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  1. Tape 106401 recorded on 1993-11-09. LocationNottinghamshire: Bbc Radio Nottingham ( Radio broadcasting studio ) Activity: Radio broadcast Reporting, interviews, live commentary

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Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [1] [...] with Notts County once again.
[2] [music] Yes tonight Notts play their second home match in group A of the Anglo-Italian Cup, Pisa provide the opposition with County looking to repeat their handsome victory over [...] in their first game.
(PS37H) [3] does well with the challenge, Notts have picked up their game, for [...] on the left hand side.
[4] In now for turns, shoots, beats the defender, shoots, [shouting] scores [] .
[5] In the last minute, Gary makes it four. [...] [music]
(PS37H) [6] Four two the final score that night.
[7] Tonight the weather might discourage supporters from attending but for those that do, manager Mick promises a treat.
mick walker (PS37J) [8] Well the league's the important thing.
[9] I ca I can never hide that fact, but certainly if they come tonight they'll see some attractive football.
[10] Erm I for one would certainly go anywhere to see the English beat the Italians.
[11] That was just a little personal thing w with me.
[12] Erm and I think it'll happen again tonight as happened a fortnight ago.
martin fisher (PS37G) [13] Mm.
[14] How much are the players looking forward to pitting their talent against er the continentals?
mick walker (PS37J) [15] Well they were bubbling this morning, I think mainly because of Saturday, when it r we were reall the whole club was lifted through Saturday afternoon because something was shown that erm hasn't been shown for quite a while here.
[16] Erm hopefully that'll be carried on tonight, erm and I think it has that little bit of gl glamour with players playing against foreign opposition.
[17] Erm the Englishman always likes to stick one on them and I'm certain that'll be the case tonight.
martin fisher (PS37G) [18] Notts V Pisa our main match tonight, kick-off is at seven forty five, across to Colin shortly, we also have two Coca Cola Cup replays with megabucks Blackburn Rovers facing potential embarrassment at third division Shrewsbury.
[19] [music] And we've got several competitions tonight.
[20] The first one we may as well get going now.
[21] , it's a boxing video the prize, tell me who are the three current world heavyweight champions please.
[22] [music] the number to call.
[23] [music] [...] and living thing, ooh that's about erm seventeen years old that record by the way, November nineteen seventy six it was er in the charts according to the piece of paper in front of me.
[24] Welcome along to the show then, going Italian tonight er, don't know if we've got any Italian music planned for you, erm but we'll wait and see shall we?
[25] Just a reminder of that competition question , we have er several videos to be won this evening, the first one is er the History of Sport, Primitive Instincts is its subtitle and basically it's all about thumping people and that sort of thing.
[26] So there's plenty of boxing on there, including the great Mohammed , George and also Marvin .
[27] So if you're a boxing fan this is the sort of video that you would enjoy, now it's a boxing question, name the three world heavyweight champions that currently hold titles.
[28] I know that sounds a bit ridiculous but you know what I mean, there are several different er versions of the world heavyweight crown, who are the three world heavyweight champions at the moment? the number to call.
[29] Let's go down to Lane, Colin in position, already rehearsing his Italian names.
[30] Colin, how's it looking?
colin slater (PS37K) [31] Welcome er Martin.
[32] It's looking extremely wet of course, I heard Mike on the news say there'll be some heavy bursts of rain, we've just had one and er everybody coming into the ground is saturated.
[33] But the paying customers are just about outnumbered at the moment by a very big posse of travelling Italian journalists just to my left and all pretty excitable by our normal quiet English standards.
[34] And er video camera and lighting among them and er they look as if they've been in place for hours.
[35] And er the er one thing that we've understood between each other is that they all shivered pointing the English
martin fisher (PS37G) [laugh]
colin slater (PS37K) [36] weather and I knew precisely what they meant.
martin fisher (PS37G) [37] Well this time next week of course, we'll be in Italy getting ready for Notts against Brescia and I remember last year when I went over with Radio Derby to cover Derby County's game against [...]
colin slater (PS37K) [38] Yes you're a seasoned traveller on these things Martin .
martin fisher (PS37G) [39] Well you know I l don't like to boast about it but er you know Italy one week and
colin slater (PS37K) [40] A little match, a little match.
martin fisher (PS37G) [41] St Andrews the next.
[42] Erm yeah when we went there [...]
colin slater (PS37K) [43] Molyneux tomorrow?
martin fisher (PS37G) [44] [laugh] Molyneux tomorrow.
[45] Erm where was I?
colin slater (PS37K) [46] Yes.
martin fisher (PS37G) [47] [laughing] There we we [] [laugh] when we went to Italy last year it was er what I would describe as being fairly warm
colin slater (PS37K) [48] Mm.
martin fisher (PS37G) [49] cos [...] is southern Italy and it was nice and sunny during the daytime, so much so that we were walking about in just T-shirts er and all the Italians that came to us said,ye well [...] language, what on earth are you doing without your er sweater
colin slater (PS37K) [50] Mm.
martin fisher (PS37G) [51] and at least two overcoats on?
[52] So er
colin slater (PS37K) [53] Yes.
martin fisher (PS37G) [54] how would you think the weather, I mean we're being a bit flippant but how will the weather affect the Pisan team?
colin slater (PS37K) [55] Well I don't think they'll like this one little bit will they, I mean the players are out there practising at the moment, they look very smart as well in an all blue tracksuit erm and erm obviously a club colour and they look very smart indeed, er but er the journalists don't like it and I don't think the players will like it very much either.
[56] There've been some er conversations between the players out on the pitch and an Italian journalist who clearly doesn't need a microphone in order to be heard.
martin fisher (PS37G) [57] Mhm.
[58] I wonder how important it is for those players because the the competition over here has its detractors, what about over there, I can't imagine the Italians being that bothered about doing well in this competition, certainly the gates over there don't suggest that it's that important?
colin slater (PS37K) [59] Er well no they don't do they?
[60] On the other hand of course it's the old old story, it's like some of the other competitions which we endure rather in the early stages, when you think of the Freight Rover and er one or two others as well.
[61] But the further they go the more interesting they get and of course er the visitors tonight have already had a good win.
[62] They beat Middlesbrough three two er three one rather, three one on their own ground in the first round er of the first leg that is to say of the er four matches in this particular round of the competition.
[63] Er so erm they'll know that er the way the results went erm last time around, means that it's the sides that do well away from home which may well go through.
[64] And er that puts some obligation on Notts next week and then er in December to do well when they're in Italy erm also an obligation to do well now, but bu get back to the point I'm trying make.
[65] Pisa here tonight know that a win here in Nottingham tonight will put them in a very strong position indeed in this group er to go on and go through.
[66] Er so it is important to them.
martin fisher (PS37G) [67] That's right, just looking at the er the tables that I've managed to get faxed to me from the Football League today.
[68] Pisa are indeed er top of the Italian section of group A, Bolton Wanderers
colin slater (PS37K) [69] Yes.
martin fisher (PS37G) [70] top of the English section
colin slater (PS37K) [71] That's because Bolton won five nil if I remember.
martin fisher (PS37G) [72] That's right, Bolton won five nil but what we did get clarified from the Football League today was if two English teams finish their four games on the same number of points, is it goal difference or is it the number of goals scored that is the crucial factor?
[73] And rather surprisingly, bearing in mind what happens in the Endsleigh first division, that there it is goals scored that dis differentiates between teams, in this league it will be goal difference that will determine the final positions, followed then by the highest number of goals and then by the highest number of goals scored away from home.
[74] So at the moment Notts County, although they scored four goals and Bolton scored five, so in the current English system they'd just be one goal behind Bolton, their goal difference is only plus two, Bolton's is plus five, so that is a significant factor.
[75] Er Bolton today at home to Brescia, we'll keep our listeners in touch with that one as well.
[76] The only other game today in group A is er in Italy, [...] against Charlton.
[77] I doubt very much whether we'll have a score on that because it tends to be that we don't find out what happens in Italy until er the following morning.
[78] Let's have a word Colin shall we about er Saturday's display, er get your thoughts together on that and w we'll enjoy the goals from that er great victory against Palace at Lane when er Notts fought their way back from being two down against the team that were second in the table, great fight back.
(PS37L) [79] This could be danger.
[80] The [shouting] shot comes in, a brilliant strike, Palace take the lead, it is, bends it away, goes and takes the salute of the Palace fans and not surprising on the quarter of an hour mark, because Palace have done the pressing and gets the goal, bending it away from a despairing dive to his left of , and Palace stamp their superiority a their authority on the early stages [] .
(PS37M) [81] good work, plays the ball for
(PS37L) [82] [shouting] deep cross coming in, brilliant header at the back post, Palace get a second goal and the scorer again is , uncovered at the back post , brilliant buildup down the left, superb finishing, the hero, Palace fans on their feet, [] Notts fans sit in silence, they trail two nil, with twenty minutes gone a push on , the referee looked across to the linesman on this nearside, Notts attacking the Lane end and the linesman said penalty, twenty one minutes gone here in this game, just a minute after scored.
[83] It's going to be 's penalty, comes up, strikes it and [shouting] scores [] .
[84] We've had three goals with just over twenty minutes gone, has scored for the visitors on the fourteen with a brilliant shot, a brilliant header on twenty, and a minute later the penalty has brought Notts back, looking out of the game, was the player pushed, the referee consulted the linesman, had no hesitation and ends the goal drought for himself, will leave on the bench
(PS37M) [85] wins that in midfield, skips away, edge of the area [shouting] shoots.
[86] Saved by Martin , shoots and scores.
[87] gets the equalizer for Notts.
[88] Five minutes into the second half, the parry was from the boy was looking for his first goal, and it's picking up the pieces for his second of the afternoon.
[89] And Notts who were two down in twenty have battled back to two apiece [] .
(PS37L) [90] [shouting] turns, there, gets the header, Notts go in front, it was brilliantly made by and had the easiest of jobs and what a comeback it is, because Notts trailed by two in twenty minutes and now they lead three two against the side second in the first division table, who've been run ragged in the second half, by a storming Notts comeback, brilliant , header. []
martin fisher (PS37G) [91] That was the action on Saturday at Lane.
[92] Colin what a great fight back.
colin slater (PS37K) [93] Yes it was at two down and the every time Palace went forward in the early stages you thought to yourself, here comes another goal because they looked like scoring, they were so dangerous, of course he's a real threat and he got the better of for that first goal, er he was er danger all the time and er it was a little bit from er County's performance in reverse to that of the previous week at Forest, where erm Palace were so good in the first half and er you wouldn't have been surprised if they'd gone in two nil or even three nil ahead, the penalty brought Notts back into the game.
[94] And then in the second half it was a completely different story.
[95] To my surprise, Palace fading pretty completely er but that's not to take anything away from probably County's er best forty five minutes of the season, though the four one against Derby runs that pretty close.
martin fisher (PS37G) [96] Mm.
[97] Now got two goals on Saturday, he doesn't play tonight, he's got another hamstring injury which is er quite a worry.
[98] How do think er Notts are gonna cope without him because it seems as though when he is on form, certainly when he's at home, he finds scoring goals quite easy to come by?
colin slater (PS37K) [99] Did you hear that little round of applause over the top of me?
[100] That's because Tony has just emerged from the players' tunnel.
[101] He of course was the man of the match on th Saturday, he sat here for the interview clutching the bottle of champagne that the club patrons had awarded to him for his performance.
[102] How will Notts cope without you were asking.
[103] Well we understand that they're going to Paul up the front and of course is still looking for his first goal of the season.
[104] He's desperate to score one and it was rather curious on Saturday that it was his shot, parried by , a player with an England pedigree should [...] better than the Palace goalkeeper did on that occasion.
[105] Er parried by , pushed away, pushed in by two two, er and that left er as the architect but not the finisher.
[106] Same thing happened of course with , he's desperate for a goal as well, he makes the winner for but hasn't got his name on the score sheet.
[107] Those are the two players who definitely from a confidence point of view need to score.
martin fisher (PS37G) [108] And just a word about er the substitutes because er obviously allowed to er name five going into the game, and we hear that David and Rob two of the long term injuries at er Lane will be on the bench.
colin slater (PS37K) [109] Yes and have both played in er in reserve football of course.
[110] I think that er probably from what I hear, is the readier of the two er for a severer test, I think still somewhere short of full match fitness certainly, but er I know that er Mick can scarcely wait to get a hundred per cent, and have him bidding for contention.
[111] If he does it'll be interesting to see whether or not he might be the player to come in and take Gary 's place and see whether he can strike up a partnership with .
[112] The partnership is not really working, although of course erm [laughing] what [] happened on Saturday was that after an awful pasting during the week verbally from Mick their manager, and indeed having both been brought off very controversially at Molyneux last Tuesday evening, both substituted in the closing stages when Notts were losing and both strikers we er were brought off, you couldn't get much more controversial tha that by a manager could you?
[113] Erm Mick said afterwards, perhaps I ought to er try a verbal lambasting of them before every game, if that's the sort of response I get, two from , one from , the two Garys on the score sheet.
martin fisher (PS37G) [114] Okay Colin, thanks for the time being.
[115] [music] Colin at Lane for us tonight, Notts County against Pisa, and the aforementioned manager Mick is joining us shortly.
[116] Twenty two minutes after seven o'clock, here's the Bee Gees and Staying Alive.
[117] [music] [...] Saturday Night Fever of course, the Bee Gees and Staying Alive [music] , twenty six minutes after seven o'clock.
[118] A B B C Radio Nottingham Sports Special, hearing from Mick the Notts County manager shortly and also getting the [...] news on Notts against Pisa with Colin .
[119] Before that though let's just er take in one of tonight's Coca Cola Cup replays, as Shrewsbury have another chance to perform a giant killing act in that competition.
[120] They beat Southampton from the premiership in the second round and have now forced a replay in their third round tie against Blackburn Rovers.
[121] The replay takes place tonight, Blackburn manager Kenny of course has spent over twenty million pounds building up his side, in comparison Shrewsbury has spent three hundred and fifty thousand pounds.
[122] [...] Shrewsbury chairman Reg though isn't jealous.
roy bailey (PS37N) [123] They're on a hiding to nothing bless them and er th I mean Kenny is no different to any other manager in the premier league, er they're all spending a lot of money in the hopes that they can buy their way to success.
[124] Erm and I guess they will to a degree.
[125] I think the thing that worries me more than anything else about them, that a lot of 'em have aspirations erm greater than their finances.
[126] If you actually look at what we've paid for some of the players say over the last two or three years, I guess you're looking at about three hundred and fifty thousand pounds.
[127] But let me hasten to add that doesn't mean to say that that's what the team is worth at this moment in time, because we have players there that are worth well in excess of that figure.
[128] It's all on the night isn't it you know, it's all about the boys and who wants to win the match most tonight.
martin fisher (PS37G) [129] Ray the Shrewsbury Town chairman.
[130] Shrewsbury at home to Blackburn Rovers of the premiership.
[131] Shrewsbury by the way are a third division team, they're about eighth or ninth in the table so er a great chance for them tonight to cause a major upset.
[132] That game kicking off at seven thirty, so about two and half minutes before that game gets under way and er we'll be bringing you regular reports on that one, plus tonight's other Coca Cola Cup third round replay, Peterborough against Blackpool, that one kicking off at seven forty five, and that's the time of kick-off in our local match at Lane, Notts County against Pisa in group A of the Anglo-Italian Cup.
[133] In a moment we'll be hearing from the Notts County manager Mick .
[134] Before Mick though let's just remind you of what happened in Notts' first match in group A when they took on [...] at Lane.
(PS37P) [135] , man of the match on Saturday, forward to [shouting] oh and the ball in the area and lashed into the back of the net and claims it [] .
[136] It was all set up by , got the touch and gets the final touch with twenty four minutes gone and Notts deserve it, they've been the better side in the early stages, but that will settle their nerves and give the Italians a little more to think about.
(PS37R) [137] Oh it was a nice ball that by , [shouting] shoots and scores, Notts get a second just moments after they might have conceded one at the other end, [] the referee unimpressed by the penalty claims but the crowd are [...] there, with a really fine piece of finishing by Gary , nine minutes to half time and adds to the one that got in twenty four, and it's two nil to Notts County against .
(PS37P) [138] to , wide on the left [shouting] shoots and scores, oh it was lovely interplay between the two of them [] , twelve minutes into the second half, fine finish by .
(PS37R) [139] Well it's a repeat of Saturday isn't it, set it up for then, sets it up for now and it's three nil against .
(PS37P) [140] Brilliant play by , gets i clear down the right hand side and a fine header in.
[141] It comes in from the number nine, gets the goal but it was brilliantly created for him there by and it's a quick response by right on the fifty minute mark, we've had an hour of the match and it's now three one.
[142] Brilliant brilliant play by and a really superb header by to make it three one.
(PS37R) [143] And again [...] coming forward in numbers and they look at on the edge of the area and he is duly fouled by and it's a free kick in a dangerous position.
[144] At three one it may look comfortable, it may sound comfortable, believe me in d this last quarter of an hour, even twenty minutes it hasn't been.
[145] The whole character of the game has been changed by a goal which er suddenly has brought [...] to life in a way which we didn't see at all for the first half.
[146] Free kick, driven in and straight in.
[147] And it's three two.
[148] Fine strike comes in from one of the substitutes, makes it three two, direct from the free kick and suddenly from being three nil up, into the last ten minutes it is three two.
(PS37P) [149] does well with the challenge, Notts have picked up their game, wide for on the left hand side, in now for , turns, shoots, beats a defender, shoots [shouting] scores [] .
[150] In the last minute, Gary makes it four, he was involved in the start of the move, some good play by , fed and lays on another and scores another.
[151] It's a second for Gary , it's a fourth for Notts and er the little bit of tension that Notts had created for themselves as they went off the boil and [...] came really into the game with their two goals from first of all and then from from the free kick, but 's goal in the last minute here making it four two and really capping a most entertaining night for Notts.
[152] They'd lost their way a little, they've come back a little and they're going to win this Anglo-Italian match.
martin fisher (PS37G) [153] Well Mick it's now stage two of the er Anglo-Italian Cup, it's Pisa tonight, er do you know anything about them as a team?
mick walker (PS37J) [154] Er they're about halfway in their own league, erm I think they beat by the odd goal the team that we beat four two here.
[155] I think they have more pedigree than the other team in that they were in the first division four years ago, erm so I think we can expect a harder game than we had last time.
martin fisher (PS37G) [156] Mm.
[157] I understand you've been socializing quite a lot with the Italians over the last twenty four hours or so.
mick walker (PS37J) [158] Well quite a lot,we we went out with them for a meal last night erm we had an interpreter [clears throat] who who was the only one that could speak English but it was it was well worth the evening, it did a lot for relationships and I think that there should be more of this in football, that off the field people should get to know each other a lot better and we felt at the end of the evening that it had been well worthwhile.
martin fisher (PS37G) [159] Do you see Notts County this season in this competition being almost er ambassadors for English football?
mick walker (PS37J) [160] Yes I think we do, I think we do.
[161] Erm I'd I'd like to know more about Italy, I spoke a lot with their coach last night, we exchanged addresses and telephone numbers afterwards and he assured me that th that we might do something even pre-season next year.
[162] So certainly I w I would hope something would come from our evening last night.
martin fisher (PS37G) [163] Mm.
[164] And what about er Notts County's name in Italy because obviously it's th it's the first football club in the world and er if legend is correct then Juventus took their kit from Notts County strip being black and white stripe so had they heard of Notts County before?
mick walker (PS37J) [165] Oh yes certainly.
[166] Erm [sniff] [sniff] the young ones will remember Nottingham Forest but the ones with any depth I think are well aware that we are the oldest club in the world and that they were very keen to have a look at the ground.
[167] Erm having seen the stand that's still up, they realize that that was built in eighteen sixty two but were very impressed with the other three.
martin fisher (PS37G) [168] Mm.
[169] On to tonight's game, obviously you got one or two injuries going into it er unfortunate th Gary obviously i has got a recurrence of that hamstring strain because he got er two of your three goals at the weekend.
mick walker (PS37J) [170] Yes he seems to be getting caught Gary does whether it's the pace of our game or the fact that he isn't fit enough yet, who knows?
[171] But er we shall be without him for the next fortnight erm so somebody'll have to come in and score a few goals for us but often you know, you discover things that erm you never knew were there when you have to fill in gaps that have suddenly arisen.
martin fisher (PS37G) [172] Mm.
[173] Now er before the game at the weekend, you you made a point of saying, I want Gary and Gary to show to me that they can do the business.
[174] One got one goal, the other got two, so have they gone some way towards proving that to you?
mick walker (PS37J) [175] Yes I w I I would think so I mean it it won't occur in five minutes of course erm and I I would still say that I would like to see them in the six yard box more often.
[176] Erm ... one was a penalty on Saturday,G Gary 's and of course you can't er really lay a lot of credit for getting in the six yard box on penalties, but he took his other goal well, shot and he pick he picked the bits up off the keeper and Gary scored a good headed goal from a a brilliant cross by Tony .
[177] So erm I still want to see more of what I was after.
martin fisher (PS37G) [178] Mm.
[179] What about tonight then er Gary's out, erm who's gonna come in to play up front instead of him?
mick walker (PS37J) [180] Well Paul 'll take his place erm Paul f f f always full of energy and running and er th th the only area that Paul may slip up in is is is the goal scoring area where he won't be as lethal as Gary.
[181] But certainly he'll be pushing and pushing at the front there and making runs to get in the back all night I'm I'm certain of that.
[182] So we w we just might find a striker tonight.
martin fisher (PS37G) [183] Mm.
[184] So er how does Paul relish the prospect of of playing up front, cos it's a role that er he hasn't played in while he's been at County isn't it ?
mick walker (PS37J) [185] Mm.
[186] Paul will love any position where there's action.
[187] Er he's a real action man, er and a great professional, and he lifts us all on Monday morning when we've had a bad weekend er with his running and his enthusiasm.
[188] And I'm sure certain he'll be the same tonight.
martin fisher (PS37G) [189] Mm.
[190] What about at the back Mick because Richard missed er the game at the weekend with a groin strain and now I understand that Paul er might be doubtful for tonight?
mick walker (PS37J) [191] Yes we've erm we've brought in to play left back and pushed into midfield, [sniff] playing with three mid-fielders, erm and we shall keep the same centre half pairing of and .
[192] An unlikely pairing but both did quite well the second half and 's experience and talking w we thought made the back four definitely stronger than in the last few weeks.
martin fisher (PS37G) [193] Mm.
[194] It's a pretty filthy day again today Mick, it's er it's raining, it's windy, it's cold, it's the middle of November, it's gonna cost er the supporters a bit to come tonight, er only two and half thousand came to the first game, how anxious are you that County's supporters come out in their numbers this evening?
mick walker (PS37J) [195] Well the league's the important thing, I c I can never hide that fact, but certainly if they come tonight they'll see some attractive football.
[196] Erm I for one would certainly go anywhere to see the English beat the Italians.
[197] Th was it's a little personal thing w with me, erm and I think it'll happen again tonight as happened a fortnight ago.
martin fisher (PS37G) [198] Mm.
[199] How much are the players looking forward to pitting their talent against er the continentals?
mick walker (PS37J) [200] Well they were bubbling this morning, I think mainly because of Saturday, when it r we were reall the whole club was lifted through Saturday afternoon because something was shown that erm hasn't been shown for quite a while here.
[201] Erm hopefully that'll be carried on tonight, erm and I think it has that little bit of gl glamour with players playing against foreign opposition.
[202] Erm the Englishman always likes to stick one on them and I'm certain that'll be the case tonight.
martin fisher (PS37G) [203] Mm.
[204] And obviously longer term if you can get er a victory tonight then obviously it sets you up with a reasonably good chance of of going through from this group because two home wins, a couple of away games to go, and i it would set you up nicely.
mick walker (PS37J) [205] Yes I think a team that can go away and sneak a win will be the team that gets through in the end.
[206] Erm obviously most teams will win their home matches, [phone rings] particularly with the travelling that's going off, so if we can sneak a win when we go away and get a win tonight then we must be in with a good chance.
martin fisher (PS37G) [207] Mick it's a busy afternoon for you, I'll let you get on with the phone call, thanks a lot.
mick walker (PS37J) [208] Cheers Martin.
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [209] [music] You're listening to Radio Nottingham Sport with Martin .
[210] Keep listening. [music]
martin fisher (PS37G) [211] And no I didn't er stay around to find out who was calling him, suffice to say that it was er somebody from the Italian pizzeria from down the road.
[212] Er twenty two minutes away from eight, let's quickly down to Lane, get confirmation of Notts County's sixteen players on duty tonight with Colin.
colin slater (PS37K) [213] That's what it is Martin, confirmation really of what er Mick said to you in that interview, Steve , Tommy two, three but playing at central defence, Dean 'll be the skipper playing in midfield, Michael at the heart of the defence, Phil in midfield, Paul wears seven but will play up front, er Mark at eight in midfield, wears nine, well that's a bit of nonsense isn't i in terms of numbering, cos he's gonna play at left back not at centre forward, Gary is ten, Tony eleven, then on the bench, really good to see David and Rod , Bob 's there as well along with er Paul and that's er possibly a a first chance for the youngster there, and Michael who has been bloodied already but er a little bit of experience in and er the youngsters, and as I say again it's really good to see and in the number and er I'm still practising and I shall give you the Pisa team when you return to the er rather sodden Lane with the spectators all huddled towards the back of the stands to get er extra protection from the er rain that's being swept a on to the stands and er has obliterated the markings on the pitch.
[214] Peter the groundsman is out there, bucket of whitewash remarking the pitch.
martin fisher (PS37G) [215] [music] Colin with his brolly at Lane.
[216] Back with Colin in a second for his final thoughts on Notts against Pisa in the Anglo-Italian Cup.
[217] In the Coca Cola, Blackburn one up at Shrewsbury already.
[218] [music] [...] from Blondie, not one of er their better known records.
[219] [music] [...] there we go Blondie, Island of Lost Souls, taking us round to eighteen minutes before eight o'clock on a Tuesday night, a Radio Nottingham Sports Special, Notts on the Italia trail tonight.
[220] Course this time next week they will be in Italy as we all go off to Brescia in the er north of the country.
[221] Brescia tonight playing Bolton at Burnden Park [music] and they lead by one goal to nil.
[222] with the goal after three minutes.
[223] [music] And that's my Italian name for the time being, let's now hear [laugh] let's now see how Colin will do with er the Pisa players down at Lane, Colin it's all yours.
colin slater (PS37K) [224] I'll talk to you first about the Notts County pl [...] the ever improving young fullback at number two as the teams come out.
[225] Led by the Italian officials and er followed by er Pisa and Notts County and both getting a very nice round of applause indeed and what a very fine jersey is being worn by the er Pisa goalkeeper.
[226] My words, he could qualify for a part in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, it's really something.
[227] Steve in goal, er Tommy at two and Phil at three, Dean the skipper is at four, Michael five, Phil six.
[228] Paul seven, Mark eight, is at nine, Gary ten, Tony eleven and on the bench David and Rob back from their long term injuries,a Michael , Paul and the goalkeeper Bob .
[229] The two teams lining up in the centre circle.
[230] For those who like to know these things the Italians are in blue with their black stripe on the jersey and er black shorts, and very smart looking team they are.
[231] And they both er wave to the crowds, both sets of players and taken a round of applause as the two captains are out there, and there are plenty of cameras, including video cameras er almost obstructing my view and er I hope that gentleman is er going to take up a rather better position from my point of view because we want to see the er performances of the two teams.
[232] Beginning with goal, in goal for er Pisa we've , is at er right back and at left back, wears four, five and six, seven, eight, nine, ten and is at eleven.
[233] That is the visitors' starting lineup.
[234] There are some changes er from the er last Pisa outing and er is not the regular goalkeeper but er clearly that er that jersey which is luminous at the back, it has a number one on the back and it's luminous as he turns round.
[235] The game about to be got under way here, it's the second time of course that we've had the taste of European football in just er inside a few weeks here at Lane, a very poor night for weather, you who've not ventured out well, I think we understand that er because er as we say, it's not a night when you would turn the dog out.
[236] But er not that notwithstanding there are er a couple or three thousand spectators here at Lane, we'll get the official figure much later in the evening.
[237] Notts in this first half are going to be as they like to be, attacking the [...] Kop end, a Kop end which is utterly deserted because Pisa haven't brought any fans with them but they've brought a very large following of journalists, and as I said in the initial two-way with Martin, there has been a language barrier between them and me, but when they pointed to the weather and all shivered together, I knew precisely what they meant.
[238] I don't think they've quite come prepared for it is the answer, have Pisa come prepared for Notts County?
[239] Well we shall find out in the course of the next hour and a half.
[240] The referee gets the game under way, Pisa kick off, they're gonna be attacking the Lane end.
martin fisher (PS37G) [241] Colin our man at Lane as always, comprehensive coverage of that game throughout the evening, including some second half commentary as well, we'll be sharing that second half commentary certainly as things stand at the moment with the game at er [...] in the Coca Cola Cup third round replay where there could be a shock, third division Shrewsbury against premiership Blackburn, although at the moment the premiership team are doing pretty well, Blackburn already a goal to the good and the goal scorer now confirmed as Mike after six minutes.
[242] The other replay tonight is a little bit closer to home at Peterborough to be precise, Peterborough against Blackpool, that game has just kicked off, no goals in that one at the moment.
[243] In the Anglo-Italian Cup, group A, the other game being played in this country tonight as I was telling you a short while ago, Bolton nil, Brescia one, the goal scorer after three.
[244] There is one other game taking place tonight in group A, that game taking place in Italy, in [...] and that's against Charlton.
[245] That game kicking off seven fifteen local time, that's Italian time so eight fifteen over here.
[246] Group B tonight, West Brom against Padova and over in Italy, [...] against Southend and Pescara against Portsmouth.
[247] And just to remind you what I was saying, if you've just switched on, what I was just confirming with Colin er earlier, is that erm it's slightly different in this competition to what we've been accustomed to in the football league er this and last season, in as far as it's not goals scored that's important when you have the same number of points, it is goal difference.
[248] So er for instance if Bolton and Notts County er at the end of their group matches both have seven points and both have scored eight goals but Bolton have conceded two and Notts County have conceded three, then Bolton will go through on goal difference.
[249] Goals scored isn't that important.
[250] So it's basically if they finish on the level points goal difference shall determine the final positions followed by the highest number of goals scored and then by the highest number of goals scored away from home.
[251] This time next week of course, Colin and I will be in Brescia, Andrew will be in this seat and we'll be bringing you full commentary on that game between Notts and Brescia.
[252] Okay, let me just remind you of that competition question we're running at the moment er, the first of three video competitions we have this evening.
[253] It's a History of Sport video, entitled Primitive Instincts, it's basically about erm physical contact in sport, so it's er boxing, it's judo, it's karate, that sort of thing.
[254] And the question relates to boxing.
[255] Name the three current world heavyweight champions.
[256] There are of three of them at the moment, after the weekend, what are their names? is the number to call.
martin fisher (PS37G) [257] Hi everybody out there, I'm Carl and you know what?
[258] You're listening to Radio Nottingham Sport with Martin .
(PS37H) [259] [alarm ringing] Every morning just before seven o'clock I ring somebody up on Radio Nottingham and say get out of bed.
[260] And it's Richard at Radio Nottingham and you're on the air at the moment, this is your wake-up call.
mick walker (PS37J) [261] Oh you're jok [sigh] somebody's playing about here.
(PS37H) [262] Then there's a little bit of friendly conversation
mick walker (PS37J) [263] A chat?
[264] You must be joking at seven
(PS37H) [laugh]
mick walker (PS37J) [265] o'clock in the morning.
[266] I'll just dose off here
(PS37H) [267] Yo
mick walker (PS37J) [268] and you just talk away.
(PS37H) [269] Are you not not normally up at this time?
[270] And a chance to win a prize, it's the kind of thing that anyone would love to be nominated for.
[271] What you gonna do to Olga now next time you see her?
mick walker (PS37J) [272] Ring her neck. [laugh]
(PS37H) [273] [laugh] Well we could get her back another day couldn't we?
mick walker (PS37J) [...]
(PS37H) [274] It's on Radio Nottingham's breakfast show everyday at six fifty five, so send a nomination soon to in Nottingham. [jingle]
martin fisher (PS37G) [275] And if anybody puts my name down they are in big trouble.
[276] Radio Nottingham Sport Special, ten to eight, no goals at the moment at Lane between Notts and Pisa, across to Colin shortly.
[277] [jingle] [music] Always a nice tune that one int it?
[278] Lisa Stansfield and So Natural.
[279] [jingle] Already at Lane, Colin .
colin slater (PS37K) [280] A blistering shot by an unmarked Tony at twelve yards has put Notts in front after eight minutes here against Pisa.
[281] 's headed er ball down, just inside the penalty area on the right hand side was picked up by , skipped past a defender, used the ball well, picked out , the Pisa defence wasn't in position, was and a r really fierce shot into the roof of the net and didn't have a chance [...] to save at all and had got the important early breakthrough.
[282] What's much more important for him is of course is that he's score , got his name on the score sheet and Tony will be such a relieved man, and the crowd's so delighted for him.
[283] And all that let me tell you after Pisa looked so dangerous in the first eight minutes, clearly they'd come out looking for the early goal themselves, and who was badly fouled by in the early stages and needed attention, he's the number eight, and the number eleven, who looks as quick as any player I've seen in ages and ages, they are the two danger men and they will need some marking.
[284] But Notts will settle down because they've made it one nil.
[285] And thank you Tony .
martin fisher (PS37G) [286] Yes, Colin reporting.
[287] More from Colin throughout the evening including some second half commentary for you.
[288] Great start, Notts one, Pisa nil, Tony the goal scorer there after six minutes.
[289] Just a reminder about other score tonight in group A of the Anglo-Italian Cup.
[290] Bolton Wanderers nil, Brescia one, the goal scorer there after three minutes.
[291] No goals as yet in the other game in group A [...] against Charlton although as I warned you earlier, I don't think we'll have that score for you tonight because it is being played in Italy and er our chances of getting that score through the er computer here are remote to put it mildly.
[292] In group B, West Bromwich Albion against Padova, no goals as yet and two games in Italy tonight in that group [...] against Southend and Pescara against Portsmouth.
[293] Interesting score lines already in the Coca Cola Cup third round replays.
[294] We were telling you earlier that Blackburn were one up over Shrewsbury Town, Mike the goal scorer after six, well has equalized immediately for Shrewsbury after twenty, Shrewsbury Town one, Blackburn Rovers one.
[295] That game got under way at er seven thirty so they're around about fifteen minutes away from half time.
[296] And Peterborough one, Blackpool nil is the latest score, the goal scorer there after three minutes.
[297] A reminder of that competition question for you, a History of Sport video to be won, we're after the three world heavyweight champions.
[298] Who are they?
[299] The three current world heavyweight champions, is the the number to call.
[300] On we go to the news with a bit of Mash. [music] [jingle]
colin slater (PS37K) [301] B B C news in the East Midlands at eight o'clock with Mike .
[302] [reading] Contempt writs have been served against the Home Secretary and his predecessor Kenneth Clarke for trying to deport the legal guardian of six Nottingham children who were prohibited from leaving the country.
[303] has been looking after her younger brothers and sisters since they were made wards of court when their parents were sent back to India. []
[304] Jeremy reports.
(PS37L) [305] The family came to Britain from Assam when their home was burnt down during Hindu Sikh riots nine years ago.
[306] But after losing a protracted fight for asylum both parents were deported.
[307] Now their eldest daughter has been told to leave too, but her supporters believe the decision is a clear breach of the children's wardship order.
[308] Lawyers are expected to argue that Michael Howard and Mr Clarke are both in contempt of the court's decision by pursuing 's deportation.
[309] Her eldest brother says she should be allowed to stay.
(PS37M) [310] If they deport our sister from us, the family's gonna be dead actually cos there's gonna be nobody left here to look after them.
[311] It's very hard for us to live without parents, but with our sister at least we feel secured cos if she's our guardian and she look after us.
(PS37L) [312] If found guilty Mr Howard and Mr Clarke could be fined and ordered to pay court costs.
[313] It'd also allow Miss 's lawyers to seek an injunction preventing the deportation which would set a legal precedent.
[314] Her supporters believe it'd force the government to reexamine their deportation procedures.
colin slater (PS37K) [315] [reading] A Derbyshire school's been closed today after staff complained that fumes in the building were causing chest and throat problems.
[316] Experts from and officials from Amper Valley Council have been carrying out tests to try and trace the cause of the problem at Langley Mill Junior School.
[317] The school says no pupils have been affected by the fumes.
[318] But Dawn whose children attend Langley Mill school says people in the area noticed a strange smell near their homes last week. []
roy bailey (PS37N) [319] Like when you've got a gas leak, that's how it smells.
[320] It's just that the smell, it's it's just that you can smell it through the house and through the drains, kitchen, bathroom, anywhere where there's drainage.
colin slater (PS37K) [321] [reading] Union representatives and the management at Leicester General Hospital have been holding talks today to save more than eighty jobs.
[322] This follows the announcement that many of the cleaning posts are to be shed to make economi economy savings. []
[323] Ian reports.
(PS37P) [324] The cleaning posts are to go following a fall in revenue of three hundred thousand pounds and a fundamental review of domestic services.
[325] A sp [tape change] [...] been holding a demonstration against the plans today.
[326] One of the cleaners threatened with redundancy says the news has been devastating.
(PS37R) [327] I think it's disgusting, they should do more for people.
[328] We all need jobs, we all need food to eat, we have families to look after.
(PS37P) [329] The staff have now put forward plans which could save the jobs.
[330] It's up to the management to decide whether they're feasible.
colin slater (PS37K) [331] [reading] A Home Office pathologist has told the James murder trial at Preston Crown Court that he found forty two injuries on the child's body.
[332] Two eleven year old boys have denied abducting and murdering James and the attempted abduction of another boy.
[333] is to review the future of three Yorkshire pits with the intention of closing them.
[334] Fifteen hundred people are employed at the coal mines at Frickley, Hatfield and Bentley.
[335] say demand for coal from power stations has fallen.
[336] The National Union of Mineworkers says closure would devastate local communities.
[337] There's been a new twist in the controversy over Lincolnshire's flood warning sirens.
[338] Ten days ago the Home Office told which operates the sirens to dismantle the equipment, an instruction that angered Lincolnshire County Council.
[339] Today the agriculture minister Gillian Shepherd has said she's asking to keep the sirens in an operational state, at least until the end of the present storm tide seasons.
[340] As Lincolnshire's chief er fire and emergency planning office John is concerned, the intervention by Mrs Shepherd has changed nothing. []
[341] Well the weather forecast for tonight in the East Midlands, rain and cloudy with mist over hills and the rain rather persistent with some heavy bursts as well.
[342] The minimum temperature six Celsius, that's forty three Fahrenheit, Wednesday starting cloudy with some further patchy light rain or drizzle in places, but during the afternoon most parts becoming dry and a little brighter.
[343] B B C East Midlands news, it's five past eight. [jingle] .
martin fisher (PS37G) [344] [music] This is Radio Nottingham Sport with Martin .
[345] [music] . Five past eight and the latest score in the Anglo-Italian Cup, Notts County one, Pisa nil, Tony after six minutes, back with Colin shortly.
[346] One one between Peterborough and Blackpool and one one between Shrewsbury and Blackburn in the Coca Cola Cup.
[347] [music] Electronic with Getting Away With it, always reminds me a bit of the new order record that er came out in the nineteen ninety world cup period.
[348] [music] Similar sort of guitar work apparently or so they tell me.
[349] A approaching ten minutes after eight, B B C Radio Nottingham Sport Special with myself Martin through until ten tonight.
[350] Across to [...] shortly for the climax of the first half in the Coca Cola Cup third round replay, Shrewsbury one, Blackburn Rovers one is the latest score.
[351] Before that though [jingle] another goal at the lane for Colin .
colin slater (PS37K) [352] It's two nil to Notts, it's [...] stuff here because Tony scored and he hadn't scored previously this season when he banged one in on eight minutes.
[353] And now would you believe it's the other Notts player who hadn't scored this season, has been desperate for a goal, Paul .
[354] You wouldn't call it the best buildup you ever seen and after a little bit of scrappy play which Pisa failed to get the ball away, it fell inviting on the edge of the area, and he struck it with all the confidence and aplomb a a player who's been planting 'em in the back of the net all season.
[355] He hasn't, but [...] on this occasion and for the second time with just over twenty minutes played, the Pisa goalkeeper was picking the ball out of the back of the net.
[356] Pisa when they come forward, don't be misled, are playing some very attractive football indeed.
[357] And there was one real chance of an equalizer, what was doing to miss the target completely with a header when he had only to beat?
[358] There were all sorts of arguments went on between and the central defender that's Phil on loan from Sheffield Wednesday tonight with playing at left back, and what was doing, well maybe could explain to because I couldn't fathom it either myself.
[359] But he allowed get clear and almost made it one one.
[360] has made it two nil.
[361] That's football isn't it?
[362] And er Notts are pressing through again and er two down, of course Pisa are beginning to pull players back but on the break they are dangerous and here they come again.
[363] The flag stays down, he's wide on the left hand side, goes to close him down, holds on, he's on the edge of the area, he shoots, and the shot is charged down and then pushed behind, no rescues it, good work by , sheer determination by the Notts goalkeeper, acting almost as an extra defender.
[364] Got the ball away when it might've been a fourth Pisa corner.
[365] Yes they've had three of those, Notts have had only one, but Notts have scored the two goals.
[366] And the names on the score sheet, don't rub your eyes in disbelief when you see the morning paper, they are and .
martin fisher (PS37G) [367] And it's going pretty well down at Lane so far, Colin our reporter down there.
[368] Just to remind you er we'll be k taking regular reports from Colin throughout the night plus a bit of second half commentary as well.
[369] The other group A game tonight, Bolton nil, Brescia one, and that's good news from Notts County's point of view.
[370] I'm sure most of you are aware of the er the way this er competition is sorted out.
[371] But basically, although Brescia, [...] , [...] and Pisa are in the same league as Notts County, how they er fare in the competition doesn't really bother Notts County er as apart from their games against Notts.
[372] What I'm trying to say is that er Notts County supporters have gotta watch out for the other English teams' scores rather than the Italian teams' scores.
[373] Notts County have got to finish top of the English section of group A.
[374] So the fact that Bolton before tonight had got three points as too had Notts, is er indicative of the fact that Notts need to win tonight and they could do with Bolton losing.
[375] Middlesbrough and Charlton make up the group, Charlton tonight away to [...] , Middlesbrough don't play this evening, er no details as yet about how the game is going in Italy and we don't expect to have any details either er because of the difficulties getting the score from Italy.
[376] We can go to Shrewsbury though because er that's much closer to home isn't it?
[377] Shrewsbury against Blackburn Rovers, third round replay of the Coca Cola Cup, Blackburn went ahead after six minutes through Mike and equalizing for Shrewsbury on twenty.
[378] We can now go live to [...] .
[379] John the former Manchester City manager is there, a former manager of Shrewsbury as well, he's with Alan and Blackburn have just gone close to going two one up.
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [380] [...] a great great save at this time in the game, they certainly don't wanna concede a goal now.
martin fisher (PS37G) [381] with a corner.
[382] Again right footed, hanging in the air, [...] , heads it up and away.
[383] tries to head it back into the penalty area and it rebounds off .
[384] [...] forward by and again the clearance comes out and again clear is there.
[385] It's hit towards the halfway line, Alan the sole defender for Blackburn at the moment, he plays it to to his right, forward it goes to now that's a good ball down the far side of the field, plenty of er men available, 's one of them inside the penalty area, the cross wasn't so good from and it's gonna run harmlessly behind for a goal kick.
[386] It's it's odd though to see David being so positive in the penalty area because [...] he's only ever scored four league goals you know
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [...]
martin fisher (PS37G) [387] he's never scored in the cup.
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [388] He doesn't look the sort of player to me that would score many goals I have to say.
[389] But that was a good break [...] great save by the goalkeeper.
martin fisher (PS37G) [390] certainly has earned his few quid tonight, about to take this goal kick, we're inside the final minute of what has been a very good first half for the third division side, one goal each.
[391] But could ruin the first half, forward inside the p Shrewsbury penalty area, being forced to run wide though that was good play by .
[392] finds , trying to make room for the cross, he's tackled and [...] tackled and it's only a goal kick.
[393] Yes it's only a goal kick to Shrewsbury Town.
[394] still talking to the referee there's a lot of chirping going on out there, and the referee can clamp down on that very easily by just reaching for his hip pocket.
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [laugh]
martin fisher (PS37G) [395] He hasn't done so yet.
[396] We're into time added on by .
[397] We've had a couple of stoppages in the first half, not the sort that will give us the nine minutes of added time we had at Highbury on Saturday, but certainly a minute or two this evening.
[398] The lights come on.
[399] Ha, we're expecting a cup of tea.
[400] Shrew Shrewsbury try to play the ball forward, runs after it but he knew it was a lost cause and the ball is through to Bobby .
[401] hits his clearance to the halfway line, controlled immediately by inside the centre circle, he was unmarked, has to careful here, and he isn't careful, it's won back by , now he's got to the right, running into the penalty area, could do with an early cross, holds it up, slips it back, knocks it in to the middle now, jumps, doesn't make contact, it's headed away by and good play now between and , gets it back to , 's clearance, onto the head of , good header on too to .
[402] Still short of the halfway line now we've already played over a minute of added time in the first half and the referee [crowd noise] oh I thought he was gonna blow for half time, instead he's spotted something on the nearside of the field, it's a free kick to Blackburn.
[403] takes it but surely not from the right position.
[404] Play allowed to continue, forwards towards , [...] he's had a good game tonight if it's even if it's not his regular position he's been pushed there by and as a result it's a free kick to Shrewsbury Town .
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [405] [...] defended very well there Shrewsbury, he was in a little big of trouble but Tommy came away with the ball very well.
martin fisher (PS37G) [406] With with the free kick, it's midway inside his own half and Blackburn as they as they do away from home they get everybody behind the ball even if they are from the third division.
[407] It's played upfield and headed away by but into Shrewsbury's possession nearside, good ball, forward down the right flank [...] and it's knocked back by , is the second chance, now level with the edge of the penalty area, 's available once more, is tackled and the ball is out of play despite 's rather erm annoyed look, it is a throw-in to Shrewsbury Town and of course gets booed, but then he gets booed everywhere.
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [laugh]
martin fisher (PS37G) [408] He's [laughing] he's a [] player they like to dislike don't they?
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [409] I don't think that'll bother him too much.
martin fisher (PS37G) [410] No it doesn't, he's a tough little character, lovely lad too.
[411] Throw-in by into the penalty area, heads it away, jumps again but too late, blows his whistle does the referee Keith and the applause tells you that they're happy at [...] , they should be, it's one goal each.
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [412] I think Shrewsbury have done very very well, they conceded a goal very early on in the game and they could have gone to pieces but they gathered themselves together, got back in the game with a goal from and they've done themselves proud so far.
[413] What they must not do is to get in there at half time and think that they have done their job.
[414] They've gotta get in there, brush and wash themselves down and come in with renewed vigour and really have a go at Blackburn in the second half.
martin fisher (PS37G) [415] I mean John , Blackburn ha have kept the pace up, so it will be quick for Shrewsbury tonight.
[416] They
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [417] Yeah.
martin fisher (PS37G) [418] they are not premier league players so they're gonna tire as the evening goes on. [...]
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [419] Yes [...]
martin fisher (PS37G) [420] contingency can you make to er look after that?
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [421] They will I a agree with that but the nice thing is that if they can get out there and get at 'em and get another goal that will build their confidence and their stamina and everything up and I thi really do think Alan that they have a chance.
[422] Early on within this game I th when Blackburn scored I thought this game would be taken away from 'em.
[423] But credit to everybody concerned with the team, they've dug in, dug their heels in, come back well, scored a goal and if they're confident now in themselves and go out there with that belief they can really do something here tonight.
martin fisher (PS37G) [424] And presumably you'd like to see push a little bit further upfield?
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [425] Well i it always bothers me.
[426] It always it it is always a thing that is i within football,y you get a goal and then you get in behind the ball and think that you you're safe and you're alright.
[427] You're not, you've gotta get people marked down and you gotta stop them from developing the play.
[428] And at times Blackburn have been allowed to develop the play far too readily.
martin fisher (PS37G) [429] Well having seen Blackburn Rovers away from home a few times this season I I've gotta say at half time I thought they'd they'd be comfortably in control.
[430] They're not.
martin fisher (PS37G) [431] Alan and John our reporting team there at [...] , one apiece, Shrewsbury and Blackburn, back there for some second half commentary later on.
[432] Last time we were at Lane Notts were leading by two goals to nil over Pisa but the Italians have got one back.
[433] Colin .
colin slater (PS37K) [434] Yes I pick up on the comment from the [...] , Notts aren't as [...] in control as they were, after first Tony and then Paul got their names on the score sheet in each case for the first time this season, both with bristling finishing efforts and you'd be a harsh critic indeed who didn't agree that Pisa deserved to pull one back because they played some fine attacking football, and it was the player who's caused most danger, who's wearing the number eleven that moved across to the right hand side, got clear of the defence, pulled back an absolutely brilliant clot cross and in the middle who'd missed an earlier header on fifteen minutes to make it one one, didn't miss on this occasion.
[435] The Notts defence pulled absolutely all over the place and it it was the pace of coming up down that right hand touchline that did it.
[436] There's plenty of pace in this er Pisa forward line and er they aren't finished, this game isn't finished.
[437] I kept making the point on Saturday here at Lane Martin, that I didn't think that erm we'd had the last of the goals as they kept er popping in at both ends, and I'm sure though we've had three with a little over half an hour played here, we haven't seen the last of the goals here either.
[438] And I don't think we've seen the last from Pisa at two one.
[439] Notts er haven't got a sufficient advantage to feel that er this game is all over and done with.
[440] And the very player that I was talking about then, turns up now down the left hand side, he holds on so well, the cross again, and er again almost gets the cross in and our er colleague from the Italian service is er getting very excited a just away to my left, but er the header is wide, he can calm down a little, have an aspirin, and it's still two one for Notts, but er Pisa they're a danger, and to me they look far more dangerous than the Italian opponents in the last game here at Lane in this same competition. [music]
martin fisher (PS37G) [441] Colin at Lane.
[442] [music] Ah Lou Christie there and Lightning Strikes, B B C Radio Nottingham Sport Special, twenty three minutes after eight o'clock er let me just bring you up to date with the latest scores up and down the country.
[443] In the Coca Cola Cup third round replay as we were hearing a short while ago from [...] , third division Shrewsbury Town one, Blackburn Rovers one, for Rovers after six, the equalizer on twenty.
[444] Peterborough now two one up over Blackpool in the other replay, Peterborough going ahead after three minutes through , a own goal making it one one after fourteen, has just given Peterborough a two goal advantage.
[445] In the Anglo-Italian Cup group A, Notts County two, Pisa one, on eight, Paul on twenty, getting a goal back for Pisa on thirty er approaching half time, six minutes to go before half time, across there with Colin for that half time report as soon as the whistle goes.
[446] And the other game in group A, Bolton have pulled a goal back against Brescia, it's now one apiece, for Brescia after three and with the equalizer on thirty nine.
[447] In group B, one game taking place tonight in England, West Bromwich Albion two, Padova one, on sixteen and an own goal by after twenty eight but on twenty nine has pulled a goal back for Padova, it's two one.
[448] And now in the er Trophy games this evening, these are the latest scores, Brentford nil Wickham two, Burnley nil Carlisle one, David on target there after forty, Bury one Stockport two, Cambridge against Gillingham, Cardiff against Torquay, Exeter against Plymouth, all goalless, Hull nil Scarborough two, Northampton one Hereford one, Portvale against Wrexham still awaiting the first goals there, Rotherham nil Huddersfield one, and York City one Hartlepool nil.
[449] The all important game as far as we're concerned in this area is taking place at Saltergate tonight, it's Chesterfield against Lincoln City, er that's the group in which er Mansfield Town have been competing and er well it's pretty complicated in this competition too.
[450] Basically, you get three points if you win a game, one point if you get a draw, no points if you lose.
[451] Now so far, Mansfield have played two games.
[452] They lost to Lincoln one nil and then they beat Chesterfield three one.
[453] So the table going into tonight's game, Mansfield on top with three points from two games, Lincoln three points from one and Chesterfield no points from one game.
[454] Now the way it's sorted out in this competition is that er it's points first, if two teams are level on points then it's the number of goals scored, then it's goal difference and if they're all level after that then it's drawing lots and the top team in the group have a home game in round two and the team that finishes runners up are away in round two.
[455] Is that all pretty simple for you?
[456] Mm I hope so.
[457] So basically if Lincoln draw tonight then they'll finish top and Mansfield will be second, if er Lincoln win they'll be top and Mansfield will be second.
[458] If Chesterfield win then we're in into the realms of er the old calculator, er because if they win all teams will have three points.
[459] It th will then be down to goals scored.
[460] At the moment Lincoln have
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martin fisher (PS37G) [466] Oh it's come round quick again hasn't it?
martin fisher (PS37G) [467] Hi everybody out there, I'm Carl and you know what?
[468] You're listening to Radio Nottingham Sport with Martin .
martin fisher (PS37G) [469] And it's half past eight, approaching half time down at Lane, Notts County against Pisa in the Anglo-Italian Cup, across with Colin as soon as the half time whistle goes.
[470] Elsewhere in the Coca Cola Cup third round replays, Peterborough two one up over Blackpool, Shrewsbury one one against Blackburn.
[471] In the Anglo-Italian Cup group A er Bolton one apiece against Brescia and in group B West Bromwich Albion two Padova one.
[472] Er our latest competition question for you, we are asking for you to identify the nationalities of these three riders, Rider A [...] pretty good video er we've er had a look in the office actually and er surprisingly enough it's got through the censors and we're actually giving it out as a prize.
[473] Mm mm mm.
[474] Don't forget tomorrow night we have another Sport Special, Nottingham Forest against Wolverhampton Wanderers in the Endsleigh Insurance first division, Colin will be in this seat and I'll be popping across to Molyneux, my first ever trip to Molyneux would you believe?
[475] And er I understand from Colin that er it is a very very good ground indeed at the moment so quite looking forward to that one.
[476] We'll be having er our usual comprehensive coverage of the [...] , five past seven the programme starts and included in the programme we'll also be talking er basketball, we have er guests from the city's basketball team, the Nottingham Cobras.
[477] That's all to come tomorrow night at five past seven, Forest away to Wolves and also tomorrow night we have Coca Cola Cup replays as well don't we, so er don't miss that one.
[478] Colin in the chair, I'll be down at er Molyneux for the match.
[479] Just a reminder then of er the scores tonight, in the Coca Cola Cup, Peterborough two Blackpool one and Shrewsbury one Blackburn Rovers one and the Anglo-Italian Cup, it's Bolton one Brescia one and in group B it's West Bromwich Albion two Padova one.
[480] Now then er regular listeners will know that over the last couple of years or so we've done some special listener trips for you er and we've gone down to London.
[481] We've been to Lords and we've also been to Wembley, we've been to Twickenham and we've also been to Wimbledon.
[482] Well next spring, in May of next year, we're looking to put a trip together to go to the northwest of the country, to Old Trafford, obviously er Manchester United's home ground, also to Anfield and also to a couple of er other places that aren't sort of sporty but I'm sure will interest you.
[483] Granada T V studios in Manchester and also the Beatles centre in Liverpool.
[484] At the moment we're er just sorting out the price of things, we think it will be available at around about ninety nine pounds and that will include your travel there, your hotel accommodation and I've got the leaflet of the hotel in front of me and it looks pretty spectacular actually.
[485] It's called the Hotel Leisure and Conference Centre, it's actually based at Chorley or Charley if you come from that neck of the woods and er everybody that goes will be able to use the lagoon swimming pool er or challenge someone to a game of squash on one of our six courts.
[486] You could also work out in our fully equipped gymnasium so it sounds pretty plush doesn't it?
[487] Erm we're just in the the throes at the moment of putting things together there er so if you are interested then erm keep listening and we'll give you some more details on that er potential trip in the forthcoming weeks.
[488] It sounds pretty good and it would be around about May the twenty first twenty second, so it would be after the football season has finished er so we'd have a tour of Old Trafford, the Manchester United football ground behind the scenes, go to the special museum there, see all of their trophies, do something similar at Anfield the following morning and in the afternoon on the Saturday go to Granada T V studios and er on the Sunday we'll be going er around Liverpool and their various er little places of nostalgia around the er the Beatles.
[489] That's er all to come in May.
[490] Twenty three minutes, no no no it's not twenty three Martin, you're not reading the clock correctly, it's twenty six and a half minutes away from nine o'clock, they're still playing down at Lane so they're getting er enough time down there to er get stuck into er all the injury time.
[491] Two one, Notts County lead, Tony after six, Paul after twenty, Pisa getting a goal back through after thirty minutes.
[492] We'll be across to Colin as soon as the half time whistle goes.
[493] Just a reminder of that er quiz competition we have for you at the moment, we're giving away a Superbike video and the quiz question for you is about motorbike riders and we want you identify the nationality of these three riders please, Michael is rider A, Randy is rider B and is rider C.
[494] So give us a call come on the line tell Chris and Kieran that it's er the Superbike competition you're coming in for and then say rider A Michael is from where, rider B Randy is from where and rider C is from there.
[495] And you may well win yourself that Superbike video.
[496] I cannot believe the amount of injury time actually, you see if I put a record on at half past eight they'll have finished bang on half past eight but er the fact that I carry on rabbiting and telling [laughing] you about [] the quiz competition three or four times er they decide to play plenty of injury time.
[497] But the half time whistle has gone, four minutes late but it's gone.
[498] Colin.
colin slater (PS37K) [499] Just gone, we're obviously working to Italian time in this Italian job because we've had really five minutes of stoppage time at the end of the first half and I'm a bit baffled as to why we had it.
[500] I'm also baffled about the first half in more respect than one.
[501] Baffled by some of the refereeing decisions but that's a minor thing compared to the fact that Notts were two goals ahead with just about minutes played and then went completely off the boil, they had Pisa on the run, they failed to capitalize on it and Pisa have finished the stronger of the two sides towards the end of the first half.
[502] And only two amazing misses, one of those candidly coming er just before scored the second Notts goal, with a headed chance headed wide when er had come and missed it, and when on forty four minutes on the watch but not a minute before the end of half time if you get the meaning because we had that long period of extra time, er missed the chance completely, he'd made the er Pisa goal brilliantly with a cross from the right hand side, deep cross, pulled back brilliantly, but left with a chance, the number eleven in front of the post, well what was he doing? again had come and again he'd missed it and left with an open goal was wide of the target.
[503] Well Notts went wide of the target on eight minutes, it was er all really set up by Gary with a little header down to Paul , inside right channel, lobbed it on to, the defence was wide open and who hadn't scored [...] this season got the very goal that he's been wanting to score to add to his match winning performance on Saturday, when he was made the patrons' player of the match and er he thumped the ball in the net, it was quite a blistering effort and Notts should've settled down on that and certainly should've settled down on twenty one.
[504] It was an untidy sort of buildup but the ball fell invitingly for on the edge of the area and who hasn't been scoring at all this season finished with all the aplomb of a player who's full of confidence.
[505] hasn't been, he's been even more desperate than to get a goal, but he got one on twenty one.
[506] In between time as I say we'd had 's header wide which was one of the mysteries of the first half.
[507] And then on thirty two minutes, Pisa got a goal which quite frankly they deserved and it was a brilliant effort, it was probably the best goal of the three.
[508] made it down the right hand side, he's wearing number eleven but he came down the right hand side on this occasion and er a deep cross, he pulled it back brilliantly and who'd missed that earlier header was there and couldn't really miss on this occasion, but it was a fine header by him.
[509] Not the cover on him there might have been, the sort of er chance clear chance that was given say to in the local derby match the other Saturday, and really made it count.
[510] Pisa have some fine individual players, the number ten er finished the first half having er had attention, limping rather badly and er Pisa have all their substitutes who've remained out and are warming up.
[511] It'll be int=sting to see whether or not they're gonna make some changes in the second half.
[512] I'll make the point again Martin that just as on Saturday when goals were flying in at both ends and eventually it finished three two, I kept saying don't believe the scoring is all over in this game, that's my feeling now.
[513] But although it's two one to Notts, the scoring is a long way from over and Pisa, two one down, are a long way from being finished with.
martin fisher (PS37G) [514] Okay Colin.
[515] Colin at Lane for us.
[516] Notts County against Pisa, two one at half time, we'll be bringing you er [...] commentary in the second half, sharing the commentary with the match at [...] between Shrewsbury Town and Blackburn Rovers, it's a third round replay in the Coca Cola Cup, Blackburn went ahead on six minutes through Mike , equalizing on twenty and a short while ago Shrewsbury taking the lead, a penalty put away with some aplomb by , they lead two one.
[517] So let's go across to [...] now, our commentary team Alan , er John the former Manchester City and former Shrewsbury Town manager and also there is er Rob and we've got more excitement.
colin slater (PS37K) [518] [shouting] And it's Tommy who's scored, the young Irishman has done so well at the heart of the defence for Shrewsbury, has got into the opposition penalty area and what about this for a score line?
[519] Multi-million pound Blackburn Rovers are trailing this side modestly built by Fred for Shrewsbury it's Shrewsbury three, Blackburn Rovers one. []
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [520] There've been some big [...] by Shrewsbury over the years, I'll tell ya there've been some big clubs here in the past years and it looks very much on the cards again tonight, they have got a massive job on their hands now Blackburn to come back into this.
colin slater (PS37K) [521] Blackburn Rovers are being run absolutely ragged here.
[522] Eleven minutes of the second half gone, Shrewsbury Town three, Blackburn Rovers one, Kevin , Steve with a penalty and Tommy the young Irishman doing so well tonight here to get those goals for Shrewsbury, we're going off to [...] Neil .
colin slater (PS37K) [523] Yes Celtic certainly look like they're back from the brink coming forward at every opportunity and it paid off with John , he [...] ball, Steven couldn't clear and Brian [...] well and [...] Celtic in control [...] Aberdeen nil Celtic one.
mick walker (PS37J) [524] Who'd have thought that Shrewsbury would be in control here but with twelve minutes of the second half gone they are.
[525] And Blackburn are desperately fighting for their lives in this league cup competition.
[526] They have the ball out with Stewart on this right hand side, so much needed of him tonight, he gets that one across, it falls to and gets the shot in and makes the save.
[527] Shrewsbury stood around there, apparently looking for the offside and in the end it was an awful effort at goal.
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [528] Yeah they got away with murder there, that looked very very iffy whether it was offside, the linesman didn't give it, the [...] really should have scored.
mick walker (PS37J) [529] But now could move them forward again down this right hand side, he holds it up, fifteen yards inside the Shrewsbury half, turns it in, fields short to David , now takes over, hooks it up towards the penalty area, headed down by , [shouting] good break for []
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [530] Oh
mick walker (PS37J) [531] [shouting] , he's gone down, he's looking for a penalty and it's been given, the referee consulted the linesman, he looked at his nearside, it was who went in or was it Chris on David [] , the penalty award has been given by the referee, he looked to confirm it with the linesman on the nearside and that confirmation was all that he had needed to point to the spot.
[532] So Blackburn Rovers now do have an opportunity to put themselves back in with a shout in this tie.
[533] It's Mike who's scored three goals, scored four goals already this season.
[534] steps up and [shouting] right footed he blasts it into the bottom corner [] , it subdues the Shrewsbury crowd somewhat, Blackburn fans are rampant because at last there's some light for them but they're still trailing Shrewsbury by three goals to two.
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [535] Two rash tackles, one at the other end by Mike and now one at this end [...] in the Shrewsbury [...] with it was certainly [...] Shrewsbury penalty goa erm penalty was won, Blackburn's was as well.
mick walker (PS37J) [536] So how important Tommy goal could prove.
[537] But Shrewsbury are after more, they're looking to set away now and that one has been pushed away by Colin .
[538] Now here takes over, under pressure he is from Chris back inside his own half, taking over is Nicky , blasts that one forward towards Graham he's trying to hook it out to on this right hand side and that one goes well beyond David and out for a throw-in.
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [539] I think if Shrewsbury can hold on now for the next five or six or seven minutes they could be alright.
[540] If they concede another goal again now I think they could be in serious trouble again.
[541] It's very unfortunate.
[542] [...] I must say.
mick walker (PS37J) [543] We are at the [...] at [...] where Shrewsbury Town of the third division lead premiership Blackburn by three goals to two, but Blackburn now moving forward, getting it across, it [shouting] breaks back to drives it in low and left footed [] and that one is off the target, a shot driven in from twenty five yards by , not finding the goal.
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [544] That's not un that's not like at all is it?
[545] That was a great great left footed shot and could have got a nasty deflection, it's luckily for Shrewsbury it went straight through everybody and er over for a goal kick.
mick walker (PS37J) [546] Yes Alan was mentioning in the first half poor strike rate, just four goals in over two hundred and fifty appearances in his time at Leeds United.
[547] But now Blackburn moving forward looking for [...] has gone, four minutes late [...]
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [548] That was a great cross by , did absolut did absolutely magnificent, he controlled the ball [...] he turned [...] left footed shot in and hit against the post, very very unfortunate fo for Blackburn but then I suppose Shrewsbury deserve a little bit of luck.
mick walker (PS37J) [549] So much happening here at the moment as the ball was followed up by David he looked at the referee as er challenge him for the er shove inside the penalty area but the referee was unimpressed by that, Blackburn have already got one penalty here tonight from which they've scored, Shrewsbury have scored from a penalty too and it's the third division side still in the lead here by three goals to two.
[550] Who would have thought it?
[551] Here is now, left edge of the penalty area, moving towards the byline and doing well there to take it away from him but at the expense of a throw-in, that's taken back to Alan , is twenty yards back from the byline and moving back out towards the touchline on the far side.
[552] Looks for the support of Graham and finds it.
[553] gets past but he can't get past and Shrewsbury are breaking with it but they're still inside their own half at the moment with Kevin who gave them the fighting chance with the original equalizer inside the first half.
[554] is under pressure again now and loses out to Kevin .
[555] takes over, Blackburn push it wide, at last has found some space but comes across to try and close him down, support just behind from , it's a woeful cross from and it's easily cleared by Shrewsbury Town right up to the centre circle, where it's taken on the chest of Nicky .
[556] squares the ball to his left and Alan the left back just pushes it out wide to that far side but he loses out, competing successfully, he's got going forward if he can find him, and gets it and lays it off to and can now run at Mickey once more.
[557] He's wide on the right, holding it up, looking for support, [shouting] two in the middle, looks for , goes for it [] can't quite get the contact he would have wanted and it runs back to in what must be a very edgy Blackburn penalty area at the moment.
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [558] Great run again by Mickey , did ever so well, came inside, knocked a good ball into , unfortunately he just couldn't get hold of it and the goalkeeper came out and collected it.
[559] A good move again by Shrewsbury.
mick walker (PS37J) [560] Now Blackburn pushing forward, [shouting] sets away inside the penalty area [] but who's been so convincing in the Shrewsbury goal tonight and made some important contributions, makes another one there, so alert, racing off the line to get there before could get a snip.
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [561] Shrewsbury have got to make sure as much as possible when they do win the ball in the [...] they don't just smash long balls up, because as l as soon as they do that and as long as they keep doing that, Blackburn just pick up the ball again and keep coming at them, they've got to try like they did just a few minutes ago, try and play themselves out of defence with nice low passes.
mick walker (PS37J) [562] Pulsating action and drama here at [...] .
[563] Shrewsbury three, Blackburn two.
[564] They've had some important and notable cup victories here in their time have Shrewsbury Town, but none can have been as dramatic as this match, whatever the final result turns out to be.
[565] At the moment they're leading by three goals to two as now plays it away to this right hand side to Stewart , makes a charge forward, he's taking on Chris , he's getting to the right edge of the penalty area, he [shouting] crosses low with his right boot, chance for in the area [] , he turned quickly on it but he blasted the t the shot over the top of the bar.
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [566] Looked very dangerous there , he got at his left full back, er the sad thing from [...] Shrewsbury's point of view is that he keeps getting down that right wing and he keeps getting crosses in.
[567] They've got to try and stop that [...] somehow or other.
mick walker (PS37J) [568] Sixty four minutes of the match gone, and goals from Kevin , a Steve penalty and a header from Tommy make it Shrewsbury Town two, Blackburn Rovers three.
[569] And this after Blackburn had taken the lead in the first half with a goal from Mike who's since reduced the arrears to three two with a second goal from the penalty spot.
[570] But now it's at the left edge of the area.
[571] [shouting] Gets it across, controls with his right foot, strikes with his left [] and it cannons back off a defender and gets it away.
[572] Headed back up by to , hook ball, looking for , [shouting] gets his head underneath [] and it's just over the top of the bar, he got the full force of his head beneath that ball and it looped up and over the top of er an anxious looking Paul crossbar.
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [573] You wouldn't know what a great block that was by Tommy .
[574] He that boy has got a heart as big as a mountain I'll tell ya, in those situations he will sling himself at anything.
[575] He did that there and he blocked what looked like to me a certain goal.
mick walker (PS37J) [576] Twenty eight years of age, Tommy , made just a handful of appearances for Sunderland before coming here to Shrewsbury Town and he's made important contributions at both ends tonight, because his could be the goal that takes Shrewsbury past Blackburn and to a lucrative tie against Tottenham.
[577] But what have we here as plays the ball across, it comes back off and out to the left hand side where the urgency from the crowd is for to get rid of it.
[578] And he does so and he finds [shouting] and squares the ball to his right, Alan made an advance for it but it's was there first, put ball forward looking for [] and it's just beyond the fair haired striker and races away to pick it up.
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [579] What a shame just Mickey again out on the right hand side, Dean made a great diagonal run in behind the full back and the ball was just a little bit heavy otherwise there could've been real danger again for Blackburn.
mick walker (PS37J) [580] Now let's keep reminding you about the time situation, sixty five minutes gone, Shrewsbury have another twenty five minutes in which to hang on here, it's Shrewsbury three, Blackburn Rovers two, it's gonna be a nervous evening here for the normally placid Shropshire folk at [...] as that ball is headed forward by and here's , again in field to , clipped forward for Mike , here comes advancing towards the edge of the penalty area, he's gotta try and get past the brick wall of , and it's now who tries to release down the right hand side, he's gotta get past , he does so, [shouting] he gets the ball across [] and that one is cleared importantly by [shouting] only as far as [] who tries to hook it back in and [...] that the ball wouldn't reach him and it wouldn't reach either and it's gone out for a goal kick to Shrewsbury.
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [581] has become an increasingly dangerous on this right hand side [...] I have said just now they must try and stop this [...] coming in because he is getting some magnificent balls in to the penalty area and sooner or later they're gonna concede a goal.
mick walker (PS37J) [582] Shrewsbury fans hoping that won't do what they hope he will do for England against San Marino next week, if he's picked of course.
[583] It's a throw-in to David of Blackburn, down the right hand side, that one's headed on by Stewart , the clearance from , is picked up by David who nipped in there ahead of and now here's once more down the inside left channel, pushing it up towards the edge of the penalty area where holds it up well, they're working well at the moment down that left hand side as gets it across, a snatched header comes in and it's pushed behind by Chris for a corner kick, and we're at the midway point of the second half, with Shrewsbury leading three two, Alan will describe it for you.
martin fisher (PS37G) [584] I couldn't find the microphone here.
[585] [laugh] Oh well, with a corner for Blackburn, three two down, played to the near post, [shouting] heads it on, headed away and out of the penalty area, whipped clear by Mark [] towards the halfway line, but Shrewsbury had everyone defending so it's the red and black striped shirts of Rovers who have the ball again.
[586] down the right flank, teasing the defender with, takes him on on the outside, pulls the cross back but he under-headed, [shouting] it's still Frank , with a cross, over 's head, still inside the danger area shoots [] and it's saved by .
[587] It's some game it [laughing] really [] is.
Unknown speaker (KN2PSUNK) [588] Ah and it really is, it it looks like being a very very long twenty odd minutes to for Shrewsbury Town, they're really getting at 'em now Blackburn, they're having all the play and. [tape change]