9 conversations recorded by `Alex' (PS4YX) between [date unknown] and ?? ?? 1993 with 7 interlocutors, totalling 2413 s-units, 13924 words, and over 56 minutes 54 seconds of recordings.

9 speakers recorded by respondent number 725

KNYPS000 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS4YX Ag0 m (Alex, age 14, student, London, )
PS4YY Ag0 m (Marc, age 14, student, London, ) friend
PS500 Ag0 m (Daniel, age 14, student) friend
PS501 Ag0 f (Emma, age 13, student, London, ) friend
PS6U5 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS6U6 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
KNYPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KNYPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

9 recordings

  1. Tape 140401 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 140402 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 140403 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 140501 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: London ( School classroom ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 140502 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: London ( School classroom ) Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 140503 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: London ( School classroom ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 140504 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: London ( school classroom ) Activity: lecture
  8. Tape 140601 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 140602 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 140401)

Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1] Do you ever go bo bowling?
Marc (PS4YY) [2] Yeah.
Alex (PS4YX) [3] Any good?
Emma (PS501) [4] Bowling?
Alex (PS4YX) [5] Yeah.
Emma (PS501) [6] Am I any good?
Alex (PS4YX) [7] Yeah.
Emma (PS501) [8] Yeah, I'm quite good.
Marc (PS4YY) [9] I'm better than you.
Alex (PS4YX) [10] What's your average?
Emma (PS501) [11] Okay, okay what's your average score over [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [12] [...] a hundred and fifty then.
Alex (PS4YX) [13] Oh yeah sure a hundred and fifty.
Emma (PS501) [14] The shooters.
Alex (PS4YX) [15] My average is about ninety.
[16] Ninety to a hundred.
Daniel (PS500) [17] Average what?
Alex (PS4YX) [18] I have
Emma (PS501) [19] Bowling.
Alex (PS4YX) [20] my lowest ever was like forty.
Emma (PS501) [21] My lowest was sixty
Marc (PS4YY) [22] I always get between ninety five and a hundred.
Alex (PS4YX) [23] Yes man.
Daniel (PS500) [24] What are you talking about?
[25] What are you talking about?
Marc (PS4YY) [26] Bowling.
Alex (PS4YX) [27] Bowling.
Daniel (PS500) [28] Oh.
Alex (PS4YX) [29] I once got a hundred and forty five, I once got a hundred and forty five with four strikes.
Marc (PS4YY) [30] I'm so good
Emma (PS501) [31] Yeah, he could get a straight, and get sixteen.
Marc (PS4YY) [laugh]
Emma (PS501) [32] He'll get [...] twenty.
Marc (PS4YY) [33] I hate their guts.
Emma (PS501) [34] You can get whatever I did on them.
Marc (PS4YY) [35] You can get a, you know that Hollywood bowl,
Daniel (PS500) [36] I've got over, I've got twenty .
Marc (PS4YY) [37] If you get over a certain number you get a jacket.
Daniel (PS500) [38] I know, I've got a jacket.
Marc (PS4YY) [39] That's good though.
Emma (PS501) [40] A jacket?
Marc (PS4YY) [41] Yea.
Emma (PS501) [42] What jacket [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [43] That Hollywood bowl.
Emma (PS501) [44] is it quite a nice one?
Marc (PS4YY) [45] Yeah.
Daniel (PS500) [46] It's the check one innit?
Marc (PS4YY) [47] No it was diff different, they've got two different types.
[48] That's cos like if you get three hundred points you get a jacket.
[49] That's wicked man.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [50] Dwibbly.
Marc (PS4YY) [51] Dwayne Dibbly.
Daniel (PS500) [52] This is mean.
Alex (PS4YX) [53] Who's still designing?
Daniel (PS500) [54] So am I.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [55] I'll do it later ... .
Marc (PS4YY) [56] [...] did you do anything last week?
Daniel (PS500) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [57] Did you?
Daniel (PS500) [58] Yes.
Marc (PS4YY) [59] Where, what did you, where did you get it from ?
Daniel (PS500) [60] [...] and I'm using this stuff cos it's better.
Marc (PS4YY) [61] Yeah but where did you get it from?
Daniel (PS500) [62] What?
Marc (PS4YY) [63] Like I need some stuff, where did you
Daniel (PS500) [64] It depends what you want to use?
Marc (PS4YY) [65] No I mean I
Daniel (PS500) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [66] my stuff from last week, where did where was it?
[67] Where was it with yours?
Daniel (PS500) [68] All up, all with the stuff we've used already in there in the box?
Marc (PS4YY) [69] Okay.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [70] Can I have a look at your project?
[71] Er ...
Marc (PS4YY) [72] I need to copy out some stuff.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [73] Do you need the [...] ?
Daniel (PS500) [74] One.
Alex (PS4YX) [75] Yeah, go on, what do say?
Daniel (PS500) [76] Really?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [77] Let's just ask the panel if they agree.
Alex (PS4YX) [78] If we agree what?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [79] It's as wide as that.
Daniel (PS500) [80] Yeah I know, that's what I was worried about, that's what I was thinking.
Alex (PS4YX) [81] You think?
Daniel (PS500) [82] I think of using perspex.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [83] Well that is acrylic, perspex is just commercial name for the stuff you can see [...] , right?
[84] What you need to worry about is thirty seven millimetres long, that's the length is it?
Daniel (PS500) [85] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [86] Alright.
[87] If you'd worked out what forty seven is, can't see any of the uses [...] .
Daniel (PS500) [88] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [89] Are you sure you don't mean seven [...] ?
Daniel (PS500) [90] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [91] A hundred wide, by three [...] it depends what you're going to use it for.
[92] Go and check those sizes.
Daniel (PS500) [93] Sir.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [94] [...] using a ruler.
Daniel (PS500) [95] Before the easter holidays you gave, I gave you this kind list and I don't know if you did or it not because I wasn't here last week.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [96] No, I didn't.
[97] Which one is it?
[98] This size?
Daniel (PS500) [99] Er
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [100] Just this?
Daniel (PS500) [101] Er, ten centimetres by seventeen and a half.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [102] Right.
[103] Ten plus a hun hundred by a hundred and seventy five, one centimetre thick, softwood, plywood, chipboard
Daniel (PS500) [104] M D F.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [105] M D F.
Daniel (PS500) [106] Morning.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [107] This, what length was it?
[108] One seven five?
Daniel (PS500) [109] Two seven five.
Marc (PS4YY) [110] What do you reckon that [...] thing going on here?
Emma (PS501) [111] Yeah.
Daniel (PS500) [112] Who is that?
Marc (PS4YY) [113] What do you want to know?
Emma (PS501) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [114] [...] robber.
Marc (PS4YY) [115] Yeah.
Daniel (PS500) [116] Oh, they use all of it.
[117] All right.
Emma (PS501) [118] This side?
Marc (PS4YY) [119] This side, yeah, or that side?
Emma (PS501) [120] That looks better, that's got a better grip though.
Marc (PS4YY) [121] Would you reckon out of ten, yeah?
Daniel (PS500) [122] Yeah.
Marc (PS4YY) [123] [...] by ten first, hold that will you? [recording ends]

2 (Tape 140402)

Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [124] Alex, they're going to get you.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [laugh]
Marc (PS4YY) [125] They're going to get you and the rest of your family.
Alex (PS4YX) [126] Good.
Emma (PS501) [127] Like a Norwegian hit man, or something.
Daniel (PS500) [128] This is a, Alex got split.
Marc (PS4YY) [129] This is, this is the Norwegian hit man
Alex (PS4YX) [130] No, not on me.
Daniel (PS500) [131] Don't get us wrong, we really do like Ah Ha.
Alex (PS4YX) [132] Mm.
Daniel (PS500) [133] Yeah, and that ABBA
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [laugh]
Daniel (PS500) [134] Love it really.
Emma (PS501) [135] Like Eric's
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [136] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Emma (PS501) [137] He's black, he is really black.
Marc (PS4YY) [138] He's black and white.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [laugh]
Daniel (PS500) [139] Oi Marc, how much do pay to get cocaine for?
Marc (PS4YY) [140] I can get if for you for about three pounds for the pure crystals.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [141] Right it seems to me a lot of people are sitting down, there's five weeks to go, you've got to get it made in that time, assembled, so come on let's get some more cutting lists please.
Marc (PS4YY) [142] Sir is that [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [143] You should have done this ages ago.
Daniel (PS500) [144] I did.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [145] I'm sorry, I'm not going to tell you what to do because you are under test, I can't sit down and say do this, do that, you've got to make a decision yourself to go for it.
[146] Alright?
[147] Make sure your checklist is used too, check out what you're supposed to be doing.
[148] Colin, you made a decision?
Emma (PS501) [149] Try again.
Daniel (PS500) [150] Mark, Mark.
Marc (PS4YY) [151] Where's Tony?
Alex (PS4YX) [152] Over there.
Daniel (PS500) [153] Sir?
[154] Sir?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [155] [...] you've missed quite a few haven't you?
[156] Don't miss any more because it's going to be difficult fitting the extra time aft
Marc (PS4YY) [157] Excuse me.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [158] afterwards.
Marc (PS4YY) [159] Three I think.
Daniel (PS500) [160] Three or four lessons?
Alex (PS4YX) [161] Three.
Marc (PS4YY) [162] That's cos you were bunking.
Daniel (PS500) [163] Oh yeah.
Alex (PS4YX) [164] It's a bit I was thinking of doing it wider.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [165] As long as it locks.
Alex (PS4YX) [166] Shorter.
Marc (PS4YY) [167] [...] about me.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [168] As long as it go when you push down it locks it's fine.
Alex (PS4YX) [169] I'll just get [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [170] [...] James a very abnormal person.
Daniel (PS500) [171] James 's got well small dick, and he's got no pubes.
Marc (PS4YY) [172] By the way ca me I've got this ah ah ah, and as for Mike .
Alex (PS4YX) [173] What's your final design?
Daniel (PS500) [174] Huh?
Alex (PS4YX) [175] What's your final design.
Marc (PS4YY) [176] [...] got one yet have you, that's my idea, you got that from me.
Daniel (PS500) [177] That?
[178] Oh sure I did.
Marc (PS4YY) [179] You did.
Alex (PS4YX) [180] I can't get this right.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [laugh]
Marc (PS4YY) [181] What was that you said?
Alex (PS4YX) [182] Nothing.
Marc (PS4YY) [183] James, who's he laughing at?
[184] What have you been saying?
Emma (PS501) [185] James.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [186] Alex please [...] .
Daniel (PS500) [187] James fancies Zoe .
Emma (PS501) [188] Does he?
Daniel (PS500) [189] Dunno.
Emma (PS501) [190] He does, does she?
Daniel (PS500) [191] No.
[192] Does she?
Emma (PS501) [193] Yeah.
Daniel (PS500) [194] Zoe fancies James.
Emma (PS501) [195] But does James fancy
Daniel (PS500) [...]
Emma (PS501) [196] No.
Marc (PS4YY) [197] No don't.
Emma (PS501) [198] Wicked.
Marc (PS4YY) [199] No we've got some wicked stuff here.
Alex (PS4YX) [200] Don't come all, don't come fresh man.
Marc (PS4YY) [201] No I'd come all over the place personally.
Alex (PS4YX) [202] You're just sick Alex.
Emma (PS501) [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [203] Sorry?
[204] That's how, what what we're supposed to do, you must be sort of because you're a nice person because you're dickhead.
Marc (PS4YY) [205] Can we move [...] .
Alex (PS4YX) [206] Here man.
Marc (PS4YY) [207] Some Crack.
Alex (PS4YX) [208] No I've got Cocaine.
Marc (PS4YY) [209] Same thing.
Alex (PS4YX) [210] I know.
Daniel (PS500) [211] Alex, is it true that your dad sexually assaults you?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [laugh]
Marc (PS4YY) [212] No, but I've heard yours does.
Daniel (PS500) [213] You can always dream.
Daniel (PS500) [214] Suffer, suffer. ...
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [215] You cut these to your own lengths, okay?
[216] Alright, another one.
Marc (PS4YY) [217] And you went [...] and fell over and almost broke his leg on his bike
Daniel (PS500) [218] Really?
Marc (PS4YY) [219] Whacked his head and his head was bleeding, and it was a leaf.
Daniel (PS500) [220] Ah.
Marc (PS4YY) [221] A leaf could be a stone.
[222] You don't know what it is.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [223] God.
Marc (PS4YY) [224] Well people in [...] this school, I hope you like it.
Daniel (PS500) [225] Listen.
Marc (PS4YY) [226] Oh wow, brilliant.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [227] That's thirty millimetres down
Marc (PS4YY) [228] Uh oh, faces straight.
Daniel (PS500) [229] Toby, Toby, [humming] then you go [humming]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [230] Twenty millimetres.
[231] Two hundred.
Emma (PS501) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [232] Two hundred millimetres long by fifty wide.
Marc (PS4YY) [233] Can I borrow your ruler?
Alex (PS4YX) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [234] What?
Marc (PS4YY) [235] Alex.
[236] Can I borrow that for one lunchtime?
Alex (PS4YX) [237] No.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [238] Come on Alex, one lunchtime, how long you got it for?
Marc (PS4YY) [239] Did you hear what I said?
Alex (PS4YX) [240] For a while.
Marc (PS4YY) [241] How long you got it for?
Alex (PS4YX) [242] After school.
Daniel (PS500) [243] Yeah.
Marc (PS4YY) [244] I've got a date [...] .
Marc (PS4YY) [245] Till Tuesday.
Alex (PS4YX) [246] [...] till Tuesday.
Daniel (PS500) [247] Yeah, I'm having it, I'm having it on Tuesday.
Alex (PS4YX) [248] I'll have it on Friday lunchtime [...] .
Daniel (PS500) [249] Alex, you go home for lunch don't you?
[250] Can I borrow it at lunchtime
Alex (PS4YX) [251] I won't be going home for lunch next week, or the rest of this week. ...
Alex (PS4YX) [252] I'm surprised I've got any money.
Daniel (PS500) [253] You are [...] .
Alex (PS4YX) [254] They pay about five quid for it.
Marc (PS4YY) [255] When?
Daniel (PS500) [256] You played it yet?
Marc (PS4YY) [257] Oi Andy you [...] .
Daniel (PS500) [258] It's quite good.
Alex (PS4YX) [259] What you got in there?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [260] [...] what game you got?
Marc (PS4YY) [261] Andy, do you want to borrow Streets of Rage two?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [262] That isn't even funny Marc.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [263] Marc you're just not a funny person.
Marc (PS4YY) [264] Well whose is it Toby?
Emma (PS501) [265] [...] his brother beat you up.
Marc (PS4YY) [266] Yeah he will.
Emma (PS501) [267] Yeah.
[268] He's a really tough, what,twel ten year old?
Marc (PS4YY) [269] No [...] beat up James.
Daniel (PS500) [270] Well do you think you're brother could?
Marc (PS4YY) [271] Oh come on, my three year cousin could beat up James.
Daniel (PS500) [272] Would it do him any good.
[273] Why aren't you using these bits?
Marc (PS4YY) [274] So where's your microphone gone?
Alex (PS4YX) [275] See that's how good it is, a [...] that one, [...]
Daniel (PS500) [276] It's not on.
Marc (PS4YY) [277] [...] don't worry it's not on.
Alex (PS4YX) [278] When you go home on a lunch time, you don't need it when you go home at lunchtime.
Alex (PS4YX) [279] I won't be going home for lunchtimes.
Daniel (PS500) [280] Oh go on, yeah but Alex you weren't going, I I'll go down the field and look.
Alex (PS4YX) [281] Pardon?
Daniel (PS500) [282] Alex I'll be going down the field at lunch.
Marc (PS4YY) [283] Take it to a gig.
Daniel (PS500) [284] Yeah.
[285] Rock and roll man.
[286] Come on America.
Emma (PS501) [287] Yeah he's making music.
Daniel (PS500) [288] Rock and roll Great Britain.
Marc (PS4YY) [289] [...] pass as giants.
Daniel (PS500) [290] Roll, roll, roll the spliff twisted at the end
Marc (PS4YY) [291] Oh Jesus.
Daniel (PS500) [292] take a look.
Marc (PS4YY) [293] Want to fold the songs?
Daniel (PS500) [294] Roll, roll, roll, the spliff [...] take a look
Marc (PS4YY) [295] Okay go then.
Alex (PS4YX) [296] Go on
Daniel (PS500) [297] Roll, roll, roll the spliff twisted at the end, fuck a duck
Marc (PS4YY) [298] [...] I'm a band man.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [299] [...] do your friend.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [300] He's not your friend, I am.
Emma (PS501) [301] It was a dare.
[302] If he at this moment gave you erm you know a joint you wouldn't [...] here, here revolting.
Daniel (PS500) [303] Ooh.
Emma (PS501) [304] And he'd be going [...] wow this stuff is going [...] .
Daniel (PS500) [305] Oi, oi, Colin, Colin, Colin, is that really true, what you said about James?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [306] What?
Daniel (PS500) [307] In form period.
[308] Was it true?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [309] What, that James is a homo?
Daniel (PS500) [310] Yeah.
Marc (PS4YY) [311] I think it might be.
Daniel (PS500) [312] What about me?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [313] No you, you are a homo.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [314] Oh.
Daniel (PS500) [315] Why don't you stop mumbling and
Marc (PS4YY) [316] Speak proper like?
Daniel (PS500) [317] speak proper?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [318] Who?
Daniel (PS500) [319] Who do you think?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [320] You.
Marc (PS4YY) [321] This has got radio.
Alex (PS4YX) [322] Has it, let's have a look at it.
Daniel (PS500) [323] It's got what Marc, er Alex.
Alex (PS4YX) [324] A radio.
Daniel (PS500) [325] So what so surprising about that?
Marc (PS4YY) [326] It's got a decent one.
Alex (PS4YX) [327] Here put it on low.
Daniel (PS500) [328] A radio [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [329] [...] oh God [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [330] Give us it.
Daniel (PS500) [331] You've got to turn it turn it off. [recording ends]

3 (Tape 140403)

Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [332] Oh you got it man.
Emma (PS501) [333] Okay, if this ain't recording, Alex Alex
Alex (PS4YX) [334] What?
Emma (PS501) [335] come here.
[336] Have you seen Boys on Earth?
Alex (PS4YX) [337] I've got that.
Emma (PS501) [338] It's good innit?
Daniel (PS500) [339] No.
Marc (PS4YY) [340] I've seen that, it's not very good.
Emma (PS501) [341] It's wicked man.
Daniel (PS500) [...]
Emma (PS501) [342] Can I go on that?
Daniel (PS500) [343] There's lots of blood soaking stuff, you know what I'm saying.
Alex (PS4YX) [344] You're supposed to kill each other.
Daniel (PS500) [345] Is that wicked. ...
Marc (PS4YY) [346] Oh that was [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [347] Right get on to the next there.
[348] ... You don't use a levels, spirit level on C D T.
Marc (PS4YY) [349] Is that why [...] ?
Alex (PS4YX) [350] Is that
Marc (PS4YY) [351] No it's not.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [352] That stuffs not critical, just doesn't matter at all to your design
Marc (PS4YY) [353] Sir
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [354] if you don't want to do it.
Marc (PS4YY) [355] is it possible I can have that?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [356] Yes, one seven
Marc (PS4YY) [357] Twelve by seven by six.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [358] divide by seven by six.
[359] Plywood that is yeah?
Marc (PS4YY) [360] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [361] Is that twelve divide by seven ?
Marc (PS4YY) [362] It's twelve along seven wide and six high ... By six high it was. ...
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [363] It's got to be twelve innit?
Marc (PS4YY) [364] I meant, I said twelve by seven by six high, by in thickness that.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [365] Pardon?
Marc (PS4YY) [366] Cos what I need is like a block of wood .
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [367] That's six, right?
Marc (PS4YY) [368] I meant, I don't mean it that thick, I need it about six centimetres .
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [369] Well that's what you're asking for, six.
Marc (PS4YY) [370] But I mean by, twelve by seven.
[371] Twelve long, seven wide and six high.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [372] What do you want it that big for?
[373] It's enormous.
Marc (PS4YY) [374] It's the block that goes in the middle, when you put down the clamp pushes that along.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [375] Seventy by sixty?
[376] So you want something like that, it's a hundred and twenty long, millimetres seventy wide
Marc (PS4YY) [377] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [378] by sixty
Marc (PS4YY) [379] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [380] thick.
[381] Don't fret I can do that that's all. [recording ends]

4 (Tape 140502)

None (PS6U5) [475] Some of you listen some of you have got a few minutes erm [...] some of you have got a few minutes obviously [...] erm only I'm not going to start anything [...] .
[476] Er but I am going to take your books in at the end of the lesson so you can perhaps take the last few minutes before just if you'll just erm put the sums at the moment [...] erm just fix in your sheet fix it in and erm check out that you've got everything else up to date okay?
[477] So that you know things are all spot on for handing books in.
[478] ... Everyone ought to get a [...] .
[479] All the ones I've looked at [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
None (PS6U5) [480] No it it's not [...] it's so small so you won't [...] leave that leave that white.
[481] Leave that island there's no statistics for that [...] so don't colour it in.
[482] There's no statistics for [...] so don't colour it in.
[483] I bet you missed it I bet all of you have gone over Luxembourg for Luxembourg [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [484] I haven't I haven't.
None (PS6U5) [485] Poor old Luxembourg's beaten.
[486] You you've you've absolutely just gone straight over it
Alex (PS4YX) [487] I haven't.
None (PS6U5) [488] and forgotten the poor little country.
Alex (PS4YX) [489] Where is it?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [490] That one look.
[491] That teeny thing there.
[492] I left mine open.
None (PS6U5) [493] He's left his open.
[494] Yes he's quite right very good one of the few.
Alex (PS4YX) [495] I left mine.
None (PS6U5) [496] You've left it open right.
[497] Who else hasn't I bet a lot of you have just lumped Luxe Luxembourg in with Germany and France.
Alex (PS4YX) [498] You have you traitor.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [499] No no no. [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [500] But you [...] can see it. ...
None (PS6U5) [501] There's not statistic for Luxembourg.
[502] I was suspect they [...] the same problem with France and Germany.
[503] ... There's no there's no [...] Ah well now.
[504] I wonder.
[505] Interesting point.
[506] ... Switzerland's very ... Yeah they are.
[507] What sort of country [...] ... Very what?
Alex (PS4YX) [508] Cold.
None (PS6U5) [509] Well in winter.
[510] Very what?
[511] ... What's Switzerland famous for?
Alex (PS4YX) [512] Snow.
None (PS6U5) [513] It's very what?
Alex (PS4YX) [514] Alps.
None (PS6U5) [515] High it's mountainous.
[516] It's something to do there's a clue the clue to Switzerland is something to do with the way that they make their electricity.
[517] Hydroelectric power yes.
[518] [...] it's a very clean country Switzerland [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [519] Oh god.
None (PS6U5) [520] They don't use coal they use [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [521] Do you glue it in sir?

5 (Tape 140503)

Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [522] Eight weeks of games.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [523] Well you can't help that [...] cos you wanted to do [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [524] I wanna do cricket.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [525] Do you?
Alex (PS4YX) [526] And stuff like that. ...
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [527] You've gotta have [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [528] Two [...] operations.
[529] Crikey.
[530] Seven.
[531] ... I'm crap at cricket but I like it.
[532] ... Oh are we gonna be doing tennis and stuff did he say?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [533] That's what we're doing now.
Alex (PS4YX) [534] Are you doing tennis now?
[535] Oh.
[536] That means we'll be doing tennis next.
[537] So I might be doing tennis then.
[538] Tennis is alright.
[539] ... What am I [...] I don't wanna watch the flipping cartoon.
[540] God.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [541] Thunderbirds [...] seeing now.
Alex (PS4YX) [542] Do you ever watch Thunderbirds?
[543] I've only seen it once.
[544] Cos I think it's crap.
[545] It is the worse programme I've ever seen.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [546] Yeah it is quite good.
Alex (PS4YX) [547] I don't like it.
[548] I think it's really
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [549] I don't know why [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [550] really crap.
[551] Really is and [...] even crapper.
[552] Don't think so.
[553] But really this could be a bunch of retarded animals walking round kicking people's butts.
[554] I don't think so somehow.
[555] Like I give a crap.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [556] I like [...] when my [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [557] He's weird.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [558] Why have you seen those.
[559] They're decent.
[560] My cousin's got those.
[561] We go round and play at his house.
[562] They're good they are.
[563] He's got [...] and it turns into one of those little you know turtles [...] kids like.
[564] It's pretty decent.
[565] ... Thinking of buying myself one.
[566] ... You're on drugs you know that?
[567] [...] That's how it should be.
[568] ... [...] That's how it should be.
[569] ... Do it right my friend.
[570] ... You on number eleven?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [571] What?
Alex (PS4YX) [572] Are you on number eleven.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [573] Yeah.
Alex (PS4YX) [574] God.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [575] It's good isn't it?
Alex (PS4YX) [576] I'm not.
[577] Have to colour [...] with a pen.
[578] ... I haven't cos I haven't even done it yet.
[579] ... [...] see homework.
[580] Dunno.
[581] Did you do it though?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [582] Yeah.
Alex (PS4YX) [583] What was it?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [584] Erm find out information
Alex (PS4YX) [585] About what?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [586] About what what were we doing?
Alex (PS4YX) [587] I don't know that's why I'm asking you.
[588] ... Yeah what did we do last week?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [589] Erm what did we do last week Paul?
[590] ... Oh yeah job.
Alex (PS4YX) [591] What jobs?
[592] ... Oh yeah budget.
[593] ... So what we were supposed to keep a note of how much we spent?
[594] Over a week? ...
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [595] Alec?
[596] Alec?
[597] What in P T what were we doing [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [598] More or less about how much we spend.
[599] ... Oh I'll just make it up at lunch.
[600] ... I'm on my fourth one.
[601] Yeah.
[602] [...] in pen.
[603] ... Yeah but I couldn't I can't cos it's such a bright one.
[604] ... I'll have to do this at home.
[605] ... I hate this [...] .
[606] ... [...] you know that?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [607] What?
Alex (PS4YX) [608] I [...] my game boy.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [609] No I don't.
Alex (PS4YX) [610] [...] ... Oh they need to be lucky.
[611] All that [...] .
[612] My machinery's weird [...] .
[613] We're talking five thousand revs here.
[614] Per second.
Alex (PS4YX) [615] Er what's that let me.
[616] Fuel air and coal's the other let me think let me think er er and what else was there I forgotten.
Marc (PS4YY) [617] Heat.
Alex (PS4YX) [618] Heat was it?
[619] I thought it was heat but is it a fire or a [...] ? ...
Marc (PS4YY) [620] Fuel heat and oxygen that's it.
Alex (PS4YX) [621] Air more more likely.
Marc (PS4YY) [622] Fuel heat and air.
Alex (PS4YX) [623] Pure air ah.
[624] Still gonna muff it up though.
[625] ... You know that stuff he was going on about for special like continuous pressure and all that sort of crap.
Marc (PS4YY) [626] Continuous pressure?
Alex (PS4YX) [627] Well something.
[628] Well we didn't do any of it.
[629] Did you come yesterday lunchtime?
Marc (PS4YY) [630] Come where?
Alex (PS4YX) [631] To the science jig.
Marc (PS4YY) [632] No.
Alex (PS4YX) [633] You were in London weren't you?
[634] London.
[635] Oh yeah why [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [636] Nothing why?
Alex (PS4YX) [637] I was saved by most of it.
Marc (PS4YY) [638] What with your tape recorder?
Alex (PS4YX) [639] Yeah.
[640] Recording all conversations that I take part in.
[641] ... She's over there. [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [642] Norwegians are dick heads.
[643] Don't we know it.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [644] You sound wicked. [...] [belch]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [645] [...] you're burping all over me here.
[646] ... I mean [...] he's a bit thick.
[647] You go up to somebody.
[648] Alright?
[649] Christ you're recording this. [laugh]
Alex (PS4YX) [650] You can tell.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [651] You recording?
Alex (PS4YX) [652] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [653] So you mean everything I'm saying is going on tape?
Alex (PS4YX) [654] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [655] So you're recording me?
Alex (PS4YX) [656] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [657] Really you lying?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [658] You really recording?
Alex (PS4YX) [659] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [660] Don't lie.
Alex (PS4YX) [661] Yes.
Marc (PS4YY) [662] So thick.
[663] Your like [...] he goes right, Switch it on I want to [...] .
[664] He's recording it all the time.
[665] [laugh] and he's now going [...] .
[666] He's going to cost them at least fifteen quid.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [667] What?
Marc (PS4YY) [668] It's gonna cost him at least fifteen quid for me to wipe it off.
[669] May as well make some money.
Alex (PS4YX) [670] No leave it on and time it.
Marc (PS4YY) [671] Actually I could blackmail what people [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [672] Yeah.
[673] And [...] yeah Mr 's right [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [674] Hello my tape.
Marc (PS4YY) [675] You see I've just taped that.
[676] I just taped that you know.
[677] I can I can blackmail you now.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [678] Why have you got any batteries on you?
Marc (PS4YY) [679] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [680] So could I buy them?
Marc (PS4YY) [681] Why?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [682] [...] Let me see if the batteries [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [683] How can you tell?
Marc (PS4YY) [684] These batteries are crap.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [685] Buy rechargeable ones?
Marc (PS4YY) [686] They don't last as long. [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [687] Have you got a light on yours?
Marc (PS4YY) [688] Yeah it says hold.
[689] Can you see that?
[690] Going like all freak.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [691] Well that's alright isn't it ?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [692] [...] probably is recording.
Marc (PS4YY) [693] Mine's recording.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [694] Is your tape ring going round?
Marc (PS4YY) [695] Right look.
[696] It might be on pause.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [697] Might be on pause. ...
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [698] Is that your [...] tape?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [699] It's Marc's.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [700] I've done that to mine and put it on pause and er you know missed out about half an hours conversation. ...
Marc (PS4YY) [701] Move move move [...] .
[702] I won't be here on Tuesday.
[703] I don't think so anyway.
[704] I'll tell you if I am though.
[705] Yeah okay. ...
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [706] Well it's nothing major.
Marc (PS4YY) [707] Who is nothing [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [708] Oh bloke he says he's nought taken ought.
[709] ... I told you.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [710] Yeah yeah Alex Alex.
[711] Tell me the answers quick tell me the answers.
Alex (PS4YX) [712] [...] I don't know [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [713] [...] to what people are saying?
[714] That recording?
Marc (PS4YY) [715] If you had headphones on you Pam you can hear everything.
[716] Oh god. ...
Emma (PS501) [717] Right.
Marc (PS4YY) [718] Quite far.
Emma (PS501) [719] This is the way we're gonna work it.
[720] You're all going to do the merit test.
[721] Then then you get the choice of either doing a special or a foundation.
[722] It's up to you.
[723] And this is the way we work it.
[724] The specials are here.
[725] Foundations are here next to one another.
[726] Marked special and foundation.
[727] And what will happen is that when you finish with your merit paper and you're happy just leave it where it is.
[728] No better still you bring it out here put it down with your name on it and er take whichever you want.
[729] Foundation or special.
[730] And to a certain extent you can be guided as to which one you're going to take by how well you how easy or how difficult you found the merit paper.
[731] Yes John.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [732] Last time if you weren't sure which [...] to make we were allowed to come up with about ten papers
Emma (PS501) [733] You can have a look at a special yes if you're not sure.
[734] Okay.
[735] Any questions?
[736] Five minutes to gather your thoughts.
[737] Some of you could do with spreading out a little.
Alex (PS4YX) [738] You go round there.
[739] You're nearest.
[740] You're nearest.
[741] That's cos you sit at the end. ...
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [742] Oh can't you go there.
Alex (PS4YX) [743] No.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [744] I always do though.
Alex (PS4YX) [745] Well [...] it.
[746] You should sit here then.
[747] ... Fine.
Emma (PS501) [748] Olga Lydia spread out please.
[749] ... Right erm.
[750] Terry you come and sit here.
[751] ... Erm Mark
Marc (PS4YY) [752] Yeah?
Emma (PS501) [753] You come and sit here please. ...
Alex (PS4YX) [754] Now this is a silence test.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [755] You tell me [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [756] I am.
[757] ... What's the word [...] or burning compression of gases [...]
Emma (PS501) [758] Erm could you go round the corner.
[759] ... Okay [...] we all ready to
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [760] No.
Emma (PS501) [761] Well ready or not the test is coming now.
[762] ... Okay spread yourselves out.
[763] Stop talking from now on.
[764] The first thing you're going to do is put your name on this.
[765] ... Can you spread out please.
[766] Joan [...] sit over there.
[767] As soon as you get this you can get on.
[768] That means only silence now.
Marc (PS4YY) [769] Coming off air.

6 (Tape 140504)

None (PS6U6) [770] We can always have an odd bondage hunt if you're interested.
Alex (PS4YX) [771] Ah long time no bondage.
None (PS6U6) [772] Let's put our bags back.
Alex (PS4YX) [773] I'm carrying mine around with me.
None (PS6U6) [774] Come on Alex.
Alex (PS4YX) [775] Okay this is good this.
None (PS6U6) [776] Let's put our bags and coats on the [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [777] Er oh hello everybody.
[778] Oh
None (PS6U6) [779] What?
Alex (PS4YX) [780] There's not light.
[781] Can you see a light?
None (PS6U6) [782] Yeah.
Alex (PS4YX) [783] Sure?
None (PS6U6) [784] Yeah.
Alex (PS4YX) [785] Yeah.
None (PS6U6) [786] It's cos it's bright.
Alex (PS4YX) [787] I know.
None (PS6U6) [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [laugh]
None (PS6U6) [788] Some people when they're traumatic
Alex (PS4YX) [789] I'll just shove it through the window and put it on the desk.
[790] ... Did [...] actually kiss you?
Emma (PS501) [791] Looks pretty serious. [...]
None (PS6U6) [792] Alex leave your bag and coat here.
Alex (PS4YX) [793] I'm gonna drop them off home.
None (PS6U6) [794] What?
Alex (PS4YX) [795] I'm gonna drop them off home.
[796] ... [...] seriously what do people do around this school.
[797] It's been so long since I spent oh at least three quarters of a lunch break. ...
None (PS6U6) [798] Is your watch programmed into [...] should automatically [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [799] [laughing] Oh yeah. []
[800] No I think of what er Alf [...] gave it up.
None (PS6U6) [801] Two years ago cos this is the anniversary.
[802] The come back.
Alex (PS4YX) [803] I don't like the sound of come back.
[804] ... What did I have it on.
[805] [...] [spelling] B O N D O A G E H O N [] .
[806] Not enough letters there.
None (PS6U6) [807] How many letters can you have?
Alex (PS4YX) [808] From nine to thirteen. ...
None (PS6U6) [809] There's twelve letters.
Alex (PS4YX) [810] Bond [spelling] A G E [] .
[811] Yeah I think I can try it.
[812] ... Oh can't do it.
None (PS6U6) [813] Why?
Alex (PS4YX) [814] It's full.
None (PS6U6) [815] I wonder how Daniel is?
Alex (PS4YX) [816] Dead.
[817] If we're lucky enough.
[818] Got any cash?
None (PS6U6) [819] [...] if he's dead.
[820] ... No have you?
Alex (PS4YX) [821] This dump is so boring.
[822] Seriously what do you do round here ?
None (PS6U6) [823] [...] people ask me why I do music.
[824] People ask you why you go home.
Alex (PS4YX) [825] Well [...] cos it's boring.
None (PS6U6) [826] Exactly.
[827] That's why I do music.
Alex (PS4YX) [828] It's anything to do with P A P dot A dot C dot.
None (PS6U6) [829] Yeah let's go up there and have a look.
Alex (PS4YX) [830] I'm not gonna hang around until you've [...]
None (PS6U6) [831] No I'm only gonna [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [832] I thought you were.
None (PS6U6) [833] [...] baby that's where I [...] .
Alex (PS4YX) [834] You're back with [...] baby.
None (PS6U6) [835] Oh sorry I didn't [...] .
Alex (PS4YX) [836] Very un S P D S dot P dot D dot.
[837] So I won't be here oh god I won't be here on Friday and [...]
None (PS6U6) [838] Where are we gonna have our assembly today?
Alex (PS4YX) [839] Drama studio.
[840] We're only having drama studio.
[841] You have to sit on the sit on the floor.
None (PS6U6) [842] Take your shoes off?
Alex (PS4YX) [843] No.
None (PS6U6) [844] You do have to sit on the floor.
Alex (PS4YX) [845] Yeah but I'm not I'm going home and put on a different pair of shoes though.
None (PS6U6) [846] Don't you have to take your shoes off?
Alex (PS4YX) [847] Well if it's raining and stuff yeah.
[848] But er the floor's already pretty crap they don't bother.
None (PS6U6) [849] Couldn't we have chairs?
Alex (PS4YX) [850] There isn't enough they say.
[851] He thinks oh I'm allowed [...] I got chucked out last time.
None (PS6U6) [852] Yeah well just say that we, oh incidentally. ...
Alex (PS4YX) [853] Who's that on drums? ...
None (PS6U6) [854] Look Mr . ...
Alex (PS4YX) [855] So will I get done if I go up there?
[856] Why?
[857] ... Just say you told me to come along.
[858] And if if Mr P says bye you'll come with me.
[859] ... [sound of drums playing] Oh we're not gonna do oh god.
[860] You're doing you're not doing anything musical are you?
[861] ... [sound of drums playing] What what else is there?
[862] ... [...] ... God.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [863] I'm I'm gonna go home for five minutes.
None (PS6U6) [864] What now?
Alex (PS4YX) [865] You know in a few minutes.
[866] Then I'll dump by bag or ... listen if it even if I weren't here would you have anything to do?
None (PS6U6) [867] Pardon?
Alex (PS4YX) [868] Would you have anything to do if I wasn't here?
None (PS6U6) [869] Yeah I'd just
Alex (PS4YX) [870] Apart from listening to that racket.
[871] Is that supposed to be music? ... [...]
None (PS6U6) [872] [...] then come back.
[873] You record it?
Alex (PS4YX) [874] Yeah.
None (PS6U6) [875] Are you?
Alex (PS4YX) [876] Yeah.
None (PS6U6) [877] [laughing] Good. []
[878] This is how boring our lunch times are.
[879] Now you understand [laughing] why I do music and Alex goes home [] .
Alex (PS4YX) [880] So where is everybody?
None (PS6U6) [881] On the field probably.
[882] Playing football.
Alex (PS4YX) [883] Oh I shall go for a quick B H.
None (PS6U6) [884] Yeah.
Alex (PS4YX) [885] Just a quickie.
None (PS6U6) [886] We're not talking to anyone who's playing football cos they'll try and get us in the game [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [887] Well I can't play it.
None (PS6U6) [888] Yeah and I can't [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [889] Yeah.
[890] By the way why haven't you been doing games for the past I don't know six months?
None (PS6U6) [891] Why haven't I?
Alex (PS4YX) [892] Yeah.
None (PS6U6) [893] I just get off it.
[894] Why do I do music.
[895] Get a note or go home I just don't do it.
Alex (PS4YX) [896] Why?
[897] It can be alright sometimes you know.
None (PS6U6) [898] When it's this hot Alex.
Alex (PS4YX) [899] Don't you like doing games when it's alright weather? ...
None (PS6U6) [900] You either you either get too hot you get boiling hot and just too hot to do anything.
[901] Or you get freezing cold and covered in mud.
Alex (PS4YX) [902] So when is it alright to do games?
None (PS6U6) [903] Never.
[904] That's my motto.
[905] Never do games.
Alex (PS4YX) [906] Well so far I've been successful.
[907] One rugby lesson and that was it.
None (PS6U6) [908] So far I've done the whole term of volleyball
Alex (PS4YX) [909] Oh god.
None (PS6U6) [910] and I've done half a term of [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [911] It's impossible for you to catch up on my record.
[912] I don't think I think I have set a new Ashmore record.
None (PS6U6) [913] Don't they worry about you not doing games?
[914] Cos I've been asked a question before [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [915] I've been asked loads of questions.
None (PS6U6) [916] Have you?
Alex (PS4YX) [917] Yeah.
None (PS6U6) [918] By who?
Alex (PS4YX) [919] Erm some lady who works for the council or something.
None (PS6U6) [920] Oh [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [921] Er what else was there?
None (PS6U6) [922] She's asked was that in school or did she go to your house?
Alex (PS4YX) [923] She went came to my house [...] for five minutes.
[924] I've been asked by Mr
None (PS6U6) [925] [...] Heather Heather wasn't it ?
Alex (PS4YX) [926] Yeah.
None (PS6U6) [927] Yeah she's spoken to me in school.
Alex (PS4YX) [928] Mr er the fat one fat girl.
None (PS6U6) [929] What did you say?
Alex (PS4YX) [930] I say I've got ingrowing toenails.
[931] I'm finding problems at home.
None (PS6U6) [932] That's what I said.
[933] She came to my house yeah.
[934] And I'm going well I've [...] I just say I've had erm three operations on my toe and I [...] too painful so the doctor said advised me to only do games if I feel okay.
[935] They they accept it they didn't shit.
Alex (PS4YX) [936] In six weeks I'll be able to do stuff like table tennis.
[937] Cos there's a
None (PS6U6) [938] [laughing] Table tennis. []
Alex (PS4YX) [939] Cos I can't do anything.
[940] I can do almost anything in these.
None (PS6U6) [941] In a few years the [...] .
Alex (PS4YX) [942] Yeah [...] more than that I'd say at least a decade.
None (PS6U6) [943] [laughing] Decade []
Alex (PS4YX) [944] Easy.
None (PS6U6) [945] I doubt I'll every do games for the remainder of my time in this school.
Alex (PS4YX) [946] I I don't thing I'll do a single
None (PS6U6) [947] When she came to see you that
Alex (PS4YX) [948] whole term
None (PS6U6) [949] that [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [950] ever .
None (PS6U6) [951] did she ask you about erm any days off.
Alex (PS4YX) [952] About what?
None (PS6U6) [953] Like just any days off [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [954] Why have you been away so many Fridays.
None (PS6U6) [955] Is that what she said?
Alex (PS4YX) [956] I've been away about thirty.
None (PS6U6) [957] You have?
Alex (PS4YX) [958] Yeah.
None (PS6U6) [959] Same here.
Alex (PS4YX) [960] But I'm [...]
None (PS6U6) [961] [...] d'ya know that we were [...] maybe on a on a bit [...] .
[962] I'm holding the record for most days off.
Alex (PS4YX) [963] Tons of Fridays.
None (PS6U6) [964] What [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [965] Actually bunked.
None (PS6U6) [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [966] Well like er pret pretended to go home.
[967] What see my sis a lot of the time my my sister like.
[968] Okay my mum would phone up and go walk her walk to school with Alex on Friday and [...] I think he might try something.
[969] Anyway I pretend to take ages in the toilet.
[970] So she goes off okay.
[971] And I just stay at home and other stuff like I bunked off a couple of days, whole days of school.
[972] Okay I pretended I'd gone to school and I'd
None (PS6U6) [973] What did you do?
Alex (PS4YX) [974] Just stayed at home I hid in the shower.
None (PS6U6) [975] In the shower?
Alex (PS4YX) [976] Yeah we've got this shower downstairs.
[977] We never use it okay.
[978] And I just hid in that yeah.
None (PS6U6) [979] For ages?
Alex (PS4YX) [980] Yeah about thr two hours.
None (PS6U6) [981] Were your mum and dad
Alex (PS4YX) [982] Well my mum was er upstairs getting her stuff ready for work.
[983] Then she just went off.
[984] As simple as that.
None (PS6U6) [985] And that's it?
Alex (PS4YX) [986] Well I just stay at home.
[987] Then I forge myself a letter.
[988] Simple.
None (PS6U6) [989] Your mum didn't mind?
Alex (PS4YX) [990] Well she didn't know.
None (PS6U6) [991] [...] d'ya know.
[992] I mean I wish I could get away from school.
[993] Wish I had somewhere to hide.
Alex (PS4YX) [994] Oh what a stink.
[995] It's called having an advantage.
[996] As soon as we get back I'm going home alright?
[997] Only five minute though.
[998] Well it's so bloody boring here.
None (PS6U6) [999] Shall we bunk off this afternoon.
Alex (PS4YX) [1000] What have we got?
None (PS6U6) [1001] French I mean German P S H [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [1002] Oh yeah.
[1003] Er P S H is easy.
None (PS6U6) [1004] Yeah.
Alex (PS4YX) [1005] What we doing in that?
[1006] Er
None (PS6U6) [1007] So did this woman ask you about why you've had so many Fridays off?
Alex (PS4YX) [1008] Yeah.
None (PS6U6) [1009] She asked me as well.
Alex (PS4YX) [1010] [...] Okay I go right
None (PS6U6) [1011] Has she ever come to your house since?
Alex (PS4YX) [1012] No.
None (PS6U6) [1013] When was this?
[1014] When did she come?
Alex (PS4YX) [1015] Oh ages ago.
[1016] Since then I I've like say I missed ten Fridays yeah?
[1017] Before she came.
[1018] Now I've only missed five.
[1019] So I've cut down.
[1020] You know what I'm saying.
None (PS6U6) [1021] Yeah.
Alex (PS4YX) [1022] I'm less addicted. [laugh]
None (PS6U6) [1023] So she don't come to your house?
Alex (PS4YX) [1024] No she never comes to my house now.
[1025] Ever.
None (PS6U6) [1026] She's only come to mine once.
Alex (PS4YX) [1027] But she came at lunch time.
None (PS6U6) [1028] Did she leave her card and [laughing] tell you when she'd be [...] []
Alex (PS4YX) [1029] Yeah.
None (PS6U6) [1030] Yeah and me.
Alex (PS4YX) [1031] Oh god.
[1032] She's such a [...] .
[1033] And I'm say
None (PS6U6) [1034] And when she was [...] did she speak to you?
Alex (PS4YX) [1035] Yeah.
None (PS6U6) [1036] Did she go to you I'm on your side?
Alex (PS4YX) [1037] Well she she tried to act like really friendly like.
None (PS6U6) [1038] Yeah I know.
Alex (PS4YX) [1039] She really cares about me.
[1040] Is that
None (PS6U6) [1041] She said er did she go to your mum, Oh you've done a good job and [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [1042] No my mum wasn't there.
[1043] She came like er lunch yeah?
[1044] And after I'd gone home yeah?
[1045] And she knocked on the door had this crap conversation and then buggered off.
[1046] My mum wasn't there.
[1047] Nothing I said [...]
None (PS6U6) [1048] They think they can like [...] social services.
[1049] Why are you doing this and all that.
[1050] Having days off d'ya know what I mean?
[1051] It's no big deal is it?
[1052] I mean they just just check on your attendance.
[1053] [...] shit about one.
Alex (PS4YX) [1054] I don't tell her I've [...] middle of Mondays as well.
[1055] And my mum started said there's a problem I'm getting bullied or something.
None (PS6U6) [1056] Yeah same here.
[1057] My mum said that to me.
[1058] She goes you've been bullied.
Alex (PS4YX) [1059] Okay and I'm going
None (PS6U6) [1060] Make you feel [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [1061] No [...] .
[1062] As though okay my sis and my sister's right she, Andrea, she's really trying to make it look as though she's going that erm you Daniel and Mark are beating me up and stuff yeah?
[1063] For a joke yeah?
[1064] And my mum [...] yeah and she's going, Oh my god Alex you okay?
[1065] D'ya want me to go round to that school and beat the crap out of them?
[1066] I go, No mum she's lying.
[1067] And my mum thinks a home [...] she wants to take me to a psychiatrist or something.
[1068] God.
[1069] The last seriously the last time I've bunked off you know school was last Monday.
None (PS6U6) [1070] Last Monday?
Alex (PS4YX) [1071] Not the Monday a couple of days ago but the one before.
[1072] That's the last time time I've [...]
None (PS6U6) [1073] I might bring in a note tomorrow saying I've got make an appointment [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [1074] I wanna be out of school.
None (PS6U6) [1075] You know that as long as you bring in [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [1076] They still care a bit though.
[1077] Cos like on Friday we had textiles and they go a bit cheesed off when we miss so much textiles.
None (PS6U6) [1078] Yeah well
Alex (PS4YX) [1079] You have but you've more or less catched up.
None (PS6U6) [1080] Games is on the national curriculum that's why and we [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [1081] Why?
None (PS6U6) [1082] lessons and it's on the national curriculum games.
[1083] Just think we haven't done it.
Alex (PS4YX) [1084] Basically yeah.
[1085] I mean it's not like that important is it?
[1086] I mean I already do enough ex enough exercise.
[1087] I can't run or anything.
[1088] Well I do
None (PS6U6) [1089] [...] I do do sports with my dad every other weekend when I go to his house.
[1090] We have to do football [...] .
Alex (PS4YX) [1091] I didn't know [...] .
[1092] I can't go running cos it hurts too much.
[1093] Tennis
None (PS6U6) [1094] We can play about three hours of football every Sunday.
[1095] So I get enough exercise with
Alex (PS4YX) [1096] I just do a lot of weights and stuff like that.
[1097] That's what I do.
[1098] Bought myself a nice big [...] and just do that.
[1099] It's enough.
[1100] Sit- ups and crap like that.
None (PS6U6) [1101] I know and you can do that yourself.
[1102] But in a games lesson they push you to do so much [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [1103] Yeah and I can't I can't get myself pushed cos if they push me too hard I usually ache.
[1104] It's like going [...] .
[1105] Cos I ain't got asthma shit like that but I can't breath that well okay.
[1106] So I tell this to that lady there.
[1107] She goes, Well I'll get the teachers to calm down on you a bit.
[1108] Well I hadn't even done games once [laughing] so you know okay [] .
[1109] So that was a bit off strange that.
[1110] Calm down.
[1111] I don't [...] they've been doing anything to me yet okay.
[1112] And it's that simple okay.
[1113] And the day I have games [...] was asking me to do fifty pick-ups run around the circuit five hundred
None (PS6U6) [1114] Really?
Alex (PS4YX) [1115] times and shit like that.
[1116] And I was going [...] ten minutes.
None (PS6U6) [1117] And where can I meet you?
Alex (PS4YX) [1118] D'ya wanna have a walk or what?
None (PS6U6) [1119] I can't they're keeping an eye on me.
Alex (PS4YX) [1120] Alright.
None (PS6U6) [1121] Yeah.
[1122] [...] speak to Mr and [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [1123] Oh god.
[1124] Let's see the time is one twenty three I'll be back by one thirty.
[1125] Three minutes to get there three minutes back that's six minutes.
None (PS6U6) [1126] [...] you're just inviting me to walk into your house?
Alex (PS4YX) [1127] No.
None (PS6U6) [1128] Oh [laughing] that's alright then [] .
[1129] Just better get things straight.
[1130] I'll meet you when at one thirty five?
Alex (PS4YX) [1131] Yeah that'll be alright.
[1132] Where?
None (PS6U6) [1133] Erm outside the pad by those doors by the entrance.
Alex (PS4YX) [1134] Okay make sure you're there.
None (PS6U6) [1135] Yeah I will be.
Alex (PS4YX) [1136] Cos I'm going back home.
[1137] See you.
[1138] ... And that concludes a small session for today. [break in recording]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1139] Alex were you just waiting there?
Alex (PS4YX) [1140] I just had to stay at home for a bit.
[1141] We were having the house furnished.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1142] [...] banner then?
Alex (PS4YX) [1143] Erm I asked [...] and she said that his dad sent him off to get it X-rayed and she goes, But he's had a history with his toe poor blighter.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1144] Stupid cow.
Alex (PS4YX) [1145] Enough to make you puke.
[1146] Sorry bud.
[1147] But I had to stay home.
None (PS6U6) [1148] I left my rehearsal for you.
Alex (PS4YX) [1149] Don't give that shit.
None (PS6U6) [1150] I was sit there for twenty five minutes for you.
Alex (PS4YX) [1151] Liar.
[1152] It says one thirty five and er it's one fifty [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [1153] Old Christian love Rachael .
[1154] All you people in Norway.
None (PS6U6) [1155] Is it recording now.
Alex (PS4YX) [1156] Yeah.
None (PS6U6) [1157] Is it?
Alex (PS4YX) [1158] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1159] What's your name?
Alex (PS4YX) [1160] God.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1161] I did the same things when we did [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1162] Alex told me that
None (PS6U6) [1163] Alex has extremely nice coloured teeth.
Alex (PS4YX) [1164] Thank you.
[1165] I like that shade of yellow personally.
None (PS6U6) [1166] What's wrong with Daniel's toe Alex?
Alex (PS4YX) [1167] I don't really know I think he might have dislocated [...]
None (PS6U6) [1168] He kicked a door didn't he?
[1169] He's a bit of an idiot.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1170] For god's sake he's he's played that [...]
None (PS6U6) [1171] What just cos I said he's a bit of an idiot?
Alex (PS4YX) [1172] He said more than that.
[1173] He said something else about Daniel [...] . ...
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1174] I'm a bad man.
None (PS6U6) [1175] You were gonna hit me then.
Alex (PS4YX) [1176] I'll be here on Tuesday Marcus. [...]
None (PS6U6) [1177] No you won't if you have an operation you said you will be off for the rest of the week.
Alex (PS4YX) [1178] No.
[1179] I said I was not I'm not gonna be here Friday Saturday Sunday or Monday am I cos I've got this holiday right.
[1180] But I'm gonna come here on Tuesday.
[1181] A I have to give you some [...] and I wanna record some more stuff.
[1182] We ain't got one though.
None (PS6U6) [1183] Are you gonna leave your jackets and things in the classroom.
Alex (PS4YX) [1184] What jacket?
None (PS6U6) [1185] Bag in the classroom.
Alex (PS4YX) [1186] Yeah.
None (PS6U6) [1187] Same here.
Alex (PS4YX) [1188] Stall for time innit [...] ... Yes that is a very low seat there.
None (PS6U6) [1189] Mark is there something wrong upstairs?
[1190] ... You ask him to speak some Hebrew to you.
[1191] ... Cos then you can start learning.
Alex (PS4YX) [1192] God you're starting to loose that spiky effect Mark.
[1193] ... Softening up.
None (PS6U6) [1194] Let's go in.
Alex (PS4YX) [1195] I can't scratch my hand in my head now.
[1196] I like it groovy.
[1197] ... Have we gone in?
None (PS6U6) [1198] Yes.
Alex (PS4YX) [1199] Where is everybody? ...
Alex (PS4YX) [1200] Where's everybody gone?
None (PS6U6) [1201] Sir have we got assembly?
Emma (PS501) [1202] Yes.
Alex (PS4YX) [1203] Sir?
Alex (PS4YX) [1204] [...] today.
Alex (PS4YX) [1205] This is.
[1206] Sir?
[1207] I told you yesterday I won't be here today.
[1208] You know what I mean tomorrow.
[1209] Sorry.
Emma (PS501) [1210] Don't confuse me.
Alex (PS4YX) [1211] Tomorrow I won't here.
Emma (PS501) [1212] You won't be here all day tomorrow?
Alex (PS4YX) [1213] No okay. ... [...]
Emma (PS501) [1214] You can switch [...] titles switch them round.
[1215] Yeah that's it exactly and then you won't cover the titles.
[1216] And those [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [1217] Look at this two O two.
[1218] [...] That's crap that karate yeah [...] and stuff like that.
[1219] You have to have been in the karate the same time.
[1220] Even if you're brilliant they still won't give it to you.
[1221] Even if you're as good as a master they still won't give you the top black [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1222] Red.
Alex (PS4YX) [1223] Okay [...] red's the top.
[1224] Still won't give it to you.
[1225] You have, yeah, you have to wait at least you have wait a certain amount of years.
[1226] It's thick.
[1227] Even if you're better than a master you still have to wait.
[1228] ... Usually has a well black I guess.
[1229] But erm but he still had to wait that's what's crap.
[1230] ... X-ray. ...
Alex (PS4YX) [1231] Don't say that about your lover.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1232] [laughing] Oh. []
[1233] Shut up.
[1234] He's talking to me and that [...] with Stephanie Stephanie.
Alex (PS4YX) [1235] Oh!
Alex (PS4YX) [1236] I think Stephanie [...] cos I told her and she goes, Oh good.
None (PS6U6) [1237] Well she was the one who was begging him to do it.
[1238] [...] You know what I'm talking about.
[1239] ... [...] kissed me.
[1240] [laughing] When I came out of geography. []
Alex (PS4YX) [1241] She did.
None (PS6U6) [1242] On the cheek.
Alex (PS4YX) [1243] She did.
[1244] She now has a rash.
None (PS6U6) [1245] [...] smirk right on the [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [1246] [singing] Neighbours everybody needs to neighbours with a little. []
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1247] [...] told you right.
[1248] I had to [...] erm you know when she runs on the court and trips them up
Alex (PS4YX) [1249] Yeah yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1250] I done it on Jame and Michael and and you know the part where she pulls him over and she flicks her leg back so he flies
Alex (PS4YX) [1251] Yeah yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1252] I done it on Michael.
Alex (PS4YX) [1253] I'm proud of you.
[1254] I mean good for oh I'm gonna start crying .
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1255] Are you taping this?
Alex (PS4YX) [1256] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1257] Good you've got it on tape.
Alex (PS4YX) [1258] People in Norway will hear all about us .
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1259] [...] handshake.
Alex (PS4YX) [1260] Oh yeah very good I mean round of applause [clapping] everybody come on.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1261] Alex [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [1262] No no that's a bad idea that.
[1263] No no no. ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [1264] My god look at that.
[1265] It's enough to hurt my I'm bleeding.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1266] D'ya [...] still wanna buy
None (PS6U6) [1267] He hasn't got any money at the moment.
Alex (PS4YX) [1268] Yeah I I
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1269] Well when he gets it.
Alex (PS4YX) [1270] I broke into house man.
None (PS6U6) [1271] Did you?
Alex (PS4YX) [1272] Yeah.
None (PS6U6) [1273] So long as you didn't nick [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [1274] [laughing] I stole [...] []
None (PS6U6) [1275] [...] take my brother's mega drive.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [1276] Oh is that the one with crisscross?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1277] Alex?
Alex (PS4YX) [1278] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1279] You gonna tape the assembly?
Alex (PS4YX) [1280] Yeah might as well.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1281] Put them to sleep that's nice of you.
Alex (PS4YX) [1282] Now this is what we call an assembly.
[1283] It is boring
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1284] [...] aren't you a bit worried about going to erm hospital?
Alex (PS4YX) [1285] Yeah.
[1286] Full of needles I mean come off it.
[1287] I won't be awake when they're doing it cos
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1288] [laugh] Tell me when I see you Tuesday.
[1289] D'ya really have a bath you do don't you?
Alex (PS4YX) [1290] Yes I do have a bath.
[1291] [...] come on. ...
Emma (PS501) [1292] Right take coats off let's sit sit down there. ...
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1293] Right one lane please close to the front. ...
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
None (PS6U6) [1294] I think I'm gonna get done.
Alex (PS4YX) [1295] He can see [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS4YX) [1296] Oi Michael Michael?
[1297] Did Joanne beat the crap out of you?
[1298] I'm proud of her.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [laugh]
Alex (PS4YX) [1299] She she thinks she's [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1300] I hate you with a passion [...] .
Alex (PS4YX) [1301] No I could I could I don't need to dream.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1302] I taught her a new move and she practised it on me but she missed and got me in the [...] and I fell on the ground.
Alex (PS4YX) [1303] That's very good.
[1304] She deserves a medal. ...
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
None (PS6U6) [1305] How much time [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1306] Forty five minutes.
None (PS6U6) [1307] Forty five minutes.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1308] I lost in my third round.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1309] Sorry Alex.
Alex (PS4YX) [1310] You can't make them come off they're blimming boots.
[1311] ... [...] gonna throw me over.
[1312] ... We're in room three.

7 (Tape 140601)

Daniel (PS500) [1313] Yeah, yeah, is Lucinda here?
Marc (PS4YY) [1314] Nah.
Daniel (PS500) [1315] Where is she?
Marc (PS4YY) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1316] Why, what happened now?
Marc (PS4YY) [1317] Oh nuffink, I don't care about those idiots.
[1318] I don't even wanna
Daniel (PS500) [1319] What you holding?
Marc (PS4YY) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1320] Don't tell anyone okay, it's gotta be by surprise.
[1321] Don't even tell them at the end.
[1322] Erm, that Norwegian geezer, but erm, Alex passed it on to me.
Marc (PS4YY) [1323] Alex passed it on to you?
Daniel (PS500) [1324] Yeah.
Marc (PS4YY) [1325] Oh, your cousin?
[1326] Oh what are they going round [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1327] No, no it's just he's having an operation.
Marc (PS4YY) [1328] Oh right. [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1329] Huh?
Marc (PS4YY) [...]
Emma (PS501) [1330] [...] Adrian [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1331] Don't, don't tell, cos my cousin is in control of it, yeah?
[1332] And he's having an operation, huh?
Marc (PS4YY) [1333] Oh you Alexandra having one?
Daniel (PS500) [1334] No, you know my cousin Alex?
[1335] He had one yeah, and he passed it on
Marc (PS4YY) [1336] Oh yeah, yeah, Oh yeah I remember
Daniel (PS500) [1337] to me.
[1338] So, and he's having , yeah I know it's just erm, I don't want them to know, so then I get em [whispering] [...] []
Marc (PS4YY) [1339] It doesn't matter, you're allowed to say that, you can say what you want.
Daniel (PS500) [1340] That's alright then.
Emma (PS501) [1341] Adam [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1342] Good.
[1343] Did you do your ... erm, [sniff] English?
Emma (PS501) [1344] [...] Tuesday will be three days [...] Mr sent for you.
[1345] You need to bring that in because he'll be waiting for that won't he?
[1346] [...] Listen for your name now, Lynn?
Daniel (PS500) [1347] Sir.
Emma (PS501) [1348] Sorry?
Daniel (PS500) [1349] Sir.
Emma (PS501) [1350] That's better.
[1351] Nicola ... away, [...] ... Mandy, Hannah ... no Hannah, away ...
Daniel (PS500) [...]
Emma (PS501) [1352] Eleni?
None (PS6U6) [1353] Sir.
Emma (PS501) [1354] [...] , Joe, Joanne?
Marc (PS4YY) [1355] Sir.
Emma (PS501) [1356] Debbie, Lucinda ... no Lucinda.
Daniel (PS500) [1357] Conversation.
Emma (PS501) [1358] Pamela ... away. [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1359] [...] and Sherry. [...]
Emma (PS501) [1360] Adrian, Tommy ... no Tommy, [...] remember that note Adam.
[1361] Erm, how do you spell it? [...] get through and listen to other people's conversations.
Daniel (PS500) [1362] [laughing] Oh, oh right, yeah, yeah, oh yeah Sir, I've got mine today [] .
Emma (PS501) [1363] Oh.
Daniel (PS500) [1364] Some, some [...] told me to bring it.
Emma (PS501) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [1365] Me. [laugh]
Emma (PS501) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1366] Oh hold on.
[1367] Me, the bus contender, the driver, oh yeah and Carl's going vroomm vroom.
[1368] Okay erm, Me and Eleni, Me and Lynn, Mr
Emma (PS501) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1369] That's mine Sir.
Emma (PS501) [1370] Eleni, [...] .
Daniel (PS500) [1371] Oh, where are we now?
None (KNYPS000) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1372] Alright.
None (KNYPS000) [1373] [...] the way you speak.
[1374] Have they given you the book that you have to
Daniel (PS500) [1375] Yeah , yeah.
None (KNYPS000) [1376] Oh I remember, I remember thinking cos he said that he was gonna be away, and he wouldn't be here on Tuesday, so he goes.
[1377] What, has he gone in for surgery?
Daniel (PS500) [1378] Yeah.
None (KNYPS000) [1379] What about?
Daniel (PS500) [1380] For an ingrowing toenail, they have to take it out.
None (KNYPS000) [1381] [laugh] Ingrowing toenail?
[1382] Operation on it?
Daniel (PS500) [1383] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1384] Urgh
None (KNYPS000) [1385] Oh my god.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1386] Pain ful .
None (KNYPS000) [1387] What they gonna do?
[1388] Knock him out?
Daniel (PS500) [1389] Yeah.
None (KNYPS000) [1390] They gonna cut his toenail?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
None (PS6U5) [1391] Oh, hey he's just a bit late.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1392] Sindy. [...]
None (KNYPS000) [1393] What has she gotta do the Norwegian thing as well?
Daniel (PS500) [1394] Yeah, it's not Norwegian thing, it was ladies Norwegian, that's all.
Marc (PS4YY) [1395] Norway.
Marc (PS4YY) [1396] She [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1397] Oh, I couldn't cos we ran out, and when we came back it was ten o clock and I thought, well.
Marc (PS4YY) [1398] I was only joking.
[1399] Anyway, carry on.
Daniel (PS500) [1400] You get a little book, and you have to take out the tape, and you have to write down the different conversations you have in between, all your conversations, and then erm, [...] .
Daniel (PS500) [1401] I don't think I can on Sunday.
Marc (PS4YY) [1402] I don't wanna go, I really don't wanna go, they're gonna have such a go at me, but I don't wanna go.
Daniel (PS500) [1403] Well, let them have a go at you, you don't have to do what they say.
[1404] Don't you wanna go.
Marc (PS4YY) [1405] I don't wanna go.
Daniel (PS500) [1406] Well, then don't go.
Marc (PS4YY) [1407] I'm no [...] they keep on ha having a go at me cos I can never go out them.
Daniel (PS500) [1408] Well tell them, say look I don't wanna go out with you.
None (PS6U5) [1409] Yeah, just say it, [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1410] Say that again [laugh] .
Daniel (PS500) [1411] Make out that they've been right bastards to [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1412] [...] in the whole wide world. [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1413] [laughing] and, and now, and now you have ripped my friendship to shreds, [...] []
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1414] Because she has gone mentally ... dunno, nuts.
[1415] She's gone nuts and [...] .
Daniel (PS500) [1416] Have you got one of your tapes in there, as well.
None (PS6U6) [1417] Alright?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
None (PS6U6) [1418] What?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1419] What you gonna tell them about me?
None (PS6U6) [1420] Nuffink, I didn't say nuffink about you, they didn't ask me.
None (KNYPS000) [1421] No, [...] .
None (PS6U6) [1422] Oh, oh.
None (KNYPS000) [1423] He thinks you were Lydia.
[1424] It's so sad.
[1425] He goes to me, [...] so she said [...] , yeah but she doesn't want to come, and he says yeah but Grant says she is doesn't he [...]
None (PS6U6) [1426] What you chatting about?
None (KNYPS000) [1427] And I go isn't that Eleni or something?
[1428] And he goes [...]
None (PS6U6) [1429] Oh, he's got a
None (KNYPS000) [1430] [...] Eleni, and I go it is Eleni, and he goes, oh yeah, it must be Eleni.
None (PS6U6) [1431] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
None (PS6U6) [1432] I, I don't want to see him again, they're such idiots, I just wanna get rid of 'em.
[1433] Just,
None (KNYPS000) [1434] [...] they're all really [...] like when I, I didn't have a travel card, they all started going [...] just cos I didn't have a travel card.
None (PS6U6) [1435] Yeah but they are, they are really, you know those [...] and everything?
[1436] They are really
None (KNYPS000) [1437] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1438] You supposed to be doing that?
Daniel (PS500) [1439] Oh, oh just recorded what you said. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1440] What you gonna say?
None (KNYPS000) [1441] I told him you hate Chris.
Daniel (PS500) [1442] Oh, Bastard, what did he say?
None (KNYPS000) [1443] He goes [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1444] I don't hate him though.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1445] So, come on, tell me what he said.
None (KNYPS000) [1446] It's alright, [...] .
Daniel (PS500) [1447] Bollocks, what I thought.
None (KNYPS000) [1448] Is he good looking?
Daniel (PS500) [1449] He's a little bit taller than you.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1450] Yeah, Dean Dean's good looking but, Andrew's got eyebrows all the way across here, Christian's about that high.
[1451] [laugh] And then there, then there's this one called Ash, and he's like pizza, I'm not joking, he's worse than [...] , peeow.
[1452] Blow up in his face.
Daniel (PS500) [1453] That's disgusting, [...] .
[1454] I go, okay, Tom or something.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1455] Yeah.
Daniel (PS500) [1456] You want me to bring Tom.
[1457] Who is he?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1458] Oh
None (KNYPS000) [1459] Ash, he's Ash.
Daniel (PS500) [1460] Yeah but there's the other Tom as well.
None (KNYPS000) [1461] There's one called [...] who's Greek.
[1462] He's like quite, he's alright.
Daniel (PS500) [1463] So who you gonna ring then?
None (KNYPS000) [1464] I don't know, whoever's going down or something.
Daniel (PS500) [1465] Talking about?
[1466] It's j
None (KNYPS000) [1467] [...] I'll phone you up later.
Daniel (PS500) [1468] Oh, god.
[1469] [sneeze] [sneeze] Oh, sorry. [laugh]
None (PS6U6) [laugh]
Daniel (PS500) [1470] I hope I was recording that.
[1471] Was I Was I?
None (PS6U6) [1472] [laugh] Achoo.
Daniel (PS500) [1473] Was I.
None (PS6U6) [1474] Put it away
Daniel (PS500) [1475] Eeaahoo.
[1476] Yeah, I've got 'em in my bag.
[1477] Yes, I was recording it. [giggle] .
None (PS6U6) [1478] [...] Put it away.
Daniel (PS500) [1479] [...] I'm not, I'm not gonna record over it.
None (PS6U6) [1480] No, I mean put it under your jumper.
Daniel (PS500) [1481] Aargh.
[1482] [singing] Put it away, put it away. []
None (PS6U6) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1483] Ah doesn't matter, [...]
None (PS6U6) [1484] [...] does she pluck them all over?
[1485] They're like, I don't know, it's like they're really thin, and she's plucked 'em at the end as a kid. [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1486] Oh god, I haven't really noticed.
[1487] [whispering] Look there's Amy, let's record her, hee hee. []
[1488] Right.
[1489] Ooh.
[1490] Ping.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1491] Oh, where d'you get it?
Daniel (PS500) [1492] Oh my cousin passed it on.
[1493] Oh, I think they're waiting for us Eleni, it doesn't matter, bye.
[1494] I'll just put it on pause now.
None (PS6U6) [1495] What?
Daniel (PS500) [1496] What's wrong with Lucinda?
[1497] Oh yeah she went to sign in, that's it.
None (PS6U6) [1498] Did she?
Daniel (PS500) [1499] Yeah they're
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1500] What?
[1501] You're joking.
[1502] You're kidding, that is it.
[1503] Right excuse me.
[1504] This is it, this is the truth right.
[1505] Mrs S , tell me that again so it's on record.
[1506] Say it again, say it again.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1507] She wants us to go to Mr .
Daniel (PS500) [1508] But who?
[1509] Who's us?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1510] Me and you.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1511] And me.
[1512] I'm going
Daniel (PS500) [1513] Well, oh, and you as well?
[1514] And Lucinda?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1515] Is it recording?
Daniel (PS500) [1516] Yeah, you're recording.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1517] Am I?
[1518] Hello everyone.
Daniel (PS500) [1519] [whispering] Oh shut up.
[1520] Oh this is really getting on my nerves. []
Marc (PS4YY) [1521] Well leave him then.
[1522] You don't need to say anything to him, just
Daniel (PS500) [1523] [...] No it's recording
Marc (PS4YY) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1524] She reckons she owns the bloke.
Marc (PS4YY) [1525] She doesn't reckon sh
Daniel (PS500) [1526] Yes she does.
Marc (PS4YY) [1527] She doesn't.
Daniel (PS500) [1528] Oh well, I hate her anyway.
Emma (PS501) [1529] Girls at the back of the room, we haven't come for a chat.
[1530] Can we get out our worksheets, our [...] , our rulers.
Daniel (PS500) [1531] We have to come for a chat, we need to record it.
Marc (PS4YY) [1532] [whispering] Yeah.
[1533] Shut up. []
Daniel (PS500) [1534] The last thing we taped, what was it?
Marc (PS4YY) [1535] Oh I dunno.
Daniel (PS500) [1536] Well what was it?
[1537] I have to know so I can log it.
Marc (PS4YY) [1538] Oh thanks.
Daniel (PS500) [1539] What was it?
Marc (PS4YY) [1540] I don't know.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [whispering] [...] []
Marc (PS4YY) [1541] [...] working to.
[1542] Oh my god.
Daniel (PS500) [1543] What was the last thing we had, was it Del and that lot?
Marc (PS4YY) [1544] Yeah something like that.
[1545] No, just walking out of English.
Daniel (PS500) [1546] Was it?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1547] Yeah.
Daniel (PS500) [1548] Walking out of English? [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1549] Yeah.
Marc (PS4YY) [1550] Well near the end of the lesson.
[1551] When the lesson was ending.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [whispering] [...] []
Daniel (PS500) [1552] This is my homework.
Marc (PS4YY) [1553] Can I give it to you Monday?
Daniel (PS500) [1554] Right, where's your book?
Marc (PS4YY) [1555] Mrs, I haven't got my sheet.
Daniel (PS500) [1556] Look, I've done my homework.
Emma (PS501) [1557] The sheet that I gave you.
[1558] If you've lost these sheets erm, how many of you have lost their sheets.
Marc (PS4YY) [1559] Well it's in my book, [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1560] [whispering] Oh, we've all lost our sheets, she's such a moany old cow. []
Marc (PS4YY) [giggle]
Daniel (PS500) [giggle]
Marc (PS4YY) [1561] The homework, just copy it quickly. [...]
Daniel (PS500) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [1562] Miss, say hello to the microphone.
Daniel (PS500) [1563] [whispering] Oh, you boring old cow. []
[1564] Chang a lang, do you wanna listen to us, aah.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1565] [...] shall we do our section work as well? [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1566] Ching, ching ching ching, ching ching [laugh]
Marc (PS4YY) [1567] [laugh] .
Emma (PS501) [1568] [...] and go five kilometres south west to a point b, and then three kilometres south to a point c
Daniel (PS500) [1569] [sigh] [whispering] Boring. []
Emma (PS501) [1570] On what bearing must we sail to head directly back to harbour, and how far has it [...] .
[1571] I want an accurate scale drawing, using a scale of one centimetre.
[1572] Now this is a really easy scale.
[1573] It's not one to so many thousand, it's just written nice and easy for you, as one centimetre to one kilometre.
Daniel (PS500) [1574] We're in maths.
Emma (PS501) [1575] Show A B and [...] and find the bearing [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1576] This is boring, I'll pause.
Daniel (PS500) [1577] let me have one.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1578] No
Daniel (PS500) [1579] Let me have one.
Marc (PS4YY) [giggle]
Daniel (PS500) [1580] [laughing] Shut up. []
Marc (PS4YY) [1581] Who drew this?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1582] Me
Marc (PS4YY) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1583] Yeah I know.
[1584] Stupid cow.
[1585] Oi did you tell Lynn about erm, Danny, thingy, Danny , yesterday, on the field.
Marc (PS4YY) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1586] He, he pulled his erm trousers down and he was showing us his pants and stuff.
[1587] And we were going, because he took his shirt off yeah, we were going [...] .
[1588] We were just taking the mickey.
Marc (PS4YY) [1589] What you have to do is look at your T G and close your eyes.
Daniel (PS500) [1590] Oh, well, and not look at what your doing.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [singing] [...] []
Daniel (PS500) [1591] [singing] I know, I know, I know, I know, I know I [...] [] Bye.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1592] work out east west, I'm just so bad.
Daniel (PS500) [1593] Hang on, I'll record your conversation.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1594] [laughing] No way. [...] []
Daniel (PS500) [laugh]
Emma (PS501) [1595] Number three.
[1596] Right, so how are we going to start?
[1597] The boat leaves harbour A [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1598] [whispering] The boat leaves harbour A. []
Emma (PS501) [1599] How are we going to start by doing this [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1600] [whispering] Using tracing paper to mark the position shown by London, Boring. []
None (PS6U5) [1601] Oi, you can pause this, they don't want to hear the teacher.
Daniel (PS500) [1602] Oh sorry.
[1603] Sorry.
[1604] Oi does this Norwegian lady understand English, or is she studying English?
[1605] ... Oh right ... mmm.
[1606] What the hell are we doing?
None (PS6U5) [1607] I do not know.
Daniel (PS500) [1608] Look, I need my book.
[1609] Stop doing your homework.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [whispering] [...] []
Daniel (PS500) [1610] Say you didn't understand it or something.
[1611] I dunno.
None (PS6U5) [1612] Lynn, what do we have to do.
Daniel (PS500) [1613] Lynn, what do we have to do.
None (PS6U5) [1614] No, we're going to be famous.
[1615] Hi my name's Lucinda.
[1616] Oh, [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
None (PS6U5) [1617] You wish.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
None (PS6U5) [1618] Oi look.
Emma (PS501) [1619] We've got it on a two two five bearing [...]
None (PS6U5) [1620] Oh god, we've supposed to, have you got a pencil?
Daniel (PS500) [1621] Miss, we haven't even got our protractor yet.
None (PS6U5) [1622] Wait a sec.
[1623] I did have a erm, protractor, but it broke.
Daniel (PS500) [1624] I know you did, it's very distressing that they break isn't it?
[1625] Zoe.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1626] Who's done it?
[1627] Right, where's two two five?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1628] [...] nought six degrees [...] twenty-five kilometres.
Daniel (PS500) [1629] Excuse me.
None (PS6U5) [1630] Can I borrow the goddamn protractor?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [whispering] [...] []
Daniel (PS500) [1631] Go on, it's not on.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1632] [...] it is on, you're a liar.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1633] [...] [laugh] [...] I'm gonna sue you for a hundred thousand dollars honey.
[1634] [laugh] Put me in the oven and bake me for forty minutes.
None (PS6U5) [1635] [...] can I borrow the protractor?
Daniel (PS500) [1636] Yeah, gimme the ruler.
[1637] Ching ching chung [singing] [...] yer bum, to you boobs and go, [...] diarrhoea ... mm diarrhoea [] .
Marc (PS4YY) [1638] [laughing] Lynn, shut up. []
Daniel (PS500) [1639] [giggle] I'm singing to myself.
Marc (PS4YY) [1640] Oh, please.
Daniel (PS500) [1641] Finding the pressure on the ground, under my feet, is a very hard thing to do.
[1642] [laughing] Last week, Joanne wrote down the method of how to make a bridge.
[1643] Whilst the rest of us were copying down the maths work [] .
[1644] A car has four tyres, each of which tor touches two hundred centimetres square of ground.
[1645] If the weight of the car is eight thousand somethings, find the pressure on the ground, under the tyres.
[1646] We will use F equals S divided by A to find this out.
Marc (PS4YY) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1647] Right, F equals eight thousand, A equals four times two hundred centimetres squared, equals eight hundred and ... [singing] ding a ding a ding a ding a ding a ding a ding a ding a boomsha []
Marc (PS4YY) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1648] Oh, alright then, [singing] [...] you wanna know, ding ding ding ding ding ding ding a ding a ding a ding, ding ding ding a ding boomsha ... oh, oh [] .
[1649] This is so boring.
Marc (PS4YY) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1650] To Ali, if you listen to this, you're stupid.
[1651] No, I'm only joking.
[1652] If you listen to this, I'm gonna kill you.
[1653] You don't mind do you?
[1654] Nah, I didn't think you would.
[1655] You're so gorgeous.
[1656] Thanks for giving me this ... stuff.
[1657] Oh, by the way, I I've broke the walkman, but you don't mind do you, I mean you're gonna fork out for it, but, I'm sure you don't mind.
Marc (PS4YY) [moan]
Daniel (PS500) [1658] Are you having a fit?
[1659] Oh listen to this.
Marc (PS4YY) [moan]
Daniel (PS500) [1660] She's j got her asthma attack.
Marc (PS4YY) [1661] [...] I can't breathe.
Daniel (PS500) [1662] Miss is being a bit of a beep.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1663] Look, listen to me.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1664] Give me the protractor.
Daniel (PS500) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1665] [...] give me the protractor.
Daniel (PS500) [1666] Isn't he?
[1667] Maybe he's slightly western.
[1668] Mad.
Marc (PS4YY) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1669] See what I mean.
Marc (PS4YY) [1670] South Carolina.
Daniel (PS500) [1671] She's erm, you know all this western crap, see what I mean.
Marc (PS4YY) [1672] She's not western
Daniel (PS500) [1673] Yes she is.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1674] She is.
Marc (PS4YY) [1675] I'm not, you're just an old liar.
Daniel (PS500) [1676] [whine] pinky boo boo.
[1677] Oh.
[1678] Oh I mean Lynn, you always
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1679] [...] cow's poo poo.
Daniel (PS500) [1680] They crack me up, they crack me up.
Emma (PS501) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [1681] We haven't got a sheet anyway.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1682] Lucinda [...]
Emma (PS501) [1683] Put it in the middle here.
[1684] Alright, so you can see it.
Daniel (PS500) [1685] Centimetres is seventy-five.
Emma (PS501) [1686] Seven point five isn't it?
[1687] Not seventy-five.
Daniel (PS500) [1688] Oh, alright.
Emma (PS501) [1689] Have you actually measured it on your diagram?
Daniel (PS500) [1690] What, which the distance
Emma (PS501) [1691] Yeah, you're writing, or are you writing what somebody else has got?
Daniel (PS500) [1692] Oh, I was writing it from the board actually.
Emma (PS501) [1693] Oh right, well you should have measured it.
Daniel (PS500) [1694] Oh right.
Emma (PS501) [1695] Right, now we're way behind here, and I suspect it's because of a lot of chattering.
Daniel (PS500) [1696] Well, we've been waiting for the protractors, we haven't been [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1697] cos like, they have to do it, and then they pass it on, and then it goes like that.
Emma (PS501) [1698] Can you please have your own for Tuesday?
[1699] Write in your homework diary.
[1700] Protractor for Tuesday.
Daniel (PS500) [1701] Oh, when does the maths erm, shop open?
Emma (PS501) [1702] I'm not sure.
Daniel (PS500) [1703] Isn't it Monday [...]
Emma (PS501) [1704] I don't know what, which day it is, but Monday we're not at school.
Daniel (PS500) [1705] Oh, right. [...]
Emma (PS501) [1706] Right, fine.
[1707] Now have a look at this one here.
[1708] Okay?
Daniel (PS500) [1709] Okay. [...]
Emma (PS501) [1710] That's right.
Daniel (PS500) [1711] Okay.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1712] Oh, isn't that just jolly good?
[1713] Who's got my rubber?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1714] Zoe, give me the rubber.
[1715] Zoe, give me the rubber.
Marc (PS4YY) [1716] Oh what do you have to do after we've done [...] [banging on table. ruler perhaps?]
Daniel (PS500) [1717] Bam bam bam, chi chi chi.
[1718] Is this on pause, I better be on pause.
[1719] Oh my god, it isn't.
Marc (PS4YY) [1720] Do you fancy, oi Zoe, do you still fancy Steven?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1721] No way.
Marc (PS4YY) [1722] That's what you said last time.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [1723] Oh, gonna show this to Peter now.
Daniel (PS500) [...]
Marc (PS4YY)
Daniel (PS500) [1724] That is it.
[1725] That is it, I'm not your friend.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1726] Do you?
[1727] Nah.
Marc (PS4YY) [1728] It's just a little, insy winsy teeny [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1729] Sorry?
Daniel (PS500) [1730] Zo , like the side of a ten ton truck you do.
[1731] [...] I decided, yesterday, yesterday I stopped fancying him, but I changed my mind again.
[1732] Oh.
[1733] I fancied yesterday as well.
Marc (PS4YY) [1734] Oh, I remember when you fancied him [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1735] And he, didn't he ask you out or something?
Daniel (PS500) [1736] No.
Marc (PS4YY) [1737] Didn't he?
[1738] I though he did.
[1739] Didn't you go out with him?
Daniel (PS500) [1740] No.
Marc (PS4YY) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [laugh]
Marc (PS4YY) [1741] You were always with him.
Daniel (PS500) [1742] [...] jeans yesterday.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1743] What?
Marc (PS4YY) [1744] You were always with him.
Daniel (PS500) [1745] Most of 'em.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1746] What?
Marc (PS4YY) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1747] Oh, bloody hell, stick to pizza poof.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [laugh]
Daniel (PS500) [1748] The battery's running out, the battery's running out.
Marc (PS4YY) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1749] It is.
Marc (PS4YY) [1750] How d'you know?
Daniel (PS500) [1751] cos that little red light's flashing.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1752] We'll just [...] we'll just bing bing bing bing bing.
[1753] We'll just [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1754] I gotta list the people.
Marc (PS4YY) [1755] No say shring at it.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1756] Shring.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1757] [...] forgotten data, see it any time eight ninety-nine on video [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1758] Alright, we've gotta make a [...] in class [cuts off]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1759] Oh Miss.
Emma (PS501) [1760] When the fishing boat sails for three and a half hours unclear
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1761] Steven, Steven.
[1762] Oh, it's alright, I've forgot what I was gonna ask.
Emma (PS501) [1763] Three and a half hours.
Daniel (PS500) [1764] Excuse me, oi, podgy, er cookie, erm, [laughing] what's her name? []
[1765] Erm.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1766] mmm?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1767] Who?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1768] Aran.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1769] Aran?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1770] Mmm.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1771] What happened?
[1772] Eh?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1773] Mmm nuffink.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1774] Fine.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1775] I hate [...] the white hair.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1776] Which one?
[1777] The one with white hair, up there?
[1778] You hate her?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1779] No, I hate her hair.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1780] Oh, you hate her [laughing] hair []
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1781] [whispering] [...] ... What do you think of Steven's hair? [] [laughing]
[1782] Steven's hair flies out at phew ptong. []
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1783] Looks like a mad professor.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1784] A what?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1785] Professor.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1786] A professor? [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Emma (PS501) [1787] For some reason, you two find it necessary to get up.
[1788] Nobody else, now sit down.
[1789] You don't get out of your place, for any reason.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1790] Alright, I suppose I will.
Emma (PS501) [1791] Have you finished that?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1792] Yeah.
Emma (PS501) [1793] You've got an answer there, but I haven't got a book to take in have I?
[1794] ... You've just wasted, you finished that quite a long time ago, and you have [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1795] Shall I do it now [...]
Emma (PS501) [1796] [...] it's not worth it, there's two minutes left.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1797] I'll do it, I'll do it in the time.
[1798] I'll do it in the time.
[1798_1] Okay?
Emma (PS501) [1799] No you won't
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Emma (PS501) [1800] [...] you have just wasted ten minutes of that lesson, wandering round [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1801] Miss, I bet I've got all my homework right.
Daniel (PS500) [1802] We talking about the same Dicky?
Marc (PS4YY) [1803] Yeah, that's her sitting over there.
[1804] She came in [...] .
Daniel (PS500) [1805] What, were you really friendly with her then?
Marc (PS4YY) [1806] Yeah.
[1807] She used to be one of my best friends.
Daniel (PS500) [1808] But you never used to hang round with her ... though did you?
Marc (PS4YY) [1809] Well, sort of.
[1810] I used to hang round with Nicky didn't I?
Daniel (PS500) [1811] Nicky?
[1812] And Shelley?
[1813] That was ages ago though, wasn't it?
[1814] What in the first year, was this?
Marc (PS4YY) [1815] No, erm, when we went to France, that sort of time.
Daniel (PS500) [1816] Oh, right.
[1817] And then you broke up with her after that didn't you?
Daniel (PS500) [1818] Boring.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1819] So who's the love of your life these days?
Daniel (PS500) [1820] Why not?
Marc (PS4YY) [1821] Why are you bothered then?
[1822] ... Eh?
Daniel (PS500) [1823] I'm not.
Marc (PS4YY) [1824] You are.
Daniel (PS500) [1825] I'm not now.
Marc (PS4YY) [1826] You are.
[1827] How come you wrote this then?
[1828] If you're not bothered?
Daniel (PS500) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [1829] Huh?
Daniel (PS500) [1830] I dunno.
Daniel (PS500) [1831] [...] Nothing to tape.
Marc (PS4YY) [1832] Oops, sorry. [laugh]
Daniel (PS500) [1833] Eh, yeah, thanks.
[1834] Oi, would you come to the computer service block with me?
[1835] Yeah?
Marc (PS4YY) [1836] I've gotta go in and get a folder.
Daniel (PS500) [1837] Folder?
Marc (PS4YY) [1838] Eh?
Daniel (PS500) [1839] What folder?
Marc (PS4YY) [1840] Do you have Mr ?
Daniel (PS500) [1841] [...] Oh yeah, he punished me.
[1842] I was writing something yeah?
Marc (PS4YY) [1843] Yeah.
Daniel (PS500) [1844] And you know that little book I've got?
Marc (PS4YY) [1845] Yeah.
Daniel (PS500) [1846] I was writing all the stuff, all this weirdo stuff, and he was standing over me looking at me, looking at what I was writing.
[1847] And then, and Tracey, who was outside the window, she looked at me and she started laughing, and I go ha ha right.
[1848] And I looked behind, and he was just sitting there staring like that.
Marc (PS4YY) [1849] Oh my god.
Daniel (PS500) [1850] He gives me the creeps, so I looked round, hmm hmm.
Marc (PS4YY) [1851] I mean, what is she doing?
[1852] What does she want?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1853] Fuck off
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1854] Thanks.
Marc (PS4YY) [1855] Look, fuck off Janet, no one wants you.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1856] I know, I know.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1857] Have you got that piece of shit on?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [laugh] [laughing] [...] []
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1858] Have you got that piece of shit on?
Daniel (PS500) [1859] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1860] Why?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1861] Can I just say something?
[1862] Just wanna tell you I wanna fuck Howard [...] .
Daniel (PS500) [1863] Oh, goodness sake [laughing] I wanna shag, I wanna shag [] [kiss] [kiss] .
[1864] Did you?
[1865] From who?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1866] From Howard.
Daniel (PS500) [1867] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1868] Yeah, a poster.
[1869] Can I have a bit of that [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1870] Oh just, thanks, I just drank a drink.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [1871] Alright, alright, alright?
Daniel (PS500) [1872] Look, so what is her problem now, gorgeous?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1873] I am the gorgeous, not her.
Daniel (PS500) [1874] Gorgeous, gorgeouses then.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1875] Why?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1876] [...] I [...] her.
Daniel (PS500) [1877] Why's that then?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1878] Why yeah but why?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1879] Because she loves her so much.
Daniel (PS500) [1880] Why
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1881] Yeah but you won't even look at me?
Daniel (PS500) [1882] Okay, erm, what is Lucy's problem, do you know what's wrong with her now.
Marc (PS4YY) [1883] She's under chains and whips.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1884] Oh right, cause
Marc (PS4YY) [1885] I'm in chains and whips, help.
[1886] Chains and whips [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1887] I need a, I so desperately need a shag.
[1888] But I lie 'cause I had Howard last night.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1889] She didn't.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1890] I was waiting there till about ten to nine.
[1891] And then I was just so late, but I got, I came in Luke, so I was a bit early
Marc (PS4YY) [1892] Really, oh my god.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1893] And now I'm on a late report.
[1894] I've got to report every morning to Mr
Marc (PS4YY) [1895] [...] Cat.
[1896] Why don't you just put the blame on her then?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1897] He goes oh er, [...] cos I came in late
Daniel (PS500)
Marc (PS4YY) [1898] So why didn't you tell them, like Lucy comes late and you have to wait for her and everything?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1899] 'Cause I said that before, and they go well why do you need to wait? [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1900] And then say Mr said we've got to make her life comfortable because of the glandular fever.
[1901] Then they can't say nothing.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1902] Oh yeah [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1903] Joanna fancies Chris.
Marc (PS4YY) [1904] [...] bugger off.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1905] [...] Chris? [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [1906] What a prat, he's an arsehole.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [laugh]
Daniel (PS500) [1907] Right look.
[1908] It's just sh right, Eleni and Lucinda, go on you explain the story.
Marc (PS4YY) [1909] He's about five foot tall.
[1910] What?
Daniel (PS500) [1911] Explain the story of Mr .
None (PS6U6) [1912] [laugh] Okay.
[1913] My mum said, she's going my mum said, she was going to sign in because she was late, and then I was giving her a pen like
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
None (PS6U6) [1914] Mr asked me to come into his room.
[1915] Hey.
[1916] He goes Eleni come into
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1917] Shut up.
None (PS6U6) [1918] come in to my room a minute.
[1919] And he goes, Lucy hasn't said anything, Lucy hasn't said anything, but I'd like to speak to you cause
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1920] I've been molested by Howard. [laugh]
None (PS6U6) [1921] this thing is going nowhere.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1922] The end.
Marc (PS4YY) [1923] Right and anyway,
None (PS6U6) [1924] [...] wants to see us about a quarter past two
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [kiss] [kiss]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1925] I wanna look at Howard's willy.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1926] That's if he could see us cos he's [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1927] Bernard's really fit
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1928] [...] really fit and very cute but
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1929] But really he should be in Germany
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1930] He's an arsehole
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1931] I fancy Howard, because he's really fit and beautiful and he's got gorgeous blue eyes
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1932] Oh look at 'em talking about Howard [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1933] [...] what do you have to say to all this?
Daniel (PS500) [1934] I dunno, hold on, I think the record button's just come off.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1935] Chris B [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1936] Who's Chris B?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1937] Is this thing recording?
Daniel (PS500) [1938] Yes, willy man.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1939] Crispie, Crispie.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1940] I fancy Lasagne
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1941] Is Crispie erm, you know Daniel erm, whatever,.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1942] No I don't like him.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1943] I Don't fancy James [...] really cute [...] but he's an arsehole [...] but she
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1944] No comment.
[1945] Oh thanks gorgeous.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1946] Just say something.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1947] Oi, I wanna suck Howard's willy.
[1948] [laugh] I wanna suck Howard's willy, cos it's really really thick.
[1949] I wanna suck Howard's willy
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [laughing] [...] []
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1950] I wanna suck Howard's willy
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1951] I love Lasagne
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [scream] [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1952] There's four hundred and fifty pounds worth of corm blurgh.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1953] Well, I changed my mind.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1954] Oh no, I just looked at [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1955] I've looked at Howard's willy. [laugh]
Daniel (PS500) [1956] Hi [...] , how are you?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1957] Alright.
Daniel (PS500) [1958] Erm, good, say hello.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1959] What is it.
[1960] Alright, how you going?
[1961] What's that?
Daniel (PS500) [1962] [laugh] It's a microphone, I'm taping what you're saying.
[1963] You don't mind do you?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1964] Any news for me?
Daniel (PS500) [1965] Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
[1966] [laugh] Bye.
[1967] That's Dov.
[1968] Dov is p that is Dov, Dovvy wovvy.
[1969] Any way so erm
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1970] Yeah he's a prick.
Daniel (PS500) [1971] Dov is pathetic.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1972] Hold on, hold on, has Lucy, do you think Dov's got a willy.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [sigh]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1973] Yeah, on his arm
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1974] When was the last time Lucy rang you?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1975] Three minutes ago she stood there a fucking minute, never mind about Lucinda.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1976] brring brring, brring brring.
[1977] [...] Alright, alright then gorgeous.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1978] Are you supposed to swear on that thing?
Daniel (PS500) [1979] Yeah, you can say whatever you want.
[1980] Fuck, shit, your mum, your dad, kiss my arse.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1981] Fucking
Daniel (PS500) [1982] Listen, you're shouting out quick help aah.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1983] No, can I just say something right, I'm not desperate and I'm not a slag or anything, it's just that I really really fancy Howard, and if I could I would suck his willy.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1984] I fancy Lasagne.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1985] Loving you there. [laugh]
Daniel (PS500) [1986] [laugh] Erm, well I'm sure she does.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1987] Erm, I'd just like to erm point out something.
[1988] Come here Lydia .
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1989] What do you want us to say?
Daniel (PS500) [1990] Er, [...] squeezing against Olga's tits did you notice?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1991] [laugh] Yes, I did notice.
Daniel (PS500) [1992] Well, I kind of rather felt sick and went away, because I thought er well.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1993] Yes.
Daniel (PS500) [1994] Oh alright then, if you hear any news from Miss
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1995] [...] will you tell me what happens at lunch.
Daniel (PS500) [1996] Yes, gorgeous.
[1997] Oh I Know
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [1998] I'll tape it and play it back to you.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [1999] Tape it, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2000] What, you gonna tape
Daniel (PS500) [2001] Oh my god .
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2002] the conversation [...] .
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2003] Oh, I got a strawberry, oh I got a strawberry on my arm.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2004] I've got strawberry in my eye
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2005] I've got a strawberry on my arse
Daniel (PS500) [2006] Yo, huh.
[2007] [laugh] Er yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2008] Do you wanna see my strawberry?
[2009] I've had it tattooed.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2010] I don't care.
Daniel (PS500) [2011] Right, [...] gonna see your smash hits or what?
[2012] Oh right.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2013] Oh, it's peeling off.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2014] Oh wow [...]
Daniel (PS500) [2015] Oh my god , an Indian, oh let's all have a party ... Anyway ... alright gorgeous.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2016] Whoa, whoa, it's alive on me, bloody hell.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2017] Oh bloody hell Look I'm
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2018] [...] Betelguese by the way.
Daniel (PS500) [2019] Yes Olga.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2020] Oh I had mine here.
Daniel (PS500) [2021] Oi, are you going, oi, are you going on Saturday with Jessica then?
None (KNYPS000) [2022] No. [...]
Daniel (PS500) [2023] Phew.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2024] I ain't going [...] not [...] Dean, we're just going out together I told her [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2025] Who the fuck is Dean, could someone tell me.
Daniel (PS500) [2026] He used to go out with Lucinda.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2027] Oh yeah.
Daniel (PS500) [2028] But she dumped him because he's a gay.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2029] [...] but he's good looking.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2030] Is he?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2031] What's wrong with being gay?
Daniel (PS500) [2032] Oh bloo , oh oh [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [laugh]
Daniel (PS500) [2033] [laughing] [...] we have bad problems here.
[2034] oh oh oh [...] []
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [2035] Oh god help him.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2036] Come one we've got to go [...]
Daniel (PS500) [2037] At least she admits it everybody.
[2038] Did everyone hear that? [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2039] Come on can we get out of here.
Daniel (PS500) [2040] Right, okay everybody, erm, we're going, we're walking towards ,.
[2041] Oi why were you ignoring erm, Adrian and the boy Steve?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2042] Dunno, I talked to him yesterday [...] .
Daniel (PS500) [2043] Say hello in there. [cuts off]
Daniel (PS500) [2044] Alright, I rubbed it off, gorgeous.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2045] Have you been using that the whole day?
Daniel (PS500) [2046] I need my, oh no I need my erm, my bag.
[2047] Shall we go and get our bags?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2048] No we don't need anything [...]
Daniel (PS500) [2049] No, we've got to get ... we've got to get our bags.
[2050] Right, now we're walking up to get our bags
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [2051] I don't care, we're allowed.
[2052] We're allowed Miss.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2053] It's mine,
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2054] It's mine.
Daniel (PS500) [2055] Alex's, it's Alex's, Alex's palex's.
[2056] Sorry.
[2057] I just like to tell you that erm,
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2058] You love me and that I'm wonderful and that I'm great.
[2059] Yeah?
Daniel (PS500) [2060] Where d'you get em from those things.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2061] I dunno.
Daniel (PS500) [2062] Okay, give me the mike.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2063] Hold on I've got it all caught.
[2064] Pause it a minute.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2065] Really, you?
Daniel (PS500) [2066] Yeah, I know her as well. [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [2067] No, you kn you know Rosemary, my [...] ,
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2068] Yeah, yeah.
Daniel (PS500) [2069] like she was best friends with her.
[2070] She lives down the road, in .
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [humming]
Daniel (PS500) [2071] Oh, damn, I haven't got a bandage on me.
Daniel (PS500) [2072] Oi, Lucinda, I haven't got a bandage ... We are now approaching, erm, French.
[2073] Now [...] [laugh] I know ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2074] [...] why I don't want to hang around with you because of you [...] cow.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [whine]
Daniel (PS500) [2075] hold on er now we are now hitting each other
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2076] Oh, are you doing one of them as well?
Daniel (PS500) [2077] Yeah, gorgeous.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2078] Can I come over and speak to you? [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2079] Hello, my name's [...]
Daniel (PS500) [2080] Hold on one minute gorgeous.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2081] Ya, ya [...] ya.
Daniel (PS500) [2082] Erm, Mr is a ... bastard.
[2083] Oh, hey you took the words right
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [2084] That was dippy wippy.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2085] Bangers and Mash.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2086] Oh what?
Daniel (PS500) [2087] I got a joke yeah.
[2088] There's three prostitu no not really.
[2089] [laugh] Erm, I got er, some rude jokes, but I don't think that's suitable.
[2090] What joke can I tell them.
[2091] Oi, get out of our classroom ... Right, I got a joke yeah?
[2092] No I'm talking to the microphone [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2093] Hello, why?
Daniel (PS500) [2094] Well, because [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2095] Oh, that's good.
Daniel (PS500) [2096] Anyway, [laugh] as I was saying before Adam interrupted me ... see I fancy Adam, he's really nice. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2097] Don't know about that.
Daniel (PS500) [2098] [laugh] Yeah, you really want to see my homework, don't you James?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [2099] Why do I sell homework?
[2100] ... I do not know him ... I do not know him.
[2101] Sir, why have I got three if I've got them all right?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2102] Yeah sir, I just missed out one word and you gave me two.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2103] What's all this?
Daniel (PS500) [2104] Erm, it's for a Norwegian, we've got to do.
[2105] Teenage conversation.
[2106] [whispering] Yeah, well that was our stupid, sappy teacher.
[2107] [...] . Yes, well we're in French and it's really boring ... Yes, well, I think I'll turn you off for a minute ... hang on a minute, where's the button?
[2108] Ah, here it is. []
Daniel (PS500) [2109] I hate Mr .
[2110] I hate him [...] .
[2111] Great ain't it.
[2112] I'd just like to tell you, from now on, if you, look Mr Norwegian lady, I want to tell you something, this school ... sucks.
[2113] There you go.
[2114] I'd just like to tell you, that when you do something wrong, they never figure you out, and when you do something right, they make you do something wrong.
[2115] It's a crap school.
[2116] If you ever move over here, don't go to it, don't send your kids.
[2117] Thank you.
Marc (PS4YY) [2118] She's just talking a load of old bollocks.
[2119] Excuse the swearing.
[2120] But I don't know what the heck we're doing, we're in French and he never explains anything properly, but I wouldn't repeat that, please.
[2121] Ha ha.
Daniel (PS500) [2122] No, repeat it, because it's true.
Marc (PS4YY) [2123] Actually, repeat it 'cause it's true.
[2124] Anyway, this is teenage bitchiness.
Daniel (PS500) [2125] No but for once in my life, I'm telling the truth.
[2126] Mr is a pervert.
Marc (PS4YY) [2127] She said Mr [laughing] is a pervert. []
[2128] He nearly heard that.
[2129] Anyway, what do we have to do Jo?
Daniel (PS500) [2130] I'd just like to ask you this, I know you can't answer, but why are you making us say this stuff?
[2131] [sigh] ... Don't you find this boring?
[2132] Listening to ten tapes,
Marc (PS4YY) [2133] ten tapes each person.
Daniel (PS500) [2134] Each person.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [2135] Must repeat the same stuff.
Marc (PS4YY) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [2136] Oi, hang on a minute, I'll just pause it a minute.
[2137] I've just got to tell her a secret.
Marc (PS4YY) [2138] Remember I've got to see [...] .
Daniel (PS500) [2139] Yeah, at two fifteen ain't it?
[2140] That means at two fifteen.
[2141] Two fifteen is quarter past two.
[2142] Anyway.
[2143] I'm thirteen by the way, and Jo's, how old are you Jo? fourteen?
[2144] Jo's fourteen.
[2145] You see, and she didn't do anything for her birthday, the stupid cow.
Marc (PS4YY) [2146] I wanna do something.
Daniel (PS500) [2147] When?
Marc (PS4YY) [2148] I was gonna do something last Sunday, but [...] .
Daniel (PS500) [2149] Do something on Saturday.
[2150] Do something on Saturday, yeah.
Marc (PS4YY) [2151] No, I don't want to Saturday.
Daniel (PS500) [2152] Do something on Monday.
Marc (PS4YY) [2153] I prefer Sunday.
Daniel (PS500) [2154] Yeah, go on then.
Marc (PS4YY) [2155] Because can't come then can she?
Daniel (PS500) [2156] Oh god.
[2157] Do something on Saturday's the only day everybody's free.
Marc (PS4YY) [2158] I'm not.
Daniel (PS500) [2159] Why, what you doing?
Marc (PS4YY) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [2160] Well, do it on Monday.
Marc (PS4YY) [2161] I can't Monday.
Daniel (PS500) [2162] Oh, do it on Sunday who cares about Lynn?
[2163] Sorry Lynn, I love you really.
[2164] Not.
[2165] I'm not a lesbian, don't worry.
[2166] By the way, we hate Dean.
[2167] Anyway, yeah go on.
Marc (PS4YY) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [2168] Go on carry on.
[2169] Oi, spas, carry on.
[2170] I don't know, erm, I don't like French.
[2171] [laugh] Oi, look, look who's out the window.
[2172] Is that it, [...] I don't know [...]
Daniel (PS500) [2173] Look at him with that ball. [laugh]
[2174] Look at him with that ball.
Marc (PS4YY) [2175] What?
[2176] Great. [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [2177] Is it Mayday tomorrow?
[2178] Oh my god, I haven't even done anything and the bell's gone.
[2179] D'you like my cartoons?
[2180] I was well pleased with them.
Daniel (PS500) [2181] Not really sure babe.
Marc (PS4YY) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [2182] Sorry, sorry?
Marc (PS4YY) [...]
Daniel (PS500) [2183] Hate Mr ?
[2184] You're gonna hear our teacher Mr have a go at us.
[2185] Hee hee.
[2186] Well not a go at us, because my mum said if he does yeah?
[2187] She's gonna come up the school.
[2188] Alright.
[2189] Right we're gonna go now, okay.
[2190] We're gonna meet Eleni, and we're gonna go.
[2191] Oh no, two fifteen actually, bye. [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [2192] It's just a shitty school.
Daniel (PS500) [2193] Yeah I know.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [2194] She's recording.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2195] You're recording?
Daniel (PS500) [2196] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2197] I got to talk to to you [...] .
Daniel (PS500) [2198] [sigh] Oh I don't bloody know, shall we start interviewing some people?
Marc (PS4YY) [2199] Yeah, go on.
Daniel (PS500) [2200] Excuse me [...] ,
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2201] Yeah go on.
Daniel (PS500) [2202] Can I just
Marc (PS4YY) [2203] Hello, [laughing] you can hear yourself [...] []
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2204] Can you?
[2205] Shh
Daniel (PS500) [2206] Go on.
Marc (PS4YY) [2207] Hello, oh my god.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2208] What are you recording, Oh my god.
[2209] Right I see you around, bye.

8 (Tape 140602)

Emma (PS501) [2210] How are you?
Marc (PS4YY) [2211] Fine thank you.
Emma (PS501) [2212] Have you got that, have you got that, got that thing?
Marc (PS4YY) [2213] Yeah.
Emma (PS501) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [2214] Sorry, [sigh]
Emma (PS501) [2215] Who else has got it?
Marc (PS4YY) [2216] [...] , Caroline.
[2217] D'you want a bit? bit.
Emma (PS501) [2218] [laugh] Oh well. [laugh]
Marc (PS4YY) [2219] Have you heard about Dean and ...
Emma (PS501) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [2220] Dean
Emma (PS501) [2221] Dean?
Marc (PS4YY) [2222] Mmm
Emma (PS501) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [2223] Sheila was going out with him.
[2224] You know that little girl, [...] Jo, is she Paul's sister?
Emma (PS501) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [2225] How come Paul doesn't come to our school then?
Emma (PS501) [2226] Dunno, something about the school he goes to is better at sports or something.
Marc (PS4YY) [2227] Oh, right.
[2228] Mmm interesting.
[2229] So when do you see him then?
Emma (PS501) [2230] Every day.
Marc (PS4YY) [2231] Oh.
Emma (PS501) [2232] Yeah, after school.
Marc (PS4YY) [2233] How come.
Emma (PS501) [2234] cos he gets off at Palmers Green.
Marc (PS4YY) [2235] Mmm.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [2236] Seriously.
Emma (PS501) [laugh]
Marc (PS4YY) [2237] Not nasty, but I've gotta talk to you, yeah?
[2238] So just [...] round the school.
[2239] Come on. [...] [laugh]
Emma (PS501) [2240] Oh, what have you done [...] ?
[2241] Silly girl.
Marc (PS4YY) [2242] Oh, god.
[2243] Oh god.
Emma (PS501) [2244] Oh, what have you done that will affect [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Emma (PS501) [2245] Well, she didn't say it was serious, well she did, but, but I'm not [...] .
Marc (PS4YY) [2246] Oh god, oh yeah.
Marc (PS4YY) [2247] Oh well, so much for that.
Marc (PS4YY) [2248] So where do you get off then.
Emma (PS501) [2249] Erm, outside Tesco's, Palmers Green.
Marc (PS4YY) [2250] Oh right.
[2251] Where do you live then?
Emma (PS501) [2252] Palmers Green.
Marc (PS4YY) [2253] That's a bit obvious.
[2254] I mean what road, kind of thing?
Emma (PS501) [2255] Oh,.
Marc (PS4YY) [2256] Oh yeah.
Emma (PS501) [2257] Nice name isn't it?
Marc (PS4YY) [2258] Oh yeah, I know that, yeah yeah.
[2259] So does Paul live nearby then?
Emma (PS501) [2260] Yeah, he lives near Broomfield Park.
Marc (PS4YY) [2261] How d'you meet him?
[2262] This is the twenty questions.
[2263] How d'you meet him?
Emma (PS501) [2264] Through Emma.
[2265] They went to the same Primary School.
Marc (PS4YY) [2266] Oh, mmm.
Emma (PS501) [2267] We went to play tennis.
Marc (PS4YY) [2268] And then, did he ask you out?
Emma (PS501) [2269] Well, no.
[2270] Emma asked him if he liked me and he goes no.
[2271] [laugh] . I think it's cos they kept pestering him and all that.
Marc (PS4YY) [2272] Oh right, and.
Emma (PS501) [2273] And then he asked me out in the end.
Marc (PS4YY) [2274] Mmm.
[2275] and how long is it now then?
Emma (PS501) [2276] About ten months.
Marc (PS4YY) [2277] [...] [laugh] You were gonna dump him weren't you?
Emma (PS501) [2278] mmm?
Marc (PS4YY) [2279] You were gonna dump him, [...]
Emma (PS501) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [2280] Oh but you did dump him though, didn't you, and then you said, Hi, come back again like.
Marc (PS4YY) [2281] Would you ever dump him for
Emma (PS501) [2282] No.
Marc (PS4YY) [...]
Emma (PS501) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [2283] Alright, what about Darren, Daniel, [...] . [laugh]
Emma (PS501) [laugh]
Marc (PS4YY) [2284] If he begged.
[2285] [...] ... Yeah, well.
Emma (PS501) [2286] What?
Marc (PS4YY) [2287] What if Daniel begged?
Emma (PS501) [2288] Not if I was still going out with Paul.
Marc (PS4YY) [2289] No, I mean, would you dump Paul though.
Emma (PS501) [2290] No.
Marc (PS4YY) [2291] Right, erm, erm, Andrew .
Emma (PS501) [2292] I wouldn't dump Paul for him.
Marc (PS4YY) [2293] Do you like him?
Emma (PS501) [2294] [...] [laugh] If I was going off him.
Marc (PS4YY) [2295] What about erm, Aran in the fourth year?
Emma (PS501) [2296] Oh he's [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [2297] Yeah.
Marc (PS4YY) [2298] Oh no ... Demetrius? ... erm ... let me see.
[2299] Alex [...] ... Danny, Andy ... [laugh] Oh I've had enough of you.
[2300] [laugh] I'm getting off.
[2301] Off the bus ... [...] .
[2302] Bye.
[2303] [laughing] Oh sorry. []
[2304] ... What a sad girl.
Marc (PS4YY) [2305] Mum can I make a phone call?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [2306] Oh yeah great, ta ... hold on ... tha yeah all right, I won't be long.
[2307] [giggle] Nah.
Marc (PS4YY) [2308] Hi, Hello can I speak to kim please?..
[2309] Yeah, hi, hi it's Jo, yeah, You know Paul, he rang up okay.
[2310] Yeah you know that nice little conversation we were having on the bus.
[2311] Yeah, right, I rang Paul, and erm, he he, what, he rang you, what did he say?
[2312] Oh my god.
[2313] No he goes, Kim, no no hold on, he goes but erm, he reckons you're right drifting apart and everything, and that you're going off him and everything.
[2314] And he goes, and like, you know it's just.
[2315] He reckons like, he wants to be friends, but he just doesn't want to go out with you any more.
[2316] To put it mildly ... Yeah, well, what d'y what do you want me to say.
[2317] Fine or make a big kerfuffle and say you little ... alright then, well see what happens okay?
[2318] Shall I ring him now, do you want me to ring him back?
[2319] ... Alright, see you see you, bye.
Marc (PS4YY) [2320] Huh, alright.
[2321] Hello, hello Paul, hi it's Jo.
[2322] Yeah, I just rang her right? and she just goes, oh I can't force him to do anything.
[2323] Yeah, so what do you want me to say?
[2324] ... I said what do you want me to say?
[2325] ... Alright, do you still want to be friends?
[2326] I think she still wants to be friends.
[2327] Alright, any other, do you want me to just, do you want me to just to get her to call you?
[2328] ... Alright, alright then, I'll see what happens okay.
[2329] Alright then, I see you later.
[2330] Right, bye.
Marc (PS4YY) [2331] Oh, hi.
[2332] God you picked it up quick ... Yeah, ... look right he just goes, alright I go to him, Oh you know Kim said she can't you know force you or anything, and erm, yeah, he goes, he goes he still wants to be friends, and everything ... and he goes, tell her that don't want to hold anything against each other, if that's possible ... yeah ... yeah ... yeah ... and he ... no it's ... and he said s ... yeah I know, I know, no he said, okay ... Well I dunno, you know Paul.
[2333] [singing] [...] [] I'm recording this, well like I'm only lying ... No, yeah, I know you must be so gutted after that ... you going oh I wouldn't dump him for anyone ... oh well, now you can go out ... Oh my god there's Paul.
Marc (PS4YY) [2334] I'll get it ... Hello ... Hello ... It's Joanna ... Hi, Eleanor, yeah, I'm okay ... [laugh] ... she's saying mummy come to the phone ... Hold on one minute and I'll get her for you.
[2335] Mum ... Mum ... Eleanor [...] ... think you better come and get it.
Marc (PS4YY) [2336] So how can I talk to Kim.
[2337] [sigh] Oh well, I'll ring her back later, then.
Marc (PS4YY) [2338] Yeah, I know, I know what happened.
[2339] Oh right, yeah because it goes this whatever, is temp phone call is temporarily engaged.
[2340] And then and then okay, it rang back, and I thought it must be Kim, because it was temporarily engaged, and then, it was my sister's godfather ... [...] ... well, did you, did you press anything?
[2341] ... I don't think so.
[2342] Yeah, anyway, yeah, he still wants to be friends with you and all the rest of it ... oh I do you know Paul, he'll change his mind tomorrow ... I mean you have, kind of changed your mind ... haven't you?
[2343] ... I mean you've changed it, you know well you dumped him for Danny and everything ... well just don't worry about it ... yeah ... don't worry about it ... yeah ... look do you want me to ring him up and say anything?
[2344] ... Yeah I know it's easier ... no ... you must feel really gutted, I mean I would ... I know, because as you said, you going out for ten months ... yeah ... exactly, yeah, exactly ... I mean come on you really liked him ... fancied him ... loved him ... oh wow, I said love, love love, I don't know [...] ... love hey man ... yeah ... yeah ... it's probably, you know like when you dumped him for Danny it's just probably like that ... yeah exactly ... exactly, so don't worry ... oh come on he can't give up ten months for nothing ... I know it has to end someday, but it doesn't ... I mean ... it's like everyone thinks like that, it really annoys me, everybody, right who's about our age yeah, they just go out with someone knowing that one day it's gonna end, they're just waiting for the day, and that you know, you should go out with someone with the intentions of being with them forever ... I know that sounds pathetic, but it's true, yeah I know, yeah exactly ... yeah, yeah I know, why do you think I said it?
[2345] ... Yeah ... but don't worry about it, okay?
[2346] ... Yeah ... oh yeah, I forgot about Emma, what did you ring her?
[2347] ... What did she say?
[2348] ... Oh don't bother, for god if everyone gets ... you know like what you said before, he said he didn't like you, he didn't ask you out you know the first time, cos everyone was hassling him, if they all hassle him now, you're not gonna get far are you?
[2349] ... Just don't bother ... [...] ... no just come on, you know what I mean ... alright ... yeah I know but ... I'm [...] ... just, just ... let's just decide right ... alright then ... alright then you ring her now, okay?
[2350] ... Can you ring me back?
[2351] ... Alright then ... I'll ring him now anyway ... Alright then ... alright ... I've got to ring er what's his name [...] ... as well oh, god I know, such an idiot ... yeah ... yeah ... Alright then, alright I'll see you Monday yeah, oh sorry ... I'll see you Monday, okay ... alright then ... see you Monday ... Bye.
Marc (PS4YY) [2352] Oi, Jessie, Jessie, come here a minute, you know like Mary, what's wrong with her?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2353] Yeah.
Marc (PS4YY) [2354] Well, you know like she had that problem with her you know
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2355] Yeah, what about it?
Marc (PS4YY) [2356] Well, how did she deal with it then?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2357] [...] Well she went to the doctors didn't she?
Marc (PS4YY) [2358] Yeah but, I know but what did he say? what did he say?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2359] Well, erm, she goes to him, well she told him, and she goes onto the pill yeah, and you know, she didn't tell her mum, she didn't tell her mum though, did she?
Marc (PS4YY) [2360] [...] Did her mum find out, didn't her mum find out though?
[2361] And then there was that massive kerfuffle?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2362] Yeah, yeah her mum found out, yeah she started shouting at her, but then the daughter pointed out that she did it as well.
[2363] She was [...] weren't she?
Marc (PS4YY) [2364] Yeah I know.
[2365] Alright, I was just checking.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2366] Why?
[2367] Why, you ain't done something have you?
Marc (PS4YY) [2368] No.
[2369] Nothing.
[2370] Alright then
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2371] Okay then, I gotta go right?
[2372] Bye.
Marc (PS4YY) [2373] Bye.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2374] Thanks.
Marc (PS4YY) [2375] Thanks Jessie.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2376] S'alright [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2377] [...] are you going to [...] downstairs?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2378] Yes.
Marc (PS4YY) [2379] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2380] Aha.
Marc (PS4YY) [2381] Hold on let me just put on these thingies.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2382] What are those things?
Marc (PS4YY) [2383] This is a nightie.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2384] Nightdress?
Marc (PS4YY) [2385] Aha. [...]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2386] It's [...] like mummy's.
Marc (PS4YY) [2387] It is mummy's.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [2388] [laugh] say that again.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [2389] So are we going to go and watch Beverly Hills?
[2390] It's starting in three minutes.
[2391] I'll just put my slippers on and we'll go.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2392] We go [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [2393] Give me the slippers you.
[2394] Give me the slippers.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2395] No, no they're [...] .
Marc (PS4YY) [2396] Come on Beverly Hills is starting in two minutes.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [2397] Come on it's, it's almost ten to eleven, come on we're gonna miss it, and then I'm gonna kill you.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [2398] Alright, you can stay up here then, okay, I'm going down.
[2399] Alright then, bye. [moan]
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [laugh]
Marc (PS4YY) [2400] [laugh] All right then bye.
[2401] Are you coming?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2402] Watch this.
Marc (PS4YY) [2403] Are you coming?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2404] Gotcha.
Marc (PS4YY) [2405] Yes, you got me, yeah yeah yeah, great.
[2406] Are you gonna come?
[2407] Oi.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [2408] Georgie, Georgie.
[2409] You're not coming then?
[2410] All right bye then, don't come, okay.
[2411] I'm gonna sleep downstairs then, instead of you.
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [...]
Marc (PS4YY) [2412] Huh?
Unknown speaker (KNYPSUNK) [2413] I'm coming downstairs.
Marc (PS4YY) [2414] All right then.