BNC Text KE4

22 conversations recorded by `Valerie' (PS0WN) between 30 January and ?? ?? 1992 with 7 interlocutors, totalling 3280 s-units, 15170 words, and 1 hour 55 minutes 21 seconds of recordings.

10 speakers recorded by respondent number 75

PS0WN Ag3 f (Valerie, age 36, staff nurse (pt), Scottish, )
PS0WP Ag2 m (Peter, age 34, sales representative, Scottish, ) husband
PS0WR Ag0 f (Jackie, age 8, student (state primary), Scottish, ) daughter
PS0WS Ag0 m (David, age 10, student (state primary), Scottish, ) son
PS0WT Ag0 f (Dawn, age 11, student, Scottish, ) friend
PS0WU Ag3 f (No name, age 40+, dentist, Scottish, ) stranger
PS0WW Ag4 m (No name, age 50+, telephone engineer, Scottish, ) stranger
PS0WX Ag3 m (Dougie, age 37, sales representative, Scottish, ) friend
KE4PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KE4PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

22 recordings

  1. Tape 067301 recorded on 1992-01-30. LocationLothian: Midcalder ( at home ) Activity: preparing the dinner
  2. Tape 067302 recorded on 1992-01-30. LocationLothian: Midcalder ( at home ) Activity: preparing and eating dinner
  3. Tape 067304 recorded on 1992-01-30. LocationLothian: Midcalder ( at home ) Activity: washing up
  4. Tape 067305 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationLothian: Midcalder ( at home ) Activity: breakfast
  5. Tape 067306 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationLothian: Midcalder ( at home ) Activity: breakfast
  6. Tape 067307 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationLothian: Midcalder ( at home ) Activity: breakfast
  7. Tape 067308 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationLothian: Midcalder ( at home ) Activity: household and family work
  8. Tape 067309 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationLothian: Midcalder ( out ) Activity: going to dentists
  9. Tape 067401 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationLothian: Midcalder ( at home ) Activity: household chores
  10. Tape 067402 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationLothian: Midcalder ( at home ) Activity: household chores
  11. Tape 067403 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationLothian: Midcalder ( at home ) Activity: household chores
  12. Tape 067404 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationLothian: Midcalder ( at home ) Activity: household chores
  13. Tape 067405 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationLothian: Midcalder ( at home ) Activity: household chores
  14. Tape 067501 recorded on 1992-02-04. LocationLothian: Midcalder ( out ) Activity: sitting in dental surgery
  15. Tape 067502 recorded on 1992-02-04. LocationLothian: Midcalder ( out ) Activity: sitting in dental surgery
  16. Tape 067503 recorded on 1992-02-04. LocationLothian: Midcalder ( out ) Activity: sitting in dental surgery
  17. Tape 067601 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationLothian: Midcalder ( at home ) Activity: household chores
  18. Tape 067603 recorded on 1992. LocationLothian: Midcalder ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  19. Tape 067604 recorded on 1992. LocationLothian: Midcalder ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  20. Tape 067605 recorded on 1992. LocationLothian: Midcalder ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  21. Tape 067606 recorded on 1992. LocationLothian: Midcalder ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  22. Tape 067607 recorded on 1992. LocationLothian: Midcalder ( at home ) Activity: watching television

1 (Tape 067301)

Valerie (PS0WN) [1] school?
Jackie (PS0WR) [2] Yep. [clears throat]
Valerie (PS0WN) [3] How d'ya get on today then?
Jackie (PS0WR) [4] Fine.
[5] I gon I got, I got ... all my numbers right ... all my maths right, and one mistake on the spelling, just one mistake in spelling.
Valerie (PS0WN) [6] Well that's not bad.
Jackie (PS0WR) [7] Aha.
[8] Do you want me to go, erm, and get changed then I, and then I can come and watch the [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [9] Okay then.
[10] Go on
Jackie (PS0WR) [11] Yeah?
Valerie (PS0WN) [12] then ... get changed.
Jackie (PS0WR) [13] Bye!
Valerie (PS0WN) [14] Is David coming?
Jackie (PS0WR) [15] Yeah, David's coming.
[16] [tv on] ... Oh!
[17] Neighbours ain't started.
Valerie (PS0WN) [18] Is that you changed then Jacqueline?
Jackie (PS0WR) [19] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [20] That didn't take you very long.
Jackie (PS0WR) [21] I know, because ... I had my clothes on from gym ... got ... all them.
Valerie (PS0WN) [22] Had your gym today?
Jackie (PS0WR) [23] Aha.
Valerie (PS0WN) [24] How did you get on at school then?
Jackie (PS0WR) [25] Fine.
Valerie (PS0WN) [26] Anything exciting happen?
Jackie (PS0WR) [27] No.
Valerie (PS0WN) [28] Nothing?
Jackie (PS0WR) [29] Nothing.
Valerie (PS0WN) [30] A boring day.
Jackie (PS0WR) [31] Oh!
[32] Except going to the haggis [...] ... and erm ... they tried to, and ... haggis and potatoes.
Valerie (PS0WN) [33] Aye.
[34] Was this your Burns supper today?
Jackie (PS0WR) [35] Yeah.
[36] And er ... another thing ... erm ... we are ... I wasn't [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [37] Did you?
[38] Very good!
Jackie (PS0WR) [39] [sighing] And [] ... what else have I got to say?
Valerie (PS0WN) [40] You probably could practise it tonight then
Jackie (PS0WR) [41] Oh!
Valerie (PS0WN) [42] Jacqueline.
Jackie (PS0WR) [43] I got, aha, I got on ... I got one with a camera.
Valerie (PS0WN) [44] From the camera?
[45] How d'ya mean?
Jackie (PS0WR) [46] From a camera because, at the Burns supper Mrs ... ordered a camera.
Valerie (PS0WN) [47] Aha.
Jackie (PS0WR) [48] And, then she sa Mrs said to me, not Mrs but Mrs , she helps out, and she organized the Burns supper thing, she said
Valerie (PS0WN) [49] Aha.
Jackie (PS0WR) [50] who I've, cos she said to Mr if she could bring a camera for us to camcord
Valerie (PS0WN) [51] Aha.
Jackie (PS0WR) [52] sa so that erm before she can ... erm ... if the ... see the ... erm to organize it and Mrs goes we need to erm ... stand up and so that.
Valerie (PS0WN) [53] Oh good!
[54] So when
Jackie (PS0WR) [55] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [56] will you get to see it?
Jackie (PS0WR) [57] Tomorrow.
Valerie (PS0WN) [58] Tomorrow?
[59] That'll be nice then?
Jackie (PS0WR) [60] Aha.
Valerie (PS0WN) [61] And what was haggis and turnip like?
Jackie (PS0WR) [62] Er okay, I suppose.
[63] Mummy I have to go to drama class.
Valerie (PS0WN) [64] Oh.
[65] Not for a wee while yet Jacqueline.
Jackie (PS0WR) [66] Mm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [67] It's not till six o'clock.
[68] I'm just making the tea just now.
Jackie (PS0WR) [69] Are you?
Valerie (PS0WN) [70] You're getting stew and potatoes.
Jackie (PS0WR) [71] Urgh!
Valerie (PS0WN) [72] You like it, don't kid er, kid yourself.
Jackie (PS0WR) [73] Urgh!
Valerie (PS0WN) [74] Do you want a wee drink of juice?
Jackie (PS0WR) [75] No thanks.
Valerie (PS0WN) [76] No thanks?
[77] It's not like you.
[78] You usually eat everything in sight don't you?
Jackie (PS0WR) [79] Well, you were an hour late, weren't you when you collect ... collected me?
Valerie (PS0WN) [80] Right.
[81] Well ... the dinner shouldn't be too long.
Jackie (PS0WR) [82] How do you [...] ?
Valerie (PS0WN) [83] Cos you've got to do them haven't you?
[84] Got to keep the place
Jackie (PS0WR) [85] Aha.
Valerie (PS0WN) [86] nice and clean.
Jackie (PS0WR) [87] I think I'll change my mind, I think I will have a juice.
Valerie (PS0WN) [88] Right.
Jackie (PS0WR) [89] Drink of juice.
Valerie (PS0WN) [90] Well you have it then.
Jackie (PS0WR) [91] I think I'll go out and ge feed the rabbit when I, he can play as well.
[92] I don't think I can do that to get the juice and have a [...] at the same time.
Valerie (PS0WN) [93] So you're going out to feed the rabbit?
Jackie (PS0WR) [94] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [95] Right, okay then Jacqueline.
Jackie (PS0WR) [96] Okay.
[97] Bye!
Valerie (PS0WN) [98] Bye!
Jackie (PS0WR) [99] I'll be ... in the back garden as well okay?
Valerie (PS0WN) [100] Right okay.
Jackie (PS0WR) [101] Bye!

2 (Tape 067302)

Valerie (PS0WN) [102] Hi David.
[103] Is that you in from school?
David (PS0WS) [104] Mhm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [105] Had a good day?
David (PS0WS) [106] Yep.
Valerie (PS0WN) [107] Do you want a drink of juice?
David (PS0WS) [108] No.
Valerie (PS0WN) [109] No?
David (PS0WS) [110] Nope.
Valerie (PS0WN) [111] Why what's wrong?
David (PS0WS) [112] Mum.
Valerie (PS0WN) [113] Aha.
David (PS0WS) [114] Well, you know ... you know Micky?
Valerie (PS0WN) [115] Aha.
David (PS0WS) [116] Well, it was him that ran across the road and nearly got killed!
Valerie (PS0WN) [117] Was it?
David (PS0WS) [118] Mhm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [119] I told you it was him didn't I?
David (PS0WS) [120] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [121] Did you say I'd seen him?
David (PS0WS) [122] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [123] And what did he say?
David (PS0WS) [124] He said ... he said he didn't really get knocked over.
Valerie (PS0WN) [125] No but he was awful near the cars wasn't he?
[126] And he shouldn't have been going in the woods, should he?
David (PS0WS) [127] Nope.
Valerie (PS0WN) [128] And what did he say about that?
[129] ... David.
David (PS0WS) [130] He says ... that he was only pretending to go
Valerie (PS0WN) [131] He was only pretending to go into the woods?
David (PS0WS) [132] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [133] He's coming it isn't he David?
[134] David!
[135] What else happened at school today?
[136] What else happened?
[137] Nothing?
Jackie (PS0WR) [138] Finished now.
Valerie (PS0WN) [139] Good girl.
[140] Have you fed the rabbit?
David (PS0WS) [141] Mum!
Jackie (PS0WR) [142] Mm.
David (PS0WS) [143] Do you
Valerie (PS0WN) [144] What?
David (PS0WS) [145] know what?
[146] Andrew spilled paint all over!
Valerie (PS0WN) [147] What?
David (PS0WS) [148] Just all over the table.
Valerie (PS0WN) [149] All over the table.
David (PS0WS) [150] Mm.
Jackie (PS0WR) [151] Well I can [...] ... erm ... [...] over [...] .
David (PS0WS) [152] Over everything was it?
Valerie (PS0WN) [153] How did they manage that?
David (PS0WS) [154] Cos they we we were, we were doing it [...] ... and ... and wha they were all kinds of [...] and it's got [...] and I like, rushed it over to the sink and, and then just [...] and then [...] with the table it fell
Valerie (PS0WN) [155] My goodness!
David (PS0WS) [156] No th
Jackie (PS0WR) [157] I couldn't have spilt it by going ... whoop!
David (PS0WS) [158] And you know that
Jackie (PS0WR) [...]
David (PS0WS) [159] girl who ... called ... called Moira, she di she didn't get killed, she didn't, she got ran over.
[160] She ... she's got bumps, and bruises, and cuts, and some scratches as well.
Valerie (PS0WN) [161] Is she at the hospital?
David (PS0WS) [162] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [163] Is she?
David (PS0WS) [164] Yes.
[165] In [...] hospital, I mean
Valerie (PS0WN) [166] Was she at the hospital?
David (PS0WS) [167] but mum,no not in the hospital.
Valerie (PS0WN) [168] Is she still in it?
Jackie (PS0WR) [169] She is!
David (PS0WS) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [170] Well she won't be back at school that soon, she was only knocked down
Jackie (PS0WR) [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [171] the other day.
David (PS0WS) [172] Aye.
[173] Monday.
Valerie (PS0WN) [174] Monday.
[175] That's right.
David (PS0WS) [176] Down here.
Valerie (PS0WN) [177] Jacqueline won a certificate David at the Burns!
David (PS0WS) [178] Mm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [179] And she was on a camcorder today.
David (PS0WS) [180] Ah!
[181] Do you know what else?
[182] I won, I won a ce I won too.
Valerie (PS0WN) [183] You won too?
[184] What did you win?
Jackie (PS0WR) [185] Cos I did
David (PS0WS) [186] I won one for the poem and one for the song.
Valerie (PS0WN) [187] Very good!
David (PS0WS) [188] And you know I went swimming today?
Valerie (PS0WN) [189] Aha.
David (PS0WS) [190] I won er ... two ... only I didn't get it.
[191] [...] ... So I mean, for getting this badge it was ... really fast, but I was really fast [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [192] Very good!
David (PS0WS) [193] I think I might qualify, I'm not sure.
[194] Mum, [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [195] And what about the gala they're having in ... February?
David (PS0WS) [196] Oh, I've already qualified for that next year.
Valerie (PS0WN) [197] You've qualified for that?
David (PS0WS) [198] Mm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [199] Well that's good then.
David (PS0WS) [200] Cos you get all the times against that clock ... cos ... I did well at it because I, cos I was the only one that, I was closest, you can't get any closer than one second!
Valerie (PS0WN) [201] Well that's good then.
[202] One second?
Jackie (PS0WR) [203] Mm mm.
David (PS0WS) [204] I know.
[205] One second I had to do it.
[206] I'm really fast.
Jackie (PS0WR) [207] Hey.
David (PS0WS) [208] And I knew I would get it ba one, one second.
Valerie (PS0WN) [209] Well do the next time then eh?
David (PS0WS) [210] Can I, yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [211] So what else has been happening?
Jackie (PS0WR) [212] Just shut up!
David (PS0WS) [213] You, I'm not doing anything to you and I'll flatten you if you do that again!
Valerie (PS0WN) [214] Now!
[215] No fighting.
David (PS0WS) [216] It's your fault.
Valerie (PS0WN) [217] David!
David (PS0WS) [218] Mum.
Valerie (PS0WN) [219] Mhm?
Jackie (PS0WR) [220] Jackie said
Valerie (PS0WN) [221] Jacqueline put down that mirror before it breaks please.
Jackie (PS0WR) [222] Okay.
David (PS0WS) [223] Mum!
[224] She says that ... I, I, Jackie I was so, sure I was one second away from
Valerie (PS0WN) [225] Don't listen to her.
Jackie (PS0WR) [226] You'll get a punch on the nose!
David (PS0WS) [227] I, actually,ca can you do those?
Jackie (PS0WR) [228] Actually!
David (PS0WS) [229] Jackie get off!
Jackie (PS0WR) [230] You!
Valerie (PS0WN) [231] Is Dawn going to the drama class tonight?
Jackie (PS0WR) [232] Yeah.
David (PS0WS) [233] It's funny how you pulled it off.
Jackie (PS0WR) [234] In fact, it's coming off the [...] .
David (PS0WS) [235] I know.
Jackie (PS0WR) [236] Do you want to go and find out all what the plans are?
David (PS0WS) [237] Mummy!
Valerie (PS0WN) [238] No.
Jackie (PS0WR) [239] But why not?
Valerie (PS0WN) [240] Not just now.
David (PS0WS) [241] Mummy!
Jackie (PS0WR) [242] When, where am I going [...] ?
Valerie (PS0WN) [243] I don't know, we'll have to look the book up.
Jackie (PS0WR) [244] Actually
Valerie (PS0WN) [245] I can never remember it.
David (PS0WS) [246] I'm sure [...] .
Jackie (PS0WR) [247] actually ... actually ... actually ... [singing] [...] [] .
David (PS0WS) [248] Mummy.
Valerie (PS0WN) [249] And what about that dance class Jackie, did you find out what time it is ... on Sunday?
Jackie (PS0WR) [250] She sa ... she said that ... in ... someone said about the time today but I've forgotten.
Valerie (PS0WN) [251] Well you'll need to write it down tomorrow.
Jackie (PS0WR) [252] Aha.
[253] And she said if I, I say ask her tomorrow if she can ... if she
David (PS0WS) [254] Mum, I hope we're doing improvisation.
Jackie (PS0WR) [255] if she's got [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [256] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [257] She said she'll tell you a bit more about the ... Sunday ... about the ... the production we're gonna put on.
Valerie (PS0WN) [258] Good.
David (PS0WS) [259] But I hope it
Jackie (PS0WR) [260] Mum.
Valerie (PS0WN) [261] What?
Jackie (PS0WR) [262] Do er
Valerie (PS0WN) [263] Aha.
Jackie (PS0WR) [264] Mm.
David (PS0WS) [265] Actually, is this a paracetamol?
Valerie (PS0WN) [266] Mhm.
[267] You got a sore head have you?
David (PS0WS) [268] Aha.
[269] But I can't drink owt.
Jackie (PS0WR) [humming]
David (PS0WS) [270] Erm
Valerie (PS0WN) [271] Well go and get a drink.
Jackie (PS0WR) [humming]
David (PS0WS) [272] Is that carton out of the fridge.
Valerie (PS0WN) [273] Juice is up on the top there.
David (PS0WS) [274] Mm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [275] So what about Russell today then David, has he still got a sore throat?
David (PS0WS) [276] Nah, not really.
Valerie (PS0WN) [277] Is it better?
David (PS0WS) [278] I think so.
[279] I think he ma maybe just skiving it.
Valerie (PS0WN) [280] D'ya think so?
David (PS0WS) [281] Yeah.
[282] ... Well ... erm, I tell who wi winned it all.
Valerie (PS0WN) [283] What?
David (PS0WS) [284] I wonned it with
Valerie (PS0WN) [285] You won what?
David (PS0WS) [286] won ... I winned it with ... Neil ... with Neil, [...] I won it with, Neil wonned it ... and me, the poem ... and Jennifer and me won the ... the ... song.
Valerie (PS0WN) [287] Very good.
[288] The song?
[289] ... Did Jennifer win the
Jackie (PS0WR) [290] You said, you said
Valerie (PS0WN) [291] song did she?
David (PS0WS) [292] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [293] Very good.
David (PS0WS) [294] Mm.
Jackie (PS0WR) [295] You got
Valerie (PS0WN) [296] What did Jennifer sing?
Jackie (PS0WR) [297] what d'ya get?
David (PS0WS) [298] Ah, she sang [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [299] Did she?
[300] ... Very good.
David (PS0WS) [301] Mhm.
[302] Not bad.
[303] Nobody thought she deserved to win ... cos she ... she wasn't that clear.
Valerie (PS0WN) [304] Was she not?
[305] Well why did she win then?
David (PS0WS) [306] Erm ... well just cos Mrs was ... was, did we
Jackie (PS0WR) [singing] [...] []
David (PS0WS) [307] Then when it happened er, everybody, she went ... I'm the winner!
Valerie (PS0WN) [308] And who else won in your group Jacqueline?
Jackie (PS0WR) [309] Jacqueline .
Valerie (PS0WN) [310] What did she say?
David (PS0WS) [311] God!
Jackie (PS0WR) [312] She said ... erm ... something with [...] in the morning.
David (PS0WS) [313] It wasn't, it was the wee Herbie.
Valerie (PS0WN) [314] The wee Herbie.
Jackie (PS0WR) [315] Was not!
[316] Gary done the, er did ... and the wee red motor.
David (PS0WS) [317] You won a certificate for that didn't you?
Valerie (PS0WN) [318] Ah, wee red motor.
[319] Gar did Gary win?
David (PS0WS) [320] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0WR) [321] Aha.
[322] And I done the wee red motor.
Valerie (PS0WN) [323] I said that's the one I said you should do.
Jackie (PS0WR) [324] Mhm.
[325] And everybody had a [...] .
[326] He said, and Gary said, and I've got a wee new motor.
[327] [laugh] ... It was good fun.
Valerie (PS0WN) [328] Good.
Jackie (PS0WR) [329] Another wee new motor! [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [330] Very good.
Jackie (PS0WR) [331] It was funny,i
Valerie (PS0WN) [332] Mhm.
Jackie (PS0WR) [333] and we were all going ... ha!
[334] And when [...] [shouting] we gave [...] [] .
David (PS0WS) [335] Kirsty won.
Valerie (PS0WN) [336] What did Kirsty sing?
David (PS0WS) [337] Christ!
[338] I don't know, Kirsty was in that, that ... twice.
[339] But, David won
Jackie (PS0WR) [340] So she's been
David (PS0WS) [341] I won ... Jackie made one
Jackie (PS0WR) [...]
David (PS0WS) [342] and Wesley told one.
Valerie (PS0WN) [343] And what about the girlie that sung the song in your class Jacqueline?
Jackie (PS0WR) [344] It was Evelyn .
Valerie (PS0WN) [345] And did she win?
Jackie (PS0WR) [346] Aha.
Valerie (PS0WN) [347] Very good.
Jackie (PS0WR) [...]
David (PS0WS) [348] I think I might start up swimming ... club again mum.
Valerie (PS0WN) [349] David, you said that last week, and then when it came to the time
David (PS0WS) [350] And then I wouldn't like.
Valerie (PS0WN) [351] You wouldn't go.
[352] Throat and leather.
David (PS0WS) [353] I'm thinking about it.
Valerie (PS0WN) [354] Well
Jackie (PS0WR) [355] I'll think about it as well.
David (PS0WS) [356] Think about it!
[357] Think about it!
Valerie (PS0WN) [358] What is it?
[359] What's the weather like out there Jack?
Jackie (PS0WR) [360] Quite good.
Valerie (PS0WN) [361] Is it mild?
[362] ... Mm?
Jackie (PS0WR) [363] It's okay as well, though you ... Mum, did my face go red?
Valerie (PS0WN) [364] Nope.
Jackie (PS0WR) [365] Oh!
[366] I will, I'll
Valerie (PS0WN) [367] Is your ro is your room tidy Jacqueline.
Jackie (PS0WR) [368] Don't really know.
Valerie (PS0WN) [369] Well go and have a look and see. [phone rings]
Jackie (PS0WR) [370] I'll get it!
David (PS0WS) [371] I'll get it!
[372] I'll get it!
Valerie (PS0WN) [373] That'll probably be Dawn.
David (PS0WS) [374] Most likely.
Jackie (PS0WR) [375] [phonecall starts] Hello.
[376] Goodnight [phonecall ends] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [377] Is it Dawn?
[378] Jacqueline you ... get your dinner eaten.
David (PS0WS) [379] Ba! [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [380] Go and get eating.
David (PS0WS) [381] No!
Valerie (PS0WN) [382] [phonecall starts] Hi Dawn.
[383] ... Well what a what does your mum want to do?
[384] ... Well see whatever, what suits her.
[385] ... Anything at all?
[386] Well what, does she want to take you and I'll collect you, or ... other way round?
[387] Right.
[388] She'll take you?
[389] Right, and I'll
Jackie (PS0WR) [390] No!
Valerie (PS0WN) [391] collect.
[392] Right okay Dawn.
[393] See you later!
[394] Bye [phonecall ends] !
Jackie (PS0WR) [395] No!
[396] I don't like you!
[397] I want
Valerie (PS0WN) [398] I think there's a message on the answering machine.
[399] I never noticed fe earlier. [answering machine bleeps] ... [answering machine message]
Dawn (PS0WT) [400] [phonecall starts] Hi it's Dawn here, I'm just erm ... wondering erm ... what the arrangements are for tonight okay?
Valerie (PS0WN) [401] Oh it's Dawn!
Dawn (PS0WT) [402] Call me back [phonecall ends] . [answering machine bleeps]
Valerie (PS0WN) [403] We must have missed her.
[404] Well where were we?
Jackie (PS0WR) [405] It was not Dawn.
Valerie (PS0WN) [406] It was.
[407] She was just saying ju it's Dawn, I'm just wondering what the arrangements were for tonight.
[408] ... But we've never ... listened to the answering machine.
[409] [answering machine bleeps] ... So we didn't
Jackie (PS0WR) [410] Where were we?
Valerie (PS0WN) [411] know that she'd phoned us earlier.
Jackie (PS0WR) [412] Oh!
[413] I've probably been out playing and you've probably been at the shops.
David (PS0WS) [414] Excuse me!
Valerie (PS0WN) [415] It just shows you ... you know, like, we don't always hear this phone.
[416] Just as well we're getting the two new points put in tomorrow.
David (PS0WS) [417] Plug points?
Valerie (PS0WN) [418] Well we're having ... a point put in the kitchen ... and one put in the bedroom.
David (PS0WS) [419] And what's that for?
Jackie (PS0WR) [420] Why's that?
Valerie (PS0WN) [421] For the telephone.
Jackie (PS0WR) [422] Why?
Valerie (PS0WN) [423] So as that we'll hear the telephone all over the house.
[424] Jacqueline, finish off your dinner.
Jackie (PS0WR) [425] I don't like it!
Valerie (PS0WN) [426] Jacqueline, I'll smack you!
[427] Come on!
Jackie (PS0WR) [428] I hate it!
Valerie (PS0WN) [429] Come on Jacqueline.
[430] ... David.
[431] What you doing?
David (PS0WS) [432] Just fiddling about.
Valerie (PS0WN) [433] Just fiddling about?
David (PS0WS) [434] Mhm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [435] Did you check your homework?
David (PS0WS) [436] Yeah.
[437] No I did ... I didn't get any homework yesterday.
Valerie (PS0WN) [438] Did you get it all right?
[439] Was she pleased with you today?
David (PS0WS) [440] I think she was.
Valerie (PS0WN) [441] And no fighting with the girls?
[442] ... Move just now then David till I get to the cupboard.
David (PS0WS) [443] I don't fight with the girls.
Valerie (PS0WN) [444] You do fight with the girls!
[445] You were fighting with, what was her name?
[446] Lisa ?
David (PS0WS) [447] She was ... picking on me.
[448] I don't fight with her, I just ... throw her about.
Valerie (PS0WN) [449] What's Richard saying today?
[450] Nothing?
David (PS0WS) [451] ?
Valerie (PS0WN) [452] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [453] Just, just [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [454] Move!
[455] Move!
[456] Come on David.
[457] Move!
[458] ... Is he saying nothing?
David (PS0WS) [459] He bought a new game for him.
Valerie (PS0WN) [460] Ah, you said.
David (PS0WS) [461] He just [...] like him, he just ... well just got it repaired or something.
Valerie (PS0WN) [462] Oh crumbs!
David (PS0WS) [463] Yeah, that's what it was.
[464] Not a new one.
Valerie (PS0WN) [465] Cos he'd just got that before Christmas.
David (PS0WS) [466] I know!
[467] And he, he ... he finished with it ... [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [468] Well that's okay then.
[469] Well that's ten to six ... coming up, so you better get ready for Dawn's mum.
David (PS0WS) [470] For when she comes across.
Valerie (PS0WN) [471] Mm?
David (PS0WS) [472] Don't want to go.
Valerie (PS0WN) [473] Well you'll have to get ready for going.
[474] ... Your
Jackie (PS0WR) [475] Well
Valerie (PS0WN) [476] trainers on, or whatever you put on your feet.
Jackie (PS0WR) [humming]
Valerie (PS0WN) [477] Come on David!
[478] Move it!
[479] Tell your sister ... as well.
David (PS0WS) [480] Yeah. [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [481] David!
[482] Come on!
[483] Less of your nonsense!
David (PS0WS) [484] Tt! [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [485] And is your room tidy?
David (PS0WS) [486] What, what in my room?
Valerie (PS0WN) [487] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [488] Nice and tidy!
Valerie (PS0WN) [489] Nice and tidy.
David (PS0WS) [490] I'll go up there and have a look.
Valerie (PS0WN) [491] Okay then.

3 (Tape 067304)

Valerie (PS0WN) [492] Right, you go and practise your play for tomorrow Jacqueline.
Jackie (PS0WR) [493] Okay. [...] [practising play piece]
Valerie (PS0WN) [494] Very good Jacqueline.
Jackie (PS0WR) [495] Thank you.
Valerie (PS0WN) [496] What about you David?
[497] Have you gotta do yours?
Jackie (PS0WR) [498] Yes, David has gotta do his.
Valerie (PS0WN) [499] Are you David?
David (PS0WS) [500] I'll try.
[501] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [502] Okay.
Jackie (PS0WR) [503] I'm just watching T V, I'll be in in a minute.
David (PS0WS) [504] You help me.
Valerie (PS0WN) [505] No, I cannae help you.
[506] Come on then, you do it.
David (PS0WS) [507] She er ... she, well I'll
Valerie (PS0WN) [508] Go on then.
David (PS0WS) [509] just do it.
[510] Just do the [...] .
[511] [practising play piece] You've hurt your finger! [...] !
[512] You think it's [...] .
[513] Noo, just you have it.
[514] That way.
[515] Come and get my specs and see.
[516] My!
[517] So it is!
[518] And there's the school.
[519] Noo did nay break my [...] .
[520] See here man, you knows got nay [...] , [...] that was nay there.
[521] And noo to make it sail along.
[522] [...] a wee bit sore.
[523] And tie a bonny hanky round it.
[524] You did nay.
[525] [...] ... we'll be over and see noo, there you are, you've got the same John.
Valerie (PS0WN) [526] Very good.
Jackie (PS0WR) [527] But anyway, that's the same thing about Walter .
Valerie (PS0WN) [528] [laugh] ... And whe di what did you get at drama class tonight then?
Jackie (PS0WR) [529] [sighing] We were [] just actually doing the ... the ... parts of the play.
Valerie (PS0WN) [530] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [531] Whoops!
Valerie (PS0WN) [532] Is that all?
Jackie (PS0WR) [533] Yep.
[534] Do you want me to stop that mum?
Valerie (PS0WN) [535] And what about erm
Jackie (PS0WR) [536] Mhm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [537] Is that all you got tonight?
Jackie (PS0WR) [538] Mm mm.
[539] Well we did warm up and
Valerie (PS0WN) [540] And that was all?
Jackie (PS0WR) [541] We did ... it was, it took quite, took a lot of time.
[542] And I think that was all.
[543] Yeah!
[544] Mhm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [545] And what was Dawn saying?
David (PS0WS) [546] What was Dawn saying?
Jackie (PS0WR) [547] Oh!
[548] Why did we not get ... but I wanna do that part!
Valerie (PS0WN) [549] What part?
Jackie (PS0WR) [550] Maybe it's a big girl who's doing it.
Valerie (PS0WN) [551] Well what kind of part was it like?
David (PS0WS) [552] The part a ... the part of the girl who's going to school.
Jackie (PS0WR) [553] That's not actually, because they don't know who's, erm, the girl's gonna be.
David (PS0WS) [554] They do.
[555] Gemma, Gemma will do it.
Jackie (PS0WR) [556] It's not Gemma, Gemma's just taking part.
David (PS0WS) [557] I know.
[558] Well that's, well that's what I said.
Valerie (PS0WN) [559] Well who's it going to be then?
Jackie (PS0WR) [560] Well, [...] I should think.
Valerie (PS0WN) [561] So what are you David?
Jackie (PS0WR) [562] Brother.
David (PS0WS) [563] I'm the brother of
Valerie (PS0WN) [564] Of the girl?
David (PS0WS) [565] Aha.
Jackie (PS0WR) [566] Aha.
Valerie (PS0WN) [567] And what are you Jackie?
Jackie (PS0WR) [568] I'm just one of the schoolgirls who e is the girl's friend.
Valerie (PS0WN) [569] And what's Dawn?
Jackie (PS0WR) [570] Bi Dawn's the pest.
Valerie (PS0WN) [571] The pest?
David (PS0WS) [572] Mhm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [573] And has everybody got a part?
Jackie (PS0WR) [574] Aha.
David (PS0WS) [575] Erm ... yeah, everybody should be doing a part.
Valerie (PS0WN) [576] So d'ya think it'll be quite good then?
Jackie (PS0WR) [577] Mm.
David (PS0WS) [578] Yeah, it will be
Jackie (PS0WR) [579] Suppose it is.
[580] Suppose it could be, I don't
Valerie (PS0WN) [581] And what else was Anne saying?
Jackie (PS0WR) [582] Er, well we only really done exercises and then started off with the play.
David (PS0WS) [583] She only did, them drama people came up with quite a lot ... ideas
Valerie (PS0WN) [584] She was saying what?
[585] About the
David (PS0WS) [586] Them drama people came up with quite a good id couple of good ideas.
Valerie (PS0WN) [587] What was that?
David (PS0WS) [588] Oh!
[589] Just
Valerie (PS0WN) [590] Is she gonna have you altogether to practise?
David (PS0WS) [591] One day.
Valerie (PS0WN) [592] Just one day?
David (PS0WS) [593] Mhm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [594] When's that gonna
Jackie (PS0WR) [595] That will probably
Valerie (PS0WN) [596] be?
Jackie (PS0WR) [597] that'll probably be on the ... dress rehearsal.
Valerie (PS0WN) [598] And when will that be?
Jackie (PS0WR) [599] Er, er ... on
Valerie (PS0WN) [600] Well how can yous practise
David (PS0WS) [601] No.
[602] They don't know when it will be.
Jackie (PS0WR) [603] They just
David (PS0WS) [604] Only before, before the summer holidays though.
Jackie (PS0WR) [605] They just said that to come up with erm ideas and stuff for the dream.
Valerie (PS0WN) [606] For the dream?
Jackie (PS0WR) [607] Aha.
Valerie (PS0WN) [608] So it's a dream?
David (PS0WS) [609] Come up with ideas?
Jackie (PS0WR) [610] Mm mm.
[611] It's called The Dream.
Valerie (PS0WN) [612] The Dream.
Jackie (PS0WR) [613] The Dreamer
David (PS0WS) [614] Aha.
Jackie (PS0WR) [615] the Dreamer, Dreamer, er Dreamer.
Valerie (PS0WN) [616] Well that's fine then.
[617] Are you tired now?
Jackie (PS0WR) [618] Yeah.
David (PS0WS) [619] No.
Valerie (PS0WN) [620] Well yous better get ready for, you've had a shower this morning, eh David?
David (PS0WS) [621] Yes.
Jackie (PS0WR) [622] Yeah, but I always have my showers at night time.
Valerie (PS0WN) [623] Well you've never had one, you never had one last night.
Jackie (PS0WR) [624] Well I'll have one
Valerie (PS0WN) [625] Go on then, up you go.
Jackie (PS0WR) [626] tonight.
Valerie (PS0WN) [627] Cos if not it'll soon be time for bed.
Jackie (PS0WR) [628] Okay, I'll just go and get my shower then.
Valerie (PS0WN) [629] Okay then.
[630] Hurry up and get it then!
[631] Don't diddle-daddle about.
Jackie (PS0WR) [632] Okay.
[633] Mum, can I have a bath?
Valerie (PS0WN) [634] Whatever you want.
Jackie (PS0WR) [635] Okay then.
Valerie (PS0WN) [636] Remember and wash your hair.
Jackie (PS0WR) [637] Okay.
Valerie (PS0WN) [638] Remember you've got the dentist tomorrow.
David (PS0WS) [639] Mhm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [640] I'll have to write a wee note ... to say that I've to come and get you about ten to twelve.
David (PS0WS) [641] Mhm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [642] Don't let me forget in the morning, right?
David (PS0WS) [643] I've got a dentist appointment?
Valerie (PS0WN) [644] Mhm.
[645] You have.
David (PS0WS) [646] Mm.
[647] I've not had one for ages.
Valerie (PS0WN) [648] Oh you have.
[649] ... Well, are you going up to get ready for your bed as well?
David (PS0WS) [650] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [651] Right okay then.
[652] Night-night then David.
David (PS0WS) [653] Night-night.

4 (Tape 067305)

Jackie (PS0WR) [654] Hi mum.
Valerie (PS0WN) [655] Morning Jack.
Jackie (PS0WR) [656] What can I have for breakfast today?
Valerie (PS0WN) [657] Honey Nut Loops?
Jackie (PS0WR) [658] Okay.
Valerie (PS0WN) [659] There you go.
[660] I'll get you a plate.
Jackie (PS0WR) [661] I can't wait until today!
[662] Cos ... [...] Burns play.
Valerie (PS0WN) [663] Mhm.
Jackie (PS0WR) [664] I've got ... [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [665] That's right.
[666] I'll put on the heating, eh?
Jackie (PS0WR) [667] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [668] There we go.
[669] Frosty this morning.
Jackie (PS0WR) [670] What?
Valerie (PS0WN) [671] Frosty outside.
Jackie (PS0WR) [672] [yawning] Aha [] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [673] Are you still tired?
Jackie (PS0WR) [674] What?
Valerie (PS0WN) [675] Are you still [yawning] tired [] ?
Jackie (PS0WR) [676] Yes.
Valerie (PS0WN) [677] [yawning] Oh [] .
[678] ... I'm tired myself.
[679] Well at least it's just a half day at school today.
[680] Yeah.
[681] ... Oh!
[682] You had a shower last night, eh?
Jackie (PS0WR) [683] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [684] Well, what are you saying?
Jackie (PS0WR) [685] Nothing.
Valerie (PS0WN) [686] Have you got the milk?
Jackie (PS0WR) [687] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [688] There you are.
Jackie (PS0WR) [689] I'm cold.
Valerie (PS0WN) [690] I've just put the heating on.
[691] But it is quite frosty today.
[692] It's not misty this morning like it was.
[693] It seems to have cleared up.
Jackie (PS0WR) [694] Mhm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [695] All that mist.
Jackie (PS0WR) [696] Fog.
Valerie (PS0WN) [697] Fog, yes.
[698] We've been getting a wee bit of light in now in the mornings, eh?
Jackie (PS0WR) [699] Aha.
Valerie (PS0WN) [700] David up?
Jackie (PS0WR) [701] I don't know really.
Valerie (PS0WN) [702] Have you not seen him?
[703] ... [yawn] ... I'm tired.
Jackie (PS0WR) [704] Mum.
Valerie (PS0WN) [705] What?
Jackie (PS0WR) [706] When did you see our [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [707] Aha.
Jackie (PS0WR) [708] How?
[709] You missed it.
[710] [yawning] Oh [] .
[711] We've got
Valerie (PS0WN) [712] You got what?
Jackie (PS0WR) [713] We ... what one's we're on.
Valerie (PS0WN) [714] What's on?
Jackie (PS0WR) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [715] Yeah.
[716] On the Monday.
[717] It's not a Monday holiday.
[718] [sniff] ... Did you hand in the prayer book, yeah?
Jackie (PS0WR) [719] What?
Valerie (PS0WN) [720] The book.
[721] You made the prayer.
[722] Did you hand it in.
Jackie (PS0WR) [723] Aha.
[724] ... If I do [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [725] Right.
Jackie (PS0WR) [726] What that poem?
Valerie (PS0WN) [727] Mhm.
Peter (PS0WP) [728] What about that rabbit in there.
Valerie (PS0WN) [729] Good morning Peter.
Peter (PS0WP) [730] What's that?

5 (Tape 067306)

Valerie (PS0WN) [731] Will you want a cup of tea?
[732] Or is that cup of ... water enough for you?
Peter (PS0WP) [733] Aargh!
Valerie (PS0WN) [734] Oh.
Peter (PS0WP) [735] I think you should stop putting the beans on the toast!
Valerie (PS0WN) [736] Well, well make it yourself in future.
Peter (PS0WP) [...]
Jackie (PS0WR) [737] Good on you mum!
Valerie (PS0WN) [738] I thought you said you wanted didn't you?
Peter (PS0WP) [739] Listen to her!
[740] Good on you mum she saying!
Valerie (PS0WN) [741] That's what you said you wanted.
Peter (PS0WP) [742] Burnt toast?
[743] Oh oh!
[744] There you go Jackie. [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [745] Let's eat.
Peter (PS0WP) [746] Aye, that man's coming today.
Valerie (PS0WN) [747] What, this morning?
[748] What man's that?
Peter (PS0WP) [749] That ... [...] coming this morning.
[750] For the [...] .
[751] On the telephone. [radio on]
Valerie (PS0WN) [752] Right.
[753] ... I need to get my shower early then.
Peter (PS0WP) [754] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [755] Do you want a cup of tea Jacqueline?
Jackie (PS0WR) [756] Er er er ... yes please.
[757] ... I can't eat any more of that breakfast mum.
Valerie (PS0WN) [758] You had enough?
Jackie (PS0WR) [759] Aha.
Valerie (PS0WN) [760] Just a cup of tea you want?
Jackie (PS0WR) [761] Oh I know what, erm ... the ... the [...] competitions are going to start next week.
Valerie (PS0WN) [762] What?
Jackie (PS0WR) [763] Oh er ... told lots of times last week
Valerie (PS0WN) [764] Mhm.
Jackie (PS0WR) [765] but I can't remember it.
Valerie (PS0WN) [766] Oh well, you can never remember any of them can you?
Jackie (PS0WR) [767] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [768] You got a memory like a sieve.
Jackie (PS0WR) [769] Ooh!
[770] I got ... picked for my maths yesterday.
Valerie (PS0WN) [771] Did you?
[772] Good.
Jackie (PS0WR) [773] Mm mm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [774] Was she pleased with you?
Jackie (PS0WR) [775] Aha.
Valerie (PS0WN) [776] Will she soon be moving you back up ... do you think?
Jackie (PS0WR) [777] Maybe.
Valerie (PS0WN) [778] You better stick in though, eh?
Jackie (PS0WR) [779] I quite like the lessons.
[780] I got easy lessons [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [781] I know that Jacqueline, but you do nay want easy work.
Jackie (PS0WR) [782] [laugh] ... [laughing] I do want easy work [] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [783] You don't.
[784] It won't do you any good in the future, will it?
Jackie (PS0WR) [785] It will.
[786] ... E at least when I have er, er the easy work ... I get my maths right.
Valerie (PS0WN) [787] I know that Jacqueline, you may well get it right, but ... you have come up with hard work sometime don't you?
Jackie (PS0WR) [788] Yeah.
[789] Well er ... the easy work must be
Valerie (PS0WN) [790] Was David having a shower or something?
Jackie (PS0WR) [791] Probably.
[792] But I'll go up and get ready for school.
Valerie (PS0WN) [793] Have you finished your tea?
Jackie (PS0WR) [794] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [795] Well, what time is it?
[796] Eight o'clock.
Jackie (PS0WR) [797] Yes.
[798] Eight o'clock ... on the dot.
Valerie (PS0WN) [799] Go on now, get ready.
Jackie (PS0WR) [800] Ha. [in other room - tv on]
Valerie (PS0WN) [801] There's your tea Peter.
[802] ... Where will I put it?
[803] ... [shouting] David!
[804] Come on [] .

6 (Tape 067307)

Valerie (PS0WN) [805] Morning David.
David (PS0WS) [806] Morning.
Valerie (PS0WN) [807] Give your a dad a biscuit out.
Peter (PS0WP) [808] Did you get with a hedgehog. [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [809] They're calling them bus shelters now.
Peter (PS0WP) [810] What's a bus shelter for?
Valerie (PS0WN) [811] And what's the other one?
[812] There's another name as well calling it
Peter (PS0WP) [813] It is according to this.
Valerie (PS0WN) [814] Oh the girls?
David (PS0WS) [815] Vanilla Ice.
Peter (PS0WP) [816] Eh?
David (PS0WS) [817] Vanilla Ice.
Valerie (PS0WN) [818] And Vanilla Ice.
Peter (PS0WP) [819] And what do they ... and ... Vanilla Ice, well he's got, he's got ... urgh!
[820] What's his name?
[821] What do they call [...] ?
Valerie (PS0WN) [822] Must do.
David (PS0WS) [823] They call him ... no, I don't want to say that cos it's bad.
Peter (PS0WP) [824] What is it?
[825] What is it?
Valerie (PS0WN) [826] What is it?
[827] Tell us anyway.
David (PS0WS) [828] No, I don't really
Valerie (PS0WN) [829] What do
David (PS0WS) [830] know that it's called a [whispering] [...] [] .
Peter (PS0WP) [831] [laugh] ... Anyway, he does nay where to put it.
Valerie (PS0WN) [832] Well Vanilla Ice
Peter (PS0WP) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [833] I've got a beast.
Peter (PS0WP) [834] Vanilla Ice?
Valerie (PS0WN) [835] No it's life.
David (PS0WS) [836] Life.
Peter (PS0WP) [837] Vanilla Ice?
David (PS0WS) [838] Life.
Valerie (PS0WN) [839] Life.
Peter (PS0WP) [840] Vanilla Ice.
David (PS0WS) [841] Life!
[842] It's life, Vanilla Life.
Peter (PS0WP) [843] They just fancy you David.
David (PS0WS) [844] Mm.
Peter (PS0WP) [845] That's all it is, they just fancy you.
Valerie (PS0WN) [846] Well David doesn't like it.
Peter (PS0WP) [847] Yeah, but you know that, that's best though ... fancying you ... trying to tell you.
David (PS0WS) [848] Mhm.
Peter (PS0WP) [849] What do you reckon?
Valerie (PS0WN) [850] I don't know Peter.
Peter (PS0WP) [851] [sniff] ... I've got a brochure for you.
[852] You not got a day off [...] ?
Valerie (PS0WN) [853] I'll give her one.
Peter (PS0WP) [854] Well I've give her one.
David (PS0WS) [855] Hey!
[856] Ha! [...] and a good one, I've got a good one to sing this one.
Peter (PS0WP) [857] Put a ... mats back in the car?
Valerie (PS0WN) [858] Yes.
[859] Oh yes.
David (PS0WS) [860] [singing] All my life
Peter (PS0WP) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [861] Di did you put erm
David (PS0WS) [862] my father
Valerie (PS0WN) [863] leave the keys in the car door last night?
David (PS0WS) [...] [...]
Peter (PS0WP) [864] Oh God!
[865] I think I did.
David (PS0WS) [...] []
Valerie (PS0WN) [866] You did, aye.
David (PS0WS) [867] Suppose I did.
Valerie (PS0WN) [868] And I was lucky I noticed them.
David (PS0WS) [869] [singing] Oh [...] [] [...] and try and sing.
[870] [singing] Oh my love is my
Valerie (PS0WN) [871] No you'll never sing like that David.
David (PS0WS) [872] forever the [...] [] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [873] See you'll never get up there.
[874] [laugh] ... No you have to ... expand your lungs.
David (PS0WS) [cough]
Valerie (PS0WN) [875] Right, here's your black pudding.
David (PS0WS) [876] Put your arms out, give it a [...] .
[877] Aha.
Valerie (PS0WN) [878] Dad does nay like my burnt toast.
David (PS0WS) [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [laugh]
David (PS0WS) [879] I don't think anyone likes burnt toast.
Valerie (PS0WN) [880] There you are.
[881] At least it's a half day today.
David (PS0WS) [882] Yeah.
[883] Well you won't go to your bed or anything like that will you?
Valerie (PS0WN) [884] Well, at some point.
[885] Got two men coming this morning.
David (PS0WS) [886] What for?
Valerie (PS0WN) [887] One for the windows and one for the phone points.
David (PS0WS) [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [888] I meant to go to the bank last, I meant to get cash for that guy but I'll make him a cheque.
David (PS0WS) [889] Oh well.
Valerie (PS0WN) [890] And you've got the de oh I've got a wee letter to write!
David (PS0WS) [891] The dentist, today?
Valerie (PS0WN) [892] Yeah.
[893] Thirty first.
[894] I hope I've been by the time
David (PS0WS) [895] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [896] erm ... take you to the dentist.
David (PS0WS) [897] [shouting] Dad [] !
Peter (PS0WP) [898] What?
David (PS0WS) [899] [shouting] Come down [] !
Valerie (PS0WN) [900] What you wanting him for?
David (PS0WS) [901] Eh?
Valerie (PS0WN) [902] What you wanting him for?
David (PS0WS) [903] Mm. ... [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [904] What's your teacher's name again?
David (PS0WS) [905] Miss ... Mrs .
Valerie (PS0WN) [906] I keep forgetting her name.
[907] ... Oops!
[908] Here he comes.
Peter (PS0WP) [909] What are you saying David [...] ?
[910] What you saying?
[911] What is it? ... [...]
David (PS0WS) [912] Dad don't call me that!
[913] I don't like it!
Peter (PS0WP) [914] Tt!
[915] Okay.
[916] Or shall I?
David (PS0WS) [917] Er, you're buying me that race for my birthday.
Valerie (PS0WN) [918] And guess what, yesterday
David (PS0WS) [919] What?
Valerie (PS0WN) [920] yesterday, they erm ... they got Jacqueline and told Jacqueline that if know is that you call them bus shelter.
Peter (PS0WP) [921] Who is it?
[922] The twins?
Valerie (PS0WN) [923] No.
Peter (PS0WP) [924] Well who?
David (PS0WS) [925] The reason why we [...] .
Peter (PS0WP) [926] Oh well [...] .
[927] Stupid!
[928] They're only winding you up.
[929] See ... see, folk like that, right, see when they come up, get somebody in the, in the playground and they can annoy them ... they keep bloody doing it!
[930] Just ignore them!
[931] ... Int that right Val?
Valerie (PS0WN) [932] Mhm.
[933] ... That's right.
Peter (PS0WP) [934] It's Gemma that fancies you.
Valerie (PS0WN) [935] Which one is it?
Peter (PS0WP) [936] [...] ... [...] about their names.
[937] ... Is she keeping me?
Valerie (PS0WN) [938] Who?
David (PS0WS) [laugh] ... [laugh]
Peter (PS0WP) [939] Eh?
David (PS0WS) [940] Mm mm.
[941] Mm mm.
Peter (PS0WP) [942] Wanna show me the fiver?
David (PS0WS) [laugh]
Peter (PS0WP) [943] Val, can you do me a favour?
Valerie (PS0WN) [944] No!
Peter (PS0WP) [945] Okay, just put it like that. [laugh]
David (PS0WS) [laugh]
Peter (PS0WP) [946] [cough] ... Excuse me!
David (PS0WS) [laugh]
Peter (PS0WP) [947] Excuse me!
David (PS0WS) [laugh]
Peter (PS0WP) [948] Would you pay up and get ready for school. [...]
David (PS0WS) [laugh]
Peter (PS0WP) [949] What's that?
David (PS0WS) [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [950] He's here.
[951] Just go and watch the television.
Peter (PS0WP) [952] David , David has a dentist app ... I think his [...] has a dentist appointment.
Valerie (PS0WN) [953] You're never away to the dentist Peter.
David (PS0WS) [954] [laugh] ... Mum.
[955] What will the dentist man do to me?
Valerie (PS0WN) [956] I don't know.
[957] Just lo have a look at your teeth.
David (PS0WS) [958] He won't cut out any of my teeth will he?
[959] ... Mm.
[960] ... Mum, oh I'm not very hungry.
Valerie (PS0WN) [961] Are you not hungry either?
David (PS0WS) [962] [sigh] No, no.
Valerie (PS0WN) [963] So you have to be at the main entrance for
David (PS0WS) [964] Not me?
Valerie (PS0WN) [965] Yeah you.
David (PS0WS) [966] At school is it?
Valerie (PS0WN) [967] Aha.
David (PS0WS) [968] Mm.
[969] Well what if it's during the assembly!
Valerie (PS0WN) [970] It's o half past eleven.
[971] Assembly'll be over then will it not?
[972] Better be.
David (PS0WS) [973] It's half ten.
Valerie (PS0WN) [974] Oh well.
[975] Half past ten ... assembly?
David (PS0WS) [976] Hour ... we get a couple of songs [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [977] Is it an hour?
[978] How long does it last for the assembly?
[979] Mm?
David (PS0WS) [980] I don't know.
[981] We have play time a after assembly.
Valerie (PS0WN) [982] Then, what time does it usually finish?
David (PS0WS) [983] What time does the ... assemb ba la ba la ... finish?
Valerie (PS0WN) [984] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [985] Erm ... about ... play time.
[986] Maths, maths not going
Valerie (PS0WN) [987] Dinner time?
[988] Does it finish before dinner time?
David (PS0WS) [989] No.
[990] No.
[991] It's play time after the assembly.
Valerie (PS0WN) [992] It's play time after assembly?
David (PS0WS) [993] On the first day ... we have an assembly ... alright?
[994] We have the assembly ... and ... after assembly ... which is ... maths then, and ... then it's ... play time.
Valerie (PS0WN) [995] Assembly first, then play time?
[996] So it'll be over then?
[997] Right Jacqueline.
David (PS0WS) [998] Mum.
Valerie (PS0WN) [999] Hurry up.
David (PS0WS) [1000] What does it matter?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1001] You should get a clean top on, that's got a dirty mark in it.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1002] Yeah, but I didn't have any.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1003] This is your dentist appointment.
David (PS0WS) [1004] Oh!
[1005] Right.
[1006] But er we ... [singing] [...] [] .
Jackie (PS0WR) [1007] It's the last one.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1008] You go and get a jumper on David.
David (PS0WS) [1009] Morning!
[1010] Morning!
[1011] Ah.
[1012] Morning!
[1013] Morning!
[1014] Morning.
[1015] ... [laugh] Wo!
[1016] Wo!
[1017] Wo!
[1018] [laugh] ... Hello! ... [laugh]
Jackie (PS0WR) [1019] Dear Mrs , Jackie has a dental appointment at eleven fifty A M.
David (PS0WS) [1020] That was me.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1021] [whispering] Shut that door mum [] .
Peter (PS0WP) [1022] Did you go to your ... classes last night?
David (PS0WS) [1023] Yes I did.
Peter (PS0WP) [1024] Did you?
[1025] Did you? [talking from other room]
David (PS0WS) [...]
Peter (PS0WP) [...]
David (PS0WS) [...]
Peter (PS0WP) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1026] So you, you be at the main entrance for ... at the secretary's office, right, for half past eleven, right?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1027] Yeah.
[1028] ... Well the teacher will get me.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1029] Will she?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1030] Mm mm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1031] Here are then.
[1032] Give that to Mrs .
David (PS0WS) [singing] [...] []
Jackie (PS0WR) [1033] I'll just, I won't bother ... Mrs [...] .
[1034] I don't have that much time to get my milk.
[1035] Mum, we might as well get [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [1036] And you got o fifteen?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1037] Fifteen, half an hour?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1038] Aha.
[1039] No.
[1040] Fifteen, quarter of an hour.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1041] Oh, I've got to get
Valerie (PS0WN) [1042] Did you do your own hair?
[1043] Go and give me
Jackie (PS0WR) [1044] No!
Valerie (PS0WN) [1045] No, you're not doing your own hair.
[1046] Give me
Jackie (PS0WR) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1047] a brush and I'll do your hair.
Peter (PS0WP) [1048] Oh I can see we gonna get a new phone tonight.
[1049] You, nobody touches the phone till I'm back!
[1050] Let me see it!
David (PS0WS) [singing] [...] []
Valerie (PS0WN) [1051] Right Jackie.
[1052] Oh that's good.
[1053] That's a lovely picture.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1054] Well I can put my hair in myself.
[1055] I know I can put it in myself.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1056] I know that, but I'll just do it for you.
[1057] Seeing I'm here.
Peter (PS0WP) [1058] [singing] My love is like a ... [...] []
Valerie (PS0WN) [1059] Don't take it out!
[1060] I'll do it.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1061] No!
Valerie (PS0WN) [1062] That's it.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1063] No!
Valerie (PS0WN) [1064] But where's your black bobble anyway?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1065] I don't want my black bobble in [...] !
Valerie (PS0WN) [1066] Well you're supposed to be wearing the black one Jack

7 (Tape 067308)

Valerie (PS0WN) [1067] Hi.
None (PS0WW) [1068] For your telephones.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1069] Aye, come in.
None (PS0WW) [1070] [whispering] Thanks [] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [1071] Cold morning, eh?
None (PS0WW) [1072] It is isn't it?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1073] That's the main one.
[1074] Aye.
None (PS0WW) [1075] Oh yes.
[1076] Aha.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1077] That's the only point I've got.
None (PS0WW) [1078] Aye.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1079] I'm wanting one ... in the kitchen.
None (PS0WW) [1080] Oh.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1081] The kitch ... there.
None (PS0WW) [1082] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1083] Somewhere about, aye.
None (PS0WW) [1084] Somewhere there?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1085] Yeah.
None (PS0WW) [cough]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1086] And then one up in the bedroom.
None (PS0WW) [1087] Right.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1088] I'll show you that in the bedroom.
[1089] ... I wonder where all the ... the [...] went to?
None (PS0WW) [1090] I know, I, I had it yesterday.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1091] Er, on the wall ... about there?
[1092] Or somewhere over there.
None (PS0WW) [1093] Right.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1094] There.
None (PS0WW) [1095] Using this, phone on the wall?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1096] I use that one, aye.
None (PS0WW) [1097] Alright.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1098] And then I'll get one of these for the kitchen.
None (PS0WW) [1099] Certainly.
[1100] Aha.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1101] Right.
None (PS0WW) [1102] Right, I'll put your point in the photo.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1103] That's brilliant.
None (PS0WW) [1104] Okay, then, then your phone'll be up there just beside you.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1105] That's great.
None (PS0WW) [1106] So
Valerie (PS0WN) [1107] Good.
None (PS0WW) [1108] where would you have it, about here?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1109] Just about there, aye.
None (PS0WW) [1110] Just so as you can
Valerie (PS0WN) [1111] That'll be fine.
None (PS0WW) [1112] reach it there.
[1113] If it's too high you won't be able to reach it when you're
Valerie (PS0WN) [1114] That's right.
[1115] Not too high.
None (PS0WW) [1116] Somewhere about there?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1117] That's fine.
[1118] Mhm.
None (PS0WW) [1119] Where?
[1120] ... Have you got the
Valerie (PS0WN) [1121] I have nay actually.
None (PS0WW) [1122] Oh it doesn't matter, I'll miss a bit. [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1123] [laugh] ... Ah this is the one we've got.
None (PS0WW) [1124] Aye.
[1125] Usually, aha
Valerie (PS0WN) [1126] I don't know where I put it, I've had it somewhere.
None (PS0WW) [1127] usually have a wee thing with it so that you
Valerie (PS0WN) [1128] That's right.
None (PS0WW) [1129] just put it up on the wardrobe
Valerie (PS0WN) [1130] Aye.
None (PS0WW) [1131] less than two holes. [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1132] That's right.
None (PS0WW) [1133] It's like a wee template with them.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1134] That's right.
[1135] I think there was, but I did nay
None (PS0WW) [1136] I'll, I'll measure it
Valerie (PS0WN) [1137] Yeah.
[1138] That
None (PS0WW) [1139] See if they're different [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [1140] Okay.
[1141] Good.
[1142] Right, I'll let you get on then.
None (PS0WW) [1143] I'll bring my things in and just have to, to keep wandering about for a minute
Valerie (PS0WN) [1144] That's brilliant!
None (PS0WW) [1145] to see the ... the best way to get it up
Valerie (PS0WN) [1146] That's good.
None (PS0WW) [1147] and if so, do you, which do you go for the
Valerie (PS0WN) [1148] Brilliant.
None (PS0WW) [1149] which is through here, is that your bathroom?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1150] Erm, that's my ... my, my bathroom.
None (PS0WW) [1151] Aye.
[1152] ... Fetch the lead there go up to the kitchen do you think?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1153] Erm
None (PS0WW) [1154] No.
[1155] And so, you've got a bedroom here as well.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1156] Well that's another bathroom.
None (PS0WW) [1157] Och!
[1158] Another bathroom.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1159] Aye.
None (PS0WW) [1160] Plenty of bathrooms.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1161] [laugh] ... Plenty of bathrooms, aye.
None (PS0WW) [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1162] And my bathroom there.
None (PS0WW) [1163] Aye.
[1164] Do you wanna, do you wanna take that up?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1165] No.
None (PS0WW) [1166] Mm mm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1167] Right.
None (PS0WW) [1168] Just see if we can
Valerie (PS0WN) [1169] Aha.
None (PS0WW) [1170] See ... the kitchen's just down
Valerie (PS0WN) [1171] The kitchen's just there, aye.
None (PS0WW) [1172] The kitchen's just there of course.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1173] It is, it's just there.
[1174] Mhm.
None (PS0WW) [1175] Mm.
[1176] ... Mm.
[1177] ... We'll see what's the best way?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1178] I'll let you get on with it then.
None (PS0WW) [1179] And this a, this a bedroom as well?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1180] That's a bedroom, aye.
None (PS0WW) [1181] Mhm.
[1182] Aye.
[1183] So that seems to be [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [1184] Aha.
None (PS0WW) [1185] This point
Valerie (PS0WN) [1186] Right.
None (PS0WW) [1187] There's your point.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1188] And that's a bedroom here as well.
None (PS0WW) [1189] Aye.
[1190] Your point's just down
Valerie (PS0WN) [1191] It's just, aye, at the door as you come in.
None (PS0WW) [1192] Just about level with me somewhere?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1193] No, it's a good bit
None (PS0WW) [1194] No along?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1195] along a bit, aye.
None (PS0WW) [1196] Aye, it was further on.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1197] Yeah.
None (PS0WW) [1198] But just
Valerie (PS0WN) [1199] But level
None (PS0WW) [1200] just
Valerie (PS0WN) [1201] that's right, aye.
None (PS0WW) [1202] level along there.
[1203] [clears throat] ... [clears throat] ... Right.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1204] Right.
None (PS0WW) [1205] I'll just start.
[1206] And your best bet for ... doing them a bit short, too much, too much.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1207] Yeah.
[1208] That's great.
[1209] Okay.
[1210] Er, I'll let you get on then.
None (PS0WW) [1211] Aha.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1212] I've left the door open.
None (PS0WW) [1213] Aye.
[1214] What I usually do is just take five minutes to ... decide the best way to
Valerie (PS0WN) [1215] Right.
None (PS0WW) [1216] to run the cable
Valerie (PS0WN) [1217] Okay.
None (PS0WW) [1218] for your extension
Valerie (PS0WN) [1219] Mhm.
None (PS0WW) [1220] without
Valerie (PS0WN) [1221] Right.
None (PS0WW) [1222] showing too much cable.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1223] Right.
[1224] Aha.
None (PS0WW) [1225] Okay?
[1226] So, I'll bring my things in and ... think about it for a minute. [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1227] Oh eh.
None (PS0WW) [1228] See I could, I could just take it ... round the edge of your carpet, you know, just, if er, if you want me to, if you want me to I'll, I can lift the edge of your carpet and put it down onto the floor
Valerie (PS0WN) [1229] Mhm.
[1230] Well, whatever you think.
None (PS0WW) [1231] and put the carpet back
Valerie (PS0WN) [1232] Mhm.
None (PS0WW) [1233] down.
[1234] Or
Valerie (PS0WN) [1235] Mhm.
None (PS0WW) [1236] I'll take this up there
Valerie (PS0WN) [1237] Mhm.
None (PS0WW) [1238] and, you don't see that wee bit through there which would take you into that bedroom there
Valerie (PS0WN) [1239] Mhm.
None (PS0WW) [1240] and then we could wind it away through ... go through the be that bedroom ... into your one
Valerie (PS0WN) [1241] Aha.
None (PS0WW) [1242] and then ... just ... wall, a very, you know, just a very small hole ... just above this door
Valerie (PS0WN) [1243] Aha.
None (PS0WW) [1244] and just bring it down to where you ... where you want it.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1245] Well that's fine.
[1246] Whatever you think's best.
None (PS0WW) [1247] That might be the best thing to do.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1248] Right, well that's fine then.
[1249] Aye.
None (PS0WW) [1250] Might be the best.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1251] Good.
None (PS0WW) [1252] Right.
[1253] I'll bring
Valerie (PS0WN) [1254] Can't wait!
None (PS0WW) [1255] my things in. [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1256] Whatever.
[1257] [...] ... we could do.
None (PS0WW) [1258] Mm.
[1259] Is this the wee phone you want in the kitchen?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1260] Yeah.
[1261] Just a wee one.
[1262] Aha.
None (PS0WW) [1263] Right.

8 (Tape 067309)

Valerie (PS0WN) [1264] Right, here's your coat.
David (PS0WS) [1265] No I don't want it.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1266] You don't need it?
David (PS0WS) [...]
Jackie (PS0WR) [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1267] Jacqueline leave the dog.
[1268] Come on.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1269] Well, somebody's [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [1270] Supposed to be a dog.
Jackie (PS0WR) [...]
David (PS0WS) [1271] Well if that's for certain.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1272] Aha.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1273] Well where are we going?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1274] The dentist the both of you.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1275] No I ... [...] !
Valerie (PS0WN) [1276] In here.
David (PS0WS) [1277] I wonder what ... but mummy, I don't wanna go to, to the dentist!
Valerie (PS0WN) [1278] Well you'll have to go.
[1279] ... [door opening] ... Hi.
[1280] I've got the dentist at eleven fifty.
Peter (PS0WP) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1281] Round the corner?
[1282] Thank you.
David (PS0WS) [1283] Oh!
[1284] Oh!
Valerie (PS0WN) [1285] Round the corner.
[1286] Here.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1287] Well we've only been to the dentist here.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1288] Well you have to, have to sit here.
[1289] Right, come on sit down and wait.
David (PS0WS) [1290] I don't wanna sit and wait
Valerie (PS0WN) [1291] I don't care.
David (PS0WS) [1292] here.
[1293] Oh!
Valerie (PS0WN) [1294] [...] but you just sit down.
[1295] Go on.
David (PS0WS) [1296] The girl asked that man a thing that he [...] .
Peter (PS0WP) [1297] Hello.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1298] Hello.
[1299] Er, David and Jacqueline .
Peter (PS0WP) [1300] That's, well okay.
[1301] You've been before?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1302] The school dentist?
Peter (PS0WP) [1303] Yes.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1304] At school.
Peter (PS0WP) [1305] [...] just after the school inspection.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1306] Yes.
Peter (PS0WP) [1307] Alright.
[1308] Have a seat for a minute.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1309] Okay.
Peter (PS0WP) [1310] Okay?
David (PS0WS) [1311] How did she know we're here?
[1312] How do they know?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1313] Perhaps erm
Jackie (PS0WR) [1314] Maybe she [...] .
David (PS0WS) [1315] Jean.
Valerie (PS0WN) [laugh]
David (PS0WS) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1316] Aha.
[1317] Aha.
David (PS0WS) [1318] Oh!
Valerie (PS0WN) [1319] That's cos you think of
David (PS0WS) [1320] No, I'm not, mum.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1321] Do nay worry so much about it, there's no point you doing it.
David (PS0WS) [1322] Er, I could
Valerie (PS0WN) [1323] They all clapped really loud.
David (PS0WS) [1324] Aha.
[1325] I know.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1326] The clapped [laughing] the same with me [] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [1327] I bet the whole school was there.
David (PS0WS) [1328] Mm mm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1329] The whole school.
David (PS0WS) [1330] [humming] ... The one below this one [...] , but his teeth are as white as
Valerie (PS0WN) [1331] Aha.
[1332] But look at the one below.
[1333] [...] teeth, it's awfully [...] .
Jackie (PS0WR) [1334] Mm?
David (PS0WS) [1335] Which one?
[1336] Where?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1337] [reading] Prevent a child losing his smile [] .
David (PS0WS) [1338] Which one?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1339] Underneath.
[1340] That one.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1341] Oh God!
David (PS0WS) [1342] How many teeth has he got?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1343] Not very many by the look of it.
David (PS0WS) [1344] [...] ... Why couldn't have he told him?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1345] Cos he not er cleaned his teeth.
David (PS0WS) [1346] But even if they, put him in a, put him on a poster why bother to [...] ?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1347] To show you how horrible it is.
[1348] Ma make you clean your teeth.
David (PS0WS) [1349] What?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1350] Show you how horrible it is.
[1351] How
Jackie (PS0WR) [1352] Well I don't want teeth like that.
David (PS0WS) [1353] Well why was the boy pleased then ... to show his ugly teeth?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1354] Does it not do [...] .
David (PS0WS) [...]
Jackie (PS0WR) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1355] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [1356] Look.
[1357] I'm not very high.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1358] No.
David (PS0WS) [1359] [...] two teeth.
[1360] I need some [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [1361] There's not many left.
David (PS0WS) [1362] There are so.
[1363] Why don't you get them?
None (PS0WU) [1364] Now, can I get you to fill in those two forms.
Valerie (PS0WN) [...]
None (PS0WU) [1365] They haven't been in for quite a while.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1366] Er
None (PS0WU) [1367] No.
[1368] Were you waiting for ... the school
Valerie (PS0WN) [1369] Yes.
None (PS0WU) [1370] check up?
[1371] Yes.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1372] That's right.
None (PS0WU) [1373] There's been quite a change in the community dentist because ... we put
Valerie (PS0WN) [1374] Right.
None (PS0WU) [1375] ourself, I'm in here one Saturday a week, one, one day a week, right?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1376] Right.
[1377] Aha.
None (PS0WU) [1378] And if you, if you've been coming here regularly I don't feel it's a ve a very good service anyway.
[1379] But, furthermore, we don't send out recall [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1380] I see, right.
None (PS0WU) [1381] And they should, as well, be able to get everyone to attend their own dentist ... so that as you're registered with the doctors ... then you should with the dentist.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1382] Right.
None (PS0WU) [1383] And that way, you get ... regularly informed and you get a [...] for twenty four hours.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1384] Right.
None (PS0WU) [1385] And all this sort of thing
Valerie (PS0WN) [1386] That's right.
None (PS0WU) [1387] will make a difference.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1388] Mm.
None (PS0WU) [1389] So that's why ... we haven't, we haven't been in touch with you at all
Valerie (PS0WN) [1390] No.
None (PS0WU) [1391] cos, do you want this [...] ?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1392] Yes.
[1393] Well
None (PS0WU) [1394] Yes.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1395] the weekend though.
None (PS0WU) [1396] Okay.
[1397] Have a look at this and I'll speak to you
Valerie (PS0WN) [1398] Right.
[1399] Okay.
None (PS0WU) [1400] about it later on.
[1401] Do you go to the dentist locally?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1402] Aha.
[1403] At [...] Hill.
None (PS0WU) [1404] At [...] Hill?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1405] Mhm.
None (PS0WU) [1406] I know they're excepting patients for checks there, because they sometimes say ... they're still busy
Valerie (PS0WN) [1407] That's right.
None (PS0WU) [1408] so the last thing they want is extra children to come in.
[1409] Who do you see there?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1410] Erm, erm
None (PS0WU) [1411] Mr ?
[1412] Mr
Valerie (PS0WN) [1413] Yeah Mr .
None (PS0WU) [1414] Right.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1415] He's got red hair.
[1416] That's
None (PS0WU) [1417] Yes.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1418] right.
[1419] Mhm.
None (PS0WU) [1420] Okay.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1421] Mhm.
None (PS0WU) [1422] Have a word with them the next time you're in
Valerie (PS0WN) [1423] Right.
None (PS0WU) [1424] and see if you can take the children in.
[1425] So that's why the checks are [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [1426] Yes, really.
None (PS0WU) [1427] Isn't it?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1428] That's why it was handy at the primary school.
None (PS0WU) [1429] That's right.
[1430] Well we won't
Valerie (PS0WN) [1431] Mhm.
None (PS0WU) [1432] be taking the mobile [...] ... but if you have problems and you find getting the children over to [...] Hill is difficult, cos it's not always easy to [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [1433] Mhm.
None (PS0WU) [1434] Erm, do you get a half day off [...] ?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1435] Friday
David (PS0WS) [1436] Mhm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1437] today.
None (PS0WU) [1438] Right.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1439] Mm.
None (PS0WU) [1440] You may be able to get them down today.
[1441] But if you have problems do come back and see us, and if there's nothing
Valerie (PS0WN) [1442] Right.
None (PS0WU) [1443] left.
[1444] But if you don't wanna [...] of course.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1445] No.
None (PS0WU) [1446] And will you both come in together?
[1447] Or do you want to come in separately?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1448] We'll come in together?
None (PS0WU) [1449] Mm?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1450] We'll come in together.
None (PS0WU) [1451] Right.
[1452] Okay.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1453] Together.
None (PS0WU) [1454] In you come.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1455] Right.
[1456] On you go.
None (PS0WU) [1457] Who's going to go first?
David (PS0WS) [1458] I am.
Valerie (PS0WN) [laugh]
None (PS0WU) [1459] You're first. [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1460] Mm.
[1461] Oh. [walking into dentist's surgery]
None (PS0WU) [...]
David (PS0WS) [...]

9 (Tape 067401)

Peter (PS0WP) [1462] David!
[1463] But er ... what was that you said love?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1464] Mm?
Peter (PS0WP) [1465] What's this? [...] ?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1466] No.
Peter (PS0WP) [1467] So you can get a tan and everything?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1468] No, talk that
Peter (PS0WP) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1469] No.
Peter (PS0WP) [1470] No?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1471] No way.
Peter (PS0WP) [1472] Well that's ... another topic.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1473] Well that's
Peter (PS0WP) [1474] That
Dougie (PS0WX) [1475] the [...] .
Peter (PS0WP) [1476] Except that.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1477] Aye, [...] .
Dougie (PS0WX) [laugh]
Peter (PS0WP) [1478] Can't wait to see her!
[1479] Does she hate me still?
Dougie (PS0WX) [...]
Peter (PS0WP) [1480] Aha.
Dougie (PS0WX) [...]
Peter (PS0WP) [1481] Er, no.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1482] See you later. [...]
Peter (PS0WP) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1483] Mm?
Peter (PS0WP) [whispering] [...] []
Valerie (PS0WN) [1484] Mm.
[1485] Nobody.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1486] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1487] No.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1488] Yeah, [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [1489] Excuse me.
Peter (PS0WP) [1490] I will approach
Unknown speaker (KE4PSUNK) [1491] Okay.
Peter (PS0WP) [1492] this Debbie anyway.
[1493] And tell you, and hear what is going on.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1494] Mummy, she [...] .
Peter (PS0WP) [1495] Oh he's, gonna get hooked on it.
Unknown speaker (KE4PSUNK) [1496] Probably have access to film. [laugh]
Peter (PS0WP) [1497] Yeah, I never give him [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE4PSUNK) [1498] Oh he's done it up here, look.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1499] Yeah, but you never get the [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [1500] Do you want tea?
Peter (PS0WP) [1501] Aye.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1502] Mm?
Peter (PS0WP) [1503] Is there no David here?
Valerie (PS0WN) [...]
Peter (PS0WP) [1504] Eh?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1505] I'm not time to ... wasting my time.
Peter (PS0WP) [1506] Oh!
Dougie (PS0WX) [1507] Oh aye.
Unknown speaker (KE4PSUNK) [1508] [...] ?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1509] Mm?
Unknown speaker (KE4PSUNK) [1510] Did he, did he give you lots on your, on your anniversary?
Peter (PS0WP) [1511] Aye.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1512] [...] he might of.
Unknown speaker (KE4PSUNK) [...]

10 (Tape 067402)

Valerie (PS0WN) [1513] Have you done your tables?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1514] No!
Valerie (PS0WN) [1515] Well go and do them.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1516] I want a biscuit.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1517] After you go and do your tables.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1518] Tt.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1519] Take them down in the kitchen and do them down there.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1520] Oh.
[1521] Okay.
[1522] I'll just do them through here.
[1523] I'll sit through here.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1524] [...] send these back.
[1525] Put your pyjamas on.
[1526] No here.
[1527] No talking.
[1528] Through the kitchen.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1529] I'll only get in the way.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1530] Oh you will.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1531] And you will.
[1532] Did you, have you listened to yourself singing?
[1533] You're pretty good.
[1534] Very good like
Valerie (PS0WN) [...]
Dougie (PS0WX) [1535] but she's worried me about that ... [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1536] Aye.
[1537] She's [...] [playing with microphone]
Dougie (PS0WX) [1538] [...] ... it's just
Group of unknown speakers (KE4PSUGP) [...] [children playing with microphone]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1539] Take the tape with you.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1540] Back in half an hour.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1541] Half an hour I'll be away.
Valerie (PS0WN) [...]
Dougie (PS0WX) [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1542] You'll be glad.
Dougie (PS0WX) [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [laugh]
Dougie (PS0WX) [1543] I do nay get out there, it was gonna be half the time.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1544] I know.
[1545] That's right.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1546] Right, so anyway, we've got as far as that and your ... everything seems alright eh?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1547] That's okay.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1548] Right.
[1549] So it's quite simple ... there's no ... as far as my bit goes it is erm ... erm ... it's just really the ... as I say, the roof design's going to ... be used to design the roof for us.
[1550] Er, [...] struts and whatever just for strengthening.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1551] Mm.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1552] Erm ... it'll be basically the same shape as what you've seen in that.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1553] Mhm.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1554] Like that.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1555] Mhm.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1556] That'll be [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [1557] Yeah, the roof.
[1558] And that's quite a nice
Dougie (PS0WX) [1559] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1560] shape isn't it?
[1561] I was impressed by it.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1562] Aye, I quite like it myself.
[1563] And er ... of course there'll be the, the ... obviously the strengtheners will come through ... cannot be divided up accordingly.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1564] Mm.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1565] Usually it's divided up to suit the ... the mi er ... tt, panels that's below.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1566] Right.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1567] Er,th these actually run in line.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1568] Mhm.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1569] Right?
[1570] Say that one's in again, and er, er ... and that, it's cos you're, you're relying on that being the ... the support to, to support it.
[1571] Okay?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1572] Mm.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1573] These, these are all ... erm laid for your reinforcements so that
Valerie (PS0WN) [1574] Right.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1575] they can carry the weight.
[1576] It's, really th as I say, the design is all down to the size but ... it ... it's because of the snow fall that could go in, that can li th obviously because it's sloped like it cannae lie on it but
Valerie (PS0WN) [1577] Right.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1578] if it happens to give or ... here, and it does nay get away right
Valerie (PS0WN) [1579] Right.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1580] there are so many to think, obviously, at some point that they may cover up so ... again, that's where it's designed ... the
Valerie (PS0WN) [1581] Aha.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1582] this guy does it.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1583] Right.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1584] Just straight, that's his living ... he designs roofs
Valerie (PS0WN) [1585] Right.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1586] for, for this type
Valerie (PS0WN) [...]
Dougie (PS0WX) [1587] of conservatory that we're paying, so that's why we have to rely on him to do it.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1588] Right.
[1589] That's okay.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1590] Alright?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1591] I'll not worry about it then.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1592] Right.
[1593] Good.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1594] I'll not worry
Dougie (PS0WX) [1595] Good.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1596] about any of it to be quite honest.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1597] Good.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1598] Mm.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1599] And that one goes ... there ... [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [1600] [whispering] I'll go and get [...] [] .
Dougie (PS0WX) [1601] Mhm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1602] I'll get the [...] .
Dougie (PS0WX) [1603] As long as you've got
Valerie (PS0WN) [1604] I've got the [...] .
Dougie (PS0WX) [1605] Right.
[1606] That's about the ve the very last one.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1607] Well ... you're being professional.
Dougie (PS0WX) [1608] Ah well, I've been trying.
Valerie (PS0WN) [laugh]
Dougie (PS0WX) [1609] It's just that you get asked and ... hoping that the roof can

11 (Tape 067403)

Valerie (PS0WN) [1610] Who was that you said you were playing with?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1611] Erm ... I don't want to play here.
David (PS0WS) [1612] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1613] What are you talking about mum?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1614] You said it was ... Kelly.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1615] Ooh!
[1616] But [...] ... but Greig came along, and I said
Valerie (PS0WN) [1617] Oh that wee Greig?
[1618] Mhm.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1619] Aye.
[1620] And Ashley came along and got a foot stuck in [...] .
[1621] ... So ... we let Greig ask ... to play with Ashley.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1622] Mhm.
[1623] And what was the rabbit biting ... the wee girl for?
[1624] Why was she screaming?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1625] Cos she thought that ... me and Kelly were cleaning the rabbit
Valerie (PS0WN) [1626] Mhm.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1627] so
Valerie (PS0WN) [1628] Go wipe your hands.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1629] we met, we met Ashley ... with the rabbit
Valerie (PS0WN) [1630] Mhm.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1631] but you know what Ashley's like.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1632] No, I don't know what Ashley's like.
[1633] What is Ashley like?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1634] Well Ashley is annoying!
Valerie (PS0WN) [1635] Is she?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1636] Ashley wants to do everything that the grown-ups do.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1637] Mhm.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1638] Er, er like a mum.
[1639] And she wants to do the same things as us.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1640] What age is Ashley?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1641] [...] , and she's five.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1642] Is she five?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1643] And she kept saying, do it, do this.
[1644] So, she looked, and she wouldn't stop annoying us, so went away and then came back ... and er [...] with erm, the rabbit
Valerie (PS0WN) [1645] Mhm.
[1646] Go and shout David.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1647] Okay.
[1648] [shouting] David!
[1649] Dinner [] !
[1650] ... We went inside, and she was screaming and jumping.
[1651] And you see, they were, she was crying and everything and wanting out cos I think she thought the rabbit was gonna bite her.
[1652] So I had to go out and let Ashley and Kelly out
Valerie (PS0WN) [1653] Ah yeah.
Jackie (PS0WR) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1654] And did it bite her?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1655] No.
[1656] So, I hit the rabbit.
[1657] I [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1658] Oh do nay hit it!
[1659] It'll bite you for hitting it.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1660] I went like that.
[1661] I didn't actually ... and I picked the rabbit up twice, so many times it didn't bite me.
[1662] Erm
Valerie (PS0WN) [1663] Oh then I heard erm ... Kelly screaming as well.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1664] Yeah.
[1665] Cos she
Valerie (PS0WN) [1666] [shouting] David!
[1667] David!
David (PS0WS) [1668] I'm putting my [...] back.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1669] David [] !
Jackie (PS0WR) [1670] Mum, can I have a [...] ?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1671] Yeah.
[1672] [shouting] David!
[1673] David [] !
David (PS0WS) [1674] Yeah.
[1675] ... Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1676] Your hot dog's out.
David (PS0WS) [1677] Is it?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1678] Come on, now.
[1679] ... Okay?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1680] Well, well he came out when Kelly, when I, I'm behind her back, Ashley was screaming and shouting and screaming and shouting!
[1681] So, Kelly screamed so she di A ... she didn't know what Ashley was screaming for.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1682] My goodness!
[1683] ... And what was wee Greig saying?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1684] Oh he saying to Ashley ... [...] .
[1685] ... Two for me and that one for you.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1686] Mhm.
[1687] Oh well.
[1688] So you had a good time?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1689] Aha.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1690] And what were you doing in the woods?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1691] Going to the gang hut.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1692] The gang hut.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1693] Aha.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1694] Oh well.
David (PS0WS) [1695] Oh! [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1696] Enjoyed yourself?
David (PS0WS) [1697] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1698] That one's orange.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1699] Mm?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1700] That one's orange.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1701] No there's new bottle.
David (PS0WS) [1702] Urgh!
Jackie (PS0WR) [1703] What is that ... [...] ?
[1704] ... And is [...] these hot dogs.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1705] Mhm.
[1706] Super.
[1707] Are they nice?
David (PS0WS) [1708] Don't know.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1709] What's this?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1710] No, no.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1711] Eat them up.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1712] They're to be eat away.
[1713] If they're beautiful I can buy them again.
David (PS0WS) [1714] Mm!
[1715] Yes!
Jackie (PS0WR) [1716] Er, do you want to go under my bed?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1717] Mhm.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1718] And you're going down [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [1719] I had a look when I was hoovering your bedroom.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1720] Oh!
[1721] Did you see them?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1722] What did the teacher say about that other one?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1723] Says I'm [...] .
[1724] She says, well erm, erm ... what about [...] ?
[1725] And I was in the dark ... er
Valerie (PS0WN) [1726] You look at it in the dark?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1727] I looked, I looked at it in the dark ... I didn't know what I was staring
Valerie (PS0WN) [1728] So did you tell her that?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1729] Aha.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1730] So can you do it again?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1731] No.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1732] No?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1733] I've got another one.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1734] Oh right.
[1735] So they're to go in th the wall in the classroom?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1736] Mhm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1737] Is it?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1738] Mhm.
[1739] I did the one in the dark and one in the ... [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [1740] Oh well, that's nice. [crackling in background]
Jackie (PS0WR) [1741] So what did you think of it? [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1742] I think they're both excellent.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1743] Ha!
Valerie (PS0WN) [1744] Did you find out from Barry what time the dancing classes are?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1745] A ... erm, she said that she would [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [1746] And th did you a did ask if her mum was gonna take you and bring you back?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1747] She said she'll bring us back [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [1748] Right.
[1749] Okay.
David (PS0WS) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1750] What's David saying?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1751] I don't know.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1752] What is it David?
David (PS0WS) [1753] I could nay see [...] .
[1754] ... Oh yeah!
[1755] Mustard!
Jackie (PS0WR) [1756] Mm.
[1757] Do you want mustard?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1758] No, he would nay like the mustard either.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1759] [...] .
David (PS0WS) [1760] Can you open it?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1761] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [1762] Please.
Jackie (PS0WR) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1763] Yeah well
David (PS0WS) [1764] Ah!
Valerie (PS0WN) [1765] You're sl too slow David.
[1766] She beat you to it.
David (PS0WS) [1767] Aha.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1768] There you go.
[1769] ... She was saying she was on a camcorder today.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1770] Camera ... what was on yesterday.
David (PS0WS) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1771] She was in the woods at the gang hut.
David (PS0WS) [1772] The gang hut.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1773] That's how she got black.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1774] Well they couldn't let me in, they had ... to go by the door.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1775] Cos she was mucky.
David (PS0WS) [1776] I don't call it the gang hut any more.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1777] I bet I've still got the wounds.
David (PS0WS) [1778] I call it the [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [1779] It was nay there though.
[1780] It was the one at Calder House.
David (PS0WS) [1781] Oh.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1782] So I'll buy them again?
David (PS0WS) [1783] Ah?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1784] You like that?
David (PS0WS) [1785] Yes.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1786] What them [...] ?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1787] Nice for a change.
David (PS0WS) [1788] Aha.
[1789] Can't you put the mustard out?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1790] No, cos dad might eat it.
David (PS0WS) [1791] He won't [...] .
Jackie (PS0WR) [1792] I wanna go [...] .
David (PS0WS) [1793] Mm.
[1794] ... I had this.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1795] And what was Russell saying today about not getting ... one of the certificates?
David (PS0WS) [1796] Erm ... he wasn't there.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1797] Was he not?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1798] He, he said to me, cos he goes [...] , he said to me, how come your brother always went home with a certificate?
[1799] Cos he wanted to call you as well.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1800] And what did you say?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1801] I laughed.
[1802] And, and, and he didn't, he didn't even [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [1803] Did you clap when David sung his song?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1804] Mhm.
[1805] Mhm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1806] It was a loud clap wasn't it?
David (PS0WS) [1807] Mm.
[1808] ... Got an ovation.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1809] [laugh] ... A standing ovation?
[1810] Mm.
David (PS0WS) [1811] Well ... I don't care [...] it was Dan who pushed her, and Dan was pushed round.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1812] She pushed you?
[1813] What
David (PS0WS) [1814] Oh
Valerie (PS0WN) [1815] for?
David (PS0WS) [1816] no, it ... a single person.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1817] She pushed you!
[1818] Why?
David (PS0WS) [1819] Well, oh because ... I was standing in line
Valerie (PS0WN) [1820] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [1821] and Dan was o over the front ... pushed me and [...] budged.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1822] Oh dear.
David (PS0WS) [1823] Can I have more juice please?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1824] More juice?
[1825] Surely.
[1826] I'll get it for you.
[1827] ... I'll fill it up with ... water.
David (PS0WS) [1828] Thank you.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1829] You want more, or have you got enough there?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1830] Enough there.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1831] I see you like the tangerines [...] .
Jackie (PS0WR) [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1832] I'd like one.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1833] I have ta tangerines in our school.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1834] Mm.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1835] I had some tangerines.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1836] Did you have one as well?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1837] Mhm.
[1838] I had two.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1839] You had two?
[1840] ... How many did you have David?
[1841] Four?
[1842] Four?
[1843] Anyway
David (PS0WS) [1844] Mm!
Jackie (PS0WR) [1845] But I was there, he had ... but they never had one before ... that, and Barry had ... erm, erm ... does it all before you ... and erm ... cos I try and go up there ... swing like this.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1846] Cos Barry went?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1847] No.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1848] Did she not?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1849] Nope.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1850] Was Barry pleased to hear David singing her so a poem? [laugh]
Jackie (PS0WR) [1851] Oh!
[1852] And I said ... when I walked up the other day
Valerie (PS0WN) [1853] Aha.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1854] I said ... he [...] and they won't, it's not their fault because ... I couldn't, I can't go up there ... was obviously singing a song, and another one singing a poem, so you won't know which one to believe.
[1855] And you know what he said about the girls?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1856] Mhm.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1857] He had the one song and said ... cos I'm not gonna ask her to sing cos she might get embarrassed.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1858] And what girl was that?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1859] It was Lesley .
[1860] But er er, just because I ... when they sing this song, this morning, cos Lesley told people like they're singing it ... [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [1861] Mhm.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1862] She said it wasn't cos she has a low voice.
David (PS0WS) [1863] Ooh ooh ooh!
Jackie (PS0WR) [1864] And then she heard them ... she was harassed.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1865] Who was?
[1866] Lesley?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1867] No Miss .
Valerie (PS0WN) [1868] Why was she harassed?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1869] Cos she thought we were terrible.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1870] Who was this?
[1871] Lesley?
[1872] She thought Lesley was terrible?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1873] But Lesley says they won't ask her to sing it.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1874] You're joking!
[1875] Is that what she said?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1876] Aha.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1877] Is that right David?
[1878] That's not like Miss .
David (PS0WS) [1879] But, mum
Valerie (PS0WN) [1880] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [1881] it's just that ... it would just ... that the time, sometimes ... you've got to ... have things on time and some people don't have ... [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [1882] They rearranged the programme cos yous two had to go to the dentist.
David (PS0WS) [1883] Did they?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1884] Well that's what Mr says to me.
David (PS0WS) [1885] I'm glad I never won again then.
Valerie (PS0WN) [laugh]
Jackie (PS0WR) [1886] I know that the people in the back were upset cos I didn't heard him.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1887] Why not?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1888] Well not even I could heard them I was in the second row.
David (PS0WS) [1889] Oh I bet!
Valerie (PS0WN) [1890] Well I could hear him
David (PS0WS) [1891] Jacqueline!
Valerie (PS0WN) [1892] and I was outside the door.
David (PS0WS) [1893] And that was a stained
Jackie (PS0WR) [1894] Ah.
David (PS0WS) [1895] glass window.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1896] That's right.
[1897] I heard you.
[1898] Do you wanna put your
Jackie (PS0WR) [1899] Well I did nay think you can ... hear him.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1900] Well I could hear him.
David (PS0WS) [1901] I think anybody could hear me.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1902] Oh right!
David (PS0WS) [1903] I can project my voice.
[1904] ... You don't, I never even heard even.
Jackie (PS0WR) [...]
David (PS0WS) [1905] Mm mm.
[1906] I've only heard me.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1907] Mum!
[1908] How can you hear you?
David (PS0WS) [1909] Yeah, Jacqueline did better than what she did.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1910] Mm?
David (PS0WS) [1911] She done the performance on her own better than she did at the erm
Valerie (PS0WN) [1912] Did you think so?
David (PS0WS) [1913] She had no actions in it.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1914] Did you not?
[1915] Why did you not do any actions?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1916] Erm
David (PS0WS) [1917] She just did this. ...
[1918] [mimicking] You've hurt your finger [...] man, you've paid to see me.
[1919] You can just [...] till I gave her special [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1920] Did you Jackie?
David (PS0WS) [1921] my story it turns out that [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1922] And why did you not do your actions?
David (PS0WS) [1923] is very deeply near
Jackie (PS0WR) [1924] Nobody else done them.
David (PS0WS) [...] []
Valerie (PS0WN) [1925] But that's because, because they're stupid!
[1926] They don't know how to do them.
[1927] That's why nobody else done them.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1928] I'm not gonna be embarrassed!
Valerie (PS0WN) [1929] Jacqueline, don't be silly.
[1930] Embarrassed.
[1931] Acting's all about doing the actions.
[1932] Never mind.
David (PS0WS) [1933] You don't do actions when you, when you do my love is like a red rose.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1934] Then she's only eight.
[1935] Whatever one.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1936] Mum, you should do.
David (PS0WS) [1937] Barry went a got a, a rose ... [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1938] Aye.
[1939] Cos you were teaching her what to do.
David (PS0WS) [1940] That's a poem she's doing.
[1941] Oh my love is like a nice red [...] rose.
[1942] [singing] Oh my love is like a red,re [] , I'm not gonna get a red, red, rose and do it in a song!
Valerie (PS0WN) [1943] No.
David (PS0WS) [1944] Have you ever seen that, anybody do the actions in a song before?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1945] Yeah, I have actually.
David (PS0WS) [1946] Aye, you have but
Valerie (PS0WN) [1947] Have erm ... you finished your tea?
David (PS0WS) [1948] not on a our love is like a red, red, rose.
[1949] Yeah, I've finished that.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1950] Have you had enough?
David (PS0WS) [1951] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1952] Well I've finished, look at it!
Valerie (PS0WN) [1953] Jacqueline!
Jackie (PS0WR) [1954] There's nothing there is there?
[1955] I'm just going out for a bit ... [...] .
David (PS0WS) [1956] Okay.

12 (Tape 067404)

Valerie (PS0WN) [1957] Put the kettle on, eh?
[1958] All have a cup of tea.
David (PS0WS) [1959] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1960] Before I go to my work.
David (PS0WS) [1961] Mhm.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1962] Mum can you
Valerie (PS0WN) [1963] I've made more piece ... just that
Jackie (PS0WR) [1964] can er
Valerie (PS0WN) [1965] over there
Jackie (PS0WR) [1966] Mum
Valerie (PS0WN) [1967] and that's it.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1968] can you, can you go out look for some paper?
[1969] Can you remember to look for ... paper for the
Valerie (PS0WN) [1970] Aye, I'll ... try and
Jackie (PS0WR) [1971] thing?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1972] look for the ... see if anybody's
Jackie (PS0WR) [1973] Just try and remember.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1974] an old record because erm ... you're wanting it.
[1975] But, they're might be ... since he's cleaned up.
[1976] Just depends, right?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1977] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [1978] Oh!
Valerie (PS0WN) [1979] What else am I looking for?
[1980] Er ... a tape or something.
[1981] I don't remember.
[1982] Go on.
David (PS0WS) [1983] Mm mm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1984] [...] your stickers up.
[1985] That's right.
[1986] Right.
[1987] ... So what you gotta do tomorrow then?
Jackie (PS0WR) [1988] Gotta do the garden for you?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1989] Good.
[1990] Right.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1991] I might sweep the path.
Valerie (PS0WN) [1992] Oh sweep the path, that's great!
[1993] Good show.
Jackie (PS0WR) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [1994] Good show.
Jackie (PS0WR) [1995] He's flying!
David (PS0WS) [1996] Did you see the Escort?
Valerie (PS0WN) [1997] Mm?
David (PS0WS) [1998] Did you see the Escort?
[1999] It's gleaming isn't it?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2000] It is.
[2001] Aye.
[2002] Have a look at it.
[2003] Super-duper!
David (PS0WS) [2004] Mm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2005] Took you a while though.
[2006] How many buckets was that?
David (PS0WS) [2007] Mm?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2008] How many buckets was that?
[2009] A lot of buckets?
David (PS0WS) [2010] What?
[2011] You don't know how ... mucky it was.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2012] I do.
David (PS0WS) [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [2013] I could see it.
[2014] ... So you're wanting to go to that swimming class on Monday?
David (PS0WS) [2015] Mhm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2016] I'll keep the paper, right?
[2017] ... You could have a look.
David (PS0WS) [2018] Mm.
[2019] Mum, no, I should invite Russell cos Russell's mum and dad were ... asking if I we if ... asking if I was going back to it.
[2020] I said I might.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2021] Why did they ask that?
David (PS0WS) [2022] I think that day that they gave me a lift home.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2023] When was that?
David (PS0WS) [2024] [...] ... it's for Russell.
[2025] Russell was wanting to go back to swimming class.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2026] Well the last time he put you off it didn't he?
David (PS0WS) [2027] Mm mm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2028] Didn't he Jacqueline?
[2029] Cos you were quite happy to go.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2030] Yeah.
[2031] And ... but
David (PS0WS) [2032] Well I could nay go there.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2033] Course you could.
[2034] You've got Jacqueline.
David (PS0WS) [2035] No.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2036] Jacqueline, put that down please.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2037] We will, when are we gonna get er ... clothes and the ... swimming fixed?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2038] Dad's got to do it tomorrow.
[2039] [...] . Where's the brush Jackie ... for my hair?
Jackie (PS0WR) [2040] Don't know.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2041] Go and look for it for me then?
Jackie (PS0WR) [2042] Oh mum!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2043] Maybe it's in the utility.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2044] I don't want to.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2045] Oh here it is.
[2046] Got it.
[2047] Got it.
David (PS0WS) [2048] I like the hot dogs you got mum.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2049] I know, you were saying that.
[2050] Do you
David (PS0WS) [2051] I know.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2052] like them?
David (PS0WS) [2053] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2054] Main thing, get dad to take you to the library tomorrow cos your book's past its date.
David (PS0WS) [2055] It don't matter does it?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2056] Well it does matter, you better take it back.
David (PS0WS) [2057] How?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2058] Well let him take you around.
David (PS0WS) [2059] Well the lady won't give me a [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [2060] Well you ... got to give it back some time, may as well get him to do it tomorrow when he's in.
[2061] That'll save us on Monday if we've got swimming and that to go to.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2062] Aha.
[2063] Mm.
[2064] Try very hard to look.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2065] What?
Jackie (PS0WR) [2066] Cos
Valerie (PS0WN) [2067] I will, I'll try very hard
Jackie (PS0WR) [2068] I wanna get an album tomorrow.
[2069] I'm trying to ... what is
Valerie (PS0WN) [2070] Well
Jackie (PS0WR) [2071] there?
[2072] The twenty eighth, and twenty ninth.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2073] Right I will.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2074] Is there a twenty ninth and thirtieth?
[2075] Right.
[2076] Get the twenty eighth and twenty ninth as well then.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2077] Cos, there's not, I mean there might not be any.
[2078] But I'll have a look
Jackie (PS0WR) [2079] I know, but er ... may as well have a look.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2080] If there is I'll bring them with her.
[2081] If there's not, well I can't
Jackie (PS0WR) [2082] Aha.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2083] bring them.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2084] Is there any [...] our music class?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2085] Nah.
[2086] Nothing.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2087] Mm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2088] Where's your top ... and your dressing
David (PS0WS) [2089] What?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2090] gown?
David (PS0WS) [2091] What?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2092] Where's your top and your dressing gown?
[2093] That was your juice.
[2094] Do you want tea, or just a drink of juice.
David (PS0WS) [2095] Er, yeah okay.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2096] Just drink the juice?
David (PS0WS) [2097] Aha.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2098] Right.
[2099] I'll just ha have my tea myself.
[2100] ... What was the rabbit like to you today?
[2101] Was he vicious
David (PS0WS) [2102] Okay.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2103] or
David (PS0WS) [2104] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2105] was he in a good mood?
David (PS0WS) [2106] He sometimes kicks his legs when he doesn't know what I'm doing.
[2107] He just kicks his legs.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2108] And what do you say to him?
[2109] Do you just try and quiet him by ... are you soothing?
David (PS0WS) [2110] What?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2111] Do you just sort of soothe him along?
David (PS0WS) [2112] Mm mm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2113] What do you say?
David (PS0WS) [2114] I just give him a ... you know you give them ... you know on ... on his side
Valerie (PS0WN) [2115] A wee rub.
David (PS0WS) [2116] a wee rub
Valerie (PS0WN) [2117] And a wee clap.
David (PS0WS) [2118] Mhm.
[2119] That's what I did.
[2120] And he stops sometimes.
[2121] You've just got to keep him a wee bit down.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2122] That's fine then.
[2123] Good.
David (PS0WS) [2124] And er ... one day, ages ago, ha!
[2125] I was gonna do it then right, and Jackie says, no I want to clean the rabbi clean the hut out, I'll do the rabbit for you.
[2126] So, I said erm ... okay Jackie, you can do the rabbit.
[2127] Right.
[2128] And I just went along with I went inside to get a cup of tea.
[2129] And it's ... and Jackie's gonna do it, and she went away
Valerie (PS0WN) [2130] Ran away.
David (PS0WS) [2131] away the gang hut, so I mean ... but ... she's a menace!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2132] Mhm.
[2133] That's right.
David (PS0WS) [2134] Jackie had had that all done and then I would have been in for my cup of tea.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2135] Mm, mm, I know.
David (PS0WS) [2136] And that would have been a lot better than ... and then after that rabbit, I went and did the car.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2137] Mhm.
[2138] Well that saves you tomorrow.
David (PS0WS) [2139] Mhm.
[2140] ... [cough] It was a dirty mess.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2141] What was?
David (PS0WS) [2142] The car.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2143] I know.
David (PS0WS) [2144] It's gleaming!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2145] Is it?
David (PS0WS) [2146] I've never seen a blacker car in my life!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2147] I know, it was dirty.
David (PS0WS) [2148] I've never seen anything like that in my life.
[2149] He probably just run right through mud.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2150] Aye.
[2151] He did.
David (PS0WS) [2152] He put ... inches of ma mud about that thick.
[2153] You'd think, I mean, some people ... may not make as much mess as that, you're just in, er like that in a car and the car's going brurgh urgh urgh!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2154] Aye, that's what he was doing.
[2155] ... He'll just
David (PS0WS) [2156] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2157] go out through the mud.
David (PS0WS) [2158] He doesn't really care if he gets it
Valerie (PS0WN) [2159] No.
[2160] Because, you wash it for him.
David (PS0WS) [clears throat] ... [cough]
Valerie (PS0WN) [2161] Oh do nay choke yourself now.
David (PS0WS) [cough]
Valerie (PS0WN) [2162] That was, hurt your head off the
David (PS0WS) [cough]
Valerie (PS0WN) [2163] off the windowsill today, didn't you?
David (PS0WS) [2164] [cough] Yes [] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [2165] And bled your mouth?
David (PS0WS) [2166] [cough] ... Mm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2167] And now you're trying to choke yourself on a [laughing] drink of juice [] .
David (PS0WS) [cough]
Valerie (PS0WN) [2168] Not very kind to yourself are you?
David (PS0WS) [2169] I nearly killed myself on my bike!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2170] [laughing] Why, what did you do [] ?
David (PS0WS) [2171] I skidded.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2172] Did you fall off?
David (PS0WS) [2173] Not on the road like, but [laugh] ... on the path.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2174] How did you manage that?
David (PS0WS) [2175] [cough] I just did.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2176] You wanna be more careful.
David (PS0WS) [2177] Nah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2178] Do yourself an injury.
David (PS0WS) [2179] And right out next to a ... big bucket and it went, ee, ya, like urgh!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2180] You got covered in, I saw you did.
[2181] You had your tie dangling in it. [laugh]
David (PS0WS) [2182] [laugh] ... And you know what else?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2183] Mm mm?
David (PS0WS) [2184] Erm ... erm ... like I was rubbing it really hard
Valerie (PS0WN) [2185] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2186] to try get all that mud off it
Valerie (PS0WN) [2187] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2188] and er ... this window was muddy was everything, and a wee bit round my eye, and I was goi urgh urgh!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2189] [laugh] ... You'll be glad of your shower then today?
David (PS0WS) [2190] Mm mm.
[2191] I hate all that muck and
Valerie (PS0WN) [2192] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2193] mud from everywhere under the sun!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2194] I know.
David (PS0WS) [2195] How come, how long ... I mean me ... and Rusty and that ... be ... cleaned it ... didn't we?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2196] I know.
[2197] I know that.
David (PS0WS) [2198] I think that's what it is.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2199] I know that.
David (PS0WS) [2200] I mean we ... we did it beautiful ... and then er, and it was gleaming, then ... [clears throat]
Valerie (PS0WN) [2201] Then it was mucky.
David (PS0WS) [2202] And now it's all muddy.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2203] Well that was just last Saturday.
[2204] A week.
[2205] Well not even a week, six days.
David (PS0WS) [2206] I know.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2207] You had it as black as that by Monday though.
David (PS0WS) [2208] What's in this?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2209] Just orange juice.
[2210] Why, what's wrong?
David (PS0WS) [2211] It's not.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2212] It is!
[2213] I made it up myself.
[2214] What d'ya think could be in it?
David (PS0WS) [2215] Well like a sore head tablet in it.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2216] [sighing] Oh [] .
[2217] Can't imagine, I did nay, have a sore head tablet.
David (PS0WS) [2218] Mm?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2219] [laughing] I don't even have a sore head tablet [] .
David (PS0WS) [2220] [cough] ... Well I don't think it matters what I think.
[2221] It must have a taste to it.
[2222] Right, I take i I take it, er Russell, I mean, Richard's started ... went and picked up a ... plate
Valerie (PS0WN) [2223] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2224] and I took the sandwich over
Valerie (PS0WN) [2225] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2226] and I eat it and I went, urgh!
[2227] Yucky!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2228] Had mustard in it?
David (PS0WS) [2229] And, anyway it ... and it, cos the them [...] like a lot of that type of thing.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2230] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2231] And Richard says ... but you've just picked that up so you'll eat it!
Valerie (PS0WN) [laugh]
David (PS0WS) [2232] I said ... I said, [laughing] no, I can't eat that [] !
[2233] ... He says, well you better eat it David.
[2234] You just picked it up, you don't need to pick up something and then eat it.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2235] And does he?
[2236] Does he like mustard?
David (PS0WS) [2237] Yes!
[2238] He loves it!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2239] Does he?
David (PS0WS) [2240] Disgusting isn't it?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2241] Well I don't like it either, but there you
David (PS0WS) [2242] No!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2243] are.
David (PS0WS) [2244] But people do like it.
[2245] It's horrible.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2246] That's the ... tape and that for that mirror.
[2247] Okay?
David (PS0WS) [2248] Mm mm. [...]
Jackie (PS0WR) [2249] Tape for what mirror?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2250] For the mirror.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2251] Oh!
[2252] Right.
David (PS0WS) [2253] Mhm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2254] And the wee hook to put it up by.
[2255] That's it there.
David (PS0WS) [2256] Okay.
[2257] ... You can leave that.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2258] Mm.
[2259] Right here.
David (PS0WS) [2260] Can you, can you speak in that telephone?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2261] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2262] So when you have dinner cos you just go ... hello.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2263] That's right.
[2264] It saves you running into the living room.
David (PS0WS) [2265] I know, and if you're in the, the room we're in, we could ... run over to your room and go, hello!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2266] That's right.
[2267] Cos the other day Dawn ... phoned and we never heard.
David (PS0WS) [2268] Mhm.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2269] I know.
David (PS0WS) [2270] Not if we're here.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2271] Hello. [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [2272] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2273] Oh.
Jackie (PS0WR) [singing] [...] []
David (PS0WS) [2274] I didn't know.
[2275] ... Mum.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2276] Mhm?
David (PS0WS) [2277] See what I watched today?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2278] What?
David (PS0WS) [2279] Fact of Life.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2280] Was it good?
David (PS0WS) [2281] Mhm.
[2282] I watched, it was only Candid Camera, I don't think that was that good.
[2283] It was
Valerie (PS0WN) [2284] Was it not?
David (PS0WS) [2285] It is okay.
[2286] ... [...] Jack.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2287] Oh!
David (PS0WS) [2288] Tee tee.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2289] Oh well
David (PS0WS) [2290] Mm mm.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2291] Did you pick up all the papers mummy?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2292] Oh well, there might, there might only be today's.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2293] I know, but I'll
Valerie (PS0WN) [2294] But if there's any more I'll bring them.
[2295] I promise ... I will.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2296] Yes. [clears throat]
Valerie (PS0WN) [2297] Jacqueline, what are you doing?
[2298] ... Did you brush your hair?
Jackie (PS0WR) [2299] No.
[2300] I haven't got a brush.
[2301] Besides, I don't wanna brush it.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2302] There's the brush there, I found it.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2303] Don't wanna brush hair, don't wanna brush hair, don't wanna brush it.
David (PS0WS) [2304] Wa are you watching that film Jack?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2305] What
David (PS0WS) [2306] You
Valerie (PS0WN) [2307] film is that?
Jackie (PS0WR) [2308] It's on right just now.
David (PS0WS) [2309] I mean, what's it called?
Jackie (PS0WR) [...]
David (PS0WS) [2310] Go on, tell me it.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2311] It's a actually it's
David (PS0WS) [2312] Urgh!
[2313] Urgh!
Jackie (PS0WR) [2314] Don't be a [...] 's on that!
David (PS0WS) [2315] [singing] Only that [] !
Jackie (PS0WR) [2316] Don't think so.
David (PS0WS) [2317] Mm mm.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2318] Don't you!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2319] What you doing?
Jackie (PS0WR) [2320] I wanna write something?
David (PS0WS) [2321] Jackie, stop this!
[2322] And don't you [...] alone!
Jackie (PS0WR) [2323] And you said you'd do rabbit today didn't you?
David (PS0WS) [2324] There's a tear. [...]
Jackie (PS0WR) [2325] I'm gonna get ... a bit too!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2326] That was you told.
David (PS0WS) [2327] Well ... it didn't upset me.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2328] Mm?
David (PS0WS) [2329] You know how Jacqueline is.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2330] Wha what was that erm ... receptionist saying about your school teacher today?
David (PS0WS) [2331] Receptionist saying about my school teacher?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2332] Mhm.
[2333] She was
David (PS0WS) [2334] Oh!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2335] a Miss somebody
David (PS0WS) [2336] Miss .
Valerie (PS0WN) [2337] Was she?
David (PS0WS) [2338] I'm gonna call her that at ... school.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2339] Don't you dare!
David (PS0WS) [2340] How?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2341] Not even, that'll be cheeky.
[2342] And where does she come from, East Calder?
[2343] And how does that lady know her?
David (PS0WS) [2344] [cough] ... I don't know.
[2345] I'll go up and ask her the next day.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2346] How did she know?
[2347] What was she saying?
[2348] What the conversation?
David (PS0WS) [2349] She said, what's, well she sa she's in a right, I think [...] West Calder cos I think Jackie told her.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2350] Right.
David (PS0WS) [2351] So ... I like her ... I said.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2352] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2353] Then she said ... she said to me ... erm ... so what teacher have you got?
[2354] And I told her.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2355] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2356] And, then ... asked her, and Jackie said ... Mrs .
Valerie (PS0WN) [2357] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2358] Then she er, and the lady said sh is Mrs still there is she?
[2359] Erm, er
Valerie (PS0WN) [2360] How does she know Mrs ?
David (PS0WS) [2361] I don't know.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2362] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2363] And then ... and then I, I sa what's your teacher David?
[2364] And I said, Mrs .
[2365] And she says, oh!
[2366] And she suddenly knew her from somewhere.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2367] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2368] And she said, is she still there too?
[2369] And she ... seemed to call her, she was known as Mrs, Miss .
[2370] Da da!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2371] There you are then.
[2372] 's children.
David (PS0WS) [2373] Eh?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2374] Were you just Mrs 's children?
David (PS0WS) [2375] Tt.
[2376] I don't know.
[2377] Oh yeah!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2378] You do know.
David (PS0WS) [2379] Erm ... Christopher's ... primary seven.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2380] A primary seven!
David (PS0WS) [2381] Mhm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2382] Is he as old as that?
[2383] I thought he was wee, Christopher.
David (PS0WS) [2384] No, Christopher is primary seven.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2385] Alright.
David (PS0WS) [2386] And ... they have a ... one, they have another one ... and ... she's, just one year ahead of Jack.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2387] So she's in primary five?
David (PS0WS) [2388] Aha.
[2389] But she's
Valerie (PS0WN) [2390] And what's her name?
David (PS0WS) [2391] Erm, Sarah.
[2392] I think any anyway, cos I hear her talk about her.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2393] Mhm.
[2394] So Christopher's in primary seven?
[2395] And is he not into your drama?
David (PS0WS) [2396] No.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2397] And Sarah, either?
[2398] Nope?
David (PS0WS) [2399] No, they play with a ... they play the brass instrument though.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2400] Do they?
David (PS0WS) [2401] No, no, I don't know about Sarah or not.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2402] But Christopher does?
David (PS0WS) [2403] Aha.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2404] Oh well, that's good.
David (PS0WS) [2405] Erm ... and ... they stay in after school.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2406] Why?
David (PS0WS) [2407] I don't know.
[2408] Mrs and ... the two of them stay
Valerie (PS0WN) [2409] They must do their
David (PS0WS) [2410] after class.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2411] homework.
David (PS0WS) [2412] Aha.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2413] Where does she live about?
David (PS0WS) [2414] Oh well, I don't know then, but ... I know she used to live in Spotter's Wood cos erm ... they showed that, you see, she showed her ... this thing, a dog license and that ... and it said ... like, the dog ... and it had the dog's history on it.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2415] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2416] Like the dog's born er after, before that, and before that, and before that ... and it showed you all the owners and everything, right?
[2417] And, it said on the thing ... someone in the Spotter's Wood, she lived in Spotter's Wood at one point, but ... she said that was an old house.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2418] Yeah, so they've moved ... somewhere else?
David (PS0WS) [2419] So, I'm gonna ask her cos she, she probably thinks we're
Valerie (PS0WN) [2420] Mm mm.
[2421] I know, but I thought you might have known.
David (PS0WS) [2422] Nah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2423] Right.
[2424] Will you come up with me to clean my teeth?
David (PS0WS) [2425] One of my mates might know.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2426] You can get your top.
David (PS0WS) [2427] What?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2428] You can come upstairs and get your erm ... top.
David (PS0WS) [2429] My erm
Valerie (PS0WN) [2430] Must be windy outside, that light's on.
[2431] Come on then.
David (PS0WS) [2432] Woo!
[2433] Woo!
[2434] Woo, woo!
[2435] ... So I can get into the bath.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2436] Right. ... [brushing teeth]
David (PS0WS) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [2437] Mhm.
[2438] Got it?
David (PS0WS) [2439] Yeah.
[2440] You've got, er, brush your teeth.
[2441] How mu how often do you brush your teeth mum?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2442] As often as I can.
David (PS0WS) [2443] So how o often's that usually?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2444] About three or four times.
David (PS0WS) [2445] Three or four times a day?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2446] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2447] But, I only usually do it twice.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2448] Well, that's adequate.
David (PS0WS) [2449] Do you use both toothpastes?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2450] Just one.
David (PS0WS) [2451] I u I, I usually use both of them.
[2452] ... Colgate first.
[2453] ... How much do you weigh mum?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2454] Oh, too much.
David (PS0WS) [2455] I weigh six stone exactly now.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2456] Do you?
David (PS0WS) [2457] Aha.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2458] Does that mean you've put on weight?
David (PS0WS) [2459] Not necessarily lost it. [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [2460] How much?
David (PS0WS) [2461] But it won't be far ... much over.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2462] Yeah.
[2463] You won't have put on much weight.
[2464] ... Right well
David (PS0WS) [2465] Aha.

13 (Tape 067405)

Valerie (PS0WN) [2466] Right Zoe.
[2467] ... This budgie cleaned, eh Jacqueline?
[2468] Are you not gonna put your ski pants on?
Jackie (PS0WR) [2469] No.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2470] Why not?
Jackie (PS0WR) [2471] They're gone.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2472] I think they're on the floor Jacqueline.
[2473] I think you should go and put them on.
[2474] Don't you?
Jackie (PS0WR) [2475] No!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2476] Why not?
Jackie (PS0WR) [2477] Because I don't want to.
[2478] I want to go to my bed!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2479] Just now?
Jackie (PS0WR) [2480] Later.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2481] Well when you go to your bed that'll be you for the night, there'll be no getting back up again.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2482] Alright.
[2483] ... Erm
Valerie (PS0WN) [2484] Mm?
Jackie (PS0WR) [2485] Nothing. ... [humming]
Valerie (PS0WN) [2486] So were they not back here after?
Jackie (PS0WR) [2487] Yep.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2488] They were?
Jackie (PS0WR) [2489] Well I've got a pencil.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2490] Pencil.
[2491] So did you enjoy it?
Jackie (PS0WR) [2492] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2493] What did they do?
Jackie (PS0WR) [2494] I don't know.
[2495] And then to the cinema.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2496] You went to the cinema?
Jackie (PS0WR) [2497] Aha.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2498] They never did!
Jackie (PS0WR) [2499] Malcolm and Ross said they did.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2500] He's kidding you.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2501] Said that they went to some, to see the Addams Family.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2502] They did not!
Jackie (PS0WR) [2503] I know, I said that.
[2504] But, yeah we did cos we'll all be there going to the cinema, but we couldn't get in.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2505] They did not go to the cinema!
Jackie (PS0WR) [2506] And [...] ... and I see [...] in two weeks.
Valerie (PS0WN) [...]
Jackie (PS0WR) [2507] They did!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2508] Just kidding you on.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2509] What are we having cake for?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2510] Did she give you your fifty pence back?
Jackie (PS0WR) [2511] No, not yet.
[2512] But she will give me this.
[2513] And she
Valerie (PS0WN) [2514] Why sh is that what she said?
Jackie (PS0WR) [2515] Aha.
[2516] She said that
Valerie (PS0WN) [2517] Here!
[2518] Zoe!
[2519] Stop biting!
Jackie (PS0WR) [2520] that I keep, tell Jackie that I'll ge I'll give, I'll give you your fifty pence tomorrow.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2521] Oh that's nice of her.
[2522] Zoe!
[2523] She's trying to bite me.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2524] What are these?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2525] Cakes.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2526] Yeah, but what kind?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2527] They're erm ... double shortbread.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2528] What did you buy double shortbread for?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2529] That's what it says.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2530] Mm.
[2531] Oh.
[2532] ... Who are they for?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2533] You can have one if you go and do your tables after that.
[2534] You can just take that one.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2535] But I don't want to.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2536] Well you're not having one then.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2537] Why do I need to get my ski pants on?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2538] Cos I said it.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2539] Looks like, no, I don't normally [...] .
[2540] ... Well
Valerie (PS0WN) [2541] How's your [...] seals doing now?
Jackie (PS0WR) [2542] Fine.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2543] And I'll do the butter.
[2544] ... Has anybody fed the rabbit?
[2545] Send David out to do it later.
[2546] Remember mind.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2547] Mm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2548] Nice and clean.
[2549] ... Is it locked?
[2550] [door opening] [...] ... Do you want a drink as well?
Jackie (PS0WR) [2551] What?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2552] Do you want a drink as well?
Jackie (PS0WR) [2553] Yes please.
[2554] [sniff] ... I can't really sit down cos David's [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [2555] True.
[2556] I know.
[2557] ... That's the man.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2558] What man?
[2559] ... Man in the conservatory?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2560] I wonder what now?
[2561] ... Mm!
Jackie (PS0WR) [2562] What man? ... [whispering] [...] [] .
Dougie (PS0WX) [2563] Somebody not well?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2564] No.
[2565] She's just had a bath and put her nightie on.
Dougie (PS0WX) [2566] That's my
Valerie (PS0WN) [2567] Tired.
Dougie (PS0WX) [2568] that's my survey.
[2569] Can swap you places?
Valerie (PS0WN) [laugh]
Dougie (PS0WX) [2570] Eh?
Jackie (PS0WR) [laugh]
Dougie (PS0WX) [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [2571] Cos she's tired, so what can you do?
Dougie (PS0WX) [2572] How you gonna get to the, are we going out the [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [2573] Back door.
Dougie (PS0WX) [2574] or the door?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2575] Yeah.
Dougie (PS0WX) [2576] You got a back door?
[2577] Ah. [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [2578] Let's hope it's all finished [...]
Jackie (PS0WR) [2579] No way.
Dougie (PS0WX) [2580] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2581] Ooh!
[2582] Ooh!
[2583] Ooh!
[2584] Ooh!
[2585] Ooh!
Dougie (PS0WX) [...]

14 (Tape 067501)

David (PS0WS) [2586] In that, in ... in that ... in ... you know
Valerie (PS0WN) [2587] Favourite T V programme [...] Neighbours.
David (PS0WS) [2588] But look.
[2589] ... Look here and it ... and it ... come here, over there my favourite one at the minute innit?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2590] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2591] [...] ... Yeah, I'll put Neighbours.
[2592] Ha!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2593] Oh well.
David (PS0WS) [2594] This is [...] .
[2595] ... The other ones are horrible.
[2596] ... [singing] Doo da doo doo doo [] .

15 (Tape 067502)

Jackie (PS0WR) [2597] What's in it?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2598] Mm.
[2599] Nothing much.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2600] That.
[2601] Ha?
[2602] ... Mummy.
[2603] Mummy.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2604] Who are you gonna go up with now then?
[2605] If you went up.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2606] No, I don't know.
[2607] Good enough.
[2608] If you want it.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2609] You've dropped it.
Jackie (PS0WR) [humming] ... [humming] ... [whispering] [...] []
Valerie (PS0WN) [laugh]
Jackie (PS0WR) [2610] [whispering] And she's just found out that he [...] ... [...]

16 (Tape 067503)

Valerie (PS0WN) [2611] Read this one look.
David (PS0WS) [2612] Mhm.
[2613] Mm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2614] [reading from magazine] I'm thinking of going out tonight, what do I do with my face [] ?
David (PS0WS) [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [laugh]
David (PS0WS) [2615] [laugh] ... [reading] Girl
Valerie (PS0WN) [2616] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2617] chatting between her friend
Valerie (PS0WN) [2618] Mm.
David (PS0WS) [2619] on the bus and they []
Valerie (PS0WN) [2620] [reading] Do you know what, I think one of my feet must be longer than the other!
David (PS0WS) [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [2621] Oh no Madeleine
David (PS0WS) [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [2622] I'd say smaller if anything [] . [laugh]
David (PS0WS) [2623] [laugh] ... [reading] Customer and a [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [...]
David (PS0WS) [2624] in a shoe shop [...] ... keep up it [] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [2625] [reading] Visiting a supermarket after work, I was feeling a little jaded
David (PS0WS) [2626] I was feeling a little ja
Valerie (PS0WN) [2627] until I came across a small display ... above bottles of castor oil,laxa ... suppositories and a well known laxative was a sign ... reduced for clearance [] ! [laugh]
David (PS0WS) [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [2628] Mm mm.
David (PS0WS) [2629] Are they jokes?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2630] Mm mm.
[2631] Very funny.
David (PS0WS) [2632] Who's that then?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2633] Tt.
[2634] Fergie.
[2635] ... Fergie-Wergie.
David (PS0WS) [2636] Maggie Thatcher.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2637] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2638] I thought they, they were out by the time this book was published that er ... Maggie Thatcher was out, was, I mean ... this
Valerie (PS0WN) [laugh]
David (PS0WS) [2639] Er, no, by the time that Maggie Thatcher ... was ... Prime Minister this book was published and not so old ... pictures in.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2640] Nope.
[2641] Nope.
[2642] Just ... [...]
David (PS0WS) [2643] I'd have a picture of Neighbours people in it.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2644] Oh well.
David (PS0WS) [2645] [reading] The tragic Cathy will never laugh again!
[2646] The tragic Cath the tragic Cathy must never laugh again.
[2647] There was nothing of the old Cath Cathy usually enjoying more of a good laugh, she was always happy and cheerful, then she fell victim to a rare diso disorder
Valerie (PS0WN) [2648] Let's read it.
David (PS0WS) [2649] disorder which makes her frightened to so much as giggle, but break []
Valerie (PS0WN) [2650] What did you get for your lunch?
David (PS0WS) [2651] What did I have?
[2652] [sighing] I had [] ... chips
Valerie (PS0WN) [2653] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2654] and ... I was gonna get pizza, but there wasn't, there wasn't any so I just got chips and sausage.
[2655] And then I got a [...] and a milk ... and a packet of crisps.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2656] Very good.
[2657] So was it nice?
David (PS0WS) [2658] Mhm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2659] Did you enjoy it?
David (PS0WS) [2660] Mm.
[2661] ... Look!
[2662] Urgh urgh!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2663] Mm mm mm!
David (PS0WS) [2664] That is horrible!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2665] Yuk!
[2666] Eh?
David (PS0WS) [2667] I don't like [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [2668] Owls.
David (PS0WS) [2669] Are they owls?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2670] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2671] Funny looking owls.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2672] That's cos they're babies.
David (PS0WS) [2673] Oh.
[2674] What's the dog mixed in for?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2675] That's mothering it.
David (PS0WS) [2676] Why is it mothering it?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2677] Cos it must think it's an owl as well. [laugh]
David (PS0WS) [2678] Yeah. [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [2679] Jackie's been in there a while, has she not?
David (PS0WS) [2680] I think she's getting [...] with all them fillings out of the way.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2681] Well she's certainly getting a few.
David (PS0WS) [2682] Why?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2683] Well she'll have no filling ... it's the hygienist.
David (PS0WS) [2684] Mm.
[2685] And I'm getting at the hygienist today?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2686] She's getting a [...] .
David (PS0WS) [2687] Oh!
[2688] ... Mm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [humming]
David (PS0WS) [2689] [singing] [...] [] I'm gonna make some swaps mum.
[2690] I haven't made a swap right.
[2691] You know my wrestling, wrestling cards, Gavin's gonna give me ... some of his ... stickers and I'm gonna swap them for my wrestling cards and some of the stickers.
[2692] That's what we always do.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2693] Oh well.
David (PS0WS) [2694] [reading magazine] I don't believe it can taste so buttery [] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [2695] Clover ... White.
David (PS0WS) [2696] [singing] Da da, da da da da da da da, dee der da da da.
[2697] Ding dee dee dee, dee, da dee dee diddle ee, dee diddle ee dee, dee dee da dee dee dee dee, dee dee dee dee dee dee, diddle er er [] .
[2698] Look at that poster over there.
[2699] The acid attack.
[2700] [reading poster] What goes on inside our mouths.
[2701] Some breakfast, chewing gum, a biscuit, and two sweets.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2702] [sniff] ... Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2703] [...] main meal, a biscuit, and a ... drink of Coke ... a, a sweet, and a [...] tea, one bis a chocolate ... choc-ice and a [] ... what's that?
[2704] ... It's a ... [reading] cake ... a choc ice or a cake and ... a biscuit [] .
[2705] [singing] Dee, da da da da da ba doo ba doo ba ba ba [] .
[2706] [reading poster] One filling leads to another.
[2707] [...] last ten minutes, and acid produces ... acid attacks [...] .
[2708] The decay which results lasts a lifetime.
[2709] To prevent a child losing his smile.
[2710] Had an accident?
[2711] Broken your teeth?
[2712] Your dentist can sa save your smile [] .
[2713] How can he save your smile?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2714] Well, if you smile with a whole mouthful of rotten teeth you've not got a very nice smile have you?
[2715] ... I mean, d'ya think that's a pretty smile?
David (PS0WS) [2716] No.
[2717] No way.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2718] Well there you are then.
[2719] Point taken.
David (PS0WS) [2720] [reading poster] You've broken your teeth?
[2721] Your dentist can save your [laughing] smile [] [] .
[2722] But why's it saying that?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2723] Because, he can repair the broken bit ... by putting a false bit on.
David (PS0WS) [2724] Ah!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2725] By building it up.
David (PS0WS) [2726] Well that's terrible!
[2727] That's disgusting!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2728] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2729] Disgusting!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2730] Disgusting!
David (PS0WS) [2731] I would just get the entire out and get a old one, an a, brand new one in.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2732] Oh I don't know.
[2733] Cos then it wouldn't be yours would it?
David (PS0WS) [2734] It wouldn't be mine, but it's better than having a ... could, why didn't you just get a little false tooth like the girl did?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2735] Well ... don't know.
[2736] Maybe sh maybe he will.
David (PS0WS) [2737] Look at that!
[2738] That's terrible that picture!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2739] That shows you the proper way to fill, clean your teeth.
David (PS0WS) [2740] [reading poster] So brush up your technique.
[2741] Help prevent painful disease [] .
[2742] The person who's getting their teeth cleaned is nay very nice teeth is it?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2743] Well what's wrong with them?
David (PS0WS) [2744] They're a wee bit yucky!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2745] No, they're not, they're perfect.
[2746] ... Hiya.
David (PS0WS) [2747] [reading] The [...] is that ... point the filaments of your brush towards the gum at the angle of [...] [] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [2748] Aha.
[2749] Your turn David.
David (PS0WS) [2750] What?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2751] How did you get on?
Jackie (PS0WR) [2752] Well mum, what it wants is that I got this tooth
David (PS0WS) [2753] This one?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2754] Aha.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2755] Mum, can I go and get, get this [...] out?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2756] Go on then.
[2757] There's a toilet over there.

17 (Tape 067601)

Valerie (PS0WN) [2758] How did you get on?
David (PS0WS) [2759] Fine.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2760] Well what have you ... decided?
David (PS0WS) [2761] About what?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2762] About ... what you're doing for tomorrow?
David (PS0WS) [2763] I'm doing speech [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [2764] Right, well let's hear you then.
David (PS0WS) [2765] Nah, I don't wanna do it.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2766] Oh, go on!
[2767] Show me how you're going to do it.
[2768] Go on.
David (PS0WS) [2769] No
Valerie (PS0WN) [2770] Oh please!
David (PS0WS) [2771] I've got a sore
Valerie (PS0WN) [2772] Why what did you do?
David (PS0WS) [2773] It's, it's [...] the skating I got with the boots
Valerie (PS0WN) [2774] Aha.
David (PS0WS) [2775] went into me.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2776] Let's see.
David (PS0WS) [2777] Look, you see th it's the sock
Valerie (PS0WN) [2778] Let me see.
David (PS0WS) [2779] cut
Valerie (PS0WN) [2780] Right, bring it over here to have a look.
David (PS0WS) [2781] There's patch onto this cut.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2782] Oh dear!
[2783] Let me see, that's festered.
[2784] Let me have a look.
[2785] Bring it over here.
[2786] Bring your leg
David (PS0WS) [2787] What?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2788] over to, see that festered you'll [...] .
David (PS0WS) [2789] How?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2790] Cos it's festered.
David (PS0WS) [2791] That was the boots that did that!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2792] Let me see, but it's all red and festering.
[2793] Urgh!
[2794] ... Should really give that a good steep in the bath.
[2795] ... With a wee drop of that green Dettol
David (PS0WS) [2796] Tell you what, I was
Valerie (PS0WN) [2797] cos it looks festerey.
David (PS0WS) [2798] cos er, bits of the sock, you know, it all
Valerie (PS0WN) [2799] I know.
David (PS0WS) [2800] cuts it in and
Valerie (PS0WN) [2801] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2802] I know [...] cut with your skates.
[2803] Why do they dig into you there?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2804] I dunno.
[2805] Right, are you gonna sh find me your poem then?
David (PS0WS) [2806] Song.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2807] Song ... I mean
David (PS0WS) [2808] Ah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2809] Right, well it's here.
[2810] ... And you have to do all the actions ... or else there's no point.
David (PS0WS) [2811] The penguin?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2812] After the penguin.
[2813] The penguin after.
David (PS0WS) [2814] Okay.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2815] Right.
[2816] ... Come on then.
David (PS0WS) [2817] Erm
Valerie (PS0WN) [2818] No?
[2819] You're not gonna do it.
David (PS0WS) [2820] er ... oh yeah I'll
Valerie (PS0WN) [2821] Come on David!
[2822] David, come on.
[2823] [laughing] Come on David [] !
[2824] Come on then, let's see you do it.
David (PS0WS) [2825] Okay.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2826] Right.
[2827] ... Come on David then!
David (PS0WS) [2828] I don't want to.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2829] Tt!
[2830] Come on.
[2831] Don't be a spoilsport.
David (PS0WS) [2832] Okay.
[2833] [singing] I'm the other spaceman baby, I got feet.
[2834] I got everything I need.
[2835] I'm the other spaceman baby, I can fly, I'm a supersonic guy!
[2836] I don't feel pleasure, I don't feel pain, if you wanna knock me down, I just get up again.
[2837] I'm the other spaceman, I got hairs on my chest ... I never get depressed.
[2838] I'm the other spaceman, I'm intelligent and keen ... know what I mean?
[2839] I'm the other spaceman in the world, just second to none ... it's a lot fun!
[2840] I never let my friends down, I've never made a boob.
[2841] I'm a glossy magazine, and I've [...] in the tube.
[2842] I'm the other spaceman baby, here comes the twist ... I don't exist [] !
Valerie (PS0WN) [2843] You've all jazzed it up awfully have you not?
David (PS0WS) [2844] What?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2845] You've jazzed it up.
[2846] I liked it when you did with a cute wee face.
[2847] Go on do with a cutey face.
[2848] Go on.
David (PS0WS) [2849] I don't like it.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2850] These ladies aren't nay wanting you to do it all jazzed up.
David (PS0WS) [2851] Er ... it was good!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2852] Well I think it's better like a baby.
[2853] Do it the baby way.
David (PS0WS) [2854] No.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2855] Ah, go on.
David (PS0WS) [2856] I don't like doing it the baby way.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2857] Ah, don't do it like that, cos you look as if you're straining to do it.
[2858] Better to do it cute.
David (PS0WS) [2859] Mummy, I know what's best.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2860] I know what's best.
David (PS0WS) [2861] You don't know the
Valerie (PS0WN) [2862] Oh well.
David (PS0WS) [2863] [...] in my back.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2864] Ha!
[2865] Ha!
[2866] ... [sigh] ... Well what d'ya get at school today then?
[2867] ... Mm?
David (PS0WS) [2868] No.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2869] Nothing?
David (PS0WS) [2870] Tt.
[2871] Nothing much.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2872] How d'ya mean?
[2873] ... Did you get maths when you back for the dentists?
David (PS0WS) [2874] What?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2875] Did you get the maths?
[2876] No?
David (PS0WS) [2877] Nope.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2878] Well that's the man ... came and surveyed the site for the conservatory.
[2879] ... There'll be another man coming.
[2880] Don't know what he's to do.
[2881] Just to come.
David (PS0WS) [2882] Oh.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2883] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2884] Erm ... why don't you like it like that?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2885] Well, it's alright, but, I preferred th the way you did it ... before.
David (PS0WS) [2886] Ah?
[2887] [singing in baby voice] I'm the other spaceman
Valerie (PS0WN) [2888] Yes.
David (PS0WS) [2889] baby []
Valerie (PS0WN) [2890] But not quite as babyish.
David (PS0WS) [2891] Well I can't do that now.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2892] Well that's how you done it before.
David (PS0WS) [2893] I didn't.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2894] You did.
[2895] You didn't do it like that.
David (PS0WS) [2896] Ah but, it is a baby sound.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2897] It is not.
David (PS0WS) [2898] It is a baby sound.
[2899] [singing in baby voice] I'm the other spaceman baby [] ... But I cannot do that mum.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2900] What was Russell saying?
David (PS0WS) [2901] I dunno.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2902] Nothing?
David (PS0WS) [2903] Got phoned up.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2904] Mm?
David (PS0WS) [2905] He got phoned up by the other [...] players?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2906] Did he?
[2907] Is he going?
David (PS0WS) [2908] He said to me when I, I came in late
Valerie (PS0WN) [2909] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2910] he said to me ... I need a [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [2911] And what did you say?
David (PS0WS) [2912] Mm.
[2913] I said, I phoned up me too.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2914] And is he going?
David (PS0WS) [2915] Dunno.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2916] Is he?
David (PS0WS) [2917] How?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2918] Just wondered.
David (PS0WS) [2919] I'm gonna lose the part if you keep on telling me
Valerie (PS0WN) [2920] I've not gotta tell you to do anything, you do whatever you like.
David (PS0WS) [2921] I'm never gonna, I'm never gonna learn ... learn it by concentrating on how I'm gonna do it, I'm just gonna have to sing it the way it is because I'm not gonna ... learn to do it am I?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2922] Well that's true.
David (PS0WS) [2923] I would've prefer to get the [...] mummy.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2924] Well let's hope you do.
[2925] ... She'll have it with her.
[2926] She always carries these things with her.
David (PS0WS) [2927] How?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2928] I don't know how, she usually does.
David (PS0WS) [2929] You won't know.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2930] Well you just need to ask her for a long of it anyway.
David (PS0WS) [2931] Mm.
[2932] ... Er
Valerie (PS0WN) [2933] Be early to bed tonight mind.
David (PS0WS) [2934] No.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2935] You're going at
David (PS0WS) [2936] Oh mum, stop using this
Valerie (PS0WN) [2937] eight o'clock ... so as you get a good rest.
[2938] Right?
[2939] There's no point in going tired.
David (PS0WS) [2940] You're not gonna use that again for me are you?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2941] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [2942] I can sing it!
[2943] It don't matter!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2944] Doesn't matter, you have to get to bed early to get a good sleep.
David (PS0WS) [2945] Oh yeah!
[2946] So you're gonna get rid of me early today.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2947] Yippee!
[2948] ... No I just want
David (PS0WS) [2949] Why mum?
Valerie (PS0WN) [2950] I just think you should have a good sleep.
David (PS0WS) [2951] I'll go to bed the usual time.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2952] Eight o'clock.
David (PS0WS) [2953] I don't wanna ... I'm not!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2954] You are!
David (PS0WS) [2955] I said, I'm not!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2956] You can go up and get a bit of reading done in your bed at eight o'clock.
David (PS0WS) [2957] Must be da you must be joking!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2958] I'm not joking, I'm serious!
David (PS0WS) [2959] Tt! [banging]
Valerie (PS0WN) [2960] Wish I was going to my bed at eight o'clock. [banging]
David (PS0WS) [2961] But mum
Valerie (PS0WN) [2962] Do that again
David (PS0WS) [2963] yo will you leave us alone!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2964] You go to bed eight o'clock.
David (PS0WS) [sigh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [2965] You need the rest.
David (PS0WS) [2966] [screaming] I couldn't give a blooming damn [] !
Valerie (PS0WN) [2967] I don't care.
[2968] You want yo ... the rest.
David (PS0WS) [2969] [crying] But I'm not [] !
Valerie (PS0WN) [2970] You are.
[2971] Now don't start, you've had Russell round and everything.
[2972] Now we won't start.
David (PS0WS) [2973] [screaming] Shut up!
[2974] I'm not going to
Valerie (PS0WN) [2975] Right.
David (PS0WS) [2976] blooming bed at eight o'clock [] !
Valerie (PS0WN) [2977] You'll go just now.
[2978] You'll go just now if you don't stop.
David (PS0WS) [2979] Be quiet you old bag!
Valerie (PS0WN) [2980] Right!
[2981] That's it!
[2982] I'm telling you now, come here to ... go upstairs now and get into your bed now!
[2983] You won't even wait till eight o'clock!
[2984] Right, get into your bed now!
[2985] Right.

18 (Tape 067604)

Jackie (PS0WR) [2986] We forgot to put it in last night anyway.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2987] Well it didn't, really didn't matter for last night cos I was [...] at school.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2988] Okay.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2989] What did you do there?
[2990] What was [...] ?
[2991] ... [yawning] Oh!
[2992] I'm tired [] .
Jackie (PS0WR) [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [2993] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2994] You go ... you go over it with a brush.
Valerie (PS0WN) [2995] Well
Jackie (PS0WR) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [2996] you got one in your hand.
Jackie (PS0WR) [2997] Wha tt!
[2998] Silly me!
[2999] ... [yawn] ... Tired.
Valerie (PS0WN) [...]
Jackie (PS0WR) [3000] Hot int it?
[3001] It's ... ten, it's five past
Valerie (PS0WN) [3002] It's five to
Jackie (PS0WR) [3003] past.
[3004] it's five to eight.
[3005] ... I'm shivering.
[3006] Ooh!
[3007] It's cold.
[3008] ... Here.
[3009] You can say that again.
[3010] ... Mhm.
[3011] Hold that like that.
[3012] [sigh] ... [yawning] [singing] Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat ... and black and white cat [] .
[3013] Wo ho ha ha oh oh ha ha.
[3014] Early in the morning [] .
[3015] Right.
[3016] I laugh like a seal!
[3017] [...] ... [laugh] ... Okay.
[3018] Er, [...] . ... [laugh]

19 (Tape 067605)

Peter (PS0WP) [3019] Jackie, leave that alone!
[3020] I, I just asked
Valerie (PS0WN) [3021] Peter.
Peter (PS0WP) [3022] you to find ... that was, it was me that did it.
[3023] Where's that key, key?
[3024] Where you been
Valerie (PS0WN) [3025] But she's
Peter (PS0WP) [3026] Jacqueline?
Jackie (PS0WR) [3027] Get something from the fridge.
David (PS0WS) [3028] Oh er erm
Peter (PS0WP) [3029] Er er!
Valerie (PS0WN) [3030] Mm mm.
[3031] ... Well, tell dad to put the light off.
David (PS0WS) [3032] Dad, put the light off.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3033] I've, once you're in bed.
Jackie (PS0WR) [3034] Oh right.
[3035] Daddy ... put the light off.

20 (Tape 067606)

Peter (PS0WP) [3036] Right tell us what you've got for your lunch son.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3037] What d'ya get then David?
David (PS0WS) [3038] Chips.
Peter (PS0WP) [3039] Chips!
[3040] And what did you get chips with?
David (PS0WS) [3041] Pizza.
Peter (PS0WP) [3042] Pizza?
Valerie (PS0WN) [3043] Right.
[3044] So nothing, what else?
David (PS0WS) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [3045] Ha?
David (PS0WS) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [3046] Oh.
[3047] That's good.
[3048] ... And erm, tell us ... how did you get on at swimming today?
David (PS0WS) [3049] Fine.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3050] Mhm.
[3051] What were you doing?
David (PS0WS) [3052] Our watermanship.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3053] Watermanship?
David (PS0WS) [3054] Mhm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3055] And what did you do, have to do for that?
David (PS0WS) [3056] Swim.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3057] Aha.
David (PS0WS) [3058] Mhm.
Peter (PS0WP) [3059] [...] [...] do you not?
David (PS0WS) [3060] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3061] Swim for four minutes?
David (PS0WS) [3062] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3063] Mhm.
Peter (PS0WP) [3064] [shouting] Jackie [] .
David (PS0WS) [3065] Tread water.
Jackie (PS0WR) [3066] What?
Peter (PS0WP) [3067] Come here.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3068] Tread water?
[3069] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [3070] And
Peter (PS0WP) [3071] Did you have your wellingtons on?
David (PS0WS) [3072] tread water ... and get bricks.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3073] And, dive under and get a brick.
Peter (PS0WP) [3074] I can do that.
Valerie (PS0WN) [laugh]
David (PS0WS) [3075] But it's not called that.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3076] That's all you can do though Peter.
Peter (PS0WP) [3077] Well ... well ... maybe.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3078] What was Russell, Russell saying today about being [...] ?
Peter (PS0WP) [3079] [shouting] Hello! [...] [] !
David (PS0WS) [3080] What?
Valerie (PS0WN) [3081] What was Russell saying today about being [...] ?
David (PS0WS) [3082] He says, hi Jake!
[3083] And I says, hi Jake.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3084] So is he coming it?
Peter (PS0WP) [3085] Come on and see him.
David (PS0WS) [3086] Mhm.
Peter (PS0WP) [3087] What's [...] my baby?
[3088] ... Come on and keep going, this way
David (PS0WS) [3089] No!
Peter (PS0WP) [3090] you're stopping, why are you stopping in front of them for?
David (PS0WS) [3091] You always ... ooh!
[3092] Ah ah!
Peter (PS0WP) [3093] Right, I've got a wee show for you right.
[3094] Right?
[3095] Now I want you to say, your name's Looby.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3096] That's it.
[3097] That's ri that's his car [...]
Peter (PS0WP) [3098] Say hello ma I saw all the boys and girls today.
David (PS0WS) [3099] Do I have to listen to him mum?
Valerie (PS0WN) [3100] Mm?
David (PS0WS) [3101] It's that?
Valerie (PS0WN) [3102] Mhm.
[3103] There were three [...] upstairs.
[3104] That's Michael.
Peter (PS0WP) [3105] That's Michael.
[3106] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3107] Go get Daddy's coat for him.
Peter (PS0WP) [3108] It's i it's in the
David (PS0WS) [3109] Where is it?
Peter (PS0WP) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [3110] In the what?
David (PS0WS) [3111] Out in the car.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3112] Oh sorry.
David (PS0WS) [3113] Alright.
[3114] ... On ... Monday, and we've got
Peter (PS0WP) [3115] Gotta go.
David (PS0WS) [3116] our football match [clears throat] against Hearts.
[3117] Don't forget Michael.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3118] What was that?
David (PS0WS) [3119] Daddy and Neil were going to the
Peter (PS0WP) [3120] Daddy and Neil [...] !
Valerie (PS0WN) [3121] Is that where they were last night?
David (PS0WS) [3122] Yeah.
Peter (PS0WP) [3123] Was it [...] !
David (PS0WS) [3124] Like
Peter (PS0WP) [3125] [...] !
David (PS0WS) [3126] [...] match.
[3127] Sort of landed with Hearts, Hearts lost three nil or something.
Peter (PS0WP) [3128] Aye.
[3129] They were squalor.
[3130] [...] okay?
[3131] David.
David (PS0WS) [3132] That's what Gary was saying.
[3133] Too mean ... sent off.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3134] I will.
[3135] Hurry up trouble, eh?
David (PS0WS) [3136] Because one guy said that he'd never ever play.
Peter (PS0WP) [3137] Firing my shoes in here?
Valerie (PS0WN) [3138] Pardon?
Peter (PS0WP) [3139] I think you just fire my shoes in here anywhere!
Valerie (PS0WN) [3140] No I don't
David (PS0WS) [3141] Can I have an apple [...] ?
Valerie (PS0WN) [3142] Yes love.
Peter (PS0WP) [3143] [singing] [...] [...] [] !
David (PS0WS) [...]
Peter (PS0WP) [3144] Why's everywhere you've cleared my shoes on. [laugh]
David (PS0WS) [laugh]
Peter (PS0WP) [3145] [sniff] ... [sigh] ... What are you smiling at?
David (PS0WS) [3146] Cos it is funny.
Peter (PS0WP) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [3147] Mhm.
Peter (PS0WP) [3148] [singing] [...] [] !
[3149] See you later pal.
David (PS0WS) [3150] See you later.
[3151] Much later.
Peter (PS0WP) [3152] Okay.
David (PS0WS) [3153] Thank you.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3154] Have a good ... night.
Peter (PS0WP) [3155] Got plenty of hard work dear ... I can assure you.
David (PS0WS) [3156] Went out without his coat.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3157] It's in the car.
David (PS0WS) [3158] Oh are ... are his keys in the car?
Valerie (PS0WN) [3159] Right.
[3160] So the plan for the afternoon is, it's now five to four ... so if David goes out and tidies up the hut.
[3161] And get changed first ... erm ... feed the rabbit.
[3162] There's new food for that, dad got it today.
[3163] Erm ... Jackie'll ... sweep the path ... and then mummy'll make the pizza and chips ... right?
David (PS0WS) [3164] Mm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3165] I'll finish off my woollen knitting ... make the pizza and chips, and then that'll be time for Dawn.
[3166] Then you can have your [...] and go out with Dawn.
Jackie (PS0WR) [3167] We're not going out. [phone rings]
Valerie (PS0WN) [3168] Well that'll probably be Dawn now.
Jackie (PS0WR) [3169] Mhm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3170] [phonecall starts] Hello.
Jackie (PS0WR) [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [3171] Hello Russell.
Jackie (PS0WR) [laugh]
Valerie (PS0WN) [3172] Aha.
[3173] Aha [phonecall ends] .
[3174] David!
[3175] Russell!
David (PS0WS) [3176] Oh mum!
[3177] You've caught me [...] .
Jackie (PS0WR) [3178] Sorry to keep you, and hold on.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3179] What was he wanting?
Jackie (PS0WR) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [3180] Eh?
Jackie (PS0WR) [...]
David (PS0WS) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [3181] What was he wanting then?
[3182] David!
David (PS0WS) [3183] Why is he running away?
Valerie (PS0WN) [3184] Oh I don't know, cos in a bad mood.
David (PS0WS) [3185] How?
Valerie (PS0WN) [3186] I don't know.
Jackie (PS0WR) [...]
Valerie (PS0WN) [3187] You've not got [...] as well have you?
David (PS0WS) [3188] Well it was okay, in the night, but this one, but the other one was absolutely aching.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3189] I know, cos you were crying.
David (PS0WS) [3190] I know, look crying and it's still sore today.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3191] You must have got a wee [...] since that.
David (PS0WS) [3192] Mm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3193] There, that's it, that should help it.
[3194] A drop of milk.
David (PS0WS) [3195] Ooh!
[3196] Thank you.
[3197] Mummy, can I ask you a personal question?
Valerie (PS0WN) [3198] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [3199] If ... what don't you buy with your [...] ?
Valerie (PS0WN) [3200] Come on Jacqueline.
David (PS0WS) [3201] Mm!
Valerie (PS0WN) [3202] I got you a wee ball of your wool for your mittens.
David (PS0WS) [3203] Oh thanks!
Valerie (PS0WN) [3204] But you must up awful square with that.
David (PS0WS) [3205] I know, that, I've already
Valerie (PS0WN) [...]
David (PS0WS) [3206] worked that one ... what mi these one here.
[3207] Mine?
Valerie (PS0WN) [3208] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [3209] Is that my own wool?
Valerie (PS0WN) [3210] Mhm.
[3211] All yours.
David (PS0WS) [3212] Hey!
[3213] We can I go and knit these here?
Valerie (PS0WN) [3214] Well, no you've got your work to do first.
David (PS0WS) [3215] Oh!
[3216] Oh!
[3217] Gotta put this wool [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [3218] Morning Jackie!
[3219] Jackie! [phone rings]
Valerie (PS0WN) [3220] I'm gonna kill yo get these shoes off!
[3221] [phonecall starts] Hello.
[3222] Aha [phonecall ends] .

21 (Tape 067607)

Valerie (PS0WN) [3223] The three piece suite's coming tomorrow.
David (PS0WS) [3224] Who?
Valerie (PS0WN) [3225] The three piece suite!
David (PS0WS) [3226] The three piece suite?
Valerie (PS0WN) [3227] Aha.
David (PS0WS) [3228] What suite?
Valerie (PS0WN) [3229] The new suite's coming tomorrow.
David (PS0WS) [3230] Tt!
Valerie (PS0WN) [3231] What you tutting at?
[3232] ... David?
[3233] David!
[3234] I'm speaking to you!
David (PS0WS) [3235] Mummy, well I want, trying to watch this.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3236] What was Russell wanting?
David (PS0WS) [3237] He wanted to see, do you want a game ... which ... which I've already got it.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3238] Well if you hurry up it won't take you very long ... will it?
David (PS0WS) [3239] I don't want to do it.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3240] Well we've all got things that we don't want to do haven't we?
David (PS0WS) [3241] Yes, but I'm [...] ... I think I'm gonna go drama class.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3242] Well I won't be paying for another lot of lessons for you at the drama class David because ... that's two weeks in a row ... you've been saying you've not gonna go.
[3243] ... [tv on] ... Aren't you going to do your bit of work ... please?
[3244] ... Please?
[3245] Will you?
David (PS0WS) [3246] Oh!
[3247] Tt!
[3248] I might.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3249] Was that nice of me to get you that wool?
David (PS0WS) [3250] Mm mm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3251] I thought it was too.
David (PS0WS) [3252] [crying] But not if it, but people
Valerie (PS0WN) [3253] Tt! [tv loud]
David (PS0WS) [3254] keep saying, saying [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [...]
David (PS0WS) [3255] It happens every da I go and say [...] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [3256] I know.
[3257] But you know what he's like.
[3258] He's a wee pain isn't he?
David (PS0WS) [3259] Mhm [] .
Valerie (PS0WN) [3260] I know.
[3261] Ah!
David (PS0WS) [3262] Mhm.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3263] [kiss] ... Will you help with the ... the paint tonight?
David (PS0WS) [3264] What can I do?
Valerie (PS0WN) [3265] Cos the new suite's coming tomorrow.
[3266] Er, actually, it's about three weeks too early ... cos we haven't got the living room painted.
[3267] We'll have to get the paint.
David (PS0WS) [3268] Great!
Valerie (PS0WN) [3269] Mhm.
David (PS0WS) [3270] [laugh] ... Can you do this?
Valerie (PS0WN) [3271] I think we should go over just now.
David (PS0WS) [3272] What?
[3273] For what?
Valerie (PS0WN) [3274] To the paint shop.
David (PS0WS) [3275] But I'm watching Teenage Hero Turtles.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3276] Well, what time do you want shot at?
[3277] I'll tell you what we'll go over at ... half past four ... will it be finished by then?
David (PS0WS) [3278] Yeah.
Valerie (PS0WN) [3279] Right.
[3280] Okay.
David (PS0WS) [3281] Can you do the [...] for me?