BNC Text KP1

28 conversations recorded by `Arthur2' (PS50T) between 27 February and 2 March 1992 with 7 interlocutors, totalling 9863 s-units, 66500 words (duration not recorded).

9 speakers recorded by respondent number 102

PS50T Ag3 m (Arthur, age 44, teacher, Merseyside, )
PS50U Ag5 f (A., age 70, housewife, North-west Midlands, ) mother-in-law
PS50V Ag3 f (Paula, age 43, teacher, North-west Midlands, ) wife
PS50W Ag1 m (Anthony, age 16, student, Northern England, ) son
PS50X Ag0 m (Paul, age 14, student, Northern England, ) son
PS50Y Ag3 m (Philip, age 35, North-west Midlands, ) brother-in-law
PS510 Ag5 m (John, age 72, retired (engineer), North-west Midlands, ) father-in-law
KP1PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KP1PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

28 recordings

  1. Tape 032501 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationSuffolk: Stonham Aspal ( at home ) Activity: peeling sprouts and talking with sons
  2. Tape 032502 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationSuffolk: Stonham Aspal ( at home ) Activity: sitting relaxing
  3. Tape 032601 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationSuffolk: Stonham Aspal ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 032602 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationSuffolk: Stonham Aspal ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 032603 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationSuffolk: Stonham Aspal ( at home ) Activity: preparing meal
  6. Tape 032604 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationSuffolk: Stonham Aspal ( at home ) Activity: preparing and eating meal
  7. Tape 032701 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationSuffolk: Stonham Aspal ( in car ) Activity: driving to hospital in Ipswich
  8. Tape 032702 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( hospital ) Activity: visiting
  9. Tape 032703 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( hospital ) Activity: visiting
  10. Tape 032704 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( hospital ) Activity: visiting
  11. Tape 032705 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( hospital ) Activity: visiting
  12. Tape 032901 recorded on 1992-02-28. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( hosptial ) Activity: visiting
  13. Tape 032902 recorded on 1992-02-28. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( hosptial ) Activity: visiting
  14. Tape 032903 recorded on 1992-02-28. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( in car ) Activity: driving to hospital
  15. Tape 032904 recorded on 1992-02-28. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( hospital ) Activity: visiting
  16. Tape 033001 recorded on 1992-02-28. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( hospital ) Activity: visiting
  17. Tape 033002 recorded on 1992-02-28. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( in car ) Activity: driving home
  18. Tape 033003 recorded on 1992-02-28. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( in car ) Activity: driving home
  19. Tape 033004 recorded on 1992-02-28. LocationSuffolk: Stonham Aspal ( home ) Activity: talking and having a drink
  20. Tape 033102 recorded on 1992-02-29. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( in car ) Activity: going shopping
  21. Tape 033103 recorded on 1992-02-29. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( in shops ) Activity: shopping
  22. Tape 033104 recorded on 1992-02-29. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( in shop ) Activity: shopping
  23. Tape 033105 recorded on 1992-02-29. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( in shop ) Activity: shopping
  24. Tape 033106 recorded on 1992-02-29. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( in shop ) Activity: shopping
  25. Tape 033107 recorded on 1992-02-29. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( in shop ) Activity: shopping
  26. Tape 033108 recorded on 1992-02-29. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( in car ) Activity: returning from shopping
  27. Tape 033109 recorded on 1992-02-29. LocationSuffolk: Ipswich ( in car ) Activity: returning from shopping
  28. Tape 033201 recorded on 1992-03-02. LocationSuffolk: Stonham Aspal ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 032501)

Arthur (PS50T) [1] What's the kettle for?
A. (PS50U) [2] Erm I'm not, well I was boiling it for this
Arthur (PS50T) [3] What?
A. (PS50U) [4] thing, did you want it?
Arthur (PS50T) [5] No, no
A. (PS50U) [6] No, I'm just, I'm just using it I'll knock it off now
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [7] You wanting to vacuum that
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [8] for me ... oh shush up Paul ...
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [9] Come on Paul get a move on
Paul (PS50X) [10] I'm a zombie
Arthur (PS50T) [11] Pardon?
Paul (PS50X) [12] I'm a zombie
Arthur (PS50T) [13] Oh come on stop this
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [14] stop it ... what's the matter?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ...
Arthur (PS50T) [15] That's a good way of breaking your neck that ... er stop it, just get up, turn round, turn round ...
Paul (PS50X) [16] Whoever put this plant on the stairs
Arthur (PS50T) [17] Yeah, whoever put this plant on the stairs didn't realize that we've got silly people like you in the house
Paul (PS50X) [18] But it, it keeps on falling over
Arthur (PS50T) [19] whoever's put that plant on the stairs doesn't realize we've got silly people like you in the house, just have a look
A. (PS50U) [20] Oh you silly
Arthur (PS50T) [21] no just look
A. (PS50U) [22] I can see what he's doing
Arthur (PS50T) [23] he's being a zombie, so he's coming downstairs with two sleeping bags over the top of his head and knocking everything over, just look at it
A. (PS50U) [24] Well he can vacuum up again
Arthur (PS50T) [25] He can do the lot ... and he can grow up as well, fifteen and he's be playing at being zombies
A. (PS50U) [26] get that from up here ... now do you want me to clean out the chicken?
[27] ... I said do you want me to do the chicken?
Paula (PS50V) [28] Yeah, alright then
A. (PS50U) [29] Er I'll do it
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [30] er that's not got any giblets in
A. (PS50U) [31] Do you want, do you want
Paula (PS50V) [32] have you got an onion for it?
[33] In here ...
Arthur (PS50T) [34] Here there you are poppet.
A. (PS50U) [35] Oh yes please I
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ... [...] ...
Arthur (PS50T) [36] Are you going to the hospital this morning?
A. (PS50U) [37] No
Arthur (PS50T) [38] Well if you do it'll give us a chance to find out whether he's coming home today or tomorrow, and it'll give your mum a chance to get back to Southwold
A. (PS50U) [39] Isn't it likely that he is coming back?
Arthur (PS50T) [40] Pardon?
A. (PS50U) [41] Is, isn't it likely he'll
Arthur (PS50T) [42] Well, we don't know till we're told do we?
A. (PS50U) [43] I think you could find that out over the phone
Paula (PS50V) [44] I don't think so
A. (PS50U) [45] for any news
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [46] I don't think so
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [47] pardon?
[48] Do they always smell those things? ...
A. (PS50U) [49] Did he think so last night?
Paula (PS50V) [50] No
Arthur (PS50T) [51] No it's not that, what I'm thinking is, if he's coming out tomorrow ...
Paula (PS50V) [52] And he's got to
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [53] you'll need to get back to the bungalow
A. (PS50U) [54] I will
Arthur (PS50T) [55] to sort things out won't you?
A. (PS50U) [56] I will, keep him
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [57] so the more time you've got to do that, the easier it'll be for you won't it?
A. (PS50U) [58] Oh yes
Arthur (PS50T) [59] How many sugars do you have in coffee is it one?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [60] Do you have one sugar in coffee?
A. (PS50U) [61] I'll just ring up and, and see
Paula (PS50V) [62] The only trouble is Arthur the trouble is, there
A. (PS50U) [63] you get more
Paula (PS50V) [64] is, how do we get Philip back?
A. (PS50U) [65] Oh
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [66] no, well I can walk
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [67] get him back and ... can he drive your car on your insurance?
A. (PS50U) [68] Yeah your insurance
Arthur (PS50T) [69] Me?
[70] No, well I can, but it's only third party fire and theft then, just hope the fully comp goes, can you get some milk please?
Paula (PS50V) [71] I think it's different milk
Arthur (PS50T) [72] It's not is it?
Paula (PS50V) [73] you know where the other one is, it's still at the front door
A. (PS50U) [74] So what do you suggest Arthur?
Arthur (PS50T) [75] Well, the sooner we know what's going to happen
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [76] if he's going to come out, they'll be coming out, well it's Thursday today, yeah, so be coming out Friday, yeah?
A. (PS50U) [77] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [78] did, did
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [79] They won't send him out Saturday or Sunday
A. (PS50U) [80] They did they sent people out Saturday and Sunday
Paula (PS50V) [81] Oh they sent people out Saturday and Sunday
Arthur (PS50T) [82] Did they?
Paula (PS50V) [83] they did Arthur
A. (PS50U) [84] Oh yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [85] I thought they kept them in over
Paula (PS50V) [86] No they sent them out Saturday, Sunday
A. (PS50U) [87] The only thing is Arthur that the, it's Philip, can you grab his car?
[88] Or not
Arthur (PS50T) [89] Well I'll check on my insurance
A. (PS50U) [90] If you can drive his car over I get it, it's no problem, it seems we might all be talking above ourselves
Arthur (PS50T) [91] Yeah, as soon as we know something we can start making decisions can't we?
[92] Otherwise we're, we're in no man's land ...
A. (PS50U) [93] Was he saying Mr in there
Arthur (PS50T) [94] Mr round this morning yeah
A. (PS50U) [95] Oh well they, they, give them time, it won't be till
Arthur (PS50T) [96] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [97] he won't of been round
Arthur (PS50T) [98] it's half past ten
A. (PS50U) [99] he won't of been round yet
Arthur (PS50T) [100] how d'ya mean, nine o'clock, hour and a half
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [101] yeah I suppose
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [102] mm ... Paul
Paul (PS50X) [103] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [104] that plant, those stairs
Paula (PS50V) [105] [phonecall starts] Hello er how's Mr ?
Arthur (PS50T) [106] get out of there and get it done
Paula (PS50V) [107] Has he had the results of his second biopsy through?
[108] He still hasn't had it through, cos we were ... yes, yes, big improvement, it was just that we were arranging visiting and things like that and er whether there's any need to do certain things, so er, but he's still on a, he's come off all his painkillers ... his morphine's out completely, that's fantastic isn't it?
[109] ... Yeah and he's, but it is quite difficult to kind of withdraw isn't it ... oh not know, oh that's super, well ... oh I thought it was quite difficult to withdraw from ... no
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [110] [laughing] never used it to kick, lord no [] yes that's lovely, now we can organise our day, right, thank you very much indeed, right thanks a lot, bye, bye [phonecall ends] .
[111] Good news
Arthur (PS50T) [112] He's off his painkillers
Paula (PS50V) [113] he's off his morphine completely
A. (PS50U) [114] Good
Paula (PS50V) [115] how about that?
A. (PS50U) [116] How about that?
Paula (PS50V) [117] Beautiful
Arthur (PS50T) [118] Well that's good because it means that
Paula (PS50V) [119] beautiful
Arthur (PS50T) [120] whatever it was, isn't hurting him any more
A. (PS50U) [121] True
Arthur (PS50T) [122] so
A. (PS50U) [123] so
Paula (PS50V) [124] it's a step in the right light
Arthur (PS50T) [125] it's, I think it's another step, I think that's a, an enormous stride [laugh]
Paula (PS50V) [126] Oh, I
Paul (PS50X) [127] It look like it's all clear then doesn't it?
[128] I mean
Arthur (PS50T) [129] Ah, well
Paul (PS50X) [130] the painkillers, you, they'd have to
Arthur (PS50T) [131] I think it would be, it'll come as
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [132] it comes a hell of a shock now I think it was
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [133] put that champagne in that fridge
Paul (PS50X) [134] I don't know
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [135] oh honestly
Arthur (PS50T) [136] Yeah, put it in the fridge
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [137] Paula all this anxiety [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [138] All these painkillers
A. (PS50U) [139] all this drainage
Arthur (PS50T) [140] Going to the toilet as well normally yesterday he said
A. (PS50U) [141] Really?
Arthur (PS50T) [142] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [143] Oh isn't it wonderful
Arthur (PS50T) [144] brilliant, don't drop it
A. (PS50U) [145] it is, it is a miracle that
Paul (PS50X) [146] I'll just brush the dust off
Arthur (PS50T) [147] Yeah we've had a, we've had a plant over, we don't want the champagne over
A. (PS50U) [148] Oh I don't want to be silly it's just a miracle ... oh God, it's normally thirty seconds that's enough
A. (PS50U) [149] Are you putting er pieces of bacon on?
Paula (PS50V) [150] Not at the beginning
A. (PS50U) [151] Oh you don't put it until the end?
Arthur (PS50T) [152] No because it goes, it goes too hard
A. (PS50U) [153] I put that onion there
Paula (PS50V) [154] I've got it in
A. (PS50U) [155] You've got it in, have you got your
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [156] I can smell something
A. (PS50U) [157] Oh thank God
Arthur (PS50T) [158] [laugh] Off his painkillers, my God
A. (PS50U) [159] Here don't forget these
Paula (PS50V) [160] What you doing?
A. (PS50U) [161] I take that off
Paula (PS50V) [162] Yeah, but that belongs to chicken shape together
A. (PS50U) [163] Oh you keep yours, yours on ah, you sure the giblets out it
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
Paula (PS50V) [164] Mother
A. (PS50U) [laugh]
Paula (PS50V) [165] look on the packaging it says without giblets
A. (PS50U) [166] I always check it
Arthur (PS50T) [167] She always cooks it in the plastic bag though
A. (PS50U) [168] No I, what I do is I test it, I clean it out even though they've done it
Arthur (PS50T) [169] It's been washed out
A. (PS50U) [170] because they leave bits in the
Arthur (PS50T) [171] haven't you watched her doing it
A. (PS50U) [172] Ah?
Arthur (PS50T) [173] this morning, have you seen Paula doing it this morning?
[174] She's been cleaning it out
A. (PS50U) [175] I've seen
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [176] It's alright, she won't let you catch anything
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [177] no but I say, but surely sometimes they, they have left them behind you know
Arthur (PS50T) [178] Oh
A. (PS50U) [179] Are we using these love?
Paula (PS50V) [180] Yes
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [181] if you put the
A. (PS50U) [182] Yeah
Paula (PS50V) [183] put the peelings in the cupboard and then
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [184] for the guinea pigs ... let's go and see how Paul's doing.
A. (PS50U) [185] Oh is that it
Arthur (PS50T) [186] It's brilliant news ... I think he's gonna be home very, very soon now
Paula (PS50V) [187] Yeah I'll get a
Arthur (PS50T) [188] very soon
A. (PS50U) [189] If a, if he, if it was the
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [190] was a possibility
Arthur (PS50T) [191] Once this biopsy's cleared, he's off his painkillers, they, they were his big drugs weren't they?
A. (PS50U) [192] Yes
Arthur (PS50T) [193] They've got, they've got his bowels going
A. (PS50U) [194] he might be home the weekend
Arthur (PS50T) [195] Well I think
A. (PS50U) [196] it's possible
Arthur (PS50T) [197] he might be home tomorrow you know
A. (PS50U) [198] No, I think they'll have to get
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [199] well that's today, once, once they've cleared that
A. (PS50U) [200] Yeah, well
Arthur (PS50T) [201] is there any need then to keep him in?
A. (PS50U) [202] Oh no ... oh no ... oh no they'll decide I mean Mr will know, they'll know what they're doing, I mean they know what they're doing, I don't know what they're doing, I'm not a doctor, I'm not God, nothing
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [203] yeah
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [204] how many times has he, has he done this to us now?
[205] Over the years [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [206] Don't tell me Arthur I go through all these panic stations and
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [207] and
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [208] life's one big trauma with him
Arthur (PS50T) [209] Keeps you on his toes
A. (PS50U) [210] That was the week when Peter came that day when they had that very, very ill
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [211] no you, I don't use a pan you use a
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [212] and Peter came in the morning, I never thought anything I'd been listening to the radio, I heard there was a big accident on the road, a car accident
Arthur (PS50T) [213] Mm.
A. (PS50U) [214] on the road
Paula (PS50V) [215] It'll just go in there
A. (PS50U) [216] Peter came in and it, nothing sunk, er, nothing sunk, I'm doing these
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [217] well I'll give you a hand, give you a hand
A. (PS50U) [218] er nothing sunk that there was something the matter
Arthur (PS50T) [219] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [220] and Peter walks in and Andrew said to him do you want a coffee Peter?
[221] He said yes Mrs well then he followed me in the kitchen, stood behind me and I thought what the hell's he hanging about for, I'm gonna take it to him and the, his son- in-law was there
Arthur (PS50T) [222] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [223] and he stood in the kitchen but he said nothing
Arthur (PS50T) [224] His son was there you said
A. (PS50U) [225] His son was with him cos they, I mean
Arthur (PS50T) [226] Who is Peter?
A. (PS50U) [227] One of the fellows that used to do contract work
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [228] mm
A. (PS50U) [229] and it's, John ... what happen was he finished, I'll have a bowl this side, a pile this side where they're
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [230] I can do, I can cope with that, you're alright, here
A. (PS50U) [231] He stood there, no I don't mean that, I mean me rubbish, oh dear, and he said erm ... er, sorry, he started sipping his coffee, he never said anything and then he says I've got some bad news for you and I said oh my God no, car accident, I just heard it on the radio ... he said no, then he told me, oh God I nearly
Arthur (PS50T) [232] What, what, what was that one then?
A. (PS50U) [233] That was when he was buried in that lime at
Arthur (PS50T) [234] Oh in the
A. (PS50U) [235] in the
Arthur (PS50T) [236] How many men were buried in that with him though?
A. (PS50U) [237] They still haven't got their compensation, the fellows that were really injured, the chap that lost his eyes, was
Arthur (PS50T) [238] Lost his what?
[239] His, his eyes?
A. (PS50U) [240] His eyesight, a young fellow they still haven't
Arthur (PS50T) [241] How young was he?
A. (PS50U) [242] Well, well, he, he, with a young family, wasn't he
Arthur (PS50T) [243] In his thirties?
A. (PS50U) [244] No, a bit older
Arthur (PS50T) [245] Forties
A. (PS50U) [246] Yeah, he's got
Arthur (PS50T) [247] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [248] a young family like yours
Arthur (PS50T) [249] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [250] and er
Arthur (PS50T) [251] How, low long ago is it then, the, the accident?
A. (PS50U) [252] It's nearly three years, but you see
Arthur (PS50T) [253] Three years
A. (PS50U) [254] oh it's been more
Arthur (PS50T) [255] it's more than three years
A. (PS50U) [256] it's more
Arthur (PS50T) [257] you've been down here two haven't you?
A. (PS50U) [258] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [259] So
A. (PS50U) [260] more than that
Arthur (PS50T) [261] I bet it's, no, I bet it's more than that
A. (PS50U) [262] and er
Arthur (PS50T) [263] and they haven't had the compensation yet?
A. (PS50U) [264] No
Arthur (PS50T) [265] None of them?
A. (PS50U) [266] No
Arthur (PS50T) [267] Did father get any compensation?
A. (PS50U) [268] Oh he didn't apply, he never, must admit
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [269] nothing wrong with me
Arthur (PS50T) [270] [laughing] not much []
A. (PS50U) [271] I'm alright
Arthur (PS50T) [272] not much
A. (PS50U) [273] I'm alright [laugh] I'm alright that's what I said to him you silly bugger you should of applied, even if you didn't
Arthur (PS50T) [274] Oh no, no, if he's fit, you shouldn't of
A. (PS50U) [275] Well then
Arthur (PS50T) [276] no, come on
A. (PS50U) [277] how do you know that this isn't the result of concrete in his phlegm and lung
Arthur (PS50T) [278] No it was lime not concrete
A. (PS50U) [279] Oh whatever it was, anyway nothing matter with him
Arthur (PS50T) [280] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [281] so
Arthur (PS50T) [282] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [283] anyway, it, it, what happened was that, you see the Irish ... it was a funny set-up because the Irish people were responsible for the erection of the, and the supply of everything, well they've gone out of
Arthur (PS50T) [284] Irish?
A. (PS50U) [285] The
Arthur (PS50T) [286] The
A. (PS50U) [287] Irish
Arthur (PS50T) [288] Which Irish , is that a company or something?
A. (PS50U) [289] They were called
Arthur (PS50T) [290] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [291] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [292] Oh
A. (PS50U) [293] and ha, they were the ones that did the design and everything you see
Arthur (PS50T) [294] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [295] and then they computer people, and it, both the firms have gone bust, and each one was suing from the other for, er, insurance
Arthur (PS50T) [296] Oh yes, yeah
A. (PS50U) [297] and the insurance won't pay, won't pay out the claim
Arthur (PS50T) [298] Typical, yeah
A. (PS50U) [299] until took more responsibility because it was outside contractors you see
Arthur (PS50T) [300] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [301] you understand
Arthur (PS50T) [302] But it was a take on site then or was it, what was it?
A. (PS50U) [303] The site belonged to, er,
Arthur (PS50T)
A. (PS50U)
Arthur (PS50T) [304] was it, it was the was it?
A. (PS50U) [305] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [306] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [307] redesigned with computerized site
Arthur (PS50T) [308] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [309] so therefore the Irish people designed it and the Irish people gone bust and out of business
Arthur (PS50T) [310] Yeah, yeah
A. (PS50U) [311] the ... the chap at the ... at the computer place died
Arthur (PS50T) [312] Oh my God, hmm
A. (PS50U) [313] his partner
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [314] they were, they, his firm was folded up because, yeah it was a sudden death, he was only in his forties
Arthur (PS50T) [315] Oh my God
A. (PS50U) [316] and er, er that was a shock you see, because he, his partner then lent ... mm went into liquidation, well whatever they do, I don't know
Arthur (PS50T) [317] Oh
A. (PS50U) [318] they went bust or something and they, cos his, and his wife was a partner, the chap's wife was one of the, one of the directors or partners
Arthur (PS50T) [319] Mm
A. (PS50U) [320] how they do it, you know, for er, for income tax and what have you, and of course one, one blamed the other
Arthur (PS50T) [321] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [322] and of course the insurance people would not pay out on either, wiped their hands of it because they reckoned it was nothing
Arthur (PS50T) [323] So did the Pontius Pilate bit yeah
A. (PS50U) [324] so consequently they're still fighting and the chap still hasn't got a penny
Arthur (PS50T) [325] And he's got no sight at all
A. (PS50U) [326] Yes
Arthur (PS50T) [327] or his
A. (PS50U) [328] he's got partial sight in one eye, have kept him on
Arthur (PS50T) [329] That's good of them
A. (PS50U) [330] Brilliant int it?
Arthur (PS50T) [331] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [332] Of course he can't do the job that he was doing and he'd got potential of the future with, you understand what I mean?
[333] His
Arthur (PS50T) [334] Promotion
A. (PS50U) [335] Yeah, well yeah, I mean his
Arthur (PS50T) [336] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [337] his, he can't drive, he can't
Arthur (PS50T) [338] Yes, got
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [339] his potential working potential
Arthur (PS50T) [340] When did your dad have that accident Paula at er, you know with the lime?
Paula (PS50V) [341] I don't know
A. (PS50U) [342] About four years ago
Arthur (PS50T) [343] Well, your, your mum's been down here two years hasn't she?
A. (PS50U) [344] It must be four, but you see daddy went to the
Arthur (PS50T) [345] I'll ask father
A. (PS50U) [346] Oh don't mention it he just er
Paula (PS50V) [347] I don't know why
Arthur (PS50T) [348] it was way back
A. (PS50U) [349] that's, that's one of the nightmares
Arthur (PS50T) [350] One of, they haven't paid any compensation out
A. (PS50U) [351] that's one of the nightmares he gets you know
Arthur (PS50T) [352] Still?
A. (PS50U) [353] Oh yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [354] What being buried?
A. (PS50U) [355] when he came home
Arthur (PS50T) [356] Buried him alive
A. (PS50U) [357] oh you don't know what he was like when he was home, he was, I mean I've never seen daddy er sort of, occasionally cry and shaking
Arthur (PS50T) [358] What cover himself up?
A. (PS50U) [359] Oh yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [360] What when he was asleep or when he was
A. (PS50U) [361] No, during the day
Arthur (PS50T) [362] During the day?
A. (PS50U) [363] Don't ever tell him, my God
Arthur (PS50T) [364] Oh my God, I didn't realize that
A. (PS50U) [365] he'd just sit in the chair, oh yeah, he used to sit and
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [366] why don't er what cowing?
A. (PS50U) [367] you know he, he was, if he, that's, that's possibly one of the nightmare he's having that he doesn't
Arthur (PS50T) [368] That's possibly what?
A. (PS50U) [369] One of the nightmares he's having
Arthur (PS50T) [370] What when he's on the drugs, some of these painkillers?
A. (PS50U) [371] Oh yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [372] He's get he's reliving this
A. (PS50U) [373] he's, he's you see, he
Arthur (PS50T) [374] this burying alive
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [375] and he, of course that's what he does, you see him do it, oh yeah when daddy's not, it's
Arthur (PS50T) [376] It all comes back
A. (PS50U) [377] oh I, I mean, he sit inside, normally he'd have the present, he chucked his glasses off, he stuffed all his hankies, he had about ten hankies in his pocket
Arthur (PS50T) [378] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [379] he filled all down his mouth and
Arthur (PS50T) [380] He stuffed them all down his mouth and his nose, all his hankies?
A. (PS50U) [381] Oh yeah to stop
Arthur (PS50T) [382] To stop the lime, the dust getting in, yeah
A. (PS50U) [383] That's why he got away without too much damage
Arthur (PS50T) [384] Ah
A. (PS50U) [385] cos you see
Arthur (PS50T) [386] and the others didn't?
A. (PS50U) [387] No, because he had the present, how quick thinking
Arthur (PS50T) [388] You could of copied that
A. (PS50U) [389] his quick thinking
Arthur (PS50T) [390] Mm
A. (PS50U) [391] so immediately he knew if that comes I choke, if that comes I'm blind
Arthur (PS50T) [392] But he did more than choke if he, if he inhaled erm, lime
A. (PS50U) [393] Oh yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [394] it burns your lungs doesn't it?
A. (PS50U) [395] Well you see one of the l one of lads, naughty, he had to finish, but then he had a bad chest before
Arthur (PS50T) [396] Ha and that finished him off completely won't it?
A. (PS50U) [397] he panicked and they had a hell of a time with him because he panicked in there, in the hospital and there was a, going berserk and that ... but you see daddy didn't, oh there's nothing
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [398] in there, and he
Arthur (PS50T) [399] In the hospital?
A. (PS50U) [400] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [401] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [402] but when he came home then he
Arthur (PS50T) [403] the shock
A. (PS50U) [404] he was able to
Arthur (PS50T) [405] the shock hit him
A. (PS50U) [406] he was able to let it go
Arthur (PS50T) [407] But you know, when you said there's been no damage to him then, physical damage there hasn't has there?
[408] But psychological damage
A. (PS50U) [409] Oh yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [410] I didn't, I didn't realize he was
A. (PS50U) [411] Oh yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [412] he came home and he cowed
A. (PS50U) [413] Oh yeah, I mean I had a horrible time with him for some time and it just, just
Arthur (PS50T) [414] How long's that?
[415] A cou couple of weeks?
A. (PS50U) [416] A couple of weeks yeah and then he used to cry and he was like that and then he got it out of his system didn't he?
Arthur (PS50T) [417] God, I didn't realize this Paula
Paula (PS50V) [418] What?
Arthur (PS50T) [419] Your mum's telling
A. (PS50U) [420] Oh don't ever tell him
Paula (PS50V) [421] What?
Arthur (PS50T) [422] No, no, about your dad when he came home
Paula (PS50V) [423] Don't
A. (PS50U) [424] Don't ever tell him
Arthur (PS50T) [425] you know from dad's, when the lime went
Paula (PS50V) [426] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [427] be sitting in the chair wide awake and suddenly cowed and cover himself up
A. (PS50U) [428] That's suppose I think
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [429] he's wide awake for no reason, crying for weeks afterwards
Paula (PS50V) [430] Oh I think, well he would do
Arthur (PS50T) [431] Why?
A. (PS50U) [432] It's like it's shock
Arthur (PS50T) [433] Did you, did you know it though?
Paula (PS50V) [434] No, but it would be shock
A. (PS50U) [435] It would be shock
Paula (PS50V) [436] if you'd been buried alive you think
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [437] if you were buried alive, I mean, Uncle Nat when he used, when he was in, in ... Uncle Nat when he was out in the war, he used to come back home and he'd only to hear a siren and he'd throw himself on the floor
Arthur (PS50T) [438] Oh yes, yes
A. (PS50U) [439] covered himself and, and fluff out, he was psychologically
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [440] the war
Arthur (PS50T) [441] Mm, mm
A. (PS50U) [442] and he, I mean er, he could, he would never showed nowt, because he was at, he had men in, he was in charge of men, like father, would never show it to them in hospital
Arthur (PS50T) [443] Mm
A. (PS50U) [444] but the minute he can come home
Arthur (PS50T) [445] And relax
A. (PS50U) [446] and release himself
Arthur (PS50T) [447] relax and release himself
A. (PS50U) [448] but, for some time he, and it, it just used to let him get it out of his system
Arthur (PS50T) [449] My God
A. (PS50U) [450] and say something
Arthur (PS50T) [451] I didn't know that
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [452] I think when he was so near to death I thought bloody hell I bet it's that nightmare but I've not mentioned, don't mention it
Arthur (PS50T) [453] He keeps saying it's the same one
A. (PS50U) [454] don't mention it
Arthur (PS50T) [455] No I won't do
A. (PS50U) [456] cos it'll, it'll come out, he'll say to me Sunday when were at home
Arthur (PS50T) [457] Mm
A. (PS50U) [458] he'll say, you know that nightmare I keep having, it was that one, he will he'll say, and I'll say to him well
Arthur (PS50T) [459] Same one, same one coming back
A. (PS50U) [460] if, because, he saw what was going on, in a split second he saw what was happening, I mean it was, it was
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [461] when we found his glasses and that and things they were all buried and, and Peter said to me I've got this of John's, I brought Jonathan's, I couldn't care less as long as I've got John you know
Arthur (PS50T) [462] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [463] and er
Arthur (PS50T) [464] yeah
A. (PS50U) [465] he said, well, I know he's on about his glasses again ain't he?
Arthur (PS50T) [466] Mm
A. (PS50U) [467] But I think possibly as Philip said his drugs are affecting his eyesight, but then they'll need, he'll have to have them tested and, and then, because he was on yesterday about them again
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [468] yeah, but your eyes are changing all the time, so you, you should go back and have them tested regularly shouldn't you?
A. (PS50U) [469] Oh yes, now, I get even get the woman to come up and
Arthur (PS50T) [470] Does he have to pay for it now?
A. (PS50U) [471] Oh yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [472] Really?
A. (PS50U) [473] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [474] Mm
A. (PS50U) [475] you see the trouble is Philip does, because he just ... you don't tell me, unless you tell lies ... you think ... if you tell lies
Arthur (PS50T) [476] Then you can get it free
A. (PS50U) [477] you can get it free, but you don't
Arthur (PS50T) [478] You shouldn't have to pay anyway should you?
A. (PS50U) [479] but anyway
Arthur (PS50T) [480] Basic thing like your sight
A. (PS50U) [481] that doesn't mat listen
Arthur (PS50T) [482] Yeah, but, but
A. (PS50U) [483] as far as I'm concerned Arthur, John's more important to me than a bloody pair of glasses
Arthur (PS50T) [484] Oh yeah, yeah
A. (PS50U) [485] I mean, and it's the same with that business
Arthur (PS50T) [486] No, but it's
A. (PS50U) [487] he'll most probably come out with it when he gets
Arthur (PS50T) [488] Come out quietly, yeah
A. (PS50U) [489] Oh yeah he never says anything at all, till this happening and he'll say, he'll say, you know about the nightmare I had it was that one, oh I know I mean, but it, it was so
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [490] I mean you, you have it, you be in a situation like that
Arthur (PS50T) [491] Oh yeah, I, but I didn't realize you know with him the old man, the toughy, yeah
A. (PS50U) [492] Yeah but if you, if you
Arthur (PS50T) [493] No but he, he does put out
A. (PS50U) [494] Oh yes he does
Arthur (PS50T) [495] out that air doesn't he, that sort of
A. (PS50U) [496] Yeah, but you don't sort of you don't let on
Arthur (PS50T) [497] nothing gets to me
A. (PS50U) [498] you don't let on, you don't, you just don't
Arthur (PS50T) [499] But he does do that doesn't he?
A. (PS50U) [500] He does say
Arthur (PS50T) [501] In everything
A. (PS50U) [502] Oh yeah, I mean that's it, he does, he just doesn't say I mean he, he just keeps it to himself
Arthur (PS50T) [503] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [504] and then he, you see he's got, at home he's got, he can release things cos there's nobody else around
Arthur (PS50T) [505] Mm, yeah
A. (PS50U) [506] you know, but that was a nightmare really, well I didn't, I won't be surprised if that isn't the one he's having
Arthur (PS50T) [507] Oh God, see what Paul's doing, if he's up ...
Paula (PS50V) [508] I'm looking
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [509] where's Paul?
Paula (PS50V) [510] Upstairs, still in the bath ...
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [511] doing what?
Paula (PS50V) [512] Ringing that order through
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ...
A. (PS50U) [513] Paula do you want anything else done love?
Paula (PS50V) [514] No that's it
Arthur (PS50T) [515] Is that f is that our lunch, dinner?
[516] What, is that for tonight or
Paula (PS50V) [517] Are we having it tonight?
Arthur (PS50T) [518] will we be having this?
A. (PS50U) [519] We'll have it for dinner
Arthur (PS50T) [520] We're having it hot
Paula (PS50V) [521] For dinner?
A. (PS50U) [522] For dinner
Arthur (PS50T) [523] Right ... so if we get down to the hospital this afternoon
Paula (PS50V) [524] Well
Arthur (PS50T) [525] Mr would of seen him this morning
Paula (PS50V) [526] Yes
Arthur (PS50T) [527] so we'll get down this afternoon then, alright, fair enough ... at least we know what we're doing now ... Your bedroom's a tip.
Anthony (PS50W) [528] Yeah I know, I'm working
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS50W) [529] oh God
Arthur (PS50T) [530] What you doing?
Anthony (PS50W) [531] Maths
Arthur (PS50T) [532] Maths, it looks like English
Anthony (PS50W) [533] Yeah, it's really notice you can change it, cos what it does is it, oh hell ... you can edit the colours of everything so if, if you can't understand, cos sometimes it goes over itself, like grey means normal writing, yellow means bold and underlined and pink
Arthur (PS50T) [534] That's about your name at the top
Anthony (PS50W) [535] erm pur erm blue that
Arthur (PS50T) [536] yeah
Anthony (PS50W) [537] means italic
Arthur (PS50T) [538] italic, purple
Anthony (PS50W) [539] erm upper case
Arthur (PS50T) [540] upper case
Anthony (PS50W) [541] twelfth subscript
Arthur (PS50T) [542] Why doesn't it just, put it in upper case then?
Anthony (PS50W) [543] You can but it's, oops, you can, but
Arthur (PS50T) [544] Oh that's how it looks
Anthony (PS50W) [545] That's how it'll be
Arthur (PS50T) [546] that's more difficult to read then isn't it?
Anthony (PS50W) [547] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [548] Mind you, you've got all your enters in there haven't you?
Anthony (PS50W) [549] Yeah, er you can turn them off
Arthur (PS50T) [550] Yeah ... and you've got all these what, what are those Ts at the side?
Anthony (PS50W) [551] That means you've got
Arthur (PS50T) [552] On the screen
Anthony (PS50W) [553] a tab stop
Arthur (PS50T) [554] You got what?
Anthony (PS50W) [555] A tab stop
Arthur (PS50T) [556] A tab stop, what does that do?
Anthony (PS50W) [557] in the, if I go down to
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [558] what does it do a tab stop?
Anthony (PS50W) [559] You see, you see that there
Arthur (PS50T) [560] Ener yeah, energy yeah
Anthony (PS50W) [561] the big space after energy
Arthur (PS50T) [562] Right, yes
Anthony (PS50W) [563] it, it gets everything in line, see how they're all in line?
Arthur (PS50T) [564] Yeah
Anthony (PS50W) [565] Just hit that there and put a couple of spaces
Arthur (PS50T) [566] ad that's what the tab stop does?
Anthony (PS50W) [567] Yeah see them all the tab regardless of the, the length, like the one after iron will be a long one
Arthur (PS50T) [568] Mm, mm
Anthony (PS50W) [569] and after calcium will be a short
Arthur (PS50T) [570] What about vitamin C?
[571] There isn't one
Anthony (PS50W) [572] There isn't one, I'll just put a space in
Arthur (PS50T) [573] and the one after fat, yes, yeah
Anthony (PS50W) [574] That's a long one
Arthur (PS50T) [575] yeah
Anthony (PS50W) [576] and it indicates you put one in cos sometimes it's confusing if you've put in a tab and you don't know what's
Arthur (PS50T) [577] What happens if you want to edit it and you've got tabs in, does it make it more difficult?
[578] Does it throw, throw things out of line?
Anthony (PS50W) [579] Yeah, yeah it can do if you forget, so it's handy if you have a T besides it's handy that
Arthur (PS50T) [580] Just to remember, remind you?
Anthony (PS50W) [581] Ah
Arthur (PS50T) [582] Does it print it?
Anthony (PS50W) [583] No, all these characters are not printed
Arthur (PS50T) [584] So can, can
Anthony (PS50W) [585] I think
Arthur (PS50T) [586] sorry can you have your tab stops on?
[587] You know like you can have your enters in
Anthony (PS50W) [588] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [589] but not showing your tabs, not showing those Ts, but there, can you put them on and off?
[590] On the screen
Anthony (PS50W) [591] Er, yeah, how'd you do it?
[592] Can't remember, erm that it?
Arthur (PS50T) [593] That's it, it's gone, yeah.
[594] Has it moved everything in?
[595] It looks different ... oh press them again, put them in ...
Anthony (PS50W) [596] Oh I thought I had
Arthur (PS50T) [597] Oh I, what have you done?
[598] There
Anthony (PS50W) [599] What have I done?
Arthur (PS50T) [600] I don't know it looks different doesn't it?
Anthony (PS50W) [601] I think I copied from the old lot of
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [602] have you?
Anthony (PS50W) [603] No
Arthur (PS50T) [604] No, it just look different when you took them off
Anthony (PS50W) [605] Yeah it, it's
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ...
Anthony (PS50W) [606] Er alt, turns them on and off, yes it did, it does it then
Arthur (PS50T) [607] What turns them on and off?
Anthony (PS50W) [608] Alt F four
Arthur (PS50T) [609] Alt F four, yeah
Anthony (PS50W) [610] What's happened to it
Arthur (PS50T) [611] I don't know Tony
Anthony (PS50W) [612] they've disappeared
Arthur (PS50T) [613] Yeah [laugh]
Anthony (PS50W) [614] Control F seven
Arthur (PS50T) [615] control F seven
Anthony (PS50W) [616] load quick ... er
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ...
Arthur (PS50T) [617] Well you've saved it haven't you?
Anthony (PS50W) [618] Oh shit, I've just lost the doc
Arthur (PS50T) [619] What you lost?
Anthony (PS50W) [620] impossible
Arthur (PS50T) [621] What have you lost Ton?
Anthony (PS50W) [622] Oh God, control F seven, transfer load set
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [623] take your time, take your time, don't panic
Anthony (PS50W) [624] I've just lo
Arthur (PS50T) [625] you haven't lost it
Anthony (PS50W) [626] Yes I have
Arthur (PS50T) [627] What have you lost?
Anthony (PS50W) [628] I don't understand that alt F four meant to change, it's not meant to do that to it
Arthur (PS50T) [629] You've lost your headings, or the, or the work itself?
Anthony (PS50W) [630] No, I've lost the, the whole work itself
Arthur (PS50T) [631] How?
[632] Had you saved it?
Anthony (PS50W) [633] Yeah and it's lost it again for me, oh shit
Arthur (PS50T) [634] Well it can't of
Anthony (PS50W) [635] Yes it can, it's gone, loads of work, ah shit,
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [636] well how can it lose it, if it's saved it?
Anthony (PS50W) [637] get out of it quick, erm, quit
Arthur (PS50T) [638] Can't you get it back?
Anthony (PS50W) [639] I'll try ...
Arthur (PS50T) [640] Take your time, take your time, don't get annoyed with it
Anthony (PS50W) [641] It does do backups
Arthur (PS50T) [642] it, it's done a backup, yeah?
Anthony (PS50W) [643] Erm, yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [644] Well don't lose this then ...
Anthony (PS50W) [645] Oh the document, the document's longer with the two, let's try it.
Arthur (PS50T) [646] Try it and see what happens ... there we are, well done
Anthony (PS50W) [647] Control
Arthur (PS50T) [648] go ... is it there?
Anthony (PS50W) [649] No, I know I'll get it back
Arthur (PS50T) [650] It's not there?
Anthony (PS50W) [651] I'll get it back, wait, erm how do transfer, merge ...
Arthur (PS50T) [652] What about your options no? ...
Anthony (PS50W) [653] Erm
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS50W) [654] that, transfer, merge
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS50W) [655] erm, maths
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ...
Arthur (PS50T) [656] Is it there? ...
Anthony (PS50W) [657] No ... it's got no other
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS50W) [658] then what?
Paula (PS50V) [659] Arthur
Arthur (PS50T) [660] Calm down
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [661] Arthur
Arthur (PS50T) [662] if you've saved it Ton it's got, it's got to be in there hasn't it?
Anthony (PS50W) [663] No it isn't
Arthur (PS50T) [664] Just a minute
Paula (PS50V) [665] I'm just ringing Mr up
Arthur (PS50T) [666] Mr who's he?
Anthony (PS50W) [667] Shall I
Arthur (PS50T) [668] Erm
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [669] oh yes, well he said he'd phone us Paula
Paula (PS50V) [670] I know but he, we've got it here early March and we said that we'd do his paperwork for the the afternoon
Arthur (PS50T) [671] Have you got it back?
Anthony (PS50W) [672] It was there all the time
Paula (PS50V) [673] paperwork for the what's it called?
Arthur (PS50T) [674] It was there all the time?
Anthony (PS50W) [675] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [676] [laugh] You poor thing [laugh]
Anthony (PS50W) [677] gets rid of
Arthur (PS50T) [678] What's it got rid of?
Anthony (PS50W) [679] erm
Arthur (PS50T) [680] See you panicked then didn't you, ah?
Anthony (PS50W) [681] that's stupid, yes
Arthur (PS50T) [682] Yeah but you panicked didn't you?
Anthony (PS50W) [683] you know how it gets rid of the Ts, it gets rid of everything it's showing there [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [684] Oh
Anthony (PS50W) [685] it's a bit daft
Arthur (PS50T) [686] what down, all down that side?
Anthony (PS50W) [687] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [688] So if you put the Ts back, if you put the tab sign back on it brings all those vitamin Cs, fibres and fats up as well
Anthony (PS50W) [689] Yeah, yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [690] really?
Anthony (PS50W) [691] Yeah, no, no, I just pressed the wrong button
Arthur (PS50T) [692] That's a weakness that isn't it?
Anthony (PS50W) [693] I thought it was
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [694] that's good, I like that
Anthony (PS50W) [695] to get that back, that's outlining, you know I merged something on the end that I don't want to, it's deleting
Paul (PS50X) [696] Not bad
Anthony (PS50W) [697] and you can insert it again
Arthur (PS50T) [698] subconsciously been misspelt go back to that, you're showing
Anthony (PS50W) [699] What?
Arthur (PS50T) [700] some cracking spellings in here
Anthony (PS50W) [701] That's, that's fall back again
Arthur (PS50T) [702] where's, where's that subconsciously?
[703] There
Anthony (PS50W) [704] Oh
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS50X) [705] I'm gonna get to do it right
Arthur (PS50T) [706] That's subconsciously [laugh] Tony
Anthony (PS50W) [707] Wait, wait a sec
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS50W) [708] go home page up ...
Arthur (PS50T) [709] Do you want me to go through this for spellings?
[710] Balanced God lad
Anthony (PS50W) [711] No, cos I'm not really balanced, there look relief of
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [712] does this have a spell check on it?
Anthony (PS50W) [713] add to
Arthur (PS50T) [714] God, there's some great spellings in here
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [715] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS50X) [716] is wrong
Anthony (PS50W) [717] Shh
Arthur (PS50T) [718] Have you picked up that plant?
Paul (PS50X) [719] Yes
Arthur (PS50T) [720] Yes
Paul (PS50X) [721] I have actually
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [722] you wanna grow up a bit you know, how old are you?
Paul (PS50X) [723] Er, that and
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [724] well
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [725] what was?
Paul (PS50X) [726] Zombies
Arthur (PS50T) [727] Zombies
Paul (PS50X) [728] it's Gary
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS50W) [729] How do you spell conscious?
Paul (PS50X) [730] Conscious?
[731] [spelling] C O N C I O U S []
Arthur (PS50T) [732] Try it
Anthony (PS50W) [733] Is that right up on the screen there, conscious?
Arthur (PS50T) [734] No
Anthony (PS50W) [735] Ah
Paul (PS50X) [736] Conscious
Arthur (PS50T) [737] that's what you've just spelt
Paul (PS50X) [738] [spelling] C O N C I O U S []
Arthur (PS50T) [739] Yeah, can't find it, it won't be found either Tony
Anthony (PS50W) [740] Con
Arthur (PS50T) [741] That's right, the C O N part's right, conscious objector
Anthony (PS50W) [742] I don't know
Arthur (PS50T) [743] that's right, you're closer
Paul (PS50X) [744] Conscious
Anthony (PS50W) [745] er science
Arthur (PS50T) [746] conscious, okay go on then
Paul (PS50X) [747] Wait take that out
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [748] go on, try it, try it see what happens
Anthony (PS50W) [749] Mm, I'm gonna look at that and see what it gives me
Arthur (PS50T) [750] That's conscience yeah, but where's conscious? ...
Anthony (PS50W) [751] Conscious
Arthur (PS50T) [752] See the first what, two,fi first five letters ...
Anthony (PS50W) [753] What?
Arthur (PS50T) [754] of conscience, you want conscious, well you can go up to the I and then it's conscious, you've got conscience, conscious
Anthony (PS50W) [755] Oh damn
Paula (PS50V) [756] Mr T manager, what's the name of your company?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [757] freebie, another freebie
Paula (PS50V) [758] No, I've just rung up Viking to get some box sealing tape and, and this here, he, he said is your name T manager, what is the name of your business?
[759] What is the name of
Paul (PS50X) [760] It's T
Anthony (PS50W) [761] That's what Douglas said was that it's T
Arthur (PS50T) [762] So what's the name of the business?
Anthony (PS50W) [763] T
Paula (PS50V) [764] I said it isn't, no
Paul (PS50X) [765] It's T
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [766] T Trading
Paula (PS50V) [767] T Trading and what is the nature of your, I said we're a charity, how many people are involved?
[768] How many paid?
[769] Oh
Arthur (PS50T) [770] Oh it's gone into that computer now
Paula (PS50V) [771] Yeah the thing is it's, it's, it was, I got the stuff, paid for it by Access it'll be with you tomorrow, I got a free
Arthur (PS50T) [772] You're wheezing again
Paul (PS50X) [773] Messiah
Paula (PS50V) [774] I got a free, a free one and I bought an extra one
Arthur (PS50T) [775] Necessary
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [776] you wanna see the spellings in here, you want to leave them in Ton
Paula (PS50V) [777] Oh Ton
Arthur (PS50T) [778] it'll give somebody a good laugh ...
Paula (PS50V) [779] I thought this was
Anthony (PS50W) [780] N E S S
Arthur (PS50T) [781] necessary, necessary
Paul (PS50X) [782] N E S S
Arthur (PS50T) [783] like knife, yeah and scissors
Paula (PS50V) [784] I'm not surprised nec nec necessary's not found, is that your spell check?
Arthur (PS50T) [785] Necessary, necessary
Anthony (PS50W) [786] Necessary, oh
Arthur (PS50T) [787] [spelling] N E C [] it's not double C
Paul (PS50X) [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [788] it's not double, your mother's worse than you neces
Paula (PS50V) [789] No Tony
Paul (PS50X) [790] [spelling] E S []
Anthony (PS50W) [791] Necessary, aha
Arthur (PS50T) [792] You, it's coming now, isn't it?
Paula (PS50V) [793] S
Arthur (PS50T) [794] Yes
Paula (PS50V) [795] No
Arthur (PS50T) [796] that's alright, it'll find that
Anthony (PS50W) [797] It'll find that
Arthur (PS50T) [798] It's close, there you are
Anthony (PS50W) [laugh]
Paul (PS50X) [799] Knackers
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [800] Oh God have you seen it, you, you want to see balance as well
Paul (PS50X) [801] Essential
Paula (PS50V) [802] Go on then, spell balance
Arthur (PS50T) [803] Oh it's at Tony's
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS50W) [804] fibre
Paul (PS50X) [805] Fibre is repeated
Arthur (PS50T) [806] Roughage, oh God [laugh]
Paula (PS50V) [807] What's that?
[808] Roughage
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS50X) [809] no
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [810] no leave him, leave him, leave him
Anthony (PS50W) [811] Oh damn I've got
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [812] easier
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [813] you've got a letter too many there, can you see it?
Anthony (PS50W) [814] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [815] Balance, what, the E's wrong in the middle
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS50X) [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [816] What's that?
Paul (PS50X) [817] Break time
Arthur (PS50T) [818] Break time, that's okay, break time
Anthony (PS50W) [819] Erm add document
Paul (PS50X) [820] Should add it to dictionary
Arthur (PS50T) [821] Questionnaires, there you are, you've got it there ... possibilities, that's okay
Paul (PS50X) [822] No it's not, that is
Arthur (PS50T) [823] It is
Anthony (PS50W) [824] Consuming
Arthur (PS50T) [825] Consuming, what have you got in there?
[826] Double M?
Anthony (PS50W) [827] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [828] Else, else's
Paul (PS50X) [laugh]
Anthony (PS50W) [829] Random
Paula (PS50V) [830] God ain't that clever?
Arthur (PS50T) [831] Randomly, it's not clever at all
Paula (PS50V) [832] Yes it is
Paul (PS50X) [833] It's like that
Arthur (PS50T) [834] Yes, it's just looking for certain letter groups
Anthony (PS50W) [835] And
Paul (PS50X) [836] Yeah it's quicker
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [837] and if you start with three or four letters in
Paula (PS50V) [838] Paul just hang those up in his wardrobe please, hang them up I've ironed them
Arthur (PS50T) [839] Have you got balance now?
[840] [reading] Healthy sensible eating has reached, has reached finic []
Anthony (PS50W) [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [841] Have you read through it?
Anthony (PS50W) [842] No
Arthur (PS50T) [843] You should read through it every so often
Paul (PS50X) [844] Yes spell check
Anthony (PS50W) [845] I will do
Arthur (PS50T) [846] in this, [reading] as more and more people become concerned with their health and the effect of what they eat has on it [] I'd think about your English in that and how you put it together, that there sentence
Anthony (PS50W) [847] Yeah, I know, I've got, I've got to read through all this
Arthur (PS50T) [848] And that's your introduction the first sentence that somebody's going to read, yeah?
Anthony (PS50W) [849] I know, I've got to, I've got to read through all of this
Arthur (PS50T) [850] Okay, health conscience, not, it isn't health conscience people, it's health conscious people
Anthony (PS50W) [851] Yeah I know
Arthur (PS50T) [852] You're conscious of your health not conscience of your health ... health conscious
Anthony (PS50W) [853] Where?
Arthur (PS50T) [854] Fourth line down, first word
Anthony (PS50W) [855] Oh yes ...
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [856] that's it, try do it, blow your nose rather than sniffle please, [reading] balanced diet in order to provide their bodies with enough.
[857] But not too much ingredients, essential for some of the most necessary substances for a healthy life include [] ... have you got whisky in here as well?
Anthony (PS50W) [858] Right that's about it, save that
Arthur (PS50T) [859] Healthy substances for a healthy life, you're very good on the, is it, is it the protein he's good on?
Anthony (PS50W) [860] Vitamin C
Paul (PS50X) [861] Got too much vitamin C
Anthony (PS50W) [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [862] Too much vitamin C
Anthony (PS50W) [863] I don't know where it comes from
Arthur (PS50T) [864] I wonder if it makes your brain go doolally though
Paul (PS50X) [865] No, it means you're clever
Arthur (PS50T) [866] [laugh] Supposed to innit, yeah, they did a study on that didn't they?
[867] They fed these children with these tablets that would make them go ... and the parents were rushing out and buying tablets to make the children intel the children intelligent.
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [868] Just imagine that for, taking half a dozen before you going into Mr 's geography lesson.
Anthony (PS50W) [869] I'm going to read through this properly
Arthur (PS50T) [870] I'm glad you are [laugh]
Anthony (PS50W) [871] [laugh] out loud, I'll write it first and then I'll check it
Arthur (PS50T) [872] Not with an audience [laugh] right, go on ...
Paul (PS50X) [873] What it can't do erm, can't check up grammar mistakes
Arthur (PS50T) [874] True
Paul (PS50X) [875] A machine to get that does that, is a good program as it is, it's three hundred quid normally but it's a copy Dudley gave it to me
Arthur (PS50T) [876] Watch your toes
Paul (PS50X) [877] it's pirated
Arthur (PS50T) [878] It's pirated is it, oh God
Paul (PS50X) [879] Well he, are you gonna fork out three hundred quid?
Paula (PS50V) [880] Paul you gonna shock me?
Arthur (PS50T) [881] What's that?
Paula (PS50V) [882] He started his homework you see
Paul (PS50X) [883] Yeah I have
Arthur (PS50T) [884] Yeah, tomorrow
Paula (PS50V) [885] Tomorrow's too late
Paul (PS50X) [886] No it's
Arthur (PS50T) [887] Manana
Paula (PS50V) [888] tomorrow never comes ...
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ...
Arthur (PS50T) [889] Those curtains in there Paula the side, you know that track I repaired the other night
Paula (PS50V) [890] Drop again
Arthur (PS50T) [891] it's gonna come down again, the we cos you're stacking stuff against it
Paula (PS50V) [892] I've just moved it all away
Arthur (PS50T) [893] But did you notice?
Paula (PS50V) [894] Yeah it is, what it's done
Arthur (PS50T) [895] It's fallen against it, it's gonna rip it down again
Paula (PS50V) [896] push the bed, the bed had been pushed up and the stuff had tumbled and I just moved it all away
Arthur (PS50T) [897] Yeah, draw the curtains back
A. (PS50U) [898] A window could be opened in there er Paula
Arthur (PS50T) [899] It's like an oven in there ...
A. (PS50U) [900] I see this piece in the, about Southwold beach huts
Arthur (PS50T) [901] What about them?
A. (PS50U) [902] Well you know the Council, Waveney Council
Arthur (PS50T) [903] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [904] you see they want people not to se not to sell them privately
Arthur (PS50T) [905] Why not?
A. (PS50U) [906] Because they say, they've got a waiting list on er on the Council
Arthur (PS50T) [907] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [908] and they've got to sell them on the waiting list
Arthur (PS50T) [909] Really?
A. (PS50U) [910] and Southwold are up in arms with it
Arthur (PS50T) [911] Who's beach huts are they?
[912] The people whose they are?
A. (PS50U) [913] The people
Arthur (PS50T) [914] Or do they rent them off the Council or what?
A. (PS50U) [915] No what happens is you buy the beach hut but you rent them on, you rent the plot
Arthur (PS50T) [916] So the Council are saying although it's yours, the hut's yours, the land is ours
A. (PS50U) [917] The land is ours
Arthur (PS50T) [918] we want a say in whoever has these
A. (PS50U) [919] have these beach huts
Arthur (PS50T) [920] not, not the price that they go at
A. (PS50U) [921] and you can't sell the hut, no and you can't sell them privately, anybody you want to
Arthur (PS50T) [922] So who's handling the sale then the Council or est cos I've seen these things
A. (PS50U) [923] The Council
Arthur (PS50T) [924] in estate agents
A. (PS50U) [925] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [926] have you?
A. (PS50U) [927] Yeah, but you see they sell them privately to, erm they'll, like you'd sell your house
Arthur (PS50T) [928] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [929] privately
Arthur (PS50T) [930] Yes
A. (PS50U) [931] The Council wants to make out that you've got to let them have the first option
Arthur (PS50T) [932] Of buying it from you
A. (PS50U) [933] of buying it from you
Arthur (PS50T) [934] and then they sell it on?
A. (PS50U) [935] Yeah, they've got to wait
Arthur (PS50T) [936] They've got to make some money out of that haven't they?
[937] Otherwise it's costing you lot over at Southwold a lot of money
A. (PS50U) [938] and people in Southwold are objecting because they say
Arthur (PS50T) [939] I don't blame them
A. (PS50U) [940] I don't blame them, that it is right that people should, should have the right to buy from the Council, but I don't think you should
Arthur (PS50T) [941] Yeah there's that side to it
A. (PS50U) [942] I mean it's

2 (Tape 032502)

A. (PS50U) [943] You see some of them only live in a small cottage with no garden and that's an extension to their home, you can go down there with the children
Arthur (PS50T) [944] Yeah.
A. (PS50U) [945] and enjoy ... they've bought the hut to enjoy
Arthur (PS50T) [946] Mm.
A. (PS50U) [947] the privilege of, of them like you would have a shed in your garden
Arthur (PS50T) [948] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [949] a shed, a
Arthur (PS50T) [950] except in your own garden
A. (PS50U) [951] Yes
Arthur (PS50T) [952] it's your property, it's your land it's
A. (PS50U) [953] that's correct
Arthur (PS50T) [954] Whereas down at the erm
A. (PS50U) [955] The land belongs to the
Arthur (PS50T) [956] down at the erm seaside it belongs to the Council
A. (PS50U) [957] it belongs to the Council
Arthur (PS50T) [958] Yeah, what a pity
A. (PS50U) [959] yeah ...
Arthur (PS50T) [960] What's it saying in the paper then about it?
[961] Has, it just a report or is it a comment?
A. (PS50U) [962] Oh they've had a meeting you see because people in Southwold have checked
Arthur (PS50T) [963] Yeah.
A. (PS50U) [964] you see, the fact they say they should be allowed to sell
Arthur (PS50T) [965] Yeah.
A. (PS50U) [966] and to who they want to ... if they want to
Arthur (PS50T) [967] I thought, I though Southwold Council was a Conservative Council
A. (PS50U) [968] No we belong to Waveney that's
Arthur (PS50T) [969] Ah is it Waveney Council that's decided it?
A. (PS50U) [970] It's Waveney you see we belong to Waveney ...
Arthur (PS50T) [971] District
A. (PS50U) [972] District
Arthur (PS50T) [973] Ha, yet the Southwold Parish Council, I've seen it in there, er there's been a ... some vandalism on the golf course, you know on the common and er
A. (PS50U) [974] I didn't know about that
Arthur (PS50T) [975] Yeah it's in there somewhere, and they're complaining, you know the people who play golf, the golf club are complaining, and the, the Council are saying it's the Southwold Council, so maybe it's the Parish Council, they're saying that er yes it's our responsibility this club and we must look after it and we must find the culprits and so on, it's in there somewhere cos I read it this morning
A. (PS50U) [976] Yeah I thought I
Arthur (PS50T) [977] cos it happened over the weekend digging up holes in the erm in the golf course.
A. (PS50U) [978] What this last weekend?
Arthur (PS50T) [979] Yes it's er, I'm sure it's in there somewhere ... yeah ... I wonder what will happen then ... with the beach huts ... it could be ... it could be that you've got to get the, you can still sell them private but, and the Council will, will just say yes or no
A. (PS50U) [980] No, it just said them you will offer it to them, no you've to offer it to them first because they've got a waiting list of people wanting
Arthur (PS50T) [981] Right
A. (PS50U) [982] to buy, to be, it's, you see it's the
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [983] or something
Arthur (PS50T) [984] You see, with all their beach huts all the way along the coast, is that, or is it Southwold that they're doing it with?
A. (PS50U) [985] No, they must own Southwold, Kessingland, Pakefield and straight into Lowestoft, all that
Arthur (PS50T) [986] That strip
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [987] yeah
A. (PS50U) [988] They own the fo what they call the
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [989] but why, you see er the end of Southwold when East Bramont went into the sea you know
Arthur (PS50T) [990] Yes when the cliffs, when the cliffs collapsed, yeah ...
A. (PS50U) [991] they wouldn't shore that up because there are only about eight houses up there, so it doesn't pay them to [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [992] Although they own that bit
A. (PS50U) [993] Al although they own that bit
Arthur (PS50T) [994] or are responsible for it
A. (PS50U) [995] or are responsible
Arthur (PS50T) [996] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [997] But there again I don't know how much of the er, whose fault that was, whether they should of done, I mean it's, it's the same as Oldbury and Dunwich isn't it, how that just went into the sea, they let it happen
Arthur (PS50T) [998] Mm.
A. (PS50U) [999] they won't, they won't,th they don't intend to let it happen at all there
Arthur (PS50T) [1000] Mm
A. (PS50U) [1001] I knew some
Arthur (PS50T) [1002] but there's, there's a
A. (PS50U) [1003] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1004] a village isn't there really, a small town a village
A. (PS50U) [1005] you see and now at the harbour they've done that ... harbour mouth so that Walberswick will not be affected
Arthur (PS50T) [1006] Mm, mm
A. (PS50U) [1007] oh well then
Arthur (PS50T) [1008] Yeah, but again there is, there are more houses at Walberswick than there were at East Bra is it Bravance or Badance?
A. (PS50U) [1009] Oh yes, East Bramont.
Arthur (PS50T) [1010] Eastern Bramont yeah
A. (PS50U) [1011] Well the reason they wouldn't do it there, the cost is so great in comparison with the number of houses
Arthur (PS50T) [1012] Mm, yeah, yeah they're on about erm, below erm, not Thorpeness, where's the one with the, Orford isn't it, Orford castle
A. (PS50U) [1013] Oh yes
Arthur (PS50T) [1014] there's the farmland below the castle you know going towards erm Felixstowe that way, they say the land down there, the farm, that low-lying farmland is very susceptible to flooding and the coast is being eroded
A. (PS50U) [1015] That's correct
Arthur (PS50T) [1016] oh they are, is it our Poll Tax?
A. (PS50U) [1017] Yes
Arthur (PS50T) [1018] What have you got?
[1019] Go on then
A. (PS50U) [1020] Oh you're not too bad
Arthur (PS50T) [1021] What've you got?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1022] yeah
A. (PS50U) [1023] Erm, get meant, get the right one ain't it?
[1024] Er two four seven forty three
Arthur (PS50T) [1025] Two hundred and forty seven a head?
A. (PS50U) [1026] No, two four seven forty three, yes
Arthur (PS50T) [1027] Per head, yeah
A. (PS50U) [1028] that's not bad
Arthur (PS50T) [1029] that's cheaper than our rates
A. (PS50U) [1030] They're cheaper than the rates, yes.
Arthur (PS50T) [1031] I feel sorry for these old folk who are over here though, on the other side of the road, two forty seven for them
A. (PS50U) [1032] Well that's what
Arthur (PS50T) [1033] That's what's wrong with it though, isn't it?
A. (PS50U) [1034] That's what we
Arthur (PS50T) [1035] Mind you there again it's cheaper than it should be because we're paying it on VAT, you know, it, er, they must think we're fools
A. (PS50U) [1036] Two four seven forty seven, you're quite low actually because some
Arthur (PS50T) [1037] Well there's a general election coming up, it's a Tory Council, they're not gonna raise it as, as high as they possibly can are they? ...
A. (PS50U) [1038] I think that fee is excellent, if they'd of kept it at that, I think most people could afford it.
Arthur (PS50T) [1039] But you're paying for it in your tax,you you'd paid a whopping subsidy on it, it's a big con.
A. (PS50U) [1040] Yeah but the first year was, was an awful amount really
Arthur (PS50T) [1041] Well that was, well it should've gone up from that, what did they do with the VAT stuck two and a half percent on it and said there you are we're gonna hold the Poll Tax down, how?
[1042] By making you pay more on your VAT, so we can knock the Poll Tax bills down, you're still paying for the damn stuff, ah, ha
A. (PS50U) [1043] What's happened to your paper
Arthur (PS50T) [1044] why don't this country wake up?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [1045] about er
Arthur (PS50T) [1046] I don't know what's happened today I think it's, they've run out of
A. (PS50U) [1047] They've run out of ink or something
Arthur (PS50T) [1048] out of ink, yeah
A. (PS50U) [1049] Ron has sent us a copy then
Arthur (PS50T) [1050] Yeah it must of been a few they'd got through
A. (PS50U) [1051] Mm ...
Arthur (PS50T) [1052] It's the biggest con that Poll Tax thing go er the amount going down ... that this lot have pulled on us and everybody's fell for it hook, line and sinker
A. (PS50U) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1053] ha
A. (PS50U) [1054] the first year was horrible but last year was
Arthur (PS50T) [1055] Look, if, if somebody charges you three hundred pound, and you say that's too much and you complain and they knock it down to two fifty, but they say but we want you to pay fifty pounds on something else, extra, do you think the two fifty's fair, eh?
A. (PS50U) [1056] Not really, but [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [1057] No, well that's all they've done ...
A. (PS50U) [1058] all this paper is
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1059] there's about six erm, six sheets in it ain't there?
[1060] There er, more like ghost printing ...
A. (PS50U) [1061] [laugh] Ha, that's funny, bad news for people paying fifty pound per week rent, you could buy your own home for forty nine pounds per week [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [1062] Sounds like Marks and Spencers there
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1063] forty nine pounds, ninety nine
A. (PS50U) [1064] Woolworths nineteen and eleven [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [1065] [laugh] Yeah, we won't charge you a pound for this we'll charge you nineteen and eleven [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [1066] Oh do
Arthur (PS50T) [1067] it's under ten pound, yeah nine pounds ninety nine [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [1068] The funniest, the funniest thing about that was, a friend of ours he always remembered when Woolworths opened in Oldham
Arthur (PS50T) [1069] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1070] and they had a, er, for the opening news you see everything in Woolworths was sold for sixpence
Arthur (PS50T) [1071] But was it Woolworths or Marks who had that little slogan, was it, nothing, not a was it not a penny, nothing more than a penny or not a thruppence
A. (PS50U) [1072] Anyway, they, they put on their window er
Arthur (PS50T) [1073] Yeah go on
A. (PS50U) [1074] for er opening day
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [1075] everything's a sixpence and a, they have this great big display of buckets in one of the windows, sixpence
Arthur (PS50T) [1076] Sixpence a bucket
A. (PS50U) [1077] there was a little hardware shop just round the corner
Arthur (PS50T) [1078] Mm
A. (PS50U) [1079] and his were fivepence ha'penny
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [1080] and there was this long queue outside
Arthur (PS50T) [1081] Woolworths for sixpence [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [1082] Woolworths to buy buckets for sixpence
Arthur (PS50T) [1083] and could've gone round the corner for
A. (PS50U) [1084] Bought them for fivepence ha'penny
Arthur (PS50T) [1085] See there's, there's the con again you see, it's the same thing, you can convince people they're do they're doing brilliantly and charge them more [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [1086] But we said we, we couldn't give over laughing about that and they thought it was hilarious because it, it's like C & A's they used to always say, nineteen and eleven or nine and eleven or, it was always the
Arthur (PS50T) [1087] Well Marks and Spencers look at
A. (PS50U) [1088] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1089] Do you ever see a price in Marks and Spencers that doesn't have ninety nine P on the end of it?
A. (PS50U) [1090] Yeah that's right
Arthur (PS50T) [1091] It must cost them more in time in getting that penny out you know
A. (PS50U) [1092] One penny out of the till
Arthur (PS50T) [1093] till yeah, crazy, well look at the erm, the price of sugar the other day you were talking about that, what was it, fifty odd P?
A. (PS50U) [1094] Fifty nine P
Arthur (PS50T) [1095] And in the supermarket it's what about?
A. (PS50U) [1096] Erm sixty eight
Arthur (PS50T) [1097] Sixty eight, yeah, and that's a corner shop
A. (PS50U) [1098] That's a corner shop
Arthur (PS50T) [1099] you go to the big supermarkets
A. (PS50U) [1100] Yes
Arthur (PS50T) [1101] and you think it's gonna be cheaper, it's gotta be cheaper because it's wherever
A. (PS50U) [1102] There's a reason the little corner shops do that you see, that corner shop especially he always has a blackboard outside
Arthur (PS50T) [1103] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1104] and it, it, it's always erm ... some offer off like cauliflowers
Arthur (PS50T) [1105] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1106] and in the summer when they were thirty nine P it's to get people to go in the shop really
Arthur (PS50T) [1107] Well the supermarkets do the same thing don't they?
A. (PS50U) [1108] Oh yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1109] Loss, loss leaders or if they're not loss leaders they're very low aren't they?
[1110] But when you think if you go to your corner shop and you, you don't want a lot it's cheaper to go there than to get in a car
A. (PS50U) [1111] Oh yes I'd rather go to the corner shop
Arthur (PS50T) [1112] spend your money on petrol, pollute the place
A. (PS50U) [1113] Well when, that's what I said to, er Paula people should always go to that village shop because in the long run I know it might cost you more, but the hassle and everything, the only thing is they haven't got the variety
Arthur (PS50T) [1114] That's the, that's their weakness isn't it?
[1115] Yeah, mm
A. (PS50U) [1116] but that's their weakness because they can't take, they can't take the stock
Arthur (PS50T) [1117] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1118] but surely when that corner shop closes the elderly people round here would be in a state
Arthur (PS50T) [1119] They've got the erm, that mobile shop that comes round here
A. (PS50U) [1120] Oh have they?
[1121] I didn't know about that
Arthur (PS50T) [1122] Haven't you seen it?
[1123] The blue one, from Debenham, and you can phone your order through
A. (PS50U) [1124] On er get [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1125] ready boxed up for you
A. (PS50U) [1126] Oh that's good
Arthur (PS50T) [1127] so you can do that with him, so if you're not too well you know like
A. (PS50U) [1128] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1129] say if it was yourself and father who both weren't well, he would, if you just pick up the phone and say, I'm running short can I have a b b and he, he brings it round, like you know,j j
A. (PS50U) [1130] Same with
Arthur (PS50T) [1131] I can remember my mum when, when I was little, she used to have a book, a shopping book and she used to write in it
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1132] what she wanted from the shops, it was like erm a thick notebook did you
A. (PS50U) [1133] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1134] ever have anything?
[1135] Did, is that right?
[1136] And prices at the side
A. (PS50U) [1137] And er it
Arthur (PS50T) [1138] and she knew
A. (PS50U) [1139] it was all printed tea, coffee, cocoa
Arthur (PS50T) [1140] Oh no she wouldn't of, no didn't have that, no
A. (PS50U) [1141] they had tea, coffee, you know the essentials
Arthur (PS50T) [1142] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1143] so that, I mean a person that was a little bit muddled always remembered
Arthur (PS50T) [1144] Aye.
A. (PS50U) [1145] but you see people with shopping lists so the
Arthur (PS50T) [1146] She used to hand it in at the counter, this
A. (PS50U) [1147] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1148] book, she wrote a list out what she wanted, she used to hand it, I remember, I'd forgotten all about this, let's just say we were at the Co-Op, she'd hand it in at the counter so the, the groceries counter all, and she'd written it all out, and when it came back it was, was five minutes, it was all together for you, there it was, it was built up on the counter, and each time the amount was written at the side so
A. (PS50U) [1149] Yes
Arthur (PS50T) [1150] that sort of predates this er till slip, this till roll you get
A. (PS50U) [1151] Yeah, but
Arthur (PS50T) [1152] don't it?
[1153] But she, she knew
A. (PS50U) [1154] in normal
Arthur (PS50T) [1155] what she was getting at, she knew exactly what she was shopping for, she went into that shop, there was the list, it was handed in, I bet it took her less time to shop then, than it did later when she went shopping with a vague idea well I mustn't forget this, I mustn't forget that, but then the wandering around sort of oh that looks nice and I fancy that
A. (PS50U) [1156] Yeah but in, in your mother's days mine ... my day as well
Arthur (PS50T) [1157] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1158] when you went shopping you could shop everywhere and a quarter of tea it was that price every shop, there was no competitiveness about it
Arthur (PS50T) [1159] Mm
A. (PS50U) [1160] a pound of butter was that
Arthur (PS50T) [1161] Mm, mm
A. (PS50U) [1162] two pounds of sugar were that everywhere
Arthur (PS50T) [1163] But people still shopped at different shops?
A. (PS50U) [1164] Yes, you did, you, you mainly, I mean in the, in the
Arthur (PS50T) [1165] Well, well why, well why would you choose
A. (PS50U) [1166] Well because
Arthur (PS50T) [1167] to shop at that particular shop rather than
A. (PS50U) [1168] because
Arthur (PS50T) [1169] that one?
A. (PS50U) [1170] the Co-Op used to give the dividend
Arthur (PS50T) [1171] But not everybody shopped at the Co-Op did they?
A. (PS50U) [1172] Most people, there was quite a lot of people did
Arthur (PS50T) [1173] Yeah most people did, yeah, but not everybody
A. (PS50U) [1174] I mean I did, it was, it was great at
Arthur (PS50T) [1175] My mum used to say such thing as like you know bacon's better from
A. (PS50U) [1176] From
Arthur (PS50T) [1177] from such a place rather than such a place
A. (PS50U) [1178] Well you
Arthur (PS50T) [1179] so it was, she knew you know
A. (PS50U) [1180] you always went to a proper butcher then, you didn't go to the supermarket because you had a good butcher that you used to go to
Arthur (PS50T) [1181] You knew him and he knew you
A. (PS50U) [1182] and you knew what he, and he would sell you what he, there was no cons, no trying to pretend that this was best, and this was
Arthur (PS50T) [1183] Mm, yeah
A. (PS50U) [1184] so therefore a butcher was a butcher he was a tradesman in his own right
Arthur (PS50T) [1185] But he was also a family butcher and he served the family didn't he?
A. (PS50U) [1186] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1187] Yeah, er we used to go to certain ones that's right
A. (PS50U) [1188] Yeah, and another thing is I
Arthur (PS50T) [1189] It's amazing how much you forget isn't it this, the supermarkets know, you just go, you pick it up, you stick it in your trolley and move on you pick it up, you stick it
A. (PS50U) [1190] But you don't
Arthur (PS50T) [1191] there's, there's no se there's no erm
A. (PS50U) [1192] There's no service
Arthur (PS50T) [1193] there's no service is there?
[1194] None at all
A. (PS50U) [1195] I mean what used to make me, what made me laugh too, is the same with linens and things
Arthur (PS50T) [1196] Mm
A. (PS50U) [1197] go in the shop and the girls do not know the stock
Arthur (PS50T) [1198] Yeah ...
A. (PS50U) [1199] Yesterday when I went in the shop, we get underwear and things like that
Arthur (PS50T) [1200] Mm
A. (PS50U) [1201] the girl on that department had gone for her lunch
Arthur (PS50T) [1202] Mm
A. (PS50U) [1203] now the girl that was left for er, a, an hour
Arthur (PS50T) [1204] Mm
A. (PS50U) [1205] admitted that she didn't know and it's about that department what's
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1206] What shop was that?
A. (PS50U) [1207] That was Debenhams
Arthur (PS50T) [1208] Debenhams, well you see, are they really trained for, for those
A. (PS50U) [1209] so therefore
Arthur (PS50T) [1210] little departments within the store those people or just put on
A. (PS50U) [1211] No, no but you might go in at that time wanting help
Arthur (PS50T) [1212] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1213] and there's nobody there that can give
Arthur (PS50T) [1214] that's right
A. (PS50U) [1215] help
Arthur (PS50T) [1216] but that's not just because somebody was away for their dinner, it's, if that person was back from their dinner
A. (PS50U) [1217] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1218] they most likely wouldn't be able to give you the help as well, they're just placed on
A. (PS50U) [1219] I can always remember years ago going into, going
Arthur (PS50T) [1220] these particular department little sh
A. (PS50U) [1221] into Lewis's in Manchester
Arthur (PS50T) [1222] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1223] which ... was one of the good stores and I wanted a bolster case
Arthur (PS50T) [1224] Mm
A. (PS50U) [1225] and there was a girl on and she said what is a bolster case and when I tried to explain to her she looked at me as if I lived in the ark and that was going back twenty years ago.
Arthur (PS50T) [1226] Mm
A. (PS50U) [1227] You don't
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [1228] But do you ever see bolsters sold now? ...
A. (PS50U) [1229] Possibly not, but they still, in the stall market
Arthur (PS50T) [1230] Peo
A. (PS50U) [1231] they can, you can still buy bolster cases
Arthur (PS50T) [1232] Where at?
A. (PS50U) [1233] That shop, I don't know what the name of that shop is, but I've seen them in the window lately
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [1234] its possible, yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1235] Yeah ... so if they're still selling bolster cases I wonder if they're still selling bolsters somewhere?
A. (PS50U) [1236] Well they most probably do, yeah, we only sell, sell these, stupid pillows like this, curved pillow cases for these
Arthur (PS50T) [1237] Mm
A. (PS50U) [1238] somebody must do them [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [1239] Yeah, true, true, true
A. (PS50U) [1240] You don't, you don't get a service from the shop now
Arthur (PS50T) [1241] No
A. (PS50U) [1242] you, you, you just, it's make your mind up, your own mind and you're left to your own devices.
Arthur (PS50T) [1243] When I was er, you know this Saturday morning work and weekend you know this weekend, but not Saturday morning this weekend work and holiday work at a tailors in Runcorn, the manager of that shop, gentleman's outfitters right, the manager of that shop, there's two other men worked in there full time and myself at holidays and weekends or if they were on holiday you'd have to work, you know, the erm to cover one of those and he, the manager was brought up, he's, brought up, his training was in Liverpool, in tailors where they, a man would produce a suit for somebody
A. (PS50U) [1244] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1245] you know you'd produced the shirt but produce er, and there would be lots and lots and lots of these people, these very skilled men
A. (PS50U) [1246] Oh yeah men [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1247] all working in their own little houses sort of they looked liked houses but in fact they were little workshops
A. (PS50U) [1248] Yeah a lot of the Jewish folk [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1249] I remember once, yeah it was like that, yeah that's right, not one, but a few times I used to get on the train from Runcorn to Liverpool, I had an address to go to in Liverpool, rough directions how to get there, to pick up a suit or to pick up a fitting, you know you'd get the, the different
A. (PS50U) [1250] Oh yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1251] stages of fitting
A. (PS50U) [1252] Oh you do it's, it's the
Arthur (PS50T) [1253] oh yeah, all that, you know all the [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [1254] And you had to keep going, striving on
Arthur (PS50T) [1255] That's right, that's right
A. (PS50U) [1256] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1257] well the slight adjustment so to get it, get it right, that's what you're paid for ... and he's, that's where he was, that's where he was brought up in the trade, and he could take a piece of cloth in his hands, he had rolls of cloth, and he said that was made such a way, the quality of this cloth is because and that
A. (PS50U) [1258] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1259] socks the same
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1260] exactly the same with socks, the blend of wool or nylon, er, just pure wool or nylon or whatever whether it's cotton in it, all these things type of shirts and that, the strengths of the cloths feeling it, telling you that'll wash well that'll last
A. (PS50U) [1261] That'll last
Arthur (PS50T) [1262] that is worth that money
A. (PS50U) [1263] Oh yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1264] and that's a bargain, and se you know these reps would come round selling this that and the other and if, you could only see samples after, wouldn't touch it with a barge pole like you know, yeah I'll have that, that's all but that's because he had a good grounding
A. (PS50U) [1265] Oh yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1266] now he passed that on, that had, sort of knowledge on through the people in the shop okay, if you, soon as that link gets broken and you go into a shop something like erm Burtons okay, big retail shop like Burtons, you go in there you'll have a manager in there and assistants and so on, but their background knowledge has nothing to do with tailoring, nothing at all
A. (PS50U) [1267] Aye, er, it is
Arthur (PS50T) [1268] so you can go to them and ask them for advice and they can't give it, because there's not that link back to where you know
A. (PS50U) [1269] Not now there isn't
Arthur (PS50T) [1270] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1271] but, I, when I was in Stockport I went to work at that tailor's shop
Arthur (PS50T) [1272] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1273] and, and
Arthur (PS50T) [1274] oh yes, yeah, I remember that, yeah
A. (PS50U) [1275] and
Arthur (PS50T) [1276] I'd forgotten about that
A. (PS50U) [1277] I mean, and I'd worked in one in Oldham and the difference between the one ... that was a fifty shilling tailors in Oldham and
Arthur (PS50T) [1278] Fifty shilling tailors
A. (PS50U) [1279] Fifty shillings and you could
Arthur (PS50T) [1280] nothing more than fifty shillings
A. (PS50U) [1281] Twenty five shillings for er a cheaper suit
Arthur (PS50T) [1282] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1283] and fifty shillings for
Arthur (PS50T) [1284] A good quality one
A. (PS50U) [1285] good quality
Arthur (PS50T) [1286] and it would be as well.
A. (PS50U) [1287] And those suits were made to measure
Paula (PS50V) [1288] A week's wage
A. (PS50U) [1289] and you had fittings
Arthur (PS50T) [1290] Yeah it's a week's wage now
A. (PS50U) [1291] Yeah
Paula (PS50V) [1292] right and you had
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [1293] and you had fittings ...
Arthur (PS50T) [1294] Mm
A. (PS50U) [1295] and you had, and the man there looked at his stock and he wouldn't, he wouldn't sell you rub well they didn't get rubbish in, because
Arthur (PS50T) [1296] But now you see you've got these big
A. (PS50U) [1297] you
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [1298] but they're all
Arthur (PS50T) [1299] these big retail shops
A. (PS50U) [1300] off the peg now
Arthur (PS50T) [1301] these, you know these national thing, all that they're interested in from that manager of that shop is ... how much did you sell that week
A. (PS50U) [1302] Oh yeah and
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1303] just pure inset, and just headquarters, that's all they're interested in, not whether he knows his job or not, not whether he could give advice because he has no control over whatever comes into that shop, he doesn't decide we're not having these T-shirts in or, or we're not having these suits in because really they're a load of rubbish, headquarters decides it, all he does is put a nice little display out, usually, and it's shown how to do it by headquarters and so on, these people come round and show them what to do and so on , do all that, in fact he's as much expertise in there as I have or you have, anybody could literally with a bit of training in the company way of doing things
A. (PS50U) [1304] Mm
Arthur (PS50T) [1305] take on that job, you don't have to be erm somebody who has knowledge about cloth, about way, the way things are made, the sewing, alright, how close it's sewn to the edge
A. (PS50U) [1306] Well there's very few people
Arthur (PS50T) [1307] yeah, things like that
A. (PS50U) [1308] that have a made to measure outfit, how often that people have
Arthur (PS50T) [1309] Oh I don't know
A. (PS50U) [1310] it's all off the peg now
Arthur (PS50T) [1311] not all, there's still a fair amount
A. (PS50U) [1312] I don't think there is
Arthur (PS50T) [1313] Oh yeah
A. (PS50U) [1314] I mean all
Arthur (PS50T) [1315] still there, there isn't, there isn't as much as there used to be, but some are fair amount
A. (PS50U) [1316] Yeah, but all they were interested in that shop in
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [1317] was the commission they got
Arthur (PS50T) [1318] That's it
A. (PS50U) [1319] so they, I mean they flogged the cheaper lines and they could have through the door like
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1320] it, it didn't matter did it?
A. (PS50U) [1321] No
Arthur (PS50T) [1322] No, that's what I'm saying
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1323] and
A. (PS50U) [1324] I mean they wanted the commission
Arthur (PS50T) [1325] if you'd of gone to them for advice and say which is the better buy, which will was wash better and why, you know, I want I want
A. (PS50U) [1326] Oh yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1327] this particular thing, they'd be, they'd be flummoxed
A. (PS50U) [1328] Well they'd sell you the most expensive because they'd got the most commission [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [1329] Yeah and convince you, if you pay more for it, it must be better, and it, that isn't always true either, usually is but not always
A. (PS50U) [1330] What used to annoy me about that shop was that, that the fact that you know people used to ... buy the things on the never- never
Arthur (PS50T) [1331] Mm ...
A. (PS50U) [1332] and er ... they used to come to me and say how much does this man owe now and if he'd been paying quite a bit next time he came in the shop they was all round him trying to persuade him to buy
Arthur (PS50T) [1333] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1334] a mac
Arthur (PS50T) [1335] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1336] trying to persuade him to buy ...
Arthur (PS50T) [1337] So they were waiting
A. (PS50U) [1338] cos look your account is
Arthur (PS50T) [1339] Getting low
A. (PS50U) [1340] getting very low, you're a good payer and er I'm sure you need a pair of trousers you need this you need that
Arthur (PS50T) [1341] [laugh] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1342] and some of them a bit it's all sales talk
Arthur (PS50T) [1343] he walked out the door, he's forgotten
A. (PS50U) [1344] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1345] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1346] all they wanted was to get their commission.
Arthur (PS50T) [1347] Yeah, do you think it still happens?
A. (PS50U) [1348] Oh yes
Arthur (PS50T) [1349] It happened with us, when we borrowed money to pay for this car, finished it off now, the bank, oh the letters they send you, about three months before you're about to finish paying, I am an esteemed and valued customer you know and all that crap
A. (PS50U) [1350] Blah, blah, blah
Arthur (PS50T) [1351] oh God did he
A. (PS50U) [1352] I tell you what
Arthur (PS50T) [1353] They don't esteem you, you're not valued
A. (PS50U) [1354] I tell you what annoys me
Arthur (PS50T) [1355] you're, you're just a number on a damn computer but they crack on
A. (PS50U) [1356] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1357] as if you were something, somebody very special and again it's a big con and it, they must think people fall for this
A. (PS50U) [1358] That's why I think people got in debt because they'd been having things that they couldn't afford, I mean er, at one time you was never encouraged to ha er have things, now I mean the minute they see you're getting low on your, oh have something else, have something else
Arthur (PS50T) [1359] Yeah, yeah, yeah
A. (PS50U) [1360] and then they forget they have to pay for it
Arthur (PS50T) [1361] I give you a good example of that, erm, well not how easy it is, not on that, but how easy it is to get money without having the money, okay, Tony wants that, the computer
A. (PS50U) [1362] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1363] and we wanted to get it through Access, and the credit limit on Access was ... what was it a thousand?
[1364] Something like that, trying to remember now what it was, sixteen hundred, sixteen hundred that was it and it says your credit limit is sixteen, sixteen, you could spend up to sixteen hundred pounds, whether you got it or not you can spend it, so we said if we're gonna get this computer because you get these Air Miles out of it, you know, every ten pounds you get an Air Mile, well if he's getting a computer over a thousand pounds you know with all the paraphernalia that goes with it, well that's a lot of Air Miles there, well we said we'll get it through Access, but there isn't, our credit limit on Access isn't enough to pay for the computer, sixteen hundred it's more than sixteen hundred, in, in the long, once he's got his printer and God knows what you know, so I phoned them up and he said erm is it possible to adjust the limit upwards?
[1365] Oh yes ... we said well what's the limit?
[1366] Well they said what do you want it to be [laugh] oh God, I can't, there you are it's as, it's as easy as that, it's as easy as that
A. (PS50U) [1367] And then they want you, I tell you what there's another thing on television that makes me really laugh is that advert about electricity and it says
Arthur (PS50T) [1368] About electricity?
A. (PS50U) [1369] Electricity yes
Arthur (PS50T) [1370] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1371] and it's, keep your house warm and it's this, you know er she comes in, in the middle of the night, she gets up in the middle of the night and the house is lovely and warm, she gets up first thing in the morning and the house is lovely and warm
Arthur (PS50T) [1372] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1373] with erm storage heaters, yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1374] storage heaters, yeah, yeah
A. (PS50U) [1375] right
Arthur (PS50T) [1376] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1377] she goes on about all this but they don't say how much it's gonna cost, never mind the storage heaters [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [1378] That's got nothing to do with it
A. (PS50U) [1379] that's got nothing to do with it, but you can be lovely and warm
Arthur (PS50T) [1380] and warm
A. (PS50U) [1381] twenty four hours of the day, until you get your bill and then you're lovely and warm [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [1382] and warm [laugh]
Paul (PS50X) [1383] Where's that table dad?
Arthur (PS50T) [1384] I don't know Paul.
[1385] You can burn it [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [laugh]
Paul (PS50X) [1386] Where's that table that Tony had for his, that erm old camping table?
Arthur (PS50T) [1387] I don't know Paul, it's erm, ask Tony he's the one who'd of put it away, have you asked him?
Paul (PS50X) [1388] No
A. (PS50U) [1389] But really it's a waste of time you know
Arthur (PS50T) [1390] Close the door please
A. (PS50U) [1391] when people are sitting there and thinking oh yes I'll have a storage heater, you keep lovely [laughing] and warm [] you get your bill at the end, a few hundred pound er [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [1392] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1393] oh it's, it's just all con isn't it?
Arthur (PS50T) [1394] Yeah they, they're telling you one part of the story
A. (PS50U) [1395] Oh
Arthur (PS50T) [1396] and they forget to tell you that once upon a time doesn't always have a nice ending, yeah
A. (PS50U) [1397] I think though er, they're encouraging people to be constantly in debt because there are some people, indeed a lot of these people have bought their home like
Arthur (PS50T) [1398] Mm
A. (PS50U) [1399] Maggie Thatcher had told them to do, they haven't realized that owning your home like you know you buy it off the Council or things like that, it ends there, they're forgetting the maintenance part of it you know
Arthur (PS50T) [1400] Yeah, but they're also forgetting as well it isn't just the maintenance that it's a long term commitment to paying
A. (PS50U) [1401] Yes
Arthur (PS50T) [1402] back money
A. (PS50U) [1403] but
Arthur (PS50T) [1404] twenty, fifteen, whatever years, whatever years, and in that time you've got to be pretty sure that you can do that
A. (PS50U) [1405] Oh yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1406] that your job is secure, yeah that you
A. (PS50U) [1407] Well nobody's job is secure now
Arthur (PS50T) [1408] Nobody's job is secure, but some jobs are more secure, have always been more secure than others and if you've been, as some of them have been relying on overtime
A. (PS50U) [1409] Oh yes
Arthur (PS50T) [1410] and the building societies
A. (PS50U) [1411] and the second job
Arthur (PS50T) [1412] this, will, oh the second job
A. (PS50U) [1413] Oh aye and the building societies
Arthur (PS50T) [1414] and the building societies at one time would not take overtime into account, but in the eighties oh my God, you know, how much, oh have as much as you want
A. (PS50U) [1415] Yeah, that's right
Arthur (PS50T) [1416] but they took all that, they took overtime into account, now as you can't guarantee overtime, you can't actually guarantee your basic wage
A. (PS50U) [1417] Oh no you can't
Arthur (PS50T) [1418] but of the two you can't, you can't have a ba you can't have no basic wage and only overtime
A. (PS50U) [1419] Oh no
Arthur (PS50T) [1420] yeah, one will always be there if you've got, if, if you've got a job, the other one is very iffy and yet they were lending money to people who right, right, rightly in their minds have, and as Maggie T said oh yes go on, go, yeah, independence and all that, erm they were going out, never having done it before, no tradition in, in maybe in their family of doing it before, got this goal this sort of Disney World ideal you know erm, sort of make believe world who are we gonna be and we're gonna be dreaming the dream, the dream
A. (PS50U) [1421] Like the electricity isn't it?
Arthur (PS50T) [1422] Yeah, like the electricity, but your chickens come home to roost when your overtime goes, when your job goes and you take on a commitment and they never, the last ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty five years and they've never ever, ever taken on a commitment like that before, when it's presented with just the roses around it, everything's sweetness and light and roses and the other side isn't really put, put to you, think of the worse scenario, you're out of a job, what can you do?
[1423] Can you keep it going?
[1424] In that case could you keep it going for a while if you're out of a job?
[1425] What limit of borrowing should you be borrowing to?
[1426] I know accountants say borrow to your top limit because of tax purposes, but they're talking about people who've
A. (PS50U) [1427] Well people that have got it
Arthur (PS50T) [1428] so much money you know, they've, they've got to erm
A. (PS50U) [1429] That's right, yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1430] they've got to spend
A. (PS50U) [1431] but I, I disagree with them ... lending money to the extent, the old way was better when it was two and a half times the salary, your salary
Arthur (PS50T) [1432] Do you know how much it was when we got our first house, just before we were married, it wasn't two and a half times your salary, it was one and a half times our salary
A. (PS50U) [1433] Yeah, but it was one salary
Arthur (PS50T) [1434] and one salary
A. (PS50U) [1435] and then people never got themselves into debt, it was only erm unless you were unemployed
Arthur (PS50T) [1436] That was, that was the realism of life wasn't it?
A. (PS50U) [1437] Yeah, is was the ideal thing
Arthur (PS50T) [1438] That your marriage, one your marriage could break up
A. (PS50U) [1439] Oh yes
Arthur (PS50T) [1440] two, even though you're both working you can't guarantee that both will continue to work, it's taking it to a real, a realistic level
A. (PS50U) [1441] But I mean I feel sorry for young mums now because there's no way if they take on these mortgages they can have a family
Arthur (PS50T) [1442] Right, yeah
A. (PS50U) [1443] now that is wrong because nobody should be committed so much to the hilt that they can't have a family
Arthur (PS50T) [1444] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1445] and choose a life, it's all going in bricks and mortar and the not
Arthur (PS50T) [1446] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1447] the building societies
Arthur (PS50T) [1448] but this is, this is the way of, values of of
A. (PS50U) [1449] Yes
Arthur (PS50T) [1450] the place of the moment, at the moment isn't it?
A. (PS50U) [1451] Yes
Arthur (PS50T) [1452] That bricks, mortar, tellies, carpets and God knows what
A. (PS50U) [1453] That's it, more than, yes
Arthur (PS50T) [1454] rat matter more than people
A. (PS50U) [1455] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1456] it seems to be
A. (PS50U) [1457] but you see the, the sad thing of this is, if you've got a, a little family and then you can't, because the man has lost his job, you're turned out of your house even if you've paid five or six years on it
Arthur (PS50T) [1458] Mm
A. (PS50U) [1459] and then they can turn round and offer you bed and breakfast
Arthur (PS50T) [1460] Mm
A. (PS50U) [1461] at two hundred pounds a week
Arthur (PS50T) [1462] Mm
A. (PS50U) [1463] now that is wrong, why they can't help that family to extend the mortgage until
Arthur (PS50T) [1464] It would cost them less than two hundred pounds a week
A. (PS50U) [1465] It would cost them less
Arthur (PS50T) [1466] that's right this is the meanest of it
A. (PS50U) [1467] And there's no [...]
A. (PS50U) [1468] Oh yes
Arthur (PS50T) [1469] this is the meanest, you get into the system of the, of the legality of it, the, the er,thes these people who lend money where we want our money back
A. (PS50U) [1470] Yes
Arthur (PS50T) [1471] we want it there, we want this guarantee, it's, it's a bit s [sigh] it's sort of well
A. (PS50U) [1472] Well you see
Arthur (PS50T) [1473] it's a bit Shylockish, we want our pound of flesh at the end of this day, now that, the fact that the cost of that pound of flesh will cost you more than this two hundred pound a week
A. (PS50U) [1474] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1475] cost you far more getting it like that than saying we'll support you
A. (PS50U) [1476] Exactly, but you see the point is this
Arthur (PS50T) [1477] it's, it really is a bit Shylockish
A. (PS50U) [1478] I think it's wrong because they, they're putting these houses now on the market, the building societies
Arthur (PS50T) [1479] Mm
A. (PS50U) [1480] and they're putting them into auction and the people that have got spare money
Arthur (PS50T) [1481] Mm, mm
A. (PS50U) [1482] are snapping them up
Arthur (PS50T) [1483] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1484] and yet
Arthur (PS50T) [1485] Hold on, it's not people who've got spare money, it's people who
A. (PS50U) [1486] Who want to invest money
Arthur (PS50T) [1487] who've got plenty of cash, always will have as well and this is, this is the unfortunate part, this, this is the sinister part of it really, because the people who've scratted around and have suffered
A. (PS50U) [1488] Yes
Arthur (PS50T) [1489] borrowed up to the hilt, they, they, their er, I, what should I say, their erm ... unfortunate circumstances
A. (PS50U) [1490] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1491] are benefitting people who don't have to, never had to scrat around ...
A. (PS50U) [1492] It's still wrong
Arthur (PS50T) [1493] they actually they had, the poor
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1494] if you look at it one way are subsidising the very rich
A. (PS50U) [1495] Oh yes
Arthur (PS50T) [1496] the very, the ones who've got so much money they could and they're buying up things as a result of somebody's misery at a way lower price than it should be bought for
A. (PS50U) [1497] Oh I know it's horrible
Arthur (PS50T) [1498] and they're doing it again and again and again, it suits them, it suits the ones that are really rich to have ordinary people struggling like that and it suits them not to have that two hundred pounds a week going in to help those people and they're the people who it suits who will decide whether that two hundred pounds a week goes to help on the mortgage or put them into what is it, a bed and, a bed and breakfast?
A. (PS50U) [1499] Mm, don't know what they call them
Arthur (PS50T) [1500] So if it, if it look at it like that, these people are benefitting ho again and again, time and again and again out of some, out of somebody's
A. (PS50U) [1501] Yeah, but you see
Arthur (PS50T) [1502] misfortune, and yet, and yet the cost of putting them into a bed and breakfast would stop those people's houses going on the market and it would stop those people who are benefitting from it, from benefitting from it
A. (PS50U) [1503] Yeah but you see, the, in this, in this
Arthur (PS50T) [1504] They're parasites aren't they?
A. (PS50U) [1505] in a vicious circle too it's working that the tax payers are having to subsidize bed and breakfast
Arthur (PS50T) [1506] Yeah so
A. (PS50U) [1507] so
Arthur (PS50T) [1508] the rest of us
A. (PS50U) [1509] they, they might as well
Arthur (PS50T) [1510] are subsidizing the rich to buy houses that are becoming cheaper onto the market
A. (PS50U) [1511] In, yeah, in a vicious circle, yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1512] so we're all helping the rich to become richer
A. (PS50U) [1513] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1514] because these poor sods can't pay off the mortgage
A. (PS50U) [1515] and er, er, er, and the poor are getting poorer and they will not let them get out of the poverty trap.
Arthur (PS50T) [1516] It suits them
A. (PS50U) [1517] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1518] not to let them get out of the pov that's what I'm saying, it suits them because they can buy up property much cheaper than if that two hundred pounds a week that's being spent on bed and breakfast, that, they were spent on helping them with the problems as they are at the moment.
A. (PS50U) [1519] Yeah, they should, I mean it is a problem
Arthur (PS50T) [1520] It's crazy, it's crazy, if only people again'd sit back and look at it and see exactly what's happening, rather than saying it serves them right, they shouldn't of done this, they shouldn't of got themselves into that position they're in that position
A. (PS50U) [1521] They can't help it sometimes
Arthur (PS50T) [1522] they're in that position, it's gonna cost us to get out, cost us to get them out of it and they can go out into a bed and breakfast or they can stay in the house ...
A. (PS50U) [1523] They're better staying in the house aren't they?
Arthur (PS50T) [1524] That's right
A. (PS50U) [1525] You're better letting them
Arthur (PS50T) [1526] but to start with they shouldn't of borrowed to the limit they were borrowing
A. (PS50U) [1527] Well there's the building societies fault
Arthur (PS50T) [1528] That's building societies, yeah
A. (PS50U) [1529] if they go, if they're wanting to let people have as much money
Arthur (PS50T) [1530] Mm
A. (PS50U) [1531] and know full well that it's very difficult for them to pay
Arthur (PS50T) [1532] Mm
A. (PS50U) [1533] they should of, go back to the old system that they took the man's wage in, only into consideration
Arthur (PS50T) [1534] Or, one of them, or one of them
A. (PS50U) [1535] Or one of them, well yes
Arthur (PS50T) [1536] or one and a quarter or one and a half or whatever
A. (PS50U) [1537] Yes, it used to be two and a half times the wage and in the long run rather than mess about taking the house off them
Arthur (PS50T) [1538] Mm
A. (PS50U) [1539] if they're only young extend the mortgage
Arthur (PS50T) [1540] Mm
A. (PS50U) [1541] they'll still get their money in the end
Arthur (PS50T) [1542] That's right
A. (PS50U) [1543] and they'll get more money
Arthur (PS50T) [1544] These people who are buying up houses now so cheaply from these, you know from these repossessions
A. (PS50U) [1545] Oh it's terrible
Arthur (PS50T) [1546] they must rub their hands together you know when these booms are going, you know, oh as much money as you want
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1547] because they must know what's gonna happen when they, you know, when the cows come home, they must know when the chickens come home to roost they must know what's gonna happen
A. (PS50U) [1548] What they're going to
Arthur (PS50T) [1549] that there are gonna be so many thousands of people in a right mess and they're
A. (PS50U) [1550] Well
Arthur (PS50T) [1551] gonna pick up cheap pickings, they're gonna go round like the vultures, just taking it and taking it
A. (PS50U) [1552] In one way they should do something about people having second homes and make it more, that they get more tax out of them or something ...
Arthur (PS50T) [1553] Right
A. (PS50U) [1554] unless they're going to let, unless people are going to buy them and let them at a reasonable rent to people
Arthur (PS50T) [1555] What's reasonable?
[1556] Ha
A. (PS50U) [1557] Yeah, but I mean
Arthur (PS50T) [1558] reasonable to whom?
A. (PS50U) [1559] in a few years ... this er, they're not building houses so these houses are gonna go, rocket again
Arthur (PS50T) [1560] When the Council houses were sold, a lot of money went into the, went into the Council
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1561] yeah
A. (PS50U) [1562] Yeah, well they're not allowed to spend it
Arthur (PS50T) [1563] and they're not allowed to spend it, that's the craziest thing of all but housing associations can build houses, but Councils can't
A. (PS50U) [1564] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1565] or they can but a tiny amount, it's this sort of ... dogma, this blind faith, has put commonsense right out of the window completely out the window
A. (PS50U) [1566] I don't understand these
Arthur (PS50T) [1567] it's
A. (PS50U) [1568] how these housing associations though
Arthur (PS50T) [1569] How they work?
A. (PS50U) [1570] Well no, how they can afford to let the houses when the Council can't.
Arthur (PS50T) [1571] Well the government subsidizes them a lot ... for, for a start and it's, again it's the government, the philosophy of the gover of a government either subsidize something or it doesn't, doesn't it, and it subsidizes what it
A. (PS50U) [1572] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1573] wants to be a success, it did, it takes the subsidy away from
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1574] something that it, either it is successful in itself and it no, no longer needs to be subsidized or something that they want to see go to the wall, if they want to see something going to the wall, it
A. (PS50U) [1575] Yeah, but it belongs to the association
Arthur (PS50T) [1576] I don't know exactly the
A. (PS50U) [1577] Oh
Arthur (PS50T) [1578] the ins and outs of them, but there's a lot of government input into it, there's a lot of government help in there, a lot
A. (PS50U) [1579] Oh
Arthur (PS50T) [1580] and it's, it's the philosophy that people will stand on their own two feet and own
A. (PS50U) [1581] But why
Arthur (PS50T) [1582] and own their own houses
A. (PS50U) [1583] you see
Arthur (PS50T) [1584] which is a good philosophy
A. (PS50U) [1585] in some ways to though, I mean I can understand ... I think people, some people
Paula (PS50V) [1586] Arthur can you just turn the bacon on the chicken and the potatoes?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1587] alright, alright
A. (PS50U) [1588] Yeah, better see what's happening, anyway I've sat long enough
Arthur (PS50T) [1589] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1590] I'm as stiff as a board ...
Arthur (PS50T) [1591] You're a fat board
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1592] yeah ...
A. (PS50U) [1593] We've put the world to rights
Arthur (PS50T) [1594] Oh it's not a case of putting the world to rights ... I'm looking for this bacon
A. (PS50U) [1595] There it's in the fridge
Arthur (PS50T) [1596] Got it, got it
Paula (PS50V) [1597] The bacon's on the chicken
Arthur (PS50T) [1598] it's only two pieces
Paula (PS50V) [1599] Yeah that's all we want
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1600] Paula
Paula (PS50V) [1601] bacon
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1602] Paula
Paula (PS50V) [1603] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1604] it's only two pieces of bacon
Paula (PS50V) [1605] The bacon's on the chicken
Arthur (PS50T) [1606] It's on it, oh, thought you said put it on it ... oh God ...

3 (Tape 032601)

Arthur (PS50T) [1607] Up, not on the pillows but actually sitting up as if he was
A. (PS50U) [1608] Bolt upright?
Arthur (PS50T) [1609] Bolt upright, yes, fast asleep and then he'd move his hands
A. (PS50U) [1610] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1611] erm, do you know like erm in meditation people, when they're meditating and their minds are away and, and the bodies are calm and relaxed, it was like that then, then he'd
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1612] go back into his sleep
A. (PS50U) [1613] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1614] and then he woke up, his, his eyes opened from this, he was actually asleep and his, he woke up from it, not with a start, but the, it's, he woke up very quickly, instantly and he just started to do things.
A. (PS50U) [1615] What do, what age do you think he is?
Arthur (PS50T) [1616] Oh well in his seventies, touching eighty
A. (PS50U) [1617] Do yo think so?
Arthur (PS50T) [1618] I think so ... if not he's in his high fifties
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1619] his high fifties and he's very old, young
A. (PS50U) [1620] Yeah ... what was Paul like last night was his mother there?
Arthur (PS50T) [1621] Paul, erm he was ... his wife was there and his dad ... he went for a bath ... for a walk, a walk around
A. (PS50U) [1622] You know his dad's a very calm person isn't he?
Arthur (PS50T) [1623] Yes, yeah
A. (PS50U) [1624] He's very calm
Arthur (PS50T) [1625] he's, erm
A. (PS50U) [1626] Did you say he was an, in tele was a telephone engineer?
Arthur (PS50T) [1627] I think so, yes
A. (PS50U) [1628] Oh, he's a nice man, and he seems to be, I mean he seems to be in control of everything
Arthur (PS50T) [1629] Yeah it's erm ...
A. (PS50U) [1630] I feel sorry for the mother though she seems quieter than Colin doesn't she? ...
Arthur (PS50T) [1631] Well she's got something wrong with her legs hasn't she?
A. (PS50U) [1632] She suffers a lot with her legs you know
Arthur (PS50T) [1633] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1634] she drags them along doesn't she?
[1635] ... It's an awful strain though when you've got a young person like ... you know like Paul, because I mean ... they have their future before them and ... but very sad really ... he erm ... That other boy seems to of gone out doesn't he, that was in the other day, that was walking around, he seemed to of had his treatment and gone.
Arthur (PS50T) [1636] Which was that one?
A. (PS50U) [1637] There was another one like Paul with er that had had chemotherapy
Arthur (PS50T) [1638] Oh yes at the end, yes, yes
A. (PS50U) [1639] he seems to of gone ...
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [singing]
Paula (PS50V) [1640] Want me to do your hair or anything mother?
A. (PS50U) [1641] No ... er I thought I'll leave it till tomorrow and then
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
A. (PS50U) [1642] well, well if I'm going to be going home, leave it, cos if I'm going to go home it's pointless
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [1643] change it or anything, we haven't had any visitors
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ...
A. (PS50U) [1644] Mm, I mean we might
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [1645] today ... I'll do my hair tomorrow just in case I was going
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ...
Arthur (PS50T) [1646] Anything else need going on?
A. (PS50U) [1647] How far are the potatoes and the
Arthur (PS50T) [1648] About half an hour off the potatoes, you don't want the sprouts on just yet, do you?
A. (PS50U) [1649] No
Paula (PS50V) [1650] What er
A. (PS50U) [1651] are we doing those in the microwave?
Paula (PS50V) [1652] Yeah and the frozen peas as well please
A. (PS50U) [1653] What time did you put the chicken on?
Arthur (PS50T) [1654] I'll get those out .
[1655] What time did the chicken go on Paula?
Paula (PS50V) [1656] I can't remember
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1657] it's ten past now, ten past twelve
Paula (PS50V) [1658] I can't remember
A. (PS50U) [1659] I said I wish you'd of timed it of it on top
Arthur (PS50T) [1660] about ten o'clock, half ten
Paula (PS50V) [1661] No it was turned that, about half eleven
Arthur (PS50T) [1662] It was eleven, about half ten, it's been in an hour and a half
Paula (PS50V) [1663] Oh
Arthur (PS50T) [1664] is that enough?
[1665] No, I'll just go to the freezer
Paula (PS50V) [1666] You've got to be careful with chicken
A. (PS50U) [1667] That's what I said ... what are
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1668] what's that?
[1669] They're the tops of paint pots, you put the
A. (PS50U) [1670] Oh
Arthur (PS50T) [1671] you put the plastic pot on the bottom, that on the top and so long
A. (PS50U) [1672] they look rather nice, they look
Arthur (PS50T) [1673] Ha, they're dirty
A. (PS50U) [1674] they, they look expensive don't they?
Arthur (PS50T) [1675] [laugh] They're dirty, and so long as you erm fill your paint pots up so the water in the pot is below, below that, if you tip it over it doesn't spill
A. (PS50U) [1676] Oh very good that
Arthur (PS50T) [1677] That's the theory
A. (PS50U) [1678] That's the theory
Arthur (PS50T) [1679] the practice is a bit different ... How long do the sprouts take in the microwave Paula?
Paula (PS50V) [1680] Pardon?
Arthur (PS50T) [1681] How long do the sprouts take in the microwave?
Paula (PS50V) [1682] Twelve
Arthur (PS50T) [1683] Twelve minutes?
Paula (PS50V) [1684] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1685] That's too much, yeah ... spilling the peas all over the place here ...
A. (PS50U) [1686] What a beautiful day
Arthur (PS50T) [1687] A good drying day isn't it?
A. (PS50U) [1688] Gorgeous
Arthur (PS50T) [1689] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1690] I tell you what I'm going to do
Arthur (PS50T) [1691] What's that?
A. (PS50U) [1692] I want to
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [1693] can I iron in here?
[1694] Is there any possibility of ironing in here?
Arthur (PS50T) [1695] Nah I think Paula might hit the roof if you start ironing
A. (PS50U) [1696] I only want to do daddy's pyjamas for the hospital
Arthur (PS50T) [1697] Well he doesn't need them today
A. (PS50U) [1698] He does, he hasn't got any with him
Arthur (PS50T) [1699] No pyjamas?
A. (PS50U) [1700] No, he'll be going berserk because he has, he has three pairs of
Arthur (PS50T) [1701] How many pairs of pyjamas has he got?
A. (PS50U) [1702] He's got three pair
Arthur (PS50T) [1703] Paula, Paula says hundreds
A. (PS50U) [1704] dirty, only bottoms, Paula he hasn't any jackets
Paula (PS50V) [1705] Well, do them then
A. (PS50U) [1706] If you don't mind
Paula (PS50V) [1707] Do what you want to do
A. (PS50U) [1708] I want to, where can I plug in out here?
Arthur (PS50T) [1709] In the socket in the wall [laugh] you can plug in [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [1710] No I mean, it seems pointless carrying it through
Arthur (PS50T) [1711] Mind yourself
A. (PS50U) [1712] That's
Arthur (PS50T) [1713] Well do it, see the light there, the that thing
A. (PS50U) [1714] Oh yes I can use this
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1715] I'll, I'll put it up for you
A. (PS50U) [1716] Pull it
Arthur (PS50T) [1717] which way do you want it?
A. (PS50U) [1718] I'm only doing his top
Arthur (PS50T) [1719] Don't pull it out like that, pull it straight out, don't wiggle it
A. (PS50U) [1720] Wiggle what?
Arthur (PS50T) [1721] You watch
A. (PS50U) [1722] She's a wiggly wobbly one
Arthur (PS50T) [1723] watch, oh missus
A. (PS50U) [1724] I'm no missus
Arthur (PS50T) [1725] just pull it straight out, if you do that to it
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1726] you'll wreck it, never mind good God
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1727] that's true, you're a what?
[1728] I can see
A. (PS50U) [1729] A Uri Geller
Arthur (PS50T) [1730] A Uri Geler
A. (PS50U) [1731] I make, I make a mess of everything that
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1732] well if you do that to it, to something, no wonder, is that the right way round for you?
A. (PS50U) [1733] Yes
Arthur (PS50T) [1734] Which way you ironing?
A. (PS50U) [1735] This way
Arthur (PS50T) [1736] Where you gonna stand oh yeah
A. (PS50U) [1737] I'm gonna stand looking outside at the garden ... oh I must do
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [1738] he's got three pair here
Arthur (PS50T) [1739] Do you want them on st do you want it on steam?
[1740] ... How dry are they?
[1741] Are they too dry?
A. (PS50U) [1742] No they're just right actually
Arthur (PS50T) [1743] Are you sure?
A. (PS50U) [1744] Yeah, only I want him to try these on you see because I bought him a new pair yesterday
Arthur (PS50T) [1745] What d'ya buy, are they cotton?
[1746] Are they cotton?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [1747] in the morning, cotton, yes
Arthur (PS50T) [1748] Are they cotton?
[1749] Great
A. (PS50U) [1750] they're cotton
Arthur (PS50T) [1751] they are
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1752] it's not hot yet, give it a chance
A. (PS50U) [1753] It's hot
Arthur (PS50T) [1754] still warming up, oh God
A. (PS50U) [1755] it won't take me, I'm not spending a load of time on jar jamas
Arthur (PS50T) [1756] Ha don't bother ironing them then
A. (PS50U) [1757] Yes, make them look beautiful
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [1758] not, not like the other night when we went
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1759] yeah
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1760] I think that's been worrying him more than anything else you know
A. (PS50U) [1761] I wonder why he keeps being sick
Arthur (PS50T) [1762] Well they said it was, cos his bowels weren't moving and that
A. (PS50U) [1763] Oh gosh
Arthur (PS50T) [1764] he said that's, and yet he says now they're moving but, by themselves he doesn't need any, any anememas or enemas or whatever
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1765] yeah, what she done with them?
[1766] You've not thrown them away have you?
Paula (PS50V) [1767] What?
Arthur (PS50T) [1768] The peelings, the erm, what you call it the sprouts
A. (PS50U) [1769] Ooh
Arthur (PS50T) [1770] they love those
A. (PS50U) [1771] I'm sorry, can I fish them out?
Arthur (PS50T) [1772] I think it's a bit late now ...
A. (PS50U) [1773] Ow ...
Arthur (PS50T) [1774] Right, have plenty of peas there aren't there?
Paula (PS50V) [1775] More than enough
Arthur (PS50T) [1776] I thought so ... what needs doing?
[1777] I fancy a cup of tea ... It's a crack it's a cracking day isn't it?
A. (PS50U) [1778] Yes
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1779] are you getting out there?
[1780] Get the, get the grass cut
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1781] get the grass cut, what the heck is, oh I see it
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [1782] [singing] When they begin []
Arthur (PS50T) [1783] When you going down to the hospital this afternoon or tonight?
A. (PS50U) [1784] Can't do
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1785] well look in that case I'll do this afternoon okay?
A. (PS50U) [1786] And I'll do
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1787] yeah
A. (PS50U) [1788] about six o'clock I'd quite like to go and have a chat to Bob ... otherwise if he
Arthur (PS50T) [1789] Oh you broke that, sprung that one on us
A. (PS50U) [1790] I've been thinking, I've been thinking
Arthur (PS50T) [1791] Well I, he'll only just be getting in from work
A. (PS50U) [1792] Yeah we'll have this a bit and then carry on
Arthur (PS50T) [1793] Well erm, at half past six Paula he'll be in the middle of his tea, you've got to give the guy a chance to turn round ... try to suit you, but think of him, he's just getting in from work and boom
A. (PS50U) [1794] But I've got to get my
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1795] well get that done ... what else have you got to do?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [whispering] [...] []
Arthur (PS50T) [1796] [whispering] I forgot, right [] well get yourself in there.
A. (PS50U) [1797] But I can do
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [1798] in fact I'll go up and do half an hour before dinner
Arthur (PS50T) [1799] Well this, won't be an hour yet will it before this is ready?
A. (PS50U) [1800] Half an hour, the lid of this won't come off this
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1801] oh no it's not ready yet, leave it on
A. (PS50U) [1802] Oh for the bacon
Arthur (PS50T) [1803] Oh the bacon's alright, you don't want it dried up, hate dried bacon
A. (PS50U) [1804] Right I'll go and do erm
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1805] right off you go, go on, clear off ... you okay?
A. (PS50U) [1806] Fine, if I get them done be ready for the
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1807] is this all the ironing there is?
A. (PS50U) [1808] Oh yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1809] I'll do those trousers then
A. (PS50U) [1810] that's all there is
Arthur (PS50T) [1811] What about these jeans have you checked those?
A. (PS50U) [1812] No they've only just gone out
Arthur (PS50T) [1813] Oh
A. (PS50U) [1814] those aren't ready, they've only just gone out
Arthur (PS50T) [1815] Right
A. (PS50U) [1816] I don't know whether Paula wants to put another
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [1817] or what?
Arthur (PS50T) [1818] I'll ask her
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1819] might as well now while it's, the weather's as good as this, Paula, Paula
Paula (PS50V) [1820] Yes love
Arthur (PS50T) [1821] do you want another wash done again?
[1822] You might as well seeing the weather's as good as this ... oh yeah
Paula (PS50V) [1823] Oh that's
Arthur (PS50T) [1824] all this lot
Paula (PS50V) [1825] that's four, six
Arthur (PS50T) [1826] do this four one
Paula (PS50V) [1827] on an economy
Arthur (PS50T) [1828] on an economy right, what else, what's in the basket?
Paula (PS50V) [1829] Nothing
Arthur (PS50T) [1830] Are you sure?
Paula (PS50V) [1831] Well there are things in there, they need hand washing but it's all
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1832] but there's a shirt in there
Paula (PS50V) [1833] It needs hand washing
Arthur (PS50T) [1834] A striped shirt?
Paula (PS50V) [1835] It said on the label, very strong colour, risk it in that four wash, go on, on the four wash
Arthur (PS50T) [1836] Well it's, a bit crazy if you've gotta a shirt, is it one of mine?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [1837] is it one of those new ones
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [1838] look how strong that red is
Arthur (PS50T) [1839] Yeah but it doesn't say hand wash it
Paula (PS50V) [1840] No, it said for the first wash it's a very strong rinse
Arthur (PS50T) [1841] Where does it say that?
Paula (PS50V) [1842] On the label, but it's cut off
Arthur (PS50T) [1843] Hand wash, hand hot, four, machine fifty
Paula (PS50V) [1844] from a label that's been cut off, it can go in a four wash, cos it doesn't matter what it's in with cos it's only on shirts for us.
Arthur (PS50T) [1845] That one isn't, that's Tony's, yeah, er mine I'm not bothered about those
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1846] right, I'll leave you to it
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1847] call you down for t dinner when it's ready
A. (PS50U) [1848] Like a cup of tea
Arthur (PS50T) [1849] Like a cup of tea would you?
[1850] Do you want it stirred clockwise or anti-clockwise?
[1851] ... Right
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1852] can I just get to the washer?
A. (PS50U) [1853] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1854] Alright, you're alright that's plenty, plenty
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [1855] such a beautiful day it'll dry
Arthur (PS50T) [1856] Ah it's a bit daft not to, isn't it really?
A. (PS50U) [1857] It is really, well I've been hanging them out because it's, that's such an effort, you know what the cleaner s
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1858] they iron better you know if they go out
A. (PS50U) [1859] That's what the cleaner said the other day, she said have you been hanging your clothes out?
[1860] I said yes, she said it's lovely, she said make it so easy for ironing, see
Arthur (PS50T) [1861] That's right
A. (PS50U) [1862] the trouble is I find that they go very boardy when you got
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [1863] it loses all the
Arthur (PS50T) [1864] It's good when you put them in, if you put them in a tumble dryer
A. (PS50U) [1865] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1866] that helps them, but if you put them on radiators and God knows what round the house trying to keep them, get them dry
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [1867] dry actually
Arthur (PS50T) [1868] Yeah ... true, true, true
A. (PS50U) [1869] well you've got to do it in the winter so
Arthur (PS50T) [1870] Oh yeah
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1871] well not really stick, stick them in a tumble dryer if you're lucky ... depends how much money you've got
A. (PS50U) [1872] That's a good t washer that I've bought you know
Arthur (PS50T) [1873] What's that?
A. (PS50U) [1874] Well it's got thick and thin dryer
Arthur (PS50T) [1875] Oh, yeah, yeah
A. (PS50U) [1876] and you don't get, you know how you get steam and these
Arthur (PS50T) [1877] Steam from what?
A. (PS50U) [1878] these tumble dryers
Arthur (PS50T) [1879] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1880] it goes back into the washer
Arthur (PS50T) [1881] Into the vent?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1882] what make is it?
A. (PS50U) [1883] Oh I can't remember it, it's a foreign one
Arthur (PS50T) [1884] A foreign
A. (PS50U) [1885] Mm, ah, I didn't realize your tumble dryer was on its, you could of had my other tumble dryer
Arthur (PS50T) [1886] Is on its what?
A. (PS50U) [1887] On its ... you know there's something the matter with it
Arthur (PS50T) [1888] Oh it's only the return spring on it, there's nothing wrong with the dryer
A. (PS50U) [1889] because you could of had mine
Arthur (PS50T) [1890] Ah there's donkey's years in that yet, oh God
A. (PS50U) [1891] Oh mine was not used
Arthur (PS50T) [1892] No, there's nothing
A. (PS50U) [1893] got rid of it
Arthur (PS50T) [1894] Yeah, nothing wrong with that ...
A. (PS50U) [1895] What's the worry about it?
Arthur (PS50T) [1896] Well you see when you turn that you see turn, turn your control
A. (PS50U) [1897] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1898] and it's set and it should click back shouldn't it slowly?
A. (PS50U) [1899] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1900] It does that, so there's a
A. (PS50U) [1901] Oh I see
Arthur (PS50T) [1902] return spring gone on it that's all
A. (PS50U) [1903] Mm
Arthur (PS50T) [1904] get in the top of it one day
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1905] nah, nothing wrong with that, it dries them, dries them beautifully
A. (PS50U) [1906] You can get, well the trouble is with the new [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1907] Well done Paula she's used all the hot water
A. (PS50U) [1908] Oh yes she's, she's
Arthur (PS50T) [1909] Had a bath
A. (PS50U) [1910] did she wash her feet before?
Arthur (PS50T) [1911] Yeah well if, it's a stupid way of doing it when you've got a boiler that's heating up, you can just wait on a bit
A. (PS50U) [1912] You might, you might as well wait
Arthur (PS50T) [1913] Yeah, it's an expensive way of ... of doing it anyway
A. (PS50U) [1914] you see you might as well wait
Arthur (PS50T) [1915] I can set it up
A. (PS50U) [1916] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1917] economy wash
A. (PS50U) [1918] That's not, they're much nicer when they're outside
Arthur (PS50T) [1919] Oh yeah
A. (PS50U) [1920] much easier to
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1921] oh I couldn't agree with you more, that's plenty
A. (PS50U) [1922] We got a good dryer
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1923] yeah you catch enough wind there don't you?
A. (PS50U) [1924] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1925] Same as this, this catches a lovely
A. (PS50U) [1926] This is lovely this ...
Arthur (PS50T) [1927] Will be once that hedge gets up
A. (PS50U) [1928] I like that divided hedge it's beautiful
Arthur (PS50T) [1929] You notice how the Pyracantha are there
A. (PS50U) [1930] Yeah, yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1931] these, this little group here are different from all the others
A. (PS50U) [1932] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1933] different breed, different variety
A. (PS50U) [1934] It's a pity you didn't do your outer edge with roses
Arthur (PS50T) [1935] Which one the
A. (PS50U) [1936] Yeah the beech one
Arthur (PS50T) [1937] the beech
A. (PS50U) [1938] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1939] that was already in I was gonna
A. (PS50U) [1940] Was it?
Arthur (PS50T) [1941] Yeah, oh yeah, that's gonna look good that when we, when we get it to something like
A. (PS50U) [1942] How
Arthur (PS50T) [1943] when it fills out
A. (PS50U) [1944] how long did, has, has that one been in the Pyracantha?
Arthur (PS50T) [1945] Pyracantha, about four years now
A. (PS50U) [1946] And can you keep them that height if
Arthur (PS50T) [1947] Yeah, well we will do once we'll get them to the height we want we'll start trimming them and they'll bush out a bit more, that's not bad they're about four, four or five foot now aren't they?
A. (PS50U) [1948] Is that man, that man you
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [1949] I don't know whether to have a brick wall or whether to
Arthur (PS50T) [1950] Well you've got your hedge trimmer haven't you?
A. (PS50U) [1951] Yes but I cannot get
Arthur (PS50T) [1952] So you've got the tool to keep it
A. (PS50U) [1953] but I can't
Arthur (PS50T) [1954] to keep it under control
A. (PS50U) [1955] I'll never be able to do it myself
Arthur (PS50T) [1956] No, but you've got the tool I'm saying to keep it under control
A. (PS50U) [1957] Yeah, but I couldn't use it so, so
Arthur (PS50T) [1958] No
A. (PS50U) [1959] so I didn't know whether to have a brick edge er a brick wall
Arthur (PS50T) [1960] See these, this type of thing, this er Pyracantha, the reason why you've go that, it's evergreen
A. (PS50U) [1961] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1962] its thorns, it's got thorns in it so it stops
A. (PS50U) [1963] Which is good it stops animals
Arthur (PS50T) [1964] any well anybody can
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [1965] deters, deters them
A. (PS50U) [1966] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1967] you've got some, you've got flowers on it,wh those white flowers and then you get those lovely red berries
A. (PS50U) [1968] You got them lovely red berries
Arthur (PS50T) [1969] so you've got a mix of everything in it
A. (PS50U) [1970] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1971] it's an ideal thing
A. (PS50U) [1972] Where'd you buy those from?
Arthur (PS50T) [1973] Erm, a nursery up, going towards Norwich on the A one forty
A. (PS50U) [1974] Oh yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1975] and he just got them in, real, there's a
A. (PS50U) [1976] I tell, I tell
Arthur (PS50T) [1977] there's a better one now, you know, er where we found out, you know where we got the Laurels from at the other side?
A. (PS50U) [1978] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1979] Well they are erm, we got those from a place the other side of Ipswich on the Shotley peninsula, I think it says Paul Doubleday in, name of the nursery and that's a genuine nursery, not some of these pretending to be a nursery in a garden centre, he se he grows stuff to sell to Councils and you know big organizations
A. (PS50U) [1980] Yeah, they're good plants and everything
Arthur (PS50T) [1981] Cracking plants really good ones, and alright, they're not, they're not the cheapest in the world, but you get quality plants
A. (PS50U) [1982] But you get quality, oh yes you get what you pay for
Arthur (PS50T) [1983] I suppose if you're buying by the thousands the price'd come down a lot, but when we were only buying about, you know, forty odd plants
A. (PS50U) [1984] I tell you what I, the hedging I liked too, is if you can have a hedging that comes, you know, some of the garden centres sell them that you got something every month of the year
Arthur (PS50T) [1985] Oh yeah, well you could plant it yourself couldn't you?
A. (PS50U) [1986] Yeah, oh yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [1987] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1988] Ah, that means trying to
Arthur (PS50T) [1989] but it, that, that's okay providing in the winter, you haven't got some of it that's evergreen and some of it that you, you know, then you've got to hedge it's
A. (PS50U) [1990] Oh yes you've got to cut it
Arthur (PS50T) [1991] and mish-mash in the winter
A. (PS50U) [1992] you see, er, er Mary was a bit silly because she's had a lot of air plant, they just pulled them off and threw them out, now I wouldn't of done, done that because I would of kept some of those
Arthur (PS50T) [1993] Mm
A. (PS50U) [1994] because she does it, she didn't know what was in the garden, cos she hadn't been there long enough, now I think that's silly because I think you're better waiting a couple of years, seeing what comes up
Arthur (PS50T) [1995] What it does
A. (PS50U) [1996] and then decide
Arthur (PS50T) [1997] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [1998] because you're spending a lot of money
Arthur (PS50T) [1999] When did she move in?
A. (PS50U) [2000] Oh, well she bought the house same time as we bought the house you see
Arthur (PS50T) [2001] Yeah but when did she move in though?
A. (PS50U) [2002] She didn't ah, she didn't move in till after us,Aug in the August sort of thing, the summer that we moved in, a couple of years ago
Arthur (PS50T) [2003] Mm, mm
A. (PS50U) [2004] you see she didn't give it till the spring to see what came up, I mean she had it all paved which was silly because they, there were a load of rose bushes and that
Arthur (PS50T) [2005] Mm, mm
A. (PS50U) [2006] which she, I mean you, you're throwing away a lot of plants that you might decide to keep
Arthur (PS50T) [2007] True ... very true
A. (PS50U) [2008] But I do like that hedging I think it's beautiful when the red berries are on it
Arthur (PS50T) [2009] Mm
A. (PS50U) [2010] but er
Arthur (PS50T) [2011] Well it's not, it's not a bad hedge ... and it's now starting to get you know
A. (PS50U) [2012] you see, I'm
Arthur (PS50T) [2013] a, a good growth on it
A. (PS50U) [2014] I'm static the only trouble is with our front is that because we're getting old we can't manage, we're not going to plan each garden, so it might be easier to have a, a big lawn and then
Arthur (PS50T) [2015] Concrete the lot
A. (PS50U) [2016] Ha
Arthur (PS50T) [2017] paint it green [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [2018] No, no but it, it, you've got, I mean that hedge
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2019] it's too much work, see Archie was gonna come and do it this year
Arthur (PS50T) [2020] There's no way that's gonna happen now is it?
A. (PS50U) [2021] No, it's not gonna happen
Arthur (PS50T) [2022] No way
A. (PS50U) [2023] Well you see Archie said to dad that he would help him to take all the bush bit out
Arthur (PS50T) [2024] And he got Paul down for that, Paul and Tony and myself
A. (PS50U) [2025] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [2026] he'd of done that you see, all the
A. (PS50U) [2027] with the
Arthur (PS50T) [2028] grubbing out
A. (PS50U) [2029] Well it's the, it's because we don't want the
Arthur (PS50T) [2030] It's a [...] isn't it mainly?
A. (PS50U) [2031] Yeah, but it's
Arthur (PS50T) [2032] Bits of other things in that
A. (PS50U) [2033] Yes it's gone it's gone, the bit, it's gone too straggly after
Arthur (PS50T) [2034] Oh yeah
A. (PS50U) [2035] you know once you, you, you lose all that bottom
Arthur (PS50T) [2036] Mm
A. (PS50U) [2037] and it's all dead wood really
Arthur (PS50T) [2038] Mm, mm
A. (PS50U) [2039] and you've got to keep trimming it and all to keep it nice and, and chic, no I, I think like
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2040] you're doing a good job here aren't you?
[2041] Keep going, that one now.
A. (PS50U) [2042] That's nice, bought these yesterday aren't they nice?
Arthur (PS50T) [2043] Bought them yesterday?
A. (PS50U) [2044] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [2045] And you've washed them?
A. (PS50U) [2046] Well erm, I've just gave them a quick rinse because the erm, that stuff's
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2047] the sizing of the, I don't like the
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2048] Oh he will be pleased he'll think it's his birthday
A. (PS50U) [2049] He will, well this is his celebration didn't you know?
Arthur (PS50T) [2050] [laugh] Pyjamas
A. (PS50U) [2051] It annoys him because his best pyjamas are here and he's seeing the specialist
Arthur (PS50T) [2052] He won't be annoyed
A. (PS50U) [2053] Well he would if, if he gets to look at his
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2054] he doesn't get annoyed father does he?
A. (PS50U) [2055] Oh no
Arthur (PS50T) [2056] No
A. (PS50U) [2057] no but I say he, he would be wanting to dress up today in this
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2058] well he can't [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [2059] He can't, he's got three pair here, oh these are beautiful.
Arthur (PS50T) [2060] Where you get off at?
A. (PS50U) [2061] Er
Arthur (PS50T) [2062] Debdens
A. (PS50U) [2063] Debdens, they had a sale on
Arthur (PS50T) [2064] Well
A. (PS50U) [2065] Three pounds
Arthur (PS50T) [2066] hasn't, hasn't everybody got a sale on?
A. (PS50U) [2067] Yeah, they've all got a sale
Arthur (PS50T) [2068] Made in Hong Kong, brilliant
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2069] yeah, yeah
A. (PS50U) [2070] Everything's made in Hong Kong
Arthur (PS50T) [2071] Hong Kong
A. (PS50U) [2072] now
Arthur (PS50T) [2073] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [2074] or Pakistan
Arthur (PS50T) [2075] I've not seen that, right do you want a cup of tea?
A. (PS50U) [2076] No thank you
Arthur (PS50T) [2077] You sure?
A. (PS50U) [2078] What time's lunch then?
Arthur (PS50T) [2079] Well it's gonna be a long time off that yet, another half an hour
A. (PS50U) [2080] Oh go on, I'll be a devil
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2081] ha, be a devil
A. (PS50U) [2082] I'll be a devil and celebrate ...
Arthur (PS50T) [2083] Celebrate with a cup of tea, that's not bad ... do you want a strong cup or a weak one?
A. (PS50U) [2084] Oh a strong one
Arthur (PS50T) [2085] A strong one, you're really celebrating are you?
[2086] ... There you are, you can stand your spoon up in that ...
A. (PS50U) [2087] Oh you can tell they're made in Hong Kong
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2088] go on then why, how can you tell that?
A. (PS50U) [2089] Well, look at the sleeves, I mean you wouldn't do that in an English, in an English pair of pyjamas
Arthur (PS50T) [2090] Why not?
A. (PS50U) [2091] put a piece in
Arthur (PS50T) [2092] No
A. (PS50U) [2093] our clothes are definitely
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [2094] no correct
Arthur (PS50T) [2095] [laugh] I, are, it's on your heat
A. (PS50U) [2096] that
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2097] those are very bad
Arthur (PS50T) [2098] Take them back to Hong Kong
A. (PS50U) [2099] Take them back
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2100] right
A. (PS50U) [2101] Slow boat to China
Arthur (PS50T) [2102] Who sang that?
[2103] I'd like to get you on a slow boat to China?
A. (PS50U) [2104] [singing] I like to get you []
Arthur (PS50T) [2105] Who was it?
[2106] Who sang it?
[2107] ... What's his name, ooh ... cup of tea, have you finished it yet?
[2108] ... Ah?
A. (PS50U) [2109] No I haven't
Arthur (PS50T) [2110] Have I hell ... ah going through the diary now, it's at that stage, enjoy it?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2111] oh, oh ... oops push your chair in a bit, how's it going?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2112] Alright

4 (Tape 032602)

Arthur (PS50T) [2113] Are you out there?
[2114] Just pull the mike out
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2115] crash, bang, wallop, gone ... what they did for work today ... a little bit of exercise, desk work a lot of exercise, exercise.
Anthony (PS50W) [2116] Not
Arthur (PS50T) [2117] Do you spell roughage like that?
Anthony (PS50W) [2118] Where?
Arthur (PS50T) [2119] Put it back to fibre, go back to your bit on fibre ...
Anthony (PS50W) [2120] Roughage
Arthur (PS50T) [2121] a section on
Anthony (PS50W) [2122] oh it, it might, it won't
Arthur (PS50T) [2123] Yeah
Anthony (PS50W) [2124] pick it up cos it's in speech marks ... I'll put the speech marks back after it
Arthur (PS50T) [2125] It just doesn't look right
Anthony (PS50W) [2126] Let's find out ... no that's how you spell it
Arthur (PS50T) [2127] Where is it?
Anthony (PS50W) [2128] Oh it's gone back ...
Arthur (PS50T) [2129] I suppose it's gotta be hasn't it, when you think about it
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2130] Yeah
Anthony (PS50W) [2131] Ah, you should be able to tell
Arthur (PS50T) [2132] Do you want me to check your spellings for you?
[2133] Yeah, put your speech marks round it now
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS50W) [2134] rough, yes
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2135] okay, put your speech marks round it, I take it all back then I said about that, it just didn't look right.
[2136] Do you want me to check spellings for you?
Anthony (PS50W) [2137] No it should do it, oh I've got to go through it yet properly
Arthur (PS50T) [2138] I thought you'd done that.
Anthony (PS50W) [2139] No, not yet
Arthur (PS50T) [2140] Have you had any more problems with it?
Anthony (PS50W) [2141] Whoops
Arthur (PS50T) [2142] You didn't, ha didn't ...
Anthony (PS50W) [2143] Can't
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2144] yes that's okay
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS50W) [2145] veg
Arthur (PS50T) [2146] Vegetables ... think of vegetable
Anthony (PS50W) [2147] Oh I, yes
Arthur (PS50T) [2148] that's it
Anthony (PS50W) [2149] in convenience
Arthur (PS50T) [2150] con that's convenience, convenience
Anthony (PS50W) [2151] partici
Arthur (PS50T) [2152] par paricipate [laugh]
Anthony (PS50W) [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [2153] paricipate , that's a good word that, paricipate
Anthony (PS50W) [2154] ex
Arthur (PS50T) [2155] Yeah, alright, exercise, exercise rather than exercise
Anthony (PS50W) [2156] exercise oh yes exercise, where is it now?
Arthur (PS50T) [2157] There
Anthony (PS50W) [2158] Where?
[2159] There
Arthur (PS50T) [2160] that's exercises
Anthony (PS50W) [2161] Yes
Arthur (PS50T) [2162] you just want the S off the end that's all
Anthony (PS50W) [2163] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2164] oh put it in if you want to then ...
Anthony (PS50W) [2165] Erm
Arthur (PS50T) [2166] it's got it in there
Anthony (PS50W) [2167] yeah I got it, I've got it
Arthur (PS50T) [2168] Yes
Anthony (PS50W) [2169] right down there, but
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2170] okay do they live in a house, bungalow, does it ...
Anthony (PS50W) [2171] Ignore, that's it, save that and try that ... eight thousand characters
Arthur (PS50T) [2172] So you
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS50W) [2173] yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [2174] eight thousand characters
Anthony (PS50W) [2175] Yes
Arthur (PS50T) [2176] not eight thousand words?
Anthony (PS50W) [2177] you find out the number of words if you spell check
Arthur (PS50T) [2178] Go on then how many words have you got?
Anthony (PS50W) [2179] Erm,
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS50W) [2180] ignore that ... ignore that
Arthur (PS50T) [2181] Ignoring a lot
Anthony (PS50W) [2182] No just ignoring two
Arthur (PS50T) [2183] One thousand, two hundred and
Anthony (PS50W) [2184] One thousand, two hundred and thirty
Arthur (PS50T) [2185] It's over twelve hundred bytes and this is in a maths
Anthony (PS50W) [2186] Oh yeah it takes about six thousand
Arthur (PS50T) [2187] Where does your maths come into it then?
Anthony (PS50W) [2188] Oh later on
Arthur (PS50T) [2189] What will it be?
[2190] What will it take the form of, your maths?
Anthony (PS50W) [2191] Oh dear
Arthur (PS50T) [2192] Statistics?
Anthony (PS50W) [2193] Yeah I expect it's what it is erm control
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS50W) [2194] format ... centred, yes, statistics, the whole thing is, the
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS50W) [2195] paper, do it, computer
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2196] pardon, you need what?
Anthony (PS50W) [2197] Do it with the computer program, it's a lot easier, use erm
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS50W) [2198] grass or
Arthur (PS50T) [2199] I thought grass was, had a lot of limits on it?
Anthony (PS50W) [2200] Oh yes it has, you can get round it, if you use erm Basic and can run graph from Basic, and then a Basic program to counteract grass limits
Arthur (PS50T) [2201] I put a capital J there
Anthony (PS50W) [2202] on
Arthur (PS50T) [2203] yeah, cos it is a title isn't it?
Anthony (PS50W) [2204] I forgotten about doing all
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2205] maths coursework
Anthony (PS50W) [2206] How's it going? ...
Arthur (PS50T) [2207] How's it going Ton?
Anthony (PS50W) [2208] Fineish
Arthur (PS50T) [2209] Fineish?
Anthony (PS50W) [2210] Oh yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [2211] That's it, good lad, is it still F seven to flip it over from
Anthony (PS50W) [2212] No control F four, some strange, it's got a mind of its own
Arthur (PS50T) [2213] Control
Anthony (PS50W) [2214] What you really want is a printout of all those commands
Arthur (PS50T) [2215] There is
Anthony (PS50W) [2216] so you cho so you can actually print it out
Arthur (PS50T) [2217] Well if you bought the
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ...
Anthony (PS50W) [2218] It might go wrong
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2219] what might go wrong?
[2220] You lose it all [laugh] just a slight detail, leave the door
Anthony (PS50W) [2221] Right, what
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS50W) [2222] this may explode into a thousand fragments so I'll just have to start all over again without having to print out copy
Arthur (PS50T) [2223] Are you saving this on disk or is this going onto hard disk?
Anthony (PS50W) [2224] Well it's the same thing
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2225] The same thing
Anthony (PS50W) [2226] save it onto hard disk
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2227] all the hard disk is, is those little floppy disks on top of them
Arthur (PS50T) [2228] Stack of them, yeah, but how d'ya get it out, are you gonna save it from the hard disk onto a floppy?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2229] Yeah, yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [2230] That's what you're going to do?
Anthony (PS50W) [2231] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2232] You just save it instead of when you save it you just
Anthony (PS50W) [2233] won't be enough room to do that
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2234] type A drive
Arthur (PS50T) [2235] But, er yeah, cos if something does go wrong, if there's a power fail er now
Anthony (PS50W) [2236] transfer save, oh that you
Arthur (PS50T) [2237] you would be up the creek without your paddle wouldn't you?
Anthony (PS50W) [2238] Er, no, not really
Arthur (PS50T) [2239] Wouldn't you?
[2240] Well if it didn't save it on that how does it, how do you get it back?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2241] It save it every nine minutes or something, it's got a backup save, you know on the
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2242] without you telling it to save
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2243] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [2244] and a
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2245] you can set it so it's erm, it says, backup save and you type Y or no
Arthur (PS50T) [2246] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2247] and you can set it so it'll backup save every minute or every hour
Arthur (PS50T) [2248] Really?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2249] Yeah, it's brilliant so you know on the Nimbus when it's turned itself off
Arthur (PS50T) [2250] It won't matter
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2251] you might only lose about a paragraph of work
Arthur (PS50T) [2252] Well it depends on what you, what
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2253] Ah this is good [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [2254] Your frequency is
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2255] Operator
Anthony (PS50W) [2256] Oh no
Arthur (PS50T) [2257] Ditto, ditto ... my or may?
[2258] Key words
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2259] Key words
Anthony (PS50W) [2260] None
Arthur (PS50T) [2261] None
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2262] Comments
Arthur (PS50T) [2263] Comments rubbish
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2264] I hope I get an A [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [2265] [laughing] You daft thing [] ...
Anthony (PS50W) [2266] Version number one
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2267] Thing is when it comes up on words that
Arthur (PS50T) [2268] How do you know, oh it's saving it onto the disk now
Anthony (PS50W) [2269] And it tells you how much spare there is left
Arthur (PS50T) [2270] How many bytes are free yeah
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2271] Nine hundred and ninety nine characters oh
Arthur (PS50T) [2272] A hundred and twenty four thousand, nine hundred and twenty eight bytes free
Anthony (PS50W) [2273] Free on that disk, there's considerably more on the hard disk, ha
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2274] It'll probably fill
Arthur (PS50T) [2275] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2276] a hole
Arthur (PS50T) [2277] What frequency does it save it at?
Anthony (PS50W) [2278] You can change that escape
Arthur (PS50T) [2279] If you want
Anthony (PS50W) [2280] options, auto save, enter auto save into the
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS50W) [2281] minutes, zero for none
Arthur (PS50T) [2282] Why don't you do it one, every minute?
Anthony (PS50W) [2283] Erm it's just
Arthur (PS50T) [2284] What happens if you
Anthony (PS50W) [2285] because if, if you're editing it
Arthur (PS50T) [2286] Yes, yeah
Anthony (PS50W) [2287] and you don't, you don't and you make a mistake
Arthur (PS50T) [2288] Yeah
Anthony (PS50W) [2289] you don't want it to save it
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2290] You can undo that
Arthur (PS50T) [2291] So, so when it's auto save it's, then you edit it does it auto, will auto save again, does it take out the things already in that you've altered, that you've edited?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2292] Yeah
Anthony (PS50W) [2293] It's just like a normal save it overrides
Arthur (PS50T) [2294] Yeah it overwrites everything
Anthony (PS50W) [2295] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2296] Yeah, you can
Anthony (PS50W) [2297] You can tell it to
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2298] and you can
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2299] so what you, auto saving every ten minutes
Anthony (PS50W) [2300] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [2301] I think you're a bit wrong there old son
Anthony (PS50W) [2302] No you're alright, cos sometimes you make, you, you know, you're writing and you need a flow of ten minutes cos then it interrupts and says do you want to save this?
Arthur (PS50T) [2303] Oh I see what you mean it doesn't, it doesn't do it without you, not telling you
Anthony (PS50W) [2304] You can, you can get it so it doesn't interrupt
Arthur (PS50T) [2305] it just does it without you knowing it, that would be good wouldn't it?
Anthony (PS50W) [2306] Well you can
Arthur (PS50T) [2307] Without interrupting your flow
Anthony (PS50W) [2308] you can but if you're, if you make a mistake
Arthur (PS50T) [2309] Yeah
Anthony (PS50W) [2310] it just saves it like that
Arthur (PS50T) [2311] Yeah
Anthony (PS50W) [2312] Oh my, oh my goodness I've lost everything
Arthur (PS50T) [2313] You've lost the lot
Anthony (PS50W) [2314] Yeah, so
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2315] Can't you undo it though?
Anthony (PS50W) [2316] No
Arthur (PS50T) [2317] So it's auto save every ten minutes
Anthony (PS50W) [2318] Yeah, with
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2319] this is the window options
Anthony (PS50W) [2320] Mm
Arthur (PS50T) [2321] Where'd you get this program from?
Anthony (PS50W) [2322] Dudley got it [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2323] And where did Dudley get it from?
Anthony (PS50W) [2324] I don't know
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2325] Was it
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2326] was this pirated?
Anthony (PS50W) [2327] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2328] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [2329] God I, you know, shouldn't do that
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2330] Nearly everything on that hard disk is pirated
Anthony (PS50W) [2331] No, no way
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2332] dad oh I'm sorry
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ...
Arthur (PS50T) [2333] Oh well
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2334] I never knew you were
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2335] you get the law in here
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS50W) [2336] Ah, rewind that tape
Arthur (PS50T) [2337] No, staying as it is, use this in evidence
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [laugh] ...
Anthony (PS50W) [2338] Oh dear
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2339] You shouldn't of brought the subject up
Arthur (PS50T) [2340] Well you should be innocent shouldn't you?
Anthony (PS50W) [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [2341] Lily white ...
Anthony (PS50W) [2342] Is anybody lily white? [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [2343] Dunno
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2344] This is rather an
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2345] conversation
Arthur (PS50T) [2346] No, go on clear off
A. (PS50U) [2347] He needed any [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2348] leave your mum alone, Paul leave your mum alone
A. (PS50U) [2349] Can you shorten that thingy then
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2350] Oh be quiet ...
A. (PS50U) [2351] Er I don't know what we'd do without you Paul ... I'm gonna, I'm gonna
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2352] Potatoes are nearly ready
A. (PS50U) [2353] What?
Arthur (PS50T) [2354] have you turned them off, have you turned that thing off it'll cook in the heat that's on there won't it?
A. (PS50U) [2355] Take the top off the chicken
Arthur (PS50T) [2356] Yeah, but I mean, I'm gonna take the heat off it's pointless it blasting till the end
A. (PS50U) [2357] Is it ready?
[2358] Yes and the top of it
Arthur (PS50T) [2359] And the sprouts are on, twelve minutes you say
A. (PS50U) [2360] Yeah, on its
Arthur (PS50T) [2361] You've got about twelve minutes left
Paul (PS50X) [2362] Right okay
Arthur (PS50T) [2363] that's what I'm warning you of
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2364] I can do the gravy and all that, yeah, I can sort that out, I don't need to be told that, you're alright
A. (PS50U) [2365] You want me to do the gravy?
Arthur (PS50T) [2366] Pardon?
A. (PS50U) [2367] Do you want me to do the gravy?
Arthur (PS50T) [2368] No you're alright, Paul's good at doing the gravy
Paul (PS50X) [2369] Am I?
Arthur (PS50T) [2370] Is only Paul who can do gravy, so he tells us
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2371] Have you got to fill all those twelve tapes up?
Arthur (PS50T) [2372] Twenty
A. (PS50U) [2373] Twenty, blimey, are they all blanks then?
Arthur (PS50T) [2374] Pardon?
A. (PS50U) [2375] Are they all blanks?
Arthur (PS50T) [2376] That's why I've got to fill them all up because they're blank, yeah
A. (PS50U) [2377] Oh my God
Arthur (PS50T) [2378] I wouldn't be filling them up if they weren't blank, are they all blank? ...

5 (Tape 032603)

Paul (PS50X) [2379] What did you put me down for accent?
Arthur (PS50T) [2380] Your accent?
Paul (PS50X) [2381] Yeah.
Arthur (PS50T) [2382] Outer space ...
Paul (PS50X) [2383] How, I haven't got an accent have I actually?
Arthur (PS50T) [2384] I don't know
Paul (PS50X) [2385] Non
Arthur (PS50T) [2386] Pardon?
Paul (PS50X) [2387] It's non
Arthur (PS50T) [2388] Non, neutral, neuter ... now give it a chance to cook
Paul (PS50X) [2389] Yeah it's
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2390] mm, mm, if I put the chicken on Paul
Paul (PS50X) [2391] Oh yeah ...
Arthur (PS50T) [2392] it'll only take you a second to do that, bring you, mind yourself, let me just, whoosh that's hot
Paul (PS50X) [2393] It's smoking
Arthur (PS50T) [2394] Right
Paul (PS50X) [2395] it's not cooked yet
Arthur (PS50T) [2396] Pardon?
Paul (PS50X) [2397] It's not cooked yet
Arthur (PS50T) [2398] Oh it is well and truly cooked, tell me when
Paul (PS50X) [2399] Whoops
Arthur (PS50T) [2400] Oh damn
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2401] can happen ... that'll do won't it?
Paul (PS50X) [2402] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [2403] Plenty, just sort that bacon out, here are
Paul (PS50X) [2404] Thank you ... er
Arthur (PS50T) [2405] What's the matter with it?
Paul (PS50X) [2406] Looks like it's green
Arthur (PS50T) [2407] It taste like it's green?
Paul (PS50X) [2408] It looks like it's green
Arthur (PS50T) [2409] It looks like it's green, yeah
Paul (PS50X) [2410] Oh no it's horrible
Arthur (PS50T) [2411] It's horrible is it?
Paul (PS50X) [2412] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [2413] Let's get the
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ...
Arthur (PS50T) [2414] Put that in here, that's right
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2415] it'll soon get up
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2416] where are the plates?
[2417] Are they in the top oven?
Paul (PS50X) [2418] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [2419] Yes it's all
Paul (PS50X) [2420] No
Arthur (PS50T) [2421] Thank
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2422] erm no ... have a knife please out of the drawer, just check the sprouts, wash, they looked cooked, they looked cooked
Paul (PS50X) [2423] Yeah that'll do
Arthur (PS50T) [2424] They're cooked aren't they?
[2425] Yeah ... I'll just put them back in for twenty seconds just to get them up to heat, keep your eye on this Paul, it'll go over if you don't ...
Paul (PS50X) [2426] Yes it's started to boil now ...
Arthur (PS50T) [2427] these peas are neon ready ... there we go ... right
Paul (PS50X) [2428] Yeah it's boiling
Arthur (PS50T) [2429] It's boiled?
Paul (PS50X) [2430] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [2431] Right
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2432] turn it down put the cornflour in
Paul (PS50X) [2433] Shall I put the cornflour in?
Arthur (PS50T) [2434] Yes, that's it, keep stirring it
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2435] okay?

6 (Tape 032604)

A. (PS50U) [2436] Put the plates
Arthur (PS50T) [2437] It's Paul
A. (PS50U) [2438] aren't we?
Arthur (PS50T) [2439] Yeah you're alright, yes
A. (PS50U) [2440] Have we got the plates?
Arthur (PS50T) [2441] you're okay, yes we've got the plates ready
A. (PS50U) [2442] We're all ready
Arthur (PS50T) [2443] We're all ready, we're just waiting for this gravy now
Paul (PS50X) [2444] It seems to be a certain line of fat round it
Arthur (PS50T) [2445] Where?
A. (PS50U) [2446] Let's see
Arthur (PS50T) [2447] That's okay, keep it going Paul
A. (PS50U) [2448] Fat's good for you
Arthur (PS50T) [2449] Ha ... keep it going
A. (PS50U) [2450] Where's the fat?
Paul (PS50X) [2451] Can't you see it, look?
A. (PS50U) [2452] That's not fat.
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2453] that's not fat it's fat when you see all grease on the top
Paul (PS50X) [2454] That
A. (PS50U) [2455] Where?
Paul (PS50X) [2456] when you pull the spatula across that's oil
Arthur (PS50T) [2457] That's it
Paul (PS50X) [2458] that's oil
Arthur (PS50T) [2459] that's oil that, [laugh] , that's axle grease [laugh]
Paul (PS50X) [2460] Oil is fat isn't it?
Arthur (PS50T) [2461] Yeah
Paul (PS50X) [2462] That is oil
A. (PS50U) [2463] You a good cook Paul?
Arthur (PS50T) [2464] Of course he is, he takes after his dad
A. (PS50U) [2465] Cos making the gravy
Arthur (PS50T) [2466] takes after his dad don't you Paul?
A. (PS50U) [2467] don't, don't
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2468] who does the carving
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2469] yeah it's coming out now, right, can you get the dish out please? ...
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2470] Are we ready?
[2471] ... Where's the steel?
[2472] ... Oh dear out you come, right, can we
Paul (PS50X) [2473] Can I have a go at carving it?
Arthur (PS50T) [2474] Yeah help yourself
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2475] you'll learn
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ...
Paul (PS50X) [2476] How do you know when you're getting low on batteries?
Arthur (PS50T) [2477] How do I know what?
Paul (PS50X) [2478] When you get low on batteries?
Arthur (PS50T) [2479] You've got to change them every so often, mm, it tells you to, I suppose that's to stop it erm suddenly dying on you, it's sense I suppose
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS50X) [2480] why did you
Arthur (PS50T) [2481] Can I have the dish out, the carving dish, out of the cupboard
Paul (PS50X) [2482] No you can't cos I can't find it
Arthur (PS50T) [2483] It's in there
A. (PS50U) [2484] I'll get it ...
Arthur (PS50T) [2485] Okey-dokey and the chicken now, open the oven, let's have that Paul, please ... get the other, if I can find it, what's the matter you haven't burnt yourself have you?
Paul (PS50X) [2486] No, it's the heat
Arthur (PS50T) [2487] Brought it up, no leave those in, otherwise it'll get cold, er, can you get the plates out now please?
Paul (PS50X) [2488] Why didn't they supply you with an adaptor?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2489] adaptor what?
Paul (PS50X) [2490] So you can plug it into the mains
Arthur (PS50T) [2491] Plug it into, oh this thing, well you can't move around then can you?
Paul (PS50X) [2492] No, but if you stay sitting down
Arthur (PS50T) [2493] Ha
Paul (PS50X) [2494] Okay ... plates out
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2495] are you gonna carve this or what?
Paul (PS50X) [2496] Yeah I'll carve it ...
A. (PS50U) [2497] You want drinks
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2498] er orange juice or anything, ha?
Paul (PS50X) [2499] It's hot
Arthur (PS50T) [2500] Is it warm Paul?
Paul (PS50X) [2501] Just a bit
A. (PS50U) [2502] Oh it's the
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2503] int it?
Arthur (PS50T) [2504] You don't carve the onion
Paul (PS50X) [2505] Ah, don't you?
Arthur (PS50T) [2506] No
Paul (PS50X) [2507] What do you do with the onion then?
Arthur (PS50T) [2508] Throw it at the cat
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2509] loves the onion and she always eats the onion
Arthur (PS50T) [2510] It happens when you're
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2511] when you're brought up in the war you see, waste not, want not
A. (PS50U) [2512] I hate it
Arthur (PS50T) [2513] There you are try that side, here you are
Paul (PS50X) [2514] How much do you do?
Arthur (PS50T) [2515] like that at that angle
Paul (PS50X) [2516] Aha
Arthur (PS50T) [2517] cos if you keep following that cut then sooner or later you'll come across the, the bone okay, there, that lot
A. (PS50U) [2518] The breast bone
Arthur (PS50T) [2519] don't worry about that, right
A. (PS50U) [2520] Oh you're learning to carve
Arthur (PS50T) [2521] just inside it, he's trying to, why not?
A. (PS50U) [2522] Good idea
Arthur (PS50T) [2523] Good idea, one day you might be able to do it, oh
A. (PS50U) [2524] I'm not cagy handed
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [2525] oh he's cagy handed int
Arthur (PS50T) [2526] No he's not, no he's not
A. (PS50U) [2527] Who's left handed?
Paul (PS50X) [2528] Tony
Arthur (PS50T) [2529] Tony
A. (PS50U) [2530] Can you
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2531] that one please?
Arthur (PS50T) [2532] Yep, what you do is see that
A. (PS50U) [2533] Does, does
Arthur (PS50T) [2534] it just lifts up, it doesn't
A. (PS50U) [2535] Oh
Arthur (PS50T) [2536] You've been trying to turn it haven't you?
[2537] Never mind
A. (PS50U) [2538] What a wonderful thing education is
Arthur (PS50T) [2539] Yeah, it's called commonsense, but never mind
A. (PS50U) [2540] Never mind
Arthur (PS50T) [2541] never mind my dear
A. (PS50U) [2542] never mind, er
Arthur (PS50T) [2543] We don't need that much in there
A. (PS50U) [2544] No I know, I'm going to make two glasses out of it ...
Arthur (PS50T) [2545] Be that, the best way of making this, can I show you?
A. (PS50U) [2546] You get a jug
Arthur (PS50T) [2547] Make a jug full yeah, seriously
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2548] oh, okay
Paul (PS50X) [2549] What do you do now?
Arthur (PS50T) [2550] Now you start to share it out onto the plate
A. (PS50U) [2551] Now you do the legs
Arthur (PS50T) [2552] No you don't, no you share it out first and then you see if you need to do the legs ... or we can have the legs, the legs on, on butties or
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2553] or a curry, yes ... okey-dokey, here we go
A. (PS50U) [2554] He likes chicken breasts
Arthur (PS50T) [2555] Oh good, that's enough for Philip, yeah
Paul (PS50X) [2556] No, no this is Philip's
Arthur (PS50T) [2557] Oh, okay, that's alright, okay
A. (PS50U) [2558] What I, I carved the chicken
Arthur (PS50T) [2559] I carved the chicken
A. (PS50U) [2560] I tell you what I can't do is carve [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2561] Sing
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS50X) [2562] there's a technique isn't there?
A. (PS50U) [2563] carve meat
Arthur (PS50T) [2564] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [2565] Oh aye
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2566] I like the way he gets bits of fingers in it, you know
A. (PS50U) [2567] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [2568] yeah, that's the bone, it takes a lot of skill that getting a bit
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2569] go on then
Paul (PS50X) [2570] Who wants a leg?
Arthur (PS50T) [2571] Erm, yeah, put a leg on somebody's, it doesn't matter who and then we can sort out later, is that, that the right number of plates?
Paul (PS50X) [2572] Six
Arthur (PS50T) [2573] Two, four, six, yeah, that's alright, yeah, leave that there
Paul (PS50X) [2574] Shall I just dish
Arthur (PS50T) [2575] no leave that there
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS50X) [2576] another leg
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2577] ha
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2578] takes one to know one
Paul (PS50X) [2579] Ah, damn ... okay ...
A. (PS50U) [2580] Where'd you get those
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2581] from for the
Arthur (PS50T) [2582] Get the what from?
A. (PS50U) [2583] the tops for these
Arthur (PS50T) [2584] For what love?
A. (PS50U) [2585] That's enough
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2586] oh no, you'll want a bit more than that in
Paul (PS50X) [2587] Shall I carve the
A. (PS50U) [2588] You reckon?
Arthur (PS50T) [2589] Yes, yes
A. (PS50U) [2590] It's very strong that one
Arthur (PS50T) [2591] I know it's very strong
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2592] right up to the bottom
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2593] erm, where'd I get what from?
A. (PS50U) [2594] Those top, those new tops
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2595] that, it came with it
A. (PS50U) [2596] Oh I've seen him with
Arthur (PS50T) [2597] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [2598] Can it be put on a, on a coffee jar?
[2599] No
Arthur (PS50T) [2600] A coffee jar?
A. (PS50U) [2601] cos it hasn't got the screw
Arthur (PS50T) [2602] Not with it
A. (PS50U) [2603] The, it has, you know the old coffee jars when you empty them
Arthur (PS50T) [2604] Oh I know what you mean
A. (PS50U) [2605] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [2606] Er, no, never thought of that, to tell you the truth
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2607] now these sprouts mother, these sprouts
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2608] they've been cooked in the microwave for twelve minutes
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2609] okay, well we don't know yet, until
A. (PS50U) [2610] Oh that onion's beautiful int it?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS50X) [2611] to keep it open
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2612] put sprouts, sprouts in a microwave and
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2613] veg cooked in a microwave and, if you can get it right
A. (PS50U) [2614] If I can say
Arthur (PS50T) [2615] you must get one of these you know, oh yes
A. (PS50U) [2616] Must get one a microwave if Debbie comes home I think, I'll see, I've been saying that but I was thinking if, I'll have to wait and see Debbie
Arthur (PS50T) [2617] They are nice, they are good things to have
A. (PS50U) [2618] whether Hank
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2619] them
Arthur (PS50T) [2620] Oh he's not ... right, are you ready with the, with that Paul?
Paul (PS50X) [2621] Try and get to boil again
Arthur (PS50T) [2622] Pardon?
[2623] No it doesn't matter seriously, turn it up, right up ...
Paul (PS50X) [2624] They are, okay
Arthur (PS50T) [2625] Right up, okay
Paul (PS50X) [2626] I'll put it in a jug shall I?
Arthur (PS50T) [2627] Yes
A. (PS50U) [2628] Arthur, if he comes home as brass as
Arthur (PS50T) [2629] you can do mine in here Paul if you want
A. (PS50U) [2630] a button
Arthur (PS50T) [2631] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [2632] it'll be a waste of time
Arthur (PS50T) [2633] How would it be a waste of time?
A. (PS50U) [2634] Well, he'll, he'll wait up for his meals
Arthur (PS50T) [2635] Oh I see what you mean, no I don't think he'll come home as bright as a button, somehow or other
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2636] I think, I think you'll get the bright times won't you, like he's been in hospital
A. (PS50U) [2637] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [2638] but he's been really
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2639] really on the ball, but I don't think it's gonna happen much, not for a month or two ...
Paul (PS50X) [2640] What you, you've got to keep it [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2641] you want something on your, you want something on your feet or
Paul (PS50X) [2642] I know
Arthur (PS50T) [2643] old son, you're gonna stand on something sharp or something hot spilt on them and you are gonna scream
A. (PS50U) [2644] And now where er, what you doing with the gravy, put it, let the people
Arthur (PS50T) [2645] Paul's
A. (PS50U) [2646] put their own on
Arthur (PS50T) [2647] Paul's got it in the bowl, in a, in a, on a bowl?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2648] was that Philip's that little one?
Paul (PS50X) [2649] The one with the leg is Philip's
Arthur (PS50T) [2650] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [2651] Right
Arthur (PS50T) [2652] if he doesn't like his bacon we'll have it, tell him
A. (PS50U) [2653] If you don't want your bacon
Arthur (PS50T) [2654] cos there's one here without bacon ... you done 'em?
[2655] Right who want there's a leg here, bits and bobs
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2656] have you told your mum Tony that dinner's, can you tell her
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2657] yeah, I'll have that, the other two, bring the gravy through, here he is with the gravy
A. (PS50U) [2658] In here with the gravy
Arthur (PS50T) [2659] Paul and the gravy
A. (PS50U) [2660] Who's having er what?
[2661] Oh I don't want the leg
Arthur (PS50T) [2662] That's not yours, you can sit wherever you like
A. (PS50U) [2663] I'll sit on
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2664] Paula, Paula, it's all out, come on
Paula (PS50V) [2665] Oh what a lot of
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [2666] you have some
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2667] oh we haven't put the, Paul you haven't put the stuffing on
Paul (PS50X) [2668] Oh no shock, horror
Arthur (PS50T) [2669] Can you get the stuffing on a plate
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2670] okay
A. (PS50U) [2671] Tony
Arthur (PS50T) [2672] taste nice that
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2673] do you want more potatoes because I can't eat these
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [2674] Yeah I'll have
Arthur (PS50T) [2675] One potato
A. (PS50U) [2676] rather than start and
Arthur (PS50T) [2677] oh
Philip (PS50Y) [2678] Are we on air?
Arthur (PS50T) [2679] We're all on air, we have been all morning
A. (PS50U) [2680] Who's on air?
Arthur (PS50T) [2681] You are
A. (PS50U) [2682] Oh God
Arthur (PS50T) [2683] while you've been swearing and that been going ever so, police'll be round tomorrow
A. (PS50U) [2684] What doing?
Arthur (PS50T) [2685] Arresting you
A. (PS50U) [2686] What for?
Arthur (PS50T) [2687] Yes
Paula (PS50V) [2688] That is terrible
A. (PS50U) [2689] Ooh what a lovely dinner between us
Philip (PS50Y) [2690] Now do you have to re play it back to get the voices in the order?
Arthur (PS50T) [2691] No, I can remember forty five minutes' worth no problem, oh Tony er Paul get erm a bowl, erm, a dish, a dish, don't put it ah
A. (PS50U) [2692] Take it, no way out, it hasn't got a pourer
Arthur (PS50T) [2693] He's put the wrong one, he's put a soup bowl out
A. (PS50U) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2694] give the lad a chance
A. (PS50U) [2695] It hasn't got a squirter
Paul (PS50X) [2696] Is that why it goes like that?
A. (PS50U) [2697] Yes you've got to have a
Philip (PS50Y) [2698] A lip
A. (PS50U) [2699] the one with a lip like this
Paul (PS50X) [2700] Can't put it into my
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2701] well this looks good
Paula (PS50V) [2702] This is delicious
Arthur (PS50T) [2703] Mm, oh it's beautiful, oh, oh best meal this year, oh
Paula (PS50V) [2704] Paul made the gravy
A. (PS50U) [2705] Who made the gravy?
Paul (PS50X) [2706] I made the gravy
Paula (PS50V) [2707] Paul made the gravy
Paul (PS50X) [2708] and I carved half the chicken
Arthur (PS50T) [2709] Yeah he's been carving the chicken, yeah
Paula (PS50V) [2710] Don't forget your stuffing Arthur, do you want your stuffing?
Paul (PS50X) [2711] They are
Arthur (PS50T) [2712] Erm, no
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [2713] ah nice one Tony
A. (PS50U) [2714] I tell you what's nice stuffing if they have it in Ulster Paula, is the chestnut one
Arthur (PS50T) [2715] Yeah it is nice that, yeah
A. (PS50U) [2716] it's a nice one that
Paul (PS50X) [2717] Is it one that Ken and Margaret used to have?
A. (PS50U) [2718] Mm
Anthony (PS50W) [2719] What was that?
Arthur (PS50T) [2720] Have you had your, have you had a sprout?
A. (PS50U) [2721] Mm
Arthur (PS50T) [2722] Aren't they nice?
Anthony (PS50W) [2723] Yeah they're quite nice
A. (PS50U) [2724] Oh you're a wonderful cook Arthur
Arthur (PS50T) [2725] Keep 'em coming ...
Paul (PS50X) [2726] Why've you got a glass here?
[2727] Why've I've got a glass and no one else got a glass?
Arthur (PS50T) [2728] No if you look around
A. (PS50U) [2729] Cos you're having wine, would you like the spare?
Arthur (PS50T) [2730] there's six glasses
Philip (PS50Y) [2731] Everybody's got a glass
Paul (PS50X) [2732] Yeah, but why I've got a wine glass and everybody
A. (PS50U) [2733] Well we thought you were having a Concorde you see
Arthur (PS50T) [2734] That's for carving the chicken
A. (PS50U) [2735] You can have another one ...
Philip (PS50Y) [2736] Who didn't give it a stir
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [2737] Me
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2738] those are nice
Philip (PS50Y) [2739] It's all at the bottom
A. (PS50U) [2740] in the microwave those sprouts are, did you put water on them?
Arthur (PS50T) [2741] Tiny bit
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2742] well not just a tiny bit, you put about half way up don't you Paul?
[2743] You don't cover them in water ...
A. (PS50U) [2744] Nice aren't they?
Arthur (PS50T) [2745] Mm, they hold the flavour better don't they?
A. (PS50U) [2746] Yeah, get the taste of the sprouts
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [2747] they must be good for you
A. (PS50U) [2748] No it's a bit like pressure cooking ain't it?
Arthur (PS50T) [2749] Yeah, we're under a lot of pressure, yeah
A. (PS50U) [2750] Mm
Paula (PS50V) [2751] Who's going
Philip (PS50Y) [2752] You're a cook?
Paula (PS50V) [2753] to visit grandpa this afternoon?
Paul (PS50X) [2754] Mm, mm
A. (PS50U) [2755] Who's going this afternoon?
Arthur (PS50T) [2756] I'll go
Philip (PS50Y) [2757] I'll go this evening
Arthur (PS50T) [2758] I'll go this afternoon
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2759] taking me pack of cards this afternoon and a crib board
Paul (PS50X) [2760] Oh, I'll, I'll go with you this afternoon then
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [2761] What to play crib?
Paul (PS50X) [2762] It's a
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ...
A. (PS50U) [2763] Who's going this evening then?
[2764] Paul and I
Arthur (PS50T) [2765] We, we could get a crib school going Tony
Anthony (PS50W) [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [2766] all bring their drips over and er God knows what [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [2767] You might find he's very tired this afternoon
Anthony (PS50W) [2768] Why?
A. (PS50U) [2769] Well because they've had, instead of having this sleep, they'll, they'll have had their consultants round
Arthur (PS50T) [2770] Mm, true
A. (PS50U) [2771] so that you may find that father isn't up to it today ...
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2772] he'd have missed this morning's siesta
Paula (PS50V) [2773] Can't he have a siesta in the evening?
A. (PS50U) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2774] he can only have a siesta
Paula (PS50V) [2775] A siesta is an afternoon sleep
A. (PS50U) [2776] afternoon sleep
Arthur (PS50T) [2777] No it's not, it's just a sleep
Paula (PS50V) [2778] It isn't, a siesta is an afternoon sleep
Arthur (PS50T) [2779] Oh it's just a sleep a siesta
Paula (PS50V) [2780] It's not
Arthur (PS50T) [2781] a sleep taking during the day
Paul (PS50X) [2782] No it's not
Arthur (PS50T) [2783] you can have a morning siesta
Paula (PS50V) [2784] I would say a siesta is
Arthur (PS50T) [2785] an afternoon siesta
Paula (PS50V) [2786] a sleep afternoon
Paul (PS50X) [2787] Mm
Arthur (PS50T) [2788] Granted, it's a sleep taken during the day ... cos you're naked
Paula (PS50V) [2789] You're wrong
A. (PS50U) [2790] After he's had his lunch he might be sleepy ...
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2791] it's only quarter past one well it's they, he'll be having his lunch now
Paul (PS50X) [2792] One fourteen and fifty nine seconds
Arthur (PS50T) [2793] Mm, mm
A. (PS50U) [2794] then he'll button down for a bit
Arthur (PS50T) [2795] Mm, mm ...
A. (PS50U) [2796] he was very sorry yesterday
Arthur (PS50T) [2797] What?
A. (PS50U) [2798] he decided to have liver
Paula (PS50V) [2799] And it wasn't mum's
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2800] and he said it was horrible
Arthur (PS50T) [2801] What was it?
A. (PS50U) [2802] It was ox liver
Arthur (PS50T) [2803] Oh yeah ... it's a bit sharp that ain't it?
A. (PS50U) [2804] Mm, it's very strong ox liver
Philip (PS50Y) [2805] You know that liver's very high in cholesterol
Anthony (PS50W) [2806] No
A. (PS50U) [2807] Is it?
Philip (PS50Y) [2808] Mm, mm
Arthur (PS50T) [2809] It should be
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] [laugh] [...]
Paul (PS50X) [2810] It shouldn't be high in cholesterol
Philip (PS50Y) [2811] Cos they've been on about people
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Philip (PS50Y) [2812] all the
Anthony (PS50W) [2813] Sugar goes into erm fat I think
A. (PS50U) [2814] You don't, this is a much nicer meal, isn't it?
Arthur (PS50T) [2815] Than what?
Anthony (PS50W) [2816] Vice versa
Paul (PS50X) [2817] Yeah depends what it is
A. (PS50U) [2818] Than yesterday
Arthur (PS50T) [2819] What did we have yesterday?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2820] home cooking
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2821] oh you and, you and Sally had the same, at the pub
A. (PS50U) [2822] Pardon?
Arthur (PS50T) [2823] How much did they charge you for that down the pub?
Paula (PS50V) [2824] I was disappointed in it
A. (PS50U) [2825] I was disa
Arthur (PS50T) [2826] Oh we weren't were we Ton?
Anthony (PS50W) [2827] No
Philip (PS50Y) [2828] He said he was surprised at all the things that
Paula (PS50V) [2829] Where we went was
Philip (PS50Y) [2830] were high in fat is and he was surprised
Arthur (PS50T) [2831] Well I'm sorry but where we went it was great
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2832] weren't it Tom?
Paula (PS50V) [2833] Well last time I went to that one it was okay
Arthur (PS50T) [2834] There you are then
Paula (PS50V) [2835] weren't it?
Anthony (PS50W) [2836] Mm
Paula (PS50V) [2837] but that, yesterday I was very disappointed
Arthur (PS50T) [2838] Did you tell them?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [2839] The first time we went
Arthur (PS50T) [2840] We had a great meal
Paula (PS50V) [2841] we had a
Arthur (PS50T) [2842] didn't we Ton?
Anthony (PS50W) [2843] Yeah.
[2844] What did you have?
Paula (PS50V) [2845] Well the first time we went when we went all together didn't we?
Arthur (PS50T) [2846] We had erm, what did we have Tony?
[2847] It was erm salt and vinegar crisps and a packet of pork scratchings
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2848] It was nothing unusual was it?
Arthur (PS50T) [2849] No
A. (PS50U) [2850] There wasn't anything unusual on the menu
Arthur (PS50T) [2851] No, ours wasn't, was it?
[2852] Ours wasn't, but what was there was good
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2853] that's right
A. (PS50U) [2854] Oh yes it was good wasn't it?
Arthur (PS50T) [2855] so you'd expect it to be up to
Paula (PS50V) [2856] Some sort of standard
A. (PS50U) [2857] Bernie's are about, usually very good
Arthur (PS50T) [2858] Yeah some standard or other
Paula (PS50V) [2859] I was very, very disappointed
A. (PS50U) [2860] Oh the service was poor wasn't it Paul?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2861] I mean, I mean she brought the
Paul (PS50X) [2862] No she had a smiling face
A. (PS50U) [2863] She, she was a very nice girl
Arthur (PS50T) [2864] Mm, mm
A. (PS50U) [2865] well she brought the meal and she, she had to go miles to get the sauce, didn't she?
Paul (PS50X) [2866] Yeah, she made it
A. (PS50U) [2867] [laugh] She made it, mm
Paul (PS50X) [2868] cos about two minutes later she come back with it
A. (PS50U) [2869] Just with the sauce where you'd think she took the order
Arthur (PS50T) [2870] This chicken's good isn't it?
[2871] Chicken's good isn't it?
Paul (PS50X) [2872] Mm
A. (PS50U) [2873] It's beautiful chicken
Paul (PS50X) [2874] I think the carving bit's the best
A. (PS50U) [2875] Oh I do, I think the carving's brilliant
Paul (PS50X) [2876] Only on the left hand side of the chicken
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [2877] Anything left?
Arthur (PS50T) [2878] Let me think who did it
Paul (PS50X) [2879] I don't know erm
Arthur (PS50T) [2880] Don't know
Paul (PS50X) [2881] this what we
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS50X) [2882] last night dad
Arthur (PS50T) [2883] Mm, mm
A. (PS50U) [2884] It's beautiful ... I love chicken
Arthur (PS50T) [2885] It's good for you ain't it? ...
A. (PS50U) [2886] It's a good meal
Paul (PS50X) [2887] This is a good time when you can't make rude noises ...
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] [laugh] ...
Arthur (PS50T) [2888] Mm, mm [humming]
Paul (PS50X) [2889] Throw us the bin
Arthur (PS50T) [2890] Pardon?
Paul (PS50X) [2891] Throw us the bin ...
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ...
A. (PS50U) [2892] We should of done some more roasties for you shouldn't we?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2893] Are you hungry?
A. (PS50U) [2894] Well they like roasties and I didn't realize ...
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Philip (PS50Y) [2895] sit there going ssss
Paul (PS50X) [2896] Ha
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2897] oh, enjoyed that, good meal
Anthony (PS50W) [2898] What we having for pudding?
A. (PS50U) [2899] There's a tin of
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [2900] there's ice cream I bought them
A. (PS50U) [2901] and ice cream
Anthony (PS50W) [2902] Could I have erm, rice pudding?
A. (PS50U) [2903] No
Anthony (PS50W) [2904] Ah no
Paula (PS50V) [2905] Gonna have that tin of pears
A. (PS50U) [2906] have that later
Paula (PS50V) [2907] and there's ice cream
A. (PS50U) [2908] there's er, erm big tub of ice cream
Paula (PS50V) [2909] Put it in the bowl and bring the ice cream out so it can thaw.
[2910] Tony does the pears you bring the ice cream
Paul (PS50X) [2911] Did you know the word Yorkshire pudding is in the English dictionary?
Arthur (PS50T) [2912] Why?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS50X) [2913] Yorkshire pudding [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [2914] I think I'll have the rest of that please Paula, good ...
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2915] Stanley go away, er, erm
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2916] Yorkshire pudding didn't he?
Arthur (PS50T) [2917] Did he?
A. (PS50U) [2918] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [2919] How did it go?
[2920] Can't remember
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2921] I don't know how it goes I've forgotten but it ... it's from the angels do the next thing, ha
Arthur (PS50T) [2922] What? [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2923] yeah, pancake day on Tuesday
Arthur (PS50T) [2924] Next Tuesday?
A. (PS50U) [2925] Mm, we all make pancakes
Arthur (PS50T) [2926] Right, we're all gonna make pancakes
Paul (PS50X) [2927] When's pancake day?
Arthur (PS50T) [2928] throw them up, catch them
Paul (PS50X) [2929] When is it?
Paula (PS50V) [2930] Have them for school
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2931] we could have a trial run oh Paul's [...]
Paula (PS50V) [2932] Then we'll all have the school dinners
Paul (PS50X) [2933] Go away
Paula (PS50V) [2934] then in the afternoon we have pancakes for his pancake races
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [2935] a real good day
Arthur (PS50T) [2936] Bet it, bet it goes flat on you though
A. (PS50U) [2937] Shall we have a competition, ha, ha, ha ...
Arthur (PS50T) [2938] No
A. (PS50U) [2939] what's he having lemon put on yours
Arthur (PS50T) [2940] just see who can be sick first I think
A. (PS50U) [2941] Oh shut up
Paul (PS50X) [2942] Liver pancakes
Arthur (PS50T) [2943] Who's eaten the most pancakes, oh
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2944] maple syrup
Paul (PS50X) [2945] I had
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2946] I had
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2947] and I went green
Paul (PS50X) [2948] Oh there's a bird on the bird feeder
Arthur (PS50T) [2949] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2950] Pardon?
Paula (PS50V) [2951] Children can go in the kitchen and cook them
Arthur (PS50T) [2952] Make a load in there
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2953] how'd you know?
Paula (PS50V) [2954] Double checked it
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS50X) [2955] what about the chicken machine, what if they put
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS50X) [2956] no the automatic potato peeler
Paula (PS50V) [2957] It's good, it's lovely there
A. (PS50U) [2958] Does the vicar come for the race?
Arthur (PS50T) [2959] Have you invited him?
Paula (PS50V) [2960] Barry came last year, but
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2961] I mean the vicar usually comes for the pancake race doesn't he?
Paula (PS50V) [2962] Oh, I
Arthur (PS50T) [2963] Gives the pancakes his blessing
A. (PS50U) [2964] Mm, oh it's
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [2965] just tradition
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [2966] I don't know if they'll do that
A. (PS50U) [2967] Really?
Paul (PS50X) [2968] We have pancakes for school dinner
Paula (PS50V) [2969] Ah, but don't make them
Paul (PS50X) [2970] No because there's three hundred people in the school
A. (PS50U) [2971] Children to dress up in little
Arthur (PS50T) [2972] Pancakes
A. (PS50U) [2973] mop caps and
Paula (PS50V) [2974] We have Easter bunny come to our school
Paul (PS50X) [2975] Well yours are silly
A. (PS50U) [2976] Hide the Easter eggs
Paula (PS50V) [2977] Easter bunny
Arthur (PS50T) [2978] Hides Easter eggs, Easter bunny
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2979] does somebody dress up as an Easter bunny?
A. (PS50U) [2980] No
Arthur (PS50T) [2981] I could just see it [laugh] a local farmer coming out with his gun
Anthony (PS50W) [2982] Ooh ah
Arthur (PS50T) [2983] ah I've got it, bang
Paula (PS50V) [2984] Easter bunny
A. (PS50U) [2985] You hide all the eggs and the
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [2986] no, no, I do
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [2987] Pauline and Pat climb out the window
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
Paula (PS50V) [2988] hide the eggs
Paul (PS50X) [2989] What eggs are they?
Arthur (PS50T) [2990] Climb out the window
Paula (PS50V) [2991] and the telephone go
Arthur (PS50T) [2992] and then you climb back in
Paula (PS50V) [2993] and then you climb back in and then the telephone goes
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
Paula (PS50V) [2994] said these
Arthur (PS50T) [2995] oh God just see it [laugh]
Paula (PS50V) [2996] and then they go, the kids go out and look for them
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [2997] who, who telephones?
Paula (PS50V) [2998] Anybody we can get
A. (PS50U) [2999] I'll telephone
Paul (PS50X) [3000] Why don't you just dial
A. (PS50U) [3001] I'll telephone you Paula
Paul (PS50X) [3002] and then that re and that just phones itself up
Paula (PS50V) [3003] Oh does it?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3004] does it cost you anything then?
Paul (PS50X) [3005] No
Anthony (PS50W) [3006] No
Arthur (PS50T) [3007] Oh there you are
Paula (PS50V)
Paul (PS50X) [3008] And you phone up and it goes hello Mr bunny oh
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Philip (PS50Y) [3009] You wanna see, the kids'll see you dialling
A. (PS50U) [3010] It's Bugs Bunny
Paula (PS50V) [3011] No they won't, they'll just hear the tone, tone
A. (PS50U) [3012] the Easter bunny has arrived
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3013] Well if you, if you dialled and put it down and walked away from it then it rings, oh
Paula (PS50V) [3014] No, I'm in the hall and the telephone rings in the office
Arthur (PS50T) [3015] Oh they hear it ringing do they?
Paula (PS50V) [3016] and they bring telephone through
Arthur (PS50T) [3017] So the, so the door's slightly open, so they can hear the, oh, oh what a surprise, oh
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [3018] oh
Paula (PS50V) [3019] it is the Easter bunny talking to me
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3020] do you think your mother, your grandma should dress up with a mop on the back
Paula (PS50V) [3021] top drawer, top drawer, bottom drawer, middle drawer, well I don't know
A. (PS50U) [3022] a bobble on her, on her back [laugh]
Paul (PS50X) [3023] You just get out the path, you just get down the school path
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3024] All these kids are growing up, yeah, thinking there's this bunny dropped eggs, Easter eggs all over the place
A. (PS50U) [3025] Well I can remember my
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3026] my grandchildren coming to our house
Paula (PS50V) [3027] The national curriculum has nothing on her
A. (PS50U) [3028] can't you Paul?
[3029] And grandpa lifting you up
Paul (PS50X) [3030] Oh yes and the cuckoo clock you used to
A. (PS50U) [3031] and setting the cuckoo off
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
Paul (PS50X) [3032] The cuckoo clock used to lay Cadbury's Creme Eggs yeah
Paula (PS50V) [3033] Do you know, do you know what we did with that, that Cadbury's Creme
Paul (PS50X) [3034] What?
Paula (PS50V) [3035] we gave it to Tony
Paul (PS50X) [3036] Really?
A. (PS50U) [3037] He couldn't eat it
Arthur (PS50T) [3038] Oh what a pity, he's, Paula you're dribbling
Paul (PS50X) [3039] Er
Arthur (PS50T) [3040] er
Paula (PS50V) [3041] And what happened?
A. (PS50U) [3042] Oh can't you remember these coming to our house?
Arthur (PS50T) [3043] Oh yeah, yeah
A. (PS50U) [3044] Well
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3045] thing is too, at Christmas we used to have the erm, when we lived in Buxton we used to have the front bedroom where they, do you remember Paul, and the bay underneath it?
[3046] Yeah
Paul (PS50X) [3047] yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [3048] and we used to hang out of there on, on a long, long string all these bells and jangle them on Christmas Eve oh yeah, yeah
A. (PS50U) [3049] Oh we used to do this at home
Arthur (PS50T) [3050] yeah and er oh Santa's here and that, God
A. (PS50U) [3051] Well, grandpa used to do this with these, when they were little
Arthur (PS50T) [3052] I, I used to throw a handkerchief through the door, do you remember that?
Paul (PS50X) [3053] No
Paula (PS50V) [3054] Oh yes
Arthur (PS50T) [3055] Do you remember that?
Paula (PS50V) [3056] you used to think that there were
Arthur (PS50T) [3057] I had magic, I could throw a handkerchief through the door
A. (PS50U) [3058] I remember Paul putting out all the plate for the reindeer
Arthur (PS50T) [3059] Oh yeah, the carrots, the mince pies
A. (PS50U) [3060] Carrots, mince pie and the
Paul (PS50X) [3061] Don't swing on your chair otherwise you'll break your neck
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3062] oh that was rather a nice thing to do though for Easter
Paula (PS50V) [3063] What break your neck?
Arthur (PS50T) [3064] What break your neck? [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [3065] No, for, for Easter
Paul (PS50X) [3066] [laugh] Break your neck
Arthur (PS50T) [3067] What an Easter bunny?
A. (PS50U) [3068] Mm, an Easter bunny, now
Arthur (PS50T) [3069] So you have an Easter bunny coming do you?
Paula (PS50V) [3070] We have pancake game, we do all the traditions, pancake
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3071] I tell you another thing they do
Arthur (PS50T) [3072] What about harvest time, do you have all the traditions then?
Paula (PS50V) [3073] We only have harvest
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3074] do you, do you burn somebody in the
A. (PS50U) [3075] In the stew
Arthur (PS50T) [3076] in the man, in the big man?
Philip (PS50Y) [3077] Throw them out
A. (PS50U) [3078] You don't want a
Arthur (PS50T) [3079] Put a, put a
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3080] all the traditions, nothing like the good old days
A. (PS50U) [3081] Another, another thing you can do for Easter, another thing is, er you can go back to the old tradition of the pay sex
Arthur (PS50T) [3082] The what?
A. (PS50U) [3083] The pay sex
Arthur (PS50T) [3084] Rolling them down the hill?
A. (PS50U) [3085] Yeah, rolling them down the
Anthony (PS50W) [3086] Anybody seen the tin opener?
A. (PS50U) [3087] Yeah it's in the bathroom drawer
Paula (PS50V) [3088] Bottom drawer
A. (PS50U) [3089] It's right in the bottom drawer
Anthony (PS50W) [3090] Oh
Arthur (PS50T) [3091] It's where it shouldn't be
A. (PS50U) [3092] The, sorry, er, you know the pay sex
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [3093] You boil the
Anthony (PS50W) [3094] What?
Arthur (PS50T) [3095] Sounds stupid [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [3096] you boil eggs you know ordinary eggs
Paula (PS50V) [3097] Hand me the plates
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [3098] go on you go and get me a spoon
Arthur (PS50T) [3099] and you roll them down the hill
A. (PS50U) [3100] In, in onion skins
Paul (PS50X) [3101] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [3102] and then you colour them or you could use er
Arthur (PS50T) [3103] Did you know
A. (PS50U) [3104] chenille
Arthur (PS50T) [3105] if you want to dye wool, onions are a great dye for dyeing wool
A. (PS50U) [3106] Yeah, you want to see Hilary's
Paula (PS50V) [3107] Dye
A. (PS50U) [3108] dyes, they're on plastic, do you know what she does, she gathers all the plants and herbs
Arthur (PS50T) [3109] Mm, yeah that's right
A. (PS50U) [3110] and she brought up, she had a bag as big as a bin liner
Arthur (PS50T) [3111] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [3112] she'd been up to Scotland
Paula (PS50V) [3113] Oh well done son
A. (PS50U) [3114] and she got enough different colours
Arthur (PS50T) [3115] Where, where'd she get them from?
A. (PS50U) [3116] She just goes er walking over the moors
Arthur (PS50T) [3117] Wild flowers
A. (PS50U) [3118] No
Paula (PS50V) [3119] How many
A. (PS50U) [3120] No
Paula (PS50V) [3121] how many people walking
Arthur (PS50T) [3122] Or people's gardens
A. (PS50U) [3123] No
Paula (PS50V) [3124] use grasses
Arthur (PS50T) [3125] Yeah, you can get some cracking colours
A. (PS50U) [3126] Oh hers are fabulous
Paul (PS50X) [3127] How many people want them?
[3128] I've only got four
A. (PS50U) [3129] and she
Arthur (PS50T) [3130] Hold on, the lad wants to know, he's talking to you
Paul (PS50X) [3131] How many people want, do you want
Philip (PS50Y) [3132] I only want ice cream, thanks
Paul (PS50X) [3133] Mum?
A. (PS50U) [3134] You'll have a pear
Paula (PS50V) [3135] Yes
Paul (PS50X) [3136] Dad?
A. (PS50U) [3137] Have a pear
Arthur (PS50T) [3138] Put that away we don't want it
A. (PS50U) [3139] yes we have
Arthur (PS50T) [3140] that's gotta go in the box
A. (PS50U) [3141] a pear
Arthur (PS50T) [3142] Can we have a couple of spoons, yes Tony just a couple
Paula (PS50V) [3143] Take the
Arthur (PS50T) [3144] That goes in the box Paul
Paula (PS50V) [3145] take the plates to the dishwasher
A. (PS50U) [3146] No she
Paula (PS50V) [3147] Those are soups
A. (PS50U) [3148] first of all she
Paul (PS50X) [3149] I know
A. (PS50U) [3150] she spins her wool, she gets one and, and does her own spinning and weave and then she dyes
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS50X) [3151] Philip, you're nearly finished
A. (PS50U) [3152] Yeah take it that way
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [3153] take
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [3154] fourth time, please will you take the
A. (PS50U) [3155] and she
Arthur (PS50T) [3156] Hold on just a moment
A. (PS50U) [3157] Ah, he wants a pear, another plate please
Arthur (PS50T) [3158] does anybody want, do you want
Anthony (PS50W) [3159] Yes please
Arthur (PS50T) [3160] Who doesn't want?
A. (PS50U) [3161] Nobody, everybody wants
Arthur (PS50T) [3162] Well then somebody's gonna be short here cos we only got five
Paula (PS50V) [3163] Bring another bowl
Philip (PS50Y) [3164] I only want one pear I don't want two
Arthur (PS50T) [3165] It doesn't matter
A. (PS50U) [3166] He only wants
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3167] can you get a bowl
Philip (PS50Y) [3168] Oh I thought it was pears you were short of
Arthur (PS50T) [3169] No
A. (PS50U) [3170] Not short of pears
Arthur (PS50T) [3171] a couple, a couple of pears here
A. (PS50U) [3172] And she dyes all her er
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3173] wool and she's got the most
Paula (PS50V) [3174] Here take these
A. (PS50U) [3175] fabulous colours
Arthur (PS50T) [3176] Really?
Paul (PS50X) [3177] Yeah, I'll
Paula (PS50V) [3178] Put the kettle on
A. (PS50U) [3179] I think
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Philip (PS50Y) [3180] and er, things like that
A. (PS50U) [3181] The, what was the one that was very unusual
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3182] That was spot on
Philip (PS50Y) [3183] There was two
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Philip (PS50Y) [3184] what they expect them to be
A. (PS50U) [3185] Yeah, beetroot
Arthur (PS50T) [3186] Yeah, yeah, done that
A. (PS50U) [3187] beetroot
Arthur (PS50T) [3188] I did this with a group of children years ago in erm, in Buxton
Paula (PS50V) [3189] I did it when when we went to camp while we went
Arthur (PS50T) [3190] Yeah
Paula (PS50V) [3191] we laid, we all laid on our own
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3192] yeah, off you go
Paul (PS50X) [3193] Thank you
Paula (PS50V) [3194] Away
Anthony (PS50W) [3195] Rolling, rolling, rolling
A. (PS50U) [3196] If that's Philip's just a small
Paula (PS50V) [3197] Right
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS50X) [3198] The ice cream, did you know ice cream
A. (PS50U) [3199] I
Paul (PS50X) [3200] is the most common way of catching salmonella?
A. (PS50U) [3201] Yes
Paul (PS50X) [3202] Especially after eating chicken
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [3203] Oh you tell us Paul won't you?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3204] and bouncy ice cream that bounces around
A. (PS50U) [3205] Bouncy ice cream
Paul (PS50X) [3206] it's even worse
Paula (PS50V) [3207] Ice cream Paul
A. (PS50U) [3208] Put another spoonful on there
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3209] I don't want it, if that's mine, I don't want any juice
Arthur (PS50T) [3210] Right, you don't
A. (PS50U) [3211] No ...
Paula (PS50V) [3212] Do you want some more ice cream?
Paul (PS50X) [3213] Yeah another spoonful please ... brilliant
A. (PS50U) [3214] That's Philip's
Arthur (PS50T) [3215] Oh he doesn't want ice cream
A. (PS50U) [3216] Doesn't want ice cream
Arthur (PS50T) [3217] You don't want anything else on there do you?
A. (PS50U) [3218] Oh yes I wanted ice cream
Paul (PS50X) [3219] Oh, I've only got five
Arthur (PS50T) [3220] Ice cream on that
Paul (PS50X) [3221] dad I brought five
Paula (PS50V) [3222] Five what?
Arthur (PS50T) [3223] Five what?
Paul (PS50X) [3224] Erm
Arthur (PS50T) [3225] Your bowl?
Paul (PS50X) [3226] There aren't six, one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four, oh
A. (PS50U) [3227] It's magic that
Paul (PS50X) [3228] I ain't got a bowl
A. (PS50U) [3229] it's magic that
Arthur (PS50T) [3230] Does anybody want more juice?
Paula (PS50V) [3231] No ta
Paul (PS50X) [3232] No
Arthur (PS50T) [3233] There's more juice
A. (PS50U) [3234] Ah, it's magic
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3235] Paul do you want some more juice?
Paul (PS50X) [3236] Yes please
Arthur (PS50T) [3237] Go on, that's enough, yeah oh
Paul (PS50X) [3238] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [3239] fill it up
Paul (PS50X) [3240] fill her up
Arthur (PS50T) [3241] er, he had a
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS50X) [3242] We ought to start speaking in Spanish so the people who read this dictionary don't understand it [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [3243] Oh, my God
A. (PS50U) [3244] I don't think it's actually
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3245] Erm Tony can I have your, do you want some more juice?
Anthony (PS50W) [3246] Er, ah, yeah please
Arthur (PS50T) [3247] Erm pass it down then
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Paul (PS50X) [3248] Teapot
A. (PS50U) [3249] Is that enough ice cream now?
Arthur (PS50T) [3250] That's plenty, loads
A. (PS50U) [3251] Put the lid on, put that back in the erm freezer top
Anthony (PS50W) [3252] Be it Cornish
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ...
A. (PS50U) [3253] Did you put the kettle on as well Paul?
Paul (PS50X) [3254] No
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ...
Arthur (PS50T) [3255] Right
A. (PS50U) [3256] No it's funny though, I'm, colours come up totally different don't they?
Arthur (PS50T) [3257] Mm, what you'd expect
A. (PS50U) [3258] Yes
Philip (PS50Y) [3259] Yeah, when you do your own dyeing
A. (PS50U) [3260] your dyeing
Philip (PS50Y) [3261] you know, plant that you pick and you think what's that gonna be
Arthur (PS50T) [3262] Berries and
Anthony (PS50W) [3263] Red and it turned out black
Philip (PS50Y) [3264] green
A. (PS50U) [3265] She does things out of the garden like sage and thyme
Arthur (PS50T) [3266] And rosemary
A. (PS50U) [3267] and parsley and
Philip (PS50Y) [3268] What's the national flower of England, the, the, the one that used to be on the thruppenny bit?
Paula (PS50V) [3269] Thistle
Arthur (PS50T) [3270] Thistle
Philip (PS50Y) [3271] No, not, not the thistle the
Arthur (PS50T) [3272] Portcullis
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [laugh]
Philip (PS50Y) [3273] Not wattle, it's er
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [3274] It used to be a thistle on the little thruppenny
Philip (PS50Y) [3275] It wasn't it, thistle's the Scottish one, it's that round, the frown with the round head and
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [3276] a thistle
Philip (PS50Y) [3277] That wasn't a thistle on a thruppenny bit
Paula (PS50V) [3278] Are you sure?
A. (PS50U) [3279] Go and get one of the old thruppenny bits
Paul (PS50X) [3280] I'm eating my
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Philip (PS50Y) [3281] It's not a thistle it's a er
A. (PS50U) [3282] A rose
Philip (PS50Y) [3283] No it's not the rose
Paul (PS50X) [3284] Portcullis
Arthur (PS50T) [3285] Daffodil
A. (PS50U) [3286] A petunia
Arthur (PS50T) [3287] Cabbage
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [laugh]
Philip (PS50Y) [3288] It's a wild flower
A. (PS50U) [3289] It's a wild flower
Paul (PS50X) [3290] A daisy, a nettle
Philip (PS50Y) [3291] Is it thrift?
A. (PS50U) [3292] Thrift
Paul (PS50X) [3293] I don't know what a thrift is
A. (PS50U) [3294] We've got a
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS50X) [3295] as far as I know a thrift to be a large mongoose inhabiting the
Arthur (PS50T) [3296] Mm
Paul (PS50X) [3297] upper
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [3298] well don't eat it so quickly
Arthur (PS50T) [3299] I'm not eating it quickly at all, it's just catching a filling every time I eat it.
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [3300] Don't eat it, don't eat
A. (PS50U) [3301] I think Cornish ice cream is delicious
Paul (PS50X) [3302] Especially as it melts and forms a
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3303] don't you think Tony?
Arthur (PS50T) [3304] This Cornish ice cream?
Paula (PS50V) [3305] Mm, not as nice as
Anthony (PS50W) [3306] Eldercar
Arthur (PS50T) [3307] Eldercar's ice cream is brilliant
A. (PS50U) [3308] Who's Eldercar?
Paul (PS50X) [3309] It's, it's
Arthur (PS50T) [3310] Just made out of cream and fruit, nothing else
Paul (PS50X) [3311] it's
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [3312] and no additives
A. (PS50U) [3313] Mm, this one's lovely
Philip (PS50Y) [3314] Got wobbles in it?
Paul (PS50X) [3315] Bubbles, bubbles
Philip (PS50Y) [3316] Wobble, wobble banana
Arthur (PS50T) [3317] You ain't tasted nothing yet
A. (PS50U) [3318] Can you buy it anywhere?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3319] from the corner shop, oh no where else, no, no
A. (PS50U) [3320] You can't buy it
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3321] that's what I mean, can you buy it anywhere? ...
Paula (PS50V) [3322] You have it, it's beautiful ...
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS50X) [3323] Are you take it to ho ... the hospital?
[3324] For grandpa
Arthur (PS50T) [3325] What?
A. (PS50U) [3326] And supposing it melts and we have to
Paul (PS50X) [3327] No
Philip (PS50Y) [3328] No he means the
Paul (PS50X) [3329] the recording stuff
Philip (PS50Y) [3330] the recording
Arthur (PS50T) [3331] Mm ...
Paul (PS50X) [3332] You can tell him that joke can't ya?
Philip (PS50Y) [3333] What joke?
Arthur (PS50T) [3334] Which joke's that one?
[3335] Oh aye yes
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS50X) [3336] you start laughing
Paula (PS50V) [3337] Keep it clean
Paul (PS50X) [3338] no
Arthur (PS50T) [3339] What's the Irish contraceptive?
[3340] You know what it was?
Philip (PS50Y) [3341] We've heard it don't
A. (PS50U) [3342] Don't
Paula (PS50V) [3343] Oh no we've heard it
Arthur (PS50T) [3344] Right then
A. (PS50U) [3345] no we don't
Arthur (PS50T) [3346] no, no, no
Paul (PS50X) [3347] Just say it quietly so that the people can get the joke
A. (PS50U) [3348] It's not very nice
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
Paul (PS50X) [3349] It's funny
A. (PS50U) [3350] it's not very nice
Paul (PS50X) [3351] it's funny though
Arthur (PS50T) [3352] No it's not you're right ... [laugh]
Paul (PS50X) [3353] It's about as good as your erm
Anthony (PS50W) [3354] Everybody in the ward was laughing about erm, what you call it?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS50W) [3355] erm, what, Only Fools and Horses
Paul (PS50X) [3356] Oh yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [3357] That was on was it?
Paula (PS50V) [3358] If anything he seemed to be a bit more brightly yesterday overall weren't he?
Arthur (PS50T) [3359] Mm
Philip (PS50Y) [3360] Did you not take it away with you on your weekend away?
Arthur (PS50T) [3361] No ... going up erm
Philip (PS50Y) [3362] Oh
Arthur (PS50T) [3363] anything could happen to him
Philip (PS50Y) [3364] Yeah that's
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
Philip (PS50Y) [3365] interesting conversation possibly
Arthur (PS50T) [3366] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3367] interesting recording bits half way up Snowdon
Paula (PS50V) [3368] Mm, that was delicious
A. (PS50U) [3369] Mm, it was
Arthur (PS50T) [3370] It
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3371] just imagine doing this in the weather that we had, God, up to here, wind and rain
A. (PS50U) [3372] Right whose pears are those Paul?
[3373] Those are nice, I want some pears
Paula (PS50V) [3374] Tea or coffee mother?
A. (PS50U) [3375] Coffee mother
Paula (PS50V) [3376] Tea or coffee father?
Paul (PS50X) [3377] Both
Arthur (PS50T) [3378] Nothing thanks
Paula (PS50V) [3379] Nothing
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [3380] right
A. (PS50U) [3381] Do you want a cup of tea Philip?
Philip (PS50Y) [3382] Tea please
Anthony (PS50W) [3383] Did you hear about the Scout Club?
Paul (PS50X) [3384] What?
Anthony (PS50W) [3385] Makes
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS50X) [3386] oh no
Arthur (PS50T) [3387] Who's had a mixture of tea and coffee, you?
Anthony (PS50W) [3388] Yeah, Scout Club, it's delicious
Arthur (PS50T) [3389] Oh God
A. (PS50U) [3390] Oh that was
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3391] weren't it?
Anthony (PS50W) [3392] Have ya, have that er maybe tried it, it's really nice
Arthur (PS50T) [3393] Hot or cold?
Anthony (PS50W) [3394] Hot
Arthur (PS50T) [3395] Sugared and milked?
Anthony (PS50W) [3396] sug sugared and milked, yeah
Paul (PS50X) [3397] Ooh
Arthur (PS50T) [3398] Paula, Paula
Paul (PS50X) [3399] make them mixed
Paula (PS50V) [3400] Yes love
Arthur (PS50T) [3401] Tony wants
A. (PS50U) [3402] Tea and coffee mixed
Arthur (PS50T) [3403] tea, coffee mixed
Paul (PS50X) [3404] With milk and sugar
Arthur (PS50T) [3405] milk and sugar, it's lovely
Philip (PS50Y) [3406] You've all got
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ...
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [3407] You know
Arthur (PS50T) [3408] Winding your mum up [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [3409] You know at the camp, it's going, are you going again this year, the one you went to up the road?
Arthur (PS50T) [3410] Which one up the road?
A. (PS50U) [3411] Up on the, on the main road at that big house you went ...
Arthur (PS50T) [3412] When?
A. (PS50U) [3413] when was it last year or the year before?
Arthur (PS50T) [3414] Oh I don't remember
A. (PS50U) [3415] Oh we k we went to have a look at them in
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3416] in the
Anthony (PS50W) [3417] Oh, that's not up the road it's Hertford
A. (PS50U) [3418] Hertford
Arthur (PS50T) [3419] Hertford
Anthony (PS50W) [3420] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3421] it's down the road, it's not up the road at all, it's down the road, it's miles away, up the road
A. (PS50U) [3422] It didn't seem miles away
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [3423] with a big house [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [3424] Tell you what walk it and you'll find that
Anthony (PS50W) [3425] There's no big houses
A. (PS50U) [3426] I thought there was a big house in the grounds
Arthur (PS50T) [3427] Where was it Tony the one near Woodbridge that one?
Anthony (PS50W) [3428] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [3429] Yeah the one in er
Arthur (PS50T) [3430] Oh we went past the farm up to it, there's a farm on the left
Anthony (PS50W) [3431] Tiny ho farm shop
A. (PS50U) [3432] Oh I don't
Arthur (PS50T) [3433] where you got the water from?
A. (PS50U) [3434] up the ground, that
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3435] grounds and a big house
Arthur (PS50T) [3436] Oh there's a what you call it at the end, the old folks' retirement home isn't there
A. (PS50U) [3437] Oh ...
Arthur (PS50T) [3438] somebody's formed a country residence
Paula (PS50V) [3439] If you boil up that chicken carcass we'll have some of grandma's soup
Paul (PS50X) [3440] Ah
Paula (PS50V) [3441] with suet dumplings
A. (PS50U) [3442] But we'll have some carrots
Paula (PS50V) [3443] I'll send Tony to the shops
A. (PS50U) [3444] and some leeks
Arthur (PS50T) [3445] You can get those out the guinea pigs cage
Paula (PS50V) [3446] Well I'll sent Tony to the shops he can buy
Arthur (PS50T) [3447] get the car they wouldn't of eaten all the carrots yet
A. (PS50U) [3448] It's, they're closed today
Paula (PS50V) [3449] It's not
Arthur (PS50T) [3450] Thursday
Paula (PS50V) [3451] it's not closed today
Arthur (PS50T) [3452] Mum, mum says there is
A. (PS50U) [3453] Wednesday
Paula (PS50V) [3454] Wednesday it's closed
A. (PS50U) [3455] Well what day is it today?
Philip (PS50Y) [3456] Thursday
Arthur (PS50T) [3457] Sunday
Paula (PS50V) [3458] Yes
A. (PS50U) [3459] Oh it's Thursday oh good
Paula (PS50V) [3460] I'll tell Ton I send you to the shop, you get a frozen packet of
Anthony (PS50W) [3461] Yeah
Paula (PS50V) [3462] stew vegetables and you just shove those in and that's it
A. (PS50U) [3463] Oh I don't I get fresh carrots and leeks and
Arthur (PS50T) [3464] You should do, you should do, yeah get something like that Tony
Philip (PS50Y) [3465] Yeah, but then it saves you getting all the bits and
Arthur (PS50T) [3466] That's a proper job though isn't it mother?
[3467] Do it that
Paula (PS50V) [3468] And
Arthur (PS50T) [3469] way, yeah, but if he gets fresh, a bit of fresh some fresh leeks and fresh
A. (PS50U) [3470] It's alright
Paula (PS50V) [3471] you won't get vegetables in, in
A. (PS50U) [3472] no
Arthur (PS50T) [3473] I don't
Anthony (PS50W) [3474] How about going to
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paula (PS50V) [3475] They're even worse
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3476] Don't swing on your chair you'll break your neck
A. (PS50U) [3477] The trouble is during the week, a lot of little shops only have what's been left over from the weekend ... and their vegetables, cos that's what happens at ours
Arthur (PS50T) [3478] Mm, yeah
A. (PS50U) [3479] and then on the Friday
Arthur (PS50T) [3480] You get a fresh lot in
A. (PS50U) [3481] a fresh lot in
Paula (PS50V) [3482] If you get
Arthur (PS50T) [3483] When did you get that vase?
[3484] Or when did we get that vase?
Paul (PS50X) [3485] That was from erm Sharon
Arthur (PS50T) [3486] Was it?
Paula (PS50V) [3487] Sharon
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3488] it's very nice innit?
Paula (PS50V) [3489] Er
Arthur (PS50T) [3490] You're not eating again are you?
[3491] God
Paula (PS50V) [3492] I just fancy a biscuit
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS50X) [3493] Tony your tea, coffee here
A. (PS50U) [3494] Sha er is Sharon still going around
Anthony (PS50W) [3495] Is that tea and coffee?
Paul (PS50X) [3496] there, there isn't enough milk in it
Anthony (PS50W) [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
Paula (PS50V) [3497] Oh these are nice
Anthony (PS50W) [3498] Are they?
Paula (PS50V) [3499] Mm
A. (PS50U) [3500] What are they?
Anthony (PS50W) [3501] Bites
A. (PS50U) [3502] Bites
Arthur (PS50T) [3503] Computer biscuits
Paula (PS50V) [3504] Mm, they're ever so nice
A. (PS50U) [3505] What are they made of?
[3506] ... Caramel
Arthur (PS50T) [3507] Mm
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3508] are they
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3509] They're horrible
A. (PS50U) [3510] They're caramel
Arthur (PS50T) [3511] they're horrible
Paula (PS50V) [3512] Oh they're beautiful, I like, do you like them Tony?
Arthur (PS50T) [3513] You could hold tiles on a wall with these things
Anthony (PS50W) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3514] Cor, very poor
Paula (PS50V) [3515] No just get a packet of stew vegetables
A. (PS50U) [3516] Yeah
Paula (PS50V) [3517] a packet of
Paul (PS50X) [3518] It looks more like tea now, it looked like coffee before
Paula (PS50V) [3519] what's it called suet
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS50W) [3520] What?
Paula (PS50V) [3521] a packet of suet, and then I can make
A. (PS50U) [3522] Soup
Paula (PS50V) [3523] soup, chicken soup
Paul (PS50X) [3524] Ooh packet of suet
Paula (PS50V) [3525] Don't you like
A. (PS50U) [3526] Don't you like suet puddings
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3527] don't you like dumplings?
Paul (PS50X) [3528] I like dumplings but I don't like fat
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [3529] I'll skim the fat off
Arthur (PS50T) [3530] Better watch that Paul you'll pull all your fillings out
A. (PS50U) [3531] First of all boil it and then let it
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3532] they're horrible
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS50X) [3533] Safeway Bites, best before the ninth of May
A. (PS50U) [3534] Are you going tonight?
Paula (PS50V) [3535] I'll go tonight
A. (PS50U) [3536] Well I'll go with you
Paul (PS50X) [3537] nine, two
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3538] oh, right, am I going on my own this afternoon?
[3539] Anybody come with me to the hospital
A. (PS50U) [3540] I'll come with you and
Paul (PS50X) [3541] I'll go tomorrow
Arthur (PS50T) [3542] You're alright, you can go tonight with Paula
A. (PS50U) [3543] Let's have a look at the packet
Anthony (PS50W) [3544] I'll go with ya
Arthur (PS50T) [3545] Well have you got a lot of homework to do?
[3546] ... Ton
Anthony (PS50W) [3547] cos otherwise I'll
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3548] well I, you're fresh for your homework now aren't ya?
Anthony (PS50W) [3549] Yeah, alright
A. (PS50U) [3550] Well if Tony's going tonight
Arthur (PS50T) [3551] you'll get more done
A. (PS50U) [3552] with his mum, I'll come with you this afternoon
Arthur (PS50T) [3553] If you want to, it's up to you
Paula (PS50V) [3554] We can all go this afternoon, we can all go tonight, makes no difference
A. (PS50U) [3555] Well, you know I'm going to Mavis, in the soup, loop the loop
Paula (PS50V) [3556] All you have to do is put the chicken carcass in and leave it
A. (PS50U) [3557] Yeah
Paula (PS50V) [3558] and then when you come in I can put the er
A. (PS50U) [3559] I can make, skim it off
Paula (PS50V) [3560] put the vegetables in
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3561] being as you've got, being as you're getting in er thingy vegetables
Paula (PS50V) [3562] You're not drinking tea and coffee mixed
Anthony (PS50W) [3563] Why not?
Paula (PS50V) [3564] Oh my God
Arthur (PS50T) [3565] What's wrong with that Paula
Paula (PS50V) [3566] Have you ever had tea and coffee in the vending machine?
Arthur (PS50T) [3567] No, but what's wrong with it?
[3568] What's wrong with it?
Philip (PS50Y) [3569] Out the vending machine it's not proper tea to start with
Arthur (PS50T) [3570] That's gonna spill if you're not careful
Paula (PS50V) [3571] Out of the vending machine out, out of a vending machine it's revolting
Philip (PS50Y) [3572] It's not proper tea to start with
Paula (PS50V) [3573] it's
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3574] it's coffee.
A. (PS50U) [3575] Somebody was asking about this new
Arthur (PS50T) [3576] Instant tea
A. (PS50U) [3577] instant tea
Arthur (PS50T) [3578] It's supposed to be brilliant innit?
A. (PS50U) [3579] What's it made out of
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3580] or what?
Arthur (PS50T) [3581] Oh no, they wouldn't do that ...
A. (PS50U) [3582] Not much
Arthur (PS50T) [3583] What's it taste like Tony?
[3584] Horrible
Anthony (PS50W) [3585] Nice, he's, he's put too much tea in
Paula (PS50V) [3586] I'll tell you something it will replace
Arthur (PS50T) [3587] Teabags
Paula (PS50V) [3588] Yeah
Philip (PS50Y) [3589] No
Paula (PS50V) [3590] it will
Philip (PS50Y) [3591] you can taste it
A. (PS50U) [3592] It will not, it's too expensive
Philip (PS50Y) [3593] It's not nice, it's not nice
Paula (PS50V) [3594] But the price will come down
A. (PS50U) [3595] it's too expensive
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Anthony (PS50W) [3596] that's your opinion
Arthur (PS50T) [3597] Remember when teabags came out?
[3598] People said they'd never, never catch on, teabags
A. (PS50U) [3599] Do you know those Oxo Granules
Arthur (PS50T) [3600] Daft way of having a cup of tea just got used to it
A. (PS50U) [3601] those are far more expensive then buying Oxos
Paula (PS50V) [3602] Only at the moment they are, in time they won't be, Paul stop swinging
A. (PS50U) [3603] and they, they, they
Arthur (PS50T) [3604] Remember what we were talking about this morning how things have changed in service in shops
A. (PS50U) [3605] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [3606] and that, it'll all happen
A. (PS50U) [3607] Oh it'll happen
Paula (PS50V) [3608] You in time
Arthur (PS50T) [3609] In your old age you'll be making yourself an instant cup of tea
Paula (PS50V) [3610] Look at coffee, how many people have

7 (Tape 032701)

Arthur (PS50T) [3611] They sell stamps don't they?
[3612] Right
A. (PS50U) [3613] I wouldn't be at all surprised
Arthur (PS50T) [3614] but you've got to find the place there it could be at the other end a mile away couldn't it?
A. (PS50U) [3615] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [3616] The size of that place
A. (PS50U) [3617] Yes, I don't know where it is [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3618] Oh father says it's er ... so far away from one end to the other ...
A. (PS50U) [3619] See they use their, that, their room as a bedroom don't they?
Arthur (PS50T) [3620] They use that room as a bedroom, I'm not with you
A. (PS50U) [3621] That one there
Arthur (PS50T) [3622] Which one?
A. (PS50U) [3623] that room there with the window this one, look
Arthur (PS50T) [3624] Chance to have a look, there
A. (PS50U) [3625] Yeah there's a
Arthur (PS50T) [3626] as a bedroom?
A. (PS50U) [3627] yeah, you've got all the camp beds
Arthur (PS50T) [3628] Ah they might have somebody to stay with them, have somebody to stay with them
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3629] the only trouble this we need days and days and days and months or rain
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3630] it's lovely but it's not doing us any good this
A. (PS50U) [3631] Its too dry really, there's going to be a real water shortage still
Arthur (PS50T) [3632] Yes
A. (PS50U) [3633] a real calamity too because once the things dry up, the trouble is the, the water gets
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3634] seen this lady
A. (PS50U) [3635] What
Arthur (PS50T) [3636] she dresses in some of the strangest things, sometimes she dresses in sailor's uniforms and big white [...]
A. (PS50U) [3637] Really?
Arthur (PS50T) [3638] coats on, yeah she walks all over the place
A. (PS50U) [3639] Where does she live?
Arthur (PS50T) [3640] I think it's I think ... but I could be wrong
A. (PS50U) [3641] And does she carry her clothes about with her or does she
Arthur (PS50T) [3642] Just like that she walks and walks and, nights, morning any time of the day you can see her, no paths, you know what the roads are like
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3643] all on her own.
A. (PS50U) [3644] There used to be er, a lady that used to come in the cinema when I worked there, and she had a
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3645] in fact not much bigger than that
Arthur (PS50T) [3646] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [3647] er, a shopping basket
Arthur (PS50T) [3648] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [3649] and she had all her clothes in it there
Arthur (PS50T) [3650] Oh God look at the width of this thing
A. (PS50U) [3651] she could always
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3652] look at the width of it, God, ah, oh that lorry, get past it.
A. (PS50U) [3653] [cough] She was always clean, you couldn't fault her for cleanliness, but I'm sure she must of either washed her clothes in the toilets, you know, wash basin in the toilets because that was the only thing she had was one bag ... and she used to, er, her pension book was in and er erm
Arthur (PS50T) [3654] This is ridiculous this, this shouldn't be on the road.
A. (PS50U) [3655] He should wait you know to ask
Arthur (PS50T) [3656] Yeah but, how can he?
[3657] If the width of it
A. (PS50U) [3658] I know, it's dreadful that
Arthur (PS50T) [3659] they're just too big for roads and this is a main road
A. (PS50U) [3660] Well this is what the grumble about don't they?
Arthur (PS50T) [3661] Who?
A. (PS50U) [3662] in Northern this is the erm
Arthur (PS50T) [3663] Oh the farmers, this is ridiculous
A. (PS50U) [3664] this is the Northern
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3665] you can't pass these
Arthur (PS50T) [3666] Well it's the width of it
A. (PS50U) [3667] Mm ...
Arthur (PS50T) [3668] It's erm, oh God ...
A. (PS50U) [3669] Well do you think that lady sleeps out?
Arthur (PS50T) [3670] No I think she lay, I think it's
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3671] I think, I've never seen her, there's a rumour you know how you get stories about people
A. (PS50U) [3672] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [3673] like this
A. (PS50U) [3674] I mean there's
Arthur (PS50T) [3675] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [3676] We have a lot of oddities
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3677] well she, she will, literally walks miles, she'll walk, you see her the other side of Stowmarket, seven miles, six, seven, eight, ten miles away
A. (PS50U) [3678] It's madness
Arthur (PS50T) [3679] all weathers all weathers
A. (PS50U) [3680] it's
Arthur (PS50T) [3681] as well
A. (PS50U) [3682] They like it, they like that sort of a life
Arthur (PS50T) [3683] Oh rumour has it that her husband was in the forces
A. (PS50U) [3684] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [3685] now this is an old rumour and er, he was an officer, er I think in the RAF and he had erm an accident his plane crashed and he died and this is why she dresses in military uniform all the time ... sort, you know she went a little bit deranged
A. (PS50U) [3686] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [3687] and that
A. (PS50U) [3688] but sur she never got over it
Arthur (PS50T) [3689] the shock of it never got over the shock of it though
A. (PS50U) [3690] and yet you see these days they would give her treatment for that
Arthur (PS50T) [3691] Well
A. (PS50U) [3692] if she, er, er, no, at the beginning they would of given her treatment or something
Arthur (PS50T) [3693] Oh she isn't that old
A. (PS50U) [3694] Oh
Arthur (PS50T) [3695] No
A. (PS50U) [3696] I thought you meant during the war
Arthur (PS50T) [3697] No, she's only in top twenties, early thirties
A. (PS50U) [3698] Really?
Arthur (PS50T) [3699] Yeah, that's all she is
A. (PS50U) [3700] Oh I thought you meant
Arthur (PS50T) [3701] No, no
A. (PS50U) [3702] Oh
Arthur (PS50T) [3703] Super jet, sixteen hundred, eighteen, Amazon, do we need things that big?
A. (PS50U) [3704] Mind you see, when you think about it you see
Arthur (PS50T) [3705] look at the size it's enormous
A. (PS50U) [3706] some people they only live for their partner don't they and a thing like that get a
Arthur (PS50T) [3707] Yes, yeah
A. (PS50U) [3708] her husband getting killed is the end of the world and there's, there's nothing else sort of thing and ... they just ... it's very sad really, I mean if you're a young person you can quickly pull yourself together and realize that
Arthur (PS50T) [3709] Mm, mm
A. (PS50U) [3710] life goes on
Arthur (PS50T) [3711] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [3712] which you've got to do
Arthur (PS50T) [3713] Yes
A. (PS50U) [3714] I mean ... the way I'd look at it, would look at it if something of happened to John, well I still go
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3715] and you've got to sort of well
Arthur (PS50T) [3716] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [3717] there's, there's nothing you can do about it when
Arthur (PS50T) [3718] No
A. (PS50U) [3719] you've had your life, smile and
Arthur (PS50T) [3720] but
A. (PS50U) [3721] that's it
Arthur (PS50T) [3722] when me mum died everybody said oh your
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3723] dad I'll be dead in, within a year, two years, he'll give up, he's got nothing you know
A. (PS50U) [3724] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [3725] he lived ten, twelve years was it after?
A. (PS50U) [3726] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [3727] No it wasn't, no ten years
A. (PS50U) [3728] There's a, the person that took that words was your Moira
Arthur (PS50T) [3729] Oh yeah, well she went a bit
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3730] she went a bit over the top didn't she?
A. (PS50U) [3731] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [3732] With remorse
A. (PS50U) [3733] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [3734] It was unnatural
A. (PS50U) [3735] and yet she was always treated as one of the, the family, but it's silly because you've done what you can when they're living.
[3736] I mean Margaret next door to me she went over the top when she was
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3737] all her sister's energy and thinking her sister should, I mean she had a sister living with her and her sister had her own family with her, er a Mongol son, well I'm afraid Margaret shouldn't of taken that attitude because she said ooh everywhere I go now there's only me, now that's being selfish, because she had three children ... and she shouldn't really of expected all her sisters to keep coming, they were living with her, you know
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3738] never leave her alone
Arthur (PS50T) [3739] Did she ever get over it?
A. (PS50U) [3740] Well she
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3741] when I left
Arthur (PS50T) [3742] And was she getting over it with her, was she getting better?
A. (PS50U) [3743] Well not really because she was still demanding
Arthur (PS50T) [3744] Coping with that husband not being there
A. (PS50U) [3745] too much of her relations
Arthur (PS50T) [3746] Oh yes
A. (PS50U) [3747] that's why
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3748] Alice eventually said she'd buy our house after all that time and said, and said well she'd be right next door to her
Arthur (PS50T) [3749] Yes
A. (PS50U) [3750] but you're not fair to your own family which is even your own family gets first priority
Arthur (PS50T) [3751] Oh yes
A. (PS50U) [3752] I mean I wouldn't, wouldn't expect, I would expect Paula to
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3753] you know you're the first priority and I
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3754] support yes, but not
Arthur (PS50T) [3755] Take over
A. (PS50U) [3756] not demand all that
Arthur (PS50T) [3757] Demand, yeah
A. (PS50U) [3758] you know, you understand what I mean?
Arthur (PS50T) [3759] I do, yeah
A. (PS50U) [3760] Yeah ... and she used to say well, well I mean oh well they haven't got, they'll be able to have their holidays together and all this, oh yeah fair enough, it's their life ... no I think Margaret can be a little bit
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3761] she really did
Arthur (PS50T) [3762] But it did
A. (PS50U) [3763] You see the trouble is with Margaret her husband had always done everything for her, she went out to work and he brought the, he more or less did his work, did overtime, everything and still managed to look after the boys
Arthur (PS50T) [3764] How many children, was it three children you said?
A. (PS50U) [3765] Three boys
Arthur (PS50T) [3766] Three lads
A. (PS50U) [3767] Yeah ... the eldest boy when his father died was eighteen
Arthur (PS50T) [3768] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [3769] the next one was sixteen
Arthur (PS50T) [3770] Mm
A. (PS50U) [3771] and the young boy was about thirte no he wasn't, yeah about thirteen yeah something like that
Arthur (PS50T) [3772] Eighteen, eighteen, sixteen and thirteen
A. (PS50U) [3773] Yeah ... well
Arthur (PS50T) [3774] how did they take it then the lads?
A. (PS50U) [3775] Well the eldest lad ... was alright, but the middle lad he became a bit of a problem
Arthur (PS50T) [3776] Sixteen year old
A. (PS50U) [3777] by er, mind you they'd always been children that had had to fend for themselves a lot, the only sad thing
Arthur (PS50T) [3778] Mm, mm
A. (PS50U) [3779] that their own
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3780] Margaret used to be working she worked nights as well
Arthur (PS50T) [3781] Come on get a move on
A. (PS50U) [3782] you know
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3783] he's gonna cause chaos this guy, he's gonna pull in front of this lorry, watch
A. (PS50U) [3784] Mm, she worked and she worked night shift as well, you know they had to do alternative shifts, so consequently
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3785] sort of kept the house and the family going sort of thing
Arthur (PS50T) [3786] The day to day jobs, yeah
A. (PS50U) [3787] everything, the cooking, the lot
Arthur (PS50T) [3788] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [3789] I mean Margaret used to come in and everything was done for her, I mean she never had to do a thing ... well that hit her terribly you see.
Arthur (PS50T) [3790] Did she carry on working? ...
A. (PS50U) [3791] Well she went on sick leave for a long time
Arthur (PS50T) [3792] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [3793] and er I don't think that was a good idea because she was lonely without all the
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3794] Yeah, if you go, if you can get back to work
A. (PS50U) [3795] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [3796] you get into, it can help to get your mind off it during the day or alright at night you might be very lonely
A. (PS50U) [3797] And she was at the cemetery every day with
Arthur (PS50T) [3798] Ah, yeah, yeah
A. (PS50U) [3799] flowers and
Arthur (PS50T) [3800] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [3801] I mean she had a picture of him on the headstone and oh, thought she went over the top I'm afraid and ... she get loads of support because then that Clifford was very popular and er his was
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3802] yeah
A. (PS50U) [3803] and er the men were very good.
[3804] There was one man he used to come every week just to do ... see if there were any jobs that wanted doing and er he'd spend, you know, a day there you know doing anything she wants doing that she couldn't manage herself
Arthur (PS50T) [3805] Right, did he work Clifford?
A. (PS50U) [3806] He worked for the Electricity Board
Arthur (PS50T) [3807] Electricity Board?
[3808] ... What putting the correct
A. (PS50U) [3809] Maintenance
Arthur (PS50T) [3810] Maintenance on the
A. (PS50U) [3811] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [3812] on the faults on the
A. (PS50U) [3813] but he was, the men that he worked with his friends were really good, you see and his sister, the youngest sister, Alice who she had, had the Mongol lad
Arthur (PS50T) [3814] Yes
A. (PS50U) [3815] well Clifford and her, her husband
Arthur (PS50T) [3816] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [3817] had grown up together
Arthur (PS50T) [3818] Yeah ...
A. (PS50U) [3819] now he took it very bad like as much as Margaret
Arthur (PS50T) [3820] Yes
A. (PS50U) [3821] because his best friend
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3822] and he, and really Alice was supporting him as well as Margaret
Arthur (PS50T) [3823] Mm
A. (PS50U) [3824] through the crisis and she had a lot on her hands because he went to pieces and he had no other friend he had
Arthur (PS50T) [3825] How did he go to pieces, when you say he went to pieces?
A. (PS50U) [3826] He, he
Arthur (PS50T) [3827] What did he do?
A. (PS50U) [3828] Well he, his own idea was he'd lost his friend
Arthur (PS50T) [3829] Yes
A. (PS50U) [3830] he'd lost
Arthur (PS50T) [3831] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [3832] he'd lost everything
Arthur (PS50T) [3833] Yes I can see that, but
A. (PS50U) [3834] he was lonely
Arthur (PS50T) [3835] how did he go to pieces?
A. (PS50U) [3836] Oh well his health suffered and [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3837] Did he stop working or
A. (PS50U) [3838] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3839] really?
A. (PS50U) [3840] Yeah, oh it really knocked him for a burton, you see his, you see Clifford and him, with this boy that's had their, their, his son that was
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3841] well Clifford would always integrate him in with his own family
Arthur (PS50T) [3842] Yes
A. (PS50U) [3843] If Clifford had, had er Alice husband went out
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3844] yes
A. (PS50U) [3845] the boys used to go out
Arthur (PS50T) [3846] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [3847] you know what I mean, football and things like that, he was always included in it.
[3848] In a way he ... he was one of, you know
Arthur (PS50T) [3849] One of the family
A. (PS50U) [3850] he was one of the family
Arthur (PS50T) [3851] Mm
A. (PS50U) [3852] it was, it was very sad really
Arthur (PS50T) [3853] Just shows you that, but death can be ...
A. (PS50U) [3854] Oh yes
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3855] death can show erm, people's dependency on each other
A. (PS50U) [3856] Oh yes.
Arthur (PS50T) [3857] that can really show it, can't it?
A. (PS50U) [3858] Well they were, they were really dependent on, I mean on each other, they were a unit even though they were two families in a way
Arthur (PS50T) [3859] Mm
A. (PS50U) [3860] I mean it was only Margaret's sister, you see Margaret came from a large family, so there was always
Arthur (PS50T) [3861] Plenty of people around
A. (PS50U) [3862] plenty of people around
Arthur (PS50T) [3863] Mm
A. (PS50U) [3864] and unfortunately it was only about eight months before that she lost her mother, only her mother was the dominant feature of the family you see she kept them all together
Arthur (PS50T) [3865] I wonder what would of happened if she hadn't of died when she did
A. (PS50U) [3866] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [3867] and Clifford had, had died, I wonder how he'd of taken it then, perhaps sh you know they lost that
A. (PS50U) [3868] Yeah the mother
Arthur (PS50T) [3869] the helmsman as it were
A. (PS50U) [3870] Yeah they lost everything really, but the father you see, he, he was pushed in the background, the old man [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [3871] Poor chap
A. (PS50U) [3872] I mean the old man was well in his seventies and he, he was secondary, you see he never even er, he, he didn't even come to the funeral, Clifford's funeral and Margaret was very bitter about that.
Arthur (PS50T) [3873] And why was that?
[3874] Why didn't he come, was he ill?
A. (PS50U) [3875] I don't know
Arthur (PS50T) [3876] Could of been
A. (PS50U) [3877] I don't know but he could of been ill, he could, it could of been that he couldn't take any more you know that ... but Margaret was terri terribly bitter about him Margaret not coming, but he could, he couldn't stand it
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3878] Yes you see funerals er, everybody likes a wedding don't they?
A. (PS50U) [3879] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [3880] Everybody loves weddings, dressing up, meeting and that, funerals, yeah alright we all get together again at funerals and the, after the coffin's gone in the ground and all that, that really high emotion point or once it's gone behind the erm curtains ... to be burnt, once you've gone through that there's that sort of erm
A. (PS50U) [3881] Limbo
Arthur (PS50T) [3882] limbo yeah, you're coming together again in the house or whatever you have, a reception, and you need to go through that to come to terms with it or you can, you can need to go through that, but some people can't take the pressure emotional pressure of, you know, all the, hour, two hours, three, four hours before that it just, they
A. (PS50U) [3883] It, well then
Arthur (PS50T) [3884] just can't take it, and I don't know how they cope with it afterwards
A. (PS50U) [3885] they cope, I mean as far as they were concerned, as far as they were concerned they'd never seen such, the crematorium was packed, the people was all lined outside
Arthur (PS50T) [3886] Yeah very popular chap
A. (PS50U) [3887] and the, the he was very, very popular and they, and they
Arthur (PS50T) [3888] Well you know when erm Scott erm died
A. (PS50U) [3889] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [3890] er, all, all his mates
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3891] all his mates
Arthur (PS50T) [3892] and Paul and myself went up there didn't we?
A. (PS50U) [3893] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [3894] and, that was, it was
A. (PS50U) [3895] it was
Arthur (PS50T) [3896] it was like a football match crowd
A. (PS50U) [3897] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [3898] it was solid and it was all sort of, his age, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen year olds and all vowing they're never gonna sniff whatever again, you know all making these
A. (PS50U) [3899] Let's hope they don't
Arthur (PS50T) [3900] pledges
A. (PS50U) [3901] but you see with him you see, they, it was packed, the house before the wake was packed, because Margaret kept coming over when he was all dressed up in a suit and everything, I didn't, she asked me if, once to go, I just said no I would prefer to remember
Arthur (PS50T) [3902] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [3903] Clifford as he was, cos John had been in the hospital I think the day before he died
Arthur (PS50T) [3904] Was it a heart attack, heart?
A. (PS50U) [3905] Yeah it was, it, well what happened is, was, that he ... on Sun on the Sunday gone swimming with the boys in the morning
Arthur (PS50T) [3906] Mm, mm
A. (PS50U) [3907] and then they'd got us playing foot
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3908] football in the main park and they came back
Arthur (PS50T) [3909] He wasn't well that's right, no
A. (PS50U) [3910] and Clifford, no Clifford said, the lads to each other are we going out again dad you know cos oh Margaret was in, yes, and there was some other boys, the boy across the road was eating something and the boys said and Clifford said do you mind if I just sit in the chair and be quiet for just a few minutes and he just sat in the chair and had his heart attack
Arthur (PS50T) [3911] He must of been feeling unwell then
A. (PS50U) [3912] Did, he was feeling a bit groggy, I suppose Arthur thought he was tired
Arthur (PS50T) [3913] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [3914] and er ... he said the lad across the road, the hardware shop, he did first aid so he started on him, on the, Clifford resuscitation with the
Arthur (PS50T) [3915] Oh had he actually collapsed from his heart attack?
A. (PS50U) [3916] Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, and then and Margaret called for the ambulance, I heard the slop and I heard, and then they put the dog out right away and I said, that's unusual of them, it was one of those tiny little miniatures you see
Arthur (PS50T) [3917] What, they put it out where?
[3918] Out in the back?
A. (PS50U) [3919] Oh they put it outside in the garden
Arthur (PS50T) [3920] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [3921] and I said oh there's Benjy, there must be something, you know, I thought it was one of the kids that had jumped or something because the little one had always climbing and jumping off the wall, breaking his leg you know the weak one, and the next minute saw the ambulance outside, but he must of been, it must of been too massive to be able to do anything cos he wasn't breathing that bit you see
Arthur (PS50T) [3922] Oh, it been gone too, stop breathing too long, yeah
A. (PS50U) [3923] you could only go so, yeah and
Arthur (PS50T) [3924] poor chap
A. (PS50U) [3925] and say
Arthur (PS50T) [3926] so they put him on a life support did they?
A. (PS50U) [3927] Yeah from
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3928] how long was he on the life support?
A. (PS50U) [3929] er, er, something about he, in hospital about eight weeks
Arthur (PS50T) [3930] Eight weeks on a life support?
A. (PS50U) [3931] Yeah, he was on it some time and Charles and they'd put him back on the ward becau when John last saw him, cos he, John was visiting er, used to be having treatment or something at
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3932] at the time
Arthur (PS50T) [3933] Mm
A. (PS50U) [3934] for something, I, I think he was going for his skin ...
Arthur (PS50T) [3935] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [3936] and he used to pop in you see
Arthur (PS50T) [3937] Mm, mm
A. (PS50U) [3938] but it was waste of time because he, he, he didn't know, he wasn't Clifford, well that's what he said to me, it's not Clifford you know
Arthur (PS50T) [3939] It's just a body there then
A. (PS50U) [3940] it's just a body there
Arthur (PS50T) [3941] So he's on the life support right to the end
A. (PS50U) [3942] Yes and the funny thing was I
Arthur (PS50T) [3943] was he on that life support right till the end?
A. (PS50U) [3944] Yeah, no, he was back on the wards
Arthur (PS50T) [3945] Did, they took him, taken him off the life support?
A. (PS50U) [3946] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [3947] Could he talk and, no
A. (PS50U) [3948] No
Arthur (PS50T) [3949] No
A. (PS50U) [3950] Oh the funny thing was about that was Margaret was with him
Arthur (PS50T) [3951] That's his wife?
A. (PS50U) [3952] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [3953] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [3954] now erm as well as much as she could she was never in the house and the day that he died she didn't get there on time
Arthur (PS50T) [3955] Oh God
A. (PS50U) [3956] Oh she wasn't
Arthur (PS50T) [3957] well you can guarantee that can't ya?
A. (PS50U) [3958] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [3959] Sod's law
A. (PS50U) [3960] she'd gone out, she'd just slipped out with Alice for something
Arthur (PS50T) [3961] Maybe that sort of hit her as well I think
A. (PS50U) [3962] Oh I think so
Arthur (PS50T) [3963] you know
A. (PS50U) [3964] after being in there all the time, but I mean, you, there's nothing you can do you can sit with somebody
Arthur (PS50T) [3965] Ah that's it, maybe that starts to explain a bit more
A. (PS50U) [3966] round the clock yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [3967] how, why she took it so badly
A. (PS50U) [3968] Oh she did she
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3969] if I'd only been there when he died, I'd of hold his hands, blah, blah, oh God, poor lass
A. (PS50U) [3970] She never did
Arthur (PS50T) [3971] poor lass
A. (PS50U) [3972] But she couldn't really what's er, er
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3973] she couldn't of done any more
Arthur (PS50T) [3974] No
A. (PS50U) [3975] and she er she couldn't sort of feel guilty about it
Arthur (PS50T) [3976] No, no
A. (PS50U) [3977] I mean because she spent every, every bit of the time with him.
Arthur (PS50T) [3978] But she, she won't see it like that will she?
A. (PS50U) [3979] Well I told her that I get, I said to her look Margaret you could of been, you could of closed your eyes and he could of happened
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [3980] but it does happen non
Arthur (PS50T) [3981] Mm, mm,
A. (PS50U) [3982] you don't and you've not got to have any recre you know
Arthur (PS50T) [3983] Recrimination
A. (PS50U) [3984] recriminations about it because ... well ... it's maybe meant that way anyway ... you've taken enough, you, you've taken enough yourself haven't you?
Arthur (PS50T) [3985] Mm, mm
A. (PS50U) [3986] But I mean there was er, they were so kind to them in the hospital if there would of been any sign of distress they would of, you know, usually anyway you don't usually have distress at the end you're usually at peace aren't you? ...
Arthur (PS50T) [3987] Oh that's what it looks like [sigh] ... whether you are or not oh, oh
A. (PS50U) [3988] Oh you might not
Arthur (PS50T) [3989] oh look at this Union Jack and the oh my God
A. (PS50U) [3990] Where?
Arthur (PS50T) [3991] There
A. (PS50U) [3992] Oh yeah, oh somebody
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [3993] oh the what you call it?
[3994] The erm British Legion
A. (PS50U) [3995] Oh yeah British Legion, was your father in the British Legion?
Arthur (PS50T) [3996] No, use, use, used to go to the club, Legion club
A. (PS50U) [3997] Was your father ever in the army?
Arthur (PS50T) [3998] No he's down the pit
A. (PS50U) [3999] Oh yes of course he was
Arthur (PS50T) [4000] down the pit
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4001] have [...]
A. (PS50U) [4002] have you heard how Johnny is lately?
Arthur (PS50T) [4003] No I've heard nothing, no
A. (PS50U) [4004] Is it, the wedding
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4005] according to Les yeah
A. (PS50U) [4006] Oh
Arthur (PS50T) [4007] but I don't know when, where, how, what or whatever I, it's up to him, ha, he's no longer
A. (PS50U) [4008] How old is Arthur?
[4009] Is he older than you?
Arthur (PS50T) [4010] He's older than me oh he's a lot older, he's about fifty Johnny
A. (PS50U) [4011] Is he?
Arthur (PS50T) [4012] Yeah, hold on what am I, yeah he's coming up to fifty yeah, forty nine ...
A. (PS50U) [4013] Is it, he was always good looking lad though your Johnny
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [4014] well I reckon he was, I reckon your father was really good looking
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [4015] don't you?
Arthur (PS50T) [4016] My dad?
A. (PS50U) [4017] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4018] Oh I take after him an'all in that
A. (PS50U) [4019] Yeah I think your father was a good looking man
Arthur (PS50T) [4020] Yeah, handsome sod [laugh] my God ... yes it was erm ... bit of blow that when me dad went
A. (PS50U) [4021] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4022] but you see when you smoke all your damn life what do you expect?
A. (PS50U) [4023] The ironic thing is you can't
Arthur (PS50T) [4024] And he couldn't stop it, I, I never get over when the doctor said to him if I were you I wouldn't smoke, it'll do you good not to smoke, so he didn't, and he stopped it
A. (PS50U) [4025] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4026] just like that ... crazy after what, forty odd years of smoking he stopped it just like that, and then when the doctor said when he'd been, after he'd got the results back, you know, all the, all the ones they do at the hospital then
A. (PS50U) [4027] Aye
Arthur (PS50T) [4028] obviously it was no good he, you could smoke like a chimney it made no damn difference the state his insides were
A. (PS50U) [4029] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4030] his lungs were then
A. (PS50U) [4031] Oh [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4032] and when he said er, you know he said you know well, er, you like a cigarette the doctor said, yeah, and my dad was so proud of this, you wanna cigarette yeah, you can smoke if you're, there you are and he said it, it wasn't the cigarettes [sigh]
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4033] God it wasn't the cigarettes
A. (PS50U) [4034] John always says the doctor says he's got er he's got
Arthur (PS50T) [4035] He's got to stop
A. (PS50U) [4036] he's gonna take it
Arthur (PS50T) [4037] Yeah, yeah you see and he's stopped
A. (PS50U) [4038] No he's got it, no but he's gonna, start again if everything, they told him that it, he, he had no chance he said
Arthur (PS50T) [4039] Yeah, I don't blame him
A. (PS50U) [4040] he said er
Arthur (PS50T) [4041] I don't blame him at all
A. (PS50U) [4042] I'd die I think
Arthur (PS50T) [4043] Yeah that's it
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4044] mind you the trouble is it's alright in saying that but you see I've got a bad chest, Philip's got a bad chest
Arthur (PS50T) [4045] All God's children got a bad chest
A. (PS50U) [4046] and the trouble is, no
Arthur (PS50T) [4047] What?
A. (PS50U) [4048] that the trouble is it affects us you see
Arthur (PS50T) [4049] We're alright
A. (PS50U) [4050] Yeah I know
Arthur (PS50T) [4051] we're go round with masks on can't you?
A. (PS50U) [4052] Oh aye, yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4053] Eh up, we've gotta
A. (PS50U) [4054] Ooh the house is, smells
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4055] no
A. (PS50U) [4056] Oh aye, it might
Arthur (PS50T) [4057] you don't, you don't know what you're missing
A. (PS50U) [4058] Ooh, I, don't you start again with
Arthur (PS50T) [4059] No thanks [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [4060] Oh exactly
Arthur (PS50T) [4061] I don't like Park Drive [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4062] good for you, keeps the moths out the house
A. (PS50U) [4063] But surely the taste
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4064] it's horrible, ah, well I think it's horrible
Arthur (PS50T) [4065] It keeps the moths out ...
A. (PS50U) [4066] I can't stand going in a, you see, that's one of things I would never go out to dos for cos I
Arthur (PS50T) [4067] Because of the smoke
A. (PS50U) [4068] I couldn't stand the smoke
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4069] he used
Arthur (PS50T) [4070] There
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]

8 (Tape 032702)

Arthur (PS50T) [4071] Okay?
[4072] Oh he's alright, he is, [tut] ... who's gonna come looking?
A. (PS50U) [4073] Honestly Arthur there's, there, I'll have those, give me those back
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4074] draw the curtains round ...
Arthur (PS50T) [4075] Oh he's going in the toilet, they're better, that's a nicer colour [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [4076] Yes, give me those
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4077] were you never a Girl Guide? [laugh] ... [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [4078] I'm embarrassed.
Arthur (PS50T) [4079] I'm not embarrassed.
A. (PS50U) [4080] I am.
Arthur (PS50T) [4081] Why?
A. (PS50U) [4082] Well the nurse is here
Arthur (PS50T) [4083] I think they see a lot, they see everything the nurse's mother
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4084] [laugh] What is it, if you've got it, flaunt

9 (Tape 032703)

Arthur (PS50T) [4085] He's, he's, what do you call it?
[4086] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4087] he's alright, it's okay
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4088] yeah, it's alright, completely, I wouldn't do it if it was illegal, don't worry ...
A. (PS50U) [4089] The only thing is Philip's gonna have to be careful
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4090] well somebody'll have to drive him there
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4091] about what?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4092] about getting home movies
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4093] he's a great fan
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4094] yeah, might be an idea though, well we'll see what's, what happens with the
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4095] nothing to be ashamed of yourself
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4096] Oh God, no
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh] ...
A. (PS50U) [4097] Go on what's that
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4098] nothing's happening ...
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4099] I suppose they could send me out tomorrow
A. (PS50U) [4100] oh God
Arthur (PS50T) [4101] That's what I said to ya, I said this, tomorrow possibly
John (PS510) [4102] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4103] cos if they've got everything under control they'd want it, what else can they do?
John (PS510) [4104] It's all under control now
Arthur (PS50T) [4105] It might be rest they might think
A. (PS50U) [4106] It might be
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4107] they might keep you in for a longer rest
John (PS510) [4108] I don't think they will though, because they've given me that already
A. (PS50U) [4109] Oh
Arthur (PS50T) [4110] this is the second bite this is it
A. (PS50U) [4111] Oh I see
John (PS510) [4112] I've had the first one
A. (PS50U) [4113] Oh
Arthur (PS50T) [4114] think
John (PS510) [4115] I could wait another forty eight hours while you wait results of that one you see
A. (PS50U) [4116] Yes
John (PS510) [4117] I'm off all me pills now
Arthur (PS50T) [4118] All of them?
John (PS510) [4119] Well
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4120] except the pills they give you in these places just to keep you quiet
Arthur (PS50T) [4121] You er
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4122] can give ya, so that you can sleep
Arthur (PS50T) [4123] Let's have a, let's have a look at your list, see what you've er
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4124] stop, stop
A. (PS50U) [4125] Alright ...
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4126] getting on, getting on
A. (PS50U) [4127] Well if you were going to come for me you've got to drive and that and he's still not up yet today, so I, I have to get Arthur to draw some money
John (PS510) [4128] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [4129] and I think it might be better if he hasn't
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4130] maybe if, if he's
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4131] he would
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4132] yes
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4133] when he's suggested you go back to bed
A. (PS50U) [4134] Because they cou they have to
John (PS510) [4135] No I say,
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4136] shh, shh
Arthur (PS50T) [4137] There's a possibility
A. (PS50U) [4138] There's a possibility
Arthur (PS50T) [4139] that's a possibility
A. (PS50U) [4140] they'll, they'll come and visit if I go back with Philip and
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4141] yes because they'll see to it
John (PS510) [4142] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [4143] see to your visiting
Arthur (PS50T) [4144] We can bring you back at home or if they insist that you go back in an ambulance, you may, they may not put you back home you know, have you thought of that?
[4145] They might put you into Southwold
John (PS510) [4146] I know, I mean, I mean it's the same thing isn't it?
Arthur (PS50T) [4147] Yeah, but they might do that
A. (PS50U) [4148] Oh well, if they put you in Southwold I'm alright
John (PS510) [4149] I doubt it
Arthur (PS50T) [4150] I doubt it, but they might do that
A. (PS50U) [4151] Yes, if they put him into Southwold I'm alright
Arthur (PS50T) [4152] you're not, you're not gonna be in here much longer, that's a fact isn't it?
John (PS510) [4153] Mm
A. (PS50U) [4154] No
Arthur (PS50T) [4155] So
John (PS510) [4156] that's a fact
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4157] have you seen the weather out there, it's gorgeous ain't it?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4158] did you watch it yesterday?
John (PS510) [4159] Some of it yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4160] I saw a bit of it
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4161] brilliant man
John (PS510) [4162] Brilliant
A. (PS50U) [4163] I thought
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4164] he only last one lap didn't he?
Arthur (PS50T) [4165] Yeah, why I didn't see that, I only saw one bit of it, tiny bit
John (PS510) [4166] Red one last
Arthur (PS50T) [4167] Yeah, the British lad, the English lad, Aussies, they're all the same these Aussies
A. (PS50U) [4168] The conversation
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4169] no I think the more sensible idea is to get
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4170] he's on soundings
A. (PS50U) [4171] Is he also adding sugar to him
Arthur (PS50T) [4172] I tell you what he does need, see a doctor
A. (PS50U) [4173] Ah
John (PS510) [4174] he does need to see a doctor
Arthur (PS50T) [4175] I don't mean erm what's his name, cos he's abroad isn't he? erm ... what's the guy's name?
John (PS510) [4176] Mm
Arthur (PS50T) [4177] he wants to see a doctor, otherwise he's just gonna, he's not gonna get any better is he?
A. (PS50U) [4178] Neither of them are gonna get better, I mean you've been in here all this time and he hasn't been up yet
John (PS510) [4179] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [4180] so, the biggest one is to get him
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4181] yeah
A. (PS50U) [4182] and to get that
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4183] yeah
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4184] he drove me over
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4185] yeah, I know ...
Arthur (PS50T) [4186] Yeah, that's a point innit?
[4187] I needn't of brought her
A. (PS50U) [4188] I mean, yeah, but how can I go out without the car that's the trouble, but many car drivers
Arthur (PS50T) [4189] It's not been out the house other than last night
A. (PS50U) [4190] How, but you, they're, they've done all the shopping
John (PS510) [4191] Yes I know they have, yeah
A. (PS50U) [4192] I mean they've done all the shopping and how can I manage without the car?
John (PS510) [4193] Well you won't be able to
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4194] well
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4195] what?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4196] how's that, has it got rockets on the back? [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [4197] I don't know I think it's a sensible idea
Arthur (PS50T) [4198] Wings on it
A. (PS50U) [4199] for
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4200] get in his house, see what happens, get that
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4201] yeah
A. (PS50U) [4202] he's still, he's still got his antibiotics to finish
John (PS510) [4203] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4204] Mm
A. (PS50U) [4205] he finishes them on Monday and if he's no better by then, cos nobody
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4206] Well he will be he's gonna be, he is better now than he was cos them antibiotics are working
A. (PS50U) [4207] Yeah well give them till he's finished the antibiotics
Arthur (PS50T) [4208] Yeah, well, what but, but I'm saying is it's not the antibiotics it isn't the
John (PS510) [4209] It's just not the
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4210] that
John (PS510) [4211] he wants something to, he wants something
Arthur (PS50T) [4212] he wants , he wants somebody looking at him and saying well
John (PS510) [4213] there's something, something going on that leg all the time like a pain or something like it
Arthur (PS50T) [4214] he wants, he wants X-ray or something like that
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4215] just to see what on earth it's like in there
John (PS510) [4216] He's like , he's, he's like, he's like, he wants to be in here
Arthur (PS50T) [4217] Well not this place but somewhere
John (PS510) [4218] Yeah, well, you see, but if he, the thing is, if he, he, he seems as if he is carrying a weight, a terrible weight all the time
Arthur (PS50T) [4219] Well that, what are antibiotics gonna do?
[4220] Nothing at all
A. (PS50U) [4221] Mm, mm
Arthur (PS50T) [4222] about that
A. (PS50U) [4223] you see the, the doctor doesn't, the doctor that came out doesn't know his case and, well I don't think
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4224] and I think to have it, say watch Mr , Mr you, if he's not here, he's not here and you've got to do something
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4225] I can't, he can't,
Arthur (PS50T) [4226] Could he
John (PS510) [4227] I can't see
Arthur (PS50T) [4228] see you can't
A. (PS50U) [4229] You can't go and see
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4230] it's too far away
Arthur (PS50T) [4231] Well it's, they've plenty of people here
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4232] so you've got, yeah ... and if, the longer it goes on, the more
John (PS510) [4233] I mean if possible that he can't be any better
Arthur (PS50T) [4234] mi yeah, it's a possibility but until somebody actually says no, you don't know
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4235] when he went to Liverpool the guy there did nothing for you did he?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4236] it was a waste of time it was a waste of a journey for Philip and it was too much for him
Arthur (PS50T) [4237] Well, he, it's not that far away and it's, if he's in here and they can see to him, fair enough, or they might be able to point him in a different direction, a better direction ...
John (PS510) [4238] So it's, you've got to see somebody
Arthur (PS50T) [4239] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [4240] It's just to get
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4241] can't go on like this
A. (PS50U) [4242] Oh no
Arthur (PS50T) [4243] crazy to
A. (PS50U) [4244] getting worse, he's been going
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4245] oh
A. (PS50U) [4246] He hasn't as a matter of fact
Arthur (PS50T) [4247] it's just bed and
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4248] yeah can get in
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4249] I thought what's that digging in until I realized what it was
A. (PS50U) [4250] Oh all the time you've been
Arthur (PS50T) [4251] Yeah
John (PS510) [4252] He doesn't need to see, see a dermatologist
Arthur (PS50T) [4253] Who?
John (PS510) [4254] Well one of those
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
John (PS510) [4255] or other
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4256] a lum lumbatologist no, no, yeah cos all he's doing is just lying there
A. (PS50U) [4257] He's just lying
Arthur (PS50T) [4258] eating
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4259] but it
A. (PS50U) [4260] It's ten o'clock this morning before they
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4261] report on what?
A. (PS50U) [4262] On what Arthur's doing
Arthur (PS50T) [4263] What's that?
A. (PS50U) [4264] wind bag
Arthur (PS50T) [4265] [laugh] Who's the wind bag?
[4266] Blow out ...
A. (PS50U) [4267] You're the wind bag ...
Arthur (PS50T) [4268] It's not in, you've lost it, there you are it's in that one ... can't find it? ...
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4269] Cup of tea dear?
John (PS510) [4270] Yes please ...
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4271] One sugar?
John (PS510) [4272] Er one please
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4273] Two?
John (PS510) [4274] Er one please
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4275] One, sorry
Arthur (PS50T) [4276] What's that?
[4277] ... Don't be a Rodney and spend ... what, that's Archer isn't it?
John (PS510) [4278] No, the other one
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4279] Brian, a cup of tea? ...
Arthur (PS50T) [4280] Lang lingo
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4281] that looks like Jeffrey Archer
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4282] Rodney's
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4283] Jeffrey's, Jeffrey Archer, Jeffrey, don't be a Rodney and spend Jeffrey on a ... cat and bob, it's the Daily Mirror as well [laugh] ...
John (PS510) [4284] It's a new language
Arthur (PS50T) [4285] Rodney's a plonker, yeah
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4286] oh God, good though ain't it?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4287] is that what you're doing?
Arthur (PS50T) [4288] I don't know
John (PS510) [4289] Is it a side line what's
Arthur (PS50T) [4290] No, no
John (PS510) [4291] a bit of a side line on that
Arthur (PS50T) [4292] No this is just to do with a
John (PS510) [4293] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4294] a, a Rodney, yeah
John (PS510) [4295] a Rodney
Arthur (PS50T) [4296] don't be a Rodney it says, don't be a Rodney it says and spend a Jeffrey on a cat and bob, don't be a plonker and spend two thousand pounds that's what he played, paid to the prostitutes, do you remember?
[4297] Yeah, just because you looked a nice girl was it? [laugh] on a cat and bob, somebody who gives you lots of promises and it's load of crap
A. (PS50U) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4298] bimbo
Arthur (PS50T) [4299] Bimbo
A. (PS50U) [4300] why?
Arthur (PS50T) [4301] Why?
[4302] [laugh] ... The favours, in lieu of favours given [laugh]
John (PS510) [4303] Indeed, [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [4304] Oh I
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [4305] Oh
John (PS510) [4306] You know you can
A. (PS50U) [4307] just have, I look as if I'm
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4308] mm, it's good though ain't it?
A. (PS50U) [4309] It's good, it's the longest
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4310] has it stopped, is it still splitting ah?
[4311] Oh it is
John (PS510) [4312] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4313] it is
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ...
Arthur (PS50T) [4314] Did you hear about that chap he did
John (PS510) [4315] What's that?
Arthur (PS50T) [4316] he did, James Watana, he did a one four seven break on TV the fastest ever
John (PS510) [4317] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4318] and his father was shot out in erm is it Bangkok Tha out Thailand way
John (PS510) [4319] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4320] and killed, his father's a gambler out there
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4321] somebody came to settle up ... bang and he was playing thinking he'd just been wounded and in fact he'd been shot and killed, poor chap ...
John (PS510) [4322] Is he still playing in
Arthur (PS50T) [4323] Well if he don't he don't get the pennies does he?
[4324] Don't do it you don't get paid ...
A. (PS50U) [4325] Last chance by a clever
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4326] time share
Arthur (PS50T) [4327] At these prices
A. (PS50U) [4328] at these prices, low season you can go for nine hundred and ninety five pounds ... mm ...
Arthur (PS50T) [4329] There you are there's your mobility chair for you
John (PS510) [4330] That's the one, yeah
A. (PS50U) [4331] Oh, aye, that's the
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4332] five forward gears, one reverse
A. (PS50U) [4333] exact one Mary and I have talked about getting a twin one
Arthur (PS50T) [4334] For what toy boy? [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [4335] No we were thinking of getting
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [4336] so we can travel together
Arthur (PS50T) [4337] Sharing between you [laugh] where would you have him then?
A. (PS50U) [4338] No, share
Arthur (PS50T) [4339] Monday, Wednesday, Friday, she'd have him Tuesday, Thursday and weekends [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [4340] cos I said to her what you gonna do when you get home if you can't drive?
[4341] Oh she said I'm gonna get one of those er chair, chairs that you see them
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4342] Mary I told her to buy a car you see and she said, she said no, I'll buy a chair then we can drive on the seat
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4343] [laugh] I said I, I'll have to start having lessons
Arthur (PS50T) [4344] How to do wheelies in the
A. (PS50U) [4345] how to do wheelies
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4346] she'll have to give me a mile start ... oh I say
Arthur (PS50T) [4347] Who is it then? ...
A. (PS50U) [4348] I guess that thing
Arthur (PS50T) [4349] Wind bag
A. (PS50U) [4350] It's hot in here
John (PS510) [4351] You feel, with your fur coat
A. (PS50U) [4352] I know, I'm gonna put it, take it off on
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4353] and like nothing on earth
John (PS510) [4354] Mm ...
A. (PS50U) [4355] mm ... honestly it's all sex in these papers
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4356] your eyes have lit up
A. (PS50U) [4357] Mm
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [4358] don't like these papers really
Arthur (PS50T) [4359] No, I know, keep the, keep the, you've read it four times now but you hmm ...
A. (PS50U) [4360] Ooh
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4361] thought he was dead ... oh ... I tell you who keeps young Cliff Richard doesn't he?
Arthur (PS50T) [4362] Mm
A. (PS50U) [4363] He never seems to age
John (PS510) [4364] Who's that?
Arthur (PS50T) [4365] He's not married that's why
A. (PS50U) [4366] Yeah
John (PS510) [4367] He has a
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4368] doesn't smoke, doesn't drink ... not married
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ...
A. (PS50U) [4369] Oh I say ... Jimmy White
Arthur (PS50T) [4370] Well ...
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4371] yeah but there's only one missing
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4372] oh no

10 (Tape 032704)

A. (PS50U) [4373] You must be joking
Arthur (PS50T) [4374] They don't know who you are
A. (PS50U) [4375] it's like er Jeremy Beadle
Arthur (PS50T) [4376] Jeremy Beadle, is it heck, is it heck
A. (PS50U) [4377] Course it is
Arthur (PS50T) [4378] It's not
A. (PS50U) [4379] Of course it is, I mean in your house and taking over
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4380] oh
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ...
A. (PS50U) [4381] can I pass you please? ...
Arthur (PS50T) [4382] Can you get past?
A. (PS50U) [4383] I don't like her
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4384] it's a terrible non event
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh] ...
A. (PS50U) [4385] How's your glasses? ...
Arthur (PS50T) [4386] Can you squeeze through?
A. (PS50U) [4387] I can now
Arthur (PS50T) [4388] I've left a gap a yard wide for ya
A. (PS50U) [4389] Oh dear, that's ...
Arthur (PS50T) [4390] Oh ...
John (PS510) [4391] I better had, put these back on again
A. (PS50U) [4392] Yeah as Philip says you're stupid wearing those or something because
John (PS510) [4393] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [4394] they're your new ones so
Arthur (PS50T) [4395] Are they a different prescription
A. (PS50U) [4396] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4397] than those?
[4398] Oh, oh well
John (PS510) [4399] It may of been when between there
A. (PS50U) [4400] But Philip says you shouldn't of got that
Arthur (PS50T) [4401] Oh no, it's a different pres different strength
A. (PS50U) [4402] he said, well, well I said well he keeps
Arthur (PS50T) [4403] You look better in them mind you
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4404] yeah those are better
Arthur (PS50T) [4405] suit you
John (PS510) [4406] Mm
Arthur (PS50T) [4407] they make you make you look sort of intelligent sort of
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4408] oh they're more expensive aren't they?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4409] What is it, your eyes have altered the strength of your lenses haven't they?
[4410] They've all, I could do with glasses.
A. (PS50U) [4411] I thought you used to wear them at one time
Arthur (PS50T) [4412] For reading yeah, I could do now I think for distance
A. (PS50U) [4413] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4414] if I look at things like that, it's all, er ...
A. (PS50U) [4415] yes because you, when Paula, when did Paula stop wearing glasses?
Arthur (PS50T) [4416] I'd never seen Paula in, in glasses, ever, other than in photographs
A. (PS50U) [4417] Oh
Arthur (PS50T) [4418] not a liable
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4419] I don't think she had
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4420] no it's just for close work
A. (PS50U) [4421] Mm
Arthur (PS50T) [4422] it is
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4423] Paula
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4424] glasses as soon as she went to another
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4425] well she wore glasses when she was in her pram
Arthur (PS50T) [4426] In her pram?
A. (PS50U) [4427] Yeah she had
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4428] she had little tiny, little gold ones
Arthur (PS50T) [4429] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [4430] that were tied on with a ribbon
Arthur (PS50T) [4431] Ah
A. (PS50U) [4432] and she was [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4433] Have you got a photograph of that in the pram with glasses on?
A. (PS50U) [4434] and, no she had
Arthur (PS50T) [4435] Could, we could have that blown up
A. (PS50U) [4436] she had them a few month's old didn't she?
John (PS510) [4437] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4438] and we could send it anonymously to
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4439] primary school [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4440] but no, she had them er then and he spent a lot of time did Paula with her glasses you needn't worry
Arthur (PS50T) [4441] Did she have operations to
A. (PS50U) [4442] Oh yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4443] or just a squint
A. (PS50U) [4444] she had the two, the first one wasn't put right, you know they had to get the exact one
Arthur (PS50T) [4445] Mm, mm
John (PS510) [4446] They get weaker and weaker before they'll do it, weaken the
A. (PS50U) [4447] What they do is
Arthur (PS50T) [4448] So it will
John (PS510) [4449] So it will, if one wasn't
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4450] was pulling to yes
A. (PS50U) [4451] Yeah, yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4452] So they weakened the strong one
John (PS510) [4453] And the only, the only way you can do that, you can't string the muscle up
Arthur (PS50T) [4454] So they weakened the strong one
John (PS510) [4455] They have to
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4456] the root and the stronger one
Arthur (PS50T) [4457] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4458] what they hand them down here do they?
[4459] So they a bit Monty Pythonish swing
A. (PS50U) [4460] But she, she had to have two because the, the first one they did it wasn't, it wasn't exactly what they wanted
Arthur (PS50T) [4461] Mm
A. (PS50U) [4462] so she had to go back in and have it done again
Arthur (PS50T) [4463] God
A. (PS50U) [4464] so, she was very good wasn't she?
[4465] Because you see then erm ... until they take the bandages off
Arthur (PS50T) [4466] Mm
A. (PS50U) [4467] they don't know
Arthur (PS50T) [4468] If it's worked or not, if it's been a success or not
A. (PS50U) [4469] and it's an ordeal for a young child
Arthur (PS50T) [4470] Mm
A. (PS50U) [4471] What we did with, we bought her a little guitar so that she can play it and have a bit of music and something to do
Arthur (PS50T) [4472] Yeah, yeah
A. (PS50U) [4473] and she had, we bought her this little
Arthur (PS50T) [4474] Ukelele type of thing
A. (PS50U) [4475] and the second time she had it done it was very unfortunate because I
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4476] was on you know that big
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4477] no, I don't, but there's been that many
A. (PS50U) [4478] they were all down with it
Arthur (PS50T) [4479] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [4480] and they wouldn't let her out of hospital but they closed the ward and they wouldn't let any
John (PS510) [4481] Only those that were in could stop in
A. (PS50U) [4482] And only them
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4483] but nobody could visit
Arthur (PS50T) [4484] So sort of isolation it was
A. (PS50U) [4485] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4486] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [4487] and it
Arthur (PS50T) [4488] So how long was she in for then?
John (PS510) [4489] Be about a week
A. (PS50U) [4490] A week extra but
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4491] used to come up
Arthur (PS50T) [4492] Poor up
A. (PS50U) [4493] She took, she took them a walk to see the flowers in the garden and
Arthur (PS50T) [4494] In the hospital, yeah
A. (PS50U) [4495] they dressed up as nurses and help the nurses
Arthur (PS50T) [4496] Oh that'll be good won't it?
A. (PS50U) [4497] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4498] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [4499] Oh yeah the nurses were kind to them
Arthur (PS50T) [4500] Were good to them
A. (PS50U) [4501] yeah, and they cleaned the ward and they, cos everybody went
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4502] oh they were spotless
Arthur (PS50T) [4503] they were all fit
A. (PS50U) [4504] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4505] they were all fit, just keep them
A. (PS50U) [4506] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4507] keep them occupied
A. (PS50U) [4508] and then of course erm because, because she just had the operation you see they didn't think it was advisable
Arthur (PS50T) [4509] Pardon?
A. (PS50U) [4510] Because she just had the operation
Arthur (PS50T) [4511] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [4512] they didn't think it was advisable that she came home
Arthur (PS50T) [4513] Mm
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4514] I'm not cheating out
A. (PS50U) [4515] Oh no
John (PS510) [4516] I'm not cheating out
Arthur (PS50T) [4517] But you
John (PS510) [4518] but I've been wanting, I've been quietly thinking, the trouble is, you see it isn't just the argument that drives you pot you wouldn't nip home, Paula to go with you to bring her dear Arthur back
A. (PS50U) [4519] Why?
Arthur (PS50T) [4520] I do that
John (PS510) [4521] Well is he going to walk back?
Arthur (PS50T) [4522] if I'm driving the Metro
A. (PS50U) [4523] The only thing, other thing is, that Arthur could take the
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4524] in his car
Arthur (PS50T) [4525] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [4526] and then they could bring the Metro over, if I go and do some shopping on my way out now at Asda
John (PS510) [4527] Yeah
A. (PS50U) [4528] and then could bring it another day, or
Arthur (PS50T) [4529] Bring back, that's right, either way it's gotta go hasn't it?
John (PS510) [4530] It, perhaps it's a bit much to try and get it all done to er today
A. (PS50U) [4531] No, if you took us in your car, you could come for, if you took us in the Metro today, oh
Arthur (PS50T) [4532] No, say it, go on say it
A. (PS50U) [4533] No, you've still got to get back to your place
Arthur (PS50T) [4534] To get back to my
A. (PS50U) [4535] to your house in it
Arthur (PS50T) [4536] Well either way we've got to do that, two cars have gotta go, it's gotta involve two cars either way, no matter when you do it
John (PS510) [4537] It's got to involve two cars at some time
Arthur (PS50T) [4538] whether you do it start, middle or end, it makes no difference
A. (PS50U) [4539] And then they come for him, and then, you come for him in your car
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4540] yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4541] Yeah, when are they likely to tell you about your biopsy then?
A. (PS50U) [4542] They don't rush
Arthur (PS50T) [4543] No I'm not
John (PS510) [4544] The best thing you could do is ask at the
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4545] if I go and ask now
John (PS510) [4546] You go and ask them if there's any news
Arthur (PS50T) [4547] Do you wanna ask?
John (PS510) [4548] cos they only told me bits, they all came round this morning and er, we were having a laugh actually, it was
Arthur (PS50T) [4549] Was this big Mr
A. (PS50U) [4550] it was him we were laughing this morning
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4551] oh God [laugh]
John (PS510) [4552] he were er, he were er, they said they, he haven't got, he said you
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4553] no need for painkillers he was that surprised, he was that surprised the way, of the way he did it, he got brutally treated with
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4554] with his
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4555] telling him now how he did, how he did it
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4556] yeah, yeah, and they, they say he was brutal with you?
John (PS510) [4557] I said, I said, I said
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4558] I was all prepared he was suggesting there was a beautiful big orange over there, it was, he found out that neither of us, non,
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4559] oh God
A. (PS50U) [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [laugh]
John (PS510) [4560] and he
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4561] I told him ambition's a good thing and what are you
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4562] [laughing] take another sample from you please [] ?
[4563] And he, and this young doctor said, yeah he says the only samples I take
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4564] oh God [laugh] all fruits [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4565] so he needn't of been right you see, he could of, he [laugh] oh dear
John (PS510) [4566] Yeah if you follow that, that sister
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4567] right, see what she says and whether it's gonna be, I'll get it on tape if I can, for posterity [laugh] ... Spoken to John , what's happening about his biopsy?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4568] Oh that I don't know you'll have to see staff nurse
Arthur (PS50T) [4569] You don't know ...
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4570] John
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4571] I know what you're gonna ask me and I don't know [laugh]
Arthur (PS50T) [4572] You don't know, we're just trying to work out when he's going home or and things like that
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4573] Erm, not before the weekend by the sound of it
Arthur (PS50T) [4574] Right
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4575] they haven't yet said anything certainly that we're aware of
Arthur (PS50T) [4576] Right
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4577] he, he realizes I mean he's quite a lot better himself
Arthur (PS50T) [4578] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4579] he's now cut out all his morphine
Arthur (PS50T) [4580] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4581] just on erm a couple of odd painkillers
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4582] mm, mm
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4583] erm, and, and seems a lot better generally so, you know, just a question of waiting until somebody comes
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4584] will it be today?
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4585] I don't know, I can't tell you really
Arthur (PS50T) [4586] He's, he's talking now
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4587] Mr done another
Arthur (PS50T) [4588] Biop biopsy on Tuesday
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4589] biopsy on Tuesday, and it can take up to a week
Arthur (PS50T) [4590] He said two, forty eight hours just now
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4591] Yeah, yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4592] said I will know within forty eight hours and we thought we Tuesday you see
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4593] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4594] Thursday afternoon
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4595] How, erm, are still here for the moment, I mean
Arthur (PS50T) [4596] Oh yeah, here, here for a while, yeah
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4597] because, you know, you will see a couple of doctors wandering around and sitting at the desk
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4598] I mean he may know
Arthur (PS50T) [4599] Oh
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4600] and not divulge the information to you
Arthur (PS50T) [4601] I was gonna say
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4602] he may know when it's likely to come
Arthur (PS50T) [4603] Right, oh we're just trying to work out, you know, car here and getting bodies
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4604] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4605] here there and
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4606] Yes
Arthur (PS50T) [4607] everywhere, things like that, so, well I'll hang on a bit then
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [4608] Okay
Arthur (PS50T) [4609] okay, yeah, thanks a lot, ta ...
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4610] She said she doesn't know
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4611] hold on, hold on, just a moment, she doesn't know, but a biopsy can take a week, a week to come through, she wouldn't expect you out before the weekend
A. (PS50U) [4612] Exactly
John (PS510) [4613] Why?
Arthur (PS50T) [4614] Hold on, this is what you wouldn't, expects, this is only expects, this may not be, you might be walking out tomorrow morning
A. (PS50U) [4615] He's
Arthur (PS50T) [4616] she hasn't, she hasn't got the results through yet, but they maybe through and the doc says no already, but they haven't told her okay?
John (PS510) [4617] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4618] So, erm, she said oh you are erm on a few drugs, but there anti-inflammatory drugs that you're on
John (PS510) [4619] Yeah
Arthur (PS50T) [4620] okay, I think that's for your stomach, erm [laugh]
A. (PS50U) [4621] You're getting all excited, getting everybody else
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4622] No, no no, no I said to her if we could just know, cos er, moving bodies and cars and so on, she probably understands but she said as soon as you see a doctor out here, speak to them and, and then we can erm, but they may know somebody
John (PS510) [4623] They may not
Arthur (PS50T) [4624] but I say, I said to her that you, you'd said that you had the biopsy within, you'd know the results within forty eight hours, but she said oh no
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4625] they could take a week
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4626] oh stop rushing us then
Arthur (PS50T) [4627] We've had the word, nobody's being rushed
A. (PS50U) [4628] I know, I don't
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4629] he's, he's like this, he's got to get on, get everything done, that's what I said to you the other day, leave
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
A. (PS50U) [4630] and I can get myself sorted, because I know him, he doesn't, he doesn't wait
Arthur (PS50T) [4631] But he's not gonna be in that much longer are ya?
John (PS510) [4632] No
A. (PS50U) [4633] No, but he
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS510) [4634] but it's still, I mean, even if I don't, even if I don't come out tomorrow, I'd come out on Saturday
A. (PS50U) [4635] If you come out on Saturday night, the best idea for me to do is to get Philip home
John (PS510) [4636] This afternoon, yeah
A. (PS50U) [4637] No not this afternoon
Arthur (PS50T) [4638] This is what we've been saying
John (PS510) [4639] Oh not this afternoon
Arthur (PS50T) [4640] So what, what we could do
A. (PS50U) [4641] He wants us to call
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4642] no
John (PS510) [4643] Well, well, no
Arthur (PS50T) [4644] no, it's not that, listen, listen now, now listen to Santa now, listen to Santa, if you went home, if you went, listen to me now
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T) [4645] if you went home the day before Philip goes to get everything ready for him so you haven't
A. (PS50U) [4646] No, I'm taking, no it's not that, he's got to go home and be settled
Arthur (PS50T) [4647] Well that's what I'm saying
Unknown speaker (KP1PSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS50T)