3 conversations recorded by `727' (PS4YL) [dates unknown] with 4 interlocutors, totalling 117 s-units, 1120 words (duration not recorded).

6 speakers recorded by respondent number 727

PS4YL X u (No name, age unknown, student)
PS4YM Ag4 m (Richard, age 50, teacher) teacher
PS4YN Ag4 m (Kanti, age 48, civil servant) father
PS4YP Ag0 m (Shashain, age 8, student) brother
KNWPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KNWPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

3 recordings

  1. Tape 141001 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 141002 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 141003 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 141001)

Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [1] Shashin, you better shout too much, that's no good
Shashain (PS4YP) [2] I have to
Kanti (PS4YN) [3] You don't have to
Shashain (PS4YP) [4] Why?
Kanti (PS4YN) [5] You can listen.
[6] If you talk nice and polite people listen to you.
[7] If you shout this is no good is it?
Shashain (PS4YP) [8] Yes it is
Kanti (PS4YN) [9] No
Shashain (PS4YP) [10] Why?
Kanti (PS4YN) [11] Because people ignore you more
Shashain (PS4YP) [12] This is fun
Kanti (PS4YN) [13] It's not funny
Shashain (PS4YP) [...]
Kanti (PS4YN) [14] No it's not funny
Shashain (PS4YP) [15] Yes it is
Kanti (PS4YN) [16] It's not very nice.
[17] It's very rude
Shashain (PS4YP) [18] I know but I like to [...] people are naughty
Kanti (PS4YN) [19] If people are naughty then you shout but if people are not naughty then you don't shout, you talk politely.
[20] Do you understand?
Shashain (PS4YP) [21] No
Kanti (PS4YN) [22] You don't understand?
[23] Why don't you understand?
Shashain (PS4YP) [24] I don't now
Kanti (PS4YN) [25] What is your problem?
Shashain (PS4YP) [26] I like to shout
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [27] He's got no brain up here
Shashain (PS4YP) [28] I got a brain and I got a cold [sniff]
Kanti (PS4YN) [29] You're not taking your tea properly [...] go in yellowy like mine
Shashain (PS4YP) [30] Black you mean
Kanti (PS4YN) [31] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [32] Do you have to have braces then [...] .
[33] Do you think you'll need braces then?
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [...]
Kanti (PS4YN) [34] He's alright, he's perfect
Shashain (PS4YP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [...]
Shashain (PS4YP) [35] I don't wanna wear them stupid braces
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [36] Why?
Shashain (PS4YP) [37] Just don't wannu, it makes me look funny
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [38] Well I was gonna wear braces at one time
Shashain (PS4YP) [39] I wanna wear the w I wanna wear the ones that [...]
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [40] Just a plain wire across your teeth?
[41] Everyone takes them out and then shows you.
[42] They've got all spit on them and they've got food stuck in and everyone takes them out and they go, oh look this is my brace
Shashain (PS4YP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [43] It's disgusting
Shashain (PS4YP) [44] Yeah but if I had to eat I'd take them out, then I'd put them back on
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [45] You can eat with them but then you have to
Shashain (PS4YP) [46] they go all dirty
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [47] Then you have to clean them
Shashain (PS4YP) [48] I don't want to clean them
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [49] Yes, you're lazy
Shashain (PS4YP) [50] I know [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [51] If I wore those track braces I would've had I wouldn't have been able to clean my teeth properly
Shashain (PS4YP) [52] Can I just say something? [laugh] [sniff] [...]
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [whispering] [...] []
Shashain (PS4YP) [53] No.
[54] Daddy, talk
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [...]

2 (Tape 141002)

Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [55] An animal or a living thing or person or whatever.
[56] I'd then put down the typical weight, a typical height, the main use, the usual colour [...] [incomprehensible] tell me some key to press [...] please?
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [57] B
Richard (PS4YM) [58] B, thank you very much.
[59] I'll press B.
[60] And it's come up straight away with record number two which is all about spaniels and obviously I can keep on going.
[61] Something that is interesting, erm, if I keep on going and you listen, record three, not very exciting, listen to the disk drive, four, five, ok six, [...] disk drive [...] , ok?
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [...]
Richard (PS4YM) [62] This computer is a pretty pathetic one basically and it can't hold very much information [...] programme and so once it's had five records fed into it's memory it's full up which is pretty pathetic given the size of each record.
[63] But it's rec it's got those in and once it's got those five in, it then has to [...] you get five on.
[64] So each time you want to do something it's [...] five, displays it and so on tell it to read five but it just fills up it's memory, it's little buffer with that much.
[65] You go on through and si sorry seven is a pointer, eight is a Jack Russell which apparently is rather snappy and used for rabbiting, so I'm told, nine is Dalmatian [...] , number ten's a labrador, golden coloured, guide dog main use and so on and then oh dear, it's finished, the programme's stopped.
[66] So I've just got ten records on this file and I say those words carefully because you've gotta distinguish between record, file and field.
[67] Ok, using that as an example, [...] labrador, can someone please tell me what I mean by file, field and record? [...]
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [...]
Richard (PS4YM) [68] Ok, file is the whole collection
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [...]
Richard (PS4YM) [69] I don't understand that [...]
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [...]
Richard (PS4YM) [70] All of that is one record.
[71] Ok.
[72] Each
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [...]
Richard (PS4YM) [73] [...] each record is a complete [...] information about one item on the file.
[74] Ok?
[75] So we're left with fields.
[76] What does field mean?
[77] Yes?
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [...]
Richard (PS4YM) [78] It's part of the record, good
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [...]
Richard (PS4YM) [79] Ok, good.
[80] It's [...] , the field is the part of each record E G shall we say, main use.
[81] Every single dog, when the record comes up, has got a field headed main use and then says something like guide dog, guard dog, rabbiting or whatever it is.
[82] Ok?
[83] So that is the way in which files are structured.
[84] We have a file er on each of you.
[85] I've got one here right in front of me.
[86] This is my file and if I look up er, in a way this is a collection of files, isn't it? but one file I've got is called ten C S, computer studies, and each record is headed with your name and as well as your name I keep a record of your form or tutor group.
[87] I keep a record of the book number that you are given, that's another record that I've written down here, and then I keep, within that record, I keep details of your marks all the way across, what I gave you for your erm attainment and effort grades [...] progress checks, your exam marks and so on.
[88] So that is my file.
[89] That's called ten computer studies file.
[90] If I turn over I've also got my eleven [...] scient file, the group that I teach er science to.
[91] Turn over further, there's a third file for my upper sixth physics group and so on.
[92] So, they are separate files.
[93] Each file has got, in your case, seventeen records on it, in the case of my physics group, only five because that's the number of pupils in the group, and then beneath each record it's got the main tutor group, book number [...] various parts.
[94] Ok?
[95] So, do you understand the basic structure of a file, the records that are in it and then the fields within each record?
[96] Right.
[97] Ok.
[98] Now, how are we going to?
[99] Er, this was a read programme for this file that I've already created.
[100] What we're gonna look at is how you can create

3 (Tape 141003)

Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [101] Thank you very much
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [102] [...] here, go on
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [103] No, honestly, I couldn't
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [104] Walking's better
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [105] No, you might puke up on the way
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [106] Stick you head out the window and there's puke going everywhere on the parked cars and people's faces
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [107] you know, being sick and it was all green and disgustingly ukky.
[108] You actually saw it going [...] coming out of
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [109] Really?
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [110] Yeah, and then we saw the man
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [111] I dunno, it depends if you read the book.
[112] And then there was a bit where a man takes all his clothes off and then just jumps into the river and then there was a bit where she where she's having a bath
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [113] It's cool
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [114] Does she?
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [115] Excuse me, it's my road
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [116] Is it?
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [117] Stop dropping litter on it
Unknown speaker (KNWPSUNK) [...]