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  1. Tape 112301 recorded on 1994-01-21. LocationGreater Manchester: Manchester () Activity: employee training seminar

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Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [1] It's where [...] to pay to money, and you're having to go to the bank manager, what would he ask for? the business plan, and you'd have to draw that up and do all the [...] and you have to impress the bank manager before he will even consider an overdraft facility, or whatever, a loan.
[2] This has already been used to secure overdraft facilities.
[3] Just taking this along and say well there's my business plan, that's what I intend to do, there's my profit, and all the rest of it, plus accounts.
[4] The bank manager's said O K [...] an overdraft facility while you're establishing yourself in your first year.
[5] Not bad is it?
[6] And that's how important stuff is.
[7] And you're never in business until you've got an overdraft.
[8] Not a real business.
[9] [laughing] Using the theory that always borrow other people's money, and you'll spend other people's money is the best way isn't it?
[10] [] . Tell you what you need to do to achieve your plan, so that you can actually give all your targets, your ratios and your activities, it's alright, if this tells you to do thirty calls, it's no use doing twenty.
[11] You'll only achieve two thirds of what you wanted.
[12] And it will be that accurate.
[13] So you'll only be letting yourself down.
[14] And it's a good idea to let your partners know about his, don't you.
[15] Because sometimes you could do with kick, a kick up the backside at home.
[16] I certainly do, my wife sometimes says, get out there, make me lots of money.
[17] Tell you each [...] if you're on track and so if the monitoring system's in there, show you what you are, what are your most productive areas and markets are.
[18] Associates tend to veer away from their markets.
[19] We were talking about this when we were talking about that subject on Monday, weren't we?
[20] If initially you've got em , empathy with the P A whe Y E market, and you've got the products, you're going along quite happily, and then all of a sudden you hear people in the banks talking about the business market, and you go, ooh, I'll have some of that.
[21] That sounds very big and important, and what's happening, your business starts sliding down, because you're getting involved in something that you're not yet ready for, instead of establishing your business in a market in which you are good at.
[22] But this'll tell you if you're veering that way, so you can go, ooh, and perhaps spend one day a week on that, just to get into it, and the rest of it's going to be managing my practice.
[23] Show your strengths to capitalise on, what you're good at, O K, but that's normally by the sort of products you're selling, or it may identify to your manager, why you're just selling Covermaster, has living insurance gone out of fashion where you are?
[24] It might have, yes, identify some strengths, but at the same time identify weaknesses.
[25] Show you areas where you might benefit from further training, that'll be, [...] brum, brum, get yourself on a training course, yes? and also we're producing a [...] which comes out in early February on training, which will list to all your managers everything that we do in training.
[26] It's a, we tend to, it's a bit, erm, [...] if you like at the moment what each little department within the agency, what every department do.
[27] Producing a booklet so that the manager and yourselves will look at you, look at area training, everything that we do in area training, head office training, everything they do, management training, everything they do, and the people that are involved in it.
[28] So you can, so if you feel that you're a bit, you need a bit of practice in a certain area, you can literally look up the type of course that would benefit you the most.
[29] O K.
[30] Show your trends in your business erm, what do you think that means, shows your trends in your business?
[31] It actually shows you the ups and downs.
[32] I actually first realised this at the second year, that when I was looking for the, the previous year, I noticed that in July the business went [whistling] [...] and I thought, because everybody's gone on holiday.
[33] Because I was in the domestic market, school holidays every of , everybody went off in July.
[34] So I thought whoa, I've got July, it's going to be a bad month this year, so what I'll do, I'll go on holiday in July too.
[35] But I'll have a good June.
[36] Yes?
[37] I'll make sure May and June top up, because I'm expecting to have a bad month in July, but because I'm expecting to have a good month, I might as well go on holiday myself.
[38] That's a simple thing that isn't it.
[39] But it's good planning, if you think about it.
[40] It makes sense if you like.
[41] Show you the value of your activities, because what we'll actually show you, and this is where it really comes into its own.
[42] Let's see, I very rarely have money, but we've got some money.
[43] If every time you picked up the phone and made contact with somebody and I gave you a pound, would you accept that as a deal?
[44] ... Yes, [...] everybody, [...] O K, now I'll pay the phone bill, all I want you to do is pick up the phone and every time you pick up the phone and make an attempt to get me an appointment, I'll give you a pound.
[45] Everybody do that?
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [46] Yes
Peter (PS4C2) [47] O K, the only difference is, that if you do make an appointment and make it a sale, I have all the commission. ... [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [48] No
Peter (PS4C2) [49] yes, yes
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [50] No way, [...]
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [51] Mhm
Peter (PS4C2) [52] You would?
[53] O K, we, we'll draw up the contract when we've finished today, O K?
[54] You're on, don't say any more, you're on, got it, O K.
[55] So what you're saying is then, you like the idea of every time you pick up a phone you make, you earn a pound.
[56] If I said to you every time you pick up the phone it's closer to ten pounds, would it get you very excited.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [57] Yes.
Peter (PS4C2) [58] That's in fact, probably how much you earn every time you collect a no.
[59] ... Let's keep it dead simple.
[60] [clears throat] Let's say we earned a thousand pounds commission on one case, and I had to make one hundred calls to earn, to get that one sale.
[61] To get that appointment that gave you that one sale.
[62] How much was each no worth?
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [63] A tenner
Peter (PS4C2) [64] A tenner, right.
[65] Would you think it actually takes a hundred calls to make one appointment, but each sale is not gonna be worth a thousand pound though is it?
[66] It's not even going to be worth half of that, or a third of that let's say.
[67] Yes?
[68] So then break that down, you are talking at least ten pounds a call aren't we?
[69] O K.
[70] Your objectives should be every time somebody says no, thank you for the fifty pound.
[71] Your objective to get the value of your no's from one pound to as much as possible.
[72] So your ratios and the things you should be looking at, or the activity stuff is how many calls I'm making, how many no's do I get, and how much is each one of those no's worth.
[73] Because what you do, you go great, I've made a sale, and that earned me two hundred and eighty pound.
[74] No it didn't, it was all the activity in front of that, that earned you, so you have to break all that down.
[75] This does it for you.
[76] It'll tell you how much it's worth, your activity.
[77] So that literally means if it's telling you right, you're ten to one your ratio of calls, and you earn from every appointment two hundred pounds you've only got to make twenty calls and you'll earn four hundred pounds.
[78] You'll double your money.
[79] This is going to be exciting stuff I'll tell you.
[80] It's a gift to people in this business, I'll tell you.
[81] Quite unique as well is this company.
[82] Er, we've got it, right, don't quote me, but I think Legal and General have got something similar, I'm not sure if it's Legal and General or General Accident, but the fact that there's only one or two companies got this, but ours is the most recent.
[83] There aren't [...] Yes?
[84] It'll show you the value of your practice building with time.
[85] Give you an analysis of your client bank, it'll tell you how many you've seen this year, how many you've seen in two years, three years, four years, and it frightens the senior associates who have got maybe eight hundred, a thousand clients, and it said, seen in the last four years, and it's got twenty.
[86] You with me?
[87] All that's doing is for the senior associates, saying well look, I've got such a large client bank I can't service them myself, so what should I be thinking of doing?
[88] I'll recruit somebody to help me service my client bank, because it's better to have fifty percent of something than fifty percent of nothing.
[89] And I'll give the other guy fifty percent.
[90] Are you with me?
[91] So that means you're gonna develop people.
[92] [...] you to experiment with different assumptions on your own plan, it's on the computer, so if you come up with a silly plan, you can even put your five year plan in there, and say well, this is where I want to be, [...] and play about, and see what I've really gotta be doing.
[93] You might be surprised to find that it only means an increase in activity of fifteen percent of what you're currently doing, to achieve something that's in year three, that you've got as year three, and you might think, ooh, that's what I'll do for year two.
[94] But, make sure you keep it realistic, O K?
[95] Give you summary of the business written and issued together with the commission details and pipeline business.
[96] Pipeline business is the stuff that you've sent to head office, been put on the shelf, and hasn't issued yet, because of maybe medical in the writing, or there's complications with it, you know, it's sat on the shelf, but it hasn't actually, the policy hasn't wanged itself to the client.
[97] And of course, I've told you earlier on in the week, that you only get paid on
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [98] Written, Issues
Peter (PS4C2) [99] Issued, it's written when you fill in the application form or submit it, it's issued once it's been underwritten or been accepted by the drug dealer if you like.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [...]
Peter (PS4C2) [100] Eighty five percent [...] .
[101] Do you all understand the benefits of doing that?
[102] So please it's a discipline you must get into immediately, and you'll be starting that on Thursday.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [103] What, this Thursday week, down here?
Peter (PS4C2) [104] O K, I think that, it's an absolutely fantastic system, please capitalise on it.
[105] Providing it absolutely free of charge to you, really.
[106] Er, any pe , people who've been in business know, what was it, did you ever get any management consultants in?
[107] Or business analysis in?
[108] How much did they charge them?
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [109] We were [...]
Peter (PS4C2) [110] Yes, they don't come cheap don't they?
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [111] The [...] Carnegie Course,
Peter (PS4C2) [112] [...] Carnegie
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [113] They've got six managers on [...] Carnegie course, nine hundred pounds each.
Peter (PS4C2) [114] Nine hundred pounds, yes.
[115] That's not cheap
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [116] That was six, that was twelve evenings, six, oh, [...] .
[117] Nine hundred pounds for that.
Peter (PS4C2) [118] It was eight hundred and something pounds just to do a two day time management course, were providing all this [...] absolutely free.
[119] Don't take it for granted it's it [...] stuff.
[120] It'll only work if we give in our hundred percent, it'll only work if you give your hundred percent.
[121] Because we want your actual figures in there, and just see the whole thing explode and come to life.
[122] What you want in life?
[123] O K.
[124] Finally then, in this session, we need to talk about the activity you need to put in to earn a living.
[125] Yes, and this is why I want to look at this week at a glance diary, so that you will go away and I want you to fill this in as I'm filling in on the board, you'll go away with an idea what a diary, sorry, [...] spit there, ha, erm, of what a diary will look like roughly, so that you know what your diary should look like every week.
[126] Happy with that?
[127] Now, it's going to be a bit scruffy this, and you just try and transcribe it onto that piece of paper so you're going away with some idea.
[128] Yes?
[129] So what I'm gonna do, is I'm going go , give you a list of things that need to go into your diary every week, and I'll just put the list up, and you perhaps write it under Sunday or something on there, because I'm going to work on a five day week Monday to Friday.
[130] Of course, you're free to work seven if you want to, just for er, training purpose, I'm gonna work on a five day week.
[131] Now the things that should go in, the headings will be first of all, company obligations, and I'll explain these as we go through it, just make a list first.
[132] company personal obligations, ... Appointments, ... , Marketing oblique prospecting time, ... Self development time, ... and time for administration ... What we're gonna do is transcribe that into real life if you like, so we're gonna to have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
[133] As I say, this looks really messy, but ... then of course, we're going to have sort of eight o'clock, nine o'clock, ten o'clock, eleven o'clock, twelve o'clock, thirteen o'clock, fourteen o'clock, fifteen o'clock, sixteen, seventeen, nineteen, twenty, twenty one will do eh?
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [134] Peter
Peter (PS4C2) [135] Yes?
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [136] Would you mind just moving the screen back?
Peter (PS4C2) [137] No, I don't want you to see the screen [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [...]
Peter (PS4C2) [138] [...] O K, first of all I've got company obligations up here, and you might think well what's that doing at the top of the list.
[139] My personal objection, obligations are more important than the company ones.
[140] Well a reason I've put company obligations at the top, I firmly believe that you have got a franchise, you've got a franchise.
[141] Just think of what you're getting.
[142] I know you're giving up your time this week, but all your training's free.
[143] And we're providing all the accommodation and travel expenses, and everything.
[144] We're paying for it.
[145] And I would like to think that you're getting good quality of training, and reasonable accommodation during the training, which you will get.
[146] You will when you get back to your branches, get full management support and company support, from all the people at head office, all your administration will be done in the branch, you'll be given a desk right, which you don't have to pay for, a filing cabinet, which you don't have to pay for, a telephone, which you won't have to pay the telephone bills for, eating which you won't have to pay the bills for, lighting which you won't have, in other words, all we want you to do, is go out and sell our products.
[147] We'll even provide the application forms, the brochures, everything to back you up to go and do it.
[148] I think it's a damn good deal.
[149] From a business point of view.
[150] Yes?
[151] So if we're giving this, is it fair to say we expect something back?
[152] ... Yes.
[153] Look we're it giving a hundred percent, you give it a hundred percent, we'll shake hands it's a partnership.
[154] If you only give us fifty percent, well I think we've got funny conversations.
[155] And by the way, if we only give you fifty percent we'll allow you to rattle our cage, which is a bit of a cheek really, but we'll allow it.
[156] Yes?
[157] After all the things we're doing for you.
[158] So company obligations, but the good news is, the company obligations are for your benefit.
[159] Sold or [...] .
[160] What I mean by that is, when you get back to your branches, you will go onto further training programmes in branch training, developing your practice training, so each branch will vary how they sort of co-ordinate this, but let's say, we've been in a few months now, and twice a week we've got to go in for training.
[161] So Monday morning, eight thirty until ten o'clock, training.
[162] ... and Thursday half past eight until ten, training.
[163] ... The important thing is, it goes in your diary, and anything that goes in your diary becomes an appointment not to be broken.
[164] Got that, that's the important thing.
[165] It can be rearranged, but not broken.
[166] Some of them can't be broken though.
[167] Training sessions [...] half past eight you shut the door.
[168] You've turned up at eight thirty one, you've missed the training session, because if you turn up late for training sessions, you'll end up turning up late out there.
[169] And turning up late out there is no way to start a conversation with any prospectives, I'm sorry I'm late.
[170] I'm sorry you've lost the smartie points already.
[171] So it's all part of this, but this training session, this is when the management and the senior associates within your branch give up their own time, to develop your business for you.
[172] You get senior associates saying this is the way I do it.
[173] This is the way I ask for referral, this is the way I service my client, this is what I do.
[174] Then you get somebody else, well I started the same as you, but I do it this way, I do it that way, so that you can formulate your way of doing it.
[175] To your benefit, so turn up at half eight, nine o'clock whatever it is.
[176] It's important.
[177] Once a month, you'll have a branch meeting or an area meeting but the area manager will write to you and say, between two o'clock on Wednesday and five o'clock we've got, I don't know if they're going to call them area now or branch meeting.
[178] That's once a month.
[179] So we'll stick that in there, again it's an appointment.
[180] Now this is where you go to the branch, and the branch management team stand up and bring you up to date with everything that's happening in the company with product changes, legislation changes, yes, some of it's boring, but it's information you've got to have.
[181] But also they have guest speakers, so there's motivational stuff there which you always will need in sales, yes, and also the awards.
[182] The best newcomer to the branch, yes?
[183] The best, and you have, I mean this branch has divisions, and all the rest of it, first division, premier division and all the rest of it.
[184] Who's the top of the first, who's the top of the second, all these little awards.
[185] It might be a bottle of wine, but a bottle of wine goes a long way, and everybody, you stand up and you get your bottle of wine, and everybody goes [...] , yes, feel good.
[186] Go back to the wife, hey, I've won a bottle of wine.
[187] It's important that we get these things.
[188] We award people for doing things.
[189] It might be a nice rose bowl, it might be a weekend in the Lakes that's paid for you, or whatever, it's good stuff, be part of it.
[190] The important thing for people new to the business, you're rubbing shoulders with people that know the business, and it's your opportunity to say hey, I've heard about you, I think ooh, you're important, and hello.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [laugh]
Peter (PS4C2) [191] How about me having half an hour with you my friend, and tell me how you do it.
[192] Yes?
[193] Run with the winners, run with the winners.
[194] So you get to know people as well, don't you at those things.
[195] Again all for your benefit.
[196] So company obligations always put them in your diary, and anything that goes in your diary is an appointment not to be broken.
[197] Yes?
[198] Personal obligations, well, ... this is vitally important, because you are going to need the people you share your life with.
[199] There's gonna be times when you're collecting more no's than you would like to collect, and you're gonna go home pretty miserable, and this is the time when your partners have got to know what you're trying to achieve and maybe put the arm round your shoulder or butter you up, discuss these things with them.
[200] So these people are important to you, so it's vitally important that you don't let them down, because initially this business has a strange effect on you in as much as it seems to take over your mind, doesn't it?
[201] I bet it's happened already.
[202] But everybody you see now, you look at in a different light.
[203] Oh, there's John , I wonder if he wants a pension
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [laugh]
Peter (PS4C2) [204] Oh, yes, oh there's Karen, oh, oh, she'll need a life insurance policy.
[205] Already happening?
[206] Your mind starts, and the trouble is, it starts overtaking your life.
[207] What I'm saying here is don't let it.
[208] If before you became an Abbey Life associate every Wednesday night you played badminton with three of your chums as a foursome, yes, O K, continue to do that in the future, the only difference is, I want you now, to put it in your diary, that half past seven, Wednesday night, I'm playing badminton with the lads.
[209] [...] That's the only difference, because you'll need these things to get [...] release from the business, because it does take over your mind.
[210] What it means is, you're planning your time so that you can work your work time, this will fit in round it, that's all we're doing.
[211] Now let's says, big Helga says, take me for a Chinese, oh right dear, so half past seven B H, oh sorry this is, B H, Chinese, I might as well right the rest of the evening off [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [212] She might be hungry
Peter (PS4C2) [213] Yes, I can't eat.
[214] Now that goes in there, Chinese.
[215] I ring up Richard, [...] Richard?
[216] I ring up Richard, and Richard says the only time I can see you is seven o'clock Tuesday night, and I've got no appointment.
[217] I say, O K.
[218] No appointment.
[219] And I ring up B H and I say, I'm sorry about Tuesday night, but I've got this guy that wants to see me, it's really good, and she'll say, alright, you're starting off, O K, off you go, we'll rearrange it for next week.
[220] Same thing happens next week.
[221] ... Third time, what's the conversation going to be?
[222] Since you went to that Abbey Life, I never see you, you know, out every night.
[223] When's the last time we went for a meal?
[224] You think that Abbey Life's more important than I do, d'ya want this? and by the way, the other way round.
[225] If it was your wife working for Abbey Life, would you like it if she was breaking appointments and out every night and all the rest of it.
[226] You'd start saying something, wouldn't you?
[227] So look where's he going to the next day?
[228] Planet Mars?
[229] That the only time he can see me is next Tuesday night?
[230] No, all I say to Richard, is I'm sorry I'm tied up.
[231] Which is to my advantage anyway because it's telling him
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [...]
Peter (PS4C2) [232] I'm a busy person, and people like doing business with busy people.
[233] And successful people.
[234] So I say, Richard I'm sorry I can't make it this Tuesday, I'm tied up, but I have got next Tuesday, if Tuesday's the best night for you.
[235] Yes, O K then, right, because it's more than a week away, I'll give you a bell close to the time, just to make sure you, everything's alright.
[236] O K, Peter, just send a confirmation.
[237] Yes?
[238] Don't break that appointment, it's to your benefit anyway that you don't.
[239] By the way, are you realising that this week is for setting up appointments for next week.
[240] Try and get that going as soon as possible.
[241] Do you understand this?
[242] All this week is for is going on appointments I've made last week, and for setting up my appointments for next week.
[243] It's given me five clear working days to set up my appointments for next week.
[244] So I'm working on what we call a rolling week.
[245] Other personal things might be that Tommy, your little lad has a school sports day.
[246] ... Tommy, that again should've been blue.
[247] That says blue.
[248] Write in here.
[249] Put the damn thing down [...] O K?
[250] Now, parents in the room who've got young children, when was the last time you actually went to school sports day?
[251] You can't remember, why?
[252] Because you were working.
[253] All of a sudden you're self-employed, you can go, because you're in control of your own time.
[254] So Tommy comes up and says Dad, yes son, can you come to the school sports day, and you say, when's that son?
[255] Next week, two o'clock to four o'clock.
[256] Yes, alright son, really, and he's dead chuffed.
[257] And he goes off to school, and he tells all his mates.
[258] And he says my dad is coming to the school sports day.
[259] And he's dead fast, and he says he's going to win the egg and spoon race and the sack race because he's the best dad in the world.
[260] So there.
[261] You get up on the Thursday morning and you say, Tommy.
[262] Yes, dad, I'm sorry son, something's come up, and I've got an important client to see this afternoon and I'm not gonna to be able to make it.
[263] ... Well Tommy is a brave little chappie, he says, Alright dad, and off he goes to school and all his friends are really sympathetic about this.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [laugh]
Peter (PS4C2) [264] They get to the school sports and they say, where's your dad?
[265] Well he can't come, because he's a great big businessman and he's very important and couldn't make it.
[266] No he's not, he's chicken.
[267] What do you mean he's chicken?
[268] Because my dad's come, and he's going to win the egg and spoon race.
[269] No he's not, yes he is, no he's not.
[270] Smack, smack and you end up going to school to pick up the wreckage anyway.
[271] Look, these people are important to you.
[272] Don't let them down.
[273] Don't let them down.
[274] They're important to you.
[275] The only thing I'm asking you to do is put them in the diary now.
[276] Whereas before you didn't, did you?
[277] If you take your wife out for a meal, you invite her out for your meal you just say, let's go Tuesday night, it never went in the diary.
[278] Now you do.
[279] That's all I'm asking you to do.
[280] If you get your partner to help you as well, you'll find that they start writing things in it.
[281] B H did, she used to say school run Tuesday evening, don't make any fun, she used to block it out, the time that she wanted me to see me.
[282] Yes, so get them into the habit of doing it.
[283] Moving on now to the important thing, appointments, this is where can go to [...] .
[284] Because I've done some red I'll do green.
[285] ... Alright.
[286] So what I'm saying is here is, again [...] your ratios and anything on the computer, it will tell you how many appointments you need to make just from your ratios.
[287] Let's say then, I just, [...] I used to have to work on eleven appointments a week because if I had eleven appointments a week, two people would perhaps blow me out, change their minds, two people would rearrange, two people would say no thank you, and another two would say, yes, but I need to do it next month, which might leave me with two sales.
[288] So I had to have eleven appointments to get my two sales a week.
[289] Do you understand what I mean?
[290] So all sorts of things happen.
[291] So what I've got to do, I've got to change colour, not me, pen.
[292] O K?
[293] And put my appointments in.
[294] Well, let's start sticking them in.
[295] Let's have what, a lunch time one there, it's not very green is it?
[296] That's a bit greener, let's put one in there like that, and you can pop these anywhere you want to.
[297] It's a bit dusty this Giles, but do you want to just sort of put a few appointments in there, [...] .
[298] Let's have one for there, [...] , let's have a breakfast appointment, because you all got those didn't ya.
[299] Shall we have two breakfast appointments, yes.
[300] Every Tuesday and Wednesday we'll have breakfast appointments, and we'll have another one there, and one in before we take big H out.
[301] What are we doing Wednesday? yes, we'll have one there, and we'll have one there, I'm sticking them all over the place, but you'll see what I mean.
[302] How many's that?
[303] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and stick another one here, ten, one on Friday morning, eleven.
[304] That's my eleven points.
[305] The reason I've used a highlighter or changed colour is that now that, the colour sticks out doesn't it?
[306] It's prominent, yes?
[307] This is good, because it gives me control when I make my appointments.
[308] What I mean by that is, when I ring up Richard, we must give an alternative close, mustn't we.
[309] Daytime or evening or morning or afternoon, whatever you, your preference is, I say to Richard, will a daytime or an evening appointment be more convenient, and he says well, daytime's better for me.
[310] And I say, O K I've got twelve o'clock Monday, or alternatively one o'clock Tuesday.
[311] It's me giving the times.
[312] Why?
[313] Because they're staring at me in front of me in my diary.
[314] By the way they're also made up for the following week as well in case, if it's Tuesday night, oh, let me just look at next week, what have I got?
[315] Green blobs or orange blobs, yes, I've got next Tuesday night free at seven o'clock, how about that?
[316] It's always me giving the times.
[317] So that eventually we'll find a mutually agreeable time.
[318] Yet I'm in control.
[319] You must be in control.
[320] The minute they say well, no that's no good to me, you'll have to come and, you'll have to come and see me at eight, say, well I'm busy then I'm afraid.
[321] But I've got the following week at eight, so that's lucky isn't it.
[322] So it's still me agreeing, because otherwise they di , they're taking control off you, and it's no good in business it's not is it? [...] fighting for control, but it's as long as you're both fighting and both happy about fighting for it, that's fine.
[323] Yes, use your common sense on that.
[324] The second thing it does is highlight the fact that you've actually got to put names in there, because this is next week.
[325] So it tells me, once I've decided when I'm gonna see all these people, I've now got to get names in here ... haven't I?
[326] ... And unless next week's eleven boxes are filled with names, this week doesn't end.
[327] Are you with me here?
[328] I'm working this week to set up, I'm over here, I'm setting up next week.
[329] If I've got a couple of these blank, I cannot finish on Friday night, I'm going to have to do some overtime.
[330] I'll have to do some more calls on Friday night to try and get those appointments, and if necessary, I'll have to come in on Saturday morning, because you don't finish a week until you've got your appointments for the following week.
[331] Because without those eleven appointments I've calculated I might have two blow outs, two people might want to rearrange, two people want to think about it, I've got to have my eleven, to make my two sales.
[332] If I close this week with only seven, I may only end up with one sale, and that's not gonna to give me the income I want and big H wants so I can take her out for a Chinese.
[333] Do you understand?
[334] So again it's a discipline.
[335] You'll be letting yourself.
[336] It's no use going home on Friday night and going erm, I've only got five appointments, you're self-employed, it means you're going to have to work a couple of hours extra.
[337] I can go in on Saturday morning and make some more calls, you're self-employed.
[338] You cannot have a week where you haven't got any appointments.
[339] Yes?
[340] I know it's gonna be tough initially, it is tough initially.
[341] But you've got to, still come, you've got to get the hoop up, and then once the hoop's up you've got to keep knocking it around.
[342] But getting the hoop up is the hardest thing isn't it? all over the place [...]
Peter (PS4C2) [343] So please remember that discipline.
[344] Personal obligations, appointments, marketing prospecting time.
[345] Well marketing could be sorts of things, it could be doing exhibitions which you've talked about, it could be erm, mail shots, it could be looking, going down the library to do, to look up the electoral role, to look up the names of people.
[346] Whatever it is, it's the activity that leads to appointments, whatever the activity is, put it in here.
[347] So after you've finished training, you're going down to the library, yes, to look up the names of the people luve in [...] Street, and once you've been on that appointment you've got to go back to the branch and you're gonna do your mail shots ... whatever you're gonna do, put it in there.
[348] So I'll just put prospecting.
[349] Now of course, the best time to do prospecting is when?
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [350] The evening
Peter (PS4C2) [351] No, when's the best time to do your prospecting?
[352] On your appointments.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [353] what's prospecting
Peter (PS4C2) [354] Prospecting is collecting names isn't it?
[355] Which is referrals, the most efficient way of prospecting is on your, on here, so really on every appointment you should have a little P.
[356] Or referred leads or whatever.
[357] Think about it, it should be in there.
[358] Now, self-development time.
[359] Everybody in this room is a boffin on Covermaster, Living Insurance, Sexist Savings Plan and Healthmaster aren't you?
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [360] Yes, Peter.
Peter (PS4C2) [361] No you're not.
[362] [laughing] All you've done, what have we done [] All you've done
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [363] Is the basics
Peter (PS4C2) [364] Is passed the licencing test, you've passed your driving test, now you're going to learn to drive
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [365] drive
Peter (PS4C2) [366] You're fully au fait with all the application forms aren't you?
[367] No.
[368] You've read all the product brochures, haven't you?
[369] No.
[370] You've watched all the videos and you've really got a good working knowledge of these subjects haven't you?
[371] No.
[372] Right, well you're not going to be on a constant training course otherwise we'd never get you out there selling.
[373] So there's gonna be a bit of time, gonna to be spent on your own, developing yourself.
[374] For example, that brochure, never give anybody a brochure which you haven't read yourself.
[375] Because they may, might read it.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [376] [...] Eh?
[377] Eh?
Peter (PS4C2) [378] Believe it or not many people, not many people do actually read them, but school teachers and engineers, the ana , the analytical minds, they read the damn things, and when they come back they ask you a question, and you say, I don't know, I've never read it.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [laugh]
Peter (PS4C2) [379] What's the chance of getting a sale?
[380] Zilch.
[381] So know what you're talking about.
[382] So the good news is, we have got these brochures, we've got videos and everything.
[383] Why not do it at home, away from the distractions of the office, is the important thing.
[384] Do it at home.
[385] Take the video home, wait for everybody to go out, you can stop in, rewind it, pause it, write down the lines, or just study the subject.
[386] Match it up, read your brochures in your own time, so do it at home whenever possible.
[387] Because don't forget you'll have the formal training sessions in your branches anyway.
[388] So get it in there, just before, so you're up at six o'clock in the mornings are you?
[389] So self-development should be in there.
[390] Self-development.
[391] Whatever, programme return.
[392] But what, the best thing to do is get organised on it, and do it on a weekly basis, say, self-development this week is the personal pension plan.
[393] Monday nine o'clock, I'm gonna to watch the video, technical video on personal pensions at home.
[394] Yes, Tuesday, half an hour, I'm going to sp , read the personal pension's brochure.
[395] It's like just ticking them off, and surprisingly all this knowledge will build up inside you until eventually you know what you're talking about and once you know what you're talking about it breeds confidence, and once you're confident, it transmits itself to the people you're talking to, and they like it, because you know what you're talking about, and that leads to sales.
[396] And sales lead to profit.
[397] Got it?
[398] So it's not wasted time.
[399] This is the two hundred and eighty pound stuff I assure you, yes?
[400] And then finally administration.
[401] When you've found out already that Abbey Life is responsible for the d , the disappearance of the rainforest.
[402] We are, look at the paper we've give you this week.
[403] And bumf.
[404] When you get back to your branches, you'll be allocated a tray or a pigeon hole or something or other, and you'll find within a month or so, that you get on all the mailing lists, and you end up with all this bumf.
[405] Now you can come in every day, and sit and sort out your bumf, but I always believe that the great British public are out there, so the more time you spend out there, the more profit you're gonna make, there's less profit being in the branch.
[406] And yet because you've come from a P A Y E background, you feel you've got to get up in the morning, and go to work.
[407] And when you get to the branch you get your bumf and you sit there looking through all the bumf.
[408] And so you think you're working.
[409] Guess what, you ain't getting paid for that.
[410] It's non-productive.
[411] However, you need to keep yourself up to date with this bumf, and you've got to control it.
[412] So you can do it every other day, or whenever, whatever your organisational [...] is, but what I used to do is do it on a Friday.
[413] Admin.
[414] And it used to all add up and go in on Friday, after I'd got, got everything sorted out, go in on Friday, and get all this bumf and go to a desk, my desk, and I'd put it down, get a bin, right, a cup of coffee, loosen your tie and start wading through it.
[415] Yes?
[416] Oh, I've missed something.
[417] I knew I'd missed something.
[418] It's very important.
[419] ... Approaching time.
[420] And I'll come back to the administration in a second.
[421] How could I miss approaching time?
[422] When I was asking for my referred leads yesterday, what did I say?
[423] Would you tell them that I'll be giving them a ring between half past six and quarter past seven.
[424] That's a lot to stay in because that's [...] in the script isn't it, you can say that, because I'll be ringing at the same time on Thursday.
[425] [...] Why could I say that?
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [426] Because you knew it.
Peter (PS4C2) [427] It was in my diary, it was planned, every week.
[428] That was my phone sessions every week.
[429] Yes, I allowed Monday to get my eleven for the following week.
[430] I allowed Thursday as my backstop in case I haven't got my eleven.
[431] Yes?
[432] If I haven't got my eleven on a Thursday night, it meant overtime on Friday or Saturday morning, that's what it meant.
[433] Would it be fair to say, new to the business, you should be approaching, approaching, approaching, approaching, approaching, every day?
[434] Because you're new to the business.
[435] You'd be silly not to.
[436] Until eventually you can get it to a stage, where you're just doing it, because you know you can get your eleven appointments.
[437] But again you've got to work towards that.
[438] So initially, you're going to be approaching every day.
[439] Now going back to administration, I'd wade through, and it might say that the policy's being delivered, so I've got to set up a policy delivery call.
[440] Well I don't ring up the client now, I make a note to ring them Monday night, because every approach session should always start off with warm calls, I don't know if Alan told you that.
[441] Right, your first two calls should always be warm ones.
[442] Not mum, because your mum will always love you,
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [laugh]
Peter (PS4C2) [443] Hello, mum.
[444] Hello [...] well never mind son, you know.
[445] I mean, I'm ringing up John.
[446] Hi, John, it's that time of the year for us to talk about your pension, look I'm in your area next week, when can we get together?
[447] Alright, Pete, how's things, and all the rest of it, yes, one in the bag.
[448] Hi Charles, it's Peter, you've got the policy document, is that right?
[449] Yes, O K, as I say, I want to come along and check it and there's a couple of other things I want to talk to you about, when's the best time for us to get together?
[450] I've got, I've got, they're oh cases, I've got two in the bag.
[451] Then I get on to my calls.
[452] My referred leads and all the rest of it.
[453] At the end of my little phone session, I've one last in the bag, hi Mick, Peter, as I said I'd give you a bell in January, do you think it's a good time for us to get together now, yes, Oh great, O K, I've got.
[454] So what's the worst I can get, at the end of a telephone session, the worst is that I'll end up with three appointments.
[455] So that's why your top ten names really, the no , the people you'll probably get appointments with, you don't want to be ringing them all up on Thursday night, otherwise you'll blow them all.
[456] You want to stagger them don't you?
[457] So that you know at least when you ring one, somebody, you're going to get one appointment out of a phone session.
[458] So it should be like, your close friends and family in the middle, Bob, who's my brother, he said he'd give me an appointment when I come back, I'll ring him, and then I go to the outer circle for the rest of that phone session.
[459] Yes?
[460] So the ones I definitely know I'm going to get appointments with, if I go and do that, I put myself into a comfort zone don't I?
[461] Erm, and then probably you won't make any sales because they're all too close to you.
[462] Do you understand my theory there?
[463] So all I do is go through this, file that, oh yes, yes, file it and then you've got your client files and everything, file everything, the pile goes down, some of it's bin , binned.
[464] O K,
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [465] What does that mean?
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [laugh]
Peter (PS4C2) [466] So ... the pile goes down.
[467] And then what do you do then?
[468] Well you always need motivating, so how would you do it?
[469] Four o'clock finish.
[470] Home, MacDonalds,
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [471] No
Peter (PS4C2) [472] Pictures?
[473] ... Home, M and S, Marks and Spencer's, bottle of plonk,
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [474] I shouldn't need one [...]
Peter (PS4C2) [475] Question mark, What that means is, four o'clock you go home, you pick the kids up from school, you take them all to MacDonalds, you all have Big Macs, yum, yum, then you go off to the pictures, and they all want to see Arnold Schwarzenegger blowing somebody's head off, and you want to watch Bambi or whatever it is.
[476] You're all having arguments about that, you all go to the pictures, an early showing, you go home, bung a Marks and Spencer's meal into the oven, they're great I could live on it, O K, just bung it into the oven, pull out the cork, then you sit down, wind down the week, couple of sherbets, maybe a glass of brandy, one o'clock in the morning, [...] here we come, and all the rest of it, sort the world out, Friday night, wind down, enjoy the weekend.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [laugh]
Peter (PS4C2) [477] They'll do that at the Belfry tonight, aren't they?
[478] O K, let's do that, sound good?
[479] What would it be like though if I hadn't got my eleven appointments?
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [480] Dreadful
Peter (PS4C2) [481] It wouldn't be a good night would it?
[482] What happened was, I'd go home, go to MacDonalds, and have to go back to the office.
[483] But I didn't want to be in the office making phone calls to people who're rude and saying go away.
[484] I wanted to be at the pictures with my family.
[485] So what was it, it was a motivator.
[486] Because I didn't want the kids saying, ah, you haven't got to And I didn't want to go in on Saturday morning either did I?
[487] I wanted to go home and do that, and in fact do the things I wanna to do at weekends.
[488] Not worrying about what's happening next week.
[489] So put a motivator at the end of the week.
[490] In fact deliberately if you can't go there, you're going to let people down, so that they give you stick.
[491] Good one?
[492] Now what's the real benefit from this?
[493] The real benefit from this is that you've got a full page, and a full diary.
[494] The real benefit is it gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning.
[495] If you study the long-term unemployed, sadly what happens is they lose their job or they don't get employment, and eventually [...] they keep working hard, right, but after the period of time they get dispirited when they find that people are not willing to take them on, and of course it's a terrible thing for them to cope with.
[496] But psychologically what happens is, eventually they say well, what's the point of getting up in the morning, so they lie in till ten o'clock.
[497] And then they start thinking what's the point of getting up at ten?
[498] Not going anywhere, they lie in till lunchtime.
[499] Until eventually they get up at lunchtime, and they say what's the point of having a shave, I'm not going anywhere, so they stop shaving.
[500] So what I'm saying is their dignity, and you often hear them saying this, their dignity is the important thing.
[501] The reason that is disappearing is because they haven't got a purpose to get out of bed in the morning, exactly.
[502] This gives you a purpose and a reason to get out of bed in the morning.
[503] Otherwise, I've just talked about the alternative.
[504] Your dignity will go, you'll destroy yourself mentally.
[505] I've only got one appointment, and that's Wednesday, and that's a bit iffy.
[506] You're gonna destroy yourself.
[507] It's not the appointments that matter, it's the activity around the appointment, the fact that I'm gonna get up on Monday morning, I'm gonna go training, and once I've done that, I've got to nip down to the library, O K, and look up that electoral role, I've got an appointment, and then I'm gonna go back to the office, I'm gonna to do my mail shots and then I'm gonna to go home, mow the lawn, have a bit of tea, and then I'm gonna to my approaching, and then I'm gonna go, yes, on that appointment there.
[508] It doesn't matter if these two people here, these two appointments are a bunch of wombats or they hate you, or you just, it doesn't matter.
[509] Yes, it doesn't matter.
[510] If you don't make a sale, or it was a successful day, it's the fact that you've had a full day of activity that matters.
[511] So at the end of day, you're tired, you think, whoof, what am I doing tomorrow?
[512] Tomorrow morning, oh my goodness, I've got that, I've got that and I've got that.
[513] Because I can promise you and I can promise you I get you a guarantee that if you get good at those things, you'll be successful.
[514] If you continue a week like that, sales will result.
[515] And sales result in profit for you.
[516] I promise you.
[517] You might even on the odd occasion, go a whole week without making a sale.
[518] I don't give a damn, as long as you do the activity.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [...]
Peter (PS4C2) [519] yes
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [...]
Peter (PS4C2) [520] Anything.
[521] Are you happy with that?
[522] The reason to get out of bed in the morning.
[523] It's so, so important for you.
[524] Any questions?
[525] ... Do you see the importance of planning? [...] millions of things you've got to stick down with, think about, think about your objectives, get that [...] see who it, [...] get that poster up, really think what you wanna be in five years' time, three years' time, all the rest of it, seriously think about it.
[526] Men , mention it this weekend to your partners and tell them to start thinking about it.
[527] So next weekend when you come back off the induction you should be fired up, let's see what we're really gonna to do here yeah.
[528] What am I going to do?
[529] And then start planning it, and the sooner you get your diary to that state, the sooner you're on your road to success.
[530] Are you happy?
[531] O K.
[532] End of the course.
[533] Hooray.
[534] However, however, sorry.
[535] A question on planning is it?
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [536] Now when do we get these organisers?
Peter (PS4C2) [537] Right, I'm just going to do [...]
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [538] [...] planning?
Peter (PS4C2) [539] Alright, what we're going to do now, is just give you your er, pieces of paper back so you'll need your logs, yes.
[540] And also I'm gonna give you your diaries and organisers and things, at the same time.
[541] So, if a couple of you, to save everybody getting up, could you distribute those two notes, could you two distribute the, Karen, one of you do the inserts and one of you do the binders, there should be twelve.
[542] Please distribute those, alright.
[543] ... This is your life.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [laugh]
Peter (PS4C2) [544] Jasper
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [545] Thank you very much
Peter (PS4C2) [546] Or Richard , Mr.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [547] Thank you
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [...]
Peter (PS4C2) [548] The people doing resits please,
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [549] yes
Peter (PS4C2) [550] Erm, want to come through into this room and we'll sit you down doing them now.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [551] Stuart
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [552] [...] just heard it this week,
Peter (PS4C2) [553] So the resit people, could they go next door and start doing the resits.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [554] Yes, I think you can [...]
Peter (PS4C2) [555] It's got pockets, yes, you'd better not open those actually.
[556] They'll leave a mess everywhere.
[557] Probably better just to take them home, and look at them rather than compile them now.
[558] I mean, if you want to, by all means, but, it's just going to leave a mess everywhere.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [559] [...] is there pockets in them
Peter (PS4C2) [560] Business cards.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [561] No these tax cards
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [562] That's just [...]
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [563] I've never seen these before.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [564] Er, yes, what happens is that venture capital, you'll see that [...]
Peter (PS4C2) [565] Yes the one I've got is [...] I just bought my own from W H Smith, which has all that, little pockets for plans and so on.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [566] [...] They don't go over the rings anyway.
[567] [...] m [...]
Peter (PS4C2) [568] Yes, potentially, yes.
[569] But it's
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [570] What do we then do?
Peter (PS4C2) [571] On Thursday night you can't make a phone call, if you can't
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [572] What do we do if there aren't [...]
Peter (PS4C2) [573] It's just a matter of waiting for your references to be checked out, or whatever the complication is, [...] so all you'd do, is stay [...] , I mean, don't sit at home.
[574] You'll have to go into the branch, but what, if I was your manager, I'd say well what we'll do, is keep on working and training, until it's alright
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [575] [...] , you'll be alright, sorting your problems out
Peter (PS4C2) [576] [...] physically doing, you can always carry on, but you can't physically go out on appointments until you're admitted, that's what we're saying.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [577] No, alright.
Peter (PS4C2) [578] Are you still keen?
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [579] Quite keen.
Peter (PS4C2) [580] Erm, just [...] one of those empty boxes at the back there.
[581] Right Stuart,
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [582] Is Richard retaking?
Peter (PS4C2) [583] Yes, can you just put that on his thing?
[584] Make
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [585] He's got two, I think
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [586] One of them's probably, probably Bob's.
Peter (PS4C2) [587] Put these in your log, if you've got them.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [588] Log?
Peter (PS4C2) [589] In the log
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [590] he's got two, so give it to him
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [591] that one,
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [592] The new one.
Peter (PS4C2) [593] Log, that's the one I gave you on Monday morning.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [594] Graham, hold on, right.
[595] , right.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [596] Karen and [...] , she should
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [597] I've got [...] , Giles or what?
[598] John, and I've got a little filofax type thing, and then I've got this.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [599] So that's what this is, [...]
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [600] Alistair,
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [601] We take this with us, yes?
Peter (PS4C2) [602] I've got some more to give you yet?
[603] You couldn't help me by distributing those could you?
[604] Now these have are the, erm, the logs I took off you on Monday, Richard.
[605] Now they need to go back, this needs to go back on section two doesn't it?
[606] This goes back in section two, yes, and when they give you your induction report, which we've still got to put some results on, that goes back in section three.
[607] Mick , Stuart, can you put that on Stuart's for me please, ... John , Giles, Richard , there, Steve ...
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [608] Steve, for me.
Peter (PS4C2) [609] You haven't signed it Steve, and you've got to sign it, because really, just have a look at your management, that shouldn't arrive here like that.
[610] You should've completed those things.
[611] You should have seen, [...] training Steve
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [612] Just, just in the front row, because your manager will want [...] in the back one
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [613] No
Peter (PS4C2) [614] You know, I mean it's quite realistic, if you can change a video, or even that if, if you'd written, hadn't had time for whatever reason, but, video, just point that out.
[615] It's no help to you now, but you can certainly help [...] .
[616] Alistair
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [617] yes, there's always the [...]
Peter (PS4C2) [618] That, those, yes, that goes into your section two of your log.
[619] Give that Bob, and then the final report I'll give you will go into section three.
[620] Put it into section two now, and you'll be alright.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [621] Where does that go, that one?
Peter (PS4C2) [622] That will go into three as well, with the report I'm going to give you.
[623] Graham, section two that goes into, Karen
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [624] We've got, sorry, at what point do the first bits go?
Peter (PS4C2) [625] They go into
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [626] Section?
Peter (PS4C2) [627] Sorry, the first two go into section three, and they will marry up with your induction forms,
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [628] Thank you.
Peter (PS4C2) [629] That goes into two, this is all section two.
[630] This is the stuff I, I took off you on Monday.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [631] Have you done anything to it?
Peter (PS4C2) [632] No, I've just checked
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [633] Right
Peter (PS4C2) [634] That they've done what they've said they've done, and made a note on the things they'd said they'd done, but they hadn't done.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [635] Right
Peter (PS4C2) [636] Have a little word in their shell-likes.
[637] It's alright, part of my job is actually monitoring the managers what they do as well, so that they're doing what they should be doing, which is fair enough isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [638] Is that everything now?
Peter (PS4C2) [639] No, there's something else yet, I'm sorry.
[640] Oh yes, I can give you your's because you want to get going don't you?
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [641] Well, there's no harm [...]
Peter (PS4C2) [642] You can stop nibbling.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [643] Do you actually do this?
[644] I love it, that trainer's comment with practice on something we didn't do.
[645] Ha.
Peter (PS4C2) [646] Yes you did, you all had a chat with each other at the end of the referred lead session didn't you.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [647] If you're going to be asking for a [...]
Peter (PS4C2) [648] The fact that you didn't ask for personal recommendations, it's not my fault.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [laugh]
Peter (PS4C2) [649] Every time you you were gonna ask, I said stop.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [650] What's the [...] point then?
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [651] So
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [652] Well I don't know what to do with these, it's obviously a [...] .
[653] Right let me go and get the [...] it's next to the wall.
Peter (PS4C2) [654] Reports,
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [655] I beg your pardon?
Peter (PS4C2) [656] That's Monday too.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [657] Well there's not much of it.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [658] Make the best of it aye
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [659] Well I have to, otherwise, I wouldn't have any effect at all with my luck.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [660] I've lived all my life waiting for an opportunity like this, somebody saying you're all individuals, but when it came I was not convinced.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [...]
Peter (PS4C2) [661] I'm just going to grab a bit to eat, because Alan's still filling out the induction reports, but don't leave yet until you've got your induction report, please.
[662] As soon as you've got that, you can.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [663] Is that the results that you've taken today?
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [664] We'll have to give up [...] and good luck to you right
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [665] Where does the induction report go in here, [...]
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [666] The report has arrived.
Peter (PS4C2) [667] It's coming, it's coming, that'll go in section three.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [668] Let's have a look in.
Peter (PS4C2) [669] That's right section three, it should be blank at the moment except for what you've just been given.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [670] Oh I see, not in here?
[671] I'm thinking
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [672] Right well I'm trying to but it's very [...]
Peter (PS4C2) [673] Stupid boy, why hide it.
[674] Right, section two for the [...] report.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [675] No, no, no, no, I don't understand
Peter (PS4C2) [676] That one, that one, page two, get it the right way up, that one, like that, that's it.
[677] Now wait for me your team's coming now.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [678] [...] submit it, and [...]
Peter (PS4C2) [679] Section [...] three, goes in there, and then I'll give you your induction report back, which Alan's got at the moment, and that goes in section three, and that's fantastic eh, so let's have a nibble something to eat.
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [680] So what have you got to take on Sunday, it's these two isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KGLPSUNK) [681] I just think she's going to have to go and buy a dormobile, I mean I can't see any other way round it.