BNC Text KE6

59 conversations recorded by `Wendy' (PS0X8) between 21 and 28 February 1992 with 8 interlocutors, totalling 10803 s-units, 70883 words, and 10 hours 46 minutes 58 seconds of recordings.

10 speakers recorded by respondent number 111

PS0X8 Ag4 f (Wendy, age 54, machine minder, Central South-west England, )
PS0X9 Ag2 f (Bev, age 25, unemployed, Central South-west England, ) daughter
PS0XA Ag4 m (Michael, age 55, production engineer, Central South-west England, ) husband
PS0XB Ag2 f (Beth, age 30, office worker, Scottish, ) friend
PS0XC Ag3 f (Jill, age 40, office worker, Central South-west England, ) friend
PS0XD Ag4 f (Sandra, age 45, machine minder, Home Counties, ) friend
PS0XE Ag5 f (Doreen, age 62, machine minder, London, ) friend
PS0XG Ag4 f (Dee, age 49, packer, Central South-west England, ) friend
KE6PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KE6PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

59 recordings

  1. Tape 036401 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  2. Tape 036402 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  3. Tape 036403 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  4. Tape 036404 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationHampshire: Andover ( car and in town ) Activity: talking and shopping
  5. Tape 036405 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationHampshire: Andover ( in town ) Activity: shopping
  6. Tape 036406 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationHampshire: Andover ( in town ) Activity: shopping
  7. Tape 036407 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationHampshire: Andover ( in town ) Activity: shopping
  8. Tape 036501 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: talking
  9. Tape 036502 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: talking
  10. Tape 036503 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationHampshire: Andover ( on the way to pick up the bus to ice show at Wembley and on bus ) Activity: talking
  11. Tape 036701 recorded on 1992-02-22. Location: London ( on bus from Wembley back to Andover ) Activity: talking
  12. Tape 036702 recorded on 1992-02-22. Location: London ( on bus from Wembley back to Andover ) Activity: talking
  13. Tape 036703 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home and ? shopping ) Activity: talking
  14. Tape 036704 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  15. Tape 036801 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  16. Tape 036901 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: eating lunch
  17. Tape 036902 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: television on
  18. Tape 036903 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: television on
  19. Tape 037001 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: talking
  20. Tape 037002 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationHampshire: Andover ( going to work and at work ) Activity: talking
  21. Tape 037003 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationHampshire: Andover ( coming back from work and in shop ) Activity: talking
  22. Tape 037004 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  23. Tape 037005 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  24. Tape 037006 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  25. Tape 037101 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  26. Tape 037102 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  27. Tape 037201 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  28. Tape 037202 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  29. Tape 037203 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  30. Tape 037204 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  31. Tape 037301 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: loud music on television
  32. Tape 037303 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: television on
  33. Tape 037304 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: loud television
  34. Tape 037305 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: television on
  35. Tape 037401 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationHampshire: Andover ( out ) Activity: going to work
  36. Tape 037402 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  37. Tape 037403 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationHampshire: Andover ( out and at home ) Activity: coming home from work shopping at home
  38. Tape 037501 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  39. Tape 037502 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  40. Tape 037503 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  41. Tape 037504 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  42. Tape 037505 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  43. Tape 037506 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  44. Tape 037507 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  45. Tape 037508 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  46. Tape 037509 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  47. Tape 037601 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  48. Tape 037602 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationHampshire: Andover ( out ) Activity: walking
  49. Tape 037603 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: talking
  50. Tape 037604 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  51. Tape 037605 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  52. Tape 037606 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationHampshire: Andover ( at home ) Activity: talking
  53. Tape 037701 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  54. Tape 037702 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  55. Tape 037703 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  56. Tape 037704 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  57. Tape 037705 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: talking
  58. Tape 037801 recorded on 1992-02-28. LocationHampshire: Andover ( going to work and at work ) Activity: talking
  59. Tape 037802 recorded on 1992-02-28. LocationHampshire: Andover ( at work and in town ) Activity: talking

1 (Tape 036401)

Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [1] If you're not doing it like that and you're in a conversation or atmosphere in the room, when I find it, this little gadget is wonderful, this will pick up for a long way, this will pick up the dogs next door, if there was no other noise in this room.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2] Mm
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [3] This is a little mike stand okay and it
Wendy (PS0X8) [4] Mhm
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [5] sit like that and to attach it all you do is swing it round vertically, plonk it on, I've done that wrong
Wendy (PS0X8) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [6] oh, well it goes like that
Wendy (PS0X8) [7] That's right
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [8] and it consists I mean you've got probably what a yard maybe
Wendy (PS0X8) [9] Mhm
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [10] I would think possibly up there, if you two are sitting here
Wendy (PS0X8) [11] Mm
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [12] then it would make sense if you're gonna continue doing that
Wendy (PS0X8) [13] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [14] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [15] to have it somewhere like that
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [16] yeah I mean to be honest it's just a case of one of you, it does go that way, I knew I was right the first time, of one of you just remembering
Wendy (PS0X8) [17] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [18] to turn the tapes over
Wendy (PS0X8) [19] Yeah, it'll probably be me
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [20] and, and also then
Bev (PS0X9) [21] I'm sure it will
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [22] and al , also then the batteries, every third tape
Wendy (PS0X8) [23] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [24] because they do use a lot of juice up
Wendy (PS0X8) [25] Mm
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [26] okay
Bev (PS0X9) [27] Mm
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [28] so that's that, that's all of that, thank you very much
Wendy (PS0X8) [29] No, no problem
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [30] and I'll see you next week
Wendy (PS0X8) [31] Aha
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [32] at erm four-ish about four
Wendy (PS0X8) [33] Yeah, well if that's alright, only as being that's the, what I call the end of month, like I've got to pay all of the bills and they must get it until the next, the end of the month
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [34] Yeah, well fair enough
Wendy (PS0X8) [35] the whole lot
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [36] fair enough, you don't need your headphones
Wendy (PS0X8) [37] Mm, no
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [38] so I'll take those back with me, I've got another pair in here
Wendy (PS0X8) [39] Mhm
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [40] erm, oh I'm, and that's it, that's great
Wendy (PS0X8) [41] alright
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [42] so, don't worry about bad language, I mean any sort of dialect you know, just forget it's there
Wendy (PS0X8) [43] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [44] Mm
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [45] One thing I think it does tell you in your guidelines, one is, if you do have friends round, out of courtesy you should maybe say so this is an experiment
Wendy (PS0X8) [46] Say you've got a
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [47] cos they go ooh for about three seconds or a couple of minutes and they'll forget about it
Wendy (PS0X8) [48] Yeah, well I don't think we plan any at the moment do we?
Bev (PS0X9) [49] No, no
Wendy (PS0X8) [50] No no
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [51] Right lovely
Wendy (PS0X8) [52] Thank you
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [53] thanks very much ladies I'll see you next week okay?
Wendy (PS0X8) [54] Right we'll see you next week
Bev (PS0X9) [55] Right
Wendy (PS0X8) [56] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [57] Okay, you let me out
Wendy (PS0X8) [58] [laugh] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [59] bye then
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [60] Goodbye
Wendy (PS0X8) [61] Is it on?
Bev (PS0X9) [62] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [63] Well what shall we talk about, the weather?
Bev (PS0X9) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [64] Did you want another cup of tea?
[65] And, what on earth is this film about?
Bev (PS0X9) [66] Well I think he's sort of, he's out of a job ain't he?
Wendy (PS0X8) [67] Well he was just now, yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [68] and he wants a wife
Wendy (PS0X8) [69] anyway I must get on my letter to June
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [70] oh, oh it's erm
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [71] for it
Bev (PS0X9) [72] oh leave it here
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [73] it is
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [74] yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [75] Now she's gone, did she put my
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [laugh]
Bev (PS0X9) [76] Aha
Wendy (PS0X8) [77] I don't want to lose that one
Bev (PS0X9) [78] your sacred pen
Wendy (PS0X8) [79] that is the best pen I have
Bev (PS0X9) [80] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [81] so I'll leave all that there and then
Bev (PS0X9) [82] Di can read through it when she gets back
Wendy (PS0X8) [83] You'll have to read through all that
Bev (PS0X9) [84] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [85] and er, it's simpler than me doing it anyway in the ...
Bev (PS0X9) [86] Oh er the bloody thing's finished now ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [87] What your jumper?
Bev (PS0X9) [88] Yeah ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [89] Well then tomorrow I must make a little list, see cos I want to finish that baby's jumper
Bev (PS0X9) [90] Which one?
Wendy (PS0X8) [91] to send to Malta
Bev (PS0X9) [92] Oh yes
Wendy (PS0X8) [93] and erm
Bev (PS0X9) [94] you can always do some little motif yourself on it
Wendy (PS0X8) [95] Yeah, it's a girl now we know what it is don't we?
[96] Er
Bev (PS0X9) [97] perhaps a couple of little roses or something like that
Wendy (PS0X8) [98] Yeah or go down and buy a couple of those little roses, which is much simpler
Bev (PS0X9) [99] Well yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [100] innit?
[101] You know much nicer we really want it very, very pretty
Bev (PS0X9) [102] but there again , but there again if they start cos kids do pull
Wendy (PS0X8) [103] running , not very big er mat matinee jacket though is it really?
Bev (PS0X9) [104] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [105] You know ...
Bev (PS0X9) [106] cos she's fed up with you that's why ... I've lost this film now.
Wendy (PS0X8) [107] I think it's rubbish anyway
Bev (PS0X9) [108] Yeah, yeah ... I probably think that they're having an affair I think
Wendy (PS0X8) [109] I think so ...
Bev (PS0X9) [110] she looks old and haggard in this
Wendy (PS0X8) [111] Mm, it's amazing what they can do though with make-up and
Bev (PS0X9) [112] Well they can make her into an old, old lady
Wendy (PS0X8) [113] just trust Fletcher, she's quite smart and nice ain't she?
Bev (PS0X9) [114] Yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [115] what?
Bev (PS0X9) [116] Who's the maid
Wendy (PS0X8) [117] Dunno
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ...
Bev (PS0X9) [118] Oh where have I got to go tomorrow then?
Wendy (PS0X8) [119] Oh I, I want to go to
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [120] erm possibly the wool shop, erm square one and Abbey National, I think I can't think of anywhere else at the moment
Bev (PS0X9) [121] Oh my
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [122] not ready yet
Wendy (PS0X8) [123] Did you go in there?
Bev (PS0X9) [124] No, but it still went off
Wendy (PS0X8) [125] No
Bev (PS0X9) [126] be next week ... why, he's not gone and chickened out?
[127] ... I wonder if we're suppose to talk all the time?
Wendy (PS0X8) [128] Dunno, well you can't talk all the time you'd have a sore throat wouldn't you?
[129] I mean it's, it's general I suppose I mean if it would be better to switch it on and off which you can do and er, you know, I mean we can't sit here continually talking
Bev (PS0X9) [130] Well I know, I know
Wendy (PS0X8) [131] I'd never get my letters written anyway ... so if you want to switch it off, I'll get on with my letters and erm you do your knitting and I'll, what is the time?
[132] I've got to do the potatoes yet
Bev (PS0X9) [133] So that's every fo , every second we think to say something, we've got to turn it on?
Wendy (PS0X8) [134] Well
Bev (PS0X9) [135] Is it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [136] otherwise we leave it for an evening just have general, I mean if we can she wants us to do the whole twenty, she said she'd be delighted, there was Yorkshire Television on her car keys
Bev (PS0X9) [137] I know I saw it
Wendy (PS0X8) [138] Yeah I that
Bev (PS0X9) [139] it don't mean a thing really, but
Wendy (PS0X8) [140] It don't mean anything at all, but then nevertheless, I mean they always want somebody to do these sort of things it's all, all for a purpose I suppose
Bev (PS0X9) [141] Oh well
Wendy (PS0X8) [142] I don't er ta very much
Bev (PS0X9) [143] it's all a survey's a survey innit?
Wendy (PS0X8) [144] Surveys yeah, but I mean from your and my point of view we don't sit here talking all the time, but when your father gets in then there's talk ...
Bev (PS0X9) [145] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [146] er work and that
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ...
Bev (PS0X9) [147] gosh she don't look too bad there
Wendy (PS0X8) [148] No ...

2 (Tape 036402)

Wendy (PS0X8) [149] Well if I get this letter done and then we'll ... get the envelope, get the stuff for Malta, sort out what I'm gonna send
Bev (PS0X9) [150] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [151] see what I'm gonna, well, see if I can get the little
Bev (PS0X9) [152] The other little rain jacket tomorrow
Wendy (PS0X8) [153] rain jacket for Annaleigh ... get the jacket done, get that in for Ian and something in for Claire and then when you go down town ... you can do it for me ...
Bev (PS0X9) [154] I thought we were going to town tomorrow?
Wendy (PS0X8) [155] Yeah, but it won't be ready will it?
[156] Can't be ready cos the little jacket ain't erm
Bev (PS0X9) [157] That's true, that's true
Wendy (PS0X8) [158] for
Bev (PS0X9) [159] We haven't got any ribbon anywhere have we?
Wendy (PS0X8) [160] Well I might have I just don't know ... I think I mean I used a load at, why, want white?
Bev (PS0X9) [161] Well what was
Wendy (PS0X8) [162] I used, I used yellow that I'd bought
Bev (PS0X9) [163] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [164] but erm
Bev (PS0X9) [165] What did you put the white in then?
Wendy (PS0X8) [166] I don't know, I just don't know ... anyway I mean it only needs a yard don't it?
[167] That
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [168] they like all that
Bev (PS0X9) [169] Yeah ... I wonder if I can find another
Wendy (PS0X8) [170] Well I should of bought some
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [171] same time I would think, never mind I will go and get some now
Bev (PS0X9) [172] Well done
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [173] yes ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [174] no ... not really, all that money, I mean in the end is it worth rescuing I say, I know it's sport and I know what about it, but, it's an awful lot of money though
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [175] ought to go back to amateur, proper amateur
Wendy (PS0X8) [176] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [177] Yeah, it's all become too, erm, professional
Wendy (PS0X8) [178] high powered innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [179] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [180] It's not only that it's all money innit, that's why
Bev (PS0X9) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [181] Yeah, I thought about that last night ... try and be quieter
Bev (PS0X9) [182] [laugh] ... oh dear, oh dear, just what will it be like when dad gets in? [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [183] Oh interesting
Bev (PS0X9) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [184] I think
Bev (PS0X9) [185] Oh no
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [186] oh
Bev (PS0X9) [187] Oh no
Wendy (PS0X8) [188] It's not on ... oh ...
Bev (PS0X9) [189] I wanted my programme
Wendy (PS0X8) [190] I know that
Bev (PS0X9) [191] Oh look, see what time's
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [192] right ...
Bev (PS0X9) [193] Erm ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [194] I don't know what else I've got
Bev (PS0X9) [195] where we've put the paper?
[196] Oh there it is ... Catchword's not until five, five tonight
Wendy (PS0X8) [197] Five, five?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [198] is there?
Bev (PS0X9) [199] No not really
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [200] tomorrow then
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ...
Bev (PS0X9) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [laugh]

3 (Tape 036403)

Bev (PS0X9) [201] It's the policeman you know
Wendy (PS0X8) [202] Policeman, I thought it was a woman, yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [203] No he was an ex-policeman
Wendy (PS0X8) [204] Oh I see, I thought it was a policeman doing it today
Bev (PS0X9) [205] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [206] oh ... that's a
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [207] innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [208] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [209] she'll probably be one of the cleverest people you'll ever meet
Bev (PS0X9) [210] Yeah ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [211] What time does your father get in?
[212] It's about half five innit normally?
Bev (PS0X9) [213] A bit earlier on
Wendy (PS0X8) [214] Oh is it Friday?
Bev (PS0X9) [215] earlier on a Friday yeah, well mind you he was early last week cos he had his hair cut, ha ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [216] yes ... [laugh] ... Freda all dressed in red, right well if I start
Bev (PS0X9) [217] And her hair still looks
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [218] I know it's horrible innit?
[219] I'm gonna start
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [220] I don't know where he is tonight do you?
Bev (PS0X9) [221] No
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [222] he might be down the club
Wendy (PS0X8) [223] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [224] Oh, you know I said I saw Sharon today?
Wendy (PS0X8) [225] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [226] She goes down the Railway
Wendy (PS0X8) [227] Who goes down the Railway?
Bev (PS0X9) [228] Sharon she plays bingo on a Sunday night
Wendy (PS0X8) [229] Oh crikey [laugh]
Bev (PS0X9) [230] she said is Jim still on the committee?
[231] I said yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [232] Now he is, yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [233] he said, she said I thought that was his name, cos his name was up on the board I said oh yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [234] Mm, oh dear
Bev (PS0X9) [235] roped in there, now, I said he's in there already
Wendy (PS0X8) [236] Well it's alright as long as it doesn't get to be like I said it could, these are lovely stamps you know
Bev (PS0X9) [237] I know ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [238] I've never had this one
Bev (PS0X9) [239] R E I G N reign
Wendy (PS0X8) [240] Oh I ain't seen it yet, ha, S C R U signet, S I G N E T, S I G N E T that's how you spell it signet, I'll start using these things
Bev (PS0X9) [241] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [242] Aha, I'll throw them away most of time, it's quite nice aren't they really?
[243] ... There's Molly just come home
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [244] Alan's got to be away you know
Bev (PS0X9) [245] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [246] he's got to be
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [247] wait, oh no ... crusting ... they you are look, there's plenty of -ing words
Bev (PS0X9) [248] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [249] go on have a look darling ...
Bev (PS0X9) [250] I thought reign was good
Wendy (PS0X8) [251] Mm ... erm
Bev (PS0X9) [252] I love those jackets she wears you know
Wendy (PS0X8) [253] Well I shall go and
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [254] on the big way now, she's preggy
Bev (PS0X9) [255] Yes I know, but they do make it
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [256] oh it's very smart I have to say that, I mean when you've got something like that you only need a skirt and a top
Bev (PS0X9) [257] Yeah, but that top she had on before all you need is a black dre a black skirt and it's a suit then
Wendy (PS0X8) [258] Yeah, absolutely, yeah ...
Bev (PS0X9) [259] wrist ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [260] S T R O ... stow S T O W well that's no good, B E O ... R O S T ... R E S T O no for restore we want another E look
Bev (PS0X9) [261] Yeah ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [262] Twerps
Bev (PS0X9) [263] I've got five
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [264] twerps
Bev (PS0X9) [265] None of these words I don't think are
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [266] Oh look at that
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [267] I think we're
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [268] anyway, certainly ... [laugh] what is the date today?
Bev (PS0X9) [269] Twenty first ... sportier
Wendy (PS0X8) [270] Sportier yeah well as you say I mean a lot of these words you wouldn't want chancing yourself, would you?
Bev (PS0X9) [271] Well no, he's sportier than I am
Wendy (PS0X8) [272] Yeah well I suppose so one of the, it must er ... [laughing] ha, you want a U now
Bev (PS0X9) [273] Oh nasty
Wendy (PS0X8) [274] Oh R, Q, X, Q, X, Q, X, Q, X
Bev (PS0X9) [275] Yeah, oh look at that, pulled all me stitches off
Wendy (PS0X8) [276] Yeah afraid so
Bev (PS0X9) [277] Ooh I've lost a stitch here
Wendy (PS0X8) [278] S E X sex, fate, S H I [] [laugh] I won't see the other one G H ...
Bev (PS0X9) [279] I T sight S I G H T
Wendy (PS0X8) [280] Yeah that's right ... hats [laugh] ... oh ... what's that then, father's home
Bev (PS0X9) [281] Little devil he's home early, what's that?
Wendy (PS0X8) [282] It's early innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [283] Done half a day ... I suppose we'd better tell him that we're taping [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [laugh] ...
Bev (PS0X9) [284] Oh good it's only one part
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [285] well I'm not doing those am I?
Bev (PS0X9) [286] Why?
Wendy (PS0X8) [287] Cos I can't be bothered that's why
Bev (PS0X9) [288] Oh it's seventy five oh I don't like them ... erm thirty five and ... four ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [289] What's this half a day then?
Michael (PS0XA) [290] Oh, ha, not late
Wendy (PS0X8) [291] We just sat here just now and said that you'd be in about half past
Michael (PS0XA) [292] Half past four?
Wendy (PS0X8) [293] half past five, I can't remember
Michael (PS0XA) [294] Half past five
Wendy (PS0X8) [295] ah?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [296] half past four, hair cut last week
Wendy (PS0X8) [297] Yeah, that's what we said actually
Bev (PS0X9) [298] Yeah, but
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [299] half a day then.
Wendy (PS0X8) [300] Yeah.
Bev (PS0X9) [301] We're doing a survey
Wendy (PS0X8) [laugh]
Michael (PS0XA) [302] Doing a what?
Wendy (PS0X8) [303] A survey, we've got a microphone going
Bev (PS0X9) [304] You're on tape
Michael (PS0XA) [305] Oh am I?
Wendy (PS0X8) [306] Mm, you see my letters where you, where, did they come when you got here?
[307] Before you went?
[308] Connie and June
Michael (PS0XA) [309] Eh, oh June was it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [310] June yeah
Michael (PS0XA) [311] Oh I thought it was Kate
Wendy (PS0X8) [312] I thought it was Ann
Michael (PS0XA) [313] if it was
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [314] then I
Wendy (PS0X8) [315] Yeah
Michael (PS0XA) [316] then I put a
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [317] to it
Wendy (PS0X8) [318] No, erm, well cos you saw her didn't you?
[319] ... Er Jack
Michael (PS0XA) [320] Jack, yeah, yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [321] Jack down the pub and er
Michael (PS0XA) [322] I said to her about that phone call didn't I?
Wendy (PS0X8) [323] You did yeah
Michael (PS0XA) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [324] It was quite a long letter actually
Michael (PS0XA) [325] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [326] she's hoping to go and have her knee done
Michael (PS0XA) [327] That's right yeah, Jack did say that, but I forgot to tell you, yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [328] Well she'd been waiting because he's on full time again now
Michael (PS0XA) [329] Yeah that's right
Wendy (PS0X8) [330] You knew that?
Michael (PS0XA) [331] Oh more than full time
Wendy (PS0X8) [332] Oh is he?
Michael (PS0XA) [333] Oh yeah, tapes?
Wendy (PS0X8) [334] Only twenty
Bev (PS0X9) [335] We've got to talk for twenty tapes
Wendy (PS0X8) [336] Talk for twenty tapes
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [337] and I get paid twenty five pounds
Michael (PS0XA) [338] For what?
Bev (PS0X9) [339] For her talking [laugh]
Michael (PS0XA) [340] For using up the tapes, I'll take it tomorrow at Wembley
Bev (PS0X9) [341] [laugh] Strange but
Michael (PS0XA) [342] Where'd that come from then?
Wendy (PS0X8) [343] Oh Yorkshire Television she had er on her key ring weren't it Bev?
Bev (PS0X9) [344] Yeah
Michael (PS0XA) [345] So it's just normal talking is it?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [346] well yeah , unless it's something you don't want them to hear
Michael (PS0XA) [347] You start and stop it
Wendy (PS0X8) [348] [laugh] she said that and she said she don't mind us swearing [laugh] she said I'll leave you fourteen, it actually says twenty tapes in the, bits of paper but she said if you could fill twenty I'd be over the moon did she say?
Bev (PS0X9) [349] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [350] Anyway she'd knocked at the door and er, I said to her oh I don't have to buy anything and she said no, no and erm
Michael (PS0XA) [351] They lend it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [352] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [353] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [354] I think Mr has died
Michael (PS0XA) [355] Oh
Bev (PS0X9) [356] Funeral car
Wendy (PS0X8) [357] well she said a couple of funeral cars
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [358] mm, mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [359] And then er she looked over and
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [360] well er it's gotta be him, it's not her and erm, she came
Bev (PS0X9) [361] Well she was never, that, that well
Wendy (PS0X8) [362] What Mrs ?
Bev (PS0X9) [363] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [364] Oh she's a
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [365] I would of thought wouldn't you Mick?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [366] yeah, she's always buzzing about, but erm, no this lady came back
Michael (PS0XA) [367] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [368] with the tapes and the recorder and she said I nearly knocked that door, you know
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [369] and erm I said well
Bev (PS0X9) [370] Well it's not doing much good you going out there talking
Wendy (PS0X8) [371] Well you're still doing it ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [372] yeah she said don't worry about the
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [373] mm, mm ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [374] I mean I wouldn't think of her sending the camera over
Bev (PS0X9) [375] What else did I say?
[376] Give one to Mrs and one to Mrs
Wendy (PS0X8) [377] Yeah ...
Bev (PS0X9) [378] I never got in till twelve again today
Michael (PS0XA) [379] Er
Bev (PS0X9) [380] mm
Michael (PS0XA) [381] any good in it?
Bev (PS0X9) [382] Well, they do their best for me, but it's embarrassing
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [383] Ian coloured them all the way, the way in Malta and when you read the letter
Bev (PS0X9) [384] Oh it's a funny letter
Wendy (PS0X8) [385] Oh it is a funny letter mate, well it's a Connie letter Mick
Michael (PS0XA) [386] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [387] of her, her bits and pieces
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [388] I'll read it to you, eh?
Michael (PS0XA) [389] [laugh] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [390] It's ever so funny
Michael (PS0XA) [391] No, not with that
Wendy (PS0X8) [392] Oh I'd forgotten about that, right I had to go back a couple of times didn't I Bev?
Bev (PS0X9) [393] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [394] To make sure that I was reading it to Bev right, but then you understand it's a Connie letter don't you?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [395] eh ... what she needs is what we need for the summer weather Connie, my brother is
Michael (PS0XA) [396] Who you wrote to Jim?
Wendy (PS0X8) [397] No I've done Jim
Michael (PS0XA) [398] Oh
Wendy (PS0X8) [399] only I want to send this packet over now look with the baby coat and all that ... well I won't be able to post it tomorrow cos it won't be ready ...
Bev (PS0X9) [400] Oh dear
Wendy (PS0X8) [401] Oh you've been out nearly every day ain't you?
Bev (PS0X9) [402] m ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [403] what?
[404] Well shut it off then
Bev (PS0X9) [405] Oh
Wendy (PS0X8) [406] alright then, he's reading
Bev (PS0X9) [407] do what?
Wendy (PS0X8) [408] You'll just have to keep on doing it that's all
Bev (PS0X9) [409] Oh
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [410] every time someone has a conversation
Wendy (PS0X8) [laugh]
Bev (PS0X9) [411] on and off
Wendy (PS0X8) [412] You don't have to do it every time
Bev (PS0X9) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [413] leave it on ... N ...
Michael (PS0XA) [414] Nice little letters those aren't they?
Wendy (PS0X8) [415] They are nice little letters, this one just as hard to understand
Bev (PS0X9) [416] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [417] that's what Bev said I couldn't even think who Belle the dog was and dad had to remind me ...
Bev (PS0X9) [418] Erm ... N, C, H, punch ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ...
Bev (PS0X9) [419] Er
Wendy (PS0X8) [420] Oh they're coming out pretty good today aren't they
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [421] yeah ... adore, adorned ... I had it, ha, ha, ha ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [422] [laugh] I've never heard of it
Bev (PS0X9) [423] No ... oh, right ... there's some writing behind
Michael (PS0XA) [424] Oh yeah, ha ...
Bev (PS0X9) [425] L L I I L
Wendy (PS0X8) [426] Oh lovely ...
Bev (PS0X9) [427] S ... still
Wendy (PS0X8) [428] No ...

4 (Tape 036404)

Wendy (PS0X8) [429] We're on now okay?
Michael (PS0XA) [430] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [431] Well I've got to get through ... right so you do the papers then and I can, only we do wanna go to square one and er we both need that sort of thing
Bev (PS0X9) [432] Jogging trousers
Wendy (PS0X8) [433] Well if they're that price I mean we'll er go into it won't we?
[434] It'll certainly do us at the moment in the winter won't it?
Michael (PS0XA) [435] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [436] Otherwise I mean er, there is better ones there, but
Bev (PS0X9) [437] Well it's more for swimming for us two
Wendy (PS0X8) [438] Well it is and I mean they'll be simpler wouldn't they, than pulling up things like this ... I mean if we're not gonna get out there, Rosemary says she gets out there about nine o'clock, don't she?
Michael (PS0XA) [439] Oh yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [440] Well cos
Bev (PS0X9) [441] they probably go for a drink
Wendy (PS0X8) [442] I dunno, don't matter anyway, erm, but you see that one is half past seven to half past eight
Michael (PS0XA) [443] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [444] so we don't need to go down that early Bev
Bev (PS0X9) [445] Well we do for a swim ... we're going to a
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [446] spa
Wendy (PS0X8) [447] Yeah, but so do they, and their official time is half past seven to half past eight innit?
Michael (PS0XA) [448] Well phone them up and
Wendy (PS0X8) [449] Yeah
Michael (PS0XA) [450] then you'll know won't you?
Bev (PS0X9) [451] You doing a swim because that costs more, but it's not just actual spa we've put down for though
Wendy (PS0X8) [452] No ... oh well we'll go and we'll see then, try it this week and next week and then see, see from there won't we?
Bev (PS0X9) [453] I know
Wendy (PS0X8) [454] But er ... it's pretty chilly you know ain't it?
Michael (PS0XA) [455] Yeah, well it's better than the, last two days easy
Wendy (PS0X8) [456] Ah, yeah but it's, it's damp isn't it sort of
Michael (PS0XA) [457] Chilly, it's bloody cold
Wendy (PS0X8) [458] I know it was I went out, that's an enormous place over there you know
Michael (PS0XA) [459] them
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [460] innit?
Wendy (PS0X8) [461] Yeah ...
Bev (PS0X9) [462] Power store are the ones to be there
Wendy (PS0X8) [463] Power store?
Bev (PS0X9) [464] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [465] Well that one over there look should be the W H Smith one you see
Bev (PS0X9) [466] Oh so that
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [467] is it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [468] yeah well that's what I understood anyway, weren't it?
Michael (PS0XA) [469] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [470] Cos that's been shut for ages innit?
Michael (PS0XA) [471] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [472] That weren't there very long really was it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [473] No ultimate was in it wasn't it?
[474] With it, that was the electrical place ...
Michael (PS0XA) [475] Whoops, sorry
Wendy (PS0X8) [476] What are you doing?
Michael (PS0XA) [477] I was just
Wendy (PS0X8) [478] Dreaming
Michael (PS0XA) [479] I just looked down to see what the time was, I just looked up
Wendy (PS0X8) [480] Oh
Michael (PS0XA) [481] the trouble with this car is you can't come down
Wendy (PS0X8) [482] you've got to slow it down
Michael (PS0XA) [483] you can't come down through the gears
Wendy (PS0X8) [484] No
Michael (PS0XA) [485] you're either accelerating or you're, or you're braking [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [486] Well don't do it again then
Michael (PS0XA) [487] No ... I just looked at the clock that was all it was ...
Bev (PS0X9) [488] Graham's got a sale on
Wendy (PS0X8) [489] Who?
[490] Graham's, oh yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [491] they can't do much of a business
Wendy (PS0X8) [492] you wouldn't think so apart from their regulars that's all I can say
Michael (PS0XA) [493] Who?
Wendy (PS0X8) [494] Graham's them
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [495] up there, oh
Wendy (PS0X8) [496] But, you know they've gotta
Michael (PS0XA) [497] but I mean old what's name had a following up there didn't he?
Wendy (PS0X8) [498] What erm ?
Michael (PS0XA)
Wendy (PS0X8) [499] Yeah he did
Michael (PS0XA) [500] whether it's the same sort of thing, and there were certain people
Wendy (PS0X8) [501] Well, I mean you won't get
Michael (PS0XA) [502] that wouldn't go anywhere else
Wendy (PS0X8) [503] no, you won't get the erm passing type trade, I don't think
Michael (PS0XA) [504] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [505] I don't think you will, but er
Michael (PS0XA) [506] No I don't think so, but
Wendy (PS0X8) [507] you, you
Michael (PS0XA) [508] as I say I'm certainly erm has his own
Wendy (PS0X8) [509] Yeah
Michael (PS0XA) [510] that wouldn't go anywhere else
Wendy (PS0X8) [511] Yeah well I mean that's right, but I say, quite seriously the prices in these exclusive shops
Michael (PS0XA) [512] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [513] today, I don't er
Michael (PS0XA) [514] well certain amount of people buy that type of
Wendy (PS0X8) [515] Of course they, do, course they do, well you won't get the passing trade where people want half a dozen shirts
Michael (PS0XA) [516] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [517] you know just, just fashion again, innit?
Michael (PS0XA) [518] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [519] You won't get any of that
Michael (PS0XA) [520] I don't know
Wendy (PS0X8) [521] I think so, yeah ...
Bev (PS0X9) [522] You never phoned Aunty Lesley last night
Wendy (PS0X8) [523] Mm I didn't can't I?
Michael (PS0XA) [524] What's that for?
Wendy (PS0X8) [525] Well just to see how she is, I mean we haven't been down there
Michael (PS0XA) [526] Oh
Wendy (PS0X8) [527] and er, you know it's just a contact really isn't it?
[528] ... I said I'd keep contact and
Michael (PS0XA) [529] Mm ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [530] I mean she could come up to us, but she always seems to be rushing about, here, there and everywhere don't she?
Bev (PS0X9) [531] Yeah
Michael (PS0XA) [532] Don't get out yet
Wendy (PS0X8) [533] No, alright then, I can't anyway, oh
Michael (PS0XA) [534] Oh well last I got out I found that I was about a foot too far forward out into the
Wendy (PS0X8) [535] Oh
Michael (PS0XA) [536] out over there look
Wendy (PS0X8) [537] right we'll get back here then and, not having to go to the post office now will be a help cos that really is the other end of town innit?
[538] ... It is cold that innit?
[539] ... Oh, I do need some trousers I can't bloody, these are all coming apart anyway
Bev (PS0X9) [540] Oh [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [541] all round the waist
Bev (PS0X9) [542] Oh yes the waist band
Wendy (PS0X8) [543] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [544] sort of on its own
Wendy (PS0X8) [545] and I mean really and honestly that not worth bothering to sew them up, they'll do for work, but that's all
Bev (PS0X9) [546] Oh
Wendy (PS0X8) [547] It's a chilly wind you know, I hope we've got a better bus tonight
Bev (PS0X9) [548] Why?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [549] well I mean that one was just a bad, a bad effort
Bev (PS0X9) [550] It was just unfortunate
Wendy (PS0X8) [551] Yeah, I mean he did say, he didn't really oh, realise the heater was gone
Bev (PS0X9) [552] That's rubbish that
Wendy (PS0X8) [553] Well I thought it was, but who knows ... you never know which way they're going here
Bev (PS0X9) [554] No, well you watch the indicator
Wendy (PS0X8) [555] Yeah, but, sometimes people don't use them do they?
[556] ... Ah?
[557] I did tell him it was
Bev (PS0X9) [558] I know
Wendy (PS0X8) [559] what's name didn't I?
[560] I didn't bring my gloves
Bev (PS0X9) [561] Well done
Wendy (PS0X8) [562] cos I had a cigarette in one pocket and this thing in the other you see
Bev (PS0X9) [563] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [564] This is a pretty little shop innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [565] Yeah ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [566] Oh, oh well it could of been worse I suppose, it's Saturday again look ... oh my hands are cold ... mm
Bev (PS0X9) [567] At least they've got all
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [568] yeah, mm yeah that's necessary innit on a Saturday?

5 (Tape 036405)

Wendy (PS0X8) [569] That doesn't matter, whatever ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [570] Right thanks a lot me dear for your trouble
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [571] yeah ta ta
Wendy (PS0X8) [572] Have you got another pen?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [573] Yeah, sorry, sorry
Wendy (PS0X8) [574] [laugh] That's alright don't worry ...

6 (Tape 036406)

Wendy (PS0X8) [575] Hiya Marge
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [576] Hello, said you'd be down town this morning
Wendy (PS0X8) [577] that was a marathon weren't it Bev?
Bev (PS0X9) [578] Cor it was
Wendy (PS0X8) [579] Is it sorted?
Bev (PS0X9) [580] No book went in and where the woman put the figures in last week that was the end of it, it was in there to pick up, but it was still thirty quid out, so Pam started doing it
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [581] So I said to
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [582] well it's Pat, she's ever so nice
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [583] Well Pat's doing it for me, well somebody's doing it for me, so
Wendy (PS0X8) [584] Yeah, well she's really good I mean
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [585] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [586] I was in front of Bev when I went in there and I said to her
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [587] she's gonna sort it
Wendy (PS0X8) [588] go to Pat because some
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [589] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [590] My book's terrible now
Wendy (PS0X8) [591] of them are such dickheads
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [592] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [593] I mean there's one in there particularly that
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [594] messed up both of us
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [595] Ah?
Wendy (PS0X8) [596] there's one of them that messed up both of us
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [597] I don't deal with the bank the only thing I got it now
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [598] We do, we do the bank not the building, the only place where
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [599] yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [600] Yeah, no all I do is two insurances in the Midland now, I had so much hassle
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [601] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [602] that er I, two insurances I take the money in every month
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [603] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [604] and there's about what did I put it?
[605] Oh I had to put that postal order in there, there's about fifty quid in there
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [606] just to keep the thing ticking over, yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [607] and, and I puts the insurance money every month and they take it out, I don't touch the blasted thing now
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [608] Well I done my, we bank Barclays when I opened mine, they're great over there
Wendy (PS0X8) [609] Oh yeah, yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [610] but er it's all this
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [611] every time I go in the
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [612] you've got trouble
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [613] I'm waiting for somebody [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [614] We've got to go in here, yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [615] I see you then
Wendy (PS0X8) [616] see you then, ta ta, oh they've still got them ... oh, god that was freezing
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [617] What?
Bev (PS0X9) [618] don't it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [619] What do you mean?
[620] That's the ones innit?
[621] There
Bev (PS0X9) [622] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [623] three to four
Bev (PS0X9) [624] that's fine four
Wendy (PS0X8) [625] That's fine innit, let's make sure it's alright, it's lovely innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [626] Sweet innit?
Wendy (PS0X8) [627] It's nice to have two different ones Bev because er
Bev (PS0X9) [628] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [629] I'll just have a look at these shirts up here ... no, they're nice Bev
Bev (PS0X9) [630] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [631] they're nice aren't they?
[632] Oh we'll come down another day and look, that's nice innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [633] A bit short in the body
Wendy (PS0X8) [634] Oh is it?
Bev (PS0X9) [635] It looks it don't it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [636] Now look at the beautiful colours though
Bev (PS0X9) [637] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [638] Alright, I'll go and pay for this ...
Bev (PS0X9) [639] They're quite smart mum
Wendy (PS0X8) [640] What's that?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [641] yeah, oh they're nice
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [642] thanks very much, oh
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [643] One ninety nine love please ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [644] thank you, oh, that wind was bitter in the end
Bev (PS0X9) [645] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [646] Thank you
Wendy (PS0X8) [647] Thanks very much, ta
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [648] go and look over the shoes Bev and see if there's, what sevens there are would you
Bev (PS0X9) [649] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [650] please?
[651] Thanks a lot
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [652] Thank you very much
Wendy (PS0X8) [653] Ta ... no I don't like them, cos I've got a high instep look, here I'll, I'll, it'll cut me you see
Bev (PS0X9) [654] Oh
Wendy (PS0X8) [655] Yeah, bloody hell they haven't half sold some ain't they?
Bev (PS0X9) [656] Seven
Wendy (PS0X8) [657] Yeah, but they
Bev (PS0X9) [658] Luminous aren't they?
Wendy (PS0X8) [659] Very luminous, threes and fours in the black, there's the plimsolls ... fours, fours, they're not are they?
[660] Nothing there
Bev (PS0X9) [661] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [662] Bo I don't want those again do I, what are those fours?
[663] No I, I really, I've gotta be very careful, that'll be better cos it's got the elastic, right we'd better get on then hadn't we?
[664] ... No it don't matter I got this, this is what I wanted ...
Bev (PS0X9) [665] We want some for a little jacket mum
Wendy (PS0X8) [666] Yeah and we want to go to Square One don't we?
Bev (PS0X9) [667] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [668] Well if we go to Square One now ... oh I'm glad you saw that
Bev (PS0X9) [669] There's some nice stuff in there now
Wendy (PS0X8) [670] What here?
Bev (PS0X9) [671] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [672] Oh ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [673] oh ... is that for the red?
[674] ... Oh we won't faff about in here we'll just
Bev (PS0X9) [675] No just look
Wendy (PS0X8) [676] Well if they've gone, they're gone aren't they? ...
Bev (PS0X9) [677] Oh they look quite nice
Wendy (PS0X8) [678] Five ninety nine
Bev (PS0X9) [679] Oh
Wendy (PS0X8) [680] Oh
Bev (PS0X9) [681] one ninety nine
Wendy (PS0X8) [682] oh that's the other one's innit?
[683] ... Oh they're nice ...
Bev (PS0X9) [684] What you want?
Wendy (PS0X8) [685] very nice ... seventeen ninety nine
Bev (PS0X9) [686] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [687] small to medium here, five ninety nine, I'll have a look at the top and see if there's anything else, what are those? ...
Bev (PS0X9) [688] Two ninety nine, don't have to be black
Wendy (PS0X8) [689] Well I'd prefer black
Bev (PS0X9) [690] What are these?
Wendy (PS0X8) [691] Oh what are those?
[692] ... That erm, that's them innit?
[693] Have they got a straight bot
Bev (PS0X9) [694] Two ninety nine
Wendy (PS0X8) [695] Oh I wonder what they'll be like, I don't want them as tight as those others, yeah but it's the legs and that, those others of mine, when I got them back they were really very ti tight
Bev (PS0X9) [696] Oh shouldn't be
Wendy (PS0X8) [697] Well I'll go and try a pair of those, small, medium, then you've got a large I'd expect, well I'll take a large as well, right ...
Bev (PS0X9) [698] These are large
Wendy (PS0X8) [699] Oh let's try that one then ...
Bev (PS0X9) [700] Can't even do it
Wendy (PS0X8) [701] Erm I've got two can I try them on?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [702] Yes, just go through
Wendy (PS0X8) [703] Right, thanks, oops

7 (Tape 036407)

Wendy (PS0X8) [704] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [705] If I try a pair of yours on at home
Wendy (PS0X8) [706] Alright then
Bev (PS0X9) [707] and see whether they fit
Wendy (PS0X8) [708] They're nice stuff this, much nicer than the other ones, it's all in a mess, sorry, I'll have
Bev (PS0X9) [709] Small, medium
Wendy (PS0X8) [710] small, medium, I'm sure that's what I had, no they feel nice though, I didn't like the feel of the other ones, I expect there's enough money in there, I've got me plimsolls to put on
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [711] yes they're hard those ... oh I didn't know how to do it, no wonder ... that'll, that'll be fine first thing won't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [712] Yeah ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [713] These socks are no good for these
Bev (PS0X9) [714] Well you shouldn't of put them on
Wendy (PS0X8) [715] I was cold ...
Bev (PS0X9) [716] Oh I like that one
Wendy (PS0X8) [717] Sorry?
Bev (PS0X9) [718] The longer one
Wendy (PS0X8) [719] Longer what dear?
Bev (PS0X9) [720] ladies
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [721] oh that's a good one, yeah, sorry, no they're good ain't they?
[722] Right hang on there Bev, money ... right that was softer than other ones, I'll come in another day and have a good root round
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [723] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [724] have these ... great
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [725] right, super thanks very much, bye, oh they're lovely stuff, what she on about the kiddie?
Bev (PS0X9) [726] Oh it started off with
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ...
Bev (PS0X9) [727] she said in Germany, I said no I said I can walk into them any moment
Wendy (PS0X8) [728] Ha
Bev (PS0X9) [729] he said
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]

8 (Tape 036501)

Wendy (PS0X8) [730] Over at Basingstoke and I had a look in the shoe shops, and that, they would be very handy for me erm lace up though
Bev (PS0X9) [731] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [732] but these were are all crumped and I don't want clumsy ones ... cos you feel as though you've got Doctor Marten's or something on you know
Bev (PS0X9) [733] But they're not comfortable after a while
Wendy (PS0X8) [734] and they look it though, they look it, that you know, they really do
Bev (PS0X9) [735] All fuddy duddy
Wendy (PS0X8) [736] Yeah, yeah and they're sort of grey, I'm not sure if she got them in a charity, I'm certainly sure it wasn't bought in a shoe shop, cos she goes round every charity, she won't go in, you know I told you about that, oh I don't know what it is, she said it's loaded out with stuff and we'll have to have a walk round there, erm, round by what was Kennedy's, erm
Bev (PS0X9) [737] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [738] by the bingo hall
Bev (PS0X9) [739] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [740] that was a fruit shop she said it's loaded out as a cheap shop she said and erm, she won't go in there because bloke's stood in there, she said she don't mind going in and paying fifty, because, well they don't do that do they?
Bev (PS0X9) [741] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [742] you know, so erm
Bev (PS0X9) [743] Yeah, but he's only watching the
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [744] well he's probably got nowhere else to go, I mean it's
Bev (PS0X9) [745] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [746] just aged off innit, there must be an out place, but you wouldn't er
Bev (PS0X9) [747] I wouldn't leave them
Wendy (PS0X8) [748] No you wouldn't leave it, but she said it's a cheap shop so, but she said there's loads
Bev (PS0X9) [749] but I've got to go to job spot one time
Wendy (PS0X8) [750] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [751] so when we walk round
Wendy (PS0X8) [752] Yeah, yeah that's right, but I mean just go and have a look, and I actually said to her well you'd be better with somebody else, you know, not going in there on your own
Bev (PS0X9) [753] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [754] and erm, you know, she, she obviously needs somebody else with her to make it not so obvious for her
Bev (PS0X9) [755] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [756] not
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [757] but I think that, that with what it is you know, but then I say she's got that anyway, she's not as, as tough as what she makes out, but er it would be worth having a look you never know what's in there, and I say I must pick up a couple of paper towels
Bev (PS0X9) [758] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [759] I'm not, I'm not gonna pay any more than that
Bev (PS0X9) [760] There's no point in it.
Wendy (PS0X8) [761] No, oh I know what I never got that ain't finished I'll have to go down the shops, I might go down
Bev (PS0X9) [762] What?
Wendy (PS0X8) [763] I didn't get that baby card did I?
Bev (PS0X9) [764] You don't know whether
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [765] I looked
Bev (PS0X9) [766] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [767] I di last night when I was up there and he said to me what was that noise, I went through all the piles and I had a quick look in the bureau but, I didn't find that, I don't know what I've done with that
Bev (PS0X9) [768] I know there was a baby one, you know that, erm ... pile with all different cards
Wendy (PS0X8) [769] And there was a baby one in there?
Bev (PS0X9) [770] I'm sure there was, I'll go and have a look
Wendy (PS0X8) [771] There was get wells and driving test, oh have a look because I mean
Bev (PS0X9) [772] I'm sure there's one there
Wendy (PS0X8) [773] it was, it was particularly, it, it totally for a girl
Bev (PS0X9) [774] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [775] because I said it was erm Simon's, and then I didn't know really where they lived and erm, I know they moved out, out of next door to Lesley's, and in the end it never got done that, that more to the point ... but erm I can't do that up until I've done that can I?
[776] Well I can't do that up until the coat's ready anyway
Bev (PS0X9) [777] Oh yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [778] but erm that
Bev (PS0X9) [779] what shall we do with that then?
Wendy (PS0X8) [780] Oh I don't know I mean it's gonna go through there, well I suppose I'm sure I can get some round the neck
Bev (PS0X9) [781] It won't fit round the neck
Wendy (PS0X8) [782] Got to fix it then haven't you?
[783] You'll want somewhere where you can either have it hanging
Bev (PS0X9) [784] Well no what did I do with that one for ... erm Ian and Diane?
Wendy (PS0X8) [785] might get it through the bottom, that'll be simpler won't it?
[786] ... I don't know what's gonna be simplest?
Bev (PS0X9) [787] When I did that one for Ian, we just tied it in at the back didn't we?
Wendy (PS0X8) [788] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [789] And had that
Wendy (PS0X8) [790] well let it dry off for a minute, well they must have a card, good job I thought about that ... I should be interested to see what she calls her because I think Annalise is a beautiful name
Bev (PS0X9) [791] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [792] and you don't hear it much here do you?
Bev (PS0X9) [793] No, well, it's like Nina's name, I can't remember it, Anastasia or something like that
Wendy (PS0X8) [794] Yeah, and shorten it to Nina
Bev (PS0X9) [795] Yeah, how they got Nina out of it, it is something like Anastasia, but it's
Wendy (PS0X8) [796] Well Nina must be in there somewhere so
Bev (PS0X9) [797] Well I believe er, her sisters used to call her Neen
Wendy (PS0X8) [798] Anasteen, Anasleen, Anasleen
Bev (PS0X9) [799] some something like that and they used to call her Neen
Wendy (PS0X8) [800] Oh
Bev (PS0X9) [801] and she said I don't like that call me Nina
Wendy (PS0X8) [802] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [803] and it stuck at
Wendy (PS0X8) [804] Oh well they've added the A on then
Bev (PS0X9) [805] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [806] obviously
Bev (PS0X9) [807] Mm, nobody calls her, whatever it is
Wendy (PS0X8) [808] No
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [809] well they all call Annalise that
Bev (PS0X9) [810] Annalise
Wendy (PS0X8) [811] Annalise, I've never heard anybody out there call her Anna or Lisa, or Lise or anything, always Annalise, it's such a pretty name
Bev (PS0X9) [812] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [813] ain't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [814] It's funny you know, if you give them a long name
Wendy (PS0X8) [815] Yeah they don't shorten it
Bev (PS0X9) [816] they get very shortened
Wendy (PS0X8) [817] but their, the name of their new house is Dew Drops
Bev (PS0X9) [818] Is it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [819] It's very nice
Bev (PS0X9) [820] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [821] innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [822] Well it's the oldy-worldy
Wendy (PS0X8) [823] Yeah, certainly is, I think that's super
Bev (PS0X9) [824] but I don't know why Hayley and Ian are called theirs Jack?
Wendy (PS0X8) [825] So did Susan, Susan called theirs Jack, that little boy
Bev (PS0X9) [826] Oh yes, but er
Wendy (PS0X8) [827] Well Jack were then, they, they put these, in the paper periodically they put
Bev (PS0X9) [828] Well the girl was gonna be Layla
Wendy (PS0X8) [829] What erm
Bev (PS0X9) [830] if they had a girl it was Layla
Wendy (PS0X8) [831] What Hayley?
Bev (PS0X9) [832] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [833] Mm quite nice that, I don't mind that
Bev (PS0X9) [834] Fleetwood Mac song
Wendy (PS0X8) [835] Oh is it?
Bev (PS0X9) [836] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [837] Oh I didn't know that, but erm, no in the paper periodically
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [838] went mad on it, on Fleetwood Mac
Wendy (PS0X8) [839] Oh, but when Prince Andrew was born that caught on
Bev (PS0X9) [840] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [841] you know X years ago, but this is what they do
Bev (PS0X9) [842] and Eugene
Wendy (PS0X8) [843] er, well
Bev (PS0X9) [844] I haven't heard any Eugenes
Wendy (PS0X8) [845] No, that was picked out the history book
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [846] would of picked that, they had a
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [847] book here didn't they?
[848] I should of gone through the book to find that, put some money on it ... because if she had Victoria as well, I thought about Victoria and er of course I didn't know about Eugene I don't read, but it's in the book
Bev (PS0X9) [849] Is it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [850] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [851] I
Wendy (PS0X8) [852] oh yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [853] If there are any
Wendy (PS0X8) [854] Don't know what it'll be do you?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [855] no, I don't think they'll have any more now
Wendy (PS0X8) [856] No I don't think they will but you can't really believe all that you read in a newspaper can you?
Bev (PS0X9) [857] No, but they don't seem a happy couple at the moment do they?
Wendy (PS0X8) [858] Well it's the impression you get innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [859] Yeah, but there again the
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [860] wouldn't give out or let that out
Wendy (PS0X8) [861] No
Bev (PS0X9) [862] if there weren't a certain amount of truth
Wendy (PS0X8) [863] Oh it's got all
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [864] something totally out
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [865] oh yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [866] Though he's got all those people up there again, Amy Karen er not Karen er Caroline
Bev (PS0X9) [867] Caroline
Wendy (PS0X8) [868] and er Peter ...
Bev (PS0X9) [869] Oh you know that erm ... course that ... erm cookery
Wendy (PS0X8) [870] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [871] for German
Wendy (PS0X8) [872] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [873] well there's a holiday one, it's ... a holiday
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [874] one at, at
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [875] yeah, well what is that then?
Bev (PS0X9) [876] Ten weeks but that would probably only be sort of erm
Wendy (PS0X8) [877] A German holiday?
Bev (PS0X9) [878] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [879] Oh what like erm a
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [880] yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [881] That's quite interesting then and you don't know when that one starts?
Bev (PS0X9) [882] Well it's starting earlier than that, but I wonder whether to leave it until ... because I might already know most of
Wendy (PS0X8) [883] Yeah, oh you do know certain, a certain amount don't you?
Bev (PS0X9) [884] Just got to get to get the sentences, oh I know quite a few words ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [885] Yeah I mean we can get by over there can't you?
Bev (PS0X9) [886] Yeah, I think I'll wait until September and
Wendy (PS0X8) [887] Well you won't wait until that long you'll put it down in May
Bev (PS0X9) [888] May
Wendy (PS0X8) [889] won't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [890] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [891] So don't forget that, I think that's more comprehensive and that was a Monday night wasn't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [892] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [893] So even with swimming
Bev (PS0X9) [894] Oh I won't pack up at my swimming
Wendy (PS0X8) [895] No, oh no
Bev (PS0X9) [896] No, what I think I'll do swimming-wise is go down to seven fifteen
Wendy (PS0X8) [897] Yeah, do you wanna go Monday dinner time, if you're not, you're not
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [898] wouldn't phone you on Monday, she may, but she isn't supposed to
Bev (PS0X9) [899] She isn't supposed to, well if you're, you're working though aren't you?
Wendy (PS0X8) [900] I'm working but it's half past twelve innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [901] That's right, yeah, I don't mind
Wendy (PS0X8) [902] Well let's, let's, let's say we'll try
Bev (PS0X9) [903] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [904] and see what the weather's like and you name it, I mean we know now
Bev (PS0X9) [905] Well let me just check me diary, I know
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [906] no, but we now know that, if it, if I've got the right time, half past twelve's fine
Bev (PS0X9) [907] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [908] erm, oh wait a minute I can't
Bev (PS0X9) [909] You can't the cooker man
Wendy (PS0X8) [910] the cooker man, oh well let's see another day then dependent on this
Bev (PS0X9) [911] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [912] I mean cos if that job's available Bev
Bev (PS0X9) [913] I'll take it
Wendy (PS0X8) [914] you'll have to have a start about it won't you?
Bev (PS0X9) [915] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [916] I mean it'll stop you
Bev (PS0X9) [917] Oh it'll stop me
Wendy (PS0X8) [918] what's name, but that don't matter because although
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [919] he said to me part time er, but of course he didn't know, erm they might, might want somebody part time, but erm, I mean that's gotta be at least even if it's three pounds an hour
Bev (PS0X9) [920] Oh I'm not thinking about it
Wendy (PS0X8) [921] Well you're not bothered about that anyway
Bev (PS0X9) [922] I'm not even bothered to think about it
Wendy (PS0X8) [923] I mean eight hours a day, it's gotta be over the hundred
Bev (PS0X9) [924] Er nine thirty to five thirty so I won't get in till ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [925] What?
Bev (PS0X9) [926] I won't get in till I don't know when
Wendy (PS0X8) [927] What?
Bev (PS0X9) [928] get on the bus and that
Wendy (PS0X8) [929] In the morning?
Bev (PS0X9) [930] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [931] No he's picking you up at night
Bev (PS0X9) [932] Oh he'd pick me up at night, I see
Wendy (PS0X8) [933] he said half past five is fine, half past five
Bev (PS0X9) [934] past five
Wendy (PS0X8) [935] is fine
Bev (PS0X9) [936] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [937] no it doesn't, that's no problem
Bev (PS0X9) [938] well really it's not that much further forward
Wendy (PS0X8) [939] it's only down the road innit?
[940] I say no, that, that ain't the problem
Bev (PS0X9) [941] Hopefully if I do get it, there's somebody there, that's going from Andover
Wendy (PS0X8) [942] Well that's what I said, you don't know do you?
Bev (PS0X9) [943] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [944] Or somebody in the next place or the next place, we reckon we know where it is
Bev (PS0X9) [945] Do you?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [946] no Woolworth's
Bev (PS0X9) [947] Woolworth's
Wendy (PS0X8) [948] Have you never been out there?
Bev (PS0X9) [949] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [950] No, well it's the big paved erm way
Bev (PS0X9) [951] Long way?
Wendy (PS0X8) [952] Oh yeah, there's, mind you
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [953] but what's out there is load of erm unit factories, unit places and
Bev (PS0X9) [954] Well it'd have to be somewhere
Wendy (PS0X8) [955] Yeah similar to my place up there
Bev (PS0X9) [956] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [957] er but a bigger area and they're like big warehouses, big, well like the
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [958] yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [959] and erm, he's got in the, in the fabric one he's got double doors and all the rolls of carpet and erm, he's got a table in there and obviously to make a cup of tea, got a couple of beds in there cos he's sold them and it's like a big warehouse and erm ... all around there there's a big concreted area, you know, and er all these units and that's where we, we reckon it is.
[960] I mean there's a lot there, there's a lot of
Bev (PS0X9) [961] Places
Wendy (PS0X8) [962] places ... yeah ... no, no the evening one would be a doddle ... Anyway we'll wait and see, might not occur.
[963] I mean if then, if you did then the, the
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [964] are out
Bev (PS0X9) [965] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [966] but then, providing we go on the Tuesdays you can still go German on the Mondays, anyway couldn't you?
Bev (PS0X9) [967] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [968] well for all that time
Wendy (PS0X8) [969] if you have that
Bev (PS0X9) [970] I won't
Wendy (PS0X8) [971] probably won't be there
Bev (PS0X9) [972] they won't be there
Wendy (PS0X8) [973] No that's right, no
Bev (PS0X9) [974] but thirteen weeks
Wendy (PS0X8) [975] Yeah, well that's norm isn't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [976] I don't know
Wendy (PS0X8) [977] Yeah, well when I, when I was up RAF Andover
Bev (PS0X9) [978] I had a feeling that it's six weeks
Wendy (PS0X8) [979] Oh I, how awful for thirteen weeks, with me, I know she did when she had Ian went back
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [980] I know she did, but anyway doesn't matter whatever it is.
Bev (PS0X9) [981] Well then I'd have to stop the Income Support
Wendy (PS0X8) [982] Oh yeah , oh yeah you most probably end up with
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [983] so you couldn't do that, you'd have to tell them that, and say well I've got to start my
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [984] because I'm involved with the
Bev (PS0X9) [985] I'll have a temporary job
Wendy (PS0X8) [986] Ah?
Bev (PS0X9) [987] I'll have a temporary job
Wendy (PS0X8) [988] Yeah, oh no you'll have to
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [989] things like that ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [990] we get on quite well
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [991] you know
Bev (PS0X9) [992] Yeah, we seem to get held up everywhere we go
Wendy (PS0X8) [993] Yeah we did
Bev (PS0X9) [994] I couldn't believe it when
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [995] no, never mind ... ha, my brother went into the
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [996] if I buy them too big then they're, all
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [997] on the floor
Bev (PS0X9) [998] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [999] you know, they're just too long
Bev (PS0X9) [1000] Oh I'll try a pair of yours on
Wendy (PS0X8) [1001] Yeah, but they're stretchies that's what's so nice about them
Bev (PS0X9) [1002] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1003] and the material is, you feel the stretch, the others are like this and they just sit there, but then in the end they ride up you see
Bev (PS0X9) [1004] They bag
Wendy (PS0X8) [1005] Oh they bag something terrible but then I say at the price I'm not gonna buy them, I'm not, but in the Dodger's there's not one small in any colour
Bev (PS0X9) [1006] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [1007] well then if I go onto a medium, then you're getting all this length and all this business here, all that business and it's too much, if I could of found a four I'd certainly tried it on for swimming you know, [yawning] but I don't want it all baggy and horrible [] you know
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1008] and I do like that sewing stripe down the middle
Bev (PS0X9) [1009] Yes
Wendy (PS0X8) [1010] because it always looks smarter than, like this ... just plain
Bev (PS0X9) [1011] Like a pin stripe sort of thing
Wendy (PS0X8) [1012] Well it's just like
Bev (PS0X9) [1013] isn't it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1014] a crease
Bev (PS0X9) [1015] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [1016] when you iron in a crease it's, it's just like that ain't it?
[1017] ... I
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1018] I don't know
Bev (PS0X9) [1019] A bit dodgy
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1020] yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1021] You put that corned beef in the fridge didn't you?
Bev (PS0X9) [1022] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1023] Do you want some salad cream for now?
Bev (PS0X9) [1024] I think there's enough
Wendy (PS0X8) [1025] Oh cos I'm going down the shop
Bev (PS0X9) [1026] I wouldn't bother
Wendy (PS0X8) [1027] No, I'll do it tomorrow then ... do something different for dinner tomorrow, well you can either try some, oh I've got another here, we could try
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1028] eh?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1029] Sandra does it, but I mean I wouldn't bother with
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1030] all that
Bev (PS0X9) [1031] Oh no ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1032] [laugh] ... They certainly do bring the old repeats back don't they?
Bev (PS0X9) [1033] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [1034] I mean they're not bad little programmes, but quite seriously you
Bev (PS0X9) [1035] We've seen them
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1036] though
Wendy (PS0X8) [1037] once you've seen them ... If I put one of those skirts on, the navy I think, and if I get any marks on it
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1038] well no, I'm only wearing me bloody coat and the skirt and er grey tights that's all, er whatever up top ... I mean I hope that, have a look, I hope it's gonna be a better bus anyway this week ...
Bev (PS0X9) [1039] Make sure that hip's on the side then
Wendy (PS0X8) [1040] I've already got one, I'm not bothered about that, I mean for kids I think, I think it's a good idea because well then they don't lay on it
Bev (PS0X9) [1041] Oh I've done that for many a year
Wendy (PS0X8) [1042] Yeah, oh it is neater I agree with that, I just want to get on with it now
Bev (PS0X9) [1043] You're not happy with it are you?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1044] I am happy with it, I've just lost interest
Bev (PS0X9) [1045] Oh
Wendy (PS0X8) [1046] No I, I want it certainly ... oh you must get hungry in a minute surely ... we must try that freeze dry too
Bev (PS0X9) [1047] Yeah freeze dry too
Wendy (PS0X8) [1048] How many cups was in there?
Bev (PS0X9) [1049] Six
Wendy (PS0X8) [1050] Mm, it's incredible really
Bev (PS0X9) [1051] Mm ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1052] It'll be nice if you could summon up people like that on the phone won't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [1053] Oh yeah ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1054] [yawning] oh dear [] god I've got to work at Albridge tonight
Bev (PS0X9) [1055] Go to sleep on the bus
Wendy (PS0X8) [1056] Well yeah but it takes longer on the bus, but er
Bev (PS0X9) [1057] But if you're tired you can go to sleep anywhere
Wendy (PS0X8) [1058] Oh you do ... I hope Tommy's got that photo of her now
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1059] when did he post it?
[1060] Or did I post it?
[1061] He posted it didn't he?
Bev (PS0X9) [1062] He post it
Wendy (PS0X8) [1063] That'll be last Saturday then won't it, that's a week then won't it?
[1064] I'm sure she's on the move, for it, you know
Bev (PS0X9) [1065] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1066] I mean it came out well I thought, it came out very well, considering it was, you know, different process, and it certainly does the job and I still haven't got my damn postcards have I?
Bev (PS0X9) [1067] No
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1068] yeah I would, I've got to write to Dot tomorrow
Wendy (PS0X8) [1069] Yeah, yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1070] cos I think it's only fair
Wendy (PS0X8) [1071] I've got that card, I think it's in there ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1072] oh no, well I mean, I think you've got to do it properly, I don't think you should do it on the caravan because A you're gonna get the reception, B you're gonna have to make an appointment and it, in a letter
Bev (PS0X9) [1073] I'll probably have to see them anyway
Wendy (PS0X8) [1074] Sorry?
Bev (PS0X9) [1075] I'll probably have to go up to them
Wendy (PS0X8) [1076] Well you probably shall well that's, well that's their choice then not yours
Bev (PS0X9) [1077] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1078] but the whole point is you can put down every detail in a letter for them to read, to put on file, can't you?
[1079] No I think you should do it, do it that way round ...
Bev (PS0X9) [1080] Well I'll pop up there first then
Wendy (PS0X8) [1081] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1082] even if I'm not
Wendy (PS0X8) [1083] I'll give them a ring tomorrow
Bev (PS0X9) [1084] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1085] and erm ... I mean really it's a bit difficult actually because er you don't know about that
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ...
Bev (PS0X9) [1086] Why?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1087] Well you don't know whether you'll be able, you can go down in an evening
Bev (PS0X9) [1088] No I'll just say I'll pop down some time
Wendy (PS0X8) [1089] She might of had hers by now mightn't she?
Bev (PS0X9) [1090] Yeah, whoops big
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1091] oh big foot ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1092] Well she might be that little bit further on let's face it I mean
Bev (PS0X9) [1093] Yeah, I could ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1094] [laugh] ... Well otherwise you might be you know, a little bit further, but
Bev (PS0X9) [1095] I wonder whether how long it's gonna take Martin to fit that gear if Martin can do it
Wendy (PS0X8) [1096] Well I want, now I want yeah well I understand but I wonder how long since they will leave it ... she's already looked for an answ , you know she doesn't get an answer, that's the point, I should think by now he'd
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1097] I can't see, I mean, of course I mean she can take him to court over the money
Bev (PS0X9) [1098] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [1099] if he disagrees or don't do anything, but I can't see how he can't leave it, can be without it, has to know ...
Bev (PS0X9) [1100] Oh I'd
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1101] yeah, but not from her point of view I mean, not from her point of view she'll, she'll surely just go ahead ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1102] they are a damn nuisance
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1103] well we ain't had lots and lots
Wendy (PS0X8) [1104] Well since Helen went we've had no luck at all with neighbours, I think they're
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1105] disgusting ... but then they're not the sort of people you can talk to are they?
Bev (PS0X9) [1106] No ... is there a girl up this road called Rachel?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1107] Not that I know of, well I mean I don't know
Bev (PS0X9) [1108] Two er, two kiddies, er there's that, that one then, it's gotta be
Wendy (PS0X8) [1109] What one?
Bev (PS0X9) [1110] Sandra
Wendy (PS0X8) [1111] Why?
[1112] They're not called Rachel ...
Bev (PS0X9) [1113] No, but, who else up here's got two children?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1114] Well there's a woman that comes up
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1115] not the woman with three there's another woman that's got two, I don't know her, she comes round with some of those envelopes sometimes
Bev (PS0X9) [1116] Er because
Wendy (PS0X8) [1117] charity
Bev (PS0X9) [1118] you know Sharon
Wendy (PS0X8) [1119] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1120] it's a bit of er
Wendy (PS0X8) [1121] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1122] erm ... she, she said I know somebody up your road
Wendy (PS0X8) [1123] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1124] she's got two children and I don't know anyone
Wendy (PS0X8) [1125] I don't know who's up the top, who lives up there I mean
Bev (PS0X9) [1126] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [1127] somebody took over Horace's place there, I don't
Bev (PS0X9) [1128] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1129] know who they are, next to
Bev (PS0X9) [1130] er
Wendy (PS0X8) [1131] I don't know anybody
Bev (PS0X9) [1132] Sharon and her man went, on er
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1133] wedding, er honeymoon, went on honeymoon with them
Wendy (PS0X8) [1134] They what?
Bev (PS0X9) [1135] You know
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1136] Janet
Bev (PS0X9) [1137] Janet
Wendy (PS0X8) [1138] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1139] Sharon and that lot went on hol honeymoon with them
Wendy (PS0X8) [1140] Why?
Bev (PS0X9) [1141] I don't know ... they
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1142] well
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1143] about that then ... what for a holiday or
Bev (PS0X9) [1144] I think so
Wendy (PS0X8) [1145] Strange innit?
Michael (PS0XA) [1146] Dinner time
Bev (PS0X9) [1147] Dinner time
Wendy (PS0X8) [1148] I thought so I mean it was getting on a bit
Bev (PS0X9) [1149] Goody, goody ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1150] How you getting on with that then?
Michael (PS0XA) [1151] Ah?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1152] How you getting on with it?
Michael (PS0XA) [1153] Slowly
Wendy (PS0X8) [1154] Oh
Michael (PS0XA) [1155] it's going
Wendy (PS0X8) [1156] Ah?
Michael (PS0XA) [1157] it's going
Wendy (PS0X8) [1158] Is Derek coming tomorrow then?
Michael (PS0XA) [1159] Oh I'll phone him up this afternoon then
Wendy (PS0X8) [1160] Yeah
Michael (PS0XA) [1161] cos er, see how many he wants, there's fourteen they're not gonna have, I'm not gonna have fourteen if we don't need fourteen
Wendy (PS0X8) [1162] Oh no
Michael (PS0XA) [1163] I think eight or nine
Wendy (PS0X8) [1164] Really
Michael (PS0XA) [1165] but can't even tell it, ought to be able to do it
Wendy (PS0X8) [1166] Oh he's done a lot of work ain't he?
Michael (PS0XA) [1167] Yeah, but for the little place it is
Wendy (PS0X8) [1168] Is it little?
Michael (PS0XA) [1169] Well, it's a bungalow
Wendy (PS0X8) [1170] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1171] Yeah
Michael (PS0XA) [1172] but the, the back garden and, I suppose our, our lawn and Gareth's together probably
Wendy (PS0X8) [1173] That's it?
Michael (PS0XA) [1174] Yeah, but he's got in there a half shed and er this er
Wendy (PS0X8) [1175] Summer house
Michael (PS0XA) [1176] summer house, yeah, yeah, and he's got a patio outside, didn't, it's a only a patio it's nothing, it's not covered in or anything but there's steps up to it and that and, and that's it, he's got nothing in his garden, it's lawn and
Wendy (PS0X8) [1177] Oh it's just a
Michael (PS0XA) [1178] and er
Bev (PS0X9) [1179] And pretty
Wendy (PS0X8) [1180] and pretty
Michael (PS0XA) [1181] yeah , yeah that's right, it's lawn and, and flowers, he's got nothing er
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [1182] the beds are only half
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1183] yeah I know, I didn't realise it was that small
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [1184] it's the same size as our lawn
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1185] oh, oh I didn't realise, mm
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ...
Michael (PS0XA) [1186] hot water now
Wendy (PS0X8) [1187] What?
Michael (PS0XA) [1188] Hot water now
Wendy (PS0X8) [1189] Hot water?
Michael (PS0XA) [1190] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1191] What?
Michael (PS0XA) [1192] Well switch your tap on ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [1193] the bathroom one doesn't
Wendy (PS0X8) [1194] Ah?
Michael (PS0XA) [1195] The bathroom one don't
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1196] It was very hard to turn on when I was
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1197] I've been able to turn it on but it ain't been
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1198] no ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1199] Is that no good?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1200] I think we'll take those sausage rolls with us tonight
Michael (PS0XA) [1201] Do what?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1202] take those sausage rolls or a pork pie with us
Michael (PS0XA) [1203] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1204] I mean it is only to have something with you, innit?
Michael (PS0XA) [1205] Well it is, yeah, er what you having?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1206] One double please
Bev (PS0X9) [1207] Yes please
Michael (PS0XA) [1208] Right ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1209] So what time do you wanna leave?
Michael (PS0XA) [1210] Ah?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1211] What time do you wanna leave here?
Michael (PS0XA) [1212] Well if we're gonna take the car we'll
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1213] four thirty, alright ... I tried that Channel Four Mick
Michael (PS0XA) [1214] Do what?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1215] I tried to find that horse
Michael (PS0XA) [1216] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1217] and it's, it's the wrong tape, it only tells you last week's winners
Michael (PS0XA) [1218] Well it tell about it erm, it, it tell about it because there's a special bonus offer on it
Wendy (PS0X8) [1219] Yeah and we wound, re-wound the tape and er looked for the number and it's the same number, I've done it three times and I got this other bloke and I went right through it once and it says
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1220] last week and erm, if you wanna do it again watch Channel Four on Saturday, so I'll try it when the programme's on, they might of found out
Michael (PS0XA) [1221] Yeah ... cos he did say there was a special bonus
Wendy (PS0X8) [1222] That's right, er and it had the same number ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1223] still those little chops looked all right didn't they?
Bev (PS0X9) [1224] Yeah ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1225] Right now then
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1226] yeah ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1227] Right, done it ...

9 (Tape 036502)

Bev (PS0X9) [1228] What?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [1229] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [1230] I'll have to do me
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1231] this year, this week then, this'll be the week going he'll come up
Bev (PS0X9) [1232] Right
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1233] yeah ... we've got a
Bev (PS0X9) [1234] Less than an hour now
Wendy (PS0X8) [1235] less than an hour, oh I was waiting for those results well I'd drink me tea as well obviously but
Bev (PS0X9) [1236] You don't mean it though
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ...
Bev (PS0X9) [1237] are you darling
Wendy (PS0X8) [1238] Oh bored
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1239] oh I'd rather gone out, I think there's, there's one of those
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1240] for us
Bev (PS0X9) [1241] Mm, what about a nice long walk go and pick up Jesse and
Wendy (PS0X8) [1242] Oh no I don't want Jesse, I mean after what your father said this morning
Bev (PS0X9) [1243] I heard
Wendy (PS0X8) [1244] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1245] Yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1246] mm, so did I, no Jesse's too erm
Bev (PS0X9) [1247] Young still ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1248] don't want to, I mean you don't want to get involved in something like that
Bev (PS0X9) [1249] You don't want to start anything off like that
Wendy (PS0X8) [1250] I told them I wouldn't have her, I, I if they wanted to go on holiday I wouldn't have her, I couldn't have her in here she'd knock everything to bits, try to move everything in here that she wouldn't chew
Bev (PS0X9) [1251] Well you couldn't
Wendy (PS0X8) [1252] you couldn't do it could you?
Bev (PS0X9) [1253] No, she'd have all those
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1254] as I say she'd have everything down, I think I, she definitely needs a big house, but not only that I mean she has to put everything up like
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1255] and then she got up on that
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1256] did they?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1257] who to?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ...
Bev (PS0X9) [1258] Alright mother I'll go and get ready ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1259] well what I'll do I'll go and get some clothes, now what we do, we gonna take some food with us then?
Michael (PS0XA) [1260] Like what?
[1261] I'm not bothered cos I, I mean the things that we did last year
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [1262] have a bag of chips between us
Bev (PS0X9) [1263] We might as well get a bag of chips
Michael (PS0XA) [1264] I, I mean I can have a sausage roll and a piece of cake
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1265] we might as well, yeah, what is a bag of chips
Wendy (PS0X8) [1266] Well
Bev (PS0X9) [1267] split three ways?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1268] if I erm
Michael (PS0XA) [1269] Well on the other hand we didn't want one between us er
Wendy (PS0X8) [1270] One each
Bev (PS0X9) [1271] No [yawning] right if I'll go and get me clothes [] then erm er well I'm gonna have a cup of tea
Michael (PS0XA) [1272] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1273] and then that'll have to be it
Wendy (PS0X8) [1274] Well no that have to be it then
Bev (PS0X9) [1275] because I'll be going
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1276] no, it's quite a journey, how long is it?
Michael (PS0XA) [1277] Oh a good hour and a half
Wendy (PS0X8) [1278] Hour and a half?
Michael (PS0XA) [1279] It's right into the middle of London
Bev (PS0X9) [1280] Didn't seem that long last time
Michael (PS0XA) [1281] Yes it was
Wendy (PS0X8) [1282] We were chatting and that
Michael (PS0XA) [1283] It's a full, have to go er, go off the end, end of the M four
Bev (PS0X9) [1284] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1285] Yeah
Michael (PS0XA) [1286] I wonder if I'll try
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [1287] M three, M twenty five and then
Bev (PS0X9) [1288] Don't go any
Michael (PS0XA) [1289] enter London, enter London cos erm Wembley's er first up fairly on aren't we?
Bev (PS0X9) [1290] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1291] Yeah , how far's [...] then?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1292] April was it?
Michael (PS0XA) [1293] No April, May
Wendy (PS0X8) [1294] May
Michael (PS0XA) [1295] May fourth I think
Wendy (PS0X8) [1296] Oh my god
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [1297] get in
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1298] ah, with this
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1299] going though
Michael (PS0XA) [1300] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [1301] that's gonna change a lot of things innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [1302] Oh which one?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1303] The Rosea, the big, big hotel, come
Michael (PS0XA) [1304] Opposite the bell
Wendy (PS0X8) [1305] Opposite the bell
Bev (PS0X9) [1306] Oh yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1307] There's a
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1308] the bell is yeah, but certainly the other one's changed it's name anyway, it's not the Rosea not now, but er, it's gone
Bev (PS0X9) [1309] Oh
Wendy (PS0X8) [1310] it's in the paper cos, a fellow on the way to work said it was and she, Graham got married in the May and er they get married in Cyprus but
Bev (PS0X9) [1311] They were gonna hold something here
Wendy (PS0X8) [1312] they were having one here as well and erm they booked it for the day and they were staying there overnight, cos they were, they've got a house and they were gonna let guests stay at their house and while they stayed up there and then
Bev (PS0X9) [1313] Oh dear
Wendy (PS0X8) [1314] well I said to her I prefer the
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1315] cos when I got the paper I had a look and I
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1316] and she er she said what ... and she said oh well I don't think I'll phone Graham but if Maxine shows him the paper, she said I reckon he'll phone them because er, it did say, I think in the paper that the, that she said they're letting everybody know
Michael (PS0XA) [1317] But somebody might take it home with them
Wendy (PS0X8) [1318] so er
Bev (PS0X9) [1319] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1320] Well er the banks call it in or something
Michael (PS0XA) [1321] Yeah but that's
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1322] is that done?
Michael (PS0XA) [1323] It can't be used for anything else I wouldn't of thought
Wendy (PS0X8) [1324] No, well no you wouldn't
Bev (PS0X9) [1325] Convention hall
Wendy (PS0X8) [1326] But er, this hotel and, and banquet hall and
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1327] innit?
Michael (PS0XA) [1328] And, and they've got erm, well they must be more than the Portacabins, but I mean they've got erm places there though
Wendy (PS0X8) [1329] Oh, yeah they did have something didn't they?
Michael (PS0XA) [1330] Yeah, yeah, I don't know what it is
Wendy (PS0X8) [1331] No they did have, oh, oh, do what?
Bev (PS0X9) [1332] I'm going to get my clothes
Wendy (PS0X8) [1333] Oh alright ... what?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1334] I didn't hear that either, don't expect to get dressed like this and get out in it?
Michael (PS0XA) [1335] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [1336] Oh, sitting around here ... oh yeah, that'll be the week we win it won't it?
Michael (PS0XA) [1337] want ten no draws that's
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1338] yeah ... yeah, cos when it's got that three it's two
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1339] two millions
Michael (PS0XA) [1340] Eh?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1341] two million winners, three ain't there recently?
Michael (PS0XA) [1342] Yes, oh that's the er, you can't win any more on
Wendy (PS0X8) [1343] No, that's what I mean there have been three big ones very recently, cos like syndicate won it and the old lady won it and that other woman, that younger woman won it ... right what I've done, all bits together ... what time do you think we'll be back?
Michael (PS0XA) [1344] I don't know time love, I've no idea what time
Wendy (PS0X8) [1345] Mm
Michael (PS0XA) [1346] probably be about midnight or just after twelve
Wendy (PS0X8) [1347] Mm
Michael (PS0XA) [1348] we're thinking about half past ten leave
Wendy (PS0X8) [1349] Mm
Michael (PS0XA) [1350] only we were ... stuck there for a little while last time couldn't get out could we?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1351] Well yeah, that's right , no
Michael (PS0XA) [1352] I think we were all back but we couldn't get out could we?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1353] Something like that, when did we go, this time last year then?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1354] tend to get it don't we, cos er
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1355] Right have we got it all then?
Bev (PS0X9) [1356] Yeah, I think so ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1357] Well we've done your
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1358] yeah ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1359] Haven't I
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1360] I don't know
Wendy (PS0X8) [1361] It's got to be innit?
Michael (PS0XA) [1362] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [1363] Well we didn't do any
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1364] we didn't do anything in that erm bob sleigh, four man bob sleigh
Wendy (PS0X8) [1365] No, do you want more tea now then?
Michael (PS0XA) [1366] Yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1367] Well they must of thought they had a chance
Bev (PS0X9) [1368] Yeah ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1369] well they must of thought they had a chance our bob sleighs
Michael (PS0XA) [1370] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [1371] mustn't they?
Michael (PS0XA) [1372] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [1373] It's not surprising they don't come anywhere, they've got so much erm hype and pressure
Michael (PS0XA) [1374] Mm, mm

10 (Tape 036503)

Bev (PS0X9) [1375] Hankies
Wendy (PS0X8) [1376] No, there were two or three in my handbag, I don't think I took it out
Bev (PS0X9) [1377] Oh I'll have one then
Wendy (PS0X8) [1378] Oh
Bev (PS0X9) [1379] if you've got it
Wendy (PS0X8) [1380] right
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1381] oh I put me hand in and I thought don't know what that is ... okay, off we go, turn everything off, don't leave a light, oh what's that?
[1382] ... I think that must of been the old boy over the road you know
Michael (PS0XA) [1383] What the
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [1384] in the paper
Wendy (PS0X8) [1385] Oh, oh
Michael (PS0XA) [1386] she didn't realise until it was in the paper
Wendy (PS0X8) [1387] Well I didn't know anything, nothing at all
Michael (PS0XA) [1388] Well that's sort of there we are then
Bev (PS0X9) [1389] Thank you ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1390] I think he'd been better for a long time on and off
Michael (PS0XA) [1391] Yes
Wendy (PS0X8) [1392] he is now
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1393] oh was he?
[1394] ... As long as I can remember we've been up here
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1395] I think don't you?
Michael (PS0XA) [1396] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1397] what?
Bev (PS0X9) [1398] I should of wet my hair down
Wendy (PS0X8) [1399] I shouldn't worry about it in this wind, anyway it's not the right time to do it in the wind, as cold as this, is it really?
[1400] I mean we're gonna get blown apart I think ... we shall see won't we?
Bev (PS0X9) [1401] Mm, can you see with me sitting in the middle?
Michael (PS0XA) [1402] Yeah, no, no I don't
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ... [...] ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1403] What car's that one then do you know?
Michael (PS0XA) [1404] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [1405] Mm
Michael (PS0XA) [1406] it depends where David, erm
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [1407] today don't it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1408] Oh
Michael (PS0XA) [1409] Could of been
Wendy (PS0X8) [1410] could of been that, yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [1411] there's times when they got back look isn't it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1412] Mm, oh yeah ...
Michael (PS0XA) [1413] Of course it will be now won't it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1414] What?
Michael (PS0XA) [1415] Bloody kid
Wendy (PS0X8) [1416] Is there, oh yeah, always the way innit?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1417] always the way I mean it's like when your trying to
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1418] cross the road here, especially in the morning
Bev (PS0X9) [1419] Yeah me, it made me late on Friday
Michael (PS0XA) [1420] Did it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1421] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1422] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1423] I know
Bev (PS0X9) [1424] I had to scoot round Church Lane
Michael (PS0XA) [1425] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1426] the thing is when
Bev (PS0X9) [1427] and I left twenty to
Wendy (PS0X8) [1428] yeah, the thing is when I go to work it erm
Michael (PS0XA) [1429] What just down here?
[1430] About there?
Bev (PS0X9) [1431] Down here and trying to get past to get into Crick Laid
Wendy (PS0X8) [1432] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [1433] because you never know whether they're going to turn
Michael (PS0XA) [1434] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [1435] You don't, that's quite right, I said no rea , not everybody uses their indicat indicator
Bev (PS0X9) [1436] They don't use their indicators any more
Wendy (PS0X8) [1437] No they don't
Bev (PS0X9) [1438] er, if they're, er far, not too far away from the other car
Wendy (PS0X8) [1439] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [1440] they'll come round on his indicator
Wendy (PS0X8) [1441] Mm, that's right, no I'm afraid it's er a bit of a pain, but as I say seven o'clock in the morning mind going
Bev (PS0X9) [1442] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1443] off to
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1444] Road, sometimes I don't see a soul, Jimmy's about the only one I see
Michael (PS0XA) [1445] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [1446] and another morning there's a stream of cars ... I think it's being one minute ear early or one minute late
Michael (PS0XA) [1447] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [1448] Mm, yeah but I was coming out at half past nine
Wendy (PS0X8) [1449] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [1450] yeah, well quarter to, twenty to ten
Wendy (PS0X8) [1451] Mm
Michael (PS0XA) [1452] Yeah I was gonna say you'd think that early
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1453] yeah, been sorted wouldn't you?
Michael (PS0XA) [1454] lorries
Bev (PS0X9) [1455] There were lorries, cars, the lot
Wendy (PS0X8) [1456] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [1457] taxis and ... one thing I know is they scoot round Church Lane
Wendy (PS0X8) [1458] Mm, mm I know
Bev (PS0X9) [1459] and it was busy, but that's beside the point
Wendy (PS0X8) [1460] Yeah, well it was beside the point because you, you had an appointment didn't you?
Bev (PS0X9) [1461] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1462] Anyway if you're late it looks bad on you anyway straight away don't it? ...
Bev (PS0X9) [1463] These are like buying bad old crisps, the other one's there
Wendy (PS0X8) [1464] Really?
Bev (PS0X9) [1465] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1466] Generally find that don't you?
Bev (PS0X9) [1467] Very, very friendly, but he had his shirt tail hanging out the lot
Wendy (PS0X8) [1468] Oh god
Michael (PS0XA) [1469] Who?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1470] At this place she went
Michael (PS0XA) [1471] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1472] I thought you little devil ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1473] Go and see the boss or is it over there,whi , which, where?
Michael (PS0XA) [1474] Gotta be over there
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1475] oh
Michael (PS0XA) [1476] [laugh] I said it won't be here
Wendy (PS0X8) [1477] Oh good, oh Jill's in there already
Bev (PS0X9) [1478] Big one?
[1479] Big bus
Wendy (PS0X8) [1480] Mm ...
Michael (PS0XA) [1481] Right under the
Wendy (PS0X8) [1482] Mm?
Michael (PS0XA) [1483] right under the, hello
Wendy (PS0X8) [1484] Okay ...
Bev (PS0X9) [1485] Aah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1486] It is a bit innit?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1487] yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1488] right
Michael (PS0XA) [1489] See you
Wendy (PS0X8) [1490] Gonna what?
Michael (PS0XA) [1491] You told me it'd be over there look
Wendy (PS0X8) [1492] Did you?
[1493] Used to be here though didn't it?
Michael (PS0XA) [1494] Yeah, but er ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1495] eh?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1496] Hi
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [1497] Hello
Wendy (PS0X8) [1498] Alright? ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1499] Hello how are you?
Beth (PS0XB) [1500] I'm fine thank you, hi you, alright?
Bev (PS0X9) [1501] Yeah
Beth (PS0XB) [1502] No I'm not sitting here, I'm just blocking the gangway
Wendy (PS0X8) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1503] here, this will do ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1504] is it
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1505] did you want it out?
Bev (PS0X9) [1506] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1507] that's your arm innit that one?
Bev (PS0X9) [1508] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1509] Have you got er, must have a knob somewhere
Beth (PS0XB) [1510] Is it under the seat or somewhere like that
Bev (PS0X9) [1511] No you're not in a car
Wendy (PS0X8) [1512] I don't know I'll get Mick to have a look in a minute ... ah, ah, is there a little handle at the side, at your side?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Beth (PS0XB) [1513] this one?
[1514] ... No
Wendy (PS0X8) [1515] There's a, there's a
Beth (PS0XB) [1516] a lever
Wendy (PS0X8) [1517] a lever here
Beth (PS0XB) [1518] so
Wendy (PS0X8) [1519] have I, have I got one then?
[1520] That looks
Bev (PS0X9) [1521] Have you got?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1522] I have got a lever here
Bev (PS0X9) [1523] Have you?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1524] Yeah, down right down
Bev (PS0X9) [1525] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1526] I think is done
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1527] Oh dear

11 (Tape 036701)

Wendy (PS0X8) [1528] How many were there then Mick do you know?
Michael (PS0XA) [1529] Well, forty eight originally
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [1530] another five
Wendy (PS0X8) [1531] Five
Michael (PS0XA) [1532] Five
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1533] so you should have forty eight?
Michael (PS0XA) [1534] Forty eight I think yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1535] Who's missing then?
[1536] ... That's it then is it?

12 (Tape 036702)

Wendy (PS0X8) [1537] Where's that one?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1538] up there
Wendy (PS0X8) [1539] The Sheridan, I suppose it is innit?
[1540] Sheridan or Sheriton's, I don't know whether that's it or Sheriton's or Sheridon's, Sheridan, I don't know
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1541] ah?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1542] well no
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1543] well no it doesn't, get it right ... see that's the station
Bev (PS0X9) [1544] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [1545] where they were, Howard and Pete right were coming up to the erm football
Bev (PS0X9) [1546] I think right
Wendy (PS0X8) [1547] and they shutted off
Bev (PS0X9) [1548] if we ever thought to ourselves what we're doing
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1549] mm
Bev (PS0X9) [1550] you might there, it drops you right
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1551] Oh you certainly are, yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1552] ain't you?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1553] but that, as I say for England and France erm they closed it for some reason
Bev (PS0X9) [1554] Who?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1555] all the system was closed there, as Howard said erm it er a bit of a nuisance they had to go all the way round the houses
Bev (PS0X9) [1556] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1557] I don't know how they did it in the end, but
Bev (PS0X9) [1558] Mm ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1559] well it certainly was spectacular though
Bev (PS0X9) [1560] Very good
Wendy (PS0X8) [1561] weren't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [1562] Very good
Wendy (PS0X8) [1563] Ah?
[1564] ... Certainly was, as I say I don't think you'll see a lot of, better lot of colour than that
Bev (PS0X9) [1565] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [1566] not anywhere
Bev (PS0X9) [1567] Oh that illuminist
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1568] yeah, yeah, it's surprising what you can do ain't it? ...
Bev (PS0X9) [1569] Yeah it was terrific
Wendy (PS0X8) [1570] [yawning] Oh tired now []
Bev (PS0X9) [1571] Tired now, yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1572] Yeah , still it means you haven't got to get on a train or
Bev (PS0X9) [1573] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [1574] nothing like that, well that's the beauty of this innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [1575] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [1576] Quite honestly ... oh it was eight till ten that show was on for basically
Bev (PS0X9) [1577] Yes
Wendy (PS0X8) [1578] yeah ... yeah ... what did you say they did it three times?
Jill (PS0XC) [1579] I don't know who was cooking actually they both had their hands [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1580] Oh no quite probably matinee and then the early evening which I thought those people were coming out from look and erm, and this one, good grief fancy doing that be here half a day, you'd think you'd earn the damn money wouldn't you?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1581] I don't know
Jill (PS0XC) [1582] I don't think so
Wendy (PS0X8) [1583] No
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1584] yeah probably
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1585] so if that run is just tomorrow then we just got in didn't we?
Bev (PS0X9) [1586] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1587] You know ... [laugh] ...
Bev (PS0X9) [1588] Tired
Wendy (PS0X8) [1589] Ah?
Bev (PS0X9) [1590] Tired now
Wendy (PS0X8) [1591] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1592] what are they?
Bev (PS0X9) [1593] Chippendales
Wendy (PS0X8) [1594] Yes, on Thursday that is
Bev (PS0X9) [1595] I know, it'll be worth suffering
Wendy (PS0X8) [1596] Woolworth's wasn't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [1597] it'll be worth suffering Chippendales
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1598] Chippendales on Thursday
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1599] [laugh] I don't know the programmes are pretty good aren't they?
Bev (PS0X9) [1600] Yes
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1601] and they don't do they?
Bev (PS0X9) [1602] I know they don't
Wendy (PS0X8) [1603] [yawn] Hope they're not like that bloke at Audrey's [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1604] [laugh] ... [yawn] I can't wait until we get home, sometimes it goes quite quickly the journey though going home
Bev (PS0X9) [1605] Yeah, going home it does
Wendy (PS0X8) [1606] Yeah, trying to get up there I mean you're waiting to see the show aren't you?
Bev (PS0X9) [1607] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1608] So er, it's quite different ain't it ... still it's not a bad time to come out
Bev (PS0X9) [1609] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [1610] is it?
[1611] And I mean being that he parked there it was perfect weren't it?
[1612] Didn't have a long walk or anything ... [yawn] ... so the next schedule go out is erm is
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1613] is it?
Bev (PS0X9) [1614] I don't know, is there skittles somewhere?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1615] I don't know what they're doing of, I haven't a clue
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1616] yeah more than one though
Bev (PS0X9) [1617] Well he normally gives a little er
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1618] mm
Bev (PS0X9) [1619] So, right here
Wendy (PS0X8) [1620] [laugh] ... Pretty busy in there isn't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [1621] Eh?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1622] Pretty busy in that restaurant
Bev (PS0X9) [1623] Well people do go out to restaurants
Wendy (PS0X8) [1624] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [1625] I think it's marvellous they go out to a restaurant
Wendy (PS0X8) [1626] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [1627] but
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1628] really, have you?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1629] Can't can I go on me own
Bev (PS0X9) [1630] Of course you can
Wendy (PS0X8) [1631] You can't go on your own, what's, what's there in it going on your own?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1632] oh I know, please
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1633] mm?
Bev (PS0X9) [1634] stuck, he's stuck again ... isn't he?
Wendy (PS0X8) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1635] oh you might get him interested in different things
Wendy (PS0X8) [1636] Ha, what
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1637] you never know
Wendy (PS0X8) [1638] Could do
Bev (PS0X9) [1639] you're never too old to change
Wendy (PS0X8) [1640] I'm not so sure about that one
Bev (PS0X9) [1641] Oh well ... oh dear
Wendy (PS0X8) [1642] It was good weren't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [1643] It's brilliant ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1644] But er Helen, she missed the best one, ah?
[1645] It was better than the other one, it might of been the seats but I don't think so because I mean there was so much in this one
Bev (PS0X9) [1646] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1647] I mean the other was a nice story, but, I think this year's is better
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1648] more for the show
Wendy (PS0X8) [1649] Yeah it was more of a show than a story weren't it?
[1650] But there was something
Bev (PS0X9) [1651] It brought you to the place and then
Wendy (PS0X8) [1652] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1653] and then it just it
Wendy (PS0X8) [1654] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1655] erupted
Wendy (PS0X8) [1656] Yeah it did ... my feet ache now
Bev (PS0X9) [1657] My feet are aching now, I've got thick tights on
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1658] shoes
Wendy (PS0X8) [1659] I know
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1660] but I didn't know how cold it'll be, but
Bev (PS0X9) [1661] That's not a brilliant idea
Wendy (PS0X8) [1662] you see , no it isn't a brilliant idea but the thing is we didn't have much further to walk can we?
Bev (PS0X9) [1663] Yes
Wendy (PS0X8) [1664] We could of done
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1665] the what?
Bev (PS0X9) [1666] I think
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1667] [yawning] yeah, you are, great []
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1668] oh I put my half off, I doubt if I get my feet back in them, but, yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1669] [laugh] oh dear
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1670] ah so you are, sure you will, sure you will
Bev (PS0X9) [1671] Then I can sew it up and I've only got the
Wendy (PS0X8) [1672] One sleeve, oh
Bev (PS0X9) [1673] one sleeve
Wendy (PS0X8) [1674] it's gonna be a good one you know
Bev (PS0X9) [1675] I hope so
Wendy (PS0X8) [1676] I can see it, you know, it looks it right
Bev (PS0X9) [1677] When it gets the toggles on it should be okay
Wendy (PS0X8) [1678] The what?
Bev (PS0X9) [1679] When it gets the toggles on it should be okay
Wendy (PS0X8) [1680] Yeah , but it looks like it's gonna be good some of them
Bev (PS0X9) [1681] I don't know what one to do next really
Wendy (PS0X8) [1682] Well you'll have to decide I mean you
Bev (PS0X9) [1683] I think I'll do another plain one, but this one, some were plain
Wendy (PS0X8) [1684] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1685] but ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1686] mm
Bev (PS0X9) [1687] erm, that chunky one
Wendy (PS0X8) [1688] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1689] it's not just plain, there's so many stitches ... erm stocking stitch and so many rib
Wendy (PS0X8) [1690] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [1691] so
Wendy (PS0X8) [1692] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [1693] it'll have some pattern but not
Wendy (PS0X8) [1694] terrific amount
Bev (PS0X9) [1695] a terrific
Wendy (PS0X8) [1696] mm
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1697] cos it has two bands of rib
Wendy (PS0X8) [1698] Yeah [yawning] oh, oh, oh god [] well
Bev (PS0X9) [1699] Then you can help me unpick it
Wendy (PS0X8) [1700] [laugh] Well that won't take long to unpick it will it?
Bev (PS0X9) [1701] No ... it hadn't been knitted up too long
Wendy (PS0X8) [1702] No
Bev (PS0X9) [1703] that's what I don't want for it to er
Wendy (PS0X8) [1704] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1705] crinkle too quickly
Wendy (PS0X8) [1706] Yeah, anyway once it's washed it's all gone anyway
Bev (PS0X9) [1707] Oh yeah ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1708] so really that's not a problem
Bev (PS0X9) [1709] No ... but as you, I'll use that what's not a
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1710] ha, ha, I bet you will, it won't take that long to unpick it though ... but I mean you've got a, quite a selection there to choose haven't you?
Bev (PS0X9) [1711] Yeah, oh if I can undo that one then I can do the sleeve
Wendy (PS0X8) [1712] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [1713] cos that'll be quite
Wendy (PS0X8) [1714] Mm?
Bev (PS0X9) [1715] that will be quite intra intricate
Wendy (PS0X8) [1716] Yeah, not much bigger job anyway, innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [1717] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1718] Well I'll look, I'll see how much of that plum is left
Bev (PS0X9) [1719] I think there's quite a lot of plum and
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1720] you can't use that much can you?
Bev (PS0X9) [1721] I think it was two balls
Wendy (PS0X8) [1722] Plenty then innit?
[1723] For that and
Bev (PS0X9) [1724] and you've got two, well what was in them?
[1725] You would of got two cos you would of been a big one won't you?
[1726] Just that colour
Wendy (PS0X8) [1727] That's right, but I mean all I want it for is the erm
Bev (PS0X9) [1728] Body
Wendy (PS0X8) [1729] the body and use the black
Bev (PS0X9) [1730] Two black feet
Wendy (PS0X8) [1731] That's right ... I think it looked very effective what that woman had on
Bev (PS0X9) [1732] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1733] so
Bev (PS0X9) [1734] can do one like that with that mustard up the top shelf
Wendy (PS0X8) [1735] Yeah it's nice innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [1736] with the black
Wendy (PS0X8) [1737] That would stand out wouldn't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [1738] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1739] That would be nice, you won't want that much for the sleeve
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1740] of black, so, do anything with black for ages
Bev (PS0X9) [1741] I saw your Andrew the other day
Wendy (PS0X8) [1742] Eh?
Bev (PS0X9) [1743] I would think Andrew doing some
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1744] Probably would
Bev (PS0X9) [1745] three pound balls and three pound thirty, er three pound twenty seven
Wendy (PS0X8) [1746] How much was it nine?
[1747] Yeah it was nine, that's right, no it could be quite interesting actually, and then the other way
Bev (PS0X9) [1748] Or then you'd do like the four, four, four flares
Wendy (PS0X8) [1749] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1750] flat back
Wendy (PS0X8) [1751] Yeah, it's limitless innit, but the other way is to do right down the centre, one on one and one on the other
Bev (PS0X9) [1752] Yeah ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1753] reverse it on the back or have the same on the back
Bev (PS0X9) [1754] No what, what you normally do with those is er, say one half black and one half yellow and you have a yellow sleeve that side
Wendy (PS0X8) [1755] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1756] and a black sleeve that side
Wendy (PS0X8) [1757] [yawning] that's right [] , limitless innit?
[1758] ... But it would be wise to use the plum before I got the cerise or the sea green
Bev (PS0X9) [1759] Well it would
Wendy (PS0X8) [1760] Yeah, of course it would, well it only sat there anyway again innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [1761] Of course it does
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [laugh]
Bev (PS0X9) [1762] haven't we?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1763] Well we always do, I mean if you'd use all that was in that cupboard you'd have half a dozen jumpers
Bev (PS0X9) [1764] I know
Wendy (PS0X8) [1765] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1766] Well I shall use the mohair next
Wendy (PS0X8) [1767] Yeah, well there must be a fair amount of mohair
Bev (PS0X9) [1768] There is ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1769] I mean that was an exceptionally good buy weren't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [1770] Well what I want is the black and the cerise
Wendy (PS0X8) [1771] Mm ...
Bev (PS0X9) [1772] because I'm not sure whether to put all different colours in
Wendy (PS0X8) [1773] Well I think, I'd just experiment
Bev (PS0X9) [1774] or the black and the cerise and all the jacquards
Wendy (PS0X8) [1775] but you must yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1776] because that could be quite effective
Wendy (PS0X8) [1777] That would be effective, but I mean you don't want to do any that you've got to unpick, no that
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1778] is not viable that
Bev (PS0X9) [1779] Yeah, that's why I think if I did all the jacquard in the cerise
Wendy (PS0X8) [1780] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [1781] that would show up beautiful
Wendy (PS0X8) [1782] Mm, yeah I think it would
Bev (PS0X9) [1783] because what they've done on that pattern, why they've got so many different colours, where it mixes so you've got your red and your
Wendy (PS0X8) [1784] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [1785] green, they've got like an orangey
Wendy (PS0X8) [1786] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1787] you know where it crosses
Wendy (PS0X8) [1788] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1789] you know like that one of Howard's jumper
Wendy (PS0X8) [1790] Yeah, yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1791] well they've got it so that the colours in the middle
Wendy (PS0X8) [1792] Sort of mingle
Bev (PS0X9) [1793] mingle
Wendy (PS0X8) [1794] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1795] and like you've sort of got a yellow and a green, they've put like an olive in that, an olive colour, but I haven't got colours that I can
Wendy (PS0X8) [1796] No
Bev (PS0X9) [1797] mix like that
Wendy (PS0X8) [1798] not like that no
Bev (PS0X9) [1799] No, that's the thing
Wendy (PS0X8) [1800] Oh well, oh, as long as you don't have to unpick, because that is awful
Bev (PS0X9) [1801] Oh I know
Wendy (PS0X8) [1802] It's just a mess innit after?
Bev (PS0X9) [1803] Yeah, but I don't know it'll be quite effective
Wendy (PS0X8) [1804] Yeah, oh yeah, but as I say it's limitless really
Bev (PS0X9) [1805] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1806] especially with a
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1807] unless I go up that shop, top shop and have a look at those gramme balls, yellow, oranges
Wendy (PS0X8) [1808] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1809] red and got those to put in the black
Wendy (PS0X8) [1810] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1811] but there again my er
Wendy (PS0X8) [1812] How much were they?
Bev (PS0X9) [1813] Ninety nine P
Wendy (PS0X8) [1814] Oh, that's not so bad is it?
Bev (PS0X9) [1815] No but there again
Wendy (PS0X8) [1816] But there again you're buying again
Bev (PS0X9) [1817] Well I'd put in the cerise and have all the jacquard colours, it, it would look very effective
Wendy (PS0X8) [1818] Mm it certainly would, it doesn't have to be different colours
Bev (PS0X9) [1819] No, no it doesn't ... how many black ones are there?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1820] I can't remember
Bev (PS0X9) [1821] Two
Wendy (PS0X8) [1822] No I don't think there was two
Bev (PS0X9) [1823] No just one
Wendy (PS0X8) [1824] I think there was only one because they only had one, and I got one white cos they only had one I think, it was the other colours I'm sure I'd got two of, I must of done, cos I mean I've used a lot myself don't I?
Bev (PS0X9) [1825] Yeah ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1826] No I, I would think the black and the white were one, but mind you it goes a long blinking way don't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [1827] Well I
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1828] yeah ... but I think it was only one and one of those two, I, I'd picked the white up because there wasn't any black, for that first time
Bev (PS0X9) [1829] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [1830] because I thought that was neutral didn't I? ...
Bev (PS0X9) [1831] Erm
Wendy (PS0X8) [1832] I don't know if I had them or not
Bev (PS0X9) [1833] I wonder if I've seen one of those
Wendy (PS0X8) [1834] Three hundred again I think ... [yawning] it was [] it was six balls weren't it?
[1835] Two, four, six
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1836] but they want seven and I want to put that big bit at the bottom.
Wendy (PS0X8) [1837] Have I used any black?
[1838] I haven't have I?
Bev (PS0X9) [1839] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [1840] No ...
Bev (PS0X9) [1841] Or was it seventy five ball?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1842] I dunno
Bev (PS0X9) [1843] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [1844] I think it was fifty, I do, but I'm not sure ... oh perhaps if we can get over there at the end of the, well it's the end of the month next week anyway innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [1845] Oh
Wendy (PS0X8) [1846] I mean, you don't know what they've got over there now do you?
[1847] I mean basically we go there and the meat shop don't we?
Bev (PS0X9) [1848] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1849] There's not much else we want to look around at is there?
Bev (PS0X9) [1850] We wanna look at shoes
Wendy (PS0X8) [1851] Shoes I
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1852] yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1853] But then again it's not a brilliant idea going on a
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1854] for wool when we've got so many
Wendy (PS0X8) [1855] Oh yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1856] cos we'll come back loaded up ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1857] haven't got it right actually, I mean basically we can go up the top shop and buy what we like can't we?
[1858] Get one, O nine, I mean providing you've got enough to do what you want to do in mohair
Bev (PS0X9) [1859] I don't know
Wendy (PS0X8) [1860] no you'd have to get all out and have a look, but I mean if I go over there I'll bring back a load of D K and I know I will ... we'll see.
Bev (PS0X9) [1861] Well you see the trouble is when we're buying it over there right
Wendy (PS0X8) [1862] You get the left overs
Bev (PS0X9) [1863] we buy six hundred
Wendy (PS0X8) [1864] Six hundred, yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1865] which is two hundred per person
Wendy (PS0X8) [1866] Yeah, well you see it's quite a point you know, cos if we go up the top shop, we just, well the most I would buy is four
Bev (PS0X9) [1867] Well that's four pound, four pound
Wendy (PS0X8) [1868] Well that's what four pound and four nines
Bev (PS0X9) [1869] Forty
Wendy (PS0X8) [1870] thirty six
Bev (PS0X9) [1871] Four pound thirty six where you'd pay two pounds, four pounds for two hundred grammes
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1872] mm, dunno well we'll see anyway, it depends on you and what you're doing
Bev (PS0X9) [1873] But there again it's better wool that you're buying from the
Wendy (PS0X8) [1874] What, at the top shop?
Bev (PS0X9) [1875] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1876] yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1877] Yeah, that's a very old make you know, that one's been going for donkey years, but it's those colours, I mean there's at least, well with the o
Bev (PS0X9) [1878] Well the trouble is we go over there and we buy a good buy
Wendy (PS0X8) [1879] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [1880] but it might not be the colours that we're actually looking for
Wendy (PS0X8) [1881] Well I, I'm sure it wouldn't be, what did I say I said that sea green and the cerise
Bev (PS0X9) [1882] And I said the mustard
Wendy (PS0X8) [1883] The mustard and the beigey one weren't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [1884] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1885] Er oatmeal
Bev (PS0X9) [1886] Er, yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1887] Well that's, that's two jumpers each innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [1888] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1889] I mean I've got plenty of black, so mustard and black whatever, whatever, cerise and black or something, that's daft really you know
Bev (PS0X9) [1890] It's very silly
Wendy (PS0X8) [1891] I mean nine times out of ten we erm, we just go over there and buy what's there
Bev (PS0X9) [1892] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1893] regardless when we come back well what are you going to make with it?
Bev (PS0X9) [1894] See, that's what I've bought patterns now
Wendy (PS0X8) [1895] Yeah, no well I think that, thinking about it seriously now
Bev (PS0X9) [1896] What I want to find one is one without a well
Wendy (PS0X8) [1897] Without a well?
Bev (PS0X9) [1898] Yeah, so it can hang over trousers
Wendy (PS0X8) [1899] Oh I see
Bev (PS0X9) [1900] A long one
Wendy (PS0X8) [1901] What like a sweat top or some of them does
Bev (PS0X9) [1902] Yeah, yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1903] but I er
Bev (PS0X9) [1904] We know that one, that woman was wearing that white one
Wendy (PS0X8) [1905] Yeah yeah, yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1906] now something like that, that can go over a skirt
Wendy (PS0X8) [1907] Or anything and it's very versatile
Bev (PS0X9) [1908] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1909] No, thinking about it seriously it would be better to go up there, have a swifty through patterns you know, you need a bit of time
Bev (PS0X9) [1910] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1911] you need a bit of time
Bev (PS0X9) [1912] but then again it'll take me longer to find that one this morning
Wendy (PS0X8) [1913] Oh, that was when I was waiting in the queue weren't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [1914] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1915] Mm, it really
Bev (PS0X9) [1916] it caught my eye and I thought well
Wendy (PS0X8) [1917] Yeah, it really is stupid having all these left overs, alright as I said before I can make all that kid stuff, but in the end I've got too much to take over
Bev (PS0X9) [1918] Yeah ... and then again you don't always wanna, erm start all along, with them do you?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1919] No
Bev (PS0X9) [1920] And then you've got different colours that don't really go with that, but ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1921] Anyway I mean I've got a fair pile now to take in August ain't I?
Bev (PS0X9) [1922] Yeah ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [1923] No I, well the, the colours that I like you know the cerise and the
Bev (PS0X9) [1924] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1925] the green, I can, I, he's says to buy four of them without thinking about it cos they're so nice and that's really the thing that we don't do when we go to Basingstoke we start going around saying well which one shall I have, but they said that you haven't looked at it like I've looked at those and you looked at yours because that oatmeal colour will be very, very handy for erm sticking with anything and everything
Bev (PS0X9) [1926] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1927] Well I mean I've looked round here for a pair of blinking shoes, the only trouble here er had over here is that I've got to go somewhere where they're wide enough and that's
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1928] Littlewoods innit?
[1929] ... The only ones here that did a wider fitting that one, er at the time I bought some, well those with the gold on the back was Stead and Simpson and they did a wider fitting, but I don't know anybody else, but they may now
Bev (PS0X9) [1930] Probably do now
Wendy (PS0X8) [1931] they may now, but erm, I mean these I've got on are Williams, they're an E fit that I, I particularly sent away for
Bev (PS0X9) [1932] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1933] Well I don't want to do that any more cos you've got to wait three damn weeks nearly for the blasted things to come and then if they're no good you've got to send them back.
Bev (PS0X9) [1934] Yeah, but there again you see ... they're, you're not going into a shop saying oh they look nice
Wendy (PS0X8) [1935] No, anyway those plimsolls they're, they're alright
Bev (PS0X9) [1936] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1937] now I said the others, they've got to be lace-ups though look, it's gotta be lace-ups
Bev (PS0X9) [1938] It must be easier to find wider
Wendy (PS0X8) [1939] Yeah because I mean if there, if you've got a high instep it still don't matter because you only widen your laces don't you?
Bev (PS0X9) [1940] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1941] Well perhaps I'll have a look in town next Friday then, I could definitely do with a pair
Bev (PS0X9) [1942] [yawning] Well we could even, oh dear [] we could even go
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1943] oh dear
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1944] [laugh] yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1945] don't we?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1946] yeah ... yeah we do cos it's there innit?
[1947] Quite right
Bev (PS0X9) [1948] If we're gonna spend money you might as well go to Littlewoods or
Wendy (PS0X8) [1949] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [1950] somewhere where it's decent
Wendy (PS0X8) [1951] Mm, same, the same situation as those clothes
Bev (PS0X9) [1952] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1953] weren't it?
[1954] Oh I didn't like them I was, I could see them riding up the leg just like that pair I had on that day and in the end they look so grey and they look like
Bev (PS0X9) [1955] I had a doggy bag the other day
Wendy (PS0X8) [1956] Eh?
Bev (PS0X9) [1957] doggy bag when their
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1958] yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1959] in the end they do
Wendy (PS0X8) [1960] Yeah they do ... but they, those others I was quite, you didn't try them on so I
Bev (PS0X9) [1961] No I forgot I was downstairs weren't I so? ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [1962] buy one tomorrow [yawn] but the material is better and the shape is better
Bev (PS0X9) [1963] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1964] and the stirrups are nice
Bev (PS0X9) [1965] They're smart aren't they?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1966] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1967] But they've got to be long enough in the leg for me
Wendy (PS0X8) [1968] Yeah they have, but there was people the other night with that type trouser on and boots
Bev (PS0X9) [1969] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1970] Yeah ... when I went in the ladies loo there was one woman in there and they did look nice
Bev (PS0X9) [1971] Cord ones are beautiful
Wendy (PS0X8) [1972] Yeah well there again like I said before I tend to rub the cord and then they all
Bev (PS0X9) [1973] Everybody does
Wendy (PS0X8) [1974] Yeah I know
Bev (PS0X9) [1975] They are very stylish
Wendy (PS0X8) [1976] Yeah ... I've got mine back on now
Bev (PS0X9) [1977] Eh?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1978] I've got mine back on, but it won't be long when I get out the bus mind, but [laugh]
Bev (PS0X9) [1979] Say?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1980] I said I'll put my shoes back on but I don't know what my feet will be like when I get out the bus
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1981] yeah it's strange innit coming back?
Wendy (PS0X8) [1982] It's just as
Bev (PS0X9) [1983] Yeah but it's a clearer road as well
Wendy (PS0X8) [1984] Yeah, that's, that's fair, yeah, just a different proposition innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [1985] Well yes they're all sort of bubbly to get out there
Wendy (PS0X8) [1986] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [1987] We've seen it now were tired
Wendy (PS0X8) [1988] Not tired now, but I shall want a cup of tea
Bev (PS0X9) [1989] Oh yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1990] I might have a sausage roll [laugh] ... the sandwiches are alright, but you can eat them twice as many can't you?
Bev (PS0X9) [1991] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [1992] You know when they're packed up like that
Bev (PS0X9) [1993] I think cos they're packed up and they're all fresh and
Wendy (PS0X8) [1994] Mm ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [1995] put the lettuce in and put the tomato in
Wendy (PS0X8) [1996] That's right
Bev (PS0X9) [1997] and then
Wendy (PS0X8) [1998] Oh they weren't bad at all
Bev (PS0X9) [1999] No they were very nice
Wendy (PS0X8) [2000] Mm, weren't bad at all, oh I had had something
Bev (PS0X9) [2001] but I, I couldn't of ate before we came out
Wendy (PS0X8) [2002] No, but I wish I'd brought the pork pies with me, I could of taken that, one of them
Bev (PS0X9) [2003] Yes
Wendy (PS0X8) [2004] I might eat one when I get out
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2005] yeah, well whatever, just something otherwise you get up in the morning and you're starving aren't you?
[2006] ... Still it was well worth coming up here tonight.
Bev (PS0X9) [2007] Oh yes ... [yawning] oh yeah [] ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [2008] Hello the thinner is really, really easy tomorrow
Bev (PS0X9) [2009] Probably do a
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [2010] or something
Wendy (PS0X8) [2011] Yeah could do, that's a good idea
Bev (PS0X9) [2012] cos that'll fill won't it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2013] Yeah, I know
Bev (PS0X9) [2014] You won't have as much
Wendy (PS0X8) [2015] Oh no, we've got that other cake of yours
Bev (PS0X9) [2016] Oh yeah ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [2017] No, better have your cake
Bev (PS0X9) [2018] Have my cake?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2019] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [2020] Well it can stay in there
Wendy (PS0X8) [2021] Well we'll have a look at it and we might have both [laugh]
Bev (PS0X9) [2022] No I don't think you'll have both
Wendy (PS0X8) [2023] Why not?
Bev (PS0X9) [2024] Eat it in the evening?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2025] Eat one of them, I, we have one afternoon like we usually do, we'll have a look at it and see how big it is and all that, yours, and we'll go from there, I mean actually for us three that trifle will only do that, they're never that, that big
Bev (PS0X9) [2026] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [2027] Oh, I mean if you want to put a tin of fruit with it
Bev (PS0X9) [2028] Yeah but that, that makes it large, large
Wendy (PS0X8) [2029] We'll have a look at the coffee thing
Bev (PS0X9) [2030] That looked a bit scrumptious that
Wendy (PS0X8) [2031] Yeah I'm surprised at him
Bev (PS0X9) [2032] Eh, start thinking about as much as
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [laugh]
Bev (PS0X9) [2033] I guess I'll give him a kick up the arse if he
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [laugh] ...
Bev (PS0X9) [2034] Oh he won't say no to me
Wendy (PS0X8) [2035] Oh
Bev (PS0X9) [2036] Not very often anyway
Wendy (PS0X8) [2037] Oh
Bev (PS0X9) [2038] erm
Wendy (PS0X8) [2039] [yawning] That's right []
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [2040] yet?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2041] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [2042] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [2043] Yeah he is ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2044] it won't be long
Bev (PS0X9) [2045] Well we'll soon know if he snores [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2046] oh he's awake then [laugh]
Bev (PS0X9) [2047] Well he was
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [2048] nodding
Wendy (PS0X8) [2049] [laugh] ... [yawn] ... Oh what's the time then?
Bev (PS0X9) [2050] [yawning] Oh I don't know, I don't know []
Wendy (PS0X8) [2051] Nearly eleven, this stop
Bev (PS0X9) [2052] It is, I make it a couple of minutes past
Wendy (PS0X8) [2053] No, I think it's a good run, it can't be that late
Bev (PS0X9) [2054] Oh, we'll be in well before twelve
Wendy (PS0X8) [2055] I hope so, yeah ... I wonder where we are then?
Bev (PS0X9) [2056] Isn't it clever how they changed the co costumes, er like that pink
Wendy (PS0X8) [2057] What with the lines?
Bev (PS0X9) [2058] With the black, you know it had the black bit as well
Wendy (PS0X8) [2059] Oh yes , that was brilliant I mean that man, what's his name?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [2060] or something
Wendy (PS0X8) [2061] A brilliant programme wasn't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [2062] Yes, always worthwhile getting one
Wendy (PS0X8) [2063] It is, I slipped up on chess one
Bev (PS0X9) [2064] That was at the front
Wendy (PS0X8) [2065] I slipped up on that chess one I got the black and white one
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [2066] yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2067] Velcro
Bev (PS0X9) [2068] Velcro
Wendy (PS0X8) [2069] that's probably his professional name innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [2070] Yeah, that was her favourite one that was
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2071] Zoe's was it?
Bev (PS0X9) [2072] I think that was very clever, very, very clever
Wendy (PS0X8) [2073] That's the one I liked [laugh] brilliant aren't they?
Bev (PS0X9) [2074] Well they are
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2075] make a thing like that ... take it to work and show the girls
Bev (PS0X9) [2076] She was brilliant
Wendy (PS0X8) [2077] Yes she was
Bev (PS0X9) [2078] I think that, which one was the other one that was
Wendy (PS0X8) [2079] I don't know because I said to you ... oh I had a super view
Bev (PS0X9) [2080] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2081] that's gorgeous that is
Bev (PS0X9) [2082] They look ever so perfect
Wendy (PS0X8) [2083] have those two colours together brilliant
Bev (PS0X9) [2084] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2085] brilliant
Bev (PS0X9) [2086] They're ever so heavy them aren't they?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2087] Yeah I bet
Bev (PS0X9) [2088] Well they'll last for a long time
Wendy (PS0X8) [2089] Mm, that one, I don't know though ... didn't have a blonde woman see and I never, I didn't, I didn't realise there was two and I really did not and I suddenly there's, they all come out on the ice
Bev (PS0X9) [2090] I think
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2091] didn't they?
Bev (PS0X9) [2092] I'd be surprised if she never get erm, her mansion in her
Wendy (PS0X8) [2093] Her what?
Bev (PS0X9) [2094] her sort of own mansion
Wendy (PS0X8) [2095] Unless she was one of the poorest
Jill (PS0XC) [2096] She shouldn't be
Wendy (PS0X8) [2097] Well no she shouldn't be but since going she just suddenly appeared didn't she?
Bev (PS0X9) [2098] Yeah ... that one
Wendy (PS0X8) [2099] Yeah but that was the dark haired one weren't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [2100] Don't matter, must of had it done
Wendy (PS0X8) [2101] Eh?
Bev (PS0X9) [2102] I think she's had it highlighted
Wendy (PS0X8) [2103] Oh
Bev (PS0X9) [2104] If you look at her face she had quite a pointed nose
Wendy (PS0X8) [2105] Oh, no I didn't really matter
Jill (PS0XC) [2106] That her?
Bev (PS0X9) [2107] she's in Washington
Wendy (PS0X8) [2108] is it really?
[2109] Is she?
Bev (PS0X9) [2110] Seattle
Wendy (PS0X8) [2111] Mm ... I don't know then
Bev (PS0X9) [2112] Oh this one Jane Taylor
Wendy (PS0X8) [2113] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [2114] [reading] A bella blo , blonde from Whitney Bay []
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2115] I've got a feeling
Bev (PS0X9) [2116] cos they do, but when
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2117] rings a bell
Bev (PS0X9) [2118] [reading] The top trainers at home and abroad, Claire Hurst, the National and International Championships [] , I've seen her on ice on the
Wendy (PS0X8) [2119] Oh I thought oh I, I, I seemed to remember the Whitney Bay bit and I mean I don't know what I've done with the blinking programme last year, I mean they're all in the magazine rack, but I don't think that one's there ... that was terrific that weren't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [2120] Oh when I had this one it went over to
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2121] oh
Bev (PS0X9) [2122] didn't it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2123] Oh that's been and gone then innit?
[2124] I didn't think of that you know
Bev (PS0X9) [2125] Unfortunately it went
Wendy (PS0X8) [2126] Yeah that's right , and I thought to myself what if, I wouldn't of thrown it away, I keep all my programmes
Bev (PS0X9) [2127] We should of got two really shouldn't we?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2128] Never thought of that you know ... oh well, where you going
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [2129] We learn a lot of things ... but then again as I say
Wendy (PS0X8) [2130] There it goes innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [2131] Yeah, have some good times ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [2132] Brilliant costumes though
Bev (PS0X9) [2133] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [2134] I don't know if it tells you how much this production cost but [yawning] I know it said something about, oh [] the one thing
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2135] or something ... Shaun Powell, that's a nice name innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [2136] Yes I like that ... that one
Wendy (PS0X8) [2137] Yeah that's it
Bev (PS0X9) [2138] that's brilliantly , very brilliant ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [2139] Whoever thought those up it's unreal innit?
[2140] ... That was particularly good weren't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [2141] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2142] That really was
Bev (PS0X9) [2143] They remind me of Liquorice All Sorts
Wendy (PS0X8) [2144] That's it, that's it
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2145] yeah it's sort of that er look about it innit?
[2146] ... I could do with a cup of tea now I know that, oh I couldn't see that signpost ...
Bev (PS0X9) [2147] I don't really know
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2148] what's that then?
Bev (PS0X9) [2149] Choreography
Wendy (PS0X8) [2150] Choreography?
Bev (PS0X9) [2151] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2152] Oh ...
Bev (PS0X9) [2153] that must be a high point in a career you know, when you first see them go out
Wendy (PS0X8) [2154] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [2155] of who thought it all up, the opening night
Wendy (PS0X8) [2156] I should say so ... so what's he?
[2157] He's the president, he's the costumier, what's this chap of travelling secateurs ... [reading] we welcome you up with him, for audition please contact local show office, in city where we perform, qualify you to be a trained figure skater, at least seventeen, not older than twenty six, for further information please write to Ms at []
Bev (PS0X9) [2158] Switzerland, oh
Wendy (PS0X8) [2159] there, look
Bev (PS0X9) [2160] oh that's
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2161] what?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [2162] Caroline , Alison
Wendy (PS0X8) [2163] Oh I see ... yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [2164] They don't give you pictures of everybody
Wendy (PS0X8) [2165] No, I didn't even look at it, apart from
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2166] the pictures in the book ain't they?
Bev (PS0X9) [2167] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2168] You know, they are in there but
Bev (PS0X9) [2169] Oh
Wendy (PS0X8) [2170] not individually is it?
Bev (PS0X9) [2171] Yeah ... I think it was Caroline
Wendy (PS0X8) [2172] Yeah ... [yawning] oh dear []
Bev (PS0X9) [2173] That's the one isn't it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2174] What?
[2175] What?
Bev (PS0X9) [2176] That she
Wendy (PS0X8) [2177] That was awful them
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2178] weren't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [2179] Well it has to give the effect
Wendy (PS0X8) [2180] Cor dear me , straight out
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [2181] it has to give you that effect ... I thought it was marvellous
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2182] eh?
Bev (PS0X9) [2183] I thought it was marvellous
Wendy (PS0X8) [2184] So did I, well that's certainly worth the money, I know it's a lot of money
Bev (PS0X9) [2185] Oh yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2186] but, you do it, if you think of it individually, what are you gonna do for that money anywhere else?
Bev (PS0X9) [2187] Exactly
Wendy (PS0X8) [2188] I mean we all saved what one fifty each on it?
Bev (PS0X9) [2189] It's thirteen fifty a ticket, it's erm, I don't think you can moan at a night out for that, especially a night out like that
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2190] What was that?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ...
Bev (PS0X9) [2191] Anyway nobody's gonna want to get up tomorrow
Wendy (PS0X8) [2192] Sorry?
Bev (PS0X9) [2193] Nobody's gonna want to get up tomorrow
Wendy (PS0X8) [2194] Oh well shame
Bev (PS0X9) [2195] I didn't want to get up this morning so
Wendy (PS0X8) [2196] [yawning] I said to
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2197] I said to Ernie [] oh you'll have to go and call her
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2198] of getting out weren't it?
[2199] But we were out, he was very good, I mean I know he was waiting there for us
Bev (PS0X9) [2200] But not really
Wendy (PS0X8) [2201] with all things considered we did a lot didn't we?
Bev (PS0X9) [2202] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2203] And I forgot that plastic card didn't I?
[2204] Anyway I get the opportunity, oh you didn't look in that box for that baby
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2205] well we'll have a look first, but we do want salad cream don't we?
Bev (PS0X9) [2206] Yeah ... got lettuce to eat
Wendy (PS0X8) [2207] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [2208] so we've got to get some ... Oh we'll have to go somewhere snazzy cos I've got that black dress to wear haven't I?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2209] Oh big dance
Bev (PS0X9) [2210] Eh?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2211] big dance in May
Bev (PS0X9) [2212] Can't wear that again
Wendy (PS0X8) [2213] Oh you wore it there didn't you?
Bev (PS0X9) [2214] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2215] Oh
Bev (PS0X9) [2216] have to wear it to Kate's
Wendy (PS0X8) [2217] Yeah, that's an idea
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [2218] sell it to them one of them at work
Wendy (PS0X8) [laugh]
Bev (PS0X9) [2219] doesn't it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2220] Mm, I expect so, yeah [laugh]
Bev (PS0X9) [2221] You see
Wendy (PS0X8) [2222] No at Kate's it'll be nice won't it?
[2223] And hopeful the weather will be better
Bev (PS0X9) [2224] I just have to make sure Mitch is nowhere near
Wendy (PS0X8) [2225] Er actually I don't even know if he'll go
Bev (PS0X9) [2226] Oh I expect so, I expect so
Wendy (PS0X8) [2227] er they'll be plenty of other people there for god sake, I mean
Bev (PS0X9) [2228] Oh, he's slimy though
Wendy (PS0X8) [2229] Mm, well he'll probably be there on Tuesday again, that's what he said
Bev (PS0X9) [2230] No that'll be the third time
Wendy (PS0X8) [2231] No, yeah, well that'd be twice we've seen him
Bev (PS0X9) [2232] Oh yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2233] looks like
Bev (PS0X9) [2234] looks like him
Wendy (PS0X8) [2235] looks like his night, don't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [2236] Er
Wendy (PS0X8) [2237] Probably goes in
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2238] have a look, cos he's got to be thirty something, I don't know what now
Bev (PS0X9) [2239] [yawning] Oh I don't know [] , you got
Wendy (PS0X8) [2240] Yeah ... [yawn]
Bev (PS0X9) [2241] Yes ...
Bev (PS0X9) [2242] Don't let me swim on my back on Thursday
Wendy (PS0X8) [2243] Why?
Bev (PS0X9) [2244] If I swim on my back I don't do my front
Wendy (PS0X8) [2245] Yeah well it's not really the wisest thing to do on a Thursday night anyway
Bev (PS0X9) [2246] I cheat when I swim on my back
Wendy (PS0X8) [2247] Yeah, but not only that when you get a couple of dickheads like we had
Bev (PS0X9) [2248] Oh I know
Wendy (PS0X8) [2249] you know you've got to watch them, they're not watching you, you've got to watch them
Bev (PS0X9) [2250] That's what puts me off, when we have those two
Wendy (PS0X8) [2251] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [2252] and we went on that other side
Wendy (PS0X8) [2253] Well we'll have to watch it this week and if er
Bev (PS0X9) [2254] That annoys me when I get
Wendy (PS0X8) [2255] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [2256] people like that
Wendy (PS0X8) [2257] Well it does me on a night like that, because the majority of people are either having a damn good lazy swim
Bev (PS0X9) [2258] But there's the lanes, there are nights when it's just even lanes
Wendy (PS0X8) [2259] I know yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [2260] so they just have
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2261] no, very annoying that, I mean that bloke going backwards and forwards is bad enough but
Bev (PS0X9) [2262] Oh he's a right pain
Wendy (PS0X8) [2263] but then obviously that's all he does or what he does ... I mean which is
Bev (PS0X9) [2264] Yeah, but he's not a bad swimmer
Wendy (PS0X8) [2265] Well he don't seem to be a bad swimmer at all he really don't
Bev (PS0X9) [2266] he just don't like going down to the deep end
Wendy (PS0X8) [2267] Maybe ... but it is difficult when people do that because I mean the majority of us are going up and down and you get this one that's going across and
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2268] but the majority of people on a Tuesday night are going for a leisurely swim aren't they?
Bev (PS0X9) [2269] Yeah, they're going for a swim
Wendy (PS0X8) [2270] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [2271] but
Wendy (PS0X8) [2272] but not tearing about, anyway if they're
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2273] of course I mean it'll be a little different this week, won't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [2274] Yeah, well you're gonna go again Tue er Monday
Wendy (PS0X8) [2275] No
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2276] [yawning] Oh dear []
Bev (PS0X9) [2277] You never know Liz might come tomorrow
Wendy (PS0X8) [2278] Tomorrow?
Bev (PS0X9) [2279] er Monday ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [2280] Might, well
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2281] quarter past gone anyway ... don't even know where we are actually
Bev (PS0X9) [2282] Just gone past Mick's Services
Wendy (PS0X8) [2283] Have we? ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2284] [yawning] oh dear, dear me []
Bev (PS0X9) [2285] [yawning] oh don't do that []
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [2286] yes
Wendy (PS0X8) [2287] I think I'll have a look at this lot tomorrow actually
Bev (PS0X9) [2288] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2289] It's nice to read them because you know
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [2290] shame we couldn't got one of them other ones last year
Wendy (PS0X8) [2291] Yeah, I never though of that and I doubt if I get it now, all I think was well I know that I got it in the magazine rack

13 (Tape 036703)

Wendy (PS0X8) [2292] Well have a look down there, it's just by the fridge and the card
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2293] I tell you what erm, that'll have to be done by that, that cake thing you bought
Bev (PS0X9) [2294] Oh yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2295] I never took one blinking photograph did I?
Bev (PS0X9) [2296] Why not?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2297] People did though didn't they, anything you want down the shop?
Michael (PS0XA) [2298] Pardon?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2299] Anything you need down the shop?
Michael (PS0XA) [2300] No I don't want
Wendy (PS0X8) [2301] Nothing
Michael (PS0XA) [2302] What did Ann then just wanted to talk?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2303] Er no er it was about that jumper look
Michael (PS0XA) [2304] Oh of course yeah of course you wrote her didn't you?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2305] Yeah and er , yeah and she said I love the colours but it's coming out, it comes out a forty eight inch
Michael (PS0XA) [2306] Yeah , yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2307] and she said if I could try it before oh, er
Michael (PS0XA) [2308] What?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2309] no she said erm, if, if I could try it oh I wait until that blessed lot's gone
Michael (PS0XA) [2310] Do what?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2311] all that blasted lot out here
Michael (PS0XA) [2312] Oh
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2313] erm, no she said if I could try it
Michael (PS0XA) [2314] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [2315] erm have it made and try it
Michael (PS0XA) [2316] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2317] she said well then, then that'll be fine
Michael (PS0XA) [2318] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2319] but I said to her oh I don't think I'd have it done
Michael (PS0XA) [2320] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [2321] forty over pounds
Michael (PS0XA) [2322] Yeah just well
Wendy (PS0X8) [2323] and a forty eight
Michael (PS0XA) [2324] gotta buy gotta buy a new one innit?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2325] Well that's what I said to her you'll probably find something around, but I mean it was a nice, it is a nice pattern
Michael (PS0XA) [2326] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2327] but there's nothing smaller than the first size
Michael (PS0XA) [2328] Ha
Wendy (PS0X8) [2329] and also she said she's heard from Pauline
Michael (PS0XA) [2330] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2331] and they were all fine, erm getting on with that place as good as they can
Michael (PS0XA) [2332] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2333] because erm they haven't heard about their extension
Michael (PS0XA) [2334] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [2335] and erm, she said er Pauline asked where your mother's coffee set was, little coffee cups and all that and I said I don't know I've never seen one
Michael (PS0XA) [2336] Yes
Wendy (PS0X8) [2337] well I've never seen a coffee set
Michael (PS0XA) [2338] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [2339] she said it was all packed up in a box and I said well you wouldn't see it then would you?
Michael (PS0XA) [2340] Yeah, no
Wendy (PS0X8) [2341] And she said er, I said what she want it then?
[2342] So she said well must of just thought about it
Michael (PS0XA) [2343] Yeah she wants it mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [2344] and she'd like it and so she well I'll ask Jean
Michael (PS0XA) [2345] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [2346] erm Jean might be going out to see that new Marks & Spencer's somewhere, there's a new big one being built out
Michael (PS0XA) [2347] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2348] it's, it's not Anne's way but it's not far I don't think
Michael (PS0XA) [2349] No, yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2350] and she might take Daphne with her
Michael (PS0XA) [2351] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2352] and she said she'd ask them
Michael (PS0XA) [2353] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [2354] but er
Michael (PS0XA) [2355] Well I don't know what she's talking about
Wendy (PS0X8) [2356] I don't know
Michael (PS0XA) [2357] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2358] what she's talking about you know, because I said well the bits that Daphne brought here
Michael (PS0XA) [2359] Yeah, well I say er I mean obviously Pauline remembers it from some when don't she?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2360] Well that's right, I mean how, how long ago nobody knows
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [2361] must of been one mustn't they?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2362] Ah?
Michael (PS0XA) [2363] I said there must of been one
Wendy (PS0X8) [2364] Oh yeah, yeah, certainly
Michael (PS0XA) [2365] but it, it don't ring a bell with me
Wendy (PS0X8) [2366] Well I, I mean if it was wrapped up in a box
Michael (PS0XA) [2367] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2368] but Ann said erm perhaps she gave it away well she did
Michael (PS0XA) [2369] Yeah, she did give some away
Wendy (PS0X8) [2370] she did give Mrs didn't she?
[2371] I mean I remembered some of it, I, I remember hearing something that she'd given some bits downstairs
Michael (PS0XA) [2372] Yeah, yeah yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2373] but erm, I said well I dunno, I said I, I don't ever remember seeing it
Michael (PS0XA) [2374] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [2375] but at the same time if it was, if it's in boxes you
Michael (PS0XA) [2376] Well you wouldn't
Wendy (PS0X8) [2377] you're not gonna see it
Michael (PS0XA) [2378] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [2379] but Pauline must of remembered it perhaps for the
Michael (PS0XA) [2380] All the times your mum had
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2381] well any of you
Michael (PS0XA) [2382] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2383] I mean
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2384] wouldn't get nothing out like that
Michael (PS0XA) [2385] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2386] it must be something that they've had er they
Michael (PS0XA) [2387] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2388] had for years and erm, you know
Michael (PS0XA) [2389] Yep
Wendy (PS0X8) [2390] packed away in a box, but I suppose Pauline thought about it
Michael (PS0XA) [2391] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2392] so the problem is if nobody knows about it you start that all over again
Michael (PS0XA) [2393] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [2394] don't you?
Michael (PS0XA) [2395] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2396] Cos you know that, that happened before
Michael (PS0XA) [2397] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2398] when that, over the teapot
Michael (PS0XA) [2399] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2400] at er, I, I don't remember anything, anything at all, but she said, I told her about the baby, she didn't know about that
Michael (PS0XA) [2401] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2402] and er, she said I, I said have you heard from Paul, because the last time I spoke to her she hadn't
Michael (PS0XA) [2403] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [2404] and she said yeah he's fine he's having a super time
Michael (PS0XA) [2405] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2406] and she's heard from Tanya, one letter
Michael (PS0XA) [2407] Oh
Wendy (PS0X8) [2408] and er she was with Colin
Michael (PS0XA) [2409] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2410] but now she's moving on, and another girl's going out this week or next week to er join them
Michael (PS0XA) [2411] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2412] so, that'll be about three I think
Michael (PS0XA) [2413] Ha
Wendy (PS0X8) [2414] I can't remember, three of four perhaps
Michael (PS0XA) [2415] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2416] and er she said I won't hear for a while because they're gonna move on now
Michael (PS0XA) [2417] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2418] but
Michael (PS0XA) [2419] Where they going now?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2420] Ah?
Michael (PS0XA) [2421] Where they going from Malta then?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2422] They're not in Malta they're in Australia
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [2423] yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2424] yeah, went to Perth
Michael (PS0XA) [2425] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2426] to start off and then erm, I think they went for work permits or something
Michael (PS0XA) [2427] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2428] you know
Michael (PS0XA) [2429] I think so
Wendy (PS0X8) [2430] but really liking it
Michael (PS0XA) [2431] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2432] but er, she says I've gotta get off of the phone cos I've, when I, when I told him I was gonna phone you he went oh no
Michael (PS0XA) [laugh] ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [2433] Well he will won't he? ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [2434] Morning
Wendy (PS0X8) [2435] Morning ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [2436] Thirty four love ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [2437] Hi you Wen
Wendy (PS0X8) [2438] Hi you, alright?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [2439] Alright my girl?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2440] Yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [2441] Oh we've got a
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [2442] Good morning ladies ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [2443] See you
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [2444] Bye ... just a bit over is that alright?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [2445] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [2446] Fifty four ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [2447] One eighty five then ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [2448] Thank you ... can I have er, a quarter of pink bon bons up the end please?
[2449] ... And a quarter of the chocolate ones
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [2450] Same bag I suppose
Wendy (PS0X8) [2451] Yeah that'll be fine, yeah ... ta ... thanks very much ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [2452] Two eighty two then please
Wendy (PS0X8) [2453] Thanks very much ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [2454] Seventeen, eighteen
Wendy (PS0X8) [2455] Thank you ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2456] I bought that card for that baby
Michael (PS0XA) [2457] Oh
Wendy (PS0X8) [2458] and she wanted salad cream
Michael (PS0XA) [2459] Oh
Wendy (PS0X8) [2460] I mean there's all that salady bits and I got
Michael (PS0XA) [2461] Yes
Wendy (PS0X8) [2462] I got some coleslaw so
Michael (PS0XA) [2463] Right
Wendy (PS0X8) [2464] perhaps make a bit more
Michael (PS0XA) [2465] Well I
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2466] of it eh?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2467] they're what?
Michael (PS0XA) [2468] They're opened up now
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2469] yeah ... right it's the last one
Bev (PS0X9) [2470] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2471] Yeah ... well I say once the thing's done, then it's done innit?
[2472] You, you know, I got some coleslaw, so, that'll make a bit more of that won't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [2473] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [2474] And salad cream ... cos you've got sausage rolls haven't you?
Bev (PS0X9) [2475] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2476] So quite honestly you ought to be able to make a ... a bit of something out of it ... there's
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2477] over there
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2478] that's a pretty little card innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [2479] Mm ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [2480] What's this one then?
Bev (PS0X9) [2481] For deaf people and blind
Wendy (PS0X8) [2482] Oh ... well we either have that war film this afternoon or the Errol Flynn don't we?
Bev (PS0X9) [2483] Well that's a war one as well innit?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2484] Oh is it?
Bev (PS0X9) [2485] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2486] Oh ... drinking chocolate
Bev (PS0X9) [2487] Mhm, they are nice, I'll have that one
Wendy (PS0X8) [2488] Well we still haven't got one, I know we've got the Kit-Kats, but we still haven't got bits to pick have we?
Bev (PS0X9) [2489] Well we didn't have but we have now, mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [2490] We didn't have, do you want tea now?
Bev (PS0X9) [2491] Mm please ...

14 (Tape 036704)

Wendy (PS0X8) [2492] Sets, that's a set look
Bev (PS0X9) [2493] That's what I meant
Wendy (PS0X8) [2494] Oh, I wouldn't think of that, oh dear
Bev (PS0X9) [2495] Well they're putting on a show that's what it's all about
Wendy (PS0X8) [2496] get those two done ... he says he ain't got much
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2497] no, but I took the bits that I wanted, and my bits ... and I'll try and get on that
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2498] ask to go in there is there?
[2499] Just wanna put a little thing that, I mean I've written her a letter, I just put a little thing that erm
Bev (PS0X9) [2500] [singing] dooby, dooby, dooby do, dooby, dooby, do [] ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [2501] well I could put a little sticker on Clare's hadn't I?
[2502] That little blue sticker Clare
Bev (PS0X9) [2503] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2504] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2505] only I've finished the letter
Bev (PS0X9) [2506] What you got?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2507] Well I put in there would you pass this thing on, just in case there's any confusion, I put in there I hope Annalise and erm Ian liked the raincoat ... and jacket for the baby ...
Bev (PS0X9) [2508] She'll know what it is won't she?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2509] Eh?
Bev (PS0X9) [2510] I said she'll know what it is
Wendy (PS0X8) [2511] Yeah ... do you want a biscuit or something?
[2512] I just bought er the, which ones do you want?
Bev (PS0X9) [2513] I'll have a Digestive, we've got to finish them off
Wendy (PS0X8) [2514] Well yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2515] only we didn't really eat last night properly at all did we?
Bev (PS0X9) [2516] No ... good old Flipper
Wendy (PS0X8) [2517] Do what?
Bev (PS0X9) [2518] Good old Flipper
Wendy (PS0X8) [2519] Oh is that now?
[2520] Haven't had that for a long while ...
Bev (PS0X9) [2521] I didn't see on there really
Wendy (PS0X8) [2522] Mm?
Bev (PS0X9) [2523] I said I didn't see on there
Wendy (PS0X8) [2524] Oh I see
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2525] I know
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [2526] yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2527] oh I see ...
Bev (PS0X9) [2528] Should be about right shouldn't it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2529] Mm, looks like it, pretty little cardigan innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [2530] Mm
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2531] actually down there you know
Bev (PS0X9) [2532] I'm not
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [2533] what you do, cos I've got to finish on the other side
Wendy (PS0X8) [2534] Mm, mm
Bev (PS0X9) [2535] so that I'll
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2536] mm, I've got a long way to go yet then have I?
Bev (PS0X9) [2537] Not if erm, the longer the jumper it looks
Wendy (PS0X8) [2538] Well
Bev (PS0X9) [2539] doesn't it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2540] wear it on, you don't know do you?
[2541] I'm quite sure I don't
Bev (PS0X9) [2542] I don't know much about it
Wendy (PS0X8) [2543] No
Bev (PS0X9) [2544] but as I say I've sat and done this
Wendy (PS0X8) [2545] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [2546] cos I wanna do something else
Wendy (PS0X8) [2547] That's right ...
Bev (PS0X9) [2548] like that?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2549] Ann said hold on to the pattern, she said I don't know what to do, erm knit them
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2550] I know how she's done it, yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [2551] Well if I did all that again
Wendy (PS0X8) [2552] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [2553] that's gonna be quite
Wendy (PS0X8) [2554] well you'll have to see how much black there is cos
Bev (PS0X9) [2555] that'll be quite effective won't it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2556] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [2557] But you see I want to put that extra bit on the bottom you see
Wendy (PS0X8) [2558] Mm , well if there's only one pocket which I'm sure there is you won't have enough
Bev (PS0X9) [2559] No ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [2560] Is the back quite
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [2561] I don't know
Wendy (PS0X8) [2562] It's a good way of doing it, innit, there's no messing about is there? ...
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2563] oh ...
Bev (PS0X9) [2564] No start again
Wendy (PS0X8) [2565] Oh it is, oh
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2566] mm
Bev (PS0X9) [2567] follow the pattern, but there again this stuff goes a long way
Wendy (PS0X8) [2568] Mm, it does
Bev (PS0X9) [2569] so I might chance it
Wendy (PS0X8) [2570] What's the needles?
Bev (PS0X9) [2571] Fours and four and a half
Wendy (PS0X8) [2572] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [2573] so it's not double knit?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2574] No, oh no, did I try it on smaller needles?
Bev (PS0X9) [2575] No I tried it on smaller needles
Wendy (PS0X8) [2576] You did
Bev (PS0X9) [2577] but that was on tens, I've done it on tens
Wendy (PS0X8) [2578] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [2579] but
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2580] oh you did
Bev (PS0X9) [2581] It's just a bastard to do this rib
Wendy (PS0X8) [2582] Yeah
Bev (PS0X9) [2583] and get the rib going ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [2584] Yeah I don't remember whether it was you or, or me
Bev (PS0X9) [2585] cos ours was seven red er seven blue, black
Wendy (PS0X8) [2586] Mm ...
Bev (PS0X9) [2587] but if it knitted sort of like it did not before
Wendy (PS0X8) [2588] Yeah well you can leave out the pattern there can't you?
Bev (PS0X9) [2589] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2590] Just in case you, I reckon, I think it's too big
Bev (PS0X9) [2591] Cor, that would be
Wendy (PS0X8) [2592] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [2593] I wonder why, whether it would be too striking
Wendy (PS0X8) [2594] Not with the colours you've got I wouldn't of thought
Bev (PS0X9) [2595] No with erm, just the purple, you know I was gonna do it all cerise
Wendy (PS0X8) [2596] Mm, I dunno what
Bev (PS0X9) [2597] No
Wendy (PS0X8) [2598] because the black's gonna take it off innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [2599] The black should take it off
Wendy (PS0X8) [2600] Mm certainly ... cor look at that
Bev (PS0X9) [2601] Awful innit?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2602] [laugh] Oh god, were it erm
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2603] awful
Bev (PS0X9) [2604] Mm ... that's where they are, all
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [2605] yeah ... cor let's have a look now and see whether
Wendy (PS0X8) [2606] Oh what's
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [2607] No, I mean they might not be, but, I wonder, they put it in there once a month
Bev (PS0X9) [2608] Oh
Wendy (PS0X8) [2609] you know the big spread that I saw that time
Bev (PS0X9) [2610] I dunno
Wendy (PS0X8) [2611] I don't remember the paper I only look at the front and the back on a Friday, well pick it up and have a look ...
Bev (PS0X9) [2612] Travel club
Wendy (PS0X8) [2613] Yeah, tell me, right that's, that's it, I thought I wore that ...
Bev (PS0X9) [2614] Right theatre trip Joseph
Wendy (PS0X8) [2615] How much?
Bev (PS0X9) [2616] Seventy nine join us in a weekend trip
Wendy (PS0X8) [2617] Is that a weekend?
[2618] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [2619] Yes
Wendy (PS0X8) [2620] not bad is it?
Bev (PS0X9) [2621] Miss Saigon
Wendy (PS0X8) [2622] No I don't fancy that one ... somebody I know went
Bev (PS0X9) [2623] Oh
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2624] yeah, yeah ...
Bev (PS0X9) [2625] Ah, but ... Joseph is a sightseeing one
Wendy (PS0X8) [2626] As well
Bev (PS0X9) [2627] but Miss Saigon is a bed and breakfast
Wendy (PS0X8) [2628] Mm, well seventy nine quid is not bad you know, when you go up Saturday?
Bev (PS0X9) [2629] Thirteenth of March and fourteenth of March so
Wendy (PS0X8) [2630] Mm
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [2631] no look theatre trip to Joseph it says [reading] join us on a weekend trip to see one of Andrew Lloyd Webber's famous, famous, fabulous it says, that's why I try and
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [2632] fabulous productions, also a sightseeing tour of London, seventy nine pounds, Miss Saigon, don't miss this great opportunity to see this smash hit musical prices include bed and breakfast and a visit to Covent Garden []
Wendy (PS0X8) [2633] How much is that one?
Bev (PS0X9) [2634] Seventy nine quid ... so the seats are cheaper
Wendy (PS0X8) [2635] Mm ...
Bev (PS0X9) [2636] Stratford and the Cotswolds, Grand National, Lakes and Mountains, Flying Scotsman
Wendy (PS0X8) [2637] There are rather a lot you know
Bev (PS0X9) [2638] Windmills and Waterways, that's not
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [2639] Granada, Amsterdam
Wendy (PS0X8) [2640] Who?
Bev (PS0X9) [2641] Granada
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2642] oh
Bev (PS0X9) [2643] And Amsterdam, four days, three nights, bed and break
Wendy (PS0X8) [2644] How much?
Bev (PS0X9) [2645] A hundred and thirty nine
Wendy (PS0X8) [2646] Oh that's not bad is it?
Bev (PS0X9) [2647] Euro Disney
Wendy (PS0X8) [2648] No ...
Bev (PS0X9) [2649] that's not a bad price
Wendy (PS0X8) [2650] How much?
Bev (PS0X9) [2651] Fifty nine a night ... Walking for
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [2652] Ebbw Vale Garden Festival, Chester and the North, North Wales, Portugal, two hundred and twenty or two hundred and seventy nine for eight days
Wendy (PS0X8) [2653] Not bad
Bev (PS0X9) [2654] No it's not [reading] this holiday gives you the choice of either hotels or self catering, situated in the beautiful coast coastal town of Travana, summer in cha , chateau ... six days, one bed and breakfast, four half board
Michael (PS0XA) [2655] You want coal fire lighting or are you alright?
Bev (PS0X9) [2656] half board, Edinburgh Tattoos ... erm Kentish Gardens
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [2657] and []
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2658] Oh that goes round the area
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [2659] that's a hundred and eighty nine
Wendy (PS0X8) [2660] Not bad though is it?
Bev (PS0X9) [2661] No ... it don't say how long though
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2662] mm, I'd of thought that
Bev (PS0X9) [2663] No
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [2664] or Las Vegas
Wendy (PS0X8) [2665] Mm, mm
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [2666] this weekend like, actually made my arm ache, I don't know
Wendy (PS0X8) [2667] Haven't been doing it have you?
Michael (PS0XA) [2668] What?
[2669] What a long weekend for two?
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [2670] is it?
[2671] Oh well tick me off if it does
Wendy (PS0X8) [2672] Well, let's see, you haven't been doing it, I mean
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2673] regular for exercise innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [2674] Mm
Michael (PS0XA) [2675] Yeah, oh a lot of it
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [2676] you use all that this week?
[2677] I tan your arse
Bev (PS0X9) [2678] Oh I wouldn't
Wendy (PS0X8) [2679] I don't have to be down one night then
Michael (PS0XA) [2680] Presumably yeah, I, er, ah, well you heard what I said it will be nice, he said yeah, so, after work I suppose, well before there I'll go down, he'll help himself, it's just ... he can't take any more
Wendy (PS0X8) [2681] Mm
Michael (PS0XA) [2682] I said he can't take any more than what there is cos there ain't no more ...
Wendy (PS0X8) [2683] Flipper
Michael (PS0XA) [2684] Mm
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [2685] yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [laugh]
Michael (PS0XA) [2686] Mm, what, something I what I was watching the other night erm, what on earth was, something, it was nineteen forty seven that were, it was er, it was an old repeat
Wendy (PS0X8) [2687] Mm
Michael (PS0XA) [2688] nineteen forty seven I saw the thing, not a film, a, a show
Wendy (PS0X8) [2689] A show?
Michael (PS0XA) [2690] and I thought bloody hell
Wendy (PS0X8) [2691] Bloody hell I mean a show
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [2692] Yeah, that's that's a long
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2693] I mean we've got an old Errol Flynn there
Michael (PS0XA) [2694] Yeah, ah films I mean you expect to go back, but this is, what on earth was that?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2695] Er what like a variety or what?
Michael (PS0XA) [2696] Mm
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [2697] or perhaps a quiz show that started then, you know.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2698] When's that Des O'Connor thing on then?
[2699] That Michael Miles thing?
Michael (PS0XA) [2700] When is it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2701] Mm
Michael (PS0XA) [2702] Dunno
Wendy (PS0X8) [2703] Not to, I know we saw it the other night didn't we?
Michael (PS0XA) [2704] Yeah , yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2705] I wonder
Bev (PS0X9) [2706] That's not bad is it?
[2707] Miss Saigon with tickets, with staying
Michael (PS0XA) [2708] A lot about erm
Bev (PS0X9) [2709] forty two fifty
Michael (PS0XA) [2710] it was on about, last night on
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [2711] he'd obviously been talking about, erm
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [2712] people, they're trying to get a trip done, Aspect of Love
Wendy (PS0X8) [2713] What's that one then?
Bev (PS0X9) [2714] Quarter past
Michael (PS0XA) [2715] That one that Michael Ball sang in, that, that
Bev (PS0X9) [2716] Erm Andrew Lloyd Webber's
Michael (PS0XA) [2717] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [2718] other one
Michael (PS0XA) [2719] Mm
Bev (PS0X9) [2720] with his wife
Michael (PS0XA) [2721] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [2722] What
Michael (PS0XA) [2723] in
Wendy (PS0X8) [2724] Sarah Brightman?
Bev (PS0X9) [2725] Yeah
Michael (PS0XA) [2726] Oh that's fair innit
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [2727] yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2728] But there again
Michael (PS0XA) [2729] but they erm, I told what, that never arrange it and then borrow some figures
Wendy (PS0X8) [2730] Why that's right, I mean that might be the best idea in the end
Michael (PS0XA) [2731] Well yeah, we, we talk about it but
Wendy (PS0X8) [2732] didn't it?
[2733] Yeah I know they did talk about this Doreen and Owen, because er
Michael (PS0XA) [2734] Michael has told us down the pub, if they had more than a week's notice
Bev (PS0X9) [2735] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2736] Well no, that's right
Michael (PS0XA) [2737] Erm I'm not, you know erm, I mean
Wendy (PS0X8) [2738] Well this is why
Michael (PS0XA) [2739] er Rose would of had all four if she'd of known about it earlier
Wendy (PS0X8) [2740] But the thing is Mick you've gotta get, you know yourself sorted early enough
Michael (PS0XA) [2741] Yeah, that's right
Wendy (PS0X8) [2742] and if people don't pay then they lose them
Bev (PS0X9) [2743] If they all said yeah we'll go for them
Michael (PS0XA) [2744] As I say, if they said , you know I mean I, I don't know whether that much will take a lot
Bev (PS0X9) [2745] Typically it's their own bloody fault
Michael (PS0XA) [2746] but drop, pop it over one look
Bev (PS0X9) [2747] innit?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2748] Well I mean when they put their names down they
Michael (PS0XA) [2749] Yeah I, I don't care it happening again I tell you that
Wendy (PS0X8) [2750] Well no I'm sure it won't
Michael (PS0XA) [2751] Well it's been a
Wendy (PS0X8) [2752] What?
Michael (PS0XA) [2753] it's, it's been hassle because
Wendy (PS0X8) [2754] Do you want any more of these Bev?
Michael (PS0XA) [2755] only we, we lost sixty, sixty five pound yesterday
Wendy (PS0X8) [2756] Yeah
Michael (PS0XA) [2757] didn't we?
[2758] Sixty three pound
Wendy (PS0X8) [2759] Yeah, but the whole point
Bev (PS0X9) [2760] You can go Bruges
Wendy (PS0X8) [2761] Oh
Bev (PS0X9) [2762] you know that's where
Wendy (PS0X8) [2763] Yeah, but the whole point Mick is, it's hassle
Michael (PS0XA) [2764] Yeah, yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2765] innit?
Michael (PS0XA) [2766] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2767] I mean
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [2768] and the annoying part about it
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2769] yeah, well, that
Michael (PS0XA) [2770] for both shows because there was an extra demand
Wendy (PS0X8) [2771] Yeah, but that in itself gotta stop
Michael (PS0XA) [2772] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2773] that
Michael (PS0XA) [2774] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2775] aspect of it has gotta
Michael (PS0XA) [2776] Yeah, I mean we, we've turned to thirty three this time because it's a thirty three seater
Wendy (PS0X8) [2777] Now that can be the erm
Michael (PS0XA) [2778] Now I know it's a funny thing but this time because of demand it was forty eight, now alright out of that forty eight three was still, right one was in hospital so you can
Wendy (PS0X8) [2779] Well no you're gonna get this all
Michael (PS0XA) [2780] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2781] the time
Michael (PS0XA) [2782] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [2783] but er Jill gave her her money back
Wendy (PS0X8) [2784] But the whole point is Mick you are stipulating
Michael (PS0XA) [2785] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2786] an X-seater
Michael (PS0XA) [2787] Yeah
Wendy (PS0X8) [2788] coach and if it comes out like Helen and Pete like that and they're, they're gone and the others haven't, no wonder it's been up on your wall
Michael (PS0XA) [2789] Yeah that's right
Wendy (PS0X8) [2790] but the whole point is you see, if er
Bev (PS0X9) [2791] For bedsit there's a demand for the Chippendales now then
Wendy (PS0X8) [2792] Yes she's got a list did you know?
Michael (PS0XA) [2793] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2794] yeah, well I thought she had one at
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [2795] mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [2796] innit?
Michael (PS0XA) [2797] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [2798] But the only thing, the, the next thing is now collecting the money early enough
Michael (PS0XA) [2799] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [2800] and what is that June?
Michael (PS0XA) [2801] Oh I don't know when that was cos we
Wendy (PS0X8) [2802] June weren't it Bev?
Michael (PS0XA) [2803] Eleventh I think it is well anyway
Wendy (PS0X8) [2804] I know
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [2805] It's a Thursday
Michael (PS0XA) [2806] it's a coach
Bev (PS0X9) [2807] it's a Thursday
Wendy (PS0X8) [2808] June's
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2809] I know it's it's the sixth of June
Michael (PS0XA) [2810] And we shall shortly be do our
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2811] right
Michael (PS0XA) [2812] And the only thing we've got on, I mean after tonight er it's got nothing to do with me anyway
Wendy (PS0X8) [2813] Kate's was June the sixth, June the seventh was the
Michael (PS0XA) [2814] June the eleventh is it, if June the eleventh is a Thursday then that's June the eleventh
Bev (PS0X9) [2815] That's the, that's the one
Michael (PS0XA) [2816] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [2817] Yeah, Kate's anniversary is the
Bev (PS0X9) [2818] July I thought that was
Michael (PS0XA) [2819] No

15 (Tape 036801)

Michael (PS0XA) [2820] They've just got land I think now.
[2821] And the bungalow's too big!
[2822] I mean it's erm ... either get ... one or two bedroomed bungalow can't you?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2823] Yeah, and I say, you know I mean obviously it's too big but I mean not from ... from the point of view that ... the buildings are right outside of them ain't they?
Michael (PS0XA) [2824] Mm.
[2825] I think that's what ... er,i as much as anything to spoil them.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2826] Yeah.
Michael (PS0XA) [2827] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2828] But I mean I, I see no point in all of us going out and looking for presents.
Michael (PS0XA) [2829] Mm.
[2830] No.
Bev (PS0X9) [2831] Cos you only come round with
Wendy (PS0X8) [2832] Oh wha
Bev (PS0X9) [2833] little bits and
Michael (PS0XA) [2834] I mean, if we spent a tenner each.
[2835] I know you get nothing for a tenner but if you spend hundred pound ... you can
Wendy (PS0X8) [2836] You do.
Michael (PS0XA) [2837] get something quite nice for a hundred pound.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2838] Well I mean , but and then, I I don't know how much that garden furniture ... costs.
Michael (PS0XA) [2839] That
Wendy (PS0X8) [2840] That, I mean you know it's pretty erm
Michael (PS0XA) [2841] Yeah .
Wendy (PS0X8) [2842] it can be ... pretty
Michael (PS0XA) [2843] I know.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2844] pricey because of what Glen and George bought!
Michael (PS0XA) [2845] Well wha , I mean before we never had a hammock weren't it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2846] That's right.
Michael (PS0XA) [2847] Cos it got a bit pricey so I thought, we could of bought one [...] about half.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2848] Yeah, but I, no, I did.
[2849] Yeah.
Michael (PS0XA) [2850] We'd have had one but ... they got dearer and dearer and dearer!
Wendy (PS0X8) [2851] Yeah, but there was no [...] Mick.
[2852] I mean th , the amount of time we have to sit in the blasted garden anyway ... is er ... nothing innit?
[2853] ... I must remember that though because erm ... I mean to gi give our erm ... erm
Michael (PS0XA) [2854] Time.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2855] some time ... or all three of them.
Michael (PS0XA) [2856] When do you go down town?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2857] Friday.
Michael (PS0XA) [2858] Oh, not before?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2859] Well I don't know.
[2860] Why?
Michael (PS0XA) [2861] Er, well, if you do and erm ... don't go special, because it's er ... not essen ... er, it's my turn to buy the ... draw prizes.
[2862] I had a quick look round yesterday but I ain't got a clue!
Wendy (PS0X8) [2863] And what what
Michael (PS0XA) [2864] But anything up to you know, ten fifteen pound.
[2865] Fi , pay fifteen pound first prize.
[2866] Don't matter about the rest, there's some in the bird box ... I can fill in, but I can't just
Bev (PS0X9) [2867] Well, isn't the Argos book out yet?
Michael (PS0XA) [2868] Mm.
[2869] Yeah, suppose so.
Bev (PS0X9) [2870] I mean, the Arg
Michael (PS0XA) [2871] I dunno.
Bev (PS0X9) [2872] Argos book's got
Michael (PS0XA) [2873] Yeah.
Bev (PS0X9) [2874] everything!
Michael (PS0XA) [2875] Yeah.
Bev (PS0X9) [2876] You can sit here
Michael (PS0XA) [2877] Yeah.
Bev (PS0X9) [2878] I mean we'll, we'll have a look later
Michael (PS0XA) [2879] Yeah.
Bev (PS0X9) [2880] on.
Michael (PS0XA) [2881] Yeah.
[2882] I'll [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2883] Well what sort of thing?
[2884] What do you want men and women
Michael (PS0XA) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [2885] or
Michael (PS0XA) [2886] Well
Wendy (PS0X8) [2887] [...] .
Michael (PS0XA) [2888] I mean the
Wendy (PS0X8) [2889] is it
Michael (PS0XA) [2890] Because we had more money, we spent more money last time, we bought a ... erm ... a men's and a lady's watch and that went down a treat.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2891] Yeah, well cos that's that's
Michael (PS0XA) [2892] Well Tony won it but I mean it still went down a treat.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2893] What , so it's not
Bev (PS0X9) [2894] You want something that's universal for the first one.
Michael (PS0XA) [2895] Well not necessarily that, I mean, people buy when they go, I mean, I've always just gone straight away and got a nice bit bottle of booze ... and er
Wendy (PS0X8) [2896] Yeah well something like, that can get boring!
Michael (PS0XA) [2897] Wanna drink some drink and that.
[2898] But I I I'll sell more on the shop floor.
[2899] But I won't sell so many in the office.
Bev (PS0X9) [2900] No.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2901] No.
[2902] No, I mean it can get a bit of a boring
Michael (PS0XA) [2903] Yeah.
[2904] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2905] not got [...] .
[2906] I mean round Christmas and that
Michael (PS0XA) [2907] See it's
Wendy (PS0X8) [2908] it's ... it's a bit of
Michael (PS0XA) [2909] Well
Wendy (PS0X8) [2910] but I mean there's so much in here.
[2911] And I mean, obviously ... I'm not saying that you ought to buy it anywhere else
Michael (PS0XA) [2912] No.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2913] but ... but I mean I've got prizes of [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [2914] Yeah, well er er er er
Bev (PS0X9) [2915] The [...] [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [2916] I I I was just thinking about a ... if I couldn't find anything else ... a fifteen quid voucher for somewhere.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2917] But i it's always nice to see the article ... I think.
Michael (PS0XA) [2918] Yeah.
[2919] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2920] You know?
[2921] It's the sort of thing you say, cor that's nice!
[2922] Innit?
[2923] And how much you spending?
Bev (PS0X9) [2924] Fifteen.
Michael (PS0XA) [2925] Well it's about fifteen quid and that leaves us ... the opportunity to get six or eight
Wendy (PS0X8) [2926] Little-uns
Michael (PS0XA) [2927] little ones, yeah.
[2928] So that'll be [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [2929] Oh!
Bev (PS0X9) [2930] But erm
Michael (PS0XA) [2931] I mean, anything,i if we went to twenty it wouldn't matter.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2932] It wouldn't?
Michael (PS0XA) [2933] No, I got about forty anyway [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [2934] You've done camera.
Michael (PS0XA) [2935] We done pra practically everything I should
Wendy (PS0X8) [2936] Er
Michael (PS0XA) [2937] think.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2938] Camera
Michael (PS0XA) [2939] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2940] Well I mean you won't
Bev (PS0X9) [2941] Well what about a ... cassette ... [...] ?
Michael (PS0XA) [2942] We've done that.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2943] We've done that.
[2944] Erm ... I mean everything yo you can buy is in here.
Michael (PS0XA) [2945] Cordless telephone, we did that.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2946] Innit?
[2947] You know?
Michael (PS0XA) [2948] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2949] But you still wanna ... a something.
[2950] You want something for all people.
Bev (PS0X9) [2951] That's [...] a phone's [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [2952] Mm mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [2953] Do it [...] ?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2954] Don't you?
[2955] You get, I mean, you've gotta make the people
Michael (PS0XA) [2956] Yeah, well I'll get it
Wendy (PS0X8) [2957] interested.
Michael (PS0XA) [2958] Well I I mean it doesn't matter to us as far as that goes as long as they are ... erm
Bev (PS0X9) [2959] Well what the whole thing is they put
Michael (PS0XA) [2960] Get something for us out of that.
[2961] You know,i i
Bev (PS0X9) [2962] They've gotta be willing to part with that bit of money.
Michael (PS0XA) [2963] No!
[2964] But that don't matter cos the same ones buy er ... whatever it is.
[2965] But you do like to ha , give them something that ... will be useful to them.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2966] Well of course you do!
[2967] Course you do!
[2968] Well I mean, I say you won't ... actually get a better selection than looking in here ... will you?
Michael (PS0XA) [2969] No.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2970] [...] all there innit?
[2971] You know.
Michael (PS0XA) [2972] Right.
[2973] Oh it's ... How much is that fork and spade?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2974] Thirteen
Bev (PS0X9) [2975] Thirteen
Wendy (PS0X8) [2976] pound.
Michael (PS0XA) [2977] Oh!
[2978] See that.
Bev (PS0X9) [2979] You know but there again not everybody has a garden!
Michael (PS0XA) [2980] Well, doesn't matter [...] .
[2981] The majority do don't they?
Wendy (PS0X8) [2982] Well I do think the majority do, yeah.
[2983] ... But then you don't have something to draw the women.
Bev (PS0X9) [2984] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2985] I mean, I know it gets difficult.
[2986] Course it does.
[2987] ... As I say, if you look through this book ... then
Michael (PS0XA) [2988] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2989] quite honestly what you gonna find elsewhere [...] ?
Michael (PS0XA) [2990] Yeah, I I mean I,or all I I [...] went in a single shop.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2991] No.
Michael (PS0XA) [2992] All I did was looking in the windows.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2993] Yeah.
Michael (PS0XA) [2994] But I mean, Gill would go out and I said I'd give her a ... if if we did it ... e er ... turn and turn about you only have to find one about once every eight weeks like.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2995] Yeah.
Michael (PS0XA) [2996] And ... whilst she bought the ... the first one last week, Yvette, did the rest.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2997] Does she?
Michael (PS0XA) [2998] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [2999] So you're actually looking for one thing?
Michael (PS0XA) [3000] And then, then I will just fill in with the rest.
[3001] Then you do get bottles of wine and ... boxes of
Wendy (PS0X8) [3002] What about a clock?
Michael (PS0XA) [3003] We done it before.
[3004] But unless it's a, no well ... if it's a nice one then
Wendy (PS0X8) [3005] Hell of a selection!
[3006] I know they're dear ones but ... I don't think there's any more on the previous page to that one though.
[3007] But it's a nice drawer I would think.
[3008] If it's a, if it's a nice
Michael (PS0XA) [3009] I mean ... I presume they do ... erm ... [...] .
[3010] That's a [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [3011] Yes, no I'm right.
[3012] I'm sure they do them, cos you can get them on the ... Christmas club can't you?
[3013] I'm sure you can get an Argos.
[3014] But I don't always think personally, it's a
Michael (PS0XA) [3015] They got a ... clock radio
Wendy (PS0X8) [3016] present.
Michael (PS0XA) [3017] They got an alarm radio.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3018] Yeah, when you see the thing.
Michael (PS0XA) [3019] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3020] Oh!
Michael (PS0XA) [3021] Course but
Wendy (PS0X8) [3022] I mean look at those, they're gorgeous aren't
Bev (PS0X9) [3023] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3024] they?
Michael (PS0XA) [3025] Well [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [3026] Oh they don't?
Michael (PS0XA) [3027] They can't , they can't have them on,bu but I mean er ... it's just that ... always, always go round the table like ... erm ... the draw, the top prizes, for that, that's all we need
Bev (PS0X9) [3028] Oh that's beautiful!
Michael (PS0XA) [3029] to do.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3030] What's that?
[3031] That's a bit dear!
Bev (PS0X9) [3032] Yeah.
Michael (PS0XA) [3033] Wouldn't get that prize [...] .
Bev (PS0X9) [3034] Beautiful!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3035] I can't really see it but I can see what it
Bev (PS0X9) [3036] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3037] But there's a lot there in my, on that other page why don't you go and have a look.
[3038] I mean, the thing is the ... they're not ... you know, some of them are not that nice but er
Bev (PS0X9) [3039] Well it sells, it's got to.
[3040] Can't have
Wendy (PS0X8) [3041] [...] .
Bev (PS0X9) [3042] Well you got that one ... that one
Wendy (PS0X8) [3043] The dearest one is nineteen ninety nine in that section.
[3044] Right?
[3045] Now that, that's a pendulum one.
Michael (PS0XA) [3046] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [3047] They've got three pendulum, four pendulums.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3048] That's nice, get that.
Bev (PS0X9) [3049] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3050] That's a nice wall clock!
Michael (PS0XA) [3051] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3052] Clock
Bev (PS0X9) [3053] Hairdryer?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3054] Have you had a wall clock or have you just had a clock?
Michael (PS0XA) [3055] No.
[3056] [...] but ... no I don't she had a wall, I don't know!
[3057] We've had so many [...] over.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3058] I mean a wall clock is an nice additive to the room.
Michael (PS0XA) [3059] over five years [...] bloody prizes!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3060] Mm!
Michael (PS0XA) [3061] It's get a bit out of hand!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3062] Well tha that's what I say!
Michael (PS0XA) [3063] It's a , I mean it were the same at Christmas weren't it?
[3064] When we were going to have that ... that ... [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [3065] Yeah.
[3066] Well that did
Michael (PS0XA) [3067] Because that thing didn't know what to do any more!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3068] No, well that's a [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [3069] I bet a video recorder is now down within that ... range, virtually!
[3070] Settle for something.
[3071] I mean it's not the best.
[3072] And you get them hundred and fifty odd quid can't you now?
[3073] And we [...] one before
Wendy (PS0X8) [3074] That one was only
Michael (PS0XA) [3075] because they were ... too much!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3076] Too dear!
[3077] Well that one was [...] .
Michael (PS0XA) [3078] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3079] I don't know what they were this year but I mean that was ... not much dearer than that.
Bev (PS0X9) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [3080] Who?
Bev (PS0X9) [3081] There's a [...] ?
Michael (PS0XA) [3082] [...] [...] ... yeah, have a think.
Bev (PS0X9) [3083] They are.
[3084] ... A lot of people now are collecting those.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3085] But there's two big
Michael (PS0XA) [3086] As I say, I er ... well I've just said to you, I mean er ... we sell ... forty odd quids worth to blokes.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3087] Yeah.
Michael (PS0XA) [3088] The offices are ... I think the offices are ... I think, for the offices between them were ten pound fifty last time.
[3089] Out of forty quid like.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3090] And two big wall clocks there.
Michael (PS0XA) [3091] Yeah.
[3092] Good idea!
[3093] I'll have a look first.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3094] I mean there's radios and
Michael (PS0XA) [3095] Yeah, I, like I say we, we done
Wendy (PS0X8) [3096] There's that.
Michael (PS0XA) [3097] we done all that erm ... Wa , Walkman all that sort of thing we've done ... at one time or other.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3098] Well I say ... if you scout through this book Mick ... they've got ... an
Michael (PS0XA) [3099] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3100] an enormous range!
Michael (PS0XA) [3101] Well that's right.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3102] And if you go round the shops, yeah
Michael (PS0XA) [3103] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3104] you might find ... something a little different, but I mean it's the
Michael (PS0XA) [3105] What sweets did you get?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3106] Ay?
Michael (PS0XA) [3107] What sweets you get?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3108] Erm
Bev (PS0X9) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [3109] You got, they're uninteresting ain't they?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3110] Mm?
Michael (PS0XA) [3111] They're uninteresting aren't they?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3112] Uninteresting?
[3113] There's nothing down there!
[3114] Unless you
Bev (PS0X9) [...] [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3115] unless you want
Michael (PS0XA) [3116] Got [...] aren't you?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3117] There's Liquorice Allsorts there!
Michael (PS0XA) [3118] Oh!
[3119] I see.
[3120] You've opened them have you?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3121] Mm!
[3122] ... Well I, I never done the ... book [...] Mick.
[3123] [...] spotty line won't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3124] Well Mick, you won't find a bigger selection than Argos.
Bev (PS0X9) [3125] Mm!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3126] I I think the prices are ... bloody good!
Bev (PS0X9) [3127] See it's nought point one [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [3128] Oh good!
[3129] Not everybody wants it.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3130] Well no, not everybody wants that sort of thing.
Bev (PS0X9) [3131] Well not everybody likes them.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3132] No, that's right!
[3133] Anyway, what [...] .
Bev (PS0X9) [3134] Yeah.
[3135] ... Right, do you want to stretch that?
[3136] See how it is.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3137] Oh yes, that's your best bet Mick.
Michael (PS0XA) [3138] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [3139] Oh that's
Wendy (PS0X8) [3140] And
Bev (PS0X9) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3141] those two big clocks there.
Bev (PS0X9) [3142] That was [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3143] That would make a nice additive to anybody's house.
[3144] ... That's it.
Bev (PS0X9) [3145] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3146] I would say so.
[3147] ... I mean, that thing is with Argos Mick it saves you walking round the blasted town!
Michael (PS0XA) [3148] Well that's right!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3149] You know I mean
Michael (PS0XA) [3150] Well, as I say, I've been all down through the ... [...] .
[3151] And as I say again, I never went into a ... into the shops, I only saw the expensive stuff really.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3152] Mm.
[3153] But it's the time it takes
Michael (PS0XA) [3154] You know [...] , Rumbelows
Wendy (PS0X8) [3155] innit?
[3156] You know, I mean
Michael (PS0XA) [3157] Dixons.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3158] Yeah, well they're all there but
Michael (PS0XA) [3159] But at least I,a , they're altogether you see, that's why I went round.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3160] I'm just , you know thinking of the time.
Michael (PS0XA) [3161] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3162] When do you have to have it by?
Michael (PS0XA) [3163] Oh er ... as long as I've got it Friday morning, but I lo , I need to know ... by
Wendy (PS0X8) [3164] Why don't you [...] then?
Michael (PS0XA) [3165] Wednesday I should think.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3166] I mean, I can go to town it's no [...] .
Michael (PS0XA) [3167] No!
[3168] No!
[3169] No!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3170] It won't bother me now.
Michael (PS0XA) [3171] Well it's not necessary at all!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3172] And anyway, if you, if you run in ... if you say
Michael (PS0XA) [3173] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3174] it's a wall clock.
[3175] Just let's say ... it's one of these wall clocks.
Bev (PS0X9) [3176] All you gotta do is is just phone up and give them your
Wendy (PS0X8) [3177] Well
Bev (PS0X9) [3178] Er, just to make sure that it's there.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3179] you could phone up and see if it's there, yeah.
[3180] But, failing that, you know, if yo if you're going in town anyway I can write the ticket out cos I got one here
Michael (PS0XA) [3181] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3182] and you just walk in with it, that!
Michael (PS0XA) [3183] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3184] But if you phone up and they've got one they reserve it for you but you have to get it ... that day, weren't it Bev?
[3185] ... So what's your next erm ... they were asking on the [...] .
[3186] What's your next ... item then?
Michael (PS0XA) [3187] Skittles.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3188] Skittles, that's what
Bev (PS0X9) [3189] They're good!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3190] she said.
[3191] But when I
Michael (PS0XA) [3192] And they play with them
Wendy (PS0X8) [3193] Oh!
[3194] Well I couldn't remember nothing about it!
Michael (PS0XA) [3195] No, I can't either.
[3196] It's March, but ... when in March I don't know.
Bev (PS0X9) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3197] No, oh you're alright but I'll come in a sec .
Michael (PS0XA) [3198] And the they want me to do the ... [...] . [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3199] Mm.
[3200] ... Well that don't really interest me.
Michael (PS0XA) [3201] No.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3202] Not a bit.
Michael (PS0XA) [3203] Well , I've nearly dropped out but if you went along with
Wendy (PS0X8) [3204] Well I could come along in the evening perhaps.
Michael (PS0XA) [3205] Well ... the evening, afternoon.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3206] Okay.
Michael (PS0XA) [3207] Late afternoon.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3208] Yeah.
[3209] But I don't find that ... [...] .
Michael (PS0XA) [3210] Well they might wanna go er ... [...] now there's two of you.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3211] Dunno.
Michael (PS0XA) [3212] Why not?
[3213] No, don't know.
[3214] That is the answer.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3215] I don't know.
[3216] Well I suppose we [...] .
Michael (PS0XA) [3217] [laughing] Mm mm [] !
Wendy (PS0X8) [3218] That's what it seems, mine, mine goes out of town at least don't they?
Bev (PS0X9) [3219] They are here anyway.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3220] Oh I re remember that programme [...] .
Michael (PS0XA) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3221] He likes it!
Michael (PS0XA) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [laugh]
Bev (PS0X9) [3222] Oh well I'm doing this [...] anyway.
Michael (PS0XA) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3223] Don't laugh Bev!
Bev (PS0X9) [3224] Well it's boring!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3225] Right erm ... what about a barometer?
[3226] Have you had a barometer?
Bev (PS0X9) [3227] Prefer a wall clock.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3228] So would I.
[3229] And you shut the door and out of that [...] thing there.
[3230] ... That's if he's willing to go up to twenty.
Bev (PS0X9) [3231] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3232] Nineteen eighty nine, that's a nice one!
[3233] Nice one for fourteen ninety nine!
Bev (PS0X9) [3234] I like the big tall one.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3235] Mm.
[3236] Well that's nineteen eighty nine.
Bev (PS0X9) [3237] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3238] But also they're fourteen ninety nine, very nice!
[3239] And it's got a pendulum.
[3240] ... Look.
Michael (PS0XA) [3241] Oh!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3242] They're all nice aren't they?
Michael (PS0XA) [3243] I wonder what size they are?
[3244] Does it say?
Bev (PS0X9) [3245] Yeah, probably.
Michael (PS0XA) [3246] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3247] Number four is sixteen by ten, by one and a half.
[3248] Sixteen
Michael (PS0XA) [3249] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3250] and one
Michael (PS0XA) [3251] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3252] half.
Michael (PS0XA) [3253] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3254] Number five ... is nineteen and a half by twelve by two and a half.
[3255] And number six ... don't tell you.
[3256] Diameter eight inches across.
Michael (PS0XA) [3257] Right.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3258] Two year guarantee.
[3259] ... Oh, both of them here, either of those.
Michael (PS0XA) [3260] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3261] But that one's not bad you
Michael (PS0XA) [3262] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3263] know.
Michael (PS0XA) [3264] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3265] It's got a pendulum.
Michael (PS0XA) [3266] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3267] And that's fifteen quid!
Michael (PS0XA) [3268] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3269] Well wha , what I'll do, but I stick that
Michael (PS0XA) [3270] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3271] that's [...] bit look.
Michael (PS0XA) [3272] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3273] I mean these are all much too much.
Michael (PS0XA) [3274] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3275] I'm not
Michael (PS0XA) [3276] Ooh, is that all?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3277] I don't think anybody would er ... quibble about winning an any of those.
Michael (PS0XA) [3278] Alright. [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [3279] Right, I'm gonna go with Bevvy now.
[3280] ... Don't know whether Harold's at home today, cos he got all them people ain't he?
Bev (PS0X9) [3281] Mm?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3282] Caroline and Peter and ... Marlin [...] .
[3283] ... She's burying your wood love.
Michael (PS0XA) [3284] He does.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3285] I know.
Michael (PS0XA) [3286] [...] like he's gonna grow trees or something!
Bev (PS0X9) [3287] I dunno!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3288] Well I dunno what you do without it, I'm telling you! [...] .
Bev (PS0X9) [3289] Muggy [...] .
Michael (PS0XA) [3290] Er er ... oh, cos muggy out there, in the [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [3291] I know that!
[3292] What I just said!
Michael (PS0XA) [3293] Mm.
[3294] Well my hair was wet look.
Bev (PS0X9) [3295] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3296] What if he wants you to go tonight Bev?
Bev (PS0X9) [3297] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3298] It will be the opportunity to post that parcel won't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [3299] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3300] Mm.
[3301] Well I'll let him have a look later today.
[3302] But I don't think you'll get a better selection than that anyway.
Bev (PS0X9) [3303] No.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3304] I say if you, if you did decide on something and ... wanted it ... give me an opportunity to post ... Connie's parcel.
[3305] Anyway, I doubt very much if I want to stay in all blasted week anyway!
Michael (PS0XA) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3306] Well with this
Michael (PS0XA) [3307] Oh I don't know it's up to you.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3308] this weather and that, I mean it's [...] ... depressing innit?
Michael (PS0XA) [3309] Well I say, if we did and you just took it in and I went in the next day and picked it up.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3310] Yeah.
[3311] Well it, I mean let's face it it isn't gonna be no bigger than a clock is it?
Michael (PS0XA) [3312] Well no, no.
[3313] No, too right! [...] deciding what we're meant to be having.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3314] Yeah.
Michael (PS0XA) [3315] Lots of [...] ... [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [3316] Oh yeah!
Michael (PS0XA) [3317] So it can [...] people in.
[3318] And I know we have the bottles of wine.
[3319] Sherry and, in town anything done tomorrow.
[3320] Just phone up [...] .
[3321] I mean they, everybody knows there's only one main prize.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3322] Well ... [...] .
Michael (PS0XA) [3323] That's the wo , and they're always up ... [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [3324] Oh no, well I mean something that called out ev ... once a fortnight don't you?
Michael (PS0XA) [3325] No.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3326] That not the point
Michael (PS0XA) [3327] No.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3328] is it?
[3329] ... I mean Christmas ones are ... an enormous prize anyway aren't they? [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [3330] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3331] Bits and bobs anyway so ... I ain't never won one.
[3332] ... Oh well ... I suppose later on in the day ... if you have a look.
[3333] I gotta go out tomorrow anyway.
Michael (PS0XA) [3334] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3335] And I mean he will determine
Michael (PS0XA) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3336] I mean, cos I say, I gotta go go round Lesley's but ... there again ... there's so much on the go again.
Michael (PS0XA) [3337] Maybe [...] .
[3338] Maybe you can.
[3339] One last Sunday.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3340] I'll try to.
Michael (PS0XA) [3341] Oh well we voted for you to go there last time.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3342] I know, well sounds like [...] as well.
Michael (PS0XA) [3343] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3344] That's why you said it's [...] like at this job wasn't it?
Michael (PS0XA) [3345] Well ... it's one fifty down [...] long enough amount of time [...] .
[3346] For you to pick up a
Wendy (PS0X8) [3347] Mm.
Michael (PS0XA) [3348] a [...] .
[3349] Well I shall
Wendy (PS0X8) [3350] Pick one of them.
Michael (PS0XA) [3351] Yeah.
[3352] What does it mean?
[3353] Oh it's only ... it's got erm ... I mean I can se , see where it is and what it is in the
Wendy (PS0X8) [3354] Yeah.
Michael (PS0XA) [3355] morning but ... evening time I could do it love.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3356] Yeah, [...] .
Michael (PS0XA) [3357] Mm.
[3358] Mm, your [...] .
[3359] ... Over the magnets, one of those little unit clap things on the ... the estate where we got the car [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [3360] Yeah.
Michael (PS0XA) [3361] I don't know, but I would imagine that.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3362] Mm?
Bev (PS0X9) [3363] I said to mum I said ... works out that I get it
Michael (PS0XA) [3364] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [3365] and that it's too far to walk in the mornings and that
Michael (PS0XA) [3366] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [3367] I see if I can a few of erm ... one of those [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3368] Mm.
[3369] Well I said, they know it's no problem, you said
Michael (PS0XA) [3370] No.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3371] didn't you?
[3372] So er ... I mean if it turned out to be twelve weeks work.
Michael (PS0XA) [3373] No, don't take this the wrong way! [laugh]
Bev (PS0X9) [3374] No.
[3375] I won't
Michael (PS0XA) [3376] Do you still owe me a ... thirty pound?
Bev (PS0X9) [3377] Mm.
Michael (PS0XA) [3378] Ah.
Bev (PS0X9) [3379] Forgot all about it.
Michael (PS0XA) [3380] No, don't matter. [laugh]
Bev (PS0X9) [3381] Oh!
Michael (PS0XA) [3382] That were part of it that's all.
Bev (PS0X9) [3383] I forgot all about it.
Michael (PS0XA) [3384] It's alright.
[3385] Well I should hope somebody give it to me.
[3386] I, you know, usually ... for the hundred tonight I meant to be ... served up one packet ... and that means Wednesday buying [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [3387] [...] about.
Michael (PS0XA) [3388] No, that'll do anyway.
[3389] What do you want.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3390] No!
[3391] No
Michael (PS0XA) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3392] no it don't!
[3393] Everybody forgets something.
Michael (PS0XA) [3394] I thought you was gonna be, [...] like that, I was just ... wondering.
Bev (PS0X9) [3395] You little stirrer mum!
Michael (PS0XA) [3396] If it wasn't for that I'd I so , can't get what I should of done.
Bev (PS0X9) [3397] No, but you are actually.
Michael (PS0XA) [3398] You said it!
Bev (PS0X9) [3399] Paid my ransom!
Michael (PS0XA) [3400] Yeah.
[3401] I mean they work out so regular now ... that er
Wendy (PS0X8) [3402] Well I haven't worked down there lately
Michael (PS0XA) [3403] Yes, yes, yes
Wendy (PS0X8) [3404] actually.
Michael (PS0XA) [3405] Yeah.
[3406] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3407] Cos they were a pain!
Michael (PS0XA) [3408] Yeah.
[3409] Too full!
[3410] So that I ... the last time I was down there and I ... they opened up the door to go and get some cos they had hundreds in there.
[3411] Thousands, in fact, I would say.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3412] What in the cupboard?
Michael (PS0XA) [3413] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3414] Are they all blue though?
Michael (PS0XA) [3415] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3416] Oh!
[3417] Cos I thought they were doing some.
Michael (PS0XA) [3418] I bet they were, they bet there were two or three thousand of them.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3419] Yeah.
[3420] But what they
Michael (PS0XA) [3421] Full.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3422] we're doing
Michael (PS0XA) [3423] Full.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3424] was getting all this enormous load of black
Michael (PS0XA) [3425] Ah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3426] and then erm
Michael (PS0XA) [3427] Well, so you are as normal then?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3428] Well, yeah, I do what I can but
Michael (PS0XA) [3429] Well I don't think so.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3430] as I mean ... I've gotta have a look at the till on that
Michael (PS0XA) [3431] Yes, but
Wendy (PS0X8) [3432] [...] .
Michael (PS0XA) [3433] if I'd have known about that, if it goes, it goes and it don't ... we should get something out of it.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3434] Well erm ... I put another tripper on that.
Michael (PS0XA) [3435] No!
[3436] No!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3437] And erm
Michael (PS0XA) [3438] Alright!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3439] Dunno how long that'll take for me.
Michael (PS0XA) [3440] [...] , no.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3441] Ah?
Michael (PS0XA) [3442] You're not gonna go far [...] or nothing with it are you?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3443] No.
[3444] Yeah, I'll cut it off.
[3445] Oh ... now
Michael (PS0XA) [3446] Oh oh oh, [...] !
Wendy (PS0X8) [3447] I'll cut them down then Bev, ay?
Bev (PS0X9) [3448] What?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3449] The [...] that goes in the chipper.
Bev (PS0X9) [3450] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3451] I'll cut them thin.
Bev (PS0X9) [3452] Yeah I'll
Wendy (PS0X8) [3453] Well I think you'll have to cos I don't think ... [...] don't like them too big, don't want them too big anyway do we?
Bev (PS0X9) [3454] No.
[3455] Two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve, fourteen, sixteen ... twenty two.
[3456] Two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve, fourteen, sixteen ... two, four, six, two, eight, two, fifty four, fifty five ... fifty five.
[3457] ... Eight, ten ... mm mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3458] [...] ... Ay?
Bev (PS0X9) [3459] Two ... mm, I'm counting now.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3460] Oh!
Bev (PS0X9) [3461] Two, four ... ten, [...] ... eighty six, seven, eight [...] ten, two, four, six ... [...] .
[3462] Two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve, fourteen, sixteen, eighteen, twenty, twenty two, twenty four, twenty six, twenty eight ... thirty, two, thirty four, thirty six, thirty seven
Wendy (PS0X8) [3463] I'll be able to sew this up this afternoon.
Bev (PS0X9) [3464] Yeah.
[3465] I know you said you were able to didn't you?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3466] Yeah.
Bev (PS0X9) [3467] Oh yeah, that's good!
[3468] And this'll be your easier one to sew up cos it's blue.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3469] Yeah.
[3470] These spuds aren't much good you know.
Bev (PS0X9) [3471] No?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3472] I'll have to tell him, no!
[3473] He probably have to go out to where Simon went [...] .
Bev (PS0X9) [3474] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3475] No, they're ripe like hell!
Bev (PS0X9) [3476] Well it's been a very cold, cold winter.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3477] I know.
[3478] It's been ice cold that's why.
Bev (PS0X9) [3479] Yep.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3480] Mind you, I still say I like the reds.
Bev (PS0X9) [3481] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3482] They're a much better potato.
[3483] ... Well if I go on like this we'll be getting another bag next week!
Bev (PS0X9) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3484] Oh dear! [...] actually there but you know what I mean.
Bev (PS0X9) [3485] Yeah.
[3486] ... [sigh] Right.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3487] I'll go and look at that ... potato thing ... and the meat and then ... I'll see.
[3488] See what we have to do cos the meat won't take long will it?
Bev (PS0X9) [3489] Shouldn't do.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3490] I'll give Lesley a ring in a minute.
Bev (PS0X9) [3491] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3492] Cos she ought to be down there this morning didn't she?
[3493] ... We haven't seen Helen for ages now have we?
Bev (PS0X9) [3494] No ho.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3495] When she come up with them photos I suppose ... was the last time weren't it?
[3496] Must of been mustn't it, that day?
Bev (PS0X9) [3497] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3498] What the hell is microwave film?
Michael (PS0XA) [3499] It's a load of shit!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3500] What is that then?
[3501] Gotta have it.
Bev (PS0X9) [3502] You've got to have it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3503] Yeah.
[3504] No, it's still in there, this is, [...] gotta go in the fridge for four hours.
Bev (PS0X9) [3505] It's like cling film ... but it's microwave [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [3506] Well what if I don't get it?
Bev (PS0X9) [3507] Must have it do you?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3508] Yeah , it says it!
[3509] Take it out the foil tray ... erm ... put in a ... well, a pyrex ... and erm ... cover with micro co ... microwave film.
Bev (PS0X9) [3510] Cover it with a ... lid.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3511] Does that matter?
Bev (PS0X9) [3512] I would imagine it's doing exactly the same.
[3513] ... Christ, it's only up , microwave film only just come out!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3514] Has it?
Bev (PS0X9) [3515] It ain't been out that long.
[3516] Bring in your Microwave Know How.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3517] Yeah.
[3518] This has gotta defrost for four hours in the fridge.
Bev (PS0X9) [3519] Oh well.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3520] Good job I almost got it weren't it?
[3521] ... Dunno where I gotta put it, mind but still
Bev (PS0X9) [3522] It's probably cold enough out there to ... be the fridge.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3523] Ay?
Bev (PS0X9) [3524] I said it's probably cold enough out there.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3525] No, well I'll put it in [...] .
[3526] ... Where's the Microwave Know How then?
Bev (PS0X9) [3527] Ah?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3528] That big one?
Bev (PS0X9) [3529] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3530] I can't reach it.
Bev (PS0X9) [3531] [shouting] Bring me the little book, that might have it as well.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3532] I can't reach the big one.
Bev (PS0X9) [3533] No, the little one.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3534] Oh right.
[3535] ... Well I mean, they might sell it down the shop but ... I never heard of it.
Bev (PS0X9) [3536] It says here
Wendy (PS0X8) [3537] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [3538] Cover and wrapping, wrapping food.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3539] Yeah.
[3540] What in there?
Bev (PS0X9) [3541] Ah?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3542] In the microwave?
Bev (PS0X9) [3543] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3544] Yeah.
Bev (PS0X9) [3545] [reading microwave book] By covering ... the food during microwave cooking you can speed up the cooking procedure.
[3546] This also prevents splattering and juices all over the cooker wall [] .
[3547] That's the gravy.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3548] Yeah.
Bev (PS0X9) [3549] It would be, yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3550] Right.
[3551] Yeah?
Bev (PS0X9) [3552] [reading] There are several ways of covering food
Wendy (PS0X8) [3553] Oh ... right.
Bev (PS0X9) [3554] use a tight fit lid
Wendy (PS0X8) [3555] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [3556] to a dish
Wendy (PS0X8) [3557] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [3558] or use a saucer or plate to cover.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3559] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [3560] Use cooking bag ... cooking bags or roaster bag
Wendy (PS0X8) [3561] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [3562] for vegetables ... and meat.
[3563] Remember to replace the metal ties ... provided with elastic band
Wendy (PS0X8) [3564] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [3565] or string.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3566] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [3567] Cling film, plastic wrap is inva , invaluable ... to all microwave users.
[3568] But do remember ... to puncture holes [] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [3569] It's , it says that.
Bev (PS0X9) [3570] So ... I would imagine ... as long as you put a lid on it
Wendy (PS0X8) [3571] Yeah.
Bev (PS0X9) [3572] it's doing exactly the same.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3573] The same thing.
[3574] Do you do that when you do scrambled eggs then?
[3575] Do you put anything on it?
Bev (PS0X9) [3576] No.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3577] No.
[3578] Why don't that ... work the same then?
Bev (PS0X9) [3579] Because it cooks at the top and then cooks inwards.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3580] Oh.
[3581] My [...] , I better go down and get cling film I suppose.
Bev (PS0X9) [3582] I wouldn't bother!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3583] Won't bother.
Bev (PS0X9) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3584] Well we just gotta find something that's prickable then to use ain't we?
Bev (PS0X9) [3585] Plates ... in the
Wendy (PS0X8) [3586] Yeah.
[3587] That's wha that's what it says?
Bev (PS0X9) [3588] Yeah.
[3589] I really wouldn't bother.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3590] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [3591] Right.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3592] I wouldn't cover that anyway.
[3593] So let the flavour out.
[3594] ... I tell you when he's coming but then I'd have the ... cooker going up the ... Swannee ... Well, well no.
Bev (PS0X9) [3595] Just say I've popped down to see the [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [3596] Yeah alright.
[3597] It's only just
Bev (PS0X9) [3598] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3599] No point in [...] .
Bev (PS0X9) [3600] Yeah, that's a [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [3601] I'll say that he's gone.
[3602] Well ... speaking on telephone h hello love!
[3603] It's Wendy.
[3604] Is mum there?
Bev (PS0X9) [3605] Alright?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3606] Yeah.
[3607] Why's he acting like Sam [...] ?
Bev (PS0X9) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3608] [laugh] ... About to say watch out he might shout without moving the receiver!
Bev (PS0X9) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3609] And I said he didn't.
[3610] [laugh] ... How are you?
[3611] Yeah.
[3612] Well we was coming down, now the cooker's gone up the Swannee!
[3613] And he isn't erm, it lights up in the oven.
[3614] I ain't got no bloody oven at the moment.
[3615] It lights up but it erm ... you turn to the regulo love ... and it still stays ... the same level which is ... you know, sort of you know, little.
[3616] So I've got the gas man coming tomorrow but I doubt very much he'll be able to mend it tomorrow but ... but we was, we're gonna try and get down.
[3617] She's ending up with a [...] getting on to job centres and all that, you know.
[3618] But ain't got nothing.
[3619] But er ... yeah, you ain't got nothing?
[3620] No.
[3621] Yeah.
[3622] Yeah.
[3623] Yeah.
[3624] Yeah.
[3625] Well tha that's right ee er, I mean th there is no point in sort of getting a aggravated about it is there?
[3626] None at all.
[3627] So I mean she's been waiting on that erm ... place down Junction Road but they, you know, we've had nothing from [...] .
[3628] No.
Bev (PS0X9) [3629] Asked her if she's signed on at Trevalle
Wendy (PS0X8) [3630] Lesley's had a letter to say from them ... down the job place they ain't got nothing.
[3631] Er Trevalle she's just said.
[3632] Have you heard of that one?
[3633] Tre , what is it?
Bev (PS0X9) [3634] Trevalle
Wendy (PS0X8) [3635] Trevalle Are you on that one?
[3636] Yeah, she's on it, yeah.
Bev (PS0X9) [3637] Job Spot?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3638] Yeah.
[3639] You done the lot have you?
[3640] Like she has, yeah.
[3641] Yeah, well I say, it's one of those things, I mean, you get bad [...] but er ... but there's bugger all you can do is there?
[3642] You know?
[3643] ... Aha.
[3644] ... Mm.
[3645] Well, well er well it is, because I mean so many go for the sa da damn same job don't they?
[3646] But ... what about yours then, any ... nothing?
[3647] You have?
[3648] Aha.
[3649] Mm.
[3650] Does it?
[3651] Yeah.
[3652] ... The other place.
[3653] Mm.
[3654] ... Really?
[3655] ... Ha.
[3656] Yeah see that's a problem because that's like Greatley ... Greatley and Amport ... cos an an , Anne was saying that [...] wanted one in that [...] lot which is a similar, but she couldn't have one.
[3657] Yes, it's a ... Yeah.
[3658] Yes.
[3659] It's all so petty!
[3660] Innit?
[3661] You know?
[3662] ... Ha.
[3663] Yeah.
[3664] Have they?
[3665] They, they wanna get shot of ... well they've have to change their policies I think!
[3666] ... Oh have they?
[3667] ... Aha.
[3668] Yeah.
[3669] Yeah, yeah.
[3670] Oh well that's not nice then is it?
[3671] ... Yeah.
[3672] Yeah.
[3673] Yeah.
[3674] Yeah.
[3675] ... Oh, yeah.
[3676] No.
[3677] No, it's around about the [...] off innit?
[3678] You know?
[3679] Yeah.
[3680] Still, never mind I I hopefully it's a chance, you know?
[3681] I mean erm ... them solicitors sent a letter to him ... we had a copy come here but erm, he's gotta pay her fifty pound a week.
[3682] We ain't heard nothing!
[3683] Nothing at all!
[3684] So I dunno how long they're supposed to let it go on, you know?
Bev (PS0X9) [3685] Tell her he phoned you.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3686] Mm.
[3687] Well she's on income support look.
[3688] Thirty nine sixty something a, a week.
[3689] But erm ... I, you know, he he phoned again.
[3690] I suppose Bev has told you this bit.
[3691] He phoned, and I answered the phone look ... and erm ... he changed the story, he said if she wants any money I'll let her have some.
[3692] And I said, too late!
[3693] I said you've got it writing ... and in the solicitor's letter, she said in there that erm ... he must get in, if he don't understand it or er don't agree or whatever ... he must get the solicitor but er ... ain't heard, ain't nothing a about it!
[3694] Not a thing!
[3695] Mm.
[3696] Totally, yeah!
[3697] Yeah.
[3698] Oh no,tha that's it, hundred percent!
[3699] They get enough fees!
[3700] Yeah.
[3701] Yeah.
[3702] Half hour.
[3703] So I mean ... well I suppose it's, times flitting away cos I don't suppose her solicitor will let it go on forever!
[3704] They've taken out of him.
[3705] Yeah.
[3706] And they've taken out of his pay.
[3707] Anyway, but that means going to court won't it, you see?
[3708] Mm.
[3709] Well that's right!
[3710] Yeah.
[3711] Well she she reckons, you know, on the army and that he can well afford that!
[3712] And er ... I say, I dunno, he might have got a solicitor, it might be all going on, who knows?
[3713] No.
[3714] No, it's just a case of sitting.
[3715] No.
[3716] ... Well, well that's right, I mean, I know she's gotta send it in, I mean it's nothing, but it's something.
[3717] Well nothing at all!
[3718] Yeah!
[3719] We see Jenny Tuesdays, have you seen her?
[3720] Yeah!
[3721] Well you get so bloody bored don't you?
[3722] You know?
[3723] It's a good night actually.
[3724] Er, she goes down with a friend.
[3725] Oh.
[3726] ... No.
[3727] Well thi this is why we dunnit ... quite seriously because I mean I'm bored to tears!
[3728] This weather and all that and i it just ... drives me daft you know?
[3729] Th i it's a nothing sort of month innit, you know?
[3730] No!
[3731] No!
[3732] In the winter you can't.
[3733] No.
[3734] So we ... well this week on Tuesday we're erm going ... swim and spa ... and Rosemary and Anne and all them ... er Maggie they're, they are all there so ... this is what we're gonna do ... try for this week and see what it's like, you know go through all the system there.
[3735] But it is a night out.
[3736] You know?
[3737] That's right!
[3738] Yeah!
[3739] Yeah!
[3740] Cos I say, otherwise all you do is bloody housework and go to ... up the factory, you know, I mean, it's nothing!
[3741] It it's bored [...] !
[3742] How's the kids then?
[3743] Mm.
[3744] Good.
[3745] Oh well that's a ... that's a help isn't it, you know?
[3746] Oh really?
[3747] Oh, is it hi , was it his decision?

16 (Tape 036901)

Wendy (PS0X8) [3748] Well that's right!
[3749] But I mean ... [...] .
[3750] Mm!
[3751] Hell of a [...] but er ... I mean last night [...] , Val said it's alright. [...] .
Michael (PS0XA) [3752] Well those sandwiches must have been
Wendy (PS0X8) [3753] Yeah, they were nice.
Bev (PS0X9) [3754] They were nice!
Michael (PS0XA) [3755] Quite nice, yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3756] Oh, they were nice. [...] .
Bev (PS0X9) [3757] I do!
[3758] I I think it's fair you know.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3759] Mm.
[3760] No messing about, I mean, let's be honest.
Bev (PS0X9) [3761] Oh yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3762] And er ... and then gotta [...] by himself.
Bev (PS0X9) [3763] I love salad sandwiches but I hate making them!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3764] Yeah.
Michael (PS0XA) [3765] Too much hassle usually ain't they?
Bev (PS0X9) [3766] Well they are!
Michael (PS0XA) [3767] I mean, your mum on a Saturday used to have a gigantic ... salad sandwich!
[3768] Everything went in it!
[3769] And that fills you up.
[3770] ... I'll have another plate.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3771] Well that was ... that was more like a meal weren't it?
Michael (PS0XA) [3772] Well it's because you [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3773] In the end.
Michael (PS0XA) [3774] you put everything in it didn't you?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3775] I did!
[3776] Everything that was going I shoved in there!
Michael (PS0XA) [3777] Couldn't cut it!
[3778] Couldn't get
Wendy (PS0X8) [3779] No.
Michael (PS0XA) [...] [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3780] and it all , all fell out anyway.
Michael (PS0XA) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3781] We got
Michael (PS0XA) [3782] Yeah.
Bev (PS0X9) [3783] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3784] Well I say, I I'm really annoyed about those tops but
Michael (PS0XA) [3785] Mm. [...] [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3786] It don't matter I mean it's a change anyway but
Michael (PS0XA) [3787] It's not today you can't get them innit?
[3788] It's yesterday when you bought you it.
Bev (PS0X9) [3789] Yeah.
Michael (PS0XA) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3790] Yeah, well that's quite a point innit?
Michael (PS0XA) [3791] Mm.
[3792] Yes.
Bev (PS0X9) [3793] Well I do remember ... standing there saying ... oh well I can do those on top.
Michael (PS0XA) [3794] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [3795] So that'll be alright for tomorrow.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3796] And we haven't got any further.
Michael (PS0XA) [3797] Mm!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3798] And we should of dropped that off! [...] have them tomorrow.
[3799] I mean them ... let's face it ... one out the three of us should of ... thought a bit more.
[3800] ... [...] they are now, they [...] the week.
[3801] I suppose you dunno when he's gonna mend this cooker.
Michael (PS0XA) [3802] No.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3803] Well normally it takes at least two days
Michael (PS0XA) [3804] Well do you want [...] ?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3805] Yes!
Michael (PS0XA) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3806] Well ... they used, and it's only that, I don't know ... o get a lorry up on a Wednesday.
[3807] And that, [...] that we only have to wait till Thursday
Michael (PS0XA) [3808] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3809] somebody else will say
Michael (PS0XA) [3810] Well they can't can they? [...] [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3811] Well somebody else to ... Ay?
Michael (PS0XA) [3812] Don't worry about it!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3813] Well I know, I don't worry, it's just annoying innit?
Michael (PS0XA) [3814] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3815] But somebody who broke down on a Thursday
Michael (PS0XA) [3816] Using er ... use the tea caddy [...] on that.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3817] Yeah.
Michael (PS0XA) [3818] Like the pies that are cooked.
[3819] As long as you know that your ... gonna do it then you heat it
Wendy (PS0X8) [3820] Yeah.
Michael (PS0XA) [3821] up in that where you are aren't they?
[3822] As long
Wendy (PS0X8) [3823] Yeah.
Michael (PS0XA) [3824] your pies are cooked.
[3825] We've proved that they're
Wendy (PS0X8) [3826] Yeah.
[3827] Oh yeah!
[3828] I mean, that is a way out isn't it?
Michael (PS0XA) [3829] Be truthful.
Bev (PS0X9) [3830] Well ... well let's face it, one of the girls I used to work with going up ... [...] , she never used a ... ordinary oven.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3831] Didn't she?
Bev (PS0X9) [3832] Nope!
[3833] Never!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3834] Mm.
[3835] Well ... if you're, if you're able to do what you wanna do in other ways.
Michael (PS0XA) [3836] Cos they, like the microwave, it's just lots of things.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3837] I should think they use it ... you know, well Lesley does the majority of the time.
Michael (PS0XA) [3838] Right.
[3839] Yeah, well Lesley's a ... a little bit different.
[3840] Cos I mean that's something ... because they're at work they build up with
Bev (PS0X9) [3841] Mm
Wendy (PS0X8) [3842] Oh yeah, I think that's absolutely right!
Michael (PS0XA) [3843] If you don't know any different.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3844] That's up to you.
Michael (PS0XA) [3845] Different system.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3846] Well no, not only that if it's the simplest way
Michael (PS0XA) [3847] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3848] for yourself, I suppose you carry on doing it wouldn't you?
Michael (PS0XA) [3849] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3850] I mean, a lot more mess and a lot more ... doings the other way.
Michael (PS0XA) [3851] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3852] Well, the spuds are alright aren't they?
Michael (PS0XA) [3853] Mm!
[3854] Nothing wrong with them.
[3855] That's all I can tell you so far.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3856] The other
Michael (PS0XA) [3857] In fact
Wendy (PS0X8) [3858] [...] of table.
Michael (PS0XA) [3859] that ... Ay?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3860] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [3861] Oh, missed that one.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3862] Well I I was, I was wondering, see on the market generally they're whites.
Michael (PS0XA) [3863] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3864] And they all come up well.
Michael (PS0XA) [3865] Well I first ... well I'll try and see Sam, well ... when do you need them? [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3866] Oh no, I won't , I won't need them yet but
Michael (PS0XA) [3867] but [...] you know
Wendy (PS0X8) [3868] it depends where they go along there doesn't it?
Michael (PS0XA) [3869] Well, well I say, I shall see Sam in between even if it's Friday night.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3870] Mm.
[3871] It depends, I mean
Michael (PS0XA) [3872] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3873] if they go along ... they might get better as you go they might get worse, who kno , who knows!
[3874] But er
Bev (PS0X9) [3875] Oh isn't [...] good!
Michael (PS0XA) [3876] Well
Wendy (PS0X8) [3877] But
Michael (PS0XA) [3878] it hurt but it's gonna feel [...] .
[3879] They'll be a result somewhere.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3880] Some of them, these are a bit hard in the middle you know.
Michael (PS0XA) [3881] What?
Bev (PS0X9) [3882] Spuds.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3883] Spuds.
Bev (PS0X9) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3884] Mm, well I should of said, I mean like they used to.
Michael (PS0XA) [3885] That's right.
[3886] I did a few of the last ones but [...] . [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [3887] The thing is that when you erm ... if you cut them down so much you are gonna have ... total saute aren't you?
Michael (PS0XA) [3888] Did you ... pre-cook them?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3889] Yeah.
Michael (PS0XA) [3890] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3891] Yeah, I did.
Michael (PS0XA) [3892] Mm.
[3893] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3894] But I mean, it just means cutting them smaller actually.
Michael (PS0XA) [3895] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3896] Don't you?
[3897] ... Oh I was sick of them [...] down there.
[3898] Blame it on [...] .
[3899] Don't worry about the swimming cos we've been down there and she said yeah, I can't stir myself.
Michael (PS0XA) [3900] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3901] Lesley [...] .
Michael (PS0XA) [3902] Oh!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3903] Well Jenny's asked her you see.
Michael (PS0XA) [3904] Mm.
[3905] ... Can't what?
Wendy (PS0X8) [3906] Stir herself.
Michael (PS0XA) [3907] Oh!
[3908] I thought you said spare herself [...] I was gonna say ... what has she gotta do, [...] ?
Bev (PS0X9) [3909] He fell over then!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3910] Did he?
[3911] I didn't look.
[3912] She said she'd gone after that house ... but she's not in the blasted catchment area though!
Michael (PS0XA) [3913] Oh Christ!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3914] You know, like that great big effort we said about.
Michael (PS0XA) [3915] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3916] But ... they can't sell them.
Michael (PS0XA) [3917] That's right.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3918] But, so she might stand a chance.
[3919] Cos in the end I mean they've gotta sell them ain't they?
Michael (PS0XA) [3920] They're growing up in the village.
[3921] And they've gone up from outside haven't they?
Bev (PS0X9) [3922] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3923] They reckon
Michael (PS0XA) [3924] [...] , sometimes the village ... catchment is not
Wendy (PS0X8) [3925] What?
Michael (PS0XA) [3926] Well ... there could be no [...] in the village ... in some instances.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3927] Yeah.
[3928] Well as she said, it's only minutes down the road ... and they say [...] don't come into it.
Michael (PS0XA) [3929] Mm.
[3930] ... And where it's at?
Bev (PS0X9) [3931] I dunno.
[3932] ... Well I'm not sure about them.
Michael (PS0XA) [3933] We , well it's a whole parish away.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3934] Not sure about what Bev?
Bev (PS0X9) [3935] Potatoes.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3936] Potatoes.
Bev (PS0X9) [3937] I'm afraid, some of them are alright but some of them are not.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3938] The what Mick,so sorry?
Michael (PS0XA) [3939] Well I say the er ... it's a fair result ... as far as catchment is concerned, it's one parish to the next.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3940] Mm.
[3941] Yeah.
Michael (PS0XA) [3942] That's what parishes are all about, that's all.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3943] They never bring in any in [...] .
Bev (PS0X9) [3944] They have to.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3945] [...] ... they've rented out all the rented ones.
Michael (PS0XA) [3946] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3947] But er ... Peter's been on the ten day holiday abroad.
Michael (PS0XA) [3948] Mhm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3949] [...] ... got away.
Michael (PS0XA) [3950] Oh well, course.
[3951] [...] . Er well, unless they want to do a ... go for a piece of this ... I mean, as well anybody, if not better than anybody now.
[3952] ... And you just think [...] .
[3953] One meal of it at the moment.
Bev (PS0X9) [3954] Yeah.
[3955] I know.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3956] Yep.
Bev (PS0X9) [3957] Well it's [...] before innit?
Michael (PS0XA) [3958] You what?
[3959] Mm.
[3960] See you should do a fair amount of [...] .
Bev (PS0X9) [3961] Oh yeah!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3962] He was doing that with business anyway.
Michael (PS0XA) [3963] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3964] He said er ... he got a letter from Brampton Row
Michael (PS0XA) [3965] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3966] No jobs!
Michael (PS0XA) [3967] Oh!
[3968] Well there ain't ... at the moment!
[3969] I mean er, that's what ... they've gotta get used to.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3970] Well, but whether he just
Michael (PS0XA) [3971] Yeah.
[3972] I mean tha , if you got that one, you got that one but
Bev (PS0X9) [3973] If you won't, you won't.
Michael (PS0XA) [3974] Yeah, that's right.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3975] But they've lost [...] .
Michael (PS0XA) [3976] I know!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3977] it's the situation ... she said and we'll stick with it.
Michael (PS0XA) [3978] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3979] I said that [...] .
Michael (PS0XA) [3980] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3981] But I think you get to the stage where you don't expect to get one you know?
Michael (PS0XA) [3982] It's a [...] and do it.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3983] Mm.
Michael (PS0XA) [3984] They'll have two in one day!
Wendy (PS0X8) [3985] Well that's wha , that's the other situation innit?
[3986] ... Is that other bloke still there?
Michael (PS0XA) [3987] Don't know.
[3988] Still not sure, I think so.
[3989] I'm not sure.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3990] Well he was nice, that day you were talking about me.
[3991] Chatting to the right one.
Michael (PS0XA) [3992] No, no I think so.
[3993] But al although that [...] ... so Les knows the other.
[3994] I mean I was
Wendy (PS0X8) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [3995] I joined [...] a while ago remember.
Wendy (PS0X8) [3996] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [3997] Yeah, I'm not keen on them spuds.
Michael (PS0XA) [3998] No, some of the trouble [...] .
[3999] You know what it's all for.
[4000] It's the [...] , the little one.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4001] Well I should of done them all.
Bev (PS0X9) [4002] Well it's not, I'm bloated anyway.
[4003] Aren't I mum?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4004] Well, so you say!
Michael (PS0XA) [4005] You were [...] sat down.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4006] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [4007] Now I'm on.
[4008] I've come
Michael (PS0XA) [4009] I see.
Bev (PS0X9) [4010] on.
Michael (PS0XA) [4011] Ah!
Bev (PS0X9) [4012] That's why you heard me about this morning!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4013] I see!
Michael (PS0XA) [4014] Well yeah , that's the one that got out.
[4015] I mean I could of gone out [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [4016] not long before sh ... she came back though.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4017] Yeah.
Bev (PS0X9) [4018] Did he?
Michael (PS0XA) [4019] I was most ... most surprised, yeah.
Bev (PS0X9) [4020] You did?
Michael (PS0XA) [4021] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [4022] Cos when erm ... oh crumbs!
[4023] When ... I pulled the toilet, I thought [whispering] oh shit [] !
Wendy (PS0X8) [4024] So normally he gets up then.
Bev (PS0X9) [4025] I know.
[4026] I know, that's why I don't do it in the morning.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4027] Yeah.
Bev (PS0X9) [4028] Mum?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4029] No.
Bev (PS0X9) [4030] My nose has decided to run.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4031] Well it's alright then, it ain't ... what I want personally.
Bev (PS0X9) [4032] Mm.
Michael (PS0XA) [4033] Well that's good then.
Bev (PS0X9) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4034] [laughing] Ah [] !
[4035] Well that's good!
[4036] It's on and all!
[4037] I used to fill up that's why I don't work.
Bev (PS0X9) [4038] I'd rather fill up today.
[4039] ... I've been going, I'm going to [...] .
Michael (PS0XA) [4040] Mhm.
[4041] When?
Bev (PS0X9) [4042] Erm, it's er ... it tightens your neck muscles.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4043] And it will [...] .
Michael (PS0XA) [4044] The [...] .
Bev (PS0X9) [4045] [laugh] ... We're on weight six already daddy!
Michael (PS0XA) [4046] [...] ?
Bev (PS0X9) [4047] Twenty.
Michael (PS0XA) [4048] Oh!
Bev (PS0X9) [4049] Not bad going.
Michael (PS0XA) [4050] No, but you gotta do that [...] .
Bev (PS0X9) [4051] Oh it is a dreary old [...] day innit?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4052] Yep.
[4053] ... Oh!
Bev (PS0X9) [4054] Do you want anything here?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4055] [laughing] Aha [] !
Bev (PS0X9) [4056] Yeah?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4057] Where's that girl from?
[4058] China or somewhere is she?
[4059] You know there's one beautiful Chinese or whatever!
[4060] Last
Bev (PS0X9) [4061] What last night?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4062] night.
Bev (PS0X9) [4063] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4064] She was dressed in one of the ... outfits, and I thought well that suits you down to the ground!
[4065] ... Cos I like watching their faces.
Bev (PS0X9) [4066] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4067] [...] , you can see they're fed up.
[4068] You can see [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [4069] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4070] don't they?
Bev (PS0X9) [4071] They were dancing for you last night.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4072] Well, you missed ... a certain amount ... facewise particularly.
Bev (PS0X9) [4073] Yep.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4074] From the other side.
Bev (PS0X9) [4075] But ... don't get the seats right at the bottom [...] ... next time.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4076] Ooh no!
[4077] I won't!
Bev (PS0X9) [4078] No.
[4079] I don't know what Helen will do now actually.
Michael (PS0XA) [4080] They didn't involve her in it did they?
Bev (PS0X9) [4081] No.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4082] Well, only across the other side, they sat down there.
Michael (PS0XA) [4083] That'll [...] if they didn't, they [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [4084] No.
[4085] No.
Michael (PS0XA) [4086] They want the old
Bev (PS0X9) [4087] No, I thought it was excellent!
[4088] I really did!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4089] That was the nicest trip weren't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [4090] Mm.
Michael (PS0XA) [4091] I say that chuck over's good you know!
Bev (PS0X9) [4092] It was really good!
Michael (PS0XA) [4093] But er , you know, I mean, I know it's only practice and you know how far you gotta be in front of the other whatever!
Bev (PS0X9) [4094] Well saying he dropped those too.
Michael (PS0XA) [4095] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [4096] But
Wendy (PS0X8) [4097] You know [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [4098] He's practically running [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [4099] Are those those discs or whatever you
Michael (PS0XA) [4100] Mm!
Bev (PS0X9) [4101] They were very effective!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4102] They were effective!
[4103] ... They caught up in the air didn't they?
Michael (PS0XA) [4104] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4105] I say, it's all the practice, he suddenly worked it out
Michael (PS0XA) [4106] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4107] you know?
Michael (PS0XA) [4108] Oh yeah!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4109] You're gonna drop one of those.
Michael (PS0XA) [4110] Well it's all the practice cos I mean ... he was moving all the time!
Bev (PS0X9) [4111] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4112] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [4113] Well he was very good!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4114] Well they all were.
[4115] I mean that ... that couple of blokes
Michael (PS0XA) [4116] Mm.
[4117] I tell you if I had a ... if I had a preference it was when everybody was on the ice.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4118] Yeah.
Michael (PS0XA) [4119] But I don't enjoy the ice skating that much to think ... they were good at their job, yes
Wendy (PS0X8) [4120] Yeah.
Michael (PS0XA) [4121] but ... it don't mean nothing to me the skating.
[4122] ... I say, it's not that they weren't good.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4123] Well no, but I mean I'm not a lover [...] .
Bev (PS0X9) [4124] Well I love it when they do the acrobatic part of it!
Michael (PS0XA) [4125] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4126] It's something going on innit?
[4127] I mean, I like the costume, I mean I thought they
Michael (PS0XA) [4128] Well so did I!
[4129] And when they were ... th ... the [...] the film.
Bev (PS0X9) [4130] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4131] Yeah.
[4132] The red buses and the ... mauve ones and all that I mean they
Michael (PS0XA) [4133] Oh, they never goes up.
[4134] They're just doing a ... like a walk.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4135] Spectacular!
Bev (PS0X9) [4136] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4137] Spectacular!
Michael (PS0XA) [4138] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [4139] But that Liquorice Allsort one ... I er
Michael (PS0XA) [4140] Brilliant!
Bev (PS0X9) [4141] brilliant!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4142] It was.
Michael (PS0XA) [4143] Mm.
[4144] All put all their pickles on there?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4145] She did.
Bev (PS0X9) [4146] I did.
[4147] Don't they look like [...] ?
Michael (PS0XA) [4148] [...] .
Bev (PS0X9) [4149] They look like burnt [...] !
Michael (PS0XA) [cough]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4150] [laughing] That was all ... [...] [] !
[4151] ... That's what I did with a cup of tea this morning ... didn't I [...] ?
[4152] It was a ruddy great gulp!
[4153] It's not on!
Bev (PS0X9) [4154] Yeah, you come running out of her bedroom
Wendy (PS0X8) [4155] Didn't know what to do!
Bev (PS0X9) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4156] So it's not as if we're having [...] breathing and ... didn't know what to do! ... [...] weren't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [4157] I've seen one bloke with a giro [...] this week.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4158] What [...] ?
Bev (PS0X9) [4159] Yeah.
[4160] Twenty.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4161] Well there's no [...] today.
[4162] It's not on all the time.
Michael (PS0XA) [4163] No, it's alright.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4164] Today is it?
Michael (PS0XA) [4165] Ye yeah it's er ... closing
Wendy (PS0X8) [4166] The
Michael (PS0XA) [4167] [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [4168] Then you got the sno , blinking snooker every night so
Bev (PS0X9) [4169] Oh.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4170] Well probably ... at six.
Michael (PS0XA) [4171] I reckon [...] the highlights [...] ... of erm ... and this is what this is.
[4172] Highlights.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4173] Is it?
Michael (PS0XA) [4174] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4175] That is a good top innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [4176] Mm.
[4177] Did you see that [...] , which one was it?
[4178] That ... blue one?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4179] Blue one.
[4180] Yeah.
Bev (PS0X9) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4181] Yeah.
[4182] Well it doesn't slide on the ice weren't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [4183] Ooh!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4184] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4185] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [4186] You could see in some of their eyes they were a little bit
Wendy (PS0X8) [4187] Yeah, when they er
Michael (PS0XA) [whistling]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4188] didn't they muck up the ice?
Bev (PS0X9) [4189] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4190] [...] .
[4191] ... It's a lot of work weren't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [4192] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4193] Well, I'm going [...] to start this thing off.
[4194] If I don't get on and do it ... I'm never gonna get it done.
Bev (PS0X9) [4195] That, I like that!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4196] Ay?
[4197] Yeah, I like that!
[4198] I do.
[4199] Well that is ... really yo you feel good wearing that I would have thought.
Bev (PS0X9) [4200] Lot of work's gone onto them things.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4201] Have they?
Bev (PS0X9) [4202] Dowdy!
[4203] She just had a black skirt.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4204] Well blimey!
[4205] I don't why, should of [...] when you were young.
Bev (PS0X9) [4206] No, well I wouldn't [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [4207] [...] one of those.
Bev (PS0X9) [4208] No, can't, too much children there.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4209] Yeah , I know it has but er ... Lisa's fits you.
Bev (PS0X9) [4210] Lisa's fits me now. [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4211] Well I say again, I thought they might go with the children.
Bev (PS0X9) [4212] No I meant
Michael (PS0XA) [laugh]
Bev (PS0X9) [4213] I know!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4214] It probably is erm
Bev (PS0X9) [4215] Well [...] all ... women now I don't think.
Michael (PS0XA) [4216] Put a film on?
Bev (PS0X9) [4217] Mm mm.
Michael (PS0XA) [4218] It just goes in like that.
Bev (PS0X9) [4219] Mm mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4220] Yes!
[4221] And we [...] .
Michael (PS0XA) [4222] Hey?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4223] Have a load of kids.
Bev (PS0X9) [4224] Real excited mother!
Michael (PS0XA) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4225] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Michael (PS0XA) [4226] Did you hear about the one on the seat upstairs?
Bev (PS0X9) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [laugh]
Bev (PS0X9) [4227] She did that [...] !
[4228] Cos I don't care!
[4229] Got more than me.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4230] We have one, it [...] , let him know it must be how you sound.
Bev (PS0X9) [4231] Yeah, that'd be a good tester.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4232] Mm.
[4233] It's er, that's not me!
[4234] That's not me!
Bev (PS0X9) [4235] Oh yeah!
[4236] So that we would be pleased.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4237] Well ... I dunno, I'm surprised nativity's started at school now.
[4238] I go ... go round with the bloody [...] out there today!
[4239] At one time.
[4240] I think some of them have gone now.
Bev (PS0X9) [4241] Yeah, I think you just got the gu , red one.
[4242] The little red one.
Michael (PS0XA) [4243] Don't matter about that.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4244] There was another one in the
Michael (PS0XA) [4245] Yeah so
Wendy (PS0X8) [4246] drive.
Michael (PS0XA) [4247] [...] .
Bev (PS0X9) [4248] Why put it on by the [...] ?
Michael (PS0XA) [4249] Yeah, well I don't want that, I just found ... didn't wanna kick it, I
Wendy (PS0X8) [4250] I put it up that end cos I thought anybody
Michael (PS0XA) [4251] I just want
Wendy (PS0X8) [4252] sitting there that ain't got one, it's
Michael (PS0XA) [4253] Oh.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4254] it's handy.
Michael (PS0XA) [4255] Yeah, but I I
Wendy (PS0X8) [4256] Kick it off, yeah.
Michael (PS0XA) [4257] Mm.
[4258] Well I used it just now that's why I knew ... there was something in there.
Bev (PS0X9) [4259] What [...] ?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4260] Well that's probably [...] before or just after a service.
Michael (PS0XA) [4261] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [4262] Well that's just right then.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4263] If it's ready.
Michael (PS0XA) [4264] Mm!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4265] Well if he's anything like last week he won't be!
Bev (PS0X9) [4266] Well, then he might have to ... he makes a mess of that bed ... I ain't made of money you know!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4267] Oh yeah.
Bev (PS0X9) [4268] [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [4269] Well [...] ... when I was up there.
[4270] Oh well, they find a [...] it goes all over this [...] .
Bev (PS0X9) [4271] Oh! [...] jumps on, jumped all over the end of my bed last night, got the bed covers
Wendy (PS0X8) [4272] No, it wasn't th , last night, it was this morning.
[4273] Oh well!
Bev (PS0X9) [4274] Well I dunno, it was a good night out.
Michael (PS0XA) [4275] It's my
Wendy (PS0X8) [4276] Ay?
Michael (PS0XA) [4277] Is it, my tape in there?
[4278] Or have you changed it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4279] I don't know what's in there.
[4280] We haven't touched it.
Michael (PS0XA) [4281] Oh well if you ain't touched it, it's mine then.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4282] No we got nothing in it, unless ... this, oh it's three o'clock!
Michael (PS0XA) [4283] Well, take mine out then.
[4284] Don't run it back cos a ... I've got so far on it.
Bev (PS0X9) [4285] Oh!
Michael (PS0XA) [4286] The Belgian one.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4287] What we were gonna do is see what this bit like
Bev (PS0X9) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [4288] And you want erm
Bev (PS0X9) [4289] Can I have a [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [4290] your old boy's network tonight?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4291] Oh yeah!
Michael (PS0XA) [4292] Oh well I shall have to watch from ten o'clock then.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4293] Well
Michael (PS0XA) [4294] There's something on the other side.
[4295] No, no, no, no!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4296] No, well no, listen to me!
[4297] Don't bother
Michael (PS0XA) [4298] I'm not bothered.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4299] cos I'll probably blooming watch it anyway!
Bev (PS0X9) [4300] You probably will.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4301] I probably will Mick, cos I don't
Bev (PS0X9) [4302] [...] half past nine.
Michael (PS0XA) [4303] Well see.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4304] I don't put the light out at ten do I?
Michael (PS0XA) [4305] No, but I say, it's up to you.
[4306] If you
Wendy (PS0X8) [4307] I want it
Michael (PS0XA) [4308] want it saved then [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [4309] I told her off last week cos she was watching it!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4310] I watched half of it last week, as soon as you told me off I ... I put it off.
Bev (PS0X9) [4311] Because she was having it taped and watching it!
[4312] So I said that's it!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4313] Yeah I was, yeah.
[4314] And it's half a blooming hour weren't it?
Michael (PS0XA) [4315] Mm.
[4316] But does your thing starts at ten o'clock though?
Bev (PS0X9) [4317] That's alright, I'll let her watch it tonight.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4318] Ah yeah.
[4319] No, you do what you want.
Bev (PS0X9) [4320] I've got to get my jumper finished.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4321] Oh!
Bev (PS0X9) [4322] Oh I think I'll have a bit.
Michael (PS0XA) [4323] What's this then?
Bev (PS0X9) [4324] This is
Wendy (PS0X8) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [4325] Force Ten to ... Navarone.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4326] Navarone or something.
Michael (PS0XA) [4327] Oh well they've just blown it up then.
[4328] Oh well!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4329] Navarone , I can't have
Michael (PS0XA) [4330] Have you seen it then?
[4331] Ah ah ... [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4332] It's not the [...] .
Michael (PS0XA) [4333] No, but he ... is it [...] ?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4334] Yeah.
Bev (PS0X9) [4335] Yeah.
Michael (PS0XA) [4336] Oh well they've just ... blown the lot up!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4337] Sorry?
Michael (PS0XA) [4338] They've just blown the lot up!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4339] Well it had to be three o'clock dunnit? [...] ... it's the dreary neighbours weren't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [4340] No, [...] .
[4341] I thought it was though.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4342] Ah that's right!
[4343] ... That's right, yeah!
[4344] Robert Shaw.
Michael (PS0XA) [4345] Oh that's [...] innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [4346] Oh!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4347] Harrison Ford.
[4348] ... Edward Fox.
Bev (PS0X9) [4349] Yeah, well I, I I saw it in the paper.
[4350] I mean, you never know ... erm
Wendy (PS0X8) [4351] Well it could be quite a good story.
Bev (PS0X9) [4352] Well we've got the old Errol ... Flynn so I mean we have got
Wendy (PS0X8) [4353] Yeah, that's not a war one!
Bev (PS0X9) [4354] Yes but
Wendy (PS0X8) [4355] And ... don't let us forget Lovejoy tonight!
Bev (PS0X9) [4356] No!
[4357] But make sure we put it on the right side though!
[4358] I was quite annoyed about that! [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4359] Have to remember it.
Bev (PS0X9) [4360] that, yeah.
[4361] Blake.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4362] Blake.
[4363] At least reme ... remembered.
Bev (PS0X9) [4364] Remembered.
Michael (PS0XA) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [4365] though it was.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4366] Wasn't!
[4367] But I thought you would of reminded me.
Michael (PS0XA) [4368] Yeah, [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [4369] Ha!
[4370] That'll be a [...] .
Bev (PS0X9) [4371] Ooh, innit?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4372] Want a Kit-Kat?
Bev (PS0X9) [4373] No, [...] .
Michael (PS0XA) [4374] Yeah, I wouldn't mind if you're going to get one.
[4375] Oh, [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [4376] I thought knowing me
Michael (PS0XA) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4377] Well if I don't bring them in they'll sit in the cupboard
Michael (PS0XA) [4378] Yeah, I was going to get them down.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4379] And then we all say cor look, we haven't started them!
[4380] Here are then, you ready?
Michael (PS0XA) [4381] Yep!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4382] Well you just [...] in here.
Michael (PS0XA) [4383] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [4384] Oh there weren't much in [...]
Michael (PS0XA) [4385] I like them.
Bev (PS0X9) [4386] I do!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4387] I like Kit-Kat very much!
[4388] Especially these little ones.
Bev (PS0X9) [4389] The four ones are too much!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4390] Yeah, it is too much.
[4391] That's too
Bev (PS0X9) [4392] Oh thank you [...] .
[4393] ... Are you starting again?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4394] Well only ... if it's, I mean that's decent look innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [4395] God, it's [...] !
Michael (PS0XA) [4396] Pardon?
Bev (PS0X9) [4397] It's [...] ?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4398] It's [...] . ... [...] .
Bev (PS0X9) [4399] [...] .
[4400] Oh yeah!
[4401] That's all I'm doing isn't it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4402] Are you going up [...] ?
Bev (PS0X9) [4403] I don't know yet.
[4404] See how I feel.
Michael (PS0XA) [4405] What's that?
Bev (PS0X9) [4406] Oh I'm going back to [...] .
[4407] Didn't want anyone up at the [...] .
[4408] And would you write my letters for him?
Michael (PS0XA) [4409] Up where?
Bev (PS0X9) [4410] At the doctors.
[4411] You ought to have it.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4412] This one will be alright.
Bev (PS0X9) [4413] No ... she's not a [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [4414] Mm?
Bev (PS0X9) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4415] That's the bloke!
[4416] That's the bloke with her!
Bev (PS0X9) [4417] [...] , that's the bloke that was in Upstairs Downstairs!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4418] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [4419] Isn't it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4420] Yeah, he was but I can't remember what he was
Bev (PS0X9) [4421] Lady Hamilton's ... what's a name?
[4422] Colonel ... it was ... Colonel and somebody
Wendy (PS0X8) [4423] Mm.
[4424] I can't remember.
Bev (PS0X9) [4425] that was upstairs ... wasn't it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4426] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [4427] [...] or up , downstairs.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4428] Well if somebody at work or in a office, bound to have a watch.
[4429] I'll take it in one week but ... if not, I'll leave it there.
Michael (PS0XA) [4430] Mm.
[4431] Leave it there and [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [4432] Ay?
Michael (PS0XA) [4433] Let us know that you
Bev (PS0X9) [4434] Mm.
Michael (PS0XA) [4435] [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [4436] Mm.
[4437] Mind, she could of got that first one out.
[4438] Shouldn't she?
Michael (PS0XA) [4439] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4440] Oh dear oh dear!
Bev (PS0X9) [4441] Oh! [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [4442] Yeah oh, I've done it now.
[4443] ... I think the bloody adults should [...] wouldn't they?
[4444] ... Well really.
[4445] ... Oh my God!
Bev (PS0X9) [4446] [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [4447] Is it a what?
Bev (PS0X9) [4448] [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [4449] A what?
Bev (PS0X9) [4450] [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [4451] Why?
Bev (PS0X9) [4452] [...] .
[4453] ... What are they staying in aeroplane?
Michael (PS0XA) [4454] No.
[4455] [...] , the last three missions th whatever they have they'll use
Bev (PS0X9) [4456] Oh!
Michael (PS0XA) [4457] three more of them.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4458] That's right.
Bev (PS0X9) [4459] Ask you what a [...] are they?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4460] What are you on?
Bev (PS0X9) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4461] What's that?
[4462] Oh what, with no [...] ?
Bev (PS0X9) [4463] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4464] Oh!
[4465] Oh!
[4466] Well it's individual innit?
[4467] ... Well ... that's a quite good one!
Bev (PS0X9) [4468] [...] .
[4469] It's on hold though.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4470] No, on that.
[4471] ... He knows what to do.
[4472] So, he wanna be a hero I suppose doesn't he?
Bev (PS0X9) [4473] In the end ... it's probably.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4474] [...] is it?
Bev (PS0X9) [4475] Well ... [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [4476] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [4477] Oh well.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4478] I don't mind.
[4479] ... Oh that Harrison Ford he's a ... good actor I thinks.
Bev (PS0X9) [4480] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4481] There's always plenty of action anyway.
[4482] isn't there?
Bev (PS0X9) [4483] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4484] Do you wanna sweet?
Bev (PS0X9) [4485] Oh go on then!
[4486] Twist my arm!
[4487] I'll have a [...] one.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4488] Do you want some chocolate?
Bev (PS0X9) [4489] I think ... [...] [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4490] [laugh] ... Yeah, [...] .
Bev (PS0X9) [4491] Your [...] looked at me then.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4492] Yeah.
Bev (PS0X9) [4493] I don't know.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4494] It is!
[4495] Taking on the rest of them.
Bev (PS0X9) [4496] Hic!
[4497] [...] . ... Shut up!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4498] Bloody neighbour!
[4499] Bloody screeching kids!

17 (Tape 036902)

Wendy (PS0X8) [4500] They never come in without their, screaming their damned heads off do they?
Bev (PS0X9) [4501] Ooh it smells [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4502] Never have a, yeah it flipping does! ... [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [4503] No.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4504] That feeling, I know ... little [...] !
[4505] ... They've stopped.
[4506] ... Coming out.
Bev (PS0X9) [4507] Oh they probably don't know they're there do they?

18 (Tape 036903)

Bev (PS0X9) [4508] There's not many left out of the companies.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4509] No, no outcome.
[4510] ... But [...] outside
Bev (PS0X9) [4511] [laughing] Have you been [...] [] ?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4512] As I say, what's the point of having [...] and the dogs?
[4513] ... Mm!
Bev (PS0X9) [4514] Look, the reason he jumps [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [4515] Well ... that was the end of that!
[4516] ... Don't know who that is!
Bev (PS0X9) [4517] [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [4518] Is it?
[4519] ... Oh!

19 (Tape 037001)

Wendy (PS0X8) [4520] I can't understand why it don't get on her nerves, but you
Michael (PS0XA) [4521] I know.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4522] can't, if people gonna ignore it
Michael (PS0XA) [4523] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4524] then er ... it goes over the top of their head dunnit?
Michael (PS0XA) [4525] Well I mean what's the alternative?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4526] Why?
Michael (PS0XA) [4527] What's the alternative?
[4528] You know, I mean ... she either ... gets on with it or gets rid of them don't she?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4529] Well no
Michael (PS0XA) [4530] It's simple!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4531] she can insulate the house.
Michael (PS0XA) [4532] Well that don't stop it from ... getting on her nerves does it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4533] Yeah, but it don't get on her nerves that's the whole point!
[4534] I mean she's obviously able to throw it off.
[4535] I mean, she's in there Mick.
Michael (PS0XA) [4536] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4537] And when we hear it in here ... she's got it worse in there cos she's in
Michael (PS0XA) [4538] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4539] there!
[4540] But I mean that yesterday afternoon ... you'd have thought the bloody things were in here wouldn't
Michael (PS0XA) [4541] Yes.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4542] you?
[4543] That was two of them but
Michael (PS0XA) [4544] Yeah.

20 (Tape 037002)

Wendy (PS0X8) [4545] She said she didn't hear them.
[4546] Yesterday afternoon, well it started off on Saturday ... and he ended up outside that house ... I'm outside ours ... there was three cars in the drive which you cannot get!
[4547] Right?
[4548] So one went right across the pavement.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4549] Terrible!
[4550] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4551] Now added to that ... by our wall ... there was this ruddy great lorry again ... it's a great bit thing with an open back right?
[4552] We a long
Sandra (PS0XD) [4553] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4554] open back.
[4555] So they park that up on the ... pavement outside our wall ... didn't come to our gate ... but, and then ... didn't it obstruct Alan's because they had it on the pavement, so anybody going down the pavement
Sandra (PS0XD) [4556] Out in the road.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4557] had to go out in the road!
[4558] So I said to Mick ... I'm sure that's illegal.
[4559] Well he don't know!
[4560] Anyway, so ... banging doors ... people galore!
[4561] So come yesterday ... there was ... people going and all this business ... and it ended up ... with just ... her car and one red one ... then the red one goes out ... she goes with the woman ... they're outside there ... two of those bloody King Charles!
[4562] And they were in the front room going wild!
[4563] Then the afternoon, we'd had lunch ... anyway ... I'd got up out the chair, I was so bloody livid!
[4564] I got up out the chair and er ... went out the front door ... and ... I said to her for God's sake it's Sunday!
[4565] What do you mean?
[4566] I said well hell well you've got them going in there full pelt ... you don't go in there to stop it!
[4567] And she said I can't hear them when I'm outside.
[4568] And I said, everybody can hear when they're walking down the pavement!
[4569] And er ... I said to her, you know, you must realise that ... when we're in here we can hear, no, you'd of thought they was in ... around our feet!
[4570] Well I can't hear them!
[4571] She had the door open at the moment ... with these bloody dogs yapping ... and she looked at me and said I can't hear them!
[4572] So, I said to her right, I said ... you wanna be in here ... live in here ... I said I'll invite you in!
[4573] And she went in and shut the door!
[4574] Well wha , that's it!
[4575] Mick said to me, what did she say?
[4576] What did she say?
[4577] So I told him!
[4578] And I said, you know, quite honestly Sandra she does nothing ... to stop these dogs.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4579] She's deaf is she?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4580] Well I wonder if she's got a hearing problem, she'd never says she has.
[4581] But you think come on!
[4582] I mean [...] ! [lorry noise]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4583] I mean she had the door, the front door open!
[4584] At that
Sandra (PS0XD) [4585] I'm surprised she couldn't even hear!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4586] Oh!
Sandra (PS0XD) [4587] I mean we have double glazing.
[4588] The idea if you've got double glazing
Wendy (PS0X8) [4589] So have I!
Sandra (PS0XD) [4590] And yes, I can hear at my front door next door but one [...] the window.
[4591] If somebody goes up their path and she barks you can hear it!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4592] Well, I said to Mick, he's just got up now.
[4593] Oh, I said to him look ... I said she obviously a person that takes no notice [...] , but she lives out in the country.
[4594] Because she's in there!
[4595] When it goes on inside, she's in there!
Sandra (PS0XD) [4596] I'm su sure she can't hear it.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4597] She said I can't
Sandra (PS0XD) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4598] hear it when I'm out here.
[4599] So I said, well that's it!
[4600] I know he don't this Sandra ... and I don't care a sod!
[4601] Bloody had a gutful of her!
[4602] I mean, for a start I don't think she should have four dogs shout out ... in there all the hours that they are!
[4603] And er ... I'm not saying they're ill treated ... cos they're probably not, but there's different ways of ill treating isn't there?
Sandra (PS0XD) [4604] I mean they don't look scruffy
Wendy (PS0X8) [4605] Certainly!
Sandra (PS0XD) [4606] you get fed but that's about it!
[4607] And they're in the warm you can't say they're
Wendy (PS0X8) [4608] No.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4609] they're not [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [4610] Well I haven't seen her.
[4611] I saw her that one night look ... take one of those little ones ... going up the road ... but I've, I mean ... [...] .
[4612] All these people there this weekend and I've not seen one dog go out!
[4613] And I mean you don't just stand at your window ... but ... at some time or other
Sandra (PS0XD) [4614] Well she's probably sharing a room [laughing] with the dogs [] !
Wendy (PS0X8) [4615] Well they must be!
Sandra (PS0XD) [4616] It's like living in a dog's kennel!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4617] It's only a three bedroomed bloody semi after all!
Sandra (PS0XD) [4618] Well like living in a dog's
Wendy (PS0X8) [4619] Yeah!
Sandra (PS0XD) [4620] kennel!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4621] Yep!
[4622] So I said to him, right ... I said we either ... go ... I mean I keep saying to him you've gotta do something about this!
[4623] Either this plaster board holes or whatever the house ... well the trouble is it costs [...] such a lot of money
Sandra (PS0XD) [4624] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4625] you know, and we are, we have got that insulating lot.
[4626] Oh it's ... she's cantankerous!
[4627] She's ... whatever you say ... don't wanna know!
[4628] Well I was bloody livid!
[4629] I was really livid!
Sandra (PS0XD) [4630] Who's the other side ... of her?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4631] Well th the bloke ... but I mean he's not attached.
[4632] But he's out.
[4633] He's out
Sandra (PS0XD) [4634] I was gonna say the people on the other si I know
Wendy (PS0X8) [4635] No!
Sandra (PS0XD) [4636] they're not joined, so the other side never
Wendy (PS0X8) [4637] But he he always at work or somewhere!
[4638] You know, I mean he's only a single bloke.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4639] Oh right.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4640] Hiya Doreen!
Sandra (PS0XD) [4641] Hello Doreen!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4642] But I mean this week ... er this weekend ... er, Mr died ... opposite ... erm, they've got a [...] , a [...] detached house there ... and erm ... somebody went
Sandra (PS0XD) [4643] Oh I saw her in Norwich.
[4644] She was
Wendy (PS0X8) [4645] Did you?
Sandra (PS0XD) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4646] I didn't know anything about it you see ... and all of a sudden there's two ... big black cars in the road ... the other day
Sandra (PS0XD) [4647] He's probably paid for two.
[4648] I think Anne no
Wendy (PS0X8) [4649] I don't know.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4650] you know?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4651] Yeah.
[4652] I I
Sandra (PS0XD) [4653] Karen's sister
Wendy (PS0X8) [4654] couldn't tell you but er ... these cars turned up ... erm, there weren't no hearse ... and off they went and er ... course when I went up the garden to get some washing in Claire ... came up ... and er ... anyway she said er ... about Mr and I said well I assume it was him, I saw Mrs ... and she starts on about this dog barking out in the garden again!
[4655] But she won't do nothing about it!
Sandra (PS0XD) [4656] Oh!
[4657] One of them!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4658] I said I had a damn good go at her yesterday afternoon!
Doreen (PS0XE) [4659] Did you?
[4660] What did she say?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4661] She said she didn't hear it!
[4662] She was out in the front ... seeing as one of her umpteen people, I mean they must pack them in!
Doreen (PS0XE) [4663] Yeah that car was still there on Friday parked, it's that brown one.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4664] Doreen if you'd have come up there Saturday
Doreen (PS0XE) [4665] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4666] They blocked the pavement, there was three cars in the drive which you cannot get!
Doreen (PS0XE) [4667] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4668] They blocked the pavement and there was this bloody great lorry ... up against the path so anybody coming down or up the road ... had to walk into the road ... or co , cross the road to the other side!
[4669] But yesterday afternoon ... I mean, it was Sunday afternoon after all!
Doreen (PS0XE) [4670] Yeah!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4671] And she sa
Doreen (PS0XE) [4672] Well if it's like that now ... in the winter you're not out much ... in the summer when you're out in the garden
Wendy (PS0X8) [4673] You won't be able cos
Doreen (PS0XE) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4674] we won't be able to sit out there ... and you know Claire and George?
[4675] But, I mean being in their seventies, well he's eighty now!
Sandra (PS0XD) [4676] Is he?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4677] Erm ... they spend lots of ... afternoons sat
Doreen (PS0XE) [4678] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4679] out there.
Doreen (PS0XE) [4680] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4681] I was bloody livid!
Sandra (PS0XD) [4682] You know what to do?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4683] I just got up, got out of the chair ... and went.
[4684] I was absolutely furious!
[4685] And then she turned round and said well I don't hear it!
[4686] And I said, no but you have the door open
Doreen (PS0XE) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4687] and ... these doors were going on, like they're seeing this wild woman off!
Doreen (PS0XE) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4688] Well I thought I don't but [...]
Sandra (PS0XD) [4689] [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [4690] No, I say I won't leave it now, if I get much more of it then it's the environmental health!
Doreen (PS0XE) [...]
Sandra (PS0XD) [4691] Ah!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4692] But she's one of those cantankerous types!
Sandra (PS0XD) [4693] Yeah, she must be! [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4694] But er
Sandra (PS0XD) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4695] Thanks.
Doreen (PS0XE) [4696] It don't bother her!
[4697] But then I say, when you [...] you've probably got very, very used to it!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4698] Well that's it!
[4699] You know,an and Mick said to me
Doreen (PS0XE) [4700] She's must be quite lonely.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4701] you know, I mean they were so good when they came here but I mean they've been shut in for months now!
Doreen (PS0XE) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4702] Months and months!
[4703] So I mean, in the end ... even animals can get cheesed off!
Doreen (PS0XE) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4704] No I've gotta give my arm a rest.
Doreen (PS0XE) [4705] Oh!
Sandra (PS0XD) [4706] Oh!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4707] Oh well, up a bit.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4708] Hiya!
Doreen (PS0XE) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4709] No, I say she'll er ... she'll have to do something about it cos Mick said ... well, he just said to me no ... he said well ... what can she do?
[4710] Erm ... she'll have to get rid of them.
[4711] I said, she won't [...] to let them bloody in!
[4712] I mean that's what they say about Julia that time weren't it?
Sandra (PS0XD) [4713] Mm.
Doreen (PS0XE) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4714] Well when I went to Citizen's Advice tha that lady said ... I don't think it's viable to have four dogs in ... a semi- detached anyway!
[4715] ... That was a vet so
Doreen (PS0XE) [4716] Have you got a hanger?
[4717] I've got that one
Wendy (PS0X8) [4718] Yeah.
Doreen (PS0XE) [4719] that broke.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4720] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4721] I haven't.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4722] I bet my [...] water.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4723] Why have you, I thought I saw one but then I thought this is staff I think.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4724] Well who's is that one then?
Doreen (PS0XE) [4725] Dunno, it was on the floor [...] .
Sandra (PS0XD) [4726] What and that fell on the floor?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4727] Well if it was on the floor and somebody wants it they'll have to have it won't they?
Doreen (PS0XE) [4728] It's not the one I [...] .
[4729] Ooh!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4730] What's that?
Doreen (PS0XE) [4731] I didn't see the
Wendy (PS0X8) [4732] Gone through the [...] now.
Doreen (PS0XE) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4733] It's no wonder er ... that's the er ... dearest show ... or the most expensive show they've ever done ... costume-wise ... really.
[4734] Very fabulous!
[4735] Beautiful!
[4736] Even in those seats we had were [...] .
Sandra (PS0XD) [4737] What was that actually at ... Wembley?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4738] Wembley, yeah.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4739] Wembley.
[4740] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4741] Yeah.
[4742] The seats were fantastic!
[4743] ... That's the one I liked best, the man in the blue.
[4744] Yeah, that's the one Bev liked liked best ... and the merry-go-round that's just in there ... cos of the fair
Sandra (PS0XD) [4745] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4746] and there's the one that linked right round.
[4747] I mean that was ... they ... dimmed the lights so that they're not all erm ... silvery grey ... at one stage.
[4748] I mean, it was a job to say which one
Sandra (PS0XD) [4749] I was gonna say,i it's that one.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4750] Yeah, that's the one that went over
Sandra (PS0XD) [4751] And then [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4752] that was the fair.
[4753] But erm ... but the whole the point about this show was ... three partners had stopped near the door ... the whole ice was covered with people who ... and er ... apart from the juggler an and you know ... bits
Sandra (PS0XD) [4754] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4755] like that, but ... but that isn't the woman.
[4756] That isn't the woman.
[4757] It was a blonde haired woman.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4758] Oh!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4759] But obviously she was the star when they [...] .
[4760] But the actual ... main star ... [...] ... is this one.
[4761] He was [...] .
[4762] ... Lovely when they [...] !
[4763] You know, the production?
Sandra (PS0XD) [4764] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4765] I'm sure they did do it well.
[4766] ... All that time ... must of had a ball!
[4767] [...] I thought that was [...] ... so this is [...] , we had a bad night's sleep!
[4768] I would have said while I was putting out my washing cos I did it last night on purpose for the gas man coming in.
[4769] They're all asleep next door!
Sandra (PS0XD) [4770] Yeah, they don't have to get up!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4771] No!
[4772] No!
[4773] Anyway, [...] and I have one for Connie, that's the little girl over [...] .
Doreen (PS0XE) [4774] Oh right!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4775] Yeah.
[4776] Was one, there's two now.
[4777] And [...] so she's on medicine.
[4778] Erm ... I know, like you do these ... and er ... I mean I, I've heard about Alan and Sue for a long time, I know they're having a lot of bother, you know with the ... decorating and all that.
[4779] But she's got in there, well I hope Alan and Sue can settle now.
[4780] Apparently, a lot of the trouble they had was her father!
[4781] He says [...] him to go to work and look after the kid.
[4782] Well they got two kids now but the , it was then, you know?
[4783] And er ... Alan apparently wants to go to Spain ... and Alan said well I'm not bloody working there, as he said, I don't wanna earn money like that!
[4784] And course, they had, [...] ... [...] with us you know ... at one time ... and now they've got that [...] holiday again now, so I mean none of them would of been cheap ... when they did it.
Doreen (PS0XE) [4785] No.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4786] And er ... I didn't realise that ... you know, the father had ... [...] .
[4787] [...] ... said about it.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4788] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4789] I didn't bloody know, I ... worked it out.
[4790] Well he knows he can er, start off
Doreen (PS0XE) [4791] Without any hassle.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4792] Oh!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4793] Oh!
[4794] [...] Doreen?
Doreen (PS0XE) [4795] Oh!
[4796] Oh!
[4797] I haven't.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4798] Beautiful it was!
[4799] Really was!
[4800] Well but we go [...] .
Doreen (PS0XE) [4801] Oh lovely!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4802] Fifteen ... fifteen quid seats we had.
[4803] Two.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4804] Oh!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4805] And we had a nice coach this time.
Sandra (PS0XD) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4806] Oh!
[4807] Somebody called Freeway Which is a lot of
Sandra (PS0XD) [4808] Kingston.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4809] Oh yeah, Kingston, yeah.
[4810] It was Kingston.
Doreen (PS0XE) [4811] And you didn't look out the [...] [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4812] No.
[4813] And it was a beautiful warm ... comfortable.
[4814] Last time we went up,la last year was when erm ... [...] ... [...] no heating like.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4815] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4816] And it was an old coach.
[4817] I mean, alright the heating didn't go wrong ... but it wasn't that, the coach itself was ... you know, really rattled!
[4818] Rattled all the time!
Sandra (PS0XD) [4819] Yeah some are quite [...] .
[4820] They've got a, I think they've one [...] ones.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4821] We had one ... good one when we went to Bournemouth.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4822] They've got a double decker they use for the school run and that is absolutely on it's last legs by the look of it!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4823] Yeah, we had a double decker one time when we went to Bournemouth but I can't remember who it was.
[4824] But that wasn't ... old.
[4825] Cos that was when Helen and ... Tommy 's erm ... wife left their clothes on there thinking it was staying there but it never, it came back.
[4826] It was on another run, we got another coach ... come back ... so they had to go out to where the one it was to
Sandra (PS0XD) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4827] pick up their clothes!
[4828] But I tell you what though that erm ... ice rink place ... it wasn't half full!
[4829] They fill them up!
[4830] Masses and masses amounts of people!
[4831] But that is, if you go up under your own steam I mean even dearer than the way we did it.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4832] Mind you it's getting to the end of the run as well isn't it now?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4833] Then it's
Sandra (PS0XD) [4834] London.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4835] Yeah.
Doreen (PS0XE) [4836] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4837] Then it's London.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4838] Er ... you know ... most of those it's sort of pre-Christmas and round Christmas.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4839] That's right.
[4840] You know, like the pantos innit?
[4841] Yeah, we certainly found it was a [...] .
[4842] But er, it was very good!
Sandra (PS0XD) [4843] Yeah, years ago my granddad [...] remember, he used to take me to a ... pantomime something
Wendy (PS0X8) [4844] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4845] like that.
Doreen (PS0XE) [4846] Well I suppose it's just
Wendy (PS0X8) [4847] We used to go with [...]
Doreen (PS0XE) [4848] [...] go into the Brownies and ... I used to go Windsor every year actually with my two.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4849] Yeah.
Doreen (PS0XE) [4850] I didn't have to pick up [...]
Sandra (PS0XD) [4851] That erm
Doreen (PS0XE) [4852] or nothing on there.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4853] I don't know if you saw Brush Strokes?
[4854] You know the sequel to that?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4855] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4856] Veronica?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4857] Oh yeah!
Sandra (PS0XD) [4858] She used to be ... in the pantomimes at Windsor.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4859] Oh!
Sandra (PS0XD) [4860] Yeah her ... mother and father used to be ... the [...] , but they were sort of in the ... always in the scene ... erm, repertory and they were in charge of you know?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4861] That tree
Sandra (PS0XD) [4862] Perhaps her manager or something.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4863] whoever was in
Sandra (PS0XD) [4864] She had her sister
Wendy (PS0X8) [4865] there, it was good!
Sandra (PS0XD) [4866] the other sister as well.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4867] That was ... skating all around, you know ... it turned.
[4868] And the eyes went up and down and then they were going up and down.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4869] Mm!
Doreen (PS0XE) [4870] Really [...] !
Wendy (PS0X8) [4871] Almost, you know ... and ... they said they were better [...] , we were right looking at the stage over this time.
[4872] Last time we were over here and when it came down it ... ever such a big thing!
[4873] And they just go down like [...]
Sandra (PS0XD) [...]
Doreen (PS0XE) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4874] Yeah!
Sandra (PS0XD) [laugh]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4875] Yeah!
[4876] Ever such a big ... thing, [...] or whatever you call it!
[4877] Yeah i it's really good!
[4878] And, Bev, all Bev said [...] Liquorice Allsort through all this one.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4879] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4880] [...] she's got [...] , but I liked those.
[4881] [...] . And of course, being so [...] in the back seat they sort of when they, they she
Sandra (PS0XD) [4882] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4883] landed they, they [...]
Sandra (PS0XD) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4884] they don't
Sandra (PS0XD) [4885] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4886] as though they, as though they just going off [...] !
Doreen (PS0XE) [4887] Well they slide don't they?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4888] I mean you can't see their face
Doreen (PS0XE) [4889] Face
Wendy (PS0X8) [4890] or legs or anything can you?
Doreen (PS0XE) [4891] Cos I mean the ... I like the difficult [...]
Sandra (PS0XD) [cough]
Doreen (PS0XE) [4892] with that
Wendy (PS0X8) [4893] Yeah.
Doreen (PS0XE) [4894] on.
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0XD) [4895] No.
Doreen (PS0XE) [4896] No, they come on.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4897] I didn't watch.
Doreen (PS0XE) [4898] I used to [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [...]
Doreen (PS0XE) [4899] I used to do rollering a bit.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4900] though my kids both ice skating.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4901] They came down, they were altogether like that but at one point those red ones came down the ice altogether.
[4902] You weren't allowed to take photographs.
[4903] I took the camera, but I never used it.
Doreen (PS0XE) [4904] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4905] But people were popping off again like last year.
[4906] And he specifically said this bloke ... none
Doreen (PS0XE) [4907] Well [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4908] allowed [...]
Doreen (PS0XE) [4909] No she didn't!
Wendy (PS0X8) [4910] Don't take any notice if they don't want.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4911] It just said no photographs inside and yet
Wendy (PS0X8) [4912] [...] [...] .
[4913] But it was, really was
Doreen (PS0XE) [4914] It's one of [...] things things on television ... about it, you know, I mean [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4915] Yeah, what the video?
Doreen (PS0XE) [4916] you see them ... things going and you wonder
Wendy (PS0X8) [4917] Ya, but yeah.
Doreen (PS0XE) [4918] if they're told not to or whether they're allowed to.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4919] But I suppose the only difference in this is the [...] .
Doreen (PS0XE) [4920] They make the bloody things with roller skates like that.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4921] Yeah.
Doreen (PS0XE) [4922] If it was me I'd go straight
Sandra (PS0XD) [4923] Yeah.
Doreen (PS0XE) [4924] over.
[4925] Jason's obviously [...] down when they've, you know well ... [...] .
Sandra (PS0XD) [cough]
Doreen (PS0XE) [4926] A bit more.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4927] Oh I really buy a Range Rover.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4928] That's much better.
[4929] I mean th the Around the World in Eighty Days was good.
Doreen (PS0XE) [4930] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4931] But this was more ... [...]
Sandra (PS0XD) [cough]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4932] somewhere ... it says about the am amounts that was spent on the costumes.
[4933] Must of been ... loads ... and they're opening, there's a new ... new stadium
Doreen (PS0XE) [4934] Yes.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4935] Yeah, in Switzerland. [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [4936] They're at least seventeen, not over twenty ... the first figure skater.
Doreen (PS0XE) [4937] Yeah. [...]
Sandra (PS0XD) [4938] Erm, Switzerland.
Doreen (PS0XE) [4939] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4940] But somewhere it says about the amount it cost, but I mean if must be [...] like that.
[4941] Must be bad!
[4942] I mean, even one's like this.
Doreen (PS0XE) [4943] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4944] You know?
[4945] But he was magnificent!
[4946] Tremendous that one!
[4947] [...] . But it was, it was very good!
[4948] But it shows the difference between last year and this year.
[4949] When we went up to th , we had coffee and Mick had a ... bottle of beer ... erm, before we went in and ... and last year, well you wouldn't of go , dreamed of getting a seat in that ... restaurant area,yo you wouldn't!
[4950] Now, this year we [...]
Sandra (PS0XD) [cough]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4951] and there was a spare table.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4952] Yeah.
Doreen (PS0XE) [4953] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4954] And , the people that were milling around us when you're trying to drink a cup of coffee stood up ... last year ... it was just the, you know, people are not
Sandra (PS0XD) [4955] Was it the same time of the year?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4956] Yes.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4957] You didn't go earlier last year?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4958] Well I don't think so.
[4959] I'd have to ask Mick but ... I don't think so.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4960] I mean generally they ... you know, I, that's one of the things people cut back though isn't it? [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4961] Oh certainly!
Doreen (PS0XE) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4962] Certainly, because erm ... I say it's ... you know, it's sort of an extra innit? something [...] innit?
Sandra (PS0XD) [4963] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4964] You know?
[4965] And er ... but you could see it.
[4966] I mean it's a huge place Doreen!
[4967] Erm, probably the ice hockey or whatever like that ... they [...]
Doreen (PS0XE) [cough]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4968] but there was a hell of a lot of [...] !
Sandra (PS0XD) [4969] Yes, they do, they do horse shows and that though
Doreen (PS0XE) [4970] Mm.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4971] don't they?
[4972] That
Wendy (PS0X8) [4973] Yep!
Sandra (PS0XD) [4974] time of the year.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4975] Yep!
Sandra (PS0XD) [4976] Brian went to ... see Prince, when Prince [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4977] Oh yeah!
Sandra (PS0XD) [4978] he had the arena
Wendy (PS0X8) [4979] Yeah.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4980] and Michael Jackson had the ... stadium.
Wendy (PS0X8) [4981] Yeah.
[4982] Nice place though!
[4983] It's a nice [...] though.
[4984] You know, for sitting and that.
[4985] Well [...] we don't know where we are in that do we?
Doreen (PS0XE) [4986] No bit of paper.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4987] No.
Doreen (PS0XE) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [4988] Walk in where you like.
Sandra (PS0XD) [4989] Yeah.
[4990] That's [...] .
Doreen (PS0XE) [4991] Mm.
[4992] Whether he came in ... just because of Bev or whether he'd ... started on [...]
Sandra (PS0XD) [4993] He came through, he came I mean [...]
Doreen (PS0XE) [4994] Told you when it's [...] , yeah he starts coming round [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [4995] Well that was a few [...] .
Doreen (PS0XE) [4996] Mm?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4997] That was a [...] .
Doreen (PS0XE) [4998] No, as I say, he's coming anyway isn't he?
Wendy (PS0X8) [4999] I haven't got a clue to be honest, you
Doreen (PS0XE) [5000] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5001] know [...] .
[5002] ... If I was you [...] .
Doreen (PS0XE) [5003] Mm?
Wendy (PS0X8) [5004] He could be on [...] . [...] .
Doreen (PS0XE) [5005] Yeah, but those [...]
Sandra (PS0XD) [5006] But then it would be the same [...] , wouldn't they?
Doreen (PS0XE) [5007] Yeah.
[5008] Two great [...] . [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [5009] Ah!
[5010] Take me out [...] .
Doreen (PS0XE) [5011] Well yeah. [...]
Sandra (PS0XD) [5012] Well Doreen said about going last week didn't you?
Doreen (PS0XE) [5013] do some of them [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [cough]
Doreen (PS0XE) [5014] there's quite a lot in there but I mean ... there's only that [...] ... just that bit of bay isn't there?
Wendy (PS0X8) [5015] Yeah.
Doreen (PS0XE) [5016] Cos all the rest have gone.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5017] That's right.
Doreen (PS0XE) [5018] They still want ... that and then perhaps we're [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [5019] Well you just hope that his sister's keeps running along don't you?
[5020] You
Doreen (PS0XE) [5021] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5022] know?
[5023] I mean er ... I suppose you got quite quite a few outlets now.
Doreen (PS0XE) [5024] Well I, I got quite
Sandra (PS0XD) [...]
Doreen (PS0XE) [5025] Mm.
Sandra (PS0XD) [5026] Yeah.
Doreen (PS0XE) [5027] Well they got rid of all those [...] it's the just cottages ... I saw round the back.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5028] Were they?
Doreen (PS0XE) [5029] [...] but I mean they had a lot [...] as well at one time didn't they?
[5030] And they're all gone.
[5031] [...] several notices ... [laughing] come flying back [...] [] in erm ... what's her name?
[5032] They've had some more of them as far as that didn't they?
Wendy (PS0X8) [5033] Mm.
Doreen (PS0XE) [5034] Well you don't wanna keep buying them do you?
[5035] They're sending, they're sending a couple of [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [5036] Are they?
Doreen (PS0XE) [5037] Yeah cos ... they've had a lot in there but then
Wendy (PS0X8) [5038] Have they?
Doreen (PS0XE) [5039] can't keep buying them can you?
[5040] And I mean
Wendy (PS0X8) [5041] No.
Doreen (PS0XE) [5042] people have gone in and bought them, that's it! [...] cos I mean [...] but
Wendy (PS0X8) [5043] Yeah.
Doreen (PS0XE) [5044] it's not ... you don't wanna really [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [5045] Ya.
Doreen (PS0XE) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [5046] A what?
Doreen (PS0XE) [5047] They'll have no time [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [5048] Oh no time left?
[5049] No!
Sandra (PS0XD) [5050] Oh no!
Wendy (PS0X8) [5051] The [...] you see these days because it's there one minute and then it's
Doreen (PS0XE) [5052] Er
Wendy (PS0X8) [5053] not is it? [...]
Sandra (PS0XD) [5054] Yeah.
Doreen (PS0XE) [5055] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5056] No, right.
Doreen (PS0XE) [5057] Still there's stuff that you can do.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5058] Oh yeah.
[5059] [...] . ... Well I put my washing out and I thought to myself right, [...] today.
Doreen (PS0XE) [5060] I put my
Wendy (PS0X8) [...]
Doreen (PS0XE) [5061] [...] out at four. [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [...]
Doreen (PS0XE) [5062] he didn't have the time.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5063] I don't think he will for one minute!
[5064] They, they didn't bother
Doreen (PS0XE) [cough]
Wendy (PS0X8) [5065] to come, come up on a Wednesday we're all going out for a
Doreen (PS0XE) [5066] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5067] well that'll mean Thursday.
[5068] But I thought well I'll get on with it, what, when they get up [...] .
[5069] I just chucked everything in that I had, did it, [...] in the box and we were out before seven.
Doreen (PS0XE) [5070] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5071] And I thought well ... that way it's done innit?
Sandra (PS0XD) [5072] Get mine done [...] .
Doreen (PS0XE) [...]
Sandra (PS0XD) [5073] I know!
[5074] Yeah.
Doreen (PS0XE) [5075] Graham likes [...] merry hell ... [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [5076] Oh yeah!
Doreen (PS0XE) [5077] Mm!
Wendy (PS0X8) [5078] Yeah, I know that when I
Doreen (PS0XE) [5079] The only , the only thing is she has
Wendy (PS0X8) [5080] Mm.
[5081] Well course, there's gonna be a certain amount of [...] all in the same day isn't there?
Doreen (PS0XE) [5082] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5083] You know, I mean
Doreen (PS0XE) [5084] David ... coming up there didn't he?
[5085] I don't whether [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [5086] Well [...] was there weren't he?
Doreen (PS0XE) [5087] Yeah.
[5088] He seen him with her.
Wendy (PS0X8) [...]
Doreen (PS0XE) [5089] No I mean, I don't think really that's very good at all!
Wendy (PS0X8) [5090] Yeah!
Doreen (PS0XE) [5091] But erm ... I don't whether he wants to.
[5092] I know Mr used to go up there cos he was still at school then and he used to go up there cos he was doing nothing but whether he ... he wants her to ... get a [...] job, well ... he [...] .
[5093] But so ... [...] he was on about
Wendy (PS0X8) [5094] Well er
Doreen (PS0XE) [5095] up at [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [5096] Yeah?
Doreen (PS0XE) [5097] But David was saying, oh you know, [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [5098] Mm.
Doreen (PS0XE) [5099] So she said well but you know who's doing it she said, and they won't change [...] or anything.
Sandra (PS0XD) [5100] No!
Doreen (PS0XE) [5101] Erm, George, Glen and Rosie, I mean I know what [...] . [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [5102] Yeah.
[5103] Oh I know!
Sandra (PS0XD) [5104] But, I thought [...] it don't matter where you stay somebody's gonna say oh God, I wouldn't go there [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [5105] Well
Sandra (PS0XD) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [5106] well that's right!
[5107] Where was that person where we went ... erm ... we went somewhere [...]
Doreen (PS0XE) [5108] David was it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [5109] Was it, David?
Doreen (PS0XE) [5110] Mm.
[5111] Well that thing [...] .
Sandra (PS0XD) [5112] I could hear her!
[5113] But erm
Wendy (PS0X8) [5114] Dave was being [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [5115] [...] .
[5116] Well I dunno where it was [...] .

21 (Tape 037003)

Sandra (PS0XD) [5117] Hello Wendy!
[5118] I rang up.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5119] How are you?
Sandra (PS0XD) [5120] So she came out last night ... cos she was away ... well I left after it ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0XD) [5121] No, morning.
[5122] He'll be down tonight, tomorrow night and I'll guarantee it.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5123] Oh God!
Sandra (PS0XD) [5124] Well she were there for two hours just trying to [...] .
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [5125] She was th there three!
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [5126] Excuse me! [...]
Sandra (PS0XD) [5127] [...] ... and, she's serious!
Wendy (PS0X8) [5128] No, Daryll, yeah I've still told her where she's gone.
Sandra (PS0XD) [5129] No, don't take them.
[5130] ... Just put them in there for me please?
[5131] That's it.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5132] And a quarter of your [...] please?
Sandra (PS0XD) [5133] Take these.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5134] Thank you very much.
Unknown speaker (KE6PSUNK) [5135] Four forty eight please.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5136] Oh that's smashing!

22 (Tape 037004)

Bev (PS0X9) [5137] As I say, that's all dad said.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5138] Yeah.
Bev (PS0X9) [5139] So, I don't know.
[5140] They said work from eleven point three.
[5141] I mean this is the last which is there.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5142] Yeah.
Bev (PS0X9) [5143] From what I understand.
[5144] I dunno!
[5145] [sigh] Ah!
[5146] ... Only I've ... get a [...] if you want one.
[5147] [...] . I thought there's no point in leaving it in here.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5148] Well no!
Bev (PS0X9) [5149] It's past it isn't it?
Wendy (PS0X8) [5150] [sigh] Ah!
Bev (PS0X9) [5151] Why, why ain't that girl there then mum?
Wendy (PS0X8) [5152] What girl?
Bev (PS0X9) [5153] Erm ... .
Wendy (PS0X8) [5154] So that's for somebody else then?
[5155] Seven pound
Bev (PS0X9) [5156] Seven pound fifty for that cut.
[5157] Why what else you had?
Wendy (PS0X8) [5158] It was over seven pound.
Bev (PS0X9) [5159] Yeah, but you had a ... cut and blow dry.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5160] Yeah.
[5161] Yeah.
[5162] Well then I did [...] didn't I?
[5163] I did.
[5164] Well I wonder if there's anywhere else you know?
[5165] I mean I could definitely do with these sides done.
Bev (PS0X9) [5166] Well I might [...] ask Brenda.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5167] Oh I'll try it.
[5168] Try it.
Bev (PS0X9) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [5169] You didn't!
[5170] ... Why's that then?
Bev (PS0X9) [5171] Mm?
Wendy (PS0X8) [5172] Well I dunno, you aren't bothered about a job are you?
Bev (PS0X9) [5173] I don't think so.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5174] Well if if you don't want it say no Bev!
Bev (PS0X9) [5175] It's not that I don't wannit.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5176] What is it then?
Bev (PS0X9) [5177] I mean it's not [...] two pound!
[5178] So
Wendy (PS0X8) [5179] Leave it then.
Bev (PS0X9) [5180] Leave it.
[5181] Well no, because I've gotta give it
Wendy (PS0X8) [5182] Yeah I know, but it's no good if ... you're gonna get yourself uptight about it!
[5183] Just gonna go and on though aren't you?
[5184] Well you can always say ... you can't do it, you've got ... [...] ... divorced innit?
[5185] I I, there's no point Bev if it's gonna bother you!
[5186] I'm telling you now!
[5187] I thought you were [...] yesterday.
Bev (PS0X9) [5188] Ay?
Wendy (PS0X8) [5189] I thought were a little bit uptight.
Bev (PS0X9) [5190] Well it's not that I'm uptight.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5191] What is it then?
Bev (PS0X9) [5192] I think it's because ... I haven't done it for so long
Wendy (PS0X8) [5193] Yeah.
[5194] ... Well, [...] ... cos if it's any good, [...] .
Bev (PS0X9) [5195] I want it!
[5196] I don't wanna be a ... failure!
Wendy (PS0X8) [5197] Who knows!
Bev (PS0X9) [5198] Exactly!
[5199] And the only way I'm gonna know is if I take it.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5200] Mm.
Bev (PS0X9) [5201] God it's not the right time of the bloody month!
Wendy (PS0X8) [5202] You got a couple of letters here.
Bev (PS0X9) [5203] Have I?
Wendy (PS0X8) [5204] Yeah.
Bev (PS0X9) [5205] Where?
[5206] Oh!
[5207] ... Oh one's a [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [5208] Well I should make your mind up Bev, here and now.
[5209] You really must!
[5210] If you prefer not I'll, I'll say
Bev (PS0X9) [5211] No!
[5212] I want it!
Wendy (PS0X8) [5213] I know you want it Bev but it's no good getting yourself uptight!
[5214] It's no good at all!
[5215] ... No good at all!
[5216] Just waffle on and be done [...] .
[5217] It's to be expected really.
Bev (PS0X9) [5218] Yeah, but then ... fifty nine thirty two.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5219] What?
Bev (PS0X9) [5220] Well that's erm ... cheque erm ... [...] ... [...] .
[5221] Well that's what I was waiting for weren't it?
[5222] And then I'll get my old [...] fixed.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5223] Well no, you must make your mind up [...] love.
Bev (PS0X9) [5224] Real last.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5225] Yay or nay I mean there's only a possibili , what is the thing you don't know how to do?
Bev (PS0X9) [5226] Well, the word processing.
[5227] But that's not it,i
Wendy (PS0X8) [5228] What is it then?
[5229] I mean, it seem to me it would be an ideal one ... if
Bev (PS0X9) [5230] Well it would!
Wendy (PS0X8) [5231] if, if, from what she says.
Bev (PS0X9) [5232] It would!
Wendy (PS0X8) [5233] So you take the bull by the horns or you don't!
Bev (PS0X9) [5234] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5235] Or you don't.
[5236] ... But if yo if yo let it get you down then you don't.
Bev (PS0X9) [5237] It hasn't got me down.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5238] Mhm.
[5239] Well that's what it is, apprehension's made that happen.
Bev (PS0X9) [5240] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5241] Certainly.
Bev (PS0X9) [5242] And you don't want that [...] .
Wendy (PS0X8) [5243] Well, I say, he tend to go at eleven and three, so think about it.
Bev (PS0X9) [5244] Yeah, you're right.
[5245] You see it's not really for me to do.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5246] I mean, from the sound of it she's ... answers the telephone, does a bit of typing and
Bev (PS0X9) [5247] That girl in there though?
Wendy (PS0X8) [5248] Mm.
[5249] Does a bit of typing.
Bev (PS0X9) [5250] Oh I want it!
[5251] Don't get me wrong.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5252] So why not?
Bev (PS0X9) [5253] But the ... you gotta expect, there's bound to be a bit of apprehension.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5254] I understand that totally.
[5255] But I think it's take the bull by the horns
Bev (PS0X9) [5256] Oh yeah, [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [5257] and I mean let's face it ... you might not like it!
[5258] You might not ... you might get there and you might say ... oh I don't like this!
[5259] But that can be the same anywhere couldn't it?
Bev (PS0X9) [5260] Yeah!
Wendy (PS0X8) [5261] If you come up my place.
[5262] Which I'm sure you wouldn't like would you?
Bev (PS0X9) [5263] Ha!
[5264] Okay I'm going out now.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5265] Well I suppose if you want to ... work ... then the first one is ... [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [5266] The first ones always can be the worst one!
Wendy (PS0X8) [5267] Ay?
Bev (PS0X9) [5268] Well, the first one's always gonna be the worst one!
Wendy (PS0X8) [5269] Mm!
[5270] Certainly is!
[5271] But I say, I'm sure your capable of taking the bull by the horns.
Bev (PS0X9) [5272] Oh God, yeah!
[5273] I've done it before it's just I haven't done it for so long!
Wendy (PS0X8) [5274] Oh well!
[5275] I mean er ... that's why I never done the [...] yesterday.
[5276] I mean, it's not that she's probably gonna go after it but ... I, you know, who knows!
[5277] I mean they know up there because of the, of theirs.
[5278] But they'll probably ... rather annoying at the moment.
[5279] Innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [5280] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5281] Well I think it's [...] ... If you want it.
Bev (PS0X9) [5282] Oh, I'll be alright now.
Wendy (PS0X8) [...]
Bev (PS0X9) [5283] I shall be alright now cos of Val.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5284] Yes, that's right.
[5285] I mean, as I say, you might get there and you might hate it anyway.
Bev (PS0X9) [5286] Yeah, I might not even get it bu
Wendy (PS0X8) [5287] No.
[5288] No, another he said was that bloke came in later.
[5289] What was that man's name?
Bev (PS0X9) [5290] Clive ... [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [5291] Clive?
[5292] Clive?
Bev (PS0X9) [5293] I dunno, it was either Clive or Richard I think.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5294] I mean unless they get a temp from an agency ... they gonna want somebody aren't they?
Bev (PS0X9) [5295] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5296] Sounds to me as though they're just ... sell stuff, I I don't know!
[5297] But it sounds to me as though it's taking something off the telephone, which is simple innit?
Bev (PS0X9) [5298] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5299] And erm ... a bit of ... couple of letters typed.
[5300] I mean, the re ... at the least you could go and have a look I suppose if
Bev (PS0X9) [5301] Is it somewhere [...] ?
Wendy (PS0X8) [5302] He never said.
[5303] He honestly never said.
[5304] ... It seemed to me it were the type of place you could sit and do your knitting.
Bev (PS0X9) [5305] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5306] If she's sat watching them [...] ... she's pregnant but ... if she'd have sat watching Neighbours ... and she weren't able to ... [laughing] [...] was she [] ?
[5307] And he did say to me ... well he has spoken to me about it, he did say answering ... the telephone.
[5308] He said that.
Bev (PS0X9) [5309] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5310] As I say, I've only met her the once.
[5311] And she come up in the car for him once.
[5312] ... But I mean the first step is always the hardest.
[5313] I mean, if ... that don't only apply to you.
Bev (PS0X9) [5314] No.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5315] But er ... if you want it an and it's ... then ... no harm in going and having a look!
[5316] Is there?
[5317] Like I say, the choice is yours hundred percent!
[5318] You don't have to.
Bev (PS0X9) [5319] I want it but
Wendy (PS0X8) [5320] Well the butt of it then has gotta be go over.
Bev (PS0X9) [5321] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5322] I mean if, if she wanted you to go out there today, just if ... then the sensible is to pick up a taxi.
Bev (PS0X9) [5323] Yeah.
[5324] Well, then I know where it is.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5325] Certainly!
[5326] I mean I went, I'm i if it's the place where we said it is ... then, I mean it ... I know we went through Thicket [...] , yes I do!
[5327] Cos I saw their horses and which I think are Moira's.
[5328] But I mean ... you know what I'm like in a car I just sit there and then then ... your father turned in ... and there was all these, where we went to get the carpet, you know?
[5329] And that is as much as I can ... sort of remember.
[5330] But I really don't take much notice ... anyway, sat in a car.
Bev (PS0X9) [5331] No.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5332] I don't.
[5333] ... Still as I say, no,th it's, it's a fair comment to say it's to be expected.
[5334] But if you can overcome that ... you know, by saying ah what the hell!
[5335] It's either this or nothing which, which it is ... and if you want it ... I mean Lesley's not bothered about it cos he's giving her seven hundred quid a blooming ... month!
[5336] Well neither would you if yo , somebody give you seven hundred quid a month!
[5337] Neither would I!
[5338] For God's sake!
[5339] I wouldn't get up at six, put the washing out and then go up there!
Bev (PS0X9) [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [5340] Thinking [...] .
Bev (PS0X9) [5341] But there again, one week you might, one month you might get a ... one month he might give her that and ... bugger all the next month!
Wendy (PS0X8) [5342] Well she says it's guilt money and that is possible.
Bev (PS0X9) [5343] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5344] But, I think you're quite right in what you say.
[5345] Quite right!
[5346] ... No doubt about that.
[5347] You never know ... with what she said anyway.
[5348] Unpredictable.
[5349] But I mean, knowing her ... the ... the the sa , the money she's had ... she will ... erm ... certainly look after.
Bev (PS0X9) [5350] Mm.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5351] You know?
[5352] I mean she's been living off what ... seventy three odd quid has she?
Bev (PS0X9) [5353] Yeah.
Wendy (PS0X8) [5354] So I mean there isn't anyway in the world that she's gonna bank ... seven hundred quid a month!
[5355] No way at all!
[5356] She'll er ... make the most of that because she won't ... possibly ... money for erm
Bev (PS0X9) [5357] Mhm. [...]
Wendy (PS0X8) [5358] she'll want money for the deposit and ... and [...] whatever she gets.
[5359] ... Has there been much noise today?
Bev (PS0X9) [5360] No, but ... their dogs and that.
[5361] ... Got a lot done this morning then?
Wendy (PS0X8)