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Halam Parish Council meeting. Sample containing about 11476 words speech recorded in public context

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PS6SW Ag5 m (e bust, age 60+, Chairperson) unspecified
PS6SX Ag2 m (p rickett, age 30+, Secretary/clerk) unspecified
PS6SY Ag4 f (glynis herbert, age 55+) unspecified
PS6T0 Ag4 m (r brown, age 55+) unspecified
PS6T1 Ag5 m (t hallam, age 60+) unspecified
PS6T2 Ag4 m (h rickett, age 55+) unspecified
PS6T3 Ag5 m (d kemp, age 65+) unspecified
PS6T4 Ag2 m (s bust, age 30+) unspecified
PS6T5 Ag4 m (john rose, age 51, retired music teacher, Recording the meeting.) unspecified
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  1. Tape 123501 recorded on 1994-02-11. LocationNottinghamshire: Halam, Near Southwell ( Village hall ) Activity: Parish council meeting Fairly formal multilogue

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e bust (PS6SW) [1] Right well that that's er er for [...] now commence the meeting.
[2] It is half past seven and we have apologies from Mrs .
[3] And I'll now ask them, everybody else is present, so I'll now ask the Clerk to read the minutes of the previous meeting please.
p rickett (PS6SX) [4] Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held in the village hall on Friday the fourteenth of January at seven thirty.
[5] Apologies from Mr .
[6] Present Chairman Mr Mr E Mr Mr Mrs Mrs Mr and myself as Clerk.
[7] Minutes of the last meeting were read and signed as a true record.
[8] Matters arising.
[9] Tables.
[10] It was agreed to leave them as they are and to take no further action.
[11] Mrs was to phone her rights and complain.
[12] I know that sounds a bit odd.
[13] Memorial stone.
[14] We're waiting for a price.
[15] Er three names have been put forward and .
[16] [...] to contact War Commission for further information.
[17] Correspondence Notts mineral local plan.
[18] We agreed to take no further action.
[19] Public transport conference.
[20] Mrs to attend if possible.
[21] Allotment hedges.
[22] Mr explained the situation concerning cutting the hedges and the council agreed that he should go ahead and do them if possible.
[23] Planning.
[24] Mr Chapel Bung Chapel Bungalow Back Lane.
[25] Report passed unanimously.
[26] Any other business.
[27] Recent lottery winner Mrs one hundred pounds.
[28] She made a twenty pound donation back to the village hall the clerk was to send a letter of thanks.
[29] Hill.
[30] Was told to contact Notts County Council concerning the state of Hill including the entrance to Hill Farm er where water runs off the road into the farmyard instead of down to the gully.
[31] Garden open day.
[32] It was agreed to support [...] nineteenth of June ninety four.
[33] Bus shelter cleaner.
[34] The bus shelter cleaner resigned her job after the after the article in the Village News concerning the school survey.
[35] The Clerk was to send a letter of apology to Mrs thanking her for twenty years of service and ask if she'd reconsider the job.
[36] Date of the next meeting set for the eleventh of February at seven thirty.
[37] As there was no further business the meeting closed at eight fifteen.
e bust (PS6SW) [38] Thank you very much.
[39] Is it your wish that I sign these as a correct record?
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [40] Yes.
e bust (PS6SW) [41] Thank you.
[42] ... So the date is the eleventh.
[43] Mark it [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [44] I was going to say make sure he gets the right [...] .
[45] He's obviously shell shocked after his journey.
e bust (PS6SW) [46] Yes I am.
[47] Right minutes [clears throat] matters arising from the minutes.
[48] I made a note of several here.
[49] Erm first of all the table did you
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [50] I'm sorry I've got the telephone number now and it's in my mind to do it.
e bust (PS6SW) [51] Right.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [52] But I've not done it yet.
e bust (PS6SW) [53] Fair enough.
[54] Erm transport conference
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [55] Yes I've been to that.
e bust (PS6SW) [56] Would you like to report on that ?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [57] I can give you a report if you want me to do that.
[58] Do you want me to do it now?
e bust (PS6SW) [59] We can take it at this stage I think yes please.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [60] Erm I can only say that it was an exceedingly expensive conference this.
[61] I mean all this sort of thing [clears throat] did not come cheaply.
[62] Erm you may find that quite interesting.
[63] I suggest that we do the usual thing of passing that one round so that if anybody wants to read it they can read it.
e bust (PS6SW) [64] Pass it around and when they've read it initial it and pass it pass on .
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [65] Er yeah initial it and pass it on round.
[66] Erm
e bust (PS6SW) [67] So will you start the ball rolling Harry on that one.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [68] It was quite an interesting conference.
[69] Erm there were representatives from pretty well all the transport organizations in Nottinghamshire there.
[70] A great many erm county councillors because it was a county council conference.
[71] Erm so I think it was probably quite well attended though there were a vast number of these green files left at the end so may be it wasn't as well attended as I thought it had been.
[72] It was quite a good venue anyway.
r brown (PS6T0) [73] Where was it at?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [74] It it was at Edwinstowe the South Forest thing.
[75] [laughing] The only snag was [] for a tran public transport conference everybody [laughing] needed a car to get there.
[76] Only one person managed it on public transport [] .
[77] And that was someone from Nottingham University [laughing] who spent a great deal of time grumbling about the bus service from Mansfield to Edwinstowe [] .
[78] So there you go.
[79] Erm some of the speakers were excellent.
[80] Particularly the ones from private industry.
[81] Erm I think really it didn't say anything very constructive because it seems to me that the local council county council hasn't grasped the nettle and got all the private contractors together to make a reasonable service.
[82] They keep talking about what they call seamless journeys which means you should be able to go from A to B to C without too much problem.
[83] But unless you can grasp the private contractors and make them cooperate within this or encourage them to do so, there's absolutely no way you can have a so-called seamless journey.
[84] Erm they wittered a lot about the cost of erm extending the Robin Hood line.
[85] Though it does seem to be in their mind to extend that.
[86] Partly for tourist reasons but partly because it does in fact provide quite a good service.
[87] And it would seem that the park and ride service and something like the parks and the Robin Hood line would transport a lot of people.
[88] I think it boils down to the fact that it's fairly economic to transport vast quantities of people but not to transport from the outer edges and the odd bits in the middle and there's no way that they're going to get a full and comprehensive service come what may.
[89] Erm
t hallam (PS6T1) [90] They're putting a lot into this Robin Hood line though aren't they they're going to
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [91] That's right that's right.
[92] And they want you know there were lots of people wanting it.
[93] Extending a lot further south to connect up with Leicester and the border areas there.
[94] Cos it can take apparently about two and a half hours to get into Nottingham from erm some of those areas.
[95] Whereas really it's only a few miles as the crow flies as it were.
[96] And it would be much quicker on a train.
[97] I think we're very well organized here and we don't have to worry too much about it.
[98] Erm and for some reason or other county council seems to have set its face financially against making bus lanes in and around Nottingham.
[99] Erm even for peak period times which would certainly help them.
[100] Though they swear it will just block absolutely everything.
[101] But if you make it difficult for cars people would consider park and ride.
[102] From my point of view the interesting bit was meeting so many different people.
[103] And I think that's about all that can really be said about.
[104] They they put on a very good show and they brought a splendid bus to show
e bust (PS6SW) [105] But it was worthwhile going.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [106] us and erm the dial-a-ride
e bust (PS6SW) [107] Yeah you didn't feel it was a waste of time is how you felt ?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [108] Slightly.
[109] I mean there were a lot of county councillors huffing and puffing.
[110] Erm they thought it was [laughing] a bit like the dying froze you know [] .
[111] May be I'm being a little unkind but that was rather the impression I got.
[112] But the the people I met made up for that.
r brown (PS6T0) [113] Did anyone ask why the O R T system in Nottingham is going parallel with the er Robin Hood line er once out of the city?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [114] No they didn't Richard.
r brown (PS6T0) [115] It seems it seems very odd that it's running parallel basically with the Robin Hood line.
[116] I wondered what's the matter with the rest of the city.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [117] I don't know.
[118] I've got a splendid map that they've put out.
[119] May be that will identify things for you.
[120] Do you want to have a look at that?
[121] This was launched at the meeting.
[122] They're very proud of it.
[123] But I mean a lot of us suggested that rather than pick out all these very difficult to understand erm time tables it would be far better to have a personage at bus stations and things.
[124] Cos people would far sooner ask somebody than they would cope with the complications of this sort of thing.
[125] I don't know whether that's any good to you Richard .
t hallam (PS6T1) [126] There's one other thing too about this debate.
[127] Before the L R T system line to Hucknall you've got the Robin Hood line going through Hucknall
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [128] Yeah.
t hallam (PS6T1) [129] They're in the in the Sherwood area for our constituency aren't they?
e bust (PS6SW) [130] Oh yes.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [131] So if we start going on about transport they're going to rub that into us that we've got owt.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [132] I see.
t hallam (PS6T1) [133] You know.
[134] And I think it's a re and it's a bit er
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [135] Oh I didn't feel that I had any gripes from our point of view.
[136] We are reasonably well served .
e bust (PS6SW) [137] No we're reasonably well served here yeah.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [138] It's just that I think that they don't publicize a lot of the services as well as they might do.
[139] And you aren't aware that you can actually go from A to B at different times.
t hallam (PS6T1) [140] No you know it's just to have a point if anyone had thought anything about it but of course
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [141] No no one no one said a word about it seemed [...] keen or do too keen on the Robin Hood line of which there were plenty.
[142] But er I I [...] looked into all this but there you go.
t hallam (PS6T1) [143] I suppose the [...] thing will be to connect Mansfield up in due course.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [144] Well they want to connect Mansfield then they want to connect eventually right up through Worksop and on out into the main lines.
[145] The only thing is you see if British Rail gets privatized it may be that Retford and Worksop places will lose some of the services that they already have.
[146] Which of course at the moment on the one two five line are excellent.
e bust (PS6SW) [147] Are there any other questions for Mrs on this.
[148] Yes Harry.
h rickett (PS6T2) [149] You you mentioned the private bus contractors need
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [150] Yeah.
h rickett (PS6T2) [151] to be better coordinated
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [152] Yeah.
h rickett (PS6T2) [153] by the county council presumably
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [154] Well I think they're the only people who
h rickett (PS6T2) [155] what what control have they over them?
[156] Do they provide a licence ?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [157] I think they have licensing control under the
p rickett (PS6SX) [158] They the county council licence the whole service is [...] of where they can run.
h rickett (PS6T2) [159] Yeah.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [160] Under the nineteen eighty five act.
[161] But they still tend to go round in packs every so slightly.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [162] They been held up by all the traffic and they can't [...] get through.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [163] Yes.
[164] Yes well and they're very much yeah.
[165] They they feel they can't keep to a timetable for that reason.
[166] Therefore they would welcome bus lanes and feel that they could get things shifting a lot better.
[167] But I mean
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [168] unless you've got, yes, but unless you've got excellent erm er transport services people will stick to their cars purely for the convenience.
[169] You really have to make it inconvenient for the car or improve local transport.
e bust (PS6SW) [170] Is there another question Harry?
h rickett (PS6T2) [171] Well I was just going to say, do do they actually get tenders for certain routes?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [172] I believe so yes.
h rickett (PS6T2) [173] So they still do that.
[174] I know the bus times [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [175] Yes yes yes yes yes yes
h rickett (PS6T2) [176] So there is an opportunity to coordinate it?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [177] Oh yes.
[178] Oh yes.
h rickett (PS6T2) [179] So presumably if they don't get bids for those routes then they they can't do anything about it.
[180] Can't make people [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [181] No.
[182] And of course they want the most economic ways of doing it.
[183] So they've got to connect up as much as is humanly possible .
h rickett (PS6T2) [184] Yes yes.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [185] But it would still help if they could help with this seamless journey bit you know .
h rickett (PS6T2) [186] Yes yes
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [187] and connect up with rails as well as.
h rickett (PS6T2) [188] How does the contracts work then?
[189] Do they
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [190] I don't know.
[191] Don't know.
h rickett (PS6T2) [192] sign an undertaking to provide a service.
[193] I mean
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [194] I honestly don't know how it works in practice.
r brown (PS6T0) [195] I know I know the local the East Midlands now are saying private cont er private firm isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [196] Mm.
r brown (PS6T0) [197] Has been taken over by a stagecoach.
[198] Which is a [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [199] There were some representatives from that there.
r brown (PS6T0) [200] That's right.
[201] And imm and immediately they got hold of it they've whopped the prices up too.
e bust (PS6SW) [202] The whole idea is competition.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [203] There wasn't too much grumbling about the prices interestingly enough.
[204] I thought that would be something that a lot of people would
d kemp (PS6T3) [205] Well that would be a [...] wouldn't it because you all went by car you said.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [206] [laughing] No no no. []
[207] But from people who'd brought that things to talk about.
d kemp (PS6T3) [208] Oh I see.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [209] You know the the price of the service wasn't something that really upset people too much.
d kemp (PS6T3) [210] One pound seventy five to [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [211] From here to Newark and that's not a return though.
[212] That's each way isn't it?
d kemp (PS6T3) [213] No no.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
d kemp (PS6T3) [214] All the buses that are on the routes now extra buses, is it a better bus service?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [215] No.
[216] No no no it isn't.
p rickett (PS6SX) [217] No that's the problem.
[218] Since they brought in this new act, I think it was about eighty five
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [219] Nine eighty five the transport act [...]
p rickett (PS6SX) [220] They er operators have a tendency to overcrowd the profitable ones and those that are not profitable loose out altogether.
[221] Whereas before it was more of a service.
d kemp (PS6T3) [222] Instead of shoving all the buses on to one route.
p rickett (PS6SX) [223] Yeah.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [224] Yeah.
p rickett (PS6SX) [225] It's it's what philosophy you adopt.
[226] Whether you adopt the the one which the Government favour as a commercial it's got to be a commercial enterprise and pay.
[227] Er the survivor of the fittest.
[228] Or whether you feel there should be a service for the whole of the area.
[229] Er which is subsidized.
d kemp (PS6T3) [230] If you saw in the paper as I did.
[231] There's one firm that had about nine buses took off the road try trying to cut corners as well.
[232] It just [...]
t hallam (PS6T1) [233] When you say the Government is it controlled by the Government.
[234] Coun county council's labour controlled isn't it ?
d kemp (PS6T3) [235] It was the it was it [clears throat] .
[236] If you re recall back in nineteen eight five Tony the Government brought in the transport bill which let operators compete.
[237] I mean they they started the initial scheme was in Hereford.
[238] And Hereford was so blocked that nothing could move.
[239] So blocked with coaches.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [...]
d kemp (PS6T3) [240] Beg pardon?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [241] Man falling off a bike [laughing] [...] it's only a small place isn't it [] ?
e bust (PS6SW) [242] But one thing I'd like to mention while we're talking about buses and I think this is the right place.
[243] At Edingley when they discussed this they were concerned about buses going down Station Lane.
[244] And if you recall some time ago we wrote and said we would like the buses that go down Station Lane Edingley to come through our village.
[245] Now Edingley want to get rid of them going down Station Lane because they don't pick anybody up down there.
[246] I mean they pick somebody up at Goldhill Cottages and that's about all I don't know.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [247] Didn't manage it did you?
e bust (PS6SW) [248] Erm but Edingley did ask for our support they were writing to and they were supposed to send the top copy of the letter to our clerk.
[249] Well the clerk tells me it hasn't arrived.
[250] And the meeting was about ten days ago or something like that.
[251] Erm so whether she hasn't got round to it I don't know.
[252] But what they were asking for our support would we also write to the bus companies again and urge them instead of the buses going down Station Lane to come through our village.
s bust (PS6T4) [253] What was the object, I know we discussed it at great length, but what was the object of it going that way in the first place?
[254] Can you [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [255] I don't know.
[256] The bus com the company
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [257] just did it didn't they?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [258] Yeah.
[259] Yeah but there were about three
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [260] Every other every other hour.
[261] One goes that way every other hour one comes through every other hour [...] .
s bust (PS6T4) [262] When I go down er to get on to bottom road to pick up at Norwood Gardens
d kemp (PS6T3) [263] [...] want them to go down School Lane.
p rickett (PS6SX) [264] They can't they won't we've already
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
p rickett (PS6SX) [265] Yeah they wouldn't, at the time I wrote, they wrote back saying School Lane wasn't [...] send buses down.
[266] And twice this week a bus has come down School Lane.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [267] Has it?
p rickett (PS6SX) [268] Came down Halam Hill and went down School Lane.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [269] Well I have to say it isn't suitable.
[270] You're right I mean the edges are appalling .
t hallam (PS6T1) [271] There was a bus went down School Lane at half past two this morning cos I sent it down there.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [272] This morning?
t hallam (PS6T1) [273] This morning at half past two yeah.
[274] Dropped me off at the cross roads and went straight down there to drop off at Newark Road .
e bust (PS6SW) [275] I can remember one I can remember one going up Lane at half past two in the morning.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [276] I don't know whether he's travelling fatigue or shell shock.
e bust (PS6SW) [277] I mean whether you want to support Edingley or not that's the question really I'm asking you.
[278] And they want to get rid of the buses down Station Lane.
s bust (PS6T4) [279] But where do they want to send them?
e bust (PS6SW) [280] They really don't care where they send them so long as call up up Edingley Hill what
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [281] [laughing] They [...] School Lane. []
e bust (PS6SW) [282] What what I did say that Halam had already objected to them going down Station Lane at Edingley which we did.
[283] And so they they virtually what they said was would we would we again renew our pledge that they came through Edingley.
s bust (PS6T4) [284] Good idea.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [285] Now one at a time Harry.
h rickett (PS6T2) [286] We could do without the [...] stop the buses altogether.
d kemp (PS6T3) [287] Well if it doesn't pay you're not going to [...] them.
[288] We can't pick go round Norwood Gardens and not want to do it.
p rickett (PS6SX) [289] We didn't object to the buses going down Station Lane before.
[290] All we asked was if it was possible for them to come through Halam and go down School Lane to pick [...] to get an extra bus service at Halam.
[291] They said that wasn't possible and I think I'm the same opinion as Harry if you're writing off [...] and stop them going down Station Lane they'll probably withdraw it altogether.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [292] Yeah.
[293] I'm also concerned that if they went down School Lane, although I think it you know I understand they've got to go to Norwood Gardens and things, that with the car park at The Plough now being blocked I mean School Lane at peak times for schools is a nightmare.
[294] And I think trying to get a bus through there as well would be absolutely lethal.
d kemp (PS6T3) [295] Well I'm putting it to you it's up to you I don't mind.
[296] I mean it's
t hallam (PS6T1) [297] Well as I say it is a different company now.
p rickett (PS6SX) [298] Well I I think we can [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [299] There's two companies.
e bust (PS6SW) [300] One one at a time Tony please.
p rickett (PS6SX) [301] I I don't think they'd sort of hold up their arms and say well we'll finish altogether if that's your attitude.
[302] We can at least answer them couldn't we.
[303] They can always say no.
e bust (PS6SW) [304] Richard?
r brown (PS6T0) [305] I would suggest that it'd be a good idea to give [...] .
[306] It would be beneficial to this village if they
h rickett (PS6T2) [307] Well if they've got to pick up at Norwood Gardens how's the bus going to get to Norwood Gardens.
[308] They don't run a bus [...]
r brown (PS6T0) [309] With with your permission I'm gonna ask Mr if he can recall the argument.
[310] Did they not say that these buses did not pick up at Norwood Gardens didn't they?
[311] They went direct.
john rose (PS6T5) [312] I think their suggestion was that they had to go via Norwood Gardens because they then turned right at the in and went up into the middle of and it was to get them on to that line that they had to go through [...] .
r brown (PS6T0) [313] But they did say I think distinctly that they did not pick up at Norwood Gardens.
[314] There was another pathfinder service that goes down to Norwood Gardens .
john rose (PS6T5) [315] There is another pathfinder service that starts there.
r brown (PS6T0) [316] I mean you were at the meeting that's why I'm [laughing] referring to you [] .
[317] I mean that's er that's what was said.
t hallam (PS6T1) [318] [...] service from Norwood Gardens goes to Nottingham.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [319] Yes but as I've I've seen many a bus coming towards Norwood Gardens goes round the little [...] and back out again.
r brown (PS6T0) [320] As I understand it from what was said at Edingley it wasn't necessary for these buses to go to Norwood Gardens because they were well served without.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [321] I don't know.
[322] That's the trouble [laughing] with being car drivers isn't it [] ?
e bust (PS6SW) [323] Do do you wish to take any action.
[324] You're you're proposing Tony that we do write to the bus company again and ask if the buses can come through just say through Halam rather than go down Station Lane at Edingley?
[325] You're second
h rickett (PS6T2) [326] I would second that yes.
e bust (PS6SW) [327] Is anyone against that proposal?
[328] Are you all happy with that?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [329] Yeah fine yeah.
e bust (PS6SW) [330] Thank you.
r brown (PS6T0) [331] As long as the driver's to go through Halam and not [...]
p rickett (PS6SX) [332] Writing to what?
e bust (PS6SW) [333] Writing to the bus company and ask that the buses if the bus service can be diverted from going down Station Lane at Edingley to coming up Edingley Hill and through Halam to improve the service through the village.
p rickett (PS6SX) [334] Alright got that.
e bust (PS6SW) [335] And [...] bus company did you know.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [336] So long as they don't do it at those two times a day .
e bust (PS6SW) [337] What what I do suggest is you know the clerk at Edingley [...]
p rickett (PS6SX) [338] Yeah yeah.
e bust (PS6SW) [339] ring her up and have a word with her and she'll probably send you a copy of the letter she sent she should have done that.
p rickett (PS6SX) [340] Yes.
e bust (PS6SW) [341] And er yes have a word with Pat and so that you're both writing along the same lines.
t hallam (PS6T1) [342] Could we qualify that that we do not want them to go down School Lane?
e bust (PS6SW) [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [343] Yeah but if I don't see how [...] go down Norwood Gardens otherwise.
h rickett (PS6T2) [344] This way they they could tip over on the grass verge couldn't they?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [345] Very easily.
t hallam (PS6T1) [346] If they're not picking up at Norwood Gardens they're they're [...]
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
r brown (PS6T0) [347] Well that's that's what we understood at Edingley meeting and there was
john rose (PS6T5) [348] That's correct yes.
r brown (PS6T0) [349] no need for them to go to Norwood Gardens or or they they specifically didn't go to Norwood Gardens they just went through didn't they?
john rose (PS6T5) [350] Yes it's been understood that it was a routing thing to put them at the right side of Southwell to drive through the middle of it.
h rickett (PS6T2) [351] Yes.
[352] What I don't understand if all they need to do is revert back to what they used to be and come straight through on the on the ordinary route.
r brown (PS6T0) [353] That's what we're really asking for yes.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [354] Yes.
t hallam (PS6T1) [355] We've already got that service.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [356] Every two hours.
h rickett (PS6T2) [357] Ah every two hours and it can make it every every hour.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [358] Which is what it used to be of course isn't it?
h rickett (PS6T2) [359] Yeah because if you want to go to Southwell at the present moment you go on a bus and you got to wait two hours to get one back.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [360] Yeah.
e bust (PS6SW) [361] Well we've already agreed now that we write to them
h rickett (PS6T2) [362] Yeah that's fine yeah.
e bust (PS6SW) [363] And I did s I did say through the village Harry so that we didn't er
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [364] I really feel School Lane's out .
e bust (PS6SW) [365] Which way we go through the village doesn't really matter does it?
d kemp (PS6T3) [366] Yeah it does cos no one 's [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [367] Well they not
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [368] [laughing] They might go down Hill Lane instead . []
e bust (PS6SW) [369] Can we get back to to other other matters arising please.
[370] Erm I not sure I er Don Don's planning application is approved.
[371] I understand it's passing erecting, there's been a problem with the erection of things.
[372] Er bus shelter.
[373] What what was Mrs 's reaction to that?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [374] Oh dear.
e bust (PS6SW) [375] Oh dear.
d kemp (PS6T3) [376] Yeah well.
[377] Thank you
e bust (PS6SW) [378] I haven't
d kemp (PS6T3) [379] very much but er
e bust (PS6SW) [380] I haven't seen her since as I was [...]
d kemp (PS6T3) [381] No she thanks you very much for that but er
e bust (PS6SW) [382] No go.
d kemp (PS6T3) [383] She's just not interested.
[384] Just not interested.
t hallam (PS6T1) [385] When you get [...] report into this news was that factually correct?
[386] Or was [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [387] I think what was in the village news it arose out of those children's survey down there and what happened was that Mrs didn't think we'd er put in perhaps as politely as we should.
[388] I don't quite know how to to put this but but er she found what was in the village news offensive.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [389] You Tony could be cleaner the bus shelter [laugh] .
e bust (PS6SW) [390] So we're ba we're basically
p rickett (PS6SX) [391] I'm deciding what Joyce said.
h rickett (PS6T2) [392] You wrote it let him clean it.
e bust (PS6SW) [393] Basically we're looking for a we're looking for another cleaner.
[394] And I don't know whether anybody's been successful.
[395] Any ideas or
p rickett (PS6SX) [396] I actually took all those letters home [...] and I went and I listed all the things that were listed er mentioned in all the letters and also that I tried to consider giving you know my impression of the meeting and tried putting exactly what what they're saying.
[397] And I put it down entirely factually from all the letters you know.
e bust (PS6SW) [398] It it's one of those unfortunate things that I mean I think we've we've got to look around and see what we can do about.
[399] Do we do we ad did we advertise for one before [...] village meeting?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [400] Yes we have done yes.
s bust (PS6T4) [401] What recently?
h rickett (PS6T2) [402] No twenty year ago.
e bust (PS6SW) [403] No no no I mean since this.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [404] We we've used it for things like the street clean [...]
d kemp (PS6T3) [405] Street cleaning and things like that.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [406] and erm assume there's no reason why we shouldn't do it erm this way.
e bust (PS6SW) [407] It's er I mean it's the only thing to do isn't it?
[408] To advertise for somebody.
d kemp (PS6T3) [409] Oh yes.
e bust (PS6SW) [410] Are you all agreed to that?
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [411] Yes.
e bust (PS6SW) [412] Thank you. [...]
h rickett (PS6T2) [413] Might get somebody to do it half price.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [414] There was something else that came up out of the minutes.
[415] Can I
e bust (PS6SW) [416] Yes there was.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [417] mention it?
e bust (PS6SW) [418] And I've got several other things.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [419] Oh alright go on.
e bust (PS6SW) [420] There's the there's the names there's the stone erm the allot I'll deal with the stone for the last because I thought there might be more discussion on that.
[421] Halam Hill that
s bust (PS6T4) [422] Yeah.
[423] The [...] work is not satisfactory yet.
[424] The buil the [...] I've rung them up and they said they'd do it.
[425] The hole's got worse at the top of the hill.
[426] So I rung them again and said it was dangerous [...] and they came out more or less straight away and did the few holes at the top.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [427] Yeah.
s bust (PS6T4) [428] They have put yellow marks round some of the holes but haven't been back to do them yet.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [429] No there're great big yellow marks across the road with big arrows facing down into the village now.
[430] I don't know what they mean.
t hallam (PS6T1) [431] They've been they've done before I believe.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [432] Oh have they?
[433] Oh.
s bust (PS6T4) [434] They have started the work but it isn't complete and I was going to say it's not satisfactory yet.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [435] [...] budget.
p rickett (PS6SX) [436] There's one on Back Lane as well [...]
s bust (PS6T4) [437] I haven't reported that one.
e bust (PS6SW) [438] One at a time yeah.
[439] So
s bust (PS6T4) [440] Well well I say I rang them first time.
[441] Nothing happened.
[442] The holes got bigger on top of the hill so I rang them again saying they're dangerous for cyclist for a motorbike could have an accident.
[443] And they did come out more or less straight away and well I say [...] drop a bit in
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
s bust (PS6T4) [444] But they are aware of the situation on the hill and they haven't been yet.
[445] That's all I can tell you.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [446] Mind you I should think they've got holes absolutely everywhere aren't there.
[447] The roads are terrible they are dreadful.
r brown (PS6T0) [448] Oh it's terrible terrible all over the place.
e bust (PS6SW) [449] Can can we couple with this there's the [...] room [...] pavilion, can we coupled with this New Hall Lane.
[450] I've been away all this week because my wife took a telephone message from Nora yesterday and it is it is in our parish .
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [451] It is dreadful I walked along there the other day.
[452] It's appalling.
e bust (PS6SW) [453] and er he said that when they took it up three years ago of course they [...] from the first six months I think it is and [...] we got on to them and they they did agree
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [454] They did yeah.
e bust (PS6SW) [455] But since then nobody's done anything about it.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [456] It it's in a terrible state it really is.
e bust (PS6SW) [457] So so can we ask the clerk to look into that and couple it with
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [458] Back Lane as well.
e bust (PS6SW) [459] And Back Lane as well.
p rickett (PS6SX) [460] It's only one but it's quite a good one I think .
e bust (PS6SW) [461] And somebody's reported a bad pot hole near your house Harry.
h rickett (PS6T2) [462] Mrs Mrs rang me up and ask me about the one
e bust (PS6SW) [463] Somewhere
h rickett (PS6T2) [464] a big hole hole down between her drive and the road.
[465] Where the water's stuck and it keeps coming down and it's getting quite wide where anyone could slip in.
[466] And that you know they leave they've left it for er two years [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [467] It's going to cost so much money to get all this right in the end isn't it?
[468] It's a false economy.
e bust (PS6SW) [469] But now now's now's the time strike on because for two reasons.
[470] Because of course the county council have [...]
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [471] And we all know why.
e bust (PS6SW) [472] and secondly it's coming to the end of the financial year and this is when they want to spend the money.
[473] So I think now's the time to er make a bid for all these.
[474] So is it agreed the clerk write to them again about all the ones we've listed?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [475] Well shall we mention School Lane then because that is absolutely
h rickett (PS6T2) [476] Yes we might as well.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [477] appalling.
h rickett (PS6T2) [478] The sides of the road are giving way aren't they ?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [479] They are yes.
h rickett (PS6T2) [480] You have to stop
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [481] They seem to be happening daily.
[482] I mean it's just getting worse and worse and worse.
e bust (PS6SW) [483] And perhaps perhaps Pat could we ask
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [484] could we ask for a site meeting with them?
[485] And see if they'd somehow.
[486] That that's the best way and then you and I could perhaps walk round with them or ride round with them and show them.
p rickett (PS6SX) [487] I used to be able to do that.
[488] But the last time I tried they didn't want to know because well nobody will take responsibility.
e bust (PS6SW) [489] No I know.
p rickett (PS6SX) [490] At the end of the day.
e bust (PS6SW) [491] But they seem to get things done at Edingley at site meetings.
[492] They they've
p rickett (PS6SX) [493] Well I'll try for a site meeting.
e bust (PS6SW) [494] They've er they've done fairly well there with [...] Perhaps if it's happen to be a time when I'm busy Richard you might do it as vice chairman.
r brown (PS6T0) [495] If I'm available yeah.
e bust (PS6SW) [496] Some or one of us will anyway.
[497] If we can fix a meeting a date up to suit them
r brown (PS6T0) [498] Yeah.
e bust (PS6SW) [499] and one of us will fit in.
r brown (PS6T0) [500] Right fair enough.
e bust (PS6SW) [501] Right.
[502] Allotment hedge edging I've got down here.
s bust (PS6T4) [503] Yeah we
e bust (PS6SW) [504] [...] spade work.
s bust (PS6T4) [505] we er spoke spade work that [...] sort of told you about, spade work recommended a list of do work.
[506] He's billed them and they pay out direct.
e bust (PS6SW) [507] That's fine.
s bust (PS6T4) [508] So
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [509] Hang on just a second.
[510] I was walking that way with Ernest on Saturday and he said he thought the bottom hedge belonged to anyway.
e bust (PS6SW) [511] Well I don't think that's right
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [512] No.
e bust (PS6SW) [513] I I don't I don't think that's right Glynis because
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [514] That's okay then.
[515] I just thought I'd mention it because I didn't want anybody
e bust (PS6SW) [516] That that hedge was cut by David 's father last time [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [517] Oh that was a good long time ago wasn't it?
e bust (PS6SW) [518] Yes yes.
[519] Albeit I think it was done for the parish council so.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [520] Right okay.
[521] That's okay I just thought that you should know that .
e bust (PS6SW) [522] Well we're we're quite I mean we agreed to it last time and if the billing's going to go direct we we can we can forget about it now .
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [523] Yeah oh yeah.
e bust (PS6SW) [524] All we've got to see is somebody that wanders up there just see that the work's done satisfactorily.
[525] I'm sure it will be.
s bust (PS6T4) [526] Well like keep and eye on it anyway.
e bust (PS6SW) [527] Yeah.
[528] Right now the only the only other item I've got er rising from the minutes is the stone and the names.
[529] Now just to complicate the issue who probably probably is the oldest person in the village I'm note sure, erm has brought another name to my attention.
[530] [...] And she's even gone to the extent of checking on the stone which is a memorial in churchyard of the.
[531] The person in question was a relative of hers and was killed or died I'm sure not whether he was killed or died but certainly served in the forces in the four fourteen eighteen war in [...] he was buried in [...] .
[532] But there is a there is a er inscription on the stone in the churchyard to him.
[533] So that makes four now.
[534] Have have you found out any more the cost Harry of this?
h rickett (PS6T2) [535] Yeah for a stone that is ?
e bust (PS6SW) [536] Yes.
h rickett (PS6T2) [537] Inlaid stone into the brickwork.
[538] A stone of about eighteen inch four by four with the appropriate heading I would have thought up to four names, depending on how many names there is in the
e bust (PS6SW) [539] Yes.
h rickett (PS6T2) [540] village.
[541] Er between a hundred and thirty and a hundred forty.
e bust (PS6SW) [542] That doesn't sound out of the way to me.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [543] Mind you if you do it properly and you put their rank and regiments and things
e bust (PS6SW) [544] Ah well that well that
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [545] like that on it it makes it a lot more expensive wouldn't it?
h rickett (PS6T2) [546] I said I didn't think probably that would be [...] but I wasn't sure.
[547] But anything extra like that would be extra.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [548] Of course.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [549] Yeah mm.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [550] I mean if it's if it is a war memorial which it is
h rickett (PS6T2) [551] I said to just the name of the person who'd died in the [...] .
[552] That that's all we're looking for at the moment.
[553] And if we want to put rank and
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [554] Yeah.
[555] I mean you'd be doubling that wouldn't you?
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [556] Yeah yeah the writing is pretty [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [557] It is it is.
[558] Because you're paying by so many letters usually.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [559] Usually on memorial stone you just put the initials and the name don't you?
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [560] You do.
[561] I wouldn't I wouldn't bother with rank.
s bust (PS6T4) [562] No I wouldn't.
e bust (PS6SW) [563] Because I wasn't sure whether [laughing] he get it right [] anyway.
s bust (PS6T4) [564] Not unless it's proper [...]
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [565] And and they don't know the date.
[566] I don't know it would have on the date actually.
e bust (PS6SW) [567] No it was really a case of things were residents
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [568] Just four names really.
e bust (PS6SW) [569] residents of the village who lost their lives in the nineteen fourteen eighteen war isn't it?
[570] After all [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [571] You think that would cover the situation.
[572] Well considering nothing's been done for fifty year I suppose really [...]
t hallam (PS6T1) [573] [...] .
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [574] Yeah.
t hallam (PS6T1) [575] Matter of [...] of people who'd died in the first world war.
[576] [...] could be more.
e bust (PS6SW) [577] Well we've advertised in the village news and Miss Clark's the only one that's come up with anyone.
[578] Probably the only one who's got a member in [...] .
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [579] Yes.
e bust (PS6SW) [580] I mean she's
h rickett (PS6T2) [581] I haven't heard any comment from people at all about it.
[582] Whether they willing that we [...] I mean [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [583] Well that's what we elected for I just [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [584] I mean in some
e bust (PS6SW) [585] I I I'm afraid Harry I'm one of those that we take our our responsibility and if they don't like what we're doing they can [...]
s bust (PS6T4) [586] What you mean is they had chance.
e bust (PS6SW) [587] They've had chance .
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [588] Well they've had plenty of chance haven't they?
s bust (PS6T4) [589] Does that include erecting it Harry?
h rickett (PS6T2) [590] Well no it's just the stone.
r brown (PS6T0) [591] Well no no no no.
t hallam (PS6T1) [592] If they're gonna have to cut hole out and put it in.
e bust (PS6SW) [593] Well no won't it be built in.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [594] Well I thought the idea was to put it on one of the original walls though.
[595] Not on one of the new walls.
e bust (PS6SW) [596] Well it won't be on it'll be in.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [597] It'll still have to be cut in though wouldn't it?
[598] Yeah
e bust (PS6SW) [599] If it's no I think what we agreed Glynis if it was going to be a stone it could go in the wall where it could be seen from outside.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [600] Oh right yes sorry I beg your pardon .
e bust (PS6SW) [601] But if we were deciding on a brass plaque or something
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [602] Yeah.
e bust (PS6SW) [603] like that then it would be
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [604] It would have to be
e bust (PS6SW) [605] inside.
[606] And I for what I'm trying to do I didn't think we'd be able to afford a stone I thought I thought it would be much more than what Mr 's quoted.
r brown (PS6T0) [607] I still think the plaque might be cheaper.
e bust (PS6SW) [608] Oh it would be cheaper but I'm not sure whether it would be
r brown (PS6T0) [609] Then the [...] brass plaques tend to get taken off and [...] happens where a stone remains.
h rickett (PS6T2) [610] So with this this stone could be built in so that it's facing the road couldn't it?
r brown (PS6T0) [611] That's right.
[612] Exactly like these are in this place.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [613] Like the ones out here yes.
r brown (PS6T0) [614] Been in there for a long time aren't they?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [615] Yes.
e bust (PS6SW) [616] Been there for a hundred years haven't they?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [617] Well they're all part of the history aren't they?
s bust (PS6T4) [618] Great memorial I think really isn't it?
e bust (PS6SW) [619] Beg pardon?
s bust (PS6T4) [620] Be a good appropriate memorial if we can afford it.
e bust (PS6SW) [621] Well I would have thought so but Pat have you found out [...] about the names?
p rickett (PS6SX) [622] Yes.
e bust (PS6SW) [623] David was going to let you know about his relations.
p rickett (PS6SX) [624] No.
s bust (PS6T4) [625] He asked me to contact [...] the War Commission.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [626] Yeah.
s bust (PS6T4) [627] He asked me to contact the
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [628] The War Graves Commission.
s bust (PS6T4) [629] War Graves Commission.
[630] I haven't found them yet.
[631] We've found everybody but them.
[632] I've got the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [633] No you haven't.
e bust (PS6SW) [634] No not on the
s bust (PS6T4) [635] Well I think we do because I yeah it seems so
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [636] Well if it's yes.
s bust (PS6T4) [637] The Salvation Army were trying the [...] community council the local community council.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [638] Just phone the Citizens Advice Bureau they'll help you best.
s bust (PS6T4) [639] We didn't try them.
[640] But nobody else could find the address.
[641] If the Commonwealth War Commission don't know how to get hold of the War Graves Commission [...] The Commonwealth War Graves Commission can give us the information we want provided we can give them the christian name of the person and the regiment.
[642] Then [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [643] Ah well.
s bust (PS6T4) [644] They otherwise suggest they otherwise suggest er
e bust (PS6SW) [645] If we knew that we don't need them.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [laugh]
s bust (PS6T4) [646] chasing back to the local paper to the approximate time that we think they died see if they report enough about them.
[647] Or go back to your local paper to the end of the war to see if they were all honorary.
[648] Furthermore, they're they can can't get any information on deaths that would have occurred from injuries after the war.
[649] None at all.
e bust (PS6SW) [650] Well we're not looking for those anyway are we?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [651] Well there was one query wasn't there?
[652] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
s bust (PS6T4) [653] Even for the thirteen fourteen year?
e bust (PS6SW) [654] Oh it would have been a long while after the war yes.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [655] In fact I don't think it was.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [656] No.
e bust (PS6SW) [657] I mean I wasn't born until nineteen thirty and I mean I I I can remember Jim well so he didn't die until probably nineteen forty.
[658] How how many years after?
s bust (PS6T4) [659] Fourteen fifteen year after
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [660] Yes.
p rickett (PS6SX) [661] So if you're gonna talk about him what about Jimmy I mean
e bust (PS6SW) [662] That's right.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [663] It's not relevant then is it really?
e bust (PS6SW) [664] No.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [665] No.
e bust (PS6SW) [666] I I think these are fellows that were either killed or died on active service.
[667] And I mean this one that Miss Clark's mentioned he probably died on active service through wounds or something like that .
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [668] Well he's the least of the problem because if he's got something in the churchyard there'd be something dated probably .
e bust (PS6SW) [669] [...] was actually going to get the information for tonight but she hasn't been able to and I haven't seen her.
[670] But she was trotting off to the churchyard to clean the stone the other day.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [671] Yes I was just trying to think as to who it was to be quite honest.
e bust (PS6SW) [672] I know which it is but it's somewhere down in the corner where your brother used to live that corner down there Harry somewhere down there.
p rickett (PS6SX) [673] So we've got four definites at the moment.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [674] Mm.
[675] So in that case we've got to do a bit of research haven't we?
h rickett (PS6T2) [676] Well I've got the [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [677] Ah.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [678] Let's let's have the [...]
s bust (PS6T4) [679] Well well you've just said we've got four definites.
[680] Well now you're saying that the one that was injured wasn't one.
[681] The one that died after the war
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [682] Right Richard.
r brown (PS6T0) [683] that was his name
e bust (PS6SW) [684] Yes yes.
r brown (PS6T0) [685] nothing more.
[686] He was a member of the Sherwood Foresters mentioned in despatches died nineteen sixteen approximately.
s bust (PS6T4) [687] Was he anything [...]
r brown (PS6T0) [688] No.
[689] No he was a relative [...]
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...] [laugh]
s bust (PS6T4) [690] There was a Tommy used to come here you see.
r brown (PS6T0) [691] I'll I'll I'll I went to [...] cows one morning and they started [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [692] Well do not let too many skeletons out of cupboards. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [693] Very naughty.
r brown (PS6T0) [694] The reason the reason we know it was nineteen sixteen was the fact that someone named died
e bust (PS6SW) [695] Which one Richard?
r brown (PS6T0) [696] The reason we know it's not it was nineteen sixteen er that had been killed was that he was home obviously at the beginning of the war he went off and then someone named left a house well left they died and the proceeds of the house were left to Mrs Miss 's grandmother.
[697] And to Seth.
[698] And Emma's mother got both lots of money because Seth was deceased and so was
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [699] Oh yeah
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [700] So we've Seth this one of Miss Clark's relations we can trace that.
[701] So we're really struggling on two .
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
s bust (PS6T4) [702] Some people say it's cos he's got a thing in the church don't they?
e bust (PS6SW) [703] can you can you chase David when you get home?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [704] Yes it's in the window.
e bust (PS6SW) [705] You've got this you've got this information off Richard I'll make sure [clears throat] excuse me, you get the information from May Clark.
[706] You chase it up from David .
[707] Now who does that leave us with?
[708] Er one more?
[709] Yeah er Clark the one in the one in the [...]
h rickett (PS6T2)
r brown (PS6T0)
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [710] or ?
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [711] .
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [712] oh.
[713] Is there anything in the village book?
r brown (PS6T0) [714] Just another point of interest to you people [...] just a little thing that dropped out was that Mr er Mr died
d kemp (PS6T3) [715] Yes.
r brown (PS6T0) [716] and the and the same day as they buried Mr . [...]
d kemp (PS6T3) [717] [...] of the shock?
r brown (PS6T0) [718] Yeah.
[719] He died in nineteen hundred and ten and that was the same day
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
r brown (PS6T0) [720] It says here Mr died on the same day as Mr St er was buried .
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [721] You'd better get slimming then.
r brown (PS6T0) [722] Mm there you are you see.
[723] Anyway he was [...] nineteen ten so I thought it would be interesting.
e bust (PS6SW) [724] Yeah but it was different [...]
t hallam (PS6T1) [725] But he was I tell you he was resurrected again.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [726] But er yeah so we've we we've got a fair bit of information on three.
[727] It's that we're struggling on.
h rickett (PS6T2) [728] How would we find out about then.
s bust (PS6T4) [729] He's got to go to the War Graves on that
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [730] Well in that case [...] we we need a christian name do you have a christian name for him?
h rickett (PS6T2) [731] I haven't no.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [732] And well Miss Clark might remember I mean she is as you say probably one of the oldest people and perhaps Miss could rattle her brains a little.
[733] Who else might know?
e bust (PS6SW) [734] I think er [...] came to visit who did she come to visit?
h rickett (PS6T2) [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [735] Well then ask either then may be.
d kemp (PS6T3) [736] My dad will remember his name.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [737] Oh well ask him then David.
[738] That's the answer then isn't it?
[739] Yes.
e bust (PS6SW) [...]
h rickett (PS6T2) [740] Yeah.
e bust (PS6SW) [741] Ruby [...] she'll have she'll have some children though because I mean they're somewhere down in
d kemp (PS6T3) [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [742] they're somewhere down in Gillingham down in
d kemp (PS6T3) [743] Kent
e bust (PS6SW) [744] Yeah they're down in Kent.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [745] Yeah but you know after such a time with children there is something like that
e bust (PS6SW) [746] No I I I honestly don't know I mean we fetched Mrs home to bury her but I mean that was oh nineteen fifty odd.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
h rickett (PS6T2) [747] Can't remember the address.
e bust (PS6SW) [748] No we can't.
[749] I know it's somewhere near Tonbridge Wells because that's
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [750] Ask ask Ida.
e bust (PS6SW) [751] [...] probably with Jim and er his brother being buried [...] .
[752] I wonder if he'd carried all the information [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [753] Oh Ida will know if anybody does.
[754] I mean she's the link person in that family.
e bust (PS6SW) [755] [...] can you have a word with Ida then?
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [756] Okay. [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [757] Or David what about you?
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
d kemp (PS6T3) [758] You just want 's name don't you?
e bust (PS6SW) [759] Well want as much information about any of them but er but I think we can find er sufficient about the others.
[760] But it's 's name yeah.
d kemp (PS6T3) [761] I'll ask my dad.
[762] He he told me but I forgot.
[763] I'm sure he told me when I was asked
e bust (PS6SW) [764] Oh well that we'll leave that with you then.
d kemp (PS6T3) [765] Old Jack and so and so and so.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [766] It might be possible otherwise to go would it be in the local paper.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [767] I don't know I don't know.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [768] What would have been the local paper then the Advertiser still or what was perhaps the precursor of the Advertiser yes .
e bust (PS6SW) [769] There was the Newark Advertiser and the Newark Herald in those days.
[770] Newark Herald.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [771] But I would have thought that one lot of er papers would either have gone to the archives office or er been retained in the Advertiser if they amalgamated at some time.
s bust (PS6T4) [772] Another possibility is the censors for eighteen nineteen one which is the last one you can look at.
[773] There's a hundred year secrecy on them you know.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [774] Yeah.
s bust (PS6T4) [775] If he was born by then before then and lived in the village his name would be in the censors.
e bust (PS6SW) [776] Possible that there would be of course.
[777] I mean I don't [...] .
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [778] But a lot of people went quite young didn't they?
s bust (PS6T4) [779] [...] younger than twenty three presumably.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [780] Probably mm yeah.
[781] If they were born in the village they could well be in the erm baptismal book in church .
e bust (PS6SW) [782] This this is first of all can we I should tell you that the planning permission for this is passed.
[783] The district council has no objections and of course the county's granted themselves planning permission on it
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [784] Yes.
e bust (PS6SW) [785] and that actually came through this morning.
[786] So so they will now be getting on with it fairly quickly.
[787] So if we're going to do anything
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [788] We'd better get on with it.
e bust (PS6SW) [789] we've got to act fairly quickly so can we decide in principle whether we're going to do this or not and let them know that we either are or we aren't.
[790] That's the important thing.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [791] Oh yes.
e bust (PS6SW) [792] You you've got the original letter there haven't you?
p rickett (PS6SX) [793] Yes.
e bust (PS6SW) [794] So can we have a decision in principle whether we're going to do this or not?
p rickett (PS6SX) [795] They they don't want any further payment for doing it on our behalf do they?
e bust (PS6SW) [796] No what we were invited to do.
[797] We were invited to provide as the parish council we were invited to provide a stone with the details on.
[798] And presumably their builder would build it in for us.
p rickett (PS6SX) [799] Yes.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [800] I propose that we get on and do it a fast as possible.
e bust (PS6SW) [801] I'm going to second that.
[802] Thank you.
[803] That's all agreed.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [804] Yes.
e bust (PS6SW) [805] Thank you very much.
[806] That's a unanimous decision.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [807] Richard how far does the christening go back in church the baptismal book?
r brown (PS6T0) [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [808] Beg pardon?
[809] They start building on the twentieth of March.
[810] How long is it going to take to get the stone cut Harry?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [811] If we can take it back to about eighteen ninety [...]
h rickett (PS6T2) [812] I've no idea this time.
[813] I'd have to ask him again about that.
e bust (PS6SW) [814] We've got, can I have a bit of attention please.
[815] We've gone back quickly so I've been informed that [...] build that's definite starting on the twentieth of March.
r brown (PS6T0) [816] Well there's two projects running side by side.
[817] Erm which they start [...] they're supposed to be running together at the same time when they'll start I don't know.
[818] But er
e bust (PS6SW) [...]
h rickett (PS6T2) [819] Well they're gonna start on the twentieth of March
s bust (PS6T4) [820] They'd better start doing something.
h rickett (PS6T2) [821] so they'll want this pay the month's wages.
e bust (PS6SW) [822] Well it's only it's only [...]
h rickett (PS6T2) [823] No we've got to pull that [...]
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [824] It isn't [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [825] Well it's only coming out a yard isn't it?
d kemp (PS6T3) [826] They might not do that [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [827] On the other hand on the other hand they could leave [...] get the exact measurement right and leave a hole.
[828] There's no problem about that.
s bust (PS6T4) [829] The thing to do is have a word with Martin [...] .
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [830] Why why?
d kemp (PS6T3) [831] Well he's hurt his hand hasn't he?
e bust (PS6SW) [832] No.
[833] No no no no.
d kemp (PS6T3) [834] Oh he said he he's like tendering the er the erm project people doing the tendering.
e bust (PS6SW) [835] No.
d kemp (PS6T3) [836] [...] probably going back to it.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [837] But anyway we've got a tight we've got a tight time scale .
s bust (PS6T4) [838] Nothing [...] Martin says so.
e bust (PS6SW) [839] That's the important thing.
[840] We've got a tight time scale so we've got to do this reasonably.
h rickett (PS6T2) [841] Give them the measurement they [...] the hole.
e bust (PS6SW) [842] I will is it agreed we just put the names on?
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [843] I think [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [844] I will I will get the get the information
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [845] If that's a suitable inscription.
e bust (PS6SW) [846] as regards.
[847] You're going to chase David up you're going to chase up and you've already provided the information as regard Seth [...] .
[848] So that's the so we've got it covered.
[849] And when we get it all together you and I'll get together and we'll draw something out ready for the next meeting to either agree approval or or yeah?
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
s bust (PS6T4) [850] We weren't going to say just the names [...] initials initials and initial [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [851] Yes that's why I want the christian names.
h rickett (PS6T2) [852] We want the initials but not the rank and
e bust (PS6SW) [853] Yeah.
[854] If you don't see David have a look in the church [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [855] It's the St Michael window I think.
h rickett (PS6T2) [856] It's in the St Michael window just round back of the door.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [857] Yeah.
h rickett (PS6T2) [858] The little door there it tells you
e bust (PS6SW) [859] The name of it on the back
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [860] Yes it is it is
h rickett (PS6T2) [861] Yes that's right it's all there yes so there's no problem.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [862] I'll have a look on Sunday morning and see if erm erm baptismal book
e bust (PS6SW) [863] I didn't realize I didn't realize [laughing] we had such a tight schedule [] and it reminded me when they got the plan, well I don't know when it came through, but I opened it today and.
[864] Right now then that's dealt with all the matters arising that I've got down.
[865] Are there are there any other matters arising from
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [cough]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [866] No because the hedging was the one thing I wanted to talk about .
e bust (PS6SW) [867] The hedging I see yes.
[868] Alright.
[869] We'll now go on to correspondence then Pat please.
[870] You've got the seminar on planning haven't you?
p rickett (PS6SX) [871] Yes seminar on planning and law [...] .
e bust (PS6SW) [872] Oh by the way, just going back to that other thing, can you let them know Harry we're definitely going to take in this
h rickett (PS6T2) [873] Yes I'll yes I'll er contact them yes.
e bust (PS6SW) [874] And and at the same time ask them for a date when they want the stone [...] .
h rickett (PS6T2) [875] Yes [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [876] Well [...] area education office.
p rickett (PS6SX) [877] Right correspondence.
[878] Seminar seminars for parish councils on planning policy law and procedures.
[879] Have you come across this?
[880] Do you know anything about it ?
e bust (PS6SW) [881] Yes I do yes.
[882] Erm
p rickett (PS6SX) [883] Do you want me to explain it or do you want to read it out?
e bust (PS6SW) [884] Yes I can explain it.
[885] Virtually what it did it came out of the last parish council's conference which I attended on your behalf and er the Director of Planning and Development, Colin promised to lay on a seminar for parish councillors because it seems to be the one service which always gets criticism at the parish council's conference.
[886] Either the district council planning committee hasn't agreed with the parish council.
[887] Or if they have agreed [...] reasons why they haven't [...] .
[888] And so they're laying on this seminar for as many parish councillors who want to go to explain the planning procedures.
[889] And when you've been to this you'll know more about it that what I do.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [890] [laugh] The date is on the twenty eighth of March and the location will be at Hall and it will be it doesn't give a time but it will be an evening meeting.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [891] In the dome.
e bust (PS6SW) [892] I don't know where it could be in the dome if it's [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [893] Twenty eighth is a Monday is that?
e bust (PS6SW) [894] Checking Glynis just checking.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [895] It is.
e bust (PS6SW) [896] Yes yes I've got a note in my diary that's right.
[897] ... Monday the twenty eighth of March.
[898] And they want to know how many's going.
[899] Edingley are sending about four and [...] are sending about four but er as many as like want to go.
[900] But anybody who's interested in planning or you either don't agree with us.
s bust (PS6T4) [901] Is there a meal or anything?
e bust (PS6SW) [902] No [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [903] No you should have gone to the one that I went to.
[904] You refused to go you see.
s bust (PS6T4) [905] I haven't had time Glynis.
e bust (PS6SW) [906] Glynis you would like to go.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [907] Yes please.
e bust (PS6SW) [908] That's one.
[909] Tony you would like to go?
[910] Two.
[911] Do you want to go Simon?
s bust (PS6T4) [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [912] No.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [913] He's just gonna [laughing] sit and be argumentative isn't he [] .
e bust (PS6SW) [914] Richard?
r brown (PS6T0) [915] No [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [916] Harry?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [917] What do you two know that we don't know?
r brown (PS6T0) [918] You'll enjoy it I'll tell you.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [919] Who's doing it.
h rickett (PS6T2) [920] [...] either you agree or disagree [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [921] Come on.
h rickett (PS6T2) [922] is that the whole meet what the meeting's about?
e bust (PS6SW) [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [923] Come on it's obviously something fishy about it [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [924] [reading] Seminar for the parish councillors planning law and procedures.
[925] Those parish councils who were represented at the annual parish councils conference at Hall last year will recall that the suggestion was made that a special session may be held on planning topics should there be sufficient support from parish councils.
[926] And the intention would be to have three or four speakers from the planning staff here who would talk about different aspects of planning rules policies procedures etcetera.
[927] And there would then be a discussion section session.
[928] I would envisage the talk to last about sixty to seventy five minutes and the discussions for another thirty to forty five minutes commencing [] Oh it does say, [reading] commencing at seven thirty P M.
[929] I have earmarked Monday the twenty eight of March nineteen ninety four as a possible date and the location would be Hall.
[930] I would be grateful if you could let me know within six weeks whether your councillors wish to attend such an evening and if so how many representatives you will wish to send.
[931] You can if you wish ring [...] extension three five one rather than send a written reply.
[932] If the demand is high we may need to limit the attendance to a maximum of three per parish council.
[933] At this stage it's not limited [...] .
[934] It would not be the intention to discuss individual planning applications [...] [] .
[935] So now then I've got two so far.
[936] There's myself anyone else?
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [937] No I'm busy.
e bust (PS6SW) [938] Right three from Halam then Pat please. ...
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
h rickett (PS6T2) [939] I'll be out that night.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [laugh]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [940] D'ya know I just wish that you'd share this inner knowledge with the rest of us.
[941] I do really.
[942] Go there on a false errand.
[943] We're all busy people aren't we?
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
h rickett (PS6T2) [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [944] How do you know I'm on a diet?
e bust (PS6SW) [945] Put put three down from Halam if anybody else wants to go I'll
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [946] You can turn up on the night if you want
e bust (PS6SW) [947] No.
[948] I want a reply to that one.
[949] Right that's seminar [...] thank you.
[950] The second item of correspondence economic development strategy consultation.
p rickett (PS6SX) [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [951] Oh yes yes it's it's for noting yes.
p rickett (PS6SX) [952] Put your name in it like.
e bust (PS6SW) [953] Put your name in it and pass it on.
[954] That's the other one thank you.
[955] What's this scratch roof?
p rickett (PS6SX) [956] Oh that's this er they want they can all have one of these.
[957] Not even a hand round one.
[958] It's the er one from [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [959] Oh yes yes I see yes.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [960] Yes got their [...] .
[961] There you are David I bet you picked one up in your [...]
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
p rickett (PS6SX) [962] And that's the [...] district council newsletter coming round.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [963] Oh I've got I've got one of those yes.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [964] When is this erm commission due to report
e bust (PS6SW) [965] [...] in April.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [966] Oh yes.
[967] Ah but they've erm
e bust (PS6SW) [968] It's been put back.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [969] I was going to say they've [...] isn't it?
e bust (PS6SW) [970] The I can't remember the exact date but what I can tell you is those of you that take the Newark Advertiser and the exact dates are in today's Newark Advertiser.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [971] Oh I haven't read that then.
e bust (PS6SW) [972] But it has been put back.
[973] We expect the findings the final findings to be in the Autumn of this year now.
[974] September this year.
[975] But if the Government keeps changing its mind and it's [...] then it really is
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [976] Oh it is a pain isn't it?
[977] It's a very expensive undertaking all this and it's such a waste of our money I suspect .
e bust (PS6SW) [978] And you see now what the Government have said that they are going to accept that there are going to be two key authorities in some counties.
[979] Because their own backup
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [980] their own back benches in rural counties are kicking up so much in Somerset and Hampshire in particular that they've had to back down.
[981] But well I mean [...] I think
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [982] [...] they've reported they've gone down.
e bust (PS6SW) [983] I think local Government's gonna be an absolute pigs ear if you've got two tiers two tiers in one county and and [...] authorities in another.
[984] I mean well I don't know but there you are.
[985] I don't really [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [986] It's had everything else it goes the full circle in the end doesn't it?
h rickett (PS6T2) [987] Rural rural voice here we all look through.
d kemp (PS6T3) [988] I will say this Mr chairman Newark district council is much more appreciative of you can't put [...] but you could the Notts county council one.
e bust (PS6SW) [989] They've guaranteed costs down.
[990] That's all I can say.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [laugh]
d kemp (PS6T3) [991] Your not with me?
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
d kemp (PS6T3) [992] Your all with
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
h rickett (PS6T2) [993] I bet the whole thing is going to cost millions of pounds.
e bust (PS6SW) [994] Course it is course it is.
[995] We never
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [996] it never ought to the exercise never ought to have gone out Harry.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [997] I mean that thing I went to on Wednesday it must have cost thousands of pounds.
[998] A total waste of money really.
e bust (PS6SW) [999] But it was a Government decision.
[1000] And I want
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1001] You've all read this from [...] have you?
s bust (PS6T4) [1002] I've read [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [1003] I want to stress this please I want to stress this.
[1004] When I say it was a Government decision I'm not speaking politically because whoever had've won the last election whether it be Liberal Democrats Labour or Conservative all three parties were committed to reorganizing local government.
[1005] God knows why but all three parties were.
[1006] So the outcome of the last general election made no difference at all.
h rickett (PS6T2) [1007] It will take year and years to recoup [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1008] They'll never recoup it never.
e bust (PS6SW) [1009] Right.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [1010] The final on the correspondence is highway briefing.
[1011] You deal with this and [...]
p rickett (PS6SX) [1012] Right well we've had these before.
[1013] It's highway
t hallam (PS6T1) [1014] It's all in the Advertiser Mr chairman.
e bust (PS6SW) [1015] Right [...]
p rickett (PS6SX) [1016] As Mr [...] it's all in the Advertiser.
e bust (PS6SW) [1017] It's all in the Advertiser.
p rickett (PS6SX) [1018] The highway briefing we get one each month out.
[1019] Tells you what major road er roadworks going to take place.
[1020] Major maintenance schemes to start in the next month include Danby Road Newark Road and to Road
e bust (PS6SW) [1021] Have we any in our Pat near us that are affected?
p rickett (PS6SX) [1022] No.
[1023] We're going from that's the nearest.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1024] Oh well.
s bust (PS6T4) [1025] Well done Pat.
p rickett (PS6SX) [1026] As from as from April nineteen eighty four.
[1027] The word children will be removed from school crossing patrol sticks and will be replaced with the children crossing signal.
[1028] Erm you can have a look look through if you want.
h rickett (PS6T2) [1029] No you can [...] when they're doing these repairs
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1030] You wonder who dreams these things up don't you?
h rickett (PS6T2) [1031] in your back lane [...]
p rickett (PS6SX) [1032] Traffic traffic
h rickett (PS6T2) [1033] close it to both ends.
p rickett (PS6SX) [1034] traffic management the A two the A six one two Nottingham Road at Southwell er closed to extended thirty mile an hour speed limit.
[1035] Er
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
p rickett (PS6SX) [1036] By a hundred meters further out [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1037] Oh they they've applied for that at the bottom of Road isn't it?
p rickett (PS6SX) [1038] So anybody wants to have a look at these [...] says it's not viable.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1039] Well if they take as long to do it I mean good heavens there's been one clanking manhole cover at Halam and it has taken them weeks to do it.
[1040] And they've got traffic lights up again today.
[1041] You know where you
d kemp (PS6T3) [1042] It's a sewer that's burst or something.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1043] No it's that clanking manhole cover.
d kemp (PS6T3) [1044] No.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1045] Yes it is cos they've resealed it again today.
e bust (PS6SW) [1046] Right that's the actual clerical correspondence.
[1047] Can we go on [clears throat] [...] and that's the bill for the tables is it?
p rickett (PS6SX) [1048] Bill for the tables a total of one hundred and eight pounds ten pence.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1049] A hundred and eight pounds ten pence.
[1050] I'm gonna make a note of that.
[1051] When I'm complaining I might just as well
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [1052] Pay that price.
e bust (PS6SW) [1053] Is it your wish that er about the same price for a table [...]
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [1054] Well work out a fifteen [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [1055] Is it your wish we should pay this account?
s bust (PS6T4) [1056] Yes.
e bust (PS6SW) [1057] Thank you.
[1058] Then we come to, oh the general consensus of opinion was yes.
s bust (PS6T4) [1059] I never heard a word uttered except mine.
e bust (PS6SW) [1060] Well David was nodding his head and that Richard.
[1061] Is it is it agreed that we pay the account for the tables?
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [1062] Yes.
e bust (PS6SW) [1063] Thank you. [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1064] Ooh can I just mention while we're while we're on about tables, well we're not really on about it, but can I just mention it.
[1065] Harry and I thought at one stage that if we could find a proper home
h rickett (PS6T2) [1066] Oh yes yes I wondered what you were going to say.
[1067] Pinned
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1068] And they wouldn't actually cause so much damage to the paint work all the way round didn't we?
[1069] We ought to devise a scheme and an area
h rickett (PS6T2) [1070] So they didn't scratch the wall.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1071] That's right yes.
d kemp (PS6T3) [1072] Will they fit into the porch?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1073] Well
h rickett (PS6T2) [1074] They'd never get carried in there I don't think.
e bust (PS6SW) [1075] [...] one particular place
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1076] They would but I doubt if any
e bust (PS6SW) [1077] did you not?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1078] Well we just thought somewhere at the back where we could pin them against the wall.
[1079] I think that's sensible.
r brown (PS6T0) [1080] Well basically two [...] up the wall to lean against basically.
[1081] And probably a strap that comes round
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1082] Some sort of clip to hold them in so that erm
r brown (PS6T0) [1083] Every time a table [...] it scratch the wall.
e bust (PS6SW) [1084] Is it agreed that we ask Richard if he could deal with this for us please?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1085] We'll devise something Harry. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [1086] You know you know what you want.
[1087] You know what you want.
t hallam (PS6T1) [1088] Strung up to the ceiling.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [laugh]
e bust (PS6SW) [1089] So as you don't ask me to get the so and so's down.
[1090] Right.
[1091] Now the clerk's got any other business down here and the date's two meetings past.
p rickett (PS6SX) [1092] No well you see.
[1093] The annual parish meeting and the annual parish council meeting.
[1094] Just advise you on the dates of last year.
[1095] Last year we had the annual parish meeting on the thirtieth of April.
e bust (PS6SW) [1096] Yes.
p rickett (PS6SX) [1097] And the annual parish council meeting on the fourteenth of May.
e bust (PS6SW) [1098] Well that's how I've got the corresponding dates.
p rickett (PS6SX) [1099] So if you want random dates.
[1100] If you want to settle them at this meeting.
[1101] Cos they want settling
e bust (PS6SW) [1102] No I
p rickett (PS6SX) [1103] don't they?
e bust (PS6SW) [1104] It's a good idea yes to settle the next meeting.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1105] What d'ya mean.
[1106] Why [...] under any other business for?
[1107] I saw planning on the A G M on the the [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [1108] You can see what you like.
[1109] There isn't any there isn't any official but I've got one that I'll show.
[1110] Can we just deal with this please.
h rickett (PS6T2) [1111] Well that comes [...]
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1112] It came as a great surprise to me [laughing] for some reason or other [] .
e bust (PS6SW) [1113] What date are we looking at?
[1114] May the thirtieth that was a Friday.
p rickett (PS6SX) [1115] Yeah you're not tied to them dates at all.
[1116] Just giving you an idea of when you had them last year.
e bust (PS6SW) [1117] The corresponding date is the twenty ninth of April.
[1118] How does that strike anybody?
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [1119] Yes.
e bust (PS6SW) [1120] And that's for the parish meeting .
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1121] Twenty ninth of April
e bust (PS6SW) [1122] Is that it.
[1123] Well we're all here tonight so that if we
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [1124] Yes.
e bust (PS6SW) [1125] Twenty ninth of April.
s bust (PS6T4) [1126] Start earlier.
e bust (PS6SW) [1127] Seven thirty.
s bust (PS6T4) [1128] Nor normally starts at seven thirty does it?
e bust (PS6SW) [1129] Yes for the parish meeting.
[1130] Well the parish meeting doesn't last very long as a rule does it?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1131] Ten minutes and it'll be done.
[1132] Nobody comes.
s bust (PS6T4) [1133] Might be a surge.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1134] Harry and a couple of other faithfuls and that's it.
h rickett (PS6T2) [1135] What time?
[1136] Seven thirty?
e bust (PS6SW) [1137] Seven thirty then.
[1138] Annual parish meeting.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1139] Annual parish meeting.
e bust (PS6SW) [1140] Seven thirty P M.
[1141] And then the annual parish council meeting was May the fourteenth last year so the corresponding date will be
h rickett (PS6T2) [1142] Be the thirteenth.
e bust (PS6SW) [1143] May the thirteenth.
[1144] How does that strike you?
[1145] [...] ... Right.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1146] Which is the one where we carry on and have the meeting afterwards.
[1147] The annual parish meeting
e bust (PS6SW) [1148] The annual parish meeting yes.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1149] is the reporting one isn't it and we elect officers at that one do we?
e bust (PS6SW) [1150] No no.
[1151] This is the one we elect offic officers at.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1152] Officers at mm.
e bust (PS6SW) [1153] Yes.
[1154] This is the thirteenth.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1155] So what do we call this one ?
s bust (PS6T4) [1156] [...] parish council meeting early so that we get a committee meeting [...] .
e bust (PS6SW) [1157] Well we do have a committee we do have a council meeting afterwards yeah.
s bust (PS6T4) [1158] So the annual parish
h rickett (PS6T2) [1159] The one you're on about is the A G M isn't it?
s bust (PS6T4) [1160] The parish meeting I thought that's.
[1161] We have a parish council meeting afterwards don't we?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1162] Yes.
s bust (PS6T4) [1163] That's what I thought.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1164] Just on a technicality why do we need the two like this?
e bust (PS6SW) [1165] Beg pardon?
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1166] Why do we why can't we combine them with the parish council meeting?
e bust (PS6SW) [1167] Because we've always done it that way.
[1168] Well the annual parish we do have to have an annual parish meeting.
[1169] That's statute.
[1170] And we do have to have a meeting of an annual meeting of the council to elect your officers.
[1171] I mean it's the annual meeting of the council that agrees the finance and everything else.
h rickett (PS6T2) [1172] Well you can have a committee meeting [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [1173] But we usually have we usually have a council meeting
h rickett (PS6T2) [1174] So you can start that bit earlier.
e bust (PS6SW) [1175] Well you can start it at seven o'clock if you like I don't mind.
[1176] What time
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
s bust (PS6T4) [1177] I should have started the annual parish meeting at seven and followed by
e bust (PS6SW) [1178] Is it agreed we start at seven?
h rickett (PS6T2) [1179] That's what you're talking about now is it?
s bust (PS6T4) [1180] Parish meeting.
e bust (PS6SW) [1181] The annual parish meeting on the twenty ninth of April seven o'clock.
h rickett (PS6T2) [1182] Followed by a parish council meeting.
e bust (PS6SW) [1183] Yes it'll be followed by a parish council meeting.
[1184] And then we're looking at May the thirteenth for the annual meeting of the parish council.
s bust (PS6T4) [1185] Don't they call that the annual general meeting?
e bust (PS6SW) [1186] Yes.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1187] That's at seven thirty then.
e bust (PS6SW) [1188] Last year.
[1189] Right.
[1190] Now then.
[1191] As you wanted some as you
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [...]
e bust (PS6SW) [1192] as you wanted some planning Glynis I haven't got any official plan
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1193] [...] this is just unbelievable [laugh]
e bust (PS6SW) [1194] planning for you but what I can show you is some sketches which the gentleman who bought the plot at Grey Lane brought to show me asked my opinion.
[1195] I said it's no good asking my opinion I said it looks alright to me.
[1196] I said, Take them to Hall and ask the planning officers if they'd be acceptable to them.
[1197] Because it was agreed it should be a single storey dwelling and he's going for he wants a chalet type bungalow.
[1198] But it it's sort of built into the ground apparently so that it'd be pretty low down.
[1199] So I said, Well before you have your plans drawn up go and.
[1200] He said, Well would I show the plans to the parish council and see what their reaction is.
[1201] So there you are.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1202] I can't remember what their names are but somebody tells me they're are the most extraordinarily noisy family.
e bust (PS6SW) [1203] They're not.
[1204] They're er they live in at the present time and er his name's Paul and he's the main Skoda dealer in Nottingham.
d kemp (PS6T3) [1205] It isn't built into the built into the ground it's just following the the the level of the ground.
[1206] It isn't built into the ground .
s bust (PS6T4) [1207] Didn't know there was that much profit in a Skodas.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [laugh]
d kemp (PS6T3) [1208] And that with it being a chalet bungalow the roof goes up
e bust (PS6SW) [1209] Their chain is in Nottingham.
[1210] Yeah [...]
r brown (PS6T0) [1211] Where the hospital is up there.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
h rickett (PS6T2) [1212] But that's not the main office they've got a big one.
Unknown speaker (KM8PSUNK) [...]
h rickett (PS6T2) [1213] But I thought we wanted to keep this a low profile bungalow and that's pushing it up the same as the other one in Grey Lane went up.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1214] That's right that's right.
h rickett (PS6T2) [1215] And he isn't showing a ground level.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1216] No no.
h rickett (PS6T2) [1217] He isn't saying this is ground level at all.
[1218] All he's doing is following the lie of the ground.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1219] That's a lot of artistic licence then.
h rickett (PS6T2) [1220] [...] I I object to this.
glynis herbert (PS6SY) [1221] Yeah.
e bust (PS6SW) [1222] I think we'd better switch off at this stage. [recording ends]