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  1. Tape 008201 recorded on 1991-09-04. LocationEssex: Harlow ( Institute Hall ) Activity: Committee Meeting Club Meeting

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Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1] Can I give you those?
Margaret (PS6MD) [2] Mm.
Rose (PS6MC) [3] there's not much on the table.
Margaret (PS6MD) [4] Sorry.
Rose (PS6MC) [5] committee meeting was held on the sixth of July at two P M, the President Mrs was in the chair attendance as per register.
[6] Minutes of the previous meeting were read, confirmed and signed.
[7] The August outing is now to be to Westcliff, cost two pounds sixty, seventh of August leaving at nine thirty A M payments to be made at the July meeting.
[8] The hall maintenance erm should be commenced soon.
[9] The whole management committee of four, we decided five didn't we?.
Margaret (PS6MD) [10] Well I should leave that because that would be right for the time.
Rose (PS6MC) [11] It's to be formed, so far Mrs E Mrs have volunteered to be on it.
[12] Mr was put in two new lights one fluorescent and one bulb, he was paid five pounds and costs.
[13] July the thirteenth is a coffee morning for the raffle.
[14] Due to a number of circumstances Amy feels she should not be treasurer for nineteen ninety one.
[15] Mr is to be asked to do the floor after the kitchen is finished.
[16] Twenty three leaflets or booklets are to be ordered from value for money, that's that funny one you've got there.
[17] County have sent us five draw books for a doll's house.
[18] A letter from County informing us of that nineteen ninety two subscriptions are to be nine pounds.
[19] A thank you letter received from St. Clare's Hospice for a cheque given for two hundred and eighty pounds.
[20] And a new auditor needs to be found.
[21] Four new tables received from Gopak cost two hundred and eighty five pounds.
[22] Payment for the holiday to be paid at the July meeting.
[23] Help is needed by Gwen on the thirty first July at the Victorian Fair.
[24] The meeting closed at three forty P M. [...] .
Joan (PS6ME) [25] Bit wrong.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [26] [...] Thirty first of July will be.
Joan (PS6ME) [27] That was a coffee morning.
Margaret (PS6MD) [28] It's the seventh of September. [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [29] It's the eight [...] .
Margaret (PS6MD) [30] Oh it's the eighth is it?
[31] Sorry.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [32] Yeah [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [33] [...] Margaret the [...] .
Margaret (PS6MD) [34] We'll get it right in a minute.
Rose (PS6MC) [35] Wonder why I put that. [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [36] Oh yes, it's the treasurer for the nineteen ninety two Margaret, not ninety one, I'll alter it.
[37] Can I file it otherwise?
[38] Thank you ... Matters arising, the outing.
[39] In spite of all I said I enjoyed it, thank you very much [laugh] . [laugh] .
Rose (PS6MC) [40] It was very good actually, the weather could have been a bit better but erm thanks very much for arranging it, it went very well.
Janet (PS6MG) [41] The tide was in.
Rose (PS6MC) [42] [...] we were lucky cos it didn't start to rain did it till we got back in the coach? so that was well planned.
Janet (PS6MG) [43] Yes.
Rose (PS6MC) [44] Thanks very much Janet.
[45] The hall maintenance, well I don't know whether you've all noticed we've got a new sink out there, looks quite smart I think and you all agree the ones who've seen it?
[46] Er, I've had a word with Jeremy about decorating, oh Florrie I must apologise I did try to ring you, I think I managed to get everybody else, erm but you weren't there, in and then I, I left it I regret to say, erm but we thought perhaps we ought to have the kitchen re-decorated and I've had a word with Jereminy, Jereminy, Jeremy and he says about two hundred pounds and I did get permission from some of you and I've gone ahead and asked him to do it and he said about three weeks, but before we can have that done, in the meantime, the roof leaked again out in the kitchen Erm, so I've had a word with Peter who was going on holiday and he should be home this week and he said he will look at it as soon as he's home, so I'll give him a ring, I'll try tomorrow night, I'm out tonight, I'll try and give him a ring tomorrow.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [47] What is it again then Rose, is it the tiles off or something.
Rose (PS6MC) [48] Well it was off before and, and he put it back and it seemed to be alright didn't it Joan?
Joan (PS6ME) [49] Yes, I thought it [...] . [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [50] You see we really need it felted underneath.
Joan (PS6ME) [51] Yeah.
Rose (PS6MC) [52] And it would stop all this problem, but I don't think we've got the money for it.
Joan (PS6ME) [53] No.
Rose (PS6MC) [54] We'll have to look into it to see if we can't manage it.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [55] It didn't go [...] off on itself did it Rose?
Rose (PS6MC) [56] It's that bit in the front which I gather was an extension, am I right?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [57] Oh I don't know. [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [58] Well I think it, I think it was put on after this bit.
[59] It was built after this bit, from, from what I can make out and this is felted underneath the tiles but that bit isn't and that's why we get the problems out there, but he put the tile back but it slipped.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [60] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [61] Yes.
Rose (PS6MC) [62] Whether it's slipped again I don't know but he said he'll look.
[63] So we've gotta do that before Jeremy can start.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [64] Mm.
[65] Yes.
[66] Yes.
Rose (PS6MC) [67] Erm, then after that we'll have to look at the floor, but there's no point in doing the floor until the decorating is done is there? and the roof sorted out.
[68] Erm, Joan and Sheila very kindly volunteered to wash all the curtains in here and they've been done.
[69] I've volunteered to take the stage curtains to the cleaners and I haven't done it yet I regret to say [laugh] , so my apologies, it will get done eventually, er I hope.
Margaret (PS6MD) [70] But you won't be able to get those down Rose will you, all on your own?
[71] I mean they're heavy things aren't they?
Rose (PS6MC) [72] Well perhaps we can manage it on a chair [...] , then I can take them up the Stow and put them in the cleaning machine.
Rose (PS6MC) [73] But he charges you doesn't he as though it's a private .
Margaret (PS6MD) [74] Oh yes, yes .
Rose (PS6MC) [75] Where as at the Stow the machine only costs five pounds ... and you do it, you just wait for it and so we'd get these in two or three, but he'd probably charge us a lot more along there, unless someone likes to enquire what he charges?
[76] Erm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [77] Well I'm going that way.
Rose (PS6MC) [78] Well I won't be able to do it till after the, the end of September, cos we've got the Victorian fair, the flower festival and
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [79] Well, we'll leave it till then, then sort it all .
Rose (PS6MC) [80] then I'm on holiday for a week.
[81] So I'll take them then.
[82] Okay.
Margaret (PS6MD) [83] Mm, mm.
Rose (PS6MC) [84] I'm sorry I didn't get round to doing it, but I did have the flu for quite a while.
[85] Erm, I think that's all the decoration and the hall maintenance.
[86] The hall.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [87] Now Edna said, didn't you say that the all the sideboards coming .
Edna (PS6MJ) [88] Lillie , Lillie , we was playing darts on Monday, came out from the ladies toilets' and said You ought to see that skirting board, it's all coming away and rotting [...] .
[89] She obviously uses it each week, so it's all rotted all coming away at the back of the pan.
Rose (PS6MC) [90] You see, I think our next priority must be that bit out there, where we, where we've got no damp course. [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [91] Because the erm, jumble sale room's in an awful state, isn't it? and Rentokil said it it went along in, into there.
Edna (PS6MJ) [92] Mm.
Rose (PS6MC) [93] What does anyone else think?
[94] It's either that or the roof, we've got to do something.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [95] Well I think the roof is an emergency.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [96] Done first. [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [97] The roof has got to be done hasn't it?
Rose (PS6MC) [98] Mm
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [99] We start getting bad weather and then we're gonna be in trouble aren't we?
Rose (PS6MC) [100] Mm, and I don't think bodging it up it seems to be doing the ... seems to be doing any good.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [101] No well I feel in the long run it's probably wasting money because erm we keep bodging it up which costs money, we might just as well see how much it is to get it [...] and do it, and do it erm [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [102] Mm, mm .
Rose (PS6MC) [103] Yeah, we did have that quote, but there were other things on it.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [104] Yes, yes, I.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [105] Well perhaps we can get a new quote, you know, just for the roof and [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [106] Yes, I'll speak to Peter about it, see what he says and what is essential.
[107] Okay, will do.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [108] [...] that's almost half the battle isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [109] Mm.
Rose (PS6MC) [110] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [111] Mm, mm.
Rose (PS6MC) [112] It saves a lot of bother I can tell you.
[113] Our Peter.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [114] How long ago was it that we paid six hundred pounds didn't we to get our roof seen to, doesn't seem all those many years ago.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [115] Yes, but that was when it was satisfactory [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [116] Well I don't know , we've had problems ever since six hundred pound and that was years ago, probably be six thousand now. [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [117] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [118] I think the total quote he he gave us before was about four hun thousand wasn't it? but it included I think.
Margaret (PS6MD) [119] Between three and four wasn't it?
Rose (PS6MC) [120] It was more than three quite definitely, ah but that included some other bits and pieces, I think with that it was over four thousand, and I don't think we've got four thousand spare have we Amy?
Amy (PS6MK) [121] Well we've got that amount we have got that amount in the erm building society, yes [...] amount [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [122] Oh, we're better off than I thought.
[123] Don't want to run it right out.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [124] Oh no no.
Rose (PS6MC) [125] Anyhow, I'll ask him when we get a new quote.
[126] Refelt, or felting.
Rose (PS6MC) [127] Erm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [128] Cos the last time we had it going up [...] look [...] certainly wasn't satisfactory was it?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [129] Wasn't it?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [130] It's always been a problem hasn't it?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [131] I.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [132] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [133] What about your man?
[134] Gwen's just having hers done, she's in the throes of having hers rebuilt. [laugh] .
Gwen (PS6ML) [135] And I've got, we've got three very handsome young men in swimming trunks on top of my roof [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [136] What you complaining about Rose.
Margaret (PS6MD) [137] And she won't send them over to me. [laugh] .
Gwen (PS6ML) [138] They're working ever so hard and I must say they were good, you know, erm, cos they haven't finished the job yet, but erm, I think they know what there about you know, and they've certainly got a lot of energy and it's a hard job. [...] .
Gwen (PS6ML) [139] Taking all their their er time, that's the biggest job, it takes their erm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [140] The tiles?
Gwen (PS6ML) [141] The top ones you know.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [142] [...] .
Gwen (PS6ML) [143] And, and they're all sort of preserved and they're all to bring down clean [...] .
[144] But er, I could ask him.
Rose (PS6MC) [145] Well I think we'll have to get some other quotes, because Peter isn't the the roofer, he gets someone else to do it, so I think we ought to have some other quotes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [146] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [147] Mm yeah.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [148] Yeah definitely.
Rose (PS6MC) [149] So will you ask them Gwen?
Gwen (PS6ML) [150] Yes.
Rose (PS6MC) [151] And er, I'll come down and show them if they like.
Gwen (PS6ML) [152] Yes, I will.
Rose (PS6MC) [153] Lovely, thanks very much, and Amy's just showed me our balance at the Bristol and West and it's six thousand four hundred and forty one pounds sixty five pence, so we are a bit better off than I thought.
[154] So that's lovely.
[155] Hall management committee, are there any more volunteers.
Rose (PS6MC) [156] I said I'll go [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [157] Will you Sheila, ah thank you, lovely.
[158] Thanks very much.
Margaret (PS6MD) [159] Sheila will call.
Rose (PS6MC) [160] Sheila will go on, so that's lovely.
[161] Erm, and we had a a little meeting Margaret, Joan and I, just to go through the agenda for today, and we thought that, we th perhaps five was a better number, erm, because we thought Maisie would be on as she does the bookings, but we wouldn't expect you to do anything else, Maisie, yeah.
Masie (PS6MH) [162] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [163] So, erm, and also as Joan pointed out if you've got four, if two of you want one thing and two another, there isn't a casting vote, so erm, five might be better.
[164] Does everyone agree or not?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [165] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [166] Did you get any response from the May meeting Rose?
Rose (PS6MC) [167] Well I have I didn't because I said that I would just tell them about it and then I would speak again this month and see what er, they say.
[168] Because we've also got to talk about erm officers and committee members.
[169] So first of all Amy you still want to resign?
Amy (PS6MK) [170] Yes, please.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [171] Erm, have you had for thoughts Joan?
Joan (PS6ME) [172] Thinking.
Rose (PS6MC) [173] Joan is thinking, that she might take over from me.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [174] Really.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [175] Oh.
Joan (PS6ME) [176] I might, I never said I would. [laugh] .
Joan (PS6ME) [177] It's only a thought [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [178] I'm praying hard, so will you all join me.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [179] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [180] May, may I say that when you dictate it, you did it all [...] .
Joan (PS6ME) [181] Ah, but then you see Rose had written it all out [laugh] .
Rose (PS6MC) [182] Well I'm sure the writing out of the agenda is, I, I'm not just saying it, the agenda is not difficult and I do everything I can and I will write any letters you want.
Joan (PS6ME) [183] Oh [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [184] So, you know whether I'm on the committee or not, I, I'd be quite happy to do that.
[185] So there wouldn't be anything from that point of view.
Joan (PS6ME) [186] I'm thinking. [laugh] .
Rose (PS6MC) [187] Jolly good Joan ... Erm, now does anyone else feel they can't come on the committee?
Edna (PS6MJ) [188] Me.
Rose (PS6MC) [189] Edna, one, two, three.
[190] Will you be on the management committee Edna?
Edna (PS6MJ) [191] I, you know I don't mind, I enjoy handicraft but I find I'm out Monday playing darts, I'm out Tuesday doing handicraft and I look after a little boy who's got Cerebral Palsy four mornings a week and comes three in the afternoon and it's quite a lot.
Rose (PS6MC) [192] Mm.
Edna (PS6MJ) [193] And you know in one week, but I'm quite willing you know just to get on with the handicraft, but I just can't be committed.
Rose (PS6MC) [194] So you'll do the handicrafts, I mean if, if, whoever is.
Edna (PS6MJ) [195] Yeah, if nobody wants to do it ,
Rose (PS6MC) [196] president
Edna (PS6MJ) [197] I would just carry on and do it.
Rose (PS6MC) [198] Mm.
Edna (PS6MJ) [199] And that, as long as they didn't expect me to turn up to every committee meeting.
Rose (PS6MC) [200] Mm, okay.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [201] Pardon.
Rose (PS6MC) [202] I'm sorry.
Rose (PS6MC) [203] Well, would any one like to be treasurer here?
[204] Or feel they could do it?
[205] Brenda do you think you could?
Elsie (PS6MF) [206] No.
Rose (PS6MC) [207] Betty, anybody?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [208] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [209] Margaret?
Margaret (PS6MD) [210] Well I'm still treasurer at the bowls club and I don't feel that I want to take on two [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [211] Well I'll ask at the meeting, but I'll have to talk about it.
[212] If the worst came to the worst and we did get another president, I would do it, but I'd rather have a break for a little while.
[213] Erm, but if there was absolutely nobody else, I would, but I don't want that to get any further, because I don't want to stop somebody else.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [214] Mm.
Rose (PS6MC) [215] I do want a little break really and truly, but I, would do it if there was nobody else.
[216] So it's Edna, Marion and Sylvia, well thank you very much for all your help anyway.
Edna (PS6MJ) [217] Well, [...] .
[218] [...] only too pleased to give it would I?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [219] I don't mind helping [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [220] Don't want to make any commitments [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [221] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [222] Well you've got your husband and er, and.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [223] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [224] Teas. [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [225] Yes.
Rose (PS6MC) [226] Thanks every so much all of you any rate.
[227] Mm Amy would you be on the committee?
Amy (PS6MK) [228] Yeah.
Rose (PS6MC) [229] Lovely, thank you.
[230] Erm, oh the raffle coffee morning I'm sorry I couldn't come, but I was laid low erm how did it go?
[231] I gather you had [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [232] [...] Wednesday it went very well indeed, yes, I, we made forty four pounds, twenty nine pence on the day and then Betty went to Sawbridgeworth with some cushion covers and managed to sell them off for another five pounds so we got [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [233] Oh lovely .
[234] All jolly good, yes.
[235] Erm we don't feel you've got to spend all that raffle prizes, erm because we don't usually raise much more than sixty to seventy do we on the raffle?
[236] I don't think so any rate, so you know bear in mind when you choose your prizes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [237] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [238] Okay, lovely.
[239] That's very good though.
[240] Erm, the floor.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [241] I think we will happy we've had plenty of help you know [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [242] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [243] You know, everybody rallies round us, [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [244] Well actually I always think, Win always say that the W I runs itself because everyone gets on with things and they don't need to be told and, and when it actually comes to it no nobody wants to become president or officer. [laugh] .
Rose (PS6MC) [245] But when it actually comes to doing work they're ever so good.
[246] It, it does sort of organise itself.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [247] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [248] Mm.
[249] So were very lucky really.
[250] Oh I should've mentioned about the maintenance erm, we won't do anything about this floor until the rest of the things are sorted out, I think this is the least of our worries.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [251] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [252] Mm.
Rose (PS6MC) [253] Erm, the County draw, you said you've sold all the tickets Margaret, that right?
Margaret (PS6MD) [254] What for the d doll's house ?
Margaret (PS6MD) [255] Doll's house .
Margaret (PS6MD) [256] Oh yes
Rose (PS6MC) [257] Good ... er the nineteen ninety two subs.
[258] Well I've written a letter which I'll read out to you, I haven't posted it because I think I ought to read it to the meeting and get their approval erm, or otherwise, erm, [reading] Dear Miss , [] this is the General Secretary, W I subscription nineteen ninety two.
[259] [reading] I have been instructed by the committee and members of Harlow W I to write to you making the strongest possible protest about the increase in the W I subscription to nine pounds.
[260] I set out the views of the membership below.
[261] One, many of our members are elderly and managing on very small incomes and any increase in the s in the subscription is likely to mean that we shall lose members.
[262] This is particularly true in this area where we have to compete with the Townswomen's Guild which has a lower subscription and also with numerous Council-run activities, many of which are free or at a low cost for pensioners.
[263] Two, our institute has its own hall and as this is now about seventy years old and was not particularly well built in the first place, you will understand that it costs us a good deal in money and effort to literally keep the roof over our heads.
[264] We therefore have to ask our members to contribute to the upkeep by way of fund-raising activities and this increases their spending on the Institute by many pounds per annum.
[265] Three, we fail to understand why it is necessary or desirable for such a large proportion of this subscription to go out of our institute to County and National Funds.
[266] Three pounds fifty for our institute and five pounds fifty for County and National.
[267] For a large proportion of our members the activities of both County and National are completely irrelevant and all that matters is how good is the programme that is provided at local level.
[268] We appreciate the County put on an interesting programme of events, but since we are situated some distance from County Headquarters and public transport is virtually non-existent, we are unable to participate in very much.
[269] Also the cost has increased considerably, which is another obstacle.
[270] As far as national activities are concerned we have the greatest difficulty in getting a delegate to attend the tri-annual meeting in Birmingham this year and many members thought the money spent could have been put to better use.
[271] Whilst we realise that if we belong to a national organisation, there will be some additional cost to individual Institutes.
[272] Our organisation does seem to be top-heavy and in need of radical overhaul.
[273] The vast majority of members are recruited at local level by word of mouth and very, very few by the image-making publicity generated at national level.
[274] Please let us keep more of this subscription at local level so that we can provide the service that is required.
[275] We apologise for the outspokenness of this letter, but it is felt that if we are to continue as a national organisation of good standing, we must put our house in order before it is too late.
[276] Yours sincerely, Rose , etc, etc. []
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [277] That's great.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [278] Mm.
Rose (PS6MC) [279] That alright?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [280] Have you sent that Rose?
Rose (PS6MC) [281] I haven't sent it because I thought I must read it to the meeting.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [282] Oh.
Rose (PS6MC) [283] Erm before I sent, I only did it the other day, I regret to say any rate.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [284] Erm, Rose.
Rose (PS6MC) [285] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [286] Can I just say that after the last meeting and you urging us all to write I did write to them.
Rose (PS6MC) [287] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [288] And say .
Rose (PS6MC) [289] Oh thank you .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [290] And this was the letter that I got back.
[291] [reading] Thank you for your letter regarding the nineteen ninety two annual subscription.
[292] The National Federation executive committee had two decisions to make in determining nineteen ninety two subscription.
[293] Firstly whether these subscriptions should be for one year only or whether it should be fixed for three years to tie in with the tri-annual general meeting.
[294] The advice of the County Federation was sought, a promptly reply was received but equally divided; there was no clear guidelines.
[295] Cos of uncertainty about the arrangement [...] over long period, [...] decided to opt for one-year-only subscription.
[296] The second difficult decision to be made was what the subscription should be.
[297] There were various factors to be taken into account when determining the actual amount, previously the subscription adding [...] and the fact that there had been no increase in the second year when inflation in increased considerably had to be taken into account.
[298] Secondly the decision is a nineteen ninety one budget by the Chancellor of the Exchequer who raised the level of the Value Added Tax to seventeen and a half per cent from fifteen per cent hit the income of the majority of County Federation and certainly the National Federation because Customs and Excise when VAT was introduced ruled that the annual subscriptions was made VATable.
[299] In other words for every three pounds, thirty membership fee, the National Federation [...] it has to pay just over a forty nine pence to Customs and Excise.
[300] The third factor that has been given was the effect of the current recession [...] which although these [...] although a [...] of communication is mentioned also provides a steady source of income to the National Federation.
[301] Apart from the subscription, the magazine relies upon advertisement income and with bankruptcies and liquidations these income has been heavily eroded.
[302] Finally the most important in the National Federation was the urgent financial needs of the Institute.
[303] Several letters have been received from the Institute pointing out how the cost of hiring important speakers would substantially be using their income.
[304] The National Federation was determined not to re-introduce the quota and equally determined to try and help the Institute financially.
[305] As a er result it was agreed to give the larger share of new subscription to Institutes, in actual fact Institutes received an increase of twenty nine point sixty two per cent.
[306] The National Federation had to consider all the points when determining the amounts of the new subscription to having raise various figures finally agreed on the amount of nine pounds.
[307] I trust this answered your queries on the increase in the annual subscription and your members' satisfaction, that they still consider it good value for money.
[308] Yours sincerely.
[309] P S Your point about W Is owning their own halls has been noted. []
Rose (PS6MC) [310] Well that's a load of waffle, that answer nothing doesn't it?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [311] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [312] I mean I've never heard a thing so.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [313] I wrote and said that [...] a lot of members [...] our pension, we couldn't afford it, and that we owned our own hall so therefore we had a lot of cost to to keep it in good repair and why was it nine pound.
Rose (PS6MC) [314] I, I see that they written your name on that so obviously it's, it, they've had so many.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [315] And the P S [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [316] Do you think I should read this to members before I send it? or do you think I should send it?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [317] No send it.
Rose (PS6MC) [318] Do you think it's alright.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [319] Yeah. [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [320] Okay, well I will do so.
[321] Perhaps you'll check the spelling for me afterwards will you?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [322] Yeah, [laugh] .
Rose (PS6MC) [323] That, that's an awful letter really it doesn't answer anything does it?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [324] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [325] Just a waste of time.
Gwen (PS6ML) [326] No, no wiser now than I was before.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [327] No.
Rose (PS6MC) [328] No.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [329] Quite honestly.
Rose (PS6MC) [330] Eh, and they, I mean they didn't say whether it was for one year or three years in that piece of paper anyway did they? [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [331] They say [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [332] It is for one year.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [333] One year.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [334] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [335] Four [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [336] No.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [337] [...] never stated [...] two or three years.
Rose (PS6MC) [338] No.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [339] They never put it down if it goes up do they?
Rose (PS6MC) [340] Oh no.
[341] But I mean if the Townswomen's Guild can do it for cheaper why can't we?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [342] Some [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [343] Yes, yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [344] Do you think it has anything to do with the organising the [...] you know, a lot of money [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [345] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [346] Yeah.
Rose (PS6MC) [347] Yes it was.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [348] Mm.
Rose (PS6MC) [349] Quite a bit more wasn't it?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [350] Very costly.
Rose (PS6MC) [351] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [352] Put on ...
Rose (PS6MC) [353] It, it must've cost a fortune, because er ... extra because of all the hotel accommodation we had to have as well.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [354] Mm.
Rose (PS6MC) [355] I mean they didn't pay for that it cost us more money.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [356] That's right.
[357] Cos county er [...] they er debated whether it would be a three year or one year meeting to tie in with the tri-annual.
Rose (PS6MC) [358] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [359] [...] you know.
Rose (PS6MC) [360] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [361] It would have to be done in [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [362] No ... well.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [363] I I would think that's just a [...] letter.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [364] Yeah.
Rose (PS6MC) [365] Yes, it is.
Rose (PS6MC) [366] They just put the bit on about the hall after.
[367] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [368] They probably.
Rose (PS6MC) [369] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [370] Perhaps they send you a similar letter [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [371] Be interesting won't it to see?
Edna (PS6MJ) [372] How much does the Townswomen's Guild pay anyway?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [373] Erm.
Rose (PS6MC) [374] Erm, I don't the exact figure but it is quite a bit less, erm seven pounds odd I think isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [375] Could you say, er one of our members has already received your standard reply perhaps [...] . [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [376] Something more to the point.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [377] More detail on it.
Rose (PS6MC) [378] Yeah, well, I'll, I'll write if I get the standard reply shall I?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [379] Six twenty five the Townswomen's Guild.
Margaret (PS6MD) [380] Six twenty five.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [381] That was July.
Rose (PS6MC) [382] That was July, yes I knew it was quite a bit cheaper.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [383] And are their headquarters in London like our [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [384] Birmingham.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [385] They're Birmingham.
Rose (PS6MC) [386] You see, I don't see why we have to have London and they bought the blessed place.
[387] Anyhow let's progress, I'll send it off any rate if you think.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [388] Yes, I think it's very good.
Rose (PS6MC) [389] Amy have you, have you had any luck with an auditor or not?
Amy (PS6MK) [390] No, I'm, I have been in touch with Betty and erm, and her husband says that erm he cannot help us and can't recommend anyone. [...]
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [391] I've got a feeling that Alwin and Pat use an auditor.
Rose (PS6MC) [392] Oh I thought they're [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [393] Well I thought so, but that was well that was the reply [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [394] Oh.
[395] Sorry.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [396] I think Alwin and Pat use an auditor cos as you know he's in business and I've got a feeling that Alwin was asking me about the auditors the other day, so whether there's would be, whoever he is, would be er willing to do it, I don't know.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [397] Pat [...] part qualified.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [398] Oh no, no.
Rose (PS6MC) [399] No it must be er an accountant.
[400] Could you ask?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [401] Yeah, I'll ask Alwin, yeah, I'll pop
Rose (PS6MC) [402] And you
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [403] in there.
Rose (PS6MC) [404] mm, sorry.
[405] And you were going to ask Margaret were you?
Margaret (PS6MD) [406] I'll find out how qualified she is.
Rose (PS6MC) [407] Person who does the church accounts?
Margaret (PS6MD) [408] Yes.
Amy (PS6MK) [409] Mm, well I was wondering [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [410] The church fund.
Margaret (PS6MD) [411] Yeah.
Rose (PS6MC) [412] No, Derek would tell us.
Amy (PS6MK) [413] Yeah.
Rose (PS6MC) [414] Only we must do that fairly soon.
Amy (PS6MK) [415] Yes, because er, the books are closed at the end of this month which is, you know, you've got to give the auditors time to get the hall done before the A G M.
[416] which is in November isn't it?
Rose (PS6MC) [417] Mm.
[418] So all of you that have expenses.
Amy (PS6MK) [419] Yes, that, I'll have to sign that.
Rose (PS6MC) [420] Sorry Amy.
Amy (PS6MK) [421] It's alright.
Rose (PS6MC) [422] Carry on.
Amy (PS6MK) [423] It's alright, only if you can let, all of you that have expenses, can you let me have them by next Wednesday and erm, I will, I can pay you out then at the meeting and erm, because you know, everything has to be in erm by the end of this month.
Rose (PS6MC) [424] Okay.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [425] [...] auditors, sometimes someone at the bank will do it.
[426] When we had the W I shop someone erm, I, I didn't [...] bank did it, you know [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [427] Charging the earth for things.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [428] No, no, I was thinking of [...] bank.
Rose (PS6MC) [429] Oh privately.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [430] Mm.
Rose (PS6MC) [431] Ah.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [432] And that's years ago, but.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [433] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [434] Does anyone have a friendly bank manager? [laugh] .
Amy (PS6MK) [435] Erm, if you could let me know as soon as possible about erm these people, because if not we've got to, you know really try some other sources.
Rose (PS6MC) [436] Did you hear Margaret.
Margaret (PS6MD) [437] No.
Rose (PS6MC) [438] Erm Amy said could you find out as soon as possible about your church person, erm, because she's got to get somebody else if they're no good and er Elsie's going to find out.
Amy (PS6MK) [439] Perhaps you could let me know at the meeting next Wednesday.
Elsie (PS6MF) [440] Yes, yes .
Amy (PS6MK) [441] If at all possible.
Rose (PS6MC) [442] Erm Victorian fair if anyone else wants to help, I'm sure Gwen would be only too pleased, any food.
[443] Erm, correspondence.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [444] Margaret.
Margaret (PS6MD) [445] Letter from Jean .
[446] Thank you and all my friends at the Women's Institute for the lovely flowers, cards and letters sent to me during my illness.
[447] I really do appreciate all kindness you have given to me, Jean .
Rose (PS6MC) [448] Does anyone know how she's getting on, somebody said she was down, said she was on holiday .
Joan (PS6ME) [449] Eh she was away I think when, or she'd gone out when [...] called in upon here a fortnight ago.
Margaret (PS6MD) [450] She was just having an [...] . [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [451] Mm, poor Jean.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [452] She's having treatment still, she ... she goes for a couple of days at a time.
Rose (PS6MC) [453] Mm. [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [454] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6MD) [455] A letter from Lilly 's daughter.
[456] [reading] Dear friends thank you very much for your messages of condolence upon the sad loss of my mother Lilly .
[457] I am sure you will miss her as much as we are, our consolation was that her suffering was not protracted.
[458] Thank you also for the ten pound cheque which I'll be donating to Cancer Research, Yours sincerely, Angela . []
Rose (PS6MC) [459] I'm sorry if any one of you didn't know, but Lilly died, do you know.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [460] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [461] Yes, I was coming to that actually, I've got it down.
[462] Erm, she died quicker than I think they expected actually, she had cancer of the liver, so I'm glad she didn't suffer any longer.
[463] We did take a plant into her on the Saturday before she died, and then she died the following Saturday er and she.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [464] When was this Rose? [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [465] Yes, it's between the meetings and, and the funeral was last week.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [466] Last Tuesday.
Rose (PS6MC) [467] Last Tuesday.
Masie (PS6MH) [468] Yes.
Rose (PS6MC) [469] And er, some of us did go, Maisie went and [...] and I went and there was Joan , [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [470] Joyce .
Rose (PS6MC) [471] Eh Joyce.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [472] Joyce.
Rose (PS6MC) [473] Er Joyce, I always call her Joan, Joyce .
[474] Erm, it was a lovely service but that was no consolation, but still.
Margaret (PS6MD) [475] County are selling some W I sweat shirts.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [476] Oh yeah.
Margaret (PS6MD) [477] You can have a white one at eight pounds fifty, or a black one at nine twenty five, medium, large or extra large [laugh] . [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [478] They liked to sell some, if you want one tell me.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [479] [...] .
Margaret (PS6MD) [480] Erm a letter from Harlow Council.
[481] [reading] Application for grant aid.
[482] I am writing in the reply to the ongoing correspondence and discussions between yourselves and various departments within the Council regarding your application for funding for repairs to the building in Garden Terrace Road.
[483] The delay since February was as a result of a change in the way Harlow Council administered grant aid.
[484] Until then each department had its own grant aid budget, which was administered by the service committee.
[485] Applications were often referred between committees causing considerable delay in a decision being taken.
[486] A new grant aid procedure was introduced recently and all funding requests received since February have been held pending the information of the new system.
[487] This system deals with all applican applications from grant aid which now comes under the remit of one committee.
[488] On the twenty fourth July nineteen ninety one the new resources and policy grant sub-committee met for the first time and considered a number of applications including one from your organisation.
[489] I regret that the committee decided it would not approve funding as detailed in your application. []
[490] Jean [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [491] Oh.
[492] I mean we knew that ages ago. [laugh] . [...] .
Margaret (PS6MD) [493] Erm, [reading] there is a half yearly Council meeting at Blackshots Lane, Grays, Thurrock.
[494] The speaker will be Sarah an authoress whose talks are most entertaining and amusing.
[495] In order to be able to make seating arrangements I would be grateful if you would please, please and return the slip below no later than thirtieth August nineteen ninety one. []
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [496] Oh that's gone.
Margaret (PS6MD) [497] We shall be sending one delegate or one or two visitors so, shall I send it and say no?
Rose (PS6MC) [498] Mm, I shouldn't worry, I should just leave it.
[499] I should forget about it.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [500] Surely the.
Rose (PS6MC) [501] Oh it's just the, sorry I was miles away when you ... it's a half yearly Council meeting in there.
[502] I was gonna bring that up.
[503] Does anyone want to be a delegate.
Amy (PS6MK) [504] It's a long way to go.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [505] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [506] County isn't it? [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [507] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [508] Well this is at Grays [...] isn't it?
Rose (PS6MC) [509] Mm.
[510] Does anyone want to go?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [511] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [512] But it's difficult to get there, if I mean it's quite a [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [513] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [514] Well ah, we can mention it at the meeting, but I mean it's too late really and er anyhow I shouldn't think anyone will go.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [515] Surely [...] .
Margaret (PS6MD) [516] If they don't go then our diaries and calendars will have to be [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [517] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [518] There's something else I might be able to [...] .
Margaret (PS6MD) [519] Erm, there's a nomination for, for the executive committee nineteen ninety two to nineteen ninety four, erm, this must be back to the County by the twenty second September, nomination for the executive committee and up to twelve members may be nominated.
Rose (PS6MC) [520] Does anyone want to nominate somebody?
[521] No, forget about that.
Margaret (PS6MD) [522] Just a minute Rose, I think there's something else here.
Rose (PS6MC) [523] Mm ... .
Margaret (PS6MD) [524] No, no that's for them to send in ...
Rose (PS6MC) [525] Being inundated with bits of paper.
Margaret (PS6MD) [526] That's about the show which is over ...
Rose (PS6MC) [527] There's this thing from the Bradford and Bingley saying that they've amalgamated with somebody and erm they're not publishing their interest rates at the usual times, I don't think it's anything world-shattering.
Margaret (PS6MD) [528] I think that's all.
Rose (PS6MC) [529] Well there's something else here.
[530] A meeting has been arranged for two representatives from each institute owning their own halls at the W I centre in Chelmsford on Monday the twenty first October from ten until twelve noon noon.
[531] Our accountant has been asked to attend and it is hoped any questions you may have can be answered by him or federation officers.
[532] Does anyone like to go?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [533] I should think it would be very interesting [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [534] Well if somebody's going we can.
[535] We went to that other thing before. [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [536] I, I'll go.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [537] Is that a follow up from that last one we went to?
Rose (PS6MC) [538] Well I presume it's something like that, do you remember it was an absolute dead loss when we went before erm and we did tell them so [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [539] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [540] And they're not charging us this time you will notice.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [541] Oh yeah.
Rose (PS6MC) [542] Really, it should, if there's the accountant there who's ever going to be treasurer next year should go [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [543] That was very [...] for us last time was it?
Rose (PS6MC) [544] No, well they've actually done something this time, the accountant's going to be there, I mean when we went last time they just said we know nothing about running a hall, we bought you here to tell us and charged us for the privilege.
Edna (PS6MJ) [545] Yeah.
[546] Well I wouldn't mind going but I don't want to drive there.
Rose (PS6MC) [547] Well I'll drive.
[548] But I think whoever is going to be treasurer, erm.
Edna (PS6MJ) [549] Oh yes, they only want two so that would be you and a treasurer.
Rose (PS6MC) [550] [...] .
[551] Well I mean you could go with the new treasurer, but they would drive, so erm.
Margaret (PS6MD) [552] We'll just have to wait and see for [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [553] Well say, say that erm, oh do you have to say?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [554] It does say erm.
Rose (PS6MC) [555] Let them know does it?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [556] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [557] No.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [558] I shouldn't think there'd be so many people there, [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [559] I think there's twelve in Essex so there'd only be twenty four wouldn't it?
[560] But if there's somebody going to speak then it is worth while I think.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [561] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [562] And certainly if I did become treasurer I would want to, to know something about it cos I don't really.
[563] er anyhow, I'll make a note of that.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [564] While I've got my diary open Rose I see on the twenty third there's a meeting at Nazeing for the spring group meeting.
Rose (PS6MC) [565] Ooh is there?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [566] Mm.
[567] Mm, at ten thirty in the morning at erm Back Lane, that's just off Nazeing Common, remember Margaret, they told us didn't they?
Rose (PS6MC) [568] Mm.
[569] Could we have any volunteers to be delegate?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [570] Well yes.
Rose (PS6MC) [571] You've got to have [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [572] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [573] On the twenty third I've got it down for of October.
[574] Again when we went the last time they said that [...] .
[575] Probably give us a reminder.
Margaret (PS6MD) [576] That's right at ten thirty A M .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [577] Ten thirty yeah.
Margaret (PS6MD) [578] Profits Cottage.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [579] Yeah that's right.
Margaret (PS6MD) [580] Yeah, well I, I was going to [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [581] Going to.
Rose (PS6MC) [582] Will you Margaret?
[583] Oh lovely.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [584] Yeah, I don't mind going with Margaret and Rose if you [...] as well.
Rose (PS6MC) [585] Oh fine you'll come as well.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [586] Mm ...
Rose (PS6MC) [587] And that's the, the twenty third .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [588] twenty third .
Rose (PS6MC) [589] Mm.
[590] Lovely, thank you very much.
[591] Erm, and a we had a thing from Denman, for next erm June, the the thirteenth which is a Saturday to the seventeenth which is a Wednesday from ten till six P M.
[592] It's called the Denman's Summer Festival Focus on Europe, and, [reading] don't miss the exciting chance to come to Denman College during the Denman Summer Festival, when we should be celebrating the closer coming together of the European commu Community.
[593] A spectacular programme of events, displays, demonstrations and activities and so on and so forth.
[594] Erm, National Dancing, Choir Singing in the church, Cookery, Sports Activities, Crafts and Flower Arranging, W I Markets, information about the E E C and much, much more, morning coffee and afternoon tea, continental ice cream and soft drinks will be available.
[595] You are welcome to bring a picnic lunch. []
[596] Something struck me, would this be a good idea for an outing.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [597] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [598] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [599] Good idea.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [600] Yeah.
Rose (PS6MC) [601] Erm, we've got to send this off before the first of November though.
[602] This is for next summer, but I think we could take a chance don't you?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [603] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [604] Yeah.
Rose (PS6MC) [605] [reading] Applications invited from W Is, the closing date for bookings is the first of November ninety one after which the ticket allocation will be made and the entry fee is two pound a person. []
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [606] Mm.
Rose (PS6MC) [607] Doesn't.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [608] It's sort of Oxford area isn't it where [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [609] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [610] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [611] [reading] Please indicate which days [...] places will be held. []
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [612] Could you ask them at the meeting next week if they would like us on an outing to Denman because they're, a lot of them don't really know what Denman is do they?
Rose (PS6MC) [613] No.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [614] And er, and, and what month is it?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [615] What month is it?
Rose (PS6MC) [616] It's June.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [617] June.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [618] June.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [619] Mm.
Rose (PS6MC) [620] The thirteenth to the seventeenth.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [621] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [622] A lot of people won't commit themselves to that kind of thing.
Rose (PS6MC) [623] Well I don't expect they will, but er I mean if a number of them were interested enough, I mean people are away on holiday at that time, but, if we thought, if we got the response we could, what do you think?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [624] What you, what.
Rose (PS6MC) [625] We've got to commit ourselves. [tape turned over]
Rose (PS6MC) [626] Nice day, the grounds are quite pleasant.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [627] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [628] Mm.
Rose (PS6MC) [629] And then the whole, the thing has been, the house has been done up hasn't it?
[630] Go round the bedrooms.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [631] No, it sound a good idea if it don't fall apart nearer the time.
Rose (PS6MC) [632] Yes, this is the only thing.
Margaret (PS6MD) [633] Well we have to take a chance.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [634] Have, have a [...] .
Margaret (PS6MD) [635] We'd get quite a lot of people I think.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [636] You send for fifty tickets.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [637] Yeah.
Rose (PS6MC) [638] I think we might get, if we did have an outing and the other institutes locally haven't got one.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [639] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [640] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [641] Yes, mm.
Rose (PS6MC) [642] So I'll ask at the meeting.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [643] Mm.
Rose (PS6MC) [644] Then perhaps you would then, Janet.
Janet (PS6MG) [645] Right.
Rose (PS6MC) [646] Go off and we'd just have to bear the costs.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [647] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [648] Yeah, it'll be about a hundred pounds wouldn't it?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [649] Mm.
Rose (PS6MC) [650] Anyone got any objections to it, or think it's not a good idea, do say.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [651] no
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [652] I think it's a good idea.
Rose (PS6MC) [653] Mm.
[654] I mean I did go to Denman, but I wasn't very well at the time and I didn't get round the house so I would like to go myself.
[655] There's something about, I don't know whether you've heard about it, about this education and training for twenty first century, and something about they're not funding leisure classes the government or something .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [656] Yes
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [657] It was on the television the other night wasn't it?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [658] Yes, it was on the radio .
Rose (PS6MC) [659] Mm, and er National asking us to contact our MP about it if we have strong feelings.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [660] We do.
Rose (PS6MC) [661] Would you like to write to your M P?
[662] Cos some [...] may find helpful, women will be the main losers in adult education cutbacks.
[663] Almost eight out of ten students in adult education in the U K are women.
[664] The education of countrywomen when it's a vital part of the programme for the W I.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [665] Oh there's an awful lot of it.
Rose (PS6MC) [666] Does anyone want to write?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [667] It's got it down on all these adult educational classes that even though.
Rose (PS6MC) [668] Yes and they said their prices are gonna go way up.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [669] They have.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [670] They have already.
Rose (PS6MC) [671] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [672] I mean this, you, could you pay yours today?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [673] Well we paid sixteen pounds altogether.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [674] Sixty eight pounds and then ten classes and then you have to pay two pounds student's fee.
Rose (PS6MC) [675] That gets me, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [676] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [677] Really does.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [678] I mean it was fifty pence.
Rose (PS6MC) [679] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [680] It's gone up to two pound.
Rose (PS6MC) [681] Oh, I think that's awful.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [682] And that's all to do with students' union.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [683] I mean your class is much cheaper than the one I go to.
Rose (PS6MC) [684] Why do you have to pay, it is a for students' union, if, if, if you're in work you don't have to belong to a union?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [685] There's lots of strong argument about it, but they just adamant aren't they?.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [686] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [687] They are.
Rose (PS6MC) [688] I mean there's no compulsion now is there, in industry, I, I don't think there is.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [689] Can you [...] .
[690] Do you know what yours has gone up to?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [691] Don't know.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [692] No, Florrie.
Masie (PS6MH) [693] We're going tomorrow.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [694] I thought it started next week? [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [695] You enrol [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [696] Anyhow if you're interested and want to write.
[697] Essex News, I really haven't had time to look through it [...] erm, but there's rather a nice little bit which I must read.
[698] The W I Attitudes.
[699] Lift up the strong in arm for they shall put out the chairs, blessed are they whose heads are bursting with ideas, for they should be put on the programme committee.
[700] Blessed are the hewers of wood and the drawers of water, for they should organise the teas.
[701] Blessed are those that listen intently, yes even with their eyes on the president's face, for they can be conned into volunteering.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [702] [laugh] .
Rose (PS6MC) [703] Blessed are they which hunger and thirst after knowledge for they shall attend classes at Denman.
[704] Blessed are they who sit quietly with their eyes modestly cast downwards, saying nothing, volunteering nothing, for they are the majority of W I members [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [705] True, very true [laugh] .
Rose (PS6MC) [706] So I must read that after the meeting.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [707] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [708] And wait to see whose face turns red.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [709] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [710] Won't be listening.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [711] That'll be [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [712] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [713] Erm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [714] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [715] Huh, there's a bit about great grant aided classes just below it.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [716] Yes.
Rose (PS6MC) [717] And I wanted to bring this up because erm, when I find my little bit of paper, erm Elsie , who went with mothers to the county show at Pressing Barns, so a demonstration on silk flower making from Japanese silk ribbon and she said it was excellent.
[718] And this women gives talks and demonstrations or courses and she also had some other courses on paper quilling, gift wrapping and bow making, cracker making and patch work.
[719] Erm, now it did cross my mind, that it would be nice just to see it and have a talk and a demonstration, but I think our meetings are too big really for that sort of demonstration, I wonder if we could have it at the handicraft afternoon.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [720] I thought it, I thought, we sort of said yes [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [721] Well yes, we thought about it didn't we.
[722] Ah, ah, I just thought I'd better explain to everyone, sorry.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [723] Oh sorry.
Rose (PS6MC) [724] Erm, thought it would be nice at handicrafts afternoon and then we could throw the handicraft meeting open to anybody if I told them at the meeting before were going to have it.
[725] What, it, it was going to be about twenty five pounds wasn't it Jean?
Joan (PS6ME) [726] A bit more expensive.
Margaret (PS6MD) [727] Have you got that, I've got one of these.
[728] Make [...] to Sheila.
Rose (PS6MC) [729] Oh dear, that means it's very hard.
Margaret (PS6MD) [730] Perhaps give you a bit more detail.
Rose (PS6MC) [731] Oh one day course, oh ten till four.
[732] Erm [reading] the course will cover cutting, stretching, squeezing and pulling the petal shape and putting together by wiring, gluing and taping to form the flowers, one day course ten A M to four P M, twelve pounds fifty, inclusive of materials per person. []
Rose (PS6MC) [733] Oh it's per person.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [734] Yes, yes.
Rose (PS6MC) [735] Oh, that puts a different complexion.
[736] Well no, no, this is, this is a course, but this what I'm talking about is a talk and demonstration.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [737] Yes.
Rose (PS6MC) [738] Which is a bit different, and I gathered from Elsie that was twenty five pounds, I don't really know.
[739] That's a bit different from the course isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [740] Did anyone else see it it was very good, very good.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [741] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [742] Well if you throw it over to the meeting, all of those would come would only be interested wouldn't they? which is what you want.
Rose (PS6MC) [743] Yes, but they, you wouldn't have to pay twelve pounds per person just for a talk.
Rose (PS6MC) [744] Do you think it'll be worth making some more enquiries?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [745] Yes.
Rose (PS6MC) [746] Do you think you could Sheila?
Rose (PS6MC) [747] Yes.
Rose (PS6MC) [748] Would you mind?
[749] Not for, then we could think about having a grant aided class if we if we could get one still for this leisure activity, if people were interested.
[750] Erm, we could make some more enquiries, after she, if we thought it was interesting enough couldn't we?
[751] What do you think?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [752] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [753] Well it's worth some enquiries Rose isn't it?
Rose (PS6MC) [754] Mm, if you wouldn't mind Sheila anyway, thank you.
[755] Erm, the carol festivals are on and there's one at Thaxted, which might be quite nice, actually, erm it's on the same page, the previous column ... And someone's just taken a driving test at ninety one.
Rose (PS6MC) [756] And she passed with flying colours ... She's been driving for years apparently but she had to take a test.
[757] Anyhow, I leave you to go through anyway, cos we'll be here all day.
[758] Erm passed [...] this evening.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [759] Erm [...] choir, forty five pounds, forty four P, Eastern Electricity thirty eight pounds, twenty three, Peter , the builders, for the new sink, four hundred and ninety one pounds and fifteen P and Eastern Gas, eleven pounds, twenty seven.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [760] I've got a little bit here going from Mr he had to come in again and see to two lights and he'd only take two pounds and that included the light bulb, but I paid him so that comes out of the [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [761] I see.
Rose (PS6MC) [762] We can't keep imposing on him for that amount though really.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [763] Yes, he's quite active.
[764] He's quite happy to help.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [765] He really is, [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [766] He's quite happy to come for those two ladies [...] . [laugh] .
Rose (PS6MC) [767] I'm sure, [...] . [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [768] We won't enquire any more about that.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [769] I think [...] getting a bit cross [...] . [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [770] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [771] Oh lovely.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [772] And put new castors on it, the old wooden one [...] see it
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [773] Oh jolly good, [laughing] we won't ask what the fee was. []
Amy (PS6MK) [774] So that just made quite a big hole in our money.
Rose (PS6MC) [775] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [776] What you have quoted from the bank, the six thousand, four hundred and forty one, er is that [...] .
Amy (PS6MK) [777] That's the building society.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [778] That's the building society, so the money for the repairs didn't come out of the building society.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [779] No, it'll come out of the bank yes .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [780] That money come out of the bank .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [781] So how much is in the bank then?
Amy (PS6MK) [782] Not, not a lot at the moment, I don't think, erm, the end of July erm there was eight hundred and something, but there's been quite a few bills that have come out of it although that doesn't include the two receipts that Maisie has just given me which is about a hundred and eighty, so that's nearly another two hundred in, but we're alright, we're.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [783] But that six Rose, I'm not criticising, well I am criticising, to me that seems an awful lot of money.
Amy (PS6MK) [784] It is a lot of money.
Rose (PS6MC) [785] It is but.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [786] I think it's rather dandy he's finished off, he's put this white erm stuff you know what they squeeze from [...] now .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [787] masking .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [788] That's all over the pipe isn't it.
[789] He didn't have to put new piping in did he, I understand, it's an awful lot of money .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [790] I think it's a lot of money
Rose (PS6MC) [791] It is a lot of money .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [792] but you see labour is such a terrible erm cost these days, it's so much to get anything done.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [793] His put some little vents in the doors, but they're not very pricy .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [794] Yes, but you can get yeah.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [795] I mean they're not, they wouldn't cost a lot.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [796] No, but it must be time consuming, yeah, course.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [797] I thought it was a terrible lot of money when I saw it .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [798] It is a lot of money
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [799] mm, it is a lot of money.
[800] It's very difficult.
Rose (PS6MC) [801] That's why I think we ought to have another quote for the roof actually.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [802] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [803] Definitely.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [804] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [805] Mm ...
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [806] See, you just can't get people to do all these odd jobs can you?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [807] Not really. [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [808] Well there is [...] about the hall we might be able to read them that letter, from the new [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [809] Oh, do you want to read it?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [810] No, you can read it.
Rose (PS6MC) [811] [reading] Dear Mrs , or s! []
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [812] Oh yes, they always put [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [813] [reading] What a delightful hall it was.
[814] It was admirably, and so very suitable, it was also very refreshing to find a venue that has such a warm atmosphere about it, please find enclosed a cheque for its hire, may I also confirm the date for the October meeting the twenty fourth, many thanks indeed, yours faithfully, John [] .
[815] We've got one fan. [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [816] What, what, what organisation is this?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [817] Masonics [...] only a few of them.
Rose (PS6MC) [818] Mm, lovely.
[819] Erm, has erm, have people got their sort of quarterly reports, it is this month ?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [820] Yes
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [821] Yes, I've got mine.
Rose (PS6MC) [822] Elsie?
Elsie (PS6MF) [823] Erm thirty right pounds sixty five.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [824] That's the raffle Elsie is it?
Elsie (PS6MF) [825] Mm.
Rose (PS6MC) [826] Yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [827] Sixty five pounds and twelve pence.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [828] [whispering] All this money has to be paid in. []
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [829] Sixty five pounds and twelve pence in tea money.
Rose (PS6MC) [830] Did you get that.
Rose (PS6MC) [831] Oh sorry.
Rose (PS6MC) [832] Who else? er market stall?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [833] She'll give it to you Wednesday [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [834] She'll give it to you Wednesday.
[835] Mm.
[836] Anybody else.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [837] Well there's handicraft, but I have a committee [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [838] Mm, okay fine.
[839] Now, Amy said something about paying this money in did you?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [840] Yes.
Rose (PS6MC) [841] Do they pay it in [...] ?.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [842] All monies [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [843] No they, they usually keep it. [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [844] Hold it over I think, don't you.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [845] I've got it, I'm only going by what Betty wrote little things in erm this book that has to be done.
[846] Erm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [847] Is that profit from a year or two years [...]
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [848] Profits since we took it over. [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [849] You're doing a marvellous job.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [850] Erm, end of year, all money into bank, handicraft, teas, market stall, raffle.
Rose (PS6MC) [851] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [852] Have you pay for, you've got to pay for [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [853] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [854] Yes, you pay market stall [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [855] Well I would like, like to get rid of some of this money, it is quite a lot of money seventy five pounds .
Rose (PS6MC) [856] It is actually yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [857] That's a sort of thing she does.
Rose (PS6MC) [858] Well let's say, if you feel you've got more than, you should hand over to somebody next time.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [859] Yeah.
Rose (PS6MC) [860] Would you let er, Amy have it?
Rose (PS6MC) [861] I think that's the best thing, yes you Amy.
Amy (PS6MK) [862] And could, would you put it in a bag er with a little erm ticket in it you know, how much it is and what it's for and.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [863] If I give you fifty pounds, I've got sixty five pounds twelve pence, if I give you fifty pounds, then that keeps fifteen pounds and twelve pence to buy tea bags and [...] .
Amy (PS6MK) [864] Mm, you just do what you like [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [865] Marvellous, yes. [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [866] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [867] I like to [...] when I'm up there, there's only one place open, I got up there, you see, and I've got it all in little bags and that so that.
[868] As I look behind me the queue was getting bigger and bigger. [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [869] I was hotter and hotter and then he er said I was short in one bag, so I quickly get some more, then when I turned round two people had disappeared under the queue behind me. [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [870] You did say you were from the W I did you?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [871] Couldn't get up [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [872] Could see you again. [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [873] I hope [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [874] How is thrift going er?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [875] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [876] Oh no, it's alright.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [877] Yeah, I mean, I never thought about it
Rose (PS6MC) [878] Mm.
[879] Erm what, well, what made me ask was Lillie , and her [...] .
[880] I had a call from Doris and apparently Lillie's been saving from her daughter, is that right?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [881] I don't think she's been saving [...] I know that name is on my list.
Rose (PS6MC) [882] Just Lillie ?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [883] Yes, because they don't, there's one lady [...] .
[884] Then, and so then but I haven't been seeing Mrs .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [885] Yeah.
Rose (PS6MC) [886] Mm well apparently it's actually for her daughter.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [887] Mm.
Rose (PS6MC) [888] And her daughter has asked if she can continue
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [889] Yes.
Rose (PS6MC) [890] to save in this way.
[891] I said I had no objections, but I would have to ask, you know, the committee if they had because she's not a member as such, but obviously has been going on all the year.
[892] Does anyone have any objections if she carries on till the end of the year?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [893] It's still in Mrs 's name isn't it?
Rose (PS6MC) [894] Yeah. [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [895] Eh, it, it's going to be closed is that account in December and re-opened.
Rose (PS6MC) [896] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [897] At, well in November and re-opened in January isn't it?
Rose (PS6MC) [898] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [899] And so,there therefore it, it would be less hassle.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [900] Oh yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [901] If, if you carried on till November any way.
Rose (PS6MC) [902] So I'll ring Doris and tell her it's okay.
[903] That alright with everybody? er the jumble sale on the twelfth October, I gathered Joan's emigrating.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [904] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [905] She's got, help my friend.
Rose (PS6MC) [906] And so we've all got to help Sheila.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [907] Right.
Rose (PS6MC) [908] Will you be putting board round Sheila?
Rose (PS6MC) [909] Yes.
Rose (PS6MC) [910] Okay, fine.
Rose (PS6MC) [911] And the forms [...] .
[912] We have got posters, we've started the posters out.
Rose (PS6MC) [913] Oh lovely.
Rose (PS6MC) [914] Use the same posters as we had last year, but put on, cover up and put a new [...] on, use them up.
Rose (PS6MC) [915] Oh you've got more than you had, needed last year.
Rose (PS6MC) [916] Yes.
Rose (PS6MC) [917] Yes.
Rose (PS6MC) [918] Oh that's fine.
Rose (PS6MC) [919] Yes, there was fourteen there isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [920] Will you want a [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [921] And you'll want jumble won't you?
[922] From now on.
[923] Okay.
[924] The coffee morning for the Tombola.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [925] Eh yes it's on the twenty eighth Saturday, twenty eighth of September, now that's a Saturday immediately after our W I holiday.
Rose (PS6MC) [926] Oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [927] So, you'll remind me next week won't you?
[928] I think Freda said she was going to er, you know, ask you.
Rose (PS6MC) [929] Mm, okay, fine.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [930] [...] ask for next week.
Rose (PS6MC) [931] And there's no tickets, there's no tickets.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [932] Yes, she has got some tickets, a [...] , she's made some and erm hoping those who can't come will buy ticket at least, but if they would bring a bottle you know, something for the prizes er erm they don't pay for coffee, biscuit.
Rose (PS6MC) [933] I see, if.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [934] Coffee, biscuits don't buy .
Rose (PS6MC) [935] You either buy a ticket or you come with a bottle.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [936] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [937] Yeah.
Rose (PS6MC) [938] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [939] [...] like at the Aneurin Bevan and places like that tickets.
Rose (PS6MC) [940] Oh lovely, jolly good.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [941] There was twenty eight of us.
Rose (PS6MC) [942] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [943] One week, [...] people, cos we'd be away the week before.
Rose (PS6MC) [944] Yeah, but we'll tell them next meeting.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [945] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [946] Okay.
Margaret (PS6MD) [947] Er, the monthly meeting, speaker's requirements Sheila.
Rose (PS6MC) [948] Nothing [...] no charge. [laugh] .
Rose (PS6MC) [949] [laugh] lovely.
[950] I hope they bring lots of nice samples.
Rose (PS6MC) [951] Erm, competition Dora.
Janet (PS6MG) [952] Yeah, I was just wondering who can I get to [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [953] What happened when you had a limerick last time?
[954] Because I won it, and I was away, I was poorly.
[955] Do you remember Joan, I think you were doing it, and we had a limerick, years, some years ago, we had a limerick, I think Joan was doing it.
Joan (PS6ME) [956] Yes, I think I was.
Rose (PS6MC) [957] And I think somebody said people read them out.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [958] Yeah I think Hilda did.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [959] Yeah, that's right.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [960] Yeah, I'm sure Hilda read.
Rose (PS6MC) [961] And then how, did they just vote for them?
Margaret (PS6MD) [962] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [963] Yes, we did Rose, yeah it was [...] I'm sure.
Rose (PS6MC) [964] Do you want to do that this time? or.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [965] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [966] Well let's see what everybody [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [967] I should think it's the best way, I can't think of anything else.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [968] Could the speaker judge it?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [969] Yeah.
Joan (PS6ME) [970] Is it a male or a female speaker?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [971] Could be [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [972] A male?
Rose (PS6MC) [973] It's a man is it?
[974] Oh I don't know why, I just assumed it'll be a women.
[975] Well we could ask the speaker but, wait.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [976] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [977] I think [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [978] Then you can read mine.
[979] Or you could read them out because then er, people did hear them.
Margaret (PS6MD) [980] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [981] Hear them [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [982] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [983] Hm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [984] That could be a difficult bit.
Rose (PS6MC) [985] Hm. [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [986] Well if there was a tie, the speaker could give a casting vote, couldn't he?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [987] I see our friend is mystified! [laugh] .
Amy (PS6MK) [988] sorry
Rose (PS6MC) [989] We have a competition each month of various kinds, and this month we've got to, as we've got the Dairy Crest, erm representative coming, we are writing a limerick including the word milkman, or something [...] . [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [990] The mind boggles.
Rose (PS6MC) [991] I've already written mine, well I. [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [992] Did the milkman help you.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [993] No.
Rose (PS6MC) [994] I'm not telling you. [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [995] Bet she had that Benny Hill song [...] . [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [996] I, never heard a word of it.
Rose (PS6MC) [997] Erm Vera is going to give ploughman's lunches.
[998] Isn't it marvellous that she so well
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [999] Oh yes .
Rose (PS6MC) [1000] Absolutely fantastic.
Rose (PS6MC) [1001] Hm.
[1002] Diaries and Calendars order.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1003] Ah yes, I ask you about those, erm cos we did say at one time that we thought some of you were going to the half yearly Council meeting and pick them up there.
Rose (PS6MC) [1004] Well if I'm going to this meeting.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1005] Which is?
Rose (PS6MC) [1006] I will pick them up then.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1007] Oh, so we wouldn't have to pay the postage.
Rose (PS6MC) [1008] No, so you could tell them.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1009] So, I I thought it would be best if the diaries and calendars were ordered in September because the Home and Country orders er are the next month and that might be.
Rose (PS6MC) [1010] Hm, I think we said last time that they had to tell you this month with the money.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1011] That's right, yes.
Rose (PS6MC) [1012] Hm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1013] How much are the diaries for?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1014] Eh diaries, two pounds, fifteen and calendars one fifty.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1015] Very good value I [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1016] Hm, so you want two pounds fifteen for a diary?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1017] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1018] And one twenty.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1019] One fifty
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1020] One fifty for a calendar.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1021] What's on the calendar this year? [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1022] [...] garden.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1023] And it's an appointment calendar.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1024] Where's that, [...] this one.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1025] Detachable postcard illustrations.
[1026] Anniversary card.
Rose (PS6MC) [1027] What does.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1028] Seventy fifth anniversaries.
Rose (PS6MC) [1029] What are the pictures?
[1030] Oh seventy fifth anniversary.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1031] I think it tells you in the Essex News.
Rose (PS6MC) [1032] Right.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1033] Next month's going to be flowers or something.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1034] I think it's got to be, erm they've got to be in because the, they've got to be collected in October.
Rose (PS6MC) [1035] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1036] October the fourteenth, so they were having to be ordered at, next week, won't they?
Rose (PS6MC) [1037] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1038] Well.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1039] Yes, that's what they're sent to do.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1040] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1041] Cos they've got to be collected on the fourteenth you see.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1042] Well I accept them [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1043] As we're looking at the Essex News, there's the result of the quiz there.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1044] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1045] Mm.
Rose (PS6MC) [1046] Very, very obscure some of them.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1047] They were.
Rose (PS6MC) [1048] Anyhow, it's going to be trees and birds next year.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1049] Must admit that's the one none of us could get.
Rose (PS6MC) [1050] Erm, Maisie who's doing the vote of thanks?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1051] Maisie!
Rose (PS6MC) [1052] Who's doing the vote of thanks?
Masie (PS6MH) [1053] Well, now, I wasn't, cos I was on holiday at the last meeting, so I couldn't check, I have down Grace , but it was also queried at the time.
Rose (PS6MC) [1054] She won't be able to come because she's up to her eyes
Masie (PS6MH) [1055] She won't
Rose (PS6MC) [1056] in flower festival.
Masie (PS6MH) [1057] Oh, alright, yes, [...] then I'll ask her originally, but I say I couldn't, couldn't check up, well I'll find somebody else then [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1058] You'll whisper to me who it is.
Masie (PS6MH) [1059] Yes, yes.
Rose (PS6MC) [1060] Thank you.
Masie (PS6MH) [1061] [laugh] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1062] Erm, I've done the tombola tickets.
[1063] Anything else for the monthly meeting.
[1064] Vera wants to talk, oh sorry.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1065] Do, do I have [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1066] Ooh. [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1067] Yes I've got that down here, I'm coming to it, yeah.
[1068] Erm, so we've got to mention the Denman outing.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1069] Mm.
Rose (PS6MC) [1070] And the Christmas outing.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1071] Yes.
Rose (PS6MC) [1072] Now where do you want to go Christmas?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1073] Would like some ideas please.
Rose (PS6MC) [1074] And the date.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1075] Where you want to shop [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1076] Well personally, I'd like to go to Lakeside, er, cos I've never been and so many people have been I don't [...] . [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1077] It's nice and, nice and near, we need not be all the hours that we are sometimes at the other places need we?
[1078] It doesn't take long to get there.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1079] No.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1080] It takes twenty five minutes.
Rose (PS6MC) [1081] Is there anything else for people to do, who don't want to go shopping?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1082] No.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1083] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1084] Absolutely nothing.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1085] Nothing.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1086] There's Gatehead.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1087] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1088] I've been. [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1089] House of Fraser's just about opened, but there's nothing else.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1090] Just all shops .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1091] Ah there's, what about Lewis's, but there's not [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1092] That's closed.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1093] That's gone into liquidation.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1094] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1095] Bentall's has taken it over now.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1096] What have?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1097] Bentall's, I was there on Saturday.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1098] Hm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1099] How about erm Canterbury?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1100] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1101] It was lovely there.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1102] That was lovely last time.
Rose (PS6MC) [1103] I like Canterbury, it's very compact and there's a Cathedral if you don't want to shop all the time, there's plenty of little places to eat.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1104] [...] the thing with all [...] in?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1105] Lakeside.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1106] Lakeside, just these fast feeding places like McDonald's.
Rose (PS6MC) [1107] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1108] Where you eat one of these things and there [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1109] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1110] I didn't, I didn't put [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1111] It's common isn't it? [laugh] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1112] Have you any ideas Janet?
Janet (PS6MG) [1113] No, not really a great shopper, I, I, no I wouldn't like.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1114] What's Lincoln like?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1115] It's a long way .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1116] A long way .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1117] [...] Norwich.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1118] Yes, been to Norwich, been to Peterborough.
Rose (PS6MC) [1119] Norwich is not quite so compact as erm Canterbury thought is it? for people who can't walk.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1120] Peterborough's quite nice.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1121] Never been there.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1122] We went there, Cambridge.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1123] I think we shouldn't leave it too late before we come because the shops all close, it's cold and there's nowhere to sit.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1124] No, it's not very nice. [...] . [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1125] Well wherever I think Margaret [...] , wherever we go.
Rose (PS6MC) [1126] Don't take any notice Margaret [laugh] .
[1127] Erm, [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1128] I've given [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1129] Who would like to go to Canterbury?
[1130] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1131] I would as well.
Rose (PS6MC) [1132] I think that's the majority, is it? [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1133] [...] across Dartford to Dartford.
Rose (PS6MC) [1134] It's not a very long journey it's, it's.
Elsie (PS6MF) [1135] It's not.
Rose (PS6MC) [1136] You know, it isn't really very long Elsie.
[1137] No, it's only down, it's only down the motorway and through the tunnel. [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1138] And the bridge I'll be open anyway won't it?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1139] Yes, it is.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1140] When they opening it?
Rose (PS6MC) [1141] So, shall we say Canterbury?
[1142] When?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1143] When?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1144] Be about November?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1145] Early November?
Rose (PS6MC) [1146] Well after the W I or, after the meeting or before?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1147] [...] Wednesday the twentieth.
Rose (PS6MC) [1148] Wednesday the twentieth.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1149] Saturday. [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1150] Er Amy wants to go, and she can't go then.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1151] Ah, when?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1152] The twentieth.
Rose (PS6MC) [1153] Well could we have it on the sixth and change the committee day? [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1154] Is that too early?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1155] [...] , what the sixth of December?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1156] No, November.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1157] No, November.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1158] Is that too early?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1159] No.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1160] No, I think [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1161] Leave it just a [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1162] What does everyone think, I mean. [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1163] If we leave it to the following week of the November, you've got, there's ice coming up.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1164] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1165] You don't get long enough [...] the W I meeting? er [...] in October and you don't get their savings until, until the meeting on the er thirtieth. [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1166] That's a point. [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1167] What about the Tuesday the nineteenth? [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1168] Can you come by Tuesday [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1169] Yes.
Rose (PS6MC) [1170] Erm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1171] Well, that's [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1172] Do you mind handicraft skipping [...] . [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1173] Week rather.
[1174] Shall we say the nineteenth then? [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1175] Yes, that's a good idea.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1176] I think we should have all what we're going to have in for the bazaar thing, [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1177] Mm, and I think sometimes Tuesdays is is a quieter day for shopping actually, erm, so that's settled then, good.
[1178] Nineteenth of November.
[1179] Erm, the Christmas lunch.
[1180] I ought to ring up and get the menus, but we've got to provide the lunch tickets.
[1181] Is anyone keen on doing a few lunch tickets?.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1182] What day is that?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1183] The eleventh of [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1184] Somebody did suggest that we ask Betty's husband, but if he hasn't been very helpful with the auditor, perhaps he's not very keen on.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1185] Oh I don't think [...] like that Rose.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1186] It's only [...] isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1187] Yes [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1188] Well, you type them out individually.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1189] Yes, I know, but I mean it's only er, it's only er like a little hand printed thing isn't it?
Rose (PS6MC) [1190] He types them.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1191] Leave it, I see if I can get a sheet done and we'll get them photocopied.
Rose (PS6MC) [1192] Will you ?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1193] Oh that's a shame , [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1194] Yeah.
[1195] Tell me what you want put on them though.
Rose (PS6MC) [1196] Mm.
[1197] Okay, lovely.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1198] I've got a sample here.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1199] You've only got to go up here, they only charge you ten pence for a sheet, get a great big, actually I could type .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1200] [...] new erm stationer's in the Harvey Centre, where Superdrug's used to be.
Rose (PS6MC) [1201] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1202] You can get it done for five pence there.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1203] Can you?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1204] Mm.
Rose (PS6MC) [1205] What a big sheet?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1206] Yes, [...] if it's an A four.
Rose (PS6MC) [1207] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1208] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1209] It's just that I want to get it typed I s'pose.
Rose (PS6MC) [1210] Yeah, I mean I, I could type, I would type the sheet if we can't get it done.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1211] That's all we need Rose. [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1212] If not I'll er.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1213] Well if you let me know at the meeting then I'll. [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1214] If you let me know at the meeting and [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1215] I'll need to know what we're gonna put on it.
Rose (PS6MC) [1216] Yes, okay, that's a sample.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1217] Can I ask if you [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1218] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1219] It's a the meeting date for December.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1220] Erm tickets will have to be on sale from October you see.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1221] What, what about the price Rose?
Rose (PS6MC) [1222] Oh how much we're gonna charge? er.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1223] Don't know what's the date?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1224] What's the date?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1225] What's the date then?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1226] The eleventh of December
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1227] Eleventh of December
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1228] Eleventh of December .
Rose (PS6MC) [1229] I haven't got the prices.
[1230] It was six pounds odd wasn't it last time?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1231] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1232] Have we got [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1233] Yes, but the, the people pay five don't they?
[1234] . It's five pounds on the ticket .
Rose (PS6MC) [1235] Last year they paid five pounds we subsidised it.
Margaret (PS6MD) [1236] I don't know what you feel, do you think we should still subsidise it a bit?
Masie (PS6MH) [1237] [...] quotation you have [...] for that.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1238] No I didn't Maisie, cos I asked Rose about that before because when you've got the cloakroom.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1239] Yes, you see, it wasn't [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1240] The VAT thing went up after that [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1241] The VAT's gone up, yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1242] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1243] I know it was, it was changed to just over six pounds last year.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1244] Yes, six pounds, was it six twenty five or something?
Rose (PS6MC) [1245] Yes, with, with the wine we were subsidising it by about one fifty last year, shall I put it up to five fifty this year? for members.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1246] Yes, I think so.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1247] Yes, I think so.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1248] And [...] sort of gasp, the [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1249] Well I'll ring her up tonight as well and find out if it's, if it's gone up exorbitantly, I'll have to ring round, ring you [...] and see what to do .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1250] Well can you let me know then Rose ? and then I'll [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1251] Yes, I'll let you know, Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1252] Well let me know at the meeting.
Rose (PS6MC) [1253] Yes, because we won't want to know before at, we won't want the tickets before October will we? so er.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1254] No.
Rose (PS6MC) [1255] Be time.
[1256] Yes okay, lovely.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1257] Now going back to this handicraft, although I said [laugh] I really didn't want to be committed to all the meetings, I'm quite happy to carry on with the handicraft, providing you don't expect me to turn up at every meeting.
Rose (PS6MC) [1258] No that would be fine, I mean, whoever's president will have to bear that in mind won't they? [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1259] [...] feel that I might.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1260] I think the only drawback in that was, it's been discuss, that, if you are dealing with money here you are expected to be [...] , but I can't see that'll make any difference [...] because we're not tied to National cost at the bazaar are we?
[1261] I mean, then, they're not giving us anything to [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1262] I think how we organise ourselves is up to the president and the committee .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1263] That's what I said , but I think Vera, erm yes Vera is [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1264] I said you must be a member to handle money. [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1265] Handle money.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1266] But I don't handle it, I've got a treasurer .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1267] In my case yes, [...] doesn't it?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1268] I've got [...] like Elsie [...] I've got [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1269] Because of higher up.
Elsie (PS6MF) [1270] You've gotta [...] committee [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1271] Yes.
Margaret (PS6MD) [1272] I see, Elsie does the money and the other two help with prices and things and.
Rose (PS6MC) [1273] I'll have a look in the rules and regulations, work it out .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1274] Cos [...] .
[1275] [...] still find that they [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1276] Mm.
[1277] Erm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1278] And he barely say [...] you know it's sort of.
Rose (PS6MC) [1279] But, I think it would depend on whoever's president really.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1280] Yeah, well.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1281] Don't fight with the [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1282] And that's, and that's [...] [laugh] .
[1283] I know that they've stopped people doing it in the past because they wouldn't, didn't want [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1284] I, I mean I'm willing to come but I can't come each, every.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1285] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1286] Every.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1287] Wednesday.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1288] I do find it a bit of a ... you know I enjoy my game of darts, I enjoy handicraft and I'm quite willing to, to [...] it all, I shall see my back bedroom with all that stuff in it, God knows what, erm and get their tea and biscuits, but I've got a little committee as well that help me.
Rose (PS6MC) [1289] Well let's worry about it.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1290] Alright.
Rose (PS6MC) [1291] When the time comes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1292] Okay then.
Rose (PS6MC) [1293] But, I've, I've got no objections [...] so erm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1294] I'll hold on to this [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1295] Done the Denman outing, and just that Vera wants to have a word at the meeting about next year's holiday, which is, she's thinking about Scarborough.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1296] Oh.
Rose (PS6MC) [1297] For those of you who are interested.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1298] That's a [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1299] Erm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1300] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1301] Now, has any, has any one got anything they want to bring up?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1302] No.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1303] Just that erm, Sheila and are have sorted some more things and we've fifty pound, no we've got forty five pounds.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1304] Oh, what a shame.
Rose (PS6MC) [1305] We'll be getting money bags, won't we? [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1306] Wouldn't get much from me.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1307] Oh you don't know Betty. [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1308] It's not, it's not really [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1309] Well if, if you feel that the cleaning's not right, I mean.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1310] Well it isn't erm, I'm just wondering if, ah, we are getting, erm the right service from Sharon the cleaner, that we are paying for.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1311] Not when you see her.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1312] This is what concerns me.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1313] Not when you see her come in the hall on a Monday morning at eight o'clock having done three hours.
[1314] Nobody's gonna tell if she's been here since five.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1315] I guessed this was happening, because er she told me that she gets here at quarter past seven.
[1316] Well if she gets here at quarter past seven and three hours is quarter past ten, and she's supposed to be at the Penny Farthing at nine o'clock, so you know, I, I don't feel as though we are you know getting erm our money's worth from her at the moment, erm also erm she told me in the beginning that this was only go on was going on for about six weeks, well it has now been going on for over eight weeks and she now says that erm she doesn't know how longer it's going on for and I think she is just erm stalling us .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1317] Using us .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1318] You know what I mean and erm she wants this job because she wants the money and, but I don't really think that you know, she, she er, had the time to two jobs because she has three young children anyhow, I know that's her problem, erm you know who looks after them or what .
Rose (PS6MC) [1319] She does an evening job as well.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1320] Does she?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1321] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1322] Well erm you know, I've, I'm not very happy with the situation, but erm, it is entirely up to you as a committee you know, what you think.
Rose (PS6MC) [1323] Well shall I come in on Monday and see with, if she's here?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1324] Well I'll be done because I usually go for the paper Rose, quite often Harvey's said she's coming out along the High Street five past at five past eight on a Monday morning.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1325] Well she's probably got to go home and get the children ready for school when it's school time you know .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1326] But it's the holiday time .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1327] Yes, erm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1328] [...] quarter past nine on a Monday.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1329] Jim came out.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1330] Yeah, yeah [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1331] Well I'll, I'll try and get down on Monday and see what she says and I say you know she must do three hours on Mondays.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1332] What must she do, what is it five hours a week? [...]
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1333] She's paid for five hours a week, three on a Monday, one on Wednesday and one on Friday, that's what she's supposed to do.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1334] She must do [...] five hours a week .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1335] [...] when I came in early .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1336] I think Sharon would be quite alright if [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1337] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1338] Mm, Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1339] Not very sensible for this job.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1340] No, I have terrible problems with her, losing her.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1341] No, she's not, you're not satisfied with the work full stop.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1342] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1343] Get behind her [...] aren't you? [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1344] Well, I, I, mean I have been in before and I did say last time we weren't very happy, [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1345] I told her about one or two little things.
Rose (PS6MC) [1346] And you know, she's, she always seems very willing to put things right.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1347] Mm, yes.
Rose (PS6MC) [1348] And she did admit that she had been skipping things, you know, and erm I hoped it would go on alright, that was a couple of months ago.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1349] [...] sadly I would have said [...] given enough warning.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1350] Yes.
Rose (PS6MC) [1351] But hold on.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1352] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1353] If she's admitted to skipping things and hasn't rectified it.
Rose (PS6MC) [1354] Who are we going to get?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1355] [...] used to do the tea. [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1356] Oh no, no. [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1357] You see, we've never been very happy with the people and she, she does do things if you ask her, I suppose the thing is that I should come down more often and say.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1358] But I mean like yesterday with [...] dogs here [...] the dogs were here on Thursday.
Rose (PS6MC) [1359] Yes, and you see Mr came in to show her the hoover and she wasn't here was she? [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1360] I don't see how she can do the hours, with the hours that she's doing, I mean she's still in the Penny Farthing when I came here cos I went to pay her the money.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1361] You went into the Penny Farthing?
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1362] Yes, yeah, cos now, that, see she's not here really for, for me to come and pay her so I have to take the money down to her house now.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1363] That's on a Wednesday isn't it? [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1364] And erm, you know, there's lots of little things that I'm not very happy.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1365] You can't, you run about after her [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1366] So, I will come and have words on Monday and see what happens.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1367] Well you see at the Penny Farthing she's supervisor, everyone think she's [...] if you had her in your house and told her what to do she'll do it, but, she needs, she'll be quite [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1368] Yes, yes. [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1369] Well, Joan and Sheila there've been taking cobwebs down and things like that you know and then paying her to do it.
Rose (PS6MC) [1370] Well I will go and have words and I'll report back to you.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1371] You'll have to come down early.
Rose (PS6MC) [1372] Yes, well if I can't find her, I will have to ring her up and say what hours is she doing here? and I think that will be a way of finding out, but I'm not coming before nine and if she's not here at nine I will want to know why, what time she's started. [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1373] You're not gonna say Rose that you're not satisfied and unless it improves in the next week or so, if you will have, [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1374] I think so yes, I think, well I think we can , we've got to have the hours that we pay for.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1375] Got to stand . [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1376] And, and.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1377] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1378] Well the thing is I'm thinking, you see, the end of the year erm is A G M November, so if we, you know, we are thinking erm, a, you know, getting someone else, er we could tell her that, you know, we wouldn't need her any more after November and sort of start afresh like that, try and get someone else.
Rose (PS6MC) [1379] You see this is why I want the management committee because I don't really want to bother of interviewing somebody else and getting somebody else, do you see what I mean?.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1380] No, no, I understand that , but I was thinking you, to me it sound as though you sort of given her warning and [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1381] [...] .
Rose (PS6MC) [1382] Yes, we have , mm, but I suppose I'd been [...] because I don't want the bother of, yes.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1383] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1384] I did query, I did query the hours with her, the other week.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1385] Well [...] then.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1386] Erm but you see, I mean I can only erm believe what she says because I have no other proof .
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1387] Oh yeah, I agree , but I mean why don't erm why don't you say sort of we're not satisfied and advertise or.
Rose (PS6MC) [1388] Yes, this is what I've been trying to avoid because I don't want the bother of advertising and interviewing somebody else.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1389] Right.
Rose (PS6MC) [1390] I mean it is a bind, and, and it isn't very pleasant given somebody the sack either.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1391] No.
Rose (PS6MC) [1392] Erm, so this is what I've been trying to avoid, I must be honest about it.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1393] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KLSPSUNK) [1394] Erm, the the other things is a little while ago she was erm, er, er you know, giving me bills like for about five or six pounds once for cleaning materials, and I queried this, because it's quite a lot of money and erm, so she tells me that she buys expensive erm bleach and she uses a bottle of that a week, well she only comes in three times, and I said well, that's very extravagant I said and told her what, but since I told her that.