Teachers' conference: creative arts group. Sample containing about 5400 words speech recorded in educational context

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PS1LM Ag4 m (Andrew, age 46, teacher) unspecified
PS1LN Ag3 f (Anne, age 40+, teacher) unspecified
PS1LP Ag3 f (Milvia, age 40+, teacher) unspecified
PS1LR Ag3 m (No name, age 40+, teacher) unspecified
KLTPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
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  1. Tape 077901 recorded on 1992-09-03. LocationNorthumberland: North Shields ( Ralph Gardner high school ) Activity: creative arts group preparing for parents day

Undivided text

Andrew (PS1LM) [1] Even though you've got funding for the first time for this ... I don't want to spend an awful lot on materials.
Anne (PS1LN) [2] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [3] I want us to use ... we ne ee erm ... static resources
Anne (PS1LN) [4] So it's more participative.
Andrew (PS1LM) [5] Well, less participative, more ... us teaching, the tu teaching style will be ... you know, here's a slide show.
Anne (PS1LN) [6] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KLTPSUNK) [...]
Andrew (PS1LM) [7] I think we'll
Anne (PS1LN) [8] Oh I see.
Andrew (PS1LM) [...]
Anne (PS1LN) [9] Oh I I meant
Milvia (PS1LP) [...]
Anne (PS1LN) [10] are you going out and about looking at, I mean
Andrew (PS1LM) [11] Mm.
Anne (PS1LN) [12] that's, it's more
Milvia (PS1LP) [13] Again it's time.
Andrew (PS1LM) [14] We couldn't do that cos we've got an hour.
Milvia (PS1LP) [15] It's inviting people in and
Anne (PS1LN) [16] Mm.
Milvia (PS1LP) [17] I was trying last year to try to see if I could get a ... erm ... an Indian, you know when we sort of do looking at Asia
Andrew (PS1LM) [18] Yes.
Anne (PS1LN) [19] Mm.
Milvia (PS1LP) [20] to try and see if we can get some sort of dance group in to get that culture over.
Andrew (PS1LM) [21] Yes.
Anne (PS1LN) [22] Mm.
(PS1LR) [...]
Milvia (PS1LP) [23] Mm.
Anne (PS1LN) [laugh]
(PS1LR) [24] or get the Gamelan
Milvia (PS1LP) [25] Yes, yes to come pla
(PS1LR) [26] That orchestra to come and play to them.
Milvia (PS1LP) [27] oh that was er, was super!
[28] They loved that!
(PS1LR) [...]
Milvia (PS1LP) [29] In fact, they were on Italy, they were doing a concert in
(PS1LR) [30] Ah.
Milvia (PS1LP) [31] Italy, was superb!
Anne (PS1LN) [32] Mhm.
(PS1LR) [33] So there's all sorts of stuff
Milvia (PS1LP) [34] Aha.
(PS1LR) [35] like that.
Anne (PS1LN) [36] Mm.
Milvia (PS1LP) [37] Ha.
(PS1LR) [38] Now then ... why I wrote this, it was, what about a year ago ... now since
Milvia (PS1LP) [39] Mm.
(PS1LR) [40] then I've been [...] of accreditation ... [...]
Milvia (PS1LP) [41] Mhm.
(PS1LR) [42] and actually written about it ... [...]
Milvia (PS1LP) [43] Oh have you?
[44] Aha.
(PS1LR) [45] Mm hasn't
Milvia (PS1LP) [46] Mhm.
(PS1LR) [47] been approved yet ... cos
Milvia (PS1LP) [48] Mhm.
(PS1LR) [49] it came through to the school
Milvia (PS1LP) [50] Mhm.
(PS1LR) [51] But I've written it in such an open-ended way
Milvia (PS1LP) [52] That they can choose.
(PS1LR) [53] That they ... you know, any of us could use
Milvia (PS1LP) [54] Mm mm.
(PS1LR) [55] the ... the unit
Milvia (PS1LP) [56] Mm.
[57] Aha
(PS1LR) [58] and tack on our own ...
Milvia (PS1LP) [59] Mhm.
(PS1LR) [60] er
Milvia (PS1LP) [61] Aha.
(PS1LR) [62] oh ... pattern [...] round
Milvia (PS1LP) [63] Mhm.
(PS1LR) [64] it so hopefully
Milvia (PS1LP) [65] Mm.
(PS1LR) [66] could, you know and the kids that also could.
Milvia (PS1LP) [67] Mm.
(PS1LR) [68] Maybe that's why I haven't had it back yet.
[69] Maybe they find it
Milvia (PS1LP) [70] Mm.
(PS1LR) [71] too
Milvia (PS1LP) [72] Open.
(PS1LR) [73] open.
Milvia (PS1LP) [74] Mm, mm.
[75] Cos then Anne comes back to you to ask, yeah.
(PS1LR) [76] That's right, [...]
Milvia (PS1LP) [77] mhm to modify things yeah.
(PS1LR) [78] Actually remind me to ask Anne ... er
Milvia (PS1LP) [79] Mhm.
(PS1LR) [80] what's happened to it, that'll be great!
Milvia (PS1LP) [81] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [82] Okay, is that fair enough?
Milvia (PS1LP) [83] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [84] So can we go onto page three?
Milvia (PS1LP) [85] Mhm.
[86] Oh, we're not reading all the notes?
Andrew (PS1LM) [87] Didn't you read all that?
Milvia (PS1LP) [88] Oh!
[89] We've
Andrew (PS1LM) [90] So
Milvia (PS1LP) [91] only begun just turned onto this page!
Anne (PS1LN) [92] Well that's what he
Andrew (PS1LM) [...]
Anne (PS1LN) [93] said, let's go onto page three.
Andrew (PS1LM) [94] Page three.
Milvia (PS1LP) [95] Oh sorry [...]
Anne (PS1LN) [96] [...] I, I'm sorry!
Milvia (PS1LP) [laugh]
Anne (PS1LN) [97] I am on page three! [laugh]
Milvia (PS1LP) [laugh]
Anne (PS1LN) [98] I thought we haven't read all the way down!
Milvia (PS1LP) [99] Mm!
Anne (PS1LN) [100] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [101] So these are, these are summaries of example units that we might do ... which either exist already or might be made to exist quite
Milvia (PS1LP) [102] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [103] quickly and easily.
[104] Anne was expressing concern yesterday that ... sh you know, she doesn't want to have to [...] ... you know, a syllabus.
Milvia (PS1LP) [105] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [106] I said well that isn't right ... you know, it's up to our individual personal ... styles
Milvia (PS1LP) [107] Mhm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [108] and so on.
[109] I happen to like giving slide lectures.
Milvia (PS1LP) [110] Mhm.
Anne (PS1LN) [111] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [112] I erm ... er ... I told her
Milvia (PS1LP) [113] Mhm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [114] so ... erm ... you'll find that there's a predominant of suggestions of slide lectures here ... if you hate doing them there's no reason on earth why you should!
Milvia (PS1LP) [115] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [116] It's just that, you know
Milvia (PS1LP) [117] These are the ones that are all backed up with notes?
Andrew (PS1LM) [118] Yes.
Milvia (PS1LP) [119] Da, mhm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [120] That's right.
Milvia (PS1LP) [121] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [122] But you'd have to do them yourself.
Anne (PS1LN) [123] And also, you know, you're not just limited to A one ... er, to use ... as the resource area
Milvia (PS1LP) [124] Mm.
Anne (PS1LN) [125] erm ... I have a slide ... projector
Milvia (PS1LP) [126] Mm.
Anne (PS1LN) [127] a big one now, down the library
Milvia (PS1LP) [128] Mm.
Anne (PS1LN) [129] which I'm trying to encourage that, you know, there's not sort of
Andrew (PS1LM) [...]
Anne (PS1LN) [130] remember how ... when I did buy it I ... I consulted with you to se , to show that we we were both compatible.
Andrew (PS1LM) [131] Have compatible ones, so that we can take
Anne (PS1LN) [132] Mhm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [133] it's
Anne (PS1LN) [134] Mhm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [135] a carousel isn't it?
Anne (PS1LN) [136] Mhm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [137] So we
Anne (PS1LN) [138] Mhm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [139] we can take a ... carousel
Anne (PS1LN) [140] Mhm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [141] loaded with slides
Anne (PS1LN) [142] Mhm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [143] from the art department
Milvia (PS1LP) [144] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [145] to the resource centre
Anne (PS1LN) [146] Mhm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [147] be good!
Milvia (PS1LP) [148] Mm.
Anne (PS1LN) [149] And we've got a video down there as well, working ... and tapes.
Milvia (PS1LP) [150] Yes.
[151] Yes, [...] .
Andrew (PS1LM) [152] So the
Anne (PS1LN) [153] Yes , I mean, misgivings really is because I'm not within my ... area you know.
Andrew (PS1LM) [154] Oh of course
Milvia (PS1LP) [155] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [156] right, [...]
Milvia (PS1LP) [157] Yeah, it's new for everyone really.
Andrew (PS1LM) [...]
Milvia (PS1LP) [158] Yes.
Anne (PS1LN) [159] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [160] We're all in the same [...] .
Milvia (PS1LP) [161] Mm.
Anne (PS1LN) [162] Mhm.
Milvia (PS1LP) [163] Mm.
(PS1LR) [164] Erm
Andrew (PS1LM) [165] Right okay ... so anyway, these are the suggestions, and they're not ... prescriptive.
Anne (PS1LN) [166] Mhm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [167] Week one ... a slide lecture ... right?
[168] On a
Anne (PS1LN) [169] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [170] subject.
Anne (PS1LN) [171] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [172] Week two, an analysis written, hand or drawn or painted ... of an example of pre-Raphaelite work.
[173] Now ... it should say, at the top there, British painting, the pre-Raphaelites, yeah?
Milvia (PS1LP) [174] Mm?
(PS1LR) [175] Mhm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [176] So week one is a slide lecture on the pre-Raphaelites
Milvia (PS1LP) [177] Mm.
Anne (PS1LN) [178] Mhm, right.
(PS1LR) [179] Okay.
Andrew (PS1LM) [180] the project will go on for two or three weeks.
Milvia (PS1LP) [181] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [182] So, erm ... er, the slide lectu , er and it says week two, but it means week two onwards.
Anne (PS1LN) [183] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [184] You know
Anne (PS1LN) [185] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [186] th the
(PS1LR) [187] Mhm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [188] kid would do work
Anne (PS1LN) [189] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [190] based on that
Anne (PS1LN) [191] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [192] side lecture.
Anne (PS1LN) [193] Yeah, yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [194] The slide lecture will be pre-prepared for use by any teacher ... and we would have it in a ... you know, some slide boxes
Milvia (PS1LP) [195] Mm, mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [196] You know there'll be about fifteen or twenty slides
Anne (PS1LN) [197] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [198] some notes, and you'd sim ... they'd be numbered and you'd lift them out and you put them in the carousel
Milvia (PS1LP) [199] Mm.
Anne (PS1LN) [200] Yeah.
Milvia (PS1LP) [201] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [202] you know, and we'd have ... maybe fifteen
Milvia (PS1LP) [203] Yes.
Andrew (PS1LM) [204] standard lectures
Milvia (PS1LP) [205] Yes.
Andrew (PS1LM) [206] available
Milvia (PS1LP) [207] Yes.
Andrew (PS1LM) [208] you know?
Milvia (PS1LP) [209] Yes.
Andrew (PS1LM) [210] Which between us we could write
Milvia (PS1LP) [211] Yes.
Andrew (PS1LM) [212] over the ... [...]
Milvia (PS1LP) [213] Yes.
Andrew (PS1LM) [214] as George was saying yesterday, before he'd done ... erm ... two or three big ones on
Milvia (PS1LP) [215] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [216] [...] ... and South and Central ... American ... erm ... early, this, you know pre-Columbian
Milvia (PS1LP) [217] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [218] er cultures
Milvia (PS1LP) [219] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [220] the Aztecs being [...] .
[221] Also, the Amerindian ... population of North ... America too.
Milvia (PS1LP) [222] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [223] That's quite an interesting
(PS1LR) [224] Aha.
Andrew (PS1LM) [225] one isn't it?
(PS1LR) [226] Yeah, north west coast.
Andrew (PS1LM) [227] North west coast, particularly.
Anne (PS1LN) [228] Mm.
(PS1LR) [229] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [230] Incidentally I made a ... personal contact of somebody who ... actually knows so ,so some people who ... up there, in the north west
Anne (PS1LN) [231] Is the no , is that Canada?
Andrew (PS1LM) [232] you know [...]
(PS1LR) [233] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [234] It's North America
(PS1LR) [235] Mhm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [236] erm
(PS1LR) [...]
Andrew (PS1LM) [237] and and, and Canada.
Anne (PS1LN) [238] Yeah.
[239] Cos I tell you what I have got cos I went to an Indian reservation ... and I've got a small carving which an Indian did for
Andrew (PS1LM) [240] Oh
Anne (PS1LN) [241] me you see
Andrew (PS1LM) [242] right!
Anne (PS1LN) [243] so, you know
Milvia (PS1LP) [244] Anything like that, cos Joyce brought a lot of stuff in didn't she?
[245] Joyce .
Andrew (PS1LM) [246] In fact, it's actually a little totem pole like you're talking about.
(PS1LR) [247] It's still
Anne (PS1LN) [248] Mm.
(PS1LR) [249] in the ... [...] room we must give it
Andrew (PS1LM) [...]
(PS1LR) [250] back to her.
Andrew (PS1LM) [251] Yeah.
(PS1LR) [252] Got a few little er ... trinkets that er Joyce back from Canada.
Anne (PS1LN) [253] This is only a two dimensional one though.
Andrew (PS1LM) [254] That's okay, that's great!
[255] In fact
Milvia (PS1LP) [256] Anything that's fast made available like this
Anne (PS1LN) [257] Yeah anything you bring in
Milvia (PS1LP) [258] and [...]
Anne (PS1LN) [259] it's
Andrew (PS1LM) [260] You know in the trophy cabinet that ... Colin used to be in charge of
Anne (PS1LN) [261] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [262] there's a ... er a wa ... erm, a walrus tusk penguin carved [...]
Anne (PS1LN) [263] Oh yeah!
Andrew (PS1LM) [264] anyway it to ... so
Anne (PS1LN) [265] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [266] you know you
Milvia (PS1LP) [267] Aha [...] !
Andrew (PS1LM) [268] it's a [...] .
[269] Oh
Milvia (PS1LP) [270] No!
Andrew (PS1LM) [271] have you not noticed it?
Milvia (PS1LP) [272] No!
Andrew (PS1LM) [273] There's
Anne (PS1LN) [274] Oh!
Andrew (PS1LM) [275] all sorts of things you can [...]
Anne (PS1LN) [276] Yes, I've seen that.
Andrew (PS1LM) [277] where you're hands are.
Anne (PS1LN) [278] I didn't realise it was in the er
Milvia (PS1LP) [279] Cos they love to touch these things.
Anne (PS1LN) [...]
Milvia (PS1LP) [280] Mm.
(PS1LR) [281] Yeah, it's incredible!
Anne (PS1LN) [282] Yes, I've got one of Peter's
Andrew (PS1LM) [283] Erm
Anne (PS1LN) [284] [...] trophies.
(PS1LR) [285] You have also
Milvia (PS1LP) [...]
(PS1LR) [286] taped ... the wonderful programmes that are B B C two last ... er, no is it this year, Spring?
Andrew (PS1LM) [287] Mhm.
(PS1LR) [288] Erm, about the North American [...] .
Anne (PS1LN) [289] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [290] That's right.
Anne (PS1LN) [291] I wonder if I've
(PS1LR) [292] Alaska's
Anne (PS1LN) [293] still got all my stuff from the
(PS1LR) [294] I've got those programmes
Anne (PS1LN) [295] from the Victoria Island Museum, because they're amazing
(PS1LR) [296] Mhm.
Anne (PS1LN) [297] exhibitions in there of Indian ... art, and I had loads of stuff!
(PS1LR) [298] Mhm.
Anne (PS1LN) [299] Yeah.
(PS1LR) [300] Mm, so there's quite a lot of supporting material
Anne (PS1LN) [301] I, it's I'll I'll
(PS1LR) [302] actually we have got
Anne (PS1LN) [303] see what I can dig out [...]
Andrew (PS1LM) [304] See see what you can
Anne (PS1LN) [305] Yeah.
(PS1LR) [306] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [307] it'll be grand if you could.
Anne (PS1LN) [308] Cos even something like a carrier bag that's got the design on the front
(PS1LR) [309] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [310] Yes, that's right.
Anne (PS1LN) [311] Of the Victorian Museum.
Andrew (PS1LM) [312] Mhm ... mm ... anything like that.
Anne (PS1LN) [313] Mm.
(PS1LR) [314] You know, we've ... we've got to agree on what we're going to ... what terminology we use
Anne (PS1LN) [315] Mm.
(PS1LR) [316] you just said Indian, and I'm always trying to say ... what, what I believe is the ... correct thing to say these
Milvia (PS1LP) [...]
(PS1LR) [317] days is Amerindian
Milvia (PS1LP) [318] Mhm.
Anne (PS1LN) [319] Amerindian
Andrew (PS1LM) [320] Ame Amerindian
Anne (PS1LN) [321] Amerindian
Andrew (PS1LM) [322] As in Amer American Indian.
Anne (PS1LN) [323] American Indian.
Milvia (PS1LP) [324] American Indian.
Anne (PS1LN) [325] American Indian.
(PS1LR) [326] Yeah.
Anne (PS1LN) [327] Oh!
(PS1LR) [328] I ... I I just don't know whether that is right.
Milvia (PS1LP) [329] They're often they're offended when they Red Indians isn't, aren't they?
(PS1LR) [330] That's offensive.
Milvia (PS1LP) [331] That's offensive.
Anne (PS1LN) [332] Mm.
(PS1LR) [333] Yes.
Milvia (PS1LP) [334] A er , whereas we're used to ... er
(PS1LR) [335] That phrase.
Milvia (PS1LP) [336] Yeah, a phrase.
Anne (PS1LN) [337] Mm.
[338] Mm.
[339] Yeah, I suppose it's like saying ... black Americans I suppose
Milvia (PS1LP) [340] Yeah.
Anne (PS1LN) [341] isn't it?
Milvia (PS1LP) [342] Mm.
Anne (PS1LN) [343] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [344] As opposed to Afro-American or wha
Anne (PS1LN) [345] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [346] or whatever.
Milvia (PS1LP) [347] Or Ca or
Andrew (PS1LM) [348] or Caribbean
Anne (PS1LN) [349] Yeah Caribbean.
Andrew (PS1LM) [350] American,wha wha happens?
[351] I'm
(PS1LR) [352] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [353] gonna be
Milvia (PS1LP) [354] Afro- Caribbean or whatever.
Andrew (PS1LM) [355] Yeah, we've
Anne (PS1LN) [356] Mhm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [357] got to be careful to be right on in that respect, I think
Anne (PS1LN) [358] Yes.
[359] Yes.
Andrew (PS1LM) [360] now doing this.
Anne (PS1LN) [361] Yes.
[362] Yeah, cos of course I mean this is ... something that, I suppose ... yo you're not ... for that ... yet some things that you assimilate into your language which simply
Milvia (PS1LP) [...]
Anne (PS1LN) [363] becomes a phrase, like I always said nigger brown.
Andrew (PS1LM) [364] That's right.
Milvia (PS1LP) [365] [laugh] Ooh yes, yes
Anne (PS1LN) [366] I never
Milvia (PS1LP) [367] yes!
Anne (PS1LN) [368] I never thought of nigger brown as being an offensive remark.
Milvia (PS1LP) [369] remark, yeah.
Anne (PS1LN) [370] It was like saying light blue.
Milvia (PS1LP) [371] Mhm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [372] Yes.
Anne (PS1LN) [373] And it was only till someone pointed out to me ... you shouldn't really say that
Milvia (PS1LP) [374] It's an ethnic, yeah.
Anne (PS1LN) [375] yeah, cos I didn't, I've never associated it.
Milvia (PS1LP) [376] Prejudice, yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [377] That's right.
Anne (PS1LN) [378] Mhm.
(PS1LR) [379] So ... we , this is a case of well
Milvia (PS1LP) [380] Mm.
(PS1LR) [381] we've got to
Milvia (PS1LP) [382] Ha ... be careful of terminology.
(PS1LR) [383] [...] and not
Milvia (PS1LP) [384] Yeah.
(PS1LR) [385] use weasel words.
Anne (PS1LN) [386] Mm.
Milvia (PS1LP) [387] [laugh] ... Yeah.
(PS1LR) [388] So ... I dunno if you're ... know we whether that is the ... the acceptable term at the moment
Anne (PS1LN) [389] Mm.
(PS1LR) [390] but I think it might be
Milvia (PS1LP) [391] Didn't erm
Anne (PS1LN) [...] [...]
(PS1LR) [392] Patrick's friend
Milvia (PS1LP) [393] friend, what was he called?
(PS1LR) [394] We wa wa was erm David
Milvia (PS1LP) [395] He was half, yes
(PS1LR) [396] He was half Cherokee
Milvia (PS1LP) [397] he was , yes.
(PS1LR) [398] He said Amerindian was okay.
Milvia (PS1LP) [399] You didn't, he he the often the offensive word was the Red Indian.
(PS1LR) [400] That's right ... but Amerindian
Milvia (PS1LP) [401] that had, yeah.
(PS1LR) [402] Amerindian
Milvia (PS1LP) [403] Yeah.
(PS1LR) [404] was was
Anne (PS1LN) [405] Amerindian
(PS1LR) [406] was
Milvia (PS1LP) [407] Aha.
(PS1LR) [408] was an acceptable gesture.
Anne (PS1LN) [409] So this would be a Cana-indian would it?
Milvia (PS1LP) [laugh]
(PS1LR) [410] He would do a lot of ... Ca , canning if they're in Canada don't they?
Anne (PS1LN) [411] Cos though, these are Canadian, these are Canadian Indians.
(PS1LR) [412] They do salmon canning don't they, in Canada?
Anne (PS1LN) [413] Yeah.
[414] Yeah.
(PS1LR) [415] Is that why it's called Canada?
[416] No
Anne (PS1LN) [417] Yeah.
(PS1LR) [418] never mind!
Milvia (PS1LP) [laugh]
Andrew (PS1LM) [laugh]
Anne (PS1LN) [419] Cana-Indian
(PS1LR) [420] Very canny man!
[421] He was very canny actually as it happened!
Anne (PS1LN) [422] Mm.
(PS1LR) [423] It so happened if he got paid anyway!
Andrew (PS1LM) [424] He got paid.
(PS1LR) [425] He got paid did he?
Anne (PS1LN) [426] Is he still
Milvia (PS1LP) [427] For work.
Anne (PS1LN) [428] our friend?
Milvia (PS1LP) [429] Oh yes, He's still our friend.
(PS1LR) [430] Yes, yes, he's still our friend.
Anne (PS1LN) [431] Mm.
Milvia (PS1LP) [432] He got paid for the work that erm
(PS1LR) [433] That he made.
Milvia (PS1LP) [434] he did ... er, he sent a bill in a erm
(PS1LR) [435] To Bill.
Milvia (PS1LP) [436] to Bill for that last bit
Anne (PS1LN) [437] That's right.
(PS1LR) [438] Fifty quid or something.
Anne (PS1LN) [439] That's right.
Andrew (PS1LM) [440] Of course, I'm glad [...]
Milvia (PS1LP) [441] Yes.
Andrew (PS1LM) [442] yes, he wa he was very unhappy.
Milvia (PS1LP) [443] Yeah, is he coming back or has he gone the other side of the pond?
Andrew (PS1LM) [444] No, no he he he lives
Milvia (PS1LP) [445] No, he li doesn't
Andrew (PS1LM) [446] in Britain.
Milvia (PS1LP) [447] Yeah, he
Anne (PS1LN) [448] Oh.
Milvia (PS1LP) [449] does a lot of work down in London, he did a lot of work, well they done promotions ... er, and he evidently he was in a big job at [...] , what was it in, in it?
Andrew (PS1LM) [450] It was some sort of stage show wasn't it?
Milvia (PS1LP) [451] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [452] Erm ... anyway ... he he may well come back as a visiting [...]
Milvia (PS1LP) [453] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [454] erm, artist ... erm if we require ... er, request it they can afford him.
Milvia (PS1LP) [455] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [456] So, ha, back to the pre-Raphealites
(PS1LR) [457] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [458] [laugh] ... the pre-Raphaelites, a slide lecture and then analysis written about it ... so there's a slide lecture being pre-prepared by the use ... for the use by any teacher ... [plane overhead] hello, there goes [...] or something!
Anne (PS1LN) [459] Three helico , oh, or helicopters went over three times in the night I thought I was gonna raped and pillaged but no luck!
Milvia (PS1LP) [laugh]
Andrew (PS1LM) [...]
Milvia (PS1LP) [460] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [461] The analysis from E G get the [...] card ... [laughing] attached to your work card ... inscribe the basic information, followed up by research [] carried out in the resource centre.
[462] Okay?
[463] Oh we haven't done these post cards attached to work cards but we still
Milvia (PS1LP) [464] No, we haven't.
Andrew (PS1LM) [465] they did offer some ... postcards yesterday.
Anne (PS1LN) [466] Mm , yes, if I can find them Andrew.
Andrew (PS1LM) [467] If you can find them I've got loads
Anne (PS1LN) [468] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [469] as well
Anne (PS1LN) [470] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [471] and perhaps we could have and evening session or two
Anne (PS1LN) [472] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [473] over the next few weeks
Milvia (PS1LP) [474] Mm.
[475] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [476] where I will bring in my vast postcard collection
Milvia (PS1LP) [477] Mm
Andrew (PS1LM) [478] which like
Milvia (PS1LP) [479] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [480] that one you've already seen laid out of the colour
Milvia (PS1LP) [481] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [482] section of articles
Milvia (PS1LP) [483] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [484] from the Sunday papers.
Anne (PS1LN) [485] It's probably one of those things
Andrew (PS1LM) [486] Yeah.
Anne (PS1LN) [487] because it's covered in blue-tack
Andrew (PS1LM) [488] Yes.
Anne (PS1LN) [489] and stuff they've asked to pick up ... and
Andrew (PS1LM) [490] Chuck it.
Anne (PS1LN) [491] bung it out because
Andrew (PS1LM) [492] Right.
Anne (PS1LN) [493] I'm talking donkey's years now
Andrew (PS1LM) [494] Right , yeah, well anyway
Anne (PS1LN) [495] but hopefully it may be er,i in
Andrew (PS1LM) [496] i it may be still be there.
Anne (PS1LN) [497] in in the midst of the cobwebs and stuff.
Andrew (PS1LM) [498] So if I bring the, if I bring anyone of mine in which I do know exist
Anne (PS1LN) [499] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [500] if we can sit around and actually make some work of cards
Anne (PS1LN) [501] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [502] that would be grand!
Anne (PS1LN) [503] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [504] Too popular arts right, so that was a ... an example of the pre-Raphaelites ... right?
[505] Number one British painting of pre-Raphaelites that would be a standard
Milvia (PS1LP) [506] Right.
Andrew (PS1LM) [507] you know a ... er, a posh culture, if you like.
Milvia (PS1LP) [508] Mm.
[509] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [510] Erm ... well, you know, because we're dealing with, who are with, and because
Milvia (PS1LP) [511] Yes.
[512] Yes.
Andrew (PS1LM) [513] by culture we mean ... all of culture
Milvia (PS1LP) [514] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [515] you might deal for instance with the popular arts and to ... erm, such as erm, you
Anne (PS1LN) [516] Erm
Andrew (PS1LM) [517] know, er ... graphic design on, for instance, board games
Milvia (PS1LP) [518] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [519] or tattoos, or fairground art, I've got down just as examples
Milvia (PS1LP) [520] Mm, mm, mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [521] so week one might be a slide lecture ... on the three themes ... plus, erm a show and demonstration of board games, right?
[522] So I happened to have got some ... slides of tattoos and ... some slides of fairground ... er, art and erm ... some slides of board games ... of through
Milvia (PS1LP) [523] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [524] the ages, and there's some real ones.
Milvia (PS1LP) [525] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [526] And they like to be taught a new board game
Milvia (PS1LP) [527] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [528] and, they can design ... the, the board ... themselves
Milvia (PS1LP) [529] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [530] and design a game sort of.
Milvia (PS1LP) [531] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [532] So I go on the same as ... er, weeks two to four an analysis written, and, or drawn or made ... of examples on one of these themes.
[533] Right?
[534] So ... they might design their own tattoo or they might design a fairground ... erm ... frontage, based on what they've seen years ago
Milvia (PS1LP) [535] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [536] the, that kind
Milvia (PS1LP) [537] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [538] of type style and
Milvia (PS1LP) [539] Mm , yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [540] primitive imagery
Milvia (PS1LP) [541] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [542] and so on, cos reme , remember they're not specialist artists
Anne (PS1LN) [543] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [544] so we've got, if we do give them work to do ... it's got to be stuff which they don't feel inadequate to do.
Anne (PS1LN) [545] Yes, yes , yes.
[546] Erm ... yeah, well I suppose I mean, they are quite familiar with the Spanish City a lot of them aren't they?
Andrew (PS1LM) [547] Oh I should think so.
Anne (PS1LN) [548] And actually I don't know [...]
(PS1LR) [laugh]
Anne (PS1LN) [549] differently very recently but ... along the front where these shutters which were the most horrendous graffitied awful places!
[550] They've got a series of ... almost like ethnic murals that somebody's done all along.
Andrew (PS1LM) [551] Have they really?
Anne (PS1LN) [552] And
Milvia (PS1LP) [553] I want to try and ... sort of ... clean
Anne (PS1LN) [554] well
Milvia (PS1LP) [555] up that area and allow them to sort of do the graffiti.
Anne (PS1LN) [556] and it's very nice!
Milvia (PS1LP) [557] Yeah.
Anne (PS1LN) [558] And the they're a cross between ... sort of primitives and ... and er ... I, I don't know whether they are ethnic paintings but, or whether they're ... sort of child-like ... primitive drawings or what they are, but
Andrew (PS1LM) [559] Mm.
Anne (PS1LN) [560] and they, they're just done in the shelters
Andrew (PS1LM) [561] Mm.
Anne (PS1LN) [562] and all the graffiti's been masked out
Andrew (PS1LM) [563] Mm.
Anne (PS1LN) [564] but it would be worth the kids on their weekend trips going and having a look in there.
Andrew (PS1LM) [565] Oh yeah!
[566] I'm sure we can have a photograph
Anne (PS1LN) [567] To, you know and
Andrew (PS1LM) [568] of it, show them a slide show and then we can go and have a look.
Anne (PS1LN) [569] I could, I could go and I could go and take ... if there's, you know, if they haven't,no nothing ... awful's to them ... I could go and ... take some pics of those.
Andrew (PS1LM) [570] Mhm.
[571] Mhm, be nice!
Anne (PS1LN) [572] Because they're rather nice!
[573] Rather nice!
Andrew (PS1LM) [574] Well I've got film, slide film.
Anne (PS1LN) [575] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [576] Yeah, just ask me and I'll give it to [...]
Anne (PS1LN) [577] Mhm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [578] before you go.
Anne (PS1LN) [579] Right.
Andrew (PS1LM) [580] [...] film which I've bought already from the pharmacy.
Anne (PS1LN) [581] Yeah.
[582] Will that go in a thirty five mil camera?
Andrew (PS1LM) [583] Yes.
[584] Yes.
Anne (PS1LN) [585] Okay, right I can do that.
Andrew (PS1LM) [586] Well ... thank you.
[587] Erm, so a slide lecture pre-prepared for use by the teacher, the analysis carried out by the pupil using the slides and then the visual material and work cards made available to pupils.
[588] I think this is important
Anne (PS1LN) [589] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [590] you know, if you sh given them a slide show ... that's all very well ... but, they may well want to look at some of the pictures for longer.
Anne (PS1LN) [591] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [592] Don't be precious about it, let them use
Anne (PS1LN) [593] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [594] the ... the carousel ... it's very difficult to break!
Milvia (PS1LP) [595] Mm, mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [596] And er ... you know, if they wanna stare long and hard at certain images
Anne (PS1LN) [597] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [598] that's, well and good!
Anne (PS1LN) [599] Mm.
[600] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [601] So once you've given the ... them the lecture ... give
Milvia (PS1LP) [602] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [603] them access to your
Milvia (PS1LP) [604] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [605] notes and your ... you know ... material you've used for them
Anne (PS1LN) [606] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [607] and er ... they like don't they George?
(PS1LR) [608] Mhm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [609] And erm
(PS1LR) [610] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [611] did that with the African stuff, that happened.
(PS1LR) [612] Yes.
Andrew (PS1LM) [613] A personalised nine man's morris board or an original game might be produced by individuals or groups of peoples ... or a description with illustrations of popular tattoo ... motifs, like [...] .
[614] Nine man's morris is just ... erm ... one of the ... games that is easy for them to devise ... if yo , if you want me to teach you how to play it, if you don't know already I will.
Anne (PS1LN) [615] Mm mm.
Milvia (PS1LP) [...]
Anne (PS1LN) [616] Don't know, no.
Milvia (PS1LP) [617] No, I I thought Nine man's morris, I thought it was a ga ... er, a dance.
Andrew (PS1LM) [618] It is.
Anne (PS1LN) [619] Oh [laughing] yeah [] !
Andrew (PS1LM) [620] It's a [...] , it's a ... an
Anne (PS1LN) [621] Oh!
Andrew (PS1LM) [622] ancient morris dance that's mentioned in
Anne (PS1LN) [623] Oh.
Andrew (PS1LM) [624] Shakespeare.
Anne (PS1LN) [625] Oh.
Andrew (PS1LM) [626] But it was one ... the er er er er, the village green
Anne (PS1LN) [627] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [628] right?
[629] Erm, had a nine man's morris ... pitch
Anne (PS1LN) [630] Mm.
[631] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [632] with dancers and wood, sand ... one of the, the appointed places
Anne (PS1LN) [633] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [634] and they would be instructed ... to move in certain ... to
Anne (PS1LN) [635] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [636] other places
Anne (PS1LN) [637] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [638] when they did certain things, you know ... that man was killed and he was off, not really
Anne (PS1LN) [639] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [640] you know, he was off, out of the game
Anne (PS1LN) [641] Did i , did he have the sticks or
Andrew (PS1LM) [642] They they, may have done the morris dancing type
Milvia (PS1LP) [643] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [644] of thing as
Milvia (PS1LP) [645] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [646] they passed each other and clashed them ... er, nobody knows, so it's lost
Milvia (PS1LP) [647] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [648] it's ... there's a re reference
Anne (PS1LN) [649] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [650] to it but he actual dance is lost.
Anne (PS1LN) [651] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [652] Er, but it was then reduced to game, with pieces and counters
Anne (PS1LN) [653] Oh!
Andrew (PS1LM) [654] which is a lovely game to play, it's
Anne (PS1LN) [655] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [656] very elegant, it's a cross between draughts ... and chess sort of thing you know
Anne (PS1LN) [657] Yes.
Andrew (PS1LM) [658] it's it's really rather
Anne (PS1LN) [659] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [660] nice!
[661] And kids love to learn it!
Anne (PS1LN) [662] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [663] And love to play it!
[664] And then
Anne (PS1LN) [665] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [666] they can design a board ... because the pieces can be ... you know, spaceships or
Anne (PS1LN) [667] Yes
Milvia (PS1LP) [668] Mm.
Anne (PS1LN) [669] anything!
Andrew (PS1LM) [670] anything, you know!
Anne (PS1LN) [671] Yes.
[672] Yes.
Andrew (PS1LM) [673] It doesn't have to be ... draughts or anything.
Anne (PS1LN) [674] Yes , yes.
Andrew (PS1LM) [675] The great thing about the game is that you're teaching them a little bit of culture
Anne (PS1LN) [676] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [677] cos it is a, you know ... the oldest English board game
Anne (PS1LN) [678] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [679] you're also teaching them to pass their time
Milvia (PS1LP) [680] Mhm.
Anne (PS1LN) [681] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [682] in you know ... in a civilised wa
Milvia (PS1LP) [683] A leisurely [...] .
Anne (PS1LN) [684] That's right.
Andrew (PS1LM) [685] way, you see.
Anne (PS1LN) [686] Instead of knocking some old
Andrew (PS1LM) [687] Because they can
Anne (PS1LN) [688] granny about!
Andrew (PS1LM) [689] That's right!
[690] They can create nine man's morris board on anything and use
Anne (PS1LN) [691] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [692] counters for anything!
Anne (PS1LN) [693] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [694] Broken in half match stick ... a shell and a stone
Anne (PS1LN) [695] Mm.
[696] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [697] you know a bro ,yo er, you know a
Anne (PS1LN) [698] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [699] a a ten pence coin and a
Anne (PS1LN) [700] Yes.
Andrew (PS1LM) [701] and a te , two
Anne (PS1LN) [702] Yes.
Andrew (PS1LM) [703] pence coin.
Anne (PS1LN) [704] And of course they can personalise them can't they?
[705] If they, if ... you've got
Andrew (PS1LM) [...]
Anne (PS1LN) [706] a small group.
Andrew (PS1LM) [707] That's right.
[708] An and they have enjoyed
Anne (PS1LN) [709] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [710] that very much in the
Anne (PS1LN) [711] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [712] past.
[713] But you can onto more ambitious board games, er, I think George and I both seen ... some
Milvia (PS1LP) [714] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [715] very complex board games with er ... cards and things devised by people in
(PS1LR) [...]
Andrew (PS1LM) [716] technology ... by
(PS1LR) [717] Oh yes, yes I've
Andrew (PS1LM) [718] even se , even seven and eight years!
(PS1LR) [719] Yeah.
[720] Aha.
Anne (PS1LN) [721] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [722] And they can produce
Anne (PS1LN) [723] Mm.
(PS1LR) [724] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [725] you know
Anne (PS1LN) [726] Yes.
Andrew (PS1LM) [727] really very complex
Anne (PS1LN) [728] Yes.
Andrew (PS1LM) [729] and er
Anne (PS1LN) [730] Yes.
Andrew (PS1LM) [731] you know very ... sophisticated games.
Anne (PS1LN) [732] Yes, we do, we do it in English, you se , with the with the text
Andrew (PS1LM) [733] Mhm.
Anne (PS1LN) [734] erm ... aro , on the snakes and ladders principle they think of all the, the good things that happen or the bad
Andrew (PS1LM) [735] Yes.
Anne (PS1LN) [736] things that happen
Andrew (PS1LM) [737] Mhm.
Anne (PS1LN) [738] and
(PS1LR) [739] Yeah.
Anne (PS1LN) [740] this kind of thing and the , they they enjoy going up
Andrew (PS1LM) [...]
Anne (PS1LN) [741] and the they pick up the text in that way.
Andrew (PS1LM) [742] Mhm.
[743] Right.
Anne (PS1LN) [744] They pick up, you know, the essence of what's going on.
Milvia (PS1LP) [745] It's a good that isn't it, for literature, to try and teach literature, yeah?
Andrew (PS1LM) [746] Well that is the point
(PS1LR) [747] It's very good!
Anne (PS1LN) [748] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [749] because it's a very friendly, user friendly way
Anne (PS1LN) [750] Mm.
Milvia (PS1LP) [751] It's like a game, as you say it's, you're just playing.
Andrew (PS1LM) [752] That's right , make something into
Milvia (PS1LP) [753] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [754] a game [...]
Milvia (PS1LP) [755] Cos I mean, that's how you teach a young child isn't it?
Andrew (PS1LM) [756] A similar one
Anne (PS1LN) [757] Yes
Andrew (PS1LM) [758] yeah.
Anne (PS1LN) [759] Yes, that's it, yes.
Milvia (PS1LP) [760] Teach young children through games.
Anne (PS1LN) [761] Yes ... and they go through each
Milvia (PS1LP) [762] Yes.
Anne (PS1LN) [763] page ... with a
Milvia (PS1LP) [764] Yeah.
Anne (PS1LN) [765] fine tooth comb ... actually
Milvia (PS1LP) [766] Yes.
Anne (PS1LN) [767] looking for strategies to play.
Milvia (PS1LP) [768] That's right!
[769] Yes, yes, yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [770] Okay
Milvia (PS1LP) [771] Mhm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [772] so we go onto other themes here ... which is three ... half way down the page.
[773] So, other things ... dealt with as above ... introduced by slide shows or demonstrations or videos or anything else
Milvia (PS1LP) [774] Mhm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [775] you know, [...]
Milvia (PS1LP) [776] Mhm.
Anne (PS1LN) [777] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [778] for instance some of the themes could be ... canal civil engineering and art
Milvia (PS1LP) [779] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [780] you know, including the architecture that went with them.
Anne (PS1LN) [781] There's wonderful art work on the canals in [...] !
Milvia (PS1LP) [782] Mm, mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [783] Looks fabulous doesn't it!
Anne (PS1LN) [784] Yes.
[785] And especially with [...]
Milvia (PS1LP) [786] Mm, the barges
Anne (PS1LN) [...]
Milvia (PS1LP) [787] That'd be lovely ... to take er, a holiday ... a weekend for the kids, er, you know
Anne (PS1LN) [788] Yeah.
Milvia (PS1LP) [789] along the barge.
Andrew (PS1LM) [790] That's right, cos they've never seen
Anne (PS1LN) [791] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [792] a canal have they?
Milvia (PS1LP) [793] Nothing!
Anne (PS1LN) [794] Oh, you're on your own there now Vi!
Milvia (PS1LP) [795] And oh oh
Unknown speaker (KLTPSUNK) [laugh]
Milvia (PS1LP) [796] Anne!
[797] [laughing] Where's the adventure spirit [] !
Andrew (PS1LM) [798] Even I have taken kids on the canals, it's great!
Anne (PS1LN) [799] Mm.
Milvia (PS1LP) [800] Mm.
[801] Mm, it's lovely!
Andrew (PS1LM) [802] Falling into the locks and drowning, it's wonderful!
Milvia (PS1LP) [803] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [...]
Milvia (PS1LP) [804] Make sure they wear their life belts!
Andrew (PS1LM) [805] I went in the snow once!
Milvia (PS1LP) [806] Did you really?
Andrew (PS1LM) [807] It was brilliant!
[808] Oh yeah, I went
Milvia (PS1LP) [809] Ah!
Andrew (PS1LM) [810] in the snow really dramatic.
Milvia (PS1LP) [811] I've never ... never done it in the winter.
Andrew (PS1LM) [812] Mhm.
Anne (PS1LN) [813] Did you go to ... that one that says about eleven or twelve
Andrew (PS1LM) [814] Yes , yes, Foxton
Anne (PS1LN) [815] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [816] Locks. [whispering] [...] [] !
Milvia (PS1LP) [817] [laughing] Is it [] !
Andrew (PS1LM) [818] I hate the great outdoors as you know
Milvia (PS1LP) [819] and the kids
Andrew (PS1LM) [820] but I enjoyed it.
Anne (PS1LN) [821] Oh!
Milvia (PS1LP) [822] Yeah, I mean, the kids how they can be so agile in jumping off the barge
Andrew (PS1LM) [823] Mhm.
Milvia (PS1LP) [824] to go and get the lock, to open the lock and to
Andrew (PS1LM) [825] It's [...]
Milvia (PS1LP) [826] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [827] lovely!
Milvia (PS1LP) [828] Incredible, yeah! [laugh]
Andrew (PS1LM) [829] Swi , swinging the key round you know, hitting
Milvia (PS1LP) [830] Yeah!
Andrew (PS1LM) [831] each other over the head!
Milvia (PS1LP) [laugh]
Andrew (PS1LM) [832] They love it, I mean it's marvellous!
Milvia (PS1LP) [833] Incredible, yeah!
Andrew (PS1LM) [834] Another one here
Milvia (PS1LP) [835] It's superb!
Andrew (PS1LM) [836] illustrated package of the products ... for instance the school, there's a comma after sound, there shouldn't be there, sound recording, cosmetics, food and toys ... comic illustrations, illuminated manuscripts, eighteen and nineteenth century painting, the whole galo , the whole
Anne (PS1LN) [837] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [838] cross section.
Anne (PS1LN) [839] And there's a lot of erm ... new books that I got last years [...] for the library
Milvia (PS1LP) [840] Mm.
Anne (PS1LN) [841] which shows a lot of this, they're beautiful aren't they, the art
Andrew (PS1LM) [842] Yes
Anne (PS1LN) [843] books?
Andrew (PS1LM) [844] they are
Milvia (PS1LP) [845] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [846] indeed.
Unknown speaker (KLTPSUNK) [sigh]
Andrew (PS1LM) [847] Okay ... this is, this is the hard work for us now ... preparation necessary for year ten, year eleven courses.
[848] ... [reading] Each of three teachers prepares four to five topics per term, starting with a minimum of two ... this programme to re ... be repeated three times per term to A B C groups, carousel [] .
[849] That way, you know ... we ... after one year we've got enough material to
Milvia (PS1LP) [850] Yes.
Andrew (PS1LM) [851] to see us
Milvia (PS1LP) [852] Yes.
Andrew (PS1LM) [853] through forever
Milvia (PS1LP) [854] Yes.
Andrew (PS1LM) [855] if we need to.
Milvia (PS1LP) [856] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [857] That is if [...] ... erm ... material, [reading] material for these topics should be lively ... and interesting for the broad range of pupil ability ... i.e. differentiation.
[858] They being always of sufficiently high ... quality ... to be intellectually and culturally developing and stimulating ... and justify ... potential [...] of accreditation [] .
Milvia (PS1LP) [859] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [860] Sorry about the printing on these pages, it's very bad isn't it!
Anne (PS1LN) [861] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [862] Can you read it.
Anne (PS1LN) [863] Mm.
Milvia (PS1LP) [864] Mhm.
Anne (PS1LN) [865] Mine's [...]
(PS1LR) [866] Mm , [...] .
Anne (PS1LN) [...]
Milvia (PS1LP) [867] [...] probably. [laugh]
Anne (PS1LN) [868] [...] is always just [...] .
Milvia (PS1LP) [laugh]
Andrew (PS1LM) [869] Yes.
Anne (PS1LN) [laugh]
Milvia (PS1LP) [laugh]
Andrew (PS1LM) [870] That's right!
Anne (PS1LN) [laugh]
Milvia (PS1LP) [laugh]
Andrew (PS1LM) [871] [reading] Care should be taken ... to conform to a ... cross-departmentally agreed formula of presentation and content ... for instance, work cards should conform in size, style and presentation ... and pre-printed questionnaires, planning sheets, and other documentation should use consistent layout, logos, identification, symbols, typefaces et cetera .
[872] And we can agree all of that, so that it makes it easier for storage
Milvia (PS1LP) [873] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [874] and easier for use and easier for
Milvia (PS1LP) [875] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [876] kids to understand it.
[877] Is that all agreeable?
Milvia (PS1LP) [878] Mhm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [879] So we need some evening sessions to agree on that, and
Milvia (PS1LP) [880] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [881] find out what's available, yeah?
Anne (PS1LN) [882] Mm.
[883] I'll have a good old rummage this weekend cos I got stacks of stuff!
Andrew (PS1LM) [884] Mhm.
Anne (PS1LN) [885] That may or may not be applicable but I'll just bring it in and dump it on you.
Andrew (PS1LM) [886] Good!
Milvia (PS1LP) [laugh]
Andrew (PS1LM) [887] That's alright!
[888] That's fine!
[889] Thank you.
Anne (PS1LN) [890] You know because it maybe at sometime in the future
Andrew (PS1LM) [891] Yes, I'll I'll lo , I love car boot sales like that, great!
Anne (PS1LN) [892] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [893] [reading] But these should be designed with a view to be pupil friendly ... and easily used by non-specialist teaching, for example, supply teachers.
[894] Pre-prepared units of work should be labelled and stored so as to make them accessible to pupils and teachers alike.
[895] ... Attendance registers and assessment sheets should be kept rigorously ... and easily available [] .
[896] Erm ... I'm getting at Richard ... here ... erm [reading] instructions of the whereabouts, methods of access ... to and operation of hardware, such as tape decks ... video and T V sets, video tapes, slides and projectors and other machinery should be kept with work sheets et cetera.
[897] You know, because
Anne (PS1LN) [898] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [899] if I have to go and do the music I, jolly well wanna do it!
[900] I don't want to sit there
Anne (PS1LN) [901] Mm.
[902] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [903] feeling like an idiot!
Anne (PS1LN) [904] Mm, mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [905] You know, without access to the tape decks and without
Anne (PS1LN) [906] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [907] knowing what's going on.
[908] And I would expect that er, all of us would feel much the same.
Milvia (PS1LP) [909] Yep.
Anne (PS1LN) [910] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [911] [reading] Master copies to be kept centrally and available ... for all creative arts staff in A one []
Anne (PS1LN) [912] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [913] [reading] in ... a filing cabinet []
Anne (PS1LN) [914] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [915] so that we, we all know what's going on and ... and where it is and
Anne (PS1LN) [916] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [917] you know?
Anne (PS1LN) [918] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [919] Sure, some of it doesn't exist yet ... we've gotta create this stuff, but, you know
Anne (PS1LN) [920] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [921] once it's created
Anne (PS1LN) [922] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [923] then it should be available to all, so anybody who goes to stand in when they're off with ... er, broken legs!
Anne (PS1LN) [924] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [925] [reading] Third process ... teaching and learning styles should vary as widely as possible in order to provide maximum stimulation for both teachers and pupils ... and care should be taken to plan programmes with a long term rhythm of change or variety ... the element of chance and serendipity []
(PS1LR) [926] He always chooses posh words doesn't he?
Anne (PS1LN) [laugh]
Andrew (PS1LM) [927] but don't forget, this is all headed
(PS1LR) [laugh]
Andrew (PS1LM) [928] this bit for erm ... an ex-position for a creative arts teacher, senior management and governors!
Milvia (PS1LP) [laugh]
Andrew (PS1LM) [929] You know, I'm trying to get a promotion here!
Milvia (PS1LP) [930] Show off!
[931] For [laughing] [...] [] !
Anne (PS1LN) [932] Where is, where is that?
Andrew (PS1LM) [933] Alright, I'm showing off!
Milvia (PS1LP) [934] The very first part.
Andrew (PS1LM) [935] Right at the beginning.
Anne (PS1LN) [936] Oh!
[937] Right!
Andrew (PS1LM) [938] [laugh] I'm prowling in other words, by using a lot of words!
Milvia (PS1LP) [laugh]
Anne (PS1LN) [939] Don't worry about that pet!
Andrew (PS1LM) [940] No! [laugh]
Milvia (PS1LP) [laugh]
Andrew (PS1LM) [941] Erm ... [laughing] and though []
Milvia (PS1LP) [942] You've lost your place now, haven't you?
Andrew (PS1LM) [943] I have indeed , it's serendipity we've got to haven't we?
Unknown speaker (KLTPSUNK) [laugh]
Andrew (PS1LM) [944] Er, [reading] through for instance, spontaneous people involvement must be catered for [] .
[945] And I say that because from time to time I've had lessons completely ... interrupted by kids ... taking the ball and running with it and I've just sat there, it's been brilliant!
Milvia (PS1LP) [946] Mm.
Anne (PS1LN) [947] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [948] Best bit of teaching
Milvia (PS1LP) [949] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [950] I've ever done just keeping quiet!
Milvia (PS1LP) [laugh]
Andrew (PS1LM) [laugh]
Anne (PS1LN) [951] Yeah, yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [952] And it doesn't matter, you know
Anne (PS1LN) [953] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [954] cos it's
Milvia (PS1LP) [955] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [956] that's what it's about isn't it, really?
Milvia (PS1LP) [957] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [958] [reading] That's rigidly adherence to a written formula for programmes is considered counter-productive []
Milvia (PS1LP) [...]
Andrew (PS1LM) [959] [reading] to people motivation. []
Milvia (PS1LP) [960] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [961] [reading] Allowance should be made for the fact that these pupils are of an age where they mou , may either streak ahead of expectation to [...] an enterprise ... or remain disinterested and static in their reception programmes.
[962] Both steps are natural ... therefore, either, providing too little stimulation ... or coercive pushing is inappropriate.
[963] Each pupil should be encouraged to strive beyond a status quo level ... but by encouragement to eventually identify personally interesting areas.
[964] Many pupils may object that they find this kind of culture to be alien and puzzling at first since this is a non-exam course there is opportunity for pupils to mark time without any serious results ... but to achieve personal development gradually ... or late on in the course at an individual pace.
[965] This process needs to be regularly discussed and recorded in consultation with resistant pupils so that they feel encouraged and not threatened ... where appropriate professional []
Milvia (PS1LP) [966] Mm?
Andrew (PS1LM) [967] [reading] and advice should be sought by creative arts teachers when they are preparing programmes ... from special needs, special interest ... multi-school or multi-ethnic organisations ... other departments and from parents with special experience, knowledge and skills [] .
[968] That's the end of that bit
Milvia (PS1LP) [969] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [970] then the next bit is ... list of ... er, resources that I have at home
Milvia (PS1LP) [971] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [972] mainly
Milvia (PS1LP) [973] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [974] about ... erm ... everything.
Milvia (PS1LP) [975] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [976] And may I suggest that we add to ... the list, on the computer ... type it into this particular programme be , it's called arts list ... [...]
Milvia (PS1LP) [977] Mm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [978] a word ... anything that we have at home, such as your little carving that you had done.
Anne (PS1LN) [979] Mm.
[980] I've got quite a lot of little carvings er, from ... I got one from er
Andrew (PS1LM) [981] if you're prepared
Anne (PS1LN) [982] the Caribbean
Andrew (PS1LM) [983] to bring them in and the [...] ... and if you could, sort of type them in
Anne (PS1LN) [984] Yes.
Andrew (PS1LM) [985] with your initials ... like I've done there.
Milvia (PS1LP) [986] I see what you done, the A M.
Anne (PS1LN) [987] Yes.
Milvia (PS1LP) [988] Aha.
Andrew (PS1LM) [989] Aha.
Anne (PS1LN) [990] Yes.
Andrew (PS1LM) [991] Then we know that that person has got that
Anne (PS1LN) [992] Yes.
Milvia (PS1LP) [993] Mhm.
Andrew (PS1LM) [994] and that if we want to borrow it in a couple weeks time
Milvia (PS1LP) [995] Mhm.
Anne (PS1LN) [996] Yes.
Andrew (PS1LM) [997] we can go and say would you mind bringing that in.
Anne (PS1LN) [998] Yes I
Milvia (PS1LP) [999] Mhm.
Anne (PS1LN) [1000] yes, aha
Andrew (PS1LM) [1001] Alright?
Anne (PS1LN) [1002] cos they, some of them are quite delicate.
Andrew (PS1LM) [1003] Not leave them at school at all
Anne (PS1LN) [1004] No I [...] not.
Andrew (PS1LM) [1005] but just , you know.
Anne (PS1LN) [1006] Yeah.
[1007] You know, they're not goo , I no , I wouldn't just
Andrew (PS1LM) [1008] Well
Anne (PS1LN) [1009] say they ... not in their expertise, so I mean, it's just an example of ... I mean, the old [...] see a tourist shop and then I
Andrew (PS1LM) [1010] No, but you just said, that you, you buy every ... you know
Anne (PS1LN) [1011] every , yeah.
Andrew (PS1LM) [1012] you're a, an airport junkie aren't you?
Anne (PS1LN) [1013] That's right!
Milvia (PS1LP) [1014] Really?
Andrew (PS1LM) [1015] Yes.
Anne (PS1LN) [1016] That's it , yes.
[1017] But, er it comes in hundreds of stuff like this.
Andrew (PS1LM) [1018] Mm mm.
[1019] Shall we have a cup of coffee and then watch a bit of this?
Milvia (PS1LP) [1020] Why not!
Anne (PS1LN) [1021] Yes.
[1022] I've abstained for lo
Milvia (PS1LP) [...]