3 conversations recorded by `206' (PS4XN) [dates unknown] with 5 interlocutors, totalling 455 s-units, 2979 words (duration not recorded).

6 speakers recorded by respondent number 206

PS4XP Ag1 f (Rachel, age 19, student, Merseyside, ) friend
PS4XR Ag1 f (Jill, age 21, student, East Anglia, ) friend
PS4XS Ag1 f (Sarah, age 19, student, Lower South-west England, )
PS4XT Ag1 m (Lee, age 23, student, Lower South-west England, ) boyfriend
KNRPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KNRPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

3 recordings

  1. Tape 132001 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 132002 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 132003 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 132001)

Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [1] Is that nice?
Lee (PS4XT) [2] Yeah I didn't realize how long ago it was till I'd eaten that.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [3] [...] but I forgot I had me T-shirt on.
Rachel (PS4XP) [4] No I mean I opened [...] but I forgot I had to switch it on.
[5] I thought that would work.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [6] Erm Jill can I see [...] please.
Jill (PS4XR) [7] No [...] .
Rachel (PS4XP) [8] [...] Philip.
Lee (PS4XT) [9] That was nice that was.
Rachel (PS4XP) [10] Is that the [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [11] Is she alright.
Lee (PS4XT) [belch]
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [12] [...] .
Rachel (PS4XP) [13] People don't belch in this house.
Lee (PS4XT) [14] Don't they?
Rachel (PS4XP) [15] [...] .
Lee (PS4XT) [16] Next thing I know you'll be telling me people don't fart.
Sarah (PS4XS) [17] They don't.
[18] You're a naughty boy you are. [...] . ...
Rachel (PS4XP) [19] Jill let me see [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [20] Oh my God [...] .
Rachel (PS4XP) [laugh]
Jill (PS4XR) [21] Oh my God.
Rachel (PS4XP) [22] Oh my God. [laugh] [...] . ...
Jill (PS4XR) [23] What did you say?
[24] You'd better have a snog? ...
Rachel (PS4XP) [25] Has she has she met anyone? [...]
Sarah (PS4XS) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [26] [...] has she met anyone?
Sarah (PS4XS) [27] [...] ?
Rachel (PS4XP) [28] Mhm.
Sarah (PS4XS) [29] Aha [...] .
[30] You know that is the most [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [31] Is it there?
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [32] Is it turned off.
Lee (PS4XT) [33] Aye that was a nightmare, I thought [...] .
Jill (PS4XR) [34] It was because you belched and the house didn't like you.
Lee (PS4XT) [35] [belch] That's what I think of the house. ...
Jill (PS4XR) [36] [...] Rachel we've got to be nice to it [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [37] We didn't wait for very long in the [...] did we?
Lee (PS4XT) [...]
Sarah (PS4XS) [38] When you phone your order and they say twenty past they really mean twenty past don't they.
[39] I mean we arrived at quarter past and she said, Oh you're a bit early.
Lee (PS4XT) [40] Mm.
Sarah (PS4XS) [41] They just don't like even attempt to make it before then really do they?
Rachel (PS4XP) [42] Mm.
Jill (PS4XR) [43] Mind you it was that early so they might not have had everything sort of on the go and stuff.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [44] You've got [...] .
[45] Oh that's good wasn't it and how much did that cost you?
Rachel (PS4XP) [46] [...] . ...
Jill (PS4XR) [47] Can I borrow it a minute?
Rachel (PS4XP) [48] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [49] Blimey, [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Lee (PS4XT) [50] What have you got there Jill?
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Lee (PS4XT) [51] Ooh I fancy that, shall I nip round there and get some?
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Lee (PS4XT) [52] That was [...] ... Do you want any?
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Lee (PS4XT) [53] Oh no I just wanted to know if you wanted any that was all.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Lee (PS4XT) [54] You would not you would not believe what I ate this afternoon
Jill (PS4XR) [55] [...] Sorry?
Lee (PS4XT) [56] [...] .
Jill (PS4XR) [57] Yeah you know like a lasagna Tell Rachel.
Lee (PS4XT) [58] Oh yeah, the dish right, ... the dish is about this this long, this wide
Jill (PS4XR) [59] That's not that Oh yeah.
Lee (PS4XT) [60] It is.
[61] And it's about that deep.
[62] And I make that on Thursdays, nice big lasagna.
[63] And I ate it all [laugh] by myself all in one go.
Rachel (PS4XP) [64] That's [...] .
Jill (PS4XR) [65] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [66] Yeah it's so annoying innit.
Rachel (PS4XP) [67] [...] .
Jill (PS4XR) [68] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [69] I think I might try it one one night, yeah?
Rachel (PS4XP) [70] It's dead nice. [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [71] You liked it.
Rachel (PS4XP) [72] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Lee (PS4XT) [73] What with a walkman?
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Lee (PS4XT) [74] Is that the microphone.
Rachel (PS4XP) [75] I'm gonna take it to be [...] .
Lee (PS4XT) [76] What are you taping?
[77] ... Testing one two three. [belch]
Rachel (PS4XP) [78] Oh Lee.
Jill (PS4XR) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [79] [...] never mind 's Dictionary.
Lee (PS4XT) [80] Put that in your dictionary.
[81] Under B for belch.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Lee (PS4XT) [82] Shit, I'm expecting a letter.
Jill (PS4XR) [83] They obviously don't teach you manners in Somerset.
Lee (PS4XT) [84] I I expect a letter from
Rachel (PS4XP) [85] They do Jill cos I have [...] .
Lee (PS4XT) [86] I expect a letter from her saying how nice that belch was and what what perfect notational quality it was .
Jill (PS4XR) [87] You're not coming to this house any more.
[88] Rachel [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [89] What didn't they get on?
Rachel (PS4XP) [90] She's got [...] .
Jill (PS4XR) [91] Yeah she has.
[92] She could look nice.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Lee (PS4XT) [93] That's stupid isn't it?
[94] Going back to wedding bells after it. [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Lee (PS4XT) [95] Wheyey.
[96] ... We should go on that?
Rachel (PS4XP) [97] Why?
Jill (PS4XR) [98] Why [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [99] Yeah but you wouldn't get chosen.
Lee (PS4XT) [100] Yeah we would.
Rachel (PS4XP) [101] You'd set it up and like they'd choose someone else or something.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Lee (PS4XT) [102] I would.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Lee (PS4XT) [103] Cos the other two are burks and you wouldn't.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [104] How old is she?
[105] Fifty?
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Lee (PS4XT) [106] Cheek on what?
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...] [recording ends]

2 (Tape 132002)

Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [107] Is Madge still on it?
Rachel (PS4XP) [108] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Lee (PS4XT) [109] Oh.
Rachel (PS4XP) [110] How did you realize we'd gone across so early.
Jill (PS4XR) [111] What time did we get across at half seven ?
Rachel (PS4XP) [112] I dunno I thought it was about Half seven?
Sarah (PS4XS) [113] Eight.
Jill (PS4XR) [114] Good grief.
Rachel (PS4XP) [115] Half seven to eight, what do you think Jill?
Jill (PS4XR) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [116] Any different? ...
Jill (PS4XR) [117] Yeah [...] .
Rachel (PS4XP) [118] Mm.
Jill (PS4XR) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [119] I always find the erm confectioners w you know the ones you buy it far sweeter.
Sarah (PS4XS) [120] Yes.
Rachel (PS4XP) [121] Because they add er
Jill (PS4XR) [122] Sugars and stuff.
Rachel (PS4XP) [123] Yeah.
[124] Whereas that is sort of straight from the [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [125] It's got more taste to it, the other one's sort of
Rachel (PS4XP) [126] Mm.
[127] It's they're more artificial aren't they?
[128] I mean that is from rape seed, we've got a rape seed field behind us.
Jill (PS4XR) [129] Yes.
Rachel (PS4XP) [130] They yellow stuff
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [131] It crystallizes [...] .
Sarah (PS4XS) [132] What are we watching?
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [133] I don't know what [...]
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Sarah (PS4XS) [134] There's a whole one in there.
Rachel (PS4XP) [135] No that's mine [...] .
Jill (PS4XR) [136] Oh I didn't have a whole one, I bought a half one.
[137] If I'd bought.
Rachel (PS4XP) [138] No there was half.
Sarah (PS4XS) [139] Yes there's a half one in the bag and there was a little bit left [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [140] Oh I'm not saying you nicked it I'm I'm I'm [...] thought I bought one.
[141] So I might have seen yours
Sarah (PS4XS) [142] No I [...] .
Jill (PS4XR) [143] and thought that I'd bought it.
[144] You know what I mean, when going through the shopping bit.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Sarah (PS4XS) [145] No I'll see how I'm feeling [...] the thing is I do want to go to [...] enjoy it.
Jill (PS4XR) [146] When's that, in the afternoon?
Sarah (PS4XS) [147] Yeah.
Jill (PS4XR) [148] Go in the afternoon then.
Rachel (PS4XP) [149] Get a lie in.
Jill (PS4XR) [150] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [151] Yeah it's what you've got [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [152] Is he old?
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [153] quite good looking actually.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [154] In his
Rachel (PS4XP) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [155] erm late thirties.
Rachel (PS4XP) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [156] Hair?
[157] His hair's thinning.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [158] Well quite short very s smart dresser, quite trendy. [recording ends]

3 (Tape 132003)

Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [159] He got he had really interesting ones like erm old people speaking, erm what else?
[160] Loads of different conversations.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [161] Here everybody's gonna have the same transcript though aren't they, they're all gonna have conversations at home, they're all gonna have lecture conversations. ...
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [162] That's a good idea.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [163] Is Louise alright now?
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [164] The things is though, I was saying, Are you sure, I mean [...] you don't know what c contacts [...] made so you don't know how tall she was.
[165] You don't know how tall John was when he you know.
[166] And he's really pissed off.
Jill (PS4XR) [167] John who?
Rachel (PS4XP) [168] John [...] .
[169] You know, the one who broke his leg.
Jill (PS4XR) [170] Well doesn't Sarah remember [...] .
Rachel (PS4XP) [171] Sarah wasn't listening, she was the one she was with another guy [...] .
[172] Sarah was talking to John [...] she knew that Louise was staying at Dave's and he said, Yeah yeah I will do.
[173] And then [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [174] She might have been drinking.
Rachel (PS4XP) [175] Yeah but [...]
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Sarah (PS4XS) [176] [...] is a odd girl.
Rachel (PS4XP) [177] I'm just saying that [...] .
Jill (PS4XR) [178] Mm. ...
Rachel (PS4XP) [singing]
Jill (PS4XR) [179] Perhaps it would be better if [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Sarah (PS4XS) [180] Well she's [...] because like we'd just like to [...]
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Sarah (PS4XS) [181] Cos she's gonna spend most of her time with Dave and the people [...] living with [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [182] Won't she live with Dave?
Jill (PS4XR) [183] It's so annoying.
Rachel (PS4XP) [184] Why doesn't she wanna live with Dave?
Jill (PS4XR) [185] Why doesn't she want to?
Rachel (PS4XP) [186] Why doesn't she go live round there or something?
[187] She just wouldn't like it?
Jill (PS4XR) [188] No [...] .
Rachel (PS4XP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [189] She standing up against the racial stereotype with purple hair.
Jill (PS4XR) [190] Oh is she?
Rachel (PS4XP) [191] I dunno.
Jill (PS4XR) [192] Perhaps.
Rachel (PS4XP) [193] [...] seen her doing programmes and this sort of thing.
Jill (PS4XR) [194] Who is she?
Rachel (PS4XP) [195] Some woman who's got a hangup about racial problems. ...
Sarah (PS4XS) [196] Marion hates [...] .
[197] Cathy and Angie hate
Jill (PS4XR) [198] Who's , is she living with her?
Sarah (PS4XS) [199] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [200] I heard her say to Cathy, can I come round to your house tonight, I just want to get away from.
Sarah (PS4XS) [201] She was gonna come round to ours.
[202] Marion ways gonna come back with me this afternoon.
Rachel (PS4XP) [203] Oh what a desperate state of affairs.
Jill (PS4XR) [204] [...] .
Rachel (PS4XP) [205] Sarah and Shelley are very quiet.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [206] They quietened down I thought.
Sarah (PS4XS) [207] Do want and egg?
Rachel (PS4XP) [208] Yes please.
[209] Erm
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [210] the first two or three weeks [...] .
Rachel (PS4XP) [211] Did they?
Jill (PS4XR) [212] Yes [...] they were saying like [...] . ...
Rachel (PS4XP) [213] And what was that about Cathy and Angie don't get one with?
Sarah (PS4XS) [214] Yeah, Corrinne.
Jill (PS4XR) [215] Corrinne? [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [216] Her and Susannah go up into their room, lock their door with Sally.
[217] Sally, Corrinne, Susannah all go up there to Corrinne's room to smoke hash all night [...] .
Sarah (PS4XS) [218] Oh.
Jill (PS4XR) [219] Who else is there?
Sarah (PS4XS) [220] [...] and who's the other one?
Rachel (PS4XP) [221] Sally.
Jill (PS4XR) [222] Sally, Corinne
Rachel (PS4XP) [223] Sally, Susannah, Corrinne smoke hash .
Sarah (PS4XS) [224] Is Susannah the one with dark hair?
Rachel (PS4XP) [225] Yeah.
[226] [...] Yeah.
Sarah (PS4XS) [227] Oh cos she's the [...] Angie's friends isn't she?
Rachel (PS4XP) [228] And Cathy and Angie just don't get on with them or something.
[229] They just sit up in their rooms and smoke hash and never speak to each other.
Sarah (PS4XS) [230] But but apparently [...] and Susannah are extremely tight with their money and it's like you know, [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [231] She was fussy to begin with wasn't she?
Sarah (PS4XS) [232] And she gave up her telly for the lounge.
[233] But she was offered it and like I said she [...] .
Jill (PS4XR) [234] Yeah.
Sarah (PS4XS) [235] Cos every time they use it, she reminds them that it's her telly and that she er could have sold it and got the money [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Sarah (PS4XS) [236] [...] picky about people [...] .
Rachel (PS4XP) [237] [...] .
Sarah (PS4XS) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [238] Who does Marion live with?
Sarah (PS4XS) [239] Er [...] erm Lucy and Sarah.
Rachel (PS4XP) [240] [...] .
Sarah (PS4XS) [241] Lucy's the one [...] .
Jill (PS4XR) [242] Oh the one [...] gave you a lift home?
Sarah (PS4XS) [243] Yeah and Sarah's the one with blonde hair [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [244] Oh God she isn't half [...]
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [245] Yeah yeah she would.
Sarah (PS4XS) [246] She's about [...] .
Jill (PS4XR) [247] She's alright, Ruth seems a bit bitchy.
Rachel (PS4XP) [248] The pair of them together I should think [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [249] Who else is there [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [250] You live with three people.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [251] Compared to what?
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [252] You don't have to.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [253] I [...] here about nine.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [254] So [...] did Nicole [...] after that?
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Sarah (PS4XS) [255] I went in the shower.
Jill (PS4XR) [256] After you let Nicole in?
Sarah (PS4XS) [257] Yeah.
Jill (PS4XR) [258] Oh right cos I [...]
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [259] They always [...] don't they.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [260] [...] I just thought she was [...] she's got a cold and Shelly was very quiet, didn't say a word.
[261] [...] not exactly talkative.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [262] I don't know who she is.
Sarah (PS4XS) [263] She's got blonde hair and sh
Jill (PS4XR) [264] Oh I know who she is.
Sarah (PS4XS) [265] She's quite stylish for her age [...] .
Jill (PS4XR) [266] Who is that, do I know her?
Rachel (PS4XP) [267] She was the one who used to [...] She was the one who used to s sell pullovers
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [268] He can talk a lot
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [269] It it really made me furious [...] .
[270] So she was a bit annoyed about him and she sort of Can you be quiet please, you know and [...] .
Rachel (PS4XP) [271] Who was he talking to?
[272] [...] Steve .
Jill (PS4XR) [273] No [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [274] [...] he dropped his donger on his
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [275] And then he was singing Frere Jaques right and I didn't know the words to it so I just sorry [...] I can't remember the words and he goes [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [276] ding dong dong or whatever it's called and that is [...] .
[277] So she went [...]
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [278] Yeah.
Jill (PS4XR) [279] And she sort of we went through it a couple of time and then she said, [...] I didn't say it, and neither did Jeff so I don't know where she got it from.
[280] Because we used to sing at school, [singing] School dinners, school dinner, concrete chips, concrete chips, soggy semolina, soggy semolina, I feel sick, toilet quick, it's too late, I've done it on my plate [] .
Rachel (PS4XP) [laugh]
Jill (PS4XR) [281] And I never knew there was actually a proper song to it, I thought it was one we'd made up [...] junior school.
[282] So she was saying, If [...]
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [283] He was like [...] was trying to speak and he kept sort of saying, Pardon, pardon [...] like this, he's done it to me when I was trying to speak.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [284] [singing] Come on Eileen []
Jill (PS4XR) [285] Did you?
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [286] [...] grey skirt and grey jumper.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [287] Well it's been there for the past two weeks but now he's gone to l get a house [...] .
Sarah (PS4XS) [288] Has he got a job yet?
Rachel (PS4XP) [289] He's at London Poly or something doing two year electric electrici
Sarah (PS4XS) [290] Oh yeah.
Rachel (PS4XP) [291] electrical
Jill (PS4XR) [292] H N D.
Rachel (PS4XP) [293] H N D or something. ...
Sarah (PS4XS) [294] You could never imagine Eileen or Catherine getting frustrated like that though can you.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [295] [...] Catherine's sister down there flirting in her
Sarah (PS4XS) [296] And reading Vogue.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [297] It was something like Laura Ashley [...] yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [298] I'm surprised she didn't get [...] I know it's a horrible thing to say but
Jill (PS4XR) [299] Mm.
Rachel (PS4XP) [300] Do you suppose they cater for such a range of sizes [...]
Sarah (PS4XS) [301] Laura Ashley will do.
Rachel (PS4XP) [302] Louise [...] .
[303] Cos that was a size sixteen and she [...] .
[304] [...] rejects box, it had a mark on it.
[305] Because she took it in, she's got rid of the mark.
Sarah (PS4XS) [306] [...] .
Rachel (PS4XP) [307] I can't remember what she wore now.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [308] It was green wasn't it [...] ?
Jill (PS4XR) [309] No it was a black t black top [...] long sleeves and like a V neck [...] .
Rachel (PS4XP) [310] I can't remember.
Jill (PS4XR) [311] I can imagine it being a sixteen cos [...] you know there was a lot of it and then it was just [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [312] Mine was had no sleeves or anything [...] .
Sarah (PS4XS) [313] Why you looked gorgeous.
Rachel (PS4XP) [314] Oh it was horrible.
Sarah (PS4XS) [315] I liked it.
Rachel (PS4XP) [316] Well n I hate wearing stuff like that, I always have done. [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [317] Yeah.
Rachel (PS4XP) [318] Hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it.
[319] I had a scarf round my neck and stuff round my shoulders.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [320] Drop one, pick up one, do this, do that.
Sarah (PS4XS) [321] Yeah I'll do some little holes in it as well for you Jill.
Rachel (PS4XP) [322] I used to love knitting until I used to make loads of mistakes [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Sarah (PS4XS) [323] I was gonna crochet a table mat [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [324] She's doing a striptease.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [325] [...] denies having any girlfriends or anything.
[326] He says, only one girlfriend I've ever had [...] netball queen and how many other people has he snogged [...] .
Sarah (PS4XS) [327] Lisa found out about that [...] erm Mark was going to [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Sarah (PS4XS) [328] And then he was supposed to meet her there [...] he he went there and she wasn't there and then he went to the Red Lion and she was [...]
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Sarah (PS4XS) [329] And erm she was like with him and she said [...] and she said something like, Oh I'm going [...] .
[330] But she said [...] Mark said that she was flirting [...] .
Rachel (PS4XP) [331] When did you see Mark?
Sarah (PS4XS) [332] Wednesday night.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [333] because she paid so much for it, over fifteen pounds right, because she paid so much for it because they're usually [...] fifteen pounds each and so two would cost you thirty pounds and because those were so expensive [...] .
[334] So that girl must have paid [...] er twenty pounds for hers.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Sarah (PS4XS) [335] She had her dress was slit all the way up.
[336] You could see everything.
[337] [...] knickers on cos you like see the line.
Jill (PS4XR) [338] Are you sure it wasn't me.
Sarah (PS4XS) [339] No it wasn't you [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [340] Oh that must have been what it was then.
Sarah (PS4XS) [341] Yeah it was.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Sarah (PS4XS) [342] I tried to say to him, Mark I think you're wasting your time.
[343] But he wasn't having any of it [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Sarah (PS4XS) [344] And like I'll try to him basically I wouldn't waste your time
Rachel (PS4XP) [345] Yeah.
Sarah (PS4XS) [346] because But then I thought then I thought well I'll Here's Rachel do you want to and then like it's be like Oh I'm spoiling it for him.
[347] And I sort of said, Well you know I can't really say obviously cos I'm not Rachel.
Rachel (PS4XP) [348] Oh gross.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [349] Did I tell you that Mark's [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [350] And I was trying to tell him
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [351] How did you know it was me?
Sarah (PS4XS) [352] How did you know it was Rachel?
Jill (PS4XR) [353] He said you.
[354] He said, I've only got eyes for one person.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [355] It was obvious it was.
Rachel (PS4XP) [356] Maybe it's someone else though.
Jill (PS4XR) [357] No he said. [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [358] [laughing] No Jill don't look at me like []
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [359] And yet she openly admitted it the other day.
Sarah (PS4XS) [360] [...] Wednesday night.
Jill (PS4XR) [361] Well he's going a good way of doing it isn't he [...]
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Sarah (PS4XS) [362] Eh fucking hell, he's gonna get far like that.
[363] He was stood in front of me in the sandwich queue the other day and [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [364] So what does the purl do cos this is different here isn't it.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [365] Why has it got lines in it like bumps like that?
Sarah (PS4XS) [366] [...] that's what it is because purl is [...] .
Jill (PS4XR) [367] But why is only [...] lines like that?
Sarah (PS4XS) [368] Because I've done two [...] two and then knit two and then you [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [369] [...] .
Sarah (PS4XS) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [370] Oh right.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Sarah (PS4XS) [371] Yeah it's like it's not very good to do it with that because you can't
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [372] So if you wanna do a knit like [...]
Sarah (PS4XS) [373] If you're doing a purl
Jill (PS4XR) [374] Yeah well hold on [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [375] Right you do it like [...]
Sarah (PS4XS) [376] Mhm.
Jill (PS4XR) [377] Right [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Sarah (PS4XS) [378] You see that stitch there?
Jill (PS4XR) [379] Yeah.
[380] You that that was the other purl stitch because erm [...] you put your needle [...]
Sarah (PS4XS) [381] [...] in front then you just do like the stitch, same stitch but backwards.
Jill (PS4XR) [382] Oh.
Sarah (PS4XS) [383] Like that and then you just take it off [...] .
Jill (PS4XR) [384] Oh right.
Sarah (PS4XS) [385] Then erm you just so you have to make sure you keep [...] .
Jill (PS4XR) [386] Can I put [...] on?
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Sarah (PS4XS) [387] [...] be quite.
[388] Your voice is so annoying. [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [389] You seemed a bit distracted last night [...] .
Rachel (PS4XP) [390] Me?
Jill (PS4XR) [391] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [392] Oh of course she's home.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [393] I don't understand what's going on [...] Prime Minister.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [394] Is Norman Lamont going [...] has he been sacked.
Sarah (PS4XS) [395] Yes.
Rachel (PS4XP) [396] And is he the new
Sarah (PS4XS) [397] He was the ex-ch he's the ex-chancellor.
Rachel (PS4XP) [398] Yeah but [...] didn't he say that he was gonna try and [...] Tory party.
Sarah (PS4XS) [399] I don't think he would because he's done [...] in the past. ...
Jill (PS4XR) [400] Oh Steve McQueen.
[401] Look look who it is.
[402] Hang on is this the one with Sylvester Stallone in?
Rachel (PS4XP) [403] No no no that's erm yeah.
[404] That one's called
Jill (PS4XR) [405] I can't remember.
Rachel (PS4XP) [406] The one in the shower.
Jill (PS4XR) [407] [...] .
Rachel (PS4XP) [408] Yeah I love that film it's brilliant.
Jill (PS4XR) [409] Have you have you ever seen this?
[410] It's absolutely fantastic, you've got to see it.
[411] It's brilliant it is just the best.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [412] Did you see where I went today, [...] .
[413] Do you know where I went today?
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Sarah (PS4XS) [414] You go through the other doors.
Jill (PS4XR) [415] At the [...] ?
Sarah (PS4XS) [416] Yeah.
Jill (PS4XR) [417] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [418] I would imagine so [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [419] [...] cos the group's too big?
Jill (PS4XR) [420] Because the group's thirty one people.
[421] [...] it's like being back at school.
Rachel (PS4XP) [422] Why haven't they got it in some of the afternoon groups then?
Jill (PS4XR) [423] I don't know because I mean a couple of people have changed cos it's the only time that they can have it.
[424] Cos there's been such a timetable mess up this year [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [425] Erm so she said, she'd rather just have fifteen or sixteen of us and just do an hour cos we'd learn a lot more which is very true.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [426] This is what I hate about politics, it's just [...] .
Sarah (PS4XS) [427] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [428] And she's a teacher.
[429] But she does.
[430] My mum does.
[431] She's never voted anything else in her life.
[432] Or my dad.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [433] My dad should be.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [434] Oh my God it is.
Sarah (PS4XS) [435] [...] neighbours.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [436] No don't aren't they both gonna marry the same
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [437] Oh I love [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [438] He's still in Greece.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [439] Gayle Robinson.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [440] Oh Des.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [441] Who else did Des marry?
[442] He was gonna marry Melanie wasn't he?
[443] Wasn't he?
[444] Did he have a romance with Melanie? [...] he used to live with Melanie.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [445] Educating Rita.
[446] Oh this is brilliant have you ever seen it?
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [447] Did you watch that thing [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [448] when he was talking about Educating Rita.
[449] He is such an interesting guy.
[450] He was like came out of school at the [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Jill (PS4XR) [451] Steve McQueen.
[452] Rachel, I'm sorry I'm leaving this here, I'll tidy it up.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS4XP) [453] Who else is in it?
Jill (PS4XR) [454] Charles Bronson, [...] , Donald Pleasance, Richard Attenborough, James Garner, James Coburn, David McCallum.
[455] Loads of people, it's absolutely brilliant.
Unknown speaker (KNRPSUNK) [...] [recording ends]