Medical consultation. Sample containing about 534 words speech recorded in public context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C809

PS6M6 X m (No name, age unknown, general practitioner) unspecified
PS6M7 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
KNHPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KNHPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 096803 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanark ( Consultation Room ) Activity: Consultation Interview

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (KNHPSUNK) [1] Well now James, what can we do for you ?
(PS6M7) [2] Oh [...]
(PS6M6) [3] Not so bad.
[4] Not so bad.
(PS6M7) [5] [...] I feel a bit sad.
[6] I'm my daughter's taken me hol me away for a holiday.
[7] Erm
(PS6M6) [8] Mhm.
(PS6M7) [9] a holiday down in .
[10] And
(PS6M6) [11] Mhm.
(PS6M7) [12] my line's not due till the twenty sixth of July.
(PS6M6) [13] That's alright.
(PS6M7) [14] Twenty six of July it's due Doctor .
(PS6M6) [15] Well no problem.
(PS6M7) [16] So I'll leave it with my other daughter.
[17] She can't post it [...]
(PS6M6) [18] No no no.
[19] Se send it in John.
(PS6M7) [20] Send it in?
(PS6M6) [21] Aye just send it
(PS6M7) [22] Twenty sixth of July it's due.
(PS6M6) [23] Aye.
(PS6M7) [24] You know that's a year off now you know.
(PS6M6) [25] Yeah.
[26] Due on twenty six
(PS6M7) [27] Twenty six of July, yes.
(PS6M6) [28] July ninety three.
[29] Ah no no terrible worry about that Jim.
(PS6M7) [30] No?
(PS6M6) [31] No no no no no .
(PS6M7) [32] Sometime you know they they
(PS6M6) [33] Och aye it's not.
(PS6M7) [34] I just send it in, there'll be no problem then.
(PS6M6) [35] No problem, no no.
[36] [whispering] The thirteenth of the seventh, ninety three. []
[37] There we are.
(PS6M7) [38] Right.
(PS6M6) [39] You just send that, just send that in to
(PS6M7) [40] But could you give me some Er can you give me some Zantac Doctor?
(PS6M6) [41] Some Zantac?
(PS6M7) [42] Give me a bottle because I [...] during the holidays [...] .
(PS6M6) [43] [laugh] Well you shouldn't you shouldn't need of that stuff down there.
(PS6M7) [44] [...] .
(PS6M6) [45] Aye well that's
(PS6M7) [46] Well I don't take [...] [...] you know
(PS6M6) [47] [...] Yeah.
(PS6M7) [48] Just a wee break.
[49] Actually [...] .
[50] She says [...] .
(PS6M6) [51] Well it's nice it's a nice part of the world.
(PS6M7) [52] Yes it i somewhere it's nice Doctor, it is.
(PS6M6) [53] But er Torquay's
(PS6M7) [54] A bit hilly
(PS6M6) [55] Aye
(PS6M7) [56] Too hilly for me
(PS6M6) [57] Not for us, not for us.
(PS6M7) [58] No.
[59] No.
(PS6M6) [60] Not for you.
(PS6M7) [61] No.
(PS6M6) [62] It's er and it's like it's not a nice place anyway.
(PS6M7) [63] I think Paigns I've a feeling Paignton's [...] far nicer.
(PS6M6) [64] Paignton's far nicer.
[65] And
(PS6M7) [66] Yes yes I heard that Doctor.
(PS6M6) [67] Torquay used to used to be a lovely place.
[68] Everything was kept absolutely perfect.
(PS6M7) [69] Aha.
(PS6M6) [70] Palm trees and the
(PS6M7) [71] Yes.
(PS6M6) [72] the the railings were always painted and all the houses were beautifully kept and And now mm.
(PS6M7) [73] Was it
(PS6M6) [...]
(PS6M7) [74] Has it?
(PS6M6) [75] Aye.
[76] It's a shame.
[77] You know, I was there in nineteen nineteen fifty.
(PS6M7) [78] Were you?
(PS6M6) [79] And I I mean it was absolutely gorgeous.
[80] Everything, the railings you know, when they put when they painted the railings, the burned the old paint off, the new paint on .
(PS6M7) [81] Ah yes yes yes yes yes.
(PS6M6) [82] Now, old paint just straight on top
(PS6M7) [...]
(PS6M6) [83] Aye.
[84] It just it looks terrible.
(PS6M7) [85] I may go through for a day you know.
(PS6M6) [86] Aye Och.
(PS6M7) [87] [...] .
(PS6M6) [88] It's not it's not worth it.
[89] It's not worth that
(PS6M7) [90] Ah well.
(PS6M6) [91] even.
(PS6M7) [92] Ah well.
[93] [...] can go through. [...]
(PS6M6) [94] Aye they can let them let [laughing] them go [laugh] []
(PS6M7) [...]
(PS6M6) [95] [laughing] let them go [] .
[96] There's a good ice cream shop.
(PS6M7) [97] Oh I like ice cream.
[98] Oh I like ice cream.
[99] I'm I'm very partial to ice cream.
[100] Yes I I must say that.
[101] [laugh] I like ice cream.
[102] Well thank you very much Doctor.
(PS6M6) [103] [laugh] Eh, well there's a good ice cream shop there.
[104] Away you go then.
[105] Away you go them Jimmy.
(PS6M7) [106] And I'll [...] .
(PS6M6) [107] Aye I'll [...] .
[108] Okay?
(PS6M7) [109] Thank you then.
(PS6M6) [110] Look after yourself.
[111] Right Jim.
(PS6M7) [112] Bye bye [...] .
(PS6M6) [113] Cheerio now. [recording ends]