BNC Text KP2

11 conversations recorded by `Carla' (PS513) [dates unknown] with 8 interlocutors, totalling 1078 s-units, 8570 words, and 1 hour 23 minutes 38 seconds of recordings.

9 speakers recorded by respondent number 713

PS513 X f (Carla, age unknown, student)
PS514 Ag0 f (Papya, age 13, student) friend
PS515 X f (Gabriel, age unknown, teacher) teacher
PS516 Ag0 f (Flit, age 13, student) friend
PS517 X m (Jones, age unknown, teacher) teacher
PS518 Ag0 f (Marsha, age 13, student) friend
PS519 Ag0 f (Sarah, age 13, student) friend
KP2PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KP2PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

11 recordings

  1. Tape 136401 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 136402 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 136403 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 136404 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 136405 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 136406 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 136407 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 136408 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 136501 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 136502 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 136503 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 136401)

Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [1] And Carla miss
Gabriel (PS515) [2] I called your name [...] I did
Carla (PS513) [3] miss Carla, you haven't called my name
Gabriel (PS515) [...]
Carla (PS513) [4] Carla
Gabriel (PS515) [5] Carla, Carla ... oh you were here last week when
Carla (PS513) [6] yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...] ...
Gabriel (PS515) [7] Carla
Carla (PS513) [8] yeah [laugh]
Gabriel (PS515) [9] I'm slowly getting to know names, it's the twenty seventh?
Carla (PS513) [10] yeah
Papya (PS514) [11] Yeah
Gabriel (PS515) [12] okay, rightio then, well last week we used our bodies ... last week d'ya remember what we did?, can you put your bag down please, take your jackets off, what do you think this is?, come on, ... nobody else here in the room [...] okay, so last week we [...] we did [...] if you remember, erm, now this week we're going to do some sound tracks
Carla (PS513) [13] can I borrow this?
Gabriel (PS515) [14] gonna make some sound machines alright
Papya (PS514) [15] I can't I can't
Gabriel (PS515) [16] obviously we've got to work together on all, are you listening to me?, on all the different parts of the body, you want them all to come alive, okay, so, this week as I say we're gonna concentrate on sound, sound, sound, sound, you've got to play [...] on sound [...] ... that is the painting, I mean the, the pictures do you, alright that's fine, at the same doesn't matter we've still got to work on different things, yeah, okay?, erm, so, as I say we're going to make a sound machine in different groups, now to give you an example, what I what you to do is be , I'm going to give you a situation, give, choose a profession, okay, let's say we are in hospital, now I want you each and everyone of you in this group think of the situation, think of a sound that one might hear in a hospital, everyone to themselves just think of a sound, could be a patient screaming, it could be a heart machine, it could be, er exactly, could be that, could be absolutely anything, it could sirens, it could be anything, okay, for everyone I want you to have the sound in your head ... okay, everyone's got a sound in their head?
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [17] Yeah
Gabriel (PS515) [18] just an example, now when I come round and tap you, I want you to make your sound and will you keep on making that sound repeatedly until I clap like that and tell you to stop, okay, so if I tap you
Carla (PS513) [19] go on
Gabriel (PS515) [20] you make your sound and you carry on and on and on, I'm gonna keep on taping different people's make their sound and then we're gonna see what it feels like you're in hospital, okay, now it doesn't matter if somebody's got the same sound as somebody else, it's no big deal, alright, because eventually they'll all blend into each other, but as soon as I've tapped you, make your sound, alright ... [children making different hospital noises] [...] patients, come on where's the machines? ... [children making different hospital noises] okay, stop, now when did it start becoming out of hand?, at one stage we didn't really know where we were to, once, once I [...] say ten people, okay, and that was also due to the fact that we had perhaps too many erm patients moaning, alright, it was good in one respect because why, it made obvious that we were in a, a hospital well something like [...] , but erm when you're in smaller groups and you're making your sound machines, obviously it's much easier to ... to control and to make the overall sound more realistic, don't you think?, so, mm, what we're going to do is we're going to get into different groups, into groups of four, five, no big deal, you're welcome to only if you want to, and, you're going to, each group is going to choose er a profession, okay, you can be brick layers, you can be er musicians, er you can be er gardener, I mean absolutely you can be factory workers, you can be absolutely anything, and what you're going to do is you're going to choose, each person will choose a sound which is represented of that particular person, er profession, okay, and you'll going to make your sounds simultaneously so that as for the audience who are simply listening to you can just close our eyes cos we won't, you won't be acting you'll be making these sounds and using, we'll close our eyes and we'll know exactly where we are, okay, and then after that once we've done that just, before you choose your profession to know what this is going to lead onto, after that we're going to put movements to that profession, so when, if you were in a factory going er putting bottles on, on top top of bottles, you would have the movements going and you would have the sound going and I want you to build up, up, the sound machine which becomes the movement machine as well , so you're almost robotic so you, shh, shh, or whatever, however your sound, and each person does their thing in the factory or where ever they are and we will be able to see from listening and looking at the movements and obviously remember just because you're not an example it doesn't mean you can't talk, there might be for instance there would be a doctor going stand back, stand back, you know, er, in, in the [...] you can use voices, but also obviously very, very effective to have sound voices, shh, shh, to create that part of it, have instruments, but this is how they actually started lay down sound tracks for movies, people specialize
Carla (PS513) [sneeze]
Gabriel (PS515) [21] that it came to make the amazing sounds, okay, and then after that, er, this is another thing it leads to is there's going to be a break down in your sound machine, okay, there's gonna be a break down in your, in your entire robotic machine, movement in our machine, and that break down could be due to some of the workers going off and getting [...] some of them erm you know, one, er part of the machine breaking down on the whole, sound changes, the movement changes and we're going to watch how this robotic machine changes as it breaks down, it could be sound shut down it could be it could be anything you choose, but I want it anyway, leave it to you so all you do is choose a profession, think of something that is, comes to life to you, in movement and in sound, okay, so let's get into groups of, see how many they are, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, okay let's get into groups of four then, okay ... is that right, one, two, three, four, one, oh five, four, five, just get your group into a work in, I thank you if you don't get
Carla (PS513) [22] Vanessa
Gabriel (PS515) [23] into groups yourself I'll put you in groups ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [children talking]
Gabriel (PS515) [24] come on into your groups please
Carla (PS513) [25] come on then
Gabriel (PS515) [26] quickly ... er can I see people not working properly?
Carla (PS513) [27] miss we've only got three
Gabriel (PS515) [28] you've got three ... what you got, can you work in your three?
Carla (PS513) [29] yes, we can
Gabriel (PS515) [30] okay, would you like to have one more?
Carla (PS513) [31] we can work in the three
Gabriel (PS515) [32] you'd like to work in the three? ... one more just simply because it's, it gives you more sound impulse
Carla (PS513) [33] okay
Gabriel (PS515) [34] is it going to be difficult to get one of them [...]
Carla (PS513) [35] I don't know cos there're all together
Gabriel (PS515) [36] yes, okay, you three go and make your sound, means that you have
Carla (PS513) [37] okay
Gabriel (PS515) [38] each one of you have to be louder and also it also means that you can make, one person can make more than one sound, okay, work it like, just you can substitute for the other two

2 (Tape 136402)

Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [39] I told you we walked off with the, with er Fel Felicity
Carla (PS513) [40] I didn't walk of with Felicity I walked off with Sookey
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [41] well Sookey still come round [...] well you don't want to join us, the rides so, it's [...]
Carla (PS513) [42] it's your fault
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [43] my fault?
Carla (PS513) [44] yeah, your fault
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [45] half past three, I could of gone out even more then
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...] ...
Carla (PS513) [46] oh yeah
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [47] ow
Carla (PS513) [48] ow what?
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [laugh]
Carla (PS513) [49] they came look, they came this way, they didn't go, they didn't go the long way round, I believe ya, they came this way up here
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [50] I know
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [51] that's it ... it's Sarah ... [humming] ... noisy down here Amanda with them cars.
[52] ... If I fall I'm dragging you down with me
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [53] no ...
Carla (PS513) [54] hi Flit, Felicity, hello, can you hear me?
Flit (PS516) [55] pardon
Carla (PS513) [56] oh ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Flit (PS516) [57] sorry I just feel you were [...] ...
Carla (PS513) [58] we're not always happier
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [59] oh stop squabbling ... it's a nice, to nice a day to squabble
Flit (PS516) [60] nice?
Carla (PS513) [61] yes
Flit (PS516) [62] I'm soaking wet and you call it nice and it's dismal, oh
Carla (PS513) [63] it's raining and I call it nice
Flit (PS516) [64] I call it rotten weather
Carla (PS513) [65] Joanne I'll be singing, it's raining, it's raining
Flit (PS516) [66] no, not particularly
Carla (PS513) [67] cos it's not raining I don't know what I'm talking about
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [68] don't worry ... not me
Flit (PS516) [69] not me
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Flit (PS516) [70] huh, got it, oh yeah I did do it actually
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [71] oh look at that dog, oh ...
Flit (PS516) [72] you thought it was gonna be a big alsatian didn't you?
Carla (PS513) [73] what's your, what's your book called?
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [74] you know where you were?,
[75] I hope you do cos I've just lost your page ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...] ...
Carla (PS513) [76] mm, mm ... my shoulders hurting me
Flit (PS516) [77] your shoes?
Carla (PS513) [78] no my shoulder
Flit (PS516) [79] er which one? ... which one?
Carla (PS513) [80] my right one, this one
Flit (PS516) [81] did you bang it?
Carla (PS513) [82] no, just does, I slept funny or something
Flit (PS516) [83] ee I found out yesterday that black tee shirt I was wearing has stained me black oh where my tee shirt was it was black
Carla (PS513) [84] how?, how? how?
Flit (PS516) [85] I dunno the dye just come out
Carla (PS513) [86] oh cos the raining the raining, it was raining yesterday
Flit (PS516) [87] yeah and the dye had all come off
Carla (PS513) [88] there's Ben, there's Ben, there's Li , there's Ellen's lover boy
Flit (PS516) [89] [laugh] so about ten o'clock in the evening I had to go and have a bath to get all this black stuff off me, it was horrible
Carla (PS513) [90] what colours your bath?
Flit (PS516) [91] it's grey
Carla (PS513) [92] oh so the bath, your baths grey yeah? so ba
Flit (PS516) [93] no, no, no no the water was grey because I got all this black stuff
Carla (PS513) [94] what colours your bath?
Flit (PS516) [95] white
Carla (PS513) [96] ah same as mine, the waters all grey, ah ...
Flit (PS516) [97] [...] apparently black
Carla (PS513) [98] are you still black?
Flit (PS516) [99] no ... I had to get mum to do my back because I couldn't see my back
Carla (PS513) [100] ah
Flit (PS516) [101] [laugh] and I had black all over my back, it was really horrible, and all my hands were black as well, and the
Carla (PS513) [102] how the the tee shirt didn't touch your hand
Flit (PS516) [103] no, no, no, but we've got your tee shirt, if you go like that
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [104] yeah I sometimes go like that
Flit (PS516) [105] yeah its rubbed off on my hand
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [106] I sometimes go like that
Flit (PS516) [107] yeah
Carla (PS513) [108] I don't
Flit (PS516) [109] it just rubbed off on my hand
Carla (PS513) [110] I just leave my tee shirt alone, basically
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [111] ooh the [...]
Carla (PS513) [112] where'd you get your tee shirt from?
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [113] the [...] and I have to go all ...
Carla (PS513) [114] the rude one to me
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [115] I dunno I haven't [...] yet
Carla (PS513) [116] cos Jo got a picture of my head when I was sleeping and a close up ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...] ...
Carla (PS513) [117] there's Jasmine
Flit (PS516) [118] where?
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [119] where?
Carla (PS513) [120] there
Flit (PS516) [121] oh yeah
Carla (PS513) [122] speaking to [...]
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [123] she's normally talking to someone when I come in
Carla (PS513) [124] she's not with me, she's like over there going, hi
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [125] yeah, she always says that ... why, are you a bit pissed off with her?
Carla (PS513) [126] no not, no ... hi
Flit (PS516) [127] hi
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...] ...
Carla (PS513) [128] I've got a stomach ache
Flit (PS516) [129] I've found my French homework at last
Carla (PS513) [130] I've got a stomach ache
Flit (PS516) [131] oh just
Carla (PS513) [132] I've got my shoulder, my stomach er, I'm in the wars today
Flit (PS516) [133] yeah
Carla (PS513) [134] okay
Flit (PS516) [135] my foot hurts
Carla (PS513) [136] bye ... bye

3 (Tape 136403)

Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [137] [spelling] J O N E S []
Flit (PS516) [138] Jones
Carla (PS513) [139] Jones ...
Marsha (PS518) [140] Who weren't here on Friday?
Carla (PS513) [141] no me, I was here ...
Marsha (PS518) [142] two, two exclamation marks and two for Mr erm ... I wouldn't like to be doing this Carla ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...] ...
Marsha (PS518) [143] can I have one?
Carla (PS513) [144] what?
Marsha (PS518) [145] chewing gum
Carla (PS513) [146] I suppose so ...
Jones (PS517) [147] Right, all the noise is coming from this [...]
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [148] I don't care
Jones (PS517) [149] stop it, get on with your work [...] you're gonna loose some of your break, understand
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Jones (PS517) [150] erm, I have
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Jones (PS517) [151] I have been round here and I've asked [shouting] everybody and you've told me you've got your work sheets, now get a grip of yourself, get yourself sorted out [] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Jones (PS517) [152] all I'm getting is a load of racket from you lot
Carla (PS513) [153] your first language isn't English is it?
Flit (PS516) [154] mm?
Carla (PS513) [155] your first language isn't English is it? ... what's it?
Flit (PS516) [...]
Carla (PS513) [156] how'd ya do that?
Flit (PS516) [157] well, my second name goes sort of like erm [...]
Carla (PS513) [158] okay, I ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [children talking in classroom]
Carla (PS513) [159] ain't got, I ain't got much money though ...
Marsha (PS518) [160] you can get brilliant bargains on food [...] you know that?
Carla (PS513) [161] yeah, but I don't want to stuff myself with junk
Marsha (PS518) [162] I know we're just saying
Carla (PS513) [163] McDonalds junk, but
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [164] Marsha I'm going along to the chip shop and I'm going to McDonalds and get a drink, na, I'm gonna have to stay, how much, how much the chips?, sixty P and how much is milk shake?, one pound, that's one pound sixty ... and then money for sweets after school ... [singing] [...] [] ...
Marsha (PS518) [165] why is it important that the thighs are strong and light?
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [166] I'm gonna get in trouble because you've been shouting away
Marsha (PS518) [167] what, what have I been shouting?
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Marsha (PS518) [168] why does it get you in trouble?, just because
Carla (PS513) [169] no cos he said we've gotta be quiet
Marsha (PS518) [170] oh
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [171] oh please
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [172] no you cannot use nothing ...
Flit (PS516) [173] have you seen what he's, what else he's put on that Mr Bond
Carla (PS513) [174] what?
Flit (PS516) [175] go and see ...
Carla (PS513) [176] Douglas yeah
Carla (PS513) [177] let's have a look at that Mr Bond thing yeah, hang on a minute
Jones (PS517) [178] you know I stood and asked who's got to do on a machine?, and everybody said they've got them, they've got a mark folder and they've got [...] I don't see that
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [children talking]
Jones (PS517) [179] why don't you just co-operate? so we can get the show off the ground
Sarah (PS519) [180] were working I hate that teacher
Jones (PS517) [181] now who hasn't got the human machine working?
Sarah (PS519) [182] one, two,
Jones (PS517) [183] for about the fifth time
Sarah (PS519) [184] three
Carla (PS513) [185] you're not loud enough Sarah I can't hear you
Sarah (PS519) [186] four, five, six
Carla (PS513) [187] oh and I've
Jones (PS517) [188] if anyone's close to
Carla (PS513) [189] what?
Jones (PS517) [190] finishing with the human machine working?
Sarah (PS519) [191] how can a thigh bone erm be strong and light at the same time?, not in the bloody
Carla (PS513) [192] well he said that
Sarah (PS519) [193] how can the thigh bone yeah be strong and light at the same time cos it's hollow
Carla (PS513) [194] I know that oh yeah ...
Sarah (PS519) [195] yeah I've got that see
Carla (PS513) [196] yeah cos I'm cos your dunce ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [children talking]
Flit (PS516) [197] she doesn't
Carla (PS513) [198] you don't know that
Flit (PS516) [199] I know
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Flit (PS516) [200] and Sarah goes to me I think he's quite flattered, and I went in your dreams [laugh] ...
Jones (PS517) [201] okay
Flit (PS516) [202] why they're stronger and why they're light
Carla (PS513) [203] no why [...] there strong because they need to be, they need to
Flit (PS516) [204] be held up, the bones need to be held up
Carla (PS513) [205] and because they won't break so easily and erm, they're light because you don't want to drag down to the floor do you? [laugh] basically
Jones (PS517) [206] if you've finished that, people are waiting for it who is?, can't she wait?
Jones (PS517) [207] no you do your work I am doing my work, god ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [208] what?
Flit (PS516) [209] fold them up and
Carla (PS513) [210] what's [...] mean?
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [children talking]
Flit (PS516) [211] I've got scratched, oh no it's hot
Carla (PS513) [212] I've got scratched, but you know, I've got
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [213] you put lipstick on?
Flit (PS516) [214] no, does it look like I've got lipstick on?
Carla (PS513) [215] I never knew you know, never work it before
Jones (PS517) [216] right who [...] their machine?
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [217] not me, I'm doing this one still
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [218] tough luck
Flit (PS516) [219] no it's not
Carla (PS513) [220] touch luck
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Sarah (PS519) [221] no that was question six was homework
Carla (PS513) [222] oh six was homework you not [...] you weren't allowed to take the sheet home
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Sarah (PS519) [223] who's got Tippex?
Carla (PS513) [224] me
Flit (PS516) [225] a piece of scaffolding
Carla (PS513) [226] oh thanks for asking
Flit (PS516) [227] and bone, a bone ...
Carla (PS513) [228] er, I don't wanna keep my jacket on ... [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...] ...
Flit (PS516) [229] where am I gonna put this? ...
Jones (PS517) [230] put the er, how the human puts the [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [231] no we shouldn't actually ... who him?
Flit (PS516) [232] yeah
Carla (PS513) [233] Douglas says, let's, Douglas says let's have a look at Mr Bond, let's have a look at Mr Bond click your fingers at me
Carla (PS513) [234] I click your fingers at me if I want to
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [children]
Jones (PS517) [235] why are you, on your feet and over there
Carla (PS513) [236] cos I need to
Jones (PS517) [237] and not there
Carla (PS513) [238] I'm looking at Mr Bond ... Mr Bond
Jones (PS517) [239] looking at what?
Carla (PS513) [240] Mr Bond
Jones (PS517) [241] what's that gotta do with the lesson?
Carla (PS513) [242] erm ... nothing much, okay, okay ... yes sir
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [243] she's not here
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [talk simultaneous] ...
Jones (PS517) [244] sit down and stay there
Sarah (PS519) [245] well what if you have to get to machine, you're gonna have to get to move ...
Carla (PS513) [246] no one 's to answer your stupid questions

4 (Tape 136404)

Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [247] Let's have a look, I don't know, I think he, I think he likes her though, but I don't know whether he wants to go out with her or not
Carla (PS513) [248] But does he, does he fancier her?, no
Marsha (PS518) [249] I don't, I dunno cos I don't really know her, I don't really know her [...] and all this, I was gonna say something, but I don't really know him, so I was gonna ask him does he fancy Sukey
Carla (PS513) [250] I sit next to him in my erm F T
Marsha (PS518) [251] you should ask him if fancies her
Carla (PS513) [252] yeah have Papya sitting next to me as well so Papya will go blurting up to Sukey, going
Marsha (PS518) [253] yeah
Carla (PS513) [254] Carla goes, Carla
Marsha (PS518) [255] [...] she told and before erm Papya goes any further she's gonna go Carla why did you say it?
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...] ...
Marsha (PS518) [256] now you've made me forget what I was gonna say now ... it was a, yeah, yeah, you see the [...] on her face
Carla (PS513) [257] who Sukey?, she goes to me, he I doubt, doubt if he'd fancy me, but she's just like, she's all going I doubt if he fancy me and do you think he does?
Sarah (PS519) [258] yeah she goes, she, she, should see the grin on her face
Carla (PS513) [laugh]
Sarah (PS519) [259] you see the grin on her face when erm, when you say
Carla (PS513) [260] when you go
Sarah (PS519) [261] [...] and she goes, no you stop him and there's a big grin on her face
Carla (PS513) [262] I doubt if many
Sarah (PS519) [263] use to see her no [...]
Carla (PS513) [264] I doubt if many people are gonna come in today, wow, what's that? [...] blinking car ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [265] and we started early, we started late
Sarah (PS519) [266] it feels weird
Marsha (PS518) [267] no it doesn't any more
Sarah (PS519) [268] yeah it does, it feels weird, but we
Marsha (PS518) [269] walking to school with no one around
Sarah (PS519) [270] yeah, it's better though cos you think, [...]
Marsha (PS518) [271] you can hear yourself think
Sarah (PS519) [272] yes this is right, all this noise and thinking about, looking at me ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...] ...
Marsha (PS518) [273] there's no one on the roads
Sarah (PS519) [274] alright, that's what erm, well a car [...] when we had erm about Alice and all that
Marsha (PS518) [275] yeah
Sarah (PS519) [276] erm, well, the, the roads are empty on the Sundays but I
Marsha (PS518) [277] er I got a lift erm school every time that happened
Sarah (PS519) [278] not ever erm, I, I kept seeing people on the roads though
Marsha (PS518) [279] yeah because there was quite a few people going to it
Sarah (PS519) [280] yeah I've never ever [...] like this
Marsha (PS518) [281] never ever seen it like this
Sarah (PS519) [282] it doesn't look up to about say the middle of the trees
Marsha (PS518) [283] yeah
Sarah (PS519) [284] near the leaves, it looks like, give, this is some sort of quarry or something, you know when they [...]
Marsha (PS518) [285] [...] it's like an archway over the trees yeah [...] ... [...] ...
Sarah (PS519) [286] huh, that dog better not bite me you know
Marsha (PS518) [287] no, I hope it's already eaten
Sarah (PS519) [288] yeah, it is ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Marsha (PS518) [289] is that one suppose to have a muzzle?
Sarah (PS519) [290] no ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...] ... [...]
Marsha (PS518) [291] it's massive, oh what they called? not the
Sarah (PS519) [292] Great Danes
Marsha (PS518) [293] no, I dunno, great big fluffy tail and massive and fat and they're big
Sarah (PS519) [294] erm a rottweiler
Marsha (PS518) [295] yeah that's it, this, she's got three rottweiler's now and
Sarah (PS519) [296] three?
Marsha (PS518) [297] yeah, one died so only got three now [laugh] and he walks and that cos he's quite, he's, he's quite little, he looks like
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Marsha (PS518) [298] yeah, he looks like he's taken them for protection cos he's like ... and no one will come near with them ... cos they're like, really [...] if they'd see ya
Sarah (PS519) [299] yeah
Marsha (PS518) [300] so what
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Marsha (PS518) [301] and there's, I'm, I'm glad about that cos they were quite
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Marsha (PS518) [302] yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Sarah (PS519) [303] [...] come in to our classroom and stay
Marsha (PS518) [304] who is?
Carla (PS513) [305] for the French lesson you know
Marsha (PS518) [306] oh there's that, that new girl
Carla (PS513) [307] what new girl?
Marsha (PS518) [308] the new girl
Carla (PS513) [309] oh yeah
Marsha (PS518) [310] it's Wednesday
Carla (PS513) [311] erm [...] does she know about coming to school? another car, huh, does she know about coming to school erm late?
Marsha (PS518) [312] I've no idea, er Sukey's gonna slap her up
Carla (PS513) [313] probably
Marsha (PS518) [314] look [...] ... [...] no one 's gonna end up getting left out anyway
Carla (PS513) [315] no that's true cos there's, there's eight, there's eight of us now
Marsha (PS518) [316] is there?
Carla (PS513) [317] yeah
Marsha (PS518) [318] who?
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [319] hi
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [320] huh?
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [321] why?
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [322] but I'm not late
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [323] well I don't know how to fill out the register [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [324] that's alright then
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [325] no
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...] ...
Carla (PS513) [326] well it's not freezing
Sarah (PS519) [327] no, but it
Carla (PS513) [328] what they doing here?, oh they came
Sarah (PS519) [329] are we allowed to go in there?
Marsha (PS518) [330] yeah
Carla (PS513) [331] yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...] ...
Carla (PS513) [332] I see [laugh]
Marsha (PS518) [333] where? ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [334] eight, five [...] ... gotta sign this ...
Sarah (PS519) [335] no there
Carla (PS513) [336] yeah I know
Marsha (PS518) [337] pens running out, pen was running out all yesterday
Carla (PS513) [338] I've got one ...
Marsha (PS518) [339] ah thank you ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...] ...
Sarah (PS519) [340] I'm not going yet
Carla (PS513) [341] I'm just walking around [laugh] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [342] pardon
Marsha (PS518) [343] [...] walking like this
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Marsha (PS518) [344] we have to wait here and see [...] coming in from their lessons just so that we can go off and go to Geography
Carla (PS513) [345] is, is it, is it just the second year that has erm, perhaps it not
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Sarah (PS519) [346] where we going?
Carla (PS513) [347] I don't know
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Marsha (PS518) [348] who's got their tutor homework?
Carla (PS513) [349] what tutor homework?
Marsha (PS518) [350] T P homework
Carla (PS513) [351] what's that?
Marsha (PS518) [352] drawing you can do it, in it?
Carla (PS513) [353] I have done it, oh I haven't, I haven't brung it in
Marsha (PS518) [354] well
Carla (PS513) [355] well he knows I've done it anyway
Marsha (PS518) [356] done maths?
Sarah (PS519) [357] homework
Carla (PS513) [358] no I
Sarah (PS519) [359] done your maths?
Marsha (PS518) [360] I've done, I've done Mr my erm, my erm, that [...] homework last term and he's gone and lost it
Sarah (PS519) [361] you done your maths?
Carla (PS513) [362] what?
Sarah (PS519) [363] maths?
Carla (PS513) [364] no have you?
Sarah (PS519) [365] due today
Carla (PS513) [366] I know but I haven't done it, have you?
Marsha (PS518) [367] [...] yesterday
Sarah (PS519) [368] I wasn't here when it was given out so I didn't know what it was
Carla (PS513) [369] what er erm, what was your answer?
Marsha (PS518) [370] mine?
Sarah (PS519) [371] what did you get in the, in the table assess yesterday?
Marsha (PS518) [372] answer?
Carla (PS513) [373] yeah, eleven [laugh]
Marsha (PS518) [374] oh, you've got one as well
Sarah (PS519) [375] what did you get in the table assess yesterday?
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Sarah (PS519) [376] what did you get in the table assess yesterday?
Marsha (PS518) [377] table assess twenty eight, erm twenty eight, eighteen
Carla (PS513) [378] twenty eight [laugh]
Sarah (PS519) [379] eighteen
Carla (PS513) [380] I, I didn't do mine, I
Marsha (PS518) [381] yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [382] yeah, bye
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [383] yeah, bye
Marsha (PS518) [384] I got twenty out of twenty
Carla (PS513) [385] why have you got it? ...
Marsha (PS518) [386] I got twenty out of twenty
Carla (PS513) [387] mm, cos listen to what I mean, Ollie goes, I was sitting next to Ollie yeah and she looks at my thingy, yeah, and she goes that's what, you've missed out three, so I sat there writing all the nec numbers, yeah, and miss goes the other table and I'm like oh come on Carla hurry up and do the numbers inside, and I missed, I just couldn't, I couldn't catch up
Marsha (PS518) [388] ah, ha
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [389] yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...] ...
Carla (PS513) [390] yeah ... yeah anytime
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [391] yeah ...
Marsha (PS518) [392] Sarah you need six, [...] eight, four, erm
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Marsha (PS518) [393] no cos the six was, yes ...
Sarah (PS519) [394] Do you like, erm Chung Chew Ying
Marsha (PS518) [395] we don't know her she's [...]
Carla (PS513) [396] she's very quite
Sarah (PS519) [397] that's why she [...] not really [laugh]
Marsha (PS518) [398] shut up
Carla (PS513) [399] what?
Marsha (PS518) [400] [...] apart from the way she does it, she goes
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [401] she goes to him, she goes alright she lives in [...]
Sarah (PS519) [402] she's alright, she's nice
Marsha (PS518) [403] in a way [...] to talk to her
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Sarah (PS519) [404] I came up to her and started talking to her, yeah, and then Marsha goes to Gemma ... like that, it's like
Carla (PS513) [405] listen
Sarah (PS519) [406] that's when I came over to you two
Carla (PS513) [407] if you, if you've got
Sarah (PS519) [408] and then you two started whispering so I went somewhere else, so I was whispering in class
Carla (PS513) [409] if you, if you are gonna do your world experience what would you like to do?
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [410] what would you wanna do?
Marsha (PS518) [411] what?
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Sarah (PS519) [412] I'd like to go and work in the Old Bailey with a barrister
Carla (PS513) [413] you can you know cos I know
Sarah (PS519) [414] I know, I know
Carla (PS513) [415] my sister [...]
Sarah (PS519) [416] Jenny did that
Carla (PS513) [417] well my sister had a go, she knows people you see, like Jenny's
Sarah (PS519) [418] I thought, wouldn't it be good though if they, if what they did is on that day we went they pick everyone who wanted like the jobs yeah
Carla (PS513) [419] yeah
Sarah (PS519) [420] and if lots of people wanted to study law, they'd all bring them to like a lawyer, say
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [421] yeah
Sarah (PS519) [422] [...] be your partner on that day?
Carla (PS513) [423] no, er, ah, yeah, if we go to the
Sarah (PS519) [424] yeah, same place and everything
Carla (PS513) [425] I dunno if we're gonna be, oh Miss didn't say I'm
Sarah (PS519) [426] I think all the classes go to the same place
Carla (PS513) [427] yeah , no, he said separate
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [428] he said separate
Sarah (PS519) [429] [...] different employers
Carla (PS513) [430] yeah, cos if you are, erm
Sarah (PS519) [431] yeah
Marsha (PS518) [432] the whole years doing it
Sarah (PS519) [433] I know, it would be no point
Marsha (PS518) [434] it would be like the whole year was getting [...]
Sarah (PS519) [435] I know, but it wouldn't be any point if someone wanted to be like
Carla (PS513) [436] a dustman [...]
Sarah (PS519) [437] a doctor and they got into a nursery place
Marsha (PS518) [438] it's all worth the experience though
Sarah (PS519) [439] I know, but it still wouldn't
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Sarah (PS519) [440] be any point, huh, if they, cos the thing is if you go to all those lectures and then, because you're allowed to go to an employer of what you wanna be, you see they talk to you about it and they, and then you go on the computers
Marsha (PS518) [441] oh this I'll be so
Sarah (PS519) [442] and you work on the computers what you're gonna be and then it'll be silly if they brought you to a nursery afterwards [laughing] if you [] wanted to be
Marsha (PS518) [443] a nurse, you mean nursery
Sarah (PS519) [444] no, it isn't
Carla (PS513) [445] Felicity wanted it, Felicity wants [...] teacher
Sarah (PS519) [446] yeah
Carla (PS513) [447] she at school ...
Marsha (PS518) [448] [laugh] she already is in school, I mean you know for teaching like
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Sarah (PS519) [449] what, [...] really stupid, for work experience they just gave you places to go
Marsha (PS518) [450] I don't think
Sarah (PS519) [451] they do
Marsha (PS518) [452] cos you might not even wanna be that person
Sarah (PS519) [453] yeah, but it has to have something it has to have something with what you wanna do
Marsha (PS518) [454] yeah, and that, if not
Sarah (PS519) [455] like I once read a book where this girl she wanted to be a doctor and they brought her to a nursery for work experience
Marsha (PS518) [456] cos my sister, yeah, she wants to be responsible, she wants to be a scientist
Sarah (PS519) [457] yeah
Marsha (PS518) [458] yeah, she wants to be with the science lab, yeah
Sarah (PS519) [459] yeah
Marsha (PS518) [460] she worked in a lab for a week ... and
Sarah (PS519) [461] but then you, then, it's that, it's, when you're at work experience it's then when you really find out what it's like
Marsha (PS518) [462] yeah
Sarah (PS519) [463] so then you can decide whether to do it or not
Marsha (PS518) [464] but, it's only for a day, so you don't really know
Sarah (PS519) [465] it's not, he said two weeks of work experience
Marsha (PS518) [466] two years
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Sarah (PS519) [467] no, no, not now, but in the sixth form you spend two weeks
Marsha (PS518) [468] yeah
Sarah (PS519) [469] in work experience, [...] then you know really how it is and what, but if you didn't wanna do it, then, oh god, be a lot of [...] and like you decide [...]
Marsha (PS518) [470] it doesn't really matter because
Sarah (PS519) [471] yeah I know, but if you took like all your A levels for the, to be a scientist and then
Marsha (PS518) [472] no
Sarah (PS519) [473] you wanted to be like
Marsha (PS518) [474] you take yours
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [475] what do you wanna be and that?
Carla (PS513) [476] I've sa I've always wanted to be a barrister
Sarah (PS519) [477] I want to be something here I want to be something in law
Marsha (PS518) [478] yeah
Sarah (PS519) [479] or in a film
Marsha (PS518) [480] film
Sarah (PS519) [481] so I'm gonna study, I'm gonna do theatre study so [...]
Marsha (PS518) [482] yeah
Sarah (PS519) [483] and
Marsha (PS518) [484] what do you wanna do Carla?
Carla (PS513) [485] something in law, what do you wanna do?
Marsha (PS518) [486] be a journalist
Carla (PS513) [487] what?
Marsha (PS518) [488] journalism
Carla (PS513) [489] oh yeah, journalist
Sarah (PS519) [490] tell you why
Carla (PS513) [491] you can, you can do that, you know you can go into journalist, erm a newspaper probably
Sarah (PS519) [492] I tell you what I like about
Carla (PS513) [493] send them to the Guardian
Sarah (PS519) [494] I tell you what I like
Carla (PS513) [495] or something like that you know
Sarah (PS519) [496] about law and the film business cos there's loads of jobs to choose from,ba and you've still got to do the same thing
Carla (PS513) [497] they won't send you to anything like The Sun or the Daily Mirror I don't think
Sarah (PS519) [498] they, they will
Carla (PS513) [499] The Sun?
Sarah (PS519) [500] something like that
Carla (PS513) [501] come on The Sun
Marsha (PS518) [502] yeah, fun
Sarah (PS519) [503] yeah, no, but that's still a paper though isn't it?
Carla (PS513) [504] yeah, but I doubt The Sun come all [...] got it
Marsha (PS518) [505] no, right
Carla (PS513) [506] there're probably thinking, maybe the Evening Standard
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [507] I doubt, I doubt them two ... something like Evening Standard or
Sarah (PS519) [508] perhaps it would be a good [...] The Times or The Guardian
Carla (PS513) [509] yeah ... something interesting like that but not, not posh ones [...]
Sarah (PS519) [510] I'd like to see a media
Marsha (PS518) [511] oh I'd like to read the
Sarah (PS519) [512] studies journalist where
Marsha (PS518) [513] or
Sarah (PS519) [514] they go and critic on films
Marsha (PS518) [515] I'd like to
Sarah (PS519) [516] d'ya know when they go and er
Carla (PS513) [517] watch films
Sarah (PS519) [518] something like Barry Norman, that'd be wicked job
Carla (PS513) [519] no I don't like that ... sort of job
Sarah (PS519) [520] what do you wanna do go to places like you know the alternative, do you wanna be er inside journalist or an outside one?
Carla (PS513) [521] what's the difference?
Sarah (PS519) [522] like I want er insides when they work in the studios, outsides when they go like
Carla (PS513) [523] studios
Sarah (PS519) [524] to Beirut [...]
Carla (PS513) [525] it depends it depends really I don't know
Sarah (PS519) [526] [...] about going there cos they're quite dangerous sometimes
Marsha (PS518) [527] yeah
Carla (PS513) [528] yeah
Marsha (PS518) [529] I, I think I'd like to do [...]
Carla (PS513) [530] I hate to be someone like you know, you know that Cooke Report thing yeah
Sarah (PS519) [531] yeah oh yeah
Carla (PS513) [532] he got beaten the camera man got beaten up
Sarah (PS519) [533] who?
Carla (PS513) [534] yeah, didn't you see it?
Sarah (PS519) [535] on Watchdog, the lady
Carla (PS513) [536] yeah
Sarah (PS519) [537] erm, we've never seen [...] and they say this woman [...] big crooks yeah, and the woman she got her dogs chain and she hit her over the back, she's got all bruises, she told us after when when her report and
Marsha (PS518) [538] oh I hate to have to work , I hate lawn mowers like that they're annoying
Sarah (PS519) [laugh]
Marsha (PS518) [539] get an electrical one, they're much more chea , they're much more better, er shh, shh you're done [laugh] you don't have to spend all day mowing the lawn with the, the pair of scissors [...]
Sarah (PS519) [540] we might be moving again d'ya know that?
Marsha (PS518) [541] oh why, she get you in more trouble or something?
Sarah (PS519) [542] yeah, she nearly tried to knock my mum off her bike
Marsha (PS518) [543] what
Sarah (PS519) [544] in her car
Marsha (PS518) [545] you mum?
Sarah (PS519) [546] yeah
Marsha (PS518) [547] really
Carla (PS513) [548] when's this?
Marsha (PS518) [549] er, erm, Marsha?
Sarah (PS519) [550] yeah ... we take that off Carla
Carla (PS513) [551] I can't
Marsha (PS518) [552] Carla rewind it, rewind it
Carla (PS513) [553] I can't, stop it, it's on [...] I can't
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Sarah (PS519) [554] pardon
Carla (PS513) [555] yeah
Sarah (PS519) [556] when you got on the bus, yeah
Carla (PS513) [557] yeah
Sarah (PS519) [558] put your head phones on and listen to it

5 (Tape 136405)

Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [559] You know if you've, erm ... do you know if you've erm recorded it, if you're like speaking if you like in a group do you put all their names down?, or just put a group?
Papya (PS514) [560] I'd put all their names down
Carla (PS513) [561] yes same here
Papya (PS514) [562] cos it, cos it like takes up half the tape anyway
Carla (PS513) [laugh]
Papya (PS514) [563] and it's, it might be the same people speaking again your friends
Carla (PS513) [564] yeah, probably, I'd just go and the names are, I thought it was like I was like half through the tape, yeah, and I thought, and I was like, I had one name to go
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [565] I was like one, I was like half way through the tape and I had, I only had one name to go
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [scream]
Papya (PS514) [566] [...] the, the university isn't going to tell anybody are they?
Carla (PS513) [567] no, right
Papya (PS514) [568] think it's
Carla (PS513) [569] like
Papya (PS514) [570] confidential
Carla (PS513) [571] [...] want me to wipe it off, I'm not gonna
Papya (PS514) [572] don't wipe it off
Carla (PS513) [573] I'm not gonna
Papya (PS514) [574] tell her you have that
Carla (PS513) [575] yeah I will
Papya (PS514) [laugh]
Carla (PS513) [576] and this is like ... I had er half a side left, yeah
Papya (PS514) [577] yeah
Carla (PS513) [578] I had one name left and lucky it was on the back and just talking and talking and talking, it's erm, it was in my bag, and it did, it did pick up
Papya (PS514) [579] I have to check through my tapes cos I'm not sure if they, if I've used it all up
Carla (PS513) [580] [...] I've like got to last sentence and it was cut, and it was like really lovely of ...
Papya (PS514) [581] mine, half of mine cut half off people's conversation
Carla (PS513) [582] ah, no, did you turn over?
Papya (PS514) [583] no I just left it [laugh] cos it might, I don't know it might of been side B, I think it was, side B was [...] ...
Carla (PS513) [584] I've only done blinking one tape, I wanna do three at least
Papya (PS514) [585] yeah
Carla (PS513) [586] so I'm gonna start talking at home stop my sister shouting at me
Papya (PS514) [587] probably [...]
Carla (PS513) [588] I take it up to this, yes
Papya (PS514) [589] so we have to try and be really polite you see and she helps us like you are [laugh] and, and see how your [...]
Carla (PS513) [590] my sister will shout at me ... shut up you little ... cow
Papya (PS514) [laugh]
Carla (PS513) [591] mum goes, don't you swear at her ... no swearing thank you, and it's like [laugh] she hates swearing, it's like, not even swearing cows and animals
Papya (PS514) [592] my mum told me to wipe some of it, some of it off cos I couldn't her shout, I, I, I caught her shouting at my sister, she got really angry with my sister
Carla (PS513) [laugh]
Papya (PS514) [593] wipe it off, tt ...
Carla (PS513) [594] I'm not, I'm not wiping it off cos I mean, they insist talking with us, it's, er, that's what we talk about
Papya (PS514) [...]
Carla (PS513) [595] it, cos we usually talk about that, erm, what's happening
Papya (PS514) [596] what, boys? [laugh]
Carla (PS513) [597] no, I have
Papya (PS514) [598] yeah, [...]
Carla (PS513) [599] erm, I've got a lot, I have ... it's about her, the reason why she's moving all this stuff
Papya (PS514) [600] oh ... leave it all cos nobody's going to know what it's about
Carla (PS513) [601] ah stink bomb
Papya (PS514) [602] urgh
Carla (PS513) [603] I hate that stuff ...
Papya (PS514) [604] you think, nobody's going to know what it's about anyway [...]
Carla (PS513) [...]
Papya (PS514) [605] it's gonna be confidential, and they don't know who's, who's on the tape do they?, really
Carla (PS513) [606] no, not really
Papya (PS514) [607] ev even if you write down their name
Carla (PS513) [608] oh, who the person you're talking about
Papya (PS514) [609] yeah
Carla (PS513) [610] not [...] and even the person you're not talking about and you got
Papya (PS514) [611] well say Kate was talking and you were talking, and you wrote their names down, they won't know who's who
Carla (PS513) [612] yeah
Papya (PS514) [613] you see
Carla (PS513) [614] hold on, I was speaking to erm Sukey and Marsha and in between master with Mr
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [615] yes they were
Carla (PS513) [616] no the grotty old one with the [...]
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [617] [...] with Sarah
Papya (PS514) [618] how?
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [619] cos I had a conversation with [...]
Papya (PS514) [620] yeah, but I mean, if, it's just a group ...

6 (Tape 136406)

Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [621] I've just walked to school for fucking nuffink I haven't got a lesson
Papya (PS514) [622] I've just got second lesson off
Carla (PS513) [623] it ain't funny
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [laugh]
Papya (PS514) [624] you've got first and second lesson, ha, ha
Carla (PS513) [625] oh bloody hell everyone finds it funny, I don't ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Papya (PS514) [626] are you going to stay at school or go home?
Carla (PS513) [627] no, by the time I've get home I'll have to walk back to school again
Papya (PS514) [628] where you live?
Carla (PS513) [629] [...] stay home [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...] ...
Carla (PS513) [630] no
Papya (PS514) [631] Marsha what's her name again?
Carla (PS513) [632] now I won't be able to get my cigarettes
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [633] no, erm, that, what she told us was her surname
Carla (PS513) [634] that's her name though
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [635] no, that's how they, she told me that, that's how
Carla (PS513) [636] yeah, I know that's her name
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [637] they call it in erm but her names erm
Carla (PS513) [638] or something
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK)
Papya (PS514) [639] they, that's not
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK)
Papya (PS514) [640] she doesn't say that
Carla (PS513) [641] yeah, but she told Hayley that
Papya (PS514) [642] they call
Carla (PS513) [643] her name was
Papya (PS514) [644] can't they call her
Carla (PS513) [645] and that's how
Papya (PS514) [646] it's a lot easier
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [647] yeah
Papya (PS514) [648] that'll be
Carla (PS513) [649] what's her surname?
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [650] only say erm, only say their surname in erm in India because there's so many people with the name there, but there ain't in our class
Papya (PS514) [651] ah, are you sure she's from India?
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [652] yeah
Papya (PS514) [653] she doesn't look it at all
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [654] but she is
Papya (PS514) [...]
Carla (PS513) [655] she looks Chinesey
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [656] ah, but when we asked her where she's from she said India
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Papya (PS514) [657] she was born in India ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Papya (PS514) [658] no, they're both Indian
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [659] make a wish, make a wish
Papya (PS514) [660] erm, erm
Carla (PS513) [661] don't tell us, just make a wish and blow it
Papya (PS514) [662] I don't anybody
Carla (PS513) [663] take it, hold a wish and blow it
Papya (PS514) [664] oh god where is it?
Carla (PS513) [665] got it?
Papya (PS514) [666] oh got it, oh yeah I have
Carla (PS513) [667] make a wish, blow it
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [668] look at handsome prince come riding pass and sweep you off your feet, is it?
Papya (PS514) [669] just by guess, yeah
Carla (PS513) [laugh]
Papya (PS514) [670] oh this takes the piss man, I bet you there's no one in school with a cigarette in his arm
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [671] still have ten minutes to [...]
Carla (PS513) [672] she's bad
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [673] what?
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [674] right near my feet and she went ...
Carla (PS513) [675] yeah
Papya (PS514) [676] oh god, I'm not half awake today, I'm not normally this quiet ...

7 (Tape 136407)

Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [677] Excuse me, excuse me everybody don't you think she should enter in this competition, to be a model for
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [...]
Papya (PS514) [678] yeah
Carla (PS513) [679] oh yeah
Papya (PS514) [680] don't she?, shouldn't she?
Carla (PS513) [681] yeah [laugh] I told you there weren't no school
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [682] a modelling agency, for a year, a one contract
Papya (PS514) [683] she'll beat Kate anyway
Carla (PS513) [684] a year, a one year modelling contract with a league premier
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Papya (PS514) [685] sounds good to you don't it?, you can buy me cigarettes every day [laugh]
Carla (PS513) [laugh]
Papya (PS514) [686] I'm only joking, oh I wanna cigarette, who can I ponce off?, don't, that's what I'd say
Carla (PS513) [687] yeah, don't
Papya (PS514) [688] that's my motto, no chance, alright then I smoke drugs instead, no not really [laughing] I don't smoke drugs any more []
Carla (PS513) [689] only when you bother, yes you do
Papya (PS514) [690] no I don't
Carla (PS513) [691] you do, you told me you did
Papya (PS514) [692] no I don't
Carla (PS513) [laugh]
Papya (PS514) [693] I don't
Carla (PS513) [694] no, she doesn't really ...
Papya (PS514) [695] I don't I drink
Carla (PS513) [696] she doesn't
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [697] she drinks
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [698] yeah
Papya (PS514) [699] she smokes cigarettes, but she doesn't smoke drugs she
Carla (PS513) [700] in other words it's just as bad good
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [701] it's just as bad you know
Papya (PS514) [702] my sister smokes drugs, I lied, my sister smokes drugs, she won't even touch a cigarette, but she loves her diamond white you know
Carla (PS513) [703] what's diamond white?
Papya (PS514) [704] it's a alcohol drink, she loves it
Carla (PS513) [705] this a [...]
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [706] don't know
Papya (PS514) [707] ask her about, she was calling me Sharon on the train cos I was wearing a skirt, she's going oh Sharon, she was drunk
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [708] you're gonna enter aren't you Jasmine?
Papya (PS514) [709] she should shouldn't she?
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [710] yeah
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [711] exactly
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [712] enter it shouldn't she?
Papya (PS514) [713] ask her mum first
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [714] she'd, she'd beat them now, age
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [715] yeah why don't you at thirteen?
Papya (PS514) [716] exactly Kate must model, she'd beat her at
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [717] I'll speak to my mum cos my mum doesn't want me bloody stripping
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [718] yeah, but you can just try it, they're not going to make you strip
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [719] yeah that's what my mum said just the mirror
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [720] she said I don't want you stripping, I says I ain't gonna strip
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [721] yeah, but they're not gonna, if they say it then they don't make you strip
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [722] she goes I'll do porno's ...
Carla (PS513) [723] look's like you went and like all the clothes and [...] I suppose
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [724] you call this rust colour, shoe size
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Papya (PS514) [725] five six
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [726] bloody hell I'm five seven
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [727] no, I'm, I suppose so I don't think so
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [...]
Papya (PS514) [728] you can't be
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [729] I am, cos last time I measured myself in
Papya (PS514) [730] you can't be, I'm five seven
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [731] she's as tall as you
Carla (PS513) [732] yes, she is as tall as you, she's five seven
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [733] who's fag?
Papya (PS514) [734] mine, with hair all over it, my hair for my brush
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [735] alright, maybe next time [laugh] alright I'll see you later
Carla (PS513) [736] must, erm, stand back to back a minute
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [737] see you, [...] around anyway
Carla (PS513) [738] no stand, stand, stand back to back, oh I think she's taller ... Jasmine's taller
Papya (PS514) [739] oh that's not fair
Carla (PS513) [740] you're five eight ... you're five eight, you stand, you st ... I don't think [...] same size as my mum I don't think so ... somehow [...] cos my mums five eight and my mums erm quite tall ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [741] she's not five eight
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [742] your mum, you said your mum's five eight
Carla (PS513) [743] yeah
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [744] she's not five eight
Carla (PS513) [745] no way ...
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [746] you saying she's five eight, Jasmine
Carla (PS513) [747] er, yes
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [748] she's about five seven, six
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [749] my mum's five eight
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [750] who is five eight?
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [751] my mum's, no she isn't, well how would, how tall are you? ...
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [752] she's about five six, five six
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [753] I don't know what I am
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [754] she, you're more, you're more than five six and a half ... measure yourself
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [755] now
Carla (PS513) [756] no, when you get home, with a tape measure
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [757] I know what I am, I'm five four
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [758] you're five three
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [759] I'm five foot then
Carla (PS513) [760] no you're about five two, five three, who's taller?, who's taller?
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [761] you
Carla (PS513) [762] she must be about five two
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [763] wait, hold on, stand, stand with your legs together both of you
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [764] Hayley your feet are there
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [765] yeah she's taller a little bit
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [766] yeah, but look Hayley's feet, you're about five two
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [767] right, that's it
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [768] both of you stand on the stuff here
Carla (PS513) [769] we have, we did
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [770] stop leaning on me
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [771] I know
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [772] I am five four
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [773] how tall do you reckon I am Marsh?
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [774] I'd say about five six
Marsha (PS518) [775] five six and a half
Carla (PS513) [776] yeah
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [777] she's five seven ...
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [778] who's five seven?
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [779] Jasmine
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [780] did you measure yourself?
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [781] no
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [782] so how does she know she's five seven
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [783] cos this la , the girl out there said she's five seven, so she [...]
Carla (PS513) [784] she thinks, she thinks she's five seven
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [785] she's, she's got
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [786] Jasmine's taller than my mum
Carla (PS513) [787] my mum you see my mum, yeah
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [788] yes
Carla (PS513) [789] see my mum, five eight, my mum's taller than her, yeah, my mum's five eight, not five seven
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [790] my mum's five six so she's taller, and she's taller, she's taller than my mum
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [791] by about how much taller?
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [792] I dunno
Carla (PS513) [793] the best thing to do is measure yourself
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [794] if I'm five eight [...] five seven
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [795] oh yeah
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [796] I'm five seven and a half
Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [797] doesn't matter
Carla (PS513) [798] well I'm five three, you're much more, it means you're taller than me
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]

8 (Tape 136408)

Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [799] You could do it ... if I was taller, yeah
Papya (PS514) [800] If you were taller cos all, you've got the right body
Carla (PS513) [801] yeah
Papya (PS514) [802] erm, you're pretty enough and it's like, taller ...
Carla (PS513) [803] I don't know about it actually
Papya (PS514) [804] no [...] Sukey long hair
Carla (PS513) [805] yeah, but, but [...] ...
Papya (PS514) [806] you could of done it
Carla (PS513) [807] I, no way
Papya (PS514) [808] you could of seriously because they want, they don't want models like that erm [...]
Carla (PS513) [809] yeah, but I need to be a bit skinnier and ... a bit taller
Papya (PS514) [810] yeah, if you loose, if you were taller
Carla (PS513) [811] and skinnier
Papya (PS514) [812] no, if you were taller you would get erm
Carla (PS513) [813] and skinnier
Papya (PS514) [814] because you would shape, you would shape out
Carla (PS513) [815] yes that's true you would shape more ...
Papya (PS514) [816] but she's, she's as skinny as well
Carla (PS513) [817] has it [...]
Papya (PS514) [818] er, yeah ...
Carla (PS513) [819] yeah
Papya (PS514) [820] cos it's like erm, it's like, her, her calves and her shins are like same size as her thighs
Carla (PS513) [821] yeah
Papya (PS514) [822] she doesn't know she's all one size, best thing about being a bit podgy [...]
Carla (PS513) [823] yeah, at least she has
Papya (PS514) [...]
Carla (PS513) [824] oh you [...] it's due for about a bit more then
Papya (PS514) [825] [laughing] oh no []
Carla (PS513) [826] [laughing] often [] ... what you getting?
Papya (PS514) [827] erm, my usual, hamburger [...]
Carla (PS513) [828] yeah I'm not that hungry
Papya (PS514) [...]
Carla (PS513) [829] I'll get a happy meal, but not in a, not in a box, a medium drink
Papya (PS514) [830] hap happy meal are more expensive than getting
Carla (PS513) [831] yeah
Papya (PS514) [832] it separate
Carla (PS513) [833] is it?
Papya (PS514) [834] yeah
Carla (PS513) [835] and I'm going to get a medium fries, I don't like small fries, I'll get a cheese burger I think ...
Papya (PS514) [836] oh you know those small fries you get those little weeny erm little fries
Carla (PS513) [837] [laughing] yeah [] it's like they count them out and go that's a small one
Papya (PS514) [838] yeah put it in the small pile
Carla (PS513) [839] and they get all the lanky ones
Papya (PS514) [840] yeah
Carla (PS513) [841] yeah
Papya (PS514) [842] in the larger [...]
Carla (PS513) [843] yeah ...
Papya (PS514) [844] I remember when they use, they didn't use to be a medium [...] small and large
Carla (PS513) [845] yeah
Papya (PS514) [846] and the large one was the just the red packet
Carla (PS513) [847] I remember I used to pick off all the sesame seeds of the bun
Papya (PS514) [848] so did I
Carla (PS513) [849] and erm
Papya (PS514) [850] I used to pick it off
Carla (PS513) [851] and leave the bun and eat the hamburger and my dad used to eat the burger [laugh]

9 (Tape 136501)

Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [852] Can you think of any, erm ... names for a bar, it's got nuts and raisins in it?
Carla (PS513) [853] A what?
Carla (PS513) [854] my homework is yeah, my homework is er
Carla (PS513) [855] what?
Carla (PS513) [856] design erm two bars, toffee bars
Carla (PS513) [857] yeah
Carla (PS513) [858] with you know nuts and raisins summat like that
Carla (PS513) [859] yes
Carla (PS513) [860] my first one was oat bar, yeah
Carla (PS513) [861] yes
Carla (PS513) [862] a bar of raisins, muesli and oats, called oat bar
Carla (PS513) [863] yes
Carla (PS513) [864] and then my one was a bar with nuts, oh
Carla (PS513) [865] I thought of a nice name
Carla (PS513) [866] nuts on 'em and ... yeah
Carla (PS513) [867] nature bar
Carla (PS513) [868] nature?
Carla (PS513) [869] yeah
Carla (PS513) [870] why nature?
Carla (PS513) [871] well a natural bar then
Carla (PS513) [872] no mum
Carla (PS513) [873] what's that noise?
Carla (PS513) [874] it's downstairs, a burglar alarm or something
Carla (PS513) [875] who's?
Carla (PS513) [876] I dunno
Carla (PS513) [877] must look and see
Carla (PS513) [878] tt
Carla (PS513) [879] I wonder where the other two are?
Carla (PS513) [880] they're probably snogging ... listen to me yeah, you know what I done yeah
Carla (PS513) [881] what?
Carla (PS513) [882] I was hiding behind, I was hiding behind a tree and ready to jump out and flash my torch and my [...] going aargh, yeah
Carla (PS513) [883] yes
Carla (PS513) [884] they were, they were ha , I thought they, they, they were over there and they were looking for, there wasn't like taking [...]
Carla (PS513) [885] yeah, yeah
Carla (PS513) [886] and they were like standing there, I thought they were looking, I shined the torch on them and they, still was there
Carla (PS513) [887] snogging
Carla (PS513) [888] snogging
Carla (PS513) [889] [laugh] I think, er she's going home now
Carla (PS513) [890] probably, a bar with nuts and raisins called raisin ... natural bar ... I'm sorry about loo loosing the keys mum, mum ... tt ... the noise has gone ... the noise has come back by the way
Carla (PS513) [891] [phonecall starts] hello, hello [telephone conversation ends] ...
Carla (PS513) [892] I'm gonna get in trouble mummy, mummy
Carla (PS513) [893] yes
Carla (PS513) [894] have they found them?
Carla (PS513) [895] I dunno, I don't think so
Carla (PS513) [896] tt, Tina weren't looking
Carla (PS513) [897] no I know, but she's just worried about this ...
Carla (PS513) [898] find them?
Carla (PS513) [899] no
Carla (PS513) [900] they've gotta turn up mum says
Papya (PS514) [901] What?, what?
Carla (PS513) [902] mum says they've gotta turn up
Papya (PS514) [903] they're gonna turn up?
Carla (PS513) [904] yeah
Papya (PS514) [905] did you take them with you?
Carla (PS513) [906] yeah, I ...
Papya (PS514) [907] what?
Carla (PS513) [908] what you got in there? ...
Papya (PS514) [909] [...] little toy, whatever you, choose
Carla (PS513) [910] aargh
Gabriel (PS515) [911] No it's my plate
Papya (PS514) [912] ah tut, tut, tut, I'm doing the tour not you, cos here we have the plate I bought for Paula ... correction not Carla, Paula, there you go, with a P, you're P, which she probably don't like anyway with the nuts in
Carla (PS513) [913] yeah I do
Papya (PS514) [914] which is mine with lunch tomorrow and a [...] which has [...]
Gabriel (PS515) [915] I thought he smoked
Papya (PS514) [916] no, they, they [...]
Gabriel (PS515) [917] oh I know them, they'll all bloody wicked they are
Papya (PS514) [918] three different flavours
Gabriel (PS515) [919] I know she was, she, you did know that she was recording didn't you?
Carla (PS513) [920] oh shut up Paula
Papya (PS514) [921] recording what?, oh well I
Gabriel (PS515) [922] [phonecall starts] er hello, who's calling please?, oh yeah, hold on ... [telephone conversation ends]
Carla (PS513) [923] oh let's have a bite of your yorks
Papya (PS514) [924] no, it's for my lunch tomorrow you see
Gabriel (PS515) [925] don't lie just don't give her any
Papya (PS514) [926] I am I'm not eating it today, I am, I'm not eating
Carla (PS513) [927] oh ya, bull shit
Gabriel (PS515) [928] yeah bollocks
Carla (PS513) [929] bollocks you wanker
Papya (PS514) [930] you stirring little woman you are
Gabriel (PS515) [931] I know
Carla (PS513) [932] let's have a bite of your flake
Papya (PS514) [933] no
Carla (PS513) [934] oh go on, I'm hungry ... please
Papya (PS514) [935] no
Carla (PS513) [936] what?
Carla (PS513) [937] she won't give me a bit of her flake
Gabriel (PS515) [938] she wants my flake
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [939] oh that's not fair ... tt, huh
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [940] no
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [941] what?
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [942] no [singing] don't walk away no, don't walk away []
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [943] no
Papya (PS514) [944] how are you?
Carla (PS513) [945] fine ... don't you put me
Papya (PS514) [946] don't eat that sweet either that's [...]
Carla (PS513) [947] I don't care I don't want your poxy yorky, I've got a bike up there I can go and take it then
Papya (PS514) [...]
Carla (PS513) [948] [...] pass it and [...] nick it ... huh, oh [...]
Papya (PS514) [949] [...] lend me, I know you're recording me ...
Carla (PS513) [950] so what?
Papya (PS514) [951] okay, if you lend me that, I'll give you your Caroline [...]
Carla (PS513) [952] you nicked my Caroline
Papya (PS514) [953] no, no, she thought it was hers and she wanted me to
Carla (PS513) [954] you bitch
Papya (PS514) [955] not re no, no, listen, listen, no listen, listen, listen, it's not, wait a minute, no, right, it was up there, we thought it was hers but it wasn't hers, so I took the wrong one
Carla (PS513) [956] and you didn't
Papya (PS514) [957] it's not her thought it's my fault
Carla (PS513) [958] okay listen listen, listen, a bar with raisins, muesli and oats called oat bar yeah, that's my design, a bar with nuts and raisins what can that be called?, mum goes nature bar
Papya (PS514) [959] erm, mum goes nature bar
Gabriel (PS515) [960] what?
Papya (PS514) [laugh]
Carla (PS513) [961] mum goes, yeah, listen, a bar with raisins, muesli and, and oats, called oat bar yeah
Gabriel (PS515) [962] yeah
Carla (PS513) [963] and this is my other idea, a bar with nuts and raisins
Papya (PS514) [964] call it, it's good for you
Carla (PS513) [965] mum goes [laughing] mum, mum goes [] natural bar [laugh]
Papya (PS514) [966] call it, it is good for you, natural bar
Carla (PS513) [967] natural bar
Papya (PS514) [968] you caught one?, you got one?
Gabriel (PS515) [969] ah, yeah I did
Carla (PS513) [970] Paula
Gabriel (PS515) [971] what?
Carla (PS513) [972] what shall I call it?
Gabriel (PS515) [973] what?, the new nut, new
Carla (PS513) [laugh]
Gabriel (PS515) [974] nuts and raisins
Carla (PS513) [975] I, mines got a [...] in it by the way, beer belly
Gabriel (PS515) [976] ooh
Carla (PS513) [977] and fluff
Gabriel (PS515) [978] [whistling] ... will you stop [...]
Carla (PS513) [979] [whistling] , [whistling]
Papya (PS514) [980] they're smart they are ...
Carla (PS513) [981] I wish you take that horrible noise, I don't like it, you understand, in the house okay, cos Sonny's coming round, and it gets
Gabriel (PS515) [982] horrible
Carla (PS513) [983] through my ears and gives me a headache
Gabriel (PS515) [984] pierces her head
Carla (PS513) [985] I beg your pardon
Gabriel (PS515) [986] I said it pierces your head
Papya (PS514) [987] that's what I did [...]
Carla (PS513) [988] oh pierce
Gabriel (PS515) [989] yeah, yeah
Carla (PS513) [990] what's that noise outside?, that alarm was
Papya (PS514) [991] that was an alarm
Gabriel (PS515) [992] oh it's a car
Carla (PS513) [993] a car alarm?
Papya (PS514) [994] well I wouldn't [...]

10 (Tape 136502)

Unknown speaker (KP2PSUNK) [995] Excuse me, excuse me, I'm recording here can you not kiss around please, mummy ...
Carla (PS513) [996] Yeah
Carla (PS513) [997] so you've, have you put the potatoes away?
Papya (PS514) [998] Already done
Carla (PS513) [999] hurry
Carla (PS513) [1000] yes
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Carla (PS513) [1001] shh, the potatoes
Group of unknown speakers (KP2PSUGP) [...]
Papya (PS514) [1002] where've you been?, where she been?
Carla (PS513) [1003] she's been out and Tina has been watching over her
Papya (PS514) [1004] oh, she's been playing with computers?
Carla (PS513) [1005] yes, yes
Papya (PS514) [1006] right, and who was [...]
Carla (PS513) [...] [...]
Papya (PS514) [...]
Carla (PS513) [...]
Carla (PS513) [...]
Flit (PS516) [1007] And Mark
Papya (PS514) [1008] and a boy called Mark
Flit (PS516) [1009] Haringey or whatever his name is
Papya (PS514) [1010] and a boy called Mark
Carla (PS513) [1011] yes Mark
Papya (PS514) [1012] eh
Flit (PS516) [1013] and guess where he works, guess where we have to change, the bushes
Carla (PS513) [1014] huh, [...] what, I'm sulking yes so I can hang around to whoever I want to hang around with
Carla (PS513) [1015] what about the [...] larking up like that, don't you think that's a bit much?
Carla (PS513) [1016] what?
Carla (PS513) [1017] your sister telling your brother and that
Carla (PS513) [1018] exactly
Carla (PS513) [1019] that's disgusting ...
Carla (PS513) [1020] mum
Carla (PS513) [1021] yes darling
Carla (PS513) [1022] I need help
Carla (PS513) [1023] oh darling can I go to the toilet, I've got, I've got other things to do
Carla (PS513) [1024] oh fine
Carla (PS513) [1025] I don't like helping this time of night, sorry, it's half past ten
Carla (PS513) [1026] in the morning, so what [...] ... nutty nut, I've got it nutty nut
Gabriel (PS515) [1027] no fruity nut
Carla (PS513) [1028] no, it hasn't got fruit in it, it's nutty nut
Gabriel (PS515) [1029] it's, it's fruits, nuts and raisins, raisins are fruit
Carla (PS513) [1030] fruity nut
Gabriel (PS515) [1031] er no, cos that looks like fruit and nut, erm ...
Carla (PS513) [1032] nutty nuts, nutty fruit, nutty bar, nutty, nutty raisin bar thing, ah, erm, a, a design from Carla [...] my voice sounds weird you know
Gabriel (PS515) [1033] [...] I think, I dunno
Carla (PS513) [1034] does mice have, nut, nutty b , nutty nut
Gabriel (PS515) [...]
Carla (PS513) [1035] it's got more than it's got more than nu , it's got more nuts in it
Gabriel (PS515) [1036] no, yeah, but
Carla (PS513) [1037] tt, nutty fruit
Gabriel (PS515) [1038] fruit and nut
Carla (PS513) [1039] fruit and nut ... can't copy ... you going Hampton Court as well on Sunday?
Gabriel (PS515) [1040] mm, mm
Papya (PS514) [1041] you going what?, what ya say?
Carla (PS513) [1042] going to Hampton Court
Gabriel (PS515) [1043] we're going Hampton Court
Papya (PS514) [1044] who is?
Carla (PS513) [1045] me and mummy and Paula
Gabriel (PS515) [1046] we are, me and mummy and so you have to feed yourself
Carla (PS513) [1047] yeah
Papya (PS514) [1048] when?, what day?
Gabriel (PS515) [1049] Sunday
Carla (PS513) [1050] Sunday
Papya (PS514) [1051] Sunday?
Carla (PS513) [1052] my holiday without oh [...]
Papya (PS514) [1053] oh god darn, it's not eleven yet is it?
Carla (PS513) [1054] no
Gabriel (PS515) [1055] no ... it's only twenty five past ten
Papya (PS514) [1056] oh god, darn
Carla (PS513) [1057] yes nutty nut, er nutty fruit ... yeah nutty fruit
Gabriel (PS515) [1058] nutty
Carla (PS513) [1059] nutty raisins ... nutty fruit, fruity nut ... well something that has nutty nut, I think nutty nut nutty
Gabriel (PS515) [1060] I think natural bar sounds good
Carla (PS513) [1061] natural bar
Gabriel (PS515) [1062] but I think that should be for the oats one
Carla (PS513) [1063] you think so?
Gabriel (PS515) [1064] yeah ...
Carla (PS513) [1065] okay ... natural bar ... natural bar, so let's just copy ... how'd ya spell nut, natural?
[1066] [spelling] N A T R A [] Paula, Paula natural
Gabriel (PS515) [1067] yes
Carla (PS513) [1068] [spelling] N A T R I A L [] ?
Gabriel (PS515) [1069] no, [spelling] N A T U R []
Carla (PS513) [1070] hold on, hold on [spelling] N A T []
Gabriel (PS515) [1071] [spelling] U R A L [] I think
Carla (PS513) [1072] [spelling] U R [] ... how do you know what English people like?, urgh what's this called? ... tt, I think nutty nut, nutty, fruit and nut, oh, nutty fruit, nutty fruit, nutty nut fruits ...
Gabriel (PS515) [1073] too much though ...
Carla (PS513) [1074] so I'll leave my homework there, [...] ... are my pens any where? ... [laugh] my [...] ... ooh, ooh, ugly man, ooh they're gross ... oh yeah ... huh, I've gotta go to bed now ... gotta pack [...] tomorrow
Gabriel (PS515) [1075] Friday
Carla (PS513) [1076] yeah I can stay out even later ... [...] got a worm in the bushes lovey
Gabriel (PS515) [1077] eh?
Carla (PS513) [1078] I swept I was in the butchers you see the fl how wet the floor was ...