St Dominic's: lesson. Sample containing about 1794 words speech recorded in educational context

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PS4S0 X m (No name, age unknown, teacher, no further information given) unspecified
PS4S4 X m (Richard, age unknown, student) unspecified
PS4S5 X m (David, age unknown, student) unspecified
PS4S6 X f (Margaret, age unknown, student) unspecified
PS4S7 X m (Brian, age unknown, student) unspecified
PS4S8 X f (Catherine, age unknown, student) unspecified
KGVPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
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  1. Tape 122002 recorded on 1994-02-14. LocationGreater London: Harrow-on-the-hill ( classroom ) Activity: lesson

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Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [1] The answer too is other than to try and work towards the two communities [...] will agree on something and that's how your [...] how you'll like it.
(PS4S0) [2] [...] agree [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [3] Well don't have to be just [...] .
(PS4S0) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [4] John created [...] .
(PS4S0) [5] I mean it's looking [...] now.
[6] I mean there are some people in Britain who feel that if we were to mount a really effective counter-terrorist operation.
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [7] Just say it was some revolutionary group
(PS4S0) [8] I mean that people like , you know, have said that the British secret intelligence have been have been doing now for a quite long time have been waging a sort of undercover war and er I'm sure some of it's true
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [...]
(PS4S0) [9] M I five operates it in Northern Ireland [...] and has got this whole series you may well have seen the television programme recently about these people who work undercover and who work for the intelligence and they they work themselves into the I R A and become members and then they feed the information back to British it's been very successful and a couple of insiders is risky and we eventually when they are discovered who these people are, they have to be given new identities, plastic surgery and the works.
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [10] Could U N troops be sent in?
(PS4S0) [11] It would be very difficult wouldn't it because the British then would be sort of admitting that you know, what would they do if their own troops were sent in, what would they do?
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [12] Well they'd basically do what the British troops would do but they wouldn't lose much hate against them would they?
(PS4S0) [13] [...] hate but there'd still be this kind of feeling that, you know, why are they here, what is the purpose?
[14] You see the problem is, we've yet to discover what the purpose is of all this.
[15] I mean for the Republicans the purpose is a united Ireland.
[16] For the loyalists the purpose is to remain part of the U K and those two are so far apart, those two positions, that it's impossible to see a bridge between them and that's the difficulty.
[17] ... That is the big point. ...
Richard (PS4S4) [18] What are the teachings like in schools?
[19] Sort of history and things do the Catholics teach in [...] it's the protestants' fault and stuff like that
(PS4S0) [20] A lot of bias, yeah, I mean because that 's that's the way it is over there, there's an awful lot of prejudice and there's an awful lot of
Richard (PS4S4) [21] They sort of bring up [...]
(PS4S0) [22] [...] .
Richard (PS4S4) [23] They bring up their kids to hate
(PS4S0) [24] Yeah that 's and it's got worse in the last twenty or thirty years it's got much worse I think.
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [25] breeding another generation of terrorists
(PS4S0) [26] Exactly, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [27] [...] all the history is about erm, years ago when [...] and all that.
(PS4S0) [28] Oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [29] So it's actually all about what the English did
(PS4S0) [30] Yes it is.
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [31] Comes down [...] .
(PS4S0) [32] It is yeah and these stories are passed on about what the British, you know, troops did a hundred and fifty years ago.
[33] It's a sort of passed on from one generation to the next and it is you know, you will see people, hear people talking about it as if it was yesterday.
[34] This hatred builds up and is then passed on to the next generation.
[35] O K so I thought that was useful because it might actually, is something that, because it's been in the news a lot this year, hasn't it?
[36] If I was setting an exam paper for summer it would be something I would think about putting in not that I am setting it in case you think I hadn't. ...
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [37] [...] .
Richard (PS4S4) [38] What are we doing now [...] .
(PS4S0) [39] Er we're still looking at erm [...] and congress That essay is due in today isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [40] What?
(PS4S0) [41] Present Economist essay.
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [42] Alright.
(PS4S0) [43] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [44] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [45] [laugh] .
(PS4S0) [46] [...] you you've had it for about three or four weeks.
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [...]
(PS4S0) [47] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [48] You being serious.
(PS4S0) [49] I am indeed [...]
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [50] [...] really.
(PS4S0) [51] Yeah [...] question of [...] it was.
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [52] [...] .
(PS4S0) [53] Using and instead of or
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [54] Oh that 's
(PS4S0) [55] Remember that one?
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [56] [...] .
(PS4S0) [57] Thank you. ...
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [58] One question [...] finished [...]
(PS4S0) [59] Well we've, we're looking at congress now until, that that's it, it's our last topic. ...
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [60] [...] .
(PS4S0) [61] Yeah.
[62] ... O K can I have those in then fairly shortly. ...
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [...]
(PS4S0) [63] Yes [...]
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [64] [...] .
(PS4S0) [65] I've got Donna's, I've got Mark's, I've got Catherine's, Lillan's, so who can I hassle, Michael well done
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [66] [...] .
(PS4S0) [67] Vanessa .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [68] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [69] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [70] [cough] .
(PS4S0) [71] Right so, David I reminded you about that letter, when are you gonna bring it
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [72] [...] .
David (PS4S5) [73] Tomorrow .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [74] [...] .
(PS4S0) [75] Tomorrow, are you going to give it to Mr or do you want to give it to me to give to him or whatever suits you
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [76] [...] give it to you
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [...]
(PS4S0) [77] Right .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [78] in registration yeah .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [79] [...] .
(PS4S0) [80] O K so look let me just go through these notices er for today's tutorial period, one or two changes ... erm again a thought for the week from the chaplain to begin with, during the approaching season of Lent, the best thing we can do is to centre our thoughts on what Jesus Christ did for us through his passion, death and resurrection.
[81] He paid a debt which he did not owe because we are a debt that we will never be able to pay.
[82] Please also remember that Ash Wednesday, which is this Wednesday, is one of the only two days a year on which we are asked to fast and to abstain from eating meat.
[83] If we're vegetarian another possible act of penance would be to abstain from alcohol or cigarettes.
[84] Whatever we do for Lent could be done for an intention [...] or our families.
[85] Usual er mass times throughout the week eight thirty five, all days this week including Thursday but Wednesday, which is Ash Wednesday, there's a mass at five past nine in the chapel, so what's normally at nine o'clock on Wednesday?
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [86] Decode.
(PS4S0) [87] So decode is not there this Wednesday.
[88] Mass at nine o'clock this Wednesday, with no mass on Thursday at ten.
[89] So there's gonna be a few timetable rearrangements.
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [90] There's no decode on Wednesday.
(PS4S0) [91] There's no decode Wednesday morning but it reappears, it reappears on Thursday.
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [92] When?
(PS4S0) [93] I'll tell you in a minute.
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [94] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [95] [...] .
(PS4S0) [96] So timetable changes for the week and taking that into account include, like you said, like I said mass instead of decode on Wednesday.
[97] No other timetable changes on Wednesday but on Thursday, nine to ten forty is a double decode.
[98] Now how's that different, that would normally be
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [99] [...] .
(PS4S0) [100] Thursday.
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [101] Yeah, yeah.
(PS4S0) [102] That's right, it's a two normally.
[103] Well it isn't this week so it's D one D two, D one from nine to ten, D two from ten to ten forty.
[104] So your decode that you miss on Wednesday makes an appearance along with the other decode that normally lives on Thursday in a one and a half hour session from nine to ten forty.
[105] Ten forty registration, ten forty five break.
[106] I'll send this round in a moment, er double decode B between break and lunch, is that usual?
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [107] Yeah, yeah.
(PS4S0) [108] Erm A two is now at one thirty.
[109] So that's when the D two would have been after lunch, yeah.
[110] Instead it's A two which would have been at nine o'clock and
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [cough]
(PS4S0) [111] from nine to ten forty five or ten forty instead you've got the decode from the afternoon plus the decode from the Wednesday, so double decode, one and a half hours on [...]
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [112] [...] .
(PS4S0) [113] yep and then E one, E two as usual on Thursday.
[114] Second year parents' evening on Wednesday, seven to nine o'clock, er second years you know that it probably makes sense to be there erm with your parents ... er this Wednesday the no not this Wednesday, Wednesday week the twenty third, which is next Wednesday, there's no leisure centre for first year students, er and in fact there are no Wednesday afternoon activities at all next Wednesday.
[115] That's not this Wednesday, it's Wednesday the twenty third.
[116] Erm, it says they'll be a tutorial period for students to work on record of achievement inserts and personal statements, O K that's second and first years.
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [117] [...] .
(PS4S0) [118] I don't know, good question.
[119] ... Er Coursefinder two thousand er was last Thursday afternoon at three o'clock er a number of students weren't able to come, some people may have forgotten.
[120] I don't think there's anyone here in this tutor group who didn't go, who were supposed to go.
[121] Private exam entries.
[122] If you've been entered privately then you need to pay your exam fees for this summer's exams er as soon as possible, er Mrs is collecting those.
[123] The [...] twenty four hour fast is this Wednesday, because it's Ash Wednesday, is that right?
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [124] [...] it was last [...] .
(PS4S0) [125] Was it?
[126] No it was last week, that's right.
[127] Anyway, any money, sponsorship money, erm you're asked to hand in to Mr as soon as possible.
[128] One year student interviews, I think doesn't apply.
[129] Er notes to all students, it says it is not acceptable to take food and drinks into the corridors.
[130] I have to remind you all, you that food and drink should be kept in the dining room, sounds reasonable enough.
[131] If you want a note about timetable change I'm sending this round so note it down
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [132] [...] .
(PS4S0) [133] So er
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [134] [...] . ...
(PS4S0) [135] Has Christine been seen this morning?
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [136] [...] .
(PS4S0) [137] Right, erm some absences, were you away on Friday?
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [138] [...] .
(PS4S0) [139] You were slightly late weren't you.
[140] Margaret I've got you down as absent Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday last week.
[141] Now I know that some of those days we sort of said hi I'm here naturally
Margaret (PS4S6) [142] Yeah I was away on Tuesday and I [...] trip on Wednesday.
(PS4S0) [143] So visit
Margaret (PS4S6) [144] I was here actually.
(PS4S0) [145] and you were in Thursday, Friday.
[146] Can you do one of these please for Tuesday.
[147] ... Brian were you in Monday and Wednesday last
Brian (PS4S7) [148] [...] .
(PS4S0) [149] Wednesday you were
Brian (PS4S7) [150] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [151] [...] .
(PS4S0) [152] David I need to ask you what that's there.
[153] What's that?
David (PS4S5) [154] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [155] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [156] Oh God.
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [157] [...] .
(PS4S0) [158] Hello Catherine.
Catherine (PS4S8) [159] Hello, sorry I'm late.
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [160] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [161] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [162] That's nice.
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [163] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [164] Does she get upset?
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [165] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [166] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [167] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [168] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [169] Oh no.
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [170] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [171] [...] .
(PS4S0) [172] Right I'll be for the rest of the tutorial really, erm find yourselves something to do, I just really want to follow up er the little amount of time that I spent with second years er looking at their action plans.
[173] Er ... all of you, all of you [...] prioritising some sort of organisation and planning of revision, so I've got some ideas that you might want to try on that score so first years, I'm sure like Clare you must have some work to do .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [174] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [175] [...] .
(PS4S0) [176] So you're not here on Wednesday as well Anna is that right.
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [177] [...] Sir?
(PS4S0) [178] You're not here on Wednesday either?
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [179] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [180] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [181] [cough] .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [182] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [183] Really.
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [184] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [185] [...] .
(PS4S0) [186] That's all [...] .
Unknown speaker (KGVPSUNK) [187] [...] .