BNC Text KP3

17 conversations recorded by `Caroline' (PS51F) on ?? ?? 1993 with 9 interlocutors, totalling 2901 s-units, 17457 words, and over 2 hours 22 minutes 47 seconds of recordings.

11 speakers recorded by respondent number 726

KP3PS000 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS51F Ag0 f (Caroline, age 14, student, London, )
PS51G Ag0 f (Lyne, age 14, student, London, ) friend
PS51H Ag0 m (Derick, age 14, student, London, ) friend
PS51J X m (Therly, age unknown, teacher) teacher
PS51K Ag0 f (Luch, age 14, student, London, ) friend
PS51L X m (Moore, age unknown, teacher) teacher
PS51M X m (Richardson, age unknown, teacher, London, ) teacher
PS6U7 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
KP3PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KP3PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

17 recordings

  1. Tape 140701 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: London ( school library ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 140702 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: London ( school ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 140703 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: London ( school playing field ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 140704 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: London ( school ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 140705 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: London ( school ) Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 140706 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: London ( school ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 140707 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: London ( school ) Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 140801 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: London ( school ) Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 140802 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: London ( school ) Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 140803 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: London ( school ) Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 140804 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: London ( school ) Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 140805 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: London ( school ) Activity: Unspecified
  13. Tape 140806 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: London ( school ) Activity: Unspecified
  14. Tape 140807 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: London ( school ) Activity: Unspecified
  15. Tape 140901 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  16. Tape 140903 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: reading
  17. Tape 140904 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 140701)

Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1] Now we've got about seven books out [...] .
[2] We've got another one we haven't used yet and that what you gonna [...] .
[3] So [...] Pickwick Papers and [...] .
[4] Got a new one?
Caroline (PS51F) [5] No.
Therly (PS51J) [6] No.
[7] Give us any one then.
Caroline (PS51F) [8] Christmas Carol.
Therly (PS51J) [9] Christmas Carol.
[10] Okay shh.
[11] Now do stop murmuring.
[12] You could've used you could've used Little Doris
Caroline (PS51F) [13] Who wrote Scrooge?
Therly (PS51J) [14] [...] Barnaby Rudge Martin [...]
Lyne (PS51G) [15] Christmas Carol.
Caroline (PS51F) [16] Yeah I know I know I've read the [...] one but there's a Christmas Carol called Scrooge in it?
Lyne (PS51G) [17] Yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [18] Oh alright.
Therly (PS51J) [19] Christmas Carol has a certain old miser in it.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [20] Scrooge.
Therly (PS51J) [21] Scrooge.
[22] [...] Okay good.
[23] Now looking round I prefer you to be in twos and threes for the job you're going to do.
[24] Erm I'm not saying you can't well what do I say.
[25] Erm can you is it possible to get twos rather threes.
[26] Can you sit [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [27] We'll be in threes.
Therly (PS51J) [28] Mm?
Caroline (PS51F) [29] We'll be in threes.
Therly (PS51J) [30] Yeah alright.
[31] Shh.
[32] Okay now [...] Neil we need your attention cos you you got a list of what you're going to do.
[33] Now.
[34] So what you're going to do is erm sounds complicated but once you start you'll see how it works.
[35] Now if you remember if you find in your book er you started just doing er a hundred er mini saga fifty words mini saga of David Copperfield [...] okay?
[36] Most of you did roughed it out on the back and some very quick workers who got it back in the front.
[37] Yeah?
[38] Now if you leave can I suggest leave erm leave half a page empty if you haven't got it in the front yet.
[39] Don't go don't do any [...] If you haven't copied it up yet leave half a page.
[40] If you want leave a page for some homework.
[41] Jenny what have you got to tell me?
[42] ... Okay well I'll give I'll give one back I've got them here.
[43] Now erm no if you so leave a say leave a page would be the easiest way to fill in your mini saga account of David Copperfield meeting his new father.
[44] If you haven't got it in already.
[45] Er some of you have got it in.
[46] I can see [...] they've got it in.
[47] Erm put a heading er, The test of David Copperfield, but you're not doing the test you're making up the test.
Caroline (PS51F) [48] [...] you know in the er first year with Miss I genuinely wrote this thing right.
[49] And they [...] this paragraph okay.
[50] Once you'd done a new paragraph like they did like this ... blah blah blah [...] in here.
[51] They she did a new paragraph like that and then she carried on like that.
Lyne (PS51G) [52] All the way.
Caroline (PS51F) [53] Yeah [laughing] all the way down the page.
[54] So funny [] .
Lyne (PS51G) [55] [...] what the paragraph was?
Caroline (PS51F) [56] No.
Therly (PS51J) [57] Listen please.
[58] Erm each pair [...] each pair no I haven't just listen.
[59] Can you listen er each pair of you now will get a job of doing this.
[60] Now listen cos I don't want to explain it more than once.
[61] I'm going to ask you to make up make up and write down four questions on the passage.
[62] Right?
[63] Now then er find the correct answers.
[64] You what you're going to do I'll explain briefly.
[65] You're going to make up a a test sheet each pair er you're going to cop you're going to rough it out in your book.
[66] Work out the answers for the [...] test.
[67] Then you can put the test on a piece of paper just the questions and I'm going to give the piece of paper to somebody else to answer.
[68] So each you're going to test each other on this.
[69] Now how's it work.
[70] Finding correct answers.
[71] Now we start off I'll ask you I give you about ten minutes that's all it doesn't take long.
[72] First one an easy question.
[73] Now what I mean by an easy question something like
Derick (PS51H) [74] What he [...] where did he go [...]
Therly (PS51J) [75] Yes hang hang on [...] .
[76] Somebody suggested an easy question was anybody would get right.
[77] Who was say [...] where go on.
[78] ... Right which where did where did he spend his holiday.
[79] And the answer would be
Caroline (PS51F) [80] Yarmouth.
Therly (PS51J) [81] Great Yarmouth or Yarmouth whatever it's called.
[82] Is it Great Yarmouth or Yarmouth.
Caroline (PS51F) [83] Yarmouth.
Lyne (PS51G) [84] Great Yarmouth.
Caroline (PS51F) [85] Yarmouth.
Therly (PS51J) [86] And you'd get a mark.
[87] Okay that would be worth one mark .
Caroline (PS51F) [88] Yarmouth.
[89] You just [...]
Therly (PS51J) [90] Now and after this question
Caroline (PS51F) [91] and Sabrina you did and Andrea's [...] .
Therly (PS51J) [92] which means a sentence answer.
[93] Sentence answer two marks.
[94] A more difficult question or a difficult question sentence answer sentence question sentence length three marks three marks.
[95] Lastly lastly a longer question where the answer would have to be two and three sentences [...] erm yes but don't tell everybody.
[96] Erm [...] shh.
[97] Right I'm not giving you long to do this don't waste time.
[98] Now you've gotta make up four questions.
[99] The first one's easy.
[100] You some of you are already thinking of easy things to ask.
[101] Could be a one word answer.
[102] Question two the answer must be in a sentence.
[103] So if if you ask the question erm or if you ask the question who something something the answer would be a name the person who did this was so and so.
[104] The you've gotta you mark it you give full marks for a sentence answer.
[105] So when you mark somebody's test paper you don't just put the name and not the sentence you've gotta work out one mark out of two whatever.
[106] You work out a marking [...] .
[107] Now the difficult the last one is a hard one in the sense that it'll ask the person to write a paragraph, several sentences.
[108] So it could you could ask a question like erm, What was the relationship like between David and his mother?
[109] Or you could ask a question like, What was the [...] father?
[110] Or or some vague question like that er for which you must work out the answers.
[111] Now so what you're going to do you work together but I would prefer you in twos and threes [...] I think third person's redundant.
[112] Why why don't erm why don't you two work together?
[113] Why not?
Luch (PS51K) [114] Best friends.
Caroline (PS51F) [115] But I'm but I'm working with
Therly (PS51J) [116] Yeah but if I I'll only get one test paper from all three of you won't I?
[117] Erm
Caroline (PS51F) [118] Yeah what's he on about?
Therly (PS51J) [119] Okay well see how it goes.
[120] Right erm well actually you could work on your own if you want to.
[121] [...] I'm getting short of test papers.
[122] So right here we go.
[123] Right will you you may work together to work out.
[124] Work out your questions and give the answers with a mark scheme.
[125] You can mark these in your book yeah.
[126] [...] No you can do them at the front.
[127] Oh oh if it's gonna be rough put them at.
[128] Oh how rough is it gonna be.
[129] Rough notes at the back.
[130] Cos when you've worked out the questions you can put them at the front.
[131] Thank you. [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [132] I just [...] from here.
[133] D'ya want some more?
Lyne (PS51G) [134] No.
Caroline (PS51F) [135] I am.
Therly (PS51J) [136] On you go ten minutes work out your four questions as per [...] .
Luch (PS51K) [137] Sir where shall I write the answers?
Therly (PS51J) [138] Erm you put the answers under your question.
[139] Because the person won't see those.
[140] Er Jenny were you away on Monday?
Caroline (PS51F) [141] Have you got that on tape?
[142] That song by Silk?
[143] ... I do.
[144] Mind you all of them [...] .
[145] Have you noticed that? ...
Lyne (PS51G) [146] You know how Ham is.
[147] D'ya know how Ham is?
Caroline (PS51F) [148] No.
Lyne (PS51G) [149] Sir who's Ham?
[150] Sir who's Ham?
[151] Is that a dog.
Therly (PS51J) [152] No it's not.
[153] Ham is er
Caroline (PS51F) [154] Cos at the end it goes the dog.
Therly (PS51J) [155] I know.
[156] Ham.
[157] There's a new dog a strange new dog in the kennel.
[158] Ham is the brother of Emily the older brother like a man.
[159] Er sorry what am I talking about.
[160] Ham is the brother of somebody like [...] .
[161] Older man who's who's living with them in Emily's house.
[162] Okay?
[163] Yeah do write down the answers.
[164] That's going to add up to seven eight nine ten marks.
Caroline (PS51F) [165] Come quickly think of a decent question. ...
Therly (PS51J) [166] If you work it out.
[167] But you must know [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [168] How long was he there for?
Therly (PS51J) [169] answer cos you're gonna mark [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [170] No fortnight. ...
Lyne (PS51G) [171] Write in your book.
Caroline (PS51F) [172] [...] my book isn't he.
Lyne (PS51G) [173] Who who's got it?
Caroline (PS51F) [174] I left it at home.
[175] [...] got my other one.
Lyne (PS51G) [176] Sir Caroline hasn't got her book.
[177] So she can she write it in that one.
Therly (PS51J) [178] What book?
Lyne (PS51G) [179] Her exercise book.
Therly (PS51J) [180] Oh well hang on.
[181] I've got one of your's here. [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [182] Oh it's finished.
Therly (PS51J) [183] Well where's the new one?
Caroline (PS51F) [184] You've got it.
Therly (PS51J) [185] The new one?
Caroline (PS51F) [186] Yeah.
[187] You marked it.
Therly (PS51J) [188] I haven't got your new one I've got your old one.
[189] I can give you your old one back.
[190] ... Er you must you must be clear of what the right answer is.
[191] Because you're gonna mark some of these answers.
Lyne (PS51G) [192] Do we write the answers in the book sir.
Therly (PS51J) [193] Yeah you can put your answer in the book.
[194] I'll give you a sheet of paper to copy [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [195] I gave you my new one you know the yellow one.
Therly (PS51J) [196] No I haven't oh is that your's?
Caroline (PS51F) [197] Yeah. ...
Therly (PS51J) [198] That's Zoe's.
Caroline (PS51F) [199] That's not mine.
[200] There's another one.
Therly (PS51J) [201] That's the only yellow one I've got.
[202] Seriously it's the only yellow one I've got .
Caroline (PS51F) [203] You know you know the one with the erm thingie work inside it?
Therly (PS51J) [204] Yeah I know I know which yeah but I haven't got it.
[205] The only one I've got is Zoe's.
[206] It's only yellow book I've got.
[207] I know that because it wouldn't fit in the box.
[208] Oh have I got any books? ...
Caroline (PS51F) [209] But I don't have it either.
Therly (PS51J) [210] No I certainly haven't got your yellow one.
[211] Er why haven't you got the other one?
Caroline (PS51F) [212] Eh?
Therly (PS51J) [213] Well what are you doing, working out questions?
Caroline (PS51F) [214] Yeah.
Therly (PS51J) [215] I'll give you some paper just to jot them down in cos you can cos you [...] ...
Caroline (PS51F) [216] He's gone and lost my book.
Lyne (PS51G) [217] Really?
[218] He's gone and lost it.
Therly (PS51J) [219] Right about five more minutes.
[220] You must have the answers written down. ...
Caroline (PS51F) [221] What was erm thingamajigs feelings towards his new dad?
Lyne (PS51G) [222] [...] number four.
[223] Put number four [...] and why was David worried.
Caroline (PS51F) [224] Mm.
Lyne (PS51G) [225] [...] paragraph [...] .
Caroline (PS51F) [226] Mm.
Therly (PS51J) [227] Right when when [...] ... I know but the se I'm gonna give you a piece of paper for the set.
[228] So everyone every everyone everyone should have a copy of the questions in their book just to tell what they've worked on.
[229] Yep.
[230] You can put it that's okay.
[231] Yes leave a page.
[232] ... Right we're also going to give a mark for spelling and presentation.
[233] Up to five marks.
Caroline (PS51F) [234] Have you past the middle page?
Therly (PS51J) [235] Okay?
[236] So spelling and presentation
Lyne (PS51G) [237] Sir what's she gonna write in?
Therly (PS51J) [238] Right I'll give her some paper in a minute.
[239] Er now I would suggest that if somebody does not make a single spelling mistake and it or or grammatically error and it's perfectly well presented give them full five marks okay.
[240] That's what I would suggest.
[241] Work out work out a scheme for spelling and presentation.
[242] So you might say one mistake perfectly presented four marks.
[243] Okay work out an allowance of up to five marks for spelling and punctuation.
[244] Write it in your mark scheme.
[245] Now what are you here for?
[246] ... Yes I I've tell her I've only got these now.
[247] Er what you asking me sorry?
[248] You're asking me a question?
[249] Hold on I'll give you some paper to make a note of them.
[250] What ... that's where he lives.
[251] That's his house that's his house.
[252] doesn't sound like a house does it?
[253] But that's the name that [...] .
[254] Yeah.
[255] Here you are er make a copy ... Er when you're ready when you've worked out all the answers one person in the group should copy out the questions on like an exam sheet.
[256] Just the questions which you're gonna give to somebody else to mark. ...
Caroline (PS51F) [257] Now he's gonna blame me for the loss of my book.
[258] You know you know the one [...]
Lyne (PS51G) [259] Don't don't pay for it.
Caroline (PS51F) [260] the poems inside there.
[261] I'm not gonna pay for it.
[262] [...] hell.
[263] I I
Lyne (PS51G) [264] I thought you said you left it at home.
Caroline (PS51F) [265] No this one I left at home but the other one the yellow one he's got that one.
Lyne (PS51G) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [266] Yeah.
Lyne (PS51G) [267] You hadn't written that one [...] had you?
Caroline (PS51F) [268] Written what?
Lyne (PS51G) [269] What did you write in it?
Caroline (PS51F) [270] I wrote that this
Lyne (PS51G) [271] The mini saga.
Caroline (PS51F) [272] Yeah no not the mini saga .
Lyne (PS51G) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [273] Yeah.
[274] No no no the one on the you know the first poem we did?
[275] Yeah yeah. ...
Therly (PS51J) [276] If you're ready to copy your questions onto the sheet.
[277] Here you are put it on there.
[278] Have you got your questions read?
[279] Right could you make sure you've worked out what gets five marks and what's get what gets nought marks for spelling and presentations.
[280] Yes first question's easy.
[281] Do it this order yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [282] [...] marking scheme has to be like that?
Therly (PS51J) [283] Yeah that's the marking scheme yeah.
[284] It's gonna add to fifteen marks altogether.
[285] [...] marking scheme.
[286] Erm
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [287] Fifteen.
Therly (PS51J) [288] Fifteen yeah.
[289] Cos you've got a bonus of five marks for spelling and presentation.
[290] So if somebody writes brilliantly very neatly with no mistakes they might get five extra marks.
[291] And then you've gotta work out what gets nought.
[292] Are you mark knocking off one mark for each mistake?
[293] I'll leave it to you.
[294] But you must know a scheme.
[295] You can't mark without a scheme.
[296] You must make a scheme yeah.
[297] Otherwise it's not fair on the markist Are you ready to copy the questions out?
[298] You two ready to copy?
[299] You make up the scheme yeah.
[300] But it's on spelling and presentation.
[301] You were guessing [...] .
[302] Yeah er how how much [...] have you got room to do the ... oh right I'll your book now then.
[303] Erm it's [...] .
[304] Right paper coming round for people who are ready to copy the questions out.
[305] Er you should give an instruction at the top of the sheet like an exam paper and I write it neatly and you put ... yeah five bonus marks goes five four three two one.
[306] You've gotta work out what you said [...] .
[307] Well the questions [...] one two three four. [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [308] Oh you get one mark for the first one
Therly (PS51J) [309] Yes that's right.
[310] [...] You going to copy no you've got [...] .
[311] Put the instructions at the top.
[312] Put test instructions.
[313] Read these questions carefully and write ...
Caroline (PS51F) [314] Well obviously [...]
Lyne (PS51G) [315] You've gotta write down why.
Caroline (PS51F) [316] [...] easy easier. ...
Therly (PS51J) [317] Put the instruction at the top.
[318] Put your questions [...] .
[319] Anyone else ready to copy the questions on their sheet before I [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [320] [...] ready to copy it out.
Therly (PS51J) [321] Good here you are.
[322] Have you got one [...] .
[323] Yes okay then I suggest [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [324] Pardon what?
[325] ... Yeah.
[326] That was Sabrina by the way.
[327] She smells. ... [laugh] ...
Therly (PS51J) [328] Anyone else ready to copy the questions on the exam sheet?
[329] You're ready? [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [330] His [...] what?
[331] ... You know what me and are doing in maths.
[332] Right you know when sir comes up with his marking book right you know.
[333] Sometimes he walking round with his marking book and he holds it at an angle you know so you can see all the answers.
[334] [laughing] Me and just sit there copying them.
[335] So funny. []
[336] And he just sat I swear [...] and then he's just sitting there ... [laugh] ...
Therly (PS51J) [337] Er are you going to anyone still not able to er ... think you're ready?
[338] Are you going to put write out the question [...] .
[339] What's the what's the problem?
Caroline (PS51F) [340] So nice of you to tell me what you're writing. ...
Therly (PS51J) [341] Right well just hang just hang on er oh [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [342] [whistling] Testing testing one two three testing.
[343] [whistling] Cos I'm talking that's why.
[344] I am.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [345] You got a new book [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [346] Yeah the yellow one.
[347] Eh?
[348] No.
[349] Yeah.
[350] He spat on my face once in the first year.
[351] He's disgusting.
[352] ... Oh yeah [...] .
[353] Someone fancies him.
[354] Can't remember who it is.
[355] What are you doing? [laugh] [...]
Therly (PS51J) [356] Five minutes [...] finished the question sheets.
[357] So can you get on with it please?
Lyne (PS51G) [358] Sir?
Therly (PS51J) [359] Just say that again please.
[360] ... [...] What what d'ya think [...] what does that tell you about the man [...] .
Caroline (PS51F) [361] You know Sarah you know Sara she fancies [...] .
Lyne (PS51G) [362] Really?
[363] How d'ya know?
Caroline (PS51F) [364] I have my contacts.
[365] I think it was Lynne that told me.
Lyne (PS51G) [366] Is it alright if I say something to her?
Caroline (PS51F) [367] No.
Lyne (PS51G) [368] Or is no one supposed to know?
Caroline (PS51F) [369] I don't know but you know.
[370] ... No just goes to her erm, Who d'ya fancy Sarah.
[371] Like that.
Therly (PS51J) [372] Now how are we doing you've got the [...] let's see oh you've all got this is one question sheet among the lot of you?
Caroline (PS51F) [373] Mhm. ...
Therly (PS51J) [374] So you you will accept for number two just the two words you don't want a sentence?
[375] Okay so long as you know.
[376] You must know what you want.
[377] So if somebody just writes those two words they get two marks.
[378] You see.
[379] Cos if you said erm answer in complete sentences they obviously wouldn't get two marks you see? ...
Lyne (PS51G) [380] Are they supposed to get four marks for that [...]
Therly (PS51J) [381] Oh yes yes that's right.
[382] One two three four.
[383] Now er in the last sentence you've got five marks to give for spelling and punctuation.
[384] Right up to five marks.
[385] So work out roughly erm obviously something that's absolutely perfect and very very neat is probably worth five.
[386] What happens if it's perfect no mistakes but it's untidy knock one off or two off.
[387] Work out a rough way of what you're going to give for for
Lyne (PS51G) [388] Can we write the question for that one
Therly (PS51J) [389] punctuation .
[390] Yeah I'm giving you a sheet to do it on now.
[391] Write the questions on the sheet and I'll give the sheet to [...]
Lyne (PS51G) [392] [...] write it out.
Therly (PS51J) [393] Well it would be nice to have two copies on yours if that's alright.
[394] Because there's three of you.
Lyne (PS51G) [...]
Therly (PS51J) [395] No you just do the questions.
[396] You just put test question one question two you just put question on here.
Lyne (PS51G) [397] Yeah.
Therly (PS51J) [398] Okay?
[399] But could you do two copies between the four er three of you.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [400] Sir?
Therly (PS51J) [401] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [402] When we've finished it are you gonna give [...]
Therly (PS51J) [403] And you will mark it yeah.
[404] Yes right okay.
[405] Er five minutes or so everyone should've written out their questions [...] .
[406] Are you ready Freda?
[407] Can you have you copied the question paper?
[408] Oh you need a sheet of paper right.
[409] Er tell you what [...] what we're going to do.
[410] You're going to write out the questions and I'm going to give your questions to another person and then you're going to get it back to mark it.
[411] You're gonna be teachers [...] .
[412] You can put your name on [...] .
[413] Erm are you ready to.
[414] I'm getting two copies there.
[415] Here you are could you make up your er put test put [...] instructions read the passage carefully and answer the questions. [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [416] God you know when I first me you Sabrina I thought you were a right swot.
[417] You know when you got ten out of ten in history I still remember that. ...
Lyne (PS51G) [418] Where did he live?
Caroline (PS51F) [419] Yarmouth.
Lyne (PS51G) [420] No where did he live?
Caroline (PS51F) ...
Therly (PS51J) [421] Any more questions [...] question one two three four.
[422] [...] You can look in the book.
Caroline (PS51F) [423] Are you supposed to are we all supposed to write this out? [...] [humming] [...] some music?
[424] Nothing interesting's happened.

2 (Tape 140702)

Caroline (PS51F) [425] Let's hear what you said.
[426] I can hear to now.
[427] No I haven't.
[428] God you can make enough noise.
[429] [singing] [...] [] Yeah of course.
[430] Can I have another one.
[431] Thanks.
[432] [...] Don't give her any she's smelly.
[433] She is.
[434] Oi get off.
[435] Yes I am.
[436] let go.
[437] I am allowed a Walkman actually.
[438] It's for my ears cos I can't really hear properly.
[439] It's true.
[440] ... Eh?
[441] Yeah.
[442] Mm they're [...] nice.
[443] How much are they?
[444] Twenty P.
Lyne (PS51G) [445] Twenty five P in Tesco.
Caroline (PS51F) [446] Oh.
[447] [singing] [...] [] It isn't Wednesday today.
Lyne (PS51G) [448] No but rounders is on Wednesday.
Caroline (PS51F) [449] Alright.
[450] What other flavours have you got?
Lyne (PS51G) [451] I don't know strawberry I think.
Caroline (PS51F) [452] Can I have strawberry?
Lyne (PS51G) [453] Alright.
[454] They're all red colour.
Caroline (PS51F) [455] Mm mm.
Lyne (PS51G) [456] Is that nice?
Caroline (PS51F) [457] Very.
[458] Oh I'm allowed.
[459] I'm allowed.
[460] Yes I am I am.
[461] Oh you can ask Mr cos erm like I have to record the stuff like what people say.
[462] ... I taped you while you were in the toilet the other day.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [463] What.
[464] Was I in the toilet?
Caroline (PS51F) [465] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [466] When?
Caroline (PS51F) [467] You were with Anna.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [468] Anna?
Caroline (PS51F) [469] Yeah.
[470] In the toilet when I was with Lynne. [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [471] [...] No no no I wanna listen to the tape.
Caroline (PS51F) [472] Oh right. ... [...] [laugh]
Lyne (PS51G) [473] I don't know that part either.
[474] [...] at the end and there's [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [475] [laughing] Well mine's better than yours. []
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [476] No it's not.
[477] [...] the best.
[478] [...] See Caroline.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [479] I know the words to that.
Caroline (PS51F) [480] How does it go?
[481] [...] I expect it can hear this.
[482] [singing] [...] . [] Hello.
[483] What? [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [484] Why d'ya have those on?
Caroline (PS51F) [485] Because.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [486] You can't hear the teacher.
Caroline (PS51F) [487] Sir? isn't here.
[488] ... Sir?
[489] You know this Walk I'm allowed to have this Walkman with me alright.
[490] No it's cos I've got done by the other teachers before. ...
Moore (PS51L) [491] Where's ?
Caroline (PS51F) [492] Oi how come I've still got mine?
[493] I've still got mine.
Moore (PS51L) [494] You know why?
[495] You had those and you didn't hear what I said.
Caroline (PS51F) [496] [laugh] Oh dear.
Lyne (PS51G) [497] If you start talking can I borrow them?
Caroline (PS51F) [498] Mm?
[499] What?
[500] Cause?
[501] I can hear you anyway.
[502] No it's a thing this Norwegian thing.
[503] I've to record all these voices for ten tapes.
[504] I I don't really do it I just listen to music.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [505] Can I hear it?
[506] Borrow it?
Caroline (PS51F) [507] Mr .
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [508] Hello.
[509] Can hear it.
Caroline (PS51F) [510] Ah because you're not in Mr 's class.
[511] ... No if you wanted to do it you volunteered that's all.
[512] Robin.
[513] Robin.
[514] ... [singing] Oh a little respect [] [laugh] Oh right now I'm just taping it.
[515] ... In English I was I was just listening to music.
[516] [...] ... Eh?
[517] ... What in English?
[518] Erm it was just like a [...] .
[519] You know I I tape all these different things off the C Ds.
[520] ... Yeah I've got several [...] on me.
[521] Yeah.
[522] ... I know.
[523] ... Oh yeah.
[524] Never mind he can't do anything to me then can he?
Therly (PS51J) [525] Got plenty to do. ...
Caroline (PS51F) [526] We are now in a maths lesson.
[527] ... [...] by the way.
[528] And that's Mr .
[529] And this is [...] . ...
Lyne (PS51G) [530] Oh did I tell you I've got the [...] tape.
Caroline (PS51F) [531] I know you told me.
Lyne (PS51G) [532] Have you seen it?
[533] I'm not gonna give to you anyway.
Caroline (PS51F) [534] I don't want it anyway.
Lyne (PS51G) [535] Good.
Caroline (PS51F) [536] Good.
[537] I'm leaving this school.
Lyne (PS51G) [538] When?
Caroline (PS51F) [539] The end of summer.
Lyne (PS51G) [540] Yeah good.
Caroline (PS51F) [541] [laughing] Shut up. []
[542] One minute Luke.
[543] ... Oh right. [...]
Lyne (PS51G) [544] I saw [...] I haven't even got [...] .
Caroline (PS51F) [545] [...] Oh no I forgot my angle measure.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [546] [...] some of you will be joining the people that are coming back [...] .
[547] Cos you're not doing any work today.
[548] [...] Well Mark you'll have to make it up to some other time.
[549] ... Like the Friday we break up for half term. [...] ...
Caroline (PS51F) [550] Have you got an angle measure?
Lyne (PS51G) [551] Yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [552] Thanks.
[553] I know.
[554] ... [...] ... You're a naughty girl you know that.
[555] You're very very naughty.
[556] ... [...] a hundred kilometres from Douglas on a bearing of O five.
[557] [...] O five hello hello can you hear me?
[558] Just have to make sure it's working. ...
Lyne (PS51G) [559] Are you going to wear it in P E?
[560] Imagine imagine having [...] in your earhole.
Caroline (PS51F) [561] It dropped once d'ya know that?
Lyne (PS51G) [562] What this?
Caroline (PS51F) [563] Mm.
Lyne (PS51G) [564] Probably ruined my [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [565] No no luckily it was still working.
[566] When it wasn't working I was going, Oh my god.
Lyne (PS51G) [567] You know all this strange language [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [568] Mm I know.
[569] ... [...] How far is it?
[570] ... Douglas to the east of Dublin.
Lyne (PS51G) [571] [...] Caroline?
Caroline (PS51F) [572] No I didn't.
[573] ... You've got it [...] .
[574] There's fifty five right?
[575] Okay?
[576] ... Douglas to the east of Dublin.
[577] I can't even remember how I did this yesterday.
[578] ... How did you do that?
Lyne (PS51G) [579] What?
Caroline (PS51F) [580] That.
Lyne (PS51G) [581] Oh what?
Caroline (PS51F) [582] That.
Lyne (PS51G) [583] That?
[584] If you've got I you've got that yeah?
Caroline (PS51F) [585] Oh right I'm sorry okay .
Lyne (PS51G) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [586] Right alright.
[587] Douglas to the east of Dublin.
Lyne (PS51G) [588] Sir d'ya have to round it up?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [589] Yes well round it to what?
[590] As [...] as you think is needed. ...
Caroline (PS51F) [591] Two point five.
[592] ... One hundred two hundred two hundred and fifty.
[593] ... Why have you got that?
[594] I didn't that's not what I got.
Lyne (PS51G) [595] [...] different.
Caroline (PS51F) [596] Mm it should be all the same.
Lyne (PS51G) [597] What did you get then?
Caroline (PS51F) [598] Look.
Lyne (PS51G) [599] You haven't even done the line in there.
Caroline (PS51F) [600] So I know which way it goes look.
Lyne (PS51G) [601] What's your scale?
Caroline (PS51F) [602] Every one hundred every erm centimetre
Lyne (PS51G) [603] You've gotta change you [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [604] I so thick you know what I've done?
[605] Just a minute.
[606] Every two erm is that that's one one fifty
Lyne (PS51G) [607] Cos that means you've done this wrong then.
Caroline (PS51F) [608] No I haven't.
Lyne (PS51G) [609] Yeah because look how big mine is.
[610] All every two centimetres [...] and how many hundred is that?
[611] Hundred and oh god.
[612] It's so small you could change your scale.
[613] I changed my scale to this one.
[614] It would be better if you changed yours.
Caroline (PS51F) [615] My one's two fifty.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [616] What d'ya think you're doing?
Caroline (PS51F) [617] I mean one hundred and fifty.
Lyne (PS51G) [618] Have you got one hundred and fifty [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [619] Oi Luke.
Luch (PS51K) [620] Yeah?
Caroline (PS51F) [621] You know for number six A?
[622] What d'ya get?
Luch (PS51K) [623] I haven't done it yet.
Caroline (PS51F) [624] What d'ya get?
[625] Derek?
[626] Have you done number have you done number six A?
Derick (PS51H) [627] Er no nearly.
Caroline (PS51F) [628] [...] have you done number six A?
[629] ... What did you get?
[630] ... Oi Daniel?
[631] What'd you get for number six A?
[632] ... What did you get?
[633] You haven't done it?
[634] ... Sir you know for number six A?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [635] Six A yes.
Caroline (PS51F) [636] Yeah what was your answer?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [637] What was yours?
Caroline (PS51F) [638] One fifty.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [639] No.
Caroline (PS51F) [640] It's wrong?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [641] I made it one twenty three.
Caroline (PS51F) [642] Oh that's not what I got.
Lyne (PS51G) [643] Maybe you've drawn this wrong then.
Caroline (PS51F) [644] I haven't.
Lyne (PS51G) [645] Well check it again then.
Caroline (PS51F) [646] Shut up.
[647] ... Every [...] centimetres to a hundred kilometres.
[648] Right here's Dublin.
[649] Right that's Dublin.
[650] Boat leaves Dublin and sails one hundred a fifty kilometres and the variant is O point five.
[651] Can I borrow this?
[652] ... Fifty five ... there's fifty five alright?
[653] ... Okay?
[654] ... One hundred and fifty kilometres ... Hundred and fifty

3 (Tape 140703)

Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [655] Yeah, one minute.
[656] ... Right [...] up to me and said you were really good look right?
[657] And you go thank you.
[658] And then we go to him, Have you got a girlfriend?
[659] And erm [laughing] he goes, Yeah.
[660] And then [...] yeah right [] .
[661] ... She is so funny she cracked me up.
[662] [laugh] Oh dear yeah right.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [663] [...] you know yesterday she was asking you have you got a a partner have you got a partner?
Caroline (PS51F) [664] Mm?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [665] And you go, You'll be her partner [...] .
Caroline (PS51F) [666] When?
[667] I never said I would be her partner.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [668] Okay well that's what she'll try and get at you.
[669] And then as soon as.
Caroline (PS51F) [670] No she came up to me came up to me and she goes, Erm have you got a partner.
[671] And I go, No, like that you know.
[672] And I don't really care whose partner I am.
[673] She didn't ask if she wanted to be my partner.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [674] Well she said she asked I don't know.
Caroline (PS51F) [675] just came up to me and said erm, Can I be your partner?
[676] And that was it.
[677] ... I never she never ask me.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [678] No no not like that.
[679] I mean [...] next minute you're with them.
Caroline (PS51F) [680] No it's not that [...] still thinks she is.
[681] I mean you know.
[682] At at that time I thought Sabrina was a pal. ...
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [683] Next Tuesday next Tuesday I'll be giving you a work sheet so you can leave those books behind today.
[684] A work sheet to go through and then Wednesday next you'll be having end of [...] tests.
Caroline (PS51F) [685] I mean one minute she says Sabrina's er a bitch and the next minute she wants to sit next to her.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [686] In what?
Caroline (PS51F) [687] In art.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [688] She didn't want to sit
Caroline (PS51F) [689] No she came up to and she said can I sit on the end of the table.
[690] Like that.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [691] That's because I told her what they said to me in erm erm [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [692] What did they say to you?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [693] They were just going, Oh why [...] why isn't it me?
[694] [...] Yeah but she's my best friend.
[695] Why did you want to sit there?
[696] I don't wanna sit there okay.
[697] I was trying to sit where I normally sit.
[698] Why can't you sit where you normally sit?
Caroline (PS51F) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [699] You take them I took them [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [700] No.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [701] You take yours okay? ...
Caroline (PS51F) [702] [...] I'm always nice [...] I'm not waiting for you now. ...
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [703] We was at [...] library with my friend and he mum and her sister yes?
Caroline (PS51F) [704] Mm.
[705] What?
[706] Come here. ...
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [707] You that Luke titchy Luke in the fourth year?
Caroline (PS51F) [708] No?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [709] Small Luke [...] yeah him.
[710] Well him and that guy that I was talking about the one with the job. [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [711] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [712] I saw him.
[713] And I I had to walk past [...] cos everyone else moved away.
[714] So I had to go past him and I went past him and my friend gave [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [715] Why don't they like James?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [716] Eh?
[717] No no they went the other way I they were walking that way I was walking along the grass yeah.
[718] And [...] and they and I went past James and my friend started laughing [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [719] At James?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [720] I don't know why they started laughing and she started laughing and her laughing's like [...] [laugh]
Caroline (PS51F) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [721] Who you waiting for?
Caroline (PS51F) [722] Sabrina and erm what you call her that girl Amy.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [723] Oh I'm going down cheerio.
Caroline (PS51F) [724] Bye. ...
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [725] [...] recording conversation?
Caroline (PS51F) [726] Yeah.
[727] What [...] you in?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [728] Erm [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [729] Oh right.
[730] I thought you were in this bit.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [731] No I'm one above you.
[732] Oh below you.
[733] [...] Who you waiting for?
Caroline (PS51F) [734] Sabrina and Amy. [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [735] [...] How much longer d'ya have to do that?
Caroline (PS51F) [736] [...] ten tapes.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [737] How many tapes [...] .
Caroline (PS51F) [738] Ten.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [739] Ten?
Caroline (PS51F) [740] Oh it's not music.
[741] See as you're talking to me right now I can actually hear to here.

4 (Tape 140704)

Caroline (PS51F) [742] Oh god.
[743] Well I noticed.
Lyne (PS51G) [744] Noticed what?
Caroline (PS51F) [745] Erm that girl's legs.
[746] The curly haired one.
[747] ... No my legs are quite [...] .
Lyne (PS51G) [748] Who said that?
Caroline (PS51F) [749] No one.
Lyne (PS51G) [750] Oh your legs are not [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [751] Yeah.
[752] You know that gir girl with [...] ?
Lyne (PS51G) [753] Yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [754] The one in the second year.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [755] No.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [756] Oh.
Lyne (PS51G) [757] What?
Caroline (PS51F) [758] Erm you know the one in the second year?
[759] There's this girl in the second year this black girl and she's got and her name's [...] cousin got quite a lot of [...]
Lyne (PS51G) [760] Yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [761] And erm you know I was wondering if my legs looked like hers.
Lyne (PS51G) [762] [laugh] [...] keep talking.
Caroline (PS51F) [763] Hello.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Lyne (PS51G) [764] No I can hear I can hear [...] erm Caroline but I can't hear you.
[765] I can hear myself [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [766] No it it'll probably be picked up.
Lyne (PS51G) [767] Eh?
Caroline (PS51F) [768] You you'll probably I'll probably pick it up on the microphone.
[769] Give me the microphone let me [...] it out.
[770] Hello.
[771] Hello everyone [...] ... It's a tape recorder.
[772] Just say hello.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [773] Hello.
Caroline (PS51F) [774] This is Antonio by the way.
[775] She's quite smelly and she's got a red scalp. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [776] Shut up Caroline [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [777] Oh it's just a thing we're doing for these Norweigy people.
[778] Still haven't seen him I wanna give it to him.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [779] Is that on?
Caroline (PS51F) [780] Yeah right now.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [781] Hello this is Antonio again.
[782] Caroline's got nice hair okay?
[783] Alright.
[784] No?
Caroline (PS51F) [785] You can actually hear your voice.
Lyne (PS51G) [786] I can't.
Caroline (PS51F) [787] You should be.
[788] Speak.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [789] Why?
[790] Hi Caroline.
Caroline (PS51F) [791] Yeah I can hear you.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [792] Can you?
Caroline (PS51F) [793] How come I can hear you?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [794] On this?
[795] Oh wait a minute.
[796] Oh yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [797] See?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [798] Oh it's horrible.

5 (Tape 140705)

Lyne (PS51G) [799] Come on Kim.
[800] Oh I thought you were Kim. [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [801] [singing] Dum-do-be-do-dum-dum [] [...]
Lyne (PS51G) [802] Hello.
[803] Are you recording this?
Caroline (PS51F) [804] Yeah.
Lyne (PS51G) [805] Oh hello Caroline.
Caroline (PS51F) [806] Hello.
Lyne (PS51G) [807] Have an interview with Caroline [...] Hello Caroline.
Caroline (PS51F) [808] [belch] Pardon me.
Lyne (PS51G) [809] That was very nice.
[810] Now we're gonna have Suzanne and Caroline singing.
Caroline (PS51F) [811] [singing] The very first time I saw you around I only said hello and I said hi.
[812] I knew right then you were the one that I was caught up in physical objection but to my satisfaction baby you were more than just a phase.
[813] [...] in love again.
[814] I will be sure that [...] I will be sure of that []
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [815] [singing] like you [...] []
Caroline (PS51F) [816] No no when when I go, My friends.
[817] You go, Someone to love [...] .
Lyne (PS51G) [818] No let's sing let's sing erm, Take That.
[819] What was it erm
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [820] [singing] [...] and when I open my eyes.
[821] Baby why can't I wake up with you []
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [822] [singing] Why can't I wake up with you []
Caroline (PS51F) [823] That was a bit out of tune.
Lyne (PS51G) [824] That was Suzanne trying to sing.
[825] Does anyone else wanna sing? ...
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [826] [singing] [...] . []
Lyne (PS51G) [827] Okay let's sing something else.
Caroline (PS51F) [828] [singing] I don't really need to look very much but I [...] .
[829] I don't wanna have to go where you don't follow.
[830] I've been holding back again this passion. []
Lyne (PS51G) [831] Very good.
[832] No what else is there?
[833] Let's sing erm [singing] Dum-do-be- do-dum-dum.
[834] Cumma-cumma-dum-do-be-do-dum [] .
[835] And Kim. [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [836] Kim here.
[837] Hello everybody. [...]
Lyne (PS51G) [838] Okay this is [...] .
[839] Now we're going over to the tuck shop ... Go on Natalie sing something.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [840] I'm not singing I can't sing.
[841] Right let's see.
[842] Going over to the tuck shop because Kim wants to buy something.
[843] Kim wants to buy something.
[844] ... Erm I'm gonna be a model and all of you lot are gonna want my money.
Caroline (PS51F) [845] She wishes on her [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [846] Me and Emma we're gonna be modelling together. [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [847] After she's had the breast implant.
[848] ... I've just seen [...] [scream]
Lyne (PS51G) [849] Let's have a look [...] .
[850] Now we're going around to see the boy's [...] we've got the love of my life.
[851] He is so gorgeous.
[852] I'm not gonna say his name.
[853] Well you probably know it.
[854] But [...] .
[855] Oh here comes Caroline.

6 (Tape 140706)

Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [856] You can guarantee that over during the five ten fifteen years ten thousand ozone molecules are going to be taken up discarded and left.
[857] And what happens to the little oxygens once they're discarded is that they don't go back and join an oxygen molecule.
[858] What they actually do is the two independent ones join together and instead of have separate Os you get O two again.
[859] So all the O threes have been chopped down and you get O twos forming.
[860] [...] You'll think of it again in a minute.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [861] Sir is it possible to [...]
Richardson (PS51M) [862] Right this is extremely easy to reduce [...] .
[863] [...] to reduce the [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [864] Have you got red?
[865] ... Is that a pencil?
Richardson (PS51M) [866] To repair damage that's been done would take [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [867] Your darkest one dark the the darkest.
[868] That's pink Kevin.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [869] Here we are.
[870] ... Is that does that look like red to you?
[871] ... Give me that red.
[872] ... The red.
[873] ... The red one. ...
Richardson (PS51M) [874] Shh oi.
[875] Let's [...] our conversation [...] .
[876] I really don't mind people talking about ozone [...] message about pencils and being able to [...] .
[877] What is it [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Richardson (PS51M) [878] Nobody knows.
[879] Billions.
[880] Billions and billions. [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [881] Sir?
[882] Sir what happens to them again when they're discard they're all [...] .
Richardson (PS51M) [883] When they're discarded the single O atoms doesn't go and join the O twos to make ozone again it just goes [...] another single O and then when [...] .
Caroline (PS51F) [884] Well why can't they find [...] .
Richardson (PS51M) [885] Cos it's very difficult no two [...] is is very possessive
Caroline (PS51F) [886] Got a red.
Richardson (PS51M) [887] doesn't like to share itself
Caroline (PS51F) [888] Colour pencil.
Richardson (PS51M) [889] around.
[890] It just stays together.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [891] You're making it up sir [...] story.
Richardson (PS51M) [892] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [893] You making that up?
Richardson (PS51M) [894] No.
[895] It's [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [896] Look.
Richardson (PS51M) [897] [...] it will do eventually but it's a very [...] .
[898] Does everybody
Caroline (PS51F) [899] Sir are you gonna write any more? ...
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [900] Did he say you should draw that?
[901] ... Well [laugh] ... Just about to have a go at you.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [902] No you.
[903] ... Sabrina?
[904] Can I borrow your thingamajig?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [905] I don't know what thingamajig is.
Caroline (PS51F) [906] You know the ... thanks.
[907] I wasn't.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [908] You were.
Caroline (PS51F) [909] [laugh] That was so funny what said yesterday.
[910] ... [laughing] She is so [] She is so rude I swear.
[911] ... Mm that's so good Rich.
[912] Wish I could draw like you.
Richardson (PS51M) [913] Finish drawing please.
[914] Has everybody finished [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [915] Yeah.
[916] [...] There's one crummy person over here who hasn't.
[917] ... Surface.
[918] The one with the surface at the end. ...
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [919] [singing] [...] [] I like that song don't you?
[920] God that's a messy work.
[921] ... You colour like my sister does. ...
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Richardson (PS51M) [922] Right as far as that writing see if [...] I want you to remind me that's where we're up to next lesson and I shall give you a few more notes on that to explain about how it happens ten thousand times.
[923] What I'd like you to do before next Wednesday as your homework is make sure that all the work previous to this on the acid rain is complete and shh quiet please.
[924] And the sheet that you're on you complete that sheet.
[925] Make sure it's copied up make sure all the sheets that you've written on are stuck into your book.
[926] Now can you pack your things up please.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [927] In what lesson?
[928] ... Why?
[929] ... Why d'ya forget it?
[930] Oh well that's a bit sick isn't it?
[931] ... Yeah well how d'ya know I don't need it?
[932] ... I won't be seeing you next time and I need it for break.
[933] ... Hello hello.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [934] Caroline?
[935] Have any erm [...] cos I'm going I'm I've got an audition. [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [936] Will you meet me in the drama studio?
Caroline (PS51F) [937] Drama studio?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [938] Yes I've got an an audition.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [939] Move on please Caroline.
[940] Come on you're always going off to talk to people.
Caroline (PS51F) [941] No it's just that like Robin wanted the headphone cos he needs them.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [942] Is that mine?
Caroline (PS51F) [943] No it's mine.
[944] That is mine.
[945] ... Gone no.
[946] I gave my last one to didn't I ?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [947] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [948] How does that look?
Caroline (PS51F) [949] Rubbish. ...
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [950] It looks looks quite good actually. [laugh] ... [singing] [...] [] ...
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Richardson (PS51M) [951] Erm shh I'll expect everyone [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [952] Stop following me.
Caroline (PS51F) [953] Get lost Kevin why would I wanna follow you? ...
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [954] [...] You're a cheat.
[955] You need a slap d'ya know that?
Caroline (PS51F) [956] Come and slap me then. [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [957] You've got a hard punch.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [958] Just cos I beat him in a race.
[959] [...] And I'm slow I'm slow.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [960] You had to cheat [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [961] I [...] I could go faster than Anton.
[962] And I beat you.
[963] So that means I'm faster than Anton and you.
Caroline (PS51F) [964] [laughing] If you say so. []
[965] Where's your best friend Podge?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [966] My dad's picking you up yeah?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [967] She's my mum.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [968] I'll meet you in his car.
Caroline (PS51F) [969] Why why is your dad picking him up?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [970] Shut up.

7 (Tape 140707)

None (PS6U7) [971] We're back in our classroom now and erm Anton ... We're back in our classroom now and I expect that we're
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [972] Are we in here all the time now sir?
None (PS6U7) [973] Yeah and I'm in here all the time yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [974] Sir can we open all the top windows?
None (PS6U7) [975] No you can't you can't.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
None (PS6U7) [976] Right we're gonna start with B.
[977] [...] that I'm gonna do in [...] .
[978] And the next person who's still talking when [...] no you're not.
[979] If getting out of my class now [...] I'm going to [...] And then get indigestion.
Caroline (PS51F) [laugh]
None (PS6U7) [980] And then and and all that [...] I think you can start off by having [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
None (PS6U7) [981] Yes [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [982] Sir have you got our books?
None (PS6U7) [983] Right get out of my class I told you to stop [...] interrupting.
[984] Get out of my class.
[985] Stand [...] I'll come and have a word with you in a minute.
[986] Get outside.
[987] ... Anyone else interrupting when I'm speaking [...] .
[988] ... Right now listen and listen carefully.
[989] Don't fiddle with that please.
[990] I've got some books for you [...] people.
[991] I have marked the exercise on the verb [...] .
[992] This is your first [...] this is your first [...] .
[993] Now the people who did the exercise did it quite well.
[994] I was quite pleased with it.
[995] Erm there were a couple of people who got all the [...] questions correct.
[996] There were one or two that er had [...] which was good as well.
[997] There were one or two that were that I think were a little bit careless and didn't quite get the construction correct for them.
[998] [...] But there were a few people.
[999] I wouldn't be smiling cos you're one of them.
[1000] You didn't do the work at all and didn't give me the book either.
[1001] [...] No don't look at him, you.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1002] I've done the work sir [...]
None (PS6U7) [1003] Well I don't I don't seem to have your book with me then.
[1004] Right now there were quite there were a few people who gave me their books ... There were a few people who who gave me their books but I mean ... Erm this was the first [...] homework I'd given you actually that er [...] that I'd you know given [...] so I would like to see an improvement in this performance please.
[1005] I will give back ... give back the books that have been signed and I [...] want you in the [...] the section of [...] I just want to point out one or two things before we go on to the next [...] .
[1006] Right erm oh yes one other thing that I'd like to mention.
[1007] The the exercise of course was out of eight because I gave I gave you [...] to do asking the questions [...] to do which provided an answer.
[1008] If you put down the example I [...] I actually marked the [...] example but then I realized going back through the book that obviously the example was given for you there anyway.
[1009] So there was no point in marking.
[1010] So as the result it will only be out of eight not out of ten.
[1011] Right now as I give out the books I'll want you [...] .
[1012] Anyone else [...] And I'll just give [...] ... Right Caroline. [...] ...
Caroline (PS51F) [1013] Yeah god.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1014] Eh?
[1015] Of course I did.
None (PS6U7) [1016] Well what did you get?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1017] You didn't even mark it.
None (PS6U7) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1018] It is you've put homework.
[1019] What's that?
[1020] There's my homework. [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
None (PS6U7) [1021] Right Kevin Gareth you too.
[1022] But er I can't [...] how well you have done it.
[1023] [...] have I got your exercise book?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1024] Yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1025] Sir?
[1026] D'ya mark your [...]
None (PS6U7) [1027] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1028] [...] Is that wrong?
None (PS6U7) [1029] Yeah it should be [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1030] D'ya get no marks for it?
None (PS6U7) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1031] Oh right. [...]
None (PS6U7) [1032] I couldn't find you book actually with me in my
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1033] I [...]
None (PS6U7) [1034] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1035] I gave it to you in room eighty two.
None (PS6U7) [1036] In room eighty two.
[1037] ... Right I'll just [...] mark it here.
[1038] Because I missed I hadn't seen it actually in my bag.
[1039] [...] careful with the spelling of [...] .
[1040] It should be with an accent and without an S.
[1041] [...] is correct.
[1042] [...] I'll have to give you a mark off for that.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1043] Seven and a half.
None (PS6U7) [1044] Right er [...] six and a half.
[1045] Right yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [1046] Yippee. [laugh]
None (PS6U7) [1047] Right [...] please.
[1048] If you could turn to page if you could turn to page nine I think it is.
[1049] I just want to [...] yeah page nine cos I want to [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
None (PS6U7) [1050] Right turn to page

8 (Tape 140801)

Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1051] Dunno.
[1052] I mean I might I might do.
[1053] You know.
[1054] I really excit exciting about this thing you know and I wanna I wanna share it with someone like
Lyne (PS51G) [1055] Like me.
[1056] No but I'm [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1057] I know but you're not in my class though.
Lyne (PS51G) [1058] It would be funny if we were.
[1059] You have [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1060] Yeah exactly.
Lyne (PS51G) [1061] Erm no but I'm not [...] Well I think you should try to talk to them it's not fair otherwise.
Caroline (PS51F) [1062] Mm.
Lyne (PS51G) [1063] Cos I mean I don't they wanna be cut out [...] or anything like that.
Caroline (PS51F) [1064] Mm.
Lyne (PS51G) [1065] By the way you've put E I the wrong way round.
Caroline (PS51F) [1066] Mm.
[1067] No I before E.
Lyne (PS51G) [1068] Oh that it right.
[1069] No it's wrong it's upside down that's why.
Caroline (PS51F) [1070] Oh right.
[1071] Cos these are better than the ones
Lyne (PS51G) [1072] Okay.
Caroline (PS51F) [1073] you need just some extra ones
Lyne (PS51G) [1074] I know those those ones they all came in a packet.
[1075] So we open them and put
Caroline (PS51F) [1076] So these are new?
Lyne (PS51G) [1077] Yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [1078] Yeah.
[1079] But I'm giving you four extra and taking these two out.
Lyne (PS51G) [1080] Okay.
Caroline (PS51F) [1081] That should be alright.
Lyne (PS51G) [1082] Yeah.
[1083] You can use up loads of tapes.
[1084] Listen this is your favourite hobby talking.
Caroline (PS51F) [1085] Mm.
Lyne (PS51G) [1086] If we recorded what you said last night in P E.
[1087] How's your mother's ship.
Caroline (PS51F) [1088] I know that would be funny.
Lyne (PS51G) [1089] How's your mother's ship.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1090] Right time's getting on you've got ten minutes
Lyne (PS51G) [1091] Okay.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1092] so over the next five minutes sort it out.
Lyne (PS51G) [1093] Sorry.
[1094] [...] isn't it?
Caroline (PS51F) [1095] Mm.
[1096] One minute.
[1097] I'm gonna see what
Lyne (PS51G) [1098] You're just lining that cos it's yeah.
[1099] Erm library.
[1100] Isn't that each tape you use there tape one tape two?
Caroline (PS51F) [1101] No no no.
Lyne (PS51G) [1102] Oh right .
Caroline (PS51F) [1103] [...] person.
Lyne (PS51G) [1104] What people everyone that you've spoken to?
Caroline (PS51F) [1105] Mm.
Lyne (PS51G) [1106] I see.
Caroline (PS51F) [1107] Got to see how we go on really.
[1108] Cos I don't think that's right.
Lyne (PS51G) [1109] It is.
Caroline (PS51F) [1110] You started wrong.
Lyne (PS51G) [1111] I didn't that's library.
Caroline (PS51F) [1112] Yeah library.
Lyne (PS51G) [1113] I put A I said A .
Caroline (PS51F) [1114] [...] oh did you?
Lyne (PS51G) [1115] Oh hiya.
Caroline (PS51F) [1116] What you doing here?
Lyne (PS51G) [1117] Go where?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1118] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1119] Who's been hit?
Lyne (PS51G) [1120] Mr .
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1121] Oh.
[1122] Are you meant to be here or you just [...] ?
Lyne (PS51G) [1123] Yeah [...] .
[1124] We're doing this tape recording.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1125] Oh right the conversation thing.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1126] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1127] Oh gosh I didn't know where any of you were.
Lyne (PS51G) [1128] We told I told Zoe to tell him.
[1129] Honestly she's so unreliable that girl.
[1130] Honestly.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [laugh]
Lyne (PS51G) [1131] Don't swear. [laugh]
Caroline (PS51F) [1132] Oh dear.
[1133] That means I'll have to carry this around with me while I'm talking.
Lyne (PS51G) [1134] You'll have Mark on it.
[1135] You'll have everything Mark on it.
[1136] Yeah but that's just like your school bag you can have with you.
Caroline (PS51F) [1137] Mm.
Lyne (PS51G) [1138] Isn't it?
[1139] I mean you're not exactly gonna get out of well you can read on the bus and train and that.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1140] [...] sign everything.
Lyne (PS51G) [1141] Yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [...]
Lyne (PS51G) [1142] I know.
[1143] I was erm have you got any good books horror books?
Caroline (PS51F) [1144] No.
[1145] I've just got a Christopher book.
[1146] I could lend it to you but [...] got it at the moment you know.
Lyne (PS51G) [1147] Oh er.
Caroline (PS51F) [1148] You know.
[1149] I want to get it back off her but I don't want to be a bitch you know.
[1150] So I've just left it until she's finished with it.
[1151] She's given [...] Sophie.
[1152] Oh my god I'm gonna kill her.
[1153] I bet [...] she did.
[1154] You know I've got this feeling she had.
Lyne (PS51G) [...] [laugh]
Caroline (PS51F) [1155] Yeah.
[1156] I've got this feeling that she has given it to Sophie [...]
Lyne (PS51G) [1157] She wouldn't do that would she?
Caroline (PS51F) [1158] She would.
[1159] Even [...] she wanted me to get erm Sophie.
[1160] Where's the other white [...] is it
Lyne (PS51G) [1161] Here.
Caroline (PS51F) [1162] Scribble it proper properly.
[1163] It's probably a little high up.
Lyne (PS51G) [1164] Okay.
Caroline (PS51F) [1165] Okay?
[1166] So try [...] .
Lyne (PS51G) [1167] Okay.
[1168] Right down there.
[1169] Okay yeah.
[1170] That's my badge I can't put it on.
Caroline (PS51F) [1171] You'll have to take off your jumper then.
Lyne (PS51G) [1172] I could put it in there. ...
Caroline (PS51F) [1173] You can't have it underneath your [...] your tie or underneath your jacket I'm afraid.
[1174] Although it [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1175] It's gotta be clear.
Caroline (PS51F) [1176] But you'll hear the the [...] strap against it.
Lyne (PS51G) [1177] Oh right.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1178] Oh I see yeah.
[1179] They are good aren't they?
Caroline (PS51F) [1180] It's extremely good isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1181] Where d'ya buy those?
[1182] Separately?
Caroline (PS51F) [1183] No they came with
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1184] With the with the little
Lyne (PS51G) [1185] Well
Caroline (PS51F) [1186] I'd like to have one of these.
Lyne (PS51G) [1187] Yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [1188] I'm gonna buy them.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1189] I beg your pardon.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1190] [...] don't say that again.
[1191] Did you hear that?
Caroline (PS51F) [1192] Four hundred pounds.
Lyne (PS51G) [1193] Four hundred pounds Walkman
Caroline (PS51F) [1194] What for that?
Lyne (PS51G) [1195] No for the whole Walkman.
[1196] Four hundred pounds.
Caroline (PS51F) [1197] Really?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1198] If it was stolen from a house.
Lyne (PS51G) [1199] Oh right.
Caroline (PS51F) [1200] I don't know how much.
Lyne (PS51G) [1201] We've got the cheap model.
[1202] I know.
[1203] That is my Game Boy four times over and even yeah four and a half times over .
Caroline (PS51F) [1204] That's that's that's three time my erm Super Nintendo.
Lyne (PS51G) [1205] I could sell my Game Boy.
[1206] [laugh] I [...] wanna have my Game Boy.
[1207] Sorry Frank.
[1208] [laugh] Oh dear.
[1209] Oh it's weird cos when you're tape recording [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1210] Make her sound like a complete you know
Lyne (PS51G) [1211] Alright alright
Caroline (PS51F) [1212] horrible person but you know.
Lyne (PS51G) [laugh]
Caroline (PS51F) [1213] Oh I just can't wait.
Lyne (PS51G) [1214] Cos if I've got her letter then I can copy it all down perfectly.
[1215] She won't even know.
[1216] Come on I'm gonna switch this tape of now.
Caroline (PS51F) [1217] Alright.

9 (Tape 140802)

Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1218] If you drop it that's your problem.
Lyne (PS51G) [1219] I believe it's four hundred pounds.
Caroline (PS51F) [1220] I know.
Lyne (PS51G) [1221] I wouldn't buy it for four hundred.
[1222] There must be a cheaper [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1223] No but no but if you're rich it's alright you know but.
Lyne (PS51G) [1224] Yeah but there must be a cheaper model .
Caroline (PS51F) [1225] God where where they gonna put all this
Lyne (PS51G) [1226] Can't all be [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1227] One minute.
Lyne (PS51G) [1228] You know what I mean you know all them kind of Walkmans they can't be all four hundred pounds.
[1229] Hang on how many of this one two three four five six six times four yes
Caroline (PS51F) [1230] Is twenty four.
Lyne (PS51G) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1231] Yeah!
[1232] Oh my god!
[1233] So where they gonna put all these afterwards?
Lyne (PS51G) [1234] She said [...] cheaper model yes?
Caroline (PS51F) [1235] Yeah.
Lyne (PS51G) [1236] [...] it's a bit under.
Caroline (PS51F) [1237] Yeah.
Lyne (PS51G) [1238] It's just under [...] thousand pounds.
Caroline (PS51F) [1239] Yeah.
Lyne (PS51G) [1240] Oh my god.
Caroline (PS51F) [1241] So where they gonna put all these?
[1242] Who who what who do they belong to?
Lyne (PS51G) [1243] Oh I dunno [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1244] Oh I wish we were the last people they might have [whispering] [...] keep it [] [laugh]
Lyne (PS51G) [1245] They wouldn't do such a thing. [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1246] Mm.
[1247] You know when I when I first thought of that I thought you know I'd [...] let us keep it.
Lyne (PS51G) [1248] Oh yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [1249] Oh wish it did.
[1250] I wouldn't mind carrying this around .
Lyne (PS51G) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1251] Yeah.
Lyne (PS51G) [1252] Anyway stop hinting.
Caroline (PS51F) [1253] If it if it broke oh my god well I would just die.
[1254] I I wouldn't know what to do you know.
[1255] I just wish I'd never
Lyne (PS51G) [1256] [...] die.
Caroline (PS51F) [1257] I just wished I'd never done it you know.
[1258] Yeah.
[1259] Because if if it broke it'd be like all my fault.
Lyne (PS51G) [1260] D'ya reckon you'd have to pay for it?
Caroline (PS51F) [1261] Yeah.
[1262] Most probably .
Lyne (PS51G) [1263] [...] never paid for that.
[1264] I mean like [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1265] Yeah but it'd be my it'd be my fault if it broke.
Lyne (PS51G) [1266] Yeah but they probably cos they'd be insured.
[1267] They're probably insured aren't they?
Caroline (PS51F) [1268] Oh yeah.
[1269] Yeah but the insurance company would probably gonna pay erm to me through me isn't it?
Lyne (PS51G) [1270] Oh yeah [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1271] [laughing] Yeah. [] [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1272] Alright Lynne?
Caroline (PS51F) [1273] Who's he?
Lyne (PS51G) [1274] Bloody [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1275] How did he know your name then?
Lyne (PS51G) [1276] Can we go to the toilets?
Caroline (PS51F) [1277] Yeah alright .
Lyne (PS51G) [1278] [...] switch it off when I go.
Caroline (PS51F) [1279] Yeah.
Lyne (PS51G) [1280] I don't want [laughing] [...] [] .
Caroline (PS51F) [1281] [laugh] .
[1282] Right.
[1283] Oh yeah I was wondering why you were holding them. ...
Lyne (PS51G) [1284] D'ya know what [...] couple of quid Sophie send all this stuff and then show [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1285] Yeah.
[1286] No no.
Lyne (PS51G) [1287] Why not?
Caroline (PS51F) [1288] I just don't want to hear her voice.
Lyne (PS51G) [1289] [laugh] You're really bad.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1290] Where's in the loo?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1291] In the loo.
Caroline (PS51F) [1292] But that things making like when you go out
Lyne (PS51G) [1293] Checking.
[1294] Twang ping.
[1295] What oh what in there?
Caroline (PS51F) [1296] Mm.
Lyne (PS51G) [1297] Oh right really?
Caroline (PS51F) [1298] Yeah.
Lyne (PS51G) [1299] Oh right I see what you mean.
[1300] Look I look I've got [...] that side of my head.
[1301] You know Kate yeah.
[1302] It was really funny in maths [...] .
Caroline (PS51F) [1303] Mm.
Lyne (PS51G) [1304] Cos I you my [...] when I go [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1305] Hold that.
Lyne (PS51G) [1306] Give me your headphones.
Caroline (PS51F) [1307] [...] listen to.
Lyne (PS51G) [1308] Hello.
[1309] I can hear myself now.
[1310] What?
[1311] That was just being herself as usual. ...
Caroline (PS51F) [...]
Lyne (PS51G) [1312] [...] bits in your hair?
[1313] I don't understand.
[1314] Did you wash it last night?
Caroline (PS51F) [1315] Yeah.
Lyne (PS51G) [1316] Has the bell gone d'ya think?
Caroline (PS51F) [1317] Dunno.
Lyne (PS51G) [1318] I need the loo but they've got no toilet paper so I can't go.
Caroline (PS51F) [1319] Yes they have.
[1320] They should have.
Lyne (PS51G) [1321] Where.
Caroline (PS51F) [1322] Should be in some [...] from er
Lyne (PS51G) [1323] Yes but you don't know where it's been.
[1324] It could have been recycled from another person's toiletry.
Caroline (PS51F) [1325] Oh come on.
Lyne (PS51G) [1326] Anyway I'm gonna leave you with this.
Caroline (PS51F) [1327] Mm.
Lyne (PS51G) [1328] And I will see you tomorrow first thing
Caroline (PS51F) [1329] Turn it off then.
Lyne (PS51G) [1330] You said Amy didn't you?
Caroline (PS51F) [1331] Did I?
Lyne (PS51G) [1332] Yeah you just came out the loo and then you just said Amy.
Caroline (PS51F) [1333] I never.
Lyne (PS51G) [1334] Me.
Caroline (PS51F) [1335] Bye.
[1336] Bye.
[1337] ... Mr .
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1338] Erm excuse me.
Lyne (PS51G) [1339] No it's for Mr .
Caroline (PS51F) [1340] It's for yeah
Lyne (PS51G) [1341] It's their project.
[1342] That speech therapy.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1343] Who with?
Caroline (PS51F) [1344] Mr .
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1345] Oh.
[1346] Special thing is it?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1347] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1348] Oh.
[1349] You're not supposed to be walking round the corridor with it though?
Caroline (PS51F) [1350] No but we have to recor record a conversation.
Lyne (PS51G) [1351] Yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [1352] You have to carry on as much time as
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1353] Oh you mean you're just looking at various people
Caroline (PS51F) [1354] No no no no.
[1355] We're having a conversation
Lyne (PS51G) [1356] And we have to tape record it.
Caroline (PS51F) [1357] Yeah so
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1358] In all this noise?
Lyne (PS51G) [1359] Yeah.
[1360] But it [...] microphone.
Caroline (PS51F) [1361] You have to carry it as often as often and you're supposed to
Lyne (PS51G) [1362] Fill up ten tapes of conversation.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1363] So it's an official thing is it?
Caroline (PS51F) [1364] Yeah.
Lyne (PS51G) [1365] Yeah there's erm another a few other people doing it as well.
Caroline (PS51F) [1366] Yeah.
[1367] That's what [...] .
[1368] I wish Mr had seen [...] .
Lyne (PS51G) [1369] [...] we were lying.
[1370] [laugh] Did you [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1371] Oh my god I would just die.
Lyne (PS51G) [1372] [...] I know I've got computer studies [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1373] Mm.
Lyne (PS51G) [1374] ear hole about some cookery [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1375] Wouldn't mind wouldn't mind tape recording his voice.
Lyne (PS51G) [1376] What lesson have you got next?
Caroline (PS51F) [1377] Geography.
Lyne (PS51G) [1378] Oh [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1379] Over there in the hut.
Lyne (PS51G) [1380] I've got it down here somewhere. ...
Caroline (PS51F) [1381] Yeah he was gonna make me had it over.
[1382] ... I know he didn't even get it afterwards when we told him.
Lyne (PS51G) [1383] I know.
Caroline (PS51F) [1384] So thick.
[1385] [laugh] ... [whispering] He's not bad looking []
Lyne (PS51G) [1386] He's alright I know.
Caroline (PS51F) [1387] God you know when you talk the wind sort of like makes
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1388] [...] have those in school they're [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1389] I'm allowed to.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1390] No you're not allowed to have them in school.
Caroline (PS51F) [1391] I am cos Mr erm said I could
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1392] Why?
Caroline (PS51F) [1393] Cos we're doing this project for the Norwegian thing.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1394] But you're not allowed to walk around the school with a Walkman.
[1395] So take it off now.
Caroline (PS51F) [1396] We are it said on the thing.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1397] On what thing?
[1398] The instructions I got is that no Walkman are allowed in school.
Caroline (PS51F) [1399] Have to fill up ten tapes.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1400] Yeah but are you supposed to be wearing it around the school?
Caroline (PS51F) [1401] Yeah you have to record as many conversations as you can.
[1402] You have to fill up ten tapes.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1403] Who's this for, Mr?
Caroline (PS51F) [1404] Young.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1405] Alright well I'll check that one out.
Caroline (PS51F) [1406] Go on then.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1407] The trouble is if you start using it then everybody else thinks you're listening to music and they'll start bring theirs in.
Caroline (PS51F) [1408] Mm?
[1409] What?

10 (Tape 140803)

Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1410] Hello.
[1411] We've got games today.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1412] Yes and I'm Caroline's partner today.
Caroline (PS51F) [1413] Yes and I'm and Sophie's partner today.
[1414] This is such a riveting conversation.
Lyne (PS51G) [1415] I know.
Caroline (PS51F) [1416] No it wasn't planned earlier on was it?
Lyne (PS51G) [1417] No.
Caroline (PS51F) [1418] Hello you in there.
Lyne (PS51G) [1419] What Mr [...] does he Caroline?
Caroline (PS51F) [1420] [...] ... No I didn't see him.
Lyne (PS51G) [1421] I've switched it off.
[1422] ... Started to play it's recording. ...
Caroline (PS51F) [1423] Mm?
[1424] ... Oh yeah yeah that was the one.
[1425] Hello my name is Caroline and here is Jenny who's taken a bit long to come into class.
[1426] ... And we're here we have everybody with us [...] faces.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1427] Do you know what the reason I hate him [...] you know and he [...] and he goes on my friend Garry and he goes oh you still going out with that Pakkie?
[1428] That's why he's an arsehole.
Caroline (PS51F) [1429] Really?
[1430] ... How did you know?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1431] He told me.
Caroline (PS51F) [1432] What told you?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1433] [...] oh he said you could [...] out with that Pakkie.
Caroline (PS51F) [1434] He still and he told you?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1435] Yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [1436] Really?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1437] Yeah really.
Caroline (PS51F) [1438] Oh!
[1439] [laugh] ... It's taping by the way.
Lyne (PS51G) [1440] I know.

11 (Tape 140804)

Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1441] Erm hello this is Natalie and I'm going to interview Amy .
[1442] Hello Amy .
[1443] What lessons d'ya have after lunch?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1444] I have H E.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1445] I have H E and I'm doing my [...] exam.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1446] Oh I hope to do very in them.
[1447] You only have about two weeks left is that right?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1448] That is right.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1449] Oh.
Caroline (PS51F) [1450] Don't [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1451] I'm so happy for you.
[1452] I wish I was doing my [...] as well and H E.
[1453] Anyway time to go bye.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1454] Bye.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1455] Oh hello.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1456] This is Kim [...] .
[1457] Hello Kim. ...
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1458] Well can you [...] in the classroom.
Caroline (PS51F) [1459] I wouldn't lie.
Lyne (PS51G) [1460] No it's you can ask Mr .
Caroline (PS51F) [1461] That's why they have to erm tape conversations.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1462] You're you're taping conversations are you?
Caroline (PS51F) [1463] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1464] Then then you're very very careful what you say hadn't you?
Caroline (PS51F) [1465] Yes.
Lyne (PS51G) [1466] He's an excellent teacher.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1467] No.
Lyne (PS51G) [1468] That's called our teacher Mr
Caroline (PS51F) [1469] God what a prat. ...
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1470] Kim are we putting our bags [...] ... [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1471] I'll I'll have to go over it.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1472] Have you got it on record now cos you're taping all this.
Lyne (PS51G) [1473] I know.
Caroline (PS51F) [1474] Er I'm sorry about that. [...]
Lyne (PS51G) [1475] When are we doing it? [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1476] All conversa all conversations.
Lyne (PS51G) [1477] Yes for this speech therapy.
Caroline (PS51F) [1478] Say what you think of Scott.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1479] How we talk how we talk.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1480] Say what I think of Scott.
[1481] Oh yeah.
[1482] He's got a big nose got big ears.
[1483] He hasn't got any [...] he's got no [...] erm he hasn't hairy legs.
Caroline (PS51F) [1484] [...] talk about [...] Scott.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1485] He's Jewish and he's [...] saving up to be Jewish.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1486] And erm [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1487] Can somebody come [...]
Lyne (PS51G) [1488] Oh wait I need to get my money.
[1489] You going in the canteen?
Caroline (PS51F) [1490] And here we are walking along the corridor.
[1491] And there's Mr who's locking the door and he's making sure that no one tries to get in.
[1492] And here we come we're going to lunch and this is Amy [...] .
[1493] Hello how are you today?
[1494] The weather it's it's extremely hot today .
Lyne (PS51G) [1495] Don't talk like that don't talk like that just talk like [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1496] Alright then.
[1497] Right.
Lyne (PS51G) [1498] how you [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1499] Well erm oh shall we go to the canteen?
[1500] No come on let's go to the canteen cos I want [...] school dinner.
[1501] ... I'm I'm I'm [...] conversation.
[1502] Do everyone's conversation. ...
Lyne (PS51G) [1503] Come on we can go in.
Caroline (PS51F) [1504] We're now walking into the [...] ... This is the canteen.
Lyne (PS51G) [1505] As you can hear from everyone's conversation [laughing] [...] [] .
Caroline (PS51F) [1506] Yes and you can hear everyone munching away on their food.
[1507] ... And there's Andy very good looking [...] ... Er what's he eating?
[1508] Only once only once today.
[1509] You got told off about five million times.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1510] Are you recording it?
Caroline (PS51F) [1511] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1512] Hello I'm Amy [laugh]
Caroline (PS51F) [1513] Ah there's Andy over there looking gorgeous as usual.
[1514] Andy .
[1515] He's [...] table he goes [...] and there's a dick head in glasses that wouldn't serve you at the tuck shop cos it was closing.
[1516] I'm looking [...] a nice person.
[1517] ... Don't walk away cos I'm connected to you.
[1518] Okay we're going to [...] canteen .
Lyne (PS51G) [1519] You know what you have to do.
Caroline (PS51F) [1520] And [...] food.
[1521] Lucy's looking very nice in a very nice skirt today. [laugh]
Lyne (PS51G) [1522] You being sarcastic?
Caroline (PS51F) [1523] No I [...] she's looking very nice in a nice skirt.
[1524] No I like it so I said it.
Lyne (PS51G) [1525] Oh.
Caroline (PS51F) [1526] [...] I don't know how they get
Lyne (PS51G) [1527] I know.
Caroline (PS51F) [1528] [...] to get a licence to sell this food you know.
[1529] I mean it's really expensive though.
[1530] Who's she?
[1531] Er puke.
[1532] What cheese.
[1533] I know it's not melted.
Lyne (PS51G) [1534] Oh I don't even know what to get.
Caroline (PS51F) [1535] What a tough decision.
Lyne (PS51G) [1536] Are there any turkey burgers?
Caroline (PS51F) [1537] [...] ask how much they are.
Lyne (PS51G) [1538] Mm I know.
[1539] They're thirty four.
Caroline (PS51F) [1540] Thirty four P they're about an inch long. ...
Lyne (PS51G) [1541] There's no turkey burgers.
Caroline (PS51F) [1542] Can I go and get a drink with you.
Lyne (PS51G) [1543] Yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [1544] In a minute cos.
[1545] I'm going to get a drink okay.
Lyne (PS51G) [1546] Don't go yet because Caroline's awaiting and we're connected up cos I've got the microphone.
Caroline (PS51F) [1547] [...] just get a beefburger got to get a beefburger. ...
Lyne (PS51G) [1548] Look their burgers are looking [...] it's got a bit of fat on there.
[1549] [...] Just like Kate Moss.
Caroline (PS51F) [1550] [...] the lemon meringue?
Lyne (PS51G) [1551] It's not browned properly.
[1552] Look it's not cooked is it?
Caroline (PS51F) [1553] I tried lemon meringue once and it's nasty.
Lyne (PS51G) [1554] Was it nasty?
[1555] Nasty.
[1556] [...] I'm gonna get a Caribbean [...] .
[1557] Look oh hang on.
[1558] Oh no.
[1559] You know crumble yeah?
Caroline (PS51F) [1560] Yeah.
Lyne (PS51G) [1561] I love crumble.
[1562] Get me a Caribbean one.
[1563] Oh here I'll get it for myself.
Caroline (PS51F) [1564] D'ya want a chocolate one?
Lyne (PS51G) [1565] Oh look I could get a little cake.
Caroline (PS51F) [1566] Oh look there's the chocolate ones.
Lyne (PS51G) [1567] Oh careful.
Caroline (PS51F) [1568] Sorry.
Lyne (PS51G) [1569] Yes.
[1570] Go on speak into the microphone.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1571] Hello.
Lyne (PS51G) [1572] Yeah I think he heard you.
[1573] ... Here you are.
[1574] ... Caroline's got chips hot dog and a chocolate milk shake.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1575] Fifty seven.
Lyne (PS51G) [1576] You paid?
Caroline (PS51F) [1577] Oh no I don't have enough money for [...] never mind.
Lyne (PS51G) [1578] Okay.
Caroline (PS51F) [1579] No.
Lyne (PS51G) [1580] Oops.
Caroline (PS51F) [...]
Lyne (PS51G) [1581] Fewer chips.
[1582] They've still got [...] club there. [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1583] Just imagine if someone you know like [...]
Lyne (PS51G) [1584] Why's he in a track suit?
Caroline (PS51F) [1585] Who?
Lyne (PS51G) [1586] A nice one.
[1587] A very nice one.
[1588] Here in a a nice track suit.
[1589] A nice nice track suit.
[1590] [laugh] ... I don't know Mr at all I'm not in any of his classes.
[1591] I looked at him and goes ... no no no Mr Mr he goes like this he goes ... like you know hi and I went oh I don't even know you you dick head.
[1592] Anyone want the microphone?
[1593] I'm laying it on the table .
Caroline (PS51F) [1594] [...] to Amy.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1595] [...] eating your lunch.
Caroline (PS51F) [1596] Yes Laura.
[1597] [laugh] I'm recording it all. ...
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1598] Turn it off Caroline.
Caroline (PS51F) [1599] Right wait a minute.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1600] Turn in off. ...
Caroline (PS51F) [1601] Then we started arguing we'd go ... we go why aren't you talking to us [...] well it's okay.
[1602] It's alright for you to lie to us as many times as you want but when we'd asked you once you get in a mood and walk off and don't talk to us.
[1603] ... Yeah but that's not my fault.
[1604] Why aren't you talking to me?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1605] Cos you're not [...] apologize and I don't want [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1606] I ain't apologizing to you because you ain't gonna talk to me.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1607] Well then.
Caroline (PS51F) [1608] You're having a go at me for what Penny and Natalie said and I never said it.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1609] Alright then. ...
Caroline (PS51F) [1610] The only thing that I said was erm that Tony told us that you keep your game tonight so that you've got a friend any time you want.
[1611] That's all I said.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1612] That's a lie cos my mum always [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1613] I won't.
[1614] It doesn't bother me.
[1615] You're the one getting in a huff.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1616] I don't know why that is [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1617] Yeah [...] apologize to me then.
[1618] Well why aren't we talking then.
[1619] Cos them two ain't talking don't mean we shouldn't.
Lyne (PS51G) [1620] I'm not gonna apologize to you and you're not gonna apologize
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1621] Yeah but there's so much starving
Caroline (PS51F) [1622] Apologize.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1623] in Ethiopia and you're bothered because you're not talking to one another.
Lyne (PS51G) [1624] Why don't we just apologize together?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1625] Go on then.
[1626] I have a sensible solution to this argument.
[1627] Why don't you
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1628] We'll just say sorry to Deborah.
Caroline (PS51F) [1629] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1630] [...] at the same time [...] after three
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1631] One two three
Caroline (PS51F) [1632] Sorry.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [laugh]
Caroline (PS51F) [1633] Right now you're speaking to each other?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1634] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1635] Yes?
[1636] It's the easiest way isn't it.
[1637] If I have an argument with I'm gonna play that tape back and [...] even worry.
[1638] All you said about them.
Caroline (PS51F) [laugh]
Lyne (PS51G) [1639] You mean you've just taped our argument.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1640] That's just gonna stir up more trouble.
Caroline (PS51F) [1641] She's just taped us. ...
Lyne (PS51G) [1642] Natalie and aren't getting an apology

12 (Tape 140805)

Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1643] What are we doing?
[1644] I'm gonna ask him.
Caroline (PS51F) [1645] No cos it's no cos er Mr knows this woman or something.
[1646] Like like like he she
Lyne (PS51G) [1647] Oh how
Caroline (PS51F) [1648] knows
Lyne (PS51G) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1649] No.
Lyne (PS51G) [1650] [...] parents.
Caroline (PS51F) [1651] No their not honestly.
Lyne (PS51G) [1652] [...] I can't see [...] like that.
Caroline (PS51F) [1653] Well don't you look fine.
Lyne (PS51G) [1654] [...] haircut?
Caroline (PS51F) [1655] [laughing] Aye? []
[1656] What's it like ?
Lyne (PS51G) [1657] [...] like Gazza.
Caroline (PS51F) [1658] Oh no.
[1659] Seriously?
Lyne (PS51G) [1660] Yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [1661] Er no one will fancy him now.
[1662] Not that I fancied him before but.
Lyne (PS51G) [1663] No no no no.
Caroline (PS51F) [1664] [...] What is it what is it?
[1665] What is it oh you sing Oliver that song [...] that's so funny.
Lyne (PS51G) [1666] [singing] Consider yourself [...] []
Caroline (PS51F) [1667] Is that improvisation wasn't it?
Lyne (PS51G) [1668] [singing] Consider yourself one of the family.
[1669] [...] it's clear we're gonna get along.
[1670] Consider yourself [...] []
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [laugh]
Lyne (PS51G) [1671] Supercalafragalisticexpialidotious
Caroline (PS51F) [1672] I dunno it's [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1673] [singing] [...] supercalafragalisticexpialidotious. [...] []
Caroline (PS51F) [1674] Oh heck you have the microphone cos I mean [...] .
Lyne (PS51G) [1675] D'ya know what I mean cos you're the one that's [...] so I'd better.
[1676] [singing] Consider yourself [...] . []
Caroline (PS51F) [1677] What's what's that song?
Lyne (PS51G) [1678] Oliver.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1679] [...] on record?
Caroline (PS51F) [1680] Yeah.
Lyne (PS51G) [1681] No.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1682] No.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1683] You should [...] because it's more [...] .
Caroline (PS51F) [1684] Yeah well I hate Susan as well. [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1685] Don't don't say don't erm tell anybody that you've got it on.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1686] She's recording it the stupid cow she's [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1687] She's slagging off now Lyne .
[1688] Oh football.
[1689] [singing] Consider yourself. []
[1690] Ask him what he thinks of Susan.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1691] Don't you dare.
Caroline (PS51F) [1692] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1693] [...] that's what I said.
[1694] And then she said no don't you dare and it will ruin [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1695] [singing] Consider yourself one of the family.
[1696] Consider yourself. []
[1697] Oh it sort of slips put [...] bloody week ahead.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1698] Lyne.
Lyne (PS51G) [1699] Yeah.
[1700] Oh.
Caroline (PS51F) [1701] What?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1702] Were you playing that song?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1703] Yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [1704] So what d'ya think of erm what d'ya think of [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1705] Why?
Caroline (PS51F) [1706] D'ya like them?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1707] Why?
Caroline (PS51F) [1708] No seriously do you really like them?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1709] What d'ya mean really them?
Caroline (PS51F) [1710] Well what d'ya think of them?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1711] As friends?
[1712] Do I fancy them?
Caroline (PS51F) [1713] No no.
[1714] What d'ya think of them like do they get on your nerves at all?
[1715] What?
[1716] What?
Lyne (PS51G) [1717] Can't hear you.
Caroline (PS51F) [1718] Do they take over?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1719] No.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1720] What?
Lyne (PS51G) [1721] They let you do everything.
Caroline (PS51F) [1722] Cor they can be so bossy them two.
Lyne (PS51G) [1723] Yeah. [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1724] What d'ya think of what d'ya think of what d'ya think of Kim?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1725] Why?
Caroline (PS51F) [1726] Well what d'ya think of her.
[1727] Why?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1728] Personal reasons.
[1729] No personal reasons.
[1730] [...] Who d'ya fancy?
Lyne (PS51G) [1731] Oh yeah we [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1732] What?
Lyne (PS51G) [1733] Can you say it a bit louder.
Caroline (PS51F) [1734] Can't hear you.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1735] I don't know him.
Caroline (PS51F) [1736] Oh.
[1737] What d'ya think about
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1738] Who d'ya really hate who really gets on your nerves?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1739] [...] what d'ya think of Scott's girlfriend?
[1740] Is she really nice?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1741] Has Scott got a girlfriend?
[1742] Has Scott got a girlfriend?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1743] Yeah her name's Jessica.
Caroline (PS51F) [1744] Blimey.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1745] And she lives in [...] .
Caroline (PS51F) [1746] What d'ya think?
[1747] What d'ya think about Steven?
Lyne (PS51G) [1748] I thought they [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1749] They went they all joined [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1750] I say I think he's right [...] .
Lyne (PS51G) [1751] Who d'ya hate really really hate [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1752] Why?
Caroline (PS51F) [1753] What d'ya think of ?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1754] Very pretty.
Caroline (PS51F) [1755] Oh yeah.
[1756] No speak truthfully now.
[1757] Speak truthfully.
[1758] You have to speak truthfully.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Lyne (PS51G) [1759] It's Caroline's.
[1760] No it isn't it's Caroline's.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1761] Oh now I [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1762] I couldn't read for ten minutes before.
Caroline (PS51F) [1763] What?
[1764] Read?
[1765] Read?
[1766] ... What's that girl got in her hair look [...] the red hair band round.
[1767] [...] right over the other side.
[1768] [...] Yeah we can hear up by the canteen.
[1769] He probably was in the background.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1770] Look at Heather [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1771] You know what to do it's so funny.
[1772] Look this is what Robin did.
[1773] He found out.
[1774] You fit it on your watch
Caroline (PS51F) [1775] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1776] then put it all up your sleeve
Caroline (PS51F) [1777] Yeah I know.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1778] [...] walkman and then you don't have to see it.
[1779] He just
Caroline (PS51F) [1780] Yeah but it it doesn't matter you're allowed it.
[1781] You're allowed it though.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1782] I know but then when they talk to you they won't see it. [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1783] Is Lianne here today?
[1784] Isn't Lianne here today?
[1785] Where is she?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1786] [...] we've got something more important [...] see you later.
Caroline (PS51F) [1787] [...] push me away.
[1788] [...] get on her nerves.
Lyne (PS51G) [1789] You know that you know the [...] one
Caroline (PS51F) [1790] Yeah.
Lyne (PS51G) [1791] You know Mark's got it down there.
Caroline (PS51F) [1792] Yeah.
Lyne (PS51G) [1793] It's [...] put her's down there.
[1794] No point no one 's going to see it.
Caroline (PS51F) [1795] I don't want anybody to see it not really.
[1796] It isn't down here it's up here.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1797] [...] go up to Lee [...] and ask him about the letter that got [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1798] Why don't you come why don't you come.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1799] How do we know you can do it?
[1800] I'll sponsor you twenty P.
[1801] Give me your pen.
Caroline (PS51F) [1802] I'll sponsor you something.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1803] I'll sponsor you twenty P.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1804] There you go.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1805] [...] back the letter.
Caroline (PS51F) [1806] [...] can.
[1807] Come on.
[1808] Susan you're the only one that knows.
Lyne (PS51G) [1809] What's she gonna do?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1810] I know I didn't realize that was just Lee .
[1811] I dunno.
[1812] [break in recording] Say it again say it all again [...] cut.
[1813] Right action.
[1814] [...] [shouting] Get Lee over here or he's in bum shit. []
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1815] [...] get Lee over here I've really got to speak to him.
Caroline (PS51F) [1816] [shouting] But we can't taunt him in front of Dean.
[1817] We can't taunt him in front of Dean. []
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1818] [shouting] We can't taunt him in front of them lot. []
[1819] Tell him to just fuck [...] .
Caroline (PS51F) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1820] You've just taped that.
[1821] You've just taped that Lyne.
Caroline (PS51F) [1822] Look I think I need some new trousers.
Lyne (PS51G) [1823] I really liked your trousers.
[1824] [...] the material.
Caroline (PS51F) [1825] I liked them too.
[1826] Yeah I can't find any more like this.
Lyne (PS51G) [1827] Where did you get your trousers again?
[1828] Tiptop? [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1829] No I saw her lying down.
[1830] I wondered what she was doing [...] she was going [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1831] What about in rounders when you couldn't pick up the ball.
[1832] That was so funny.
[1833] She's there ... Why won't Lee come over here?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1834] No we're doing [...] for six weeks.
Caroline (PS51F) [1835] [...] I'm going to environmentally friend [...] .
[1836] Put your foot out.
[1837] ... [...] watch this.
[1838] I've got put your foot out.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1839] Put your shoe out.
[1840] Ready?
[1841] Upright upright upright.
Caroline (PS51F) [1842] Put it out like that.
[1843] Ready?
[1844] You can catch me fifty P mister.
[1845] [laugh] Shoe shine fifty P.
[1846] Oh yeah.
[1847] Got a shoe shine kit.
[1848] Anyone else want their shoe polished? [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1849] Yes Susan. [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1850] I don't know that.
[1851] [...] I don't know your name but Lyne thinks you've got a nice dress.
Caroline (PS51F) [1852] Yeah that's me.
[1853] Your dress is nice.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1854] [...] Lovely yeah.
Lyne (PS51G) [1855] Sort of common type of dress though.
Caroline (PS51F) [1856] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1857] Oh then I might as well go out and buy [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1858] You common types wouldn't know [...] intellectual people wear.
Lyne (PS51G) [1859] [laughing] Camden town residents. []
Caroline (PS51F) [1860] What did [...] say?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1861] Amy [...] wake up with you?
[1862] Amy?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1863] Yeah wait a sec.
Caroline (PS51F) [1864] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1865] And erm and like she answered the phone and I didn't know whether it was [...] so I go is is that Lucy?
[1866] And they didn't say anything so I go, Oh will be round at about erm half past er quarter past eight and [...] goes, Yeah okay then.
[1867] And [...] go and see her. [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1868] Oh [...] .
[1869] Oh [...] shit.
Lyne (PS51G) [1870] Come on we'd better go in.
Caroline (PS51F) [1871] Can we do in?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1872] [...] give me a bubble gum.
Caroline (PS51F) [1873] Alright then.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1874] Go on then.
[1875] It's on record [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1876] You'd better.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1877] I will.
Lyne (PS51G) [1878] [...] Oh shit.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1879] Oh why don't we do [...] cos then everyone can join in.
Caroline (PS51F) [1880] Alright.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1881] One two three four.
Caroline (PS51F) [1882] Shall I sing it?
[1883] Shall I sing with you?
Lyne (PS51G) [1884] One two three four.
[1885] [singing] Dum-do-be-do-dum-dum. []
Caroline (PS51F) [1886] Come on.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1887] [singing] cumma-cumma-cumma-dum-do-be-do-dum-dum-cumma-cumma-dum-do-be- do-dum-dum-waking-up-is-hard-to-do.
[1888] Don't take your love. []
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1889] You know I reckon you guys would have won it if you'd if you if you hadn't started laughing.
Caroline (PS51F) [1890] I couldn't help it.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1891] Oh you could've carried on.
Caroline (PS51F) [1892] I couldn't remember the words.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1893] Well then it wasn't all my fault.
Caroline (PS51F) [1894] [...] you know when you laugh and you can't stop.
[1895] The way they went
Lyne (PS51G) [1896] It was so lucky that I [...] It seems so [...] .
[1897] D'ya know what said to me? [...] she goes
Caroline (PS51F) [1898] She goes she said if we hadn't have stopped we might have won yeah like you know [...] not that I was bothered.
[1899] But I
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1900] Come on Lee's gone I've got to go to speak to him.
Caroline (PS51F) [1901] She goes we might have won the prize yeah.
[1902] And the I go erm so then I go, Yeah but didn't they look a bit stupid [...] she goes, Actually everyone's laughing at [...] and they go, Thank god for that.
[1903] Like you know they weren't larking it up.
[1904] She [...] the facts but they [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1905] You know when I curtsied and all my skirt came up and you could see my knickers.
Caroline (PS51F) [1906] Did you?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1907] Didn't you remember?
Caroline (PS51F) [1908] No.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1909] And they all started laughing and I wondered what they were laughing at.
Lyne (PS51G) [1910] They didn't.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1911] They did.
[1912] Someone told me afterwards that when I went like that
Lyne (PS51G) [1913] They were lying.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1914] when I went like that it went up you know.
[1915] And [...] started laughing as soon as I did that started laughing .
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1916] Oh I remember that.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1917] [...] my skirt went up.
Lyne (PS51G) [1918] I didn't I didn't see.
[1919] [...] What were you doing?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1920] It was just a [...] you know.
Lyne (PS51G) [1921] Oh yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [1922] She's in a [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1923] No we're the ones that got you to do it.
Caroline (PS51F) [1924] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1925] I didn't want to do it [...]
Lyne (PS51G) [1926] That's what I thought [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1927] I get so embarrassed.
Lyne (PS51G) [1928] [...] cos he was doing the thing and writing down the list and I had to go and find him [...] with her. ...
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1929] Why did you think it was me that wrote the letter?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1930] Who was it then?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1931] I don't know.
[1932] Oh well that's what I wanna know.
[1933] Cos whoever it was they got me in trouble.
Lyne (PS51G) [1934] In trouble [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1935] Why did you say I [...] beaten up by Lisa?
Lyne (PS51G) [1936] You was.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1937] I wasn't.
[1938] Cos Terry asked Simon and Simon said [laugh] [laughing] because Simon cos Simon said he never even said that [] .
[1939] So you've been shit stirring.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1940] Oh look you've done enough [...] so don't talk to me.
Caroline (PS51F) [1941] Why didn't she know anything?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1942] Oh the cow I wanna find out.
[1943] And I don't even [...] don't I?
Lyne (PS51G) [1944] He said you didn't he [...] gone off of you because you didn't write it.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1945] That's okay then.
Lyne (PS51G) [1946] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1947] Let's get that fact straight. ...
Caroline (PS51F) [1948] By the way [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1949] That Emma isn't she's taken her tights off.
[1950] ... No she didn't she put them [...] dear me you said [...] tell me she put them back on again.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1951] Oh we've gotta tape Simon now.
Caroline (PS51F) [1952] Why?
[1953] You're not gonna hear it again.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1954] Oh you'd better keep that tape.
Caroline (PS51F) [1955] You can't she can't keep them.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1956] Tomorrow I'll bring in a blank tape if you want to but I can't take them that one.
Lyne (PS51G) [1957] She's got to hand them in to this lady on Tuesday.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1958] We well you've gotta be when you [...] you gotta scrub out all them erm those swearing bits we've been doing.
Caroline (PS51F) [1959] Why what's the point?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1960] That's your sister.
Caroline (PS51F) [1961] She's not gonna have a go at us.
Lyne (PS51G) [1962] It's my sister
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1963] My sister.
Lyne (PS51G) [1964] my sister.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1965] Oh.
Caroline (PS51F) [1966] She's not gonna have a go at us for it.
[1967] But she [...] back Norwegian land so [laughing] she can't [] .
[1968] Norwegian land. ...
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1969] Guess what?
[1970] We just reported Lee about the letter. ...
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1971] Four hundred pounds.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1972] You got that for four hundred pounds.
Caroline (PS51F) [1973] No it's not mine it's
Lyne (PS51G) [1974] It's not Carry it's this thing we have to she [...] tape conversations for speech therapy.
Caroline (PS51F) [1975] She gotta [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1976] When I see [...] I'm gonna make out it's mine.
Lyne (PS51G) [1977] Lady's from Nor Nor erm Nor where is it?
Caroline (PS51F) [1978] Norway.
Lyne (PS51G) [1979] Norway that's it a Norwegian woman [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1980] What is it?
Lyne (PS51G) [1981] Norwegian.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1982] Come on. [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1983] Oh okay.
Lyne (PS51G) [1984] Come to my form room and we'll [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1985] Okay I'll see you later .
[1986] Er erm I'm don't bother meeting me cos [...]
Lyne (PS51G) [1987] I'm meeting you.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1988] Okay.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1989] Oh Caroline have you still got the thing?
Caroline (PS51F) [1990] What?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [1991] What's the point it's like all it has got is a little button and a little microphone as well.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1992] No but you can get them you can get them for less than that.
Caroline (PS51F) [1993] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1994] You can [...] about forty pounds.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1995] [...] I'll see you later.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [1996] I used to have one of these except it didn't have this.
[1997] It came actually on the thing.
[1998] [...] take off the speakers and you didn't [...] use the speakers to hear it.
[1999] Just like a radio really.
[2000] To carry around.
Caroline (PS51F) [2001] It's quite good actually. ... [...]
Lyne (PS51G) [2002] Isn't he good looking? [...] we've been testing them off [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2003] Oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2004] It's not Steve [...] it's not it's John.
[2005] My mum knows his mum.
[2006] My mum knows his mum.
[2007] He went to [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2008] I remember you at
Caroline (PS51F) [2009] No you won't know me.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2010] What's your name?
[2011] What?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2012] Steve.
Caroline (PS51F) [2013] Steve.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2014] Hey Caroline listen.
[2015] This is Lyne.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2016] So?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2017] She remembers you from
Lyne (PS51G) [2018] Did you go to ?
[2019] Oh right.
[2020] [...] No no no no.
[2021] Oh you're okay don't get me wrong but they think [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2022] I think you're good looking. [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2023] You got a girlfriend?
[2024] Yes?
Lyne (PS51G) [2025] Yeah of course.
Caroline (PS51F) [2026] What's her name?
[2027] [laughing] What's her name? []
[2028] [...] It that your [...] ?
Lyne (PS51G) [2029] No.
Caroline (PS51F) [2030] Oh.
[2031] [...] far away from Amy are you?
Lyne (PS51G) [2032] No but that takes a long while to get round.
Caroline (PS51F) [2033] Yeah.

13 (Tape 140806)

Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2034] Hello Shavina.
[2035] Isn't it a fine morning today?
None (KP3PS000) [2036] Yes it is.
Caroline (PS51F) [2037] Wonderful.
None (KP3PS000) [2038] Yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [2039] [laugh] Let's see if it's actually yeah it's working.
None (KP3PS000) [2040] You'll have to speak to that boy again today.
Caroline (PS51F) [2041] What boy?
None (KP3PS000) [2042] Simon what's his name Steven Steve.
Caroline (PS51F) [2043] Oh right.
None (KP3PS000) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2044] It's well good I can hear your voice.
None (KP3PS000) [2045] Eh?
Caroline (PS51F) [2046] I can hear your voice.
None (KP3PS000) [2047] Good.
[2048] [...] right cow.
[2049] And you know yesterday she had the nerve to ask me if she could sit at the end of our table.
Caroline (PS51F) [2050] God.
[2051] Cos I thought I mean
None (KP3PS000) [2052] At that time
Caroline (PS51F) [2053] I was just going to call you a bitch.
[2054] Why did she want to sit next to you?
None (KP3PS000) [2055] No a fucking bitch okay.
Caroline (PS51F) [2056] Alright the same difference .
None (KP3PS000) [2057] [...] really fucking bitch and I hate her.
[2058] She she you know she was slagging me off like anything right.
[2059] And then then the next and then then in geography she says right what's your mark all sweetly.
Caroline (PS51F) [2060] Mm.
None (KP3PS000) [2061] And then and then like you know and then she went off in a mood cos I cos I go to [...] let's me sit opposite you like hinting like oh I don't want to sit there.
Caroline (PS51F) [2062] Mm.
None (KP3PS000) [2063] Don't she?
[2064] And then she does off in a mood.
[2065] She turns around and sits you know well well it's not my fault.
Caroline (PS51F) [2066] She probably wants to be friends now.
None (KP3PS000) [2067] No well [...] but that's stupid.
[2068] Well she's a stupid cow.
[2069] I don't like her.
[2070] It's like you know when we had that fight with you?
Caroline (PS51F) [2071] Mm.
None (KP3PS000) [2072] I felt I wanted to make up with you but it's true though with I really don't want to.
[2073] I don't wanna get in a fight with you I don't want like one big fight.
Caroline (PS51F) [2074] Mm.
None (KP3PS000) [2075] But I mean I don't want a fight with I just don't wanna make up with her.
Caroline (PS51F) [2076] I mean
None (KP3PS000) [2077] I mean don't say it to okay you know?
Caroline (PS51F) [2078] Mm.
[2079] I mean
None (KP3PS000) [2080] If like I hated you I wouldn't go up to Lyne and start slagging you off.
Caroline (PS51F) [2081] Mm.
None (KP3PS000) [2082] I mean maybe soon after you maybe I'll say look well you know blah blah blah you got you know I like saying that I didn't like [...] kind of bloke but not like she's such a fucking bitch and all this.
Caroline (PS51F) [2083] Mm.
[2084] But why I mean so stupid.
[2085] She doesn't want you to know that you know she what she thought about you
None (KP3PS000) [2086] I reckon she did because why she
Caroline (PS51F) [2087] Yeah.
None (KP3PS000) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2088] I mean I wanna [...] you know.
[2089] Oh no.
None (KP3PS000) [2090] [...] really nice one I reckon.
[2091] [...] like maybe her expression [...] evil one.
Caroline (PS51F) [2092] Mm.
None (KP3PS000) [2093] Her little brother's cute.
Caroline (PS51F) [2094] Mm.
[2095] Oh he so sweet.
[2096] His front teeth are so sweet.
None (KP3PS000) [2097] She's not sweet.
Caroline (PS51F) [2098] [laugh] ... Yeah maybe we should just forget the whole thing you know.
[2099] I mean she's not not that bad but I wouldn't like to I mean
None (KP3PS000) [2100] If you call me a fucking bitch now maybe I'd forgive you kind of like and you know like in a while I'd forgive you.
Caroline (PS51F) [2101] Mm.
None (KP3PS000) [2102] I can't forgive her. ...
Caroline (PS51F) [2103] Mm.
None (KP3PS000) [2104] Why [...] people?
Caroline (PS51F) [2105] Maybe she just said it in the heat of anger or whatever.
None (KP3PS000) [2106] Yeah well that shows what she's [...] .
[2107] And you like to [...] don't you.
[2108] You dare tell her this and because don't because this is really gonna make feel badly doesn't want it okay?
Caroline (PS51F) [2109] Mm mhm.
None (KP3PS000) [2110] goes to her [...] for quite a while and she was saying, Oh I don't think Shavina likes me.
[2111] And she was saying that 's a right bitch 's such a bitch 's such a bitch and then to she goes I like you but Shavina's a fucking bitch.
Caroline (PS51F) [2112] Oh my god.
None (KP3PS000) [2113] Can you believe that she says that.
Caroline (PS51F) [2114] [...] Oh they're so funny.
[2115] Every time I always get him in trouble in French. [...]
None (KP3PS000) [2116] [...] don't you?
Caroline (PS51F) [2117] Mm.
None (KP3PS000) [2118] I do.
Caroline (PS51F) [2119] She's alright.
[2120] Doesn't mean [...] .
[2121] D'ya reckon [...] ?
None (KP3PS000) [2122] No he's got a baby face.
Caroline (PS51F) [2123] I think he's sweet.
None (KP3PS000) [2124] [...] I suppose he is a good looking bloke.
[2125] Don't fancy him [...] .
Caroline (PS51F) [2126] Mm.
[2127] ... Well seeing as this is working I might as well pick up the headphones isn't it.
[2128] Better take off the headphones.
[2129] This things working isn't it? ...
None (KP3PS000) [2130] says
Caroline (PS51F) [2131] D'ya reckon I'm thick?
None (KP3PS000) [2132] Yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [2133] No honestly.
None (KP3PS000) [2134] Well thick in what way like?
Caroline (PS51F) [2135] Well like thick.
None (KP3PS000) [2136] Not [...] thick you're not.
[2137] You're not that thick.
[2138] I mean you're not thick like.
[2139] Thick in what way tell me.
[2140] Cos there's lots of ways of being thick.
Caroline (PS51F) [2141] Well like yeah well like don't really work hard you know.
None (KP3PS000) [2142] That's that's nothing to do with thickness anyway but you know you're just saying that.
Caroline (PS51F) [2143] Mm.
None (KP3PS000) [2144] I don't like [...] don't really work though do you?
Caroline (PS51F) [2145] Mm.
None (KP3PS000) [2146] I mean but anyway that's nothing to do with being thick by the way.
[2147] You're not thick you work hard.
Caroline (PS51F) [2148] Well [...] you know that boy
None (KP3PS000) [2149] My elder brother he doesn't work hard but I suppose he is kind of quite [...] .
Caroline (PS51F) [2150] Mm.
[2151] Your brother's so funny.
None (KP3PS000) [2152] What one?
Caroline (PS51F) [2153] The big one.
None (KP3PS000) [2154] Fat one the big one.
Caroline (PS51F) [2155] Yeah the big one.
None (KP3PS000) [2156] [...] Why?
Caroline (PS51F) [2157] Just funny.
[2158] [laugh] Oh dear.
[2159] That cracks me up.
None (KP3PS000) [2160] First of all [...] .
[2161] Next thing I'm [...] helmet.
[2162] Who else [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2163] I've never seen any of the [...] movies.
None (KP3PS000) [2164] I have.
Caroline (PS51F) [2165] Are they good?
None (KP3PS000) [2166] [...] I like that.
Caroline (PS51F) [2167] Are they scary?
None (KP3PS000) [2168] Kind of.
[2169] They came on T V I remember once [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2170] I'm never allowed to watch films.
[2171] I mean I it's different if I was like you know if [...] the summer holidays and we were like this erm thing like erm a magic show that was on quite late or something.
[2172] You know I'd be allowed to watch that but just because there was a film on
None (KP3PS000) [2173] [laughing] A magic show. []
Caroline (PS51F) [2174] Yeah I wouldn't be allowed to watch it.
None (KP3PS000) [2175] [...] you wouldn't watch a little movie show.
Caroline (PS51F) [2176] Well no that's that's [...] no good.
None (KP3PS000) [2177] [...] Paul Daniels show.
Caroline (PS51F) [2178] Yeah.
None (KP3PS000) [2179] That's nice.
Caroline (PS51F) [2180] Let's go in there I wanna get a drink.
[2181] Dying of thirst.
[2182] Quenches your thirst fast. [laugh]
None (KP3PS000) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2183] I don't.
None (KP3PS000) [2184] D'ya remember the little rat in [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2185] Oh yeah.
[2186] ... What's his name again John Bond isn't it?
[2187] Mm.
[2188] ... Oh dear.
[2189] You know when we went to [...] there were some more nice guys there.
[2190] Really nice.
[2191] There's bean face.
[2192] Up here.
[2193] Coming up.
[2194] ... Yeah I know.
[2195] [...] The think I hate about him is he doesn't even know you and he starts slagging you off.
[2196] You know what I mean?
None (KP3PS000) [2197] [...] He did that to you you'd go to your mum.
[2198] What's your name [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2199] I know.
None (KP3PS000) [2200] Remember that boy yesterday
Caroline (PS51F) [2201] Such a creep.
None (KP3PS000) [2202] Talking to you yeah .
Caroline (PS51F) [2203] [...] when I remember what says you go yeah right.
None (KP3PS000) [2204] And he was like he was like [...] oh look I'm not telling you I'm not telling you anything now.
Caroline (PS51F) [2205] Can I have a chocolate milk shake?
[2206] ... [...] Oh dear.
[2207] I just cracked up.
[2208] You know yesterday I was I was listening over it you know so I could write the people who I'd spoken to yeah.
[2209] And erm I remember I remember that boy you know when goes when he goes [laugh] that was so funny.
None (KP3PS000) [2210] Cos when he said that he was willing to speak right
Caroline (PS51F) [2211] Mm.
None (KP3PS000) [2212] he didn't mind him speaking and as soon as yeah right then he said I'm not I'm not telling [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2213] Yeah.
None (KP3PS000) [2214] I'm not telling you.
Caroline (PS51F) [2215] I was just about
None (KP3PS000) [2216] Cos he was like [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2217] Mm.
[2218] Yesterday when I remembered it I just cracked up.
[2219] [...] cigarettes?
None (KP3PS000) [2220] Mm he didn't expect that.
[2221] Did he he never expected [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2222] I know.
[2223] I couldn't believe she said that.
[2224] She's so rude though. [laugh]
None (KP3PS000) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2225] It's best to express your opinions.
None (KP3PS000) [2226] Well that's that's exactly what [...] that's what she [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2227] Dotty or whatever.
[2228] What kind of name is that Doherty.
[2229] No one can even pronounce it.
None (KP3PS000) [2230] Yeah well that that's what she says.
[2231] People think I'm a bitch cos I speak my mind.
Caroline (PS51F) [2232] Yeah.
None (KP3PS000) [2233] [...] well you're just the same .
Caroline (PS51F) [2234] Yeah I saw that.
[2235] [laugh] I like the clothes she wears.
None (KP3PS000) [2236] Eh?
Caroline (PS51F) [2237] You know like the last time
None (KP3PS000) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2238] Oh do they?
[2239] Last time she wore this suite it looked really nice.
None (KP3PS000) [2240] I know you told me that as well.
Caroline (PS51F) [2241] [laugh] I always repeat myself.
[2242] I don't even know why I do that.
[2243] Yeah.
[2244] D'ya ever talk to yourself?
None (KP3PS000) [2245] Oh you were asking that yesterday.
Caroline (PS51F) [2246] [laugh] Oh dear.
None (KP3PS000) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2247] I can't think of anything new to say that's why.
[2248] Mind you sometimes I don't even realize I've said it.
[2249] ... Eh?
None (KP3PS000) [2250] When you said [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2251] Yeah.
None (KP3PS000) [2252] [...] I thought you were sick.
Caroline (PS51F) [2253] I know I can't believe I said that.
[2254] When I said that he sort of like turned away you know and he walked off.
[2255] And then Lyne says to me he is in the bottom set.
[2256] And I thought oh my god.
None (KP3PS000) [2257] He's so thick why d'ya have to come out with something stupid like [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2258] I know.
Caroline (PS51F) [2259] Always put my mouth in it.
[2260] My foot in it.
[2261] My mouth in it.
[2262] ... They're gonna like the car.
[2263] Maybe she'll give it to Shavina as a wedding present.
None (KP3PS000) [2264] Look they've stuck a sticker in the back, Cars kill trees.
Caroline (PS51F) [2265] Where?
None (KP3PS000) [2266] They've got in this sticker up the back, Cars kill, oh thank you.
[2267] Why are you driving that car [...] It's such a sick [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2268] I know.
None (KP3PS000) [2269] We should prote protest against cars [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2270] Mm
None (KP3PS000) [2271] let me drive one though.
Caroline (PS51F) [2272] Where did you get your shoes from?
[2273] I've been looking for a pair of doctor martins can't find any.
None (KP3PS000) [2274] Dolcis Savilles. [...] my shoes there.
Caroline (PS51F) [2275] Dolcis where's that?
None (KP3PS000) [2276] Dolcis.
Caroline (PS51F) [2277] Where's that?
None (KP3PS000) [2278] [...] whole branch you can get them everywhere.
[2279] From [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [...]
None (KP3PS000) [2280] some Brentcross.
Caroline (PS51F) [2281] Oh right.
None (KP3PS000) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2282] Hi Laura.
[2283] What's the matter with you?
None (KP3PS000) [2284] Hi.
Caroline (PS51F) [2285] Hello.
None (KP3PS000) [2286] Is that on record again?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2287] Yeah. ... [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2288] Wish I could miss seven and eight.
[2289] Yeah.
[2290] Actually I quite like science with Mr .
None (KP3PS000) [2291] [...] actually I've got computer studies and then R A.
Caroline (PS51F) [2292] Stuart [...]
None (KP3PS000) [2293] No actually I didn't really wanna [...] school.
[2294] I think I've had enough time in school. [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2295] [...] summer.
[2296] Do that thing.
[2297] [laugh] I don't know. ...
None (KP3PS000) [2298] Have you heard that advert? [singing] [...] [] what is it?
Caroline (PS51F) [2299] [laugh] Whoa you've got such a good voice.
[2300] Hello.
[2301] No.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2302] Well bring in a picture of him [...]
None (KP3PS000) [2303] [singing] [...] every time [...] []
Caroline (PS51F) [2304] Why d'ya memorize them?
None (KP3PS000) [2305] I don't it's just that
Caroline (PS51F) [2306] No.
[2307] Yeah oh my god!
[2308] [laugh] Oh my god!
[2309] He really does.
[2310] Oh my god that's really weird.
[2311] I think Richard's here.
[2312] Oh I know Richard's mums car.
[2313] It's miss
None (KP3PS000) [2314] Where are we going Caroline?
Caroline (PS51F) [2315] I don't know I'm following you.
None (KP3PS000) [2316] Come round.
Caroline (PS51F) [2317] Alright. ...
None (KP3PS000) [2318] Oh that's great [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2319] [singing] I could do with a D. []
None (KP3PS000) [2320] It was so funny I mean [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2321] Who what?
None (KP3PS000) [2322] Me.
[2323] I was about to leave for school and I walked out the door without my skirt on.
[2324] And I [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2325] Really?
None (KP3PS000) [2326] [...] and they were all going, Lyne where's your skirt?
Caroline (PS51F) [laugh]
None (KP3PS000) [2327] [...] she can't see it.
[2328] Cos my mum gets like that a bit.
[2329] Oh is it underneath your jumper?
Caroline (PS51F) [laugh]
None (KP3PS000) [2330] [...] bull shit [...] .
[2331] Cos I was ironing it you see
Caroline (PS51F) [2332] Mm.
None (KP3PS000) [2333] and cos I just left it screwed up on the floor last night and then well I walked out the door without my skirt.
[2334] [...] It was so funny. [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2335] You know that girl
None (KP3PS000) [2336] Eh?
Caroline (PS51F) [2337] [...] That's how she says it.
[2338] Thinks she's so good.
[2339] Hate her.
[2340] Prosti prostitute.
None (KP3PS000) [2341] No you just go like this [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2342] God how can Emma wear erm her skirt without tights?
[2343] It's freezing.
[2344] ... No.
[2345] Yeah my sister saw him.
None (KP3PS000) [2346] I know you told me.
Caroline (PS51F) [2347] Oh did I?
[2348] Eh?
None (KP3PS000) [2349] What time d'ya usually go [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2350] What in the morning?
None (KP3PS000) [2351] Yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [2352] Oh you wanted to wave to me cos I was gonna ask you to erm get into the second carriage all the time.
[2353] Erm
None (KP3PS000) [2354] But then I've gotta meet Emma and she stands up at the top. [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2355] Oh right.
None (KP3PS000) [2356] Yeah I can get her to wait down sort of at the other end.
Caroline (PS51F) [2357] Right.
[2358] Erm well like I usually take the train about
None (KP3PS000) [2359] I meet Emma at [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2360] twenty past
None (KP3PS000) [2361] I meet Emma at half past.
Caroline (PS51F) [2362] Twenty past eight.
[2363] So you you meet her at half past?
None (KP3PS000) [2364] Yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [2365] So
None (KP3PS000) [2366] [...] I read the letter which you wrote again.
Caroline (PS51F) [2367] Yeah okay.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2368] [...] I'm not there
None (KP3PS000) [2369] Cos I read the first one as well.
[2370] Cos I [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2371] Mhm.
None (KP3PS000) [2372] So we can all meet at half past yes?
Caroline (PS51F) [2373] Mhm.
[2374] Well that's only one stop isn't it?
None (KP3PS000) [2375] What?
[2376] Lyne?
Caroline (PS51F) [2377] [...] one stop.
None (KP3PS000) [2378] Hers [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2379] Yeah.
[2380] No point is there?
None (KP3PS000) [2381] Eh?
Caroline (PS51F) [2382] No point is there?
None (KP3PS000) [2383] I come into Bounds Green
Caroline (PS51F) [2384] Mm.
None (KP3PS000) [2385] so I I [...] earlier.
Caroline (PS51F) [2386] Mm.
None (KP3PS000) [2387] Crazy leaving at twenty past.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
None (KP3PS000) [2388] [...] hungry.
[2389] We're talking about the noises.
Caroline (PS51F) [laugh]
None (KP3PS000) [2390] Cos my chest's really burning and I'm not [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2391] My mum right when I put my make-up on in the morning my mum said oh erm she went to the phone box and she phoned up the [...] specialist and they said [...] so I've gotta go.
[2392] So I'm going [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2393] Hello
None (KP3PS000) [2394] Alright?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2395] I've gotta fill up the tapes.
[2396] Yeah.
None (KP3PS000) [2397] Where's your earring?
Caroline (PS51F) [2398] What earrings?
[2399] I've never had any earrings.
None (KP3PS000) [2400] Why don't you wear them.
Caroline (PS51F) [2401] Oh because I lost them and my mum won't buy me any more .
None (KP3PS000) [2402] People in Norway Caroline smells extremely bad.
Caroline (PS51F) [laugh]
None (KP3PS000) [2403] Is it in Norway?
Caroline (PS51F) [2404] Do I smell?
None (KP3PS000) [2405] [laugh] It's Caroline.
[2406] It's not me.
Caroline (PS51F) [laugh] ...
None (KP3PS000) [2407] I'm really hungry.
[2408] Caroline have you got any chewing gum?
Caroline (PS51F) [2409] I've only got one.
[2410] At that's mine.
[2411] No.
[2412] No.
[2413] If I give it to [...] Laura one and then I'll have to give thingamajig one [...] .
[2414] And I don't I've only got one left.
[2415] Look I've got one left I wouldn't lie.
[2416] One left and that's from yesterday.
None (KP3PS000) [2417] Oh mine mine.
Caroline (PS51F) [2418] [shouting] Mine. []
[2419] Oh really .
None (KP3PS000) [2420] [...] putting that voice on [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2421] Oh no no no I put it I put it off.
None (KP3PS000) [2422] That's a good idea isn't it?
Caroline (PS51F) [2423] Hello.
[2424] Oh yeah I I was telling you about that song wasn't I.
[2425] Did I tell you about that song that I heard just once.
[2426] And I can't get it out of my head.
[2427] Oh I don't know what it's called. [...]
None (KP3PS000) [2428] Oh my god I've just realized something.
Caroline (PS51F) [2429] What?
None (KP3PS000) [2430] You were taping this thing in that advert.
Caroline (PS51F) [2431] What advert?
[2432] Oh yeah yeah yeah.
[2433] Erm [singing] [...] you lucky lucky thing [] .
[2434] Like that.
None (KP3PS000) [2435] Oh yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [2436] D'ya remember those songs?
[2437] Bye.
[2438] Yeah I remember that song.
None (KP3PS000) [2439] [...] isn't it.
Caroline (PS51F) [2440] Yeah.
None (KP3PS000) [2441] Hand on like this. [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2442] I know.
None (KP3PS000) [2443] [singing] Susie good bye. []
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [laugh]
Caroline (PS51F) [2444] Really?
None (KP3PS000) [2445] Oh she's so funny.
[2446] You know.
[2447] Where will I see you like you know.
[2448] Up to date and she's [...] her mum and dad's L Ps.
[2449] Like Barry Manilow.
Caroline (PS51F) [2450] No they're probably
None (KP3PS000) [2451] Bygraves.
Caroline (PS51F) [2452] no it's probably because they don't buy her any.
None (KP3PS000) [2453] No it isn't.
[2454] She likes them.
[2455] Cos she cos she likes them songs she loves them.
[2456] She listens to the radio every week.
[2457] It's [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2458] Oh my god.
None (KP3PS000) [2459] Just as she like no all the words every song.
[2460] You know she has to know the words.
[2461] And it's so annoying because I'm bothered if I know words [...] hum the tune.
Caroline (PS51F) [2462] Yeah cos I'm
None (KP3PS000) [2463] She has the whole [...] singing the words.
Caroline (PS51F) [2464] Mm.
[2465] Sometimes she sings a song right and you know I'm wondering where did this song come from.
[2466] I've never heard of it .
None (KP3PS000) [2467] Yeah yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [2468] You know.
[2469] Is it in the charts lately or something. ...
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2470] Is this your classroom?
None (KP3PS000) [2471] Yes.
Caroline (PS51F) [2472] Oh.
[2473] Who's that?
[2474] What is it?
[2475] Why d'ya take a picture?
None (KP3PS000) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2476] What does she want to be a model?

14 (Tape 140807)

Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2477] I saw this boy that looks exactly like you.
[2478] He did honestly.
[2479] He really did.
[2480] He was a second year I think.
[2481] [...] Didn't we see a boy that looks just like Barry?
Lyne (PS51G) [2482] In the fourth year.
Caroline (PS51F) [2483] Is he in the fourth year?
Lyne (PS51G) [2484] Mm.
Caroline (PS51F) [2485] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2486] What's his name?
Caroline (PS51F) [2487] Dunno. [...] half like you really he did.
[2488] He did.
[2489] Alright.
[2490] Oh no not that thing oh.
Lyne (PS51G) [2491] Is that it?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2492] No.
Lyne (PS51G) [2493] Have I done it?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2494] No.
Caroline (PS51F) [2495] No no I don't want you to do it to me.
Lyne (PS51G) [2496] Then what?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2497] Hold on to her hands
Lyne (PS51G) [2498] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2499] Sorry hold on to her arms and do it.
[2500] Pull her arms pull her arms.
[2501] What is it go on pull her.
Caroline (PS51F) [2502] No don't erm I get claustrophobic and I get really scared.
[2503] No do it to her.
Lyne (PS51G) [2504] Why to you get claustrophobic?
Caroline (PS51F) [2505] I don't know.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2506] Maybe [...] bottom undone [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2507] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2508] Go on.
[2509] You're like a cat [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2510] That's why I I never like to like button up and I just hate it.
[2511] ... Hi [...] ... I wonder if he's marked our books.
[2512] I'm just waiting to see what mark he gave me.
[2513] Probably gonna give me a zero.
[2514] [belch] Pardon me.
[2515] What boy?
[2516] Yeah I've got one you can have it.
[2517] I've just had one.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2518] Are sure?
Caroline (PS51F) [2519] Yeah.
[2520] ... It was you that made me like him. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2521] [...] human being.
Caroline (PS51F) [2522] Yeah.
[2523] Oh wow.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2524] [...] He was so kind to me .
Caroline (PS51F) [2525] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2526] He went and said oh she [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2527] Did he?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2528] Yeah at the last [...] you know that disco?
Caroline (PS51F) [2529] Oh I wasn't there.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2530] And I was with Deborah he gave me a hard [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2531] I wonder how old he is now?
[2532] ... Oh my god she only saw him once.
[2533] [...] seems to have come up a bit.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2534] I saw him once.
Caroline (PS51F) [2535] Who?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2536] I was walking and he was with his mum and I looked up cos I know what his mum looks like and he was walking with his mum.
Caroline (PS51F) [2537] Did he notice you?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2538] North Finchley I saw him.
[2539] No.
Caroline (PS51F) [2540] Oh.
[2541] ... Oh I thought you were yeah I was gonna say.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2542] Sort of a bit
Caroline (PS51F) [2543] Yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2544] Is that still on?
[2545] You keep it on for all that time?
Caroline (PS51F) [2546] Hello.
[2547] Do do that again.
[2548] [...] Do that [...] how did you do that?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2549] No no the other one.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2550] Hello.
Caroline (PS51F) [2551] Yeah that one. [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2552] Have you heard the beginning of Jade?
Caroline (PS51F) [2553] He goes he goes erm, What's your name?
[2554] Bean.
[2555] No I mean your first name.
[2556] Mister.
[2557] Yeah I remember that.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2558] In Jade at the beginning of it.
[2559] Yeah they've got an answer machine.
[2560] They go I'll be back in yeah like [...] and then they all go [laugh] and start laughing like right bimbos .
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2561] Bimbos and start saying oh yeah that's just like them to do that stupid song.

15 (Tape 140901)

Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2562] Hello, I'm losing my voice ... Hello I'm [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2563] Say something.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2564] Hello, my name's Memet.
Caroline (PS51F) [2565] [laugh] Say something, say something.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2566] What?
Caroline (PS51F) [2567] Say something, talk to me.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2568] Oh, hello darling, goodbye.
Caroline (PS51F) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...] [cuts off]
Caroline (PS51F) [2569] Right, I'm a bimbo.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2570] Ssh
Caroline (PS51F) [2571] My name's Caroline and I'm a bimbo ... Oh ... ooh ... I fancy ... Oh look we're having a game now.
Therly (PS51J) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2572] Who's taking it?
Caroline (PS51F) [2573] No you can [...] .
[2574] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2575] What's that?
[2576] Rounders?
[2577] [...] Miss [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2578] I prefer Miss actually.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2579] I don't mind Miss that much, she's not that bad.
[2580] She likes me. [laugh] . [humming]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Therly (PS51J) [2581] [...] you know it's been cancelled out.
Caroline (PS51F) [2582] Sir, you've got something white over here.
[2583] Something white.
Therly (PS51J) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [laugh]
Caroline (PS51F) [2584] Meeow.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2585] [...] I'm gonna write on your thing, and he goes [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2586] Oh great. [liverpool accent]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2587] Hello I'm from Manchester. [liverpool accent]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2588] My friends like Take That.
Caroline (PS51F) [2589] No your friends [...] take that.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2590] What?
Caroline (PS51F) [2591] Your friends [...] take that.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2592] Will take what?
Caroline (PS51F) [2593] Your friends with take that.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2594] These are my friends with Take That.
Caroline (PS51F) [2595] [laugh] This is gonna be so sophisticated.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2596] [laugh] ergh
Caroline (PS51F) [2597] Shut up.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2598] Well.
Caroline (PS51F) [2599] Hey, hey.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2600] No we're not.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2601] Claire.
Caroline (PS51F) [2602] She's got my folder.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2603] She's gonna get [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2604] Yeah but she's got my folder.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2605] Yeah but I dunno [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2606] I've got my folder I mean.
Caroline (PS51F) [2607] I'm Rashira and I come from Birmingham.
[2608] Ay, ay get off like, ay.
[2609] [laugh] Ay, ay calm down ay.
[2610] Ay alright alright alright. [liverpool accent]
Caroline (PS51F) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2611] Hooray. [clapping]
Caroline (PS51F) [2612] Alright, alright ... alright alright, just calm down ay.
None (KP3PS000) [2613] Why?
Caroline (PS51F) [2614] Stop taking the mickey alright?
None (KP3PS000) [2615] Aye aye aye
Caroline (PS51F) [2616] Right
None (KP3PS000) [2617] Alright, alright, calm down.
Caroline (PS51F) [2618] You know Wednesday?
None (KP3PS000) [2619] You gonna go in for the rounders?
Caroline (PS51F) [2620] Yeah yeah, I will.
[2621] What, is it this Wednesday?
None (KP3PS000) [2622] Yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [2623] Yeah.
None (KP3PS000) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2624] Wha what will we have to bring like?
None (KP3PS000) [2625] Your uniform, and Miss 's doing it.
Caroline (PS51F) [2626] Oh what won't we have to bring our P E kit or anything?
None (KP3PS000) [2627] No
Caroline (PS51F) [2628] No, that's great, like.
None (KP3PS000) [2629] Right.
Caroline (PS51F) [2630] Right. [laugh]
None (KP3PS000) [2631] Bye.
Caroline (PS51F) [2632] Bye.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2633] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [laugh]
Caroline (PS51F) [2634] Aye aye aye, d'you ever watch it like? [...] conversation.
[2635] Oh [...] did you watch Eastenders?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2636] Yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [2637] That was brilliant.
[2638] Oh he's such a nutter isn't he.
[2639] God he's such a nutcase.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2640] He reminds me of
Caroline (PS51F) [2641] Who? [laugh] who?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK)
Caroline (PS51F) [2642] [laughing] Why?
[2643] Just 'cause he's got curly hair. []
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2644] He's her brother.
Caroline (PS51F) [2645] Yeah, doesn't look like her hair.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2646] That, that boy was 's brother.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2647] Yeah, I know.
Caroline (PS51F) [2648] Sir, do you wanna say something?

16 (Tape 140903)

Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2649] [reading] The wind was a [...] of darkness, among the gusty trees.
[2650] The moon was a ghostly galleon, tossed upon cloudy seas.
[2651] The road was a ribbon of moonlight over the purple moor.
[2652] And the highwayman came riding, riding, riding.
[2653] The highwayman came riding up to the old inn door.
[2654] He'd a french cocked hat on his forehead, a bunch of [...] at his chin, a coat of claret velvet and breeches of brown doe skin.
[2655] They fitted with ne'er a wrinkle.
[2656] His boots were up to the thigh, and he rode with a jewelled twinkle, his pistols but a twinkle, his rapier hilt a twinkle under the jewelled sky.
[2657] Over the cobbles he clattered, and clashed in the darkened yard, and he tapped with his [...] on the shutters, but all was locked and barred.
[2658] He whistled a tune to the window, but who should be waiting there?
[2659] But the landlord's black eyed daughter, Bess.
[2660] The landlord's daughter, plaiting a dark red love knot, into her long black hair.
[2661] And in the dark old inn yard, a stable [...] creaked.
[2662] Where Tom the ostler listened, his face was white and peaked.
[2663] His eyes were hollows of madness, his hair like mouldy hay.
[2664] But he loved the landlord's daughter, the landlord's red-lipped daughter.
[2665] Dumb as a dog he listened, and heard the robber say, One kiss my bonny sweetheart, I'm after a prize tonight, but I shall be back with the yellow gold, before the morning light.
[2666] Though didst they pass me sharply, and hang through the day.
[2667] Then look for me by moonlight, watch for me by moonlight, I'll come to thee by moonlight, though hell shall bar the way.
[2668] He rose up light in the stirrups, He scarce could reach her hand, but she loosened her [...] casement, his face burnt like a brand.
[2669] As the black [...] perfume came tumbling over his breast, and he kissed it sweet [...] in the moonlight, a sweet [...] in the moonlight, and he tugged at his reigns in the moonlight, and galloped away to the west.
[2670] He did not come in the dawning.
[2671] He did not come at noon.
[2672] But out oh tawny sunset, before the rise on moon, when the road was a gypsy ribbon, looping the purple moor, a red coat troop came marching, marching, marching, King George's men came marching, up to the old inn door.
[2673] They said no word to the landlord, they drank his ale instead, but they gagged his daughter and bound her to the foot of a narrow bed.
[2674] Two of them knelt at her casement, with muskets their side.
[2675] There was death at every window, and hell on one dark window.
[2676] That Bess could see through her casement, the road that he would ride.
[2677] They tied her up to a tension, with many si sniggering jest.
[2678] They bound a musket beside her, with the barrel beneath her breast.
[2679] Now come good watch they listened, she heard the robber moan, she heard the dead man say, look for me by moonlight, watch for me by moonlight, I'll come to thee by moonlight, though hell shall bar the way.
[2680] she twisted her hands behind her, but all the knots held good.
[2681] She [...] her hands to her fingers, all wet with sweat or blood.
[2682] They stretched and strained in the darkness, and the hours crawled by like years.
[2683] Till now on the stroke of midnight, cold on the stroke of midnight, the tip of one finger touched it, the trigger at last was hers.
[2684] The tip of one finger touched it, she strove no more for the rest, up sh up she stood to attention with the barrel beneath her breast.
[2685] She would not risk their hearing, she would not strive again, for the road lay bare in the moonlight, blank and bare in the moonlight, and the blood of her veins in the moonlight, throbbed to her lovers refrain.
[2686] [sound like horses hooves] Had they heard it?
[2687] The horse's hooves ringing clear?
[2688] [sound like horses hooves] In the distance, were they deaf that they could not hear?
[2689] Down the ribbon of moonlight, over the brow of the hill, the highwayman came riding, riding, riding, the highwayman came riding.
[2690] The redcoat looked at the [...] .
[2691] She stood up straight and still.
[2692] [sound like horses hooves] In the frosty silence [sound like horses hooves] In the echoing night.
[2693] Nearer and nearer he came, her face was like a light.
[2694] Her eyes grew wide for one moment, she drew one last deep breath.
[2695] Then her finger moved in the moonlight, her musket shattered the moonlight, shattered her breast in the moonlight, and warned him with her death.
[2696] He turned and sped westward, he did not know who stood, bowed with her head o'er a musket, drenched with her own [...] blood.
[2697] Not till the dawn he heard it, and slowly blanched to hear, how Bess the landlord's daughter, the landlord's black eyed daughter, had watched for her love in the moonlight, and died in the darkness there.
[2698] Back he sped like a madman, shrieking a curse to the sky.
[2699] With the white road smoking behind him, and his rapier brandished high.
[2700] Blood, blood red were his spurs, [...] moon, rhymed red with his velvet coat, when they shot him down on the highway, down like a dog on the highway, and he lay in his blood on the highway, with a bunch of lace at his throat.
[2701] And still of a winter's night they say, when the wind is in the trees, when the moon is a ghostly galleon, tossed upon cloudy seas.
[2702] When the road is a ribbon of moonlight, over the purple moor, a highwayman comes riding, riding, riding, a highwayman comes riding, up to the old inn door.
[2703] Over the cobbles he clatters, and clangs in the darkened yard, and he taps with his whip on the shutters, but all is locked and barred.
[2704] He whistles a tune to the window, and who shall be waiting there?
[2705] But the landlord's black eyed daughter.
[2706] Bess, the landlord's daughter, plaiting a dark red love-knot into her long black hair [] .

17 (Tape 140904)

Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2707] Lisa Stansfield?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2708] Yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [2709] No.
[2710] I think, I think that song's rubbish.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2711] What do you hate the charity it's for?
Caroline (PS51F) [2712] Is it for a charity?
Lyne (PS51G) [2713] Yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [2714] What is it for?
Lyne (PS51G) [2715] Aids.
Caroline (PS51F) [2716] Oh.
[2717] Well, that's their problem.
Lyne (PS51G) [2718] Why do you hate it so much?
Caroline (PS51F) [2719] Because it's their own fault for going to, nobody told them to go and do it, did they?
Lyne (PS51G) [2720] So what, are you telling me you're gonna be a nun, and never have sex.
Caroline (PS51F) [2721] I'm not saying that, but if you're gonna do it, you might as well, you know do it properly.
[2722] It's their fault, I don't have any sympathy for them.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2723] What, what's going on?
Caroline (PS51F) [2724] The aids people.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2725] Who's got aids.
Caroline (PS51F) [2726] You.
Lyne (PS51G) [2727] Caroline [...] .
[2728] If it was from a blood transplant.
Caroline (PS51F) [2729] Who?
Lyne (PS51G) [2730] You.
[2731] Didn't you?
Caroline (PS51F) [2732] Mmm
Lyne (PS51G) [2733] No, but say you did get one though
Caroline (PS51F) [2734] No, no if it was from a blood transplant then I'd feel sorry for them, but if it was from you know, then I don't.
Lyne (PS51G) [2735] What if you just [...] got raped by a man with aids.
Caroline (PS51F) [2736] Yeah, well I'd feel sorry for them again, but you know, if they went and did it willingly, it's their, that's their problem.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2737] [whispering] Who's got aids? []
Caroline (PS51F) [2738] Nobody.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2739] What's this about Lisa Stansfield, George Michael, whatever?
Caroline (PS51F) [2740] She did this thing for the aids people.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2741] So?
Caroline (PS51F) [2742] Yeah, and we were just talking about it. [singing] [...] []
Lyne (PS51G) [2743] Caroline, [...] approached by a weird man?
Caroline (PS51F) [2744] Hmm?
Lyne (PS51G) [2745] [...] have you ever been approached by anyone weird.
Caroline (PS51F) [2746] No.
[2747] Did you get [...] ?
[2748] That's what I got.
[2749] You're not supposed to be using a ruler Emmy.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2750] Yes you are.
[2751] Then how do you do the lines?
Caroline (PS51F) [2752] You know what I mean, cause you know.
[2753] What you eating?
[2754] Gimme one now.
[2755] Gimme one.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2756] It's from home.
[2757] Don't believe me.
Caroline (PS51F) [2758] I won't.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2759] Well don't, cause I didn't tell you to [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2760] Sir?
Therly (PS51J) [2761] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2762] Is it next Monday, the test?
Therly (PS51J) [2763] Tomorrow.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2764] But we haven't got a lesson tomorrow.
Therly (PS51J) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [laugh]
Lyne (PS51G) [2765] Right, [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2766] Mmmm.
Lyne (PS51G) [2767] [...] what would you do?
Caroline (PS51F) [2768] What do you mean, what would I do?
[2769] I wouldn't do anything, I'd just get out of there.
[2770] Oh yeah, I remember that flasher in France.
[2771] Oh my god.
[2772] Weren't you there?
Lyne (PS51G) [2773] No, [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2774] Oh, my god.
[2775] Hee hee hee [laugh] [...] We didn't know what he was doing [...] .
[2776] I mean it would have to happen to me, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2777] That was sick, honestly, it really was.
[2778] I was like big fat sausage.
Lyne (PS51G) [2779] Caroline.
Caroline (PS51F) [2780] It was.
Lyne (PS51G) [2781] I bet you were laughing though.
Caroline (PS51F) [2782] Uh, uh.
Caroline (PS51F) [2783] Did you see over the top?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2784] What?
Lyne (PS51G) [2785] Overboard, not over the top, over board.
Caroline (PS51F) [2786] Over the top.
Lyne (PS51G) [2787] Wicked.
Caroline (PS51F) [2788] Over the top.
[2789] But I thought it was so sad, that really made me cry.
Lyne (PS51G) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2790] That's a different one, that's the one with erm, what d'you call it, Goldie Hawn.
[2791] This one's with erm, Sylvester Stallone.
[2792] Oh that boy, [...] .
Lyne (PS51G) [...]
Therly (PS51J) [2793] Settle down please.
Caroline (PS51F) [2794] [whispering] How old is he?
[2795] ... How old is he?
[2796] ... Do you know his name?
[2797] ... What is it? []
Lyne (PS51G) [2798] [whispering] David. []
Caroline (PS51F) [2799] [whispering] David what? []
Lyne (PS51G) [whispering] [...] []
Caroline (PS51F) [2800] Oh, he's lovely ain't he?
Lyne (PS51G) [2801] [...] from the A film.
[2802] It's called Angel of Fear, it's really good.
Caroline (PS51F) [2803] And you're going to see it, right?
Lyne (PS51G) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2804] Mm hmm.
Lyne (PS51G) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2805] [...] if he's the one.
Lyne (PS51G) [2806] It's so funny right, they kill her husband, [...]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2807] I want to see Alive.
Lyne (PS51G) [2808] Yeah, so do I.
Caroline (PS51F) [2809] Alive?
Lyne (PS51G) [2810] Yeah it's about, it's a true story ... It's got this man right, and they killed him just to get the diamonds, and now she's acting as a [...] , and she's killing them.
[2811] But she's not [...] them but she's killing them.
Caroline (PS51F) [2812] Did you see erm, blind evidence or something?
[2813] ... Blind justice, blind evidence.
[2814] The one about the blind woman.
[2815] It wasn't on, it was on last week I think.
[2816] It's about this woman who's blind right, and they killed her husband to get the erm, jewels, you know, and erm, you know, 'cause she she, she can like tell, you know, she was gonna find the killers, you know, and people were saying that 'cause she's blind
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2817] Oh, yeah I saw that.
[2818] There was this man, he was raping women, 'cause he raped a woman in a lift.
Caroline (PS51F) [2819] Oh no, I didn't see that, my mum was telling me about it.
[2820] She was, the woman was blind.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2821] Yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [2822] And she was gonna erm, give evidence.
[2823] And there was erm, [...] saying that, can't give any evidence.
[2824] Have you got it on tape?
Lyne (PS51G) [2825] No.
Caroline (PS51F) [2826] Oh, I wanna see that.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2827] What was it called?
Caroline (PS51F) [2828] Blind justice?
[2829] Blind evidence?
[2830] ... Blind something.
Lyne (PS51G) [2831] Can someone rescue me, from .
Caroline (PS51F) [2832] From who?
Lyne (PS51G) [2833] He's rubbish.
Caroline (PS51F) [2834] Lovely.
Lyne (PS51G) [2835] He looks so horrible in there.
Caroline (PS51F) [2836] She, she looks [...]
Lyne (PS51G) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2837] I don't know how could like him, d'you know that?
[2838] He was disgusting.
Lyne (PS51G) [2839] I put [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2840] It just makes me want to vomit the way she does that.
Lyne (PS51G) [2841] What?
Caroline (PS51F) [2842] Oh, oh, he's lovely, and ... disgusting. [...] .
Lyne (PS51G) [2843] [...] that thing on Friday.
Caroline (PS51F) [2844] I know, really late ain't it?
Lyne (PS51G) [2845] I know, I can't believe it.
Caroline (PS51F) [2846] That's how I do mine.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2847] Yes I know, I've got a ladder in my tights.
Caroline (PS51F) [2848] Thank you.
[2849] [singing] [...] I just can't stop loving you. []
Lyne (PS51G) [2850] D'you like them?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2851] Oh, maybe. [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2852] No.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2853] No.
Caroline (PS51F) [2854] [singing] Can't stop loving you ... [...] []
Lyne (PS51G) [2855] I want to see Dracula.
Caroline (PS51F) [2856] mm, hmm.
[2857] And I surely [...] [mimicking] I wanna see Malcolm X [] ... I heard that was some breakdown.
[2858] [singing] This is a woman in love [...] [] Yeah.
[2859] That made me cry, when he erm, when they killed Bill Wheaton ... Did
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2860] What was that in in?
Caroline (PS51F) [2861] Toy Soldiers.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2862] Oh, that was [...] .
Lyne (PS51G) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2863] I know, he's a bit thick ain't he.
Lyne (PS51G) [2864] That, that made me cry.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2865] When he died?
Lyne (PS51G) [2866] Yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [2867] D'you see Memphis Belle?
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2868] Yeah.
Lyne (PS51G) [2869] We saw it in school.
Caroline (PS51F) [2870] Oh, yeah, yeah, I remember.
Lyne (PS51G) [2871] That wasn't the Memphis Belle showing on the Monday, that was the Making or something.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2872] Mmm, mmm. [singing] [...] []
Lyne (PS51G) [2873] [...] true story?
Caroline (PS51F) [2874] Mmm.
Lyne (PS51G) [2875] Exaggerated though.
[2876] Like you know, at the end of [...] they're coming in to landing and they're wheel's don't come down or something?
Caroline (PS51F) [2877] Mmm.
Lyne (PS51G) [2878] Well, that never really happened.
[2879] It weren't half falling apart.
Caroline (PS51F) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2880] What?
[2881] ... Yeah that made me cry, I was really sad ... But that guy's a bit of a sap ain't he?
[2882] The way he's always crying.
Therly (PS51J) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2883] Yeah that's what I did with mine.
Therly (PS51J) [2884] This is a half day, right? [...] needs a full day [...]
Lyne (PS51G) [2885] That was really good on Saturday though.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [2886] Really?
Caroline (PS51F) [2887] Give me your rubber.
[2888] Oh no it's alright ... Did I tell you I gave that letter to Mark?
Lyne (PS51G) [2889] Yeah.
Caroline (PS51F) [2890] Who turned that on?
Lyne (PS51G) [2891] What did he say?
Caroline (PS51F) [2892] No, no, no.
[2893] I only gave it to him today.
Therly (PS51J) [2894] All of you.
[2895] Number four stands [...] complete each one so that C is a two fold centre of rotation.
[2896] Now that is half the diagram.
[2897] You have to finish the diagram, and when it's finished, C will be the centre of the two-fold rotation.
[2898] So you simply do that, and when it pivots about C, halfway will look like that, then it'll come back what it started off at.
[2899] So use the other half of the diagram, and then when you've done the other half, the whole thing is a two-fold rotation about the centre of C.
Unknown speaker (KP3PSUNK) [...]
Caroline (PS51F) [2900] Oh, right.
[2901] Have you got a rubber?
Lyne (PS51G) [2902] You've got my rubber.