they had, I think [...] it was.
Tony (PS0V4) [2738] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2739] And it [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2740] Mm.
Christine (PS0V6) [2741] Do you know mummy
Jackie (PS0V5) [2742] [laugh] .
Christine (PS0V6) [2743] do you know when the [...] come up on the side, that from [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2744] And your be [...] Guy.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [2745] Did she go along with a friend?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2746] [...] horses.

51 (Tape 010503)

Tony (PS0V4) [2747] What?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2748] It was a question of [...] and it's a little
Rene (PS0V7) [2749] Tell her about [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2750] Mm .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2751] Ah . [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2752] You sneezing Rene?
Rene (PS0V7) [2753] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2754] Sneezing?
Rene (PS0V7) [2755] Yeah ...
Tony (PS0V4) [2756] I've been doing that today as well.
[2757] Good if I get a cold cos I got erm training course next week.
[2758] Five days of non-stop talking.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2759] You'll have to [...] to get one over [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2760] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2761] [...] .

52 (Tape 010504)

Tony (PS0V4) [2762] I tried to, er, I told ... I got criticised for slowing down too much, going into a corner on my dr driving test, I told Brown which corner it was, he took me round there three or four times to s today on my lesson, yeah, we'll keep doing it till you get it right [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2763] The only way Tony.
Tony (PS0V4) [2764] That's right.
Christine (PS0V6) [2765] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2766] [hiccup] Oh pardon me.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2767] You were looking a bit sorry for yourself when we came back cos he buys flowers and he gives [...] , so he'll buy them the day before, I got the next day, there their making [...] in all that [...] ...
Tony (PS0V4) [2768] Stop what? ...
Christine (PS0V6) [2769] Stop the bus [...] .
Rene (PS0V7) [2770] Do you have a recording on there?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2771] It [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2772] Mm.
Christine (PS0V6) [2773] Cos, is it [...] ?
Tony (PS0V4) [2774] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2775] Oh look, aha, oh my god ...
Tony (PS0V4) [2776] That big [laugh] .
Christine (PS0V6) [2777] Now that is fake, who [...] world.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2778] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [2779] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [2780] [...] got a large one ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2781] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [2782] [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2783] Come on Ben.
Tony (PS0V4) [2784] If I lo , if I sit out there looks, looking sorry for myself then somebody will ... take me .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2785] When was, what's the matter with you?.

53 (Tape 010505)

Tony (PS0V4) [2786] Oh is he related then to er
Jackie (PS0V5) [2787] [...] Beryl.
Tony (PS0V4) [2788] That chap with the curly hair.
Christine (PS0V6) [2789] Yeah .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2790] Well that's his brother.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2791] He's the brother .
Tony (PS0V4) [2792] Oh right.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2793] [...] the one who got killed, he's the police chief's son.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2794] He's the brother .
Tony (PS0V4) [2795] Right.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2796] And she's the police chief's wife.
Tony (PS0V4) [2797] Ok.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2798] And her mother.
Tony (PS0V4) [2799] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2800] So she's now lost her husband and one son and he's the other son.
Tony (PS0V4) [2801] Yeah, got it, ok ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2802] [...] to work the way he [...] the other ones.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2803] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2804] Th this shark has got nine lives I think.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2805] Yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [2806] Could be it's brother [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2807] Christine, you've got a quarter of an hour and then you go out on the table, cos that dinner is going anywhere [...] ...
Christine (PS0V6) [2808] I am going to [...] ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2809] I think if Michael Caine's [...] played a part of a toy- boy [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2810] Well he's hardly a toy-boy.
Tony (PS0V4) [2811] Erm , [laugh] , no I don't think he's a toy-boy.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2812] About the same age ha, ha.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2813] Well I didn't know that, I only asked.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2814] No, a toy-boy is where you've got an old lady with a fif there's about a twenty year old bloke .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2815] Boy , yeah [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2816] Mm.
Rene (PS0V7) [2817] A toy-boy is
Jackie (PS0V5) [2818] [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2819] Granddad is that a toy-boy or a [...] [laugh] .

54 (Tape 010506)

Jackie (PS0V5) [2820] Jack
Jackie (PS0V5) [2821] Give me five.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2822] Michael .
Tony (PS0V4) [2823] Really.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2824] Yeah, O R E somebody else is sure they knew [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [2825] [...] , oh great.
Rene (PS0V7) [2826] Do you say [...] [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2827] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2828] Oh.

55 (Tape 010507)

Tony (PS0V4) [2829] When were watching television and nobody's talking much there's not much point is that?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2830] No point no, we could take Ben out, but there won't be much point is there?
Tony (PS0V4) [2831] No, unless somebody comes with me.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2832] All you'll say is sit, stay, there's a good boy [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2833] Yeah, you've got to do it with the right inflect as well.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2834] Yes.
Tony (PS0V4) [2835] There's a good boy [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2836] [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2837] There's a slightly response too.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2838] Yeah it is Billy told me there would, that's what makes a [...] . [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [2839] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2840] [...] .
[2841] [laugh] ... What ... [...] other day ... those Christmas cards, there a little bit disappointing you know.
Tony (PS0V4) [2842] Are they?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2843] There nice designs, but there not very big but some of them are really tiny.
Tony (PS0V4) [2844] Oh.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2845] But they are nice [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2846] Well.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2847] There [...] handy [...] work.
Tony (PS0V4) [2848] Yes.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2849] The little ones.
Tony (PS0V4) [2850] That's just what I was gonna say .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2851] There pretty cards.
Tony (PS0V4) [2852] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2853] But some of them are really small.
Tony (PS0V4) [2854] Mm.
[2855] [sigh] . I don't know half the people in area office to send them cards.

56 (Tape 010508)

Tony (PS0V4) [2856] They say in that thing that you don't want half conversations.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2857] Half conversations?
Tony (PS0V4) [2858] Yeah, if you think you might come to the end of a conversation before you reach the end of the tape, they've rather you put a new tape in .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2859] [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2860] Mm, ok, yeah, thank you dad.
Tony (PS0V4) [2861] I suppose
Jackie (PS0V5) [2862] You can have it back actually.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2863] No I don't [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2864] It was only erm to show Tony that, there.
Tony (PS0V4) [2865] [...] sorry, put it in the erm ... put it in the cage, first thing I built.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2866] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [2867] Put in he's bedding.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2868] Yeah I ask mum and dad to stay with us a few more [...] , two thirds of a carrier bag full.
Tony (PS0V4) [2869] Mm ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2870] Got to keep [...] tomorrow of er what time, I get you [...] in that carrier .
Tony (PS0V4) [2871] Yeah ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2872] You know we've decided to leave the car possibly.
Tony (PS0V4) [2873] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2874] You know what happen now, it's raining [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2875] Ah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2876] It does it every time.
Tony (PS0V4) [2877] Never mind, see what the weather's like tomorrow then won't we?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2878] It's so annoying to end up, never at a pub [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2879] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2880] Cos you clean a little bit, you clean the outside and it's raining, cos you can't take the hoover out there and
Tony (PS0V4) [2881] Clean the inside.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2882] Clean the inside.
Tony (PS0V4) [2883] And then by the time you get round in cleaning the inside, the outsides dirty .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2884] The outsides dirty [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2885] Yeah ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2886] So, er, [...] she's getting ever so grubby looking now, I reckon very soon we'll gonna have to talk about getting some more er [...] covers.
Tony (PS0V4) [2887] Mm, mm. [cough] ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2888] Er, Yuk .
Tony (PS0V4) [2889] Sorry ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2890] When do you think we'll be able to [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2891] [sniff] erm
Jackie (PS0V5) [2892] Before February? ...
Tony (PS0V4) [2893] That's when we planned to weren't it?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2894] Only eh, I'd like to know over the Christmas period if any little habits surface.
Tony (PS0V4) [2895] Yeah , yeah, ok, Kim can do it this month .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2896] [...] came in late .
Tony (PS0V4) [2897] Yeah, we can do it this month.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2898] Mm, for a brand new Rolls Royce, it's not going very well is it? ...
Tony (PS0V4) [2899] Oh dear ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2900] Read this little name fifty fifty engine it just doesn't get you along very good, does it?
Tony (PS0V4) [2901] Yeah .
[2902] Certainly had a nine fifty Rolls Royce would get along very well [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2903] [laugh] ... Tony would you do the table?
Tony (PS0V4) [2904] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2905] Wipe the work top off and then that [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2906] Yeah ... Oh good.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2907] [laugh] .
[2908] Reckon they ought to replace super glue with baked beans you know.
Tony (PS0V4) [2909] Yeah, or cornflakes.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2910] Yeah, milk and cornflakes.
[2911] [...] cornflakes.
Tony (PS0V4) [2912] Deadly combination.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2913] Never [...] on the worktop [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2914] Just making sure ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2915] No, I think it needs cutting, [...] a lot more, [...] going browner and more miserable [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2916] Oh.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2917] I don't know though it's difficult to tell, I mean that one that's lost a leaf but the rest of it looks ... alright.
Tony (PS0V4) [2918] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2919] That one [...] ...
Tony (PS0V4) [2920] Oops, sorry ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2921] Those light bulbs that seemed to go like mad are erm Tesco's own brand.
Tony (PS0V4) [2922] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2923] I just replaced one in the lamp in there and it was a Phillips one and I haven't bought any of those for ages, do you know what I mean
Tony (PS0V4) [2924] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2925] So I think they've lasted alright.
[2926] It was
Tony (PS0V4) [2927] The Tesco ones don't seem to last very long.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2928] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [2929] Right.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2930] So I think I'll get them up at Asda, get the Phillips one's I think.
Tony (PS0V4) [2931] Mm, mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2932] I do wonder whether they keep [...] or whether [...] [laugh] , do you know?
Tony (PS0V4) [2933] No.
[2934] It's more likely to be the light bulb.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2935] I know, just that when your house needs a re-wiring got [...] you worry ... I wished they never ... got rid off her new Christmas one, just think all the money we've spent on
Tony (PS0V4) [2936] Yeah .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2937] doing up this house so far.
Tony (PS0V4) [2938] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2939] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2940] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2941] Of borrowing money, [...] , we've got kitchen done, bathroom, the doors and new windows, to re-wire everything
Tony (PS0V4) [2942] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2943] all on home improvements.
Tony (PS0V4) [2944] They paid ninety per cent didn't they?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2945] Yeah.
[2946] Of course what happens, just before we buy our house it stops [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2947] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2948] [...] , yeah they take ninety per cent of the [...] .
[2949] I mean you could have a whole new roof put on your house and it would cost about six thousand, seven thousand pounds and
Tony (PS0V4) [2950] You pay
Jackie (PS0V5) [2951] you pay six hundred.
Tony (PS0V4) [2952] yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2953] I tell you what we'd have the best house round here if a ... I can't get over that lady over the road though and her husband.
Tony (PS0V4) [2954] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2955] They [...] , they painted there house a year ago and they've done it again this year, you can't tell where it's stopped and where it's done, do you know what I mean.
Tony (PS0V4) [2956] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2957] It just didn't need doing.
Tony (PS0V4) [2958] Whereas our house badly needs painting doesn't it?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2959] The, you know, [...] , yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [2960] Oh, like everything else.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2961] [...] .
[2962] [...] throwing the money away.
Tony (PS0V4) [2963] Mm, shall I go out with Fido now?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2964] Yeah.
[2965] Take Fido for a walk.
[2966] Are you gonna take Fido for a walk? [...] go for a walk.

57 (Tape 010509)

Jackie (PS0V5) [2967] Have you got a photograph like [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2968] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2969] That's right, that's one Frankfurt and one [...] , bet you [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [2970] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [2971] You had the [...] last year.
Tony (PS0V4) [2972] That's right, yeah ... Ah.
Rene (PS0V7) [2973] Pity they didn't [...] postcard ones weren't it [...] , so they gave it [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2974] Well I can't understand it, it's at the other [...] .
Rene (PS0V7) [2975] Mm, this time they, you've got four [...] ones, and two medium sized ones, they sort off, almost as if there doing you out of a big size photograph.
Tony (PS0V4) [2976] Yeah.

58 (Tape 010510)

Rene (PS0V7) [2977] Granddad got to give you some as well aren't he?
Jackie (PS0V5) [2978] What's that?
Rene (PS0V7) [2979] Were having a week [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [2980] Ah.
Rene (PS0V7) [2981] Oh ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2982] And what's your next [...] ...
Rene (PS0V7) [2983] [...] what was the [...] .
Christine (PS0V6) [2984] Erm, maximum prize.
Rene (PS0V7) [2985] Yeah, well what's it, I mean what's the [...] .
Christine (PS0V6) [2986] One, he said.
Rene (PS0V7) [2987] Well [...] .
Christine (PS0V6) [2988] No, there's something else [...] ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [2989] You got twenty [...] ... There you've got to [...] .

59 (Tape 010511)

Tony (PS0V4) [2990] Ok ... that's fifty nine each ...
Christine (PS0V6) [2991] Dad.
Tony (PS0V4) [2992] No, one eighteen.
Christine (PS0V6) [2993] Can I have seventy five erm seventy five P for my [...] money.
Tony (PS0V4) [2994] Yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [2995] Is that being recording?
Tony (PS0V4) [2996] Yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [2997] [...] ok, come on nan pay up.
Tony (PS0V4) [2998] [laugh] .
Rene (PS0V7) [2999] [...] . [...] .
Christine (PS0V6) [3000] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3001] I have to go upstairs and get it.
Christine (PS0V6) [3002] Ok, sorry dad, but I need it in [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3003] Yeah ok.
[3004] Oh, no I haven't, got it here.
[3005] Ah ... Ah, [sigh] right, I haven't got the change yet at the moment, I'll have to ...
Rene (PS0V7) [3006] You got to take it
Christine (PS0V6) [3007] I've got the change, you pay me back, I might have, alright.
Tony (PS0V4) [3008] I mean, I've only got a five pound note.
[3009] Have you got enough change to give her one pound fifty Jack?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3010] I've got a pound coin, but I don't think I've got any [...] , I'll have a look ... ooh let's have a look, I think I've only got a pound coin.
Rene (PS0V7) [3011] I've got a [...] Jack .
Christine (PS0V6) [3012] I've only got ten [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3013] Oh, that would be a help.
[3014] Have a look ... Right so if I give you ... one fifty, there you are.
Christine (PS0V6) [3015] Seventy five P each.
Rene (PS0V7) [3016] That's one fifty, that's right.
Tony (PS0V4) [3017] You have that towards the, though I've got to give you seventy, seventy five so shall I give it to you when I've got the whole lot?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3018] I [...] I'm not worried.
Tony (PS0V4) [3019] Ok.
Christine (PS0V6) [3020] Where you out on the front, [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3021] Oh you can write, read a form can't you?
Christine (PS0V6) [3022] Oh no, my writing's [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3023] Your writing's [...] good.
Christine (PS0V6) [3024] No it isn't.
Tony (PS0V4) [blowing nose] ...
Christine (PS0V6) [3025] Dad
Tony (PS0V4) [3026] [laugh] .
Christine (PS0V6) [3027] Can I borrow your [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3028] Yeah ... Gets this [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3029] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3030] Right.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3031] Oh.

60 (Tape 010512)

Tony (PS0V4) [3032] I'll cut some rolls, shall I?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3033] Ok
Tony (PS0V4) [3034] Oh yeah, shall I go and find out?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3035] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3036] Ok.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3037] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [3038] What have we got?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3039] Cheese or there's a little, there's a little it of beef.
Tony (PS0V4) [3040] Cheese or beef rolls?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3041] Cheese please.
Tony (PS0V4) [3042] Rene?
Rene (PS0V7) [3043] Nothing for me yet Tony.
Tony (PS0V4) [3044] No rolls at all?
Rene (PS0V7) [3045] No thanks.
Tony (PS0V4) [3046] Ok ... I wonder if, shall I ask Christine?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3047] Yeah, she might as well.
Tony (PS0V4) [3048] Do you want some rolls Christine?
Christine (PS0V6) [3049] Erm ... two?
Tony (PS0V4) [3050] Yeah, what do you want on them, Marmite?
[3051] Ok.
Christine (PS0V6) [3052] As usual
Tony (PS0V4) [3053] Christine will have them, Rene doesn't want any at all.
[3054] If there's only a bit of beef you have the beef and I'll have some cheese.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3055] What [...] , are you sure?
Tony (PS0V4) [3056] Yeah and some for Christine.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3057] Well that's two for you, two for dad, one for me and one for Christine, I don't want [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3058] Ok ... I'm happy with that.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3059] You sure?
Tony (PS0V4) [3060] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3061] Cos I don't mind cheese and Marmite [...] if you have the beef.
Tony (PS0V4) [3062] No, it's alright, I'll have the cheese.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3063] [...] that's ok then.
Tony (PS0V4) [3064] Yep.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3065] My love, will you do me a favour then, you do it all up, cos it won't keep you know .
Tony (PS0V4) [3066] Yeah .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3067] It won't keep until after the weekend, but it'll be alright t today.
Tony (PS0V4) [3068] Aha.
[3069] do dum ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [3070] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3071] I, she's been ripping all the newspaper [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3072] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3073] Great.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3074] She's got have a clean out tomorrow so we'll be able to tidy up all again [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3075] [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3076] Until she decides to have another ripping [...] ... I'll be glad next year when they go out in the garden again, do you know what I mean?
Tony (PS0V4) [3077] Yeah, it'll be nice and you can fix , fix them up a run and ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [3078] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3079] Do you want me to do crisps or anything?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3080] Yeah, [...] crisps, [laugh] , no [laugh] , oh your horrible licked that, oh look at that?
Tony (PS0V4) [3081] [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3082] Oh, yuk ...
Tony (PS0V4) [3083] [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3084] Your horrible, er yuk ... told you it's an extravagant.
Tony (PS0V4) [3085] It'll be more extravagant to let it go to waste ... .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3086] You know how to do [...] don't you?
Tony (PS0V4) [3087] No, I never do it.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3088] I just don't know [...] at the end.
Tony (PS0V4) [3089] Yeah.
[3090] Neither do I.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3091] Sorry.
Tony (PS0V4) [3092] I said neither do I [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3093] [...] have such a good time [...] [laugh] .
[3094] Sort of.
Tony (PS0V4) [3095] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3096] Got to find it first. [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3097] Cupboards fine it's eh, in fact there's too much stuff in it.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3098] [laugh] .
[3099] Weren't so many [...] ... Ooh, where's my pickled of walnuts gone? where are my pickled walnuts, there in here somewhere.
Tony (PS0V4) [3100] I [...] to get down in the cupboard.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3101] No, I don't think it's gonna be there.
Tony (PS0V4) [3102] Oh ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [3103] Oh, I hate this cupboard.
[3104] [...] . Oh Tony.
Tony (PS0V4) [3105] I don't know what you've done
Jackie (PS0V5) [3106] Wanna scream ... Oh, [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3107] I hope not ... I see if they want any ... do you want, do, do you want any crisps?
Rene (PS0V7) [3108] Well I'll have half a packet with you, but chipsticks if you've got them.
Tony (PS0V4) [3109] Mm, mm.
Rene (PS0V7) [3110] Just have half.
Tony (PS0V4) [3111] Ok.
Rene (PS0V7) [3112] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3113] Got any chipsticks?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3114] I think so.
[3115] Oh [...] did leave them in there [...] ... perhaps I've put them up on the shelf.
[3116] No, there they are.
[3117] [...] . Perhaps when you loose your pickled walnuts.
Tony (PS0V4) [3118] That's right, yes.
[3119] That's alright.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3120] [shouting] Mum would you like a pickled walnut? []
Rene (PS0V7) [3121] No thanks.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3122] Oh no, she's not having anything [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3123] Chipsticks and a pickled walnut [laugh] , yuk ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [3124] Oh, I've [...] when and got that great big jar of them for Christmas.
Tony (PS0V4) [3125] Aha.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3126] I know they cost a fortune, but oh.
Tony (PS0V4) [3127] Yeah, cost a fortune.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3128] Sorry.
Tony (PS0V4) [3129] Yeah, cost a fortune ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [3130] Now what you do with this [...] .
[3131] Two teaspoon [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3132] That's right, yeah.
[3133] With about a third of a cup of milk, you mix it up with some sugar and then you put boiling water in.
[3134] One, one full teaspoon.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3135] Right.
Tony (PS0V4) [3136] [laugh] , find a space for it again there.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3137] I must sort this cupboard out because there's plenty of room in [...] there.
Tony (PS0V4) [3138] Oh, yeah.
[3139] Do you want some crisps?

61 (Tape 010513)

Rene (PS0V7) [3140] See you Monday, yeah cheerio, bye, bye
Jackie (PS0V5) [3141] Cheerio
Rene (PS0V7) [3142] Cheerio my love .
Tony (PS0V4) [3143] See you, yeah
Jackie (PS0V5) [3144] Bye, bye Christine.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3145] Safe journey .
Tony (PS0V4) [3146] Yeah.
Rene (PS0V7) [3147] Cheerio, see you Monday, [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3148] Take care.
Rene (PS0V7) [3149] You pick your paper up?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3150] No, I don't want take it.
Rene (PS0V7) [3151] Do you want eh, all right then be brave, don't worry.
[3152] Ooh it's still wet out, it's still raining.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3153] Is it raining?
Rene (PS0V7) [3154] No, it's not raining.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3155] No, it's not raining oh that's good then.
Rene (PS0V7) [3156] So you [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3157] I, see you again then.
Tony (PS0V4) [3158] See you again.
Rene (PS0V7) [3159] Cheerio Tony .
Tony (PS0V4) [3160] Yeah , cheerio ... in't Christine ought to go to bed?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3161] Yeah.
[3162] Come on get undressed. [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3163] Yeah.
[3164] Christine.
Christine (PS0V6) [3165] Ok.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3166] Are you miss moody?
Tony (PS0V4) [3167] Just at the moment yeah ...
Christine (PS0V6) [3168] [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3169] Oh I wondered where that pen had got to ... now where's my cardigan? ... [...] put my cardigan on the floor.
Tony (PS0V4) [3170] Oh, that's nice.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3171] Charming, mind if I watch [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3172] No ... do you want me sort out the gerbils.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3173] Well if you wouldn't mind, I'll do the rabbit, guinea pig while you
Tony (PS0V4) [3174] Ok ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [3175] We'll do half each [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3176] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3177] Erm, there is some more cabbage in the gerbils, can you take it out, [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3178] Mm, mm ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [3179] What did they have last night?
[3180] ... Last box of spring greens went off [...] horrible.
Tony (PS0V4) [3181] Is it?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3182] Yeah ...
Tony (PS0V4) [3183] I'll get them some fresh water as well.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3184] Sorry.
Tony (PS0V4) [3185] I'll get, give them some fresh water as well.

62 (Tape 010514)

Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [3186] I'm still learning, so many things to think about when I'm driving.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3187] There are.
Tony (PS0V4) [3188] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3189] For I'm afraid my
Tony (PS0V4) [3190] I
Jackie (PS0V5) [3191] love there are, till it becomes automatic ,
Tony (PS0V4) [3192] Mm .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3193] it could take a little while.
Tony (PS0V4) [3194] I pulled up fairly tight behind a car
Jackie (PS0V5) [3195] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3196] and then I was trying to come out and I started to pull out into a gap and Brian said oh know, don't pull out ... I said oh okay, he said the thing is your fairly tight so your gonna have to come out slowly so you need a bigger gap than otherwise.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3197] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3198] And the gap wasn't really big enough, do you know what I mean?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3199] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3200] It would off been o okay if I just been able to pull out and drive down the road
Jackie (PS0V5) [3201] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3202] because I had to pull out round the stationery vehicle as well, I would off taken too long getting out
Jackie (PS0V5) [3203] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3204] and I'd have caused the other one to slow down.

63 (Tape 010515)

Jackie (PS0V5) [3205] Yeah, there's a lot to this driving business unfortunately.
Tony (PS0V4) [3206] [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3207] So while your trying to do it, it, you [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3208] Yeah.
[3209] I've pulled the old greens out.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3210] Good.
Tony (PS0V4) [3211] They didn't seemed to have that much of it actually.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3212] No, it's erm ... it's sometimes [...] .
[3213] It depends how they have to feel it [...] .
[3214] Oh, can you [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3215] Yeah ... Oh ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [3216] Ah, you'll find some cupboard [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3217] Yeah.
[3218] A couple of tins of peas left out, try and find a space for them to go back in again.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3219] [laugh] .
[3220] Greater a man have died for laughter.
Tony (PS0V4) [3221] Not easier.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3222] Trying to get the peas back in the cupboard.

64 (Tape 010516)

Jackie (PS0V5) [3223] Oh ... could you hang on to that lot a minute.
[3224] Mind the carrots doesn't drop in.
Tony (PS0V4) [3225] Yep , ok.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3226] What you been doing stinker, look at the mess ... yeah, look at all this ooh.
[3227] Yeah, your not supposed to be coming out.
Tony (PS0V4) [3228] [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3229] You little stinker.
[3230] Yes you are, your an old stinker, yes you are.
Tony (PS0V4) [3231] Shall I put this in there?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3232] Oh, good girl.
[3233] There, ooh [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3234] Oh, there's a good girl.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3235] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3236] Mm, she's got a lovely coat.
[3237] Ah cos of the food and the condition she's kept in isn't it?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3238] [...] .
[3239] What you've been up to too?
[3240] Look.
Tony (PS0V4) [3241] Oh god, [clears throat] , I've checked, all this has got to be chucked away, has it?.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3242] Actually, I think this [...] some more hay , there's hardly any in there.
Tony (PS0V4) [3243] Ok.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3244] I'll have that.
Tony (PS0V4) [3245] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3246] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3247] Oh there.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3248] Thanks.

65 (Tape 010517)

Christine (PS0V6) [3249] Mum
Tony (PS0V4) [3250] What, what is it Christine?
Christine (PS0V6) [3251] I go, I got to [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3252] Ok.
Christine (PS0V6) [3253] I didn't want to [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3254] Alright.
Christine (PS0V6) [3255] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3256] Yeah, ok.
Christine (PS0V6) [...] ...
Tony (PS0V4) [3257] Christine's gone to bed.
[3258] You alright?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3259] They eat the hay [...] ... They've bitten all the apple ...
Tony (PS0V4) [3260] Shall I er lock the front door and sort Ben out?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3261] Erm, please, and [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3262] Would you wanna , would you wanna sit for a bit before he goes back?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3263] What time is it?
Tony (PS0V4) [3264] Five to one.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3265] Drop of Sherry.
Tony (PS0V4) [3266] Mm, could do.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3267] Glass.
Tony (PS0V4) [3268] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [...] ...
Tony (PS0V4) [3269] Ok.

66 (Tape 010601)

Tony (PS0V4) [3270] It's tape number four.
[3271] That one's alright, this one.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3272] That one start again.
Tony (PS0V4) [3273] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3274] [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3275] Oh well.
[3276] Ah ... [...] ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [3277] [...] everything.
Tony (PS0V4) [3278] I wonder, I wonder what they get from some people you know.
[3279] Sorry.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3280] Must be fun.
Tony (PS0V4) [3281] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3282] Cut all our naughty bits out.
Tony (PS0V4) [3283] [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3284] [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3285] That's right.
[3286] I do find I'm conscious of it a lot of the time.
[3287] Other people probably can forget about it cos I'm wearing it, I feel conscious of it a lot of the time.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3288] I'm not, I must admit I don't think about it now, so if [...] wearing it puts you off.
Tony (PS0V4) [3289] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3290] You know what I mean, it's taking you [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3291] What I'll do when I'm, if all the if signs and buts are covered, I will put the mike on it's stand when I'm working tomorrow, put it on the desk and put the recorder in the, in my briefcase underneath the little desk
Jackie (PS0V5) [3292] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3293] cos there's a little coffee table sort of thing that I put my script on
Jackie (PS0V5) [3294] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3295] and put my brief case underneath it
Jackie (PS0V5) [3296] You'll have to take it home.
Tony (PS0V4) [3297] and the microphone on to on top.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3298] Have you read it again and realised what you're supposed to do you'll have to take some spare tapes in and spend lunch times [...] won't you?
Tony (PS0V4) [3299] Yeah, but that's, just one, I mean I'm not gonna record, if I try and record the whole of the course
Jackie (PS0V5) [3300] You can't.
Tony (PS0V4) [3301] I can't.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3302] True, [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3303] That's right, but
Jackie (PS0V5) [3304] Because ok, yeah stuff remains anonymous
Tony (PS0V4) [3305] mm
Jackie (PS0V5) [3306] but you're giving people how, how to defraud benefit.
Tony (PS0V4) [3307] yeah, I can't do that.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3308] Erm, so [...] you've got to do that.
Tony (PS0V4) [3309] No, oh, a lot of the session's when they're talking about data types and things like that ... oh I don't know, cos there's security aspects to that you see.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3310] Yeah, but then, if it's obscure that nobody apart from someone working in the office that'll understand it, does it matter?
Tony (PS0V4) [3311] The only way it would matter is that somebody breathes the information to, if they could get hold of a card, and get into an office, they could actually use the information to make a payment.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3312] If they knew how.
Tony (PS0V4) [3313] If they knew how.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3314] Mm, yeah, but be honest for what you're using, for what you've said, would they pick up that, with not having
Tony (PS0V4) [3315] Not unless .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3316] a computer in front of them and being able to look at it and do what you're saying?
Tony (PS0V4) [3317] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3318] Do you know what I mean?
Tony (PS0V4) [3319] Yeah, I'd, I'll have to blank it out the part when I'm talking about passwords and things as well.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3320] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3321] Cos they're all passwords that protect the system.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3322] Yeah ...
Tony (PS0V4) [3323] Yeah, but apart from that, you're right.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3324] Yeah it's like ours we've got passwords.
Tony (PS0V4) [3325] Mm ... yeah and then everyone's got their own, I've got my own personal one as well.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3326] We've got our own personal one too, our [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3327] Mm ... no, mines more boring than that.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3328] Is it?
Tony (PS0V4) [3329] My pin number.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3330] Oh.
Tony (PS0V4) [3331] I use my bank pin number, that way I don't forget it [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3332] Oh I see that, that's how you remember, oh the other day I went to look at Asda you know, put my card in the machine and my mind just went totally blank, do you think I could remember the dam number.
Tony (PS0V4) [3333] [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3334] I stood there, in the end I keyed in a number which was one digit wrong
Tony (PS0V4) [3335] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3336] and I thought, it came out erm, incorrect pin number, please remove your card, I thought [...] at least I'm getting it back you know so I whipped it out, I said to mum, I'm gonna have to pay for this with a cheque, I said, I can't get the cash out, and she, she said why, and I said I, I forgotten my number [laugh] , I was getting in quite a panic cos I knew I didn't have it written down anywhere at home.
Tony (PS0V4) [3337] Yeah, mm.
[3338] Do you know what it is now?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3339] Yeah, I remembered it while I was walking round the shop, cos the more I yeah, the more I thought about it the worse I got when I stood by the machine.
Tony (PS0V4) [3340] That's alright then.
[3341] Cos I know yours, yeah, yeah
Jackie (PS0V5) [3342] So I took my card and went in I thought well I'll pay for this by, by cheque
Tony (PS0V4) [3343] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3344] Erm, but I wanted some cash, so what I did in the end was walked round Asda remembered it, or thought I remembered it, came back out put the erm card back in and the terminal came up erm ... it's ok.
Tony (PS0V4) [3345] [laugh] nervous now, you're gonna be checking that quite a bit.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3346] Yeah the terminal came up erm, due to an error were unable to complete your transaction, so I thought oh great, so I can't have my money in any place
Tony (PS0V4) [3347] [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3348] then I felt a real twit, cos a man came up and I said I think something's gone wrong with the auto bank machine, says I, it won't give me any money because it's, it's coming up there's an error, so he said well I'll try and see, he says, he put in exactly the same card as me, he had the Midland card, put it in, got his money
Tony (PS0V4) [3349] [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3350] so I thought, right, I'm not going to be beaten, so I got, went back in again, put the card back in, gave me my money that time.
Tony (PS0V4) [3351] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3352] But, it, it wasn't saying I'd made, made an error
Tony (PS0V4) [3353] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3354] it was saying due to an error
Tony (PS0V4) [3355] There's probably some disruption to the ... to the transmission or something for an [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3356] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3357] Cos it only needs
Jackie (PS0V5) [3358] But I felt such a twit, cos I said to this man I, I don't know about you, but I can't get my money.
Tony (PS0V4) [3359] it only needs for a little bit of attention on a wire or something
Jackie (PS0V5) [3360] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3361] to just make it erm, shut out just for a split second
Jackie (PS0V5) [3362] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3363] and it'll throw the whole thing.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3364] But that was not a good day [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3365] [laughing] no [] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3366] Oh, no I put a six where a five should be, in my pin number, that's all I did, but I just, I just stood there and my mind just completely went blank, I couldn't remember it at all.
[3367] And I'd already pushed the card in
Tony (PS0V4) [3368] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3369] so I had to key in something.
Tony (PS0V4) [3370] Mm, oh I [laugh] , I'd turned round, I can't remember what it was ... oh, what was it all about?
[3371] I was doing a training session and I said erm ... I'd, I'd started to say something and I'd done it, I was talking about something and I hadn't done the bit before
Jackie (PS0V5) [3372] mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [3373] so they couldn't understand what I was saying, do you know what I mean?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3374] Yeah, [clears throat] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3375] and I said ... erm,
Jackie (PS0V5) [3376] Do you want to make [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3377] forget all about that, just let your mind go blank and I look round and I said cor that was quick [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3378] [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3379] Cos they're all looking pretty blank anyway you know.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3380] Yeah, [...] .
[3381] Ooh ...
Tony (PS0V4) [3382] Well I don't think information about the, the seven, what are the seven conditions of receipt of benefit and things like this would be a State secret.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3383] No, unemployed dirty old thing, [laughing] living in a caravan, with a big dog [] Sorry.
Tony (PS0V4) [3384] Big, hairy and stroppy, you'll get whatever you like.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3385] [laughing] yeah [] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3386] [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3387] Oh yeah, [laugh] , big, hairy, stroppy, dirty thing whatever you like.
Tony (PS0V4) [3388] Not quite true, but
Jackie (PS0V5) [3389] Go on [laugh] ... doesn't it make you sort of ... bias when you actually work for the system?
Tony (PS0V4) [3390] Erm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3391] And you see the nice people coming in and not getting really
Tony (PS0V4) [3392] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3393] what's due to them, see somebody coming in threaten to punch somebodies lights out and they get all the
Tony (PS0V4) [3394] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3395] you know?
Tony (PS0V4) [3396] But then, to my mind, the person that who, who threatens to punch the lights out and gets whatever they want, everyone should get the degree of service.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3397] Yeah, but the don't, and unfortunately it's the nice people that suffer.
Tony (PS0V4) [3398] No , but it's up to the every individual to try and make sure that they do get that level of service.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3399] So what are, yeah but, if to get that level of service you've got to threaten somebody
Tony (PS0V4) [3400] Yeah well you, you shouldn't have to threaten somebody to get good service.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3401] no, but you do have to.
Tony (PS0V4) [3402] You shouldn't.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3403] No, but you do, in the, in the end.
Tony (PS0V4) [3404] Depends on the people.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3405] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [3406] Depends on the actual person you see and what their attitude is.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3407] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3408] And I must admit once I'd been ... I'd, early on when I didn't know an awful lot, then, yeah, but, later on when I had been more experienced there wasn't, there was very little difference between how I treated people whether they made a fuss or not.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3409] Yeah, that's right, well that's the way it should be
Tony (PS0V4) [3410] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3411] but you're in the mi minority in, in actually
Tony (PS0V4) [3412] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3413] doing that and saying that, and that's wrong.
Tony (PS0V4) [3414] Mm, yeah, I'm
Jackie (PS0V5) [3415] But ,
Tony (PS0V4) [3416] [...] trying to do something about it.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3417] yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3418] [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3419] That's right, I mean the thing is you train people to do it properly
Tony (PS0V4) [3420] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3421] they then go back to their office and unfortunately a lot of what other people in the office are doing are taught
Tony (PS0V4) [3422] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3423] and that I think really have more of an influence, cos they're not going to change themselves into an individual
Tony (PS0V4) [3424] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3425] by doing something different to everyone else.
Tony (PS0V4) [3426] Yeah, I see what you mean.
[3427] They're not in a situation where they can take an individual line at that point.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3428] No.
Tony (PS0V4) [3429] It's only later on when they're more experienced that they can actually say, well hang on a minute ... I can do more for this person ... and I'm going to do more for this person.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3430] But I think that's the only thing were, if I worked in a benefit office I wouldn't get on very well, because if I saw something [...] I'd try and move heaven and earth to make ... everything to go right for me .
Tony (PS0V4) [3431] And that, and that would make you good.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3432] Yeah, but in the beginning I'd get criticized for not being quick enough in my [...] ,
Tony (PS0V4) [3433] I don't know .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3434] because I'd chase people round to find, till I found out what I wanted to know.
Tony (PS0V4) [3435] Mm, yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3436] Do you know what I mean.
Tony (PS0V4) [3437] The sort of things I'm talking about, I'm, I'm thinking of is ok somebody, a mistake's been made, somebody hasn't got their payment out
Jackie (PS0V5) [3438] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3439] alright, and the difference between that is er and then the degree of service that they get, erm you can say you'll get it in the post two days in, in two days, or you can say erm, we'll get a giro cheque written out for you, initial it to you at the counter
Jackie (PS0V5) [3440] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [3441] at half past three ... or you can say ... if you'd like to, if you'd like to wait for half an hour, we'll get a giro cheque to, issued to you or if you'd rather you can come back at half past three and collect it.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3442] Yeah, that unfortunately the majority of people say you'll get money in a couple of days, then the person would start to argue, because they need their money now to go and buy their shopping.
Tony (PS0V4) [3443] Yeah, yeah ... and that's ... [...] degrees of service
Jackie (PS0V5) [3444] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3445] I mean that, in that situation I would try and say sort of
Jackie (PS0V5) [3446] Me, I, I know .
Tony (PS0V4) [3447] Do you need the money urgently?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3448] Mm, and they're always going to say yes aren't they, unless they're a reasonable human being and has got a bit of money they can use .
Tony (PS0V4) [3449] Yeah , yeah, only erm ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [3450] But I must admit, I, I am a bit snobbish in it, I would move heaven and earth to help someone who ... looked clean and nice and had good manners.
Tony (PS0V4) [3451] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3452] If it was someone coming in with a nasty attitude really filthy, scruffy, dirty, no fixed address because they lived in er ... er, an old wagon some where
Tony (PS0V4) [3453] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3454] I think I'd be less inclined [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [3455] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3456] but having said that, I'd still give them
Tony (PS0V4) [3457] Only thing is dealing with the awkward people
Christine (PS0V6) [3458] Shall I get down?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3459] Yeah, yes please.
Tony (PS0V4) [3460] that distinguishes a professional to somebody who isn't.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3461] Oh yeah, I, I'd give them the same options but
Christine (PS0V6) [3462] Ow!
Jackie (PS0V5) [3463] with someone who's nice, put it that way, I'd almost definitely try, I'd get the, say that they could have the giro today
Tony (PS0V4) [3464] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3465] Straight away.
[3466] With someone who's not I'd try and get them to wait for a couple of days and then if they wouldn't I'd go through the [...] and get them it today.
Tony (PS0V4) [3467] Mm, mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3468] Do, do you see the difference?
[3469] It wouldn't be, I wouldn't say oh no you can't have it, but I'd say well you'll receive it in a couple of days time and if they said oh well that's not good enough, then fair enough, you, you know.
Tony (PS0V4) [3470] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3471] But somebody who's nice I'd think no, why
Tony (PS0V4) [3472] Mm .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3473] should they have to wait because ... but the, I, these people they are [...] , they've opted out of society, they want nothing to do
Tony (PS0V4) [3474] They don't ,
Jackie (PS0V5) [3475] with society apart from the giro cheque on paper
Tony (PS0V4) [3476] yeah well they don't
Jackie (PS0V5) [3477] they want
Tony (PS0V4) [3478] you don't have problems with their payments.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3479] no, no it's, it's the people that think the world owes them a living, but they don't want to give anything back and that really bugs me.
Tony (PS0V4) [3480] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3481] You know what I mean?
Tony (PS0V4) [3482] Mm, mm, yeah, I must admit I wouldn't, I agree with what you say, where I wouldn't classify those people as being of no fixed abode, they're not necessarily of no fixed abode, there are a lot of people who would, living in flats and Council houses and things like that, they've got that attitude
Jackie (PS0V5) [3483] Who [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3484] and some of the people who were no fixed abode, actually trying very hard to get work.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3485] Mm, no, by no fixed abode I didn't mean, I did say the [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3486] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3487] It's the people that get
Tony (PS0V4) [3488] No, but, even, even some of those ... erm the only thing is they tend to get work and they tend not to tell you they've done it [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3489] No, it, no it's the one's that have opted out and they don't try to get work and they don't want work
Tony (PS0V4) [3490] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3491] those are the ones that I'd be, cos it's obvious, I mean, they've done no work in the past sort of twelve months
Tony (PS0V4) [3492] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3493] or nearly twelve months, and they're not trying because whatever people say, they do, the works there.
Tony (PS0V4) [3494] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3495] You've only got to go to the Job Centre and see all the jobs.
Christine (PS0V6) [3496] Mummy.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3497] I mean
Tony (PS0V4) [3498] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3499] Yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [3500] [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3501] Yeah, that's not bad.
Christine (PS0V6) [3502] Right, erm, mum
Jackie (PS0V5) [3503] Yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [3504] Do you know with this model, [...] those paints [...] with got to get it done by this Friday [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3505] Alright, I'll try and sort something out tomorrow.
Christine (PS0V6) [3506] Ok.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3507] Ok, only I haven't got time today, if we can do the [...] that today look, might as well get done really.
Tony (PS0V4) [3508] It is, it is a bit more complicated than that,
Jackie (PS0V5) [3509] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [3510] in that er, some people would like to work, but the level, the amount of money they need coming in, is not in line with the amount they can realistically expect to earn, and that's a difficult situation.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3511] Yeah, but then they've got to adjust their life style.
Tony (PS0V4) [3512] Mm, erm, yeah, you can't adjust your life style by killing a couple of kids,
Jackie (PS0V5) [3513] Oh no ,
Tony (PS0V4) [3514] that's the only problem [laugh] , if you've got a large family and you've had a well paid job and then you loose it
Jackie (PS0V5) [3515] yeah
Tony (PS0V4) [3516] erm, and you're not likely to be able to get into that line of work again
Jackie (PS0V5) [3517] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [3518] it, it can be quite difficult,
Jackie (PS0V5) [3519] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [3520] but there are, what there wasn't before, that there is now is these, erm
Jackie (PS0V5) [3521] But, then, as I say , if you've got a fam if you, if you can get a job ... and you, you, it's their just life style adjusting.
Tony (PS0V4) [3522] well no, because what you can do know is you can go to somebody who will sit down with a mini computer and that's what you need, a mini computer and will sit down and will look at a job and will say right, if you take this job, it can also claim Family Credit of so much, and, and they actually do a, a sort of alternative benefit calculation, and what they do is they look at, if you take this job and take all the other things into account, will you be better off?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3523] Mm.
[3524] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [3525] And they'll actually sit down and work that out for people and encourage them to go for a job and give them all the forms they need to claim Family Credit or whatever.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3526] Well that's what I was gonna say, if the system works properly there's no way.
Tony (PS0V4) [3527] But sometimes people fall through the cracks
Jackie (PS0V5) [3528] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [3529] and if, you can actually have somebody go, who's interested in going for a job, and when you do that sort of calculation they end up they're gonna be worse off.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3530] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3531] And that shouldn't be allowed to happen, but it does.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3532] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3533] Because it doesn't su , it doesn't match the whole, there, there are holes in it .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3534] Yeah, so, so what happens then if they say I'm not even going to that interview then because I couldn't live on it, even with all the other benefits, what happens then?
Tony (PS0V4) [3535] Right, erm
Jackie (PS0V5) [3536] See this is it, they get punished then, don't they, for not ... for not trying.
Tony (PS0V4) [3537] Well, erm, as I understand it er calculations for [...] in work benefit at erm, by somebody who's separate from the normal benefit section
Jackie (PS0V5) [3538] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [3539] and I don't think they, they will pass on information about somebody actually refusing to take a job
Jackie (PS0V5) [3540] Because of the pay.
Tony (PS0V4) [3541] because of the pay.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3542] Oh ...
Tony (PS0V4) [3543] But, the system ought to be water tight, so that people are better off
Jackie (PS0V5) [3544] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [3545] but the trouble is it's so complicated there are always exceptions and problems that cause
Jackie (PS0V5) [3546] Yeah, but I mean, be honest, you, you say that, but people have got to be prepared to adjust as well.
Tony (PS0V4) [3547] Oh yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3548] Because you say someone with a large family and they need a lot of money, you see someone with a large family
Tony (PS0V4) [3549] Yeah, [clears throat] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3550] [...] Child Benefit or something like that
Tony (PS0V4) [3551] Mm, mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3552] and they're not given a large amount of money
Tony (PS0V4) [3553] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3554] and there's somebody else saying oh I need five hundred pounds a month more than that, to live ... and you think well, hang on
Tony (PS0V4) [3555] Well.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3556] You, know, if, if these two people with the same number of kids can live for this
Tony (PS0V4) [3557] yeah
Jackie (PS0V5) [3558] why should this person need five hundred pound a month more.
Tony (PS0V4) [3559] What you've got to take into account is that, an all, there's an awful lot of things that you get when your unemployed that stop when you find a job.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3560] Oh yeah, cos I mean I know they pay mortgage for you, well not mortgage, but interest on your mortgage.
Tony (PS0V4) [3561] Interest on mortgage, yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3562] So you've certainly got to erm start paying the mortgage again.
Tony (PS0V4) [3563] mm.
[3564] Also if you're in rented accommodation you're claiming housing benefit, you'll probably haven't got to pay any rent, specially if it's Council there's relief, relief from paying
Jackie (PS0V5) [3565] Provided, if your pay is that low .
Tony (PS0V4) [3566] community charge, which you don't get any more once you start working.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3567] Well you do.
Tony (PS0V4) [3568] Well
Jackie (PS0V5) [3569] Depending on your circumstances
Tony (PS0V4) [3570] it depend, it depending on your circumstances, yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3571] That's what I'm saying you'll still get people who, they don't qualify for any of these benefits [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [3572] Yeah .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3573] because of what they're earning
Tony (PS0V4) [3574] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3575] and they're still saying they're not getting enough
Tony (PS0V4) [3576] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3577] those are the people who need to adjust what, how they're living and they don't.
Tony (PS0V4) [3578] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3579] They've got a big car, they've got a big house
Tony (PS0V4) [3580] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3581] you know, say to them buy a smaller house and Phrr, you know you'd never
Tony (PS0V4) [3582] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3583] never hear the end of it.
Tony (PS0V4) [3584] Erm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3585] I mean it was like Deborah and Dave, can you remember?
Tony (PS0V4) [3586] I believe, ah , I believe the D S S do look at the situation, but they, before, yeah ,
Jackie (PS0V5) [3587] Do you remember Deborah and Dave?,
Tony (PS0V4) [3588] before they actually suggest to somebody that they sell a house, that they sell a house and moved to a smaller one, they have to be unemployed for quite some time.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3589] yeah, but I mean they just desperately wanted to get away from Bristol
Tony (PS0V4) [3590] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3591] because of what happened with the accident
Tony (PS0V4) [3592] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3593] what have you, and they moved from that really nice house
Tony (PS0V4) [3594] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3595] that they had
Tony (PS0V4) [3596] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3597] and that was Deborah's mother's house, that was where Deborah was brought up and where I used to go and play with her when we were little
Tony (PS0V4) [3598] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3599] and of course her mum moved to Cornwall and Deborah bought the house of off her, a bit cheaper than they would have bought on the ... they moved down to Cornwall and they bought a much smaller house, much, much smaller.
Tony (PS0V4) [3600] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3601] I mean she had three or four children
Tony (PS0V4) [3602] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3603] so she's still needed, I think she bought a three bedroomed house which meant she had two girls ... two girls and a boy, she had three children.
Tony (PS0V4) [3604] Aha.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3605] No two boys and a girl, so it meant that two boys have to share a bedroom which they weren't doing in that other house ... and David's been unemployed well
Tony (PS0V4) [3606] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3607] I say, they did just that, they sold up, moved down to Cornwall where her mum lives and bought a much smaller place.
Tony (PS0V4) [3608] Yeah.
[3609] D S S don't help with the mortgage, at the first I think it's ten weeks as well, but I think [...] help with the mortgage at all .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3610] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3611] Unless people are insured for that sort of period in time any way.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3612] [clears throat] , yeah are we?
Tony (PS0V4) [3613] I don't think we are.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3614] No, because of the type of job.
Tony (PS0V4) [3615] Yeah.
[3616] Oh, I don't know if we would be.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3617] I don't know, but it's, I don't know I, it's a very difficult sort of situation where you get, there are so many things to look into, and it's not being done well enough
Tony (PS0V4) [3618] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3619] basically.
Tony (PS0V4) [3620] It's very, very complicated.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3621] Mm, it is, but it's still not being done well as
Tony (PS0V4) [3622] There's no way it should be that complicated ... a lot of the problems are caused by the rules being so complicated that you have to be working in that particular field
Jackie (PS0V5) [3623] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [3624] with two or three years before you really know what's going on
Jackie (PS0V5) [3625] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [3626] and in Avon we've got erm ... we've got a large turn over of staff
Jackie (PS0V5) [3627] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3628] people don't stay out long, so you don't get many people getting up to two or three years experience, the one's that stay on that long stay
Jackie (PS0V5) [3629] Oh yeah , they, they're very good.
Tony (PS0V4) [3630] They're, and they're very good and they, they tend to stay a long time.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3631] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3632] But then they tend to get promoted and move on to other things.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3633] Yeah, but I, I think the reason I feel a bit bitter about it is living round here, you see all the dirties and the scruffies, you get annoyed, absolute no order, they've crawled into the system right up to and doing openly in front of you
Tony (PS0V4) [3634] Yeah, mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3635] and you think well to hell with it, they should be, come down on hard.
Tony (PS0V4) [3636] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3637] You, you know, you
Tony (PS0V4) [3638] Yeah ,
Jackie (PS0V5) [3639] just see them all getting away with it and they makes me thing something ought to be done, which has the people that lose out or the people who go in there very politely, fill out their claim
Tony (PS0V4) [3640] mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3641] suffered at home and because of all the dirties and scruffies making a fuss they don't get attended to properly
Tony (PS0V4) [3642] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3643] and that's what makes me evil, that's why I say I'd moved heaven and earth for someone who's nice
Tony (PS0V4) [3644] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3645] and [...] for someone who's not.
Tony (PS0V4) [3646] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3647] Because you know dam well that those people, the ones that are not and are making the fuss are probably the ones that lead, need the money least.
Tony (PS0V4) [3648] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3649] Cos er, somebody I can think off with a, not a million miles from here is working and claiming
Tony (PS0V4) [3650] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3651] I know that ... I mean he's actually thick enough to go up there and sign on in his overalls.
Tony (PS0V4) [3652] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3653] Then he says, oh he's working on cars for the family, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Tony (PS0V4) [3654] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3655] You know, and you, you know dam well he's, he's defrauded the system.
Tony (PS0V4) [3656] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3657] When, and he'll be the one going up there shouting.
[3658] Somebody like Hilary
Tony (PS0V4) [3659] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3660] that needs all the help she can get goes up there and
Tony (PS0V4) [3661] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3662] gets little ... You know it just doesn't seem right at all.
Tony (PS0V4) [3663] Mm.
[3664] Erm ... I wouldn't ... there are ten per cent, well perhaps less than ten per cent who are absolute loonies.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3665] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3666] Erm, but an awful lot of people who would go up and make a fuss ... may not get this, the same level of services erm, somebody who went up there and was nice.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3667] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [3668] They might get less.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3669] Yeah, perhaps it's just that I know some of the loonies that go up there and get what they want every time.
Tony (PS0V4) [3670] Well.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3671] [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3672] The thing is you have to look at your source of information for that.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3673] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3674] They might think they're getting away with it, a lot of people who, who, I mean being unemployed isn't, you tend, people tend to feel devalued and so if they can think oh, they've put one over on that, on the er, benefit office, then they'll go and brag down the pub about it.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3675] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3676] Whereas in actual fact if they come in very nicely and ask very nicely, they might have got more than they actually got here when they came in shouting and yelling.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3677] Mm, yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3678] [laugh] , but then, when you come to the lunatic fringe ... then supervisor's will cut an awful lot of corners to prevent them busting up the office or punching somebody in the nose, a real, I don't mean people who are just stroppy, I mean the real lunatic [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3679] Yeah, yeah, big red L written on their claim.
Tony (PS0V4) [3680] [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3681] [laugh] , I know, ha, ha, I can sue you, you take care.
Tony (PS0V4) [3682] Yeah, I mean there are some virile people who are mentally sub normal.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3683] Oh yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3684] There are people who are mentally ill, for one reason or another, there are people on drugs, there are people who are alcoholics and when those people come in, in that state, you minimize the areas of confrontation.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3685] So when you say to them sorry you don't get any money because they're not entitled to it what happens then?
Tony (PS0V4) [3686] Well there's only one thing you can do any way.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3687] Yeah.
[3688] You see the [...] it's gonna happen eventually with all these people, there's gonna come a time where's something gonna happen that they're not gonna like
Tony (PS0V4) [3689] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3690] you know,
Tony (PS0V4) [3691] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3692] erm, as long as, cos they can only claim benefit for a certain length of time can't they?, then it switches from unemployment to Social Security .
Tony (PS0V4) [3693] Income Support , yeah, but Income Support, paid indefinitely.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3694] Yeah, yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3695] And Income Support is a lot more than Unemployment Benefit anyway.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3696] It is, is it?
Tony (PS0V4) [3697] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3698] Oh, I didn't think it was.
Tony (PS0V4) [3699] Yeah, Unemployment Benefit is only forty one quid a week.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3700] Oh.
Tony (PS0V4) [3701] Or sixty five if you're claiming for a wife, [laugh] , what good is that?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3702] Well, you said what good is that, it's more than mum and dad's er pension ... it's more than dad's pension
Tony (PS0V4) [3703] Ah, yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3704] and he's claimed [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3705] I don't think you've got that right somehow, there's no way, that retirement pension will be less than Income Benefit, it's always a bit more.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3706] Well, it works out
Tony (PS0V4) [3707] that's based on National Insurance Contributions.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3708] No.
Tony (PS0V4) [3709] And dad's in receipt of a, in receipt of a full pension.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3710] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3711] Right, he's getting more than sixty, sixty five quid a week.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3712] Yeah, but it's not a lot more.
Tony (PS0V4) [3713] Ok, it might not be a lot more, it might be seventy.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3714] Mm, yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3715] But it's always a bit more.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3716] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [3717] Because they
Jackie (PS0V5) [3718] They ought to be a lot more that's the thing.
Tony (PS0V4) [3719] because people who are signing on will er, well,pe he's, he could still claim Income Support.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3720] He can't.
Tony (PS0V4) [3721] He's got too much money coming in then.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3722] Yeah, cos he's got a private pension of one hundred pounds a month as well.
Tony (PS0V4) [3723] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3724] Cos they get hardly any rent rebate now, hardly any oh, but, well, Poll Tax, they pay nineteen pounds each
Tony (PS0V4) [3725] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3726] which is practically the same as were paying.
Tony (PS0V4) [3727] It is the same.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3728] Yeah, [clears throat] , they get no relief there, no relief any where else.
Tony (PS0V4) [3729] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3730] I mean, I be honest I don't know how they do it, because I do know what they've got coming in
Tony (PS0V4) [3731] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3732] I mean they've got their old age pension and dad's private pension and that's it.
[3733] Erm, I don't know how they live, yet they always seemed to have enough money ... you know.
Tony (PS0V4) [3734] They get help with the rent?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3735] About one pound odd a week.
[3736] Rene said they're twenty four pound a week.
Tony (PS0V4) [3737] Yeah ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [3738] They get practically no help at all and yet mum still manages to sort of save a bit
Tony (PS0V4) [3739] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3740] and I think well where are they going short, because they must be.
Tony (PS0V4) [3741] Mm, it's a thought, they seemed to be able to manage ok.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3742] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3743] I mean, were, were be in a totally different situation.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3744] Yeah, but then we've got three hundred pound mortgage, which they haven't got, I mean we've got different circumstances.
Tony (PS0V4) [3745] Yeah, but, we will be totally different situation .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3746] Oh yeah, when , when we retire.
Tony (PS0V4) [3747] Cos we'll end up with no mortgage, we'll get I don't, I don't know, if I ... , I must admit I rather fancy the erm, the old er ... the erm, a re-employed pensioner, I don't know.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3748] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3749] It's quite a good one.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3750] What going down to E.O.
Tony (PS0V4) [3751] Well I can work till I'm sixty two as an E.O.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3752] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3753] Or Sixty as an H.E.O.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3754] Would you want to?
Tony (PS0V4) [3755] What, you could then do which I think would probably help, cos you see you don't get State Retirement Pension till you're sixty five
Jackie (PS0V5) [3756] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3757] but what I, what would be a possibility at sixty two, when I'm at that point, I'd be receiving half pay
Jackie (PS0V5) [3758] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3759] as a pension, so if I'd retired at that point, and then worked part time
Jackie (PS0V5) [3760] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3761] to keep your green matter in the wear
Jackie (PS0V5) [3762] Yeah, yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3763] As an A O somewhere.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3764] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3765] So I'll reach State Retirement Age we can, end up with virtually full pay.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3766] Yeah,
Tony (PS0V4) [3767] When I've, I've got
Jackie (PS0V5) [3768] that's if I was still working.
Tony (PS0V4) [3769] I'd be working part time for full pay [laugh] , if you see what I mean
Jackie (PS0V5) [3770] Yeah, yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3771] and then at retirement age I would continue to receive half pay plus retirement pen State Retirement Pension
Jackie (PS0V5) [3772] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [3773] which be, at the equivalent of about seventy quid a week as well.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3774] Yeah, I h , I honestly think though that when erm ... I don't know, you see, cos I, I's been saying oh when I get a chance I'll get a transfer out of my office
Tony (PS0V4) [3775] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3776] because of they way it's run
Tony (PS0V4) [3777] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3778] but they way it is at the moment, with me able to use the car for work
Tony (PS0V4) [3779] Mm, mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3780] and things, you think is it worth it because the car would be sat out here, if, if say, say I transferred and still did three days but did it when you work
Tony (PS0V4) [3781] Mm, yeah
Jackie (PS0V5) [3782] in the building you work in
Tony (PS0V4) [3783] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3784] I wouldn't be able to use my car
Tony (PS0V4) [3785] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3786] so, I'd have to pay bus fare
Tony (PS0V4) [3787] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3788] so I'd be paying, we'd be paying for our petrol which wouldn't be a lot different to what it is now really
Tony (PS0V4) [3789] No ,
Jackie (PS0V5) [3790] a bit, two or three pounds a week perhaps
Tony (PS0V4) [3791] mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3792] and I'd be paying a lot more in bus fare
Tony (PS0V4) [3793] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3794] plus you haven't got the convenience of being able to go and get in your car
Tony (PS0V4) [3795] Yeah, cos standing about waiting for buses is not fun.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3796] No, you know, if I could work somewhere in an office where I could use my car
Tony (PS0V4) [3797] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3798] then that would be great
Tony (PS0V4) [3799] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3800] but you'd want to be able to know that you can ... I don't know, I mean, I [sigh] , I think, with, with the place I am now ... I just don't know what to make of it really
Tony (PS0V4) [3801] No, I think the thing is, is once you, this is gonna sound awful, but once you've done your time and you know as much or more, then you're E O ... then you're gonna be left alone to get on with your job.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3802] What do you mean love, we've always been left alone to get
Tony (PS0V4) [3803] Yeah ,
Jackie (PS0V5) [3804] on with the job.
Tony (PS0V4) [3805] what I mean is, that you're not gonna have, erm ... you're not gonna have interference like you had lately, ya, not gonna have comments like you had lately.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3806] Huh, there'll always be
Tony (PS0V4) [3807] And , and you feel, comfortable with what you're doing, you won't have to erm, you won't have to worry about the work, if you know what I mean, you'll know how to do it.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3808] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3809] Once you've got that, I, I think you might well fined that it's quite nice and comfortable to stay there.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3810] Yeah, well this is it, I think
Tony (PS0V4) [3811] Rather than, rather than face moving into Benefit where it is very fraught at times and in a situa , and coping with that as well as not knowing what you doing isn't nice.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3812] You, you say it's very fraught in Benefit at times, I don't think you appreciate what I do,
Tony (PS0V4) [3813] right, you are very busy
Jackie (PS0V5) [3814] no, when you get someone's relative phoning up because they've just been crushed under a lump of machinery, that's is very fraught.
Tony (PS0V4) [3815] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3816] Having to deal with that person
Tony (PS0V4) [3817] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3818] why aren't you prosecuting the company because my son has just been killed
Tony (PS0V4) [3819] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3820] and who has to deal with it, da da.
Tony (PS0V4) [3821] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3822] Not, you know, the inspector's are out, where you can't reached them on the phone.
Tony (PS0V4) [3823] You've never talked about that before.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3824] Oh no, no it happens.
Tony (PS0V4) [3825] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3826] Quite a bit.
Tony (PS0V4) [3827] And that's, that's on a par with the sort of problem we get in benefit
Jackie (PS0V5) [3828] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [3829] and somebody comes in, Aunt Maud has just died, what do I do?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3830] Yeah, yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3831] You think, oh [laugh] , and it
Jackie (PS0V5) [3832] Yeah, but , the thing is with that it's very different because, [sigh] , it's not your fault
Tony (PS0V4) [3833] Ok, erm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3834] erm they're not coming to you and saying, my wife has been killed why aren't you doing anything about it,
Tony (PS0V4) [3835] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3836] they're coming to you and saying my wife has been killed please can you help me which is
Tony (PS0V4) [3837] My kid ,
Jackie (PS0V5) [3838] is different.
[3839] They're coming to you asking for help
Tony (PS0V4) [3840] yeah, yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3841] whereas they're coming to us and blaming you
Tony (PS0V4) [3842] Mm, yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3843] you know
Tony (PS0V4) [3844] Yeah .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3845] For doing nothing, which is
Tony (PS0V4) [3846] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3847] you know, if the help and safety executive had done this, this and insured that this was right and that was right
Tony (PS0V4) [3848] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3849] this wouldn't have happened.
Tony (PS0V4) [3850] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3851] You know, that's a bit different to my wife has died please can you help me
Tony (PS0V4) [3852] Yeah , yeah,
Jackie (PS0V5) [3853] sort things out.
Tony (PS0V4) [3854] another scenario that comes up quite often is that, somebody comes in and say my kids haven't had any food all over the weekend because you didn't send out a giro ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [3855] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3856] that be a [...]
Jackie (PS0V5) [3857] Yeah, but mine [...] they're lying instead.
Tony (PS0V4) [3858] [laugh] , well you,
Jackie (PS0V5) [3859] [laughing] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3860] you won't [...] sometimes.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3861] Yes, that means
Tony (PS0V4) [3862] Yeah, but
Jackie (PS0V5) [3863] my kids haven't had any food all weekend that I've paid for because you didn't send me my giro, they've had their meals because they've been round there at grandma's, but I'm not telling you that, yeah, you know.
Tony (PS0V4) [3864] Yeah.
[3865] I went down the pub on Saturday and drank it, all the rest of my benefit.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3866] Yeah, quite.
Tony (PS0V4) [3867] But, that's, that's what you're faced with sometimes.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3868] Yeah, I mean.
Tony (PS0V4) [3869] But, yeah, I mean
Jackie (PS0V5) [3870] I mean we get it as well, it's not, you so sort of say oh my jobs a cosy little job, but it's not that cosy believe me, you get put in some very awkward situations .
Tony (PS0V4) [3871] no, I didn't, I didn't want to say that.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3872] No.
Tony (PS0V4) [3873] I didn't want to say that because I didn't, I don't think it is a cosy little job
Jackie (PS0V5) [3874] Mm.
Tony (PS0V4) [3875] especially with the management's support you get.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3876] Well we don't get any.
Tony (PS0V4) [3877] That's what I meant .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3878] From the management we get positive hinderance not support.
Tony (PS0V4) [3879] [laugh] , yeah, that's what I meant.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3880] I mean, my immediate management, [...] , now in, in a crisis she's brilliant, you see, I, I don't know whether this with this the other day, whether she didn't ... go to see Paul to see what I'd say
Tony (PS0V4) [3881] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3882] because I'd said this, and I don't know whether she was sussing me out
Tony (PS0V4) [3883] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3884] a bit as well, cos I've, I've said that, he's said something to me ... and,
Tony (PS0V4) [3885] Ok.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3886] and I don't know whether she took me down to see him to see if I'd backed down
Tony (PS0V4) [3887] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3888] and I didn't, because he said it.
Tony (PS0V4) [3889] Mm, yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3890] And I think she was
Tony (PS0V4) [3891] No, I ,
Jackie (PS0V5) [3892] quite pleased with me cos she said, don't get irate, don't get upset, and I didn't.
Tony (PS0V4) [3893] no.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3894] I talked him down at one point
Tony (PS0V4) [3895] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3896] cos he kept doing it to me so I did it to him.
Tony (PS0V4) [3897] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3898] He wouldn't let me say something and I tried about three times and in the end I just kept talking,
Tony (PS0V4) [3899] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3900] it was a case of you stop, let [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3901] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3902] But I don't know anybody in there who hasn't had a really good shout at him at some point, and that's all, that's including A O's
Tony (PS0V4) [3903] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3904] you know, and when Ah
Tony (PS0V4) [3905] Yeah , the one thing you have got there is that people are prepared to take him on.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3906] Yeah, they are, Julie will
Tony (PS0V4) [3907] Mm, whereas, if you
Jackie (PS0V5) [3908] and Joyce definitely will [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3909] yeah, whereas if you had the situation where people weren't prepared to take him on, it could be awful
Jackie (PS0V5) [3910] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [3911] you have people leaving hand over fist.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3912] They have now.
Tony (PS0V4) [3913] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3914] I mean they've got a job to keep people.
Tony (PS0V4) [3915] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3916] Since I've been there, they've had.
Tony (PS0V4) [3917] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3918] I think A.O's, they, they, the A O's tend to stay
Tony (PS0V4) [3919] Does they tend to have more gumption, they tend to have to stand up to him in the end .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3920] yeah .
Tony (PS0V4) [3921] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3922] But the A O's don't, they've had one, two ... they've had one new A A to date
Tony (PS0V4) [3923] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3924] in the twelve month's I've been there, just one, and we've had three leave.
Tony (PS0V4) [3925] Yeah ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [3926] You know
Tony (PS0V4) [3927] Yeah ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [3928] I, I don't know it ... cos he, he sort of says all this, that we, were very good to people you know, great flexibility and all this [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [3929] [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3930] oh yes, you get a hospital appointment then you have the time off it, that's it, they'll
Tony (PS0V4) [3931] [laugh] ,
Jackie (PS0V5) [3932] move heaven and earth, you know
Tony (PS0V4) [3933] so what
Jackie (PS0V5) [3934] so what
Tony (PS0V4) [3935] [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [3936] quite.
[3937] If you have a pre he's actually said to me if you have a problem I will listen and I will help you, so there's me going to him and saying look due to a misunderstanding I have a problem and this one saying tough
Tony (PS0V4) [3938] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3939] you know ... but it wasn't any misunderstanding either, he said something
Tony (PS0V4) [3940] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3941] and now the chips are down and I'm calling on him to do what he said, he's not prepared to
Tony (PS0V4) [3942] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3943] that's what it boils down to, there's no misunderstanding it's him.
Tony (PS0V4) [3944] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3945] Him, he, he wanted someone to work there desperately
Tony (PS0V4) [3946] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3947] I was there, I was prepared to do it
Tony (PS0V4) [3948] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3949] and he wanted me
Tony (PS0V4) [3950] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3951] so he offered me the moon to get me
Tony (PS0V4) [3952] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3953] having got me
Tony (PS0V4) [3954] Yeah, he then starts trying to take it back
Jackie (PS0V5) [3955] yeah, and he's not going to.
Tony (PS0V4) [3956] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3957] So .
Tony (PS0V4) [3958] He didn't exactly offer you the moon anyway
Jackie (PS0V5) [3959] Well no,
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [3960] no
Tony (PS0V4) [3961] But he was prepared to negotiate on something which now he's saying he didn't negotiate.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3962] Yeah, that's right, what, no, he's not saying erm, he's not prepared to negotiate any more
Tony (PS0V4) [3963] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3964] he's saying he didn't say it in the first place .
Tony (PS0V4) [3965] First place , yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3966] He's also saying, but now I have a more responsible job, therefore I have to be in [...] time, five minutes after him, not good enough.
Tony (PS0V4) [3967] Mm, yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3968] You know ... and, as I say with my partner ... I haven't mentioned it yet, this business about cover
Tony (PS0V4) [3969] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3970] but it annoys me that, why, you see, I'm, I'm asking for cover for technical half an hour in the morning
Tony (PS0V4) [3971] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3972] Possibly fifty five minutes.
Tony (PS0V4) [3973] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3974] Somebody has to cover our group from half past three till five
Tony (PS0V4) [3975] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3976] during the week.
Tony (PS0V4) [3977] Well that's not [...] time, so it doesn't matter.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3978] No, when your partner
Tony (PS0V4) [3979] This,
Jackie (PS0V5) [3980] goes home early
Tony (PS0V4) [3981] it's, it's a question it's not a question of cover, and it's not a question of erm efficiency it's a question of small mindedness.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3982] Yes, luckily he's gonna look at all my flexi [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3983] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3984] The one that's been really bad, is the one that I'm still doing, they can't see that.
Tony (PS0V4) [3985] Ah, right.
[3986] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3987] I looked at the other day and I was thinking oh god, I want to go to sleep a couple of days last, you know
Tony (PS0V4) [3988] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3989] five minutes, ten minutes, and I was thinking erm, [...] the car broke down
Tony (PS0V4) [3990] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3991] well that's all the sheet I'm doing now
Tony (PS0V4) [3992] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [3993] so he won't see that one.
Tony (PS0V4) [3994] No.

67 (Tape 010602)

Jackie (PS0V5) [3995] Keen she is
Tony (PS0V4) [3996] She is in't she?
Jackie (PS0V5) [3997] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [3998] Got my house keys?
Christine (PS0V6) [3999] It's up there, I saw it on the door last night.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4000] Oh, was it late?
Christine (PS0V6) [4001] [laugh] no [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [4002] Oh where is it, this side or the other side?
Christine (PS0V6) [4003] Erm
Jackie (PS0V5) [4004] The passenger, yeah, grandma.

68 (Tape 010603)

Jackie (PS0V5) [4005] Just getting used to this damn er choke again
Tony (PS0V4) [4006] [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [4007] No.
Tony (PS0V4) [4008] They'll service it, and it'll
Jackie (PS0V5) [4009] They'll service it ,
Tony (PS0V4) [4010] be all different again.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4011] such a pain, it really is.
[4012] I [...] seemed to do anything to the car, mind with the water pump I think they check, they have to er adjust the timing.
Tony (PS0V4) [4013] Mm, mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4014] When they er put the new pump in, but it is such a nuisance.

69 (Tape 010604)

Jackie (PS0V5) [4015] You've got to push the choke in now as far as it'll go.
Tony (PS0V4) [4016] Oh.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4017] The only thing is then you'll run, when you stop and take your foot off the accelerator you risk stopping.
Tony (PS0V4) [4018] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4019] [laugh] ... you'll have to give it as little as it you know
Tony (PS0V4) [4020] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4021] It seems to be much more sensitive to too much choke.
Tony (PS0V4) [4022] Yeah, it floods very easily.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4023] Yeah ...
Tony (PS0V4) [4024] Pick, are you gonna pick her up at quarter past,quar , er seven o'clock is it?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4025] Yeah, erm
Tony (PS0V4) [4026] Okay.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4027] So you could, explain sort of why.
Tony (PS0V4) [4028] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4029] See you later.
Christine (PS0V6) [4030] Bye.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4031] Be a good girl ...
Christine (PS0V6) [4032] Hello Tony, was Christine okay?
Tony (PS0V4) [4033] Hello , yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [4034] We'll drop her back.
Tony (PS0V4) [4035] Well we can, we can
Christine (PS0V6) [4036] Unless you want her earlier ,
Tony (PS0V4) [4037] pick her up about seven.
Christine (PS0V6) [4038] yeah that's fine .
Tony (PS0V4) [4039] Okay , cos were going out, so we can pick her up on the way out, about seven?
Christine (PS0V6) [4040] Okay , yeah, is that alright? [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [4041] Yeah, that's fine ,
Christine (PS0V6) [4042] I'm gonna drop the other's back at seven
Tony (PS0V4) [4043] oh.
Christine (PS0V6) [4044] We've got Charmaine and ... Charlotte, we don't know if Becky's coming round, we've got a video.
Tony (PS0V4) [4045] Oh, right.
Christine (PS0V6) [4046] Okay?
Tony (PS0V4) [4047] Erm.
Christine (PS0V6) [4048] It's, it's up to you, if you, if you like us to drop her back first at seven
Tony (PS0V4) [4049] Erm
Christine (PS0V6) [4050] or we'll hang on until you call for her and then I'll pop these back home, I don't mind, whichever.
Tony (PS0V4) [4051] Erm.
Christine (PS0V6) [4052] Or she can stay later it's, it's entirely up to you.
Tony (PS0V4) [4053] No, were actually going out at seven
Christine (PS0V6) [4054] You take her out
Tony (PS0V4) [4055] I mean, you, were take Christine, yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [4056] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [4057] Erm.
[4058] [laugh] , er, we'll, we'll, we'll pick her up at seven .
Christine (PS0V6) [4059] [...] okay
Tony (PS0V4) [4060] Okay.
Christine (PS0V6) [4061] See you later
Tony (PS0V4) [4062] See you later then.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4063] Okay?
Tony (PS0V4) [4064] Yeah, Lorraine was saying oh we can bring her back about seven.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4065] You say we were on our way out any way .
Tony (PS0V4) [4066] And I said well were on our way out so she said alright, were hang on and wait for you to arrive at seven and then I'll take the rest back.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4067] Oh the rest, how many has she got there?
Tony (PS0V4) [4068] I don't know.
[4069] I think Becky, I think Charmaine is going, is there as well, so, she's gonna have a house full and they're all gonna sit and watch a video.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4070] going back.
[4071] God.
Tony (PS0V4) [4072] Yeah, brave lady.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4073] Oh my, must admit, gets a bit much of it you know.
Tony (PS0V4) [4074] [laughing] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [4075] But then I suppose.
Tony (PS0V4) [4076] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4077] Oh I wish we could get all that grass cut, oh.
Tony (PS0V4) [4078] Yeah, I can't do it can we?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4079] No.
[4080] We've had a real sort of little [...] later you know.
Tony (PS0V4) [4081] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4082] It'll be ideal to do it, but you, actually say you just can't do it all.
Tony (PS0V4) [4083] Mm ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [4084] I suppose being realistic we could clean the car out in the evening because you only got to have the door open you've got the interior light on
Tony (PS0V4) [4085] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4086] you know.
Tony (PS0V4) [4087] Yeah, you can't clean the outside of the car by the interior light.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4088] Yeah, but then we'll do that in the car wash then .
Tony (PS0V4) [4089] Yeah ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [4090] [...] see it's busy on a Sunday.
Tony (PS0V4) [4091] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4092] I wonder actually if their car wash is open ...
Tony (PS0V4) [4093] Oh, we'll have a look ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [4094] Yes, the garage is [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [4095] Yeah there's somebody in there now ... I'll go and get the ticket.

70 (Tape 010605)

Jackie (PS0V5) [4096] Get the wax one as well, that'll give some protection as well .
Tony (PS0V4) [4097] Okay ... Wax or hot wax?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4098] Erm, what do you think?
[4099] Which is [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [4100] That's the hot wax.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4101] What do you think?
Tony (PS0V4) [4102] We can try that.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4103] Wax, yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [4104] Okay ... Hello, can I have a three pound fifty car wash please.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [4105] There's been [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [4106] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [4107] Thank you. [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [4108] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [4109] There we go.
Tony (PS0V4) [4110] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [4111] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [4112] Bye. [carwash]
Jackie (PS0V5) [4113] You haven't [...] got the dry on it as well?
Tony (PS0V4) [4114] Yeah ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [4115] It'll give it some form of protection which we haven't got round to doing the erm ... oh
Tony (PS0V4) [4116] Silicone.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4117] yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [4118] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4119] I mean it says it lasts up to two years, we've only had it on there a year
Tony (PS0V4) [4120] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4121] it's just over a year, so that's [...] .
[4122] It all helps if you start the engine.
Tony (PS0V4) [4123] Right, I'd better go and push the ticket in hadn't I?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4124] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [4125] Okay.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4126] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [4127] And I've got our aeriel down.

71 (Tape 010606)

Jackie (PS0V5) [4128] We'll still have to do all round the doors, round the you know.
Tony (PS0V4) [4129] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4130] Not a bumper, all over, number plate, on the front.
[4131] The number plate's only hanging on [laugh] by one screw [] .
Tony (PS0V4) [4132] God.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4133] Every time I come up here I think is the [...] alright, that one.
[4134] It was broken when we bought the car.
Tony (PS0V4) [4135] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4136] It's done well to stay on two and a half years really.
Tony (PS0V4) [4137] Yeah.? 1 e

72 (Tape 010607)

Jackie (PS0V5) [4138] I'm interested to see what it's gonna do for a hot wax if you see what I mean?
Tony (PS0V4) [4139] Yeah ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [4140] Or at least, wow.
Tony (PS0V4) [4141] What? ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [4142] I've got a little pool down here.
[4143] [...] down there, on the inside, yes.
Tony (PS0V4) [4144] Yes.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4145] Well it is a bit excessive isn't it?
Tony (PS0V4) [4146] Yeah .
Jackie (PS0V5) [4147] It's not erm ... well where was the hot wax? ... we just had an ordinary wash ... go and ask her, say you asked for ... how much did you pay?
Tony (PS0V4) [4148] I had the right card, it was the card number five which was for the hot wash as, hot wax as well.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4149] Well it's, we've just had an ordinary wash ... haven't we?
Tony (PS0V4) [4150] I don't know, they might ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [4151] I don't exactly feel as if we'd had our monies worth there.
Tony (PS0V4) [4152] Oh, mm, I don't, I don't really know what the hot wax does.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4153] Oh no, it does feel.
Tony (PS0V4) [4154] It's probably different.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4155] It, it's, no, no .
Tony (PS0V4) [4156] Different stuff is put on it.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4157] Yeah, there's something, it feels erm.
Tony (PS0V4) [4158] Feels waxy?
[4159] ... This one's cheaper than the er
Jackie (PS0V5) [4160] Sorry.
Tony (PS0V4) [4161] This one is cheaper
Jackie (PS0V5) [4162] What than the erm.
Tony (PS0V4) [4163] than the one at the Longwell Green.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4164] Yeah, it's had something, look it wouldn't of.
Tony (PS0V4) [4165] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4166] Yes, it's had something, look at the paint work.
Tony (PS0V4) [4167] Yeah, it's good, in it? ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [4168] It was probably erm the shampoo and what have you it's [...] in
Tony (PS0V4) [4169] Yeah .
Jackie (PS0V5) [4170] together [...] ... I'm sorry.
Tony (PS0V4) [4171] It's alright.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4172] Jumping off the clutch there.
Tony (PS0V4) [4173] [laugh] , I'm a past master at that [laugh] ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [4174] Going a bit quickly.
Tony (PS0V4) [4175] What's going a bit quickly?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4176] That police car.
Tony (PS0V4) [4177] Ah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4178] Wasn't screaming, just that it's [...] , the eh, getting there.
Tony (PS0V4) [4179] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4180] Don't you start.
Tony (PS0V4) [4181] [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [4182] I know how easy it is to do that, coming up there.
Tony (PS0V4) [4183] Coming up there, yes, quite er, quite tricky.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4184] Thanks for a paying to have it washed like that, cos it
Tony (PS0V4) [4185] That's alright .
Jackie (PS0V5) [4186] saves an awful lot of time with us.
Tony (PS0V4) [4187] Saves a lot of work don't it, a lot of time ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [4188] I want to check the tyres and that as well.
Tony (PS0V4) [4189] Mm, mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4190] Cos we haven't had for any actual air in it for ages.
Tony (PS0V4) [4191] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4192] I'm sure they must need er ... a little bit.
Tony (PS0V4) [4193] Yeah ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [4194] And we've got plenty of time now to erm do the hoovering and what have you.
Tony (PS0V4) [4195] Mm.

73 (Tape 010608)

Tony (PS0V4) [4196] Brian had a little panic before my test.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4197] Why?
Tony (PS0V4) [4198] He had a back light go.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4199] Oh no.
Tony (PS0V4) [4200] Break light.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4201] Well, having said that
Tony (PS0V4) [4202] He had a spare.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4203] he did?
Tony (PS0V4) [4204] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4205] When did it go?
Tony (PS0V4) [4206] While he was fitting it, while I was coming out of door to stop my test to start
Jackie (PS0V5) [4207] Oh [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [4208] on my er lesson before my test, and he said just push the brake down a minute and I did and he said oh, you try it again, yeah, oh, hang on a minute, he fiddled about some more and he said right now do it again ... ah right that's working now [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [4209] Phew we.
Tony (PS0V4) [4210] And I was thinking oh god.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4211] Did the examiner check your break lights and indicator's though.
Tony (PS0V4) [4212] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4213] No, [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [4214] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4215] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [4216] The only the thing is there do, erm there's a parking light on Brian's
Jackie (PS0V5) [4217] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [4218] and he said, do you normally have a light down there?
[4219] And I said er ... only when I'm parked.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4220] What did he say?
Tony (PS0V4) [4221] And he said er, mm, would you er, would you just, erm, don't raise the clutch just put the car into first gear a minute.
[4222] Put it into first gear and he said, and the light went out, he said oh yes that's fine.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4223] I wouldn't bother with that if I were you, we're gonna be hoovering it and cleaning it aren't we.
Tony (PS0V4) [4224] Oh yeah course we are , yeah, okay.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4225] Yep.

74 (Tape 010609)

Jackie (PS0V5) [4226] I'm gonna be ashamed of driving it again now, I was getting to a point where I was thinking oh my god, Christine came out in black all along here she said, er what's that?
[4227] I said dirt [laugh] .
Tony (PS0V4) [4228] [laugh] .
[4229] Right, have you locked it all?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4230] Yes I think so.
Tony (PS0V4) [4231] Okay, well we'll lock it.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4232] I never leave it unlocked.
Tony (PS0V4) [4233] No, but ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [4234] Right then we want the hoover, we've got a patch of [...] to do.
Tony (PS0V4) [4235] Aha.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4236] About that big, it's not a small patch.
[4237] You know where the door frame goes round and the door fits into it?
Tony (PS0V4) [4238] Mm, mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4239] Somebody's obviously tipped the edge
Tony (PS0V4) [4240] Ah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4241] and it's gone un-noticed so far.
[4242] Of course after Christmas some time we've got to find erm the money for the rust round the
Tony (PS0V4) [4243] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4244] window.
Tony (PS0V4) [4245] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4246] And that must be checked.
Tony (PS0V4) [4247] Mm, mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4248] Because otherwise were gonna be erm dead trouble.
Tony (PS0V4) [4249] Hello Ben.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4250] Hello Ben, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, oh eh.
[4251] Erm, right.

75 (Tape 010610)

Tony (PS0V4) [4252] There we go.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4253] You haven't got it tucked in ...

76 (Tape 010611)

Jackie (PS0V5) [4254] Do you want a cup of tea?
Tony (PS0V4) [4255] Yeah that'll be good.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4256] And a bowl.
Tony (PS0V4) [4257] Mm, mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4258] And [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [4259] Keep that [...] or.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4260] I wouldn't [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [4261] What you gonna do with these?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4262] Keep them.
Tony (PS0V4) [4263] Okay.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4264] Well, [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [4265] How did those get started?.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4266] Oh, that was, we opened those [...] last night.
Tony (PS0V4) [4267] We did.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4268] Oh those are a bit hard.
Tony (PS0V4) [4269] Yeah, okay.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4270] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [4271] What do you want in your roll then?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4272] You've got a big choice haven't you?
Tony (PS0V4) [4273] Cheese or cheese.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4274] Or Tuna.
Tony (PS0V4) [4275] I wouldn't mind some cheese.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4276] Cheese.
Tony (PS0V4) [4277] Do you want?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4278] No, I'll have some cheese and Marmite.
Tony (PS0V4) [4279] Right ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [4280] These cheese slices are quite good actually aren't they?
Tony (PS0V4) [4281] Yeah, they're nice.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4282] There we are.
[4283] Have we got any [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [4284] Is Christine having tea over at er Amanda's?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4285] Erm, I, well, that was the general idea.
Tony (PS0V4) [4286] Right.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4287] But I don't know really what's happening, if she hadn't had anything she'll have something when she comes back.
Tony (PS0V4) [4288] Yeah, okay.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4289] Remind the [...] over there.
Tony (PS0V4) [4290] Mm, mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4291] If her mum's got five hundred [...] there, I don't know whether she'll want them or
Tony (PS0V4) [4292] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4293] stay for tea ... .
[4294] Yeah I was a bit annoyed with my [...] ... Oh crikey.
[4295] See, they haven't actually send me a statement, that's ... see what I mean ...
Tony (PS0V4) [4296] Mm ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [4297] That's why I have to keep an eye on it cos that blind and that, but it won't come yet, it wouldn't have been on that, that was priced it [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [4298] That was probably why you haven't got anything else on it.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4299] Yeah.

77 (Tape 010612)

Tony (PS0V4) [4300] I bet they have a few Sony Walkman's disappear.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4301] Yes, sod that.
[4302] I might send away for that [...] last one.
Tony (PS0V4) [4303] [...] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [4304] It's quite nice, it's sort of got [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [4305] Oh yeah , it's got a group of pleats and then a gap and then a group of pleats, mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4306] [...] pleats, [...] .
[4307] [...] . I think it's too late to order today but I'll have look through those leaflets.
Tony (PS0V4) [4308] Mm, mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4309] [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [4310] Mm, china ... china nativity plate.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4311] Oh they do have some rubbish.
Tony (PS0V4) [4312] Complete with stand, musical nativity advent calendar, plays silent night.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4313] Oh.
Tony (PS0V4) [4314] Oh dear.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4315] We all [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [4316] [laugh] yeah ... You want marmite on your
Jackie (PS0V5) [4317] Yes please.
Tony (PS0V4) [4318] Do you want lot's of marmite, little bit of marmite.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4319] Lot's of marmite.
Tony (PS0V4) [4320] Right.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4321] Don't spread it like putty you know, but, quite a lot I like to be able to taste it where Christine just likes the flavour if you know what I mean.
Tony (PS0V4) [4322] Mm ... I know why he's not happy.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4323] Why?
Tony (PS0V4) [4324] Well his box is down there innit?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4325] Yeah.
[4326] He's thinking they're gonna go and leave me again.
Tony (PS0V4) [4327] He's right, but not for a little while.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4328] Tell [...] Tony's gonna leave but actually [...] has a go at me as well.
Tony (PS0V4) [4329] Oh yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4330] [...] a couple of times we went up there with er jogging.
Tony (PS0V4) [4331] Mm, mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4332] He did nothing but sniff and sniff and sniff when we came back.
Tony (PS0V4) [4333] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4334] Now he's got to get used to another dog.
[4335] Do you know what I mean?
Tony (PS0V4) [4336] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4337] He thinks oh not again.
[4338] What crisps would you like?
Tony (PS0V4) [4339] Er ... what we got?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4340] There is a packet of cheese one's
Tony (PS0V4) [4341] Mm, mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4342] or skips or disco's?
Tony (PS0V4) [4343] Can I have the McCoy's?
[4344] Okay I'll have the crisps then.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4345] Do you mind?
Tony (PS0V4) [4346] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4347] Seriously.
Tony (PS0V4) [4348] Yes, but never mind.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4349] [laugh] , tough, you had the last cheese packet [laugh] .
[4350] My turn.
Tony (PS0V4) [4351] I mind seriously but never mind.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4352] Actually I should leave that stuff [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [4353] Yeah, okay [television]
Jackie (PS0V5) [4354] I must admit I won't be terrible sorry if you don't see this it is a bit naff.
Tony (PS0V4) [4355] Yeah, it is a bit innit?

78 (Tape 010613)

Tony (PS0V4) [4356] Determined he's gonna have what's in that bucket isn't he? ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [4357] [...] looks so matted and knotted up, you can't ever imagine him being
Tony (PS0V4) [4358] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4359] able to be [...] ... .
Tony (PS0V4) [4360] I'll er, get us a cup of tea.

79 (Tape 010701)

Tony (PS0V4) [4361] Okay?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4362] Yes.
Tony (PS0V4) [4363] Now I have to put you first on the list instead of me.
[4364] Stay then.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4365] Why cos I went wow? [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [4366] No you said what you're doing?
[4367] You you spent first and then
Jackie (PS0V5) [4368] Have you got your door keys?
Tony (PS0V4) [4369] And they'll have great difficulty telling your voice and mine apart won't they?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4370] Oh yeah.
[4371] Yeah.
[4372] Great difficulty.),
[4373] I

80 (Tape 010702)

Tony (PS0V4) [4374] Oh you unlocked it? ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [4375] Sorry?
Tony (PS0V4) [4376] You unlocked it?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4377] Yes.
Tony (PS0V4) [4378] I had my key.
Jackie (PS0V5) [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [4379] Thank you.
[4380] ... No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4381] What?
Tony (PS0V4) [4382] They certainly whizz through here don't they?
[4383] ... Ha ha ha!
Jackie (PS0V5) [4384] Didn't they get the passport [...] Christine's not here.
Tony (PS0V4) [4385] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4386] [laugh] ... I haven't got the aerial up after all that I [...] .
[4387] I was trying to get the key out the aerial and it wouldn't come out.
[4388] Funny .
Tony (PS0V4) [4389] [laugh] Yeah.
[4390] And a car was approaching.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4391] It made my [...] [laugh] one minute I thought help! [laugh] ...
Tony (PS0V4) [4392] Look.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4393] Sorry.
Tony (PS0V4) [4394] That's all right.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4395] What you doing?
[4396] You can't see surely.
Tony (PS0V4) [4397] I can write in the dark ... I can't read it but I can write it.
Jackie (PS0V5) [laugh] ...
Tony (PS0V4) [4398] Huh ... Ah! ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [4399] Oh come on ... [...] [cough] till we get past it and turn around.
Tony (PS0V4) [4400] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4401] Are there head lights coming round there or not?
Tony (PS0V4) [4402] Headlight?
[4403] I don't know that they're coming round.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4404] Yeah I know.
[4405] Don't [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [4406] No.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4407] I hate this junction.
Tony (PS0V4) [4408] Yeah
Jackie (PS0V5) [4409] Absolutely [...] him. ...
Tony (PS0V4) [4410] Yes horrible place to get round.
[4411] There's always that van parked on the corner.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4412] Yeah.
[4413] And it's blind cause of all the bushes the other side.
Tony (PS0V4) [4414] Mm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4415] And you're always on the wrong side of the road [laugh] which doesn't help ... Well he didn't expect that [laugh] .
[4416] Did you see?
Tony (PS0V4) [4417] Yes I did.
[4418] Ooh.
[4419] That was close.
[4420] Whip round there a bit quick.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4421] Goodness what a funny trailer [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [4422] Mm. ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [4423] God the steering's a bit better.
[4424] Now that er
Tony (PS0V4) [4425] Firmed up the tyres.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4426] Firmed up the tyres a little bit.
[4427] Oh!
[4428] ... It always feels very well not very slightly different to driver when you pump the tyres up.
[4429] When they needed it you know?
Tony (PS0V4) [4430] Hm.
[4431] Yeah. ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [4432] Cause the front tyres tend to go down more because they're carrying more weight.
[4433] They've got the engine.
Tony (PS0V4) [4434] Mm.
[4435] Yeah.
[4436] They're also pulled about more aren't they?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4437] Well it's front wheel drive car so
Tony (PS0V4) [4438] Yeah.
[4439] ... And how long it will be before she says Dad do you think you could put the radio on.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4440] Yeah but some get in front of him ... Thank you. ...
Tony (PS0V4) [4441] Okay?

81 (Tape 010703)

Christine (PS0V6) [4442] We would've dropped her back.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [4443] Yeah they know that so erm not to worry.
[4444] You drive the car anyway.
[4445] It's kind of you anyway.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [4446] Okay?
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [4447] You didn't bring [...] with you did you?
Tony (PS0V4) [4448] No.
[4449] Thanks very much.
Christine (PS0V6) [4450] It's all [laugh] over for you.
[4451] You'll probably see her in the morning.
[4452] Yeah?
Tony (PS0V4) [4453] Yeah.
[4454] Seems like it.
[4455] Bye bye then.
Christine (PS0V6) [4456] Cheers.
Tony (PS0V4) [4457] Bye.ep

82 (Tape 010704)

Christine (PS0V6) [4458] [...] murder inside
Jackie (PS0V5) [4459] Oh wow!
Christine (PS0V6) [4460] [...] two men like and you pull out this paper on the spot [...] Murderer and er judge.
[4461] If the judge
Tony (PS0V4) [sneeze]
Christine (PS0V6) [4462] and the murderer's got to wander round and kill someone
Tony (PS0V4) [sneeze]
Christine (PS0V6) [4463] and kill the judge
Tony (PS0V4) [sneeze]
Christine (PS0V6) [4464] and the mystery is no points who it is.
[4465] If the judge doesn't get killed then erm ... they ... then the judge got to go around asking pe people questions.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4466] Oh.
[4467] Great!
[4468] How many were there?
Christine (PS0V6) [4469] Only erm
Jackie (PS0V5) [4470] There was Charmaine
Christine (PS0V6) [4471] Charlotte Charmaine [...]
Jackie (PS0V5) [4472] Oh no Becky?
Christine (PS0V6) [4473] No Becky was gone.
[4474] And we watched Home Alone.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4475] Oh! was it good?
Christine (PS0V6) [4476] Yeah.
[4477] It was brilliant!
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh] ...
Christine (PS0V6) [4478] He had this trick and he had a blow torch and he burned off all this blokes hair.
[4479] It was funny.
[4480] He had a blow torch Mum you as he opened the door and the blow torch flicked off something.
[4481] I don't know what it was and erm and the blow torch went off.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4482] Oh wow!
Christine (PS0V6) [4483] It burned all the top of his head and he hung a hot thing over the handle on the door -front door and so he put his hand on the handle and there was piece of skin it was all burned off
Jackie (PS0V5) [4484] Oh no!
Tony (PS0V4) [4485] Uh
Christine (PS0V6) [4486] In a circle ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [4487] This steering is much lighter.
Tony (PS0V4) [4488] Is it?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4489] Yeah I'll tell you what it is.
[4490] You know a lot of these big cars with really wide wheels.
Tony (PS0V4) [4491] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4492] They've got some of them have got power assisted steering.
Tony (PS0V4) [4493] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4494] And if just blowing up the tyres means you have a tiny bit more thre er tread on the road and it is a tiny bit.
Tony (PS0V4) [4495] Uh huh. ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [4496] Then ... if it makes this much difference
Tony (PS0V4) [4497] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4498] You know what I mean?
[4499] I can see why with big wide wheels some cars
Tony (PS0V4) [4500] You need
Tony (PS0V4) [4501] would need it.
Tony (PS0V4) [4502] Power assisted steering yes.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4503] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [4504] It must feel strange though.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4505] Well no because it's still responds to you ... you know?
Tony (PS0V4) [4506] Yeah ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [4507] [...] forty mile an hour zone.
Tony (PS0V4) [4508] And he just gone parked behind a bike with no lights.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4509] No he's got lights but they're er
Tony (PS0V4) [4510] Flashing.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4511] Flickering.
Tony (PS0V4) [4512] Oh no that's
Jackie (PS0V5) [4513] That's supposed to be like that?
Tony (PS0V4) [4514] They're supposed to be yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4515] That's good actually because I saw that from a long way off and I thought what is it?
[4516] I thought it was a ... they are good.
Tony (PS0V4) [4517] Hm.
[4518] ... Makes you notice them doesn't it?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4519] Yep.
[4520] Very much so.
Tony (PS0V4) [4521] Had that been a steady red light it wouldn't have been anywhere near as noticeable
Jackie (PS0V5) [4522] Noticeable no.
Christine (PS0V6) [4523] Mum when we [...] Murder in the Dark Amanda was [...] dump me and you're supposed to sort of do that isn't that right?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4524] Yeah
Christine (PS0V6) [4525] Just sort of hit them?
[4526] And I felt [...] and I said I did not kill her and I was the murderer and Shameer said check hit me but she didn't it felt like a hit and you don't accidentally do that do you?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4527] Well if it was dark and she couldn't see you she might have put her arm out and hit you it doesn't ... what it feels like isn't always what it is if you see what I mean.
Christine (PS0V6) [4528] You could see a little bit ... but not much.
[4529] But it it was like it wasn't like a tap [...] wasn't.
[4530] We reckon it was that.
Tony (PS0V4) [4531] Uh huh.
Christine (PS0V6) [4532] And she said she hit me with her elbow and it wasn't it.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4533] Well it might have been her elbow Christine you mustn't be
Christine (PS0V6) [4534] It wasn't there you could tell it was [...]
Jackie (PS0V5) [4535] All you could feel was that it was something bony.
[4536] Now be fair.
Christine (PS0V6) [4537] It was bony and [...] ...
Tony (PS0V4) [4538] All right.
[4539] I'd better write that down or I'll never remember it ... specially with er what comes next?

83 (Tape 010705)

Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [4540] Yeah.
Mum (PS0V8) [4541] From one to the other.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4542] Hello.
[4543] All right
Tony (PS0V4) [4544] Hello
Dot (PS0VA) [4545] Hello
Jackie (PS0V5) [4546] All right.
[4547] How are you?
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [4548] All right thanks.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4549] That's good then all right?
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [4550] Yes
Tony (PS0V4) [4551] That's nice.
[4552] That'll be a bit crispy that bit.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4553] Oh it's you causing a [...] again is there?
Tony (PS0V4) [4554] Yeah
Mum (PS0V8) [4555] Oh dear.
[4556] I don't know .
Vicky (PS0V9) [4557] How are are .
Jackie (PS0V5) [4558] Everybody all right?
[4559] Is it going all right?
Tony (PS0V4) [4560] Fine thanks.
[4561] Yeah. ...
Vicky (PS0V9) [4562] You're early so no excuse.
[4563] How are you?
Tony (PS0V4) [4564] I'm fine thanks.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4565] Oh that's good.
Tony (PS0V4) [4566] Yeah.
[4567] Gonna be doing a course next week.
[4568] Erm Monday to Friday.
[4569] I'm running a course.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4570] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [4571] It's a five day course.
[4572] By Friday I'll be on my knees.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4573] Oh.
[4574] Is it a stiff one?
Tony (PS0V4) [4575] Well it's hard doing five days in a row like that.
[4576] Cause you're talking and explaining things all the time and
Vicky (PS0V9) [4577] Better not lose your voice then.
Tony (PS0V4) [4578] In the lun no that's right ... and in the lunch hour and things
Vicky (PS0V9) [4579] Yeah
Tony (PS0V4) [4580] You don't really get a break because you're getting ready for the afternoon.
Mum (PS0V8) [4581] Yeah
Vicky (PS0V9) [4582] Yeah
Tony (PS0V4) [4583] So you don't really get any break at all but on a
Mum (PS0V8) [4584] Looking forward to it?
Tony (PS0V4) [4585] Yeah it'll be good.
[4586] It done I did it once before .
Mum (PS0V8) [4587] Where is it?
Tony (PS0V4) [4588] It's in Nelson Street and er I did it I've done it once on my own like this before.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [4589] It's what?
Mum (PS0V8) [4590] No Bristol.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4591] In Bristol .
Mum (PS0V8) [4592] Yeah it is.
Mum (PS0V8) [4593] It was the way [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [4594] Hm.
Mum (PS0V8) [4595] You went to Sheffield and [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [4596] Yeah that's right.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [4597] Sheffield.
Tony (PS0V4) [4598] Yes I went to Sheffield.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4599] Yeah what I was going to say to you the only thing is will you put a plug up.
[4600] There's not a plug on up.
Christine (PS0V6) [4601] [...] I come up and put em up.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4602] I don't know how to put a plug up.
Christine (PS0V6) [4603] Oh come on Mum decorate your [...]
Jackie (PS0V5) [4604] All right then.
Mum (PS0V8) [4605] If you don't decorate it up like she got her own decorations [laugh]
Vicky (PS0V9) [4606] She's got all all her decorations up
Mum (PS0V8) [4607] [...] erm a hundred [...] like erm twenty erm [...] but Joe
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [4608] Right.
Mum (PS0V8) [4609] do you remember we got a bet on?
[4610] But you wanted to go and see Jones now.
[4611] She's got a great big [...] outside on her slag over the windows and it's all lit up
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [laugh]
Mum (PS0V8) [4612] I got sixty two onions [...] .
[4613] I been round there and got conkers
Mum (PS0V8) [4614] Tell her about Joan's going to be a grandma.
Mum (PS0V8) [4615] Oh yes Joan's gonna to be grandma .
Vicky (PS0V9) [4616] Joan's going to be a grandma in June .
Mum (PS0V8) [4617] Becky.
Mum (PS0V8) [4618] Is Tony a [...] ?
[4619] See who can get the trimmings up the [...] and who can put the most up.
[4620] Don't laugh.
[4621] I've got my nerve ever since the twenty eighth of [laugh]
Vicky (PS0V9) [4622] Twenty eight of October.
Tony (PS0V4) [4623] October?
Mum (PS0V8) [4624] So Terry's going to board with stars now?
Christine (PS0V6) [4625] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4626] Stars?
Mum (PS0V8) [4627] The joker who's up today and she got this boy whose had this section [...]
Jackie (PS0V5) [4628] Has she?
Mum (PS0V8) [4629] So so we know roughly going up to get [...] and make some stars and he's going to put chains and like all round these stars. [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [4630] I have them up the front bedroom window [laugh] .
[4631] Even Phil's going to be
Mum (PS0V8) [4632] You'll be able to see them two houses from a long way away.
Mum (PS0V8) [4633] Well yes. [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [4634] Oh dear.
[4635] Ours is prettier isn't it?
Mum (PS0V8) [4636] How's school going then Christine?
[4637] All right my love?
Christine (PS0V6) [4638] Yep.
Mum (PS0V8) [4639] Do you like it?
Christine (PS0V6) [4640] Yep.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4641] I've got to do [...]
Mum (PS0V8) [4642] What are you doing?
[4643] Anything [...] special for Christmas?
Vicky (PS0V9) [4644] Doing anything special?
Christine (PS0V6) [4645] On Thursday we
Jackie (PS0V5) [4646] They are doing a play.
Tony (PS0V4) [4647] Yeah.
Mum (PS0V8) [4648] But if you buy any more of [...] you'll blow up.
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Mum (PS0V8) [4649] Will I see the great icing the great big father Christmas blow up one.
Tony (PS0V4) [4650] Oh yeah.
Mum (PS0V8) [4651] The only one [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [4652] Oh is he?
Tony (PS0V4) [4653] Oh that's great huh.
Mum (PS0V8) [4654] I going down again as father Christmas and she's [...] got one.
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Christine (PS0V6) [4655] She's got what?
Mum (PS0V8) [4656] Yeah she got one [...]
Jackie (PS0V5) [4657] [...] Father Christmas on a step and a bleeding [...] .
Vicky (PS0V9) [4658] Iris wants to blow up one.
Mum (PS0V8) [4659] I want to blow up one now.
Christine (PS0V6) [4660] I'll get you one that's easy to blow up.
Mum (PS0V8) [4661] All right.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4662] And then on top of it what was it?
[4663] I reckon we have to pay for it aren't you?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4664] What?
Vicky (PS0V9) [4665] Terry said we might go and get another set of outdoor lights because we can do with another set at the back.
Mum (PS0V8) [4666] Is [...] one?
Vicky (PS0V9) [4667] Yeah.
[4668] But for now he's
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [...]
Vicky (PS0V9) [4669] No.
[4670] I've not got a proper Christmas tree out am I?
Tony (PS0V4) [4671] No you're not going to put a Christmas tree out.
Mum (PS0V8) [4672] [...] he likes putting it up outside the front door and put these lights on it.
Tony (PS0V4) [4673] [...] awful bad smells all septic.
Mum (PS0V8) [4674] Yes she's going to need [...]
Vicky (PS0V9) [4675] Are you squeamish Jackie?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4676] No.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4677] What you been [...] ?
Mum (PS0V8) [4678] What it ever since last August.
[4679] I've been treating it as a wart.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4680] A wart?
Mum (PS0V8) [4681] A corn and I've been putting corn plasters on it
Tony (PS0V4) [4682] Hm.
Mum (PS0V8) [4683] but so I'm going to ring up tomorrow and see if I can see her.
Tony (PS0V4) [4684] Yeah
Mum (PS0V8) [4685] Otherwise it'll only get worse. [...]
Mum (PS0V8) [4686] Now I've got one coming on the other toe.
[4687] The other side.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4688] Oh no.
Mum (PS0V8) [4689] It's what but it's only very small at the moment like a dry skin.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4690] Yeah.
Mum (PS0V8) [4691] But I can't rid of it.
Mum (PS0V8) [4692] I've been treating that since [...] I bought corn plasters [...]
Mum (PS0V8) [4693] Because it should have healed up by now.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4694] Oh yeah all that time.
[4695] Definitely.
[4696] You're not putting anything [...]
Mum (PS0V8) [4697] No.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4698] You need to have a tetanus injection.
Mum (PS0V8) [4699] So I don't go outside [...] by the time you've finished.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4700] So yes.
[4701] You want to get down there don't you now?
Mum (PS0V8) [4702] Oh and Terry he might put a bloody great big sign up over bus.
[4703] Do you know what I mean?
[4704] About bus [...] lights on.
[4705] The travel one [...] and Yvonne's got hers up.
[4706] I've been over Yvonne's
Vicky (PS0V9) [4707] Yeah
Mum (PS0V8) [4708] and expected she hadn't got as much as she
Vicky (PS0V9) [4709] No I've been over Yvonne's and yeah I said to Yvonne I ain't got [...] she said you'd be bloody going [...] if you can't get [...] [laugh] .
Vicky (PS0V9) [4710] I said Terry's not going to complain about my [...]
Mum (PS0V8) [4711] Oh you ah!
Tony (PS0V4) [4712] Ha ha.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4713] Are you feeling cornered Tony?
Tony (PS0V4) [4714] No. [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0V5) [4715] We don't put up a lot of decorations around the place.
[4716] I like a really nice simple [...]
Mum (PS0V8) [4717] Yeah that's nice.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4718] And we've got we got we've got
Tony (PS0V4) [4719] We've got to have more than a hundred lights on the tree otherwise it's not properly lit.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4720] No and we had to have what was it?
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [4721] We haven't got a hundred and twenty and a hundred thirty and last year one of the sets which we've had since we got married [...] we couldn't them to go no matter what we tried.
Mum (PS0V8) [4722] [...] ninety nine pence a set you've got to pay the VAT on top.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4723] Do you [...]
Mum (PS0V8) [4724] No.
[4725] It's bound to be good.
[4726] They do everything.
[4727] I'll tell you what ... it's Christmas [...] I'll tell you what.
[4728] Do you know bike?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4729] Yeah
Mum (PS0V8) [4730] I paid for that thirty two pounds.
Tony (PS0V4) [4731] Good grief.
Mum (PS0V8) [4732] You want to go down there [...] .
[4733] If you spent more than fifty pounds
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [4734] Yeah
Mum (PS0V8) [4735] You don't pay the V A T.
Dot (PS0VA) [4736] So you haven't got
Tony (PS0V4) [4737] Oh right
Mum (PS0V8) [4738] They've got
Tony (PS0V4) [4739] No no.
[4740] Have you got to have a er card to get in or
Mum (PS0V8) [4741] No anybody can get in I mean and it's open seven days a week.
Tony (PS0V4) [4742] Wow where is it?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4743] What?
Mum (PS0V8) [4744] You know where ... [...] er the swimming bath with [...] on it.
Tony (PS0V4) [4745] Speed boat [...]
Mum (PS0V8) [4746] No.
Tony (PS0V4) [4747] Samwell Swimming bath.
Mum (PS0V8) [4748] Samwell swimming bath's one of [...] moved [...] er
Tony (PS0V4) [4749] Yeah?
Mum (PS0V8) [4750] No.
[4751] Do you know where erm you know where the erm go over to er go over erm where the fire station is not the one that white white
Jackie (PS0V5) [4752] Whitemore.
Mum (PS0V8) [4753] Do you know where the swin er fire station is [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [4754] Ah yeah.
Mum (PS0V8) [4755] Right.
[4756] Then you got the fire station
Vicky (PS0V9) [4757] That's right.
Mum (PS0V8) [4758] Next to it.
Vicky (PS0V9) [...]
Mum (PS0V8) [4759] No.
[4760] Next door to there was [...] .
[4761] Turn down that side bit and it'll bring you to the swimming baths.
[4762] Turn and go past the swimming baths and take your first right and you're going more or less down to erm where that boy married what you [...]
Vicky (PS0V9) [4763] Greenbanks
Mum (PS0V8) [4764] but as you go round you will see a sign Fancy Goods.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4765] Yeah
Mum (PS0V8) [4766] It's in
Vicky (PS0V9) [4767] house
Mum (PS0V8) [4768] It's a big verge.
[4769] You've got to follow the signs.
[4770] Go round into the Industrial Estate turn left your first left and right go right to the end and when you look right there's nothing
Vicky (PS0V9) [4771] There's nothing
Mum (PS0V8) [4772] There's just the warehouse
Vicky (PS0V9) [4773] But it is lovely inside
Mum (PS0V8) [4774] But it is absolutely stacked [...] all electrical appliances televisions videos all your Christmas trim trimmings and decorations
Tony (PS0V4) [4775] Hm hm
Mum (PS0V8) [4776] erm
Vicky (PS0V9) [4777] And you haven't got to spend fifty pounds.
Tony (PS0V4) [4778] No
Mum (PS0V8) [4779] All your Christma no you it's better to have it.
[4780] They do all kinds of cutlery plates and dinner sets.
[4781] There's nothing down there.
[4782] Stacks of toys
Vicky (PS0V9) [4783] Our Dawn's got a set of lights for two ninety [...]
Mum (PS0V8) [4784] Two ninety five today.
[4785] ... They got the twenty there for er ninety nine pence.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4786] [...] the Father Christmas [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [4787] Hm.
Mum (PS0V8) [4788] They've got stacks of Christmas they got walkies they got everything.
[4789] [...] they got tables they everything for your kids.
[4790] They got stacks and stacks of toys and a great big.
[4791] It's very
Tony (PS0V4) [4792] And it's called Fancy Goods
Mum (PS0V8) [4793] It's called Fancy Goods.
Tony (PS0V4) [4794] Right.
Mum (PS0V8) [4795] And they're open ten till five on a Sunday.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4796] [...] got to go round it.
Mum (PS0V8) [4797] I don't.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4798] Is it the [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [4799] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4800] We'll find it.
Mum (PS0V8) [4801] You can't mistake it.
[4802] If you're turn if you go past the swimming baths just past swimming baths and the fork the fork there on your right you take that one.
[4803] Follow it around a bit this side you will see like a loads of cars.
[4804] Right?
[4805] And you'll a road going that way overlap
Vicky (PS0V9) [4806] And that
Mum (PS0V8) [4807] It goes into an Industrial Estate
Vicky (PS0V9) [4808] And that other place
Mum (PS0V8) [4809] And that's the road your want
Jackie (PS0V5) [4810] Just a minute I can't visualise once you get to the swimming baths
Tony (PS0V4) [4811] Yeah
Jackie (PS0V5) [...]
Mum (PS0V8) [4812] They do toys of course. [...]
Vicky (PS0V9) [4813] You can walk all round and have a look at the things and then go to the end and pay.
Mum (PS0V8) [4814] I took Herman over there.
[4815] He knows where it is.
[4816] Teddy bears from one fifty
Vicky (PS0V9) [4817] [...] well? [telephone]
Mum (PS0V8) [4818] They got all sorts of video erm tapes.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4819] A chocolate factory.
Mum (PS0V8) [4820] Yeah that makes me [...]
Vicky (PS0V9) [4821] had a chocolate factory can't they?
Mum (PS0V8) [4822] No that could fall down [...]
Jackie (PS0V5) [4823] It'll be great Tone
Tony (PS0V4) [4824] Hm mm
Jackie (PS0V5) [4825] We can just zip round and pick your stuff up.
[4826] And come out on the end of
Mum (PS0V8) [4827] Christmas cards Christmas lights.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4828] Yeah everything.
Mum (PS0V8) [4829] I can't tell you what they don't do.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4830] Yeah
Mum (PS0V8) [4831] All these ornaments any ornaments for Christmas like you know
Tony (PS0V4) [4832] Hm mm
Mum (PS0V8) [4833] Say you wanted a bike.
[4834] I'll tell you what pay twelve pounds
Vicky (PS0V9) [4835] I want a poacher.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4836] Poach eggs?
Mum (PS0V8) [4837] Save four pounds over there.
Tony (PS0V4) [4838] Shh
Mum (PS0V8) [4839] Don't I Lorn?
Vicky (PS0V9) [4840] Yes lovey.
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Vicky (PS0V9) [4841] I do I want a poacher egg poacher
Mum (PS0V8) [4842] They does microwaves and all over there [...] You got [...] It varies from one week to the next what they got.
Tony (PS0V4) [4843] Yeah
Mum (PS0V8) [4844] They've got bikes
Tony (PS0V4) [4845] That's right yeah.
[4846] They must
Vicky (PS0V9) [4847] It just snowballs
Tony (PS0V4) [4848] Yeah
Mum (PS0V8) [4849] And erm those.
[4850] I don't know whether you've ever seen them.
[4851] Have you seen those [...] ... and you've got like father Christmases in them.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4852] Oh I know.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4853] They're ninety nine pounds.
[4854] I got two I bought four today [...] thirty pounds each just about. [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [4855] Even the winter times on it [...] come and have a look.
Mum (PS0V8) [4856] Yeah.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4857] They're ninety nine pence and I paid thirty pence for four today.
[4858] You can buy a bag of six with a great big [...] .
[4859] They're only three pounds a bag.
Mum (PS0V8) [...]
Mum (PS0V8) [4860] Loads and loads of dinners there.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4861] I heard [...] I heard [...]
Mum (PS0V8) [4862] Loads and loads of tools.
Tony (PS0V4) [4863] Uh huh.
[4864] Hm.
Mum (PS0V8) [4865] Screw drivers erm
Tony (PS0V4) [4866] Yeah
Mum (PS0V8) [4867] Spanners sets everything.
[4868] They got electric [...] .
[4869] The same electric trains there [...] thirty two.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [4870] Hm.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [...]
Mum (PS0V8) [4871] Clocks you know.
[4872] And they've got grandfather clocks and all over there.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4873] It would be worth going and
Tony (PS0V4) [4874] Hm Yeah.
Mum (PS0V8) [4875] They've got [...] and [...] fifteen pence.
[4876] Anybody wanting for kids for little kids or something.
Tony (PS0V4) [4877] Oh I'll see if I could get ideas.
Mum (PS0V8) [4878] Yeah
Tony (PS0V4) [4879] Yeah.
[4880] And they're open seven days a week you say.
Mum (PS0V8) [4881] Seven days a week [...] morning.
Tony (PS0V4) [4882] Ah right.
Mum (PS0V8) [4883] And they're open for almost seven days yeah on Saturdays they're open I think [...] they don't open on the Sunday until ten o'clock.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [4884] Ah yes
Tony (PS0V4) [4885] Yeah
Mum (PS0V8) [4886] They got mirrors
Tony (PS0V4) [4887] No no working during the week it's really useful to have a place that's open on a Sunday.
Mum (PS0V8) [4888] They've got tights in there this week they got underpants mens underpants in fact he bought [...] .
[4889] They've got the women's fancy knickers over there and all in front
Vicky (PS0V9) [4890] They've got all the [...] knickers.
Mum (PS0V8) [4891] It's so hot [...] women and [...] erm.
[4892] Some of the ones I passed were two or three pound they're only a pound over there.
Mum (PS0V8) [4893] It's probably [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [4894] Hm.
[4895] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4896] I'll find my way over there and perhaps you can come out [...]
Mum (PS0V8) [4897] That'll be nice.
[4898] On Monday or Tuesday.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4899] You know wha they got.
[4900] I tell you what else.
[4901] You know these dances like [...] to music.
Tony (PS0V4) [4902] Yeah.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4903] Now they're about twelve to fifteen pounds
Mum (PS0V8) [4904] Oh day oh those are dear
Vicky (PS0V9) [4905] They're seven fifty in .
[4906] Now I tell what else we bought over there.
[4907] It's funny.
[4908] It's alarm clock but it's in the shape of er bomb.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [4909] Oh!
Vicky (PS0V9) [4910] Right.
[4911] And it goes and when it goes off you have ten seconds to get up at night then [laugh]
Mum (PS0V8) [4912] Quickly [laugh]
Vicky (PS0V9) [4913] And then he blasts off and he says we will try once more.
[4914] When he does that again but as he keeps doing it he gets louder and louder and the bang goes louder and louder. [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [4915] Hm I'm glad you told me about that Lorna
Vicky (PS0V9) [4916] I'll tell you what the old fashion alarm clocks they got.
Mum (PS0V8) [4917] Yeah.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4918] And they're only one pound twenty five.
Mum (PS0V8) [4919] With the two old fashioned bells on the top.
Christine (PS0V6) [4920] [...] the way I did now.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4921] Because we'll have to get you an alarm clock won't we .
Christine (PS0V6) [4922] You won't have any money left [...]
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [4923] Hm.
[4924] Yeah
Tony (PS0V4) [4925] Yeah.
Christine (PS0V6) [4926] Yeah what do you want to [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [4927] What?
Mum (PS0V8) [4928] Are you [...] Jackie.
Tony (PS0V4) [4929] Sorry?
[4930] Yeah.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4931] There are nine [...] over there for a pack of twenty for about twenty five
Mum (PS0V8) [4932] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [4933] Yeah we'll go over and have a look.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4934] Yeah.
Mum (PS0V8) [4935] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4936] But that's the point [...]
Vicky (PS0V9) [4937] His sister-in-law brought a cowboy down for him.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [4938] Hm?
[4939] Video tapes.
[4940] Hm that's good.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [...]
Mum (PS0V8) [4941] About twelve.
[4942] I'm not speaking to my sister-in-law no more [laugh] .
Mum (PS0V8) [4943] Cowboy was on at half past two this morning.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [4944] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [4945] Dad we'd better go.
Mum (PS0V8) [4946] Marvellous.
[4947] We'll be there and see what [...]
Vicky (PS0V9) [4948] In private
Tony (PS0V4) [4949] Yeah that's good.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4950] All right my darling.
Tony (PS0V4) [4951] Cheerio then.
Vicky (PS0V9) [4952] Cheerio see you in a fortnight.
Mum (PS0V8) [4953] Yeah
Mum (PS0V8) [4954] Yeah I do it all the time [...] all go down the dock.
[4955] Some going and some coming.
Tony (PS0V4) [4956] Looks like it.
Mum (PS0V8) [4957] Hello Rose
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [4958] Hello [laugh]
Mum (PS0V8) [4959] Hello Pam.
[4960] [laugh] Some coming some going [car alarm]
Tony (PS0V4) [4961] Done it again.
[4962] Here we go [laugh] .
Mum (PS0V8) [4963] How's Mickey all right.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [4964] Yeah.
Mum (PS0V8) [4965] Hello David ...
Tony (PS0V4) [4966] Ah!
Mum (PS0V8) [4967] [...] today [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [4968] Ah yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4969] Oh God!
Tony (PS0V4) [4970] Guess what?
Jackie (PS0V5) [4971] What?
Tony (PS0V4) [4972] I had my tape running.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4973] Oh you didn't?
Tony (PS0V4) [4974] I did.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4975] Oh God! [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [4976] I had my tape running.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4977] You'll have a good one there.
Tony (PS0V4) [4978] The things is I got list everybody in the order in which they spoke.
[4979] Would you like to try that one.
Unknown speaker (KE3PSUNK) [4980] Oh no thank you
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh] ...
Mum (PS0V8) [4981] Hello Lorn.
Tony (PS0V4) [4982] It's all right
Mum (PS0V8) [4983] Lorna!
[4984] ... Lorna!
Tony (PS0V4) [4985] Do you know you're part of a national survey
Christine (PS0V6) [4986] Why?
Tony (PS0V4) [4987] On the spoken word.
Christine (PS0V6) [4988] Why?
Tony (PS0V4) [4989] Because it's something I'm doing and I've just recorded all our conversation here [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [4990] I didn't notice that [...] the microphone.
Christine (PS0V6) [4991] I didn't know what it was.
Tony (PS0V4) [4992] I've got little microphone up here.
Jackie (PS0V5) [4993] Good God.
Mum (PS0V8) [4994] [...] look [cough]
Jackie (PS0V5) [4995] Like like a survey down [...] have you?
Mum (PS0V8) [4996] What have you recorded?
Tony (PS0V4) [4997] What I've recorded and just letting them have the tapes.
[4998] And just keep a record of the time that I recorded it and er a little bit I've just got to give the first names of the people that were talking but it's done anonymously so there's no no problem with that.
Mum (PS0V8) [4999] You didn't tell him that I got my [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [5000] No no no I didn't
Mum (PS0V8) [5001] Have a see what it's like.
Christine (PS0V6) [5002] Oh that was stupid.
Jackie (PS0V5) [5003] Ooh what was that?
Christine (PS0V6) [5004] That crazy fool run out there didn't he shouting out [...] .
Tony (PS0V4) [5005] That was nasty.
[5006] Bye.
[5007] See you.
[5008] Bye.
Mum (PS0V8) [5009] I knew there was some on it. [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [5010] Oh dear.
Vicky (PS0V9) [5011] Cheerio.
Tony (PS0V4) [5012] Cheerio.
Mum (PS0V8) [5013] Yes yesterday she was straining the boiling water off the potatoes.
Tony (PS0V4) [5014] Hm hm
Mum (PS0V8) [5015] And it splashed back and burnt all her neck.
Jackie (PS0V5) [5016] Oh no!
[5017] Chow!
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh]
Mum (PS0V8) [5018] And she burnt all her neck.
[5019] Oh that was a good time to have it on Tony
Tony (PS0V4) [5020] It was
Mum (PS0V8) [5021] Conversation on that one [...]
Tony (PS0V4) [5022] So you did
Jackie (PS0V5) [5023] I tell you what as well with directions to that place on there as well.
Tony (PS0V4) [5024] The only thing is I think I'd rather try and er find out now we know it's Fancy Goods and look it up in Thompson's local and then find out the address and then we'll find our own way down there.
Jackie (PS0V5) [5025] Ya.
Tony (PS0V4) [laugh] ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [5026] My God!
Christine (PS0V6) [5027] [...] No those posters all over the boards and there was [...] head.
Tony (PS0V4) [5028] No we'd just picked up Christine from her friend's house and I had sort of half a dozen people [laugh]
Mum (PS0V8) [5029] On there yeah
Tony (PS0V4) [5030] to on there to note down.
Jackie (PS0V5) [5031] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [5032] Somebody I'd never seen before said hello and
Christine (PS0V6) [5033] That was Shane's granddad.
Tony (PS0V4) [5034] Yeah.
[5035] Aye.
Mum (PS0V8) [5036] You got some in there tonight then Tony?
Tony (PS0V4) [5037] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [5038] Oh that's brilliant.
Tony (PS0V4) [5039] Oh I wanted I wanted not being mean I wanted to get Lorna because she's a classic example of the Bristolian accent.
Mum (PS0V8) [5040] Oh yeah yeah .
Jackie (PS0V5) [5041] Yeah .
Tony (PS0V4) [5042] And I even noticed that she she was coming out with the thees and thous that that erm
Jackie (PS0V5) [5043] And that's what they want.
Tony (PS0V4) [5044] Yeah
Jackie (PS0V5) [5045] They want dialects and accents as well as and if you tell somebody you know it immediately stops them .
Mum (PS0V8) [5046] They don't yeah They talk start talking what they think
Tony (PS0V4) [5047] Yeah
Mum (PS0V8) [5048] is properly.
Tony (PS0V4) [5049] The note says sort of don't tell people until after or unless they ask you
Jackie (PS0V5) [5050] Or unless they ask
Tony (PS0V4) [5051] they ask you directly what they're doing and erm
Mum (PS0V8) [5052] No wonder our Tone went to sit down which he don't usually do.
Tony (PS0V4) [5053] [laugh] as you're being my mum you didn't keep us very long.
Mum (PS0V8) [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [5054] It was er and when she got worked up about that Fancy Goods place [laugh]
Mum (PS0V8) [5055] It was really
Jackie (PS0V5) [5056] It sounds ever so good though
Tony (PS0V4) [5057] It's it's really coming out.
Jackie (PS0V5) [5058] Surprising though cause normally a place like that can need a car
Mum (PS0V8) [5059] Car .
Tony (PS0V4) [5060] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [5061] The thing is I suppose they rely on word of mouth.
Mum (PS0V8) [5062] Yeah
Tony (PS0V4) [5063] Yeah
Mum (PS0V8) [5064] They must do.
Tony (PS0V4) [5065] Well they don't they keep there prices down because they didn't spend a lot on advertising.
Jackie (PS0V5) [5066] That's right ...
Mum (PS0V8) [5067] How's Windy?
Christine (PS0V6) [5068] All right.
Mum (PS0V8) [5069] Are you still still with us? [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [5070] Still captive is he?
Mum (PS0V8) [5071] Oh dear.
Mum (PS0V8) [5072] Seems so funny having a Houdini dog.
[5073] Seems so funny having a tall dog after having short dogs.
Jackie (PS0V5) [5074] Yeah
Mum (PS0V8) [5075] And he's all he's all legs.
Jackie (PS0V5) [5076] Oh.
[5077] Oh they're beautiful.
Tony (PS0V4) [5078] Hm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [5079] It's odd though you get used to them.
Mum (PS0V8) [5080] Yeah.
[5081] He really is all legs.
Tony (PS0V4) [5082] Oh.
Mum (PS0V8) [5083] He's got such a tiny little tummy.
Jackie (PS0V5) [5084] Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [5085] Hm mm.
Mum (PS0V8) [5086] Big chested where their lungs are for running.
Tony (PS0V4) [5087] Yeah .
Jackie (PS0V5) [5088] Yeah .
Mum (PS0V8) [5089] And nothing but miles of legs
Tony (PS0V4) [5090] Yeah .
Jackie (PS0V5) [5091] Oh . ...
Mum (PS0V8) [5092] I must admit a whippet was the dog that I originally wanted.
Jackie (PS0V5) [5093] Yeah.
[5094] Very timid .
Mum (PS0V8) [5095] It's just Yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [5096] Hm.
Mum (PS0V8) [5097] The trouble is if you're
Jackie (PS0V5) [5098] Oh he'll come out
Mum (PS0V8) [5099] if you're the only one in house he follows you and you're looking for him and every time you're moving around he's moving around behind you [laugh] so you can't find him.
[5100] I thought I wonder where the hell's he gone.
[5101] [laugh] . I mean he was he was immediately behind me.
Tony (PS0V4) [5102] Oh ho ho ho.
Jackie (PS0V5) [5103] Oh.
Mum (PS0V8) [5104] He just goes around and I can't find him.
Christine (PS0V6) [5105] You need to take your hand off him and put it round you. [laugh] .
Mum (PS0V8) [5106] Yeah.
[5107] ... He he he keeps really close up to you when he's following you.
Tony (PS0V4) [5108] Hm.
Jackie (PS0V5) [5109] Oh.
Tony (PS0V4) [5110] Oh. ...
Jackie (PS0V5) [5111] Oh I reckon they lovely.
[5112] I really do whippets.
Mum (PS0V8) [5113] He's got a lovely little face on him.
Jackie (PS0V5) [5114] Yeah. ...
Mum (PS0V8) [5115] Cause I'm I'm so used to small dogs.
[5116] It seems funny to me.
Tony (PS0V4) [5117] Yeah .
Jackie (PS0V5) [5118] Yeah .
Mum (PS0V8) [5119] I you we I got used to Wendy's.
[5120] And you I mean people say whippets are not cuddly but they're just as cuddly you know you get used to picking them up .
Jackie (PS0V5) [5121] Picking them up and you get they put one paw on the settee like and I said no Windy and he went [laugh]
Tony (PS0V4) [5122] Oh .
Mum (PS0V8) [5123] Oh . ...
Mum (PS0V8) [5124] Of course when he gets over the timidness he'll probably get up to more mischief.
Jackie (PS0V5) [5125] I'll tell you what if he's six months old you'll have to watch him chewing as well.
Mum (PS0V8) [5126] Yeah yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [5127] Because he'll be losing teeth.
Mum (PS0V8) [5128] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [5129] And he'll chew.
[5130] I only caught Ben chewing once.
[5131] Ben was eight months old when we had him.
[5132] He was a bit older
Mum (PS0V8) [5133] Yeah
Jackie (PS0V5) [5134] And I thought he's quiet and it was about a week after we had no twice.
[5135] And once we had it was before we had all our carpet done in the hall
Mum (PS0V8) [5136] Yeah .
Jackie (PS0V5) [5137] we had a rug at the top of the stairs
Mum (PS0V8) [5138] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [5139] And he was chewing the corner of this rug and it was all soggy and horrible
Mum (PS0V8) [5140] Yeah
Jackie (PS0V5) [5141] And another time he went quiet and he was in the front room and when I went in he was chewing the leg of the settee
Mum (PS0V8) [5142] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [5143] And that's wood. [laugh]
Jackie (PS0V5) [5144] And there's still the teeth marks on it now,
Mum (PS0V8) [5145] Oh yeah
Jackie (PS0V5) [5146] We can't get rid of them.
Mum (PS0V8) [5147] [...] a lot about that when you went when they went last year.
Jackie (PS0V5) [5148] Oh yeah.
Tony (PS0V4) [5149] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0V5) [5150] Laugh.
[5151] ... Oh yeah that was lovely.
Mum (PS0V8) [5152] I was worried you wouldn't get the [...]
Jackie (PS0V5) [5153] Yeah. [laugh]
Mum (PS0V8) [5154] You left them in my pocket Remember when we went to Tesco's?
Christine (PS0V6) [5155] I thought so.
Mum (PS0V8) [5156] When you went into Tesco's.