Team Focus - training course (TNT Express Ltd). Sample containing about 7484 words speech recorded in business context

11 speakers recorded by respondent number C770

PS4P8 Ag1 m (Justin, age 23, sales executive) unspecified
PS4P9 Ag1 f (No name, age 20+, sales executive) unspecified
PS4PA Ag2 m (b. singh, age 30, sales executive) unspecified
PS4PB Ag1 m (j. worrow, age 20+, sales executive) unspecified
PS4PC Ag3 f (j. gibson, age 40+, sales executive) unspecified
PS4PD Ag1 f (j. fowles, age 18, sales executive) unspecified
PS4PE Ag2 f (p. summers, age 30+, sales executive) unspecified
PS4PF Ag1 m (p. ford, age 20+, sales executive) unspecified
PS4PG Ag2 m (a. bond, age 30+, sales executive) unspecified
KGTPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KGTPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 121401 recorded on 1994-02-14. LocationUnknown ( meeting room ) Activity: Training Course

Undivided text

j. worrow (PS4PB) [1] [...] ... Alright.
b. singh (PS4PA) [2] Oh it's still going.
(PS4P9) [3] Oh God!
[4] No I'm do , making a right mess here. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
j. worrow (PS4PB) [5] Yep.
[6] That's good.
b. singh (PS4PA) [7] I've seen it down over there.
Justin (PS4P8) [8] That's, that's alright though.
(PS4P9) [laugh]
j. fowles (PS4PD) [9] See I need a new map.
Justin (PS4P8) [10] I gotta come out.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [11] The amount of time I've
p. summers (PS4PE) [12] Whoops!
j. worrow (PS4PB) [13] Can I ask a selfish question?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [14] Yeah.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [15] What's that County Down on?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [16] That's just here.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [17] And?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [18] I've got one left.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [19] Use that one.
Justin (PS4P8) [20] Have you got a [...] to go with it?
j. worrow (PS4PB) [21] You want to go er so far there. [...]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [22] I've got a dart, yeah I've got a name.
b. singh (PS4PA) [23] Is it?
Justin (PS4P8) [24] To be honest with ya, I haven't got a clue.
[25] I don't know where the [...] is.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [26] Stanwell, are they are a part?
[27] Stanwell, ask her there?
Justin (PS4P8) [28] No, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [29] That ought to go there.
p. ford (PS4PF) [30] Like that one?
b. singh (PS4PA) [31] Very quiet today.
[32] Ooh nice! [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [33] Manchester, I think.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [34] Ye , well it's good.
Justin (PS4P8) [35] Well I thought Manchester is over
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [36] No, Manchester's over there.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [37] This one is for me.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [38] Oh nearly everybody
Justin (PS4P8) [39] Is it?
j. worrow (PS4PB) [40] likes this one.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [41] Cos that's what, it's up the
j. worrow (PS4PB) [42] I dunno whether
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [43] country int it?
[44] Towards there.
Justin (PS4P8) [45] I'll tell you where the next one is.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [46] It's probably along there.
[47] Part, near to that.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [48] Has anybody got any Blu-Tack?
p. ford (PS4PF) [49] Yeah I got this.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [50] I mean not Blu-Tack, Tippex.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [51] Oh nothing.
(PS4P9) [52] No.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [53] We never get any.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [54] Right.
[55] So that's only
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [56] Terry.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [57] Yeah?
Justin (PS4P8) [58] Yeah, here's one I prepared earlier.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [59] It's on a [...] bit.
[60] I'm all finished now, I can't do any more.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...] [classroom chatter]
j. worrow (PS4PB) [61] What number's that?
[62] Erm, as you say
b. singh (PS4PA) [63] How we doing folks?
j. worrow (PS4PB) [64] the er it's, you know
Justin (PS4P8) [65] Terrible!
j. worrow (PS4PB) [66] it's so [...] .
b. singh (PS4PA) [67] Hopefully on the
(PS4P9) [68] Yeah fine.
b. singh (PS4PA) [69] [...] .
Justin (PS4P8) [70] Terrible!
(PS4P9) [laugh]
j. worrow (PS4PB) [...]
p. summers (PS4PE) [71] One, is the one up, did you say it was Wales?
b. singh (PS4PA) [72] Everybody stop when you get to these two.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [73] I think so.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
j. gibson (PS4PC) [74] Where have I put it all?
Justin (PS4P8) [75] I'm using your clip.
(PS4P9) [76] Aye.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [77] There's no panic on.
[78] No it's not, no.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [79] I'll never get it done quickly.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [80] Not through me I'm not.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [81] That's what they said it is.
b. singh (PS4PA) [laugh]
(PS4P9) [82] Everyone just says look at he points [...] .
Justin (PS4P8) [83] If we were doing that [...] .
b. singh (PS4PA) [clears throat]
j. worrow (PS4PB) [84] Yes.
b. singh (PS4PA) [85] Are we ready?
[86] Have we tried our best?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [87] I've gotta get something though.
[88] Where d'ya put er
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [89] Oh I've got one , not put on.
[90] Ooh!
[91] Why haven't I got
Justin (PS4P8) [92] There's a few I haven't put on.
(PS4P9) [93] I don't know.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [...]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
j. fowles (PS4PD) [94] Yeah.
[95] Yeah.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [96] Go on, I didn't
b. singh (PS4PA) [97] Stop.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [98] have anything.
b. singh (PS4PA) [99] Stop then.
[100] Have you put your label
j. fowles (PS4PD) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [101] at the top of the page?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [102] Oh no I didn't.
Justin (PS4P8) [103] No.
[104] Mm mm.
b. singh (PS4PA) [105] Stop.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [106] Too late, done the test.
Justin (PS4P8) [107] Mm.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [108] Oh.
b. singh (PS4PA) [109] Pass your paper one,pu , no, the other way to your right.
[110] ... Pass them to your right
j. worrow (PS4PB) [111] And then to the left.
b. singh (PS4PA) [112] again.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [113] Oh!
[114] It's there then isn't it?
j. worrow (PS4PB) [115] And then to the left.
p. summers (PS4PE) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [116] Okay.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [117] Oh.
b. singh (PS4PA) [118] And I want you to mark your
p. ford (PS4PF) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [119] colleagues' paper okay?
Justin (PS4P8) [120] This is gonna be fun for someone.
b. singh (PS4PA) [121] You don't even know what you've put or something.
b. singh (PS4PA) [122] Just with a tick and a cross.
[123] Can you
p. ford (PS4PF) [124] Why?
b. singh (PS4PA) [125] put the corrections in a
p. summers (PS4PE) [126] Eh?
b. singh (PS4PA) [127] perhaps a ... a
j. fowles (PS4PD) [128] Bloody hell!
b. singh (PS4PA) [129] a bracket.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [130] Well I ain't telling you.
b. singh (PS4PA) [131] Okay?
Justin (PS4P8) [132] I have no problem talking about you.
p. summers (PS4PE) [133] Well
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [134] Can you see those at the back?
j. worrow (PS4PB) [135] Yeah, I think you'll have to go round a bit.
b. singh (PS4PA) [136] Nope.
[137] Let me take you through them.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [138] Ooh!
b. singh (PS4PA) [139] Aberdeen.
(PS4P9) [140] Yep.
[141] Mhm.
p. summers (PS4PE) [142] Yeah.
b. singh (PS4PA) [143] I'm going to go clockwise, yes?
j. worrow (PS4PB) [144] Mhm.
b. singh (PS4PA) [145] Sterling depot.
[146] Number three, clockwise, Glasgow.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [147] Yeah.
b. singh (PS4PA) [148] Carlisle.
[149] How many have got them all right so far?
Justin (PS4P8) [150] That's clockwise.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [151] Janey's got all
b. singh (PS4PA) [...]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [152] of hers right.
b. singh (PS4PA) [153] No, that's why I said clockwise.
Justin (PS4P8) [154] Sorry.
(PS4P9) [155] Andy, will you put your line across there.
b. singh (PS4PA) [156] What?
b. singh (PS4PA) [157] What you got on mine?
Justin (PS4P8) [158] That's border of Scotland Andy.
a. bond (PS4PG) [159] Oh right.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [160] I'll just move my border up, don't worry.
b. singh (PS4PA) [161] Durham.
[162] ... Oh I see what you mean, I'm following the names clockwise, not the
j. worrow (PS4PB) [163] Yeah.
b. singh (PS4PA) [164] dots on there.
[165] Sorry, er er ... Durham is next, sorry.
[166] On the right, on that picture is Bradford.
j. gibson (PS4PC) [167] Mm mm.
p. summers (PS4PE) [168] You got that er
j. fowles (PS4PD) [169] Do you work in [...] ?
p. summers (PS4PE) [170] you do an extra one.
(PS4P9) [laugh]
j. worrow (PS4PB) [171] What, are you [...] ?
Justin (PS4P8) [172] No.
[173] Durham and Bradford.
p. ford (PS4PF) [174] [laughing] Oh God [] !
[175] That's alright, I got Bradford wrong as well.
b. singh (PS4PA) [176] The next one is Rotherham.
p. ford (PS4PF) [177] Oh thanks.
[178] Gonna have more brackets
b. singh (PS4PA) [179] Yeah you got
p. ford (PS4PF) [180] in there [...] .
b. singh (PS4PA) [181] It's okay, I've got a photocopy of, of that one anyway.
b. singh (PS4PA) [182] Leicester.
Justin (PS4P8) [183] That's good.
[184] Where's Leicester?
b. singh (PS4PA) [185] Did you see your atlas?
Justin (PS4P8) [186] You got Rotherham and Durham on the, all in th the same one.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [...]
Justin (PS4P8) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [187] Give him the benefit of the doubt will you?
Justin (PS4P8) [188] You crossed Rotherham out.
(PS4P9) [189] Oh yeah.
[190] It's Durham there.
Justin (PS4P8) [191] Well never mind.
b. singh (PS4PA) [192] Durham, right up
(PS4P9) [193] Thanks.
b. singh (PS4PA) [194] by Carlisle, near the [...] Abbey.
Justin (PS4P8) [195] It's mapped out anyway now.
(PS4P9) [196] You got Molesly twice.
(PS4P9) [197] Mm.
b. singh (PS4PA) [198] Thetford in the little ... East Anglian part of the country.
b. singh (PS4PA) [199] Yeah.
b. singh (PS4PA) [200] That's the big fat thing that sticks out at the side ... down there.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [201] Thing, right?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [202] A bit like me.
[203] Shaped a bit like me.
[204] Right.
[205] Next one down ... in the East Midlands is Wellingborough.
[206] ... How many have got them all right so far then?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [207] David. [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [208] Only David.
[209] ... I take it you're marking David's?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [210] Yeah.
b. singh (PS4PA) [211] Alright then.
[212] Well done David.
[213] ... Well you did something right at er ... school David.
Justin (PS4P8) [laugh]
j. worrow (PS4PB) [214] This is true.
b. singh (PS4PA) [215] [...] ... Luton.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [216] We're having companies on the [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [217] Right.
[218] We all got that one?
(PS4P9) [219] No.
(PS4P9) [220] No.
b. singh (PS4PA) [221] Brentwood.
[222] Can you put in correct ple , in brackets, what the depot, the correct depot is at Collindale.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [223] Oh!
[224] What's that?
b. singh (PS4PA) [225] I'll give that a strict mark, I think, that one [...] .
[226] Hornsea.
p. summers (PS4PE) [227] It's gotta be totally wrong.
b. singh (PS4PA) [228] We're going round the M twenty five in
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [229] Oh that
b. singh (PS4PA) [230] a minute.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [231] that's wrong.
[232] The next one I've put
b. singh (PS4PA) [233] Now, I'm going to go out to the east again with Maidstone.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [clears throat]
b. singh (PS4PA) [234] Hornsea ... Maidstone.
[235] Let's do that down there folks.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
j. fowles (PS4PD) [236] Yeah, he's got them all right.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [237] Mm.
b. singh (PS4PA) [238] More marks ... bit tied down to the limit now.
[239] Croydon.
[240] ... Okay.
[241] Heathrow, right about here.
[242] How are you doing on these, alright?
Justin (PS4P8) [243] Who?
b. singh (PS4PA) [244] John?
[245] ... Byfleet.
[246] We're on the, near the M twenty five.
[247] Stanwell.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [clears throat]
b. singh (PS4PA) [248] Up just , just a little bit ... towards Byfleet.
[249] ... Now ... I'm going to take you to Southampton.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [250] Thanks.
b. singh (PS4PA) [251] Yeah, I'll come, across Exeter in a minute.
[252] It's where the docks are that
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [253] Ah.
b. singh (PS4PA) [254] I'm trying to follow anyway.
[255] And then Exeter over in the west country.
[256] ... Off the coast line to Bristol.
[257] ... And in South Wales, Llandyssul.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [258] Llandyssul.
b. singh (PS4PA) [259] Sorry, Llandyssul.
p. summers (PS4PE) [260] I couldn't see I was so
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [261] Llandyssul.
p. summers (PS4PE) [262] far back.
b. singh (PS4PA) [263] You get lovely [...] don't you?
[264] Sort of, lovely, lovely little place there.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [265] Got something called the Pakistan, they don't give you a ... a [...] .
b. singh (PS4PA) [266] Don't they?
b. singh (PS4PA) [267] They call it [...] , but er
j. worrow (PS4PB) [268] I got told off for calling it Pakistan.
[269] Anyway, [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [270] Well they better not try telling me that [...] .
b. singh (PS4PA) [271] Milton, is in the
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [272] Middle.
b. singh (PS4PA) [273] Berkshire area.
[274] North.
b. singh (PS4PA) [275] Show us where Birmingham is.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [276] After
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [277] Do you ... Kathy
b. singh (PS4PA) [278] the M four.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [279] we're doing well.
p. summers (PS4PE) [280] I put, I put Nottingham.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [281] What has he got them right?
p. summers (PS4PE) [282] I think that's right, I got
b. singh (PS4PA) [283] Worcester.
[284] Worcester depot.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [285] Got that right
Justin (PS4P8) [286] That is sa ,sa south of those three, yeah.
b. singh (PS4PA) [287] And you go up the M six vi , the M five to Birmingham.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [288] Oh oh!
[289] David!
[290] What a shame.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [291] London.
Justin (PS4P8) [292] Ah!
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [293] Ah ah ah!
j. fowles (PS4PD) [294] I'm disappointed.
Justin (PS4P8) [295] Sorry.
b. singh (PS4PA) [296] Yo , you mean you lost Birmingham somewhere?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [297] No he got Cannock and Birmingham mixed
b. singh (PS4PA) [298] Oh!
j. fowles (PS4PD) [299] up.
b. singh (PS4PA) [300] I tend to [...]
Justin (PS4P8) [301] Easy done.
b. singh (PS4PA) [302] er e easily done.
[303] Cannock is north of Birmingham.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [304] I had it north first, Stirling didn't I?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
Justin (PS4P8) [305] Didn't used to be there though did it?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [306] No, not when I did it.
[307] No.
b. singh (PS4PA) [308] Teesside.
j. gibson (PS4PC) [309] Yep.
b. singh (PS4PA) [310] [...] ... [mimicking Manchester accent] Manchester [] .
Justin (PS4P8) [311] That's a bit, er ... regionalist
b. singh (PS4PA) [312] Sorry.
Justin (PS4P8) [313] isn't it?
j. worrow (PS4PB) [314] Are you gonna do the regional accents all the way round.
b. singh (PS4PA) [315] Well I'll try.
[316] I like this part of the world now, I'm into this bit.
[317] I like watching
Justin (PS4P8) [318] She knows her way around.
b. singh (PS4PA) [319] I like watching er ... All Quiet on the Western Front as well cos it all sounds
a. bond (PS4PG) [320] And Coronation Street.
b. singh (PS4PA) [321] Yeah.
[322] And Coronation Street as well.
[323] Ramsbottom.
[324] [mimicking Northern accent] Nay worry [] .
[325] Yeah?
[326] And Belfast.
[327] I've, I've already covered Carlisle have I?
(PS4P9) [328] Yeah.
b. singh (PS4PA) [329] Terry rightly told me I went down the wrong ... I was looking for names rather than the dots.
[330] Carlisle's on the west.
[331] ... [mimicking Cilla Black] Surprise Surprise [] !
[332] A bit harder than you thought?
(PS4P9) [333] Yeah.
p. ford (PS4PF) [334] We got seven there.
j. gibson (PS4PC) [335] I'm still [...] .
p. ford (PS4PF) [336] How many is there?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [337] I don't know.
b. singh (PS4PA) [338] Twenty nine on there.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [339] Right.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [340] Still, seven out of twenty nine is
b. singh (PS4PA) [341] What I'm saying is
(PS4P9) [342] I got [...] .
b. singh (PS4PA) [343] Who got the highest score?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [344] Is er
b. singh (PS4PA) [345] Does anybody wanna
j. fowles (PS4PD) [346] David.
b. singh (PS4PA) [347] do a tot up?
b. singh (PS4PA) [348] I must say I'm ashamed.
j. gibson (PS4PC) [349] What is mine?
Justin (PS4P8) [350] Oh oh!
j. gibson (PS4PC) [351] What's he doing on
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [352] Are there four?
p. summers (PS4PE) [353] David got this.
Justin (PS4P8) [354] One.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [355] Seven.
b. singh (PS4PA) [356] Well mine's [...] .
(PS4P9) [357] Oh!
j. fowles (PS4PD) [358] He got
Justin (PS4P8) [359] How many's that?
[360] Is that, is that eleven?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
j. fowles (PS4PD) [361] You could give him a half a mark there.
Justin (PS4P8) [362] Oh sorry.
[363] Write that.
p. ford (PS4PF) [364] Is that alright then?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [laugh]
j. fowles (PS4PD) [...]
j. gibson (PS4PC) [365] I know I've put that on.
a. bond (PS4PG) [366] Which one do you want [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [367] Have you got erm ... Jane's
j. gibson (PS4PC) [368] Yeah, there you go.
b. singh (PS4PA) [369] you've got
b. singh (PS4PA) [...] [...]
Justin (PS4P8) [370] Do I get a bonus point for getting everyone under the south east?
j. worrow (PS4PB) [371] A bit like [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [372] I don't imagine
j. worrow (PS4PB) [373] cos you're based in London you got all the M twenty five ones [...] .
j. fowles (PS4PD) [374] Yeah, I got the lot.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [375] How many
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [376] That's right.
b. singh (PS4PA) [377] or what was the highest score on the first one?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [378] The highest score?
p. ford (PS4PF) [379] That's what I said.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [380] David.
[381] Twenty
(PS4P9) [382] So?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [383] seven.
b. singh (PS4PA) [384] Twenty seven?
[385] Well done
(PS4P9) [386] Well done!
b. singh (PS4PA) [387] David!
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [clapping] [clapping]
j. fowles (PS4PD) [388] Jolly good score!
b. singh (PS4PA) [389] Next one down from twenty seven?
[390] Anybody got twenty six?
a. bond (PS4PG) [391] Twenty one.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [392] Can David know his own [...] roads, I don't know.
Justin (PS4P8) [393] Shut up [...] !
j. fowles (PS4PD) [394] [laughing] Yeah [] .
b. singh (PS4PA) [395] Twenty six?
[396] Twenty five?
[397] Have you counted them up so ... have you?
[398] Yeah?
[399] Twenty four?
[400] Twenty three?
[401] Twenty two?
b. singh (PS4PA) [402] Yes I've got twenty two.
b. singh (PS4PA) [403] Oh oh oh!
j. worrow (PS4PB) [404] Oh!
[405] Ha ha ha!
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [clapping]
b. singh (PS4PA) [...]
j. fowles (PS4PD) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [406] Twenty one?
p. summers (PS4PE) [407] Yeah.
b. singh (PS4PA) [408] Oh!
(PS4P9) [409] Three
b. singh (PS4PA) [410] Yo!
(PS4P9) [411] cheats. [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [412] Yo!
[413] Three for twenty one.
(PS4P9) [414] I won four games
b. singh (PS4PA) [415] Twenty?
(PS4P9) [416] last night.
[417] As I say
b. singh (PS4PA) [418] Yo!
[419] Well done Justin.
[420] Purposely missing ... confused of
Justin (PS4P8) [421] The south east.
b. singh (PS4PA) [...]
Justin (PS4P8) [422] [laugh] ... I got them all wrong on purpose.
a. bond (PS4PG) [423] Arsenal weren't down there were they?
b. singh (PS4PA) [424] Two down the bottom.
[425] All the same
Justin (PS4P8) [426] Arsenal was [...] .
b. singh (PS4PA) [427] all the same side as the ... Watford Gap aren't they?
Justin (PS4P8) [428] I got Holland and Brussels right
b. singh (PS4PA) [laugh]
Justin (PS4P8) [429] I mean, Holland and Brussels
j. worrow (PS4PB) [...]
Justin (PS4P8) [430] That's alright, I got all of them wrong as .
(PS4P9) [431] Oh.
b. singh (PS4PA) [432] What number, that was nineteen?
(PS4P9) [433] I don't think that's logical thing.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [434] No.
b. singh (PS4PA) [435] Eighteen?
[436] Ooh well done Carly.
[437] Not too bad for
(PS4P9) [438] Mm.
b. singh (PS4PA) [439] an indoor sales girl there.
(PS4P9) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [440] Cor!
[441] Oh that, even thought about that [...]
(PS4P9) [442] I'd rather have [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [443] Is fine.
[444] What was that, eighteen?
[445] Seventeen?
a. bond (PS4PG) [446] Yeah.
b. singh (PS4PA) [447] Oh.
a. bond (PS4PG) [448] It's this neck of the woods I don't know.
Justin (PS4P8) [449] I think I'll have a [...] .
a. bond (PS4PG) [450] And London.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [451] It's in these neck of
p. summers (PS4PE) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [452] of the woods is it?
p. summers (PS4PE) [453] Well my aunt got lost on, round here.
a. bond (PS4PG) [454] Well Ca , Cannock
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
a. bond (PS4PG) [455] Luton, Wolverhampton
j. fowles (PS4PD) [456] Yeah, that's where I got mixed up.
a. bond (PS4PG) [457] and Maidstone, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [458] [...] , do you ever go to [...] .
j. worrow (PS4PB) [459] Don't you got to , you got Wolverhampton one of yours have you?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
a. bond (PS4PG) [460] Yeah I'm sure there is.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
j. worrow (PS4PB) [461] There's some of the things you know Carly put on there.
(PS4P9) [462] [laughing] I had Cardiff didn't I? []
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [sneeze]
(PS4P9) [463] [laughing] I went and put Cardiff on [] .
Justin (PS4P8) [464] Actually Manchester
b. singh (PS4PA) [465] Don't sound so excited Carly.
[466] But a Wolverhampton's not.
(PS4P9) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [467] Erm, where were we down to?
[468] Eighteen was you saying Phil?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [469] Seventeen.
b. singh (PS4PA) [470] Sixteen?
[471] Fifteen?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [472] For a southerner not too bad.
Justin (PS4P8) [473] [...] ... I had something
b. singh (PS4PA) [474] Fourteen?
[475] Thirteen?
(PS4P9) [laugh]
j. worrow (PS4PB) [476] Ooh ooh!
[477] We've got lower than fifty percent now.
b. singh (PS4PA) [478] Yeah , if it makes you feel better now they'd have only, cos Janey's was there?
[479] The rest of them still to go.
j. gibson (PS4PC) [480] I know, it's not too bad.
b. singh (PS4PA) [481] Twelve.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [482] Ha!
b. singh (PS4PA) [483] Ten.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [484] I had eleven.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [485] Just over half .
[486] That's okay.
Justin (PS4P8) [487] I'll save you going any further, I got below ten.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
Justin (PS4P8) [488] I choose not to disclose.
[489] I make no excuses.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
Justin (PS4P8) [490] My geography's terrible.
[491] I'd
b. singh (PS4PA) [492] Eleven?
[493] Ten?
[494] Nine?
Justin (PS4P8) [495] Nope.
b. singh (PS4PA) [496] Eight?
Justin (PS4P8) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [497] Seven?
j. worrow (PS4PB) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [498] Six?
[499] Five?
[500] ... Four?
j. gibson (PS4PC) [501] Also I had, put ... more than that.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
j. gibson (PS4PC) [502] I got eight.
b. singh (PS4PA) [503] Eight.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [cough]
b. singh (PS4PA) [504] Eight.
[505] Seven?
Justin (PS4P8) [506] Yeah, seven.
b. singh (PS4PA) [507] Seven.
[508] Mm mm.
Justin (PS4P8) [509] Yeah, seven.
b. singh (PS4PA) [510] Six?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [511] No.
b. singh (PS4PA) [512] You need to look
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [513] Ah yeah.
b. singh (PS4PA) [514] you cannot talk about moving parcels around the country if you don't know where the towns are.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [515] You don't have to visit all those you didn't get
b. singh (PS4PA) [516] Oh yeah.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [517] I think, in their own time at their own expense.
b. singh (PS4PA) [518] That's right.
[519] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [520] I just get my bunches of three the wrong way round because I know where they are.
b. singh (PS4PA) [521] I think [...] before we go.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [522] I know the Midlands is in the middle and ... the south is in the south and
b. singh (PS4PA) [523] Not to your customers
j. worrow (PS4PB) [524] Might be some
b. singh (PS4PA) [525] it isn't.
[526] Not
j. worrow (PS4PB) [527] Well
b. singh (PS4PA) [528] your customers
j. worrow (PS4PB) [529] What's wrong?
Justin (PS4P8) [530] Well I know the north is in the north and the south is in the south
j. worrow (PS4PB) [...]
Justin (PS4P8) [531] I just don't know where the towns are that go with them.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [532] I know the numbers of the depot.
b. singh (PS4PA) [533] No.
[534] You do need to get
j. gibson (PS4PC) [535] That's what we need to get
b. singh (PS4PA) [536] very, very, you should have a national map in front of you.
[537] And not just ... you don't want just our depots, you want them in relation
Justin (PS4P8) [538] That's the thing you see the
b. singh (PS4PA) [539] to their customers there.
Justin (PS4P8) [540] a lot of them places yo , they're not sort of like famous are they?
[541] You know ... Byfleet and Hornsea and
b. singh (PS4PA) [542] They are to us.
Justin (PS4P8) [543] Yeah they are to us but
b. singh (PS4PA) [544] They're extremely famous to us Justin.
p. summers (PS4PE) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [545] Manchester
p. summers (PS4PE) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [546] was a nobody until we put a depot in it.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [547] Hornsea is famous Justin.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
Justin (PS4P8) [548] No, I don't mean that, I mean ... yo , it's not a popular,yo like a
p. summers (PS4PE) [549] To start looking for Cannock [...]
j. worrow (PS4PB) [550] Just because Byfleet
p. summers (PS4PE) [551] on Saturday [...]
j. worrow (PS4PB) [552] Byfleet doesn't have a premiere football team doesn't mean to say
b. singh (PS4PA) [553] No.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [554] it's not famous.
b. singh (PS4PA) [555] No.
Justin (PS4P8) [556] Aye.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [557] Cannock is famous for
j. fowles (PS4PD) [558] Tottenham.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [559] your
Justin (PS4P8) [560] Can I just say that
j. worrow (PS4PB) [...]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
Justin (PS4P8) [561] the Manchester depot, actually in Manchester
j. fowles (PS4PD) [562] Yeah.
[563] Hornsea beat Tottenham.
Justin (PS4P8) [564] it's in Stockport.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [565] It's in Stockport.
[566] Yeah, it's not even in Manchester.
b. singh (PS4PA) [567] I know.
[568] But you're right.
[569] So now the south east most of those depots that you're looking at ... Cannock isn't in Cannock.
p. summers (PS4PE) [570] No.
b. singh (PS4PA) [571] So, what I'm saying is they're just th , they're, they're, it's just for er
p. summers (PS4PE) [572] The biggest place near it.
b. singh (PS4PA) [573] the biggest place near it.
[574] Now what
j. worrow (PS4PB) [clears throat]
b. singh (PS4PA) [575] I'm saying is, is you ought to get very close to that geographical map ... because ... it's the logistic ... logistics er ... difficulty with getting, and you ought to know where there are mountains and where there are valleys and the fact that that, in South Wales they can't just go across country, they have to go back down the valley after the M four and up again.
[576] Cos we're driving lorries, we're not driving little, you know ... trial bikes that go over mountains like the Brecons and stuff, you have to
j. worrow (PS4PB) [577] But we do use the sheep in some ways don't we?
b. singh (PS4PA) [578] [laughing] That's right, that's right, we do use the sheep [] .
j. worrow (PS4PB) [579] But not for
b. singh (PS4PA) [580] No.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [581] the sake of the [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [582] No, right.
b. singh (PS4PA) [583] What
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [584] what I'm saying is, you know, you can't go from Stirling to Aberdeen ... in a couple of minutes.
[585] That's big country up there.
[586] And so there's a big mountain range running up the middle of the country, someone thought once was the English Channel.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [587] [laugh] ... Well that's okay cos we've got a tunnel now.
b. singh (PS4PA) [588] Yeah, we got a tunnel now.
[589] Yeah.
[590] The English Channel, not the Pennines.
[591] But they're going where's the Pennines?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [592] Erm what I'm saying is
j. gibson (PS4PC) [593] I'd say I don't know where it is at all.
b. singh (PS4PA) [594] I am saying to you now folks become familiar with the erm ... depots.
[595] Now what about the depot numbers?
p. ford (PS4PF) [596] No idea.
Justin (PS4P8) [597] No.
(PS4P9) [598] Forty nine.
j. gibson (PS4PC) [599] Not at all.
p. summers (PS4PE) [...]
Justin (PS4P8) [600] Forty six.
(PS4P9) [601] Forty nine.
b. singh (PS4PA) [602] I'm gonna call them out.
[603] Write them onto your sheets.
[604] Aberdeen, thirty nine.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [605] Yep.
b. singh (PS4PA) [606] And you have corrected your sheets haven't you?
[607] You've got all the right ones next to the [...]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [608] Mandy's put them on a nice new sheet ain't ya?
b. singh (PS4PA) [609] Yeah, well done.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [cough]
b. singh (PS4PA) [610] Aberdeen, thirty nine.
[611] Stirling, twenty six.
(PS4P9) [612] Mm mm.
b. singh (PS4PA) [613] Glasgow
j. fowles (PS4PD) [614] Forty five.
b. singh (PS4PA) [615] Yeah, right.
[616] Carlisle
j. gibson (PS4PC) [617] Oh good, [...] .
b. singh (PS4PA) [618] forty four.
[619] Durham?
(PS4P9) [620] Forty two.
b. singh (PS4PA) [621] Bradford?
Justin (PS4P8) [622] Forty six.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [623] Forty seven.
b. singh (PS4PA) [624] Rotherham?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [625] Thirty
j. gibson (PS4PC) [626] Twenty
j. fowles (PS4PD) [627] Twenty nine.
b. singh (PS4PA) [628] Leicester.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [629] Forty three.
b. singh (PS4PA) [630] Thetford.
p. ford (PS4PF) [631] Forty one.
b. singh (PS4PA) [632] Well done.
[633] Wellingborough?
(PS4P9) [634] Hold on a minute, I'm still writing Thetford.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [635] thirty four.
(PS4P9) [636] Th oh, four
b. singh (PS4PA) [637] Four , forty one, Thetford.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [638] Hang on , hang on, you've lost me now.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [639] I'm lost.
b. singh (PS4PA) [640] Wellingborough, twenty four.
[641] Newquay?
j. gibson (PS4PC) [642] Forty.
b. singh (PS4PA) [643] Brentwood?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [644] Twenty eight.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [645] Close.
b. singh (PS4PA) [646] Hornsea?
(PS4P9) [647] Thirty three.
b. singh (PS4PA) [648] Maidstone?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [649] Twenty eight.
b. singh (PS4PA) [650] No.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [651] Oh no!
[652] Twenty three.
b. singh (PS4PA) [653] Croydon?
Justin (PS4P8) [654] Thirty seven.
j. gibson (PS4PC) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [655] Thirty seven.
[656] Well done, Dave.
[657] Byfleet.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [658] Eighteen.
b. singh (PS4PA) [659] Stanwell?
(PS4P9) [660] Eighteen was that?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [661] Sixteen.
b. singh (PS4PA) [662] Yeah.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [663] Yeah.
b. singh (PS4PA) [664] Eighteen, Stanwell, sixteen for Stanwell.
(PS4P9) [665] Sixty?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [666] Sixty?
(PS4P9) [667] Sixty for
b. singh (PS4PA) [668] It's Byfleet eighteen, Stanwell sixteen.
[669] Sorry, I'm getting my tongue twisted round those.
[670] Exeter.
[671] Number, Adrian?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [672] Thirty one.
a. bond (PS4PG) [673] Thirty one.
b. singh (PS4PA) [674] Southampton?
Justin (PS4P8) [675] Nil.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [676] Twenty five.
b. singh (PS4PA) [677] I've gone the wrong way round now haven't I?
j. worrow (PS4PB) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [678] Sorry, but I'm going up it's the er
Justin (PS4P8) [679] Southampton's nearly up there.
b. singh (PS4PA) [680] Bristol?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [681] Twenty on , twenty two?
b. singh (PS4PA) [682] Well done. [...] ?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [683] Thirty two.
b. singh (PS4PA) [684] Milton.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [685] Twenty one.
p. summers (PS4PE) [686] Cos I'm just
b. singh (PS4PA) [687] How come you know them all by number but you don't know where they are?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
j. fowles (PS4PD) [688] [laughing] I've dialled them that's why [] .
b. singh (PS4PA) [689] Worcester?
j. worrow (PS4PB) [690] Twenty three.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [691] What's happened to Milton?
[692] I missed that as well?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [693] Twenty one.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [694] Twenty one.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [695] Milton.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [696] You missed that as well ain't you?
Justin (PS4P8) [697] Twenty one.
b. singh (PS4PA) [698] Did I call it out?
[699] Sorry.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [700] Yeah.
b. singh (PS4PA) [701] Milton, twenty one.
[702] My fault I think.
[703] Don't get, oh Mandy's getting her hair off here!
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [704] I keep losing numbers.
b. singh (PS4PA) [705] Oh my God!
[706] I've lost it!
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [707] I've lost the country now, lost the numbers.
b. singh (PS4PA) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [708] Worcester?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [709] Twenty four?
b. singh (PS4PA) [710] Se se , twenty seven.
[711] Birmingham?
[712] Yo!
j. fowles (PS4PD) [713] Double O five.
b. singh (PS4PA) [714] Double O five.
[715] Cannock?
j. worrow (PS4PB) [716] Thirty four.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [717] Double O
b. singh (PS4PA) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [718] Double O
j. fowles (PS4PD) [719] Thirty five.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [720] Double O five.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [721] What was Birmingham?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [722] Double O five.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [723] Say that again.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [724] O O five.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [725] Why?
[726] Why has it funny number?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [727] Cos it one of the new places.
b. singh (PS4PA) [728] Cos they're all funny numbers Mandy.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [729] Cos it's twice as [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [730] Ah right!
b. singh (PS4PA) [731] Just don't worry about it.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [732] [laugh] ... You couldn't get double O seven.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [laugh]
j. fowles (PS4PD) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [733] Deeside.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [734] Where's Cannock?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [735] I missed that as well.
b. singh (PS4PA) [736] Thirty four.
[737] The man in the back ... says so.
[738] Deeside, forty seven.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [739] Mm mm!
b. singh (PS4PA) [740] Manchester?
Justin (PS4P8) [741] Forty nine.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [742] Forty nine.
b. singh (PS4PA) [743] Forty nine.
[744] That was the last, [...] , I should have been market trader, been shouting out that voice and
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [745] That's, well
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [746] He's like Chubby int he?
b. singh (PS4PA) [747] Ramsbottom?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [748] Thirty.
b. singh (PS4PA) [749] Belfast?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [750] Thirty five.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [751] Erm
b. singh (PS4PA) [752] On Belfast I've been told, and and my oversight, beg your pardon, that erm ... I mentioned the four regional
j. fowles (PS4PD) [753] The branch that [...] .
b. singh (PS4PA) [754] managers.
[755] Because of the nature of that, that
Justin (PS4P8) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [756] being across to water
j. gibson (PS4PC) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [757] sorry, Phil, are you alright?
p. ford (PS4PF) [758] It's alright.
b. singh (PS4PA) [759] Don't worry, I did go at a pace.
[760] Because
p. ford (PS4PF) [761] Okay.
b. singh (PS4PA) [762] I talked about four regional managers, they were mainland U K.
[763] Er, Brian , is also a regional director for Belfast and the serving areas of Belfast as well, okay?
[764] He has sole responsibility for Belfast, but he does have regional directors going to ... but Brian tends to cover a general manager role and ... with [...] with erm ... Dick ma ,.
[765] No, not Dick , who's in er ... Belfast?
j. worrow (PS4PB) [766] Tom, Tom .
b. singh (PS4PA) [767] Yeah.
[768] And er ... himself, run the Belfast operation ... across all the regions.
[769] But sometimes, because he doesn't have hundreds of depots I think he's not regional, but that's my own fault.
[770] Brian is the Northern Ireland region.
[771] Well done.
[772] Do get a, er buy a map, spend some money to get one.
[773] You may have in your depot ... you may have in your depot a map which ... have pinpointed the T N T depots.
[774] Does any, has anybody seen one yet?
j. gibson (PS4PC) [775] Yeah.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [776] The big wa waterproof one which you can draw on?
b. singh (PS4PA) [777] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [778] Yeah.
b. singh (PS4PA) [779] They're, er, well they're not waterproof
j. fowles (PS4PD) [780] Well
b. singh (PS4PA) [781] but they're coated aren't they?
[782] Er, so you can wipe them clean if er, you use a special pen.
[783] But, what I'm saying is, if you, salesmen particularly get one, you'll need one to get round the country ... your patch, but you need to get familiar with the towns up and down the country ... for deli , for delivery, cos your customers will talk about the area and you're talking to someone from a transport café, you haven't got a clue where the towns are.
[784] I mean, you know, where's your credibility?
[785] And write down erm ... it.
[786] I know north of border, nothing happens south of the border and like but, but we do deliver down here so ... do, do give yourself a little practise of that.
[787] Now ... I'm going to ask you to do another little test for me.
[788] ... Simple questions, ten questions, alright?
[789] Do you want ta , tidy up your little bit of paper out the way again?
[790] And there's ten questions about the conditions of carriage.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [whistling]
b. singh (PS4PA) [791] Name on the top of the list.
[792] Now ... how many people have not seen a list of the
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [cough]
b. singh (PS4PA) [793] carriage yet?
p. summers (PS4PE) [794] Er erm
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [795] Nobody.
p. summers (PS4PE) [796] I think I have not.
b. singh (PS4PA) [797] You haven't Paul?
p. summers (PS4PE) [798] I don't think so.
Justin (PS4P8) [799] It's the [...] of the company and fax it.
p. summers (PS4PE) [800] I'll look in mine tomorrow.
b. singh (PS4PA) [801] You think you have?
p. summers (PS4PE) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [802] See
p. summers (PS4PE) [803] if I don't know by now
b. singh (PS4PA) [804] see how you do.
[805] We won't, it's just
p. summers (PS4PE) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [806] a very casual sale.
Justin (PS4P8) [807] Well I'm not.
b. singh (PS4PA) [808] Just think, use your options.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [809] This is so , you know so many days
(PS4P9) [810] Yes.
p. summers (PS4PE) [811] Yeah.
b. singh (PS4PA) [812] Just use different options.
[813] [...] Alright?
[814] Better put your name at the top of the page as well.
[815] ... We'll go through the answers anyway.
[816] Instead of just spouting at me, I'd just like you all to engage brain with [...] . [completing test in silence]
j. worrow (PS4PB) [clears throat] [completing test in silence]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [817] Do you do, I've got one wrong.
b. singh (PS4PA) [818] Alright, just ... make some notes ... and stuff that you've got already.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [819] Right.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [820] [whispering] I got lost [] .
j. fowles (PS4PD) [whispering] [...] []
b. singh (PS4PA) [821] [whispering] What happens in [...] is you do have the people in that area [...] in the first few weeks [] .
j. worrow (PS4PB) [clears throat]
(PS4P9) [822] [whispering] [...] [] . [completing test]
j. worrow (PS4PB) [cough]
Justin (PS4P8) [823] [whispering] The customer is same there.
[824] The same as in C. [...] []
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [825] [whispering] [...] [] .
b. singh (PS4PA) [826] Finished?
[827] ... Pass it to your neighbour and once again.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [828] [...] ?
p. summers (PS4PE) [829] Well I've read a few of the [...] , it's just a case of remembering ... the precise details.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
p. summers (PS4PE) [830] Cos I, I, know, I know it means roughly in common terms cos, I got a sister to interpret it.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
p. summers (PS4PE) [831] finishing her law degree.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [832] Alright.
Justin (PS4P8) [833] Come round the corner
b. singh (PS4PA) [clears throat]
Justin (PS4P8) [834] and that
j. gibson (PS4PC) [...]
Justin (PS4P8) [835] no it's not, it's pass, pass your one
p. summers (PS4PE) [836] It's just remembering what's actually on the sheet.
Justin (PS4P8) [837] and then it's mine one, pass it down to [...]
j. fowles (PS4PD) [838] Is it pass it twice?
b. singh (PS4PA) [839] Yeah, pass it
j. worrow (PS4PB) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [840] round again.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [841] T N T [...] .
p. summers (PS4PE) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [842] Oh!
[843] No I'll do like this.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [844] Right.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...] [classroom chatter]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [845] Well se , see what you can do just now.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
j. worrow (PS4PB) [846] I can't specialize obviously.
[847] But having well a regional, a regional visits every once every how many weeks.
b. singh (PS4PA) [848] Dunno.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [849] Just until we come through.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [850] Exactly right.
a. bond (PS4PG) [851] Yeah I know.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [852] It's seven thirty.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [853] Did you do that?
j. worrow (PS4PB) [854] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
j. worrow (PS4PB) [855] Well they, well er, no it's feet U K national
b. singh (PS4PA) [856] Let me just da dish this out.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [857] and it's
b. singh (PS4PA) [858] Do you want to score that for me?
j. worrow (PS4PB) [859] centimetres for worldwide ... and Euro.
b. singh (PS4PA) [860] Let's score the paper then we'll go through the er
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
Justin (PS4P8) [861] I'm sorry.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [clears throat]
Justin (PS4P8) [862] I got number one.
p. ford (PS4PF) [863] Ah?
Justin (PS4P8) [864] I sa I said I got number one.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [865] That's what I wrote but I thought, I didn't put that, it didn't [laughing] exactly right [] .
j. worrow (PS4PB) [866] But still, if you , but definitely if you feel like that and it goes [...]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [867] It's the T N T Express.
Justin (PS4P8) [868] I don't think it was right.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [869] It is!
Justin (PS4P8) [870] I could be wrong.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [871] Look!
[872] There!
Justin (PS4P8) [873] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
p. summers (PS4PE) [874] [whispering] This is the trouble isn't it?
[875] But some are good, especially [...] [] .
j. worrow (PS4PB) [876] Kathy, is it
p. summers (PS4PE) [877] You might be buying more.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
Justin (PS4P8) [878] Have you just got to sort of like the, these open to interpretation, or has it got to be word for word?
b. singh (PS4PA) [879] Well we'll go through it
(PS4P9) [880] Giving us the answers now?
b. singh (PS4PA) [881] because, don't
Justin (PS4P8) [882] Yeah.
[883] Good one.
b. singh (PS4PA) [884] do a tick and a cross if you, interpret it, interpret it the way you want to.
[885] If, if you think, hang on
j. fowles (PS4PD) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [886] that doesn't sound right we'll discuss the answer as we go round and ... we'll have a group
j. worrow (PS4PB) [887] I've got the questions wrong here.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [888] Have another go then.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [889] There yours, take those.
(PS4P9) [890] What's that?
b. singh (PS4PA) [891] Give me a paper please?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [892] Mm.
Justin (PS4P8) [893] Yeah, that must definitely be right.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [894] It's up there?
j. worrow (PS4PB) [895] Yes.
Justin (PS4P8) [896] Right.
p. ford (PS4PF) [897] Is that
b. singh (PS4PA) [898] Well, it's a [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [899] If you're [...] , I think there's only two wrong here.
b. singh (PS4PA) [900] Just
Justin (PS4P8) [901] That's right.
b. singh (PS4PA) [902] pick what you think is right.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [clears throat]
b. singh (PS4PA) [903] If it sounds right then put it up and we'll discuss anyway.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
Justin (PS4P8) [904] Alright.
(PS4P9) [905] Ha?
Justin (PS4P8) [906] Mm mm.
p. ford (PS4PF) [907] You still add a mark if you put then, would you give us the same mark as before?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [908] Oh you've got to have that on as well?
b. singh (PS4PA) [909] Well it's just a legal
p. ford (PS4PF) [910] I think so
j. worrow (PS4PB) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [911] That's a good idea actually Phil.
Justin (PS4P8) [912] Oh I'll tick that right, I don't care.
[913] That's right.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [914] Mm.
Justin (PS4P8) [915] Did you tick that?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [916] Mm mm.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [917] Mm mm.
p. ford (PS4PF) [918] I give half for your number four by the way.
j. gibson (PS4PC) [919] I meant a fifteenth of the following
j. worrow (PS4PB) [920] I'd be, I, I'd be inclined to give a half.
j. gibson (PS4PC) [921] I meant the following month
j. worrow (PS4PB) [922] A half for one [...] .
j. gibson (PS4PC) [923] but know why I did.
Justin (PS4P8) [924] I'm not gonna give him that , I'm gonna give you half.
[925] I'm sorry I can't give you that.
a. bond (PS4PG) [926] Got a half of what [...] .
Justin (PS4P8) [927] Got to be strict.
a. bond (PS4PG) [928] It's not very good.
j. gibson (PS4PC) [929] Once you done the fifteenth
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [930] [laugh] , I bought you one.
j. gibson (PS4PC) [931] that's all [...]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [932] What was this?
j. gibson (PS4PC) [933] going to.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [934] Definite.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [935] Well you give me one.
b. singh (PS4PA) [936] Yeah you need, you need one.
Justin (PS4P8) [937] So would I [...] .
Justin (PS4P8) [938] Give half for that one.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
p. ford (PS4PF) [939] There are some which is distributed, things distributed by a carrier
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [940] [...] ?
b. singh (PS4PA) [941] Say that to me again, Phil.
p. ford (PS4PF) [942] There are some which is to be distributed by a carrier.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [943] I'd say no, so he's right.
b. singh (PS4PA) [944] Definition of a consignment?
p. ford (PS4PF) [945] Yeah.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [946] Well
b. singh (PS4PA) [947] I will accept that sort of answer.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [948] It is , the, this specific thing about it is from
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [949] Yeah.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [950] one place to another thing.
b. singh (PS4PA) [951] The one time, one load.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [952] Classified being a consignment.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [953] from one address to another if is the important thing.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [954] Yeah, plus it was [...]
j. worrow (PS4PB) [955] The important fact was covered in that [...] .
(PS4P9) [956] Who's got that?
j. worrow (PS4PB) [...]
p. ford (PS4PF) [957] I'll give you that.
(PS4P9) [958] Oh yeah. [laugh]
Justin (PS4P8) [959] So the , no two labels showing destination
(PS4P9) [960] I could give people the last part , be careful in the second one.
Justin (PS4P8) [...]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...] [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [961] Okay let's discuss the, let's discuss the answers
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [962] Yeah.
b. singh (PS4PA) [963] Let's discuss the answers.
[964] Where's there's any discret
j. fowles (PS4PD) [965] Ooh!
b. singh (PS4PA) [966] discrepancy, I wish I could take the dog's teeth out
j. worrow (PS4PB) [967] You should be able to know them all
b. singh (PS4PA) [968] and put my own in.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [969] Let's see if we can clear up any discrepancy.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [clears throat]
b. singh (PS4PA) [970] What is the legal title of the company?
[971] Did anybody get it technically correct?
[972] It isn't just T N T.
[973] John?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [974] U K.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [975] No.
b. singh (PS4PA) [976] Didn't get the question together.
b. singh (PS4PA) [977] How many got the first one right?
[978] T N T Express U K
b. singh (PS4PA) [979] John did.
b. singh (PS4PA) [980] Ltd.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [981] Yeah.
b. singh (PS4PA) [982] Wo oh!
j. worrow (PS4PB) [983] No , I put, I put
j. fowles (PS4PD) [984] Yeah, Janey did.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [985] carrier.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [986] Well what have you got in?
b. singh (PS4PA) [987] You put the word the carrier?
j. worrow (PS4PB) [988] I just put carrier cos
b. singh (PS4PA) [989] We , I understand what you're saying because yo , that's what it's used erm
j. worrow (PS4PB) [990] I'm looking, I'm from sort of like
b. singh (PS4PA) [991] in the conditions.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [992] a legal point of view.
b. singh (PS4PA) [993] Yeah.
[994] I understand what you mean.
[995] Danny's point is valid there because when you're reading a legal document, T, the T N T Express U K will hereafter be known as the carrier
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [996] Carrier.
b. singh (PS4PA) [997] he's put, so we wrote
j. worrow (PS4PB) [998] So really that's saying the title
b. singh (PS4PA) [999] Yeah, the legal
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1000] actually.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1001] title it does say.
[1002] But I was just gonna say, it's understandable
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1003] Mm.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1004] him thinking in terms and conditions of carriage.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1005] Yeah.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1006] Yo , you wouldn't have just put the carrier normally would you?
[1007] That's what I'm saying, so ... er, just er interpretation of the question slightly misleading there.
[1008] Right.
[1009] No worries.
[1010] What is a definition of a consignment?
[1011] Now if you get these right, word for word ... you'll be er, I do conditions of carriage quizzes on selling skills courses ... and the amount of people that get this right I can count on one hand in the last three years.
[1012] Who got it right?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1013] David.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1014] Word for word?
b. singh (PS4PA) [1015] What was the bit you did?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1016] Not word for word, now
b. singh (PS4PA) [1017] What did he say, please?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1018] He said, one or more items to one address.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1019] No, not comp
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1020] No?
Justin (PS4P8) [1021] No.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1022] not complete.
[1023] What was the completed
Justin (PS4P8) [1024] Andy
b. singh (PS4PA) [1025] bit?
Justin (PS4P8) [1026] So did I Phil.
Justin (PS4P8) [1027] That's not right.
p. summers (PS4PE) [1028] Andy's got it right.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1029] Oh!
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1030] Er er, parcels, a number of
Justin (PS4P8) [1031] [...] package goods
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1032] parcels packaged then together
(PS4P9) [1033] That's what it means
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1034] and carriage
(PS4P9) [1035] but it's not the same.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1036] That's not the exact, not it either.
Justin (PS4P8) [1037] Collect the packaged goods to be transferred from
a. bond (PS4PG) [1038] Oh I've got it.
Justin (PS4P8) [1039] one place to another
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1040] Oh stop it!
Justin (PS4P8) [1041] [...] consignment as agreed.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1042] No, that's not enough.
(PS4P9) [1043] What's mine
j. gibson (PS4PC) [1044] No
(PS4P9) [1045] then?
b. singh (PS4PA) [1046] David is the
j. gibson (PS4PC) [1047] no it's
b. singh (PS4PA) [1048] nearest one.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1049] Parc the number of parcels.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1050] [...] that's what I put.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [1051] A parcel or goods, goods or a parcel, or a number of parcels from one address to another
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1052] At one time.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1053] at one time
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1054] In one load.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1055] in one load
b. singh (PS4PA) [1056] in one load.
[1057] That's
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1058] Aha!
b. singh (PS4PA) [1059] i , those, those points are all valid.
[1060] If there's
p. ford (PS4PF) [1061] I missed that.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1062] a group of parcels going in two loads it's two
p. ford (PS4PF) [1063] I put [...] and I crossed it outside.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1064] Two loads.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1065] Consignments.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1066] Consignments.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1067] If it's going ... erm
(PS4P9) [1068] To different [...] .
b. singh (PS4PA) [1069] to two different
(PS4P9) [1070] I got that one.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1071] addresses it's two consignments.
p. summers (PS4PE) [1072] That's what I meant.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1073] If it goes at different times, it's a different consignment.
[1074] So in, parcel or parcels, going from one address to another at one time in one load ... that is a consignment.
[1075] If you just say ... erm ... a group of parcels ... er er, in one load that's not enough ... cos it can be
Justin (PS4P8) [1076] Yeah I know.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1077] part of a load.
Justin (PS4P8) [1078] I missed out the from address to address.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1079] One address to one address.
[1080] It's
Justin (PS4P8) [1081] Yeah.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1082] quite er distinct what I di ,a what you'll be determined as.
[1083] Cos some people ... er er ... may think, you know, the agreement because I have split the load you can still charge me the same price and it may not be the case.
[1084] Right.
[1085] Next one.
[1086] What's the question ... ja ... Andy?
[1087] What is the cus , sorry, what should
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1088] What should
b. singh (PS4PA) [1089] the customer provide prior to the collection of a consignment?
[1090] What was some of the answers there?
(PS4P9) [1091] Janey's put, name, address, from another consignment note filled out and service requirement
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [cough]
(PS4P9) [1092] and weight of the consignment.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1093] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [cough]
b. singh (PS4PA) [1094] So what we were looking for was something more ... er erm
Justin (PS4P8) [1095] Did I answer that one?
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1096] No.
Justin (PS4P8) [1097] I didn't get round to it.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1098] Anybody get what we were looking for in the, yes you should?
[1099] What should the customer provide prior to the collection of a consignment?
[1100] Well obviously the delivery name and address is important and the consignments, so you didn't get that wrong but there was, what we were looking for ... as well a full written declaration of the nature of contents of any consignment containing dangerous ... infested, contaminated
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1101] Aha.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1102] or fragile goods.
[1103] In other words, is there anything, did anybody pick up
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1104] You got that.
j. gibson (PS4PC) [1105] Yeah,
b. singh (PS4PA) [1106] unusual
j. gibson (PS4PC) [1107] I did.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1108] I might have given you one there, that looks good enough.
j. gibson (PS4PC) [1109] Oh.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1110] Did you get that there?
Justin (PS4P8) [1111] I did a part of it.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1112] Oh
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1113] I reckon Justin's got enough cos
b. singh (PS4PA) [1114] What
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1115] he's got ... times
(PS4P9) [1116] Time
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1117] when ready, weight, number of packages, destination, and then haz
b. singh (PS4PA) [1118] Well done.
[1119] Haz will do nicely for me.
[1120] That's what we're really looking for, hazardous
Justin (PS4P8) [1121] Yeah.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1122] goods.
[1123] Well done.
[1124] Because, how can I say
Justin (PS4P8) [1125] Even, even I take
b. singh (PS4PA) [1126] we've, you'll see, I mean there's a, not a very good illustration of a, the hub with the yellow walls of the, the conveyer belt behind you, but you can see the fairly plain packaging that parcels come in.
[1127] The more, er er sophisticated erm ... wholesale er ... distributors now ... know that people just pick up from stock a box don't they?
[1128] And, they may have one display displayed, but if you go to somewhere like a warehouse or distribution where you go round and pick up your ... you can go to a garden you'll pick up a box that's illustrating a Flymo ... lawn mower or something and, and it'll, er they spend a lot of time and money on the packaging, but, a lot of people for pilferage reasons don't illustrate and that's good practise not to illustrate, from our point of view, what's on the package.
[1129] But you must know what's in it.
[1130] Just knowing the size and the weight isn't, you might, that's alright, that's only for the price ... what's in it is vital ... because ... if I asked the sales people ... from their top ten major customers what do you carry for them?
[1131] Do reme , can yo , can I, can you guess at how many would say I don't know?
[1132] Major customers.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1133] Half a dozen.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1134] It's a lo , I, I'd sa , they wouldn't admit it Bill, they might say something like erm ... oh it's electronics, but they wouldn't know specifically what electronic.
p. summers (PS4PE) [1135] Would that not cause er security problems if you put exactly what was on the box. [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [1136] You don't put , you shouldn't, but you should know.
[1137] You should declare it.
[1138] They should declare if it's hazardous, infectious, infested,i it will, what's word you used?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1139] Incestuous weren't it?
b. singh (PS4PA) [1140] Incestuous?
[1141] Was that a word.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1142] Infested.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1143] Infested, contaminated
j. gibson (PS4PC) [...]
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1144] Yes it is.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1145] or fragile goods.
[1146] Dangerous, haz really, he should declare it, and people don't you know, unless you ask.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1147] Right.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1148] Right.
[1149] Next one.
[1150] What is the customer obliged to provide da ... to load and unload a consignment?
[1151] Who di , who got the answer?
p. summers (PS4PE) [1152] Not exact.
[1153] I, er I said suitable lifting or moving equipment.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1154] I'd accept that.
[1155] Plant, power or labour.
[1156] Moving equipment then.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1157] Yeah
p. summers (PS4PE) [1158] That's
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1159] I got that one.
p. summers (PS4PE) [1160] what I said to you.
[1161] Ah!
[1162] I got that.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1163] Did you accept it Paul?
b. singh (PS4PA) [1164] It got one.
[1165] Yeah.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1166] Yeah, you did?
p. summers (PS4PE) [1167] Yeah about ... lifting equipment?
b. singh (PS4PA) [1168] About power lifting equipment.
[1169] Yeah I'd accept that.
Justin (PS4P8) [1170] Cup of tea for the driver.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1171] What we actually put
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [1172] Cup of tea, sustenance , yeah.
[1173] What we actually put is, er, it is the responsibility in the conditions of carriage.
[1174] It is a responsibility.
[1175] Where would you find the conditions of carriage.
(PS4P9) [1176] On the back of every erm ... contract out there.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1177] On the back of every contract.
[1178] Because ... it is subject to the conditions of carriage ... that we accept their business and therefore we have to provide them with written information.
[1179] Now, it is down to interpretation i er er and, it, on your next courses you may do a more in-depth conditions of carriage quiz which will ask you to study the conditions of carriage at night and produce a bit more detailed answer in the morning, but we're not gonna expect you to do that on this course.
[1180] Erm, number five erm ... can you read that out for me Mandy?
b. singh (PS4PA) [1181] What, sorry, go on.
[1182] Go on.
j. gibson (PS4PC) [1183] When would you cube a consignment?
b. singh (PS4PA) [1184] What did you put Bill?
[1185] What did Bill put?
a. bond (PS4PG) [...]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1186] That's a very good answer then.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1187] It's one I could think of.
j. gibson (PS4PC) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [1188] Gets me out of trouble that one.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1189] I got one.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1190] Did anybody get that one right?
a. bond (PS4PG) [1191] No well I, I
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1192] I thought when the mass
(PS4P9) [1193] I sa er
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1194] is greater than the weight.
[1195] You know
b. singh (PS4PA) [1196] Yes.
[1197] That's right.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1198] Cos I put like
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1199] I put
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1200] if you're taking six foot of film it won't weigh much but it'll take a lot of room up.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1201] That's fairly accurate that.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1202] I just put if you've got
Justin (PS4P8) [1203] Oh you're having that one are you?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1204] if you've got a load , if you
Justin (PS4P8) [1205] It's a good point.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1206] if you've got a er
j. gibson (PS4PC) [1207] More consignments on it.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1208] dead we or ... gross weight
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1209] Yes.
[1210] Well
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1211] and the big package
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1212] that would have meant [...]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1213] then it go in , in a large
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1214] That's correct.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1215] dimensions then you cube it.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1216] We're gonna do cubing in a minute, do a few exercises on cubing.
[1217] Yes, I mean,Je Mandy said er, if we've got any consignment which exceeds one point five cubic feet per ten kilos.
(PS4P9) [1218] But you usually know don't you if
b. singh (PS4PA) [1219] It's lower than that actually but ... er sorry
j. gibson (PS4PC) [1220] Mm mm.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1221] it isn't.
[1222] I, I said, yeah a cubic foot, is se , six point six then.
[1223] That's probably right, yeah.
[1224] One point five per ten kilos.
[1225] You can usually tell when you get used to it and we're gonna talk about visual identity in a minute, but ... when the mass seems greater overly large to the weight is what ... er Jen , sorry Mandy said, and I think that's a good ... er er ... a good er ... analogy there.
p. summers (PS4PE) [1226] I got if erm, if the size is greater than the weight actually.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1227] Yes.
[1228] I got that.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1229] I'll accept that at this stage alright?
[1230] Next question is, what's number six?
[1231] Who can read it out?
[1232] Er six [...] .
j. worrow (PS4PB) [...]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1233] Can't read that word.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1234] Notional.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1235] Oh!
[1236] Ha.
[1237] What notional weight is used for cubing?
(PS4P9) [1238] Six point six per cubic foot.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1239] Did you get that right?
(PS4P9) [1240] I did, yes.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1241] Mm mm.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1242] Yes.
[1243] What notional weight?
[1244] Did anybody get that right other than, Dan?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1245] Mm.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1246] The man.
p. summers (PS4PE) [1247] I, I put one, one
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1248] Janey got it right.
p. summers (PS4PE) [1249] ton per cu , well it's per cubic metre
b. singh (PS4PA) [1250] I know.
[1251] Yes.
p. summers (PS4PE) [1252] because ... in my last job that's
b. singh (PS4PA) [1253] Three feet.
p. summers (PS4PE) [1254] how you worked it out, we didn't work with feet.
b. singh (PS4PA) [laugh]
p. summers (PS4PE) [1255] We worked in metres.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1256] [laughing] Getting you excited now Bill. []
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
p. summers (PS4PE) [1257] Yeah, well he does it all the time.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [1258] It's only twen , it's only twenty six point six two.
[1259] Is it?
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1260] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [laugh]
p. summers (PS4PE) [1261] I dunno, I mean, I got
b. singh (PS4PA) [1262] A metre, no , it's not a ton.
p. summers (PS4PE) [1263] And if you do a cubic metre, in my old
b. singh (PS4PA) [1264] Yeah but yo
p. summers (PS4PE) [1265] it was one, it was like one ... one ton per cubic metre.
a. bond (PS4PG) [1266] That's when you used to work in weight and measure though isn't it?
p. summers (PS4PE) [1267] Yeah.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1268] We do , plus a thousand
p. summers (PS4PE) [1269] They did
b. singh (PS4PA) [1270] kilos per metre squared?
p. summers (PS4PE) [1271] Yeah, if you work on , is it, is it always on cubic feet or do you actually do it on metres?
b. singh (PS4PA) [1272] Well
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1273] We always wo
b. singh (PS4PA) [1274] we tend to go back to feet I must say.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1275] Yeah.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1276] But I don't know why?
b. singh (PS4PA) [1277] Unless it's Euro or international ... and then it's in metres.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1278] What are you refer , what are you referring to that one, that, what does that
p. summers (PS4PE) [1279] That's for loading containers?
b. singh (PS4PA) [1280] That's what you ship in [...] .
b. singh (PS4PA) [1281] Yeah that's for international you see.
p. summers (PS4PE) [1282] Oh right.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1283] It's a different one.
p. summers (PS4PE) [1284] I didn't realize I was
b. singh (PS4PA) [1285] No.
p. summers (PS4PE) [1286] international.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1287] No.
[1288] It's not the same.
[1289] That's what containers do don't they?
[1290] They seal containers and export it to different er ... ratio.
[1291] But the cubic idea is the same, but it's six point six ... cu , kilos per cubic foot.
[1292] So a metre would be ... about three ... it's a cubic metre.
[1293] We'll work on that one.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1294] Gotta be nine , [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [1295] Nine.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1296] nine
b. singh (PS4PA) [1297] Nine.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1298] cubic metres in a
b. singh (PS4PA) [1299] metres
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1300] yard.
[1301] About the same sa , in ten.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1302] Mm.
[1303] It's about the same.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1304] What I can't understand is
b. singh (PS4PA) [1305] Not a ton.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1306] is why we mix, why we mix the measures.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1307] Neither can I.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1308] We've got kilos for the weight, and we've got cubic feet.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1309] Mm.
[1310] Mm.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1311] Mm.
[1312] Mm.
[1313] Terry do you wanna re-write the cu , the cubing manual?
j. worrow (PS4PB) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [1314] Please.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1315] Make it simpler.
p. summers (PS4PE) [1316] Maybe then I'll get it right.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [1317] Make it simpler for the new babies coming in.
p. summers (PS4PE) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [1318] No you didn't, you got it wrong.
p. summers (PS4PE) [1319] Oh right.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [1320] Er, seven.
[1321] To what extent is T N T liable for indirect or consequential loss?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1322] I'd say we were
b. singh (PS4PA) [1323] Answer?
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1324] [...] .
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1325] No.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1326] Anybody get
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1327] It's not.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1328] it right?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1329] Yes.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1330] Yeah.
j. gibson (PS4PC) [1331] I got one of them.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1332] And a show of hands.
[1333] Does everybody understand
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1334] A lot of people.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1335] what consequential loss is or indirect loss?
p. summers (PS4PE) [1336] You lose the parcel but ... it's end up for example in the, they used a contractor at the other end because we lost the parcel but they're not responsible for that.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1337] We'll just take the blame for it. [laugh]
b. singh (PS4PA) [1338] If, yeah, we don't
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1339] And erm
b. singh (PS4PA) [1340] insure documents anyway.
[1341] We don't er ... offer transit liability on documents because we only ... that is a flat piece of paper to us, it isn't a valuable item.
[1342] We don't con , the, you know, what the arrangement is.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1343] Mm.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1344] If it's your marriage contract and you don't get married because you don't got, that's not our fault.
[1345] We just ... cos we don't ins , it's only a piece of paper to us, you see.
[1346] So documents do not get transit liability on them at all.
[1347] And tenders and deadlines can be particularly sensitive to that, but you cannot offer transit liability.
[1348] But even if this tape is going to record the last speech of ... somebody famous and it didn't get and therefore they couldn't record it, that is co , the consequence of a delay, you know, a fall of snow or ... our vehicle breaking down or something not being done, or missed some ... in human, some human error, it's not our, we don't lay, we'll give, we'll insure or ... offer transit liability on the value of the goods providing you've got additional full transit liability with us, but we won't for the loss of business because you didn't get it.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1349] Is that, can anybody think of a, a courier ... of documents, it's still the same.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1350] I think that's why super mail offers [...] on large goods.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1351] Mm.
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1352] It's better than one.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1353] Mm.
[1354] Mhm.
[1355] ... Yes.
[1356] No we don't do ta , erm ... the conditions of ca , there's, there's a slight sort of
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [cough]
b. singh (PS4PA) [1357] on conditions of carriage for the same day operation but, not in that league at all.
p. ford (PS4PF) [1358] On super mail, if that item doesn't arrive in a set time
b. singh (PS4PA) [1359] Mm mm.
p. ford (PS4PF) [1360] what do you make up for, just their postage?
j. fowles (PS4PD) [1361] It might be more mightn't it?
b. singh (PS4PA) [1362] The consignment or
p. ford (PS4PF) [1363] Yeah.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1364] the nearest nearest service value.
p. ford (PS4PF) [1365] If they send out a document that weighs a kilo for tapes and they sent that one, they're losing twenty
b. singh (PS4PA) [1366] It'll lose it's value
p. ford (PS4PF) [1367] rather than say if it doesn't arrive at a set time
b. singh (PS4PA) [1368] That wouldn't make any difference.
p. ford (PS4PF) [1369] then it's covered for them.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [1370] It's E
b. singh (PS4PA) [1371] Just the consignments.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1372] Class E.
p. ford (PS4PF) [1373] With post, yeah.
[1374] I'm talking about
b. singh (PS4PA) [1375] Yeah sorry
(PS4P9) [1376] If it, if it was like you
p. ford (PS4PF) [...]
(PS4P9) [1377] say
b. singh (PS4PA) [1378] Yeah.
(PS4P9) [1379] if they us , if they use a contractor [...]
j. gibson (PS4PC) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [1380] That's what they're, what we're saying.
(PS4P9) [1381] You might, you might get
Justin (PS4P8) [1382] And that sort of from the policy.
(PS4P9) [1383] you might get it
Justin (PS4P8) [1384] No.
(PS4P9) [1385] for nothing.
Justin (PS4P8) [1386] Well er
(PS4P9) [1387] Cos ... but erm
j. gibson (PS4PC) [1388] But they still go there now.
Justin (PS4P8) [1389] Yeah I know, but our sort of van
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1390] What would it cost?
Justin (PS4P8) [1391] [...] or
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1392] Like [...]
Justin (PS4P8) [...]
Justin (PS4P8) [1393] carrier like the local land owner at the House of Lords can do that.
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...]
(PS4P9) [1394] I'll buy you a [...] .
(PS4P9) [1395] Yeah but, she didn't say these are all wrong once I look at
Justin (PS4P8) [1396] Yeah.
(PS4P9) [1397] the board.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1398] [laugh] Paper.
Justin (PS4P8) [1399] Most of them would cos they are going like far [...]
j. gibson (PS4PC) [1400] [laughing] And everyone's [...] [] . ... [laugh]
(PS4P9) [1401] You've seen people see [...]
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [...] [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [1402] We only, we only insure
Justin (PS4P8) [1403] I didn't say what the license is.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1404] we only insure for the intrinsic value of
Justin (PS4P8) [1405] And is there any situation
b. singh (PS4PA) [1406] the item.
[1407] That's all.
Justin (PS4P8) [1408] Right.
j. gibson (PS4PC) [1409] But you guarantee them delivery.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1410] Yep.
[1411] On the piece of paper.
j. gibson (PS4PC) [1412] I know but you've lost the [...] .
b. singh (PS4PA) [1413] We give them their money back.
[1414] I mean, well it'll probably arrive, it'll turn up somewhere won't it really?
[1415] But se
Unknown speaker (KGTPSUNK) [1416] Could do.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1417] I mean send another one is what we're saying, have your money back.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1418] If you haven't got the [...] you should be okay.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1419] Or
j. worrow (PS4PB) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [1420] if it arrived, if you paid for a before
j. gibson (PS4PC) [1421] One customer should expect it to arrive then
b. singh (PS4PA) [1422] noon ... and it er
j. gibson (PS4PC) [...]
b. singh (PS4PA) [1423] I mean, same ta super mail, we wouldn't give them their money back.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1424] I think that's a bit more than that now.
b. singh (PS4PA) [1425] But if you ordered a ten thirty delivery and it arrived before noon, we would just give you the money difference the before twe , ten thirty and the before noon price, not the complete price.
[1426] Unless you wanted to argue about it.
[1427] But we feel that, okay, you know, it may have been a half an hour late but you got there.
[1428] And therefore, we have incurred cost and therefore, but okay, it wasn't the guaranteed service.
[1429] But you could argue with us, you know.
[1430] And again, a commercial decision is made locally based on the strength of the account.
[1431] But we don't, you've gotta be careful as you probably know Phil, the abuse can of the ca , you know, carrier, you know, can be a nice little earner if you're not careful.
[1432] And, you know, erm people can ... intend to fail in order to claim money, revenue back, and so on.
j. worrow (PS4PB) [1433] D'ya know
b. singh (PS4PA) [1434] Or damaged goods can, you know, put the foot through it to get the insurance cover on what we pay and we're liable.
[1435] So you've got to be very, very, very careful.
[1436] Having said that if you, there's been a court of law we'd prob , if, they'd probably erm