12 conversations recorded by `717' (PS4Y3) [dates unknown] with 9 interlocutors, totalling 1244 s-units, 7356 words, and over 1 hour 49 minutes 18 seconds of recordings.

10 speakers recorded by respondent number 717

KNVPS000 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS4Y3 X m (No name, age unknown, student)
PS4Y4 Ag4 m (Julian, age 48, teacher) teacher
PS4Y5 Ag0 m (Marc, age 12, student) friend
PS4Y6 Ag0 m (Abbey, age 13, student) friend
PS4Y7 Ag1 f (Ado, age 16, teacher (pt)) sister
PS4Y8 Ag3 f (Dinah, age 41, secretary) mother
PS4Y9 Ag0 m (Selassie, age 11, student) brother
KNVPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KNVPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

12 recordings

  1. Tape 137701 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 137801 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 137802 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 137803 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 137804 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 137901 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 137902 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 137903 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 137904 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 138101 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 138102 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 138301 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 137701)

Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [1] How long you gonna [...]
None (PS4Y3) [2] And two packs of [...]
Marc (PS4Y5) [3] Do you get to keep the walkman?
None (PS4Y3) [4] No [giggle]
Marc (PS4Y5) [5] Did you ask [...]
None (PS4Y3) [6] Swap it around.
Marc (PS4Y5) [7] Go on, swear, swear in front of all those Norwegians.
None (PS4Y3) [8] [shouting] piss off []
Marc (PS4Y5) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [9] Yes it is.
[10] ... What's that?
[11] Ah.
Marc (PS4Y5) [12] No Norwegian Erik the Viking [clapping] Erik the Viking [clapping]
None (PS4Y3) [13] [whine] [singing] Okay.
Marc (PS4Y5) [14] [...] blue from sir.
None (PS4Y3) [15] Gotta pretend that's not on though.
[16] [shouting] gotta pretend that it's not on though [] .
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [17] Can I have a blue then sir please.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [18] Right.
None (PS4Y3) [19] Can I have a blue please.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [20] [shouting] Ooh David [] ... what is th yuck.
Abbey (PS4Y6) [21] Look at you going [mimicking] Ooh David []
None (PS4Y3) [22] Ooh.
Abbey (PS4Y6) [23] Scream boy.
None (PS4Y3) [raspberry] [...]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [raspberry]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [24] Right, let's see them ready.
None (PS4Y3) [25] Bloody cheek of it [...]
Marc (PS4Y5) [26] [...] really [...]
None (PS4Y3) [singing]
Abbey (PS4Y6) [27] Here where the fuck is Roy?
None (PS4Y3) [28] Piss off.
[29] [...] and asking
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [raspberry]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [30] Go fuck yourself.
None (PS4Y3) [31] [giggle] Dave don't muck about.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [32] What have you fucking done [...]
None (PS4Y3) [33] Come on then.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [34] What are you doing with Spiderman?
None (PS4Y3) [35] [laughing] shut up []
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [36] Right I'm gonna make you go on some jobs for me that won't
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [37] Me, I go.
None (PS4Y3) [38] Well be what?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [39] [...] keep you in on Thursdays, so do the work
None (PS4Y3) [40] Ooh threatening me hey.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [raspberry]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [41] Ah you're in trouble now.
None (PS4Y3) [42] Yeah, yeah sure though.
Julian (PS4Y4) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [43] [raspberry] innit. [raspberry] .
Julian (PS4Y4) [44] [...] inside his arse.
None (PS4Y3) [45] Shut up.
[46] Don't have to work.
[47] Teachers are very unfair in this school, very unfair.
[48] Teachers are very unfair in this school innit? [shouting] innit sir [] [mimicking] yes they are sonny [] See what I mean.
[49] What?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [50] [mimicking] I'm gonna take down you in detention tonight []
None (PS4Y3) [51] Yes what, I'm allowed to rewind this and erase it you know.
[52] So who's sonny Jim?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [53] Oh love you.
[54] Yes sir.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [55] If you want to erm wear an apron [...]
None (PS4Y3) [humming]
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [shouting]
None (PS4Y3) [56] I've gotta big one.
[57] [singing] [humming] [shouting] Dave, Dave, Dave, I've gotta big one []
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [58] Yeah I know.
None (PS4Y3) [59] [singing] Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh [] ... [singing] [singing] .
[60] Now I am talking to [...] Hello.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [61] Hello.
None (PS4Y3) [62] [shouting] hello []
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [63] [singing] I am wolf from the Planet of the Apes [...] your fanny []
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [64] Shut up.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [65] See Roy yesterday.
None (PS4Y3) [66] [raspberry] [...] actually got engraved in the tarmac [raspberry] I'm only joking anyway.
[67] So if you want, no joking.
[68] Don't be a silly Billy, put a rubber on your willy.
[69] [singing] Lick your boom boom there [] .
[70] Sir can you [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [71] [shouting] Do you wanna brush? []
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [72] Yeah.
None (PS4Y3) [73] Don't be a silly Billy.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [74] Why?
[75] [humming] [raspberry] I can't my hands are dirty [giggle] Dave, Dave.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [scream]
None (PS4Y3) [76] Don't muck about.
[77] Sir, erm ... are we doing pa sir are we doing papier mache?
[78] Sir?
[79] Move up a little bit erm [...] Just move up though.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [80] Glue have you.
None (PS4Y3) [81] Thank you.
[82] Now where ... sir where are they?
[83] [singing] I lick your boom boom there, I lick your boom boom down [] .
[84] Sitting in my ... [singing] sitting in my crib with my dibby dibby dib [] mass up ... mash up crib, slap me in the face and I can't do a [...] .
[85] No pick up the telephone ring.
[86] [singing] [...] informer, informer [...] lick your boom boom down [...] lick your boom boom, down, informer [...] lick your boom boom there [] [humming] Goodnight.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [87] [shouting] Oi, oi, I heard that []
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [88] [...] apology.
None (PS4Y3) [89] [singing] I lick your boom boom now [] ... [singing] Money, money, money, money, money, it's a rich man's world ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.
[90] Money, money, money, ooh, ooh, who has money, ooh, ooh, who gave me your cash, or I'll mug you, yes I'll mug you.
[91] Ooh give me all your cash [] [...] not.
[92] Not.
[93] [singing] Wayne's World, Wayne's World, party time excellent.
[94] Wayne's World, Wayne's World []
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [95] [singing] Wayne's World, excellent, party time.
None (PS4Y3) [96] [singing] Wayne's World, Wayne's World, party time, excellent.
[97] Wayne's World, Wayne's World ... It's party time, excellent [] [singing] [...] Lick your boom boom now [...] down the lane, lick your boom boom down ... [...] here come the tiger, nobody move, nobody move, nobody the tiger come [...] nobody move, nobody move.
[98] Nobody move the tiger [...] [] Oh shit.
[99] Bubble bobble.
[100] ... Bubble bobble, wibble wobble, bubble bobble.
[101] [singing] I lick your boom boom down [] .
[102] The pesticides ... get me ... the pesticides.
[103] You know man just hush hush, if you know what I mean.
[104] You tell him to shut up.
[105] Did I ... did they say anything about adoption?
[106] Damn fool.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [raspberry]
None (PS4Y3) [107] [...] your mum was adopted.
[108] What you lying for?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [raspberry]
None (PS4Y3) [109] What is she?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [110] No what is she?
[111] What breed?
[112] [raspberry] Oh gosh, that's a good one.
[113] What breed [giggle] oh me.
[114] [...] chihuahua [giggle] chihuahua.
[115] [singing] knick knack paddy wack, give a dog a bone, Wolf went barking all way home.
[116] ... Knick knack paddy wack, give a dog a bone, good old Wolf went wobbling home [] [humming] [singing] and a knick knack paddy wack, give a dog a bone, my old man went tumbling home []
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [117] Did you realise what we're going to do, when you've got about [...]
None (PS4Y3) [118] [singing] and a knick knack paddy wack give the dog a bone, my old man went tumbling home [] [singing] [singing] and a knick knack paddy wack give a dog a bone ... my old man went tumbling home [] [whistling tune of knick knack paddy wack] [singing] How much is that doggy in the window, woof woof [] Woof woof, woof woof.
[119] [humming] This is cool man.
[120] [singing] . It's a f it's as fine as a line.
[121] [singing] Who's that girl ... who's that girl ... who's that girl [] [humming] .
[122] Yeah, Pulsar, rough, er Quasar's much, Quasar is lame compared to Pulsar.
[123] Er Marc.
Marc (PS4Y5) [124] Yeah.
None (PS4Y3) [125] What's better, Pulsar or Quasar?
Marc (PS4Y5) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [126] And which ways is Quasar better?
Marc (PS4Y5) [127] [...] Pulsar ... it's more better.
None (PS4Y3) [128] Mm.
[129] There's this other one.
Marc (PS4Y5) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [130] Yeah, [...] Kilburn.
[131] It's rough meat.
[132] [humming] [singing] sonic boom, sonic boom [] [humming] [...] man.
[133] Shit.
[134] I'm just gonna do strips already ... just ... oh I need some scissors then.
[135] See I'm so petite and perfect and all that lot and what not ever.
[136] Sir have you got any swissors
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [137] Scissors?
None (PS4Y3) [138] swissors sic) yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [139] Oh there they are, thanks sir, nice one.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [140] [...] showing people these.
None (PS4Y3) [141] No, yeah I did.
[142] Wasn't here.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [143] Then why were you late?
None (PS4Y3) [144] Erm I had to go to Mr Walker's [...] to get this thing.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [145] Why?
None (PS4Y3) [146] This tape thing look.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [147] [humming] they're funky.
[148] What's that for?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [149] [...] par particular plays you know like [...] Christmas plays [...]
None (PS4Y3) [150] The girl's got some goofy teeth.
[151] Mm that one's good.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [152] But these other ones [...]
None (PS4Y3) [humming]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [153] Can you see ... what's the difference between me
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [154] Sir you're [...]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [155] No.
None (PS4Y3) [156] Erm it's much more colourful.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [157] Much more colourful yeah, it's not realistic is it.
[158] What would you call it?
None (PS4Y3) [159] No.
[160] Erm science fiction.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [161] Not science fiction, it's called symbolic [...]
None (PS4Y3) [162] Mm yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [163] Symbolically that [...]
None (PS4Y3) [164] What?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [165] Mm.
[166] [...] yeah, or chic or something.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [167] [...] symbolic religious [...]
None (PS4Y3) [168] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [169] and it represents sort of spiritual people.
None (PS4Y3) [170] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [171] [...] people for spirits [...]
None (PS4Y3) [172] [singing] Come to me my son []
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [173] [...] symbolic [...]
None (PS4Y3) [174] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [175] Er symbolic [...]
None (PS4Y3) [humming]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [176] [...] if you wanna look at [...]
None (PS4Y3) [177] No it's okay.
[178] Thanks sir.
[179] [singing] [humming] . Come on, where's my present?
[180] [shouting] Shame [] .
[181] Where's my pen gone?
[182] [humming] . Sir, have you got a pen?
[183] It was here sir.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [184] A pen, you don't need a pen now.
None (PS4Y3) [185] Yeah I need to write something down.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [186] On what, what for?
None (PS4Y3) [187] Some paper ... for this thing.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [188] What are you making?
None (PS4Y3) [189] Erm, it's a do it's a log.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [190] A log?
None (PS4Y3) [191] Yeah a book, log book.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [192] About what?
None (PS4Y3) [193] About teenagers talking and that.
[194] When I have a conversation with you I have to write it down.
[195] Conversation log. [humming] .
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [196] Right Said Fred [...]
None (PS4Y3) [197] [singing] Deeply dippy about [] Sir how old are you, I need all this?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [198] Yeah.
[199] How old are you?
[200] Just tell me.
[201] Forty?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [202] Forty eight.
None (PS4Y3) [203] Uh, uh, old man!
[204] Innit? [giggle] .
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [scream]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [205] Sir, do you have any children?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [206] Yeah [...]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [207] How old are they sir?
None (PS4Y3) [208] Gosh.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [209] [shouting] Stop it []
None (PS4Y3) [210] Oh, be quiet man.
[211] [singing] Sir, how much would you sell this pen for?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [212] I need it, I need it.
None (PS4Y3) [213] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [214] I don't get time to go shopping every day.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [215] Sir?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [216] Yes.
None (PS4Y3) [217] [humming] Shut up Marc.
[218] [singing] [...] international heroes [] ... [singing] We are [...] in Sandra, in Sandra [] .
[219] [singing] lick your boom boom now ... a lick your boom boom now [] [singing]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [singing]
None (PS4Y3) [singing]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [singing]
None (PS4Y3) [singing]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [singing]
None (PS4Y3) [singing]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [singing]
None (PS4Y3) [singing]
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [raspberry]
None (PS4Y3) [220] [singing] [mimicking] chicken sound [] [humming] .
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [221] [shouting] Stop it Marc []
None (PS4Y3) [222] [singing] a little boy in the [...] [] [humming] .
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [223] [shouting] Marc []
Marc (PS4Y5) [224] No I'm not [...]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [225] [shouting] stop it []
None (PS4Y3) [226] [singing] [singing] Terry Venables blew a army [] [singing] I'll be there [] . [humming]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [227] Hold this in your hands.
None (PS4Y3) [228] What?
[229] Yuck, it's disgusting.
[230] Yes, [...] man.
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [231] Can you not see what erm er ... this woman fainted into my arms ... and she was embracing me for letting her not take her fall.
[232] He's a stupid.
[233] Oh sorry.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [234] [shouting] No its not []
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [235] Oh yeah, right we all believe that.
None (PS4Y3) [236] [...] come up to get her, do not tell another lie any more.
[237] I need to [...] embrace.
[238] Any kind.
[239] Winnie, you have been, you have been, you have been cheating on me.
[240] No, I have not, I have been cheating on you.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [241] You should have learned it. [...]
None (PS4Y3) [242] Mm?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [243] [...] in the morning.
None (PS4Y3) [244] So what?
[245] [mimicking] Please don't beat me dad [] Only joking. [giggle]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [246] [mimicking] Yeah boy, I told you to do your homework []
None (PS4Y3) [247] [mimicking screaming] No, stop daddy, stop it, stop [] By the way this is a play.
[248] Oh,S S S Sandra, will you go out
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [249] Shut up [giggle]
Marc (PS4Y5) [250] [mimicking] No, I won't go away [] [giggle]
None (PS4Y3) [251] Don't take any notice of this, this is my friend Marc here, he's speaking a lot of crap at the moment.
[252] Do not have a girlfriend called Sandra, and if I did, I think I'd kill myself.
[253] So very good.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [254] Barbara.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [255] Do you [...]
None (PS4Y3) [256] No, [...] not my girlfriend, she's my ex-girlfriend,like like like like [...]
Marc (PS4Y5) [scream]
None (PS4Y3) [257] [giggle] No Marc.
Marc (PS4Y5) [258] What?
None (PS4Y3) [giggle] [scream]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [259] [shouting] [...] just go away []
None (PS4Y3) [260] [singing] Max the lion []
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [261] [shouting] give me my [...] []
None (PS4Y3) [262] Sandra it's [...] time.
[263] [humming] [singing] [singing] Any other, [...] ... Do man come at me like you're some typhoon [] Yeah listen to t what, what music do you like Wolf?
[264] Do you like pop music?
[265] Oh, no, Bros [scream] [singing] Will I, will I be [...] I can [...] when will I see my pictures in the paper.
[266] There's no when will I will I be famous, when will I see my pictures in the paper.
[267] When will I, will I be famous, I'm not a good guy any more []
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [268] Now, right [...] you're gonna stay if you can't work quietly.
None (PS4Y3) [269] Right oh oh er.
[270] [mimicking] Damn idiot [] [...] don't trust no bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch.
Marc (PS4Y5) [scream] [...]
None (PS4Y3) [271] No, isn't
Marc (PS4Y5) [272] He's got it [...] take it off the wall.
None (PS4Y3) [273] By the way, I'm recording this.
[274] Oh yeah, erm can I erm use a pen I need to write down on the log, on the log. [...] shit it you wanna know, I give you it.
Marc (PS4Y5) [275] [...] jacket.
None (PS4Y3) [276] It's not mine.
[277] It's David Wilson's [giggle] The stinky jacket that's over there.
[278] [giggle] . Walk around with the whole bloody classroom.
[279] Oh, oh, oh, Oi, stop mucking about [raspberry] .
[280] No Marc don't stop mucking about [raspberry] Say what?
[281] [...] [raspberry] Papier mache all over him.
[282] [...] going to get you [raspberry] You better check whoa.
[283] Better start checking mate.
[284] Oh shit.
[285] Oh shit.
[286] [...] Mr. Walker's room.
[287] [singing] . Julian, yeah erm, er your twelve little you [giggle] .
Julian (PS4Y4) [288] I'm ill.
None (PS4Y3) [289] Don't feel well [raspberry] .
[290] [...] relationship to himself.
[291] Class mate.
Julian (PS4Y4) [292] Yeah.
None (PS4Y3) [...]
Julian (PS4Y4) [293] Don't put it down.
None (PS4Y3) [294] [...] round partner [raspberry] Erm, I've [...] or friend.
[295] No, not the cool hand of death.
Julian (PS4Y4) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [raspberry]
Julian (PS4Y4) [296] There's a hole down there.
None (PS4Y3) [297] Hole down where?
Julian (PS4Y4) [298] [...] hole down there.
None (PS4Y3) [299] Oh.
[300] Oh yeah.
[301] I hate Emma, such a cheat.
[302] Don't trust no, don't trust no, don't trust no.
[303] Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch.
[304] Bring out the holes down with some new improved shit.
[305] Don't beat me, get off my bum.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [306] Don't trust no.
None (PS4Y3) [307] Didn't I said, didn't I just said,I I just said get off my bum [raspberry] .
[308] Don't trust no, don't ... don't trust no battery, battery man.
[309] Hey where's my balloon gone now?
[310] You're a cheat.
[311] [singing] Come with a nice young lady intelligent [] .
Julian (PS4Y4) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [312] [mimicking] oh, ah, don't break my back, don't break my back [] [humming] .
[313] Hip hop hooray ho, hey, ho, hey, ho, hey, ho.
[314] [humming] . Ho, hey, ho, ho, hey ho [humming] [singing] .
[315] Marc, cut me up some strips.
[316] Come on man, look, so glue.
[317] Just cut them up for me then.
Marc (PS4Y5) [318] Get it yourself bitch.
None (PS4Y3) [319] Come on man, I've got ... [singing] Come with a nice young lady, intelligent [] [humming] [singing] In a cardboard box, informer [...] lick your boom boom there [...] lick your boom boom there [] [humming] [singing] [...] with my dibby, dibby dob, police knock my door, they shout my crib, rough me up and I can't do a thing, pick up the [...] when the telephone ring ... [...] informer [] .
[320] What?
[321] Singing about.
[322] [singing] Damn fool man, damn fool man.
[323] The damn, damn fool man, [shouting] the damn, damn fool man [] [] .
[324] Hip hop hooray, yo, hey, ho, hey, ho, hey, ho.
[325] [singing] . Yeah, nice ... Max.
[326] [humming] What are you gonna stick on here?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [327] Done many layers have you?
None (PS4Y3) [328] I know, I'm qu I'm not good at this.
[329] You know what I usually do, I stick it all in and then whilst it's still in there I
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [330] Yeah man, same here.
[331] I'm shitty.
[332] ... Can't do this man.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [shouting]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [333] [shouting] finished sir []
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [334] [shouting] Boom, boom, boom, boom []
None (PS4Y3) [335] I love that song.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [336] Right, Max if you can't shut up I'm not having you in here [...]
None (PS4Y3) [337] Cos I've got a lot of love .
[338] I've gotta lot of love.
[339] [giggle] Gotta lot of love.
[340] Oh sir, look it's all shabby it's coming off everywhere.
[341] [shouting] Max []
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [342] Shut up.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [343] Piss off.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [344] [raspberry] Max mate you soaked me.
[345] Codge wadge away, yo.
[346] Yo.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [347] Yeah.
None (PS4Y3) [348] Yo.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [349] Hey.
None (PS4Y3) [350] Ho.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [351] Hey.
None (PS4Y3) [352] Hey, ho, yo, yo. [giggle]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [353] Hey, hey, hey, hey, ho, ho.
None (PS4Y3) [354] So Richard.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [355] So Richard.
None (PS4Y3) [356] I pronounce you Sir Richard.
[357] [shouting] Go [] .
[358] Ho, hey, ho hi, ho, hey, ho, hip hop hooray, funky, get down, a-boogie, get down.
[359] [raspberry] . [singing] Marc I want to pass wind []
Marc (PS4Y5) [360] I want to
None (PS4Y3) [361] To break wind.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [raspberry]
None (PS4Y3) [362] [singing] I want to break wind []
Marc (PS4Y5) [363] [singing] I want to []
None (PS4Y3) [364] [raspberry] [singing] I want to break wind [] [humming] .
[365] [...] fucking hole [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [shouting]
None (PS4Y3) [366] Hey, Marc, Marc there's people going home you know.
Marc (PS4Y5) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [367] [...] There's people going home.
Marc (PS4Y5) [368] Yes they'd like to go home and get [...]
None (PS4Y3) [369] Yes matey. [singing] [...] a lick your boom boom down, [...] a lick your boom boom down []
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [370] Right er, you lot if you can't stop making that stupid racket, I can't [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [371] Okay.
None (PS4Y3) [372] [singing] [...] was a nice young lady, intelligent [...] [] [humming] .
[373] [singing] So informer [] .
[374] That's what I was gonna do.
[375] [raspberry] Yeah, you always do.
[376] [...] [humming] . [singing] I'm gonna take him to outer space ... to find another race, I'm gonna take him to outer space [] .
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [377] I'm gonna tape my Ice Cube tape.
None (PS4Y3) [378] Huh, what?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [379] [humming] .
[380] Oh rubbish.
[381] [...] . [singing] . [...] you know.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [382] Right [...] people here at half past three, if I have to tell them about fooling about [...] .
None (PS4Y3) [383] [singing] Come with a nice young lady [] Mm?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [384] Erm let me see erm [...] Max.
[385] [...] Max have you seen him?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [386] What about him?
None (PS4Y3) [387] They're rough [...] yeah is erm [...] and all the way round it's got air bubble from here to there all the way round.
[388] They're rough th well they cost, they cost dollars.
[389] Watch, when you drop it and you smash them, watch they'll kill you.
[390] What?
[391] Yeah I know.
[392] How old are you Wolf, thirteen innit?
[393] [mimicking] In nineteen seventy nine u unusual individuals [...] Wolf [...] ... In nineteen seventy nine an unusual ... phenomenon happened.
[394] A boy named [...] came into the world and ... he ... shook it.
[395] It was incredible ... image ... erm ability to fuck ... [...] then an elephant and here we go [raspberry] .
[396] Very impressive isn't it? []
[397] [singing] . Oh man I wanna go home.
[398] [humming] . Cries and whispers.
[399] [...] . A campaign for secrecy is ... say what, say what.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [400] [shouting] Shut up []
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [401] Er we're not gonna go in five minutes unless you're sitting quietly [...]
None (PS4Y3) [402] [humming] [singing] hey yo, yo, hey yo, yo, hey yo yo, don't you know, hey yo, yo, here I go, hey yo, yo, yeah, yeah, yeah [] [humming]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [403] Hip hop, hip hop.
None (PS4Y3) [404] [singing] [singing] .
[405] There it is, gosh.
[406] Look, I was looking for my pen and it was there all along.
[407] Shut up [...] silly [...] .
[408] This is all sound effects by the way.
[409] Where are they?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [410] Did they make them?
None (PS4Y3) [411] [...] [raspberry] We'll come with the funky ... big nose and that.
[412] Innit? [raspberry]

2 (Tape 137801)

None (PS4Y3) [413] I get pretty unavailable its a ... really good time for you to get in an argument with me.
Dinah (PS4Y8) [414] Mm?
None (PS4Y3) [415] I'm doing my homework while I'm ... erm ... whilst I'm doing my homework which I'm getting pretty frustrated about.
[416] ... [sigh] I'm going to bed now erm it's ten past ten [...]
Dinah (PS4Y8) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [417] Yes Mum.
Dinah (PS4Y8) [shouting] [...]

3 (Tape 137803)

Julian (PS4Y4) [418] Yeah, we could just play with [...] .
None (PS4Y3) [419] [belch] Yeah I know erm like.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [420] What about ... [...] might be going out with his mum or something, or going to his gran's.
Julian (PS4Y4) [421] Oh, then
None (PS4Y3) [422] And will have nothing to do in it ... exactly.
Julian (PS4Y4) [423] Then [...] might be in there.
None (PS4Y3) [424] [yawn] Yeah but what if he isn't.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [425] But at least when we go to [...] yeah, you get to go to places like ice skating.
Julian (PS4Y4) [426] Oh yeah, Michael's as well.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [427] Not all the time.
None (PS4Y3) [428] Yeah, I know not all the time, but it's better than sitting on your fat arse at home innit.
Julian (PS4Y4) [429] Yeah, ... guess so.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
Julian (PS4Y4) [430] You might [...] don't it?
None (PS4Y3) [431] Wrestle
Selassie (PS4Y9) [432] Now listen to him.
None (PS4Y3) [433] Shut up
Julian (PS4Y4) [434] [...] that's the way to say it, [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [435] Who do I trust, who do I trust me, that's who.
None (PS4Y3) [436] Who do I trust, who do I trust, me that's who.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [437] [...] all of the [...] ... all of the [...]
None (PS4Y3) [438] Yeah, but I'm not listening to [...] and this isn't [...] I'm this is my ... log.
Julian (PS4Y4) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [439] Oh shut up man.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [440] You have to be quiet.
None (PS4Y3) [441] You're so loud, can't you see us recording it?
[442] Bloody heater.
Julian (PS4Y4) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [443] Good.
[444] Shut up.
[445] Damn heater.
[446] [singing] can't [...] ooh, ooh, can't [...] ooh, ooh, can't [...] [] .
[447] Time is eight o'clock [...]
Selassie (PS4Y9) [448] Oh shut up, tell this [...]
None (PS4Y3) [449] Oh shut up you're so stupid always causing
Julian (PS4Y4) [450] Ow.
None (PS4Y3) [451] always making trouble you are, you're a trouble maker.
[452] You're a dreeb
Julian (PS4Y4) [453] Shut up.
None (PS4Y3) [454] Shut up [...]
Julian (PS4Y4) [455] No.
None (PS4Y3) [456] This'll do.
[457] What you doing?
[458] Peanut head.
Julian (PS4Y4) [459] Shut up.
None (PS4Y3) [460] Peanut head.
[461] Bean head.
Julian (PS4Y4) [462] No.
None (PS4Y3) [463] Boil head.
Julian (PS4Y4) [464] I don't want to.
[465] Have I got a boil head then?
None (PS4Y3) [giggle]
Julian (PS4Y4) [466] Have I?
Selassie (PS4Y9) [467] No you've got a piggy head.
None (PS4Y3) [468] You've got apple jumble.
[469] [giggle] Apple jumble.
[470] Who who who's one's is that?
[471] That isn't your one's that's Audrey's.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [472] This one apple jumblies
Julian (PS4Y4) [473] [raspberry] yeah apple jumblies
None (PS4Y3) [474] Obviously started it off cos he had apple jumble.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [raspberry]
Julian (PS4Y4) [raspberry]
Selassie (PS4Y9) [475] Everyone [...] apple jumbles.
Julian (PS4Y4) [476] Audrey started it off.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [477] But they all do though.
None (PS4Y3) [478] I like that thing in Ice Cube when it goes time twelve o'clock, knickers hot, dick hard, arse [...]
Selassie (PS4Y9) [raspberry]
Julian (PS4Y4) [raspberry]
Selassie (PS4Y9) [479] Well how do you think [...]
None (PS4Y3) [480] [singing] probably on the first level innit, or when it's starting up. [humming]
Selassie (PS4Y9) [481] [...] behaviour
None (PS4Y3) [482] What things?
Selassie (PS4Y9) [483] Behaviour.
None (PS4Y3) [484] Oh I don't think so.
[485] Just don't think so.
[486] Don't think so mate.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [487] Huh?
None (PS4Y3) [488] I Don't think so mate.
[489] Knickers hot, hard arse or what.
[490] Watch all tomorrow I'm gonna be talking about games.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [491] Mm.
None (PS4Y3) [492] Yeah, I had this big argument no, I had this big argument
Selassie (PS4Y9) [493] Mm.
None (PS4Y3) [494] With David Robinson all about how Super Nintendo is better than a Megadrive or Megadrive is better than a Super Nintendo big argument
Selassie (PS4Y9) [495] And you said Super Nintendo
None (PS4Y3) [496] No Sega Megadrive, Super Nintendo's Cackup
Selassie (PS4Y9) [497] You said Super Nintendo.
None (PS4Y3) [498] Huh?
Selassie (PS4Y9) [499] You said Super Nintendo.
None (PS4Y3) [500] Yeah.
Julian (PS4Y4) [501] Yeah.
None (PS4Y3) [502] Super Nintendo's Cackup That's the cackest games machine.
[503] The shittiest.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [504] [...] to use man.
None (PS4Y3) [505] Yeah I know.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [506] Meg all Megadrive [...]
None (PS4Y3) [507] What?
Selassie (PS4Y9) [508] [...] Super Nes quite hard to use.
None (PS4Y3) [509] Mm I know, but it's not that, it's the games they're just plain rubbish and cack and like that.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [510] They've got too many continues in it as well.
None (PS4Y3) [511] Yeah most of the games have got duff continues.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [512] [yawn] Erm
Selassie (PS4Y9) [513] They make [...] innit?
[514] Innit?
None (PS4Y3) [515] Mm.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [516] but some games
None (PS4Y3) [517] They make sure you [...] you know why they do that, so then you can go out and buy another game ... another one of their games and then this so then just keep on clocking them up yeah, and go out to buy a m more games so you spend more money of their games.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [518] Yeah, but Megadrives do make their game their games like easy as well.
None (PS4Y3) [519] No they're not.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [520] Not, not all of them but some of them.
None (PS4Y3) [521] Most of them are hard man.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [522] Some of the are [...]
Julian (PS4Y4) [523] We got Master System [...]
Selassie (PS4Y9) [524] But Sega Master Systems are har all of them are hard.
None (PS4Y3) [525] Yeah, they're the hardest.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [526] [...] you know.
None (PS4Y3) [527] Yeah I know.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [528] Everyone reckons Master System games [...] is harder.
None (PS4Y3) [529] Mm.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [530] [...] as well, but not everyone does because they they [...] just the graphics.
None (PS4Y3) [531] Mm graphics and
Selassie (PS4Y9) [532] It depends on how good the game play is you know.
[533] You can get so bored on a Megadrive man, clocking up all the [...]
None (PS4Y3) [534] Oh well look at Tazmania though, that was
Selassie (PS4Y9) [535] Yes
None (PS4Y3) [536] that was easy
Selassie (PS4Y9) [537] Yeah.
None (PS4Y3) [538] That was
Selassie (PS4Y9) [539] And the Megadrive is hard.
None (PS4Y3) [540] Yeah,it 's it's easy on Megadrive though.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [541] [...] harder than most, it's got more levels than Master System too.
None (PS4Y3) [542] Has it?
Selassie (PS4Y9) [543] Yeah.
[544] Completely different course.
Julian (PS4Y4) [545] I know.
None (PS4Y3) [546] Guess what, they made one for Super Nintendo.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [547] Tazmania?
None (PS4Y3) [548] It's so cack When you're doing the running, you're running from behind, you can only see the behind of Taz ... you see the behind of Taz
Selassie (PS4Y9) [549] Tazmania?
None (PS4Y3) [550] Yeah.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [551] Oh this is so rubbish man.
None (PS4Y3) [552] You can only see like his back his legs an and the back of [...] running.
Julian (PS4Y4) [553] They're copycats man
None (PS4Y3) [554] So shit man.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [555] Mm, Sega's better.
[556] Sega are blatantly better.
Julian (PS4Y4) [557] Yeah.
None (PS4Y3) [558] They know, they just strive and survive Super Nintendo.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [559] Game Boy rubbish.
None (PS4Y3) [560] Mm, no, erm yeah I know.
[561] Look, look at Super Nintendo, tell me ... I want you to name me twenty good games ... you can't, you can't.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [562] That's got no continues?
None (PS4Y3) [563] No, no twenty good games base it.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [564] Base it?
None (PS4Y3) [565] Base it.
[566] Twen s s you can't do it, you can't do it.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [567] No let me try Super Mario
None (PS4Y3) [568] No, no all right then twe t twenty good games.
[569] Super Mario Kart, that's one
Selassie (PS4Y9) [570] Street Fighter, that's a good one.
None (PS4Y3) [571] That's rubbish.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [572] It's a good game.
None (PS4Y3) [573] It's rubbish.
Julian (PS4Y4) [574] No.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [575] Everyone [...]
None (PS4Y3) [576] No, it is rubbish.
Julian (PS4Y4) [577] Yes, Street Fighter is rubbish.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [578] Street Fighter Two is [...] Super Nintendo.
None (PS4Y3) [579] Mm, go on.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [580] Let me think of one.
None (PS4Y3) [581] Exactly you have to think a long time.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [582] [...] erm that [...]
None (PS4Y3) [583] Mm.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [584] Erm ... erm Castlevania is rubbish.
None (PS4Y3) [585] That's shit.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [586] And then [...] ... Super Soccer's quite good, but it's getting you get a bit bored of it
None (PS4Y3) [587] It's rubbish
Selassie (PS4Y9) [588] Just get bored with it.
None (PS4Y3) [...]
Selassie (PS4Y9) [589] Erm
None (PS4Y3) [590] Let me help you out, Tiny Toon Adventures
Selassie (PS4Y9) [591] Well that's good.
None (PS4Y3) [592] Star Wing.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [593] Star Wars.
None (PS4Y3) [594] Yeah, Super Star Wars, Super Tennis, erm ... erm seven so far.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [595] Joe and Mac Ninja Cavemen.
None (PS4Y3) [596] Mm, Joe and Mac Ninja Cavemen.
Julian (PS4Y4) [597] Yeah.
None (PS4Y3) [598] Erm
Selassie (PS4Y9) [599] Final Fight.
None (PS4Y3) [600] It's not that good, cos it's either Final Fight [...] you have to be [...] or you can only pick out of and [...] or it's Final Fight guy where you can only be [...] or Guy.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [601] No, but you only like [...] or [...]
None (PS4Y3) [602] Mm, I know but ... it's so stupid though innit?
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [603] I know, but that is so stupid though innit?
Selassie (PS4Y9) [604] No, it depends on the game pl play is.
None (PS4Y3) [605] So what erm
Julian (PS4Y4) [606] Erm Fatal Fury.
None (PS4Y3) [607] Mm that's okay.
Julian (PS4Y4) [608] Yeah, it's okay.
None (PS4Y3) [609] It's kind of cack though cos the [...] is so small.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [610] But you to be [...] on one of them innit?
None (PS4Y3) [611] Mm.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [612] But who's erm who's fighting for their daughter or girlfriend
None (PS4Y3) [613] Erm it's Hagarth
Julian (PS4Y4) [614] Hagarth
None (PS4Y3) [615] is erm that's his daughter.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [616] Hagarth's daughter?
None (PS4Y3) [617] Mhm.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [618] Yeah.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [619] But what?
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [620] When you play it on the arcade
Selassie (PS4Y9) [621] Yeah.
None (PS4Y3) [622] You [...] and Codie that's it.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [623] When you [...] Codie and Hagarth
None (PS4Y3) [624] Yeah.
[625] ... On arcade you can be either Guy you can be Guy and Codie and leave out Hagarth ... but most people go for Hagarth
Selassie (PS4Y9) [626] Hagarth
None (PS4Y3) [627] Some people call him Hagarth and some people call him Haygarth and some call him erm Haygar some people call him Hagge or all that lot.
Julian (PS4Y4) [628] Some people call him Hadger some people call him
Selassie (PS4Y9) [629] Hadger
None (PS4Y3) [630] I reckon is Hagar
Julian (PS4Y4) [631] Yeah Hagar
None (PS4Y3) [632] Hagar
Selassie (PS4Y9) [633] Hagar
None (PS4Y3) [634] Hagar
Selassie (PS4Y9) [635] Yeah American name innit.
[636] Hagar
None (PS4Y3) [637] Mm.
[638] Do you know that's eight games man.
[639] It's shit.
[640] [...] there be twenty [yawn]
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [641] What?
Selassie (PS4Y9) [642] [...] and you go shit.
None (PS4Y3) [643] Gu Guy?
Selassie (PS4Y9) [644] Yeah.
None (PS4Y3) [645] He's crap.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [646] I know, [...] the best.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [647] No one ever got Guy
Julian (PS4Y4) [648] I know, Codie
Selassie (PS4Y9) [649] Codie or [...]
None (PS4Y3) [650] Now nev no one ever used to be Codie
Julian (PS4Y4) [651] C Codie is like
None (PS4Y3) [652] It's either Guy or Hagarth
Julian (PS4Y4) [653] But
None (PS4Y3) [654] Yeah because you know why people never tried him, cos everyone used to sit like ... like some people that are rubbish at the game yeah, they say oh, this Guy's shit ... and what they do they say oh, it's shit and tell everyone don't be him, don't him he's shit.
Julian (PS4Y4) [655] C Codie
None (PS4Y3) [656] So you'll just be wasting your [...] so no one ever tries him out, but I've tried
Julian (PS4Y4) [657] Codie
None (PS4Y3) [658] him out, he's good you know, better than Guy.
Julian (PS4Y4) [659] Codie Codie's like
None (PS4Y3) [yawn]
Julian (PS4Y4) [660] like erm [...] Codie just like that
None (PS4Y3) [661] erm oh, yeah yeah, if you [...]
Julian (PS4Y4) [662] Yeah.
None (PS4Y3) [663] I don't care.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [664] Same jeans, same t-shirts [...]
None (PS4Y3) [665] Exactly same jeans, same jeans, same t-shirt ... got same colour hair.
Julian (PS4Y4) [666] Yeah.
None (PS4Y3) [667] Same colour eyes.
Julian (PS4Y4) [668] And they, and they both got it like that, they both got it like that.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [669] [...] but Streets of Rage [...]
None (PS4Y3) [670] [humming] yeah Streets of Rage.
Julian (PS4Y4) [671] They both go like that.
None (PS4Y3) [672] I like Streets of Rage but I like Streets of Rage One an and that erm erm
Julian (PS4Y4) [673] They both go like that
Selassie (PS4Y9) [674] You know, Final Fight's like Streets of Rage One
None (PS4Y3) [675] [humming] I know.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [676] Yeah Final Fight's [...] but it isn't actually
None (PS4Y3) [677] I know cos Guy and Codie yeah
Selassie (PS4Y9) [678] Three people.
None (PS4Y3) [679] Er Guy and Codie yeah ... is erm ...
Selassie (PS4Y9) [680] Codie is erm [...] and Guy is erm Adam and and Axle is erm
Julian (PS4Y4) [681] Hagarth
None (PS4Y3) [682] Hagarth yeah.
[683] Not really though, yeah not really.
[684] I tell you yeah, this [...] yeah and thing right and erm it's what's [...] this is Streets of Rage Two and Fata Final Fight yeah.
[685] Max is Hagarth definitely.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [686] Oh yeah.
None (PS4Y3) [687] Yeah, yeah okay yeah okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah okay, okay, okay, yeah, erm ... erm let me see ... Blaze is Guy
Selassie (PS4Y9) [688] Blaze is Guy.
None (PS4Y3) [689] Codie is Axle.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [690] Yeah.
None (PS4Y3) [691] That's it.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [692] What about [...] [giggle]
None (PS4Y3) [693] Yeah I know.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [694] No one 's escaped.
None (PS4Y3) [humming]
Selassie (PS4Y9) [695] [...] innit
Julian (PS4Y4) [696] Yes.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [humming]
Julian (PS4Y4) [697] [...] older than that.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [698] About fifteen.
None (PS4Y3) [699] I can just say that I've clocked it, even though I can I just I can't clock it yeah ... I can just say I could cos I know how it end.
Julian (PS4Y4) [700] I know.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [701] Man [...]
None (PS4Y3) [702] [...] lying on the floor yeah,
Julian (PS4Y4) [703] Yeah.
None (PS4Y3) [704] Instead
Selassie (PS4Y9) [705] Adam?
None (PS4Y3) [706] Erm, no
Julian (PS4Y4) [707] No the guy that was the machine gun.
None (PS4Y3) [708] Mister X, Mister X yeah.
[709] See him lying on the floor yeah, he's dead, and then
Julian (PS4Y4) [710] You see others going like this
None (PS4Y3) [711] and then you see Adam he's in these chairs, [...] with his arms like that [...] yeah and he's kneeling down yeah and [...] and it's really good graphics yeah and then you see them outside
Julian (PS4Y4) [712] Yeah.
None (PS4Y3) [713] with erm ... with erm ... yeah they're all lined up yeah ... yeah and you can see erm Blaze and Max yeah and Max going like this
Julian (PS4Y4) [714] Yeah.
None (PS4Y3) [715] and then you see all of them from behind, yeah and you see [...] on Adam's shoulders
Julian (PS4Y4) [716] Yeah.
None (PS4Y3) [717] and [...] all lined up
Julian (PS4Y4) [718] Yeah.
None (PS4Y3) [719] and they're all waving at this helicopter and
Julian (PS4Y4) [720] I know.
None (PS4Y3) [721] and it's in the sunshine and then it ends.
Julian (PS4Y4) [722] I know.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
Julian (PS4Y4) [723] Yeah, I know.
[724] I saw it in the Games Master magazine
None (PS4Y3) [725] yeah.
Julian (PS4Y4) [726] [...] you told me.
None (PS4Y3) [727] Mhm.
[728] ... So bloody boring.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [729] What?
None (PS4Y3) [730] This. [yawn]
Selassie (PS4Y9) [731] What, what you're doing now?
None (PS4Y3) [732] Yeah, we're sitting here and talking about crap.
Julian (PS4Y4) [733] Yeah let's talk about games.
[734] Erm
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [735] [...] to do.
Julian (PS4Y4) [736] Lemmings Two.
None (PS4Y3) [737] Yeah, get Lemmings Two.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [738] I found out that [...] my friend's games, my friend's games [...] but he he's lent it out to some [...]
None (PS4Y3) [739] Mm.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [740] So when he gets it back I [...]
None (PS4Y3) [741] Mhm.
[742] Yeah.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [743] [...] then take it back [...]
None (PS4Y3) [yawn] [humming]
Selassie (PS4Y9) [744] So I know [...]
None (PS4Y3) [745] Mm?
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [746] Yeah what about it?
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [747] No well we need disks to record it.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [748] No you don't.
None (PS4Y3) [749] Yes we do.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [750] Yes, but Sellasie
Selassie (PS4Y9) [751] Mm?
None (PS4Y3) [752] You see they have the set-up disk
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [753] Then we've got to [...] together it's a set-up disk.
[754] Uh Huh.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [755] [...] What do you think that disk you are holding was?
Selassie (PS4Y9) [756] [...] type in.
None (PS4Y3) [757] Sellasie.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [758] Sellasie, right if yeah you can do that, but you still need back-up files.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [759] Something might go wrong.
[760] Exactly.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [761] Something might go wrong.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [762] [...] can't go wrong is that [...] the th the thing in you put in the computer won't go off ... won't go off and won't be on the computing see what I'm saying? ... [...]
None (PS4Y3) [yawn]
Selassie (PS4Y9) [763] That's what they have to [...] that's what they they do [...]

4 (Tape 137804)

Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [764] Can you join the group.
None (PS4Y3) [765] All right.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [766] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [767] All right what like here [...] keep it that
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [768] Yes, well you just put volume of water in that one.
None (PS4Y3) [769] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [770] You've got ten minutes to see who's one dropped [...]
None (PS4Y3) [771] Is there a price?
[772] Is there a price?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [773] The price is commendation and glory and honour.
None (PS4Y3) [774] Oh [raspberry]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [775] Simple enough ... glory and honour.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [776] Shitty. [scream]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [777] I know.
None (PS4Y3) [778] Hulk and the fantastic all against all odds.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [779] Yes I got it right here.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [780] No, who said who said he was borrowing it?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [781] [...] borrow it.
None (PS4Y3) [782] Yeah, well I 'm I 'm I'm still borrowing it.
[783] You are a [...] you know [...]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [784] Not really.
None (PS4Y3) [785] No.
[786] I haven't even heard the rest of the songs.
[787] I tell you what
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [788] Yeah.
None (PS4Y3) [789] I'll let you listen to it, I brought it in today.
[790] Rough tape what.
[791] Who can I trust, who can I trust, me, that's who.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [792] Ooh you bean heads.
[793] Ooh.
[794] Let's see it.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [795] He's got it in his bag.
[796] Get it out of his bag.
None (PS4Y3) [797] [...] too tired and there's a [...] in it
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [798] Shit
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [799] That's rough you see it yeah, there's aliens there, they catch [...] superiors yeah and they take them [...] it's wicked that [...] each other and other people [...] he's the champion, him and his erm girlfriend are the champions.
None (PS4Y3) [800] Oh is that the aliens?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [801] No he's the he's just the champ champion of the [...] ... [...] he's the [...]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [802] Yeah all right then.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [803] [...] under the desk [...] comics
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [804] That's mine sir.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [805] Not my idea of science.
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [806] What?
None (PS4Y3) [807] It's shit [giggle] ... Cooler than just [...] [mimicking] Just ricochet off his body you know.
[808] [mimicking] . [shouting] [...] and so bloody loud []
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [809] [shouting] It is []
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [810] Louder with you in it innit?
None (PS4Y3) [811] [...] [raspberry] You're supposed a old one.
[812] The world's mightiest teacher against all guns.
[813] It's one hell of a boring conversation man I'm turning this cr shit thing off.
[814] This is so boring innit?
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [815] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [816] Who's your partner then, who's your partner then [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [817] [...] [singing] nobody wants you Dawn ... Dawn hasn't got any friends []
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [818] Oh shut up. [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [singing] [...] []
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [819] Shut up.
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [mimicking]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [raspberry]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [820] Eighty-nine.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [821] Eighty-one.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [822] Eighty-two.
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [823] Oh, oh.
[824] I was talking about you [...] yesterday.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [825] Everybody quiet, I'm trying to listen and listen.
None (PS4Y3) [826] Cos about remember the argument we had in maths about Sega and Nintendo.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [827] What, what, what?
None (PS4Y3) [828] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [829] What you saying?
None (PS4Y3) [830] I was talking with my brothers about it.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [831] What you saying, what?
[832] Is it on now?
None (PS4Y3) [833] Yeah, it's on now.
[834] Recording you in it.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [835] [...] say, Super Nintendo ... Se Super Nintendo's a bit all right though.
None (PS4Y3) [836] Yeah, it's okay, yeah but ... a Megadrive's better innit?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [837] I know [...] man.
None (PS4Y3) [838] Megadrive's better man.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [839] Yeah they can [giggle]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [840] It's half past man
None (PS4Y3) [841] Yeah I have.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [842] Got a lot to do.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [whispering]
None (PS4Y3) [843] No, course [...] don't think so.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [844] Oh was there.
[845] Oh was that the was that this private doctor?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [846] [...] it wasn't my fault though.
None (PS4Y3) [847] Oh June please get off.
[848] June, June, June, June you creep get off June ooh [scream] ... Don't come near me again.
[849] Bitch.
[850] [raspberry] . Shit.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [raspberry]
None (PS4Y3) [851] June, I didn't know you felt that way.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [raspberry]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [852] Get off shut up.
None (PS4Y3) [853] Give us my pass.
[854] [...] [mimicking] June isn't too much [mimicking] .
[855] [whining] Push June, push [] .
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [raspberry]
None (PS4Y3) [856] Not.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [857] When you've put it away, sit down.
[858] Can you all bring your [...] please.
None (PS4Y3) [859] [scream] Oh guess what, yeah?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [860] There's this man I know and he's that quick yeah, he's he erm my uncle yeah, he's at college and there's this man at his college yeah and listen yeah because they've got t v's and they're allowed to stay up as long as they want.
[861] Listen, what are you watching and he goes [...]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [scream]
None (PS4Y3) [862] [raspberry] [...] twilight zone.
[863] [...] ... burn it up, burn it.
[864] I was talking to you lot earlier on innit. [...]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [865] Yeah.
[866] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [867] [shouting] Right, sit down please listen [] .
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [868] Sit down and be quiet please.
None (PS4Y3) [869] Sir how old are you?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [870] Sit down and be quiet.
None (PS4Y3) [871] Turn it off.
[872] Hello erm this is June, say hello June.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [873] Hello [...] [raspberry]
None (PS4Y3) [874] Oh erm, oh forget it, forget it.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [raspberry]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [875] Turn this off please.
None (PS4Y3) [876] Erm I'm gonna do erm this one.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [877] Right [...]
None (PS4Y3) [878] I'm gonna do that I want to be free.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [879] [...] come over to you [...]
None (PS4Y3) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [880] I done it in neat.
[881] Oh, it's at home, forgot it.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [882] [...] see it [...]
None (PS4Y3) [883] I had to go to the doctor okay then.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [884] Yeah, but I 'm I'm doing this erm
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [885] Yeah, all right, but you work on that right?
None (PS4Y3) [886] Yeah.
[887] [singing] I wanna be free [...] What?
[888] I have to have it on I wanna have a conversation.
[889] Well speak to me then.
[890] Speak to me.
[891] [...] I'll turn it off then.
[892] [...] let me use the Tippex. [...] let me use the Tippex.
[893] Let me use the Tippex please Phillipe.
[894] Yeah okay.
[895] Mind if I keep it yeah?
[896] I'm gonna anyway yeah.
[897] Nice one, see you.
[898] What are you doing [...] Give my ... give my book back mm.
[899] [...] cheek.
[900] Yeah, so what.
[901] I don't give a damn, I don't give a damn.
[902] Shut up, hush hush.
[903] [...] What are you doing?
[904] Damn fool, take it in.
[905] Just hush your mouth.
[906] Better not stop mucking about with it, [...] get ripped or anything, gonna go out and by me a new book.
[907] Pay me five quid.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [908] [shouting] Look will you put your hand up []
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [raspberry]
None (PS4Y3) [909] Shit.
[910] [raspberry] . Shame.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [911] [...] behave.
None (PS4Y3) [912] [raspberry] [singing] shame David [] . ... [giggle]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [913] [shouting] I am waiting for quiet from everyone. []
None (PS4Y3) [914] [giggle] Shame David.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [915] No.
None (PS4Y3) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [916] [...] will you stand up [...]
None (PS4Y3) [raspberry]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [917] Why are you talking?
[918] ... Why are you talking in class?
None (PS4Y3) [919] Get lost [...] to get the chop.

5 (Tape 137901)

None (PS4Y3) [920] Ben, Ben, Ben.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [921] What?
None (PS4Y3) [922] When is it your Ben day.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [923] [...] why are you buying me [...]
None (PS4Y3) [924] No, I'm bur I'm buying you a new pack of condoms.
[925] Gonna buy you a house. [raspberry]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [926] Empty pack of condoms.
None (PS4Y3) [927] Yeah.
[928] ... I'm gonna get him one of those machines that gives condoms when you put a pound in yeah.
Marc (PS4Y5) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [929] Erm, let me see one, two, three, four.
[930] Four centimetres.
Marc (PS4Y5) [931] Four millimetres actually.
None (PS4Y3) [932] Yeah.
[933] [...] Oi, I wanna [...] Where is it?
[934] ... No.
[935] Give it back.
Marc (PS4Y5) [936] [...] yourself.
None (PS4Y3) [937] No.
[938] I didn't want.
Marc (PS4Y5) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [939] Yeah.
[940] Oh oh I just recorded that [raspberry] I was gonna keep all the words ... but I'm only joking
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [941] Not.
None (PS4Y3) [942] Good old Ben you said yes.
[943] Yeah I know ... No.
[944] You get ketchup, you get blast up, you get ketchup you get blast up, oh oh.
[945] Blanks and spanks you get blank and then you get spank.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [946] By Ben's mum.
Marc (PS4Y5) [947] What's it called [...]
None (PS4Y3) [948] About [...] er and the next one comes up [...]
Abbey (PS4Y6) [949] It's good is it [...] is it.
[950] You just get it anywhere [...] it's not worth the sort of [...] on it.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [951] It is the special [...]
None (PS4Y3) [952] That look's wicked though.
[953] No.
[954] Do you know who that looks like?
Marc (PS4Y5) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [955] No.
[956] No that's like that in erm Spiderman and he's like the Punisher and he's dressed in green.
Marc (PS4Y5) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [957] No, no he looks like he's trigger happy boy.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [958] Erm yeah.
[959] No [...]
Marc (PS4Y5) [960] [...] Kass
None (PS4Y3) [961] Yeah he does look like [...] but oi, you know that Spiderma oi ... oi, oi you know that Spiderman one you had yeah where deathlock is that was Spiderman and erm it erm and erm Spiderman's talking to this guy ... and erm he's he's dressed in green and he looks just like erm death like erm ... Kill Power.
[962] What's the name called again?
Marc (PS4Y5) [963] Like comics [...]
None (PS4Y3) [964] Bring it ... is it?
[965] You've got them all.
Marc (PS4Y5) [966] No I've gotta I've gotta find out which which comics are which [...] which [...] .
None (PS4Y3) [967] Mm, yeah [giggle] .
Marc (PS4Y5) [968] I can't find out which comic it is.
None (PS4Y3) [969] Look fo look for the [...] guy man.
Marc (PS4Y5) [970] Which man, him?
None (PS4Y3) [971] Yeah.
[972] He looks like him but he's in green and he's like the Punisher but he's trigger happy boy.
[973] Just a madman.
[974] Bring in some tomorrow.
[975] Ben, let me have a look at that erm Punisher comic of yours.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [976] Why?
None (PS4Y3) [977] Well cos I saw the cover of it and it looked really good.

6 (Tape 137902)

None (PS4Y3) [978] Why.
[979] Why?
[980] I'm coming this way.
[981] No.
[982] Wanna swap it in your mum's punny Yeah I know, it's cos I stretched it when I wanked her.
Marc (PS4Y5) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [983] Yes I did.
[984] Yeah cos I ... I fucked her ... and when my big dick went inside it stretched it, it stretched it.
[985] It stretched it and started all bleeding and I had and I had to sew it up with a sewing kit.
None (PS4Y3) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [986] Cos it's got loads of blanks inside.
Marc (PS4Y5) [987] Has it?
None (PS4Y3) [988] Yep.
[989] Cos it's the banks.
[990] I would like to see your Amiga dick head.
Marc (PS4Y5) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [991] What?
Marc (PS4Y5) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [992] I told you that one.
Marc (PS4Y5) [993] You told me that one?
None (PS4Y3) [994] Yeah.
[995] That one's older.
[996] Red light and the cobwebs on erm here comes mum's pussy.
[997] They're old.
[998] ... Ten years old each [...] .
[999] ... Cos no-one's got the nerve to go and fuck her [raspberry] .
[1000] Cos they'll know they'll be run cos they'll be run [...] and one would be running in
None (PS4Y3) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1001] [raspberry] And then the doctor couldn't be bothered to [...] it.
[1002] The doctor was so ugly yeah, no, no that when the doctor s when the doctor saw her, no when the doctor saw her, she was so ugly he just had to run, couldn't be worth cutting the prinny hole [...] .
Marc (PS4Y5) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1003] Right, you know your dick yeah, right you know your dick, yeah you know it's got that slit on the very end of it, if that wasn't slit I swear your whole ... body would be full of piss.
Marc (PS4Y5) [1004] What?
None (PS4Y3) [1005] Cos none of the piss would be able to get out ... if there wasn't a slit on your dick
None (PS4Y3) [1006] [...] chewing gum.
None (PS4Y3) [1007] Oh no.
[1008] Oh no [raspberry]
Marc (PS4Y5) [1009] What?
None (PS4Y3) [1010] She goes when she was born either he was chewing some chewing gum and it fell out [giggling] and it went ins caught in your mum's prinny and [] [laughing] it glued it together [] [...] [raspberry] See you tomorrow dudes.
[1011] No, you'll catch [...] Why not?
[1012] Why not?
None (PS4Y3) [...]

7 (Tape 137903)

None (PS4Y3) [1013] Lookout you get you better get on the thing.
[1014] ... Man, this was the best ice-cream I've ever had.
[1015] Ice pop.
None (KNVPS000) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1016] Have we, have we?
[1017] Pass the ball.
[1018] What?
None (KNVPS000) [1019] Can't.
None (PS4Y3) [1020] Pass the ball.
[1021] Ha ha you did get it ... [giggle] and he still gets it.
[1022] P J.
Marc (PS4Y5) [1023] P J [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1024] Yeah, have you seen it?
Dinah (PS4Y8) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1025] Yeah have you seen that break.
[1026] Oh.
[1027] Just ... just [...] ... just [...] and it just [...] don't bring it ... over here back here.
[1028] Back [...] it [...] .
[1029] Look out ... wonder
Julian (PS4Y4) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1030] [mimicking] Uh huh [raspberry]
Julian (PS4Y4) [1031] I want here.
[1032] I want here.
None (PS4Y3) [1033] Hello.
Julian (PS4Y4) [1034] I want. [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1035] Hi mum.
[1036] [...] I've got some money ... cos I owe you some.
[1037] How much do I owe you?
Dinah (PS4Y8) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1038] Erm ... because erm er it's about half an hour before break time.
Dinah (PS4Y8) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1039] Only the first lesson which is music and we just ... we just do chords and er thing.
[1040] How much is that?
Dinah (PS4Y8) [1041] You have given me thirty pence.
[1042] ... Thirty pence.
[1043] You got more than thirty pence [...] thirty pence.
None (PS4Y3) [1044] Yeah I know ... I know I owe you ninety-nine P.
Dinah (PS4Y8) [1045] I've got [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1046] I'll give you the rest tomorrow
Dinah (PS4Y8) [1047] I've got twenty-nine P back.
[1048] No, twenty-five ... twenty-eight.
None (PS4Y3) [1049] That's twenty-nine.
Dinah (PS4Y8) [1050] Twenty-nine, twenty [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1051] I owe you er sixty ... seventy P.
Dinah (PS4Y8) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1052] Yeah, okay.
Dinah (PS4Y8) [1053] I want you to answer it.
None (PS4Y3) [1054] Yeah.
Dinah (PS4Y8) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1055] [singing] [singing] girl I'll be right here be right here have no fear, have no fear be right here [] Yeah?
[1056] [sneeze] Bless me.
[1057] Yeah what?
Julian (PS4Y4) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1058] You come here.
Julian (PS4Y4) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1059] All right wait a second, I'm coming down.
Julian (PS4Y4) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1060] What?
Julian (PS4Y4) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1061] Don't see why it should [...] I suppose you can. [singing]

8 (Tape 137904)

None (PS4Y3) [1062] Rude boy in the house.
[1063] Why the house.
[1064] It's just a bad case of de ja vu, de ja vu, de ja vu, yeah and I got some rough comics you know.
[1065] My friends loaned them to me, my friend Tom erm I've got ...
Julian (PS4Y4) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1066] No, I've got Overkill and it's and it's Battle tide, it's got it's got erm Deaths Head Two and Kill Power.
[1067] Kill Power's the best week.
Julian (PS4Y4) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1068] There's a there's this guy you know this guy Kill Power, yeah, looks that's kill that's him there yeah.
Julian (PS4Y4) [1069] Yeah.
None (PS4Y3) [1070] He's got the mind of a ten-year old.
[1071] see he goes hey wanna play and all that lot.
[1072] I've got this other called the New Warriors, it's Namoree versus Nova it's rough.
[1073] It's I've had a look at Battle Tide a little look at it and it's [...] New Warriors though.
[1074] [singing] Hello Auntie.
Dinah (PS4Y8) [1075] Give me a cuddle.
[1076] How are you?
None (PS4Y3) [1077] You didn't tell me you were coming.
Dinah (PS4Y8) [1078] No.
None (PS4Y3) [1079] You didn't tell anyone you were coming.
Dinah (PS4Y8) [1080] I didn't [...]
Julian (PS4Y4) [1081] you didn't tell anyone you were coming
None (PS4Y3) [1082] Didn't know.
Dinah (PS4Y8) [1083] No I didn't think I was coming.
Julian (PS4Y4) [1084] It won't matter.
Dinah (PS4Y8) [1085] [...] for my sister.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1086] Okay [...] Boring.
Julian (PS4Y4) [1087] Yeah boring.
Dinah (PS4Y8) [1088] What?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
Dinah (PS4Y8) [1089] Boring and hot.
None (PS4Y3) [1090] Yeah, erm I think you should do my [...]
Dinah (PS4Y8) [1091] Well how was school then?
None (PS4Y3) [1092] Okay.
[1093] Boring.
Dinah (PS4Y8) [1094] Boring?
None (PS4Y3) [1095] Yeah.
Dinah (PS4Y8) [1096] Are you taking your exams?
[1097] ... Oh no you're not are you.
None (PS4Y3) [1098] No.
Dinah (PS4Y8) [1099] You'll have to come and see us again some time.
None (PS4Y3) [1100] Yeah.
[1101] [humming] . Hi Dad.
Julian (PS4Y4) [1102] Mm?
None (PS4Y3) [1103] Nothing.
Julian (PS4Y4) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1104] From the top of the stairs on this thing here.
Julian (PS4Y4) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1105] Dad, dad, Auntie has to go somewhere I don't know where, but she just told me to call you cos it's quarter past ... fifteen minutes past six ... or is it seven?
[1106] Yeah fifteen minutes past six.
[1107] So you have to go somewhere now ... don't know where but Auntie ... Dad your sister wants you.
Julian (PS4Y4) [1108] Yeah, I'm coming just tell her I'm coming all right.
None (PS4Y3) [1109] Okay, okay, don't get so mad and hectic.
[1110] Stop mucking about on that football damn idiot.
[1111] Take my two pounds.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1112] Yeah.
[1113] Hey I can hear what I'm saying with these erm earphones.
[1114] I can hear what I'm saying [...] I ain't tried this one before.
[1115] What you going to school already?
[1116] ... Oi, you going to school already?
Selassie (PS4Y9) [1117] I'm going twenty past.
None (PS4Y3) [1118] Oh.
[1119] Yes that's the time I'm going as well.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [1120] Why?
None (PS4Y3) [1121] Cos I am.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1122] Just cos I am.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [1123] [...] cos last time I [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1124] Right Dad, see you.
[1125] Oh yeah, I better take that back.
[1126] [singing] Where did I put my homework.
[1127] I am so bad, so bad, yes so bad ... oh yeah.
[1128] [humming] Mum.
[1129] Erm I'm going.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [1130] Have you had something to eat?
None (PS4Y3) [1131] No I'm not hungry.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1132] Understand ... [...]
Ado (PS4Y7) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1133] What?
Ado (PS4Y7) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1134] What?
[1135] What?
Ado (PS4Y7) [1136] Mm?
None (PS4Y3) [1137] What you said?
Ado (PS4Y7) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1138] Oh shut up.
[1139] ... Some people's problems all calling me crinkly head ... mad or something.
[1140] Where's the blasted game boy ones gone?
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1141] No I didn't.
[1142] It's around here somewhere.
[1143] I don't know where.
[1144] Where are they? [...] taken then [...] .
[1145] ... [...] this business.
[1146] Get out my face ... What's this?
[1147] Oh [...] Yes.
[1148] I have them ... the undisputed champions of [...] they're idiots.
[1149] So I can just [...] because they have been found and I shall use them [...] you shut up, or should I shut up.
[1150] I've got my own [...] I choose when to shut up.
[1151] I choose when not to shut up.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1152] Yes so why did you say shut up in the first place?
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1153] Yeah but I'm not gonna shut up.
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1154] Yeah, yeah yeah I am, I am, I am gonna make a [...] thank you very much.
[1155] [...] ... Bitching. [singing] start bitching [] Stop bitching.
[1156] What the ... have to give me blacks ... blacks [...] yes, it is done.
[1157] [...] yes wicked, no, not wicked.
[1158] [...] some blacks.
Julian (PS4Y4) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1159] I know you don't care.
[1160] Cos he just don't care.
[1161] [...] . Oh shut up.
Julian (PS4Y4) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1162] Yeah, sounds just like ... just like when you said it innit?
[1163] I've got, I've got batteries for it.
Ado (PS4Y7) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1164] [mimicking] yeah go on [] all crap.
[1165] Dumb bitch ... dumb bitch.
[1166] Dumb [...] [singing] Why do you like picking up the telephone so much?
[1167] Does it make you feel important or something.
[1168] Stupid.
[1169] Stupid.
[1170] Okay Mum, bye.
[1171] Bye people.
[1172] By everyone, see you some other time ... if you know what I mean.
[1173] Just shut up.
Ado (PS4Y7) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1174] Was I talking to you?
Ado (PS4Y7) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1175] Elee. [...] bitching around now.
[1176] [...] stupid.
[1177] Stop bitching.
[1178] Aha yes, it is done, it is perfect, it is [...] Oh shut up.
[1179] [yawn] [singing] na di da di doo, na di da di do, na di doo di a di do ... na di da di di, na di da di do, na di doo da [] yes got hip hop hooray on this tape.
[1180] [...] where that bitching thing now.
[1181] Where's that comic cover gone have you seen that comic cover?
[1182] Yeah was on my batteries gone as well.
[1183] Hey stop bitching.
[1184] Stop bitching whoa.
[1185] Thursday.
[1186] What the ... Thursday stop bitching.
[1187] [...] Oh yeah, that's okay yeah.
[1188] [yawn] It's nice it's sweetie, [...] Yeah see you dweebs later yeah? [singing] ... [singing]
Selassie (PS4Y9) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1189] [sigh] Well gotta fly see you later.
[1190] Yeah Mama.
Julian (PS4Y4) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1191] Okay Mama, okay Mama, Mama I do your [...] Mama.

9 (Tape 138101)

None (PS4Y3) [1192] I'm copying you lot y'know, I'm taping you now
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1193] so maybe you just better hush and [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1194] Say something Justin
Selassie (PS4Y9) [1195] Hello [raspberry]
None (PS4Y3) [1196] I can't hear, I can't hear
Selassie (PS4Y9) [1197] Hello
None (PS4Y3) [1198] Hello hello it's working.
[1199] Say hello t d' you want to say hello?
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [1200] Hello
None (PS4Y3) [1201] She's a cow
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1202] What happened?
[1203] What happened?
[1204] What happened?
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1205] What happened?
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1206] Oh yeah yeah yeah.
[1207] Yeah, it's got that nasty [...] .
[1208] Yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [1209] How could you not hear about it? [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [1210] No no no she's in second year, third year
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]
Marc (PS4Y5) [1211] Oh, what's that? [...] can't spell [...] .
[1212] She's done the S and the L backwards.
[1213] Oh Sharon.
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [1214] Sharon, that's it, I could not get her name last night.
[1215] I was trying to think of her name
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1216] [...] oh yeah that one's ok actually
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [1217] That one's wicked
None (PS4Y3) [1218] That one looks good as .
[1219] Oh yeah, it was mine, it was me innit, it was s it's excellent.
[1220] What's this?
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1221] Oh my gosh, what is that one?
[1222] [raspberry] . Oh no, hey, think that's bad, come here.
[1223] Some person [...] , I feel sorry for them.
[1224] Look.
[1225] Oh, the S backwards, the L backwards, the [...] backwards and not even a I in there.
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [1226] That's mine
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1227] That one's [...] , that one's [...] , that's [...] innit?
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [1228] Right, everybody now has their [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1229] Mhm mhm.
[1230] Well you'd better
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1231] It's cold in here man.
[1232] I'm putting my jacket on.
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [1233] The first thing you need to know is that when [...] they need to wear armour.
[1234] What does that tell us about [...] ?
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [1235] It was dangerous
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [1236] They were very dangerous and brutal.
[1237] Highly aggressive so you had to [...] yourself [...] .
[1238] That's one piece of evidence.
[1239] [...] made a statement [...] gladiatorial games were very violent.
[1240] Somebody will say, well how do you know that?
[1241] And you'll say well, why else would they need to wear armour to protect themselves unless it was quite dangerous? [recording ends]

10 (Tape 138102)

None (PS4Y3) [1242] What are you two doing?
[1243] Oi
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]
None (PS4Y3) [1244] Oh, there's there's Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees, look at these
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [1245] Well, I've got chewing gum [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNVPSUNK) [1246] Have I?
[1247] Have I got some then?
Group of unknown speakers (KNVPSUGP) [...]