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PS388 X m (Geoff, age unknown, radio presenter) unspecified
PS389 X f (Sue, age unknown, Phone-in caller) unspecified
PS38A X f (Teresa, age unknown, weather forecaster) unspecified
PS38B Ag0 m (No name, age 10+, schoolchild, Giving clue for Kids' County quiz) unspecified
PS38C Ag0 m (No name, age 10+, schoolchild, Giving clue for Kids' County quiz) unspecified
PS38D Ag0 m (No name, age 10+, schoolchild, Giving clue for Kids' County quiz) unspecified
PS38E Ag0 m (No name, age 10+, schoolchild, Giving clue for Kids' County quiz) unspecified
PS38F Ag0 m (No name, age 10+, schoolchild, Giving clue for Kids' County quiz) unspecified
PS38G X f (Trudy, age unknown, Quiz phone-in caller) unspecified
KGHPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KGHPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 106501 recorded on 1993-11-10. LocationNottinghamshire: Bbc Radio Nottingham ( Radio broadcasting studio ) Activity: Radio broadcast Interview, discussion, phone-in, reporting

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Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1] this moist toilet tissue.
Sue (PS389) [2] Oh very nice.
Geoff (PS388) [3] You can have a drawer load of that cos we've got tons of it left.
[4] Another one?
Sue (PS389) [5] Er five.
Geoff (PS388) [6] Number five erm a mug.
Sue (PS389) [7] Alright [laugh] .
Geoff (PS388) [8] Alright, you're gonna come back on tomorrow?
Sue (PS389) [9] Yeah.
Geoff (PS388) [10] Well I'll talk to you again tomorrow.
Sue (PS389) [11] Alright then.
Geoff (PS388) [12] Tarrah.
Sue (PS389) [13] [...] bye.
Geoff (PS388) [14] Bye bye, off to control the small child now.
[15] If you want to come on Loot at Lunchtime tomorrow erm five to one, ten to oneish, listen in then just after the Action Line bulletin and you can come on tomorrow perhaps and take on Sue from Chesterfield.
[16] Er to come before two o'clock we've got part three of the strange things that people do around Nottinghamshire to pass the time.
[17] And today we talk to the Nottinghamshire based place name society.
[18] Get all excited about new road signs and things.
[19] They're on before two.
[20] This is er Bryan Adams new song this is called Please Forgive Me.
[21] [music] [jingle] On the trains everything's okay, there's a late flight at the airport, flight L O G nine seven three from Guernsey, now coming in at five past two, so if you're rushing to meet that, there's no need cos it's not in for another twenty minutes, flight L O G nine seven three from Guernsey now due in at five past two.
[22] On the motorways, motorway police say there's no problems there now, the earlier accident by junction twenty six is cleared so no problems northbound any more.
[23] On the A six O nine Road at Woollaton there's resurfacing there between Drive and Drive.
[24] On the A one, delays on the southbound carriageway three miles east of Worksop at the Appley Head Roundabout, Five Lane Ends on the A one, there's roadworks there with a contraflow and diversions for wide vehicles, so there are delays there if you're heading that way.
[25] Er work continuing in Newark town centre with the closure of part of Castlegate in the Beesmarket Hill area of the town, diversions there mean that delays are likely too.
[26] Road in Toten, that's the A six double O five has got roadworks at the junction of Lane, some delays in busy periods and the A fifty two, there's roadworks on the northbound carriageway at Clifton Bridge, there are diversions there for A fifty two traffic heading for Drive as well, sort of weave your way in and out of all the cones that are up there, the the cone monster's been in the night.
[27] We'll update the traffic for you throughout the afternoon and the full service at teatime, John on from half past four until seven o'clock later on.
[28] F M one O three point eight and ninety five point five, it's Radio Nottingham, Nottinghamshire's favourite station.
[29] With the weather forecast for today to St Annes and Teresa, off you go.
Teresa (PS38A) [30] An thank you.
[31] Dry weather should spread this afternoon from the west.
[32] It should stay dry overnight with fog and frost by morning.
[33] Sunny spells for tomorrow but still a chance with showers.
[34] Outlook for Friday, frost at first with sunny spells.
Geoff (PS388) [35] Thank you very much.
Teresa (PS38A) [36] Thank you.
Geoff (PS388) [37] Th was marvellous.
Teresa (PS38A) [laugh]
Geoff (PS388) [38] Give us a ring soon.
Teresa (PS38A) [39] I will do Geoff.
Geoff (PS388) [40] Tarrah.
Teresa (PS38A) [41] Bye.
Geoff (PS388) [42] Bye bye Teresa from St Annes.
[43] Er Loot at Lunchtime tomorrow ten to one quarter to oneish just after Action Line, give you the qualifying question then.
[44] Er Dennis this afternoon has got Adam Faith on on Afternoon Special.
[45] Do ya remember him in er in Budgie?
[46] He's er a financial whiz kid now isn't he as well Adam Faith so talking to Dennis this afternoon on Afternoon Special.
[47] John at teatime is talking to veteran D J Paul about the best records of all time and musician Edward who's playing at the Old Vic tonight, he's on as well.
[48] Seven o'clock tonight it's er Radio Nottingham Sport and it's Colin on tonight, and er John from ten until midnight with a behind the scenes look at This Is Your Life with Roy and John's talking to Geoff as well who's er a painter of reproductions of art history.
[49] [music] Cor, [laugh] ten till [laughing] midnight with John [] .
[50] It's become a Nottinghamshire's favourite now.
[51] [...] a bit of a a super [...] wasn't it?
[52] Marie Osmond before that and Paper Roses [laughing] it's Radio Nottingham [] eight minutes to two now, Kids' County for today, these'll be the clues for it.
[53] Where do we need here?
(PS38B) [54] It's it's very busy every day.
(PS38C) [55] There's shops there.
(PS38D) [56] There's free cafeterias.
Geoff (PS388) [57] We know it's not the Queen's Medical Centre, the Victoria Centre or Street,
(PS38E) [58] People come in and out.
(PS38F) [59] There's a clock.
Geoff (PS388) [60] and it's not Street or the Four Seasons' Centre either.
[61] Trudy's on from Calverton.
[62] Hello.
Trudy (PS38G) [63] Hello.
Geoff (PS388) [64] Hello, how are you?
Trudy (PS38G) [65] I'm fine, fine .
Geoff (PS388) [66] [...] well good.
Trudy (PS38G) [laugh]
Geoff (PS388) [67] At last somebody who's on without a face as long as a fiddle.
Trudy (PS38G) [...]
Geoff (PS388) [68] Well thank goodness for that .
Trudy (PS38G) [69] I was just falling asleep actually listening to the music, it was you know [...] you just [...] listen to the radio [laugh] .
Geoff (PS388) [70] What those two seventies one , Marie Osmond
Trudy (PS38G) [71] Yes I
Geoff (PS388) [72] Paper Roses, was that number one?
Trudy (PS38G) [73] I don't know .
Geoff (PS388) [74] No , number two, number two in November nineteen seventy three [...] .
Trudy (PS38G) [75] I'm not gonna tell you cos I'll be showing my age then [laugh] .
Geoff (PS388) [76] Well that was twenty years ago that was .
Trudy (PS38G) [...] [laugh]
Geoff (PS388) [77] And then er the Mud one was nineteen seventy five.
Trudy (PS38G) [78] Yeah I remember that.
Geoff (PS388) [79] [...] can you?
Trudy (PS38G) [80] Yeah.
Geoff (PS388) [81] Can you remember them on Top of the Pops and that dance where they used to sort out walk round in circles but not
Trudy (PS38G) [82] Yeah.
Geoff (PS388) [83] Do you remember it?
Trudy (PS38G) [84] Actually I've been watching erm I go I've got Sky Television and [...] the Top of the Pops is on there [...]
Geoff (PS388) [85] You see the old ones?
Trudy (PS38G) [86] God [...] feel old.
Geoff (PS388) [87] I've watched those as well you think [...] that?
Trudy (PS38G) [88] I know and James ke my little boy keeps saying, [mimicking] what was it like in the olden days [] ? [laugh]
Geoff (PS388) [89] Does he?
[90] And what's he mean what about nineteen eighty?
Trudy (PS38G) [91] Yeah.
[92] He says [...] it's like that.
[93] Did they have [mimicking] cars in your day [] ? [laugh]
Geoff (PS388) [laugh]
Trudy (PS38G) [94] No. [laugh]
Geoff (PS388) [95] [...] no we just had Jimmy Savile didn't we?
Trudy (PS38G) [96] [...] yeah
Geoff (PS388) [97] [...] olden days
Trudy (PS38G) [98] [...] seem so old and ancient though don't they on there?
Geoff (PS388) [99] Yeah and do and don't they all seem thin? [laugh]
Trudy (PS38G) [100] [...] Pan's People [laugh]
Geoff (PS388) [101] as well don't they yeah Pan's People
Trudy (PS38G) [102] it's all videos nowadays int it?
Geoff (PS388) [103] Well it is these days.
Trudy (PS38G) [104] All these video satellites [...]
Geoff (PS388) [105] And they call it and they call it progress.
Trudy (PS38G) [106] Yeah. [laugh]
Geoff (PS388) [107] And erm on some of those er there was a whole spate of songs that were really naff dancers weren't there as well?
Trudy (PS38G) [108] Yeah.
Geoff (PS388) [109] I was watching w Top of the Pops the other night and it had a song on called Do the Buster.
Trudy (PS38G) [110] Oh I can't
Geoff (PS388) [111] Can you remember th that was reall that's was god awful that was .
Trudy (PS38G) [112] I don't I I don't catch it every night, it's on for an hour isn't it?
Geoff (PS388) [113] Is it?
Trudy (PS38G) [114] Yeah.
[115] I don't catch it every night.
Geoff (PS388) [116] And there were all those awful ones like Do the Bump.
Trudy (PS38G) [117] [laughing] Do the Bump? [] [laugh]
Geoff (PS388) [118] Do you remember that?
Trudy (PS38G) [119] [laughing] Yeah. []
Geoff (PS388) [120] And erm
Trudy (PS38G) [clears throat]
Geoff (PS388) [121] [...] another funny one.
Trudy (PS38G) [122] You're making me feel old. [laugh]
Geoff (PS388) [123] Erm hang on, I've thought of another one that was on the other night, Do the Footsie.
Trudy (PS38G) [124] Footsie?
[125] Oh I don't remember that one.
Geoff (PS388) [126] All those awful old things.
Trudy (PS38G) [127] Oh I don't remember that one.
[128] I rem I used to like Top of the Pops as a kid, we always used to settle down in front of the T V
Geoff (PS388) [129] Yeah a
Trudy (PS38G) [130] before we went to bed yeah.
Geoff (PS388) [131] An and did you used to tape it with your cassette machine?
Trudy (PS38G) [132] Ooh I can't remember that.
Geoff (PS388) [133] With a little microphone held up to the telly?
Trudy (PS38G) [134] Ooh yeah I've done that. [laugh]
Geoff (PS388) [135] Did ya.
[136] I did.
Trudy (PS38G) [laugh]
Geoff (PS388) [137] And you'd listen to your tapes back and er w in the middle of it you'd always hear yourself going shh
Trudy (PS38G) [138] Yeah
Geoff (PS388) [139] to people
Trudy (PS38G) [140] or quiet be quiet
Geoff (PS388) [141] shh shh
Trudy (PS38G) [142] Well there was five of us round
Geoff (PS388) [143] shh
Trudy (PS38G) [144] the telly so you can imagine when it was like bedlam at our house.
Geoff (PS388) [145] [whispering] I'm recording shh. []
Trudy (PS38G) [laugh]
Geoff (PS388) [146] [...] Kids' County, where do we need?
Trudy (PS38G) [147] Oh I'm a bit baffled now.
Geoff (PS388) [148] [laugh] Are ya ?
Trudy (PS38G) [149] I am yeah, I am actually I'm baffled.
Geoff (PS388) [150] Where do you think then?
Trudy (PS38G) [151] Erm well is there a lot of erm I w I want a clue now.
Geoff (PS388) [152] Go on then.
Trudy (PS38G) [153] Is is there some transport going off round there?
Geoff (PS388) [154] Some what?
Trudy (PS38G) [155] Travels through?
[156] Transport.
Geoff (PS388) [157] Some transport.
Trudy (PS38G) [158] Mm.
Geoff (PS388) [159] Yeah.
Trudy (PS38G) [160] T=int the Victoria Bus Station?
Geoff (PS388) [161] No it's not. [laugh]
Trudy (PS38G) [162] Broadmarsh?
Geoff (PS388) [163] No.
Trudy (PS38G) [164] Mm.
Geoff (PS388) [165] Tarrah.
Trudy (PS38G) [166] [laugh] [laughing] Bye then. []
Geoff (PS388) [167] Bye bye.
[168] Ada's on from Radford.
[169] Hello Ada.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [170] Hello Geoff.
Geoff (PS388) [171] How are you?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [172] Very well thank you.
Geoff (PS388) [173] Marvellous how's your teeth?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [174] Pardon?
Geoff (PS388) [175] How's your teeth?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [176] Very well the same as I am.
Geoff (PS388) [177] Good, I'm just checking you see, making sure there all there are they, all present and correct?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [178] They are yeah.
Geoff (PS388) [179] Great.
[180] Kids' County, where do I need Ada?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [181] Is it the Nottingham Evening Post?
Geoff (PS388) [182] No.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [183] Ooh God.
Geoff (PS388) [184] No.
[185] Never mind, tarrah.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [186] Tarrah.
Geoff (PS388) [187] Bye bye.
[188] Alison from Bradmore, hello.
Geoff (PS388) [189] Hello.
Geoff (PS388) [190] Where do think I need?
Geoff (PS388) [191] Pardon?
Geoff (PS388) [192] Where do I need?
Geoff (PS388) [193] Er sorry what was that?
Geoff (PS388) [194] Where do I need for Kids' County, what you rang up for?
Geoff (PS388) [195] Oh right well I think it's Nottingham train station.
Geoff (PS388) [196] [laughing] Yes it is. [] [jingle]
Geoff (PS388) [laugh]
Geoff (PS388) [197] Thank goodness for that.
Geoff (PS388) [198] Oh wonderful. [laugh]
Geoff (PS388) [199] Yes it is, it's the er it's the train station.
Geoff (PS388) [200] Yes oh great.
Geoff (PS388) [201] [...] you're a radio virgin aren't you, you've not been on before?
Geoff (PS388) [202] That's right yes it's the first time ever so it's quite an experience. [laugh]
Geoff (PS388) [203] Well are yo is it going alright for you so far do you think?
Geoff (PS388) [204] Oh well no not too bad. [laugh]
Geoff (PS388) [205] Well you've won.
[206] I mean tell me what you do with yourself Alison.
Geoff (PS388) [207] Erm well erm I I normally work four days a week but I'm not working today because we're having about twenty people around for a buffet supper tonight so I'm very busy cooking. [laugh]
Geoff (PS388) [208] Oh are ya?
[209] Yes, very very Bradmore.
[210] Very
Geoff (PS388) [211] Oh well
Geoff (PS388) [212] very Bradmore thing is to have a buffet supper.
Geoff (PS388) [213] Oh no [...] . [laugh]
Geoff (PS388) [214] Who are who are all these people then that you've got coming round, trekking around the place?
Geoff (PS388) [215] Erm well they're colleagues of mine, I work at the so these are colleagues of mine who are coming around
Geoff (PS388) [216] Oh I see.
Geoff (PS388) [217] t it's about twenty of them so I'm quite looking forward to it. [laugh]
Geoff (PS388) [218] An and what do you do then at the ?
Geoff (PS388) [219] Erm I worked in the medical faculty but I actually left there yesterday and I'm starting a new post in er ophthalmology on Monday so
Geoff (PS388) [220] Are you well congratulations.
Geoff (PS388) [221] Thank you very much. [laugh]
Geoff (PS388) [222] And er you've won the Kids' County for today, you've got loads of stuff, so er
Geoff (PS388) [...]
Geoff (PS388) [223] you hang on the line and we'll lob it all off to you.
Geoff (PS388) [224] Oh thank you very much Geoff .
Geoff (PS388) [225] And also we'll give you an I Lost It At Lunchtime ex radio Virgin certificate as well.
Geoff (PS388) [226] Oh brilliant, thank
Geoff (PS388) [227] and
Geoff (PS388) [228] you very much indeed that's great.
Geoff (PS388) [229] [laughing] and you'll be pleased to know [] that because we've waffled on for so much we'll have to save the county's peculiar pastimes until tomorrow,
Geoff (PS388) [laugh] [...]
Geoff (PS388) [230] because I've I've not got time now, [...] been gabbing on for so much.
[231] Tarrah.
Geoff (PS388) [232] Sorry about that, right Geoff bye .
Geoff (PS388) [233] That's alright I'll blame you, bye.
Geoff (PS388) [234] Bye, bye.
Geoff (PS388) [235] [laughing] Tarrah. [] [music]
Sue (PS389) [236] Radio Nottingham News with Andy .
[237] [reading] Kent police say at least ten people have been killed and a further two are believed to have died in a coach crash on the M two near the Faversham turn-off.
[238] The coach carrying forty four American tourists on a day trip to Canterbury collided with a van and plunged down an embankment.
[239] Dozens of other people were injured. []
[240] From the scene, Martin reports.
Teresa (PS38A) [241] The stricken coach now stands on the hard shoulder of the M two having been lifted up the embankment by a heavy crane.
[242] When the vehicle was righted the full horror of this accident became clear.
[243] Rescuers found ten bodies.
[244] At the height of the rescue operation up to forty five firemen equipped with heavy lifting gear battled to free the injured.
[245] Those that survived the crash were ferried to the Kent and Canterbury Hospital in a fleet of ambulances.
[246] Police accident investigators are at the scene trying to piece together why a day trip to Canterbury and Leeds Castle near Maidstone for a group of American tourists ended in tragedy.
[247] The M two motorway remains closed between junctions five and six and is not expected to reopen for several hours.
Sue (PS389) [248] [reading] Eye witness Richard was driving behind the coach when the accident happened.
[249] He describes the scene. []
(PS38B) [250] [...] you see the coach come to a standstill and then all the people screaming and trying to get out so I pulled over and just sort of done my best to get 'em out.
Teresa (PS38A) [251] And what were you able to do?
(PS38B) [252] Well not a lot really, [...] like just getting people up on the bank for the ambulances to pick 'em up from the motorway.
Sue (PS389) [253] [reading] Police have issued an emergency telephone number for relat for relatives seeking information about the accident, it's , that's .
[254] There's been another jobs blow in Nottinghamshire with the news that Staythorpe Power Station is to close with the loss of 124 posts.
[255] It follows 's decision to replace the coal-fired station near Newark with a gas one.
[256] The Sherwood MP says thousands more generating jobs will be lost in the next five years. []
[257] Nigel reports.
(PS38C) [258] say the increase in gas-fired power stations means traditional coal ones are becoming surplus to requirements.
[259] Production will stop at Staythorpe at the end of March next year.
[260] say they're not worried by the decision.
[261] Coal from Welbeck is used at Staythorpe but the Coal Board say its closure has already been taken into account.
[262] Paddy the Sherwood MP is less optimistic.
[263] He predicts more job losses which will hit the coal industry hard.
(PS38D) [264] There are twenty six er coal-fired power stations now, I believe they'll be down to ten within the next three years, and I think in the electricity generating industry another ten thousand jobs could go.
(PS38C) [265] He's also sceptical about the construction of a gas-fired power station at Staythorpe.
[266] He says the government might have given approval but questions whether are committed to bringing a new Nottinghamshire power station on stream.
Sue (PS389) [267] [reading] And 's dismissed a speculation claims that it wants to increase redundancy payments to miners at Calverton pit by seven thousand pounds.
[268] There are claims that it's an attempt to change miners' minds about a decision last week to fight to save their pit.
[269] The governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patten, has met a cabinet committee to discuss the future of the colony.
[270] Afterwards, the Foreign Secretary, Douglas Hurd, said Britain would propose that talks moved into a more intensive phase to resolve outstanding issues.
[271] He said weeks rather than months were left to ensure greater democracy was established.
[272] There's still no sign of the Rampton Special Hospital patient who went missing while on a shopping trip in Sheffield yesterday.
[273] Hospital authorities are warning the public not to approach the man but they're refusing to say anything about his background.
[274] They say to do so would be a breach of health service rules of confidentiality. []
[275] Here's Paula .
(PS38E) [276] Forty two year old Terence ran off while he was out shopping with another patient and two Rampton staff members.
[277] Rampton is overseen by the Special Hospital Services Authority.
[278] Today they said Mr had been a patient there since nineteen eighty nine but refused to reveal more about his background.
[279] They said it would breach N H S codes of confidentiality but that they would review this decision if Mr was still missing later today.
[280] They're warning the public not to approach him.
[281] He's five foot ten, of medium build and has short dark brown receding hair.
[282] He was wearing horn rimmed glasses and a white three quarter length anorak.
Sue (PS389) [283] [reading] Shares in had to be suspended on the Paris stock exchange collapsing after the company announced a massive loss.
[284] The leisure park lost around six hundred and fifteen million pounds in the year to September, that's around four million pounds a week.
[285] There have been complaints about the cost of holidays at . []
[286] The weather, dry weather should slowly spread from the west this afternoon, maximum temperatures up to nine Celsius, forty eight Fahrenheit.
[287] Tonight expected to be dry with mist and fog patches forming and a ground frost in many places, the minimum temperature is down to one degree Celsius, thirty four Fahrenheit.
[288] Tomorrow, mostly dry and sunny.
[289] It's five past two now. [jingle] [music]
(PS38F) [290] [...] this Wednesday afternoon linking the East Midlands, and it promises to be something of a rather special afternoon this Afternoon Special because we have a very special guest, the legendary Adam Faith who's appearing in Alfie, not until next March at Nottingham's Theatre Royal, but he's here to tell us all about the play and himself.
[291] Adam Faith.
[292] [music] Then we've got our Funny Man competition, now it's rather special because today we offer you a choice of one of four videos and they are all superb videos I promise you.
[293] And got a new feature film amongst those.
[294] [music] On the hour the news and weather and we'd like to hear from you this afternoon.
[295] the number to ring it you'd like to have a chat on the air.
[296] You have to dial the code O six O two if you're outside the Nottingham area.
[297] [music] And our postal contestants aren't forgotten today because the new edition of the World of Toy Dogs is out, very popular magazine with our listeners and er postal contestant winners will get that.
[298] [music] All happening, music as well, starting with Abba.
[299] [music] Lies from Abba.
[300] We need six more contestants for our competition.
[301] And there really are some beautiful videos to win this week.
[302] [...] tell you about the videos now if you like.
[303] Six more contestants we need, the only rule is that you mustn't have played a phone-in competition on this programme in the last four weeks.
[304] Okay?
[305] Now you listen out for these, for these videos, you can win a choice of these videos.
[306] There's Seaplanes of the Luftwaffe, which is a very exciting video actually that one, good-looking video that, Seaplanes of the Luftwaffe.
[307] And a new feature film, Christopher Timothy in James Herriot's Yorkshire, The Film.
[308] How about that?
[309] James Herriot's Yorkshire, The Film with Christopher Timothy.
[310] Of All Creatures Great And Small.
[311] And then there is er superb video, very funny video, John Virgo, you know he d he does that er programme with erm Jim Davidson, the snooker programme.
[312] Well John Virgo's got a video out called Playing For Laughs, The Trick Shot Master.
[313] The Big Break as featured on B B Cs number one game show Big Break.
[314] So there you go, you can have the video John Virgo's Playing For Laughs.
[315] And the brand new video that's just in the shops, I think today is the first day in the shops, called Portrait Of A City, Nottingham nineteen ninety three.
[316] Now I've done the narration for that and that video is a hundred and twelve action packed minutes about Nottingham in nineteen ninety three.
[317] That's in the shops today and you can win that video, you can win that video this afternoon.
[318] And incidentally er about that video, can't tell you where you can them on the air but if you want to know where you can get Portrait Of A City, if you ring us on we'll tell you.
[319] Well describing all those super videos er worked the oracle.
[320] We're now full so we'll play the game Guess the Voice after this one from Sonny and Cher.
[321] [music] All I Ever Need is You from Sonny and Cher.
[322] Well we've got the eight contestants we'll play the game, it's Guess the Voice and there's some super videos on offer and er it's Guess The Voice of the funny man, good videos on offer, Grenville Granville of Mansfield Woodhouse.
Trudy (PS38G) [323] Hello [...] .
(PS38F) [324] Hello.
[325] Tell me the voice of this funny man and you could win a video.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [326] They er di the strange thing about the critics is [...] it's a theatre town and being like er Nottingham has been made m much more so by the the money that's been spent on the theatre as in Norwich.
[327] Now Southsea, not a theatre town, but I've played there many times before, arrived there is a large advance and advance for people that don't know is the money that's being paid over the weeks before when they hear this production is going there.
(PS38F) [328] Let me tell you he does a lot on television in sitcoms er a lot of films as well, comic actor, funny man, who is he?
Trudy (PS38G) [329] Is it Norman Wisdom?
(PS38F) [330] No it's not Norman Wisdom.
[331] No Granville.
Trudy (PS38G) [...]
(PS38F) [332] Sorry.
Trudy (PS38G) [333] [...] alright thanks .
(PS38F) [334] Sorry , thanks for trying.
Trudy (PS38G) [335] Cheers.
(PS38F) [336] Shirley of
Geoff (PS388) [337] Aspley.
(PS38F) [338] Aspley.
Geoff (PS388) [339] Yeah.
(PS38F) [340] What do you think?
Geoff (PS388) [341] Erm, I've got a feeling it's him out of Bread but I can't think of his name.
(PS38F) [342] You've go a f out of Bread?
Geoff (PS388) [343] Mm.
(PS38F) [344] I don't think s er erm I don't think so.
Geoff (PS388) [345] No.
(PS38F) [346] Er s so many have been in ... you know so many have been in Bread I don't [...] actually, I don't
Geoff (PS388) [347] Play it again.
(PS38F) [348] Again?
Geoff (PS388) [349] Yeah.
(PS38F) [350] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [351] They er d the strange thing about the critics is [...] it's a theatre town and being like er Nottingham has been made m much more so by the the money that's been spent on the theatre as in Norwich.
[352] Now Southsea, not a theatre town, but I've played there many times before, arrived there is a large advance and advance for people that don't know is the money that's being paid over the weeks before when they hear this production is going there.
(PS38F) [353] What do you think?
Geoff (PS388) [354] Erm is it Dougie Brown?
(PS38F) [355] Dougie Brown?
Geoff (PS388) [356] Mm.
(PS38F) [357] Oh Dougie Brown, no it's not Dougie Brown Shirley .
Geoff (PS388) [358] Oh.
[359] Okay [...]
(PS38F) [360] [...] for having a bash though.
Geoff (PS388) [361] Right, thank you.
(PS38F) [362] Bye love.
Geoff (PS388) [363] Bye.
(PS38F) [364] Derek of Wigston.
Sue (PS389) [365] Yes good afternoon.
(PS38F) [366] What do you think Derek?
Sue (PS389) [367] Er Simon Callow is it?
(PS38F) [368] Simon Callow?
[369] No it's not Simon Callow, no, no .
Sue (PS389) [370] No? [...] thank you.
(PS38F) [371] Sorry.
Sue (PS389) [372] Right, bye.
(PS38F) [373] Erm er that nature I think but er not Simon Callow.
[374] David of Sherwood.
Teresa (PS38A) [375] Hi Dennis.
(PS38F) [376] What do you think David?
Teresa (PS38A) [377] Ooh I've been listening really carefully an I I can't even have a hazard a guess at this one.
(PS38F) [378] No good at all?
Teresa (PS38A) [379] No good at all I'm afraid.
(PS38F) [380] Oh.
Teresa (PS38A) [381] Sorry about that. [laugh]
(PS38F) [382] Oh alright , oh alright, thanks for trying.
Teresa (PS38A) [383] Cheers.
(PS38F) [384] Bye.
Teresa (PS38A) [385] Bye.
(PS38F) [386] Barbara of Burton on the Wolds.
(PS38B) [387] No it's no good Dennis I heard it last week.
[388] I was hoping somebody'd get it. [laugh]
(PS38F) [389] Oh.
(PS38B) [390] No.
[391] Can't it do doesn't ring a bell at all.
(PS38F) [...]
(PS38B) [392] Not at all.
(PS38F) [393] It will do.
(PS38B) [laugh]
(PS38F) [394] It will do.
(PS38B) [395] Of course it will. [laugh]
(PS38F) [396] [...] you know when you know.
(PS38B) [397] Yes.
(PS38F) [398] Erm erm [...]
(PS38B) [399] Have we got any clues?
(PS38F) [400] Well other than you know he's he does a lot of television sitcoms,
(PS38B) [401] Yeah
(PS38F) [402] not sure that he's on the moment but he's done a lot and films, er comic actor, funny man.
(PS38B) [403] It's not Jim Dale is it?
(PS38F) [404] Not Jim Dale no .
(PS38B) [405] No.
(PS38F) [406] Thanks Barbara .
(PS38B) [407] Thank you.
(PS38F) [408] Bye love.
[409] Cynthia of Great [...] .
[410] Hello.
(PS38C) [411] Er I'm a bit like the other lady I've no idea either.
(PS38F) [412] Have you not?
(PS38C) [413] No I was hoping [laughing] it would be won [] as well. [laugh]
(PS38F) [414] No ideas?
(PS38C) [415] None whatsoever.
(PS38F) [416] [tut] ... No I'm sorry .
(PS38F) [417] Oh dear.
[418] Alright Cynthia
(PS38C) [419] Okay.
(PS38F) [420] Thank you.
(PS38C) [421] Thanks bye bye .
(PS38F) [422] Bye.
[423] Oh dear, erm Kay of Woodhorse Park.
(PS38D) [424] Hello.
(PS38F) [425] You know don't you?
(PS38D) [426] I don't. [laugh]
(PS38F) [427] Don't you know?
(PS38D) [428] No, I'll ha a quick guess, Richard Briers.
(PS38F) [429] No you're l but you're not far out with sort of age or style and that sort of thing.
(PS38D) [430] Oh.
(PS38F) [431] You know so I mean y you're not you're not miles out.
(PS38D) [432] No.
(PS38F) [433] With with with the type of things he does.
(PS38D) [434] Yeah.
[435] Never mind.
(PS38F) [436] Erm , dear alright Kay.
(PS38D) [437] Okay bye.
(PS38F) [438] Bye love.
[439] Well well there you are then.
[440] Er I think we've got one more contestant and then that's it.
[441] Just one more bash at this one.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [442] They er d the strange thing about the critics is [...] it's a theatre town and being like er Nottingham has been made m much more so by the the money that's been spent on the theatre as in Norwich.
[443] Now Southsea, not a theatre town, but I've played there many times before, arrived there is a large advance and advance for people that don't know is the money that's being paid over the weeks before when they hear this production is going there.
(PS38F) [444] Martin of Swadlingcote.
[445] Who's that?
(PS38E) [446] How are you Dennis?
(PS38F) [447] Not bad.
(PS38E) [448] Erm I'm not sure you see I'm I'm a bit young.
(PS38F) [449] Erm no.
[450] No.
(PS38E) [451] No?
(PS38F) [452] No
(PS38E) [453] No
(PS38F) [454] He's younger than you are.
(PS38E) [455] He's not.
(PS38F) [456] He is.
(PS38E) [457] I'm only twenty three Dennis.
(PS38F) [458] Er well he's not much older than you.
(PS38E) [459] He's not much older?
(PS38F) [460] No really, really.
(PS38E) [461] Erm any more clues?
(PS38F) [462] No, I've given ever such a lot of clues, don't normally give this number of clues.
[463] We got all these lovely videos to win.
(PS38E) [464] Oh.
[465] Every time I get on it's always the same.
(PS38F) [466] Well,some someone's got it by post.
(PS38E) [467] Erm ... I'm struggling.
(PS38F) [468] I can tell.
(PS38E) [469] Erm
(PS38F) [470] No good is it?
(PS38E) [471] No.
(PS38F) [472] Not coming.
[473] Alright, thanks for trying Martin .
(PS38E) [474] Sorry Dennis.
(PS38F) [475] That's alright, thanks for
(PS38E) [476] Okay.
(PS38F) [477] trying.
(PS38E) [478] Bye.
(PS38F) [479] [whispering] So it's the postal one again. []
[480] I'm a bit surprised cos we have got some answers by post, let's see if we can get some more now.
[481] Postcards please to Funny Man,, Derby, Leicester, Lincoln or Nottingham, whichever is closest to you.
[482] Postcards to be here by Wednesday next week when again we'll have, all being well, our Funny Man competition.
[483] And this is the voice you have to identify.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [484] They er d the strange thing about the critics is [...] it's a theatre town and being like er Nottingham has been made m much more so by the the money that's been spent on the theatre as in Norwich.
[485] Now Southsea, not a theatre town, but I've played there many times before, arrived there is a large advance and advance for people that don't know is the money that's being paid over the weeks before when they hear this production is going there.
(PS38F) [486] Who's that?
[487] Funny man, comic actor, good 'un too.
[488] Er postcards please to Funny man,, Derby, Leicester, Lincoln or Nottingham, whichever is closest to you.
[489] Now if we'd have the voice of the Funny Man guessed we would have had some postal contestant winners, but they now go back in the box with those yet to come in the next week.
[490] And that means we don't give out the Toy Dogs magazine, but hopefully we'll offer it a surprise tomorrow to the postal er to the postal winners.
[491] And the Toy D W World of Toy Dogs magazine er this week er this issue this month features the chihuahua which is a delightful dog, and when you see the little chihuahua dog you don't realize that it's a fighting dog of Mexico.
[492] It is, it's the fighting dog of Mexico the chihuahua.
[493] Anyway all about chihuahuas and lots more about toy dogs,th fascinating magazine, the World of Toy Dogs.
[494] We'll offer it tomorrow on the on the on the show.
[495] Now if you like t take part in the phone-in, you know the number to ring, it's , we're taking calls now.
[496] And we had an irate call from a listener, er was it yesterday or the day before, saying, [mimicking] I want you to ring me.
[497] How I can never get through to your programme, never ever ever [] .
[498] You can if you keep trying.
[499] for the phone-in.
[500] Also for Bargain Basement, that's the feature today, if you've got an item for sale, five pounds or under, we'll sell it for you on the programme.
[501] Keep it a bargain price, we'll find you a customer.
[502] The number to ring to get on Bargain Basement right now is .
[503] [music] The Fifth Dimension and Up Up and Away.
[504] Now if you'd like to call us t have a chat, the number to ring.
[505] If you'd like to go on Bargain Basement, the feature we have round about three thirty, if you've got something for sale, five pounds or under, call us on .
[506] Er nice event at er Kirkby in Ashfield, on Thursday, that's er ooh it's tomorrow.
[507] It's tomorrow at Kirkby in Ashfield.
[508] What it is it's the Kirkby Fund-raisers and Rotary Club of Kirkby in Ashfield and they're presenting a flower demonstration, always very popular.
[509] This one by an excellent flower demonstrator called Ian .
[510] Now Ian is putting on this flower demonstration show, it's called From Me To You.
[511] It'll be lovely, it's tomorrow, seven thirty at the Festival Hall, Kirkby in Ashfield, all the proceeds are to local charities and the admission is two pounds fifty, and that includes refreshments.
[512] If you would like two tickets, call us now on .
[513] In fact you won't be able to get through right now but keep on calling, that's and we'll send you a pair of tickets, we need your postcode and we'll send 'em first class.
[514] A flower demonstration called From Me To You by Ian tomorrow, seven for seven thirty tomorrow at the Festival Hall, Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottingham, two pounds fifty and that includes refreshments.
[515] For sale, two tickets for the Ted Heath concert this Friday at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham.
[516] E they want ten pounds each.
[517] They were twelve pounds fifty each.
[518] Phone .
[519] Okay, two tickets for sale for the Ted Heath concert, this Friday at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham, they were twelve pounds fifty each, you can have the two tickets for ten pounds each, call ,.
[520] Henry of Allenton.
(PS38F) [521] Yes Dennis.
(PS38F) [522] Yes Henry.
(PS38F) [523] Hello.
(PS38F) [524] Hello.
(PS38F) [525] [...] I want to speak to you about this street lighting.
(PS38F) [526] Street lighting?
(PS38F) [527] Yes.
[528] W see we we er I live in a cul-de-sac, Allenton.
(PS38F) [529] Yes.
(PS38F) [530] Street, and the bottom lamp has been out now for six weeks.
(PS38F) [531] Yeah.
(PS38F) [532] Six weeks.
(PS38F) [533] Have you told 'em?
(PS38F) [534] Pardon?
(PS38F) [535] Have you told them?
[536] Have you told the authorities?
(PS38F) [537] Yes, we've been [...] the channels, been been right through to street lighting itself
(PS38F) [538] Yeah, actually it's Highways, isn't it?
[539] Highways Department.
(PS38F) [540] [...] .
[541] No i no [...] can't understand this,be be been to the City Council, Highways Council and now we we've ended up with the erm Electricity Board.
[542] Sh I rang er my lo local councillor an h he looked into it,an he said, er it's in the hands now of the Electricity Board.
[543] Now you see we're being modernized in this area, now they're old steel houses in Allenton, about five hundred of 'em [...]
(PS38F) [544] Yeah.
(PS38F) [545] Now they've been digging up the garden to make a channel for all electricity to go underground you see.
[546] So something happened there at that house, we told 'em the house number, where the lamp's situated, we gave 'em all the information they they need but we still can't get any response.
[547] We've all been telephoning [...] there's about twelve of us it effects.
[548] I've made about si six calls.
[549] You can't get anybody to come down to see about it.
(PS38F) [550] I'm surprised that er call to the local councillor didn't work.
(PS38F) [551] Yes, I've called the local council.
(PS38F) [552] I'm surprised that one didn't work because I mean they're usually hot on it, you know they know where to go and and usually there's action taken if a councillor takes up the cause.
(PS38F) [553] Yeah.
(PS38F) [554] Is it causing, is there any danger?
(PS38F) [555] Pardon?
(PS38F) [556] Is there danger with the light off?
(PS38F) [557] Well no oh yes it is danger , you see now see now [...] the path around here,th they're laying a new new path.
[558] Cos it wanted laying er now they've put the rough stuff down but when they put it down they left er about say inch er drop you know so er if you can't see where you're walking, especially strangers they're gonna tipple over.
[559] They're gonna trip up you see.
[560] Cos we know it's there, so we we miss it.
(PS38F) [561] Mm.
(PS38F) [562] But six weeks without a lamp it seems ridiculous doesn't it?
(PS38F) [563] Mm.
(PS38F) [564] Because we we run a a neighbourhood watch scheme.
[565] And how can we run our do our job like that without a lamp?
[566] There's only about three in the street.
[567] Now one one of those at the top of the street where er where the er [...] is, [...] you can say virtually th about one one lamp in the street.
(PS38F) [568] Well what can we do?
(PS38F) [569] How how do we go on now, who do we call now, [...] anybody interested in the job.
(PS38F) [570] Erm, well Allenton.
(PS38F) [571] Yeah.
(PS38F) [572] All we can ask is if there's a councillor for Allenton listening to us, if they could get in touch and we'll put them in touch with you and see if we can start it all over again Henry.
[573] I do know that street lighting is the very devil, cos it can come under about half a dozen different departments, it can come under Highways,
(PS38F) [574] Yes.
(PS38F) [575] but it can also come under Electricity Board if it's a failure of the electricity.
(PS38F) [576] Yes you're quite right there because part of the street, [...] the pavement and [...] hard standing in the gardens for the cars which was a very good idea, now there's [...] the city have done two thirds of that and then when they came to the end of the er cul-de- sac,
(PS38F) [577] Mm.
(PS38F) [...]
(PS38F) [578] But as you say you know with this Neighbourhood Watch scheme you do need the lighting on properly don't you?
(PS38F) [579] Yeah we do we can't do our job without.
(PS38F) [580] But is it working this Neighbourhood Scheme?
[581] Neighbourhood Watch Scheme?
(PS38F) [582] Yeah.
(PS38F) [583] Have you have you ever seen anybody acting in a suspicious manner?
(PS38F) [584] Oh not yet, [...]
(PS38F) [585] Apart apart from you of course?
(PS38F) [586] No no I I ca can see er most of [...] cos I'm I'm in the area where the er lamps sh when the lamps are alight,
(PS38F) [587] Yeah
(PS38F) [588] I can see anyone w lurking around you see.
(PS38F) [589] Oh I see.
(PS38F) [590] But with a lamp out well we can't tell whether they're no-gooders, neighbours or what.
[591] You see we can't tell.
(PS38F) [592] Alright okay.
[593] Well if th if there's somebody whose listening in the Derby area who can help us with a street lamp that's out and it's rather important that it get put on, and it's been out for six weeks now
(PS38F) [594] Six weeks [...]
(PS38F) [595] Six weeks long time.
[596] Alright.
[597] Anybody calls Henry we'll put 'em through to you.
(PS38F) [598] Yes er thank you.
(PS38F) [599] Okay.
(PS38F) [600] Bye.
(PS38F) [601] Bye.
[602] Can you help Henry out?
[603] Rather important that one you know, a street lamp out for six weeks, though I know it's difficult getting in touch with exactly the right department and whose responsibility it is.
[604] But a councillor for Allenton please call us,.
[605] I know how keen many of our listeners are on craft shows and there's a big 'un at Nottingham University at the Jessie Boot Conference Centre, Nottingham University on Friday and Saturday, November the twenty six and twenty seventh so this is in a couple of weeks time and giving you n advance notice.
[606] There are Christmas gifts galore, and there's it's a big it's a big craft show put on by some good people.
[607] So the craft show, er adults are a pound, there's easy free parking, children are free and if you want two tickets give us a ring , but make a note Nottingham University, this craft show, Jessie [...] Conference Centre, Nottingham University, Friday and Saturday November the twenty six and twenty seventh from ten A M till six P M.
[608] Friday it's noon till nine.
[609] Anyway there y are, big craft fair and er pound a ticket this craft fair, November twenty six, twenty seventh, Nottingham University, call us on , we'll send you a ticket first class we will.
[610] Jean of Nuneaton.
[611] Jean.
[612] ... Ah.
[613] Vicky of Skegness.
Trudy (PS38G) [614] That's right, yes .
(PS38F) [615] Yes Vicky.
Trudy (PS38G) [616] Hello Dennis.
(PS38F) [617] Hello.
Trudy (PS38G) [618] I spoke to you on Monday, er I think probably you remember regarding Bosnia, [...]
(PS38F) [619] Collec collecting things for Bosnia and
Trudy (PS38G) [620] That's right.
(PS38F) [621] taking them to Road?
Trudy (PS38G) [622] That's right.
[623] Now
(PS38F) [624] Yes.
Trudy (PS38G) [625] I gave out a wrong number in
(PS38F) [626] [shouting] You what? []
Trudy (PS38G) [627] [laughing] I gave out a []
(PS38F) [628] [shouting] You what? []
Trudy (PS38G) [laugh]
(PS38F) [629] [shouting] You stupid woman. []
Trudy (PS38G) [laugh]
(PS38F) [630] [shouting] You silly old bat. []
Trudy (PS38G) [631] [laugh] Don't say that. [laugh]
(PS38F) [632] What have you done Vicky?
Trudy (PS38G) [633] [laughing] Oh I know . []
(PS38F) [634] Do you mean to say that everybody's taken them to Road?
Trudy (PS38G) [635] Well [...]
(PS38F) [636] [shouting] Oh my gosh what have you done? []
Trudy (PS38G) [laugh]
(PS38F) [637] Oh Vicky you've upset the whole system, everything's broken down .
Trudy (PS38G) [638] [laugh] [laughing] Oh no. []
[639] [laugh] I shall be flying round there with my boxes to collect [laughing] them [] .
[640] Could they please take them to er ah one six two [...]
(PS38F) [641] You said one three two.
Trudy (PS38G) [642] I did.
[643] I did Dennis.
(PS38F) [644] Who lives at one three two?
[645] What poor soul has been taking stuff in for Bosnia ?
Trudy (PS38G) [646] I do [laugh]
(PS38F) [647] [shouting] Oh you stupid girl. []
Trudy (PS38G) [648] Well I do hope that people are that interested to want to take things anyway Dennis I mean, you know.
(PS38F) [649] Well no but [shouting] Oh. []
Trudy (PS38G) [650] Not not there I agree, [laughing] no [] .
(PS38F) [651] There could be grand pianos, campers,
Trudy (PS38G) [652] [laughing] Oh, oh []
(PS38F) [653] buckets of coal, everything ,
Trudy (PS38G) [654] You're [...]
(PS38F) [655] coconuts
Trudy (PS38G) [656] you're very optimistic [laughing] yeah [] . [laugh]
(PS38F) [657] Oh de what have you done?
Trudy (PS38G) [658] Oh mm
(PS38F) [659] You've ruined the whole
Trudy (PS38G) [laugh]
(PS38F) [660] concept of the programme.
[661] How could you be like that?
Trudy (PS38G) [662] [laugh] Oh dear yes well mm.
[663] There are people around like me I suppose, [laugh] [...]
(PS38F) [664] Not many thank goodness.
Trudy (PS38G) [665] No I'll thank you for the confidence [laughing] no [] .
(PS38F) [666] So where do they g Are you gonna go round to a hundred and thirty two and say sorry ?
Trudy (PS38G) [667] Yes my husband my husband has actually been round.
(PS38F) [668] Oh you are married?
Trudy (PS38G) [669] Y h he has put a note through the door .
(PS38F) [670] You're married?
Trudy (PS38G) [671] I am married yes.
(PS38F) [672] And you've kept your husband?
Trudy (PS38G) [673] Somebody wants me. [laugh]
(PS38F) [674] Yeah and you've kept your husband, I'm surprised .
Trudy (PS38G) [675] [laughing] Yeah [] [laugh]
(PS38F) [676] I'm surprised.
Trudy (PS38G) [laugh]
(PS38F) [677] It's not your first is it?
Trudy (PS38G) [678] Yes it is actually yeah .
(PS38F) [679] It's your first [...] it's your first is it?
Trudy (PS38G) [680] Twenty six years Dennis, [...] .
(PS38F) [681] Never.
[682] Poor soul he deserves a medal.
Trudy (PS38G) [683] [laughing] Oh oh god, [] I hope he isn't listening. [laugh]
(PS38F) [684] So it's what, it's a hundred and sixty two?
Trudy (PS38G) [685] It's a hundred and sixty two to a hundred and
(PS38F) [686] [whispering] Oh dear []
Trudy (PS38G) [687] sixty four Road.
[688] He has put a note through the door but unfortunately the people were out you see so [...]
(PS38F) [689] Oh at hundred and thirty two?
[690] They're the ones with the grand piano in the front garden.
Trudy (PS38G) [691] Oh well we'll look out for that.
(PS38F) [692] Mm mm.
Trudy (PS38G) [693] I shall drag it off. [laugh]
(PS38F) [694] Oh dear oh dear oh dear.
Trudy (PS38G) [695] Yes.
(PS38F) [696] Do you know if you got anything?
Trudy (PS38G) [697] Er no, I had one er I put the phone down from you which was er it was very deflating I had one pervert can I call him that came o
(PS38F) [698] Really?
Trudy (PS38G) [699] Yeah I did, come on the phone which you know wh [...]
(PS38F) [700] Breathing heavy and everything?
Trudy (PS38G) [701] Well and er let's say everything but that yes and [...]
(PS38F) [702] Oh and was he interesting, what did he say?
Trudy (PS38G) [703] I'm not telling you Dennis.
(PS38F) [704] Why not?
Trudy (PS38G) [705] Oh I'm not, I I'm just not.
(PS38F) [706] Oh.
Trudy (PS38G) [707] I it's just you know
(PS38F) [708] I've told you what my wife s you've heard what my wife says?
Trudy (PS38G) [709] Wha what does your wife say?
(PS38F) [710] To perverts.
Trudy (PS38G) [711] Oh. [laugh]
(PS38F) [712] Have you not heard?
Trudy (PS38G) [713] [laughing] No. [] [laugh]
(PS38F) [714] She had this pervert on and he was going on all through everything you know what I mean?
Trudy (PS38G) [715] Right the lot yeah .
(PS38F) [716] That's right.
[717] And at the end of it she said ... I'm sorry could you say that again?
Trudy (PS38G) [718] Oh n over
(PS38F) [719] So he screamed and put the phone down.
Trudy (PS38G) [720] [laughing] Oh no [] , [laugh] I'll remember that one.
[721] Yes.
(PS38F) [722] Mm.
Trudy (PS38G) [723] Yes but unfortunately
(PS38F) [724] [...] so you mean to say that you made this tremendous appeal
Trudy (PS38G) [725] Yes.
(PS38F) [726] for Bosnia and
Trudy (PS38G) [727] I know
(PS38F) [728] this was a chance for everybody around the Skegness
Trudy (PS38G) [729] Yeah.
(PS38F) [730] area to give to Bosnia
Trudy (PS38G) [731] Yeah.
(PS38F) [732] and they don't normally because they're on a far-flung outpost of the British Empire at Skegness
Trudy (PS38G) [733] Well yes
(PS38F) [734] and they don't normally give to anywhere, because nobody ever asks.
Trudy (PS38G) [735] N yeah.
(PS38F) [736] And this was the one opportunity and all you got was one pervert ringing you up .
Trudy (PS38G) [737] Yeah.
[738] I mean I was given [...]
(PS38F) [739] Oh
Trudy (PS38G) [740] about t yeah he's rang since twice Dennis.
(PS38F) [741] Has he?
Trudy (PS38G) [742] Oh yeah.
[743] Again about half a hour ago.
[744] Erm but er I had this very little lady who [...]
(PS38F) [745] He's ill of course he's ill you know that ?
Trudy (PS38G) [746] Pardon?
(PS38F) [747] I mean be sorry for him.
Trudy (PS38G) [748] Oh [...] mm .
(PS38F) [749] He is ill.
Trudy (PS38G) [750] He is ill.
(PS38F) [751] He is ill.
Trudy (PS38G) [752] Er and he's probably listening now.
[753] He is ill.
(PS38F) [754] [...] poor soul.
Trudy (PS38G) [755] Erm yeah fair enough Dennis.
[756] But you know er I was living in hope that the phone wouldn't stop ringing erm etcetera.
[757] But erm there is still time isn't there for [...]
(PS38F) [758] No not if if didn't work if it didn't work once it won't work again.
[759] It's obvious that the people of Skegness do not want to give.
Trudy (PS38G) [760] Mhm.
(PS38F) [761] You have to live with this.
[762] There are times when you have to live with these unpleasant facts of life.
Trudy (PS38G) [763] That I don't understand.
[764] Because you know, how much o
(PS38F) [765] Well maybe nobody was listening.
Trudy (PS38G) [laugh] [...]
(PS38F) [766] Possibility.
Trudy (PS38G) [767] Possibility Dennis .
(PS38F) [768] Possibility.
Trudy (PS38G) [769] In that case have you time for me to go over it again in case anyone's listening to
(PS38F) [770] Oh no not you.
Trudy (PS38G) [771] Ah no [...] [laugh]
(PS38F) [772] No cos oh no.
[773] Oh no cos you give wrong addresses you do.
Trudy (PS38G) [774] [laughing] Oh no. []
(PS38F) [775] I'm not gonna have it, you're gonna say, give it to the third caravan parked on the beach on the left hand side of the loo
Trudy (PS38G) [laugh]
(PS38F) [776] I know
Trudy (PS38G) [777] [laughing] I promise I wouldn't honest . []
(PS38F) [778] Oh what do you mean you promise, you promised last time you'd get it right and you didn't.
[779] Ah Vicky you're hopeless at this .
Trudy (PS38G) [780] [laugh] Oh you're [...]
(PS38F) [781] Let's face it.
Trudy (PS38G) [782] [...] [laughing] with confidence you are [] .
(PS38F) [783] Listen, let's face it.
[784] A a at raising interest in Bosnia you Vicky are hopeless .
Trudy (PS38G) [785] [laughing] Oh god [] .
(PS38F) [786] Hopeless, what is the point of carrying on?
[787] Why don't you just do your normal job, scrubbing the front doorstep, looking after your husband's breakfast
Trudy (PS38G) [788] [...] isn't it doing the washing and ironing and ye [laugh] [laughing] Oh [] , I ho I hope everybody proves you wrong Dennis and the phone [...]
(PS38F) [789] Well they won't no they won't they won't.
Trudy (PS38G) [790] They won't and
(PS38F) [...]
Trudy (PS38G) [791] you leave it to one sixty two one six four Road, [laughing] in Skegness.
[792] I shall say it again just in []
(PS38F) [793] I'll bet you ma you probably get that pervert ringing now.
Trudy (PS38G) [794] Yeah.
(PS38F) [795] Have I got the right number?
[796] And tell him no.
Trudy (PS38G) [797] No.
[798] no
(PS38F) [799] What you wanna ring is Skegness nine nine nine.
Trudy (PS38G) [800] That's right.
[801] Yeah.
(PS38F) [...]
Trudy (PS38G) [802] Right yes.
(PS38F) [803] Talk to a beautiful woman constable.
Trudy (PS38G) [laugh]
(PS38F) [804] Eh you know you've set me at it now, look I'm as bad as you.
Trudy (PS38G) [805] [laughing] Oh dear. [] [laugh]
(PS38F) [806] Oh dear.
[807] I never thought I
Trudy (PS38G) [808] [laughing] Me? []
(PS38F) [809] never thought I'd get down to this level.
Trudy (PS38G) [laugh]
(PS38F) [810] Really didn't.
Trudy (PS38G) [811] It's talking me it's my influence [...] .
(PS38F) [812] I know obviously obviously.
[813] Now let's get right, you are collecting things for Bosnia?
Trudy (PS38G) [814] Yes Dennis .
(PS38F) [815] What sort of things?
[816] You're sure you got them right?
Trudy (PS38G) [...]
(PS38F) [817] You sure you got the right, you sure you sent off the right husband this morning?
Trudy (PS38G) [818] [laugh] [laughing] Oh god. []
(PS38F) [819] Are you sure you sent off the right husband ?
Trudy (PS38G) [820] It sounds terrible. [laugh]
(PS38F) [821] Are you sure?
Trudy (PS38G) [822] [laugh] Well I think so yeah. [laugh]
(PS38F) [823] What did he look like?
Trudy (PS38G) [824] Pardon?
(PS38F) [825] What did he look like, the one you sent off?
Trudy (PS38G) [826] Bald-headed,
(PS38F) [827] Your husband's got hair.
Trudy (PS38G) [828] [laughing] He's not [...] []
(PS38F) [829] You told me last time.
Trudy (PS38G) [830] [laughing] [...] . []
(PS38F) [831] My gosh, you've sent off the wrong husband.
Trudy (PS38G) [832] You know you're getting me a name for [laughing] myself [] and there might be somebody listening you [laughing] never know [] .
(PS38F) [833] Well if there is this time maybe it'll work.
Trudy (PS38G) [834] Wh
(PS38F) [835] Go on n what do you want for Bosnia.
Trudy (PS38G) [836] Right Dennis n, tins of food, things like ham, fish, beans, anything tinned, packets of dried food, dried milk oh er dried herbs, jars jars of jam, marmalade anything that'll keep, herbs and spices, games for the children and I think I said Monday, they needn't be new but ones that ne ones that do not need batteries.
[837] They can't get hold of batteries.
(PS38F) [838] And then you're gonna take 'em into Derbyshire and then they're gonna go to Bosnia fairly quickly.
Trudy (PS38G) [839] They're going to be collected alright I'm gonna meet them halfway actually between here and Derbyshire erm at the end of November beginning of December and they are actually going, the last lorry leaves Derbyshire on the tenth of [tape change]
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [840] [...] what a time I had on that [...] , it was wonderful.
(PS38F) [841] That's right.
[842] And I remember at the time, I was chasing you over a most ridiculous national press story that Emlyn didn't like the idea of you a pop singer appearing in one of his classics.
[843] It was all a manufactured story it
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [...]
(PS38F) [844] was all a load of nonsense and you've certainly proved over the last twenty five years how ridiculous whoever started that story was.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [845] Well it was a good story I suppose.
[846] Yeah having worked in newspapers er for two or three years I n I now know that the er what you look, well I didn't look for cos I was on the business page, what people look for is a good story and it doesn't
(PS38F) [...]
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [847] necessarily relate to what's going on.
(PS38F) [848] Yeah [...] you you you sort of set off several legends in your lifetime Adam erm le let's just er either destroy or establish one legend.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [849] Go on then.
(PS38F) [850] That you have a table in a very posh hotel in London and you run your business from that table.
[851] How true is that?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [852] Well I used to run my business from the teashop in and I ha they put phones and everything in for at the corner table.
[853] Er but when they changed the room round I moved to the because and I became a director of the for a while fo three f four years something like that.
[854] Erm but I've had to give it all up because I'm too busy, so I don't run it from anywhere now, but for the last er four or five years it's been from the Hotel.
(PS38F) [855] You actually had a table at the Hotel?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [856] Yeah.
(PS38F) [857] Why didn't you have an office, a plush office somewhere?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [858] Well I don't like office , I love hotels and I think having meetings in a hotel's more civilized than sitting in an office.
(PS38F) [859] But you got people staring at you, you got people s coming up to you and saying, didn't you used to be Adam Faith?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [860] [...] that's alright, I don't mind that.
[861] I'm f used to that now after a few years.
(PS38F) [862] The legitimate er side of Adam Faith did begin didn't it with [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [863] [...] was my first stage play that I ever did.
(PS38F) [864] With Dame Sybil ,
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [865] Yeah.
(PS38F) [866] Sir Lewis
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [867] Absolutely.
(PS38F) [868] What they were like towards you?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [869] Dame Sybil was the most gracious, helpful, generous woman you can ever ask to work with, you know, you'd expect me to say that anyway, I'm not gonna say anything else er but in her case it really was true.
[870] She was er I mean was a pop s ex pop singer, I'd only just stopped singing a few weeks before I started to work with Sybil and she could not have been more gracious and generous in helping me get through it.
[871] She was wonderful.
(PS38F) [872] You done some great stuff in the acting world haven't you, I mean you must be very proud of some of the stuff .
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [873] I've had some marvellous parts to play, yeah.
[874] Budgie was a great part and I loved playing Frank Carver in Love Hurts erm and I didn't when when I was asked to do i , well w actually i it wasn't a series, the writers and I were put together by a man called Alan who's now my partner in Alfie as well he's and he asked me why wasn't I working and would he would I mind being put together with the two writers.
[875] He arranged all that and out of the conversation at the er out came Love Hurts.
[876] And I never r expected it to be anything like the end result, I mean the reaction to it's been fantastic in the last two years.
(PS38F) [877] As I said we can talk about half a dozen Adam Faiths.
[878] The pop singer is interesting and er l er we've got a record,i it could be The Best of Adam Faith and I think every track is practically worn out.
[879] They really were superb commercial happy songs weren't they?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [880] Well you know it was one of those happy combinations of Johnny writing them, John coming with those fresh arrangements and me sort of the naivety and the joy of being in the business, it was so exciting and happy that it was one of those lucky things where the combination of the three of us worked.
(PS38F) [881] [...] that about twenty songs on the L P we've got and I think they all sold a million
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [882] Ah they were all big sellers
(PS38F) [883] or more .
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [884] they were and they were all hits and it was a great period.
(PS38F) [885] And nobody ever said, [mimicking] baby [] like you did .
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [886] [...] yeah it was it was er you know it's it's er just one of those happy things in life where everything seemed to work great.
(PS38F) [887] But why did you stop?
[888] Why did you stop singing that way ?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [889] Well because I thought that the hits were coming to an end and I didn't want to become an all-round entertainer, I wasn't suited to it, I w I didn't have any feeling for all-round entertaining.
[890] I liked it when I was a pop singer and girls were screaming and it was er mad and exciting.
[891] I didn't ever relish the thought of becoming a sort of geriatric performer, going around clubs and summer seasons.
[892] Er I'd always wanted to act even as a kid of fifteen sixteen er and I got into singing before I went into acting and so acting s see that seemed to be a good period to break my life and start again. [...]
(PS38F) [893] But you must you must have been asked dozens of times to go back into the pop concert field?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [894] I have, I've been asked a lot in the last twenty odd years and it's only just recently that I've seriously considered it, which is why I've made this new album, Midnight Postcards.
[895] Erm and that's really been coming on for about five years.
[896] A friend of mine Dave who wrote half the album with me and produced the album has been on at me for five years, come on let's make an album, let's make an album, let's make an album, making a, let's make an album er and a few record companies have come on and they've always wanted me to do an album like maybe, let's prepackage old sixties' songs and revise them, or let's do love themes from T V shows and [...] which would never have interested me, so I said to Dave, you know when a record company comes with an offer to make an album, to do the album I wanna do then we'll do one.
[897] And came this year and said, come on do this album.
(PS38F) [898] It sounds as though y you you weren't heavily managed as a pop singer.
[899] It sounds as though you did the things you wanted to do.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [900] Yeah well I've always done that, you know for good or worse.
[901] Er I've always er, I don't think I e I b th whenever I've been unhappy with work it's been work that I've allowed myself to do for ulterior motives, for money or whatever I m The things I've done er even th the things that have been unsuccessful th if I've wanted to do them, I've been able to live with that.
(PS38F) [902] You do realize though that there must have been some people who were saddened by the fact you didn't continue your pop career?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [903] C I hope they're so saddened that they threw [...] now they'll go out and buy it.
(PS38F) [904] Alright but I mean,ge genuinely er
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [905] Yeah I genuinely look all I can say about this new album is if I'd have continued recording for the last twenty odd years and had a sustained recording career like Cliff continued singing, this would have been the album that I would've ended up doing anyway.
[906] So in a sense, although I haven't recorded in the meantime, I st I still would have ended up in the same place.
[907] Cos this is the album of music the sort of music I would wanna listen to and I like s performing.
(PS38F) [908] How did Adam Faith the businessman happen?
[909] That corner at the Hotel?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [910] Well er ha you know I found myself after Budgie managing a singer called Leo and that led to a lot of interesting business and getting involved an , and I sort of forgot Adam Faith for ten years and just got diverted really.
[911] And I'd had a car crash and it was quite a relief not to have to worry about performing.
[912] And I sort of started to get itchy feet to come back and do things in the early eighties and that's when I went to Liverpool, I did a play with, I did Alfie with Alan who just directed the Commitments and er we went to a b and that really got me fired up to start again, and I sort of did some theatre stuff through the bits and pieces through the eighties until Love Hurts came.
[913] I turned down a couple of T V series cos I didn't feel I was right for them.
[914] And just Love Hurts just seemed to fit, just right like a glove, I wanted to do it.
[915] So when the boys and I met and they said over tea I th , well why don't we do something about a love affair, it just seemed right.
[916] And fortunately it's worked out well.
(PS38F) [917] Are you ever surprised at how good you are, particularly at acting?
[918] Remember that basically you were a pop singer, basically .
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [919] Yes.
[920] Erm I'm always overjoyed when people say things like that to me, that you've just said, er but I think I understand acting more than I understand anything in the world.
[921] And I have a passion for acting and the truth of acting which is like life to me.
[922] And if it if it I'm more surprised about if it's successful.
[923] Er I'm not surprised if it turns out and people think it's good cos I spend when I'm in the part it becomes my life so I don't really judge it in terms of good or bad, I just it becomes like breathing.
[924] I know it sounds a bit actorish and pretentious to say that but it's a it's a hundred and ten per cent passion.
[925] I cut my other life off real life off and become that person and I'm at my happiest when I'm submerged in another character doing it.
[926] I lo I love the commitment of it, the total hundred per cent commitment of acting.
[927] And in a way that's how I approached this album, it's how I will approach Alfie when we come you know it's it's a wonderful passion.
[928] And I missed that in the seventies and eighties, and my wife said you know you're mad, towards the late eighties she told me off, she said you're mad, you'll spend your life looking for something that you've already got, for god's sake just concentrate on what you r are, you're an actor, do that, perform.
(PS38F) [929] When you were
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [930] And it was a [...] you know it was a great happiness and release to shed a million other activities and [...] flying in all directions thinking the acting wasn't enough and I wasn't enough for acting.
[931] And this last two or three years I've s I've become to realize that how important acting and performing is to me, and h how much more there is to do in it.
(PS38F) [932] But when you were a pop singer were you happy as a pop singer?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [933] I was happy as pop singer, the last couple of years I wasn't happy when I ceased to be a pop singer and I was er headed on a road of being an entertainer.
[934] I could not be happy doing that, but as a pop singer I was in my element, because really all I d I didn't even think of it as singing, I thought of it, when I performed on stage as a pop singer I just thought of of it really of making love to the audience.
[935] That's all I though of it about, I saw it as a really as er each stage performance was like an orgasm.
[936] Just like girls were there, I was there and it was making love, that's all I saw it as.
[937] And it was a,whe when it then became more respectable, I lost interest in it.
(PS38F) [938] But gosh they were tuneful songs weren't they?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [939] They were fabulous songs, they were great.
[940] You know and I and I've only recently really come to terms with how much tha those early songs were part of people's upbringing and because of Love Hurts and everything people come up to me a lot in the street and we talk about the sixties and everything.
[941] And you realize that maybe they made love first time to What Do You Want, they had their first kid to Poor Me, they they bought their first house to Someone Else's Baby, I mean there's fantastic memories, and that carries o , and I carry all that now.
[942] And for years I sort of just dismissed it as a sort of thing I did in my past.
[943] Er maybe it's just gotta do with maturing and growing up, I think I've started to grow up finally.
(PS38F) [944] Th the strange thing is about many of those songs, the shortness of them.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [945] Yeah they were so short
(PS38F) [946] I mean
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [947] What Do You Want you know was the shortest number one in history.
[948] One
(PS38F) [949] [laughing] Yeah. []
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [950] thirty two or something.
[951] And Tim told me [...] it was in the Guinness Book of Records.
[952] This is the shortest number one.
(PS38F) [953] Just that one
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [954] Most cost effective number one ever recorded.
(PS38F) [955] If you think about it Adam, one minute thirty two seconds.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [956] It's remarkable.
(PS38F) [957] And it becomes number one, and it makes a lot of money for everybody and it makes everybody hum and it makes everybody toe tap
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [958] Yeah.
(PS38F) [959] one minute thirty two seconds .
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [960] I know.
[961] From Micky who's one of the most successful record pro producers that has ever been, he said if you haven't got an audience in the first thirty seconds you ain't got the audience.
(PS38F) [962] Yeah but you usually
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [...]
(PS38F) [963] do it in ten seconds.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [964] Yeah.
[965] Yeah, so you'd be if you're making records you'd better made it count early on.
[966] There re is a lot of truth in that.
(PS38F) [967] Yeah.
[968] And they were really just yours.
[969] You didn't seem to copy anybody, er
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [...]
(PS38F) [970] a lot of people copied you of course, but you
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [971] Well I didn't know anything about any [...] none of us knew anything about anybody in those days, cos it was so early on in the, and we weren't, I was influenced more by people like blues er black blues singers, American blues singers like Muddy and Lightning , all those old blues, [...] , er they were the heroes for me that I grew up with playing skiffle and and then Lonnie became my first Lonnie became by first hero and I er modelled a lot of my early singing on Lonnie.
[972] And then when I came to What Do You Want it was like an whole new world had opened up to me.
[973] It's exciting.
(PS38F) [974] Couldn't ha taken too long to learn at one minute thirty two seconds and
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [975] No.
(PS38F) [976] two minutes twelve seconds could they ?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [977] [...] [laugh] It didn't take a lot of learning [...] .
(PS38F) [978] But you had to get every word right of course.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [979] Yeah.
[980] There weren't many words in one minute thirty two seconds .
(PS38F) [981] No.
[982] Night Must Fall, the first er the first play that you did,w was it er were there was there any difficulty at all?
[983] I mean was there any difficulty learning lines, was there any difficulty walking on stage, acting the part, being an actor, because Adam Faith the pop singer may have brought them in but then he was forgotten on stage wasn't he ?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [984] Yeah.
[985] Well I think I had more problems when I was making films as a pop singer, because I was still pop singing as well and it was difficult to disassociate the two.
[986] When I decided to cut myself off totally and become an actor, it started to get easier.
[987] And that four years in rep, I sort of basically learn , I learnt the basics of the trade.
[988] And I think if any performers know any [...] where they may find problems is if they're still very much involved in the music industry, because it becomes a sort of er a diversionary activity.
[989] It's a full time commitment er t and you if you are very if if you are er like say it's so all the time, it's difficult for her then to cease to be that, to be somebody else.
[990] So she would have to she was to given up her career in acting, she may have to take a view and give up singing totally for a while.
[991] Just so she can change her perception of it all.
[992] You see it's quite difficult.
(PS38F) [993] So you seem to cut yourself off from anything you've done before to concentrate on what
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [994] Yeah.
(PS38F) [995] you're doing and yet you're doing this tour of Alfie, which is obviously very important to us in the
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [996] Yeah.
(PS38F) [997] region, er a and you've produced this er music thing, so the very thing you you say y you've got this album and you're doing your acting bit.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [998] Yeah, I'm doing both in [...] .
[999] Er now I think that's er that's a lot to do with experience.
[1000] I think because I was so inexperienced in the sixties, er I don't think I could have coped with doing two things.
[1001] As you get older and you get more experienced of it you know you y you begin to realize that, I mean this album, I've done this album and I haven , I've haven't just sung on this album and made sounds, which is what I did with What Do You Want, I've sung on this album and said something.
[1002] So in a way it's not unlike working on the stage in a play.
[1003] Er because having written half the songs as well, the lyrics all mean something so I may as well have spoken them as sung them.
(PS38F) [1004] Now one of the things th we find that when we play an Adam Faith record, we tend to be singing it for the rest of the day you know, like What Do You Want
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [...]
(PS38F) [1005] don't start me on that, I'll be doing it in about two hours' time.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS38F) [1006] Do you?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1007] Do I play my old songs ?
(PS38F) [1008] Do you no do you sing to yourself?
[1009] Do you sing those those, I still call 'em fabulous songs?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1010] Yeah.
[1011] No I don't sing I don't sing those songs.
(PS38F) [1012] You don't sing to yourself What Do You Want?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1013] No.
[1014] I don't.
(PS38F) [1015] Fool Me.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1016] No I don't.
(PS38F) [1017] Someone Else's Baby?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1018] No I sing the new album.
[1019] It's the first time I've actually, well cos I haven't sung for a long time.
[1020] But this new album, er I've become er obsessed by it because I'm so excited, er cos I think it's actually some of the best work I've ever done.
[1021] Acting or singing.
[1022] So
(PS38F) [1023] Do you have to be so enthusiastic about everything you do?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1024] Er w is it is it a bore?
(PS38F) [1025] It's lovely no, it's it's
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1026] Er
(PS38F) [1027] it's it's good to hear.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1028] Because it's so exciting.
[1029] You know I pl I I started this album really I started writing it while I was doing Love Hurts in Israel and Zoe would s sort of catch in the caravan, what the hell are you doing now, you know I was writing lyrics and thi , and I started to get keyed into this album just before I finished Love Hurts.
[1030] And I had a couple of months making it and god, it was such a wonderful time I had and writing the lyrics and saying things about love and feelings that have meant something to me over the years.
[1031] Er then I can't help getting enthusiastic about it.
(PS38F) [1032] Alright.
[1033] Let's talk about Alfie.
[1034] Erm is it the film on stage?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1035] No, it's definitely not the film on stage.
[1036] Er Mike said in his autobiography that when they got the play and converted it to film, they changed the age of the character for a start, cos in the play it was written in the late fifties by Bill and it was written for a man approaching his forties.
[1037] Well in the fifties, forty years of age was hugely old, I mean my dad at forty when I remember back was like a really old man at forty in those days.
[1038] And so when they changed the character to be twenty five in the film which w Mi Mike 's age, it totally changed the piece, totally and completely changed the piece.
[1039] And it became er I think more people's perception of it now is that it's like a bloke bonking birds on stage, it's nothing like that.
[1040] It's about really the tragedy of a man who's too old to change and too stupid to realize he needs to.
(PS38F) [1041] A character part for you.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1042] Oh wow, a character part for me.
[1043] It's a wonderful part, [laugh] it's a great part.
[1044] And it's a it's an a wonderful play to go and watch.
[1045] I mean I sometimes when I'm performing on stage [...] and people are laughing so much in the audience I think god, you know why can't I go and sit in the audience and watch this, they're laughing so much.
[1046] And in the last twenty minutes of the play they get a emotional kick in the stomach and it's gut wrenching.
[1047] And the way Bill writes about the tragedy of one of the women in the play is just remarkable.
[1048] It's a wonderful play.
(PS38F) [1049] Does it move you playing it?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1050] It moves me playing it and it upsets me playing it, it's very upsetting to play Alfie, because A he's such a disastrous man as a person d you know you think oh god I don't really wanna be playing this man for sixteen weeks but the part is so wonderful and the play is so rich that you can't help s sort of s submitting to it and putting yourself in the position of being a masochist I suppose.
(PS38F) [1051] The audience go out then very moved?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1052] Yeah they go in and they're laughing they're l they're laughing like mad for so long and it's so funny.
[1053] And then they get this terrible jolt and er they come out with a totally different perception of what this play is than than they went in with.
[1054] It's a it's a grea it's a great play, I've seen it performed by other people and it's a great evening.
[1055] I don't say because I'm in it, it's just a wonderful play.
(PS38F) [1056] You're at a stage now in your career where surely you can choose whatever you want to do?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1057] Well I can choose what I don't want to do more than what I can do, that's easier to you know.
[1058] I can choose not to do things that don't excite me, but fortunately things are happening that do you know.
[1059] I mean I could choose not to do an album, but when they asked me to an album that was exciting to say yes.
[1060] I could choose not to do Alfie, but I wouldn't I'd never refuse to do Alfie, I'd like to be fifty years younger so I could play Alfie for another fifty years.
(PS38F) [1061] That's interesting.
[1062] So er how far ahead do you do you plan?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1063] Well I'm planned now until December next year.
[1064] Er I do a plug the alb of the album Midnight Postcards we call it, I'm plugging that now until Christmas, promoting that er on television and radio, and I er in between I go on a short holiday to Africa and then January I start Alfie until May, and then I think I'm gonna do a T V movie or a movie in June July, and then in end of July I go to America for four four till the end of November with Alfie.
[1065] We're gonna take Alfie to L A and do it in L A for three months.
(PS38F) [1066] Have you b played in America before?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1067] No never played never played in America.
[1068] No not in the theatre.
(PS38F) [1069] What about what about [...]
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1070] Well I did the odd movie bits in America, and er when I was a pop singer had a record in the charts in America [...] but never done a play there.
[1071] It'll be interesting.
[1072] It'll be interesting to see how Alfie of course works in America.
(PS38F) [1073] You're very intense on everything you do.
[1074] Intense about this new album, intense about Alfie, intense about about your life as well.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1075] Yeah.
(PS38F) [1076] Er would you never appear in anything flippant, anything trivial?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1077] Ooh yeah, well I would er I would er ... I wouldn't appear in anything trivial, no I wouldn't [...] I wouldn't consciously wanna appear in anything trivial.
[1078] I wouldn't mind appearing in, I'd like you know one of the things I'd really love to do is a [...] er comedy.
[1079] Like a [...] .
[1080] The character I would've liked to have played more than anything else if it had ever been you know, if there was one going now would be Rigsby in Rising Damp.
[1081] I love that character and I would have loved to have played that character, but I don't think anybody [...] it for you [...]
(PS38F) [...]
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1082] take this album maybe the end of next year
(PS38F) [1083] But you do realize you would be lynched if you didn't do Poor Man,
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1084] I would do Poor Man all
(PS38F) [1085] Someone Else's
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1086] that of course I'd do What Do You Want.
[1087] Er because it would be stupid for me go on stage singing and not do a selection of all those songs that th they're the reason I'm here.
(PS38F) [1088] But er but it's changed hasn't it?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1089] [...] changed but life changes.
(PS38F) [1090] But you see they want you to hear, they want to hear you do all of your standard Adam Faith hits.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1091] Yeah.
(PS38F) [1092] Erm but it's changed that you wouldn't get your clothes ripped off any more.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1093] No.
(PS38F) [1094] Because that did happen to you didn't it?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1095] Yeah.
[1096] I liked that bit the best.
(PS38F) [1097] You like that bit?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1098] Yeah.
[1099] [laugh] I liked that.
[1100] When they stopped pulling my clothes off that's when I packed up singing.
(PS38F) [1101] Is that what it was?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1102] Yeah definitely .
(PS38F) [1103] Yeah.
[1104] Sounds as though it was very expensive because the clothes you wore must have been
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1105] It was worth it.
(PS38F) [1106] Was it?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1107] Believe me. [laugh]
(PS38F) [1108] Oh.
[1109] Oh.
[1110] So the thrill you get now is
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1111] Thrill I get now?
(PS38F) [1112] is having an audience there
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1113] Yeah.
(PS38F) [1114] watching you
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1115] Yeah.
(PS38F) [1116] and being moved by what you're interpreting on the stage?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1117] Yeah.
[1118] Yeah and er look I think the process is that you do work and you feel passionate about it, you wanna do it the best you think you've done it as well as you can do it, and then you put it out in whatever form, in a T V series like Love Hurts or on stage like Alfie, or in an album like Midnight Postcards and you then just pray and hope that people want to listen to you, want to watch you, want to hear you.
[1119] That's what you pray for.
[1120] Because what's the point in doing no matter how good you think you're doing, what's the point of doing it for yourself in the living room, you want er everybody to listen to it.
[1121] You want that's what you're doing it for is hopefully so other people'll appreciate it.
(PS38F) [1122] Our special guest Adam Faith, he's in Alfie, which is at Nottingham's Theatre Royal on the twenty eighth of March next year and the box office has just opened so can actually er go there to see not just a performance I think, not just a play, but something of an event.
[1123] But we'll finish off with erm Adam's enthusiastic er er new album.
[1124] You you pick a track.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1125] Er well y I [...] pick one that might be too long for you so pick Roxy Roxy which I love. [music]
(PS38F) [1126] [...] quite a thrill having Adam Faith on the programme actually for me, for a lot of different reasons.
[1127] But Roxy er Roxy that was from his new C D Midnight Postcards and er he's going to be at Nottingham's Theatre Royal March the twenty eighth next year in Alfie, coming well ahead of it to tell us about it, and that's going to be a blockbuster I think next year, and then goes on to Los Angeles.
[1128] Lucky Adam Faith.
[1129] Er right well let's get back to erm er er other things.
[1130] And Bargain Basement it is now.
[1131] Er ha programme of changing facets this programme.
[1132] Bargain Basement, items for sale, five pounds or under, if you want an item call us on please.
[1133] We start in Lincolnshire at Skegness with Mick , what ya selling?
Geoff (PS388) [1134] Greenhouse heater Dennis.
(PS38F) [1135] How much?
Geoff (PS388) [1136] Fiver.
(PS38F) [1137] On paraffin?
Geoff (PS388) [1138] No electric.
(PS38F) [1139] Electric?
Geoff (PS388) [1140] Electric it's
(PS38F) [1141] Right.
Geoff (PS388) [1142] thermostat controlled, it conforms to British Standards, it's waterproof, it's everything.
[1143] [...] it's only suitable for a greenhouse.
[1144] I've
(PS38F) [...]
Geoff (PS388) [1145] moved on to more sophisticated mist sprays and everything and that's the only reason I'm selling it.
(PS38F) [1146] Electric greenhouse heater, thermostatically controlled, a fiver at
Geoff (PS388) [1147] Yeah.
(PS38F) [1148] Skegness.
[1149] Thanks a lot Mick.
Geoff (PS388) [1150] Okay.
(PS38F) [1151] Bye.
Geoff (PS388) [1152] Bye.
(PS38F) [1153] Gotta be a bargain that I think.
[1154] Electric er thermostatically controlled greenhouse heater for a fiver at Skegness.
[1155] Call us .
[1156] Brian of Ratheby by Sp [...] .
Sue (PS389) [1157] Oh hello Dennis.
(PS38F) [1158] Yes Brian.
Sue (PS389) [1159] I've got a large carrying case for an electronic organ keyboard er I want to sell, it's it'll take a keyboard erm forty one inches long by forty inches wide and four and a half inches deep and it's all sort of shaped inside with the lining to to the shape of the keyboard and nice strong box.
[1160] Lashes and carrying handles and everything.
(PS38F) [1161] How much?
Sue (PS389) [1162] Er fiver.
(PS38F) [1163] An electronic organ carrying case.
Sue (PS389) [1164] Yeah.
(PS38F) [1165] And it'll carry an organ forty one inches by forty four by four and a half deep.
Sue (PS389) [1166] Yeah, and there's a little side pocket in there as well you can keep I suppose you keep leads and things like that in it as well.
(PS38F) [1167] A fiver at Ratheby by Spilsby.
Sue (PS389) [1168] Yeah.
(PS38F) [1169] Thanks a lot Brian.
Sue (PS389) [1170] Okay thank you .
(PS38F) [1171] Bye bye.
[1172] Good 'un that Ratheby by Spilsby.
[1173] Brian's selling an organ electronic organ carrying case for a fiver, forty one by forty by four and a half it'll take.
[1174] Mary of Lincoln.
Teresa (PS38A) [1175] Hallo Dennis.
(PS38F) [1176] Yes Mary.
Teresa (PS38A) [1177] Oh, er first of all I enjoyed that record of Adam Faith's.
(PS38F) [1178] It was good wasn't it?
Teresa (PS38A) [1179] It was good.
[1180] I'm
(PS38F) [1181] Yeah.
Teresa (PS38A) [1182] a fan of his.
(PS38F) [1183] Oh good.
Teresa (PS38A) [1184] Erm I'm selling er a lady's dark brown real suede full length er warm pile lining coat, in lovely condition.
(PS38F) [1185] Do you know the size?
Teresa (PS38A) [1186] Twelve to fourteen.
(PS38F) [1187] How much?
Teresa (PS38A) [1188] A fiver.
(PS38F) [1189] A lady's full length dark brown suede coat, size twelve to fourteen, five pounds at Lincoln.
Teresa (PS38A) [1190] That's right Dennis.
(PS38F) [1191] Thanks Mary.
Teresa (PS38A) [1192] Thank you bye .
(PS38F) [1193] Bye love.
[1194] Again another bargain from Lincoln.
[1195] Mary's selling a full length lady's dark brown sue real suede coat, a fiver.
[1196] Just a fiver.
[1197] Give us a ring if you want it.
[1198] Er Jackie of Methringham.
(PS38B) [1199] Hello, hello Dennis .
(PS38F) [1200] Yes J yes Ja
(PS38B) [1201] I've got er a radiogram.
(PS38F) [1202] Good working order?
(PS38B) [1203] Oh yes, it's perfect.
[1204] Erm it's a few years old but it's hardly had any use.
(PS38F) [1205] How much?
(PS38B) [1206] Erm five pounds
(PS38F) [...]
(PS38B) [1207] its er about four feet long and it stands about two feet high, it's on legs, it takes quite a lot of room up and we need the space.
(PS38F) [1208] radiogram
(PS38B) [1209] Yeah.
(PS38F) [1210] four feet long, two feet high,
(PS38B) [1211] Yeah.
(PS38F) [1212] perfect working order, five pounds from Metheringham.
(PS38B) [1213] Yes.
(PS38F) [1214] Thanks Jackie.
(PS38B) [1215] Thank you bye bye .
(PS38F) [1216] Bye love.
[1217] for that.
[1218] Into Leicestershire now and George of Barwell.
(PS38C) [1219] Hello Dennis.
(PS38F) [1220] Yes George.
(PS38C) [1221] I've got two dark solid wood folding chairs, new, unused, five pounds each.
(PS38F) [1222] Ah yo er well you can only go to five pounds the two on here.
(PS38C) [1223] Oh just for one then.
[1224] Make it one,o one dark solid wood
(PS38F) [1225] Alright [...] okay.
[1226] A dark solid wood folding chair a fi a fiver at Barwell and it's new .
(PS38C) [1227] folding chair new it ye .
[1228] Thank you.
(PS38F) [1229] Right thanks a lot.
(PS38C) [1230] Thank you.
(PS38F) [1231] A dark wood folding chair, new from Barwell for a fiver.
[1232] Call us on please.
[1233] Kerry of Desford.
(PS38D) [1234] Hello Dennis.
(PS38F) [1235] Yes Kerry.
(PS38D) [1236] Erm I've got a nearly new gentleman's beige suit.
[1237] It's erm thirty six inch waist, forty chest and twenty nine inside leg.
[1238] A fiver please.
(PS38F) [1239] A nearly new gent's beige suit.
(PS38D) [1240] Yeah.
(PS38F) [1241] Thirty six waist,d you say thirty six waist ?
(PS38D) [1242] Thirty six yeah.
(PS38F) [1243] Forty chest, twenty nine inside leg, a fiver.
(PS38D) [1244] Yes please.
(PS38F) [1245] Thanks a lot Kerry.
(PS38D) [1246] Thank you.
[1247] Bye.
(PS38F) [1248] Bye.
[1249] From Desford that's gent's suit nearly new, a fiver, beige, and it's thirty six chest, forty inch er thirty six waist, forty inch chest, twenty nine inside leg.
[1250] Barbara of Sileby.
(PS38E) [1251] Hello.
(PS38F) [1252] Yes Barbara.
(PS38E) [1253] Er I used to collect the Cat Stevens' L Ps and I've got one for sale.
(PS38F) [1254] Which one?
(PS38E) [1255] It's Buddha and the Chocolate Box.
(PS38F) [1256] Buddha and the Chocolate Box?
(PS38E) [1257] Yes.
(PS38F) [1258] How much?
(PS38E) [1259] Two pounds.
(PS38F) [1260] Perfect working order?
(PS38E) [1261] Yes.
(PS38F) [1262] Right, Cat Stevens L P, Buddha and the Chocolate Box, two pounds from Sileby.
[1263] Thanks Barbara.
(PS38E) [1264] Thank you.
(PS38F) [1265] Bye love.
(PS38E) [1266] Bye.
(PS38F) [1267] for that.
[1268] Cat Stevens L P, Buddha and Chocolate Box from Sileby, two quid.
[1269] Into Derbyshire now and Dawn of Littleover.
(PS38F) [1270] Hello er Dennis.
(PS38F) [1271] What you got?
(PS38F) [1272] I've got a lady's shell jacket, you know th like a shell suit but it's just the jacket separate.
(PS38F) [1273] Size?
(PS38F) [1274] Erm twelve to fourteen.
(PS38F) [...]
(PS38F) [1275] It was fifteen pound new I want a fiver for it.
(PS38F) [1276] A lady's shell jacket,
(PS38F) [1277] Yeah.
(PS38F) [1278] size twelve to fourteen, it cost fifteen and you want a fiver.
(PS38F) [1279] Yeah.
(PS38F) [1280] Thanks a lot Dawn.
(PS38F) [1281] Right.
[1282] Bye
(PS38F) [1283] Bye.
[1284] From Littleover, Dawn offering that lady's shell jacket, size twelve to fourteen, lady's shell jacket size twelve to fourteen, cost fifteen and she wants a fiver.
[1285] please.
Trudy (PS38G) [1286] Fred will you put the light on?
(PS38F) [1287] Beatrice of Alveston.
Trudy (PS38G) [1288] Hello there.
(PS38F) [1289] Who're you bossing?
Trudy (PS38G) [1290] [laugh] [laughing] My husband. [] [laugh]
(PS38F) [1291] Poor devil.
[1292] Poor devil.
[1293] Tell him to join the society which I'm starting up after the programme.
Trudy (PS38G) [1294] [laughing] Are you? [] [laugh]
(PS38F) [1295] Yes.
Trudy (PS38G) [1296] Well y y you know you sometimes say will you mind turning the wireless down,an I remembered that it was on.
(PS38F) [1297] Well the way you ordered him, that was a [...]
Trudy (PS38G) [laugh]
(PS38F) [1298] What ya selling?
Trudy (PS38G) [1299] [laugh] Erm boy's bicycle.
(PS38F) [1300] Age?
Trudy (PS38G) [1301] Boy's rac racing bike.
(PS38F) [1302] Racing bike.
Trudy (PS38G) [1303] Age between eight and twelve. [...]
(PS38F) [1304] Good working order?
Trudy (PS38G) [1305] Oh yes good working order.
[1306] Everything good about it but the tyres, it might need new tyres on now.
(PS38F) [1307] Boy's racing bike, eight to twelve ye
Trudy (PS38G) [1308] Yes but the bike itself is in very good condition.
(PS38F) [1309] Yeah.
[1310] Boy's racing bike, eight
Trudy (PS38G) [...]
(PS38F) [1311] to twelve
Trudy (PS38G) [1312] eight to twelve
(PS38F) [1313] good working order but the tyres might need attention
Trudy (PS38G) [1314] That's right.
(PS38F) [1315] and how much, fiver?
Trudy (PS38G) [1316] Five pounds.
(PS38F) [1317] Five pounds alright .
Trudy (PS38G) [1318] Yes.
(PS38F) [1319] Thanks a lot.
Trudy (PS38G) [1320] Right.
[1321] Thank you.
(PS38F) [1322] Bye Beatrice.
Trudy (PS38G) [1323] Bye.
(PS38F) [1324] the number to ring there if you want that boy's racing bike, eight to twelve year old for a fiver, but the tyres might need er might need renewing.
[1325] Jackie of Allenton.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1326] Hi Dennis.
(PS38F) [1327] What ya got?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1328] Erm I've got a Readers Digest, it's a large hardback book er Complete Guide to Sewing, it's a A to Z, it's got all the sewing essentials and also for making household items and toys and clothes and everything, er for a fiver.
(PS38F) [1329] How much was it new, do you know?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1330] It was about thirty five pound new.
(PS38F) [1331] [shouting] Thirty five? []
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1332] Yes.
(PS38F) [1333] Was it?
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1334] Yeah.
(PS38F) [1335] [laugh] Oh dear.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1336] It's got everything you can think of in it for sewing and that you know so
(PS38F) [1337] Okay alright Jackie.
[1338] Thanks a lot love.
Unknown speaker (KGHPSUNK) [1339] Okay, bye.
(PS38F) [1340] Jackie's at Allenton, and it's the Readers Digest A to Z Guide to Sewing and a lot more things as well.
[1341] Cost thirty five pounds new, Jackie wants a fiver for it.
[1342] Readers Digest A to Z of Sewing Guide, lots of other things as well for a fiver, it cost thirty five quid.
[1343] , into Nottingham and Eric of well it's Derbyshire, Ilkeston.
[1344] Yes Eric.
Geoff (PS388) [1345] Er I've got some home brew bottles for sale.
(PS38F) [1346] How many?
Geoff (PS388) [1347] Er thirty.
(PS38F) [1348] Thirty home brew bottles.
Geoff (PS388) [1349] And I want a fiver please.
(PS38F) [1350] Fiver.
[1351] Alright thanks a lot Eric.
Geoff (PS388) [1352] And the phone number is .
(PS38F) [1353] .
[1354] Thank you Eric.
Geoff (PS388) [1355] Thank you.
(PS38F) [1356] Bye.
Geoff (PS388) [1357] Bye.
(PS38F) [1358] Eric's at Ilkeston, and wants to sell thirty home brew bottles for five pounds.
[1359] Phone if you want them.
[1360] . Lindsay of Baseford.
Sue (PS389) [1361] Hello.
(PS38F) [1362] Yes Lindsay.
Sue (PS389) [1363] Yes I've got a boy's erm black coat, size thirty, very good condition.
(PS38F) [1364] Size thirty?
Sue (PS389) [1365] Yeah it's a boy's.
(PS38F) [1366] Black?
Sue (PS389) [1367] Yeah.
[1368] Padded black jacket.
(PS38F) [1369] Black jacket?
Sue (PS389) [1370] Yeah.
(PS38F) [1371] A boy's black jacket, what age?
Sue (PS389) [1372] Er it's about eight year old.
(PS38F) [1373] Eight year old?
Sue (PS389) [1374] Yeah.
(PS38F) [1375] Alright.
[1376] A boy's black jacket, size thirty for an eight year old, how much?
Sue (PS389) [1377] Five pounds please .
(PS38F) [1378] Five pounds.
[1379] Thanks a lot love.
Sue (PS389) [1380] Right thank you, bye.
(PS38F) [1381] Bye.
[1382] for that boy's black jacket, for an eight year old, size thirty, for a fiver, it's at Baseford, Nottingham, call us on if you want that.
[1383] [music] [...] Ways from Buddy Holly.
[1384] Erm for sale, for the Ted Heath Band at the Royal Concert Hall this Friday, one pair of box tickets, cost twelve fifty each, will accept twenty quid for the pair.
[1385] Phone Nottingham.
[1386] One pair of tickets for Ted Heath, they cost twenty five, will accept twenty, for this Friday, phone .
[1387] Just a mention about the Good Old Days Quiz Book, a B B C publication which is at your local B B C radio station, costs three pounds for one thousand questions, don't be without it this Christmas, and it does make a lovely Christmas present as well.
[1388] Getting some nice letters about the Good Old Days Quiz Book, don't miss it, you local B B C radio station, it's also on sale at er bookshops throughout the East Midlands and at the Row Library in Nottingham they've told me to say as well.
[1389] Three pounds, I'm doing two signings, one is this Sunday at the Radio Lincolnshire Open Show, I'll be there on Sunday from two till four signing the Good Old Days Quiz Book, two till four this Sunday at Radio Lincolnshire's Open Day and on Wednesday December the eighth I'll be at at Nottingham, and doing a signing there for the Good Old Days Quiz Book, B B C publication.
[1390] You can get it by post at three pounds fifty by post, send a cheque or postal order made payable to the B B C for three pounds fifty, we'll sent it b , I'll send it by post to you and send it to Afternoon Special,, Derby, Leicester, Lincoln or Nottingham if you want the Good Old Days Quiz Book by post.
[1391] Big charity night, Thursday the twenty fifth of November at the Polish Centre, Street, Loughborough.
[1392] Seven forty five, there's Lazy Daisy Country and Western, Pat on the flute, Charlie lovely comedian, Malcolm on the organ but tickets are three pounds fifty, you can get them Mr at .
[1393] . Norman of Leicester.
[1394] Norman.
Teresa (PS38A) [1395] Hello Dennis.
[1396] Er it's Norman the town crier at Leicester.
(PS38F) [1397] Yes.
Teresa (PS38A) [1398] You remember, I've met you on various [...]
(PS38F) [...]
Teresa (PS38A) [1399] How are you?
[1400] Well?
(PS38F) [1401] Not bad are you?
Teresa (PS38A) [1402] Yes I'm hoping you're gonna help me.
[1403] I've got a very awkward er predicament I find myself in.
(PS38F) [1404] Go on then Norman.
Teresa (PS38A) [1405] I do a lot of talks for groups and clubs and organizations on the history of town crying and my own experiences, all for charity.
[1406] And in my diary I've got one for tomorrow night, for an organization called the Judges Guild in Leicester, somewhere in the Road area.
[1407] Unfortunately I don't think they haven't confirmed as they usua most organizations usually do about a week beforehand er by phone, to make sure it's alright, and I've lost their letter.
[1408] And so [laughing] I'm not [] sure where it is, what time it is [laugh] I don't have no contact for it to get in touch with, and I'm wondering if anybody, any of your listeners either members or know of the Guild.
[1409] I think they meet in the Road area and it's called the Judges Guild.
(PS38F) [1410] Oh dear.
[1411] The Road area.
Teresa (PS38A) [1412] I think that's where they meet, I mean they may come from all the place but it's the Judges Guild and I'm due to speak to them tomorrow night.
(PS38F) [1413] Right Norman, well let's put
Teresa (PS38A) [1414] [laughing] You can appreciate the predicament I'm in. [] [laugh]
(PS38F) [1415] Yeah we'll put the call out and see if anybody knows where you're speaking tomorrow night, Norman , town crier of Leicester, he's speaking at the Judges Guild but who, where, what, what time
Teresa (PS38A) [laugh]
(PS38F) [1416] the Judges Guild at Leicester in the Road area.
[1417] Let's hope someone calls and we'll put 'em in touch with you Norman .
Teresa (PS38A) [1418] Well I hope so. [...]
(PS38F) [1419] [...] Hang on, hang on give u
Teresa (PS38A) [1420] [...] right
(PS38F) [1421] give us a blast go on.
Teresa (PS38A) [1422] [shouting] Oyez, [laugh] , Oyez, Oyez, greetings to all listeners to Afternoon Special and especially Dennis your regular host. []
(PS38F) [1423] Oh dear you've ear you've earned your keep there.
Teresa (PS38A) [...]
(PS38F) [1424] We we'll do our best for you Norman.
Teresa (PS38A) [1425] Thank you very much.
(PS38F) [1426] [laughing] Bye. []
Teresa (PS38A) [1427] Bye bye.
(PS38F) [1428] Beautiful.
[1429] Norman , town crier of Leicester.
[1430] But where is he speaking tomorrow night?
[1431] At the Judges Guild at Leicester.
[1432] Road area somewhere, anybody know?
[1433] Quickly get in touch otherwise you won't get him.
[1434] To the news we go with with Wipe Out by the Safaris.
[1435] [music] Hello Mary Lou from Ricky Nelson that one.
(PS38B) [1436] [music] Join me John this afternoon, four thirty till seven, yes the Teatime Show here just after Dennis, the News, Weather, Travel, Sport, everything you need as we roll you home, and then six till seven in the Cultural Oasis.
[1437] Finally, we'll be talking to Paul about the best selling records of all time in the country, guess what's number one?
[1438] Well you might find out a little bit later on,an I'll also have live music on the show from the Old Vic in , Andrew 's gonna be down there with Edward , it's all to come. [music]
(PS38F) [1439] And John invites you to Teatime just after four thirty.
[1440] Er Barry of Newark.
[1441] Barry.
(PS38C) [1442] Hallo Dennis how are you?
(PS38F) [1443] Alright.
[1444] What can we do for you?
(PS38C) [1445] Well er we're a little bit perturbed here all the er shopkeepers and the people here in the heart of Newark, er it's been put out on er Nottingham Radio that er Newark is actually closed to people.
(PS38F) [1446] Eh?
(PS38C) [1447] Can you believe that? [...]
(PS38F) [1448] Mind you, mind you I went er through Newark the other day and I had to go round the mountains to get back on that road out to Lincoln.
(PS38C) [1449] Yeah.
(PS38F) [1450] With all the closures that there are.
(PS38C) [1451] Yes, getting through Newark er can be a bit of a problem because of that er huge roundabout they've dug up right in the centre, but er coming into Newark and going back out again is no problem whatsoever.
[1452] You know, parking here in Newark, there are plenty of parking spaces and all the shops are open and we're all ready to bustle but no one to bustle to.
(PS38F) [1453] Wh now what what do you say we're saying?
(PS38C) [1454] Yo you're saying that Newark is actually closed, don't go to Newark because er of the roadworks, it's er it's closed.
(PS38F) [1455] We never said that .
(PS38C) [1456] Yeah it's been given out on the radio today Dennis.
[1457] Or words to that effect.
(PS38F) [1458] Which programme has said that Newark was closed?
(PS38C) [1459] Oh I I can't pinpoint the actual programme, it's just er what people are telling me has been st er stated on Radio Nottingham.
(PS38F) [1460] I think we're warning about that er roundabout [...]
(PS38C) [1461] Yeah
(PS38F) [1462] I mean that is pretty horrendous [...]
(PS38C) [1463] It is it is, and a bit of an eyesore, we're all [...]
(PS38F) [1464] [...] how long's it gonna be, when's it gonna be f ?
(PS38C) [1465] Well I reckon it's gonna be December the twelfth before they're actually finished.
(PS38F) [1466] So at least least for Christmas it's gonna be done for your Christmas trade?
(PS38C) [1467] Well er I mean Christmas trade starts as of
(PS38F) [1468] Of course it does.
(PS38C) [1469] a couple of weeks back Dennis as you know
(PS38F) [...]
(PS38C) [1470] people are shopping already and normally on a Wednesday we we're we're really bustling, it's our busiest day of the week.
[1471] But today it's like a ghost town.
[1472] We need you to tell people to come back into Newark, don't be afraid of the of the works.
(PS38F) [1473] Okay well
(PS38C) [1474] Getting in and out is no problem.
(PS38F) [1475] Alright let's get the message out then.
(PS38C) [1476] Yeah.
(PS38F) [1477] You're saying that there is no traffic problem in Newark,
(PS38C) [1478] Going through it er would be a problem, going through Newark actually going through you have to go round a system as you as you quite rightly said.
(PS38F) [1479] Right.
(PS38C) [1480] But coming in and going back out again is no problem, from any direction.
(PS38F) [1481] And parking?
(PS38C) [1482] Parking's fine.
[1483] Absolutely fine.
[1484] I mean normally er this morning for instance, normally I park on the big car park down near the the river there,
(PS38F) [1485] Yeah.
(PS38C) [1486] and er normally on a Wednesday morning that's quite full.
[1487] This morning there were three cars besides myself and that frightened me to death being a trader .
(PS38F) [1488] Mm.
(PS38C) [1489] [laugh] We like to see the people here.
(PS38F) [1490] You know the the new ring road that that escapes
(PS38C) [1491] Yeah
(PS38F) [1492] Newark altogether and takes
(PS38C) [1493] yeah
(PS38F) [1494] you out to Lincoln and so on
(PS38C) [1495] yeah yeah
(PS38F) [1496] has that made any difference to trade?
(PS38C) [1497] Er not not really because it doesn't sp stop the people coming into Newark that were coming anyway.
[1498] You know, it doesn't seem to have affected in that erm respect, no.
(PS38F) [1499] Now wait a minute, er I've just had er er the presenter in who's given
(PS38C) [1500] Yeah
(PS38F) [1501] me the actual thing of what we're saying.
(PS38C) [1502] yeah.
(PS38F) [1503] Now you tell me if this is wrong.
[1504] Alright?
(PS38C) [1505] Right.
[1506] Yeah.
(PS38F) [1507] Right.
[1508] Major work continues in Newark town centre with the closure of part of in the Beesmarket Hill area of the town.
(PS38C) [1509] Right.
(PS38F) [1510] Diversions means that delays are likely.
[1511] Now that was actually said this morning.
(PS38C) [1512] Got ya.
(PS38F) [1513] Is that wrong?
(PS38C) [1514] No as far as I can re er as far as what's been stated to me, I haven't heard the broadcast myself because I'm here from early morning onwards,
(PS38F) [1515] Sure, sure.
(PS38C) [1516] as you can appreciate, it's just what people are saying to me who who actually have come into Newark, they're
(PS38F) [1517] But is
(PS38C) [1518] saying oh we've warned er not to come in because of the roadworks.
(PS38F) [1519] But is that wh is that correct?
[1520] Major work continues in Newark town centre with the closure of part of in the
(PS38C) [1521] That's right.
(PS38F) [1522] Beesmarket Hill area of the town,
(PS38C) [1523] Yeah that's perfect [...]
(PS38F) [1524] diversions means that delays are likely.
(PS38C) [1525] Yeah, diversions coming through the town, yes .
(PS38F) [1526] Yeah, but not not going to.
(PS38C) [1527] No going in and coming out again, there isn't a problem.
(PS38F) [1528] Okay alright.
[1529] Well that's actually what we said so we did not say, and I
(PS38C) [1530] No I appreciate that.
(PS38F) [1531] I'm not blaming you, but
(PS38C) [1532] No.
(PS38F) [1533] whoever told you was wrong
(PS38C) [1534] Yes.
(PS38F) [1535] we did not say that Newark was closed, I
(PS38C) [...]
(PS38F) [1536] couldn't imagine us saying Newark was closed.
(PS38C) [1537] No i it's it's the er [...] you see, people read into it what they want to read and er if they
(PS38F) [1538] Yes they do, yes they do
(PS38C) [1539] hear of major works causing a problem in Newark, we won't both going, we'll go to Lincoln or or elsewhere .
(PS38F) [1540] That's right, that's right, that's right.
[1541] Mm, so in Newark
(PS38C) [1542] [...] carry on to coming into Newark.
(PS38F) [1543] going into Newark
(PS38C) [1544] yeah
(PS38F) [1545] er n going through Newark there are difficulties.
(PS38C) [1546] There are difficulties if you're actually travelling through Newark.
(PS38F) [1547] But going into Newark for shopping, there are no difficulties there's
(PS38C) [1548] None whatsoever.
(PS38F) [1549] plenty of parking, parking spaces and everything .
(PS38C) [1550] Plenty of parking sp plenty of shops ready to do business Dennis, that's what we're here for.
(PS38F) [1551] Alright.
[1552] Wh now what's your business?
(PS38C) [1553] Er I do er I'm in the Butter Market, I have an antique stall in the Butter Market here in the heart of Newark. [...]
(PS38F) [1554] An antique stall?
(PS38C) [1555] Yeah.
(PS38F) [1556] You got anything good?
(PS38C) [1557] [laughing] Oh loads, loads of it. []
[1558] All for sale.
(PS38F) [1559] What's what's what's the most expensive item?
(PS38C) [1560] Oh er there's no real expens the probably the most expensive is five and a half hundred.
(PS38F) [1561] For what?
(PS38C) [1562] That's for a Capodimonte man with a horse [...] quite attractive .
(PS38F) [1563] Really so it's still fetching money p Capodimonte real stuff?
(PS38C) [1564] Capodimonte has always been collectable Dennis, it's never gone, never gone down in in popularity.
(PS38F) [1565] The only problem is of course that a lot of er sort of Capodimonte copies,
(PS38C) [1566] Yes
(PS38F) [1567] imitations [...]
(PS38C) [1568] yes you want stamped signed pieces with a certificate to say
(PS38F) [1569] Do you
(PS38C) [1570] what they are yeah.
(PS38F) [1571] Do you know?
(PS38C) [1572] [laugh] I'm not that er good at it er as far as that's concerned, I can normally tell, but I wouldn't class myself as an expert in Capodimonte.
[1573] If I have a problem then I can take it elsewhere and find out for sure.
(PS38F) [1574] Okay.
[1575] What's the l least expensive item on your on your sh ?
(PS38C) [1576] Couple of quid.
(PS38F) [1577] For what?
(PS38C) [1578] Oh for a a Wade er little Wade Whimsy or er er a handmade glass animal
(PS38F) [1579] Mhm.
(PS38C) [1580] type thing.
(PS38F) [1581] And are you still looking for the thing where you go and buy and you give a fiver and it's worth
(PS38C) [1582] [laughing] a dream Dennis []
(PS38F) [1583] five million.
(PS38C) [1584] It's a dream.
(PS38F) [1585] Is it?
(PS38C) [1586] [laughing] Yeah. [] [laugh]
(PS38F) [1587] It does still occasion look at that Constable the other day.
(PS38C) [...]
(PS38F) [1588] You see there
(PS38C) [1589] Fantastic.
(PS38F) [1590] may be a series of Constables are out there, water colours
(PS38C) [1591] [...] those have got be somewhere.
(PS38F) [1592] That's right.
(PS38C) [1593] That's right. [...]
(PS38F) [1594] Bought for about bought for thirty quid and worth thirty thousand each .
(PS38C) [1595] [laugh] Yeah absolutely, if only.
(PS38F) [1596] Well it's gonna happen though hasn't it?
(PS38C) [1597] [...] I'd be set for life if something like that happened.
(PS38F) [1598] Would it?
[1599] Do you ever go to the erm er to the Winthorpe, to to the big Newark erm antique show?
(PS38C) [1600] Yes every time it's on.
(PS38F) [1601] Isn't that fantastic?
(PS38C) [1602] Oh it's brilliant.
[1603] When you get three thousand stalls all set up and [...]
(PS38F) [1604] It's another world
(PS38C) [1605] Yeah it's amazing.
(PS38F) [1606] I=n' it?
(PS38C) [1607] It's amazing yes.
(PS38F) [1608] It's another world.
(PS38C) [1609] Yeah it's
(PS38F) [1610] Have you
(PS38C) [1611] it's lovely. [...] [recording ends]