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PS30C Ag2 m (rob tomlinson, age 30+, newsreader) unspecified
PS30D Ag2 m (david white, age 30+, director of social services) unspecified
PS30E X u (mallory gelder, age unknown, reporter) unspecified
PS30F X m (No name, age unknown, head of un operations in bosnia) unspecified
PS30G Ag4 m (dennis mccarthy, age 50+, radio presenter) unspecified
PS30H Ag3 m (Ken, age 40+, Phone-in caller) unspecified
PS30J Ag3 f (Angela, age 40+, Phone-in caller) unspecified
PS30K X m (John, age unknown, Phone-in caller) unspecified
PS30L Ag3 m (John, age 40+, Phone-in caller) unspecified
KM2PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KM2PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 105801 recorded on 1993-11-01. LocationNottinghamshire: Bbc Radio Nottingham ( Radio broadcasting studio ) Activity: Radio broadcast Interview, phone-in discussion, reporting.

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Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [1] both aged eleven accused of killing James Bulger a boy of two.
[2] The body of the toddler was found in February two days after he disappeared from a shopping centre in Bootle.
[3] The defendants are also charged with abduction and attempting to abduct another boy of two on the same day.
[4] The Prime Minister is to make a statement on Northern Ireland in Commons this afternoon.
[5] He'll tell MPs that the Government is trying to restart negotiations involving all the constitutional parties in the Province.
[6] Meanwhile police in Northern Ireland are continuing to question eight people about the massacre at a pub in County Londonderry on Saturday night.
[7] Seven people died in the attack on the Rising Sun at Greysteel.
[8] Five of those injured are still in hospital one is critically ill.
[9] A Nottinghamshire Day Centre which caters for more than a hundred mentally handicapped people is facing closure.
[10] Beaver Vale in Bingham looks likely to become the latest casualty of cuts to the county's social services budget.
[11] A number of children's homes and old people's homes are also likely to be shut down.
[12] The authorities say they'll provide alternative services for everyone who uses the Centre and that they hope to redeploy the forty staff.
[13] The Social Services Director David White says closing Beaver Vale is the best option available to them.
david white (PS30D) [14] We've taken a number of factors into account one of which is the lower occupancy levels at Beaver Vale.
[15] We've looked at the current number of users, where they live, the journey times that they have often provided by us on tra transport and the possibilities of where we can relocate them and clearly we have a number of centres in the Nottingham er conurbation which will be made available to those users from Beaver Vale.
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [16] The singer Elton John has taken a national newspaper to court over an article last December which claimed he was hooked on a bizarre diet which meant he spat out food without swallowing.
[17] Elton John is seeking exemplary damages against Mirror Group Newspapers which publishes the Sunday Mirror.
[18] Mallory Geld reports from the High Court in London.
mallory gelder (PS30E) [19] The singer's lawyer George Carman Q C told the court the Sunday Mirror story was headlined, Elton's diet of death and the secret of slim Elton's spitting image.
[20] It claimed Elton John was hooked on eating food and spitting it out and it claimed he told guests at a Los Angeles party, I'm on the don't swallow and get thin diet.
[21] The singer who was in court shook his head as the article was read out.
[22] Mr Carman said the story was completely untrue.
[23] The singer had fought and won his battles against bulimia, drug and alcohol abuse and had publicly spoken about it to help others get over the nightmare of addiction.
[24] He said the Sunday Mirror had offered to publish an apology but Elton John had rejected it because the paper had recklessly published the article.
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [25] Aid workers in central Bosnia have told the United Nations it must act to protect more than a thousand Moslems trapped in the Croatian controlled enclave of Vareys.
[26] The warning follows last week's massacre of at least twenty five people in the nearby village of .
[27] the head of the operation in central Bosnia said the Moslems had been subjected to blatant human rights abuses and the U N might soon have to evacuate them.
[28] He was asked what U N peace keepers were doing to protect Moslem civilians in the area.
(PS30F) [29] What is happening is they're patrolling the areas intensively, they're maintaining contact with these er terrified Moslems to try to avert any type of er foul play in the area.
[30] Eventually the situation continues to deteriorate which it probably will everything indicates that er the situation in Vareys is explosive, erm the U N nations may be forced to have to evacuate these people and obviously there are implications involved in that.
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [31] A radical plan to demolish the Commons' Chamber and rebuild it in the shape of a semicircle is being put forward by a Nottingham M P.
[32] Labour's Graham Allen argues that if the lobbies were knocked out MPs could have a semicircular debating chamber electronic voting and a named desk each.
[33] The weather forecast for Nottinghamshire all parts will stay dry today and although there'll still be a good deal of cloud for much of the time some bright or perhaps sunny intervals are possible.
[34] Top temperature nine Celsius forty eight Fahrenheit.
[35] B B C Radio Nottingham news it's five minutes past two. [music]
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [36] Hello and welcome to afternoon special this Monday afternoon linking the East Midlands, and a special special we've got we've got erm a scoop because we've got Foster and Allan as guests on the programme.
[37] They're in Nottingham tonight and they're later at the Ritz at Lincoln but they've just heard that they're number one in the hit parade with their new video.
[38] So we're the first to have them after them gaining number one.
[39] [music] On the hour the news and weather and we'd like to hear from you this afternoon Nottingham three four three four three four the number to ring if you'd like to have a chat on the air.
[40] You have to dial the code O six O two if you're ringing from outside the Nottingham area.
[41] [music] Collector's corner is the feature round about three thirty so if you want to go on collector's corner if you collect anything for a hobby that's the spot for you.
[42] Give us a ring, Nottingham three four three four three four.
[43] And we have a competition it's spot the singer it's quite simple when you know the singer it is anyway.
[44] So if you'd like to play the game the only rule is that you mustn't have played a phone in competition on this programme in the last four weeks.
[45] Give us a ring Nottingham three four three four three four if you think you can spot the singer.
[46] There's music throughout starting with Diana Ross.
[47] [music] [break in recording] Three four for spot the singer.
[48] [break in recording] Stevie Wonder that was and Up Tight and er we've got the eight contestants for the competition so we'll play the game now.
[49] First on is Ken of Allerton good afternoon Ken.
Ken (PS30H) [50] Good afternoon Dennis.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [51] Did you hear the singer last week?
Ken (PS30H) [52] I did.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [53] All right tell me who this is.
[54] [music] Who is it?
Ken (PS30H) [55] Er Jimmy James and the Vagabonds.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [56] Absolutely right Jimmy James and the Vagabonds er so er you get a prize.
Ken (PS30H) [57] Oh thank you very much.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [58] Can you call for it to Derby?
Ken (PS30H) [59] I can.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [60] You're calling at Derby thank you Ken.
Ken (PS30H) [61] Okay then
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [62] Bye.
Ken (PS30H) [63] Bye.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [64] Prize winner already with Ken and Jimmy James and the Vagabonds and er the postal competition winners coming up now.
[65] A prize goes to John of Grimsby.
[66] So you got a prize so have you.
[67] Carol of Lincoln.
[68] Hope you can call for yours at Radio Lincolnshire.
[69] And Joan there's a famous name for you of Belper and one more and it's Terry of Leicester, prize for you.
[70] So those are our prize winners by post and it was Jimmy James and the Vagabonds next on is Angela of Lincoln.
Angela (PS30J) [71] Hello.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [72] Did you know it was Jimmy James and the Vagabonds ?
Angela (PS30J) [73] Yes I did [laugh] that's why I rang in.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [74] Well see if you know who this is.
[75] [music] Okay it's a very famous name any ideas?
Angela (PS30J) [76] Er no I haven't.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [77] No good all right.
Angela (PS30J) [78] No.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [79] Thank you for trying.
Angela (PS30J) [80] Okay then.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [81] Bye Angela.
Angela (PS30J) [82] Bye bye bye bye.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [83] John of Clifton.
John (PS30K) [84] Hello Dennis.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [85] What do you think John?
John (PS30K) [86] No idea I knew who that Jimmy James.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [87] You did.
John (PS30K) [88] Yes seventies isn't it?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [89] That's right everybody seems to know .
John (PS30K) [laugh]
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [90] But you don't know who this is?
John (PS30K) [91] No.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [92] All right thanks .
John (PS30K) [93] No idea Dennis.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [94] Thanks for trying.
John (PS30K) [95] Thanks.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [96] Bye.
John (PS30K) [97] Bye.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [98] John of New Whittington.
John (PS30L) [99] Hello there.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [100] Carries a famous name she does, any ideas?
John (PS30L) [101] Er could you [...] bit more of it please? [music]
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [102] Any ideas?
John (PS30L) [103] Er I think she used to sing with a group and I think she's gone on her own and I don't know which one to go for.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [104] Can go for two then.
John (PS30L) [105] It were Patti Le Bell
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [106] No.
John (PS30L) [107] or the Pointer Sisters.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [108] No.
John (PS30L) [109] Oh.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [110] No neither of them .
John (PS30L) [111] I am surprised yeah.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [112] All right.
John (PS30L) [113] Okay then.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [114] Thanks for trying.
John (PS30L) [115] Okay then.
[116] Bye bye
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [117] Bye.
[118] Next contestant is Irene Walker of Lincoln.
[119] Irene.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [120] Hello don't know it at all.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [121] No good at all?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [122] No is it the Mojos no no .
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [123] It's an individual singer carrying a famous name.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [...]
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [124] No no all right thanks for trying.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [125] Bye
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [126] Bye this is the singer you have to identify.
[127] [music] Anybody know that one?
[128] On the line from Lincoln er Simon .
[129] Simon?
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [130] I've never heard of it Dennis but I'll have a wild stab in the dark it's
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [131] No carrying a famous name you see.
[132] All right okay Simon.
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [133] Sorry.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [134] Bye.
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [135] Bye.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [136] Steven of Green.
david white (PS30D) [137] Hello Dennis is it er Nata Natalie Cole?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [138] It's Natalie Cole yes.
[139] Nat King Cole's daughter you're right and the prize is yours can you call for it?
david white (PS30D) [140] Er yes I can.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [141] Thank you Steven.
david white (PS30D) [142] Okay.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [143] Bye.
david white (PS30D) [144] When can I come down for it Dennis?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [145] Oh any time between nine and six.
david white (PS30D) [146] Right okay.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [147] Okay.
david white (PS30D) [148] Thank you.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [149] Bye.
david white (PS30D) [150] Bye.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [151] [...] Steven got it, Natalie Cole.
[152] Nat King Cole's daughter told you it carried a famous name.
[153] All right erm the postal one the postal one.
[154] What shall we have for the postal one.
[155] Let's have erm ... let's have a group yes let's have a group tell you what we'll do we'll have a group.
[156] We'll have this group identify this group on a postcard to, Spot the Singers Linkmail four one four, Derby Leicester, Lincoln, or Nottingham whichever is closest to you.
[157] Postcard to be here by Monday next week identify this group please.
[158] [music] Now who's that?
[159] Spot the Singers Linkmail four one four Derby Leicester Lincoln or Nottingham that's where you send the postcard to be here by Monday next week identifying that group.
[160] Postcards by Monday.
[161] Okay that's it that's erm that's our competition over.
[162] Now if you'd like to call us and have a chat on the air Nottingham three four three four three four is the number to ring.
[163] Lots of inquiries about Foster and Allen they're coming on the programme later they've just got number one for the first time with their new video with their new single [...] I don't know I'm not quite sure we'll find out when they get here well they've just got number one for the first time and they've been trying hard for a long time.
[164] So that's great.
[165] Now they are at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham tonight.
[166] Fairly sure in saying that.
[167] We're a little bit topsy and turvy cos er our programme researcher Sophie er is er is not with us today and as a result we're a bit topsy and turvy and I haven't got all the papers associated with Foster and Allen but we'll get all the details from F two lads when they come in.
[168] Always welcome guests and er I think it a bit tight to get a ticket tonight but there they are Royal Concert Hall if you want to try.
[169] Do you want to know about a spectacular firework display?
[170] It's at a lovely venue it's at the Great Central Railway at Loughborough.
[171] The Great Central Railway Britain's only preserved main line steam railway is hosting a spectacular firework display and bonfire party at the Quorn Station this Friday.
[172] It's going to be lit at seven thirty with the firework display starting at seven forty five.
[173] And visitors will be treated to a spectacular show with thousands of pounds worth of fireworks on display.
[174] Traditional bonfire night fare will be served including hot dogs mushy peas and jacket potatoes and there's also a licensed bar and you can even travel to the bonfire by steam train.
[175] Trains depart from Loughborough at six fifteen and six forty five, Leicester North at six fifty and Rothley at five past seven.
[176] Alternately admission is available on the gate at Quorn Station.
[177] The return train fares including admission to the bonfire from Loughborough adults four pounds children three pounds,Loftb er Leicester North adults six pounds children three pounds, Rothley adults six pounds children three pounds and admission on the gate at Quorn is adults two pounds children one pound fifty.
[178] And you can telephone O five O nine two three O seven two six if you want to advance book your train service.
[179] All right?
[180] O five O nine two three O seven two six if you want to advance book your train.
[181] And that gets you admission the firework spectacular at the Great Central Railway and that's at the Quorn Station this Friday seven thirty.
[182] Nice one that.
[183] Er right we have a call Joan from Derby hello.
mallory gelder (PS30E) [184] Hello Dennis.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [185] Yes?
mallory gelder (PS30E) [186] Right I just wondered [clears throat] if you would mention my animal charities day at St John's Church Hall, on this coming Saturday the sixth of November.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [187] What's happening?
mallory gelder (PS30E) [188] Er well it's just all the char about thirteen fourteen charities are getting together just to sell their own goods, bric--brac and various other things.
[189] We're doing refreshments and it's twenty pence to come in.
[190] It will be opened by the Mayoress of Derby, Mrs Webster at ten thirty.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [191] So it's all in aid of animal charities?
mallory gelder (PS30E) [192] Yes that's right.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [193] Which animal charities are you interested in?
mallory gelder (PS30E) [194] Well mine's the National Canine Defence League.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [195] I see now that's one that isn't may not be known to some of our listeners they're used to the R S P C A and the P D S A but the National Canine Defence League what makes it different?
mallory gelder (PS30E) [196] Well we have a non-destructive policy.
[197] But I've been a member for many years I like the policy and erm my friends and I just decided that we would fund raise for them as they haven't got anyone in this area.
[198] We've been going since well September eighty three and I agree with what you say.
[199] When we first started people used to say, Canine Defence League never heard of them, but since then people have come up to us and said, Oh I met you last year and I've joined the League.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [200] That's very good and since September eighty three that's ten years ago how much have you made?
mallory gelder (PS30E) [201] Well we we can't say o overall but we started in a very small way but on average Dennis we raise in the region of two thousand pounds a year.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [202] That's very good.
mallory gelder (PS30E) [203] It takes a lot of earning.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [204] Yeah I bet it does.
mallory gelder (PS30E) [205] Yeah you see, bric--brac isn't so readily available now there are car boot sales so we have to resort to other means like the sponsored dog walk and er this type of thing.
[206] You can offer for the stall when you can't fill a hall
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [207] Mm.
mallory gelder (PS30E) [208] so we've invited everyone to come along.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [209] So what time on Saturday?
mallory gelder (PS30E) [210] Ten thirty, that's when the Mayoress will open it.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [211] So it's this Saturday ten thirty at St John's Church Hall .
mallory gelder (PS30E) [212] Park Farm yes.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [213] Park Farm
mallory gelder (PS30E) [214] Yes.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G)
mallory gelder (PS30E) [215] Mm
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [216] and it's opened at ten thirty by the Mayor.
mallory gelder (PS30E) [217] Yes and it's only twenty pence to come in.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [218] Okay I hope it goes well for you.
mallory gelder (PS30E) [219] Thank you very much Dennis.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [220] Bye Joan.
mallory gelder (PS30E) [221] Thank you good bye.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [222] Nottingham three four three four three four if you'd like to have a chat on the air that's the number to ring.
[223] O six O two is the code if you're ringing from outside the Nottingham area then it's Nottingham three four three four three four.
[224] So that er animal charities day is at St John's Church, Park Farm oh John St John's Church Hall, Park Farm, twenty pence to get in ten thirty it starts this Saturday.
[225] Don't forget the phone number Nottingham three four three four three four.
[226] [music] That was the Merseys and Gordon that was.
[227] Er now there's a big charity dance happening with Phil Kelsall the resident organist at the Tower Ballroom Blackpool.
[228] The dance is taking place er with the big sound of the Alfreton dance orchestra at the Leisure Centre Alfreton er Friday week the twelfth of November.
[229] And the tickets are four pounds each.
[230] It's put on by the Rotary Club of Alfreton.
[231] So if you're interested there you are have a cop.
[232] A week on Friday the twelfth of November a week on Friday the twelfth of November a big charity dance at the Al Alfreton Leisure Centre.
[233] Er and its music's going to be provided by the great Phil Kelsall, the resident organist at the Tower Ballroom Blackpool.
[234] Supported by the Alfreton dance orchestra.
[235] It's eight o'clock till midnight and all proceeds for the dance will be donated to local and national charities it's organized by the Rotary Club of Alfreton.
[236] So make a note again tickets four quid each, the annual grand charity dance modern old time and sequence.
[237] Phil Kelsall the resident organist at the Tower Ballroom Blackpool and the big sound of the Alfreton dance orchestra.
[238] A week on Friday the twelfth of November eight till midnight.
[239] Now if you'd like two tickets I've got one pair of tickets only, we'll send them by post we need your postcode call us on Nottingham three four three four three four but please make sure that you can use the tickets before you call please.
[240] [music] Carrie Ann by the Hollies.
[241] The tickets have gone the tickets have gone for the er the Phil Kelsall concert you can get them on the door four quid on the night a week on Friday at eight o'clock at the er Alfreton Leisure Centre but our complimentary tickets have gone, long long gone.
[242] Now we've got some a van load of wood to be collected from Derby for bonfire night.
[243] Anybody want a van load of wood to be collected from Derby bonfire for a bonfire?
[244] Anybody want any wood for a bonfire in the Derby area?
[245] Call Derby double five double seven four five please.
[246] Derby double five double seven four five if you want wood for a bonfire in the Derby area.
[247] Derby double five double seven four five.
[248] Fred Brown of Calverton, Fred.
(PS30F) [249] Yes good afternoon Dennis.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [250] Yes.
(PS30F) [251] Er I just ringing through to say that I heard your er broadcast last week in respect of Carnfield Hall and I went on Saturday afternoon a gentleman named Hugh rang you up.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [252] That's right he was it was an open day wasn't there?
(PS30F) [253] Yes er yes.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [254] What's it what's it like?
(PS30F) [255] Well it er I was very it's not a stately home it's the equivalent I would say to a sort of erm lower landed gentry upper er working class sort of place.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [256] Yes.
(PS30F) [257] Erm it's very very original a lot of original in it.
[258] The I think the only changes he did tell us was in sixteen eighty when they put sash windows on the front.
[259] Erm the gentleman who took us round who was excellent er what impressed me was the fact that it was no sort of straight patters one gets with guides you know when you go round these places.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [260] Mm.
(PS30F) [261] It was erm the sort of commentary was er interspersed with anecdotes and it was really excellent and there was even a little bit of a mention of a connection with er D H Lawrence in respect of the lady of the house at one time of day was er er had er assignation with the local gamekeeper which ended in a bit of tragedy.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [262] Mm.
(PS30F) [263] But er it wa the house itself was so original
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [264] How big is it?
(PS30F) [265] Er well forty rooms.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [266] That sounds fairly big.
(PS30F) [267] Well I would say physically it's roughly about a quarter of the size of Woollaton Hall.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [268] Really?
(PS30F) [269] So you know quarter to a third and er it's not got a lot of land with it and of course it's not mentioned a great deal in directories.
[270] The last big family to live name of was the original er well the last big family and it's now owned by er er Barbara Cartland's brother, chap named John
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [271] [laughing] Oh yes? []
(PS30F) [272] and he lives in a chateaux in France.
[273] Anyway I won't say any more because I'll other people will eventually go but Hugh Berger is a gentleman who owns it or who lives in it at this time
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [274] Mm.
(PS30F) [275] he is he's hop hoping to open it probably a week at Christmas but I would tell people if they do go to wrap up warm because the heating is as original except for a sort of Aga stove in the kitchen which they use as their sort of central point to live in.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [276] So worth going to see?
(PS30F) [277] It is if you if you want to go and see it and get a sort sense of history without a lot of shall we say school school book text type history, but just local history excellent I I I was there well the tour was erm an hour and three quarters and it sort of ran out of light more than ran of talk.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [278] Lovely and were there many going round?
(PS30F) [279] Er well there was a party in front of us er of about forty and well there was about twenty five in ours.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [280] Ooh so quite a number then?
(PS30F) [281] Well yes and they were it was you know the What impressed me also you know what it's like when you go to these places I can remember going not so long ago to Blenheim and er just about to examine something and this thundering voice coming down the hallway, Do not touch.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [282] [laughing] yes []
(PS30F) [283] Well this [...] you can sit down in the seats, you can look at the you can touch the tables, there's not a lot of stuff but if if you got any sense of history you can get the feel of the place you know.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [284] So we'll look out for Carnfield Hall.
(PS30F) [285] Yes it as I say it's nothing grand but I just enjoyed this man's conversation, he was so good.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [286] Ee well he sounded good on the phone.
(PS30F) [287] Yes er his voice on the on the radio it sounded a bit like Leslie Phillips but he isn't like [laughing] Leslie Phillips [] .
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [288] Fred thanks a lot for ringing.
(PS30F) [289] Okay good bye then Dennis good bye .
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [290] So keep a note on that one Carnfield Hall if you get a chance to see it it might be open again just before Christmas.
[291] Erm there's an all star variety show at Mapley Plain Social Club this Wednesday.
[292] It starts at eight o'clock the tickets are six quid on the door and appearing are the Ivy League Alf Berry and Heather Nixon, Night Ride organist and drummer and the compere is Peter Lawrie it'll be a good night I'll tell you that.
[293] All star variety show I've got just two tickets.
[294] Give us a ring Nottingham three four three four three four we'll send them by first class post and we'll put need your postcode.
[295] But please make sure you can use the tickets.
[296] This Wednesday all star variety show at the Mapley Plain Social Club in Nottingham and please make sure you can use the tickets.
[297] Dennis of Calverton ...
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [298] Hello Dennis.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [299] Yes Dennis?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [300] Ah what we're looking for on behalf of the Calverton British Legion, is a bugler or trumpeter to blow the Last Post and reveille twice on armistice Sunday.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [301] What time?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [302] Er eleven o'clock and twelve o'clock.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [303] Where?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [304] Well in the hall where we hold our service and then in
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [305] Is that at Calverton?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [306] Yeah.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [307] Calverton in Nottingham.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [308] Yep.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [309] All right I'll put y Oh by the way the tickets have gone those tickets have gone but you can get them on the door at the Mapley Plain Social Club this Wednesday in Nottingham and you can see the Ivy League Alf, Berry and Heather Nixon, Night Ride organist and drummer and the compere Peter Lawrie six quid the tickets are admission at eight o'clock this Wednesday an all star show at the Mapley Plain Social Club in Nottingham.
[310] Right back to you for a bugler?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [311] Yeah
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [312] Can't you do it?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [313] [laugh] years ago I could.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [314] You could?
[315] Er so you want a bugler for the Last Post.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [316] Bugler or trumpeter you know .
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [317] Eleven o'clock and twelve o'clock at Calverton in Nottinghamshire this Sunday.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [318] No fourteenth of November
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [319] Oh sorry
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [320] Armistice Sunday.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [321] A week a week on Sunday?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [322] Yes.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [323] A week on Sunday.
[324] Do you have a big do?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [325] Yes there's two or three hundred go, scouts, guides, British Legion.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [326] Do you think it will always happen?
[327] Do you think it will always be that we have one?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [328] I hope so ... I hope so memories are memories and er
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [329] Well if you go back in time if you go back if you go forward in time say twenty years you won't have anybody left from the last world war will you?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [330] This may be so but er with all the skirmishes we've got on at present and there's active there'll be ex-servicemen from them and they've these funny enough these young ones are coming along and joining the British Legion
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [331] Mm.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [332] So they'll carry on I think.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [333] All right let's see if we can get you a bugler nobody's ringing at the moment but you want a bugler for a week on Sunday the fourteenth to blow reveille and the Last Post at eleven o'clock and twelve o'clock a week on Sunday at Calverton in Nottinghamshire.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [334] And we'll pay reasonable expenses as long as they don't come from Australia of course.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [335] Yeah all right pay reasonable expenses anybody calls we'll ring you Dennis.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [336] Right thank you very much.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [337] Thank you bye.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [338] Bye bye.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [339] Nottingham three four three four three four and we'll put you in touch with Dennis who lives at Calverton erm Nottinghamshire.
[340] Now Pru of Cranwell.
[341] Yes Pru.
Ken (PS30H) [342] Hello Dennis.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [343] Hello.
Ken (PS30H) [344] Erm I'm just calling because I hear you've written a book on Irish water spaniels.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [345] [laughing] Oh yes []
Ken (PS30H) [346] [laugh] I've just erm got a
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [347] Have you not got the book?
Ken (PS30H) [348] [laughing] No. []
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [349] Goodness gracious me .
Ken (PS30H) [350] How long's it been out?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [351] Ooh a year and a half perhaps .
Ken (PS30H) [352] Oh Well we've just come back from America we've been in America for three years.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [353] Are you in the R is your husband in the R A F?
Ken (PS30H) [354] Yes he is.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [355] What was he doing in America?
Ken (PS30H) [356] We were at er the Air Force Academy, United States Air Force Academy in Colorado.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [357] Why?
Ken (PS30H) [358] Just doing an exchange tour.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [359] Really what did you do there?
Ken (PS30H) [360] He taught.
[361] He taught flying and erm military air power and military doctrine.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [362] Oh.
Ken (PS30H) [363] Mm had a wonderful three years .
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [364] I bet you did I bet you did.
Ken (PS30H) [365] [laughing] Coming back to [] wet and windy Lincolnshire.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [366] So whereabouts in America?
Ken (PS30H) [367] Colorado.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [368] Oh Colorado.
Ken (PS30H) [369] Mm Colorado Springs.
[370] Yeah it was wonderful absolutely wonderful.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [371] Well what's wonderful about it?
[372] Hey listen I tell you what I always ask do they have real big thick steaks there?
Ken (PS30H) [373] Yes yes.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [374] Like we you never see anything like that in this country at all the steaks .
Ken (PS30H) [375] Well not unless you want to pay an arm and a leg for them no.
[376] [laugh] the steak out there is about the same price as mince here.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [377] Is it?
Ken (PS30H) [378] Fillet steak is is just a regular meal over there.
[379] I mean you have to [laughing] save up for it here don't you [] ?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [380] That's right you do that's right about eight pounds or eight pounds fifty a pound.
Ken (PS30H) [381] I know yes.
[382] Well it's about erm about four dollars a pound over there which I would imagine is about nearly three pounds.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [383] Mm.
Ken (PS30H) [384] Yeah wonderful wonderful food.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [385] So if you had the chance you'd have stayed there?
Ken (PS30H) [386] Yes oh yes another about another six years probably but we had to come back to educate the kids.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [387] Oh I see how many children have you got?
Ken (PS30H) [388] We've four girls between us it's a second marriage so we've erm
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [389] How old?
Ken (PS30H) [390] Two at seventeen and two at fifteen.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [391] So what did they think of America?
Ken (PS30H) [392] Oh they loved it Dennis.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [393] Did they really?
Ken (PS30H) [394] Yes they loved it.
[395] There was lots of skiing and lots lots of things to do.
[396] It was a wonderful place.
[397] Lovely people but I mean it's nice to be back.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [398] Yes.
Ken (PS30H) [399] Lovely to be back.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [400] So it's got it's got Colorado's got the edge on us?
Ken (PS30H) [401] Er well weatherwise it certainly has you don't go a day without seeing the sun shine, there's hardly any rain.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [402] What about the desert there?
Ken (PS30H) [403] Yeah that's a bit boring.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [404] Is it?
Ken (PS30H) [405] Yeah [laugh] .
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [406] Did you go?
Ken (PS30H) [407] [laughing] Hundreds of miles. []
[408] We we tried to do as much as we could we drove from erm Colorado right the way round California up through Utah and stuff and so it is some parts of the desert are very boring.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [409] So how long were you in America?
Ken (PS30H) [410] Three years.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [411] Who pays for that?
Ken (PS30H) [412] Who pays for that?
[413] Well I think it's a joint er it's a joint thing it's an agreement we have with the United States Air Force, they send somebody over here to our Academy and then erm we send somebody over there.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [414] But how can your husband teach at the Academy at the Air Force when the Americans have got their own Air Force and we've got ours and they really are very different?
Ken (PS30H) [415] Well I suppose it's it's just to try and find out different opinions on on different wars and things like that.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [416] What rank is he?
Ken (PS30H) [417] He's a Squadron Leader.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [418] So over there what's the equivalent rank?
Ken (PS30H) [419] Major.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [420] Is it?
Ken (PS30H) [421] Mm yeah .
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [422] Oh so and was it all sort of erm erm society do's that you went to and cocktails and things like
Ken (PS30H) [423] Well they dusted us off and brought us out occasionally and that yes.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [424] Did they?
Ken (PS30H) [425] Yeah yeah.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [426] Great social swirl.
Ken (PS30H) [427] Yes it was nice we we did lots of entertaining and and things like that it was really good fun it was it was fun.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [428] And at the U S Air Force Academy have they got any aeroplanes?
Ken (PS30H) [429] Yes they have they've got what er they call T forty ones little T forty one er Fisher Price type aeroplanes.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [430] Really?
Ken (PS30H) [431] Yeah.
[432] But flying was wonderful I think er for him because it was lots of mountains and lots of lovely scenery and er and things like.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [433] You sound as though you miss it a bit?
Ken (PS30H) [434] I do a little but you know I think when you live in the military you always leave a little bit of yourself somewhere you know at places you go and erm.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [435] Where else have you been?
Ken (PS30H) [436] Well pers I haven't been anywhere else apart from Southampton and places like that, but erm this is our first overseas tour together since we got married.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [437] Where has he been before?
Ken (PS30H) [438] Er Cyprus he was in Cyprus and erm then mainly Waddington on on Vulcans and things like that.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [439] So you really do see the world in the R A F then?
Ken (PS30H) [440] Yes I think you do erm I think you see life as well.
[441] You see you meet lots of wonderful people lots of different people and it's always nice to People make the place don't they?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [442] Now my geography isn't too good Colorado how near to California which is a State
Ken (PS30H) [443] Well
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [444] I know a little bit about.
Ken (PS30H) [445] Well we're erm about two, three, four days drive from California .
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [446] Oh a long way then.
Ken (PS30H) [447] Yeah we were four days drive from the Grand Canyon.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [448] Anyway you wanted to talk about dogs.
Ken (PS30H) [449] Yes I did .
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [450] How come you got you didn't have dogs in America did you?
Ken (PS30H) [451] Well we took we took our bearded collie over to America and brought him back with us but he's thirteen.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [452] Did he go through quarantine?
Ken (PS30H) [453] Yeah yeah.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [454] And do all right?
Ken (PS30H) [455] Yes he did he was wonderful.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [456] Where did you
Ken (PS30H) [457] He's still wonderful.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [458] Where did he quarantine?
Ken (PS30H) [459] He quarantined in erm Gr Little Bytham in Grantham.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [460] Oh yes not too far away so did you go and see him often?
Ken (PS30H) [461] No we didn't we sent him back in the February and we came back in er at the end of July so he was
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [462] Oh I see
Ken (PS30H) [463] ready to come out we were when we came back.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [464] How much is quarantine for six months?
Ken (PS30H) [465] [laughing] A lot of money. []
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [466] How much?
Ken (PS30H) [467] I had I saved for three years.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [468] How much?
Ken (PS30H) [469] Erm well we put two cats through as well so erm I think it all in all with the flights out and the flights back and the quarantine it must have been about three thousand pounds.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [470] Three thousand pounds.
Ken (PS30H) [471] Mm.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [472] The dog is worth tuppence.
Ken (PS30H) [473] Oh I wouldn't he might be to you but [laughing] he's worth it to us [] .
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [474] Yes of course of course of course.
Ken (PS30H) [475] We love him he's thirteen years old so we we decided to get a a puppy because we thought we'd we wouldn't want to get one when he departs this world because you can never replace them.
[476] So a friend of ours her Newfoundland got out and had a little erm foray with an Irish Water Spaniel.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [477] An a Newfoundland?
Ken (PS30H) [478] Yes.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [479] The head is going to be enormous.
Ken (PS30H) [480] I know I think we've actually shot ourselves in the foot here because I've never known anything like it.
[481] I've never known a puppy like it.
[482] It runs off with ornaments, it digs holes so deep you can't even see the puppy in the hole [laughing] all you can see is the earth coming out of the ground [] .
[483] Runs off and it sulks and she sulks when you tell her off she just sulks she won't look at you she won't talk to you.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [484] Now despite being Irish er and in fact maybe because of it it'll be a qui a very intelligent dog I should think .
Ken (PS30H) [485] Will it?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [486] Oh yes I I mean the Irish Water Spaniel well well we got ours because I was told it was the most intelligent dog in the world.
[487] Mind you she didn't read the book.
Ken (PS30H) [laugh]
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [488] But there was a degree of intelligence and the Newfoundland of course is er spectacular dog, particularly in water I mean the Irish Water Spaniel's pretty good in water so as a
Ken (PS30H) [489] Yes
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [490] water dog you've got one second to none.
Ken (PS30H) [491] Well she she jumps in her water dish inside she jumps both paws in it.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [492] Does she?
Ken (PS30H) [493] She picks it up and she tried to get in the bath with some of my daughters the other day.
[494] And I but I've never she runs off with ashtrays and ornaments, remote control, pipe lighters.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [495] Oh you'd better read the book.
Ken (PS30H) [496] Yes.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [497] You'd better read my book.
Ken (PS30H) [498] Yes I think I should because a friend of mine said you'd written one I can't find a book actually I don't want a a proper book on breeding and all this sort of business I just want to know the character of these dogs [...]
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [499] Well is sounds like
Ken (PS30H) [500] head of the game.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [501] Ours was called Woolly Jump and she what she used to do she used to carry things into her den into er into er part of er a sort of little lobby that was all hers
Ken (PS30H) [502] Mm.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [503] And we used to find extraordinary objects in there, flower pots and half bottle half empty bottles of wine.
Ken (PS30H) [504] Mm.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [505] Erm any cups that the other dogs had won rosettes.
Ken (PS30H) [506] Mm.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [507] Er biscuits a lot potatoes she was very keen on carrying potatoes
Ken (PS30H) [508] Oh Well Irish I suppose they like potatoes
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [509] Well yeah of course of course
Ken (PS30H) [510] Yes.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [511] And also erm a lot plumb stones because she used to raid the plumb tree.
Ken (PS30H) [512] [laughing] Oh gosh []
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [513] So I if you read the book the book is called Woolly Jumper you can get it your at Cramwell, you can get it at Grantham.
Ken (PS30H) [514] Okay.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [515] You can get is at Grantham and if you read and you'll see all the things that your dog is likely to carry into her ba has she got a basket?
Ken (PS30H) [516] Well she's got yes she got a she she sleeps in a in a special place but what she does is she's got a rug erm we've got a a rug in front of the fire here that we bought back from the States, and everything she finds that she likes she brings into the lounge and puts on the rug.
[517] We have a basket where we keep all her toys and chewy things and she empties that out and brings everything from where that is and puts them all on this rug and consequently this rug I think she she has adopted as hers.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [518] Ah well you know that's strange cos ours used to carry everything into her basket which and would
Ken (PS30H) [519] No
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [520] and sort of guarded and slept I don't I don't know how she slept because it must have been very uncomfortable.
Ken (PS30H) [521] [laughing] Yes. []
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [522] If you saw some of the things she had in there.
Ken (PS30H) [523] [laughing] I know. []
[524] Well my Molly has just dug a hole so deep she's got into next door's garden fetch the Springer Spaniel from next door and brought it home to play with.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [525] Oh dear has it?
[526] Well ours used to bury bread in the garden.
Ken (PS30H) [527] Oh my goodness.
[528] So they are diggers then?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [529] Oh they're diggers I think they're diggers .
Ken (PS30H) [530] Oh oh dear.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [531] Is it a nice a nice tempered?
Ken (PS30H) [532] She's beautiful she's absolutely lovely.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [533] Any nice with people and other dogs?
Ken (PS30H) [534] Yes yes she's she she's great well she can't meet other dogs yet cos she's only nine week old.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [535] Oh I see.
Ken (PS30H) [536] Erm.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [537] [shouting] Nine weeks old? []
Ken (PS30H) [538] Mm.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [539] And she's doing all these things?
Ken (PS30H) [540] Mm.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [541] Never grows out of it.
Ken (PS30H) [542] She carries coffee cups off as well.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [543] Yeah.
[544] I used to know a Pekinese that used to er pinch everybody's flower pots everybo all over the neighbourhood.
[545] I found out about it because we had a call onto into the radio station that somebody was pinching flower pots in this Long Eaton area.
Ken (PS30H) [laugh]
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [546] And it turned out to be this Pekinese and when we went down there the lady was lovely and er we we interviewed her and we saw the Pekinese and we saw the Pekinese carry flower pots everywhere.
Ken (PS30H) [547] Yeah.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [548] But some of them were as big as she was.
Ken (PS30H) [549] Oh my goodness.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [550] So I mean
Ken (PS30H) [551] So when anybody wanted to repot a plant they just went round to this lady then did they?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [552] That's right.
Ken (PS30H) [553] [laughing] For the plant pot back. []
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [554] She had flower pots everywhere there were flower pots.
Ken (PS30H) [555] [laughing] Flower pot men. []
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [556] Dogs can be very strange things but the Irish Water Spaniel and Newfoundland Cross gosh
Ken (PS30H) [557] Yes yes.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [558] A big [tape change]
Ken (PS30H) [559] Lady I got her from she's just getting the webs in between her feet and I thought then
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [560] You'll you'll never get her out of the water.
Ken (PS30H) [561] Er well that doesn't matter I don't mind that quite so much cos our bearded collie loves water.
[562] I don't mind that and at least she'll have a shortish coat won't she?
[563] Do they moult Irish Water Spaniels?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [564] No they don't.
Ken (PS30H) [565] No.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [566] But they get a bit of an oily coat.
[567] But of course you're not quite sure at nine and a half weeks which one she'll go to most whether it will be the Newfoundland
Ken (PS30H) [568] No.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [569] or the Irish Water Spaniel .
Ken (PS30H) [570] Well she's she's got a lovely Spaniely head.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [571] But it will be a big
Ken (PS30H) [572] [...] silky
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [573] Yeah I know but it will be a big head when she's grown up.
Ken (PS30H) [574] Yes she's yes she's asleep on the sofa now, I'm looking at her and her paws are very large.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [575] Yeah well there's an indication.
Ken (PS30H) [576] Yes.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [577] How [...] er er sorry she's going to be enormous.
Ken (PS30H) [578] Is she?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [579] She'll weigh er er I bet she weighs a hundred weight she'll weigh a hundred weight.
Ken (PS30H) [580] Oh gosh.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [581] It's a big dog the Newfoundland.
[582] I mean the Newfoundland
Ken (PS30H) [583] It's a good job we've got a big car isn't it?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [584] The Newfoundland will will jump into the into the water and will tow a boat I've filmed one towing a boat.
[585] If ever you see Blue Peter
Ken (PS30H) [586] Yeah.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [587] the er children's television show they they occasionally show a Newfoundland pulling a boat, well now that's the film that I made about ten years ago and this Newfoundland pulled in the boat .
Ken (PS30H) [588] My goodness me.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [589] And you've got to be a big dog to pull in a boat.
Ken (PS30H) [590] Yes very very muscular big chest .
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [591] Well there you are.
[592] Well you wanted it.
Ken (PS30H) [593] How [laugh] well no it was free to a good home it was please take it.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [594] Oh dear what it?
Ken (PS30H) [595] Because it was the last one left and we didn't want to get another bearded collie because it would when our old bearded collie eventually goes we didn't want it to remind us too much so we said we'd go completely different.
[596] Then this little lass turned up and so we said, Oh okay.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [597] You should have bought an American dog with you something like a
Ken (PS30H) [598] Well
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [599] Chesapeake Bay Retriever or
Ken (PS30H) [600] Well that that's apparently what a Newfoundland and an Irish Water
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [601] Yes.
Ken (PS30H) [602] Spaniel are crossed with.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [603] Really?
Ken (PS30H) [604] Yes.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [605] Chesapeake Bay Retriever .
Ken (PS30H) [606] They are apparently called Chesapeake Bay Retrievers although
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [607] Mm Bit bit your's will be a bit bigger than the average Chesapeake Bay Retrievers .
Ken (PS30H) [608] How how big an Irish Water Spaniel then?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [609] Well Irish Water Spaniel it's a sort of medium medium to large size dog.
Ken (PS30H) [610] Sort of smaller than a standard poodle?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [611] Yeah yeah about the size of a standard poodle.
Ken (PS30H) [612] Mm.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [613] There may well be standard poodle in the Irish Water Spaniel but the Newfoundland I mean is a big heavy dog.
Ken (PS30H) [614] Mm.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [615] But lovely most beautiful expression and everything.
Ken (PS30H) [616] Really?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [617] Oh you're in for some fun.
[618] Er you get my book.
Ken (PS30H) [619] Okay I [...]
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [620] It will give you a warning as to what's to come.
Ken (PS30H) [621] Yes that's what I want.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [622] Right.
Ken (PS30H) [623] Yes thank you for talking to me .
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [624] You can get it from Grantham.
Ken (PS30H) [625] Okay I'll go.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [626] All right.
Ken (PS30H) [627] Okay thank you very much.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [628] Bye.
Ken (PS30H) [629] Bye bye. [music]
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [630] Eighteen years ago and number one for Telly Savalas, If.
[631] We go to the news and after the news we'll meet Foster and Allen can I tell you collectors corner is full the feature we have at three thirty.
[632] Foster and Allen after our classical piece to the news with Frank orchestra and, I just called to say I love you.
[633] [music] You're listening to afternoon special it's three o'clock. [music]
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [634] Radio Nottingham news with Rob Tomlinson.
[635] Britain's prison service is facing a crisis of overcrowding according to its Director General, Derek Lewis.
[636] Mr Lewis said the country was on the verge of having to use military camps, off loading prison and police cells to cope with the growing number of those being jailed.
[637] Mr Lewis warned judges and magistrates who have been jailing offenders at an unprecedented rate, that pushing the service too far and too fast would create what he called unacceptable risks.
[638] A man accu accused of raping a fellow student in college halls of residents has been acquitted at Norwich Crown Court.
[639] The offence had allegedly been committed at Norwich City College by twenty one year old Matthew Kidd from Burnley in Lancashire.
[640] Mr Kidd later refused to comment on calls for a change in the law to stop men being named in rape cases unless they're convicted.
[641] Stuart Flinders was in court.
Angela (PS30J) [642] Matthew Kidd was accused of raping the eighteen year old student in his room at college.
[643] The court had heard evidence that the woman making the accusation had been nominated slut of the year at the college a reputation she claimed was undeserved.
[644] In his summing up Judge Hyam told the jury, you may come to the conclusion that the young woman was quite disturbed, craved affection and was quite able to tell untruths when it suited her.
[645] The jury took just thirty five minutes to find Mr Kidd not guilty.
[646] He left the court flanked by representatives from a national newspaper.
[647] Speaking through his solicitor he refused to join the debate over the identification of defendants in rape cases.
[648] A Nottingham body builder who subjected his girl friend to a campaign of sadistic mistreatment that included an attack with a hot iron had a three year jail sentence increased to four and a half years today.
[649] Three appeal court judges headed by the Lord Chief Justice Lord Taylor ruled that the original sentence on twenty six year old Roger Bartley from Radford was unduly lenient.
[650] Lord Taylor said the assaults on Donna King aged twenty six were not carried out in rage, they were coolly deliberate and inflicted by way of punishment.
[651] A Nottinghamshire mining equipment company which went into receivership in September has been sold to the three men who founded the firm two decades ago.
[652] The Dale Group which is based at New Houghton near Mansfield specializes in the design and installation of hydraulic mining systems.
[653] Andy Hitchcock reports.
John (PS30K) [654] Dale's new owners, Sir David Guyler, Eric Dring, and Colin Speed who established the company in the early nineteen seventies it was taken over by the multinational Beaufort Group in nineteen eighty nine and by September this year the workforce had been cut from two hundred to just a hundred and ten.
[655] Fifty more jobs went when the receivers were called in.
[656] But Price Waterhouse say they are confident the original directors can run Dale at a profit.
[657] They believe that despite the pit closures there's still a healthy demand for the firm's hydraulic mining systems which include lifting machinery, roof supports and face cutting equipment.
[658] But the company's also diversifying and around thirty per cent of its current business involves designing large cylinders for cranes and fire engines.
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [659] The trial has begun at Preston in Lancashire of two eleven year old boys accused of killing the toddler James Bulger.
[660] The boys are also charged with abduction and attempting another boy of two last February.
[661] Both have pleaded not guilty and their trial is expected to last up to four weeks.
[662] A radical plan to demolish the Commons' Chamber and rebuild it in the shape of a semicircle is being put forward by a Nottingham M P.
[663] Labour's Graham Allen argues that the present physical shape of the Commons is old fashioned and not suitable for the requirements of a modern democracy.
[664] He says that if the lobbies were knocked out MPs could have a semicircular debating chamber, electronic voting and a named desk each.
[665] Mr Allen claims that the new surroundings would encourage more serious debate.
John (PS30L) [666] I believe we need to have a modern seating plan that allows and facilitates proper debate.
[667] Now it won't cure all the problems I'm pretending that it will, but if we were to have proper seats, proper microphones, electronic voting I believe that it would show symbolically that the House of Commons was prepared to modernize itself and start doing a proper job in our democracy rather than the farce and the theatre which frankly turns so many people off in modern Britain.
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [668] The weather forecast now for Nottinghamshire.
[669] All parts will stay dry today and although they'll still be a good deal of cloud for much of the time some bright or perhaps sunny intervals are possible.
[670] The maximum temperature, nine degrees Celsius that's forty eight degrees Fahrenheit with a light to moderate easterly wind.
[671] B B C Radio Nottingham news it's five minutes past three. [music]
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [672] After our four o'clock news we'll have charity shop our chance to help others.
[673] If you're an organizer for a charity or if you know someone who needs help in some way or indeed if you need help in some way, call us on Nottingham three four three four three four soon as possible and we'll put you on charity shop that follows the four o'clock news here on afternoon special.
[674] [music] That was Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance March number one that was and that brings you back to afternoon special on your favourite local radio station.
[675] And er two very special guests to meet who've been here often before and they're always very welcome.
[676] Er Foster and Allen are here and when I said that at the beginning of the programme it started a flurry of phone calls as to where they were.
[677] Well they're appearing at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham tonight in concert, and then a week on Friday, November the twelfth they're at the Ritz at Lincoln so welcome back.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [678] Thank you.
[679] How are you?
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [680] Well I you you've got happy smiles on your face because
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [681] Yeah.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [682] you've gone and done it haven't you?
[683] Number one
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [...]
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [684] number one in the video charts with the er new C D By Request.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [685] Yes great news.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [686] Are you are you chuffed?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [687] We are yeah we had video at number three about three or four years back, and we thought that was great and we never dreamed of going any further up the charts you know so it's great that this one's gone to number one.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [688] Yeah except look at the pair of you look at the pair of you singing these I mean look at these songs you're singing this is ridiculous.
[689] What are you what are what are you singing are you singing things like erm like er, Oh Lonesome Me, Beautiful Dreamer these
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [690] Thanks.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [691] are old and tired songs a hundred years ago they were on the go.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [692] Aha.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [693] You can't sing them in nineteen ninety three and get away with it.
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [694] Are there any seats left tonight? [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [695] I'm afraid it's happening.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [696] It's marvellous that it should be that way and and good that it should be that way too because you know the air waves seem to be full of very noisy songs at the moment that that jar a lot of people.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [697] Mhm.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [698] Er I'm not sure er er I'm sure there's a place for them you know and someone wants them that's lovely but we're not hearing enough really of the Beautiful Dreamers wouldn't you agree?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [699] Well I think er yeah I definitely have to agree with you that we're not hearing enough of them but I suppose more and more now people are starting to to record you know a little bit more of the older stuff and I think what's happened on the pop scene that they've absolutely dried up as regards er creating new music you know and people are going into computerized music now and you know everything is played on the one machine and it's getting like a er I don't know it's as as if you don't really have to be a musician any more.
[700] But I think er the old standards are so good and so strong you know we still get the odd good one coming out but the old ones were so good and so strong that even re-recorded with er even with the more modern I suppose er bit of arrangement [...] still the great sounds from the [...] .
[701] As Donna Cassidy who looks after all our recordings in Dublin says once a hit always a hit you know.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [702] But what do you think has made this one so special the By Request C D and video and everything?
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [703] Well probably because er you know we try and keep up er er certain standard every year and er you know it's very important doing a video that you have the right songs for it, you know to get a story book set up for each song and this one we felt when we had it finished was probably you know the best we've done so far and lucky enough we've been proved right.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [704] Are you comfortable with videos because we do hear a lot of artists who are not comfortable on video.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [705] Well we are we like doing the videos because er in the early days we had a lot of problems I suppose with ourselves and with the video people because they had planned ideas for the songs.
[706] You know we had recorded maybe about ten twelve maybe fifteen albums before we started doing videos.
[707] Then all of a sudden these strange people started coming out of record companies who were involved in the video end of it and deciding this is what we should do with that song and sort of you know these were songs that we had planned and recorded and and all of a sudden these people were changing them.
[708] So now what's happening is we're before we're doing an album we sit down and we pick out a lot of songs we decide right you know we need songs with good story books so the video is near enough planned with the recording of the song and it it's a lot easier for us and a lot more enjoyable enough a lot more enjoyable.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [709] That's right and and to er er sort of fogies of my age it does seem a bit strange but these days the video and the recording have got to go together haven't they?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [710] Oh absolutely yes very very important
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [711] It's all to do with marketing.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [712] It's all to do with marketing but then again it's all to do with the reason for that is I suppose that's what people want you know if they see a video er er if they watch a video on television and they listen to the song it has to add up you know, it can't just be a a story book of one thing and a song about another thing you know.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [713] Presumably there's so many songs in your repertoire that you you've no need really to get a new one er you as artists might want to get a new one but you've got so many er evergreens I mean you could go on for ever with just the evergreens couldn't you ?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [714] Oh yeah yeah and they they keep er actually this album the reason it's called I keep saying album [laughing] we keep going back to the days of vinyl [] er the reason its called By Request over the last four of five years Telstar sent out a sort of feelers on different sleeves asking people if there were any songs that they might like to hear Foster and Allen sing.
[715] And er you know about sixteen of the twenty two tracks on the C D are songs that people suggested.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [716] Mm.
[717] But what about new material cos as artists you'll want that as well won't you?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [718] Yeah we have a little bit of new material, we always get every year you'll get about you know eight or ten good new songs that people write and the one good thing about the people who write for us is that the songs sound like they're they're old songs which is ideal you know.
[719] So we try to get at least er three or four new songs in on every every [...] .
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [720] Are there songs when when you er are in concert as you are tonight, are there songs that you could not miss out?
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [721] Oh yeah all the all the hits er like er Bunch of Time and and Maggie and Old Flames and after all these years, if didn't do those you'd be shot afterwards like but er what we do with the songs that that were like you know hit singles and that people really come to hear we make sure that you know that we do those and then we put in er you know what we think would be the favourite ones from albums and then we add in a sprinkling of the stuff from the new album so you know we give them a good cross-section for an hour and a half and then we have a good first half of the show as well we've got first half of the show as well and our band go on with him for forty minutes and er they perform as well a few soloists and er then Tony and myself come on and we do an hour and a half and we go right everything we do on stage we have recorded at some time, we don't do something that we haven't recorded.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [722] But don't you test out material on stage?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [723] Er no we don't not really because at this stage now as you said there's so many good standards out there you we would every year we would start off with about a hundred titles, work our way down to maybe fifty down to thirty and we'd end up recording about in fact this year we recorded thirty six songs and out of that we picked twenty two for the
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [724] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [725] so there really isn't any need to to try them out you know.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [726] Wherever you go there are communities of Irish.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [727] Mhm.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [728] The Irish have settled into this country and there are communities of them all over do they go and see your concerts and if they do that must mean a great deal to them I should think?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [729] It [...] er there'd probably be second or third generation at this stage you know.
[730] Most of the new people who'd be coming over in the last couple of years a lot of them wouldn't be coming out to our concerts yet because they would probably be into a more younger scene like the Mary Blacks, maybe or the Christian Moore or somebody like that you would be catering for a younger audience and the the second third generation would be coming out to the First to the Foster and Allens and the Daniel O'Donnells and the Brendan Shines you know.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [731] But it would mean a great deal
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [732] Oh I'm sure it would mean an awful lot to them and the fact that you're so successful coming out of Ireland would mean a lot to them as well you know and er er it's nice to be able to er you know to do that for them if they've been over here living for you know some of them have never been back maybe and some of them have never seen Ireland because maybe their their parents or their grandparents came from there.
[733] But in in general most of our audience would be out and out British people you know.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [734] Do the troubles in Ireland ever affect the concerts or ever affect you?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [735] No thank God er nothing like that has ever affected er any of our shows any part of the world.
[736] We've worked all over Australia New Zealand you know America and Canada and hasn't.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [737] But presumably you you keep away from politics I mean
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [738] Oh yeah
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [739] Yeah a hundred per cent.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [740] Absolutely no interest in politics whatsoever you know all they'd done it's you know it's sad to see things the way they are but it seems to be that with the world over at the moment so.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [741] That's right.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [742] You know and maybe it's just that that there're so many people out there with nothing to do and they just it's just a a boredom situation maybe I don't know.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [743] When you if if you think about a country of song you might think of Wales, but anybody visiting Ireland will know that it's really Ireland's got to be a country of song because if you go there you've got to sing.
[744] I mean you can't go to a pub without singing.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [745] No that's true.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [746] Cos I found out that the hard way.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [laugh]
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [747] You know I went and showed my dogs over there and afterwards we all went to the pub and we had one hell of a time and then I had to sing would you believe it?
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [748] They let you in without singing but you won't be let out.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [749] That's right.
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [750] Yeah you know.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [751] Absolutely right.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [752] And you can't leave.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [753] Why why does it have cos you think of Wales as the land of song why does it happen that if you go to Ireland you have got to sing?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [754] Well of course the biggest social thing in Ireland is the pub and it's not I mean the Irish have a a name for being very heavy drinkers but in general they're not heavy drinkers they just spend a lot of time in pubs.
[755] Er in most of them will er most people in Ireland will be in a pub at some stage of the day you know and it's no unusual thing to er we've got a recording studio in we live or I live rather and it's not unusual to walk out the studio at er lunch time with some people you'd been recording and go into the pub for a lunch and if you weren't very careful you could still be there that evening singing
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [756] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [757] and playing you know.
[758] With people who'd be have nothing to do with the music business or just you know it's just the social er the social life you know.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [759] But you must be erm erm you've obviously got to be Guinness addicted.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [760] No
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [761] No we're not.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [762] We're not drinkers either.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [763] Are you not?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [764] No not really.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [765] You don't drink Guinness?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [766] No.
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [767] No.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [768] But a Guinness a day you know.
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [769] [laughing] Helps you []
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [770] Helps you on your way or something like that.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [771] Helps you for to get out of play.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [laugh]
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [772] [laughing] Oh does it? []
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [...]
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [773] [...] With me it would if I if I even had one drink going on stage, I'd be terrified.
[774] You know people say to us do you suffer from nerves going on stage and we don't, not even in the slightest.
[775] But if I had one drink of any description that's the one thing that would make me nervous because I'd be afraid that I'd forget this or forget the other, so we just don't have them at all you know.
[776] I would never go out like what Tony was saying you know he doesn't drink at all and like he'd be in a pub maybe seven days a week but I would take a drink now and again and I mightn't go into a pub once in a month maybe.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [777] But you're breaking the whole image of the Irish now.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [778] Well that's what I'm saying about the image of the drinking er I guarantee you could as you know as you say you could be in a pub all afternoon all evening all night with maybe twenty people having a music session and ten of them mightn't be drinking at all.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [779] That's true?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [780] I mean I've been in more pubs than I'd say longer than most people who drink a lot and er you know it's just be I think music and and song is the big addiction in Ireland not the drink but because er it it the chances of a music session starting in a pub is just you know the chances are that it probably will at some stage of the day.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [781] Well last time I was in er Dublin I er went from the pub straight to the airport and someone stuck a bottle of whiskey in my pocket just as I was going through customs, I didn't believe it could happen but it happened in Ireland.
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [782] Oh yeah no problem and as Tony was saying music sessions they tend if the session is good to forget about closing time you know official closing time.
[783] But a few years ago we were at a session in a pub one night erm playing music and er there was about twenty of us and about two o'clock in the morning the police raided it and we all had our names taken and we were all up in court and we were all fined I think three pound for being er drinking after hours and Tony was drinking a cup of coffee.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [784] Oh were you?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [laugh]
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [785] It's not many people you get fined three quid for drinking a cup of coffee
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [786] No.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [787] after hours.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [788] At least I probably got the coffee for nothing.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [789] [laughing] Yeah. []
[790] So it goes on and on and on and presumably it will go on for ever.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [791] Well hopefully yeah.
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [792] It will go on for another while anyway we hope.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [793] Yeah I mean as long as people want you.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [794] Oh
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [795] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [796] absolutely we have no no intention of stopping and er
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [797] We'll be hear as long as they want us.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [798] But surely it it's happened that it's getting er and and I touch wood I don't know how superstitious you are but it's getting better and better and better for you each time because when you came here ooh some years ago since you first came into this studio er you were pretty popular then but it seems to increase all the time doesn't it?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [799] Yeah I think it it's it's been coming on a sort of er you know we we we tour here twice a year every year and we release an album every year at this time and a video, so it's for all the people who like that type of music they know it's going to be there and they come out to see us all the time you know and er as you say it goes on and on but lucky enough there is an awful lot of material for us to do and you know there shouldn't be any problem.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [800] It seems that the career is well managed.
[801] You know because we often talk to artists and we ask you know how it happened and and most of them say like topsy it just grew er that that there's no planned career but with you with the tours er set and the album set it it seems to be more of a controlled career with you two.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [802] Well it is it's it's planned pretty well as you know we we always take the summer off we never work during the summer because we do our recording and we make our video and then we're ready for the road and the video's released and there's promotion put into it so er if we go to Australia which we'll go on our next May and June you know it's a good time out there for selling product as well so we will have an album released before we get out there and and everything will be planned out.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [803] Is it strange going thousands of miles away to Australia and finding out that you're as known there as you are on this island?
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [804] Er it wouldn't have been so bad you know because we when we set out first it was just you know to be successful at home and then we were successful over here and that was you know was the serious big surprise.
[805] After that you know surprises weren't as big and er it just worked out that you know the particular market that we're into was neglected here and then apparently it was neglected in Australia because we had Maggie you know a number one hit in Australia before we went out.
[806] So then it went on from there to Canada so it just worked out or appeared to work out that right around the world at that particular time ten or eleven years ago, that nobody was bothered and as you said the Beautiful Dreamers and this sort of stuff until we came along and er but other than that we would be surprised.
[807] After getting on Top of the Pops you know the kind of music we play, nothing would surprise us any more I don't think.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [808] Well what was it like being on Top of the Pops surrounded by
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [laugh]
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [809] well let's say er music of a more noisy nature?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [810] Strange.
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [811] Different anyway.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [812] Yeah Bob Geldof and the Boom Town Rats they were on that and [...]
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [813] Were they?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [814] Dexy's Midnight Runners yeah so it was there were a few other weird names that I didn't that I'd never heard before or since.
[815] And the [...] dance band they were actually number one that night and I don't think they've ever been heard since you know.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [816] Yeah.
[817] Oh were they I rather like those
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [818] Yeah.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [819] They weren't too noisy were they?
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [820] No and there was a gay fire eater, the lead singer was eating fire that night as well there was guys with these er fire hoses all round just [laughing] in case.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [821] Yes yes.
[822] You've never had to eat fire to get
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [823] No no no.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [824] Not yet.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [825] No.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [826] Not yet.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [827] But you were saying about er Australia and that I I think at that particular time more so than now whatever was happening in the British pop scene seemed to just happen all over the world you know.
[828] I think it might it might change a bit now it seems to be more American now especially in Australia all the music the current music in Australia that's being played seems to be coming in from America.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [829] What about America with you, the American scene with you?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [830] Er recordwise it never happened and does never seem to happen but we can go to America and work in the Irish centres and the Irish clubs and be an Irish band but er the way we could come over here and do a concert to people in general, it doesn't I think the radio situation in America for years was al always very if you were folk you played in folk programme, if you were country you'll play in the country prog whereas here in Britain there's one great thing with the radio system, people tend to play whatever you know if it's easy listening programme they play whatever is is nice and easy listening you know.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [831] But it's rather surprising that isn't it cos er a a lot of these er songs that you sing actually came from America.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [832] Well they did a lot of them are actually country songs that were like Old Flames and and even the Black Sheep was was an American song which we you know and yes you know if you send them back to America, Old Flames for instance is often back on the American [...] those that played on the Irish programme.
[833] Yet they played the country version by Dolly Parton on the country programme you know.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [834] Are you happy to sing the songs that you sing?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [835] Oh yeah I I both of us would would be always recording and singing what we like ourselves you know.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [836] But has there ever been any effort to by management or by anyone at all to change you and say, Okay you've proved you can sing let's update it let's get a faster beat anybody ever said that to you?
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [837] Erm not really you know maybe in an out of the way way they might but you know the type of musicians we are or whatever, you know we can do say I can do all the Irish stuff the up tempo rousing songs I can play Irish and Scottish dances and that kind of stuff, then Tony can do right across the board with easy listening stuff and country stuff and even one of the tracks on our new C D is er is er well what I would term a pop song.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [838] What the Dire Straights song?
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [839] Yeah and er you know we can do a certain amount but I think if you went away from that you can go away from it a little bit but I think if you went too much away the people that you have and and our audience when we've got them you know, they tend to stay with us you know they don't change like the the youngsters and when we started off first you know our audience were mainly over forty five fifty plus really and now they're down to we're getting you know loads of of people in their twenties and in their teens and even down to kids like last night, five and six years old.
[840] So you know our audience are are getting bigger from what we're doing so it wouldn't make any sense to
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [841] I also thinking about what we're going to do is we would end up sounding like a Foster and Allen song anyway you know not deliberately but I think you know by the time we'd have have by the time we do the way we'd be able to do it it would sound like Foster and Allen.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [842] But surely at the beginning when you two came along, the record industry must have thrown up their hands in horror and said, Well you know this this won't sell you won't sell any records this this is finished.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [843] Well I think we were very lucky at the start that were were just starting up in England and they were actually more into what we were doing than er to the extent that I think that maybe other record companies might have laughed at them and said they've no hope of surviving but I mean they had the Furies with er Sweet Sixteen and then they had er about six hit singles from Foster and Allen and about six or seven albums and then they went down to Daniel O'Donald which became an enormous success so I think when that happened then all record companies kind of said well maybe there is something here.
[844] So when we went to Stylus Records and Telstar you know they were more than than happy to have [...] because they seemed but I think that at at the start had we been looking for somebody here to take us over probably it would never have happened.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [845] Was it slow at the beginning?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [846] Erm
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [847] When you first got together?
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [848] Not too bad we we got well we had been together near enough since we left school but you know we decided to have a go at it seriously in in seventy five and then we recorded an album and a single in say seventy seven, seventy eight.
[849] But then in seventy nine we had a hit at home with Bunch of Time and that as far as we were concerned was the end of the road you know to be successful in Ireland and then late eighty one, early eighty two you know they started playing Bunch of Time over here and it became a top twenty hit for us and that you know changed the whole thing round about and got us from say the pubs in Ireland into the concert circuit in England which we've been doing ever since.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [850] I it's a lovely record Bunch of Time isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [851] Wonderful song still goes down as good as ever and I have to say we still get the same buzz out of singing it every night.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [852] Do you really?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [853] I do yeah absolutely as as as the first few times we did it you know.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [854] So how do you try a new song because you said that you won't necessarily try and do a song out on stage.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [855] Mhm.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [856] So how do you try a new song to make sure that it blends that it's what you want to do that it's different how do what where do you try if you don't try on stage?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [857] Er well we would we would record them and and that would be it you know but we would have a fair idea when we'd be recording the album like that you know there's always be a place in a Foster and Allen programme for a Beautiful Dreamer so if you get a sound that's pretty close to that there'll always be a place for a an up tempo sound that that Mick would do so you have to sort of pick ones with a good story line and a good melody and again that you can work a good video round you know.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [858] Do you still work in Ireland?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [859] No we actually didn't work for about six years until this year we did a concert tour of Ireland just before we came over here.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [860] How did that go?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [861] It was great and probably would have been with the exception of the video going to number one, it probably would be the highlight of our career cos we'd been out of hadn't been working in Ireland for six years and we were back in and did a sell out concert tour and I think that was really good.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [862] But before that before the sell out concert tour in Ireland, did you ever think I wonder what they'll think of us back home I wonder if we'll still do it?
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [863] We we did we were lucky enough to be in the position that we were working out of Ireland we were making a living without having to work in Ireland.
[864] We still did television shows there and did all our recording there and made all our videos.
[865] But er even if it didn't work we well it wouldn't be the end of the line financially for us but at the end of the day I think you know we've always wanted to know we could go back and do that you know.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [866] And you've proven that that you can do that .
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [867] I think that's worked yeah.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [868] That's lovely.
[869] All right tonight then Foster and Allen at the Royal Concert Hall in Consett and we think you can get some tickets [...]
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [870] This morning yeah.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [871] This morning it went to number one this is tremendous news and from it we're going to have A Hundred Children.
[872] Now this has been selected to help Children in Need.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [873] Yeah this is another little erm I suppose an added bonus as well to Foster and Allen.
[874] We when we got the song first and recorded we we were talking one day and we were just saying it would be an ideal song for Children in Need you know so we decided that we'd er donate all the proceeds from this track on the video and album and the concert in Stockport, it's tomorrow night isn't it?
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [875] Aye tomorrow night .
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [876] All the proceeds from that is going to Children in Need as well.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [877] That's marvellous.
[878] Thank you very much indeed Tony and Mick Foster and Allen Mick and Tony Foster and Allen.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [laugh]
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [879] And here's the record A Hundred Children don't forget the er the C D By Request it's it's just out and it got to number one this morning in the video charts.
[880] Bless you both of you.
Unknown speaker (KM2PSUNK) [881] Thank you.
rob tomlinson (PS30C) [882] Thank you very much. [music]
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [883] One Hundred Children sung there by Foster and Allen er by Mick and Tony our guests this afternoon and that's from the By Request C D and the By Request video went number one this morning.
[884] So we were the first to have them after they get number one.
[885] Two lovely lads I'll tell you and that concert tonight going to be er absolute corker it's at the Royal Concert Hall tonight in Nottingham.
[886] And on November the twelfth that's a week on Friday they're at the Ritz at Lincoln in Consett.
[887] Right let's have collector's corner if you can help anyone on collector's corner call please Nottingham three four three four three four.
[888] You have to dial the code O six O two if you're ringing from outside the Nottingham area and if you ring us please have pen and paper with you cos we'll give you a number to ring back.
[889] So collector's corner, Brian Simpson of Hinckley on first what it is you want?
david white (PS30D) [890] Hello I'm after a zither.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [891] A zither?
david white (PS30D) [892] There you are and I know what you're going to say [...]
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [893] We had one the other day.
david white (PS30D) [894] Yeah Thursday.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [895] But you're joking you know how many calls we took for it?
david white (PS30D) [896] No.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [897] Over a hundred and twenty.
david white (PS30D) [898] Well I rather gathered that because erm erm I I actually run a German band a Bavarian band
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [899] Yes.
david white (PS30D) [900] And I've been after a zither for a long long time [...]
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [901] How much are they?
david white (PS30D) [902] Some of them more than that one was advertised for.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [903] But they said a hundred quid but it was about eighteen ninety wasn't it?
david white (PS30D) [904] I don't know I didn't get er I didn't get that far.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [905] Well yes I mean it's it's got to be worth a hundred quid or more .
david white (PS30D) [906] [...] amazed I actually did erm what happened erm I was happened to be upstairs and my wife shouted quick quick there's a zither, so I zoomed down here and the lady was still talking to you and a dialled well consequently I didn't get through for quite some time but I did eventually, erm your lady on the reception said well it's gone now she said but I will give the lady's telephone number and I spoke to the lady and told her the position and she says well if it's not collected by so time I'll g ring you back and I said well I've been after one for a long long time she said well I can't understand it cos I've been advertising it.
[907] So I said well not in my area you haven't.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [908] Mm.
[909] But I mean it was a er it I'm sure it was an eighteen nineties zither .
david white (PS30D) [910] I don't know I don't know it it sounded nice a few points she did on it and er
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [911] Really?
david white (PS30D) [912] I can't play one personally but I do have a lady in my band who's who can, very very good accordion player who assures me she can play a zither as well you see.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [913] But how do you learn a zither I mean nobody gives zither lessons do they?
david white (PS30D) [914] I don't think anybody had ever heard of one until we had Shirley turn up.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [915] Well Anton Carrus.
david white (PS30D) [916] Oh well Anton Carrus yeah in the Third Man .
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [917] In the Third Man.
david white (PS30D) [918] Yeah.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [919] Anyway let's try and get you a zither you'll pay and collect?
david white (PS30D) [920] Yes yes certainly.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [921] All right Brian.
david white (PS30D) [922] Right see you bye.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [923] Hang on a minute your Bavarian band.
david white (PS30D) [924] Oh yes yeah.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [925] Where are you appearing at this week?
david white (PS30D) [926] Erm Royal Air Force Wittering.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [927] Royal Air Force Wittering.
david white (PS30D) [928] Aha yes.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [929] How long's your er concert go on for?
david white (PS30D) [930] We shall be there until about midnight I would say.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [931] From eight o'clock.
david white (PS30D) [932] Mm around that time.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [933] Four hours of it.
david white (PS30D) [934] That's right.
[935] We we do three spots.
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [936] How much lager do you devour in a
david white (PS30D) [937] Well as daft as it seems Dennis as you probably know in this sort of game you're on the roads very late at night and when you're on the roads very late at night, you get a lot of bored policemen
dennis mccarthy (PS30G) [938] Yeah.
david white (PS30D) [939] and consequently we do get stopped and quite frankly without giving too many trade secrets away [recording ends]