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PS4XU X m (No name, age unknown, student)
PS4XV Ag0 m (Barry, age 14, student) friend
PS5AP X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS5AR X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS5AS X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
KNSPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KNSPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 136301 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 136302 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 136303 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 138001 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown () Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 138201 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown () Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 136301)

Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [1] Does this have to be done writing it down?
Barry (PS4XV) [2] Yeah
None (PS4XU) [3] is it an important part of it?
Barry (PS4XV) [4] yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [...]
Barry (PS4XV) [5] you know when you have french
None (PS4XU) [6] yeah
Barry (PS4XV) [7] we'll have to take a, french kids and that talking
None (PS4XU) [8] oh yeah
Barry (PS4XV) [9] that's to do with the Norway from English [...] ...
None (PS4XU) [10] yeah, but, there's a thingy on it, they'll be a ... but it ain't just us school, it's other schools in it as well
Barry (PS4XV) [11] yeah I know, but, they, they'll all, there, the others is two schools is one after another school and we're the only erm boys school and it's not [...] an all girls school doing it, otherwise it ain't [...]
None (PS4XU) [12] no, there's more schools than that, cos er the lady said that er, she goes I'm, cos there is [...] when you [...] he went what schools are these?, and so reading out a couple of schools, about four of 'em
Barry (PS4XV) [13] and [...]
None (PS4XU) [14] no, quite out far they were
Barry (PS4XV) [15] she [...] that hotel [...]
None (PS4XU) [16] I know ...
Barry (PS4XV) [...]
None (PS4XU) [17] oh, er ...
Barry (PS4XV) [...]
None (PS4XU) [18] all what?
Barry (PS4XV) [...]
None (PS4XU) [19] the what?
Barry (PS4XV) [...] ...
None (PS4XU) [20] how do you know it's thingy?, how do you know it's for the kids in Norway?
Barry (PS4XV) [21] she said something about it in school, she goes she wants their names right and their occupation ... cos say like you go to the butcher shop and then you go to [...] that and the other
None (PS4XU) [22] yeah
Barry (PS4XV) [23] so Norwegian they learn in English don't they though
None (PS4XU) [24] oh yeah ... oh but, yeah, but, this is gonna be done mostly on the streets in it for us?, so what they gonna learn about that? ... don't remember when thingy
Barry (PS4XV) [25] the last
None (PS4XU) [26] remember when he hit the first stone and hit that car window
Barry (PS4XV) [27] I don't
None (PS4XU) [28] well [...] this thing weren't it, it was parked up, this was ages
Barry (PS4XV) [29] yes
None (PS4XU) [30] this was two years ago, just before er activities week weren't it?
Barry (PS4XV) [31] he goes what [...]
None (PS4XU) [sniff]
Barry (PS4XV) [32] away and
None (PS4XU) [sniff]
Barry (PS4XV) [33] he found that [...]
None (PS4XU) [sniff]
Barry (PS4XV) [34] legged it
None (PS4XU) [35] he meant to hit the car that was going
Barry (PS4XV) [36] I know
None (PS4XU) [37] so silly in he?
Barry (PS4XV) [38] he hit the back window and then he didn't do nothing, but then it all shattered ...
None (PS4XU) [39] did the man go up the school?, he never did he?
Barry (PS4XV) [40] he did and he thought I grassed, but I never, geezer want your window smashed
None (PS4XU) [41] yeah
Barry (PS4XV) [42] a red light come on the back and when, and then when the [...] and let them go, must of heard it, saw [...] running ... and he's [...]
None (PS4XU) [43] er, he didn't have to pay did he?
Barry (PS4XV) [44] no, he [...]
None (PS4XU) [45] what happened about it then?
Barry (PS4XV) [46] [...] and then Andy got enough trouble that year cos he [...] as well didn't he?
None (PS4XU) [47] I know, he put all the paper up his arm
Barry (PS4XV) [48] that was [...] ...
None (PS4XU) [49] how long these tapes for?, like the first seven ...
Barry (PS4XV) [50] there, then, they're ninety minutes tape
None (PS4XU) [51] no not first, not all of 'em is it?
Barry (PS4XV) [52] yeah, they're T D K ninety they are
None (PS4XU) [53] yeah, I don't think the other ones are
Barry (PS4XV) [54] is that ninety minutes each way?
None (PS4XU) [55] what?, no it's just, it might be forty five
Barry (PS4XV) [56] [...] and I'm gonna go like and Leyton Orient just scored the goal for this, that and the other [...] it's a big area, and everyone's going what commentator for [...] I said I'm not [...] I'm on the radio
None (PS4XU) [57] yeah, that'll get nicked off ya
Barry (PS4XV) [58] no it won't
None (PS4XU) [59] that will
Barry (PS4XV) [60] I will go [...] what I'll do tomorrow is ... zip it in my inside pocket there and wire it [...] and all you can see, that's enough really ... you don't have to ask
None (PS4XU) [61] who?
Barry (PS4XV) [...]
None (PS4XU) [62] does he bunk off a lot Peter?
Barry (PS4XV) [63] no he don't bunk, he, he has got a lot of things, you know, he orders and that ...
None (PS4XU) [64] see you later [...]

2 (Tape 136302)

Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [65] Ah Ricky did you see the state of our trainers? ... er ah Richard it's fucked up, just gonna go over there it's alright Ricky I'll do [...] Rick I can just tear this off, but I like the noise on the thing
Barry (PS4XV) [laugh]
None (PS4XU) [66] you never know
Barry (PS4XV) [...]
None (PS4XU) [67] yeah you haven't got, you touch fucking little shit head
Barry (PS4XV) [68] what [...]
None (PS4XU) [69] shit head, shit head
Barry (PS4XV) [70] fuck you
None (PS4XU) [71] right, oh you don't live on bother, you fucking cheap oh big Jim blouse, cheap back and side [...]
Barry (PS4XV) [72] is that enough information
None (PS4XU) [73] what?
Barry (PS4XV) [74] is that enough?
None (PS4XU) [75] enough what?
Barry (PS4XV) [76] you got enough?
None (PS4XU) [77] eh, I, I was supposed to do ... [sniff] well I was suppose to do ten, do you know how many I've done?
Barry (PS4XV) [78] no
None (PS4XU) [79] one side, not even one, one side, I'm doing now
Barry (PS4XV) [...]
None (PS4XU) [80] no, oh Rick, Rick borrow [...] bikes weren't we?, so how come I done it?
Barry (PS4XV) [81] should of put it on your bike
None (PS4XU) [82] oh what?, what?, bung it on and drop it [sniff]

3 (Tape 136303)

Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [83] Oh I have really, not, what I've done is I've taped one, one whole side and then I taped over it again by mistake
Barry (PS4XV) [84] oh ...
Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4XU) [85] what did say, she ain't come yet?
Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4XU) [86] what about if she lets us keep the walkman
Barry (PS4XV) [87] mm?
None (PS4XU) [88] what about if she lets us keep the walkman's
Barry (PS4XV) [89] yeah, yeah, that'll be wicked
None (PS4XU) [90] she wouldn't, I know she ain't ... never do that [sniff] ...
Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [91] is your tape recording?
Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [92] yeah
Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [...] ...
None (PS4XU) [93] oh no
Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [94] when a country makes a produc a product, whether it'll be fruit or food or, er clothes and sells them to another country ... what is that called? ...
Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [95] don't look at him, I've written the answer down ... when a country buys the two, Mark take your coat off, give me your walkman, not suppose to bring to school
None (PS4XU) [96] it's a thing sir ...
Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [97] they make [...]
Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [98] animals and crops
Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [99] okay

4 (Tape 138001)

None (PS4XU) [100] Hey bud, where you going?
Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [101] [...] I was supposed to be going home [...]
None (PS5AP) [102] Example a thousand pound [...] normally two and forty eight pounds, now only forty eight pounds
Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [103] What? [tv on in background]
None (PS5AR) [104] D'you think it's the wheel of fortune?
None (PS5AP) [105] Well it says it is, it's been
None (PS5AR) [106] It's a whole page spread [...] from such an established reputable company.
[107] All prices are fully inclusive of double glazing, grade one security p v c delivered [...] .
[108] I don't know.
[109] It doesn't say anywhere there's a guarantee ... [...] .
[110] Cheshire.
[111] I wonder if it's the same address as when we got ours?
None (PS5AP) [112] Well we should have guarantee somewhere in the box there
None (PS5AR) [113] I mean it's it's, how long is it since it was supposed to have gone bust?
None (PS5AP) [114] Well it's years since I thought it had gone bust
None (PS5AR) [115] I thought it was about ten years
None (PS5AP) [116] Wasn't there somebody from [...] who got
None (PS5AR) [117] I can't remember.
[118] When we got that, when we had ours and er they said if you if you found someone else who would like who would have [...] you would get seventy five pounds back and you gave the thing, who was it who was thinking about it?
[119] Was it erm what did they call?
[120] Isabel?
[121] Isabel?
None (PS5AP)
None (PS5AR) [122] .
[123] Wasn't it her?
None (PS5AP) [124] It might have been, I can't remember
None (PS5AR) [125] Wasn't it just before or after her husband died?
None (PS5AP) [126] It's been that long I don't know.
[127] Her husband died when we were [...] .
[128] It couldn't have been that.
None (PS5AR) [129] No.
[130] Well I phoned Shirley and she said she's fine.
[131] I told her off for not let not telling us she was ill and she said no, no I'm fine.
[132] She's got her friend Sandy staying with her ...
None (PS5AP) [133] When's Gareth back?
None (PS5AR) [134] He was he was in the house, I didn't speak to him though.
[135] I just spoke to Shirley.
[136] Erm, Sandy's staying with her for a few days.
[137] What else did she say?
None (PS5AP) [138] Did you say about us going down or not?
None (PS5AR) [139] No, I didn't mention it, at the moment.
[140] She's got Sandy staying now
None (PS5AP) [...]
None (PS5AR) [141] I asked her about the letter and she said she couldn't remember anything about it but she filled in something when they came back from Belfast and she said open it, so I opened it and it's one of these things er if you book to go to Dublin before May the whatever, the end of May, then if you went again in the Autumn, you you get er fifty pounds worth of vouchers or something, you go half price.
[142] It's one of those con things like they tried
None (PS5AP) [143] Well, [...]
None (PS5AR) [144] Yes,wh why, I mean why would she go to Dublin
None (PS5AP) [145] Dublin
None (PS5AR) [146] before.
[147] What else?
[148] And why Dublin when i when they were
None (PS5AP) [149] When they crossed from
None (PS5AR) [150] when they crossed from Northern Ireland?
None (PS5AP) [151] I don't know.
[152] Cos they're trying to sell things all the time.
None (PS5AR) [153] Anyway, she doesn't want it.
[154] Martin still hasn't got his erm invalidity pension sorted out but he's managing alright at the moment.
[155] He's filled in all the things.
[156] I forgot er I haven't watched the television at all and I forgot to record what d'you call that thing? with the devil in it?
None (PS5AP) [157] Well it was half way through when I came in
None (PS5AR) [158] I forgot to I know I forgot to record it for you.
[159] I think I'll go to bed early tonight [tv on]
None (PS5AR) [160] Does that rain mean it's off the coast or it's in our area?
[161] And was that minus one just the Western side or us as well?
None (PS5AP) [162] We'll get to know better with the local news after this
None (PS5AR) [163] Oh well, according to that it's cloud.
[164] At least it's a white cloud, not a black one [tv on]
None (PS5AR) [165] Did you see your mother?
None (PS5AP) [166] No but I get a message, will you tell my brother, no don't tell my brother, they said, she said to one of the nurses and they said, your brother?
[167] No, my son.
[168] I said well what did don't you have to tell me?
[169] She said, we're not gonna tell you.
[170] So I didn't get to know what what they didn't have to tell [...]
None (PS5AR) [171] Oh.
[172] What was she doing tonight?
None (PS5AP) [173] I don't know [tv on]
None (PS5AP) [174] Mostly dry, sunny spells
None (PS5AR) [175] Mostly dry, sunny spells [tv on]
None (PS5AR) [176] Sally was quite intrigued by that [tv on]
None (PS5AR) [...] [break in recording]
None (PS5AR) [177] We'll have to get her a set of books.
[178] There's some bottles, jars, for the bottle bank as well
None (PS4XU) [179] You know the last time you [...] the erm, the last time you missed the television pages, television supplement in the [...] out of the Mirror.
[180] I don't think they believed me.
[181] And it's erm it'll be twice in a month and Chris is back again as our paper boy.
None (PS5AP) [...]
None (PS4XU) [182] The other one was so useless but according to the er that new manager in the paper shop everyone else got theirs.
[183] So I said I'm sorry but I'm not included in everyone else and he gave me one.
None (PS5AP) [...]
None (PS4XU) [184] The Radio Times?
[185] Why?
None (PS5AP) [186] Because it's got all the [...]
None (PS4XU) [187] Ah.
[188] Are we staying up all Thursday night?
None (PS5AP) [...]
None (PS4XU) [189] Well, it's up to you [...] .
[190] Of course, well you could stay in bed all day on Friday ... And I could take the kids to schools and go back
None (PS5AP) [...]
None (PS4XU) [laugh]
None (PS5AP) [clears throat]
None (PS4XU) [191] I need to go, I need to go into the Co-op and Iceland.
[192] What shall I get for your mother?
[193] I'll get some chocolate biscuits I think.
[194] You would think she would put on a lot of weight, wouldn't you?
None (PS5AP) [195] I don't think she's fat though
None (PS4XU) [196] I know she doesn't eat that much but what she is eating i everything's sweet.
[197] Chocolate
None (PS5AP) [...]
None (PS4XU) [198] Pardon?
None (PS5AP) [...]
None (PS4XU) [199] Well sh I don't know.
None (PS5AP) [...]
None (PS4XU) [200] [...] .
[201] if anyone offered me a chocolate when I was nursing, yes I would eat it but there was always [...] .
[202] Which reminds me, I meant to get weighed this morning before I had my breakfast and I forgot.
[203] Remind me tomorrow, before I eat anything.
[204] I think I'd better put some washing in before I go out.
[205] Are those ankle boots dry?
None (PS5AP) [...]
None (PS4XU) [206] What?
None (PS5AP) [207] [...] achilles tendon
None (PS4XU) [208] It's better now.
[209] I d on Wednesday I did the erm [...] said to me don't do the high heel part if you think it's going to hurt again, you can still have the support under it, but I managed ok.
[210] It didn't hurt.
None (PS5AP) [...]
None (PS4XU) [211] The pink one's the dish cloth, the little one's the one I wipe up small spills off the floor.
[212] I wonder how Bryony is?
None (PS5AP) [213] What?
None (PS4XU) [214] I said, I wonder how Bryony is?
[215] She wasn't very well yesterday.
[216] Every time she got a bump or a knock off one of the others, she was howling instead of clouting them back.
[217] And Richard had, I don't think Richard's very well either.
None (PS5AP) [...]
None (PS4XU) [218] I said I don't, well stop running the tap.
[219] I said I don't think Richard's very well either.
[220] He cried more than usual.
[221] I wonder what kind of a night Trevor had with them on his own?
[222] What do you think of Granny Jean offering offering again to get Martin from school to save Trevor walking him home?
None (PS5AP) [...]
None (PS4XU) [223] I don't know.
[224] I like her.
None (PS5AP) [225] Mhm?
None (PS4XU) [226] I like her ...
None (PS4XU) [227] I'll just ri rinse my fingers [...] hand cream on my hands.
[228] That [...] was used as er, I can't remember what Richard was using it as yesterday
None (PS5AP) [229] He was poking it [...]
None (PS4XU) [230] What're we going to do about these tiles for the step?
[231] To cover this little hole up.
[232] I hate to think what must be down there now.
[233] Oh, where're my other glasses?
None (PS5AP) [234] [...] and they were cheaper than
None (PS4XU) [235] Cheaper?
[236] Fenwicks?
None (PS5AP) [237] Cheaper than what you call it, the place in [...] I've got the price [...]
None (PS4XU) [238] Cheaper than the do it yourself shop up [...] ?
None (PS5AP) [...]
None (PS4XU) [239] But when can we get through to Newcastle?
None (PS5AP) [240] Well I, well I'm on a weeks' holiday aren't I, at Easter?
[241] And I've got to go, unless we go to [...] Tuesday [...] been to the dentist
None (PS4XU) [242] Which Tuesday?
[243] After they break up?
None (PS5AP) [244] That's right.
[245] Which is [...] next Friday
None (PS4XU) [246] Yes
None (PS5AP) [247] So I hope they've sorted out [...]
None (PS4XU) [248] The what?lin
None (PS5AP) [249] The [...] appeal at the school that Mrs [...] was supposed to have let Miss White know so she could send it off to the parents to get the money back [...] scanner
None (PS4XU) [250] You didn't tell me about that
None (PS5AP) [251] I did tell you
None (PS4XU) [252] You didn't.
[253] All you told me, hang on, ah [...]
None (PS5AP) [254] Miss White
None (PS4XU) [255] all you told me was that Miss White was retiring but I hadn't to tell anyone, which I haven't done, which I don't intend to do
None (PS5AP) [256] At the beginning of Lent, Miss White approached me to see what she should do about the [...] appeal
None (PS4XU) [257] Ah ha
None (PS5AP) [258] as she always does, since I said why send money to Great Ormond Street when there was plenty of children [...] locally?
None (PS4XU) [259] Yes
None (PS5AP) [260] So I asked if they wanted anything and she said a bed at the cottage hospital
None (PS4XU) [261] What good's a bed with no extra nurses?
None (PS5AP) [262] Well there are special beds
None (PS4XU) [263] Oh you mean a bed?
[264] You mean a special kind of mattress?
None (PS5AP) [265] Well she just asked about a bed so I told her that
None (PS4XU) [266] You mean a bed to replace a bed that there already is?
None (PS5AP) [267] She just said a bed, so I told her there were special beds that we are very useful in fact very necessary in [...] cases and we tend to be short of them
None (PS4XU) [268] Ah ha
None (PS5AP) [269] and a [...] bed costs two thousand pounds.
[270] There's another one [...] can't remember the name of which costs a lot more
None (PS4XU) [271] Ah ha
None (PS5AP) [272] Something like five thousand [...] .
[273] Anyway, I said I'd make enquiries as to what was wanted and I said because there's a new children's ward will open at the hospital and perhaps they would [...] .
[274] So I saw Mrs [...] and Mrs said they were aiming to raise money for scanner appeal
None (PS4XU) [275] Yes
None (PS5AP) [276] They're also going to have a obstetric [...] department [...] first time
None (PS4XU) [277] A what?
None (PS5AP) [278] Obstetric and patients
None (PS4XU) [279] Yes
None (PS5AP) [280] and that obviously they would be tend to be other children with mother's there so they would need perhaps a play facility there and other children who goes to the E N T clinic can go to the [...] not just go to the outpatients [...] casualty
None (PS4XU) [281] Yes
None (PS5AP) [282] There's very limited facilities for children to play with.
[283] So, but I also approached Mrs Earl about a [...] .
[284] Anyway, she wanted me to go and see her.
[285] She said there was the scanner appeal, the [...] talk about all sorts of other things that were possible and there's an arts appeal and for arts facilities in hospital and all sorts of things.
[286] So I went back to Miss White and said about the scanner appeal and she said that would be she thought that would be the best idea, not the [...] .
[287] I also told here it's the diamond jubilee of the hospital and the children from [...] invited to the hospital that day, that week sorry, it's gonna be a week in June so she wanted to know the details so I asked Mrs [...] t would she write to Miss White and give her all the details but she thought it would be far better if she went to see her and explain it all.
[288] She was going on Wednesday, I hope she went.
None (PS4XU) [289] Hold on, which one was going to see which one?
None (PS5AP) [290] Mrs [...] was going to see Miss White
None (PS4XU) [291] was going to see Miss I see
None (PS5AP) [292] So then I saw Mrs Irwin on Tuesday [clears throat] when I was in [...] and she came up with all sorts of things that she would like for the new [...] development.
[293] [...] but there's nothing ready, of course.
[294] There's this giant sundial we're going to have in one of the courtyards.
[295] It's a giant one.
[296] It's it's th the building and the blocks of things in in in the in the courtyard that make the time.
[297] So the sun shines [...] bit of the courtyard when it's eight o'clock and that when it's nine o'clock and so forth.
[298] This is just for the courtyard and these shrubs and things
None (PS4XU) [299] [...] how?
[300] Where is it going to be seen from?
None (PS5AP) [301] I presume it's seen from the wards that're behind looking down into this courtyard.
[302] There's also erm a play area for the children's ward.
[303] There's also some murals on the walls, various artists did murals and of course they've got this grant from [...] for six thousand pound for a [...] exhibition.
None (PS4XU) [304] A six thousand pound grant for [...] exhibition
None (PS5AP) [305] Well, well, over, over a period it's and other things too but this this set of murals and [...] are involved in it.
[306] And various other art things.
[307] But also there's the thought of th gar a garden and the children keeping the garden up.
[308] But that's [...] a long way and they have transport difficulties to cope from here to the [...] hospital but then I though perhaps, if
None (PS4XU) [309] I can't see the education committee, with their lack of money, paying for transport for children out here to go to [...] hospital to do a garden
None (PS5AP) [...]
None (PS5AP) [310] The the education committee and the school governors have no money at all to pay for that [...]
None (PS4XU) [311] I know, I would have thought it was very low priority
None (PS5AP) [312] [...] well it isn't even a priority, it's nothing, they won't get the money,th they won't pay for [...] walk to go swimming but I thought that now that the [...] has acquired that bus and it's gonna be standing around doing nothing for most of the time and it's a twenty nine seater bus.
[313] I mean, the seats come up so that wheelchairs go in, but in between times it's twenty nine seats
None (PS4XU) [314] And then you need a P S V licence
None (PS5AP) [315] But that's that's perhaps easily remedied, if you could get a er a driving licence holder to take them, who, a volunteer driving licence holder, among one of the parents or somebody who could take the children at periodic intervals to visit the hospital to do this sort of thing.
[316] So that was a possibility.
[317] But I haven't seen Miss White yet about all these sort of things.
[318] But I did also say to Mrs Earl that a new head will be appointed to take in posts from first of September and it might be better to discuss it with them after I discussed it with Miss White.
None (PS4XU) [319] I only know one person, I only know one bus driver with children
None (PS5AP) [320] There's ambulance drivers
None (PS4XU) [321] And he g he I think their children go to the Catholic school.
[322] Er, this letter from the Multiple Sclerosis
None (PS5AP) [323] Yes, it says
None (PS4XU) [324] It says if you've got wheelchairs in you reduce your number of people.
[325] You're no you're not reducing the size of the bus
None (PS5AP) [326] well I think that's crazy
None (PS4XU) [327] And someone who's been u just used to driving a car, are they going to be able to drive a huge long bus with no extra tuition?
None (PS5AP) [328] Well
None (PS4XU) [329] Whether it's got sixteen people in it or twenty nine, it doesn't alter the length of the bus
None (PS5AP) [330] Well, I drive the mini bus at the hospital
None (PS4XU) [331] I know
None (PS5AP) [332] Which only takes four wheelchairs and of course there's the drivers of the minibus thing at [...] .
[333] I think I I would query that anyway
None (PS4XU) [334] Would you like to get into a vehicle the length of a bus with no extra tuition
None (PS5AP) [335] No, no but
None (PS4XU) [336] and just drive it
None (PS5AP) [337] But but I query as well whether, just because you reduce the number of passengers in it, that you don't need a P S V licence or the equivalent, it isn't a P S V licence but it's it's
None (PS4XU) [338] [...] have looked into that
None (PS5AP) [339] It sounds doubtful to me, but anyway, there's the insurance point of view, but anyway [...] if people whoa re willing to drive can have experience in driving before they take passengers out.
[340] Y'know I didn't drive the minibus until I'd driven it without passengers.
[341] Y'know I I drove the minibus with only somebody in with me before I drove it with people in it
None (PS4XU) [342] Did you drive [...]
None (PS5AP) [343] Oh yes, I drove that, but that was a long time ago that
None (PS4XU) [344] Yeah, but, you drove that one
None (PS5AP) [345] I drove it to Ashington and back
None (PS4XU) [346] You drove [...] to Ashington in it.
[347] Erm do you think I could throw these roses out?
[348] They're dead, aren't they?
None (PS5AP) [349] I'm afraid so
None (PS4XU) [350] It's a shame
None (PS5AP) [...]
None (PS4XU) [351] Pardon?
None (PS5AP) [352] They'll they'll have been forced from last Sunday, that was the [...] wasn't it?
None (PS4XU) [353] I know, I know but they were dead by about Tuesday.
[354] The yellow one was dead by Tuesday.
[355] What a shame, never mind.
[356] Right, I'll put my make up on
None (PS5AP) [357] Can you tell me where you want this umbrella tree?
None (PS4XU) [358] Er ...
None (PS5AP) [359] it needs a saucer of course
None (PS4XU) [360] Well there's a huge saucer on the old one
None (PS5AP) [361] Oh but that's in [...]
None (PS4XU) [362] Well
None (PS5AP) [363] [...] plant pot [...] altogether
None (PS4XU) [364] Well, just leave it there for now.
[365] Erm, I'm going to put my make up on and think what I need from the shops
None (PS5AP) [366] It's ten o'clock
None (PS4XU) [367] I know.
[368] I'll have to hurry up or you'll get no dinner [...] .
[369] Oh my head feels [...] .
[370] I do I haven't had a headache like this for
None (PS5AP) [...]
None (PS4XU) [371] [...] I wanted a carton of live yoghurt.
[372] I don't think the live yoghurt I used was any good because, for a start it was fruit flavoured, no it wasn't it was natural, but it said mild flavoured and I don't think it was the proper like the Greek style really live yoghurt that would have started all the fungus growing on it.
[373] It is beginning to look like a proper [...] .
[374] Er, ok, I'll go and get ready
None (PS5AP) [...]
None (PS4XU) [375] I don't think it matters but if the weather's still going to be freezing at night
None (PS5AP) [...]
None (PS4XU) [376] I know, but it's got the polythene bag round it still.
[377] I've got it standing on that brick to drain.
[378] Wish I knew what to do with the other azalea.
[379] Some of the erm stems on it look as if as if , not mouldy, but er they're sort of
None (PS5AP) [380] Well we'll just have to dig it up and put another one in
None (PS4XU) [381] green
None (PS4XU) [382] Those hyacinths in the corner are taking a long time to come out, aren't they?
[383] I'd have though the tulip [...] in the coal scuttle, the tulips in the cauldron, I thought they'd had it, they were lying down completely
None (PS5AP) [384] I know, but they've straightened out
None (PS4XU) [385] but they've grown up again.
[386] And those forget me nots that're called blue ball and are supposed to have brilliant blue flowers are coming out with tiny pinky purple flowers.
[387] If they're blue, so am I
None (PS5AP) [388] I wonder if that miniature rose is gonna come up [...]
None (PS4XU) [389] the w the one in the tub, no.
[390] Oh yeah, the one in the tub looks ok, it's the other one.
[391] I like the other one best as well, it's the peach one.
[392] When're you going to prune them?
None (PS5AP) [393] Well, when I plant that other one where you want it planted, that's
None (PS4XU) [394] I wonder when er going to have the erm
None (PS5AP) [395] wheel barrow ready
None (PS4XU) [396] Yes.
[397] Oh, it said in yesterday's paper that someone had had a wheelbarrow valued at thirty pounds stolen from her back garden and it was somewhere at , where the back gardens aren't particularly accessible.
[398] So ours must have cost, I'm sure that would cost them a lot more than thirty pounds cos it didn't it didn't say a wrought iron wheelbarrow or anything, it just said a wheelbarrow
None (PS5AP) [399] Well there was er four [...]
None (PS4XU) [400] So we'll have to get it
None (PS5AP) [401] Those four tapes incidentally [...] Tchaikovsky.
[402] I sold them for fifteen pounds.
None (PS4XU) [403] What four tapes?
None (PS5AP) [404] The four tapes [...] sold them for fifteen pounds in
None (PS4XU) [405] That who sent you?
None (PS5AP) [406] That Shirley and Gareth sent me for Christmas
None (PS4XU) [407] Oh.
[408] I wish you would think of something you would like for your birthday
None (PS5AP) [409] I've told you, I want a [...] you need binoculars to go to Rome with [...]
None (PS4XU) [410] I can't see very well through binoculars
None (PS5AP) [411] The Cistine Chapel.
[412] Unless we take those big ones with us.
None (PS4XU) [413] Oh Jim, they're too heavy
None (PS5AP) [...]
None (PS4XU) [414] It doesn't need an easier camera, it needs you
None (PS5AP) [415] What happens with that camera, you've got to rewind it every time.
[416] There's better ones now, automatic rewind, that's what I need.
None (PS4XU) [417] You have never sat down and read
None (PS5AP) [418] It's the rewind that's the problem
None (PS4XU) [419] all the, read all the instructions.
[420] The same with the video camera.
[421] You haven't even watched the tape
None (PS5AP) [422] When have had an opportunity to watch the tape?
None (PS4XU) [423] Oh, you must have been able to squeeze half an hour some time or other.
[424] Anyway, I'm going to get ready or we'll never get the shopping done before you go to work.
[425] Anyway [break in recording]
None (PS4XU) [426] Right, I'm ready.
[427] Have you locked the back door?
[428] ... I thought we were walking.
[429] Are we not?
[430] Ok.
[431] Pardon?
[432] I thought we were walking
None (PS5AP) [433] Well, do you want to walk or do you want to go in the car?
None (PS4XU) [434] Well I have to go to the paper shop
None (PS5AP) [435] Well I'll drop you at the paper shop while I go round
None (PS5AP) [436] Oh, that's a good idea ... I hope we can get out at the .
[437] Have you stuck a poster [...] , you haven't, in the back window
None (PS5AP) [438] No, I haven't
None (PS4XU) [439] I think more people see the back coming up that way than they do the front window
None (PS5AP) [...]
None (PS4XU) [440] Yes
None (PS5AP) [441] [...] but I'll stick one in the back as well
None (PS4XU) [442] Hope I've got my glasses with me or I can't see the prices.
[443] Oh, I haven't got my purse.
[444] Oh brilliant.
[445] Is that a squashed ball in the road?
[446] That means I haven't got a key to get back in the house ... .
[447] If you just stop here I'll run over the road.
[448] Give me the key please.
[449] Thanks.
[450] Oh ...
None (PS5AP) [451] the car wants to be [...]
None (PS4XU) [...]
None (PS4XU) [452] Sorry ... He didn't look very pleased, did he?
None (PS5AP) [453] If he was in such a desperate hurry, he could have gone round and gone the other way
None (PS4XU) [454] We don't usually get a second post on a Saturday
None (PS5AP) [455] You do, you had a parcel
None (PS4XU) [456] Oh yeah.
[457] I've dropped my pen under your seat.
[458] I'll get it when we s unless you, have you got another one?
[459] Thanks ... Have you seen Kath and Rory recently?
None (PS5AP) [460] No
None (PS4XU) [461] I've just realised I haven't either.
[462] When I saw that woman crossing the road, I thought it was here.
[463] Please let us out someone.
[464] Press the button somebody
None (PS5AP) [465] It wasn't [...]
None (PS4XU) [466] Oh, thank you kind sir .
[467] It wasn't what?
None (PS5AP) [468] It wasn't the cars there, it was the cars turning [...] at the end of the road
None (PS4XU) [469] We need some sugar.
[470] We've had no sugar all this week, not that you've noticed.
[471] I made the custard from er sugar cubes.
[472] I didn't know how old the sugar cubes were.
[473] Right.
[474] [...] when we packed up your mother's house.
[475] Right then, I'll met you at the Co-op
None (PS5AP) [476] Co=op
None (PS4XU) [477] Ok
None (PS5AP) [...]
None (PS4XU) [478] I can't get out any quicker.
[479] See you later.
[480] Hello, please, and there was no erm television supplement and no comic in the Daily Mirror this morning.
[481] That's the second time in the past four weeks we've had missed that ...
None (PS5AR) [...]
None (PS4XU) [482] Seventeen
None (PS5AR) [483] That's three sixty five please
None (PS4XU) [484] Two four five ... sixty five
None (PS5AR) [485] Thank you
None (PS4XU) [486] Thank you ... Thank you.
[487] You haven't given me the bits missing from the Mirror.
None (PS5AR) [488] Well that's erm [...]
None (PS4XU) [489] Well I'm sorry but my Daily Mirror was dev delivered this morning without the television supplement and without the comic and I want them
None (PS5AR) [490] the actual page?
None (PS4XU) [491] The whole supplement that come on Saturdays
None (PS5AR) [...]
None (PS4XU) [492] That part
None (PS5AR) [493] That part wasn't in?
None (PS4XU) [494] This part was not in.
[495] And there's usually a free comic as well, and that wasn't in either.
[496] And that's the second time in the past four weeks that those pieces have been missing from it
None (PS5AR) [497] Well [...]
None (PS4XU) [498] No, I don't need the whole paper.
[499] I've got the rest of it.
None (PS5AR) [500] I canna gi' you one under there though
None (PS4XU) [501] Well you're going to have to because when I pay for a paper, I want it to be complete, so I want that piece and I want th that piece, no wait a minute, where is it?
[502] Which is the television?
Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4XU) [503] Where does this start?
None (PS5AR) [504] That's forty change.
[505] Thanks a lot.
None (PS4XU) [506] There we are.
[507] Right, so I've got the two pieces that are missing from my paper
None (PS5AR) [...]
None (PS4XU) [508] Well, I've already paid for mine so I'm going to get
None (PS5AR) [...]
None (PS4XU) [509] Well, you'll just have to tell them that it's missing but when I've paid for a newspaper I expect to get all the pieces that I've paid for and I've already paid for mine, so this I'll take.
[510] Thank you ...
Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [511] Hello ...
Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [512] Hello ...
Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [513] Hello ...
Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [...]
None (PS5AS) [514] raises a lot of money through sponsorship [...] few people committing money every month.
None (PS4XU) [515] Will it go in?
None (PS5AS) [516] Yeah, I'm sure it will.
[517] Thank you
None (PS4XU) [518] Thank you ...
Unknown speaker (KNSPSUNK) [...]